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,Y lb VY 7.77 YZWZYT W Y Y - Lm,.,,'w WMM fffwu I? Q 1947 NIIIHH NASHVIHE HIIIH 3lIHllIll Nashville, Tennessee Q CQ ,zz ,www In appreciation of their love, untiring help, wise council. con- stant encouragement and thouqhllulness, we, the Senior Class of 1947. do sincerely dedicate this issue ol the POLARIS to Miss Mary Halloran and Miss Edythe Dickens who. by their unfailing devotion, have helped to make our school years so successful. ma mary .uafgzran ma glclyme :bicLen5 we Ms-4' MEM Hail to the Orange and Bluel Hail to thee, North High! Our hearts and voices ring With love and loyalty. Our alma mater dear Sing we to thee. Hail. Alma Mater! All hail, North High! -rmmx namn Z' I. H. NOEL PRINCIPAL N 1 r 4 K 1 J, Aff I ff l 1 'N ff .15 1' FAI? GEORGE H. BOYLES , MARY FRIEI. BROWN . SGT. ROY B. CLANTON EDYTHE DICKENS MARGARET DOUGLAS MRS. W. A. EVANS ETHEI. FRIEDMAN T Y Enqllsh, Hlstory Llbrulsn R.O.'I'.C. Commorco Muslc Home Economics Home Economics ELIZABETH FERGUSON , Health LILLIAN GILCHRIST . Art ELEANOR GRAHAM . History MARGARET CLARIDGE GRAY History MARY HALLORAN Enqllsh IIMMIE HARVILL English IMOGENE HARPER Mathematics IJIRS. E. T. HEWITT Enqllsh ANNA MARGARET HILL English MAUREEN HOLT Mathematics, English MRS. ELIZABETH B. IACKSON History, Civics Q' lAlIllllY MRS. ARDIS LEATHERS G. Q. LIPSCOMB ROSALIE LOCKENBACH MAYME MINSKY W. I. MULLINS KATHERINE MURRAY MRS. HENRY NANCE ABRAHAM ENLOE PALMER DIXIE PORTER IACK STANFILL DORIS B. SLONECKER MARY TILSON FRANCES VAN DEREN MRS. C. B. VICKERS IEANNE W. WEBB RUTH FAY WRIGHT Band Mathematics D. 0. Department History Industrial Arts Bioloqy. Spanish Physical Education Coach Business Education Mathematics, Science English English, Speech Registrar, Clerk Mathematics English, History Home Economics WITHOUT PICTURE A. C. LANIER P1 1 Mathematics Silks f L ,.v, . . ,gs K t 'Sh t t , ' - 4. x xc .um--., vf v- t i t X , ,, Us 6 js . 5. icu- if it i' Q we 3 S i I l g. 66. IEAN MEDLEY Pill HI JEAN MEDLEY EOBBYE PARDUE SARA IO CHAPMAN GEORGE VAUGHN WALLACE KINKADE MARGARET IONES MARY IO STONE ALBERTA ODUM TONY MITCHELL IANENE NOFFSINGER VIRGII. NIPPER AUDREY DARROW MARTHA IONES IAMES DICKEY HALTON MANNERS twig Assistant S Editor Editor Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Literary Assistant Literary Assistant Literary Photographic Assistant Photographic Sports Sports Art Assistant Art Assistant Art Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor BOBBYE PARDUE Assistant Editor STAFF BETTY PARDUE MARTHA I ONES TOM ANN DOZIER , SHEARON I USTINE IONES ROBERT BURGESS MATTIE SCHURER ANN IEAN ANN MISS MISS MRS. MRS. MRS. sf. ff .vs W , Ji. J , JONES WADE SHEARON MARY HALLORAN EDYTHE DICKENS C. B. VICKERS MARGARET GRAY DIXIE PORTER Y? I I Prophet Poet Historian Will Maker Will Maker Will Maker Typist Typist Typist Typist Class Adviser Class Adviser Class Adviser Class Adviser Class Adviser AlIlM IAS '!""W Slllllflllll OFFICERS YOHNNY GREEN President NOEL MvWHlH'l'Eft Corresponding Secretary IIMMY IONES Vice President ULIUS SNEED Treasurer SHIRLEY BURNETT . Recording Secxetiry EVERETT TOMLINSON Sergeant-it-Arms The Alumni Association of North Nashville High School is proud to be presented in this, the 1947 POLARIS. This organization was founded in Septem- ber, 1946, when a group of enthusiastic peo- ple began mailing postcards to every grad- uate of the school. Much progress was made in those first meetings when officers were elected and the Constitution and By-Laws were written and adopted. Our Association is carried on by the of- ficers and the various committees: The Ways CS Means Committee, Program, Memberships and Entertainment. We are striving to cooperate with the school and the other organizations of the community to make it a better place in which to live. We extend a cordial welcome to each and every member of the 1947 Graduation Class to join us in the Alumni Association, and to become better acquainted with all of the graduates of our "Alma Mater." 5 Sl Illll lZlASS HISlllIll We, the graduating class of 1947, entered North Nashville Iunior High School on Sep- tember 8, 1941. There were 150 of us who were assigned to the following teachers: Miss Iimmie Harvell, Mrs. Elizabeth B. lack- son, Miss Katherine Murray, and Mr. G. O. Lipscomb. Our junior high years in this "knowledge box" passed rapidly. ln the ninth grade we presented to our fellow classmates the Fresh- man Party which everyone thoroughly en- ioyed. At the end of the spring term of 1944, the students who had completed the ninth grade received their certificates in the audi- torium at an informal graduation program. As the time approached for us to advance into the Senior part of North High, there was no doubt in our minds as to our importance. In fact, we were feeling quite grown-up, even though a few of us had obtained tenth grade status the hard way trepeating a coursel. The senior high years passed. Each day provided more classes with more work. We learned that school work can be difficult, but stretching ever before us was our long sought goal, to be a Senior in North High School. The year before we attained this coveted rank found us well represented in the hap- penings around school. We took part in all the events of the year from football to essays. During this period we produced a musical play entitled, "Iolly Iunior Follies", the first play of its type to be presented at North High. lt was so well received at its initial produc- tion, that after numerous requests, we re- peated it. Also in the spring term of our iunior year, we entertained the senior class formally at the annual lunior-Senior Prom. Six of our boys were members of the base- ball team which won the lnterscholastic League Championship. They were Virgil Nipper, Lindy Freeman, Hansel Krantz. Iirn- my Iennette, Rav Rector, and Bud LaRue. Now we are Seniors! Iirnmy lennette was elected president of our class. Martha Iones, by virtue of the highest average. was presi- dent of the Honor Society. Ann lones servefl as president of the Senior Y-Teens. The PO- LARIS Staff was headed by lean Medley, as editor. This year the football squad counted among its number two seniors---Virgil Nip- per and Iimrny Iennette, who played in the All-Star game at the end of the season. Sara Io Chapman was chosen Football Queen and reigned with her two attendants, Ann Shearon and Mary Lee Burns, at the home- coming game. Iames Dickey was chosen Company Commander of the R. O. T. C. Four senior girls served as R. O. T. C. spon- sors-Honorary Captain, Alberta Odum, and Honorary Lieutenants, Ann Shearon, Bettye Sears, and Sara Io Chapman. Mary Lee Burns and Carl Schutt were victorious in the closely contested election of Miss North High and Bachelor of Ugliness. They were intro- duced along with the superlatives at a dance given by the Seniors in their honor. Other outstanding social events were a Wiener roast and a sneak day. The North Sim' won first place honors in the Anti-Tuberculosis Contest with Martha Iones and lean Medley as Co-Editors of the publication. lean Wade played the part of a native in the production. "Rain" at the Nashville Community Play- house. We were happy to welcome four re- turning servicemen to our number--Paul Waggoner, Albert Friedman, Elvin Hoffman and Dan Hayes. We are leaving to posterity the first com- posite picture of a graduating class at North. It is to be hung in the Library. The time is drawing near. We are grow- ing rnore and more distracted as we begin our last minute cramming for exams. Be- tween roaming the halls and eating lunch we worry about our invitations, flowers, dresses and suits. Our minds tif still work- ing? hop from one thing to another. Finally the last days arrive and we fight through these exams pleading with the teachers to have mercy on us. One exam fol- lows the other. They are finished! We await the results. During this period we could easily become mental cases. The last hour is here! We slowly climb the steps and enter into our probable doom. What? We all passed! On Wednesday, Iune 4, 1947, we find ourselves in a happy state of mind as we make out way to our graduating program. Everyone is talking ct once: "Be Careful, you'll step on my shine." "ls my hair straight?" "Hurry upl it's almost time." Slowly we make our way to the stage and take our places. We sit nervously while all of the speeches are being made. At long last those are finished and we await our diplomas. Look, a tear in your eye. Why, I am crying, too. In a few minutes our high school days will be over. These are among the happiest moments of our lives. THOMAS DOZIER 1. 1 f , I ' gift, + mI"J,74v77n.aiJ Sl ll lI lASS OFFICERS IIMMY IENNETTE .... ...,... Pr esident I IEAN MEDLEY ....... ,.... V ice-President MARTHA IONES ....., ..... S ecretary VIRGIL NIPPER .............. .,....... T reasurer MISS MARY HALLORAN ...... .... C lass Adviser MISS EDYTHE DICKENS. . . ..... Class Advisbr VALEDICTORIAN ' SALUTATORIBN KARGABIT ION!! Ill! MED!-IY SI lllll WILLIAM BARDILL Football, '43-'44-'45-'46, Letter Club, '43-'44-'45-'46, Rllle Club, '43-'44-'45: President, Sophomore Class, '44-'45, R.O.T.C., '43-'44-'45. 0' I '7""', ff' yf, if fl! 15" ROBERT E. BARNES R.O.T.C., '43-'44, Victory Club, '43- '44, Glee Club, '44, High School Chorus, '43-'44-'45-'46, National Music Clinic, '44-'45, Assembly Club, '44-'45-'46, Director of Pro- grams, Summer '46, President, Dra- matic Club, '46 Dramatic Class, '46. ROBERT BURGESS Moat Popular Boy, '43-'44, Junior High Basketball, '43-'44, Student Council, '44-'45, Basketball "B" Team, '44-'45, Varsity Basketball, '45-'46-'47, President, Spanish Club, '45-'46, Football, '44-'45-'46, Sgt., R.O.T.C., '45, Boy With Best School Spirit, '46-'47, "N" Club, '46-'47, Will-MMQWOLA S, '46-'47, l KJ-'f WW SARA IO CHAPMAN Vice-President, Home Room, Fresh- man Class, '43, Most Courteous Girl, '43, President, Home Room, Sopho- more Class, '44, President, Courtesy Club, '44, Secretary, Home Room, Iunlor Class, '45, Honor Society, '45-'46-'47, President, Home Room, Senior Class, '46, Most Beautiful Girl, '46, R.O,T.C. Sponsor, '46, Football Oueen, '46, Honor Roll, '43-'44-'45-'46, Business Manager, POLARIS, '46-'47, SAMUEL K. CROCKER Rllle Team, '44-'45-'46, R.O.T.C. Sgt., '44-'45-'46, Checker Club, '44, Political Club, '45, Senior Chorus, '46-'47, Football Team, '46, Basket- ball, '46-'47, President, Glee Club, '46-'47, Major, Iunior Service Army, '44. 