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' A .ff f 3'if'WM' if' M fu-W' ff MM ,L M ,MM WMM M f .WM -fv.!i'WH ' AMW WWW? fm w sf w, ,:WjAw yymffwiy W , MMV. wx W X W g ff Q wiv , QVWN3 Qi? gw yi QGXXS 42.1 Cx r . !,,,,ffff M flfnyddlr ,QWMW-1 ,NGA ,bww UL PoLA RJs 19,46 ANN N Ok W, Z-c . ' W Ei i gx ff J f ,, fi., Q,.f" E,,,.zEA wwf- ' ,WZ W-7i"iX' - Qi THE COMBINED STAFFS or THE 1946 PoLARls Xu l DEDICATE THIS ANNUAL EES 1 To Mr. William Urban for his record of public Service, for his influence as a n educator, for his under- standing as a friend. Mr Frederick Muhs, Faculty Advisor Irene de Geus, Editor -in - Chief T .Aff mil' Nl if NNW Tw N S M A if if l CLASSES FACULTY ACTIVITIES AI R T F HHH DRAMATICS MUSIC S P O R T S ADVERTISING 9 5' if his a,.,,,,p, ' fSl6V'i0Z 11. Qual? 4599663-' , Vjy' - Prdyel' A l ALIJI' , - Mark Them well, oh God, Those who ve Wf ' T L For whaT They knew was righT. , y Mark Them well, oh Lord. and saTel p T , J J SaTely guide Them Through eTernal nighT W g 5 WWJIL LeT noT Their anguished hearTs re+eII Tor' X f 'i M44 OT a man-made hell. - T' T , LeT noT Them see again The horror h i 1 Cf' Z T il'-onfff Where broken bodies, maimed and re er s M Q l'And Then are dead. I V T 1,0 1319 VHP! T j ff g Touch Them genTly, oh God, Those who 1 I If Birds across Thy boundless sky, I f M9 if! ,' Who brushed so close To I-leaven's r T n ' g A Up l"low soon, how TasT They were To d' . 1 W naVLeT noT Their hardened lips repeaT The Tales T OT a piTiTul deTeaT. - LeT noT Them see again The blaze oT Tire M From haTeTul guns, bold, deTianT, Take Their Toll And Then are silenT. j 'W Speak To Them, oh God, Those who have marched.I,,, uw 3 The painTul, endless miles To deaTh. , ,W who ToughT wiTh an The life They had, '+al ,ll,,.,,, V504 - l-lope gushed ouT in one lasT breaTh. LeT noT Their burdens, passed again, be Takeni-fljfk Y' Up by oTher men. 0- LeT noT Them see again The greyness oT a dawn ' nh ThaT ushered DeaTh, cold, and hard, who pausing ' Then, leTT more liTe marred. W 1 Mark us well, oh God, Those who have sTayed Behind To build The world anew. ,g,U,g,,, 'Q Help us now, oh Lord, and insTill in us T To do Tor Them, whaT They would do. LeT noT us once TorgeT Their blood ThaT lies -,buvxo QJ M Now mixed wiTh lowly mud. Lil BuT leT us see again The wonders oT a peace W3 s When man is living, sweeT and Tree, noT TorgeTTing . l-low iT came To be. 'db' YL "k.4.Q,0, l!4.4L 3 My K lrene de Geus as 1 il ,503 if .uf e-4 ii sif zm. ss - in ff' Mite. 'Tf1fa?5f11'a W Yi 55 X. is To The navigaTors OT The oceans The NorTh STar gives a greaT service. IT is a conspicuous sTar in The slcy and can be seen Trom all parTs oT The hemisphere. IT is The sTarTing poinT in sur- veying The NorThern Seas. IT gives disTance, direcTion, and Time To all who may observe Polaris is a servanT To you. IT, Too, is a sTar wiTh a purpose. IT is a reTainer in picTure and prinT OT your iourneyings while you were living aT NorTh T-ligh. IT conTains biTs oT hisTory, biography, and anThropology. IT abounds in capers, gems, and wise-cracks which you ex- ecuTed. lT is a sTore-house oT your acTiviTies, your imaginings, and TuTure possibiliTies. IT will become The service-sTaTion oT your mind and memory. TwenTy years Trom now you will Tell your children whaT a wonderTul record-malcer you were: whaT you did in aThleTics, in music, in arT, in debaTe. Polaris will be The sTarTing poinT in your survey Tor TruTh. lT will reiuvenaTe your mem- ories, as well as esTablish a True picTure oT your sTabiliTy To ThaT second generaTion. May Po- laris remain in your vision. lvlay iT be a Thesaurus To your memory and an enioymenT To The TuTure generaTions. NorTh l-ligh congraTulaTes The DirecTor and The sTaTT oT The I946 Polaris. My personal besT wishes go To all sTudenTs and members oT The TaculTy. Sincerely yours. WM. URBAN AL. was MR. PETERSON MR. SMITI-I l""""'! .www OFFICE STAFF MISS LORRAINE LEONARD MISS ERNA SCI-IULSE 'slr .--5 43 A 'A ai Y,-if qw D , .vw 4 I' r U a I l 0 9 O ' A . N .. .- . ,f 0, 1 , U ,.. .- W 'Q ,... . O .. 1-1 Y . . 1-. , 'fx in 1 Class s ll:- FRESHMEN CLASS Finally our "green" days are over, and if cerfainly is a "super" feeling. We really have fo go back and falk over all The evenfs af which we had so much fun. The mixer sfarfed us off righf. We came info fhe gym fhaf evening wifh queer feelings in 'rhe pifs of our sfomachs, buf before The nighf was over, we were having as much fun as fhe upper class- men. The Fall Dance and all fhe following dances found us fhere, being a real parf of Norfh l-ligh af lasf. Baskefball passed, and fhen again came reporf cards! l-low we hafed fo see fhose days roll around. Spring arrived! Nof much of our freshman year was leff. Buf we knew we had done our besf. We had learned all fhe school songs and cheers, and also discovered fhe rules and regulafions of Norfh. Now fhaf we have complefed a fourfh of our high school career, we know fhaf we shall carry on fhe fra- difions of Norfh in frue sfyle. By fhe 'rime we reach our place as upper classmen, you will also realize fhaf we have accepfed every dufy handed fo us wifh a grave responsi- bilify and have done our job well. Home Room 300 Firsf Row: Jack Bohnsack, Roger Bliss, Ronald Elmergreen, Ronald Mikolic, Kennefh Do Bas, John Cronen. Second Row: Donald Kosup, Earl Merklein, Eugene Feld, Ronald Krum, Paul l-lansen, John Greiner, Edward Lufz. Third Row: Mr. Buckeridge, Francis Gerald, l-larold Federiwisch, Dick Quasf, Bain MacLaughlin. Nof on picfure: George Lawrence, Alex Meyer, Wayne Launer. Home Room 214 Firsf Row: Alice l-lorn, Delores l-lauch, Carl Lindich, Don Kaufzer, Shirley Kalk, Don Lofhes, Delores Knopp, William Kaufmann. Second Row: Miss Mork, Shirley Herman, Ada Jung, Carol Koehn, Joan Kroll, Dorofhy Keller, Marilyn Koehn, Arfhur Kober, l-lerrick Lauson. Third Row: Joan Knauf, Rose- mary l'lerr. Fourfh Row: Joseph Kuchfa, Lionel Lange, William Krachf, Shirley Kohls, Marfha Knocke, Jane l-lerriof, Helen Kraafz, Rufh Jaberg, Mary Jerabek, La Vonne Johnsfon. Nof on picfure: Imelda Sukowafey. Home Room 10 Top Row: Allen DePag+er, Norman Copp, Mary Lou Anhall, Zina Burreson, Edwin Berger, Marion Schroeder, Donald Aschenbrenner, Doris Brand. Third Row: Reginald Busse, Eugene Burlcard, Richard Bureyn, Palricia Diclcfoss, Richard Day, Shirley Bawden. Second Row: Mr. Pelerson, Roberl' Knalz, Laverne Damrow, June Brunschrnid, Virginia Adelich, Doris Damrow, Dolores Bell, Carol Derleins, Mildred Allwardl. Firsl Row: Herbie Schmiedel, Roger Bourrel, Kennefh Brunnbauer, Homer Eer- nisse, Elaine Arnsl, Margarel Dohms, Anna Mae Busse, Belly Brick, Margarel' Denecke. Nor on pic- Jrure: Alvin Boclc. Home Room 124 Firsl Row: Carol Lofy, Mariorie Magrirz, Marion Meise, Jagueline Maas, Corrine Marold, Theodore Mueller, Donald Parnirzlce, Roberr Mueller, Helen Grunow. Second Row: Rulh Kuehlman, Donald Pelrers, Helen Mase, Carol Landwehr, Violel Magruder, Kalrhleen Mafzdorl, Glenn Oslergaard, Charlolle Lehmann, Mary Jane Marlin. Third Row: Miss Hendrickson, Barbara Liclierrnan, Jerry Meyer, Donld Luedke, Rulh Mersberger, Reuben Merlz, Joy Neumann, Dorolhy Ladwig, Bealrice Leibham, Roland Neumann, James Murlha. Noi on piclure: LaVerne Melscher, Janel Olle, Harvey Meulbroelc Home Room 304 Eirsl Row: Marion Wegmann, Roger Willce, Ronald Thurslon, Rulh Berg, Carl Ysresund, Mary Jean Wagner, Beryl Ryan. Second Row: Wilberf Van Der Puy, Eleanor Wondergem, Bercella Wierzbach, Jaclc Verbanalz, Carol Mueller, Nancy Wedemeyer, Doris Werner, Bearrice Van Haveren, Frances Zillner. Third Row: Miss Srewarl, Virginia Wiedemeyer, MaryfAnn Verlare, Celine EeH'erer, Elaine Voigf, Mildred Slugarr, Keirh Thornron, Melvin Van Der Weele. Eourrh Row: Margarer Wangemann, Donna Van Zanlen, Marilyn Van Der Vrede, Frances Van Dreese, Joyce Ver Velde, Roger Yurlc, Lauren Wondergem, John Werner, Richard Srreel. 1 . 4 i l W , i, -2 -- -- - Home Room 215 if dei FirsT Row: Laverne Seyloold, Dolores SToelb, Mae Ann Schulz, CharloTTe SToiloer, Erwin SchirmeisTer, Marion SiegerT, Marjorie Schropp. Second Row: PaTricia Dewey, Joan Smies, Darlene Senkloeil, Carol TresTer, ClemenT Schoenborn, William Schropp, Frank SiegworTh. Third Row: PaTsy Skrener, Elizal3eTh SToelb, Phyllis SegebrechT, Audrey Schuh, RiTa STampTl, Roger SchuTTe, Edward Schleg. FourTh Row: AlberT STalTer, Joanne STigliTz, Delores UTTech, Gloria STielow, Joanne Schoeger, Jane Swenson, Bill Selsmeyer, Don SchuchardT. NOT picTured: Lorranine Lequis. Home Room 9 FirsT Row: Jerome Kalk, William Jensen, Elmer GesserT, Roger SchmidT, William l-laneman, Bill King, Roger l-less. Second Row: John Tuchs, Lloyd l-lensel, NaThalie Fredrick, Geraldine Gessl, Darlene Grande, Jean Fenn, Marilyn Erdmann, RuTh Elsesser. Third Row: Mr. Born, David Goldman, PaTricia Grube, Nancy Gill, Arlene FuersT, Claudia Gerl, Priscilla Dunn, Dolores Engel, BeaTrice Gumm. FourTh Row: Frederick FuersT, Laurence GorTer, Edwin Galorielse, RoberT l-lorwiTz, Frank GuenTher, Ralph l-larTmann, PaTricia GodTrey, EdiTh GoTTsacker, Gladys Gehrig, Gloria Franz. SOPHOMORES The days are pasT when we have To apologize Tor everyThing we do, which isn'T guiTe up To The expecTaTions oT The upper-upper classmen. We can walk Through The halls in peace now, and can even wander inTo The wrong room once in a while wiThouT hooTs oT laughTer and shouTs oT "Freshman, Freshman!" So here we are-Sophomores. The upper parT oT The lower. As sophomores we were represenTed in The all-school play, and we saw quiTe a biT oT acTion in The VarsiTy FooTball games lasT Tall. ThaT's really going some, and we Think iT's mighTy Tine. AlThough we had resolved To really buckle down To The books This year, There were Too many inTeresTing Things To lure our ThoughTs Trom our sTudies. OT course we didn'T do Too badly, and There's always nexT year To Think abouT geTTing grades, so, Tor The presenT, we're saTisTied. Now we're really look- ing Torward To nexT year when we'll be honesT-To-goodness upper classmenll Home Room 218 Firsl' Row: l-lilda Schmidl, Carol Gverbeck, Marilyn Quasius, Gladys Melger, Vernon Oldren, Alan Quasius, La Verne Murray, Roger Oldren. Second Row: Miss Ellingson, Marilyn Merrill, Lorraine Paasch, Pa+ricia Nennig, Barbara Meyer, Marcella Michels, Francis Ploe+z, Erlend Peferson, Elaine Quasius, Donald Reineman. Third Row: Roger Paasch, Rulh Merlz, Arlynn Pilling, Ediih Ollen, Philip Roess, Denis Reinl, James Paske, Donald Paul, Jack Runsfrom. Noi on picfurez Vera Plass, Leonard Rosenwald. Home Room 202 - Firsl' Row: Joyce Lienau, Shirley La Valliere, Joan Maechile, Vernelfa Krelosky, La Donna Lugg, Delores Krepsky. Second Row: Miss Haan, Shirley Marelko, Nancy Knaus, Shirley Maas, Virginia Lokker, Floyd Mirkes, Roger Lubach. Third Row: Roberr Markgraf, Earl Rydberg, Joan Manske, Carol Lange, Geraldine Lubach, Marilyn McKay, Marilyn Maier, Fredrick Schloss. Fourlh Row: Don- ald Schinabeck, Marvin Nessl, Frank Moser, John Leibham, Roger Nauschullz, Jack Nack, Roger Mais, Norberl Leiizke, Lamar Nohl, Edward Meise. Home Room 312 Firsr Row: Phyllis Zirrel, Lois Voelker, Mrs. Gruenwald, Allan Wesjr, Parricia Robinson, Helen Tasche, Evelyn Wolrers. Second Row: Wesley Williams, Sranley Wasserman, George Wagner, Delores Wil- liams, Jane Te S+roe+e, Marlha Van Emden, Eldred Lokker, Marilyn Van Sfelle, Berly Waldau, Mary Wedemeyer. Third Row: John Weber, Conrad Zimmerman, Ar+hur Weber, John Sill, Bob Verba, Pejrer Walker, Pal' Werner, Theodore Zieberlr, Roberr Valfz. Nor on piclure: Mary Lou Koehn, David Palrie, Marion Vogf, Charles Wallace. Home Room 205 rl, Eirsl Row: Ralph Schulz, Susan Schwerin, Joyce Slarich, Rulh le Winkle, Palricia Ribbens, Belly Spannagle, Jacguiline Schimlce, Burlon Ver Slraale. Second Row: Miss l'lron, Elmer Van der Weele, James Van de Wege, Eleanor Schulz, Talene Timmer, Slanley Sirceli, Virginia Schaub. Third Row: Rosella Sonnlag, Marion Schulz, Jane Schlager, lvlae Sleinbrueclcer, Arlene Van de Vrede, Gladys Rusl, Belly Tupper. Eourlh Row: Roberl Sommer, Ralph Ver Velde, Roberl Sluelen, Wilberl Vincenl, Bill Van Der Puy, Roberl Schmidl, Bill Sills, Leon Trimberger, Waller Sonnlag. Home Room 104 111 vi,-sk Eirsl Row: Rinalda Csida, Bealrice Buleyn, Elaine De Bruine, Dorris Delclcer, lvlarilyn Ayers, l-lelen Beclcer. Second Row: Shirley Brill, Marilyn Alexander, Barbara Bau, Celene Braun, Garry Allqinson, Ann Currie, lvlary Belle Bersch. Third Row: Miss l-leman, Le Roy Boone, Clemens Barlzen, Bill Diener, Charles Gerlce, Peler Damrow, James Bahr. Eourlh Row: Donald Dewey, Richard Burhop, Allan An- derson, Willus Bogenhagen, Richard Alhan, Donalil De Lorme, William Day, Gaylord Schmidl, Nor- man Berg. Home Room 109 Eirsl Row: Lee Enlringer, Jerome Grobman, Kennelh Elmergreen, Dolores Gollsaclcer, Elinor Granl, Eloyd Eisner, Nancy Garlon, Belly Diclcloss, Pal Euersl. Second Row: Bealrice l'lausre, Alice Egge- been, Rila Raalz, Marion De Vriend, Muriel Droppers, Gisella Reinlhaler, Delores Heck, Roger Dollei, Don l-laneman. Third Row: Mr. Thalaclcer, Roloerl Sleger, Donald Gehr, Vernon Eberhardy, Ted Gab- rielse. Fourlh Row: William Gorler, Chrisl Gorler, Chrisl Arnold, Harold Feingold, Carllon Schrimpl, Roger Welsch, Richard Kraus, Eugene Fenger. Home Room 315 FirsT Row: Sharon Speclcman, Sue Eriede, Charlene Loebel, KaThleeen ConTer, Frieda MarTin, Doris George. Second Row: Rose Marie BurlcarT, Carol Krummel, Sylvia SchardT, Marion Derlein, Virginia l-leibel, Connie Keil, Sue ErosT. Third Row: Miss Grinde, Eunice ThornTon, Dolores Kaeserman, Mar- gareT Dehmlfe, Joyce Lyon, Cora Klemme, Shirley Bender. JUNIOR CLASS This year we were, aT lasT, upper classmen. lT doesn'T seem possible ThaT so much Time has gone by since we were Treshmen. This year was a biT diTTerenT Trom our Two pre- ceeding ones aT NorTh. lT was hard To geT used To The Teeling oT having only one class ahead of us. ln The beginning oT The year we had none oT ThaT previous Teeling oT newness. The school was becoming more and more Tamiliar, and we had no Trouble geTTing inTo The swing oT Things. Many more responsibiliTies were ThrusT on our shoul- ders and more oT our names were associaTed wiTh various acTiviTies. We worlced on "The UrbaniTe," To lceep The sTudenTs abreasT oT The laTesT happenings. We helped wiTh The Polaris, To malce iT a boolc worThy To hold The memories oT The graduaTing class. When June rolled around and we were concluding our sTudies, we did some oT The behind scenes worlc Tor gracluaTion. Home Room 203 FirsT Row: Loyola Duxbury, Marion SchmidT, Jean SmyThe, Lucille l-luige, Frieda Lerch, Dolores SchrimpT, Emma Niesing. Second Row: Bob KaTT, HarrieT Heiden, Mary Ann Thalaclcer, Janice WhiT- Ten, Elaine Lau, Mary Ann BerTschy, Casey Wondergem, Carol Mohs, Delores Merlclein. Third Row: George Drais, John AnholT, Dick Zagel, Donald STeindl, Donald Gehrig, VicTor GuenTher, Joan Mahnlce, BeTTy Zimmermann. FourTh Row: Mr. Gall, John Van Loan, Bob De Young, Jim MarTin, Bob Caan, Eugene Schneider, Dave Eehring, Don Caan, Elroy Ruppel. NOT on picTure: James Alexander, Ann BrandT, Joan OrcoTT. i 4 i l l Home Room 116 f- ,x Firsl Row: Palricia Kiernon, Marilyn Hendrilcse, Delores Koehn, Phyllis Raalz, June Humke, Richard Herman. Second Row: Mr. Sielcer, Dorolhy Hollellz, Josephine Hollman, William Hollz, Roger Helm- ing, Jack Kramar. Third Row: Shirley Kaulzer, Nannelle Quasius, Rulh Hollander, Lois Scheib, Mary Ann Knaub, Franz Klein-Wassinlc. Fourlh Row: Chesler Karslaedl, Jim Holsen, Donald Kelller, Roberl Kohls, Myron Holman, Roberl Koeplce. Nol on piclure: June Hilperlshauser, Marilyn Kernen. Home Room 135 Firsl Row: Gwen Koss, Joan Hogan, Rulh Prange, Maloel Lenz, Marion Mueller, Marilyn Levy, Carol Buleyn. Second Row: Mr. Walson, Palsy Slielow, Sydney Feldman, Paul Fox, Nancy McKinley, Carol Niclcel, Joyce Merril, Pal Phalen. Third Row: Roger Verhage, Donald Bock, Neil Droppers, Donald Duncan, Lola Dillrich, Richard Gier, Mark Jung, Ann Hamacheclc, Pal Holberg. Nol on piclure: Craig Johnson. Home Room 8 , i5!?2'll'.l!.'!f?!F!l.!'5'E!'.'!L91.'l'.!l7.. E7g ' Firsl Row: Florence Sloiber, Carol Sue Hayward, Belly Kallc, Lorraine Feld, Florence Berg, LaVerne Schreiber, Gerald Ruppel. Second Row: Mr. Slovall, Doris Speclrmann, Germaine Rislenpadl, Carol Grohskopl, Frances Morris, Doris Pape, Jo Ann Grube, Earl Fredericlcs, Vernon Harlman. Third Row: Charles Slreel, Theodore Froechle, Edwin Landwehr, Edward Slall, Jaclc Lorenz, John Mase, John Goedeclce, George Elsesser. Fourlh Row: Kennelh Kurlz, Sluarl While, Donald Lulzlce, Donald Schull, Jerome Merlz, Richard Muhs, Donald Gandre, Johann Klein-Wassinlc. Nol on piclure: Gerald Hall. Home Room 216 Firsl Row: Germaine Werner, Bernice Wilsing, Glenna La Page, Irene Leisner, James Calverl, Helen Van Emden, Audrey Plisler, Belly Kalher, Joan Gollsacker. Second Row: Roger Neuloerl, Lillian Dek- ker, Delores Bloechel, Janel Richey, Rulh Horwiiz, Annelle HoFFman, Ursula Schumann, Waller Pfis- Jrer, Roger Ponalh, Miss Rose. Third Row: Vernon Posl, Shirley Walfhers, Josephine Vreeke, Palricia Muehlbauer, Shirley Do Bas, David Wilkie, lda Kalchkey, Dorolhy Slabbekoorn, Ray Blevous, Howard Ahl. Noi on piclure: Roberl Berg, Jack Burke, Herman Luedke, Roberl Reciherr, Edward Selke. Home Room 206 Hr Firsf Row: Minnie Arnold, Dolores Begalke, Diane Sluefen, Marilyn Spellel, Eva Maringer. Second Row: Miss Kendell, Colleen Noble, Verona Ziegley Louise Willmas, Marianne Puksich, Doroihy Schei- del, Helen Van Talenhove, Karhleen Arnoldi. Third Row: Rurh Lorenz, Audrey Kessel, Gloria Bogolin, Barbara Baumann, Irene Gerke, Frances De Vriend, Beverly Bille. Four'rh Row: Mill'on Schullz, An fhony Markelz, Richard Sachse, Randolph Monfgomery, John Suby, Raymond Mullin, Gilberl Usadel. Nol' on piclurez Clarence Belus, Eugene Heller, Marion Lensen, Carol Schmidl. Home Room 301 wwnnwixwmm msmmsigwlllmg Firsi Row: Dorolhy Winkler, Jean Mueller, Marvin Mayer, Shirley Vogl, Grace Nevine, Marion Deischel, Waller Richier. Second Row: Miss Oelke, Richard Zelsche, Arlhur Burkarr, Harrier Vander Weele, June Sweeney, Donna Slielow, Fileene Ziegler, Bernice Hauch, Shirley Wilke. Third Row: Don- ald Wood, Ray Bruder, Francis Trimberger, Margarel Pauls, Vernon Wallace, Lesler Harlmann, Darcy Lolhes, Charles Neils. Fourlh Row: Darleen Quasius, Madeline Ribbens, Howard Brunmeier, Ivan Loving, Donald Zimmermann, Florian Muehlbroek, Fred Lickerman, Karl Doering, Allen Gebler. 6L,.,,,..f' MAJ-'3, AMA? -ff--137' "MA2x.44.l fi!