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wx 1 M, xfifyi A ,5,1,f, K, ja' ' A - W" - fi , 2 H , l A f ,,,lL4,,, y .,,,X W q:,, K - , , .,., ,, , X N , . X. N wfz1::7x,i1,"",. 1 5. , 1, , ,, V Z7 Z, iVll?l lVl ,i5! ,LWi - N V, . 3 News-sw 1i4w V V- ff ., 1H-ws"::1g?'?'Xf?frf,Sfivif' 'Sf . L, V : 12 I . "i wif yy iw- K, ' 1 ,, Win f gfwu-5e1 sE'J,f'3: , f Q: , 1 -'M " .- 1 ,.: ,.. K . .R ,mag 5 w ' - ' , -yf' W, , Y itmW,wW-,gi www' av V 45, f-.wan , . 4 , J .- f -. ' ' 'W WIMMU 5 - ' 'W 4" ,,.,,.,.:ff f 1' N Q f J ' I ff f f F W IWW, 1 ' 1 ,ww when-Q1 sm J .xp .. ,uv v . ,,,1 ,,, .. ,, OVQS.--cl lb V I u g oh" XJ-o9G0'i 1.0-v-L LGA-sx.,f P.9.,, a..0.w-J1eu,d.a .1-1g,,,,,LNVoMA' I E, 5 ,Q JLLQ-QLD 1,,,.J,x.5gg,9,,JfD ' ' , AgVW Aw I LLx twiL is-ofbbu A,-yr-fcQfiV"-f"'5'N4-fvf QQ-1914, .XD vwlfdi-2 , W . 1 P MVN wwvvahpt ! rvv-.L2f0a7CD if-L , s!l"vUJX7tJ' O1 tl Cfva 6,91-x-wVno.,pp1me55D' QQ of,-,Li j,Q,,A,0-x.-.J ,J-Jlmo-75 ,t,,,7IR,uxiJ AW.aA-i,,,,,VvUfs4o,,L,5,ovf,J,b4wcvwJ1,g:r,vwQMxPwbg,6+q1 fafo-rw-2-f .f.x.Q,1.Dwu CQ,,o,,..,,g,Q,,L,,,-Q. ..Z,4r':1.J.f ! ,,Lo-1:Pf!0- O'Y'- 0-DLA, ,vlfvo-'2-Q' J M hPw5 :Ulm-+16'6Q 34 gym cgf4'1Yv'l77'D tgovbf- Vg-,rx'l'Q -f'yLQ,,F1do,f- ad- Uovkf -'D UMLWQ h X 5-Q.-eferu-212"'Ut .LJ-.NQAJ ,'LQ-V327E7-jf -CQJPLQQ LO'wAf1 JSSVAJLAVX 13-Qofpf J +,0,u,.,,,Ql,4x,a SP k,,,,cbfjL,oue,f-PQ5 Qc-AVN! Law-ww A-o gf ' f ,,L,,,,,,..J6b .341-f'-Af x0-'O .fvnw-fW8N3GfvvxA49J03,Qm,m,x 'Q KVVY-'iff I Cf-c,,,v'4vLf QQA-A9-P I J I f6'D"v3Qy-e.f'YYN-2' 6-v'Nf a.,QQf jsbiiva-' l EC? , , frvfo-uf, 0"'-fgfx bye 'WV J-fa O-rv-Lfwf! 0,fvx,0Q 'Le' Nvvvwvofxfsdbo Gfx-2' 0-'QQ' AILXX .A-vxfj fvvvLfw10Q J fvxn,-,UQ vu-9" Ov ,tsjvd-.L 700 MOM 0-A 71:0 I Wmptzkkwx pt Jfgs Y pfff:fgw,, WM QQ WM fmQ WffWQ W I-,fxllf Ow' k Jvwwffg M ,i . OV Cf amdfw WA kM MvMM JWWAAMMCMMQQM 1 0-Ju-PJLJOV-o-QQ, J .3 CVTALA 1 O16 Clfd-w.!L,A.-Q-f QM '7Uk,Q, JL:-'LSD X,-l.av..A." JK'-'WDC Mao-'vu fvv,4-,,,,,,, A4 ANVMJCXLX ,Q CL. I B-'VN-eafp.,,,V f Ayucrwpts .-1 Q V K , W9 X I 3i'fU'tffH Wifi' Pj, X20-P-va, GLQQ- fy.,-,MU JQO,-,u-Q! . J Oxrw., -30 -I-D Q3-QM iii?-Y WWE EMM Polaris North Senior High School School District 4622 2520 East l2th Ave. No. St. Paul, MN. 55IO9 Contents School Candids 2 Special Events 8 Crganizations 39 Sports 7I Seniors IOO Juniors BO Sophomores I42 Freshmen l54 Faculty I66 Spring Issue Cct. 'Q' f"91 x if F by Ep V 41-Q I 1 if ai if-Q 535 772 J w K 1 f+ f g 0 -. I 'Fha 1 M wi me LY, VA I. E4 X , 5 'ka WP 4 1 1 , ,mv .frm :annum .Z- ,.,.,..w:-W , . Y , if 1 WW' nf nn'--sq-as - V4 ' r 1 ,Mi - V.. tg 3 V s 4:53, 1 ii! f f fax? ...Q -Q -N -,ff I ,,..--4 K K X, I ,N 1 Yi? mm, Q, N X I f V 'L V: ,pq i f if n"'!g,g Qe2,'ff3,"i1' 1 I V ,,,, V fQ,jfw','g,,,,'- +4-3 pw me f5gV5g'1wVVfw,- ifiwrfl, " amz,f2e2,'1VV,y,,, . V. V' ' V1 V- VV- ,V EE 3 I ,VV MvzVQ542,fw V, fW,,K,.,h ,, , , , ,, yfzgzgfy, J ,M fi Wg J i 5 4' QM ' M 'f ' may 10" A VV': LZ if A l uv IAA mf' , , iz' M11 2 E X X x X V N ffg' .fr SM MW WMM! f, V A ff' 1 N J. ,,L, ., I K-rw . , X - , 4, i ,Vi HEL il ff. Zan 3 H, uf :ng 4 5 5 rf' 59 5 ff . fQ ...., f ., f7"fzs. f""MJ 5L . 5l..l. 'ISE Y N .X Wa W, , W my 1,4Q:f,sQ4,liQ,1S A m a I--'4T..M,'-ru- kr 1 ,-..,,4 xx ,. Yi i-Q. 5 X A12 cal' -J a aff! 4 my Y A 2 , Q. I X X x i M T Y fy'- -1, . ,X A C W 1-.QA .1-'L A .V N f 0 V M... a,.,f'faga1A, V ,VX .N V V ,, W: , . s', v, ' .. '- 4 b yy f , ' L , HK , TK , x L42 N A f 7 , J' ,, ff ,M ,, ig 3-QL V .. f 1.4, is v "-- x R J .fg,,,f- 1' ' , A Mgr. X KV wig.. ,, V V M ,V -was L f-fy, , .A H wa 6,129 ' M 'r in V 1 w 1 2,3933 ' ' 44,0 F 1 yr X N Q Q 4 ' M' s N 'fr' w 1 - ' v . P :W 'T N ' , . w if - 1 NJ :A L, Nm-2 A n .L+-1' 43 'TY , V,,4,wV . mn-wx? 5. J' 41 Q, f QL ., f I ? 5 , Viv V fm 1. Y ' p-1-v,, - w-.M..,m,.- A -, , v w "Wk 4 A. M L,,V, V1 ,K A ,, B ' s L., V, V .minwiljgi ,W .... 11111-f+" ku fi' ff V1 V1 1 Q-.,-. 4 1 vV'v, ff ,QR fits. u 13:51 3-5,V' A 4 1 if . Wag 5. '.3Rw.gv 'Q at--'ff' ' 2.42404 VI? 1 N -.at3iY:f,y',':331 4 Q w K 5 .1 w.+,wf. f Y wb gl vi-my ff I 2,1 :A a"'.,'-A., -if W, , , ,.Vg.g,A "',NH,km.wv MM. T-it exif:-A ' 'If:":5'0'A ,-.451 4 4 ,-:- 'Py :X 1, - 4 1 -V V' gg A ' ' R ' v ,xx Homecoming! A Week Cf Activities The l98I Homecoming Events Homecoming I98I, A part of yesterday, but for a moment we live it again as we remember: "Homecoming Royalty I98I" "Scalp the Warriors" "Kelly Leahy and Ken Jechorek winners of the Donut Eating Contest" "The Nordiques version of The Rose" "Homecoming Theme Longer, played by the band" "M.C's Jean Ranweiler and Jim Zappa" "Joe Rondeau and Cathy Macioch winners of musical chairs- North High Style" ,.. , ft 'Xi ff' X l 12 6 I Q King Hanna And Queen Johnson Homecoming Sl l' ilu u:f- : 4: I Homecoming Senior Royalty Above Left: Home- coming King Leo Hanna and Queen Kristi Johnson. Above Center: Leo Hanna getting his wish, May- be, being crowned King of Homecoming. Above Right: Kristi Johnson crowned Queen of Homecom- ing. lt must be good luck to have your eyes shut. Left: Senior run- ners-up Lea Anderson and Philip Perzichilli. Right: Senior runners- up Patti Korlin and Chris Flynn. Below: The l98l, Senior Homecoming Royalty. Junior Homecoming Ro alty Above Left: Junior Prince Tom Elert and Princess Ann Martinson. Above: Junior runners-up Donna Chlebeck and John Schonebaum. Left: The l98l, Junior Homecoming Royalty. Below Left: Prince Tom Elert has just been crowned. Donna Chlebeck is looking on. Below: Junior runners-up Sue Rho- da and Doug Rosentreter. on ' 'fl Homecoming 'SI , I ,Z ! Anyone Want A Donut? Mi n '41 i 'E 94" Football Halftlme Dance Musical 3P5 - All Makes For Homecoming Fun Sophomore Homecoming Royalty i s 'X 'A ' qs, f' ' , of 1 . .f 4 . 1 X A , F y F T gt' ,fr . fflf -1 , bf Q Princess Fisher 8 Prince Kneip w. Top Left: The crowned Prince, Chuck Kneip. Top Center: Sophomore Prince Chuck Kneip and Princess Ann Fisher. Top Right: An excited Prin- cess Ann Fisher. Left: Sophomore runners-up Cathy Atchison and Ran- dy Lindstrom.Above:The I98I, Sophomore Royalty. Right: Sophomore run- ners-up Kerry Shortridge and Tim Kratzke. N 4 14' ,.- X B xx, .4 Q' i X ,J.,.,'.Y, , ffl il N Freshman Homecoming Royalty MQ, Q Top Left: Freshman runners-up Denise Henderson and Mike Hoschka. Top Right: Freshman Royalty for I98I. Above:A very surprised new Princess Kaarin Anderson. Center Right: Prince Danny Goldammer and Princess Karrin Anderson. Left: Fresh- man runners-up Karen Hutchinson and Mike Folkerts. Below: The newly crowned Prince Danny Goldammer, with Karen Hutchinson and Denise Henderson looking on. Anderson S Prince Goldammer s .-,Ni Q 'L Q I ,wr I A' 52 '1 M' 1 f t u.-im B il V K0 i wqyll. 3f9Qg!'F'E5 wif 5 via ,I X ' . - ' 52' J Lffqfif - 'V 1 'w,fgL::a?fWA 4 ' H, ww:QF5ff'f. V, f V W ww., 7.1 . fazflifi , , . MMQQ-M G f w :Su '14 . ' W 4 is ,W Q, f f f A , 1 in - gjff ye 4 fx.. NC jx Sadie Hawkins Dance Missa ,ff "apr, fi' xi 'Q " Q ' SCI, K -... , 5 -O ,Li snap, 5 1 X, if Halloween, orth Hi h Merr making Y K N 'XX 'N WW Q ZWWMX MKM Christmas Dance ' QZ Q K r arf? X 4 s-Mix -I' 9:5 I 'fl A41 o -I' iipfwff 1 A .ng ' "f.. 03155. - .Ef V ila-1. , ist, uf--sq V . wg? my -E in v 'xi sg IQQJ S , X sf if 0 ll 'f,c. l ' s K ,-5. If 41' 'lf 1',4.' i' .F iyalf-1 ,- V I 14 ' I " ,. I i A wh -in 0 . 9 1 , 5 1 4. 'M , "' i 2 ? S H , 3 . T 1 y - S 6 I I... f I , ' A wggg, 1' """'-1 . , Q .Xl lap Q , xx ew ' ' ' ' x L R in VRF' N X qs! XI. 1 I kr" Y a"' "W, - If Q if A FN - P 2. 13 H Q! ""- 1 , - .Lf J, A z -K xi. r Ei' H 'Eg . if ' , I ml' 3 I n V :L -1' 11 5 x ""' X I xt' we 5 if 1 1.A " ff ff' f K Q A P Q v , . 3 'fu J if YJ 111 Q J Q , ,, I in ' W if Pai, 'I , W , ' Nw f f 1' -Q A 'Nw I -Q U X QW' viii--'73 I X X -N as 335555 X A I N 29 ,W- . QM Q . X1 A X fx ,M fu f, 513 Mg, W W2 'P' K u i e n Z e Q I1 S i a m I, o k n i , 8 Senior Snow Daze Royalty LW Left: Snow Daze King Kevin Simon and Queen Cindee Markie. Above: Senior Royalty, Phil Perzichilli, Patty Korlin, King Kevin Simon, Queen Cindee Markie. Jon Gustafson, Cathy Macioch. Center Left: The crowning of Kevin Simon. Bottom Left: The crowning ofCindee Markie. Below Center: Seniors Jon Gustaf- son and Cathy Macioch. Below Right: Coronation M.C's Tammy Olinger and Joe Rondeau. Junior Snow Daze Royalty Above Left Junlor Royalty Doug Rosentreter Jane Makl Prince Chrls O Connor Prlncess Donna Chlebeck Greg Youngqulst Kelly Andersen Above Prlnce Chris O Connor and Princess Donna Chlebeck. Left: The crowning of Chrls O Connor. Below Left: The crowning of Donna Chlebeck. Below Center: Juniors Greg Youngquist and Kelly Andersen. Below Right: Juniors Doug Rosentreter and Jane Maki. Sophomore Snow Daze Royalty rf' f L-.E fi-Q . Above Left: Prince Tim Kratzke and Princess Chris O'Keefe. Above: Sophomore Royalty Greg Schneider, Sherri Sauro, Prince Tim Kratzke, Princess Chris O'Keefe, Ray Vineski, Valerie Payne. Left: The crowning of Tim Kratzke, Bottom Left: The crowning of Chris O'Keefe. Below Center: Sophomores Ray Vineski and Valerie Payne. Below Right: Greg Schneider and Sherri Sauro. , K sign 5 S sa ,1 6. i A . J ,YJ X R W Freshmen Snow Daze Royalty 1 1 Above Left: Freshmen Royalty Glen Wilson, Prince Kelly Teich, Princess Kelly Strom. Angela Pearson. CMissing: Karen Kane and Mike Vasquezj Above: Prince Kelly Teich and Princess Kelly Strom. Left: The crowning of Kelly Strom. Below Left: The crowning of Kelly Teich. Below Cenler: Freshmen Glen Wilson and Angela Pearson. Below Right: The Snow Daze Crownbearer. f E S Q f Q l S . 1 g Sno-Daze's Week Df Activities . . . SNO-DAZEI SNO-DAZEI The week of February 8th through the Ilth, North High School was transformed into the snow capital of the world. During the week many fun and ex- citing events took place. On Mon- day, February 8th, we had "Preppy Day", where stylish polo shirts. plaid skirts or khaki pants were worn by some North High students. The Great Medallion hunt also start- . -sg 6 f 1 ed on this day. Tuesday, the 9th, Mk ft was Dress-up day. The students Q ya' Ajcjdi X ,. wore their best dresses and suits. N' as Coronation of Sno-daze royalty was I also done in the afternoon. Punk I-A-4, Day" was Wednesday, the lOth. Col- ored hair. wild colored clothing was the dress for some North High stu- dents. Ninety degrees in the shade? Not at this time of the year. Even in the cold of the north, a little sun must shine. On Thursday. the llth. the students wore sweatsuits and f their favorite summer dress. Sorry, no swimming suits made it to North. Friday was "Red and White Day". Also the "Tug-of-war" and a large "Pep fest" was held in the after- noon. That evening a dance was held, like always fun was had by all. 119 is ear DXJKL EFXWSLL-XEQE s QF NZM slam Neue ww-TQ SYNC? 'Nec were Neem NXERT' GFX X152-jJ,3bbTXi'D Move Y she' QF we mtmceige vim. sq Fiancee. Easel boclcgokk if LM .. Think Snow! 34 24646, Sno-Football . . . Sno-Soccer Sno-Softball . . . Tug-Of-War Tug-Of-War . . . Sno-Football M A ng, '? ,E gs King-Cf-Mountain . . . Sno-Softball Sno-Soccer . . . Sno-Balls? , P Snow-In-The Face . . , Dance Sno-Daze Activities The week of February 8th through the I2th, proved to be an exciting and fun-filled time of winter frolics. The I982 Sno-Daze Royalty were chosen by fellow class members. The royalty were crowned on Tues- day, at the annual coronation. Sen- iors Kevin Simon and Cindee Markie were crowned King and Queen. Chris O'Connor and Donna Chle- beck were crowned Prince and Princess of the Junior Class. Tim Kratzke and Chris O'Keffe were crowned Prince and Princess of the Sophomore Class. Kelly Teich and Kelly Strom were crowned Prince and Princess of the Freshmen Class. Kelly Leahy won the award for find- ing the Great Medallion, his third year in-a-row of doing this. The in- tramural game winners were as fol- lows: ln Sno-Soccer, the team led by Leah Moe won for the second year in-a-row. ln Sno-Football, the team led by Joe Rondeau and Sandy Schwietz won the event. The fam- ous annual Tug-of-war competition was won by the Big Boys. Friday night at the semi-formal dance, the band, Sundance, performed for a large turnout. Think snow for next year. .E,,...... Q if-ss .x.. bg as 4 ' v -l Wi AT LEAST SOMEBODYS ORGANIZED ARGUND HERE. ORGANIZATIONS Football Cheerleaders VARSITY FOOTBALL: Front Row: Cin- dy Hanggi, Mary Kyrk, Peggy Herman, Mona Walton, Lynn Dansky, Yen Nguyen. Second Row: Denise Post, Ka- ren Soreley. Third Row: Mary Kotefka. Linda Lokken, Sandy Dille, Shannon Leahy. Back Row: Cindy Rongstad, Kim Mclver. B-SQUAD: Back Row: Lisa Haider, Car- rie Shortridge. Cheryl Brown. Middle to Front: Kathy Hout, Keri Ward, Tra- cy Braun Soccer Cheerleaders We started off the Soccer season with a few problems within our squad, but as the season progressed everything worked it- self out. We all grew closer to each other and we all became better friends. We will miss the girls on our squad and we hope they had as good of an experience as we had cheering this year. Chris Beane Tammy O VARSITY SOCCER: Front Row: Doreen Bilotta, Nancy Stene. Middle: Leetha Carl- son, Joni Wilske, Kelly Loughney, Ann Martinson, Shelley Mahre. Back Row: Chris Beane Tammy Olinger, Sandy Schweitz. B-SQUAD SOCCER: Front: Tracy Carney. Middle: Leah Moe, Lisa Anderson. Cheryl Neidermeier, Cathy Atchi' son. Back: Vicki Beane. Our season cheering for the B-Squad Soc- cer team was really fun. We had some bad times though, like when we had to cheer in the rain and hail. No matter what the weather was like, we all had a super time. ' Cheryl Neidermeier The North Hi h Marching Band The North High Marching Band took part in many activies this past fall, they performed at football games. in rain and cold weather. orth Hi h md Ensemble TRUMPETS S FRENCH HORNS: Front Row: Mary Dollerschell, John Schonebaum, Tim Ista, Jim Groetsch, Second Row: Patti Fix, Marty Swanson. Rich Berg, Russ Sermon, Brian Kroeger. Paul Brown, Greg Lane. BARITONES, TROMBONES. TUBA, S PERCUSSION: Front Row: Roy Johnson, Rich Williams, Paul Ledin, Tim Molohon. Second Row: Craig Schewe, Ken Stenger, Malcolm Wilcox, Sheldon Milbridge. Wendy Mix. Todd Olson. Missing: Melissa Baier. Wind Ensemble Cont ii? A Y lil? CLARINETS: Fran! Row: Dawn Lewis. Teresa Rawleigh. Suzie Drexler. Kathy Bailey. ALTO CLARINET: Jennifer Tomits, Second Row: JoAnn Prochnow, Mary Anderson, Carolyn Clausen, Donna Chlebeck. Cathy Lerdahl. Shelly O'Connor. SAXOPHONES: Front Row: Tom Ronholm. Scott Seyforth, Mark Engebretson, Second Row: Cindie Lindahl, Kris Lang. FLUTES S OBOES: Front Row: Lynn Grapp, Valerie Payne. Angie Drexler. Julie Schroeder, Sue Erickson, Second Row: Julie Saloka. Tehia Rawleigh, Sela Rauk, Deanna Brown, Leslie Synder. orth HI h Concert Band CLARINETS: Front Row: Kelly Connor. Jody Heikkinen, Lisa Anderson. Second Row: Donna Albert, Jennie Goossen. Kim Stack Katie Seyforth, Missing: Bass Clarinet Scott Radke. SAXOPHONE S BASSONS. Front Row: Tim Maki, Pat Richard. Dave Orth, Second Row: Cindy Hammer, Lisa Giel, Cheryl Brown. Jenny Wegleitner, Roxanne O'NeilI. Missing. Rod Frandle. FLUTES: Front Row: Shari Sauro, Lori Nelson. Tina Robertson. Katherine School. Second Row: Linda Kuehnow. Lisa Carrol, Suzanne Kivel, Sharon Bergland. Jenny Stirzl. Missing: Carla Erickson E. Jennifer Murray. Concert Band Cont