North High School - Polaris Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN)

 - Class of 1959

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Text from Pages 1 - 264 of the 1959 volume:

WW W 60,991 1 'fy,fi93Wp ggi QMA3 Q 4f?f2wQ2,'i?iiwM fy! ry vf MMWWWWMNQ MW. Qfjgsgof Qfkwjgm id? fa gf? Q 5, Owy. N, X L, - RN W W ,D ax '3W"1 N fi ii R isxfkj EEE ora XE gi? QIJALJ viaf-f423iisX V w i M , fwwvsvkyf. Nlwiyybv ,Wg JJ V! fafiyxiif ff QW' My fi? vw Qi M idfflff a' X, Aoiywvfpib gjfxiydjgykvy YM aiogfvxvo yy jwkh gif' QQ .M Md 0iiwF,l yj2xf,vZky Q0 . 59? M5wfwgw,MVy ff: MW Qgwmw yf wyff, jjdfydfvbtv ff 9830! i aw W oy nf HW 5 M gs? 4? P - ffbjwsPfMW5Mjlfmmm Wfiaigwmm ' , Q , ' cw ?.-Nw-3. 5nd-w-wwfgl-Ji":5L-rw.-.Qr.:1-QM-vdr.n. pg.,-.....tLo-w-J-N-M.'o BQ-ak-0464. GQQMMY, jfv vfwfp ,Lf Vw ,Jw ef W' ffiff-751 'fffywf M C yfqffj Wifi? w2 fZ44ffi if Jyogh ' , Af e N- fi Q'iZig,,?fg,0fiif?9f,Qigff35 Wififfiiff iff? ' we 77115 Book Beane-5 'IZ Q GW' , x ' v px - My tj if 3 7, jd Owfff' I v ij k HV! if w 1 . D I VL HN ff 5 VV U SX pu cf j UL bc J Ja J Cv LJM Q1 YQ LX JL UV VWK' . R J ' V .1 'l 'JM 'J L l w fl ,fa L- V .BMX V gl. ,1 l K kv!! f MPLMX J x I J X -ef: .' 'E V ' 'S M I AQ: -I : Q My 1' f',i:i.'i,A'i-A-Sharif' w Gr - as M , Q ff .mfg 'fr' N-af' wr 3' .1-Pm. 5-ffl-if? """ er' '-HV: ,sm mfs" if-. , If f A 'f . f ,,1fw: ' , ,I ' 25 '..h,,,.e-- g rf.-1 i 'fs ,nf ' .-7:.T 1-' , , f' - ilfiii f ' -- I f , if v M - N - . - ,Q f ' 4 lay: zz . 57 ,l if -"1 yi ' 553 'L . B fi f A , .45 .. .4 i, Q 4: 1- 4, 7 in .. ' A E Q Wi nf' g,4..P"' 'gag 'E . .-"fr ff' 'f' Q, J, .J I5 -1:,,r11 -'Hy 235' V, .- - , '- ,,,w.-gs -.-:A-f f' V -q J' : Mg. ' 1 'ig-1 ,Q .V ,"'pn' "' - f:iaw.1.' ,. , - a , 2,365 A ':,,.,' ,, I f,:,..-. , ,,.,-.--f . I A- f 5 , Mr, . A : E2 F N , I A 1:2 , 1 V . gg ' . 5 , Q - ' 9 YF sf M -'J J , f F, ,J f 1-1 - A 'Q 1 . h W an ' ,,, ,guy .5lNv...uu.a,..,,,..,..-Q.. 0 fx Q E 5 iii -.i4'.1f.Q Jn , , 1L ,X -.7+" aj A, FL lf:fJ , , rx' 45" 1 ,. . 1 1 . .-I ' 'f , .,' f I ,1' 'I Vt' I . x , 1. V 1-f 1 f ' -4' . XV X, . '-Q, x2f Qc-rv? 526 X 1 ' 'I ,i 'X hr ' -9- gffff, . Q A - r fc, J K I .QGQLC CQ , f- i q'AF'f4wr 1 gi "Vx Q I il Z L in fn, ' , X O' 5 ' J n f 'fi i -.J J J A V ,I , N , , f 1 J NORTH SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL gf ,i Minneapolis. Minnesota 3 .1 ' , VOLUME so v J 1 x r V 3 'J K PWA 1 W .1 1 www Q iff! I an My-ff SW ' ' 5 U1 ef, HMM? dj, af , 7 7 -. EDITOR Joy Gordon PHOTOGRAPHERS Chuck Canfield Dan Ziff JR. PHOTOCRAPHER Phil Lundberg IN SCHOOL ACTIVITIES Elissa Heilicher Karol Ostrin PROOFREADER Sharon Knight BUSINESS MANAGERS Carole Bloch Suzanne Calof Carolyn Fiterman PICTURE COORDINATOR Rachel Weiner Chuck Matts0n STUDENT LIFE FACULTY AFTER SCHOOL Mary Kolderie SENIORS Annette Ressen Dianne Zlskln Louise Levy Sharon Bennett COPY EDITOR Debbie Westlund ADVISOR Ruth Person ARTISTS Gail Karatz Nancy Clark U NDERCLASSMEN Sue Goldstein Jean Korsh SPORTS Sharron Tetner Ron Hamberg CAMERAMAN Monsieur Dustee Lens ,f,,M1 ,,0y,w'fiZWV 224- QLWKLQT ,iffy-fLL4,1fx-Qvdfif-'lf , .D of-zfwiwe ' WL ffflfuaf 'if 154' ffm-Yfvv Jw'fif 1 M 2 j' 'I '1 'I XDUNZW , ll U lx- 'J V I " L I 4 ' Wi? I0 5 0 1 9 Q25 oe 06X I7 GQ, 09,9 6 '-3 1 e ff 1 I Q :"' f fm Q o if 0 L A ll I ' " y :P i ' E V 7 Z , . , '7 wwf i ' l E. W 'lb 7 ' V ,102 I Q -1 ,M ' V o mr-4 LVM 0 w ' l 1 ' ' LZ WV'-d p MU A OAL A I' 61 Q40-lj 0 K C X44 B ' 2504 '60 'L 5, T 1 Zig? . . y QKDFIMPI 4 9 .fwwmm f "4""' I 0 1 1 , .C "' -, l V .LL 0. 59-91' LDA' You've been shot! We've just discovered the identity of the rogue ' M who committed the act. He has invaded your privacy-clicked his shutter li ' i i 1 as you ate your lunch-fired his flash bulbs as you've walked hand-inf .N H hand through the halls. Now, let's look at the record of this little A ,lil ,fo A rascal-Monsieur Dustee Lens. Let's follow his prints and see what -. 1 develops in his Polar-Eyed view of North. 'UK' ' 'L Crm , C 1 t 6 www 'J , Vow ,LVQQK6 YED Eb ggigiyfilff .X Mfmw' .AMJ6 ws fl' iii? in ffM4,,,nU M7 R, HQJX ff if VWKW you .LOA , KJ-fdfw . D'-I-4 .4,Lj-CML! 4 '. O ' x .NJ . l.4,1L K , L ki-CJ 0 -,Lb 1 W ' 'x,QLAf' ' F Q X law -fl!! L, wif ,cf J N g.,L,Lf I x . ,U, wx I .1 f 'f 41252 53 . U W A ' n l W .K I, I I 66 I1 -Aklkk A aff? - Z! WX ,g,x,4.q,y ,gag dj if ffcm x-,LL 4.1fuN wx, , QL f lAf' bb LL , fy ,zfhmffji K YA 'Q J I iffxy ,QLL , - ,Om fz7,04,fA I I k2,',.Q fbi l . MdwXlAwWc4QAWa L J'L,.,Qe1L4ffc j1,2XfL VWf:vwQ on if-ff Lund? JMR 47,044 ff,VM,f-fu .91 ef? Q W 5 ff ,,c4i,w.,-gZ,c,vrnffr1,efv C554 0I76,ufa,46 DI REcT0"' S Y'."h i N 1 fd, 1 :Z . 5-4 ,5.1, l . 4 1, Q. ii, il .W 1 R. "'. Lili. :' , K if F if fi P M " L' .. ff.. ' ,. Q + X A Ax ! I s 1 1. f I ,, X ' I, I . 1 , I l '1 IQ' fa?-U-avr f K f r 7 1 7 1 WE F 4 , xii? Awww I K7 I. M' Q, uv' Mun- 41.1 6 . K gs- mul' 511573, Aevvbs 32 ' 1- Qxv P71 - 1 ooo . - - Tiki' l " To the Graduates of WSU: As you now complete your high school experience we hope that your education has helped you to respect the things that are deep. permanent and ahiding in human life. Education enlightens us to choose wisely. awakens in us a sense of responsibility' and concern for others. Some men and women are what might he termed luckier than others. hut in the long run it is hard work that makes success possilvle. lNothing that is good comes easy. Life is made up of hoth cheers and tears. Have faith in yourself. You are the architects of your own futures. Be steadfast. Be positiye, Look forward. Draw your forces from within. not from without. ln your desire to succeed you will need to distinguish between information and wisdom. lfssential to wisdom is El sense of proportion. a sense of values. and the ability to differen- tiate lretwecn the things that matter and the things that do not matter. We commend you for your acliievenicnts. your individual honors. your school service and your loyalty' to North lligh. VVQ- extend our sincere hope for your success and happiness. Sincerely' yours. Principal l xf' ff' - E x M, l.. r X 5 5 K X. llllxllli x1..lu1lww If WM' , 4. WIA W, , I wmr'w" ,WH ,, M 'R .W " ,V M WML f MM , LW ' WW d W W-n,: V V, ,A WL de J. ' , W my fwfr Hwy 'W Vx 53,1 WWI fl? 12 ' ' WM W N Qu M, , YYW Q' A W7 W . PM my ' Wm ' W, W' , uf 'hmm ww, ,,,! M' W Nfl..f'fUw',!.," , my ' 1 WNW If rg, v 5' H "wp , 1, W M., 'f N, W 'W 11 ,J'Wm,, .Q M , , H, N ,Aw vw fb , XJ! ,,,,, M N, , V M M -Q ,, M W M M ' ,imp N 1 wh , k 3 I 'Z 11 L. n . 'n 1 ii 1 1-, 4 1 Q ,pvunsuww vxmiiiri MH. ,NNWAY Girls l.0IllISt'l0I' 130-YS' fj,,,,,m,1,,,- CUUNSELOR N 'I'Iw 4-ounsvlors. Miss Nlzirti :mei N111 A-Xiiwuy. have jobs whivh am- praivlimlly pzirzillcl. in thvir svhc-dulvs are the tasks of inlm-rpm-ting lhv ri-sults of lvsts tukvn during the school your. uni uiiling stuilm-nls on any que-slions they may have on vollvgm-s or vain-1-i's. Mr. Aiifinson. Hlllllltlllllbfl' vounsolor. is in rimrgv of making im zuljlisliiiviils of thx' sophomores' Sl'ill'fillil'F. lit' also inlvr- irvls ilu- rvsulls of ln-sls whivh un' taken hy sophomores. MR. ANIVINSON SUIJIIOIIIOIY' lfollnsclor MISS IMRCAY Nurse Between 8:00 and 8:30 a.m., the husiest person in North is Miss Dargay. At-that time she is rapidly re- Bfllttillltlg students who were almsent lxecause of illness. IIFILICN ILVICSTAD Lilzrnrirm Both lilsrarians. Helen Ulvestad and Melitta Tonn. are of great assistance to North's students. They find information which students seek and issue hooks also. I6 MRS. ZENS liisifing Tl'0!'lI!'l' The visiting teavher. Mrs. Zeus. spends much of her time helping students with problems ln' interviewing in her office or hx' home visits. M s , n :13,,.,Xg:fg, .Q , 2 -HM gyf,1s:.guiff- .K A1,: bu 5 . xx , 5 , ,. M 4-Q: J' 4 Q 5. if 2 a f K . n 1 Yi - - 1 . rw 1 f: ' M: - ' ' 'QW' , ' . 1 ' , x I' ' ' KT' Vg- --1 Nw 1, I ?a , . r inn...--hp? Q, 5 f' we ,,,.-r I W . -..,.......,. 14 Q .X wh. ' Uv W xy t 1, 3' .m ,M H 11 J , N N ,m'w,w, , Q nnx. ,, ,N .N V mc 3? u " ' W x v ff I' If 'H , Q .c aw X' 'Mu P' . ni M I I7 fm Ruth .l BUICS Grace Hilda Amundson Anderson Barsness Blessin Agnes Marian Frank Sharon Bolin Dunham Farrell Hope Frank Lillian Phyllis Johnson Lindsten Lyders Catherine Claris Ruth Mandler Mankowski Person Willard Seymour Solie Yesner ENGLISH "Readin' and 'Ritingfi are two of the main units taught in the English department. The third essential is grammar. The juniors are given the choice of newswriting, modern literature, mass media, speech, and general communications. The seniors have their choice between business English, world heritage, and creative writing. l Alfred Mildred Elmer Curtis Christopherson Clarke Edlund Gwynne I Milton Kleven MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE The science department gives the student at North a background of botany, biology, physics, and chemistry. This year, for the first time, they have an accelerated course in physics. There were also many students watching a science program on television at 6:30 each morning and bringing questions to Mr. Threinen about items they do not understand. The mathematics department offers courses in general mathematics, algebra, geometry, advanced algebra, trig- onometry, solid geometry, and senior mathematics. Science and mathematics go hand in hand. This year there was greater emphasis on these subjects to encourage more students to take them. Mathilda Carl Harriet Krefting Kroening Madigan Phillip Samuel Lloyd Mosher Perrin Rutgerson James Lawrence ' ' Threinen Zimmerman I9 Q 3 'i . 0 1 , 'y Clara John J. Clive Anderson Behrendt Cleary L r - f-it John Donald Joe C0n0VCl' Forbes Hutton Linwn Elizabeth Floyd Lange Mills Pearson Vernon Donovan Cordon Smith Strickland Thompson ART Throughout the year posters on North's bulletin boards are usually done by art students. They make Christmas decorations and have individual art projects aside from these duties. Andrew John Pogoler Schneider SOCIAL STUDIES World history for all sophomores, United States history for juniors, and modern problems for seniors are included in this department. This department helps students learn of the past and teaches them their part in the world through the summary in modern problems. LANGUAGES North offers to its students Spanish, German, Norse, and for the first time French. Many students take these courses to fulfill their college requirements. Mildred Harold Read Thill 20 Harriet Lars Rachel Apel Kindem Levitt Elva Gladys Edgar James Carlson Cudahl Kast Keenan Agnes Marjorie Harlan T Lerschen Sealander Sheely Typing, shorthand, office training, occupational rela- tions, bookkeeping, basic business, secretarial practice, and business problems are the various courses available through the business department. Some students combine the business courses with the work program to gain valuable experience but still remain in school. Myrtle Eudora Wiik Zellers MUSIC Mr. Larson, voice, and Mr. Villas. instrument, have much to do for auditoriums. The bands usually perform for sports auditoriums and other special Occasions. The choirs These classes offer students smaller classes and Sing at Easter, Christmas, and special help. There are special courses in English, Thanksgiving. history, modern problems, and the various sciences. Evdorus Ernest Daisy Clarice Glen Larson Villas Hetherington Miller Sonnenberg 'll Lewis Mary Lee Bumett Josephson Snell Kay Maroa Talty Tracy HOME ECONOMICS The home economics department offers clothing and cooking courses for the girls. In this way the girls are prepared for the career of a homemaker. Lawrence John Howard Hansen ,lacobi Nenow Alvin Richard Edward Quiring Smith Soltys 22 PHYSICAL EDUCATION Most students take three semesters of physical education. Many students take additional courses in sports for recreation and special skills. Bernice Mary Dahl Sargent INDUSTRIAL ARTS The industrial arts-shops-metals, auto me- chanics, wood and machine-enable boys to form skills in working in the course of their choice. There is also architectural drawing and mechani- cal drawing taught by Mr. Jacobi and Mr. Quiring. ROW ONE: Mrs. Ends. Mrs Le-dding, Mrs. Gwuizdon ROW TWO: Miss Johnson Mrs. Kulllwrg, Mrs, Haynei Mrs. Griswold. ROW ONE: Mr. Rvudy. Mr Romo, Mr. J. Swanson. ROW TWIT: Mr. F. Swanson. Mr Burns. ROW THREE: Mrs Bessie Olson. Mr, Curry Row Form: Mr. Nelvikl Mr. Lemkv. ROW FIVE: Mr Wcstberg, Mr. Temte. v w I X Q 24 1 STUDENT T? LIFE Q AT 1 Hou T 5 l F . 1957-1959-Uvycvu 1 WMWwW Jf'7'6lQf x 4 jf"" A + . Q f 4-,li ,- .- FW A Q -'ff 'ft' 094 I EQ: e N 1 f Y 9 ' fx if W 9 U , 2.44, ..... a,,..,g 1, 4, M...... 4,,.4A.e,'d-41f44fnfyQ!a.-can-v-IA!" ML , -'lv-ww-all ,Qi- ,L..M6MZf.6A....1 ,i .. fvpfflfrndff . ' 121 E SHARON gfNNt I 1 ..,.-A f gQ......... 7' :J 5 .x '1zw'.-,X ' ' 5'-W 0+"y1v4'-2-'11-far hae: J-JL ,,,. 2 ? Juzcuzooga, ' ' f 1211-fww-Z44'f4"f377'-"'7 41 . 1 E "C7 .1 Yi 5 If 1 N ' ff N . Aw, xg We ,Manx dime? , Yagi: av V . A . F. f. ' ,R W X J-5,,,,w-vo, 5 ,.- g , of. A ' 1 ,4 1 j-"ff 5 - V - , 4 V, f - - ,,. 4. qs ,- -4 l --. '., V Hs ,. ' A f -' 1 f fm L , 4 ' 12- . ,: Q Vx, A , - . if ,'-Us ."' A .i, . F Q so ff .wfvf NIU 79557 I , 5 . 'Jm..JZZvs..uZ 214J ,J,,1...Lo.,..e,:-L., A1..Jk-:r.,m..,,iz.7T Li-0-7. , :zA'--fwfffwf-'v,I4f!...f Ziplijlflif' ala-1-u.f. S 44 .45 r if ,4 1 fu-45?-. +63 1 i s Y ' A V V 2 X 3 Lg ri? .e gggm ,gn T Li f jf 219 ,Lu-ova! Q 5 I i 4 l A Y A..,., ,AA, , Hiiiiiiiiiiii1:63EZEi1EEIE'Eil:-IEEE:1Zf n 1 ,::,,,:,,:::f::::,::,11:::::,::f:,,:f:1::::1 . F :::5:E:iEESi5EE5EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESEEEEEEEEEEEQEE ' 5,-gggggpgngx-,gm::::::::::::f::g:x::u:nug55,. X777 -go-4i41Z4.e,fv1-'ff"" Z F S I l , 3 , A i we .l 'JW a fm' Jiffy f"'MwW -4 Z 5444424664141 - 4 wxlvqta 4 I """3'5 ' 'v. . M 014721 Jil?-zzdhf afwwwf-w4.A.f 029-aLn.,Z, Zwflif iifgifuwwk Y dM.rz.cQ.,Ju4z4, ,4...,4,,2Lf 37 Zeeman figfwib afA22,4f!l,,,, l 5 F Q E r K e , W Z A 1 if if XM w z f f fl '7 1 M P9 F-:-.sf Q ng ? fi gr l ',Z.,...,,216-fab? 7 ,aif,,z,c.,,z.4q,-f ' l7,Ill1"""" swim I 1 I ,ja 34,',,5f' fyawgfwl aug HAAWQQJ J 006-av f4:C4.ffa4,4Ca-4rC- ,d.,oafafrn,L, . 40 l 60 S. 6' 9'- ,J L Y I 91. T as esp. cf, 1 ix? my imagining E Fqe 784345 1 i w S A2.,f+2v,AMCJ-a,-- QMMQMMDWMM' jtzpg a.,.f,,Z,70,,...,41f.,. Lfvlapavui 1 49.0-nJdA,76f fluff QM-rr'-def ,K,a.4,-4-GJ-vv-gal. X bgjmdkpbta vgfwlhmd, Xipffwww' WM Qgwpaf, fnu-dl' 'MW 'ill ff i'li:3."'l :N My .x W . 1 '5 94 C - A-4104011 4,-f,4..:f! 4-4 P ...FTD I X' 7 v -I X O WM M Iv AM' if 'ZJWA-Wffff jLLaJ,v,a4-441 a-fDCe4JA4'6"""L ns?-Web, A V x I' z - 4 ZMML? ,z:A.e.f .,Z4g,4-Nea, 04pc4.! GAA! 64L44"""'- 9x1ZLz9vA?"7f, 4-'aff-1, n f2f'Z,fmM- 4.,.4.dZL?ZZ7AW ,,. .vans 47 W f 4i i gg Wg F1 g 1 WJd,,,qgi"l01!f'-rv' if'- 'Num ki-. lF.W ,ML4.4.,z.z. ,45,,':,z,:,., f 5 - 46' . ,Z Wh 49 I 4',4."' 9, 5 , ,q, 3 7151 ' lfifgai . I'-4: ' ,gn Nl ' . N' Q 959137. 7-Q as , I - 1' 4u.Mm""' .. HJ 5-i"9'F"5' .mc 144' "Q V . Q2-, . u . 9Afvv4.4ff0j 1959 '1 I - 1 N , ' 1 V Q, f W if 651 R W ffl' N fx bf V' 'J 'VW f, I! I il 1 16,4 ,WM " HAH g .rw v Q ' Nw EXIA VM.. f , . IQ : HHN k ' gym ,-1-iilgvr CTIVITIES Y 1 11-1 i I r"C W- s '07 - E 'ga is F i-ff' Nr is N, V sl" ,-xi' ' 1 DRAMA CL B The lights dim. the Curtain opens. and the Drama Club, consisting of forty actors i and actresses. step out and another pro- ' duction hegins. This year they participated in the Thanksgiving Day program. pep fests. and they also presented a full length play. The Clulfs procluvtions were clirevtecl hy Mr. Floyd Pearson. N x MR. FLOYD PEARSON l l i ROW ONE: Sharon Rosen, Jean Korsh, Carol Guptil, Jean Lofstrand, Lois Ozewoeld, Lucille Dargay, Shirley Witherspoon. ROW TWO: Sharon Schulman. Mary Ohlin, Carol Ulmaniec, Stanley Dohrin, Lynn Remly, Mona DeSota. ROW THREE: Harvey Kaye, Judy Fishe, Naomi Schulman, Dianne Pearson, Diana St. Mane. Marlene Kupetz. ROW FOUR: Dorothy Smith, Eileen Ivens, Kathleen Crow, Dawn Osborn, Don Shiff, Patricia Falkowski, Carol Ecklen. ROW FIVE: Mary Kolderie. Sheldon Schreiberg, Wayne Haskell, Dan Ziff, Arthur Resnick, Shirley Fox, Robert Cale. .v-nr - A Nlt'llllll'l'N ul' lllv llrallnu Club arm' ful owing Mr. l'm':11'sun's uuh'l'S: "NIz'l1m, rin- WUHII FUR WORD!" 49 Xrl. Lzlml. Put :xml flaw:-v are l'm'h6'll'-lllf' fm' lln I l!l'4'K-l'llILlIiUIl of "Fuss in llu' W1-ll" lfilllld lllulr 1 C S xx, "Bu Y Those lucky N-Club niembersl ROW ONE: James Bajari. Walter Skramstacl. David Held. Rnlnin Ingram. Stanley Dubrin. Larry Sandwiek, Paul Olsen. Pat Smith. Marty Skar. ROW TWO: Lyle Myers, James Seliulla. I.:-unarml Rnehl. Fluyd Seliake. Mike Strecd. Peter Wit- oski. Marty Flaslier. Bill Bock. Dennis Liss. ROW THREE: Rubin Miller. Pat Bird. Rnllyn,l0l1nstnn.Jin1 Miller. Dirk Rnstomo, Bruce Pnlarzyck. Roger Anderson, Jim Jeppeson. ROW FOUR: ,lnlin Richards. Joe Greenberg, Rick Rivkin, Morgan Nordstrmn. Cary Parsons, Earby Chatham. Dirk Erivk-nn. Ronalml HLlllllWl'gI. ROW FIVE: Leonard l'orler. ,Im-l Locketz. Ward Bell, ,lim Nelson, Bill Hinrielis. Chuck Hruska. Denny Anderson. Marty Hansen, .g.1.m..l,1nn qrrf--u1u .1m.vw IIN Any lnoy who luis wt-1-in-fl i lm-ltvr in ai North lligli sport -mln-rs mlislrlziy Ili:-il' lvltvrs lml llll'tl1llS on l"ri4l:1y. xxliivli i tlie- slay thi-y ull twat' tlic-ir lmllvr SNt'1tlt'l'S to svlluul. ls 1-ligililo for N-Kilulr. 