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A New Beginning As a new school year unfolds and a new decade begins, it is also time to start new memories. For the freshmen it is the begin- ning of their high school years which can be the most memora- ble years of one ' s life. For the sophomores it is a time for them to set the pace for the freshmen. It ' s a time for the juniors to start preparing for their senior year, and for the seniors, it is their last chance to store many memo- ries of their accomplishments here at North High. We hope that the 1980 ' s will be very prosperous for everyone and will hold many memories for us to look back upon. When we first met our days were filled with promise for tomorrow. But we are wiser now. We fill our days with the joys of today so our time will not become a mere memory of yesterday. Student Life 4 Seniors 22 Underclassmen 38 Faculty 72 Sports 84 Organizations 114 Advertising 138 Index 156 Alisa Ziegler and Tony Calaway. North High Kadets pictured: Lisa Chidester, Sheryl Cilliam, Rhonda Augustine, Diane Maier, Nancy Swanson, Joy Hansen, Re Ann Grogan, and Annie Holland. 5 Spirit Week Boost ' s North ' s Morale! Homecoming arrived very early this year, and as usual it started off with Spirit Week. The week of September 15 — 19 was a very hec- tic week for everyone. Many new events were added to make Spirit Week bigger and bet- ter than ever before. The new ac- tivities were Cowboy Day, Spy Day, and Cake Contest. Of course the traditional events were still held. They were Dress Up Day, T- Shirt Day, the Powderpuff Football Game, the Car Cram, Penny Week, and Green and White Day. Spirit Week did a lot to help boost the general morale of North High. The cheerleaders helped promote spirit by decorating the auditorium for Home- coming. The stars of the sequel to Urban Cowboy. Steve Nielsen the new breed of North High Cheerleaders. Many vehicles were decorated for the Homecoming parade. Julie Rychel and Lisa King are victims of the North High Flasher on Spy Day. Brad H., Beth Bos, Jim Z., and Doug K., show that they really know how to look on Dress Up Day. Pep Assemblies Promote Spirit at N.H.S. Many Pep Assemblies were held this year in order to boost school spirit. The Cheerleaders, and the band played an important part in getting the crowd fired up. At every Pep Assembly a varsity football player would emcee the program. Various skits were per- formed throughout the year by the cheerleaders, and many team mem- bers. The football players, cheer- leaders, the band, and the crowd all proved that spirit is not dead at North High. The cadets perform while Rhonda A. displays her talents. tm Julie Madison, Debbie Schaeffer, and Shari Twist get crazy at one of the Pep Assemblies. The Freshman Cheerleaders perform for the student body. If We Believe We Can The Homecoming Royalty and their escorts. " If We Believe We Can, " was the theme for the 1980 Homecoming dance. The dance was held September 20, 1980 in the girls gymnasium. Music was provided by " Last Shades of Dawn. " Terri Bird and Donnie Christensen were elected Homecoming Queen and Mr. Polar Bear. The senior princesses were Becky Keith and Laurie Lathrum. Joy Hansen and Tana Kelce reigned as Junior Princesses, while Michelle Mattson and Jeanna Petefish were sophomore Princesses. Freshmen Princesses were Kim Mick and Michelle Garcia. Attendence for this year ' s dance was the largest ever. Larry McGinn and Chris Gallagher enjoy themselves at the dance. ' 1 Homecoming Queen Teri Bird and Mr. Christensen give a smile. Polar Bear Donnie Jeanna Petefish and Jeff Tracey sit down with refreshments to re- lax. Brad Hodges, Ron Armstrong, Jim Zimmerman, Dave Lockridge and Steve Neilson prove to be a " Wild and Crazy " bunch! Nancy Swanson and David Lockridge show off their dancing abilities. 13 POLAR BEAR ROYALTY Sophomore Princess Candidates: Michelle Mattsen, Teresa Lorenz, Brenda McClure, Jeanna Petefish, Cindy Marcheal and Pam Christensen. Freshmen Princess Candidates: Michelle Garcia, Kelly Bell, Kirr Mick, Jenny Freihage, and Lynette Dunlap. 17 Memories of a New Beginning So far the 80 ' s have been a time of dissatisfaction for most Ameri- cans. The economy has been unstable and there is much uncertainty over the American hostages in Iran. The biggest uncertainty of the 80 ' s seemed to be, " Who Shot J.R.?! " Aside from this, many good things have come about. Gas prices are continuing to decline, while new and interesting trends are on the rise. Designer jeans have almost replaced the traditional Levi ' s. John Travolta introduced us to the " Ur- ban Cowboy " craze by giving us cowboy hats and mechanical bulls. The Philadelphia Phillies won their first World Series, and Robert Redford shifted his talents from acting to directing. Ronald Reagan was elected president which started his four year term. Memories of a New Beginning will last a lifetime. The Executive Board The Executive Board is a very important part of senior life at North High. They represent the senior class in the decision making process of senior events at North. Executive Board offices are filled by the Senior Class President, Vice President of Prom, Vice President of Banquet, Girls Representative for Prom and Banquet, Boys Representative for Prom and Banquet, and a treasurer. They decide the dates of senior events, the commencement format and they fi- nalize senior class decisions. This past year the Executive Board has worked very hard to make senior life at North High a memorable exper- ience. Doug Kurschinski V P. Banquet.X. Shelly Furgason Girls Rep. Prorn. Richard Whisler Boys Rep. Banquet. 24 Christopher Shawn Agan Football 1337, Track 4. Baseball 6. basketball 2 " 1 would like to be remembered, as being one of the few on the football team who went out even ' week fighting for a victory. Barbara Kav Alexander Polar Bear Staff 6,7.8. North High Bowling 7.8. Library Assistant 6. 7. Honor Roll 4.5,6, Oea 7, Chorus 1. 2, Nurse Assistance 2. " My most memorable experience at North was meeting new friends and becoming closer to my old friends Remember Lisa and Julie. Miss Yearbook ' Alisa Renee Allensworth Basketball 1-8. Track 2,6 Pep Club 5-8 Student Council Rep 4, Letterman ' s Club 6,8, Oracle 7, Polar Bear 7. " These years I ' ve spent at North have been great! I ' ve met a lot of really special people here and although I mav not see some of them. I ' ll never forget them Basketball has been a lot of fun and I ' m glad I was a part of North ' s first winning team. Good luck to evervone — high school should be some of the best years of your We. 4 Jr Larrv Dean Anderson Tennis 4,6,8, Band 1-6, Oracle 6,7,8. " I would like to be remembered as one who is always there to lis- ten and make you smile. I will always remember my friends and the good times 1 had at North. " i C Ron Wesley Armstrong Football 1.3,5.7, Track 2,4,8, Baseball 6,8, Bowling 2, 4,6.8 " My Most Memorable experience would be starting on the varsity football team as a junior and senior. " Rhonda Genna Augstine Band 1-6, Golf 3-8, Kadet 5-8, Cheerleader 3,4, Pep Club 3,4, Office Assistance 5,6, Senior Banquet Committee 7,8, Basketball Manager 1,2, Track 1,2, Swimming timers 5-8, Orchestra 1,2, Honor Roll 6,7, 8. Prom Committe 7,8, Lettermen ' s Club 5-8, Golf 5-8 Captain 5-8. " My most memorable experience at North was shooting under 50 on 9 holes of golf. I will never forget all of the friends 1 have made, and how I ' ve gotten to know the old better North has taught me many things that I can be proud oft I ' m glad to be a Po- lar Bear! " leffery Mark Baring Football 1.3,5,7, Baseball 1, Basketball 2,4,6,8, Sports Manager 3 Track 8, Choir 1.2. " Last year coming so close to the boys state basketball tournament This year I plan to be in the state basketball champions The first football game of the 80s against Indianola 21 — 14 in over time Also to go on to college and play football. " Knsti Marie Bassett Swimming 1,6. Honor Roll 3-6, Cheerleader 5,7, Office Coop 5-8, Softball 6,8, Letterman ' s Club 6 " If I had my years at North High to do over I wouldn ' t Change a single moment. " Diane Lynne Beit ell Office Coop 5-8, Pep Club 5,6 Teresa Lynn Bird Homecoming Queen 7, Swim Team 1,3,5,7, Basketball Cheerleader 6, Pep Club 3-8, Choir 1-8, Junior Princess 5, Wrestling " Cheerleader Captain 8, Office Assistant 7, Booster Club 5,6, Fine Art ' s Trip 4,6. " My most Memorable experience was representing North As Homecoming Queen 1980! " lidward Joseph Birmingham A.F.J.O.T.C. 1-6, Honor Roll 1,2,4. " My most memorable experience was barrelling freshmen, yet not getting barrelled " X " Anna Bishop Frank William Bohall Jr. Football 1,3,7, Boys Swimming 2,4,8, " My senior year is the best one. " Beth Renee Bos Swimming 3.4. Basketball mgr 3,4, Pep Club 3-8, Honor Roll 3,4,5, Football Trainer 4-7. Student Council 7,8, Deca 6. Letterman ' s Club 6,8, Key Club 7,8, Intercity Student Council 7,8, Oracle 7,8, Polar Bear Staff 7, Golf 6,8, Sr Swim Committee 8, Sr Banquet Commit- tee 8. Track Mgr 4 Jeffrey A. Brown Band 1-8, Orchestra 6, Plays 3,4. 26 Debbie R. Bruce K Softball 4. I would like to be remembered as I am My future plan is to be- come a model. My most memorable experience at North High is the day 1 modeled for Deca Jim Buckroyd Cina Elaine Butts Basketball 2,3, Honor Roll- My most memorable experience at North is being in 12th grade above everyone else. I plan to attend Iowa State University. Lisj Marie Cervetti O.E.A. 7, Nurses office assistant 7, North Star 3-5, Musical 3, Plays 2.3. Basketball 2, 4. Michael Wells ChapmanX Football 1, Student Council 1-3,5, Stage Crew 1-8. Oracle 7,8, Polar Bear Staff 6-8, Choir 5-7. " To be or not to be. " Lisa Eileen Chidester Volleyball 3,5,7, Tennis 2.4,6,7-8, Student Council 1,2, Cheerleading 1,2, Drill Team 3-8, Letterman ' s Club 5,6, Flag Twirler 3-8, Nurse Assistant 7,8. " My most memorable experience at North was when our Band went to the State Band Contest in my sophomore year and brought back the No 1 rating for band and Drill team I hope that North will always be proud and hold their heads high, for we mav be small but we stand as a family. " Don Leroy ChristensenX Football 1,3,5.7, Wrestling 2,4,6,8, Chorus 5,6,7, Track 4, Mr Polar Bear 7, Booster Club 5,6, Letterman ' s Club 5,6. " My most memorable experience was wrestling and playing foot- ball for North. " Cynthia Lynn Clark X Pep Club 5-8, Pep Club Vice President 7,8, Varsity Football Cheerleader 7, Volleyball and Wrestling, Cheerleader 5,6, U.N. Trip 6, Tennis 6,8, Y Teens 1,2, Student Council 1,2,6 Library Assistant 7. Basketball 2,4. " North High will always be in my heart. The friends that I made and the fun we all had will stay a memory forever Goodbye North! " Brian Scott Clay Football 1,3,5,7, Jeffrey D Clough Football 1,3, Head