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L- V . Lt, .W .-.hw V, V. s 4, .1 'Q .ii s f. L an uh. if, x . 2 h gf-. x V. .,1 E13 .1 ai-V. 3 iw. sn. i. 1 Lf Si Q, v fm .x -x A. - x -. ML: ' .Q-'. . 5 ' :J-..,,. ,- ,,4j. in ' '.fS 1, 1 vw, Q- f',p,., , 1' 'T . I. 'JF ,J s. " - ,ifiwz-Ei I f +4-. ,953 7-, Zi"-wg ,u 'T Q ,, .. , f ' 2:5-.fa -1 '41 1 '. 9. X J, ,ff -H35 I. .cya ' Q gg.,-8 ' ' f Q- - ' 'X if ' ,,, 4 ., H .P -U-., .ATE ' 1 ls. if U M W P 1 fr V l mIllinilmMWWwwMm1muu11Mmm1mWwMWm POLARI NORTH NASHVTLLE HTGH SCHOOL Edited By THE SENIOR CLASS OE 1950 NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE MRS. MARGARET G. GRAY Miss ELEANOR GRAHAM D DIICATIIUN Through our years at North High, Mrs. Margaret G. Gray and Miss Eleanor Graham have guided and en' Couraged us to achieve higher ideals in life. Because of their unfailing devotion, our hearts are Hlled with gratif tude for these kind and understanding counselors. We therefore dedicate to them this issue of the Polaris. IIN APPRECIATION VIIRLJINIA ALLEY' MAIII' FRIEL BROWN EDYTHB DICRENS JAMES A. DENNIS BANTON S. DOAIQ English Lzbriiriun Cornmerce Health, History Imlzislrml Arts IVIARGARET DOUGLAS NIIRMA DIINNINI: ETI-IEL FRIEDMAN LILLIAN GILCIillIST ELEANOR GRAHAM Miisic English Home Economics Art History MAIKN' ELIZABETH MAIKW' KATHERINE MARGARET C. GIQAX' JEAN HAGEY IVIARY HALLLUIRAN HAMILTON HAMMEII History History English Mathematics, History Home Economics -IIMMIE HARVILL M SGT. HATFIELD EMMA R. HEWITT ANNA IVIARGARET HILL Miss. ELIZABETH English R. O. T. C, English English B. .lf-.CKSON Civics W MQ W5 I if 'f ig W 5 '8- 0 9 Y .amy . 4 sl X 'X 4 , We a-Q Q at Q,. 4' Af' I A K f 1 www X f f .,.,,,. ,. , ,fu 5' 1 'MM ' RS EANNE ff- POLARIS RAYMOND MEDLEY .... . . .CofEditor DELORES BUTLER .... ......., C ofEditor WILLIAM TARRENTS . .,.......... Business Manager CHERRB ORNDORFP ,...... Assistant Business Manager BERNARD VON DOHLEN ......... . . .Photographic Editor in 4, , M DOUGLAS SMITH .......... Assistant Photographic Editor s FRED CLINARD ,... ..4....,,. S ports Editor DELORES BUTLER SUB SNEED ..... , , .Assistant Sports Editor CofEditor ANN SCHUTT .,......,. ...,..,. T ypist Miss ELEANOR GRAHAM ,... .,,. F aculty Adviser Ann Schutt, Fred Clinurd, Sue Sneecl, Raymond Medley, Delores Butler, Bernard Von Dohlcn, Williaim Torrents, and Douglas Smith STAFF BARBARA HENRY. A , Pun. PHILLIPS. . A , . RUTH DEMONBREUN . , DELORES CARTWRIGHT. MILDIKED CAl1TWRIGliT JOYCE BAIRD ..., RUBY BROWN, . . MARGARET COBB. . . Miss EDYTHE DICKENS. Miss MARY HALLORAN. . A . . . , , . .Literary Editor Assistant Literary Editor . .Prophet , . ,Historian , .Historian . . .Will Maker A . iWill Maker ......,.'Typist . . ,Faculty Adviser . . .Faculty Adviser RAYMOND MBDLEY CofEditor Margaret Cobb, Ruby Brown, Joyce Baird, Barbara Henry, Ruth Demon' breun, Mildred Cartwright, Phil Phillips, and Dclorcs Cartwright. CLASS HISTORY f-00 On a bright sunny day in September of 1944, a group of scared but thrilled youngsters entered North High. After a few weeks of bells ringing, slippery halls, and many of us being lost from our home' rooms, everyone settled down for work. Some of the lucky low seven teachers were Miss Jimmie Harvill and Mrs. Henry Nance. The high seven students had Miss Minnie Barker, Miss Haddie Sanders, and Mrs. Ruth Cain. During the next two years of school there were new activities for the seventh and eighth graders. Some of the boys were on the junior High Basketball team and some of the girls were elected junior High Cheerleaders. Boy, were they thrilled!!!! The biggest events of the ninth grade for as we liked to be called, "Freshmen"J were the election of Superlatives and the planning of a party which was held in the library. In June of 1947, those who were eligible marched down the aisle of the auditorium to receive their ninth grade certificates. In the tenth grade everyone felt important because we were recognized as part of the Senior High School. Among the organizations which the various students took part in were the Dramatic Club Cwhich I might add produced some very good playsj, The YfTeens, and the Letter Club. At football practice every afternoon we could see Roy Prizzell, Eddie Wilson, James Loftin, Thurman Taylor, Albert Regg, Sid Cox, Ben Trotter, jesse Cole, Fred Clinard, and Taft Anderson. On the side, cheering the boys along and practicing were the cheer' leaders, with Lila Anne Crump as Captain. My, what a cute bunch of chicks!!!! As we moved one step closer to the end of our high school career we finally reached our Junior year. Those with a gleam of intelligence received an invitation to become a member of Nu Eta Sigma Chapter of the National Honor Society. This was a great achievement and was looked on as a great honor by all the students. Some of the more industrious students took part in the Diversified Occupaf tions program and became members of the T. and I. Club. Those students spent half of the day in school and half of it at their various jobs. One of the most important events of our Junior year was the carrying out of our plans for the annual juniorfSenior Prom. At last we have reached our Senior year. In this our last year many honors were achieved. John Hudson was elected President of the Student Body. Sue Ellen Sneed was elected President of the Senior Class. Lila Anne Crump and Cynthia Jones were CofEditors of the North Star. Battalion Commander of the R. O. T. C. was Ben Trotter and Battalion Sponsor was Lila Anne Crump. Lila Anne was also chosen "Football Queen" and her attendants were Wilma Haney and Sue Ellen Sneed. One morning, about three weeks after school started, the halls were a little brighter than usual because the Seniors had received their rings. Were we proud! And now on Graduation night, we are actually at that point about which we have dreamed, pre' paring to go into our graduation exercises. We notice the large audience made up of our friends. Help' ing to assure us of our appearance and to help us remain calm are our Senior sponsors, Miss Edythe Dickens, Miss Mary Halloran and Miss Eleanor Graham, who are merely continuing the aid they have given us all year. Tonight is a time for looking back and for looking forward. Looking back, we review our twelve school years and the memories associated with them. Old names, old events all seem to have been crowded into an unbelievably short time. Looking ahead, we can see the adult world which we are entering-through the light of our individual plans. Each of us cannot help thinking of the achieve' ments he wishes to attain, and the ambitions he wishes to realize. When at last we take our places on the stage, our emotions are mixed joy and sorrow . . but mostly joy at the goal we have attained. Dizronas CARTWRIGHT MILDRED CARTWRIGHT 'W Sun ELLEN QNEED Sm Cox Preszdent Vice President SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS WILk1.A HANEX' ALBERT Ram: Secretary Treasurer lENll0R CLASS TAFT ANDERSON Newspaper Club, '45, Football "B" Team. '45-'46, Football Varsity, '47348-'49, Letter Club, '48-'49-'50, Secretary-Treasurer, '4fL'505 Po- litical Club, '47, Golf, '46-'47-'48-'49-'50, R. O. T. C., '48-'40, Master Sergeant, '49, Honor Squad '49, Senior High Chorus, '43-'50, Chief of Fire Patrol, '49-'50. BILLY BAGWELL Transferred from Cumberland High Sehool, '47, R. 0. T. C., '47-'48"402 Football Varsity, '49. '01 HELEN JOYCE BAIRD Senior High Chorus '46-'47-'48-'49"S0. Commuters Chorus '48-'4'J. All' State Chorus '40-'50, Girls' Athletic Club '47-'48 '40-'50, President, '47- '48, President, Homeroom '-47348, Viee President, Glee Club '47-'48, junior High Cheerleader '46-'47, Senior High Cheerleader '47 '4Xf'49-'50, Ohiee Staff '45-'46-'47-'48-'49-'50, R. O. T. C. Sponsor '49-'50, Captain '49-'50, Will Maker, Polaris '50, Honor Soeiety '5U. MINNIE MAI BARNES Hand '46-'47-'48-'49-'50, Secretary '49-'50, Dramatic Club '40 '47, Treasu- rer, '46-'47, Most Popular Girl '47, Best All Round Girl '47 '50, Viee Presif dent, Homeroom '47, Senior High Chorus '47-'48-'49"50, Glee Club '47, Hit Paraders '47, Girl Reserve '47-'48, junior High Cheerleader '47, Senior High Cheerleader '48, President, Student Couneil '49, Secretary, Girls' Athletic Club '49-'50, Treasurer, Homeroom '49-'50, R, O. T. C., Sponsor '49-'50, 10- DORIS VERN BEAR Tumbling Club '45-'46, Honor Roll '45-'40-'47-'48-'49, Reading Club '49-'50, GARY BINRLEY Football Varsity '45A'4o"-I7-'49, Football "B" Team '48, junior High Basketball '45-'46, Basketball "B" Team '46-'48, Esquires All Ameriean Baseball Game, Chicago '46, Baseball-State Championship '49, South eastern Runners-Up '49, R. O. T, C., '40-'47-'48, Rifle Team '47-'48, Letter Club '46-'47-'48-'49. fo: RUBY JANE BROWN Transferred from Goodlettsville High School, '47, Senior High Chorus. '48-'49-'50, Spanish Club, '49-'50, Polaris Stuff, '5U. MARIE BRYANT Honor Roll, '47-'48, Honor Society, '49-'50, Viee President. 