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15y 42;: 1.? ,- M ,v 0 fr f .r .h : w 1",: n '1 I hxgwm. .,r.r.r.z,yn.m . . 7r . , . . . .1 ; . . -1M x , ,. ' ' HHBHM V ' Luann, wk ' . m . a . , v, Am ' - , 1K Wk'vd W KO Ciqug M14 1.1K .7716 ' " OX' IXMIJ a 4' k-Ig'.;lI . ,-IA x57. 'I L 4 I 7!; 1 'i', f? ; I r 4: 1;, A 1: 4; V WAZOZQLO I51 K 7 IK . 0A a,- w? 12:; .. III IMAM- Mww M47C6M V X 7 WW XWCICZl-C fezbc 6L3 VQKEI ax. 4A0Z2rzxg, Wad? 67Aw cw Z1; M Maggy, IQK , A:AJ WIAAI LLJIcA, IWII in fZM 425M WZMCZMQ aa ij, vijzlJAyge A 2 V1441 a KM .4509? ,M WXKZW I A L 1., KM! I197" ., j W AZ W X611 QKAL ; J? a . T! P L, x r J ! 3 A ET 3 AK . LJV J A h J i z 7 M: N ' ff C4 L 1.. glz U '4 ' K, J X J 1L szy- I CKI; J a of K I, V yt H A P K . . J 1'1 if; g: x X 1 1X I . t x'H J y . KL; A .x' M X. kKJX take? .: k0: M LU I .ka5 m TiTne IS I '3 'kN ," K, k N lx. N i E . ya i k ,1 ; Q x NJ k 34 XX K vi: - N , ' ! r , K 1R :1 A- x K. ; N J." ., INA x -14 - Q, r x. V l K 3 VKW v . N M Time Is Passing Nwsyx' N. o kngQkxx N g V L NR . r x VG . K N X a . N R N 1k - ' . V'w w m N "c, N 3 1 y 3N W? .. , x. Nx $L xN Ts 'QN: 5' $3le x05 , Np N x K N KN kN x N NL N M N X M WV The an X1 h School N Z $0; Youngstown, Ohio . L 9 .2, i eovJLf l a As the end of our senior year approaches, we take time out to reminisce about the happy times and joyous occasions which have made this year a success. These happy times, we know, come only too infrequently. The class of 1959 of North High School has preserved some of the events in words and pictures to show that time is passing. Administration w Table 0 Contents w k gin Activities We, The Class of 1959, dedicate this yearbook to the Memory of Milton A. Heckman, senior advisor and mathematics teacher, who died on January sixth after a very brief illness. Mr. Heckman, a graduate of North High School, returned to his alma mater as a teacher and coach in 1931. During his twenty-eight years of service as a teacher and educational leader he made a great impact on all with whom he came in contact. He was strict but always impartial. He worked diligently to attain the goal he had set for himself and his students. He Will be remembered by the students and faculty of North High School for his courage and forth- rightness. MILTON A. HECKMAN Teacher Coach Educator Administration 1W; mhwmww W wax Supermtendent Time has three phases; the past, the present, and the future. Time Is Each of us is affected by all three phases even though We can have - 1 directly influence only the one phase, the present. The present? ",Tlrgea however, does affect the other two parts of time. love an The present phase of time is much the shorter of the three friends ' 'y parts. It is the threshold between the past and the future. Present in life ?Wt time is but a narrow hand between two endless segments of men 3n. time extending in opposite directions. thesethlngs Whatever we are to do or to become must be accomplished Yetahow in the narrow band of present time. No one can change the dream OIIh past once it has gone. Nor can anyone change the future or tomorrow9 ' what is to be. Today and only today is allotted to us. In that rolls 1ts cef short space we must live and love and accomplish what we are prone to dr: to do. of time IOII Today,s importance is obvious. If we squander today, then Time passes yesterday, too, will have been squandered. Our remorse as we the tasks 0f look back makes tomorrow a moment of horror and regret do our best, to be dreaded. most of 011.1 Perhaps the same thought from the ancient Sanskrit expresses The Senlt what we would say to you. 4tLook to this day, for it is life. In wisely and its brief course lie all the verities and realities of your existence; High. They the bliss of growth, the glory of action, the splendor of beauty. miss them; For yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is only a vision; and that m but today, well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happi- Mater durir ness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well, there- fore, to this day; such is the salutation of the dawn? DR. J. FRED ESSIG Assistant Superintendent May I congratulate the Silhouette Staff on its selection of the yearbook theme a ttTime is Passing." Recognizing the value of time reflects maturity of thought. Time, itself, is a priceless possession. There is no price tag attached. It cannot be purchased; neither can it be sold. Ex- pressed in terms of the future, time is, by far, the most treasured of all gifts that graduates may receive at commencement time. The Giver of all good and perfect gifts asks only that it be used wisely and well. My sincere wish for each member of the Senior Class is that he may guard the gift of time closely, lest it slip through weak fingers - that he may use it as a helpful ally that will bring him many years of happiness and success. DR. S. W. SIMKINS 3,, wander todaV. then f . lur remorse as we llerQ r and regret at Sanskrit expresses lax. for it is life. In 5 of your existence: a ailendor of beauty. as is only a sision: u a dream of happi- t. Look well, there- f the dam," . FRED ESSIG vra-u-mnuv-r Principal Time is about the most valuable asset we have . . . Time to study, to relax and to play . . . Time to go to church and to show our love and appreciation for our family and friends . . . Time to enjoy the good things in life and to grow into useful and intelligent men and women. Yes, we all have time to do these things and many more. Yet, how easy it is to procrastinate and lazily dream of the great things we are going to do tomorrow, next week or next year. iiTime rolls its ceaseless course,, and while we are prone to drift with the tide iithe eternal surge of time rolls on and bears afar our bubbles? Time passes our way but once, but if we meet the tasks of each day with a determination to do our best, our tomorrows will be bright and most of our dreams will come true . . . The Seniors of 1959 have used their time wisely and are now graduating from North High. They are a friendly group, and we shall miss them and we hope that they will miss us and that they will return often to their Alma Mater during the passing of the years ahead. C. V. THOMPSON . hr'vim s W".-V.Wa.vmvm ...... "t WN" "' 't t " ' - "'"T' V Assistant Principal Throughout the ages man has pondered the question of time. Poets and philosophers have been inspired by the mystery of this question. The great leaders of mankind realized the truth in the statement, iiTime passes on? If we think of time in retrospect, we see the great accomplishments of man as they are revealed in the panorama of history. Rather than thinking of time which has passed, let us think of time in the future. It presents an opportunity for each of us. If we realize that time is a precious gift which should not be wasted, we will make each day a meaningful one. To each of you may the future bring happiness and success. MICHAEL MITCHELL ..:-.; '. quienmmiuTm-rvwl , i W W F .-;,.;,,,,,u;.,l,,,v,,MW..."., ' KG! it 1i-' .: EDGI ADRIAN DOYLE 1 i 23713$E MARY K. BLISS MILTON HECKMAN CHARLES BUSH ROSE BODE Dean of Glrls GEORGE ELWELL WILLIAM BEACHAM NORMAN ALEXANDER THOMAS DRAPER W A EDGAR HIGGINS RAY KROLL SILAS LUDT Z WWWWV HIE ELLEN NORA LYDEN HAROLD LUXON SUSAN MOLNAR MARGARET MULHERAN JENNIE POLLEY MARSHALL POPELKA LULU SEIDEL ANTHONY STEVENS JACQUELINE ST. J OHN ANN SULLIVAN ELVIN SWANDER GLEN TRAENKLE ELSBETH WEICHSEL l0 PAT FOLEY NORMAN GEARHART ANN MUEHLBAUER Secretary Head Custodian Nurse SCIENCE HILL JR. HIGH TEACHERS CATHERINE DIEHL BENJAMIN DODDS VIRGINIA GUGLIELM A. Wm W WWWW ALFRED HEYMAN DONALD HORNICKLE JOHN MARTINKO YOLANDO MORANO PENNELL HAROLD QUEEN D. WEST RICHARDS WINIFRED ROUSSEAU FLORENCE RUMBEL ANDREW STARINCHAK MICHAEL STETTS STANLEY TOFIL LEE ANN MILLER, Secretary W??? a. , Lxxxxxx Vice President J ACK JACOBS President J OHN VAGILLA S ecretary LUCILLE N AVARRO Treasurer JUDY DEMSEY SENIOR OFFICERS AN D REPRESENTATIVES ROW 1: Judy Demsey, John Vagilla, Jack Jacobs, Lucille Navarro. ROW 2: Sandra McGarry, Judy Franz, Dar- lene Bulah, Barbara Tremble. ROW 3: Marie Miller, Arnold Grisset, Mike Goricki, Sandra McBride. SENIOR ADVISORS Left to right: William Beacham, Elvin Swander, Milton Heckman, Elsbeth Weichsel. l4 GEORGE H. ANDERSON ROBERT K. ARMES JANET L. BACHELDER F RED BENDER 1 Vagilh W ANDROMEDA BENNETT GUY BERARD KENNETH BORMAN ROSE MARIE BOYD DARLENE BULAH PAUL DAVID BURNETT DOLORES CARNAHAN FLORINE CLEMONS JOANN D. COTTLE GLORIA JEAN CROOM RICHARD DAVIES BARBARA JEAN DAVIS l4 '5 HAROLD DRUMGOLE ANNA MARIE EWOLHIN PATRICIA FRANCES EWOLHIN JOHN S. FAUNDA JOSEPH C. FISHER JR. MARY LOIS FLOYD JUDITH ROSE F RANZ LILLIE JEAN GIBSON I ALBERT GILCHRIST $11k RAY T. GORDON MICHAEL P. GORICKI JR. DONALD EDWIN GRAY gq74' ,2: y? tr a ARNOLD JAMES GRISSETT TED GRISSETT FRANK HALL JR. ALFRED R. HAMROCK J R. MARY ELIZABETH HEMMONS THOMAS FREDRICK HEYDLE THOMAS SCOTT HOLLENBAUGH CARVER HOWARD RONALD HUGHEY SHIRLEY ANN J ACKSON MARY GRACE JACQUIN ROBERT PAUL KACIR JAMES E. KRONER H S K WE . L S H H TJ P EY E NC 0 EE J KP WILLIAM ARTHUR LARSON BARBARA ANN LIPKA MARY ANN LISKO F RANK LEWIS 20 RUTH LLOYD PATRICIA ANN LUMPP SANDRA JEAN McBRIDE WILLIAM ED McCAUGHTRY WILFRED LOWRY McCARLEY SANDY LEE McGARRY KATHERINE SEVELLA McINTIRE JOSEPH J . McWHORTER szwfnxf Z R E L m MR T Em KL RL RL AI AH GM WN R Ea AU NO Mm ED E 1 IY N RR NN AA 00 MM RD O CAROL MORETTI PEARL LILY MOXLEY FRANCES CAROL PALUMB BETTY JANE PARRY 22 MARY KATHERINE PARSONS WALTER H. PAULUN JOHN RAY POPE SANDRA JEAN PRISBY RONCEVERT RANDOLPH McKINLEY RITCHIE HENRY ROCHETTE PAT ROLAND 24 F LORENCE JEANETTE SHAFFER LEWIS SINGLETERRY MATTIE LOU SMITH WALTER GRANT SMITH RALPH ERNEST ROYAL J R. ANNA J EAN SALATA ? , PRISCILLA LEE SMAIL ; JOSEPHINE ELAINE SMITH WILLIAM E. SONNENLITTER ARDELL SPIVEY PATRICIA STINSON JAMES R. TATE WILLIE MAE STEPHENS JUDITH DAWN STINSON FRED TAYLOR JAMES C. TERNA BARBARA JEAN TREMBLE m B m N MUG m MoTn E mo m TH G T U mm E R X RU E AA L CL A .V 6.. R E T m HK DO 2m TT MN Em m1 T m3 Rm AO . D MR W O agw .RNO REJNW ES AR EKAR E CUOBRN WTHUAU u 22 ,2 RICHARD L. WARE PAUL M. WELLS xxxxg CAROL WESTON EUGENE WILLIAMS ; LARRY H. WILLIAMS PAUL WILLIAMS W1 , v . GERALD R. W 2, , 2 .2 . ; . - ;, , , , WILLIAMSON 2222.222 224W ' ' W, ., 2 ,2: W " ' ' WILLIAM E. 2 ' WILSON CARL YASH 27 . Z 22?sz , g , , My ;, 4,, , . x2??? 