'lille' HN. l,H,4lN,S,. of N,QfluI, is "Come on. Gary. his fm-l arf-n't that big!" proniota- l-l'll'IlllllllPSS mul ioolwraition among tht- otli- lmtvs. 'l'liv vlulm also liroiiiotvs lin-mlly rvlulions unions ri- i als ul :lille-rt-nt sports. lfoml ortsmzinsliip aiml liiglivl' tu'- ulm-miv stauiclurmls urn- goals of lllt' iiivmlwrs. ROW UNE: Gary llull. Dick Johnson. .lurk llt-ming, Bolw Galinson, lion Svliiff, Tony llumluli. Hon Carcinfini. ,lim Rolli- liuuvr. HOW TWU: lliucv Walla-r. .lim Lange. Crm-y Getty, Tom llokkum-n. Cll2lI'l1'S llonnvllv. llaxid Carlson, Tom McCul- fr llui cy, ' Allison. ROW' THREE: Hurolll Lvwis. Roll l.:u-liviy Stn-wlivn Mikal. llm-nry flntilla, Cary Jacques, Wuy'liir l :laslu-ll. Llymlm' llromll. Bryan llurtm'ss, ROW FOUR: ,lvff llzmiliwl. l'il't'll Silvrrs. llmiml Sclieclnian. Etlclim- Boll. Rodger I W' wi J ' l sl 1 5 s , li-iswigi. llill Xvillvy. llavitl .lolinson. Bill lllilggruni. ROW' FIVE: Ralph lglillll. Nlairxin llurstvin. Pctvr Snaplw. Jerry in ' nkt-. llairry lippmam. lm- Holme-r. Tim lortvr. Hola Hans:-n. l il I gd' f i Q X yi' 'r 'Xt' if i J' nv The F.l'l.A. oflivvrs for this year are Nanette Boudreau, Judy Irwin, Louise Akf . Ryan. Bonnie Gml- OWQM R5 O frey, Kathleen Sko- ,ag 'C chinski. Nancy Graa QQ ' 7 cey and Evvlyn Q, X 9 Johnson. D , To is ' E .- 1 ' fn fZ " oe 44, QQ, 0 O NEW YK F.H.A. ROW UNE: Rmnainv Swim-rczvk. Marv Zf'llllN'I'. Martha Pertinvn. Arlvs Bullock. Jane! Silm'n.,l11mly lollnfun, ROW TWU: Eslhvr Slllltllllll. Mary Ann S21l'Nlll0f'llll'l'. Marjoriv Case. Lillian l'hilllps. Cullevn Dnnalnlv. ROW' THREE: BL-ve-rly Cvnr- llart. lmui-0 Ryan. .-Krlvvn llorgtsron. Joycv Janson. Cram' Rirlgley. Katlllf-rn Skovllinsila, ROW' l"0L'R: Marlene Pvtvrson llonniv llmlfrc-y. lliam' Nlillvr. Dlanm- Gilw. Nanny Cravey. ROW lA'lYF: Kathy l'lt'I'lllll. ,lucly ff. Jnlmnfon. Pat Johnson lin-lyn ,lnlln-nn, Nlarilyn Slmnp. Nlargawl ilarpvfrmtw. lrearning today so that they may he successful homemak- ers tomorrow is the goal of North's future homemakers. The girls in F.H.A. gain valuahle experience through participation in district meet- ings and the spring state meet- ing to which ten members were Sent. The cluh has hi-monthly meetings after school. At these meetings they plan various ac- tivities. The girls serve at teas and luncheons during the only paper. year. l".H.A. members learn how to he goofl citizens and assets to their future homes and communities. The tea vias over and the girls relaxed: but don't worry, they're ROW UNE! .leraldine Jandro. Patricia Kelley. Patricia King, Jane Fisher. Margaret Peiffer. ROW TWO: Elaine Niemi, Mary Janson. Diane Winkler, Mari Jo Driste, Joanne Sturman. Karren Hunt. ROW THREE: Nanette Berg, Barbara l'etcrson,'lNIarlt-nc Harvey, Martha Pellow. JoAnn Auger. ROW FOUR: Gloria White. Joanne Peterson, Patricia Keymes, lilurlagranloliey, Nanette Boudreau. ROW FIVE: Harriet Chouinartl. Jeanette Anderson. Sharon Clarke, Judy Irwin, San- tra e tier. ROW ONE: Mary Ohlin. Carol Bragc-r. Karen Mickelsen. Arlys Bullock. Kari-n llundm-n. ROW TWO: James Bajari. .lacquclinc Morri- son, Kara-n Amlm-rsnn. Nancy Greg:-rsen. ROW THREE: Nancy Hitman. ,luanno IN-tersun. David Waltvrs. Elida Erickson. ROW FOUR: Rolwrl Pvt:-rsq-ii. Rnllin Thnresnn. William Hinrivlis. Cliarlm-S Hruska. VIKING CLUB ls Illia ll in-wxpapvrs'ui1lri'm'llu'. ' .ff Karvn Arirlm-1'-4111. lreasurvr: Ruth Widvll. svvrctary: Lfillgl Slum-n. xim- llI'l'Nl1ll'lll1 l.aVvrm' llanka. presi- de-nt. ROW ONE: Calliie Wuollet. I.aVcrne Hanka, Bonnie Johnson, Mavis Huntington. ROW TWO: Nancy James, Ruth Widcll, Faye Watson, lVllll'gIilI'l'f lloowrson. .lillayn H0l'lll. ROW THREE: Shirley Biclke. Carol Bog:-ina. Michael Morrison. Kathleen Johnson. ROW FOUR Thomas Haavig, Kathy I.:-wison, Dianne Roelieleau, Debbie Westlund, D. Craig Moen. "llc-llo. lNUl'Wliy' . . . are you tlien-'f" "Hej. Hej. vi er den frykt Vikin- genef' boast the 36 members of the Viking Club. For those who ean't read Norwegian. it means. "Hi! We are the fearless Vikings." In addition to speaking Norwegian, whivb they do at all of their meetings, the Viking Club members publish the Vilflhllflfll, a two page bi-weekly news- paper. half of whivh is in Norse. An- other favorite activity of the Vikings is singing Norwegian songs. A major event in the year for the elub was the Mothers' Tea. The club's adviser is lVlr. Kindem. The Norwegian award is given to the- students who show outstanding work in Norse. ROW ONE: Sharon llunc-zak, .loy Cordon, Eli-anor Baker, Sharon Ros:-n, Carolr- liloch, Roxanne Kleyman, Sharon Johnson. .ROW TWO Phyllis Smiley, Karol Ostrin, Connie Barnett, Martin Fitcrman, Malcolm Cohen. Dianne Ziskin, Gail Karatz, .loan Weisman. ROW THREE: Williani Milgrain, ll. Craig Mor-n, Rolwrt Moellvr, l.c'0 Wallis, Paul R. .lUl'lIlS0l1- NOUWIU Rigvr. Shf'ld0Yl EVlflf'n- ATIO AL FORE IC LEAG E William Milgram, pre-sidvntg Anncttv Rf-ssq-n. serretaryg Craig Moon, vice preside-ntg Roxanne Klvyman, treasurvrg ltlalvolm Cohen, lwusim-ss manager. 62 Uvlmtv and spverh ara- thv livaclings ' ' ' s of N l'l for the division: i i llllllvl' l'Lll'll lllXlSiUll Iltvrc am' num t-ve-tits in which ftudvnts may parlivi patv. Thr- ml:-hah' tm-am this yvar wo honors mlvlwating on the topic ".-M111-rivaii vw. Russian Education." 'l'lu- mlramativs division got umlvrwuy rhia spring: and some of tht- vatm-goriw iurluele- humorous rvaflingl. 1'xlvuiporz m-ous and impromptu 4IN't'l'lll'S, punto mime' and om- act Ons' of tha- most tht- Stuclcnt lfongre this war. 'l'hc mlvhate- tt-am major tournanu-nts. phus. they plam-tl tc-auia and in the sixth. This your lllm' N. mlirvvtion of Nlisi lf plays. exvi' 1' -- x' lin, twlllx lr ss. lflllll' wort' ltvlcl has ln-vu in 1-le-wit :Nt llustavue Arlo S1'l'Ullll ntll of .W state- they ruiikml PII., Wag unflvr Ihr rlana Connors. "Round and round. the Merry-go-round," pantomime' Karol and Sharon. recognize r1-Nescmatiw Moen A1L'llllM'l'i of ilu' dI'ilnl8li4'5 svvtionz Sharon Hosvn. Ann- vltv Rm-ss:-n, Karol 0s!rin, Sharon llunvzak. Hluinm- Katz. lliunnv Ziskin, Craig Horn, Holwrl Moeller. Paul R. Jolxnwon. ROW ONE: Joy Gordon. Carole Bloch, Rosalyn Friedcll, Jean Korsh, Roxannc Klfvyman, Lois llialick. Rachel Wviner. ROW TWO: Gail Kuratz, ,loan Wvisman, Marcin Crain, Geraldine Pvrrin, Svrf-nc WHSPC. .ludith Karatz. ROW THREE: .leancttv Tollcfson, Kathleen lfngman, ,ludith Janson, lim-una Roscnau, .loan Pcfnning. Patricia O'shm-a. Rc-tty 'll-lnvr. ROW FOUR: Merrill Goldberg, Barbara King, Sharron 'l'a-tum-r, lliannr' Ziskin, Str-ve Kaplan, Monique Coddc, Yvonne- Fisclivr. ROW FIVE: Vivian Wolter. Robert Lutz, Sheldon Evidcn, Gerald llnldwtvin, Rarry Frie-dman, Norman Rigvr, Stuart Bork:-n. JU IOR UNITED ATIO S "Wh lc-arn so many iiitvnfstitig things ulmut otluu' pcoplcxu l't'imlt'lwtl Stuart Rorlu-ri. pre-sith-ut of thc- ,lunior lvnitvd Nations. Thr- avtivitivs of j.l'.Y. t't'Illt'I' around an vx- vliange- of idvas lim-twt-mi Nortlfs studvnts and pcoph- from ull voriu-rs of tht- world. Guvst spvzlk- ers im'ludvd xlttlllflllt' Cmltlv. Nurtliis fore-igti vx- rhangv Studvnt. .-X plvusttralwlt' 1-wut for inmhlwrs of LUN. was thc- soviul :Lvl-tout-tlu-1' with ull tha- foreign vxvliaiigt- stud:-nts in this arva. joy Gordon, vicc prcsidentg Sheldon Iuviden, trvasurcrg Stuart Borkcn, pres- idf-utg Ravhcl Weiner, secretary. I 1 I 64 i P i 'Q 1 .-rw .'u,. ll' gli tll ill F iii' 1. Ui! ROW ONE: Malcolm Cohen, Joe Goldman. Lillian Hesse, Mansoor Alyeshmerni. ROW TWO: Ralph Wittcoff, David Swenson Douglas Crann, ,lost-ph llroclnn, Larry Colman. ROW THREE: David Lyle, Mary Kolderie, Michael Frisch, Norman Riger. RUNIOR ACADE Y OF CIE CE At the beginning of the year the Junior Academy of Science, advised hy Mr. Perrin. visited the General Mills Research Laboratory. Tlirouglioul the school term the young scientists worked on projects which they demonstrated to their fellow members and entered in the science fair. Many of the seniors participated in the Westinghouse Science Talent Search scholarship contest. l..1n.gv-v--v-at 1 : 3 Most people are afraid of a snake, but it does not sec-nl to fazc the officers. David Swenson, vice presi- dent. and Ralph Wittcoff, secrc- tary-treusurer. I wonder what hap- pened to president Larry Cruman. Q, 5, S m..f .t ,,..ff.1 - :fu ,W ,. L, ..5, 1. Q W x 6 1 X J, is 1 QQEWY 5 -,k ,, ,Q .R gk-kg ,, , ms 5' 4-1 4 1 l 1 1. K , 45, x is x L xs x 2 1 4-5 ,. ff "' r , . :ls 5 nf, . .N .1 , M vp, JM- q,,7,i1a1 ' f. L ,, .X . ,WM ff Zz 'ik a me 1- is ,,,a -.1 wi,v,qU,4,AQr' M 45 Q ,I , rr dw' r-'W , ,Ks yy PMA f + QQ M fl f, ff, 4 fn 'Q'?": Y v "1 X, ' I F U. X 1,1- V ,mv ,. " K 3. f xx ,Q 2. 14, ,..,-Q: A 2 pk f .Li Q X M s 1. ,ff nfh, 1 4 ,153 743 ' 3 'ff' -ff ,. 4 1 'nfixagikb n V 1 , YJ. PHYSICS CL B ,- St- ROW ONE: Ronald Cain, Steve Isenberg, Betty Bertrand, Robert Buckwald, Bruce Lazarus, Bruce Barkosky. ROW TWU: Vincent Rogalski, Thonias Pavlock, Cary Shaich, Harvey Leviton, Barbara King. ROW THREE: Norman Rigvr, Rolwrt Passe-nlieini, Ronald Cc-llc-rman. Cayc-tano Bari, Robert Walensky, Robert Savitt. ROW FOUR: Jerry Taft, Michael Frisch, Paul Fr-lth, Leslie Lockrc-nl, Pat McDermott. "Tl fl" , d tern A visor Mr. Tlirvinen explains the operation of a ri mplv tank, a nm-w addition to tlu- wlivsivs lalr, to members of I I , the club. "Wattt'll tllm' lllI'1ill'ln Um' of tllc aclivitivs of tllt- Physics Clulm was working witli tllv tt-lograpll. Hvrc Tom Pavlovk, Bob Waitin- sky, and .lim I.:-igliton learn tht- Morse Cotlc from Barbara King. ,,,.t,1n.nina,, ,ttwunt.nnn:wt, n. w ROW UNE: llonnim- johnson. Mavis Huntington, Lynn Remly, Lois Monetlv, Donna llaurus, Carolyn Stolt, Eileen llvtc-rson, Carol Houlton, ROW TWO: Dianne We-stpllal, Karon Bundtze-n, Karen Larson. ,lacquelyn Henderson. Kathleen Arnold, Carol llragvr, Sharon Froohlig, Marian Erickson. Marcia Peterson. ROW THREE: ltlf-re-dirh Hoffman, Roberta law. Darlene l'n'r- ron, Betty Tvlner, Sharon Dalugc, lit-rlha Sanders, JoAnne Lieskv. Laverne Hanlia. ROW FOUR: Dianne Pearson, ,lam-t Croth, Rosa- lvc Johnson, Shirley Huar, Ruth Widvll, .loyco Anderson. Sharon Stanchfield, Barbara Wieherski, Mary-Alice Kronzvr. ROW FIVE: Donna Hnllwrt, Karen Krivfall, Karen Anderson, Diane Forbes. Kathleen Johnson, Janet Cass. Karen llultgrow. Marylou Slim-rva. uWClVf' got the peplll These words best express the reason for student membership in Pep Cluh. They attempt to give school spirit a real hoost through strong support at all games. ROW ONE: Bonnie lianks, Susan Colnne-rt, Marilyn Aniliroz. Carol llyinark, Linda Wlilson. Lois Ozwold. Betty Stoll, l'alti Farrand. ROW TWO: Sandra Hulu-rty, Patricia Slinfl, Joyce Wesley, Gloria Garin. ,ludith Hill. Mary Z1-llmvr. Margaret Ross, Ruth Ann Ellingboc, Darlene Danielson. ROW 'llHRElfl: Anna Mae Alanna, Carol Ulnlaniec. Mary Janson, Mary Ann Iiaml- lioefner, Connie Scliupmann, Jacqueline Suits, Mary Phillips, Mary Quintal. ROW FOUR: llianv Svhupnxann. Carmen ll:-rnivk, Fran Berg, Sandi Hvinlz, Diana St. Mana-, Karen Anderson, ,le-alrwltv 'l'ollc-fson. Nlargueritt- Nluller. HOW FIVE: Dianne llovliv- leau, Betty Bertrand, Carolyn Hirsch, Carol Hynes. Mary Anderson, Mvllia Spovrl, Sandra Hollvr. Joan Fllvrzynslii. L ROW ONE: Margaret Peiffer. Martha Pertinen. Lynda Henderson, Susan Zelenak, Beverly Brousseau. Diane Zembal, Karen Mather 9114111 fold tain ROW TWO l"1tri1ia F trn Shar B tt S C l f M D . , . st Y s - . : 1 " y ' . c ' on- enne , uzanne ao . ari Jo riste, Dianne Scanvell, Karen lltmt, Jcraldine Jandro. Barbara M1-K1-Ivey. ROW THREE: Sandra DiBenedetto, Karen Bachman, Nancy Wittig, Sandra Shoebe, Mary Ohlin. Carole Ramin, Kathleen Skoehinski, JoAnn Auger. ROW FOUR: Jacqueline Fern, Kathryn Russell, Janet Nelson, Phyllis l'4-rper, Boni Swanson, Lintla Ketokoski. Marianne Cahlander, Judy Schultz, Judy Reiter. ROW FIVE: Holly Nelson, Sharon Clarke, Sandra Kelliher, Janice Jopp, Faye Olander, Marilyn Mickelson, Marilyn Crow, Patricia Kcymes. Strict attendance at all meetings and games is the first qualification of a Pep Club member. Willingness to work is their creed, for the dodge-rs and posters displayed at North on game days are the work of Pep Club and their advisor, Miss Mary Josephson. ROW ONE: Patricia Fong, Sandra Parsons, Carol Swanson, LaRai Hopko, Marjorie Uhnanice Susan Walsh Kathey Sheridan Lola 'llllI'llt'l'. ROW TWO: Carol Sparks. Dorothy Johnson, Colleen Donahue, ' ' ' .ludi Rudolph, Romaine Sweirezek, Harriet Marsh, ,lean Lofstrand, Carol Cuptil. ROW THREE: Judy Fisher. Karen Szymanski, Patricia Hall, Elaine Woldorsky, l,tllll1'Ilt' Benjamson, Karen Gustafson, Barbara Nicderloh, DeEtte Wickland. ROW FOUR: Kathleen Hickey, Marilyn Shoop, Sandra Ekhmd, l'amela Benjamson, Raye Ann Olander, Gail Breeding, Rita Schaitberger, Jean Hoagberg, Diane Miller. ROW FIVE: Debbie Westlund, Harriet Chouinard, Kathleen Sherman, ,ludy Sheridan, Colleen Mulrean, Annette Smisek, Sharron Kil- llllry, l'atri1'ia Falkowski. il wu., elf.