'Slip Treasurer. Homeroom, '49, Reading Club, '49-'50, Most Bashful Girl, '50. wo: THOMAS BRYANT R. O. T. C., '46-'47-'48-'49, Spanish Club, '47-'48, Basketball "B" Team, '48- '-49. DELORES BUTLER Library Staff, '46-'47, Glee Club, '46-'47, Secretary-Treasurer, Homeromn. '46-'47, Hit Paraders Club, '46-'47, Honor Roll, '48-'40f'50g Reading Club, '-49350, Secretary, Homeroom, '49-'50, Girl Most Likely to Succeed. '49-'50, Co-Editor, Polarix, '49-'5U. ENIOR CLASS DELORES KATHERINE CARTWRIGHT Honor Roll, '46-'47-'48, Honor Society, '47, Secretary, Junior Y-Teens, '46, Library Staff, '46-'47, Senior YfTeens, '47-'48-'49, Majorette, '48-'49, Polaris Stalf, '49. MILDRBD LUCILLE CARTWRIGHT Secretary-Treasurer, Homeroom, '46-'473-10-'50, Senior Y-Teens, '46-'47- '48-'49-'50, Library StaH', '46, Honor Roll, '40-'50, Championship Volley Ball Team, '48, Class Historian, Polaris, '49. 101 FRED L. CLINARD junior High Basketball, '46-'47, junior High Softball, '47, Football "B" Team, '46, Football Varsity. '47-'48-'49, Basketball "B" Team, '-175 Basketball Varsity, '48-'49-'50, Letter Club, '48-'49-'50, R. O. T, C., '47-'48349-'50, Rifle Team, '47-'48-'49-'50, Sergeant, '47-'48, Color Guard. '47348-'49, Major, '49-'50, Fire Patrol, '48-'49, Newspaper Staff, '49f'50, Sports Editor, Polaris Staff, '50. JEAN CLARK Senior Girl Reserves, '45, Honor Roll, '45-'46-'47-'48, Spanish Club. '47i North Star Reporter, '48-'49-'50, T K I Club, '48-'49-'50, Sunshine Chair' man, '48-'49-'50, Vice-President, '49-'50, 101 MARGARET COBB Red Cross Club, '46-'47, Music Appreciation Club, '48-'49, Senior High Chorus, '48-'49, Newspaper Club, '49-'50, Daintiest Girl, '49-'50, Polaris Staff, '49-'50. JESSE COLE Vice-President, Freshman Class, '46, R. U. T. C., '40-'47-'48, First Sera geant, '47-'48, Vice-President, Honieroorn, '47-'48-'49, Football "B" Team, '46, Varsity Football, '47348-'49, Basketball "B" Team, '48, Basketball. Manager, '49, Letter Club, '47348949-'50, Senior High Chorus. '48-'49-'50, Most Popular Boy, '49-'50. :oi BARBARA COX junior Y-Teens, '46, Courtesy Club, '47, Girl Scouts, '47-'48, Secretary, '47, Senior High Chorus, '4Xf'49-'50, Commuters Chorus, '49, Middle Tennessee Festival, '49, All City Chorus, '49, Reading Club, '50. SID Cox R. 0. T. C., '46A'47-'48, President, Homeroom, '47-'48-'49, Football Var! sity, '48-'49, VieeePrc-sident, Letter Club, '49, Vice President, Senior Class. '49, Most Handsome Boy, '-19350, Bachelor of Ugliness, '49-'50, 20: DOROTHY ANNE CRUMP President, Red Cross Club, '46-'47, Library Club, '47-'48, Dramatic Club, '48-'49-'50, Secretary, '48-'49, Newspaper Club, '49-'50, LILA ANNE CRUMP President, Homeroom, '46-'47-'48, Dramatic Club, '46, Treasurer, junior Y-Teens, '46, Senior Y-Teens, '47-'48-'49-'50, Devotional Chairman, '47, Senior High Cheerleader, '47348-'49-'50, Library Staff '47-'48, Olfiee Staff, '47-'48-'49-'50, Vice-President, junior Class. '48, President, Student Council, '48, Viee-President, Student Body, '48, Championship Volley Ball Team, '48, Football Queen, '49, Battalion Sponsor, Lt. Col. R. 0. T. C., '49-'50, Nvrlh Star Staff, '-48349-'50, Co-Editor, '49-'50. D. A, R. Medalist, '50. SENIOR CLASS MARY CORINNE DAVENPORT Vice President, Iunior Red Cross Club, '47-'48, Dramatie Club, '46, Hit Paraders, '46-'47, Band, '47-'-IS?-l9-'50, Chorus, '-18349-'50, All-City Chorus and Band. '48-'49, All-State Chorus and Baud, '-18349-'50, Com- muters Chorus, '48-'49, Honor Roll, '-lo-'47-'48349-'50, Honor Society. '48-'49-'50, R. O. T. C, Sponsor, Lt., '49-'50, Most Beautiful Girl, '-l9f'5U, Middle Tennessee Band Festival, '47-'48-'40-'50, Music Appreciation, '-IS. RUTH LoUIsI: DEMONBREUN Company Sponsor R. O. T. C., Captain, '49-'50, High School Choruen '49-'50, Band, '46-'47-'48-'49-'50, All City Band. '40-'47, All State Band. '48-'49-'50, All City Chorus, '50, Middle Tennessee Band Festival, '47' '48-'49-'50, Marching and Concert Band Festival, '47-'48-'49-'50, News- paper Club, '46f'47-'48f'49f'50, Red Cross Club, '47-'48, Music Appre- ciation. '48-'49, Student Council, '46, Honor Roll, '46347-'48-'40-'50, Wit- tiest Girl, '40-'50, Prophet, Polaris StaFl', '50, ea DOLORES CELESTE DOWLEN Most Studious Girl, '47, Reading Club, '49-'50, Most Studious Girl, '49- '50, Honor Roll, '4fi-'47-'48349-'50, Honor Society, '49-'50, President. '5U. Valedietorian. BOBBY D. FARMER Transferred from Coopertown, '48, R. O. T. C., '48, Sergeant, '48, Safety Club, '-IS"-19-'50. ea- JAMES W. FERGUSON R. O. T. C., '46-'47, T. and I. Club, '47-'48f'49f'50, Art Club, '44-'-15. ERNESTINB FISHER Secretary, Homeroom, '46-'47-'48, Glee Club. '46-'47, Honor Roll, '47-'48, T. 81 I. Club, '48-49950, Entertainment Chairman, '40-'50. 10i ROY L. FRIZZELL Varsity Football, '46-'47-'48-'40, Senior High Chorus, '47-'48-'49, R. O. T. C., '47-'48, Platoon Sergeant, '48, Vice President, Chorus, '48, Nature Club, '46, Letter Club, '47-'48-'40, Most Bashful Boy, '-l9"50, BONNIE JEAN GOODWIN High School Chorus, '48-'49-'50, All-City Chorus, '40, Music Appreciation, '48-'49-'50, Newspaper Club, '49-'50, Cutest Girl, '49-'50, 20' ELLIS HALE R. O. T. C., '47-'48, T. 81 I. Club, '48-'49, Treasurer, T. 8 I. Club, '49, Student Council, '47. RAY HAMPTON Student Council, '46, junior High Basketball, '46, Manager Football, '45, Letter Club, '47-'48-'49, Football, '48, Basketball, '47-'48-'49, Baseball, '47-'48-'40, Western Division Champs, Regional Champs, State Champs, Southeastern Runners-Up, '49, R. O. T. C., '47-'48-'49, Captain, '48, Major, '49, Chorus, '47-'48-'49, Commuters Chorus, '48, Boy with Best School Spirit, '40, Boy with Best School Spirit, '-19. SENIOR CLASS WILMA HANEY Courtesy Club, '46-47, Senior Y-Teens, '47 '48 '50, Secretary. Homeroom. '48-'49 '50, Secretary. Junior Class. '4834U, Secretary, Senior Class. '40-'50, Senior High Girls Volleyball Champs. '48-'40, President. Senior V-Teens Interelub Council, '4Uf'SU, Senior Cheerleader. '40-'50, Attendant Football Queen, '49-'50, Most Popular Girl, '40-50, Miss North High, '40-'50, News- paper Club, '48-'49 '50, High School Chorus. '48-'49-' 50, Candidate,Band Queen, '49, Honorary Member Letter Club, '40-ISU. JAMES A. HARDIN Junior High Softball, '40-'47, Football. '48, Basketball. '47-'48-'40, Hase- ball, '48-'40, State Champion. Southeastern Runners-up, '49, R.O.T.C., '47-'48-'49-'50, Letter Club, '49-'50, Spanish Club, '47-'48. Q04 BARBARA HENRY Red Cross Club. '40-'47, Secretary. '40, President, '47, junior V' Tcensi '47-'48, Honor Society. '48-'40-'50, Girls' Championship Volley Ball Team. '48, Student Council, '5U. LORENE HUDGINS Red Cross Club, '40-'47, Secretary, '47, Junior Y-Teens, '47-'48, Girls' Championship Volley Ball Team, '48, Reading Club, '48-'49-'50. 10' JOHN HUDSON Dramatic Club. '47-'48, Secretary. '47-'48, President, '48, T. 81 I. Club. '49-'50, President, Student Body, '40-'50, VERNON R, JOHNSON Honor Roll, '45-'46, Safety Council. '45-'40, R.0.T.C.. '47-'48-'49-'50 Sergeant, '48 '49, Master Sergeant. '49-"SU, Football, '48, Basketball, '48-'49, Newspaper Club, '49, Wittiest Boy, Senior Class '49-'50, for CYNTHIA JONES President, Homeroom. '46-'47-'48, Scribe of Girl Scouts, '46-'47, Dramatic Club, '46-'47, Library Staff, '46-'47-'48, Secretary. Library Staff, '47-'48, Secretary and Treasurer. Freshman Class, '40-'47, Friendliest Girl, '40-'47, Girl Most Likely to Succeed, '46-'47, junior High Cheer Leader. 146347, Vice President. Homeroom, '48-'49-'50, Student Council. '46-'47, Senior High Cheerleader, '47-'48-'49-'50, Senior Y-Teens, '47-'48-'49-'50, Office Staff. '47-'48-'49-'50, Honor Society. '47A'-l8-'49-'50, Secretary, Honor Society. '48, VieeAPresideut, Honor Society, '49, Coluumist Norlh Sluf, '48-'49-'50, Coalfditor, .Yrfrlh Slur, '49 '50, Sponsor R.0.T.C. Band. '40f5Il, Devotion Chairman. Senior Y-Teens, '40-'50, Treasurer, Junior Class. '48-'49, Dance Club, '43-'49-'Sll. CARL KEATON Football "B" Team. '46, Football "A" Team. '40, Basketball-Junior High. '46, Basketball "B" Team. '48, Dramatic Club, '47, Student Coun- cil, '48, Treasurer, Newspaper Club. '40-'47-'48-'49, Art Club, '40, High Sltlhrrgl Chorus, '47-'49, R,O.T.C., '47-'48, Tech. Sergeant, Second Lt., 1- . 101 ANNIE RUTH LEE Girl Scouts, '43-'46, Reading Club, '48-'49-'50, Honor Roll. '453-46, FELIX LEWIS R.0.T.C., '47-'48, M. Sgt.. '47-'48, Band. '46-'47-'48-'49-'5ll, Vice President, Homeroorn, '47, Chorus, '47-'483-W, First Chair ol America, '48, All State Chorus, '48, Music Appreciation Club, '47-'48-'40, President, Music Appre- ciation Club, '49, Neatest Boy. Senior Class, '40, w SENIOR CLASS JAMES E. LOFTIN "B", Football '47, "A", '48, R.0.'l'.C., '47-'4X-'40-'5ll, Sgt., '43-'49, Capt, '40-'50, Honor Squad, '48-'40, High School Chorus, '48f'4Uf'5tlg Student Council, '50, SHIRLEY LUTTRELL Secretary, Huineroom, '47, Student Council, '47g Senior V-Teens, '48-'49- '50, R.O,'l'.C. Sponsor, '4U,'5llg Honor Roll, '46-'47. '-02 .IAMES MAIIKHAM Transferred from Cumberland, '4'Jg R.0.T.C,. '40 '5ll. Avis MAYNARD Vlflttiest Girl, '45-'40, '48 '49, l,ill!':ll'y Staff, '45 '40 '47-'48 '-197503 Rell Cross, '45 '40f'47g Senior Y-Teens, '47-'48-'40, Dramatic Club, '47f'48, Safety Club, '47-'483403 Girls' Athletic Club, '43-'40, fo: RAYMOND H. MEDLEY, JR. Honor Roll, '40-'47-'48 '4Uf'5Ilg Pri-Sirln-lit, Frefchinan Claws, '46 '47, Cutewt Boy, Neatest Boy, '-lo-'47, Ilanrl, '40-'47-'4H"4'J'5ll, President. '48-'49, Vice-President, '49-'50, Orchestra, '46-'47"-48 '40, All City Hand, '40-'47, All Star Band, '46-'47, All-Statc Hand, '-to-'47, lfirxl Vlmir of Arnvriru, '47-'48, Superior Clarinet Quartet,'47-'48-'-ll! 