th Grade Band TRUMPETS. FRENCH HORNS S PERCUSSION. Front Row: Lori DeRocker Melissa Dickhausen Debbie Davis, Jill Haegele. Second Row: Tami Nord. Gary Pansegrau. Jack Wilcox, James Rowenhorst, Larry Stenger. Third Row: Tom Larson, Mark Spreeman. Missing: Doug Poeschl. TROMBONES. BARITONES S TUBA: Front Row: Cliff Skagen, Renee Ledin. Vicki Beane. Brad Rasmussen. Second Row: Erik Haukland, Ken Rowe. Tim Anderson, Matt Wallach, Donald Erickson. Front Row. Chris Johansen, Carolyn Nordlund, Cherisxe Linder. Cansie Meyers. Pam Skinner. Kim Bowman, Dee Ryden, Michelle Brunell. Second Row: Heidi Wohlberg. Laura Webster. Diane Erickson. Cindy Brown, Julie Albert, Sharon Schwielz. Nancy Eder, Dave Furber, Barb Hobscheid, Carol DiMartino. Angie Lichty. Karin Knoll, Sue Caulkins. Third Rom Lynn Nordskog, Cora Anderson. Sandy Miller. Ted Renslow. Pat Ulechi, Gina Ruli. Sue Engebrelson. Nancy Schroeder. Brian Miller. Chris Wojtowicz, Paul Grassl. Mark Peterson. Mark Jungmann. Craig Dolby. Greg Hilliard, Amy Sterling. Jayne Wilkins. Terri Berglund. Back Row. Debbie Carter, Mike Utecht. Kristin Knoll. Ann Nelson, Kurl Olsen. Mike Baier, Anne Fenno. Leslie Pearson, Kay Milbridge. Arlene Zwiers, Jim Haynes. CONCERT CHOIR: Front Row: Patty Witte. Sue Helps. Chris Von Kreuz- hol, Tracy Kiser. Tammy Olinger, .loette Heimer. Sharon Widholm, Barb Knivsland, Beth Olson, Chris Holm. Julie Sierakowski, Joanne Christiansen, Anne Ronholm, Amy Schadt. Allison Bauer, Vicki Michel- son. Anita Worrel. Teresa McGrane, Terry Young. Second Row: Chris Fa- zekas, Pam Prill. Cindy Rongstad, Leanne Kettleson, Betsy Broman. Sue Klassen. Jessica Burgess, Jenny Fox. Dawn Lewis. Kathy Johnson, Marcia Dollerschell, Lynea Tollefson, Kris Johnson, Amy Sundgaard. Mary Mat- son, Shelly Mahre, Donna Bzoskie, Andrea Manos. Third Row: Brad Pearson, Scott Lundberg, Dan Prew. David Opatz, Kurt Kelly. John Ma- zion, Norm Lind, Roger Peterson, Ke- vin O'Keefe, Cliff Skagen. Kent Bay, Bill Frohiep, Craig Pinnix. Sue Chada, Joanne Schweitz. Mark Anderson. Back Row, Carl Lipke. Bob Spreeman, Scott Yorkovich, Todd Carlile. Bill Spreigl, Mark Sauerbrey. Chris Din- derman, Mike Welsch, Duane Gol- dammer, Paul Leigh, Jeff Rohricht. Jon Hagstrom. Alan Schwartz, Tom Wohlberg. Greg Lang. John Schone- baum. Chuck Jents. NORDIQUES- Fran! Row: Pam Prill. Scott Yorkovich. Joette Heimer. Kurt Kelly. Mary Matson, Greg Lang. Sec- ond Rawf Chris Von Kreuzhof, Bill Spreigl, Patty White, Chuck Jents. fhild Rom Leanne Kettleson, Alan Schwartz. John Mazion, Julie Siera- kowski, Sue Chada, Mark Sauerbrey. Back Row: Tammy Olinger, Paul Leigh, Joanne Christiansen. Chris Dinderman, GIRLS CHOIR, Fronl Rom Joan Mayers, Kris Andrus, Becky Kurzhal, Dawn Darst, Chris Conlin, Kerry Shortridge, Robin Asher. Kathy Huot, Michelle Patwell. Patty Lieb, JoAnn Dahl. Second Row: Ellie Close. Mi- chelle Auger. Michele Williams, Rox- anne Olson, Joni Wilske. Ann Martin- son. Julie Nordquist, Terri Oswald, Marcia Hoifhines, Michelle Charpen- tier. Sharon Embertson. Back Row: Dawn Mason, Ramona Dudeck, Col- leen Leahy. Darla Eastman. Jean Mayers, Leah Ham, Kim Mclvor. Nan- cy Rettner. Colleen Schille, Nancy Zuercher. Lynn Colbert, Mr. Wil- liams. 46 Concert Choir ordique Girls Choir Mixed Choir 9th Grade, Mixed Choir MIXED CHOIR: Front Row, Jackie Nelson, Janine Din- derman, Sherri Stearns, Jan Palme. Chris O'Keefe. Lau- rie Cadwell, Cathy Atchi- son, Thersa Bailey, Michele Maylan. Second Row: Julie Nelson, Lisa Heck, Tammy Mason, Liz Mitchell, Leann Erdman, Cathy Rauen, Ruth Kotefka, Theresa Hal- brehder, Lynn Andrus. Third Row: Director Mr. Lipke, Ron Coller. Tim Meissner, Jeanne Trepan- ier, Sherri Themmes. Anne Cammack, Missy Gaynor. Back Row: Ron Anderson, Ron Lindstrom, Allen Nor- dling, Chris Prew. Ken La- Barre, Scott Mesrobian. 9TH GRADE CHOIR: Front Row: Mr. Williams, Jill An- derson, Becky Krummel, Denise Henderson, Kelly Andrus. Chris Henderson, Tim Isaacson, Tom Sonnek. Doug Foster, James Jaeger, Lisa Spangler. Sandi Fuller, Angie Pearson. Lisa Allen, A N? Karen Hutchinson, Judy Gervais, Jeanne Horback. Linda Smith, Shelly McClaine. Second Row: Chris Carlson, Dawn Cirisi, Annette Trepanier, Debbie Converse, Dave Enser. Paul Tootschinger, Bruce Bauer. Stacy Richie, Lynn Mahnke. Barb Anderson. Georgie Amersback. Tracy Sarne. Lorri Moses. Patti Godbout. Anne Prodhome. Patty Au- ger. Wendy Nelson, Mary Henschill. Back Row, Lori Matheys. Dina Rogers. Deb- bie Maciach, Jill Maus, Pat- ty Warren, Tori Berg, Re- nee Johnson, Kathy Jents, Jane Mattoon, Julie Sexton, Jolene Harper. Jackie Welsch, Michelle Bailey. Lisa Proffit. Heather John- son. 47 5 , y. ,vsp 3 -rf? -1---L. .... 5' XY.: - Vocational Industrial Clubs Of America ull "-,R ' I VIQA Lrg, SKILL Q LEADERSHIP TRAINING OLYMPICS I . V' , 2 'f ' l Leadership training sessions Membgrg Qgmpete with ba- I in vital areas as public speak- sic occupational skills at lo- . X ing. parliamentary procedure, Cal, state, and natignal J group dynamics and coopera- meets' r I tion with their fellowman. 3 any 1 , - - 1 5' .Ss L, VICA MEMBERS: Gary Anderson, Sue Bailey, Tim Bridenbecker, James Deutsch, Jane Dreyer, Tina Ecker. Dawn Hilpisch, Juliann Ja Jane Knutson, Raymond Martin, Dennis McKinnon, Jay Wicklander, Patricia Wilson, Joe Laroue, Roger Berres, Joseph Bibeau, Cl Bosacker, Lynne Carlson, Craig Coats, ToIn Collins, Chris Costello, Scott Duddeck. Jacuelin Griswald, Dan Godboth, Troy Heinl. I Huse, Gina Mathern, Duane Prior, Kevin Streier, Gary Wiggins, Rich Yoch. Office Educatlon Association 3. J if ! . i 9 1 V 5. Above: North O.E.A. Front Row: Jo Vaught, Brenda Pogue, Tra- cey Kiser, Patty Liljedahl, Pam Anderson, Advisor Sandi Schmiesing. Second Row: Doug Buzay, Carla Kane. Karyn Kasprzak, Denise Cook, Kathy Blaul, Cathy Coats. Third Row: Beth Tuttle, Sylvia Rodriguez. Stacy LaBarre, Liz Peterson. Fourth Row: Sheila Rogers. Pam Ruechert. Dawn Kager, Sally Schultz. Missing: Carla Erick- son, Sue Cannefax, Shelly Warl- ing, Penny Lundgren, Denise Post, Marcia Dollershell, Mary Kotefka. Beckie Balluff, Kathy Ducklow. Left: Regional Vice President, Tracey Kiser. Right: North President, Mary .lo Vaught. r A , l98I-82, has been a great year for North Office Education! O.E. students accumu- lated many accomplishments in the class- room, on the job, and in the O.E.A. club. The program has given each member a taste of professionalism as hefshe has stepped into a realistic, exciting office job: accounting, secretarial, data pro- cessing, and the list goes on. Profession- alsl And, of course, they're a step ahead in that competitive job market. There was the overnight at the Stillwater Rac- quetball Club, officer elections at Keller Park, state officer campaigning, and the National competition in Nashville, Musi- cland, Ll.S.A. Distributive Education, A Successful Business Front Row: Jim Jepson, Steve Beard, Cindee Markie, Khrys Allen. Diane McMahon, Jim Walters. Second Raw: Mike McMahon, Shelly Strock, Lori Oswald, Shelly Abrego, Kevin Steinert, Lynea Tollefson, Back Row: Kim Wessels, Dave Farmer. Kim Schweppe. Barb Haugen, Lisa Windingstad. Advisor Stan Rosen, Store Manager Chris Morehead. Not Pictured: Robin Asher. New Members: Glenda May, Rick Hoye, Dave Williams, John Stemig. Mike Cardelli. Minnesota Vikings Coming To North High! The Minnesota Vikings are coming to North High to help DECA members raise money for project Intercept. Project Intercept is a drug rehabilitation center for the Ramsey County area. Another big event planned this year is a carnival. The carnival is planned for Jan. 23, I982. Money from these events will be donated to Project Intercept. 11 North High DECA Runs Successful Business ln North St. Paul, the North High School DECA Chapter is continuing their wholesale fundrais- ing business, called Fundraising Enterprises, for the second year in a row. All members worked as sales representatives for a major Minnesota Fundraising Company, which helps them gain confidence in themselves, and pro- vides for a valuable sales experience. The busi- ness consists of sales teams, sales managers, and even a customer relations person. We have already received orders for over 5l,600.00, are anticipating sales in excess of before Christmas. All members are and benefit from the project. They gain edge which will help them further their in Marketing and Distribution. Some of most popular products offered by the gl include cheese and sausage, gift items, j corn, and candy. Groups needing fundrai ideas, or more information can contact N High DECA, or the company managers, Cir Markie or Steve Beard. -P Vzmiawy 99711 Munaiuigja 0-5?SX'ff66 ss -.go iff? urse Assistants QS? V5 3 M X zu. urse's Assistants: Front Row: Kris Huston, Kathy Eggum. Wendy Ready. Second Row: Steve Qerville, Library Assistants ibrary Assistants: Front Row: Michelle Charpentier, Theresa Sonnek. Second Row: Rich Lancette, om Collin. Laurie Zappa. Kathy Tacko. Tim Sauro. Back Rowf Mike Gaffke, Mike Anderson, Ron nderson. Kirk Simon. Missing. Sandy Schultz, Tammy McMahon, Doreen Bilotta. There are seven of us that help Mrs. Pearson in the Nurse's Office. We are required to do certain jobs, such as keeping the office in order, sign students in and out of the office, and sometimes we have to find stu- dents that the Nurse wants to talk with. Lots of people come and go during the day. Unusual things seem to happen there, some good and some bad. We all get along really well. There are a lot of "comedy" people that come in just to say "hi" and then leave. Mrs. Pearson is a very nice person to work for Cmost of the timej, she does keep us work- ing. Kim Walz Library assistants help in the li- brary, they put books back on the shelves, they dust, they check books out to students and staff, and they check books back into the li- brary. The iob they like is to write reminders to students to return their over due books, they just fight over who will do it. There will never be a better group - until next year. l98l-82 Polaris Staff A yearbook does not just happen, it takes planning, a lot of hard work, and plenty of time, hours go into a single page. Layouts are designed and brought to Mr. Wy- man for approval, some times they pass on the first time, but many times they do not, and then its back to the drawing board. Pictures are the biggest headache, if we do not have a picture we cannot plan a page. Dellarson does most of our pic- ture taking for the yearbook, the Camera Club helps out also. The yearbook staff usually starts out with 20 to 30 students, but as the year goes on the number that works on the yearbook drops to 5 to IO students that make sure that the yearbook gets put to- gether and in your hands in the spring. So the next time you see your picture in the yearbook be sure to thank one of the staff members for making this book for you. Yearbook Staff Yearbook sales people taking a well deserved break. CL to RJ Doreen Bilotta, Lynn Valenziano, Kim Wal Kris Thompson, Lori De Rocker. . . Media Assistants 3. X Ent Row: Jim Polgalz, Barb Davis. Back Raw: Arnie Smestad, Jeff Szybatka. Jerry Cassidy, Jeff erna. Missing: Jack Ryan, Sharyl Olson, Ken Stenger. Counselor Runners Row: Jeff Jones, Steve Smith. Matt Dalluge. Row: Becky Amersbach. Theresa Windingstad, Robyn Hartwick. Mark Fowler. Jackie Folkerts. A.V. ASSISTANTS AVfMedia assistants help the staff in many ways, they deliver A.V. equipment to various rooms, they Xerox teacher material, they clean machines, and help in any way they can. They are a fun group, Cand a little crazyj. The Guidance School Service work- ers run messages and passes for the Counseling office as well as do fil- ing, sorting and misecllaneous work of a non-confidential nature. YTY Involves Students 5,1 ' .L Students Helping Gther Students Office Assistants Activities Club The Office Assistants help with work in the General Office at North High. The students file, work with attendance, sort mail, and assist in any way they can. Activities Club plays a very important role here at North, though many of you don't even realize it. One of our biggest activities is the planning of dances. We plan the dances, find the bands that are appropriate for the occasion, we even decorate the cafeteria before the dances. The dances are just one of many things we do. We are also responsible for Homecoming week, Snow Daze week, and the corona- tions. We are the people who make arrangements for the activities. We are also responsible for the decorating of the lockers for all of the sports players, which is a job in itself. All in all we have a great time do- ing it. Kim Wessels OFFICE ASSISTANTS: Front Row, Nancy Lundblad, Cindy Wolszon, Patty Moore. Back Row: Kara Johnson, Sandy Karnowski, Cathy Atchison, Annette Minar. ACTIVITIES CLUB: Front Row, Angie Jacobsen, Kristen Knoll, Jan Carlson, Al Rodriquez. Second Row, Liz Mitchell, Lynda LeMoine, Mary Anderson, Darla Eastman, Amy Nelson, Pam Lehner, Jane Maki, Julie Amundson, Michele Roth, Back Raw: Teresa Ranweiller, Kim Wessels. Nancy Stene, Mary Kyrk. Pam Prill, Kathy Bailey, Joan Quast. Missing, Kelly Walsh. Student-Staff Members STUDENT STAFF: Front Row, Karen Erickson, Al Rodriques, Jean Ranweiler, Matt Dalluge, Tom Sonnek, Denise Henderson. Second Row: Judy Martin, Polly Martin, Jim Zappa, Mark Stefano, Ann Fisher. Debbie Macioch, Leo Kasinak. Back Row: Bill Flowers, Mike Welsch. David Williams, Tom Skalbeck. Ron Krings. Missing, Barb Nelson, Dagny Waldeland, John Swenson, Leetha Carlson, Char VanderWedge, Ed Albrecht, Gail Colburn, Joyce Cardelli. Figure Skating Unit What is Student Staff doing for the school? What do they hope to accomplish? Many students at North High con- stantly wonder and inquire about what Student-Staff is accomplishing. This year alone much is being done to improve the school. Student-Staff funds and maintains the pop machine and the new video games in the Polar Bear Den. Student-Staff also subsidizes dances and special school ac- tivities such as the art show and numerous other happen- ings. As you can see, Student- Staff is accomplishing a great deal. The goals set by the l98I- 82 representatives of Student- Staff are high. Their Major ob- jective is the betterment of the school for the students. Leetha Carlson Front Row: Cindy Mihelich. Tracy Carle, Dianna Dehmer, Jill Reed, Shawn Kuehn. Back Row: Shellie Anderson, Lisa Lindstrom. Shellie Isaacson, Carol DiMartino, Sandi Dille, Kathy O'Donnel. GOATS: Team members were Todd Rade- macher, Steve Hurt, Todd Olson, Mike O'Con- nor, Jay Rensted. Rob Hudalla, Jerry Cassidy. MASTERS OF DISASTERSI Team members were Mike Kinsey. Dan Hart. John Nosbush. Tony Guanella, Scott Nelson, Tim Kratzke, Joe John- son, Jeff Hawn. Intramural Basketball TEAM STANDINGS ' ROLLING STONES 7-0 WEEK-END WARRIORS 5-2 TUNA BRIDGADE 5-2 WASH-OLITS 5-2 MASTERS OF DISASTER 4-3 FLASHERS 3-4 NIGHT HAWKS I-6 GOATS I-6 STUDS O-7 NIGHT HAWKS: Team members were Rick Klopka. Mark Rausch, John Schleicher, Don Camp. Aaren Kunz, Ron Krings, Ken Kroll. Terry Renslow. ROLLING STONES: Team members were Kirk Simon, Kevin Simon, Matt Haag, Tim Sauro, Greg Hosch. Chuck Verhaagh, Rob Gorke, Duane Goldammer. Bill Turcotte. Intramural Basketball