1 r t f 'Qs 5, I K lr r 5 4. lIlASS MILTON BARNES Superlative, '44, R.O.T.C., '44-'45- '-167 Mayor, Iunmr Service Army, '44, Recreation Club, '44, Rifle Team, '45-'46, Student Council, '45: Spanish Club, '46, Most Bashtul Boy, '47, Manager, Football Team, '46, Basketball "B" Team, '47. DOROTHY LOUISE BRADLEY Superlative, '43-'44, President, Safe- ly Council, '46-'47, MARY LEE BURNS Miss North Hiqh, '46-'47, Girl Re- serves, '4S-'46-'47, Senior High Chorus, '45-'46, Cheerleader, '46-'47, Secretary, Home Room, '45-'46, Cut- est Girl, '43-'44-'46-'47, North Cadet Corps, '43-'44, Letter Club, '46-'47, Glee Club, '43-'44, Honor Society, '45-'46, Attendent, Football Sponsor, '46 AUDREY D RROW Mast Athletic G' '4 - sect '46, ,P is ff, '-ts. Vice-President, Ho e R l f wpfjitf IAMES C. DICKEY Most Studious Boy, Freshman Class, '44-'45, Honor Society, '45-'46-'47, Treasurer, '46-'47, Honor Roll, '43- '44-'45-'46-'47, Company Commander, R.O.T.C., '46-'47, Football, '46, Most Sludious Boy, '46-'47, Ritle Team, '45-'46, Attended Fifth Annual Honor Volunteer Boys State, '45, Assistant Art Editor, POLARIS Staff, '46-'47, Sl lllll THOMAS ALVINE DOZIER Dramatlcs Club, '45, Football, "B" Team, '45, Football "A" Team, '46, Basketball, '45-'46-'47, Sportswrlter, North Star, '45-'46, National Honor Society, '46-'47, Corporal, R.O.T.C., '45-'46, Letter Club, '46, Track Team, '46, Honor Roll, '45-'46-'47, POLARIS Statt, '47, Student Council, '46-'47, Rifle Team, '45-'46, Senior Class Hlstorlan, '47. CONNIE FRI MANN Senior Girl Reserves, '44-'45-'46, RICHARD I.. GREEN Neatest Boy, '43-'44, Band, '43.'44. '45-'46, R. O. T. C., '43-'44-'45-'46, Treasurer, H1-Y Club, '43-'44, Presi. dent, Courtesy Club, '45-'46, Honor Roll, '43-'45-'46, T and I Club, '46- '47: Most Dtgnltted Boy, '46-'47, Basketball "B" Team, '45-'46, Assist- ant Sports Edltor, North Star, '45. '46 THOMAS EDWARD IACKSON Football Team, '43-'44-'45-'46, Letter Club, '45-'46, R.O.T.C., '42-'43-'44-'45, Lieutenant, '44-'45, Rifle Team, '44- '45. THOMAS BRUCE IOHNSON Superlatlve, Freshman Class, '44' H1-Y Club, '44, Student Council, '45, R.O.T.C., '44-'45, Spanish Club, '46, Vtce-President, Student Body, 46, Superlative, '47. lZlASS WALLACE LINDY FREEMAN Baseball, '44-'45-'46, LSN82 Club, '45-'46, Superlallve, '44i Glo. Club. '45-'46. WILLIAM D. FULLER. ll. T and I Club, Chapter V, '45-'46, President, Ht-Y Club, '43. BETTY JEAN HARPER Honor Roll, '44, Girl Reserves, '43- '44-'45-'46, Secretary, '47, Library Club, '43-'44-'45-'45, Cadet COYPW '43-'44, Newspaper Club, '46-'47, Superlatlve, '43-'44. IIMMY IENNEITE Football, '43-'44-'45-'46, Balketball, '44-'45-'46-'47, lnterscholastlc Leaquo Basketball Championship Team, '45, Baseball, '44-'45-'46-'47, Interscho- lastic League Baseball Champion- ship Team, '45-'46, Iunlor Htqh Basketball Championship, '43, All Tournament Selection, '43, Treas- urer, Home Room, '43, Most Hand- some Boy, '43, R.O.T.C., '44-'45, Vice-President, Iunior Class, '45, Vice-President, Home Room, '45, President, Letter Club, '45-'46, Sec- retary, Letter Club, '47, President, Senior Class, '46-'47, All-Star Foot- ball Game, '46, Sportswrlter, North Star, '46-'47, Most Popular Boy, '47, Candidate for Hume Award, '46-'47, Senior High Chorus, '46-'47. ANN ELIZABETH IONB Iunior Girl Reserves, '43-'44, Presi- dent, Glrl Reserves, '46-'47, Honor Society, '46-'47, Honor Roll, '43-'44- '45-'46- 47, Girl Reserves, '45-'46-'47, Typist, POLARIS, '47. Sl lllll IUSTINE JONES President, Iunior Hiqh Girl Ref serves, '43g Most Popular Girl, '43y Ofiice Start, f44-'45-'46-'47g President, Sophomore Home Room, '44: Senior Htqh Girl Reserves, '44-'45-'46-'47p Proqrain Chairman, Senior Girl Re- scrves, '46-'47, Honor Society, '46- 47: Attendant to Miss North Hiqh, 47- Will-Maker, POLARIS, '46'47. MARTHA HELEN IONES President, Freshman Class, '43-'44, Girl Most Likely to Suuceed, '43, 44: Girl Reserves, '43-44345346-'47, Secretary, '45-'46: Secretary, Iuniox Class, '45-'46y Honor Society, '45- 46, President Honor Society, '46: Feature Writer, North Star, '45-'46, Co-Editor, '46-'47: Library Stafi, '44, 451467 POLARIS Start, '46-'477 Cheerleader, '46-'477 Secretary, Senior Class, '46-'47q Most Studious Girl, '46-'47, Vice-President, Home Room, '46-'47: Honor Roll, '43-'44-'45f'4B 517- Class Poet, '47 IOE KING Member Student Council, '44, Mr-in ber Art Club, '45' R,O.T.C., 45 '46, HANSEI. KRANTZ basketball, Iunior Hiqh Lllraurps, All Tournament, '43: Senior Basket- ball, '44-'45-'46y interscholastic Lea- que Basketball Championship Team, 455 "B" Team Runnerup, '457 Base ball, '45'46: lnterscholastic League Baseball Championship Team, '45, '467 Letter Club, '44-'454'46: Presi- dent, Home Room, '44: Vir-e-Presi- dent, '457 R.O,T.C., '44-'455 Cntest Boy, '46-'47. MARTHA LEE Gleo Club, '42-'43g Courtesy Club, 45146: Senior Girl Scouts, '46-'47, U ZUM14'-41' 'V ,br C f as. -tg:--'-v 1, y -ev im'- ' x Km r 'Gr- lIlASS MARGARET MONTEIN IONES Sr-rrtary, Home Room, Freshman Class, '43g Most Studious Girl, '43: Courtesy Club, '44-'457 Secretary, Home Room, lunior Class, '457 Honor Soviety, '45-'46-'47, Vive President, Honor Soriety, '46g Bible Club, '45g Crrvulation Manaoer, North Star, '45-'46-'47p Girl M051 Likelyito Succeed, '46g Honor Roll, 43-'44-'-T5-'46-'47g Literary Editor, POLARIS, 47, IULIAN EARL KEATON Prrsident, Sophomore Class, '43g Football, '44-'45-'-16: Basketball "B" Team, '44: R.O.T.C., '43-'44-'45-'46 '47, Captain, '45-'4bg Student Court oil, 44 WALLACE R. KINKADE HieY Club, 435 Boy Most Likely fo Sur,-feed, '44g Maror, lunior Servicw Army, '43-'44: Hiqh School Chorus. '43-'464477 R.O.T.C., '44-'45-'46, Sqt., 45-'46, Rifle Team, '45-'-46: Trea- surer, Honor Society, '45-46: News! paper Start, '46-'47: Honor Roll, '43- 44145346-'47: Most Handsome Boy, '47- POLARIS Staff, '46-'47, MARY IUDE LEAVER Fiansferred from Calhedinl. IAMES B. MADDEN R1.lf- Team, '44-'45-'46-'477 Staff Sqt., 46, Ist Sqt., R.O.T.C., '47, Honor Roll, '43-'44-'45. Sl Illll CHARLES H. MANNERS Vl:e-President, Home Room, '44: Sql., R.O.T.C., '44, Tech Sqt., '45- '46-'47g Rifle Team, '44-'47g Honor Roll, '43-'44-'1-15: Honor Society, '46: Major, Iunior Service Army, '43: Assistant Art Editor, POLARIS, '46-'47. FRED TONY MITCHELL. IR. Hi-Y Club, '43, High School Chorus, '43-'46-'477 R.O.T.C., '44--'45-'46: Sqt., Rifle Team, '43-'46, Student Council, 437 Newspaper Staff, '46-'47: PO- LARIS Start, '46-'47, IANENE NOFI-'SINGER Treasurer, Sophomore Home Room. 45: Cadet Corps, '43-'44, Glee Club, '43-'44, Secretary, Dramatic Club, '45p Iunior Service Army, '44-45: Girl Reserves, '44-'45-'46-'47: Secre- tary, Home Room, '46-'47, Wittiest Girl, '43-'46, Business Manager, North Star, '46-'47, Typist, North Star, '46-'47: Member, Senior Ac- tivity: Assistant Photographer, PO- LARIS Staft, '46-'47: Library Statt, '43-'44. BETTY IEAN PARDUE Glee Club, '43-'447 Courtesy Club, 44-'45, Honor Society, '45-'46p T and I Club, '46-'477 Secretary, '46- 47: Prophet, '46-'47, SHELTON PILKINTON Football, '44-'45g R.O.T.C., '44-'45 46: Lieutenant, '46y Rifle Team, '4S. 'K 1 Sew: . I s, , ice. in Hit 1 E5 We L 1 W? iii! .sf ISIASS IEAN ELIZABETH MEDLEY Honor Roll, '43-'44-'45-'46-'47, Honor Society, '44-'45-'46-'47, Secretary, 46-47, Band, '44-'45-'46-'47, Girl Re- serves, '44-'45-'46-'47, Devotional Chairman, Inter-Club Council, '45- 46g Vice-President, Senior Y-Teens, '46-'47g Secretary, Inter-Club Coun- till, '46-'47, President, Sophomore Home Room, '44-'45, Library Staff, '43-'44-'45, Cadet Corps, '44-'45g Student Government, '43-'44, Girl With Best School Spirit, '44-'47p Co- Editor, North Star, '46-'47g Chair- man, Student English Committee, '46-'47y Vice-President, Senior Class, '4b-'47: Editor, POLARIS Staff, '46- jo 41 AJ-'-X23 JM1W'iVl""' VIRGII. ELWOOD NIPPER Football, '43-'44-'45-'46p All-Star Foot- ball, '46, Basketball, '43-'44-'46-'47, Championship Basketball Team, '44, Baseball, '44-'45-'46-'477 Champion- ship Baseball Team, '45-'46, All- Nashville Baseball, '46, Iunior High Basketball, '42, President, Home Roorn, '46: Sports Editor, POLARIS Staff, 46-'47 ALBERTA ODUM Company Sponsor and Captain of R.O.T.C., '45-'46-'47y Tumbling Club, '45-'46: Co-Captain, All-Star Cheer- leader, '46-'47p Secretary-Treasurer, Student Council, '46-'477 Office Staff, '46-'47, Most Popular Girl, '46-'47, Attendant to Miss North High, '47, Assistant Literary Editor, POLARIS, '46-'47. BOBBYE K. PARDUE Honor Roll, '43-'44-'45-'46-'47, Read- ing Club, 43-'44, Girl Reserves, '44-'45-'46-'47, Orange High School, N. I., '45-'46, Most Diqnified Girl, '46-'47, Feature Editor, North Star, '46-'47y Associate Editor, POLARIS, '47: Office Staff, '47, HAY RECTOR Football, '43-'44-'45, Basketball, '43- '44-'45-'-ltig Championship Basketball, V451 Baseball, '45-'46-'477 Champion- ship Baseball, '45-'46, President, Home Room, '45g Best All-Around Boy, Freshman Class, '43, Letter Club, '45-'46-'47: Golf, '46-'47: Chorus, '45-'46-'47: Sgt., R.O.'I'.C., '43-'44-'45. 3., . Pmwflffg ext ' -'mr '- 4 2 '-mf-7------ Q g ' ' my ' , s AXCHARD ROTHMAN 7 ---' ' DONALD E. SAUNDEHI Honor Roll, '43-'44-'45-'46g Hi-Y Club, ' A-,lg , 1 lil, --4.: R,O,T,C,, '45.'46.'47. '44, Honor Society, '45-'46-'47: T .ji -J " and 1 ciub, '45-'46-'47y state vice- , 5 ' it . President T and 1 Club, '46-'47, ' N Vice-President, Local Chapter, '46. tu , , :" ' ' W- fa ' ' . Q 3" xl MATTIE IRENE SCHURER 'Z CARL SCHU11 HOHOI' R0l'l, 313-234-'fi5-':15: Girl Re- Best All-Round Boy, '43-'44: Vice- SBFVGI. 