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4 U, 'L 1 1 E xg zx' W' gilifffii' ' 5: ' fi R iff-..5 -ii' if . 1 - . Smzfisf' .6 , 'Q-151-.ask : hx L- ' J. H"'v:- X 1- If jo Q Inf In 5X Z 12 1- Liz X I io' 7 fr x N T F X K H if , O X 'L AFI If J f V 522522 ,S 4 , Sg J 75? JJKLII ff? 5421-Qi ffl T"'PGLARIS,., L Edlfed by J ff SENIOR CLASS X NORTH NASHVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Sf S,- hIIeTee MX X H1 ezerybody' lm Penny zz typ: C11 semor df1N0lflJ Hzgb Come along uzlb me or 1 Noll through the corn don nm' cl zurooms o our br llll ac GSS T? tory W e can use tins 53 edztzof M bi MX C Ni the POLARIS zv our glllde 0 67 C, 15 of f - L+-" Nos vi , enn sse X kg 1 ' T' xx , f .- Ill 11 z.' f r'f - - H. f' "2of I. . 4,. "Gee, look at all tbe familiar faces and events . . . Yaukess plowifzg up tbe football field . . . brigbt orange and bl11e flasbing ou tbe bardzvood . . . dream dust slowly descending over couples at tbe fornzal."' "All tbese super ac- tivities u'ere a part of our li if es at North -tbings we sball never forget."' 'ff fe x sg L,,--""'I if WN .Q n A , 2 wb,,,,Ws.,, -1.-mx w w-ww.QwW,m,mQmw.y.wmwM-V, . x x ,M X f 1 .,.A:.:,. , an W W . 9 5? , .Q ff L ESX is A ' X X 535 Nu WW ar IN Q X Q N V H. Q ' My ,. .,. ms. " K f,x:,::-QM flask A.. -:-,bs .-.- Q :fm W, A S5 a k M x Q1 ---- .A EZI SEA Before we go on Penny I would like to say o word about the annual staff They have all cooperated won derfully nn makmg thus book the best possnble Oh they grumbled a little when they first realized the work that was cut out for them but they soon buckled down and dud a tuptop 'ob Thanks a lot staff It has been lots of fun workung wlth you Gratefully KENNETH MADDEN Co Editor MARY HELEN WIRSHING KENNETH MADDEN Co Editors MURIEL STINNETT ANNE WEST Business Managers J T PERRY WENDELL PARDUE Sports Editors DONALD LOWRY DONALD FRANKLIN Photogrophrc Editors .IO ANN PATTON MARY ANN NIX PEARL DENNIS Typlsts TED N W e G Gue s Id better take thu opportunnty to put an my two cents worth Penny lt has been a lot of fun and It rs a real pleasure to be able to say I worked onthe 53 POLARIS If I have helped to create memories that will remmd my classmates of their wonderful hugh school days I wall have fulfilled my lab So thank you staff sponsors co edntor and Penny for being so helpful Sincerely MARY HELEN WIRSHING Co Editor ELVA WILLIAMS HERBERT MILLS Literary Editors MARGARET SILVEMAN JOE COLES Historians ANNIE RUTH CARTWRIGHT ELIZABETH JONES JUNE PERRY Will Makers TINA BURRIS BETTY RICHARDSON Snapshots JOYCE HARDIN RITA SULLIVAN ROBERT SMITH Typlsts SEATED Ca tw ght Ba tlett Pnson ,Ioh son Rcha dso Sullvon and Had STANDING Jones Wullams Mlls Slveman Coles Burrs Warren a d Sm th I 'I' A ll F NORA BARTLETT, RUBY PINSON, DOROTHY JOHNSON ......... . ....... Prophets :rrl, r ,i , n,i rn, i, rin, : , 'I ,i,i E lllli P0 llll' MISS EDYTHE DICKENS MR LLOYD WEBB MISS ETHEL FRIEDMAN Nou let me mtroduce three top teachers, cause could never have been so success ul Meet Mzss Edythe Dzckens, Mr Lloyd Webb and Mzss Ethel Frzedman To them a bzg, scrumptzous thank youps FP V ' I without their helpful guidance our senior year ' I MR LLOYD WEBB I A Scbool just wouldn t be complete wztbout tbzs lzkeable person The senzor gals and gators rank Mr Lloyd Webb at tbe top of tbe l1st by dedwatmg to bzm tbzs year s POLARIS He s the best bopster m tbe busmess and our one and only band dzrector As we scale tbe mounttzms of the uture bzs ttmely advzce wzll always be a song to remember nun 0 T101 1 t s 4,2 " Here 5 a amzlzar szgbt the ojfzce sta Tbe1 help make our sclaool rim smooth Nj , fQ 'I' MISS FRANCES VAN DEREN Secrefary H FIRST ROW M ss Van Deren Mary Ann N Ruby Hudson Sa ah VV Ison Betty Ba flew B e Vasse Image e W II ams Ro Romer and Sh Iey Hard n SECOND ROW Mary Helen W sh g Elia R th Ha d EI a Ru h W II a s C oly G e Em a G a s T y G a es Nancy Va atfa Verna Jean He de so Peggy Bre e d M Noel We I I , I I G x If I . X f - M ,yn Nfl? IIII III, ,IN owlcm AF I I y I IXvI!I x I MR. J. H. NOEL ............. ............... P fincfpal 0 course on a trzp through North you just haze to meet the person zn charge o all the students, Mr j H Noel He zs really a ter rfc guy If ue sometnnes get o the beaten path he ts aluays ready to help as hop on the beam to better ment A ter haung been here or szx years, most o us haze come to ces Van Deren school secretarv as tuo o our zery best frzends AII Is II MR J H NOEL MR NOEL Principal MISS FRANCES VAN DEREN Registrar Clerk PP f ' . ' f - f f f I f y think of Mr. Noel and Miss Fran- . f ,Ir - 'HI' V I I 'I' A 'I' I II Louls J Catlgnanl Mary Frlel Brown Edythe Dickens Natalie Dickey Margaret Douglas Physfcal Education 'lbrarlan Commerce Commerce Muslc Ethel Friedman Joan George Lnlhan Gnlchrust Emogene Gnlpun Mrs Margaret Gray Home Economlcs Spamsh and Hfs ory Hfslcmry l-llst ry Jean Hagey Thomas Hall Jr Mary Halloran Mary Katherune Hammer Jvnmne Harvull Soc1olSmd1es Indusrrlol Ar s Engl h Home Economics Englfsh Mrs Robert L Emma R Hewutt Anna Margaret Hull Eluzabeth B Jackson Kommerud Mrs Herbert Kropf English Englfsh Clwcs Englfsh and History Health and Phys cs FACIJLTY A C Lamer G Q Lnpscomb Rosalle Lockenbach Helen Frances Marhn Wnllnamj Mullnns Malhernarlcs Malhemahcs D1verslfledOccuparlons Physlcal Edu all n Mafhemallcs Katherine Murray Mrs Nancy Nance J H Noel Ray G Osborne Mrs Margaret Parker Blolagy Physlcal Educaflon Prlnclpal Sacvcl Sfudfes Malhemahcs Joan Pmeda Ray Sampson A E Smedley Valelra Smuthson Jullus Sneed English and Speech Drrver Training Coach lndusrrral Arts Heallh Physlcal Educallan Frances Soufherland Frances Van Deren Mrs C B Vickers Mrs Jeanne Webb Lloyd P Webb Musrc Regfsfrar Clerk Marhemancs Engllsh anrl l-lrsfary lnslrurnenlal Musfc FACILTY Gee lVh1z, here I am at last, Penny Szngleton' Sure thought Id ne: er make zt I haze dreamed o taking those steps or a long time Funny but that aisle nezer seemed so long be ore Lingering zn my ears are the strams o Pomp and Czrcumstance ll hat a wonder ul eelzng comes ozer me as I s1t here on the stage uzth my classmates' Lookzng out znto the crou ded audztorzum my mznd uanders back to my school days at North, the days whzch I cannot relue, but o uhlch I haze so many nostalgzc memorzes It seems only yesterday that I came to INorth as a seventh grader ll e uere really squares then R member the con uswn o those rst days? We could nezer get to the rzght place at the rzght tzme It dzdn t take us long, though, to realzze that ue had many thzngs to learn about thzs place zn uhzch ue uould prepare ourselzes or the uture Soon ue settled doun to our nezer to be orgotten rst year at North The year-1948 49 IV e were zn the ezghth grade Con dent o ourseli es ue looked dou n on the seienth graders and elt a lzttle bigger and more zmportant Ao longer uere ue scared 0 gettzng lost In the halls or hazing llght bulbs stuck zn our ears only one ear remarned Mr INoel7 Nope his paddle ll e had heard some wild and wicked tales about that paddle rom some o the less fortunate ones Speaking of the un ortunate mes, our homeroom teachers were Mrs Parker Mrs ackson Mzss Alley Mr Doak, and M1ss Hagey ust thlnk, the next year ue would be graduated from junzor high In the nznth grade ue uere strzckly in the grooze and began to feel that ue uere a part o the school How nzce zt sounded to be called reshmen ' Although ue were 171 our last year o yunzor hzgh bezng con s1dered a part o the high school made us eel our zmportance ll e elected Kenneth Madden to the presidency o our reshmen class Don Brown and Gene: 1e1e Perry were elected lice preszdent and secretary treasure: respectzzely What un it uas electing superlatues' Some o our real gone classmates receu ed these honors Now we were elzgzble to run or an o ce o the student body, too The year was clzmaxed by junzor hzgh gradua tzon at uhzch time u e recezz ed u1th przde our junior high school diplomas Sophomores' Sophomores' Hurray' ll e uere no longer in junior high Almost 616710716 began to take part zn the school actu ztzes Szngzng ln the Senzor Hzgh Chorus and playing HI the Band uere really a lot o fun The boys played on the football basketball and baseball teams and some o the girls supported them as cheer leaders and mayorettes Forward march' Get zn step' Fall out' Company halt' That s rzght the boys uere taking thezr zrst year o R O T C Wznmng the Armzstzce Day Parade uas an honor and I m sure they haven t orgotten Federal Inspectzon Those uere only a eu o the many things ue partzczpated zn, though there were many Yes the old school spzrzt had taken hold o us As junzors, we began to realzze that ue uere nearlng our goal Nou we uere really on the beam e started the year off by electmg junzor class o zcers T Perry uas chosen to zll the o :ce o preszdent Other o zcers elected uere Herman Schroeder zzce preszdent Elza ll zllzams secretary and Anne ll est treasurer Some o us became members o the INu Eta Sigma Chapter o the lNdfl0Ildl Honor Society ll e ended the year by entertaznzng the semors at the annual unlor Senior Prom Then ue began to look oru ard to taking our last step up the ladder 0 completzon our senzor year At last our dream had come true I! e uere seniors and ezery one was lookzng up to us A lot of thzngs happened zn our senzor year at North Fzrst, there was the electzon o senzor o zcers who u ere Herman Schroeder preszdent Thomas Wlllzams uce preszdent, Anne ll est, secretary and Bez erlee ufflgbf treasurer Attendants for Football Homecomzng were Margie Floyd and Margaret Szlz eman and Bezerlee Il rzght uas queen Recen :ng the honors o Bachelor o Ugllness and Mzss North High uere Herman Schroeder and Bezerlee