North High School - Silhouette Yearbook (Youngstown, OH)

 - Class of 1958

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1? -L :W-,-,gl -um iii' 5' V. ff. - -5 egmg um, iw 5-1 'L . .,.v C N ,,,.. re ,W E x.,' :qv , M , 4 J ,LAJAA-MJ-fJu4,AfL4',,,cAz JJ'-',u,,LA.A.fA. 'V w M' Noun Hath Q16 ,uh JA- , AJ I4 AA, AJ I ,M cmaf V, I AA, ophomorc Sli: A, Af E'c5f1man Days -. - - XA., 'fx' J '7f.1"fIcf3 ".Q."' I ,L j Wx B f-J.A,,4JL ui- X A.1f"C'616 Tl dy, ,4 ' S1 ef' AA., x "N AA- 1 CQ, X AA. Ya- M X s ., -l i X171 pl A xx fix X n ,QGQQ X2 EPS4' Day of V' y 1 f K f 'limi' gl f cfs 1 5: 1 Qu' 4 f 'J-0 T: jr Q .mor Qui n J k'i4JCC-A-Af'-' A zu., ,uw ff' X + Graf! X AF 'X Z uaiion -- x X gd Sw. , IS" 'ms ,ixxo ff xx UIalli0l'- Scnar prom 3 L I' 1.91 I I 1 Qsogl l l Vanior C1685 I Y' 1 T: I 339' " X I ' N 1 X 1 I I 'Q nf' ' I N 'Yu I . ' ' X I K I X . x ' I B D P X! Senior Year Maunhfn X HUp5rs'r. I K and I X 1 1 Y.,I'g.-J illzeueffe I 958 Presents ,4 Zreasure Hlzesf ef ,Memories 3 e e ergdg i , , 'A :,f f' 9' 5 'T 5 fzfs A Q V 1 s 2 og 'f -4" Q .1 I f A :W ,A , 7 'fli ' f .1 fa . 'ZZ are 'Q .' d 6 Z Dv 6 If pace 'I' Q aa 4 O ooo-E5 ,Nerfh flzyh Selma! Zfeungsfeufu, Ohio f Chest of Memories so The Senior Class of 1958 invites ryou, to take al trip this year through our Treasqre Chest of 'Q -'IICVCI Memories. years. this book, as year coming we will i?'3W2 IRQQLQQJ 7' ' ,f-9 43 if gk cizlef -5 I , 7 im' f--El 3 1 X Q f-5' Pj?-x 1 V- if Q Q1 i? 1' u 3 inf: N' 1 ' 5 J, MMUMZQWWZW CLASS ' x1956 , w MLC40ZV?f ,27'4O 41-88 5 Z2 Cable fff Honfenfs F of 'A J -- .,.-5' .Q "L -A- ",T'v 13-26 1 .far 1 jhQ'f CX' H,fM.W"7 1 i- gg- if 2 Bggigfjfr,-f.x , V ' ,,A.v'f, X . 4 ,Z 1 A X WLC: Kffj, ,A ' L ,H Q . J' ' AQLLA 5 ., 231' ' Q ...ww ' in ,. ' 1, .Au f . YV ff j MMZWQMJDWW 5? ggQwQiQQ Wi 5 4 - fgxglmf Q Q 'B' If " FJ !l"' , ' V xy XS' I fff' If AC77W72Kf Dedicafim We, the class of 1958, wish to dedicate our l yearbook to our honored principal, Mr. Thomp- son. He has devoted thirty-eight years to the educating of young people. During our years at North we have come to respect him. His kindness and love toward us will never he forgotten. We wish Mr. Thompson many more happy years here at North. 5 f y E 4: ,ft-in I I ev!! rcar an 'A X Q ff? ,gui I 1 1 - s X Q-Q--1-if-L -' :- . "' ' V'-s' rf-f,.-,' 1 :..i.,.,,-f,1.f:1 1-. rig fi 2- " fi 2' 6 S -1':7:'ff?,: 'V ' P' - Y ,S .2 dv ,.., v f' -I N S ,I . I I l 31 . ..3'SgQ,fw3,'- .Q "'f:141.. . v ., if ,. f.-,fggg-Qinkf-7' f i v' , , , gs H ,f A 6 ss - P fu ,W 'fa 4- 1r ' G 'l fi, f , "X: X SWB 95 'Z' 'ig f ., mm: ff , ' , 4, md Q g 'X "'f""'1 W-Wvammmr f f , ...f ,Mg-N 5 1 I ' N , , In fr 99 . , A Z . s gif ,ff 9 7 9 ' f ' ff , 1 21' I 6 LQ 6 If 1 I 27:7 bf' X , A M!! WWW STANTON W. SIMKINS Ayfiylfmt SZllU61'f77f67Z6i672Z' To the Class of 1958 Your treasure chest of high school memories holds many things dear to you, but none is quite so priceless perhaps as that of the friends you have made. As years go by and you reflect upon your high school moments with classmates, teachers, and parents, you will realize more and more that none of us is "sufficient unto himself" but that each of us influences the other. In your reflections and in your years ahead may you find an ever-deepening respect for your fellow man and a sincere desire to live peacefully and in harmony with your neighbor. That is my wish for you as you achieve your graduation. Congratulations and Godspeed to each of you in the goals you will have set. 6 J. FRED Essro Szzperifzfefzafenf of S 560015 It has been said that, "the Lord gave us memories so that we may have june roses in December." This yearbook is a collection of the happenings of your school days. As such it becomes a treasure chest of some of the most precious experiences of your life. You will find as the years slip by that these remem- brances tend to become brighter because of the record in this treasure chest, They will be among the brightest constellations of your experience. Our wish for you is that the treasure chest of your memories may overflow with the richest joys that life can bestow upon you. -J. FRED ESSIG Superintendent of Schools C. V. THONIPSON Principal I am sure the Class of '58 has many happy moments to remember. On the wings of imagination we relive our former experiences. Most of them are pleasant but some, perhaps, we would as soon forget. However, they are a part of the inexorable past and, like the laws of the Medes and the Persians, they cannot change. But the future is different! Its pages are still blank and we may write on them what we will. I sincerely hope the experiences and great moments which have been yours while students at North High School will help you to inscribe on the pages of the history of your future bright stories of service, happiness, and success. I assure you that your sojourn here in high school has afforded me many pleasant moments and hours to remember. fC. V. THOMPSON MICHAEL IVIITCHELL Auiyfmzf Pz'i12i'ifw! May I take this opportunity to congratulate the mem- bers of the 1958 graduating class. As you go forth into various fields of endeavor, you will often dip into your treasure chest of memories and relive your high school experiences. The class of 1958 is indeed fortunate in that one of these memories will include a man who has served many years as assistant principal and this year as principal. His wealth of experience and guiding hand will go far in helping to mold you into useful and outstanding citizens. Our memories will be much richer as a result of our associations with Mr. Thompson. My associations with your class during my first year at North High School have been most pleasant, and I trust all your memories will be both pleasant and cherished. -MICHAEL MITCHELL 7 Norman Alexander William Beacham Mary K, Bliss K . ,f .zzrgiffwfwig J fr' l - g L. 1 fi X ' 1 . .V kkyk 5 f Q Q S '- ,mwzsw 'VI 2 ea Q k 'llk I ' 'l I ,. Rose Bode rp ' l . ,af ::".:'r'f:': 2, fum-.. E' :sf K Dean of Glrls 2 Guidance Charles Bush Adrian Doyle 8 Thomas Draper George Elwell Milton Heckman 1 MJ fl Edgaf L- Higgim John Hill Roy Kroll Harold Luxon with Helena Todhunter Ellen Nora Lyden Irene Hall Sandra Nagy Silas Ludt Sue Molnar Margaret Mulheran Andrew Nadzam Science Hi!! Zzculfy Sfllllllljllgf J o h n Martinko, Donald Hornickle, Alfred Heyman, Benjamin Dodds. Sepztedx Catherine Diehl, Vir- ginia Guglielm, Barbara Beard, Florence Rumble. Slnlzdizzg' D. W. Richards, Stanley T o f i l, Andrew Starinchak. Seafed: Harold Queen, C. W. Pennell, Yolanda Morano, Michael Stetts. Secretaries X s . I-f4"'?" 'lx' ..1 North High School-Patricia Foley Science Hill School-Lee Ann McCaughtry Nzzrre-Miss Ann Muehlbauer with D o n a l d Czzrtodifzn-Nornian Garhart Desalvo North High CUSTODIAN STAFF Science Hill School First row: Mrs. Iessick, Mrs. Nagy, Mr. Fitch, Harry Workman. Secofzaf row: Mrs. DeSalvo, Mrs. Nich- olas, Bill McCaughtry, George Dulik, Robert Ranalli. CAFETERIA WORKERS Mrs. Paul, Mrs. Lindsay, Mrs. Hughes Mrs. Lumpp, Mrs. Wilson. JIXVXUHJ Senior Oficcrs and Kcpreseufafivcs Prefielelzl DON DESALVO Vire Prerizfezzl CLARENCE BAILEY Sefrezfrzry VENICEE COBBIN Trefzfzzfw ROSE FRAZZINI Rose Frazzini, Mary Carney, Venicee Cobbin, Don DeSalvo, Clarence Bailey, Larry Starr, Carol Parker, Bernie Polisso, Geri Simon, Olive Burrowes. 'EPM CLARENCE BAILEY ARCHIE MASON BECK A JUANITA BROOKS FLORENCE EVELYN BROWN DELORES JEANNETTE ASBURY FRANCES CATHERINE AZARA RAYMOND BENSON ROBERT JOHN BRINDIAR iff? THEODORE AUGUSTUS BROWN OLIVE LOVELL BURROWES WILLIAM MARVIN CARTER PAUL CASEY .HQ if-B72VIQ51Tf33ii?5S?iLe?125Yi5Z3SfSi2i,?3e Ii5?kiilP?!Y?i2??iii35EE??iWe5Izi,'lvi,V?'Eei if-'fb -51,3253 Slang XX? A I FRANK CAPUZELLO MARY ALICE CARNEY VENICEE COBBIN JOYCE ELAINE COBLE SHIRLEY ANN COWHER GARY COX MADELINE DECI-IACCO ROSE MARIE DEL FLORE FLOSSIE E. COTTLE DAVID ALLEN COVER Q'-H JANET CRACRAFT BERNICE EVELYN CRENSHAW DONALD FRANCIS DESALVO BETTY VIRGINIA DOZIER BETTY ANN FABRY MATILDA EATA PAULINE MARGARET DUECASTER MARY ANN DUPONTY MELISSA FEAGINS RUTH MAE FERGUSON ROBERT GORDAN MARY LOUISE GRAMELT IRENE VIRGINIA HALL JAMES MICI-IEAL HANDEL ROSE MARIE FRAZZINI WILLIAM EDWARD GOODYEAR BETTY LOUISE GRISSETT NEHEMIAH HAIRE ACQUILLA HARRIS RONALD HARRIS ROBERT HOVER LAURA ELIZABETH HUGHES "i3eiWf"iQ SANDRA KAY HARRIS LEONARD HIGHTOWER ELIZABETH HUTCHISON LOIS IARMON 6 X AE,f LEWIS DAN JONES GEORGE JORDAN J Na 'bg' 41 3 is xxfsmsbz . XA.:.zE5E,5QY5e- PAUL KOCH JOHN PAUL KOLAR LEONARD GERALD JOHNSON THOMAS HENRY JOHNSON JOHN PAUL KALASKY MACK EDWARD KELLY ANNA MARIE KOLAT JUDITH ANNE MCGARRY WILLIS MORRISON CAROL JOYCE PARKER 11 ,fi 'QL DOROTHY MILLER EUGENIA MILLER DIANE PETERS DALE PIERGIOVANN I FRED ARCHIE PUSCHER ROBERT CRESCENZIO RANALLI SARAH SAPASHE YVONNE SHERMAN PATRICIA ANN PLANINSHEK BERNADETTE THERESA POLISSO TALMADGE RAY PATRICIA SANTORE IEANNETTE MAE SHIPTON GERALDINE RUTH SIMGN MILDRED ELAINE SNIPES RICHARD DUNCAN SOLES CARL SINK BARBARA ANN SMITH 1w?j'S5?'feiw3iZit??E 151551355fkiiiiiiffzi-'Ew's'ff U 2- " fa- ' ANN SOVIS KENNETH SQUIBBS LARRY STARR JOHN TAYLOR ROWENA IVY TAYLOR MILDRED STEPHENS MARGARET ANN STERE Y af , f'fW - Y JERRY R. THOMAS RICHARD LEE THOMPKINS PATRICIA ANN TOROK DONALD PAUL TREVIS LEONA MARIE TURNER SHIRLEY ANNE UNDERWOOD ROBERT ANTHONY WALLEY DAVID THOMAS WEIMER JUNE EDITH WEST ANTHONY WASELICH THOMAS WATKINS HARRY RALPH WORKMAN RONALD JOSEPH ZETTS f jg zfme 13 ,Qa55-,hy An N 2- Alex . 