5?? WWW? mfwaw ,7 x ? . ,f4x7 xx x2 M, A z, i , S$ gs; a a? t $$$MQ ,2, Z, a? :5. "WW . mx , WWW , j r Www WWW MEaPVJI . M 1. Ammek X .WHC ..LW ML AlMDmlm w..$a..v.far.. Atysxn; HLC AIme2W3d.m Nlemynz. 9.....B. . medDWmenu . WC IWyw RM .aouog Rmm WdOLWM MRDYRHRHJ MRRNRKRS Emmy m . me m . J60 a m awH P ISLE a a C n b;n a MIC h Bma aY. dw wk .13 s naL cm TL mPe, aw. mm D. s . m 70 m0 E .C CHrI a 5.1 emltm .JK mphm SmB hfm ABPc :6 ca ES. . :D NJ TMrM gaA kn, i??? M a Sen n ,VXZL a RPM; 5mm MWMxVxxxMUWX mywm E r. C xx? Z clr,m nM z 7 Ram Iutu 1W ,. Xxx EXN Fans 86 ,2?w 6 FPea Vln g??? M1 . 0 Mm Ee OAr :3T ..M Hr.M er 2 , M: S mem a m.gne S .Wonm. 10.1 $ womwmom Mww .JRVthS Umm l .JSS m The Junior , 7 mm BP Ma, ,, n k, y 0 CK C.m R m. E . wF mm L y. 3 5m m. m n31 , Dm ws m . w? ,C .t, u , m .D6 K m , ICC 1m . m mvsJa F ,fdl , MMmmmm a . OKQ.MQ m mmLEA ..h: H w EhmmOm D MYEWuaT n: mmee. m .PmmJ a SB.Hmw w mMM..d . C VJS D R. E P MR ROW 1. J. Hartley, N. Cash, ROW 2: Boyd, J . Pegues. ROW 3: m Graduates of 1960 m, 7: him MR. ALEXANDEKS HOMEROOM ? min It: Row 1; M, Sink, A. McGuire, G. Clark, J; Berchik, hugfmk D, DePasque, M. White, B. Crenshaw, R. Martin, M. 8th Yarusso, B. Patterson. M Row 2: C. White, A. Butler, C. Azara, M. Bonds, D. Pam Hughey, M. J ennings, T. Jones, M. McFaH, R. Meyers. Row 3: J. Dunning, M. Weimer, S. Kurowsky, W. Hatchett, W. Wolf, C. Heard, S. Rehlinger, H. Clark, J . Fedor. mmqwmvmkw MRS. BLISS,S HOMEROOM Row 1: C. Smith, S. Maddox, B. Jones, D. Clemons, J . McCurdy, L. Evans, B. Haynes, R. Miller. Row 2 : C. McFalI, C. Rankin, W. Hatchett, J . Jarman, R. Squibbs, J. Davidson, G. Sevachko, L. Ague. Row 3: G. Hahn, B. Wolf, J. McIntire, F. Binion, R. Brindiar, J. Carnahan, C. Walker, A. Monroe. MR. NADZAMS HOMEROOM Row 1: L. Hightower, A. Arocho, C. Cracraft, C. Maloney, M. Evans, E. Sinkovich, P. McFall, J. Wilson, N. Cash, A. Demyan. ROW 23 J. Smitth. Blanton, B. Hover, E. Yash, R. Kelly, H. Murphy, T. McCracken, L. Johnson, C. Hall. Row 3: L. Ray, M. Szpak; R. Nemkovich, J. Koscelan- sky, B. Clark, L. Wallace, R. Burton, K. Soles. "9. 3l Soph xmmmxwkmw Mm,mWWII m wwwwvsiwmmww x MISS LYDENS HOMEROOM Row 1: R. Beck, M. Valeriani, N. Cettan, J. Miller, P. Terna, A. Mae Cook, B. Simon, L. Fabry, S. Nagy, T. J ackson, D. Dozier. Row 2: A. Menold, R. Evans, J. Lindsay, D. French, J . Hover, R. Whittenberger, J. Burnett, R. Parsons, B. Barbato, W. Davis. Mymxxan Xwa omores xxx xxxw W W fm gmwxxxxxmkvsmm4V xxx xxxx wx wxx xx W x x x x$ OFFICERS AND REPRESENTATIVES Standing: Ann Tate, Nancy Scott, Glenda Rodger: Linda Deterding, Becky Simon. H Seated: Neil Monroe, Joyce Miller, JoAnn Pastersky George Kuzma, Janet Piergiovanni, Albert Diggs, 7 m 4w QxX MISS MULHERANS HOMEROOM Row 1: S. Morowsky, J. Piergjovanni, Gramelt, K. McGarry, B. Torok, H. Grissett, J. Cracraft, R. Alexander. . Row 2; J. Caddie, M. Skripac, R. Fisher, T. Trltt, C' Jackson, A. McCottry, J. Bradaick, J. FomeYa 3- SOICS' Row 3: M. Yajich, R. Rock, A. Diggs, L. Farmer; J- Hartley, R. Heaven, F. White, B. Bender. M. Harris. K- G. Shorter. MR. STEVE ROW 1. R Halcko, V. 1 DOWning, R. ' Tyson. 5011, P, Valj Conda- Class of 1961 uzigR MR. LUDTS HOMEROOM Wig"; ROW 1: C. Barkey, J. Murray, G. Polisso, C. Welcher, L, Deterding, M. A. Fisher, R. Strawbridge, L. Ficklin, G. Rogers, C. Buffone. ROW 2: G. Sweeney, R. Moxley, I. Ennis, R. Grissett, J. Paul, T. Moncrief, R. Haynes. ROW 3: E. Rhodes, P. Bradaick, N. Wolf, E. Felder, G. Kuzma, J. DeSalvo. y me MR. ELWELUS HOMEROOM ROW 1: B. Womack, E. Girard, H. Crenshaw, C. Cooper, M. Terrill, L. Drumgole, L. Wesson, R. Jen- nings, G. Farmer, J . Pastersky, L. Haynes. ROW 2: C. Himes, P. Amicarelli, N. Monroe, F." Harris, F. Perov, M. West, R. Gray, D. Evans, J. Russo. ROW 3: C. Casteel, A. Davis, J. Bondi, R. Young, R. Slipkasky. , 7v W ' 7W MR. STEVENS HOMEROOM ROW 1: R. Beck, A. Tate, M. Harris, E. Miller, S. .. .1 , Halcko, V. Pope, N. Scott, D. Nizlak, D. Kessler. Hui" ROW 2: H. Murphy, R. Heydle, O. Underwood, C. i Downing, R. Miller, D. Brindiar, C. Shipton, R. Royal, 1 j..r4: 3 C. Tyson. 5 w I F, ROW 3: F. Bennett, C. Coleta, R. Kollar, B. Fergu- . .: son, P. Vallos, H. Brown, J. Richmond, J. Balogh, S- 3714 Conda. FRESHMAN OFFICERS AND REPRESENTA , KROL1 Standing: Virginia Boll, Carol Emch, HermanTlglEFf gar Donna Ewolhin, Delores Eddings. 0 ' 0 ; . . . . . . . BurIOWSv Z, SLttmg. Philllp brem, Cynthla Burrows, Barbara Naples G. Sanders. ? Noelle Pollsso, Arthur Sherman, Car01 Bachelder ; Row 2; . . P. 3 W MISS ST. JOHNS HOMEROOM Row 1: K. Randel, F. Schneider, J. D On0fri0, S. McCracken, P. Evans, G. Stringer, P. Walls, C. Bachelder, M. Riggle. Row 2: R. Harry, G. Dixon, M. Zanders, Y. Clark, C. Thompkins, E. Dutton, K. Getz. Row 3: M. McCottry, M. Bedenik, T. Jones, J . Floyd, P. Green, .1. Boos. MISS MOLNARS HOMEROOM MRS. SUI Row 1: D. Cotten, D. Ewolhin, C. Duecaster, NI. i Row IIA Salaka, B. Smail. M. Paul, H. Edwards, L. Wasmund. B. Bryer C. Barrett, P. Homer, J. Ferguson. Row 2: E. B'hll'lta year. H. Wolf, M. Bulah. J. Lacy, M. Madisonz L- Griffm' Row M J. Taylor, F. Mims, B. Bevly, D. Vrancxch. , A'HOHam Row 3: W. Pearce, F. McIntire, L. Hixon, 13- Lewis, D. Eddin N. Giggetts, J. Adams, W. Clemons, D. Farms. - Row 3:E Santore. P. Hanson, D. Harford. Griffin, D 34 Class of 1962 MR. KROLL'S HOMEROOM Row 1: E. Robinson, P. Lipka, K. Smith, S. Diggs, C. Burrows, D. Napier, V. Bell, N. Polisso, 5. Temple, G. Sanders. Row 2: E. Jackson, D. Thompkins, J. Borman, L. Halick, P. Melia, N. Hull, E. Ellis, D. Steele, E. Coe, R. Bodo. Row 3: E. Anderson, T. Weimer, S. Yuhas, F. Floyd, J. Harris, B. Holland, A. Sherman, F. Macciomei, M. Love. WAN: b...- MISS SEIDEUS HOMEROOM Row 1: M. A. Ditonti, E. Duponty, C. Emch, M. A. Stefan, A. M. Santore, K. Bender, V. Fedor, N. Wright, K. Getz, B. Naples, L. Walley. Row 2: A. Lawrence, M. Smith, E. Hutchison, M. Domhoff, M. Brooks, M. Hall, H. Mercer, C. Carach, D. Pyatt, S. Lodwick, L. Snipes. Row 3: J . Gessler, K. Whitaker, T. Hamrock, J . Tre- bella, A. Russo, R. Nelson, R. Morthland, T. Bettura. Row 4: G. Hixon, D. McGarry, G. Clark, A. Emerick. MRS. SULLIVANS HOMEROOM Row 1: A. Whitmore, F. Snipes, S. Jones, M. Ware, M . lglyl xvi: B. Bryer, J. Banks, D. Driskell, V. Beverly, G. Good- . :51? ' 2 year. t"! I c h- ' Row 2: H. Edwards, F. Skripac, G. Parson, J. Rhodes, ":3 mL-t' A. Holland, A. McCullough, D. Ewell, c. Sonnenliter, 1V ' 11'" D. Eddings. V7 ' FM 4 Row 3: E. KalaSka V- FUSCO, J. Casey, A. Perline, J. I '5'" ' , Griffin, D. Roller, R. Thornton, R. Hill, R. Miller. 