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 - Class of 1949

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ggi? :G al I W MfNUHTHIHGH it My tfwwtt it fm vwfL'26'14 Juli' fx 0 J, 4 I-EiAuT 1 u N 11 . We, who 'are about to board 1ife's unending merry-go-round to seek the silver ring of success, leave this book oA 11 future North High grad- uategiag a free ticket with which to join us. - A ,fl L Ili SfEN'lUH UFFIEERS These students were elected "ringmasters" of the '49 senior class. Under their able leadership the class had many good times Which will long be remembered. ' OMDAHL, BILL "Bill" Student Council 4, 85 Social 55 Athletic 5, 6, 7, 85 Scholarship 5, 65 lgloo 45 Home Room President 4, Vice-President 55 "N" Club 6, 7, 85 Band 3, 45 A Cappella Chorus 8, 4, 5- Football 85 Swimming 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Life Saving 4, 65 Track 4, 65 Senior Class Presl- dent 85 Senior Prom Decorations. "Oh, those shirts and ties." FEDSON, RICHARD HARLAN "Dick" Halls Committee 7, 85 Football at Michigan 55 Basketball at Michigan 5, 65 Basketball 3, 4, 7, 85 Baseball at Michigan 65 Senior Class Vice-President 85 Senior March Party 8. "A lion among ladies, a man among men." VAN CLEAVE. SALLY IRENE "Sally" Member Student Council 85 Home Room President 85 Home Room Treasurer 75 Tennis 7, 85 Senior Class Secretary 85 Senior Party Committee 8. "Her sweetness is a joy to a11." KATAYAMA, MIYEKO "Miyeko" Activities Committee 6, 7, 85 Home Room Vice-President 85 Home Room Secretary 5, 65 Latin Club 6, 75 Assistant Secretary 75 Sub Deb Club 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 President 65 Senior Class Historian 85 Senior Banquet Committee 85 Office Assistant 5. "Wisdom is the key to success." HIGHLAND, EVELYN LEE "Evvie" Home Room Secretary 5, 65 A Cappella Choir 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Girls' Glee Club 35 "You Can't Take lt With You" 65 Property Commits tee of Faculty Play 85 Makeup Committee of Faculty Play 85 "l Remember Mama," 75 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," 85 Pro- grams for Faculty Play 85 Senior Class Treasurer 85 Student Leader 85 Oracle Re- porter 75 Oracle Advertising Manager 85 Office Assistant 85 Senior Class Night Com- mittee 8. "In the midst oi things." LARSEN. ALMA JEAN "lean" Lunchroom Hostess 45 Chairman Hostess Committee 55 Home Room President 85 Home Room Vice-President 55 Home Room Secre- tary 75 Cosmopolitan Club President 6, 7, 85 Spanish Club 65 Girls' Glee Club 85 Senior Class Treasurer 85 Oracle Business Staff 75 Polar Bear Business Staff 75 Senior Prom Committee 8. "Quiet and likable." LAVINE, HERBERT PAUL P." Member ludicial Board 75 Athletic Commit' tee 75 Halls Committee 85 "N" Club 8: Basketball 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Member Senior Board 85 Oracle Reporter 7, 85 Editorial Start Oracle 85 Senior Picnic Committee 8. "It is cr great plague to be a handsome athlete." SCHIMMELPFENNIG, BETTY ROSE "Shimmy" Usher Committee 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Home Room Vice President 65 Home Room Secretary 55 Spanish Club 5, 6, 7, 85 Tennis 6, 7, 85 Stu- dent Leader 7, 85 Member of Senior Board 85 Senior Home Room Representative 85 Sen- ior Prom Committee 85 Oracle Reporter 8: Nurse's Assistant 5, 6, 7. "Work is work, and must be done: while I work I have some fun." ALBRIGHT, RAMONA MARIE "Ramona" Social Committee 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Citizenship Committee 5, 6, 7, 85 Igloo Committee 35 Home Room Secretary 55 Spanish Club 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Tennis 4, 5, 75 Student Leader 85 Study Hall Assistant 4, 85 Senior Prom Com- mittee 85 Oracle Cub 8. "Nice dresser." ALLBAUGH, MARTHA IRENE "Tweety-Pie" Sub Deb Club 5, 65 A Cappella Choir 5, 6, 7, 85 Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, 85 Librarian lMusicJ 6, 7, 85 Properties ClVlusicJ Robe Man- ager 7, 85 Oracle Reporting 75 Oracle Busi- ness Starl 85 Polar Bear Editorial Stall 85 Polar Bear Business Staii 85 Oracle Typist 85 Tennis 65 Study Hall Assistant 3, 45 Home Room Representative 8. "Something happy and something gay, and .by the way she has her say." .5-95' of ALvMZ't'fACQHR!!'f'ACE '41 wif, Assembly Committee 85 Assistant Home Room Secretary 85 Spanish Club tTreasurerl 7, lSecretaryJ 8, tliflemberl 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Dis- cussion Club 35 Senior Ouestionnaire Coin- mittee 8. "A sweeter girl l've yet to meet." ANDREWS, IOHN DALE "Iohnnie" Member Student Council 7, 85 Usher Com- mittee 4, 5, 85 Assembly Committee 85 Booster Committee 7, 85 Home Room Presi- dent 7, 85 Home Room Vice-President 65 North l-lifY Club Secretary 7, 85 "N" Club 85 Baseball 6, 85 Vfrestling 8, 4, 5, 6, 7 8: Senior Party of March 8. "He may be shy, but he knows the an- swers." AUSTIN, CHARLES LESLIE "Chuckles" Halls Committee 65 Stage Committee 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Ticket Committee 45 Home Room President 65 Home Room Secretary 45 Home Room Treasurer 55 l-li-Y Club 7, 85 Boys' G. C. 6, 7, 85 A Cappella Choir 85 Wrestling 35 Oracle Reporting 7, 85 Polar Bear Editorial Start 85 Senior Class Night 8. ' "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best ot men." BAILIE. CAROLYN RUTH "Carolyn" Activities Committee 85 Home Room Treas- urer 55 Spanish Club tSecretaryJ 7, tlvlern- bert 5, 6, 7, 85 Student Leader 4, 5, 6, 75 Life Saving 65 Senior Class Day 85 Nurse's Assistant 8. "A girl like her we seldom meet." BAKER, HOWARD EDWARD "Howie" Films Committee 7, 85 "N" Club 85 Football 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Track 3, 45 Senior Class Prom Committee 8. "A better pal could never be found." BANISTER, IOANNE ELLEN "Io" Usher Committee 5, 6, 75 Cosmopolitan Club 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, tSecretaryl 6, 85 Spanish Club 85 Home Room Representative 8. "The truly generous is truly wise." BANNING, BARBARA ANN "Barbie" Usher Committee 55 Home Room Secretary 5, 6, 7, 85 Latin Club 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Golf 5, 6, 7, 85 Oracle Editorial Stall 85 Oracle Re- porting 7, 85 Ottice Assistant 7, 85 Senior Ouestionnaire 8. "Friendship always benefits." BARLOW. CLARENCE LEE "Clancy" Usher Committee 5, 65 Athletic Committee 65 Home Room Treasurer 85 Art 5, 65 Hi-Y Club 5, 65 "N" Club 85 Football 3, 5, 75 Swimming 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Track 4, 65 Senior Decorations Committee 85 Home Roon Presi dent 5, 6. "I love the ladies all." BARR, MARGARET ANNE "Maggie" Home Room President 75 Sub Deb Club 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Orchestra 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Band 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Girls' G. C. 85 Librarian 7, 85 Home Room Representative 85 Nurses Office 8. "Her very toot has music in it." BARRETT, DOLORES YVONNE "Dolores" Girls' G. C. 3, 4, 5, 75 Student Leader 85 Senior Class Representative 85 Office As- sistant 7, 8, "Still water runs deep." BEESON, DONNA IOLINE "Taken" Home Room Treasurer 45 Assistant Home Room Secretary 7, 85 Sub Deb Club 6, 7, 8: Girls' G. C. 85 Senior Ouestionnaire Com- mittee 8. "Let me be loved, and those who will be great." BERRY. BEVERLY IEAN "Bev" Home Room Treasurer 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Senior Banquet Committee 85 Office Assistant 5. 6. 7, 8, "A gay smile she always does wear." BEVARD, NOLA "Nota" Activities Committee 85 Home Room Sec- retary 75 Sub Deb Club 3, 4, 5, 65 Oracle Reporter 7, 85 Co-Editor of Polar Bear 85 Polar Bear Editorial Staff 85 Polar Bear Business Staff 75 Nurse's Assistant 7, 85 Co- Chairman oi Senior Announcement Com- mittee 8. "Virtue is its own reward." BIORK. BEVERLY IRENE "Bev" Senior Cap and Gown Committee 8. "Penny tor her thoughts." BLEND, IAMES FREDERICK "lim" Ticket Committee 85 Hi-Y Club 65 Baseball 85 Athletic Manager 6, Senior Prom Com' mittee 8. "Silence is gained by many of mzmlcfndf' BOOTZ. VIRGINIA ANN "Vi: Ann" Scholarship Committee 55 Home Room Presi' dent 7, 85 Home Room Vice President 65 Citi- zenship Representative 35 Home Room Trea- surer 55 International Relations Discussion Club 35 Debate Club tTreasurerJ 5, lMemberl 4, 55 Spanish Club 5, 6, 7 8' A Cappella Chorus 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Girls' G. C. 35 Student Leader 5, 6, 7, 85 Senicr Class Night Com- mittee 8, "A most charming girl." EOS, CON EVERETT "Ev" Student Council Vice-President 87 Chairman oi ludicial Board 85 Citizenship Committee 6, 7, 85 Usher Committee 6, 7, 85 Home Room President 7, 85 Home Room Vice' President 5, 85 "N" Club President 85 Latin Club 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Hi-Y Club Vice-President 7, 85 Igloo Committee 6, 7, 85 A Cappella Choir 7, 85 Goli 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Tennis 7' Swimming 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Chairman Games Senior Committee 85 Senior Picnic Comrnt tee 8. "The style is the man hirnsefif' BOWMAN. MAXINE LENOHA "Maxine" Horne Room Vice-President 85 Home Room Treasurer 5, 75 Girls' G. C. 7, 85 Ofiice As- sistant 6, 7, 8. "Once a friend, always a friend." BROPHY, RAMONA MARIE "Mona" Lunchroom Hostess 85 Sub Deb Club 3, 4, 5, 8, 7, 85 Booster Committee 35 Girls' G. C. 85 Costume Committee 35 Swimming 7, 85 Student Leader 85 Study Hall Assistant 85 I'ome Room Representative 8. "Martensdale, here I come." BUCKLEY, EUGENE MORRIS "Gene" Usher Committee Member 5, 85 Social Com- mittee Member 85 Citizenship Representa- tive 5, 6, 75 Member Band 3, 4, 7, 85 Boys' G. C. 85 Goli Team Member 5, 6, 7, 85 Intro' murals 7, 85 Senior Commencement Corti- mittee 8, "Money is the root of cfl evil- jfve me more root." BURGETT, MYRTLE ELLEN "Myrtle" Service Committee 7, 85 Costume Commit- tee 7, 85 Lunchroom Hostess 5, CChairmanl 65 Citizenship Representative 7, 85 Cos- mopolitan Club 7, 85 Senior Representa- tive 8. "What sweet delight a quiet life affords," BYERS. HARRY BOBBIE "Uncle Humphrey" Football 65 Track 45 Intramurals 85 Chair' man Senior Decorations Committee 8. "Live this day as if it were the last." 5 l l CACKLER, IVAN ALAN "Cucklerl Usher Committee 7, 85 Home Room Presider 85 "N" Club 85 Track 4, 5, 6, 85 Senior Bar quet Committee 8. "Quiet and retiring, but a man of tru worth." CAFFEE. ALMA ELLEN "AI' Square Dance Club 35 Girls' G. C. 85 Homt Room Representative 85 Senior Decoration Committee 8. "It is good to be honest and true." 5 CAPPS. ROBERTA IEAN "Bobbie' Usher Committee 45 Athletic Committee E 7, 8, tChairmanJ 75 Home Room Vice'Presi dent 75 Home Room Secretary 65 Horni Room Treasurer 85 "N" Club 85 Golf 7, 8 Tennis 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Rhythmic Swimminr 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Student Leader 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Life Saving 8, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Tumbling 3, 4 Rope lurnping 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Modern Dano ing 3, 45 Associate Editor oi Editorial Oracle Staff 85 Reporting ioriOracle 7, 85 Senio Picnic Chairman 8. "Her friends are many, her enemies few.' CARLSON. GLENN DARWIN "Glenn' Member Student Councilp Home Room Presi dent 85 Hi-Y Club 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Golf 4, 5, 6 Wrestling 5, 65 Intramurals 5, 6, 7, 85 Senioi Cap and Gown Committee 8. W "Better a witty fool than a foolish wit." CARLSON, NORMA RUTH "Norma' Home Room Treasurer 65 Sub Deb Club 3 45 Member oi Cast "Our Hearts Were Younc and Gay" 85 Senior Class Day 85 Oracle Cub 8. "Study is a pastime, why overdo it." CARSON. THOMAS LANE "'l'om' Football 55 Track 4, 8, 85 Wrestling 5, 65 Senior Cap and Gown Committee 8. "A man of few words." CARPINO. ANNE GENEVIEVE "Anne' Usher Committee 8, sub Deb Club 3, 4, il 85 Student Leader 75 Senior Commencemen Cornmitttee 8. "A true friend, indeed." CHRISTIAN. BONNIE LOU "Lulu' Lunchroom Hostess 35 Costume Committee 7, 85 Home Room Secretary 7, 85 Cosmopol itan Club 7, 85 A Cappella Chorus 5, 6, 7 85 Girls' G, C. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Music Li brarian 6, 7, 85 Senior Announcement Com mittee 8. "Left before graduation." CLARK, MARDELL IARVIS "Mardel1" Usher Committee 6, 6, 7, Sub Deb Club iTreasurert 5, 6, iMemberJ 4, 5 6, 7, 8- Cos mopolitan Club lTreasurerJ 7, lltflemberi 6, 7, 8, Senior Pictures Committee 8. "Friendship always benefits." CLAYTON, DOROTHY MARIE "Dottie" A Cappella Chorus 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Girls' G. C 3, Student Leader 6, 7, 8, Rope Iumpinq 8, Senior Representative 8, Oracle Reporter 7. "Dale 'need we say more?" COBB, HELEN LAVINE "Cobby" Student Council Secretary 8, Assistant Sec- retary 7, Home Room tTreasurerJ 5, lSec- retaryl 6, lPre-sidentl 7, 8, "N" Club 8, Fel- lowship Club President 7, 8, Athletic Com- mittee 8, Art Committee 5, 7, 8, Rope lump- ing 5, 6, 7, 8, Student Leader 3, 4, 5, 6 7 8, Tennis 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. "With eyes like those, no one could tail." COCHRANE, DORIS LOU "Doris" Girls' G. C. 8, Iunior Lite Savina, Senior An- nouncement Committee 8. "Ah, that nag can't throw me." COCHRANE, PEGGY ANN "Peg" Horizon Club 5, 6, 7, Home Room Senior Representative 8. "ln quietness and confidence shall be your strength." COLE, BEVERLY IOAN "Bev" Latin Club 3, 4, Orchestra 8, 4, 5, 6, 7, Band 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Tennis 3, Lite Saving 3, 8, Senior Picnic Committee 8. "Looks the world in the face." CORDER, IACQUELYN DALE "Iacque" Sub Deb Club 3, Senior Sermon Committee 8, Reporting Siatt ot Oracle 7, Polar Bear Editorial Staff 8, Oracle Typist 8, Polar Bear Business Staff 7, 8. "The longer you know her, the better you like her." CORY, MARY IANE "Mary lane" Usher Committee 3, 5, 6, Service Committee 6, 7, 8, Girls' G. C. 3, A Cappella Chorus 4, 5, 6, 7, Senior Sermon Committee 8. "Live this day as it it were the last." .121,1:11,:::eg::,:,,g,,,,,g,,,,g,g, ---f---f - :-. -t frfwjq ---- . 1 . , ' ' wfffsf ..