3-2-f A G 9 . , . 6, A Eytgyfs ,, , A, .7w71or',ULAf ,soc HUP! pozvwf sue 1? SKNXOR PHOM ,Z 71,0710 Q5 f f Ofjccrs and Sfmzdizzgx Bill Klenner, Walter Smith, joan Smith, john Vagilla, Sandra McBride, Bill Larson. Sjfmzg: Donald Gray, Delores Carnahan, Ted Grissett, Anna Salata, Judy Dempsey. Sfazzdizzgx Steve Kurowsky, Ethel Harris, Mary Arena, Barbara jones, John Soles, Mary Jennings, Paul Pegues. Sillifzgx Steve Toth, Margaret Kennedy, Betty Haynes, Marie Evans. 28 Kepresentafivcs ...J Firfl l'01l'.' Carmella Buffone, Ann Tate, Gloria Polisso. Semin! faux' Joyce Miller, Loretta Haynes, Lenora Ficklin, janet Piergiovanni. Tlaim' row: Virginia Pope, Paula Terna, Hazel Cvrissett, Barbara Hay, Ronald Slipkasky ..-.........-....,.,..,. . Firft row: Brown, L. Wilson, D. Palumbo, C. Moral, P. Carano, Wilson, M. Arena, C. Parsons, C. McCaughtry, M. Volovar. Sammi muff K. johnson, L. Wasmund, S. Temple, C. Olverson, P. Lazar, D. Curley, J. Goodyear, R. Martin, E. Hutchison, Humphries. Third rouu' Sokevitz, Miller, O. Hall, M. Cash, F. Wilson, D. Hightower, F Schneider, P. Evans, Rhodes. K Fozzrlla rout C. Burrowes, D'Onofrio, M. Schroeder, M. Madison, P. Schroeder, A. 29 Sherman, T. Harnrock, A. McCullough, Rodesh. Baht' jun kms' Firft raw: B. Tremble, W. Howzy, D. Cylar, C. Thomas, R. Boyd, P. Lumpp, M. jaceline, B Lipka, M. Millar. Second row: C. Depuy, L. Ed- wards, P. Stinson, G. Ber- ard, P. Wells, R. Hughey, J. Franz, B. Parry, K. MC- Intire. Third row: Vagilla, W. Smith, W. McCarley, R. Roland, L. Willams, M. Goricki, Kroner, B. Son- nelitter, F. Hamrock. 30 Fifi! row: A. Spievey, H Todhunter, Bachelder D. Carnahan, M. Hemi mons, Stinson, C. Wes ton, S. McBride, B. Lewis C. Moretti. Semzzd row: Koch, T. Uber J. Tucker, F. Eason, M Floyd, QF. Clemons, K Glatkowski, B. Wilson, R Ware. Third row: B. Larson, G. An- derson, A. Grissett, F. Tay- lor, A. Gilcrist, Mc- Whorter, K. Borman, R Davies, S. Hollengaugh. Fourth row: E. Williams, H. Drumgole, M. Ritchie, F. Haii, A. Tremble. - X f f. Firrf mzzx' Joyce Alexander, Marie Miller, Mary Par- sons, Anna Salata, Mon- ica McCudden, Shirley Jackson, Judy Buchanan, Pearl Moxley, Anna Marie Ewolhin, Ser01zd1'0u'.' Donald Gray, Robert Kacir, Josephine Smith, Mary A. Under- wood, Peggy Lewis, Gloria, Croom, Barbara Davis. Thi1'fz'r011'.' Carver Howard Jim Terna, Carl Yash, Fred Bender, John Rodesh, Frank Lewis, Ray Gordon, Roncevert Randolph. v 611155 af I 959 ff , ff' i""c . T . J X l Firff faux' Patty Ewolhin, Laura Thornton, Mattie Smith, Darlene B u l a h, Lucille Navarro, Priscilla Smail, Sandra McGarry, Francis Palumbo, Andro- meda Bennett, Lillie Gib- son. Sefofzzi four Ken Lewis, Ralph Royal, Joann Cottle, Sandra Prisby, Ruth Lloyd, Judy Demsey, Ruth Jones, Willie Mae Stevens, Lewis Singleterry. Third rozzz' Tony Duponty, James Tate, Jack Jacobs Ted Grissett, Torn Heydle, John Pope, Andy Rehlin- ger, Bill Klenner. 3I Saphamorcs Fifi! row: A. McGuire, R. Miller, B. Minor, R. Mil- ler, K. jay, McCurdy, K. Mesaros, B. jones, L. john- son, R. Martin, L. High- tower. Second row: H. Menold, F. Kolat, H. Murphy, R. Kelly, P. McFall, L. Mc- Whorter, S. Martin, T. Jones, R. Myers. Third row: W. Love, O. Ken- nedy, M. McFall, S. Kurowsky, C. McFall, T. McCracken, G. Miller, W. johnson, L. Hollinshead. Fourtly row: A. Frost, W. Hatchet, J. Koseelansky, A Monroe, Kollar, P. Mc- Garry, M. Mclntire. 32 . .- . -- en: es2fsm,fs.fL Fir!! 1'01u.' I. M. Wylam E Yash, Workman, M White, C. Smith, E. Sinko vich, M. Powers, P. Schus ter, Wilson, D. Stephen- son, M. Sink, B. Town- send, M. Yarusso, B. Pat- terson-. Second row: Sevachko, L Royale, G. Hahn, O. Ken- nedy, D. Weston, C. Mc- F a l l, G. Calabret, P Thornton, Bennett, P Pegues, T. S rn i t h, D Woolensack, A. Arocho. Third rm M. Szpak, I Young, . Hollinshead, H Clark, G. Miller, B. Wolf I, Fedor, W. Hatchett, K Soles, B. Boyd, A. Butler J. Paul. Fourth row: M. Weimer, L Wallace, F5 Pierce, S. Toth, R. Squibbs, S. Rehlinger R. Nemkovich, Soles, G Walker, W. Johnson. .29 -i i 5 - .. . ff- as ...sf--....f.-. .-fi if ...,..f,..g-.fda-ggi:-Z 1.31. ....-..-.-.- - 1-..:--..f.--.-f.:-vmzH-1.fv-1s'e1f2.--i.--..ti:.r:s.:r-.Mf..y.-f:...' fit s 7 1 Fzrrt row: Anna Buffone, Jean Berchik, Mary Arena, Carol Cracraft, Joan Bar- rett, Nancy Cash, Doris Clemmons, Geraldine Clark, Donna DePasqua, Barbara Croom. Second wuz' Kenneth Blan- ton, Richard Brindiar, Emma Gilford, Maxine Baron, Sandra Clark, Gloria Croom, Betty Gren- shaw, LeRoy Ague, John Davidson, Third rozzx' Robert Boyd, James Carnahan, Archie Buie, Sam Cobbin, Marvin Bonds, Booker Clark, Rob- ert Burton, Fred Binion. 60155 nf I 960 1 5 I .. ig, , Firfr muz' Anna Demyan, Betty Haynes, Beverly James, Linda Evans, Marie Evans, Rhonda Hallick, Janice Hartley, Barbara Hover, Amelia Hicks, Clara Hushhower. Second rouz' Chester Hall, Jerome Eedor, Margaret Girard, Judy Howell, Ethel Harris, Diana Hughey, Mary Jennings, Willie Hatchett, Leon Johnson. Thin! rout' Allen Frost, John D'Onofrio, Robert Hen- derson, Wzilter Hollins- head, Jesse Jarmon, Carl Heard, George Miller, Lawrence Hollinshead. 33 ?rcsl1mc'14 Fifi! row: E. Miller, M. Macala, Miller, P. Loibl, N. McGarry, H Mur hy, - P D. Nizlak, S. Morosky, J Murray, G. Rogers. Second row: Pastersky, R Royal, Russo, L. Mack- lin, F. Perov, T. Moncrief R. Miller, Piergiovanni, G. Polisso, P. Sevachko., Third row: S. Nagy, V. Pope, N. Scott, G. Lindsay, R. Parsons, R. Kolar, R. Mox- ley, A. McCottry, Rol- land. Fourth row: D. Leonard, MacQueen, R. Moore, G. Kuzma, R. Rock, N. Mon- roe, E. Rhodes, C. Moore. 34 Fir!! row: P. Bradaick, D Brindiar, S. Borsick, B Austin, R. Beck, C. Buf- fone, R. Cato, C. Down ing, C. Barkey, B. Barbato Semfzd raw: Bondi, H Crenshaw, Cracraft, D Evans, R. Evans, R. Beck J. Burnett, H. Brown, A Bowman, F. Bennett. Third row: R. Bender, C Coletta, A. Davis, C Cooper, A. C o o k, L Deterding, E. Bayowski, Drumgole, A. Davis, Bradaick, G. DeSalvo. L J Firfl row: B. Simon, C. Ty son, M. Valeriani, R. Strawbridge, A. Tate, O Underwood, G. Sweeney, C. Welcher, B. Womack. Sammi raw: R. Whittenber ger, M. Terrill, T. Tritt C. Shipton, R. Soles, of Shorter, H. Singleterry, A Weidner. Third row: M. Skripak, I. Ennis, D. Thompkins, E. Torok, L. Wesson, P. Terna, M. West, N. Wolf. Fozirfh faux' W. Davis, F. White, Salensky, P. Val- los, Stere, A. Diggs, R. Slipkasky, M. Yayich. ,,,,,,, 611155 af I 967 v I Y , ...r K X Fir!! row: M. A. Fisher, H Grissett, L. Ficklin, L Fabry, G. Farmer, L Haynes, Hightower, E Girard, M. A. Faunda, J Forney, W. jackson. Semin! raw: D. French, T jackson, S. Felder, M. Har- ris, K. Gramelt, B. Hay, D. Gessler, N. Gettan, S Halecko, R. Gray. Third row: H. Grissett , J- Hartley, R. Hayes, R. Heydle, Hover, S. Fraz- zini, A. Frost, Gaddis F. Harris, C. Himes. Fourth row: E. Felder, H 21 r r i s, Griffin Kmetz, R. Klenner, R. Fisher, W. Ferguson, S. Gouda, R. Heaven. 35 i ,J- Szyhfh Grade Fmt row: S. Diggs, C. Bac- helder, C. Bernard, D'Onofrio, B. Duponty, E. Duponty, C. Carach, H. Edwards, V. Beverly, W. Arocho. S9f07Zl?l row: E. Blunt, R. Bodo, C. Bender, D. Gris- sett, C. Barrett, G. Brooks, V. Bell, D. Cotten, D. Cobb, E. Dutton. Third row: M. Bedenik, T. Bettura, E. Anderson, M Bulah, B. Bryer, M Brooks, Bell, G. Dixon, E. Coe. Foznzfh row: C. Burrowes, Y. Clark, Borman, C. Ernch, M. Zanders, M Domhoff, Banks, C. Duecaster. 36 Firrt row: M. Mc:Cottry, D Ewolhin, E. Friendly, P Horner, S. Hall, D. High- tower, K. Getz, K. Getz R. Hill, Ferguson. Semnd row: D. Howley, L Halick, V. Eusco, E. Ellis J. Goodyear, P. Evans, A Ernerick, A. Ward, H Edwards, T. johnson, E Kalasky, T. Hamrock. Third row: Gessler, T Weimer, E. Hutchison, E Hunter, I.. Griffin, D Ewell, P. Green, M. Hall, D. Hartford, R. Harry. Fozzrlh row: N. Giggetts, I Gray, L. Hixon, E. Carlyle 9 v Fir!! faux' Michaels, A. McCullough, D. Miller, C. Randel, N. Polisso, B. Naples, S. Lodwick, P. Lipka, S. jones, A. Lawr- CHCC. Semin! rozzx' L. Wasmund, B Morthland, Lacy, C Olverson, N. Wright, D Napier, M. P a u l, I Rodesh, M. L o Y e, A Russo. Third l'0ll'.' H. Mercer, D Roller, D. Pyatt, G. Par- son, S. McCracken, J Rhodes, P. Melia, F. Mac- cionei, B. Pearce. Fozzrfh roux' D. Lewis, T. jones , F. Mclntire, M. Madison, F. Mims, M. . Mitchell, C. Pierce. 