36 MR. DODDS HOMEROOM Row 1: R. James, J. Parry, L. Petroff, S. Burris, J. Smith, M. Cash, P. Lazar, J. Wilson, A. Arena, J. Bender. Row 2: L. Coe, J. Drahos, B. Duncan, H. Stere, E. Hunter, M. Davenport, R. Miller, M. Powers, E. Baker, J. Carlisle. Row 3: F. Hall, J. Tyson, K. Murdock, C. Mang, T. Hodder, L. Ginn, J. Tabak. Science H ill SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS AND REPRESENTATIVES Row 1: C. Whitacre, K. Tomk, V, P. Emerick, P. Hayes, H. Fragas, Bogner. Row 2: J. Smith, G. Dozier, R. Paris, Peterson, R. Beckwith, C. Tyson, D. Wilson, C. Brow Row 3: F. Wilson, P. Carano, V. Beeson, S. Marci? J. Rochette, L. Williams, D. Palumbo, R. Thoma: VAy Emch, M. Azara. . Bryor, T, Tabak, M. Domhoff, D. E- Harris, D, Row 4: E. Baker, P. Delflore, M. Volovar, J. Mascar- ella, B. Birch, J. Tabak, B. Barbato. MISS MOB Row 15 L- Blantona Emch, C. :V Row 5 R' 01357 C' car Row 35 Shaw, M R M. Volovar. MISS GUGLIELMS HOMEROOM Row 1: R. Thomas, L. Wilson, S, Hryronak, D. StOPYrai S. Butler, B. Hampton, D. Posey , E. Szpak, C. Marrell, M. Azara, S. Bissett. Row 2: J. Mascarella, K. Johnson, R. Foldvary, J- Humphries, S. Pyatt. C. Griffin, N. Clark. A. Navarro, J. Davidson, R. Traenkle, J. Hartley. Junior High MISS MORANOB HOMEROOM Row 1: V. Jackson, M. Harris, A. Ditosto, B. Barbato, L. Blanton, J. Rochette, M. Maslach, J. Williams, A. Emch, C. McCaughtry. Row 2: R. Homickle, H. Green, T. Yancey, K. Nich- olas, C. Carter, J. Brown, R. Martin. Row 3: W. Arocho, R. Schuster, A. Hamrock, P. Cren- shaw, M. Richmond, L. Pritchett, T. Johnson, K. Toney, M. Volovar. MRS. ROUSSEAUS HOMEROOM Row 1: L. Williams, P. Gessler, C. Baty, W. Harvey, P. Carano, H. Cracraft, I. Schulte, C. Martin, 1. Jackson, E. Maddox, L. Snipes. Row 2: E. Taylor, D. Palumbo, C. Merrill, D. Howley, J. Battista, C. Hrehor, T. Kollar, D. Pappos, R. Hahn, A. Tremble. Row 3: J. Bennett, R. Robinson, C. Dozier, M. Knight, A. Pesce, W. Brown, J. Gilchrist, R. Moncrief. Row 4: S. Spivey, R. Clark, C. Woolensock. ,Lff'4f'i x m NW? Rx y MR. STETTS HOMEROOM Row 1: P. Miller, K. Slater, J. Sokevitz, D. Curley, F. Wilson, D. Lacy, C. Parson, A. Marcum, M. Hrehor, M. Brooks. Row 2: R. DePuy, R. James, H. Teemer, 0. Hall, J. J armon, L. Drumgole, V. Beeson, P. Carano, E. Hah'ck, J . Clayton, R. Womack. Row 3: R. Heaven, N. Tullio, E. Markovitch, G. Richards, D. Miller, W. Binion, C. Stere, M. Mitchell, S. Gilford, R. Kuzma, P. Paris. MR. HORNICKLES HOMEROOM Row 1: J . Nelson, W. Neal, M. Taylor, D. Bogner, R. Duponty, J . Galubich, S. Love, M. Fleeton, G. Pope, R. Cleveland. Row 2: R. Salensky, M. Socie, L. Dent, P. Emerick, A. Jannon, G. Sanders, G. Hayes, J . Mihaley, G. Thompkins, C. Nizlak, A. Byrd. Row 3: R. Shepherd, R. Parker, J. Hayes, C. Mitchell, R. Kelley, J . Davis. Classes MRS. DIEHUS HOMEROOM Row 1: H. Figas, G. Williams, M. Domhoff, L. Tra . lor, B. Moncrief, M. Clayton, B. Strawbridge, B. Reeg L. Anthonsen, L. Kalcic. , Row 2: R. Navarro, R. Lawrence, A. Brooks B Hardin, J. Grier, R. Gibson, T. Penington, W. Zan,ders. J . Toomer. , Row 3: C. Burnett, E. Dent, E. Moore, S. Stripac J . Floyd, L. F abry, C. Bevly. ! MR. HEYMANS HOMEROOM Row 1: C. Whitacre, C. Pema, L. Lucas, K. Torok, R. Robb, V. Gray, L. Dixon, S. Clark, C. Boyette, C- Soles, H. Rankin. Row 2: T. Dunlap, R. HarriS, M. Bruss, S. shjpton, J. Johnson, B. Evans, D. Wolfe, M. J. Modarelli, P- Hayes, W. Zanders, J. HightoWer. ROW 31 J. Gamble, A. Weems, D. Thomas, G. Nem- kovich. Of 1963 and 1964 L uWiLr.. 4 SEVENTH GRADE .311: Row 1; J. Perl, K. Hodder, V. Bryer, L. Williams, D. Wilson, D. Donahue, K. Tyson, C. Carlson, K. Show- h' i B'Wh ' man, A. Kurowsky, T. Royale, C. Brown, B. Jennings. W '3' Row 2: D. Peterson, G. Slater, H. Patterson, R. Conyer, "COIL M P. Zarich, B. Yerrace, N. Smith, R. Beckwith, C. Gay, ' Sb". 5. Em, R. Holmes. PG," Row 3: R. Baskins, J. Cochran, W. Soles, H. Jones, T. Nicoloff, L. Hughes, C. Hahn, D. Demsey, C. Ludt. MRS. PENNELUS HOMEROOM Row 1: T. Tabak, C. Gilmore, C. Hall, P. Hall, B. Wilkerson, R. James, U. Truman, R. Conn, J. Munroe, C. Bennett, P. Carlisle. Row 2: M. Desimone, R. Paris, P. Tate, W. Hushower, R. Harris, J . Miller, E. Arocho, R. Hudock, D. Peterson. Row 3: W. White, J. D. Fleeton, E. Czopar, J . Williams. lulllllul MR. QUEENS HOMEROOM KIM Row 1: R. Harry, A. Martin, J. Sirbu, L. Moncrief, 116ch C. Swanek, M. Taylor, L. Fleeton, C. Schallenberger, ri- M. Hall, R. Walls. : 3W ROW 2: M. Shura, L. Nizlak, E. Crain, J. DeSalvo, bulimmp' 0- Ryser, J. Calvin, L. Hopkjn, R. Bradich, W. Felton, J D. Hover, P. Turschak. J UNIOR HIGH CHORUS J UNIOR HIGH BAND JUNIOR HIGH COMET A I R E T E F A C H E H R m N U J Activ ities 1V4,r-a aw3 : a4? ' . v- w 4v. . ,4 h; . 2,,5 ? , i2? 92;, ??i, , $$va n 8 6 u 0 6 h t l i All Ha xx , , I XZ40 Junior-Senior The Queen BETTY ANN FABRY Senior P lay 4 mm PHANTOM OF THE HIGH SCHOOL Rick Don Gray M iss Harker ................................................ Sandra Prisby Mindy Helena Todhunter Miss Winslow Marie Miller Julie Pattie Lumpp Mr. Cibney - Ken Lewis Alan Ricky Rochette M iss Benson .............................................. Lucille Navarro Randolph Scott Hollenbaugh Evelyn -- Betty Parry Betty Patty Ewolhin Lanny -. ....... Joe Fisher Nina . Mattie Smith Marty - g ............ - Guy Berard 1 Sue Mary Lou Miller Norma -- Peggy Lewis Mary Laura Thornton Madrigan ...................................................... James Kroner 1 Chuck William Sonnenlitter Peggy n ----- Mary HemmonS M 1 Bearded Men ................ Richard Davies, Tom Uber, John Vagilla, Joe Koch, Mike Goricki. PRESENTED AT NORTH HIGH SCHOOL ON MARCH 6, 1959. Xxx xxxS? E. ?g xxx q 5g, SENIORS: Lewis Singleterry, Kenneth Lewis, William Sonnenlitter Judith Buchanan, Judith Demsey, Donald Gray, Mary Lou Miller: x I H cad Majorette J UDITH BUCHANAN Demyan, Nancy Scott, Becky Simon. i l l Joyce Miller, Florence Kolat, Carol Emch, Dolly Walley, Judy Buchanan, Janet Piergiovanni, Anna OFFICERS: B. Haynes, A. Buffone, M. B. Wylam, T. Jones, L. Singleterry, J. Buchanan, K. Lewis, L. Evans, K. Mesaros, B. Jones, D. Gray, J. Demsey. k4: 5mg, Wm bu IL. L HF W: 'l'lllC IKH; N" 47 48 Brass Row 1: R. Martin, A. Buffone, M. B. Wylam, K. Getz, K. Mesaros, E. Girard, K. Getz, S. Jones. Row 2: A. Butler, M. L. Miller, M. Paul, E. Sinkovich, J. Work- man, M. Evans, L. Evans, M. A. Fisher. Row 3: R. Gray, F. Perov, C. Hahn, W. Sonnenlitter, J. Heaven, D. Gray, L. Royal. Percussion A. Menold, L. Singleterry, 0. Ken- nedy, J . Demsey, J. McCurdy, D. French. Woodwind Row 1: G. Sweeney, B. Jones, C. Carach, M. Valen'ani, C. Barkey, G. Polisso, D. Cotton. Row 2: E. Kolasky, C. Cracraft, M. Cirard, B. Haynes, L. Deterd- ing, P. Evans. Row 3: T. Jones, C. Sonnenlitter, R. Nemkovitch, A. Dtiggs, K. Lew- is, D. Gessler. iWM , Varsity Team First row: P. erls. A. Frmt. NI. Coricki, D. O'Neil, R. Whittenberger, J. Vagilla, J. Koscelansky, B. ther, C. Azara, C. McFalL K. 50105. B. Clark, C. Moore, Manager J. Lindsay, M. szak, Manager S. Hollenhaugh. Seroml row: Aswan! Cnavh Mr. Martinkn. T. McCracken, Coach C. Bush, T. Smith, J. Tate, C. Coward. J. Jarmun. J. Fisher. H. Drumgole, J. Soles, S. Kurowsky, B. Hayes, 5. Conda, Athletic Director Mr. 9. Ludt. Anistant Coach Mr. Popvlka. Third ruu': NI. Bonds. P. Peguw, B. Wolf. H. Burton. R. Squibbs, F. Kuzma, J. Toth, J. Balog, D. i men. Varsity C heerleaders Hlnm-lu Huffnnv. Sandra I'Vrlsl ItIIl ' Imrllu lennw. , . ' . L2 Floria Polisso. 5mm", qu Wullt' I'th. Anni! HIIHOIH , Illsby. ' 49 C o-Captain, MIKE GORICKI Fullback Play CARVER HOWARD Tackle 8T8 Co-Captain, TED GRISSETT Quarterback F ootball and Cheerleader J AMES TATE W xW s x , xx ' V 4 wim$ H ead C heerleader SANDRA PRISBY . , JOHN VAGILLA J! Tackle r. HAROLD DRUMCOLE McKINLEY RITCHIE HanbaCk Tackle xxxmxw WV ww H omecoming Game wa ,4 J; a n M JUDY DEMSEY SANDRA PRISBY MARY LOU MILLER OI'FEN JIYDITH BIVCHANAN. KING MIKE GORICKI 52 - ' -l; :1, Sandra M MN I H l Hull l I lm l"lH'l lmlx Ih-nw'L Hllu' humid. Judy Hm llllll W' '1 AH nu r H ., ... I'll Inn Mu! lulu: J UNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL PLAYERS Row 1: W. Soles, A. Navarro, J . Brown Managers. Row 2: L. Prittchet, A. Sherman, C. West, A. Perline, A. McCullough, T. Hamrock, G. Hrehor, A. Pesce, J. Gilchrist, D. Papis, P. Paris, B. Kuzma, C. Hahn, C. Ludt. Row 3: Mr. Tofil C0ach, H. Wolfe, P. Bedenik, N. Clark, P. Green, K. Toney, M. Benbick, A. Ham- rock, W. Brown, C. Stere, J . Floyd, B. Birch. R. Womack, G. Gay, R. Traenkle, Mr. Starinchak Coach. -.---a-,-v;-h-u Junior High F ootball JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Ruth Thomas. Noelle Polisso. Linda Williams. Delores Eddings, Janice Smith. Marlene Aura. ? 55 ,m , 1$ Chairs lthunv. I h'myun. A . A . H41 junk, K Hvsnmx Davies. R. Royal, J. F. Franz, Williams. J. Pope, J. Demsey, W, 31. Stephens. J. Cattle. D. Hulk. R. Miuzml. Ivln'r. 1.. Paw uh: U H le T. kUlJIL ,Xndrrwn. U. Ith'r. H. Thnrtnn, ullI-Ir I l. lmnx L n I LIH P. l mlrlwmtl. Xumrru. H. I'uwll. H N III: III 1H I AI IW . l IiuI-hkumn. 'KMMW' HA; N l:4 n IHI L IIHHII l V : !1 11. 1Il3v14iu lllmlqu . ll HII' 4 xlwlr 'H. H' H. , I'. erYI I wwVIw ' ' 111? Mwuv x. I! llwlxV r. ll! 4 X ; -- 11 I l M lmHmn'v H M ixed C horus ROW 1: C. Welcher, A. Tate, M. Harris, S. Morosky, E. Girard, L. Haynes, C. Barkey, J . Murray, C. Buffone. ROW 2: G. Polisso, J. Pastersky, V. Pope, C. Cooper, C. Tyson, S. Halecko, D. Nizlak, E. Miller, H. Murphy, J. Cracraft, S. Nagy. ROW 3: A. McCottry, I. Ennis, L. Fabry, K. Gramelt, K. McGarry, D. Borowsky, B. Torok, N. Scott, M. Fisher, J . Miller. ROW 4: J . Fomey, R. Grissett, T. Moncrief, M. West, L. Macklin, C. Coletta, D. French, B. Fisher, F. Bennett, 0. Underwood, J. Gaddis. ROW 5: C. Moore, M. Yajich, J. Hartley, J. DeSalvo, A. Diggs, J. Stere, H. Grissett, S. Gonda, J. Lindsay, H. Brown. ROW 1: C. Duecaster, D. Ewolhin, D. Duponty, S. Diggs, J. Rhodes, D. Napier, S. Temple, P. Horner. g$i5;,,A' M. Samore, D. Pyatt, L. Sparks, D. Eddings, S. McCracken, J. Goodyear, J. Banks, F. ROW 3: C. Barrett, V. Fedor, E. Hutchison, M. Zanders, C. Burrows, M. A. Stefan, C. Emch. GIRLS ENSEMBLE Sitting: Barbara Jones, Anna Buffone. Standing: J udy Buchanan, Ardell Spivey, Betty Haynes, Peggy Lewis, Mary Lou Miller, Kathy Mesaros, Sandra McBride, Rhonda Halick. JUHN WALISO SIIVVCh l hv-ruphl Cu. K ma. . 