143: 44l- 4? 45- 47: I Honor President, Freshman Class, '43-'44, 5OCi9tY. 44-45-45-47:lTYPlSt. PO- ' Iunior Hiqh Basketball, '43-'44, I-ARIS SMH. 47- X Football, '43-'44-'45-'46y Basketball, u I, ' yy, "B" Team, '44-'45-'46p Most Am- -. I bitious Boy, '46-'47g Bachelor of Uqliness, '47. . A 3' at ! . t 5 if .. ,,, BETTYE FRANC SEARS Girl Reserves, '43"44-'45-'46, Band, '43-'44-'45-'46, Senior High Chorus, '46-'47: Vice-President, Home Room, '43: Cheerleader, '46-'47, R.O.T.C, Sponsor, '46-'47, BETTY IO SNEED Tumbllnq Club, '43-'44: Girl Scouts, '45-'46-'47, Honor Society, '46-'47. 1 0' 7Q2ff'J' G. L. THOMAS Basketball "B" Team, '45-'46, Hi-Y Club, '43: R.O,T.C., '44-'45f'46: Rille Club, '45p T and I Club, '46, Vice- President, Home Room, '44, . QQ Y Nw t 15 ,Q 1 I ' if -'NP VKWPN GENEVA ANN SHEARON Honor Roll, '43-'44-'45-'46-'47p Honor Society, 45-'46-'47, Girl Reserves, '43-'44-'45-'46-'477 Treasurer, '45-'46: Best All-Round Girl, '43-'44-'46-'47g Band, '43-'44-'45: Band Festival, '43- '44-'45g Cheerleader, '46-'47: Office Staff, '45-'46-'47, Typist, North Star, '46-'47, Lt., H.O,T.C., '46-'47y Letter Club, '46-'47, Attendant to Football Sponsor, '46, Will-Maker, POLARXS Staff, '46-'47, MARY I0 STONE Secretary, Freshman Class, '44g Girl Reserves, '44-'46-'47: Llbrartl Staff. '43-'44-'45g Cadet Corps, '44-'45: Glee Club, '43-'44, Reporter, North Star, '46-'477 Daintiest Girl, '46-'47f Assistant Literary Editor, POLARIS, 47, VIRGINIA THOMAS Secretary, Bible Club, '45: High School Chorus, '45: Newspaper Club, '45, Band, '45-'46: Dramatic Club, '46-'47, Most Bashful Girl, '47, Sl Illll LELAND THOMPSON Basketball, '43-'44p President Home Room, Sophomore Class, '44, R.O.T.C, '44-'45g Student Council, '46y Rifle Team, '45. I EAN WADE Senior Chorus, '45-'46, National Musi? Clinic, '45, Girl Reserves, '43-'44-'45-'46-'47, Devotional Chair- man, Girl Reserves, '46-'47, Feature Editor and Typist, North Star, '46- '47, Band, '43-'44-'45-'46: Middle Tennessee Band Festival, '43-'44-'45: POLARIS Start, '46-'47: Member Senior Activity, '46-'47, Honor Roll, '43, Most Ambitious Girl, '47, SAMUEL EUGENE WALLACE Major, R.O.T.C,, '46-'47g Lieut., '45- '46g R,O.'I'.C., '44-'45-'46-'47: Presi- dent, Home Room, '45-'46, Football, '45-'46-'47: Student Council, '45-'46: Baseball, '44-'45-'46, Newspaper Staff, '46-'471 Letter Club, '46-'47, THOMAS WEBB Wittiest Boy, '477 North Star, '46: Major, Iunior Service Army, '43- '44: Student Council, '44, Courtesy Club, '45-'46: Safety Council, '43y Honor Roll, '44-'45: R.O.T.C., '44- '45-'46p Vice-President, Home Room, '44: Library Staff, '43: Rifle Team, ,got- Q . ,, ,- sa" 4 tt x 'gl lZlASS GEORGE VAUGHN Basketball, '43 - '44 - '45 - '46 - '47g Championship Basketball, '44, Iunlor High Basketball, '427 Football, '45- '46: Track, '43-'44-'45-'46g Letter Club, '43-'44-'45-'46-'47: Best A11- Round Boy, '46-'47g R.O.T.C., '44- '45-'46: Assistant Business Manaqer, POLARIS, '46-'47, PAUL WAGGONER Football, '41-'42-'43: Basketball, '42- '43, Vice-President, "N" Club, '46y U. s. Navy, '44-'45-'46, Neatest Boy, '46-'47. ZELBERT WEAKLEY Art Club, '43-'447 R.O.T.C., '43-'44- '45-'-46: Honor Society, '46, Rifle Club, '43. WILLIAM ELVIN HOFFMAN R.O.T.C., '43-'44-'45: Travel Club, '44g Baseball, '44g Football, '44-'457 Letter Club, '44-'47, Track Team, 45: Army, '45-'46-'47. 45. '. O A - , in' 11- 'in ,f . . 0 SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES Robert Eclqinq lames Harmon Rufus LaRue Leroy Scott Albert Friedmann Dan Hayes Wallace Reed dbhyl' Y Iv- f .N,, ,L Q Q- 'Sr- MARKJAQ-U Mimi' EPLJLXE .VDHNSON C1vH.1mv 11:-,N If -.M - ur A 3 11 -'Av F,11Ffi"'k V-1121 1 9 -1-iw.,-M14 A .LAN JJAUF M ,AMW .yr-. 'uv - VIRGINIA 7Hf'1rw1AS MQMB4-.nM.1CJ.'u Bo.r.1Qf.+l.-Q , To my SIIPHHATIVES I 4..- 1 an W , .. ' L ji .. 1 Q NM ' Y DUNKAUE ALBERTA awww JKMMN JE!-KMNFTY! ' f' " -mf ww Hay Maxi Populm Gid mga- Um A, w My ! L I f f- . i rv ' 'E . L: f V 'K v " ff. my ..... . 8 K ' . . '4 ' , 4' . :www f-mm MAPMA JQNFS JAMES DlCKfY . ' ii qw 4.1 A BU, WL- ,wdmm ibm Mm: inudicyn Fey 3.5 bf ' Q Wu E' f Q: FAM SCHUTT Mm: Anulmnmus Soy l A W wg ' M... 'fl' f .. Q Q VIRGIL NIPPER Mosi Afhlc-Nc Boy AUDRFY DMZROW Mm Am.-Mc Girl ' QW' k af- f-Q.....,,Q A .1.,. m . .:': E 4" V '53 . , . 4 m 1' C U . A 4 1 A , X A MARY Jo STONE PAUL WAGGONGR MH VON BARNES Mod Bffm... Boy Dainflssi Girl Neafesi-Qoy .3 I re l X. x L . ,EAN '.1?"F.H 'VWBFH' RUROFSS 'rx -rv FM ff 5 my-1 Mp-1 v Rm . fn ew- Rf sv '-umm! bph -1 it. X ge g. ANN SHFARON GEORGE VAUGHN B- ' AI' Poqrwd Girl Bn? AIl.Round Boy 5 1 ,., .I 5 JANENE NOFFSINQER 'fomm when Wifilesf Girl W?QfIos4 Boy SJ f L MARY Lui BURNS HANSEL KRANTZ C-mm Girl Cum' 301 pw. .Rm W,,fM Q MISS NORTH HIGH BACHELOR OF UGLINESS MARY LEE BURNS CARL SCHUTT COURT SCENE Left lo Right: Gene Wallace. Sara lo Chapman, Paul Waggener, Mary Lee Burns, Carl Schuli, Iustine Jones, limmy Iennette, and Alberta Odum. 19 HIIIIIZUS Youthful eyes are turning To higher things in life, Desire is always burning With the lceenness ol ci knite. Standing on a hilltop, With dawn iust breaking through One sees success with brightness Blossorning anew. Outlined against the blue skies The golden clouds appear Winging their way Y-like sailboats With happiness each year. Happy days ot high school Kind teachers, helping all Having fun together Laughing at a lallg Pushing ever forward We've lett these joys behind, Still keeping all the knowledge For kindling of the mind. Eyes are always turning To the little things that count Looking past so many tears Past want and greed and doubt, To a path that's bright and shiny, Which leads to days ot ioy A tar-off goal worth reaching By every girl and boy. MARTHA HELEN IONES anus won: smnrs mn Swnnmzs 1-i , X 4' 'ii X :naw N , g I . ...: Y ,xg gs Q 5 SO DID THE BOYS 4 'N LOAFERS TOO . . . ,. ,5- 'ffm .az ,bg X, Qi-. uv , -fs, ..v yg ,M .MQ ,-Q H3 MVA. dw f Q3 it ' ofimr il W J Cl-IE5'lBRYIEI.D COATS I 25 ai' 5 5? g iii Sl Illlt MASS PIIIIPHHZY One day, while wandering through the heath in the Moorlands, I chanced upon a cave. Wondering, I en- tered. There I found three witches hovering about a fire over which hung a small black pot. They were ugly, bearded creatures dressed in tattered garments. Screened by a boulder at the mouth of the cave, I heard them muttering among themselves. First Witch: "When shall we three meet again, in thunder, lightning, or in rain and whom shall we await?" Second Witch: "Ere the set oi sun." Third Witch: "Where the place?" First Witch: "Here!" Second Witch: "To meet with Betty." At this I forgot my fear and entering said, "Speak if -you can. What are you?" First Witch: "All hail, Betty! Graduate of North Nash- ville High! Class of I947!" "How know you these things? Tell me more," I cried. First Witch: "We are but creatures from the realm of darkness. What would you know?" "Why-er-uh-what has happened to all my class- mates?" Second Witch: "Shall we tell her?" Third Witch: "Oh, fair is foul and foul is fair: Hover through the fog and filthy air." Here the three figures drew nearer the fire. Into the pot each dropped a handful of leaves t?l. Over it the old cranes commenced their incantation of "Double trouble! Boil and Bubble!" The pot began to boil mer- rily. I am not sure what happened next: but, over that pot I saw a vision. It is still as clear to me as if I were just seeing it. I remember exclaiming, "Why, it's a grocery store, William Fuller's Super Market, and who is that waiting to be served? It's Mrs. Ianene Baskin and Mrs. Mary Leaver Lyle. "More, more," I cry as the vision vanishes. I vaguely hear them muttering, "Double trouble! Boil and Bubble!" This time a business office appears. Yes, there's Martha Lee and Betty Harper. Behind them is their boss. It's Virginia Thomas! Will wonders never cease? The vision blurs. Next, I see a photographer's studio. There's Tony Mitchell taking snaps of that famous Power's Model, Bobbye Pardue. And lurking behind in the shadows is that wolf of a bookkeeper, Richard Green. Now, it's a hospital. No! I am not sure. Oh! it's the Central State Hospital. I often thought a few people I have known belonged there. I believe I recognize the doctors. They are Richard Rothman, M. D. and Robert Burgess, M. D. Their pretty red-haired nurse is Margaret Iones. I wonder who the patients are? Sam Crocker and Ray Rectorkmy goodness! "Don't stop," I beg. "That can't be all." Red buttons? What are-oh, a telephone switchboard! There's Dorothy Bradley and Betty Sears. Quick! Let's listen. Who's on the wire? Why it's Wallace Kinkade talking. "Martha, be sure and have the twins clean for dinner. I'm bringing home guests. Now, don't start worrying. They're old friends, Miss Ann Shearon and Mrs. Alberta Brown. Mrs. Brown is bringing Chucky, Ir., as company for the twins." The connection is broken on his " 'Bye, darling." I turned to the crones who were edging away from the fire. "This can't be all of them. You mustn't stop!" The old crone whom I have designated as the First Witch put another handful of leaves C?l into the pot, mumbling all the while, "Double trouble! Boil and Bub- blel" What's this I see next? Looks like a rally of some sort. It's election day in Mississippi and the rival can- didates for governor are Gene Wallace and Earl Kea- ton. There's Iean M. Wallace leading a cheering sec- tion and I do believe that's Mary Io Stone trying to keep down the booing whenever Earl gets up. She's keeping books at B. Iohnson's Drugstore. Now, I see an airport. There's the pilot, Mattie Schurer, waving to us. Wonder who's on board. Why, there's Ann and Iustine Iones. I hear Ann is playing violin solos with Sammy Kaye and that Iustine is hap- pily married. I see Mrs. Audrey Vaughn. I imagine George was too busy making doughnuts to get away. The Services are well represented on this flight. Here are Ensigns Halton Manners and Iames Madden argu- ing with Sergeant James Dickey and Paul Waggener who is now a civilian. I'd