611155 af I 96 Firrt faux' E. jackson, F. Snipes, G. Sanders, R. Thornton, R. Rankin, L. Snipes, E. Baker, D. Wal- ley, B. Smail, S. Temple, H. Wolf, O. Whitmore. Second mzv: C. Smusz, B. MacQueen, L. Sparks, M. Stefan, F. Schneider, M. Salaka, P. Schroeder, A. Santore, K. Smith, M. Ware, G. Thompkins. Tlaim' rozzx' M. Schroeder, Miller, R. Santore, C. West, M. Stanley, D. Vran- cich, A, Sherman, S. Yuhasz, B. Beverly, P. Walls, L. Whanek. Fourth roux' Trickett, W. Clemons, Taylor, C. Son- nenlitter, M. Smith, Casey, G. Stringer, Socie, C. White, D. Edding, D. Stelle, M. Madison. 37 Scwnflz Grade Fifi! wuz' Davidson, W. Hushower, B. Folavary, R Fashian, R. DePuy, L Galer, R. Harris, P. Del Flore, Hartly, Drahas Serena! faux' Gilchrist, J jarmon, K. Ellis, A. Di- Tasto, B. Duncan, L Drumgole, S. Hryrnak, R Duponty, A. Emch, M Harris. Ginn, M. Davenport, G Dozier, R. Jennings R Third row: R. James L Johnson, M. Hrehor, G: Hall, O. Hall, L. Davis P. Gessler. Fourth row: R. Hornickle, G. Hrehar, K. Johnson, Humphries, T. Hutter, C. Griffin, T. johnson, E. Halick, A. Hays, R. Hahn, 33 R. Heaven. 1 Fizzrf 1'0u.f.' Bender, S. Bis- sett, V. Beason, S. Burris, M. Azara, A. Arena, M. Brooks, P. Carano, L. Blan- ton, D. Curley. SEC0lZd row: S. Butler, P. Cleveland, C. Carter, M. Cash, C. Botz, Battista, B. Barbato, C. Carlson, C Carano, H. Cracraft, G Bruss. Third row: Bennett, N Clark, Clayton, L. Coe P. Bedenik, D. Carey, J Carlisle, B. Birch, P. Cren shaw, Beeson, R. Clark J. Brown. Fourfh row: W. Binian, W. Brown, E. Baker. 1, , . Q: Q- Firrf rozv: L. Petroff, Mali- nak, L. johnson, T. Mur phy, A. Navarro, Mas- carella, R. James, C. Mc- Caughtry, Perrin, R Martin. Semin! faux' C. Merrill, G Dickson, W. Payne, A Pesce, A. Navarro, L, Mas- carella, C. P a r s on s, T Kolla, C. Ludt, S. Marsh. Third r0u'.' P. Lazar, M Maslak, P. Lakouski, R Miller, G. Martin, K Nicholas, D. Palumbo, C Lewis, M. Knight, C. Mer rill. Fozrrfh r0u'.' D. Lacy, Mil ler, P. Miller, P. Perry, D Papis, C. Mang, D. Miller, K. Merdock, R. Kuzma, S Pyatt. 611155 of I 963 i ..v.,-f Fir!! roux' Williams, R Sinkovich, E. Duskin, F Hall, V. Smith, V. jack son, I. jackson, A. Trem ble, Wilson, R, Thomas L. Snipes, R. Woniack. SEFOIIIL muz' L. Wilson, L Williams, Walker, T johnson, S. Peterson, H Green, R. Traenkle, H Teemer, D. Stopyaa, M Volovar, Perrin, N Tullio. Third row: Rochette, I Schulte, T y s o n, B Hompton, M. Taylor, E Taylar, R. Schuster. Fourth rozzx' Solcevitz, E johnson, Tabak, V Smith, E. Szpak, D. Posey E. Szpak, L. Pritchett, H Stere. Fiffla mzzz' G. Woolensack, C Stere, G. England, F. Wil son. 39 25 w 5355 yi. 11 ,K 932 5 E3 KS bg: ff? si: 4 3? vs 33 5 gg 13 ff! 55: 5 ? 5 S E W? 2 f . m. if L ix x A ' ' , QQ' GSX mi fg?'l?g:-. . Q il: L1 J 1' " 31 ' R , 5521 -X, Q vas Af 8 W 6 Q0 ,ff ' ll' ff X ' M my 7 ' E ' , jf 'f P Ill Q:g'jwfk,f f-'iff' vii? T-'ff CYYWUIJ juuiar-Svuivr Prom KING jim Kula QUEEN Anita Deljasqua ATTENDANTS Katie jackson Sally McGarry Rochelle Bostick Linda Hamilton Sally Birch Gladys McKinney The Queen crowned by Gary Cox King Jim and Queen Anita Katie Jackson, Sully McGarry, Rochelle Bostic, Anita DePasqua, jim Kulu, Anthony Parish Gary Cox, Linda Hamilton, Sally Birch, Gladys McKinney. QUEEN ANITA KING JIM Che 611155 af '58 is' jun br flag JUNIOR PLAY "Fm A Family Cl'jJfJ"l Dave Cover, Don DeSalvo, Gary Cox, Don Trevis, Joyce Coble, Diana Peters, Laura Hughes, Mary Alice Carney, Madeline DeChacc0, Clarence Bailey, Bernadette Polisso, Betty Grissett, Mary Ann DuP0nty, Betty Fabry, Carol Parker, Patty Santore, Patty Planinshek, U16 611155 af 59 is' junior Play JUNIOR PLAY You Cmfl Kin Caroline Helena Todhunter, Kenneth Lewis, Judy Buchanan, Marie Miller, Tom Uber, Patty Lump, Judy Demsey, Sandra Prisby, Anna Salata, James Kroner, Betty Parry, Mary Lou Miller, Lucille Navarro. William Sonnenlitter, Guy Berard, Donald Gray, Ralph Royal. 1 w '::- 2 'fh, K Iv ntnnt . 7,- J , K lf? H emi M ajofelze MARY ALICE CARNEY Hand Betty Fabry, June West, Jean Shipton, Florence Kolat Geri Simon, Anna Demyan, Judy Buchanan. Janet Piergiovanni, Mary Alice Carney, Eugenia Miller, Kathy Glotkowski, Pat Planinshck, Rose Frazzini. '13, 5 2 1 Q5 Al , X . s . . 1 ,... - 9 ,w .. fy -5 xt. Senirfrs Kneeling: Rose Frazzini, Eugenia Miller, Mary Alice Carney, Geri Simon, Pat Planinshek. Szfzndizzg' Betty Ann Fabry, Barbara Smith, Laura Hughes, Olive Bur- rowes, Florence Brown, Clarence Bailey, Peggy Stere, june West, Robert Ranalli, Leonard Johnson, janet Cracraft, Rowena Taylor, Joyce Coble, Bernie Polisso, Jeanne Shipton. II JJ Clit' Var ity FIV!! faux' Booker Clark. Paul Peques, Steve Kurowsky, Jim Toth, john Koscelanslcy. Marvin Bonds. Lawrence Hollinsheacl. Mike Szpak. Robert Burton. Second rozr: Ray Gorden, Paul XXf'ell5. jack Jacobs, Bill Klenner. john Vagilla. Carver Howard, Mike Goricki. Bill XY'olt'. Ted Grissett. Harold Drumgole. Third rozzx' Mr. Popelka. jerry Lindsay. Fred Taylor, McKinley Ritchie, Gary Cox, Ken Squibbs, Bob Wfalley, Dale Piergavonni, Don Trevis. Ted Browne Leonard Hightower, Mr, Bush, Mr. Ludt. Fourlb mir: Paul XX'illiams. Jim Ternu. Arnold Grissett. john D'Onofrio. Ronnie Squibbs. james Tate, jack Soles. Carl Sink. Bernie Polisso, Patty Torok, Judy McGarry, Sandra Prisby. Anna Buffone, Irene Hall. Qraaaafiaa Players aaa Khaarlaaaars X ns! v ui- ' W.. Judy McGnrry. Pat Torok, Irene Hall, Bernie Polisso. Len H1ghtower 'N C0-Cclplzzfll Dale Piergiovanni Ken Squibbs I Carl Sink ffvmecvming Game Queen Geri Simon ,57-'58 King Kenny Attendant Judy McGarry Reigning Queen of '56-'57 Bernie Polisso Queen Geri Attendant june West -XA. and Danes june West, Bob Wfalley, Kenny Squibbs, Geri Simon, Fran Torok, Bernadette Polisso, Gary Cox Dale Piergovonni, Judy MCGarry. -'ff r P ' gal ' - H M U16 fun br fl gh Firfz row: Bob Martina, Jerry Micheals, Herman Wolf, Donald Brindiar, Bobby Soles, Wfilliam Birch, Elwin Coe, Kenny Johnson, Second raw: Arthur Ward, Thomas Bettura, Robert Hayes, Ivery Ennis, Carl W'est, Richard Whitten- burger. Tbini row: Mr. Dodds, Patsy Amicarelli, Harold Singleterry, Lewis Macklin, jim Grissett, Philip Green, Robert Fisher, Fred White, Neal Monroe, Mr, Tofil. Fourlb row: Steve Yuhas, Hubert Brown, Steve Gonda, Andy Frost, Larry Kmetz, Syl Frazzini, john Harris, Harold Grissett, Bob Klenner, Nelson Wrvlf. Betty DuPonty, Glinda Rodgers, Sandy Morslcy, Gloria Polisso, Nancy Gettan, Loretta Haynes. Noel Polisso, Carmella Buffone. E fwo ii' Vw... MTW fp- Q xy., x - 4 J ,, if . 6 I A -4' ki,-dial' ,Am v"' , . . , ,- 'Qfk N I .vi Orchestra Firrz row: B. Polisso, J. Coble, O. Burrowes, J. Kroner, J. Demsey, M. B. Wylam, F. Brown, J. MCCurdy, M. A. Carney, C. Bailey, L. Singleterry, R. Kacir, J. Cracraft, B. Smith. Serond 7'01l'.' K. Lewis, M. Stere, J. Cracraft, G. Polisso, A. Diggs, B. Haynes, D, Gessler, R. Simon, L. Deterding, M. Valeriani, M. Girard, R. Nemkovich, R. Taylor. Third row: G. Sweeney, T. Jones, R. Jacobs, L. Evans, B. Sonnenlitter, R. Heaven, L. Royale, R. Gray, A. Butler, D. French. Fourlfa row: J. Paul, D. Gray, R. Davies, M. Evans. K. Mesaros, L. Hughes, L. Johnson, E. Sinkovich, R. Ranalli, G. Simon, A. Buffone, R. Martin, B. Jones. VIOLIN Judy Demsey James Kroner Robert Kacir Lewis Singleterry Howard Menold STRING BASS James Paul ALTO HORN Barbara Jones Mary Beth Wylanu Rhonda Halick Geraldine Simon Anna Buffone Ruth Martin BARITONE HORN Donald Gray Evelyn Sinkovich PERCUSSION Judy Demsey Florence Brown Lewis Singleterry Janet McCurdy Clarence Bailey Judy Buchanan Mary Carney PICCOLO Rowena Taylor OBOE Mary Beth Wfylam BASS CLARINET Bernadette Polisso FLUTE June Cracraft Barbara Smith BASSOON Joyce Coble PIANO Olive Burrowes TENOR SAX Thomas Jones George Sweeney BARITONE SAX Judy Demsey TROMBONE Leonard Johnson Laura Hughes Kathie Mesaros Richard Davies Marie Evans BASSES James Kroner Robert Kacir James Paul CLARINET Kenneth Lewis Margaret Stere Janet Cracraft Gloria Polisso Olive Burrowes Mary Valeriani Betty Haynes Albert Diggs Margaret Girard Linda Detercling Rebecca Simon Robert Nemkovich Dorothy Gessler TRUMPET Jack Jacobs Robert Ranalli Williani Sonnenlitter Linda Evans Mary Lou Miller George Hahn Leslie Royal Richard Gray Ralph Heaven Frank Perov Arthur Butler GLOCKENSPIEL Olive Burrowes Dennis French Pat Planinshek fgifv Q vw xv iw as f E 4 at W ww xg. :xii K K Af Q f ! . lL 2 if 5 :ig Eg' F 5 fg 2 4 If? I mf W K es' , if Z Y x Q M Q A lvl nf, if? f Q 7 . .yi fi. . V, 'f a J Q 5 iiggi . is , V ,Egg A 25? W Q iii? 1 ,L ? 23 Q5 5 141 . 1 ' , ir- 5,,,,,,, 6,646 Mzlfed Kharus Fifirt razzx' C. Cracraft, B. Haynes, A. Demyan, M. Wfylanw, B. Hover. B. Jones, K. Mesaros, A Buffone, R. Martin. M. Yarusso, B. Patterson. Swami wzw: J. McCu1'cly, If. Kolat. 