- A, , . ,.,,.g:,-g-,,g,,-,, ':,:,-ree.. .,,,, , V- .. so - f tem? new .. , COTTON. MARY IRENE "Mary' Films Committee 6, 7, Service Committee 5 7, 8, Assembly Committee 8, Activities Com mittee 3, 4, 5, 6, International Relations Discussion 8, Cosmopolitan Club President 5, Clvlemberl 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Senior Class Ser mon 8, Office Assistant 5, 6, 7, 8. "Let us enjoy pleasures while we can." COUCH, HELEN LOUISE "Little-One' Sub Deb Club 8, 4, 5- Art Coriimittee 6 Home Room Senior Representative 8, Senior Decorations Committee 8. "Her ways are ways ol pleasantnessf' COURTER, LARRY EDWARD "Leroy' Student Council Treasurer 7, Finance Com mittee CChairman7 7, Clklemberl 8, Athletic Committee 7, Assembly Committee 6, 8, Home Room President 5, "N" Club, Repre sentative in Golf, 8, Basketball 3, 4, 5, 6 7, 8, Golf 8, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Intramurals 7, 8: Chairman of Announcement Committee 8 Oracle Reportina 7, 8, Polar Bear Editorial Start 8. "A wise man- -nix, a learned man nay, a happy man, that's him. Hurray." COX, CARMELITA MAE "Cannie' Usher Committee 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Service Com mittee 5, 6, 7, 8, Home Room Secretary 5, 6, Sub Deb Club 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Girls' G C. 6, Senior Class Representative 8. "She may be shy, but she knows the an swers." CROSS, ZONA LOUISE "Zona" Y Teen Club 3, 4, 5, 6, Youth Fellowship Club Secretary 6, 7, 8, Class Sermon, Co Chairman, 8. "Some of the nicest people are not well known," CRUIKSHANK, IOYCE EVADEAN "I0yce' Senior April Committee 8. "Smiles will make your troubles light." CURRY, CAROLYN MARY "Al' Home Room Secretary 8, Debate Club 3, 4, Tennis 4, 5, 6, 7, March Senior Party 8, Oracle Reporter 7. "Penny for her thoughts." DAVIS, HOWARD IUDSON "Wi1lie' Home Room President 7, Home Room Vice President 6, Home Room Secretary 5, Band lCalitorniaD 3, Boys' G. C. 8, Football iCali iorniat 3, Track 4, 6, 8, Lite Saving 7, Sen ior March Party 8, Cross Country Track 5 "Everything comes to a man who will only wait." DAVIS, KATHERYN IOANN "Grandma" Home Room Secretary 75 Home Room Treas- urer 85 Girls' Athletic Manager 45 Spanish Club 85 Senior Cap and Gown Committee 8. "Trouble is for those who let it worry them." DAVIS, MADONNA LUCILLE "Stinky" Usher Committee 5, 65 Activities Committee 85 Assembly Committee 85 Home Room Sec- retary 5, 65 Home Room Treasurer 85 Sub Deb Club 45 Cosmopolitan Club President 8, Clvlemberl 6, 7, 85 Girls' G. C. 3, 85 Drum Majorette 7, 85 Senior Party Committee 85 Oracle Business Staff 85 Polar Bear Busi- ness Staff 85 Office Assistant 45 Oracle Clerk and Stenographer 8. "Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm." DAVIS, PAUL GORDON "Paul" Usher Committee 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Home Room President 3, 85 Photography Club 5, 65 lg' loo Committee 75 lntramurals 85 Co-Chair- man April Senior Pary 8. "I live, yet say not much, but think the more." DAVITT, VERN LEE "Vern" Senior Banquet Committee 85 Swimming 7, 8. "Tal1, dark and oh my." DEFREES. ION WALLACE "Ion" "Blessings on him who invented sleep." DELONG, DORIS IEAN "Doie" Cosmopolitan Club Treasurer 6, iltflemberl 5, 65 Sub Deb Club 75 A Cappella Chorus 85 Girls' G. C. 6, 7, 85 Polar Bear Editorial Staff 8. "lust like the stars, out every night." DERNOVICH. GLORIA TINA "Tony" Sub Deb Club 85 Girls' G. C. 7, 85 Senior Publicity Club 8. "Her sweetness is a joy to all." DICKEY. CAROLE IOYCE "Carole" Citizenship Committee 7, 85 Senior Banquet Committee 85 Office Assistant 5, 6, 7, 8. "A friendly heart with many friends." DICK-PEDDIE. IOI-IN IRVINE "Iohn' Chairman Citizenship Committee 65 Home Room Secretary 7, Assistant Secretary 4 Latin Club fPresidentl 8, tMemberJ 8, 4, 5 6, 7, 85 Golf 5, 85 Senior Class Sermon Com mittee 8. "Wisdom is the key to success." DUNCAN, DOLORES LOUISE "Dode' ludicial Board 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Usher Commit tee 4, 5, 85 Assembly Committee 85 Home Room Secretary 7, 85 Senior Party Commit tee 85 Office Assistant 8. "Quiet in appearance, motives unlcnown.' EKLUND. ROLLO LEE "RoIlo' Assistant Home Room Treasurer 7, 85 Latir Club 5, 6, 7, 85 Censor 8, Co-Chairman Latir Club 75 Senior Cap and Gown Committee "Beware! l may do something famous yet.' EUBANKS. DONNA IEANNE "Donna' Usher Committee 7, 85 Service Committee 7, 85 Halls Committee 8, 45 Zetagathiar Club at East High 45 Sub Deb Club 5, 6 7, 85 Calico Club Representative for East 3 45 Makeup Committee for East High 4 Golf at East 3, 45 Tennis at East 35 Swim ming 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Intramurals 8, 45 Stu dent Leader 7, 85 Life Saving 5, 6, 7, 8' Synchronized Swimming 6, 7, 85 Senior Apri Party 8. "A smile is a whisper of 1ife." l EUBANKS. DELORES IEANNE "Ieanne' Spanish Club 55 G.A.A. 3, 45 Senior Picnic Commencement. "A true friend is forever a friend." EVANS. IACK CRAWFORD "Iack' Home Room President 85 Home Room Vice President 65 Life Saving 75 Cheer Leade 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Senior Line of March. "Friendship always benefits." FERREN, ROBERT DUANE "Bob' Art Committee 5, 65 Track 8, 75 Senior Deo orations Committee. "Line forms to the right, girls." FITZ, BEVERLY IEANE "Bev' Girls' G. C. 4, 5, 6, 75 Member of Cast "You Can't Take lt With You" 6, "l Rernerr ber Mama" 75 Nurse's Assistant 5, 6, 7, 8 Senior Class Night 8. "Who so loves, believes the impossible." FOELKER, CLARENCE "Clarence" Senior Commencement Committee 8. "I am able because I think I'm able." FOLEY. SHIRLEY ANN "Shirley" Girls' G. C. 5, 65 Glee Club at St. loseph's Academy 3, 45 Senior Prom Committee 8. "Laugh and the world laughs with you." FRENCH, LEWIS LEE "Louie" Stage Committee 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Movie Oper- ator CMemberl 3, 4, lChairmanl 5, 6, 7, 85 Home Room Vice President 7, 85 Swimming 3, 45 Senior April Party 8. "Once a triend, always a friend." GATES. ROBERT LEE "Bob" "N" Club 85 Boys' G. C. 5, 65 Football 5, 75 Track 4, 6, 85 Intramurals 7, 85 Co-Chairman Senior Picnic 8. "lt is better, ot course, to know useless things than to know nothing." GEARHART, VIRGINIA MAE "Minnie" Sub Deb Club 5, 65 Service Committee 7, 85 Girls' G. C. 5, 6, 7, 85 Tennis 65 Public' ity Committee 8. "l love to sit upon a fence and watch the snails go rushing by." GIBBS. BARBARA JEAN "Gibbs" Usher Committee 55 Service and Red Cross Committee 85 Sub Deb Club 5, 6, 7, 85 Girls' G. C. 5, 6, 7, 85 Swimming 6, 7, 85 Student Leader 85 Life Saving 6, 7, 85 Senior Games Committee 8. "Never a dull moment." GIBSON. IOHN CLINTON "Gibson" Usher Committee 4, 5, 65 A Cappella Chorus 5, 6, 7, 85 Boys' G, C. 5, 6, 7, 85 Football 3, 55 Wrestling 3, 5, 65 Senior Prom Com- mittee 8. "Generally speaking, he's generally speak- ing." GILBERT, BARBARA ANN "Barbie" Home Room Vice-President 85 Assistant Home Room Secretary 75 Home Room Treas- urer 65 Student Leader 85 Athletic Fund Bookkeeper 45 Senior April Party 8. "Laughter's never an end,' it's a by-prod- uct." GILDEA. RICHARD DEAN "Dick" Home Room President 7, 85 Home Room As- sistant Treasurer 35 "N" Club 85 Orchestra 6, 75 Band 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Golf 3, 4, 5. 6, 7, 85 Senior Party Committee 85 Oracle Reporter 75 Representative to Hawkye Boys' State '48. "Men are not measured by inches." GODFREY. IOANN MARION "Io" A Cappella Choir 6, 75 Girls' G. C. 5, 6, 75 Nurse's Assistant 75 Glee Club at St. los- eph's Academy 3, 45 Co-chairman Senior Questionnaire 8. "Still water runs deep." GOHNER, IANET IOAN "Ianet" Art Committee CChairmanl 55 CMemberl 6, 85 Home Room President 6, 85 Home Room Vice-President 55 Home Room Treasurer 45 Sub Deb Club 4, 55 Booster Committee 6, 85 Art 5, 6, 85 Co-chairman Senior Decorations Committee 85 Polar Bear Business Stait lArtJ 8. "It's nice to be natural, when you're nat- urally nice." GOOD. MARY KATHRYN "Mary" Lunchroom Hostess 35 Red Cross Commit- tee 85 Girls' G. C. 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Senior Ques- tionnaire Committee 8. "Love is the salt of life." GORDON. GLORIA IEAN "Mousie" Youth Fellowship Club 3, 4, 5, 65 Home Room Representative 8. "She has the genius of sincerity." GOSLIN, DONALD MAC "Don" Student Council Home Room Representa- tive at Clarion High School 3, 45 Athletic Manager at Clarion High School 35 lournal- ism Club at Clarion5 Orchestra 5, 6, 7, 85 Band 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Music Properties 3, 4, 5, 6, at Clarion5 Orchestra at Clarion- 5, 65 Band at Clarion 3, 4, 5, 65 Member oi Play Cast "Free Advice" 65 Serier Class Night Committee 8. "A good mind possesses cz kingdom." GRANDSTAFF. MILDRED MAXINE "Maxine" Athletic Committee 85 Assistant Home Room 'Treasurer 75 Home Room Treasurer 85 Sub Deb Club 5, 6, 7, 85 Cosmopolitan Club CSecretaryJ 7, CMe-mberl 7, 85 Student Leader 6, 7, 85 Lite Saving 5, 6, 7, 85 Senior Games Committee 85 Office Assistant 3, 4, 5. "Without kindness, there can be no joy." GREGG. BARBARA IEAN "Barb" Service Committee 85 Sub Deb Club 85 Service and Red Cross Committee 85 Senior Home Room Representative 8. "A smile is the whisper ot lite." GUSTAFSON. DOROTHY MARIE "Gus" Home Room Treasurer 75 Sub Deb Club 8, 45 lntramurals 8, 4, 7, 85 Lite Saving 5, 5, 7, 85 Oracle Reporter 85 Senior Picnic Corn- mittee 8. "She doth indeed show some sparks that are like wit." HALDERMAN, CLEO CLAIRE "Cleo" Home Room Treasurer 75 Home Room Ath- letic Manager 45 Band 3, 4, 5, 65 Golf 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 lntramurals 7, 85 Basketball 35 Senior Games Committee 8. "I swear I'm touched by cupid's dart." HAMMOND, LORETTA MARIE "Lolly" Home Room Secretary 7, Assistant 65 Home Room Treasurer 85 Girls' Glee Club 8: Se- nior Picnic lqamesl 8. "Man has his will--but woman has her way." HARGIS, SHARLIE SANDRA "Shai'Iie" Halls Committee 55 Swimming 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Student Leader 5, 6, 75 Lite Saving 35 Drum Majorette 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Home Room Representative Senior 8. Attending Tech High HATFIELD, THEODORE LEROY "Ted" Home Room Vice-President 65 Senior Prom Committee 8. "Tall, blondeand oh my!" HAYES, BETTY IUNE "Betty Iune" Usher Committee 3, 4, 55 Social Committee 3, 4, 5, 65 Films Committee 7, 85 Cosmopoli- tan Club CPresidentl 3, lTreasurerl 4, lMem- berl 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Girls' G. C. 35 Senior April Party Committee 8. "Patience is a remedy tor every sorrow." HAYS. MARY FAITH "Mary Faith" Citizenship Committee 7, 85 Assembly Com- mittee 7, 85 Activities Committee 5, 65 Band 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Latin Club 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Typist 6, 7, 85 Senior Questionnaire Committee 8. "There is warmth and friendship in her smile." HAZEN. CHRISTINE TERESE "Chris" Home Room President 65 lunior Class at Valley High -- Pre-sident5 Represerrtative5 Chairman ot lunior-Senior Banquet tee5 Stage Work 85 Member of Cdstof "Best Foot Forward", Student Coach 55 A Cappella Choir 6, 7, 85 Senior Question- naire 8. "Gentle ot speech,' beneticent of mind." HEGGEN. ROBERT ALLEN "Bob" Usher Committee 4, 5, 65 Assembly Com- mittee 85 Home Room President 85 Home Room Vice-President 75 Spanish Club 8, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 A Cappella Chorus 6, 7, 85 Boys' G. C. 55 Golf 5, 6, 7, 85 Senior Announce- ment Committee 8. "Real merit cannot long be hidden." HEIMBAUGH. IACK DEAN "lack" Track 65 Basketball 55 lntramurals 7, 85 Oracle Reporting 75 Senior Games Commit- tee 8. "These women are driving me mad ---- espe- cially the teachers." HENNEMAN. DORIS DELLA "D orrie" Scholarship Committee 55 Assistant Home Room Secretary 75 Home Room Secretary 85 Girls' G. C. 45 Student Leader 7, 85 Lite Saving 5, 6, 7, 85 Drum Majorette 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Rope lumping 7, 85 Senior Picnic and Games Committees 85 Editorial Staff of Oracle 85 Oracle Reporter 75 Feature Edi- tor 8. "She takes a hop, skip and a jump to success." HERKER. ELLEN LORENE "Ellen" Sub Deb Club 7, 85 Girls' Glee Club 7, 85 Senior Ouestionnaire Committee 8. "A girl like her we seldom meet." HESS. DONNA GAIL "Halt-pint" Girls' G, C. 45 Senior Cap and Gown Com- mittee 8. 5 "Lasting cheerfulnessf' l HINRICHS. MARGUERITE HELEN "Marg" Assistant Home Room Vice-President 85 Home Room Assistant Secretary 85 Latin Club 3, 45 Spanish 7, 85 Junior Lite Saving 45 Senior Picnic Committee 85 Senior Games Committee 8. "The truly generous is truly wise." HOUSE. MARY ANN "Mary Ann" Lite Saving 6, 7, 85 l-lead Majorette 8, 4 5, 6, 7, 8, rumbling 3, 4, Modem Dancing 3, 45 Senior Picnic Committee 85 Reporter tor Oracle 7, 85 Feature Editor of Polar Bear 8. "No one knows what she can do 'til she tries." HOWARD, GLORIA ANNE "Glo' Member of Student Council 85 Ushers 65 Social Committee 6, 7, 85 Films 6, 75 Serv ice 8, 4, 55 Citizenship Representative 45 Spanish Club 3, 4, 5, 65 Sub Deb 7, 85 Ten nis 5, 6, 7, 85 Editor-in-Chief ot Orclcle 85 Reporter ot Oracle 75 Nurse-'s Office As sistant 4, 5, 6, 75 April Party Committee 8 "Sensible." HOWARD. LARRY ROGER "Larry" Cap and Gown Committee 8. "Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you." HOWARD. LILA LOUISE "Red" Activities Committee 3, 4, 5, 67 Films Com- mittee 57 Usher Committee 87 Chairman of Activities Committee 7, 8- Sub Deb Club 5. 6, 7, 87 Cosmopolitan Club 7, 87 Girls' G. C. 87 Senior Banquet Committee 87 Office As- sistant 7, 8. "Her sweetness doth match the beauty oi her hair." HUSTED. BARBARA NADINE "Barb" Home Room Secretary 87 Home Room Treas- urer 77 Y-Teen Club tCreston, lowal 57 Christian Fellowship Club 6, 7, 87 Senior Cap and Gown Committee 8, "A merry heart is like a tonic." ILNNINGS. RALPH LEE "Ralph" Ticket Committee 3, 4, 57 Vnte Chairman 57 Booster Committee 7, 87 Stage Committee 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 87 Home Room President 7, 87 Home Room Vice President 5, 67 "N" Club 87 Stage Work 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 87 Electrician 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 87 Tennis 3, 47 Swimming 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 87 Captain 8- Track 67 Football Equipment Manager 77 Senior Class Night 8. "A man not of words but ot act'ons." IOHNSON. AUDREY IOAN "Audie Io" Costume Committee 5, 6, 7, 87 Home Room Vice-President 57 Debate Club 4- A Cappella Chorus 4, 5, 6, 7, 87 Student Leader 5, 6, 77 Senior Party Committee 87 Oiiice As- sistant 77 Lunch Room Cashier 3. "lust whistle and l'll come to you, my lad." JOHNSON, DONNA IEANNINE "lea:-mine" A Cappella Choir 4, 5, 6. 