like to know who wins? We're coming in for a landing. Why, it's La Guardia Field and I see Sara Io Nipper down there to meet us. While waiting for a taxi we get to swapping the latest gossip. She had just seen Mrs. Mary Lee Fitzgerald and Mrs. Connie Mathis talking to Shelton Pilkerton and G. L. Thomas the other day. They had come up to the big city on a vacation from Dury' , I believe. I hear that Tommy Webb is looking for a partner. Now that the war is over, there are plenty of cigarette butts down at Sulphur Dells and the job is too much for him. "Strl-i-ke three and you're out!" Iimmy Iennette really knows his ball. Virgil Nlpper and -Carl Schutt are on base and the grand stands are roaring. fWe had trouble getting that taxi: so we arrived latel. Rooting for them is Hansel Krantz and a traveling salesman by the name of Lindburgh Freeman. Hansel is managing the New York Yankees. I see that famous surgeon, Bo Bardlll, over ln the stands. On the way out we stop at Bud La Rue's piewagon. Hm-ml They're good. En- joying them are Zelbert Weakley and Donald Saunders. Opening night on Broadway! I passed that million- aire, Milton Barnes, ln the lobby of the theater. And who happens to have seats next to me but Tommy Dozier escorting a beautiful blonde. The play is Hamlet. The stars are lean Wade and "Popeye" Barnes. What? The sign says, "Cars washed and greased Sl.00. Elvin Hoffman, Proprietor." My taxi swishes to a stop for gas. The pump attendant is Charles I.. .Thomp- son. l'd never have known him: he was so covered with grease. A car comes in behind us. It is driven by Ioe King. Those kids of his screaming their heads off get on my nerves. As we drive away another car pulls in driven by Albert Friedman. I am certain I saw Betty Io Sneed in the back seat. They must be getting back from the Notre-Dame-Navy game. The vision fades: the witches vanish. I find myself seated again behind my desk at National Life. It was fun while lt lasted. Au revolrl lASl Wllll IIHSIAMEI ln as much as we, Robert Burgess, Iustine Iones and Ann Shearon, having more or less successfully passed long and laborious years at North, and now realizing that our many classmates, having undergone similar trials, are due some special compensation and dispen- sation do bequeath to them the following things. There- fore, in the presence of these witnesses sound fn mind t?l and body, and in solemn realization of our respon- sibility we do, therefore, leave to our fellow classmates these things, with our blessing and our confidence in their appropriateness. FIRST: To our successors, the Iuniors, we bequeath our many senior privileges, our enthusiasm for sports. dances, and outings, and above all the quiet dignity which we, as seniors, have possessed. SECOND: To the Sophomores, we bequeath our abili- ty to bluff the Faculty, roam the corridors, and accom- plish any task which may be set before us. THIRD: To the Freshmen, we bequeath our superior intelligence, our willingness to work, and our school spirit. g FOURTH: To the Junior High School, we bequeath our knowledge of the world and of life, and our extreme devotion to any program or activity which is being carried on in school in the hope that said program br activity will help them later on in their high school life. FIFTH: To the Faculty, we bequeath our thanks for the happiness and memories they have given u dur- ing the past four years in the hope that they will re- member us forever. LASTLY: We do hereby nominate and appoint all students at North as executors, without bond, of this our last will and testament. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, We have hereto subscribed our ,names this fourth day of Iune, in the year of our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty-seven. fSignedl. ROBERT BURGESS IUSTINE IONES ANN SHEARON WHEREFORE ,We do hereby affix our names as wit- nesses that the above has been duly drafted and that the makers thereof have given each beneficiary their personal consideration. Witnesses: IIMMY JENNETTTE HANSEL KRANTZ Name William Bardill Milton Barnes Robert Barnes Robert Burgess Sam Crocker James Dickey Thomas Dozier Lindy Freeman William Fuller Richard L. Green Elvin Hoffman . Thomas Jackson Jimmy Jennette Bruce Johnson . Earl Keaton . . Joe King . . Wallace Kinkade Hansel Krantz . Bud LaRue . . James Madden . Halton Manners Tony Mitchell . Virgil Ntpper . Shelton Pilktnton Bay Rector . . Richard Rothman Carl Schutt . G. L. Thomas . Leland Thompson George Vaughn Paul Waggoner Gene Wallace Tommy Webb Zelbert Weakley Dorothy Bradley Mary Lee Burns Sara Jo Chapman . Audrey May Darr OW Connie Mai Friedman , Betty Jean Harper Ann Jones Justine Jones Margaret Jones Martha Helen Jones Mary Leaver . Martha Lee . . Jean Elizabeth Medley . Janene Noffsinger . Alberta Odum Betty Pardue . Bobbye Pardue . Mattie Schurer Bettye Sears . Ann Shearon . Betty Sneed . Mary Jo Stone Virginia Thomas Jean Wade . Will His His His His His His His His His His His His His His His His The His His His His His His His His His His His His Hts His His His His love for football to the next poor sucker . "C's" to Wilmoth Bishop . . crooning voice to Bud Clark . . . . love for basketball to Charlie Birk . . bass voice to "Daddy Butler" . . , scholastic ability to Jackie Foster . . good looks to Leo Heer . curly hair to "Socks" . . . . regular attendance in school to Sidney Melvin height to Cynthia Jones .,.. , ability to play first base to Ernie Williams . tackle position to Leo Heer ...., , typing speed to Miss Dickens . ability to jerk sodas to Charles Scott -. handsome looks to Carl . grades to his sister . . first table in 'the library to Buddy and Dot Patterson. cue-stick manipulation to t-larold Frensley English book to Jean Bruce . . R.O.T.C. record to "Fergy" Ferguson , singing ability to Robert Barnes . . drive-r's license to Thomas Page . love for sports to Argo Cobb . . grades to Roy , , . . . . shootin' eye to Richmond Price . . the bus to Ellis Hale chasing position on football team to Albert Regg, Jr. . chair in Miss Slonecker's room to Sam Cobb . football ability to Abe Palmer . . . ability to play sports to nephew, Edward . speed to Sam Cobb . . height to Argo Cobb . . power over women to Bay Hampton seat in English to Ross Butler Shortness to Velma York . . . . . Black hair and brown eyes to Edith Grove . Her Her Her Her Her Her Her Her Her Her Her Her Her Her Her Her Her Her Her Her Her Her superlative honor to Helen Floyd . ability and love of sports to Nadine Goolsby . height to Virginia Seigler . . . . . hair to her sister ..,,. . . . bottle of proxide to "Little Man" Yunker . intelligence to Shot Gun ,... , "A's" in English to Ernest Hodges position on cheering squad to Cynthia Jones . dimples to Velma York ..4., . . shorthand book to her sister, Ruth . . . excitement and love of her senior year to a future B9l'llOl' . .,..... . , eyes to Mildred Overton ........ place on the cheering squad to Minnie Mai Barnes , , ........ , . . good grades to her brother, Russell . . height to Gary Binkley ....,. . ability to tell jokes to "Chickie" Rowes . . height to Allan Pinson ....,, clean f?J saddle oxfords to Joyce Lane love for North High to future students eyes to Jean Gaebler ,... B Spanish book to Peggy Woodside love of Shakespeare to Betty Larkin 24 Fame Bolts On Ability to play football Sense of Humor . . Ability to croon Weight . . . Red hair . . R.O.T.C, ability . . Knowledge of history Baseball ability . . Being absent Curly hair . . Ability to argue . Strength .... Athletic ability . Laughter . . . , Wolf calls ..... Ability to get along with people Appearance ,.,, Pleasing personality . Nose .... Ability in English . Witticism . . Photography . . . Ability in sports . . . Ability to get along with people Height ..... . Ability to be an Orator . Green shirt ,.,. Satirical remarks "A" model Ford Disposition . . Demure personality . Haircut 4.... , Ability to write "Drip Strip Ability to get along with Slonecker . . . Quietness . . . . Being "Miss North High" . Shining eyes ..., Ability to play basketball Blue eyes ,..,. Broken ankle . . . Ability to play the violin . Big mouth ..... Ability to make "A's" . Friendly personality Love for history . . . Ability to learn shorthand Ambftions ..... The ring on her third left hand .... Glowing tresses . if Miss finger, Ability to learn Red hair . Ability fo talk ...,. Ability to make a "touchdown" Green eyes , . Basketball ability . Neatness , . . Quiet nature . Ability to be an actress Appearance Lazy. . Careful Excited Short . Cheerful Smart Country . Neat . indifferent Tired Average Rugged . Carefree . Mischievous Vain. . Friendly Handsome . Cute. . Roguish Intelligent Carefree Passable . Easy . . Satisfied , Nonchalant Ambitious Pleaslng . WittY , . Undecided Slim Neat Late Jolly . Mischievous Shy Dashing Poised . . Good-natured Modest Bashful Reserved Daring Studious Diligent . Contented . Timfd . Dainty . Attractive Contented , Self-controlled Dignified . Satisfied. , Gay. . , Happy-go-lucky Athletic . Neat. . Shy . At ease Favorite Saying .. Beats heck outa me" "Hl, neighborl" . "Hello, honey1" Tough stuff!" "Beats me, buddy boy" Times-a-wastin' " , "Hellol beautiful" . , "Death takes a holiday" I am sleepy" . . "Hl, "SfLlaml " .. "Hellol People" "Why?" . . "Gosh" . . "Check boys" . "Well, l'll bel" Confound" . Thanks" . . Watcha say?" . . , Ayvf--Fizzle Sprung" Do it yourself and see how you like it" . . . , 1. n .1 "Aln't that pitiful" , "Hi, Buddy!" "Hi, Neighbor" , "Aw, Shucks" , "Oh, no" . "Eh, what" . Confound" , .1 Aln't none of you got nothing to do with it" . , "Hi, Clit" ..., . . Now walt a minute, lean" Your fodder's mustache" , Hi, There" . . . . "Well, I don't know" "Oh, golly". . . "How are you? "Seen George?" . "Evenin' friend" , Why, Mary lol" . Shut up" . , "I betcha" , ..Hi.. n 1. .n .1 ff H Oh Heavens!" "Oh, Yeah!" . "Hl, neighbor" , , . "I thought I would die" . 