12. Sinkovich. B. Townsend. S. Clark, L. Evans, M. Evans, J. VVOIRINHD, R. Halicki lf. Yash, B. James. '1'bira' faux' J. Barrett, C. Smith, A. Hicks, K. Jay, M. Girard, P. Schuster. M. Powers, J. Berchik M. Arena, D. DePasqua. ' Fourfb mzzx' B. Clark, C. Mclfall, J. Soles. D. XY'eston. P. Peques. J. D'Onofrio, S. Kurowsky, M. McFall, R. Nemkoyich. Fiffb mum' D. XY"oolensaclQ. L. Wfallace. G. Walker', R. Meyers, R. Boyd, J. Kollar, M. Szpak, R E Brindiar, C. McGarry. Fifrf rout J. lvlurrayg A. Tate, C. Cooper, G. Farmer, C. Barkley, S. Moroslcy, S. Halccko, D. Nizlalc Miller, V. Pope. C. Buffone. Semin! mzzx' L. Haynes, C. Vifelcher, Ml Terrell, H. Grissett, S. Nagy, M. Fisher, N. Scott, M Macala, H. Murphy. N. Gettan, J. Pastersky. Third faux' C. Shipton, Forney, S. Frazzini. C. Moore, B. Torolc, N. MCGarry. K. Gramelt, L Fahry, B. Hay. 58 F0ll1'!fJ mzzx' P. Braclaiclc, J. Lindsay, R. Hayes, R. Royal. H. Grlssett. J. DeSalvo. D. Brindiar. T Tritt, O. L7nderwo0d, H. Singleterry, A. Bowman, E. Bayowslci, B. Barhato, R. Kolar. Zhrisfmas Zfwgram Il. i Junior-Senior Choir Dfl'9l'f0I'.' Mr. Hill 'vii f Sophomore4Mixcd Chorus DjI'6ff0l'.' Mr. Higgins Freshman-Mixed Chorus Dirermr: Mr. Hill 60 lf- Zee Fin! mzzx' D. Tompkins. I. Alex- ander, A. Spivey, B. Tremble, B. Lipka, D. Cyler, A. Bennett, C. Thomas, W. Stevens. Second ww: P. Ewohlin, R Lloyd, J. Franz, B. Parry, J Tucker, J. Bacheldor, J. Buch- anan, L. Jarmin. Third faux' A. Ewohlin, M. Lisko M. Miller, A. Salata, S. Jack- son, S. Prisby, R. jones, J Demsey. Fourfb row: F. Eason, R. Boyd, G. Croom, B. Schaefer, M Floyd, Smith. Adz'i.v01'r.' MISS MORANO, MISS GUGLIELM. Firrz row: R. DelFlore, R. Fraz- zini, G. Simon, Treasurer E. Miller, President M. Carney, Secretary J. McGarry, Vice President Olive Burrowes, J. Demsey, M. Floyd. Sammi row: P. Torok, B. Polisso, L. Hughes, P. Santore, A. Sovis, P. Planinshek, M. Fata, A, M. Kolat, Coble, BT. L. Gramelt, P. Duecaster. Third rout' B. Smith, I. Hall, M. A. Duponty, M. Stere, S. Sapashe, J. West, F. Azara, F. Brown, R. Taylor, B. Fabry, J. Cracraft. Fin! row: L. johnson, F. Kolat, M. White, B. Croom, R. Mar- tin, M. Evans, I.. Evans, A. Buffone, M. Yurasso, B. Pat- TCISOII. R. Halick, M. Girard, J. Wili son, S. Clark, R. Miller, B. Sammi row: K. Jay, P. McFall Townsend, A. Demyan, B jones. Third row: B. Haynes, J. Mc- Curdy, I. Hartley, D. Clemons M. Kennedy, H. Murphy, B James, E. Yash, D. DePnsqua M. Arena, J. Berchik. Fowlfa row: J. Barrett, M. Bar- ron, E. Harris, S. Martin, J Howell. n 1 Q-? " Queen and at- tendants march- ing to throne. lf- Keen Uwe! Cwirl Queen Eugenia Miller Attendants 1. Rose Marie Frazzini 2. Patricia Torok 3. Mary Ann Duponty 4. Betty Fabry Queen and Cou rt. . .43 Queen Eugenia dancing with her escort Larry Starr. bl Varsity and kescrve Haskcfball Fifi! row: Michael Goricki, Larry Wfilliams, Sam Cobbin, Williaiui Carter, Dale Piergiovanni, Clarence Bailey, Ted Grissett. Second row: Coach Andy Starinchak, Manager, Ralph Royal, Herman Clark, Frank Lewis, Jack Soles, Howard Menold, George Hahn. Third row: Steve Kurasky, James Tate, Laurence Hollinshead, Ronald Burton, Fred Binion, Robert Heaven. Kescrvc Zhccrleadzrs Linda Evans Marie Evans Judy Workiiian Betty Haynes Sandy McGarry Helena Todhunter Graduating J-lwpsicrs ,' 1 Crack Fin! row: R. Jacobs, T. Tate, W. McCully, D. Piergiovanni, J. McXXfoorter, H. Drumgole, T. Uber. Second row: M. Kelly, Ray Gordon, T. Ray, J. Vagillu, J. Kroner. T. Grissett, N. Haire. Third row: Mr. Bush, Michael Goricki, Arnold Grissett, Clarence Bailey, Mr. Kroll. I 95 7 Hify Khamps Q junivr ffzyh Fin! row: S. Cobbin, D. Weston, R. Boyd, R. Squibbs, J. jarmon, L. Hollingshead, M. Bonds. Second rouz' G. Hahn, H. Clark, L. Wallace, J. Kolar, J. Koscelansky, A. Frost, P. Thornton. Third row: Coach, Mr. Bushg Assistant Coach, Mr. Krollg J. Toth, B. Clark, J. Soles, S. Kurosky, P. Peques, Athletic Director, Mr. Ludt. 2 .,, 5 E 3 if 93 5 Eauguage 61116 lfafin 61116 Fin! row: Patty Schuster, Evelyn Sinkovich, Marlayna Powers, Mary White, Judy Workman, Barbara Townsend, Doris Clemnions, Betty Crenshaw, Betty Haynes, Catherine Mesaros, Jack Soles. Second row: Gerald Sevachko, Merle McEall, Howard Menold, Jerry Fedor, Kenneth Blanton, Albert Monroe, James Carnahan, Robert Nemkovich, John Rodesh, James Kollar, Booker Clark, James Toth, John Donofrio, Steve Kurowsky. Tfzird wuz' Cynthia Welcher, Anna Cook, Nancy Gettan, Dorothy Gessler, Paula Terna, Kathy Gramelt, Alice Weidner, Carolyn Tyson, Patricia Loibl, Grace Farmer, Gloria Polisso, Bernice Crenshaw, Ella Girard, Jeanie Murray. Fourth row: Dennis French, Eugene Rhodes, John Bondy, Sylvester Frazzini, Mike Yaich, George Kuzma, Jerry DeSalvo, Steve Konda, Ronald Slipkasky, Eugene Bayawoki, Richard Kollar, Richard Whittenberger, Jim Burnett, Melvin Wfest, Mr. Stevens. ,vanish gfllb Fir!! raw: Clarence Bailey, Florence Brown, John Kolar, Olive Burrowes, David Cover, Joyce Coble, Pat Santore, Barbara Smith, Bernice Crenshaw. Second roun' Arnold Grissett, Darlene Bulah, James Tate, Joyce Tucker, Joe Koch, Florine Clemons, Guy Berard, Jack Jacobs, Donald Gray, Miss Barbra Beard. librarians Drarmzfics Drivers Crrzirrirzg From' Jeni: Fred Bender, Frank Hall. Back seal: Pcgy Lewis, Acquilla Harris. Prvjrcfivn Krew Siifingx Sandy Morosl-cy, Mary Hemmons, Judy Worknlan, Marie Evans, June West, Anna Salata, Gloria Polisso, Pauline Duecaster, Peggy Lewis. Slrzrzriifzgx Matthew Skripac, Jim Toth, jim Tate, Fred Binion, john Kalaslcy, jerry William- son, Mike Szpak, john Bondi, John Davidson. 6l10ff7f1 ofeufer Firrl row: Mary Ann Duponty, Madeline DeChacco. Second 1'0ll'.' Rose Marie DelFore. Diane Peters, Matilda Fata, Ruth Ferguson, .Mildred Stephens, Betty Grissett. Ann Sovis. Third faux' Jerry Thomas, Frank Capuzello. Talmadge Ray, Bill McCaughtry, Fred Puscher, Robert Armes. Fourlb TONE' Harry Worknaan, john Taylor, Anthony vS721SEllClI, Robert Kacir, Bill Goodyear. jerry NX'il- liamson. Fifzb wuz' Richard Soles, Dallas Daniels. john Faunda, Thomas Wfatkins, Ricky Rochette, Robert Hover. Sixllo row: 'Lewis jones, Raymond Benson, Andy Rehlinger, Thomas Johnson, David Xweimer. Robert Ranalli. Kama! Stay? Firrl faux' Pat Santore, Irene Hall, Anna Buffone. Ruth Mar- tin, Rowena Taylor. Semfzd faux' Ann Salata, Ann Tata,.Kathy Mesaros, Loretta Hayes, Melissa Feagins. Betty Haynes, Pat McFall. Regina Alexander. Diana Hughey. Third max' Sandra Harris, Joyce Coble, Cynthia Vifelcher, Nancy Scott, Loretta Fabry. Mary Ann Fisher, Carol Parker, Olive Burrowes, Delores Carnahan. Fourfb mux' Anna Marie Kolat, Mary Lou Gramelt, June Wfest. jim Toth. Sylvester Frazzini, J. Soles, Steve Kurowsky. Dave Cover, John Kolar, Kenneth Blanton. Fiffb rozzx' Shirley Cowher, Leona Turner, Rose Boyd, Jeanne Shipton, Patty Torok, Florence Brown, Flossie Cottle, Shirley Underwood, Mildred Stephens, Venicee Cobbin, Sarah Sapashe. Sixllo max' Ralph Royal, J. Carna- han, James Kroner. Don De- Salvo, Lewis Jones Kenneth Squibbs, Guy Berard, Kenneth t':iQS':?ry:-ff W'f1"" Lewis, Leonard johnson. 69 I 1 1 2 1 - ' ' H ' 1, L5 'E 5355!-V53-Ill ilwgfkmf 11, al. , .115 .al 'ea-..1 E H. Q ns.. I ff. - J 1 . A., . I ." P . of Q:'5:Q O 3' V 010 ' ff ffrfuors Day LEADERSHIP Clarence Bailey ,,,,,,,,,A,,,, 1957 Mary Alice Carney ,,,,..,,,,l957 Bernadette Polisso ,,,,,,,,VV, 1957 Robert Ranalli ,,,.,,, Olive Burrowes ,,,,, Joyce Coble ,,,,,,,, 1957 ff--H-,1958 1958 Donald DeSalvo ,,,,,,.., ,,,,,, 1 958 Rose Frazzini , , .Irene Hall ,,,,,,., Mack Kelly ,,,..,,, ,, Eugenia Miller ,,,,, Jean Shipton ,,,... ,, ,,,,,, 1958 ,,.,Y..l.1958 ,,,,,,,,,1958 .,,,.,,,,1958 .,,,, 1958 SCHOLARSHIP Barbara Hay Kenneth Blanton Margaret Girard Jim Kollar Kathie Mesaros James Carnahan Florence Kolat Steve Kurowsky Albert Monroe Robert Nemkovich Michael Szpak Jim Toth Darlene Bulah Judy Demsey Jack Jacobs Kenny Lewis James Terna Olive Burrowes Joyce Coble Irene Hall John Kalasky Bernadette Polisso Jean Shipton Merle McFall Mack Kelly CITIZENSHIP Hazel Grissett Loretta Haynes Carver Moore Sandra Morosky Gloria Polisso Robert Royal Ann Tate Richard Whittenberger Robert Boyd Betty Crenshaw Ann Demyan Marie Evans Ethel Harris Barbara Jones Steve Kurowsky Darlene Bulah Arnold Grissett Sandra McBride Mary Lou Miller Carol Moretti James Tate John Vagilla Florence Brown Betty Grissett James Handel Carol Parker Sara Sapashe Patty Torok Z5 XZ, SPECIAL AWARDS J J Elizabeth Hutchinson Bgfgy Cwfkg, Mack KCHY Prznce 0 Peace .1 ljjj 72 0 . K 1, I f fffff, .1 'Il' ' 42 ,WV fl . r - I eeee a eae e ee ee e e e e e e S I 'qlif I RalPh Royal -f------ffffV,,,,,,..r......,,,,,,,.,,...., ..,,,.... V one of Demofrazry ' aaaaaaaaaaP-aaKKaaaae----r--,---eaaeaaa,,r --ll--,eeeeeeer.