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As a new decade nears 79 North High 501 Holcomb Des Moines, Iowa 50313 Vol. 76 a new deck of opportunities are ready to be dealt OF CONTENTS Student Life 6 24 Organizations 40 Sports 64 Underclassmen 88 Faculty 120 Advertising 132 • ••••••••4 »•••••• • •••••« • •••••« The 1979-80 school year began quite un- usually. Freshmen were added to the stu- dent body for the first time in North High ' s history. Halls were now crowded, classes larger and the auditorium was filled during assemblies. North ' s enrollment increased approxi- mately from 615 from last year ' s total to a overwhelming 808. Seniors remarks about the newly added freshmen ranged from " their so small " to " they ' ve really added to the school spirit " to " let ' s barrell ' em all " . Students also ordered their yearbooks earlier than ever before, due to this year ' s spring delivery. The North High Lettermen ' s Club was re- organized this year for the first time since 1976, and the club felt an added growth with each meeting. With the addition of new students, a new hand has been dealt to North High. Ron Armstrong at it again. Students patiently waited for the delivery of last year ' s yearbooks ••• ••• ••• ••• • • ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ::: ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ill ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• • ••••••••••••••••••••••••• • ► • • • • •••••••••••••••••• »««»••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Student Life ►••••••v.v ••••••• I •I •I ••• ••• Homecoming Spirit 7 9 This year ' s spirit week activities brought the student body more together than ever before. Throughout the week, students contributed all of their nick- els and pennies to the Penny and Nickel Day and painted posters for the Poster Contest. Tuesday, students could be seen in their favorite jeans and t-shirts. Sayings such as, " Seniors Do It Better " , " Iowa State Football " , and " Swimmers Do It Deeper " could be found on the shirts of many. Later that day, the senior girls lost to the male faculty in a game of powder puff football, 7 to 6. The next day, the students were seen in semi-formal dresses and leisure suits for dress up day. That night, the varisty football team captured the car cram title, beating the band 24 people to 21. Thursday, North High students could be found roaming the halls in crazy hats and socks that ranged from top hats and bobbie socks to baseball hats and surgical socks. They then in turn, went out to the parking lot and took their frustrations out on an old car for the car bash. Friday, the last day of the spirit week, many students wore lettermen ' s sweaters and green t-shirts for the annual green and white day. As the secretary for the student council, Carol Carver com- mented, " I thought it went over really well. Alot of kids par- ticipated, and that ' s what it ' s all about. It went over they way that we wanted it to. " Tom Smith and Paula Pope get their poster ready for the poster contest. :: •.• ..v. •••• • - ••••••• ••••« • • • • • • • • • • • • •I; The cheerleaders fire up for the homecoming game. ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• • • ••• ••• •:• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• •-• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• Mt was really an honor being chosen this year ' s homecom- ing queen. It was an experience that 11! never forget. I ' d like to thank the entire student body for letting me have the honor. 1 was really surprised, but very happy. " - Lisa Kurschinski The 1979 Homecoming Queen Cindy Clark, Terri Cox, and Terri Bird with their hats and socks. 1 _ 1. 1 Liane )epsen and Linda McClain deco- rate for the dance. • •• • • ••••••••••••••••« •V.%W V.VAV.%V.V i I • • • • • • • • 10 Andrea Kurchinski, Denise Dorian, Terri Bird, Carol Carver, Lisa Kurchinski, Lois Schomer, Denise Egli, Tana Kelce, Chris Callagher and Sue Moulder. 4 , I Mr. Polar Bear candidates; Bob Davey, Chuckle Burrell and Gary Christensen Homecoming Queen, Lisa Kurchinski and Mr. Polar Bear, Gary Christensen. Rae Ann Crogan and Chris Agan. Homecoming 1 1 Ms 7 9 12 Sophomore Princess candidates are Cindy Hawkins, Denise Dorrian, Joy Hensen, Tana Kelce, Chris Gallagher and Sue Moulder Pam Christensen and Brian Carwell " An Everlasting Dream " was the theme of this years Homecoming Dance and according to Linda McClain, stu- dent council president, it was an overwhelming success. With over 200 students attending the dance they danced to the music of " Benson " on the floor of the decorated girls gymnasium. Lisa Kurchinski reigned over the dance along with Mr. Po- lar Bear, Gary Christensen. loe Hayes and Lois Schomrr junior Princesses; are Vicki Mingo, Terri Bird, Julie Dunshee, Dawn Johnson, Lisa Ziegler, Dianne Maier, Denise Egli and Kelly Cox. Freshman Princesses are Michelle Mattson, Teresa Lorenz, Brenda McClure, Gina Petefish, Andrea Kurchinski and Pam Christensen. Lisa ' s attendants were senior princesses, Terri Bird and Denise Egli, sophomore princesses, Lois Schomer and Carol Carver, junior princesses, Terri Bird and Denise Egli, sophomore princesses, Denise Dorrian and Tana Kelce and freshman princesses Andrea Kurchinski and Gina Petefish. This was the first time in many years that the dance was held in the gymnasium. 13 Spirit — not a thing of the past! North High ' s funeral? Tep " was a word in many student ' s volcabulary around North High this year. With the addition of freshman, the auditorium felt a new wave of life and excitement throughout it ' s walls. Crepe and toilet paper were used frequently to decorate the otherwise dull brick walls, and posters were many times added to show the evergrowing spirit among the student body. The cheerleaders and band led the students of North High in many a cheer, and on one occasion, the fac- ulty even got into the act. With many disguised, the teachers carried a box which resembled a coffin into the noisy auditorium. They then revealed the coffin ' s contents — the North High spirit. Walt Bevel then proceeded to emerge from the box, bringing the student body to it ' s feet. Students also led many cheers and pep talks. During the Tech assembly, senior Kurt Bell gave the student body an inspiring pep talk. Pep was alive at North High once again. Walt Bevel springs from the casket, show- ing that spirit is still alive. The varsity football once again shows their enthusiasm. 14 " I feel that the pep assemblies were a rot more rowdier than e er before tor a couple of reasons I think that all m of the commotion going- around about sending Tech W over here has brought North more together than ever before, and the addition freshmen hgs helped consid- erably too I jf bo feel tf t the band ' s involvement with the student tP©ciy has helped bring about the student ' s body spirit. I ' m really h|lpp that i got to be apart of the excite- - Sarah Qpwies, Senior )erry Smith watches the spirit displayed by his fellow team members. bandr member The spirit of North High, being brought in by the faculty of North. The Varsity football team displays their ever growing confidence 15 •J ••••••••••• . _ »•••••••••••••••••• • • • 4 • ••••••••• 1 work primarily for the money. I ' d like to be able to buy a car soon. I ' m also saving for college because coming up quickly. " - Shari Robinson, senior •:• that ' s ::: ::: ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• • :: ' I work mainly for the money too. I ' m saving for Christmas gifts right now and for some of the things that I ' d like for myself. Besides, I like where I work. " - Lois Schomer senior Shari Robinson works at Mr. D ' s Super Valu. Lisa Kurschinski, along with her brother, Doug, work at Wendy ' s. Tim Bloomquist has worked at Burger King for two years. ••••••••••• ••••••••••« ••••••••••• r ••••••••• 3 • •••••• • ••• ••• 16 ••••••••« • • " i l fuMir litk • • Should I Work or Not? Lorrie Payton at Kentucky Fried Chicken. 1 t a question in many students minds Sometime during your junior or senior year, most students are faced with the question — Should I go to work or not? For many, the answer is obvious. If one wants to have a car or go to college, you ' re going to have to go and get some kind of a job. This brings about a variety of problems. What are you going to do about your homework each night when you have to work until one? Or what about your start- ing position on the football team? Jeff Shaw at HyVee Tuon [(jres. Many employers will schedule your play J and track practices, but what about those who will not? For those it becomes a personal decision. ••• it ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• V ••• V ••• ••• ••• ••• •5» ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• Mike Coffman enjoys the DECA party pizza. Patty Johnson does some last minute studying. •5» V ••• •5 ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• V ••• if you think that you ' re so doggone smart, why don ' t you go up and teach the class »•••••••• 18 Mixers Are Thumbs Up! With the basketball season in full swing, many times throughout the season, fans were treated to after games mixers in the student center. For many, it was a chance to get together with friends. For others, it was a chance to practice the latest disco steps and moves. Whatever the reason, mixers helped to bring the student body even more together. Phil Gould and Brett Cole show how they feel about the Mixers weren ' t only for dancing, many used the time just to talk to friends. Dealing With the ' 80 ' s The 70 ' s-the decade of the Kent State demon- strations, America ' s 200th birthday, gas lines and half price pumps, the Patricia Hearst abduction, the Camp David peace summits, the nuclear acci- dents at three mile island, Watergate, the Arab at- tack on the Munich Olympics, the Iranian revolu- tion, Nixon ' s trip to Peking, Pope John Paul ll ' s historic tour of the U.S., Americans being airlifted from Saigon, the first president to reign without popular vote, the mass Jim Jones suicide and the Soviets angered the world by invading Afghani- stan. The 70 ' s proved to be a decade of turbulence and unrest. Will these events have a profound ef- fect on the 80 ' s? Only time will tell. ]: Dana Meadows and Roger Marean practice the tech- , nique of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), which was offered for the first time at North. 2: Shelley Furgason and Renee Allensworth model the school jacket and , lettersweater that were so popular at NHS this year. 3: Pope John Paul II visited Des Moines for the first time in Iowa history. 4: Val Alksnis tours the Des Moines Botanical I Center which opened this year. SELF SERVICE tells Master Charge. Bank Americurd or Cash Accept MO CHECKS PLEASE PAY CASHIER IN! Brown says he ' d like to participate in debate GRIVARO ELEOTED D.M. MAYOR A softer hostage stance taken by Iranian leaders W WOHT mrST SHU, fJ0 MEM «nu nniis « Pope arrives with option of love ' 4 1: Freshmen were added to the student body tor the first time in North High history. 2: English as a Second Language " was added to the cur- riculum to help many of the foreign students at NHS. 3: Gas prices con- tinued to rise. 4: Shown are some of the headlines that were seen in the newspapers in 79 and ' 80. 