1. One can never tell' , "Are you kiddin'?" "Open the door, Richard!" , "Hi, Kid!" , , . Beats me1" . Gee, tanks pal!" , .. ff .1 .1 Hi, neighbor . . "Golly, ding dong!" "Gee-Whiz!" HHH.. I l'm so sorry" . Aln't that some' um" . , . Hey, boyl " , . . Greatest Ambition To become a surgeon To make millions .,.. To be a good popular singer To be as tall as Ioe Casey . To be a "pro" baseball player To retire from the Army in 1977 To play college football . To be a "pro" baseball player To sleep all day .... To become a successful bookkeeper To beawriter. . . , , To be the man that comes around To become a "pro" baseball player , To cram a soda down a 9 o'clock customer To be an Army officer . To never be in the Army To be an electrical engineer , To be a "pro" baseball player , To buy a pie wagon . . Career in the Service . , To retire from the Navy in 1967 To photograph Bathing Beauties a "pro" baseball player To be To be a street cleaner . . . To be a "pro" baseball player . To be President of Davis, Bradford, and Corson To be janitor at St. Cecelia . To own a large lake . , To be a motor mechanic To own my own business To finish high school . . To become a politician To be president . . . To get the ?? Kilroy . , To have a good job . . . To become Mrs. Fitzgerald . To be happy ,,.. To be "Mrs. George" . To become Mrs. Mathis To be a good secretary To play in a dance band Not to have to go to college To be a nurse . . . . To weigh 102 , . . To be a school teacher . . To be a secretary . , . To visit in Water Valley, Miss. , To learn to make biscuits . To become a nurse . . . To be able to get along with people . To be a model ...,.,. To be a pilot . . To get out of school .... To have curly hair when it rains E. To see a Notre Dame football game . To be a good bookkeeper To go to college . . . . . To star in a production at the Community Playhouse , . . . . . 25 Usually Found Winter's Drug Store Anywhere but home Singing .,... At a basketball game . "Bill's" Place . . When? . At C, M. I. , . 20th Century , . Remington Rand . Coca Cola Bottling Company 20th Century ..... Bowling Alley . , 20th Century . , Carlisle Drug Company Down at "I-lenry's" , On his bicycle' With Mott . . 20th Century . Morgan Park . Hunting and Fishing Hunting and Fishing tfor girlsj Darkroom tdeveloping picturesl With Sara Jo . . In Sidney's car . 20th Century . . Chasing the Bus . In his terraplane car . . , At a high-class Billard Lounge In Madison, Tenn. . At Audrey's house 20th Century 20th Century Telling Iokes? Bill's Place . Around home . . With Buddy . . . 1303 Tenth Ave. N. . . With George at Irbie's , . In a '41 Ford with H. M. At home reading a book . Drugstore . . . . in 109 Talking . . . . At home, 1505 Arthur . With Wallace . , . Roaming the halls . At home .... Anywhere in school . . . Talking to Fred on the phone With Chucky Brown . . Fourth floor at National Lite , Walking through the halls Winter's Drug Store . . . Wandering in halls . Writing letters .,.. At any basketball game , With Raymond Iohnson Wandering , . Community Playhouse , Nickname HBO.. ..I' Bl.. "Popeye" "Pat" "Gerald" uhm.. 1. .1 Future Farmer Free Free" "Killer" Ooen the door Richard" Inlluence" "Big lack" "Nose" .. Brucie" Canvas Back" Hloey.. "Wally" "I-lots" Nose" LaRue Fessor" fProf.l "Duke" "Iunior" ..Nip,. "Uncle Click" "Tall'Pap" "Einstein" HC. S... .1 Louie" Tommy" .. Governor" " Proc ' ' .. Genie-Boy ' ' "Von Webber" "Zeke" "Shortie" Gypsy" .nloeu "Kid-Darrow" "Caldonia" "Crip" "Arm" "Sissy" Teena" "Mott" "Jew Baby" "Mopsie" "Dago" ..Wifey.. "Red" "Honey" Carrot Top" "Poochie" Touchdown" "Suzie" Hnock.. .. Honey" "Ginnie" "Ion" hem! as eh. , W Q ,X K5 ,wx zz - 2 I ze" QQ' xx . 5 Q 9' fue, A . 5-XE V. ,X fx if gl :V M. X 5 i E 'n Q 1 df 1 W 1 - V-:WW V' 'W I gwlm .mg wi' M ,,?K,:gyqf.:ffM3y2E"HP' 5 ij: T A-qfimfifligw Y-,WBQ S ffT9TiYf' v if Q5 LMFQQ- f , iff? M A ,,.,., ,. Aqlul .g:,. K VIRGIL NIPPER AUDREY DARROW , IANENE NOFFSINGER IEAN MEDLEY MISS MARY HALLORAN ROOM 211 orncsns President Vxce-Presidenv Secretary Treasurer .ass Advmsm SARA IO CHAPMAN MARTHA IONES ANN SHEARON . BRUCE JOHNSON . MISS EDYTHE DICKENS ROOM 204 OFFICERS PIES1d6'Ilf Vxne-Presldenr Secrelary Treasurer Class Advisor THE Jll ltllt MASS OFFICERS x'llAl-tLES ISHAM President Wlljtll-tN YUNKU1 Treasurer Al.l,AN PINSON Viva-President MISS E'l'HEl. FHIFDMAN Class Adviser t'ltYtlElTlNFf Ul.Il"'lON Seuretfrry MISS ELEANOH GRAHAM Class Adviser G, Q. LIPSCOMB 'l'he lunror Class ot l946-47 consists ot sorne ot the better known leaders ot the school. Allan Pinson, Dan Hayes, Paul Iackson, l.ilburn Yunker, Albert Koch, Iirnrny Hager wood, Wilbirrri Yunker Bud Clark, Sant Cobb, and Ernest Hodges represent the class in athletics. Members ot the Honor Society trorn this class include: Dorothy Harrison, Hattie Mai Wright, lean Hibdon, Nancy Whitley, Edith Grove, Shirley Davis, Chris- tine Clitton, Charles lshanr, Gene Youree, and Theodore Koch. Class Adviser The leaders oi several ot the school clubs corne trorn this class. Dan Hayes is president ot the Political Club. Edith Grove is president ol the Girl Scouts. Eva Tayrnon is president ot the Library Stott. Velrna York is president oi the Student Body and captain of the Senior High Cheer' ing Squad, Christine Brewington is one of the rnajorettes in the band. Charles lsharn, Velma York, George Scott, and Christine Clifton were rnenibers of the Student Council in i946 and 47. 9 ROOM 109 OFFICERS PAUL DARDEN President NADINE GOOISBY Vice-President EVELYN CUNNINGHAM Secretary EARL SMILEY TrPasur9r MISS KATHERINE MURRAY Class Adviser ROOM 107 on-'ici-:ns MARION SHEPHERD President CHARLES RAGAN ViCe'President MARIE GIVENS Ssrretary ROY PILKINTON Treasurer MRS. DIXIE PORTER Class Adviser ll E ll ll 9 9 9 ROOM 100 omcsns CHARLES BIRK President RAY PARDUE Vice--Presidi-'nt PEGGY WOODSIDE Secretary ANNA NORRIS Treasurer MRS. ARDIS LEATHERS Class Adviser ROOM 213 orrrczns DAMAHIS BEASLEY President GARY BINKLEY Vice-President MELBA WEAKLEY Secretary JOYCE LANE Treasurer MISS DORIS B. SLONECKER Class Adviser IIIESHMA lIlASS MRS. C, B. VICKEI-IS SUPERLATIVES LOLA NIPPER IO ANN WILLIAMS SUE SNEED ANN SCHUTT SYLVIA NELSON SUE BEATTY DOLORES DOWLEN CYNTHIA IONES . Mcwsl Like IVIINNIE MAE BARNES LILA ANNE CRUMP Most Athleliv Most Digniiieci RQSI School Spigit Mos! Bushiul Most Becxuiiful , Wittiesl Most Siudious , . Eriendliesl ly To Sucveerl Most Populai Best Alllrouncl Dfiiniiesl Cumsl THURMAN TAYLOR DOUGLAS SMITH RAY HAMPTON STANLEY PIERCE GARLAND ROBERTSON ERNEST WILLIAMS RERNARD VON DOI-ILEN RAYMOND MEDLEY GILBERT WILLIAMS OFFICERS RAYMOND MEDLEY Presidzfni IESSE COLE Vive-Presidem CYNTHIA IONES Swviplixiy'I'1'0Lisuw1 MRS. HENRY NANCE Lilliss Advise: MRS. ELIZABETH R. IACKSON Class Advisei fill iss Ariviso' Most Bkisliful Most Sfudious Bwst School Spirit Wittiest Most Lilwly To SUCCPPLI Friondlies' Most Atlileliv Mos! Hlvidsonie Mos! Diqnfielqi Noubst Culesf Most Popular RPS! All rmmri 'RAA- HIGH lIlASS OFFICERS LILA ANNE CRUMP ., President MILDRED CARTWRIGI-l'I', , , . Secretary'Treasure1 MRS. C. B. VICKERS . Class Adviser Back Row, left to riqht: Gilbert Williams, Thomas Bryant, Mrs. Vickers, Donald Hemmer and Billy Wallace. Second Row: Ray Hampton, Iesse Cole, Albert Reqq, Bobby Moreiield, Felix Lewis and Iames Lottin. Third Row: Barbara Cox, Dorothy Manners, Gloria Turnaqe, Dorothy Donnell, Lila llooberry and Nadine Turnaqe. Front Row: Delores Cartwright, Wilkie Poole, Lila Anne Crump, Mildred Cartwright, Shirley Luttrell, and Catherine Russell. 33 lllW IHGRAIIE OFFICERS THURMAN TAYLOR . , . President JO ANN WILLIAMS . . . Secretary-Treasurer KATIE THOMPSON . , Vice-President MRS. ELIZABETH B. JACKSON . . Class Advisor MEMBERS OF CLASS Charles Bames, Fred Clinard, Iimmy Graves, Ellis Hale. Iames Hammond, James Hardin, Eilly Hendricks, Ioe Gordon, Vernon Iohnson, Raymond Medley, Robert Osbo ne, Stanley Pierce, Garland Robertson, Paul Simpson, Billy Sinor, Douqlas Smith, Thurman Taylor, Charles Truett Bernard Von Dohlsn, Ernest Williams, Charles Woosley, Herbert Young, Mary Sue Beatty, Ernestine Fisher, Wilmx Dean Haney, Barbara lean Henry, Lorene Hudqlns, Clarabel MCGlothlin, Betty lean Montgomery, Lola Nipper Katie Thompson, Io Ann Williams, and Lucille Woodall. l l MEMBERS OF CLASS First Row, loft to right: Delores Butler, Thelma Randall, Minnie Mai Barnes, Cynthia Iones, Ann Schutt, Jean Harrison, Dorothy Ann Crump, Elise Sledge, and Doris Brain Second Row: Lois Gilbert, Violet Ann Philips, Dorothy Rediker, Sylvia lean Nelson, Sue Ellen Sneed, Betty Goolsby, Bonnie Goodwin, Ruth Richardson, and Betty Bm. ks. Third Row: Delores Dowlen, Marie Bryant, Mary Davenport, Bobbie lean Grizzle, Ioyce Baird, Dorothy Burdett, Barbara Price, Anne Ruth Lee, and Clara Price. ROOM 102 OFFICERS CYNTHIA IONES . , . . . President DELORES BUTLER Secretary-Treasurer MINNIE MAI BARNES ..,. Vice-President SUE ELLEN SNEED . . . . . Reporter MRS. NANCY NANCE 4 . . , Class Adviser 34 HIGH IIIIHIH ISIIAIII HOME ROOM PRBSIDENTS BEN CAILLOUTTE ...,.,,.. ,..... R oom 104 MARY EVELYN REGG ..... .,..... R oom 112 MISS LILLIAN GILCI-IRIST .... .... C Icxss Adviser MRS. MARY TILSON ..... ..... C Idss Adviser WILLIAM WILLIAMS ,..., ....... R oom 105 ROBERT KEEN .....,.....,..., .. 4. . .Room 212 JACK STANFILL ..,... . ..C1dss Adviser MISS ELIZABETH FERGUSON ....... C1Crss Adviser ANNIE MAI HORNER MRS. EMMA I-IEWITT HOME ROOM PRESIDENTS ..,....Room117 ODELLB1NKI.EY..,,,,........ ......Room202 .,..C1dss Adviser MRS. MARGARET C. GRAY. . . . . . . ,Clcxss Adviser GLENDA SUE BOWIE .... .....,. R com 118 IOHNNY BURROUGI-IS.. .... .,.., . Room 207 A. C. LANIER ....,.. . ,... .... C lass Adviser MISS RUTH PAY WRIGHT ........,. Clcxss Adviser 35 HIHH SEVE IH HHAHE HOME ROOM PRBSIDENTS GEORGE OWEN .....,. .,,. .,.,.... R o om 210 IEAN THOMPSON .,.,....,......... . .Room 106 MRS. IMOGENE HARPER .... .,.. C lass Adviser MISS MARGARET DOUGLAS ....... Class Adviser VIOLA ESTES ,........... ....,. R oom 218 IAMES MILLIKEN .,.....,..,... ...... R oom 110 GEORGE H. BOYLES .... ..,. C lass Adviser WILLIAM I. MULLINS .,,, .,.. C lass Adviser I' '!.'H'.'Il'r?f7f'1'. 