Wright, respectzz ely Mary Helen ll zrshzng was appoznted editor of the NORTH STAR and alsr co editor of the POLARIS Kenneth Madden serz ed as the other co ed1tor o the annual By rzght of hazzng the highest azerages on thezr last term exams Kenneth Madden and Mary Helen ll 1rshzng uere president and uce president o the Honor Society respectzzely Anne West was elected captazn o the cheerleaders and the ootball team chose thezr captazns rom game to game Close races loomed zn the electzon o superlatzz es uhzch was a lot o fun Speakzng o un reminds me o the Senior Formal the unior Senior Prom, and that uonder ul Sneak Day Yes those uere the good old days Although they haze come and gone their memo ries wzll always lznger 171 our hearts Dzd someone say somethzng9 ll hy yes Mary Helen ll rrshzng zs delzzermg her salutatory address Valedrctorzan Kenneth Madden speaks next E1 ery one szts erect and listens attentzz ely He must hal e uork ed hard to achzeze the honor D A R Medalist, Elza Wflllzams, receu es her medal How proud she must feel to haze been chosen the best gzrl cztzzen by her classmates The Czutan Medal goes to Kenneth Madden by the same merzt Finally the moment uhzch ue haze looked oru ard to arru es A unny feelzng comes oz er me suddenly At last we haze receued zt' The cert! zcate which to us symbollzes a reuard or tu el1e years o work a high school dzploma Lookzng at it we all seem to realzze that our care ree school days are ozer and ue must look to the uture The muszc begzns agazn, and each graduate clutching hzs dzploma tightly ualks up the aisle uhzch uzll lead hlm out into the uorld In a short time ue hafe been transposed rom stu dents to young men and uomen and we must each fznd our own place in lz e jon COLFS MARGARET SILVEMAN 1 s Hl.'P0l1Y...CLA.. M . . f .- y s s . f- . V. f" . Q ,f.f . g y f. f .hp Y- 'Y ... I Y..,.'. .fa 'f f - o ' ---f I7 . ' 5 - ff f , 1. ' 1 I f , - , f 1. y . , .., .,. f . f. -' . . - I . .f,f.f-...-. , - - '.'..' .'- f. 1' . ... -"'y' U f I if .fs f'.:' ra. I. 'Z L..,,'x' v 'f - - f'f . ' - . , . f. 6 g ... ff. ,JM f. ff. f n f,. . f ' . . f f - .. . 1.- - ' ff f ' 1 . . . ' .. 1 . 'I N. , .Y V . if .. ', 'I I : . ,sh - if . ..., ,.v' '.f I J ,. 1 . f . - . . .f ' f f- ff f ,J - , f ,- f g .. . sf. .. 4 , ,Y f, OMAS WILLIAMS ....... Vice-Presidenf ,Sf SENIIIR CLASS UFFICER Semors happy semors thats us We A ter all ue have learned enough zn the past years to prepare or our departure Pzctured ahoze are the classmates ue pzcked to lead us Who pzcked them 9 On the next eu, pages are our photos semors o the class o 53 ff ' ' Y J I ' are the privileged characters' this year. f , ' ' ' f if ! fl Jw-Cr Rfd Cross '52-'53 Trfasurwr '52-' JOE ADAIR MCS' Sfud-Gus Boy '49f'5O Dromovxf Oub 5Of5I R.O.T,C. '50-'5l?52 BoskmbcII "B" Tram 'SC' 5I, Versa, '5I-'52f53 If-Mm Out 52-'53 sf-mf Hgh Chorus 52:53. NORA ELIZABETH BARTLETT Hcntr P:-I '49 5035135253 Him' room Sfffvior, '49 Svudwr! CCUHCII '49 lumcr Y- Tfrns '49 Curl VVJI1 Bfsl Sc'h't0I Spam '49, 50 NORTH STAR SIOFI '49f'5O35I Sigma Pm DWIVU '5O,'5If'52-'53 Svrrf-tory '5Of5If52, PV--rdfrv '52 53 I'M'wS If-um 'SI '52 Sefwc' Hwgh Chcfus '5I-5253, Md Sion Chorus '52 Hcmr roim Sffrdcw '52 '53 Honor Snowy '52f53 lwbrary SIQH '52 '53 Fm'-'UIK-S! CMI 52-'53 POLARIS '51 MARY NANCY BAUMAN C nf SVQFI '45 53 Uvcmcvi Out, '-1750 STANLEY BESS Frf- PQYVCV 49 I' 8. I Cum '5O'5I, MII Pvf-s-serv 50- 5I S4-nor Huh Chews '52f53 DONALD BROWN VM"1rsvBT."-19'5O An CINE -19 Orr Crum Iy CIUID '52-'53 NORTH STAR SVCJFI '52 '53 wlorsivy Bcskf-vboII '52f'53 Vwvfwsf Bzw '52 53, Sfrc' Ylfwns 50, 51 Bari '5Of5If52'53 53. CLASS RANKIN EARL BU CHLI Red Cross Club, VicrvPrr:sidenv '49-'50 R.O.T.C. '49-'50-'SI-'52 Sr-nior High Chorus '50-'Sl-'52-'53 Audio Visual Club '5'-'52-'53 Senior High Quarfel '52-'51 ERLENE BUSH Honor Roll '49-'50-'5l-'52f53 liarary SIGH 319350351 Rvoding Club'49f5Of5l-'52-'51 BILLY WAYNE CARTER ROBERT E. CARTWRIGHT Homeroom Preisidfrir '49 R.O.T.C, '49-'50-'5I, '52, Sffrge-an! '5I-'32 Senior High Chorus '5l- '52-'53. DOUGLAS CLARK Sclrfvy Clua '49-'50 Rwd Cross Club 'SC-'51 R.O.T.C. '5C'5I-'52, Sfrgvanl 'SI-'52 Pro- l"ClOr Cluo '5l-,52 OP?OrIuniW Club '52-'53 Mos! Boshlul Boy '52-'53, '-. TINA MARCELLE BURRIS Dramoiic Club '49-'50 Sigma PI DPIVQ '50,'5l, '52-'53 Senior High Chorus '50-'51-'52-'53, All Stare Chorus '5O35I, Middle Tennessee Music Festival '50-'Sl-'52-'53 Honor Roll 'SI-'52-'53 Nearest Girl '52-'53 POLARIS '53. ROBERT CARNEY Junior High Baslmvball '-19350, "B" Team '50- '5I-'52, Vcrsily '52-'53 Basvball '5If52 RO. T,C. '50-'SI-'52 Nature Club '5l-'52 Senior High Chorus '52-'53 Ielfer Club '52-'53. ANNIE RUTH CARTWRIGHT Junior YfTeens '49 Junior High Glee Club '49 Senior Y-Teens '50-'5l Reading Club '5l Library SVCIT '51-'52 Girls Alhlelic Club '52- '53 Senior High Chorus '52-'53 POLARIS '53. JOE E. CHRISTOPHER "B" Team Foovball '49 Senior High Chorus '52-'53: Dramcric Club '49-50552-'53, WILLIAM COBB Basketball Manager '49 R.O.T.C. '49-30351. '52 Foolball Manager 'Sl "B" Team Basker- Dall 'Sl Leller Club 'Sl-'52 PHILIP EARL COLEMAN Prwfgvom Cm 'wrso RCTC. '5Of5l '52 Abd :wJ-sua! Cum '50-'5l?52f'53. JO ANN COOK Bond '-19'5Of51552f'53 Bond Cwu '49f5G- '51-'52-'53, Vwc0'Pr1s3d-nt '5lf52 AN Cny Bond -1959, AW Svor- Bond '-39,60 S1-mov Hgh Chcvus '53 Mas' Amtzvw-us Cu! 53. PEARL DENNIS Dawn' C ur 5' mv- C L1 '5 S'qrvn P. D' H3 51 52-L53, S- ' 3- GN AY AUM 52-'53 Hinfr R' 51,5253 S-rfr H gw Chgrus 53 52 53 Mac, T-'mssu Svc'- Cbfws 51,52 A S'cV', Cbfws 5? NORTH STAR S'c5?'52f53 PCLARNS 53. EDNA RUTH DUNNEBACKE Jw' :V rs AW- 'wc C 5: -19-50 L3-r S G '- C no -19 Jurwfr H gh CH:ms '-19 Sf-mor Omg AVNFNL' CMD '53-'5253 Band '50-'51-'52-'53, Mc iff "ff 'SL S2-'53 Cavs f- '52- 53 Bond CLC 52' 51 Sem :V Hgh Chfws 50- 51' 52 53 Tfrwws Tfcm '52-'53, NNT' X 'R -X., VN MARGIE FLOYD Wlfvw-Gs' Gr '49 hm-:v Y-T-w-ns 319,50 No' fins! Fir-fs: Lfcgf '-1952 Hirzr Pgll 49- SC Dfcmcv : CML'-19 Sfmzv H gh Cha' rus '5Cf5lf52-'53, AH Svovk Chorus 51, Sagwo P1 Dr-ivc 'SO-'51-'52' 53, fm: Pnswdfnv '50 '5N, Tv'osur1r452f53 FZCVCQU AHA v-dare '52 VN vusv G rw 53, POARIS 53, ULASS PEGGY FREEMAN Drcmovir Ciui: '49, Vim---Prraside-nr '49, Senior YfTc-ons 'Sin Student Councii '5l: Dancing Ciub 152: NORTH STAR Svafi '52 BEVERLEY GROOMS Svnior Y-Tr-:ins '50-'51, Vic:--Prffsidrini '50, Program Chairman '50, Prf-side-nt '5i: Hom?- room Prvsidvlni '52, ELLA RUTH HARDIN Homeroorn Pri-side-ni '49, Junior High Olm- Ciub'49-'50'1uniOr High Chili-rle-cdr-r '49-'50: Bond '50-'5ly Svrilnr High Chewrivoder '51, '5Qf53. DOROTHY ANN JOHNSON Cuhasf Girl '49-'50, Honor Roil '49-'50f'5If'52- '53y Junior YVTF-sins '-19350, Vice-'Pre-sideni '49f'5Op Junior Reid Cross '50-'51, Senior High Chorus '50-'51, AH Slow Chorus 'Sir Senior Y-Twens '50-'5I: Honor Sociwvy '51- '52-'53: Office Siofi '5l-'52, Sigma Pl D6-lic '5lf'52,'53, POlARlS '53: Aflanduni, Miss Norfh Hugh '52-'51 JEAN MARIE KEATON Senior High Chorus '49-'50-'blg Junior High Chevrlecdi-r '49-'50, Se-nior High Che--rlpcider '50-'51, T L I Club '5lf'52-'53, Corresponding Silmiafy '5i.'52.'53, Rewmniniiw, Buy and Giri Counvy Day '5l. BETTY JO LAWSON Athletic Club '50-'5l-'52-'53, Treasurer '52- '53p T 8. I Club '50-'51, Corresponding Secre- tary '50-'Sli NORTH STAR Stal? '50-'5l. DONALD LOWRY Boy Most likely to Succeed '497 Band '49- '50-'Sl-'52-'53f R.O.T.C. '50-'Sl-'52, Sergeant '50-'Sl-'52, Bond '50-'Sl-'52-'53p Nature Study Club '50-'Sly Band Club '50-'5l-'52-'53y Senior High Chorus '52-'53g Student Council '5l-'52- '53p Honor Society '52-'53p NORTH STAR StatT '52-'53p "Pep" Band '52-'53p Most Ambitious Boy '51 POLARIS '53. KENNETH MADDEN Honor Roll '49-'50-'5l-'52-'53: President, Freshman Class '49-'5Op Most Handsome Boy '49-'5Og Band '49-'50-'5l-'52-'53, Drum Maior 'Sl-'52-'53p Band Club '49-'50-'5l-'52-'53r Superior Quartet '49-'50g All-State Band '50- '5lg Band Comp '50-'Sl-'52 R.O.T.C. '5O-'5l- '52, Sergeant '50-'51, Captain 'Sl-'52 Stu- dent Council '5O-'5l-'52-'53, President '51- '5?, Vice-President '52-'53, Miami Convention '52, Inter-High Student Council '51-'52 Hands Across the Sea '5lp Honor Society '51-'52-'53, President '52-'537 Basketball, "B" Team '5lg NORTH STAR Stat? '51-'52-'53, News Editor '52-'53p School Play '51-'52-'53p Senior High Chorus '52 Varsity Basketball Team '52-'537 Homeraom Treasurer '52-'51 Boys State '527 Most likely to Succeed '52-X537 Co-Editor, POLARIS '53p Civitan Medalist '530 Valedic- torian '53. LILLlAN MAI MASON Junior High Glee Club '49-'5Op Homeroom Vice-President '50-'5lp Senior Y-Teens '5Op Girls Athletic Club '51-'52-'53, President '51- '52-'53p Homeroom President 'Sl-'SZ Senior High Chorus 'Sl-'52-'53y All-State Chorus '5lg Alternate Cheerleader '52-'53p Homeroam Secretory '52-'537 Most Athletic Girl '52-'53. EUGENE MCKENNON CLASS HERBERT MILLS Friendliest Boy '49-'50, Homeroom, Vice- President '49-'50, Reading Club '49-'5O: R.O. T.C. '50-'5l-'52, Sergeant '50-'5l-'52, Home- room, President '5l-'52-'53, Opportunity Club '5l-'52-'53, Neatest Boy '52-'53. WINFRED MOORE Most Dependable Boy '49-'5Oy Dramatic Club '49-'50: R.O.T.C. '50-'51-'52, "BH Team Bas- ketball '5I-'57, Opportunity Club 'Sl-'52-'53p Senior High Chorus '52-'53, MARY ANN NIX Translerred Irom Lexington High School, lex- ington, Alabama '51, Sigma Pi Delta '5l-'52- '53: School Play '52 Honor Society '52-'53, NORTH STAR StaIT '52-'53' Oflice Stan '52- '53: POLARIS '53, WENDELL PARDUE Dramatic Club '49-'50, Student Council '49- '50, Best All-Round Boy '49-'50, Junior High Basketball '49, Opportunity Club '50-'5l, R,O.T.C, '50-'5I-'52, Best First Year Cadet '50, lieutenant '5l, Captain '52, "B" Team Basketball 'Sl-'52, Varsity Football '5I-'52 Homeroom