-.eee. ' f I I Il ll I Q4 X f ffl, I If 9, .X rl, fl 1 f I ' f I I f I ,I ' f ff lf Honors Day Honor's Day, one of great significance to the student body, is held to honor those students achieving citizenship, scholarship, and leadership. The Citizenship award is presented to students displaying good judgment, dependa- bility, and integrity in their services to the school. The Scholarship award is given to students maintaining a high scholastic record with A's in their major subjects for two six weeks. Leaders are acknowledged for their outstanding qualities in citizen- ship, service, and for taking part in activities which better their school. E x l R CITIZENSHIP SCHOLARSHIP LEADERSHIP 73 74 Annual Staff Editorial Staff Fifi! raw: June West, Joyce Coble, Jeanne Shipton, Bernie Polisso, Pete Workinan. Laura Hughes. Mary Alice Carney, Pat Planinshek. Sermzd mum' Eugenia Miller, Judy McGarry, Mary Lou Granielt. Donald DeSalvo, Robert Ranalli, Clarence Bailey, Olive Burrowes, Melissa Feagins, Dorothy Miller. Third row: Pat Santore, Venicee Cobbin. Y Fnurlfa row: Rose Marie Frazzini, Shirley Cowher, Patty Torok, Geri Simon, Irene Hall, Lewis Jones, Kenny Squibbs, Diane Peters, Sarah Sapashe, Betty Grissett, Kusiucss Staff Fir!! row: Mary Ann DuPonty, June West, Joyce Coble, Dave Cover, Jeanne Shipton, Bernadette Polisso, Mack Kelly, Harry Worknian, Laura Hughes, Pat Planinshek, Florence Brown. Second ww: Madeline DeChacco, Mary Alice Carney, Eugenia Miller. Judy McGar1'y, Mary Lou Gramelt, Donald DeSalvo, Robert Ranalli, Clarence Bailey, Olive Burrowes, Venicee Cobbin, Melissa Feagins, Carol Parker, Dorothy Miller. Third row: Rose DelFl0re, Matilda Fata, Rose Frazzini, Shirley Cowher, Patty Torok, Kenny Squibbs, Dale Piergiovanni, Geri Simon, Irene Hall, Diane Peters, Flossie Cottle, Mildred Stephens. Fourth row: Lewis Jones, Don Trevis. Qufure Nurses Ofhee Workers 2 f 'fkk, -. ii' -"" " .vm mg 3 a 3 A w if ,f.4 iiiiilanx ,M,,ai'5iZNiS4w? QW A J 3 ww rf sdgiiif ,LE B s 5 3 1 " ' ff K if ' -ZIZIWWM - Wiifimlkihffmif, mZi 1"5 792' if 58? 5,5 Tx . ,Qi if xt. fl Lp 'H Jdenfwcation af l6'aby Zgicfures Page 78 Frances Azara Clarence Bailey Robert Brindiar Ted Brown Olive Burrowes Joyce Coble Mary Alice Carney Dave Cover Shirley Cowher Gary Cox Janet Cracraft Madeline DeChacco Pauline Duecaster Don DeSalvo Bill Goodyear Matilda Fata Rose Marie DelFlore Betty Dozier Laura Hughes Lois Jarmon Paul Koch Betty Grissett Rose Marie Frazzini Irene Hall Elizabeth Hutchison Sandra Harris John Kalasky Anna Marie Kolat Page 79 Judy McGarry Eugenia Miller Dorthy Miller Carol Parker Diana Peters Bernie Polisso Kenny Squibbs Patty Planinshek Jeanne Shipton Geri Simon Pat Santore Margaret Stere Sarah Sapashe Mildred Stephens Ann Sovis Leona Turner Rowena Taylor Shirley Underwood Anthony Waselich Dave Weimer June West Robert Hover Harry Workman Ronald Zetts Bob Gordan Frank Capuzello Patty Torok Betty Ann Fabry Mary Lou Gramelt 1 m. f. Y Q LSE' j. if 'ami in vm , A Q.- -S Q if ffm, .r . R .,,w.-mi 'T -an ,- .- , . M :un ..-W ,,, W ,,..uoM 5514 br 611155 Wi!! We, the class of 1958, being of sane and healthy mind, wish to will the following: Delores Asbury: to Margaret Kennedy my sewing chair and all of my extra boy friends like J. G. Frances Azara: I leave. Clarence Bailey: my good grades in Am. Lit. to those who need them. Archie Beck: my sesienth period study hall to my two sisters, Rose and Ruby. Raymond Benson: a good parking place in front of a fire plug to any one who wants it. Robert Brindiar: metal spinning to anyone who wants it. Juanita Brooks: my sister, Midgie, all of my books, teachers, and good times. Florence Brown: to Wallace, my brother, the jokes that have been willed to various other Browns through the years, and that I have been trying to get rid of. Theodore Brown: all my arguing with Mr. Nadzam in wood shop to Fred Taylor. Olive Burrowes: my position in band to Janet McCurdy. Frank Cappuzello: to Tony Duponty my parking space in the parking lot if he gets a car. Mary Alice Carney: my hat, boots, and baton to the next lucky head majorette. William Carter: my place in basketball and my 21 points a game to a lucky junior. Paul Casey: my seventh period study hall to Albert Diggs. Venicee Cobbin: all my success and happy days at school to my brother, Sam. Joyce Coble: my bassoon and its problems to anyone with enough wind to blow it. Flossie Cottle: my sister, Joan, all my fun in my senior year. Dave Cover: to Don Gray, good grades in Chemistry. Shirley Cowher: all my free time in Miss Bode's and the office to some lucky junior. Gary Cox: Left. Janet Cracraft: my clarinet to anyone willing to play it. Bernice Crenshaw: to my sisters, my good sense of humor. Madeline DeChacco: a year of free hair sets to Gloria Polisso. Rosemarie DelFlore: the "Gold Dust Twins," Mary Ann Duponty and Rosemarie DelFlore, leave Mr. Heckman in peace. Don DeSalvo: my office to anyone who can handle it. Betty Dozier: Imogene Gilford my B's in Mrs. Bliss's shorthand and typing class. Pauline Duecaster: all my unfinished homework to my sister Cecilia, who will be entering this school as I leave. Matilda Fata: all my used gum to anyone who can crack it as much as I did. Betty Ann Fabry: my seat in history to anyone willing to go through with it. Melissa Feagins: Barbara Davis all of my knowledge for her senior year. Ruth Ferguson: the good times in sewing class to Ogarette Murphy. Rose Frazzini: my majorette spot to anyone who is willing to work hard and is capable of doing the job. William Goodyear: my T-square and drawing board to anyone who wants it. Tobert Gordan: I leave. Mary Lou Gramelt: my parking place out front to any junior girl who has a car that is better than mine. Betty Grissett: my seat in Miss Bode's class to Hazel. Nehemiah Haire: my parking space to Tico and my seat in Mr. Hill's Class to Fred. Irene Hall: my cheering uniform to a girl small enough to fit in it. James Handel: my seat in Senior Science to Joe Koch. Aquilla Harris: my exercise in gym to Ethel and Lucy. Ronald Harris: Second seat first row in Mr. Alexander's history class to Ethel. Sandra Harris: to Josephine Smith, my classes in 204 and 209, plus all of my unused, unuseful abilities, Len Hightower: my little brother, my position with all the good-looking girls of North Hi. Robert Hover: my parking place in front to Bob Armes, if he gets a car of his own. Laura Hughes: my place in any of my classes to anyone who wants it and my chair in band to Kathie Mesaros. Elizabeth Hutchison: the watchdog to anyone who is lucky enough to get him. Lois Jarmonz my brother, Jesse, my seat in Mr. Beacham's room and all my unused knowledge and intelligence. Leonard Johnson: my used up jokes to Vlfalter Hollinshead: he needs them. Lewis jones: all my cute girl-friends to Marvin Bond. Thomas Johnson: leaves. George jordan: to Alex Tremble my ability to get along with the girls. john Kalasky: to john Bondi, the auditorium lighting. Mack Kelly: leave all my broken thumb tacks and outstanding blueprints to Ronald Huey. Paul Koch: nothing to Bobby Soles, John Kolar: my Spanish grades to Guy Berard. Anna Marie Kolat: my cousin Florence, my shorthand and typing homework. Judy McGarry: I'm leaving with Kenny. Dorothy Miller: my Art seat 6th period to Sam Cobbin, Eugenia Miller: my grape skins to any junior who likes peeled grapes. Wfillis Morrison: my seat in Public Speaking to Lonnie Ray, and my paint box QNO. 211 in art class to Eugene Wfilliams. Carol Parker: all my A's that I've got from Mr. Hill in English to Teddy Grissett. Diane Peters: my seat in the lunchroom to Betty Shaffer. Dale Piergiovanni: Happy to be going. Pat Planinshek: my battered Chemistry workbook to a knowledge seeking person. Bernie Polisso: my cheering uniform to the lucky girl that replaces me. Fred Puscher: mygsleeping seat in Miss Bode's English class to Mr. Swander. Robert Ranalli: my parking space to a worthwhile junior. Talmadge Ray: my track shoes to Ted Grissett. Patricia Santore: to my sister Anna Marie, my unfinished homework Q4 yearsl Sarah Sapashe: JoAnn Pastersky all the ridiculous times I have had, Yvonne Sherman: my seat in cooking class to Delores Stevens. Jeannette Shipton: my school flag to some lucky underclassman who is picked to succeed me as a Flagcarrier. Gerry Simon: my majorette uniform to some lucky girl that takes my place. Carl Sink: to Marilyn all my brains with love and success, and hoping maybe she can put them to good use. Barbara Smith: all the giggles and laughs to Barbara Croom and Carol Smith. Mildred Snipes: my sister Loretta, all of my intelligence, teachers, and good times plus my seat in the cafeteria. Richard Soles: my seat in history class to Barbara Townsend. Ann Sovis: my profile bread to anyone who wants to go on a diet, Kenny Squibbs: Sonnenlitter the one dollar I owe him. Larry Starr: my secret smoking place to joe Koch. Margaret Stere: to Becky Simon I leave my place in the Band. john Taylor: my tools at Auto Mechanics to my brother Fred. Rowena Taylor: to Joyce Alexander the whole school and everything that goes with it. Jerry Thomas: my lock to anyone who can figure out the combination. Richard Thompkins: Anne Tate to no one. Pat Torok: my cheering