5: Jeans continued to be the main attire of the North High students. 23 Seniors to help another country, similar to the Viet Nam W would you serve? Female: Yes 17% No 61% Undecided 22% Male: Yes 27% No 61% Undecided 12% Valerie Linn Alksnis Bciskell)all 1-8, Polar Bear Oracle Matt b-H, Polar Bear Editor-in-Chief 7. K. Pep Club i-8, Leltermen ' s Club 7, «. Tennis 1. Office Assistant 4. " I ' ll never forget the nervousness I felt before the entire student body for the yearbook sales assembly I ' ve made alot of great friends, thanks! " Mi( hael Charles Allen Band 6-8, Drama 1-8. Swimming i-6. Track i-5. Pep Club 7,8, Stage Crew 1-8 ril never forget going to Ha- waii and changing clothes in an alley in Pella " Roger f)wayne Anderson Tennis 2.4,6,8, Swimming 4-8, Band 1-5. ' My most memorable exper- ience was going with the band to Hawaii " Tammy Augustine Cheerleading 3-8. Pep Club 1-8. Band 1-6, Tennis 8, Office Assistant 6.7. Randy Guy Baker Basketball 1-8, Track 8 T ' d like to go on to college and get a degree in accounting " Kurt Donald Bell Swimming i-8. Pep Club 7,8, ROTC 1-4 " Even though the years have l)een short, the memories will last a lifetime ' C:arol Belluchi Bee ky Lin Bennett Pep Club i,4. Swim Timer 3,4, Ora- cle 5, Polar Bear 6, Secretary of Chapter 1 DECA 7,8. " I ' ll never for- get the fright built up as I walked into the bathroom and two other students thought that I was a teach- er " Kelly Rae Bertelsen Basketball 1-4, Honor Roll 1-8. DECA 6-8, Y-Teens 1.2. Track 1.2. " Playing l)asketball and representing North High has left me with me many memories that I will carry with me al- ways. " Walt Vincent Bevel )tball l,i,5. Basketball 1.2. Track .4,6,8. Oracle 7.8. Drama 7. Pep Clul) 5, Flower Drum Song 7. leltermen ' s Club 7.8. " I ' ll always re- rn[)er participating in the Drake ■iVS. " nie M Bierma sketball 1-6. DECA 5-8. Tim Scott Bloomquist Swimming i-8. Captain Swim Team 7,8, Tennis 2,4.6.8. Polar Bear 5-8, Oracle 6.7. Lettermen ' s Club 7,8, nor Roll 1,2.5.6. Boy ' s Rep. Prom ,8 " My most memorable exper- ' nce was being a part of the swim team for three years and also being c aptain my senior year. " ould you be willing to die to save your country, the United tates? emale: Yes 28% No 46% Undecided 26% Male: Yes 31% No 54% Undecided 15% Teresa Gail Brewer OEA 2. " I ' ve really enjoyed my years at North. " Micheal Roger Bruce Football 1,3,5,7, Track 2,4,6,8, Lettermen ' s Club President 7,8, Vice President Banquet 7,8. Kelly Burr Chorus 3,4, Pep Club 7,8, Honor Roll 1-5,7,8. " Working with the great people in pep club has been the most fun for me this year. " Chuckie Burrell Football 1,3,5,7, Basketball 1-8, C captain 7,8. Cynthia A. Carver Student Council 4-7, Pep Club 4 Pep Club Pres. 7,8, Volleyball 5, UN Trip 6, Lettermen ' s Club 7, Honor Roll 1-8. " The friendships t I have formed will be as lasting the memories. " Kirk Allan Caswell Basketball 3,4, Baseball 2,4,6,8. " I ' m really happy that I got to meet so many great people while here at North. " Tony Chandler Football 1,3,5,7. Susan Rene Chapman Head Drum Major 7,8, All State chestra 7, U.N. Trip 6, Kiwanian the Month 7, Volleyball 5, Band 1-8, Greater Des Moines Symphony 3-8, Honor Roll j1-8. Jazz Band 1-5, Fine Arts Trip 6. " Happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to make them come true. " Renee Cheatom Tony J. Christensen Gary Stephan Christensen Football 1,3,5,7, Baseball 2,4, Track 4,6, Mr. Polar Bear 7, Boy ' s Rep. Prom 7,8. Rod L. Christofferson Football 5,7, Tennis 2,4,6,8, Drama 3-8, " You have to believe in yourself before anyone else will " r If gasoline prices go up to $2.00 a gallon, would you be willing to walk or ride a bike? Female: Yes 80% No 13% Undecided 7% Male: Yes 72% No 20% Undecided 8% m ir ir ir y 11 ir ir ini iry lAi ir iry iry i iiftf ini in« ir ir ¥ m irv V y 1 Rhena Elaine Clabaugh Chorus 1,2, ROTC 1-6, Library Assis- tant 1-6, Office Assistant 7,8, Oracle 6-8, Polar Bear 7,8, Business Ma- chines 7. ' 1 plan to go to AIB and become a computer programmer. " Bryan Clemens Football 1,3,5,7, Wrestling 1-8, Lettermen ' s Club 7,8. loan Marie Connett Swimming Wrestling Cheerleader 5,6, Volleyball Wrestling Cheerleader, Captain, 7,8, Pep Club 5-8, North Star bingers 7,8, Choir 5- 8, Mixed Chorus 3,4. ' ' We may be small, but we still have the confi- dence to accomplish anything. " Mary Beth Cook Track 2,4, Cheerleading 3-8, Pep Club 3-8, Fiddler on the Roof 5. ' I ' m glad that I was able to cheer at the games for good " ole " NHS. " Nancy Elaine Cook Softball 6, Polar Bear Mascot 7,8, Pep Club 3-8, Talent Show 8, Fine Arts Trip 8. Td like to attend Eastern Wyoming become a wildlife con- servationist. " Sarah Ruth Cowles Basketball 1-4, 7,8, Honor Roll 1-8, Band 1-8, Office Assistant 1,2. Timothy L. Cox Susanne Kay Cross Band 1-8, Pep Club 7,8. David Curry Robert R. Davey Football 1,3,5,7, Wrestling 1-8, Hon- or Roll 1-8. " My most memorable experience was being able to start on the varsity football team for three consecutive years. " Theresa Dixon Rick C. Duemell Polar Bear 4. Is driving a car worth leaving you with very little money at all? dickers Female: Yes 44% No 51% Undecided 5% Male: Yes 40% No 40% Undecided 20% Micheal A. Dyer Dennis L. Edwards Patricia Eveland Football Manager 5,7, Basketball 1,2, Class Treasurer 7,8. Bruce ). Fowler Tennis 2,4,6,8 Student Council 2, UN Trip 6, Honor Roll 1-8, Class Presi- dent 7,8. " My most memorable mo- ment was to graduate in the top 3% of my class. " Linda Lea Frank Swimming 5,7, Pep Club 7,8, Chorus 1-8, Booster Club 7,8. jodi Freihage Randy jon Frein Football 1,3,5,7, Tennis 6,8, Baseball 4,6,8, Wrestling 2. ' ' Striving for the same goals with friends can make your high school days the best in your life. " Douglas lames Fulton Football 7, Wrestling 2, Track 2, Bas ketball 1-4, Band 2-4. Carol Marie Carver Younkers Teen Board 7,8, Oracle Co-Editor 7,8, jr. Sr. Princess 5-8, Kadet 3-8, Student Council Secretary 7,8, Polar Bear 6, Pep Club Secretary 7,8, UN Trip 6, Honor Roll 1-8, Of- fice Assistant 6, Pep Club 5-8. ' Cet- ting to know my friends and class- mates better each year has meant the most to me. " jody Lynn Celner Football 1,5,7, Band 1,2, Wrestling 1, 2. rm glad that I was able to be a part of everything here at North. " john Ernest Gillihan Wrestling 2,4, Football Manager 3, Fiddler on the Roof, Gypsy, Flower Drum Song 4-8. " My most memora- ble moment was the second night performance of Fiddler on the Roof. " Kenneth Wayne Gray Football 7, Band 3-8, Basketball Man- ager 7,8. I iiaitSTiirii ould a homosexual be allowed to teach in the public schools? Female: Yes 50% No 42% Undecided 8% Male: Yes 13% No 77% Undecided 10% Victoria Greenfield Toni Gutherie Melody L. Hannagan Y-Teens 1,2, DECA 5-8. " When I remember North, I will remember DECA. Fare- well North High! " Roberta Hastings Denise Mae Hawthorne Basketball 1,2, Chorus 1,2, Kadets 3-7, Choir 3-7, Music Theatre 5,6, Honor Roll 1-5. loseph Eugene Hayes Basketball 3-8, Honor Roll 1, 4-8 Robert Alfred Hearn AV Crew 3,4, DECA 5,6, Golf 8. Dale Hildreth Kirk Allyn Hooten Student Council 7,8, Wres- tling 1,7- Tammy Hukill john W. Hutchinson Mai Thi Huynh Kadets 7,8, Pep Club 7,8. ' The most memorable year that I have had while at North has to be my senior year because I finally got to know almost everyone ' ou discovered that your teacher was a meosexual, would you remain in the class? FOUND TO u HOMOSEXUAL ale: Yes 46% No 34% Undecided 20% le: Yes 20% No 65% Undecided 15% ' mm Allene jackson john Edwin Jayne Basketball 1,2, Speech Club 1, Ora- cle 4-8, Yearbook 4-8, ROTC 1,2. " Eating at Mr. Nyman ' s house and living to tell about it. " Liane jepsen North Star Singers 3-7, Finian ' s Rain- bow, Hello Dolly, Fiddler on the Roof, Gypsy, Flower Drum Song 3-7, U.N. Trip 6, Student Council 2,3, Stu- dent Council Vice President 7,8, Pep Club 2-8, Pep Club Treasurer 7,8, Honor Roll 1-6, Fine Arts Trip 6. ' Farewell! For here the stream is slow and I have many a mile to go. " Arthur LeRoy Johannes Football 5,7, Band 1-8, ROTC 3-6. ' My most memorable experience at North was playing football for two years. " Patricia M. Johnson Twyla Jayne Kelly Band 1-8, Honor Roll 6, Pep Club 7, 8. " My most memorable moment was the band trip to Hawaii. " Frederick Knudson Trent Lee Krueger Football 3,5,7, Band 1,2. " The thing I remember most are my friends and the highs and lows we ' ve went through together. " Lisa K. Kurschinski Honor Roll 1-8, Student Council 3-6, Student Council Treasurer 5,6, Homeroom President 3-6, Sopho- more and Junior Homecoming Prin- cess 3,5, Homecoming Queen 7, Band 1-6, Drill Team 3-6, Softball 1- 4, Basketball 1-8, U.N. Trip 6 Judy Lattimer Ron Leveke Lisa Logan Yearbook Staff 6-8, Oracle 6, Pep Club 7,8, Volleyball Manager 7,8, Soph. Girls Basketball Manager 3,4, Y-Teens 2. " My future ambition is to go to school and become an artist. " Do you believe in God? Female: Yes 82% No 11% Undecided 7% Male: Yes 79% No 4% Undecided 17% Koger Lee Marean | nald Paul Martelli I ROTC 3-5, Choir 1-8. ' ' My most memorable experience was winning e pancake eating contest as a ►phomore. " anne M. Mason ncia Sue McClain Honor Roll 1-8, Debate 3-8, Volleyball 3,5,7, Co-Captain 7, Stu- dent Council 1,3,5-8, Student Coun- cil President 7,8, Pep Club 3-8, Pep Club Treasuer 5,6, Vice President 7, 8, Lettermen ' s Club 7,8, UN Trip 6, Governor ' s UN Day 5,7. Tracy McCutchen Nene Elizabeth McDowell Band 1-8, Pep Club 7,8. " Why be sane and boring when you can be azy and exciting? " Dana Neal Meadows Band 1-8, jazz Band 3-8, Pep Club 1, 2, Debate 4,5. Paul leffre Mentzer Rhonda Lee Miller Gym Assistant 1,2, Basketball 3,4, DECA 5-8, Cheerleading 5-8, Foot- ball Cheerleading Captain 7, Pep Club 3-8, Fine Arts Trip 8, Talent Show 8, Y-Teens 1,2, OEA 5, Softball 1,2. Do you believe that if you pray, God will answer your prayers? Female: Yes 76% No 5% Undecided 19% Male: Yes 63% No 18% Undecided 19% I Am mi im mi mi mi im in« mum mi I imimimnmim y miy mi yi Patsy Murphy Rhonda Murray Ronald Newconnb Rhonda May Nutter Kadets 3,4, Volleyball 3,4. " My most nnemorable experience is when I went with the band to Hawii. " April K. Overton Larry Parker Lorrie Mae Payton Cheerleading 3-8, Track 3-8, Office Assistant 5. 