-the-ar all .l s Elissa Heilicher, Jean Korsh and Eileen Berkowitz, officers of Kadimah, begin the cleaning of the trophy cases. KADI AH "How did they ever get so dirty?', This and many others were the comments of the Kadimah members as they embarked on their major service project of the year. cleaning the trophy cases here at North. The first thing the girls did was to fill baskets for needy families at Thanksgiving time. Vifhen that was done. they found an even bigger project: they cleaned every trophy case in North. ROW UNE: Roxanne Klt'y'IIlilll, Marsha Wolk, ,ludy Shapiro. Roseanne llrown, .loan Re-mer. ROW TWO: Sharon Rosen, llarrivt Marsh Annette Hessen. .lean Korsh, Sharon Ft'llllllilll. liUW THREE: Merriam Bernstein, Bonita Sorin. Marlene Kupelz. Se-reno Wise-, lie-vm-rly Friedell. ROW FOUR: Sharon Schulman, Rochelle Ackerman, Rita-Ann Karch, Maxine Fleisher, Marciv Cram. ROW FlVE: Sharon Knight, Judy Krasner. Adrienne Stoller, Sharon-Lou Tapper, llarhara King. Yh- ... i1 Kadiman members go over their plans for a bowling party which was held in February. ROW ONE: Eileen Berkowitz, Mary Kay Hesse, Charlotte Hecter, Lois Bialick. ROW TWO: .ludilh Karatz, Eleanor Baker, Sarah Ahramowitz, Naomi Rappuport, Meredith Wise. ROW THREE: Judith Resnick Joy Gordon. Ruth Siegfried, Carol Goldstein. ROW POUR: Beverly Lehman, Dianne Ziskm, Melanie Goldberg, Phyllis Lehman, Cairolyn Fiterman. ROW FIVE: Joyce Lazerine, Sandra Kusher, Elissa Heilicher, Mariene Atkin. CHARLES CANFIELD DAVID SLETTEN ROBERT KUEHN PAUL JOHNSON President Vice President Secretary Chapjam To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian character. This is the purpose of Hi-Y, an organization affiliated with the Y.M.C.A. which has branches all over the world. North's Hi-Y has four clubs this year averaging from fifteen to twenty boys a club. The boys meet every Tuesday night. One Tuesday of each month they have an all-school meeting at the North Side Y.M.C.A. This meeting is presided over by the all-school officers who are elected in the spring of each year. Hi-Y members work hard during the' year to carry out their pur- poses. They help with various charity drives and lend their services wherever needed. After working so hard, the boys are ready for some relaxation and fun. An annual Sno-Day is held each year. This year it was held at camp lhduhapi on Lake Independence. The boys and their dates went skiing, tobogganing and skating. HI-Y The Hi-Y officers seemed to be bored at this executive council meeting. That is, all ex- cept Mike Streed, treasurer. "Hey, Mike!" "Quit peeking!" Our first stop this year was at the meeting of the Adonis. l strode up to the door an- ticipating the pleasure of being surrounded on all sides by boys. There were lots of them. too. They shoved me down on a piano bench and began hurl- ing questions at me. "Can I wear my trenchcoat?" "Wliere should l stand?" Then ,lim Sumsted leaped into the mid- dle of the room and standing firmly on his feet. declared, "We won't have our picture taken without our mascot!" He proceeded to explain that the boys wouldnit have their pictures taken unless they could have their beautiful mascot in it, too. So here she is. a smil- ing brunette with sparkling brown eyes and surrounded on all sides by 12 smiling boys. ROW ONE: Paul Elvin, Mike Strecd, CITV Harrl Rich 1rd Wil ui Lum lowru ROW TWU Ronild luhnyr Roy Scherer Charles Hrusku, Kurt Mctzner. ROW THREE Willard We sin l ary Jones Piul Harris Lharlcs Heinemann Henry Myhre ROW POUR: Ronald Bccklund, Michael John on Ed IX: mr Donild lar on Lie Hohner ROW FIVE ,Ion Dihl Robert Kuehn James Donald, Paul R. Jolmsun, Rodger Boc. The second stop of the eve- ning was at the meeting place of the Vikings. Since Vikings are noted for their great strength and spirit, the boys decided to show their muscles! They were doing fine, too, until Dave Slet- ten got too heavy and the poor boys on the bottom collapsed. Whether the collapse was due to Dave's weight or the spon- taneous laughter of the boys at the gyrations of the cameraman trying to get all of them into one picture, we still don't know. ROW ONE: Gordon Cranroth, Glen Ridgley, Marty Scar, Dennis Blanchard. Jeffrey Werner. ROW TWO: Charles Canfield, David Sletten. Dwayne Peterson. Richard Neumann. Jay Clayton. ROW THREE: John A. Henderson, Robert Stuart, Jurgen Rawdon, George Davidovich, ,lim Lange. ROW FOUR: Warren Olson, Steve Warren, Paul Chatfield, ,lim Sumsted, John Fischer ROW FIVE: Mike Richards, ,Ion Kelokoski, Paul Johnson, David Wallin, Terry Eck. Well, we were finally on our way to the last meeting. We had the wrong address so we had to stop and call the Hi-Y president and ask him for the right one. By the time we got there. the boys were really done in! They waited so long that in order to pass the time away, they ate. There were the Lancers sprawled out over the chairs and the floor all groaning and holding their stomachs. We hurried, took the picture, passed the Bromo Seltzer. and sent the boys home to bed. "Listen to this one, guys!" The hearty laughter of boys floated up- stairs. l and my faithful photog- rapher followed the hilarious shouts down the stairs. There huddled in a group were the Mercury boys having an orderly businesslike meeting! After we took their pic- ture, the boys explained to us that they took turns bringing their MAD magazines to read after club meet- ings. That was the reason Jim Don- ald was looking at the camera. It was his turn to bring the magazine and he'd already read it ten times! t W. 1-?'s'i , , TW' - V ' asiwislsiflf v ,i . ' - CHARLOTTE RICKSON Presid t BARBARA LBERT Vice Pre ent JUDITH S BERC Secre V NANCY CLARK i Treasurer . JUDITH SCHULTZ I.C.C. KATHY CROW 7 chaplain TEENS L In a day of great world triangle and globe, stands Y-Teens, an organization the Y.W.C.A. Its purpose Most of the activities are 228 members were divid the Hanging of the Greens the officers' workshop in participated. MISS KAY T Advisor MISS JEANNE Y -A dvisor ilisagreement, the Y-Teens' emblem, a blue as a symbol of world unity. for all high school girls, is sponsored by is to provide an opportunity for girls to become acquainted, give service to others, and, most important, to grow in the knowledge and lbve of God. Y-Teens activities oentec around religion, work, and recreation. arried on in the chapters. This year the into eleven chapters. All-school activities included a recognition banquet for new mem- bers, a farewell banquet fog' seniors, and a formal. Also there were r 1 w I I Ceremony, the International Dinner, and which girls from the Minneapolis area KA Nancy Clark, Barbara Gilbert, and Judy Solberg represent the Y-Teens triangle, while Charlotte Erickson reads the Y-Teens purpose at the annual banquet .pt The Y-Teens Recognition Banquet was hold on Novcmlwr 25. 1958. Say "Pruncs!" Busy as beavers uri- the Y-Teens cabinet immiln-rs us tlicv makv decorations for the Hanging of tho Greens ceremony. -ni, an-rw mug. Q' A 1 'u IMA" s HM 533 ur 'M xii 1 9 Q Ri- .,. .414 aggugq. fa . .2 'vim -:Y .- gg -sw , if 1. A U Q W -cw My Mk I 1? X' 'Wiz' E9- W. ,. I , as -MEN ' 235 f iff? 'fy ' I I K 1 1 'Ear' ' 4 dis, -aa rf' 'Q 'M I .mm 2 1. F Q +-Q s if - .- K il L- ,Mega lvggxj 3 k vw' f, . if 5 Ju -1, 5 V - 3 ff xl f' - T.- ' ' A QE, 'gig ',l,r - yn nfs? L .JI .,.. - Ly. .Fri . ,AL h VH Y . wwe . V M V Q -W ,gvlvw rg -f it r fffj '34 EV K : 1- - - 'arf-1 v 2 'A JN -v"',-Sli '-'52 A fwg,..1rf! Q :fi?Q?,, 'fr' ei' " Q 3, K I lr. .I I ,A X! Y., U si, f A , l. ' Y V x .vw ' ua" , .f ki "' 1 hr 3k , Qian - -Q1 'v. 'i A , -v 415, 4 .. r 5 vm 7 :A ga ., .df !' f ' , my f w QM if my ,A Ni , . 1. ..- , , ft Lfrws- z ,L ., ,. , T' X332 M516 fs A LP w K-, H! 'EF l J 1.1 Ev. .. Hd g v- J. L- 'Q i- 8 IMT: . .5 1 SEX ., ,- , Q sf.: 1 "Q .,,., mf-'inf f- 4 ' 2753? ,-Svxfq .-.iafsxi 5 , Y., , f, 'i.1fK1,. wi: " s.. 4 H -ff' ' ,-t .+i"'?? Q ' 1 .sf i :af-fx' ,fy X f 3 ,. A., . A- M if fm .Mf . 3 F, fy N., X If 5 -W1J"' ' Pi ' -ik EF T wi' fn i J , , ,, -,gf ' JY: 1.1 .N . Q '-L , , ' , ,, , 7 58 H4 .,. 6' ' f 1. , .. , Y V 2 I w - I: . ,N f, i. , .gg ' P W w ,wg A ,,-Ae, w X . mf' A , ,,. I uw 35,21 M "L J I Q ' g. ig-, A L . jf W we ,H . W fa . ' ' . ,39k"f fm 5 11 1 -Q at wr. 11 .1 ' I 3 5 w:M?kM'TS' -s 5: 'A :?7":V. ' 514 1 5 255:62 Mg 4 55? v ' 'F .'. ' ' . iivfm ws 7 ., V Q M. Q ' VL 1 . M New Q? .4 4.3-- . - if 'qfzggz Qin gi' ff' Tun' I if , ,mifv is 34 if L. 'Lf-I 1 1.42,--Q W .' , - -an . 'f . J .nf L-5 -2 v A . :sw 4 i f 3 V, - T-3, ffl 1 Q ' xfisa vii M 6 X V .my 9.1114-'GW Y- ' A f K Wm -"Q :if . Q, Q 5 A - A - -- '. 1 .V arf ,am 1" 4' . 4' fi '- 5-,-'g'.?j ' ia 'i ,QL H . ' , mf?" ' give 1 A I y, 1225- iff'-9 L 2 ggi Q, L ' A 'f. l f , 1, :Qpw-fri my '15-ja.-ff , K Eg?7-'12fgQg5,y:'w ii. VMJJ, I1 V-iw 1'-g5,3f f I- I 1 Q41 by ROW ONE: Joanne Nygren, Carol Bonstrom, Virginia Wierman, Anna Noren, ,ludy Bury, Evalyn Eiftmann, Gloria Carl- son. ROW TWO: Maryrae Elliot, Geraldine Perrin, Andrea Harich, Karen Warner, Marsha Benson, Mona DeSoto. ROW THREE: Patty Hodge, Judy Kurtzahn, Emerald Dibble, Sharon Hopkins, Violet Starkson, Judith Linn, Cathie Wuollet. ROW FOUR: Melford Wheeler, Betty Tlielemann, Arleen Bergstrom, Bonnie Godfrey, Carole Erickson, Doug- las Huber, Ruth Goetz. ROW FIVE: Jeff Caufman, Robert Ceronsin, William Guy, Eugene Ipsen, Kathy Heruth, Bar- bara Bezanson, David Powell. I-II-C Hi-C is a Twin-City-wide or- ganization. The members put forth their efforts to promote fellowship and reach students for Christ. 0ffiC6rSE Aflfigfl DEERE- strom, mera 1 e, The Hi-C club meets once a Doug Huber, Mary E1. liot, Mona DeSoto, look over plans for the winter month they meet with clubs from retreat- week by themselves: and once a Henry and Robbinsdale. Activities were many this year. A Twin-City retreat was held on Janu- ary 17. The members of Hi-C went to a skating party held at Loring Park: after skating. everyone moved to the Northwestern College for a program and refreshments. Lyman Lodge was the site for this annual winter activity which was held on February 6 and 7. 'lv ll Qi ROW ONE: Joan Manosevitz, Joe Goldman, Joann Gobel. ROW TWO: Diane Burnham. Bonita Swanson, Annette Patterson, Susan Mark. ROW THREE: .Iudv Irwin, Jeanette Anderson, Patricia Keymes. LIBRARY PAGES The library pages assist the librarians in the over-all organization of the North High library. They check books in and out, and they give helpful information. They work under the direction of Miss Helen Ulvestad and Miss Melita Tonn. ROW ONE: Serene Wise, Dianne Prochaska, Annette Ressen, Carolyn Bahe, Mary Halloran. ROW TWO: Sharon Knight, Rita Ann Karch, Marianne Cahlander, Joan Persons, Judy Schultz, Connie McCoy. R O W THREE: Elissa Heilicher, .ludy Krasner, Rochelle Woldorsky, Adrienne Stol- ler, Margaret Carpenter. ROW FOUR: Stuart Bor- ken, Ted Mateski, Sheldon Bloch, Ronald Hamberg, Norman Riger. S.E.P. ID The S.E.P. aids play an important part in the Sophomore Enrichment Program by helping the IH structor. Two days a week, these aids can relax as there are individual study perlods but the other three days, they are kept quite busy taking attendance, collecting and handing back papers and performing many other important duties. This is an S.E.P. class? tSophomore Enjoy Pleasurel See no evil Speak no evil Hear no evil , .4 1, '-. -fwfr - 4. u ,,. L. v fuk 1 .1 ' .4 fa QQ ues, X t W1 1 if R5 ' 1-1 2' llvfffv 14 f ,v 1 5. I ,WK 1 ,A v. X an ,, ,,Q!1N,:'.l "1 ., . W- ,. S- '- ns 'if 1 Q 1 ii M. : f ' Flu 2 5948 K . . k .. yt mwww -keg .. gr ' '?'ff'Qif1k5'f5?Q71, K ' 324251. 13" V w, Quay -Md-k M' ik, 3 ' 'M 1 dig- I :W Vf 1, . mf, I, 5 X Fifa? ,, - 5' Q M? . 5 'rf' M5 '-f-I 2 , 2- X, My Qs fini' W,h- ff v K 4 ' '51 e,j'Khf2' ,. , J V 52315 -3 K 1522 5 4 w,N,s .L p f 3,,wg,,,X.5?if -Q A A in H ff Q 'M Q. -w., 3: , x 4 : 4 ig Q ,..::L- - N .. f D- .PD - W, E 1' 4- . . - j 1, ., . It f E f X 1 3, fs H A- ,y 3 5:25226 , . +C- 5'-ii 3 Q. MQW ff? QQ' U' 'fix Q1 Kip M M ' A . ai 1 - 23 i 2fF,-s Y 4 avwgg -M 1 V J A543 5 5 . Q. . , i m M 4 -W fv. . F M Wfgwmnv , 'Wi ' jiflgg .swssugi 3751 k S 2 ., .assay HM L J -agvgwh' .nw ww:-... , 1,-A g mg , .. x 1 WW? A TE ww ,, . .if r-Hi 9 ' ' 1 :Y 'W ' Ill '. wi g'w W .tv ,wi i A . 'iv' is 134 " 3 4-been ww rn 1 " 4,1 , Ls xl-r z 5 9' f 13. XL, V , M5 565' -3- T' I ' , ' 'ht 7 :. FT" J, ""'u'l" ' 1 ,tw ill7m"1W-':'1.'L5l?35Hl'fl5,'- , . -1 uf ' ' rf! ' W V 2 3 " 'u:,',,",'2"" tv JUDY SCHULTZ TOM FRIEDERICH C'mon, Abe, it's a left at the next corner. Congratulations, Room 111, you've done it again. A fo a 1 BEVERLY ZIEMER JO ANN HEMERICK The Parent-Teacher-Student Association is a lengthy title for an orgianization with a lengthy list of expectations. The representatives 'are selected from each homeroom and aid in fulfilling the goals of this organizationg namely, to encourage par- ticipation in school events by parents, teach- ers, and students. ff 2 5 - 'win F if E 4 85.4 Ni. ,3. ,Y , , ,.,g L ,L fs f l , ,uf 5, M ,z , fx' 'Q ' A . ' g K 5-iff la g 1 mg.g4gg:m,-, If A lf' Wi , iff fi ?'lii:AE' vsf QQ,-sf?-iggl X , ' Qin 5 ,vs , 1 - 86 if ', K J. v 4 nf . f if V . 4 , sig .. .fn W" . - ,, ., Y f .Jeff 1' -f f. ,M-Aw fa ii 4:2 5 . '. f,:i"' 1' 52121 f k M GP ax K Q .1 ai! :V MM52' K L , M s? ik ,Gag , M' Lx' JM .- . f -... 'Nl ' K, my K ,,, an be 4' if I " N , ..,,,. i .5 " ' , gg,-aw ' i 'iv + . if , 3 f M ,,f':k.1f!1V Q, 1 A -e K V K " -rg:-If ,Q 1, mgff-' ' X 5 FA ,ww .A ,Q A , A .LQ E 2 1 lah, K , 7' ,X , ,-4 A1 ' 'Ki ., ,. E, 4 'W' ,, if - L X T. -R L9 Q. : - A ,. if ' f.. S L: X I -. 1 11 : , J. -ui? E 7 we 2 if 'ja 5 ...- , A 5 2-ggv-1' ,- ,, . f .. , . ff' 'W " :rw 5 15 X Q -.1-4.5! V In K 5 ff t' 51,55 J' QM .V , f . H I 1 22421, 5 A, u 'iw .V ., n Sl: I , af 4 M vw- '2 Tx ,., 1 W V , ,1 "lf 'W 1' W M ,X ww .V H 19 ? if wg 154, W +29 if 1 51.11 ea R 1 'f MWF 3 - , 'QQ 457' K V, K K. Lk 1 'I 25 35-7? W' :w if-' 4' 1 , wi ,,-: h 1 In 495' -Qf"' ,M it H' -'- 5,153 gf? ww A F W4 fa' ' E x .gr - :. ,. i L- .xl fa- 4 Y , 4 ,4 gm 3 ig ,E f ls- 5-"f'3w?z' 1 Q ' if J- i .ff :Q 2 :-: y 133 IU + ' X A 5 M qi 1 E d Fm., W" ., 1 1 :S '- '-1 if .... 'Q Q? 1+ 3, ' QP -W. iz ffis ' EDDIE BELL 'QQ x 'A Q to ' DICK SUMSTAD tm 't t G r as -f .' I ' X 1- Z gs ' "lx N50 'j n KATHY JOHNSON j. if 1 1 ht ' ' IH ' ' 4 u- . I -L L1 f 'Sr r HARRIET MARSH ' i .,,k Z: F - 'g" I - s it W , K D -.f f- I ,AQI j Df. "J 'fl , L 59 , 12 Q1: D' im, The student teachers become slave- drivers on Student Government Day! Karol and Dave, all-city representatives, at- tended the Governor's Conference on driver safety. 1 H53 ,, "fi , H A 4 -QS if 4, u--m M -' Q- 1 ., Q11-75: ::a'4" A QV! .-lk , . w I . 4 Q- - . +A' uk H4 ,Ek Q dwf ivfw Wdx f f-gn Y M M: Q? 'Wfa f -, Y Z -f ii ifi 1 a iff-fs: vi '- J'-W' 'W' ."'.5,4 f:,e5:H,'g.. 1 , X '3 ' V 1 ' 1 w'w A ' LwmJ E ' Elia" flif . . 1 "' .. " L X543 F ggw , w,,A ,W5p,, X lW"As 1 f, .. 'jff.'r1 1. W1 jwj. , lx at I, W 4- W ' S an ' L , .wiv L 3 t yfpgfc' K asf ' 'M wa. 1 J 1' W' if! ,A nm.W 5 ' V .' T, . A V. A W 45--sq UNIOR RED CROSS ROW TWO ROW ROW ROW Carol. Pat and Jvan arm- un thx-ir way to deliver Red Cross posters which marked tlu- beginning of the annual drive. ONE: Sharon Evans, Shari Besner, Jacquelyn Henderson, Joanne Nygren. Eleanor Baker, Mary Kay Hesse, Carolyn Stult. ROW Janet Groth, Sharon Gall, Jeneal Swanson, Karen Kastama, Barbara Wyland, Sheryl Lewis, Steve Heller, llarhara Mt-km-Iva-y. THREE: Rita Crm-nke, Barbara Gilbert, Shirley Huar, Diane Prochaska, Elaine Kellman, Judith Resnick. Donna Sc-llimmc-I. FOUR: Wayne Haskell, Stuart Borken, James Rombley, Sheldon Schreiberg, Gordon Granroth, Janice McCoy, Carol Boersma. FIVE: James Donald, Jon Dahl, Judith Rosengren, David Goldstein, William Jirau, liruce Tollefson, George Daviduvivh. , -. aw '11, fi- aww Q 51 -uv s'1'uAm' BORKEN J J it F Hey, you're supposed to be fillin them, not building them! g gf The Junior Red Cross is one of the many organizations here at SHARRON TETNER North. Their biggest project this year was the gift box drive: each Each Junior Red Cross representative is elected by his home- rooln to represent it at the meetings. Many members make an effort to go down to the Red Cross , ' Center and help distribute posters or fill the Red Cross drive kits. - This past year Mrs. Phyllis Lyders had the job of advising this group. N I . J X WAYNE HASKELL 1 tt. r 1' Qt' 1, -. -1 ,J 5 it ROW ONE: l.aurel Nolan, Harriet Marsh, Susan Schwartz, Arnell Supalo, Jeffrey Werner, Betty Wehinger, Patricia Fong. ROW TWO: Margaret llooverson, Ina Collins, Judy Saari, Karen Gustafson, Carole Guptil, Jean Lofstrand. ROW THREE: Dianne Ziskin, Martha Kahanuk, ltlarjorie Case. Maryrae Elliot, Colleen Donahue, Carol Goldstein, Stanley Allison. ROW FOUR: Sharron Tetner, Betty Her- aldson. Judith Scott, Karen Szymanski, Naomi Schulman, Sandra Ecklund, Raye Ann Olander. ROW FIVE: David Powell, Sandra Engstrom, Judy lrwin. Mika- Olmert, Jean Morris, Karol Ostrin, Martha Leigh Johnson. . . z .1- l.n.7i p homeroom filled a certain amount of boxes to be sent overseas. V MIMEOGR PH GIRLS-ART IDS ni, I , . nf" 1 T 4 1., 5 ,X ' - sg F v 5 2 - l , H I I ROW ONE: Jean Paquctte, Colette Kinvig. ROW TWO: Charlotte White, Laurel Nolan, Naomi Rappuport. ROW THREE: ,lean Betker, Nannette Berg, Drusilla Pryhillu. 94 1 Six senior girls assisting teachers hy typing ancl running off assign- ments and tests on the rninieograpli machines are the ininivograph girls. These girls are sclcctcfl and trained by Mrs. Elva Carlson to carry on these necessary functions. Also serving the school are three girls who form the artists' Z'tiflf'S. These girls volunteer their thirfl periods each day to work on liullc- tin boards throughout lhe school. They are responsible for putting up various posters and taking them clown at a later date. Charlotte, you know you van't type with your fists! KV hz V . ' fx , , .4 l v ,, ky -x k F1 H-air. ,. ,3 "1 xg, , L ' vi'-' , A I .N .4 J 4 W " is Q- X rsyigr:-Qi 216- 5 -., S ' M 3 A- 11 fs' 4- K , A D lx A r 2. :. ' 1 , 'rf ,. ., -, " Q P 5 . K 1 If jp -mm 1 O M, mem,v154f' T' I N vjvz L JA H M6 'P' J in H1521 Y . " W i x 2-1, -. s 12 N . W fi V ' 11' 1-,ax f: ' 1 Q mi Q Y K I ' ' --W-sv..