Con't. TUNA BRIDGADE: Team members were Loren Kratzke, Mark Muck, Joe Haefliger. Mike Wegwerth, Jim Zappa. Joe Rondeau, Jon Gustafson, Chris Flynn, Jim Reagan, Jerry Robertson. Sheldon Milbridge. WASH-OUTS: Team members were Kent Kvaal, Doug Rosentreter, Steve Stefano. Greg Youngquist, Kevin Steinert, Tom Elert, Ken Jechorek. STUDS: Team members were Willy Williams, Tony Sabelko. Kurt Lund, Steven Kolias, John Timmerman, Jeff Peltier, Bob Frederickson, John Engel. John Rob- ertson. WEEK-END WARRIORS: Team members were Tim Komro, Cliff Skagen. Pete Wilke, Steve Barbeau. Jon Moen, Paul Hagstrom, George Tatro, Craig Schewe, Kyle Franklin. FLASHERS: Team members were Dave Bradshaw, Greg Needham. Dan Schultz. Aaron Goff. Tom Col- lins, Ron Pearson, Tom Wolfe, Tom Wohlberg. orth High Sports Scores FOOTBALL BOYS SOCCER North Opponents North Opponents 6 Mariner IQ I Blaine 5 GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY 20 White Bear take I9 3 Stillwater 2 Nvffh Opponents I4 park QQ 4 park 4 64 Stillwater I9 o sb. si. Paul 2I l Tartan o 59- St- Paul 69 I7 Hastings 6 3 White Bear Lake 2 65 Hlghland Park 46 27 Sibley 7 o Washburn 2 Lfondals 90 I4 Woodbury 7 5 Mariner I Ramsei' 32 7 Tartan 6 4 Woodbury O A 6 Stillwater 3l 2 sb. si. Patil 2 '93 Pfmcswfj Vfh Place Won 5 Lost 4 l Mariner I so Wxlvltgtlonas k 68 3 Stillwater I 'te ea" 3 3 4 Sibley 3 39 gigliy gg l Tartan I ' - ' 3 Wh' B L k 0 Mahtomedi 23 GIRLS SOCCER , HaQfX,8fa' a 8 , ssl: Swain nib Place North Opponents I So. St. Paul 3 invitational O Jefferson 3 9 North Branch O 14 Park 39 3 Blam 5 4 Tartan 2 Wevdbufv 0 I Slbley O 3 White Bear Lake 2 55 Mariner 2I 3 TBSUUBS 2 Washburn Hastings 64 artan - Won 8 Lost 5 8 White Bear Lake O Won ll Lost 4 Tled 5 3 Mariner I 3 Hill-Murray O 3 Tfflleiianch 3 VOLLEYBALL 2 Sibley O North Opponents O Johnson 2 O Tartan O 2 K U I 6 White Bear Lake O 4 Cenifgl O 2 Has'i"9S ' o Pek a BO s CR ss 2 Brady O ar 2 Y O COUNTRY 4 sible I O Brady 2 North Opponents I H. Y 2 Sibley o 28 Stillwater 27 lll-Murray 2 , S S Won H Lost 5 Tied I O Frldley 2 o. t. Paul IO4 2 Stillwater O 22 Highland Park 57 2 Mounds View O lrondale 55 2 White Bear Lake 0 78 Princeton 3rd Place O Johnson 2 Invitational I Osseo 2 I7 White Bear Lake 48 GIRLS TENNIS I Wazata 2 Sibley 9l North Opponents 2 Stillwater 0 I8 Polar Ist Place 5 Ramsey 2 2 Woodbury O Invitational 4 Anoka 3 2 Hastings O I7.2 Swain 3rd Place 3 Blaine 4 I Mariner 2 Invitational I White Bear Lake 6 I Tartan 2 I5 Mariner 58 5 Mariner 2 O So. St. Paul 2 Hastings 78 7 Park O O Mariner 2 I5 Park 83 4 Sv, 51- Paul 3 Won 9 Lost ll Woodbury 53 5 Kellvss 2 . CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS 2 Tartan 5 Won I3 Lost I S Hastings 2 4 Woodbury 3 GIRLS SWIMMING 4 Sibley 3 2 Stillwater 5 North A Opponents 7 lrondale O IOS Ffldley 67 0 Stillwater 5 Sl Tartan 90 Wbri IO Lbsi 5 7' Kellogg U 'O' GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY SKIING 9l Centennial 80 North Opponents IO3 Blaine 68 I2 Woodbury 43 72 Sibley IW O Stillwater 55 59 Ramsey II3 O Tartan 55 83 White Bear Lake 89 I Mariner 54 6I Hastings Ill I Hastings 54 90 So. St. Paul SI I-7 White Bear Lake 38 84 Columbia Heights 87 6 Park 49 54 SIHIWBTBI' A n O Los' 7 89 Woodbury 80 84 Park 88 Won 5 Lost 9 M rs :ri BOYS CROSS COUNTRY SKIING NUFTIY Opponents Woodbury Stillwater Tartan Hastings - White Bear Lake Park Won I Lost 6 23 sz 5 so II 44 I2 Mariner 43 9 46 37 I8 I6 so BOYS BASKETBALL North Opponents 49 Fridley 45 Benilde Woodbury ' White Bear Lake Stillwater Harding Park Center Tartan Mariner Sibley Hastings So. St. Paul Park Woodbury Stillwater I ' Tartan White Bear Lake Mariner WRESTLING NOFYI1 Opponents St. Anthony Woodbury White Bear Lake Centennial Stillwater Cretin - Tartan Mariner Sibley Hastings So. St. Paul Park GIRLS BASKETBALL North Opponents 35 45 44 46 48 42 65 4l 54 64 63 44 43 28 - 36 52 '52 North 04.5 North 96 75 Mariner Albert Lea White Bear Lake Lakeville Stillwater y Highland Park Tartan Mariner Sibley Harding So. St. Paul Park Hastings Woodbury White Bear Lake Woodbury Stillwater BOYS SWIMMING 4l 42 45 4l 27 55 63 55 49 35 30 36 44 45- 64 Opponents Blaine Ramsey Rosemount So. St. Pau Como Park Coon Rapids Elk River Stillwater lrondale Sibley St Anthony Hastings I Woodbury GIRLS GYNINASTICS 67, Opponents Ramsey Tartan Mariner Sibley Mahtomedi So. St. Paul Park 98 45 North 5 ll 4 3 3 l 6 5 3 3 2 6 2 3 4 2 4 F6 Y Opponents lrondale 0 Tartan 3 Mariner 3 Park I Stillwater 2 Mounds View 4 Harding 3 Johnson 3 So. St. Paul 5 Mariner 4 White Bear Lake 2 Woodbury 2 Sibley 3 Woodbury 2 So. St. Paul 5 Sibley 3 Hastings I Stillwater Park Mariner Won I2 Lost 7 Tied I Won 3 Lost 9 xr xv Hastings Woodbury White Bear Lake Stillwater Boys Basketball Cheerleaders Girls Basketball Cheerleaders your Row: Pam Prill. Cathy Lerdahl, Vicki Michelson, Jean Kinney. Back Row: Julie Sierakowski, Judy Mahre, Donna Chlebeck, Sandy hweitz. O O Boys Swimming Cheerleaders Front Raw: Kay Gibson, Jessica Burgess. Back Row: Leanne Kettleson, Jody Gustanski, Nancy Lundblad. Hockey Cheerleaders We had a great season. "Good Luck" to the guys next yearl Cheerleaders 68 Q I . A f Qk'f"'f lg: Z. 1 ,QQEQ gf, fs 5633 . , I., , xx .Sl X - vi . 5 K , AJ lk., 1- 1 " . bw if is Mb xi wif-giexg xg if 4 f 1 Q 3 I L... is 5 fs We EX zqf ... . 'w sos , , By X 9 w N, Q - --, p A ue h .Qx, A , ,. ,, fx ,Sy n if QV l"' ' 'fx A M 1 if 3 d- rf '- ., K ,. - 1 ft lilrstc .I w, .,s1 K 3141.3 I if ..,,f, . .2 Q X x I NSA is wg gif-F N':.. Q, . ,, ,. F , ' fjglfilf' F17 X4 rj Nw . . , N my eg, . SMX , K S5 - YI-x 1 ' :S 'gpuxlf ,J ' M f' I 1 s x r., 4-E. .f.:. K A ras. 4' f "4Qu .6 I: 'X x m f' XX' 'QW - 9: 3 , f 4 K ' 1 U-' 5' -" lvl xx, , xlx V ny ,. 1, A NA . 1 ' QMS ' -' ' M ,f.,,g ,, ,je .LW X , , 14' Mm zz ' fig 2 g - ' , gr 'W ,, X 'Y V , Z J W f' ' W H-wwmwwf W -W M iw Ki ,MH f .W gf ,9 QQ, Q-Us , 1019 wh' ' U V: as if ' J. ,s fi 4 - , s X -fl' 1 E i 'rg ' ' . ' 4 1 'Q Hz T ' 1 55 ? 1 QM 5 1 m 3 K.. ,, ,4 Wqjgggigallulaf 'W Eiiflmihlshx 1 A , .9 x , 9 ,' 5 . 4 l js, - -Zi m i i A 2 aka x VX gg 1 , X if X i :J , s.. Wfxg 3 . 4- The I98l-82 Northwinds Front Row: Sandy Toensing, Leanne Kettleson, Melinda Belisle, Lynda LeMoine. Second Row: Nancy Lundblad. Kris Palme, Jane Maki, Capt. Jennie Deutsch, Polly Tuil. Kris Harley, Robin Asher. Back Row: Chris Conlin, Kim Doughty, Lisa Heck. Capt. Phyllis Goss. Jessica Buress. Adina Pye, Pam Lehner. A meeting for all girls interested in ioining Northwinds was held last fall, around 30 girls showed up for the first meeting, this number was narrowed down to I8 girls. When we began to dance, it was alot of fun, all the girls are really happy they joined. Our first dancing experience was Homecoming, boy did we have butterflies in our stomach. Even though it was raining we still had fun perform- ing for our school, and the applause by our fellow-classmates was great. We went on to dance at Soccer games and Basketball games, which were fun to do. The biggest thing we did was to dance at the North High Faculty and Minnesota Viking's Basketball game. We danced to "Celebration" and "Fame". We got to meet the Viking players and even had a picture taken with them. Northwinds was brought back this year to give the chance the girls who love to dance, to dance. The girls were enthusiastic about it, they had the umfto go to it. We did out best and we hope we made you proud of us. North- winds next year will be even better, because we will have learned from mistakes made this year. l personally want to thank all girls who were in Northwinds. I had a real fund time dancing with all of you and l sure hope to see you next year. ' Jennifer Deutsch 1 MAY BE BIG BUT IM QUIK -fwr: cum 51 nj? LF 4 U ff N 1 f LLC Lf if ' fp C' l1Q f x.f'P' .J Lf - f fL6,0fg'w Qfcmff my -'Q-1 ffm .Jr Q 5 Front Row: Pat Utecht Tony Rodlund Jana Lounsbury Julle Nelson Jackle Nelson Llsa Spangler Ann Flsher John Fnnnegan John Jarpe, Paul Arbuckle Center Row John Grxffln Joe Sonnek Rocky Olson Mary Kay Fowler Mlchele Vocafskl Ann Lancette Michelle Auger, Mlke Utecht Craig Dolby Brad Purrlngton Back Row Coach Kung Charles Smlth Kerry Maruslch John Kodluboy. Paul Wllke Tom Speese Scott Purrlngton Mark Krofta Troy Maruslch Mlke Kodluboy Jlm Fowler Rolf Schmidt Bob Griffin, Mgr. Tim Houle Mgr Norm Lund Missing Charlie Decker Jay Wllllams Alan Gabor Dan Koller i 51.3, :- L WAN . -as . as is g 4 Sf- A lllfs - N Y 'NA f f , . Boys Cross Country Team Wins Conference ix I If 2 - 5' PM Q ' in , h J' 11. . L1 X Q S X ,sk I .QT af X lf: 4 ' , ,fl safivff. . Q if: , , A , ' !"' I 5:: ,qbx j .,.. ' I 1 awe, .A ,. 1 ' -, ,Wi ' Q, A ' - N , .A NN sw 'Xb 4 J N N-r ' 'ak , t JN I at A I Y Qs w? ' 'xt Y K N as 13' I .fr Q X Qi 'Ns Q, t , gg A M we xi' 3 g K s. . ---f e .Kg - 54. I sg, kit 1 'Q Q1 ,Nq- Q Q lille . .J N L. :A sibgst., Si Q K mf ri-Q -I' 1 I ,I - t- . 33 x is v t. , I M Q 2 X vi. S ,FX I The North-Tartan Boy's Cross Country team won the St. Paul Sub- urban Conference Championship this season by a strong lead of 52 points. All-Conference runners were Mike Kodluboy Clstj, Joe Sonnek C3rdJ, Bob Griffin C5thD, Kerry Mar- usich Uthj. John Griffin Cllthj, and Charles Decker Cl4thJ. Rolf Schmidt placed l8th. A very good job. The Cross Country team had many fine performances throughout the sea- son. They placed 3rd at the Prince- ton Invitational, they won the Polar Invitational, they placed 3rd out of 23 teams in the Swain Invitational. held at Duluth, and they placed 3rd in the Region 4AA meet, only a very slim margin away from going to the State Meet. VARSITY: Front Row, Bill Trotter, Jon Moen, Rick Williams, Chuck Jents, Jim Donaldson, Jim Zappa. Mark Roth, Eric Schnaith, Joe Jovanovich, Steve Stefano. Peter O'Brien, Ron Anderson, Tim DeMuth. .Second Row: John Perkins, Mike Welsch, Doug Rosentreter. Ken Jechorek, John Gustafson. John Cheasick, Mike McDonald, Kevin O'Keefe, Mike DiMartino, Al Galloway, Greg Hosch, Jerry Cassidy, Jim Langeberger. Third Row: Coach Gustafson. Craig Schewe. Gene Kelly, Bill Turcotte, Doug Hoffman, Greg Needham. Kevin Simon, Duane Goldammer, Kelly Leahy, Cliff Skagen, Brian Rasmussen, Andy Swan, Coach Farley, Coach Krenner. Fourth Row: Chuck Verhaagh, Chris Flynn, Mark Muck. Loren Kratzke, Bill DiMartino, Tom Wolfe, John Buhl, Bob Spreeman, Doug Bird, Todd Carlile. Jim Reagen, Jon Longfellow, Al Schwartz. ,- l F., Football Team Completes, 5-4 Season My, vqwmel ,lil X F ,!L.m! ,U L UAA cc .7 . 7 L4 Lgvfyf f ,M 5,3 my LJ! kYQ4,f,7V:K A 1 if LDL gg, L Y X, X i rl My X K if . , f ,, I-'f'4LLf ,J , , X f l ,f , X 4l.4 uwf' '71 it A fl Rik 4 K L' 'i K 'f f 4441441 , ff 1' 'lil LLL YL I 'X Lf la Ll Q'71xiZll"l I fl, A ccffffm M! K ,ff . K X yi, J K r gg, jr y - f , :L , , 1 5 KZ! f 14 11 fi Z fl ' A Lf' fffnff . fff' 4fZf'4'5'fV' X , Y ' ff L-. PAGE 74: Left Center: "Give me five, guysI" Center Right: "Who said we couIdn't do it?" Below Left: "Did you see thatl" Below Right: "Hey, big guy, where were you a second ago?" f Above: "The ball? I don't ' have the ball. iust dirt." Be- . low: "I wonder if I can pass this left handed?" SHMAN: Front Row: Gary Needham. Glenn Wilson, Reynold Williams, Mike Graf, Mike James, Jeff Jepson, Randy Davis. ond Row: Michael Moris, Ted Renslow, Eric Aurelius. Mike Todora, Dan Dawson. Scott Glenna, Bruce Bauer. Jeff Cherry. k Row: Coach Schuder. Jamie Kelly, Skip Ebel. Dan Goldammer. Jeff Zentis, Bill Sieler, Coach Rondeau, Coach Anderson. The Football Team ended the season with a 5-4 record. The team played some tough games, and put up a good fight and came through with five victories this season. The team beat Sibley, which was our Home- coming game, a good game to win. They also defeated our biggest ri- val, Tartan, by the score of 7 to 6. According to Coach Gustafson there was a lot of enthusiasm and team effort this year. This years squad had a big turn-out of seniors. At the banquet Mike DiMartino, Greg Hosch, and Doug Bird were named All-Conference. Todd Carlile was named the Offensive player Above: "Stay back, l'll han- dle this!" and Greg Hosch was named the best Defensive player of the year. The most improved player of the year was Cliff Skagen. Kelly Leahy was named the most spirit and hus- tle. The most valuable player was Mike McDonald, fthe first time a Junior has won this honorj. VARSITY: Front Row: Jeff Wilske, Steve McDermott, Steve Boreen, Sheldon Milbridge, Paul Leigh, Kent Kvaal Tim Sauro Roger Peterson, Josh Anderson, Mike Wegwerth. Chris O'Conner, Joe Rondeau. Back Row: Coach Leigh Coach Leigh Greg Schneider, Carl Krieger, Ed Charpentier, Les Sarne. Mike Wanless. Kevin Glasow, Joe Haefliger, Scott Dansky Chris Galbraith, Mike O'Conner. Coach Olson. Left: lt may be a save, but I bet his stomach is getting cold. Right: Nice kick. The only ques- tion is. what did you kick? The SOCCER ball or another player? Far TEAM Right: It takes two to do this GOES dance right, sometimes the ball TO gets in the way though. Right Below: Who says that number STATE I3 is bad luck, huh Joe? Espe- cially with those legs. JY A SAVEI JUNIOR VARSITY: Front Row: Rob Hudalla, Steve Hurt, Greg Schneider, Fred Huiras, Les Sarne, Scott Dansky, Chris Galbreath, Tim Hurt. Back Row, Paul Proffitt, Steve McDermott, Todd Olson, Roger Peterson, Kent Kvaal. Mike O'Conner, Chris O'Conner, Eric Corcoran. Coach Olson. Boys Soccer Team Goes To State, Again SURIH' 15 A 'X "' s 1 1 I , Q' i XXURTH har H 51 F3 C uf wwf if -QB uf, 5 Q -Q gig 1 2421 QQ- f 4 Q wsu? - .S fy Wu' Q Q, . H EURTLEZTH f NOW 4 li we M IH-Q 6 an i We ' .Rf IEH W .. 'QS . L A figs was f K m y 5 1 5 X Far Right: GO, Patty, GOI. RightfA North player on her own. Left: Karen Moen does the new dance. Center Left: Kay Milbridge kicks the ball into the game and stretch- es while she's at it. Bottom Left: Maureen Mahmood watches as Laura Hart does her morning exercises. . - -fi I - ' T I Xa-a basiias 154 I N 1 kwmlruk Ae,le... ogg? Mgexg .- K i,..cti1ix.:u1:xgg52:" -ff.. . . ., ,- Q, ' frail- f .. Q x I new . - I 9' is e e s. . ,h ,.., cl -7 -. gf, K X X ' i"'f 'Q . 'iiisel :gy . . ' . :ei -. - - 'N . ss . : 1 x gwsfis ' ' QW: . 1. 1 - 5' 1 - K .K X 514, ws ,gin . K. P?-5'.1:ff'2.', 'fK 7,,K"'3'fY,,f 'K- i i sw: i -'F S, . .. f I - Q-siQIgm,. :'f.'h..K-I ff. 1' e-ir, KK - ii K 1 K-T' 'KK K K fig K K X ea, X VARSITY: Front Row, Leanne Traverna, Vicki Mickelson, Candy Lindgren, Laura Hart, Cicchese, Lisa McCollum, Denise Varland, Sherri Themmes. Back Row: Boach Lindgren, Maureen Mahmood, Jolene Reinhart Bzoskie, Peggy Vasterling, Shelly Anderson, Kim Osborne, Renee Ledin, Dani Mulvaney, Janine Dinderman, Kelly Boline, Sue Stahl Moen, Coach Rhode, Coach Halbrehder, Barb Bohrer, Thersa Bailey, Patti Korlin JUNIOR VARSITY: Front Row, Barb Lancette, Lori Matheys, Cindy Brown, Thersa Bailey, Liz Cassidy, Nancy Eder, Georgie Second Row, Michele Bailey, Karen Moen, Peggy Vasterling. Shelly Anderson, Barb Bohrer, Janine Dinderman, Sue Stahl, Denise Sherri Themmes, Jane Matoon. Third Row: Coach Lindgren, Denise Widholm, Kara Halweg, Leslie Pearson, Kim Milanovich Lindgren, Lisa McCollum, Renee Ledin, Dani Mulvaney, Kay Milbridge, Marjorie Helps, Stephanie Armsted, Jenny Hammer, Coach qs. ew- Girls Soccer Team A. -"' WM: "-f . -'A- 1+ "NN' E ' " ' " f' -2 ---v..g..fs-'ss 7--aw.: ,"--- 1 'T' swf' '-f 'Y -- ' s Ftfks. 