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Y L w V W F V P A p r V. ww P i. I V I 4 ' 9 olarl 72 G'Getting to Know You" 1 i I 2 L KNOWING YOU THROUGH WISDOM FACULTY UNDERSTANDING SENIORS HONOR FEATURES PREPA RATION UNDERCLASSES ACHIEVEMENT ORGANIZATIONS SPIRIT ATHLETICS V1-ang Mr. Everett Walker served as Assistant Basketball Coach at North having been transferred from Meigs High School where he served as Coach, Science Teacher and Sponsor of the ANNUAL. He was well respected and admired by all who knew him. To you, Mr. Walker, we the members of the 1972 Graduating Class say "Thanks" and wish for you a most successful future in your new endeavor. We are indeed happy to dedicate our ANNUAL to you. BEST WISHES AND GOOD LUCK! Mr. Harvey R. Sims came to North as Head Foot- ball Coach and Teacher after having served in the same capacity at Haynes High School. Mr. Sims' great achievements will continue to serve as an inspiration to the many students whose lives he helped to mold, to give to the world the best that they had. We, the members of the 1972 Graduating Class are indeed happy to dedicate our ANNUAL to you. BEST WISI-IES AND GOOD LUCK! 4 Mr. R. W. Elliott PRINCIPAIJS MESSAGE TO THE SENIORS - One of the more thought provoking titles to be found on today's bookshelves is "Don't Sleep Through the Revolution, " by Paul Rees. The author reminds us that Rip Van Winkle slept through the Revolutionary War and suggests that many individuals today are asleep while revolution rages around them. Revolution is defined as complete change. Ideally, change for the better - progress. The period in which we live is characterized by change. The people of the world are called upon to provide the moral, spiritual and intellectual force required to solve the problems facing mankind. We, the citizens of the greatest country oglthis earth must provide the leadership, if the quality of life in this country and the world are to be accept- a e. The goal of education, according to Albert Einstein is to develop the ability for independent thinking and judgment. Paul Rees would say our goal should be to wake up those who are sleeping. In my mind, mental dexterity required to make a positive contribution to our changing society. I am proud of our North High Family and the progress we are making toward these goals. I Wish for each of you - not an easy life, but the strength to meet every challenge. R. W. Elliott, Principal 5 V MR. M. G. KEATLEY ASST. PRINCIPAL MRS. SANDRA BRYANT MRS. ALEXIZINE PATTON SECRETARY SECRETARY 5 E f- s 6 555 ES D ., ., ,'1, ,,i?r'Q3 , ws. 5, ,fir ggi- ,5QiYrg431 'g?KSg2L if W M- V rg mf. my 5 Mesa .ikgiyy iiizvwzs W !gf3?i41:? srwmswi 3 ,B 4 X, if ,Sei li ,Q ifwsmgim S is 9'w5X,?,, ,g as w gjaifix Z3 2625 YS, 1 W K Us fm sggmwgkwsffk x iii, may M3 S ja qrmxgssfkswsgm w A 'L F A W,5Zi5'rw21 fs ,sq sg W Yi it if 5,31 Q 1. W ,rf iw KW R . wil' Q jx A a 5 2- rq X K 4 " J" ,., ' L , X :: :5!3l2 ':ike: 'li '1- E. . "-'za ii E-iii'-A M y R F r ' NY1 g ws , K. ,iv . Warsl, . my . :argl us as M Y , ,, j Mrs. Charles Adair Mr. John Anglea I-101113 Economics Mrs. Frances W, Alston A .W rv- . we 1- Music Mrs. Mary Bateman Mr. Alexander Bennett Faculty Advisor Vocational Improv: Pro . Mrs. Mary Benson Mr. Michael Catalano o n.,,1rx- . V cational Improv. Pro. Mrs. Bonnie Catalonge 8 Mrs. Edythe Connelly Spanish, English Typewriting, General Bus. I Mrs. Rosa Clark Y Mr. Henry Dozier Pk Mrs. Joan Elifson English Ill, IV 'Qi 2? 'BI rr sf aww' E? we rf I wwgiwgglgfss Nami 3315.951-fm I, if-'C fx Liigiiai :gates lv w Q Q? gig, mmf H591 l, EJ H . . - ., z . K 1 V53'5'5?Ef1-5153?-5924? I fflfk , f - qihifw- wasflag-fiissfxifzstss'1Qf2,:f1.-M,-i'-' ,,,, M- :I I -.,.:s Hfwviff-s'f1: ' -'N'afW:-'Q-'fs-w ,i-,.-wxfi-f1f,. I f- :mal 5551.31,55,gage':IgrgfzLs1f.--ff:'f'zsis,fgQ,f1r,,w :,:+gPmff '--' , +595 :J -. '.. I 2-sm f!5f:5rg?5f5ff'1 f H N53 K 1 fsfgwfgg-lx-f.11fw. - , was , sa wn. Y ' g virinmsiffz 7-1 . , H H 1'.,1'f,2:sf:.v9i5ig 5 .5 ggfssfiwirifihf-'f," H I Weil 2 x if 6 5515? 2 I xy . I .f fzwig I :' ' miiei'-552 iz 1 W, I ' '71 if li : "1 fiiff I7 "xi , I I f 'V Mrs Margaret Gray Am, History, 44 Transferred Gov't!Ec. Mrs. Carolyn Daniel Librarian 9 Mr. Charles D. Dickens III, IV MPS: B. Edwards Mr. Hugh M. Gleason Cooperative Vocational Ed Mrs. Carmelia Gregory Guidance Counselor Mrs. Lencola johnson Pk MrS. Verna Rickets Guidance Counselor Mr, Harvey Sims if Mr, Sam Smith Health Education Dk Transfe rre d as New L. 595 14 g wx 45 Miami! rr 3 ,.. alms: uf ..-+L Wim! ,, K X sw'f2Zf42Lfisi?iLs-iw-12 ' ' ' ' 4-ffgfifffi -A f ' rrkfliwgisfwfzl' 1- - fgg3fgQi22,2mErj5,,g:sQfr an ,-M2531 , .. Q.-w.s??i,mf,,..mgK.f Y H Viv,-,ws -5, ,. H. ,.., .. , .. 21555 g,:Y?SZ :.:. ' uggfjff' , F' 'i:,LsEQzw!5tgQ,gU :.,ig,1ifL:L1i M'-fiflf giafilei- L'1-1'-Le-fwfgirw -f A iirafiai 1 5 f'1v2i2w2' ' ww -' -msziisf' ?g,?2Nk:H,iV fi?-fkififf - I i",-Vi' -' -'HL-'f J 7 .6 -- -i n - . V , a , - fp f .1 1213.. . ,, 21',,1 a.v 24551 ,lm-A,,. ,. 'ai V' ' f 5? ,7AiiiiQLfL kg3g,Q ?f" m'gj?Q'i5Efls ,E .V -K - - - rgsfm, frfggs' wesifisfig ' fnlswlii -, -, w, fi' ' f gifw1gi '!Swid??'3?2iw.: 5 . - 'I' ' 'f Ell91?ks5Ssf 1.sseg,fez1aiE if viiifff - " 1 ill' 'I 224, ' '- a R q2i,'fH1:'a:: ,g.gaaf:.g:afsf k A ' H -- Mr. Hugh King English I, II, French I, II 10 Mrs. Mary B. Lanier Home Economics Mrs. M. V. Sanders English 1, II Mr. Edward Sisson I -ff. . nf 111--H . Y Mr. Robert S. Stanfield Cooperative Vocational Ed i N Mrs. Blanche M. Stevens nw -,,1 11J,.--1.:-.- Trigonometry , Geometry Mr. Leroy Wright Phvsical Education Mr. E. S. Walker PF Science, Physics, Coach Pk Transfe rred Mrs. Ruth Ann Storey Typewriting I, Gen. Bus. PICTURES NOT SHOWN: Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mrs Mrs . Mr. Mrs David Bell Herman Bess Roy Carter Patricia Edmondson Wes Edrod Steve Hall Cleo I-lolt jean jones . Laura King Norvella Madison jam es Nollner . Katherine Sharp 11 Miss Peg Thom as sv English III Mr. FSIIX W Special Mrs. Geraldine Material Clerk I okley 8 5 E E E ri 555 3 5 s K uw' X ,wi T-Li? fs 52 4 COUNSELOR: Mrs. C. D. Gregory COUNSELOR: Mrs. Verna Ricketts CAREER OPPORTUNITY PROGRAM WORKERS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. L. M. King, Mr, james Fletcher, Miss Audrey Donalson. 1 Mrs. Maggie Balch Mrs. James Alma Finn Cafeteria Manager Maid THESE ALSO SERVE Mr. James Armstrong Head Custodian 13 5. N.. fx SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Elvyna Tears .... . . . .Secretary Anthony Webster . . . . .President Rosaline Odom . . . . . Nice President Donna Myers . . . . . .Treasurer 15 NADINE BAILEY QUINE TTA BAILEY S IEANETTE ALLEN JOHN A LLI SON SYLVESTER BA INS KEVIN BARD FRA NK BARTON RAYMOND BA S S DONALD BLA CK KATHERINE BLANCHARD EFFIE BAXTER DEBI BENDER ANTHONY BROOKS CLIFFORD BROWN MARQUERITE BLOCKER WILLIA M BO LEYIA CK EDD IE BUCKHA NON ROOSEVELT BURRELL ETHEL BURTON JOYCE BUSH RHONDA COUSIN RENONIA CARTMELL VANES SA BUSH NTONIA CARTER MELVIN CHRISTIAN BERNADETTE COOKS 23 si 5 ?,,,g,' ' 5-X5 a::X.'IEj -, 7 I ' 55 1 -XQX X-as Sis-QQ -,' ,gary ' QSXQXX ,XX ?1,XV,3Xf.xX.r1!f, X . X . .ws Ewa Xwfw . ' fm ff W . X,gq5fsfXXX gs .. .Slams XX ji ' H . 2 'XXX -XXXXXJB XV .-X .,. -- Xf- ,Xe W .. " - . . ' X 7 A LX XXXX -- XHXXX 9 HX . qX XX W Q QQ' XX 2 :M ,M SML EI may XXX wisp , XQXXQXVXX X GKXQXQXXQX ?Xr'X?X3XgX.X X XX 552532852 X VX XX ww P X Xe s fi gg? S353 J W F9-'Xifgifii L M 1 QX Q LXFQX 5 25 X ,X miw RX X ,XX QX, XR5 N G Q Q XX X Xe KXXNX Xw X X fX 'S Y F2 XX X, XX XXXMXX X X XR ffflx in fl: fa we my XXNXXWXXNW nw X,XXXXXXgX,X XZXXXX X. 255 M, XX., wg, , X X a, X XX X XX XXWXX 3X3-X XKXMX ,XX . - 's,1'fX, S ., ig?,gx'?iXX , X .V XX Xw S., ML ' XM X 1 X X XX Q EX ,H ,Q MX I X. ? XXX an ax ,,. mm X2 " ,X 2, X A W5 WX X M XX K X ie -sv 2554 fffjif- GXQXXX-X1 A5734--Xvg X WX an Xe i rffk XX .. 2: . XX.: -1.--XXX . , 151--'XXX-, X "XM f ,af .w if ."'a:". 5':5, -- nil-QXX msg 5 gm, F w my X S55 2 Wi 5' fx 5 X,,,z ay, -.Fu ng S45 53 A I: .:,,..:Eu .. XX Q H X r w w - X. X12 -'Xfe1XXXff 'WX 'IQ fx 2 H 1 - as wr: 3:- I ASL, Xf, 7 A?-XTX-X2-X55--XX ff? .. . . -5 -nw-tw "H -. : -5fss,v-wi-1.1 5 Q .fqil Y . ' H' 'X 'X f51rf'-,gr.S'3'i17f?5Xu A I A ' -:" W: ,iif-3?eA.X ?X59'f "f3V+:,' , ,- mifklgwz i 35532-f'i'i?f-1354 X, X SX 'S ,wma 3QX,mX1.Q4?gX,5 X Y? E '-- 2 H SE 5 W 5 - W 'fffgiilg-izu f XQMBX ' 'E' - X i a,-' gQ,fw,:i,.X1?4Xv X .,fX?QQiizg,hs,:fX - -X X X . .,a: ., . X ag 1.8553 1,353 X A--M, 59 9 Q www N.. , ,X XXX W XXX ,XXX-,X X Xffw. ww 354 iz. AW X my X4,fXnpfkXXfgXXX XW X gf . P XX af? -- X Xfgw . X Q f i"f'-M2f3':ifw2?1:x. 1fifQXf:ff'X'Q1ffX'?Kf'f52 .. v V -- A XP? X-X f 'iw ' ': -X:s:... fs' "iz 'VWV535:i9ilf3f!El1iM5iX'?5: ' X 5X K pf XM ,jaX,,X my M, XX XX 7 'fsXX:?XXXf1XXX X X X -X K SM ' S uw wg .1 ffm X X X X Jil. 