-f L .3 ,K , , ,fm ,ry AQ' 7,4 'K 'L ,fr ra. X ' H5225 'arg L, X LKQA31 W1.,- If f rf W Q ,lj Zi,k Q ROW ONE: Charles Stendal, James Gleason, Cordon Granroth, James Eckman. ROW TWO: Larry Nelson, Dwayne Peterson, Lenny Taylor, Larry Small, Jeffrey Stolp. ROW THREE: Henry Myhre, Terry Seland, Robert Kuehn, Harry McLaughlin. STAGE CREW They said, 'glt coulcln't be done! It couldn't he done!" But due to the efforts of the stage crew in the handling of stage lights, spotlights. and props, North High has had a successful year of plays, audi- toriums and concerts. WE GOOFEDI ! ! Stage Crew-the hardest working bunch of boys in school. 96 ROW ONE: Joan Weisman Miriam Black Anita Justesen, Judy Bury, Susan Schwartz, Sandra Johnson ROW TWO: Jeffrey Silver, Martin Fiterman, Richard Ranelle, Diane Powell, Joseph Brochin, David Her man, Edsel Jurva. ROW THREE: David Erickson Jerome Edling, Ralph Wittcoff, Phillip Litwin, Wil r ham Bearman James Ceye Bruce Lazarus ROW FOUR Robert Passenherm Erlmg Hanson Donald Maurer Willard Wessen Charles Olson David Helk klnen Juan Tolentmo ROW FIVE Richard Passen heim Jaak Juhansoo Bruce Johnson Paul Felth Michael Postle Leslie Lockrem v 1 ' . ' . ' , I 9 9- ' , 1 .1 ' . , . . 1 ' ' l l . , . It may look like a snap, but it isn't. The stu- dents on projection are entrusted with the hand- ling of North's projectors, tape recorders, record players, and mikes. This service group is organized under the supervision of Mr. Christopherson. ll PROJ ECTIO ROW ONE: Sharon Feldman, Carolyn Bahe, Mary Halloran, Lois Bialick, Rachel Weiner. ROW TWO: Judy Metsala, Connie McCoy Carolyn Fiterman, ,loy Gordon, Ruth Siegfried, Serene Wise. ROW THREE: Barbara Collyard, Dianne Ziskin, Diane Prochaska, A nette Ressen, Monique Codde. ROW FOUR: Sandra Engstrom, Karol Ostrin, Marianne Cahlander, Richard Sumstad, Stuart Borken Adrienne Stoller. NATIO AL HO OR OCIETY Don't look now, but there is someone be- hind you. 98 The National Honor Society is an or- ganization headed by Mrs. Hetherington and Mr. Farrell. ln order to qualify for membership, a person must have at least a 2.3 average and must excel in character, leadership and service. One of the service activities performed by this organization was the distributing of large boxes of groceries and turkeys to two needy families at Thanksgiving time. One of the main activities of this group was the Tapping ceremony. As a climax to another successful year. the N.H.S. took a trip to Chicago in the spring. 1 X I lf. 7 - l? N it i ,fly fjf' 4 ll 2 l ai ly . X C N i IJ i l xl X 953: ' 5 ' X f-f.,5-2 1 F1511 ,S'-.f5f1Q?'f?35 H45 x "fn-1. I L. ' 25 - 313 .4 Aff, 5 gi, . . - f. . .X 4- "ffl w m a- 1 ff i , fi 'T 1 . ,H , , X ,,,..,.. ,, k . . -- se 1 , . M Y- , ' QE 5 gggggg el: M up 4 'wi W, Y EQ. VH W L1 iQwyg?a X ,sm 2 V 'rm 4 We. v W rw w , gif 2-w f lfl a 1 I W 'S-if A L 5 -A 0 qi X1 gg, " KW, ' un? 5 Y, 5. ' . .M M. W if fm X S: 'WP' W i-K1 .' : gg. lu - ..,- ' "'f . i 1 M 4 R, f 5' 4' 1 , R t 1 Y I X W ,, W 3 V Q PP Q r f I ay . yf' 9.1 , I , 3' v Vi v , , Q , L, 5 , -X3 if? "" . ' 1 52 mv ' , .1 45 1 , , , " M Ai , Hx V-T, ' Lf 'J ' if 'r 53" gg' 'f fm' -mf " mf 'fr fp' , f:,5 -ff 93597. ,. 5 fi' . ,ef dy g.Q Q.-l4'V-llfpi 'nag WW ' ,, ' ,,1',.5,f ,fx x , I XIX, . 55 x., 1 SJ ig, J. 5 ,,'f,,,,f1- ' 'f "EI VU wtf? ff v- Y ff .U M, f 01, ,Us ., "' w lf cl NY V ' , 4 ' W . - - X. . K . L .4 ' 'if' - 'Hr 'U ' 2 'V' 'VP W' ul iv ,Q,q XP' 11 'I "'b""'.'5 0 . , gf. 'Q Wx -53 QI If "1 'f Q' W1Y" Tv " v5'-ks l sr ""' wwe urn if 5 iff 1- 'V x ,i 5 ,M , X, . al if ' 4 'J 1,3 H k ' 'E?f33m pf , ' 9if1 'f,'SC?.Ffi2Tg2'Ef' "5 'f2 '?f" Ari rf' f f?f"fC i"fi "-'Uri' I fm I 51.1-L'517Y' 1.fr1Qs!l?gQ'Z'!ij45iX4 -SSM, '21wzgg.mg3,fLQe?1, 4 X x - Q . , Q 1 f 4. X, , fha! x ., ' ,J ' : ., A - .X-32 5 ' 'i 9 u .I if I , , -4 K -x . M ' : 15? ,Qdnl 7 ' 21.1 :fs xi gsrffgy, :E .1 4? f ! Q hi: il Ex -X X f 1 E , 'W I 1 Q YQ' G.. , Q ,f 1. . wi w' I ,' 7 L 1 O0 f'-3' Y' N 2 A X E 1 mf -N ' 1 ROW ONE: Elizabeth Gordon, Richard Reiss, Linda Anderson, Marcella Cram, Rachel Brudnoy, Micheal Morrison, Karen Warner Stephen Salsberg, Daniel Weinberg, Gary Diamond, Ruth Ziff, Joan Hulbert. ROW TWO: D'ete Bomier, David Wallin, Tom Oltman, Mit-lu-al Richards, Micheal Eggert, George Jarvis, Betty Theleman, Barbara Niederlock, Janet Mcnzlekoch. ROW THREE: John Wieni- man, Wesley Pernula, Gene lpsen. Charles Reich, Rodney Norberg, Kenneth Jensen, Douglas Cram, Clark Anderson, Douglas Huber, Micheal Jolmson, David Goldstein, Harlan Wells. ROW FOUR: Richard Krahn, Donald Lundstrom, Charles Squires, Noel Mertz, ltarry Colman. ROW FIVE: Robert Galinson, Mr. Villas. Devoting his time, patience. and talents to this group is Mr. Villas, the North High band director. Always ready to put forth a consistently fine performance is the band, These stu- dents who comprise this orgnization are continually willing to sacrifice time for extra practice. The band can be seen at auditoriums, pep fests, on the field in some clever formations. or at concerts. The proof of their fine work is obvious when one sees their performances. North High is proud to announce that the band has been named as one of the seven outstanding bands in the state and one of two hundred across the nation. They will be included in a national yearbook of bands. MR. E. VILLAS KURT METZNER mt 5 . Q-"A'w259" J 5 , , eff , HTS! '4 V, A , mfJM'giw.w, - 2 if fl' If .Q 4 1- N K If y 1 xl in gb Q rn' D ,. A va 3 3 - fr sf- A ,fQ:M1Q?1E'511,f,W L Y: A km ,W au. 'P 'FW , , ' 1 f-L-uzffl f , v Q 'J , x, , I x ,I Q. fb -v -'pf' qc' I, v ways K il' S ty 1 I ,P Z h l ,L 4- -1,- 2 W ,Ll Q P x Qllp rv, vi? gs' , I If 2 l L. , - ln. ' ,, rn n . J U' ,Q "A " fl N . ,- .- in-1 u:m.l1rliholQnuus ' . 5 YU H0llP'E3 .'J4,5s?-M?F? Nqka"qtq ' f'qfM'fw1 4 ' ' w1f? V,:'?'j3iY'i'f':"?,,f 5152. 56 V1 W5 img V51 ' ,Q-m..g:ff 4 , tif -1, wf .vi 4 ic f :ti-,lf 5 A ,gef-sw' - N1 -Ng?-1, X . .Jg4,?Tf', ,Q 3 Q J 4-'v 9- 1 ,fs -, 1 -. 1 , . Q ' PV' 1 ggi: , 1, ? xr X x jx lx J U 'QW E 0 Ni l- ,sk 5 4 1 bw W , , 1- -A f f . W ,f 4 ROW ONE: Peter Schreiner. Lloyd Sorenson, Stephen Warren, Robert Dhein, Anna Noren, Janet Nelson Constance Johnson Evl 1 1 Gyn i',lit'FSit'll. Lana f.llfPt'I'lIf'I', Larolyn Benson, DeEtte Wickland, Linda Bergum, Martha Johnson, Martha Pellow, Cloria Carlson, Mari Jo Driste, Nyles Charon, Kathleen Jolmson, William Hopkins, Jerome Schewe, David Swenson, Marshall Shields. ROW TWO: Jeffrey Werner, Robert Clear, Allen Crover, Todd Zimmerman, Julius Crawford, Dennis Branson, Donald Larson, Mickey Greenberg, Bruce rtrner. Lugtne Karjalaliti, Harold Newulle, Murray Cooper, Richard Druk, Michael Beal, Ellsworth Miller, Bruce Wickland, Judy Johnson, Peter Coodwing, Michael Johnson, Harlan Wells. Sara Freedland, Jan Larson, Kathleen Lindman. POL R BAN For the first time in history, the Polar Band performed on the field with the "A" Band in the fall. The Polar Band also has performed at commencement, some auditoriums, and some pep fests. These ambitious students work toward he- coming members of the first band. l IAQ POL RETTE ROW ONE: Karen Mather, Barhara Miller, Carolyn Baht-, Sandra Mady, Joanne Lieske. Dianne Palmer, Phyllis Perper, Faye Watson. Karol Ostrin. Lorese jones, Carol Wt-stlund, Patricia Lind, Mitzi Corhett, Karen Kurlson, Mari- lyn Amhroz, Patricia Fong. Presenting the North High Polarettesl These girls participated in pep fests. football and lrasketlmall games, and the Holiday Revue. They have also performed several times at the Golden Valley Country Cluh. Judge Wright Show, and in the North Side Parade. as well as thc Cen- tennial Aquatennial. The clever variety of dance routines was originated hy their choreographer, Lorelie Pendergast. a '58 graduate of North. Miss Pendergast was assisted hy Karen Mather. Captain. and Mary Corbet, secretary. A plaque was awarded the lfolarettes for their fine perform- ance in the Centennial Aquatennial during the summer. ROW ONE: Barbara King. Geraldine Perrin, Emily Hermanson, Mary Zellmer, Aaron Gurewitz, Tom Neadle, Aelred Noska, Phillip I-'ist-ln-r. Larry Colman. ROW TWO: Rawdon Jurgen, Merriam Bernstein, Rachel Brudnoy, Barbara Gilbert, Roger Dobbs, Stephen Sulsln-rg, Avron Gordon, Riclmrd C. Neumann, 'Sharon Harris, Paul Harris, Noel Mertz, Lenore Johnson. ORCHE TR It is quality, not quantity, that counts. Proving the great truth of the statement is the orchestra which meets sixth hour. The orchestra has presented con- certs at grade schools and public schools during the year. Barbara Gilbert, Bar- bara .lo King, Phillip Fischer. Bobby Jo and Geraldine, let's not bop up Beethoven! IGS Lsiigi - X -.M Wig' wg 5 1 A ' . Q1 A , ' Y v L 4 , mv 'S ? EX QE W , E , M ,ey -if UP - , . ' ' A 1 il . Q B' fi- . Q1 fx 1 N Q Q , ,E 'K . Q . . , emi- f ix 1' - X new fm B if A Ad, , ,E W mv ' f ff ' 4 22 ,- f W , 1 ri k E' 'vb 4 'f t , , f?7'g.- ,gf 1" 7 3 ' Z A ' Q ".g' A 'F .df Q, I MM if ,pn y h EA 6 W ,q,,, . Bmw Q A 1 gi M A ' 'fe' , W ' f A255 f A,,. 5, ,L - ' af. ,Q ,A f f aft ,-as .3 tw ,ffl -"' .ff X Q. X -1 :1 mWLmmM1M "' Q ur' F NMA, X , ghff W, ,A- IO7 ROW ONE: Evalyn Elftman, Lola Turner, Diane Hamlin, Andrea Harich, Sharon Evans, Ramona Chil- strom, Susan Walsh, Eileen Peterson, Constance Schultz, Michelle Poland. ROW TWO: Donna Angel. Judith Fisher, Katherine Dunn, Carol Johnson, Margaret Swanson, Kathleen Kendrick, Violet Starkson, Karen Larson, Arnell Supalo, Carol James, Karen Johnson. ROW THREE: Mary Ellison, Jeanette Tollef- son, Mary Swenson, Carol Sparks, Susan Hatch, Jacqueline Morrison, Anita Johnson, Vivian Wolter, Sharon Stanchfield, Carole Erickson, Sandra Holter, Marguerite Muller, Sandra Erickson, Nina Oleen. GLEE CLUB The stepping stone to HA" choir is the Glee Club. This group, for- merly known as the MB" choir, is made up of girls who wish to gain sufficient experience for member- ship in the "An choir. The Clee Club participated in the local departrnentis spring concert. THE MADRIGALS Sixth hour every day the Madri- gal singers rehearse. This small musical group works under the cli- rection of Mr. Larson. These singers made their debut by caroling at the faculty Christ- mas party. ROW ONE: Joanne Lieske, Josephine Romano, Kathlyn Gibbs, Patricia Rapacz, Janeal Swanson, Elaine Katz. ROW TWO: Marjorie Tack, Bruce Miller, James Donald, Manny Kopstein, Roman Korsun, Bar- bara Fisher. North High students may be found any- where on the globe! Last summer North had two representatives on the American Field Service program. Debbie Westlund lived with an "adopted" family in Swedeng there she shared their family life and learned much of the colmtry. Holland was Carole Bloch's residence last summer where she lived with a Dutch family. This program offers an opportunity for American students to see how life goes on around the world and to promote world un- derstanding. It also provides a similar pro- gram for foreign studentsvto attend a school in the United States for a complete year. The A.F.S. student this year was Monique Codde, whose home was in Paris. AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE EQ,LHNDS CAROLE BLOCH Swahili FRANCE MONIQUE GODDE 35- A gi if ft DEBBIE WESTLUN D I09 Now we know where Phyl and John get their jokes. Off a cocktail napkin! aa ::g.lma.xw POLARIS BI-WEEKLY The editors are busy checking the page for the next Polaris issue. Wil3l'S wrong, Barb, d0n't the ends meet? Shel D Sws ss CHIBSE I Q1 KL Phql KX Q? mi 5 'B 549-f f' 5 is Q ' W ' itil ' , ' Y ' L' Q "H - ' 59 3' if ll 254 .. 'v an .' I V 9. '!'f.': -3 v-i.Q,Q,,g l'!'!"!'!'5 an' Q-5 aw! snzlewi i-Q10 21 3 ,mi 'J -g-' . 2 Temper, temper . . . Wliim has the joh number? Vlfhere are the triplicates? Rc-clo, vutl These were familiar cries to the annual staff members throughout the year. Aftvr days of sc-arching through old annuals and racking our brains for a thenio, we vallvd upon the able assistance of Monsieur Dustve Lense to guide you, tht- r1'atlei's. through the 1959 Polaris. lninu-diatvly aft:-r that. each staff mem- lwr was givvn il spa-cial assignment and without mlvlayl---lwgzni writing copy and svhvcluling pictures for his individual sec- tion. lfvvrything ran smoothly with the ex- ception of a few clrafllines when we hurmwl thc- iniflnight oil in orcler to finish the last minutc' copy details and croppefl our pictun-s hy the light of the sunrise. Our iilzisterpicve has heen Coinpletecl, :mtl now. the proof is hcfore you for your approval. AN NUA STAFF Now l'1n going to Cut you clown to my sizel 'H 1 iwwf f' a- - r xg QW u wg 42 " , my ww M mow' 47 I ,J A w, QW W1 r W, V ' A A Wu 'Ji' " L A Nsx A A I .,, .. M if , 'frf 11.44 d , rf Cy my 7' jf? W eff ff f xii J .,,,,.,..---- W. if 5 , Y if W gz f 1 ..- gf! 4 -g 472 , I 1 ' . - QA K I -'F xiii l me - g K X -... Yu gi 15,3 "fi ' ' -'ff fir., m "' fggaw 10, " w'-X. A o Q55 if? 4 ., 'Q.xV, W -'ghd -fl -as 3.4-1 V+ . iii? , A 4, 2 1"?5?g.Y'5gQs f x . -5 "?"kwu 5.x . .X ip! '19 9"'6's751 9 .QI. o ' 1'F5a':'l fx l .I 0 0' 9 :HNKIED Qu IJQ' Q 3 f ' K -510' lag, inf 9, 0' 'Z "loin" YA xL"'Q"?1". We . J do Z F -.X C I A 921 1 f .. n 0 ' 0' E f ' to "Q O jf af Lf, 5' , v'f' , W i, ,a a . ., . Wu Ai, I 1 ll A :ilk ' 5 Q 5 4 g X 5 lu., Av Q5 .' .'rdf' F gut. , .. E Q QE? X 1 x X Pt 5 5 I if 53 3 O I . 7 1 . x ,io 'J 'F I Q C . " I 2, K if I A '1 X , eau' 1 , 'A a I ' Q k 1 .L ,v 7 xx 'J U ef Q A 1 A Nw an-5 Sq ff? if ,Q ,ir ,H 1551554 Hifi K., wa, Q .J my , ,-1 , , Q. n h is-'x if k 2 A.. . w 1 , 4.5. , fy 3, n .2 fi u N' if 1. .-wr, . 4 . 1 5! La' wx U . 4i ' . L' 3 4" Ti' K vw 2 Q W5 pill' 'ij I ?'v,k::3'l :- xgf, ,fx ,- K Q .. ,gi-QU? Ji -- -lfgf' f L Sli-p ' 'ff' 5412 " EF, ' . Q' t A Q 'A " ' 6: . C 50' 5 L-A Q .. 5 -N . 1- A c 1 gv , , - v , . '. A gk . , ,K I , . H y 0 . S F I P K 3- P' ,,.. M Nw. z , . - U E3 , la" k ' A , ,' nf. .D I I gr b - fffv . 1 ' '45 - Y 'ig 4 a ' H K . 'fl . ,.. 