Photographer 7,8 " Stay just a little crazy and maybe you can graduate like the rest of us fools. " Susan Ann Coffey Girls Swimming 1, Deca 6, Office Coop 7,8, Choir 1.2, Nurses As- sistant 1,2. Sabnna Christina Coleman Honor Roll 3, Choir 1-7, Deca 7, Pep Club 5-7 " My most memorable experience was just meeting all the great people here at North. I ' ll always remember everybody and every- thing at North. " Laurene Allyces Connelly Drama 3, Library Asst 1, North Star 7,8, Choir, Pep club 1-8, Cheerleading 5,6, Track 8. " I would have to say that my most memorable experiences were when all the students got together, at the games, dances, etc. It was fun to get the chance to make new friends Also being in Mr. Nyman ' s crazy homeroom (Does this make you feel better Mr Nyman?) Kelli Dawn CoxX Pep Club 3-8, Kadets 4-8, Track 6.8, Oracle Staff 7,8, Honor Roll 1- 8 Swim Timers 3.4. " I really loved being Kadet Colonial and I appreciate and thank every girl on the squad 1 Thanks, Miss Quinn! " Terri Cox 27 % Scott Rolans Cretors Golf 4, Light Crew 5-8, Oracle 5-8 Stage Crew 1,2,5,8, Honor Roll " As our North Boys Bowling team won the District tournament in 1980. and went on to state. " X Edgar Cross ROTC 1-7, Dey Club 5. " My future plans are to become an officer in the Army Reserve and an architect. " Rita Lucia Daniels Pep club 3-8, Pep Club Assil Secretary 5,6, Pep Club President 7,8, Orchestra 1-8. Sophomore Cheerleader 3,4, Varsity Basketball Cheerleader Captain 7-8, Honor Roll 5, DesMoines Symphony 3-8, Varsity Football Cheerleader 7, Sophomore Homecoming Princess Teresa Davis Pep Club 1,3,5,7, Cheerleading 5,7, Track 2, Letterman ' s Club 6. " Mv most memorable experience was Making it for Varsity Basket- ball and Football cheerleader Also when I graduate I will always think of North as Number ONE no matter what. " [uanita Dean Chorus 1,3.5, Office Assistant 1,3,5. " My most memorable experience was singing at the graduations and Dancing in the Gong Show. " Terrt Lvnn Dixon Cheerleading 5.8, Polar Bear Mascot 7, Swim Timers 3, Tennis 2, Pep Club 5-8, Office Assistant 1,2, Choir 1-4. " Mv most memorable Experience was being the polar bear mascot and |ust being apart of North High is what you make it! " David Do man Julie Dianne Dunshee North Star Singers 3-5, Orchestra 6, Honor Roll, Plays 3-6, Musicals 3-5,6,8, Swimming (Captain) 1,3,5,7, Band 1-8, Drum Major 7,8, Tennis 6,8, Golf 2,4, Cheerleader 3,4, Wrestling Manager 6. " The secret to success in life is for a person to be ready when their opportunity comes. " Denise Egli Todd Elverum Sandra Fane Brenda Jean Fife DEC A President 7 Tracie Foutch Lori Foxhoven ROTC 1-5. Kadets 5-8, Office Assistance 3, Choir 3-8, North Star Singer 7.8, Honor Roll 1,2,3,5. " I ' ve really enjoyed my years at North especially on the drill team Thanks North for all those special times tney will be cherished. " Gina Fuhrman 28 J K Shelly Furgason Softball 2,4,6,8, Band 1-4, Cheerleader 1,2, Student Council 1,2. " My most memorable moments at North were those spent with good friends — growing and sharing experiences together. " Theodore Lance Giles Football at Mt. Ayr. Comm. 1-2, " My future plans are to join the Navy, then police officer. " plan on becoming a Sheryl Marie Gilliam Flag Twirler 5-8, Cheerleader 3,4, Honor Roll 1-6, 8, Band 1-4, Track 1,2, Pep Club 3,4. " My years at North High are ones that 1 will always remember. Meeting new friends and sharing the memories that I have had at North will always be a special part of my life. " AT Su ie Maria Glas Swimming 5,6, Golf 5-8, Flag Twirler 7,8, Band 7,8, Lettermans Club 7,8, Honor Roll 3,4, Class Representative 1,2, Choir 1-4. " I will never forget the first time I shot under 100 on 9 holes of golf, when drill team got a ONF in state contest and all of the friends I have made. " Leline Cathnne Green Volley Ball 3,5, Pep Club 5-8, Swim Timer 3-8, H.R Secretary 3,4, Office Assistant 5,6, Choir 1,2,3, Honor Roll 5,6, " 1 would like to go to Mercy ' s school of nursing and become an RN " Quincy Guy Allen Hale Football 1.3, Honor Roll 1-8. " My most memorable experiences were when 1 could learn in class and have fun with my Friends. " Gary Layton Hansen Baseball 2, Cross country I, Oracle staff 6. Patrick Allen Harkin Tennis 1-8. " I plan to to Iowa State and major in computer engineering. " I Alan R Hastings Debate 3-6. Football 5,7, Student Council 1.3,4,6,7.8. Honor Roll 1.2. 4,6. " Breaking to Quarter Finals in the Valley Debate Tournament. " Bradley |av Hodges Powder Puff Cheerleader 7. Band 1.2. Boys State 7, Polar Bear Staff 7,8, Oracle 6,7,8, Oracle Editor 7.8. Letterman s Club 5-8. Football Captain 7, Key Club 7,8, Track 8. " I ' ll always remember being one of the Few who had the guts to play football! " K Kande Rae Hooten Honor Roll 3-8, Tennis 6,8, Pep Club 5-8 Basketball 3.4. Swimming 3, Band 1,2 Ted Horn f fames B Hull Light Crew 3-8, Stage Crew 3-8. Honor Roll 1-8. " Working the plays. " Loren Glen Huss Baseball 2,6.8, Football 1,7, Basketball 1,3, Choir 1,2,4-8, Tennis 4, Fine Art Trips 4,6. " My most memorable experiences was defeating the state Champs in baseball in 1980. " 29 John Immol Dewev Johannes Band 1-8. Stage Crew 6. Dawn Anita Johnson Office Coop 3. Softball I " I remember the high times spent with my friends. " Jeff A. Johnson Football 5,7, Track 2,4,6,8, Basketball 2,4, Letterman ' s Club 5,6. Cheerleader for Powder Puff Football. " The most fun time was during track season, I never failed to have a good but fun time and laughed about the season. " V Amv Keairns Basketball 2, Track 2, Band, Cheerleader 6, Pep Club Becky FJaine Keith Swimming Captain 5.7, Homecoming Princess 7, U.N Trip 6, Hon- or Roll 1-8, Prom Committee 7,8, Girls State 6, Band 1-8. Basketball 2, North Star Singers 3,4. Musical 3,4. " My most memorable experience is being part of North High Hav- ing my friends growing up with me and being a big part of mak- ing my years at North so enjoyable " K Lisa Ann King Basketball 1-8, Honor Roll 1-8, Honors— Top 3 1-8. U N. Trip 6, Senior Banquet Committee 7,8, North Star Singers 3,4,5, Plays 1-8, Musicals 3-8, Yearbook Rditor 7-8, Oracle Staff 3-8 " 1 have enjoyed every moment I have spent at North just learning, laughing and growing with my friends. After graduation I plan lo attend Iowa State where I will major in broadcast journalism I would like to thank everyone here for making my years at North so special, and in the future I ' ll be proud to sav 1 went to Dear old North High. " Kathy Kraber Douglas Todd Kurschinski Baseball 2,4,6, Golf 2, Polar Bear Staff 7,8, Student Council 4, Stu- dent Council Treasurer 5,6, Vice President Banquet 7,8. " If you don ' t like what you get out of life, you haven ' t tried hard enough. " Rodney Larson Laurie Lathrum Mike Lewis Lisa Diane Lint Drama-Plays 1-8, Drill Team (Kadet) 3-8, Office Assistant 1,2, Hon- or Roll 5,6. " Most memorable experiences of my years at North are the times 1 spent in Drill Team, plays, meeting new friends and getting to know the old one ' s better. " David Lockridge Penny Sue Logan Office Assistant 1, Office Coop 7,8, Honor Roll 2,5,6, Choir 2 30 4 Dennis L. Lutz jr. Baseball 2,4,6,8, Basketball 3,4,7.8, Honor roll 5.6. " Lettering four years for the baseball team. " Dianne Christine Maier Honor Roll 1,5. Younkers Teen Board 7,8, Tennis 1-8, Band 1-6. Kadets 5-8, U N Trip 6, Swim Timer 3-6, Student Council 1-8, Stu- dent Council Treasurer 7,8. " The friendships that have developed and the memories that were made are unforgetable. " Lisa Kay Marchael Softball 2,4, Deca 7, Girls AA State Bowling Champions 4, North High Bowling Team 3-8, Honor Roll 4. " My most memorable experience at North is being part of the North High spirit during good times and bad. Also feeling proud of our school. ' Richard Wayne McBee " Ah, my days at North can best be remembered by my gold Chevelle, blue Nova, green Montego. yellow Rancharo. and my four wheel drive truck speeding down the street. " Chuck McCullough Jeff McDonald Lisa Kay McNulty Swimming 3,5,7, Swimming 5. " My most memorable experience was being on the 1980 girls swimming team and being a captain for two years. " Jane Lydia Met ler O.E.A. Member 5,6, O.E.A. President 7,8. Rodney Wells Miller Student Council 1-8. Honor Roll 1-8, Honors Top 10 of Class 1-8, ROTC 1-6, Debate 3,4, Baseball 2, Pep Club 7,8, Gov U.N. Day 4. " My senior year came sooner than 1 expected. I ' ve had lots of fun and made many friends, and I hope that the rest of my life will be as enjoyable as the time that I ' ve spent here at North. ' Scott Wayne Miller Band 1-8, Baseball 4.6.8, Honor Roll 5,6,8, Class Representative 7,8, Letterman ' s Club 5,6. " My most memorable experience when I first came to North, 1 met the certain person I ' ve been looking for, and all the wonderful friends I have made. " Victoria Lynne Mingo Swimming 1,3, Golf 2,4, Cheerleading 3,4,5,7, Pep Club Musicals 3, 4, Music Theater 3,4. Dean A. Moreno Football 1,3. David John Moulder Baseball 4,6.8, Football 5,7. " My most memorable experience at North was playing Football. Baseball and going to all the parties. " X Becky Sue Neal x O.E.A. 7, Pep Club 5,6,7, Honor Roll 6, Student Council 1,2, Li- brary Assistant 1,2, Vice President O.E.A. 7. T have enjoyed my years at North, being a senior is quite an ex- perience and a thrill just to know that you have made it The most important thing that has helped me enjoy going to North was all my friends and the teachers. ' John Nielsen 31 X, Stephen Jens Nielsen Football 15.7. Track 2.4.8. Baseball 6.8. Basketball 4 Tammv Marie Nutt Choir 1-8. Pep Club 3. Cheerleading 1,2. " I ' m glad to be a North High student. " X Mary Ogg Office Assistants 5.6, Choir 5-8. Cheerleader 5,6, " I grew to know a lot of special people, but mostly had a lot of fun. It will always bring back memories of the fun and laughter 1 had at North High. " Barbara Jean Pernn Basketball 1-6. Track 8. Band and Stage band 1-6, Honor Roll 4 Plays 2,4.6. Cheerleader 1-6. " My future plans are to attend college at the University of Ver- mont and major in Psychology. I hope to get married and have 2 children. " Paula Annette Pope ROTC 1-6. Chorus 1-7. Debate 3,4. Key Club 5.6, All-City Chorus 5 Talented and Gifted 3-6 " I plan on going to college to become a psychologist. I like people and 1 want to do all I can to make the world better. " J( Rusty A Potts Baseball 2,4.6.8. Honor Roll 1.3-5. 