1f you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it was yours to keep, if not, it never was. " Steven O. Peck Pamela Ann Peterson Basketball 1-7, Football Manager 3-8, Student Council Secretary 1,2, Pep Club 3,4, Lettermen ' s Club Secretary 7,8. leff Franklin Pierick Football 1,3,5,7, Baseball 2,4,6,8, Basketball 4, Golf 2,4,6,8. P Kimberly Porter Willie Gene Quinn Basketball 1-8, Track 2. " My most memorable moment was winning the " Defensive Player of the Year " in basketball my junior year. " Do you believe in reincarnation? Female: Yes 36% No 51% Undecided 13% Male: Yes 36% No 54% Undecided 10% Ric Warren Ramsey DECA president 7,8, Polar Bear staff 4-8. Linda joanne Reese DECA 6-8, Kadets 3-5, Musicals and Plays 3-5, Basketball 1-3, Y-Teens 1, 2. ' My most memorable experience at North was going to Hawaii with the band in 1978. " Cheryl Lynn Ries Band 1-8, ROTC 1-6. " My most memorable experience is going to Hawaii with the band. " jeffery Rinner Sherri Robinson Football Manager 3,5,7, Honor Roll 1-6, Pep Club 7,8, Letterman ' s Club 7,8. KeUyRohde Russell Brian Ross Football 3,5,7 " My most memorable rience is the wild time I had ing football. " Kenneth Schade Lois Thereasa Schomer Kadets 5-8, Kadet Colonel 7,8, Bas- all 1-4, Student Council 4, Soph- re and Senior Homecoming Prin- cess 3,7 Marian Sciachitano Volleyball 3,5,7, Kadets 3,4, ROTC 3-6, Debate 3-8, Student Council 4- 8, Student Council Vice President 5, 6, Pep Club 3,4,7,8, Tennis 4, Gover- nor ' s U.N. Day 5,7, Letterman ' s Club Jeff Shaw Honor Roll 1,2,4-8. Karen Shepherd When you die, would you want to come back as omeone other than yourself? male: Yes 39% No 51% Undecided 10% le: Yes 27% No 61% Undecided 12% L Lorraine Slaughter Kadets 3,4, HR Vice Pres. 5,6. )eff O. Smith Basketball 1-8. " My most memorable experience was when we beat R sevelt as a junior and I scored points. " Thomas john Micheal Smith ROTC 1,2,5,6,7, Key Club President 7,8, Model UN Delegate 7, ROTC 1, 2,5-8, Model legislature Representa- tive 7, Band 1-4, Orchestra 1-4, jazz Band 1-4, Art Club 1,2, Track 2, " I plan to enlist in the Army as a intelli- gence analyst. " Jay M. Staggs Mark Dean Street Basketball 1-8, Baseball 2,4,6,8, Foot ball 3, Polar Bear 5-8, DECA 6-8. 1 |t)lan to work for my dad as a plumb- er and someday own my own com- pany. " Marti Elaine Stufflebeam Finian ' s Rainbow 3, Fiddler on the Roof 5, Flower Drum Song 7, Cheerleading 1-6, Swimming 1, Pep club 3-6, North Star Singers 3,5, Concert choir 1,2,6,7. " My most memorable experiences have been being in the musicals at North. " Susan Denise Swift Honor roll 1-6. Brenda Marie Thoren Band 1-8, Pep club 7,8, Student Council 5,6, Oracle 7,8, Exchange day 6, Orchestra 1,2, Letterman ' s club 7,8. Lori Ann Turner Cheerleading 1-8, Track 2,4,6,8, Mu- sic Theatre 5, Diving 7, Newspaper 1,2,7,8, Polar Bear 7,8, Student Council 7, Pep Club 3-8, Baseball Diamond Darling 4,6,8, Office Assis- tant 6. " My most memorable exper- ience was when I made it to the dis- trict finals in diving. " Stuart Ray Twist Basketball 1-4, Track 6,8. " My most memorable experience at North was the 1977-78 basketball season. Deja vous! " Richard David VanHoever Football 5,7, Track 2,4, Basketball 3, 4, Band 1-8, jazz Band 1-8. " My most memorable moment was the first time I started for the football team. " Martin Edward Warren Band 1-8, jazz Band 1-8, Pep Club 7, 8. " I ' ve really enjoyed the years that I ' ve been apart of the band. " As the first graduates of a new decade, the Class of ' 80 begin to look ahead of the game and start concentrating on their future. As graduates, they will now lay down their hand, cash in their chips, bet on their future and play the biggest game of all - the game of life. ft.] Lee Thomas Williams nd 1-8, jazz Band 3,7,8, Pep Club ,8, " To stop, think and start again. " ry Claudene Williams det 5-8, Cheerleading 3,4, Pep ub 3,4,7,8, Wrestling Manager 7,8, iris Rep. Prom 7,8. " My years in h school have been the best ars of my life so far. I will never rget them. " lane Kathryn Winkle ftball 2,4,6,8, Volleyball 3,5,7, Bas- etball 1-8, Track 2,4,6,8, Pep Club , Lettermens Club Girls Rep. 7,8, iris Rep. Prom 7,8. " One of my )st memorable experiences was ing selected and running in the Torch of Youth " in 1979. I ' ll miss a Blue Eyes! " nna Lou Wright 1 enn Woodard wn Marie Zimmerman olleyball 5,7, DECA 6-8, Honor Roll 8, Y-Teens 1,2, Pep Club 7,8, " My ture plans are to open my own lildcare center because I ' ve gotten a lot of experience through Child Development and DECA. " 1 Not pictured: Donnetta Airhart Zara Barnes J Brenda Bates Damita Brown Debbie Ann Bryant ■ Dorcey Cavil ? Vicki Chiles Michael S. Coff man ; Robin Connet 1 Jeffrey Cooper Terri Cooper ] Steve Danderson Anthony Duke Michael Fontana j Equinsia Guy Douglas D. Harding Marshelle Henry Elizabeth Isaacs Tammy Kelley 1 Ruth King Bradley E. Lewiston Eric Locke Toua Lor Khamdeun Mac Randy Manning Tim Nutt Tom Nichols Forest Oakley Jack Parker Arnell Parish Robert Peterson Kimberly Pett Oai Phung Susan Ringle Todd Shoening Susan Strike Brian Thomas Micheal Thasher Linh Tuong Debbie West Eljay Williams Son Yi Tae Linda Reese helps herself. Joe Hayes and Kirk Caswell keep up with current events. Mark Street, Dawn Zimmerman, and Kelly Bertelsen enjoy pizza. Roberta Hastings demonstrates C.P.R )••••••••••• »••••••• • • • • • • • •••••• W.V.V.V.VAV »•••••••••••• i i I i : 1 feel resplendent that you, the 1980 graduating class, showed your reliance in me and chose me to be your class president and to represent you as North High School. " " I have spent many years in school, side by side with many of you, and this was the highest reverence that any of you could bestow on me. " " The time slipped by quickly for me and I am sure you all con- cur it slipped by just as quickly for you. There were a myriad of happy times with even some audacious times interspersed with a few sad and trying moments. " " All I would like to say to you, the senior class of 1980, is that I hope it was as memorable for you as it was for me. — Bruce Fowler, Senior Class President Lori Turner Prom Vice President Mike Bruce Banquet Vice President Patty Eveland Treasurer Roger Anderson Treasurer 38 Senior Executive Board The Senior Executive Board, who is elected by the entire senior class, excluding the treasurers who are chosen by the faculty, are in charge of many of the important events involving the Class of ' 80 at North High School. These events include prom, commencement and the senior swim party. ' ' I ' m very glad that I was able to help plan and organize some of the things that make our senior year the most memorable of all, " commented Lori Turner, Vice President (Prom). Julane Winkle Banquet Girls Representative Tim Bloomquist Banquet Boys Representative Mary Williams Prom Girls Representative Gary Christensen Prom Boys Representative :5 I i I 1 !•! I I 39 Organizations Student Council Get ' s Involved Student Council this year helped with nnany school activities such as; Spirit Week during Honnecom- ing activities as well as decorating the gym for the dance and the making of the homecoming float. They sponsored a mixer for the basketball game, and many oth- ers. Student Council which is spon- sored by Fred Lazear and all those involved in Student Council tried to make this year a good one. They helped support many things, and tried to accomplish some too. Project Committee, lett to right: Cynthia Carver, Vince Rubino, Rob White, Dianne Maier, Bruce Fowler Andrea Kurschinki. Social Committee, left to right: )anae Pierick, Mike Chapman, Vice Pres. (Liane Jepsen), Treasurer — Doug 42 Lori Turner, J. R. Smith, Joanne Smith. Kurschinski. 2nd Semester Student Council: Left to Right: Back Row; Rodney Larson, Kristy Houk, Dianne Maier, Alan Hastings, 2nd Row; Cindy Clark, James Modrick, Brenda Thoren, Laura Bachman, Marion Scaichitano, 1st Row; Dour Kurschinski, Carol Carver, and Linda McClain. Discussing pr()f)()sals for recommendation. 4 James Modrick listens carefully. Below; Doug Kurschinski — Trea- surer, Carol Carver — Secretary, and Linda McClain - President. Time to think about whats been said. Deca means work DECA which stands for Distributive Education Clubs ot America, is a class for students to work in the area of his or her occupational interest. The students involved work fifteen or more hours per week under the supervisoin of his or her DECA teacher-coordinator, who is Sam Triechler. DECA was involved in many activities: Their chapter activities included such things as civic activities, election of chapter officers, fun raisings, social events, etc. As for area, state regional, and national conferences and assemblies. 1st Semester Officers: Chapter 1-2: President-Ric Ramsey, Vice-President-none Secretary-Becky Bennett, Treasurer-Lezlie Tate, Reporter-john Hutchinson, Parliamentarian-Sonny Huss. 2nd Semester Officers not yet elected. 1st Semester Officers: Chapter 3-4: President-Linda Reese, Vice-President-Kelly Bertelsen, Secretary-Rhonda Miller, Treasurer- Melody Hannagan, Reporter-Dawn Zimmerman, Parliamentarian-Mike Coffman. 2nd Semester ' s new officer: Beth Bos-Treasurer. Winners at the Area Leadership Conference: Lezlie Tate, Bob Hearn, Kelly Rohde, Vviiiiiiiiij - • i. . — i . - . 9 Rhonda Murray busy with mug sales. Mark Street, Ric Ramsey 1st Semester; Chapter 1-2, Back Row, left to right: Lezlie Tate, John Hutchinson, Brad Lewiston, 2nd row, Mr. Triechler, Becky Cornwell (Bennett), Rhonda Murray, Rhonda Nutter, Don Mick, Sonny Huss, Bill Taylor, 1st row; Tou Lee, David Hutt, and Ric Ramsey. 44 CLUBS OF AMERICA CLUBS OF AHERICA AHERICA DES MOINES NORTH 2nd Semester-Chapter 3-4, back row; left to right; Linda Reese, Jackie Rolland, Lori Turner, Brad Lewiston, Ric Ramsey, Beth Bos, David Curry, front row; Rhonda Murray, Dawn Zimmerman, Rhonda Miller, Kelly Bertelsen, and Mark Street. Linda Reese. 2nd Semester-Chapter 1-2, lett to right; Lezlie Tate, John Hutchinson, Buc Lisle, Bob Hearn, Sue Coffey, Bill Taylor, Tammy Hukill, Jonie Joshua, and Veronica Cooper. «K4 1st Semester-Chapter 3-4, left to right, back row; Linda Reese, Mark Street, David Curry, Dawn Zimmerman, Mr. Triechler, Mike Coffman, Rhene Cheattom, Melody Hannagan, front row; Rhonda Miller, and Kelly Bertelsen. 45 Stage Crew Lights up Stage Stage Crew this year was busy helping the music and other Departments with setting up the stage sometimes building props and running the Lights. This Years Crew consisted of: Back Row Left to right Ron Leveke, Rod Christofferson, Scott Cretors, Jim Hull, Mike Thrasher Front Row Left to Right Diane Jones, Larry Griffith, Roger Marean A.V. CREW The Audio Visual department who were al- ways busy doing " this-n-that " for many of our Teachers. They distribute the overheads, movie projectors, etc. Although it only con- sisted of 3 members who came in on their own time in the morning or after school. Left to Right Jennie Plymesser, Christy Hulk, Bren- da Lundgren ATHLETIC ASSISTANT This year Mark Street is our Athletic Assistant, who helps the Athletic director, Orville Knee with any jobs needing to be filled. Basically, Mark types up contracts to officials and answers the phone, most of which relate to sports events. With many other odd jobs including; running er- rands, putting up the bill board with all basketball players names, and helping the coaches clean equipment, Mark stays busy. Mark received his job from Mr. Fair as a DECA job, enabling him to get experience here as well credit and extra money. i 1st Semester Laura Bachman 1st Semester Larry Edwards 1st Semester Tammy Augustine ASSISTANTS™ 1 2nd Semester Back Row: Left to Right: Tammy Carter, Nancy Swanson, Rhena Clabaugh, )uanita Dean, and Don Martelli. Front Row: Left to Right Anette Bell, Mary Ogg, Mary Williams, Leiine Green 1st Semester Rhena Clabaugh 2nd Semester Donna Wright LIBRARY ASSISTANTS 1st Semester I.R. Smith 1st and 2nd Semester Theresa Dixon 2nd Semester Barb Alexander North High Band Back Row: Left to Right . . . Flags: RaeAnn Grogan, Joy Hansen, Sue Moulder, Anne Holland, Lisa Chidester, Nancy Swanson, Kim Skinner, Sheryl Gilliam, Fifth Row: Left to Right . . . Kadets: Kelli Cox, Denise Hawthorne, Anne Walker, Renee Johnson, Patti Eveland, Lois Schomer, Mary Williams, Lori Foxhoven, Rhonda