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. 1h. ; W ;.:; .l ; 45:... x. x ........ .,.. 31:3. . A 55 4 La... I 7W7 751W? .7. .l .7 r1557 .1, . 10:01... AWU H700; :L .7 if;- y KM...;;; .00:- v . WMLW-Vu 7 Ma m7 1.; r.. v . Vmu . WW xW -:...W,W, MK? v-W n-Wx "W a .JmWW ,. 9: V1-0 MW E.:.E..... Lu WNW . n70. 0W - WWWWWWWWWWWWVMX .JU 1W a - w 0 .............:.. Egg;- 0 : . . ......:.L .- - 0 v. ......: .r. WWWWWWWWWE: . 0 . DU. 0:5. ".w . W 0 f W W -. WWWWWWWWWZE g V uxu u WK . a .- PW V 0V V j KX N . v V w nhu . l.- wl1-0! W... Mu ; 752 W; ???du- :3" . . mvlrggrllmmu W II ;. ; . :1, "SO BUILD WE UP THE BEING THAT WE ARE." Wadsworth SW 301$ 749 SW ?Wot, 0w 2mm Each generation has had its builders. Gloncing through the pages of history we find recorded the names of countless men and women whose foresight, hard work and courage have benefited mankind, George Wash- ington is cm example of a great American builder who forged the strongest democracy in the world from a divided people, but even Washington did not build alone. Helping him were many whose names never appeared in history books, yet these little people played on important part in the build- ing of America. l l l The work of the world will never be finished. Those of us who graduate l from high school this year will have our own part to play in the drama of life. Whether our role is large or small, it is important to humanity; We do not work alone, for no man is on island. We are assisted, in part, by the people around us, our parents, our friends, our teachers, our religious and civic leaders. For the most part our assistance will come from God who has given us the opportunity to assist in building a better world. With His help we will succeed. Let us therefore through our yearbook dedicate ourselves to the tremendous task before us of building a better world to- gether. ?meam'wl, . , Our yearbook represents our combined effort to tell the story of the de- velopment of the new North High School. As we have witnessed the growth of our new school building from on architect's blueprint to on actuality, we have been reminded, that we have been drawing the plans for our lives during the past twelve years. We have been given opportunities to grow intellectectuolly, physically, socially and culturally. We take pride in this accomplishment, too. Now as our new building nears completion and as we come to the conclu- sion of our studies at North High Schooi, we have Cl dual vision of a school which will continue to influence the growth and development of youth in our community and of ourselves as we go forth to do our part in building a better world. As we leave our alma mater it is our wish that our efforts be a worthy contribution to the plans of the 'I'Moster Architect." There are few experiences that can equal the exhilaration of building together. The thrill of Creating new structures in the material world is most stimulating. It is also true of building together intellectually, physically, socially, and culturally. By striving together in any of these fields we extend our horizons. You are building a new world not only for yourselves but for those who are to follow you. May our common goal always be e forward together. J. FRED ESSIG Assistant Superintendent To the Teachers and Students of the New North High School, Greetings! I am very happy to have this opportunity to congratulate you on the completion of your new high school. The new North High School is mod- ern in every detail. In fact, there is no high school in this area that has finer facilities. You now have a real incentive for carrying out the appro- priate theme of your Yearbook - "We Build Together." I am confident that you will take such good care of your new building that the taxpayers of Youngstown will feel proud of their million dollar investment in you. May you grow physical- ly, mentally, morally and spiritually in your new environment! PAUL C. BUNN Superintendent of Schools WE BU I LD TOGETHER "We Build Together" is a fine phrase to designate a yearbook. The word "To. gether" indicates that we live in an interdependent social milieu in which we meet and work with thousands of people to secure desired satisfactions and make our contribu- tions to others. We meet students of various personalities and attainments from all parts of our community. One of the most tar-rea:hing values of school life is learning to live peaceably and productively with others. This topic also suggests harmonious development in the areas suggested in the yearbook e intellectual, physical, cultural and social. The outstanding person is one who is well developed in all these areas. He has taken full advantage of his educational op- portunity to learn about the many areas of human activity, and has acquired the ability to reason, form judgements, and make decisions. He has taken pains to maintain and improve his health by sufficient exercise, sleep, diet, and relaxation. It is an open se:ret that physical and mental health are closely related and each reacts upon the other. However, intellectual and physical achievement are dangerous unless accompanied by cultural and social advancement. He must know the protocol and also be genuinely kind and considerate to others. It is impossible to be cultured and socially refined un- less a person is strong morally and spiritually. The school is deeply interested in the moral and spiritual welfare of students because they are intrinsic to a good life and must be developed along with the other phases of training. I sincerely hope that "We Have Built Together" during your brief time in school and that your future will be richer and happier because of that experience. Your friend, WARREN L. RlCHEY We build together. To get the most out of life we must cooperate with others. It has been said that man cannot live unto himself alone. Through the written page and the spoken word we are heirs to the best thoughts of the intellectual giants of the post and present. Together we strive to in- terpret the present and plan for the future. To do this effectively we must have clean, trained minds in healthy bcdies. In sports, physical training and hygiene we attempt to know and follow the rules of health. The building of a life of service, of constructive and cultural value to the community, worthwhile and successful for the builder, is largely a process of working together with others, but through it all keeping a per- sonal integrity. We feel certain that the Class of 1956 have caught this vision, as dis- played so well in the pages of this Annual, and will be better and happier citizens because they have learned to work and reason together while in North High School. C. V. THOMPSON Assistant Principal 056w Wmeew First Row e Katy Jackson, Judy Shives, Dorothy Bryer, secretary, Diane Zobko, Alice Voytek, Patricia Torok. Second Row e Ruth Martin, Irene Hall, Betty Fobryl Mary Gramelt, Susan Jackson, Betty Parry, Laura Thornton, Avis Martin. Third Row -- Delores Bionco, Sally Birch, Doris Crocratt, Shirley Cowher, Dorothy Simpson, Patricia Yuhasz, Jeannette Shipton, Patricia Russo, Matilda Fato. in order to see to it that all the little errands are done immediately in the office, we have a group of girls who work with the secretary and the Assistant Principal, Mr. Thompson. These girls are constantly carrying messages, filing or delivering special announcements to teachers and students in various parts of the building. The girls do not receive any extra credit for working in the office, but they realize that the experience of meeting visitors and working with other people will prove a valu- able asset to them when they are out of school. 74Maw DOROTHY BRYER Sec reta ry Mr. Alexander, Miss Seidel, and Mr. Beacham are the senior advisors this year, They have various jobs, all connect ed with the activities of the seniors. "When in doubt, see an advisor" is the by-word of the class. O demwe By helping the student to study his intellectual and phy- sical capabilities through tests and self analysis the guidance counsellor makes it possible for students to plan their edu- cational program wisely and to choose a vocation more in- telligentlyi Students also are aided in personal problems and in learning to work and play with others. The ideal guidance program assists each student to grow intellectually, physically, socially and culturally. ROSE BODE Dean of Girls W'I'W 7 6 The Pupil Personnel Ser- vices are concerned with the student in the home, the com- munity and the church as well as the schoolt We, as school people, have no control over students outside the school grounds unless there is inter- ference with the welfare of the child who should attend school. By visiting the homes Visiting Teachers counsel with parents and secure help where needed. HAROLD W. LUXON Visiting Teacher eight 7699mm! Staff FirsiL Row-Dorothy Simpson, Alice Voyfek, Margie Tofh, Susan Jackson. Second Row-Corolyn Walker, Patricio Yuhosz, Jerrold McFadden, Douglas Burghoml William Goddis. Miss Molnar, Advisor. Editorial Advisor . . . . . . . . . , Miss Molnar DIVISION PAGES Editor ................ Patricio Yuhasz Dedication ........... Patricio Yuhosz Co-Edi'ror ............. Margie Toth Foreword ............... Margie Toth Business Advisor . . s , . . . Mr. Beochom Commencement ........ Patricio Yuhasz Business Manager . . , s .. s Poul Noble Intellectual Development Ass't Business Manager , Loretta Shipton Douglas Burghom Physical Development . .Douglos Burghom Social Development . . . Barbara Williams Cultural Development .. William O'Neil ART Dorothy Simpson, Ethel Wot- kins, Margie Toth, Susan Jackson, Carolyn Walker. TYPISTS Loretta Shipton, Alice Voytek, D o r o t h y Simpson, Margie Toth, Patricio Yuhosz, Bor- baro Williams, C a r o I y n Walker. Loretta Shipton and Barbara Williams are busy with the "lay-outs" of the annual. nine 7W ENGLISH Sitting-Miss Polley, Miss Bacon, Miss Hoskin. Standing-Miss Beard, Mr. Stevensl Miss Skeel, Mrs. Sullivan. MUSIC Mr. Higgins, Mr. Richards COMMERCIAL Mn Beocham, Mrs. B!iss, Miss Mulheron. SCIENCE Mr. Percic, Mr. Ludt, Mr. Bush, Miss Moreno. ten HISTORY AND SOCIAL STUDIES Sitting-Mr. Kroll, Mr. Jeren, Mrs. Rumbel. Standing Mr. Alexander, Miss Seidel, Mr. Hornickle, Mr. Swander, PHYSICAL EDUCATION Miss Molnar, Mn Bush, Mr. Cromb. ARTS ' ?ing- Mrs. Weichsel, Mr. Doyle, Miss Jones. mmding Mr. Elwell, Mr. Nodzom, Mr. Draper. MATH EMAT l CS Sitting- Mr. Heckman, Mr. Popelko. Stonding-Mr. Sfetts, Mr. Queen. eleven "WE DESCEND FROM THE PAST AS A WANDERING PEOPLE FROM MOUNTAINS. WE CROSS INTO THE DAY TO BE DISCOVERED." Archibald MacLeish Many people think of commencement as the end, but it is really the beginning, the beginning of a new adult life for which we have been plan- ning and preparing throughout our high school years. We are no longer carefree teen-ogers. We are adults and must begin accepting the privi- leges and responsibilities of adulthood. The education we have gained in high school is the foundation upon which we must build new lives, and in so doing, improve the lives of those around us. We must begin building together. twelve Mmmmw Wm WM Sedan Allinois, Margaret Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Choir, Driver Education, Annual Staff, Office Worker. Arm es, Florence Laverne Y-Teens, Mixed Chorus, Gee Club, Choir, Driver Education, Annual Staff. Borgonier, Jacqueline Latin Club, Mixed Chorus, Glee Club. Choir, Ensemble, Y-Teens, Driver Education. Benson, Poul Driver Education, Norfhette, Movie Club. Bissett, Norma Jean Latin Club, Comet, Library, Northeffe, Sec. 1, Monitor, Annual Staff. Anderson, Clifford Football, Trock. Arnold, James A. Cornet, Mixed Chorus, Driver Education. Bender, Joseph E. Driver Education. Bianco, Delores C. Y-Teens, Office Worker, Library, Driver Education, Comet, Junior Ploy, Annuai Staff. Brown, Elmer M. Comet. fourteen Brown, Orrin L. Driver Education, Latin Club. Mixed Chorus, Annual Staff. Carter, Frederick Mixed Chorus, Driver Education. Christoff, Ronald Deon Track, Mixed Chorus, Junior Achievement Cobbin, John Ellis Driver Education, Football. Crenshow, Wi Hiom Alden Driver Education. fifteen 5W Burgham, Douglas E. Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Choir, Latin Club, Northefte, Junior Ploy, Debate, Pres. 24, Buck- eye Boys' State, Comet, An- nual Staff. Carter, Geraldine Moria Glee Club, Mixed Chorus. Choir, Driver Education, Annual Staff, Junior Achievement. Cobbin, Cornelius Collier, Lydia Choir, Mixed Chorus. Czopor, John M. Latin Club, Movie Club SW4 Davies, Harold C. Driver Education, Football, Track, Mixed Chorus, Latin Club, Annual Staff. Doyle, Howa rd Fobry, Richard G. Choir, Glee Club, Junior Ploy, Latin CIub, Comet, Basketball, Mixed Chorus, Norfhette, Driv- er Education, Annual Staff, Junior Achievement. Felton, Mary Jane Bond, Orchestra, 6 I ee Club. Choir, Ensemble, Y-Teens, Latin Club, Junior Ploy, Driver Edu- cation, Mixed Chorus, Annual Staff, Junior Achievement. Goddis, William Lewis Editor of Comet, Driver Educa- tion, Norfhefte, Annual Staff, Voice of Democracy Award. Dixon, Delores Jane Y-Teens, Office Worker, Driver a:lucafion, Mixed Chorus, Glee ub. Dozier, John Edwo rd Driver Education. Feagins, Ronald Edwo rd Football, Truck, Driver Educa- tion, Pres. I Floyd, Minnie Y-Teens, Driver Education. Gondo, Donna Jean Latin Club, Y-Teens, Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Choir, Drlv- er Education, Annual Staff. sixteen Gray, James G. Mixed Chorus, Football, Track. Heard, Bertha Mae Mixed Chorus, Driver Education, Y-Teens, Annual Staff. Hill, Jeannette Evelyn Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Choir. D r i v e r Education, Y-Teens, Comet, Junior Achievement. Howo rd, Doris Emtia Y-Teens. Jackson, Richard R. Mixed Chorus, Choir, Glee Club, Junior Ploy, Cornet, Track, Football, Northene, Movie Club, Pres. 3 seventeen Sendaed Hall, Lois Horlene Choir, Glee Club, Driver Edu- cation. Hightower, John Joe Mixed Chorus, Football, Bos- kefboll. Hollenbaugh, James Driver Education, Latin CIub, Monitor. Hughes, Robert Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Latin Club, Basketball, Bond, Or- chestra, Driver Education. Jackson, Susan Jone Mixed Chorus, Latin Club, Choir, Glee Club, Y-Teens, Comet, D r i v e r Education, Ensemble, Junior Play, Office Worker, Girls' State, Annual Staff. 5mm Jarko, Jo-Ann Y-Teens, Driver Education. Kennedy, John Comet, Choir, Football, Track. Loibl, Janet Driver Education, Junior Achievement, Mixed Chorus, Glee Club. Makosky, John R. Football, Track. McCurdy, Robert William Choir, Glee Club, Track, Latin Club, Driver Education, Annual Staff. Junior Achievement. Jormon, Marlene Dee Y-Teens, Mixed Chorus, Driver Education. Koscelonsky, Mo ry Jean Head Maiorette, Y-Teens, Latin Club, Choir, Band, Mixed Chorus, Ensemble, Glee Club, Driver Education, Junior Play, Sec 1, Trees. 2, Vice Pres 3, Annual Staff. Macciomei, Jerry M;Cullcugh, Dixie Lee Glee Club, Choir, Driver Educa- tion, Comet, Y-Teens, Sec 23, Junior Plcy, Annual Staff. M :Dermoft, Donald Basketball, Track, Mixed Chorus Glee Club, Choir eighteen McFadden, Dorsey Choir, Mixed Chorus, Bond,Glee CIub, Annual Staff, Comet, Movie Club, Driver Education, Junior Play, Latin Club, Track, Orchestra, Monitor. McGarry, Barbara El len Choir, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Latin Club, Driver Education, Y-Teens, Comet, Annual Staff, Vice Pres. 1,4, Trees. 3. Menold, Adrienne Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Choir, Ensemble, Majorette, Y-Teens, Latin Club. Moncrief, Mollie Moe Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Driv- er Education, Y-Teens. Moore, Raymond Latin Club, Movie Club, Driver Education, Vice Pres 2. nineteen Sudan McFall, Janet Lee Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Chon', Driver Education, Latin Club, Y-Teens, Annual Staff McGorry, Betty Joanne Y-Teens, Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Choir, Driver Education, Office Worker, Comet, Annual Staff, Northefte. Menold, Judith Anne Miyed Chorus, Glee Club, Choir, Ensemble, Driver Education, Y- Teens. Monroe, Blanche Virginia Library, Y-Teens, Driver Edu- cation. Moro r, George H. Sedan Murdock, Sarah Driver Education, Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Y Teens O'Neil, William John Choir, Glee Club, Junior Ploy, Latin Club, Movie Club, Comet, Track, Norfhette, Mixed Chorus Driver Education, Annual Staff, Monitor, Junior Achievement Perline, Ralph A. Track. Piergiovanni, Jerry Track, Football, Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Choir. Raseto, Nick R. Track, Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Choir. Noble, Poul Douglas Choir, Mixed Chorus. Glee Club, Movie Club, Latin Club, Treos 1,2, Business Manager of Annual. Po rknavy, Elaine Nancy Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Choir, Ensemble, Y-Teens, Latin Club, Driver Education, Office Work- er, Annual Staff Phillips, Henry Michael F o o t b a l l, Basketball, Track, Mixed Chorus, Driver Educa- tion, Latin Club, Trees. 4. Rankin, Shirley D. Y-Teens, Driver Education. Roller, Doris Jean Office Worker, Latin Club, Y- Teens. Driver Education. twentv Roth, Norma Jeanne Y-Teens, D r i v e r Education, Choir, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, ?ffge Worker, Comet, Annual to A Serrano, Frances Marie Office Worker, Driver Education Shives, Mabel V. Glee Club, Choir, Driver Educa- tion, Y-Teens. Soles, Juanita Jeon Bond, Choir, Orchestra, Glee Club, Ensemble, Mixed Chorus, Y-Teens, Latin Club, Library. Junior Play, Driver Education. Swoge r, Gwendolyn Mixed Chorus, Y-Teens, Driver Education, Glee Club, Choir. twenty-one Sexton Russo, Patricia Ann Flog Carrier, Office Worker, Library, Glee Club, Choir, Mixed Chorus, Driver Education, Y- Teens, Cornet, Annual Staff. Shipton, Loretta Frances Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Choir! Latin Club, Driver Education, Asst Business Manager of An- nual, Y-Teens. Simpson, Dorothy June Office Worker, Y-Teens, Library. Driver Education, Sec. 1, Mixed Chorus, Jr. Cheerleader, Annual Staff. Spitznagel, William R. Band, Orchestra, Driver Educa- tion. Temple, John Walter Football, Track, Comet, Latin Club, Driver Education. Sudan Toney, Mattie Cheerleader, Annual Staff, Li- grimy, Y-Teens, Comet, Junior ay. Trevis, Joseph John Football, Driver Education, Latin Club, Track, Choir, Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Comet, Bas- ketball, Junior Play, Annual Stuff. Underwood, Emmett Mixed Chorus, Driver Education. Walker, Co rolyn Ruth Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Choirl Driver Education, Comet, Office 3V cg k e r, Northette, Annual ta . Wolley, Joann H. Mojoretfe, Choir, Mixed Chorus. Y-Teens, Orchestra, Cornet, An- nual Staff, Driver Education, Northette, Junior Ploy. Toth, Margie Patricio Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Choir, Office Worker, Comet, North- effe, Y-Teens, Co-Editor of An- nual, Sec 4. Tullio, Sam A. Truck, Junior Play, Movie Club. Voytek, June Alice Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Choir, Driver Education, Comet, Office Worker, Northetfe, La'rin Club, Y-Teens, Annual Staff. Walker, Willa Y - Teens, Driver Education, Choir! Junior Achievement. Watkins, Ethel M. Mixed Chorus, Library, Driver