'ill Conimuters Hand, '48-'49g R.O.T.C.. '-l7A'48-'40-'50, Cpl., '47-'48, Sgt., '-48"-40, Capt.. '40 '50, Rifle Team, '47-'4XA'-49-'50, Fire Patrol, 48'-l0'5.lgPrcsidm-nt. Homeroom,'49,Vice- President, Hom:-nxnn, '40-'5Ilg Honor Society. '48-'4'J-'50, Best All-round Boy, Most Ambitious Boy, '-19-'50, Ncws Editor, .Yorth Star, '49-'50, Co- Edilor, Polaris, '4S"40-'50, CAROL NIOORE Senior Y-Teens, '47 '48, Band. '47-'48, Study Club, '48 '40, T 8: I Club. '49-'5lJ. 10' 4 BOBBY MOIQEFIELD Science Club, '4Iif'47, Library Club, '47 '4N: Dramatic Club, '48'-L91 President, '40, R.O,'l'.C. '47f'-lX-'49 '5ll, Sift. '-l'J, Capt.. '50, SYLVIA NELSON Drzunatic Club, '40-'47, junior High Cheerleauler, '40 '47, Most Beautiful Girl, '4fx'-47, Band, '4hf'47-'4SA'40 '50, All-City Band, '4hf'47 '48, Band Club, '46-'47, Honor Roll, '46-'47-'48-'40-'Slip Senior Cheerleailer, '47-'48- '-193505 Vice-President, Homerooin, '47 '48, Senior V-Teens, '47 '48-'49-'Slip .Yorlh Slur, '47-'48 '40-'50, Circulation Manager, '4Xf'4'1g Band Reports-r, '47-'48-'40-'50, National Honor Society, '48-'-W-'50, Dancing Club, '48-'49 '54lg Mo:-at Dignillecl Girl, '40-'50, Saxophone Quartet, '49-'50, Saxophone Solo, '4'-Pfillg Student Council, '50, Q02 CHERRE LOUISE ORNDORFF Band, '46-'47-'4S"40-'50, Dramatic Club, '463-175 Band Club, '48-'49-'5U, Secretary, Hmm-rixmx, '47g High School Chorus, '49-'50, Senior Y-Teens, '48, 'l'reasnn-r, Homerooin, '-48. ROBERT OSBORNE Safety Club, '45, "B" Football, '45-'-log junior Softball, '45, R.U,'l'.C., '48349-'50, Friendliest Boy, '40-'54l. SENIOR CLASS PHIL PHILLIPS Transferred from Dawson Springs, Kentucky, '49, Spanish Club, '49-'50, President, Homeroom, '49-'50, Most Likely to Succeed, '-19350, Literary Editor, Polaris, '49-'50, Honor Society, '50, Civitan Medalist, '50, WILKIE DEAN POOLE Honor Roll, '40-'47-'48, Library Staff, '46-'47-'48-'49, President, '47, junior Y-Teens, '46, Vice-President, '46, Champion Volley Ball Team, '48, Senior Y-Teens, '47f-L8-'49, 10: LEONA PRATER Girl Reserves, '46 '47, Honor Roll, '46-'47, Girl Scouts, '47, Library Staff' '48, Tumbling Club, '47, Band, '46-'47f'4S, Girls' Athletic Club, '48f'49-'50- Treasurer, '50, CLARA PRICE Tumbling Club, '45-'46, Girl Scouts, '46-'47, Reading Club, '48-'49-'50, Most Athletic Girl, '40-'50, Honor Roll, '45-'46, ra OTTO- QUINN, JR. Nature Club, '45, Study Club, '46-'47, T 8: I Club, '48-'49A'SU, THELMA RUTH RANDALL Band, -'46-'47-'48-'40, Treasurer, Library Staff, '47-'48, Vice-President? Spanish Club, '46, President, '40, Feature Writer, Norlh Star, '47-'4S' Newspaper Club, '46-'47-'48-'48-'49, Most Ambitious Girl, '49-'50, Social Chairman, Girl Swuts, '48, T Sz I Club, Corresponding Secretary, '49-'50F Honor Society, '50, 102 ALONZO RANDALLS, JR. Treasurer, Humeroom, '46, President, Teen-Age Club, '46-'47, R.O.T.C., '48-'49A'50, Band, '45-'46-'47-'48349-'50, Orchestra Club, '49-'50, Safety Club, '46, Student Council, '44-'45, Spanish Club, '47, T 81 I Club, '48, DOROTHY LOUISE REDIKER The Hit Paraders, '46-'47, Dramatic Club, '47, T 81 I Club, '48-'49-'SOL All-State Chorus, '47, Program Chairman, T 81 I Club, '49-'50, High School Chorus, '46-'47, North High Trio, '46-'47-'48-'49, Girls' Sextette, '-lo Entertainment Chairman T K I Club '48 49 ihrarian 48 '49' 3 1 1 V v ' V -' L ' Y ' y , Courtesy Club, '40, 10: ALBERT REGG Art Club, '46-'47, Football, Varsity, '47-'48-'49, "B" Team, '46, '46, R,O.T.C.. '46-'47, Treasurer, Homeroom, '49, Treasurer, Senior Class, '49, Letter Club, '48, '49, Chorus, '47, '48, RUTH JUANITA RICHARDSON Vice-President, Red Cross Club, '47, T 8: I Club, '40-'50, Treasurer, '49- Secretary, '50, Current Events Club, '48, SENIOR CLASS BILLIE ROBERTS Transferred from Cumberland, '48-'40, Dance Club, '49-'50, Honor Society, '49 PEGGY ANN ROBERTS Transferred from Cumberland High School, '48. 201 GARLAND L. ROBERTSON HOFIOI' Roll, '46-'47-'48-'49f'50, R.0.T.C., '47-'48-'49,'5iI, Staff Sgt., '47-'4Xg Ist. Lt. '48, Color Guard, '48-'40-'50, "Outstanding First Vear Cadet,' '47-'48, "Neatest Cadet," '47-'48, "2nd. Neatest Cadet," '48-'49, junior High Basketball, '46-'47, junior Softball, '47, Boy Most Likely to Succeed, Freshman Class, '47, "B" Team. Basketball. '47-'48, Varsity. Basketball, '48-'49-'50, Letter Club, '48-'49-'50, Student Council, '47-'48, Viee-Presi- dent, Homeroom, '47-'48, President, Homerooin, '49A'50, National Honor Society, '48-'49-'50, President, '40-'50, Newspaper Club, '48-'49-'50, Sports Editor, .Vnrlh Shir, '48-'49, News Editor, '49-'50. ' Salutatorian, CATHERINE RUSSELL junior Y-Teens, '40, Courtesy Club, '47, Girl Scouts, '48-'49, Reading Club, '50, High School Chorus, '48-'49-'50, Conimuters Chorus, '49, Middle Tenn. Festival, '48-'40, All-City Chorus, '49, Wh ANN SCHUTT Most Bashful Girl, '40-'47, Student Council, '47-'48, Senior Y-Teens, '47' '48-'40-'50, Secretary, '4Uf'50, Band, '40 '47-'48-'49-'50, Clarinet Quartet. '49, All-City Band, '46-'47-'48, Treasurer. Student Body, '49-'50, Red Cross, '46, Candidate for Miss North High, '49, Library Staff, '40-'47, WILLARD M. SHORT R.U.'l'.C., '47-'48-'49 '50, Staff Sgt. '-l7f'48, Tech. Sgt. '48 '49, 2nd Lt. '48-'49, lst Lt. '49-750, Honor Squad, '-47348, Rifle illlllllll, '47-'48, Student Council, '-48349, Fire Patrol, '-18349. 10: DOUGLAS SMITH Spanish Club, '47, Safety Council, '48-'40, Most Studious Boy, '49-'50, R.O.T.C., '43-'40, Band, '47-'48-'49-'50, AllfCity Band, '47-'48-'49-'50, Saxophone Solo, '49-'50, Saxophone Quartet, '50, Brass Sextet, '50, Senior High Chorus, '50, Dramatic Club, '49-'50, Assistant Photographic Editor, Polaris, '50, Nnrih Slar Staff, '47-'48-'49-'50, Manager, '40, Student Council, '50 SUE ELLEN SNEBD President, Homeroom, '40-'47, Treasurer, Homeroom, '47"48f'4'J, Girl With Best School Spirit, '40-'47, '40-'50, junior High Cheerleader, '46-'47, Senior High Cheerleader, '48-'49-'50, Senior V-Teens, '47-'48-'49 50, President, '47-'48, Social Chairman, '-49750, Dance Club,'48-'49-'50, Office Staff, '47-'48-'49, Honor Society, '47-'4X, Newspaper Club, '47-'48-'40-'50, Columnist, Norlh Slay, '49-'50, Band, '46 '47, R.O.T.C. Sponsor, '49-'50, Candidate, Band Queen, '49, Chorus, '-19350, All City-Chorus, '50, Assis- tant Sports Editor, Pnlaris, '50, Cornmuters Band, '47, Attendant, Foot- ball Queen, '49, Attendant, Miss North High, '50, President. Senior Class, 49750, 101 HAROLD SUTTON Courtesy Club, '45-'46, Glee Club. '45-'46, R.O.'l'.C., '47-'48-'49-'50, News- paper Club, '49, Vice-President, Homenxnn, '48-49. WILLIAM TARRENTS R.O.'l'.C., '48-'40-'50, Dramatic Club, '47-'48, Business Manager, I'4Yf1D'f.Y- '49-'50, Reading Club, '48-'49-'5U. SIENTO CLASS THURMAN TAYLOR Football, '47-'48-'49, Treasurer, Homeroom, '48, R.O,T.C., '47-'48, Senior High Chorus, '48, Letter Club, '48-'49, Student Council, '47, GERTRUDE MILDRED THOMAS Transferred from Sevierville High School, Dramatic Club, '47-'48, T 81 I Club, '48-'49-'50, 201 BEN F. TROTTER Senior High Chorus, '47-'48-'49-'50, Commuters Chorus, '48-'49, All-State Chorus, '47-'48, junior High Basketball, '45-'-th-'47, All-Tournament, '40, "B" Team Basketball, '40-'47, Varsity Basketball, '48-'49-'50, Captain, '48-'49, R.0.T.C., '47-'48-'49-'50, Captain, '48, Lt. Colonel, Battalion Commander, '49-'50, Letter Club, '47f'-i9-'50, President, '-47348, Varsity Football, '48-'49, Most Valuable Player, '48-'49, Captain, '49, Tennesxfan AllACity, '49. CARL E. TUCKER R.O.T.C., '47-'48-'49-'50, Color Guard, '40-'50, junior Basketball, '46-'47- "B" Team Basketball, '47-'48, Varsity Basketball, '48-'49-'50, Football Manager, '49, Letter Club, '49-'50, Chorus, '48-'49-'50, '01 BERNARD RAY VON DOHLEN President, Spanish Club, '46-'47, Most Handsome Boy, '46-'47, Most Dignified Boy, '46-'47, '49-'50, Treasurer, Safety Club, '46-'47, Viee-Presi- dent, Homeroom, '47-'48, Band, '-t7-'48-'40-'50, All-City Band, '46-'47-'48, Firsl Chair of America, Bass Horn, '47-'48, Brass Sextet, '48f'49, Drum Major, 49350, Music Appreciation Cluh, '48-'40, Spanish Club, '49-'50, Reporter, North Slar, '40-'50, Photographic Editor, Polaris, '49-'50, R.0.T.C., '47-'48349-'50, Sgt., '47-'48, Stal? Sgt., '48-'40, Drum Major, R.0.T.C. Band, '40-'50, "Neatest Cadet," '48-'49, Honor Roll, '48-'49-'50, Honor Society, '50, MINNETTA JOAN WALLER Glee Club, '45-'46, Courtesy Club, '47, Chorus, '47-'48-'49-'50, Girl Scouts' '46-'47-'48, Secretary, '47, Reading Club, '50. 