Augustine, Diane Maier, Lisa Lint, Kim Christensen, Mai Huynh, Carol Garver, June Elverum, Lisa Schwartz, Fourth Row: Left to Right . . . Band: Mr. McLaughlin, Robert Brower, Keith Gresson, Jeff Hawkins, Laurie Lathrum, Rodney Larson, Michelle Davis, Diane Benson, Pam Christensen, Crystal Henderson, Sue Cross, Alicia Lanas, Becki Keith, Jeannie Warren, Cheryl Reis, Jeana Petefish, Third Row: Left to Right . . . Tim Foutch, Phillip Gould, Lisa Burgett, Lisa Purdy, Todd Rassmussen, Larry Anderson, Julie Dunshee, Second Row: Left to Right . . . James Wae, Tony LaSala, Vince Rubino, Jeff Brown, Scott Miller, Kevin Godwin, Sarah Cowles, Dana Meadows, Diane Smith, Ellen Henry, Paulette Fegley, Laura Gary, Laura Bachman, Melody Reis, Andrea Kurschinski, Nene McDowell, Susan Chapman, Front Row; Left to Right . . . Twyla Kelly, Lisa McNulty, Becky Hunnel, Jim Cross, Bruce Green, Jim Leong, Dewey Johan- nes, Mike Allen, Ted Horn, Joanne Smith, Lee Williams, Marty Warren. One o the many morning practices. The Band Marches On The sun shines bright on the band. Marty Warren shows us how to play the trumpet. Head Drum Major Sue Chapman The traditional N formation. One of bands performances was the Halloween Pa- rade held downtown. Back Row; Left to Right Denise Hawthorn, Anne Walker, Diane Maier, Kelly Cox, Lois Schomer, Lisa Schwartz, Patti Eveland, Lori Foxhoven Front Row: Left to Right: Renee Johnson, Mary Wil- liams, Rhonda Augustine, Lisa Lint, Kim Christensen, Mai Huyhn, Carol Carver, June Elverum Kadets and Flags Inspire North 50 Pep Club Shows Spirit Pep Club picturing only half of the registered members. The pep section at the football game. Rita Daniels helps paint signs. Pep Club this year got off to a good start with President Cynthia Carver who put in all she could to be supportive. Cynthia showed much enthusiasm which helped. Pep Club made sure that signs were made to show some spirit, and to help build more confidence for those athletes involved in sports. This years members grew in size much more than that of the pre- vious years. They had reserved spots at the games to make it more convenient to yell along with the cheerleaders and others. Kelly Burr relaxes during half time. 51 The students you saw standing at the end of the poolside with their stop watches were our swim timers. They were headed by Dianne Maier, and sponsored by Miss Marilin Quinn. They were at each swim meet timing all swimmers, with- out them it would have been difficult to hold swim meets. The girls swimmtimers were . . . Tim Dubbs, Kurt Bell, Vince Rubino, Phil Gould, Melvin Corneileson, David Griffiths, Missey Gassaway, Joanne Miller, Michelle Webb, Marvin Gurtz, Dianne Maier, and not pictured Rhonda Au- gustine. The boys swim timers were . . . Dianne Maier, Suzanne Simms, Leiine Green, Pam Christensen, Jill Reeves, Sue Reeves, Michelle Davis, Becky Keith, Michelle Webb and not pictured Rhonda Augustine. Swim Timers Michelle Davis and Jill Reeves, stop their watches. The girls swim timers. Michelle Webb and Suzanne Simms, tally up the times. The boys swim timers. Many of those students who lettered, sit for a picture. Lettermens Club Re-organized Lettermens club Organizer Robert Peterson Secretary Pam Peterson President Mike Bruce Approximately Boys Rep. Bryan Clemens Vice President Sherri Robinson qq members ' ' P- Winkle Cheerleaders keep Drive alive! The cheerleaders this year were busy pro- moting spirit. There were eight squads which included . . . Varsity Football: Mary Cook, Vicki Mingo, Julie Rychel, Kristi Bassett, Rhonda Miller, Traci Otto, Traci Foutch, Tammy Augustine. Freshmen Football: )oy Hansen, RaeAnn Grogan, Tana Kelce, Sue Moulder, and Chris Gallagher. Swimming: Amy Keirns, Sandy Fane, and Shelley Furgason. Volleyball V restling: Mary Ogg, Laurene Connelly, Jaan Connett, Cindy Clark, and Dianne Maier, Each squad added it ' s own effecte to add spirit . . . Varsity Football had Dawn and Jen- nifer Peterson as mascots. Varsity Basketball had pink bloomers to add some hot spirit, they also had Nancy Cook as the Polarbear Mascot. Swimming Cheerleaders. Football Cheerleaders. Freshmen Football Cheerleaders. Volleyball wrestling Cheerleaders. Freshmen Football Cheer- leaders: Patty Cox, Diana Catrenich, Tracy Harris, Mi- chelle Mattson, Cindy Marchael. Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders: Terri Dix- on, Teresa Davis, Rita Daniels, Teri Bird, Lori Turner, and Lorrie Payton. Front - Nancy Cook, Polarbear. Bottom Left: Freshmen Basketball Cheerleaders: Cathy Jorgensen, Diane Bensen, Janae Pierick, Teresa Loren, Jeana Petefish, Brenda McClure, and Pam Christensen. Below: Sophomore Basketball Cheerleaders: Laurie Bruce, Betty Parker, Cindy Hawkins, and Laura Rouskau, not pictured Theresa Colbert. Cheerleaders in Action Above: We want a victory! The cheerleaders show spirit. To Right: Posing is Nancy Cook, this years Polar Bear. Music Theatre Kept Busy Performing Back Row: Left to Right: Mr. Chamberlin, Liane Jepsen, Joan Connett, Diane Smith, Lisa Cervetti, Traci Foutch, John Gillihan, Robert Brower, 2nd Row, Left to Right: Kim Christensen, Joy Hansen, Chris Gallagher, Ellen Henry, Sue Moulder, Craig Robertson, Front Row: Left to Right: Julie Dunshee, Julie Rychel, Tana Kelce, Rae Ann Grogan, Lisa King. Tana Kelce, Lisa Cervetti, Julie Dunshee, and Julie Rychel want you. Musical: The Flower Drum Song This years first musical was ' ' A Flower Drum Song " which was presented Nov. 9-10 in the North High Auditorium. The cast for the musical included . . . Liang Mei Li Linda Helen Lia Ma Wang Chi Yang Wang ta Wang San Sammy Fong Frankie Dr. Li Julie Rychel Chris Gallagher Marti Stufflebeam Liane Jepsen Lisa King Robert Brower Craig Robertson Kevin Godwin Rod Christofferson J. R. Smith John Gillihan The musical was about the Chinese in San Francisco during the late 50 ' s who are becoming Americanized. It was selected because ' ' it has solos for a variety of people and the set is suited to our ability. " " It was a comedy and at the same time it ' s a challenge for the cast " Mr. David Chamberlin, Music Director stated. Below are scenes from the musical (left to right) Chris Gallagher and Craig Robertson singing, Toni Guthrie and Walt Bevel being waited on by Richard Wilson, Liane Jepsen sings her heart out, Rod Christofferson and Marti Stufflebeam sing as they stroll, Walt Bevel and Richard Wilson put Chris Gallagher to the top, followed by Traci Foutch and Sue Molder ' s act in the clubs show. Back Row - Left to Right Vince Rubino, Wayne Patterson, Jim Hull, Robert Brower, Kristy Hulk Front Row - Left Right Lisa Lint, Julie Dunshee, Carl Johannes, Mr. Fletcher, Becky Hunnell, Heidi Julich, John Nash Cast for ' ' Miracle Worker " Back Row -Left to Right Vince Rubino, Tinn Foutch, Brad Wigton, James Ware. Third Row -Left to Right Kenny Cray, Dana Meadows, Cindy Hawkins, Mike Allen, Jim Leon, Becky Keith, Michelle Davis, Rodney Larson, Miss Farnam Second Row -Left to Right Becky Hunnell, Jim Cross, Twyla Kelly, Susan Chapman, Jeannie Warren, Laurie Lathrum, Sue Cross. First Row -Left to Right Melody Ries, Paula Boat, Rita Daniels, Dianne Smith, Cheryl Ries, Nene McDowell. na semester ORACLE Back Row -Left to Right Tim Rider, Rodney Larson, Walt Bevel, Val Alknis, Bob Hearn. Second Row -Mark Rundle, Scott Cretors, Larry Anderson, Jim Zimmerman, Rhena Clabaugh, Brenda Thoren. First Row — Lisa King, Brad Hodges, Gary Hansen, Carol Carver. : X« 3e« 5e« 3 3e a 3 3g« B» 2nd Semester YEARBOOK Back Row — Left to Right — Lori Turner, Lisa Logan, Dawn Zimmerman, Val Alksnis. Second Row -Mike Chapman, Ric Ramsey, Rhena Clabaugh, Tim Bloomquist, Barb Alexander. First Row -John Jayne, Julie Rychel. 61 Debate Debate this year started with six members, two of whom won 2nd place in State touranment. The team started out without a coach and were to be part of the East High team, but it did ' nt last. The team then dwin- dled to four members, but prompted by protest, the administration found a new coach. With the help of Mrs. Siers of Roose- velt who acts as traveling coach, and Mr. Crawford, the regular coach, the team has done well. They ' ve won a majority of the matches and have scored high in speaker points. Marion, Linda and Alan with trophies. i t •I Marion gathers her information. Alan Hastings, Linda McClain, Jodi Freihage and Marion Sciachitano DRIVERS ED. FACULTY to left: below: Bo Belding Jay Wand 62 Mr. Nyman Advisor The Oracle staff this year was busy laying out and organizing the paper. The format was changed a little, but it produced a good newspaper. The first semester Oracle staff in- cluded . . . Carol Carver, Shelley Henry, Brenda Thoren, Val Alksnis, Rhena Clabaugh, John Jayne, Tim Bloomquist, and Walt Bevel. They together put out a newspa- oer about every three weeks. Carol Carver and Brenda Thoren size pictures. Below left: Below: Tim Bloomquist and Walt Bovel layout their page. Rhena Clabaugh concentrates on her Val Alksnis types away. Sports 1 Marian Sciachitano serves the ball. Dawn Zimmerman dives for the ball. Volleyball Gains Experience and Support This years volleyball team showed a great deal of enthusi- asm and ambition. Even though the wins were few, the girls did their best and had a good time. A lot more girls went out for the team than did in previous years, and more people came to sup- port the team than ever before. The girls improved their skills and with the game growing more popular, volleyball is becoming a well-known sport. We wish the seniors good luck and hope to see the other team members and a lot of new people out next year. Chris Crank hits a sidearm. With 4 wins and 13 losses, the girls had a lot of support to give them confidence to play the game. Row 1: Lisa Chidester, Julane Winkle, Marian Sciachitano, Dawn Zimmerman. Row 2: Chris Crank, Kathy Fischer, Terri Cox. JV SHOWS SKILL Cynthia Carver and Laura Manley go for the ball. Terri Bueford bunnps over the net. Led by coach Larry Marker, the JV team did a great job. Though this season wasn ' t a winning one, the JV team showed they were tough. With 7 wins and 10 losses, the girls improved their skills tremendously. The girls had a few victories which showed they tried hard to be win- ners. As volleyball is growing more popular we hope to see more par- ticipation in the sport in the years to come. Row 1: Dixie Belew, Paulette Fegley, Laura Manley, Cindy Shephard, Kathy Richards, Row 2: Terri Bueford, Peggy Pope, Sandy Hays, JoAnn Smith, Renee Ramsey, Leiine Green. 67 GAMES LOST, PRIDE WON The 1979-80 football season showed much spirit and gained a lot more support this year. Even though there were no wins, the bears kept their pride. With 22 returning seniors and 14 juniors, the team made great efforts to win. Losing the first four games with no touchdowns was what seemed to be a bad start, but the team came back and scored two touchdowns against highly rated East. Though the practices were long and hard, most of the guys stuck with it. " We hope to see the juniors return next year, and wish the seniors luck, " said coach Peterson, ' ' even though we were not winners on the scoreboard, I know the guys will be winners in life. i Chuck Burrell escapes the tackle. Craig Robertson kicks for added points. 