Education, Y-Teens, Comet, Junior Achievement. twentyon Watkins, James Mixed Chorus. Williams, Barbara Jean Office Worker, Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Choir, Y-Teens, Magazine Campaign, Driver Education, Annual Staff. Williams, Nathaniel Football, Driver Education. Yuhosz, Patricia Ann Latin Club, Y-Teens, Cheerleoch er, Junior Ploy, Office Worker, Mixed Chorus, Driver Education, Edi'ror of Annual. Seam Weston, Burma Deon Mixed Chorus, Driver Education, Library, Y-Teens, Annual Staff. Williams, Lois Beatrice Y-Teens, Driver Education. Wilson, Charlene Ann YATecns, Driver Education Zobko, Dione Sue Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Choir, Office Worker, Y-Teens, Driver Education, Annual Staff. ALSO GRADUATING Hardy, Eleanor Hayes, McCoy Hardy, Rodney C. Moretti, Vincent Strowbridge, Paul D. twentytthree 661w 05km Douglcs Burghom, president; Barbara McGorry, vice president; Margie Toth, secretary; Michael Phillips, treasurer. North High Students look to their leaders. The Honors Day Assembly honors those who have rendered outstanding service gmay to our almo meter in leadership, citizenship, and scholarship. twenty-four 31H ilHPmnriam "HIS MEMORY LONG WILL LlVE ALONE IN ALL OUR HEARTS, AS MOURNFUL LIGHT THAT BROODS ABOVE THE FALLEN SUN, AND DWELLS IN HEAVEN HALF THE NIGHT." eTennyson ROBERT McFALL Died August 7, 1955 These few lines pay tribute to a classmate whose friendliness will long be remembered. As an athlete his talent shone brightlyl it only for a short time. His memory shall linger with usl even as the sun's rays linger to warm the earth after the sun has descended beyond the horizon. twenty-fivo MR. LUDT 15f Row 7, Marion Crenshow, Mary Lumpp, Doris Fobrizio, Gladys McKin- ney, Rochelle Bostick, Iona Schoffer, Susanne Morosky, Donno James. 2nd Row - Sally Kennedy, Mary Thomas, Loretta Bofz, Joan Uber, Carol Hcssey, Mordelie Green, Maxine Jackson, Betty Irby. 3rd Row i James Bevly, Philip Borom. Howard Doyle, Ernest Blacksheor, Cor- men Rubino, William Hughes, James Kulo, 41h Row Nelson Clayton, Norman Sink, Milton Woligc, Joe Demyon, Henry Frozzini, Jerry Beesonv yandm MISS MOLNAR 1st Row Janice Geffen, Areldo BeesorL Charlene Miller, Catherine Drumgole, Donna Hollmon, Loulo Tremble, Mor- goret Jackson, Charlotte Larson. 2nd Row -- Alice Thomas. Linda Homil- ton, Donna Houck, Dulcie Mesarosl Sally Kolot, Mary Hushower, Berna- dette Nemkovich, Judith Mohaffey. 3rd Row -. Kenneth Gobrik, Richard Hall, Joseph Snyder, David Gilliam, George Bosfick, Ray Madison 4th Row -- Som Overton, Robert Hum- phries, Timothy Butler, Robert Jacobs, :ronklyn Zordich, Ralph DeSalvo, Poul alto. twenTy-six MR. SWANDER lst Row Maggie Hotcheff, Mildred Hatchett, Nancy Williams, Lianne Bart Iey, Sally Birch, Sally McGorry. Mary Perline. 2nd Row Betty McKinney, Wondo Dun- can, Dorothy Wolf, Celestine Terrell, Barbara Bulah, Ruby Pierce, Morvo Hayes, Katy Jackson. 3rd Row Thomas Fechtel, Charles Kro- ner, Edward Miller, Thomas Naples, Robert Montgomery, Mike Garasic, Robert McCoughtry, James Ruby. 4th Row ... Charles Modorelli, Sam Sor- rienfo, Thaddeus Carter, Robert Nor- wood, Arned Churchwell, Ronald Lewis, Ernest Harris, William Moxley, Nathan- iel Williams. 1wenty-scven MISS HOSKIN , lst 'Row Avis Martin, Jean Smith, Mary SlmpSOn, Leeann McCaughtry, Carole Yuhosz, Geraldine Gross, Anita DePos- qua. Sonja Krisko, Anna DePosquo. 2nd Row - Robert Mocovitz, Obie McA Bride, Charles Snipes, Doris Crocraf'r, Mildred Morthlond, Judy Shives, Rose- lyn Mong, Joseph Duponfy, Donald Moscarello. 3rd Row w James Olverson, Clarence Smith, Richard Tyson, George Roseto, James Highoml Robert Kollor, Leroy Scott, Thomas Wilson. George Hudock. MR HECKMAN lst Row Borboro Moore, Shirley Under- wood, Rowena Taylor, Patricio Planin- shek, Lois Hartley, Olive Burrows, Irene Hull. Dorothy Drake, Jonef Crocroff. 2nd Row Ella Davis, Flossie Cottle, Ann White, Venicee Cobbin, Delores Asbury, Eeltfy Dozier, Ruth Ferguson, Catherine efon 3rd .Row Harry Workman, John Kolor, Rlchord Thompkins, Roy Lepore, Robert Wolley, Andy Makosky, Robert Ronolli, Charles Ellis, Frank Copuzello. 4th Row Clarence Bailey. Paul Koch, Anthony Woselich, Bernard Clayton, Thomas Johnson. Sawmm MR. PERCIC lst Row Barbara Smith, Betty Fobry, Patricia Torok, Anna Sovis, Jean Ship- ton, Eugenia Miller, June West, Leona Turner, Delores Bailey. 2nd Row -- Willis Morrison, Bernice Cren- show, Carol Parker, Sarah Saposhe, Betty Grissetf, Mildred Sfephens, Melissa Feogins. Barbara MccRae, William Goodyear. 3rd Row - David Cover, Theodore Brown, Ben McFoIl, Ronald Harris, Donald De- Solvo, Kenneth Squibbs, Dole Piergio- vonni, Nehemiah Hcire, John Smith, Leonard Highfower. twenty-eighr swhmm MR. STEVENS 15? Row - Laura Hughes, Madeline De- chocco, Bernadette Polisso, Anna Harris, Acquilla Harris, Juanita Brooks, Mary Carney, Geraldine Simon. 2nd Row Patricio Sontore, Frances Azaro, Dorothy Miller, Pauline Due- ccsfer, Rosemarie Caruso, Myrna Mc- Millen, Mildred Snipes. Robert Brindion 3rd Row -- Raymond Rubino, Ronald Bur- ton, Thomos Watkins, Tolmodge Roy, Wayne Wilkeson, Ralph Mclnfire, Leonv 0rd Johnson, Leonard Highfower. 4th Row - Mock Kelly, Robert Olverson, James Handel, James Sfonkich, Charles Green, Ronald Franz, Carl Sink, twenfy-nine MRS WEICHSEL lst Row Rose Delflore Sandro Horns. Lois Jormon, Brenda "i'arver, Florence Brown, Mary Duponfy, Rose Frazzini, Matilda Fate, 2nd Row - Ronold Zefts, Marie Kolof, Margaret Sfere, Shirley Cowher, Evelyn Boley, Judy McGorry, Dione Peters, Mary Gromelf, David Weimer 3rd Row John Taylor, Robert Olverson, Talmadge Roy, John Kolasky, Raymond Benson, William Carter, Robert Hover, Richard Soles. 4th Row k Ronald Franz, Ronald Bur- ton, Poul Casey, Gary Cox, Fred Puscher, Archie Beck, Donald Trevis, Ronald Jackson. MISS BACON 15? Row Judy Demsey, Dolores Thomp- kins, Saundra McBride, Annette Davis, Katherine Mclntire, Ruth Howard, Dan lene Buloh, Patricio Lumpp, Patricio Ewolhin. 2nd Row Andromeda Bennett. Thelma Socie, Erwin Johnson, Francis Kuzmo, Michael Goricki, John Vagillo, Barbara Adams, Katherine Glofkowski. 3rd Row - Ralph Royal, Robert Armes, Ronald Menold, George Miller, John Thornton, Donald Bryer, James Ben- nett, Scott Hollenbough, Robert Torok. 4th Row Ronald Hughey, Scott Moon, EmESf Taylor, WIHIOm Sonnenlitter, Gerald Williamson, Jock Jacobs. ?zmw MISS MULHERAN lst Row Betty Lewis, Priscilla Smail, Ogorefte Murphy, Frances Polumbo, Rose Boyd, Charlie Chotmon, Josephine Smith, Lillie Gibson, Linda Edwards. 2nd Row -- Thomas Uber, Richard Davies, Carol Moretti, Judith Franz, Joanne Coffle, Sondra McGarry, Judith Sfinson, Joan Walker, Kenneth Barman, Fred Taylor, Ronald Wright. 3rd Row Frank Hall. Lonnie Ray, Ken- neth Lewis, James Kroner, Pot Roland, Wilfred McCorley, John Faunda, Carl Hill, Guy Bernard, William Klenner. I ?Itewmea MR. HIGGlNS lst Row Marie Miller, Ruth Lloyd, Helena Todhunfer, Barbara Davis, Willie Stephens, Joyce Tucker, Mary Hem- mons, Foresfine Eoson, Dorothy Wilson. 2nd Row .. Lewis Singleferry, Albert Mila Ier, Dallas Daniels, Lucille Navarro, Mary Floyd, Mary Parsons, Harold Drumgole, Alexander Tremble, Joseph Koch 3rd Row Walter Poulun, Frank Lewis, Raymond Gordon, William McCaughtry, Alfred Homrock, Paul Burnett, Ron- cevert Randolph, Norman Collier, Theo- dore Hemmons, Carl Yosh. thirtwonc MRS, SULLIVAN lst Row Carol DePuy, Shirley Jackson, Barbara Lipka, Anna Solute, Ardell Spivey, Barbara Tremble, Laura Thorn- fon, Pearl Moxley. 2nd Row Tony DuPonty, Edward Riley, Frank Nizlak, Andy Rehlinger, Helen Bush, Delores Carnohon, Joyce Alex- ander, Carol Weston, Don Prifchett, Richard Roller, Richard Wore. 3rd Row - William Wilson, Wayne Meyx ers, Albert Gilchrist, George Anderson, Carver Howard, Larry Williams, Francis Humphries, Walter Smith, Thomas Hey- dle, Robert Kocir. MISS JONES 15? Row - Agnes McGuire, Marie Evans, Carol Crocraft, Geraldine Bevly, Janice Hartley, Kathleen Kent, Barbara Town- send, Viola Hushower. 2nd Row Ruth Martin, John Donofrio, James Sfere, Clark McFoll, Allen Frost, Cor! Heard, Jesse Jormon, Judith Holl, Barbara Minor. 3rd Row Julius Smith, Delmar Wowen- sock, Raymond Miller, James Cornahon, Fred Binion, Sam Cobbin, Poul Peques, Archie Buie, Clarence Adams. 7Wmm MRS. BLISS 15? Row -- Phyliss Nolan, Mary Under- wood, Janet Bachelder, Patricio Stinson, Betty Parry, Mary Jacquin, Judy Bucha- nan, Anna Ewolhin, Dorothy Cylar. 2nd Row William Larson, Donald Gray, Virginia Hickey, Gloria Croom, Sondra Prisby, Peggy Lewis, John Solako, Ronald Dobbins. 3rd Row Rickey Rochefte, Fred Ben- der, Jerry McWhorfor, Abel Rios, John Pope, Kenneth Grisseff, Leroy Former. 