7, 8- Girls' G. C. 3, 4, 7, 87 Polar Bear Business Staff 87 Senior Banquet Decorations Committee 8. "Live this day as it it were the last." IOHNSON. PAUL HUBERT "Paul" Club 87 Hi-Y Club 7, 85 Boys' G. C. 87 Football 3, 77 Swimming ice-captainl 87 Swimming 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 87 Senior Lite Sav- ing 67 Track 4, 6, 87 Senicr Gaines Coin- mittee 8. "I live, yet say not much, but think the more." KAPPLEMAN. DONALD LEE "Don" Usher Committee 77 Home Room Vice-Presi- dent 87 Senior Publicity Committee 8. "Thouqh vanish the thought, he could argue still." KI-IILE, PATRICIA LOUISE "Pat" Sub Deb Club 7, 87 Senior Questionnaire Committee 8. "A sweet girl without pretense." KIRCHER, MICHAEL IOSEPH "Mike" Band at Dowling 3, 47 Senior Line of March 8. "Some ot the nicest are not well known." KOEPPEL, DONNA LEE "Donna" Oracle Business Staff 5, 6, 77 Oracle Book- keeper 5, 6, 77 Senior Ouestlonnaire Com- mittee 8. "Tl:e world is happier because ot her." ROLL. PATRICIA LOUISE "Pat" Cosmopolitan Club 4, 5, 6, 7, Secretary 57 Member ot Cast, "l Remember Mama," 77 Home Room Representative 8. "The gilt ol being agreeable." LANGIN. LORETTA MAE "LolIy" Sub Deb Club 5: Grls' G. C. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: A Cappella Choir 5, 8, 7, 87 Tennis 4, 5, 87 Student Leader 8- Lite Saving 7, 87 Intra- murals 4, 5, 77 Oracle Repcrting 7, 87 Polar Bear Business Staff 87 Senior Prom Com- mittee 8. "I love life." LEONARD. BIRDALYN IOY "Birdie" Spanish Club 87 Christan Fellowship Club tPresidentJ 4, 5, 6, 7, tMemberl 3, 8: A Cap- pella Chorus 7, 8j Girls' G. C. 6, 7, 87 Senior Home Room Representative 8- Nurses As- sistant 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Assistant Home Room Treasurer 7, 8. "Her ways are Ways ot pleasantnessf' LILLIE, DONNA IEAN "Lillie" Citizenship Committee 7, 87 Sub Deb 77 Band 3, 47 Student Leader 77 Senior Banquet Corn- mittee 87 Nurses Olice 5, 6, "We must not stand upon tritlesf' LINT. ANNA MAE "Anna Mae" Costume Committee 7, 87 Publicity Commit- tee 77 Latin Club Courselor 3, 4, 5, 87 Sub Deb Club 87 Service and Red Cross Com- mittce Assistant Treasurer 7, 87 Fellowship Club 57 Oiiice Assistant 87 Senior Publicity Committee 8. "Calm and cool-tempered at all limes." LONG, CHARLES "Chuck" A Cappella Chorus 3, 4, 5, 77 Senior Class Sermon 8. "He is capable ol his highest ambition." LONG, ROBERT DAVID "Bob" Halls Committee 57 Home Room President 87 Home Room Vice President 4, 57 "N" Club 87 Football 3, 77 Senior Party Committee 8. "Whatever advice you give, be brief." LORENZ, THOMAS HARVEY "Tom" Assembly Committee 5, 87 Home Room Presi- dent 5, 77 Orchestra 3, 4, 5, 67 Band 3, 4, 5, 67 Football 3, 77 Basketball 3, 4, 5, 67 Intramurals 7, 87 Senior Prom Committee 8. "And certainly he is a good fellow." LUCE, VIRGIL LEROY "Virge" Basketball 4, 5, 77 Intramurals 7, 87 Oracle Reporter 7, 87 Polar Bear Editorial Staff 8. "He lives for his . . . jokes?" MCCONNELL, DALE EDWARD "Dale" Home Room Vice-President 77 "N" Club 87 Basketball 3, 4, 57 Track 4, 6, 87 Intramurals 7, 8j Senior Picnic Committee 8. "Man of thought and action-clear the way." MCDONALD, DONN HUDSON "Don" Stage Committee 3, 47 I-Iome Room Treasurer 47 Golf 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 87 Senior Games Com- mittee 8. "Study is a pastime, why overdo it?" n MCGUIRE, MARCIA ANN "Marcy" Home Room Assistant Secretary 7, 87 Sub Deb Club 7, 87 Intramurals 3, 4, 5, 67 Senior Banquet Committee 87 Oracle Reporter 87 Study I-lall Assistant 5. "Her friends are many, her enemies few." MCMULIN, PAUL DONALD "Paul" Senior Line of March Committee 8. "All must be earnest in a world like ours." ' i s 655 ':7.,.,." I y,.y A gb -Q llzggs 7: 7- ,,.,7"t i l MCNELEY, BETTY LOUISE "Betty" Citizenship Committee 4, 5, 6, 77 Sub Deb Club 4, 5, 6, 7, 87 Office Assistant 4, 5, 6. "Love is too precious to be lost." l l McNELEY, JAMES KALE "Iim"t Senior Banquet Committee 8. l "His very foot has music in it," l MCNELEY, RICHARD DEAN "Dick"N Home Room Vice-President 87 Football 57 Life Saving 77 Senior Line of March 8. , "True to his w6rk, his friends, his word." MADDEN, PEGGY LEE "Peggy" Student Council Member 7, 87 Usher Com- mittee 5, 67 Citizenship Chairman 7, 87 As- sembly Committee 87 Publicity Committee 67 Home Room Vice-President 77 Latin Club 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 87 Sub Deb Club 4, 5, 6, 7, 87 Girls' G. C. 37 Member of Cast "I Remember Mama" 7, "Our I-Iearts Were Young and Gay" 87 Property Committee 87 Chairman of Senior Banquet 87 Assistant Feature Editor of Oracle 87 Oracle Reporter 7. "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." MALIN, ROBERTA "Roberta" Lunchroom Hostess 4, 57 Assembly Commit- tee 7, 8j Sub Deb Club 3, 47 Cosmopolitan Club 67 Spanish Club 67 Home Room Repre- sentative 8. "Quiet and retiring but a woman of true worth." MANSKE, SHIRLEY GERMAINE "Blondie" Usher Committee 4, 5, 6, 7, 87 Publicity Com- mittee 67 Sub Deb Club Vice-President 4, 5. 6, 7, 87 Cosmopolitan Club 6, 7, 87 Tennis 4, 5, 6, 7, 87 Swimming 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 87 Student Leader 4, 5, 6, 7, 87 Life Saving 4, 8: Synchronized Swimming 7, 87 Cap and Gown Committee 87 Oracle Reporter 7, 87 Oracle Business Staff 7, 87 Editorial Staff of Polar Bear 87 Business Staff of Polar Bear 7, 8. "A woman of few words?" MARCHANT, SHIRLEY MAE "Taken" Assistant Home Room Secretary 87 Senior Publicity Committee 8. "Silence is qolden." MARCOVIS, IAMES STANLEY "Iim" Member of Student Council 7, 87 Usher Com- mittee 4, 5, 6, 7j Athletic Committee 5, 6, 7, 87 Assembly Committee 57 Halls Commit- tee 8, Home Room President 77 Home Room Vice-President 67 Latin Club Q'I'reasurerJ 6, CMemberi 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 87 Debate Club iVice- Presidentl 5, lMemberJ 4, 57 International Discussion Club 37 "N" Club 87 Member of Cast of "You Can't Take lt With You," 6: "I Remember Mama," 77 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," 87 Property Committee 87 Makeup Committee 6 7, 87 Basketball 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 87 Tennis 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 87 Senior Class Night Committee 8. " 'Tis good will makes intelligence." MARLEY. MARIORIE ANN "Marge" Usher Committee 6, Social Committee 8, l-'ilms Committee 6, Activities Committee 8, 4, 5, 6, 7, Cosmopolitan Club 7, 8, Sub Deb Club 7, 8, Girls' Glee Club 5, 6, 7, A Cap- pella Choir 8, Member ot Cast "l Remem- ber Mama," 7, "Our Hearts Were Younq and Gay" 8, Student Director ot "Seven Keys to Baldpaten 8, Oltice Assistant 8, Sen- ior Class Niqht Chairman 8. "Love is like measles, we all have to go through it." MARMET, HERBERT L. "Herby" Home Room Vice-President 7, Senior Line of March 8. "The sort oi fellow we all like." MARTIN, THOMAS CHILDS "Tom" Member oi Student Council 8, Social Com- mittee 7, 8, Ticket Committee 5, 6, Home Room President 8, Wrestling 8, 4, 5, 6, Base ball 4, 6, Senior Banquet Committee 8. "Nothing hinders me or daunts me." MARVIN, PAUL KEITH "Paul" Usher Committee 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Chairman 7 8, Home Room President 5, Home Room Sec- retary 6, "N" Club 7, Football 8, 5, 7: Track 4, 6, 8, Senior April Party Commit- tee 8. "Real gentlemen are few." MESSENGER, DONALD WARREN "Casanova" Orchestra 7, 8, Boys' Glee Club 7, 8, A Cap- pella Choir 7, 8, Band 8, 4, at Dumont, A Cappella Choir, at Wellman, 5, A Cappella Choir, at Napier, 6, Boys' Glee Club, at Du- mont, 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club, at Wellman, 5, Boys' Glee Club, at Napier, 6, Baseball, at Dumont, 8, 4, Baseball, at Napier, 6, Senior Cap and Gown Committee. "l came here to be distracted by women- not to study." MEYER, BARBARA RENDIA "Barbie" Usher Committee 4, 5, Social Committee 6, Citizenship Committee 6, Latin Club tVice- President? 5, tMemberJ 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Senior Announcement Committee 8. "Always happy, never sad." MILLER, GERALDINE LOUISE "Ierry" Discussion Club 8, Senior Publicity Commit- tee 8, Oftice Assistant 8. "Smiles will make your troubles light." MINTZER, ALBERT "Al" "Honor lives in honest toil." MORROW, DELORES HELEN "De" Member Student Council 8, Usher Commit- tee 8, 4, 5, 6, 7, Athletic Committee 6, 7, Assembly Committee 7, 8, Assistant Home Room Secretary 6, Home Room Treasurer 5, 7, 8, Girls' G. C. 8, 4, 7, Goli 7, 8, Student Leader 5, 6, 7, 8, Senior Prom Committee 8. "A good disposition is more valuable than gold." MORTON, RICHARD DEAN "Dickie-Dean" Photography Club 8, 4, B Chorus 8, 4, Basketball 8, 4, Baseball 8, 4, Senior Ban- quet Committee 8. "The less people think the more they talk." MULCAHY, PATRICIA ANN ' "Pat" Sub Deb Club 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Girls G. C. 3, Senior Representative 8. "Without kindness, there can be no joy." MULL INS, VIRGINIA MAE "Glenny" Home Room Vice-President 8, Student Leader 7, Drum Majorette 7, 8, Senior Picnic Com- mittee 8. "Born with a gift ot laughter." NEWBIGGIN, BEVERLY IEAN "Bev" Activities Committee 8, Art Committee 7, Home Room Treasurer 8, Latin Club 8, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Sub Deb Club 8, 4, 5, 6, Tumbling Team 4, Senior Banquet Decorations 8, Re- porter ot Oracle 7, 8, Editorial Statt Polar Bear 8, Co-Editor ot Polar Bear 8, Study Hall Assistant 4. "An elegant, eager student." NOLAN, GEORGE "George" Home Room Treasurer 8, Senior Commence- ment Committee 8. "He's a jolly good fellow." NORTON, MARY ELIZABETH "Mary" Finance Committee 6, 7, Home Room Sec- retary 7, 8, Home Room Treasurer 6, Citi- zenship Representative 5, Sub Deb Club 8, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Senior Banquet Committee 8. "She speakes, behaves and acts just as she ought." OPDYKE, FORREST GENE "Forrest" Ticket Committee 8, 4, Home Room Presi- dent 5, Horne Room Treasurer 7, 8, Seniu Chairman of Line of March 8. "True to his work, his friends, his wor- OSBERG, DeWAYNE EDWARD "Wayne" Usher Committee 4, 55 Home Room Vice- President 87 "N" Club 87 Football 3, 75 Senior Party Committee 8. "Boys will be boys." PEPER, BRYCE "Bryce" Stage Committee Chairman 7, 87 Home Room Treasurer 77 Stage 'Work 5, 6, 7, 87 Electrician 5, 6, 7, 87 Swimming 5, 6, 7, 85 Lite Saving 7j Senior Announcement Corn- mittee 8. "A man ot few words." PERKINS, PATRICIA LOUISE "Perkin Horne Room Secretary 87 Home Room Treas- urer 75 Spanish Club 7, 85 Cosmopolitan Club 87 Oltice Assistant 6, 77 Senior Picnic Committee 8. "l Came here to be distracted by men: not to study." PETERSEN. ARLENE ALICE "Arlene" Senior Games Committee 8. "Her ways are ways of pleasantnessf' PEWICK, ADELE IOY "Hall-Pint" Service Committee 7, 67 Sub Deb Club 3, 4, 5, 87 Horizon Club 5, 6, 7, 87 Cafeteria 'Worker 67 Senior Publicity Committee 8. "Small but mighty." PHALP. IENNIE RAE "Iudy" Usher Committee 3: Sub Deb Club 3, 47 Golf 57 Tennis 67 Swimming 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 87 Intramurals 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 87 Student Leader 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 87 Lite Saving 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 87 Rope lumping 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 87 Tumbling 3. 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Senior March Party Commit- tee 8. "Study is a pastime: why overdo it?" PHILLIPS, MARY LOUISE "Mary" Usher Committee 67 Home Room Secretary, Assistant 6, 85 Student Leader 5, 67 Senior Questionnaire Committee 8. "Always willing to oblige." PHIPPS. EULA ROSALIE "Rosie" Home Room Representative 8. "Live while you may." PORTER. RAYMOND LAWRENCE "Ray" Athletic Committee 5, 6, 75 Halls Committee! 3, 4, 5, 67 lgloo Committee 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 87 "N" Club 87 Football 3, 5, 75 Swimming 37 Baseball 6, 85 Track 45 Wrestling 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Intramurals 6, 85 Lite Saving 3, 45 Oracle Reporter 77 Oracle Editorial Staff 85 Senior Prom Committee 8. "Let us enjoy pleasure while we can." POTTORFF. MARGARET "Mcxggie"N Senior Publicity Committee 8. l "A true lriend indeed." PRIOR, IEANNINE LEE "Gigi-Lee" Sub Deb Club 6, 7, 85 Cosmopolitan 85 Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 87 A Cappella Choir 7, 87 Tennis 3, 47 Student Leader 67 Lite Sav- ing 5, 67 Oracle Reporter 7, 85 Oracle Cir-' culation Manager 87 Polar Bear Editorial Stott 85 Home Room Representative 8, "There's nothing like fun, is there?" RAMSEY, LOUANN MARIE "Louunn"' Senior Home Room Representative 8. "At last, I gain freedom." l REINTS, WILLIAM ROBERT "Bi1l"l Football 75 Basketball 67 Track 6, 87 Intra- murals 87 Senior Party Committee 8. "He keeps them wishing." RICCIO, DOMINIC PHIL "Dom"q Co-Chairman Senior Games Committee 8. ' "Man is the most intelligent of animals-J and the most silly." RILEY. DIXIE RUTH "Dixie" Lunchroom Hostess 35 Home Room Treasurer 55 Sub Deb Club 3, 45 Drum Majorette 4, 5, 6, 7, 87 Oracle Bookkeeper 4, 5, 65 Head Bookkeeper 7, 87 Co-Chairman ot Senioit Prom. t "The little flower." RITCHIE, DELORES IRENE "Pearl" Home Room Secretary 7, 85 Home Room As- sistant Secretary 5, 65 Girls' Glee Club 37 Lite Saving 7, 87 Senior Banquet Commit- tee 8. "I live for tun." .. ,... .. , fr ....,... W .. . ,. , we A Q fn, ' G s W Q. Zn ROBERTS, DAVID RICHE "Dick" Student Council Treasurer 8, Finance Com- mittee Chairman 8, Halls Committee 6: Home Room President 7, 8, "N" Club 8, Football 6, 8, Basketball 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Track 3, 6, 8, Senior Picnic General Plans 8. "Small, but oh my!" ROBERTS, PAUL VERNON "Paul" Ticket Committee 8, Home Room President 6, Home Room Vice-President 7, 8, "N" Club 8, Vtfrestlinq 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Captain 8, intra- murals 8, Senior Prom Committee 8, "To be late, or not to be late: that is the question." ROBINSON. CHLORIS MARIE "Marie" Pep Club in Colorado 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Pub- licity Committee 8, A Cappella Choir 5, 6, 7, Girls' Glee Club 5, 6, 