'lf H i 1 -7 1' I K 3 VERNON WALKER .... MRS. IEANNE WEBB. . ELLEN JONES ......., MISS MAUREEN HOLT .,.. . . . DONALD STIVERS.. , HOME ROOM PRESIDENTS I ! 1 1 .. ........ Room 116 MRS. MAYME MINSKY .,...., .... C lass Adviser . . .... Ciass Adviser DUANE FOX .,..........,..... ...... R oom 214 . . . , . . . . . . .Room 113 MISS ANNA MARGARET HILL. . , . , .Class Adviser .Class Adviser PEGGY SNEED .,....,....,.... .. ...,.. Room 120 MRS. WILLIAM A. EVANS . . ......Room 203 . . . .Class Adviser IHH SEVE IH HHAHI 36 1 1 N 9509995 VELMA YORK Student Body President Velma York, an active junior, was elected president oi the student body over three other candidates representing the junior and senior classes. She is an honor student, captain ol senior hiqh cheering squad, a member of tha student council, glee club, band, and ortico staff. Velma has proved herself to be an efficient and hard-working student. The pro' grams she has sponsored for assembly have boon both entertaining and appropriate. Sllllll llillll till . OFFICERS PEGGY WCODSIDE ,piggident Cl'lAl:ll..ES lSl'lAlVl ViC9.Prggtd9nf ALBERTA ODUM Secfetgfy Cl"lAl:llVlAlNE BROWN Tyeqgufgf IACK STANFlLL Faculty Adviser On November 5, the Student Council presented an assembly program encouraging school spirit. The Council has formulated plans for a recreation room for Senior High students who have a "B" average in conduct and who are regular in attendance. Plans for the Iunior High school are being made concern- ing an out-door recess for the "B" students. This has been a successful year for the Council and we hope to leave a shining example for the Councilors who follow. Top Row, left to riqht: Mrs. Tilson, Virginia Thomas, Gilbert Williams, Robert Barnes, Carl Pewett, Iune Perry, Norma Dowlen, and Rosie Bennett. Second Row: Minnie Mai Barnes, Rachel Talbert, Mary Davenport, Dorothy Redilcer, Louise Thompson, Dorothy Manners, Glotia Turnaqe, and Alberta Woolridqe. Bottom Row: Betty Binkley, Evelyn Cunningham, Edith l-lenry, Lila Hooberry, Katie Thompson, Ruth Crump, Avis Maynard, and Ardenia Mills. Not in the picture: Dora Sue Iones, Ray Pardue, Anna Sneed, Lillian Staniield, Laura Nelms, Ruby Mc- Cormick, Dorena Davis, Iune Fuqua, and Pauline Overton. The high liqht of the work of the Dramatic Club for the tall term was the production on December 5 and 9 of the comedy, "Here Comes Charlie", North I-iiqh's iirst three-act play. IIRAMATIC lllllll OFFICERS ROBERT BARNES. . . . . . . ....... President MINNIE MAI BARNES. . . , . . .Treasurer ALBERTA WOOLRIDGE . . . , Vice-President GLORIA TURNAGEA A A A Secretary MRS. MARY TILSON . Faculty Adviser R Sl Illll -lil The outstanding event of the Senior Y- Teens was the Valentine Sweater Hop. Members of the Senior Y-Teens have been attending monthly meetings of the Inter-Club Council at the Y. W. C. A. of which lean Medley serves as secretary. They have taken an active part in many service projects such as Christmas gifts for orphans, work at the Iunior League Home on Saturdays, and con- SHIRLEY CARNEY IUSTINE IONES . MISS ETHEL FRIEDMAN l orrrcsns W ANN JONES., President IEAN MEDLEY . Vice-President BETTY HARPER ssffpfmy DoRoTHY HARmsoN , .rmstrmf Service Chairman Social Chairman Faculty Adviser tributions to the World Fellowship Fund and Y. W. C. A. Round-the-World Reconstruction Fund. Ann Iones and lean Medley were dele- gates to the Y-Teen Conference at Lake lunaluska. Ann and Iustine lones went to Camp Lakewood. Miss Ethel Friedman has been adviser for the club for the last five years. 40 JU Illll -Ill OFFICERS GEORGIA IACKSON . . . . . ,President MARY REGG. . . , Secretary GLENDA BOWIE .. ..,, . Vice-President MILDRED OVERTON . Treasurer MRS. DIXIE PORTER . Faculty Adviser The Iunior Y-Teens is the younger girls' group of the Y. W. C. A. It was originally called Iunior High Girl Reserves. The name was changed all over the United States in the Summer of 1946. The two groups of Y-Teens meeting with Mrs. Har- per and Mrs. Porter were made up of girls in the ninth grade. The theme of their programs has centered around improv- ing their personalities and becoming better citi- zens at home as well as in public. Once a month repre- sentatives of the local Y- Teens meet at the Y. W. C. A. to make plans for the following month. Three times a year all the Y-Teen groups have a party at the Y. W. C. A. This spring the Y- Teens raised money for the Round-the-World Y. W. C. A. Reconstruction Fund to be used for ree habilitation projects over- seas. The Young Wom- en's Christian Associa- tion is a world wide or- ganization and each Y- Teen group is a part of it. OFFICERS ELISE SLEDGE .... ..... P resident DELORES CARTWRIGHT Secretary WILKIE POOLE. . ...,.,...., Vice-President LILA ANNE CRUMP . Treasurer MRS. IMOGENE HARPER , . . Faculty Adviser dl All ll Al Hll lllt Slllll NU ETA SIGMA CHAPTER INSTALLED IANUARY 17, 1945 The object of this chapter is to create an enthusiasm development of character in students of for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, High School, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the MARTHA IONES MARGARET IONES IEAN MEDLEY Sara Io Chapman Christine Clifton Paul Darden Shlzley Davis Iames Dickey Thomas Dozier lean Gaebler Dorothy Harrison OFFICERS . .,., ,President JAMES D'CKEY .,...... . . . ,Vice-President MISS DORIS B. SLONECKER . . Secretary MISS EDYTHE DICKENS. lean Hibdon Charles Isham Ann Iones Iustine lones Margaret Iones Martha Iones Wallace Kinkade MEMBERS Theodore Koch lean Medley Sidney Melvin Betty Pardue Bobbye Pardue Richard Rothman Mattie Schurer , Treasurer Faculty Adviser Faculty Advisor luanita Shaver Ann Shearon Bertha Simms Betty Io Sneed Billy Spray Nancy Whitley Hattie Mai Wright Gene Youre-fa North Nashville UHIH SI!-ill MARTHA IONES, IEAN MEDLEY Co-editors IIMMY IENNETTE, TOMMY MYATT, WALLACE ICNKADE 4..., .... . Sports Editors IEAN WADE, BORBYE PARDUE Feature Editors JEAN MEDLEY, ROBERT BURGESS, TOMMY WEBB . . ..,.... . .Columnists MARY IO STONE, CHARLES TRUETT . . .Reporters TONY MITCHELL .Photographer BUSINESS STAFF IANENE NOFFSINGER . . Business Manager RAY PARDUE . . . . . . .Associate Business Manager MARGARET IONES Circulation Manager Now in its seventh year ot existence, the North Star has been a member of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association since i942 and for three consecutive years has hold second place rating among its classification group of schools with an enzollment of 75l to l,OUt. SARA IO CHAPMAN .,.. . Secretary MISS fIMMIE I-IARVILL . , . Faculty Adviser MISS DORIS B. SLONECKER Faculty Adviser This publication, which recently won tirst place hon- ors tor both the best editorial and the best general public1ty in the school newspaper contest sponsored by the Davidson County Anti-Tuberculosis Association, has been entered in the nation-wide school newspaper con' test sponsored by the National Anti-Tulwerculosis Contest. igx CHAPTER V Members ot the T G I Club, Chapter V, under the supervision of the adviser, Miss Rosalie Lockenbach, have been very active. Programs for the club meetings have been both interesting and informative with indi- vidual members and invited guests partici- pating. The Chapter has had several socials to compliment the birthdays of students in that month. The activities have been carried OFFICERS BILLIE SPRAY. , . . President RICHARD ROTHMAN Vice-President BETTY PARDUE, . , , . Secretary SIDNEY MELVIN. Treasurer HAROLD ERENSLEY . Correspondinq Secretary out by the following committee chairmen: Sidney Melvin-Entertainment: Mattie Tub- erville-Program, Plomer FrenchASupply, Eugene Killingsworth-Pins and Emblems, Bertha Simms-T 6 I News Reporter: Richard Green-North Sim' Reporter: Mary Leaver and Iames Gidcomb--Boys' Town Corre- spondents: Harold Frensley 'Convention: and G. L. Thomas- Contest. lllllltllll STAH OFFICERS EVA TAYMON . ,President l LILA ANNE CRUMP . Vice-President CYNTHIA IONES . , .Secretary THELMA RANDALL Treasurer MlSS MARY FRIEL BROWN . Librarian MEMBERS Damaris Beasley Betty Brooks Delores Cartwright Mildred Cartwright Helen Cavendar Frances Cooper Lila Anno Crump Paul Darden Shirley Earls Dorothy Hibdon Christine Johns Cynthia Iones Sarah Luttrell Anna Norris Wilkie Poole Thelma Randall Betty lo Russell Anne Schutt Billy Sears Eva Taymon ltllllIIllIS tllllll OFFICERS ANNE CRUMP .,.. .President SUE ANN MARSHALL Treasurer RUTH RICHARDSON .... Vice-President BETTY BLAND Social Chairman PEGGY DICKENS ..., Secretary MRS WILLIAM A EVANS Faculty Advls r MISS MARGARET DOUGLAS Fczculty Adviser First Row, left to right: lune Fuqua, Ioan Williams, Lola Nipper, lean Gaebler, Ruth Crump, Damarls Beasley, Mary Leo Burns, and Mary Leaver. Second Row: Tony Mitchell, Wallace Kinkade, Virqtl Nipper, Robert Barnes, Irmmy Jennette, Lindy Freeman, Hansel Krantz, and Sam Crocker. Third Row: Bud Clark, Chickie Rowes, Earl Keaton, Minnie Mai Barnes, and Leon Whiteside, At Piano: lean Wade. First Row, loft to riqht: Mary Ann Allen, Carol lohnson, Minnie Mae Barnes, Ioyce Baird, Delores Butler, Ioan Williams, Sue Beatty, Betty Whittle, Robbie Brown, Beverly Coleman, and Betty Taylor. Second Row: Ruth Rippy, Euqrne Killinqsworth, Charles Barnes, Lola Nipper, Lucille Woodall, Erncstine Fishrr, Ruth Hayes, Nadine Turnage, and lean Graham. Third Row: Sam Crocker, Audrey Darrow, John Hudson, Billy Sinor, Shirley Holloway, Ruth Manley, Helen Floyd, Hazel Certain, loyce Taylor, and lune Fuqua. MSS MARGARET DOUGLAS , Faculty Adviser I 46 Pllllllliil Clllll The Boys' Political Club was organized in September, 1946 under the sponsorship of Mr. A. C. Lanier. Dan Hayes was elected president, David Iackson, vice-president: Ray Pardue, secretary, and Melvin Keith, treasurer. Programs have consisted ot discussions concerning state, national, and world problems. Front Row, left to right: Ray Pardue, Dan Hayes, Melvin Keith, Richmond Price, and Edward Clemons. Back Row: Herbert Connelly, Bobby Whitley, Charles Scott, Tait Anderson, and Mr. A. C. Lanier. David Iackson was not present when the picture was made. OFFICERS IOYCE BAlRD . . President RAY PARDUE Secretary-Treasurer IOYCE TAYLOR Vice-APresident MRS. C, B. VICKERS Facility Adviser The Hit Paradeis, a poptiiar music club, was organized to give those who like to sing popular songs a change to do so. Once a week the club meets after school and sings the latest song-hits: and when auditorium programs need a litt, the Hit Paraders give out with a hot number. 