7,8, Basketball 2,4,6, Football I Track 2, Chorus 1.2 " David Robert Rasmussen Band 1-8. Baseball 4,5, Track 1,2. Letterman ' s Club 3-8, Stage Band Dawn Richie y Melody Marilyn Ries AIJROTC 1-8. Band 1-8, Office COOP 7,8. Pep Club 7,8, Orchestra 1,2,5-8 Office 1,2. " My most memorable experience is going with the band to Hawaii in my Freshman year and I ' m planning to go back this year also. I ' ve also enjoyed my 4 years with the band and the Air Force Jr. ROTC which is now at East High School. Craig Edward Robertson Football 1,1.5,7, Baseball 2,4,6,8, Music I, 3-8, Plays 3-8, Basketball 1-4, Basketball Manager 2 " My most memorable experience of my High School Career was when 1 got my first letter as a sophomore for baseball. My future plans are to go on to college and play Football and to get a degree in counseling, plus a degree in performing music. Kyle F.ugene Robinson Band 3,4, Boys Swimming 4,6,8, Swimming announcer 5,7, Lettermens Club 6, President DECA 7. " My most memorable experience was being elected swim team cap- tain. " Jacquaelme D. Rowland DECA 1-4 " I ' m going to make it to the TOP and be succesful. " Mark D Rumley " Co to college or go to Australia to seek a fortune. " Laura Rummans ]uhe Mane Rychel Softball 2,4,6.8, Musicals Plays 3-8, North Star Singers 3-6,8, Year Book (Co-Editer) 6-8. Letter mans Club 5,6, Honor Roll 1.2,7.8, Ban- quet Comm. 8, UN trip 6, Oracle 6. " The memories that I have of North High are too many to men- tion. I have had so much fun with all of my friends that I wouldn ' t even know where to begin, but the most memorable limes I can remember were when I was in all of the musicals. " 32 ' m David Sandin Susan Diane Sims Choir 1,2, Tennis 6,8, Pep Club 3-8, Swimming Timers 3-8, Honor Roll 1,2,5-8. " I ' ll always remember the fun 1 had in Pep Club. " Diane Kathleen Smith Band 3-8, Sports Mgr. 4,6,8, Cheerleader 7,8, Pep Club 5,6, Student Council 5, 7,8, Inter-City representative 5, Plays 4,7, Lettermans Club 5-8, Choir 6,7,8, North Star Singers 5,7.8, S tage Band 6,7,8, Prom Committee 8, Senior Banquet Comm. 8, Kiwanis Vice-presi- dent 5,6, Musicals 5, Peer Helpers 5-8, Upward Bound 5-8. " My most memorable experiences were chasing Larry Knapp when I was a sophomore and getting locked in my locker onlv to be res- cued by a Freshman when I was a Senior. " Pat Fountain Smith Basketball 3,4, Honor Roll 3,4, Class Representative 3,4 " Is to have a good man. Have kids some Day I would like people to remember me by my laugh and by my nice personality " Jessica Steigleder Roya Wan Stern Volleyball Scorer (Manager) 7, Band 7,8, Pep Club 7,8, Honor Roll 7,8, Honors 7,8, Orchestra 8. " Every day is a new beginning, my first few days here were the most memorable. Everyone went out of their way to be kind Thanks for making my new beginning great? 1-4 U N Trip 6, Softball 3-8, Bridget Angela Stovall 9th grade Student Council 1,2, Office Assistant 1,2, Office Coop 5- 8, Newspaper staff 1,2. " It seems to me that alot of people have a negative attitude to- wards North, but 1 think its a good school and I wouldn ' t trade my 3 years here for any other high school in Des Moines Some- times it ' s nice being the under dog. " J Nancy Kay Swanson Honor Roll 308, Drill Team 5-8, Band Basketball 1-6 Golf 3-8 Drama 3,4. " I ' ll always remember all the fun times I ' ve had at North all the friends I ' ve made and finding that special someone I ' ll never for- get ya North! " Le lie Eileen Tate Track 2, Deca 5,6,7, Treasurer 5, President 6, Vice President 7, Hon- or Roll 4,5,6 " There ' s no greater feeling than that of accomplishment. " David Allan Taylor Football 7, Basketball 4, Track 2,8. " The first time I went out for any high school sports. My future plans are to go in the Army, and then own my own business. " Clark C. Trotter Football 1,3,7, Baseball 6,8, Wrestling 5,7. " Football. Wrestling, Baseball, friends and last but not least, teach- ers? " J( Randal Wayne Vanderleest Honor Rolf 2-8, Basketball 1-8, Baseball 2.4.6,8, Honors (Top 10 ) 7, 8, Oracle Staff 7.8. Football 3 " My most memorable experience at North High was being able to start on the basketball team as |unior and be apart of the team that made it to the final game of districts, which was the best finish in over 10 vears for this school. " ( Richard Brent Whisler Football 5,7. Baseball 4, Student Council 7.8. Honor Roll 6. Bowling 3.5,7. ' The bowling team finishing 2nd in Metro and 1 1th in State. " y Bradley Loren Wigt on Band 1-8. Peer Helper 6 " Going places with the band " j{ Richard Lee Wilson AFJROTC 1-8, Band 1-8, Musicals 4,5,6,7, Year Book Staff 7, Key Club 7,8. " My most memorable experience at North were my years in ROTC, and opening night of your a Good Man Charlie Brown. Good luck to alt future students at North High! " 33 Bvron Dewavne Young Basketball 1-8, Football " Playing in the District finals mv junior vear. " .S Robert Ziebell Alisa Honita Ziegler Honor Roll 1, Track 2. Class Representative 2. Plays 3, Deca 8. " My ambition is to go to UCLA to get my bachelors degree in psy- chology I also would like to write my own story or a play in my spare time- " James Andrew Zimmerman Captain of Football 7. Football 3,5,7. oracle staff 3-8 Drama 3-8 Wrestling 5. Yearbook staff 7.8, Chorus 3,4. Lettermans Club 5 6 Cheerleader for homecoming, Key Club 7,8, Track 8. " Being Captain for the mighty Polar Bears! Live you life day by day and accept all challenges For you only live once and what you do know one can take the memories from you Good Luck BJ " Not Pictured Russell Allen Renee Bailey X Laurie Boeckholt Demery Butts X. Tammy Carter i X Pete Coopers U Kelly Creamer Rob Driver Hondo Erickson Daniel Feeney X Sandy Hageman Mark Hamilton John Hasstedt David Little Charles McCoy f Richard Overton I John Rios Mark Rundle Maiker LeeYoung Sayaxang K Lisa Schwartz Frank Schwartztrauber Brian Thomas Virgina Trogdon Richard Williamson 34 36 Alksnis Lori Austin Maureen Bachman Laura Ball Brian Banks Tia Baumgartnir John Bell Mama Beedle Ronda Bobenhouse Vince Broad Randy Bruce Laurie Buckley Ed Briggs Laura Bullachi David Bulmer Tom Bui Boo Burrel Terry Burton Jeff Cady Dana Juniors Look Ahead With only one year remaining at North, the Juniors have to be thinking about their future. There are 218 anxious juniors waiting to start their Senior year. Cannon Robert Carlson Tara Carr Melvin Carrington Ray n 40 Chrengnay Nhang Christensen Kim Clough Doug Colbert Theresa Bill White sets in gym class. Cole Brett Coliway Antoine Cook Theresa Colwell Brian Crank Chris Cronin Glenda Crosby Ralph Cross James Daniels Matt Davis Alisa Dixon Teresa Dodds Dennis Donnelly Charita Dowd Cindy Dubbs Tim Due Vu Ngugen Dukes Venetta Easter Lucretia Eaell Jolene Faber Floyd Fife Pam Forshier Penny Fountain Tina Foxhaven Bruce Freihage Jamie Fuller Kimberly Gallagher Chris Ganoe Jeff Gary Laura Gilliam Teresa Godwin Kevin Michael Goodwin Gould Phil Graham Steve Gray Kim Greer Mark Grihhith David Griffith Charles 42 Grissom Keith Grogan Rae Ann Guthrie Tanya Hale Leslee Hall Jack Hansen Joy Hardy Janell Harkin Kenny Harvey Christi Harris Tony Hukens Cindy Henderson Ron Henderson Laurie Henry Ellen Her Chao Hewtheole Robert Hicks Mike Hoang Boun Hobbs Steve Holmes Danny Houk Kristi Houston Johnie Hubbard Janet Jackson Dinah 43 Jewett, Tammy Johnson, Robert Johnson, Dale Julich, John Kammavongsa, Keo Kammavongsa, Mathu Kelce, Tana Kenworlhy, David Kever, Carolyn Kindred, Laurie Khoang, Sinione Thi Lacey, Mark Lee, MotU Lee, Xouu Lee, Doua Lewis, Margaret Lu, Linn Luna, Angela Lunas, Alicia Lundgren, David Lundgen, Brenda Lundquist, Russell Madison, Julie Maier, David i JL - m 44 Major, Terence Man ley, Laura McCann, Denese McCloud, Kirk McDonald, Jerry McDowell, Marjorie McGinn, Larry McKane, Angela McQuany, Pam Meyers, Michele Michael, Christian Miksell, Ron Miller, Kay Minear, Maureen Mogenson, Randy Modrick, Jim Morton, Kathy Morris, Gary Muffler, James Nguyen, Hong Dui Noi, Lu Thi Oakley, Dana Orehard, Christoper Osborne, Janet Ousley, Lacelle Overland, Dawn Overton, Debbie Owens, Rita Parker, Betty Jo Pheneruth, Buuthone Phounpheng, Keomany Pilcher, Dan Plymesser, Jenny Pope, Peggy Rains, Elizabeth Rayman, Lisa Reeves, Mark Reeves, Jill Rehms, Stephen Reynolds, Robert Reynolds, Susie Reyna, Roger Ross, Charles Rosisseau, Laura Rubino, Vincent Rung, Sai Oan Schaefer, Debbie Sears, Lynn Semple, Todd Sheperd, Cindy Smith, Joane Smith, J R. Spurling, Stacy Soushasewn, Nanvuhm Stottlemeyer, Yvonne Street, Mike 46 Swigert, Scott Twist, Shari Turner, Rick Teliis, Jeff Vang, Fu Van, Choi Vanors, Vicki Vhezum, Kevin Waay, Laura Ward Maxine Ware, James Wasser, Renee Webb, Julie Weber, Wayne Weeks, Kurt Westndorf, Lisa White, Michael Williamson, Tammy Williamson, Bellinda Wood, Houle Woods, Georgette Woodroft, Kathy Woodruff, Chris Zimmermin, Mark 47 Ahlholm, Dianna Alli-nsworth, Ludean Baccam, Thovas Bagby, Aleta Baker, John Barrington, Carla Baun, Zuang Beah, Kristina Bean, Allen Beck, Brian Benson, Diane Birmingham, Tina Boyce, Scott Britt, Kathy Brown, Alfred Buford, Mark Buford, Terri Burgett, Lisa Can, Lieng Cannon, Jeff Carlson, Dennis Catrenish, Diana Cennenga, Richard Christensen, Pam The sophomores had an effect felt by the school the whole year. They had taken a place unlike that of any other Sophomore Class. They began the year victorious with a winning football season and their tradition of spirit and enthu- siasm will be carried on through- out their remaining years at North. 50 nnn Crouch, Earl Chan, Kheng Chan, Khan Chappell, Susan Cheatom, Zina Clabaugh, Brian Coffey, Bob Coffman, Denise Cooper, Lowell Couan, Souan Cowles, Tina Cowles, Susan Cowles, Craig Cushing, Greg Cox, Kerry Cox, Patti Davis, Michelle Dean, Loretta Deehing, John Dorrian, Mike Downs, Beth Doyle, Tresa Dunn, Kary 51 Edwards, Laurence Elvelum, June English, Betty English, Dana Erickson, John Evans, Carl Evans, Mike Fay, Maylene Fegley, Paulette Felton, Carta Felton, Tracey Fife, Debbie Fitzgiboon, Joe Foutch, Tim Foxhoven, Julie Fr ein, Billy Fuller, Lisa Gassaway, Melissa Geerling, Tom Gerdts, Marvin Gill, Linda Golay, Robin Green, Bruce Griffith, Larry Grogan, Karla Hansen, Dan Harris, Tracy Hatfield, Shelly Hawkins, Alan Hawkins, Jeff Hayes, Charlie Hays, Sandy Hess, Frederick Henderson, Crystal Hicks, Mark Hoang, Long Holland, Anne Hudson, Dollie Hudson, Yvette Hulling, Debbie Hunnel, Becky Huss, David Jacobi, David Johannes, Carl Johnson, Renee Johnson, Toyes Jones, Booker Jorgensen, Cathy Jorgenson Rod lulu h Heidi Khamtanh Phowngeum Khamtanh Sourivanh Khamtanh Sourivieng King Melvin Kliven Ken Knapp Arthur Knudson John Krueger Melinda Kurschinski Andrea Lutz Douglas Luong Long Vi Luan Hai Lorenz Teresa Logan Tim Little Todd Linebach Brian Lewis Richard Le Phung Dung Leong Jim Lehman Lori Lee Robert Lee Mai Sy Lee Cha Lee Anna Lau Jeffrey Lathrum John La Sala Tony Larson David Langlet Christina Mattson Michelle 54 Martinez, Tina Marielilly, Anna Marchael, Cindy May. Orlando Massey, David Major, William Mains, Edwin McClure, Brenda McGregor, Jackie McNultty, Lelly Messerly, Pat Michael, Dan Miller, Dennis Miller, Joanne Mod rick, Joe Murphy, Lisa Murrey, Mark Nash, John Neal, Lisa Nguyen, Tien Nichols, Tim Overton, Tammy Owen, Jim Patterson, Wayne Petefish, Jena Pierick, Janea Pinegan, Kim Pold, Terry Poller, Kevin Price, Shari Prucyk, Richard Puffet, Jim Purdy, Lisa Resse, Joe Reasby, James Ram berg, Rertee Reeves, Susan Rice, Laurie Richards, Kathy Romale, Lee Rousseau, Linda Rummens, Laura Russian, Len Rynearson, Todd Schreck, Mark Summons, Johnny Simpson, Mike Skinner, Kim Smith, Richard Smith, Willie Sorenson, Jeremy Spurling, Anjanette Strike, Sharon Stroble, Doug nnnn Stovall, Tracy Tanberg, Sherri Tellis, Jerry Terrall, Erica 56 nr k f 0 Terry, Laura Terry, Scott Thao, Kou Thomas, Roger Tomlinson, Richard Tounsell, Joey Townsley, Don Tracey, Jeff Walker, Annette Walker, Tracy Ward, Jackie Warren, Jean Washburn, Larry Webb, Michelle Weber, Mark White, Bill White, Robb White, Debra Whitlatch, Amy Wilderson, Rhonda Wilson, Jeff Williams, Dottie Williams, Lucy Wyatt, Jena Vasquenz, Gary Visith, Vongxay Vongnhay, Souksay Yang, Bee 57 Tracy Walker being the camera hog Ackerson, Stephenie Aeschliman, Tressa Ahrens, Wayne Akermark, Anna Allensworth, Bob Ayres, April Baccam, Bounsoung Baccam, Nout Baccam, Vongdavan Baker, {Catherine Barden, Pat Bell, Kelly Belluchi, Brenda Benson, Betty Jo Beyer, Desiree Bishop, Brenda Briggs, Terri )o Buchholz, Ervin Brown, Frank Burgett, Kevin Ca, Van Loun Cha, Sona Cha, Soua Chanae, Angela .1 Freshman Start New Beginning This year was definatly a New Beginning for the Freshman class. With nothing more to go on than dreams, desire, and energy to ac- complish something lasting for North, they actively supported ev- ery aspect of the school. 