7, School Paper 5, 6, 7, Otiice Assistant 7, all at Colorado. "There's nothing like fun, is there?" ROGERS, IO ANN "Io" Assistant Home Room Treasurer 7, Athletic Manager lqirll 5, Sub Deb Club 4, 5 6, 7, Senior Home Room Representative 8, "She lives for skating." ROUTSON. CALDEAN YVONNE "Carol" Home Room Secretary 3, Girls' Glee Club at Lincoln High 3, Home Roozn Representa- tive 8. "I live for my prince." SAYRE, ROBERT DARRELL "Bob" Senior Cap and Gown Committee 8. "And certainly he is a good fellow." SCHAKET, ARDITH ROSALYN "Artie" Usher Committee 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Service Committee 3, 4, Latin Club 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Spanish Club 5, 6, Discussion Club 8, 4, Golf 5, 6, Student Leader 8, Study Hall Com- mittee 8, 4, 5, Red Cross Committee 3, 4, Home Room Representative 8. "She doth indeed show some sparks that are like wit." SCHONE, BONNIE LEE "Schonie" Y Km Usher Committee 6, Vice-President of Home ,V,... ,IZZ E E A,V. L :,f,,, .,-,," 1 , I, ti"::t"':' I ....,. . .,,, ,.. ,,,.,. ,, . ,, Room 7, 8, Home Room Treasurer 6, Assist- ant Treasurer 7, Sub Deb Club 3, Senior Announcement Committee 8, Otfice Assist- ant 7, Nurses Assistant 8. "Quiet in appearance, motives unlmown." SCHOOLEN, KATHERYN ANN "Kathy" Home Room Representative 8, "There's sunshine in her heart." SCHULZE, ROBERT ROLAND "Bob" Home Room Vice-President 7, Senior As- sembly Committee 8, Senior Line ot March Committee 8. "A man worth knowing." SCOTT, GARY THOMAS "Fleettoot" Athletic Committee 7, Home Room President 6, Home Room Vice President 5, "N" Club 8- Track Representative 8, Football 3, 5, 7, Basketball 3, 4, Track 4, 6, 8, lntramurals 7 8, Senior Prom Committee, "Man of thought and action, clear the way." SCOTT, LOUISE MARIE "Marie" Home Room President 7, Home Room Sec- retary 5, 6, Assistant Secretary 3, 4, Co- chairman ot Senior Cap and Gown Commit- tee 8, Ottice Assistant 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. "A friendly heart with many friends." SHAW, BARBARA IEANNINE "Barb" Usher Committee 7, Sub Deb Club 5, 6, 7, Girls' G. C. 8, Senior Prom Committee 8. "Two souls with but cr single thought." SHELDON, LYNDON LEROY "Lyndy" Iudicial Board 8, Assembly Committee 8, Chairman ot Senior Line ot March Commit- tee 8. "It is well to know more than he says." SHEPHERD, ALFRED FRANKLYN "Boobie" Football 5, Track 8, Senior Commencement Committee 8. "Humor's son, made up oi wisdom and ot fun." SHOFFNER. IO ANN "Io" Costume Committee 7, 8, Sub Deb Club 4. 5, 6, 7, Senior Pictures Committee 8. "Smiles will make your troubles light." SHREFFLER, AUDREY IEAN "Audrey" Films Committee 6, 75 Service Committee 7, 85 Activities Committee 5, 65 International Relations Discussion Club 35 Cosmopolitan Club 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, CVice-Presidentl 5, 6, 85 Member of Cast "I Remember Mama," "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay"5 Senior Dec- orations Committee 8. "A sweet girl without pretense." SHULTZ, ROBERT GREGG "R.G." Ticket Committee 3, 45 Usher Committee 4, 55 Home Room Vice-President 85 "N" Club 5, 6, 7, 85 Tennis 8, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Swimming 5, 6, 7, 85 Senior March Party Co-Chair- man. "Quiet in appearance, but motives un- known." SMITH, DANIEL WALKER "Danny" Senior Class Sermon Committee 8. "Silence is gained to many of mankind." SONDERLEITER. KENNETH G., IR. "Kenny" Spanish Club 7, 85 Senior Cap and Gown Committee 8. "I hurry not, neither do I worry." SORENSEN, ALBERT GERALD "Al" Stage Committee 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Home Room President 65 Home Room Vice-President 75 Home Room Secretary 55 Boys' G. C. 75 Track 6, 85 Life Saving 75 Senior Games Committee 8. "Trouble is lor those who let it worry them." SPIKER. TEDDY CHARLES "Ted" Senior Picnic Committee 8. "The sort ot tellow we all like." STEWART. MARILYN DOROTHY "Marilyn" Girls' ,Glee Club 75 Oracle Reporting 75 Study Hall 4. "Speech is great, but silence is greater." STROMGREN, IOHN CHARLES "John" Usher Committee 3, 4, 5, 65 Films Commit- tee 85 Halls Committee 85 Spanish Club 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, CPresidentJ 6, 75 Member of Cast "I Remember Mama," "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" 7, 85 Co-chairman of Senior Class Night 8. "He is capable ot his highest ambitions." SWIFT, RICHARD CLAIR "Dick" Halls Committee 65 Home Room Vice Presi- dent 4, 65 "N" Club 85 Football 3, 75 Basket- ball 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Baseball 4, 6, 85 Senior Prom Committee 8. "He looks the world in the face." SWINEHART. RICHARD FRANKLIN "Prank" Student Council iMemberl 7, 8, lPresidentl 85 Films Committee 75 Usher Committee 85 Ath- letic Committee 85 Halls Committee 6, 7, 85 Igloo Committee 5, 65 "N" Club 85 Orches- tra 5, 6, 75 A Cappella Choir 85 Boys' Glee Club 85 Member of Cast "You Can't Take It With You," "I Remember Mama," "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" 6, 7, 85 Prop- erty Committee for Faculty Play 85 Football 35 Baseball 7, 85 CAthletic Managerl Foot- ball and Baseball 7, 85 Oracle Reporting 75 Senior Prom Committee 8. "The man with the band." TAGGART, IAMES LELAND "lim" Home Room Vice-President 6, 75 Assistant Home Room Treasurer 85 Orchestra 7, 85 Band 8, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Member of Cast "You Can't Take It With You"5 Senior Prom Com- mittee. "Not bold nor shy, nor short, nor tall, but mingling of them a1I." TAVENNER, ROBERT WAYNE "Bob" Home Room Vice-President 75 Orchestra 7, 85 Band 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Golf 3, 4, 5, 65 Wrestling 7, 85 Senior Banquet Committee 8. "Trouble is lor those who let it worry them." THOMPSON. NORA GLEE "Tommy" Sub Deb Club 85 Student Leader 85 Senior Prom Committee 85 Oracle Reporter 85 Polar Bear Staff, Business, 85 Advertising Manager for Polar Bear 8. "Variety is the spice ot lite." TIMM, IACK EDWARD "lack" Senior Publicity Committee 8. "I do think thee to be a pretty nice fellow." TOWSLEY. IOHANN ELLEN "Io" Usher Committee 5, 6, 7, 85 Spanish Club 8, 4, 55 Girls' Glee Club 85 Oracle Reporter 85 Office Assistant 5, 65 Senior Banquet Com- mittee 8. "Oh! that we had more like thee." TURNER, KAREN IOY "Karen" Usher Committee 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Athletic Com- mittee 75 Costume Committee 5, 6, 7, 85 Home Room Secretary 65 "N" Club 85 Mem- ber ot Cast "I Remember Mama" 7, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" 85 Costumes 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Makeup Committee tor Faculty Play 85 Makeup Committee 6, 75 Tennis 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Student Leader 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Drum Majorette 5, 6, 7, 85 Rope Iumping 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Tumbling 45 Modern Dancing 3, 45 Edi- torial Stait 85 Feature Editor of Polar Bear 85 Oracle Reporter 75 Chairman of Senior Party 8. "lf there is a way, she will find it." VAN BUSKIRK. IOANNE CAROLINE "Io-Io" Costume Committee 7, 85 Girls' G. C. 85 Cos- tume Committee 7, 85 Swimming 7, 85 Stu' dent Leader 3, 4, 7, 85 Lite Saving 85 Senior March Party Committee 8. "Dance, balerina, dance." ,I .- 1 , U vEs'rm.. BOIGNIE IEAN l"BonrEe" Cosmopolitan Club 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Christian Fellowship Club 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Girls' Athletic Association CChicagoJ 35 Girls' G. C. 35 Cub Reporting 7. "Silence is one great art ol conversation." WATTS. PATRICIA LUCILLE "Pati-Lo" Finance Committee 85 Cosmopolitan Club 85 Spanish Club 7, 85 Senior Picnic Committee 85 Office Assistant 6, 7. "A little girl with soit voice and gentle ways." WELLS. MAURICE BLAKE "Merrie" Usher Committee 75 Citizenship Committee 7, 85 Home Room President 85 Spanish Club 8, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, tPresidenti 75 Band 3, 45 Se- nior Commencement Committee 8. "The age oi chivalry is not gone." WENNER. HARRY O. "Harry" "Men are not measured by inches." WEST. IANET DARLENE "Janet" Cosmopolitan Club 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Discussion Club 35 Christian Fellowship Club 5, 6, 7, 85 Girls' G. C. 85 Senior Home Room Repre- sentative 85 Nurse's Assistant 7, 8. "Ah, size is not all that counts." WHEELER. IAMES WENDALL "lim" General Plans Committee 8. "He loves to talk." WHEELER. MARDELL ELIZABETH "Manly" Sub Deb Club 65 Girls' Glee Club 6, 7, 85 Home Room Representative 8. "Freedom at last." WILSON. DUANE LEWIS "Duane" "I dare not be as funny as I know how." WILSON, LOWELL HENRY "Lowel1" Usher Committee 55 Films Committee 6, 85 Ticket Committee 3, 4, 55 Home Room Treas- urer 7, 85 Senior Party Committee 85 Life Saving 7. "Is there a method in his madness?" WILSON. PATRICIA DAWN "Pat" Citizenship Representative 75 Intramurals 3, 4, 5, 6, 75 April Senior Party Committee 85 Study Hall Assistant 7. "Lasting cheertulnessf' WINGER. EDWARD GORDON "Ed" Track 65 Wrestling 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Senior Party Committee 8. "It's we11 to know more than he says." V YOUNG. KAY IEANNINE "Kay" Social Committee 85 Finance Committee 6, 75 Service Committee 85 Latin Club 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Discussion Club 35 Girls' G. C. 85 Chairman Senior Party 85 Home Room Treasurer 6. "A good deed is never lost." ZORNES, PHYLLIS GENEVIEVE "Phyll" Social Committee Co-Chairman 7, 85 Latin Club 5, 6, 7, 85 A Cappella Choir 4, 75 Mem- ber ot Cast "You Can't Take It With You" 6, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," 85 Lite Saving 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Senior Class Night 8. "Good sense and good nature are seldom 1 separated." SENIUHS NUT PIETUHEII Senior Announcement Committee 8. "It is good to be honest and true." KELLER. DARRELL DUANE "Darrell' Senior Games Committee 8. "A man worth knowing." AENLEY, THURLAN C. "Ainley" Senior Picnic Committee 8. "His very smile encircles the whole heart.' EOUCHER, EARLDINE "Butch" Senior Games Committee 8. "The rest is silence." IROOKS, ROBERT K. "Bob" "Virtue is its own reward." DOUGLAS. VADA RUTH B Chorus tLincolnl5 Senior Publicity Com- mittee 8. "Veda" "Never too serious, always gay." ELLERBECK. ELEANOR MAY "Eleanor" Horizon Club 7, 85 Girls Chorus at Fairfield High School 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 8. "Live while you may." GILMORE, BILLIE ALENE "Billie" Usher Committee 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Sociatas Ro- mana 7, 85 Student Leader 45 Chairman ot Publicity Committee, Senior, 8. "Argue early, argue late, it a line be crooked, she'll argue it straight." GREENWOOD. BEVERLY MARILYN "Bev" Christian Fellowship Club 85 Girls' G. C. 35 Senior Representative at Thomas, Oklahoma5 Class Secretary 3, 4, 5, 65 Class President 65 American Literary Society 3, 45 Vice- President 5, 65 President 65 School Chorus 3, 4, 5, 65 Associate Editor of Hlabbok Star" 5, 65 Editor 75 Member of Cast otpAll School Play "The Courtship oi Miles Standish" 4, "The WhirlWind" 6. ' "Simplicity is the greatest virtue." GRIMM, DONALD DUDLEY "Don" Senior Picnic Committee 8. "Oh, size is not all that counts." 1 AUGUST AAAUUAAAS 'fl 3 0 . an 6.53 . 0 J Boys' Glee Club 7, 85 Football 3. "A better pal could never be found." Service Committee 45 Spanish Club 2, 35 Member of Cast "l Remember Mama" 7, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" 85 Property Committee 85 Student Leader 4, 5, G, 75 Senior Picnic Committee 85 Cracle Re- porter 8. "How forcible are right Words?" MULCAHY, DONALD IAMES "Don" Halls Committee 55 Football 3, 55 Basketball 3, 4, 5, 65 Intramurals 7, 85 Senior Games Committee 8. "ls there a method in his madness?" NELSON. RONALD WEIEN "Ronnie" Art Committee 65 Senior Decorations Com- mittee 8. "A typical all-round good fellow." OLESON. LOIS MARIE "Lois" Badminton, at Lincoln, 35 Nurses Office, at Lincoln, 35 Senior March Party 8. "The gift of being agreeable." SAYRE. RICHARD GUY "Guy" Senior Games Committee 8. "A better pal could never be found." VAN NORDSTRAND. IOAN N "Io" Latin Club 3, 45 Discussion Club 35 Debate Club 45 Swimming 5, 6, 7, 85 Life Savinq 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 85 Senior Prom Committee 8. "Never cr dull moment." JONES, 101-IN ALVIN "lemme" ' L-A' .M . A "-u, - U X MASTROFSKI, DIANE EAN "Di" SENIIIH WILL I-INII IIII-IIIY SENIUII WILL Ramona Albright wills her neatness to Donna Case. ludy Phalp leaves her swimming ability to Ioann Speer. Doris Henneman wills the feature page to Iane Doe Cmostly her in- terviews with the wheels of other schoolsl. Peggy Madden wills her acting ability to Cornelia Otis Skinner. Hoberta Capps leaves her athletic ability to any other girl who has the time and energy to do 100 things at once. Herbie Lavine wills his basketball ability to Wayne Tjaden. Barbara Gilbert leaves her likeable ways to Elizabeth Fenton. Dick Swift leaves with Barbara and also his paper route to any one else foolish enough to get up at 3:00 o'clock in the morning. Carol Dickey and Beverly Berry leave still as best friends. Shirley Manske leaves her struggle to stay on the tennis team to Phyllis Grossman. Beverly Fitz leaves to join Vern. Forrest Opdyke wills his trigonometry book back to F. H. Stewart. Paul Marvin leaves Phyllis Ray and Dominic Riccio leaves Sally to walk the halls by themselves. Ardith Schaket leaves to join Ierry. Dick Fedson wills his craziness to Ierry Howlett. locmne Van Buskirk wills her laugh to Iacque Morgan. Loretta Langin leaves her muscles to Skip Callanan who needs them. Larry Courter wills his use of six-syllable words in journalism to Bill Greaves, who has a few of his own. Dorothy Gustafson leaves . . . without T. I. Howard Davis wills his track ability to anyone else who can be so slow. Carolyn Bailie refuses to leave her liking for Drake saxaphones. Beverly Newbiggin wills sister Nancy's lunch money to Darlene Guerrero, hoping that "sis" won't starve next semester. Howard Baker wills his wisecracks to Toby Robinson, who already has millions. Clarence Barlow leaves his Charles Atlas build to Paul Slack. Vern Davitt, Bob Schultz and Bill Omdahl leave for the second time. lon DeFrees and Margaret Barr