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Polar Bear 1978 North High School 6th and Holcomb Des Moines, Iowa Colors: Green and White Mascot: Polar Bear Song: North High, North High Dear Old North High We Have A Love For You That Will Never Die, As Long As You Stand We Will Stand By, Dear Old Dear Old North High! 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS •I TUDENT LIFE 7-30 SPORTS 33-64 PEOPLE 66-101 Life is so simple and yet so puzzling. You see yourself as one mind, one heart, one soul among hundreds, one life set apart from all the others by interest and needs that you alone can fulfill, by a past and a present that are uniquely your own. Now you are ready to make peace with the past and live fully and fearlessly in the present. There are those who tell jokes you ' ve heard before, and still you laugh. Those who say unkind things you know they don ' t mean, and still you cry. And those who preach sermons you ' ve learned by heart, and still not listen. Gradually you become aware that no two are exactly alike, and that each can suggest a different image of who we are. With every new relationship you change a lit- tle, grow a little. You begin to learn when to com- promise and when to take a stand . . . how to han- dle a victory and how to survive a defeat. Above all you learn to cope with various personalities who surround and complicate and enrich your young existance. Slowly you start to see those memories for what they are, tiny grains of experience that have already sifted through the sandglass of time, visions of happiness and sorrow that now exist only in your mind, spirits from the distant past that can only haunt you or cheer you as much as you allow them to. You decide to break through . . . We ' re All In This Together 4 Life at North Takes Many Shapes student Involvement Is Seen Everywhere Pictured with Governor Ray are Oracle staff me Jerry Mittag, Lisa Sears and Sandy Pickering. One of the ducks that calls the Biology room liomcL ■ - . ........ School Year Starts August marked the opening of school for the 1977-78 school year. A promise from the D. M. School Board to keep North open at least ten years, and the influx of new students and teachers help to get the year off to a good start. One major change in school was computerized scheduling replacing the self-scheduling policy of the past two years. For students this meant starting school a day early and an occasional trip to the counselor ' s office to straighten out their schedules. With overflowing joy Fred Lazear starts a new school year. Brad Chafa gets back to the grind — for a while at least. On August 26 Sophomore orientation was held, allowing the Sophs to get acquainted with. The band spent many August days practicing for the coming year. Much Participation ntm 04 V Robin Patterson. Chris Hay. and Janet Battles participate in Hat and Tee- shirt [)a . As a part of spirit week, students made spirit posters to decorate North. Enthusiasm was high for Spirit Week 1977, held September 19 through September 23. Social Com- mittee, led by Mr. Graziano, Cathy Allison, and L. J. Boyd planned most of the festivities. Activities included, a poster contest to help dec- orate the halls, a blue-jean, tee-shirt, and hat day, and the Annual Bug Race and Powder-Puff Foot- ball game (both won by seniors), and the parade before the Homecoming game. Much spirit was shown at the Homecomint ' asscmhK THL VIC lORSI Senior powder-putt toolball players, cji lo nghi: C ath McC auley. Denise Harding. Juhe Moberg. Beth McCauley, Bobbi Bailey, Cathy Allison, Sandy Pickerinc. Emilv Gould. Robbie Brafford, and Diane Rothman. Shown For Spirit Neek All week long the football team was a center of attention and pride. On Thursday of Spirit Week the homecoming assembly was held, where the Queen, Mr. Polar bear, and the princesses were announced. Spirit Week climaxed with the game that night and the dance on Friday night. Steve Keith and Steve Cree gel geared up for the bug race Despite spotting the opposition a length lead the seniors crossed the finish line first. LEFT: Students prepare for the car parade from North to Wil- liams field. I Homecoming Queen Deanne Hodges, the halftime of the Hoover Game. On Thursday of Spirit Week the Polar Bears defeated the Hoover Huskies 21 to 14 in double-overtime for an excit- ing Homecoming victory. The following night many couples participated in the dance, with the music pro- vided by ' Vision ' Homecoming Queen , Deanne Hodges presided over the dance and the homecom- ing court. Tom Clay and Dean DeCarlo jointly served as Mr. Polar, as a tie occured in the A voting for the honor. escorted by ROTC Cadet Major Dennis McGilvra, at The 1977 Homecommg Court: Junior Princesses. Liz Woods and Debbie Harty. Senior Princess Denise Harding. Mr. Polar Bear Many couples attended the dance. Deanne Hodges Named 10 i Dean DeCarlo. Queen Deanne Hodges. Mr. Polar Bear Tom C lay. Senior Princess Emily Gould. Sophomore Lisa Kurschinski. and Lois Schomer. Music at the dance uas provided b " V ision " Couples enjov dancing to the music. Homecoming Queen Pep Assemblies Help to Spark " Spirit " With the cadets forming a tunnel. Greg Holland and 1 om C lay head to their seals. With Greg Patton looking on. Kevin Nichols talks about the coming basket- ball season. Pep assemblies were held during the Fall and Winter to help encourage spirit and enthusiasm. L. J. Boyd acted as M.C., the Band provided music, and the Cheerleaders lead the cheers. The activities all helped to fire up the Polar Bears. Much of the activities focused on the cadets, band, and cheerleaders. Students get fired up! 12 Fall Play Is " Lance (Steve) tries to persuade Nelson Smedley (Mark). ' The Beauty Part " was presented by North Students on November II and 12, under the direction of John Thompson. The play was a farce which poked fun at the arts and the fact that artists can forget their artistic standards when tempted by money and authority. Also it was the story of Lance Weatherwax, (played by Steve Cree) who tries to find a place in the creative world, only to end up at home to live on his family ' s money. Beauty Part " Mrs. Finecr li. - ' ■ vs ,uas i. )okini: orientals. CAST Octavia Weatherwax, Grace Fingerhead Emily Gould Milo Weatherwax, Hyacinth Beddoes Laffoon Mark Linebach Lance Weatherwax Steve Cree April Monkhood Linda Shipman Also the cast included: Rob Gallagher, Mike Allen, Rod Christofferson, Tina Lewis, Doug Godwin, Michele Weeks, Richard Peckham, Becky Woodyard, Paul McCollom, Chris Hay, Janet Battles, Mona Reese, Leslie Rychel, and John Gillihan. Justice Hollywood-style! 13 Fall Means Activities, Involvement North means smiles and togetherness as students and faculty show. Emily Gould and Marsha Stufflebeam work hard on routmes. LEFT: As a part of North ' s membership in the North Cen- tral Association (NCA), an evaluation team visited North on December 5-7. The NCA is a group of schools and colleges that work to keep education at a rising level of qual- ity. The purpose of the team, consisting of high school teachers, adminis- trators, and college pro- fessors, was to examine the school programs and make recommendations. East High is hung in effigy. ROTC helps out at Open House. The sophomores are getting shakier every year! Mr. Koester and home remodeling class helped to build the new activity board. The board is a pep club project and will help adver- tise school activities. A wall was built to separate the gym and weight room. The wall was in the origina plans for North but was omitted in order to save money. 14 Randy Pepper in school. North ' s Football team produced two first team All-staters. Mark Butts was named as a defensive lineman and Kevin Nichols as an offensive back. As the school year got underway, students found themselves involved in many activities. School clubs and organizations got underway. Faculty and students both participated in Homecoming and Spirit Week, Open House, and the NCA evaluation. Fall sports included cross country, football, girls ' swimming, and volleyball. Meet- ing new friends, football games, and parties preoccupied students ' leisure time. A little touchy there Tim! Randy Pepper out of school. Jeanine Donovan and 1 laes Jones v ork on a Stu- dent Council project. Look at that debonair smile! Many new friendships were made at North. WEEKEND ACTIVITIES: LEFT: The Whiz Kids. CENTER: No I don ' t want to! Senior relaxes after a hard week at school. Band Plays On and On and . r Fred McLaughlin, in his first year at North directs the band. Band member zonks out. Band contmues to play as the hours drag on. Diane Rothman and Robbie Brafford dcincc lo ihc music. In order to raise money for their trip to Hawaii the band held a Band-a-thon on November 12 and 13. Band members, par- ents, friends, and sponsors all contributed to the effort, helping to make the June trip a reality. Cute Jerrv! Winte Musical: Finian ' s Rainbow Sharon McLonergan (Kathy Bloomquist) discovers a leprechaun in her well. Sharon tries to comfort her father, Finian (Mark Linebach). Buzz Collins Sheriff Sharecroppers Susan Mahoney Og, the leprechaun . . Henrietta Senator Rawkins . . . Geologists Henry Finian McLonergan . Sharon McLonergan Woody Mahoney . . . CAST Steve Cree Doug Godwin Rodney Christopherson, Tina Louis, Brad Mundell, Karen Hendrickson Denise Harding Rob Gallagher Leslie Rychel Ken Fisher Chris Westrum, Chris Tallman Mike Alan Mark Linebach Kathy Bloomquist Craig Zeller Og, the leprechaun (Rob Gallagher) recruits help from the sharecroppers in his search for his pot of gold. The townspeople eagerly listen to Senator Rawkins (Kenny Fisher). School Trudges on During Winter Janice Gray portrays the romantic feeling that was present during the Valentine Dance. Students In Dances The dance gave couples and friends a chance to get together and have fun. Need a stepladder. Shelly? 4 Wt Take Part and Mixers As a part of the high school social scene students took part in informal and semi-formal dances. In October DEC A sponsored a Halloween Party. Various school groups set up booths which had activities such as wet sponge throwing, cake sales, and kiss- ing. The rock group Works provided music for those that wished to dance. Pep Club and Student Council sponsored after basketball game mixers, in the student center. The informal affairs gave the students something to do while providing money for the two clubs. On February 18 Student Center put on a Valentine dance. The Velvetones provided the music for the semi-formal dance, which was deemed a success by Student Council President Rustin Davenport. Diane Rothman and Cathy Allison play " Gemini " during a mixer. Ricky Galbreath and Liz Woods snuie for the camera dunng the Valentine dance. Students dance at DECA ' s Halloween Party. Tammy Mascaro shows her friends how to dance during a basketball mixer. Programs and Assemblies Throughout the year North students were treated to a vari- ety of programs and assembhes. These included pep assem- bhes in the fall and winter months, the pancake day assembly, and special presentations such as General Motors ' " Previews of Progress, " Wayne Swearingen who gave an insight into the problems of being young, and a concert by the musical group " Up With People. " Nighttime programs included plays, musi- cals, concerts by the band and choir, and the DECA fashion show. The " Prev iews of Progress " assembly dramatized ihe wonders made possible by research in science and engineering. The models from the fashion show. Students enjoy an assembly. Music Theater performs m the auditorium. Steve Cree and Diane Rothman show off