4th Row Paul Wiliioms, Paul Wells, Julius Johnson, Roberf Henderson, Wil- liam Wolf, James Tate, Leroy Ague thirty-two MISS BEARD 8th Grade First Row Geroldine Clark, Donna De- Pasquo, Gloria Patsy, Donna Kent, Soroh Martin, Amelia Hicks. Ann Mocolo, Bor- boro Hover, Mary Wylom. Second Row Frances Drewek, Kathie Mesoros, Patricio Shusfer, Wiliam New becker, John Mclnfire, Robert Earvin, Vol- vie Haynes, Jeon Berchik, Margaret Pin- ter, Donald Weston. Third Row - Chester Holl, Leon Johnson. Raymond Backus, James Tofh, Booker Clark. Joseph Clark, George Hahn, Ralph Meyers, Kennefh Soles, Richard Brindior thirty-three MR. HORNICKLE 8th Grade First Row Lindo Evans, Alberta Freeman, Sandro Clark, Rebecca Miller, Clara Hus- hower, Dione Hughey, Barbara Patterson, Borboro Jones, Elizabeth Yosh. Second Row - Terry MCCrcckenA James PouL Lola Dixon, Rosemarie Kelly, Ethel Harris, Florence Brooks, Betty Crenshow, Bruce Clingon, Gory Colobrer, Joseph Bones, Wilber Underwood. Third Row Gerald Savechko, Willie Hotchett, George Wiseman, Gerald Wolk- er, Donald Irby, Ronald Squibbs, William Murray, Floyd Pierce, James Kollor, Oliver Kennedy, Howard Menold. MRS. RUMBEL 8th Grade First Row Nancy Cosh, Mary Arena, Kathleen Joy, Margaret Girord, Carole Smith, Betty Haynes. Florence Kolaf, Anno Demyan, Helen Murphy. Second Row Herman Clark, Leonetto Johnson, Louise McWhorfer, Wanda Hill, Judy Workman, Evelyn Sinkovich, Coro- lyn Rogon, Twila Lindsay, Elaine Butler, Margaret Kennedy, Clarence Rankin, Percy Thornton. Third Row Robert Nemkovich, John Davidson, John Soles. Steve Rohlinger, Charles McGarry, Willie Gray, Martin Weimer, Lawrence Hollinsheod, Gerald LlndSOY, Marvin Bonds, Charles Azoro. gm glow MR. QUEEN 8th Grade First Row Lovern Highfower, Barbara Croom. Gertrude Kent, Anna Buffone, Patricio McFaH, Florence Edwards, Ruth Mlller, Julio Coffer, Mary Jennings, Thomas Jones Second Row Robert Weidner, Merle Mc- Foll, Robert Hickey, Marlayno Powers, Janet McCurdy, Muriel Williams, Delores Stephenson, Carol Croom, Marilyn Sink, Imogene Gilford, Albert Monroe, Kenneth Blonfon. Third Row WiHie Johnson, Leonard Wal- lace, Joseph Young, Clemon Costeel, Michael Szpak, John Crawford, Frank Phillips, Robert Burton, Steve Kurowsky, Robert Boyd, Thomas Smith. thirty-four gm 74W MISS SKEEL 7th Grade First Row - Kathryn Gramelf, Elizabeth Torok, Nora McGarry, Jeanette Ragon, Marv Honda, Janet Piergiovonni. Second Row - John Forney, June Cro- craff, Alice Weidner, Albert Diggs, Rob- ert Rock, Raymond Bender, Betty Austin, Sondra Morosky, Robert Soles. Third Row Francis Sevachko, Ralph Heaven, James Goddis, Michael Yoyick, Edward Coleman, Donald Parker, Alvin McCotfry, James Brodick. thirty-five MISS POLLEY 7th Grade First Row-Loretfo Haynes, Mldred Ten rell, Grace Former, Lucy Wesson, Marvo Miller, Carole Cooper Second Row Borboro Womock, Sondra Borsick, Mary Mocala, JoAnn Postersky, Ella Girord. Third Row Melvin West, Patsy Amica- relli, John Russo, John Bondi, Ronald Slip- kasky, Donald Evans, Cletus Himes. MR. JEREN 7th Grade First Row-Dorofhy Nizlok, Dorothy Gess- ler, Carolyn Tyson, Rebecca White, Carol EH15, Lucy Clark, Shirley Holecko, Hilda Murphy. Second Row CecIl Downing, Donald Brm- dlor, Ann Tare, Frances Murrell, Nancy Sgoff, Eleonora Moore, Virginia Pope, RlChCrd Heydle, Carmen Colette. Third Rowv-Thomas Triff, Charles Ship- fon, Richard Kollor, James McQueen, William Ferguson, Steve Gondo, Roger Parsons, Hubert Brown, Robert Royal, Fred Bennett. M R. ST ETTS 7th Grade First Row--Potricio Loibl, Mary Volerioni, Sandra Nagy, Shelia Coe, Anna Cook, Joyce Miller, Barbara Hoy, Cecilio Wil- liams, Nancy Geffen Second Row -- James Burnett, Bert Bor- bato, Joseph Solensky, Rebecco Simon, Elizabeth Wilson, Ruby Beck, Loretta Fobry, Lorry Kmefz, Richard Whitfenber- ger, James Hover. Third Row Freemcn Snipes, Lewis Pow- ell, Carmen Caruso, Alon Bowman, Jasper Griffin, Willie Davisl Dennis French, Ron- ald Evans, Alon Menold. fhirty-six MISS MORANO 7th Grade First Row-Cheryl Kent Roxie Straw- bridge, Jemie Groves, Carolyn Barkey, Glenda Rogers, Lenora Ficklin, Carmelo Buffone. Second Rcw-Nelson Wolf, Doris Turner, Cynthia Welcher, Gloria Polisso, Chor- Iene Miller, Linda Deterding, Jone Mur- ray, Lorrimore Snipes, Third Row- Eugene Boyonski, Andrew Frost, Eugene Rhodes, Gerald DeSolvo. Robert Hayes, George Kuzma, Milton Morris! Ezekiel Felder, Poul Bradick Careful maneuvers park the cor thirty-seven "MIND IS THE GREAT LEVER OF ALL THINGS; HUMAN THOUGHT IS THE PROCESS BY WHICH HUMAN ENDS ARE ULTlMATELY ANSWER- ED." e-Doniel Webster As in all things, training and practice are necessary to bring the mind to its greatest usefulness. This school's principal purpose of providing these necessities is, indeed, adequately fulfilled, for North High offers to the student on extensive curriculum. He may choose among the academic, commercial, and vocational courses of study, or some combination of the three to suit his personal needs. Specific trade opportunities, such as cos- metology and auto-mechanics, are also available. thirty-eight " ,5 v3? v$$ Ci buxwwvv 5; g. i $1 $8 xx 1m W The Latin Club, mode up of members of the first and second year Latin classes, totaled forty this year. The purpose of the club is to give Latin stu- dents a chance to meet socially and to provide them with an opportunity to learn more about the history and culture of Rome. First RoweBorboro Tremble, Anna Kolat, Lois Hort- iey, Mary Gramelt, Irene Hail, Bernadette Polisso, Olive Burrowes, Marie Miller. Second RowePotricio Planinishek, Joyce Coble, De- lores Cornohan, Florence Brown, Darlene Beulah, Joyce Tucker, Dione Peters, Patricio Sontore, Mr. Stevens, Advisor. Third Row-Jock Jacobs, Harry Workman, James Tate, Donald Trevis, Wayne Wilkeson, John Ko- Iosky, Dole Piergiovonni, Jomes Hollenbaugh, Gary Cox, Kenneth Lewis. Fourth RoweRcilph Royal, Walter Powlen, Roy Gor- den, John Saloko, John Pope, William Sonneniitter, John Temple, Fred Homrock, Poul Burnett, Thomos Uber. WM? F F F spacer J J J space eventually leads to mastery of the keyboard. Besides mastery of the keyboard, the boys and girls in typing closses learn letter placement, manuscript typing, legal forms, tabulations, and many other business forms. Experts with o T-squore e future designers. When boys leave school today, they should be proficient in the making and reading of plans and blueprints so that they can succeed in this highly industrialized world. Duke: Educatc'aw In a car donated by the Acme Motors and through the cooperation of the AAA and the Board of Education, Mr. Troenkle instructs stu- dents in the fundamen- tals and rules of good sportsmanlike driving. A new look! These girls enjoy a hobby with o three-woy gain. They h a v e custom-mode clothes, the fun of creating, and financial profit, 6W9 My, something smells good! The enticing aroma is wofting from the cooking room. The girls are taught to prepare meals, arrange menus, and to buy nutritious foods. forty-one In the library students may find books and magazines to read for pleasure and refer- ence books to help with school- work. At the beginning of each year, classes are held to orient seventh graders in li- brary procedure. Intelligent use of North High's weII-run, weIi-stocked library can play on important part in building toward adulthood. First RoweBionche Monroe, Norma Bissett, Patricio Lumpp. Second RoweBorbaro Tremble, Dorothy Wolf. Betty Grlssett, Helena Todhunter. 70m The woodworking classes give ample opportunity for boys to express themselves through their own handiwork as well as to develop their skill in woodworking. 369K094; The study of plants and ani- mals gives us a greater under- standing of life processes. it plays an invaluable part in our education. forty-two W Stag; First ROWeJomes Olverson, Thomas Uber, Guy Berord, Joe Koch,Mock Kelly, Clarence Bailey, Thomas Watkins Second Row -- Elmer Brown, Alice Voytek, Joan Uber, Judy Buchane on, William Goddis, Linda Homil- ton, Doris Fobrizio, Mary Simpson, Avis Martin, Susanne Morosky. Third ROWeMildred Stephens, June West, Susan Jackson, Marie Miller, Judith Sfinson, Catherine Drum- gole, Florence Brown, Olive Bur- rowes, Ethel Watkins, Mrs. Bliss, Advisor. Fourth Row - Jerrold McFadden, Douglas Burghom, Dixie McCul- lough, Shirley Underwood, Dorothy Miller, Mildred Snipes, Melissa Feoa gins, Flossie Cottle, Venice Cob- bin, Carol Parker, Mattie Toneyt Fifth Row-Lenord Johnson, Thod- deus Carter, Richard Jackson, Rod- ney Hardy, James Arnold, Roy- mond Lepore, Lewis Jones, Charles Norwood, John Temple. Poems, features, humor, essays, sports, and news are combined in the monthly publications of the school paper -- The Comet. The staff mem- bers are striving to produce a newspaper of sterling quality. The policy and the purpose of the Comet is to print the truth and inform its readers. This interesting, informative, and entertaining school project is edited by William Goddis with Mrs. Bliss as the advisor. Write, rewrite, compile, and edit. forty-three "THE IMPORTANT THING IN THE OLYMPIC GAMES IS NOT WINNING, BUT TAKING PART s THE ESSENTIAL THING IS NOT CONQUERING, BUT FIGHTING WELL." hBaron De Coubertin There- is a marked relation between mental alertness and physical fitness, for 0 determined mind demands a healthy body. In the building of an individual, care must be taken to provide facilities for bodily development. In this respect, too, North High School is complete. Physical education is a requirement and there are numeroble extro- curricuiar physical activities in which the student may participate. It is with this development that this division deals. forty-four The cafeteria group is very vital to our welI-being at school. They furnish our bod- ies and minds with needed nourishment. The students' appreciation of the lunches is shown, as you may have noticed, by the length of the queue at mealtimes. WW NURSE Teaching students the value of good health is the primary objective of the Health De- partment's program. i Our routine examination of eyes, ears, throat, and teeth is done to make the students and their parents aware of physical defects and weaknesses. Referral to their family doctor should indicate to them that the doctor is the key man in a good health program. Other phases of our work include first aid, TB Patch Test, Shick Test, Polio Salk Vaccine injec- tions, and X-rays of senior students. All of these phases are co-ordinated to teach the students and their parents that to lead a successful life, one has to be in good health. ANN MUEHLBAUER Nurse Mrs. Lindsay, Manager, Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Paul, Mrs. Mayorga, Mrs. Planinshek, Mrs. Hodde Mrs. Wilson. forty-six ekedeadow The "Bulldogs" have the coach and the team, and the cheerleaders try to provide the "pep" and the "steam" to spark them on to victory. This year the cheerleaders have been busy cheering 0t games, organizing pep assem- blies, and sponsoring a very successful Homecoming game and dance. VARSI TY CHEERLEADERS Patricio Yuhasz, Sally McGorry, Anita DcPasqua, Mattie Toney, Bernadette Polisso, Irene Hall, These girls work hand in hand with the varsity cheerleaders. Whenever a varsity cheerlea- der is unable to attend a game, one of these girls takes her place. Mary Duponty. Mary Gramelt, Jeanne Shipton, Judy McGorryt fortyeseven Nme-MJO; ah " A , ,M First Row Thomos Wilson, Jerry Beeson, Koch, Richard Thompkins, Gary Cox, David Cover, Ronald Feagins, William Hughes. Second Row Robert McCoughfry, Nathaniel Williams, Robert Norwood, Raymond Lepore, John Mm kosky, Richard Jackson, John Kennedy, Carmen Rubino. James Gray, Henry Frozzini, Dole Pier- giovonni, James Olverson, Thomas Fechfel. Third Row-Mr. Crumb, Coach, Leroy Scott, Thaddeus Carter, Donald Trevis, James Duponty, John Kalasky, Kenneth Squibbs, Wayne Wilkeson, John Temple, Leonard Brown, Mr. Bush, Asst. Coach. Fourth Row-dcmes Kulo, Charles Kroner, Clifford Anderson, Mike Phillips, Joseph Trevis, James Highom. 