47 lillll SIIIIIIIS OFFICERS EDITH GROVE , . , President HELEN REASCNOVER ., Vice'President NANCY WHITLEY , Secretary BONNIE SNEED, , , . , . Treasurer MISS RUTH PAY WRIGHT, Faculty Adviser First How, Left to right: Helen Reason- over, Gertie IO Smith, Edith Grove, Ie-anne Harrison, and Nancy Whitley. Second Row: Iuanita Shaver, Evelyn Cox, Juanita Osborne, and Miss Wright. Third Row: Martha Lee, Margie Skelly. Catherine Sullivan, and Martha Womack. SAHII tllllll OFFICERS DOROTHY BRADLEY ,. President DALE COOK , vice-President ALBERTA WOOLRIDGE secretary BERNARD VON DOHLEN rfeqsuref Miss ELIZABETH FERGUSON Faculty Adviser GEORGE H. BOYLES Faculty Adviser The club was started this year as a prop- aganda group to arouse a consciousness of safety problems in the minds oi all the students. By the use of sloqans, bulletins, and posters throughout the school it is hoped that the pupils will acquire habits of careiulness and safe conduct. VIRGIL NIPPER RAY RECTOR CARL SCHUTT GEORGE VAUGHN PAUL WAGGONER GENE WALLACE ERNEST WILLIAMS LILBURN YUNKER WILBURN YUNKER BO BARDILL GARY BINKLEY ROBERT BURGESS BUD CLARK SAM COBB LINDY FREEMAN ROBERT IACKSON JIMMY IENNETTE HANSEL KRANTZ .'i r 4 u -4, Z. K P. A rw E rf lr, .9 2 43 . 4? L. E 51 L. r' E w my . w-. 163 us ,-Ji'YEf"f 1 W ku ' 2513543 ww ,, eww: . - Q k,5,..'M gg? W A- 1 . 'K ' ? X54 iw A R. , ' ., , . , lm ,if ,, ni W4 Q ' , vim, , . .K 41555 -ew - f wr ' " fhv I f 1 1 , ' W ,ff . 4 , 'K 14. ' ,fl W Q -' 1 f Q v U, Gif us! ' Q 45 ' 1' Q X vt ' - I X if s V f SQ 3, Ii ,. -an M H. vm. ,ydvsw Wyman. 2 " W , f 1 L Sri A Qiz? ' wifi? -vii ' Aff ME! wg 7 ef Q L . k Q. .wg 1 587313 SV' E .15 fy!! Q X up - ' ' 4 E Q . s wi- ' 1 ,I , Q. ,Q -......,..q W . V 9 v xr A wnx A "W 'J 3 if .5 1, W' 1 .Q - 4 'F'l!""! ' X-I l t ,Mika -936 ,, I Y K, 3 ay A 5312 Q, Q fl' .W 5 T 43' 'P C 5 fi? .qt , 1 Q o ,ml un...--in First Squad: S, Sqt. Melvin Keith, S. Sgt. Theodore Koch, Herbert Coleman, Everette Cavender, Arthur Dennis Llpl. Ross Calvin, Second Squad: S. Sgt. Charles Isha n, Doris Head, H. G, Simmons, Donald Tomlinson, Sgt. Charles Ragan. Third Squad: S. Sgt. Milton Osborne, Ray Pardue, William Cobb, Roy Pilkinton, Sgt. I. T, Buohanan, Sgt. Charles Birk. 'l'. SGT. HALTON MANNERS SARA IO CHAPMAN . Sponsor LT. SHELTON PILKINTON ANN SHEARON . . Sponsor First Squad: lirnmy Harper, Sgt. Thomas Boyd, Tommy Webb, Sidney Cox, Earl Smiley, Sgt. A. T. Patton, T. Sgt. Robert Dodson. Second Squad: S. Sgt. Gene Youree, Roy Russell, Vernon Craus, Eugene Killinqsworth, S. Sgt. Zelbert Weakley. Third Squad: Sgt. Edward Tomlinson, S"t. Bobby l-luft, Leo Glennon, Paul Darden, S. Sgt, Thomas My-att. Iwo i B168 5. lo- I Q A Fus' Squad: S. Sql, Donald Saunde--rs, Sqt. I. D. Grove, Harald Holder, Hamwr Laney Elliy Sams, Thunms Womafk, T Sm. Gvmryf- Svott. Spcond Squad: Charlvs Scott, Iames Fe-iquswn, Gary Emkley, Russ Butlvr. Tlmd Squad: S. 5-yv. Alhr-xl Kmfh, Roy Frizzell, George SPHIG, W, T. He-udvrsvm, fill-nu 'IV'-'aklqu LT. IJAVIIJ JACKSON PFTTYH SEARS mvmxufzfvl Sprond Lwutonant SHELTON PILKINTON Fxrst Sercypfm' IAMES B. MADIJIIN Mawr IAMES C. VWICTKEY Smrmmd I.iov1v--mm: DAVID IACKSON Limm 'an y Syvfmsor ALBERTA UW IVI MAR SYS RA N 0 5RHx"5Xx" CHI BA MHS. AHDIS l.FA'l'llERS, Dimffor HUGH WADDLIT . P11-sidonl IEAN MEDLEY MFLBA WEAKLFY Vi Afnx- P1f15idv111 ALBEFTA WOOLRIDGE 11Q1 H MARIAN Slll'lPlll'ERl7 S xXk-1kS tu1yfl'1 ffkx s111' --X1 IOYVEI l.ANlL FHRISTINE BREWINGTON Mmiorfrltfl MEMBERS lNllIllll0 M xxlw ll mxllv VV. 'lf ll6"IlClPlSf7l1 Alonzo Rc.111dl1ll l. l. Bl.l1'll.l!l.ll' H1111 L"11ill1111lI. Hass C1lv111 lVlxIIY lDk1VllIll'C"' lPu1v1111 l511vis li11l1l1v ll-'11111111l11-11111 li1.14ll1114l IM111111 l 1 II Hlllll De111u11l11v1111 l'1'111y Dicus N1v111111 DOWIP11 Ivy--o Ev.111S ll1-ll-11 lloyll V1111i11lk1 Llllllll lykllllllkl llUIllll11 1' 5l1l1lrJy llf'llllll Allumt Kc11'l1 l'-'lix lmwis l.vwly11 L11111l11y Gaily l.1111d11y l'l11y111o111l lVl111ll11y f3i1l11wy Mr'-lvi11 k'11111l M111111' Iiulwy M1'C'c11'111111'l: Sylvia NLBISO11 Kllllqllla Ollldlilll N11111111 P11Ilv1:w11 lklllk' lX-11y l.1.11111 P11111-1 VI 11l1':3 lll'1xI'lIl 53 Bobby Ric'l11'11Clsm1 Chlvkio Rnwcls A1111 S1-l111l'I llvlvn Svlmll 'l'l1c1111.1s Svmt Billy 59.115 A11itc1 Sherrill Uuwlyn Spmy I s'11 Ill Tl1o111psO11 l7ll1OIl9S 'l'1uetl Klxlll 'l'111'lcel1' l61f111.111l Vflll DL'lllI 11 lll1'l1l1Id Veslm' lOl11l Wl1it5f111 V0l111'1 Yml: IIFFIIIESIAII First row, le-it to right: Frances Glennon, Eva Tayman, Charmaine Brown, Ioyce Baird, Alberta Odum, Martha lones, and Ann Shearon. Second row: Justine Iones, Ianene Notfsinqer, Damaris Beasley, Helen Fite, Velma York, and Bobbye Pardue. Third row: Miss Frances Van Deren and Mr. I. H, Noel. Lett to riqht: Dorothy Bradley, lanene Notfsinqer, Sara lo Chapman, Margaret lones, Helen Cav' -Arider, Frances Cooper, Velma York, Ann Shearon, Ann Iones, Miss Ethel Friedman, Martha Iones, Audrey Darrow, Ftohhye Purdue, Christine Clifton, Betty Cox, Wilmath Bishop, lr Murphy, and All,ier'trr Odurri ll E A E ll be KNEE . - First Row, left to right: Roy Frizzel, Lilburn Yunker, Wilburn Yunker, Captwin Dual: Tzrduo, Holter! Buzgess, Odell Binkley, and Iimmy Harper. Second Row: lohn Hudson, Bud Clark, Douglas Dunnebarke, Ernest Hodges, P :ul lf!fiCSCiIl, Ernest Williams, and Virgil Nipper. Third Row: Cofrfili Abe Palmer, Hugh Waddle, Bo Bardill, Thomas Iacksfn, fifty Reftor, llxil lferrtoii, Charles Thompson, limmy lennette, Allan Pinson, and Carl Schutt. All STAR PLAYERS North had three members of its football team chosen to play in the AllfStar Game Thanksgiving Day. The lunior Chamber of Commerce sponsored this game which was played at M. B. A. The North trio, composed of Virgil Nipe per, Iimrny Iennette, and Othur tBuclcl Pardue, played on the Black team cortched by Elbert Anderson. These boys, who are Seniors playing their last season of football, were chosen because of their outstanding performance during the season. SENl0R IIIGI-I . .. .1 ,, '.,,'.' W 111111 .ww il T1 11l11:v IM1 11111115 ,A f' N111 -' 15" 11 Y I 1 K1 IIHIEH llAIllRS UNIIIR I-IIGII IDGETS ' 5:19 V111 L111f1'-4 Ivy: 1 Il 1111: 111111 f1.f'1'1.1 1- I1 I1 1 1 ' '1' 11' NI 1' ' 1 1 ': ':11:' 11111111 "11111111 v H111'.111l, 11111111 1 11121, 11111111' 1111- 11111 11 1 1 f1.: ,'X:111 "1 111 V1 1- 111 1:111-1:1 11. rw. xv . -,w,1.. -z.: ,A ,xg .fh a I -ei? , ,f 1, . V ES f bfnmfd: Li 5.1. 1 A, :ff gjgn? 11-31 : "-.Ki 1 'Wg . ,T fi: ' 15 5 . A .W ,gc 1 .91 4: it A lx 57 1 Ht VKTH MARK . 52 VA?:.. s , 313 Y ' 5 ' 3 fi ti ti . H f Q af, . it , 1 X., ,1 .4 X I . 'sl : ' in r,, f 3 .T X 5 -he ffm K it i g HAYES RIN iTfiF 'Y iJ'Jt"iT! KFANT7 - 'Om 6 6 9 9 This season was not as successful as past seasons lor the Yanks. They qot oft to a qood start by trouncinq Ryan and Howard in suc- cession. Then came a slump with seven straiqht losses. ln mid-season they beqan to hit the peak aqain, beating T. l. S. 46-32. From then on it was strictly North. They won live ot their last six aames, losina only to Howard in an unset. BASK llllltll Ray Hector was hiqh scorer for the Yanks while Dan Hayes and limmy lennette were outstanding players on defense. ln the tournament the Yanks were matched aaainst Ryan, losina the aame to the Irish by a score ot 40-32. North ended its season with a record oi 7 wins and 9 losses, TX.ill'l'tTF ill IRGFS5 NIIIIIIII, Iwit To tmhl: Exim'-st XNIIIIKIIIIS, CIIIIII-is I?.u1Ixx1, Dcrlis Ilcmd, ROSS CILIVIII, VVIKIIIFI' Hwnf'If1I's0I1, IUII Ilunfs, :wi RvIXIWy IILIII. St4mcIin'1: CTmuvI1 AMP PWIIIIFXI, AIIKIII Pinson, Tommy Dmtivr, TVIiIIOn TMI -vmw, IZVIIKIJIY Kfvw, Immuy IVIy'1II, we 'I'Imm'us IlVfwrw1f'k. " "HAM .Ill IIIII HIIIII I II I-wllr1I:I2 i':1I Kvwawxrm IIUII 'I'w!Ifw, Huy IIIIITIIWIOII, Fwd Clincnd, C-1:1 'I'uf'kf'r, IIPIWIW Hfw1SOI10vf'r, IIOIWIIISUII, Shzulwy Pingxrv, BoIuIwy Cxqlr-N, OQIQII I31nIcIr'y, IOP Innvs, mud CrmvI1 Invk SXJDIIII. 11 ,V 4 ,L .w Front How, left to right: Coach Duncan, Virgil Nipper, Lindy Freeman, Ernest Williams, Hansel Krantz, Douglas Freeman, and Bud Clark. Back row: Ioe Casey, Maurice Partain, Ray Rector, Buck Pardue, Iimmy Iennette, Bobby Kimbro, Paul Watson, and Mgr. Rufus LaRue. In the spring of 1946 ,the North Yankees. under the direction of Coach Hickman E. Duncan, won the Interscholastic League Championship for the second consecutive year. The Yanks played I3 regular league games and were defeated only once. At the end of the season they competed in a play- off at Sulphur Dell with Central, T. I. S. and Litton. After the drawing was made, the Yanks played T. I. S. and defeated them 3-2 by an extra inning. The big game played with Central was for the Championship. The boys from North Nashville calmly shut out the Tornados with a 5-O score. The great pitching arm of Ioe Casey, the timely hitting of Iirnmy Iennette and Virgil Nipper, and the daring base running of Mau- rice Partain and Lindy Freeman were respon- sible for the Yanks' success. Casey won 14 games and suffered the only defeat in his high school career at the hands of Hume-Fogg. Casey pitched three no-hit games during the regular season. The leading hitters for the North combine were Iimmy Iennette and Virgil Nipper, both of whom hit .415 and tied for fourth place in the league hitting. The base stealing was done mostly by Mau- rice Partain and Lindy Freeman. Partain stole 35 bases while Lindy was credited with 31. When the Banner made selection for the All-Nashville Team, four boys who had played so well for the local combine were selected on the team. Buck Pardue, Partain, and Casey repeated again this year. Vir- gil Nipper made the team for the first time. The boys who composed the team do not deserve all the credit because North had a great coach, Hickman Duncan. He coached the boys well., making them hustle in every game. Because of this, they had a very suc- cessful season. . I . ,Q W Ki Q ,ew ii xx fs :Ex ' in 'Ii' . 