clothes. Gallagher Directs Play I he three com ids ( Mark. Doug, and Steve) are angered by Paul (Craig). " My Three Angels " is the story of three convicts, all who are serving life terms in the French penal system in French Guiana, trying to help the Ducotel family. After spending Christmas with the Ducotels the convicts not only leave the family well on its way to happiness, but also leave two dead bodies! The play was directed by Rob Gallagher, and written by Sam and Bella Spewack. Marie Louise (Denise) shows her affection for Paul. CAST Felix Ducotel John Gillihan Emilie Ducotel Emily Gould Marie Louise Ducotel Denise Harding Mme. Parole Mona Reese Joseph Steve Cree Jules Doug Godwin Alfred Mark Linebach Henri Trochard Kelly Duffy Paul Craig Zeller Lieutenant Paul McCollom Henri I rochard (Kelly) interrupts the DucotePs happy home. While Jules and Alfred look on Joseph makes out Henri ' s will. Pancakes Make Money Kathy Bloomquist and Chris T allman perform, Dotti Lundeen sings to her true love. Mike Thrasher chows down pancakes. Rob Gallagher acts out the " morning after. " North High ' s main fund raiser was kicked off with the annual pancake assembly. With the Gong Show format, students and teachers presented their acts to the student body and a panel of judges. John Thompson emceed the show. At the climax of the show, Mike Thrasher won the pan- cake eating contest. Many tickets were sold for Pancake day, spur- red along by the Home Room race for top sales and the prizes offered for individual champs. Homeroom 227, the Phillips Phreaks, were the overall champ. Emily Gould displays her talents. Mr. Lawson works on his pancake charts. Individual pancake sales winners: Keilh Overton. Steve Clay, Tom Clay. Rick Van Hoever. Billy Dixon and Mike Clayton participate in Pancake day. Mr, Graziano takes part in the Pizza Party. Mr. Fitzgerald and Mr. Phillips use their talents to make pancakes. Terri Wilson and Deanna Armstrong have des- Doug Wike (ABOVE) and Lisa Sears (BELOW) eat pizza at Happy Joe ' s Pizza Parlor during the celebration for the winning Homerooms. 25 Hello Dolly Is Presented CAST Dolly Levi Horace Vandergelder Ambrose Ke er . . . rmengard . . . Emily Gould . . . Kelly buf ay OTHERS: Cheryl Mingo. Marsha SiuffleMIB, C raig Zeller. Paul McCollom. Mike Allen, Dennis Miller. Chris Wesirom, Terry Neilson. Mona Reese. Ronnie Brafford. Linda Shipman. Linda Reese. Tina Lewis. Leila Blackburn, Kathy Blo- omquist. Linda Patterson, Marie Parlee. Tammy Tomkins, Bobbi Bailey, Diedre Sitterle, Rod Christofferson, Debbie Maier. Debbie Dunshee, and Liane Jepson. Shirley Markey and David Chamberlin accompanied the musical. On April 14 and 15 the North High Drama Department pre- sented the musical " Hello Dolly. " Emily Gould played Dolly Levi, a professional matchmaker, and Kelly Duffy played Horace Van- dergelder, an owner of a general store in Yonkers, New York. ' Dolly " was directed by David Chamberlin and John Thompson. Fifth Avenue, New York. Dolly (Emily Gould) belts out a song. Horace ( Kelly Duffy) and the chorus sings " It takes a woman Dolly uses her matchmaking talents to help Ambrose. Ri)b Cjallagher. C ' hns Tallman. and Becky Wt)0(J ard sinkc a British pose. CAST Don (The Husband?) John Thompson Camille(The Friend?) Chris Tallman Ben (The Lover?) Rob Gallagher Alice (The Wife?) Becky Woodyard Hollow Disembodied Voice Doug Godwin " Who ' s On First? " was a play about a magic lamp and how it misinterprets people ' s wishes and takes them to different lands to face a certain situation. The play was directed by Steve Cree and starred North Drama teacher John Thompson, making this play the first in Des Moines to have a teacher in that role. Doug Godwin served as the voice for the lamp. Teacher Stars, Cree Directs John Thompson in the unusual role of lead m a North pla The fair Camille halh swooneih! 27 Spring Brings School Year to Close Jeff Rinner and Jack Parker take advantage of the spring weather and jog a few miles on the Biketrail. Barry Farrell addresses cadets and parents during the ROTC awards ban- quet. A North debate team came in second in state competition. Displaying the plaques which they won are L. J. Boyd. Marian Scianchitano. and Linda McClain. ( VV Pictured: Shelley Henry) With the year coming to a close, students began to reflect on the past year. To some it was a year of high achievement, while for others it was a year of dubious activities. For the Seniors 1978 was the last year that they would ever be together. Seven North students look part in the United Nations trip to New York and Washington, D C. Pictured left to right: Caria Wigton, Leslie Rychel. Caria Garver. Pam Hardy. Carl Catrinich. Kathy Bloomquist. Leila Blackburn. 28 Tod Elverum pla s (cuius on the Birdland tennis courts during gym class. Mr. Weidemeier displays the trophy won by Doug Righi and Dennis Taylor at the 1978 Plymouth Trouble Shooting state championship. The competition involved a written examination and contest to find and repair planted mal- functions. Members ot Noi ih s nomc iciiiodciing class stand in front of the house that they renovated. Left to right are Mark Rannells, Randy Williams. Tim Jones, Craig Rannells. Rodney Perry, Ken Redd and Darrell Brown. Joe Rubbes and Mr. Koester enclose a time capsule in North ' s signboard. TTie capsule is to be opened in one hundred years. ROTC students traveled to Ohio to the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio and Rickenbacker Air Force Base in Columbus. 29 students Look Forward to Summer, Futures And the school year ends. Summer brings jobs, vaca- tions, and recreation for the North kids. Seniors must prepare for their futures. Juniors and Sophomores must count on going back to school in the fall, and ninth graders from various Junior Highs must get ready for three years at North. However for some the school activities continue. North ' s baseball and softball teams prepare for the com- ing season. Band readies for a trip to Hawaii. For the rest 1977-1978 will live on in their memories. North students of tomorrow V What IS a school without its students ' . ' I his quiet desolate h return of the Polar Bears. 30 sports liiii8iraM» NORTH HIGH EDITION teA -My The North High football team opened the 1977-78 sea- son with a hard fought 19-16 victory over Ankeny High. Victory followed the team into it ' s next two outings. They squeaked by upset minded Lincoln 9-7, and then went into double overtime with Hoover, came out with a Homecoming victory 21-14. Bad breaks played the squad in their next four games as the team consistently failed to score in rain and cold. Another bad break was when all-state, and all-conference Marcus Butts was out because of a broken ankle. After the heart breaker loss to Vally 7-16, then the shock- ing loss to Tech 0-6, then the loss to archrival East 0-13, and then loss to Dowling 7-23 the North football team never gave up and they came back to defeat Roosevelt 13- 12. As a result North finished the season with a record of four wins and four losses. Ricky Christiansen breaks for a big gain. Larr Hill stars in " Eat, ' em Up Larry " . Bears Have Fast Start Greg Hoilana ana i om uiay Row J Mgr.. C ath Allison. Bill Edwards. Larry Hill. Greg Holland, l orn C la . Phillip Parrott. Marty Weber. Iim Larson. Mark Rannells. Nevin Nichols. Mark Aldnch. Mark Jean. Ron 2: Coach Collins. Mike Clough. Keith Overton. Dean DeClaro. Marlon Kronick. Brad Chafa. Dave Cook. Mark Butts. Dino Hunle . Jim Hildreth. Dale Down . Tom LIverum. Frank Bryson. Coach Glann. Row Coach Nowiszewski. George Puffet. Nicky Walton. Willie Taylor. Gary I, arson. Todd F i utch. Todd Graves. Mike Richards. Steve Clay. Rick Chirslian. Ton Robert Dave . Jerrv Carrilt n. C ach Babcock. , Offensive line pushes defense to open up a hole. Are ine 77-78 Leaaers The Varsity Football team under the fine head coaching of Alex Glann and his assistant Ken Babcock, Jerry Collins, Tom Nowiszewski, stressed the impor- tance of individual improvement and team unity. Much was accomplished this year to help make this season one of Norths finest. Coach Glann is in his sixth year at North, and the seniors of team wish you and the future teams much success. North 19 Ank?F 16 North 9 I jncohi 7 ' SJorth 21 Hoo er 14 North 7 Vally 16 North 0 Tech 6 North 0 liast 13 North 7 Howling 23 North Roosevelt Mike CMough on another field goal attempt. oi ih shows their strength in defense. Bears Have 4-4 Season 36 $k Wall Bevel dives for the first down Sophomore I cam Rou . li ' fi to righi: Russ Ross. Randy Frein. Gary Chrislianson. Brian Clemens, Doug Hardmg, Mark Street. Row 2: Mgr. Pam Peterson. Chuck Burrel, Jeff Moon. Dale Hildreth. Bruce Fouler, Jeff Pienck. Mgr. Patty Eveland. Row : Joe Hayes. Tom Montenguise. Clark Trotter. Trent Krueger. Mike Bruce. Randy Mannmg. Mgr. Shern Robmson. Row 4: Coach Cooper. Tim Nutt, ron C ' handler. Wait Bevel. Mike Fontana. Mike Zonona. Coach Minnick. Mark Street . for the I Captains (iar C hrislianson and Clark T rotter await the coin toss that begins each game. Led by Coaches Cooper and Minnick, the Cub football team had an educational season. The season started out with optimism when they tied Lincoln, but unfortunately their high hopes failed to materialize. The team ended the season with a 1-5-1 record. All during August the sopho- mores learned what dedication to their sport really meant. The experience gained this year will help them when they play varsity. C huck Burrel sets up the offense against East. Sophs Gain Experience 4 And they ' re off! This year the varsity squad consisted of Captain Larry Reeves, Senior Rusty Davenport, Freshmen Hondo Erickson, David Hutt, and Gary Hanson. At the start of the year the team was almost cancelled due to lack of members but through the Larry Reeves slays in stride. efforts of Larry Reeves and Coach Bo Belding the team sur- vived. Even though the Harriers went through the season with- out a win they gained plenty of experience for the coming sea- sons. Cross 1 977 Country g Palty Horn breast strokes to another win. •5 NorifT North North orlh North North North North North North North North 87 Oskaloosa 44 F:ast 35 Roosevelt 45 Dowhng 48 Lrbandale 90 Tech 49 V ' allev 23 S. E. Polk 55 Lincoln 35 Hoover 75 Boone District Meet 18 An 1 75 127 137 121 124 81 122 60 1 16 137 96 Victories for NHS V Girls Varsity Team Row . left lo right: Palty Horn. Debbie Dunshee. Nan l.aMasiers. Coach Lonn 2: Caria Garver. Jeanine Donovan. Vicki Mingo. Kendra Bassell. Row Nancy Bohall. Shelly LaMasters. Julie Dunshee. Teri Bird. Sue Coffee. Kerman. Row DtH)per. Rub Kendra Basselt shows good form entering the water. Led by Head Coach Lonnie Kerman the NHS Girls swimming team had two victories this season. These were the first victories in the last seven years. The Captains for this year were Patty Horn and Ann Dickinson. Patty Horn received the Outstanding Swimmer and the perfect attendance award. Nancy Dooper won the Most Improved Swimmer Award. Many records were broken this year including the 400 Freestyle relay, which was broken five times and the diving record was also broken. North Mermaidens road on the bliKks. 