leave their piano playing ability to Ann Dallagher and Eleanor Tannus. Mary Baker leaves her way to saying "I don't know" to Ruth Edgren, who never has to answer that way. Gloria Howard leaves the "Oracle"-in the morgue. Ed Winger leaves the tenth grade girls to Bill Willis. De Wayne Osberg finally leaves to join Beverly. Pat Perkins wills her ability to talk her folks out of the car to anyone else who can talk fast enough. Mary Louise Phillips wills her many boy friends to Ruth Ann Beard. lohann Towsley leaves with Dick Morton. Betty Rose Schimmelpfennig leaves her long last name and the many, many times she has had to spell it the second time. !Continued on page 522 I 31 10 ll 12 14 18 19 SENIUII IIILHY IANUARY First day of semester. Seniors show authority by having senior dress-up day. Iudy Phalp dresses up for first time and empties her lunch in her lap. FEBRUARY -Cagers beat Tech 32-18 for first city win and avenge previous defeat. Mermen down Roosevelt 46-29 for second champs. victory over city graduates filed in on August list as Names of all prospective Iune and August office. Bob Gates shocked as he sees name he is a Iune graduate. Roughriders trample Bear five 49-36, as the in the third quarter. Grapplers lose to Newton 25-15. boys again falter -North girls well represented in State synchronized swimming meet at Ottumwa. Shirley Manske finds limousine just as comfortable as her own bed. -N-Club reorganized. Student council induction. Frank Swinehart, president: Everett Bos, vice-president: Dave Roberts, treasurer: and Lavaine Cobb, secretary. Swinehart lays down law concerning student conduct. -Tankers win ninth straight dual meet, 48-26, over East, Matmen also victorious over Scarlet in thriller, 18-17. --Grapplers beat Tech 23-18. Ray Porter victor in close decision to capture meet in final event. Swimmers continued their winning ways by trouncing the Lincoln High swimmers 47-28. Dixie Riley nearly falls in pool as Barlow triumphs. -Fort Dodge tramples the Bears, 49-24, in a Big Six fray. -Bowles charges pull upset of city season by downing the boys from Lee Township 36-32 to spoil the Webb quintet's bid for the city crown. Dick Fedson led scorers with ll markers. Iames Lyle coached his tankers to another victory as the boys surged by Boone 49-26. This completed the regular season for the Polar Bears with a record of ll wins and no defeats in dual competition. First Oracles issued with Gloria Howard, editor, grinning ear to ear. Initial senior meeting held in auditorium with the nomination of officers. Seniors no longer spokes but "wheels," Basketeers travel to East Waterloo. Trojans took advantage of the North five's third quarter jinx to win 42-32. Mermen finish in state swimming meet at Iowa City. Paul Iohn- son victor in 40-yard free style. Clinton wins throne by up- setting Bears 64-57. During the regular season the Clinton team fell to the Lylemen 49-25. Cagers fall to a last quarter onslaught by West Waterloo 52-41 to end disappointing trip. Lavine sinks 19 for top scoring honors. Iim Marcovis and Dick Fedson battled it out for the cribbage crown with Dick winning. 21-Friendship week opens with a social hour in the cafeteria. David Riche Roberts was pretty busy securing the signatures of the fairer sex. 22-Assembly helps to give frienship week a big send-off. Iohannes 171 Knudson, president of Grandview Iunior College. was the main speaker. Washington's birthday rates a half day holiday. Ion DeFrees can now catch up on his much needed sleep. The cagers make it a successful holiday by shattering the Lincoln Abes 49-39 at the Drake Fieldhouse for their third city win. Fedson tore the nets off by ripping through with 16 points. fCont.'nued on page 701 SENIUH BABY PICTURES L if ,A lvzzza, i Z: :ZZ 2 fee? ' - 1-:- v:::: Q Q ., 'fff222A: px TR Yivfmi '--:. , A -E V ...4 LU, -' W Es, Sc 525-fiwii .mi E181 IUDICIAL BOARD SEATED: Lindy Slieldon, Everett Eos, Delores Duncan, lane Berzenltouser. STANDlNG: Torn Davis, Ellsworth Lory, lean Short, Molly Lalvlar. STUDENT COUNCIL FIRSAT ROW: Cleo Pliilleo, Betty Perry, Glorra Geppert, Dolores Duncan, Phyllis Zornes, lame Batzen ouser, SECOND ROW: Gladys Howard, Norman Linn, Dick Roberxs, Bill Greaves, lohn Andrews, Bryce Peper THIRD ROW: Gloria Vaughn, Sally VanCleave, LEWIS French, Bob Heqqen, Dick Gilded, Ralph lenninqs FOURTH ROW: Peqqy Madden, lcon Short, lanet Gohner, Gloria Howard, Lavaine Cobb, Mr. Lory. FIFTH ROW: lean Larsen, Virginia Bootz, Betty Iune Hays, Dolores Morrow, Colen Scales. SIXTH ROW: lim Marcovis, Kurt Werner, Bill Orndahl, Dick Fedson, Lila Howard, Harry Lawdahl. SEVENTH ROW: lack Evans, lim Saylor, Paul Davis, Ev Bos, Maurice Wells, lerry Vitebsky. EIGHTH ROW: DeWayne Osberq, Danny Smith, Ivan Cackler, Glenn Carlson, Ronald Potts. l19l PULA R BEAR EU-EDI BEVERLY NEWBIGGIN NOLA BEVARD TURS POLAR BEAR STAFF U POM U FRONT ROW: Karen Turner, Mary Ann House, Beverly Newbiqqen, Nola Bevard, Doris DeLong, 2 B R Larry Courter. BACK ROW: Virgil Luce, Shirley Manske, Loreita Larrqin, Ieannine Prior, Iacquelyrr Corder, Q 1 J Charles Austin, Ieannine Iohnson, Walter Barnett, Nora Thompson, lane? Gohner. 1 A N 'Q ' 9 1 NOT PICTURED: Martha Allbauqh. . O X ' L O . 9 . I I O l g . ,4. 6:5 L 'I Y, E9 U T201 UHAE LE EIlITUR-IN- Putting out the "publicity" for the "big top" is the Oracle Editorial Staff. "A big round of applause" should be given this stait for achieving a Superior Rating among high school publications. GLORIA HOWARD CHIEF ORACLE EDITORIAL STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Barnett, Barbara Banning, Roberta Capps, Herb Lavine, Gloria Howard, fx Doris Henneman, Ray Porter, Peggy Madden. n , . , N W l,g x 'J K A ill' -,XB il' n 'Ill' o , 1 l21l Q ,ig ,J ORACLE BUSINESS STAFF SEATED: Patty Marquette, Dixie Riley, lanet Green, Marcia Petty. STANDlNG: Evelyn Highland, Mary Ann House, Walter Barnett, Loretta Lanqin, Donna Davis, leannine Prior, Martha Allbauoh, Harold D. McCullough, Pat Heetner, Shirley Manske. CUB REPORTERS FIRST ROW: Eleanor Tannus, Iune Deirlinq, lane Betzenhouser, Faye Chaiken, Phyllis Grossman, Regina Porter, Diane Mastroiski. SECOND ROW: Bill Greaves, Janet Gohner, Myrna Morrison, lean Short, Ruth lohnson, Marsha McGuire, Don Woods. THIRD ROW: Patty Moornaw, Nora Thompson, Norma Carlson, Dorothy Gustafson, Iohann Towsley, Betty Schimmelpfenniq, FOURTH ROW: Martha Albright, Doris Elinqs, Darlene Robinson, Douglas l-lutton, lay Hytone, Skip Callanan, Louise Savage, Walter Barnett. T221 Sl 0 R 4 Hmm l J BOYS' GLEE CLUB FIRST ROW: Joe McDole, Bill Greaves, Norman Linn, Herb Bundy, Skip Callanan. SECOND ROW: Gene Buckley, Jack Neidt, Paul Johnson, Richard Hiaday, I-Ial Stookey, Paul Bosley. THIRD ROW: Clinton Gibson, Howard Baker, Darrell McCoullaqh, Charles Austin, Frank Swinehart. FOURTH ROW: Wayne Tjaclen, John Jones, Don Messenger, Harlan Sundahl, Jim Donovan. A CAPPELLA CHOIR FIRST ROW: Phyllis Ray, Eleanor Williams, Marilyn Moser, Jean Short, Barbara Fisher, Bonnie Christian, Martha Allbauqh, Dorothy Clayton. SECOND ROW: Joyce Accorl, Joyce Cruikshank, Ruth Edqren, Delores DeLong, O'Joy Oakes, Loretta Lanqin. THIRD ROW: Bara Joe Smith, Marla Rogers, Birdlayn Leonard, Donna Gibbens, Evelyn Highland, Jeannine Johnson, Ruth Henneman, Georgia McKinney. FOURTH ROW: Betty Martin, Dorothy Williams, Don Vestal, Joann Wilson, Harriett Lautenback, Virginia Bootz, Jeannine Prior, Marjorie Marley. FIFTH ROW: Hall Stookey, Charles Austin, Fred Bootz, Jack Neidt, Bob Heqgen, Norman Linn, Bill Greaves, Joe McDole. SIXTH ROW: Richard Hiqday, Don Messenger, Clinton Gibson, Jim Lee, Darrell McCoullagh, Jerry Callanan. SEVENTH ROW: Steven Black, Ev Bos, Jerry Walter, Harlem Sundahl, Jim Donovan, Frank Swinehart. ORCHESTRA Y FIRST ROW: Billy Brown, Bob Fuller, Ronald Tyree, Rodney Bricker, Ruth, Anne Beard, Wanda White. SECOND ROW: Frank Tucker, Carol Knapp, Jim McNeley, Cartrell Wilcots, Darl McCullough, Jerry Bowlsby, Janet Petty, Nancy Atwood, Howard Williams, Bob Tavenner, Bob Waldner, Cecil Pace, Don Messenger. THIRD ROW: Margaret Barr, Darlene Robinson, Barbara Cottinqton, Jack McWilliams, Aqnesan Curnow, Francis Mikelson, Bill Hays, Charles Dowell. FOURTH ROW: Jim Tagqert, John Turner, Dori Goslin, Nancy Williams, Herbert Hansen, Ronald Potts, Norman Verden, John Hetherinqton, J. B. Snyder. l24l GIRLS' GLEE CLUB FIBST ROW: Burn Netdernran Far. Bubertson Luann Sprart, Bartiona Brophy, lc: Am Van Btzsktrk Rosanne Ichnsicn, IcArtn Ieftrxfsr, Martiyn Schuetz, Evelyn Houghton. SECOND BOW: Bleancr Harden, Lencra Holhnaswarth, Beverly Talley, Margaret Barr, Lcretta Lanqrn IoAnn Rasser, Barbara Grblas Banntc Chrrsttan, Martha Allbaucjh, Delores Thcrnton Marxlyn Mcser, THIRD BOIN: Sandra Lavzne, Btta Flatt, Eleanor Elierbeck, Sally Gray, Marilyn Surles, Ieanrtrne Ichnsan Ioan Haney, Kathleen Hsch, Barnarit Ftsher Harriett Laughtenbach, Ioann Wilson. FOURTH BOW: Georqra Bclen, Pat Pattersen, Roberta Grady, Carolyn Btrhrer, Carolyn Reel, Bennle Trelbur, Wanda White, Betty Perry, Bara Ice Smrth, Algae Basrnussen. FIFTH BOVJ: Ioyce Meadows, Pat Manqar, Betty Brtzman, Beverly Lewts, Mary Pew-sers, Donna Case Bonnie Mrk, Chrrstrne Hazen, Avanell Gurnrn, Barbara Battery, Pat Wccas, SIXTH BOIVV: Mary Gild, DeeArrrz Hi-ms, ljtcrcthy McVay, lean Cross Thelma Haw-.'k1ns, L12 Fentcn Barbara Hartsock, Betty Carson, Marrlvn Ccultas, Alma Caffee. SEVENTH BOW: Loretta Hanrmcna I,1la Howard, Louise Miller, Lencra Gearhart, Barbara Gcthrldae Ianet West, Barbara Shaw, Ioan Hants, Audrey Palmer, Maxrne Bowman, Mardell Wheeler, BIGHTH BOW: Mary West, Martnell Hesler, loan Brraqel, Helen Burrell, Fannre Webster, Iacque Saloman Glorra Harris, Mary Cotten, Glcrra Dernovrch, Kathrrne Strathers. NINTH BOW: Dorothy Frat-zes, Henrretta McDonald, Ieannrne Prior, lean Larsen, Bose-F Mary Martrn Barbara Lewis, Shirley Patrtck, Kay Young, Donna Beeson, TFNTH BOW: Karlene O'Mera, Betty Chrrstenson, Vrrqmia Gearhart, Iantce Smith, Darlene Kappalrnan, Betty Hunt, Ellen Herker, Vfartda Horncrfker, Darlene Davrs, Darlene Vtfhitmnn, Dcrzs DeLona, Danna Davrs, Evelyn MCNear. if t JP? f- 1 tt f O K , X-fw' sg. , 0.0 9 .13 t T251 . ,sasi 1 .4 ---Y -- i26l BAND FIRST ROW: Mae Rose Hrtz, Nancy Aiwood, Mary Faith Hays, Ronald Tyre-e, Rodney Bricker, Mar- aaret Barr, SECOND ROW: Dar! McCullough, lim Taqqert, lim McNeley, Barbara Cottinqton, Ianet Petty, Dar- lene Robinson, lack McWilliams, Aqnean Cur- now, Prank Tucker, Cartrell Wilcots, Ion Delfrees, Eugene Buckley, Carol Knapp, THIRD ROW: Betty King, loy Mittlestadt, Denis De-nqer, lerry Bowlsby, loyce Carroll, Gloria Hall, Don Messenger, Cecil Pace, Howard Wil- liams, Bob Tavenner, Dick Gildea, Bob Tew, Bob Walclner, Francis Mikelson, Beverly Cole, Charles Dowell, Herbert Hansen, Bill Hays. FOURTH ROW: Dixie Riley, Doris Henneman, Wanda White, John Turner, Don Goslin, Ronald Potts, Nancy Williams, I. B. Snyder, Bob Fuller, Norman Verden, Iohn Hethermqton, Virginia Mullins, Dorothy Russell, Donna Davis. MAI ORETTES Doris Henneman Ginny Mullins Donna Davis Dorothy Russell Dixie Riley NOT PICTURED: Mary Ann House, Karen Turner. ALL-SEHUUL PLAY The "Big Top's" GRAND STAND EVENT ot the semester was "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." May 6 and 7. The tent's canvas quivered with applause at the antics ot two young girls on their first trip abroad. SENIUR P Ramona Albright-eAir Line Hostess Martha Allbaugh-Office Work Iacqueline Alliree-Secretary Iohn Andrews-First Class Decorator Charles Austin-Iournalism Field Carolyn Bailie-Career Girl Mary Bakerfl-Iousewiie Howard Baker-Cabinet Maker Ioanne Banister-Secretary Barbara Banning-Secretary Clarence Barlow-Traveling Salesman Margaret Barr-Secretary Dolores BarrettfCareer Girl Donna Beeson-Housewife Beverly Berry-Secretary Nola Bevard-Accountant Beverly Bjork-Nurse Iames Blend-Big League Manager Virginia Bootz-Nuclear Scientist Ev Bos-Accountant Maxine Bowman-Housewife Ramona Brophy-Police Matron Eugene Buckley-Owns His Own Business Myrtle Burgett-Costume Girl Bob Byers-Auto Mechanic Ivan Cackler-Man Alma Cafiee-sOf'tice Work Bobbie Capps-Girls' Gym Instructor Glen Carlson--Broker Norma Carlson-Secretary Tom Carson-Pro Wrestler Anne Carpino-Business Woman Bonnie Christian-Housewite Mardell Clark-Secretary Dorothy Clayton-Housewife Lavaine Cobb-Cover Girl Doris Cochrane-Dressmaker Peggy CochraneAStewarcless Beverly Cole-Nurse Iacquelyn Corder-Stenographer Mary Iane CoryAAdventuress Mary CottongStenographer-plus Helen Couch-Business Woman of Des Larry Courter-Advertising Manager Carmelita Cox4Raiser of Horses Zona Cross-Otiice Work Ioyce Cruikshank-Singer Carolyn Curry-Housewife Donna Davis-Stewardess Howard Davis-Track Pro Katheryn Davis-Housewife Paul Davis-Photographer Vern Davitt-Marines Ion DeFrees-Artist Doje DeLong-Playgirl Gloria Dernovich-Historian Carole Dickey-Secretary John Dick-Peddie-Brain Dolores DuncanfSecretary Rollo Lee Eklund-Flame Thrower Ieanne Eubanks-Office Iob Donna Eubanks-Dancing Teacher lack Evans--Pro Baby Sitter Dick Fedson-Doctor Robert Ferren-Hot Rod Salesman Beverly Fitz-Housewife Ray Foelker-Scientist Shirley Foley-Office Work Lewis French-Teacher Bob Gates-Street Cleaner Virginia Gearheart-Housewife Barbara Gibbs-Secretary Clinton GibsonAAudrey Sitter Barbara Gilbert-Big Wheel's Secretary Dick GildeamGolt Champion Ioann Godfrey.