'yi' 'ji-735 79742 P5 V192 Laif w 'Sig' 2 nf 4 XM X iriflfiig f1Q g3'f?X5gfX3'gs u S2 5 f X K 'iw M' PX 3 - Sf , '. .ft 175 :-1 "" '.-,, :g'f:: ::ff1:,. I 35 51- '?" m' f E 3 X A A 2 g ., gi n X , aj, 2, ge XX K 5 N 1 1? X2 W S3 5 X1 X, XXXPX ., X ffm gags., ' 451, lf, 4: 5:51 20 VIVIAN CHARLES SI-IELIA CHILDRESS JA MES CROS S DWIGHT DEAL GARY DANIELS WANDA DOWDY BERNICE FRIERSON DESI FRYE FLORENCE FISHER ROSA LATOMMIE FISHER SANDRA GANT ANDREW GARRETT SI-IERRA GAINES SHIRLEY GAINES GLORIA GARRETT SAMUEL GA TES ROY GOLD TI-IREA TE TROY GO LD THREA TE GERALDINE HADDOX SHIRLEY HALL SHIRLEY GOOCI-I NINA GRIMES BERNARD HA RRI S DELANO HA RRI S I fL,,: Vw, 1fs:1.Qm,Ww, .W -f,..-www .ff -,..-qw, ...M ff --ww, ,.fsL,iw1f -W ,fm-I ,fQf,f..Wf,.Q-fw,.H51.1 2? 28,1525Ea'5512Qfmifag:hai5:5551f5?!22Qf?f?Ese1,ffgfgis5gQ5,f??is?gfg?fa5s,ggggkh :wc Z ,W -IN,--Viv: N55 I .W-ax,,,,... Z. , .Ia , I I .asf-,ml-.i.. 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M .W ,yy ff -Q? f , - f 15 X sf f M j - If 7 V Q 24 MICHAEL HAMPTON A RTHUR HA RDEMAN LAVERNIA HARRIS VERA HARRIS NETTIE HAWKINS CINDY I-IELTON LINDA I-IORTON VINITA HURT PATRICIA I-IERRON PAMELA HOOTEN MARY JONES DARRYL JORDAN OBIE JARMAN JOYCE JOHNSON CARL KEEN YVONNE LANDRUM SI-IELIA LEAVELE IERRILYN LEE KAREN LEWIS RONALD LILLARD MICHELE LEE STEPHEN LEE VVILLIA M MA RTIN JOYCE MA SON WANDVA MALONE RICHARD MARTIN LYNETTE MATTHEWS CI-IERYL MCCAIN KATHY MCGUI RE EUGENE MCKISSACK ALBERT MOORE DEBORAH MOORE IANICE MCKNIGI-IT CLARENCE MITCHELL PAUL MORROW SHAUNEILLE MORTON SI-IELIA MOORE DELORIS MORRELL DONNA MYERS MICHAEL NEAL MARY NELSON IONA THAN NORTH SHA RON PA RCI-IMAN AL PARKER ROSALINE ODOM RUBY ORR DENNIS PATTON JOE PEARSALL BARBA RA PA RK ER PA TRICIA PEACOCK DIANE PETTY BEVERLY PHILLIPS DARLYNN PHILLIPS GEORGE PHILLIPS JOHN RENDER JANET REYNOLDS GWENDOLYN PRINCE ORMONDE RANSOM ALMA ROBERTS SHIRLEY ROBINSON SANDY REYNOLDS MONICA RHODES ""W.....,.. I Q CAROL ROGERS RITA ROS SON MARY RUCKER DEBORAH SCRUGCS CURTIS SMITH GARY STAFFORD 3 W BRENDA SI-EPP MARGUERITE SIMMONS E E ...mmf MARION TATE ELVYNA TEARS BETTY STEELE RONALD STEWART CHARLES THOMAS GAYLE THOMPSON IANICE THOMPSON IAMES TROTTER REGINA WAGNER A LM A WA LL S LAWRENCE TURNER JACK WADE FREDERICK WA TKIN S MORGAN WA TKINS JACQUELINE WATERS JERRY WATERS ANTHONY WEB S TER WILLIAM WI-II TE JACQUELINE WILLIAMS JESSE WILLIAMS PI-IYLLIS WILLIAMS JAMIE WILSON KENNETH WILLIAMS MICHAEL WILLIAMS MARY WORDLAW PATRICIA YEARGIN LAMONT WILSON MONICA WILSON BEVERLY YOUNG DENNY EARL MARTIN PA T RICIA BA UGH Baker, Ronald Vann Britton, Andrew Brown, Larry Kenneth Bruton, Johnnie Cain, Bruce Cantrell, Glen Alan Christian, Milton E. Cunningham, David Lee Dial, Corrice Duke, Danny C. Faulkner, George Ruben Faulkner, Levi Theodore Jeffery, Lee Ford Foster, Larry Eugene Gant, James Herbert Garton, James R. Goodrich, Terry Wayne Goodwin, Alvin Gray, James Milton Hensley, Danny Lee Holt, Andrew Eugene Huff, John David Johnson, Zebedee Klausner, Wesley Craig Leplety, Joel David Mabry, James Lloyd McGee, William Andrew JOSEPH BRYANT SENIORS NOT SHOWN Minter, William Leroy Mitchell, Norman Dennis Moore, Calvin Leon Moore, Ronald Lee Murpny, Kim Marvin Osborne, Henry Freeland Pate, Paul Robin Pentecost, William Thomas Simpkins, Douglas Alan Southall, Bennie Spillers, Danny Kenneth Taylor, James Francis Upshaw, Tyrone Maurice Wilson, Alvin Wright, Bobby Eugene Chunn, William Boggs, Gregory fU.S. Insti. Baugh, Patricia Bonner, Thomasa Boshers, Retha Gail Bradley, Eleanor Bumpus, Debra Lynn Burroughs, Debbie Lynn Cleek, Janet Lynne Cobb, Evelyn Delrene Coleman, Linda Marie Crenshaw, Helen G. 41 J BON ITA FLOWE RS Eubanks, Sharon Ann Ferguson, Vickie Flowers, Bonita Groves, Frances Delores Harper, Shelia Harris Hereford, Sandra Hibdon, Brenda Lee Hilton, Barbara Evonne King, Mildred Elizabeth Kinnard, Dianne M. Kirk, Gwendolyn Kay Madison, Freida Gail . Newman, Ruby Katherine Osborne, Regina Colleen Perry, Phyllis Jean Pulley, Betty Jean Rigsbyf Joette Rollins, Donna Faye Spencer, Martha Evelyn Vandygriff, Dorothy F. White, Carolyn GOVERNMENT CLASS MRS. MARGARET GRAY FIRST ROW: Roosevelt Burrell, Rosaline Odom, Ronald Stewart, Ruby Orr, Sherra Gaines, Shirley Gaines. SECOND ROW: Alvin Wilson, Michael Neal, Dennis Patton, Al Parker, Lee Bryabt, Eugene McKissack, Jessie Williams, Andrew Britton, Morgan Watkins. 42 FIRST ROW: KLEFT TO RIGHTJ Obie Iarmon, jackie Williams, james Cross, Patricia Yeargin. SECOND ROW: Ianet Reynolds, Regina Waginer, Darryl Jordan, THIRD ROW: jerrilyn Lee, Rick Hobson, Wanda Malone. FOURTH ROW Faye Lewis, jonathan North, Marguerite Simmons. FIFTH ROW: Michelle Lee, Jack Gant, Donald Black, Richard Martin. STANDING: Shelia Moore, Ethel Burton, Gayle Thompson, Fred Watkins, ,Iackie Waters, Lynette Matthews, Michael Williams, Kenny McLaurine, Linda Coleman, Betty Stelle, Janice McKnight, Florence Fisher, Beverly Phil lips, Jack Wade, Bobby Garrett, Michael Hampton. FIRST ROW: fLEFT TO RIGHTQ Ronnie Stewart, james Gray, Shirley Gooch. SECOND ROW: Andrew Garrett, Lavernia Harris, Deborah Burroughs, Nina Grimes, Donna Myers, Sandra Gant. THIRD ROW: Milton Christan, Deborah Moore, Latommie Fisher, Dottie Jones. FOURTH ROW: William Martin, Patricia Herron, Raymond Bass, Vivian Charles, Alma Roberts, Bernadette Cook. GOVERNMENT CLASS MRS. MARGARET GRAY TEACHER BOOKKEEPING I MR. HERMAN BESS TEACHER LEFT SIDE - Joyce Johnson, Lisa jenkins, james Dale, Manya Turner, Bobby Allen, Mary Hyde. RIGHT SIDE - Pamela I-Iooten, Celester Merrell, Harriemt Bryant, Clixristine Shannon, Eugene jenkins, Myrtle Churchwell. MIDDLE - Alice Johnson. 44 BOOKKEEPING I MR. HERMAN BESS TEACHER N SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT - Linda Coleman, Cordelia Green, Dorothy Levelle, Brenda Larkins, Shirley Robinson, Debra Bender, Jeannette Allen, Sharon Parchman, Phyllis Krantz, Nadine Bailey, jonathan Toms. STANDING - Brenda Fitzpatrick, Mr. Bess, Teacher, NORTH STAR STAFF MRS. KATHERINE SHARP, SPONSOR iX STUDENT ADVISORY COMMITTEE SEATED: LEFT TO RIGHT: Karen lobe, Denise Temple, jacquelyn Williams, Donna Myers, Phyllis Adams. STANDING: LEFT TO RIGHT: Carol Rogers, Debbie Bumpus, Alma Roberts, Wanda Malone, Marguerite Simmons, Regina Wagner, Raymond Sutton, Billy Williams, William White, George Brown, Henry Osborne, PICTURES NOT SHOWN: Michael Rodgers, Doug Wyatt. Alma Roberts - President Phyllis Adams - Secretary Mrs. Mary E. Bateman - Advisor 46 2 lst VICE PRES. 2nd VICE PRES. 3rd VICE PRES. NORTH HIGH PARENTS TEACHERS ASSOCIATION OFFICERS 1970-72 PRES. MRS. CHARLES JOHNSON JR. 6th VICE PRES, MRS. JOHN FLOWERS MRS. JOHNNIE BLACKMAN PUBLICATIONS MRS. L. J. HUNTER MRS. CHARLES GREEN TREASURER MRS. ZENOCH ADAMS MRS MILDRED MOORE REC, SEC. MRS. HERSHEL GA INES MRS FRED PINKERTON PARLIAMENTARLAN MRS. M. JONES 4th VICE PRES. Sth VICE PRES. MRS. C. R. GREGORY 47 NAME Jeanette Allen Ronnie Baker Frank Barton fBe asleyj K evin B ard Raymond Bass Nadine Bailey Sylvester Baines Effie Baxter MAJOR Business Ed . History Physic al Ed . English History Sci ence Government Nursing ORGANIZATION FHA, Polaris Staff Chorus Basketball, Track, Football, "Most Ath- letic, FCA, Chorus Chorus, Homecoming Escort, Candidate for Mr. Debonaire Track, Polaris Staff, FHA Ping Pong, Football FHA, Student Council J USUALLY FOUND Shoney' s School Anywhere with Joyce In the streets In the office Everwhere In the bed With tiny At local community M.H.S. YM.S.H. Chorus Debbi Bender Business Ed. Polaris Staff On the phone Katherine Blanchard Business Ed. FHA, Chorus With friends Marguerita Blocker Nursing VICA At home cooking William Boleyj ack centers Clifford Brown History Football, Baseball, Up to the center QC . W. J FCA Joseph Bryant History Chorus In class or in the office Eddie Buchanan jr. Carpentry "Most Pleasing Personality" Roosevelt Burrell History Football, Baseball, fSnakeJ FCA, Student Council, "Best School Spirit" Joyce Bush Physical Ed, At home Vanessa Bush Art On the phone Linda Coleman Music Chorus, Glee Club All around Antonia Carter Science Cheerleader At home Ramonia Cartmell Music Chorus At home Vivian Charles History R.C.Y. Youth Board, Anywhere there is fVivij Pep Club, SAB, "Most trouble Talkativen Shelia Childress Social Studies Student Council, VICA, In class United Front Melvin Christian Drugs Crime At home fBeefeaterQ Rhonda Cousin Home Ec. FHA, Y-Teens, Chorus In the hall Helen Crenshaw Home Ec. TOEC, FHA, Basketball In the gym james Cross Music North Star Staff, Band, At home Glee Club, Polaris Staff David Cunningham