7am A play that dominated the North-South game was the Carter to Highom hondoff. Coach Cromb looks over a few secret plans. forty-nine Trying hard for a "first down." James Kulo and James Higham of the North High squad prove NORTH NORTH NORTH , NORTH NORTH NORTH NORTH NORTH NORTH that practice makes perfect. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 0 O 6 13 MASSILLON URSULINE CHANEY RAYEN BOARDMAN WILSON EAST BROOKFI ELD SOUTH fifty-one JUN IOR H IGH FOOTBALL First Row George Miller, Harold Drumgole, Albert Miller, Theodore Grissett, Michael Gorricki, Abel Rios, Richard Roller. Second Row-Irvin Turner, Theodore Hemmons, Carver Howard, Wilfred McCarley, Walter Smith, Thomas Heydle, John Vagilla, Roncevert Randolph, Frank Lewis Third Row Frank Hall, Lewis Singleterry, Raymond Gordon, Patrick Roland, James Tate, Andrew Reh- linger, Lonnie Ray, William Klenner. Fourth Row MarshalI Popelko, Coach, James Toth, Frank Phillips, Ronald Squibbs, Michael Szpak, Rob err Klenner, Manager. JUN IOR HIGH FOOTBALL NORTH WILSON NORTH EAST NORTH CHANEY NORTH RAYEN NORTH WI LSON NORTH URSULINE JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS First Row Anno Buffone, Sandra McGorry, Elizabeth Yosh. Second Row Potricia Ewolhin, Sondra Prisby, Patricio Lumpp, Helena Todhunter. The cheerleaders odd pep and sparkle to the Junior High games. fiffy-Two Mary Koscelonsky, Head Maiorette Adrienne Menold, Acrobat fifty-three p md Zme A jujitsu trick? No, it's just the girls' gym class learning to do the "swan" dive. Vigorous ploy builds sound bodies and promotes good sportsmanship. "Grab your partner, back to the bar! Promenade around to the Texas Star." fifty-four VARSITY BASKETBALL First Row--Jomes Kula, James Higham. Donald McDermott, Leonard Brown, Lewis Jones. Second Row Roy Kroll, Coach, Poui Koch, Robert Jacobs, John Hightower, Richard Fobry, Robert Nor- wood, Thaddeus Carfer, James Olverson, Manager. Third Row John Kollar, Manager, Clarence Bailey. Richard Thompkins, Leonard Hightower, William Goodyear, Manager ?W The Brookfield game gets un- derway as the centers strain for the ball. All players set themselves for a potential rebound. A break is called in the game for words of guidance from Coach Kroll. fifty-six The energetic Varsity Cheerleaders feed the flames of School Spirit. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 51 HUBBARD 30 EAST 43 GIRARD 39 RAYEN 61 BOARDMAN 49 BROOKFIELD 38 SOUTH 56 WILSON 39 URSULINE 46 CHANEY 46 HUBBARD 48 EAST 54 NILES 46 RAYEN 55 SOUTH 58 WILSON 56 URSULINE 49 CHANEY 61 WARREN fiffy-seven JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL First Row2Williom Klenner, Carver Howard, Michael Goricki, Theodore Grissett, George Miller. Second Row2Sam Cobbin, Albert Miller, L. C. Thompson, Frank Phillips, Frank Lewis, Charles Bush. 00: . Third Row2Donold Weston, Robe?! Klenner, Martin Weimer, Robert Burton, Richard Roller. JUN lOR H IGH BASKETBALL NORTH 39 URSULINE 20 NORTH 32 WEST 34 NORTH 42 EAST 23 NORTH 39 PRINCETON 54 NORTH 33 WI LSON 30 NORTH 30 HAYES 60 NORTH 42 WEST 31 NORTH 40 EAST 42 NORTH 23 PRINCETON 49 NORTH 25 WI LSON 37 NORTH 26 HAYES 60 NORTH 31 NORTH RES'R'V 3O fifty-eight fifty-nine First Row-Samuel Tullio, James Gray, Richard Jackson, William Hulley, Leonard Brown, Ernest Harris, Leroy Scott, Thomas Naples. Second RoweThomas Fechtel, Robert McCurdy, Henry Frozzini, Robert Jacobs, Harold Davies, John Temple, Obie McBride, Philip Moore, William Hughes, Robert McCaughtry. t . Third ROW-ROY Kroll, Coach, Michael Phillips, Robert Mahaffey, Joseph Trevis, James HIgham, RIChOl'd Arnett, John Kennedy, David Sokevitz, Raymond Carter, Jock Cromb, Coach. . Fourth Row-Morshall Popelkq, Coach, Timothy Butler, Robert Montgomery, Jerrold McFadden, Chfford Anderson, William O'Neil, Richard Tyson, Wayne King, Robert Ferkula. TRACK SCHEDULE WARREN MEET Warren 69 North 48 Howlond 32 POLAND MEET North 63V3 Poland 542,5; HUBBARD MEET North 87 Hubbard 31 RAYEN MEET North 65V2 Ursuline 64V2 Rayen 18 BOARDMAN MEET Boordmcm 61 North 57 SALEM MEET Salem 67 North 50 McDonald 39 FARREL MEET North 5814; Farrel 50241 Robert Mohoffey holds the school and city record for the high and low hurdles. Roy Carter holds the school and city record for the 100 yard dash and the broad jump. "SOClETY lS FUNDAMENTAL, AND IT IS AN ESSENTIAL CONDITION FOR SELF-CONSClOUSNESS AND PERSONALITY." hRufus M. Jones Man is 0 social being who finds great satisfaction in sharing his associations with others. Social projects and extra-curricular activities such as dances, school parties, games, community projects, and other social activities of all kinds are essential to the student's happiness. Without these our lives would become dull and monotonous. By taking part in social life we de- velop our personality, which enables us to meet our various life situations more successfully. First Row-Leona Turner, Betty Fobry, Matilda Fora, Rosemarie Frazzini, Patricia Sanfore, Frances Azaro, Soro Sopashe, Pauline Duecasier, Bernadette Polisso, Patricia Torok, Joyce Coble, Dorothy Drake, Patricio Ploninshek, Loura Hughes, Catherine Felfon, Judy McGorry. Second Row-Lois Hartley, Ruth Ferguson, Flossie Cotfle, Ann Sovis, Roselyn Mung, Lianne Barfley. Chorlofte Larson, June West, Suzanne Morosky, Doris Fobrizio, Mary Gromelt, Donna Wilson, Irene Hall, Anna Kolof, Margaret Sfere, Carol Evans. Third Row-Jeonneffe Shipton. Venicee Cobbin, Mildred Stephens Sally Kennedy, Bernadette Nemkovich, Mary Lumpp, Doris Crocraft, Sally Birch, Wanda Duncan, Celestine Terrell, Ruby Pierce, Barbara Buloh, Carol Parker, Olive Burrowes, Betty Grissef, Annie White, Eugenio Miller, Mary Carney. Fourth Row Jonet Cracroft, Geraldine Simon, Marion Crenshaw, Avis Martin, Carole Yuhosz, Areldo Beeson, Joan Uber, Betty McKinney, Carol Hossey, Janice Getmn, Dulcie Mesoros, Florence Brown, Barbara McRoe, Anna Harris, Anita DePOsquo. Fifth Row-Donna Houck, Maxine Jackson, Betty lrby, Alice Thomas, Leeann McCoughtry, Geraldine Gross, Sally McGarry, Mary Perline, Linda Hamilton, Mary Simpson, Katy Jackson, Gladys McKin- ney, Shirley Cowher. ?- 7eew First Row--Moftie Toney, Adrienne Menold, Susan Jackson: Mary Koscelonsky, Shirley Rankin, Janet McFoIl, Donno Gonda, Gwen Swoger, Ethel Watkins. Second Row Doris Roller, Burma Weston, Doris Howard, Willa Walker, Dorothy Simpson, Jeanette Hill, Jacqueline Borgonier, Betty McGarry, Charlene Wilson, Dorothy Bryer, Advisor. Third Row -Minnie Floyd, Bertha Heard, Mabel Shives, Norma Roth, Mary Felton, Barbara Williams, Dione Zabko, Patricio Russo, JoAnn Jarko, Blanche Monroe. Fourth Row-Morgie Toth, Delores Bianco, Alice Voyfek, Miss Skeel, Advisor, Loretta Shipton, PotriCIo Yuhosz, Joanne Walley, Dixie McCullough. sixtyrtwo ?- 7cm Y-Teen members are making Christ- mas favors which will be sent to South Side and St. Elizabeth Hospitals to the Children's Words. This all ties in with the Y-Teen goals; namely, to grow as 0 person; to grow in relation- ship with people of 0H races, religions and nationalities; and to grow in the love and knowledge of God. zed $wu The objective of the campaign is "En- rollment for Service." The money re- ceived is used through the National Children's Fund to send direct material aid to children in time of emergency. Richard Fobry and William O'Neil were co-coptoins with Miss Seidel os advisori sixty-three eammamc'ty 6564:! North High students realized their responsibility in civic affairs through participation in the Community Chest campaign. They have learned of the work of the agencies supported, in port, by their contribution when their representatives visited the Child Gui- dance Center, Christ Mission, Alcohol- ics Anonymous, International Insti- tute, and the Y.W.C.A. Loretta Ship- ton and Barbara Williams were co- captoins for this campaign and Mr. Swonder was the teacher-sponsor. WWW Sally McGorry reigned as homecoming queen with Patri- cia Yuhasz and Mattie Toney as attendants at the North- South game. The ceremonies on The gridiron were beautiful with a musical background supplied by the North High bond. LeeAnn McCoughfry. Flog Carrier; Patricia Yuhosz, Attendant; Patti Jo McGorry, Crown Bearer; Sally McGorry, Homecoming Queen: Mattie Toney, Attendant; Carole Yuhasz, Flog Carrier Patricio Yuhosz, Sally McGarry, Patti Jo McGorry, Mattie Toney. Sally McGorry, Homecoming Queen sixtyvfour WW King, Mike