3 $ 9 f 9 g K ' XXX ; X xxxxxx - i 1 :7 ?i f 1 gi t ? KR h v WNW xxx mm? W wawm ?, z g ; 5 ; ,,.. g ? f, 7? y a w 4 Vi HAROLD DAVIS, Student Teacher 57 W 0' mm SENIOR LOHO Y-TEENS Row 1: Lucille Navarro, Carol Moretti, Anna Marie Ewolhin, Helena Todhunter, Carol Weston, Ardel Spivey. Row 2: Sandra Prisby, Shirley J ackson, Barbara Lipka, Frances Palumbo, Lillie Gibson, Priscilla Smail, Joyce Tucker, Peggy Lewis. Row 3: Sandy McGarry, Anna Salata, J anet Bachelder, Judy Demsey, Pat Stinson, Mary Floyd, Mary Ann Underwood, Judy Buchanan, Willie Mae Stephens. 1M x WW' 1 1 MM 'WW Y-Teens Y-TEEN OFFICERS Row 1: I.C.C., Anna Demyan; Vice President, Judy Buchanan; President, Judy Demsey; Treasurer, Anna Salata; Secretary, Anna Buffone. Row 2: Lucille Navarro, Judy Franz, Mary Ann Lisko. Barbara Lipka, Carol Moretti, Mary Floyd, Sandy McGarry. JUNIOR LOHO Y-TEENS Row 1: Barbara Patterson, Mary Yarusso, Mary Beth Wylam, Barbara Jones, Margaret Girard, Barbara Hover, Anna Demyan, Ann Buffone, Barbara C100n1. Row 2: Betty Haynes, Linda Evans, Janice Wllson. Judy Workman, Rose Marie Kelly, Joan Barrett. Helen Murphy, Doris Clemons. Row 3: Jeanne Berchik, Marie Evans, Janet MCCUYdY' Ethel Harris, Patty McFaIl, Kathy Jay. Donna DI" Pasqua. 1JPHOMORE WES 1 5.11: J. HIML TI. 1 Hm 1. PM. 5 h 13115.11 Mm. 31?:0.Pol'm,D.Cd.! inJrM. Eda, N. 51' E13'1I.Tmils. H. C 1.1116111, K M P. T! Lomynamy Y-Teens LOMYNAMY Y-TEEN OFFICERS gfw'i: tCarrglella Burgine, Vice President, Becky Simon esx en , oria o isso; Se F Treasurer, Paula Tema. CTCtary, Aancy SCON Row 2: Linda Deterdin V ' Sandra Momwsky, g, - ancy Gettan, Joyce Mlller, 1 7 SOPHOMORE YTEENS R0w1:J. Murray, A. Tah- H. Hank L. Ficklin. C. Welcber, J. Pastersky. S. Hormky. C. Rngu-n, C. Barkey, C. Buffone. Row 2: C. Polisso. D. Ceth-r. N. Cc-ttan. H. Hurphy. S. Halecko. M. Fisher. N. Sm". J. Uillo-r. L lN-tv-niinu. Row 3: M. Terrill. S. Nagy. C. Tywn. D. Myrnuxky. K. McCarry. K. Cramt-ll. P. Toma. R. Simon. q 3 N Y-TEENS . i 231:; 11;! glACarach. 5. Temple, F. Schneider: N. P011550, 3 L Walley, B. Naples, D. Ewolhin, M. Tontlz D. Cpttec. Row 2: V. Bell. P. Lipwllia, P. Evilssh r11: Onofno, . dwick. L. asmun , . p s. 2:?rfe..s'plfnena, c. Emch. P. Walls: M. Ai3 Stefarcl, D. Ewell. J. Borman. J. Rhodes: L. Hahck, C. urrow-. Row 4: S. McCracken. D. Eddmgs. P. Stopyra. 67 59 LOHO Y-Teens Dance t T a e h t e e w S Queen SANDRA McGARRY , 0.- .xx m, $3,213? ,5 kg .. A , .J. fkwrves , V 451.1. w1p hw 5uw4J3 60 Basketball VARSITY AND RESERVE TEAMS ROW 1: T. Grissett, R. Burton, M. Gorickj, G, Miller S. Cobbin, B. Wolf. ' ROW 2: S. Gonda, J. Jarmon, N. Wolf, J. Soles H Clark, Coach Mr. Starinchak. , ' ROW 3: J. Balogh, G. Kuzma, C. Moore, H. Brown H. Grissett, R. Boyd, Manager Gerald Lindsay. , WWW JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL ROW 1: N. Clark, J. Mascarella, J. Humphries, A. Sherman, P. Green, H. Wolf, T. Kenny, Manager A. Navarro. ROW 2: B. Berch, D. Roller, D. Kimber, N. Gigzetts, D. McGarry, J. Floyd, Coach Mr. Martinko. Hm HdmwvwWva , RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Ruth Martin, Sandra Morosky, Nancy Gettan. MIKE GORICKI 3 . , , ROW 1: Sam Cobhin, Robert Boyd, Marvin Bonds, Ronald Squibbs, Larry Hollinshead, George Hahn, Leonard Wallace, Don Weston. ROW 2: James Kroner, Frank Kuzma, Harold Drumgole, Ted Grissett, Mike Goricki, Jerry Mc- Whorter, John Vagilla. ROW 3: Steve Kurowsky, James Terna, Tom Uber, Talmadge Ray, Richard Thompkins, Jack Jacobs, J ohn Koscelansky, Jerry Lindsay. xxiigiiiinx HAROLD DRUMGOLE TED GRISSETT 3 GORICKI HKE JAMES TERNA lle- JOHN VAGILLA JAMES KRONER .IMLK JM 10158 u-.. r- d. an. ,1" l'IIu ..- v u u u.. . 1,1 I. .. 11:: . .hOG . . V .Ouwum uEOVN .NN 2.:de .Omno undo uClOEQ HNuOu Em xnhuzloo, 05 an and :32... mmdh 3 .MEcuoo 43.32 "houmuoh novaoU c3350.; Emu MEG nmmw MFENE Ewing. nmip madam BOQHU Mgmmgom .DN 302 :3va Huh m: Manmuuiw UHIW -250 wroEanum .3. 6191mm cog .uuaviouhuodansnnc .wm, . , . . .Ougduwuun 01.2530 655.10 Omv Onaunnvnh MOUHIEEOO .. . , uO M5600? .FSH 9950 noun Ends? .uglngu. ., swuahhiw .nuklnn nod oncomogvu NOQOGHHOH umuMhdu 95w cu 6.3035500 oguuaO?OOMw .55an OM c.2150 a Purge? 0.3 on :39 ads? SSW? 330$ .030 unmanuhoz "Esagum. ondbb .330 3055 030 gout, d a? uni ou co3dnunuon .oonouuo .unoaialnubau now win .06 33: vanwinuq Ewen. hug .5. :dEnSdB .: ?:?w Suing uchn ommw ban 3 ohmsu . ad; AQMJNC Jodi; .nn. rudVH .Qow nangc?du UIOE 05 .66; 0d dnu ndxzoannv oxroxuilw 0.5 wd namsno umGD oudum GEO .omno 15:00 . HONGH 5: "5th5.. 39.505 08 . lfW44 0 Shali .Gokuuanundb? Aduaauo n:ndouad 0 M . .OLN whim" u OQQN UQudEwuno Fouio M.EUQU x . 09: ahead Oathnvm ho luno Okw uludd O O 50 :qunnH InomlaHmpv m. :hnm4 .BOOMOE 09000: udzoumwh XE 0n: NON EOE IZUO HO UENESU Miwgvhblu 0: a .1! Jo uh : a .Enooun Eda nndn. GEOOW uMQWhj mamunhOB L323 9.3 3qu 60.3502 0:8 0005 3 Bo: :0 mzozwbzoEEo aunt: 9ovhd -hnd?::-d lnvm-HJ - Umusn ya Hwy mIOMhdH uIOtDJNI 0113-...D-uvl 5.3.. .anEONnumu -00; OXGE :35 Ont: MCOWHQQ OCH! , Y. Clark. E. E S. Gonda, K. Smith, K. G. Farmer, G. . Bodo, V. FUSCO, R. Slipkasky, E- M. Madison, K. Gra- K. Bender, M. Hall, M. Domhoff C. Burrows, C. Welcher, W. Fedor, J. ROW 4: R. Evans, R Emerick, E. Anderson, E. Shipton, D. Harford, E. Bayowski, J. Bondi, Kalasky, R. Harry. H. Grenshaw, H. Grissett, J. Rhodes, S. ROW 3: N. Gettan, D. Gessler, M. ROW 1: E. Girard, N. Polisso, M. Bulah, ROW 2: P. Evans, P. Melia, C. Tyson, Rhodes, J . Balogh, G. Kuzma, ROW 5: R. Miller, J. DeSalvo. McCracken, J . Goodyear, Cetz, F . Schneider. Polisso. D On0fri0, Smith, P. Terna, melt, 91,1412 , . iigiiing ??? Spanish Club Latin Clubs 1m Vn a p S E e d lo M C r :L C E u , President, A. Grissett, Vice President D. Clemons, Treasurer. Haynes, M. Harris, M. Beth Wylam, L. Thornton, N. Gettan, J. Kmetz, J. David- son. Smith, P. Shuster, R. Heydle, T. Jones. ROW 1: B. Haynes, Secretary; J . Tate, ROW 2: M. McFall, P. Amicarelli, L. ROW 3: H. Menold, G. Farmer, D. Wilson, B. Crenshaw, E. Sinkovich, C. ROW 4 F Clemons, J. Tucker, Mrs. Diehl, D. Bulah, D. Gray, J. Fedor not 6 Enungammn Binhimmr' 1Vrdnesday. April 6. 1960 Wyarc W'zll'ns 0f Needs in Ohio Svhools Lhuirmzm 0f ICcIIu-uliun Pnrlm 10l0a Nlum-y l- Iii: Prnhlmn 1:1! .' t odm'chun '11 7::1'111111'1111'1- "11: V'rnoi 111:1:1- 1118110111." mi! 11PM 1:.'1' 1 . i17 4 01.111: 11111111011 11o;mm 11.1111" irn'uhors. 11:011- riaau'nmns and 41m 1111Hm11 niallms hx' 1f prnyw'l' wimuntlun 19 m 119 1011111111011, hp smri In Hm IlPixL 10 10118. 61111111- monL :11 the 111111'01'511109 11.111 Jump from 96,1100 11111411110 5111- dents: to 175.000, H'are HIMCII. ,ahnw' f'n'ijnm nhmd INTI! Chamber to Present CYouth Asks Business9 Tho litlm-ulion fnmmitU-P of H10 Youngstown Arm! flmmhvr of fumnwrvo 1in! sponupr a tvlmhiun program. "Youth Axks BIhim-ss." :1! G p.111. Sunday on 11lVMJ-TV Hhunm-l 'II 1. Graduating honor qmlonls Irom Hi high MJlvax in tho Yuungsltmn didrk'l and a pzuwl of top Inninow loaders will appear on tlw show. Svhmlulml lo participntv on the 1141-02"! HON to riahH :er: Uront rmn Heurgt- ll. Donaldson. prvsidont. the Carbon Limtwtunv f0; Bertram S. l'nrkvr, xivo prmidmlt :md gvm-rul manugpr. Youngstown Foundry 21ml Mm-hine 00.; R0201- E. Jux-nhson. manugrr, Hotel l'irk-Ohio: t-llion Odmrn. tlidrirt 001111 nwn-inl munugcr. Ohio Boll Tvlephnno Cm; Herbert 1V. O1mmd. prosidvnt. Roit'hurt l'urniturv UL. and furl Ii. Knmllv, Immi- dvnl. First Federal Szn'ings and Loan Association of Youngstown; hm-nml rmn llivhnrd llartu-ll muuuwrw. Plllnino Pla- Himu'dmam. Sully 'l'vrhlnlI H'nlumh. Jn- Assorted combinations. of Antique Barks. Taffeta' and many, n1- pattern F Im-k u'ha111-y1, Putty Schustor 1Norlh1. Barbara Smith 1Soutm. Judith Stms'art .AIXnn Peroni ufurdinal MooneyL Keith Kulow Ulubharch and Maxine Gotthivr UAhPrhj; lmw, Ronald McElhaney a:ayenL Dennis Lewis UGasU, Randy Taylor LAustintnwnj, Powers alirann and John Badila UVilsom. 'telescope. which resently is U101 1 , . . V 1 ' Wynl'ldq'i L' 1'" 'l 8' - flal'gest of-its 111131, I 'f-qw """Hi' ' l x I'P Ullll1 NI . . f fi 1-": - tOPCj Tass sam tm'hnu'mns 21v cx- l1m' thc-nv Lilvrulurw 1 nmmx, Apnl I1 ILPIJvSu-mlm'mg the Cuumxus 111 Contra! H'mxhlnl'tun Mm! Ii MUN --I' PHIISIS at the Pullmvo ObservaJASIa to fmri the most, I'HVW'?W" S1111 K1111 11 A l A ' I 111111: nmr Lvningrad have dw S110 forrho111511'111110111. ' L . HWL 1R-bDJ 1M8 n:nori U'lm! 11111 km the world's: Hhirtl rmn lhlnivl lh-ilvr H'rul- mu RH-ummond Slum 1 Henry Olq-s Ula-nmriuh, Mm-xhn Some. 100 representatlves from 01110, state and industrial organizations a t t e n d e d thel -wNVHJ, 7 "1,1 ,$1 Jneetin . Ware said these are1school su erintendents and locali 1- . 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It's top graded U.S. Choice Beef . . . this week at Sparkle at SALE PRICES! Top-Graded Superior x U. S. CHOICE Blade Cut 1mm TIPS Dr I. 41 I: . 1 ll 4!: 1: A .. sh E hh 1: . Fh 32.; mm. xruuGmehQ. :0??? .wnoomwmwuf :luaau: wuouaJWUmnH-iyuvgadoon USN muiodgwuiwhwgim AOOSOMEHG vmwiu dwdm vudg .ugwuawa .. 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M x Iwal$xA Morning Classes Comet Staff Comet Staff Afternoon Classes Assembling the Paper 7 2 ihxj? $ $s$ gtagx .V 452;? 