outfit to anyone who can wear it and has the ability to cheer. Don Trevis: my seat on the bench to any football player who wants it. Leona Marie Turner: my place in dramatics to some lucky junior who is talented enough to fill it. Shirley Ann Underwood: to my brother, Wilbur, my position as typist for the school paper. Bob Walley: Tony Duponty my comb. Anthony Waselich: my parking space next to the fire plug to any senior who wants it. Thomas Watkins: my seat in Business Organization to Teddy Grissett. Dave Weimer: my old locker to Jerry Lindsay. June West: all the fun I've had in the Visual Aids Club to anyone who can learn to push buttons. Harry Workman: my seat in Miss Lyden's English class to anyone who likes to sit on Bender's thumb tacks. Ronald Zetts: to Tony Duponty my paint brush to do better work in Art Class. Senirfr Acfivifzks Mixed Chorus 1 Y-Teens 2 AZARA, FRANCES Mixed Chorus 1 Y-Teens 3 BAILEY, CLARENCE Football 1 Basketball 2, 4 Track 3, 4 Vocal Music 1-4 Band 4 Orchestra 4 Junior Play Leadership 3 Citizenship 1-3 Spanish Club Yearbook Comet 4 Class Vice Pres. 4 Homeroom Rep. 2 JA Pres. 4 Prom Committee BECK, ARCHIE Mixed Chorus 1 Prince of Peace BENSON, RAYMOND Choffin Center BRINDIAR, ROBERT Track 1-3 Yearbook Comet 1-3 Prom Committee Mag. Campaign Captain 3, 4 BROOKS, JUANITA Mixed Chorus 1 Prince of Peace BROWN, FLORENCE Vocal Music 1-4 Band 1-4 Orchestra 1-4 Scholarship 3 Lang. Clubs 1-4 Yearbook Comet 1-4 Y-Teens 2-4 Homeroom Rep. 3 JA 3, 4 Prom Committee Future Nurses Jr. Court of Honor BROWN, THEODORE Football 2 Band 2 Orchestra 2 Citizenship 1 Vocal Music 1-4 Ensemble 3 Band 1-4 Scholarship 1, 2 Citizenship 1, 2 Lang. Clubs 1, 2 Yearbook Comet 1-4 Y-Teens 3, 4, Vice Pres. Homeroom Rep. 4 JA Pres. 3, Sec. 4 Prom Committee Homecoming Attend. Jr. Red Cross 3, 4 Community Chest 3, 4 CAPUZELLO, FRANK Choffin CARNEY, MARY ALICE Majorette 1-4 Head Majorette 4 Vocal Music 1-4 Orchestra 4 Junior Play Leadership 3 Citizenship 1, 2 Yearbook Comet 1, 4 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Pres. 4, Treas. 3 Homeroom Rep. 1-4 Prom Committee Northette Jr. Court of Honor Y-Teens Conf. CARTER, WILLIAM Football 1 Basketball 4 Mixed Chorus 1 CASEY, PAUL Voice of Democracy COBBIN, VENICEE Vocal Music 1-4 Junior Play Yearbook Comet 1, 4 Y-Teens 2-4 Homeroom Rep. 1-3 JA 3, 4, Sec. 4 Latin Club 1 Class Sec. 2, 4 Citizenship 2-4 Prom Committee Jr. Court of Honor COBLE, JOYCE Vocal Music 1-4 Lang. Clubs 1, 2 Yearbook Comet 4 Band 1-4 Y-Teens 2-4 Orchestra 1-4 Junior Play Scholarship 1-3 JA Prom Committee COTTLE, FLOSSIE E. Mixed Chorus 1 Glee Club 2 Spanish Club 3 Yearbook Comet 4 Office Worker 1-4 Y-Teen 2, 3, 4 JA Vice Pres. Library 1 Prom Committee COVER, DAVID Vocal Music 1-4 Junior Play Spanish Club 3, 4 Yearbook Comet 4 JA Vice Pres. Boys' State JA Conference COWHER, SHIRLEY Vocal Music 1-4 Citizenship 3 Yearbook Comet 4 Office Worker 2-4 Y-Teens 2 COX, GARY Football 1-4 Basketball 1 Track 1-4 Vocal Music 1-4 Junior Play Latin Club 1, 2 Yearbook Comet 2, 4 Class Pres. 3, Vice Pres. 1 Treas. 2 Homeroom Rep. 1-3 Prom Committee CRAQRAFT, JANET Vocal Music 1-4 Band 2-4 Orchestra 2-4 Junior Play Yearbook Y-Teens 2-4 - Prom Committee Future Nurses Jr. Court of Honor CRENSHAW, BERNICE Mixed Chorus 1 Citizenship 3 Spanish Club 2 DECHACCO, MADELINE Reserve Cheerleader Mixed Chorus 1 Glee Club 2 Jr. Play 3 Citizenship 1 Yearbook Comet 1 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4 Prom Committee Jr. Court of Honor 2 DELFLORE, ROSEMARIE Glee Club 2 Band 1, 2 Orchestra 1, 2 Junior Play Latin Club 1 Yearbook Comet 1-3 Office Worker 1 Y-Teens 1-4 Prom Committee Choffin Center Treasurer DESALVO, DONALD Basketball 1 Vocal Music 1, 4 Junior Play Citizenship 1, 3 Yearbook Comet 1, 3, 4 Class Pres. 4 Homeroom Rep. 4 Prom Committee Jamco National Con. DOZIER, BETTY Mixed Chorus 1 Yearbook Comet 1, 2 JA Per. Manager Jamco National Con. DUECASTER, PAULINE Flagcarrier 3 Vocal Music 1, 2 Yearbook Comet 4 Y-Teens 2-4 Restaurant Train. DUPONTY, MARY ANN Cheerleader 1, 2 Head Vocal Music 1, 2 Junior Play Yearbook Comet Y-Teens 1-4 Prom Committee Att. Tinsel Twirl Cosmetology FABRY, BETTY Flag Carrier 4 Vocal Music 1-4 Homeroom Rep. Choffin Junior Play Yearbook Office Worker 1, 2 Y-Teens 2-4 Magazine Campaign Tinsel Twirl Att. PATA, MATILDA Vocal Music 1, 2 Yearbook Office Vlforker 2 Y-Teens 1-4 Library Cosmetology 3, 4 FEAGINS, MELISSA Vocal Music 1-4 Citizenship 1, 2 Yearbook Comet 1-4 Class Sec. 1 Homeroom Rep. 2 Prince of Peace Prom Committee FERGUSON, RUTH Mixed Chorus 1 Orchestra 1 Y-Teens 2-4 Restaurant Tr. FRAZZINI, ROSE MARIE Majorette 3, 4 Flag Carrier 2 Vocal Music 1-4 Scholarship 2 Citizenship 1, 3 Yearbook Office Worker 1 Y-Teens 1-4 Homeroom Rep. 1 JA Pres. 3, Treas. 4 Prince of Peace Tinsel Twirl Att. Najac Nat. Conference JA Assoc. Treas. GOODYEAR, XWILLIAM Basketball Manager 2 Vocal Music 1-3 Prom Committee Choffin GORDAN, ROBERT Tran. from Union GRAMELT, INIARY LOU Y-Teen Bask. 3 Res. Cheerleader 1-3 Vocal Music 1-4 Junior Play Scholarship 2, 3 Latin Club 1, 2 Yearbook Comet 4 Office Worker 1-4 Y-Teen 2-4 Future Nurses 3, 4 GRISSETT, BETTY Junior Play Latin Club Citizenship 3 Yearbook Office Worker 3 Y-Teens 2, 3 Library 1, 2, Pres. JA Sec. Projection Crew HAIRE, NEHEMIAH Track 2 Glee Club 2 Citizenship 2 HALL, IRENE Cheerleader 1-4 Vocal Music 1-4 Scholarship 1-3 Citizenship 1 Latin Club 1, 2 Yearbook Co'met 4 Office Wforker 1-4 Y-Teen 2-4 Homeroom Rep. 1-3 Prom Committee Future Nurses Jr. Court of Honor HANDEL, JIM Football 4 Track 1 Band 1, 2 Orchestra Citizenship 2 Prom Committee Choffin HARRIS, ACQUILLA Vocal Music 1, 2 Driver Education HARRIS, RONALD Football 1 Track 1 HARRIS, SANDRA KAY Comet 1-4 Future Nurses HIGHTOWER, LEN Football 4 Track 1 Vocal Music 2, 3 HOVER, ROBERT Choffin HUGHES, LAURA Vocal Music 1-4 Ensemble 3 Band 1-4 Orchestra 2-4 Junior Play Yearbook Ch. of Bus. Staff Y-Teens 1-4 Homeroom Rep. 1, 2 Prom Committee Jr. Court of Honor Comet 4 HUTCHISON, ELIZABETH Y-Teen Bask. 4 Y-Teens 4 Trans., New Castle JARMON, LOIS Mixed Chorus 1 JA Officer 1, 2 Prince of Peace JOHNSON, LEONARD Vocal Music 1, 3 Band 1-4 Orchestra 1-4 Citizenship 1 Spanish Club 3 Comet 2 Homeroom Rep. 1 Voice of Democracy Band Corp. JOHNSON, THOMAS Football 1 Track 2 Mixed Chorus 1 JONES, LEWIS Football 1 Basketball 1-3 Track 1-3 Vocal Music 2. 3 Citizenship 2 Comet 1-3 Pres. 1, 2 Vice Pres. 3 JORDAN, GEORGE Football 2 Basketball 2 Track 1 Choir 3 KALASKY, JOHN Football 2 Vocal Music 1, 2 Scholarship Northette 1 JA Officer 4 Projection Crew Prom Committee KELLY, MACK Track 1-3 Citizenship 1 Yearbook Homeroom Rep. 1, 2 Voice of Democ. Prince of Peace KOCH, PAUL Football 2 Basketball 1-4 Track 2 Vocal Music 1-4 Latin Club 1, 2 Yearbook Homeroom Rep. 2, Prom Committee KOLAR, JOHN Citizenship 2 Spanish Club 1, 2 Comet 2. 4 Prom Committee 3 KOLAT. ANNA MARIE Vocal Music 1-4 Latin Club 1, 2 Yearbook Comet 4 Office Worker 3 Y-Teens 1-4 Prom Committee Jr. Court of Honor MCGARRY, JUDY Cheerleader 1-4 Vocal Music 1-4 Citizenship 1, 2 Yearbook Y-Teens 2-4 Sec. 4, Treas. 3 Class Treas. 3 Prom Committee Att. of Homecoming Jr. Court of Honor MILLER, DOROTHY Mi:-:ed Chorus 1 Comet 1. 2 Office Wforker 1, 2 Y-Teens 1, 2 JA MILLER, EUGENIA Basket. of Y-Teens Y-Teens 2-4 Treas. 4 Cheerleader 1 Majorette 3, 4 VocaL Music 1-4 Nurse XVorker Yearbook Homeroom Rep. 1 JA Prince of Peace Prom Committee Queen Tinsel Twirl MORRISON, WILLIS Track 1 Citizenship 1 PARKER, CAROL Vocal Music 1-4 Junior Play Yearbook Comet 1 Office Worker 4 Y-Teens 2. 