68 Row 1; Coach Brooks, Tony Chandler, )erry Smith, ]ody Gelner, Paula Mentzer, Doug Harding, Rick VanHoever, Tim Nutt, Bryan Clemens, Chuck Burrell, Gary Christensen, Rod Christofferson, Brian Thomas, Tim Cox, Trent Krueger, Mike Bruce, Randy Frein, Coach Peterson, Row 2: Coach Collins, Russ Ross, Jeff Johnson, Chris Agan, Brad Hodges, Tony Christensen, Jeff Cooper, Don Christensen, Mark Baring, Pete Cooper, Byron Young, Doug Fulton, Alan Has- tings, Jeff Pierick, Ken Gray, LeRoy Johannes, Bob Davey, Coach McDonald, Row 3: Demery Butts, Jeff Moon, Ron Armstrong, Craig Robertson, Dave Lockridge, Arnell Parish, Dave Moulder, Forest Oakly, Mike Fontana, Brian Clay, Jim Zimmerman, Mgrs. - Beth Boss, Shari Robinson, Pam Peterson. Freshman Sophomore Football The 1979-80 Freshman and Sopho- more football teams were success- ful, with the freshman having a four and three record, and the sopho- mores with a one and six record. The guys showed their skill both in handling and carrying the ball. Un- der the coaching of Evan Minnick and Larry Johnson, the guys had a lot of ambition and stamina which helped them to have a winning sea- son. Row 1: Kery Dunn, Lynn Sears, Denny Miller, Todd Little, Joe Modrick, Scott Terry, Joey Townsell, Jerry Mc- Donald, Lowell Cooper, Art Knapp, James Alexander. Row 2: Ken Russian, John Erickson, Bob Coffey, Joe Fitzgibbon, Greg Cushing, Pat Messerly, Larry Bohall, Rod Jogenson, Carl Johannas, Don Witt, Jerry Tellis, Row 3: Al Brown, Mike Goodwin, Joe Reese, Jeff Cannon, Doug Stobel, J. R. Smith, David VanHorn, Matt Daniels, Steve Graham, Row 4: Mike Street, Steve Rehms, Floyd Faber, Mark Murray, John Julich, Tony Harris, Jeff Haw- kins, Kirk McCloud, Jim Puffett, Row 5: Billy Frein, John Baker, Don Townsley, George Cox, Brian Ball, Jeff Tellis, Mark Zimmerman, Randy Mogensen, Kurt Weeks, Jeff Ganoe, Row 6: Coach Keelin Fritz, Coach Lowell Coo- per, Mgrs. Jenah Pierick, Crystal Henderson, Vince Bobinhouse, Jeff Burton, Brian Colwell, Mgrs. Lisa Westendorf, Theresa Hainline, Coach Evan Minnick, Coach Larry Johnson. 1 1 11 1 icri 1 Sophomore North 0 — 22 Hoover North 0-32 Hoover North 6 -12 Valley North 0-67 Valley North 40 - 0 Tech North 19-12 Tech North 22 - 0 East North 0-38 East North 0 - 18 Dowling North 6 — 33 Dowling North 20 -14 Roosevelt North 0-28 Roosevelt North 26 — 6 Lincoln North 0-26 Lincoln Pat Messerl a[)[)r()aches his opponent. BEARS END LOSING STREAK Row 1: Byron Young, Willie Quinn, Mark Street, Russ Potts, Tracy McCutchin, Mark Banks, Jeff Smith, Randy Vanderleest, Forrest Oakly, Joe Hayes, Randy Baker, Mike Dyer, Chuck Burrell, Mark Baring. The Polar Bears pulled off two victories, two impressive victories over Roosevelt and Tech. Despite their record, the Bears were a lot better team than the record shows. Paced by senior guard. Chuck Burrell and senior forward Jeff Smith, the bears played many teams down to the wire. Coach Jerry Collins felt this was the best team that North has had in a long time. ' They put in a lot of time and effort, both for the team and the younger players for the fu- ture seasons, " he commented. Jeff Smith looks for a move. Willie Quinn dribbles to the basket. 73 Jeff Smith hustles the ball down the court. .j Randy Vanderieest puts it in for two. Chuck Burreii flies up for a lay-up. jeff Smith keeps his eyes on the basket for the shot. Soph cagers gain experience front row; Chris Galagher, Kim Skinner and Kim Christensen back row; Ray Miller, Tony Austin, Linn Sears, Tony Calaway, Kenny Harkin, Jeff Tellis, Brian Colwell, Steve Graham, Jamie Friehage, Larry McGinn, Floyd Faber, Kevin Carr and Coach Lowell Cooper. head Sophomore coach and former North Player Loyed Hedge s y his assistant. They used varsity plays and learned how to compete ' with others. V Calaway goes up for two. Leading the way for the Sophomores were Tony Calaway, Steve Graham and Jeff Tellis, who have helped out the varsity team at the end of the season. 76 First year for freshman program Row 1: Lisa McDonald, Jeff Tracey, Tony Johnson, John Erickson, Todd Little, Lowell Cooper, John Massey, Kenny Russian, Jeff Cannon, Billy Frein, Tracy Harris. Row 2: Kathy Britt, Joe Fitzgibbon, David VanHorn, Dave Larson, Tom Morgan, Tim Fouch, Pat Messerly, Joe Townsell, Greg Cushing, Charlie Hayes, Coach Johnson. The North High freshman basketball program started out on a positive note. We began the season with 23 players and at the season end, were down to 19. This is the first year fo r freshman teams at the high school level, it ' s been one of fun and learning for our players. There has been some outstanding play this season by Todd Little, Tommy Morgan and Billy Frein. The young men who took part as the first Polar Bear freshman basketball team have the dedication and the posi- tive attitude to uplift the basketball program to the highest level of winning in the future. Coach Larry J. Johnson freethrow line. hance at the David VanHorn goes up for two. Mamma Bears Rebuild Row 1: Renee Allensworth, Julane Winkle, Laurie Lathrum, Nancy Swanson, Lisa Kurschinski, Rhoncia Wilkerson. Row 2: Anne Holland, Shari Twist, Julie Madison, Coach McCrea, Sarah Cowles, Val Alksnis, Traci Fouch. The 1979-1980 girls basketball progam is now going threw a building program at North High School. The season was not what you would call a sparkling success, as far as winning is concerned, but we feel our goals are coming close to reality. These goals are to improve the attitude towards basketball, improve our skills, and build a program down in the elementary school. Our attitude has improved tremendously and our skills have also improved. We have also initated an Elemen- tary-Junior High program on Saturdays. This should be a great asset to us in the future. Our squad was overall quite young, consisting of only four Seniors. Julane Winkle, Lisa Kruschinski, Val Alksnis, and Sarah Cowles, our seniors will be missed next year. But from all of us coming back we are going to be bet- ter. Look for a good season next year from the North High Girls Basketball team. Coach Bud McCrea 78 Anne Holland springs up for an open jump shot. 80 JV GAINS WINNING EXPERIENCE Row 1: Debbie Hailing, Lisa Cervetti, Terri Cox, Diana Catrenich, Chris Woodruff, Lisa King, Caria Grogan, Cry- stal Henderson, Kathy Richards. Row 2: Laura Bachman, Amy Whitlatch, Melinda Krueger, Susan Cowles, Lisa Purdy, Coach Stevens, Debbie Schaefer, Teresa Dixon, Terri Bueford, Kelly McNulty, Ludean Allensworth. The girls )V teann had alot of ups and downs this sea- son, but in spite of all this, the girls were victorious over Roosevelt. This being the first win for the JV teann in years, gave the girls nnore confidence and hope for more wins in the future. Under the training of a new coach, Joyce Stevens, the girls are working hard for the best season ever. Debbie Schaefer goes for the shot. Row 1- Don Christensen, Bryan Clemens, Gary Christensen, Bob Davey, Row 2: Art Knapp, )im Cross, Vince Bobinhouse, Clark Trotter, Jim Zimmerman, Rod lorgensen. Curt McCloud, Row 3: Bill White, Coach MacDonald, )im Puffett, Mark Murray, Bobert Brower, Dave Huss, Coach Al Garrison. (Not Pictured Kirk Hooten) NORTH WRESTLES WITH NEW TEAM Something all sports need to be successful is support, spirit, and participation. The 1979-80 wrestlers gained all of these. With returning seniors, Bob Davey, Bryan Clemens, and Gary Christensen, the team made great efforts to win their meets. With the crowd and cheerleaders giving great support, the guys were successful not only individually, but also as a team. Under the coaching of John McDonald, the guys learned new skills and im- proved the ones they already knew. " We received excellent leadership from our seniors, both on and off the mat. As individuals and as a team, we achieved many goals and accomplished many positive things, " commented coach Mc- Donald. Bill White gets over his opponent. 84 BOYS SWIMMING Tim Bloomquist starts di , ; i. i ice. Long Luong takes a deep breath for victory. 79-80 " swim team: Front row left to right, Jeff Hawkins, Marvin Gerdts, Denny Miller, Kevin Godwin, Long Luong, Todd Elverum, Randy Broad, Alan Hawkins, Jim Leong. Second row left to right, Robb White, Phil Gould, Tim Dubbs, Kyle Robinson, Tim Bloomquist, Roger Anderson, Kurt Bell, Dave Lundgren, Rodney Larson, Rex Achey. NOT PICTURED, John Julich 85 Lori Turner shows her diving skills Becky Keith strokes to the finish. Tankers Turn Tide Set New Records The girls swim team had a great season this year. Among the many records that were broken were, the individual medley broken by Julie Dunshee, the 100 free, 200 free, and 500 free by Becky Keith, the breast stroke by Michelle Davis, and the 400 free by Julie Dunshee, Teri Bird, Becky Keith, and Cindy Hawkins. 86 Row 1: Lisa McNulty, Pam Christensen, Jill Reeves, Julie Dunshee, Kelly McNulty Row 2: Not Avail, Sue Reeves, Lori Turner, Not Avail, Becky Keith, Lori Lathrum, Mgrs., Angie Dubbs, and Laura Dunshee. Row 3: Coach Kerman, Coach Claighorn, , Vicki Mingo, Cindy Hawkins, Sue Glass, Marna Bell, Michelle Davis, Coach Walden. GIRLS AND BOYS TEAM UP IN SWIMMING. Head Coach, Bob Lawson, and asst. Team MCR, Denise Egli, and Glenda Peggy Bentley. Cronin. Michelle Davis Strokes for victory! Four swimmers show pleasure after a NEVv -kl uku. John Julich and Marvin Gerdts team U[ in the relay. Underclassman Agan, Chris Alexander, Barbara Allensworth, Renee Anderson, Bruce Andreson, Larry Armstrong, Ron Augustine. Rhonda Bailey, Renee Banks, Mark Baring, Mark Barnes, Michael Bassett, Kristi Beitzeel, Diane Bird, Terri Birmingham, Eddy Bishop. Anna Boagard, jerry Boeckholt, Lauri Bohall, Frank Bos. Beth Bounehieng, jean Bruce, Bebbi Brown, james Brown, james Juniors Deal Out The Hand As the school year comes to a close, the juniors must begin to look at themselves and begin to decide what they plan to do with their life, per- haps for the first time. Many begin to prepare themselves for college by selecting many prep classes, others just may just start brousing through many college cata- logs just to get an idea of what might lie ahead of them. Others may take a few trade classes, such as auto mechanics or home remodling, while oth- ers just patiently wait for their senior year, their final year in high school - the year of parties, proms and commencement. To many, their junior year may be a very im- portant one, for they must now take a serious look at themselves, while others may find it a long, monotonous journey. It all depends on the person. The juniors were just beginning to deal out the hand. Kyle Robinson " monkeys " around for the camera. 