39 Volleyball Rebuilds in 77 Row J. left to right: Julane Winkle. Jean Madden. Sandy Pickering. Linda McClain. Row 2: Cathy McCauley, Ginger Groenhoff, Coach Larry Marker, Beth McCauley, Tracy Jones. Not Pictured: Tina Lewis. Junior V ' arsii Cathy McCauley serves for another point. ' right: Debbie Lee. Rhonda Nutter. Janet Lair. Marion Sciachi- tang. Kim Brewer. Coach Harker. Row 2: Kelly Breeden. Vanya Moore. Dot- tie Lundeen. Tina Snodgrass. While the football team sweated on the gridiron the girls vol- leyball team was working hard in the gym. The team was cap- tained by senior Sandy Pickering. The team was rewarded this year with three victories: Colfax, Roosevelt and Tech. Hard work and much devotion to their chosen sport made the 1977 team very spirited. Mama Bears Win 1 Barb Chappas. North ' s leading scorer, puts in two more. North 57 North 55 North 51 ♦North 74 North 64 North 59 North 45 North 56 North 78 North 56 North 68 North 61 North 60 North 58 North 40 North 73 North 67 North 51 North 80 North 63 win North Polk Valley Ames Tech Newton East Saydel Dowling Roosevelt Hoover Lincoln Hoover Valley Tech East Lincoln DowHng Roosevelt Lincoln Urbandale 6i 88 87 67 84 101 54 70 106 59 76 78 77 57 84 82 71 76 86 78 Linda Page keeps a tight rem on her opponent. Michelle Weeks intercepts a pass against Mt over. ( oach Overton talks over his strategy with guard captain Deanne Hodges. Forward C aptain Barb C happas does hejf famous shot for two points. Two in 78 I Varsit (iirls Basketball left to ri ht: Melanie Klein. Linda Page. Shan Wilson. Deanne Hodges, Ginger Groenhoff. Barb Chappas. Deanne Kanis. Bobbi Bailey, Michelle Weeks. Back Row: Coach John Overton. Coach Dave Church. Assistant Roxie Benllv . Deanne Hodges, the slate ' s leader m interceptions, adds another one to her average. The Girls Basketball team improved their past season ' s records by winning two games. The team was led by Forward Captain Barb Chappas, who was second team All Metro and averaged 34 points per game, and Guard Captain Deanne Hodges, who was first in the state in interceptions with 12 a game. The girls were coached by John Overton who is in his second year as coach at North. Coach Overton was assisted by Dave Church and Roxie Bentley. The Seniors on this year ' s squad were forwards Bobbi Bailey, and Barb Chappas, guards Ginger Gronehoff, Deanne Hodges and Linda Page. Bobbi Bailev shoots for two. Deanne Kanis works for a shot. Melanie Klein shows tough defense against Lincoln. 43 Sophs Gain Knowledge Sophomore Girls Basketball Row I. left to ri ht: Toni Guthrie, Marguerite Johnson. Kelly Bertelsen. Lois Schomer. Julane Winkle. Row 2: Coach Oderkirk. Lisa Kurchinski. Bonnie Bierma. Sarah Cowles. Lois Schomer sinks a twelve footer. Pan, Peterson. Valerie Alksnis. Keii Bertelsen puts it in from the free throw ime. useful experience for the coming seasons. The team was led by forward Kelly Bertelsen who averaged 27 points a game. The team was coached by Paul Oderkirk and assisted by Roxie Bently. The Baby Bears didn ' t win a game but had many close calls which could have gone either way. .All the girls are looking forward to playing Varsity next Tony Addy tips m two. Polar Bears Build Season Around Young Squad Tracy Deaton and Mike Swift both reach for rebound. Polar Bears bench discusses game. Greg Patton on the move. Coach Salmon regroups Polar Bears. 52 Ankenv 74 Valley ' 50 Tedi 82 Newton 68 East 81 40 Dowling 48 Rcx sc elt 57 Lincoln 67 Oskaloosa 47 Hoover 65 Vally ech St bwling 58 Newton 49 Roosevelt Lincoln Hoover District t Boone 49-, Tec 1 - %9r !Pc? 80 87 66 70 91 99 65 80 78 68 76 70 62 71 52 104 Kevin Nichols The team was led by the hot shooting of Greg Patton who avg. 14.9 points per game. They compiled a 1-13 conference season and a 2-16 overall. Greg Patton was also awarded third team all-metro and honorable mention all-area. North set a new record which was set by Loyed Hedges with a total of 72 assists in a single season. 46 Also Around New Coach ; 1 V drives for basket. Row 1: Kevin Nichols, Greg Patton, Greg Larson, Loyed Hedeges, Doug Wikc. Row 2: Mgr. David Cook, Tony Addy, Tracy Deaton, Rick Galbrealh, Mike Swift, Dino Hunley, David Hamilton, Darrell Brown. reaches for pass. Polar Bears penetrate Hoover defense. Mike Swift jumps for dunk. The highest percentage shooter from the free throw Hne was Dino Hunley sinking 69.5 percent. The highest field goal shooter was Mike Swift hitting 50 percent, and leading rebounder was Rick Galbreath pulling down 166. 77 Swimming 78 Sieve Keith gasps for breath on his turn during the 5(K) yard freestyle. Mike Clayton shows fatigue after finishing a tough race. Fariborz Lotfi gets ready for the start. Kevin Basset and Doug Godwin psyche up while waiting for the gun. Special Awards Mike Qayton — Outstanding Swimmer Steve Keith — Most Valuable Swimmer " When you have a small squad you really get to know your teammates. They become more like a fam- ily " stated Steve Keith. Kevin Bassett strokes hard to finish the 200 yd. I.M Steve KciUi I lies as lie pushes h Small but Mighty Varsiiv Sw imming Team J St Row, left to right: Doug Gcxiwin, Brian Davey, Mike Clayton, Capt. Steve Keith, Kevin Bassett. 2nd Row: Mike Coffman, Mike Allen, Tim Bloomquist, Kurt Bell, Frank Bohall. 3rd Row: Mgr. Tracy Jones, Coach Bob Lawson, Mgr. Jeanine Donovan. Not Pictured: Fariborz Lotfi. North 55 Grinnell 109 North 35 Newton 124 North 25 Roofevelt 139 North 35 Dowling 129 North 17 Boone 66 North 38 East 126 North 49 Urbandale 126 North 26 Hoover 145 North 39 S.EPolk 126 N rth 2$ Valley 133 Nbrth 41 Tech 125 North 43 Lincoln 125 Take Your Marks! This year ' s Boys swimming team had a disappointing season when they weren ' t able to come up with a single victory. The team worked long and hard every night after school but the small squad was handicapped before the meets began. Even with the small squad the team didn ' t give up, they came up with several firsts and many seconds and thirds. The team was coached by Bob Law- son who is in his ninth year as head coach. TTie seniors on this year ' s squad were Kevin Bassett, Mike Clayton and Captain Steve Keith. At the awards banquet these swimmers were given honors; Frank Bohall — Most Promising Freshman, Mike Allen — Most Promising Sophomore, Brian Davey — Most Promising Junior, Doug Godwin — Most Improved Junior and Kevin Bassett — Most Improved Senior. BELOW: Brian Davey outdistances his opponents in the 100 Yd. ButterHy. Sophomore basketball is spent learning the basic fundamentals of the game, and preparing for varsity action. Next year ' s hopes are always measured on the sophomore team, and if this is true the future is bright. The sophomore team was coached by Don Sears. Spirit and determination kept them going although the attendance at their games was low. The scores show most games to have been hard fought with close finishes. Jeff Smith pulls down rebound. Chuck Burrell puts upjumper. Mark Street controls Polar Bear offense. Mike Zonona shcx)ts foul shot. R J: Curt Caswell. Willie Quinn. C huck Barrell. Jeff Picnck. Mark Street. Row 2: Coach Sears. Larry Parker. Joe Hayes. Randy Baker. Jeff Smith. Stuart Twist, Forest Oakley. Rick ' an Hoe er. Douii Fulton. Mike Zonona. Polar Bear bench on l(H)ks game. Sophs Look to Next Year Consistent Throughout Season In a year when the numbers were small. North ' s wrestlers relied on individual talent rather than team effort. Hindered with at least two weights forfeited every meet. The team was winless in dual competition. However several men were consistent throughout the season. Under fine coaching of Tom Nowiszewski, Alex Glann and Lowell Cooper, many wrestlers finished with a successful season as a result of their work and dedication. lil V U lU Greg Holland Steve Qay Tim Larson Tim Frank Jim Hildreath 1 Gary Christensen Brian Qemmons David Thompkins Wrestler thinks over situation. Coaches — Lx)well Cooper, Tom Nowiszewski, Alex Glann. Steve Clay on top for two. Dale r)( wnev puts pressure on opponent ' s arm North Has Two in State Greg Holland out maneuvers opponent. Gary Christensen shows pain of trying to break wrestling hold. Highlighting the 1978 season was Greg Holland ' s and Tim Larson ' s participa- tion in the state wresthng tournament. Also congratu- lations to Dale Downey ' s first place finish in the Col- fax invitational. The win- ning wrestler was Tim Frank. Polar Bears can look forward to a strong squad next year with returning junior Steve Clay and soph- omore Gary Christensen and Bryan Clemens. Seniors finishing their wrestling careers at North are Tim Frank, Jim Hildreth, Tim Larson, Dale Downey, and Greg Holland. North North North ■North iorth Worth North North North North North 19 Colfax 9 Lincoln 12 Roosevelt 6 Powling 21 t erry 12 Semco 24 East 22 Tech 15 Hoover 3 VaUey 23 Jefferson 40 51 46 55 52 41 North wrestler has control. Tim Frank catches breath after maich Tim Larson forces opponent back onto the mat. 52 Cindermen Fly Through 1978 James Scoll i iitrLins opponents. 53 Small and Competitive kc 111 N K hois loose; Bill Edwards on the run. Row I: Mark Butts. Bill Edwards. David Parsons. James Scott. Kevin Nichols, Robert White, Rustv Davenport. Roy 2: Mike Clayton. Walt Bevel. Mike Allen. El Jay Williams. Gary Christiansen. Bill Dixon. Row Tom Elverum. Doug Harding, Rick Van Hoever. Jim Hildreth. Greg Holland. Mark Butts gives shot another throw. The cindermen at North High spent the spring of ' 78 low in experience. With only around eighteen men out for the team, head coach Bo Belding had to rely on individual talent for success. In addition, they were composed of mainly underclassmen in their first year and also other individuals in their first year of varsity competition. Robert White brings it home. 54 Relay team discusses strategy. The girls track team had a good season this year, having a chance to compete against schools the same size or smaller than North. There were many fine individual per- formances put out by the team members even if the points never quite added up for a victory. Many things were learned and gained by the team, the most important was learning the necessity of sportsman- ship and that not everyone can always be a winner. Row I: Martha Knox, Toni Cjuthric. Venus Hamilton. Row 2: Sandy Pickering, Julane Wmkle, Mary Cook, Lori Turner. Row 3: Tammy Mascaro. Marguerite Johnson, Mic- helle Weeks, Leslie Rychel. Row 4: Beth McCauley, Denise Harding, Linda Shipman, Julie Jacobsen. Row 5: Kim Pett. Lois Lewis, Lorri Payton, Mary Holland. Mary Holland has deicrmmation. Linda Shipman au suu i Lou 1 III iicr turns it on after exchange. Sportsmanship Is Most Important Success Is Not Only Winning Tammy Mascaro is determined to Promising Future Ahead for Tennis The girl ' s tennis team under the coaching of Mary Helen Muell finished the 1978 season with a 3 and 8 record. Juniors Carla Carver and Tracy Jones posted the most victories for the team. With only three seniors on the team the future looks very promising. Row I : Marian Sciachitano, Shirley Markey, Gail Brainard. Row 2: Margaret Hayes, Peggy Adams, Chris Tallman. Diane Maier, Lisa Chidester. Row Debi Runyon. Barb Rae, Tracy Jones, Regina Faux. Cathy Bloomquist. Carla Carver. u 1 Number five smgles pla er, f reshman. Lisa Chidester. Barb Rae shows eve, hand coordination. Chris Tallman concentrates on an ace. 57 Swinging Season for Girls From left to right: Coach Martin Pillars. Janice Gray. Annette McCuIlough. Pattv Horn. Deb- bie Allen. Jeanine Donovan. Boys Love Tennis Boys Varsity Tennis Front Row, left to right: Bruce Fowler. Larr Knapp, Todd FIverum. Tt dd Harkin, Tim Baker. Rod Christofferson. Tim Bloomquist, Mike Rundle. Back Row: Mgr. Lisa Bachman. C oach Oderkirk. Jim Gebhardl. Dave Coleman, Mark Linebach. Dave Killinger Brian Davey. Roger Anderson. Mark Linebach puts everything into his game. Dave Coleman concentrates on his forehand. J ' Tim Bloomquisi serves his wa i ' um . The Boys Tennis team worked long hours in the hot sun every night after school but failed to come up with a team vic- tory. Several single victories were recorded by individuals. The number one seated player for most of the season was Dave Killinger. Seniors on this year ' s team were Mark Line- bach and Jim Gebhardt. The future looks very good for the netmen with many Juniors, Sophs, and Freshmen returning next season. 