3 Homeroom Rep. 4 JA 4 PETERS, DIANE Vocal Music 1-4 Junior Play Scholarship 3 Latin Club 1, 2 Yearbook Comet 2-4 , Office Worker 1-4 Prom Committee PIERGIOVANNI, DALE Football 1-4 Basketball 1-4 Track 1-4 Vocal Music 1, 2 Citizenship 1 Yearbook Prom Committee PLANINSHEK, PATRICIA Majorette 1-4 Vocal Music 1-4 Orchestra 3, 4 Scholarship 1, 2 Latin Club 1, 2 Yearbook Comet 3 Office Worker 1 Y-Teens 2-4 JA 3 Junior Play Prom Committee Future Nurses POLISSO, BERNADETTE Cheerleader 1-4 Captain 4 Vocal Music 1-4 Band 1-4 , Band Captain 4 Orchestra 1-4 Junior Play Leadership 3 Scholarship 1 Citizenship 1 Latin Club 1, 2 Yearbook Cornet 1, 4 Y-Teens 2-4 Homeroom Rep. 4 Prom Committee Homecoming Queen Jr. Court of Honor Northette 1 PUSHER, FRED Latin Club 1, 2 Choffin RANILLI, ROBERT Band 1-4 Orchestra 1-4 Leadership 3 Yearbook Prom Committee Magazine Campaign RAY, TALMADGE Football 1 Basketball 1 Track 2-4 Vocal Music 1 ,3 3 SANTORE, PATRICIA Vocal Music 1-4 Jr. Play Citizenship 2 Lang. Clubs 1-4 Yearbook Comet 4 Office Worker 3 Y-Teens 2-4 SAPASHE, SARAH Vocal Music 1-4 Yearbook Y-Teens 2-4 Prom Committee SHERMAN, YVONNE SHIPTON, JEANNETTF Cheerleader 1-3 Flag Carrier 4 Vocal Music 1-4 Junior Play Yearbook Comet 1-4 Office Worker 1, 2 Y-Teens 2-4 JA Vice Pres. 3 Voice of Democ. Prince of Peace Prom Committee Future Nurses Northette Jr. Court of Honor Co. Chair. Bus. S. SIMON, GERRY Majorette 3, 4 Band 2-4 Orchestra 2-4 Vocal Music 1-4 Yearbook Y-Teens 2-4 Class Sec, 3 Homeroom Rep. 4 Prom Committee Homecoming Queen 4 Jr. Court of Honor Y-Teen Refre. Comm. SINK, CARL Football 3 Homeroom Rep. 1 SMITH, BARBARA Vocal Music 1-4 Band 1-4 Orchestra 1-4 Citizenship 1 Y-Teens 2-4 Spanish Club 3, 4 SNIPES, MILDRED Mixed Chorus 1 Lang. Club 1, 3 Yearbook Comet 4 Library SOLES, RICHARD Football 1 Choffin Custodian Helper SOVIC, ANN Vocal Music 1-4 Yearbook Comet 3 Office Worker 3, 4 Y-Teens 1-4 Membership Chair, Library 1 SQUIBBS, KENNY Football 1-4 Basketball 1 Vocal Music 1-4 Yearbook Class Pres. 1 Vice Pres. 3 Homeroom Rep. 2, 3 Prom Committee STARR, LARRY Basketball 1 Football 1, 2 Spanish Club Yearbook Homeroom Rep. 4 STEPHENS, MILDRED Vocal Music 1, 3 Yearbook Comet 4 Office Worker Y-Teens 3 Dist. Education STERE, MARGARET Vocal Music 1-4 Band 1-4 Orchestra 1-4 Junior Play Yearbook Office Worker Y-Teens 2, 4 Prom Committee Jr. Court of Honor TAYLOR, JOHN Track 3, 4 Choffin TAYLOR, ROWENA IVY Comet 1 Vocal Music 1-4 Band 1-4 Orchestra 1-4 Yearbook Y-Teens 3 THOMAS, JERRY Choffin THOMPKINS, RICHARD Football 2 Track 1-4 Voice of Democ. TOROK, PATRICIA Cheerleader 3, 4 Vocal Music 1-4 Yearbook Office Worker 2-4 Y-Teens 2-4 Prom Committee Future Nurses Att. Tinsel Twirl TREVIS, DON . Track 3, 4 Football 2-4 Vocal Music 1-4 Junior Play Latin Club 1, 2 Yearbook JA Pres. 3 Prom Committee TURNER, LEONA Vocal Music 1-4 Yearbook Comet 4 Y-Teens 3 Homeroom Rep. 1 UNDERWOOD, SHIRLEY Vocal Music 1, 3 Scholarship 2 Citizenship 1 Latin Club 1, 2 Yearbook Comet 1-4 Office Worker 1 Y-Teens 2 Library Prom Committee Voice of Democ. WALLEY, ROBERT Football 1-4 Track 1-4 Vocal Music 1-4 Citizenship 3 Yearbook Prom Committee WASELICH, ANTHONY JA 3, Vice Pres. 4 Choffin WATKINS, THOMAS Football 1 Basketball 1 Track 1-4 Comet 1 WEIMER, DAVID Mixed Chorus Prom Committee Choffin WEST, JUNE Flag Carrier 4 Vocal Music 1-4 Scholarship 2, 3 Citizenship 2, 3 Latin Club Yearbook Co. Chair. Bus. Staff Comet 2-4 Office Worker Y-Teens JA 2, 3 JA Sales Man, and As. Secretary Visual Aids Club Prom Committee Homecoming Att. Jr. Court of Honor WORKMAN, HARRY Latin Club 1, 2 Yearbook Choffin ZETTS, RONALD Choffin GATSCHENE STUDIO Youngs+own, Ohio PICTURES WITH A PUNCH Best Wishes to Class of '58 COMPLIMENTS TO THE GRADUATES OF I958 THE GROWERS MARKET CO. PyaH' SI'ree+ YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO Comphmems of Compliments of WALKO GOLDEN AGE SOHIO BEVERAGE SERVICE CORPORATION 35 McCar'rne R d I. AC pI+ T BH A f ATLAS JACK EMRICH YOUR HUBBARD JEWELER New and Larger Store HUBBARD, OHIO 37 Nor+I'1 Main Streef Phone KE 4- I 747 Home of NaI'ionaIIy Adverfised SCHOOL RINGS WATCHES DIAMONDS SILVERWARE. e+c. May Your Coming Years Be Your Besf COITSVILLE SERVICE CO. AUTO PARTS and SERVICE 3575 McCar+ney Road YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO Phone RI 7-5989 DAIRY RANCH MR. AND MRS. WALTER IJudyI EDWARDS I2 E. Liberfy S+ree'I HUBBARD "Tops for Teens" Congra+uIaI'Ions Graduares ll Ohio's Smartest BoIIroom" THE ELMS 529 Elm SI'ree+ JOHN F. DRUMMOND SERVICE STATION TIRES TUBES ACCESSORIES BATTERIES Oak S+reeI' and Early Road C AND S BEAUTY SUPPLY I3I W. Commerce SI'ree+ DISTRIBUTORS OF REVLON AND DERMETICS PRODUCTS FAIRBANKS HEATING CO. Roofing, Spouring, Furnaces and Sheer MeI'aI Work 8I2 ANDREWS AVENUE YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO Phone RI 7-4203 COITSVILLE LUMBER 81 SUPPLY M. SKRIPAC, Owner R+. 6I6, V4 Mile Sourh of R+. 422 AI' CoiI'sviIIe R. D. I, LOWELLVILLE, OHIO Phone PL 5-9I59 SCARSELLA FURNITURE CO. Shop ar One of YoungsI'own's Mos'I' BeauI'ifuI S'I'ores OPEN EVENINGS 934 Oak S'Iree+ Phone RI 3-5623 CompIimen+s of DERAMO FLORIST "Flowers for All Occasions" Owned and Operared by SAM CALABRETTA NORTH SIDE RECREATION, INC. BOWLING Phone RI 6-49II 203I BeImon+ Avenue "ONE OF YOUNGSTOWN'S FINEST" I8 Deluxe Brunswick Lanes Aufomaiic Pin SpoHer Air-Condifioning YEAR ROUND BOWLING O I0 ' 77 I969 E. High S+ree+ pen a.m. Unfhl .. 7 Days a Week OPEN 24 HOURS FRIDAY Phone RI 3-3826 Snack Ba, Free Parking for 200 Cars Complimems CaII Ri 4-453I of THE JOSEPH A. CIRELLI VAGNOZZ' AGENCY Jeweler For 'Ihe SoIu'I'ion of McGUFFEY PLAZA INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE PROBLEMS I9 E. Boardman S+reeI' Youngsfown, Ohio L. HOLLANDER Famous for Fine MeaI's HOTEL AND RESTAURANT MEAT PURVEYORS HOME FREEZER FOODS Office and PIanI' 408 Mogg Couri' Phone RI 4-5246 CompIimen+s of CIRCELLA GROCERIES 2047 Jacobs RoacI YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO Complimenis of Economy Motors Largesi' PLYMOUTH, CHRYSLER. IMPERIAL, Dealers ROUTE 422 Down From Ihe LINCOLN KNOLLS SHOPPING PLAZA KING'S SERVICE STATION U.S. Rou+e 422 S+a+e Line LUBRICATION-ACCESSORIES DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone LE 6-8295 FRANK ANTALOCY, Prop. CONGRATULATIONS fo +he Class of I958 So nigh is grandeur +o our dus+, So near is God 'I'o man, When dufy whispers low, "Thou mus1'! The youfh replies, "l can!" STROUSS-HIRSHBERG'S Youngstown's Dependable Store Since T875 Complimen+s of Complimenfs of KATE AND NICK'S F. W. WOOLWORTH CO LINCOLN KNOLLS PLAZA Compliments of OLENICK DAIRY CO. Grade "A" DAIRY PRODUCTS Rated the Area's Finest Phone PL 5-39I6 HUMES GOOD FURNITURE 252 West Federal Street 272 East Federal Street 4030 Market Street THE STAMBAUGH THOMPSON CO. Your Quality Hardware and Home Needs Store FOR III YEARS II4 West Federal Street 2625 Market Street I625 Mahoning Avenue 438 Youngstown-Poland Road I823 Belmont Ave. CompIimenI's of HAYMAN'S DRUG STORE eeo. C. HAYMAN STANLEY I5 N. Main S+ree+ Hubbard, Ohio E. HAYMAN NATION-WIDE MUTUAL INSURANCE SERVICE Fire Life CasuaI+y GEORGE M. DEWELL, Agen+ Phone LE 6-6907 Box I66A R. D. I, LoweIIviIIe .... Hubbard Rd LoweIIviIIe, Ohio INSURE Ihe Co-Opera'l'ive Way AL'S FOOD MARKET QUALITY MEATS-GROCERIES VEGETABLES Phone RI 7-0I40 I629 Jacobs Rd. Youngs'Iown, Ohio PALLAY'S FLOWER SHOP 820 SOUTH AVENUE Flowers for AII Occasions CiI'y-Wide DeIivery FLOWERS TELEGRAPHED PHONE RI 7-2882 HASSEY BROS. AUTO BODY WORKS INTERNATIONAL Truck Sales and Service WheeI AIignmen'I' and Balancing Experi' Au+oma+ic Transmission Repairs I8 COITSVILLE RD., CAMPBELL, OHIO 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE MARQUETTE ROOFING, SPOUTING AND FURNACE 3003 Oak S'Iree+ Youngsfown, Ohio CompIimen'Is of KING'S MOTEL Roufe U.S. 422 a+ PENN-OHIO STATE LINE 7 Miles Eas+ of YoungsI'own Phone LE 6-6034 32 UNITS BEN'S EXCLUSIVE TAILORS 20I WicIc BIdg. Cor. W. FederaI and Phelps YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO "The Besi Tailor in Town" CompIimen+s of ACME COAL CO. CHAMPION MONTOUR PITTSBURGH 8: DISCO SAND KenI'ucIcy Block and Coke TOP SOIL GraveI 387 E. Boardman S+ree'I' A+ E. FecIeraI S+ree'I Phone RI 4-0277 Youngs'rown, Ohio BRONSON'S PATENT MEDICINE STORE 8I5 AIber+ S+reeI' Complimenfs of SMITH BRAKE co. Phone RI 6-9782 I3I Lincoln Ave. YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO Q Your Prepararion Is Over O Your Fu+ure Shall Begin I Congra+uIa'Iions, SENIORS PATRONIZE THE LINCOLN KNOLLS PLAZA STORES "Where It Is a Pleasure to Shop" 0 For Delicious Ice Cream o For Buffer, Milk, Cream I For Cheese, Lunch Meafs 0 For Lunch, Sodas, Sundaes ITALIAN RESTAURANT Special Halian Lunches and Evening Dinners a'I Popular Prices 25 N. Hazel SI. YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO Ph e RI 6-92I8 CompIimen'rs of YOU NGSTOWN CASKET CO. 2287 McGuffey Road CompIimen+s of SCIENCEVILLE COAL 81 SUPPLY CO. II05 Liber+y Road YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO Complimenfs of L. F. DONNELL FoRD DEALER BAGLIER MOTORS, INC. Quality Used Cars for Less Corner McGuf'Fey and Jacobs Road YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO LOUIS BAGLIER Phone RI 6-6357 SCHAFFER MUSIC SHOPPE 409-I0-I I-I2 Kei'l'h-Albee Building WI MUSIC INSTRUMENTS WHITE HOLLA TU ACCESSORIES ND RKEYS SHEET Music AND SUPPLIES GuaranI'eed Ins'I'rumenI' Repairing Office RI 3-4605 Residence LE 3-4085 MUSIC "The Universal Language" Complimenfs of I68 Sou'I'h Meridian Phone SW 9-5233 Congra'IuIa+ions, CIass of '58 YOUR FAVORITE SPOT VIC AND SYL'S CURB SERVICE AND SANDWICH SHOP Fish, SI'eaIc and Chicken Dinners FOOT LONG HOT DOGS AND HOT SAUSAGE OUR SPECIALTY Corner Roufe 422 and Jacobs Road Youngs+own, Ohio Complimenfs of TASSONE'S DAIRY I72I Lansdowne Boulevard PI1one RI 4-3888 CompIimen'rs of CLlNGAN'S BARBER SHOP 2547 McGuffey Road YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO Complimenfs of SCHULTZ MOBILGAS STATION Corner of SI'ewar'I and McGu'Ffey FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS STARK FLORISTS Phone RI 3-34I2 Greenhouse and Sfore I502 Parker SI'reeI' CompIimen'I's of UNION WHOLESALE LUMBER CO. Congra'I'uIaIions 'I'o