Zoology Wrestling Team At home FAVORITE SAYING "Mark" "I'll be glad when school is out" "Pe ace" "For re al" "Keep the faith" "Lord today" "That's life" "You don't say" "One more time" "Right on brother" "Keep the faith" "This is your love man! " "If you do right you'll live right" "Thank ya much" "That ain't nothing" ll ll "Got to get it together" "Get down" "Don't mess with my man nor my money" "I don't EVEN care" "Be ready" "Let's blow one!" "That's some cold stuff" ll Il "You were made for rnell "Stay out of the street" NAME Geraldine I-Iaddox Shirley Hall Michael I-Iainpton Arthur Hardemon Bernard Harris Delano Harris Lavernia Haris Linda Hortin Nettie Hawkins Cindy Helton Patricia Herron Pamela Hooten Vinita Hurt QPeachesj Joyce johnson QCookiej Dwight Dale Wanda Faye Dowdy Danny Duke Florence Fisher Latommie Fisher QSportj Bernice Frierson Sherra A. Gaines Shirley Gaines Andrew G arrett QP- Nut I Gloria Garett Bobby Garrett Samuel Gates jr. Shirley Gooch fPancakej Terry Goodrich MAJOR Pediatrics English History English Criminology Home EC . English Vocational Ed. Mathematics Spanish Home Ec. Dental Hygiene History Home Ec. Physical Ed . Science History Education Business Ed , Home Ec . History History Political Science History History Sex Ed. Nursing Hi story ORGANIZATION FHA, junior Achievement, Polaris Staff, Chorus Football, Golf Chorus Chorus FHA FHA VICA Polaris Staff, Forensics, Alpha Mu Theta Math Club, Honor Society, "Most Intelligent", Stu. of the Month Polaris Staff Chorus, SubDeb Club FHA, Majorettes, Chorus, "Most Talented" FHA Football, "Most Dependable" Student Council, The North Star "Quietest! " Capt, of Majorettes, Editor of Polaris FHA, Honor Society, Chorus Halftimer, Student Council, SCA FHA, Pep Squad Mafia, "Best Dressed" People Unknown, "Tallest", Basketball Team Student Council, SCA, North Star Staff USUALLY FOUND With Melvin Fairgrounds Roller Rink Everywhere In the halls In the poolhall In the halls With Monic a At home Daydreaming With PeeWee Here and there In a world of my own In South Nashville Everywhere Down in the Library Home and around With Bruce Shelton In due booth, in the back, in the corner, in the dark .... At work At work At a party On the corner Everywhere in my new car Where the action is In the halls FAVORITE SAYING "Right on" "I don't EVEN know what you me an "When it's all over just wait , , "Dig it for an hour" "You are tooo bad" "You are kidding" Il ll H "That's right" "It just don't matter" "Hey! What's happening" "Too bad!" "Too much" nGet ups! "You're too much" "Right on" "Ain't you stuff" "Hush with th at bull" llsay yeahll "Ain't nothing to it" "Eat, drink and be merry" "That ain't EVEN the way it is" "Keep the faith" "Well how about that" "You're a mess" "Right on" NAME Mary Darlene Jones fDottiej Darryl jordan Carl Keen QBlue Eyed Soulj Mildred King Yvonne Landrum Karen Faye Lewis fBunsj Ronnie Lillard Jerrilyn Lee Wanda Malone Joyce Marie Mason Lynette Matthews Michelle Lee Steven Lee QBuddyj Janice McKnight William 'Mintor Albert Moore jr, Calvin Moore Deborah Moore Shelia Moore Delores Morell Shaunelle Morton Donna L. Myers QDinoJ Michael Neal MAJOR Business Ed . Music Home Ec . journalism Math Math History Business Adm , Nursing English History Hi story M ath Bu sine ss Ed . History Home Ec . Home EC . English Social Worker Correctional Education ORGANIZATION Pres. Student Council, Vice Pres. Student Body, "Most Mischievous" FCA Student Council, FI-IA, North Star, "Best Looking" 2nd Runner Up Miss North High Football Polaris Staff, French Club, Maj orette Homecoming Queen, Pres. Honor Society, Pres. Mu Alpha Theta, "Most Pleasing Personality, Annual Staff, Cain Sloan Teenboard, SAC Vice Pres, Student Council, Co-Capt. Basketball Team, Track, All Tournament 119th Dis. J "Best All Around" Basketball, TOEC, Arts and Crafts Club Capt. of Colorguard, Sec. of Student Body, FHA, Cain Sloan Teenboard, "Most Dependable", Honor Society Basketball, All Tournament 19th Dist., FCA, "Most Popular", Student Council, FWA FHA FHA Football, FCA, TOEC Polaris Staff, Honor Society, FHA, "Neatest" TOEC Modern Dance Sr, Class Treas., Polaris Staff, Student Council, SAC, "Shortest", Girls Track Team Basketball Team, Track, QZJ Candidate for Mr, Debonaire, "Best All Around" USUALLY FOUND In the halls Parties at Fisk Anywhere and everywhere At home Where the action is At Angela's Wherever I am OUT Wi th Fr ank OUT My action spot At the poolh all Up town Library Up the street In the halls At my locker 1811 15th Ave. NO. 207 On the phone Where the actions is In the street FAVORITE SAYING "Right on" "Dig it, dude" ull.. Flipn "Do you under- stand" llDig itll "For real" "Re ally?" "Yeah jack" "Wh at's it to you buddy?" "Who, what and when" "You are a fool" "Lord today" "IlVhat's happening" "Baby, I'm free" "Be for real" "You gotta be kidding" "Right on" "Not EVEN" "Get up slick" NAME Jonathon North Rosaline Odom QRozj Ruby Orr Sharon Parchm an Al Parker Dennis Patton Patricia Peacock QPatj joseph Pe arsall Sharon Petty Beverly Phillips Darlynn Phillips George Phillips Gwendolyn Prince Ormonde Ransom john Render QRenj janet Reynolds Sandy Reynolds Alma Roberts QFudgeQ Shirley Robinson Carol Rodgers Rita Rosson Mary Rucker Deborah Scruggs Brenda Shipp Michael Simpkins Marguerite Simmons QGeedaQ Curtis Smith Gary Stafford Betty Steele Ronnie Stew art fStewbeefj MAJOR Physic al Ed . Engineering Government History Science Math Nursing Music Chorus English Science Hi story English Spe e ch and Dr am a Engineering History History History Business Ed. Science Business Ed. Art Dentistry Physic al Ed . Agriculture Math Music Math Business Ed . History ORGANIZATION Basketball, FCA, Track Polaris Staff, Sub Deb, Mu Alpha Theta, V. Pres, Sr., Class, V. Pres, Honor Soc. Chorus Marching Band, Band Council Sub Deb, Red Cross "Shortest", Marching Band, FTA Chorus FHA, Chorus Y-Teen, Honor Society, "Most Business Like" Chorus, Forensics, Bell Canto Ensemble, "Most Talkative" Tumbling Team, Band, Soulful- Projections, "Most Talented" Annual Staff, Cheerleader, North Star, Nil Pep Queen Cheerleader, Pres. SAC, "Best Dressed", Honor Soc., Pres. Castner Teen Board lst Runner Up "Miss North High" Chorus, Bas FHA Halftimer, "Best Dancer" Chorus, Y-Teen Editor North Star, "Most Popular", Co-Editor Polaris, Homecoming Att., SAC Football Polaris Staff, Honor Soc. , Arts and Crafts Club Basketball, Polaris, FCA, Chorus, "Most Mischievous" USUALLY FOUND Parties Streets At home Reading In bed Anywhere possible In the halls On the corner With Apatche Around On the phone Anywh ere At home ln the halls, meddlin! Not at home Anywhere, but home At home or work With Kenny At a game Smiling Mostly home With Maurice 2117 Owen St. In my bed At work With Roosevelt King' s Lane In the ghetto Sometimes here and sometimes there FAVORITE SAYING "You better cut that out!" "You ain't nothing" "You better believe itll "Oh, for pete's sake" "Right on" "Bodaciously" "Ain't no way" "Left off!" "Look out" "Good evening" "Peace be still" "You will be sweet" "Sugar daddy" "You're ruint" "What's happening" "Love is eternal" "I don't even care" "Right on" Bam, right on" "Love it or leave it" "I promise" ll "What's happening Cat?" "VVhat'S happening" "Get up, cool" "Wh at' s going on" NAME Mari on Tate Elvyna K . Tears fElvyJ Charles Thom as Gayle Thompson Faye Vandegrift jack Wade Regina Waggoner Alma Walls jackie Waters Jerry Waters Anthony Webster QZekej William White MAJOR Hi story M ath Physic al Ed . Music History Science Home Ec . Home Ec . Art Financial Mge . Music OR GAN IZA TION FHA, Sec, of Sr, Class, Polaris, Cheerleader Capt., "Most Outstanding", Honor Soc. CK Teen Board FCA, Football, Track, Pres. Student Body, "Most Dramatic" Marching Band, Math Club, Forensics Co-op, VICA Annual Staff, SAC, "Tallest" Honor Soc. , Penny's Teen Board, Jr. Miss FHA, Chorus "Friendliest", Homemaker Award, FHA, Treas. Stu. Body Polaris, "Friendliest", Art Club, Honor Society Football, FCA, Honor Soc., Math Club, Pres. Sr. Class, "Most Likely to Succeed" Band, Tumbling Team, SAC, Track, Soulful Projection, CCIS USUALLY FOUND Library OUT Out With Red Riding Out At home At the games At the games On 23rd FAVORITE SAYING "I-Iow's it going" llllm hip!! "Everything is going to be alright" "Welllllll , . . " "Did you hear . . . " "You'll be alright" "Really" "I know it" "That's good" "Th at' s cool too" "A winner never quits and a quitter never wins" "O-ye-cum-e-vah" NAME J ac que lyn Williams jesse Williams flceburg Slirnj Kenneth Williams Michael Williams QLittle Mikey jamie L. Wilson fLinky Lamont Wilson Monica Wilson Mary Wordl ay fFe rbyj