'M A J it K 'Mm fx 4. ? f ill P R .MFE 3 Q ,..L.3 -,fx 4 W if . ,ww e W1 f ., X:-3.1 iw Q4 5 x XJ' 4' , a. 3 K L ll 1 S id 4 I N, 2 an W ,f x 3956 'L.. I. 4 A l 1 fwa ijgs. ,VI ln. 0 . .,, :bs lm' 42" A Wfffifffg ny -if . . . az posifiorz gf res3b0rzsz'6z'!z'zy thafs fuiml fo tfze c0f11111u1zz'gf,s busizzess ana' social wefare . . . mm' pays 1zcc0nlz'1zgZy. Toyou a Career in Commzmicatiofzs beckons. ,ff INCORPORATED UUTIIERN BELL TELICPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY' Y 24, ' Qs 'WFHQMX JONES PHARMACY REXALL DRUGS CARA NOME COSMETICS RELIABLE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE LIFE AND CASUALTY INSURANCE COMPANY OF TENNESSEE C- A. M. BURTON Presidenf Home Office: NASI-IVILLE, TENNESSEE WILLIAM nBILL" YUNKER PLUMBING AND HEATING Ph 5 857 Wa+er Hea+er EI cI G STOKERS WERTHAN BAG CORPORATION FEHR BROS. FRESH MEATS-GROCERIES "Disfribu+ors of Quali+y Foocls Since I875" o SIXTH AVENUE AT MONRCDE HORRELL REFRIGERATION COMPANY Commercial and Domesfic Refrigerafion and Appliances 5-0603 l4IO-I6 Church S+. NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE Complimenfs of ROYAL CIGAR STORE Complimenfs ol Laura Harvill and LoreH'a Hancock Complimenfs of BOBBYE BG K as .4,. 5 ..,V 3 Mll.K SERVICE NC. I IEIQSIEY FARM: Grade A Pasteurizecl if Z Z, wif! . j ,BLM Homogemzed 'W'-M D' 2 -fx:-1 Delivered lo Your Home rl .M .-.. . . Also Sold by Your Grover Phone 6-4655 L. COLES AND WALLER TJEWELERS G. BALFOUR COMPANY Your Class Ring Jewelers ancl Sfafioner TOM HARRISON FLOWERS Telephone 5-I I I8 2020 WEST END AVE. THEM Tkiilffls BEAUTY SHOP l8OlZ Fif+h Avenue, Norlh Phone 6-9430 CHARTER A BUS TO ANY PLACE Serving Cenlral Tennessee O CALL US FOR YOUR TRIPS Phone 6-7I4I Q--3 FOR ALL BUS INFORMATION COMPLIMENTS OF CALL 6-6I4l Sixfh and Commerce Sfreefs COMPANY GREYHOUND +'+ LINES CHEATHAM PLACE MARKET FANCY GROCERIES AND CHOICE MEATS BLAKELY CLEANERS CLEANING AND PRESSING Pressing While You Waif 915 BUCHANAN STREET woo D I A Ph 4 7942 Complimenfs of COMP'-IMENTS BETTY, Jo, JEAN, AND OF JANENE PAT AND TONY Compliment of BOOKS ZIBART'S REMINGTON RAND, INC. 7,9 CHURCH STREET CARLISLE DRUG WINTER'S PHARMACY COMPANY Friendly service exfended Io afl who visi+ Tenfh and Buchanan S+' our s+ore 6-6929 Fiffh Ave., N., and Monroe S+. NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE C. C. THOMPSON MRS. I. A. SCOTT L ,I COMPLIMENTS TENN. DR. PEPPER BOTTLING CO. Nashville, Tennessee Mm .II ' BOTTLING WORKS 1-Ifmf. II? 'If' NASHVILLE, TENN. Complimenfs of NASHVILLE FRUIT EXCHANGE CONSOLIDATED FRUIT COMPANY 6OI Third Avenue, Nor+h 6-I62I 6-9363 BEFORE OR AFTER THE SHOW CAN DYLAND The Home of SweeIs Refreshmenfs and Candy for DiscrImIna+ing Theafre-goers Church aI Sevenfh 29I6 Wes? End Ave. FRESH ICE CREAM MADE DAILY SODAS AND SUNDAES BLUE RIBBON ICE CREAM COMPANY I9OI I8'rh Avenue, Norfh PRINTING OF THE BETTER KIND PERSONAL STATIONERY . . . CARDS . . . WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS ETC HIGH CLASS COLOR WORK LINK LABEL WORKS Rear I22O Seven+I'1 Ave., NOTIIT Telephone 6-8700 THOMAS WEST GARDNER ARCHITECT Specializing in IF IT'S ONLY A SNACK OR ...A FULL COURSE DINNER Church and School Buildings PHONE 3IO Warner Building Mc'S NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE 6.7924 We Delive COMPLIMENTS COIVIPLIMENTS OF D OF GRAY AND DUDLEY THOMPSON FRUIT SOFTBALL CLUB COMPANY SHERMAN HAMPTON'S GARAGE CONCRETE PIPE CO. CULVERTS, SEWERS AND DRAINAGE PIPES Phone 6-53 I4 We Fix Any Car-Anywhere-Any Time Experf Truck Repairing 24-Hour Tow-in Service Phone 6-8733 Fif+II Ave. and Jefferson SI THE NATIONAL LIFE AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE CO. NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE BIGGERSTAFF SERVICE STATION HAROLD BIGGERSTAFF. Mgr. - GULF PRODUCTS - Filfh and Jefferson Nashville 8, Tenn. Phone 6-0806 "I+ Pays To Try Dye" N E a FURNITURE JEWELRY AUTOMOTIVE SALES and SERVICE Upholsfery-Sea? Covers Body and Fender Repairing-Painfing General Repairing 4I8 BROAD Phone 6-4324 Fourfh and Jefferson Nashville 8, Tenn. CQMPLIMENTS Complimenfs of OF VOLUNTEER BAG CO. DENNIS GROCERY CO. Ninfh ancl Clay Sfreef 320 Broad Srreel 6-3456 Nashville, Tenn. PHILLIPS AND VAUGHN QUALITY MEATS Fresh Vege+abIes-Frui+s Canned Goods Hardware Ifems I6I0 Underwood SI. Phone 6-9402 Complimen+s of HARVEY-RUSSELL FURNITURE CO. CompIe+e Home Furnishings C. E. BROOKS PLUMBING COMPANY LICENSED AND BONDED Phone 2-2570 Insiallaiion of Elecfric Hof Wafer Healers-Basemenf Pumps-Conversion Gas Burners Remodeling and New Worlc AII Work Guaranleed Reasonable Complimenfs of JOHN R. SNEED FRESH MEAT GROCERIES VEGETABLES 23OI Buchanan S+. MORRIS SERVICE STATION Gas-Oil-Lubricafion-Road Service I8Ih and Buchanan Phone 6-9I56 MONROE CLEANERS "Cleaning of The BeHer Kind" 5I2 MONROE STREET Complimenfs of GEORGE E. SUMMERS EVERYTHING IN eaocemes Telephone 2-I872 Whiles Creek. Tennesse OASIS MARKET Groceries and Fresh Meafs Phone 5-2990 I329 Third Ave,. N. Complimenfs of GOSSETT ICE COMPANY I805 IB+h Avenue, Norlh 24-Hour Seesonable Service DAVIS SERVICE STATION shes: Gas-Oils Complimenls of BINKLEY BROS. PRESSING 2300 Hycles Ferry Rd. Phone 5-9454 BEST STANDARD TUBES USED L' E' Dey or Nighf Service Wilburn BeIeS l8ll CBPIWGS AVS- Funeral Designs-Novelfy Plenis-Corseges-Cui RADIO SERVICE 81 REPAIR Flowers-Poffed Plank Phone 449550 Pickup and Delivery Grown in our own Greenhouse SI9 26Ih Ave., N. Complimenfs of HENRY D. SMITH NORTH END MARKET IH28 Fourfh Ave., N. Meefs-Vegefables-Groceries Free Delivery Phone 5-9I52 SWIFT'S SERVICE STATION Tires-BaH'eries-Washing-Greasing Roacl Service 51h Ave. 81 Jeherson SI. Call 6-9522 MARY BAKER BEAUTY SHOP AII Type Permanenh Phone 6-'HSS IOIS Buchanan SI. JOHN WEIS, Inc. Esfablished 1892 Cuflery of Ihe Finesf Grades Barber and Ueauiy Shoppe Equipmenf and Supplies Telephone 5-2IO5 226 Fourlh Ave., N. Nashville, Tenn. Phones 5-76:9-5-7610 RUSSELL HAMPTON SUPER FOOD MARKET We Sfrive To Please We Deliver Besf Wishes of RED KOCH, JIMMY HAGEWOOD and BUDDY KOCH Besf of Wishes MR. AND MRS. A. C. SHEARON Complimenfs of JUNIOR HIGH CHEERING Complimenfs of VELMA, EVA, AND ALBERTA SQUAD Complimenfs of Complimenfs of .. ll SENIOR HIGH CHEERING THE FLOWER LADY SQUAD I Complimems of Complimenfs of GENE AND JEAN MR. AND MRS. ROY WRIGHT IROY AND RAMONAJ "Best of Luck Always" MARTHA AND WALLACE Complimenfs of ANN. JEAN. AND MATTIE Complimenfs OI GEN E OZMENT CompIimen'rs of "GEORGE AND AUDREY" Complimenfs of JOYCE. EVA. AND ANN Complimenfs of FRED AND JANENE Compliments of CHARLES, CAROLYN, and EDWARD VAUGHN Complimenfs of TOMMY AND JOE Magic Tricks you can do FUN SHCP WALL PAPER 8. PAINT COMPANY 437 Dedderick S1 4l8 Deadericlc Sl. Nashville 3, Tenn, Nashvillel Te,-ml' Wholesale 81 Reiail Gradualion Gills Comical Gills Phone 6-0976 Complimems Oi SMITH BROS. SERVICE STA. OOO nro S. HALIBURTON si LANE , b. . . ' To Q K . u ricahng, Tire Repairing, Washing, Adding and l2I Filth Ave., Soulh Phone 5-2I85 Changing Oil-Wi+h Courfeous Service DUTY PRINTING CO. "II's Your Duiy fo Lei Duiy Do Your Prin'Iing" l9lO Cephas Ave, Phone 6-585i CENTRAL CAFE Welcomes 'rhe Sluclenls and Teachers ol Norlh High C I. + f DOWNTOWN BOWLING omp :men s o K FURNITURE CO. phone 6'9'O3 Where Friends Meel PEE WEE AUSTIN, Prop, Complimenls ol CLARK HARDWARE CO. 5-3485 4l3 Broad S+. MODEL JEWELRY 81 GIFT SHOP JACK COVERDALE, Mgr. 201 Sevenlh Ave., N. Nashville, Tenn. If Ii's Aulo Trouble, Call ARTHUR BU RN ETT Gas-Tires--Oil-Greasing-Auio Repairing Painfing-Wreclring Service IOII Cheafham Sl. Phone 6-I773 E. M. MEGAR GROCERY CO. QuaIi+y Meals and Groceries Sixih and Buchanan Sl. Phone 5-9395 Complimenls of WELDED STEEL PRODUCTS Planl-9Il Buchanan Sl. W. E. MITCHELL Phone 6-9323 Nashville, Tenn. Complimenfs of JOHN C. CHARLES JOHN C. CHARLES, Owner: H. D. SMITH Mgr. LUNCHES-SUNDAES-SODAS 308 Union S+. YVONNE BEAUTY SHOP "LoveIiness Made More LoveIy" 603 Monroe Sl. Phone 6-9779 TAYLOR SIGN 8: PAINT CO. 430 Deadericlc S+. Phone 6-5720 FOSTER DRUG CO. WHAT You WANT-WHEN LEWISBURG BUS LINES SPECIAL susses Fon ALL YQU WANT IT OCCASIONS Prescripfions Our Specialfy DOUG BRADLEY, Mgr. Ninih and Monroe SI. Phone 6-6723 I2I FiIIh Ave., N. NashviIIe, Tenn. CHRIS PIE WAGON NINTH AND MONROE ST. Nashville RecreaI'ion Cen+er Headquarfers for NORTH HIGH BOWLERS GILLESPIE AIRWAYS Seabee-Sales 8 Service Privafe FIIghI InsIrucIion JIM GILLESPIE Berry Field 6-2427 Sonny Sunbeam says. FOR GREATER ECONOMY NATURAL GAS For Cooling-Refrigeraiion-Wafer Heafing House Heafing NASHVILLE GAS AND HEATING CO. "A+ The sign of Ihe Blue Flame" Res. Phone 7-5I85 Business 5-65I9--5-65I0 EVA THOMPSON JONES Piano - Voice - Dramaiics Orchesfra Insfrucfions AII Types of Dancing Privafe Insfrucfions Day or Nighf-Open House Each Evening 4-I7'f2 Church SI. Nashville 3, Tenn. RO BT. McINTYRE NURSERY Evergreens-Shade and Fruif Trees VisiI Our Nursery ICiIvingIon Bivd. Phone 647234 CompIimenI's of MARY JO AND RAYMOND CENTRAL PRODUCE CO. FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES 6-46OI 600 Third Ave., N. NASHVILLE 3, TENNESSEE if 5- F av N ii ea C0 Di 2? U' 5 5' no n va PHIHTIHG EIJITIPAHY -A' flASHVIllE 6 0 H an nuuq a5a sp Q L., 6w,w,,,g,.f,fJ . I t cf Xi' YSWM if bk W f 6 ' W WWWZQWLQ 35 ' JJw'9'57i7.f4f+lj'r!b QW 5 M? M im + fig, 3 JQWW 5 vgb 22 S Q5 PQNWL we Rx Mm Eh Qiaaggfg --iii---,,,

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