1. J . mi' U N, 9 'S A . "' ' y :gg ' t 'f Ami 3 . s ,X-- ,- - Q we .W-SQL? SQ,---Q-."-."?"-"':T1"?f',..'.2,' -- S 'sr X 5 f:Qfj:f5fTi?lf 1- J Q f K f 1 'gy s A if 'N-liifsms X ,I 1 - .B -X - X X X s K 'N ,B X - -is SSX-fgrggngxx-"is + Atal.. . X., so---f . Q' - t -K-" ' . . S3'sX'. K - f xc if ,,.,.,q. 4 1' ---X is --aa - it t ' Q 'X it . ' . Q 2 tssss f 1' s--s - S Q .- - ' fi! X . WN ' . - .1 X - EN.-,s..i . it . 1?-:V 'T -- - fi- - X s 5 si is - f"--. ' J -fsisff-ff . . """'rr Q 1 - -- 'f . - gg- ' - J' ' ' . f-N -- , X-Lb iff? ' ' L N., -.4 -- - Q. .. ' N' 'fi - 3 1 .55 5 g'?.TL'lS-1.T.v ,i' 5359 K T s' ' S -'M .. 4 X. X CN'-' X - 1 1 ?'gf5tw'F1 S M X iw J .. i i i -H , -.A-xifag . . as WN, ec s- N .. .x.. C .. X -V :wise " -riffs-A .sesrswv - .. X s - - f .- .. X X it ti' . 5 ' 'f ' - ..-lf--6 "' , S . s 'ri W l .... .Qvri5Txw., Q 5 QQ- S'-LQ-Q. -x. 1. x X -t M J S -fs 1 Q t - ' ' SQA ss .K K, - A , 5 tag.. ,V fi S.: ,gwg . K. bf g - Y W A N .ar - Top Left: Denise Varland. Above: Laura Hart and her exercises XX . Siam ' . Wwe a am. but this time while tr in to sto the ball. R: ht, Kim kicks . A ' , , Ft- N,-att, Cabs sk?-2,,.g. the ball. Left: What? Below: Smile. Below Right: Shot of Patty Mg-Qgftsw ,Ml G... isis... Korlln. Below Center Right: Thersa Bailey kicks the ball. Below Far ' Ri ht: I'll fi ht ou for itl . , Y 5 v . N M, Y, . .sfxsssst W fs NW ' T w - I X w -fise 1711? N N'-'ss' 94 W gg ...J ss.-was . 1 ff' yi GRADE: Front Row, Lori Matheys, Denise Widholm, Kara Halweg, Michele Bailey, Liz Cassidy, Georgie Amersbach. Jane n. Jenny Hammer, Nancy Eder. Back Row: Coach Rhode. Barb Lancette. Leslie Pearson, Kim Milanovich, Cindy Brown, i Milbridge, Marjorie Helps, Stephanie Armsted. .i 5 sf . J-sis-1. - Q N sx N, 1,auN as ii W - .. -- .f .ik Q! -as V -.. X.-. -. ., fl, is KQMQRX -t .K.g.... ttgssgwss.-,L 1.-5 ,E .. J K' A 6 X , .e ,wg x saw-Q Y X-33. 5 . - ii L . eil.. 1' 'Z,.lw-cf-F3 .QLXQF-L..-. -ff Hu, X jg, Rum . . -wig ,-:Siva fl .LL ,, .. , sg x Fgwivf . K I 'Tilley X Q . . 1 . -spew... ,i .ss f .aw Qavmesefg, .rs The Girls Soccer team had a very successful season. We had a record of ll wins, 5 losses, and I tie. Our season didn't start out as good as we hoped it would, but we went on to win 8 in a row. Qur team consist- ed of Il seniors, 4 juniors, and 8 sophomores. Our Captains, Patt Korlin, Jolene Reinhardt, and Mau- reen Mahmood showed good lead- ership throughout the season. Our first conference loss was against Tartan. lt was a big upset because, that was the one game we wanted to win, but we came back later in the season to tie them, O-O, in over- time. That gave us more than enough confidence to keep winning. Then came regions, we were able to get a victory over Sibley and went on to meet Hill-Murray. The game ended in a l-I tie, Hill-Murray went on to win in a shoot out. lt was a big disappointment as we were really looking forward to playing Tartan again. Good Luck Polar Girls Next Year. Kim Osborne Deanne Cicchese 79 Q. ,X .ni Below: "I don't mean to alarm anyone, but there is this thing crawling up my arm." Below Left: Hit it Bhavani 1 'xx ji.::cff it 'T .gi ' I N.. 3 lvliox ive "' m -W N T Id 4' . A "wx Q5 ' I 3 f, af Y 'I - ZX as 'H+' W . I F" Y. V I f ?1 gf I NS g - 3 w ur X ,x X 'K N-ws-nu - If "Hold it, I have to Below: "I think I got here just in time." Right: Sue Rhoda seems to be all tied up. YT A ",,m vi Q .. S as - ,Vs g--.Q-21: tg- ' A - -tx 3 ' --at - ::fzUzf1iff1:12mw K -:ig-K N-fs 'Y 1 I M"""""""i'N in S' .K R , - ., .J . L throw my gum VARSITY: Front Row: Monica Ducklow, Jean Kinney, Bhavani Arimilli. Kris Heimerl, Kathy Haegele, Teri Jents. Kathy Ducklow away.-I Back Row: Barb Hattenberger, Kathy Ruddeck, Lynne Minar, Sue Rhoda. Jody Franzen. Lisa Giel, Coach Tewinkel vm nik, ivrtlvx 1'-Iv','. . . 1, ,', f . I 'I v' M4-5, 59:1-:rig , 'P ' 5999:- 900 . 4, 4.3, ,fy ,ego 'I gf, x ' I S I - Q ' I ., 04, .QM f I Q , 1 by 'gfgfg - I "-Q5 R Girls Tenni Team Ends Season In Third Place 4-1-64- faii if 'ft ?fx'r'2 if A , l -Qi" , ,I 354237 ' N- x, 443 . 5 S WLT., ,,t..4l Left: "Hey wait a minute, how did the ball get down there?" Below: "What did you say?" XIV! Below: "See the ball? lt's way up there." Below Right: Two hands are better than onel Y' K4 -L: X-xi i . 1 .M ,vi Q -:lt 1. t. , .. I if l 5 i it i ii- iz, 1'-.ip it 2 gaym i t 'Nr 5 ll' 12, .Q . Ng, JUNIOR VARSITY: Front Row: Beth Hattenberger, Jackie Cassidy. Judy Bibeau, Julie Kinney, Lori Moses, Janice Morissey, Julie Taverna. Back Row, Sue Caulkins. Cheryl Borgstrom, Jayne Wilkins. Joan Mayers, Jean Mayers, Teri Jents, Barb Hattenberger, Coach Strootman. Nice smile Bhavani. at i i 'fx Y' 'Q -if if nur! 112 The GirI's Varsity Tennis Team end- ed a successful season with a 6-3 Conference record. That gave us a 3rd place finish, which has been one of the highest finishes in recent years. Everyone on the team made important contributions, whether it was through their play, enthusiasm, or leadership. Even though we won a lot, we still had a lot of fun. When we lost, we'd just look on to the next match and not dwell on our loss. All of our success wouldn't mean too much if it hadn't been for our coach, Mr. Tewenkel. In his first two years as the Varsity Coach, he has turned a I-8 team into a 6-3 team, which says a lot for his coach- ing ability. Above everything else. we gained new and important friendships which will last us for a very long time. Bhavani Arimilli ,L-e 'N' S. Qs ,645 'W-U-out 81 pa- w i ii f 9 A , r. M54 2 is -'1L- ' 3 z M... ggi 2 6 v., , LN Viviun' .. f Vs, if lvl f .IN S 42' mn, XR fir' W vw 7 ".. ir, fvvff fi 3 y Zn y X H 2 2 4' af wi jf I ff ,IM 1 ,Y ,rg if Ji E " , V ' if 4 , 3 5 V ,.,. L , M V. . , .sk W, 4? A , . 'Q x ' V l , V 5' J , X . Q hx ' , :VJ H . WMM k 4 o i , n - '- V Q -Ljjl E A . -figfliifii H- - 41: H ' Sign ' . J' X X f si- X, f Tm is VM- fx n Ei X-I www, rl' -, Wax NN' . 'Q Qu K' - 04' J ff? if . , 1 - f if ff- - 1 ,T W , abw 4? W Ji? ,,,k, Q X 'FQ vw if xg ' 2 i if .K ,SN X X M f f 'Ka xx fm I 5 :R 2 x X ,J ad x ...d 4 ,gif f' if. f, , ff a Q, fi V5 ., r ' ' ' 1 2 3? mx ff 1 Q -EW ff , 1 Ns. X Y 5 i. ral: X XX 3 -'xg :., W ,fvw,4if-' ' , .v!b.m4'54,i,,' , -sa-..- gf 5: JW- I M, 4 , jf., A ' I AXA .36 'lf '2 rx' B , -Q A ff' .gt l gg, FK QRS X 5 x Q S if A' X I VARSITY: Front Row: Jane Dryer, Amy Sungaard. An- gela Jaeger, Ann Podgorski. Kris Johnson, Jean Myers, Kay Gibson, Second Row: Mgr. Amy Schadt. Kris Neu- mann, Lisa Windingstad, Julie Sierakowski, Lori Stahnke, JoAnne Christian- sen, Coach Kremer. JUNIOR VARSITY: Front Row: Dawn Mazion. Jodi Johnson. Lynn Yobbie, Lori Nelson, Michelle Holzemer. Julie Toensing. Julie Saloka. Second Row: Mgr. Amy Schadt. Marcia Dollerschell. Nancy Rettner. Betsy Ell- wanger, Lisa Albert, Susan Klassen, Sharon Widholm. Coach Bowman. B-SQUAD: Front Row: Jodi Heikkinen, Julie Shapel, Mi- chelle Anderson. Patti Lieb, Chris O'Keefe. Carol Jutz, Chris Chuel. Kris Andrus. Second Row: Anne Cam- mack, Kari Gibson. Colleen Leahy, Lisa Erickson. Sonja Svoboda, Tracy Lewis, Kris- ten Ward, Coach Eikmann. Girls Volleyball Team Ends Season With 5-4 Record 9th GRADE: Front Raw: Chris Johansen, Shelly McCIaine. Betsy Krummel, Denise Hen- derson. Kathy O'Donnel, Ann Nelson. Second Raw: Toni Tre- panier. Jill Jones, Debbie Con- verse, Lisa Profitt, Julie Sex- ton, Cora Anderson, Coach No- reen. . This years Varsity Volleyball Team was comprised of twelve seniors. Although our 5-4, conference re- cord did not represent a successful season, we all shared the enjoyment of playing together. Perhaps the greatest bond on this particular team was the desire to be success- ful. As Co-Captains with Jean Myers, l personally would like to say thanks for all the good times. JoAnne Christiansen 's I ' 5 ii ,J-M 1 5 .M Q'-'kj wsexwww ,ks X S WRESTLING TEAM: Front Row: Alphanzo Terry, Wade Overly, Randy Huffmeier, Brad Rasmussen, Jon Wallace. Second Row: Coach Beaglebach, Mark Boher, Mark Berres. Eric Schnaith. Chris Larson, Mark Stefano, Mark Jones, Coach Anderson. Back Raw: Mark Roth. Joel Anderson, Dan Weiss, Jon Longfellow, Kelly Leahy. Gene Kelly, Tom Wolfe. Bruce Bauer, John Griffin. The I98I-82 North Hi h Wrestling Team 4 . X 2 Q ? XX ., Sig' .v gf! . F F N- K if .. f , ,fm . xx. M . wk. N3 .X N , . -E Ni A Cm. 25 N HI J 'R ' 40-M QI N. X J' '.. VARSITY: Coach Chapman. Chuck Kneip, Dave Opatz, Larry O'Conner, Tony Anderson, Kevin O'Keefe, Keith Boy. Jeff Rohricht. Mike Welsch, Kevin Fletcher, David Williams, Brian McKee. Coach Robertson. JUNIOR VARSITY: Richard Lewis, John Cicchese, Chuck Myers, Kevin Fletcher, Kevin O'Keefe, Mike Welsch, Tony Lewon, .lim Groetsch, Coach Chapman. B-SQUAD: Greg Schneider Richard Travis. .lack Wilcox, Al Nordling, Chris Pruden, Larry O'Conner. Jay Brenner, Steve McDermott. Chuck Kneip. Coach Milanovich. Boys Basketball Teams For l98I-82 88 The Boys Basketball team has had a long, hard season to date. The Var- sity has only won one conference game and is tied for last place in the St. Paul Suburban Conference. The team has had some close contests, but hasn't had the leadership from a senior player to win in this hard conference. Whatever the season Coach Olson. 1 1 3 . JE :Kp U 'Il brings, the school and students will stand behind the team and give them as much support as possible from the sidelines. 9th GRADE: Front Row Mike Garf, Craig Dolby .lim Barnes, Eric Auerllus Gary Nelson, Scott Moody Dale Perrault. Back Row Dan Opatz, Pat Campbell John Hemmer, Mike Blar Troy Marusich Mike Vasquez, Dan Dawson ll? 'Q 553 -, VARSITY: Front Row: Karen Moon, Patti Korlin. Shelly Holzemer. Lynn Minar, Sue Klassen, Renee Ledin, Sue Rhoda, Chris Kathy Haegle. Second Row: Coach Erickson, Denise Varland, JoAnne Christianson, Kathy Foster, Sonya Svoboda, Betsy Lisa Erickson. Nancy Rangitsch, Beth Olson, Sarah Larson, Coach Strootman. 'R 1 JUNIOR VARSITY: Front: Coach Strootman. Back Row: Renee Ledin, Kathy Haegle, Sue Klassen. Betsy Ellwanger, Sonya Svoboda Erickson, Nancy Rangitsch, Lynn Minar, Sarah Larson, Shelly Holzemer, Ann Fisher. The l98l-82 Girls Basketball Team ,psf- 1 iii. I K Q 3 if EH 6 12' mf jst X s- fi , Q 9 Q 9 24:51 11r?Qg2 S. , s-..., 1 X f if ws L Q s.. is 2 9 23 Q! 'gf - 1 j fl! ii . Fix I in 1 mx, g.. i X! ,mi Q71 Xxx 'M' Y.. i 555 ik if? Q 4 M E I Vi P f ,Q ff i Q is f Ny 5,WZZ,n , ,,gvu,4,,,, T v V N13 D ,E ii! 5 ft' , I . f 4 ' 2 A , f if R ,QPF . L i I Q 1 39 rw ,Yr S -QF f X S X 1 X3 K x K X Q xx g x x X xx fx Q X X . N Nh fx wwf' .7 i ff I. is xl X 3 Q X 115:25 -N N N X N N X X N X K X X Q k S N. 2:3 -. QE X Q is .5 Q 5 Q,-M S up EFX -x XXX , MNMNQNNN Q S i Q i mg gg, Front Row, Carl Perlich. Scott Purrington, Malcom Wilcox. Coach Nordale, Coach Percival, Pat Belisle, Chris O'Connor, Paul Schuler. Second Row, Brad Purrington, Tony Howard, Greg Junker, Russ Heurung, John Stemic, Terry Young, Bob Griffin, Dave Kolebeck, Tom Ronholm. Back Row: Jeff Koesling, John Finnegan, Kevin Bisek, John Percival, Kevin Tonar, Pat Utecht, Greg Lang. Jim Olson, Dan Koller, Phil Tatesion, Steve Ackerman, Dave Houghton, Dave Jungman. orth-Tartan Boys Swimming Team if M in gat' G- N. xsvfsi' The North-Tartan Boys Swimming is having another good year. At the time of this writing the boys have yet to lose a conference meet. We W ttt. .. ,fsffwgy hope they can stay undefeated in the conference and come away with the Conference Championship. They only have two conference .,. .J meets remaining in their season. Good Luck to the team and coaches at Regionals. 95 I ,X V! K c .f gala L 1 15 WX7517 f ' .ff e ,' I pf! Lfbpffif I - d'5l1?.L r KC - 5-flgjg., X it e ,,, 54 1 L K X J .X - ,' - X f 4- ff-V ,f':',i, fit" 'CJ' """ C' 'X xfqlrflr t,.,I494L. 4 WW ,L ,. . .fl-" aff A f 11'- lft 4 uf , 7 P ,v 'af .f Ziff rg Z ff f rf- f - ,TZ.'4- ' :Jeff 1 'JA' LH' 5' .X iff' 1' 1 1 fr,-R146-4 nf. L , :fr . If-' dgild Q41 ,f - 1 f VARSITY: Front Raw: Lowell f ff Pfiffner, Todd Volkers, Todd Car- ! jf Iile, Josh Anderson, Mike Ander- son, Leo Hanna. Mike McDonald. ,ff I '41 -ing,-,Q Middle Row: Coach Halbrehder. Doug Bird, Karl Kreiger. Peter WL , O'Brien, Mark Wihelmy, Steve HLyg2i'AfBoreen. Joe Walton, Mike DiMar- ' tino, Mgr. John Perkins. Back Row: ,j47Jzfh'b44Jim Donaldson. Jim Parenteau. Ke- 'ff vin Vineski, Mark Sandberg, Vince 147 Roth. Scott Mihelich, Steve Quast, X Ed Charpentier.,' 1, V , ,. 7 .5 ,V f ' , , 1 J 1. QQ.. , he S-f' Bee! A- ' : 3 J ark' orth Hi h Hockey Teams For I98I 82 V f , .Lf My nf X X f. .1,.'.i'7QA?j ragga? anim,-Z1,gfLf X 'JZ bro-ft" .7 X . 1 " ' , ' . 'f' f' -' pfflgiliiffi Ld.: ,!j6li'ef,5!2 ,fZf7 af1lf95'V4f, V 4 J fl 3' Y' X . I ,I , fswvfwa Lic-ww WML! jfff' f 7 I , f J Xcafzfff '7 G WQX GUS '16 V K 'f,,,,,fi.. WJ, ff. f ff Mfg W' ff Wgaff JL4 .fail XJLQ 'J X7 kjlfzuf f WJ! Ayr Chris Carlile, Mgr. Dennis Wil- JUNIOR VARSITY: Front Row: Bill Johnson. Joe Yobbie, Mark Longfellow, Chris Gustanski. Matt Dalluge, Glenn Wilson. Ted Boot. Back Row: Coach McKusky. Mike Folkerts, Ray Vineski, Gary Montgomery. Troy Pearson. John Cheasick. Dave Bomersine. Les Sarne, sey. iv S ?4..n.tM The l98l-82, Hockey season for the Polars was overall a good time. This years team had a large number of seniors so naturally everyone ex- pected the team to do well from the start. The team started out rather well but when January came in not only was the weather sort of bad, but it seemed as thought the North High Hockey Team followed. No one could really put their finger on what the problem was but everyone kept their spirits up and the team got through the tough times. Wihelmy and Walton's little joke one satur- day night really made the team laugh. February came and the Polars proved that they were ready to get down to business. They had 3 solid lines put together and it seemed that nobody was going to stop them. Section 3 Champions two years in a row, Well. we'll just have to wait and see. Ed Charpentier SLALOM SKI TEAM: Front Row, Debbie Davis, Mike Utecht, Andrea Bohn, Russ Huffmeier, Chris Wojtowicz, Jamie Kelly. Back Row: Jeff Housley, Jamie Bewditch, Jeff Reagan, Rob Mackelin, Jay Williams, Dave Loeffelmacher, Randy Davis, Brian Rasmussen, Troy Braun. George Samac, Rick Williams, Mike Wanless, Rich Berg, Brian Glasbrenner. Ken Hussnick. Missing: Coach Wanless, Coach Anderson, Jeff Szybatka. Andy Swan, Joe Bush, Chris Bush. Tim Isaacson, Joan Mayers, Todd Montgomery. RICH BERG GOES TO STATE FOR BOY'S SLALOM TEAM. xv:-Q:L.ix yn, CROSS COUNTRY SKI TEAM: Front Row, Chris Galbraith. Nancy Eder, Karin Knoll. Jayne Wilkins, Jackie Ettlinger, Roxanne O'NeiIl, Jenny Stirzl, Rob Bilski, Back Row: Jay Corcoran, Eric Corcoran. Scott Eklund, Steve Wetzler, Tim Maki. Jim Matson, Erik Haukland, Coach Wyman. i - sf ar . . - , -s,--- s--s- W -J-H--W -- ,H ,,,.,....--f orth Hi h Ski Teams fimgf , 0 ,Mx fn v v fm M Wnzwi 1 V--L Mens., ' - 4 'K Wu, , , ,ph t M.. . 1' f, . R s-Qswrk.,-i . ' sskx,-fort L 'lv J Kirsi Aaltonen Michael Abrego Michelle Abrego Kristine Allen Tracey Marie Ckerstib. Ambition: To qgubbiej, Me,,,0,ies,Wi,ming a CShort Cakeb. Memories: study fashion design or total of I0 trophies and plaques along with my friends and not archnecture' in my Junior Year. Ambition: 2255.23 :grggnsEbT:g:bIe' To own my own business. 