-RIUMLJ -We .X QW QM I Home .Room 110 Eirsr Row: Doris Jorsch, Margarei Grade, OH'o Brarnel, Carol Schuh, Rila Heggen. Sec- ond Row: Virginia Goebel, Shirley Zabel, Marvel Slrubbe, Eleanor Schulfz, Donna Mae Munnik, Donald Brick. Third Row: Gerlrude Eranz, Leila Kohlg, Ellen Sjrerfen, Harold Nick, Frederick Pelchen, Le Roy Brick, Kennerh Kellner, Owen Haack. Eourlh Row: Mlf.VJones, Roberf Meyer, Harland Nonhof, Jacob Verhulsf, Richard Burkard, Henry Zeuner, Richard Liezen, Earl Kneevers. Nor on picrure: Jeanefle Piaskowski. Home Room 314 Eirsr Row: Beverly Wagner, Doro+hy Grunow, Joan Konrad, Eunice Oflren, Carolyn Rheis, Marilyn Smifh, Lucille Sreicien, La Verne Mahnke, Jeanne Scribner, Elaine Schirmeisrer. Scond Row: Consfance Becker, Charlolle Kressmer, Charlorfe Liebl, Mary Slubenrauch, Janifh Eisold, Dolores Moll, Harold Branch, Berry De Back, Margarel' Ribbens, Bernard Benrrup. Third Row: Par Pohland, William Sonnenburg, Glen Usadel,Joan Loving, Rob- er+ Abendrofh, Connie Ter Maaf, Melba Duchow, Edward Slebir, Eugene Hildebrand, Richard Ronk, Charles Miesfeld, Avis Verhulsr. 1--v ' 9 L . X I- , Q. 6, H F 91' . .,,1 . Akai' . 4 gm g Q is. S N K' f, ' ,a., ,I - -an -by Q , ' A ,M-5 I ff, ff wx., I 1 X M L LL. '- .::..-:- Ox ........ X F iif f 'J wJW'JA,7 ,JW W ' .LN V Aff wif' xf'7f"'M 1 ff 7 .Sem WS -. , - F I - 3 ,,-' 4 ' 5 1 - 49.. . 0, , 1 . , " s LQ H.: I I,- x,., ALTENBACH, EAYE Sl'1e's a familiar siie upon ner bike! BARBER, JEAN ' "Sugar and Spice end everyilwing nice. fl! I,-,ij ! 1. 'Z ' QW ir' l 5' f f ' , , A ff 1 A J ,I J X ll X ,lf V- if," ' . ffff fl y 'A If l Nui .. 17-W AJ ENBACH, MARY ANN 1 " "fx Dependable as a Boliva wefclmf ' I . .TA mf BPRTZEN, ROBERT i I love life. ANDERSON, ROBERT "l-le's nol as bold as lnis slwirfsf' BASCI-I, VIRGINIA "Vim, Vigor, and Vijralilyf' rib. . if i AQQHENBACH, CARHA 9 -A J of , A jolly laugh andbikglil red ljair.i s Vi 'i' l-'Iii EAssEwiTzf'J2uNE, if' S Ulzalcls are, her favori're." 'R VASTROFSKY, JOSEPI-IINE "Wi+l1 her feel' on Jrlwe ground and her head in 'rlwe clouds." BATZNER, DAVID "Blow, Gabriel, Blowl' BAUMERT, DELORES I-Ier cheers are 'for BLOECI-IEL, LE ROY "I-2-3 +esIing." BAYENS, EDITI-I "Like qravifafion a++rac+IonQ" BONECK, BETTY "ErIIIy, EraII, and Fragile." le Xw-u2f+o5?wJ,, one man. she has The power of j iff WIA,-H+-7d Lbvyvdffft M4 I MA Kc-yn.: 11.9 ER NER, BER I O , NorI' I'II ' Mir CI I' iqlja GA g s angina! an a ' I I 'll-Q-BRAND, MARY JANE Neafness and Mary Jane Iusf seem +0 go Ioge+her. BERINGER, WILLIAM Speech is Ihe index of Ih Q ' I C,-vt-'.g,5LJP"r .af - - BRAUN, JANET wand, Jf Shes a IhreaI' 'ro anyone's blues. pb BEYER, LORRAINE "Our Incendiary Blonde." BRUNMEIER, MARJORIE "KnE+ one, purl Iwo." WW II-19 BURGARD, BERNICE "C"l'1orus, "A"l:aili+y, Puncfualify. DE GEUS, IRENE Nice 'ro look al--even nicer 'ro lcnow. BURKARD, HELEN Slwe can always 'Find somellwing +0 say. DEKKER, THEODORE Someone around here has +o be ser ous. U CHRISTENSEN, BEVERLY "l-ler life is one big whirl." DEN BOER, HOWARD " Misclwie Jr follows lnim around. .Wi j,7lMJ'1' , rf I ir ,M .,- ,fs deff !L"'! A VII ' i ' Xw X - , 1 I, If M611 ff Af9'CORNELL, MARSHALL o ,. ,-'A "A modern Nero" DE NY, MARIETA You'll remember her for her charm and independence. ff? v?l'r'w+ and. yyquaei. QM DJR , R S " all, sweet and sincere T lil? f - iw f DE VRIEND. JOHN X7 A wI'aiz on +I1e baskefball cou ' EISNER, LOR NM f "Hgh vi yhea 'E iw Vi?I'qvIIVgi IWW I , A DIERS, E TY JEAMYIP' y ' H ifh a s on her i and I' inIcI in hgk .' EIS INIER, EAW QI? .'TI'1e Ie pw? par'ry." , DOTTEI, DORIS M! jx Persisience is her mjikay ' I V-I' : ELBE, RICHARD " ' , R X Y I-Iis wif and Iwumqs se ne:I . our PSP Skifs. wif, 0. DUBIN, ELAYNE "The world is made for IaugI1+er and so am I." ELMERGREEN, VIRGINIA A dark senior wi+I1 a 'rwinkling eye aI- ways greeis you wi+I1 a friendly "I-II." kg!!-f'-f W U ,Z-wcwefzffo M Z 5 JWWM7 EGGEBEEINI, DONALD YOILI C5jD SSIOIIIGSS. , SQ EVANS, D Z9 0' fldfj Argumenfs are his speciaIi+yf3'4Q'."! PEDERER Rowmm L? Worlc? Where have I heavli a+ word before? T ' U V 1 I I ' FUERST, ELORE KVM " ' e reabfflgjif' xxjojyu fir K IJ . PM-SNK, ici-i RDW M 'Lf' l-le's al y o a + ck p his ' ve. . ,MP L SE ebe ' e i lo + r, bul h 'II lo ne . W f PRANZEN, RG "Bashful--unlil you lcnow her." GERKE, MARION A saddle and a bridle, never find her iclle. EWEDLEY, GEGRGE Small man--buf whal lung capacily! f f- f flrlu 'V' QERKE, MELBA Y ' Uri," ,' -' . 'l j VI "She'S qUieJ5jjlyL9Hk,,fl.ff ., . nlxflf' ii ., All l WlffVWiaf ffaliwi ..,vll"iyi . fd.-ajmyifj hw 'cj 'rl 'YI JN fig' - I V ,J '71 .VVWI finfyxjj 'JU 1 FRIEDRICHS, JEROME M 4. , 4, .f Q i .fu He manages all 'rhings Well. GONERING, DENNIS When he leaves lhings are ralher quiel. 'I mm l QORDQN, si-HRLEY ' '25 "As nice as her smile." A uv' ' K ' GROSS, RUTH She has a smile for everyone. GOTTSACKER, RONALD Full of pep on The foofball lielol. SRU BE, LESTER l-le sees life lhrough lhe lenses ol a camera. QRABNER, FRANCIS aeA,u.u-m5"FQ Wyupefg 543' rf GREEN, SHIRLEY "Quie+ and unasssuming, leur full of lunfi GUTKIN, DELORES ju Shes delerminecl +0 comple e ey r Thing she unclerlahes. f fa Qi Qfiff " Q 1-6'EiJEL, CHM Wo' S a Pa+r her own. 9. i 'ff HALLWXCHS, CARQL She's always merry no maller whai ihe weafher. 9 N Sf sms-w lf, xv.-l ,,,,.,.,,..-,i.-W--..--i---f - -- ---- -Y y HANSEN, ROBERT Why can? Jrhey all be salisfiecl like me? HENDRIKSE, CAROLYN "Swee+ and Lovely." HANSON, l-IARRIET "Where lhere is laugh+er clelife and lallc, you'll find l-larrielf' HENDRIKSE, RAYMOND l-le who is silenl, malces no mislalfe. 4 x 'N ' . N X.. vi 'Q Jolly : ki X Q . N 1 x E X, - "C"1.., . .li nw , H -BETW-.J ,X Z? X , ,QQ- sa She's s shine on a clouxy y. A ' K 5 ol 1 N gan 9 YN A X. it 4. Ss X S HASENSTEIN, DONALIQ ' A- 1,- l-le's gol a girl al every loc l 'QNXXL c. HICKS, HELEN "On slage everybody." 3 . , liz" r ' D V "l 1. fi , I 4. JI YY V. - g 4, V . yisisgf, li21fiRC?ELLA,' . i . , mr 'it 5 t fs xlwpdesl find s,Wee+, she c'5n"r be beat Q ' . 1. f' . ' . , 7a , I W '- 'J - ' 0 f , , 1 'A X" ' "' - , s HILDEBIQANDYSFREF' -- , I AJeacl,er'V'in qverylhine he Joes HILPERTSHAUSER, JACK Laugh, Clown, Laugh. X l HUBERS, DONALD Q Speed is his mollo. HOFFMAN, HAROLD "Adven+ure Bound." M J . HUIBREQTSE, MARJORIE 3- 'ff A She's happy when plagfifngl vo ey hai ,414 I MM HOGAN, ROSEMARY "Ready and willing lo do her share' JASPERS, GEORGE He seems +o know all lhe answer-3, HOLDEN, EDYTHE "lf you hear a giggle, il's Edyl'he." JOHNSON, STUART As mischievous as his blue eyes. HOLMAN, MARGARET "SMILE" JOHST, ROSE A big package of lauqhler, and lun. vw- - JORDON, MARION "Ouie+ and cheerful, a loyal friend." KATCHKEY, DOROTHY "In+ramurals are ner hobby." KACHELMIER, GEORGE Ouiel and sliy, buf a very nice guy! KATCHKEY, RUTH "Worry and I have never mei." KADE, WALTON Friendly and nice. KAUFMANN, NANCY l ' X Sl1e's quiei, byw eff she leaves you miss lweifhbfrpfp x I ' J f NN, R NALD ,bf elimes l'm vi7'i'3'e, sorneiimes l'm ollii use. ,gli 'fry' fri A'-V -X16 KEITEE ' WV xr' g Qfor 'rbjfiqs in a "big way". Qi ' 'A if 5 1 .I ' we f 5 D- N , 'P O ,si-fix A ff '53 'R ' KANNKS, NE In V. Yflfhazdis so rare as a day willw June? KELLNER, HAROLD An easy-going guy wl1o's one of our slars. KELLNER, LE ROY He could balance on a pin po n ' KNAUF, VERONICA To read, To read, m kingdom for To read. cl lifillliillili iii he of M fy fag XIS. Jr MV KLESSIG, CHARLES Full of fun and mischief foo, doing Jrlwings lie slwouldn? do. KOSUP, RICHARD Happy go luclcy, carefree, qgy, Diclzg flue one flwa+ is Thai way. KLUNK, ARl.lNE "Winsome, willful and wil'l'y.'l KREPSKY, DOROTHY A smile 'For everyone. tl C ,xx KNACK, JUNE Her feel were made for dancingit .Lf k f y M KRIPLEAN, NYLA , K f "Willing hands and a ready smile." N Q ',4 ',4. lI,,.5f" W., KROENING KENNETH M - . J . l uri, . 7 'i Gladys on mysrnin . C' K in ,fruit A. 'is' J! ffyii ' -in I W- i ,ii Vx LAWN, Lois 1 -"A Li ., ff' A quile naiure bides a pleasing IONEFSOD- alify. Sci'-4 N X 0-W Mgkwygw QL OLQKUCHTA, ALICE V She muslr ea+ Wheafies W all Thai energy. LAUEE, LOUISE "Laugh+er and long lashes, +ha+'s Louise. KUEH L, PHYLLIS A sincere friend, as nice as you will find. LEONARD, GLORIA Her acquain+ances become her friends. s . ,f . QEIND AE CH INE "An aggnd irl." LEO l'l X L Ll L 34 'M' ie ' her middle name." LANSER, ALAN V All play and no worlc malces Alan a happy looy. LERCH, SOPHIE She always lends a hand +0 anyone she can. iifif JW LIEBL, ARTHUR Graaf hopes malce greal m n LUTZ, RALPH Bashlul? Noi' lhal we Ifnow' LINDEKE, JANICE "As daring as lhe man on 'rhe flying frapezef' LYON, LYMAN For a solid guy +ha+'s on Jrhe bear wilh LUBACH, EDITH Quiel and inlenl on her worlc MAAS, ELAINE "Her aim is To please LU BBERS, JOHN Big blue eyes, bubblin MAIS, LURIELLE Your order please! LUEI-IRS, Marvin Sherlock Holmes' rival. MARKGRAF, SHIRLEY A pleasing smile To g pe rsonalily. his piano playing he'II give you a Jrreall g I AvfZ Full of fun llwe life of every parlyl Always a loruglwf emarlc " Hear +l'1a+ laugl17 Tlwalrs BFII. ,X x X ' X D -fi bb jf!! Af" " Qmyki 5 J X-P' of J Bsbgyxliflgf JM-f5 Qy Qqllel andxlifassumbwo gal. od - NJ L epl on and on. of eaclw makes u 0 5... ff W fill s l 'r e s e l be a good lrienol K all 4, Ml Wlloll Come Joseplwnne on my flying maclwinef' Jolces plus smlle equals Milf. MUELLER, BARBARA Her ladder of life will be climbed wilh a smile. NECH MK ,JAMES , 1 erm ticgnlan belief beware! S 1 X' M LLE , DELORES Twinlcling eyes, a dancing s+ep." W NEESE, JOYCE "A H+ b dl if w f , W FE. e un, jvYi.5' ee 5, 'C y 5 ,WJ -C- 4?ff,,,:1q,ng M6 Q jf., MUELLEQQAHILBERT Ziff,-F, -fy Wlwal would flue Urbanile be wiill him? Ha-. 7 NEUSES, THOMAS Tl'1ere's room for all in l'1is car and in l'1lS lwearf. Q? , - I 'Qkff ,inf :Q ki ltrfK,f:'if' 3 k ' ' X 'z' 'flflfff f J MUVXPQ?-lONY?y ear an S ' Z es ll' Wavy IIUQ ey ,a pa c all flue gals and guys! NOHL, JACKSON i l-lelll iolce, lauglw and wlwislle luis way 'rhrouglw life. W XFYY XX, NMA , RTIN WY . . . -l ighl 5 n Hung lo do wil my lun! xl , Q X lwile ere' +l1ere's ho el 1 is OEHMICHEN, JUNE No one knows The greal heighfs she can reach. PEOTENHAUR, ROBERT A shy grin wilh a lol behind il. OOSTDYKE, WILLIAM ' PON He looks shy buf we'know bellerl ATT-l. RUTH Acfions speek louder Than words, she has plenly of bofh. PASKET, LORENE She makes living worlh while. POTTER, EVELYN "The king's iesler couldnur lop Eve." PEKELDER, THELMA You wonll' know much abouf her, buf you know you'll like her. ' l POTTHAU RST, HEBERT Jew- Many horns have since been blown, buf nof wilrh The sound of his barifonel 'm.i..u,Q.,,.1-WNW Qhm., 9,0--1 PEISTER, A KYNS-L . "She reefs you wifh er dimples." tofu-crib-ell:-aL PRAN E, NORMAN ' l-le cheers us fo viclory. PULS, LIDA Wriling poems, plays and slories will bring her lame and many glories SS GS GFS GS RIESZPW BETTY F i UW! 9 Ml W W' XU S, RION i of 1' always a guiclc reply. if 71 ll p RUPPEL, BEVE A ar fu raipfvand uj n Wil ff oufxsr, ARTHUR W Wilh his leadership and scholarly ways you'll remember him To lhe end of your days. RUPPEL, JOHN l"le lcnows fhe secrel of lhe swilch board. RIBBENS, ELMER 'll saw Elmer lirsl'.'l RUST, CAROL "Soi+ness ol smile indicales sollness ol characlerf' RIBBENS, JUDITH . ll Judy's around, you'll hear her. RYAN, BEVERLY - A quief nalure hides a pleasing person- alify. .I ,O 4 IQ ' -I .f ,gf -'wi-14 'if .I SAYRE, ROBERT' so-'I .4 4 -75" . if-lf, , 9 1' l-Ie'll Iell you a iolce or Iallc for awhile, buf you can hear his laugh for a mile. SCI-IMIDT, ANN Almosr as dark as her Soulh American friends. SCI-IAEFER, JAMES Hlviasler of lhe lcey board." SCI-IMITT, LLOYD Thahs right l-lold if. l'r'll will loe over in a flash. M H-gl. M llvungl -k'rrwaq,p.-stvt-4: , , f 1' 'x a 4 I f 'I , SCI-IIEBLE, RICHARD "LiI"rle John Barrymoref SCI-IRANK, MERRILL Le+'s have fun! SCI-IMEISER, KERMIT The red of his hair does noi' slop him from making friends. SCHROEDER, VIRGINIA Blond, Friendly, and Frolicsome. XSCEIMIDT, ANDREW l.ilce an., Afom--quife explosive! SCS-IROPP, JOANNE "Everyone agrees, she's indispensable as a friend." 'iw SCI-lULTZ, CAR - Her sense of humor is g tv ,Z SIRCELY, ANTON Teasing holds many charms for him! SCHULTZ DORIS "Quie'r, buf friendly." GJ: SIZONEN, NATHALINE ,am T , J 1, She has a friendly smile for everm SENKBEIL, KENNETH The cenfer of afiraclion a+ a dance. SMITH, ADELINE All The money of This age, wouldnf equal The excilemenl of The slage. 'NN X 5 gssimz, ARDELL Brighl smile n pleasing Trails. x A Tounlain of bubbling Tun. . Q Sy s E as xl N2 STATQQELIZCAEETH ik 5 i J 5 V 1 73? 42. SEIGEL, ROBERT f iooffg, Today! f ' A, " , el" yb.PA', .'ug?..l4, A:--fi. swemsom, JOHN T V f , f' ' QV,,n.'fff fff - 7,44-,,2l,ff.,, GA. vgallgLn95,QnQ,Ysl39gdJ2,i1,,,,,4 . 1 I . i X t 1 . ,, :.-. . ,, 4 ana. v " 0 1 ! . TE WINKLE, ALVIN l-le's goT saTan in his eyes! ' Q f7"fffZ'J fy' VANDE GUCHTE, BERNARD l-lis wavy hair is The envy oT all The girls. THIELE, LA VERNE "LoTs oT Tun, and preTTy Too." VANDE VREDE, IRVING FooTball is his specialiTy. TRASS, PEARL A liTTle engine, louT wiTh loTs oT power. VANIC, JOYCE So give Three cheers and one cheer more, she lcnows whom we're rooTing Tor. TRUMM, COLLEEN One oT Those Triendly people The world couldn'T exisT wiThouT. ', VQQLARQSQA I rip X wsvwgiof The 13665, en she's ounol. 1 ' ft yi V J i!AlNE3E,lBERJ6,lCA'ROLYN QSM? bxfxiggimifpaclcage oT Tun. 'ii ,W 3 if! jyirlfli YOGT, ROBERT J l"le's quieT as a mouse buT his laughTer ,' is everywhere! .I ,, ,Lf V, fl Y if T' f' 1157 f1l'J,','bl . -A 3: . f u I 'wALlyAl1,,MArl'eAR . , j!S4l1e1flc'nbws To malce friends ancl ' ,J R l:'e'ep Jrlfuem. U :W ,-f. . l WESZEL, MAY JEAN Silenl, sialely and serene l 1. VVALKER, BETTY JANE A big smile and a big lwearl. WIEDEMANN, HELEN A ballerina on ice WELCH, BETTY JANE Her lauglifer malces our lwearls happy. VVINKLER, MARION A prelfy face commands allenlion. WERNER, BERNICE " ' ui , u b ell i ycirislweqs -ffifflul Iliff uf! .'-pm, 7, I lM'Nwirxlli,g3,LxjfiQ9kbfJJ,,. FW J iff'-f .flrtlhfy SLT' +107 Wifi W , Ai TIM ave you lwearcl Hwis one? WOLLERT, SHIRLEY Science is her world of wonder. WOLF, DELORES "Like a coke, sI1e's peppy, sparkling and gives you a IiH." ZI MM ER MAN, DOROTHY A+omic energy--personified! WONDERGEM, EDITH Ouief, Iour IuII of smiles. ZYLMAN, RUTH BIue's Iwer color wi+I1 pIen+y of "Navy" WONDERGEM, LA VERNE A pre++y face, and a riafural grace. IN THE SERVICE ALFRED KLEIN I JACK ROERNER ROGER MONTGOMERY HARRY Voss YOUNG, RAYMOND TaIIc--an unnecessary medium. ZASTROW, DONALD PFIUIGFIS ir1I4 runs in Iiis IoIoocII i, , LASS OFFICERS David Evans, Arf Quasl, Barbara Mueller, Delores Fuerslr 15 v NANNM Q 39 j,.-.,,fA ri' ,LL Y LMA C L A S S E S AlThough This is our TirsT peace-Time year aTTer world war Two, classes in TorTy-Tive and TorTy- six were no diTTerenT Trom Those oT oTher years. The mosT noTiceable diTTerence oT any kind This year was The decreased amounT oT Time allowed beTween classes. SomeTimes The siTuaTion became so acuTe ThaT sTudenTs dropped books and digniTy To dash inTo a classroom. Chem- isTry sTudenTs conTinued To gaze absenT-mindedly inTo Bunsen burners and dream oT becoming a TwenTieTh cenTury PasTeur or Madame Curie. LaTin classes, according To cusTom, duTiTully declined and coniugaTed. Spanish classes planned To use Their Sheboyganese masTery oT The language in posT-war Trips To Mexico and SouTh America. FuTure homemakers learned To 5 ,mm Nigga? u 'X Q A U T O G RA P HTS AQAAQ - . a,4,LM-1-' Aww? J!-!,,g,4 ,Q,5Cf'-.ffxf'1'.ifZ'f'. MZWWT " - rf Mic s cc M-fwfr ffeww MAJ! X ' KLA-Z! fp' sew, and oThers, along wiTh several boys preparing Tor bhazhelor-hgi, sTudied The Tine arT oT cooking. Compasses and proTracTors were kepT dusT-Tree and shiny wiTh consTanT use in The GeomeTry classes. Advanced MaTh and Physics shook The cobwebs ouT oT The more ambiTious sTudenT's minds. ExcepT Tor The subiecT maTTer, mosT classes are alike. You can be sure ThaT every class conTains a Tew sTock Types. For example, every class conTains a leader. There is always one To whom The work comes easily and eTTorTlessly..l-le is The one who does his assign- menTs wiTh such grace and accuracy ThaT his Tellow sTudenTs never Tail To be amazed. There is always one who is very quieT and shy, probably she siTs direcTly opposiTe you, buT you would never know she's There unless she accidenTly sneezes. In all probabiliTy There is a dreamer in every class also. While The Teacher and class are landing aT PlymouTh Rock wiTh The pilgrims, he is Tar ahead, on a horse oT his imaginaTion. scouTing Tor Indians. The arguer is anoTher one who never Tails To Turn up in every class regardless oT iTs size. Every sTaTemenT To him is a basis Tor argumenT, and he nearly chases The Teacher ouT oT her mind. l-le's never happy unless he's on The wrong end oT a dispuTe and causes no end oT TumulT in a classroom. Long aTTer we have graduaTed we will discuss our classes and classmaTes. 