59 hirst Raw li U In rifihi Pdul Silvers. Brad ( hafa Bi h I ambcrli I o cd Hcdiics Mike Richards li»m Kuioi .iiui I ini Modizcs Stftu Rnw Utii nMhi ( laii: Riiinci l)int Miink ' s Mail« n Kritnick (i.ti lai N. ' ii K»hM kik- 1.irk R.iniuK IKmm I)c( .iil»» .itid Inn Br» Mi Base Hits, Blazing Fastballs Equals Polar iear Baseball! North ' s baseball team is led this year by 10 seniors and six juniors. North ' s pitching power is provided by John Kile and Greg Patton. Batting strength for the Polar Bears comes from the big bats of Brad Chafa, Dean De Carlo, Craig Rinner and Mike Richards. Mike Richards hdfci Junior Varsity; From Row, from left to right Gary Chnstensen. Mike Zonona. Kirk Caswell, l-eo Heislor Randy Frein and Todd Elverum Back Row. from left to right Mark Street. Hondo Erickson. Randy Van derloest DenniN I ut Randv Manning and Crai ! R bertM»n Boys Swing Into Spring Larry Reeves strokes one down the fairway. Sic c Blati pulls for a birdie. Lee Navin tries to hook one in. Steve Keith tries for a hole in one. The boys golf team had a tough sea- son this year. They lost to Tech by one stroke and to Urbandale by three. The team was coached by Don Sears in his, second season at North. The team members are: Senior Cap- tains Larry Reeves and Steve Keith. Juniors were Gary Larson, Mike Swift, Greg Baker, Lee Navin and Steve Blatt. Sophomore Jeff Pierick and Freshmen Rodney Larson and Doug Kurchinski filled out the Squad. The team took a trip to Omaha this spring to play Golf. But it rained most of the weekend so the guys didn ' t get much playing in. Even with the rain they had a good time in their hotel rooms. Jeff Pierick shows gt)od form as He blasts one down the fair- way. 62 The Coach Larry Marker Bobbi Bailey Pitcher Sandy Pickering Catcher The Infield The Battery Rhonda Brafford Pitcher BarbChappas Left Field Senior Class Officers Mark Gregory Aldrich: football manager 3: football 7 Lisa Alexander -44 eggy Alexander Deborah Jean Allen: golf I - 8; band I - 8: honor roll 1 - 6: pep club 3 - 8: tag comm. 4 - 8; cheer- leading I - 4: ex tinern 6 Kathy Allen Cathy Ann Allison: cheerleading I - 6: football manager 5, 7; major- ette 5 - 8; pep club 3, 4; track 4: student council 5. 6, 8: DECA (president) 6 - 8: JA 3 - 8: home- coming comm. 7 Bruce Allen Anderson: band I - 8: honor roll I - 8: band president 7. 8: valedictorian all-state band 5, 7; u.n. lour 6 Deanna Marie Armstrong: softball I - 8: tennis I - 8; volleyball I: kadets 5 - 8 (au Baccam Bobbi Diane Bailey: softball I - 8: basketball I - 8: oracle staff 3. 4: polar bear staff 5 - 8: student coun- cil I. 2: homeroom officer - treas.; plays — Finian ' s Rainbow; Hello Dolly: choir 1 - 8: north star 7, 8: sr. banquet comm.: honor roll 1 - 6 William Baldwin Stephanie Ann Ball: OEA I; art club 2 Michael Barden Kevin James Basset: swimming 3 - 8: tennis 3 - 8: bowling 4, 8 Carl Joseph Bauer: basketball 5 Robyn Jeanne Bendixen: cheer- leading 1 - 6; pep club 3 - 6; tennis 4; senior banquet comm. 8 Jeff cry Curtis Bell L. J. Boyd: senior class president; student council (vice president) 1, 2, 5 - 8; boys ' state 7; UN trip 6; ROTC 2-7; tennis 4; kiwanis 8; lie comm. 5, 6; senior banquet comm. 8; audio visual 8; office asst. 1, 2 Roberta Ann Brafford Gail Susan Brainard Darrell Bennett Brown Marcus Maurice Butts: football 1, 3, 5, 7; basketball 2; wrestling 2; track 2, 4, 6, 8; afro club 3, 4 Lori Jeanne Byas: tennis 2, 4, 6, 8; band 1-8; polar bear staff 8; stu- dent council 3, 4; basketball mgr. 5 - 8; pep club 3. 4; basketball 1, 2; rope jumpers 3, 4; UN trip 6; social comm. 7; finance comm. 6 - 8; French club 3, 4; senior banquet comm. Marie Beth Carlson: band 1-8; polar bear staff 7, 8 Linda Lorraine Carver Michael Brian Catrenich: basket- ball 1 - 4; golf 1, 2; polar bear staff 7, 8; oracle staff 7,8 Brad Curtis Chafa: baseball 1 - 8; football 1, 3, 5, 7; wrestling I, 2; basketball I - 4; student council 3, 4; polar bear staff 5,6; key club 5, 6 Barbara Jean Chappas: basketball 1 - 8; tennis 2, 4, 6, 8; softball 1 - 8; finance comm. 6-8; exchange day 4; polar bear staff 7, 8; kadet 5 - 8; volleyball 3. letterman club Cristi Rene Clark: band 3 - 8 Thomas Eugene Clay: football 1, 3, 5,7 68 Michael LeRoy Clayton: cross countr I - 5: wrestling 2; swim- ming I - 7: track 4. 6. 8: football 7: pep club 5. 6; a. v. crew Michael Paul Clough: football 5, 7 lohn James Coffev David Cook: football 7: basketball manager 5 - 8: pep club 3 - 6 Linda Lee Corsbie: library, office asst. I - 8: honor roll 3 - 8: OEA ireas. coop: OEA 7. 8: swim timers 2 - 8: mixed choir 5: pep club 3 - 8: prom comm. Steven Lynn Cree Rustin Thomas Davenport: stu- dent council pres. 7. 8: pep club pres. 7. 8: debate 5. 6: polar bear staff 7. 8: band I - 4: tennis 4; cross country 7: track 8: u.n. trip 6: gov. u.n. day 5. 6: model session 8 Dean King DeCarlo: football I, 3, 5. 7; baseball I - 8: Mr. Polar Bear; homeroom treasurer 7. 8; basket- ball 1,2 AnnMarie Dickinson: swimming I. 3. 4. 5: dolphins I - 4: swim tim- ers I - 8: swim party comm. 8: prom comm. 8: banquet comm. 8: track 8: pep club 3, 4; ROTC I - 3 Dale .Allen Downev: wrestling I - 8; football 3, 5, 7: track L 2: base- ball 8: library asst. 5: art club 7 Da le Dugene Drake Peggy Sue Duff William Clyde Edwards: football I. 3. 5. 7; track 8: baseball 6 Brenda Lee English: choir 7 Karen Sue Fisher: tennis 3 69 Tim Allen Frank: wrestling 1 - 8 Robert Hugh Gaiiegher Jinny Gail Garrison: basketball 3 - 8;OE7 Emily Beth Gould: cheerleading 1, 2, 7, 8, musicals — pajama game, hello dolly; north star singers 5-8; student council 7, 8; band 1 - 5, 8; choir 1 - 8 Janice Marie Gray: honor roll 1 - 8; band 3-8; drum majorette 5-8; all-state band 5, 7; golf 4 - 8; jazz band 3-8; pep club 3, 4; senior banquet comm. 8 Ginger Arlene Groenhoff: basket- ball 3 - 8; volleyball 7, 8; softball 1 -4 William James Hagman Venus Michelle Hamilton: leading 1, 2, 5, 6; track 7, 8 cheer- 4 ' V Denise Elaine Harding: choir 3 - 8; cheerleading 7, 8; student council 5 - 8; track 8; musicals; where ' s Charlie, pajama game, bye, bye, birdie, finian ' s rainbow, hello dolly Christopher Allen Hay: ' beauty part " play 7 Loyed Allen Hedges: basketball 1 - 8; baseball 3-8; senior class trea- surer 7 - 8 Karen Jean Hendrickson: home- making advisory comm. 4 - 6; north star singers 7; oracle staff 5. 6; senior banquet comm. 8; honor roll 1 - 6 Cynthia Lynn Hess James Richard Hildreth: football 3, 5, 7; wrestling 8; track 8; light crew 4 Deanne Rene Hodges: basketball (captain) 3 - 8; track 2, 4, 6, 8; soft- ball 1; senior class girls rep. 7, 8; pep club 3 - 6; office asst. I ; senior banquet comm. 8; student council 1,2; homecoming queen band 1 - 8; honor roll 1, 2 70 Jennifer Marsha Hoffman: cheer- leading 3. 4: homecoming prin- cess: DECA 3.4 Gregory Joseph Holland: football 1. 3 5. 7: wrestling I - 8: track 6. 8 Patricia Ann Horn: golf 4. 6, 8: golf captain 6, 8: swimming I, 3, 5, 7: swim captain 5. 7 homeroom treasurer 8: pep club treasurer 8: dolphins I. 3. 5; dolphin president Carmen Renee Jackson Julie Ann Jacobson: track 5 - 8 (co-capt.); basketball 3. 4: DECA pres. 7. 8 Patricia Sue Jameson Jan Keith Johnson Ginny Jones: honor roll I - 8: soft- ball I - 8; tennis 1 - 8; basketball I - 6: student council I - 6: volleyball 4; office education president 7. 8; senior class vice-president Timothy Allen Jones Steven Edward Keith: senior class boys representative 8: swimming 3 - 8: football 5: golf 6. 8: banquet comm. 8: swim team captain 7. 8; polar bear staff 7. 8; u.n. trip 6: kiwanis 7; student council 1.2 Grant Lee Kerr: band I - 8: jazz band I - 8: jazz combo 3 - 8 John Raymond Kile: baseball I - 8: basketball 1 -4: football 1.5 Ciloria Ellen Koele Marlon Andreas Kronick: football I. 3. 5. 7: swimming 6: baseball 8: polar bear staff 5 - 8: track 2 Janet Marie Lair: pep club 3 - 8: homecoming comm. 7; volleyball 7: OEA 8: oracle staff 7: office asst. mixed chorus 7 71 David Mark Lajko Mary Kay Langloss Philip Jeffrey Larson: football 1; base- Timothy Echrol Larson: wrestling 1-8; ball 8; wrestling manager 3 - 6 football 1, 3, 5, 7 Karla Ranee Lathrum; kadet colonel 3 - Debra Ann Lee: band 1 - 6; pep club 3 - 8; student council 3, 4; ICC comm. 3, 4; 8; volleyball 7; student council 1, 2; Rhonda Ilene Lee: pep club 5, 6; kadets Tammy Lee Letze: DECA 7, 8; ROTC 2 Softball 1 ; prom comm. 8; exchange day wrestling 4; cheerleader 7, 8; track man- 5, 6; banquet comm. 8; prom comm. 8; - 4 4; pep club 5, 6; french club 1, 2 ager 8 swim party comm. 8 Judy Kay Leveke Lois Joelnetta Lewis: track 4, 6. 8: choir 3, 4; volleyball 3, 4; cheer- leading I. 2 Mark William Linebach: tennis 4, 6. 8; drama 2 - 8; football 3, 5, 7; basketball 1 - 3; music theater 6, 7; " finian ' s rainbow " Sherry Lee Luce Terry Lm Luce Judy Mane Lumadue: DECA 7, 8 Dorothy Faye Lundeen: volleyball 7: choir 8: art club 6 - 8: oracle staff 6 - 8 Shirley Ann Markey: band I - 6; jazz band 1 - 6: tennis 2, 4, 6, 8: OEA 7. 8; music theater 7, 8 Cathy Jean McCauley: wrestling- swimming cheerleading 5 - 8; vol- leyball 7: student council 1 - 4; pep club 3 - 6; office asst. I, 2: senior prom comm. 8: art club 7 Elizabeth Ann McCauley: wres- tling cheerleading 5 - 8: volleyball 7; track 8: student counil (sec.) 7, 8; student council 1 - 8; pep club 3 - 8: lie comm. 3, 4: office asst. 1, 2: Softball 1.2 Sandra Faye McClish: OEA 3, 4; pep club I. 2: swim timer 1. 2 Paul Richard McCollom Annette Sue McCullough: golf 2, 4. 6. 8: OEA 7. 8: golf captain 6, 8 Dennis Oliver Miller: north star singers 6 - 8; music theater stage- light crew 4 - 6 James Dale Milligan III 73 Jerrold Paul Mitlag: band 1 - 8; pep club 3, 4; oracle staff 5 - 8; honor roll 1, 2, 5, 6, 8 Stephani Kay Newman Julie Diane Moberg: band 1-4; wres- tling and swimming cheerleading 5-8; pep club 3 - 6; track 9 Kevin Louis Nichols: football 1, 3, 5, 7; basketball 3 -8; track 1-4, 7,8 Penny Sue Moeckl: kadets 4-8; senior class treasurer 7, 8; OEA 8 Fred Goodson Nickens III: DEC A Theresa Ann Morrissey: swimming 1 - 4; dolphin 1 - 6; band 1 - 6 Michelle Clare Osberg: band 1-8; jazz band 1, 2, 4 - 8; pep club 1 - 8; drama 1, 2; girls glee 1,2; concert choir 1, 2 74 Keith Dennis Overton Linda Sue Page: basketball 1-8; kadets Diane Kay Palmer Tamara Denise Parkey 3 - 8; Softball 1 ; senior banquet comm. homeroom treasurer 8 Phillip James Parrott: football 1, 3, 5, 7; Randy Jay Pepper basketball 1, 2; wrestling 1, 2; honor roll Greg Steven Patton: basketball 1 - 8; Richard D. Peckham 1 , 2, 4 - 6 baseball 4, 6, 8 wrestling 2; football 4, 6 Theresa Yolanda Peterson Sandra Lynn Pickering: oracle staff — editor 1, 2, 4 - 8: art club 5 - 8 (president); softball 1-8; track 4, 6, 8; basketball 1, 2, 5, 6; pep club 7, 8; student council 8; finance comm. 7, 8; honor roll 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 Steven Charles Potts Lesha Mae Propes: basketball 1, 2; afro club 3 - 6 Carla Evonne Rabon Barbara Joyce Rae: prom comm. 8; banquet comm. 8; pep club 3, 4; HC comm. 3, 4; senior class girls representative 7, 8; band 1 - 8; kadets 1-8; oracle staff 3, 7, 8; Softball 1 - 4; tennis 1, 2, 7, 8; bas- ketball 1 - 4; polar bear staff 8; choir I, 2, 5, 6; student council 1 - 7 Mark Kevin Rannells: football 1, 3, 5,7 Sheila Rose Reed: OEA 7, 8; bible study 1 - 5 Lawrence Blake Reeves: golf (cap- tain) 2, 4, 6, 8; cross country (cap- tain) 3, 5, 7; track 8; honor roll 