Bobby Wright CP2-P J Patricia Yeargin Beve rly Young MAJOR English Lit . Hi story Music Cooperative Educ ation History Science Social Studies English Ele ctroni cs Science History ORGANIZATION Sub Deb, Honor Society, SAC, "Most Dramatic" FCA FCA, Band, Baseball, "Best Looking" Co-op, Student Council Mr. Debonai r Band, Red Cross Sub Deb, Honor Society, Majorettes, Stu. Coun., Cain Sloan Teen Board Student Coun. "Miss North High" USUALLY FOUND In guidance On the hump Record shop Doing my do On the corner Anywhere At the Krystal Home all ways By the door Out Anywhere FAVORITE SAYING "Hi there" "O-ye-cum-e-vah" "Love e ace and 2 3 happiness" "You're right" "Yeahhhh man" "Get layed" "I like what you give" "Get away" "Too bad" llTeddy!l "Yeah baby" Shortest Tallest joseph Pearsall and Donna Myers Regina Wagoner and Samuel Gates 55 d A nthony Webster N H k .md Henry Osborne M Best Dancer ost D r amatic Deborah Scruggs and Andrew Garrett jacquelyn Williams and Charles Thomas ynn Phillips and Michael Pamela Hooten and john R Most Elvyna Tears and Ricky Hudson Most Marguerite Simmons and Steven Lee Vivian Charles and Ormond Ransom Eugene McKissaCk f'F1orence Fisher fNot Shown E 2 i s E E L N C 3. t C S 'L M 0 s t M i S C h i e V 0 u S Best Sc Most Nina Grimes and Roosevelt Burrell Debbie Bumpus and Frank Barton Most l MOST Wanda Malone and Eddie Buchannon Alma Roberts and Bobby Garrett th Will h ael N JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS YOLANDA I-IOLLON JANET JOYCE CORDELIA GREEN MR. TIMSON 65 PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER ROBERT A BERNA THY PHY LL IS A DA MS BOBBY A I-I-EN DEBORAH BA LL BRENDA BAUGH THOMA SA BONNER VERA BRADLEY I-IARRIET BRYANT CAROLYN BUFORD RANDALL BURNS LINDA CALDWELL DELORES CAMPBELL MICHAEL CHRISTIAN MYRTLE CI-IURCHWELL SANDIE COTTON JAMES CRENSHAW RI-IONDA CURTIS JAMES DALE LEWIS DANIELS JAMES DAVIS JENNY DAVIS SANDRA DAVIS DEBORAH DEADERICK CLARENCE DUNCAN :fan K ,-:-.mam W 4459 Q9-F85 N? I -G ,.,, , "'::E:!32I.'.E :iff 'l.ZE:'- ' ' A 25? :wif 'r3:5??5Ek, :. - ' EMMA FAULKNER BRENDA FITZPATRICK BONITA FLOWERS NANCY FRIERSON ANDREW GANTT MARY GARDNER JAMES GOOCH MATTIE GOODE CARDELIA GREEN GERALD HALL REGINA HALL DANNY HALPIN ANDERSON HARDIN NATHAN HARDIN JUNE HARPER BARRY HARRIS YOLANDA HATCHET IOYC E HOLDEN SHEENA HARDY KENNETH HA RRIS YOIANDA HOLLAND LANNIE IVORY EUGENE JENKINS KAREN JOBE GARY JOBE ALICE JOHNSON HORACE JOHNSON JERRY JOHNSON JANET JOYCE THOMAS KENNEDY ROSE KING SHERRON KIRKPATRICK CARMEN JOHNSON STEVE JORDAN SHELIA KERTCI-LAVAL JACKIE LEE 4 JOSEPH LEE TOMMIE LEE KATHY MANN SHIRLEY MARTIN JESSE MATHERS JANET MCFA RLA ND C ELESTER MERRELL VIVIAN MOORE THOMAS MUMPHREY LINDA PA TTON RITCHIE PA TTON JOE PEACOCK WARNER PETWAY PHYLLIS POWELL AUDWIN PULLEY CHARLENE SANDERS JOHN SANDERS JUANITA SCRUGGS CHRISTINE SHANNON CAMELLIA SMART DEBORAH SMITH KORDA THOMAS TYRONE TIBBS LEWIS TRAMMEL s :www E BA RBA RA TURNER E THOMA S WA TSON LA PREE YOUNG JULIA TURNER SYLVESTER WHITE SA RAI-I CHA PPLE 73 MARGARET VANLIER JANICE WILLIAMS GEORGE MA C LAURINE SOPHOMORE CIA SS OFFICERS WALTER FIELDS - WANDA TIBBS - DEBORAH CHRISTIAN CYNTHIA GARDNER - ADRIAN scoTT - MRS. JEAN JONES 74 PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY FRE!-X SURER SGT. -AT-ARMS CHAIRMAN I V f g 1 N A ngelia Appleton Freeman Bass Betty Bradley Martha Bryant it I , f 'sf K , T, S is is M Beverly Burgess ' ,ei fi? H K- 'G ,f 35 K if 3 M 'Q Zire if is Z2 fl" aim - '52 e 523' aaa 'age-ferifif Q life ' 3 if . 1 2 K -J'Ei.."::.' ,S . I , . ' . -'W 'MZ-F" k 5 . -Q 7 sxktww ,4:13'wPi'.P3'fssisi3nm Yolanda Arnell ,- " fii jf i gff ' ii 1"' I QWQEEQ , 3 gi an , wa ga.. ,ag W fm SBR B' rfb? ga 515515 4? xg , Preston Beddingfield -Victor Bond Katrina Buchanan , W F' L fz fs l f Q eggs as rf if K S 'll' ,aint rf Phil Burrell Sha ron Bell 53213775 9lr3:'l1:fZf'ff ffl-iff" , L-Vi f -'--' V fl ft? ' L ' .. - bp. 5 x 1992 UWXS' at ,a,Q3,.X.., ...X , sl ,Xa K , Q 1 iw sf 5 by vi Vx .,,, , L35 rr 3, Q , W ai , , , , ,av , K Z Ss 2 . 7 , 4 if 1 Vw ai e -X ,J 5 Teresa Boone Melvin Brown ri 5 Q55 2-53 k,,, 4:5 D , We ,' p QQ feat rrazik X aEEEEa:SS::a Sylvia Buchanan iiliif finnfrf M Mary Ann Bush . 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'Ez M, 1 ,SX Danny Perry tlt fr if ,M - sy, M Q Deborah Moore 'Ifrena Morris Gwen Newborn Denise Parke r Gregory Pillow 4 .S .,., , Carl Deborah Moore t M X R i I 4 A .i-- , Herbert Myers Cindy Oakley . .i .25 'K ,.,. 5 S X s 2 S - , , ,.fg,gag, g:f Q, ,.ig1jzfa-if-, q Guana Pinkerton Merri mon Kenneth Moore Kenneth Neal Linda Osment Garry Pepper Patricia Polk Carol A AF., Micheal Sawyers 5? ' ,ETH "ill: ,s'G'gi,s77l g ,SZ K mi W Q, ,Q Q 3 Q 9 is QA 2 wx wg A-U1 :- , .. . ,Z X S K 4' Sli 'WSG if SG 5 Y in 3 S wif K Densie Temple Q, S, ,, 'iff-W J - .... I:v"' , .L K, Q ,, N Edward Vingsang , i il L XSL K 3 1 gs-:Mvf x W' mn sw 2 MM H - Sari' ' K' six Ava Rhodes L I ' if Y S , ' . L" A H - 5 Qi, ti, - ,ya K s ,Z f M as 4 W P3 i RWE? f 4 in , L : pf Shearrion Smith Kim Thorpe Ward ! vw ll l 'W if I 'wiv ' if a A Vx, ,MA ,,,, .., JW? fi Y fp U z 15 Brenda Wilson L S il '1 .iwzr ,..- 'Q ' .,,, ig. . f i , A an aw Qs ,L Sabrina Wilson Beverly Woodland gli Robinson Sylvia Sloss Jonathan Toms Rosie West ' ",,.aW.'1,. , 1 W t iff!- v - . r,1nr ,M H M Karen Wilson Q 2 i s as fr i ,iss ik? saga is fs p s i .. ... . , was ::. gga gfii m as s , Y , ,--- .,gaf- naa Norman Roland 5 Li s sl WW? ' Q ,fini 14 X, N Aggie.. ff as .Nav s- - f fa Anita Tate . .Q-gif-,Ein-v. - . 5:' Desi Turner Denise Whitman Pam Wilson M-if YW QW' K , wil l ' uf' if: WS" Ml , 'wi' A -g a 7 5 5,5 vs 4 QE slime? 55595 is EE U Q S ATTENDA NTS AND ESCORTS FIRST ATTENDANT - ALMA ROBERTS MICHEAL NEAL I SECOND ATTENDANT - FAYE LEWIS WILLIAM MARTIN 82 MISS NORTH HIGH MR. DEBONA IR AND ATTENDANTS FIRST ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT ALMA ROBERTS, BEVERLY YOUNG, FAYE LEWIS. SECOND ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT MICHAEL NEAL, JAMIE WILSON, WILLIAM MARTIN. 83 21 1 e d i C t O I' i a n S WA NDA MA LONE J 4 D Salutatorian ROSALINE ODOM MRS. EDYTHE CONNELLY, ADVISOR HOHGT Society PHY LLIS DEBBIE JAMES ADAMS BENDER DAVIS DEBORAH DEADERICK ,Q SHIRLEY MARY CARDELIA GAINES GARDNER GREEN REGINA NETTIE CINDY EUGENE HALL HAWKINS HELTON JENKINS STEVE SHARON MICHELE JORDAN KIRKPATRICK LEE WANDA KATHY 86 DEBORAH MALONE MANN MOORE LL 3 :1"- 3 5 Q,fg3ffgAQjiy Sim rw v gg ,, A E asf 371 - Wg" We 2 , , LL. ,, K EQEM' Q. E .wff gs. 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'Pj'i2Q4'Vg'Q,,,35'115f?eaf2fQ2V.w'WVV'1,42E?4?3?!'-QssiwVV,:ms-fr,ifqfiagffg ,Q,Q2ziVSw R V, V 23 2 Q3 nan P333 E5 Qs E2 QS FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA MRS, MARY LANIER, ADVISOR SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Lanier, Pamela Hooten, Jackie Waters, Delano Harris, Effie Baxter, Joyce Johnson, Janet McFarland, Gloria Garrett, Jeanette Allen. STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Deborah Shroeda, Barbara Turner, Karen Wilson, Mary Wordlow, Deborah Smith, Lavernia Harris, Patricia Herron, Janice McKnight, Janice McTui- son, Michael Jones, Rhonda Cousin, Beverly Phillips, Evon Blanchard, Elvyna Tears, Michelle Lee, Helen Cren- shaw, Alma Walls, Albert Moore. PICTURES NOT SHOWN: Nancy Auck, Joyce Bush, Joyce Curtis, Bernice Frier- son, Geraldine I-Iaddox, Vera Harris, Sharon Kirby, Gwendolyn Kirk, Shiflfflf' Martin, D9b0T-111 MOOre, Lisa Jenkins, Deborah Scruggs. STUDENT COUNCIL MR. STANFIELD, ADVISOR SEATED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr, Stanfield, Roosevelt Burrell, Joyce Mason, Mary Jones. FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGI-IT: Jackie Lee, Debbie Fugua, Shirley Gooch, Karen Jobe, Effie Baxter, Donna Myers, Jackie Waters, Beverly Woodland, Linda Osment. SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Nancy Gill, Michael Williams, Carol Pope, Nancy Frierson, Kim Thorp, Karl McCullah. THIRD ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Ann Landers, Michael Jones, Thomasa Bonner, Phyllis Adams, Andrew Garrett, Patricia Yeargin, Herbert Myers. FOURTH ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Deborah Deaderick, Wanda Dowdy, Michele Lee, Karen Lewis, Gary Daniels, Beverly Bowers, Karl Reeves, George Brown. FIFTH ROW: James Crenshaw, Deborah Christian, Debbie Bumpus, Janet Williams, Regina Hall, BACK ROW: Car- men Johnson, Doug Wyatt, Sylvester White, Andrew Holt, Stephen Lee, Edward Vinsang. FOURTH PERIOD MUSIC CLASS MRS. FRANCES ALSTON, DIRECTOR FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Monica Rhodes, Theresa Helton, Sandy Warmack, Effie Baxter, Mary