60 Charlson, Darrin Clark, Marvin Clyee, Monique Colbert, Carmen Conn, Ronnie Copper, Stephanie Cox, Kelly Craddock, Mark Craven, Dee Dee Crouch, Patricia Cuevas, Tracy Davidson, Mary Davie, Leonard Davie, Lisa Dorsey, Doug Dorsey, Monique Drew, Scott Dunlap, Lynett Dunshee, Laura Duren, Lea Ann Edwards, James F.gli, Diane Evans, Donna Fargo, Amy Fagley, Paul Finch, Douglas Fisher, Diana Ford, Lisa Fountian, Euric Freihage, Jennifer n f Freshman try their hand at cooking. Gahmanth, Timm Garcia, Michele Garneau, Michelle Gelner, Jenniger Gill, Anthony Gillotto, John Glas, Jeanette Godwin, Barbara ,2 Haag, Frank Hagge, Kelly Hainline, Leslie Halterman, Jacqueline Harkin, Nancy Harper, Leslie Hasstedt, Holly Heck, Kelly Hill, Franklin Hodges, Jeff Holman, Stacy Hulling, David Huynh, Xuan lmmel, David Jacobs, Abigail Joyne, Karla Johansen, Janet Jones, Jeff Jones, Judith Keahna, Gophilia Kelce, William Kerr, Jeff 63 La May, Stanford Lament, Connie Lee, Doug Levy, Cheryl Linford, Robert Lisle, Leiann Lo, Moui Louong, Thi Souane Lumadue, Andy Lumadue, Brian Luna, Benita Loung, Ha Tu Jerri, Madison Madison, Corky Mains, Jon Major, Leslie Magor, Wayne Martelli, Davie Martin, James Martinez, Tracy McKeegan, Robert McCann, Sherry McCulloug, McGregor, Lewis 64 Stacy Hollman enjoys lunch with her friends. Ries, Dawn Roww, Lannie Roww, Lorrie Rushing, Kathy Sayavang, Long Schnoor, Charlene Schomer, Marcene Schomer, Mark Scott, Barbara Ann Shakley, Lee Shrader, Donnelle Simon, Alex Sims, John Slight, Elizabeth Smith, Brenda Smith, Joe Smothers, Kim Sparks, Mark Spencer, Mike Steinback, Chris Stemler, Teresa Stouwie, Steve Stubbs, Eddie Sweeten, George Swift, Wendi Snyder, Keith Thao, Kou Thomas, David Thomas, Leisa Thompson, Tammy Townsley, Tracey, Glenn 66 We ' ve got spirit yes we do! Daydreaming Andrea? ■ Donelle sure looks happy. 69 74 Lowell Perry — Counselor Roosevelt H.S. — Des Moines, la. Harold Olsen — Counselor East H.S. — Des Moines, la. Frank Fair — New Horizon ' s Jefferson H.S. — Portland Oregon lean Eisenlaur — Steno Clerk Rita Oline — Registrar Marge Overholser — Steno Secretary Jean Hensley — Counseling Clerk East H.S. — Des Moines, Iowa Ruth Eason— Attendance Clerk Durene Kasner — Autio Visual East H.S. — Des Moines, la. Larry Johnson — C.B.E.P. De Witt Clinton H.S. — Bronx, New York 75 Kathy Bassett — Learning Disabilities Missouri Valley H.S. — Missouri Valley, la. Roxanne Reimer — ESL Creston H.S. — Creston, la. Nancy Lawler — ESL Kathy Turnball — Special Ed. Kenneth Whitney — Special Ed. Joe Russo — Special Ed. Peekskill H.S.— Peekskill, N Y. Mike Nyman — Journalism Boone High — Boone, la. If you were to total up the our teachers have been teaching here at North, the total would be over 524 years. We have six teachers who are in their first year or year in a half at North. On the other end of the scale we have five teachers who have been teaching here 20 years of more. Twenty-five teachers graduated from one of the eight metro schools, six coming from right here at North and nine coming from across town at Roose- velt. Twenty-two other teachers went to a school somewhere in the state, and eight went to high school out-of-state. All eight of the out-of-staters went to school in either the mid-west or around the east coast. Robin Vanderhoef — English, Speech Valley High — Des Moines, la. Randy Gordon — English Roosevelt High — Des Moines, la. Joel Mortensen — English North High — Des Moines, la The Bobpsey Twins 77 Marsha Peterson — Math Dick Moberly— Math Orval Knee— Athletic Director, Math Roosevelt H.S.— Des Moines, Iowa Kellogg, Iowa Perry H.S.— Perry, la. North Des Moines, H.S. — Des Moines, la. David Hardie— Industrial Arts Larry Wiedemeir— Industrial Arts Leo Koester— Industrial Arts Indianola H.S. — Indianola, la. HLV— Victor, la. Dowling H.S.-WDM, Iowa Chris takes a break during one of Becky Hendren — Home Economics Sondra McAllister — Home Economics North ' s football practices North Harrison H.S.— Eagleville, Mo. Roosevelt H.S. — Des Moines, la. Mel Wilson — Psychology History Roosevelt H.S. — Des Moines, Iowa Come on Leline, Doug said you aren ' t thai shy! (HA HA) Thomas Stroope — History Marion H.S. — Marion, la. 30 A Pep Club member paints signs to hang in the halls before a game 81 Robert Peterson — P.E. Roosevelt H.S. — Des Moines, la Marilyn Quinn — P.E. Boone High School — Boone, la. John MacDonald— P.E. Dowling H.S. — Des Moines, la. Mary Helen Muell — P.E. Ashland H.S. — Ashland, Ohio Evan Minnick — Arts and Crafts North High School — Des Moines, la. Beth Bos shares a funny moment with Coach Peterson Coach MacDonald is busy wrapping a player before football practice Carol Druart — Art Crawford Comm. High School — Arma, Kansas Shari Twist proves that basketball is not her only sport as she shows her skill with a softball 82 Janet Farnam — Orchestra Davenport West H.S. — Davenport, la. David Chamberlin — Vocal music Lincoln H.S — Des Moines, la. Fred McLaughlin — Band North D.M.— Des Moines, la. I 3 f i tr, Row 1: Jack Simpson, Chet Pierson, Ward Peters, Leo Seaney, Lawrence Peireck, and Kenneth Schwartztrauber Row 2: Wayne Schoen, Tom Smith, Howard Griffiths, Mike Gahman, Frank Shehan i i Rote J. Cleone Marken, Helen Steinback, Nancy Olin, Jeannie Pfister, Shirley Page Roiv 2: Iona Vernon, Inez Fitzgerald, Mae Smith, Elizabeth Fillman, Helen Amadeo, Jeanne Cox, and Dorothy Thomas 83 Row one: Head coach Bob Peterson, David Taylor, Alan Hastings, Dave Moulder, Byron Young, Dave Lockridge, Rich Whisler, Steve Neilsen, Jim Zimmerman, Brad Hodges, Ron Armstrong, Chris Agan. Row two: coach Larry Johnson, Craig Robertson, Demery Butts, Jeff Johnson, Jeff Burton, Pete Cooper, Sonny Huss, Don Christensen, Frank Bohall, Mark Baring, Brian Clay, trainer Beth Bos, trainer Denise Egli. Row three: Coach John MacDonald, Mark Zimmerman, Kevin Godwinn, Brett Cole, Randy Mogensen, Kirk McCloud, Tim Rider, Mike Goodwin, John Julich, Steve Rehms, Lary McGinn, trainer Chris Gallagher. Row four: coach Ken Martin, Clark Trotter, Lynn Sears, Tony Harris, Juff Tellis, Jeff Ganoe, Matt Daniels, Brian Ball, Jerry MacDonald, Kurt Weeks. Bears Show Determination Fans Show Spirit! tor the third straight year North High Football went 0- 8. This record doesn ' t say much for a team with so much talent. The season started out on a high note as practices be- gan with many new faces. The whole team was fired up and looking forward to what promised to be a good sea- son. The opening game was a thriller. The Bears showed their thirst for a victory as they took Indianola into over- time. The Indians eventually came out on top 21-14. In the next game, against Valley, the Bears held their heads high with the intent of an upset. However the Val- ley game turned out to be the worst loss that the Bears would see as they went down 69-0. As the season went on North experienced many differ- ent highs and lows. There were times when the team shined, like when they held East High scoreless in the first quarter. And there were times when they looked tired, like in the same East game when they lost 50-0. Through all of these highs and lows North High Dis- played spirit in the stands and determination on the field. When the games drew to a close the opponents fans were nowhere to be found. But the North High crowd was still there behind their team 100% 86 THE SCORES Coach McDonald talks with Tony Harris. North North North North North North North North 14 0 6 0 0 0 7 0 Indianola Valley Tech East Dowling Roosevelt Lincoln Hoover 21 69 21 50 51 47 28 35 Coach Peterson and senior Byron Young. Sophs Provide Excitement This year ' s sophomore football team, coached by Lowell Cooper and Jerry Collins, finished the sea- son with a record of five wins and three losses, the best record by a sophomore team since the 1967 squad finished 6-2. This team should have a lot to look forward to in their upcoming varsity careers. The team produced some very impressive statistics. Joey Townsell gained 718 yards rushing, and Joe Fitzgibbons, Doug Strobel, and Richard Smith each had over 200-yard seasons. All four averaged more than 5 yards per carry, as did Greg Cushing. Pat Messerly ' s punting average was a very fine 35.8 yards. ■ Offensive linemen block for Lowell Cooper. r cA rn i A? ' ! Row 1: Coach Lowell Cooper, Todd Rynearson, Denny Miller, Lowell Cooper, Art Knapp, Joey Townsell, Scott Terry, Toyes Johnson, Shelly Hatfield. Row 2: Coach Jerry Collins, Joe Modrick, Brian Clabaugh, Tom Geerlings, Joe Fitzgibbons, Greg Cushing, George Cox, David Huss, Janea Pierick. Row 3: Mark Bueford, Jeff Hawkins, Terry Polk, Billy Frein, Carl Johannes, Joe Reese, Cary Dunn, Charlie Hayes, Lisa McDonald. Row 4: Ken Russian, Richard Smith, Doug Strobel, Larry Bohall, Pat Messerly, Mark Murray, Rod Jorgenson, Jim Puffet, Alfred Brown. 