10: GLENN WEARLEY R.O.T.C., '46347-'48-'49, Courtesy Club, '45-'4h. BARBARA WHITE Transferred from Cumberland, '47, T 81 I Cluh, '48-'49f'50, Reporter, '49- '5O, Rituals Chairman, '49-'50, Scrapbook Chairman. '49-'50, Delegate to johnson City Convention, '49, Senior Y-Teens, '47-'48. G01 GILBERT WILLIAMS Band, '46, Best All Round Boy, '46, Most Popular Boy, '46, Drarnatie Club, '46, President, Home-room, '47, R.O.T.C., '46-'47, Current Events Club, '47, Safety Club, '48, President, junior Class, '48. RANDALL WILLS R.0.T.C,, '44, Chorus, '44A'-15349, Army. '45-'49, SENIOR CLASS EDDIE WILSON Honor Roll, '46-'47-'48-'49A'50g R.O.'l',C., '47-'48-'49, StaH Sgt., Honor Roll, '49. 102 AUTOGRAPHS '48-'48, Newspaper Club, '48-'49-'50, Sports Editor, .Vorlh Slay, '49-'50, Lettfr Club, '49-'50, President, Homeroom, '48, Midget Basketball, '45-'46-'47, junior Softball, '47, "B" Football, '47, Varsity Football, '48-'40, Cul:-st Boy, '49-'50. LUCILLE WOODALL Glee Club, '-153 Courtesy Club, '45-'46, Treasurer, Spanish Club, '49Y'54lg NW 'VHF DOLORBS DOWLEN Valedictovicm HONOR JOHN HUDSON President, Student Body GARLAND ROBERTSON Salumtomm STUDENTS LN, 1 PHILLIP PHILLIPS LILA ANNE CRUMP Civitcm Medalist D A R Medalist Q R Jw Ng ., RMK' ,fx ,M , . . . k b ,tb lk My WILMA HANEY Miss North High SID COX Bachelor Of Ugliness SUPERLATIVES CORINNE DAVENI'OliT Most Beautiful Girl SID Cox Most Handsome Boy VERNON JOHNSON RUTH DEMONBIKEUN Wittiest Boy and Girl CO0 JESSE COLE WILMA HANEY Most Popular Boy and Girl RAYMOND MEDLEY MINNIE MAI BARNES Best AllfRound Boy and Girl MAIKIE BRYANT ROY FRIZZELL Most Basliful Girl and Boy SYLVIA NELSON BERNARD VON DOHLEN Most Dignijed Girl and Boy A E ROBERT OSBORNE ANN SCHUTT Friendliest Boy and Girl C00 PIIIL PHILLIPS DELORES BUTLER Most Likely To Succeed MARGARET COBB Daintiest Girl FELIX LEWIS Neatest Boy- W? SUE ELLEN SNEED RAY HAMPTON Best School Spirit DOLORES DOWLEN DOUGLAS SMITH Most Studious Girl and Boy EDDIE WILSON BONNIE GOODWIN Gutest Boy and Girl SU PERLATIVES RAYMOND MEDLEY THELMA RANDALL Most Ambitious Boy and Girl CLARA PRICE DOUGLAS FREEMAN Most Athletic Girl and Boy C09 CHRLS GREATEST AMBITION FAME RESTS ON FAVORITE SAYING NICKNAME LL NAME WI ' s Q . I l' . V I 1 I 4 1 4-I 0 bb U 0 O OC O pists , life 0 W - I Q . 0 V1 'U S I G we -D '3 aa? QS N 5 E E8 Q EQ Q 3 E 9 g 5 is 2 5' -- TE 2 M 3 E E 5 5 E 5225 2 EE E ff 2 85 new Q11 M -"sw W afam Q H n U M oau Q v m Q . I- a.. C: X 5' U ""-5 EN 5 5 .2 'ao if-QE 552 GEM -E S3 E QEQJ: ul -- I- . -uf 41 ,gags-'fn QQE -5,12 .so :Qguv 5 'nz .,"' ZQWEH : 0 lu H .nm 3 W w : ua -U - . - . 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Willar M2 'U U '5 .11 E Q 2 8 a 5 an ,gg in v B 3 5 5 W Q S5 M 3 E5 E E E mZU u U E aa O L' GG ... 'igi N 3,2 mx B5 SQQEE E Q 6:5 U--EE 2 as -T-'---1 ca. 3 Moz gigmmwga ,, -- Eg una oosauc V' gun::a8......i.u'-'ev N vguxwoco dx' ea nunbbwwwEEE3 n ooo0ooOooo O aaagaabsss Q H III.I7.Ilf 132 IIIIIIIIII :QI .. .,. If-4' . .-. 5 'I :El 5:5 f..55 525 5E:j'55:j: 533 gE:.::.:m: uc: u.g5fiE7i? 223 geggglgb-Q MQ' .n 445- "' 3: 35333235 Q EEN F.?F3Q.9.9 4M nlnI.ll1ll " ::::g:1::: 51 . 2'ffi5f:'5 55 . .. .::'5j.:: .. Q, . M.. , l3Q5:5i:: 5, 2 . '.::: a 1:4-1:4il.51: I ,al I 11.-"' Jggjgluswl nf Ci: +51-..a:p'sa2E:' 2: Sgvabifigg BQ mwmimidoaf ug ,. 1:-H 1.-Um-."' - ngwjgnjing Q2 99Fr.Fr59? Q4 '.'l'n'.'n'.'.'5'n'. ',:, ..........,, .........., A . . , . . . 53. ::' ' :Fai ' zgjlijzggj jj ,-wr:-.u - -- - gm. w mm 5255535221 gs 1-Oc: . :Edu 99?F5?H9F? ww :::::::::: 'fs .......,..,, :... .... .. .l.l.'. 1 . . . .. l..IlZl.6Jl. 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I was very thirsty. I walked over to the cottage and tapped lightly on the door. I waited a few minutes, but nobody came to the door. I knocked again. Still there was no answer. Beside the door was a window. I looked through it and saw that the cottage was empty. I opened the door and went in. There wasn't anything in the house except a large picture of a lady hanging above the mantel. As I stood there looking, the most amazing thing happened. The lady in the picture began to speak to me. "What wish would you like to have granted?" she asked. I quickly replied that I would like to know the fate of the 1950 graduating class of North Nashville High School. "Just you wait," the lady said. Suddenly, the picture began to whirl. When it settled, I was looking at an eight story building. Above the door was a sign. It read: "Phil Phillips Department Store." Next, the scene shifted to Phil's office. There sat Phil at the desk. He was dictating to his two private secretaries-Margaret Cobb and Delores Butler. Suddenly, I found myself on the sixth floor, where I saw Wilma Haney and Bar' bara Cox modeling evening gowns for a prospective customer, Catherine Russell. On the way down to the main floor I noticed Robert Osborne, operating the elevator. As I reached the main floor, I saw Ruth Richardson selling cosmetics. Then, whirling again, the scene changed. I saw Douglas Smith teaching music to a large group of high school students. The next picture to appear before my eyes was the football stadium at the University of Tennesf see. The Vols were playing Georgia Tech. I recognized Ben Trotter, Roy Frizzell, Taft Anderson Albert Regg, Gary Binkley, Fred Clinard, jesse Cole and Thurman Taylor. When Fred Clinard caught a pass to score, cheers rang throughout the stadium. Among the cheerleaders were Sue Sneed, Joyce Baird, Lila Anne Crump, Cynthia Jones, and Sylvia Nelson. When the half was over, a high stepping band appeared on the field. Leading it was Bernard Von Dohlen with Delores Cartwright strutting behind him as majorette. I noticed the band was playing unusually well. I looked to see who was play' ing. I saw Raymond Medley and Ann Schutt were playing clarinets, Felix Lewis and Alonzo Randalls trumpets, Carl Tucker was playing the baritone, and playing the drums were Cherre Orndorff and Minnie Mai Barnes. After the game was over, I saw Bobby and Anne Morefield, Ellis Hale, Wilkie Poole, Willard Short and James Markham leaving the stadium. Near the field house was Shirley Taylor, the former Shirley Luttrell, waiting for Thurman. As the picture whirled again, a large grocery store appeared. Above the door was a sign: "Farmer and Quinrfs Super Market." Inside, James Ferguson and James Ivy were selling meat. Among the cus' tomers was Mrs. Dorothy Rediker Killingsworth. Glancing next door, I was startled to see a large plate glass window with a red sign painted on it. The sign read: "Bagwell and Cox Employment Agency." Inside, I could see Marie Bryant and Delores Dowlen keeping books for Billy and Sid. Next, I heard a mighty roar. The scene was Sulphur Dell. The Nashville Vols were at the bat. The bases were loaded. On them I saw Douglas Freeman, Billy Haynie, and Jimmy Hardin. Ray Hampf ton was up. Suddenly, the crowd was quiet. I watched Ray take a swing at the ball. Wham! The ball sailed high in the air, and disappeared beyond the fence. As the stands rose to cheer, I recognized Thomas Bryant, Vernon Johnson, Barbara White and Leona Prater. 4 Before the game was over, I saw Garland Robertson coaching at third. He was managing the Nashville Club. Whirling again, the picture revealed to me a crowd in Candyland. Behind the soda fountain was Harold Sutton, and waiting to be served were Carol Moore, Harley Walker, Avis Maynard, and James Loftin. Sitting in one of the booths was John Hudson and his wife. He told me that he was leaving soon to make a trip to Hollywood with the Grand Ole Opry. He also said that Corinne Davenport and Carl Keaton now had a radio program over WSM. Next, I saw the Arcade. Annie Ruth Lee and Clara Price were selling peanuts in the Arcade Peanut Shop. The Nashville Airport was the scene of my next adventure. There, I saw a large plane ready to take off for a trip around the world. To my amazement, I saw Gilbert Williams as pilot, and Glenn Weakley, cofpilot. Helping the passengers aboard the plane were Lorene Hudgins and Barbara Henry, air hostesses. Among the passengers were Ruby Brown, who was now a missionary, Gertrude Thomas, Doris Bear, William Tarrents, Lucille Woodall, and Billie and Peggy Roberts. Again, I heard the roar of a crowd as the picture whirled. The scene was Madison Square Garden in New York City. Joburns Baker and Eddie Wilson were receiving gold cups for winning the middle weight and light weight championships of the world, respectively. Next, the scene changed to a hospital room. I saw two nurses attending a patient. They were jean Clark and Ernestine Fisher. Down the street from the hospital was Bonnie's Beauty Shop. Inside, I saw Bonnie Goodwin giving herself a permanent. Whirling again the picture revealed a crowded school auditorium. It was the Columbia Law School. A tall man in cap and gown was handing a diploma to a girl. As the vision cleared, I saw it was Thelma Randall. Suddenly, I found myself standing alone in