Phillips, pins 0 corsoge for Queen, Sally McGorry. Our King and Queen dance to the strains of "Moments To Remember." The homecoming festivities were cli- maxed with a dance at which King, Mike Phillips was crowned. North High students plan to make the foot- boll homecoming celebration a school tradition. Mattie Toney, Attendant; Michael Phillips, King; Solly McGorry, Queen; Patricia Yuhosz, Attendant; Patti Jo McGorry, Crown Bearer. sixfy-five 7 SW 7m 9m Democracy has always engaged the attention of thinking citizens. So much has been said about it that apparently there is little left unsaid. However, Democracy re- mains a subject of perpetual interest. Democracy, an intangible thing -- yet, we can feel its influence, see its exerted energy, hear its thundering voice, smell its pugent fragrance, and even taste its savory dishes. We feel democracy when we awake in the morning, knowing that the house which sheltered us is still our possession and that the clothing we wear is of our own choosing. We walk down the streets, never fearing that someone will pounce upon us and take us away to a dungeon. In the stores Democracy enables us to buy the product or food of our desire and taste; or if we wish, we may refrain from buying without dreading pun- ishment. Democracy can be felt deeply in our churches and synagogues while we enjoy the- priviledge of free worship. We feel democracy in the aches and pains of labor. Democ- racy, like a cool shower on a hot, summer day, pours upon the fevered earth and one cannot help but feel 'its soothing coolness. We see democracy in action on the football fields, on the baseball diamonds, on the basketball and tennis courts, stressing and teaching the rules of fair play. The nation's businesses express democracy when they practice free competition. On the newstands our well informed nation emphasizes the freedom of the press. Through our charity organizations we see democracy overflowing with brother- hood. We see, in the wards of our hospitals, democracy healing the sick and prolonging life. When election time comes we see democracy in the polls voting for the candi- dates of its choice. Democracy is preserved by the sweat, blood, and tears of our fore- fathers. Democracy plows the soil of this mighty nation. Democracy plants the seeds in that soil and from those seeds, we reap democracy. We hear democracy in our daily conversation. Each time we speak, we exercise the freedom of speech. In the prayers of our ministers, priests, and rabbis, we hear the voice of democracy praying for peace and asking God to bless others as He has blessed us. The jingle of money in our pockets rings out a melody of democracy and prosperity. The blasting horns of congested traffic sound the vast abundance of liberities; the whistles of the policemen indicate that our freedom is in our laws. By the flick of a knob on our radio, we can hear the voice of democracy informing the American people. Democracy is like silence - even the deaf can hear it. The pungent fragrance of democracy is evident in the thick smoke that sweHs from the chimneys and the smokestacks of our homes and factories. The breezes that blow across our plains, sweeping our valleys, and storming over our mountains, carry the sweet scent of democratic liberty. Democracy, it is fitting to say, is a synonym of peace. When we sit at the table, and a heaping plate of food is placed before us, we bow our heads in thanks to God. While we dine we taste the grit of farm labor and the work of the butcher. As we work in our mills, drive our trucks, load our trains, dig our ditches, lay our bricks, mine our coal, and run our refineries, we taste the salty sweat of labor when it drips from our brow and settles upon our lip. The medicines which cure our ailments are combined with precision and accuracy by men and women of our great democracy. I could go on and on speaking for this immortal subject. We eat, drink, breathe, and speak Democracy twenty-four hours a day Democracy, our way of living; the best way of living; the American way of life. : . i . William Gaddis sixty-siy Wakeafaemamw William Ranz and J. L. Morgan present Wil- liom Gaddis first prize, a $100 U. S. savings bond, for his "Voice of Democracy." William placed first in the city and received honorable mention in the state. This contest is sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce and is open to all high school students. Buy a poppy! Help 0 Buddy! Janice Gettan, Mary Carney, and Carol Hos- sey sell poppies to Edward Baker tPoppy chair- moni and Ralph LaCivito iPost 15, Common- deri. The American Legion sponsors a con- test each year, giving a first and a second prize to the two high schools that bring in the most money. North High School received second prize this year for the second consecu- tive time. .1: u . . 905T 15 V3 iMfNE W iii: N? sixty-seven Shirley Smoil had the coveted honor of being our Queen with Robert Ma- hoffe-y as the ruling King. The Junior-Senior Prom is the outstanding social event of the year. Many memorable hours of fun were spent decorating, discussing, and preparing for the big night at the NU-ELMS Ballroom. Her Majesty, Shirley, certainly makes a regal- looking Queen. sixty-eight th 9W The parents and teachers discuss mut- ual problems concerning the welfare of students at North. The fee table brings a harmonious end to another Parent and Teachers' Conference. Parents and teachers converse cosuol- ly over a cup of tea after conference. sixfy-nine Chosen for leadership Supt Paul C. Bunn, speaker. seventy 34mm LEADERSHIP Douglas Burghom, William Goddis, Susan Jackson, Mary Koscelonsky, Jerrold McFadden, Mattie Toney, Margie Toth, Joseph Trevis, Delores Bionco, Patricio Yuhosz SCHOLARSHIP CITIZENSHIP Raymond Backus George Anderson Carol Moretti Delores Bionco Clarence Bailey James Olverson Kenneth Blanton Thaddeus Carter Bernadette Polisso Darlene Bulah Gary Cox Kenneth Squibbs Douglas Burghom Joseph Duponty Nancy Williams Joyce Coble Anna Ewolhin Carl Yash Doris Fobrizzio Doris Fabrizio Dione Zobko Irene Hall Ronald Feagins James Hollenbaugh Michael Garosic John Kolasky Donald Gray Steve Kurowsky James Handle Sally McGorry Theodore Hemmons Suzanne Morosky James Hollenbough Anna Soloto Lewis Jones Michael Szpak John Kennedy James Tate Kenneth Lewis James Toth Judith MCGorry Margie Toth John Makosky June West Edward Miller Patricia Yuhasz Raymond Moore sevenfy-one HTO HAVE FAITHFULLY STUDIED THE HONORABLE ARTS, SOFTENS THE MANNERS AND KEEPS THEM FREE FROM HARSHNESS." eOvid A qu life is one that is enriched with the heritage of the post. Music, art, and drama are three windows through which man has expressed his thoughts and ideals. The masters of the ages have inspired others with their oc- complishments. As students, we too, have received inspiration and enjoy- ment. We also have gained in appreciation of the world's culture, through our choral and instrumental music groups, our art classes and our other studies. In turn we have felt the thrill of accomplishment in our produc- tions and creations. seventy-two 2 www "w? First Row Avs Martin, Charlotte Larson, Nancy Williams. Jean Smith, Carol Hossey, Alice Thomas, Loula Tremble, Betty McKinney, Suzanne Morosky, Lianne Barfley, Katie Jackson. Second Row-Doris Fabrizio, Rochelle Bostick, Sally Birch, Mary Perline, Linda Hamilton, Loretta Bofz, Joan Uber, Dulcie Mesoros, Barbara Bulah, Arelda Beeson. Third Row-Roberf Norwood, Leonard Brown, Gladys McKinney, Leeann McCaugtry, Sally Kennedy, Doris Crocrof'r, Celestine Terrell, Donna Houck, Janice Geffen, Anita DePasquo, Betty lrby, Maxine Jackson. Fourth Row -Thoddeus Carter, Clarence Smith, Henry Frozzini, Robert McCoughtry, Thomas Wilson, James Ruby, Robert Montgomery, James Kulo, George Hudock, Robert Jacobs, William Hughes First Row-Susan Jackson, Juanita Soles, Judith Menold, Norma Roth, BeHy McGurrv, Elaine Pcrknavy, Florence Armes, Adrienne Menold Second Row Jcnef McFoll, Alice Voytek. Carolyn Wolker, Donna Gondo, BGTbOIG McGorry, Horlene Hall, Margaret Allinois, Margie Toth, Dixie McCullough, Mary Koscelonsky Third Row Joann Walley, Diana Zobko, Mabel Shives, Pofrlcic Russo, Barbara Williams, Mary Felfon, Jacqueline Borgonier, Lydo Collier, Geraldine Carter Fourth Row Donald McDermoH, Richard Jackson, William OlNeil, John Kennedy, Douglas Burghom, Joseph Trevis, Robert McCurdy, Richard Fobry, Poul Noble. Jerrold McFadden. seventy-four First Row Loura Hughes, Pauline Duecosfer, Matilda Foto, Patricio Torok, Rose Frozzini, Janet Crm craft, Geraldine Simon, Betty Fobry, Ann Sovis. Second Row--Rose DelFlore, Barbara Smith Olive Burrowes, Venicee Cobbin, Brenda Tarver, Sara Soposhe, Lois Hartley, Mary Gromelt, Anna Kolot. Third Row-Pofricia Santore, Corol Parker, Patricio Planinshek, Rowena Taylor, Melissa Feogins, June West, Diane Peters, Irene Hall Fourth Row Modeline DeChocco, Florence Brown, Margaret Stere, Judy McGarry. Mary Carney, Eugenio MiHer, Jean Shlpton, Bernadette Polisso, Mary Duponty. gag! QZee 6645 V First Row-Wayne Wilkenson, David Cover, Leonard Brown. Doris Fobrizio, Robert Wolley, Raymond Lepore, Gory Cox. Second Row-Clorence Smith, Richard Jackson, Donald Trevis Kenneth Squibbs, Dale Piergiovonni, Henry Frozzini, William Goodyear. Third Row-Jerrold McFadden, Clarence Bailey; John Kolosky, Joseph Trevis, John Kennedy, Donald McDermott, Thomas Wilson seventy-five First Row Sandro McBride, Patricio Ewolhin, Virginia Hickey, Thelma Socie, Linda Edwards, Sally Ken- nedy. Pianist; Ogoretta Murphy, Carol Depuy, Anna Soloto, Barbara Lipko, Willie Stephens. Second Row Thomos Uber, Wayne Meyers, Mary Jocquin, Laura Thornton, Joyce Tucker, Mary Under- wood, Ruth Howard, Judith Stimson, Mary Parson, Katherine Mclnfire, Lucille Navoro, Frances Polumbo, Betty Parry, Sandra McGorry, Peggy Lewis. Third Row-George Anderson, Annette Davis, Darlene Buloh. Patricio Sfinson, Joan Walker, Joon Cot- tle, Judith Buchanan, Marie Miller, Sondra Prisby, Barbara Adams, Carol Weston, Anna Ewolhin. Fourth Row Rolph Royol, Richard Davies, Leroy Former, John Fonda, Julius Johnsonl Lorry Williams, Eronk Kuzma, John Pope. Michael Goricki, Walter Smith, William McCuughtry, Robert Torok, Ted risset. 