Vice-President '5l-'52, NORTH STAR StalT '51-'52, letter Club '52-'53, Home- room President '52-'53g Best All-Round Boy '52-'53: Associate Sports Editor, POLARIS '53. JO ANN PATTON NORTH STAR StaH '49-'50, Most Studious Girl '49-'50, National Forensic League '50- '5I-'52-'53, Student Council '50-'51-'52-'53, Sigma Pi Delta '5I-'52 School Play '52 Dra- matic Club '52-'53, Secretary '52-'53 Typist POLARIS '53, SHIRLEY GAIL MOORE Girls Athletic Club '49-'5O: Senior Y-Teens '51, Library Staff '5l-'52, Senior High Chorus '5I-'52 Honor Roll '5l-'51 PERCY NELLUMS R.O,T.C. '50-'5l-'52, Sergeant '50-'5l: D.O. Class '5l-'52-'53, Vice-President '53- T 5 Club '5l-'52-'53, Treasurer '5l-'52. BILLY O'BRlEN R,O.T.C. '50-'5l-'52 Forecaster Club, Vice- President '5l-'527 Science Unlimited '5l-'52, '53, Corresponding Secretary '5l-'57, Presi- dent '52-'53, Nature Study Club '52-'53, President '52-'53. HERMAN W. PARMAN R.O.T,C. '50-'5I-'52, Master Sergeant '52, Student Council '50-'5I-'52-'53. GENEVIEVE PERRY Secretary and Treasurer, Freshman Class '49- '5O, Girls Athletic Club '49-'50-'52-'53g Home- roorn Secretary '50-'5Iy library Stat'l '5O-'5I- '52, Secretary '50-'5I, President '5l-'52: Senior Y-Teens '5l-'52, President 'Sl-'52 Senior High Chorus '5l-'52-'53: NORTH STAR Stan '52-'53p Dance Club '5'Z-'53, J. T. PERRY Boy With Best Personality '49-'5Op R.O.T.C. '49-'50-'Sl-'52, Sergeant '5lf52y NORTH STAR Stan '50-'Sl-'52-'53, Sports Editor '52- '53: SchoOl Plays 'Sl-'52 Nature Study Club '5l-'52 Homeroom President '5l-'SZ Junior Class President 'Sl-'52 Student Council 'Sl- '52-'53, Treasurer '5l-'52, Sergeant-At-Arms '52-'53r Honor Society '5l-'52-'53, Treasurer '52 Basketball Manager '52-'53p Volunteer Boys State Representative '52 Cutest Boy '5Qf53. ROBERT D. PINKLETON 'B" Team Football '5Oy Opportunity Club '50-'Sl-'52: l2,0.T.C, '50-'Sl-152: Senior High Chorus '50-'5l352, Mid-State '5l- Varsity Football 'Sl-'52 letter Club '52"53. BETTY JEAN RICHARDSON Most Ambitious Girl '49-'5Op Dramatic Club '49.'5Og Sigma Pi Delta '50-'Sl-'52-'53' S+-rnor High Chorus '51-'52-'53, Middle Tennessee Music Festival '52-'53: Honor Roll '5l-'52f53- NORTH STAR Stat! '52-'53 POlARlS '53. HERMAN H. SCHROEDER Junior High Basketball '49-'50 Varsity '5l- '52-'53: R.O.T.C, '5O15l-'52 Vim-,President Junior Class '5lf'52p President Senior Class '52 Most Handsome Boy 52953 Bachelor ol Ugl-ness 52-'53, FREDRIC DOUGLAS SCOTT Stamp Club '49-'5O: R.O.T.C. '5O,'5lf'52: Citi' zenship Club 'Sl-'52p Reading Club 152363. ULAS KATHERINE SHARP Junior Y-Teens '49-'50: Horncroom Vice, L President V597 Senior Yfleens '5l-'52f'53, So- cial Chairman '52 Girls Athletic Club '52 Newspaper Club '52 CHARLES SILVERMAN "B" Team Football 319350, R.O.T.C. '5O-'5l- '52, Captain '5l-'52 Senior High Chorus '5OY '5l T52-'53, Varsity Football '5I: Student Coun- cil '50-'5l-'52-'53f T Br I Club '53. FREDDIE RUSSELL SMITH R.O.T.C.'5O-'51-'52 Opportunity Club '5lf52- '53: Senior High Chorus '5lf52-'53: Music Festival '52-'53, DORIS SNOW Tumbling Club '50 NORTH STAR Stafl '5l Senior High Chorus '50-'Sl Secretary, T Si I Club '5l-'52 Homcroom Vice-President '5l, Treasurer '52 President, T 8- I Club '53. MURIEL ANNE STINNETT Friendliest Girl '49-'50 Dramatic Club '49-'50 Junior VvTeens '49-'50 Honor Roll '49"50-'5l- '52-'53 Sigma Pi Delta '50-'5l!52-'53 News- paper Club '5Iv'52-'53 Honor Society '5l-'52- '53 NORTH STAR Stat? '52-'53 Tennis Team '52-'53 Business Manager, POLARIS '53 Se' nior High Chorus '52-'53 All-State '53. MARGARET SILVEMAN Dramatic Club '49-'50, Most Dependable Girl '49-'50, Student Council '50-'Sl-'52-'53p Sigma Pi Delta '5O-'5l-'52f53, Treasurer '5l-'52 NORTH STAR StalT '5I-'52-'53, Honor Roll '5l-'52-'53g Senior High Chorus '5I,'52.'53, Mid State Music Festival '5l-'52-'53p Honor Society '52-'53, Treasurer '52-'53: Vice- President, Student Body '52-'53: Football Attendant '52A'53p Best All-Round Girl '52-'53. JOSEPH THOMAS SLEDGE Horneroom Secretary '49, R.O,T.C. Color Guard '49-'50-'5l: Vice-Prr-side-nt Proiectars Club '50, "B" Team Football '50, Varsity Foot. ball '52, Best Srhool Spirit 52353: Secretary, Opportunity Club '53. F - 'O--L.f I ROBERT HOWARD SMITH Stamp Club '49 friendliest Boy '49-'50 PrO- iector's Club '5O,'5IA'52 Good Citizenship Club '5l-'52 Senior High Chorus '52 NORTH sms sion '52-'53 POLARIS, Typist '53 ofa- matic Club '53, CONNIE SPURLOCK Best Sport '49-'50 Girls Athletic Club '49-'5O- '52A'53 Honor Roll '49.'5O-'5I-'52 HOmerOOm Vice-President '50,'5l Student Council '50- '5l-'52 Senior High Chorus '50-'51-'52-'53 Senior Y'Teens '5l-'52 Alternate Cheerleader '5l-'52 Acrobatic Maiorette '5I-'52 Turnb- ling Club '5I Homeroom Treasurer '5l-'52, MARY RITA SULLIVAN Dramatic Club '49-'50 Senior High Chorus '50A'5l-'52-'53 Reading Club '5I-'52 All State Chorus '5l Middle Tennessee State Festival '5l-'52-'53 Girls Athletic Club '52-'53 Nevis- pcpflf Club 62153 POLARIS '53, ' JAMES SWIFT SOIQW Club '49-150: R.O.T,C. '49-'50-l5l-452, Sergearir '52: Junior Red Cross '5Of'5l: Sruf derir Couri:il '5I, Oprorruniry Club '5l-'S2- '53: Senior High Chorus 'SI-'52-53: Honor Society '52-'53. BETTY TRAUGHBER Junior High Glee Club '49-QSC: Senior Y- Teens '50-ISI: Senior High Chorus '50-'Sl-'52 1535 Reading Club '52-'53. IRIS NADINE Von DOHLEN Mos! Digi-iified Girl 319. 50, S-or-icr High Chorus '50-'5Iv'52-'53: All Slarr- Chorus ISO' 5l li, brary SIGIT 'SO-'Sl-'52, Svcrviary 'SI '52, PEGGY ANN WARREN Girls Arhleric Club '49-'50-'5I, ViCe'PrPsidPn! '5Of5Ip Mos! Arhleric Girl '49-ISO: Barid '49- 'SO-'5I: Senior High Chorus '5O35If'52f'53, All Slave Chorus '50-'5Ip S:-riior Y-Tevris '51- '52: "Hands Across Vhe Sea" '5Ig NORTH STAR SIaIT '52-'53: Girl Wilh Be-sf Sfliool Spirit '52-l53p Sigma Pi Della '52-'Slip NORTH STAR Business Manager '52-'53: Sccrolary, Homerocm '53, ANNE WEST Spanish Club '49-'5Og Most Popular Girl '49- '5O: Junior High Cheerleader '49-'5O: Svriior High Cheerleader 'Sl-'52f'53, Caplairw '52 '53p NORTH STAR Slall '49-'50f5lf52-'53: Dance Club '49-'SOp Barra '49-'50-'SI-'52-'53, Secrerary '51-'52, Vice-Presidenr '52-'53: Senior High Chorus '50-'51-'52-'53: Horrieroom Treasurer '50-'5I: Sigma Pi Delia '5O-'5If52- '53, Treasurer '50-'51, Presider1r'5l-'52, Vice- Presidenr '52-'53y Hcmeroom Social Choir- man 'SI-'52 Treasurer, Junior Class '5lf'52' Tennis Team 'Sl-'52-'53: School Play '50- '5If'52y POLARIS '53p Secrcrcry, Horror SO- giery '52 Secretory, Senior Class '52-'53, CLASS ELVA RUTH WILLIAMS Most Attractrvs- Girl '49-'SOr Dramatic Club '49-'50, Honor Roll '49-'5O,'5Ip Otlice Stah '49-'50-'5l-'52-'53: Homf-room Secretary '50- '5l-'52, Newspaper Club '50-'5l-'52 Sigma Pi Delta '50-'5l"52-'53: NORTH STAR StaH '51-'52-'53, Honor Society '5l-'525 Srhool Play '52, literary Editor, POLARIS '53r D.A.R. Medalist '53r Most Dignihcd Girl '52-'51 ALINE WILSON Red Cross Club 319350, Band '50-'5l-'52: Band Club '52f'53' Reading Club '52-'53, Typist, library SlalT '52-'51 Most Bashlul Girl '52"53. MARY HELEN WIRSHING Most Talented Girl '-193505 Dramatic Club '49A '5Op National Forensic League '49-'5O-'5I- '52-'53p Honor Roll '49-'50-'SI-'52-'53: News- paper Club '50-'5I-'52-'53p "Hands Across the Sea" '5Op Sigma Pi Delta '50-'5l-'52-'53, Honor Society '5l-'52-'53, Vice-President '52p NORTH STAR Stal'T '49-'50-'5IY'52-'53, Co-Editor 'Sl- '52, Editor '52-'53: Volunteer Girls State '52 Tennis Team '52-'53, Ofiice StaH '52-'53r Co- Edrtor, POLARIS '53: Most likely to Succeed '52-'53s Salutatorian '53. MARGARET WRIGHT Senior Y-Teens '50-'5lf'51', Social Chairman '52 Newspaper '5Og Distributing Manager, NORTH STAR Stafl '5lp All State Chorus 'Sl- '52 YX iw THOMAS LEE WILLIAMS R.O.T.C. '5Of'5lf'52, Color Guard '50-'5I, lieutenant 'SI-'52 Baseball '5l, Varsity Foot. bali '5l-'52 Basletball '5l-'52-'51 Senior High Chorus 'SI-'52-'53g letter Club '5I"52-'53p Vice-President, Senior Class '52-'53. SARAH WILSON Horn:-room Treasurer '50, Junior Y-Teens '5Or Honinroorn Trinasurz-r '52, Dramatic Club '52 Nature Study Club '53p Ohio- Stah '53p Honor Society '53. BEVERLEE WRIGHT Girls Athletic Club '50-'51, Vice-President '5l, Maiorene '51-'52, Band '50-'5I.'52-'53, Sec- rr-tary'5l, I-lomeroom Treasurer'5Ip Treasurer, Senior Y-Teens '5Ip Senior High Cheerleader '52-'53r Football Queen '52 Treasurer, Senior Class '52-'53: Besteloolcing Girl '52-'53p Miss North High '53z Sigma Pi Delia '53. JOAN FRANCES YOUREE Band '49-'50-'SI-'52, Treasurer '52 All-City Band '49-'5O: AllfStata Band '49-'5Op Senior High Chorus '5O. PIHIPHELY 0F l953 SEMIIR Whzle gozng through my belongzngs one day I ound an envelope my father had gzven me on his dyzng bed The envelope contazned a small golden key znscrzbed To Penny Szngleton A Key to the Future Thznkzng zt u as merely a key I put zt zn my pocket and soon orgot zt One day not long a teru ards I u as takzng a stroll through a beautz ully colored orest uhen suddenly the heavens greu zery dark Thunder roared and lzghtnzng danced zn the sky above I began to look or shelter Fznally I came to a clearzng zn uhlch be ore me loomed a mysterzous castle Runnzng to the ront door I turned the knob but the door azled to open Suddenly I remembered the key zn my pocket and thznkzng zt worth a try I slzpped the key znto the lock and breathlessly auazted the results Surely enough the door began to open I ound mjseh' gazzng doun a long halluay stretchzng oruard through the mzst As I started to enter a vozce rom the touerzng hezghts of the buzldzng s oke P I am the vozce o the future Penny What zs your uzsh 9 I uould like to knou the ate 0 each 0 my classmates 0 1953 I our uzsh shall be granted Presently the vozce contznued There looms be ore me many eyes As the vzszon clears I see Dr Herman