5 7 ' A 'N sr x I WI f fx 'F , f i 1 22 " ' uw 5 . is W X ,1 QW' 4 I fm 1 1' .B ,JM F7 RM.. Jr: Q 4 5 0 322, Q 0 QC RTS i1 SUE GOLDSTEIN X U 'J RITA SCHAITBERGER These are North's cheerleaders who can always he counted on to keep up the spirit, win or lose. At any sports event they will be noticed bouncing around and trying their hardest to build up the morale of the team and to encourage support from the student body. For every minute we see these loyal supporters in action, we must remember that hours of hard practice go into every game and pep-fest. They also have the added responsibility of thinking up new cheers. This year's cheerleaders are led hy Susie Goldstein and Eddie Schwartz. MARTY SKAR 1 v vii . tif .ya . x, U . N' y V, ii QEEQRLEADERS f dh if 9 U X li ic L-JN' gl D .MIN Q GJJ X5 ,V 0 -X, gh! 1 Q7 ,, dit JAN NELSON o , -M if ' 1 V' IJVNU if JY r awww fi K JUDY SCHULTZ LOYALTY We're loyal to you. North Side High. Wm"ll wear white and hlue. North Side High. Wc"ll hack you to stand 'gainst the hest in the land. For we know you will stand, North Side High, lizihl liahl So follow that hall. North Side High. Co erushiug ali:-ad. North Side High. Our team is our famed protector. On, hoys. for we expect a vietory from you, North Side High. Como on and raise that flag to which Weill be true Come on and fight for North, we're fighting for you. llere we pledge our hearts and hands to Dear old North Side High. Rah! JOHN HENDERSON EDDIE SCHWARTZ SANDY PARSONS ROW ONE: Charles Hruska, Paul Erickson, Garry Hall, Dick Johnson, Tony Badali, Dave Held, Jack Deming. Pc-te Kampa. Marven Rein, Garry Holman, Mike Streed, Sheldon Schreiberg, Lenny Roehl. ROW TWO: Chuck Canfield, Earby Chatham. John Richards. Dave Lewis, Bryan Barlness, Joe Greenberg, Jerry Cole, Henry Allsion, Paul Chatfield, Dennis Anderson, Bob Lucher. Paul Alvin. Bruce Waller, Clyde Brodt. ROW THREE: Marvin Burstein, Jim Nelson, Gerald Dolan. Steve Townsend, Jerry Walner, .lohn Hender- son, Jerome Schewe, Jim Schutta, Carl Caliguire. ROW FOUR: Pete Snapko, .loel Locketz, Leo Wallis, Jim Christopherson, Bruce Youngdahl. Jerry Kellman. Ronald Cary, Lee Holmer, Bill Hinricks, Tom Kalanan, Harry Lippman, Dave Schectman. Marty Nordstrom. Cary Parsons, ,Ion Dahl. FOOTB LL Co-Captains Marty Nordstrom and Gary Parsons CQACH SNELL North opened its winning season with an encouraging last minute victory over its traditional rival, Henry. The next two weeks were not as suceessful as the Polars fell prey to city co-champs Washlmurri and Southwest on two successive Friday nights. The loss to Washlmurri was the first one on the playing field since Mr. Snell became coach at North High last year. The fol- lowing week found the team break- ing its losing streak but settling for a tie with a rallying Marshall squad. The Cardinals evened the score with a last quarter touch- down drive hut missed the try for a point after touchdown. There was always Homecoming to look forward to. The day dawned Cold and blustery. but ended much warmer and brighter. Reason? An upset win over Central before over five thousand fans. The famed blue and white team had a tremendous afternoon sparked by Sc-heetman and Lasher in the line and Lewis and Nordstrom in thf- liar-klit-ld. North Caine on to win late in thi- fourth period with a final seven- yard scoring plunge. The already lmattered Vovational team was no prohlein. Although the Volts never quit trying. thi- North eleven handed down a resounding defeat. There- was a lot ol spirit ready for our final game against South. hut things just didn't turn out right. The South Tigers form-rl us into fourth plaee in vity stand- ings while they Vaptured third despite exceptional running hy Lewis. Nordstrom. Parsons. and Held. Key injuries throughout the en- tire season hurt the Polar cause and hindered a possible higher position in city Competition. Credit is given to Coach Snell and his assistants, Elmer Edlund, Carl Kroening, Wil- lard Solie. and Bill Saiikllwaek. for the excellent job done. Starting at upper left hand comer and running clockwise: Jerry Kellman, Leo Wallis, Earby Chatham, Bob Lacher, Gary Parsons, Jack Dem- in8' .lim Nelson, Pete Snapko, Chuck Canfield, Dave Lewis, Jerry Wallner, Dave Schectman, Harry Lippman, Marty Nordstrom, .lim Schutta. 5. , lx A A lx 'X 4m TlllS year's wmner of the Marty Elm- qulst Award was Peter Snapko. Also Dave Lewls and Marty Nordstrom re- ceived places on the All-City team and the All-State team. 6 I . 1 Q , .u, r, aww.. A ,W . ,. 'r I' AE vm . , A -Tw S 't a 4 Q Q . A " uv? M rf Q ,, s, ' 'I fu fd WQMK, W Vw xv L ww' , 4 , if 9? '79 -wg may m ' V . A ,.,n,L- ll' , H, ffl.. A . si .z- Q Q . U 9 V. 4-'F' ...fa 9 gal , mf ff G cf' ? "- is N DN , a Ji 'Q Aai OPHOMORE FOOTB LL 'jjxe Olga HL ROW ONE: llrad St. Mano, lim-rnard Ke-hn. Ronald Eisenzinnner, John Doe, Roger Easty, Robert DeValk, Curtis Lange, Pat Halloran, llllblll lllivka, Ronald Bell, Ste-plimi llonnv. llnd Sclmitlwrger, Larry Brasch. ROW TWO: Ronald Simmons, Gary Clarke, Joseph Mitvln-ll, Harvcy Rothman, Jann-s Druk, Gary Mash-r, ,lannvs Myer, Marshall Schwartz, Murrey Cooper, David Gomez, He-nry Sleeves, Mivhavl Roslamo, David Williams, ,l2.lllll'S Lenhart, Richard Pearson, Joe Poplinski. ROW THREE: Roger Johnson, Arnold O'desslcy, Douglas Stay, 'lllI0lH1lS Su-lljvs. Juan 'l'olc'ntino, Rivhard Knight, Charles Darth, George Polunsky, Roy Anerson, Ronald Patter, James Hinga-ly, Eddie- Wim-r, Ce-urge McMurray, Richard Drva:-s, Roger Stano, David Heikkcnen, ,leffry Daughton. COACH SOLIE COACH KEENAN l27 ROW ONE: Tim Porter, Harvey Perry, Dave King, Lyle Myers, Floyd Schake, Ward Bell, Ricky Rivkin, Jeff Caufman Marty Han sen. ROW TWO: Jim Burnett. Daniel Berglund, Rivo Schwalbe, Gilbert Rozman, Tom McCaffrey, ,lay Saltzman, Wm Anderson Arthur Jantsch, Richard Toft, Jerry Smith. LOUIE BURNETT l28 SENIORS Marty Hansen Lyle Myers Ward Bell Dave King Harvey Perry CROSS COUNTRY Louie Burnett's cross-coun- try team came through in fine style again as they won seven singles meets against other schools, and lost only one. They placed fourth in the city meet, and Lyle Myers came in third place in the state meet. Myers also set a new North High record on the course at Lake Nokomis. SITTING: Dennis Liss, Bobby Galin- son, STANDING: Fred Silvers. TEAM RECORD North North North North North North North North North North 5, 5, 3, 3. 2, 0, 2. 4. 3. 3, Henry 0 Vocational 0 South 2 South West 2 Washburn 3 Marshall 5 Roosevelt 3 Edison 1 Central West 2 TENNIS The "Netters," who spend long hours banging tennis balls back and forth, finished fourth in the city conference play. The senior members of the 1959 team were Fred Silvers, first singlesg Bobby Galinson, Ron Hamberg, Norton Milgram, and Dennis Liss. Although Mr. Kroening, coach, admits that he is more prone to golfing, he is currently guiding North's team for the second year. Last year's losses were to Marshall Roosevelt, and Washburn. Left to right: Gerald Flannelly, Norton Milgram, Ron Hamberg, and Richard Neumann. BASKETBALL ROW ONL left to right Henry Antilla Dick Rostamo Robin Ingram, Rollyn Johnston, Kenneth Krona, Charles Tlndell ROW TWO Marvin BUlNlClIl Joe Greenberg Marty Nordstrom Fulton Schlexsman, Dennis Sherva, Bob Bolton. ROW THREE: Jim Culbertson Leon ard Porter Jun Ginsberg Joel Locketz Ward Bell Coach Joe Hutton. The 1058-59 basketball team finished their season exactly where they were ex- pected to. with a 5-5 conference record. The high point of the season was an upset win over the Roosevelt team. Senior mem- bers of this year's squad are Rollyn Johns- ton. guard: Marty Nordstrom. guard: Charles Tindell. guard: Ward Bell, for- ward: Richard Rostamo. guard: Robin ln- gram, guard: and Fulton Schleisman. With only Johnston and Leonard Porter. a jun- ior, returning from last yearis team. there was quite a lot of work to be done in re- building. Some of the underclassmen who filled in the gaps were ,lim Gilbertson. Joel Locketz. ,lim Ginsberg. and Leonard Port- er. Marty Nrwrdstroln dovs his fZ1Ill1IlIS nki1l'lglHl'0U jump." Rullyn -IUIIIISYOII, loft, and Rrulwin lllgfillll. 12. watch in 0IH'iUll'4 zul- miruliun. Nnrtll High lruxkvtbull pluyvrs gn aflvr in 1'1-lmuml. And llu'y'rv there- - 50f!N'Wll1'I'4'. -MC . ,Kg I - a . flgw U , :I 'imdb I . 8' , ,fl RQ mf ' i A ' 'I' Q 'Y wg S -R x 1115-gaigf . 4- J H '. 'X L 5 f' 1 Q05 4 K .X U sf -, . .p 1 I - Xi 'P V5 "I, fff " . 5:. t I' gg? 'NJ-xx L , L- hx Ld, 'QL ,, " ivigfifj . ' . .T ' W 'F I ,b 4 .ww , , XA , V .I:'3' 5 ., 5 , I f GV Q Nu Q. Q., X ., , T. , Q 9,1 H lx-653' S L 523 5 X I Y 'a ,. 4 , W .' L Q, ., I rv ?!'H11l'-S'fY'5W'Lil7""""f,.,, . . ,, - 44' 'V vf ai ,J 1 wtf - 'A X L' ":"'1 ' . " ' Q ' "1 Y? G 45 ,v fi? K, ' H' . , F V w 'ks-I L L Q ' F n ,- ... 1 Q' X fdivlmgff ' , X'x .',.'1 ' s P X I X f ff' ' f ' I, 'ff' Ntqtluo., vs l '. - va K4 W. nf,1 01,- In the picture, left, Leonard Porter goes after- the basketball. North has many juniors like Porter coming up in 1960, and they should lead to a very success- ful season. The soplitnnort- hztskt-thall team finished in a four way tie for fifth place this season. Nr. Conover handles the Coaching duties of these future- varsity temn-nimnhers. The boys who played onythis year's team are Tim Porter, Dick Knight, jim Burnett, ,lov l.ztc'hncr. Juan Tolentino, Mike Rostaino, Harley Bradley. John Fahienke, Paul tloldstien, llarry Schwartz, David Donnelly. Arnold O'Desky, James Meyers, Bernie Kc-hr. and Arthur Jentach. Managers were Gary Nylander and Tom Steljas. OPHOMORE BASKETB LL . VT 1 G' - V1 1 y f.-- 5 Q3 u. Q", ' my-1 4 ,K 1 v, ., .3 4 f. pv F f' . 1, W fi, ,. hh 3 1 ,-.: f My fl FQ- 'H fflnf Q gif, , gm . aka? ., , 4.1 -' 6, ,, . I-9 ,Au --3. WA .,f 'Milf' ..' . - 9 . f ,-:, iW'l1-Sffiijf' . ggiiizig X ,4 , iz s2i'SfgQf1 f Q .,.-. V k f.fz'5.lX-fi, 56 ' ---.25f:,.:,jy3..':,", 2 LQJ1. l I , -' 47 qv .5 y ,ww A is -V Z4 - ,AW if . - ,, , h K+ 4, V- 97 ggi? , 'M W' 1 1 A Y 5 Aff 'wiimivm sm-'bg fr' . ' gr ,lfyvffg w H 54 1 5 ' A A , f ' wp v fi15fgg'ig,ik +:,ze2zh,, f 1 3 X ' 3. 1 if 4? .iw A ww? '55, V ' A L Afiifkrp 34564 W my 5: ,Z , N w .Lx 'l'l10r1- am- vasivr ways to ge drink of wutvr. you know. 0 1-xv:-llc-ll! diving form of Pat Smith. WIMMI 1' that pool is llviik' :Hx , l38 ROW ONE: Ken Anderson, Richard Kozicky, Dave Sletten, Brian Bartness, Bruce Waller, Leonard Roehl, Charles Squires, and Michael Obert. ROW TWO: Jack Behrendt, coach, Dennis Anderson, Mike Streed, Bruce Polaczyk, Ron Carciofini, Dave Carlson, Jim Schutta, Dick Johnson, Bud Schaitbergerpand manager Mike Reis. HOCKEY JACK BEHREN DT Ask coach ,lack Behrendt what the toughest, most unpubli- cized sport at North is and learn about the game called hockey. The 1959 team had a great deal of rebuilding to do, as they had only five members returning from the 1958 season. 1, 5 1' 'F , an Vt 3 x Q i :A X D The senior I11E'IIll76IAS of the lmckcy team inclumle co-captains Ron Carciofini and Dave Carlson, Brucc Polacyzlc. Cllarlcs Squires, and ,lim Schutta. While the team was not cxpcctvcl tu Will a QZIHIC, thcy slmwml plenty of fight and wuuncl up in a tic for cishth place. 'llhc season rccortl was l-T-2 with a win ovcr lfmlisun anal tic gzunes with lllursllall unfl Central. Sonic ul' thc finc juniors who will lic re-turning nn-xt ycar arc l,cnni H-irchl. Bryan Bartness, llick jnlinsmi. and Dick Kozicky. 'llhc only wplnuiitwi-e IIlf:'llllN'I' uf thc squzul was llzirc Blt'l'lJ3llI1l. Couch llchrcntlt fccls vcry opti- mistic alwut ncxt ytx1ll'.S chances for a much highcr position in city stanclings. 1-' S .Q ROW ONE: Ralph Peterson, Roger Pearson, Larry Brasscll, Gary Heek. and Dave Gomez. ROW TWO: Douglas Stay. Dave Beirbaum Ron Patton. llick johnson. John Moen, and Tim Petersen. OPHOMORE HOCKEY boal! The sophomore hovkey lmoys finished their season with a 342-l revorcl in compe- tition with other City schools. They were Coavherl this year by Mr. Soltys. who groomed them for future play on the var- sity team. The squad lookecl especially good against Marshall and lfclison. Hx. A J 7 f., , E m, i 4 .,. X H. -wtf Y. I 551' 15 nl, - 1 . I ,. ,V -. . X -..: .a 5 Ek L fill X I 3 H4 We , E, 4 ww A c i You'll have to try much harder than that!" RE TLI G "'l'hat's thc spiritl l" --su ww ,,, MM, W ,1..w...4vun The mat men of North could be found this year. as always, ,grunting and groan- ing Verne Gagne style in the auditorium. Led by Don Strickland. a wrestling cham- pion himself. they faced an al- most Complete job of rebuild- ing. There were only two re- turnees from last year's team. Junior co-captains Ed Schwartz and Gary Hall led the inexperienced team into a fine 6-3-0 conference record. The only three year veteran of the graduating: seniors is Rodney Backerud. who placed fourth in the regional meet. He was also the winner of the North trophy awarded to the wrestler with tIfl'Zlll'5l achievements. E mm, A hx EQ. , . 3 L ,I ,QQ egg, iii? , A? x W, .M.,. 3Qf3FH.nS',.. X Maya . rw -, ,, 'raw ' . Sk Zu' E imma 0' mf 4? 5 N ,, x .f-- ,ri V .-.1 'f5?5":E'49f Ifsfiig if 'yiwwsg Wfk-L- N , - -gf,-X mf. - A- -,i4,f5.g'q,3 3' l in M new ,4LL 3 V if. My - i 'K . 'Hwa- ' .yqgif vw . , 'W X w,.,,f,,,,,.,, , A F -I I I .. M k,,.,, mu kkmk 'lihc pausc that rcfrcs Vw' gmt him now what? I44 ,ff- 5' S A l 1 ,np Sai E i 3 i The two pictures on this page show the various stances preced- ing the actual wrestling. In the first period. the hoys start out facing each other inside thc circle. In the second and third periods. each team is given thc advantage shown in the bottom picture. H , , .if ' 1 iid 'a N vm, ...,, 5 1":Q 11" 4 '1 rn A -.v 'Zn IW all f we 1? .3-Q 'ix W w Q. 1 ifg 2 is 14 5 f ff 7 if ' Elm, is K 4 9 f 1 WX? aw if i rf inf: hun :W - i I . 'I . 3 i 5 A. P S ROW ONE: Earlmy Chatham. Lucky llurnough. Richard Rivkin. .los liocrslna. Ward Bell, Darrell Spohn. Marlin Hanson, Leonard Porte! llonald Foss. Gs-rald l.r'infclder. Ralph Bohn. Stvplu-n Rozman. ROW TWU: lirucv H1-ndry. Miki- Dunn. Henry Alison, Flydc Sclmke Calm' l'ulnan1. Larry EllSlt'lll. lrving Smith, ,lovl Locke-tz, Dave Lewix ,lolm llendx-rson. Ronald Comniadorc, Ilan- King, Ceruld Smitl l'aul Erickson. llavid llarfin. and Lyle Myers. TRACK llisvus throwing. lnrond jumping. high juinping. rm-vs. hurdlvs. und shot puts all roinf- und:-r tho lu-ailing of trac-li. llvsidvs vom-liing 2lllllZlI'illllS and cross country. l,ouic- llurnm-tl also dovs il lim' jolv with thi- lravl-L tn-uni. 'lilwsv lvoys work out dur- ing thc- spring for long hours with litllc' re-1-ognilion to nmlw an lim- rs-prvsvnlation for Yorth lligh Svhool. I46 The pictures on this page show some of thc many fields of track. Upper left: polo vaulting. Middle left: racing Lower right: We think it is a picture of a boy who has just thrown a discus. Some of the senior members of the track team are Ralph Bohn, Ronald Coinniadorv, Earlmy Chatham, Marty Hansen. and Ward Bell. If you look closely, you will see the secret of a fine jumper-singing as you jump. Two of the finest ski jumpers at North are Clyde Brodt and ,lim Ba- jari. Brodt won the city champion- ship this year while Bajari came in second. Other members of the city championship team were Jim Lange, Roger Riswick, Mickey Hartig, and Lee Holmer. Coach of this fine team was Lars Kindem. KII G Slalom skier Roger Riswick is doing just that slaloming. Ill! hr xwhl' 1rwr'--v l'uluQm lull llulv Ilrmll xlllu' lXll'll'll'li4 hr-wx' Km Ill Ivlll. F 'D jump u Fi4l'lll'I'. .lvff W1-rm-r. .lim Lange. David Alxslvd. Hvnry Nlyhv. -iswigr. captain. Hnln Cunklin. Jim Bujuri. .lim Ceyv. fjflllfll Hill ll! ROW ONE: Lee Snapko, Gary Rowels, Larry Sorenson, Jim Vlahos, ,lim Stabno, Gerald Theiringcr, Cary Jacques, Martin Skar. ROW TWO: Patrick Bird, Robert Hansen, Ralph Bohn, ,lim Rothhauer, Pat Smith, Robin Miller, Dave Johnson, and Tom Hokkanen. ROW THREE: Gary Genung, Ronald Steckman, Richard Erickson, Coach Bur- nett, Jeff Hammel, Orlin Collins, and Paul Olson. ROW FOUR: Peter Witkowski, Ken Lockhart, Charles Don- nelly, Carl Cedcrberg, Cale Sicfert, Larry Pomerleau, Tom Lonsky, und Bruce Hendry. APPARATUS The famed North High apparatus team has done it again! This year. for the eighth consecutive year, they won the City apparatus championship. ln addition. they won the Northwest and Regional titles before capturing the honors as State Champions. The North teams through the years, under Coach Burnett, have won more city, regional, Northwest, and state titles than any other team in the city or state. This year's team was never defeated in duo meets, and the MCH and "D" classes hold the distinction of not losing to anyone. 4-A . X 5 i A I up I 5 I 711 A W .1 U?N --,,.. l "A 'l'l1v S0llllUIllUl't' lbzlsv- lvull pluyf-rs. mlm lwpv lu In-lp nvxt ye-nfs varsity squucl. llilll il gmail sca- sml umlvr lfnuvll ,lov llul- lnn. Many uf lll1'54' lmys slum' real prmnism- in ilu- flf-lcl of lwasl-lmll. Mau lmyf lunk :xx if you won- pusing for an picture. OPHU ORE NCEB LL KUW ONIC: Maru- livin. l,lll4l'f Sumlwivk. Toni llndnli, Grey Getty, llivk ,l0llIlS0ll. IA-01111111 Rm-lll, and Mike Slrvcd. ROW TWU: Coacll llullun. .luliam llnlmiln-rg. llvnry .-Xntillal. Nlunny Kupstm-in. Dave lxrlfll'llSlllIl. Run Kari. Wurre-n Olsen, Brain Bartncss, and Clyde Brodt. ATHLETIC SSISTANT 'l'hv two lnoys who work harml yr-ar around keeping thv many athlet- ic outfits rf-ally anrl in shape for all of North? sports arm- NICSUII llvr- man and lfriv Larson. It's a lot of work. and these hoys arf' rvally ap- preciatecl hy tht- many coaches hero at North. Of T JU fm W w X jj 5-6 Xxx jxfjx yy 2 ,ff fc do A av ff V X . ucv 1 U U Vkmww J In S! Wm MZV7 J yy 0 ,VY 'M' A Miffjxy VV' IKM? YL J M, L, W, WV A' X! m .1 www? V! gy Joy X 'gm' ,JW fb, wx Jffglff W TWV W W ig W ', 0' W C1-V Jr I any V ,,VLAf' by . S ' Ly A J Q' Bw: T 1 wi! Q 515. 1 1 NX! 'w-.:'w- L---1115 :avr -, , ... - I gn rv-.f l56 Q L 11114 111111 11111 111111111i1111111 1011111 1-1111xi5l- 111. ww 1-111-: 11111'11a1'11 x11'K1'1X1'y'. xlillf L111111111. N1lll'111l1 l'f1'i1'kf1111. 11ill'1'll 1l11'11s1111. H1111' 11111: 1'1'11lly 11111's1111, 111'1111a ,11111 1:1111s1111. 