'Wi Gary Anderson Josh Anderson Lea Anderson CLittIe TankD.Memoriesf - , - - Qlearo D, Memories: Pa ties. Looking forward at the fMelockeJ, Memories, Sitting Y r - - Flip, Ms. Pakalns and Home- d f h h d in cIass,watchlng the clock un- . U me Qeffgnd 0,f,f,,?2s. til the bell rang. Ambition: En- CE"""S-dA':b"lQ0"f,dPh0'0Sffa' A,,,bf,f,,,,, To 'nakj joy a happy and fullfilling life, 5 2' an f 2 'es' en' 0 H money. . hotography Company. Michael Anderson CAndyD, Memories: Playing in the State Hockey Tournament, Ambition: Play Hockey as a pro., or be an arcitectural en- giner and cement mason. Pamela Anderson Timothy Anderson fRuggiej. Memories: Playing in band, the Math IMC. and other good schtuff . . . Ambi- tion: To be way-suc- cessful and make MEGA-bucks Cto be a computer engineerb, 100 Scott Andrus Paul Arbuckle QAngueD. Ambition: To succeed fArbyJ, Memories: The good to the highest point that I may looking girls, times in the halls. go in my job. To own a busi- Ambition: To becomea million- ness. aire. go to college, to have a family. Aarah Lee Arens CBaby Cakesj, Memories: Polar Print, Northern Highlights. bathroom brunches, beat Hill in hockeyl, Roaring 2O's. Ambi- tion: Not to succeed in all I at- tempt, but to learn from failing, be a CPA. Bhavani Arimilli CBha-who?D, Memories: My 3 sons with the Tennis team U.N. at Carleton College. tion: To go to college at the U M, and study engineering. Lawrence Aubin Melissa Baier QHaroldD, Memories: Football CMissyJ, Memories: Good times games, Partying after, H.C., with good friends. Blocking the hall every morn- ing. Ambition: Become a pilot in U.S. Air Force and complete my Gremlin as a show car. Kathryn Bailey CKatD, Memories: Wind Ensem- ble. Activities Club, Jazz Band. Ambition: To be the best that l can be in whatever l decide to do and to keep in touch with all my friends from class of '82 QTL 1 ,I-3' Laurinda Bailey Qlaureej. Ambition: To be wed to a handsome prince and live happily ever after. sv, Rebecca Balluff QBeckieD. Memories: Will be my last day here. Ambition: Become a Billionaire. vo . 1 Steve Barbeau Diane Barr Jeanne Bartkey CDBFD. Memories: 'HockeY CBeanD, Memories: Cold rooms, Eames- Kris' C- l-OU' t"'P5 to the crowed halls, awful food with U fl-H and 353- OEAf Bulk' very little to choose from. Am- bition: To do the best at what- ever the future brings. i i ' it " A Steven Batterson X Greg Bauer CEteewaJ, Memories, Looking CBowJ, Memories: The vio forward to the weekend. Am- lance of the smoking bitiom Get out and do some- lounge, the red hall mon thing. iters. Ambition: To make a future in Diesel mechanics si Christina Beane CBeanerJ, Memories: My friends, gymnastics. cheer- leading, track, soccer. state hockey tournaments. Ambi- tion: To go to college for ac- counting, become a F.W. and live happy life. Paul Beard Richard Berg Deborah Berglund Francisco Bernad CDebbiD, Memories: First snow day Il-23-8I. Ambition: Go to college, get married, raise a family. 101 X Keith Bey Memories: Playing bas- ketball. lunch hours, weekends, and l.S,S. Ambition, To go to col- lege, have a successful career in engineering. ,gk If 1, , is P Joseph Bibeau 'Hi Q41 Jack Bieniek Doreen Bilotta CDodyJ, Memories: State Hock- ey Tournaments, having 3 dif- ferent principals 3 years in a row. Ambition: To become a cosmetologist and open my own beauty shop. f s Douglas Bird Kathy Blaul 4 Kelly Boline fBowb. Memories, Tennis, Gymnastics soccer, state hockey tournament, snow foot- ball, Homecoming Royalty. Am- bition: To succeed at whatever I undertake, Hope to see all of you in 25 years, to be the first women in outer space. Kelly Bomersine Troy Baaun Paul Brown CBoomerD. Memories, Softball, CTroy BoyD, Ambiti0lt:.G0 I0 National Honor Society ll college Be successful in art, grade. Ambition, To go to col- lege and succeed in everything l do afterward, wealthy. Memories: My good friends, food fights, studys, being tardy, skipping out. oc S' , of 'J-nt. John Buhl Memories, Half time at the I98O Mariener foot- ball game and Mr. Gus's talk to the team. 102 Jessica Burgess CSkippyJ, Memories: Cross country track, soccer, B. ball mascot, swimming, cheerlead- ing, North Winds, Choir. Ambi- tion: To be filthy rich. Tena Butterfield CButterbunsJ, Memories, cheer- leading, Mc Donalds, beating Hill Murray at hockey. Ambi- tion, Go to college, live in New York City. Douglas Buzay fBugsJ. Memories: Hockey team going to the state tourna- ment. Ambition: To be able to live in Arizona by the time l'm 20 yrs. old. Donna Bzoskie fBzorkJ. Memories, Soccer, gym- nastics, cheerleading. track, and D.S. Ambition, To be rich. Bush Martin Cammack Memories: Sports, teachers, friends, and weekends. Ambi- tion: To go to college. Edward Charpentier JoAnne Christiansen Memories: The Library, O.L.T. Uoj, Memories: California. I8 weeks "The candy store", Kee-Kees and stinkys B-day Hockey tournament, Gator's bash, stop signs, choir. Ambi- cabinl Ambition, To go on to tion:Go to college and receive school make money, play hock- an MBA in business. ey. and live to the fullest. Todd Carlile Memories: Teachers, state hockey tournaments, friends that I met. Ambition: To go to college and play hockey, Major in Business Administration. .. it X5 i 75. Lynne Carlson A 7 Susan Chada 'PQ' 'frtafl' Janet Christianson Memories: Wanting to get out of here Ambition: Go to college and study in the field of Social Services. Deanne Cicchese CChickj, Memories: soccer. basketball, Ambition: To gra- duate from college with a de- gree in early childhood educa- tion. Cathleen Coats Craig Coats Todd Colbeth David Condon .lay Corcoran fCorkj, Memories: when Gram- sey got zapped in electricity. Ambition: Be as rich as Dennis DeYoung, clean out Vegas. have a home for every season. to run the country my way. Kim Cropsey Memories: Getting up every morning, Dave, parties. Ambition: To graduate. 103 Thomas Dacko CMusky Mastery, Memo- ries: Good football games. great teachers, excellent girls. Ambi- tion: A college educa- tion . a job l like, and excell in bass fishing. drums and taxidermy. Jo Ann Dahl Uoeyj. Memories: All the great people l've known and Met. Gary. Ambition: To be happy and help others. Richard Denison CDick Bobh, Memories: football and cheerlead- ing. parties. Ambition: To become a rich and famous doctor or cheer- leader. Dawn Destasio Memories: My senior year be- cause it was my last. Ambition: Go to Vo-Tech for beautician. Mary Dollerschell Suzanne Drexler Memories: Freezing in CDrexj, Memories: Track. band our band uniforms at Hamline, Trojens. camping. football games. Ambi- The Stones, Styz, and study. tion: To be successful in Ambition: To travel. Business. 104 Lynn Dansky Barb Davis Rick Degidio CLlnner Binnerj, Memories: CPittJ, Memories: Spirit Week. State hockey tgurnaments Ambili0l1: To find Mr. Right, football games, guy chasing, and Succeed in life. cheerleading, banquets. bus rides. Ambition: To be success- ful at most everything I at- tempt, to be happy in life. Sandi Dille CDitJ, Memories: great friends and good times. homecoming and snow daze, B-days, QLG. cheering. Ambition: to go to the U of St. Cloud. Mike Dimartino CDimarJ, Memories: State hock- ey tournament, Mr. Davis first hour. Ambition: Go fishing with Waba, college, play hocky. Christopher Dinderman fTootieD. Memories: Tennis. choir Nordiques, Ambition: To become 1 social worker and be rich and fam ous. Jane Dreyer Kathy Ducklow Scott Duddeck Uanteb, Memories: State hock- ey and soccer. playing volley- Memories: D.C.. J.A., math: softball, Deanne's notes. ten- ball and track. Ambition: To nis. Ambition: To figure out succeed in my lifes plans. what l'm going to do after col- lege and be succesful. C21 - Karl Dunwoody Trina Ecker Jennifer Eder Kevin Edwards Chris Eggum CShamuJ, Memories: 6 A.M. CEdJ, Memories: Hockey Tour- swim practice, babysitting at nament, teachers. Ambition: Carlton College. AmbitiomGra- To be a success. duate with a degree in corpo- rate law, and work for a corpo- ration overseas. .uv James Eide Scott Eklund Denelle Elmstrand Mark Engebretson Susan Erickson '4L':'::r ,,,.-qv Jacqueline Ettlinger David Farmer Christina Fazekas Kevin Fletcher Christopher Flynn Memories: Soccer, wrestling CFletchj. Memories: Basketball. CFlynnerD, Memories: cheering, choir, "Once Upon A Homecoming football game Mattress," Ambition: To be B88ir1Sl Sibley l98l. Ambi- discovered. tion: Attend College. 105 Jacqueline Folkerts Memories: Vollyball. softball. partying, state hockey tournament. Ra- disson. Ambition: At- tend 9I6 Vo-tech, for colmetology. KI-yle Franklin C owdyj. Memories: All the good times. Ambi- tion: Travel and go to college. Micheal Gatti Todd Gaynor Kay Gibson Linda Glander Memories: The days without ninth graders and free studies. Ambi- tion: College l06 Kathleen Foster Mary Fowler CKee-Keek, Memories: G.l.L., "Our B-day bash, Stinky. Nigel, Lo, Styx, Chicken Coop, Prom, Willmar, Ambition: To Become NSP's 42 bag lady. Jennifer Fox Alicia Frandle Uennyj, Memories: Picketers in study. concert choir, Mr. Lipke in jeans football-hockey games. Ambition: Go to col- lege. w 5 . 4 Vizy tj,-4'9 Jody Franzen William Frohriep Mike Gaffke Allen Galloway Memories: Choir. Ambition: Go Memories: Wondering the halls CBROD. Memories: Coming back to to college. no pass, and getting away with North after suffering at Hill for 2 itl Ambition: To continue liv- yrs..FootbaIl, basketball. Ambition: Ing. To succeed in school and own my own clothing store. Kevin Glasow CSowJ. Memories: State hockey tournament. Ambition: To be suc- cessful. CGibberD, Memories: Friends COsscarj, Memories: Our first that l've made, fun in sports. SHOW day Out of 3 yrs. Ambi- Ambition: To finish scholl and HGH: To graduate frvm College. get a well paying job. get married and have kids. Daniel Godbout Robert Gorke fBobD, Memories: How N.H. is such a great educational insti- tute with lots of nice people. Ambition: Go to college and get a good job sol can buy land in the woods, build a cabin. Phyllis Goss QPhylD, Memories: When l QTunaJ, Memories: Jerri West- stepped on animal guts in Mr. lund. Kellogg parties, Jeff's SkaIbeck's room. Ambition: To Monte Carlo. Ambition: To be a go on to college for a MBA, be- Hardier Partier and a cosmoto- come a singer-actress. logist. Qx if Vicki Graczyk Lynn Grapp CMickJ. Memories: Mr. Bounce, Bowes Bros, Bus- drivers, oh bucky. reality To always give my best and try to become the best per- son I can. John Griffin CGriffyJ. Memories: cross untry. track, wrestling. ool activities, 24 hr. realay. Ambition: Go to college major business administration. too in later life. Bernard Gruber CGrubeJ, Memories: Getting on task, Anchor lnn. Ms. Berg's fourth hour. Ambition: To be a civil engineer. Jonathan Gustafson fGusD, Memories: Football, track, Tuna, good friends Gordy Zipper. Ambition: To be- come a successful engineer. Jodi Gustanski Matthew Haag CGusD. Memories: State hockey CHOOPHX Memvrffff Hock- tournament. Ambition: To be- eY team beat Hn' MUVWY' comerich and fullfill my future. Ambiffvfff Graduate from college. Joseph Haefliger Jon Hagstrom Paul Hagstrom Cindy Hammer Cynthia Hanggl flilingerj, Memories: Soccer, Memories: Fun times with baseball. state tournaments at friends, parties. Ambition: For North. Ambitions: To have a Pug-goo and the Buzzes to successful career and retire make it big. early. 107 and vachementl Ambition: Leo Hanna Memories: The freeness of my sophomore year. Ambition: To go to col- lege and play hockey, get a job and be rich. gov , . , ,X ,xp David Hansen Laura Hart Carol Haselmann fHazel-Rahj Memories: Good times with good friends, Mon- tana, beach parties in the swamp. Barbara Haugen Joette Heimer Memories: Choir trip. menu at Denny's, T, Kiser this is your wake up call. Ambition: Plan to major in voice, and minor in communica- tions. l Kristine Heimerl Troy Heinl jean Heroff Doug Hg'-ning Gregory Hosch fHushJ Memories: Bench at library, State hockey, tourney, Ga- tor's Cabin. Ambition: Attend St. Thomas Col- lege, major in business admin., play college football. 108 Richard Hoye Randy Hueffmeier Angela Jaeger Mary James Memories: fifth hour study my senior year. Ambition: To find a good career and make the most of my life. Paula Jasberg fBearJ. Memories: Good times. great people. and fun teachers. Ambition: To continue school. Juliann Jawish Charles Jents QZunkD. Memories: Listening to Bob Gramsey try to say alumi- num. Ambition: To be a rock and roll muscian. James Jepson Peggy Jerusal Ueppij. Memories: The staff. fSunshineJ. Memories: Get Ambition: To become a police ting into the school spirit officer and have a successful Ambition: To go to 9I6 Vo business on the side. Tech. Kathryn Johnson Steve Jutz A v' Hive Kristi Johnson CK.J.D, Memories: Volleyball. Der, choir trip. J.B.-midnight floods,homecomin Stink 'sg 8' Y Kee-Kee's B-day bash. Ambi- tion: To get a Master's degree in something. Dawn Kager 04985. Memories: Softball, OEA, activities. Ambition: To be suc- cessful in whatever I do. , Jay Jones QHaroldj Memories Slee in in - I P 8 class, skiing. parties, H.C. Am- bition: Go to college and retire at age 50. Sandy Kane Jeffrey Jones Clorenzo DeGrap J, Nice women. good friends. and fast computers. Ambition: To own the worlds largest mono- poly. e Memories gs Pamala Juker X Amy Kean Memories: Closest friends Sandi. Linda, Maureen. my best Cindee. Joette E. the whole gang too. Ambition: To be a dancer. Kurt Kelly CKurtisj, Memories: Hockey games. Ambition: To attend the U of M, 109 Q? V . Jean Kinney Leanne Kettleson Memories: Choir. North QNigelD, Memories: The chicken coop, Technicolor yawn, Mac's Winds, Nordiques. cheerleading, friends, after games, tennis, G.I.L. right sports. Prom, trips, and Kee-Kee? Ambition: To be skiing. Ambition: To be N.S.P.'s Jil bag lady. happy. Debra Kocourek fDebJ, Memories: All the fun at Jane Knutson Jacqueline Kirkwood Tracey Kiser George Klopka Tim Komro North. Ambition: Staying ini school to graduate. QMW? ,www Paula Kostohryz QPolIyj, Memories: Go- ing to the state hockey tournament. Ambition: To go into politics. 110 A is Memories: Choir, choir trips. choir treasurer, and O.E.A. Ambition: To sign. Robert Konshak CBobJ, Memories: Great times in German, yummy food, being confused on the yearbook staff. Ambition: To become a radio announcer and move into television. be Thomas Kottke Carl Krieger Brian Kroeger QKidJ, Memories: Soccer, hock- CDinsdalej, Memories:lt had its ey, golf. Ambition: To become ups and downs. Ambition: To a successful businessman and be successful, rich, etc. become a F.H, Patricia Korlin Memories: Soccer. track, bask ball, trip to Willmar, and frien Ambition: To be happy a healthy. 