+Cosmetologist Moines l 28 HUP Ianet Gohner--Nurse Mary Good-Wife Gloria Gordon--Secretary Donald Goslin-Musician Maxine Grandstatt-Secretary Barbara Gregg-School Teacher Dorothy Gustafson-Nurse Cleo Halderman-'Accountant Loretta Hammond-Housewife Sharlie Hargis-Wiie Ted Hatfielde-Civil Service Work Betty Iune Hayes-Beautician Mary Faith HaysVSecretary Christine Hazen-Pro Skater Bob Heggen+Science Fiend lack Heimbaugh-Mechanic Doris Henneman-Secretary fChuck'sl Ellen Herker-Office Work Donna Hess-Secretary Evie Highland-Dancing Teacher Peggy Hinrichs-Driving Teacher Mary Ann House-Cccupational Therapist Gloris Howard-Iournalism Work Larry Howard-Speculator Lila Howard-Secretary Barbara Husted-Thrittway Worker Ralph Iennings-Politician Audrey Iohnson-Ottice Work Virgil Luce-Spanish Teacher Iennine IohnsonfArlist Paul IohnsonADiving Instructor Don Kappelman-Accountant Miyeko Katayama-College Kid Donna Koeppel-Housewife Pat Kroll+Housewiie Iean Larsen-Secretary Loretta Langin-Nurse Herb Lavine-Student to Teacher Capps Birdalyn Leonard-Office Work Donna Lillie-Housewife Anna Mae Line-Secretary Bob Long-Pool Shark Tom Lorenz-Mechanic Dale McConnell-e-Husband Donn McDonald-Sailor Marcia McGuire-Housewife Paul McMullin-Dishwasher Betty McNeley-Housewife Iim McNeley-No. 1 Sax Man Dick McNeley-Strong Man in Circus Peggy Madden--Actress Roberta Malin-Clerking Shirley Manske--Model Shirley Marchant-Wife lim Marcovis-Racket Stringer Marjorie Marley-English Teacher Herb Marmet-Grave Digger Tom Martin--Pro Yo-yo Man Paul MarvineAccountant Don Messenger-Photographer Barbara Meyer-Wolf's Cover Geraldine Miller-Nurse Albert MintzerwMedicine Man Delores Morrow-Secretary Dick Morton-North's Yo-yo Champ Pat Mulcahy-Stenography Work Ginny Mullins-Secretary Gecrge Nolan-Undecided NCS Mary Norton-Secretary Beverly Newbiggin-Loafer Bill Omdahl-Doctor Forrest Opdyke-Private Accountant DeWayne Csberg-eHusband Bryce Pepper-Electrician Pat Perkins-Stewardess Girl Q HECY K s 41' Qmtw IAM AE 2:1 hunn pq W iq! ! Fir .-2 I F: I KContinued on page 782 l Jam- J.t..,... KID xx 7' WRESTLING TEAM FlRST ROW: Bob Tcrvenner, Norman Lmn, lock Thorpe, Iohn Andrews, Bob Rote, SECOND ROW: Ice McDole, Lorenzo Duke, Don Klisczres, Ierry Lass, Bob Wren, Paul Roberts THIRD ROW: Denzil lanes, Bob White, Ray Porter and Coach Ronald Sterrett. COACHES LEFT TO RIGHT: Glenn Bowles, Ronald Sterrett, Theresa Andelson, lim Lyle, George Fulk. lfll SWIMMING North's swimmers, under Coach lim Lyle, racked up one of the most impres- sive records in North High history. The mermen won ll dual meets, While dropping none. They finished second in both the city cmd state meets. The Bears topped off this fine season by twice downing Roosevelt, the city champs. TRACK TEAM FIRST ROW: Alfred Shepherd, lerry Greenwell, Dean Gates, Larry Alkire, Bob Radnich, Bill Greaves, Vivian Lee, Gary Scott, Dick Roberts, Toby Robinson. SECOND ROW: Bob Stout, Dick lolinson, Bcb Herman, Dale Lucas, lerry Callanan, lerry Boqan, Bob Gates. THIRD ROW: Dick Brown, Paul Marvin, Bud Ridqley, Paul Bosley, Paul Slack, Andrew Bennett, Walt Vtfoody. FOURTH ROW: Dwight Ganoe, Alan Dray, Herb Bundy, Colon Scales, Dick Palmer, Bill Hays, Bill Poe. FIFTH ROW: Don Baldwin, lim Lind, Ivan Cackler, Paul Davis, Dan Reese, Dale McConnell, Perle MclVIulin. SIXTH ROW: Frnnts Billingsley, Arthur lefierson, Wayne VJilcots, lohn Iones, Albert Sorenson, Allen Gilmore, Howard Davis. SEVENTH ROW: Paul Iohnson, Denzil lones, Tom Carson, Herb Hansen, Dennis Denqer. EIGHTH ROW: lim Lyle, Bill Rernts, Vance Brennan, Rcnald Sterrett, Charles Kyle. SWIMMERS FIRST ROW: Andy Wolder, Bryce Peper, Bill Greaves, Toby Robinson, Dale Knapp, Bob Herman, SECOND ROW: Paul lohnson, Dale Lucas, Paul Slack, Ierry Bclsby, Ralph Ienninqs, Paul Bosley, Bob Sheets, 1 THIRD ROW: Colin Scales, Bob Schulze, Laverne Davitt, Ev Bos, Dan Reese, Icn Wilkinson, Bob Antrim: l3ll Z f SWIMMING: STATE CHAMPS FRONT TO BACK: Paul Iolmson, Dem Reese, Paul Bcsley, Paul Slack, ONE-MILE RELAY FIRST ROW: Dick Roberts, Dale McConnell, Bill Greaves, SECOND ROW: Bill Poe, Iohn Iones, Gary Scott. l32l FIRST TEAM BASKETBALL FRONT ROW: Iunior Melaas, Wayne Tjaden, Dick Fedson, Bill Wrighi, Herb Lavine. BACK ROW: Wilbur Carier, lim Marcevis, lim Lee, Dick Swift, Max Foqel, Max Isaacson. SECOND TEAM BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: Dean Gates, Bob Cabbage, Tom Shannon, Roy Dougherty, Dick Brown, Art Jefferson, Ierry Boqan. SECOND ROW: Paul Davis, Don Paulson, Wendell Kempion, Larry Augspurger, Ronald Polls, BQlly Smith, Gerald Winqet, Dwight Ganoe, THIRD ROW: Harrison Weber, Roafr Evans, Sieve Black, Bob Rice, Bill Smith, Ioe Veverkcr, lerry Vitebsky, Bob Wright, Coach Glenn R. Bowles. l33l GIRL SWIMMERS Iazrct Bradley, loAm1 Speer, lucly Phalp, Bfllll' lerme Iames, loAnn Nodland, Phyllls Grass- mau, IOAH11 Van Nordstrancl, Diane Brooks, Roberta Capps, Maureen Mclvlillen, Barbara Sprmqate, Nxdlzxe Andrews, Shirley Marxslczs. GIRLS' TENNIS-FIRST TEAM Roberta Capps, Karen Turner, Lavaine Cobb. Sally VcmCleave, Betty Schimmelpfenniq, Shir' l34l ley Manske, 625 xffs X rnlmfb l f fl R K ff! X X3 Hp if ,Q 'est a 1 ' ' .mm 1 Uni!! J vw- Jamm- LIFE SAVERS FIRST ROW: Phyllis Grossman, Barbara Mohr, IoAnn Van Nordstrand, Ruth Reynolds, JoAnn Speer, Janet Bradley, Iudy Phalp, lane Betzenhouser, lean Kocheiser. SECOND ROW: Theresa Anderson, Gladys Howard, IoAnn Nodland, Marlene Iames, Diane Brooks, Maxine Grandstarf, Barbara Gibbs, Nan Price, Marcia Petty. THIRD ROW: Pat Parker, Shirley Patrick, Loretta Langin, Ioan Rosser, Myrna Morrison, Patty Moomaw, Donna Eubanks, Mary Clearman. FOURTH ROW: Pat Pomeroy, Margery Swanson, Beverly Fenton, Ianice Booth, Pat Smithsan, Barbara Springate, Lou Miller, Maureen McM1l1er1. FIFTH ROW: Phyllis Thomas, Phyllis Zornes, Marilyn 'Warren, Barbara Gotheridge, Beverly Cole, Iody Walther, Dorothy Gustafson, Donna Nelson. SIXTH ROW: Mary Gordinier, Shirley Reed, Lolita Willis, Ianet Petty, Nadine Andrews, Roberta Capps, Margo Page. SEVENTH ROW: Pat Brown, Mary Ann House, lean Pierce, Virginia Boys, Shirley Manske, Donna Kachelhoffer, Dorothea Butler, Gloria Pedersen. STUDENT LEADERS FIRST ROW: Phyllis Grossman, Itoko Katayama, Setsuko Katayarna, Karen Turner, Ianet Bradley, Norma Miles, Dorothy Clayton, lean Kocheiser. SECOND ROW: Harriett McGlothlen, Sally McGlothlen, IoAnn Nodland, Marlene Iames, Maxine Grand- staft, Eleanor INilIiams, Elizabeth Fenton, Barbara Gilbert, Theresa Anderson. THIRD ROW: Margaret Anderson, Carol Knapp, Iane Betzenhouser, Donna Eubanks, Ardith Schahet, Doris Henneman, Marla Rogers. FOURTH ROW: Martha Bowlsby, Ioyce Fiscel, Barbara Springate, Ruth Johnson, Marilyn Weigle, Anne Dallager, Ruth Reynolds. FIFTH ROW: Shirley Manske, Betty Rose Schimmelpfennig, Roberta Capps, Barbara Gibbs, Marcia Petiey, Donna Nelson, Lou Miller. SIXTH ROW: Barbara Cohen, Donna Kachelhorfer, Nadine Andrews, Evelyn Highland, Virginia Bootz, Nora Thompson, Delores Morrow, Shirley Reed. E351 A-YP N 5 MAX' GIRLS' TENNIS TEAM-TENTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Ehzcbetn Fenton, Ioan Rosser, Shirley Patrick, Donna Lou Curr, Mary LO.: Frederick. SECOND R O W Icyce Sutes, Diane Allen, Put Pomeroy, M cr e RCSG HAZ. "N" CLUB Q-Y F i361 BOOKKEEPERS STANDING: Harvey Hill, Carolyn Huggins, Icy Roy. BOYS' TENNIS SITTING: Gary Harris, Dale Knapp, Tom Shannon, Donald Rltchie. STANDING: Ronald Press, Bob Schultz, lerry Vltebsky, Sheldon Rubinowitz, Ev Bos, lim MGICOVIS I37l GIRLS' GOLF Marilyn Vlfelgle, Barbara Bannmq, Darlene Robinson, Sully McGlclhler1, Roberta CGHJS, Amie DGUCIQGL Indy Cloud, Delores Mcrzcw. BOYS' GOLF KNEELING: Hcxl Kniqhl, Dcn Werner. STANDING: Donn McDonald, Larry Ccurter, There-su Anderson, Cleo I-lcxldermcm, john Siromqren, Iohn Dick-Peddie, EV Bos, Dick Gjldecr, l38l ROPE IUMPERS EFT TO RIGHT: laruce Wallace, Indy Phalp, Sally McGlothlen, Doris Henneman, Bobby Turner, Barbara Gilbert. With skill and grace com- parable to that of "The Man on the Flying Trapeze," our nationally f a m o u s rope- jumpers perform their rope act. l39l Capp-, Karen F W r-QM 7,1 X W lx I lx E 3 ' 6 Q 0 f fr - i ei p J T t' FL North's baseball crew, after a shaky start, finished strong for a very commendable season. Several features of the year were Dick SWift's two- and three- hit performances against East and Fort Dodge, respectively, also the pitching of Wayne Tjaden, junior, was outstanding. In the base hits department Dom Riccio and Bill Wright were the leaders. X is 5 . 5 MAX 'if' t wt Y iiriktg BASEBALL-SECOND TEAM FIRST ROW: Coach George Falk, Iirn Scartozzi, loe McDole, Bob Klisares, Bob Cabbage, Bob Edwards, Andy Wolder. SECOND ROW: Lionel Potts, Bob Fedson, Ioe Veverka, Max Foqel, Russell Bullard, Harry Mott. THIRD ROW: Alan Smith, Warren McGavran, Earl Richardson, Bob Rice, Bob Sharp, Roger Williams. FOURTH ROW: Don Sumrny, Roger Evans, Lorenzo Duke, Glenn Morris. BASEBALL--FIRST TEAM FIRST ROW: Dominic Riccio, Norman Linn, lra Melaas, lerry Howlett, Frank Teske, Andy Wolder. SECOND ROW: Bob Antrim, Frank Swinehart, Glenn McClintic, Don Messenger, Don DeGroote, Bill Tew. THIRD ROW: Wendell Kernpton, Bill Wright, Wayne Tjaden, lim Lee, Ray Porter. FOURTH ROW: George Falk. Don Paulson, lim Saylor, Ted Spiker, Ronald Potts. l40l ' 1?1..i-1111? --Jem Garmin NH u--1-W 4 February 25 and 26 were the dates for one of the "biggest shows on earth," the faculty play. "Seven Keys to Baldpateu was as wonderful to watch as cotton fluff candy is to eat! FACULTY FIRST ROW: Ronald Sterrett, H. D, McCullough, Gaylord Troe, Ruby Lucas, Alice Galvm, loseplune Sarnide, Theresa Anderson, Margaret Rohret. SECOND ROW: Donly Prerson, Louise Cotnam, Floretta Bidwell, Lura Long, Ruth Rrckards, Helen Woodman. THIRD ROW: Ellsworth Lory, Mildred Crarg, Genevreve Moore, Essre Wltirry, Loss Scott, Lllla Tumbleson. FOURTH ROW: Conway Rhyne, Lowell Lockridge, Nellie Wilson, Loulse Mcflaughan. FIFTH ROW: S. Edward Thompson, George Kappelman, Fred Stewart, Mildred West, Ruth Tumbleson, Helen Hazlet, Walter Barnett, SIXTH ROW: Fred Penmngtcn, Moses Ienclcs, Iames Gooch, Euenge Worden, Glenn Bowles, George Falk, Don Emanuel. FACULTY PLAY LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs, Eugene Worden, Miss Galvin, Harvey Hrll, George Falk, Don Emanuel, Gaylord Troe, Ellsworth Lory, I42l CLUB PRESIDENTS FRONT ROVV: Danna Davis, Mclrxlyn Lyon BACK ROW: Ev Eos, lohn Stromqren, lohn Dick-Peddie. 0 gy . .y .I J , ' xv I f l . . ' 1 ::::,::i75:: u I, xml-M E wr? 'N CITIZENSHIP COMMITTEE l'lRST ROVJ: Mlcirecl Hensley, Fully fviurqlierte lcAnn Smctheis, Donna Buss, llounu Lillie. SECOND HOVJ: Ramona Albright, Mmy l:"1.1li Hays, Carole Dickey, Lois lllccrie, Build Hennenwn THIRD ROW: Bob Heqqen, Mouufe Wells VV ECP. Citizenship cmd Club presidents-These groups showed us how to take care of our school, like "ladies and gentlemen." l43l A x I, :-, W I ew, , 45 " E 'Nba '0'm,, f" I Q- 3 45" li i n g Ph V1 Illlmmullln if' 3.1 H , . 1-A-' x It Iflfli M ACTIVITIES AND FINANCE COMMITTEES FIRST ROW: Gloria Vaughn, Setsuko Katayama, Itoko Katayamcr, Miyeko Katayama, Donna Davis, Beverly Newbiqqin. SECOND ROW: Marqene Eng, Pai Watts, Nola Bevard, Carolyn Bailie, Marilyn Lyon, Miss Lucas. THIRD ROW: Mr. Thompson, Dick Roberis, Larry Courier, Lila I-Ioward, Deon Vestal. SOCIAL COMMITTEE FIRST ROW: Andy Wolder, Phyllis Zornes, Ianex Bradley, JoAnn Smothers, Doroihy Russell, Kay Young. SECOND ROW: Miss Essie Whirry, Gloria Howard, Nancy Williams, Margaret Shackleford, Phyllis Grossman. THIRD ROW: Eugene Buckley, Paul Davis, Tom Martin, lim Lee, lerry Callanan, l44l 4? HALLS AND ATHLETIC COMMITTEES FIRST ROW: Ianice Wallace, Maxme Granastafi, lerry Callanan, Bill Greaves, Bobby Capps, Ianet Bradley, SECOND ROW: Mrs. Theresa Anderson, Frank Swrneharl, lim Marcovls, lim Taggart, Bob Antrrrn, Paul Bosley. THIRD ROW: Don Blakely, Iohn Slromqren, Kurt Werner, Danny Reese, Paul Slack, Wendell Kempton. FOURTH ROW: Herb Lavrne, Blll Orndahl, Dick Fedson, Harlan Sundahl, Bob Shullz. FILMS AND ASSEMBLY COMMITTEES FIRST ROW: Delores Duncan, Mary Cotton, Donna Davis, Roberta Malin, Charlene Rynearson, Andy Welder. SECOND ROW: Darl McCullough, Charles Sprinqate, Molly LeMar, Iohn Andrews, Ann Dallaqer, Iackre Allfree. THIRD ROW: Lindy Sheldon, Bob Hegqen, Mary Farth Hays, Betty Iune Hayes, Delores Morrow. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Cohen, Lourse Savage, Donna Kachelhofrer, Connie Carlson, Toby Robinson. FIFTH ROW: Bob Schulze, Iohn Strornqren, Tom Lorenz, Howard Baker, Larry Courier. l45l BOOSTER COMMITTEE FIRST ROW: Paul Slcxck, Iohn Andrews, Ralph Ienninqs, Iim Sclylor, SECOND ROW: Alice Galvin, Icxnet Gohner, Iody Walther, Marjorie Marley, Kurtis Werner. af' 1' U :Qs f an J.. 'l N 0 5 , fix ' ' 0 i 0 fm Q ' . we J ,V I Saw S ' This recently organized group furnished us with pep crssern- blies ornd pompous to give us that "come one, come all" spirit. l46l SERVICE AND RED CROSS COMMITTEES FIRST ROW: Faye Chailcen, Iune Deierlmg, lan-ei Zavaisky, Carmeiita Ccx, Carolyn Woods. SECOND ROIN: Miss Tumbleson, Barbara Gregg, Adele Pewick, Audrey Shefiler, George Idlclimney, Patlie Finley. THIRD ROW: Albert Mintzer, Kay Young, Kreno Polydcran, Marilyn Lyon, Icy Anderson. FOURTH ROW: Donna Eubanks, Myrtle Burgett. Ruth Herbert, Donna Kachelliorler, Connie Carlson LIBRARY AND HOSTESS COMMITTEE FIRST ROW: Clela Phillec, Faye Chaxken, Betty Mason, Raztroria Brophy, Bzverly Lewis. SECOND ROW: Laura Long, Barbara Savage, lanxce Madsen, Martha Bawlsloy, Delores Rmggenberq, THIRD ROW: Arlean Petersen, Donna Harrison, Peggy Gcslin Dduna Case. NOT PICTURED: Wynetta Frakes, mm K - Ji SN f " C kg X, 3.32 f These two committees deserve " A the kewpie doll prize, custom- " F X .1 . - w : arr y awarded lor charnplon at 'ij'-.I shrp Work at cr clrcus. ,. X l47l if 'XX 21, ,J I N l L The Art Com- mittee and the Costume Com- mit t e e k e pt busy by adding "glamour a n d glitter" to the North High pro- ductions. , , X 5,9 5, ' .mf I3 X ,J 4 , X L I., xl r 1 I VO' LQ fr X . f A WWII ts 5 L.. 7 V' 6 ll' 5 CW ',g?!"'L f COSTUME COMMITTEE FIRST ROW: Gloria Geppert, Myrna Morrison, Karen Turner, Marilyn Moser, loAnn Shofiner. SECOND ROW: Marvel Burgett, Dolores Ellis, Gloria Pedersen, Patty Moomaw. THIRD ROW: Audrey Iohnson, Barbara Erb, Dorothy Miller, Myrtle Burqett, Pauline Berry, Miss Moore. ART COMMITTEE FIRST ROW: Gladys Howard, Betty Tory, Margaret Anderson. SECOND ROW: Dolores Riqqenberq, Lavaine Cobb, Louise Miller, Sally MoGlothlen. THIRD ROW: Pat Parker, Peggy Goslin, Ruth Robinson, lanet Gohner. l48l STAGE AND MOVIE CREW FIRST ROW: Bill Christensen, Dctrrell Heokort, lerry Cuullc, Bill Newcomb, Clrxrenee French, Bryce Pep SECOND ROW: Louis French, Rodney Bricker, Charles Austm, Cecil Pace, Bob Rfzdnich. THIRD ROW: Donly Pierson, Lowell Wilson, Ralph Iennings, Andrew Bennett, Albert Sorenson. FOURTH ROIN: Eugene Worden, Wayne Tjoden, Ioy Hyione, Bob Wright. USHER AND TICKET COMMITTEE FIRST ROW: Ronald Sterett, Bill Hdws, Norman Linn, lohn Andrews, Minnette Tull. SECOND ROW: George Kclpplemon, lim Sdylor, Glenn MCClin11C, Torn Davis, Bob Wren. THIRD ROW: Ev Bos, Paul DGVIS, Hurry Lowdohl, lim Blend. "The show must go on" is the motto of these people, who helped assure the suc- cess ot C111 assemblies. l49l A""v 'lgf !,,, -A NURSES' ASSISTANTS FIRST ROW: Birclalyn Leonard, Margaret Barr, Carol Knapp, Beverly Fitz, Adeline Robinson. SECOND ROW: Miss Alice Galvin, Carolyn Bailie, Nola Bevard, Arleane Petersen, loan Hawse. OFFICE ASSISTANTS FIRST ROW: Susan Hamilton, Roberta Grady, lcmice Wallace, Myrna Morrison, Mary Cotton, lune De-ierlinq, Louise Scott. SECOND ROW: Andy Wolder, Wynetta Frakes, Maxine Bowman, Delores Duncan, Roberta Malin, Ba:- bara Banning, lean Larson. THIRD ROW: Margaret Shackletord, loAnne Montgomery, lcAnn Smothers, Bonnie Luce, Carol Dickey, Beverly Berry. FOUIBITH ROW: Louise Savage, Evelyn Houghton, Phyllis Osmond, Betty Tory, Evelyn Highland, Maxine orstrum, FIFTH ROW: Miss Mildred West, Don Blakley, lim Blend, Hazel Chandler, Lila Howard. -v The "merry-go-round" of ac- ,AL tion in the nui'se's office and ' mx main office was kept running O Z- -X smoothly by our able assistants. D tv W lltllllllt , fix! lj 'Q xg , l '- f Ig, TJ I ' ' 'X - 'Tull f if ,Qs l' ' i IL- ' ' I gay? l50l GREENBLAT BAKERY CAKES - PASTRIES - ROLLS - PIES EGG BREAD - PUMPERNICKLE - RYE BREAD WEDDING AND BIRTHDAY CAKES S cialties by Order 609 Forest Phone 37335 Charlie Pray Music Center Lessons - Sheet Music 107 El enth Street Ph 40208 STEARN 'S ' 706 Walnut Dckey, Gustafson, Porter, Gohner, Fitz, Schimmie, l-llqhland, Gibs L gm, Evans, Ellerbeck, Marley, Gllbert, Stewarf, Van Euskirk, G P B l P D L NYLUN SWEATEHS . 