11111411-1111 Day. K11r111 OS- 11'i11. 1.yl1lI 110111111 111111 K11111111 '1'11111s1111. 1 DMIN TO 1 111 11111111111 1111111'1il11111 111111 4'11l1'l' s1'l1 11111N li 111' 111111111i1111111 is ll spurt 11'11i1'11 is 111-1'11111111g 1111111 111111 11111111 111111111111 111111 1111- Pirls 111 N11111. This S1121 S1111 1111- 11-11111 111111 il 2:15 l'lxl'1lI'f11 11111 111511111 111111105 Wl'l'C 111sl 111 111111 111111 11411111 1'111'l1. 11111 11111111 I11llyCC1 against 1'111'i1111s s1'1111111s 111 11111 1'ily. i111'11111i11g 12111 51111, South, West, W11s1111111'11, 111111 C1-11t1'111. 1 -"4" 1 .,.4--+"" 1 ui U 404 j 5 W .1 ng ' IQUF' E51 'R A va Eff? , M. 7:39 W? ,.. .,.. .., lvl-' 815' 'F'- V. whim .- k , M2 f f ' 1 4 . , ', . ,IO ks r 1+ .P 1 ff' . W, ff F Y , 1 ,MW -!'- mgpzswln-f""'!"l'5"""" 3 I. gk 5 iw Q g , 2 2 xfa' E Y . QE I 3 3 D- 5 ill-"' mf mi fi L T1 in C l'1'x11'li1'1- 111z1lx1-- lll'l'lA!'4'l. ii Q QATI ill k , l I 1111 xl1'1l1'1'- '11'1- f1A11111 l1-fl 111 right 5l1111'1111-l.1111 'l':1pp1-1'. ,llbxxllll ll1-1111-1'i1-lc. Ki1l'Cll 11111 llill l,i111l. lf111'11l ll1'I'll1llIl. l.z1V1-1'111- llillllill. K2ll'l'I1 K:11'l51111. Silllllfll W ' -.. -1 ,Fx .f1' - '1""s11 . 1' Va 1 -.L 11 11'1111N- lf llll 1111 l1111 lull llllll lllllllvlll lllflx Il l411l1111 U11 ll 1n1l ll x11lx l' 5I1'il11-Y BOWLING lluring sixlll lltillll. 11111- will s1-1- lrurl 11l tl11- 111l1':1111'1-1l 911111 vlass skating al Nirlli l1111111111111s. 'l'l111 girls111'1- 11111l1-1' llll' 1li1'1-1-li1111 of M 'llliis y1-111' N111'll1 luis C11-1-1l llmxliiig x1l1i1'l1 is l!lilft'Kl all ll11111lin iss 'l'1'a11'j. lgll t1-aims willi llll'l'1' l?l1lfl'l'S 1111 1-:11'l1 l1-11111. 'l'l11-1 1-11111111-lv against 11111- wling l,a111-S 4'Y1'l4f' V11-1l111-w1l111 lllll'I' !'l'lllY4ll. 'llll1'lk4' 1111- l11111' 2111111111-1' for l11,111111's illlll l1'11l1l1i1-s. n i M.. 1 -5 I My , K , p , . ll11- 1'11-1'a111lu111- uf ilu- 11-111 1111- k111l11 N1-1114111 11111 Nlllu- l,11l1-1111111. lxlf'l11lH'I'N 11l ll111 l111wli11g: llflllll 1111- 1'111v 11111-: .l111ly J11l111x1111. Nlziry Zt'llIlll'I'. and .l11.'X1111 .'xllgl1'l'. Row Iwn Run Yilll K1-111111-11. Viv llurrif, Nlilqv lf11l1-1111111. 11111 H1111 Kari. I 4 This year's swimming team consists of, row one: Beverly Rcdberg, Carol Holm, Mary Latvala, Lynn Rcmly, Leslie Marcus, Elaine Millang, Helga Rosenau, Carol Holman, Jo Ann Hcmerick. Row Two: Miss Tracy, Karen Gleason, Anita Johnson, Penny Darson, Barbara Tobey, Joanne Graham, ,leanette Anderson. WIMMING The swimming team this year is under the leadership of Miss Tracy. The girls compete in meets and attempt to win a trophy for North. Some of the schools against whom North has competed this year are Marshall, Southwest, Edison, Washburn, South, and West. Diving, front crawl, back crawl, free style, breast stroke, and butterfly are the various events in competition. These include both the twenty-five and fifty yard dashes. This yearis excellent diver is Karen Gleason, who is pictured at the left. Karen has placed first in a city-wide diving meet. Swimmers ready . . . on your mark, . . . get set, . . . go! l6I In formation are. row one: Meredith Wise, Joyce Wesley, Diane Williams, Judy Seiter, Monsieur Dustee Lens, Camille Werdier, Rhona Troswick. Row Two: Delane Steckman, Mary Wilson. Volleyball at North is played mostly in gym classes. The girls form teams and play other teams in class. After playing two or three teams, the championship game is played in front of the entire class. These games become very exciting and interesting not only to the players but to the spectators. C0-ed intramural volleyball in which the homerooms can participate is also played. Touch football. usually a boys' sport, is played by the girls at North. During the fall, one will see the girls out on the field enthusiastically demonstrating their skills in their sweat-shirts, slacks, and gloves. Who said girls are the weaker sex" l62 T0 CHQ FOGTB LL Don't be camera shy, let's put our bcst side forward. VOLLEYB LL 5 . .- 5 1 TENNIS Cond serve, Lynnl -T' On the tennis team, row one: Karen Thorson, Lynn Remly. In tennis club, row two: Donna Gallup, Sue Gohmert, Barbara McKelvey, Faye Olander, Raye Olander. The Tennis Club at North this year had a large turn- out. The girls practice in the fall to improve their games for the tournaments which are held in the spring. The Tennis Club is under the direction of Miss Josephson. Of all the sports at North, golf has shown the greatest increase in participation this year. The girls perfect their strokes in the fall for the coming meets. On the golf team this year are, row one: Phyllis Perper, Dianne Ziskin, Karol Ostrin. In the back row is the golf club consisting of Andrea Hricko, Joyce Anderson, Margaret Ross, Linda Ketrokoski, Sandy Edlund, Vivian Wolter, Kathy Arnold. IA? ,Midi-'UI !fVLAyvJ 06041 if i .gd Ugfpgi , : I , LH. Hdffcy . . G N ,lltzvk nu, fl, 4 I I - ,chu Jinfww -A-467 MM V ,?gdAQ. I ' I Lian cw XLZM, 1 - I A xmgwf., fd M 'hawk "' f g t J VUL .Lzfccv 46 .j5S7!O'dff -f. -gcc 16 awp - 1 , fcdfucfv- lf, , , 1 f! Ai I64 R l E ROW ONE: Alan Wold, Linda Wilson, Sharon Wunderlich, Carol Wick, Deborah Zweig- baum. ROW TWO: Patricia Jun- tilla, Meredith Wise, DeEtte Wickland, Patricia Kelley. ROW THREE: Reginald Zieska, Wolertz, Patricia Wilson, Doro- thy Yates, Jean Zoldahn. ROW FOUR: Gale Kirschhaum, Janet Aas, Barbara Wyland. Todd Zimmerman. ROW FIVE: Ralph Bell, William Phillips, Vivian Wolter, Mike Hofmann. David Williams. "Wi Bruce "On fourth floor." rc-pliz-cl the liig masterful senior. "lit uw do l get tht-rv?" if-rt-is the art roomfi said the miniature shutterlmug. "lust go around the 1-ornvr and wait for the elevator." MRS. BARSNESS-229 Anil so ln-gins another year of invasion liy that colony of shutterlmugs called sophomores. MR. BEHRENDT-205 ROW ONE: Rolwrt Andi-rson, Kathy Arnold, Stanley Allison, Mansour Alyeshmm-rni, Carole Anderson. ROW TWO: Joyce Anderson, Donna Bacliman, Car- olyn Appleman, James Adkins, Sarah Ahrainowitz. ROW THREE: Mary Wilson, Kathleen Hickey. Richard Anderson, Howard Backmann, William Al- len. ROW FOUR: Cary Anonen, Jerry Ames, Larry Anderson, Moe Salone, ,lay Alford, Janet Almquist, ROW FIVE: William Andersen. Roy Anderson, David Ahlsted, Frank Garrett, Robert Adams. Y I MR. BURNETT-1 ROW ONE: Gaylord Bishop, Shari Besner, Karon Bosak, Bon- nie Banks, Charlene Bethel, Robert Benedict. ROW TWO: Judith Jordan, Nancy Beffa, Connie Howard, Marian Bernu, Joel Berman, Carl Berg. ROW THREE: Marilynn Barnett, James Cook, Robert Conklin, Raymond Bishop, Carmen Ber- nick, Pamela Benjamson. ROW FOUR: Ronald Bell, Michael Bcrneck, Barbara Besner, Sandra Beyer, Carolyn Benson, David Betzler. ROW FIVE: Leonard Wood, Jerry Blackledge, Gerald Balke, Richard Bellcour, Michael Beal, Danial Berglund, Robert Upham. Sonic of thi- courses tht-sv dizzy littlr- shutterbugs might take are world history or perhaps a foreign language. North offers Spanish. l"rvnch. Ocrinan and Norwegian. Both connnercial and academic courses are offered depending on the students' future- plans. ROW ONE: Carol Bonstrom, Rm-vt-rly Acker, Michael Bonnell, Barbara Brenny. ROW TWO: Carolyn Bofferding, Mary .lo Rock, Diane Blystone, Thomas Briggs, Rolla Breitlnan. ROW THREE: Robert Buckley. Larry Braasch, Kathleen Bren, Richard Buckley. Dennis Blanchard. ROW FOUR: David Blurnberg, Vt-ronica Bogar, Eleanor Brink, Myra Bogucki, Karen Robinson. ROW FIVE: Cary Braasch, Charles Favreau, Ervin Bretz, Dennis Branson, Cary Buelmer. MRS. CARLSON-315 w - . ROW UNE: i3.irimrai Nnnlstimii, Huiiimliiu lihil-Irmii. 1f.irnl liv- iimrk, Alxi- Burnx. llluriai Curl- fun. .lun filmn, HOW TWU: Marjorie- ill:-iiwii-. Sllhllllll' Umi- vrvu. ilvrry li.ll'lH'llil'I'. iiuroliiy Cuiiiplwll. Nliir- g1.irvt Slivriiiaiii, NNW lilRl'.l',: SN-pin-ii liiiffviimli. lhniiiii Nlur- lxiy. livin-iiv HH-Il. Xlairjorin- li1lS1'. .Iuiiiin Lniivii. .I-H1105 lliiriu-Il. RUNX Hll li: ,lwliii l.ui'lwii. Xlairgn f:ilI'iNl1'IlSl'll. Irvin- 1I.iry. N1-In-ri 'iil'ilI'. l.4ii'i'y liuru-ll. liiiwlhx Lgimiii. RUR l'lNi'.: iinlwrl iniiiiiulu-il. Main Llairix. Nlxlv- Lliiin-ii. l'.4imml Lulu-ii. i'iiul lilu-limi. l..unxi lf.iip1-nl.-i. MISS CLARKE-207 Iiir' in ruoin 120. vigiili pairs of vyvs urn' lmiinkiiig as fast as the-y vain. lloifl iw zilziriiivcl. ills just the tm'iiistuic'4vp1'. an :limi iii Sopiimimre- riiiriviiiiiviil Progrziiii. This is lin' wry iiiipurtziiit prugrziin Ivy ixiiivii lin- supiimiiorvs iiiiprmw' llivir rvzifiiiig aimilitx. 'fvsliiig slums that lliis prugrzim has llI41Nillf'Q'li ai iiizirkvcl iiiiprmviiiviil in lin- wpiimiiurvsx reading. RUXX' UNH: ,luliux fiI'ilWi-HI'lI- Ku! MISS DAHL-327 lIl.l lfuvsl Xl.irv ll Iii ii I le-nv lhiiiia-iwii. ,lulin li ulw filmrln-N linux. HOW NWI: .Illliy Uviiiplwii. Shun-ii llailiigv. lllmivf flniilms. XI.iryuiiii llf-gy-r. Nlivli- 'ivl iiwmiii. RUW 'l'iiIilfi':: I.imivl lJ.ix1N. l5.iilu.ui.i II., NI .irilyn Slump, Nlziriiyii Crow. Iunix 1 uinllu KUW I-NIR Nl.ii'g.m-I f.llI'l'X'. l.lmrl1-5 llimrl- 51l liwlialili lP.ii'-uw. im- c.I'UIl4'. NNW' i'iiYi'i: Wiiiliaiii filll'l'V f.ii.iri1'- lkirlii. Nlurriiy Kfunpvr. lie-unix Hmk. l'1-iiiiy ll.ii'rnw, lmwil 1,1 - I68 MISS DAVIDSON-106 Xt llu lu mum if ilu u ll ill the littlm Qlxutterbubs were busy inilung, dc-u-ions 1 to what clubs they would like to join. h1llNllllN lulpul mil-.Q tlu wophomorex ful Q0 much more a part of the Qchool North offered such a variety of them. ROW ONE: Elizabeth Forare, Sc-rm-ne Fitcrman, Joyce Forster, Margarvl Fuss. Patricia Far- rand. ROW TWO: Patricia Slind, Judith Hvnncsscy, Judy Fisher, Kathleen Engman, Sharon Evans. ROW THREE: Carole Erivkson. Sandra Erickson, Tim- othy Franc, Nodra Filipck, ,lac- quclim- Fe-rn. ROW FOUR: Mivliasl Flaglc, ,lolln Faliivnke, Shirley Fox, Douglas Finch, Norman Fislunan. I69 ROW ONE: Delores Hartinger, Judith Franson, Kathleen Sulli- van, Donna Gallup, Susan Goh- mert, Donald Gleason. ROW TWO: Gloria Gavin, Susan Nel- son. l.eroy Gardine, Gloria Gaw- ron. Gloria Gearltart. ROW THREE: Joseph Goldman, Ruth Goetz, lliane Spandel, ,lose-plt Galuslt, Regina Ballard, Patri- cia O'Shea, ROW FOUR: .lanet Gass, Thomas Gamec, Lyle Gary, Merrill Goldberg. .lanet Freed- land. ROW FIVE: Michael Frisch, Rolmert Geronsin, Mich- ael Fytcn, James Ginsburg, Glenn Gilyard, Larry Freeman. MR. FORBES-307 Many of the boys joined Hi-Y and the girls joined Y-Teens. These two organizations help the sophomores get acquainted with the juniors and seniors. as well as with each other. Many Students taking Norwegian joined the Viking Club. MISS HORSCH-304 ROW ONE: Robert llykhuizen, Peter Goodwin, l'atrieia llaley. Alice Goodwin, Sue Goodmas, Rolmert Hagen. ROW TWO: Al- len Grover. Andrea llarieh, Myron Greenlxergg, lliane llam- lin, Sandra Hulwerty, Karen Gry- czkowski, .lean Nlallon. ROW THREE: Jeffrey Hansen. Shir- ley Granlund. l'atricia Hall, Betty Haraldson, Stanley llahn, llavid Gomez. ROW FOUR: Thelma Johnson. Lawrenee Lind- man, ,loyee Graff, Patrick llall- oran. Steven llaltn, Sandra llan- son. ROW FIVE: llaroltl llanill, William Guy, Stuart Gross, Ken- neth Graser, l'aul Goldstein. Peter Guzzo. ROW UNE: Mererlitll Hoffman, Susan Heikke. Lilliun Hesse, ,luequelyn lla-mlermn. liurlmru Hirt, Gary Holen. ROW TWO: Tlmnius Hlivlxu. Holler! Hurt- mun, Mike Hurtig. .lumes Kline, .lm-un Hougln-rg. HUW THREE: Euniee llilclrelll. David Melam- swn, ,lim-pli Luelmer, Susan Hutcli, Emily H1-rmunson. An- nemarie lilM'l'SIllLi. HOW FOUR: ,lulnes Hinge-ley, David Bier- luium, l.uwi'1-rice llenne. George Hayes, ,Iulin Holwrg. W ,A All gf , Q V,-vu-fxk Jyx ,vu 01 I MISS KREFTING-121 K Q,T,,,Ll UA 239 ww!-I+?-A VQ5 HSM E r1.jfiffl" ,, 4 bm I Jctlg, ltfnl-flu, e we W fe ,wfw 'uw E Sliullerlmugs interesh-ml in world affairs joinecl the Junior llnitecl Nations Clulm. and lliose with a flair r public speaking :incl mlelrale fouml llle National Forensic' League llacl many interesting aetivities. Members of the Colony who were burstlng with energy found Pep Clulm lots uf fun. F723 Diy HUW UNE: lfurul Holm. llelle lluppeniullx, 4. gi rol J Al m 4' 4, DPAIIIIIAI ,lm-nsen. lmnrn' Hor- xs llll lllllh llll . " " " D: William llnlmslrom. .launes llulzer, l'u- ll'll'lil liupmun. .luclilli rlunsen. l,r-on l'im'rsun, Sllurun lluneznli. RU W 'l'llRl'IlC: Kutliy llolm- qniwl llnrlvuru il:-risen. Kam-n llnilggrm-n, Shirley lluur, William llopkins, ROW FUNK: ,lm-rry ll Ili li -youll. .luditli lllivs, Anilrm-.1 llru-ku. Sillltlfil lloll:-r, lllnriu llmun. NUW l"lVE: Kl'llIlllll llulmes. Eilwurnl llulmlunsl. .luvk llmlt. l,zu'rv lngrauu. l'axtrieia1 ,lull IISUH, ffcfwp 70 ,511 if MRS. LINDSTEN-228 l72 MISS MADIGAN-119 ROW UNE: lhllvlllly' Katz. .lull- ith Koppi. ,ILIIIIUH Kennedy. Pu- triein King. llurris-I Katz. ROW TWU: Kathleen Kemlriek. Linda Kelnkoslxi. linrol Kell-llun-t1'l'. ,luniee Kjt-lduhl. .lnelith Kittle- mn, ROW 'l'lllil'1l'1: llalrvey Kaye. Slmrron Kilhnry, Elaine K4-llmun, llurry Kim. Snntlrn Krunitz. HOW Ftlllli: Holm-rt K1-ski-. .learn Kukl-flu. .Indy liner- nm-r. I.t-nnre .lllllllanlh llury Kluy- lllllll, RUW l"lYl'i: Ria'l1.lr4l Knight. llmsxtrtl Kursh, .-Xllwrt Kulm, ,lim-pll Kurlh. lizllpll Klein. AllIlllUI'll1lllS prow-rl to lw ai new ancl unusual experienee for the Soplxmnnrew. Sinee there were so many in the colony this year. there hail to he split unclitnriums to avoirl crushing the poor linlf- slmutlerhugs. The sfmpl1omm'es were really luelcy having the wlwlv nuflituriinn lu tliemselves. ROW UXIC: Kawvn jnllmnm. 1i'7llNlllIlt'l' .lUllIlH0ll. W at l t 1' r ,l0Ilt". lligmt- liinxvy, lhlrnl Jflllfl' -un. Slmrr-ru julnwm, ROW TWU: William Karsten. Html ,lulln-nn. lllhfllllly ,IUIIIISUIL linlmy ,Inllnf-un, llc-r.tl1line ,lllllIlSHll. llllw 'l'lllll'fl'f: Nlurk jnhnmn. Xlurilyn ,lul1nNun. Ruth lung, I"I'JlllI'l'N Kaunin-ki. liieliural Karp. lannv- Nislxunvn. KUW lfflllllz linger Jnllnsnn. ,lm-1-pli ,lnnes. Nlnrtlm I.:-igh jullnxnn. Xlyrnn Killllilll. :Knilu lfvllnsnn. little Kaplan. KUW l"lYl':: Mivlleul j0lll1SOIl. Kutlile-en Johnmn. Ar- thur .ll'lllN1'll. Rll'llLll'll ,luhnsun, Darrel .lnhn-nn, K1-nm-th John- son. MISS MANDLER-324 ROW ONIC: Kutlilcvn Lintlnutn. Stvplwn lit-gro. Dianiv Lt-vitt. li-ritti lniyuvt-. .lutlitli l,v4n'lx. ROW TWO: Curtis Lungv. .lolin l.unnt-s. .Iam Larson. Slit-ryl l.i-wis, Joanna' i.a1ntto. ROW 'l'lllllCl'i: llurltzni- lillfhtill. llgttti lfuilkovvski, 'Nlui'y-Alice' Kronze-r. K2ll't'Il lntrson. llzniml l,ind,:rt'n. lillwv l"Ollli: Wa1llt'l' l.uvoie'. l'llilip luitutlzi. livin' l.in4l. Kurvn Kris-full, Kulltlvvn llull, Ct-orgv lA'lllU. NUNV l"lYl'i: ,lalrl l.t-pisto, lhilt- Linmlqnift. Lloyml l.uYullv, llonzllsl l,an'Qon. llioinais Lonsky. MRS. MANKOWSKI-218 'l'Iu- only tlisutlvuntugv in scpamting tlw sophomores from tliv juniors and se-niors was the feelmle noises that echoed in the zlutlilorinni during pc-li ft-sts. :Xt first tllo Sllutterlmugs tliclnit flo too wvll. lmut Soon joined in the school spirit and were out- t'lIt't'l'lllg tllt' llppt-rvlztssliivtl ut gannw MR. MOSHER-300 ROW ONE: Lvslic Marcus, Di- unt- Williams, Luurai Mc'l'uguu, Sharon May, Cluiru Cook. ROW TWO: fiumillt- Mat-Rite. Orlun Murquardt. Junlcs Lowric. ,lunezt Mikal. .loyvv W1-slcy, liurburu McKvlvcy. ROW THREE: Par trivia Lynvli. llruve- Me-tvllm-k, Ann Mullron. Gary Savstcn. Pa- tricia Lowry. ROW FOUR: James Meyer, Darlm-nu Potter, Larry Martin. Cary Maslvr, Thomas Mciluffrvy, Dennis MC- Duniels. ROW FIVE: George Mclllurry. George Lundberg, Robvrt Lutz, Cary Woodruff, Sherman Mc-irovitz. I73 ROW ONE: Arlene Milstein, Janet Nelson. Miehael Niebur, Anna Noren. Lois Monette. ROW TWO: Marguerite Muller, Diane Miller. Karen Moe. Robert Noel. ROW THREE: ,ludy Murray, l.aVonne Monahan. .laequeline Morrison, ,loan Terzynski, Nora Mowery, ROW FOUR: Colleen Mulrean. Larry Miller. Leland jarpey, Franeis Flaherty. .lean Morris. ROW FIVE: Charles Pierson, ,lohn Moen, Robert Mil- ler, Merl Miller. Joseph Mitchell. MISS PERSON-201 The shutterbugs were informed about the program for earning service points early in the year. Many of them started earning their points right away by being a member of the Student Council or Red Cross. Some were hall guards. study hall monitors or banking monitors. If at the end of the senior year. a person has 150 points or more. he receives a service pin. MR. POGOLER-300 ROW ONE: Donna Skavlan. .leanette O'llrien. Naney llrezny, Geraldine Olson. Lois Oxwoeld, ,lulie Ostrin. ROW TWO: Elea- nor Noska. Ronald Eisenzimmer, Carry Hn-ek. Gerald Olson. .lo- anne Nystrom. Nina Oleen. ROW THREE: Faye Olander. Raye Ann Olander, Michael O'llrien, Dennis Marthaler, Harvey Osa trow, Paul Moe. ROW FOUR: Norman Floyd, Daniel O'Connor, Sharon Olsen. llruee Nyberg, Diane Oxborough, Dawn Osborn. ROW FIVE: Thomas O'llrien, Richard Habeck, Rollien Olson, Aelred Noska, Arnold Odessky. Gary Nylander. MISS READ-321 ROW ONE: Darrel Peterson, Dalton Petri:-, Bruce Philstrom, Eileen May Peterson, Nancy Plulzvr. ROW TWO: Gail ljalzrtz, Donald Larson, Margaret Pfeiffer, Donna Paurus. ROW THREE: Eileen Fay lletvrson, Darlene P4-rron. Douglas Pi:-rcs-, ,loan Pennig, Kathleen Pegg. ROW FOUR: Ralph P4-It-rson. Marlene Peterson, .ludy Kun-tzahn, Alan Pickwvll. ROW FIVE: Charlvs Patnode-, Ronald Patten, Theo- dorc- llattm-rson, L1-o Pawulsky, Michael llctvr. lllllll1'l'Ullllllg was il nondvrlul wvvk of f'Xi'lll'lllt'I1l for all tht' Soplloinores. 