1 - 8; key club 3-6; pep club 3 - 8; student council 7, 8; governor ' s UN day 5, 7; UN trip 6; music the- ater 8; musical — " hello dolly " ; north star singers 8 Phillip Daniel Reeves Douglas Richard Righi: basketball 3, 4; band 1 - 4; honor roll 1, 2, 5 - 8; oracle 5-7; music theater 6 Denise Marie Betts Riley William Craig Rinner: cross coun- try 1,3 Diane Colberta Rothman: cheer- leading 1 - 8; football manager 5, 7; flag twirler 5 - 8; track 4, 6, 8; DECA 7, 8; student council 7, 8; pep club 3, 4 Lisa Ann Sears: softball I - 8; UN trip 6; student council 1-8; bas- ketball 1 - 4; finance comm. 4, 6, 8; pep club I - 8; senior banquet comm. 8; oracle staff 8; model UN 6 7A Scott Anthony Simon: basketball 2 -6 Douglas John Smith Ramona Sue Smith: pep club 1, 2; kadets4;OE 7, 8; afro club 1,2 Donna Sue Smothers Tina Ann Snodgrass: volleyball 7; tennis 8 Susan Diane Spencer Paul Ferris Stigers: basketball 1 - 4; track 3; DEC A — president 7, 8; polar bear staff 5-8; oracle staff 5-8; kiwanis 8; coop 7, 8 Roshelle Lea Stout Marsha Ellen Stufflebeam: cheer- leading I - 8; pep club 7, 8; office asst. 6, 7; choir 1, 2, 6 - 8; music theater 3 - 7; homecoming comm. 7 Melody Rennee Tate Dennis LeRoy Taylor: tennis 4, 6, 8 Michael Curtis Taylor Julie Ann Townsley: DEC A trea- surer 5 - 8 Stephanie Leeann Vestal: band I - 5 Julie Walton 77 Kenneth Lee Warren: band 1 - 8 Martie Allen Weber: football 7, 8; track 3, 4 Brad Lynn Weikert: basketball 1, 2; swimming 5, 6 Wanda Jo Westlake: dolphins 4; swimming 2 Terry Sue Wilson: younkers teen board 7, 8; tennis 1 - 8; band 1-8; student council 1 - 8; student coun- cil treasurer 6-8; polar bear staff 7, 8; honor roll 2, 4, 6; banquet comm. 7, 8; exchange day 4, 6, 8; pep club 7, 8; finance comm. 6 - 8; social comm. 5-8; softball 1, 2 Jerome Patrick Winkle: swimming 7,8 Janet Clarice Wolfe Craig Alan Zeller: north star sing- ers 3 - 8; choir 3-8; all-state cho- rus 7 ; honor roll 1 , 2, 4, 6 - 8 ; tennis 2, 4; prom comm. 8; musicals — " guys and dolls " , pajama game, bye-bye birdie, finian ' s rainbow, hello dolly, plays 3 - 8 Dwayne Emmanuel Ziegler: ketball 1,2; track 2 bas- Robert Charles Zimmerman Janes Kelly Gebhardt: polar bear staff 6 - 8; oracle staff 6; tennis 8; boys rep. 7, 8 Margaret (Peggy) Staggs 78 Early Graduates Row I: Ron King, Cindy Hess, Patty Jameson, Lisa Alexander, Carla Rabon, Venus Hamilton. Row 2: Mark Butts, Tom Butler, Ramona Smith, Jinny Garrison, Tammy Parkey, Bill Rinner. Top 3% Left to Right: Emily Gould, Ann Dickinson, Janice Gray, Phil Reeves, Row 1: Bruce Anderson, Ann Dickinson, Emily Gould, Rusty Daven- Bruce Anderson, Rusty Davenport. port. Row 2: Phil Reeves, Rob Gallegher, Tim Frank. " Anything ' s Within Our Reacli 33 Senior Class President L. J. Boyd On April 27, 1978 the Senior Class gathered together for the last time before graduation at Adventureland for their Senior Banquet. One hundred and eighteen attended, 23 which were faculty and guests. Two guest speakers were asked to come back and join in the activities. Former student, Jon Hooper and former teacher, John Brindley, shared with them thoughts and ideas for the future. Three North students, Lisa Sears, Dean DeCarlo, and Barb Rae spoke of past, present, and future with the themes as. Reach- ing, Grasping, and Letting Go. The meal consisted of ham and beef and noodles as the main course, corn, salad, potato, roll and butter, ice cream, and milk or tea. All in all it was a really great time to gather with classmates and share the fun. Special guest speaker was former North student, Jon Hooper. Barb Rae speaks of the future plans that we ' ll all face after gradua- tion. Mr. John Brindley, former North teacher was the other special guest speaker at the banquet. Master of Ceremonies, Steve Keith and speaker || Lisa Sears enjoy the activi- Hjjif ties of the banquet. 80 f ifn raiCTii Couples enjoy " Slow Dancing " much more than fast. (It ' s much more relaxing!!!) Prom goers pose for a picture. (Boy Denise, this one is going in the scrapbook.) 1 1 Pegg Adams Tons Addy Paul Anderson Lon Archie Michael Audes Doris Bailey Lisa Bachman Greg Baker Tim Baker Wes BalwNvm Lon Barker Kendra Basseil Janet Battles Bobbi Beavers Gar Becker Gina Beery Chris Bell Cindy Bertelsen Candy Bice Leila Blackburn Shawn Blakeslee Stephen Blatt Kathv Bloomquist Rubv Bohall David Boucher Rhonda Brafford Mike Brannon Keely Breeden Dan Breeding Ken Briggs The year 1977-78 was filled with serious moments as well as fun ones. Jim Brown Larry Butler Lynnette Butts Emmett Butts Carma Agan Jerry Carrington 9fl Juniors As Middlemen in high school, the ' ' blahs " often set in with the junior class, and this year was no exception. With their rookie year behind them, the class of ' 79 was busy preparing for their big year in the limelight. Being juniors many more opportunities approached, varsity sports are more conceivable, a wider variety of academic classes were offered, and the fun of kidnapping sophomores. All these and many more were what made the junior year in high school such a unique one. Julie Carringion Carl Catrenich Michael Chaney Roger Cheshire Michelle Chopard Ricky Chrisiensen Tammy Chrisiensen Kerry Clabaugh Sieve Clay David Coleman Becky Cox Kim Cox Dean Cummingham Brian Davey Tamra Davis Tracy Deaion Billy Dixon Jeanme Donovan Ed Dorsey Terri Downs Kelly Duffy Debra Dunshee Roberi Durden Mark Elverum Tom Elverum Barr Parrel I Carol Feldman Connie Fife Randy Filbv Paul Fink Kim Finley Buddy Fisher Tammra Fosier Todd Foulch 87 F ini fiard Deborah Hart Ka Harve Warren Hastings Wesle Hastings Margaret Hayes V1ar Ann Heacock Ken Head Robert Hearn Tim Hedges Jim Henderson Karen Hendnckson I)ann Hickcox Tobie Ann Hobbs Joan Hohl Mar Holland Machelle Hubbard Ciolda Hudson Marcie Hummer 88 I Roger McCullough Steven Me er Beverlv Michael ludv Michael Kim Miller Cheryl Mingo Larrv Moore Robert Morris Kim Moses Tony Moulder Debbie Mugan Michelle Mullica Pat Mumford Lura Murray Lee Navin Patrick Navin Tim Nay lor Ha Ngoc Ngo Becky Nichols Richard Nickens Terr Nielsen 1 ( JT ill 9 1 W 1 i Sue Robey Debra Robinson Joseph Rubes Michael Rundle Debra Runyon Leshe Rychel Randy Sample Randy Semple Tammy Sharp Ron Shiffer Linda Shipman Larry Simpson Cheryl Sims Diedre Siiterle Gail Smith Bill Smiih David Souders Cindy Stanford Steve Stewart Mary Slodgel Brian Stout Laura Strobel Leland Sumpiv Mike Swift Gene Taggart Chris Tallman Alice Tavlor Willie Taylor 92 Pally Alexander Valerie Alksnis Mike Allen Rose Allen Randy Amerison Roberi Anderson Roeer Anderson Tamm Augusiine Randy Baker James Barnes Zara Barnes Kuri Bell C arol Belluchi Vernon Benneii ' ' l Bcrieisen Wall Bevel Bonnie Bierma Bcverl Bish Kcll Bishop l ugenc Blake im BU omquisi elle Boggs Donald Breeding Kim Brewer Damila Brown Michael Bruce Slace Buckingham I crri Burgess Kim Bumeii .KcIIn Burr ( huckic Burrcl Michael Buller I im Bull , Sue ( alhoun id ( anada KelK ( arler ( nihia ( arscr uriis ( asucll irk ( aN cll l)t»rcc ( avil I t n ( handler Susan ( hapman Rcncc ( hcalom icki( hile Keith Griffith Toni Guthrie Ehzabeth Hageman Debra Mainline Perry Hall Melody Hannagan Doug Harding Roberta Hastings Melvin Hawkins Denise Hawthorne Joe Hayes Dennis Henderson Marcus Henderson Marshalle Henry Charlotte Hilding Dale Hildreth John Hutchinson Rhonda Hutton Allene Jackson Kevin Jackson Ramona James Coming into a new school with new faces and responsibilities seems to frighten a lot of sophomores. Making it through the usual orientation, getting lost in the halls, being barrelled, the problems never seem to end. After the first few weeks, faces and schedules seemed routine and the Class of ' 80 began to settle down and enjoy their first year in high school. By watching the upperclassmen, sopho- more year can be a learning experience. Watching them compete, make decisions, and how to act gives them the chance to know what is expected of them as they grow older and hopefully wiser. Being a sophomore isn ' t the easiest t hing, but it can be one of the funniest years they ' ll experience at NHS. Rhonda Miller Tom Monienguise Jeff Moon John Moore Melissa Morrissey Jim Mosby Tammy Mouioux Tom Mouioux Bradley Mundell Anthony Mure Patsy Murphy Rhonda Murray Rhonald Ncwcomb Rhonda Nutter Tim Nutt Lolita Oakley Laurel Ostreko April Overton Earleena Oxenrider Jack Parker Larry Parker Grace Parlee Arnell Parrish 99 Kenl Paul Lorrie Pa ii n Steve Peck Bob Peterson Lily Peterson Pam Peterson Kim Pett % m IL J3 Renee Reeder Linda Reese Jim Riche Cheryl Ries Jeff Rinner Pam Roberts Sherri Robinson Kelly Robmson Russell Rt)ss Debra Russell Ken Schade Todd Schoenmg Lois Sc homer Marian SciiKhitona Jeff Shaw Karen Shepherd Lorraine Slaughter 100 Jeff Smiih Jackie Slodgel Ja Siaggs Mark Street Susan Strike Tim Stromberg Martha Stufflebeam Susan Swift Christine Tate Sadie Teasley Mark Terrel Brenda Thoren Mike Thrasher Clark Trotter L nda Troup Raymond Tucker c nihia Tullis l,ori Turner Stuart Twist Debbie Whiinev Dennis Williams Fl|a Williams l ee Williams Marv Williams Julane Winkle Deana WOnders Don Wood Glenn Woodard Rick Vanhoever David Zimmerman Mike Zt nt na OA Ml 101 - 5 Marilyn Quinn (Phys. Ed.) Sam Treichler (Distributive Ed.) Larry Wiedemeier (Industrial Ed.) 1 Orv Salmon (Phys. Ed.) John Tliompson (Dramatics) Melvin Wilson (Social Science) Administration Sharon Sibert (Home Econ.) Ken Whitney (Work Study) John Williams (English Debate) Lois Bradford (Media Assoc.) JoAnn Dwiere (Library C lerk) Ruth Eason (Attendance Clerk) 107 Hawaii Bound Again Row I: Diane Rothman. Robbie Brafford. Row 2: DeAnn Kanis, Lorrie Slaughter, Bruce Anderson, Doug Fulton, Gail Smith, Janice Gray, Warren Hastings. Jim Brown. Roger Anderson, Karla Lathrum, Chris Tallman. Row Rhonda Brafford, Denise Hawthorn, Bob Phoeniz, Lee Wilhams. Wes Baldwin, Grant Kerr. Jean Madden, Michelle Osberg, Mike Rundle, Linda Page, Becki Woodard. Row 4: Margaret Hayes, Kim Finley, Lisa B.achman, Susan Chapman. Nene McDowell. Debbie Allen, Marie Carlson, Greg Baker, Carla Wigton, Penny Moeckl, Gail Brainard. Row 5: Debbie Runyon, Debbie Maier, Lori Vogel, Marty Warren, Mike Swift, Dave Killinger, Rick VanHoever, Kenny Warren, Brenda Thoren, Peggy Adams, Deanna Armstrong. Row 6: Debbie Harty, Michelle Weeks, Shelly McDonald, Kay Harvey, Susan Cross, Cheryl Ries, Terry Wilson, Twyla Kelly, Kathy Bloomquist, Tammy Mascaro, Rene Clark. Row 7: Carol Garver, Lisa Kurschinski. Tina Lewis, Darla Parker, Kelly Rhode, Lori Byas, Deanne Hodges. Jack Parker, Marie Sciachitano. Linda Reese, Barb Chappas. Row 8: Carla Garver. Tracy Jones, LeRoy Johannes, Dana Meadows, Bill Smith, Barb Rae, Mr. McLaughlin. Row 9: Ken Gray, Larry Knapp. Jay Staggs. Wes Hastings. Row 10: Leslie Rychel, Cathy Allison, Becki Walden. It ' s been a busy year for the band. With the trip to Hawaii on the way, many fund raising projects were under- way. The second annual band-a-thon was also held, this time lasting 25 hours! The band also participated in the State Marching Band Contest, Concert Band Contest, the Tulip Festi- val Parade, and Drake Relays Parade. The year was climaxed with the King Kamehameha Day Parade in Hono- lula! fi A Flag Twirlers left to ri ht: Robbie Brafford, Rhonda Brafford. Chris Tallman, Becki Woodyard, DeAnn Kanis, Diane Rothman. All State Members — Bruce Anderson. Dave Killinger. Janice Gray. Michelle Osberg. Kadets — Left to Right, Kneeling: Deanna Armstrong, Barb Chappas. Penny Moeckl. Linda Page. Row 1: Peggy Adams. Gail Brainard. Karla Lathrum. Rene Clark. Michelle Weeks. Row 2: Denise Hawthorn. Tammy Mascaro, Tina Lewis, Debbie Mair. Carol Garver. Row Debbie Harty, Kim Finley. Margert Hayes, Debbie Runyon. Row 4: Linda Reese, Lorri Slaughter. Lisa Kurschinski, Marie Schiachitano. Janice Gray — Head Drum Major Majorettes - Becki Walden. Cathy Allison. Leslie Rschel. I Jazz Band hard at work. Mr. McLaughlin demonstrates his talent. Band Has New Director 109 All Stale Members — Kelly Duffey, Emily Gould, Craig Zeller. Den- ise Harding. Music Reaches a High Note of Achievement 1978 Choir Row J: Shirlc Markcv. l.mily Gould, Doug Ciodwin. Leslie Rychel, Denise Harding. [X nnis Miller. Pam Hard . Debbie Mair, Steve Cree, Kathy Bloomquist, Craig Zeller, Martha Stufflebeam, Bobbi Bailey. Row 2: Chris Wes- trom, Chris Tallman, Linda Shipman, Paul McCollom, Tammy Thompkins, Liane Jepsen, Leila Blackburn, Rod Christofferson, Mona Reese, Mike Allen, Rhonda Brafford. Row 3: Marsha Stufflebeam, Kelly Duffy, Marie Parlee. Larry Reeves, Tina Lewis. Linda Reese, Gail Smith. Terry NieLsen. Debbie Dunshee. Diedre Sitterle. Brad Mundell. Linda Patterson. Kathy Bloomquist and Mark Linebach in " i inian ' s Rainbows. " Music Theatre practices many long hours for their performances. 