5W 14 ' X ;m V M xsrgoiw, X L071 .5 C A .m m 0 NW akxxxxx 2; 4g , glzt$$ ?xi, xv M, x agggxxxkk 4??? 125?...EEEx;ifii 3k ?liiiig76,i . 3,??? xx , 2f??? , Si: x????iiziilig$g ii? a gai?2f , I , , .. j 43, , , zy , $?wwyxxxXszxxiAy $?,ng $?? ?5$229? 2, E;;ZZ,2: x$xxxx$ Z: 2 ???.C 44??? , x E 2.7; g ??gg$k 2x72 5? $3352, 47;; 33s., ? x: a , ; ,2 sari? g; , ??gssx ??ixxx xxgzs$$gggs$l3ti $$ ? ? . . z i??xyxgkxszggf SCHOLARSHIP Margaret Hall Patricia Melia Robert Nelson Noelle Polisso Carmela Buffone James Gaddis Shirley Halecko James Hover George Kuzma JoAnn Pastersky Eugene Rhodes Mildred Terrell Kenneth Blanton Doris Clemons Betty Crenshaw Steve Kurowsky Kathie Mmaros Albert Monroe Judy Demsey Jack Jacobs James Kroner James Terna 3' 5 A :3 . LEADERSHIP Guy Berard Judy Demsey Mike Goricki Donald Gray Kenny Lewis Sandra Prisby Ralph Royal James Tate John Vagilla SPECIAL AWARDS VOICE OF DEMOC- RACY CONTEST Saundra McBride BETTY CROCKER HOMEMAKER OF TOMORROW Sandra McGarry CITIZENSHIP Cynthia Burrows Peggy Evans Marcia Madison Barbara Naples Arthur Sherman Patricia Stopyra Leona Walley Jerry DeSalvo Linda Deterding Joyce Miller Ann Tate Paula Terna Oscar Underwood Richard Whittenberger Anna Buffone Betty Crenshaw Anna Demyan Betty Haynes J ohn Koscelansky Steve Kurowsky Merle,McFall J oann Cottle Arnold Grissett Sandra McCarry Mary Lou Miller Laura Thornton William Wilson axxxxx xwxxwi$$ r . , Ex 9.76 , 94: xR yfgikxx ?,..$$$9 77? $3 5 Eis??? kkxx 4;? ii g9, zx? 34:; .s?$xx;g , K gzg 3,5115; 29?; igif $$$971$$$2$ 34?,X g ,, $.74 w x 5? ??V? 5g ,4, , . , , , , v.79, MWNRZs,?;i!;Z , , 5:$?1Z$$ Xx i yo? ANNUAL STAFF COMMITTEE Row 1: Arnold Grissett, Helena Todhunter, Sandra Prisby, J ack J acobs. Row 2: Guy Berard, Ken Lewis, Jim Terna, John Vagilla, Don Cray. ANNUAL STAFF EDITORIAL Row 1: B. Lipka, A. Salata, K. Lewis, G. Berard, A. Grissett, J. Jacobs, J. Terna, D. Gray, S. Prisby, M. H. Todhunter. Row 2: P. Ewolhin, A. Ewolhin, C. Moretti. Row 3: L. Gibson, J. Franz, B. Parry, M. L. Miller, J . Smith, B. Tremble, L. Navarro, J . Vagilla. ' ggrfEFSYngrEm Row 4: A. Bennett, R. Boyd, J. Cottle, M. Floyd, W. SMlldl'J'lg'Carolj Stephens, J. Demsey, P. Lewis, J. Bachelder, J. Buc- BettyHaimw Jea hanan, P. Lumpp, M. Underwood. Barbara Naies Row 5: M. Goricki, G. Anderson, R. Davies, T. Uber, p ' S. Hollenbaugh, T. Grissett, H. Drumgole, R. Royal, F. Lewis. Row 6: F. Hamrock, W. Smith, J. Tate, J. Fisher, J. Pope, L. Williams, C. Howard, B. Sonnenlitter, R. Rochette, J . Kroner. ANNUAL STAFF BUSINESS Row 1: P. Ewolhin, A. Ewolhin, S. McBride, P. Mox- ley. J. Jacobs, R. Davies. R. Royal, J. Kroner, T. Crisselt, S. Prisby. A. Spivoy. Row 2: C. Moretti, R. Boyd, M. L'. Smith, L. Thornton, A. Gilchrist. R. Rochette. L. Gibson, J. Smith, C. Weston. Row .3: J. Franz, B. Parry. M. Miller, T. Uber, P. Lumpp. L. Navarro. W. M. Stephens, M. A. Under- , wood. F. Lowis. T Row 4: R. Lloyd. J. Demsey. M. A. Lisko. S. McCarry, ' M. L. Miller, F. Palumlm. P. Stimson. M. Parsons, H. Todhunter. B. Davis. P. Lewis. K. McIntire, A. Salala. B. Lipka. J. Buchanan. C. Borard. 74 MR. LUXONS WORKERS Left to right: Mr. Luxon, Jean Berchick, Mary Jacquin, Sandra Nagy, Judy Franz. i, G. Berard, A. , S. Prisby, M. atti. $311111: M1Her, OFFICE WORKERS 3, 161 floyd, W, Sitting: Sandra Prisby, Marie Miller. helder J Bu Standing: Carol Moretti, Mary J acquin, Loretta Haynes, ' C" Betty Haynes, Jean Berchick, Mary Parson, Judy Franz, 3avies, T. Uber, Barbara Naples. lgole, R. Royal, Tate, J. Fisher, Sonnenlitter, R. FUTURE NURSES CLUB Row 1: Carol Moretti, Judy Franz, Marie Miller, Mary Ann Lisko, Josephine Smith, Ardel Spivey, Carol Wes- tqn, Barbara Tremble, Helena Todhunter, Barbara Jones, Laura Thorton. Row 2: Lucille Navarro, Patv Lumpp, Margaret Cirard, Mary Lou Miller, Lillie Gibson, J udy Workman, Betty Haynes, Jche Tucker, Kathy Mesaros. Row 3: Andromeda Bennett, Marlena Powers, Mary Floyd, Barbara Crooms, Willie Mae Stephens, Mary Ann Underwood, Sandra Pn'sby. W ,7 . 75 ,y w w w ilf Wm 11 : MOST TALENTED: Willie Mae Stephens, Ralph Royal. BEST LOOKING: Judy Demsey, J ohn Vagilla, Mary Ann Under- wood, Tom Heydle. oN ' ' Poll . "g- IIWWIIIIM erMwW , I McBride. MOST INTELLIGENT: James Terna, Judy Demsey. MOST HELPFUL: Sandra McGarI'y, John Vagilla, Lucille Na- VEITO. 77 ? ' gir? 12 Baby Picture Identification NMMNNNNNMNHHHHHHHHH gagggxooogpxgwywwHPPPONQWPWP-VE 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. John Vagina Judy Stinson Peggy Lewis Mary Floyd Don O,Nei11 A1 Gilchrist Patty Stinson John Pope J udy Dempsey Don Gray Ted Grissett Priscilla Smail Andromenda Bennett Ruth Lloyd Janet Bachelder Mary Ann Underwood Guy Berard Kathy Mclntire Joe Koch Sandy McGarry Lucille Navarro Francis Palumbo Gloria Croom Marie Miller Patty Lumpp Bill Larson Mary Lou Miller Bill Snnnonlitter Mary Hemmons Mary Parsons George Anderson Scott Hollenbaugh Sandy Prisby Lillie Gibson 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. Rickey Rochette Judy Franz Bill McCaughtry Mary Grace J acquin Mary Ann Lisko Michael Goricki Barbara Lipka Carol Moretti Shirley J ackson Ralph Royal Jim Terna Bob Torok James Tate J ack J acobs Fred Hamrock Richard Davies Jerry McWhorter Anna Ewolhin Patty Ewolhin Anna Salata Betty Shaffer Rose Boyd Wilfred McCarley Harold Drumgole Paul Wells J im Kroner Kenneth Lewis Tom Uber Bill Wilson Carl Yash Joe Fisher Willie Mae Stephens Tom Heydle Betty Jane Parry x m1! "6M? ff, , ?SS fig, 2 trimaran". w.- ,y;.............. .. y... ., ...,. . . . . W W w n W 31 $3.? i174 g u C t u r t f v, .liwilnisif xxx ANDERSON, GEORGE H. Mixed Chorus 1 Boys1 Glee Club 2 Choir 4 Citizenship 2 Yearbook 4 Comet 4 Mag. Rep. 2 ARMES, ROBERT K. Choffin 3, 4 BACHELDER, JANET L. Citizenship 1 Library 2, 3, 4 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 BENDER, FRED Choffin 4 BENNETT, ANDROMEDA Yearbook 4 Y-Teens 2 Future Nurses Club 3, 4 BERARD, GUY Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Comet 1, 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 3 Junior Play 3 Dramatics 4 BORMAN, KENNETH Yearbook 4 Mag. Rep. 2 BOYD, ROSE MARIE Office Worker 3 Yearbook 4 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Comet 3 BULAH, DARLENE Mixed Chorus Girls3 Glee Club 2 Choir 3, 4 Scholarship 1, 2, 3 Citizenship 1, 2, 3 Prom Committee 3 Y-Teens 2, 4 Future Nurses Club 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 Latin Club 1 Homeroom Rep. 4 Mag. Rep. 1, 2 Senior Activities BURNETT, PAUL Choffin 4 Latin Club 1, 2 CARNAHAN, DOLORES Citizenship 2 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Comet 2, 3 Latin 1, 2 Secretary 3 Homeroom Rep. 1 CLEMONS, FLORINE Citizenship 3 Choffin 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 COTTLE, J OANN D. Mixed Chorus 1 Girls, Glee Club 2 Choir 3, 4 Library 3 Office Worker 3 Y-Teens 2 F uture Nurses Club 4 Jr. Court of Honor 3 CROOM, GLORIA J EAN Y-Teens 2 F uture Nurses Club 4 DAVIES, RICHARD Mixed Chorus 1 Boys1 Glee Club 2 Choir 4 Band 1, 2, 3 Orchestra 1, 2, 3 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Comet 1 Dramatics 4 Mag. Rep. 3 DAVIS, BARBARA JEAN Yearbook 4 DEMSEY, J UDY Choir 4 Band 1, Sgt. 2, Lt. 3 Capt. 4 Orchestra 1, 2, Scholarship 1, Citizenship 2 Yearbook 4 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4 Jr. Play 3 Homecoming Attendant 4 Class Treasurer 4 Homeroom Rep. 1, 2, 3 Mag. Rep. 1 3,4 2,3 DRUMGOLE, HAROLD Boys, Glee Club 2, 3 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3 Comet 4 EWOLHIN, ANNA MARIE Mixed Chorus 1 Girls1 Glee Club 2 Choir 3, 4 Citizenship 1 Office Worker 3 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Dramatics 4 EWOLHIN, PATRICIA FRANCIS Mixed Chorus 1 Girls, Glee Club 2 Choir 3, 4 Orchestra 1 Cheerleader 1 Res. Cheerleader 2 Citizenship 1, 2 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Y-Teens 2, 3 Choffin 4 Jr. Play 3 Jr. Court of Honor 3 Dramatics 4 FAUNDA, JOHN S. Mixed Chorus 1 Boys, Glee Club 2 Choffin 3, 4 FISHER, JOSEPH C. JR. Football 4 Track 4 Yearbook 4 Homecoming Escort 4 Transfer from Ursuline FLOYD, MARY LOIS Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Future Nurses Club 3, 4 Y-Teen Basketball 2 FRANZ, JUDLTH ROSE Mixed Chorus 1 Girls1 Glee Club 2 Choir 3, 4 Office Worker 4 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Yearbook 4 From COW Homeroom GORDON, Band 2 Orchestra 1 Football 1, Latin Club Homeroom Mag. Rep. I Cafeteria W GORICKI, Mixed Cho Football 1, Co-Captain Basketball 1 Co-Captain Track 1,2, Scholarship Citizenship Yearbook 4 Prom Com: Homeroom Mag. Cam Monitor 3 Homecomil D13 Code GRAY, D01 153W 1, 2,: Et- 2, 3 Lt.4 Orchestr 8312, 3a 1 Lt.4 Citizenshj YearbooM amatics 4 'LHIN, PA NCIS TRICIA Xed Choms 1 1 '5 Glee Club 2 oir 3, 4 Chestra l cerleader 1 - Cheerleader 2 izenship 1, 2 arbook 4 Im Committee 3 eens 2, 3 offin 4 Play 3 Court of Honor 3 amatics 4 NDA, JOHN S. xed Chorus 1 ys, Glee Club 2 ffin 3, 4- ER, JOSEPH 0.13. I. rb00k 4 mecoming Escort4 nsfer from Ursulme ., MARY LOIS 3 NZ, J UDITH ROSE , Chorus 1 ed Club 2 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Future Nurses Club 4 Jr. Court of Honor 3 Class Secretary 1, 2 Homeroom Rep. 4 Y-Teens Basketball 4 Dress Code Committee 4 GIBSON, LILLIE JEAN Mixed Chorus 1 Choir 3, 4 Yearbook 4 Y-Teens 1 Spanish Club 3 Jr. Court of Honor 3 Mag. Rep. 3 GILCHRIST, ALBERT Track 2 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Homeroom Rep. 3 GORDON, RAY T. Band 2 Orchestra 1, 2 Football 1, 2, 3 Latin Club 1, 2 Homeroom Rep. 1 Mag. Rep. 1, 2 Cafeteria Worker 2, 3, 4 GORICKI, MICHAEL P. JR. Mixed Chorus 1 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Co-Captain 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Co-Captain 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Scholarship 1 Citizenship 1, 2 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Homeroom Rep. 1, 4 Mag. Campaign 3, 4 Monitor 3 Homecoming King 4 Dress Code Committee 4 GRAY, DONALD EDWIN Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Sgt. 2, 3 Lt. 