40 MGP-TH QHDES5 V' A :- Faculty MR. BORN His qreelings are as loud as Ifibvy., lies. J MR. KONRAD I When if rains, il pours Iesls. MR. PETERSON His humor liqhlens our chemis- Iry classes. MR. SIEKER As conscienlious as Ihey come. MR. STOVALI. His poolcs and papers seem Io keep him occupied. HISTORY cmd SCIENCE TEACHERS Wa li .' I 7' L i . ii I MISS SCOTT The sludenl council adheres Io her good counsel. MR. HOUSTON A man's besl friend is his pipe. Hislory and Science MISS GRIFFITHS Any new addresses for our overseas Tiles. MISS MORK Inlelligence plus. MISS HAAN You won'I find her hoslel. MR. GALI. His slories slarlle his sfudenls. MISS ELLINGSON Hislory in every cenlury. MISS JENSEN Hey pregun+a?I Buenol M ISS PRESCOTT I-Ier heIpIuI smIIe shines Ihrough our hazy Iranslahons. ENGLISH ond LANGUAGE TEACHERS I Miss HENDRICKSQN I I-Ier sense of organizahon is Ihe energy behind Ihe Urbanne. MISS CHANDLER She's good adverIIsennenI Ior Ihe pep cornnniffee. MISS I-IERMAN She Iives In a whirI OI scrIpIs and grease paint MISS VAN DRIEI. I-Ier IeweIry Iascinelres us all. MISS STEWART Mai Gui! She Ieaches EngIish Ioo. MR. RHIEI. A Thespian in Ihe Iirsf degree. MISS QELKE I-Ier pIeasanI personaIiIy is hard Io beet if MR. A. JONES a variely of many a com Iishrnenls and boogie IINITRQQ ol his balon and Ihe begins. MUI-IS I Masler ol Ihe brush. MISS LARKIIXI Tanlalizing aromas draw us Io her room. MISS GRIINIDE Prelly and popular wilh all. MUSIC, ART, HOME ECONOMICS and SHOP MR MR. MR MR WANDREY I-Ie helps us Iceep our ialopies repaired. BUCKERIDOE I-Ie climbs more slairs Ihan any- one in INI.I-I.S. ROCK The man behind The scenes BENSEMAINI I-Ie lives on prinIer's ink. MRS. WI-IITE Mallw and mail Iceep Iier quile MR. M. PETERSON Whal would Ioolball be willi- oul our famous Red? MR. WATSON I-Ie iusl lives riqlwlr and enioys everyllwing. MISS JEANTY I'Ier abilily is noi measured by I'ier Iieiglil. busy. MISS KENDELL SIie's noi slworllianded in Iyp- ing. MR. TI-IALACKER Give Iwim a "Rod and Reel" in "Field and SIream" and Iie'II be happy. MISS ROSE A piano responds Io lier Iouclw as quickly as a Iypewriler. MISS I-IRON Don'I walclw your Iingersl Walclw 'flue boolc. MATHEMATICS, COMMERCIAL and LIBRARIANS MISS BRUE Our index Io Ilwe library. MISS FREDRICKSON A big smile and a pleasing per sonalily are I1ers. TEACfH'ERSf AU . ! ' I 11, ' GYM TEACHERS ond MAINTENANCE . TCDGRAPHS MISS KENNELLY Jusl call me slworly. MR. ULICI-INY A real "he-man" in slworfs. MR. JONES Theres a lol of lun slaclcecl in This lowering frame. MISS MCGINNESS SI1e's The girls' muscle builder. MR. MEYER MR. DEN BOER MR. ZEHMS MR. LUBACI-I MR. I-IETTINGER LW 32 Q 1 vi E .Ilia N Activities Presiding: Fred Hildebrand, SecreTary: Beverly Ruppel. FirsT Row: Laverne Schreiber, Thelma Pekelder, Eleanor SchulTz, Ada Jung, Jane Swenson, RuTh Berg, Joan MaechTle, Mary Belle Bersch, Eugene Burkard, Casey Wondergem. Second Row: Howard Brunmeier, Fred Pelchen, Eugene Goebler, Clarence BeTus, Clarence Res- nick, AnTon Sirceli, BeaTrice Hauser, Shirley KauTzer, RoberT Siegel. Third Row: Donald Luecke, Diane Gruhle, DoroThy Zimmermann, Erlend PeTerson, ArT Liebl, Mary Lou Koehn, Virginia Heibel, Harold Federwisch, RoberT PToTenhauer. FourTh Row: Marion Quasius, Mary STubenrauch, Frank GuenTher, Lyman Lyons, James Herman. FIRST SEMESTER COUNCIL The gavel sounds, and a hush Talls over IO3 as The presidenT opens The council meeTing. The council oT NorTh High School is Tounded Tor The main purpose oT deciding viTal problems, and discussing any maior complainTs or criTicisms ThaT The sTudenTs Teel imporTanT enough To discuss. The councillors and The alTernaTes are elecTed by Their respecTive home rooms and are Then placed on various commiTTees. The commiTTee chairmen, TogeTher wiTh The school presidenT, secreTary, and Their advisor, Miss ScoTT, meeT once a week and voTe on various Topics. They are called The ExecuTive Board, and are kepT exTremely busy. The council elecTs boys To visiT The Kiwanis and RoTary clubs. The diTTerenT collecrions oT Tunds Tor special drives are sTarTed in The council, and also The meThods To be used on These drives are suggesTed. OTher equally imporTanT iTems are also broughT up in The council. Again This year The council elecTed delegaTes To go To Madison Tor The annual sTudenT council convenTion. This year, as in previous years The council has underTaken a maior Task, The all-school-evenT. Special com- n'1iTTees were appoinTed, and The enTire evenT Turned ouT successTully. The plan was an all- school carnival in which The big show in The audiTorium and The smaller side shows were To be The crowning poinTs oT The evening. CongraTulaTions should be given To every sTudenT and member oT The TaculTy who pooled Their eTTorTs and produced This greaT Triumph. AnoTher issue was ThaT oT The dance regulaTions. CommiTTees Tormed Trom each oT The Two high schools meT and Tinally decided early in The year ThaT NorTh and CenTral would each inviTe The oTher school To Two separaTe dances. Thereby allowing Tour joining school dances and by doing This each school would be allowed Two exTra dances during The school year. The council OT nineTeen hundred and TorTy-Tive To TorTy-six have done a very commendable piece OT work. All The councillors deserve a hearTy round oT applause and a Tew cheers slipped in 48 for carrying on Ihe Iradilions of Norlrh High School in Ihe line manner which Ihey dis played. Norlh High is exceedingly proud of ils council Every slrudenl who enlers Norlh High School realizes Ihe imporlanlr rolo 'rheir councillors play and if you are selecled as councillor, malce sure Ihal you carry oul every Iaslc assigned Io you Io Ihe besl of your abilily. SOCIAL COMMITTEE Mariela De Ny, Mary Ann Allen- laach, Lois I.aII'in, Dorolhy Zimmer- mann, Miss Grinde AUDITORIUM COMMITTEE Marlin Smilh, Joan Maechlle, James Herman, Diane Gruhle, Miss Elling- son, Harrier Heiden PUBLICITY COMMITTEE Shirley Kaufzer, Anfon Sirceli, Helen Van Emden, Audrey Plisler, Mary Slubenrauch, Ada Jung, June Hurnlce, Mary Belle Bersch, Fred Pelchen, Casey Wondergem COUNCIL COMMITTEES -s PEP COMMITTEE IT anybody has To be original, Think hard and TasT consTanTly, iT's The Pep CommiTTee. Some rouTine duTies oT The commiTTee are wriTing skiTs, sell- ing colors, and planning pep pro- grams. Planning a pep program means geTTing The microphone, work- ing wiTh The sTage crew, obTaining The Pep Band, borrowing The cheer- leaders, eTc. The highlighTs oT The year Tor The Pep CommiTTee was The TooTball homecoming game. The members oT The commiTTee senT in- viTaTions To The alumni, planned a bonTire, and The inTermission pro- gram aT The game. WAR COM M ITTEE AlThough The war is over, The war commiTTee sTill is as busy as ever. Miss MargareT GriTTiTh's Two war commiTTee clubs help wiTh The iobs oT promoTing sTamp and bond sales and sending The UrbaniTe To service- men every week. This year They have promoTed The purchase oT Tour hos- piTal uniTs in The VicTory Loan Drive and will receive plaques Trom The governmenT Tor Their work. A spe- cial supplemenT oT The UrbaniTe was senT aT ChrisTmas Time To all NorTh's servicemen. SERVICE COMMITTEE This group has charge oT The LosT SERVICE COMMITTEE RuTh Berg, Thelma Pekelder, Ar- Thur Liebl, David BaTzner, Miss JeanTy and Found deparTmenT, aTTer-school movies, gaTe moniTors, and ushers Tor The audiTorium. VisiTors desiring To see The school are Taken in hand by The commiTTee. This year The service commiTTee has Taken charge oT The UniTed NaTions cloThing, book drives, and ChrisTmas BaskeT Fund. AUDITORIUM COMMITTEE NorTh can Thank The AudiTorium CommiTTee Tor iTs varied programs and assembly periods. IT is Their duTy To Take charge oT The programs every Friday, choose Lyceum speak- ers, and conTacT The oTTice and sTage crew. They also provide a sTudenT chairman Tor each assembly. SOCIAL COMMITTEE The social liTe oT NorTh is capably Taken care oT by The Social Com- miTTee. The aTTracTive decoraTions aT The school dances and The inTer- missions are planned by This commiT- Tee. Those aTTer-school parTies Take planning, Too, and The Social Com- miTTee is The one who puTs on iTs Thinking cap. Taking charge oT The elecTion oT The king and queen Tor The ice-skaTing parTy is anoTher ac- TiviTy oT This commiTTee. FINANCE COMMITTEE Someone has To Teed us aT our social evenTs and someone has To Take care oT The money ThaT comes in Trom selling The concessions. These Two imporTanT iobs belong To The Einance CornmiTTee. I2eTreshmenTs are sold cluring noon hour, aTTer school, ancl aT The TooTbaII and basI4eTbaII games. The members oT The commiTTee Take Turns selling. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE I-Iere's The commiTTee ThaT publicizes games,oIances, and all NorTh acTiviTies To encourage sTucIenT aTTendance. They Talce care oT The Trophy cases, all signs ancl noTices in The bulle- Tin oT social evenTs. A special eTTorT was puT in This year on The Souvenir programs made Tor The NorTh-CenTraI game. The PubIiciTy CommiTTee can be proucl oT Their achievemenTs WAR COMMITTEE STancIing: Gloria Leonarcl, I-Ier- berT Schmiedel, Donalcl I.udI4e, Dolorse Mueller. SiTTing: Marion Deischel, Bob Siegel, Eleanor Schulz. FINANCE COMMITTEE Eugene Gebler, I-Iowarcl Ahl, Clarence BeTus, Phyllis Kuehl, Donald Briclc, PEP COMMITTEE SiTTing: Ann I-Iarnacheclc, RoberT PToTenhauer, Clarence Resniclc. STanding:, James Nechamlcin, Bill Selsmeyer, ArThur OuasT, Jane Swensen, PaT Pohland. COUNCIL COMMITTEES SI Firsl Row: June Bassewilz, Gladys Melger, Pal Fuersl, Second Row: Rosella Sonnlag, Vera Plass, Sharon Speckman, Belly Dickloss, Pal Kernin. Third Row: Faye Allenbach, Marge Huibreglse, Belly Boneck, Sue Friede, Sue Frosl, Elaine Quasius, William l-lollz. Fourlh Row: Lillian Dekker, Eunice Ollen, Marge Ribbens, Pal Nennig. WAR CLUBS Firsl Row: Lois Scheib, Marion Deischl, Joan Oswald, Sue Frosl. Second Row: Gladys Melger, Barbara Meyer, Elhel Dekker. Third Row: Vera Plass, Mariorie Ribbens, Edilh Ollen, Belly Dickloss, Pal Robinson. Fourlh Row: Eleanor Schullz, Pal Fuersl, Sharon Speckman, Bob Siegel, Bill l'lollz, Donald Luedke, Clarence Resnick. Firsl Row: Marilyn Merrill, Barbara Meyer, Roselle Sonnlag, Pal Fuersl. Second Row: Lois Scheib, Belly Boneck, Gloria Leonhardl, Marion Deischl. Third Row: Mariorie l-luibreglse, Joan Gswald. Fourlh Row: Rally Robinson, Ardele Sessler, Delores Fuersl, Marion Muelke. This year brings lo a close lhe aclivi- lies ol lhe War Commillee which have been carried on lor lhe pasl Tour years. Lilerally hundreds ol sludenls have parlicipaled in ad- dressing and mailing cards, lellers, and Urbaniles lo servicemen, wriling bullelin announcemenls, keeping lhe honor roll up lo dale, cooperaling in clolhing and scrap drives, and pro- moling lhe sale ol slamps and bonds. The lolal amounl ol money laken in lor slamps and bonds has amounled lo El3I38,32l.7O. The War Commil- lee linked lhe home lronl lo lhe ballle line and a greal deal ol credil should go lo Miss Margarel Grillilhs who did an admirable iob in being lhe lacully sponsor lor lhis club. 52 Presiding: Marvin Luehrs. l:irsT Row: Elaine Quasius, Joan MaechTle, Charlene Loeble, Ray Bevins, Francis Trimberger, David BaTzner, Fredrich Hildebrand, Joyce Neese. Second Row: Barbara Bau- man, Marion Ouasius, Elinor GranT, Anna Mae Busse, EdiTh GoTTsacker, Helen Mase, Ada Jung, Marjorie Schropp. Third Row: DoroThy Zimmerman, Shirley Gordon, CharloTTe Liebl, Richard Greuel, HerberT PoTharsT, Richard Muhs, Miss ScoTT. l:ourTh Row: Clarence BeTus, Bob Kay, Dick Landgrali, Bob Siegel, James SchaTTer, Glen Reiss, George Wagner. FiTTh Row: Leon Trimberger, John Werner, Bob De Young, James McCarThey, Mark Jung. SECOND SEMESTER COUNCIL "Bang, bang, bang" and, aTTer These Three raps Trom The gavel oT school presidenT Marvin Luehrs, The weekly meeTing oT The second semesTer sTudenT council was under way. These meeTings were held in The CreaTive ArTs Room llO3l and resulTed in many imporTanT decisions oT beneTiT To The sTudenTs, The school, and The communiTy. One oT The Things NorTh sTudenTs will remember Tor years To come is The carnival "A Thousand and Two NighTs." This carnival required a greaT deal oT preliminary work and planning by The Council. Besides The main show in The audiTorium, There were TiTTeen sideshows requiring The work oT approximaTely Tour hundred and TiTTy people. AnoTher imporTanT proiecT underTaken and successTully compleTed by The second semesTer council bene- TiTecl every sTudenT in our school, in CenTral, and sTudenTs who will aTTend These schools in The TuTure. When TheaTer raTes were raised above The amounT which sTudenTs were able To pay, a commiTTee was appoinTed by The school presidenT To meeT wiTh The man- agers oT The Sheboygan and Rex TheaTers. This was Tollowing by meeTings in which represenTaTives Trorn SouTh Side Junior High School and CenTral High School parTici- paTed. These meeTings resulTed in a sTudenT raTe Tor movies considerably lower Than ThaT which had been charged. STudenTs can now aTTend movies Tor l4c below adulT prices aT The maTinees, and l5c below adulf prices in The evenings. A new Dance Reg- ulaTions CommiTTee was appoinTed in an aTTempT To seTTle This guesTion which has been leTT dangling since The birTh oT NorTh High School. The quesTion oT changing The award sysTem was considered by This council. The music deparTmenT, sTage crew, and pro- iecTion sTaTT TelT ThaT They, Too, should receive some recogniTion in The Torm oT an award. A TaculTy and sTudenT commiTTee considered This maTTer aT greaT lengTh. During The second semesTer beTTer council reporTs were given in The Home Rooms by Their councillors. School oTTicers visiTed The various home rooms To hear The council reporTs and, conseguenTly, The reporTs were more Thorough and compleTe. This coun- cil Took care oT all maTTers concerning The sTudenTs oT NorTh in addiTion To Those maTTers lisTed above. ln The second semesTer There was much work To be done and The council- lors did iT To The besT oT Their abiliTy. This was one oT The mosT successTul semesTers in NorTh's hisTory, one oT which we can all be proud. Much crediT belongs To Miss Ber- nice ScoTT, TaculTy advisor. lT is Through her excellenT guidance ThaT NorTh has had such excellenT sTudenT governmenTs. alT'33j""" I A , mxmyga, ,Q V, T if A , T T Y 431291: , . 2 in L: ,, T -:,v ii 2 if in if-""f',:'5,T"f,,.,,? r sr 'WT EdiTor-in-ChieT Irene de Geus Camera STaTT Grube Lloyd SchmiTT WiTh The Theme OT The pOsTwar world, The Polaris sTaTT, under The guidance OT Mr. Frederick lvluhs, worked hard To Turn ouT The new I9-46 Polaris. New? WhaT's new abouT iT? Well, Take a good gander aT your yearbook. l.eT's sTarT wiTh The clOTh cover. The Polaris never had a "coaT" OT clOTh beTOre. Why yes, The book is longer TOO. And look aT all The picTures. JusT abouT every evenT is phOTographed and even many assembly programs. Have you seen The spOrTs secTiOn? lT's much larger Than iT ever was in The pasT. An overwhelming group OT sTu- denTs Turned ouT To produce The Polaris. The club cOnsisTed OT ThirTy-six members, buT a large number OT sTudenTs also conTribuTed Their Time and eTTorT To The book. STeps were Taken To make The business end OT The book more eTTecTive. Accompanying The adverTising sOliciTOr's speech, The prospecTive adverTiser was shown The ad he had in The Polaris lasT year. I-Ie Then had The choice OT making up a new ad or having The same ad reprinTed. One OT The mOsT pleasanT duTies OT The business sTaTT comes on The lasT day OT school when They disTribuTe The POLARIS SENIOR SECTION BeTTy Walker, lv1arieTa De Ny, Joyce Neese, DoroThy Zimmermann, Barbara Mueller, Dolores WOIT, BeTTy STahl, I-larrieT Hanson. lITERARY STAFF Joan PTisTer, Dolores GuTkin, Lida Puls, JO Anne PeTers, Avis VerhulsT, lvlary Jane Brand, Sophie Lerch, Donald I-lubers, Har- rieT Verlare, Marvin Luehrs. 54 fl W .. 5' 'PMT' . ... X. Businegs Shag lvlr. Frederick lvluhs, Adviser l.orene Eisner, Nyla Kriplean, Craig Johnson Tinal annuals To The home rooms. Perhaps you've been admiring The large pen and ink draw- ings on The Tly sheeTs. The arT commiTTee worked exTensively To have more arT work in The book. IT you were sTill aT school around 6:00 P. M. on cerTain days, you mighT have seen some happy, Tired girls come Trudging ouT oT 205. They were Typing arTicles Tor The Polaris. 'Who's This?" "Oh, l know him, buT l can'T Think oT his lasT name." Such is The plighT oT The index group. BUT, They did iT. The members oT The liTerary sTaTT scraTched Their heads, and pulled many a hair Trying .To wriTe arTicles ThaT would be enioyable reading. No maTTer where you wenT around school, you were bound To see The camera sTaTT phoTographing everybody, and iusT abouT everyThing. DespiTe all The arT work, wriTing, and picTures, There is sTill some space leTT Tor your Triends To Till in wiTh sweeT noThings. We hope you will enioy This year's Polaris, and may iT be a pleasanT memory Tor The seniors. POLARIS ART STAFF Mary STubenrauch, Richard Elbe, Nancy Kaufman, Adele Koepsel, Rosemary Hogan, KenneTh Senkbeil INDEX STAFF l-Telen Van Emden, Arlynn Pilling, JaneT Braun, Rosalind VollraTh, Diane Gruhle, Elaine Quasius. NOT on picTure: Carol SchulTz, Shirley Gordon, Phyllis Kuehl 55 T:irsT Row: T'lilberT Mueller, John Suby, Wally PTisTer. Second Row: Sophie Lerch, ArT QuasT, Connie Ter MaaT, Casey Wondergem, Miss l-lendriclcson. "The UrbaniTe says There's no school Friday!" "Did you read whaT iT says in The UrbaniTe abouT Lorrie?" "The scoring sTaTisTics loolc beTTer in Today's UrbaniTe." Remarks such as These could be heard ThroughouT The school every Thursday aTTer The 3:36 bell had rung. Full oT general school news, sporTs columns, inTeresTing TeaTure sTories, and gossip, The UrbaniTe was disTribuTed To subscribing s+uden+s every Thursday aTTernoon. Copies were also mailed To several hundred servicemen and service women who had aTTended NorTh. The UrbaniTe was named in honor oT Principal William Urban and is sTill a growing and developing organizaTion. Though iT had appeared in pasT years as a bi-weekly, This year The UrbaniTe made an appear- ance every weelc. Through The developmenT oT adverTising, six To eighT page ediTions were possible, and There was a sTeadily increasing number and varieTy oT phoTographs and arT cuTs. Led by l'lilberT Mueller, ediTor-in-chieT, and Connie Ter MaaT, Wally PTisTer, ArT QuasT, Sophie Lerch, and Mariean WinTer, The news, TeaTure, sporTs, and make-up ediTors and The business manager, The excellenT sTaTT showed enough selT-reliance and responsibiliTy To elimin- URBANITE meier, Evelyn PoTTer, Doris Speclcman. Second Row: Darlene Quasius, Lorraine PaslceT, Ray I-lendriclcse, James Alexander, Dennis Gonering, Ralph LuTz, Joyce Lyons, Delores Kaeserman, MH' ss FirsT Row: Mariorie Brun- SeaTed: Mary Ann AlTen- bash, Jo Anne Mahnke, Charmaine Moll. STanding: Charlene Loebel, Connie Becker, Mary Jane Brand, Jo Anne PeTers, Fred Lick- ermann, Delores GuTkin, Ann l-lammacheck, Mabel Lenz, Ted Gabrielse, Dolores Mueller, Janice Lindeke. aTe much oT The inTerrupTion oT Their classes by The UrbaniTe advisors, Miss Dolores Hendrick- son and Mr. David A. Bensman. STudenTs had various moTives Tor desiring To obTain a posiTion on The UrbaniTe sTaTT. Many OT Them worked Tor The UrbaniTe To obTain a beTTer knowledge oT journalism in hopes Thaf They mighT Tashion a iournalisTic career Tor Themselves. Some re- garded working on The UrbaniTe as a hobby, while oThers did Their iobs on The paper Tor The wriTing and business abiliTy They would gain, Though noT Tor The Tield OT iournalism. All OT The sTudenTs beneTiTed a greaT deal Trom Their asso ciaTion wiTh The UrbaniTe by gaining valuable experience in working wiTh Tellow sTudenTs and wiTh communiTy business people. Those sTu- denTs Taking prinTing gained excellenT vocaTional Training by prinTing The enTire UrbaniTe in The school shop. An inTegral parT oT school liTe preparing sTudenTs associaTed wiTh iT Tor useTul consTrucTive lives, The UrbaniTe is sTill growing. New ways are sTill being Tound To make iT a more eTlicienT organizaTion, one reason why alumni, TaculTy, and sTudenT body are Truly proud oT Their paper. URBANITE SeaTed: Gwen Koss, George Drais, Marcella Heibel, BeTTy Spannagle, Rose Jahsf, STanding: Delores SchrimpT, Mary Ann AlTenbach, Har- rieT Hanson, Avis VerhulsT, Virginia T-leibel, Marilyn McKay, Joan MeTzdorT. I I . :Pnl 1"'5'-M Helen Wiedeman, Gloria Leonard, Shirley WoellerT, HilberT Mueller, William Beringer, Miss Marie Van Driel, Irene de Geus, Fredrich Hildebrand, HerberT PoTTharsT, MarieTa De Ny, DoroThy Zimmermann, Ardelle Sessler. NOT on picTure: Diane Gruhle. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY One oT The goals Toward which any ambiTious high school sTudenT can sTrive is elecTion To The organizaT?on known as The NaTional Honor So- cieTy. In order To become a member oT This group a sTudenT musT be in The upper TiTTeen percenT oT his class if a senior, or The upper Tive percenT if a junior. Members are selecTed on The basis oT These Tour qualiTicaTions: schol- arship, characTer, leadership, and service, by members oT The TaculTy who have had Them in class. In appreciaTion oT The high example They seT Tor The school, members oT The socieTy are given a Tew special privileges such as being al- lowed To enTer The' building any Time aT noon and To go To The library wiThouT a pass. The eleven members meeT once a monTh in The hos- pi+aIi+y room, and under The leadership oT Their presidenT Fred Hildebrand and Their TaculTy sponsors Miss PrescoTT and Miss Van Driel, dis- cuss The business aT hand and Then enioy a pleasanT social hour. Among iTs oTher varied acTiviTies The socieTy enTerTains CenTral's Na- Tional Honor SocieTy aT a Tea and also gives a Tea Tor The new members and Their parenTs early in spring. As iTs name suggesTs, The Na- Tional Honor SocieTy aTTempTs To give de- served meriT To Those sTudenTs who have made The mosT oT Their high school opporTuniTies by living up To The Tour principles upon which The organizaTion is based. SENIOR HI-Y The Senior Hi-Y has worked hand in hand wiTh The Y. M. C. A. The pasT years, and has Taken an acTive parT in The success oT iTs TuncTions. Because oT The eTTorTs oT The Hi-Y and Tri Hi-Y council, The "Y" dugouT was esTabIished and has become The mosT popular me'eTing place Tor high school sTudenTs. The viTal parT OT The club's program is iTs parTicipaTion in school and communiTy proiecTs. The club donaTed combined eTTorTs and abiliTy in producing sev- eral skiTs Tor The sTudenT body's enioymenT. Probably The club's mosT enTerTaining conTri- buTion was The "HaresTooT" presenTed in The all-school evenT Three years ago. TRI HI-Y The Tri Hi-Y is made up oT Senior girls who are acTive in all phases oT school acTiviTy. Indivi- dually They Torm members oT The senior class: collecTively They are a group Trying To help Themselves Through organizaTion. A program oT speakers is arranged To insTrucT The girls To acquire an adul+ viewpoinT. Under The leader- ship and guidance oT Their advisor, Miss Grinde, They plan TuTure acTiviTies, including one or Two proiecTs Tor The beneTiT oT The school or The communiTy. Pi CA no plnfe!m.,,,,,4,fw3!!e!2ez7e-sa, Firsl Row: Ronald Kaeserman, Roberl' Sa+re, Anfhony Ivlunnich, Andrew Schmidf, Roberr Barlzen, Donald I-lasen- slein, Ronald Gollsaclcer, Richard Elloe. Second Row: Arlhur Quasl, Sebe Garfon, William Ivlallhias, Charles Klessig, Donald I-Iubers, Roberf Pfofenhauer, Thomas Neuses, Jack I-Iilperfshauser, Irving Vande Vrede, l-Iarold Kellner, David Evans. Third Row: Mr. I-Iouslon, Marvin Luehrs, Lyman Lyons, David Balzner, John Lubbers, Alan Lanser, Richard Kosup, Timolhy Werner. SENIOR HI-Y Eirsl' Row: Joyce Neese, Belly I-Ierziger, Adeline Smilh, Lorene Eisner. Second Row: lvlargarel I-Iolman, Shir- ley Gordon, Beverly Ruppel, Dorolhy Zimmerman. Third Row: Joan Plisler, Diane Gruhle, Phyllis Kuehl, Helen I-liclcs. Eourlh Row: Elizalaelh Slahl, Nancy Kaulman, Lida Puls, Miss Grinole, Dolores Wolf, Irene de Geus, I'Iarrie'r Verlare, Adela Koepsell, Joyce lvliesfeld, Ivlarieia De Ny. Noi on piclurez Janel Braun, Carol Schullz. SENIOR TRI HI - Y 59 RTN. Mr. lnTravaia, Miss Herman, Miss Hendriclcson, Mr. Gail, Miss Van Driel, Mr. George PeTerson, Mr. WaTson, Miss Grinde, Mr. Marvin PeTerson, Miss ScoTT. FACULTY CCUNCIL This council is composed of Teachers rep- resenTing various school commiTTees. Mr. George K. PeTerson, vice-principal, is The presiding officer of The council, and Miss Marie Van Driel is The secreTary. Princi- pal Urban is a member ex-olziicio of The council, and appoinTs addiTional members To The council as The need Tor Them arises. Besides passing on requesTs Tor addiTional money, This Ten-member council acTs as an advisory cabineT in maTTers which con- cern sTudenT acTiviTies. They examine budgeT requesTs and seT yearly budgeTs Tor The various acTiviTies, pass on requesTs To Torm new sTudenT acTiviTies, granT all- school awards on The recommendaTion of coaches, seT The Time and prices Tor school TuncTions, and approve The acTiviTy calendar Tor The year. This work is ac- complished more eTiicienTly by dividing The FaculTy Council inTo several sub- commiTTees. These commiTTees are The AThleTic CommiTTe, Mr. George K. PeTer- son, chairman: The AudiTorium Program CommiTTee, Miss Ellingson and Mr. Rhiel, co-chairmen: The DeclamaTory and Dra- maTics AcTiviTies CommiTTee, Miss Her- man, chairman: The DebaTe and oTher Forensic AcTiviTies CommiTTee, Mr. Hou- sTon, chairman, The STudenT Social Com- miTTee, Miss Grinde, chairman, and The STudenT Council CommiTTee, of which Miss ScoTT is chairman. Recommenda- Tions of These commiTTees are passed upon by The enTire FaculTy Council. The S+uden+ Council CommiTTee is TurTher sub-divided so ThaT There is aT leasT one TaculTy chairman Tor all sTudenT acTiviTies. Miss ScoTT is direcTor of The STudenT Council. Mr. WaTson is NorTh's direcTor of Finances and his assisTanT is Mr. WhiTe who also heads concessions and The Fin- ance CommiTTee. Head of The Social CommiTTee is Miss Grinde, while Miss Chandler and Miss Morlc direcT The Pep CommiTTee. The PubliciTy CommiTTee is headed by Mr. Bensman who is assisTed by Mr. Muhs and Miss Hendrickson. The Service CommiTTee is direcTed by Miss JeanTy, and Miss Ellingson and Mr. Rhiel share The direcTorship of The AudiTorium CommiTTee. Miss GriTTiThs heads The Schools aT War CommiTTee, and Miss Hron and Mr. WaTson Talce care of STamps and Bonds AccounTing. The FaculTy Council is also responsible Tor elecTing TaculTy members To,meeT wiTh represenTaTives oT CenTral's TaculTy To discuss maTTers oT ioinT policy, such as prices. FACULTY AT WORK Oh no, The use oT The shop rooms isn'T limiTed enTirely To The sTudenTs by any means. Mr. Arden Wan- drey and lvlr. Lawrence Rock, shop Teachers, may oTTen be Tound There, dreaming up some liTTle gadgeT or making someThing really useTul, as They pursue Their TavoriTe hobbies, as well as Their vocaTions. ln The inTormal phoTographs shown here. Mr. Wandrey is busily engaged in working on a wood laThe in The shop on which he is making a model To exhibiT before his classes. Mr. Rock, aT The Time his picTure was being snapped, was deTiniTely concenTraT- ing on some work oT arT. The obiecTs oT his labors were some vices which he presenTed To his liTTle boy as a ChrisTmas giTT. This inTeresT in shop work musT run in The Tamilyl Mr. Marvin PeTerson, Too, seems To Tind enough exTra Time so ThaT some oT iT can be spenT in The shop. He does- n'T merely coach The boys in Their Track acTiviTies, buT also helps make some of The Track eguipmenT and keep iT in good shape. Mr. PeTerson is shown here while he was making sTarTing blocks Tor The Team's use. AnoTher busy Teacher aT NorTh is Mr. Frederick lvluhs who, in addiTion To his regular classTime work, is supervisor-in-chieT oT The Polaris. Mr. Muhs is phoTographed wiTh some oT his sTudenTs' work which comprised a special exhibiT ThaT was senT To CenTral I-ligh School Tor The Teachers' lnsTiTuTe. IT Takes an eTTec- Tive gesTure To explain The principles oT arT as is shown in This inTormai phoTo oT NorTh's arT insTrucTor. Con- Trary To The sTudenT's common con- cepTion, our TaculTy doesn'T spend every spare minuTe oT Their Time dreaming up exams and such buT have varied and inTeresTing hobbies. Mr Edwin Sfegkel The lvlodachs CapTain PaTTon LYCEUM - AUDITORIUM Q js ND "WhaT arexwe h 'n Tor a,L9'?'l'gTTum?" Commen s il is T pe c be d as each ne week rowound d The "Pndl99faudiToriuW'pro pp oagg EJ To lNlorTl 4s+udenT is per' 's T highlj,lg.laA'9g: The week, a Ti T , l I ' - T A my 'X NT comin gameor nce o ,JAHT he r spe ers on var and inTeresTin Topyj This yeare wide assorTmenT oT inTer Ting ,ograms were presenTed on The h l-ligh sTage. ColorTul lyce s eakers, pep programs, plays and many oTher TeaTures appeared Through The year. Things sTarTed wiTh a bang on SepTember 7, when The new Teachers were inTroduced, and The Treshmen-so reporTedly green, Took Their TirsT big sTep in high school liTe by presenTing a Treshman skiT. During The year, many oTher good Times Tol- lowed. CommuniTy singing was Tound To be a greaT success, alThough Mr. Arnold Jones musT have shuddered aT,The TuneTul mixTure oT would-be ac- complished basses, Tenors, alTos, and sopranos. Wally ColTon, back Trom The service, came back To his old "alma maTer" and spoke on his experiences and hopes Tor NorTh. Colonel Lucius P. Chase gave a TirsT-hand accounT oT The invasion oT France on D-Day Tor e Thems lve We moo A J The TascinaTed NorTh sTudenTs. When iT came Time Tor The Pall Play, "Don'T Take My Penny", The casT presenTed some hilarious scenes in previews, as ' oTher school acTiviTies in Their or- The debaTers climaxed a success- ul son by a mock debaTe on com- p ory miliTary Training, and The winTer nd spring concerTs were preceeded by The orchesTra, band, and chorus giv- ' Ts Trom Their programs. The baskeTbiTiand TooTball seasons broughT wiTh Them spiriTed pep programs. We won'T soo TorgeT "Jack and The Bean- sTalk" in which ArT QuasT TeeTered precariou ly in midair rescuing VicTory, The poorimaiden in disTress, or Bill TVlaTThias and his inimiTable inTerpreTa- Tion oT l-lildegarde, much less our amusing visiT To "Melon T-lead's Alley" wiTh Dick lvluhs. NorTh received a real sales Talk, The program puT on by The Polaris sTaTT reviewing The l946 yearbook. All The gala evenTs oT The year paraded Through The sTage in one period. Also receiving Their share oT honors were The baskeTball, TooTball and oTher Teams who received Their hard-earned awards Trom Their coaches and Mr. Urban beTore The assembled school. Deserving also oT recogniTion are The cheerleaders, brighTening many sx:,.f 'KK A. ...,,, . A William Beflmgef-. George Ffiefilley. DG- Mr. Joneg and Sfudenfs Richard Greuel, George Friedly T-larrieT lQVe5 FUeV5lf R'Cl"f3Vd lVlUlW5. DOrOThy Verlare, Allan Anderson, Adeline SmiTh Zimmermann, Joanne Ivlahnke, Miss l-lelen lvlargareT l-lolman, Mariean WinTer l-lerman. a program and lending Their supporT Tully To The audiTorium commiTTee. All in all, Fri- day, TiTTh period, was a very popular Time Tor everyone. CrediT should go especially To The people who did The backsTage working, had The headaches, Tilled ouT The Torms and Took The iniTial responsibiliTy necessary To presenT a successful program. The long-suTf Tering audiTorium commiTTee sTruggled Through Aa maze oT requisiTions and direcTions Tor every program. Two copies OT sTagie direcTions musT be senT To Mr. Rock, eighf Typed copies oi compleTe direcTions senT To Their required places, a sTudenT chairman and program chairman selecTed. Mr. Rock and The'sTage crew TulTilled Their parT by seTTing up all necessary scenery, regulaTing The qur,Tains and lighT eTTecTs, and managing The mi- crophone. The sTage makeup clubs rolled up Their sleeves and did an eTTecTive job oT making over NorTh sTudenTs inTo varied and colorTul characTers for The plays and skiTs, while The pep band lenT music and liTe To many a program. BuT behind iT all, were The Teachers and creaTive sTudenTs who direcTed and wroTe The scripTs +ha+ was TransTormed inTo enioyable enTerTainmenT. ArThur QuasT is learning abouT parachuTes by an indirecT meThod. ,A Our l-larpisT Today is Alice Eggebeen who we see Trorn The wings. 63 l.eTT F'hOTo: David Evans, Richard Greuel, Jo Anne PeTers, William Beringer, Marlin SmiTh. RighT PhoTo, FirsT Row: BeaTrice Hauser, Helen Tasche, Eleanor SchulTz, Susan Schwerin. Second Row: Mr. HousTon, PaT Phalen, Casey Wondergem, Connie Ter MaaT, James Herman, MarTha Van Emden. DEBATE AND FORENSICS DebaTe and Forensics go hand in hand aT NorTh High School. The debaTe season is iusT abouT over when The Torensic season begins. Many OT The people parTicipaTing in debaTe are also acTive in The Forensic acTiviTies. The debaTe coach, Mr. HousTon, also coaches The Forensics sharing coaching honors wiTh Miss Helen Herman. Miss Van Driel also helped several sTudenTs prepare Their declamaTions. This year was The mosT successTul year in debaTe ThaT NorTh has ever had. The quesTion debaTed was: "Resolved: ThaT every able-bodied male ciTizen should have one year OT Tull-Time miliTary Training beTore aTTaining The age OT TwenTy-Tour." Besides debaTing aT ST. John's and MargueTTe High Schools in Milwaukee and aT PorT WashingTon, NorTh won debaTes aT WesT Bend, Mayville, and Sheboygan CenTral and won 5 and losT I aT Messmer High School in Milwaukee. The ouTcome OT This TournamenT qualiTied NorTh To enTer The Wisconsin disTricT TournamenT OT The NaTio nal Forensic League aT Madison. NorTh came ouT TirsT in This TournamenT by winning six deba Tes ouT OT six. NOrTh Then parTicipaTed in The sTaTe TournamenT aT Madison on March 2 and Tied Tor Third place honors wiTh Kewaunee and Messmer High Schools. Besides gaining honors Tor NorTh Through DebaTe wins, several sTu- denTs parTicipaTing in DebaTe gained addiTiOnal honors Tor NorTh aT The STudenT Congress held aT ST. John's High School in Milwaukee. NorTh sTudenTs presided over The SenaTe Tor bOTh sessions and The House Tor one. David Evans and William Beringer presided over The SenaTe, and Richard Greuel was Speaker OT The House. NorTh's TirsT Team in debaTe con- sisTed OT The Tollowing members: ATTirmaTive: William Beringer, Richard Greuel, Marlin SmiThg NegaTive: David Evans, Gwen Koss, JO Ann PeTers. William, Richard, and David are seniors. Marlin, Gwen, and Jo Ann have anoTher year OT debaTe work beTore Them. STudenTs work- ing on Torensics could be Tound in room IO4 and ZI9 long aTTer school was dismissed. ln IO4, sTudenTs working on serious and humorous declamaTion could be Tound receiving aid Trom Miss Helen K. Herman. UpsTairs in 2l9, Mr. H. H,erberT HousTon coached sTudenTs who wished To parTicipaTe in exTemporaneous speaking lThaT is, preparing a subiecT in Ten minuTes and Then speaking on iTl and oraTOry. A large number OT sTudenTs signed up Tor declamaTions This year. In order To decide which sTudenTs were besT gualiTied To represenT NorTh in The Forensic TournamenTs, eliminaTiOn conTesTs were held. AT The Wisconsin High School Forensics asso- ciaTiOn disTricT TournamenT held aT PorT WashingTon March 23, Tour NorTh sTudenTs gualiTied Tor The associaTion's sTaTe Tinals in Madison on April 6. These Tour sTudenTs were Richard Greuel in original oraTory, William Beringer in oraTorical declamaTion, Craig Johnson in humor- ous declamaTion and Gwen Koss in exTemporaneous speaking. AT The Time OT wriTing, sTudenTs parTicipaTing in Torensics were looking Torward To The NaTiOnal Forensics League TournamenT aT Waukesha on March 29 and 30. The sTudenTs who will parTicipaTe in This TournamenT are A A , 1 2:22 Vrifr T '2 ,' T f .,2:.. W ,,,. T l Mary Lou Koehn, George Eriedley, David Evans, Bill Beringer, Richard Greuel, Jo Anne PeTers, Susan Schwe- rin, Gwen Koss. William Beringer and Richard Greuel in original oraTory, James l-lerman in oraTorical decla- maTion, David Evans and Gwen Koss in exTemporaneous speaking, George Eriedley and Mary Lou Koehn in humorous declamaTion, and Jo Ann PeTers and Susan Schwerin in serious decla- maTion. Upon graduaTion These seniors, and The seniors oT TuTure years, will Tind Themselves greaTly beneTiTed by The Training They have received in Torensics and debaTe work. ln This work, The sTudenTs have learned how To speak beTore an audience wiThouT Tear. They have learned The arT oT Thinking Things Through in a Tew minuTes and being ready To Trame quick, con- cise answers To guesTions and sTaTemenTs. DebaTe and Torensics sTudenTs have learned how To gaTher daTa and make The besT possible use oT iT. Yes, Those sTudenTs who have parTicipaTed, and who will parTicipaTe in These acTiviTies will all gain a greaT deal. The abiliTy To speak is a Tremendous asseT To every person no maTTer whaT vocaTion he wishes To enTer. In The years To come, all These sTudenTs will look back upon This phase oT Their high school days and be glad ThaT They received This excellenT Training. LeTT PhoTo, EirsT Row: I-lelen Tasche, PaT Phalen, Gwen Koss, Adeline SmiTh, Eleanor SchulTz, Frank SiegworTh. Second Row: Susan Schwerin, MarTha Van Emden, CharloTTe Liebl, Gloria STielow, Mary Lou Koehn, George Eriedley. Third Row: Mabel Lenz, Craig Johnson, Marlin SmiTh, Richard Greuel, Bill Beringer, David Evans. RighT PhoTo: Mary Lou Koehn, David Evans, Bill Beringer, Craig Johnson, Richard Greuel, Gwen Koss. D A N C E S ,Q--W . ArT Service puTs iTs TalenTs To use . . - . . Our speed TypisTs show Their skill i C L U B S ThoughTTul Trowns and eager smiles greeT The club TorecasT slips when They are senT To each homeroom aT The beginning oT every semesTer. "Golly, There are so many l'd like To ioin, l iusT can'T make up my mind!" "Which ones are you going To Take? LeT's Try To geT The same ones." "Oh gee. l can'T ioin This one Till l'm a Junior!" These, and oTher exclamaTions like Them, can be heard Trom The TarThesT corner in The basemenT To The mosT remoTe corner on The Third Tloor. Of course There are always innumerable mixups. "Where do l wriTe?" "WhaT do l do if l don'T wanT To Take a clubf7", "Does iT have To be in inkf7", are The guesTions mosT oTTen asked, as The pupil piTs his brain againsT The complex Torm. By signing These Torms The sTudenT chooses Two clubs he is The mosT in TeresTed in and desires To ioin. Clubs meeT every Tuesday and Thursday in The acTiviTy period. Many oT The clubs were organized because oT The sTudenT demand Tor Them, and They gave every sTudenT an opporTuniTy To parTicipaTe in some exTra-curricular acTiviTy. OTher clubs are organized Tor service, and There are many The school would Tind iT diTTiculT To do wiThouT. Some oT These are The Typing Club, ArT Service, PrinTing Club. and The DramaTic Club. There are oTher acTiviTies oTTered Tor sTudenTs inTeresT- ed in developing a hobby, or merely Tor enTerTainmonT purposes. The Magic Club, KniTTing Club, and Sewing Club are some oT These. The VVar CommiTTee Club has done a highly com- mendable iob as Tar as Their work wiTh The Alum ni in service is concerned. The club sysTem is loTs oT Tun so leT's cooperaTe in every way we can. lT's swell To hear commenTs like This: "l'm glad I Took This club. LeT's Take iT again nexT semesTer, shall we?" This prinTing class is oT The beTTer Type ..... The DramaTic Club in a romanTic mood . , V - 2' - ii-Y 1? ' I 1 w , 1 ' ' 1 Q Q 4 'Te' i N wif I ' N if 6 f is 4 5 J- ,. ,..4 I' . 'Lf' Savugk ,,Q me i ,N . The creep . A momenfxs rehaxefion becksfage Wha+ should we do 'ronignJr 22 5 1 1 , ff :af , . J v fx 4? 