9 Freshmen Row 1: Jeff Potts, Corky Madison, Tony Gill. Row 2: Coach Fritz Keeling, Jeff Kerr, Pat Barden, Stan Lamay, Wade Wickett, Coach Rich- ard Powell. Row 3: John Gillotti, Doug Lee, Loun Cavan, Eddie Stubbs, John Townsley, Jeff Hodges, Wayne Ahrens. Row 4: John Sims, This year ' s freshman football team finished the season 1-7, their lone victory coming against Tech for homecoming. Stan Lamay led the team with 44 tackles and with 671 yards rushing. Corky Madison had 257 yards passing and 50% comple- tion percentage. The team was coached by Richard Powell and Fritz Keeling. Coach Powell had the follow- ing to say about the team: " The team was never intimidated by the size of other schools. Al- though at times they would let down for a while, they never quit on themselves, and that is important. This group of kids had a good attitude, they were always determined to get better. This was the first team I coached so they will always be special to me. " Jeff Jones, Robert Rehms, Robin VanderLeest, Skip Sweeten, Mark Sparks, Ronnie Conn. 92 93 Cagers Struggle to 3-15 The Varsity Basketball team for 1980 and 1981 struggled to a 3-15 season going winless in the Metropolitan Conference. Although the teams record is poor there were many bright spots for the bears throughout the sea- son. Mark Banks led the team in many aspects of the game. He led in offensive rebounds with 68. Banks also led the team in scoring with 232 points. Mark dazzeld the fans with his high arcing jumpers that fell hitting nothing but the net. Another bright spot for the Bears was Randy Vanderleest. The 6 ' 5 " center who pulled down an amazing 126 defensive rebounds. Vanderleest also had 15 steals and 15 blocked shots. Randy had the best field goal percentage — shooting 53% from the field. The Bears have a promising future as three soph- omores saw a lot of varsity action this year. The three players are: Bruce Mains, Mark Bueford, and Tom Morgan. Great Season for Sophs. The sophomores closed out their season an 7-12. The best sophomore record ever. The team, coached by Lowell Cooper, was cer- tainly not in a lack for talent. Bruce Mains led all scorers with nearly 300 points on the season. Bruce was also a common sight on the varsity team. Mark Bueford, who also played varsity ball, was second on scoring for the Soph ' s. Tom Morgan led the team in rebounds and also finished third in scoring. " We had a great season this year, " commented one player. " We ' re looking forward to next year " . Look out for North High basketball in the years to come! ROW 1: Managers Lisa McDonald, Michelle Mattson, and Cindy Marcheal. ROW 2: Joe Fitzgibbons, David Larson, John Erickson, Greg Cushing, Charlie Hayes, Tim Foutch, Coach Lowell Cooper, Tommy Morgan, Robin VanderLeest, Mark Bueford, Bruce Mains, Lowell Cooper. 97 The Bears head up court after scoring two more points. Freshman Basketball This years Freshman Basketball team saw no vic- tories as only 12 young men went out for the sport. The teams leading scorer this year was Corky Madison. Corky put away 88 points on the year. The leading scorer also led the team in assists with 48. Robin Vanderleest started out having a great year scoring 84 points in only 7 games. Robin also pulled down 63 defensive rebounds before being hampered with a Knee injury. Eddie Stubb ended up as the teams leading free throw shooter. Stubbs was 50% from the line. Ed also contributed 77 points to the teams play this season. Guiding the freshman team this year was Fritz Keeling. Coach Keeling had this to say about the team. " With a few more players, a little practice and refrain from injury this team could have the capability to do great things in the future. " Row I: Tony Gill, Doug Lee, Clyde McGregor, Scott Drew, Stan Lamay, Corky Madison. Row 2: Fritz Keeling, Manager Patty Cox, Lew McGregor, John Sims, Robin Vanderleest, Jim Luce, Jeff Jones, Eddie Stubbs, Manager Kim Mick. 99 100 Girls Have " Winningest " Season Ever THE SCORES North 58 ' i 1 T " 1 1 . North Polk 54 North 53 Jefferson 43 North 52 Valley 56 North 81 Saydel 51 North 45 East a n 49 North 58 Dowling y- f 61 North 57 T " » 1. Roosevelt 45 North 53 Lincoln r-f r 70 North 55 Hoover 63 North 60 Saydel 42 North 58 Valley 41 North 78 Tech 59 North 53 East 55 North 65 Dowling 56 North 56 Roosevelt 52 North 23 Lincoln 30 North 80 Tech 63 North 62 Hoover 61 The 1980-81 girls varsity basketball team finished the season 11-7, with a 4th place finish in the metro. The team will lose only three seniors, Renee Allensworth, Terri Cox, and Laurie Lathrum, and should come back even stronger next year. Second year coach Bud McCrea summed up the season best when he said: " A year of progress is the way I would describe the 1980- 81 season. Our largest goal was to learn how to win and this we accomplished. We won more games this season than have been won total in the history of North High girls basketball. Our winning attitude improved tremendously, and will keep on im- proving. With it will come more and more accomplishments. " Row 1: Ludean Allensworth, Rhonda Wilkerson, Terri Cox, Renee Allensworth, Lisa King, Diana Catrenich. Row 2: Monique Dorsey, Sandra Trogdon, Debbie Scheaffer, Anne Holland, Julie Madison, Shari Twist, Laurie Lathrum. Renee Allensworth prepares to rebound. Girls J.V., Sophomore Basketball The 1980-81 girls junior varsity basketball team, composed of members of the varsity and squads, finished the season 5-3, with impressive wins over Jefferson, Dowling, Saydel, Hoover, and Roosevelt. The sophomore team, led by coaches Joyce Ste- vens and Tom Swanson, compiled a 3-11 mark, de- feating Hoover, and Roosevelt (twice). Their record is somewhat deceiving, as many sophomores saw varsity action. J.V. SCORES North 51 Jefferson 46 North 48 Saydel 50 North 37 East 74 North 56 Dowling 32 North 47 Lincoln 56 North 37 Saydel 34 North 69 Hoover 59 North 50 Roosevelt 39 SOPHOMORE SCORES North 41 Valley 45 North 39 East 71 North 23 Dowling 44 North 55 Roosevelt 54 North 44 Lincoln 64 North 51 Hoover 65 North 36 Valley 52 North 60 Tech 66 North 26 East 59 North 39 Dowling 43 North 65 Roosevelt 63 North 60 Lincoln 66 North 47 Tech 67 North 49 Hoover 46 Sophomore team. Row 1: Ludean Allensworth, Kelly Cox, Crystal Henderson, Karla Grogan, Lynette Dunlap, April Aryes. Row 2: Monique Dorsey, Sandra Trogdon, Lisa Purdy, Susan Cowles, Theresa Dixon, Melinda Krueger, Marcene Schomer, Lisa Thomas, Kathy Richards. 104 106 Volleyball The varsity volleyball team closed out the season with a 4-12 record. Their victories were over Dowling, Roosevelt, and Tech (twice). They were a young team, the only two seniors were Terri Cox and Lisa Chidester, so the experience gained should be helpful to this year ' s juniors, who were Chris Crank, Laurie Bruce, Debbie Schaeffer, and Chris Woodruff, and to Cathy Richards, the only sophomore on this year ' s varsity squad. The junior varsity team compiled an 8-8 record, and will supply some fine, experienced players to next year ' s varsity team. The members of the JV team were juniors Joanne Smith, Laura Manley, and Peggy Pope, sophomores Terri Bueford, Paulette Fegley, Sandy Hayes, and Anne Holland, and fresh- men Kelly Cox, Monique Dorsey, and Sandy Trogdon. Both teams were coached by Mr. Larry Harker. 107 Wrestlers Show Improvement This years wrestling team has improved drasti- cally over the last few years. In fact, the 1980-81 season marks the first season since 1974 that the team has been able to win a meet. This year coach John MacDonald saw more wrestlers than he has ever seen in his three year career here at North. Coach MacDonald gives special thanks to two men who helped the team tremendously. " With- out Al Garrison and Don Ellingson the team might not have done so well, " said MacDonald. The wrestling teams future is a bright one as over half of the wrestlers are Freshmen and Sophomores. This years team captains are Don Christensen and Rob Driver. Another victory for Rod Jorgenson. Row 1: John Nash, John Simmons, Don Christensen, Art Knapp, David Huss, Ken White, Jerry McDonald, Mike Murphy. Row 2: Jim Leong, John Gillotti, Bill White, Jim Cross, Doug Clough. Row 3: Mike Millsap, Earl Crouch, Rob Driver, Pat Messerly, Vince Bobenhouse, Mike Chapman, Anthony Jordan, Rod Jorgenson, Coach John MacDonald. Not pictured: Willie Major, Da- vid Hulling, Tom Geerlings, Mark Schreck, Richard Smith, Larry Bohall. 109 Boys Swimming Lack of participation hurt the 1980 boys swim- ming team. The team had a winless season but there were many personal triumphs. The only senior to complete the season was Kyle Robinson. Another senior, Frank Bohall, graduated in January. Coach Lawson had the following to say about the team: " All swimmers are doing a fine job but we will always be handicapped in winning meets until we get a bigger squad. We have five juniors, four sophomores, and one freshman on the squad, we could easily use ten more swimmers. With another years growth, our returning swimmers should turn in some good times next year. " Coach Bob Lawson Row 1: Bob Cannon, Denny Miller, Kevin Godwin, Bob Allensworth. Row 2: Phil Gould, Kyle Robinson, Tim Dubbs, David Lundgren, Jeff Hawkins. no Girls The 1980 Girls Swimming team finished 6-5. This was the first winning season ever accomplished in girls swim- ming at North. The team was paced by senior Becky Keith, who set new school records in 4 individual events and contributed to 2 new relay records. A total of 9 records were set by the team. Row I: Becky McCarl (mgr.), Anna Ackermark, Kelly McNulty, Laura Dunshee, Jeanie Glas, Angie Dubbs (mgr.) Row 2: Lisa McNulty, Pam Christensen, Jill Reeves, Julie Dunshee, Becky Keith, Alisa Davis. Row 3: Teri Bird, Suzie Reeves, Michelle Davis, Cindy Hawkins, Abby Jacobs, Lori Miller, Coach Lonnie Kerman. 112 Swimming Records set: 50-yd, 100-yd, 200-yd, and 500-yd freestyle— Becky Keith; 100-yd breaststroke, 200-yd I. M.— Michelle Davis; Diving— Julie Dunshee; Medley Relay— Laura Dunshee, Pam Christensen, Michelle Davis, Becky Keith; 400-yd Free Relay— Lisa McNulty, Nancy Harkin, Cindy Hawkins, and Becky Keith. Student Council Seniors— Scott Miller, Richard Whisler, Beth Bos, Brad Hodges Juniors— Debbie Scheafer, Jeorjette Woods, Kristi Houk, Peggy Pope, Alisa Davis, Kevin Godwin Sophomores — Crystal Henderson, Andrea Kurschinski, Freshman — Monique McSparin, Teresa Stemler, Kim Richard Smith, Terry Polk, Cindy Marcheal Mick, Diane Egli, Anna Ackermark Key Club Row 1 — Alisa Davis, Sharon Strike, Xouan Huynh, Beth Bos, Laurie Kindred, Tia Banks, Jenny Plymesser, Kiwanis Club Advisor, Mr. Gordon. Row 2 — Terri Burr. -II Janet Johanson, Brad Hodges, Terry Polk, Jim Zimmerman, Mark Murphy, Richard Wilson, Joe Modrick, Denny Miller, Kiwanis Club Advisor 116 You Light Up My Life Once again this year the AV (audio visual) Crew and the Stage and Light Crew were very hard at work with all sorts of tasks ranging to every thing from preparing film projectors for a teachers class room assignment to helping with props for a school play production. North High gives you its thanks to its members . . . above: Audio Visual Crew, Jennie Plymesser and Kristy Houk. below: Stage and Light Crew, Scott Crators, Jim Hull, Wayne Patterson, Mike Chapman, Tim Fouch, Vince Rubino, Don Hendrickson, Laura Bachman, David Hulling, Becky Hunnell, Mark Zimmerman. 