Parman and hzs very e zczent secretary Alzne Wzlson u rztzng a prescrtptzon or Airs Erlene Bush Snou u hose children have the measles I nou see Edmund Hale and Elizabeth ones amous opera singers and Pearl Den nzs accomplzshedpzanzst u ho are success ully completzng a serzes of programs zn the Metro polztan Opera House Among their audzence are ames S lll t and Douglas Clark, speczal pzlots 0 the stars plane Alarze Kenton nou a amous Pou ers model and Lzllzan Nfason great Olympic star representing the Unzted States What zs that red streak jqyzng through the azr ' Wazt zt zsn t a streak' It s a red convertible tn u hzch Tom Wfzllzams Herman Schroeder and joe Sledge are traveling to Florzda to vzeu the comzng bathzng beauty contest zn u hzch Tzna Burrzs Margaret Szlve man Beverlee Wfrzght and Alary Ann Nw are competing Suddenly the earth shook and the sky rumbled What u as that? I shrieked The vozce replied That quake resulted rom uork done by Bobby Brumbach Carl Barnes and Bzlly O Brzen u ho are per ormzng some more o thezr unpredzctable experzments The last exploszon that occurred made zt necessary to send Eva Knobel Betty Lauson Douglas Scott Mary Ixatherzne Lovell Alargaret Wright and john Lucas to the Phzllzp Selley Hospital for speczal treatment under the supervzszon 0 Dr Robert Douglas I am told that Rzta Sullztan ou ner o Sullzvan Florzsts uas kept busy jillzng orders or so many casualties In the TENNESSEAN ojzce u hzch nou comes znto vzeu joe Chrzstopher ts uorkzng on a speczal settzng of type or an advertzsement o Rzght Wzth Cartzcrzght owned and operated by Annze Ruth and her brother Robert Carturzght Bzlly Carter vzce preszdent o the company zs chatting uzth Louzse Tucker ouner o the Tucker Candy Company and Dorzs Snou znventor o Snou Fresh Cosmetzcs I now see Murzel Stznnett soczety eaztor consultzng Mary Helen Wzrshzng head o the Art Department and j T Perry sports edztor about the new publzsher Harry Ervtn As North Hzgh School looms znto vzeu zn the gymnaszum I see Coach Venson Barton gzvzng hzs champzonshzp basketball team last mznute znstructzons In the o zce Prznczpal Kenneth Madden uho zs takzng zt easy and readzng the electzon returns zs pleased to f d hzs candzdate joe Coles was elected to the preszdency o the Unzted States He reluctantly lays doun the paper to make a radzo announcement He znforms Elva Ruth Wzllzams semor sponsor that james Toombs orchestra uzll be azazlable for the Senzor Formal 1 I . . . , , 1 f . . ' . . . H . H V . . ' f f V 1 ' 1 1 f . . . V 1 f 1 V f f . . . Y ' V -. V I 0 1 I V . f . f, f . . r ' f 1 1 . . . . . V f - 1 . . . 1 7 ' ' 7 . . , f , . . f V 4 J s .1 0 a V . , f . ff ' ' V' I7 , . . " V ' 1 f f f f f' - . If 7 r' 77 . . . ,, . . , . n n 4 -u o a o V 1 ' F ,1 1 . . . V 7 V f . , . ,, V . . 1 1 ' . . . . . . . ' - V V I . . . . . . V - J f . , l I . . . f 1 1 7 f ' 1 . . . H . I. . , . . . , , . , .. a 0 o o -1 1 . 1 1 . . . . . . . . . V V - D 1 . . . ,, , , ' . . 1 Q if I rr , 79 ' . . . . H ' 1 - 1 . , . . . . 1 ' f f . . . . . V , V , . . 1 1 D 1 1 . . . . . . f . . . . . . V . A , V f , f . H . I . V . . ' . . Y . '1 . . f . f , . . V . , . . . . . Y - 1 ' 1 . . . . V V f 1 1 f 1 . V . f, Y- . , , . H . . . ,. . . . 1 1 1 f . . . V 1 ' - 1 1 1 - H . . . Y . . 1 . . . . . . . . . . . - 1 . . . . . . V 1 D 1 77 . . . . 1 1 f ' , . . . V . . , , , V. y . . , . joyce Hardzn e zczent secretary o the school zs zn ormzng Anne West physzcal educatzon teacher that the athletzc banquet wzll be the ollouzng u eek The scene quzckly shdts to Hollyuood uhere Rankzn Bucklz and Robert Fudge are zntervzeu zng the amous tumblzng trzo Shzrley Moore Genevieve Perry and Connze Spur lock uell knoun or outstandzng acrobatzc eats Also I see Margze Floyd and Don Broun amous comedzans who are makzng thezr debut zn motzon pzctures At the Broun Derby I see the uell known actress joan Youree lunchzng zczth courageous waves Kathe rzne Sharp and Peggy Freeman who have recently been auarded the Congressional Medal o Honor or bravery above and beyond the call o duty I hear u eddzng bells and a small uh1te church comes znto vzeu A double u eddmg zs zn progress Lovely Ruby Pznson and Dot johnson are ready to ualk dou n the azsle u :th thezr handsome brzdegrooms I notzced the Reverend Eugene McKennon u as o czatzng zchzle Peggy Warren uas playing Because Nevt I hear a rnzghty roar The scene 15 Sulphur Dell The Nashvzlle Vols are at bat The bases are loaded On them I see oe Adazr Carl Bzllzngsley, and Robert Carney Donald Beazley zs up Suddenly the croud is quzet Donnze swzngs hard at the ball Wham' The ball sazls hzgh znto the azr and dzsappears beyond the ence As the crouds rzse to cheer I recognzze Walter Manners Beverly Grooms oyce Cunnzngham and Charles Szlverman I see Argo Cobb coachzng at thzrd He zs managtng the Nash vzlle Club The next scene ashes to a televzszon screen uhere Wzllzam Warren zs gzvzng the latest neus bulletins Robert Smzth multzmzllzonazre ozl man wzll wed une Perry zn herzts the Perry Preserves Company and Robert Pznkleton amous crooner u zll make publzc appearance zn Nashvzlle A ter the neus I see zt zs tzme or Tennessee jamboree The scene changes to a huge ballroom zn New York Czty uhere the annual Harvest Ball zs bezng held Dancers rom the world over are here to compete The croud cheers as ast steppzng Nora Bartlett walks away wzth honors zn the jztterbuggzng contest Observzng that I uas calm agazn the vozce proceeded I note that Chzcago Bou lzng Teams are payzng speczal trzbute to the tuo outstandzng bozclers o all ttmes Wm red Moore and Edna Ruth Dunnebacke The scene ashes to Smzth s Garage uhere Freddze zs dzlzgently uorkzng on a bzg Cadzllac convertzble whzch belongs to a amous crtmznal lawyer Wendell Pardue Herbert Alzlls owner o a large super market zs extendzng servzce to Mrs jo Ann Patton Clznard who zs plannzng a shouer for o Ann Cook soon to be wed George Schutt ou ner o a amous dude ranch zn the sunny uest zs tnstructzng Mary Nancy Bauman hou to rzde a horse whzle hzs orernan Percy Nellums zs teachzng Donald Franklzn and Donald Lowry how to rope a steer I the dzstance ean Earhart Alorgan can be seen lazzly baskzng zn the sunshzne uzth her husband Next the scene changes to a hospztal room where patzent Phzllzp Coleman eccentrzc mzllzonazre lay demanding attention rom pretty nurses Ella Ruth Hardzn and Irzs Von Dohlen The Nashvzlle Azrport zs the next scene uhere I see Robert Whztson ptlotzng a huge passenger plane Helpzng the passengers are azr hostesses Betty o Russell and Sarah Wzlson Among the passengers are Betty Traughber a mzsszonary on her way to Chzna Also I see oerene Waller and Delza Knzght on thezr may to join thezr husbands tn Ger many The vozce speaks I see one more scene where Betty Richardson and Mzrzam Maruell are plannzng a classroom or the class of 1963 The vzszon blurs I can see nothzng more I thanked the vozce graczously for gzvzng me thzs u onder ul look into the uture R luctantly I turned and opened the door The razn had stopped and the sun was shznzng brzghtly through the trees as I walked slowly toward home wzth a lzght and happy heart NORA BARTLETT RUBY P1NsoN DOT JOHNSON ., . ' f . , . g . , . . , f ' ' . ,, . . Y V . . . . V. f .. ., .. , . 1 . - f ' ' ' f . . f. ' .f . . I ' - , , P I , - , , f f f - ,, V . I . . . v. I . . . V . , . , , , . ,, . . . W , . . ' 1 . . . - f - f t starrzng tonzght, Stanley Bess and the Stanley Steamers. ff ' ' ' P fy 1 '. ' f . . .. ' . . Y . . ,, . h. 0 I a , i , I 4 ' ' f f ' f ff F 0 , . ' I I ll Y O r I 1 ' ' f 1 f . ' ' . f .' f. ' " 1 '. f f . . ' f. . l ' 1 f 9 , 1 . . . . . ' " f 'P U , ' I. 0 I t s 0 I I Q I , 0 1 f 1 'F , l I a Y I l l . ' ' ' 1 . J . . U I 0, I I I 0 . 1 ,I ' ' If ' I ' l I 0 V I ' ' . f ' .. i .,, I 1 I . 0 V if sf '. .e- H0 llli KENNETH MADDEN Vcledfcforlon T U T CIVHGH Medalist Nortb bas reason to be proud o tbe senzors pictured on tlazs page For tbey haze captured bonors attazned goals and carried ortb the adzancement o tbe scbool Lanky Uadden copped both Valedzctorzan and Cuztan Aledalzst bonors Tuo brzgbt and like able girls named Ella Wzllzazlzs and Alary Helen Wzrsbzng take bonors of D A R Uedalzst and Salutatorzan respectuely Surely are nzce people' ELVA WILLIAMS D A R Medollsf MARY HELEN WIRSHING Salufaforlan 1 I 1 M ' x x s ' . . .f .' f . - nfo g S QI x' I Ngf.J Xf- Ni.: s T1-L Boy get tl load 0 tbzs' P o p Il la r and pretty Beverlee Wrzgbt u as se lected M155 Nortb Hzgb Bachelor o Uglmess ues H e r 111 u 71 Schroeder u ell lzked basketlmller These 5 ll p e r senzors are tops u ztb tbezr class mates BEVERLEE WRIGHT BAUHELUR UI UILINESS MISS I0 HIGH I I I 56, . V5 gn- 112' ?:- H , f .l -Q-I . ' ' . 