7 xg? fm ,X 1 Y ,Q W if I iw as W, i ,AL , 5 H.. ww f lyxv kfi! ' x .1441 X ff!! 1" T Q J K -P The scenery Hwey painfed was a marvel +0 see Max Facfor coufdn? do be++er . Tha? sfack of books makes a good impression We res+ our weary bones . rw E?'x"i y rw mikiiiii i Have your money ready, please .... Facuify geis a dinner ..... Smile for Hwe birdie i L .,., A 4 Q i . . . Mr. Riniei qefs in on a Hem pariy ....... The iibrary seems busier Jrivari usuai . . M "f- - N W 've-,, -J 'AW f' . My, wiiai sumsiiimel . ..... The wheels of Couricii in a reqiiier session . . . +.v"""' A THOUSAND A splash of color, music, and all The mysferies of fhe easif combined info a gay lsaliede- scope of ac+ivi+y-rhal was "A Thousand and Two Nigh+s", Nor+h's Tirsl posi- war carnival, held on March 22 and 23. l-lighlighfing The gala evenr was an audirorium show, "The Orienral Rugcuf- Ter," slarring Diclc Elbe as Ali Baba. +he ambifious Arabian whose anrics and escapades in old lime Arabia and 'rhe "a+omic age" provided amus- ing enferlainmeni. Ali Baba AND TWO in due 'rime ran info every- rhing from flocks of slave girls, menacing slave drivers and cavorring camels, lo diz- zy iifrerbugs and draff board officials. Anofher Teafure of The carnival was irs variery of colorful sideshows. There was "The Club Oasis," a full- Tledged nigh? club complere wirh floor show and wairers, "The Bagdad Beauriesf' Jr h o s e gorgeous easrern charmers who were really Junior boys, and "Ali Ba- ba's Bughousef' which spec- ialized in horror! NIGHTS I' The Tinished producT The criTics view our work M T'lTV1.Q.f4Lvul. - A. , 4, ww V ...A .WN W: .. . wide xlp- XX. HE MAGIC OF One oT The mosT exciTing rooms in our school is The arT room. Here lXlorTh's own lvlichelanglos and Ra- phaels Take up Their brushes and painTs To bewiTch us all wiTh Their works oT arT. Every hour oT The day, The room is Teeming wiTh sTudenTs and TaculTy members. Mr. Freder- ick lvluhs, a new addiTion To lNlorTh l-ligh's TaculTy This year, has done commendable work in his role oT arT insTrucTor. IT is his iob To bring ouT hidden TalenT, and guide his grow- ing arTisTs. His name was on The lips oT anyone who needed a sign painTed in Three minuTes, a sTage design Tor a play, a Tew murals Tor a dance, and a mulTiTude oT oTher Things. A visiTor in The arT room aT any Time during The pasT year, was undoubTedly Thrilled by The work ThaT arT sTudenTs have Turned ouT so eTTecTively This year. Like a brighTly colored wheel, The arT room spun in- To various phases oT The sTudenTs' work. From auTumn landscapes To sTained-glass windows, iT spun in a blaze oT rich, vibranT color. The walls oT The room seemed almosT like ThaT oT a caThedral during The Time in which The colorTul windows were being exhibiTed. WiTh mirrors propped up on a dish beTore Them, The sTudenTs underTook The Task oT capTuring Their personal charms Through a selT-porTraiT. Many oT The likenesses were guiTe eTTecTive. ln- cluded in Their busy schedule were volume design sTudies, which Though guiTe a new approach To many oT WinTer capTured wiTh painT I Q N ART ROO The sTudenTs. proved To be a worTh- while proiecT. A TavoriTe symphony or modern iazz Tune, prompTed The sTudenTs To design record album covers oT seemingly proTessional-lilce gualiTy. One oT our sTudenTs did a "Rhapsody in Blue" ThaT Gershwin, himselT. would have cnosidered a TiT- Ting TribuTe. You have undoubTedly noTiced The aTTracTive Tly page de- signs in This annual. WiThouT The arT deparTmenT, They could noT have been done. One oT The many oTher proiecTs underTalcen by members oT This deparTmenT, was a posTer design wiTh "YouTh and The UniTed NaTion's OrganizaTion" as iTs Theme. These were senT in To a naTional conTesT aT WashingTon, D. C. From Time To Time worlc in The arT room was inTer- rupTed by such emergencies as dance decoraTions, bubbler signs, and worlm Tor The all-school evenT. ln Time oT need, The sTudenTs smiled cheerTully. seT aside Their proiecTs Tor a while, and seT abouT The Task aT hand, coming Through wiTh amazing iresulTs ThaT helped To malie more Than one acTiviTy a success. So we see ThaT Trom ThaT magic den oT oil- painT and waTer-color, have come many ouTsTanding proiecTs This year. Only Through willingness, and help- Tul guidance and supervision, could These have been aTTained. This has Truly been a colorTul and successTul year Tor The arT deparTmenT oT NorTh l-ligh. The masTers aT worl4 JusT beTore The deadline A sTreeT in England C Tb-. 7 if . , may wx' Nh x Going up Talking up Jrlwe lalesl news . Big producers . . Lei llie poinl fall where il may . One ol our orderly fire drills sl? l i ff' ,691 N, ,J 3:36 is Urbanile lime. Some good gossip, fellows? Polilical discussion . Dmmatics T E z E 1 Richard Greuel, Adeline SmiTh, Delores PuersT, Joanne PeTers, Richard Schieble, David Evans, Mary Lou Koehn, William Beringer, Hugh Lovell, George Friedley, MargareT Holman, Gwendolyn Koss, Craig Johnson, Sue Priede, Joanne Mahnke, DoroThy Zimmerman, Richard Muhs. ALL SCHOOL FALL PLAY ''HouselighTs-TooTlighTs-curTainI Quiet everybody, The show's on." WiTh These words, a hush Tell over The casT oT The '45 all-school play "Don'T Take My Penny." Here was The climax To all Those weeks oT work lexTra TasT worlc, Too, because The play was a monTh earlyl and long nighTs oT pracTice Trom 6:30 on. Miss Herman gave lasT minuTe insTrucTions and everyone saT down To waiT eagerly Tor his enTrance! The ploT oT The play cenrered around The Pringle Tamily whose anTics made hilarious enTerTainmenT. We won'T TorgeT Mary Lou Koehn as Penny Pringle, who was convinced she was desTined To play "DimiTy WesT" in The movie "STars in Her Hair," much To The dismay oT her boy Triend, Kerry lBill Ber- ingerl, who was counTing on her To win a Tennis maTch wiTh him. Kerry and his Triend, Greg lGeorge Friedleyl, coolced up a scheme in which Bill puT on a hideous black wig and George cressed up as "Miss Gloria Lovely" and sTole The show! "Don'T Talce My Penny" had many oTher noTable scenes such as The scene wirh Monsieur Henri, lDiclc Muhsl, show- ing Penny and her adoring Triend Joanna, lGwen Kossl, "ze so beauTiTul cloThes Tor madomoiseleu modeled by DoroThy Zimmerman, Sue Priede, and Jo Ann Mahnlce, and xX T is xx T A A Adeline SmiTh, Hugh Lovell Delores PuersT, Adeline SmiTh Mary Lou Koehn, William George Frieciley 76 The plighT oT poor Marc lllichard Greuell, The Tarm-minded broTher, Trying To Tell his TluT- Tery, preoccupied moTher lJo Anne PeTersl, and monosyllablic TaTher lDave Evansl, abouT his hopes Tor a Tarm and chickens. Adeline SmiTh gave a convincing perTormance as Sally The supposed "maid," Torn beTween her acTing ambiTions sTimulaTed by Norman PorTer ll-Tugh Lovelll, a publiciTy man, and her inTeresT in Marc. Adding much To The comedy also were Mavis lMargareT l-lolmanl, beauTiTul career-girl sisTerp Gram lDolores FuersTl. who kepT The Pringles in order: Harrison Day lCraig Johnsonl, The mild auThor: and Red lRichard Schieblel, Treckled-Taced delivery boy, The casT had even more comical Times aT rehearsals. Miss l-lerman declares There was never such a Tlurry oT pracTical iokes and hilarious acTing, which alas, never reached The sTage. For insTance, George Friedley's TirsT aTTempT aT dancing like a girl, in high heels, and Dick Muhs's exTemporaneous por- Trayals oT Monsieur Henri! The casT had iTs share oT melodramaTic momenTs. The day oT The play Gwen Koss sprouTed a TemperaTure and was puT To bed on docTor's orders. Everyone was TranTically Tearing his hair, buT Gwen, armed wiTh The slogan "The Show MusT Go On" and TorTiTied wiTh six penicillin shoTs, gave her perTormance bravely. Every- Thing combined To make "Don'T Take My Penny" a hilarious comedy boTh back sTage and behind The TooTlighTs. Miss l-lerman, who had done The lion's share oT The worry and work, Tound herselT presenTed wiTh a beauTiTul pen and pencil seT by The graTeTul casT. HRISTMAS PROGRAM y C ChrisTmas vacaTion loomed ahead and in This Tinal school hour The audiTorium was Tilled wiTh impaTienT sTudenTs, wif, eager parenTs, and glad-To- be-back service men and TWP' TH rf' alumni. AT lasT The audiTor- ium grew dark and a soTT glow rose in The balcony. The iunior and senior choruses be- gan Their candle lighT pro- cessional To The carol, "Oh Come All Ye FaiThTul." The choruses marched Through if T e audiTorium To Take Their places on The sTage, while The orchesTra remained in The piT. A plaTTorm on which The Tab' leaux oT The diTTerenT songs pf. Q, were depicTed, occupied The sTage cenTer and The Tableaux were presenTed as The songs were sung. Familiar ChrisTf mas carols made up The mu- sical program and The aud- ience was converTed inTo per- Tormers when They ioined in singing "WhiTe ChrisTmas." The recessional To The sTrains T oT "Joy To The World" com- pleTed The program. 77 --- - -- V Diane Gruhle, Bob Salre, Arnold Ochs, Janel Braun, George Friedley, Berlie Lou Bergner, Adeline Smilh, David Balzner, Arl Liebl, Shirley Woellerl, Richard Schieble, lvlargarel Holman, Belly Slahl, Dolores Woll, Dorolhy Zimmermann, Sebe Garlon, Lida Puls. SENIOR CLASS PLAY The house lighls grow dim, and slrains ol "Tea lor Two" played by lhe slring ensemble lade away and here goes lhe play. "Lile ol lhe Parly" was a hilarious play wrillen by Marri- iane and Joseph Hayes. The plol was lively and lull ol humorous silualions. The enlire comedy was carried lhrough magnilicenlly by a group ol excellenl perlormers who were none olher lhan our own versalile Senior Class. lclo'nl believe we'll ever lorgel Arl Liebl as Jesse Hughes, lhe lalher ol an "average" American lamily. especially when he relurned lminus his bridge workl lrom lhe lighl wilh his bigger-lhan-he-was neighbor. lvlrs. Harriel Hughes, por- lrayed by Berlie Lou Bergner, was a woman seemingly more inleresled in her social world lhan in her lour unprediclable children. She lived a ralher scallerbrained lile, and never lully realized whal was happening lo her lamily. The brain ol lhe lamily, Jean Hughes, wilh slraighl A's in school was characlerized by Adeline Smilh. She llings oll her glasses and be- comes lhe lile ol lhe parly. Bul she learns lhe hard way lhal popularily and beauly aren'l everylhing. Lively Amy Hughes played by Shirley Woellerl, receives a lasle ol love al lirsl sighl. During lhe whole play she is shouling and bouncing aboul conlinually, lirsl as a cheer- leader and lhen wilh her beau, Snazzy Milchell, played by Dick Schieble. He learned by Amy's conlinual nagging lo be "courageous and indepenclenlf' Dick's and Shirley's clever acling nearly slole lhe show. George Friedley broughl down lhe house as Teddy Hughes, wilh his crazy anlics. The vicious lriangle plus lwo, caused him lo have his share ol girl lroubles, bul linally aller lrying lo sneak oul ol cornered places, he regained his old sleady. The cop, porlrayed by Herberl Pollharsl and Bob Salre, was a parl which called lor a bil ol slraining lhe lungs lrying lo impress and al lhe same lime quiel lhe bally Hughes lamily. The cop could never ligure oul who ol lhe lamily was lhe nulliesl. The snobbish member ol lhe lamily was Lida Puls as lvlildred. Sororilies and orchids were her meal, allhough al lhe end ol lhe play her views were changed. Lida played bolh phases ol her characler equally well. The "lough guy" Sebe Garlon as lvlike Tisdale, had plenly ol charm and brawn, bul very lillle brain. He was lhe main cause ol all lhe lrouble bul when lhe roll call was lo be laken, he skipped oul. Dolores Woll as Dollie Kixmiller slayed in characler well lhroughoul lhe whole play. She supplied one ol lhe corners in lhe mixed up lriangle lhal was George's lile. An- olher cule bil ol girl lrouble was Belly Slahl as lvlaryrosalie Vogulhul. She never said much. bul il looks could kill, well - poor Teddy Hughes. Dorolhy Zimmermann as Hope Shullle- worlh, also Jrrying 'ro be -l'eddy's "one and only," could really wind him around her lilile linger. The popular Ruih Coales, played by Margie l-lolman, was well-played lor lhe smoolh characier Jrhal she was. l-ler clolhes and her manners were iusi righl lor ihe slick-chick ol ihe Town, and Mike's ahfecfions. Arnold Ochs as Charles Collier was a college man lied lo his 1fa+her's bankroll. As soon as his "posi+ion" was +hrea+ened, he moved swiflly oul of lhe scene. llhe lacl Thar Lida, as Mildred, had a vase in her hand, had nolhing To do wiih his exil, of course.l Mrs. Vicloria Coales, a prominenl sociely figure. was porlrayed by Diane Gruhle. Remember her very realisfic iainl? Dave Balzner was Tommy King, a physics brain. l-le fell in love wilh Jean l-lughes and aller praclically losing his head a few limes, finally succeeded in winning her. l-low can we ever iorgel Jrhal breafhless momenl on ihe nighl of Jrhe parly in fhe living room, when - ahl you remember lhal kiss! Even lhe audience was gelling ex- ciied. Janel Braun as Sally Frazier was Teddy's sleady and arrived from Sheridan Cily in a mosl inopporlune momenl. She saw Teddy surrounded by a bevy ol very prelly girls and vowed never lo speak lo him again, bul all good Things arrive sooner or laler and lhey soon became sleady droops again. Janel' Braun, Belly Slahl, George Friedley, Dolores Wolf, Doroihy Zimmer- mann seen in Aclr ll when George Friedley as Ted- dy is iound our. Adeline Smilh, David Bafzner, l.ida Puls, Janel Braun, George Friedley, Bob Saire, Ar+ Liebl, Shir- ley Woellerl, Richard Schieble, Beriie Lou Berg- ner seen in fhe climax of Acl lll. Shirley Woellerl, Richard Schieble, Sebe Garlon, Adeline Smifh, David Balzner seen in Ac? lll when Richard Schieble as V . i Snazzy is accosfed by 1--A 6 Sebe Garlon as Mike. 'Plump' I fg,-ef i 79 Wi Helen Hicks, Phyllis Kuehl, Richard Schieble, Ver- Helen Van Emden, Helen Hicks, onica Knaul, Karen Puls, Arnold Ochs. Phyllis Kuehl. Wilh a few dabs of "brew" from magic pols, lhe slage makeup club can lrans- 'lorm anyone inlo a clown, a wicked villain, or Frankenslein himself! Under The able direclion of Miss Helen Herman, lhe club has maslered 'rhe ar? of applying grease-painl, "liners," and false hair and can lurn our any characler in a hurry. The makeup club adds "color" 'ro all Norlh's plays and produclions wilh makeup which counler-acls lhe ellecl of slrong slage ligh+ on 'rhe aclors. The ingenious boys who apply lhe "makeup" and gill-edged finishes io all Norlh s produclions are Jrhe hardworking slage crew. Living in a world of ballens leas ers," "baby spo+s," and "+ormen+ers," 'rhey go aboui lheir business guieily and eiclicienlly. During lhe year The boys have buill everylhing from chicken coops and fire places lo lhe lovely sels for NorJrh's plays and produclions They have a man-sized iob lighling all The audilorium programs and dances, as well as help ing Communily Players wilh lhe produclion of lheir play. S T A G E U snr. C R E W Edward Selke. Ralph Schulfz, Edward Selke 80 i in iff -ig Qi xiii, , 32fxf if if X1 M U , S I C Firsl Row: Janei Braun, Jacob Verhulsl, Sidney Feldman, James Nehamkin, Eldred Lolclcer, Roberl Siegel, l-lelen Kraalz, Mary Ann Allenbach. Second Row: Donald Zaslrow, Glen Usadel, Harland Nonhol, Arlynn Filling, Joanne Sliglilz, Rurh Schaub, Marion Vogl. Third Row: Shirley Vogl, l.aVerne Thiel, June Brunschmid, l.aDonna Lugg, Lorraine Feld, Donna Munnich, Rosemary l-lerr, Sylvia Schardlr, Millon Schullz, Rila Raalz, John Suby, Slanley Wasserman, Roberr Sluelen, Ellen Slellen, Earl Kneevers, Virginia Elmergreen. Fourlh Row: David Balzner, Jaclc Kramer, Gilberl Usadel, Roger Welsch, Gerald l-lall, Berlon Ver Slraale, Donald Luedlne, Roberl Sleger, Allan De Pagler, Richard Day, Clarence Belus, Edward Schleg, David Palre, Marlin Naiachl, George Friedley. Slanding: Mr. Vilo lnlravaia, Pal Nenning, Alice Eggebeen, Joyce Li u, T.Qny Munniclc, Bill Day, Daniel Keilel, Carol Schuh, Richard Burlcard, Raymond Mullen, Gllo Graml, Rel' rlr' Nor on piclurez l-lelen Wiedemann. BAND and ORCHESTRA yy ,fill fy Firsl Row: Adeline Smirh, l.eRoy Briclc, Elinor Granf, Marcell ichiki' ady!Rus+, Jane Schlager, Belly Wal' dau, Marion Schulz. Second Row: Eleanor Schulz, Margarel rad , 'Mae Sfeinbrueclcer, Bealrice l-lauser, Eldred Lolcker, Roberl Siegel, l-lelen Kraalz Mary Ann All bach ame ehamlcin, Sidney Feldman Jacob er uls+ Jane? Braun Dennis Reinl Third Row Frank nlwer R Liezen Karl Doering Wa er Schwerin, Ronld Thurslon, Clarence Resniclc, Roberl Slue en, Jr nley W senrhan, Earl Kneevers, Marion Vogl Vh ., , ' '. ' : giuekxyic r ' , ', ll Rosemary l-lerr, Millon Schulz, Rila Raalz, John uby, Carol chuh, a Dillrich, Alice Eggelaeen, Palricia Nennig. Fourlh Row: Gillinerl Usadel, Jack Kr ,D e B zner, Ed ard Schleg, Marlin Naiachl, George Friedley. Slanding: Joyce Lienau, Gllo Gramlia ay M d llin, ichard Burlrarcl, Mr Arnold Jones, Daniel Keilel. Nol on piclurez l-lelen Wiedemann. lx 0 A Q ily X K . 1 82 , A final "sound your A," a lasf minufe funing up by fhe sfring secfion, a final check of fhe music fo see fhaf if was placed in fhe proper order, and fhe orchesfra is ready fo presenf anofher concerf. Since orchesfra members have no special uniforms fo wear, fhe falenfed musicians wear regular failored clofhes af fhe Winfer Concerf and ofher appearances. Af fhe Spring Concerf, however, fhe young ladies of fhe orchesfra wore lovely formals which made fhe sfage gay wifh color. Besides playing in bofh fhe Winfer and Spring Concerfs, flue orchesfra pre- senfed several exfra concerfs. A few of fhese oxfra concerfs consisfed of playing flue civic programs, playing in an Educafion Week prog ram, and presenfing an audiforium program be- fore fhe sfudenf body. The hand-working young musicians, led by Mr. Arnold Jones, had a greaf variefy of music fochoose from. The orchesfra member could pracfice a sacred song like "Kol Nidre," somefhing classical like "The Greaf Safe of Kiev," a semi-classic like Rom- berg's "Deserf,Song," or somefhing on fhe modern side like "The Man l Love" by Gershwin. This variefy of'music developed fhe orchesfra's fechnigue in playing every kind of music well. I V ' ' . u i u I Y ' , 4 , . 1 ' Y , lzirsf Row: Doris Doffei, Marion Quasius, Lucile Huige, Mariorie l-luibregfse, Doris Jorsch, Joan Loving, Jean- effe Piaskowski, Lila Kohl, Margaref Dehmke, Shirley Za bel, Virginia Heibel, Carol Sue l-layward. Second Row: Rifa l-leggen, Rifa Sfampfl, Donald Brick, Eugene Burkard, Donald Dewey, l-larland Nonhof, Janifh Eisold, Shirley Moss, Celine Fefferer, Paf Pohland. Third Row: Frances Grabner, Lucille Sfeffen, Marilyn Kernen, Sue Schwerin, Kennefh Kellner, Roberf Markgraf, Roger Verhage, Mark Jung, l-lerberf Poffharsf, Lillian Leon- hardf, Naneffe Quasius, Bernice Burgard. Fourfh Row: Joyce Neese, Anneffe l-loflman, Celene Braun, l-larold Nick, Bob Kaye, Fredrich Pelchefii, Donald l-lubers, Charles Klessig, Randolph Monfgomery, l-lelen l-licks, Judifh Ribbens, LaVerne Wondergem. CHORUS The chorus fhis year under fhe capable direcfion of Mr. Arnold Jones, has proved fo be a fine organizafion. The sfudenfs fhemselves are hard workers and have rehearsed alone and in groups fo obfain a fine qualify in fheir music. In fhis way fhe sfudenf brings fo himself an un- dersfanding of fhis arf and expresses fhe feelings of fhe composer whose work he sfudies. A careful selecfion of numbers is made and fhe sfudenfs begin work fo achieve a well organized group. The chorus is an imporfanf parf of fhe school curriculum. They puf on fine audifor- ium programs. Their spring and fall concerfs each year are much awaifed evenfs by many people who enioy good music. Af Chrisfmas fime you may remember fhe chorus walking down fhe aisles of fhe audiforium wifh lighfed candles. The sfrains of "Silenf Nighf," "l-lark fhe Herald Angels Sing" or ofher beaufiful Chrisfmas songs fill fhe air wifh a feeling of peace and securify. Now fhaf peace is here we feel fhe need for music more fhan ever before. Music will help us forgef fhe unpleasanf fhings of fhe pasf and open our minds fo fhe beaufiful fhings of fhe fufure. 