117 DEC A 1st and 2nd Semester Row 1 — Janell Hardy, David Belluchi, Juanita Dean, Row 2 — Mike Hicks, Mark Greer, Christy Harvey, Da- vid Kenworthy, Lisa Marcheal, Pam Fife, Magaret Lewis, Melody Cowles, Mr. Treichler f Row 1 — Liz Muffler, Da Rains, Carol Belluchi, Row 2— Janell Hardy, Juanita Dean, Jackie Rowland, Lisa Ziegler, Amy Kearins, Row 3— Todd vid Belluchi, Leslie Tate, Venatta Duke, Kyle Robinson, Pam Fife, Brenda Fife, David Taylor 118 Office Education Association 1st and 2nd Semester Row 1— Lisa Cervetti, Penny Logan, Gina Furman, Tammy Carter, Anna Bishop, Sandy Hageman, Kim Gray, Diane Beitzell, Sue Coffey. Row 2— Mrs. Jackson, Vickie Vanora, Julaine Sorenson, Dawn Johnson, Dawn Riche, Melody Ries, Jane Metzler, Becky Neal, Tara Carson Not pictured— Barb Alexander, Kristi Bassett, Bridget Stovall Row 1— Sandy Hageman, Sue Coffey, Kim Gray, Melody Ries, Penny Logan Row 2— Theresa Cook, Dawn Johnson, Kristi Bassett, Tara Carson, Julaine Sorenson, Vickie Vanora, Mrs. Jackson The Assistants OFFICE ASSISTANTS: Brenda Lungren, Terri Bird, Lisa Chedister, Lori Foxhoven, Rhonda Wilkerson. (above) LIBRARY ASSISTANTS: Laurene Connely, Jenny Plymesser, Cindy Clark, Lisa Davis, Dana English, Barb Alexander, Sherri Tanburg (below) 120 Sing Out North High School Parade Bound Polar Bears Row 1: Brad Wigton, Phil Gould, Mark Craddock, Robert Brewer, Vince (boom-boom) Rubino, Tim Fouch, Bruce Green, Kelly Bell, Sue Cowles, Lisa Purdy, Laura Lathrum, Andrea Kurschinski, Row 2: Becky Keith, Roya Stern, Mark Lacey, James Ware, Todd Rynearson, Alicia Lanas, Abby Jacobs, Lisa Burgett, Keith Gresson, Unknown Head, Kevin Godwin, Row 3: Tony Lasala, Laura Bruce, Paul Fegely, David Lungren, Dewey Johannes, Jim Cross, Amy Fargo, Melody Ries, Jeannie Warren, Skip Sweeten, Scott Miller, Laura Dunshee, Row 4: Stacy Holman, Micele Davis, Laura Bachman, Jeanna Petefish, Becki Hunnell, Nancy Hawkins, Richard Wilson, Kelly McNullty, Diane Smith, Jim Leong, Laura Gary, JoAnn Smith, Carl Johannes, Paulette Fegley, Crystal Henderson, Jenni Freihage, Cindy Hawkins, Alan Gray, Jeff Hawkins, Bottom Center: Drum Major Julie Dunshee, Kadets Flags page 124 As the 1980-81 Band marched into another ex- citing year there is only one thought that runs through the minds of each member. That thought is of marching in a parade this summer. The band, directed by Mr. Fred McLaughlin and Drum Major Julie Dunshee, will march. The North High March- ing Band will make us proud and well known all over following the parade. A Marchin with Pride Drill Team bears school colors in parade This year the North High Drill Team did it again by taking an- other " A " rating for their marching routine at this years State Contest. The team, sponsored by Miss Quinn (bottom right corner), feels that this is only a small attrac- tion of the compared to the planned sum- mer trip with the band . . . Watch out world, here comes the North High Marching Drill Team!!!!!! Top Row: Lisa Lint, Rhonda Augustine, Dianne Maier, Sheri Tamberg, Christenson, June Elvrum, Bottom row: Barb Godwin, Lisa Schwartz Johnson, Anne Walker, Lori Foxhoven, Teresa Gilliam. JoAnn Miller, Kim Kelly Cox, Renee Top row: Anne Holland, Nancy Swanson, Sheryle Gilliam, Lisa Chedister, Bottom row: Kim Skinner, Joy Hansen, Rae Ann Grogan, Suzie Glas. Janet Farnam — Orchestra Director. Orchestra; Right to left: Rita Danials, Janet Johannes, Jo Ann Smith, Brenda Belluchi. 125 NHS Cheerleaders As this year went by North High School once again felt the crunch of low enrollment. Our numbers are small but our spirit has not been dampered. We can partly credit this to the girls known as the North High cheerleaders. This organi- zation has represenatives from every grade level re- presenting most every sport. The cheerleaders, sponcered by Kathy Bas- set, work hard all year to strike up the spirit at North High and did a great job at it again this year. Varsity Football left: Rita Daniels, Betty Parker, Tracy Fouch, Tana Kelce, right: Julie Rychel, Kristy Bassit, Teresa Davis, Vicky Mingo, center: Teri Dixon, Cindy Clark, 126 Strike Up the Spirit Above students get rowdy at Norths first pep assembaly Above, Volley Ball and Wrestling; RaeAnn Grogan, Diane Smith, Angel McQune, Teri Bird, Kim Skinner, Joy Hansen, mm Above Sophomore Football: Lisa Murphy, Diana Catrinich, Kathy Britt, Cindy Marcheal, Michelle Mattson, Lisa Fuller, Linda Russo. AT LEFT: Cheerleaders jump as the band played the tune of " Joshua " . 127 Varsity B-Ball: Chris Gallager, Tana Kelce, Te- resa Davis, Dwan Riche, Lisa Westendworf, Teresa Hanlirte, Rita Daniels, Teri Dixon. Sophomore B-Ball: Cathy Jorgenson, Tracy Harris, Jeana Petefish, Janea Pierick, Brenda McClure, not pictured, Diane Ben- son. Freshman B-Bal Jeanie Glas, Stacy Holman, Diane Fish- er, Dawn Ries, Car- men Colert, Lea Du- ren, Teresa Stemler, Kelly Bell, Tammy Reeves, Brenda Bellu- shi. 128 PEP CLUB STRIKES UP NHS SPIRIT The Pep club stikes the spirit at North High again this year with their many school projects through out the year. These projects included every thing from mixers to the sale of spirit ribbons. Pictured above are only a few of the many regis- tered members of the NHS Pep Club, top: Mrs. Marsha Peterson, Leline Green, Jeorgette Woods, John Semis, Susan Semis, Jennie Plymesser, Larry Griffith, Robbie White, Sue Chappell, Alan Hastings, center: Rita Daniels, Beth Bos, Tracie Foutch, Lisa Fuller, Betty Parker, Kim Fuller, Linda Rousseau, Brenda Smith, bottom: Cindy Clark, Tracy Walker, Monique Dorsey. Pres. — Cindy Clark, Treasurer — Jennie Plymesser, Sec. — Betty Parker, Asst. Sec. — Susan Semis. Oracle Staff 1st. SEMESTER ORACLE: Editor— Brad Hodges, Larry Anderson, Mark Rundle, Jeff Clough, Beth Bos, Renee Alensworth, Kelly Cox, Lisa King, Scott Cretors, Rodney Larson, Julie Rychel, Randy VanDerleest. 2nd. SEMESTER ORACLE: Scott Cretors, Jeorgette Woods, Cathy Morton, Beth Bos, Mark Rundle, Brad Hodges (editor), Nancy Swanson, Lisa King, June Elverum, Larry McGinn, Ed Buckley, Jeff Ganoe, Renee Alensworth. 130 mm a 2nd Semester Year Book ft ft 2nd SEMESTER YEARBOOK STAFF: Richard Wilson, Larry Anderson, Ron Hendrickson, John Ju Lisa King (co-editors), Julie Rychel (co-editor), Lisa Cervetti, Kathy Waddell, Jenny Piymesser, Fuller. Not Pictured Barb Alexander. 2nd. Semester yearbook staff works furiously to finish this years edition of the Polar Bear. North High Is Heading A new change occurred this year in the Music and Dra- ma Departments here at North. It was the first time in many years that there was neither a fall play or musical. Instead they presented " An Evening at the Theater. " It was both a musical and drama presentation. The Music Theater class featured songs from such broadway hits as " Gypsy " , " Bye Bye Byrdie " , " Fiddler on the Roof " , " The Boyfriend " , and " Hello Dolly. " The Drama classes pre- sented two one act plays entitled " Jogging it Baby " and " Shall we Join the Ladies. " for Broadway Students Blend Well at Mixers Bowlers Strike It Up 135 Somethings Afoot The first musical presented this year was a murder mystery entitled Somethings Afoot. It was a class project put on by the music theater class. The cast includes: Lettie Tana Kelce Flint J.R. Smith Beatrice Laurene Connely Hope Langdon Yvonne Stottlemeyer Lady Grace Manley Prowe Lori Foxhoven Col. Gilweather Robert Brower Geoffery Ed Buckley 1 What could they be doing? 2 Yvonne, Lori, Paula, and Tana stand guard. 3 Robert Brower shows off his attire. 5 Ed Buckley seems to be caught in the middle. 136 at North High I No Lori, that wasnt the time to dry your nails EAGLESIGN ADVERTISING CO. PES MOINES, IOWA PLAZA LANES 2701 Douglas Ave. 255-1111 Open Bowling Leagues Jr. Sr. Bowling Leagues Park Fair Shopping Center 2nd and Euclid Des Moines, Iowa 50313 LET EAGLE SIGNS BETTER YOUR NAME IOWA . Member FDIC national bank BanEB An Affiliate of Northwest Bancorporation enth Walnut Beaver Douglas 8301 Douglas E. 25th Euclid 600 Army Post Rd. -3131 245-3365 245-3386 245-3134 245-3450 iachincru and Supply Co. Inc. 1711 SECOND AVENUE. DES MOINES 50314 PHONE (515) 288-0123 140 An Integral Part of the Continuing Progress of Our City. 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Commercial and Residential 4230 2nd Ave. 288-853 1 f J Board of Education: (first row) Peter Cunningham, Sue Luthens, Raymond Palis, William Anderson, (second row) Karen Williams, Ian Binnie, Nolden Gentry, Frank Hildreth, Betty Grundberg. Pax FLORIST S08 E. Euclid DES MOINES. IOWA S0313 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF " 81 ' Fresher Flowers . . . Fresher Ideas 243-2528 Compliments of CROSS SHOE REPAIR 505 Euclid 282-1223 There ' s nothing like leather AND KLEINS DEPARTMENT STORE 3614 6th Ave. Free Customer Parking Area PERSONALIZED VOLKSWAGEN REPAIR PARTS • ACCESSORIES 4290 - 2nd Avanua Ph. 282-7940 Des Moines, Iowa 50313 145 Ph. 288-6557 FLOWERS ARRANGED AS YOU LIKE THEM 1 540 2ND AVE. DES MOINES, IOWA 503 1 4 Smith ' s Standard 2nd New York 243-9001 Complete Auto Repair PARK FAIR HOBBY SHOP Crafts-Art Supplies-Hobbies Weekly Classes Park Fair Shopping Center 100 E. 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Ackerson, Stephanie 60 Ackley, Diana Aeschliman, Tressa 60,12,6 Agan, Christopher 16,86,26 Ahlhelm, Dianna 50 Ahrens, Wayne 60,92 Akermark, Anna 60,61,112,116 Alexander, Barbara 119,135,160,26,120,35, 35 Alexander, James Alford, Betty Alksnis, Lori 40 Allen, Russell Allensworth, Alisa 103,160,26,101,103,130 Allensworth, Allen 60,110,111,101 Allensworth, Alpha 50,104 Allingham, Wendy Anderson, Larry 26,130,131,35 Armstrong, Ronald 13,16,86,26,36,35,24 Au, Liet Vinh Augustine, Rhonda 5,10,124,26,25 Austin, Howard Ayres, April 60,70,104 Baccam, Bounsoung Nout 60 Baccam, Thouac 50 Baccam, Vongdavanh 60 Baccam, Bounsoung I. 60 Bachman, Laura 40,117,123 Bagby, Aleta 50 Bailey, Renee Baker, John 50 Baker, (Catherine 60 Ball, Brian 40,86 Banks, Mark 94 Banks, Tia 40,1 16 Barclay, Perry Barden, Patrick 60,92 Baring, Mark 86,87,26,94 Barrington, Carla 50 Bassett, Kristi 119,126,26 Baumgartner, John 40 Beadle, Ronda 40 Bean, Allen 50 Bean, Krishna 50 Bear, Deborah Beck, Brian 50 Beit .ell, Diane 119,26 Bell, Annette Bell, Kelly 16,60,123,128 Bell, Mama 40 Belluchi, Brenda 60,71,125,128 Belluchi, Carol 118 Belluchi, David 40,118 Benson, Betty 60 Benson, Diane 50,125 Beyer, Desiree 60 Bird, Dennis Bird, Teresa 13,16,112,127,26,120 Birmingham, Edward 26 Birmingham, Tina 52,50 Birmingham, Terry Bishop, Anna 119,26 Bishop, Brenda 60 Blair, Thea Blanton, Sandy Bobenhouse, Vincent 40,109 Boeckholt, Laurie Bohall, Frank 86,26 Bohall, Larry 91 Bos, Beth 9,82,129,160,26,116,130,25 Bounthieng, Jean Boyce, Scott 50 Briggs, Laura 40 Briggs, Terri 60 Britt, Katherine 58,50,127 Broad, Randy 40 