90 Cox, George Cox, Terri Creamer, Kelly Cretors, Scott Cross, Edgar Crouch, Renee Daniels, Rita Davis, Teresa Dawson, Roxanne Dean, Juanita Dixon, Terri Dodds, Dennis Dorrian, David Dunn, Albert Dunshee, Julie Egli, Denise Elverum, Todd Erickson, Hondo English, Marice Eane, Sandy Frazier, Steve Frazier, Tim Frisk, Kathy Fife, Brenda Fisher, Kathy Flanders, Larry Foutch, Tracie Foxhoven, Lori Furguson, Shelley Fuhrman, Gina Glas, Suzie Gilliam, Sheryl Green, Leiine Greenup, Margo Gnmm, Donna Hageman, Sandi Hale, Allen Hainline, Debra Hamilton, Mark Hansen, Gary n Hastings, Alan Harkin, Patrick Hastend, John Hill, Suzanne Hodges, Brad Hooten, Kande Horn, Ted Hue!, James Huss, Loren Hunter, Kevin Huntoon, Ellen Hutton, Lila Immel, John Issacs, Theresa Johannes, Dewy Johnson, Dale Johnson, Dawn Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Marguerin Joshua, John Julich, Steve Keairns, Amy Keith, Rebecca King, Lisa Koester, Michael Kurschinski, Doug Larson, Rod Lathurm, Lauri Layaxang, Kerlee Lenhart, Jeff Lewis, Gary Lewis, Michael Lint, Lisa Locke, Gric Lockridge, Dave Logan, Penny Lucouis, John Lutz, Dennis New Students try to keep up with the high school work by studying hard. Maier, Dianne Marcheal, Lisa Martin, Jim McBee, Richard McCulloug, Charles McDonald, Jeffrey McNulty, Lisa Metzler, Jane Mick, Donald Miksel, Ron Miller, Rodney Miller, Scott Mingo, Vicki Millsap, Michael Moreno, Dean Moulder, David Neal, Rebecca Nielsen, John Nutt, Tammy Ogg, Mary Otto, Trade Overton, Rick Potts, Russell Pope, Paula Ramey, Floyd Ramsmussen, David Reimer, Danny Reynolds, Robert Riche, Dawn Rider, Tim Tracie Otto joines in on the car bash held in the north high park- ing lot during spirit week, which was held in November. 94 Mary Ogg takes a minute from her napp to have her picture taken. Semple, Richard Simpson, Scott StovalL Bridget Smith, Diane Smith, Pat Steigleder, Jessica Swanson, Nancy Swartzbraber, Frank Tate, Lezlie Taylor, David Trogdon, Virgina Kevin Hunter tries to find out if works. Tammy Nutt refuses to pose for the camera, while Teresa Davis is wondering whats going on. 96 It El BM 1 5 Zimmerman, Jim Vanderlest, Randy Voug, Van Weatherman, Randy Wigton, Bradly Williamson, Richard Wilson, Jerry Wilson, Richard Whisler, Richard Witt, Laura Young, Bryan Ziebell, Robert Ziegler, Alisa Theresa Dixon and Veronica Cooper turn to the camera for a good laugh. The Cheerleaders are ready for another cold night at the football game. Achey, Rex Alksnis, Lori Ball, Brian Banks, Tia Barner, Doug Barnes, Lois Baumgartner, )ohn Beien, Dixie Bell, Annette Bell, Mama Belluchi, David Bishop, Mary Bobenhouse, Vincent Brees, Mona Briggs, Laura Brood, Randall Brower, Robert Bruce, Laurie Buckley, Edward Bui, Bao Sophomores Shuffle the Deck For the first time in North High ' s history, the sopho- mores were no longer the youngest class in school, which in many cases, can make a drastic difference. They were met with a larger building, a more relaxed scheduling process, and perhaps, most frightening ot them all, the sophomore must still deal with the upperclassmen of North High. Sophomores were seen in many extra curricular activi- ties, such as the sophomore football team, pep club, student council and many were active in the student play presentations. The sophomores began to shuffle the deck which was carefully layed before them. 98 Bulmer, Tom Burgett, Brian Burrell, Terry Burton, jeff Cady, Dana Carr, Melvin Carrington, Ray Carson, Tara Casenza, Chris Christensen, Kim Clemens, Stephanie Clough, Douglas Colbert, Theresa Coldwell, Brian Cole, Brett 51 0 Sm Cox, Kelly Crank, Chris Crosby, Ralph Cross, James Daniels, Mat Darland, Dawn Davis, Melisa Davis, Sam Donnelly, Charita Dorrian, Denise Dorshier, Penny Doung, Om Van Dowd, Cendy Dubbs, jim Duke, lenetta Edwards, Lawrence Ehad, Her Faber, Floyd Fife, Pam Fountain, Tina Frazier, Mike Denise Dorrian shows her . . . smile. 100 Freihage, lames Fu. Vang Fuller, Kimberly Gallagher, Chris Canoe, )eff Carrison, Keith Cary, Laura Cereffichs, David Codwin, Kevin Coodwin, Mike Gould, Phil Graham, Steven Gray, Kimberly Greer, Mark Crogan, Rea Ann Guevara, Santiago Purdy, Lisa Mainline, Theresa Hale, Leslie Hall, jack Hammond, )ohn Hansen, )oy Harkin, Kenneth Harris, Tony Hawkins, Cindy Heathcote, Bob Henderson, Laurie Hendrickson, Don Henry, Ellen Hicks, Micheal Hoang, Boun Holmes, Danny Houk, Kristi Houston, Steve Hubbard, Janet Hunton, Randy Huynh, Phan jackson, Dinah jackson, Jackie Johnson, Bob Joshua, Jarvis Julich, John P. H WU WM WfM EJI — PPi N -V 103 McDonald, Jerry McDowell, jarjorie McGinn, Lawrence McKune, Amgela McQuarry, Tarn Minear, Maureen Modrick, Jim Mogensen, Randy Morton, Cathy Moulder, Sue Muffler, Todd Myers, Michelle Nelson, George O ' Bryan, Kelley k Osborn, janet w Overton, Debbie Owens, Rita Parker, Betty Jo Parker, Robbi Pilcher, Daniel 104 Shook, Shane Simmons, johnny Simpson, Michael Sims, Frederick Skinner, Kim Smith, Benjamin Smith, joane Smith, j.R. Smith, Willie Sorensen, jarvey Sorensen, jeremy Sorensen, juiaine spurling, Stacy Stanley, Linda stottlemyer, Yvonne stovall, Stacy street, Mike Strike, Sharon Strobe!, Doug Suplens, Annonette Swigart, Scott Tellis, jeffery r It IK 1 Pi Thompson, Kathy Thorn, jody Trotter, Clark Turner, Richard Twist, Shari Van, Choild Vanora, Vickie Wade, Maxine Wagner, Danielle Walker, Annette Walker, Larry Wangor, Cindy Ward, lacqueline Ware, James Warren, jean Wasser, Renee Webb, Julie Webb, Michelle Weber, Mark Weber, DeWayne Weeks, Kurt West, Cedric Westendorff, Lisa Wheatley, Steven White, Bill White, Jeffery White, Lament White, Robert Wilkerson, Rhonda Williams, Carene Williams, Chan Williams, Dorothea Ahlhem, Diana Alexander, James Allensworth, Ledeum Bachman, Laura Bagley, Aleta Baker, John Barrington, Caria Belew, Debra Benson, Diane Bird, Scott Boat, Paula Bohall, Larry Boyce, Scott Britt, Kathy Browder, Darryl Brown, Alfred Bueford, Mark Bueford, Terry Burgett, Lisa Burmingham, Tina Burse, Copa Calaway, Amtonino Caternich, Diana Do the freshmen really see no evil, hear no evil and SPEAK no evil? 9 The freshmen were added to North High this year for the first time in North High ' s history, due to the problem of declining enrollment, which is now affecting the entire United States. The freshmen added a new vitality to the walls of North High and excelled in many of the programs offered here at NHS, whether it be academically or as a member of the freshmen basketball team, and for once, it wasn ' t a sophomore peeking over the edge of a barrell, conveniently supplied by the upperclassmen. The freshmen were just beginning to get into the game. Freshmen Join 10 Cannon, Jeff Carnelison, Melvin Carlson, Jeff Chan, Khen Chan, Kheng Chappell, Sue Christensen, Pam Clabaugh, Brian Clayborne, Shawnetta Coffey, Robert Coffman, Denise Cook, Theresa Connett, Jim Connett, Warren Cooper, Lowell Cooper, Pastel Cowles, Craig Cowles, Susan Cowles, Tina The Game Cox, Patty Crawley, Bobby Cronin, Clenda Crouch, Earl Cushing, Greg Davis, Michell Dean, Lortta Dixon, Theresa Dorrian, Mike Downs, Beth Doung, Omvan Dunn, Kary • Diane Jones enjoys her crafts class Easter, Lucretia Elverum, june English, Dana English, Sterling Ennenga, Richard Erickson, John Evan, Carl Felton, Darla Felton, Tracey Fife, Debbie Fitzgibbon, Dennis Foutch, Tim Foxhoven, Bob Foxhoven, Bruce Foxhoven, Dennis Foxhoven, juile Fregley, Paulette Frein, William Fuller, Lisa Gale, Loralee Cassaway, Melissa Gerdts, Marvin Clas, Thomas fl M Click, Donna Gill, Linda Gilliam, Teresa Goua, Soua Moua Golay, Robin Goodman, Denise Green, Bruce Griffith, Laurence Grogan, Karia Guthrie, Tonya Hansen, Richard Hansen, Danny Hardy, Janell Harris, Tracy Hayes, Charles Hayes, Sandy Hawkins, Alan Hawkins, Jeffery Henderson, Crystal Hicks, Mark Hoang, Oui Holland, Anne Houang Van, Anousone Hudson, Dollie Hudson, Yvette Hulling, Debbie Hundell, Rebeca Huss, David Issacs, Mary James, Rasby johannes, Carl johnson, Renee lorgenson, Cathy Jorgenson, Rod Jones, Ron Julich, Hedi Keith, Pam Heo, Thao Khamlhanh, Sourirank Khamthanh, Sourivieng Kliven, Ken Knapp, Arthur Kundson, John Krueger, Melinda Kurschinski, Andrea Cathy Jorgenson and Denny Miller are either happy about dressing spirit week or they got an " A " in History. 14 Mansfield, Marsha Marchael, Cindy Martinez, Tina Massey, Dave Matthias, David Mattson, Michelle May, Orlando McClure, Brenda McDonald, Lisa McEllory, Patricia McGregor, jackie McNulty, Kelly Messerly, Patrick Michael, Don Miller, Dennis Miller, joanne Miller, Ray Modrick, joseph Moon, Brigette Moore, Yuette 116 Murphy, Lisa Murrary, Mark Nash, John Neal, Lisa Oakley, Dana Overton, Tammy Owens, Jim Patterson, Wayner Paulson, Kelly Petefish, Jeana Phung, Dung Lee Pierick, Janea Pingar, Kim Polk, Terry Poller, Kevin Price, Shari Procyk, Richard Puffet, James Ouang, Boun Ramerez, Mellissa 117 Ramsey, Renee Reese, Joe Reimers, Roxanne Rice, Lauri Richards, Kathy Richards, Ruth Russeau, Linda Russian, Ken Ryneauson, Todd Simmons, jonathon Simpson, Mike Skinner, Kim Sorenson, jeremy Spurling, Annonette Strike, Sharon Stroble, Doug Talton, Darnell Tanberg, Sherri Tellis, jerry Tenny, Teresa Terrali, Erika Terry, Laura Terry, Scott Townsell, |oey Townsley, Don Tracey, jeff Van Horn, Dave Vasquez, Dave Williams, Lauri Williams, Lucy Wilson, )eff 118 Whitlatch, Amy Wright, Jeff Wyatt, Jena Agee, Tammy Brown, Wayne 1st Row:Dorothea Williams, Annette Walker. 2nd Row: Jac- queline Ward, Mark Weber, Rhonda Wilkerson. Mines, Jamedia Jones, Diane Jones, Kevin Reeves, Susan All those Americans look alike, don ' t they? " Faculty Donna Wilkin lean Hensley Sandy Frakes Farrand Hall Program Counciling Clerk Nurse Orval Knee Martin Fillers Helen Morison Math Counsler Reading Betty Jackson Business O.E.A. Leo Koester Home Rennodeling David Hardie Industrial Arts Betty Dowd English Lisa Logan busy laying out her yearbook page. Larry Johnson Coordinator C.B.E.P. Faith Monk Learning Disabilities Robin Vanderhoef English and Speech 125 renter 26 English Leroy Parsons Industrial Arts J Jo Dwiere Library Clerk John McDonald Some classes involve lots of book work. P.E. Dick Moberly David Chamberlin Larry Weidemier Math Vocal Music Industrial Arts 127 Rolland Brownell Principal Jean Eisenlauer Steno Clerk Kenneth Whitney Special Education Linda Williamson Spanish and French jody McCombs Associate Audio Visual Randy Gordon English Kathy Bassett Learning Disabilities Rita Oline Registrar Fred Lazear Economics and Government Jamie Fletcher Rowena Schweitzer Becky Hendren English Drama Business Home Economics Cooks Back Row; Left to Right . . . Birdie Mae Smith, Dorothy Fechner, Liz Fillman, Inez Fitzgerald, Helen Amadeo, lona Vernon. Front Row; Left to Right . . . Jeanne Cox, Helen Steinback, Jeannine Pfister, Dorothy Thomas - Man- ager, Cleone Marken. Cooks, Custodians Benefit School Advertisin of insurance 4000 6th Ave. 274-4026 Des Moines, Iowa ry j ;v: 288-8545 . Compliments of CROSS SHOE REPAIR 505 Euclid 282-1223 There ' s nothing like leather tUOCS ' PAIRCf a HIGHLAND PASTRY Birthday cakes and Graduation cakes PARK FAIR SHOPPING CENTER 100 E. Euclid Park Fair SUN Drug Pharmacy Ron Secrest-Dick Kimzey PLAZA LANES 2701 Douglas 255-1111 PERSONALIZED VOLKSWAGEN REPAIR PARTS • ACCESSORIES 4290 - 2nd Avtnue Ph- 2S2-7f40 De$ Moines, Iowa 50313 lece 6 Our Flowers Say It For You 1714-6Tn Ave. Ph. 283-1721 Des Moines, Iowa Pa FLORIST 508 E. Euclid DES MOINES, IOWA 50313 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF " 80 " Fresher Flowers Fresher Ideas EAST DES MOINES National Bank Four fast little banks East 14th Euclid 265-1431 South East 14th Indianola 285-1111 East Univ. Hubbell 265-1684 Pleasant Hill Blvd. Maple 265-5639 8 AM-6 PM Mon-Fri. 9 AM-Noon Sat. 9:30 AM-5:30 PM Mon-Fri. 9:00 AM-Noon Sat. 10 AM-5:30 PM Mon-Fri. 9 AM-Noon Sat. 1 1 AM-5:30 PM Mon-Fri. 9 AM-Noon Sat. DE CARLO ' S GRILL 6th Keo T " " | ' 243-9827 FINE FOOD SERVED AMERICAN FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOaATX)N LET US HELP Hy-Vee Food Stores 100% Employee Owned A friendly smile in every aisle ' ' Hy-Vee Food Store ' s 12 locations 2310 Euclid 2537 Euclid S.E. 14th Park Ave. Fieur Drive McKinley 5747 NW 62 Ave., Johnston 6501 Douglas 801 S Ankeny Blvd., Ankeny 1700 West Des Moines Southridge Mall 2700 Ingersoll 86th Douglas 629 S.E. 8th, Altoona MacMillian Oil Company Inc . Chesley B. Waterman Agent " Sucess in life is a journey not a destination. ' ' Best wishes to North High School 1980 gradu- ates for a very sucessful journey. P.O. Box 3067 1301 E. Euclid Des Mdineg, Iowa 50316 262-3322 MFA INSURANCE COMPANIES 543 - 6th Avenue 243-7674 DES MOINES, IOWA 50302 RECREATION PRODUCTS GROUP 2525 E Euclid Ave.. Des Moines. Iowa 50317 • 515 265-3461 AMF INCORPORATED non I HOBBIES JI UNIIMITI Hobbies Unlimited, inc. JOE RRILLO LEE KALWISHKY Kordick Pluming — Heating Air Conditioning Inc. 