83 "Umm ba, ba," can be heard any Time Trom The basemenT, anyTime during The day. WhaT you hear is a "secTion" oT The band rehearsing. Each secTion has a secTional leader. The leader is responsible Tor having his secTion rehearse any Time The secTion wanTs To geT TogeTher. Their goal is To improve Their Technique Tor Tone and reading as a uniT. The big evenTs oT The band are The winTer and spring concerTs. A good deal oT pracTice ouTside oT school hours is need- ed Tor The concerTs. l-lighlighTing The year Tor The band are The disTricT and sTaTe conTesTs. Each member who has masTered a solo piece is able To parTicipaTe in The conTesT. QuarTeTs and dueTs also parTicipaTe in The conTesT. SECTIONALS The ensembles are an imporTanT parT oT The musical program aT NorTh. To be a member oT an ensemble group, one musT be a member oT eiTher The band, chorus, or orchesTra. En- sembles are Tormed so ThaT diTTerenT groups, such as The brass, woodwind, and sTring secTions, could rehearse Their parTs TogeTher. AbouT TiTTy per cenT oT The members oT The band are members oT some ensemble, and everyone in The band has a solo Td prepare. The ensembles under The direcTion oT Mr. Arnold Jones are The sTring ensemble, 'E girlsi Trio, and a boys' guarTeT. Mr. ViTo InTravaia direcTs a clarineT guarTeT, corneT c1uar,TeT,' corneT Trio, corneT dueT, a horn quarTeT, TluTe Trio, saxophone quarTeT, Trombone gL?arTeTJand a drum ensemble. I , if. . i a l , , - ,ff ' M ef , lf' 'fix l ' P ,rv J yy! I I I ,r 1' L 1 f MW JJ! 1 A xl i ' fl if I4 If - It Af X! 'X J If JJ fb X, X 5 xl' I--'Q ,, , 1 1,-'lv 'I DVJJY I! - X 1' ,Q ' A , Q, I ,M f X NW, f ,ff f A 5 F, If , I 1 I N ff S j. W iff N ,W ,ff IJ sf, 4 I JJ' ,, Ijrdffi J J x JA W f Q J ,ff ,uf fff JM". x I J" 1 . I jvx ,vp S V! I A + ,.,f,, f 1xNY , A , If, uf L, lqlv . 'Aj 1 Q, jf, . 1 ALTJIA P JE!! A .P Q f' "- ' JT K7 J U ' , . ,ff fn f ,f Aj J " ' M6 V C4 U 1 LJ 2 ff digg! J .flfylj -, ' ' -Claw "' 'Jw' - gy 3 VF ' xx? Q Q , 7 ..,,A. ffm 42" E A. NORTH'S FIRST HOMECOMING . K vw, . ,x V 1, ' a hswdwiwgm. '55 'Q AME SSM r p: fif?!Ni 1 i i .vi FOOTBALL Varsity Though The Tinal sTaTisTics Tound The Raiders occupying a TiTTh-place berTh in The Fox River Valley Comference wiTh a ToTaI oT 3 wins, 4 losses and a pre-season non conTer- ence 6-6 Tie wiTh The Galloping C5hosT oT Kaukauna, This is only a small porTion oT The whole, coIorTuI sTory. The Raiders opened Their season wiTh Three weeks oT inTensive pracTice, during which coaches PeTerson, Vkfandrey, Ulichny and Jones labored To build a hard-hiTTing uniT ouT oT a nucleous oT 6 reTurning IeTTermen. Around This nucleous, a large group oT willing, capable boys under direcTion oT The coaches combined inTo The Blue and Gold Raiders. RAIDERS DEADLOCK KAWS - 6-6. ATTer These opening weeks oT pracTice Coach M. ReTerson Took his unTried Team To Kaukauna To meeT The Galloping C5hosTs. The veTer- an Kaukauna Team were expecTed To hand The Raiders a very sound beaTing, however The "do-or-die" NorTh gridders held The Kaws To a 6-6 Tie while They IiTeraIIy swiped The TiIT sTaTisTicaIIy. RAIDERS STAGGER OSI-IKOSI-I 20-6. The nexT Team To meeT The blue-gold gridders. were The Oshkosh Indians, who bowed To NorTh 20-6. NorTh sTruck like lighTning and dazed The lumbering Indians. Taking The ball on NorTh's 22 yd. line, I'-Iubers scampered 67 yds. Tor a Touchdown. An aerial, MarTin To Lubbers laTe in The Third guarTer, com- pIeTed The scoring. FIRST VICTORY IN ELEVEN YEARS. The Torewarned EasT Green Bay Team was The nexT To aTTempT To sTop The spiriTed IXIorTh Gridders, only To Tail miserably when They wound up on The shorT end oT a I3-O score. The Raiders win over The Red Devils was The TirsT Sheboygan win over a Green Bay school in eleven seasons. Coaches: Mr. Marvin PeTerson, Mr. Karl Ulichny, Mr. Charles Jones, Mr. Arden Wandrey. THE EirsT Row: John Lubbers, Ronald OoTTsacI4er, Donald HasensTein, Harold Kellner, Jim MarTin, Sebe GarTon, Eugene Schneider. Second Row: Florian lvluehlbroelc, David Fehring, Irving Vande Vrecle, Neil Droppers, Richard Kosup, Alan Lanser, Mr. Marvin PeTerson. Third Row: lvlr. Arden Wandrey, Ronald Kaeserrnann, Willis Bogenhagen, RoberT SaTre, Richard AThan, James Herman, William lvIaTThias, Donald Hubers, PaT Werner, ArThur Liebl. EourTh Row: Richard Harris, Thomas Neuses, John Goedeke, Richard Elbe, William Mervar. VARSITY TIDE TURNS. ATTer The EasT game The bad breaks caughT up To The Raiders and sTayed wiTh Them, Through The nexT Tour games. The NorThmen dropped The Fond du Lac TiTT 20-6. In dropping The TilT, The Raiders played a brand oT ball iusT The opposiTe oT previous games. Following up This poor showing, The boys dropped The nexT Two games To IvlaniTowoc I I-O and WesT Green Bay 20-7 and Then IosT a real hearT brealcer To AppleTon 7-O. During TorTy-seven oT TorTy-eighT minuTes oT ThaT Tracas, iT was any- body's game. A IasT minuTe lapse in deTense proved Too cosTly as The Terrors wallced oTT wiTh an unearned Triumph. SIVIASI-IING DEFEAT OE TRADITIONAL RIVALS. The NorTh eleven wound up The season wiTh The smashing 39-O vicTory over CenTral's Redmen. The Team played as a Team, To Take NorTh's TiTTh win in a nine season old TradiTional clash. IT was simply a sTory oT NorTh's being Too sTrong Tor CenTral's ouT-classed eleven as every member on The Raider squad saw acTion, wiTh a special amounT To The eighTeen seniors who donned The blue and gold Tor The IasT Time. RECEIVE HONOR. NorTh I-Iigh saluTes her '45 Raiders Tor The besT season in The school's hisTory and poinTs wiTh pride To Irv Vande Vreede, an unanimous selecTion Tor The TirsT all conTerence Team: Ronnie OoTTsacIcer, a second Team all conTerence candi- daTeg and Don HasensTein, Don I-lubers, Harold Kellner, Neil Droppers, and John Lub- bers who received honorable menTion. The closing oT The '45 TooTball season Tound The insTiTuTing oT a new honor sysTem by which The eleven boys who held The regular posiTions on NorTh's Raiders would re- ceive well-earned recogniTion. The candidaTes Tor The honor Team were selecTed on The Three basic poinTs considered by The coaches To be necessary Tor The TormaTion oT a winning ball club. Some poinTs considered are The Tollowing: players who have lived up To The sTandarcls oT good sporTsmanship. parTicularly perTaining To Training: Those who have a desire To play a deTiniTe posiTiong Those who have showed The greaTesT improvemenT ThroughouT The season. 88 I945 HONORARY GRID TEAM Rosilion Class L. E. G. Schneider Junior L. T. D. Fehring Junior L.C5. l. Vande Vreede Senior C. N. Droppers Junior R. G. R. Gollsacker Senior R.T. R. Kaeserman, D. Kosup Senior R. E. J. Lubbers, A. Lanser Senior Q. B. J. Herman, J. Marlin Junior L. H. D. Hulaers, S. Garlon Senior R. H. H. Kellner Senior F. B. Hasenslein Senior 'k ir 'A' 'k i f SENIOR Firsl Row: Don Hu- bers, Sebe Garlon, Donald Hasenslein, Harold Kellner, Wile liam lvlallhias. Sec- ond Row: John Lub- bers, Ronald Kae- sermann, Irving Van- de Vrede. Arlhur Liebl, Ronald Goll- saclcer, Richard Kosup. Alan Lan- ser. Third Row: Richard Elbe, Wil- liam Ivlervar, Roberl Salre, Richard Har- ris, Jaclc Hilperls- hauser, Tho m a s Neuses. HONOR TEAM Firsl Row: Eugene Schneider, Ronald Kaesermann, Irving Vande Vrede, Neil Droppers, Ronald Gollsaclrer, David Fehring, John Lub- bers. Second Row: Richard Kosup, Jim Marlin, James Her- man, Alan Lanser. Third Row: Sebe Garlen, Donald Hu- bers, Donald Hasen- slein, Harold Kell- ner. PLAYERS A . U ELF'-ffgJ'5f"'f1,J ' , ,. ,,.+Df'f'f MJ. T A, .LW 7' O guy 'Biff' G 2' 53.15 GZYW' R M3 A ff!f""f FHM., HU 5 1 W WM W if QMXQWT Wfffw' wg K5fW,ilMfMM5fQ7K7OQYERS, WE yi W I-Iarold Kellner, Jim MarTin, Donald I-lasensTein, Donald I-Iubers ACTION FOOTBALL The Raiders opened The year wiTh a 6-6 Tie in a pre-season warm up againsT The Kaukauna Kaws, raTed as one OT The bes+ Teams in The sTaTe. Their TirsT scheduled game was won by The NorThmen in a 20-6 TerriTic oTTensive aTTack againsT The pOwerTul Oshkosh "I I." In The Tollowing game The Golden Raiders knocked OTI The Green Bay EasT squad I3-0 in a brillianT performance. This was The TirsT Time in seven years ThaT a Sheboygan school deTeaTed a Green Bay School. EveryThing seemed To be going smooThly - excelling in blocking, kicking, and passing aTTacks - Then The Golden Raiders Taced The Fond du Lac Gardinals and were beaTen in a 20-6 upseT. Unable To geT ouT OT Their slump They losT The Tollowing games To lvlaniTowoc I I-0, and To Green Bay WesT in a 20-7 TITT. The Apple- Ton grid Team Took advanTage OT NorTh's Tough breaks and iniuries when NOrTh again Tell on The shorT end OT a 7-0 baTTle. ln The playoTI and closing game in The season beTOre 3,000 Tans The N. I-I. S. " I I" wenT all ouT To drub Their ciTy rivals-The CenTral Redmen 39-0 in Their annual biTTer baTTle. ThroughOuT The season They proved Themselves dangerous and rugged compeTiTion To everyone OT Their opponenTs and were known as The mosT TighTingesT Team in The F. R. V. C. CH EERLEADING Energy, spiriT, and pep spelled success Tor The cheerleaders OT This pasT season. AcTivi- Ties exTended Trom TooTball games To Those OT baskeTball. Cheering aT ouT-OT-Town games was as acTively appreciaTed by The Tollowers OT The Team. Closely behind This group OT seven was The InTermediaTe Pep Club and The Beginning Cheerleaders Club Trom which will be chosen The TuTure squads. Ivlabel Lenz, Joyce Vanic, Avis VerhulsT, Norman Prange, Dolores BaumerT, Lois LaTTin, Jacqueline Schimke M 2. 16 T if T 1 rl T ' l xl' Carl Lindich Roger T-lelming Connie RoTh , Jerome Fredrichs John Swenson Harold Feingold These boys compose one of The groups that help promote cz smooth running game MANAGERS An exTremely imporTanT buT unheralded pa rT oT all sporTs are The ever necessary man- agers. Each sporT has an eTTicienT sTaTT oT managers, ranging Trom Trosh To seniors and is headed by The head manager who is eiTher a iunior or senior wiTh aT leasT Two years oT experience. As a well earned reward Tor Their TaiThTul service, The managers are awarded aThleTic leTTers wiTh a gold M. lT is necessary To have aT leasT one year OT experience as manager of The Frosh or Jay Vee and one year as varsiTy manager. To win a leTTer award. The TooTball managers STarT The-ir work abouT a week beTore The opening pracTice. During The season They mUST be in The equipmenT room every nighT aTTer school To supply necessary equipmenT Tor pracTice and To Tix up any injuries. ATTer games The uniTorms musT be aired and cleaned in preparaTion Tor nexT week's game. The nighT beTore The game The managers are kepT busy issuing The suiTs, while The nighT oT The game They aid in Taping iniuries, oiling shoes and supplying lasT minuTe eguipmenT such as shoe laces, socks, eTc. The end oT The TooTball season means only more work Tor The hard pressed managers Tor They musT check in all The eguipmenT issued during The year and pack iT in boxes so iT may be senT To be cleaned and repaired. BeTore The TooTball managers have come even near The end oT Their iob The baskeTball managers are issuing eoguipmenT and Taking care oT The pracTice balls as The indoor sporTs season geTs inTo Tull swing. The baskeTball managers duTies are very similiar To Those oT The TooTball managers. AT The game They Take care oT records and equip- menT as well as assisTing The coaches and players whenever They possibly can. ln all sporTs The managers are Truly The "men behind The guns" in aThleTics. unheralded and unglamorous, yeTa recognized necessiTy Tor endurance oT The sporT. The Track and Tennis managers each have Their own speciTic duTies which are also very numerous. They issue equipmenT in The beginning oT The season and check The same in aT The end. The Track managers are very busy aT The meeTs Tor They musT seT up hurdles, Take Them down, and assisT whenever They are able. The Tennis managers see To iT ThaT There is an adequaTe supply oT balls and everyThing else ThaT may be needed. Though The managers' iob is oTTen underraTed iT really deserves The highesT praise, Tor iT is a diffi- cuT Task and is seldom given The praise iT deserves. 92 A tense moment ot the North - Central game gives the camera man these interesting reactions of anxiousness and suspense on the part ot the crowd THE CROWD REACTS North l'ligh's seventh year in the Fox River Valley Conterence got well under way last tall when more than one hundred boys-both experienced and inexperienced in tootball-answered the call to the gridiron. Included in this group were thirty-one treshmen who worked as an individual unit under their "pilot"-C. W, Jones. The remaining players worked together, learning the tundamentals and skills ot blocking, tackling, charging, etc. Atter two weeks this group was divided into a Varsity and Junior Varsity squad and were classitied chietly according to the experience and skill they maintained the previous year. The Junior Raiders taced a tour game schedule throughout the year, competing twice with both the Manitowoc Shipbuilders and the Central Redmen. The Raiders bowed to the "Ships" in the tirst ot their tour encount- ers in a 6-O battle. The game remained at a deadlock until in the remaining minutes Manitowoc broke away tor a touchdown with a 50 yd. run. As a result ot bad breaks and injuries, they lost the tollowing two games to the Central Redmen I9-O and 6-O. ln the closing game ot the season they remained in their slump, being deteated by lvlanty 2l-O. Kenneth Kurtz and Edward Selke, along with many others on the "B" team, have developed into tinished players and possibly will see a considerable amount ot action with the Varsity next year. The treshmen showed a great deal ot ottensive power throughout the season when scoring a total ot 46 points in tive games. l"low- ever, due to detensive weakness, they were deteated tour times and tied once. Their attempt to make amends tor their 27-7 loss in the season opener resulted in a I3-I3 tie with the powertul Junior High "eleven." Two tollowing pertormances with the Plymouth gridders were also lost in close battles I9-6, and I2-7. Their losing streak continued when a 27-I3 deteat was dealt to them by the Central trosh. Some ot the outstanding treshmen on the squad who are good prospects tor Varsity ball are Jim Martin, Dick Quast, and Joe Kuchta. The tact that the Jayvees and trosh were win- less throughout the year is unimportant com pared to valuable experience they have gained. Their abilities also have been developed considerably, and they are prepared to tace more ditticult competition in tuture years. 93 iw ,H Cwffliirifilwi Wlfivi if do Firsl Row: Earl Rydberq, Roberl De Young, William Day, Fred Schloss, Allan VVesl, Donald Gehr, Edward Sellce. Second Row: Roberl Vollz, Jaclc Runslrom, Theodore Zieberf, l-lerman Luedlce, Vernon Eberhardy, William Kohls, Donald Reinemann, Jack Weber. Third Row: Philip Roess, John Leibham, William Van Der Puy, John Suby, Karl Doering, Allen Gebler. JUNIOR VARSITY and FRESHMEN Firsl' Row: Franlc Sieqworlh, James Murlha, Roger Bliss, Mr. Jones, l-larold Federwisch, John Werner, Donald Refers, William Selsemeyer. Second Row: William l-linlz, Gerald Francis, Paul Hanson, Theodore Mueller, Norman KOH, Roger Willqe, William Kohls, Arlhur Koloer. Third Row: Lionel Lange, Clarence Rismich, Wil- liam Richerl, Glenn Oslragz, Rnoald lvlilcolic, Roberl lvlillre, John Greuner. Fourlh Row: Joseph Kuchla, William Krachl, Roland Newman, Richard Day, Richard Quasl, Donald Kosup, l-lerberl Schmiedel. 94 Ac:TioN ' Each Friday or SaTurday nighT,, eiTher in Town or ouT, The crowd would sTarT Tiling inTo The gymnasium early in The even- ing To wiTness Two hours oT TasT, exciTing and clean-played baslceTball. FirsT on The program was The Junior VarsiTy game which always proved To be a real Thriller oTTen ending in a close score wiTh only a poinT or Two margin. AT Times The Freshmen played The preliminary game Tor exhibiTions, which proved To be no less exciTing. Though The varsiTy Team did noT Tare very well on The scoring end They always gave The Tans more Than Their money's worTh in hard-ToughT, skilled and spiriTed ball playing. The NorTh cagers showed They had iT in Them by a spoT oT brillianT play. For example, The Raid- ers raclced up a I4-I TirsT guarTer score againsT Fond du Lac, only To drop The TITT aTTer a cosTly leT down. The Raiders came Through in good measure loy beaTing lv1aniTowoc and Milwaukee WashingTon To really prove ThaT They could do iT. The Raiders suTTered somewhaT Trom laclc oT experience, gained abundanTly on oTher Teams, buT They made up Tor This in spiriT and The will To play a good, hard, clean game. 95 l-larold Kellner, Jim lvlarTin, Eugene Schneider, KenneTh KurTz, John Lubbers, Mr. Jones, Elmer Ribbens, Allen Gebler, RoberT Caan, Sebe GarTon, John De Vriend, WalTer PTisTer. VARSITY BASKETBALL The NorTh T-ligh cagers ended anoTher unsuccessTul season wiTh The TradiTional NorTh- CenTral clash oT The year. Though The Tinal sTaTisTics Tound The Raiders near The boTTom oT sTandings, The Raiders played a TasT, clean game ThroughouT The season To uphold The well earned TradiTion oT good sporTsmanship and Tair play, NorTh is proud oT her boys and will noT soon TorgeT Them. JAYVEES AND FRESHMEN The TighTing Jayvee and Treshmen Team, worlcing under The handicap oT inexperience, and wealcened by a considerable amounT oT iniuries seT oTT To a slow sTarT in The I945-46 ediTion oT NorTh High. The Jayvees were developed by Coach Carl Ulichny inTo one oT The scrappiesT squads in The conTerence and proved sTubborn opposiTion againsT every one oT Their Toes. The TirsT oT Their pre-season warmups was losT To Kaukauna Kaws 29-19, LeTT PhoTo, l:irsT Row: Philip Roess, Alden Gebler, John Suby, Clarence BeTus, Willis Bogenhagen. Second Row: Vernon OTTen, Richard AThan, Roger Verhage, William Van der Ruy, PaT Werner. RighT PhoTo, FirsT Row: Norman Copp, Richard Day, William ReicherT, l-larold Federwisch, Conrad RoTh, Clarence Resniclc, John Werner. Second Row: Donald SchuchardT, Reginald Busse, William T'linTz, Edward Schley, William Kohls. Third Row: Roger Willie, ArThur Kober, James lvlurTha, Glenn Riess, Lauren Wondergem. while coming back fo bump off Algoma 2l-l2, and fhen losing in a hof-confesfed 27-26 baffle fo Cenfral. Our "B" squad-lacking smoofhness af fhe sfarf of fhe season, losf fwo of fhe season's openers fo Applefon, 36-30, and a hard-foughf baffle wifh Fond du Lac, 27-25. In fhe fhree preceding games, fhe Raiders used fheir heighf and handed Green Bay Easf, Manifowoc and Oshkosh ferrific beafings. The Norfh Five being fhe vic- fims of fough breaks, were nosed ouf in fhree following games by fwo poinfs fo Green Bay Wesf 22-20, Applefon 28-26, and Fond du Lac 24-22. One of fhe mosf fhrilling games of fhe year was fhe 38-34 win over fheir fradifional rivals, Cenfral. The Frosh coach Eldon Born, found fhaf fime, experience, and lack of heighf was a cosfly liabilify, as fhe Freshmen Five losf pracfically all of fhe season's encounfers. The iniury-sfricken Mr. Jones Mr. Ulichny Mr, Born Norfhmen gof off fo a bad sfarf wifh a I9-I I loss fo Cenfral. The leading Cenfralifes remained a iinx when following fhrough wifh fhree more vicfories over fhe Raiders 39-I4, 33-20, and 25-20 overfime loss in which fheir besf baffle of fhe year was performed. Unable fo iron ouf defensive weaknesses, fhe Frosh confinued losing fo Soufh Side Junior l-ligh by a score of 43-I2, 25-IO, and suffered fheir worsf frouncing by a 54-I5 margin. Again facing more superior odds fhey remained in fhe cellar by emerging on fhe shorf end of a 30-I9 confesf. They added fo fheir losing sfring when Kohler swepf fwo re- maining games by 46-I6 and 35-I5 scores. Spirif and deferminafion were oufsfanding characferisfics of fhe freshmen squad in spife of fheir many defeafs. l""X , mi ' , .. .fn - . 