0264mm First Row Judy Demsey, Rhonda Hoilick, James Kroner, Ivy Taylor, Barbara Smith, Mary Felton, Berncr defte Polisso, Mary Perline, Joyce Coble, Lewis Singleterry, Raymond Gordon, Robert Kacir. Second Rothennefh Lewis, Kenneth Gabrik, Philip Borom, Jock Rodwoy, Bernadette Nemkovich, Margaret Sfere, Catherine Felton, Margaret Pinter. Jone? Crocroff, Gloria Polisso, Mary Volerianni, Richard Lukovski, Robert Hughes, JoAnne Waltey, Mary Koscelonsky, Poul Wesf. Third Row Rosemarie DelFlore, Olive Burrowes Florence Brown, Chories Azcro, Donna Houck, Theo- dore Brown, James Handel, Robert Kolior, Geraldine Simon, Dulcie Messaros, Alice Thomas, Mary Wylom, Barbara Jones, Raymond Miller, Thomas Jones, Richard Gray. Fourth Row WiHiom Spitznagle, Timothy Butler, Jock Jacobs, William Sonnenlitfer, Robert Ranalli, Laura Hughes, Juanita Soles, Jerrold McFadden, Obie McBride, Leonard Johnson, Donald Gray, Linda Evans, Katherine Glufkowski, Arthur .Bufler, Eugene Boyowski, James Heaven, Frank Perov. sevenry-six Joann WoHey, Adrienne Menold, Judy Buchanan, Mory Perline, Mary Koscelonsky Hecld MaiorefteL Mary Carney, Linda Hamilton, Patricio Planinshek, Carol Hassey. First Row-Rose Frozzini, Charles Azoro, Robert Kollur, Olive Burrowes, Timothy Butler, Lewis Single ferry, Jock Rodway, Judy Demsey, Florence Brown, William Spitznogle, Rosemarie DeIFlore, Robert Hughes, Carol Yuhasz Second Row-Patricia Russo. Bernadette Polisso, Kenneth Lewis, Philip Borom, Kenneth Gobrik, Mory Felton, Margaret Sfere, Bernadette Nemkovich, Gloria Polisso, Richard Lukovski, Donna Houck, Leeann McCoughtry. Third Row-Jack Jacobs, Katherine Glotkowski, Linda Evans. Barbara Jones, Alice Thomas, Dulcie Me- saros, Geraldine Simon, Mary Wylom, Robert Ronolli, William Sonnenlifter, Robert Burton. Fourth Row-Raymond Miller, Theodore Brown, Laura Hughes, Juanita Soles, Donald Gray, James Kroner, Obie McBride, Jerrold McFadden, James Handel, Arthur Butler. WW Kneeling Mary Carney, Linda Hamilton, Mary Koscelonsky. Head Mojoretfe, Judy Buchanan, Mary Perlin. Standing Joonn Walley, Carol Hossey, Patricia Planinshek, Adrienne Menold seventy-seven Seated of Picnp-Alice Jayne Thomas Firsf RoweAdrIenne Menold, Dulcie Messaros, Judy Menold. Janice Gefton, Mary Koscelonsky, Juonno Soles, Leeann McCoughtry, Jacqueline Borgonier. Second RoweSuson Jackson, Doris Fobrizio, Mary Perline, Marv Feltone The ensemble directed by Dr. Richards, is a group of 15 junior and senior girls selected from the North high choir. The girls represent our alma mater by singing semi-clossical and popular songs at club and PTA. meetings, at teas, Iuncheons and din- ners, and at other community affairs. The three "Notes," Jacqueline Borgonier, Katie Jackson, and Alice Thomas ore trilling for pleasure. seventyeeight The gay jingle of Christmas bells, the familiar melodies of carols, the festive greens and colorful lights are all out- word tokens of the Yuletide season. Scene oguef from "The Christmas I seventy-nine Travel- Our Christmas Cantata made the students aware of the sacred aspect of this religious holiday, as the- North High Choir, the art department and dramatic group joined in presenting HThe Carol of Bethlehem". "The Perfect Idiot," a three-oct comedy, revolves around the efforts of Daniel Tennyson, a young genius, iRichord Fobryi to convince his parents that he should go to college. There are many hilarious scenes when Dan hypnotizes Aloysius "Puff" Witomski, Uoseph Trevisi and Walter P. Lather- by, Rodney Hardyi. With the aid of his teen-oge friends Don extricates himself from his problems. Puff posses his examinations. Mr. Latherby plans to manufacture Don's hypnosis-producing machine. Don has been pronounced an idiot, much to the consternation of his parents and his school principal, because he has missed every question on the inteiligence test. He is pronounced o "perfect idiot" when the professor learns he has done so deliberately. Others in the cost were: Mary Felton, Jerrold McFadden, William O'Neil, Delores Bionco, Douglas Burgham, Loretta Shipton, Juanita Soles, Mary Koscelansky, Joann Wolley, and Patricia Yuhasz. This comedy was directed by Miss Bode and Mr. Swonder. First Row Margie Toth, Norma Bissett, Sandra Prisby, Helena Todhunter, .Arelda'Beeson. Second Row Jerry McFadden. John Kennedy, James Higham, William OlNeIl, DUICIe Mes- soros, Susanne Morosky, Gladys McKinney. ThirdI ng T1 Mr Thompson, advisor, James Kulo, John Kolosky, Edward Miller, James Hol- en oug . Fourth Row Clarence Bailey, Lewis Jones, Frank Copuzello. The student monitors are a select group, who make sure all is in order and also see that personal and school property is kept free of damage by inconsiderate persons. James Hollenbough checks permits held by Elaine Park- novy and Harlene Hall. eighty-one Decorating the Christmas Tree is on old custom heralding the beginning of the Christmas season. It is 0 very beautiful tradition carried on by the seniors every year. ,4u'4 The- first North High Homet coming dance. The arrival of the homecoming King and Queen is awaited with great expectation. Parents of seventh grade students are welcomed at an informal tea at which faculty and members of the Parent-Teacher Discussion Group are hosts. At the monthly meetings pleasant relations are fos- tered as all work together for better understanding of problems of teen- age-rs. eighty-two eighfyefhree First Row e- Minnie Floyd, Norma BisseH, Geraldine Carter, Dorothy Simpson, Joanne Walley, Dixie McCullough, Patricia Russo, Mattie Toney. Second Row e Carolyn Walker. Charlene Wilson, Margie Toth, Florence Armes, Susan Jackson, Mory Koscelonsky, Patricia Yuhosz, Betty McGorry, Bertha Heard, Alice Voyfek, Mr. Beochom, Advisor. Third Row Elaine Porknovy, Margaret Allinois, Barbara McGorry, Mory Felfon, Janet McFoll, Norma Roth, Donna Gondo, Burma Weston, Delores Bianco. Fourth Row e Jerrold McFadden, Douglas Burghcm. Paul Noble, Robert McCurdy, Richard Fobry, Harold Davies. These student artists produce the original art work seen about our school in the form of stage backdrops, pictures, and posters. While learning they have had fun represent- ing North High in competi- tion. SUCH EVENTS CAN LIVE IN MEMORY FOR YEARS- BUT PHOTOGRAPHY PRESERVES THEM FOREVER. May We Extend Our Good Wishes To The Class of 1956 GATSCHENE STUDIO eghty-four SHY LOCKSON TAILORING CO. Your Choice of Any Cloth In The Store Pants $14.95 Suits $59.50 Skirts $12.95 Before You Buy, See Shy 262 West Federal St. "Next To The Warner Theater" HEATING CO. Furnaces, Air Conditioning Roo8ng,Spoang 488 Glenwood Avenue Phone RI 8-0894 Youngstown, Ohio FRAN SCOTT Personnel Service Dollar Bank Building Phone RI. 4-0193 eighty-five JACK EMRICH YOUR HUBBARD IEWELER HUBBARD, OHIO 39 North Main Street Phone KE 4-1747 HOME OF NATIONALLY ADVERTISED SCHOOL RINGS WATCHES DIAMONDS SILVERWARE, etc. May Your Coming Years Be Your Best Compliments of SKY-Hl DRIVE-IN THEATRE LARGEST SCREEN BIGGEST CAPACITY FINEST PICTURES U. S. Route No. 422 at Coitsville, Ohio COMPLIMENTS TO THE GRADUATES OF 1956 THE GROWERS MARKET CO. PYATT STREET YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO MYRON N. GOODWIN ARCHITECT FOR THE NEW N ORTH HIGH SCHOOL oighty-seyen BROWN'S DRUG STORES 1841 Oak Street Phone R1 4-5418 2000 Canfield Road Phone ST 2-6716 5106 Southern Blvd. Phone ST 2-7111 26 Years of Prescription Service CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '56 ACME MOTORS 2943 McGuffey Road Phone R1 6-3693 BUY SELL TRADE USED CARS oighty-eight CLASS OF '56 You're lucky, graduate! Not just because you've finally finished a prescribed number of years in school but because you're graduating into the midst of a thrilling era. It's an era filled with the excitement of nuclear energy and split level houses, of political struggle and miracle fabrics, and automation and frozen dinners. And what of the coming years as you take your place in the business world or emerge from college? No soothsayer, we venture, would care to make predictions of the future. But this we know most surely. Yours are the hands that will shape the future. Yours are the hands of parents and teachers, of statesmen, of artists and scientists. Each of you hold the future of our country in his hands. Meet the challenge! Mold the future firmly into a heritage you'll be proud to pass on to the thousands of high school graduates who will follow you next year and every year. 1883 McKELVEY'S 1956 Congratulations to The Class of '56 So N igh Is Grandeur To Our Dust, So Near Is God To Man, When Duty Whispers Low, "Thou Must!" The Youth Replies, "I Can!" STROUSS-HIRSHBERG'S Youngstown's Dependable Store Since 1875 eighty-nine U Time To Mark Your Success And Wish Every Happiness To The Class of '56 RAYMOND BRENNER Jewelers Since 1877 Federal At Hazel Congratulations To Seniors of '56 POULAKOS BAKERY SPECIALISTS 1N Sandwich Buns and Honey Creme Donuts 12 South Avenue Phone R1 7-1233 OLENICK'S DAIRY MILK AND ICE CREAM Phone PLGZG 5-3916 THE FELIX PESA 5' SONS CO. GENERAL CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS For The New North High School Compliments t0 the class 0" ,56 IOTTLED UNDER AU'HORI'Y 0? 