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Iowa 50310 (515) 255-1104 An auto acceceroies store and a whole lot more VAN CINKEL MANUFACTURING CO. 2208 Ingersoll phone: 244-7718 STEVENS COLONIAL HOUSE Greatest Gift Shop — Midwest Park Fair Center Second and Euclid 288-8860 MOPEDS MINIBIKES MOTORCYCLES GENERATORS OUTBOARD MOTORS BANK FINANCING MOPEOS MINI BIKES r?.RTS ACCFSSORIE NEW USED MACH N S TRADE SNOWMOBILE FOR BIKES BIKES FOR SNOWMOBILE 1603 EUCLID Congratulations Class Of ' 80 and thanks again to . 3ecky )eff Patty Melissa Denise Mike Theresa Julane Sarah Kurt Lori Kelly Rhena Mary Richard Randy Gary David Rick )oe )udy Leroy Lee Nene Rhonda Jody Roberta Tim Marian Fred Allene Dale Twyla Lois Kirk Kinn Brenda Doug Toni Suzanne Melody Bonnie Brad Linda Ken Martin Walt April Bruce Tom Karen Rod )ody Jay Roxanne Liane Tony loan Ron Teresa Stuart Robert Tracy SALES 243-6217 243-6943 SERVICE 243-6451 LAWSON ' S Highland Park Photographers 3825 Sixth Av. 243-0661 PIONEER HI-BRED INTERNATIONAL, INC WORLD LEADER IN AGRI-GENETICS PIONEER. 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Boundaries: Guthrie to Euclid E. 9th St. to 6th Ave. Downtown • Park Fair Valley West Mall CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1980! CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS!!! nesMoines Jl a natktsal bank CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1980!!! Come to Little John ' s after gomes or school for the best food and lowest prices in town. Open 7 days a week for your convenience. Saturday-Thursday 11 A.M.-10 P.M. Friday 11 A.M.-11 P.M. Memoef FDic An Affiliate of Northwest Bancorporation am. LITTLE JOHN ' S BURGERS 3702 2nd Ave. 288-8430 Ph. 288-6557 FLOWERS ARRANGED AS YOU LIKE THEM 1540 2ND AVE. DES MOINES, IOWA 50314 KEX auto parts Des Moines, Iowa Better Brake 215 Univ. 288-7419 3104 S. W. 9th 283-1597 2900 E. Univ 265-8191 OAK PARK PHARMACY 3720 6th Avenue Phone; 288-7227 UNITED FEDERAL SAVINGS with 24 offices to serve our great state! Yfhen need a BMH ' try usf FULL SERVICE .BANKy MERLE HAY MALL • HARDING AT EUCLID • HICKMAN AT 64TH MEMBER F.D.I.C. • PH. 278-1671 • DES MOINES LOOKING FOR ADVENTURE If you ' re looking for adventure, let the world know. Wear a Navy ' Ixx)king For Adventure " iron-on. Your local recruiter will be happy to give you one at no cost, and with no obligation. He ' ll also be happy to give you the lowdown on the Navy adventure. Plus the Navy opportunities for training and travel. So stop by at the address listed below. It won ' t just change the look of your T-shirt. It might change the look of your life. Space For Recruiter Name Address Phone . 146 ANDERSON-ERICKSON DAIRY CO. 2 2 29 HUBBELL AVE. PHONE 2 6 5-2 521 DES MOINES, IOWA 50317 K 1 Chamberlain KIRK Clineinc. Real Estate and Insurance 507 9th 288-9501 Open 9 A.M. to 7 P.M Closed Sunday New and Used Parts Tires-Tubes-Wheeli, 2nd Avenue Bicycle Repair 1329 - 2nd Avenue Des Moines. 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North High Polar Bear Staff AID Insurance Company Allied Life Insurance Company AMCC Insurance Company 701 Fifth Avenue • Des Moines, Iowa 50304 EDITORIAL STAFF Val Alksnis- Editor Lori Turner Rhena Claybaugh Lisa Logan Julie Rychel Barb Alexander Mark Street Dawn Zimmerman PHOTOGRAPHERS Tim Bloomquist- Head Photographer Ric Ramsey Lori Turner Walt Bevel Now that you will no longer be attending regular day school, it is possible that either now or sometime in the future you might need help in getting a job or finding a place to live or you may just want to talk to someone. The Young Women ' s Resource Center can help you with these and other things. YOUNG WOMEN ' S RESOURCE CENTER 416 12th AII Service Free, Voluntary Confidential ADVERTISING Ric Ramsey - Manager john Jayne Mike Chapman Nobody can do it like McDonalds can. MALLY ' S HILAND GARAGE 3705 6th Ave. Des Moines, Iowa 282-3766 Bill Mally Prop. ATLANTIC BOTTLING COMPANY Des Moines Division 4021 Fluer Drive Des Moines Iowa 50321 Advertising Advertising Layout and Design Ci Editor John Jayne Ad sales manager Ric Ramsey Ad Salesman Mike Chapman NORTH HIGH BOWLING TEAM Left to Right -Danny Holmes, Scott Cretors, Kichard V histler, Brian Burgett. Not pictured - John Easter, and Lisa Marchael. OEA involves many students OEA which stands for Office Education Association is a class much like DECA but those involved work in of- fices. Basically students attended related classes in the morning, and work in offices in the afternoon. Those students who participated received a class credit, as well as being paid for their work. They worked a mini- mum of fifteen hours a week. Their were also advan- tages of being in this class. You get the training and ex- perience before graduating so that after graduation they are ready and able to get a good job. It also gives good leadership training. OEA is the club part of the class, they did many services and community prjects as well as social activities. They participated in competitive city, state, regional and na- tional conferences. North had a good track record for doing their share " commented Mrs. Jackson the orga- nizer and teacher of OEA at North. OFFICERS President - Patti Eveland V. Pres. -Bonnie Bierma Secretary — Dawn Riche Treasurer - Carol Belluchi Reporter - )oanne Mason Historian - Teresa Brewer Parliamentarian - Tammy Carter 1st Semester- Left to Right; Back Row-Kathy Frisk, Gina Furman, Patti Eveland, Lorrie Slaughter, Teresa Brewer, Tammy Carter Kristi Bassett, Diane Bietzel, Jane Metzler, Dawn Riche, and Mrs. Jackson. Front Row -Patsy Mur- phy, Joanne Mason, Kim Porter, Victoria Greenfield, Bridget Stovall, Bonnie Bierma. Not Pictured: Carol Belluchi and Melissa Morrissey. 2nd Semester: Left to right; Back Row-Kim Porter, Diane Beitzel, Jane Metzler, Dawn Johnson, Teresa Brewer, Kathy Frisk, 3rd Row-Vickie Mingo, Joanne Mason, Kristi Bassett, Dawn Riche, 2nd Row- Rridget Stovall, Susan Ringle, Gina Fuhramn, 1st Row-Patsy Murphy, Patti Eveland, Tammy Carter, Victoria Greenfield, and Mrs. Jack- son. " The Loyal 300 " -students who purchased student activity tickets 107 MRS. HENDREN Rhonda Augustine Mike Chapman Sue Coffey Penny Logan Mary Ogg Melody Ries Randy Vanderleast 109 MRS. MC ALLISTER Lisa Cervetti Scott Cretors Ed Cress Rita Daniels Terry Dixon Tracie Foutch Shelly Furgason Kande Houton Russ Potts Sue Sims 124 MR. MC LAUGHLIN Bob Coffey Denise Coffman Patty Cox Robin Golay )eana Petefish Paula Boat 118 MR. FLETCHER Jeff Burton Brett Cole Kieth Grissom Ellen Henry Laurie Kindred Michale Myers Peggy Pope Bobbie Schaefer 121 MR. PETERSON Aleta Bagby David Larson )oe Reese Scott Terry Donna Click 124 MRS. BALDWIN Lori Alksnis Lois Barnes Vince Bobinhouse Dawn Darland Laura Gary Lisa Rayman Jeff Tellis 125 MISS QUINN Laura Bachman 219 MR. HUTZELL 2 Michele Davis Joe Fitzgibbon Lisa McDonald Lisa Murphy Erika Terrell Linda Rousseau 220 MRS. DOWD Laurie Bruce Kim Christensen Tim Dubbs Phil Gould Kirk McCloud Jerry McDonald Randy Mogenson Betty Parker Steve Rehms Joane Smith Kurt Weeks 221 MR. MOBERLY Susan Cowles Mike Dorrian Missy Gassaway Alan Hawkins Jeff Hawkins Sandy Hays Crystal Henderson Cindy Marchael Dennis Miller Mark Murray Janea Pierick Gary Vasquez Rhonda Wilkerson Terry Bueford 222 LAZEAR Bonnie Bierma Kirk Caswell Rod Christofferson Roberta Hastings Twyla Kelly Ron Leveke Jeff Moon CheyrI Ries Marian Sciachitano 223 MISS WILLIAMSON Beth Downs Charles Hayes Lisa Purdy Sherri Tanberg Dottie Williams 224 MR. FITZGERELD Brenda Bates Kelly Burr Sue Chapman Rhena Clabaugh Patty Eveland Linda Frank Kirk Hooten Tony Calaway Theresa Cook Teresa Gilliam Mark Lacay Julie Madison Ray Miller Jill Reeves Lynn Sears James Ware Chris Woodruff Teresa Dixon 126 MRS. MUELL Chris Cosenza Kevin Godwin Kenneth Harkin David Haier Maureen Minear Jody Thorn Jeorjette Woods 128 MRS. SELLERS Renee Allensworth Kristi Bassett Barbra Burnsworth Laurene Connely Kathi Frisk Rod Larson Kyle Robinson Brad Hodges 134 MR. HARDIE Larry Griffith Tracy Harris Danny Michael Kelly Paulson 135 MR. WIEDEMEIER Becky Hunnel Cathy Jorgenson John Lathrum Kim Pinegar Johnny Simmons Joey Townsell 138 MR. NYMAN Kelly Bertlesen Gary Christensen Doug Harding Bob Hearn Linda Reese Ken Schade Todd Scheoning 139 MR. LEHFELD Lisa Burgett Liane Jepsen Linda McClain June Elverum I -1 k 4 p» r i Ik. i " T " r 241 MR. FUNTE Rhonda Nutter Paulette Fogley Cynthia Carver leff Pierick Tim Foutch Joan Connett Kelly Rohde Billy Frain Terri Cooper leff Shaw Andrea Kurschinski Theresa Dixson Teresa Lorenz Mary Williams 226 MR. WILSON David Massey Laura Briggs Michelle Mattsen 242 MISS PHOENIX Glenda Cronin Joann Miller Doug Fulton Alisa Davis John Nash Jody Gelner Jamie Freihage Todd Rynersen Judy Lattimer Steve Graham Jeanni Warren Nene McDowell Tony Harris Lori Turner Tana Kelce 141 MR. MC REA Rick Van Hoever LuDean Allensworth 227 MR. PKILLIPS Diane Benson 245 MR. GORDON Larry Anderson Jim Connett Brian Burgett Diane Beitzell Greg Gushing Theresa Colbert Sabrina Coleman David Huss Floyd Faber Kelly Cox Lori Lehman Chris Gallagher Sheryl Gilliam Joe Modrick David Griffiths Gary Hanson Jeff Tracy David Lundgren Amy Keairns Robert White Pam McQuarry Lisa King Sue Moulder Doug Kurchinski 214 MRS. DRUART Jennie Plymesser Tim Rider Lisa Chidester Suzy Reynolds Bridgett Stovall Kathy Fischer Jim Smith Richard Whisler Gina Fuhrman Stacy Spurling Donnie Christensen Mark Hamilton Kathy Waddell Jeff Johnson Laura Rousseau 228 MRS. MORISON Laurie Lathrum Angela Luna Dianne Maier 246 MRS. FORRESTER Larry McGinn Lisa McNulty Mike Allen Cathy Morton Rodney Miller Mike Bruce Paula Pope Bruce Fowler 230 MRS. PETERSON Jessica Steiglader John Gillihan Mike Coffman Jim Zimmerman Joe Hayes )odi Freihage Pat Johnson Brenda Thoren 215 MR. WHITNEY Joanne Mason Lee Williams Robert Brower Rhonda Miller Tara Carson Pam Peterson 232 MR. KNEE Chris Crank Susan Swift Diane Catrenich Cindy Hawkins A A ' A _ Tl ■ ■ - l_ - — Mike Thrasher John Erickson Krist Houk Martin Warren Melinda Krueger Laura Manley Donna Wright Kelly McNulty Jim Modrick Dawn Zimmerman Jerry Tellis Cindy Shepherd Tim Bloomquist Ann Walker Dwayne Weber 248 MRS. VANDERHOEF 236 MR. TRAICHLER 216 MR. MINNICK Ed Birmingham Tony Chandler Barb Alexander Frank Bohall Bob Davey Jeff Brown Beth Bos Carol Carver Sandy Fane r» • l Brian Clay Ruth King Lisa Marchael Denise Egli Trent Krueger Scott Miller Leiine Green Lisa Logan Craig Robertson David Lockridge Laurie Payton Julie Rychel Vicky Mingo Stuart Twist Julane Winkle Cindy Clark Becky Keith 240 MISS BLEE Nancy Swanson Teri Bird Pat Harkin Polar Bear staff works their heads off i.ett to right) Lori Turner, John Jayne, Rhena Clabaugh, Lisa Logan, Tim Bloomquist, Val Alksnis, Ric Ramsey, Mr. Mike Nyman. to get out a spring yearbook Editor-in-Chief: Yearbook Advisor: Writers: Rhena Clabaugh John Jayne Lisa Logan Lori Turner Head Photographer: Advertising: Yearbook Representative: Val Alksnis Mike Nyman Tim Bloomquist Ric Ramsey Paul Havnen 54 " Without each person on the staff, this year ' s Polar Bear never could have been produced. Each staff member was responsible for an entire section due to our small number, but I feel that each person did their best and to- gether, I think that we put out a product that the student body can be proud of. " " I ' d also like to thank our advisor, Mr. Micheal Nyman, who in the course of the year, handled all of the financial end of the book and was there when we needed his ex- pertise and advice. " " I only hope that you, the reader, will enjoy the book as much as we have putting it together. " -Val Alksnis, Editor-in-Chief INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS SHAWNEE MISSION KANSAS WINNIPEG MANITOBA z LU UJ CL en LU CO O Ql Dealing with the 80 s TABLE OF CONTENTS . . . Sports 156 School Events . . . 