4. T' 4 ix a ., y Q. , , ,Z if sg T5 as if X 1 wg, gf 5,15 s ,,., H W . 'T 1 I 1 1 4. C. f gg? is Z ,, THE TEAM GET AlmosT any game nighT, you would Tind members oT The varsiTy Team, arriving early in The evening, To wiTness The exciTing Junior VarsiTy clash. AT The end oT The Third guarTer observing Tans would see These boys enTer The dressing room To prepare Tor The coming clash. There is a loT oT banTering and iolcing among The boys abouT The coming game buT beneaTh iT all each lad has a guieT deTer- minaTion ThaT he is going To give his all To help his Team To vicTory. The boys Tinish dressing as The J. V. game HAROLD KELLNER l-larold Kellner was a cool-headed player, no maTTer how Tense The game, and Those long. long shoTs oT his were well known. Kelly lilces BaslceTball and FooTball and parTici- paTes in boTh. l-le weighs I55 lbs. and sTands aT 5' 9". A well-lilced and Triendly Tellow was our liTTle "Kelly". P SEBE GARTON A regular sTarTer on The Raider guinTeT aT one oT The guard posiTions was Sebe GarTon. Sebe sTands 5' lO" and weighs l5O lbs. l-le parTicipaTed in BaslceTball, EooTball, GolT, and was a member oT The l-li-Y. NorThwesTern is The school oT Sebe's choice Tor TurTher educaTion. DON HASENSTETN Big "Bull" l-lasensTein sTands close To 6 TeeT and Tips The scales aT l95 lbs. l-le parTicipaTed in FooTball, BaslceTball and Track, Talcing STaTe championship in The ShoT PuT in his Junior year. Don is a member oT The l-li-Y oT '46, The Uni- versiTy oT Wisconsin is Don's obiecTive aTTer graduaTion. BOB BARTZEN l-lappy-go-luclcy Bob BarTzen ioined The Team in The mid- season buT soon was playing mosT OT The game. Bob weighed l6O lbs. and was anoTher 6-TooT boy on The Team. l-le parTicipaTed in Basl4eTball and Tennis and was a mem- ber oT The l-li-Y. 98 S 'T . comes To an end. Coach Jones immediaTely Ta es Thai! boys ouT Tor a warm up period oT TiTTeen minuTes' duringfx which Time They pracTice Tree Throws and go Throughfeliills. fly JusT beTore game Time The Team reTires To The locker rfbongf' To receive a lasT minuTe Talk and Tinal insTrucTions, rom Coach Jones, Then Tiles silenTly ouT oT The locker room- To ' Take a place on The bench, while The sTarTing quinTeT Takes a Tew Tinal TreeThrows. No maTTer how The game is going you will Tind an ever keen inTeresT and Team spiriT boTh on The Tloor and on The bench. ALAN LANSER ThroughouT The season Forwardfxlan Lanser came Through To score when The poinTs were needed mosT and used every inch oT his 6 TT. Tor Tip-ins. "Chris" also is a leTTer winner in TooTball and has been a member oT The Hi-Y Tor Tour years. ELMER RIBBENS Big 6' 2" Elmer Ribbens played a Tine grade oT ball wiTh The NorTh Team aT cenTer and Torward posiTions. l-'le is a good pivoT man and a greaT Team player. Elmer made mosT oT his poinTs on righT hand push shoTs and Tip-ins. l-le was very valuable To The Team. JOHN LUBBERS John saw a greaT deal oT acTion ThroughouT The year and sTarTed in more Than halT oT The games. T'le's a smooTh ball handler and has a deadly hook shoT. "l.ub" was also a greaT end on our TooTball squad and a member oT The l-li-Y. JOHN DE VRIEND CapTain oT This year's baskeTball Team is John De Vriend. "Pierre" is an arTisT aT his leTT hand push shoT and is noTed Tor being dead on his Tree Throws. T-le played a greaT deal oT Top noTch baskeTball during The season aT The Torward posiTion and was a consisTenT scorer. 99 if .1 1 FoR A GAME 'ff,,i,ffl,, Firsl Row: Clemens Barlzen, Wally Plisler, Casey Wondergem, Wilberl Vander Puy, Berlon Ver Slraaie. Sec- ond Row: Roberl Abendrolh, Erlend Pelerson, Richard Sachse, Lauren Wondergem, Keilh Thormlon, Fred Hildebrand. Third Row: Donald Duncan, Richard Harris, Lyman Lyon, Mr. l-louslon. TENNIS cmd TRACK Firsl Row: Harold Federwisch, Conrad Roih, Donald l-lorwilz, Richard Quasi, John Werner, Richard Slreel, Norman Copp, Richard Day, James lvlurfha, John Greiner. Second Row: John Weber, William Van Der Puy, Willis Bogenhagen, Richard Alhan, Donald Dewey, Pal Werner, George De Lorme, Donald De Lorme, Phillip Roess, Roberl' Vollz, Allan Wesl, Roger Helming. Third Row: Richard Zelsche, William Sonnenburg, Mark Jung, Jack Lorenz, Donald Briclc, Sluarl While, Roloerl Kay, Clarence Belus, John Goedelce, Roger Verhage, James l-lerman, Roger Binder. Fourlh Row: Reginald Busse, Harold Branch, Roberl DeYoung, Thomas Neuses, Donald l-lasenslein, William lvlervar, George Jaspers, Daniel Keilel, Andrew Schmidl, Jerome Fredrichs, Donald l-lubers, Elmer Ribbens, Jaclc l-lilperlshauser, John Swenson, Timolhy Vxferner, Marshal Cornell, LeRoy Bloechel, David Evans, Mr. Wandrey, Mr. Pelerson, EaWY WMTEHA iN'6f 5 filmyv AH for fhe cah of fhe slraqe ..... Monsieur Henri dezzles Penny ..... Noi so herd . . . . The age of chivalry has nof passed ...... The maeslrro prepares for a concerf . . . 1 . School spirif manhfeslrs Hsehf . ..... I wish I knew whom +o vofe 'for . . , N, Z x 1 K ADVERTISING STAFF I-Ielen Van Ernden, Craig Johnson, Jean Scribner, Mary Ann Altenbach, Dorothy Katchlcey, Eleanor Schulz, Charmaine Moll, Marilyn Levy, Marion Jordan, Shirley Green, Elaine Lau, Shirley Kautzer, Marilyn Kernen, I-Ielen Tasche. ADVERTISING Congratulations . . Graduates ot I46 THE ELECTRIC SPRAYIT CO. Manufacturers of PAINT SPRAYING EOUIPMENT, AIR COMPRESSORS, SPRAY GUNS, PUMPS, AIR TOOLS, INSECTICIDE SPRAYERS, SANDERS AND ALLIED FINISHING EOUIPMENT ...... And MOE BRIDGES CORPORATION DESIGNERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF LIGHTING EOUIPMENT AND ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES SI-IEBOYGAN, WISCONSIN IO2 OUR PATRONS -A' Congratulations Graduates ot '46 The SHEBOYGAN DRY GOODS CO. otters sincerest good wishes tor your tuture success and happiness. So much depends upon you - the youth ot our nation! May the contacts you have had - with your teachers, with your triends - better tit you tor the society ot which you have now become e part. rrrr ef i Q 1 of , 5' if 3212 """'4" "5 . "' ' 'ff ' -1- -7' .4-.'.- 5 IES-:fi 'WTO' f I 1' .,-,-. -,--.- - r , y I ,VII I 34. , , . I .IQ 1 Z Z 1 J, v " .1 1. 1 'J ,Z 1,49 Q 'v I. f ,KC Aff- fix 4 1 f 1- rf ra at sc, ' '-:-13245-:rx ,f1QYp5R3Jf'J Fyxlgxybxflr I x ' - . , " Mft H, 1 gpm , . y .- 1 " ' , t 1 . Q'Y I r' 'f ' YN D X B '1"wMM an Q X , A X t a a o A a or n o to rkrrta U, Jw' xl I , -'4'. 'T J .-:3:51'5:'3:: 555553. 9 :.'4r:1:1irir1r. gg ' A J ' in 1 '4'- :- f xo XIQNX X19 qw 0 XAPX PNVC x X xfv of ' X Ve WX fc W Cam wr 1 PXQ -RQ RXYX gig: W ya xNO 2351 N WX E NS Q., . ., M .... . .,,. A 3 PN X f . 953 O56 v ' 2551? -.'Sr2P1,'?: X 'Y "'.I1:2?552E2?5.. X or S Q9 9 a -.-,- 32. ' 2. . ..,A 2 .4535 .4.. 1 'n -. 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As graduaies you are delermined Io nnalce if a beller place. For your recognilion of Ihe needs ol Ihese limes and your preparalion Tor good Cilizenship, we Congraiulale youl Commercial Engraving Company Press Building Sheboygan, Wisconsin Cornplimenls of o CarI's Shoe Store HAUSER SPORT SHOP OUALITY FOOTWEAR EOR TI-IE LADIES EVERYTHING IN SPORTS QI6 NOVHW gfh Shea i' 7II Norlh 8+h Slreel "We lake Ihe DENTS ou+ of Aulo Acc:iDENTS" PAUL O. KRUEGER CO. Eslablished I868 xibe SURESTART SERVICE AUTO ELECTRIC CO. 8I7 Indiana Ave. Phone l996 Eaclory Service on I5IO-20 Calumel Drive Phone 2234-J Sheboygan, Wis. OUR PATRONS t STARTERS - GENERATORS LIOI-ITS - IGNITION W MAGNETOS and BATTERIES i,,,.w ,wb . y C Qflfwfljfw? W Q ENGINEERING co. FINE FURNITURE Phone I95 I603 Geele Ave. Phone 24-5I FESSLER- KUCK CO. SI-IEPOYGAN Norfh 8+h Sfreef and Pennsylvania Ave. Comphmenfs of J. C. Penny Company "SHOP AT PENNEY'S FIRST" JUNGIS Id Sheboygans Largesf CIo+I1lIers Hono 8K LO Page' Inc' I . Min: WO eff EIecJrric Merchandise J Tetln-Agexs an nf 'rs Mm Supplies YI' isa qrfng Nafion y verfised ,Q 4 ,U QP'F"IY QIOII1' 9 5:5-8:9 Penn. Ave. Phone 5252-5253 SHEBCQYCSQIIXI GREEN BAY I A-JP' I I .Q 1 A gf M' I yr UA'-C"fwEs h'S af '14 ,jk . Q, . . oc ses ons 1 . E, .1 . , ' 4 J FURS - LUGGAGE - LEATHER GOODS , I V, y 'T I' ,j 515 Norfh Eigh+h S+ree+ ,I ,f H r . i' POLARIS I946 HOEKSTRA BROTHERS CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH CARS 8I6 Erie Avenue Phone I3OO PUHR and PETERS ATTORNEYS AT LAW 629 Norfh 8+h Sfreef Otto Kuechle Company I3Ioor Coverings-Furnifure-Bedding Cur+ains-Draperies-Rugs SI-IEBOYOAN, WISCONSIN DRS. BERSCH and ANHALT DENTISTS YQ7 N. 8+h Sfreef Phone 5430 Compliment of The Sheboygan Clinic AIfenboChIS Comphmenfs of 56 TO SI STORE I5IO SouIh I2+h S'rreeI OUR PATRONS -Ar SHEBOYGAN CITY LINES Whitten and Walter Artovwevs AT LAW STOP AND SHOP AT. . . FESSLER'S PURE FOOD STORE Clarence P. Whitten 728 Wis. Ave. Dealers In Good Things to Eat John S. Walter Telephone 437I Phone 5060 For Better PHOTOGRAPHS SHEBoYoAN PAINT KUETHER STUDIO CQMPANY II29 N. 8th Street Phone 609-J Gmach's Restaurant Housr or ouf-ww AND SERVICE 708 North 8th Street Good Wishes trom Geele Hardware BlCKEL'S CLOTHING SHOP DRY CLEANING AND PRESSING I 230 Superior Avenue ROGERS CROCKER STUDIO FINE PHOTOGRAPHY AND FINISHING Fourth Floor. . . at the H. C. PRANGE CO. 'k POLARIS I94o THE C. REISS COAL CCMPANY Eff 7f6M'A6""!f"'4A""4'A"?2'-mf. f.,dZf,4d,Wfj,47,,.,2,,A-M-Vgf44M, Z-feqfffwwwfffzw, L PHOENIX CHAIR COMPANY NATIONAL BOX AND . SPECIAL-I-Y CQ. WaIIer Eichenberger sngsoyofw, wisconsin 8:2 NorII'1 an s+fee+ Sheboygan Clearing House Association Bank oI Sheboygan NorII1 Side SIaIe Bank CI SI I B Ic S Iy N I I B I4 M I1 I SI I B Ic Sh B yg I I C p y SouII'1-WesI SIaIe B If i' POLARIS I946 ART IMIG'S The Pace'SeHers for Well Dressed Sfudenls MC GREGOR SPORTSWEAR DRY CLEANERS DE LUXE SHIRT LAUNDRY coweimrumrioms Io Ihe Wisconsin Public cmss or nw, . Service SILVIS HARDWARE Corpomlion Herziger Qualify Lunch ERIE OIL CO. OPEN DAY AND NITE I232 Superior Ave. Phone 659 A. Imig Sons Co. JEWELERS - oprommisrs Qualily Compleie Jewelry Oplical Service 62I N. 8Ih Sfreer Phone 93 OUR PATRONS t SiIIs Studio 7I8 Niagara Avenue I6I3CI ID' Ph 55-JI8 THE PETITE SHOP 6 me Merle Norman Cosmefics CourI'esy Complexion TreaI'menI's GIFTS - YARNS - STATIONERY DE SOTO SALES II28 N. 8Ih SIreeI Phone 5648 PLYMOUTH AND SERVICE Refrigerafion I'IouseI'ioId Service AppIiance COUQVGTUIMIOUS Io Ihe GODEMAN APPLIANCE CO. COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION E. Oodeman Phone 3540 IOI2 Mich. Ave. I946 Graduafes TRILLING GIFT SHOP Gillmon Shoes 8II NorIh 8Ih SIreeI I EYESIGHT SPECIALISTSi "VV'e grind our own lenses" Eyes Examined - OIasses Eiffed 63I N, 8+Iw SIreeI Phone I3O Prcmge - Geussenhciiner Complimenis of SHEBOYGAN BUSINESS COLLEGE ak POLARIS I946 I 2 Q THE SAME SKILL AND PLANNING DEVOTED TO THE PRINTING OF THIS I946 YEARBOOK IS EVIDENT IN ALI. OUR PRINTING ..... J. CHRISTIANSEN 8g COMPANY Office Equipmenf and Supplies - CompIe+e Prin+ing Service Sheboygan, Wisconsin Effie? 1 151 fwsgisifig b XEQ i' FoIders and Broadsides 1-1. ix it i' Advedising Pieces C9-L5 Z, . I 'onery and Forms kg. keg ali ' BooIcIe+s and Cafalogs 'Q TLB - Q . Tb 22 RN, - a. OUR PATRONS t ,JJW um 'E Qc, . 0 JU ,KU i y E 1.4.64 ' AL., M 4-u ML X 7 I+ is always a pride for The Edifor of fhe Sheboygan Press +o congra+ula+e fhe s+uden+s of fhe Norfh High on Graduafion day and 'ro wish lhern unbounded success as fhey iourney ou? info fhe world beyond fhe school room. As you break rhe 'ries befween your school, may 'Phe lessons 'laughl wil'hin il's walls be an inspirafion and an urge for your fufure success. You have whar if 'lakes +o make good, use il l'o fhe fullesl' ex'ren'l'. To Principal Urban and his leaching corps, our congrafulafions on a iob well done. WhvwSsl1,Qih2QQQnoc33g2SS filibr Besl Wishes . . . DAVID RABlNovlTz l-INTNER ATTORNEY SHOE REPAIR 84 DYE SHOP IZ34 Superior Ave. Telephone 2997-W 809 N. 8+h Sfreel Sheboygan Congralulafions +o 'rhe GRADUATES JPN - Hildebr aber And Supply Co. is X 'N EW 2' if P T 'J' Qllp 9 si? gf ill .1 .V ir POLARIS I946 aff QM .FEW ox Q? iliffx' g aI Ial ns 'ro The Class III946 rf? , 3? r u io M P ERONYMUS A Lx-f 53 e K? COMPANY oowimooirms Securify Nafional Bank Building maerellk ULQMUIQLLLU vuunr im PENN PHARMACY PROFESSIONAL PHARMACISTS A. S. Penn, B. S., R. Ph. 2522 N. I5+h Slreel' Harold Erlien cl? MAC'S JEWELERS DIAMONDS, WATCI-IES, and SHEBOYGAN OIL CO. Inclependenl markelers of high qualily gasoline, kerosene, fuel oils, Iubricaling oils, greases, efc., since I932. SILVERWARE K Repairing Jewelry and Walches a 2725 N' l5llq Slreel Phone 509 SPGCIGIIY Sheboygan, Wis. I I I7 Nor+h aih s+fee+ Phone 593 BEST WISHES from LEVITAN FRUIT COMPANY Besl Wishes Attorney WILLIAM RABINOWITZ OU R PATRONS ir -g,--- - -1- -+-v -- - ' E 'A " f' , Qpjfj 695 P My Mgr QW P QW A 2 ,Lv if W if lnirgjCo., Inc FW s or RPXSTJIQ LEUIiA PRODUCTS Y x - P C 1 P 3 X .J X XX U if , K S QYG , WISCONSIN ,-www M i E+, LN YZFSCHMITZ , KX JP I FPA IO and APPLIANCE BUVVY ' "Wm Sfofe .J . I KJ' SALES v SERWCE 507 N. sm 5+fee+ 5 - ' FOR AL YOUR UTO P RTS EK 5 I8II N I2+H S+ + Ph ne 5756-W AND AECEQSOQES SEEAUS N SN Complimenfs of BEAUTY SHOP TRI'-LING HOTEL POESTE HARDWARE CO. ' JA? QW, 7,91 v,Q,-4'fWQ AU-T GRAPH I IWW I CompIimenIs of PONTIAC and STUDEBAKER Sales and Service SUNSHINE DAIRY, INC. Wm. Abraham 2627 N. I5+h SI. Phone 394 MARTIN MOTCR CO 7OI Norih 8Ih SIree+ Leverenz Shoe Co. Manufacfurers SI-IEBOYOAN, WISCONSIN Complimenis of R. H. Thiemcm Co. Your FORD dealer for 30 years Koufnik 81 Schwartz, Inc. "I3eeI' FirsI" SI-IEBOYGAN 81 MANITOWOC Andropolis Drugs PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS CAMERA HEADQUARTERS Phone II5 , 902 Michigan Avenue Complimenfs of Allied Florists Complimenis of WoIf's Laundry OUR PATRONS at A bend roll 1, Robert, 16, 70, 100 Adelich, Virginia, 9 Ahl, Howard, 15, 51 , Mary Ann, 18, 49, 57, 57, Alexander, James, 13, 56 Alexander, Marilyn, 12 Altenbach, Faye, 18, 52 Altenbach Anderson, Allan, 12, 63 Anderson, Robert, 18 Anhalt, John, 13 Anhalt, Mary Lou, 9 Arnold, Christ, 12 Arnold, Minnie, 15 Arnoldi, Kathleen, 15 Arnst, Elaine, 9 Aschenbach, Carita, 18 Aschenbrenner, Donald, 9 Astrofsky, Josephine, 18 Athan, Richard, I2, 88, 96, 100 Atkinson, Garry, 12 Ayers, Marilyn, 12 Allivardt, Mildred, 9 Bahr, james, 12 Barber, Jean, 18 Bartzen, Clemens, 12, 100 Bartzen, Robert, 18, 53, 98 Basch, Virginia, 18 Bassewitz, june, 18, 52 Batzner, David, 6, 18, 59, 82 Ban, Barbara, 12 Baumann, Barbara, 15, 53 Baumert , Bawden. Delores, 19, 81 Shirley, 9 Bayens, Edith, 19 Becker, Constance, 16, 57, 68 Becker, Helen, 12 Befns, Clarence, 6, 15, 48, 51, 53, 82, E Begalke, Dolores, 15 Bell, Dolores, 9 Bender, Shirley, 13 Berg, Florence, 14 Berg, Norman, 12 Berg, Robert, 15 Berg, Ruth, 6, 9, 48, 50 Berger, Edwin, 9 Bergner, Bert nger, Bertie Lou, 19 William, 19, 58, 63, 65, 70 Bersch, Mary Belle, 12, 48, 49 Bertschy, Mary, 13, 70 Berins, Raymond, 53 Beyer, Lorraine, 19 Btlle, Beverly, I5 Binder, Roger, 14, 100 Blevous, Ray, 15 Bliss, Roger, 8. 94 Bloechel. Btoechel, Delores, 15 LeRoy, 19, 100 Bock, Alvin, 9 Bock, Do nald, 14 Bogenhageu, Willis. 12, 88, 96, 100 Bogolin, Gloria, 15 Bohnsack, jack, 8 Boneck, Betty, 19, 52 Boone, LeRoy, 12 Bourret, Roger, 9 Branch. Harold, 16, 100 Brand, ' Doris, 9 Brand, Mary jane, 19, 54, 57 Brandt, Ann, 13 Braun, Celene, 12, 83 Braun, J Brentrup, anet, 19, 55, 82 Bernard, 16 Brick, Donald, 16, 51, 83, 100 Brick, LeRoy, 16, 82 Brick, Betty. 9 tout of schoolj Brill, Shirley Ann, 12 Brud, Raymond, 15 Brunnbauer, Kenneth, 9 Brunmeier, Howard, 15, 48 Brunmeier, Marjorie, 19, 56 Brunsclnnid, June, 9, 82 Burgard, Bernice, 20, 77, 83 Burhop, Richard, 12 Burkard, Eugene, 9, 48, 83 Burkard, Helen, 20 Burkard, Richard, 16, 82 Burkarl, Arthur, 15 Burkart, Robert llnrkart, Rose Marie, 13 Burke, jack, 15 Burreson, Zina, 9 Busse, Anna Mae, 9, 53 Busse, Reginald, 9, 100 Bu tey n , Beatrice, 12 Buteyn, Carol, 14 Butzen, Richard, 9 Gaan, Donald, 13, 70 Caan, Robert, 13, 70, 96 Calvert, James, 15 Ghristenson, Beverly, 20 Conter, Kahtleen, 13 Copp, Norman, 9, 100 Cornell, Marshall, 20, 100 Klronen, John, 8 82, 102 16, 100 .76 INDE Csida, Rinalda, 12 Currie, Ann, 12 Dahmer, 1-lildegarde, 20 Damrow, Doris, 9 Damrow, Laverne, 9 Damrow, Peter, 12 Day, Richard, 9, 82, 94, 100 Day, lVilliam, 12, 82, 94 DeBack, Betty, 16 Dellruine, Elaine, 12 DeGeus, Irene, 20, 54, 58, 59, 68, 73 X Dehmke, Margaret, 13 Deischl, Marion, 15, 51, 52 Dekker, Doris, 12 Dekker, Ethel, 14 Dekker, Lillian, 15, 52 Dekker, Theodore, 20 DeLorine, Donald, 12, 100 DeLornie, George, 100 Den Boer, Howard, 20 Denecke, Margaret, 9, 83 DeNy, Marieta, 20, 49, 54, 58, 59 De Pagter, Allen, 9, 82 Derlein, Carol, 9 Derlein, Marian, 13 Derus, Rose Marie, 20 De Vrientl, Frances, 15 De Vriend, John, 21, 96, 99 De Vriend, Marion, 12 Dewey, Donald, 12, 83, 100 Dewey, Patricia, 10 De Young, Robert, 13, 53, 94, 100 Dickfoss. Betty, 12, 52 Dickfoss, Patricia, 9 Diener, 1Villiam, 12 Diers, Betty Jean, 21 Dittrich, Lola, 14, 82 Do Bas, Kenneth, 8 Do Bas, Shirley, 15 Doering, Karl, 15, 82, 94 Dohms, Margaret, 9 Dottei, Doris, 21, 83 Dottei, Roger, 12 Drais, George, 13, 57 Droppers, Muriel, 12, 88, 89 Droppers, Neil, 14 Dubin, Elayne, 21 Duchow, Melba, 16 Dtincan, Donald, 14, 70, 100 Dunn, Priscilla, 10 Duxbury, Loyola, 13 Eberhartly, Vernon, Eernisse, Homer, 9 Eggebeen, Alice, 12, 21, 63, 82 lzggebeen, Donald, 82 lzisner, Lorene, 21, 55, 59 Eisold, janith, 16, 83 Eissner, Floyd, 12 Eissner. Pearl, 21 1- 12, 94 1-llbe, Richard, 21, 55, 59, 68, 70, 73, 88, 89 l'.llllC17gl'CCll, Kenneth, 12 Elmergreen, Ronald, 8 Elmergreen, Virginia, 21, 82 Elsesser, George, 14 lilsesser. Rtith, 10 Engel, Dolores, 10 Entringer, Lee, 12 lirdmann, Marilyn, 10 Evans, David, 21, 40, 59, 64, 65, 76, 100 Federer, Roman, 22 Federwisch, Harold, 8, 48, 94, 100 Fehring, David, 13, 70, 88, 89 Feingold, Harold, 12, 92 Feld, Eugene, 8 1-'e1d, Lorraine, 14, 82 Feldman, Sidney, 14, 82 lfenger, Eugene, 12 Fenn, Jean, 10 Fetterer, Celine, 9, 83 Fox, Paul, 14 Francis, Gerald, 94 Frank, Richard, 22 Franz, Gertrude, 16 Franz, Floria, 10 Franzen, Virginia, 22 Fredrick, Earl, 14 Fredrick, Nathalie. 