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Sgt. 2, 3 Lt. 4 Citizenship 1, 2 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Spanish Club 1, 2 Jr. Play 3 President 3 Homeroom Rep. 1 Tri County Journalism 4 GRISSETT, ARNOLD JAMES Football 2, 3 Scholarship 2 Citizenship 2 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Spanish Club 3, 4 Latin 2 Homeroom Rep. 4 GRISSETT, TED Mixed Chorus 1 Boys, Glee Club 2 Choir 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Co-Capt. 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Citizenship 2, 3 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Homecoming Escort 4 Vice President 2, 3 Homeroom Rep. 1, 2, 3 HALL, FRANK JR. Mixed Chorus 1 Football 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 1A. 3 Choffin 4 HAMROCK, ALFRED R. JR. Basketball 2 Track 2 Yearbook 4 1A. 3 Latin Club 1, 2 HEMMONS, MARY ELIZABETH Girls4 Glee Club 2 Choir 4 Projection Crew 2, 3, 4 Choffin 4 Voice of Democracy 4 Mag. Rep. 3 HEYDLE, THOMAS FREDRICK Football 1 Yearbook 4 Choffin 4 Comet 1 HOLLENBAUGH, THOMAS S. Yearbook 4 Dramatics 3, 4 Football Trainer 4 HOWARD, CARVER Mixed Chorus 1 Boys, Glee Club 2 Choir 3 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1 Yearbook 4 Vice President 1 J ACKSON, SHIRLEY ANN Mixed Chorus 1 Girls4 Glee Club 2 Choir 3 Office Worker 1 Prom Committee 3 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Future Nurses Club 3 Choffin 3, 4 Chairman Comet 3 IA. 3, 4 Jr. Play 3 J r. Court of Honor 3 President 1 Homeroom Rep. 1 J ACOBS, JACK L. Choir 3 Orchestra, Corp. 1, Sgt. 2 Football 3 Track 2, 3, 4 Scholarship 3 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Spanish Club 3 Latin Club 1, 2 Band, Corp. 1 Sgt. 2 Vice President 4 Homeroom Rep. 1 Mag. Rep. 3 Science Seminar Youth Conference Tri County Journalism J ACQUIN, MARY GRACE Mixed Chorus 1 Girls, Glee Club 2 Choir 3 Office Worker 1 Yearbook 4 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Jr. Court of Honor 3 Y-Teen Basketball 4 KACIR, ROBERT PAUL Band 1, 2, 3 Orchestra 1, 2, 3 Prom Committee 3 Choffin 3, 4 KOCH, JOSEPH S. Choffin 4 Comet 1, 2 IA. 3, 44 Spanish Club 3 KRONER, JAMES E. Band 1, 2, 3 Orchestra 1, 2, 3 Track 2, 3 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Comet 3, 4 IA. Vice Pres. 3 Pres. 4 Junior Play 3 Mag. Rep. 2, 3 Science Seminar 4 LARSON, WILLIAM ARTHUR Football 1 Homeroom Rep. 3 LEWIS, FRANK Basketball 1, 2, 3 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 J.A. 3 LEWIS, KENNETH Band 1, Corp. 2 Sgt. 3, 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Scholarship 3 Leadership 3 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee Latin Club 1, 2 Junior Play 3 Boys2 State 3 Treasurer 2 LEWIS, PEGGY .1 . Mixed Chorus 1 Girls, Glee Club 2 Choir 3, 4 Girls, Ensemble 3, 4 Citizenship 2 Projection Crew 2, 3, 4 Yearbook 4 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Dramatics 4 LIPKA, BARBARA ANN Mixed Chorus 1 Library 1, 2, 3 Office Worker 4 Yearbook 4 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Social Chairman LISKO, MARY ANN Citizenship 3 Office Worker 3 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Future Nurses Club 4 Comet 4 Jr. Court of Honor 3 Dramatics 4 Y-Teen Basketball 4 Choir 1 Transferred from Wilson LLOYD, RUTH Choir 3 Library 3 Office Worker 1, 2 Yearbook 4 Y-Teens 2, 3 Choffin 4 Jr. Play 3 Homeroom Rep. 3 Mag. Rep. 2 LUMPP, PATRICIA ANN Girls7 Glee Club 2 Choir 3, 4 Cheerleader 1 Library 1 Office Worker 4 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Y-Teens 2 F uture Nurses Club 4 Jr. Play 3 Jr. Court of Honor 3 Dramatics 4 MCBRIDE, SAUNDRA JEAN Mixed Chorus 1 Girls7 Glee Club 2 Choir 3, 4 Girls, Ensemble 3, 4 Citizenship 1, 2 Prom Committee 3 Voice of Democracy 4 Homeroom Rep. 3, 4 Dramatics 4 MCCAUGHTRY, WILLIAM ED. Mixed CHorus 1 F ootball 1 Yearbook 4 Choffin 4 J.A. 3 MCCARLEY, WILFRED L. Track 1 J.A. 3 MCCARRY, SANDY LEE Mixed Chorus 1 Girls7 Glee Club 2 Choir 3, 4 Cheerleaders 1 Res. Cheerleader 2, 3 Citizenship 1, 3 Office Worker 1, 2, 3, 4 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee. 3 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Comet 1 Jr. Court of Honor 3 Dramatics 4 Homeroom Rep. 4 Mag. Rep. 2 Monitor 1 McINTIRE, KATHERINE S. Mixed Chorus 1 Girls2 Glee Club 2 Choir 3, 4 Yearbook 4 McWHORTER, JOSEPH J. Track 2, 3, 4 MILLER, MARIE MARGARET Mixed Chorus 1 Girls, Glee Club 2 Choir 3, 4 Citizenship 1 Office Worker 3, 4 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Future Nurses Club 4 Comet 1 Latin Club 1, 2 Junior Play 3 Jr. Court of Honor 3 Dramatics 4 Homeroom Rep. 4 Mag. Rep. 1 MILLER, MARY LOU Choir 4 Girls, Ensemble 4 Band 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Citizenship 3 Yearbook 4 Future Nurses Club 4 Latin Club 2 Jr. Play 3 Homecoming Attendant 4 Dramatics 4 MORETTI, CAROL Mixed Chorus 1 Girls2 Glee Club 2 Choir 3, 4 Citizenship 1, 2 Office Worker 4 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Y-Teens 1, 3 F uture Nurses Club 4 Jr. Court of Honor 3 MOXLEY, PEARL LILY Citizenship 1 Office Worker 4 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Girls, Glee Club 2 Choir 3, 4' Library 2, 3 Yearbook 4 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Comet 1 Jr. Court of Honor 3 Dramatics 4 Homeroom Rep. 2 Toddle Committee 4 PARRY, BEITY Mixed Chorus 1 Girls? Glee Club 2 Choir 3, 4 Yearbook 4 Y-Teens 2, 3 Choffin 4 Comet 3, 4. Jr. Play 3 P. Atten, 1 Prom Commune Dramatics 4. Omeroom R . Offlce Worker? 2 y 3 Of Honor 3 4 4 Rep. 4 . l MARY LOU mble4 ,4 2,3,4 . 3 4 mClubzl n 2 ng Attendant 4 4 CAROL ms 1 Club 2 NAVARRO, LUCILLE MARIE Mixed Chorus 1 Girls7 Glee Club 2 Choir 3, 4 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Y-Teens 2, 4, Vice Pres. 4 Future Nurses Club 4 Voice of Democracy 3, 4 Prince of Peace 3 Jr. Play 3 Dramatics 4 Secretary 4 Youth Conference 4 Touchdown Toddle Committee 4 NEWARK, RONNIE Choffin 4 O1NEILL, DONALD Football 4 Homecoming Escort 4 Transfer East PALUMBO, FRANCES CAROL Mixed Chorus 1 Girls, Glee Club 2 Choir 3, 4 Library 2, 3 Yearbook 4 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Comet 1 Jr. Court of Honor 3 Dramatics 4 Homeroom Rep. 2 Toddle Committee 4 PARRY, BETTY J ANE Mixed Chorus 1 Girls, Glee Club 2 Choir 3, 4 Yearbook 4 Y-Teens 2, 3 Choffin 4 Comet 3, 4 Jr. Play 3 P. Atten. 1 Prom Committee Dramatics 4 Homeroom Rep. 2 Office Worker 1 PARSONS, MARY KATHERINE Mixed Chorus 1 Girls, Glee Club Choir 3, 4 Citizenship 1 Office Worker 3, 4 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Youth Conference 4 PAULUN, WALTER H. Choffin 4 Latin Club 1, 2 POPE, JOHN RAY Choir 4 Mixed Chorus 1 Orchestra 1 Latin Club 1, 2 Mag. Rep. 1, 2 PRISBY, SANDRA JEAN Mixed Chorus 1 Girls9 Glee Club 2 Choir 3, 4 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4 Head 1, 4 Citizenship 1, 2 Office Worker 2, 3, 4 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Future Nurses Club 4 Comet 4 Voice of Democracy 4 Latin Club 1, 2 Jr. Play 3 Homecoming Attendant 4 Vice Pres. 2 Homeroom Rep. 2, 3 Sec. of Mag. Campaign 3, 4 Dramatics 4 Monitor 1 Tri County J ournalism RANDOLPH, RONCEVERT Football 1 Citizenship 2 Homeroom Rep. 1 RITCHIE, McKINLEY Football 3, 4 Track 3 Choffin 4 ROCHETTE, HENRY Yearbook 4 Choffin 3 Comet 3 ROLAND, PAT ROYAL, RALPH EARNEST J R. Mixed Chorus 1 Boys, Glee Club 2, 3 Choir 3, 4 Football Mgr. 2 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Comet 1, 2, 3, 4 Editor 4 Voice of Democracy 3 Latin Club 1, 2 Jr. Play 3 Dramatics 3, 4 Mag. Campaign 3, 4 World Affairs Institute 4 Community Chest 4 SALATA, ANNA JEAN Scholarship 1, 2 Mixed Chorus 1 Projection Crew 3, 4 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Treasurer 4 Choffin 4 Comet 3 Jr. Play 3 Homero'om Rep. 3 Office Worker 3 SHAFFER, FLORENCE J EANETT E Office Worker 3 Y-Teens 3 SINGLETERRY, LEWIS Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1 Track 1 Scholarship 3 STEPHENS, WILLIE MAE Mixed Chorus 1 Girls, Glee Club 2 Choir 3, 4 Library 4 Prom Committee 3 Y-Teens 2, 4 Voice of Democracy 4 STINSON, JUDITH DAWN Mixed Chorus 1 Girls, Glee Club 2 Choir 3, 4 