Williamson, Patricia Baugh, Michael Hunter. SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Alvin Wilson, Rhonda Cousin, Brenda Shipp, Bonita Flowers, Sandra Gant, Charles Thomas, joe Peacock. THIRD ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Daryl jordan, Lee Bryant, Ormond Ransom, NOT SHOW: Kevin Bard, THE BEL CANTO SINGERS FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Teresa Helton, Sandy Warmack, Effie Baxter, Monica Rhodes, Brenda Shipp, Sandra Gant, Charles Thomas, Shelia Moore, Patricia Baugh, Mary Ann Williamson, Bonita Flowers. BACK ROW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Daryl jordan, Rhonda Cousin, Ormond Ransom, Donald Stewart, Kevin Bard. 92 wameussazsrsassz, 1 ,-N--H., -----un sruulnu . gizggfnnf.,uH:::rfu-manwuf""luug,,' nuawnsu ...Y ws., inn... V' Klan--. illhl-New THE NORTH HIGH CHORUS - MRS. FRANCES ALSTON, DIRECTOR FIRST ROW LEFT TO Eartha Nelson, Renona Carmell, Teresa Helton, Sandy Warmack, Francine Groves, Lynda Allen, Mary Wordlaw, Patricia Baugh, Sandra Gant, jenneferCartmell, Camilla Smart Alma Walls. SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Shelia Moore, Monica Rhodes, Ethel Burton, Debra Edmondson, ,Brenda Baugh, Catherine Blanchard, Regina Os- b Rh I . . . . . orne, onda Cousin, Rhonda Curtis, Diane Petty, Jackie Cabknor, Anne Lawrence, Shirley Robinson, Shelia Kercheval, Brenda Shipp, Sharon Parchman, Effie Baxter, Barbara Parker, Cherly McCain, Linda McCord THIRD ROW LEFT TO RIGHT' Benard Harrls, Charles Thomas Michele Phillips Curtis Smith Alvin W'lA D n l d . , , , 1 son, ary Jor an, Ormond Ransom, Ronald Stewart, james Gant, Arthur Hardeman, Michael Hensley, Joe Peacock, Kevin Bard. RIGHT: Mary Nelson, Beverly Phillips, Bonita Flowers, Mary Ann Williamson, Vivian Moore, 93 SPANISH CLUB MRS. CATALOGNE, SPONSOR SITTING LEFT TO RIGHT: Pamela Kirpatrick, Constance Price, Sylia Sloss, Pamela Beech, Robin Owens, Valeria Medaris, Wanda Tibbs, Gayle Thompson, Mrs. Catalogne, STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Gerald Hall, Tyrone Tibbs, Melvin Bell, Freeman Bass, Henry Burrell, Roland Norman, Celester Merrell, jimmy Ball, Reginald Bond, Sylves ter White, Carl McCullough. SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: janet Joyce - Sgt. At Arms, Wanda Tibbs - President, Sylvia Sloss - Secretary, Pamela Kirpatrick - Treasurer. SITTING LEFT TO RIGHT: Carl McCullough - Sgt. At Arms, Tyrone Tibbs - Vice Pres. FRENCH CLUB - MR. H. KING, ADVISOR FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Andrew Garrett, Sheryl Dowdy, H, R. King, Ronnie Lillard. SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Stephanie Snowden, Carol Pope, Bernice Newborn, Donna Myers, Vivian Charles, Betty Moreland THIRD ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Douglas White, Vickie Batey, Walter Fields, Willis I-Iorton, Frank Woodard, Fred Watkins, Debra Moore, ART CLUB MR. C, DICKENS, ADVISOR SEATED: Mr. Dickens, Johanna Fowler, Debra Simpkins, Dana DeWeese, Billy Denton. STANDING: jerry Waters, Johnathan Toms, Thairl Tayler, Leo Hill, Clark jones, Danny Jones, Danny Halpin, Collice Goldthreate, Desi Turner, Lewis Trammell. 95 MU ALPHA THETA QMATH CLUBJ MR. FRANK TIMSON FIRST ROW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Debbie Fugua, Nancy Gill, jackie Lee, Yolanda Hollon, Gayle Thompson, Phyllis Adams, Carolyn jobe, Mr. Timson. SECOND ROW: Deborah Deaderick, Mary Williamson, Phyllis Powell, Mary Gardner, Cassandra McLaurine, Sherron Kirkpatrick, Debbie Horn. THIRD ROW: Henry Osborn, james Bryant William Bell, Tommie jones, David Parks, Walter Fields, Carl McCullough, Reginald Bend, Anthony Webster, 96 FCA FIRST ROW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Sims, Donald Black, johnny Bruton, Rosevelt Burrell, Levi Faulkner, james Trotter, Frank Barton, Charles Thomas, Anthony Webster, Coach Smith. SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Calvin Moore, Darrly Jordan, Eugene jenkins, Clarence Duncan, jesse Mathes, William McGee, john Hogan, joseph Walker, Robert Abernathy, james Spears. THIRD ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: jonathan North, Ronnie Stewart, Gregory Arnell, Bobby Allen, Melvin Brown, joe Lee, Clifford Brown, joe Ash, Slyvester White, Michael White. FOURTH ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Louis Daniels, Michael Hampton, Louis Trammell, Emile Risley, james Dale, jonathan Toms, Henry Burrell, Thomas Murphy, jesse Williams, Coach Wright, 97 TENNESSEE OFFICE EDUCATION CLUB MRS. MADISON - ADVISOR FIRST ROW FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Myrtle Churchwell, Carmon Johnson, Decosta jenkins, Mary Hyde, Alice johnson, Lynette Matthews. SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Freda Espy, Angela Check, Mary Jones, james Dale, Mrs. Madison Advisor. BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Bobby Allen, Calvin Moore, jesse Mathers, VOCATIONAL INDUSTRIAL CLUB OF AMERICA QVICA J MR. GLEASON COORDINATOR SEATED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: David Huff, Gail Boshers, Darlene Calescibetta, Kim Murphy, Glen Cantrell, Hugh Gleason, FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Pulley, Joette Rigsby, Ronald Moore, Cathy O'Nea1, Danny Dye, Billy Williams, james Gooch. SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Mark Hampton, Leon Watson Jr., Brenda Hib don, Norman Mitchell, Freddie Evans, Stephen McCormick, Danny Duke. THIRD ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Tommy Pentecost, Landon Hand, Linda Horton. PICTURES NOT SHOWN: Delrene Cobb, Freida Madison, George Rhoads jr., Steve Maddox. 98 V.I.P. MRS. MARY BENSON AND MR. ALEXANDER BENNETT - SPONSORS LEFT TO RIGHT: SEATED - Mrs. Benson, Charlie Christian, Steven Lee, Donald Johnson, Levi Faulkner, Derrick Davis, Leonard Tite, IOSGPP1 Ash, Mr. Bennett. SECOND ROW: Ronnie Steward, Charles Wade, Austin Groves, Preston Beddingfield, johnny Merrimon, George Faulkner, Eddie Buckhannon, James Bellamy, johnny Bruton, Michael White. THIRD ROW: James Trotter, William McGee, Calvin Britton, Henry Harris, Milton Christian, john Hogan, Barney Lee, Jerome Buckhannon, George Brown. 99 FIRST ROW: Sharon Kirkpatrick-Acting Chaplin, Renae Rhodes-Sgt.-of-Arms, Linda Lawernce-Asst. Secretary, Tommie Lee-Secretary, Regina Simmons-President, L'Larvia Coleman-Vice Pres, 8 Dean of Probates, Cordelia Greene-Acting Business Mgr, , Lillie Coppage-Asst. Treasurer, Deborah Horton-Sgt. -at-Arms. FIRST ROW: Carmen johnson, Linda Lawernce, Renae Rhodes, Deborah Horton, L' Larvia Coleman, Regina Sim- mons, Lillie Coppage, Cordelia Greene, Sharon Kirkpatrick, Tommie Lee. SECOND ROW: Pamela Kirkpatrick, Sylvia Sloss, Brenda Stewart, Vicki Smith, Archielene Armstrong, Vicki Batey, Victory james, Karen Turner, Anita Foster, Linda I-Iollaway, Shirley Foster, Vaden Fowler, jaynice Taylor, Carol Pope, Sandra Flangan, Katrina Broughton. THE HISTORY OF THE JUNIOR MISS SOCIAL CLUB The junior Miss Social Club consists of young ladies from various high schools. The club was originally organized for the sole purpose of developing a natural hobby sewing. The interests and purposes now include enriching the lives of young women, and stressing the finer points of womanhood. 100 NORTH HTGH MARCHING BAND I DIRECTOR - MR. MICHAEL CATALANO FRONT ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: jackie Lee, Myrtle Churchwell, janet Joyce, Michele Lee, Nina Grimes, Phyllis Powell, Gary Pepper, jimmy Ball, Gayle Thompson, Charles I-Iockett, 'Al Parker, William White, George Brown, jerrilyn Lee, Latommie Fisher, Phyllis Adams. SECOND ROW: Cyrella Elliot, Ollivet Turner, Regina Hall, Carl Reid, Pam Wilson, Yolanda Hollon, Juana Pinkleton, Robin Owens, Sharon Bell. FRONT ROW: Bonita Flowers, Patricia Yeargin, Diane Appleton, Pam Hooten, Linda Osborne. BACK: Teresa Boone, Kim Thorpe, Sylvia Sloss, Pam Beech. THIRD ROW: Marion Bell, Michael Sawyers, Frank Woodward, David Parks, James Davis, Edward Vinsang, Kenneth Moore, john Render, Thomas Mumphrey, Danny Perry, Randall Burns, james Cross, Hugh Hollon, Steve jordan, Ann jones. FOURTH ROW: Charles Cartmell, LaPree Young, Albert Walton, Kenneth Williams, james Owens, Kenneth Harris, Lester Cousin. SENIORS OF THE BAND LEFT TO RIGHT: Gayle Thompson, Joseph Pearsall, Nina Grimes, William White, Latommie Fisher, Kenneth Williams, Pam Hooten, Al Parker, Michele Lee, john Render, Patricia Yeargin, George Brown, jerrilyn Lee, james Gross. BRASS SECTION DIRECTOR-MR. CATALONO FIRST ROW: Albert Walton, Lapree Young, Andre Carter, james Owens, Kenneth Harris, and Lester Cousin. SEC- OND ROW: Marvin Bell, Hugh Hollon, Steve