1' gs I ,Wg - if , Ta - -r za' 'lr-'R Shawn Kuehn CSqueeky5. Memories: K.T. B-e-I-i g-a, fun times with friends, cheer leading. Ambition: To teach ska! ing and help others, Mary K rk CMar-Marg, Memories: softball, volleyball, activities club-vice Stacy LaBarre CSpaceD, Memories: O.E.A. Am- bition:l hope to always be hap- pres., foot-ball mascot, Presi- py and to continue my career dent, and Manager. Ambition: To go onto college. at BM. Richard Lancette Clancej, Memories: There not mentionable. Ambition: Hope- fully to become a draftsman or an architect. Gregory Lang Memories: Swimming, Wing Ensemble, choir, Nordiques, combo, jazz, Gordy Q., The Holy Grail, Dick S Beeper. Am- bition: Business major or law- yer. : if , Chris Larson fLarsD, Memories: Walking in the halls, nurses office. wrestling, and all my friends. Ambition: College and to be a millionare. '1 Dawn Laswell Memories: Going to third hour, second hour, N.H.'s hot dog pizza-GROSS! Ambition: Be- come a computer programmer and be rich-famous. Make it on my own. Kelly Leally CMa Maj, emories: Football the big 3, Gordon-zipper head, Tuna, wrestling, the halls, and track. Ambition: To become a professional football player. Paul Ledin CLedD, Memories: Soccer, golf, band, and shoebags. Ambition: To succeed in what ever I do. "Nez:-4 -up Laura Lee CFlower Childb, Memories: Good friends. Ambition: To help a flower bloom, a child un- derstand, and an old man dance again. X' X Todd Lee Kathleen Leibel Paul Leigh Dawn Lewis Patricia Liljedahl Linda Lokken Memories:The hosp.-Marieto- QPattyJ, Memories: The fight Memories: Football cheer- g3'S. W8'I'e Il'liS CIOSC and time between Vick Barbeau and Tim leading, hockey cheerlead- for me to fly. Ambition: To at- Ollum, Ambifign, To party, ing, and parties with tend college, successful career. friends. Ambition: Attend live a happy life, and help oth- 9I6 Vo-Tech and possibly ers to do the same. college. 'lll Senior Poll . Senior Poll . Senior Poll Eyes Smile Body WINNERS: DIANNE BARR AND MIKE ANDERSON. WINNERS: DAVID WILLIAMS AND PATTY KORLIN. Run- WINNERS: TODD CARLILE AND CINDY MARKIE. Runners-up were Linda Lokken, Cathy Macioch, ners-up were Kris Johnson. Joette Heimer, Joe Hae- Runners-up were Linda Lokken, Jessica Burgess.. Leo Hanna, Chris Flynn. fliger, Todd Carlile. Chris Flynn, Greg Hosch. Flirts Class Clowns Hail' WINNERS: AL GALLOWAY AND SANDI DILLE. WINNERS: KIRK SIMON AND SHELLY ABREGO. Runners- WINNERS: MARTY CAMMACK AND BHAVANI ARI- Runners-up were Maureen Mahmood, Jean up were Phyllis Goss, Donna Bzoskie, Jon Gustafson. Ed MILLI. Runners-up were Joette Heimer, Kathy Tacko. Myers, Ed Charpentier, Kirk Simon. Charpentier. Chris Flynn, Todd Carlile. 112 Senior Poll . Senior Poll Senior Poll Jock Likely To Succeed Dimples E"NNER5f JOANNE CHRISTIANSEN AND JOHN WINNERS: JEAN RANWEILER AND Jos HAEFLIGER. Run- WINNERS: LEo HANNA AND JEAN KINNEY. Run RIFHN' RUn"e"5'UP were paul' Koflin- Todd Carlile- ners-up were Kris Johnson, Jim Zappa. ners-up were Jane Knutson, Phil Perzichilli. Personality Most Involved INNERS: KELLY BOLINE AND SCOTT SEYFORTH. WINNERS: MARY KYRK AND JIM ZAPPA. Runners-up Enners-up were Kris Johnson. Tammy Olinger. Jon were Jean Ranweiler, David Williams. stafson, Kevin Simon. H3 Jon Longfellow fl-Ongdudej, Memories: Sports. friends. and so- cial gatherings. Ambi- tion: To major in pre- med and then go from there. 'x I .U ffl? . Jim Loughney John Lovejoy John Lucken Nancy Lundblad Robert Lundell Penny Lundgren QNickelJ. Memories: Hockey tournaments, first snow day. and friends. Ambition: Going onto college. Rob Macklin CCornyD, Memories: Big winter bash at my house. Ambition: To have another big bash in the summer to square off with Paul Homgren at the Met. 114 Maureen Mahmood fTweety Birdy. Memories: Ten- nis. soccer capt, intramural basketball. Ambition: To be a computer programmer. CSchkinnyj. Memories: Cross cou. try, basketball, track, and cheeri for swimming, North Winds A bition: To be happy and lead a fi. ing life. V 'l L Thomas Lydon W--,A 'inner 1 , Timothy Macdonald CMacj, Memories: Ha. Ha, Ha. Ambition: To be an Oscar Mey er Weiner. .5 Cathrine Macioch Memories: Homecoming track. gymnastics. I football. soccer. Amb'tio college for a degree in and get married. Us .1 Ar Gary Mahnke .lud Mahre Y Uudeh, Memories: Track, cheerleading, and S.F. Ambi- tion: Graduate from U.W.R.F.. get married, and live a happy I e. Shelly Mahre CC.G.h. Memories: Choir gymnastics. friends, soccer leading. Ambition: Go to get rich. get married. and twin girls. Cindee Markie Memories: DECA. Ambition: To own my own business. Polly Martin Memories: Once Upon A Mat- tress, all those legs, Kocky Hor- ror, roaring 20's champagne lam by a.r.s. Ambition: To look back on my life when I'm 96 and have no major regrets. 1 Raymond Martin N I 45 I Kerry Marusich fMooseJ. Memories: 2 times cross country champs. Brown eyes. H,C., Prom, toilet paper- ing, skiing, catch a buzz. New Years. Ambition: To have a Mercedes by age 24. Gina Mathern Mar Matson Alan Mayers John Mazion Kim McClellan Dennis McKinnon QMairg, Memories: Choir and CAD Nordiques, stats for guys track team. hockey tournament. and iust being with my friends. lBrian McKee Memories: Benny Hill, Poop- sports. Black Ball Billy, ake Wabagaset, and chicken. Ambition: To live a long, happy. and successful life. Kirk McLean Diane McMahon Michael McMahon CMcMahonJ, Memories. When the hockey team went to State. Ambitionpl hope to be a meat cutter and buy myself a nice car. Q'--Y David McShannock CTunaJ. Memories: Being lost on the first day of IOth grade, and playing UNO in study hall. Ambition: To succeed in the world. 115 Donald Menier Melissa Metcalf Lloyd Meier Memories: Football, CMelj, Memories: Snow fights, Clzloydj, emoriesf Hockey graduation parties. and smoking lounge. parties on games. friends. Ambition:To be weekends. unexpected vaca- rich and take life easyl tions, Ambition: To graduate and succeed. . " 1 .VV at Victoria Mickelson CVicJ. Memories: Soccer. cheerleading, choir. activities club, intramural b-ball. Ambi- tion. To graduate from college and become a RN. Sheldon Milbridge Memories: Soccer, basketball. basketball, track, Wind pep band. marching band. and band. Ambition: To live ever after. Annette Minar fUnzyJ, Memories: Track, and football games. Ambition: To go to Winona State Univer- sity and study Sociolo- SY- Lisa Minelli CWhopJ, Memories: Being with the best of my friends and looking forward to the week- end parties. Ambition: Go to college and become a social worker. af.. . Q Elizabeth Moe Jon Moen Robert Mollner QGiztnoeD, Ambition: To get into the legal field and have a happy family. Timothy Molohon CMoIlieJ. Memories: Be- ing in the band at the hockey tournament. Ambition: To be one of the best drummers in the world. 116 Colleen Moody QBeany7. Memories: Cross country b-ball, intramural track Ambition: To acheive all my fu- ture plans. Paul Moore Memories: Nice place to visit but l wouldn't want to go to school there. Ambition: To get out of high school. Leona Moran CLeoD, Memories: Throwing pa- pers away, skipping out of class, picking on the freshman ans sophomores. Ambition: To graduate. Denise Morgan K.l.uX.1.'::, A . Mark Muck Catherine Mueller Deanne Mullner Thomas Mulvaney Scott Mundon Memories, Football and friend- CMoJ. Memories. State Hockey CMouseD, Ambition. To go ships. Ambition: To succeed in Tournament. Ambition: Be suc- to 9l6. life and make it worth while. cessful and rich. Elizabeth Murphy CMurphj. Memories: Trying to make it through the halls when the 9th raders came. Ambi 8 . tion: To graduate and live in Colorado. Sean Murphy Charles Myers CTankJ, Memories. When I was a sophomore having free stud- ies and no 9th graders. Ambi- tion: Going on to college. Jean Myers CMeyab, Memories: VB, soft- ball, J.V. hockey cheerleading, parties, friends, Prom. and Snow Daze coronation. Ambi- tion. To be a stewardess. Conne Nelson QConeJ, Memories: Climb- ing the fence to save a buck at the games. Prison-l.S.S. Ambition. To keep my friends. own a car. move away from home, have money, and a happy mar- riage. Donald Nelson Jay Nelson Dawn Hilpisch Ronald Nelson QBig Dj, Ambifiang To be very, QSpider Manj, Memories. The Memories. The one l remember very successful in life. hockey team going to State. most is getting I.S.S., the rest Am ition To oto colle e et were good. Ambition: Is to , b : s e is a job, and become rich. make BIG money. Kristine Neumann CNeumD, Memories. Volley- ball. state hockey tourna- ment. prom. cheerleading. friends-Lori. and kathy's B- day bash. Ambition: Go to college and become a teacher. 117 'V-1-"Z?" g it i' f -v X X gf' S ,f...f Robert Newbauer Yen Nguyen QED, Memories: Volleyball, ac- tivity club, cheerleading. par- tying. hockey tournament, ISS, and PRP. Ambition: To go to Vo-Tech for cosmetology. Scott Niemeyer , Q Theresa Niven David Nord QScooterJ. Memories: Senior CTNTJ Memories: Food fights, homecoming. study hall, Sadie football games, parties, study Hawkins dance, friends. Ambi- hall Ambition: To be a nursing tion: Go on to college at Win- assistance. ona State, if-.Y gf SX y 7 I x A as xy I 1 Ruth Nowicki Patrick Qbrien Karen Odden Kevin Okeefe Gary Orth Kim Osborne 118 .ix .L' A Tammly Olinger CDINGE D, Memories: Soccer, nastics. choir, Nordiques, cheerleading. Ambition: To college and have alot of money Lori Oswald QOZJ. Memories: My SENOF year was great in DECA. Ambi- tioml want to go on to college. be successful, and spend the rest of my life with M.W.L. Tania Pankratz Memories: Hockey ITIEIIIS. IOUFIIB' Darshan Patel Deborah Pearson Ambition: To go on to Brown Institute for two and a half years and get into studio re- cording and eventually pro- duce albums. lv-sa, Thomas Peltier CTomJ, Memories: Claudia nag- ging you for a pass, and having the girls turn you down for a date. Ambition: To become a custom body repair specialist at a body shop and to be a drummer. John Perkins , Judith Perrault Philip Pemchaila fM'Ck9Yi' M?"'0f"-'5fThe h0Ck' QFlipJ. Memories: ISS home eY ,team S0918 to State 'asf coming, and LEA, Ambition Spring. Ambition: tohget a de- To graduate from North gree in computer science. High and be 3 mckstar Sanja Petschke Lowell Pfiffner Clauraj, Memories: Library bench, state hockey tour. team. Ambition: Play college hockey. get good education in business classes, or physical education. Dawn Plaster V 1 i Q Ann Podgorski Memories: Volleyball, state hockey tournament, cheerlead- ing. PRP, Stinky and Kee-Kee's B-day bash. Ambition: To make it through the first year of col- lege. t an M, 'Sa Brenda Pogue Pamela Prill Qlfredb, Memories: Once Upon A Mattress. choir pres., cheer- leading. girls BB mascot, choir trip, Mickey's. .l.K.. and making popcorn. Ambition: College for social services. Duane Prior Dennis Prokott Susette Proulx Todd Purvis CDeweyj, Memories: Walking to school in the morning when its IO below zero. Ambition: To stay home in bed. .loan Quast Memories: Volleyball, activities club, greatest memory of all is all the friends I have made in school. Ambition, to be successful in what I do. Robert Quinn Richard Rachner Jean Ranweiler CGhostD, Memories: Uncle Har- vey's first hour econ. class. getting on task in Berg's H,P. World History class. Ambition: To become an advertising agent representing a major company. Sela Rauk CCieJ, Memories: Marching at in the morning, dances, friends. and continual parties bition: To become a pre-school mentary teacher. Tehia Rawleigh CDixj. Memories, Activi- ties, Wind Ensemble, iazz band, the best are my friends l've made and the fun l've had. Ambition: To go on into the business world, get married, and make my life a success. Teresa Rawleigh QPixD, Memories: Cheerleading, Wind Ensemble, activities, friends and the fun I had. Am- bition: To be a success in what- ever I do and to be happy doing it. Wendy Ready James Reagen QSheepD, Memories: Football, Tuna, Gordy Zipper, and Voice. Ambition: Own a big 4 wheel drive truck and drive it for the rest of my life. Jolene Reinhardt Terrance Renslow Uoj, Memories: Volley- ball. basketball. soccer. intramural basketball. 120 Renee Rich Woguej, Memories: Had fun B.N., Love L.S.. Love ya Arnie B. Ambition: To be happy and to live life to its fullest and to have a successful. loving mar- riage. Chet Reimers Z' 4 Anthony Richard Kirk Richardson at PQ .iw ,Nl nl . TI?" Annette Rieke Jerome Robertson Sylvia Rodriguez Sheila Rogers Joseph Rondeau Memoriesglwill always remem- CR'-W1 03, Mfmvfiei: HO! ber the school dances, football, I--Z-'S at Cafelion COME? and hockey games for they and State Soccer Tourna were a special part of my life. mems- Ambitiom To succeed in the world and live a happy life. Anne Ronholm CAnnieJ, Memories: State Hock- ey tournaments, Mock U.N. at Carleton college. Ambition: To go on to school at the U. of M. Mark Sandberg CBoogieJ Robert Rossbach CBullwinklej, Memories: Mid- winter fire drills, Angies hot lunch surprise, and the H.P. program. Ambition: Degree in chemical engineering and marry in S. Carol Sandvig Cviggyb, Memories: away with murder. Getting Don Rothmeier 9 Sandra Rustad QSandyJ. Memorl : yearbook, hockey tourn., foot- ball games. friends. and home- coming. Ambition: To be suc- cessful at whatever I do and to enjoy doing it. 'es Choir, Q Q George Samec Memories: 4th hour study and l.S.S. Ambition: Be a professional skier. Tim Sauro CTugJ. Memories: Soccer, and graduation parties. Ambition: To be successful. Amy Schadt Gust Scharffbillig Ambition: To be a heavy equipment operator. 121 Colleen Schewe Mary Schille Clarissa Schlief Charles Schuette Qkeenl, Memories: Run- ning track. choir. and cheerleading. Ambition: To work with comput- ers. Gail Schocker Memories: Having great times with great friends like Kim and Jackie. K!! Julie Schroeder CSchroedsJ, Memories: After football games go- ing out with friends. Ambition: To be able to succeed in college. Patty Schultz Patty Schultz Sally Schultz QPat enatarb, Memories: Go- ing to homecoming games. par- ties, and dances. Ambition: To be a chef. Steven Schultz CSchulztiej. Memories: Skiing and cars. 4-V ww Kimberlee Schweppe 122 Joanne Schwietz Uoj, Memories: Our first snow day, Nov. 23. l98l. Ambition: To make it through college and to become a millionare at 25. Sandra Schietz CBeakerJ. Memories: Ski team. State Hockey, prom, BB and soccer, 4th hour study, and great friends. Ambition: Go to college, get a good job and be- come rich. Tami Seidel CT.J.J, Memories: Friends, go- ing to state with hockey. Am- bition: To become a photogra- pher. Thor Sellie Ambition: To do a good iob in th future, Russell Sermon Scott Seyforth Monique Shephard Christine Sherman Memories: Student staff, band, school plays. and choir. CMOD, Memories: Playing bas- ketball. State Hockey and soc- cer games. Ambition: To suc- ceed in the future. !, A Julie Sierakowski CKowJ. Memories: VB. bas- ketball, track, girls BB cheerleading, choir and BB trip. friends, and Nordi- ques. Ambition: Business Adm. Mgt. Kevin Simon fLouD, Memories: The hockey team went and beat Hill Mur- ray then to state. Ambition: To be successful in what ever l de- cide to do and be wealthy. Kirk Simon Memories: Looking at all the chicks, screwing off in the li- brary. and playing sports in gym. Ambition: Be the lead singer for the Rolling Stones. '1 Russell Sindelar Cliff0l'd Skagen John Skeie CBig Chiefj, Memories: Cross country, football, track, and basketball. Ambition: To be successful. rich, and famous. Steve Smith THBFBSC S0nl19k Susan Sparks Robert Spreeman CSnuffyD. Memories: Weekend QTSSSEFP- Mr-'m0fiES: Shakes in Memories: Football, track, par- parties, we looked forward to combo line. cold, smokey halls ties, and choir trips. Ambition: while trying to cram for a test. by room IOS, Hilary Midgley. to complete college at Stout. Ambition, Tg be 3 Cgmputer Ambition: Anything that will scientist. make he happy. Bill Spreigl CSpreigsD, Memories: The soccer and hockey team in state tourn. Ambition: To be a millionaire and a pilot. 