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ILILVL V L : F L M I L A M 0: G Z I OP LLLAIU Z: C -L LILUVUILI Emchm ALL LLVILIIVLII I L L Lk L LL......,,4 10:-M ..L.v L Z - - L - F - - - UNIUH GEORGE GRIZZLE DORIS GRAY Presldenf Vice Presldenf BETTY SUTTON CHARLES WOLFE Secrefury Treasurer TIIIUURT MRS MARGARET GRAY MR RAY OSBORNE MRS ESSIE VICKERS nl A UFFICERU I TTY 1 gg 52 , 1 l , Charles Boshers Walter Connell Lois Davis Odell Demonbreun R Felts Huston Ferguson Fanme Fischer Wylodene Fitzgerald Ann Friedman Lawrence Gibson Tommy Graham Josephine Graves Pauline Graves if Jerry Gregor Granvalle Hampton Shnrley Hardln Edwnna Harrlson Dozler Haynue if Bully Head James Holloway Mary Ann Hoover Jummy Jackson Carolyn Lee 1 ,,,, uni rn" ,, Raymond Marhn James McKmsfry Kenneth Mayo Bully Morefield fx: James Myers Rhoda Nellums Bobby Nelson Barbara Osborne lonnue Osborne Ellen Parrnsh www MM Q 5 x. Tommy Partam Joan Patterson Lee Pettlt Leo Pewett Betty Jo Putt 11 if in Charles Poole Ann Prnce Carlnne Richardson Frances Roberts Wulluam Schroeder 'Ga' Carolyn Shropshure Shlrley Slmmo Norma Smith Howard Stephenson Shirley Stratton :mf- I Joyce Tarrents Sylvia Waller Nancy Watson Brrchle Whlte Helen Whltley Jo Ann Whlttemore Carl Wnlllams Imogene Wnllnams Helen Wunegar Wallace Woosley t'lll'Hllllllllllt' Joyce Abernathy William Adcock Thomas Allen Bobby Anglin Betty Barnes Curtis Bates Bobby Binkley Corey Blankenship Geraldine Boyd Sally Caillouette Thomas Campbell Richard Corrigan Anita Cartwright Richard Carver Donnie Cathey Jo Ann Coleman Henry Coleman Faye Cooper Betty Jo Davy Evelyn Dennie Addie Denton Betty Deoton Corl Dowell Betty Duncan Jo Ann Dunn Philip Dunn Alphio Dye G. W. Edging June Farmer Barbara Felts Reba Felts Olivia Follett Robert Ford David Joe Frazier Jimmy Frensley Elaine Gillem Kenneth Gober George Goldtrap Ruth Goostree Carolyn Groves Emma Graves Archilene Gunn Q ,Q I i Amr! , R"'5""' ' kin. C ll I' ll ll ll ll ll E U Arlene Hale Lorene Hale Nancy Hale John Hall Jackie Hardin Jane Hayes Gerald Hemmer Doris Holloway Norma Hudgens Ruby Hudson Lewis JelTcoat Jimmy Johnson James Jones Joyce Jones Mary Jo Jones Joyce Knight Billie Knobel Wilma Knox Johnny Lancaster George Lane Marshall Lee Peggy Lewis Billy Liddle Bud Lovell Bobby Mabry Sue Manley Jimmy Manner' Edward Marks Ralph McAdams Q , Margaret McCormack x John McGaw Billy Milom Martha Minton Clarence Moore Randall Moore Shirley Moore Evelyn Morris Donald Murphy Ronald Murphy Wanda Murphy Lola Myers Nancy Myers i' ll I' ll Donald Nicholson Gene Overby Billy Pardue Bobbie .lean Payne Margie Pentecost Everett Phelan Eugene Pilkinton Ronny Pollock Clyde Poole Gloria Poole Ethel Pullen Shelby Ragan Harry Rauschenberger' Shirley Rhinehart Betty Robinson Yvonne Roney Frances Russell Joyce Russell Richard Scott Evelyn Seagroves Joy Shepard Gilbert Sherrill Betty Simpson Dorothy Simpson Eugene Slater Harold Smith Steve Smith Clara Sullivan Velma Swindle Randall Tanley Jack Taylor Walterflrotter Mildred Vandevort Bonnie Vassar Harold Waffird C. E. Warren Russell Wayman Norma Whitehead Willie Whitehead lvy Whitson Jerry Wolverton Jo Ann Womack lllllllllli 5 .X llllllfllllllr ,,.,.. . 5 . 5 N, .. r-as to "Se 4? 3 Q L GN E .4 'S 'K -G. Y if ft gf so ww 53,5 4, 4 s-.- 1" Lf ,-, -O' .5 A qv '1 .vw FIRST ROW Rodney Adarr Shlrley Adamson Audrey Adkrns Ivy Adknns Murray Anderson John Arnold Randal' Austin SECOND ROW Patsy Bagwell Sandra Baker Carolyn Bamrnon Charles Bammon Frank Barnes Leroy Barnes Wrllre Barr THIRD ROW Betty Bartlett Carolyn Bates Bobby Blackwell Belton Blann Darv n Blarn Jerry Blalr Betty Boqle FOURTH ROW Byrns Boner Gearl Booker Thomas Booker la,-neg Brewer Peggy Brewer Nancy Brown Jewelxne Burgett FIFTH ROW Mary lou Burqett Florrn Buttrey James Cantrell Wanda Cantrell Blllle Carrrgan Buddy Carter Howard Carter SIXTH ROW John Chrrstopher Curt Clark Faye Clark James Clanton Douglas Cobb Elrzabeth Cole Ernest Cole SEVENTH ROW Jackue Cole Bobby Connelly Johnny Crara Gene Crawford Jo Ann Cunnrngham Nrna Demonbruen Barbara Dempsey EIGHTH ROW Ray Dodson Donald Doguer lean Enrles W lltarn Fnrp lc mes Ellratt R :ymwnd Fllrott and J r lean Ellrs T l . K . V -I A ' 4' ,I A . -r to -. x s. 9 l .,,. E I r y A T 'H A l R i I -- ': A , I f K' I Vx ,,,,, A q 'gy K- r Ag A In f il , . ,ify , ' . 6 li 'X I A ' I gl, ' I l C l fi? 7 -- Y Rl! C , Rs, A N K 4 .f X K K , 'f J A R' , H in "'s . y of? ' L . H .. R . -I Q E: , M lk ZZ ., ..,, , .. 1 l v X I Q I - W it J , V I-Q. . , ga Q . A ,t Tis. .sQ1: I .. W K it K Q is K.- . ' -.,' ' , " ..," ' 5' 'ji f A-. W, .W A XX h :I r M2 X . N v I. , 1 A 1 A .ar f T f W t F Jef as y , W M A A is to y ,y 5 I I K . X A k ..,. 1 Y. lt Q V A2 .L lg? A in , X 'y Q! ' N . . E, y by ' i ' A 1 A A -- rsh iw 9' fs gwmay 1, ,sz ga . - i rr 4 ' , 'ra 12- -. 4 23 fig I T ' A if J 7 will K, ,Z A P G 514 x X. 1 -A : I I V , I I I 1 V li ,.,' V V 1 V, V K v A A I' I S C I I r FIlEr'IlIlIlf 'ysfwl' ' ,H if ' 7 : - sf? 5 ..," h Gi : .A , , 1 IES 5 51-.. : -I ' 1..- 33' If it W. VQMP 5 - . l, r V' " -,,. I Q yi sag? c xlrkg Xgamw .. rw -- 5 me Artie, yi Wm Aoki it N NM Rs ALL ,ff x 5. svn, A-,,, ur' Q-4 1-wx QI FIRST ROW Dorus EZe1I Sue Felts Peggy Ferguson Betty FrtzgeraId Bully Fltzgerold Oltver Follett Betty Sue Frazte SECOND ROVN Btlly Fudge Th mas GTI Glenda Grvens Irnda Glennon James Golden Carolyn Groves Jo Ann Green THIRD ROW Nancy Green y Grrzzle Betty Grove Ruth Groves D ug'as Hale Rrto Harrrs ChorIes Harrnson FOURTH RONN Shelby Hawkrns Vernaj Henderson GG, Hethcote Peqgy Hlnes OdeII Holhs WrIIte Mae Hood Gwendolyn Hooper FIFTH ROW Bobby Hunley Jlmmy HunIey Mory Evelyn Jack son Dorothy Jokes Helen Jones EdabeIl Kayfes Wrlbert Kerth SIXTH ROW CCVOI9 Kmze' Anneffe Kmllht Betty Knowrs Donaid Landers Dorothy lane Jrnrmy Mayors Joon Naxey SEVENTH ROW Andrew Mayo Henry McEwen Betty McGIothhn Bonnre N cPherson PQUI McPher son Allce Meadows Ronald Moroqn EIGHTH ROW Kenneth Murphy Dorrrs Mfers Woodard NeaI Wrlhom Neelef lo ce Nnpper Shrrle Norman and Robert Iwortowe ' " I A ., - - we -e I ,, I ,:, ,..,r I, F J M A ,. nv V " 0 ,at -I ' - uv z ' T , 4- I , .ff Ili I " J + 0. is . 4 , n i ix A 4, A 2' if y I ' T - ' 'Y , . . sf? " Q- 5xg,5S5 fyisq. AM, f ,ft I If .. Y gweoit - . I ' 3' si. .. , . - . as .. 'sw-1:-L. ' - . ., In . I . SEQ: ,sf " ' ' Q I ' Q B 4 r-rr R -,-1.5 y y if I 5 - I ' 3., . . 1 N ,K X R I 1.1! B L - V , . - , , A 3 -I V gig? . . L+ r rf -K . . ' ' QI, - R . QM f - . ST SQQ5 iii- I - M B 4 ..,, 'x':' - ,.,- I r W M- , if - . ,Qs ' - . - A :- . 4, . . W :fee . - ' ' . me f Q .fl I '- A r 5-E M ., f -i ffl .. ' .. , ' ' ' " 'law' - r ' . I ' , ' - A ' 1 Lf 1- -. .. I - 1 ' dd QQ" ' I fxiri .... ' V' ' -1 if . .- '- M ir 7. K 5' -'gg .113 Q K : A a t-5-1, . Q, 'wif .. x 1 r n "'- 'r - ::.f.g-2:- 4 , r A , ' -r :':.:'.. H 3 I r I 1 I I I r V r I '. I- ' , G I, , ' , , , . 1 , Bm- r 1 r r - 5 I r U., r U f I , . . X n . . A , ' f , ' . 1 ' , I I ' , s , ' I ' , V ' , ' ru T T I y I do New :jtb die an 'QQ N-1. N6 s 9- S-1 1 wt, wav' kd? X JK. ref if we 45 fu' vw 4,- IIIIQ ,-12.1 Q, x 'N.. I hi. gn FIRST ROW Ann Pardue Lois Pardue Claude Perry Helen Phel"er James Phllllps Margaret Preston Everett Prrce SECOND ROW Jae Pyles Jacquelrne Ratnes Roma Romer Jtmmy Randals Shrrley Rqnflalls Maraaret Ruchardson Myrtle Rtrhardson THIRD ROW lay Ron y Barbara Roberts Charles Schroeder Joyce Scott Robert Sharp Joyce Stelton George S mpktns FOUR H ROW Jtmmy Sledge Nancy Sledae Alnce Srntth Ida Srntth Glennon Sneed Van Snow Btllle Stoqgs FIFTH ROW Joe Stewart Paul Stewlrt Norma Stratton I-Iowwrd Sulltytn Betty Thomas Morale Thomas Joan Thompson SIXTH ROW Rard 1II Thompson Mary Evelyn Tomltn Bobby Trauqhber Ncrna Travrs Nancy Vanatta Woodrow Vtck Orrls Waggoner SEVENTH ROW Arn Warren J C Warren Lemuel Wcntsort Martha Watson Ronnte Webb Sybil Whttehelcl Dorothy Wtlson EIGHTH ROW Luctlle Wtlson Bobby Wnfrey Helen Wtrtters larry Wotttttrk luctlle Wcosle and Ernest Wruqht I -t-r ' I l l- I. , 1. - It A :- ,.- - pr I . sig 2 ss I if + , f I . - . - 2 A 'vu ' Qfj.. 'Q li PN-V ,51 5 In A. A I Q ,.i?ig.Ll I 'XY 1 Q -I H ' , ' "5 . - iff , I' I I 1- 1 EQQQ L A, 1 I .. " W f . ,, ---t J - f I .. ...., -2- - .gr D .:- ff- V, D 1 ' Q -t r't-r I 3 J' -J - I 3' I I .- . " K . s -- t : Q 1. ., , , .9 I " - i ...,. - . 1 I fn V 1 Z ,. .,yy' V I I. D I 3 . 2' - : y , ' ww .EBI ,I -JI ' Iv II .... 1 'I I ' VI - I T , . K I :mfg . up s f., -, , , -, ,I K H, :sr 1, - ' .I 5 .- 1 E' B ' - k . .7 Q :SSW Q ., y y - 5 m - X - - -F -' . - . im . iff? '- ' -1 ' 1 ' Q tl .... 21,--A J, - - as . : M Q. r' ' W5 -f ,.: sw X- K I N 2325 t - 3 1 - y A ji 1 f V his k V ,, ,idx . 4. y fs I I O r -I sttt :gf 1 1 A A 1 :E -.--.- , 1 1 -.sw i 3 X ,J , b f...f E H ,.5,. Q K el f I 1 - ' .4 '.-, Q I I .. ' I to I ' Q ' ' i 4 f' .t . f - M g -I 1 ' I s- I , Q V Aw., its . :IL ll: ky A N 'Q K - W . I A M- as 5 t,,., fx 4 -. I - y,v, ' I ' -- - 3 4. 1' 'tt rr :,':2Pf2sa5ft9ek'S ,- 2- .:- ' : -4 K . . . X v : . , I I I I . V I I Y V . I 7 K ,XM I lllllll'l'H ROOM 213 MISS JOAN GEORGE ........................ .... C lass Adviser FIRST ROW: Cecelia Vaughn, Betty Baucum, Judy Odom, Judy Stinnett, Patricia Robinson, Catherine Fer- guson, Betty Elam, and Betty Hand. SECOND ROW: Miss George, Norma Dowell, Marilyn Brooks, Myrna Bruce, Patricia McNeese, Betty Kaylor, Lynda Abrams, Connie Clark, Anne Carillon, and Jackie Abernathy. THIRD ROW: Robert Duke, Harold Baker, Thomas Blackwell, Neil Cantrell, Charles Meyer, Calvin Duncan, Alvin Duncan, and J. B. Babbitt. ROOM II7 MISS NATALIE DICKEY Class Adviser man and Shirley Greer SECOND ROVV Ronald McPherson James lynch Peggy Earls Martha Johnson Sherron Earls Rosie Dodd James Copeland and Wylie Toombs THIRD ROW Robert Haddock Paul lever Miss Dickey Paul Gaebler Randall Richardson Elmer Dotson Dayton Coles Billy Matthews Gene Bates and John Coles FIRST ROW: Martha Osborne, Minnie Sullivan, Barbara Dews, Anna Slater, Rosa Friedmann, Carolyn Hal- IIIIII E ROOM 224 MISS JIMMIE HARVILL ............................. Class Adviser FIRST ROW: Miss I'larvilI, Jacky Mayo, Patsy Pritchett, louise Schroeder, Patricia Medley, Nellie Lane, Nancy Jones, Zona Osborne, Peggy Murphy, Helen Waqird, and Roy Barnes. SECOND ROW: Leroy Stlllwell, Roger Roberts, Benson Jones, Jimmy Morris, Walter Youree, Billy Benson, Randall Travis, and James Ballentne. ROOM 214 MRS EMMA HEWITT Class Adviser and I-lolle Barber SECOND ROW Mrs Hewrtt Frances Green Laverne Dyer Mary Deane Hanner Delores Conyers Peqay Phtllups Iorene Perry Shtrley Brewer Dorothy Coruthers Mandy Thompson oncl Mat Duke THIRD ROW Sylvta Bell Carolyn loyell Edno Crews Shrrley Ruchardson Betty Jean Staqqs ond Betty Jean Sharpe FIRST ROW: James Stlllwell, Gary Sparlcmon, Joseph Hunley, Robert McCloud, Eugene Hale, Eugene Duqer, EIIIHTH IIIIAIIII ROOM 222 MISS ANNA MARGARET HILL ....................... Class Adviser FIRST ROW: Joyce Carter, Berry Rabmsan, Barbara AIiea lame Harrs, Betty Farmer, June Brazz:II, and ShirIey KrIowIes. SECOND ROW: Ben Boswell, CIIarIes Bezsrey, EIOIVIE CagIe, Margare' Brown, Miss I-IIII, Carol Forve, and Buddy lame. THIRD ROW: Nathan McClure, Dan I-IIcks, Larry Srveed, CIaude Robinson, Don Moore, and Trmafhy DeshIIes, ROOM IO6 MISS FRANCES SOUTHERLAND Class Adviser FIRST ROW JImmy BaIImger Sh rley GIII CSI a Ia eII L a Snow EI zabefh Rzllwg Nancy Trafrer T nker Barnes Muss Sau1herIar1d Betvy .Io Woodswde and James K SECOND ROW BI' J O ber? lerr Marsh hey and Eadze Wa ren THIRD POW lame LewIs Pat DISV James D weII WIII1 rr r er and Ge rae Jahnsvon : I ' , I I , Ori rr , 'Pi , I ' I , f - , I I I I I , I I , DQ- 5 II I r' ' I Peggy Laqerfy, Barbara HendrIcks,Be1fy Morgan, Faye Burrougre, Mar-,I Mwrey, Gwerwdev Davis, Leovara McGaf -, ' r , ,, : S ', ' ie Q , I. rv TO ,Im HGIIIQ FISJ1 , G C , Elllll'l'H llllilllll ROOM H8 MRS. JEANNE WEBB ................ ............. C lass Adviser FIRST ROW: John Taylor, Fred Varidolen, Barbara Uhlian, Peggy Nix, Sara Boshers, Johnny Turner, and Page lyle. SECOND ROW: Doris Smithson, Barbara Cunningham, Catherine Tomes, Shirley Bess, Wilma Ben- nelr, Samantha Hopkins, Joyce Tidwell, Alma Bolling, Norma Jean Wilson, and Joyce Bass. THlRD ROW: Jackie Martin, Milton Whistle, Bobby Meadows, Bobby Putman, John Robnert, Bobby Cook, James Moore, Williflrfl Chadwell, and Ralph McFarlin. ROOM 226 MISS EMOGENE GILPIN Class Adviser FIRST ROW Charles Miller Maydell Blair Donald Pulle, Harold Johnson James Thomason and leoriard Reeves SECOND ROW Ronald Perry Shirley Walling Helen Binkley Carolyn Basham Nona Cole Patrica Floyd Baunita Thompson and Buddy Myall THIRD ROW lance Shockley Annette Alexander Ruby Bromley Goldie Ferguson Mary F Barts Heftie Webb lrene Hale Prud e Buchli Carroll Pitt and Miss Gilpin .. ............ .... ....... ... - : , ', ' , , 'i V 1 ' F r I 1 . rl ' 1 ' I 1 l i 1 - I ll I ROOM 210 MISS JEAN HAGEY ...... .......................... C loss Adviser FIRST ROIN: James Merritt, Johnny Smith, Patsy Hooper, Oioria Manners, Dave Pomeroy, and James Rey- nolds. SECOND ROW: Deanna Pulley, Peggy Blaylock, Mary Stantield, Barbara Hunt, Joyce Hale, Nancy Meeks Deanle Spurlock, Ann Seiaenthaler, and Betty Jo Long. THIRD ROW: Miss Hagey, Dale Garrett, Earl Young Jimmf Smith, Thomas McEwen, Ray Frame, Frank Duty, Thomas Cveldriech, and Betty McClure, ROOM II3 MRS MARGARET PARKER Class Adviser FIRST ROW Charles Knowles Indra Davis Norma Barnes Far YoJree Barbara Tldwell Carolyn Morris Hardin Dorothy Nicholson Evelyn Birk Vivian Brewer Gweidolyn Partain Marilyn Coleman Dorothy Rey molds ana 'oyce Kinzer THIRD ROW Donald Gibson Babb Mctiaf Lloyd Macan Smith Richard Knox Bobby W rren James Skinner Roy Felts ana Billy Mason Marie Cartwright, Patsy lane, and Wayne Cookl SECOND ROW: Mrs. Parker, Sara Mayo, lirida Pettit, Patricia v v llllilllll ROOM IO7 MISS JOAN PINEDA ...... ................ ........ C I ass Adviser FIRST ROW: Allred Rains, Rea Leaver, Christine Brazzell, Ralph Cannon, Margaret Nicholson, Fred Knobel, and Jack Matthews. SECOND ROW: Frances Lowry, Betty Sue Buckner, Janet Roberts, Margaret Dixon, Faye Burton, Wilma Coss, Ruby May Robinson, Betty Jean Horton, and Miss Pineda. THIRD ROW: Leonard Butler, Larry Corrigan, Kenneth Felts, Wilburn lanes, Ronald Clemmons, Joseph Hunter, James Dotson, Billy Duke, and Robert Jones. 4 x X .J Lil 6 4 .X i. -Q CX- ., -5 Nou ue bane been through all the classrooms and met the stu dents But, uazt, tberes more c I Il b s and outstandzng actzvztzes On the follouzng pages you can see us uorkzng and bawng un zn our spare mznutes y C qw, -4 ,LS Cul get U yy Y r i 5 if , , ' V w fl ' I ' M X North is known for its wonflerful ii X 1' . L. . f f bill C .170 N X x N X EQ.: President Peu et! or Leo to all the students zvfnl llmg one of flu luggestfobf at North prevalent of the v t ll cl e II t body Hn co u orkerf are lne u zrev too Take zz look be ou LEO PEWETT President MARGARET SILVEMAN GEORGE GRIZZLE SHELBY REGAN Girl Vice Presldewt Boy Vice President Secrefory and Treasurer OFFICERS GEORGE GRIZZLE KENNETH MADDEN HELEN WHITLEY MRS MARGARET GRAY MRS ESSIE VICKERS Presldenf Vlce Presldenf Secrefary Faculfy Adviser Foculfy Adviser L'I'lIlEA'I' HIIMIL lllll' Carl Brllrngsley Lee Pettit Wendell Pardue George Oltvla Follett Bully llddle Howard Stephenson and Mary Goldtrop Jo Ann Paton Jerry Wolverton Elva Wlllvoms Helen Wxrshlng and Mary Helen Wlrshlng OFFICERS LEO PEWETT President HOWARD STEPHENSON Vice President WANDA MURPHY Treasurer MISS JOAN PINEDA Faculty Adviser FIRST ROW Archrlene Gunn Clara Sullivan Yvonne Roney Gaul Hethcote Frances Russell Lee Pettit Betty .lo Russell Joyce Abernathy lackle Abernathy Myrna Bruce Morrlyn Brooks Betty Woodside and Shirley Brewer SECOND ROW Wanda Murphy Margaret Rrchardson oy Shepard terry Wolverton Bully lrddle l-lovv rd Stephenson Mass Prneda Leo Pevvett Joe Chrlstopher George Goldtrap Robert Smuth Jesse Coles Betty Deaton Anna Cartwrught Betty 'o Davy Joyce Ann Russell Carolyn Graves Altce Srnuth Evelyn Morrus and Velma Swlndle ll li A l A I ll U L l It JO ANN ..... .... .. ...:Secret0ry v ll0HlliSlIClE'l'1 NAL qnarrsa 00 x IEEE MISS MARGARET DOUGLAS. . . . . Director i llllll Illllll Cllllllli FIRST ROW: Bobbie Coleman, Mary Ann Hoover, Mildred vandevart, Betty Simpson, Sally Caillouette, Elizabeth Jones, Mary Jo Jones, Delia Knight, Shirley Simmons, Velma Swindle, Archilene Gunn, Betty Barnes, Ethel Pullen, lorene Hale, and Betty Sutton. SECOND ROW: Olivia Follett, Edwina Harrison, Bobbie Jean Payne, Lola Ann Myers, Genevieve Perry, Carolyn Graves, Iris Von Dohlen, Pauline Graves, Barbara Osborne, Wilma Knox, Josephine Graves, Betty Jo Pitt, Ruby Hudson, Edabell Kayfes, Gloria Poole, Mary Ann Nix, and Margaret McCormack. THIRD ROW: Henry Coleman, Don Brown, Arthur lovell, Jack Taylor, James Myers, Leo Pewitt, Winlred Moore, Dozier Haynie, Tommy Boner, Peggy lewis, Betty Deaton, Connie Spurlock, and Wylodene Fitzgerald. FOURTH ROW: Bruce Carillon, Bobby Binlcley, Raymond Martin, Edward Marks, Stanley Bess, Robert Corney, Freddie Smith, George Goldtrap, Jo Ann Cole- man, June Farmer, Joyce Abernathy, and Margie Floyd. im . Wy: PEARL DENNIS .... . . .Accompanist 'llllll lllll llHllll C FIRST ROW: Lois Davis, Mary Ellen Parrish, Clara Sullivan, Evelyn Dennie, Peggy Warren, Nancy Myers, Muriel Stinnett, Joan Pat- terson, Ella Ruth Hardin, Margaret Silveman, Dorothy Johnson, Ann Friedman, Rita Sullivan, Betty Richardson, and Tina Burris. SECOND ROW: Ruth Goosetree, Frances Russell, Reba Felts, Betty Jo Davy, Edna Ruth Dunnebacke, Nora Bartlett, Annie Ruth Cartwright, Shirley Stratton, Ruby Pinson, Anne West, Pearl Dennis, Carolyn Shropshire, and Frances Roberts. THIRD ROW: Sylvia Waller, Doris Holloway, Betty Duncan, .lov Shepard, Joe Adair, Thomas Williams, George Schutt, Kenneth Mayo, Donald lowry, limrny Frensley, and Carl Bill- ingsley. FOURTH ROW: larnes Swift, .lo Ann Womack, Anita Cartwright, Helen Whitley, Joe Coles, Charles Silverman Robert Cart- wright, Joe Christopher, Donald Franklin, Howard Stephenson, and Rankin Buckli. I I , l J 'll lllll IHIYH llHl'l'F Miss Peggy Warren, accompanist, Charles Sulyerman, Tommy Boner, Howard Stephenson, and Rankin Buclnli. lIltIC Al'l'llIlllll'l'l0 Stephenson SECOND ROW Patrtcta Hardun Bonme Hudgens Lynda Abrams Carltne Rnchardson Carolyn Cunnmgham Llnda Petttt and Maraoret McCormacn THIRD ROW Judy Sttnnett Oltyer Follett Calvtn Duncan Wllltam Earp Douglas Jones Kenneth Madden Alvtn Duncan Donald Nucholson and lerdeon Ellus 1 , 1 1 A l FIRST ROW: Reba Felts, James Toombs, Bonnie Vasser, Bob Whitson, Phillip Selley, Donald Lowry, and Howard IIIII UII OFFICERS PAUL STEWART President JACKIE RAINES Vlce President MISS FRANCES SOUTHERLAND Faculty Adviser FIRST ROW Norma Travis Linda Hale Barbara Hendricks Connie Clark Bettye Hand Lorene Perry Shirley Norman Patsy Bagwell Jame Harrns Betty Elam Ann Carullon Laverne Dyer Elnzabeth Rllllng Rosa Frledmann Zona Osborne Gloria Jarrell and Mlss Southerland SECOND ROW Shearon Earls Carolyn Holman Flornne Buttrey Margaret Preston Jtmmy Benson .lames Kung Pat Plerce .llmmy Randalls Aluce Meadows Shurley Greer Peggy Phsllups Bonnle McPherson Barbara Allen Shirley Gull Nancy Trotter and Barbara Dews THIRD ROW Betty Groves Morgue Thomas Patsy Prltchett Betty Edgmg Alberta Kestner Betty Thomas Byrns Boner Paul Stewart Sonny Wright Betty Knowls Shirley Knowles and Frances Green FOURTH ROW Martha Osborne Betty Kaylor Charles Schroeder Larry Womack Dayton Coles Joseph Hunley '-lollls Fnscher James Golden: James Cantrell Bully Carrugan Jackle Raines Joyce Carter Elaune Cagle and Martha Johnson J ll ll II I G 0 ll I I BETTY KNOWIS .... ...... ........ ...... ......... . .......... ......... S e c r e tary JAMES TOOMBS, President, ANNE WEST, Vice! President: HOWARD STEPHENSON, Secretory, and KENNETH MADDEN, Treasurer. IRAN 'Sli' FIRST ROWQ Kenneth Madden, Anne West, levy Wolyerten, Phillip Selley, Sylvia Waller, Edwina Harrison, Betty Duncan, Patsy Medley, Judy Stinnett, and Mary Nancy Bauman. SECOND ROW. Edna Ruth Dunnebacke, Margaret McCormick, Aline Wilson, Douglas Jones, Barbara Manners, Jo Ann Woman, Shirley Moore, Patrtc 1 Hardtn, Caroline Bates, Eddie Warren, Margaret Richardson, Nancy Green, and Alice Smith, THIRD ROW: Mr. lloyd Vvebb, James Toombs, Donala lowry, Howard Stephenson, Thomas Allen, Bonnie Hudgens, Bonnie Vassar, Raymond Martin, Tony Earp, Billy Grizz e, Oliver Follett, Curtis Bates, and Thomas Gill, First Row: RHODA NELLUMS, SYLVIA WALLER, BETTY DUNCAN, JUNE FARMER, EDNA RUTH DUN- NEBACKE, AND EDWINA HARRISON. Second Row: KENNETH MADDEN and HOWARD STEPHEN' SON. llllN 'D-lf' FIRST ROW: Roma Romer, Billy Liddle, Gail Helhcote, and Lynda Abroms. SECOND ROW: Judy Odom, Lucille Wilson, Helen Jones, James Phillips, Jerdean Ellis, Bob Whitson, Reba Fells, Rhoda Nellums, Linda Pettit, and Harry Rauschenberger, THIRD ROW: Alvin Duncan, Jesse Coles, Carline Richardson, Carol Forte, Caroline Cunningham, June Former, Calvin Duncan, Donald Nicholson, Rex Blakely, George Grizzle. FOURTH ROW: Gerald Hemmer, Nellie Lane, Raymond Butfrey, Louise Schroeder, Larry Srieed, and George Goldtrap. DORIS SNOW HARRY V PEGGY FREEMAN ODELL DEMONBREUIN IOHN LUCAS P1 srdelm T OSU r Pcrfurr r -K' ai FANNIE FISCHER EDWARD BAUII AN MISS ROSALIE LOCK XIBACH JOHN EPLEY ROBERT FUNKJE ordng WW RADIO I 41 L US DORIS GRAY EDMOND I-IALE BILLY I-IEAD ANNA CERTAIN k he i RUTH EDGIN C E WARREN CAROLYN LEE WILLIAM WARREN PERCY NELLUNS in i 3 BILLY MOREFIELD JAMES MCKINSTRY EUGENE MCKENV 'DN CHARLES SILVERMAN CHARLES BOSI-IEP ,L an K f"I R f X ERI IN , A V P VI:-VPIQS KHP? re Ig I I SIU' 43' ea ' Y CO sd X RI-I I S- "ww Sz, ,um I V ' I.. ' 54 A v II iv, ' , t, I 'A Q ' ' 1 C A V: ,fp S: I ' 13' Xp S ,. ii ' L V I V .. ' 'L' I G . . 1 d ! In . 1 ' J . f 5 A I 1 lv OHV!! FOKLETT M555 spam' N-ITIIIIE .'I'llllI' Illtllll MISS KATHERINE MURRAY ..... .................................. F aculfy Adviser FIRST ROW1Joseplwine Graves, Emma Jean Graves, Ernest Ed Coles, Dorrts Myers, Bully Eudae, Gene Crawford, Ronnre Webb, Mary Jo lanes, Frances Booker, Lois Davts, and Wyladene Frtzaerald. SECOND ROW. Alphta Dye, Orrts Waggener, Jrmrny Majors, Clyde Poole, Eleanor Maples, Joe Pyles, Barbara Osborne, Paulrne Graves, Shrrley Adamson, Sara Wilson, and Mary Lou Burgett. THIRD ROW: Randall Austln, James Elluatt, Ronnle Pollock, James Phtllnps, Bully O'BrEen, J. C. Warren, Curtis Bates, Jerry Gregory, and Harry Parman, FIRST ROW Iames Swult Rtrlnard Carrtqnr Charles Qt verrnxn D nald Beazley Btlly Grtzzle and Tammy Partatn SECOND ROW Douqlas Clark Don Brown lack Twlor Joe Coles Herbert Mnlls Ettqene Ptlktnton Donald Cnthey and Wtntred Moore THIRD ROW Freddue Smutlw Paul Adcock Carl Brlltnqslev Donald Franklm Edward Marks George Grtzzle Cbarles Wol'e and Jrmmle Frensley IPI' llllllll l'IllIl l ll Il 'll I . I I RAY OSBORNE .... ............................................ F aculty Adviser li , , , .y A ., I . -fx: gr gji - - ft"x 1I .fC j y I M, ,Q 2, .oggwgsfn 53 fThe North Star -If , .N......,-..o.... M , , Vol XIII Nashville 8, Tennessee, Much 6, 1953 V A No. 5 Madden Leads in Senior Scholafshi 1. TOM Nashnll v bmw of the the Tennesse useocxahon vI the Andrrw I M and "5 xt lv In a new-xl. muxt rf jour Tennessee, at Stat? mem nc-wspaperc boob! publwl school of the attend the ru Qxmxlm to I the two das tallm bv ntwspapermen and he err dxaunsuons In studfnv. adn exhxbxt-., trzuusxna nf nf-If-pap and enfertaxxuxuwlxt fr-aturm Wore Deinxls to tome Mtxswms 'MII 1:4 gm wth I nation from H .0 ln 10 n m -X 74, and wall end by mul aftern of Apu! a More dennis uf program ml! he .lrnmun od I xanprvment are wmplfud Dau nl tht tuntlu-nov It A t wer than u-unI rx d AI. lk mtomfnnfnt fm hgh wnth eaxlx :Iv-:nm dates but XI 15 5 I on I u A I I wx Ich dw-I uct Imhu S r ms I otlux cnrmnttn II I D4-zdhne ILA-I Khrfh ' una I. L tuvlx gulf. hnzh eehfxvl puhlxf-anon mll be nuumuf at the N4 hulk mI Dfadhrr for mw papfr :mr was Phxrh Z WH'9hlflg5 Essav W111s Fxrst Phu. Mary Helen liar-hang vt: to I tht .unual II'-Ilan contvwt ut North It. vas .um LI :eu-IIIII, In 'Ilvxs Mar, Halle ta mln r spon ur, hx the comm vf Jmlgw dole n tx fm L Q. ty txm essays vt wttvn nm! I fed ly xmnabus uf the unm lxsh classes The un Inu c vt tn tlv Pruslua and Dune-, of 'I t h.I.w been ann! to the local 1 dub when they mtl compel others from various hugh uh the uty and rountx From me ten e-wax., uk from North c will he host and the writer of thv vs essay wail recexve Sv: dolla along mth x1l8B Ilrxlluran I tend at luneheon :oven womf-1 April for winners from the I schools m the cxty and comm Members of North s bunk serwd as jUiR"'S are Nh-In Martin Mr' Mmgurm um Msn Emugeue mlpm Those Senior essays tal place of a sp:-mg term pap are counted an meh on QI gtldti. Old Aww Want, ugfduy MAR Y HELEN WIRSHING Edvlof MISS JIMMIE HARVILL Foculiy Adviser NUI I 'IE EN UPSHNKJ Edllor ll Chwf ENNEIH 'IAUPFN IARGAQ T SIIVEIAAN News EcfIfOfS FL' Spode fflllor FINA ILLIfmI5 IILIQIEL SIINNETI NUNLI L1REEN ANNE VXESI' JOE CO Eo COIUIIIIIISIS JI: L I DWREN HOW UQD bTEPHEN9ON Pusvnfsv Mrfc qels DEI e Y LSQEN 'EQ Czrculohon JIUIVIIE Fnculfy firiwscr It efageg E Place I alcdxctorx, me 3 hnldxmz the two uuraizes 925 and respextxvelv 0 I turn-I preceding Ing term Kenneth ry Helen Wurshmg prmupal addresses nt Qxucxses, June ned recently from prmcxpu! student clurmg hw at North Kenneth d mth tix per cent rage en: stunned I. tht -Iclxool Id Mn lohn Kind h Avenue Noxth Kenneth entered North from Toms 'lementaxn school In 1947 Active m School Ah'an--t HS- now senus as drum major of the I-and of v-had: he has bsen a menxber for su: yr-are He ako wervea as assistant, ohmrman of the Qtudent Louncvl, neux edxtor of the Worth Shar, and uzredntnr of Po- ana Xthleucs Ima daxmed the :nts-rt -It of amd some nm' from Kr-nmth as he as now a valuable member oi the bask Lball team Slum Valuable ll! tuhzembnp Annhcr cunt:-rl hun xr mmm to Elm Iuunz man uhm hw. fellow Ins-xrunua voted hmm the most nxhmble senior and the most out amndmg DD uxxlw to hli school He I-ull recene for thxs honor the ewxmu Key tn he presented to ham Ulontmued on Page -fl ,B.mner' to Pete Jute set for the Banner sponsor Mxdlla Tennessee Hugh bchoul luis asxouauon contest is March l xt was anrmumed In the N' umer Frxday, February 7 ds to outstanding Muldle me hxgh school newspapers made at n luncheon in the otel Saturday March ,I artcxpatxng adn:-re and Lhmr Q wxll be guests of the Ban ues will be gxven by the to the beat pwpu' xn these I Prmtcd papers publish a month or more often. ll Prmied papers publmh often than once a momh. catfw of excellence v-Ill ba eww! .md thxrd place mn each dwlswn L-'rzlrlvnne II be presented In the best I page, Ihr but fp-uns Id ihe moan atractive page 6411! s must be made!! to the 'UI x'llmt'0KY3Dfl8d papers. I1 T 6 League March 1' Banner not later than March ll I 7 - ' A ' I I " 4' , . . A ' ' b, ff i' ' ' A 5' 7 i ' A . h , .' . n . I ' ' " 'III Y'I'II'I' I In II I I II In . . ' . . , A - - .4 . , ,, A ,wht .' ,-' - rl. I 5 1 I V I 5 ' .... .. ....... . ......,....... ' J- ,, in '.' L 4' 'i ' 4 .5 , .,... ..,.., ,1 ' , . 3' ' Q , kt J.I,,7QY,.. 4... ,, .4...,,....,..,...... ...., . - - ' ' ' I ' . - ,. ' '. , . " H his ,' 1 , . rx I' ,i.' 'vt' ,- , , ' I I ' '. 'I " r : 4 H V ' 3 'ww V Q' 3'4" . ' 5 Lf... . ,. ' 1 -3 Q , 24-1. 'Qin' Ig xiI'll' 4 "I I' 'h I . I c-- " iw: I, I 'I I I I I I I I . I ' ' f' " ' ' If fn It Il XIIIH S I III I .. . I fu-. - ' ' . Y , 1 . ' ' ., 1, r'LQI V , ' , . W. .x . ....... ...J ' I, IIIL C r A ' Rt-s I of lx- 5- 'I' f 'Ing' ', ', Q, ,' 1 A U I sux 'Qing V. r ,.... .......,, ....,..,........ , .,... . . . W V ,. .s . Q ' ttf, ' ' ' MISS rIf,Pw':LL, .......,.... .. ........,...... , .. f I - l W Q,i,-.,-,..., , ,, ..........k......... ' ' 1. , 4' . t Av O A B J ' 5 - M f ' ' Editors, Adwsers . ' ' - 3 'm ' . pIu','n e'r j"'1 I' V 1 . ,Q .' . 4 V ' V ' ' U E 1 . . x 1 - - 4 .' ' ' ., . O ,,.f- ' . wthl Q ,"" I 1 .7 1 . y 'A ' ' ' I' -ss: ' il . i ,' . . ' :".' me ' "h I -"' ' " 4 1 . ' ' 1 I . I - f 4 v Q. - he . .- ' A. W ' nfum pfuw' -W W Wm -mwvuk ' f . . 1, I . W ' ' iz 1'f ' w-' If I - I I f 4 1 . . M . r 'u l ' V 7 . aff ,iy d ff . . 17 7 ,, 'I Q- ,s wf ' fo P 2 4- 5 ? ' ff " A ' A' 4 s I Sllllllll Y-Tlllllt' MISS JEAN HAGEY ......... .................................... F aculfy Adviser FIRST ROW: Shirley Randalls, secretary and treasurer: Betty Bartlett, vice-president: Betty Eagle, president, SECCND ROW Norma Stratton, Betty Sue Frazier, Nina Dernonbreun, Ida Srr1itl1,Sl1elby Hawkins, Dorotlwy Lane, and Betty McGlatl1lin. THIRD ROW Barbara Dempsey, Sondra Boker, Peggy Ferguson, Glenda Givens, Mary Evelyn Tomlin, Jean Ecrls, Ann Pardue, and Miss Hagey. .ll lllllll I 'lllllllt MRS MARY KATHERINE HAMMER Faculty Adviser FIRST ROW Betty Kaylor sefretnry lola Barnes pres Gent Ng ry Trotter treosurer Connie Clark Betty Elgm and Betty Hard z ll Delores Confers l da Snow Faye Burr uahs anal e Robnelt THIRD RCW Mrs Harnrner Pa Sv Pardue Be If Eaeina Tneresn Marlave Be ty Sharpe Mary Murrow Betty Morgan Betw Farmer lN icy Schut Norma Dowell Jud, Oaum and Patsy Jenkins l 1 1 1 1 1 1 SECOND ROW: Delois Robnett, Betty Staggs, Anna Slater, Wilma Poole, Mary Dean Hanner, Elizabeth Rilling, Patricia Hall, June Broil LIBRARY 'TAFF MISS MARY FRIEL BROWN ...................................... Faculty Adviser FIRST ROW: Ethel Pullen, secretary, Sarah Dye, vice-president, Joyce Hardin, president, and Archilene Gunn, treasurer. SECOND ROW: Margaret Richardson, Aline Wilson, Nancy Myers, Mary Jo Jones, Margaret Burgess, Peggy Brewer, Martha Minton, Shirley Greer, Elaine Cagle, and Nora Bartlett, THIRD ROW: Betty Bogle, Norma Travis, Lucille Vlfilson, Alphia Dye, Evelyn Morris, and Miss Brown, NOT PRESENT: Jean Denton, Minnie Sullivan, Billie Knobel, Joyce Jones, and Evelyn Seagroves. RED CRUSS ULIB FIRST ROW Patsy Jenniqan vice president and Rosa Friedman SECOND ROW Elizabeth Jones pres dent Mandy Thompson na Mai Duke Sylla Bell Eaabell Kaytes THIRD RON Dalton Myatt and Mary Nancy Bauman treasurer FOURTH ROW Miriam Maxwell treasurer and Margie Pentecost i ..........