Buchanan, Danny Perry, Randell Burns, 'Steven jordan, james Cross, Ann jones, Michael Sawyers Q GOLDTHREATE BROTHERS BAND-DIRECTOR-MR. M. CATALANO FIRST ROW: QDrummerJ Troy Goldthreate. fTrumpetQ Kenneth Moore.SECOND ROW: fLead Guitar? Roy Goldthreate, fBass Guitarj Collice Goldthreate, fGuitarJ Thairl Taylor. WOODWIND SECTION DIRECTOR-MR. CATALANO FIRST ROW: jackie Lee, janet Joyce, Bettie Bradley, Juana Pinkleton, Carl Reed, Pam Wilson, Yolanda I-Iollon, Nina Grimes, Phyllis Adams, Linda Asborn. SECOND ROW: Kim Thorpe, Theresa Boone, Debora Christian, Angela Driver, Regina I-Iall, David Parks, Robbie Bell, Angela Appleton, Sebrina johnson, Shirley Maupin, Frank Woodard, THIRD 1IiOW: james Cross, john Render, Thomas Mumphrey, Sharon Bell, james Davis, Kenneth Moore, and Charles Cartme . PERCUSSION SECTION-DIRECTOR-MR. CATALANO STANDING: Gary Pepper, Joe Pearsall, jimmy Ball, Kenneth Williams, Al Parker, William Vlfhite, George Brown, SEATED: Gayle Thompson and Charles I-Iockett, Editor-Latommie Fisher S ecretary Asst. Secretary Elvyna Tears Q ' Deborah Moore Feature Editor janet Reynolds 104 4 Co-Editor: Marguerite Simmons Artist Q jerry Waters Business Manager- Asst. Business Manager Regina Waggner i Ricky Hobson Sports Editor-Ronnie Stewart Polaris Staff 71-72 fs 55 K. 1 SEATED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Steel, Deborah Moore, Elvyna Tears, Latommie Fisher, Margurite Simmons, Ianet Reynolds, Ronald Stewart, Vivian Charles, Lynette Matthews. STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Elifson, Cindy Helton, Beverly Young, Deborah Bender, jerrilyn Lee, Donna Myers, jackie Williams, Rosaline Odom, Mi- chelle Lee, James Cross. BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Lanier, Raymond Bass, Jeanette Allen, Wanda Malone, Geraldine Haddox, Nettie Hawkins, jerry Waters, Regina Wagoner, Mrs. Mary Bateman. 106 C.O.P. SEATED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert Fitzgerald Teacher Aide, Alberta Woodson, Teacher Assistance, Lillian Pinkerton, Teacher Assistant, Marcus Wiggins, Teacher Assistant, STANDING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT R b H bard, Teacher Aide Don ld H : u y ub- 5 a ayes, Attendance Aide, Cora Braford Teacher Assist t. R ld Aide- jimm Bl ' ' ' , an ona Bryant, Teacher , ye ack, Community Educatlon Assistant, Audrey Donelson, Guidance Counselor Aide, Corris Landers Community Education Aide PICTURES NOT SHOWN M 3 . : agaret Cunningham, Social Work Assistant, Georgia Mila Teacher Assistant. 107 I1 el V 1 jk E o Z 1 1 1 1 K 1 4 I w i 1 1 E 2 if 5 I ,Q 3 ,ii 3 15, 3 5 A is 9? COACHING STAFF KNEELING: Mr, jim Nolloner, Asst. Football, Boys Track. Mr. Sam Smith, Asst. Football, Baseball. STANDING QRIGI-IT TO LEFTJ Mr. Everett Walker-Asst. Football, Asst. Basketball, Mrs. Ioan Elifson, Athletic Business Mana- ger, Mrs. Blanche Stevens, Girls' Track Coach, Mrs. jean jones-Girls' Basketball Coach, Mr, Leroy Wright-Head Boys' Basketball Coach, Mr, Roy Carter-Asst. Baseball Coach, Mr. Harvey Sims-Head Football Coach. 109 FRONT ROW QLEFT TO RIGHTQ-Lynette Matthews, Co-captain Joyce Mason, Captain Debbie Bumpus, Mary Gardner. SECOND ROW QLEFT TO RIGHTJ-Gwen Newborn, Wanda Wilson, Sandra Pearsall, janet McFarland, Ananya Herring, Sheryl Dowdy. THIRD ROW QLEFT TO RIGHTJ-Coach jean jones, Cynthia Gardner, Patsy Flynn, Bernice Newborn, Helen Crenshaw, Camilla Smartt. SEASON RECORD- 11-17 QOf the 7 gmes lost, 5 were lost by a total of 9 pointsj 2nd Place 19th District Tournament All-district players- Debbie Bumpus, Bernice Newborn, Joyce Mason. 110 I - "2 W' ' ,f V K. , A , W V V . ' ' ' F-Z V 7V 4 .5 f V .I ,V , VV V M Vg,.,.'.V.A ,,.1f,E-5 1.6.2 ' '-M-7, -W'-w 5 f,-.u..W.N,...,,....,,.,,,,,.m, ,,., , ...A .,,. .VM ,F .N1NYJ.wu:.,LriV-.,f:.4,.awuu-,'wfQ?-'LW' '1i1'S"H A W' I' ' ' ' J' VARSITY BAS KETBALL BOTTOM ROW: EMILE RISBY, MANAGER, LOUIS DANIELS, MICHAEL NEAL, RONALD STEWART, JOHN HOGAN, AND JOE ASH, MANAGER. STANDING: COACH L. WRIGHT, JONATHAN NORTH, FRANK BARTON, DONALD BLACK, SAMUEL GATES, WILLIAM FISHER, THOMAS MUMPHERY, STEPHEN LEE, KENNETH NEAL AND ASSISTANT COACH E. S. WALKER. IR. VARSITY LEFT TO RIGHT HERBERT MYERS, CHARLES WADE, WALTER MALONE, JESSE MATHERS, DOUGLAS WHITE, NATHAN HARDIN. 111 MANAGERS JUNE HOPPER, MARGUERITE SIMMONS, ROSALINE ODOM. 4 5 2 1 I 1 J 1 4 FOOTBALL LEFT TO RIGHT: ALVIN WILSON, CLIFFORD BROWN, LEVI FAULKNER, JAMES TROTTER, MICHAEL HAMPTON, JOHNNY BRUTON, FRANK BARTON, CHARLES THOMAS, DONOLD BLACK, ANTHONY WEBSTER, WILLIAM MCGEE, ZND ROW: JOSEPH WALKER, CLARENCE DUNGAN, EUGENE JENKINS, JAMES DALE, MICHEAL PHILLIPS, ,ROOSEVELT BURRELL, JOSEPH ASH, ROBERT ABERNATHY, MICHAEL WHITE, JOHN HOGAN. SRD ROW: JONATHEB TOM, DONALD JOHNSON, MELVIN BROWN, JESSIE MATHIS, BOBBY ALLEN, HENRY BURRELL, SYLVESTER WHITE, LARRY TERRY, LEWIS TRAMNIEL. 4TH ROW: BARNEY LEE, COACHES: SAM SMITH, JIM NOLLNER, MR. ELLIOTT, MR. KEATHLEY, COACH: HARVEY SIMS, EMILE GRISBY, JOSEPH LEE. GIRL'S TRACK TEAM COACH: MRS. B. STEVENS LEFT TO RIGHT: lst ROW- Joyce Mason, Janet McFarland, Sandra Pearsall, Sabina Johnson, Kathie Keen, Korda Thomas, Linda Allen, Bernadine Battle, Karen Vickers. 2nd ROW: Cynthia Gardner, Mary Jones, Amanya Herring, Ann Jones, Darlene Jordon, Yolanda Hollon, Lynette Matthews, Linda Caldwell, Robin Owens, Sharon Bell, Kendra Osrnent. 3rd ROW: Celester Merrell, Antonia Carter, Janer Joyce, Ava Rhodes, Deborah Christon, Deborah Ball, Donna Myers, Karen Jobe, Mary Gardner, Eartha Nelson. 4th ROW: Debbie Bumpus, Mrs. Stevens, Bernice Newborn, Charlene Sanders, Gwendolyn Newborn, Ramona Campbell, Bettye Olden, Elaine Waggoner, Juanita Scruggs, Joyce Holden, Rosalyn Minter, Lannie Ivory, Audrey Trotter, Kim Thorpe. North High Girls Track Team got off to a good beginning in 1971. As a first year team it lacked depth but had some good sprinters who would give any team a "run for the money. " In 1972 the goal of the team is to go all the way and win the state. In the Regional Meet Brenda Kennedy broke the TPS Invitation Meet record in the 100 yd. Dash with 11. 8. This was later broken by Joyce Mason with an 11. 7 She is Co-holder with Cosby of Pulaski. Following is the 1971 season's results: North 60, Mt. Juliet 135, Manchester 655 North 53, Pearl 56 North 45,1 Lipscomb 64 North 625, Lebanon 6, Overton 645 Optimist, won by North State Championshipg Manchester, Tenn. Sth in State lst place in 440 Relay QKennedy, James, Skelton, Masonj 1st place in 50 yd. Dash - Brenda Kennedy FIRST ROW: Clarence Duncan, jesse Mathers, Eugene Jennings, Coach Nolloner. SECOND ROW: James Dale, Sly VGS12er White, Frank Barton Bruce Cain, Ronnie Caldwell, Charles Thomas. - 5 2 . , ,, I If, A . Q gig? fgw 5233, f, S ,L zqflwmf K f .. .. .. ,.!?. ..,. he FIRST ROW: Bruce Cain, Sylvester White, James Dale, FRANK BARTON Ronnie Caldwell, +V WRESTLING TEAM-MR. DORRIS E. ARMSTRONG, COACH FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Ronnie Allen, james Rogers, Thomas Kennedy. SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Dana Owens, Gerald Hall, Clarence Duncan, Robert Abernathy, THIRD ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Michele Phllllps, Jesse Armstrong. STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Kenneth McLaurine, Horace johnson, joseph Walker, Coach Arm- strong. 118 ns V I2 If 5 ., s , , f BASEBALL - MR. SAM SMITH, COACH FIRST ROW: WILLIAM MCGEE SECOND ROW: DONALD BLACK SAM SMITH WALTER MALONE JIMMY BAUGH BOBBY ALLEN CARL MCCULLOUGH PRESTON BEDDINGFIELD STEVE BUCHANAN ALVIN WILSON YOLANDA HATCHET DANNY PERRY EDWARD HALL JOHN HOGAN ROOSEVELT BURRELL JERRY JOHNSON 119 Alma Cassandra Thomasa Pamela Kathy Antgni 3 Elvyna Denise Janet Deborah Karen Alma Roberts Antonia Carter SENIORS janet Reynolds Elvyna Tears fCaptainj Kathy Mann Pamela Kirkpatrick Cassandra McLaurine Deborah Deaderick Denise Temple Karen Jobe Thomasa Bonner COLOR GUARDS LEFT TO RIGHT: jackie Lee, Myrtle Churchwell-Co-Captain, Michell Lee-Captain, Nina Grimes-Drill Sergeant, Phyllis Powell, janet Joyce, Mrs. Mary Edwards, Sponsor. 122 .Q-,f f , MAJORETTES LEFT TO RIGHT: Linda Osborne, jerrilyn Lee, Pam I-Iooten, Diane Appleton, Phyllis Adams, Patricia Yeargin, Bonita Flowers, KNEELING: Latommie Fisher-Captain. 