'llhv shutlerlbugs joined in the Spirit Of the Cele- lnration and am-mlm-d tho llomvvoniing program. watched thvir team "Pin tho Pion-vars" and danfgd their feet off at the J 4 f mlamv. j iff fb' 1, lf! ' 67.1 b L NJ . A , f ,J ROW ONE: Kart-n Ranlal. Lar- rainv Hatlmwuy, ,lane-t Richlvr, Min-lu-llo Poland. ,loan Rm-nu-r. ROW TWO: lla-vvrly Rc-dh:-rg, .ludith Rvitvr. CUllSl1ll'll'Q' llortvr, Bonnie Raivlllv. ROW THREE: Cordon Rvinking, Harold Now- villc, Vornon R1-ynolds. Joseph Poplinski. llarolv Raniin, ROW FOUR: David Racke-r, ,lame-S Re-gan. Ch-n Ridgloy. Roger Randolph. ROW FIVE: John Proulx, .lov Pollack, Timothy Portvr, Gvorgv Polusny, Robert Rohins. ' U C' ly! X' K ill' i!fl"76Q Alf X MR. SOLIE-301 MR. SONNENBERG-103 ROW ONE: llarvy halls-llr. Deanna Ruse-nau. .luclcc Russ, Judy Saari. Nlargarvt Russ, ,lo- Ann Ross. ROW TWO: Evonm- Ryan. IM-nnis Nll,LfQ'lll. .le-ralal Sadoff. .lullitll Rm'kl1'r. .lim Rn- jas. ROW' THREE: Harvvy Rothman, llillwcrt Rnzman. Alan Rulwrts. .lnhn Rulicka. Rivharrl Ryan, W'illiam Ruzicka. .lust wht-n things wcrv getting havk to normal. the routint' was interruptf-fl hy Christmas with all its Pxritmnrwit ancl partivs. Almost vw-ry lnmwrnmn harl a Christmas party. and swine of tho more privileged shutterhugs cvf'n helped clvcorate thc- trvv in the main hall. ROW ONE: Rvte-r Sclirvlnvr, Javquvlinx- Schwartz. Martha P:-rtina-n. .luflilh Svilvr. Cun- slanvf- Schultz. ROW TWO: lh-rtha Sanrlvrs, Mivhan-l Scliwab, Patricia Nnrmandin. Brad St. Man:-. ROW THREE: Hula-rt Svliaitlwrgm-r. Nlltlllll Schulman, Margin Still, Dianna' Srannvll, William Sclnnitzcr. ROW FOUR: Barry SI'llWLlI'IZ, ,lim Lamlwrt. llruvc Burrows, Jay Saltzman, Ronnie' Saxtnn, Tlimnas Tomlin- son, D1-nnis Schultz, Daniel Stonv. U1-rry Sandwivk. I76 MR. STRICKLAND-328 MISS TALTEY-328 1 1 lu -eniur uvtivities. Une day, they rnun lim uln Hn 1 :ul nn nnl ln' seniors and is one of the ROW UNH: D4-Lrno Stu-ckmun, Arm-ll Supuln, Bvtty Stolv, Joy lh-ll.'4-2 SIQIIIIUY, FI'1lIll'CS Stcwvs-s. RUXV TWVU: Bcvurly Swvmnn. jihllllll' Slurnmn, Vin- lvl Slurksnrr, Marry Swvnson, Pvgggy Swnxrmrm. Carol Sunrlvm-rl, Eugzvnm- Smnn. RUW THREE: Pillfildll SWill'll. Imllisu- Slillpuss. Ulm-nn Nlillvr. Rugcr Stillpuss, Diunn Str'-lllm-r'. lfnrnl Sparks. ROW' FOUR: Uuvial Svvm-nson, Duxid Slums-y. lflnyrl Sultvr, Gvruld Slfilllkl, flvruld Puwlnski, Sllilllbll 5Ium'llfivlml. ROW FIVE: DIHIIQLIXIS Slay, xlil'llil!'l S1DiHLlIlt', Rivlulrd Stmldzml, TIHIIIILKS Stvll- jvs. Mivlluvl Sl1't'lll'f, Rnlwrt Stirus. I77 ROW ONE: Rtllllllllll' Swivrvzvk, Cvorgc Tollvfson, John Tl1omp4 Son, Lava-rnzl Tliomus, John Tlleiringer. ROW TWO: ,lerinc-tte Tollvfson, Shirla-y Swvnson, Sus- un Tholv, Patricia Tulmuko, Alice- ann Tonmsko, ROW THREE: Kari-n Syzmunski, Ruth Thomp- son. Sliuron Tilsnvr. l'l1illip Tvvtzvt, llvtty Tvtncr. ROW FOUR: Ronald llulu-r. l,uwr1-nvv Taylor. .lunct LcVuss0ur, Reid 'r0lHlN'I'S, Wyatt Taylor, ROW FIVE: Carol Hurlcy, Dunial Noonan. lluviml lalylor. Curtis Tvnnin, .lilHll'S Tliornpson. MR. THOMPSON-204 'lilu' sliultvrliugs wvrv rvully surprisvrl wlwn the-y wullwfl into tlwir vlzisws uncl founcl Seniors in place- of tlwir tealvllvrs. Un Stuclvnt Cowrnnu'nt llay the 1-nlirv si-hool is run lay ilu- seniors. liven the top positions of principal. assistant principal. vounsvlors mul nursv am' giwn lo soinm- ontstuneling slurlvnls. MR. ZIMMERMAN-311 ROW ONE: .li-ffm-y W:-rm-r, Nlurjorif- lilinainivv. Susan Wailsli, l,olai 'liurni-r, illllllliilly Kuirivs. ROW' TWU: Rlionzl illI'tISW'l1'li, Ronnie' xvl'llllN'l'Ql. iiillltllll' Wvril- is-r. llairlvm' Yklllglllll. ROW 'l'llRl'il'i: Ronulml Yun Kvmpi-n Sunclm 'lirolnlilm-y. Kaltllryn Rus- :-cll. fnrol WW-llxlllll. Nlnrxin Wivlizvl. ROW FOUR: llnrlun Wi-lls, llvrnlcl Siiwk. illl'I'!'4'lll'l Nilglv. WR-slr-y wixllton. RUWV l"lYl':1 ,l.llIH'N wiaillg, l'l4l1li1 Wim-r. ,ltunvs Tripp. .lttllll 'l'n-t tvl. Stvplwn WvLlI'l'K'Il. MR. CHRISTOPHERSON-111 ROW ONE: .lamvs Niskanen, Susan Schwartz, Joan Weisman, Miriam Black, Bruce Lazarus. ROW TWO: James Ceye, Jeff Silver, Edsel Jurua, Martin Fit- erman. Joey Bruchin. Richard Ram-lla-. ROW THREE: Ralph Wittcuff, Phillip Litwin, Michael Pnstle, David Heikkinen, Wil- liam Bm-arman. Anutln-r year in Nvrtlfs inipressiw history has enclefl. ancl the great class of 1959 has graduated. livery member ofthe colony agrees that it has In-vu the must exciting year he has ever spent. 'llhe Shutterlmugs have come up in the world and ara' now amateur plmtugrapliers or juniors. Rui we van see that theyfve learned something. lsn't that a junior amateur pho- l1lgl'lllllll'I' standing uwr the-rv selling a new sophomore shutterlvug an elevator ticket? ROW ONIC: ,lnlm Win-rimam. llvxvrly l'lri1'4ll'll, Ruth Ziff. lim-lu-I llruilnuy, ,lane l"isl1er. ROW TWO: ljlillll' fella-rs. lhxn- ahl Lumlstrmn. Cnllm-n Smith, llurlvara Nil-th-rloli, ,loam Huilmert. llOW llllllllflfi l'llIg11'llt' lpwn. Nlvlforxl Wllt'Q'lQ'l'. Daniel Wlvin' In-rg, l'llilalwtll llnnloil, ROW FOUR: llnwarml :hm-l. Timlutlly l't-In-rsvn. G1-ui'g:v .llll'VlS, lhmglas Crain, Rlt'llklI'll R1-iw, ROW' l"lYl'l: Rmlnvy Nnrlwrg. Clarl-Q Amlcrsmi, llaxiul 'l'llim-lllv, David Gulelstm-in, Rit'llllI'll Kralm. MR. VILLAS-26 5 wwf i I I 'Qs' Q, .Q, X So ' nuff' 5 s ' ' s Q Q L Aff' A MW ia 1 M9 jk 'A fi 4 MISS C. ANDERSON-206 ROW ONE: Juanita Andvrson, Kay Arohf-r, Elf-amor Bukvr, Dizlm- Anclvrson. Marilyn Am- hroz. ROW TWO: Annu Alanna, Kztrvn And:-rgon. lflizailwtli Afl- dis, Karon Alto. ROW THREE: Rlf'llllI'1l ,Kittie-rfort. .launt-s Arclwr, Marlt-nv Atkin, Mary Anderson, ,lut'quc'line' Alford. ROVV FOUR: ,IUIIICS Ross. Tony llucluli. H4-nry Allison. l'uul ll:-rgluntl, ,launf-fs Bujuri. ROW FIVE: Dm-nnis An- tlvrson, ll:-nry Antilu. Tvrry Evk, Ronald lll'l'lillIllil, John Arutson. Ont' of tht- first things to comm- into the minfl of at stuflent upon entering his junior year is the hope of being inducted into tht- National llonor Sovivty. ROW ONE: Carol lirugvr, .larnvs Bvrg. Mary Schommor. Eva lioj- inun, Rowunne' llrown, Carol liovrsntu, ROW TWO: Corinne llowon. IJ:-nnis Broze. Marianne Buholtz, Jcraldinf- Bohlvr. ROW THREE: Donald Andvrson, Wil- liam Brown, Judy Brooks, Pa- tricia Ronnvr. Rolwrt Bolton, Dorothy Rohn. ROW FOUR: ,luynv Wchcr, Clyde Brodl, Roger Boo. Je-ronw Buckingham, Gary Tlmnius. l82 MISS BOLIN-102 NOW ONE: lim-in-v llislinp, liar:-n ll:-rry, Film-1-ri llvrkwoitz. l,n1'illa- D.ii'uay, Shirlm-y lilnoni. ROW TWU: IN-ggi' llf-rgslroni. lialpll lla-nalroiii, lll'llI'Q' llilf- lxosky, illlllllllllS lllasiuk, Nlarsha lir-nson. ROW 'llllllflfz Tliornas lla-rim-ri, lfraui lim-rg. l'auli-Ile' llc-rijallimm, Kairvn lllvamri, Nlvr- riann llvrnslm-in. ROW lfllllll: .luanilzi llvrg, Sliirlvy Ili.-Iko, ilnry llll'l'U'Illllt'lt'!', john llcrk- lloll, Al'll'4'll llvr'gsli'orii, ,lumlilh lla-r'gsIroin, ROW FIVE: lrving lll'ili'll, ,lolmn ll1'ill'Alll. llonloii llirnslivl, David llarlln-I. llarry ll1'I'gill'Ulll. M Wi'Mr+'flni'H MISS BLESSIN-305 llv knows hm- must maintain al lvast a "ll" average throughout his sophomore and junior years. He niust possess qualities of ll'2lIll'I'Slllp, l'llllfill'li'I'. and give svrvivf' to tho school. I I MRQ CLEARY-326 ROW ONE: Sharon Carlson, Arlys Bullock, Nc-ssa Cicn, Sherie Chaulsc-tt, Maxim: Carp. ROW TWO: Karen Bundtzen, Pumala Chesler, Melvin Belille, Dorothy Carlisle-, ROW THREE: Curtis Bymark, Dale Chmielewski, Ron- ald Cain, Michael Coleman, Colleen Cahlander. ROW FOUR: Paul Chatfiold, Roger Carlson, David Carlson, Perry Busher, .lohn Borg. ROW FIVE: Carl Cederherg, Thomas Callinan, Marvin Burst:-in, ,lvffrey Cauf- lnan, David Buzzellv. l83 ROW ONE: Linda Love, Marilyn Masko, Roberta Lee, Sandra Mady, Carole Haley. ROW TWO: Linda Mack, Penelope McBride. Janice McCoy, Thomas Month, Peter Mellott. ROW THREE: David Marustlin, David Lund, James Lokach, Barbara McBroom, Robert Duprey, Ron- ald Margolis. ROW FOUR: Lawrence Lundhohm, Phillip Lundberg, James Christopherson, Richard Ludgate, Glen Mattson. MRS. DUNHAM-114 All juniors take the Minnesota Scholastic Aptitude Test to determine their ability to do college-level work. The scores are given in percentile ranks and compared with the tests of college freshmen all over the Country. MR. GWYNNE-113 ROW ONE: Emerald Dibblc, Sharon Dempsey, Stanley Dobrin, Judith Habig, Mona DeSoto. ROW TWO: Robert Dhein, Madelyn Colstrom, Lois Cronky, Malcolm Cohen. ROW THREE: Frank Dattalo, James Dale, Sharon Degardner, John Cun- ningham, David Collins. ROW FOUR: Gerald Dolan, Terrence Crooker, Kathleen Crow, George Davidorich, Gary Gibson. MRS. HETHERINGTON-303 ROW ONE: Sharon DuBois, Marian Erickson. Susan Erick- son, Judith Eiscnzimmcr, Janice Finkclstcin. ROW TWO: Ronald Farrand. Judith Falkowski, Mary- rac Elliott. Marlcnc Ouhas, Mary Quintal. ROW THREE: Paul Elvin, Diannc Fink. Paul Erick- son, Joc Filipck, Carol Ecklen, Lorcn Erickson. ROW FOUR: Douglas Mclndoo, Willard Eng- hauscn, Douglas Ft-rn, Joseph Dwyer, Ronald Ewardson. Thc fivc English courses offercd to North juniors are modcrn litcraturc. mass media of communication. general communi- cation. ncws writing. and spccch arts. Each junior is given onc of the typcs according to his ability and likes. ROW ONE: lliann Fug:-rc, Mar- garct Donahuc, Diana Ford, Rohcrta Gadhois, Patricia Fong. ROW TWO: Sharon Gail, Nancy Fodstad, Carol tlcnung, Arlcnc Fuchs, Rogcr Fostcr. ROW 'l'llRl'IE: l'cnny Catcs. Lois Frccman, .lanc Frostcr. Maxine Flcisllcr, lhlllllll Fox. ROW FOUR : Rohcrt Fiske, Floyd Folwick, Rohcrt Calc, Marty Flashcr, Sara Frccdland. ROW FIVE: David Fishcr, Wayne Carrctt. Donald Ficrd, Ronald Kugcl, Nathan Porsctzcr. MR. HUTTON--208 ' If! V2 n a 1 MR. .l ACOBI--216 ROW ONE: .Mlrainv lloilnlan, ,Iillayn Hui-rn. llarlvnm- Hagluml. lmui-Q' llulrlfingn-r, llarnl lluplil. ROW TWO: Elaine- llinslrurg, .lunvt fiftblll. llurulhy Smith, Shirlm-y Graff. ROW THREE: jnhn llraliam. Nanvy llraa-1-y, Dianne llilmwski. Clary llansvn, Nlary Uri-gg, ROW FOUR: Hcnry Spittle-. llrvy llc-tty, Carol ,Iollnsnn. Karln-yn lil:-asun, Wil- liam Gulch-n. ROW FIVE: ,lulian Coldlu-rg. lla-ralcl llolclslcin. Janws tlillwrlsim. Ruhr-rt Wahl- rnns. Tlioliiais llaavigx. A Sturlvnt at North has a wide r-lmice of languagvi from whivh tu 1'l1vwff'. llv may take French. Crrman. Norwegian. or Spanish. Stuflvnts Slurly tlw language anrl vulture as wrll as thx- lim-lcggmiiricl uf ilu- f-nuntry. ROW UNE: Sli-vvn Hvllcr. .lanvt ll!'illll. Carol Holman. Barhara Hammnmls. Gary Harris. ROW TWO: .lam-I Hulvk, Sandra He-inlz. Rogvr Hit-tala. James Haralson. ,lame-s Hodgson. ROW THREE: Carolyn Hirsch, Karvn Hirt, Gary Holman, llruci- Hendry. Patricia Hodge-. ROW FOUR: Ste-vv llpliam, ,luhn Hen- derson. Kathlvvn Heruth, Bruce Hansvn. Waynv Haskvll. Nancy Hitman. ROW FIVE: William Hinrichs, David Hamhe-rg, Rich- ard He-tland, john Henderson, Gary Hall. I86 MR. KROENING-9 ROW ONE: JoAnne Auger, Corina llluis, Isaac llundcr, Diane Rtotlut, llatricia Snrff. ROW l'W0: Cordon llranroth, Tliomas lhiligrlltmwy, lhtw llistcl. Flt-val Niskancn. R U W 'l' H R E E : llwuync l'vtt-rson, Gary 'l'uuuhill, ,lm-flrvy Stnlp, ,launes Gleason, Roln-rt ,lun4's. ROW FOUR: Ronald Jolnison. Larry Nelson, l'a-rry llnrnyartl, Clnn-It-s Hruslui, llarrvll l'aym'. ROW FIVE: launcs llultnnln, Willis Truc- lmlontl. ,lon Kvtokoski. Henry Nlylirv, ,lack llonncll. MR. KINDEM-212 Parent Teacher Student Association was formed to bring parents closer to school and student life. Parents are invited to attend open house with their child and learn actual class procedure. MR. LARSON-223 ROW ONE: Larae Hopko, Rich- ard Jarppi, Jeffrey Hymes, Carol Houlton, Bette Hunegs. ROW TWO: ,Ieraldine Jandro, Mar- garet Hooverson, Karen Hunt, Barbara Huterna, Jacqueline Ja- rosak, Bernice Jacobson. ROW THREE: Margaret Flaherty, Ar- lene Johnson, Sharon Hopkins, .loyce Jansen, JoAnn Hutchins, Carol Johnson. ROW FOUR: Lynda Howlett, Carol Hynes, Bette Jackson, Lester Hommes, Steve Isenberg, Darlene Holm- quist. ROW FIVE: Donald Je- rome, Bruce Illingworth, Lee Holmer, Allen Javinsky, Richard Johnson. l87 ROW ONE: .ludith Johnson, Shirlvy Johnson, Linda .lnlinson. L:-una Johnson. Carolyn jonvs. ROW TWO: Rita KilTl'll.x.lil!li4'1' Johnson. .ludith Ke-phart. All:-nn Kvnl. Carole' K1-llvr. Nanviv Trolnivzak, ROW 'l'HREE: Laur- iu' jonvs. l,vo K4-Ily, SI1'lllll'fl lilucli, l'u'l1'r Kampa. Roux-r .lunglli-n. ROW FOUR: Eugene' jonvs. Dc-nnis Johnson, Mary ,lm-nnings. .lanivv Supp, Eve-lyn johnson. H1-dda ,lurgm-nson. ROW FlVE: Orvillr' Johnson. Ronald Kari. Kathlvvn Rogvrs, Edward Krasnvr. Cary ,lone-s. 2 2 s 5 1.2 W-..,,7 MRS. LEVITT-319 Money for spring sports is raised hy selling tags on a spof-ial clay 1-allcd "Tag Hay." Thx-v arc' sold to the students on a Competitive hasis lietwecn Classf-s. Sophomore tags are green. junior lags an- liluv. and the senior tags arv whitv. MRS. C. MILLER-302 ROW ONE: Lvnorv Nm-lson, ,luyw Willard. Rarlmra Milli-r, ,Ioan Muscovilz, Rarlrara Mitch- vll, ROW TWO: Sandra Moy- lan. Katlilvm-n Mulom-, Karon Gustafson. Nlivliavl Mintvr. ROW THREE: Marilyn Mickelson, Jacqulinv Moors: Kar:-n Mikkcl- sen, ,lean Nelson, Joan Mikolaj- czyk. ROW FOUR: Joseph Nasal, Wade Kesslvr, Daniel Mikkelsen, ,lanws Stasncy. T . 