'X Cool - Colorful Q Comfortable QL I 1 Junior Mass A IX Navy, malze, carrot, pink, p wder bl bl k Sizes 32 to 40 NORMAN CIASSIDAY 720 Walnut Congratulations to the Seniors from IOHN HANCOCK INSURANCE COMPANY 320 Insurance Exchange Building Chas. W. Rosser. District Manager For all types of Brake Service go to YARHAM BRAKE SERVICE 701 Cherry Phone 3-5989 l51l SENIOR WILL-Continued from page 17 Lila Howard wills all her lun at parties to Iody Cloud. Mary Faith Hays leaves her bass clarinet to the next person who can play it. Delores Ritchie wills all her shorthand work to Maureen McMillian. Dixie Riley wills the Oracle business room and all her lun and trouble to Patty Marquette. Louise Scott and Ann Carpino will their shortness to Pat Miller. Ted Hatfield leaves his good times with Ted Spiker, Bob Long and the rest of the boys to Harlan Sundahl and Iimmy Lee. Dick Roberts wills his peroxided butch to any other good looking boy. Paul Iohnson wills his diving skill to the next swimmer who isn't afraid oi hitting his head on the ceiling. Beverly Bjork leaves. Frank Swinehart leaves the student council presidency to the next person who can afford enough bubble gum to bribe them. Iohn Dick-Peddie wills his l's, which he has plenty of, to Harry Lawdahl. Gary Scott leaves his track ability to the whole next year's track team. Bob Gates wills the expense of his car to the next dumb one that owns his own car. Ray Foelker wills his chemistry brain to Don Schantz, and Bob Schulze leaves his to Charles Springate. Martha Allbaugh and Virginia Gearheart leave their three years of giggling friendship to any other two who are that crazy. tContinued on page 562 Compliments to Seniors DENNY MARKET 1223 Clark Street IF USED IN THE OFFICE OR SCHOOL SEE HOLLEY SCHOOL SUPPLY CO 100 East Grand Avenue VIC'S CAFE Friendly Service The Best of Food A Good Place to Eat 2404 University D! North High Oracle SAHEUNE PUBLISHING EUMPANY 1165 24th Slreel Phone 7-4423 l52l l f""5.1' J '11 'Q' 1 A I-IEFTY I-IANNAI-I T Not mel I watch my calories! At our house we use HOLLYWOOD BREAD, for it's baked without shortening . . . no fats added . . . and gives a delicious treat to a low calorie meal. Try it now, for lcste, and for diet, it's tops! -. N. . 4. 1 -- -'I ."'5., "'x Avi' s-'ra - - . , .. , , f '- ual i ff. '43g...f---- 'Hz -. I it . - Q,- w f"'1gf5z:1'?5'f:3b'l":-' 1' . ..-' .,.4v'v'.- f '-3 , P '-45T,:,,,.- .,,r.':.+.f'- ' ,v ig:43- 75 1 5 1 -H5-., 1.,..,,'4e A , . v,N.'q,,+-1'-4' . -, 1 .- it - .1513 92.1-fl '. -al - ii -Eau. ,Q-. , ,- ,ig ii. W -'avg f ' " Q, ..., - 5 , V f igizjggi. --" I A ' as, ,J-no -,555 ' I sllq fi , "" 3 9'-girl. : -' - -.rr ' baked by fhe bakers of SUPREME CONGRATULATIONS to the Seniors from NORTHWESTERN CANDY CO. Distributors Dairy Made Candy Bars 100 E. Locust Street Congratulations, Seniors SEA FOOD GROTTO 811 Walnut I53l argenfs Drive-In Noted for Good Sandwiches BAR-B-Q RIBS FRIED CHICKEN SPAGHETTI AND FRENCH FRIES MEAT BALLS ICE CREAM 1711 Forest Avenue Phone 3-9335 BARIVS BICYCLE SHOP Bicycle Repairing 713 Grand M. E. Barr. Proprietor DR. FLOYD E. HENRY DR. SHELDON GLADSTONE REGISTERED OPTOMETRISTS EYES EXAMINED - - GLASSES FITTED "For Better Vision" . " ' -b gg 'W' '- o P2 rf ,f" u c re -Y s 516 WALNUT STREET - DES MOINES. IOWA PHONE 4-5354 nnvmgn SPORTS HEADQUARTERS F OR ALL IOWA Send Greetings te North High Class of 49 ' ,-3 ' .f.,.f: .. -:P fvrim' -: ,512 -.- If Tennis Is Your Game :A:T ,N Youell Play Better With A New Racket from S -eieeiiil Davidsons .-5:3:2ff151ErI:?:1E2E'f w PRICE SPECIALS Challenger Model .............................,............. Expert Model .........,.... ............................. 4 .50 Emperor Model .............. ................................. 5 .50 Tennis Nets, regulation size. 21 thread ,......... 5.00 sronrs HEADQUARTERS Fon Au. aowA sronrs HsAnouAnrERs Fon Au. uowA OR IF YOU PLAY GOLF o BASEBALL 0 GO HUNTING FISHING OR BOATING 0 YOU'LL FIND COMPLETE EQUIP- MENT TO ADD TO YOUR SKILL. COME TO DAVIDSONS SPORTS HEADQUARTERS! l54I KEN FOX Sixth and Douglas Avenues Des Moines, Iowa Best of Luck to the Seniors INS. EXCHANGE BARBER SHOP Harry '-N. Brown, Prop. Phone 4-0508 304 Ins. Exch. Bldg Peter Ursano Domenick De Angelis SAVEHY DRESS CLUB Custom Tailoring - Alterations Cleaning and Repairing Phone 4-8590 413 Locust Street DES MOINES 9, IOWA LUCAS PAINT STORE 213 Euclid Dial 3-2323 100 Years of Quality Leadership The Market Place for Iowa Securities - Bonds A Stock T. C. Henderson St En., Inc. Established 1930 Empire Building Des Moines, Iowa Congratulations to Class of "49" O O Dalryland Mllk Co. 2515 First Street 4-6985 SENIOR WILL--Continued from page 52 Jeannine Prior wills her trouble in journalism to Barbara Cohen. Nola Bevard wills her ability to get to school three minutes before the tardy bell to Barbara Mohr. Barbara Banning wills her embarrassing moments to Pat Campbell. Evelyn Highland leaves her dancing shoes to Deon Vestal. Maurice Wells wills his intelligence to the dogs. Bryce Peper wills his stage committee chairmanship to Cecil Pace. Audrey Iohnson wills her hair twhat's left ot itl to Shirley Patrick. Albert Sorenson wills his size ll shoes to Paul McMillian. Charles Austin leaves his name card business to any other enter- prising young man who wants to make an extra buck. Virgil Luce and Bill Reints, the two gay Caballeros, leave their Span- ish class to Ruthie Reynolds. Iacqueline Alllree leaves her soft voice to Mary Pollen. Iohn Andrews, Paul Roberts, Bob Tavenner, Ray Porter and Danny Smith leave their wrestling ability to what is left ot the team. Don Messenger wills his trouble in band to Ronald Potts. Lewis French leaves his movie operator booth to Bud Peirsori. Arlean Peterson wills her sweetness to Pat Woods. Ieannine Iohnson and Doris De Long leave their pictures they have drawn in and out ot art class to Ruth Robinson and Betty Tory. Don Kappelman leaves all ot his judicial board slips to Bob Antrim. Miyeke Katayama leaves the job ol historian tor the senior class to the next one. lContinued on page 602 GRADUATION CARDS 100 . . . 51.25 SANFORD PRINTING CO. 1226 Sixth Avenue Phone 3-8427 DR. DEAN W. DARBY DENTIST General Practice X-Ray Suite 1104, Equitable Building Phone 3-3536 Des Moines. Iowa Best Wishes to the Senior Class of 1949 Smitt 's llnnut Shop - elle pfulnllllng, 5 e ' Printing . . . Binding Steel and Copper Plate Engraving CATALOGS, BROADSIDES CIRCULARS and Other Direct Advertising Pieces The Symbol of Fine Printing ALLACE - OMESTEAD COMPANY 1912 Grand Ave. DES MOINES 5, IOWA Phone 3-6181 1561 as W-NW PAT'S SHOE SHOP 205 Euclid Avenue Telephone 3-1058 CONGRATULATIONS BEAVERDALE SUPER VALU 2615 Beaver Avenue 5-8051 QUALITY MEAT AND GROCERIES C A S C A D E Cold Storage for Furs 213 Sixth Avenue 1301 Grand Avenue W I LAUNDERERS DRY CLEANERS 0 L L E G E ZIPPER REPAIR SERVICE We are prepared to give quick repair or replacement service on any garment. A R E E R Shoes dyed any color th C wnie label ignifies quality and w fashio Purses and shoes refinished like new I d fbi ' YOUNKEES BASEMENT FINEST FOREMOST SHOE REPAIR IN IN FURS FABRICS 510 Market Ehghth and Walnut N I E H U I' 5 GROCERIES - MEATS Z' ' D JZHSQ Visit Our New Location any at 1600 6th Phone 3-ssos NEW LOW PRICES I57l Theet orth High ads found careers at M ' eredlth You prolmahly remember LOLYISE SMITH of the class of 'ell and DON NEVENS of the class of 318. Only a few months ago they were putting the finishing touches on their high school cducations. Maylre they were sitting next to you in some ol your classes. Now lion works in the Meredith Pulilishing Company press room. llcis lreginning a career that will mean a lifetime joh in the printing crafts. Don plays an important part in the production of more than el,LlAllll.llllil copies of Successful Farming: and Better Ilonies K Gardens cach mzxnth. Louise chose clerical work to llegin her career. She works in the Atlver- tising Service department at Merediths where important records are kept on Better Homes K Gardens and Successful Farming business. This is only one of many interesting clerical johs at Merediths. Xvhalevcr your jolr preference, contact our Personncl Department today. A visit with us will help you solve your individual career p1'0lTlt'l1l - and start you on the road to a lifetime success. Our interviewers will help you find llle position for which you're best suited and in which you'll he most happy. Youill enjoy working at Merediths where you have all the benefits of group life insurance. modern cafeteria and lounge, excellent working conditions and a live-day week. 1716 Locust Street l58l 'Nw Des Moines MEREDITH P BLISHI G COMPANY 3, Iowa , , V ' j M A PAINTS VARNISHES ENAMELS , Xi" , ,F it "" SML Iowa's Lowest Prices on Quality Paint fi i s I BUY DIRECT g Izlq 4 i IOWA PAINT MANUFACTURING CO 1 3- I 1 Eighth and Mulberry 4-2247 if "' -' x ,K Compliments to Class of 1949 Wt TWI LITE GRILL if J 504 New York Jn glam of 7949 I Borden Ice Cream Co. 1303 Forest If it's Borden's it's got to be good Stan's Texaco Service 1904 Forest Avenue Washing and Greasing Tow Service Call ior and Deliver Cars Phone 5-9881 TROY LAUNDERERS DRY CLEANERS Keo Way at Sixth Avenue Dial 4-3257 Congratulations, Seniors PARK LANE DRIVE IN Drink Our Root Beer Large Glass 5c 1931 Forest Avenue i591 SENIOR WILL-Continued from page 56 lean Larsen leaves for a long vacation. Norma Carlson leaves all of her troubles. Marcia McGuire and Nora Thompson leave still the best of friends. Mary Good, Betty McNeley, Shirley Marchant, Caldean Houston and Barbara Shaw leave to join their husbands. The inseparable couple, Dorothy Clayton and Dale McConnell, leave together. Lavaine Cobb leaves the Student Council minute book to the next secretary who can write as fast. Delores Barrett, Donna Koeppel, Barbara Gibbs, Donna Beeson, Maxine Bowman, Maxine Grandstalf, Carolyn Curry, Donna Lillie, and Pat Khile leave to join their O.A.O. fone and onlysl. lim Blend and Myrtle Burgett leave their quiet ways to Don Paul- son and Betty Thorness. Virginia Bootz leaves her ability in giving butch haircuts to Nan Price. Everett Boss leaves his ease to talk in assemblies to Kurt Werner. Bob Byers leaves George Hydock to take care of himself, as if he can't already. Ivan Cackler leaves Marilyn Lyon to try and find her home room by herself. Glenn Carlson leaves his big blue eyes to Bill Burgett. Adele Pewick leaves her friendliness to Ioan Rosser, lack Heimbaugh leaves with his blue convertible. MADELINE'S BAKE SHOP Birthday Cakes and Wedding Cakes Our Specialty 2119 Forest Avenue Des Moines. Iowa WELCHANEY BEAUTY SHOPPE K. B. SPRING 6. MAUDE HANEY Complete Beauty Service Featuring PERMANENT WAVING AND HAIR STYLING Phone 3-0202 217 Bankers Trust Bldg. Des Moines. Iowa Fountain Pens Cameras Greeting Cards Film l Lees Pen Shop Billfolds Pen Repairs IOWA-DES MOINES NATIONAL BANK BLDG. 213 Sixth Avenue fContinued on page 522 l i " U New Better Taser f fff- 1949 E M E R S O N Portable Radios 4 , ,,,.:m xvf::.:+w-Z - ----f '---- , .Wh A ..-r ' "'A " " " " 'i" 'W lex. 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Harry Wenner leaves his seat in history to anyone else who can make a bed oi his desk. Bob Heggen and John Stromgren leave-no, they decide to take their brains with them to college. loann Godfrey and Shirley Foley leave their continual double dating to Mary Gordinier and Phyllis Buss. Ramona Brophy leaves her gym clothes to Pat Woods. Ioarme Banister, Donna Davis and Albert Mintzer leave their seats in Mr. Lory's history 8 class to Myrna Morrison, lane Betzenhauser and Paul Bosley. Pat Kroll leaves her shyness to Betty Christenson. Mary Norton leaves her shy answers to Miss Tumbleson's questions in English to the next 12A's who take English. Cleo Halderman, Donna Hess. Bonnie Vestal, Paul McMulin, lim McNeley, Dick McNeley, Gerry Miller, lo Ann Shoftner, Audrey Sheltler, Kenny Sonderleiter, Mary Cotton, Helen Couch and Car- melita Cox leave all of their good times. and none oi the bad ones. to the seniors ot next semester. BRUCE'S FOOD MARKET Quality Foods 210 Hull Phone 4-1251 ANDY'S GARAGE General Overhauling and Tune-ups 1404 Forest Avenue Phone 2-4523 A. 1. MCBRIDE. Prop. ID TOW MOTOR 1223 Locust Lincoln Mercury Phone 2-8323 0 Listen for complete coverage l of all Des Moines Bruin Western League baseball games - at home or away DON CXSTBRIEN K 1 Q A 0 Mutual for Des Moines lB6l Compliments of DE ARCY BOOT SHOP 726 Walnut FALBO FOOD MARKET 214 Euclid Avenue Telephone 3-8730 QUALITY SERVICE CAMPION,S STANDARD SERVICE Southeast Corner Thirteenth and Forest Washing and Greasing Tow Service Call For and Deliver Cars Phone 3-9884 lIllN'5 SHIJE SERVICE Invisible Half Soles - Specialty Work done while you wait 2109 Forest Avenue Don Robe. Proprietor Graduation Photographs by WOLTZ T DIO e 55 Nu U f A f' Service in a Hurry That's my motto! Whenever you want me iust llick switch and l'll be th -ready to serve you. IOWA POWER 6. LIGHT CO. 