123 GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION SPONSORS: MRS. JONES AND MRS. STEVENS OFFICERS-KNEELING AND CENTER: Gwendolyn Newborn-Treasurer, Bernice Newborn-President, Debbie Burnpus- Progra, Regina Hall, Secretary. FIRST ROW-LEFT TO RIGHT-Mrs. Stevens, Cynthia Gardner, Amanya Herring, Katrina Broughton, Juana Pinkerton, Sandra Pearsall, Debbie Bumpus, Regina Hall, Sharon Bell, Deborah Christon, Vicky Bond, Shirley Maupin, Camilla Smartt. SECOND ROW-LEFT TO RIGHT-Karen Turner, Joyce Mason, Linda, Holloway, Jacqueline Jennings, Debra Jones, Beverly Jones, Rosalyn Minter, Patricia Peacock, Jo Ann Cunningham Lynette Matthews, Betty Bradley. THIRD ROW-LEFT TO RIGHT-Mrs. Jones, Cheryl Dowdy, Deborah Ball, Sheena McGuire, Janice Williams, Jennifer Cartmell, Sabrina Johnson, Sherra Gaines, Juanita Scruggs, Kim Thorpe. GIRL' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Girl's Athletic Association is composed of young ladies who enjoy participating in sports. During club period, activities such as volleyball, basketball, shuffleboard and softball are enjoyed. Outside activities planned are swimming, bowling and skating. PEP CLUB ROW ONE: LEFT TO RIGHT: Freida Epson, Sandra Pearsall, julia Turner, Eartha Nelson, Deborah Smith, Faye ' Lewis, Mary jones. SECOND ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Gloria Garrett, Minica Rhodes, Celester Merrill, Deborah Ball, Angela Cheek, Barry Harris. THIRD ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Syvester Vkfhite, Donald Jones, Michael jones, Ormande Ransom. Mrs. Mary Edwards - Sponsor 125 PAMELA BEECH OLIVETTE TU RNER WANDA TIBBS 7172 BEVERLY BURGESS JULIA TURNER MYRTLE CHURCHWELL EDWARD COOKE TOMMIE LEE H al ftimers DEBORAH SMITH BRENDA GARRETT MONICA RHODES SYLVIA SLOSS NA THENE CAS ON MRS. CA TALOGNE JANET JOYCE MNA GRIMES HENRY BURRELL TYRONE TIBBS BOBBIE SPEARS DRILL TEAM LEFT TO RIGHT: Sylvia Sloss, Chryella Elliot, Kim Boleyjack-Captain, Lannie Lvory, Pam Beech 128 , if .I fr i f: Mrs. Howard Mason, Sr. Mrs. Zenoch G. Adams fBettyej 129 Community Development Worker Patrol Mother QTeacher Education Alliance for Metroy Project TEAM VIVIAN CHA RLES JAMES CROSS OUR THANKS The POLARIS STAFF is indeed grateful to two of its members who put forth an especial effort to promote the sale of patrons and ads. These 1:wo persons solicited more patrons and ads than any other member of the STAFF. To these members and to everyone else who helped make the 1972 POLARIS a success, we say "Tl-lANKS.'f THE POLARIS STAFF 130 ACKNOWLEDGMENT The POLARIS STAFF wishes to take this opportunity to express its sincere thanks and appreciation to our patrons, friends and citizens of Metropolitan Nashville Davidson County for the cooperation as well as kind and generous support given. We wish to extend an especial thanks to the Members of the Metropolitan Board of Education, Mr. William K. Wright - Area Superintendent, District III, Mr. Edmond M. Tipton - Director, District III, the Central Office Personnel and the loyal men and women who comprise the North Nashville I-ligh School Faculty. 131 APPRECIATION MRS. ROSA CLARK MR. HARVEY SIMS MRS. MARY DAVIS MRS. LENCOLA JOHNSON MRS. FRANKIE ROBINSON MR. EVERETT WALKER The POLARIS STAFF and SENIOR CLASS express to each of you its "Thanks" and Appreciation for the fine service rendered at North School. We miss each of you so very much, but do hope that your new assignment is an enjoyable one. r 1 l NORTHSIDE PHARMACY 2503 Clarksville Hwy. Nashville, Tennessee GUNTERS STUDIO 1711 Jo Johnston Nashville Tennessee CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS CONGRATULATIONS MANDELUS Bordeaux Shopping Center TOMORROW,S FASHIONS TODAY COUNTRY MARKET 1221 Buchanan Street We specialize in S'Home Grown Vegetables and Fresh Meats" 255-9953 .C5ve direction to your IUTUVG- NoRTHS1DE LAUNDRY I W or X MMI? X BUD,S MARY CARTER PAINTS 8: HARDWARE 1600 Buchanan Street Phone 256-6524 FREE DELIVERY Open Till 9:00 Everynight AND CLEANERS Coin Laundry Bundle Service Dry Cleaning OPEN 8: DAYSA 7am to ll pm 1017 Buchanan St. Phone 256-4785 BRENT,S BI-RITE 2101 14th Ave. North PHONE 255-2370 BUD'S CURB MARKET 1601 Buchanan Street Nashville, Tenn. 37208 OPEN ALL NIGHT TOP MOTORS 9th Ave. North 84 Clay WE TOTE THE NOTE PHONE 242-3515 BRATTEN 8L MARTIN FUNERAL DIRECTORS 3634 CLARKSVILLE HWY. CONGRATULATIONS Mr. William R. Bailey SALES REPRESENTATIVE METROPOLITAN LIFE INS CO Parkway Towers Building 404 James Robertson Parkway CLEANERS SHIRTS 1003 Buchanan Street Nashville Tennessee 37308 Compliments of . . . BORDEAUX HIGHWAY PHARMACY 3210 Clarksville High ay Compliments of ..... MARTIN HAYES SL CO. INC 170 4th Ave. North KEMP S BI-RITE 1729 Fifth Avenue North Nashville Tennessee PHONE 254-6108 W ' ' PHONE 244-8820 LEA AND NOKES For Careers that Pay 'IIBM Automation, 8: Business Ad. WILSON QUICK DRUG STORES "'Sectarial :'fDrafting 12 Complete Drug Stores to Serve FALL'S BUSINESS COLLEGE You 118825 128 8th Avenue South 256-3678 FREE DELIVERY PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST. NORTHTOWN BIG STAR OTEY'S QUALITY GROCERY 2501 Clarksville Highway Nashville, Tennessee DISCOUNT BARGAIN PRICES AND QUALITY STAMPS TOO! Compliments of ...., MR. EVERETT S. WALKER Your "WORLD BOOKSLCHILD CRAFTN Representative Mr. Buford Major 1713 Underwood St. PHONE 256-1501 3700 Buena Vista Pike Nashville Tennessee Serving Haynes Buena Vista 8L Trep- hard Heights Com. Donald Lee Prop. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND .... SISCO'S 7-11 BI-RITE 1509 18th Ave. No. BEST WISHES TO ALL! Bradey Sisco HEIMAN STREET MARKET 2524 Heiman Street PHONE 255-9137 James Brooks Prop. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND LEES QWIK STOP MARKET MR. "B" FAST FOODS BURGERS if SHAKES "' SANDWICHES It PIZZA I' BORDEAUX SHOPPING CENTER PHONE 242-9597 New Look Cleaners 8a Launderers 2000-A 18th Ave. North PHONE 244-4812 OXFORD BUILDING SERVICE PEOPLES PHARMACY Complete Prescription Service 1413 Jefferson 256-9584 Compliments of ..... NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE ATOMIC VARIETY STORE Buchanan Street Prop. - Willie 8: Peggy Greer 1410 Buchanan St. 256-3694 Nashville Tenn. Compliments of ..... MR. 84 MRS. ROGER P. JACKSON JONES BROS. HARDWARE GERALD'S GULF SERVICE Sth Ave. N. 84 Jefferson St. Nashville, Tennessee PHONE 255-9388 RICHA 137 Compliments of ..... FRAZIER FIELD SURVEY SERVICE L.. Compliments of ...., THE DINNER BARN THEATER Compliments of ...... FAMILY MR. 8L MRS. DOCK WHITE 8: Compliments of ..... . HAROLD DAVENPORT MR. 8: MRS. LOUIS DANIELS SR. fTerri Wendell gl Darryl Danielsj Compliments of ..... CHURCH BROS GROCERY PHONE 295 9268 1504 Cecelia Street Compliments of ..... RD SMITH FUNERAL HOME ' 1 HOBBS TRANSMISSION COMPANY 2101 18th Ave. No. PHONE 256-0337 FREE TOW IN SEE BILLY HOBBS BURNETT INSURANCE AGENCY 1011 4 Cheatham Street BIASHAMS CITGTJ ' ' PHONE 256-9253 Nashville, Tenn. 2310 Clarksville Highway RUPH'S FLowERs CITY WIDE DELIVERY 3636 Clarksville Highway PHONE 254-0285 GEORGE' B1-RITE 1314 Jo-Johnston Wesley Batts J Mgr. PHONE 329-2410 ' 1 l GARRETT'S ESSO 2007 4 18th Ave. NO. Nashville, Tennessee PHONE 256-9152 Mechanic On Duty TIRES tl-IEIATITERIES if AC-C-ESSORIES Evmiis Aizco sERvicE 1Service with a smilej 2521 Clarksville Highway PHONE 256-9518 Marvin Evans Prop. Nashville. Tennessee FOR EXPERT CAR WASHING IERLE HUDSON GAS si OIL co. 3220 Galatin Road NASHVILLE,-Tlli-NNESSEE 37216 CHICAGO CEORNER1TAILOR sHoP 1704-C Jefferson St. Clothes made any style for men and women. CFast Servicej Tailors 1 Calvin Childress Leslie Cousin SPANN'S INCOME TAX SERVICE 1719 Clarksville Highway Nashville, Tennessee PHONE 259-3326 UNIVERSITY BEAUTY SALON Specializing in the leated hair tren, TELEPHONE 256-6962 permanents, naturals, conditioning. WEST BI RITE 242 7997 1600 14th Ave. No. NORTH NASHVILLE AUTO PARTS 1813 Jefferson St. E. L. Whitmore, Owner 254-1231 254-1232 SHIPP MOVING CO. 4122 Hydes Ferry Rd. Nashville Tenn. 242-5381 - PHONE F 242-4641 Anytime X Anyplace X Anywhere Prompt Service it Reliable Mover 138 Compliments ofa friend of CALDWELL'S ONE HOUR MARTINIZING Hugh H. Caldwell Owner 254-8666 James Cross 2301 Clarksville Hwy. I' -I - - Nashville, Tennessee 37208 Compliments of ..... Compliments of ..... HAMPTON HARDWARE , Mrs. Shirley Ann Chaffin Nashville, Tennessee Compliments of ..... MCKISSACK 8L MCKISSACK 1 1-' 1 l I' Mrs. Oddie Bryant Jones "Face the sun and the shadow ofyour S V Compliments of .... . DUTY PRINTING COMPANY A 1910 Cephas Street TO troubles Win fall behind youf' JAMES CROSS Compliments of ..... I If CONGRATULATIONS MOLES AND FARRIS T 7 to ll FOOD MARKET I Food Market Specializing in Fresh Meats 1400 Buchanan Street 242-9423 A. Z. Kelly's Barber Shop Mrs. Geneva G. Abernathy Mrs. C. H. Adair Mrs. Zenoch Adams Mr. Dave Alexander Mrs. Frances Alston Mrs. Hattie Allen Lawrence R. Allen Mrs. Nannie Mai Andrews Mr. John Anglea Mrs. Eliza G. Austin James Bailey Mrs. Bernardine Baltz Frank Barton Mrs. W. E. Basham Mrs. Ruthia L. Bass Mr. Amos Bateman Mrs. Mary Bateman Marilynn E. Bateman PATRONS Mis