123 9' . Y' 'f . ' vff Lori Stahnke CStinkyb, Memories: Vol- leyball, Willmar. Styx, Me and Sis's l8th B-day bash. Ambition: Have a successful career and meet Tony Geary be- fore Lisa. Linda Steffen John Stemig CToffyj. Memories: When the hockey team went to state. Ambition: To make alot of mon- ey, by being an owner of my own business. lx 7,5 Nancy Stene fNannerD, Memories: Cheer- leading, activities club, Do- reen, Cathy . . . the best three years of my life. Ambition: To have a happy life and always be with my friends and ma and pa. ff, Kenneth Stenger QStingJ. Ambition: Go to after I graduate Cif I graduate! Shelly Strack Michael Straus Kevin Streier Amy Sundgaard QAmeJ, Memories: VB-JV, JV hockey cheerleading, stinky, choir trip. Styx, Lori and Kathy's B-day bash, and friends, Ambition: Legal sec. or legal assistant. Marty Swanson QO'NerlJ 124 f R Brian Tansey George Tatro Kurt Taverna Leanne Taverna Brad Teich Memories: The Gordon look Memories: Soccer, Duluth, be- and being on TASK. Ambition: ing a sophomore, and PRP. Am- To make a million dollars be- bition: Go on to college. fore l'm 30. fb James Thell Memories: l.S.S. Kristine Thompson Qlongb, Memories: Sitting in N. office, eating at Mac's with shorty, AC-DC, M.D., Lynne's naps, cheating Conne. Psych. test. Ambition: Make it to JI, so I can go into bars legally. l985l Kathleen Tocko QKathyD. Memories: Activities Michael Trimmins fMicJ, Memories: J.D., G.B., C.D.. R.R., M.E., T.B., V.W., S.E., and K.S. Ambition: Sometimes. Sandra Toensing CNoodleD. Memories: Vol club, and volleyball manager. leyball, Northwinds, soccer Ambition: To be successful in getting rowdie with my life and to be with my friends. friends. Ambition: To stay '!!"""v close to friends. To be suc cessful in what ever I do. S., I s I I Lynea Tgllefggn Jenifer Tgmitg Michael Triplett Paul TUCKDCI' William Turcotte Memories: Walking down the fTUCkSJ- Ambition:To go in the halls, and being Called 3 freak, service. Drive 3 ll'UCk Ot' tank. Ambition: To pursue a life that The Marines. has direction and meaning. l is it - . F . .e s I, 3 Steve Verville L1ynne Valenziano Peggy Vasterling Mary Jo Vaught Chuck Verhaagh Q he Italian Wonderj, Memo- Memories: Good times. friend- Memories: Track. Ambition: ries, Wags g W,J,, Fru fru'5 ly people and cute guys. Ambi- To have a ranch. preppies and the US, JDK, AL- SHIA, good friends and parties. K.T. C.N. Ambition: Live to see peace and no hunger in the World. tion: To become the best I can be. 125 'iii Y1Z"Y' Anne Vilmo Doug Vineski Todd Vockers Memories: Playing in the State Hockey tournament and sitting next to Beach Ball Billy in math. Ambition: To go fishing at Lake Wabagaset with Waba, go to college. and continue my hock- ey career. Scott Wallace Jeffery Wallrich CGatorJ Memories: State Ambition: Attend Stout Univer- High School Hockey tournament. sity. ...ow Joe Walton Kim Wall Mark Watters CWaltb, Memories: My sopho- Memories: Finding the guy I more year. friends, hockey love, and l did CVic Bowenb. tournaments, and sports. Am- school dances. Ambition: To bitiom To someday get into a graduate from school, get mar- field that I like and be happy. ried and have a family. "'P Chris Von Kreuzhof Ca,-ol Wald M Is Michael Wegwerth fkermitj, Memories: Be- ing in the State tourna- ment for soccer. Ambi- tion: To succeed in most things that I do in the future. 126 Daniel Weiss CFlushb, Memories: Wrestling and football. Ambition: Take it easy on a deserted island or ioin all star wrestling. Michael Welsch CBrilloj. Memories: Sports, choir trips, the weight room. Benny Hill, and looking to weekends. Gordon Zipperhead. Ambition: To someday be am- bitious. Kim Wessels Memories: School dances, and senior year in DECA. Ambition want to go on to college and successful. .1 .lay Wicklander Gary Wiggins QWigsj. Memories: The people l have met and the things I have learned. Ambition: To serve the people. Malcolm Wilcox CBig Malb, Memories: Morning swim team work outs, I98O school play, and marching band. Ambition: Graduate from l.T. at U of M. .ff .ff Mark Wilhelmy Lisa Will CWilburJ, Memories: High school hockey tourn., M,G.'s party with L, Hart. prom. Miss L. Duck. Ambi- tion: Marry Bob Seger and live happily. richly ever. Y , in-X f David Williams CWilIieD, Memories: Cathy Ma- cioch second student staff speech. Ambition: To advance education by exploring college and to major in business mar- keting and to run my own busi- ness. .sa Q f Jeff Wilske Patricia Wilson Lisa Windingstad CWinnieJ. Memories: 4th hour Personal ec., Going to state hockey tournament. Ambition: To find a career in computer programming. ii.. Patricia Witte Memories: l will always re- member the fun l've had- friends l've made, and the happiness we've shared. Ambition: To be happy. Steven Woicik Susan Wolszon David Wosika Richard Yoch Scott Y0rk0VlCl'l 127 Seniors James Zappa fZapD Memories: Football, Mrs. Berg's World History, Ist Hour Mr. Matters. Ambition: To be President of the United States by the age of 48. Laurie Zappa fZapJ Memories: Getting lost and being in the wrong classes the first day of school at North. Ambition: To own my own clothing store, be success- ful, and spend my life with R.J.A. 5' ' iQ tsll . Chris Zentzis James Zoya Seniors Missed First Time Through Sranya Breheim Jon Gaffke Todd Huseby Pat Prokop George Seiler Kevin Tantholt Not Pictured Anthony Anderson James Andersen Susan Bailey Roger Berres Char Bleiler Tim Bridenbecker Bob Buttermore Wayne Danielson James Deutsch Bill Dean Joe Erickson Mike Flaherty Chris Fonstad Bob Hays Henry Hoagland Tom Horvath Loren Kratzke Cheryl Laroue Bob Lyng Jeff Magnuson Dave Mathews Julie Nelson Ryan Ristrom John Schleicher Rich Schmidtz Charles Smith Phil Spencer Nathan Strand Randy Strusinski Scott Swenson Pam Ungar Kelly Thomas Mike Thompson Steve Ulrich Paul Vokovan Bob Ward Peter Wilke WHAT DO SENIORS HAVE THAT I DON'T'? J UNIORS Shelly Aanonson Lisa Albert Becky Amersbach Roland Amey Julie Amundsen Kelly Andersen Cathy Anderson Mark Anderson Mary Anderson Shellee Anderson Janet Arnt Michelle Auger Curt Babler Kaeleen Basch Allison Bauer Mark Bauer Karen Bazille Steve Beard Patty Bell Dave Berglund Sharon Berglund Robin Beringer Kent Bey Scott Bibeau Greg Biornberg Joe Blair Jim Bloedorn Sue Blue Barb Bohrer Steve Boreen Charles Bosacker David Bradshaw Berni Bridenbecker Deanna Brown Chris Bush Laurie Cadwell 44.7 I sinfgf ' 1 '-Q... gi W X .. M , C Q ' .- 9: . A t ff :M X Qs . 5 A S tl R TEX u S N? .dt , , K si ,. ,.,: X Q Q is X X S as K t KM' s 2 I K ' 4' s., -4 'e:,, 1? ,wg f M s. 4 is 2 V 158' 9 A i ig M g V A ' ,W rf s - , wav' in 'fi . ATLWW .gf-. V I A 41 tit 1:51 ,,.,, . W-4 .. . , ,K fy.gfQ ". f 1 GA' :Ab-.k.,:N!6,4ZME ts N n,'IE-Q ' -'10 Q nuff' , Q , I Hg. M wb in v 5, if ,W 1 ' N , 3 If W l ,W , 2. - f i 1 Suzanne Cannefax Chris Carlile Leetha Carlson Bill Carpenter Jerry Cassidy John Cheasick Richard Chermak Donna Chlebeck John Cicchese Pat Cincotta Ellie Close Mike Coleman Tom Collins William Connor Denise Cook Christine Cossor Chris Costello Barry Cran Bob Cropsey Jillene Curtis Diane Dana Scott Dansky John Dehler Dianna Dehmer Tim DeMuth Jennifer Deutsch Char Diebel Bill Diesslin William DiMartino Marcia Dollerschell Jim Donaldson Darla Eastman Kathy Eggum Tom Elert Rose Elizondo Betsy Ellwanger Susan Engstrom Carla Erickson Scott Finberg Julie Fisher Patti Fix Penny Frye Brian Glasbrenner Aaron Goff Duane Goldammer Barb Graf Jim Groetsch Leah Ham' Pat Haefliger Dan Hanson Kristin Harley John Hart Bob Hatch Barbara Hattenberger Mark Hawthorne Bonnie Hayes Lisa Heck Scott Hefta Jeff Heikkinen Carol Heimerl Bryan Hein Lynn Heller Margaret Heller Larry Helms Susan Helps Tom Hendrickson Collette Hemmer Jason Henning Doug Henry Peggy Herrmann Debbie Hickey Doug Hoffman are A 475 ,t 1 .,, t 3 J ,xt . H, ,S-Y Stacy Hofstad Chris Holm Michele Holzemer Rob Howe Rob Hudalla Fred Huiras Steve Hurt Robin Huse Ken Huss Shellie Isaacson Tim Ista Ken Jechorek Theresa Jents Greg Johnson Jodie Johnson Kara Johnson Roy Johnson Joe Jovanovich Dave Jungmann Carla Kane Sandy Karnowski Karyn Kasprazak Margaret Kelley Gene Kelly Sue Klassen Barbara Knivsland Carolyn Knutson Jeff Koesling Dave Kolbeck Kim Komro Mary Kotefka Pat Kottke Lenny Krause Tammy Krause Rebecca Kurzhal Ann Lancette Kristina Lang Greg Larson Sarah Larson Shannon Leahy Pam Lehner Catherine Lerdahl David Letourneau Richard Lewis Tony Lewon Vance Liljedahl Norm Lind Cynthia Lindahl Ron Lindstrom Shirley Loeffler Lisa Lomison Kelly Loughney Jana Lounsbury Connie Luba Scott Lundberg Jane Maki Tim Mandt Andrea Monos Kim Marrone Judy Martin Ann Martinson LaDon Maruna Jean Mayers Joan Mayers Dawn Mazion Tammy McClaine Mike McDonald Teresa McGrane Julie McGraw Kim Mclvor Tammy McMahon Tim Meister X it Wm, ,M Miiwww 4.7 xx '1 Xl! 'xx u ga is ' Scott Mihelich Lynne Minar Brenda Minke Sandra Mills Wendy Mix Joe Moeller Melanie Morrell Donette Moses Julie Motz Sue Moylan Dana Muchow Dani Mulvaney Jennifer Murray Mike Myers Alan Myster Greg Needham Dan Nelson Lori Nelson Tom Newbauer Rod Nielsen Carol Nuteson Pete O'Brien Chris O'Connor Michael O'Connor Michelle O'Connor Andy Oien Beth Olson Roxanne Olson Shannon Olson Todd Olson Roxanne O'Neill Dave Opatz Jerry Oswald Terri Oswald Gary Pansegrau Jim Parenteau Trudi Payton Brad Pearson Ron Pearson Sue Peltier Karl Perlich Roger Petersen Dennis Peterson Elizabeth Peterson Greg Peterson Craig Pinnix Steve Podgorski Tony Poidinger Denise Post Dan Prew Paul Proffitt Mike Proulx Debra Przybilla Laurence Pye Steve Quast Garrett Radcliff Todd Radermacher Nancy Ranqitsch Brian Rasmussen Jeff Rasmussen Mark Rehr Jay Rensted Nancy Rettner Sue Rhoda Mike Richard Laura Roberts Tina Robertson Alberto Rodriguez Juan Rodriguez Lori Roeser Jeff Rohricht Cindy Rongstad navy, v V ,,,1 , ' ' xi J wx , M , ' I N ' X lt Y mise E 44' Y 3 9 Q 'Grim ff Q iv K, it x ' x nllll' X 1 Tom Ronholm Doug Rosentreter Mark Roth Michelle Roth Vince Roth Barb Rongqou Ken Rowe Chris Rucci Denise Rudney Julie Saloka Susie Sampson Mark Sauerbrey Rebekka Sawacke Craig Schewe Robin Schinzing Rolf Schmidt Eric Schnaith John Schonebaum Paul Schuler Cheryl Schultz Dan Schultz Mickey Schultz Sandy Schultz Brad Schumann Alan Schwartz Ray Schweppe Mark Smith Leslie Snyder Joe Sonnek Karen Sorlie Dean Stahl Sue Stahl Mike Stedman Steve Stefano Gina Steffen John Steinbring Paula Stenger Sherri Sterns Jon St. Martin Adrian Strack Dave Stroth Jim Sullivan Julie Summers Andy Swan Jeff Szybatka Phillip Tateosian Jeff Taverna Julie Toensing Tom Tolzman Travers Denell Bill Trotter Margaret Tuckner Polly Tuil Todd Vogel Tammy Vorwerk Vicki Voss Barb Voto Bob Wahlberg Matthew Wallach Beth Wallrich Tim Wallrich Mona Walton Joe Warling Shelly Warling Dan Watters Bill Weber Mike Wichelman Sharon Widholm Michele Williams Rick Williams Tracy Williams Joni Wilske ik X A. , li . af irfiif : ., She l i' .aw N X XX: ima E pm Q A Juniors !k':f'l' vp! Randy Zierden Kent Zoya Tom Wolfe Rich Wolfgram Anita Worrel Lynn Yobbie Terri Young Greg Youngquist Q ,P h..Y-w..,M..,. .....,. , . u More Juniors To Come Sorr Hyden Amersbach Debra Anderson Daniel Boudreau Chris Bush Laurie Cadwell Judy Campbell Eugene Conrad Dean Curley Dee Dotseth Andy Esher Patricia Ferrara .lim Gebhard Karen Cecka Colleen Ganser Kathy Haegele Robyn Hartwick Dave Jungmann Patti Klenk Kent Kvall Valerie Nickson Micky Schultz Anita Travis Jim Walters Tom Wohlberg ,Y A o Picture Of The e Juniors Jackie Griswald Barb Hansen Rick Heim James Hudulla Jodi King James Kuhlman Randy Landeen Colin Langeslay Joe Laroue Kirsten Lorinser Lan My Ly Darrell Mancheski Bill Meissner Alayne Moore Dan Nelson Kevin Olson Pam Rueckert .lack Ryan Brian Sim Kevin Steinert Tom Timmers Scot Tomits Beth Tuttle Jim Zingsheim ij SOPHOMGRES Donna Albert Kirk Allen Joel Anderson Julie Anderson Lisa D. Anderson Lisa J. Anderson Michele Anderson Ron Anderson Kris Andrus Lynn Andrus Julie Apma Robin Asher Cathy Atchison Michelle Aubin Thersa Bailey Todd Bagley Jim Baker Tom Balluff Michelle Bauer Vicki Beane Melinda Belisle Susan Berg Jill Bieniek Jeff Bird Wendy Blaul Theresa Blossom Anne Bobick Joline Bogdan David Bomersine Cheryl Bergstrom Tracy Braun Jay Brennor Betsy Broman Cheryl Brown Kelly Burnham Denise Buss is ,V 'lm f 1 'J A, xx ,f Q NN . M, V QQ ,yawn J Vw- mf ,L ,ww a,5..:,,l,'. . f " " iq, ,why , , 39,1 -MMF? Wg, w L' is 'J 1' if N X l 4 X. ,qs ' haf V . ' " ,L y iq 'N iii W. , , ,Q s ,. Aux .2 W f 1' 'K gg ,, N , cvyc V . -nf? 4 vi ' I P , x 'xo 'U' .L I 5 can Q is 'H M .,. 4 is g E . X 5 Q 5 me C if m R it RQ: . ' I W . 2 i sg as x f X ' F X, . 'M' R X Sr .v f-25 L T f rs K ld wr 3 El 'liz Q? N525 Sw: .ilgg ii Q. My f ....-'-" ,,,,.,.-- ,mmfmmwl wwmmw S s i sv ,131 l . x. X X rs,, ,.: Q X H b Q L,,. N .Q 4 .. ,E . VL. ,- t L? l l My QA X f 'w Carol Byboth Michael Cardelli Tracy Carle Tracy Carney Lisa Carroll Jackie Cassidy John Cassidy Michele Charpentier Renee Charter Wendy Chermak Chris Chuhel Carolyn Clauson Lynn Colbert Ron Coller Chris Conlin Kelly Connor Erick Corcoran Jon Curtis Matt Dalluge Dawn Darst Debbie Davis Tony DeMike Lori DeRocker Melissa Dickhausen Janine Dinderman Brenda Dittbenner Kim Doughty Angie Drexler Monica Ducklow Michele Earley Bernard Ebel Andrew Ellingson Ann Ellingson Jenny Ellison Sharon Embertson Kirsten Enright 4 Leann Erdman Don Erickson Lisa Erickson Bill Fernholz John Finnegan Ann Fisher Rod Frandle Tim Frey Chris Galbraith Christine Galloway Ed Garagiola Wayne Garagiola Missy Gaynor Margaret Gervers Kari Gibson Lisa Giel Missy Godbout Cathy Gonzalez Jennie Goossen Andrea Graf Diana Grunz Harry Grogan Tony Guanella Chris Gustanski Jill Haegele Amy Hagerty Lisa Haider Teresa Halbrehder Mark Hanson Gary Hanson Brian Harshman Dan Hart Mike Haugen Erik Haukland Kathi Hawkins Jeff Hawn s as .s J 6 X Q X H an as XA g, M3 X X Sf" X ,. S X L, f - V ww? ssl. - ' N W e .y ing P if , , L' ' .5 53 ' is 54:1 Q f' A N . X sa f Lu 5- E.: l Xt GQ Mx to N at ,W L L g L. g K , L sip 'I Www Q x ww 7 F m y 'QT?!'j K fx 5 e4 - s . 