-......................-. : x , A 7 . . . , - t , , . . , X V .. - rr , . . 1 I - - I I . MARTHA MINTON MILDRED VANDEVORT BETTY JO LAWSON MISS HELEN MARTIN CLOCKWISE Nant Myers M dred Vondevort B Hue S agus Joun f fer OVW G I 1 rw rn Whwtfemore Be ty Robmson Sue e S cr um e S Ciorm e erm: I ev! June Jnkei md Gvvemi IW H 'w er A ENDING Q O SuI+v fn J Fgrmer Carolyn Buref Morrho N JmcIr1Cor1TreII x I SSIN DESCENDING Shrey Moore B I 1: .1 Jw A e U Curfwruqhf md Roma Pumer CQROQQ warn H9 UH I C Presldenf Vice Presldenf Secrefory Treasurer Foculfy Adviser I I I L ' I I I J 'Aj e- 11. 1555 4' 55 . I SC ' if I' H , uve fOr',VIc , my MI Mrfu ble DOYSE H, Iv' Vwwirsir, wwi R IIN BAR: Ed 'w Ho Lan, Edna R I I54'weIm'ke, und Betvv Dulrrm. OFFICERS LILLIAN MASON. . .................................. . .............. . ' : ,,' , TI , I ' T 'W , PJY,S ,EII I?uhI"I1'du,IOA. III, Blb NeIl FIT, 1 Pocl, Ne f Smih, B Jo PIM, , ,, 1 , 5' . .M p Us ff' Q X 419, -QE if at ,, N544 Wy' . iw- ? AM . ii, W1 ' ,V ,Lim ,, Mm , 1 , ,yw,, V 7 ' rye . W J I W, ' 'ff H 9' , H jr I H f! A ' ' Ubi V- as . ,f M ,, a G I sf :R i Q 'Q -Q 5 ,M . , ' ' WW ,Ig ' -fa is Wm ,gmmlkgftlz L 'h an , f 7:15241 s' 2 1151- L-, M ff-V' . ff, -. Q V1 -W " h ,fa , 3, , W 55 'N 32, wif, .w Y f-ww ,M VW! ,g X M,.,,. ,K I fn- - Fll0TIlALL ,...1,.. -1.-..... .-L.. -, ,M FIRST RCW: Ronald Murphy, Jimmy Johnson, Raymond Butfrey, Glennon Sneed, Gilbert Sherrill, Carl Billingsley, Jimmy Frensley, Frank Barnes, Charles Schroeder, Buddy Carter, Donnie Cafhey, William Adcock, and Venson Barton. SECOND RONN: lvan Lullrell, Joe Sledge, Raberv Pinlclelon, Dick Carver, Dozier Haynie, Pe!e Robinson, Joe Adair, Gene Pilkinlon, Raymond Marlin, Billy O'Brier', Paul Svewarv, Gerald Hemmer, Thomas Williams, Wendell Pardue, Babb-. Nelson, William Schroeder, and Rex B'akely. SENIORS COACHES GSL IVm'ti1 I 11. 13511 95 Finals Ton igh WILLIAM SCHROEDER ,3f52'i:5f5:,i4i3gi,, YSHIKS UDSGI Reba 43-42 Play mf ' yLipscom aku HCI SI' 1 asm UB KENNETH MADDEN N' Season Score, I5-1 I li: X Xia' I THOMAS WILLIAMS Swwn 304 HERMAN SCHROEDER AIIIBII1 V AG ff L A H H4 Di IT n ISIIC C I im Xe be.Asof1Scoc, dim . , . . W Q J: W, I ., 3 K . xref A 'Sw "f13E,g'ff.,x Mil :- 9 f .ww , wb .V any -- f - A .,r.'fg'i51IgI55fQ.,e1 3121, ' -J ikfezwf. , .'??i5,g'fg,,sQ:fgi-f K 'lk QT H9 Sf is if '55 A ,I 7 I .Sw , if af' 4: '.:af??" I, JOE ADAIR , 1 QI Season Score, 78 n 3' x . IFR I 522124 ' f ' q.pLf'w ny47yhx?g fm , ! Z 1 , 1 ' ',Qf,f '01, I-f f H . A . Last, 07 tlz I ay 17th District si aggpgiff - FIRST ROW R x Blukew Wulluom Schroeder Thomas XNnIIIom Ke n YI' Madden ond Joe Ada r SECOND POW J T Perry FIRST POW D'7Zwer Ho we GI rt SIwerr4II Ju we Har III Ixmn Manners OH1 Tommy POHOIH SEC O 'D ROW Ivan LuftreII Rono'd Murohy Rex Blakely Georqe GrIzzIe Gene Pllkmton L uc'v lo Covlgrworvl 4 I f I I Q 1 TIII 'I'l'Y III 'KIITIIIIL we 5 monogefg Dono'd Brown, Robert Cornev, Philip SeIIev, Bobbv Newsom, -Qefrncm Schroeder, ond Ccazh Rav Simpson ' X34 " " 'l'E I II ' T .,'n , I- 1 Ki , be ', ck' ci , ' y N : , - , ' ' , uni CO urs Jl llll Illhll UII Alrce Meadows Lourse Schroeder Frances Gr en, Rosalie Freedman Captain Kay Roney Nancy Green and Jacqueuln Raines 1 SEATED COFVIU Duncan Frank en and Paul Svewart STANDING Coach Julrus Sneed Charles Schroe der Sonny Wrughw Douglas Cobb Glennon Sneed ond Byrns Boner JHNIIIH llllill 3 3' as F ,B As INI ' EEIRLEHIEIH M . 4 Of 9, -M, .X w W 'ffm ffm S polog1es 'co Poets telll A ro e 1111y c y1r ajo fry jo 1S a 1v111g X o w 1en you a 1 11 you xx ant secur1ty goo pay 1 u1'111ce f- 'EO o ralses 111 oppo1'tun1ty to a Vance Te epl1one gn: s I1 a t1CSC 1: 1ngs an more 111 7 I 11'1tG1'CSt1llQ an 1n1port1ni: jo s 1n a growmg 111 u 'cry W1y not come 1n an 'ca Wltl us a out a. po 1t1on at t e e ep11o11e Company? THE TELEPHONE COMPANY IS A GOOD PLACE TO WORK 3 Lf' A 5 . 1 K ' X ' X I QA ' -ss X Q' 1 . A x X S ' . s Q he je A encu ssl 1 oseg ' 11 is 1' A A , ff! fx' more than just a job. AQ A- 1,- 1' - . X 7 S 1 loole for - ,fl , . ss . I A 1 X f A :il 1 ' . 11 - X 2 cl . XR Xl' 5" T . X 1 -1 fi .1 ll ' X A 1 11' El ' ' ' ' J ' 1 G . li . . . Ads . l ' f 1 - R 111 -1 1, 1 X Ti 11 A O 7 We A 111156 WERTHAN BHG CORPORATION I I 0 ' x N I muff' ' 'yvf ,,.. H ' ' :tru "L'f'fl':" 1 . . . in bolfles and in carfons NASNVIIILYINN, O PNONI O-lil' ATLANTIC ICE 8: COAL COMPANY Ice Coal und Cold Storage E Z CURB SERV STORES Phone 6 4661 JONES PHARMACY BELL DRUG COMPANY 140.3 Bunhanan Struct XNh.1t H ou XVc1nt N REXALL DRUGS XX hen YOU Want It PRESCRIPTIONS OUR SPECIAL I Y Nlnth and Monroe Stree Rcllablc Prescrlptlon Sgrucg Phone 6 1688 Phone o 4588 Lomphmentb ECONOMY MATTRESS COMPANY 97 3544 Slap Shop Mgmm Bldg . ' 2 f 7 . , ,. Cara Nonlc Cosmetics COLES 8: WALLER jewelers 6-3672 519 Unlon Street Representlng L G BALFOUR COMPANY Your Class Rxng jewelers and Statnoners KEMP'S ECONOMY MARKET 1729 Fnfth Avenue North Phone 5 9377 FREE DELIVERY TENNESSEE TUFTING COMPANY TENN TUFT Sales Offnce New York New York NASHVILLE TENNESSEE Mats and Lld Covers FRIEDMANN'S GRADE A CAFE For a Good Place to Eat Put Bar B Que our Specxalnty PRIVATE PARTIES ARRANGFD 1801 Flfth Ave North Phone 5 9290 v 330 Fifth Avenue 2404 Heiman Street Tufted Rugs WILSON QUICK PHARMACY NASHVILLE SURGICAL SUPPLY CO 708 Church 5 4567 1911 Church PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS I-Iospltal Beds Oxygen Tents Wheel Chalrs For Sale or Rent FREE DELIVERY Nasbwlle s Leadzng CUFFEE VALUE SPEEDY'S emu. For that Noonday Meal Freshly Roasted I3 Yu UH4 Freshly Ground G wth CUFF ALWAYS GOOD THE BEST FOOD IN TOWN Favorite or 01107 50 years SOLD ONLY IN 401 Monroe Phone 5 9350 H G Hlll STORES KNOXVILLE FERTILIZER COMPANY KNOXVILLE and NASHVILLE TENNESSEE LONDON KENTUCKY I , l "4.,, V1 'l+ , , 1, ' 1 1 A 1 Af 3 .7 Xi P KING I . 1 fx 'fl . - ,f'T' In xx! a ,f m e O I 4 . f , , I l 7 9 Modern CHARTERED BUSSES TO ANY POINT Reasonable Equxpment IN THE UNITED STATES Rates 35 Q FRANKLIN INTERURBAN COMPANY D 35 a- Br BU 9 183 8th Avenue North ali Nashvxlle 3 Tennessee N 1 Frozen Foods Prlme Meats L x .1 we 06HlJ1TlES HANK HOWARD'S GROCERY COCA COLA BOTTLING WORKS NASHVILLE TENNESSEE Where YOU get the Best 1700 F1fth Avenue North Phone 5 9440 Free Dehvery H I E Fresh Frunts Vegetables C O F F E E Compllments of BAND PARENTS CLUB E D U C A T I O N A L T O U R S 5 - 9 l 4 I 5 - 9 1 :xr Q20 'ix 1 A - 5 111 9 6!!xf" FN4Eg'-EASJQ'-Ja - ' fzw A I A L DRINK 362,114 ,af iigniy rl, J- ri: Urn IQLW9 . I Q-I IN Z Z Compliments DUTY PRINTING COMPANY 1910 Cephas Avenue Phone 6 5851 Get Your School Supplxes Fuel Tanks for Homes PUMP SALES 8: SERVICE CO I L L p PHIL CoMPToN BEN FRANKLIN STORE 308 12th Ave So Phone 4 3100 1101 Buchanan Phone 5 TOM HARRISON F 1 o w e r s 2020 West End Phone 4 1891 13 Arcade NASHVILLE 3 TENINESSEE Phone 6 1920 ENGRAVING FINE WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRING A SPECIALITY The Blgg6St Llttle Store ln D1x1e Compllments George Brent s SPURLOCK 84 CARTER COMPANY M A R K E T 1300 Th1rd Avenue North FOR FRESH FOODS Phone 4 7504 945 jefferson 6 9334 Complxments SCHWARTZ DEPARTMENT STORE 5th and Monroe Phone 6 6316 of at ' PH I S' DIAMONDS BARRICK -- .IEWELERS WATCHES Let eau Saldou Pontlal record all the Importlnt events In your l1fe Your 0ff:lCl'lI Photographer jean Sardou Studlo Thlrd Floor Compl Iments PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION MISS EDYTHE DICKENS MISS ETHEL FRIEDMAN MISS JOAN GEORGE MISS EMOGENE GILPIN MRS MARGARET GRAY MISS MARY HALLORAN MISS JIMMIE HARVILL Complnments of MISS ANNA MARGARET HILL MRS ELIZABETH B JACKSON MISS RoSALIE LOCKENBACH MISS HELEN MARTIN MISS KATHERINE MURRAY MISS JOAN PINEDA MR RAY OSBORNE MISS FRANCES SOUTHERLAIND .I -- - - 'rs CAIN-CLUAX CII. Comphments HOLLEMAN'S ECONOMY GROCERY 1234 F1fth Avenue North Free Dehvery Phone 6 9188 Compllments MARCHETTI'S RESTAURANT 102 19th Avenue South Commerclal Kodak Fln1Sh1ng Portralts Copy Ident1f1catxon Pass Ports Cullen Felts Photographic Servlce Phone 6 4297 230' 4th Ave No Nashv11le3 Tennessee FOX S CLEANERS 1402 Buchanan Street Phone 6 9693 NORTH SIDE PARTS COMPANY 1017 Fifth Avenue North Nashvllle 8 Tenn PRINTING OF THE BETTER KIND Weddmg Announcements Cards Etc Personal Stat lonery LINK LABEL WORKS Rear 1220 7th Ave North Phone 8700 SERVICE SHOE SHOP 1207 Buchanan Street DIWBPPEI DOBY'S GRILL DELICIOUS FOODS PIT BAR B Q SUNDAES ICE CREAM MILK SHAKES 1808 18th Avenue North NASHVILLE TENNESSEE FLOYD'S CHILI PARLOR FLOYD AUBREY Proprletor Corner Nxnth and Church Phone 5 9209 NORTH END MARKET 1828 Fourth Avenue North MEATS VEGETABLES GROCERIES Free Dehvery Phone 5 9152 IN MEMORIAM In Memory of LT KSONNYD BLAKELY December 29 1944 Best of Everythlng SENIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS of of - . 7 Proprietor:aMRS. L. F. FOX I ' ' ., 6- HN G MILL 308' Flfth Avenue North NASHVILLE TENNESSEE Everythxng for the Muslclan 5 8603 Meet the Gang WINTER'S DRUG STORE Tenth and Buchanan Phone 6 6929 FRED B CASSETTY COAL CO Complete I-Ieatmg Service COAL FURNACES STOKERS 816 4th Avenue North Phone 5 2714 M A Y O 'S P R I D E PURE COUNTRY SAUSAGE ONCE TRIED SATISFIED 1911 Thxrd Avenue North Phone 6 3868 SMOKED AND CURED MEATS PETRE SIGN COMPANY Slgns That Please TRUCK LETTERING WINDOW AND WALL SIGNS Any Slze Any Tlrne Any Place Phone 42 5609 Phone 4 6155 s evans t cleaners 200 Foster Street BUSH BUILDING COMPANY Establ1shed 1900 MASON AND UTILITY CONTRACTORS Office 805 Elghth Avenue North Nashv1lle Tennessee Phone 5 6471 NASHVILLE Sfwfpimq QCWQ ga 169 173 Elghth Ave N Nashvnlle Tennessee .I O . 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