Mr. and Mrs. John Connelly ' s Izora Cooper Mrs. Mattie L. Cooper Mrs. Florence Corley Rev. Lester Cousin Mrs Mary K. Cousin Mrs. Forrest Crawford, Jr. Miss Artelia Crenshaw Helen Genevia Crenshaw Mrs. Lula Crenshaw Dr. O. W. Crump Mrs. Floyd Davis Mrs. Laura L. Davis Mrs. Jacqueline W. Davis Mrs. John L. Davis William Davenport The Daniel and Overton Family Louis Daniels Mr. Hollis Gaines Mrs. Mary C. Gardner Mr. Michael Gardner Myrtle Garner Mr. and Mrs. Zeddie Gaston Princess Angela Gates Prince and Princess Gates Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Gates Samuel Gates, Jr. Mr. H. M. Gleason Mrs. Margaret Gray Mr. and Mrs. Eddie L. Gragg Mrs. Carmelia Gregory Barbara Green Mrs. Mildred Green Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Gordon Dr. and Mrs. George W. Gore, Scofield Greer Mrs. Josie Biddix Mr. Theodore Bates Mr. James B. Baugh Felix G. Bell Mrs. James R. Bender Mr. Alexander Bennett, Jr. Mrs. Jo Ann Bennett Mrs. Mary Benson Mrs. Albert Bond Mr. Herman Bess Mrs. Benetia J. Bowers Mrs. Mary Benson Donald Black Mr. and Mrs. Sam Black Sgt. William Bodenhamer Mr. Evans Booker, Sr. Mrs. Evelyn Bostick Mrs. Essie Bowers Mrs. Rowcenia Brandon Miss Kathleen L. Bradford Brent's Bi-Rite Mrs. Katherine Edwards Borwn Mitzi Brown Mrs. Ruby J. Brown Mr. William David Brown Mrs. Alfred Brooks Mrs. Sandra Bryant Mrs. William Bryant Mrs. W. T. Bryant Mr. Jerry Bruce Mr. William Buckley Terry Bumpus Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Bumpus Phil Burrell Mr. and Mrs. Will T. Campbell. Sr. Mrs. Bedford Carter Coach Roy Carter Mrs. Cenobia Cartwright Bonnie J. Catalogne Hardin Cathey Mrs. Mai L. Cato Mrs. Rosa Clark Rena Clay Mrs. Charles Claybrooks Lanni and Charles Claybrooks Louis Childress Diane Christon Mrs. Florence Christon Miss Judy Conlev Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Dixon. Sr. V. H. Dixon. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Dixon Ricky and Patrick Dixon Mr. Charles Dickens Mrs. Dorothy Peacock Mr. and Mrs. Dowdy Mrs. William H. Dowdy Mr. Henry W. Dozier, Jr. Mrs. Delores Duncan Mary A. Dunlap Mrs. Sherman Lee Dunlap Mrs. Gracie Dyer Mrs. B. Mae Easley Charles Edmondson Helen Edmondson Mamie O. Edmondson Pat Edmondson Mrs. Reba J. Edmondson Mr. and Mrs. Earl Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Elifson R. W. Elliott Wanda E. Enson Eston Evons Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Evans Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Evans Mrs. Beatrice Ewing Mr. John Ewing Mrs. Willie Mae Ewing Dr. James E. Farrell Mrs. Elwood Finn Mr. and Mrs. Walter Finney Miss Vera Finney Mrs. Ida Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Leon Fisher, Jr. Mr. and Leon Fisher, Sr. Miss Rosa Latommie Fisher William Fisher Barbara Flynn Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Flynn Louis Flynn Capt. and Mrs. Paul Flynn Mrs. Dorothy Foster Roy B. Franklin Mrs. Florence Frazier Mrs. Thelma Frierson Compliments of a Friend Beula Frizzell Miriam French Mr. Robert Gaddis 140 Mrs. Frances L. Grimes Mrs. Fred Grooms Mrs. Brewer Hall Emma Hammonds Mrs. Anderson Hardin Anderson Louis Hardin Mrs. Vera Mrs. Ada Harris M. Harris Virginia Hartt Mr. Joe H. Havis. Jr. Mrs. Elizabeth Hawkins Nett ie Hawkins Bill Henderson Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Hendking Mr. Fred Herrell Mr. Fred Hill Mr. and Mrs. John Hines John Hogan Mr. and Mrs. Willie C. Hogan Mrs. Laura M. Holder Mr. Robert Holman Mrs. John Ed Holt Allison Hopkinson Mrs. Mabel Hopwood Mrs. Della Horton Mr. Richard P. Horton Mrs. Ruby J. Hubbard Mrs. Flora Huddleston Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jackson Mrs. Alice L. Johnson Mrs. Catherine Johnson Mrs. Cecil Johnson Mrs. Charlicie Johnson Jimmie R. Johnson Mrs. Julius Fenton Johns Mrs .Lucille F. Johnson Mrs. Ronnie H. Johnson Mrs .Thelma E. Johnson Mrs. Warren G. Johnson Mr. Charles Jones Miss Diane Jones Mrs. Jean Jones Mrs. Marie Jones Mrs. Oddie Bryant Jones Samuel K. Johnson Mr. William L. Jones Josa Euphrates Joda Frank S. Jones Mr. Mr. M. G. Keathley Hugh King Ol'l J Mrs. Laura King Mr. A. Z. Kelly Kennedy Bros. Cab Company Mrs. Mary Marie Key Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Knight John E. Lacey Corris B. Landers Mrs. Ann Landrum Mrs. Mary Lanier Mary M. Leavelle Frank Lee Jeannetta Lee Mr. Joseph Lee, Jr. Stephen Lee Mrs. Cresa D. Leonard Mrs. Ruby Lewis Mrs. Ruth Lewis North High Library Jeff Litton Mr. and Mrs. Joe Long Lee Lunsord George M. Malone Mr. Sharon Manley Bud's Curb Market Miss Candice Nicole Mason Mr. Charles Matthews Miss Lynette Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Mathers Jesse Mathers, Jr. Mr. Thomas Matthews E. W. Mayo Mrs. L. H. Mays Georgia Milan Mrs. Overa Matthews Mrs. Deloris McClain Mr. James McClain Mr. and Mrs. Edward McCormick Mrs. Monyell McFarland Mrs. Loretta McGlory Mr. George McHenry Mr. and Mrs. Lester R. McKinney Mrs. Stanley McLay Alonzo C. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Norman Minter Mrs. Bertha Moore Miss Deborah M. Moore Rev. Edward Moore Joe Eltown Moore, Jr. Mrs. Joseph S. Moore William S. Moore Kelly Morris Mrs. Samuel Mooreman Mr. James Motley Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Mumphery, Sr. Thomas Mumphery, Jr. -Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Myers, Sr. Mr. Jacob Mayes Herbert Myers. Jr. Mrs. Katherine B. Neal Kenneth Neal Mrs. Mary M. Nelson Bernice Newborn Miss Gwen Newborn Mr. Odie V. Newborn, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Odie Newborn Mrs. Dorothy L. North Mrs. Emma J. North Mr. Inn Noller PATRONS CONTINUED Miss Linda Renee Odom Rosaline Odom Mrs. Carolyn Ogleton Mr. Ford Otey Bernice Orchard Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Owens Sharon Owens Miss Gracie Ransom Mrs. Alexine Patton Mrs. Bonnie Bell Peacock Mrs. L. W. Pearsall Mrs. Louise Perkins Anthony Eugene Perry Mrs. Josephine Perry Mr. Richard Perry Petway-Reavis E. Reece Mrs. Ann Rippy Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Risby Micelle Phillips Sr. Ruth Phillips Shelia Potts James H. Pressley James F. Pride Tommy L. Pruitt Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Powell Mr. John Ralston Sarah Redmond Frank Reed Charles Rippetoe Mrs. Cleota Roberts Miss Ernestine Robinson Mrs. Frankie Robinson Mrs. Margaret Rogers Mr. Marshall Rodgers Mr. C. Roper Mr. Jessie Rucker Mrs. Annie Rutherford Mrs. M. V. Sanders Albert Sewell Mr. Frazier Scivally, Jr. Mrs. W. L. Scott Mrs. Hattie Sims K. P. Sharp Mr. Bruce K. Shelton Bette Shulman Mr. Harvey Sims Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Smart Mrs. Kathleen Smith Mrs. Lena Smith Mr. Sam Smith Mr. Dave Southall Mrs. Harvey Spark Anita Louise Springer Mrs. Raymond Stafford, Sr. Mr. Robert Stanfield Mr. Leon Stafford Mrs. Mildred Madry Starks M.P.M. Food Store Mrs. Ruth Ann Storey Mr. Ronald Summers Mrs. Blanche Stevens Mrs. Katherine Stevenson Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Tears Dr. William Terrell Mrs. Alberta Tibbs Mrs. Beth S. Timson 141 , S I Mr. Frank Timson Mr. and Mrs. Tandy Tollerson Peggy Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Thompson Rev. and Mrs. Alen D. Travis Mrs. Robbie Tucker Mr. and Mrs. Leon Turner Miss Peggy Tullious Mrs. Ethel B. Utley Mr. Prince Vance Baxter Vaughn Mrs. Linda M. Vinsang Charles Wade F. Wade Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wade Rev. A. M. Walker Mr. Everett S. Walker Mrs. Clara Waters Miss Fannie Mai Waters Mr. Ray Waters Mrs. Thosie Waters Miss Belinda J. Watkins Mrs. Louis Watkins Mrs. Howard Kelly Wilkes Robert Wilhoite Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wilhoite Mrs. Carrie Williams Mr. Elvin Williams Mrs. Marie Williams James O. Williamson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Wilson Miss Wanda L. Wilson Mrs. Lelma Winfrey Mr. James Witherspoon Mr. Beasley White 'Mary White Mrs. Rose E. fMcClainJ White Rev. W. L. White J. T. Whitlow Mrs. Inez Whittmore Dr. Robert D. Wood Mrs. Betty J. Woodard Mrs. Mildred Woodard Samuel Woods Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Wright and Stephen Mr. James Wright Miss Roxie Wright Mr. Charles Young Pauline N. Young Mr. and Mrs. William Young Mrs. Louise Bennett Mrs. Janie Bates Mrs. Ruth Baugh Audrey D. Donelson Master Robert J. G. Donelson Missy Sonya B. Donelson Mr. James F. Gregory Mrs. Walter Groves Mr. Lawrence E. Haywood Mrs. Georgia Inman Mr. Billy W. King Mrs. Charlene Lawrence Mrs. Stella D. Malette Sgt. James L. Majors Miss Mattie Moore Mrs. Sarah Ann Pride Mrs. Bessie Warner Eqwtographs Autographs

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