the cottage. The lady refused to speak again. I turned and started home walking through the forest. Inside, I felt very happy because of all the good things in store for the class of 1950. RUTH DEMONBRBUN Q01 Hail to the Orange and Blue! Our alma mater dear Hail to thee, North High! Sing we to thee. Our hearts and voices ring Hail, Alma Mater! With love and loyalty. All hail, North High! -FRANK BAIRD in '21' ski., 1 Maha ' ya . yr., . ......,.., JF .Tx QFWS M w xgfifi , 9, ..,,. v43 A 4 Q .A GDELL BINRLEY BILLY FRIZZELL MAXINE BUSH MAIII LOUISE FISHEIX President V166 Pveszdent Secretary Treflsurer IVIARGARET ALLEN ERNEST BEAZLEY THOMAS BEAZLEY BETTY JEAN BINKLEY CHARLES BIXLER RAINEY BONER GLENDA BOWIE BARBARA BRADFORD GEOIRGE BRAZIL ZORA BRUMLEY BETTY CAGLE BEN CAILLOUETTE LUCILLE CARTER EDWARD CLEMMONS DONALD CONNELLY VONCILE COOK JOYCE COOKSY JUNE COOPEII JAMES ED DAVY ROBERT DENNIS JUNIIO CLASS PEGGY DICKENS TERRY Dlcus BILLY DODD SHIRLEY DOZIER BETTY JO DYE JOHN GIBSON LINDA GILLEM JEAN GRAHAM VERNON GREGORY WILLIAM GREGORY ANNE HAGEWCDOD JOAN HAIKDIN THOMAS HOLLINSWORTH ANNIE MAI HOIKNEIK BILLY HUNLEY GEIKALDINE JOHNSON ISABELL KAYFES NORMAN KAYLOR EVELYN LIINDAY MAIKTHA MADDEN CAIRL MAYO SUE MARSHALL HELEN MEADOws KENNETH MURPI1i' VERNON MLIIKIJHH' MARTHA MYEIIS TONY NEAL ROY NEWMAN BILLY NICRENS EDWIN OSBOIRNE MILDRED OVERTON MAIKTHA PATTERSON JANIE PHELAN VIOLET PHILLIPS JAMES PITTS JUANITA POOLE MARIE POWERS DAN PRESTON BOBBY JOE RAY MARY EVELYN REGC BOBBY RICHAIKDSON BILLIE MAI SANDERS MARY ELIZABETH SHEARON DONALD SHEPHERD ANITA SHERRILL JEWEL SHOCKNEY NEITA SHOCKNEY HELEN SIMPSON CHRISTINE SINOR BOBBIE SMITH ROBERT STEWART MILDRED STORY JIMMY THOMPSON ANNA MARGAIRET TURNAOE RICHARD VESTER MARJORIE WALL NEWILDA WALLEII JOHN WHXTSON THOMAS WILLIAMS ROSA JANE WOMACR JUNIOR CLASS GENE PAGE. . EDNA WEEE. FRED WOLFE. BEVERLY IVEY Miss KATHER First Row: TIENTI-I GRADE ROOM 109 O F F I C E R S . , ........,..... ....... P resident r . . .Vice President . . . ...4.. Secretary ., .......CI'T6LlSLtTCT INE MURRAY, . , ..... Class Adviser 10: Verona Uhlian, Jean Thompson, Dorothy Goostree, Barbara Bass, Mamie Langley, Joyce Cox, jean Watts, Shirley Harrison, Irene Goines, Beulah Coles, Joyce Harvill, Geraldine Morris, Edna Webb, Elvadean Curlee, J Second Row: ean Webb, and Beverly Ivey. june McCutchen, Miss Murray, Donald Morgan, Charles Hudson, Maurice Tucker, David Beach board, Max Wilburn, Gene Page, William Schutt, Leon Bagwell, Fred Wolfe, john Carillon, and Martin Hardy, MRS. Svmt Ks TENTH GRADE ROOM 1 I7 ox . , . . . , , , . ..... , , . ..,,. , , . , . , , .Class Adviser Fwst Row' Sh irley Earls, Betty Lingner, Carolyn Spray, Martha Henderson, Joyce Evans. Helen Floyd, Joyce Harris, Shirley Hollo- way, Hazel Certain, Jeannette Swindle. Betty Butler, Evelyn Patton, Billie King, and Mrs. Knox. Second Row: Carlton Russell, Ray Jackson, Charles Taylor, Billy Hicks, Jimmy Mooneyban, William Clinard, William Pilkinton, and Clarence Burgett. Miss MARr:ARi First Row: Second Row: Thwd Row: TENTH GRADE ROOM 100 'T Doriums , , . , . . . . . ..,. . . . , . . . ..,,., . Class Adviser Miss Douglas, Bobby Spears, Rubye Hevvgley, Norma Sesler, Evelyn Settle, Rubye Uhlian, Lera McNeese, and Jackie Turner. Vernon Walker, Roy Jernigan, Jimmy Dyer, Dale Brown, Emery Coleman, Bobby Watts, Curtis Loftin, and Douglas Blair. Carl Wilson, James Hunt. Ray Stewart, Raymond Fielder, Paul Rankhorn. Bobby Vvlarren, Josenh Miles Jones. Sonny Pride, and Bobby Ixiayo. ll-HGH NINTH GRADE ROOM 118 Miss CAROLYN WILI,l.ANlS , . .... , , . ..,.,,..., . , . 4,.,.., . . . Class Adviser First Row: Wayne Harhison, Eugene McKennon, Cordell Bagwell, Eugene Warren, Richard Neal, Edmond Hale, joe Demon' hreun, Herman Parmon, Richard Shaw, Herschel Holloway, john Ray, and Charles Hendricks. V Second Row: Miss Williams, -loyce Cunningham, Lillian Mason, Betty Sue Pardue, Mary Ann Allen, jo Ann Cook, Rena Kinzer, Eva Knohel, Bridget Goodwin, Barhara Knox, Gertie King, Mary Katherine Lovell, Beverly Grooms, and Margaret Taymon. l LOW NJINTH GRADE ROOM 209 Mas. ELIZABETH B. JACKSON . . . . ,.... ..... ....,..,.., . . .,.,.,. ..,.,..... , . . , .Class Adviser Fwst Row: Peggy Warren, Margie Floyd, Anita Tomlinson, Elva Ruth Williams, Shirley Ann Fort, june Perry, -lean Helton, Aline Wilson, Shirley Phillips, Ruhy Pinson, Peggy Mason, Peggy Nipper, Joyce Hardin, Dorothy Whittle, Iris Von Dohlen, Erline Bush, Bohhie Simpson, Dorothy johnson, Muriel Stinnett, and Mary Helen Wirshing. Second Row: Celestine Cavender, Paul Martin, Mrs. Jackson, T. Perry, Donald Lowry, Rohert Pinkleton, Donald Beazley. Jimmy Stanley, Billy Medley, Stanley Bess, Donald Franklin, Raymond York, Kenneth Mzidden, Percy Nellums, Vaughn L. Deaton, Rohert Fudge, Anne West, and Shirley McMurry. LOW NINTH GRADE ROOM 210 Miss JEAN H,-mm' 4,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,4..,.,................... ..,...,.. ..,... ..,.4,,.,,,4,,.4,,, C l a 55 Adviser First Row: Barbara Hall, Martha Blain, Faye Fielder, Betty Richardson, Annie Ruth Cartwright, Rita Sullivan, Nora Bartlett, Connie Spurloclc, Shirley Moore, Patsy Perry, and Genevive Perry. Second Row: Carl Barnes, J. R. Poole, Herbert Mills, Douglas Clark, Bobby Brumbach, Billy Carter, joe Coles, Maxie Moore, Venson Barton, Rosson Wood, Robert Sinor, Carl Billingsley, and George Schutt. LOW NINTH GRADE ROOM 107 Miss Vracmia ALLFY .,.,.........,.........,.,...,...,.,...,,............,,..................... Class Adviser First Row: Mary Nancy Bauman, Ruth Denson, Joyce Stanfield, 'loan Nocton. Naomi Vick, and Laverne Hudgens. Second Row: Mary Dennis, Edna Ruth Dunnebacke, Miriam Maxwell, Pearl Dennis, Elizabeth jones, jewel Baker, and Ann Lowry. 'Third Row: Margaret Maxey, Margaret Silveman, Tina Burris, Winfred Moore, Billy O'Brien, William Warren, Richard Frady, Robert Smith. Charlene Roney, Sara Wilson, Nancy Crutchfield, and Patricia Black. Fourth Row: Wendell Pardue, Miss Alley, joe Adair, james Toombs, and Don Brown. HIGH lEllGll-llTll-ll GRADE ROOM 207 Mas. RUTH FAY Kiruoaif . , , , .... ,,...........,.4.,.......... ............,..,.... . . . . .Class Adviser Fmt Raw: Marshall Morris, Luther Luttrell, joe Thomas Brown, Paul Whittle, Larry Wilkes, Rohert Whitson, jimmy Turner Raymond Martin, Lawrence Gihson. Rohert Swift, Paul Harrison, and jack Hayes. Ssrmnl Row: -lce Sledge, james Bates. Faye Cole, Shirley Nicholson, Beverly Wright, Velma Clinton, Barbara Pitt, Mary Lois Gilhert, Doris Snow, Mary Elizaheth Cox. Margie Fuqua, and Mrs. Kilgore. HllGH EIGHTH GRADE ROOM 224 Miss KIIMMXE HARX'ILL . . , . . . , . ,.......,....,.4 ..,.,.... ............. .,....... C l 1 iss Adwsev First Row: Peggy Friedman. Mary Louise McClure. Sylvia Waller. Louise Morris, joan Patterson, Ella Ruth Hardin, Georgie Lee Horner, Etlwina Harrison, Nancy Watson, Peggy Wilson, Mary Ann Hoover, and Bohhie Coleman. Second Row: Betty jones. Lois Newman. Catherine Sharp, Shirley Sue Simmons, Mary Ann Warren, Shirley Hall, Verna Brewer, Mary Lois Ballew, and Lilian Moore. Third Row: ghirley Clemmons, Annie Ruth Felts, Chloe Martin, -Ioyee Tarrents, Norma Owens, Lois Russell, and jo Ann atton. LOW EIGHTH GRADE ROOM 203 Mas.MA1wK. HAMMI-:RH .., . . ,,,, ., ,.,,..,.. , . ,. .. , .. .. ...Class Aiiviszr First Row, Charles Norris. Bobby Hinkley, Wilburn Bradley, joe jackson, Carl Dean Dowell, Clyde Harper, Tommy Boner, Claude Sullivan, Claude Midgett, Raymond Buttrey, and Edward Bauman. Second Row: Barbara Haynie, Pauline Graves, Mrs, Hammer, Rebecca Silverman. Peggy joyce Bass, Bobby Woodall. Homer McNabb, Daulton McNeese, james McKinstry, Howard Toombs, Joyce Martin, Eudora Martin, and Norma Smith. l LOW EIGHTH GRADE ROOM 214 Mi1s.EMMAHEwiT1. .,...,,.,.. ., CitlSSALi1'lSC7 First Row: Doyce Davis, Tommy Partain, Waiyiie Minton, jerry Gregory, Alton Poole, Leo Pewett, jesse Cole, George Grizzle, Lee Pettit, Howard Stephenson, Wallace Wooslcy, Ben Mabry, and john Adeox. Second Row' Gloria Owen, Vera Musgrove, Anna Certain, Mable Kinzer, Frances Roberts. Sarah Dye, Margie Dozier, Ruth Edging, Helen Whitley. Mary Katherine Lancaster, Betty Rediker, Betty Mullican. Barbara Medley, Ann Friedman, Mary Ellen Parrish 'Shirley Stratton, and Mrs. Hewitt. LOW lEllGHTlI-ll GRADE ROOM 218 Mas. MARV Errzmsirrn I'lAMllTON, . . ..,.... . .....,. . . . . ..... ................ ...... . . . . .Class Adviser First Row: Mrs. Hamilton, Margaret Burgess, Dorothy Haneline, Carline Richardson, Lodneite Fann, Gloria Hall, Wiirmtlzr Latham, Evelyn Shadowens, Dorothy Gammon, Jean Duncan, Ann Price, Betty jo Pitt, Margaret Smith. Shirley Hardin, Peggy Buckner, Betty Nevil, and Betty Sutton. Second Row: Charles Poole, Harold Alones, Harold Stephens, Odell Demonhreun, Wallzize Bass, Ronald Mwrphy, Ernest Gaines, Billy Head, Rohert Lee Hunt. jack Donnell, Richard Carver, jimmy jackson, Ivan Luttrell, Donald Mirphy, and Freddie Clay. LOW lElIGllrll'll'll-ll GRADE CHARLliS WOLF1i ,.,.. . , ..................,. , . , ...,... .,... , 4 , Room HZ Mas. Gnoai:i1SHamavi: ,... . .Class Adviser WILLIAM COLEMAN . . . . .Room 226 MR. 