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Choffin 4 Cornet 1 Jr. Court of Honor 3 Yearbook 4 STINSON, PATRICIA Mixed Chorus 1 Girls, Glee Club 2 Choir 3 Citizenship 1 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Choffin 4 J r. Court of Honor 3 TATE, JAMES R. Football 1, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3 Track 2 Scholarship 1, 2, 3 Citizenship 1, 2, 3 Projection Crew 2, 3, 4 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Spanish Club 3, 4 Pres. 4 Latin Club 1, 2 Pres. 2 TAYLOR, FRED Football 2, 3 Basketball 3 Track 2, 3 Voice of Democracy 3 Prince of Peace 3 THOMAS, CARRIE Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Future Nurses Club 4 THORNTON, LAURA Mixed Chorus 1 Girls, Glee Club 2 Choir 3, 4 Citizenship 3 Office Worker 1 Yearbook 4 Y-Teens 2, 4 F uture Nurses Club 4 Spanish Club 4 Dramatics 4 Mag. Rep. 1 TODHUNTER, MARY HELENA Cheerleader 1 Choir 3, 4 Res. Cheerleader 3 Citizenship 1 Library 1 Office Worker 3, 4 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Future Nurses Club 4 Y-Teens 2, 4 Comet 1, 3 J .A. 3, 4 Treasurer 4 Class Secretary 1 Homeroom Rep. 1, 2 Youth Conference 4 Monitor 1 Perfect Attendance 1 TOROK, ROBERT JOHN Mixed Chorus 1 Boys, Glee Club 2 Track 2 TREMBLE, ALEX EUGENE F ootball 2 Track 1 Voice of Democracy 4 Prince of Peace 4 TREMBLE, BARBARA JEAN Library 1, 2 Yearbook 4 Y-Teens 3 Future Nurses Club 4 Comet 4 Latin Club 1, 2 Homeroom Rep. 4 Mag. Rep. 2 Perfect Attendance 1, 2 TERNA, JAMES C. F ootball 3 Track 3, 4 Scholarship 3 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Latin Club 1, 2 Homeroom Rep. 1 Freshman Choir 1 Science Seminar Tri County Journalism Transfer from East TUCKER, J OYCE Mixed Chorus 1 Girls, Glee Club 2 Choir 3, 4 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Future Nurses Club 4 J.A. 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 Latin Club 3, 4 Dramatics 4 UBER, THOMAS E. W. JR. Mixed Chorus 1 Boys, Glee Club 2 Choir 3, 4 F ootball 1 . Track 2, 3, 4 'Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Comet 1, 2, 3 Latin Club 1, 2 Jr. Play 3 Dramatics 3, 4 UNDERWOOD, MARY ANN Mixed Chorus 1 Girls1 Glee Club 2 Choir 3, 4 Citizenship 2 Yearbook 4 Y-Teens 2, 4 Future Nurses 4 Comet 4 Homeroom Rep. 1 VAGILLA, JOHN Boys1 Glee Club 3 Choir 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Citizenship 1, 3 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Class President 4 Class Treasurer 3 Homeroom Rep. 1, 3 Dramatics 4 Cafeteria Worker 2, 3 Homecoming Escort Dress Right Committee 4 Monitor 4 Perfect Attendance 1, 2 WARE, RICHARD L. WELLS, PAUL M. . Football 1, 3 1 Baskeball 1 Choffin 4 IA. 3 Monitor 1 WESTON, CAROL Mixed Chorus 1 Choir 3, 4 Yearbook 4 Prom Committee 3 Y-Teens 3 Future Nurses Club 4 WILLIAMS, EUGENE WILLIAMS, LARRY H. Mixed Chorus 1 Boys, Glee Club 3 Choir 3, 4 . Basketball 2, 3 Track 3 Yearbook 4 WILLIAMS, PAUL Football 3 Track 3 Choffin 4 WILLIAMSON, GERALD R. Projection Crew 2, 3, 4 Choffin 3, 4 WILSON, WILLIAM E. Citizenship 3 Homeroom Rep. 1 YASH, CARL Citizenship 2, 3 ' h W www ?wzauxmwxxvuuux WdXKW A y? $; WWW xx A xv Xxx 4 M x ,g? 7V? xxxxxx mum a ,X ?yyz a? 7,? Z; ,2: , l. 4?? ,6 9? , GATSCH EN E YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO 59 , A? 7? ?ygwsf x KW ishes +0 Class of 77 ii? , 5 $ 224$; W757 2 ? S 24$? k7? , Besf W $ 4?, f??? $ ? 76w, :5 ii? ;!?,,2?,,,62,63i Q x??,dwlxxkgizszzgixv Wy ??Mw X WW Xxx XXX ixxx$ xXXXxXx xx XXX: xxxxxx XXXXX xx 37?? x , Z, :$ ???5 fggitxftzgkai gigs?! , ' f " ACME MOTORS 2943 McGuffey Road , - Congrathlatjorls J to the Class of '59 Phone RI 6-3693 , BUYI SELL. TRADE. USED CAR.S 4 , d . I' J HUMES GOOD FURNITURE 252 Wes+ Federal S+ree+ 272 Easf Federal S+ree+ 4030 Markef Sheef Compliments of GLASGOW TAI LORS, I NC. 3I2 WEST FEDERAL ST. and GLASGOWS MEN'S SHOP 20 BUS ARCADE Complimeni's of ESQUIRE THE STAMBAUGH MEN'S AND BOYS' WEAR THOMPSON CO, LINCOLN KNOLLS PLAZA i Roufe 422 1 Your Qualify Hardware and Home Needs S+ore for NZ Years ' ll4 Wes+ Federal S+ree+ ' SIRBU MARKET 2625 Market Sfreef I625 Mahoning Avenue '32 SOUTH AVENUE l I 438 Youngs+own-Poland Road P2322: Egzsssgge'f23ress W '823 BeImOM Avenue Meaf Slaugh+ered a+ Early Road Boardma" Plaza We Smoke Our Own Meals We Dress Our Mea+s COME AND TRY US WE'RE WAITING FOR YOU Complimen+s of Congratulations to Of ! Seniors of '59 LORS, POULAKOS BAKERY Specialists in T. U SANDWICH BUNS AND HONEY CREME DONUTS '5 .. ,P l2 Sou+h Avenue Phone RI 7-l233 Compliments of OLENICK DAIRY CO. Grade "A" Dairy Products Cu Rated the Area's Finest PHONE PL 5-3m HIM! 4', NORTH SIDE .' WELLS VOCATIONAL RECREATION. INC. SERVICE Bowling "Le" US Find +he Rigth J05 hr YOU" PHONE RI 6-49II 203i BELMONT AVENUE 608 REALTY BLDG. .. . . .. One of Youngsfown s Flnesi YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO l8 Deluxe Brunswick Lanes Phone RI 4'4'74 Au+oma+ic Pin SpoH'er Air-CondHioned t 4 II Tune Up Sales and Service MT! ALLSHOUSE . f r3 CARBURETOR SERVICE compl'mem o :7: 600 N. Garland Avenue Yer YOUNGSTOWN 6. OHIO KATE AND N'CK'S Nos Across From McGuffey Plaza sue; BILL ALLSHOUSE D AIRY A": No. Phone RI 7-7680 DO SEE DUSI Complimen+5 0f For Your Musical Insi'rumeni' L, F. DONNELL DUSI MUSIC Ford Dealer l824 Markef S+ree'r PHONE RI 44295 WH EELER'S POTATO CHIPS complimems OKE-DOKE. ETC. 0": "The Only Chip Made in Youngsi'own" HIMROD CIGAR I07 N. HINE STREET PHONE RI-42I2I of ORNAMENTALS REM ? EVERGREENS ' TREES SHRUBS in General Assor+men+ forC+hedBes+ Ianiscose P.Ian'ling. Th N ' -+o a e merlca Bl wmivm e ursazaaEZam-Iifj and FruiHuI M's , .aunes SCHUSTER S NURSERY 5W Cooper Rd.. Coi+sville Twp. M Phone LE 6-844l CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU Did YOu Ever Sfop +0 Think Wha+ There Is a'r +he End of .ihe Rainbow for You? . h Y The Only Pot of Gold You'll Find af +he End of +he Rainbow Is +he One Whlc 0" Pu'r There Yourself. - Y + F" NowI When Your Besf Learning Years Are S+ill Ahead. ls +he Time for ouh ON I Thai Po+ of Gold. You're a S+uden+-You're Carrying +he Ball Down +he Flew Rig; 0" for a Touchdown-and Every+hing Favors You +0 Make +he Goal You .Have m M'." ', W'II Will You Fal'rer Now and Be Thrown 1tor a Loss, or WiII You Keep R'QM op Gamgl: e; You Comple're Your Training Course Jusf as S+eadily as You S+ar+ed H. Vleh L0+ ano; No Seibacks. Preparing Yourseht for Tha+ Rainbow Trail +0 Success-or YVII IT" ?I Successes Now Lure You From Your Planned Pa+h +0 a Sound Fu+ure m 03W; 1' You There Is No Royal Road +0 Any+hing. S+eady Progress S+ep FY S+ep NI d : Fear AnYWhere and Bring You a Success Which Endures. The Only Failure You ee 0 Now Is Failure +0 S+ick +0 +he Goal You Know Is Best - SUCCESS AND GOOD LUCK - r......, -.. ,A 7 Makes you feel preHy impor+an+. doesn'i- ii? You've come +hrough fwelve years of books. report cards. deien+ion periods and childish ways-fo find your fufure sfaring you smack in +he face. ""5 such uncer+ain furure-filled wifh nuclear fission and speeds fasi'er Jthan sound . . . big frighfening hassles in he UN. and frips in+o ou+er space. Bui +he mos? impor+an+ rhing is +ha+ +his fu+ure we're +alking about is YOU! You'll make ii or break it keep +he peace or fighi- +he wars. harness +he a'rom ror good, or use ii +0 kill and maim. Through your college years. in'ro your profession and +he homes you will build. . . our bed wishes go wifh you. Graduafe. . . we're depending on you! McKELVEY'S YOUNGSTOWN'S OWN STORE F.V LII A A AggAkh 4 V A COITSVILLE SERVICE CO. Au+o Parts and Service 3575 McCARTNEY RD. YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO LORETTA FITCH FLOWER SHOP Complefe Floral Service Corsages - Weddings Funerals and PoH'ed Plan+s Rou+e 422 COITSVILLE. OHIO Phone LEhigh 6-6062 "9 You Mind..- N! You'" .Or --our 1 Compliments of F. W. WOOLWORTH C0. LINCOLN KNOLLS PLAZA ECONOMY FEED AND FARM SUPPLY 3865 McGUFFEY ROAD Your Headq uarfers for MASSEY-HARRIS. NEW HOLLAND FARM MACHINERY. ROTOTILLERS FEED SEEDS FERTILIZER Garden and PouH'ry Supplies Ligh+ Hardware and Fencing PHONE RI 38584 DELIVERY SERVICE YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO A FITCH R SHOP lloral Service - Weddings PoHed Plank . 422 LLE OHIO wW BROWN'S DRUG STORES I84l Oak S+ree+ 2000 Canfield Rd. 5l06 Soufhern Blvd. Broad S+ree+ Canfield Phone. RI 4-54l8 Phone ST 267I6 PhoneRST 27I l I Phone LE 35l3l JACK EMRICH YOUR HUBBARD JEWELER New and Larger Store HUBBARD. OHIO 37 NORTH MAIN STREET PHONE KE 4-l747 Home of Narionally Adverfised School Rings WATCHES DIAMONDS SILVERWAREl ETC. May Your Coming Years Be Your Besf H. N. EPPINGER 8: SONS, INC. READY-MIX CONCRETE "H' Pays +0 Play" See Us for All Your Afhlei'ic Needs YOUNGSTOWN SPORTI NG Cemenf Sand GOODS CO., INC Block Limes+one 2l N. Champion S+ree+ Brick Slag YOUNGSTOWN 3. OHIO Tile Ashes PHONE RI 7-3023 A+hle+ic Equipmeni' - Games Sporfs Books - Trophies Special Orders NEW BEDFORD. PA. Phone: YOrld'own 4-2072 Complimenfs of RONDINELLI TUXEDO RENTAL Cus+om Tailors and Dry Cleaners GER RETE Complimenfs of COHEN BROTHERS COHEN BROTHERS SELF SERVE MARKET 2570 McGuffey Road YOUNGSTOWNI OHIO Phone RI 7-8957 4c. '. BAGLIER MOTOR, INC. sand Quality Used Cars for Less Limes+0ne ' Corner McGuHey and Jacobs Road Slag Ashes YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO I, PA. 42072 LOUIS BAGLIER Phone RI 6-6357 Compliments to the Graduates of 1959 THE GROWERS MARKET CO. PyaH' S+ree1' YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO SCARSELLA FURNITURE CO. Shop a+ One of Youngs+own's Mosf Beaufiful S+ores Open Evenings 934 OAK STREET PHONE RI 35623 Complimen+s of A FRIEND Complimenfs of KING'S MOTEL ROUTE US. 422 AT Penn.