1 1 1 students Show Enthusiasm The cheerleaders of North have been busy this year showing pep, enthusiasm, and pride in their school. They cheer and try to get the crowd fired up at all the sports activities. This year ' s Varsity Cheerleaders are headed by the three senior girls Emily Gould, Denise Harding, and Marsha Stufflebeam. Sophomores also helped by cheering at games and Pep Assem- blies. Denise Harding. Robin Patterson, Emily Gould. 1 J lllfilfllillllllllllllllllll in Varsity Cheerleaders — left to right arc Mar Holland, Martha Knox, Marsha Stufflebeam, President Paul Stigers leads Deca in class discussion. Dcca C hapter 2 — ?oh . Fred Nickens. Tammy Naylor. Cathy Allison. Melody Logan, Mary Langloss, Jen- nifer Hoffman. Row 2: Micky Taylor. David Lajko. John Bagley, Mark Meek. Tony Moulder, Lee Stoddard, Mr. Treichler. Mike Chaney. Noi Pictured: Diane Rothman. Bill Hagman, Ken Briggs. Deca Sponsor Sam Treichler Deca Chapter I — Front: Dearnold Keyes. Row I: Brian Stout. Billy Jo Dixon. Julie Jacobson. Paul Stigers. Marv Heacock, Julie r of- ) ■L V ' 1 — 1 14 Cath Allison shows O.E. class hard at work. Townsley. Tammy Letze. Judy Lumadue. Roy 2: Lor- rie Marchael. Keely Thompson. Mr. Treichler. Tammv Parkey. Deca and O.E O. E. Sponsor — Mrs. Jackson Distributive Education of North is sponsored by Mr. Treichler. The purpose of this club is to help the student gain possible employment by introducing them to sales and marketing skills. The officers for Chapter 1 were Pres. Paul Stigers, V.Pres. Julie Jacobson, Treas. Julie Townsley, Sec. Tammy Parkey. Chapter 2 offi- cers Pres. Cathy Allison, V.Pres. Diane Roth- man, Treas. Jennifer Hoffman, Sec. Mary Lan- gloss. Office Education is a training class fo girls wishing to become secretaries. They were taught typing, dictation and short- hand skills. They were then placed in jobs and their employer graded them on their work. The officers were Pres. Ginny Jones, V.Pres. Jinny Garrison, Sec. Sheila Reed, Treas. Linda Cors- bie. The O.E. sold key chains and lollipops for their treasury. O.E. — Seated: Donna Carr, Janet Lair, Laura Strobel, Kelly Breeden. Michelle Chopard. Row I: Mrs. Jackson. Ginny Jones, Annette McCoIIough, Sheila Reed, Shelly Stout. Kim Cox. Can! Decker. Tami Foster. Row 2: Ann Dickinson, Jinny Garrison, Mona Smith, Machelle Hubbard, Stephanie Newman, Linda Corsbie, Jana Redd, Lisa Alexander, Judy Michael, Bev Michael. Not Pictured: Shirley Markey, Pam Triplett. leadership in Chapter meeting. 115 Swimtimers — Row I: Becky Comwell, Linda Corsbie, Ann Dickenson, Leila Blackburn. Row 2: Theresa Dickson, Cheryl Sims, Debbie Mair, Liz Woods, Mona Reese. f Hi Nurse Assistants — Anita Tag Committee — Becky Cornell, Linda Corsbie, Theresa Dickson, Debbie Allen. Office Assistants — Linda Corsbie, Robbie Brafford, Valerie Alksnis, Stephanie Vestal, Lisa Bachman, Patty Johnson. Val helps in the of students Behind the Scene Each year many students aid North by help- ing out the faculty. Such as Library, Office and Nurse Assistants. The stage crew runs the hght and sound for the pep assembhes, plays and concerts here at North. Many girls spend their nights here after school timing the boys and girls swim meets. Harding, Diedre Sitterle. A Library Assistants — Row I: Linda Corsbie, Stephanie Ball, Jenny Litton. Row 2: Theresa Peterson Peggy AJexandar, Pam Grimm, Curt Bell. I fice during her study hall. A r t C I u b 117 students Active in Government Executive Council Beth McCauley — Secretary. L. J. Boyd V. President. Rusty Davenport - President. Terry Wilson — Treasurer. Senior Representatives — Row I: Emily Gould. Denise Harding. Row 2: Larry Reeves. Barb Rae. Diane Rothman. Absent: Tim Larson. Sophomore Representatives — Row I: Linda McC lain. C arol Carver. Row 2: Liane Jepson, Kim Brewer. Shelly Henry. Representatives listen with interest. 118 Junior Representatives Row I: Kathy BU)omquist. Linda Shipman. Row 2: Jeanine Dont)van, Liz WtH)ds. Mona Reese. Tracy Jones. Cindv Carver. Emily Gould, Mona Reese. Linda Shipman. Lisa Sears. Marian Scia- chitano. Row I: Kim Brewer. Sandy Pickering. Row 2: Caria Carver. Kathy Bloomquisl. C ' alhy Allison. Student Council in Action Row I : Diane Roihman. Row 2: Tracy Jones. I,arry Reeves. Jeanine Donovan. Row J: Lisa Kurschinski. [a)is Schomer. C arol Carver. Row I: Rusly Davenport. L. J. Boyd. Row 2: Carol Ciai cr. C irKl ( arscr. k l.iiion SciachitaruK Lois Schomer. Lisa Kurschinski. Row Beth McCaule . tmily Could. Caih Allison. lerrv Wilson. Lisa Sears. Sandy Pickering. Diane Rothman. l,arr Reeves. Row 4. Mona Reese. Jeanine Donovan. Tracy Jones. Linda Shipman. CarIa Ciarver. Kalh Bloomquisl. 1ark n Kronick - Sports Editor Yearbook Staff Row I: Bob Morns. Barb Rae. Barb C ' happas. Terry Wilson. Lori Byas. Michelle Chopard. Tom Elvernian. Rick Duemmell. Mr Mike Nvman. Rfnv 2: Mike Catrenich. Steve Keith. Bobbie Bailey. Jim Gebhardi. Dave Souders. 120 Yearbook Staff Though the staff was small, the combined efforts and hard work of everyone involved made it a success- ful year for the yearbook. Photographers — Row I: Bob Morris. Jim Gebhart. Tom Elverum. Row 2: Rick Dum- mell. Dave Souders. Rusty Davenport Student l.ife l ditor Oracle Staff Tammv Fostei ORACLE STAFF It was a good year for the Ora- cle Staff. Much improvement was made, and the staff learned a lot about what it takes to put out a bi-monthly pubHcation. Some of the teams were invited to attend two Journahsm Seminars, organ- ized and presented by the Regis- ter and Tribune, that proved to be very helpful in their writing. The staff was headed by Editor- Sandy Pickering. News Editor- Jerry Mittag, and Feature Editor- Barb Rae. f - Mr. Nyman. Row I: Doug Smith. Paul Stigers, Sandy Pickering. Keith Overton, Jerry Mittag Rim ter. Lisa Sears. Joe Flugge. Barb Rae. Ro Karen Hendrickson. Jean Madden. At least some people work — Keith! Lisa Sears explaining how ii is done. r Sandy and Jerry concentrate on the Ia -oul. Flight " D AFJROTC OUTSTANDING FLIGHT AWARD: Ro x I: Susan Strike. Rose Allen. Glenn Woodard. Bob Anderson. Kurt Bell. Row 2: LeRoy Johannes. Tammy Kelley. Liz Hageman. Rhena Clabaugh. Brenda Sparks. Kim Brewer. Soi Shown: Leland Summv. R O T C I I K.H r " C " : Rfnv J: Tobie Hobbs. Kell Rohde. Cheryl Mmgo. Marian Sciachitano. Don Marlelli. Rick Duemmell. Row 2: Tony Chandler. Barry Farrell. .Mane Parlee, Kerry Clabaugh. Cheryl Ries, Wesly Letze. oi Shfwn: Larry Butler. Becky Nichols. RTISING ■ADVERTISING DENNY ELWELL ' S PAYLESS TIRES Three Des Moines Locations NORTH NORTHWEST EAST 105 E. Euclid 3714 Merle Way 2941 244-8101 E. University ACROSS FROM PARK FAIR PLAZA LANES 2701 Douglas 255-1111 Congratulations Seniors DeCarlos Grill 549 6th Avenue 243-9827 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 78 AND THANKS AGAIN TO — L.J. Stephanie Jerry Tim Deanne Oau Gail Mark Greg Patty ICarcn Bill Shelly Judy Fred Karla Carl Brad Dino Beth Sheila Kathy Teresa Tammy Paul Loyed Debbie Keith David Phil Marsha Craig Dean Julie Diane Robbie Tom Marlin Rustin Randy John Jinny Theresa Scott Cathy Bill John Chris Peggy Kevin Lisa Annette Jim Richard Linda Dale Doug Shirley Rene Steve Janet Mary Dennis Jennifer Cindy Marie Wanda Mike . Duane Grant Terry Sandy LAWSONS HIGHLAND PARK PHOTOGRAPHY 3825 Sixth Ave. 243-0661 EAST DES MOINES National Bank East 14th and Euclid 265-1431 South East 14th and Indianola 285-1111 East Univ. and Hubbell 265-1684 Pleasant Hill Blvd. and Maple 265-5639 8 AM-6 PM Mon.-Fri. 9 Am-Noon Sat. 9:30AM-5:30 Mon.-Fri. Noon Sat. 10- 5:30 Mon.-Fri. 9-Noon Sat. 11- 5:30 Mon.-Fri. 9 AM-Noon Sat. Four Conveniently Located Banks HI-HO GRILL Open Sunday thru Friday 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. " GOOD HOME COOKED MEALS ' ' 417 EUCLID 245-9000 Congratulations Seniors Downtown Park Fair Valley West Mall PETRO EQUIPMENT COMPANY, INC. Manufacturers Distributors Specializing in Petroleum, LPG and Fertilizer Equipment 1 200 E. Broadway Telephone 243-3 1 06 Des Moines, Iowa 50313 R.M.Steele Owen Champlin Ron Hamm Ed Cox Pres. Sales Mgr. V. Pres. Sec.-Treas. 124 PIONEER HI-BRED INTERNATIONAL, INC WORLD LEADER IN AGRI-GENETICS gg PIONEER, A 3 SEEDS Corn, sorghum, alfalfa, cereal seeds. LA Line LAYERS INDIAN RIVER® BROILER BREEDERS Peterson® Seed Layer-type parent stock, chicks, started pullets. Meat-type parent stock. Forage and soybean seeds. CD INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT PLANNING AND CONTROL TECHNOLOGY IMPACT Cn n [Jl P 1 1 ' T II® ' Computer consulting and management services. 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Cunningham, Secretary; Mrs. Karen Wil- liams, Mrs. Betty Grundberg, President; Dwight M. Davis, Supt. Back Row: Merle F. Schlampp, Ray Palis, Nolden Gentry, George Caudill, MD; Mrs. Jack Spevak. MICHEL ' S PARK FAIR 100 E. Euclid 280-9476 STANBROUGH CONSTRUCTION AND LAND DEVELOPMENT 3115 Douglas 277-6121 Congratulations Seniors! Centrallowa jTC Credit Union JK Chapter discover your Credit Union 128 Compliments of the New PARK FAIR HOBBY SHOP Second and Euclid 282-4758 Kordick Pluming — Heating Air Conditioning Inc. Commercial and Residential 4230 2nd Ave. 288-8531 THE TOWEER SHOP Featuring New Low Prices on All Jeans Such as Levis, Brittania and Sedgefield Merle Hay Mall, Des Moines, Iowa 276-8761 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Learn a skill. Doing something different. You can help in the An- Guard. 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Allen We want to be the best " C " Central National Bank Trust Company DES MOINES (515) 245-7111 MEMBER FDIC LOCUST AT SIXTH FIFTH GRAND 35TH INGERSOLL WEST DES MOINES WEST TOWERS OFFICE BUILDING. 