Ihe Class of '58 PESCE'S BAKERY 52If2 Prospeci' SI. YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO PI1one RI 6-4629 Complimenrs of +I1e SPAGHETTI HOUSE "We Specialize in I+aIian Foods" MANAGER GEORGE ROCHETTE CompIimen'I's of ROSS TEXACO SERVICE STATION FOR THE KIDS AFTER SCHOOL NoI'hing Does II' Like Seven-Up "IN KING SIZE TOO" Tune Up Sales and Service ALLSHOUSE CARBURETOR SERVICE 600 N. Garland Avenue YOUNGSTOWN 6, OHIO Across From MCG-uffey Plaza BILL ALLSHOUSE Phone RI 7-7680 Complimenfs of F. W. WOOLWORTH CO McGUFFEY PLAZA "I+ Pays +o PIay" See Us 'For AII Your A+hIe'I'ic Needs YOU NGSTOWN SPORTING GOODS CO., INC. 2I N. Champion Sfreei YOUNGSTOWN 3. OHIO Phone RI 7-3023 CongraI'uIa'I'ions From Ihe HAPPY TOY CO. 3030 WiIson Ave. CAMPBELL, OHIO "CompIe'I'e Line of Toys Bicycles, and Wagons" HOME TOY DEMONSTRATIONS CompIimenI's of A+I1Ie'ric Equipmen'r-Games A Spor'Is Books-Trophies Special Orders CONGRATULATIONS TO sENloRs OF 'ss POULAKOS BAKERY SPECIALISTS IN SANDWICH BUNS AND HONEY CREME DONUTS I2 Souih Avenue Phone RI 7- I 233 CompIimen+s of RONDINELLI TUXEDO RENTAL CUSTOM TAILORS and DRY CLEANERS H. N. EPPINGER 81 SONS, INC. READY-MIX CONCRETE Cemeni' Sand Block Brick Slag Tile Lime Coal Limesfone Ashes FerI'iIizer -FEED- New Bedford, Pa. Phone 2072 BROWN'S DRUG STORES I84I Oak SI'ree'I' 2000 Canfield Road 5I06 Soulhern Boulevard II4 Soulh Broad S'Iree+ Phone RI 4-54I8 Phone ST 2-67I6 Phone ST 2-7I I I Canfield 27 Years of Prescription Service Oil Local and Na+ion-Wide CompIimen'I's of Tires Trailer Ren+aIs Gasoline One-Way Service GLASGOW TAI LORS, INC. 3I2 Wesf Fedelral S'I'. and I GLASGOWS MEN'S SHOP 20 Bus Arcade OFFICIAL AAA SERVICE BELKIN TIRE SERVICE 24-Hour Road Service ZI7 E. Fronl' S'I'ree+ YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO Phone RI 4-8949 Goodyear Tires for Sale SAM BELKIN Phone SK 8-5882 WATT ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION Corner Oak and Jacobs Road ATLANTIC GASOLINE AND OIL Compiimenis of COMET HOUR CLEANERS 6I8 FiHh Ave. Phone RI 4-I954 ONE The CompIimenI's of YOUR FRIENDLY CENTURY FOOD STORES Food S'Iore Tha+ Gives You More" CompIimen'rs of J. HUBERT FURNACE 81 ROOFING CO 585 Early Road YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO RENNIE'S SCHOOL OF COSIVIETOLOGY 280 Easi' Federal S'I'ree+ Youngsrown, Ohio DAY AND NIeI-IT CLASSES RENNIE TROSSELL-Prop. Complimenfs of YOUR GENERAL TIRE AND EXIDE BATTERY DISTRIBUTOR J. A. BARBER AND SON I9 E. Woodland Ave. YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO Phone RI 4-523I Esfablished I900 Phone RI 3-0200 DIAM ON DS-WATCH ES-M USICAL INST R.ENDANO'S, INC. SPORTING eooos RUMENTS APPLIANCES - RADIOS - CUTLERY ral S+. RALPH RENDANO 22' E- Fede NATE LIPSETT Youngs+own, Ohio MARLANE BRI DAL SHOP I34 E. Federai S+. YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO Specialisi' 'For Ihe Bride and Bridal Par'Iy WELL DONE, GRADUATE Wirh graduafion, +he class of '58 will suddenly +urn 'From a well-kni+ group, worlcing Iogelher, info individuals, each going his separare way. Some of you will mee+ only a+ class reunion. Some of you may never meeI' again. Togefher you have done much. You have pul' I'oge+her 'Ihis yearbook, you have made your mark on 'rhe gridiron and baseldball cour+. You have made your school beHer for your having been 'I'here. Apar+, may you each be as successful as your class has been as a whole. In college, in marriage, on I'he job, in life, may your iob again be . . . well done. I883-McKELVEY'S-I958 "Our Diamond JubiIee" ORNAMENTALS TREES SHRUBS LORETTA FITCH EVERGREENS General Assor+men'I' 'For 'Ihe Bes'I Landscape Plan+ing. The Nurseryman's Creed- CompIe+e Floral Service T0 Make Amefiw More Beau+iIuI and Fruirful CORSAGES-WEDDINGS FUNERALS AND POTTED PLANTS SCHUSTER'S NURSERY Rou+e 422 Cooper Rd., Coirsville Twp. Phone LE 6-844I CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU Coiisville, Ohio Phone LEhigh 6-6062 Make +he mosf of YOUR odd momenfs, lei' Ihe oI'hers KILL 'Iime if 'Ihey will bu'I' YOU malze 'lime LIVE by invesfing your 'Iime in use- ful s'I'udy. -Success and Good Luck- Congratulations to the Class of '58 ACME MOTORS 2943 McGuffey Road Phone Rl 6-3693 BUY SELL TRADE USED CARS Congra+ula+ions From W. T. GRANT CO. LINCOLN KNOLLS PLAZA Com plimen'I's of COHEN BROTHERS COHEN BROTHERS SELF SERVE MARKET 2570 McGuffey Road YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO Phone RI 7-8957 MYRON N. GOODWIN REGISTERED ARCHITECT I9 Lincoln Avenue YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO Archi+ec'r for 'Ihe New Nor+h High School. A++ended ScienceviIIe Schools I9I0-I920 ECONOMY FEED AND FARM SUPPLY ' 3865 McGu'F'Fey Road Your Headquarfers for MASSEY-HARRIS, NEW HOLLAND FARM MACHINERY, ROTOTILLERS FEED SEEDS FERTILIZER Garden and PouI+ry Supplies Ligh'r Hardware and Fencing Phone RI 3-8584 DELIVERY SERVICE Youngsfown, Ohio Complimenfs of JOHNNY'S PENNZOIL STATION 2540 McGvuffey Road YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO Good Luck UNIVERSITY MOTORS INC. 'The House of Sincere Service" YOUR NORTH SIDE FORD DEALER 669 Wick Ave. YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO Phone RI 4-4I93 WELLS VOCATIONAL SERVICE "LeI' Us Find I'he Righ+ Job for You 608 ReaII'y Bldg. YOUNGSTOWN. OHIO Phone RI 4-4I74 D. BERKOWITZ 81 SONS, INC. FISH MARKET Re+aiI Wholesale 340 E. Federal S+. 25 S. Prospeci' SI. Riverside 4-I859 Riverside 3-5II6 YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO To Look Your Besi- Visir LAWRENCE TAILORS 2422 Mahoning Avenue Phone SW 9-2573 F THE FINEST IN TAIDOR-MADE CLOTHES SPECIAL GRADUATION PRICES Complimenfs of ANDERSON SUBURBAN DELIVERY 325 Orchard Place YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO Phone RI 6-883I Congra+uIa+ions, Class of '58 OHIO AUTO BODY MALLOY AND NESPECA, :Nc 45 Madison Ave. Phone RI 6-8457 DR. H. T. D'AMATO EYE DOCTOR 3II Kei+h-Albee Bldg. YOUNGSTOWN 3. OHIO Phone RI 3-55I6 CompIimen+s of SIRBU MARKET I 32 Sou+h Avenue Home Dressed Meafs PouI+ry and Vege'rabIes Meaf SIaugh'rerecI aI' Early Road. We Smoke Our Own Meafs We Dress Our Meais COME AND TRY US WE'RE WAITING FOR YOU Complimenfs of ARCO BARBER SHOP HOLLYWOOD AUTO SUPPLY "The Muffler Shop" I22I MARKET STREET MCGUFFEY PLAZA Phone RI 3-3093 Youngsfown, Ohio DO SEE DUSI GARASKYIS TELEVISION 8: RADIO For Musical Needs SERVICE DUSfI MUSIC I824 Markef Sfreef Phone RI 4-4295 Prompf Service on All Makes ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone RI 7-2300 I502 Markef Sf. YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO Comp imenfs of COITSVILLE SUPER MARKET Coifsvflle Cenfer COITSVILLE, OHIO DR. H. PIRING OPTOMETRIST 22 Bus Arcade Phone RI 3-57l4 Complimenfs of I FAMILY RATES O SHOWER AND BATH FACTQRY TERRACE MOTEL Youngsfown's Newesf I0 MINUTES TO DOWNTOWN 1300 Marke+ S+. Phone RI 6-3036 TV-Phones in Every Room Cenfral Air-Conclifioned Muffler and Tail Pipe Headquarfers PHONE ST 8-5087 6 Mi. Norfh of Ohio Turnpike on R+. 7 4972 Markef S+. Youngsfown 2, Ohio Affer a Game-A'H'er a Movie or Jusi' Any Time H"s +I1e BEACON On McCar+ney Road-R+. 422 SANDWICHES MILK SHAKES SODAS SOFT DRINKS FRENCH FRIES FRANK AND NICK'S C0mpIimen+s of PENNzoIL SERVICE STEWART HARDWARE 4l00 Markef S+ree+ 44 Nor+h Main S+ree+ YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO HUBBARD, OHIO Phone ST 8-3078 CompIimen+s of NAZ FRAZZINI PAINT STORE 32 Jacobs Road Dealer of SHERWIN WILLIAMS BENJAMIN MOORE AKRON COPPER TUBING FITTINGS ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES RAYMOND BRENNER JEWELERS SINCE I877 6 deral aI' Hazel Time to Mark Your Success and Wish Every Happiness to the Class of '58 BARTON HEATING CO. Furnaces, Air Condiiionin Roofing, Spoufing 488 GLENWOOD AVENUE Phone RI 3-0894 YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO COCA-COLA BOTTLI NG COMPANY OF YOU NGSTOWN 53I E. Inclianola Avenue YOUNGSTOWN 2. OHIO LEWIS, WEINBERGER 81 HILL ACADEMY OF COSMETOLOGY Erie Terminal Bldg.-Suiie 303 YOUNGSTOWN 3, OHIO RI 6-7060 Where 'Ihe Hairs'ryIis+s of Tornorrow I Ge+ Their Training Today." Day and Evening Classes Autographs MM Ag ,Jlfv J-'V,v-,4AA., A vb AA' Norlh ac ,uh JZ AA, ,af'fU'!U ' of zlxmfic Shift' E'e5fIman Days - - - - XJ. X 41 faces .Q I 1 A, Wx B '-vLA,,4-,L vb X vxlxfkf Ari:-C319 'S Cjbo"dAA., CQ, xg X AA.. Xa- N U .. -t V171 9, x :Ba X :HX ,QSGGX xx p5-I' DRY of Q f K f limi. I S , 0 of E .': I . 'J X 9- UI-:afar Q4- 'Em' i 1 . , , ,,.,,,.,,.4,4,,,:,. 1 u 'ld la .wr J. J., J - Q- fA.. ,L,4.A. fb A Z G X mf A Z l lD,o'ua.'l'i0n 1 V X '5.x"b xzgqww 'A I N N Ianior-Senar pg-gm -L- -Jig-nior C1455 6 f X 0norS I S ly X enaor ear Plaid!!! X on XI' W 1 'iw , X' 1 51 3 L. " Q4-1 : ' QT' 1 ' I 1 I 5 4- 'fs' x ' J I 'A I l X N' I '97 I ' I N 1, 6 I l I r x 1, ' I Xl i K I I 1 I P A X ,' 5 . . H Dv , Y ' ' P A 1 x 1 Y 1 - - -' I f f 2

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