'NE COCLCOLA COMPANY IV COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF YOUNGSTOWN Compliments of KATE 6' NICK'S DAIRY Hughes Provision Co. 118 East Federal Street 118 Compliments of Youngstown's Finest Sanitary Food Market FISH MARKET ESQUIRE Owned and Operated By R. A. CAMPBELL BAKERY DEPARTMENT Owned and Operated By TAILORING CO. WM. GROSS VEGETABLE DEPARTMENT S. K. MARKETS Hughes Market Never Undersold In High Quality Meats McKl NLEY PLAZA McGUFFEY PLAZA ninety-two COMPLIMENTS OF ACME COAL CO. Champion Montour Pittsburgh c$ Disco Kentucky Block and Coke Sand Gravel Top Soil 387 E. BOARDMAN ST. AT E. FEDERAL ST. Phone RI 4-0277 YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO GLASGOXXJQIPR' INC' BRONSON'S PATENT Phone RI 3-1429 MEDICINE STORE 815 Albert Street Phone RI 6-9782 Personal Tailoring Service For PortiCUlor Men and Women g . YOUR PREPARATION IS OVER 20 Bus Arcade 0 YOUR FUTURE SHALL BEGIN 312 West Federal Street Youngstown, Ohio 0 CONGRATULATIONS, SEN IORS Congratulations Graduates THORNTON'S LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING FUR STORAGE 234 BELMONT AVENUE Phone RI 4-0155 ninefyvthree Congratulations, Class of '56 YOUR FAVORITE SPOT Vic and Syl's Curb Service and Sandwich Shop Fish, Steak and Chicken Dinners Foot Long Hot Dogs and Hot Sausage Our Specialty Corner Rt. 422 and Jacobs Rd. Youngstown, Ohio See Us For All Your Athletic Needs SPORTING GOODS CO. 21 N. Champion St. Youngstown 3, Ohio Phone RI 7-3023 Carl Genkinger Pete McBride Ben Scharsu 'TROPHIES GAMES BOOKS ON ALL SPORTS . . . TEAM EQUIPMENT SWIMMING TENNIS GOLF DRESSER'S OF CHAMPIONS CONGRATULATIONS The Youngstown Paint and Glass Co. Established 1903 nincfy-four CRACRAFT LANDSCAPING SERVICE 1827 Landsdowne Blvd. Youngstown 6, Ohio Lawn Construction, New and Old Lawn Seed, Peat Moss, Peat Humus Lime, Fertilizer, Shrubbery Fill CS Top Soil For Free Estimates Call: RI 7-8752 QuaIity Photo Engravers 334 EAST FEDERAL STREET 0 YOUNGSTOWN. .OHIO After A Game 7 After A Movie Or Just Any Time It's The BEACON On McCartney Road - Rt. 422 Sandwiches Milk Shakes Sodas Soft Drinks French Fries ninety-five Compliments of GOLDEN AGE BEVERAGE CORPORATION Economy Feed and Farm Supply Company 3865 McGuffey Road Your Headquarters For Mossey-Horris New Holland Farm Machinery Rototillers Electric Appliances Feed Seeds Fertilizer Garden and Poultry Supplies Light Hardware and Fencing Phone RI 3-8584 DELIVERY SERVICE Youngstown, Ohio IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII GET THE BEST GET SEALTEST DAIRY PRODUCTS Youngstown Division of Telling Belle Vernon Co. 715 Erie Street Youngstown, Ohio Phone RI 3-2161 Compliments of Cohen Brothers COHEN BROTHERS SELF SERVE MARKET 2570 McGuffey Rd. Youngstown, Ohio Phone RI 7-8957 COITSVILLE SERVICE CO. Auto Parts and Service 3575 McCartney Road Youngstown, Ohio Phone RI 7-5989 Compliments of Johnny's Pennzoil Station 2540 McGuffey Rd. Youngstown, Ohio GOOD LUCK ninety-seven "We Coverall Industry" RI 4-4259 The Workingman's Overall Supply Co. Loretta's Flower Shop Loretta I. Fitch Complete Floral Service Corsages 9 Weddings Funerals and Potted Plants Route 422 Coitsville, Ohio Phone LEhigh 6-6062 ALEXAN DER Conqatulations MUSIC CO. H OLT 1030 Himrod Ave. HARDWARE co. Youngstown, Ohio Phone RI 7-6948 Oak qt Landsdowne Compliments of Congratulations RITZ Auto-Body Paint Shop Graduates "Ohio Smartest Ballroom" Iohn Ritz THE ELMS 529 Elm Street Corner Oak and Euclid Phone RI 72665 Youngstown, Ohio CONGRATULATIONS WHEELER CONGRATULATIONS POTATO CHIPS From the "Always Delicious" A- F- BE"- ELECTRIC CO. 107 N. Hine St. Phone R1 4-2121 The : Stambaugh Thompson FAIRBANKS CO- HEATING co. Your Quality Hardware 812 Andrews AVG. 51 Home Needs Store Phone R1 74203 For 109 Years 114 West Federal Street Roofing, Spouting 2625 Market Street : 1652 Mahoning Avenue 438 Youngstown-Poland Sheet Metal Work Road. : Furnaces and ninety-nine Covers For The "SILHOUETTE" Designed and Produced BY The Mueller Art Cover Cr Binding Co. vauuvkuuuu .1 u Jaw, Skysera per ICE CREAM Choice of I 6 TOP FLAVORS COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS Purchased From THE EDUCATIONAL SUPPLY COMPANY PAINESVILLE, OHIO Manufacturing Printers Books, School Supplies William O. Eicher Sales Representative Humes Good Furniture 252 W. Federal Street 4030 Market Street one hundred E SCHAEFER MUSIC SHOPPE 409-10-11-12 Keith-Albee Bldg. MUSIC INSTRUMENTS ACCESSORIES SHEET MUSIC AND SUPPLIES Guaranteed Instrument Repoi ring Office RI 3-4605 ResidenCe RI 3-2803 MUSIC "THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE" Coll RI 4-4531 The VAGNOZZI AGENCY FOR THE SOLUTION OF INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE . PROBLEMS 5 19 E. Boardmon St, Youngstown, Ohio FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS STARK FLORISTS Phone RI 3-3412 Compliments of COITSVILLE LUMBER AND SUPPLY CO. Phone RI 6-6222 GREENHOUSE AND STORE 1502 P0 rker Street Compliments of FRANK AND NICK'S SERVICE STATION BAGLIER MOTORS. INC. Corner Jacobs 3 McGuffey Road : USED CARS 4100 Market Street AUTO PARTS one hundred one HASSAY BROS. AUTO sow wonxs Painting and General Repairing 18 Coitsville Rd. Campbell, Ohio Phone PL. 5-3715 Night RI 3-2947 DR. H. FIRING OPTOMETRIST 22 Bus Arcade- Phone R1 3-5714 Compliments of SIRBU MARKET 132 South Avenue Home Dressed Meats Poultry and Vegetables Meat Sloughtered of Early Rd. We Smoke Our Own Meats We Dress Our Meats COME AND TRY us WE'RE WAITING FOR YOU Compliments of LYONS PHYSICIAN SUPPLY CO. FIRST AID SUPPLIES SICK ROOM NEEDS 32 Fifth Ave. Phone RI 6-8861 Compliments of ROSS TEXACO SERVICE 1826 McGuffey Rood Youngstown, Ohio AL'S Poop MARKET QUALITY MEATS GROCERIES 1629 Jacobs Rood Phone RI 7-0140 Compliments of CLINGAN'S BARBER SHOP Compliments of GEORGE'S AMOCO SERVICE STATION . I IIII-IIInl-IIIIIIIII-luII-I-ll...-Illlunnulanunl-IllululnlIslIII-uauululllIIII-IIIIIl-I-llllnlu-uunlunllllll ope hundred two Compliments of CIRCELLA GROCERIES 2047 Jacobs Rood Youngstown, Ohio N ATION-WIDE MUTUAL INSURANCE SERVICE Fire Life George M. Dewell, Agent Cosua lty Phone RI 3-5084 905 Liberty Rd. Youngstown, Ohio Insure The Co-operative Way KING'S SERVICE STATION u. s. Rt. 422 State Line Accessories Batteries and Body Work Lubrication Phone LE 6-8295 Frank Antalocy, Prop. Compliments of POREMBSKI'S DRY CLEANER 2929 W. Northwood Ave. one hundred three MCFALL SOHIO SERVICE STATION 3830 McGuffey Rd. Ext, JOHN F. DRUMMOND SERVICE STATION TI RES TUBES ACCESSORI ES BATTERIES Oak St. 0 Early Road Compliments of KING'S MOTEL Route U. S. 422 at Penn-Ohio State Line 7 Miles East of Youngstown Phone LE 6-6034 Compl iments of PARKWAY GOLDEN DAWN MARKET 1804 Oak St. Youngstown, Ch 50 Flowers for All Occasions Compl ime-nts of WELLS MARLANE VOCATIONAL SERVICE BRIDAL SHOP E E 608 R I Bld . E 5 : ea ty 9 E "For the Bride and Her Bridal Party" : : Phone RI. 4-4174 : "L t h ' th . bf E FORMALS DRESSY DRESSES 5 : e us e p you secure e JO or : : which you are best qualified." : 134 E- Federal Rl- 4'3666 : E Compliments of 5 Congratulations, Class of '56 : BREWSTER 7 ROBERTS : OHIO AUTO BODY CO- . E MALLOY AND NESPECA, INC. 5 107 5' Champ'on : 5 Phone RI. 3-7673 45 Madison Ave. Phone RI. 3-0116 : E Typewriters, Adding Machines : Office Equipment g . Compliments of . Comp'imems 0f DON PERRY TAILOR'S 5 S. H. KRESS CO. 5 22 North Phelps Street 5 3 117 W. Federal Street 2 "We create, others imitate" E DOMINIC PERRY, Prop. 5 PALLAY'S FLOWER SHOP 820 South Avenue Cify-Wide Delivery Flowers Telegraphed Phone RI. 7-2882 L. F. DONNELL one hundred four v' : Loxologists Established 1874 E "CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU. : E : . : KRICHBAUM KEY SHOP : May God grant ygur parents the joy : : : of seeing in you t e realization of all . their hopes and prayers. Good luck : 207 N' Champion : : to you." : Phone RI. 3-0477 DR. H. T. D'AMATO For 76 Years Your g EYE DOCTOR 3 Lock and Lawn Mower Experts PESCE'S BAKERY : Bakers Of Compliments of TASTY ITALIAN BREADS E 5 DERAMO FLORISTS 52V2 N. Prospect Street Phone RI. 3-2293 SCARSELLA WATT ATLANTIC FURNITURE CO- SERVICE STATION . Shop at One Of Youngstown's Corner Oak and Jacobs Rood : E Most Beautiful Stores - Open Evenings - ATLANTIC 934 Oak Street Phone RI. 3-5623 GASOL'NE AND O"- : Compliments of - Compliments of BUCKY MOUNDS HELEN'S FOOD MARKET SERVICE STATION ' 1831 McGuffey 2302 McGuffey Rood Phone RI. 33347 : Phone RI. 69369 one hundred five H. N. EPPINGER 6. SONS. INC. 4 READY MIX CONCRETE 4 Sand Limestone Slog Ashes Cool Cement Block Brick Tile Lime Fertilizer -- FEED 4 New Bedford, Po. Phone 2072 Compliments of : Compliments of Your Chrysler,-Plymouth Dealer 1 I : LEPORE S THE DUBBS MOTOR 5 SALES 5 FOOD MARKET Mahoning County's . . . Largest Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer 5 SPeC'OI'Ze In 1201 Wick Ave. Fresh Meats - Frozen Foods - Groceries Phone RI. 6-7604 : Open Evenings to 9'30 5 2287 MCGUffey Rd. Phone RI. 4-0447 Since 1864 BAKERY 31:21:: SHOPPE MEN'S SHOES E E KIing-to-Kling's For Quality I. W. SMITH 6: SONS : : 1401 Market St. Youngstown, Ohio 116 South Phelps Street 46 Years on Market St. 5 Phone RI. 3-0578 g Compliments of DO SEE DUSI E Your Friendly For Musical Needs DUSI MUSIC 1824 Market St. Phone RI. 4-4295 Compliments of FABRY'S FOOD MARKET 3861 McGuffey Road CENTURY FOOD STORES E "The Food Store That Gives You More." one hundred six 755 . .I 55!! ??WW .7; , "avg. z, 4,. .. .7? y .lwIIJIJ "WW1 r, WWW, XI. W I w 2. 2. W. .7. I m I .I W I I "a 2 ml y... . x w WWW? .. L $ .w a 2.. W , I . WWW L, 7W M, "WWWMVV ll W 'W,,.W?n W; E at W

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