35TH 1-235 AFFILIATED WITH CENTRAL NATIONAL BANCSHARES INC. KLEIN ' S DEPARTMENT STORE 3614 6th Avenue Free Customer Parking in Rear BELL BROTHERS HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING, INC. 2822 6th Ave., Des Moines, lowa 24 Hour Service 244-8911 Congratulations Seniors THE STATIONERY STORE 2429 University . . .277-1987 FILBY PHOTO SERVICE Photo Supplies — Hallmark Cards 3105 Douglas Ave., Phone 274-3479 131 I — Go mere? YouVe Kidding! Now wait a minute . . . we ' re not kidding. We are dead serious about your future college plans. Drake University offers special advantages for Des Moines students. Come to Drake and live on campus. Think about the advantages ... on your own but close enough to home for " emergencies " like borrowing the car or replenishing the bank account at a moment ' s notice. Think about the advantage you have over the out-of-towTiers who don ' t know the ins-and- outs of your hometown. Think about the many educational advantages at Drake, too. At Drake we have six undergraduate colleges and schools with over 103 major areas of study to choose from. . nd when your college days are over, we ' ll even do all we can to get you a job. That ' s how much our students mean to us. There ' s a lot more happening between Forest and University than you realize. Stop by and let ' s talk about your future. Or, if you ' re in a hurr ' , call us at S71-3181. Go where? Go to Drake, that ' s where. So, who ' s kidding! Drake University admits students without regard to sex race color, national or ethnic ongm or handicap drake university At American Republic, Our Business is Life and Health Insurance. Our Goal is a Better Society For All Americans. American Republic Insurance Company -Des Moines, Iowa 132 Senior ' s Say: As the 1978 school year comes to an end, seniors prepare for a whole new way of life. Their days of fun, excitement, making new friends, putting up with the hassles of day to day classroom mumbo-jumbo, teachers, etc. will vanish from their daily routine. We will all miss our " High School Days " as part of the best times of our life! Here are some of the most memorable moments and famous sayings from the graduating class of 1978. Mark Aldrich: The sharp edge of the razor is difficult to pass over — thus the wise say the road to salvation is hard. Cathy Allison: High school years are the best years of your life. If I had to do it again, I would do nothing different, except take it slower ... it goes too fast! Bobbi Bailey: The most memorable moments at North High are the ones to always be treasured. The fun and experience and the people that made them that way will always be a part of the memories of " Dear Old North High. " Kevin Basset: What Til miss most of all is being yelled at by Coach Lawson. Carl Bauer: Just because you ' re paranoid doesn ' t mean they ' re not out to get you. Marcus Butts: Being chosen in the Big 8 pre-season all american team and playing in the Shrine Bowl. Marie Carlson: My most memorable moment at North High was going to Washington D.C. and Hawaii with the band. Mike Clough: I may have my faults but being wrong isn ' t one of them. Ann Dickinson: When I set the 500 free record. Jim Gebhardt: I want to be a photographer! ! Emily Gould: You ' re never fully dressed without a smile! Janice Gray: My most memorable moment at North was marching in all the football games and parades. Venus Hamilton: I ' m gonna be a pro! Denise Harding: Dress rehearsal night for Finian ' s Rainbow. I was dancing in front of everyone supposedly telling them I could talk. In the middle of my dance, I kicked my leg up and landed right on my rear. I was laughing so hard I couldn ' t finish the dance. Chris Hay: TTirowing Dave Souders in the pool with his clothes on at the Senior Swim Party. Loyed Hedges: Being chosen captain of the basketball team. Karen Hendrickson: My most memorable moment was skipping a whole year of high school. Jennifer Hoffman: My plan in the future is to become fashion model or buyer, or become a singer. Al Hutton: My most memorable moment was my first debate tournament. Boy was I scared. Steve Keith: My most memorable moment was being named Most Valuable Swimmer this year. Janet Lair: Memories are yesterdays ' gifts to the heart. Phil Larson: Meeting Cathy McCauley, which is my girl now. Debbie Lee: Enjoy your years at North, they ' re really worth while. Dottie Lundeen: I think my first day at North was my most memorable experience. Everyone was so friendly — it reflects the spirit of friendship that the Polar Bears are known for. Beth McCauley: I ' ll always remember the fun I had at North and the friends I got to meet for being a small school. Get involved in everything you can and you ' ll gain a great personal satisfaction. Sandy McClish: My future plans are to work with the mentally and physically handicapped kids, and my most memorable experi- ence was my whole senior year. Annette McCullough: The first disastorous golf meet in our sophomore year. Jerry Mittag: My future plans are to go to Iowa State majoring in the journalism and minoring business management. Julie Moberg: My most memorable moment was when I was thrown in the boys bathroom. Theresa Morrissey: Nobody could take the memories of high school away. I ' ll never forget the trip to Washington D.C. with the band. It will be a trip I will remember. Kevin Nichols: Making All-City and All-State for football. Michelle Osberg: My goal in life is to continue my education in music and teach it in a foreign country as a missionary. Diane Palmer: I really enjoyed going to North. I met a lot of nice people and the teachers were just super. I really wish my high school years weren ' t over already. In the fall I ' m planning to attend the Iowa School of Beauty. Darla Parker: My most memorable experience is the North Marching Band playing at the games and getting in free. " Ha, ha. " Rick Peckham: Being in the North High musicals and I ' m going to Area 1 1 for 2 years. Sandy Pickering: Future plans are to become a sports writer after graduating from Iowa State. North High is a school where people take you for what you are instead of what they ' d like you to be. Diane Rothman: I ' ll remember most all the people I ' ve met. All the good times that have passed and all the memories that will last. Lee Stoddard: My most memorable experience at North was winning 3rd place in the Deca area leadership conference. I plan on continuing my career in magic and later being a pro. magician. Marsha Stufflebeam: Music Theater and cheerleading will always be most memorable years . . . Brad Weikert: All the good times of our home remodeling class and all the keggers. Dwayne Ziegler: My future plans and my ambition is to become a business manager. 135 AA Adams, Peggy: 57, 86, 108, 109 Addy, Tony: 34, 47, 86 Agan, Carma: 86 Aldrich, Mark: 34, 67 Alexander, Lisa: 67, 115 Alexander, Paticia: 94 Alexander, Peggy: 67. 117 Alksnis, Valerie: 44, 94, 116 Allen, Deborah: 58, 67, 108, 1 16 Allen, Kathy:67, 120 Allen, Micheal: 49, 54, 94, 1 11 Allen, Rose: 94, 122 Allison, Cathy: 8, 21, 34, 67, 108, 109, 1 14, 1 15, 119 Amerison, Randy: 94 Anderson, Bruce: 67, 108, 109 Anderson, Robert: 94, 122 Anderson, Roger: 59. 94, 108 Anderson, Paul: 86 Archie, Lori: 86 Armstrong, Deanna: 25, 67, 108, 109 Audas, Michael: 86 Augustine, Tammy: 94, 112 BB Baccam, Cau: 67 Bachman, Lisa: 59, 86, 108, 1 16 Bagley, John: 21, 114 Bailey, Bobbi: 8, 41, 43, 67, 1 1 1, 120 Bailey, Doris: 86 Bailey, Willie Baker. Gregory: 60, 86, 108 Baker, Randall: 50, 94 Baker, Timothy: 59, 86 Baldwin, Weslee: 86, 108 Baldwin, William: 67 Ball, Stephanie: 67, 117 Barden, Michael: 67 Barker, Lorelei: 86 Barnes, James: 94 Barnes, Zara: 94 Bassett, Kendra: 39, 86 Bassett, Kevin: 48, 49, 67 Battles, Janet: 8, 13,86 Bauer, Carl: 67 Beavers, Bobbi: 86 Becker, Gary: 86 Beery, Gina: 86 Bell, Chris: 86 Bell, Jeffrey Bell, Kurt: 49, 94, 117, 122 Belluchi. Carol: 94 Belluchi, Douglas Belluchi, Steven: 18 Bennett, Vernon: 94 Bendixen, Robyn: 68 Bertelsen, Cindy: 86 Bertelsen, Kelly: 44, 94 Bevel, Walt: 37, 54. 94 Bice. Candy: 86 Bierma, Bonnie: 44, 94 Bierwirth, Robin Bird, Teri: 39 Bish, Beverly: 94 Bishop, Kelly: 94 Blackburn, Leila: 6, 86, 1 1 1, 1 16, 28 Blakeslee. Shawn: 86 Blakey, Eugene: 94 Blatt, Stephen: 60, 86 Bloomquist, Kathleen: 24, 28, 37, 86, 108, 1 19, 111, 118 BKx mquist, Timothy: 49. 59, 94 Boggs, Janette: 94 Bohall. Ruby: 39, 86 Boucher, David: 86 Boyd, U: 14, 19, 66, 68, 1 18, 1 19, 28 Bradford, Rhonda: 86, 108, 1 1 1 Bradford, Roberta: 8, 68, 108. 1 16 Brainard.Gail: 57,68, 108, 109 Brannon, Michael: 86 Breeden. Kelly: 86, 115 Breeding, Daniel: 86 Breeding, Donald: 94 Brewer, Kimberly: 40. 94, 1 18. 1 19, 122 Brewer. Teresa Briggs, Kenneth: 86 Brown, Damita: 94 Brown, Darrell: 47, 68, 29 Brown, James: 86, 108, 60 Brown, Keith Brown, Robyn: 68 Bruce, Michael: 37, 53,94 Bryson, Frank: 34 Buckingham, Stacey: 94 Burgess, Terri: 94 Burgett, Kimbery: 94 Burr, Kelly: 94 Burrell, Chuck: 37. 50, 94 Butler, Larry: 86, 122 Butler, Michael: 94 Butler, Tom Butts, Emmett: 86 Butts, Marcus: 15,34,54,68 Butts, Lynnette: 86 Buttz, Timothy: 94 By as, Lori: 68, 108, 120 cc Calhoun, Mark Calhoun, Sue: 94 Camarillo, Dan Canada, David: 94 Carlson, Marie: 68, 108, 120 Carr, Donna: 1 15 Carrington, Jerry: 87 Carrington, Julie: 87 Carter, Kelly: 94 Carver, Cynthia: 94, 119 Carver, Linda: 68 Caswell, Curtis: 50, 94 Caswell, Kirk: 94 Catrenich,Cad: 87, 28 Catrenich, Micheal: 15,68, 120 Cavil, Dorcey: 94 Chafa, Bradley: 7, 34, 68,60 Chandler, Tony: 37, 94, 122 Chaney, Michael: 87, 1 14 Chapman, Susan: 94, 108 Chappas, Barbara: 42, 43, 68, 108, 109, 120 Cheatom, Renee: 95 Cheshire, Roger: 87 Chiles, Vicki: 94 Chidester. Lisa: 57 Chopard. Michelle: 87. 1 15. 120 Christensen, Ricky: 33, 34, 87 Christensen, Tamara: 87 Christensen, Tony: 95 Chnstensen, Gary: 37, 5 1 , 52, 54, 95 Christofferson. Rod: 13. 59, 95, 1 1 1 Chumbley. Rick Clabaugh. Kerry: 87. 122 Clabaugh, Rhena: 95. 122 Clark, Rene: 68, 108, 109 Clay, Steven: 10, 25, 34, 35, 51, 87 Clay, Tom: 12, 14,25,34,35,68 Clayton, Mike: 25, 48, 49, 53, 54, 69 Clemens, Bryan: 37, 51,95 Clough. Michael: 19, 34, 36, 69 Coffey, John: 69 Coffey, Sue Coffman, Michael: 49, 95 Coleman, David: 59, 87 Connett, Joan: 95 Connett, Robin: 95 Cook, David: 15,34,47,69 Cook, Mary: 56, 95, 112 Cook, Nancy: 95 Cooley, Ronald: 95 Cornwell, Becky: 95, 116 Corsbie, Linda: 69, 115, 116, 117 Cowles, Sarah: 44, 95 Cox, Becky: 87 Cox, Kimberly: 87, 115 Cox, Timothy: 95 Cree. Steven: 9, 13, 20, 22, 23, 69, 1 1 1 Cross. Suzanne: 95, 108 Cunningham, Dean: 87 Curry. David: 95 DD Davenport, Rustin: 38. 54, 69. 1 18, 19, 1 19 Davey. Brain: 49, 59. 87 Davey, Robert: 34, 95 Davis, Tamra: 87 Daye, Russell DeCarlo, Dean: 10, 14, 34, 69, 84, 60 Dean, James Deaton, Tracy: 46, 47, 87 Decker, Caryl: 1 15 Dickinsoon, Ann Marie: 69. 115, 116 Dixon, Hieresa: 95, 1 16 Dixon, William: 25, 53, 54, 87, 1 14 Donvan, Jeanine: 15,39,49, 58,87. 118.JI9 Dooper. Nancy: 39 Dorsey. Edward: 87 Downey, Dale: 34, 69 Downs, Theresa: 87 Drake, Dayle: 69 Duemmell, Richard: 95, 120, 122 Duff, Peggy: 69 Duffy, Kelly: 23, 26, 87, 110, 111 Dunshee. Debra: 39, 87, 1 1 1 Durden, Robert: 39, 87 Easter, John: 95 Edwards, Dennis: 95 Edwards. John Edwards, William: 34, 54, 69 Elevrum, Mark: 87 Elevrum, Thomas: 34, 54, 87, 120 English, Brenda: 69, 1 12 Erickson, Hondo: 38 Evans, Hilda: 95 Eveland, Patricia: 37. 95 FF Faroborz, Lolfi Farrell, Barry: 87, 122, 28 Faux, Regina: 57 Fees, Connie: 95 Feldman, Carol: 87 Fife, Connie: 87 Filby, Randall: 87 Fink, Paul: 87 Finley, Kimberly: 87, 108, 109 Fisher, Buddy: 87 Fisher, Julia: 87 Fisher, Karen: 69 Fisher, Kenneth Flugge, Joseph: 121 Fonlana, Michael: 37, 95 F osenburg, Eddie Foster, Tammra: 87, 115, 121 Foutch, Todd: 34,87 Fowler, Bruce: 37,59, 95 Frank, Tim: 15,51,52,70 Frazier, Janet: 88 Freihage. Jodi: 95 Frein, Randall: 37, 95 Fulton, Douglas: 50, 95, 108 GG Gains, Julia Galbreath, Ricky: 21.45.46, 47. 88 Gallagher, Robert: 13, 24, 27, 70 Gardner, Roger Garrison, Allison: 88 Garrison, Jinny: 70, 115 Garver, Carla: 39, 57, 88, 108, 1 19, 28 Garver, Carol: 95, 108, 109, 1 18, 1 19 Gebhardt, Jim: 19, 59, 66, 78, 120 Gelner, Jody: 95 Gillihan, John: 13,23,95 Godwin, Douglas: 23, 48, 49. 88, 1 1 1 Gould, Emily: 8, 10, 13, 20, 26. 1 10. 1 12. 1 19. 1 18 Gourley, Roger Graves, Todd: 34, 88 Gray, Janice: 20, 58. 70, 84. 108. 