Browder, Darryl Brower, Robert 123,136 Brown, Alfred 50,91 Brown, Frank 60 Brown, Jeffrey 26 Bruce, Debbie 27 Bruce, Laurie 40,106,107,123 Buchholz, Ervin 60 Buckley, Edward 40,130,136 Buckroyd, James 27,36 Bueford, Mark 50,91,97 Bueford, Terri 50,107 Bui, Bao 40 Bulmer, Thomas 40 Burgett, Kevin 60 Burgett, Lisa 50,123 Burrell, Terry 40,116 Burton, Jeff 40,49,80,86,89 Butts, Demery 86 Butts, Gina 27 Butts, Maureen CaThi, La CaThi, Noi Ca Van, Souan Cady, Dana 40 Calaway, Antoine 5,41 Cam, Lieng Cannon, Jeffery 50 Cannon, Robert 40,1 10,1 1 1 Carlson, Dennis 50 Carlson, Eric Carr, Melvin 40 Carrington, Ray 40 Carson, Tara 40,119 Carter, Edward Carter, Tammy 1 19 Cathi, La Cathi, Noi Catrenich, Diana 59,50,127,101 Cavan, Loun 92 Cervetti, Lisa 119,27,131 Cha, Soua 60 Chan, Khan 51 Chan, Kheng 51 Chance, Angela 60,70 Chang, Xeng Chapman, Michael 109,117,160,27 Chappell, Susan 51,129 Charlson, Darrin 61 Cheatom, Zina 51 Cheek, Luanne Cheeney, Betty Che .um, Kevin 47 Chidester, Lisa 5,106,107,124,27,120 Christensen, Donald 13,16,86,108,109,27 Christensen, Kimberly 41,49,124 Christensen, Pamela 16,50,112,113 Christensen, Tony Clabaugh, Brian 51,91 Clark, Cynthia 12,126,129,27,120,35 Clark, Marvin 61 Clay, Brian 86,27 Clough, Douglas 41,109 Clough, Jeffrey 160,27,130,35 Clyce, Monique 61 Coffey, Robert 51 Coffey, Susan 119,27 Coffman, Denise 51 Colbert, Carmen 61,128 Colbert, Theresa 41,68 Cole, Brett 41,86 Coleman, Sabrina 27 Col well, Brian 41,94 Conn, Ronnie 61,92 Connelly, Laurene 27,136,120 Connett, Warren Cook, Theresa 41,119 Cooper, Lowell 51,90,91,97 Cooper, Peter 86 Cooper, Veronica Copper, Stephanie 61 Cowles, Craig 51 Cowles, Melody 118 Cowles, Susan 51,123,104 Cowles, Tina 51 Cox, Kelli 27 Cox, Kelly Cox, Kelly 61,71,107,124,130,104 Cox, Kerry 51,52,59,91 Cox, Patty 57,99 Cox, Terri 106,107,27,101,35 Craddock, Mark 61,123 Crank, Christi ne 41,106,107 Craven, Deana 61 Creamer, Kelly Cretors, Scott 5,117,135,28,130 Crockett, Tammy Cronin, Glenda 16,41 Crosby, Ralph 41,94 Cross, Edgar 28 Cross, James 41,109,123 Crouch, Earl 51,109 Crouch, Patricia 61,63 Cuevas, Tracy 61 Cushing, Greg 51,90,91,97 Daniels, Matthew 41,86 Daniels, Rita 11,125,126,128,129,28 Darland, Dawn Davidson, Mary 61 Davis, Alisa 41,112,116 Davis, Leonard 61 Davis, Leslie Davis, Lisa 61,120 Davis, Michelle 51,112,113,123 Davis, Teresa 126,128,28 Dean, Juanita 1 18,28 Dean, Loretta 51 Deering, John 57 Dixon, Teresa 41,104 Dixon, Terri 126,128,28 Dodds, Dennis 41 Donnelly, Charita 41 Dorrian, David 28 Dorrian, Michael 57 Dorsey, Douglas 62 Dorsey, Monique 62,107,129,101,104 Dowd, Cindy 42 Downing, Christine Downing, Shelly Downs, Beth 51 Doyle, Tresa 57 Drew, Scott 61,62,99 Driver, Robert 108,109,35 Dubbs, Tim 42,48,110 Duke, Venetta 42,1 18 Dunigan, Irving Dunigan, Myra Dunlap, Lynette 16,61,62,71,126,104 Dunn, Kerry 51,91 Dunshee, Julie 112,113,123,28,37 Dunshee, Laura 62,112,113,123 Duren, Lea 62,128 Earll, Joleen 42 Easter, Lucretia 42 Edwards, James 62 Edwards, Lawrence 52 Egli, Denise 82,160,28 Egli, Dianne 62,116 Elverum, June 52,124,130 Elverum, Todd 28 English, Betty 52 English, Dana 52,120 English, Maurice Ennenga, Richard 50 Erickson, Hondo Erickson, John 52,97 Evans, Carl 52 Evans, Donna 62 Faber, Floyd 42 Fane, Sandra 28 Fargo, Amy 62,123 Fay, Marlene 52 Feeney, Daniel Fees, Jane Fegley, Paulette 52,107,123 Fegley, Paul 62,123 Felton, Darla Felton, Tracey 52 Fife, Brenda 118,28 Fife, Debbie 52 Fife, Pamela 42,118 Finch, Douglas 62 Fisher, Diana 62,128 Fitzgerald, Raymond 71 Fitzgibbon, Joseph 52,90,91,97 Fongkhamdeng, Somnuk Ford, Lisa 62 Forshier, Chris Forshier, Penny 42 Foulk, James Fountain, Euric 62 Fountain, Tina 42 Foutch, Timothy 52,117,123,97 Foutch, Todd 98 Foutch, Tracie 11,126,129,28 Foxhoven, Bruce 42 Foxhoven, Dennis Foxhoven, Julie 52 Foxhoven, Lori 124,28,136,120 Franklin, Dexter Frazier, Helen Freihage, James 42 Freihage, Jennifer 16,62,123,126 Frein, William 52,91 Frisk, Kathryn Fuhrman, Gina 119,28 Fuller, Kimberly 42,129,131 Fuller, Lisa 52,127,129 Furgason, Shelly 29,24 Gahman, Timothy 62 Gallagher, Christine 13,42,86,128 Ganoe, Jeffrey 42,48,86,130 Garcia, Michelle 13,16,62 Garneau, Michelle 62 Gary, Laura 42,123 Gassaway, Melissa 52,69 Geerling, Tom 52,91 Gelner, Jennifer 62 Gerdts, Marvin 52 Giles, Ted 29 Gill, Anthony 62,92,99 Gill, Linda 52 Gilliam, Sheryl 5,12,4,29 Gilliam, Teresa 42,124 Gillotti, John 62,92,109 Glas, Jeanette 62,112,128 Glas, Suzanne 124,129 Glas, Thomas Godwin, Barbara 62,124 Godwin, Kevin 42,45,86,110,123,116 Golay, Robin 52 Goodwin, Michael 42,86 Gould, Philip 42,48,110,123 Graham, Stephen 42,42,49,95 Gray, Alan 63,123 Gray, Kimberly 42,119 Green, Bruce 52,123,125 Green, Leline 129,29 Greer, Mark 42,118 Griffiths, Charles 42 Griffith, Laurence 52,129 Griffiths, David 42 Grissom, Keith 43,123 Grogan, Karla 53 Grogan, Rae Ann 5,43,124,127 Grovier, Mark Guevara, Jimmy Guthrie, Tanya 43 Guthrie, Treasa 63 Guy, Quincy 29,36 Haag, Frank 63 Hageman, Sandra 119 Hagge, Kelly 63 Hainline, Leslie 63,71 Hainline, Theresa 49,128 Hale, Allen 29 Hale, Leslie 43 Hall, Jack 43 Halterman, Jacqueline 63 Hamilton, Mark 94 Hannagan, Rita Hansen, Daniel 53 Hansen, Gary 29 Hansen, Joy 5,13,16,43,124,127 Hansen, Richard Hardy, Janelle 43,118 Harkin, Kenneth 43,95,94 Harkin, Nancy 63,113,123 Harkin, Patrick 29 Harlan, Clifford Harlan, Lee Ann Harper, Leslie 63 Harris, Anthony 43,82,88 Harris, Karen Harris, Tracy 53,128 Harris, Yulanda Harvey, Christy 43,118 Hasstedt, Holly 63,64,68 Hasstedt, John 36 Hastings, Alan 5,86,129,29 Hatfield, Shellee 53,91 Hawkins, Alan 53 Hawkins, Cindy 43,112,113,123 Hawkins, Jeffrey 53,91,110,123 Hawkins, Tommy Hayes, Charles 53,91,97 Hays, Sandra 53,107 Heathcote, Robert 43 Heck, Kelley 63 Henderson, Chrystal 52,53,122,123,116,69, 104 Henderson, Cynthia Henderson, Laurie 43 Henderson, Patrick Henderson, Richard Hendrikson, Ronald 43,117,131 Henry, Ellen 43 Hernandez, Mario Her, Chao 43 Hess, Frederick 53 Hicks, Mark 53 Hicks, Michael 43,118 Hill, Franklin 63 Hill, Johnny Hoang, Boun 43 Hoang, Long Dinh 53 Hoang, Nuck Hobbs, Steven 43 Hodges, Bradley 9,13,86,160,29,116,130 Hodges, Jeffrey 63,92,93 Holland, Anne 5,53,55,103,107,124,101, 103 Holman, Stacy 63,65,123,128 Holmes, Danny 43 Hooten, Kande 29,25 Horn, Ted 29 Houk, Kristi 43,117,116 Houston, Gina Houston, Johnnie 43 Houston, Stevie Hubbard, Janet 43 Hudson, Dollie 53 Hudson, Yvette 53 Hull, James 117,29 Hulling, David 63,117 Hulling, Debbie 53 Hunnel, Rebecca 53,117,123,125 Huntoon, Ellen Huss, David 52,53,91,109 Huss, Sonny 86,36,29 Huynh, Luan Tuong Huynh, Xuan 63,116 Immel, David 63 Immel, John 30 Jackson, Dinah 43 Jacobi, David 53 Jacobs, Abigail 63,112,123 Janes, Brenda Jayne, Karla 63 Jennings, Randy Jewett, Tommy 44 Johannes, Carl 53,123 Johannes, Dewey 123,30 Johannsen, Janet 63,125,116 Johnson, Dale 44 Johnson, Dawn 119,30 Johnson, Heidi Johnson, Jeffrey 30,35 Johnson, Renee 53,124 Johnson, Robert 44 Johnson, Toyes 53 Jones, Booker 53 Jones, Jeffery 63,99 Jones, Judith 63 Jordan, Anthony 109 Jorgensen, Katherine 53,128 Jorgensen, Rodney 54,108,109 Jorgenson, Thomas Joshua, Dennis Joshua, Johnnie Julich, Heidi 54 Julich, John 44,131 Kammavongsa, Keo 44 Kammavongsa, Matha 44 Keahna, Sophilia 63 Kearns, Amy 118,30 Keenan, Scott Keith, Rebecca 13,16,112,113,123,30,37 Kelce, Tana 13,16,44,126,128,136 Kelce, William 63 Kellogg, Rainnie Kenworthy, David 44,118 Kerr, Jeffery 63 Kever, Carolyn 44 Key, Melvin Khamtanh, Phoungeun 54 Khamtanh, Sourivanh 54 Khamtanh, Sourivieng 54 Khoang, Sai Van Khoang, Siriphone Thi 44 Kindred, Laurie 44.116 King, Lisa 5,9,160,30,130,131,35 King, Melvin 54 Kliven, Kenneth 54 Knap. Arthur 54,91,109,68 Knudson, John 54 Kraber, Katherine 30 Krueger, Melinda 54,104 Kurschinski, Andrea 54,123,116,69 Kurschinski, Douglas 9,160,30,24 Lacey, Mark 44,123 Lage, Patrick 71 Lamay, Stanford 61,64,92,99 Lamont, Connie 64 Lanas, Alicia 44,123 Langlet, Christina 54 Larson, David 54,97 Larson, Rodney 5,30,130 Lasala, Anthony 54,123 Lathrum, John 54 Lathrum, Laurie 13,16,123,30,101,37 Lau, Jeff 54 Laughinghouse, Wayne Lawrence, Jerrie Lee, Anna 54 Lee, Cha 54 Lee, Doua 44 Lee, Douglas 64,92,99 Lee, Mai Sy 54 Lee, May Lee, Robert 54 Lee, Romale Lee, Sharley Lee, Xoua 44 Lee, Youa Lehman, Lori 54 Leong, Jim 54,109,123 Levy, Cheryl 64 Lewis, Margaret 44,118 Lewis, Michael 30 Lewis, Richard 54 Lilly, Anna Linebach, Brian 54 Linford, Robert 64 Lint, Lisa 124,30 Lisle, Leiann 64 Little, David Little, Todd 54 Lo, Choi Van Lo, Kic Thi Lo, Moui 64 Lo, Sem Van Lockridge, David 13,1,86,87,30 Logan, Penny 119,30 Logan, Timothy 54 Lorenz, Teresa 16,54 Lothi, Sonemany Loung, Nong Van Loung, SouaneThi 64 Lu, Linh 44 Lu, Vieng Luan, Hai Chi 54 Lumadue, Brian 64 Luna, Angela 44 Luna, Benita 64,71 Lundgren, Brenda 44,120 Lundgren, David 44,110,123,125 Lundquist, Russell 44 Luce, Jim 99 Luong, Ha Tu 64 Luong, Long Vi 54 Lutz, Dennis 31 Lutz, Douglas 54 Madison, Corky 64,92,100,99 Madison, Jerri 64 Madison, Julie 10,44,102,101 Maier, David 44 Maier, Dianne 5,12,124,30 Mains, Edwin Mains, Jonathon 64 Major, Leslie 64 Major, Terence 45 Major, Wayne 64 Major, William 55 Mallory, John Manley, Laura 45,107 Maple, Brett Mansfield, Marsha Marchael, Cynthia 16,52,55,59,127,116,97 Marchael, Lisa 118,135,31 Marshall, Charles Martelli, David 64 Martin, James 64 Martin, Ken 86 Martinez, Tina 55 Martinez, Tracy 64 Massey, David 55 Matthias, David 54 Mattson, Michelle 13,16,54,59,127,97 May, Orlando 55 McBee, Richard 31 McCann, Denise 45 McCann, Sherry 64 McCloud, Kirk 45,86 McClure, Brenda 16,55,128 McCoy, Charles McCullough, Charles 31 McCullough, Kandy McDonald, Jeffery 31 McDonald, Jerry 45,86,109 McDonald, Lisa 91,97 McDowell, Marjorie 45 McGinn, Lawrence 13,45,86,130,94 McGregor, David McGregor, Clyde 99 McGregor, Jackie 55 McGregor, Lewis 64,99 McGregor, Scot 65 McKeegan, Robert 64 McKune, Angela 45,127 McNulty, Kelly 55,112,113,123 McNulty, Lisa 112,113,31 McQuarry, Pam 45 McSparin, Monique 116 Meek, Eric 65,135 Meek, Kimberly Messerly, Patrick 55,90,91,109,68 Metzler, Jane 119,31 Michael, Christian 45 Michael, Daniel 55 Mick, Kimberly 13,16,65,126,116,99 Miksell, Ronald 45 Miller, Dennis 53,55,91,110,116 Miller, Joanne 55,124 Miller, Laura 65,112 Miller, Rodney 31 Miller, Scott 12,123,31,116,36 Miller, Ray 45,94 Millsap, Michael 109 Millsap, Robert Minear, Maureen 45,49 Mingo, Victoria 126,31 Mitchell, Wayne 65 Moc, Fong Dzin Modrick, James 45 Modrick, Joseph 53,55,91,116 Mogensen, Randy 45,86 Moore, Lisa 65 Moore, Lonnie Moore, Yvette Morales, Joseph Moreno, Dean 31 Morgan, Tommy 97 Morris, Patty Morris, Gary 45 Morton, Catherine 45,49,130 Moulder, David 86,31 Muffler, James 45,118 Muffler, Paul 65 Mure, Charlie Murphy, Lisa 55,127 Murray, Mark 55,91,109,116 Myers, Michele 45 Nash, John 55,109 Neal, Lisa 55 Neal, Rebecca 119,31 Nelson, Patricia 65 Ngo, Oang Hoang 65 Nguyen, Hong Due 45 Nguyen, Khiem