10 Friede, Sue, 13, 52, 76 Friedley, George, 22, 63, 63, 65, 76, 82 22, 92, 100 FriedricTis, Jerome, Froechte. Theodore, 14 Frost, Sue, 13, 52 Fuchs, john, 10 Fuerst, Arlene, 10 Fuerst, Dolores, 22, 40, 52, 63, 76 Fuerst, Frederick, 10 Fuerst, Patricia, 12, 52 Garton, Selle, 22, 59, 88, 89. 96, 98 Gebler, Allan, 15, 94, 96 Gebler, Eugene, 48, 51 Gehr, Donald, 12, 94 Gehrig, Donald, 13 Gehrig, Gladys, 10 George, Doris, 13 ,erald , Francis , 8 yerke, Charles, 12 Lerke. Irene, 15 Lerke, Marion, 22 I C 1 I Gerke, Melba, 22 Gerl. Claudia, 10 Gessert, Elmer, 10 Gessl, Geraldine, 10 Gier, Richard, 14, 73 Gill, Nancy, 10 Godfrey, Patricia, 10 Goebel, Virginia, 16 Goedeke, John, 14, 88, 100 Gabrielse, Edwin, 10 Gabrielse, Theodore, 12, 57 Gandre, Donald, 14 Garton, Nancy, 12 Goldman, David, 10 Gonering, Dennis, 22, 56 Gordon, Shirley, 23, 53, 55, 59, 68 Gorter, Lawrence, 10 Gorter, lVilliam, 12 Gottsacker, Dolores, 12 Gottsacker, Edith, 10, 53 Gottsacker, joan, 15 Gottsacker, Ronald, 23, 59, 88, 89 Grabner, Francis, 23, 77, 83 Grade, Margaret, 16, 82 Grabman, Jerome, 12 Graml, Otto, 16, 82 Grande, Darlene, 10 Grant, Elinor, 12, 53, 82 Green, Shirley, 23, 102 Greiner, john, 8, 94, 100 Greuel, Richard, 23, 53, 63, 64, 65, 76 Grobman, Jerome Grohskopf, Carol, 14 Gross, Ruth, 23 Grube, JoAnn, 14, 70 Grube, Patricia, 10 Grube, Lester, 23 Gruhle, Diane, 23, 48, 49, 55, 58, 59 Grtinow, Dorothy, 16 Grunow, Helen, 9 Guenther, Frank, 10, 48, 82 Guenther, Victor, 13 Gumm, Beatrice, 10 Gutkin, Delores, 23, 54, 57 Haak, Owen, 16 Hatt, Gerald, 14, 82 Hallwachs, Carole, 23 Hamacheck, Ann, 14, 51, 57, 68 Haneman, Donald, 12 Haneman, lVil1iam, I0 Hansen, Robert, 24 Hansen, Harriet, 24, 54, of llansen, l'au1, 8, L14 llarris, Richard, 24, 68, 77, Hartmann, Lester, 15 Hartmann, Ralph, 10 Hartman, Vernon, 14 Hasenstein, Donald, 24, 59, 88, 89, 90, 91, 98 Hauch, Bernice, 15 Hauch. Dolores, 8 Hauser, Beatrice, 12, 48, 82 Hayward, Carol Sue, 14, 83 Heck, Delores, 12 Heggen, Rita, 16, 83 Heibel, Marcella, 24. 57 Heibel, Virginia, 13, 48, 57, 83 Heiden, Harriet, 13, 49, 68 Heller, Eugene, 15 Helming, Roger, 14, 92, 100 Hendrikse, Carolyn, 24 Hendrikse ,Marilyn, 14 Hendrikse, Raymond, 24, 56, 82 Henkel, Shirley Hensel, Lloyd, 10 Herman, James, 14, 48, 49, 88, 89, 100 Herman, Shirley, 8 Herman, Richard, 14 Herr, Rosemary, 8, 82 Herriot, Jane, 8 Herziger, Betty, 24, 59 Hess, Roger, 10 Hicks, Helen, 24, 59, 68, 80, 83 Hildebrand, Eugene, 16 Hildebrand, Fred, 24, 48, 53, 58, 100 Hilpertshauser, Jack, 25, 59, 100 Hilpertshauser, June, 14 Hintz, lVi1liam, 10, 70, 94 Hoberg, Patricia, 14 Hoffman, Annette, 15, 68, 83 Hoffman, Harold Hoffman, Josephine, 14 Hogan, joanne, 14 Hogan, Rosemary, 25, 55 Holden, Edythe, 25 Holleltz, Dorothy, I4 Hollander, Ruth, 14 Holsen, Jim, 14 Holman, Margaret, 25, 59, 63, 68, 10 Holman, Myron, 14 Holtz, William, 14, 52 88, 89, 100 100 Horn, Alice, 8 Horwitz. Robert, 10 Horwitz, Ruth, 15 Hubers, Donald, 25, 54, 59, 83, 88, 89, 90, 91, 100 Huibegtse, Marjorie, 25, 52, 83 Huige. Lucile, 13, 83 Humke, June, 14, 49 Jaberg, Ruth, 8 Jasperse, George, 25, 100 Jasperse, Glenn, 14 Jensen, lVilliam, 10 Jerabek, Mary, 8 Johnson, Craig. 14, 55, 65, 76, 102 V Johnson , Stuart, 2,1 Johnston, La Vonne, 8 Johst, Rose, 25, 57 Jordon, Marian, 26, 102 Jorsch. Doris, 16, 821 Jung, Ada, 8, -18, -49, 53 Jung, Mark, 14, 53, 83, 100 Kachelmeier, George, 26 Kade, YVa1ton, 26 Kaesermann, Delores, 13, Kaesermann, Ronald, 26, Kalk, Betty Jane, 14 Kalk, Jerome, 10 Kalk, hhirley, 8 Kannas, June, 26 56, 88 59, 89 Karstaedt, Chester, 14 Katchkey, Dorothy, 26, 102 Katchkey, Ida, 15 Katchkey, Ruth, 26 Kather. Betty, 15 Katt, Robert, 13 Kaufmann, Nancy, 26, 55, 59 Kaufmann, William, 8 Kllllllifli, Donald, 8 Kautler, Shirley, 14, -18, -19, 102 Kaye, Robert, 53. 83. 100 Kell, Connie, 13 Keitel, Daniel, 26, 82, 100 Keller, Dorothy, 8 Kellner, Harold, 26, 59, 88, 89, 90. 91 Kellner Kellner. Kernen , Kenneth, 16, 83 LeRoy, 27 , Marilyn, 14, 68. 83, 10 0 Audrey, 15 Kettler, Donald, 14 Kiernan. Patricia, 14, 52 Kirby, Mary Ann, 27 Kleinow, Bernice, 27 Kessel. Klein-1Vassink, Frans, 14 Klein-1Vassink, Johan, I4 ,h I ,. as lxlcmn , lhom is Klemme, Cora, 13 Klessig, Charles. 6, 27, 59. 83 Klunk, Arline, 27 Knaak, June, 27 Knatl, Robert, 9 Knaub, Mary Ann, 14 Knaul. Joan, 8 Knaul, Veronica, 27, 80 Knaus, Nancy. ll Kneevers, Earl, 16, 82 Knocke, Martha, 8 Knopp, Delores, 8 Kober, Arthur, 8. 94 Koeh n , Carol, 8 Koehn, Dolores, 14 Koehn, Marilyn, 8 Kochn, Mary Lou, 11, 48, 65, 76 Koepke, Robert, 14 Koepsell, Adele, 27, 59 Kohl, Betty Jane, 27 Kohl, Leila, 16, 83 Kohls, Kohls, Kohls, Robert, 14 Shirley, 8 M'i11iam, '94 V Konrad, Joan, 6, 16 Koss, Gwendolyn, 14, 57, 64, 65, 76 Kosup, Donald, 8, 59, 94 Kosup, Richard, 27, 88, 89 Kotlar, Jacob Kott, Norman, 90 Kraatz, Helen, 8, 82 Kracht, 1Vi1liamA 8, 94 Kramer, Carol Kramer, Jack, 14, 82 Kraus, Richard, 12 Krepsky, Delores, 11 Krepsky, Dorothy, 27 Krepsky, Vernelta, ll Kressmer, Charlotte, 1 Kriplean, Nyla, 27, 55, Kroening, Kenneth, 28 Kroll, Joan, 8 Krum, Ronald, 8 Krummel, Carol, 13 Kuchla, Alice, 28 Kuchta, Joseph, 8, 94 6 70 Kuehl, Phyllis. 28, 31. 59, 68, 80 Kuelrlman, Edwin, 14 Kuehlmann, Ruth. 9 Kurtz. Kenneth. 14, 70, 96 1 Ladwig, Dorothy, .1 Lantpe, Mary Ann Landgraf, Charmaine, 28 Landgraf, Richard, 14, 53 Landwehr, Carol, 9 Landwehr. Edwin, 14 96, 98 Lange. Carol, ll Lange, Lionel, 8. 94 Lanser, Alan, 28, 59, 88, 89, 99 La Page, Gleima, 15 Lattin, Lois, 28, 49, 91 Lau. Elaine, 13, 102 Lauff, Louise, 28 Launer, 1Vayne, 8 Lauson. Herrick, 8 La Valliere. Shirley, 11 Lawrence, George, 8 Lehmann, Charlotte, 9 Leibham, Beatrice, 9 Leibham, John, 11, 94 Leissner, Irene, I5 Leitzke, Norbert, 11 Lensen, Marian, 15 Lenz, Mabel, 6. 14, 57. 65, 91 Leonard, Gloria, 28, 51, 58 Leonhardt, Lillian, 28, 83, 52 Lequis, Lorraine, 10 Lerch, Frieda, 13 Lerch. Sophie, 28, 54, 56. 70 Levy, Marilyne, 14. 102 Lickerman, Barbara, 9 Lickerman, Frederic, 15, 57 Liebl, Arthur, 6, 29, 48, 50, 88. 89 Liebl, Charlotte, 16, 53, 65, 68 Michels, Marcella, ll, 82 Mielke, Marion, 30, 52 Miesfelcl, Charles, 16 Miesfeld, Joyce, 30, 59 Mikolic, Ronald, 8, 94 Miller, Marian, 1-1 Mirkes, Blanche, 30 Mirkes, Floyd, 11 Mix, Marcelene Moeckler, Howard, 30 Mohs, Carol, 13 Molan, Margaret Moll, Charmaine, 30, 57, 102 Moll, Dolores, 16 Montgomery, Randolph, 15, 83 Lienau. Liezen, Joyce, ll. 82 Richard, 16, 82 ' " 70 Lindeke, Janice. 29, 51. Lindich, Carl, 8. 92 Loebel, Charlene, 13, 53, 57 Lofy, Carol, 9 Lokker, Eldred, 11, 82 Lokker, Virginia, 11 Lorenz, Jack, 14, 100 Lorenz, Ruth, 15 Lothes. Darcy, 15 Lothes, Donald, 8 Lovell. Hugh, 76 Loving, Ivan, 15 Loving, Joan, 16, 83 Lubach, Edith, 29 Lubacli. Geraldine, 11 Lubach, Roger. 1 1 Lubbers. John, 29, 59, 88, 89, 96. 99 Luedke. Donald, 9, 48, 51, 52, 82 Luedke, Herman, 15, 94 Lttehrs, Martin, 29, 53, 54, 59. 68 Lugg. I,aDonna, 11, 82 Lutz, Edward, 8 Lutz, Ralph, 29, 56 Lutzke, Donald, 14 Lyon, Joyce, 13, 56 Lyon. Lyman, 29, 48. 59. 100 Lyon, 1Vayne Maas, Maas, Maas, Elaine, 29 Jacqueline, 9 Shirley, ll, 68. 83 Montgomery, Roger, 30 Morris, Frances, 14 Morris, Milton. 30 Moschko, Dolores Moser, Frank, 11 Muehlbauer, Patricia, 13 Mueller. Barbara. 31, 40 54 Mueller, Carol, 9 Dolores Jean, 31, 51, 57 58 , . Mueller, Mueller. Hilbert, 31, 56 Mueller, Jean, 15 Mueller, Robert, 9. 94 Mueller, Theodore, 9, 94 Muhs, Richard, 14, 53, 63, 76 Mullin, Raymond, 15, 82 Munnik, Anthony, 31, 59, 82 Munnik, Donna, 16, 82 Murre, Larern, 11 Murtha, James, 9, 94, 100 Nack, Jack, ll Najaeht, Martin, 31, 82 Nauschultz, Roger, 11 Navine, Grace, 15 Nechamkin, James. 31, 51, 82 Neese. Joyce, 31. 53, 54, 59, 68, 83 Neils, Charles, 15 Nennig, Patricia, ll, 52, 82 Nesst, Marvin, 11 Neubert. Roger, 15 Neumann, .loy M.. 9 Neumann. Roland. 9, 94 Neuses, Thomas, 31, 59, 77, 88, 89, 100 Never, Darlene Newton, Donald Nick. Harold. 16, 83 Nickel. Carol, 14 Niesing, Emma, 13 Noble, Colleen, 15 Nohl, Joseph, 31 Nohl. Lamar, ll Nonhof, Harland. 6, 16. 82. 83 Ochs, Arnold, 31, 76 Oehmichen, June. 32 Oehmke, Doris, Maechtle, Joan, ll. 48, 49. 53 Magritz, Marjorie, 9 Magruder, Violet, 9 Mahnke, Joann, 13, 57, 63, 70, 76 Mahnke. La Verne, 16 Maier, Marilyn, 11 Mais, Lurielle, 29 Mais, Roger, 11 Manske, Joan, ll Maringer, Eva, 15 Markelz, Anthony, 15 Markgraf, Robert, 11, 83 Markgraf, Shirley, 29 Marold. Gorrene, 9 Martin, Frieda, 13 Martin, Mary Jane, 9 Martin. Jim, 13. 70, 88, 89, 91, 96 Martiny, Ronald Mase, Helen, 9, 53 Mase, John, 14 Matelko, Shirley, 11 Matthias, 1Vi11iam, 30, Matzdorf, Kathleen, 9 Mayer. Marvin, 15 McCarthy, James, 53 McKay, Marilyn, ll, 57 McKinley, Nancy, 14 McLaughlin, Bain, 8 Meise, Edward, 11 Meise, Marion, 9 Melger, Gladys, 11, 52 Merklein, Delores, 13 Merklein, Earl, 8 Merrill, Joyce, 14 Merrill, Marilyn, 11, 52 Mersberger, Ruth, 9 Mertz, Jerome, 14 Mertz, Reuben, 9 59, 88, 89 Oostdyk, M'i11iam, 32 Orcutt, Joann, 13, 70 Ostergaard, Glenn. 1 Oswald, Joan, 14, 1 Otte, Beatrice Janet, 9 J, 94 32 Otte, Utten, Edith, ll, 82, 52 Otten, Eunice, 16, 52 Roger, ll Otten, Otten, Vernon, 11, 96 Overbeck, Carol, 11 Ourada, Shirley Paasch, Lorraine, 11 Paasch. Roger. 11 Pape, Doris 14 Parnitzke, Donald 9 Paske, James. 11 Pasket, Audrey Pasket, Irene, 32, 56 Patrie, David, ll, 82 Paul, Donald, ll Pauls, Margaret. 15 Pekelder, Thelma, 6, 32, 48. 50 Pelchen, Frederick, 16, 48 49, 83 Mertz, Meri ar. Ruth, 11 William. 30, 88, 89. 100 Metscher. La Verne, 9 Metscher, Marvin, 30 Metzdorf, Joan, 30, 57 Meulbroek, Florian, 15, 88 Meulbroek, Harxey, 9 Meres, Meyer, Mariorie Alex, 8 Meyer, Barbara, ll, ,52 , Meyer, Jerry, 9 ' 'M'eyer, Robert: '161 Perle, Dolores Perry, ,leann Peters, Donald, 9, 94 Peters. Jo Anne, 14, 54, 57, , ., Peterson. Erlend, ll, 48, 70, 100 Pfister, Audrey, 15, 49 Pfister, Jenny Pfister, Joan, 32, 54, 59 Plister. 1Va1ter, 15, 56, 70, 96, 100 Pfotenhauer, Robert, 32, 48, 51, 59 Phalen. Patricia, 14, 65 Piaskowski, Jeannette. 16, 83 Pilling, Arlynn, 6, 11, 55. 82 Plass, Vera, 11, 52 Ploetz, Francis, ll Pohlnad, Pat, 16, 51, 83 Ponath. Roger, 15 Ponath. Ruth, 32 Post, Vernon, 15 i Potshke. Carolyn Potter, Evelyn, 32, 56 Pottharst. Herbert. 32, 53, 83 Prange, Norman. 32, 68, 91 Prange, Ruth, 14 Puksich, Marianne, 15 Puls, Karen, 80 Puls, Litla Ann, 33, 54. 59 64 65 76 Schutt, Quasius, Alan, 11 Quasius, Darlene, 15, 56 Quasius, Elaine, 11, 52, 53, 55 Quasius, Marian, 33. 48, 525 Quasius, Marilyn, 11, 83 Quasius Nannette, 14, 83 F Quan, Arthur, 33, 40, J1, ms, 59, Quast, Richard, 8, 94, 100 Raatz, Phyllis, 14 Raatz, Rita, 12, 82 Rappel, Allen Reichert, Robert, 15 Reichert. 1Vi1liam, 94 Reigh, David Reinemann, Donald, ll, 94 Reinl, Denis, 11, 82 Reinthaler, Gisella, 12 W aldau Traas, Pearl, 36 63 Schulz, Doris, 35 Schulz, Eleanor, 12, 52, 65, 82, 102 Schulz, Mae Ann, 10 Schulz, Marion, 12, 82 Schulz, Ralph, 12, 80 Schuh, Audrey, 10 Schuh. Carol, 16, 68, 82 Schumann, Ursula, 15 Donald, 14 Van Dc Wege, James, 12 Vande Vrede, Arlene, 12 Vande Vrede, Irving, 36, 59, 88, 89 Vande Vrede, Marilyn, 9 Van Dreese, Frances, 9 Van Emden, Helen, 15, 49, 55, 80 Van Emden, Martha, 11, 65 Van Haveren, Beatrice, 9 Vanic, Joyce, 36, 91 Schutte, Roger, 10 Van Loan, John, 13 Schwerin, Susan, 12, 65, 83 Schwerin, 1Va1ter, 82 Scribner, Jean, 16, 102 Segebrecht, Phyllis, 10 Selke, Edward, 15, 80, 94 Sell, John, 11 Selsmeyer, Bill, 10, 51, 94 Senkbeil, Darlene, 10 Senkbeil, Kenneth, 35, 68, 77 Sessler, Ardelle, 35, 52, 58 Seybold, Laverne, 10 Siegel, Robert, 35 Siegert, Marion, Siegworth. Frank, Sills, William, 12 '1 048, 51, 52, 53, 82 10, 65, 94 Sircelj, Anton, 35, 48, 49 Sircelj, Stanley, 12 Sizonen, Nathaline, 35 Skrener, Patsy, 10 Van Stelle, Marilyn, 11 Van Tatenhove, 1-lelen, 15 Van Zanten, Donna, 9 Verbanatz, Jack, 9 Verhage, Roger, 14, 70, 83, 96, 100 Verhulst, Avis, 16, 54, 57, 70, 91 Verhulst, Jacob, 16, 82 Verlare, Harriet. 216, 54, 59, 63 Verlare, Mary Ann, 9 Ver Straate, Burton, 12, 82, 100 Ver Velde, Joyce, 9 Ver Velde. Ralph, 12 Vincent. lVi1berl. 12 Voelker, Lois, 11 Vogt, Robert, 36 Vogt, Marion, 11, 82 Vogt, Shirley, 15. 82 Voigt, Elaine, 9 Vollrath, Rosalind, 14, 55 Slabbekoorn, Dorothy, 15 Adeline, 35, 59, 63, 65, 76, 82 Slebir, Edward, 16 Stnies, Joan, 10 Smith, Smith, Marilyn, 16 Smith, Marlin, 49, 64, 65 Smyth, Jean, 13 Sommer, Robert, 12 Voltz, Robert, 11, 94, 100 Voorhans, Robert Vreeke, Josephine, 15 Wanger, George, 1 I , 53 Wagner, Mary Jane, 9 Waldau, Betty, 11, 82 Walker. W a lker . , Margaret, 37 Betty, 37, 54 Peter, 11 Wallace, Charles, 11 1Val1ace, Vernon, 15 XVa1thers, Shirley, 15, 70 W'angemann, Margaret. 9 Wasserman. Stanley, ll, 82 Sonnenburg, 'William, 16, 100 Sonntag, Rosella, 12, 52, 70 Sonntag, XValter, 12 Spannagle, Betty, 12, 57 Speckmann, Doris, 14, 56 Speckman, Sharon, 13, 52 Spettel, Marilyn, 15 Staff, Edward, 14 Stahl, Elizabeth, 35, 54, 59 Stalter. Albert, 10 Stampfl, Rita, 10, 83 Starich, Joyce, 12 Steffen, Ellen, 16, 82 Steffen, Lucille, 16, 83 Steger, Robert, 12, 82 Steinbruecker, Mae 12, 82 Sleindl, Donald, is Stielow, Donna, 15 Weber, Arthur, 11 lVeber, John, ll, 94, 100 Weclemeyer, Mary, 1 1 Wedemeyer, Nancy Lee, 9 NVegmann, Marion, 9 Stielow Gloria, 10, 65 Stielow, Patsy, 14 Stiglitz Joanne, 10, 82 Stoelb, Dolores, 10 S toel b . Stoiber Elizabeth, 10 Florence 14 Wegner, Beverly, 16 1Velsch, Betty Jane, 37 Welsch, Roger, 12, 82 Werner, Bernice. 37, Werner, Doris, 9 1Verner, Germaine, 15 XVerner, John, 9, 521, 94 lVerner, Pat, 11, 88, 95, 100 1Verner, Timothy, 37, 59, 100 Wessel, May Jean, 37 lVest, Allan, ll, 94, 100 Whiffen, Janice, 13 lfhile, Stuart. 14. 100 Stoiber, Charlotte, 10 Street, Charles, 14 Street, Richard, 9, 100 Stubbe, Marvel, 16 Stubenrauch, Mary, 16 Stuefen, Diane, 15 Stuefen Robert 1 , 48, 49, 75 A . ', 2, 82 Stugart, Mildred, 9 Subv, John, 6, 15, 56, Sukowatey, Imelda 8 82, 94, 96 Wiedemann, Helen, 37, 58, 82 Wiedemeyer. Virginia , 9 W ierzbach, Bercella, 9 Willze, David, 15 Willie, Roger, 9, 94 lVilke, Shirley Ann, 15 Williams, Delores, ll 1Villiams, YVes1ey, ll Willmas, Louise, 15 Wilsing, Bernice, 15 Resnick, Clarence, 48, 51, 52, 82, 94 Rheis, Carolyn, 16 Ribbens, Elmer, 33, 96, 99, 100 Ribbens, Judith. 33, 83 Ribbens. Madeline, 15 Ribbens, Marge, 16, 52 Ribbens, Patricia, 12 Richards, Gerald Richey, Janet, 14 Richter, Walter, 15 Riese, Caroline Riess, Betty, 33 Riess, Glen, 53 Ristenpadt, Germaine, 14 Ritt, Joseph Robinson, Patricia, 11, 52 Roess, Philip, ll, 94, 96, 100 Rohr, Jean Ronk, Richard, 16 Rosenwaltl, Leonard, ll Roth, Conrad, 92, 100 Runstrom, Jack, ll, 94 Ruppel, Beverly, 33, 48, 59 Ruppel, Daniel Ruppel, Elroy, 131 Ruppel, Gerald, 14 Ruppel, John, 33 Rust, Carole, 33 Rust, Gladys, 12, 82 Ryan, Beryl, 9 Ryan, Beverly, 33 Rydberg, Earl, 11, 94 Sachse, Richard, 15, 70, 100 Satre, Robert, 34, 59, 88, 89 Schaefer, James, 34, 53 , Schaefer. Robert . Schaffer, Patricia Schardt, Sylvia, 13, 82 Scharrer 1I'alter Schaubf Ruth, 82 Schaub. Virginia, 12 Scheib, Lois, 14, 52 Scheffler. Virginia Scheidel, Dorothy, 15 Schieble, Raymond Schieble, Richard. 34, 76, 80 Schils, Mary Schimke, Jacqueline, 12, 91 Schinabeck, Donald. 11 Schirmeister, Elaine, 16 Schirmeister, Erwin, ,l0 Schlager, Jane, 12, 82 ,, Schleg, Edward, 10, 82' Schloss, Frederick, 11, 94 Schmeiser, Glorian, 82 Schmeiser, Kermit, 34 Schmidbauer, Patricia Schmidt, Andrew, 214, 58, 68, 100 Schmidt. Ann, 34 Schmidt, Carol, 15 Sclunidt, Gaylord, 12 Schmidt, Hilda Schmidt. Marion, 13 Schmidt, Robert, 12 Schmidt, Roger, 10 Schmiedel, Herbert, 9, 51, 94 Schmitt, Leona Schmitt, Lloyd, 34 Schneider, Eugene, 13, 70, 88, 89 96 Vande Berg, Carolyn, 36 Schnettler, Catherine Schnettler, Marion Schoenborn, Clem, 10 Schoerger, Joanne, 10 Schrank, Merrill, E14 Schreiber, La Verne, 14, -18, 70 Schrimpf. Carlton, I2 Schrimpf, Dolores. 13, 57 Schroeder, Marion, 9 Schroeder, Virginia, 34 Schropp, Joanne, 34 Schropp, Marjorie, 10, 53 Schropp, 1Vi11iam, 10 Schuchardt, Donald, 10 Schultz, Carol, 35, 55 Schultz, Eleanor M., 16, -18, 51 Schultz, Milton, 15, 82 Sweeney, June, 15 Swenson, Jane, 10 Swenson, John, 6, , 48, 51 35, 92. 100 'l'asche, Helen, 11, 65, 102 '1'er Maat, Connie, 16, 56 Te Stroete. Jane, 11, 82 Te Winkel, Alvin, 36 Te Winkel, Ruth, 12 Thalacker, Mary Ann, 13 Thiele, La Verne, 36, 82 Thornton, Eunice, 13 Thornton, Keith, 9, 100 Thurston, Ronald, 9, 82 Timmer, Talene, 12 lVi nkler, Dorothy 15 N'inkler, Marian, 37 1Vinter, Marjean, 37, 56, 63 Woellert, Shirley, 37, 58 Wolf, Dolores, 38, 54, 59 Wolters, Evelyn, 1 1 , 90 , 102 Wondergem, Casey, 13. 48, 49, 56, 70, 100 Wondergem, Edith, 38 Wondergem, Eleanor, 9 Wondergem, Lauren, 9, 100 Wondergem, La Verne, 38, 83 Xvood, Donald, 15 Young, Raymond, 38 Ystesund. Carl, 9 '1'rester. Carol, 10 Trimberger, Francis, 1 Trimberger. Leon, 12, 'l'rumm, Colleen, 36 Tupper, Betty, 12 Uhl, Julia Usadel, Gilbert, 15, 82 Usadel, Glen, 16, 82 U ttech, Delores, 10 ff, 521 53 Yurk, Roger, 9, 82 Zabel. Shirley, 16, B3 Zaegel, Richard, 13 Zastrow, Donald, 38, 82 Zetsche, Richard, 15, 100 Zeuner, Henry, 16 Ziebert, Theodore. 11, 94 Ziegler, Eileen, 15 Ziegler, Verona, 15 Zillner, Frances, 9 Zimmermann, Betty, 13 Vande Guchte, Bernard, 36 Van Der Puy, William, 12, 94, 96, 100 Van Der Puy, WVilbert, 9, 100 Yan Der Xveele, Elmer, 12 Van Der VVee1e, Harriet, 15 Vander lveele, Herbert, 14 Van Der Weele, Melvin, 9 PUBLISHED BY NORTH HIGH SCHOOL PRINTED BY J. CHRISTIANSEN Q COMPANY SHEBOYGAN, WISCONSIN Zimmermann, Conrad, ll Zimmermann, Donald, 15 Zimmermann, Dorothy, 38, 48, 49, 53 63. 76 Zittel, Phyllis, 11 Zylman, Ruth, 38 ,54,5 f.XKCfmqMgML0wm Ui ,.J4.fl.,,3l-MJ TJSQAMMWWZQM1 WW' f l Z?f ' 'fy' 'MQ ffxb' ff Q if 1 f6' few ,W r - 1- m ga V- - ,f ., 4 'gsfi 'LA mb, 5 ,J.' , , A , g + ff -f Sf Q ff W M Mi KF W K-gain . ..,. - .' !'j.M+'y , Us 4 F wyfiifij 2 ik mf Ziff m Mijn g,:2fgf557fWffQ,w4f M,O . WM Mewwgwp . . , Lv : , x .,i...... . W, . ,.... du..- , ................,.4...p............1 3 .X Q. . ,iz I .M gl-,pk ' 'JQIQXV' ff' n :I V f:gfr"?' Pz"5 ' I Lib .r Y A W4 g if? - lf v i., , ' Qf1Q:, ?!l K ,S - an , ,Y 3,1 d l. V ,lf 'e 1 f'- Y , , -,aselj f ' 1, efwZ'f'iQ-' 1. ' A v,y'!':::gLg:5' -' f ' :wif :WPI

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