109 Gray, Kenneth: 95, 108 Greenfeild, Victoria: 95 Greer, Bobbi: 88 Griffey, Sharon Griffith, Keith: 96 Grimm, Pamela: 88, 117 Groenhoff, Ginger: 40, 43, 70 Guisinger, Richard: 88 Guthrie, Toni: 44, 56, 96 Guy, Equinsia HH Hagman, Bill: 70 Hageman, Filizabeth: 96, 122 Hainline, Debra: 96, 112 Hall, Debora Hall, Peggy Hall. Perry: 96 Hall, Wesley Hamilton, David: 47, 88 Hamilton, Paul Hamilton, Venus: 56, 70 Hannagan. Melody: 96 Hansen, Denise: 88 Hanson. Gary: 38 Harding, Anita: 88, 116 Harding, Denise: 8, 19, 23, 70, 1 10, 1 12, 1 18 Hardy, Pamela: 88, 111,28 Harris, John Harty, Deborah: 10, 88, 108, 109 Harvey, Kay: 88 Hastings, Roberta: 96 Hastings, Warren: 88, 108 Hastings, Wesley: 88, 108 Hawkins, Melvin: 96 Hawthorne, Denise: 96, 108. 109 Hay, Christopher: 8, 15, 70 Hayes, Joseph: 37, 50, 96 Hayes, Karen Hayes, Margaret: 57, 88, 108, 109 Heacock, Mary: 88, 114 Head, Bruce Head, Kenneth: 88 Hearn, Robert: 88 Hedges, Loyed: 1 5, 45, 47, 66, 70, 84, 60 Hedges, Tim: 88, 60 Henderson, Dennie: % Henderson, Marcus: % Hendrickson, Karen: 70, 88, 121 Henry, Marshelle: 96, 1 18 Hess, Cynthia: 70 Hickcox, Danny: 88 Hilding, Charlotte: 96 Hildreth, Dale: 96 Hildreth, James: 34, 37, 5 1, 53, 54, 70 Hill, Larry: 33, 34 Hines, Terry Hobbs,Tobie: 88, 122 Hodges, Deanne: 10, 41. 42. 43, 66, 70, 108 Hoffman, Jennifer: 71, 114, 115 Holland, Gregory: 12. 34, 35, 51, 52, 54, 71 Holland, Mary: 56, 88, 112 Holston, Patrick Horn, Patricia: 39, 58,71 Houston, Garry Hubbard, Machelle: 88, 115 Hummer, Marcie: 88 Hunley. Bernard: 34, 45. 47. 60 Hun toon. Jack: 89 Hutchinson, John: 96 Hutton, Alan Hutton, Rhonda: 96 JJ Jackson, Allene: 96 Jackson, Carmen: 71 Jackson. Kevin: 96 Jackson. Wanda: 89 Jacobson, Julie: 55, 56, 71, 1 14, 1 15 James, Ram ona: 96 Jameson, Patricia: 71 Jean, Mark: 34 Jepsen, Liane: 96, 97, 1 1 1. 1 18 Johannes. Leroy: 97. 108. 122 Johnson, Billy Johnson, Dorothea Johnson, Jan: 71 Johnson. Linda: 89 Johnson, Marquerite: 56 Johnson, Patricia: 97, 1 16 Jones, Ginny: 64, 66, 71. 115 Jone,s, Rick: 89 Jones. Tim: 71,29 Jones, Tracy: 15, 40, 49, 57, 63. 108. 1 18. 1 19 KK Kanis. Deann: 43, 89. 108 Kappelman. Robert Keith, Debra: 89 Keith, Steven: 48, 49. 9, 60. 66. 7 1. 120 Kelly, Tammy: 63, 89. 97. 122 Kelly, Twyla: 108 Kemp. Laureen: 97 Kerr. Grant Kerr. Brenda: 89 Keyes, DeArnold: 1 14 Kile. John: Killinger, David: 59. 89. 109 King, Ronnie King, Ruth: 97 Kinney. Alissa Klein, Melanie: 43.97 Knapp, Larry: 59. 89. 108 Knox, Martha: 55.56. 89. 112 Knox, Rex: 97 Knudsen, Laura: 89 Knudsen, Frederick: 97 Koele, Gloria: 71 Kronick, Marlon: 20. 34.71. 120.60 Krueger. Trent: 37.97 Kurschinski, Lisa: 10,44.97. 108. 109. 119 LL Lair, Janet: 40, 71. 115 Lajko, David: 72. 89. 1 14 LaMasters, Shelly: 39 LaMasters, Nan: 39 Lamberti, Robert: 89, 60 Langloss, Mary: 72, 114, 115 Larson, Gary: 34, 45, 47, 60, 89, 60 Larson, Phillip: 72 Larson, Tim: 34,51,52, 72 Lathrum, Karla: 72, 108, 109 Lee, Debra: 40, 72 Lee, Rhonda: 72 Lee, Toua: 97 Lengeman, Kathi Lenhart, Jeffrey: 97 Letze, Jim: 97 Letze, Tammy: 72. 114 Letze, Wesley: 18,89, 122 Leveke, Judy: 17 Leveke, Ron: 97 Lewis. Dexann Lewis. John: 89 Lewis. Lois: 55. 56. 73 Lewis, Tina: 40, 89, 108, 109, 1 1 1 Lewiston, Bradley: 97 Lind. Chris: 89 Lindstrom, Timothy: 19,89 Linebach, Mark: 13, 23, 59, 73 Litton, Jennifer: 97. 117 Lo, Soua Lock, Cindy: 97 Logan, Lisa: 63, 97 Logan, Melody: 1 14 Loggins, Charles: 89 Lor, Tou Lor, Toua: 94 Lowery, Clifford Luce, Sherry: 73 Luce, Terry: 73 137 Lumadue, Judilh: 73, 1 14 L urn ley. Carl Lundeen. Dorthy: 6, 40. 73 Lulen, Michelle: 89 Murray, Lura: 90 Murray. Rhonda: 99 Myers. Tammy MM Madden. Jean: 40, 64. 89. 108. 121 Maier. Debra: 57, 89, 108. 109. 1 1 1 Mannmg, Randy: 37, 98 Marchael. Lorrie: 89. 114 Marino, Pamela: 89 Markey. Shirley: 57, 73, 111 Marmel, Mark: 98 Marshall, Jeff: 98 Marlelli, Donald: 98, 122 Martin, Damita: 98 Martin. Fay: 98 Mascaro, Tammy: 6. 21. 89, 108, 109 Mason. Joanne: 15.98 Mattson. John McCauley. Beth: 8. 40, 56. 73. 1 18. 1 19 McCauley. Cathy: 8, 40. 73. 1 12 McClam. Lmda: 40. 98. 118, 28 McClelland. Julie: 89 McChsh. Sandy: 73 McCollom. Paul: 73, 1 1 1 McCullough. Annette: 58, 73, 115 McDonald, Shelley: 89. 108 McGilvra. Dennis: 10 McBee. Debra: 89 McCullough. Roger: 90 McCutchen. Tracy: 98 McDowell. Nene: 98, 108 McFeders, Michelle: 98 McGregor, Edward: 98 Meadows, Dana: 98, 108 Meek. Marc: 1 14 Menizer, Paul: 98 Meyer. Steven: 18.90 Michael. Beverly: 90. 115 Michael. Judy: 90. 115 Miller. Dennis: 73. Ill Miller. Joyce: 98 Miller. Kimberly: 90 Miller. Rhonda: 99 Milligan, James: 73 Mingo. Vicki: 39 Mingo. Cheryl: 90, 122 Mittag, Jerry: 6. 15, 74, 121 Moberg, Julie: 8. 74 Moeckl. Penny: 66, 74, 85, 108, 109 Montenguise, Tommy: 37, 99 Moon. Jeffrey: 37. 99 Moore. John: 99 Moore. Larry: 90 Moore. Patrick Mcx)re. Vanya: 40. 112 Morris, Robert: 90. 120 Morrissey. Melissa: 99 Morrissey. Theresa: 74 Mosby. Jim: 99 Moses. Kimberly: 90 Moulder. Anthony: 90, 1 14 Mugan. Debbie: 90 Mullica, Michelle: 90 Mumford. Pat: 90 Mundell. Bradley: 99. Ill Murphy. Patsy: 99 NN Navin. Lee: 60. 90 Navin. Patrick: 90 Naylor. Tim: 90 Naylor. Tammy: 114 Newcomb, Ronald: 99 Newman, Stephani: 74. 115 Nguyen. Cuong Minh Nichols. Kevin: 12. 15. 34. 46, 54, 74 Nichols. Rebecca: 90, 122 Nickens, Richard: 90 Nickens, Fred: 74, 114 Nielsen, Terry: 90, 1 1 1 Nunneman, Robert Nutt,Tim: 37.99 Nutter, Rhonda: 40, 99 00 O ' Conner, Blinda Oakley, Forest: 50 Oakley, Lolita: 99 Oakley, Yolanda OIlie, Johnny Osberg, Michelle: 74, 108. 109 Ostre ko, Laura: 99 Overton, April: 99 Overton, Keith: 34, 75, 121 Oxenreider, Earleena: 99 PP Page. Linda: 41. 43. 75. 108. 109 Palmer. Diane: 75 Parker. Daria: 108 Parker. Jack: 99. 108. 28 Parker. Larry: 50. 99 Parker, Otis: 91 Parkey,Tamara: 75, 114, 115 Parlee, Grace: 99 Parlee, Marie: 91, 111, 122 Parlee. Marie: 91. Ill, 122 Parrish, Arnell: 99 Parrott Phillip: 34, 75 Parsons, David: 54 Patterson, Linda: 91,111 Patterson, Robin: 8, 19,91. 112 Patton.Greg: 12.45.47. 75 Payton, Lorlain: 56. 100. 112 Peck, Steven: 100 Peckham, Richard: 75 Pepper, Randy: 15, 75 Perry. Rodney: 91.29 Peterson. Lillian: 100 Peterson. Pam: 37. 44. 100 Peterson, Robert: 100 Peterson, Theresa: 76, 117 Peterson. Thomas Pett, Kimberly: 56. 100 Pettis, Randy Phoenix. Robert: 91, 108 Pickering, Sandy: 6, 8,40, 76, 121. 119 Pickett. Kirby: 91 Pierick. Jeffrey: 37, 50,60, 100 Plymesser, Joy: 91 Poage, Kim: 91 Poe, Terri: 91 Porter, Kimberly: 100 Potts, Steven: 76 Propes, Lesha: 76 Pryor. David Puffett, George: 34.91 00 Quinn. Dan: 91 Quinn. Willie: 50, 100 Quirk, Micheal: 100 Quirk, Trinda: 91 RR Rabon, Carla: 76 Rabon. Pamela: 100 Rae. Barb: 57,66, 76, 108, 118, 120, 121 Ramsey, Richard: 100 Rannells, Craig: 91,29 Rannells, Mark: 34, 76, 60, 29 Redd, Ken: 29 Redd,Jana:91, 115 Reed, Rere: 100 Reed. Sheila: 76. 115 Reeder. Renee: 100 Reese. Linda: 100. 108. Ill Reese. Mona: 13,91, 111, 116, 118, 119 Reeves, Larry: 26, 38, 60. 76. 1 1 1. 1 18, 1 19 Reeves, Phillip: 76 Richards, Mike: 34,91,60 Richards, Wanda: 91 Riche, Jim: 100 Rider, Tom: 91,60 Ries, Cheryl: 100, 108, 122 Rife. Marqurite Righi. Doug: 15.76,29 Riley, Denise: 76 Rindels, Leanah: 91 Rinner, Jeffrey: 100,28 Rinner, William: 76,60 Roberts, Pam: 100 Robey, Pam: 92 Robinson, Debbie: 92 Robinson, Sherrie: 37, 100 Rohde, Kelly: 100. 108, 122 Rollen, Kevin Ross, Russell: 37, 100 Rothman. Diane: 8, 21, 22, 76, 108, 1 15. 1 19 Rubes, Joe: 15.92.29 Rundel. Michael: 59. 92. 108 Runyon. Debbie: 57. 92. 108 Russell. Debbie: 100 Rychel. Leslie: 13.56.92. 108. 111.28 ss Sample. Randy: 92 Schade. Kenneth: 100 Schomer, Lois: 10, 44, 100, 1 19 Sciachitano, Marian: 40, 57, 100, 108, 122. 1 19. 28 Scott, James: 53, 54 Sears, Lisa: 6,25,64, 76, 121, 119 138 Semple. Randy: 92 Sharp, Tammy: 92 Shaw, Jeffery: 100 Shepherd, Karen: 100 Shiffer, Ron: 92 Shipman. Linda: 13,92, 111, 118, 119 Simon, Scott: 77 Simpson. Larry: 92 Sims, Cheryl: 92, 116 Sitterle, Diedre: 92, 111, 116 Slaughter, Lorraine: 100, 108 Smith, Douglas: 77, 121 Smith, Gail: 92, 108, 111 Smith, Jeff: 58, 101 Smith, Mark Smith, Ramona: 77, 1 15 Smith, William: 92, 108 Smothers, Donna: 77 Snodgrass, Tina: 40, 77 Souders, David: 92, 120 Sparks, Brenda: 122 Spencer, Sue: 77 Staggs, Margaret: 78 Staggs, III: 101, 108 Stanford, Cindy: 92 Stewart. Steven: 92 Stigers, Paul: 77, 85, 114, 121,60 Stoddard, Lee Stodgel, Jackie: 101 Stodgel, Mary: 92 Stout, Brian: 92, 114 Stout, Roshelle: 20, 77, 115 Street, Mark: 37, 50, 101 Strike, Susan: 100, 122 Strobe!, Laura: 92. 115 Stromberg, Timothy: 101 Stuffebeam, Marsha: 14, 77, 111,112 Stuffebeam, Martha: 15, 101, 111 Summy, Leiand: 92, 122 Swift, Michael: 46, 60,92, 108 Swift, Susan: 101 Turner, Lori: 56, 101, 112 Tompkins, Tammy: 111 Twist, Stuart: 50, 101 Zimmerman, Dawn: 101 Zimmerman, Theresa: 93 Zonona, Micheal: 37, 50, Taggart, Gene: 92 Tallman, Christine: 24, 27, 57, 92, 108 Tate, Christine: 101 Tate, Melody: 77 Taylor, Alice: 92 Taylor, Dennis: 77, 29 Taylor, Eunice Taylor, Mike: 77, 1 14 Taylor, Willie: 34, 92 Teasley, Sadie: 101 Teer, Timothy: 93 Terrell, Mark: 101 Thompson, Keely: 93, 114 Thompson, Pamela: 93 Thoren, Brenda: 101, 108 Thrasher, Michael: 1 1, 24 Tomlinson, Kathy: 93 Townsley, Julie: 77, 1 14, 115 Travis, Vincent: 93 Triplett, Pamela Trotter, Clark: 37, 101 Troup, Lynda: 101 Tucker, Raymond: 101 Tullis. Cynthia: 101 Turner, Cindy: 93, 112 w Vadillo, Tonda VanHoever, Richard: 50, 54, 101, 108 VanMeter, Carin: 93 Vanni, Charles Vestal, Stephanie: 77, 1 16 Vogel, Laurie: 93, 108 WW Waddell, Teresa Walden, Rebecca: 93, 108 Walker, Jennifer: 93 Walton, Dominic: 34 Walton, Julie: 77 Warren, Kenneth: 78, 108 Warren, Marty: 108 Watkins, Chfford: 93 Webb, Steven Weber, Forest: 93 Weber, Marty: 34, 78 Weeks, Michelle: 42, 56, 64, 93, 108 Weifenbach, Terri: 93 Weikert, Brad: 78 Wesley, Terri Ann Wessel, Robin: 93 Westlake, Wanda: 78 Westrom, Christopher: 93, 1 1 1 Whisler, Mark: 93 White, Rita White, Robert: 54 Whiteside, Patricia: 93 Whitney, Debbie: 101 Whitney, Vicky: 93 Wigton, Karla: 93, 108,28 Wike, Doug: 25. 45, 93 Williams, Dennis: 101 Williams, El Jay: 54 Williams, Lee: 101, 108 Williams, Mary: 101, 112. 113 Williams, Norman Williams. Randy: 93. 29 Wilson.Shari:41,43,93 Wilson. Terri: 25,78, 108, 118, 119 Winkle, Jerry: 78 Winkle, Julane: 40, 44, 56. 63, 101 Witt, Brenda Wolfe, Janet: 78 Wonders, Deana: 101 Wood. Donald: 101 Woodard. Glenn: 101. 122 Woodruff. Teresa: 93 Woods, Elizabeth: 10, 21,93, 116 Woodyard, Rebecca: 27, 93, 108 Wright, Raelynn Wright, Michael Zeller, Craig: 23, 78, 110, 111 Ziegler, Dwayne: 78 Zimmerman, Bob: 78 Jean Eisenlauer (Sieno CIerk) Marge Overholser (Sleno Secl.) Frank Fair (Counselor) Jean Hensley (Coun. Clerk) Beulah Fjelde (Nurse) Ph Ills Sellers ( Librarian) Riia Oline (Registrar) Lowell Perry (Counselor) " The Head Haunchos 3. Martin Fillers (Counselor) 93 Principal Rolland Brownell Vice-Principal Lloyd Klinzman Vice-Principal AIGraziano Looking ahead, you know the changing seasons will be filled with exciting possi- bilities, with new directions to explore, fresh choices to make, and further obstacles to overcome. But you are not afraid. You have discovered in the reflections of yesterday and today the wisdom that will guide you, the self reliance that will sustain you, the assurance that no matter where tomorrow may lead you will always find a For yours are dreams worth dreaming, yours is a future worth living in a world that shines with promise of freedom. So on you will grow, encouraging your own achievements and improving on them, counseling your own decisions and standing behind them, forgiving your own mistakes and learning from them, always taking the time to speak gently to yourself with the patience, the kindness, the compassion of a close and trusted friend, the friend in the mirror. Excerpts from " The Friend in Your Mirror " By Edw Cunningham Ik

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