Vinh Nguyen, Nga Thi Nguyen, Phat Dac 65 Nguyen, Tien 55 Nguyen, Vu Due Nguyen, Van Due Nhang, Chiengmay Nichols, Timothy 55 Neilsen, John 31 Neilsen, Stephen 8,13,86,32 Nutt, Tammy 32 Oakley, Dana 45 Oakley, Patricia Oden, Cindy 65,126 Ogg, Mary 30 Orchard, Christopher 45 Osborne, Janet 45 Ousley, Lachelle 46 Overton, Debbie 46 Overton, Richard Overton, Tammy 55 Owen, James 55 Owens, Rita 46 Parker, Betty Jo 46,126,129 Parker, Mark Patterson, Wayne 55,117 Payne, Joseph Perrin, Barbara 32 Petefish, Jeana 13,16,55,59,123,128,69 Phengvath, Boua Thong Phounphengsy, Keomany 46 Phung, Le Dung Pierick, Janea 55,91,128,59 Pilcher, Daniel Pinegar, Kimberly 56 Plymesser, Jennifer 46,117,129,116,131, 120 Poe, Robert 65 Polk, Terry 55,91,116 Poller, Kevin 55 Pope, Paula 32 Pope, Peggy 46,107,116 Poquette, Michael Potts, Jeffrey 65,92 Potts, Russell 32 Powers, Rebecca Praxayavong, Simmaly Price, Shari 55 Procyk, Richard 56 Puffett, James 55,91 Purdy, Lisa 56,123,104 Quang, Khan 65 Quang, Boun Quang, May 65 Ragan, Earl 65 Rains, Elizabeth 46,118 Ramsey, Mary 65 Ramsey, Renee 56 Rasmassen, David 32 Raman, Lisa 46 Reasby, James 56 Reese, Joseph 52,55,58,91 Reeves, Jill 46,112 Reeves, Mark 45,46 Reeves, Susan 56,112 Reeves, Tammy 65,128 Rehms, Robert 65,92 Rehms, Stephen 44,46,86 Reimers, Danny Reimers, James Reyna, Roger 46 Reynolds, Robert 46 Reynolds, Suzann 46 Rice, Danny 65 Rice, Laurie 56 Richards, Kathy 56,59,106,107,104 Riche, Dawn 119,128,32 Riche, William 65 Rider, Tim 5,86 Ries, Dawn 66,128,68 Ries, Melody 19,123,32 Rios, John Robertson, Craig 11,86,32,94 Robinson, Kyle 110,111,118,32 Robinson, Hattie Robuck, Donna Ross, Charles 46 Ross, Lannie Ross, Lorrie Rousseau, Laura 46 Rousseau, Leslie Rousseau, Linda 56,127,129 Rowland, Jacqueline 118,32 Row, Lannie 66 Row, Lorrie 66 Rubino, Vincent 46,117,123 Rumley, Mark 32 Rummans, Laura 56,32,37 Rundle, Mark 160,130 Rushing, Kathy 66 Russain, Kenneth 56,91 Rvchel, Julie 9,11,126,160,32,130,131,37, 35,68 Rynearson, Todd 56,91,123 Samounty, Somphavanh Samounty, Vandara Sandin, David 33 Sayaxang, Kong Sayaxang, Ker Lee Schaefer, Debra 10,46,106,107,160,101,116, 35 Schnoor, Charlene 66 Schomer, Marcene 66,104 Schomer, Mark 66 Schreck, Mark 56 Schwartz, Lisa 124 Schwartztrauber, Frank Scott, Barbara 66 Sears, Lynn 46,86,94 Semple, Richard 46 Shakley, Lee 66 Shepherd, Cynthia 46,135 Sholley, Sherry Shook, Shane Shook, Torin Shrader, Donnelle 66,69 Sibert, Scott Simmons, Johnny 56,109 Simon, Alex 66 Simpson, Michael 56 Sims, Fredrick Sims, John 66,92,129,100,99 Sims, Susan 129,33 Sinclair, Larry Skinner, Kimberly 56,124,127 Slight, Elizabeth 66 Smith, Brenda 66,129 Smith, Diane 123,125,127,33,35 Smith, Duane Smith, James 46,107,136 Smith, Janetta Smith, Joe 66 Smith, Pat 33 Smith, Joane 46,123,125 Smith, Richard 56,90,91,116 Smith, Willie 56 Smothers, Kim 66 Snyder, Keith 66 Sorensen, Jarvey Sorensen, Jeremy 56 Sorensen, Juliane 119 Soukhaseum, Manivahn Sparks, Mark 66,92 Spencer, Mike 66 Spurling, Anjanette 56 Spurling, Stacy 46 Stanley, Jerry Stanley, Linda Steigleder, Jesica 33 Steinbach, Chris 66 Stemler, Teresa 66,128,116 Stern, Roya 123,33 Stottlemyer, Yvonne 46,136 Stouwie, Steve 66 Stovall, Bridget 119,33 Stovall, Tracy 56 Street, Michael 46 Strike, Sharon 56,116 Strobel, Douglas 56,58,51,90,91 Stubbs, Edward 66,92,100,99 Sutton, Lorena Swanson, Nancy 5,13,124,33,130 Sweeten, George 66,92,123,125 Swift, Wendi 66,70,71 Swigart, Scott 47 Talton, Darrell Tanberg, Sherri 56,124,120 Tate, Lezlie 118,33,25 Taylor, David 86,118,33 Taylor, William Tellis, Jeffery 47,86,94 Tellis, Jerry 56 Terrall, Erika 56 Terry, Laura 57 Terry, Scott 57,51,91 Thao, Kao Thao, Kou 57,66 Thao, May Thomas, Brian Thomas, David 66 Thomas, Leisa 66,104 Thomas, Richard Thomas, Roger 57 Thompson, Tammy 66 Tomlinson, Richard 57 Todd, Jerry 37 Tounsley, John 66,92 Townsell, Joey 57,90,91 Townsley, Donald 57 Tracey, Glen 66 Tracey, Jeff 13,57 Tran, Huy Tai 67 Tran, Ngu 67 Trogdon, Ronald 67 Trogdon, Sandra 67,71,107,101,104 Trogdon, Virginia Trotter, Clark 86,89,33,36 Tuong, Van Turner, Richard 47,49 Twist, Shari 10,40,47,48,82,102,101 Ung, Leug Van Cannon, David 67 Vander Leest, Robin 67,92,97 Vander Leest, Randall 95,33,130,25,94 Vang, Fu 47 Vanora, Vicki 47,119 Vasquez, Gary 51 Vongnhay, Souksay 57 Vongxay, Visith Vongxay, Vivanh 67 Waddell, Kathleen 47,131 Wade, Irwin 67 Wade, Maxine 47 Walker, Annette 57,124,135 Walker, Larry Walker, Tracy 57,58,129 Wallace, David Ward, Jacqueline 57 Ware, James 47,123,125 Warren, Jean 55,57,123,125 Washburn, Larry 57 Wasser, Renee 47 Webb, Edith 67 Webb, Julia 16,47 Webb, Michele 57 Weber, Dwayne 47 Weber, Mark 57 Weeks, Kurtis 47,48,86 Wells, Juanita Wessel, Eugene 67 Wessell, Rodney West, Alex 67 Westendorf, Lisa 16,47,128 Whisler, Richard 86,135,33,116,36,24 White, Bill 41,57,109 White, Debra 57 White, Kenny 67,109 White, Michael 47 White, Robert 57,129 Whitlatch, Amy 57 Wickett, Jonathon 67,92 Wigton, Bradley 123,33 Wiley, Becky 67 Wilkerson, Rhonda 57,101,120 Willey, Charles 67 Williams, Dorothea 57 Williams, Lucy 57 Williamson, Belinda 47 Williamson, Richard Williamson, Tammy 47 Wilson, Herman Wilson, Jeffrey 57 Wilson, Richard 123,160,33,131,35 Wilson, Steve Wood, Howard 47 Woodruff, Christina 47,106,107 Woods, Jeorjette 47,129,116,130 Wray, Laurie 47 Wright, Maurice Wright, Renee Wyatt, Eddie 67 Wyatt, Jana 57 Xayavong, Seng 67 Xiong, Chong 67 Yang, Bee 57 Yang, Cheng Yang, Tou Young, Bryon 5,86,88,89,95,34,94 Ziebell, Robert 17,34 Ziegler, Alisa 5,118,34 Zimmerman, James 5,9,13,86,34,116 Zimmerman, Mark 47,86,117 Iowa ' s Top Two in — Zero Des Moines Cold Storage 801 New York Street Des Moines, Iowa Phone 515-283-8050 Fort Dodge Ice Cold Storage 1 521 Central Avenue Fort Dodge, Iowa Phone 515-573-7921 There is no substitute for experience The POLAR BEAR staff wishes to thank all of the businesses that advertised in this years publication. 156 WEST BANK MAIN BANK: FREEWAY AT 22ND STREET • OFFICE 63RD GRAND . WEST DES MOINES IOWA 50?fiS CITY CENTER BRANCH 809 6TH AVENUE • DES MOINES IOWA 50309 MEMBER F.D.I.C. We ' re closer to you! The Loyal " 274! ' These Students Supported NHS By Purchasing Student Activity Tickets 107 109 118 121 124 125 126 134 135 138 Rhonda Augustine Kyle Robinson Richard Turner Renee Ramsey Susan Coffey Dianne Smith Mark Zimmerman Jerry Tellis Suzanne Glas Roya Stern 221 . . Tina Birmingham 238 . Mary Davidson Penny Logan 139 . . Lisa Burgett Susan Cowles Amy Fargo Melody Ries Jeff Cannon Melissa Gassaway Kelly Heck Mark Rumley Robert Coffey Alan Hawkins Stacy Holman Lisa Cervetti June Elverum Jeff Hawkins Cindy Oden Scott Cretors Tim Foutch Sandra Hays Robin Vander Leest Rita Daniels Julie Foxhoven Crystal Henderson 239 . . . Lisa Chidester Terri Dixon Bill Frien Ann Holland Mark Hamilton Traci Foutch Kenneth Kliven Cynthia Marchael Jeff Johnson Lori Foxhoven Andrea Kurschinski Dennis Hiller Dianna Maier Shelly Furgason Tony LaSala Junea Pierick Rodney Miller Kande Hooten Teresa Lorenz Gary Vasquez Paula Pope Stephen Nielson Michelle Mattson Rhonda Wilkerson 240 . . . Tressa Bird Tammy Nutt Joanne Miller Terri Bueford Cynthia Clark Russell Potts John Nash Kerry Cox 240 . . . Pete Cooper Susan Sims Terry Polk Mark Murry David Dorrian Terry Burrell Todd Rynearson 222 . . Paul Fegley Pat Harkin Jeff Burton Tracy Stovall Barbara Godwin Becky Keith Brett Cole Jean Marie Warren Kim Mick Nancy Swanson Jeff Ganoe 140 . . Larry Griffith Tracy Cuevas Richard Wilson Fllen Henery 141 . . LuDean Allensworth Diane Egli Terri Cox Laurie Kindred Denise Coffman 223 . . Lowell Cooper 241 . . . Tresa Aeschliman Debra Schaefer Patty Cox Beth Downs Terri Briggs Yvonne Stottlemeyer Greg Cushing Charles Hayes Lynette Dunlap Susan Chappell Carl Evans Lisa Burdy Jennifer Gelnor David Larson Robin Golay Mike Simpson Jeff Potts James Owen Bruce Green Sherri Tanberg John Sims Joe Reese J Modrick Dorothee Williams Brenda Smith Scott Terry Diane Benson Debbie White Bob Allensworth Tracy Walker Robb White 224 . . . Wayne Aherns 242 . Laura Dunshee Tim Nichols 215 . . Robert Brower Jennifer Freihage Abigale Jacobs Allen Bean Chris Crank Charlene Schoor Janet Johnson Vince Bobinhouse Theresa Hainline 226 . . . Laura Briggs Wendi Swift Dawn Darland Cindy Hawkins Glenda Cronin 245 . . Chris Gallager Laura Gary Kristi Houk Alisa Davis David Griffiths Rae Ann Grogan Laura Manley Venetta Duke David Lundgren Lisa Rayman Jim Modrick James Freihage Ray Miller Angela Chance Mark Reeves Teresa Gilliam Gary Morris Nancy Harkin Cynthia Shepherd Steve Graham Jenny Plymesser Robert Linford Steve Hobbs Tanya Guthrie Jill Reaves Dawn Ries 216 . . . Barbara Alexander Tana Kelce Suzann Reynolds Mike Spencer Sandy Fane Julie Madison Lynn Saers Tammy Thompson Dawn Johnson 227 . . Larry Anderson James Smith Jonathon Wickett Lisa Marchael Diane Beitzell Stacy Spurling Randy Broad Scott Miller Sabrina Coleman Kathleen Waddel Kenneth Harkin Craig Robertson Kelli Cox James Ware Jeorjette Woods Julie Rychel Sheryl Gilliam Chris Woodruff Maureen Minear 219 . Katherine Britt Gary Hansen Theresa Colbert Alfred Brown Michelle Davis Alan Hastings 246 . . John Giliotti Tracy Harris Joseph Fitzgibbon Lisa King Karla Jayne Debbing Hulling Karla Grogan Doug Kurschinski Rollie Madison Susan Reeves Rodney Jorgensen David Ramussen Eric Mevin Shelly Hatfield Lisa McDonald Tim Rider Laura Miller Tina Bean James Puffett Richard Whisler Mark Sparks Becky Hunnell Linda Rousseau 228 . . Douglas Clough Scott Drew David Jacobi Kim Skinner Angela Luna Kelly Cox Cathy Jorgenson Jeremy Sorensen Vicki Vanora Marrena Schomer Kim Pinegar Dougless Stroble Lisa Westendorf 248 . Ed Birmingham Johnny Simmons Erika Terrall 230 . . Anna Akermark Beth Bos Joey Townsell Lisa Murphy Monique Dorsey Brian Clay Hai Luan 220 . . Laura Bachman Teresa Stemler Julie Dunshee Richard Smith Laurie Bruce Doug Lee 248 . . Denise Egli Alisa Allensworth Lucretia Easter Carmen Colbert Leline Green Laurene Connelly Philip Gould 232 . . Diana Catrenich Kathrine Kraber Hondo Erickson Leslie Hale John Erickson Brad Hodges Joane Smith Melinda Kruger Rodney Larson Kim Christensen Jeana Petefish 1 157 Yearbook Staff Gets It All Together Again this year we owe a debt of grati- tude to the 1980-81 Polar Bear Staff. This is the second year in a row that North has turned out a spring yearbook with a sup- plement in the fall. As the presses rolled and the deadlines flew by the yearbook was produced. Thanks again to the 1980-81 Polar Bear Staff. Co Editors Julie Rychel and Lisa King. Head Photographer: Jeff Clough. Adviser: Mike Nyman. Lisa King Julio Rychel Doug Kurschinski Brad Hodges Richard Wilson Denise Egli Mike Nyman Mike Chapman Jeff Clough Mark Rundle 58 INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS MISSION, KANSAS WINNIPEG, MANITOBA IOI A KANSAS

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