'lxiwrs DIINNIS . Clam Adviser H1GH SEVENTH GRADE NORMA WHITEHEAD .,...... ..... ............,..,,..... MRS. EDNA WEIDEMANN ..,.. JOHN LANCASTFR ..... . . MR. ARTHUR SMHDLEY .,... Bomw Fussr .,,...,.,.. MR. W. J. MULLINS ..., , , . . . .Room 220 Class Adviser . , .Room 110 Class Advxser . . .Room 208 Class Adviser Miss Miss NORMA DUNNING .,.. MRS. MAYME MINSKY, MRS. MARGARET PARKER. . MRS. JEANNF Woula. . .. MR. BANTON DOAK. . MR. A. C. LANIER .,.. LOW SEVENTH GRADE ANNA MARGAR1iT HILL. ...,,..,.,.. ..,..,,...,....,.,.,... ,........,, ,,,.., . . ...Room 222 ...Room 213 . . .Room 212 . . .Room 113 ...Room116 . ..Room108 ...Room 120 Sl3NlIOR Y-TEENS O F F I C E R S GLENDA BOWIE .....,.......,... ...... P resident JOYCE COOKSY .4,, . r . Vice President ANN SCHUTT .... .... S ecretary VONCILE COOK. , , ......,.... Treasurer CYNTHIA JONES .... ..., D evotional Chairman GERALDINE JOHNSON. . . .... Program Chairman Sui! SNEED .........,., .... S ocial Chairman Miss ETHEL FRIEDMAN ,,., . . .Faculty Adviser First Row: Bobbie Sinith, Helen Simpson, June lvIeCutchen, Billy Hunley, Ellen Jones, Cynthia Jones, Lila Anne Crump, Shirley Luttrell, Anita Osborne, Joyce Cox, Linda Gillein, and Billie Sanders. Second Row: Sue Sneed, Ann Schutt, Juanita Poole, Voncile Cook, Sylvia Nelson, Joyce Cooksy, Geraldine Johnson, Glenda Bowie, Wilniii Haney, Delores Cartwright, Helen Mezidows, Evelyn Settle, and Miss Friedman. NATIONAI. HONOR SOCIETY NU ETA SIGMA CHAPTER O F F I C E R S GARLAND ROBERTSON .............,. CYNTHIA JONES ....... BARBARA BRADFORD. GEORGE BRAZIL .,... Miss EDYTHE DICRENS ..... co- Seazted: Barbara Bradford, Garland Robertson, Cynthia Jones, and George Brzizil. . . . . .President . Vice President . . .Secretary . . . . .Treaswrer Faculty Adviser Second Row: Norman Kaylor, Corinne Davenport, Burlmrn Henry, Dolores Dowlen, Mgixiiie Bush, Ann Hugewood, Miss Dickens, und Raymond Medley. Third Row: Betty Czigle, Mzlrie Bryant, Billie Roberts,Sylviz1 Nelson, Lucille C:1rter,nnd Neitz1Sliockney. DRAMATJIIC CLUB O F F I C E R S GEORGE BRAZIL ..... ....... P 'resident MARTHA PATTERSON .,,, ,.., V ice President ANN HAGEWOOD .... ,.... S ecretary VERNON GREGORY ..,, ........ T 'reasufer Miss VIRGINIA ALLEY ,,... . . . ..... Faculty Adviser First Row: Patricia Black, Anne Lowry, Nancy Crutchfield, Aline Wilson, Nancy Bauman, Tina Burris, Margaret Silveman, Anita Sherrill, Joyce Cunningham, Helen Simpson, Isabell Kayfes, Margaret Taymon, Mai Webb, Elvadine Curlee, Betty Richardson, Joerene Wziller, Fannie Lou McCloud, and Ann Hagewood. Second Row: Miriam Maxwell, Elizabeth jones, Joan Nocton, Rita Sullivan, Pearl Dennis, Janie Phelan, Celestine Cavender, Mary Helen Wirshing, Anne Crump, Verona Uhlian, Barbara Knox, Betty Martin, Peggy Chambliss, Catherine Lovell, Martha Madden, Rosa Womzick, Bar' bara Pitt, Peggy Dickens, Martha Patterson, and Wiiifred Moore. 'Third Row: Miss Alley, Donald Connelly, Don Simmons, Richard Vester, Vernon Gregory, Wiiidoiii Crowder, Weiidcll Pardue, Maurice Tucker, George Brazil, Vernon Murphy, Robert Swift, Douglas Smith, Billy Dodd, Bobby Spears, Norman Kaylor, and Richard Frady. Wlen To CYNTHIA JONES State March Press and the here The hotel CO-EDITORS ex gmcted fn pnpernxcm fha warns, sux mem. el said, would tl-msc int featezmw, sports, mivertisimt. :xml other phases of newwpapcfr work Banner Sprrnsnrs Square Dance The Nashville Banner wxll duct a square dance .rx flar- age Hotel on the waning March 31 Rfstlnge mt' various srhfvu! papers will be annnurlced at the xirwl sos :sion of the convention Hidsute Luncheon Set For April 22f Results of the Mid-stain Barmerf contest, opvn ta publw, private and ' parorhial high schools in Middlp Tennessee, will he arxnvmrsced at a luncheon in the Nucl Hotel folluw- ing ze morrxingvsessivn in the audiw fifnntinuuli on page' -lb , E I -.,.... M..g,.....,,M,.. DO sfudfms Go 5 To State fMceting Chaptvr V of 'Tennessee 'Prmles' and Industry clubs wut dclegaws alt:-nmtvs, and crmtl-stzxxzts to Eizlxtlx Annual Slave Mid in Clarksville March 9 and 11. Thosw who aitendwi arc White, Thelma Randall, .lean Bxmvstine Fisher, Dwmlhy Jimmy Ivey, and Ellis H:-le f l 2 Jehu Hudsun, hrvaident of ter V, was unsblv vs attend muse of illuexf., Jenn Clark, prvsidvnt, rvgvresvntmi .Kuhn ai meeting, Jimmy Iv:-y premwnu-fl Lo the ference an exhibit ui' hm work Thayer Hwspilal. Tillie Hale hibiferi a frame ropresexlfing work ut Duryls. New nnzmlwnm ,fur me term Lmnally initi:mfrl March fi. are Jewel Shock thx Myers, Heat-lla Furguem Allen, Dnmwll Vaughn, James and L42mxa1x'd Cuihey. Birthday gifm were Ellis Hale, Vinlet Shivley Dfvzier at ix day party February 14. Former students Tom Jehu Boyta recently 61966- LILA ANNE CRUMP lag EDITORIAL STAFF LA ANNE CRUMP CYNTHIA JONES Co-Editors ARLAND ROBERTSON, RAYMOND MEDLEY News Editors DIE WILSON Sports Editor YNTHIA JONES LILA ANNE CRUMP, BEVERLY IVEY, JEAN WEBB Columnisfs BUSINESS STAFF BERNARD VON DOHLEN Business Manager FRED CLINARD Circulation MISS JINIMIE HARVILL, MISS ELEANOR GRAHAM Faculty Advisers atm 'I' SL I CLUB O F F I C E R S JOHN HUDSON ..,, ,..... P resident JEAN CLARK ...... .... V ice President RUTH RICHARDSON A... .....,.,..... S ecretary THELMA RANDALL .... ..... C orresponding Secretary ELLIS HALE .,...., ...,.... 'I' reasurer JAMES IVY ..,......,...... .,.. P arliamentarian Miss ROSALIE LOCKENBACH .... . . . Coordinator First Row: Carol Moore, Shirley Dozier, Ernestine Fisher, Miss Lockenhaeh, Barbara White,Jezi1i Clark, Violet Phillips, Dorothy Rediker, Ruth Richardson, Gertrude Thomas, and Thelma Randall. Second Row: Otto Quinn, James Ferguson, Ellis Hale, Harley Wailker, John Hudson, and Malcolm Writts. Not present when picture was made: Rosella Ferguson, Jewel Shockney, Sadie Allen, James Ivy, Leonard Cathey, James Pitt, Robert Stewart, Martha Jean Myers, and Donnell Vaughn. First Row: Second Row. Third Row: Fourth Row Back Row: BAND Raymond Medley. Ann Schutt, Ann West, Kenneth Madden, Delores Cartwright. Mildred Overton, A' ita Sherrill, Martha Patterson. and Mary Evelyn Regg, Queen. joan Youree, Newilda Waller, Edna Ruth Dunnehaoke, Bobby Nelson, Peggy Warren, john Whitson, Ruth Derron- breun. Rachael Talhert, Carolyn Spray, Betty Berry, and Charlene Roney. Felix Lewis. Alonzo Randalls, Helen Floyd, Rainey Boner, Edward Clemmons, .lean Thompson, james Toorr hs. Marjorie Wall, Donald Lowry. Donald Morgan. Thomas McKimmons, and Charles Hudson. jimmy Turner, George Grizzle, Billy Head, john Epley. Bernard Von Dohlen, jesse Cole, Joyce Evans, Douglas Smith, Sylvia Nelson, and William Randall. Ben Caillouette, Richard Vester. Minnie Mai Barnes. George Goldtrap. -Io Ann Cook, Mr. Wehh, Corinne Davenf port, and Bobby Richardson. BERNARD VON DOHLEN PATTERSON, CARTWRIGHT, LLOYD WEBB Drum Major - OVERTON, SHERRILL Director Majorettes CHORUS JOYCE BAIRD .....,...... ,... A ccompanist Miss MARGARET DOUGLAS .... .,.. D ivector First Row: Second Row: 'Third Row: Fourth Row: '01 Miss Douglas, Geraldine Johnson, Joyce Cox, Ellen Jones, Joyce Harvill,Neita Shockney, Helen Simpson, Linda Gillem, Jackie Turner, Margaret Maxey, Mary Elizabeth Cox, Minf netta Waller, and Virginia Keefe. Barbara Cox, Corinne Davenport, Joan Hardin, Wilma Haney, Bonnie Goodwin, Martlia Myers, Sue Ellen Sneed, Voncile Cook, Doris Snow, Annie Mai Horner, Joyce Baird, Georgia Jackson, Ruby Brown, and Ruth Demonbreun. Thomas Willianis, John Gibson, Roy Frizzell, Billy Bagwell, Bobby Ray, Rainey Bcner, Felix Lewis, Bobby Watts, Dan Preston, Kenneth Smith, Charles Kistner, Billy Frizzell, and Charles Hollinsworth. Jesse Cole, Carl Tucker, Richard Vester, Roy Newman, Douglas Smith, Ray Hampton, James Loftin, Carlton Russell, Ben Trotter, Sonny Pride, Carl Keaton, Donnell Vaughn, Don Shepherd, and Frank Brumbach. Miss CAROLYN First Row: Second Row. Third Row: 1iiUNioR YPTEENS Vv'n.i.1AMs . . . ,.., . .,., . ..,.. ..,. . . . . , ...., . . . . . . .Faculty Adviser Bobbie Jean Coleman. Dorothy Gammon, Margaret Burgess. Barbara Medley, Joan Patterson, Betty Sutton, Ann Friedmann. Mary Ann Hoover. Dorothy Johnson, and Miss Williams. Ann Price. Annie Ruth Felts, Nora Bartlett. Ruby Pinson. Dorothy Whittle. Shirley Simmons, and Muriel Stinnett. Carline Richardson. Ella Ruth Hardin, Betty Nevil, Margie Floyd. Sarah Wilson. Evelyn Shadowens, Elva Ruth NVilliams. and Shirley Hall. E iUNioR ii-non oiueie CLUB F Miss MARU,-xRii'r D0UGLAs . .... .. ...,. . . . . .. . .. .. .. First Raw: Second Row: Third Row: F cria vth Row. . .. ..,. .,..,,. ...Divector Clara Sullivan. Joyce Jernigan. Ann Friedmann, Billie Rollins. Shirley Stratton. Peggy Bass. Joyce Jones. Betty Deaton. Theresa Hardin. Kathleen Golden and Bobbie Payne. Miss Margaret Douglas. Eudora Martin, Josephine Graves, Pauline Graves. Joerene Vlaller, Betty Mullican, Ella Ruth Hardin, Mary Jo Jones. Doris Holloway. and Freddie Adkins. Margaret Tayman, Oliva Follett, Jeanette Myers, Betty Jo Davy, Shirley Cantrell. Joyce Martin, Caroline Graves, Caroline Tinnon. and Emma Graves. Mary' Katherine Lovell. Rebecca Silverman, Sandra Cox. Hazel Hunter, Betty Traughber. Ruby Hudson, Evelyn Morris. Elizabeth Dennis, Verna Brewer, and Lois Russell. SPANISH CLUB Miss K.