164 Senior Events . . . 168 Advertising .... 174 TRACK TEAMS RACE TO THE FINrSH School records and personal records were all part of this years fine track team. Highlighting the sea- son were qualifying teams to the Drake Relays and state meet. Walt Bevel and Eljay Williams finish 1 and 2. Randy Baker completing his 1600 Meter Run. Mike Bruce stepping out for his victory in the 110 High Hurdles. ♦ % t El Jay Williams stretches out 1980 Boy ' s Track Team (left to right) Row 1: Bob Davey, Demery Butts, David Huss, his long jump. Art Knapp, Keith Grissom, Tony Harris, Brian Clabaugh, Ken Kliven. Row 2: Lynn Sears, El Jay Williams, Walt Bevel, Brett Cole, Alan Hawkins, Ray Carrington, Tom Geerlings, Joe Modrick, Coach Peterson. Row 3: Coach Minnick, Tim Foutch, Kirk McCloud, Mike Bruce, Randy Baker, Doug Strobel and Coach Leary. 1980 Girl ' s Track Team (left to right) Row 1: Debbie Schatter, Tern Cix, Jutane Winkle, Renee Allensworth, Chris Woodruff, Ludene Allensworth, Diane Catrinich, Heidi Julich. Row 2: Rhonda Wilkerson, Kelly Cox, Michelle Da- vis, Julie Madison, Ann Holland, Lisa Purdy, Susan Cowles, Kathy Richards, Terri Bueford. The North High Girls Track Team had a very successful season. Although there were no team victories, each individual accom- plished many personal goals. With only one senior on the team, North High can look for- ward to a strong team next year. Congratula- tions to Freshman Ann Holland for qualifing for the state track meet in the 400 meter dash. Above -A. Holland, Below -H. Julich. Above-K. Cox, Below — L Allensworth. Boy ' s Tennis front row-MGR Diane Smith, Carl Evans, Carl Johannes, )ohn Erickson, Jerry Tellis. Back row -Coach Larry Johnson, Roger Anderson, Bruce Green, Larry Anderson, Bruce Fowler, Rod Christofferson, Pat Harkin. 1 :ow 1 - Kandee Hooten, Judy Lattmer, Diane Maier, Laurie Lathrum, Julie Dunshee, renda McClure. Row 2 -Cindy Clark, Susan Sims, Ann Walker, Ellen Henry. Row 3- lathy Jorgenson, Tracy Davis, Susan Reeves, Stacy Spurling, Lisa Chidester, Sandy rankes- Coach Frankes — Coach Tammy Augustine — MGR Brenda McClure smashes a shot. Girl ' s Tennis I » Julie Dunshee volleys a backhand. f SOFTBAII 1980 Varsity Front Row - Dina Catrenich, Cindy Sheperd, lulane Winkle, Michelle Myers, Rhonda Wilkerson Back Row-Terri Cox, Cindy Marchael, Julie Madison, Nancy Swanson, Tracie Foutch, Shelly Furgason. )r. Varsity Front Row -Chris Crank, Pam Christenson, Linda Rosseau, RaeAnn Grogan, Laura Rosseau, lulie Rychel, Kelly McNulty Back Row-Karla Grogan, Diane jones, Michell Davis, Kathy Britt, Debbie Schaefer, Teresa Davis, |oy Hansen, An- drea Kurschinski, Mrs. Duffy. Kelly McNulty I lulane Wink Julie Madison Nancy bwar sofi Randy Frein Kirk Caswell Mark Street t1 Kov i Rhuncld Augusii, t jra Bachman, Becky Hunnel, Jeany Warren, Row 2: Sue Class, Coach Pillars, Beth Boss, Denise Egli, Nancy Swanson. Tim Dubbs, ).R. Smith, Dave Griffiths. (Others refused to have pictures taken) 3 163 A Heavenly Touch at North High The first drama production presented this year was enti- tled Gods Favorite. It was under the direction of Mr. Jamie Fletcher, the drama teacher. The plot centered around a man named Mr. Joe Benja- min, wno was challenged by God to renounce his faith in him. There were exceptional sound and visual effects in the play. The production of God ' s Favorite turned out to be very successful. THE CAST Jim Zimmerman — Joe Benjamin Rod Christofferson — Sidney Lipton Heidi Julich — Rose Benjamin John Nash — David Benjamin Becky Hunnel — Sarah Benjamin Vince Rubino — Ben Benjamin Lisa Lint — Mady Carl Johanes — Morris Part of the cast sits an enjoys a relaxing moment on the sofa. Rod looks around trying to find )im without his glasses. Heidi Julich portraying the grouchy It looks like some of the cast got angry after John Nash Rose Benjamin. had hit the bottle. 1 m i ' - I im Zimmerman shows how tough he can get. 164 Freshman Larry Boha ll shows how dry the pancakes really are. . ' 4 On your mark get set — but don ' t go yet! )unior Scott Cretors chows down PANCAKE DAY A HUGE SUCCESS Pancake day was a great success with almost $2500 worth of pancake tickets wold. First places students won an Am-Fm Solid State radio; second place winners won a free S.A.T. for the next school year, and third place winners won 50% off there purchase of an S.A.T. for the next school year. First place winner for the Freshman was Melissa Rameriz with 160 tickets sold. (Top in the school) for the Sophomores was Cindy Dowd with 91 tickets sold, for the Juniors was Bri- an Clay with 130 tickets sold and for the Seniors was Mi- chael Thraser with 25 tickets sold. For every ten tickets sold they had a chance for a black and white Gold star T.V. The drawing was held on the 4 of April and the Gold Star T.V. set was won by Junior Brad Hodges. Junior Brad Hodges shoves the pancakes in, for the win. Junior Jim Martin proves the pancakes are in his tum tum. NHS Goes Nuts Over " Peanuts 4 1: Snoopy, Rod Christofferson, gets ready to leap from atop his doghouse. 2: Lucy, played by Julie Rychel, tries to serenade Schroeder, Craig Robertson. 3: Richard Wilson as Charlie Brown. 4: The cast of " Your ' e A Good Man Charlie Brown. 5: Charlie Brown asks for Lucy ' s expert advice. 6: Linus, Kevin Godwin, seeks the comfort of his trusty blanket. 7: Linus and understudy Mareen Minear. 166 The final musical presented this year was " You ' re A Good Man Charlie Brown. " The musical it ' self didn ' t have a main plot. There were several different skits rolled into an hour and a half worth of fun filled music and comedy. It was under the direction of Mr. David Chamberlain and John Gillihan. Julie Rychel did a fabulous job of bringing crabiness and humor into the sassy charactor of Lucy. Richard Wilson did a terrific job of getting both sympa- thy and laughter from the audience as he acted out the part of the wishy-washy Charlie Brown. Craig Robertson did a great job carrying on his musical abilities playing the part of the talented musician Schroeder. Rod Christofferson filled the auditorium with laughter as he created his own version of Snoopy. Linus won the hearts of all people with his blanket and his intellectual abilities as portrayed by Kevin Godwin. Julie Dunshee really showed the audience she could act as she portrayed the childlike character of Patty. THE CAST Charlie Brown Richard Wilson Lucy Julie Rychel Snoopy Rod Christofferson Schroeder Craig Robertson Linus Kevin Godwin Patty Julie Dunshee 167 Senior Banquet Sparkles The North High Senior Banquet was held at Adventureland Inn and about 120 seniors attended the event. The master of ceremonies was Ken Schade and student speakers were Sherri Robinson, Walt Bevel and Marian Sciachitano. Mr. Brownell and Mr. Graziano also said a few words at the ceremony. Entertainment included the North High Jazz Band, members of the North High chorus and Rod Christofferson, who performed a selection from the musical ' Tou ' re a Good Man Charlie Brown. " Walt Bevel speaks to the senior banquet. Senior Stuart Twist listens to the speak- ers. J Marilynn Quinn and Betty Dowd were just two o; Jody Celner, Jeff Pierick and Trent Kruegar get set to enjoy the dozen faculty present, the banquet. . Happiness is togetherness, as these senior girls spend perhaps a final formal evening together. Speaker Marian Sciachitano Prom involves students and teachers The Class of 80 ' s prom this year was held at the Olmsted Center of Drake University. The evening started at 8 P.M. and ended at 11 P.M., Saturday May 17, 1980. There was a wide range of music played by this years band ' The Last Shades Of Dawn " . The prom theme was " At the End Of Every Rainbow, Dreams Come True " . Many of the things that happened became possible because of many peo- ple who dedicated their extra time to make this years prom a memorable one. A prom committee was formed at the beginning of the year to start making the plans. Those who attended helped to decide on the theme, band, how to decorate the Olmsted Center, and pick out the favors and booklets, along with many other time consuming projects. The members of this years committee were: CO-CHAIRPERSONS Lori Turner — Vice President in charge of prom Mary Williams - Girls Representative for prom Gary Christensen — Boys Representative for prom Members Susan Chapman Bruce Fowler Nancy Cook Liane Jepsen Sue Cross Linda McClain Mike Thrasher Valerie Alksnis — designer of backdrops. Those Teachers who helped were: Mrs. Bassett Mrs. Hendren Mr. Fitzgerald Mr. Lazear Mrs. Forrester Mr. McCrea Mr. Graziano Mr. Perry Mrs. Peterson Mr. Graziano — Class Sponsor Dana Meadows Lorrie Payton Lois Schomer Below Left: Teachers as well as stu- dents enjoyed getting together for a social event. Below Right: The introductions of couples helped every- one feel welcome. To Right: The slow dances helped get everybody in the dancing mood (even those on crutches right Brad). 170 171 " Class of ' 80 ' ' begin their journey Webster defines it as " one who has completed a course of study and has received a degree or diploma ' and Tuesday, May 20th, the graduating Class of 1980 received their diplomas in the presence of over 2,000 friends and family members. " It ' s a time to laugh and a time to cry. One part of your life is now over, but the best is yet to come, " commented graduating senior, Lisa Logan. The Class of ' 80 together for one last time. 172 Suzanne Cross receives a reassuring hug. One of the 147 graduates leaves the stage, diploma in hand. Tim Bloomquist receives his diploma. r Friends were together, sometimes for the last time, wish my classmates only the best out of life and miss them all ' added senior, Lori Turner. 173 Visit our new City Center Branch! 809 6rh Avenue Des Moines WEST BANK MEMBER f D C We ' re eloser lo you! ARNOLD ' S HIGHLAND PARK FUNERAL HOME 3500 6 Avenue 288-6551 174 5514 Douglas 3815 NE 14th 205 University

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