-Ohio Sfaie Line 7 Miles Eas+ of Youngsfown PHONE LE 6-6034 32 UNITS KOLESAR DISPLAY CO. 234 W. Rayen Ave. YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO RI 3l322 Decora'ring Maferial and Novel+ies for Homecoming Games and Prom Dances Shakers Balloons Crepe Paper Sign Supplies GOLDI E'S Complimen+s FLOWER SHOP of Flowers for All Occasions PHONE RI 39938 LINTON 330 BELMONT AVE. F UNERAL HOME Complimen+s of Complimen+s of HAYMANIS GOLDEN AGE DRUG STORE BEVERAGE GEO. C. HAYMAN CORPORATION STANLEY E. HAYMAN l5 N. Main S+ree+ Hubbard. Ohio , +' PW VJ CAV : Km v as mgw J x3; . Xgp , x I'd v X00" dea C 'I' ' 1: . Xx . Q vx $9, ongra ua Ions , v0 ' ' 7b. +0 +he Class of I959 X $5! ' NW ND Ry p- So nigh is grandeur 1'0 our dust So near is God +0 man. When duiy whispers lowl "Thou mus'r! The youih replies. "I can!" LAY CO. um .,oHIo STROUSS-HIRSHBERG'S z NaveHieS YOUNGSTOWN'S DEPENDABLE STORE yd PromDance SINCE I875 MYRON N. GOODWIN Registered Architect l9 Lincoln Ave. Youngsfown. Ohio ARCHITECT FOR NEW NORTH HIGH SCHOOL Bl OIL 757 N HUM FLO Complimenfs of ACME COAL CO. Champion PiH'sburgh Monfour and Disco Sand Topsoil Ken+ucky Block and Coke Gravel 387 E. BOARDMAN STREET AT E. FEDERAL STREET PHONE RI-4-0277 YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO LEWIS WEINBERGER 8t HILL ACADEMY OF COSMETOLOGY Erie Terminal Bldg. Suife 303 RI 6-7060 Where he Hairs+ylis+s of Tomorrow Gof Their Training Today Day and Evening Classes 1 820 9 How: i Complimen+s of BROWNLEE OIL COMPANY 757 Nori'h Main S+ree+ HUBBARD OHIO CARL SCHULTE We Buy Wrecked Cars and Junk of All Descripfions 3737 APPLEGATE RD. YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO RIVERSIDE 7-6097 PALLAY'S FLOWER SHOP 820 SOUTH AVENUE Flowers for All Occasions Cify-Wide Delivery Flowers Telegraphed PHONE RI 7-2882 BAGLIER FORD SALES Where Pride in Service Comes Firsf Ll 59735 300 N. STATE STREET GIRARD. OHIO KING'S SERVICE STATION U.S. ROUTE 422 STATE LINE Lubricafion - Accessories Dairy Produc'rs PHONE LE 6-8295 FRANK ANTALOCY, Prop. Congraiulafions +0 +he Class of '59 PESCE'S BAKERY 52V2 Prospecf Si. YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO Phone RI 6-4629 Complimen+s of COITSVILLE SUPER MARKET Coifsville Cenfer COITSVILLE, OHIO Complimenfs of ECONOMY MOTORS Largesi' PLYMOUTH CHRYSLER IMPERIAL. Dealers Roufe 422 Down From +he Lincoln Knolls Shopping Plaza SCHULTZ SERVICE STATION Corner of Sfewarf and McGuffey YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO ITALIAN RESTAURANT Special H'alian Lunches and Evening Dinners a+ Popular Prices 25 N. HAZEL ST. YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO PHONE RI. 692I8 Congra'rulafions +0 Class of '59 Complimen+s of KINGS INN GEORGE AND ANN ROCHETTE. Props. SHAFFER'S BODY SHOP Body and Fender Repairs Pain+ing and Aufo Glass 28 PYATT ST. YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO DR. H. T. D'AMATO Opfomei'ric Eye Specialisi' 3ll Keifh-Albee Bldg. ABOVE PALACE THEATER Phone RI. 355I6 Complimen+s of CLINGAN'S BARBER SHOP 2547 McGuffey Road YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO CALL RI. 4453! THE VAGNOZZI AGENCY for +he Solufion of Insurance and Real Es+a+e Problems I9 E. BOARDMAN STREET YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO Complimenfs of A FRIEND 'RANT Gs and WIN PTiCe; 3Hl0 EIB Y SHOP Repairs 0 Glass STOWNI OHIO h of NS SHOP ,, Road N, OHIO END CONGRATULATIONS THE YOUNGSTOWN PAINT AND GLASS CO. Established 1903 O For Delicious Ice Cream 0 For BuHer Milk Cream 0 For Cheese Lunch Meai's E Congratulations to the Class of '59 OHIO AUTO BODY AND PAINT SHOP MALLORY AND NESPECA. INC. 45 Madison Rl6-8457 NEW BEDFORD AUTO CO. NEW BEDFORD. PA. i S Complimenfs of JOSEPH A. CIRELLI Jeweler MCGUFFEY PLAZA Complimenfs of TONY'S GROCERIES 2047 JACOBS ROAD F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. 765 N. Garland Ave. YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO GOLDIE ROY ARENA l097 Jacobs Road YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO Complimenfs of FRED ROSS TEXACO SERVICE Complimen'l's of YOUNGSTOWN CASKET CO. 2287 McGUFFEY ROAD LIKE NEW AUTO PAINTING 2303 Soui'h Avenue YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO COITSVILLE LUMBER AND SUPPLY R. D. l, LOWELLVILLE. OHIO WATT ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION Corner Oak and Jacobs Road A+lan+ic Gasoline and Oil BABER AUTO SUPPLY. INC. I300 Markei' Sfreei' YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO FAIRBANKS HEATING CO. 8l2 Andrews Avenue Phone RI 7-4203 YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO Complimenfs of McCOMB AUTO RANCH ROUTE 422 SMITH BRAKE CO. Lincoln Avenue YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO JOHN F. DRUMMOND SERVICE STATION Tires Accessories Tubes Ba++eries OAK STREET AND EARLY ROAD Flowers for All Occasions STARK FLORIST Phone RI 3-34l2 Greenhouse and Sfore l502 Parker S+ree+ $Dl ibufo 3 KOM My 0y Imen+s of 7 M M jf MJ HNNY'S . 55 L, VJ PE ZOIL STATION RVICE 4M 2540 McGuffey Road 8 W YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO W " ' Good Luck 5 "We J J v J A WW" W m 9 J WW"! y W W THE HUGH ES A W , J 3 Youngs+own' ani+ary J W N $203332 e+s f ANTIC M43 E. Idgral Sf. '3'; J2; Q39; NW $Mgfeffrfeejwjkj Parki a+ MW UCW ILTII DSTORES . ' Wham YOU MORE." W5 BEA u WIN CO A f0 WM 3$ WJ r1: :AEjolt To +he Gradua+ing Class Coke Pu+s You a+ Your Sparkling Besf! BoHled Under Au+hori+y of +he Coca-Cola Company by COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF YOUNGSTOWN 53l E. Indianola Avenue Youngsfown 2. Ohio W3$W$?M.EXWMOND BRENNER 3 ng 4X W V q T , M 1W JW 4' Jeygers Since 1877 , WWW STAR A 9 3 2 7M4 XX l, ' ' WM? M w W 0 MMW .7 J W W W W 1;! WW W W U V y FEDERAL AT HAZEL W J MW y Time +0 Mark Your Success M fl and Wish Every Happiness w V 1'0 +he Class of '59 1 HEADQUARTERS FOR NORTH OFFICIAL RINGS , WW'IfW J W J W515 Congrai'ulafions. Class of I959 THORNTON'S h Complimeni's Of Laundry Dry Cleaning 40940" FARRIS OPEN-AIR CORNER RAYEN AND BELMONT 88l WILSON AVENUE Riverside 4-0I55 Sh Guara l xx- x Complimen+s of E THE MAHONING EDNER'S W PAINT CORP CARPET AND FURNITURE W . Complefe Home Planning W W YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO PHONE RI 4-532l FREE PARKING EST. I907 Complimen'rs of NESTER'S AMOCO SERVICE 23! Oak Hill Ave. PHONE RI 697l4 W$agig Of bx zW I MjAdgquyfaAbad's Roo+ eerw r? ANDERSON SUBURBAN DELIVERY 325 Orchard Place 1 8 , M2'sTAR BOT LING7CO 74 CNW- LXW M VX compliagikiaf I 6 , I'W R' 3'84'9 M SCIENCEVILLE COAL - l22 Nor+h LanejAngJhur4 88 SUPPLY CO L? A YOUNGSTOWN, QHQMJ H05 lemy Road - YOUNGSTOWYN. OHIO 8 , , L, RITZ AUTO BODY . WM I398 Oak YOUQGSTOWN. OHIO TASSONE'S DAIRY l 72 I Lansdown Boulevard PHONE RI 4-3888 SCHAFFER I-ONIS MUSIC SHOPPE 409-IO-I l-l2 Kei+h-Albee Building 1 meaning . Music lnsfrumenfs ONT ; Accessories WBELM Sheef Music and Supplies D. BERKOWITZ 8! SONS. INC- 4-0'55 Guaran+eed lnsfrumenf Repairing 340 E. Federal S+ree+ YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO OFFICE RI 3-4605 RESIDENCE LE 3-4085 Autographs jg 2.053;! J WLZZ Z; ?M'1 'L K 01 v; . r: ,. ' ' ' l7 . ,C A ,,,-, ' , L ' , , t. f ,X7L5J7117LL- x gLZLfdcp p: jawbau 6A J41 CAL L x,x r' 6 L 14 o L94 n MN; ,7 w 4 rl n7 ' 4 . , 9 0 z. L 17., A I F . ; X; 3 I r' x I 7, I 4! 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AZW W x f V k .Lfo b X 'fJ J79". 10x1 31L Wu F LLV VV XX: xv -x, . y " K x 1 b x yh J, b 3 Vi . , 0L ' 10f L V A U .57 . bf 40 411V T: ,I X z X l k W 3' Xx ' Mb I n 4 L , - L , XX w x ,, x .w , L - ,0 N a V - L . 6L4 I 1 7 5 k day ' k b L v J K 4ng x463? .9;- V04 x l g T L L 1 11, .. 'x ' L1 u 4 I L Y I I W 1 UK x! V L' . A K , F'U K' .1 "1 Xv L, 6 a L , 3 k 1 , TAYLOR PUBLlStllkNACVE EgmfANY 'The World's Best Vea ' 1 ll . , ' ,1 r I M y x! i 1! L 4. W i J,' . 1,: KW h , L I .z N, x f" 1M, b a , V m I I I . , l. C - Mi 1 K31 v M 1 1 1 k. , 5 . 5 5 p 711,, bk h x 94 x , ,5, A . , 1k1r 5.: Q1L1K 1465'44'2'145117K11 t 1 11C I . . f 1 a c r . I Z A 'Z I f ,1 v 5 , Z X 1'; 5 -, 1 , , Z V ,1? 1;; 'C, "v Z 4 C , A 6 , M J 6 1' 1 ' i C A ,f 1" 1", 5.545. ,1 51 5;? 5,4 5:: . I111 4fwuw I 44VXKAM 5,... 5, x, I ' ' 1' 1 2 K6165 57151 f 671' 55;2?.K'C- 4011 , 1 414: y, .r 1' 'f 55514 94 a, 5, x h 13', ,. ,1 K, , .. , ,4 , . , X1? 5 XC K L27XC 415,. Z11'J'Vt1 y? 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Suggestions in the North High School - Silhouette Yearbook (Youngstown, OH) collection:

North High School - Silhouette Yearbook (Youngstown, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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