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IVICNEAL REALTY EUIVIPANY, INC. Home Builders INSURANCE REAL ESTATE LOANS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SALES BROKERS 909 Sth Avenue Des Moines, Iowa Telephone 4-4189 Compliments of RAPID THERMUGAS 00. THERMOGAS SERVICE for Rural and Suburban Homes 4509 East 14th Street Phone 6-1196 1691 SENIOR DIARY--Continued from page 17 -Teachers let their hair down and strut their stuft to present "Seven Keys to Baldpate" as the faculty play. Gaylord Troe steals the show in portraying a hermit. Profits were used toward the athletic fund. Basketball team ended its regular season play at Mason City. bowing to the Big Six champs 52-27. Few but mighty senior girls went to back the team. Senior examinations begin. Herb Marmet selected as the boy with the tlattest feet. -Senior dues paid. Don Mulcahy digs deep again. MARCH North and East met again on the hard court and this time the Scarlet got revenge by tripping the Bears 35-34 in the district clash. This tilt pulled the curtains shut on the 1948-49 cage season for the green clad quintet with a record of tour wins and 15 defeats. Tune graduates doing unsatisfactory work are reported to Mr. Thompson. Howard Baker begins to burn the midnight oil. Polar Bear pictures start to be taken. Year book co-editors Nola Bevard and Beverly Newbiggen start their work on the annual. Senior activity sheets filed in office. Karen Turner needs a file by herself. Senior Sock Hop held in boys' gym. First get together for seniors. Shoes were checked at the door. Maurice Wells made a mistake by checking his shoes because he never saw them again. Basketball game between the "Amazons" oi the class and the short males was the feature oi the party. The boys won 30-23, led by the bucket making of Virgil Luce. The girls were led by Lavaine Cobb. KContinued on page 722 EDDIE'S SERVICE Cities Service Products 800 E. 14th Street Phone 6-9101 For Real Furniture Values Go To FURNITURE SALES CO. 9th and Mulberry Phone 4-0175 COLLEGE HARDWARE 1602 6th Avenue Phone 2-8556 TOOLS PAINTS HOUSEWARES GLASS BICYCLE PARTS FIGURINES Best of Luck, Seniors HILLS SHOE DEPARTMENT A. fu A 1' GFA 'L ---"- 1 f -'.- l "t" 2 A? AV" "-' IJAL f.-.. .,.,., , .. . ..,., - -"f' COMPLETE LINE OF o SPORTS SHOES 0 DANCING SHOES 0 ROLLER SKATES o ICE SKATES 0 DRESS SHOES o ALL SIZES VISIT HILLS FOR ALL YOUR SHOE NEEDS 1701 HOME IMPROVEMENT CO. Roofing - Spouting - Siding Remodeling 1403 Second Avenue 2-0304 IAY'S QUALITY BAKERY "Always say Iay's Glaze" 1539 Sixth Avenue THE NEW FOREST THEATRE 13th and Forest Avenue Always the finest in entertainment Earl Manbeck, Ir., Owner Phone 4-6732 Congratulations, Seniors C 1' t DUTCH MMU UU-NUT SHUP Omp Ten S O Clyde Lieurance 509 Euclid Avenue Des Moines, Iowa UNIVERSITY ELECTRIC CO. Wiring Contractors and Lighting Fixtures Electrical Appliances Phone 5-3137 2403 University Ave. Des Moines. Iowa SERVICE OPTICAL CUMPANY Eighth :S Locust Third 6. Locust I71l SENIOR DIARYaContinued from page 70 North tracksters warmed up for the coming season by taking part in the A.A.U. track meet at Drake Fieldhouse. The boys finished second. North. sponsor of the City Indoor track meet, is nosed out by East 88-87V2. Gary CFleet-footl Scott captured 50-yard dash. Bears set new record in the 16-lap relay. Dale McConnell anchored way to first place in the two-mile relay. APRIL April fools. Tom Martin and Paul Davis are biggest jokes in the class with all their corny jokes. All school fun night. Stage show displayed fine talent of North High. Senior glossies deadline was set after being changed from week to week. Cindermen finish second in the state indoor track meet at Iowa City. Burlington edges team 4416-37 SX7. Scott betters 16-year-old record in the 440-yard dash by a tenth of a second with a time of 51.2. fTrackmen finish second at Valley relays. Paul Iohnson soars 21 feet 11 inches to better meet record in the broad jump. live inches from the school record. Record was set in the mile relay by Lylemen. N-Club sponsored dance with Frankie's Cats supplying the music. This band was under the direction, if you call it that, of Frank Swinehart. Other high schools were well represented by lettermen. +Cap and gown measurements taken. Fee paid also. Extra announcements ordered. Boy golfers open season by downing Dowling 495-Slfz. Dick Gildea and Larry Courter paced the Compliments oi SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. 508 Walnut Wash the SELF-SERVE Way Maytag Machines Soft WGIBT 6TH AVE. SELF SERVE LAUNDRY W. E. COLEMAN. Prop. COMPLETE DRYING FACILITIES 1501 Sixth Avenue 17110116 2-1519 Looks Fine For '49 HIIW HD SULE, I II. "YOUR BUICK DEALER" 401 Grand Avenue North team. 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Grossman Entertainment Service 700 Royal Union Lite Building Phones 3-5050, 3-5757 ALLEY BA K A D TRU T COMP Y where EVERY customer is important Member F D I C I731 SENIOR DIARY--Continued from page 72 12-Report cards issued. No more nights out for about halt the class. Baseball season begins with Dick Swift tossing a neat two hitter over East to spark the Falk nine to a tough 4-2 win. 13-Turf diggers tall to Roosevelt 9-3. L. tProJ Courter comes through in fine fashion despite defeat to tie tor medalist. 14-Blizzard halts Oskaloosa Relays. Track squad stranded for ten hours due to snow storm. Spring vacation begins and, because of the snow. is greeted by sad looking seniors. 19-School convenes as Iohn Dick-Peddie and Rollo Ecklund are glad to be back. Diamondeers nipped 4-3 by defending city champs, Lincoln. Dom Riccio clouts home run. Golfers lose to Valley boys ZV2-1 V2. 20-Abe golfers snag double header from Andy's pupils. Boys lose 8V2-3Vz. Girls lost 2Vz-l V2. Courter again medalist for North with 77. 22-Gary Scott set two records and ties another in Little Cyclone 22,2 Invitation at Ames. McConnell sets record in mile. Dorothy must have been there. Linksters third in City with Courter blazing the trail with 78. 3-Marge Marley and Peggy Madden star in all-school play. "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." Each play ideal part- always in trouble. 26-Bears nipped 9-8 by Teds. Frank Swinehart injures ankle 28-Seniors display pajama while sliding into second base. tops. Lowell Wilson's were so loud coming. Man just had an excuse to Lory didn't agree. people could hear him sleep in class, but Mr. fContinued on page 761 Y - NOT GRILL 1323 Sixth Avenue Open All Night E. BEULAH HAUSER DUO VOICE AND PIANO STUDIO f 1 1 of in-aka Univm-sn' cmnsr-rvmm-v of Music. stunt-nz of Gertrude Jones y i B01 c nsm-yamry. Grmiuatf- Wm-k in sin-rwnmi :misiv Svhuol. Chicago, a sn 1 L 5-rsny uf Inwa. Corwin-fi -'u luvmunrl 1-mt-it. Artist Teacher cr ax. former Cont-orv. Artist. PHONE 7-5998 EVENINGS Pupils Trained tor Radio CHUCK'S SERVICE STATION CHAS. DOWNING soo Muiberry sn-ee: Des Moines. Iowa Per Something ew Exciting and Creative Fnllnw Your Friends tn Q ' F ' IL E09 Seventh Street t74l GRECO REALTY CO. 619 University Real Estate - General Insurance Iohn Greco. Mgr. Phone 2-9554 PELLA VENETIAN BLINDS ROLSCREEN CO. 400 Grand Avenue 3-1363 Congratulations, Seniors STONER PIANO COMPANY H. C. OLSON. President 919 Walnut 4-6238 SARAH - BEA CHILDREN'S STORE Consult Us tor Children's Wearing Apparel 409 Euclid Avenue Phone 8-0366 Compliments of Iouvfs Oldest Jvwelry Store FRIDEN CALCULATING MACHINES W 508 Sixth Avenue ifli""-ini L Q :P1.?.','l!P5 lT PAYS TO LOOK WELI. Hours: 6:00 to 5:00 Saturday: 8:00 to 7:00 C o. K. BARBER sHoP U I J I 1606 Sixth Avenue Phone 3-0634 u a e For Eraduallon Tha! Ihr' Beauty of Life ,Way Sur1'i1'P Diamonds Class Rings Iewelry Watches Des Moines 9. Polk County. Iowa --- City Offices -- Developed and Suite 517 Fleming Bldg. Operated by DES MOINES, IOWA Memorial Gardens PHONE 2-0262 Association, Inc. Walnut at Sixth DQS Moines l75l SENIOR DIARY-Continued from page 74 29-3 3- Qi 6-7 0-Fortieth annual Drake Relays held. North again has strong entry, Iohn Iones at last gets to run in gala event. Senior costume party held in boys' gym. Rollo Ecklund ree veals natural self and comes in cave man style. Falk nine engages Dowling in a rough and tumble victory over Dowling ll-2 for the Maroons' first defeat of the season. MAY Baseball team takes Adel ll-9. Dorothy Gustafson present to cheer on her ideal ot manhood. Senior English students find good use for comics. They tell story of book review and keep Bob Shultz on senior list. SCHOOL DAZE is theme of talent assembly. Iohn Andrews is typical professor of country school house. -Basebzill team travels to Mason City for Big Six contest. Boys' tennis and golf teams also compete in Big Six meet at Waterloo. 14-Senior Prom goes over with a bang. Seniors dance beneath the fragrance of apple blossoms which decorated the cafeteria. Carolyn Curry finally found a stray man for the dance. He's no longer on the loose. 16-Boys' tennis and golf teams meet Newton. 19-Boys and girls meet Roosevelt, toughest contender of the sea- ZOE 26- 30- son, at Birdland. North diamond men out to revenge previous baseball loss to the Lincoln nine. Senior picnic held at Birdland Park. Before dinner games create large appetite. DeWayne Osberg. who didn't need to create one. had four refills. Last senior meeting in Auditorium. Memorial Day. All seniors tired from Sunday picnics take a day of rest. fContinued on page 772 HIGHLAND PHAHMAEY 3524 Sixth Avenue PRESCRIPTIONS DRUGS and FOUNTAIN SERVICE Congratulations to the Seniors of North High NEWENS NORTHLAND DAIRY East Sth and Des Moines Street Complete Line of Medical Supplies KING'S REFRIGERATION Cosmetics SALES AND SERVICE Drugs DOMESTIC COMMERCIAL Candy Harold S. King ACCURACY QUALITY SERVICE Phone 2-1244 610 College Avenue FREE DELIVERY DES MOINES, IOWA l76l SENIOR DIARY-Continued lrcm page 76 Q-"' 1 1:4 it 1.-:, :yif " ' --WQI AVI.: 2 IUNE -Senior report cards made out. Ray Porter seen bringing Miss L T bl d d fl . um eson can y an owers. Girls in search of dresses for the banquet. Doris Henneman just ccm't find a thing to wear. -Senior Banquet, Ioe Ann Van Nordstrand and Shirley Foley get twelve hours sleep the night before so they can stay up and celebrate. -Baccalaureate. Delores Morrow decides not to graduate when she hears the problem of life "outside," -Class night big success as Norman Carleson has the senior class splitting the seams of their gowns. -Commencement held at Roosevelt auditorium. Two hundred forty seniors bid North High cdieu and hope future students will have cs much fun. KORN KRIB at Sixth and College Popcorn, Peanuts and Candy Bars EQUITABLE BARBER SHOP Air-Conditioned 301 Equitable Building FOR APPOINTMENT, CALL 4-1832 Harry C. Hohnbaum Manicuring Congratulations ROGER'S FOOD MART 811 Washington Phone 3-0626 PERKEY'S CAFE 1612 Sixth Avenue "Known for Good Food" CLARK PLUMBING and HEATING CO. Complete Plumbing and Heating Sales and Service DAINTY GIFT X iflj, SHOP "One Trip Service That Satisiiesu Home Made Aprons - Cards 5 lwpgfig . I Stationery - Iewehy 1410 Slxth Avenue Phone 3 1314 Other Gifts I I Snow White WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES 1137 SIXIII Des Moines planter 51.43 Phfme 3-2355 Flowers sroa 1771 PIDGEON'S CUT-RATE MARKET Free Delivery 308 Arthur Avenue Phone 4-2953 COOKS SERVICE Fifth and University Batteries, Tires and Tubes Accessories - Flats Fixed You can pay more but you can't Buy Better COLONIAL PETROLEUM COMPANY Congratulations Seniors DR. BENNIE H. DEVINE SENIOR PROPHECYvContinued from page 23 Arlean Petersen-Paper Girl Adele Pewick-College Kid Iudy Phalp-Swimming Instructor Mary Phillips-Florist Eula Phipps-Stenographer Ray PorterABoys' Athletic Coach Margaret Pottorft-Secretary Iecznnine Prior-Stewardess Loann Ramsey-Housewife Bill Reints+Forest Ranger Dom Riccio-Sally's Delight Dixie Riley-Banker Delores RitchiewSecretary Dave Roberts-Track Coach Paul Roberts-Admiral Chloris Robinson-Banker's Daughter IoAnn Rogers-Librarian Caldean Routson-Princess Bob Sayre-Clerk Ardith SchakethHousewife Betty Rose Schimmelplennig-'Girls' Gym Instructor Bonnie Schone-Receptionist Katheryn Schoolen-Secretary Bob Schulze-Printer Gary Scot-Sports Announcer Louise Scott-Secretary Barbara Shaw-Housewife Lindy Sheldon-Millionaire Allred Shepherd-Artist IoAnn Shoftner-Dress Designer Bob Shultz-Bus Conductor Danny SmithhPhotographer Kenneth Sonderleiter-Zoo Keeper Albert Sorensen-Farmer Ted Spiker-Singer Marilyn Stewart-Florist Iohn Stromgren-Window Washer Dick SwiftvBab's Beau fContinued on page 791 .0 ILA . . to a fine class and a swell school! I 1 1 0 1 Q n I Pi OR 5 QUALITY PRICE SERVICE 4:3 SIXTH Ave. oss Memes. IOWA IVE ARE AS NEAR A5 YOUR PHONE Dial 3-5137 I78l NAA 'Ml l'r' -5 'LIU enemies A PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY AMEND'S ABC SUPER MARKET 1903 Beaver Avenue 5-4702 CORSETRY . . . LINGERIE HOUSECOATS MARY DUNHILL PERFUME AND PERSONALIZED COLOGNE WHITE SHOULDERS PERFUME AND COLOGNE 310 EIGHT!-I STREET SENIOR PROPHECY-Continued from page 78 Frank Swinehart--Playboy Iim Taggart-Musician Bob Tavennere-Accountant Nora Thompson-Advertising Manager Jack Timm-Actor-plus Iohann Towsley-Secretary Karen Turner-Office Work Joanne Van Buskirk-fOHice Work Sally Van Cleave-Secretary Bonnie Vestal---Housewife Pat Watts-Secretary Morrie Wells-Shoeshine Boy Harry Wenner-Millionaire Ianet West-OHice Work Iim Wheeler-Ditch Digger with Bud Mardell Wheeler-Housewife Duane Wilson-Eskimo Lowell Wilson-Ierk lsodal Pat Wilson-Stenographer Ed Winger-Portrait Business Kay Young-Secretary Phyllis Zornes-Fortune Teller Thurlan Ainley-Broker Earldine Voucher-Five-Star General Bob Brooks-Used Car Dealer Vada DouglasfSky King Eleanor Ellerbeck-Secretary Alene Gilmore-Beautician Beverly Greenwood-Office Work Don Grimm-Clerk Iohn Iones-Track Star Darrell Keller-Pro Skater Diane Masirofski-Iournalism Work Donald Mulcahy-Ditch Digger Ronnie Nelson-Mechanic Lois Oleson-Aviator-plus Dick Sayre-Mechanic IOAnn Van Nordslrand-Comedian Qpygu voun own non zum' u yo df nd gr Tasfulaxcj A 'U 0 n Q f "C U N S U LT DUIILEY ALLEN REALTY EU 1814 Beaver Avenue Penne 5-2137 l79l

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