-will rum' MURRAY ,. . . , .. First Row: ,lohn Buchli, Lucille Woodaill, Milrlretl Story, an.l Helen Floyd. Sew mi Row: Miss Murray. Betty Cagle, Phil Phillips, Maxine Bush, john Carillon, Ruhy Brown, Barham Brzltlfortl, Emery Cole' man, Beverly Ivey. antl Bernard Vol Dolilen. Faculty Ailiimer MIB RARY STAFF Miss MA1u'Pkl1ti.BaowN , . , . , . . . . . . . . . . , . . , . . . . ,l.1hmrmn Seated: Lileile Carter, Beverly lyey, and Martha Matlelen. Secmul Rnw' Mary Louise Fisher. -luanita Poole. Janie Phelan, Frelrlie Adkins, -loyce ar lla, nr ey is. 5 Mary Helen Wirsliirig. Mary Evelyn Regg, Peggy Nipper, Rosa -lane Vvlomack. and Ann Hagewoorl. Thmi Rnw. Virginia Keele. Peggy Mason. Peggy Dickens, and Celestine Caventler. Vv'ilk1e Poole. june Cooper. Shirley Fort, june McCutcheon, Margaret Taymon, Betty Bmkley. Billie jean King. Dorothy Goostree, and Mamie Langley. H Ll' Sl ' l Plnlliws Doroth' Wlxlttle. Flm'rtl1 Row. RED CROSS MRS. RUTH FAYE KILGORF ,.....,.. ...,. I . . ,...,........,,..,........,. ..,........,.. , .4..... F acuity Admser Betty Keefover, Carleen Graham. Paul Harrison, Shirley Fort, Gertie King, Mary Elizabeth Cox, Horace Hunter, Carl Dean Dowell, Roy Jernigan, Mrs, Kilgore. and jane Edging. JEWEL SHOCKNEY . MARY LOUISE FISHER JIMMY THOMPSON, , . BILLY OHBRIEN ....,. MR. KITNNFTH NANCE. , SAFETY COUNCIL OFFICERS . , . President . Vice President , . . , .Secretary , . , , .Treasurer Faculty Adviser GIRLS' ATHLETIC CLUB O F F I C E R S JOAN HARDIN ...............,,... President PEGGY WARREN .,.,... .,... V ice President 4 MINNIB MAI BARNES ..... ...... S ecretary LEONA PRATBR. ...... ....... 'T reasurer MRS. HENRY NANCE. , .,.. Faculty Adviser l Seated: Lillie Mason, Leona Prater, Mamie Langley, Patsy Perry, and Betty Jean Duncan. Standing: Minnie Mai Barnes, Sue Marshall, Joyce Baird, Juanita Poole, Beulah Coles, Barbara Bass, Faye Coles, Shirley Calvin, Marie Keaton, Jean Watts, Peggy McClure, Dorothy Goosetree, Connie Spurlock, Georgia Lee Horner, Annie Ruth Dunnebacke, Joan Hardin, and Annie Mai Horner. N CLUB Taft Anderson, Billy Bagwell. Cary Binkley, Odell Binkley, Leslie Burnette, Fred Clinard, Jesse Cole, Sid Cox, james Davy Douglas Freeman, Billy Frizzell, Roy Frizzell, Ray Hampton, jimmy Hardin, Martin Hardy, Tom Hollinsworth, Charles Hudson Billy Haynie, Rusty jones, Tony Neal, Gene Page, Roy Pardue, Sonny Pride, Paul Rankhorn. Albert Regg, Garland Robertson Thurman Taylor, Ben Trotter, Bobby Trotter, Carl Tucker, Vernon Walker, Bill Williams, Eddie Wilson. Ro Us To Cl BATTALICN STAFF LT. COL. BEN TROTTER ....... , . .Battalion Commander LT. COL. LILA ANNE CRUMP .A... . . .Battalion Sponsor MAJOR RAY HAMPTON ....... .,.....,. B attalion Executive MAJOR FRED CLINARD. . ..,,. Battalion Plans and Training CAPT. WILLARD SHORT. , . ..... Battalion Supply Ojficer CAPT. JAMES LOFTIN .,...... .... B attalion Adjutant M, SGT. VERNON JOHNSON .... ...., S ergeant Major BATTALION OFFICERS First Row: Lt. Col. Trotter, Lt. Col. Crump. Second Row: Major Hampton, Capt. Loftin, Major Chnard, Capt. Short, Lt. Beazley, Capt. Morefield. Third Row: Lt. Davy, Lt. Gregory, Lt. Shepherd, Capt. Neal, Lt. Frizzell, Lt. Binkley, Sgt. Johnson. Fourth Row: Sgt. Pinkleton, Sgt. Murphy, Sgt. Tucker, Sgt. Pride, Sgt. Robertson. BATTAILEION BAND CAPT. RAYMOND MEDLEX'. . . ..., Commander CAPT. CYNTHIA JONES .,,4,.. ...... S ponsor FSGT. BERNARD VON DOHLEN, , , , ..... Drum Major 'fn First Row: Capt. Medley, Capt. jones, Sgt. Von Dohlcn. Second Row: McKin1n1ons, Hudson, Lowry, Toombs, Rundnlls, Turner. 'Third Row: Sgt. Whitson, Lawson, Madden, Caillouettc, Boner. Fourth Row: Sgt. Richardson, Clemmons, Nclson, Sgt. Vcstcr, Cole. COMPANY "D" COMPANY STAFF CAPT. BOBBY MOIQBFIELD .......,,.,......., , .... Company Commander CAPT. JOYCE BAIRD. , . , . .Sponsor FIRST PLATOON LT. JAMES DAVY .... ,... .,......,.,.,.,.... ..... P l a toon Leader LT. MINNIE MAI BARNES .,A.. ..... S ponsor First Row: Capt. Morefleld, Capt. Baird. Second Row Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Lt. Davy, Lt. Barnes, Sgt. Kaylor. Sgt. Dennis, Sgt. Connelly, Burton, Shaw, Wolfe, Page, Williiiins, Osborne Sgt. Newman, Smith, Tucker, Loftin, Williams, Mayo. Sgt. Shelton, Sledge, Stewart, Tarrents, Brazil, Cpl. Bagwell. 1 COMPANY "D" COMPANY STAFF LT. BILLY FRIZZELL .,.. SGT. HAROLD SUTTON ..,. CPL. JOHN GIBSON ..,. SECOND PLATOON LT. ODBLL BINKLEY. LT. SHIRLEY LUTTRELL, . . First Row: Cpl. Gibson, Lt. Frizzell. Second Row: Lt. Binkley, Lt. Luttrell, Sgt. Sutton. Executive Officer . ,First Sergeant . . . . ,Guidon Bearer .Platoon Leader . . . . .Sponsor 'Third Row: Sgt. Vaughn, Sgt. Osborne, Stivers, Brown, Hardy, Mayo, Collins, Kistner. Fourth Row: Sgt. Cook, Dyer, Warren, Taylor, Murphy, Clinard, Cpl. Hunt. Fifth Row: Sgt. Felts, Schutt, Fox, Walker, Fielder, Cpl. Burgett. COMPANY WE" COMPANY STAFF CAPT. TONY NEAL ......., .... C ompany Commander CAPT. RUTH DEMONBREUN ,..., .... S ponsor FIRST PLATOON LT. DON SHEPHERD ...... ..,. P laroon Leader LT. CORINNE DAVENPORT .... ,..... S ponsor First Row: Capt. Neal, Capt. Demonbreun. Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Fifth Row: Lt. Shepherd, Lt. Davenport, Sgt. Farmer. Sgt. Thomas, Sgt. Dodd, Rankhorn, Sanders, Deinonlvreun, Pitt, jones, Cpl. Beazley. Sgt. Russell, Carillon, Coleman, Morris, Foster, Wilsoiu. A Sgt. Ray, Blair, Snow, Phillips, Willianxs, Pardue. COMPANY "E" COMPANY STAFF LT. VERNON GREooRY. . .....,.,........,. . . SGT. BOBBY FARMER .... CPL. JIMMY HARDIN ,... SECOND PLATOON LT. ERNEST BEAZLEY ...A .............,....., LT. SUE ELLEN SNEED. . . First Row: Cpl. Hardin, Lt. Gregory. Second Row: Lt. Beazley, Lt. Sneed, Sgt. Gregory. Executive Officer . .First Sergeant .Guidon Bearer .Platoon Leader , . . . .Sponsor Third Row: Sgt. Preston, Sgt. Mooneyhnn, Jernigan, Willoughby, Morgaii, Gammon, Cpl. Cavender. Fourth Row: Sgt. Trotter, Tranbarger, Brooks, Nickins, Mzirkhzim, Hicks. Fifth Row: Sgt. Bruinbach, Hollinsworth, Lutrrell, Spears, Watts. x SUE SNEED JEAN WEBB JOYCE BAIRD ea! CYNTHIA JONES LILA ANNE CRUMP, Captain SYLVIA NELSON Rah! WILMA HANEY FOOTBALL Roy Frizzell, Tony Neal, Eddie Wilson, Odell Binkley, Paul Whittle, Gene Page, Bud Morris, Front Row: Tom Hollinsworth, Thurman Taylor, William Pinkleton, Billy Frizzell, and Sonny Pride. Back Row: Manager Carl Tucker, Leslie Burnett, joseph Jones, Billy Bagwell, Albert Regg, Carl Keaton, Terry Dicus, Gary Binkley, Bobby Trotter, Jesse Cole, Ben Trotter, Fred Clinard, William Gregory, and Sid Cox. Not present when picture was made: Taft Anderson. SCHEDULE North 25 Cumberland ...,. 6 North 20 TIS .......,.... 12 North 26 Cohn ..... .... 1 4 North 37 Howard ,....... 13 North 13 West ,...,...... 7 North 40 HumefFogg Tech. O North 32 Hillsboro .,.,... 6 North 37 East ...... .,.. 7 North O Du Pont ....,... 27 BEN TROTTER ODBLL BINKLBY Captain CofCaptain STATlE CHAMPS AND S. ll-3. C. RUNNERS-UP First Row: Odell Binkley, Charles Ragan, Rohert Dodson, Coach Ray Simpson, Billy Moore, Douglas Freeman, and Roy Pardue. Second Row: Ray Hampton, Bobby Reasonover, Doris Head, jimmy Hardin, Wiley Simms, Cary Binkley, Billy Haynie, and Tommy Hollinsworth. VARSITY BASKETBALL Odell Binkley, Gene Page, Billy Haynie, Carl Tucker, Ray Hampton, Garland Robertson, Douglas Freeman, Ben Trotter, Fred Clinard, and Thomas Willizrms. uB'9 TEAM First Row: Bobby Trotter, joseph jones, Roy Pardue, Bobby Richardson, and Paul Rankhorn. Back Row: Carlton Russell, Tony Neal, Sonny Pride, and james Davy. JUNIOR HTGH TEAM First Row: Leo Pewett, Argo Cobb, Walter Trotter, Vincent Barton, Bubber C. Carney, and Wendell Parduc. Back Row: Coach Al Dennis, jerry Crocker, William Schroeder, Jimmie Bates, Maxie Moore, joe Sneed, and Herman Schroeder OFFICE STAFF Fmt Row: Mary Frances Wright. Janie Phelan. Elva Ruth Williams, Cynthia jones, Voncile Cook, and Sue Marshall, Serfmd Row: Geraldine johnson, Billie Hunley, Joyce Cooksy. Miss Frances Van Deren, Lila Anne Crimp, Joyce Baird, jean XVchh. Mr. nl. H. Noel. Beverly Ivey, and Helen Floyd. QE? "fn..f',lg 5 .N iii wffg ieiqz. Christmas Tea Neita Shoclcney, Peggy Dickens, Ann Hagewood, and Marie Powers. were A .f.a2,.Qsz,.SbLsz SEM C. The value of the telephone isn't just the calls you make. Sometimes the calls you receive are even more important. You'd miss a lot if the telephone Wasn't there. just on calls you make, the tele- pl1one's a big bargain in convenience, security, success and good times. When you add the calls you receive, it's an even bigger value. SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY IT'S FUN T0 SHOP AT S5 .xv ww N SX