553 X ifs 5 1 QRS' Cherie Hayes Mark Haynes Jody Heikkinen Careen Heili Russ Heurung John Hoff Maria Hoffhines Joe Holzemer Tim Houle Brian Huff Brent Huiras Tony Hunter Kathy Huot Kris Huston Greg Jackson Marya Jackson Jodi Jacoboski Dawn Jacobsen Paul Jaeger Shelley James Jerry Jensen Jeff Johnson Joe Johnson Julie Johnson Bill Johnson Bob Jones Carole Jutz Scott Kasal Jeff Kasprzak Bob Kelly Houn Khin Julie Kinney Mike Kinsey Sue Kivel Mary Jo Klein Jeff Klooz Chuck Kneip Dan Koller Ruth Kotefka Tim Kratzke Linda Krech Ron Krings Kenny Kroll Karen Krueger Aaron Kunz Kris Kurysh Gregg LaBarre Ken LaBarre Jim Langenberger Todd LaRoue Christine Larson Tom Larson Brett Lassonde Colleen Leahy Renee Ledin Lisa Lee Lynda LeMoine Traci Lewis Patti Lieb Darren Lindahl Rob Lindbom Candy Lindgren Jon Lindquist Mark Longfellow Brian Lovejoy Tim Maki Kathy Lueck Michele Manning Steve Marier Dawn Mason Tammy Mason Glenda May Lisa McCollum Steve McDermott Susan McGowan Dawn Meemken Tom Meissner Kerri Melquist Scott Mesrobian Maurice Metcalf Elaine Meyenburg Alan Meyer Cindi Mihelich Geralyn Minke Elizabeth Mitchell Leah Moe Tom Moe Becky Moeller Karen Moen Joe Monette Gary Montgomery Kim Morrett Janice Morrissey Brian Mundt Cheryl Neidermeier Amy Nelson Jackie Nelson Julie Nelson Robyn Nelson Scott Nelson Rich Nielson Robert Nielsen Sue Niemeyer Tami Nord Allen Nordling Julie Nordquist John Nosbusch Eric Noyes Larry O'Connor David Odeen Chris O'Keefe Lynn Osell Sharyl Olsen Sue Olsen Ricki Olson David Orth Andy Otis Jan Palme Krista Palme Debbie Palmer Michele Patwell Valerie Payne Daniel Pearson Troy Pearson Scott Peterson Debbie Pilgrim Doug Poeschl Jim Poglz Robert Pogue Chris Prew Jo Prochnow Chris Pruden Bev Prudhomme Adina Pye Roxie Rachner Scott Radke Brad Rasmussen Cathy Rauen Mark Rausch Jeff Reagan Jill Reed Pat Richard Tim Richards George Richardson 'Vw Hue, ya x l l Q as 4 , -MVS, nr 'WW f"f 2 -if ' N 2 'mx y 1 5 l .W V . MW '- H it K, ff 4 4 1 If A1 , Jamie Riley Lisa Rivard Dave Robertson Steve Rockenback Anthony Rodlund Ted Root Jim Rowenhorst Joe Rucci Kathy Ruddick Shannon Rybak Les Sarne Paul Sass Shari Sauro Lenny Sauvageau Kathie Savage Sue Schaaf Colleen Schille Greg Schneider Kathy School John Schultz Sheri Schute Craig Selbitschka Katie Seyforth Julie Shappell Kerry Shortridge Cindy Sletten Arnie Smestad Dave Smith Bart Soban Mark Spreeman Kim Stack Deanna Stedman Mark Stefano Larry Stenger Jenny Stirzl Sonia Svoboda 'I4 Carl Swanson Missy Swanson Johanna Swenson Lynn Thalhuber Sherri Themmes Jeff Thomsen Mary Kay Tocko Richard Travis Jeanne Trepanier Denise Varland Ray Vineski Michele Vocafski Nancy Voto Alan Walsh Buddy Walsh Mike Wanles Keri Ward Kirsten Ward Jim Warling Chris Wedes Jenny Wegleitner Mary Wendel Paul Werner Steve Wetzler Jack Wilcox Paul Wilke Jay Williams Jerry Wilson Terry Windingstad Dan Wittner Cheryl Woeltje John Wolfe Cindy Wolszon Kim Wood Joe Yobbie Rod Yoch X .08 as 4- X ,af E 5g9,,1.wu-s we bw If, -c .M it f .- X N . .hx 5. R X 'E .5 .xx . , -. s if E I ,K . Sophomores Lynette Zakrzowski Nancy Zuercher Robert Butterfield Donald Camp Lyle Carver David Corbett Alicemarie Demmer Wilfred DeVera Marcel Duke Loren Duke Debi Duraine Howard Elrod Jennifer Erickson Jim Fashingbauer Lyla Finow Jon Aronson Todd Berg Anne Cammack Rod Hallgren Linda Kuehnow Debbie Larson Todd Montgomery Kim Muller Tom Narrow Mike Peltier Sue Sauerbrey Laura Schroeder Gene Stai Richard Travis Tammy Zahn .O Sophomores Not Pictured Steven Francis Theresa Fries Kristy Grant Dean Haseltine Ron Hammer James Harper Chris Hearden James Jones Lisa Kester Tom LeTourneau Don Lewondowski Randy Lindstrom Dianna Markie Marcus Moore Todd Morrissette Eric Nelson Russ Peloquin Ken Perzichilli Molly Reber David Shank Martin Sykes Dawn Troff Jeanne Welsh John Widell W M Y 4 -.A -A 4' 4" ww 'ml' -V ,,'1'-,' ' 1 'us .R rvfi' 5' ' -Q giisgif QTL? L' V -, 'j.,,:.f""g Zfpgzy 'g"Lk1A'.l l 'uI'4?gj,1F4T.1f Q, 'A 1 p., 1 ,L Q a Q . QM IU" Ai J , , M.. H J I ff.. ,. , 'm sd Julie Albert Pamela Alexander Lisa Allen Georgie Amersbach Jeni Amon Craig Amundson Ken Andersen Kevin Andersen Barb Anderson Cora Anderson Eric Anderson Jill Anderson Kaarin Anderson Laura Anderson Sandy Anderson Kelly Andrus Kii Arens Dorothy Armstrong Patricia Auger Eric Aurelius Deanne Babler Michael Baier Michele Bailey Mary Balluff Jim Barnes Bruce Bauer Jerry Beane Howie Beguhl Steven Benkovics Terry Berglund Robert Bergman Shawn Bernstein Mark Berres Jacqueline Best Judy Bibeau Robert Bilski -vs 15 4. ,fs 'es QW? as X .AJ '1' K ""k -fi - K -, . .,..s:f..wX ' 3 ,, ' - fimifl' F, 1' if A s 1 t -vga ,W ye W A WE. if X ' J - . I: s X . X 'Y X N, ,.. . . ss yg risk X Q . 1 X 55 Y' N' ,, , Q XS X-. Q .Q w X lg is ' fr , xswps .x i ' ' ' ii? B? X. W A an W. rs ttt.. .ff J A , ,ff - L uf. ' W 5' ' X was R g I s -we-sg. 1 f . . KX- all Q ikkli if 75' if ' tp A , a 5 t A S. . sf? -A an A i R. - s tg swf-in it ' 'X " R Wim a-ess S Q SX K ,Y K A .-' ms . K: l Svfffsea -- "-1 . at sk Q ww X X Q' 3 K N 'Q Q Y X if Q w fi? K ,ss 1 X as " .1 42 . -2 -:.. ., X , df? xl px A as F e X is Wg' s ga , Y me , Q M., J' ,.... Y' 1 taii F A ' ' .X 100+ . Ag c-1 ig Q E, , K Tix Es -' In A -.Q N QNX SQ? KY 4 x.,f in f J 2 -X':, t V, t- ' "' . R. X .. Q 5 - ' . x Q X. W-Vx B 3 ' .K f I , X ,fs F 2 Ei at pe if s., '7 .Q w K+. an by 'x i 1 4 l -'Q XX. B X 1 S 'Nha e' V 2- if l X1 s Xt XS Q A. X? is 12 1 .fav X X xx, .x B 5 x f B C E it sv X 1 ft 1 - i Kevin Bisek Patti Blekeberg Janel Bloedorn Robert Boever Andrea Bohn David Boudreau Jaymie Bowditch Kimberly Bowman Cheryl Breheim Cynthia Brown David Brumond Bobby Bryant Terrie Burg Pat Campbell James Capp Christine Carlson Jan Carlson Katherine Carlson Chris Carpenter Deborah Carter Elizabeth Casseda Susan Caulkins Jeff Cherry Laurie Cincotta Dawn Ciresi Daniel Claseman Michele Coller Debbie Converse Lori Cropsey Kathleen Darwitz Phil Davis Randy Davis Daniel Dawson Renee Delzotto .loan Denison Jeff Destasio Y Carol DiMartino Eric Dinehart Craig Dolby Stacey Dornfeld Heidi Drake Nelson Dunwoody Pam Earley Scott Ebel Debbie Ecker Nancy Eder Pamela Edmundson David Eide Susan Engebretson John Engel David Engstrom Dave Ensign Tony Ensign Diane Erickson Kenny Erickson Kevin Erickson Lynn Erickson Joe Esher Kurt Ettlinger Ann Fenno Brian Firkus Mike Folkerts Danna Forga Douglas Foster Ronald Franklin Bob Frederickson Kirsten Fredrick Kevin Fries Sandra Fuller David Furbur Peter Garin Patrick Gatti Q, A - t--l.-- 5 S, Q fi vs E P ft -rv If ,.. , F F '22 X XX 1 'Ea t 9 , -54555, K ,Q T, .hi wi i 15, X - K A ' - F P i s t,gl fig g , M9 I gtg. -- k.,:--wxsfgtgg: - '- l 'kl' ' -- -' A ,. :QR Y SN 'Q X S it .I s H , ' Kiln U'-F' ' ,I .1551-liifff X . ' .X ' l-" V L 'K - ' . -' I L if ,sgf 32: 3 jg .- if A Wig 3 F? K 2 3. if - A y l 'Mt , X . Wg- L E 5 fin S Wi, ' Q' lliii. :bfi is Wv T '-f: ' K ..:.,, -.M .- XX Q X X X Fir' N. .ms .4 ya .ks Q Q Nha? QS Pa . N. . 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'iifmfk 'A 1 f - . . -'g S5512 1 1:-2 ff1-- . .H YH 'fri -H at X so s 1 l X ,wig Q ., A F N s. ' .Q ,... -4' i if' i .- 1 5 5 'X x X Q if Hxkag. . iw H G X an I J X Q' " .. 1 IS L7 in gp., 'z 4, 7 . X law' tg! I ,,,,,,...,. ' If Y .sf "5 K ' ' K 3,1 ' H- ' . I .1 X is f 49 i ff? X Vliig, ' L, 'Un f wx., r ,aglflw A A in "5 CJ' l :lf w., 4l.1l- M4117 , ' MS gy X S 3 Cf? 19961 'war' 7, , ,,- - V, N A ,QV 4 . Lf ' v ? . x Q -fe , l w ' 4 'N 4 5 P W ' ,gbajz 'HQMJ if .km -3 L x IA X Y - 1 Q 3 ,f If ,,., ,,.f, , V I ,IA 5 I , " ,VLL ' ' My sv a ., 'f Q. , I L V A L gm ' f ' ,'.- , .- tu we S " f' li ' N A 7 : V I L. at if 2 f riffs? F 4 J -... TP Sran Khin Kimberly Killen Carrie Kneip Karin Knoll Kristin Knoll Kenneth Kolias Steve Kolias Norman Kordell Anne Kotefka Laura Kraemer Lori Krause Donnet Krueger Becky Krummel Suzanne Kuhlman Kathleen Kulhanek Randy Kvaal Ed LaBelIe Randy LaKour Lisa LaMotte Barbara Lancette Debbie Landeen Karen Lantz Scott Larsen Scott Larson Michelle Leis Gery Leko Angela Lichty .leray Lindeman Sharon Lindeman Cherisse Linder Dave Loeffelmacher Jean Lounsbury Kurt Lund Scott Lyons Deborah Maciouch Lynne Mahnke Brad Markowski Kelli Martin Kevin Martin Wendy Martin Troy Marusich Tammy Marx Susan Maslowsi Kim Mastel Scott Mathern Linda Mathews Lori Matheys James Matson Jane Mattoon Jill Maus Thomas McCarton Michelle McClaine Kristine McVeigh Candy Meyers Kim Milawovich Kay Milbridge Brian Miller Lisa Miller Sandy Miller Brian Molohon Scott Moody Dan Moore Kurt Moore Michael Moris Lorri Moses Eugene Murray Penny Narow Gary Needham Anne Nelson Gary Nelson Sharrie Nelson Wendy Nelson sr '-:ss..,-1.:1- sf Anas- IU' 2 W 'uv u, K 9' . s -2 .51 'fm x, ll Mathis sexes S .:.,, N ..,. 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W I ,, If ,Y ' ' ' , f wif AY' K. no 7' l Q w Kelly Teich Dan Thalhuber Susan Thell Dennis Thompson John Timmermann Crystal Timmers Mike Todora Paul Toetsechinger Toni Trepanier Laura Turner William Udelhofen Michael Utecht Patrick Utecht James Valenziano Mike Vasquez Brenda Verhaagn Brenda Vickery Barbara Voss Brenda Walek Kandi Walker Jon Wallace Kelly Walsh John Warling Dawn Wasieleski Patricia Warren Steve Weber Laura Webster James Wegleitner Jackie Welsch James Wichelman Denise Widholm Michael Witney Jayne Wilkins Kurt Will Reynold Williams Dennis Wilsey Stephanie Armstead Laura Bartlett David Engstrom Colleen Hart Greg Hilliard Terry Munoz Lynn Nordskog Freshmen Not Pictured This Year Bill Becker Terry Blue Philip Burdine Danny Chan Keri Davis Joey Deutsch Brenda Dittbenner Allan DeVera Dan Forga James Fowler Gary Fritz David Galbraith Richard Goben Chris Henderson Connie Hofstad Lisa Hogan Jeff Keenan Jolene Kelly Steve Kolias Martin Lane Mike Morgan Dale Pedersen Shelly Poidinger Tom Schaum Cheri Torgusson Glen Wilson Heidi Wohlberg Kurt Will Chris Woitowicz Jeff Young Jeff Zentzis Scott Zoya Arlene Zwiers FIRM BUT FAIRU THAT'S MY MOTTO. FACULTY School Board X m X if M 'ff' 9 My M, 0 f Q G Z SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS: Sitting: BJ. Haak, T. Geron Bell, Dr. William O. Woodworth, Charles Wiger. Standing: Paul Sandberg, Robert Hanson. William Sheffield, Bruce Beck. Administration O U ' n S 8 e C Carver Fouks Dagny Waldeland Terry Aske I t t Principal Ass't Prin. ASSY Prin. O i o r C I' S Ii' " .. ,. 1 1a-a Q W aa ,, ' or S ,A 2 aaro is : A :QN kkiqk X John Bartz Mark Deutz Anne Fesenmaier Leo Kasinak Don Palkovich Ft 17+ N -+4 Q Q.-A-ty li' Connie Andrews JoAnne McPherson Faye Ormseth Bu iness Education Sandra Brown S-as ws, Clifford Gilbertson Herb King Dave Lindgren Frances Ramaley Stan Rosen English if .Q l Mary Kay Buskin Ken Christensen Mary Kay Dahlin Karen Klein I l Barbara Lambert English Cont. Ai 1.3414-A' ,.,-we .' ,- Y. 1,f5V,', .i Carol Maske Marlene Miller Brenda Robertson Richard Robertson Betsy Senrick IN vw lx Joe Sweeney Gary Tewinkel Donna Walseth Gordon Wyman Foreign Language Home Econom ics at n ai-Q -'lm B278 Norb Huber Stan Meyer Mary Haggerty Stacy Nelson f' xl ff l"a,,'f fall 1, Xl iQ W B , J' 1 " , R it X f y if 1 K illllllliw X- 'X4 - .ff nt Q 1, ,gl 169 Argene Whalen Industrial Arts Vi mis 'Wgmgv Wayne Erickson Bob Gramsey Roger Groetsch Dennis Larson Mary Kay Mymerl athematics David Retka ,S rx W at . Jerry Anderson Karen Erickson Bernie Krenner Jack Lown ZN- Eugene Matters Pat McKusky Jim Milanovich Kay Shager Charlotte Vanderwege ff 1 7' Xf7g .. 54 nga A r f O D ' 445-Nf' :L ' l'n D, Qi 141- Music Carl Lipke dm '-3:41 1-wg. 1 Richard Thurlow Richard Williams John Gustafggn Bill Halbrehder Physical Education Health 1. EQ -l ,Q Q k ' 'N Marcia Kremer Katherine McMonagIe Sandra Riesselman Jim Schuder Q 5, Nei Cience C, Erpelding Ax 5 L xx Arnie Johnson Crist Langelett Keith Randa Art Romness Eugene Schweltz Tom Skalbeck 171 Social Studies Fred Anderson Arnie Bauer Sue Berg Harvey Davis Marie Elverum ff , W , Maureen Fahey Bill Flowers Ken Heitz Warren Jerome Gordon Johnson John King Ken Wagner Mary JHI19 Warren l L Support Services Naomi Colburn Milo Gray Peg Heslop Claudia Larson Barb Nelson Hall Monitor Librarian Support Services Cont. Del Nelson Richard Nierengarten Joy Sauer Dennis Strootman Dan Sullivan Nurse Speech ' ISS Coordinator 76. Geraldine Westlund Nita Whyte Ken Wight Audio Visual Secretaries S Clerical m 1' U1 A I 1 17, , i 52 if M if 4 W' V f Q so af j ,..a1flll Q Joyce Cardelli Jan Chouanard Lorraine Horner Renee Milker Ida Quisrad ecretaries Cont. -ix ' - Betty Sarner Dorothy VanOrsdeI Aides f f ffl fl' 9 -1:.l.:3g.- ws '07 mi? . ' I t - s f nf" f' x . 4 I 5. fi. A Sharon Westphal A R X' L Henrietta Chanerwn Jean Davis Joni Handlos Leann LaBarre Kathy Lehner Mona McCollum Kathy Murray Marilyn Pearson Susann Pearson Bethal Priebe p 'U' 4 J , 'l 1 Aides Cont. 'fo HA" an Genevieve Schnaith Harriet Schouweiler Pat Schultz Lea Str0m MHFCCIIB Themm95 Custodians Ed Albrecht Harold Larson Neal McLellan John Quarn Mike Sokol Matrons Truman Williams uuwllii. gf' 2 Gene Wittner ' gk N in Ar X Xl.. 1 Q3 ui ia" 5 5' X 1 1 W?Q . ff'V3Yf ":?' f Eiffm yvoalu : ll- 7 du" lr ' hx 'Lib Y P . ',..v-,M , , ' i H A H . ' U Z , ,..T l ,, My . , eLf1'l:r-l 5 13" y1.','Q2K1l, ll 1 Nanc Cam bell Loretta Praus In .". ,.' , ' ..f,".:f'gg?7 1 ' ' ?7' ' it kf . , - ' . f :I f I f ,.. 5 5 - x l X'-M Q 'L Food Service Y 'vi I Carol Andrus Luella Berg Barbara Charles Galle Colburn Qs IX x Mary Coons l Irene Grandt Rosemary Hulsman , xx K LV N ' lglxgyxil-, I I RL f St!! 'Q ' ,1 , A W f x ye f J that - x ,xx it X NR, '1 X Ill xX"ul. I, yuan' 1' N Nl Ngnyvlyhrl. -... E A 'v X X N l 1 I I 1 I 1 X l Dorothy Johnson Xl fp 'X X., -3 Dorothy Neidermeier Helen NOYB Beverly Rausch .lan Schultz K X XX Q f ff rl 4 Wo WW f su 75 S fy xsvr X N! NS K vf all J us WWW W W WW Mffilffww M frww Wi+MM 'paaiW'f9?gWfwfQf? U3 ' ' MQEWQMWW W WW' Wwwiiifw 96',qgwgf,Q'H xx x ali' X 0 "Qg',,,M M K g .X Q-llllmbn K ij x H ,. X X f, X NM ! mi. Q x gif 'x N--. kim y QW , . K, Q V N gif 5 NX- ' Z' H M ' vs., . V, lx XX V ' I' -Q 'x MAX , 'N ' 1 fe ' ...i"""""' X Pm 3 E X "'7 n W v ' ' f X Y A x 1 , X ' K 5 f - R wx ' b' f . , X M W ' V 9 WX " r , , N XX NM ,L 5 ' , a. 1 A X ' ix' PV ' ' 'L "A-' ll 5 mm 3' ii, L ni A Q x 'W -PM - , 1 . N Ra V f... , f , , 1 fx , i 'tn t ,AI f A L - , If 1 X' dx X ' 3 , , 4- - . x A . N K AN X 3 fx . 'M V R f J E V 5 K , - ff ..,4 f ff 1 V ew"LN4 , ,gf W V :N D V f A A V, , I an esifuw A. X! 11 Nw '-f V ' '- x A - aim' Nunn XX X s . 4 5 , I? fkhx 3 , A -X R , , ,D ,il 'V'-X 2 if . Qn5gwEvM?wW xx ,A hiya., gi " 5.6 K , ? 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Carved into exotic shapes, it has en- tranced and fascinated men for ages. 1 A And it was the inspiration for Montezuma G Gold Tequila, a tastien mellower tequila. But don't let its smoothness deceive you. Underneath it all lies a certain subtle power that demands respect. Montezuma Gold Tequila. Lools for our ,M Aztec calendar and make a date with . Montezuma Gold today. Youll discover the power that real Gold can bring. "Wilf- l f f, eau: -' M355 , . '- e -. f W- 'n The noblest Tequlla

Suggestions in the North High School - Polaris Yearbook (North St Paul, MN) collection:

North High School - Polaris Yearbook (North St Paul, MN) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


North High School - Polaris Yearbook (North St Paul, MN) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


North High School - Polaris Yearbook (North St Paul, MN) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


North High School - Polaris Yearbook (North St Paul, MN) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 153

1982, pg 153

North High School - Polaris Yearbook (North St Paul, MN) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 140

1982, pg 140

North High School - Polaris Yearbook (North St Paul, MN) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 80

1982, pg 80

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