WERTHHN BHG CORPORATION I I acc LIFE HND CHSUHLTY INSURANCE COMPANY OF TENNESSEE OVER TWO MILLION POLICIES IN FORCE PAUL MOUNTCASTLE Presxdent Home Office Nashville Tenn BELL DRUG CO. WHAT YOU WANT-WHEN YOU WANT IT Prescriptions Our Specialty Ninth and Monroe St. Phone 6-6723 FEHR BROS. FRESH MEATSWGROCERIES LIVE BETTER "Distributors of Quality Foods FOR LESS Since 1875" SIXTH AVENUE AT MONROE WILSON-QUICK PHARMACY NASHVILLE SURGICAL SUPPLY CO. 708 Church 1911 Church H PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST Hospital Beds Oxygen Tents Wheel Chairs For Sale or Rent North Nashvi11e's Own OREN M. WILLIAMS, Executive Vice-President JONES PHARMACY 1403 Buchanan Street O REXALL DRUGS CARA NOME COSMETICS RELIABLE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE L COLES AND WALLER JEWELERS 519 Union Street I Representing . G. BALFOUR COMPANY Your Class Ring jewelers and Stationers GORE ELECTRIC COMPANY INC. COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL WIRING 305 7th Ave., So. Phone 4-1709 Compliments B 8: W CAFETERIA 222 6th Ave., N. Telephone 6-2226 PHILLIPS' BEN FRANKLIN STORE Variety Merchandise School Supplies 1101 Buchanan St. Phone 5-9661 SWIFT'S SERVICE STATION MC'S LITTLE SUPER MARKET Batteries Washing Greasing 1601 9th Ave., No. Phone 6-7921 Tires Road Service Staple Groceries Fresh Meats 5th Ave. and Jefferson St, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Daily Call 6-9522 Free Delivery Compliments of UHLIAN'S GARDENS Compliments of DUTY PRINTING CO. ROBERT ORR 8: CO. Distributor HERMITAGE BRAND FOODS BETTY'S GRILL PIT-BAR-B-Q Our Specialty 1808 18th Ave., N. THE NATIONAL LIFE AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE CO. National Building NASHVILLE 3, TENNESSEE Printing of the Better Kind Personal Stationery Cards Wedding Announcements, Etc. High Class Color Work V LINK LABEL WORKS Rear 1220 Seventh Ave., No. Telephone 6-8700 HAGEY'S THE COMPLETE STORE FRED B. CASSETY COAL COMPANY COAL-ROYAL OAK COKE "It's Crazy With the Heat" 816 4th Ave., N. Phone 5-2714 LUCAS COAL CO. "Your Warm Friends" 901 Fifth Ave., No. 6-3659 CARLISLE DRUG COMPANY Friendly service extended to all who visit our store Fifth Ave., N. and Monroe St. C. C. THOMPSON MRS. I. A. SCOTT CENTRAL PRODUCE CO Fresh Fruits and Vegetables ,... if TA 1I"l:I.fiFJ ' Z, 1 i l w.w'. llii 'l. .H COLONIAL n'1f""i COPFEE .15 'I' Il ll' , xlllf ,u Q l ,ILA I . Q x ,K X Y ,T ,i.i?, , xt?-Q59 "Better Bags For Every Purpose" VOLUNTEER BAG COMPANY 320 Broad St. NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE ATLANTIC ICE 8: COAL COMPANY ICE, COAL AND COLD STORAGE Phone 6-4661 Meet The Gang TRAVEL TRAI LWAYS at BUS CENTER WINTERS' DRUG STORE 113 6th Ave., N. Phone 42-6373 10th 81 Buchanan Phone 6-6929 STANSELL ELECTRIC CO 5-7703 Excclling in Everything Electric ., INC. Compliments of LA PETITE BEAUTY SHOPPE 2811 West End Avenue TOM HARRISON STRUCTURAL STEEL and F L O W E R S ORNAMENTAL IRON Telephone 4-1891 by ENGLERT ENGINEERING CO. 2020 West End Avenue 805 6th Ave., N. 6-4631 HERMAN FLUTY SERVICE STATION 700 3rd Ave., N. 6-9248 LION OIL PRODUCTS ROAD SERVICE KELLY SPRINGFIELD TIRES UNIFORMS STYLED SMARTLY BY HARTLEY School Apparels HARTLEY GARM ENT CO. 1811 Church St. Compliments of FRIEDMANN'S CAFE GRADE A RESTAURANT 5th and Buchanan St. DRINK Lx t aes. u.s. rn. ore. IN BOTTLES Nashville, Tennessee Compliments of Everett Cavender, Jr. Ducky and Joe Anita and Patty Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Medley, Sr. Miss Alma C. Ullrich For the latest in PHOTO FINISHING Send Your Pictures To Agents of WRIGHT'S PHOTO SERVICE PROGRESSIVE PERSONNEL SERVICE SALES OFFICE TECHNICAL 413 Cotton States Building 6-7453 Compliments of MILDRED AND BILLY ACE CLEANERS J. DUDLEY AARON Main Office Branch Office No. 5 Hermitage Ave. 605 Monroe Phone 6-0516 Phone 6-9445 Come and Visit ,THE THIRD AVENUE HARDWARE STORE OASIS MARKET 1329 Third Ave., N. Compliments of PROGRESSIVE COAL CO. 922 Second Ave., N. Compliments to Every School and School Child in our country EDENFIELD ELECTRIC INC. CHOICE FLOWERS Pot Plants Cut Flowers FUNERAL DESIGNS REEVES FLORIST 1708 22nd Ave., N. FRANK T. ORNDORFF PAPER HANGING PAINTING DECORATING 1921 10th Ave., No. Phone 4-7388 NORTH SIDE PARTS CO. 1017 Fifth Avenue, N. Nashville 8, Tenn. "NO FINER PAINT AT ANY PRICE" Since 1912 Briggs Bros. Paint Mfg. Co., Inc. 100 Woodland St. Phone 5-6401 Nashville, Tenn. Fuqua's Hardware 8. Salvage Co. We Buy, Rent, Sell, and Exchange MAYS-WINN RADIO CO. EXPERT SALES AND SERVICES ON ANYTHING Sound Systems Radios Phonographs Over 200 Tools for Rent phone 5-4543 1105 Buchanan St. 6-9649 151 9th Ave., No. PAUL'S FOOD MARKET We Know Housewives Prefer QUALITY MEATS AND FRESH VEGETABLES ELDRIDGE GROCERY Ninth Avenue and Clay Street Pittsburgh Paints Gray-Seal Paints TAYLOR SIGN 8: PAINT CO. 430 Deadrick St. Phone 6-5720 L. M. OSBORNE WATCHMAKER. 316B 5th Ave., N. Phone 5-2326 Nashville 3, Tenn. C. W. KEMPKAU 8: CO. BUILDERS SUPPLIES V' 812-816 3rd Ave., N. Phone 6-6688 Phone 5-9209 FLOYD'S CHILE PARLOR FLOYD AUBREY, Prop. Corner Ninth and Church NORTH END MARKET 1828 Fourth Ave., N. Meat, Vegetables, Groceries Free Delivery Phone 5-9152 Compliments of E. N. WILLIAMS GROCERY 500 Clay Street 6-9232 SQUARE DEAL SERVICE STATION 24 HOUR SERVICE 438 Third Ave., N. Phone 6-0472 MEGAR GROCERY QUALITY MEATS AND GROCERIES Sixth Ave., N. and Buchanan St. Phone 5-9395 Compliments of CHRIS PIE WAGON Ninth Ave., N. and Monroe Compliments of MEADOW GOLD ICE CREAM Compliments of ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN CHURCH SOFT BALL TEAM LOVELL'S FLORIST "Express Your Love with Lovell's Flowers" Corsages Funeral Designs Pot Plants Cut Flowers Bedding 81 Perennial Plants Greenhouse 2614 Buchanan St. 6-8833 TANLEY'S GULF SERVICE 2015 18th Ave., No. Phone 6-9780 BOYD'S CASH 8: CARRY 1807 4th Ave., No. Groceries Notions Hardware MARY BAKER'S BEAUTY SHOP All Types of Permanent Waves 1015 Buchanan Street JOHN C. ROESCH 8: COMPANY FUNERAL DIRECTORS 2822 West End Avenue Telephone 7-0331 Compliments of RESHA GROCERY 2101 14th Ave., No. Phone 5-2370 TENNESSEE TUFTING CO. BATHMATS SCATTER RUGS Compliments of RANDOLPH 8: COLE Compliments of LANIER MARKET 1401 Woodland St. Phone 3-9174 RUSSELL HAMPTON GROCERIES AND FRESH MEATS Phones 5-7619, 5-7610 1402 Buchanan Nashville, Tenn. BOB'S BICYCLE SHOP 422 BROAD STREET 5-5964 MANNING BARBER SHOP 601 Monroe Street Phone 5-9785 JACKSON CAFE 1000 Buchanan Street Phone 42-9258 A good place to meet for SANDWICHES SODAS SUNDAES COLD DRINKS CENTRAL CAFE 1421 9th Avenue, North MIRIANN SELF SERVICE LAUNDRY "SAVE CLOTHES, SAVE TIME" 1017 Buchanan Street Phone 4-3639 Compliments of RESHA'S SUPER MARKET IN BORDEAUX JONES BROS. HARDWARE 1410 Buchanan Street PIPE FITTINGS PAINTS TOOLS Phone 6-3912 Compliments of Gus ESKIND DRY GOODS SHOES PIKE'S GROCERY 1404 Buchanan Street BINKLEY CLEANERS 1402 V5 Buchanan Street Phone 6-9693 "We Strive To Please You" JACK WHITE'S LION STATION GAS OIL LUBRICATION 2014 Clarksville Highway Phone 42-9388 GRADY'S "A Nice Place To Entertain Friends" 9 Miles Out Clarksville Highway Refrigerated Fruits and Vegetables FRESH MEATS C. G. GREEN GROCERY 1812 18th Ave., No. Free Delivery Phone 5-9217 Cleaning Pressing MILLERLIE CLEANERS PICKUP AND DELIVERY 1003 Buchanan St. Phone 4-6535 Prompt Service BILL'S BARBER SHOP 12th Avenue and Clay Street Compliments of DYER'S GROCERY 1400 4th Avenue, No. Phone 6-9664 DOWN TOWN LANES Phone 6-9103 PEE WEE AUSTIN, Owner If you can't Bowl, we teach you free Compliments of DOT AND LORETTA E. T. HENDERSON Dealer in WATKINS PRODUCTS Phone 5-8038 Compliments of DELORES AND BOBBY Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of THE MAJORETTES MILDRED OVERTON ANITA SHERRILL DELORES CARTWRIGHT MARTHA PATTERSON Compliments of BILLIE, GLENDA, JOYCE Compliments of LLOYD WEBB Band Director Compliments of CHRIS AND BILL Compliments of WILKIE AND CHARLES Compliments of MILDRED AND JOY SHEPARD Best Wishes BETTY JO AND RAY Compliments of RAYMOND AND BABY Compliments of JOYCE LANE Compliments of MELBA WEAKLEY . il if Q '. B' ri 5 if au Y? I 'H 'F' v ru W 1 f 1 , x x ,II . I f, I . x X A w - I ' ,f .I I. Ia. K. ' 1 1 Ig I, - , 1 ,I f . " Ii 1 1 12. . L 4 V '.',, - l 3.1. .'-f , , ' x, F . -. .Y - ' 1 X A ' f t I 4 ., ,, 'X ., -, .I .I I , , . -. 'X ' 1- . . - ' , -5 I I,'.3,"s.k .IvI., .. . I J II - I . . -X-. .IA I,'. 5 - 4-51 ' ' I,I.j11 -.. I , I I I I 1 I , f - ' fir',-. -, 'fxggflu' A2"E?' Ma'-.JJ ' ... . . . -114, :-'.41fi':f- --1-Nw . I Y-: ,, . , I I':I2.ff'-f? 'W f iii? Y. ,:.II2. .,. I .21 ' If? , 2-2 M321 I L - 3 ' Q, . - L '. . . 4 A . ' ..w 'f - 1. ' . 5. " 1, fufw U .. .4 . ,- . I II A . .I .. . . . .' fi- -- " w XX- ' .N' . f Y , . --1 .4 . . . - ' . Vg, ,U . A '-:QVFT A' 1 , I I. .NI I I Fr ' . - '5 :fl " : 1 4' , N-f , AI ,I .JI. I -. .,v X. It . I . - K' x . '- ,Jr 1 .x 195s " "nj 5: "'g- - fu- ' ' f 'fa ,I 4,-. -1

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