5 MRS. LYDERS-202 ROW ONE: Carol Birt, Mary Latvala. Ingrid 1.1-stvrud, ,lean Lnfstrand, lliana L1-din, George- anne Lijm-wski, ROW TWO: Jerry Larsun, Rr-vi-rly Lehman, Donald Lidlmni, Joanne Licskc, Phyllis Lehman. Cynthia Martin- snn. ROW THREE: Arvid Lar- son, Kathy l.e'w'isun. Rvtty Bert- rand, Sandra Larson, Bruce Ler- nvr. Kvnm-th Lockhart, ROW FOUR: Wvilliam Martin, Harvey Lippa, ,Im-I Iawke-tz. James Leighton, Ronald Martin. livery we-ek. students hank in their st-hool Savings account. ll is a 1-mm-iiient way tu save and the money really comes in handy when the expenses of their senior year hegin to pile up. ROW ONE: .ludith Linn, Kath- h-vn Skm-llinski. Rarhara Wal- qnist, Ruth Wvdvkind. Rt-tty wrl1'lllllQJ,l'I'. ROW TWU: Margaret Waddivk. Rarllara Wivlivrsl-ai. lfarnl Waan. Mary Vilh-lla. RUYV 'l' ll li IC IC : Us-raid SllllllllSlkY, -Ianni-g lllahns. Ronald Wlald, l,hty4l Van llah-. llary Wx-din. RUVV FOUR: lllivliavl Wlllvldun, lll'lll't' Waller, liluria Whitt-. Wil- liam Rlliiw. David Walters. It U W lf l V li : Ray W4-sh-y, Sllvldon llltwll, Pllilip hVillSIll'Il, Ri1'llall'd xvltitvoilli. llatitl wlvr-I. MRS. MILLS-3 3 1 1 3 K 1 . - 3 1 1 MR. PEARSON-104 ROW ONE: Mary Phillips, Bov- erly Proctor. Kathy Pc-ts-r, Sylvia Pritchett, Louise: Pole-lc. ROW TWO: Barbara Pe-tc-rson, Tllomas Philstrom. Cunstanm- Pnflvin. Jeanne Peterson, Patriria Stasik. ROW THREE: George Pitman, Diane Schupmann. C1-ralcl Pvtvr- s0n, Dean Philippy, Richard Ht-inz. ROW FOUR: Dmiglas Pvters. Michac-l Pupkin, Arthur Raeker, David Powell, Harriet Chuuinard. ROW FlVl'l: Sta-vt-n Sussman, Rnlu-rt llc-tm-rss-n, Iron- arcl Porter, William Quia-l. Larry l'umcrlr-au. At the core of most student activities is the Student Council. lfavh lminv room selects a flepenrlalmlv. honest. t-oopvrative. and able student as its representative. They meet about every two weeks to discuss stuclents' problems. ROW' ONE: llllyllis Sapnritn, Benjamin Sanur-l. Nl:-lvin Sani- uvlsun, Larry Santlwivk. Sandra Sr-limit. ROW TWO: Danna Scltimmvl, Susan Sc-llmitlt. Nlary- annt- SilllIllIU4'fllt'Y'. lfalllllvvn Rutlts. llc-vt-rly llriggzs. ROW 'l'llRl':l'i: Nlyrun Rupp:-rt. lmuisc' Ryan, Diana St. Mum-. Kathy Svlilvt-. Carol Rykylu, ROW FOUR: Nlarilynn Ryks. .lamos Ruunv. Maris- Ryan. .lutlith Sclunitll. Mary St'llllIl0gL1'. ROW I-'IVI-1: Nlark Sain, Rulwrt S4'llllH- mt-l. Ruln'rt Savitt. llanivl Ross, lfliin Sattvr. I90 MR. QUIRING-217 ROW ONE: lla-len Rnlnins, lfnnna Rodriguez. Judith Raitseh, Margaret Raissier. lllnriu Ruelln. RCIW TWO: Helga Rosenow, Sharon Frm-lllig, Slinrnn Rosen. Denise Tlnnnpsun, Lynn Reinly, ROW 'l'llRl'Il'i: Shirley Run- mlnlph, Marvin Rein. llrnee Ridg- Ivy, Carrol Rulhnnnlner. liz-raid Reiter. ROW FOUR: Dianne Rfn'ln-le-ali, Williann Rielinrd Rein. llnry l.e4nmi'rl Rm-lil, ,lnnws Hiller. ROW FIVE: George Rmiell, Rnlwr! l,K'l1'l'SUll, ,ludith Rosen- gren, ,Inlin Rielnnrds, Richard Rivkin. Rilzen. Ruwlvs, MR. PERRIN--120 When the juniors entered the lunehrooin last September, questions such as these were heard: "What happened?,' "Where are all the l2lllll'S?N "Why aren't they selling regular lunches anyin0re?" "Did you ever see such c0nfusi0n?,, "What a MESS!" MRS. SARGENT-122 I ., KL ROW ONE: Marty Skar, Sandra Shaekle, ,lean Fehringer, Janet Simon, Sandra Shobe. ROW TWO: Sharon Shuhnan, Karen Schwartz, Susan Shaw, Walter Skranlstad, iN'I4-lody Roppe. ROW THREE: Sheldon Schroeder, Ruivo Sehwalhc, Gary Sllillfll, Sheldon SllTl'ilN'I'Ql, Ivudclle Skor- dahl. ROW FOUR: Jerome Seli- ger, Dennis Sherva, Marshall Shields, Edward Schwartz, Stephen Siegel. I9I ROW ONE: Carolyn Stoll, ,lar- quc-line Suits, Marge-rie Sudduth Carol Swanson. Judith Solberg ROW TWO: Kathleen Steman. Gayle- Smith. Connie Scliupmann, Loryee Anderson, Elaine Spartz. ROW THREE: Rolwrt Stoltnian. Tlirriilas Str-wig, Harvey Sussman. Raymond Sundz-en, Duane Spohn, ROW FOUR: Jerome Schewe. Ronald Sonnenlu-rg, James Stah- no. David Slettcn. Michael Str:-ed. ROW FIVE: ,lames Sors ensvn. John Stanaway. James Sumstad, Rolwrt Stuart, llonna Small. MR. SHEELY-313 The answers were easy. The lunchroom was being remodeled to accommodate North's ever-growing enrollment, More eating area was provided and a modern conveyor belt was installed to carry away empty trays to save time. MR. SNELL-STUDENT LUNCHROOM ROW' ONE: llarlvara Taylor. Kara-n Tliorson. .luliv llionipson, Phyllis Tm-1-tm-l. l,inda Vandvr- liek. ROW TWO: Sharon-l,ou Tapper, lfiiglviir- flitti-Ison. llar- llara Tangent. ,ludith Tlioiiipsorl. ROW' THREE: llonna Swanson. lrwin Swalvx. .lvrry Taylor. C4-nv Tliorson. Frank 'l,UI'l'l'lll'l'. ROW FOUR: Donald Kortv. ,Iosvpli Toniasku, .lanws 'l'rnnilvl4'y. Gerald Tlia-iringe-r. llonald Crowl. ROW' FIVE: Allan Swartz. Shir- Icy Rogers. Rollin Vllliorvson. David Saxton. SI:-wn 'l'own:se'nd. MR. V. SMITH-310 The biggest event in the life of a junior is the election of the class officers for their senior year. Refore a candidate is eligible. his petition must be signed by fifty juniors. ROW ONE: Nancy Zitnnternntn. Hairy Zcllnier. tit-rulsl ll:-rgtlulrl. Pzttricin Sclnnnuclier. .lutly Zwcigbutun. ROW TWU: llaul- cttc llinkley. Tliolnas fiesnier. ,loan Nlacllonaltl. Sltirlcv Nlur- pliy. Curol lluckct. ROW' 'l'llREl'l: Patricia Mzijeski. San- tlra Set-niann. Nlurilyn lla-e. Rlillfllllllt' Sclineitler. llarlene Rretnnial. ROW l"Ol'R: .lt-rry 'l'ztft. Vincent ltogrilslii. William Wahl. Michael Olmert. Tlionias l':tx'lock. tilillvert l'ontl. ROW' FIVE: Ronulrl tit-llernnm. .lv- ronn- Stnrnn-r. llcnni- Ross. tlcr- nltl Smith. Patrick Nlcllerlnntt. MR. THREINEN - 5 ROW ONE: Fredricka Perkins Anna Nieniela. .loanne Nygren Peal, Sandra Parsons TWO: Robert Ostrow .loan ROW Larry Waterman. Geraldine Per rin, Paul Olsen. ROW THREE William Boike, ,lay Cayton Douglas Blumb, Dianne Pearson Larry Palme. ROW FOUR: Rob ert Oakvik. Richard Nelson Kathleen Ottem, Gary Perry Eugene Karjalallti. ROW FIVE Phillip Oleisky. Roger Person Robert Nelson. Warren Olson Lance Mybergr. r gi in 'cl ,U ..-gg-W5 'f-:HRX'4,r ,. ,,. XV .wifi N jf. 'lx E a c x . ., . 9 . . ,... 1, Mg N H I ,1 ' , QAM, 1'-3625, 1145 5 - r E. M V-254' um K Ls 32 M ., gi 1lf:,i, ' 'g'5i'f If R .Ei . 1 -A , ROW UNH: Killlllt'CIX Smith, Dvte lionivr. Karvn Warner, llvu-rly Zim-nu-r, Lynda Andor- son. Nluwclla Cram. ROW TWO: .lam-I Ma-llgrvlkncll. Nan- cy Junn-s. ,Ivan Lukasavitz, El- ulnru lloffnum, .Inst-pll Swim-rvzek, Dnuglus Huln-r. Douglas Cald- wvll. ROW 'l'llRlC1'I: Dulm- Doli- rin, Fra-cl Feldman. Nucl Maru, Mirllavl ligigvrt, 'l'm-rrnncv Pfahl, ll:-ily rllllfflvllli-lllfl. ROW FOUR: Runulml 1.l'l'llllyl'. We-slcy l'ernu- ln. Evan Amir-re-un, Roy Sl'llPI't'l', Cnym-Iunm llari. Clmrl:-s RQ-ich, Us-ralrl Flannelly. ROW FIVE: l.urry tlrulnun, Nliclinvl lllustvin, Dll4'llZll'l Kiclmrmls. Jw Hyatt, Kvnnvlll ,lvnsf-n. ,lilllltxh Douglas. MR. VILLAS - 26 Al till' me-ctingr. speoclws. skits. and promises are given in an effort to grain enough support to be put into offiw. The-n the final elections are held and no one rests until the results are out and the next yvar's offivc-rs clevidccl MR. SMITH - 116 MR. CHRISTOPHERSON - 111 HOW ONE: Charlm,-s Olson, An ilu .luslvsu-xl. Diane Powvll, San dra jflllllhllll, David H1-rman ROW' TWO: llnlm KUt'llI1, Les lit- I.m-krem, .lack Juhansno Dnnald Nlaurn-r. William We-ssen .luan Tnlvmino. I95 N' WJ 'ff Q 'a ' J P X V 'J X 'JJ vi J' lf V N f X' M W dn J AW J my J I 5 CU IV X jk' IJ, Wifi Q N99 fi? kv I Sl M A ff if f pa ,J MY wi my vi , 3 ' L -33' - ,-'I , 1 r xxx hx ,X Tv N L X ,J Ny SUXTLJX , fm bv J X Q DW J -i--i E cms J. Al x I 9 K5X N! ...::'-2' " x Q 5, I AKA .fl .J LARRY COLMAN SHELIJON EVHJEN mlmmx l4'l'l'I-1I!XlAN UPERIOR HO OR GRO P BARRY FRIEIJMAN JOY GORDON CIIARIJCS HI-IINENIANN PAUL R. JOHNSON GAIL KARATZ n HOWARD KAUFFMAN MARY KOIDERIE ROBERT KRAHN JUDY METSALA Al North High St-lnml. the naming of the traditional rail:-dit-tm'im1 and sallituturizm has been replaeed hy tht- st-If-mimi of ll Superior Honors Group. The stu- dents in this group must maintain a high seholastic nrerzigge iilfltllgll three years of high school. The Class uf VW! is pleased to honor these class nivnihers and give them the recognition which their st-hulustir ext-ellem-e has earned. WILLIAM MILCRA M R0l1liR'l' VUEUFR KAROI. USTRIN RUTH SII-IGFRIED Fa V DONNA STEVENS HERBERT WEISBERG IJIANNE ZISKIN hh DEBORRAH WESTLUND North American Bank Award PAUL R. SHARON SHELDON ROBERT JOHNSON CALIGUIRE EVIDEN MOELLER First National First National Star Tribune American Legion Bank Award Bank Award Award Award GENERAL AWARDS CAROLYN CHARLES FITERMAN HEINEMANN American Legion Sons of the Auxiliary Award American Revolution Award DEBORRAH WESTLUND Norse Award fWinner in junior year? These members of the Class of 1959 have been chosen to be especially honored by various civic. school and alumni groups. The character traits recognized by these awards include scholarship. leadership. serv- ice. character, honor. and dependability. DEPARTMENTAL AWARDS LARRY COLMAN Instrumental Award WILLIAM CAROLE BLOCH MARY DIANE MILGRAM Speech Award KOLDERIE PROCHASKA Debate Award Science Award Business Award l HONOR ROLL OF CLASS OF 1958 THESE MAINTAINED A 2.3 AVERAGE IN HIGH SCHOOL Larry Colman Sheldon Eviden Carolyn Fiterman Barry Friedman .Joy Gordon Elissa Heilicher Charles Heinemann William Jiran Paul R. Johnson Gail Karatz Elaine Katz Howard Kauffman Sharon Knight Mary L. Kolderie Robert Krahn Judy Metsala William Milgram Robert Moeller Kathleen Mulcahy Lawrence Nolan Karol Ostrin Diane Prochaska Ruth Siegfried Frederick Silvers Peter Snapko Charles Squires Donna Stevens Adrienne Stoller Deborrah Westlund Rachel Weiner Herbert Weisberg Dianne Ziskin NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS SENIORS JUNIORS 'Carolyn Bahe 'Lois Bialick 'Carole Bloch 'Stuart Borken 'Nanette Boudreau 'Judy Bury 'Marianne Cahlander 'Barbara Collyard 'Larry Colman 'Sandra Engstrom 'Sheldon Eviden 'Sharon Feldman 'Carolyn Fiterman 'Barry Friedman 'Joy Gordon 'Mary Halloran 'Ronald Hamberg 'Elissa Heilicher 'Charles Heinemann 'William Jiran 'Paul R. Johnson Gail Karatz 'Mary Kolderie Sharon Knight Robert Krahn Constance McCoy 'Judy Metsala 'William Milgram Robert Moeller Craig Moen Lawrence Nolan Karol Ostrin Diane Prochaska Annette Ressen 'Ruth Siegfried 'Peter Snapko Charles Squires Donna Stevens 'Adrienne Stoller 'Richard Sumstad 'Sharron Tetner 'Deborrah Westlun 'Rachel Weiner Herbert Weisberg 'Serene Wise 'Dianne Ziskin I I' Q l I I I I d Marsha Benson Judith Bergstrom Sheldon Bloch Michael Blustein Karen Bundtzen Malcolm Cohen Kathleen Crow Dale Dobrin Stanley Dobrin Carol Ecklen Marian Erickson Gerald Flannelly Robert Gale Lawrence Gruman Wayne Haskell Steven Heller Kathryn Heruth Ronald Kari Barbara King Robert Kuelm Mary Latvala Michael Lee Marilyn Mickelson Robert Ostrow Geraldine Perrin Michael Popkin Mary Quintl Carol Rathmannor Charles Reich Lynn Remly Mark Satz Sheldon Schreiberg Karen Schwartz Gerald R. Smith Kathleen V. Smith Betty Theleman Virginia Wieriman Lois Wyland Lfiii W5-'www 1'9- ,M 7, 9 3 x Av X33i'f25igf74 sf! I Y ,dr 5, I W Helly Ilurn-ll Ril'h2ll'd liursulmlx Piia Bauuis Donelle Beck Geraldine Becker 'Z I I K' -PY. 1.1 V ' - e -. , 1 f inf? Q K ' 1 A :U -vt, -l. mt.. - X Uh! Ly Phyllis liz-sm-1' gy junel Be-eker lidwin Bell Vvayne Berpgslrum Neson Berman jf-an B4-gkgy Barbara Bezanson 1. Wa1'tl Bell Sharon Bennett Nannette Berg Judith Bialick Lois Bialick :' f - I Y E iif' 2 , vm Ll' wilt if n ' 5, :jf ' 1 qv . - 1 1 I l, xl- ..l l ,A lu Thomas Brennan . gm. , .gqfr Barbara Brink Kathleen Carlson 'NU- Cohen 0rlin Collins Wiki ,- Y, W, ' 44" .A lk' l . ei'-3: 4 4" L' P x- 4- 1-4,1-Y-'gavy K-3. 1 w G. 5 N 1' 5 -v 'z Y' 'Sli' I -1 H Douglas Cyrus F w m 'Wg' , '-'JT . K, 4. v,Jn.1': ,J ,j."+J:-iw " "Wi il. ,E it r, . l , ..-L. , . A ii 2' ' ' . ' :ff fl P , P , , 'ilu l' I Audrey Dobbs 'V , Ts . F' H14- - 4525 - .mv .- -fy N 533,513 sa 5 fr Wag , jg? i . . Mfg 1. 1 nn-1 a Duenoss Jack DUIBIII 4m oan Felrringer Sharon Feldman Paul Felth 1811165 Femlirlg Mercel Fercho Thomas Ficocello Gary Finneman Phillip Fischer Yvonne Fischer Barbara Fisher James Fisher John Fisher 1 irolyn l"itn-mmm Diane Forbes Robert Foster Rachel Foust John Fox I I Carolyn Goldstem Susan Go , H, Y ,'. 1 1 Aaron Gurewxtz Joyce Guy J., 5: . , EM 153 . f JF " Ou, Jeffrey Hammel LaVerne Hanka Erling Hanson Marlin Hansen Wayne Halverson Sharon Harris Victory Harris Richard Hartfiel Elissa Heilicher Charles Heinemann Robert Hansen Henry Harris Paul Harris Shirley Hartman X Marlene Harvey JoAnn Hemerick Lynda Henderson X i I .la a 0 2 Q f. 1. , . .- I . Carol Herman Mary Kay lit-ssc Judith Hingeley Allen Hoffmaiy n L Steven Hoffman Phyllis Hofmann 4 u, " ,Be W 1 'Ml N0 Q L -is v L 57 I ,-. " I 1 it VM ,ix eh V L M ,J L-4v'L N' .J ,lv , L, A Cb J o Ng 4- X .1 - 9 'L A Tho 0 lgillri 6' - L-Vi tl L, cg "., J' -l U' f 0 L if A, Janet Hommes Patricia Hucldleston Donna Hulhert Mavis Huntington John Hutchison ,,4.' K ' LW if vi -,yi Robin Ingram Jillayn Hoem Sandra Holm Diane Holmquist Jeffrey Holtmeier James lnvie acq I y.- - '.4.1,. 3 . . L, , '. ' 4 0 n Paul N. Johnson Paul R. Johnson Rosalee Johnson Sheldon Jones Martha Kahanuk Steven Kaplan Sharon Kara Gail Karatz Judith Karatz Karen KHFISOH Sandra Johnson Darold Johnston Judith Kaczmarek Janet Kadlec Marylou Kamrow LeRoy Kaselnak Rollyn Johnston J oe Kasper 1- KHFCH Kastama Elaine Katz Howard Kauffman Sandra Kelliller ,lf'l'lbIlll' Kvllman Marion Klein Joyce Kettler Patricia Keymes Ross Kiefer Eddie Klugman Fdwm Kelli Qlim 1cl'1n lxelman Y David King Collette Kinvig Ronald Knies Sharon Knight l'zitric'ia Knox "mf Ko l'lllt ' Marv Kolderie Michael Konkol Jean Korsh Karen Kraemer r .nr I Robert Krahn Janice Kranz Sandra Kushner Robert Lacher Beverly LaFave Robert LaMere James Lange Hilrwlfi I1ill'!4l'll 10311 LHFSOII Nancy Larson Rebecca Larson Leonne Laurin ff: ,1 . r Louise Levy ,wrqr .5-., 1 if A x Q L l 4.-gn M., ew t w JI' '53 ' -QZLV x 1-.. -a -ulf' ffl' , 1' 2 -png - ,,-, 5. L 'Pu i , K , Annette Mandel '63 Wgfgjf , , James Metchnek Stephen Mika William Milgram Elaine Millang Bruce Miller Elsworth Miller .y ,t lj ,xr l bm, kr- 'N fy P MP l Patricia Motyl Robert Moeller Craig Moen Lydia Montgomery Judith Mueller Lois Miller Robin Miller Luba Moroz Michael Morrison Kathleen Mulcahy Marlene Myhre Floyd Nachtwey Cary Nelson Holly Nelson B6'l'Il3dlIlP Noodleman James Norber Ulf James Nelson Judith Nelson Mary Ann Nelson Laurel Nolan Lawrence Nolan Gerald Nordquist Jw Jane Nelson Janet Nelson Richard Neumann Wilbur Nichols Elaine Niemi Mgrgan Nordstrom Jeanine Normandin 6 '- 'iv ' Ohnstad Eugene Olson Rlchard Passenhelm Robert Passenheim Annette Pan '-- 1 Vx - L I U 1-A wr ' , A A L w 5 15, rx Marcia Peterson Richard Pette Diane Prochaska Drusilla Pryhilla Rodger Reiswig Patricia Rapacz Naomi Rappaport Jurgen Rawclon Arthur Resnick Robert Pllkal Gale Putnam Carol Raeker Dorothy Rakos Gerald Ranke Eunice Reinking Michael Reis .ludith Resnick Annette Hessen Sandra Rick Norman Riger Judith Robison Josephine Romano Daniel Lee Ross Diane Ross Richard Rostamo Kay Roth James Rothbauer Donald Rothstein P Dorothy Rowe Susan Royland Stephen Salsberg Mary Lou Samborski Kenneth Sandberg Marie Saporito Faye Saxton Ronald Sayler ft "ffff'! , tv?i?L5'E?kl k .1--if Vikki' -Uv W s y'y:k44N-' " Lwk 5 ,, 1- n ,4 - 433 lx: K L 74 r - 4 ij. is Q 1.14, 'bi Y BY' ZF D , x , Q-4' 1, " I.w'1,::,.v.n 3' 1 51, , P1 - lk", Q .,,.f,. 'N 'M 12369. in X x.-V 4 l I I ,J De-loris Stankv Ronald Stevkman Mary Steeves Charles Stenzlahl Adrienne Stoller Howard Stonclake Barbara Sudcluth Robert Sutter Joanne Swan Donna Stevens Lois Stillman Esther Suclcluth Rivharcl Sumstad Bonita Swanson Janval Swanson Catherine Stophney Judith Swartz D Ke-nnvlh Sword Marjorie Tack loan Tn-lving Ray Tromlmley Vivian Talbot Sharron Tetner Judith Thomas Bruve Tollefson Gayle Towle Katherine Trout LaVonne Taylor Leonard Taylor Monica Thurman Geraldine Tillipman Charles Tindell Lois Uhrich Carol Ulmaniec M. 'Jin n Wallin Leo Wallis uf' I' i l Charlotte White 1 n Q, X. X W I I -4 V W: J, . U v Dlane Zembal L LaVerne Hanka and Steve Kaplan FRIENDLIEST SENIOR HALL BEST DANCERS Jeanette Zimmerman and Bruce Polaczyk Perper and Ross Kiefer SHYEST 232 , OF FAME MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT in-Q-1 its Kathy Johnson and Ron Connelly MOST PHOTOGENIC Judie Schultz and Pete Snapko BIGGEST FLIRTS ett and Ron Hamberg ' u gi: Q f if Q Q 'H ,, an K Liwx I rf' i -T I ,, 'Wm ,Q an v Wg 3 .Q .Q 1 :in :N 'E .7 'u i . . . w , A f Hx K La W Q gr Q ,E v WITTI EST Joy Cordon and Paul R. Johnson MOST AMBITIO US Cy CHOICE OF COMPANION ON A DESERT ISLE thia Seymour and Rolly Johnston vygw- N I K , Kathy Gallup and Gary Parsons Uizmm- PIIIIHPI' and john Cliplef IDEAL PULARITES f-I A in X4 H 1 i I I 1 1 1 1 .gl 'L BEST DRESSED Sll5llIllLlIlllhll'i1l mul Wayan' llvmzik BICST FIKLUHIC AND PIIYSIQIQE l 'mal W4-stlllml uml ,lim Rullllmln-r Elissa Heilicher and Don Shiff CLASS CHATTER BOX CUTEST COUPLE Eunice Reinking and Ron Steckman MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Debbie Westlund and Barry Friedman 927 D0n'I WOTTYV kidS, our camera man mixed an-up up the committees but with the combined talents of the artists and ourselves, it's all straightened out. Not one of these coni- mittees has the job it wanted!!! "What are we working on dedication for?" "We're the Class Song Committee." Mem- bers are M. Anderson. G. Breeding. B. Coll- yard, J. Metsala, C. McCoy, K. Mulcahy, J. Nelson. E. Sudduth, J. Swanson, V. Talbot, S. Tetncr, D. Shiff, and L, Colman. SENIOR COMMITTEES "I won't march on the field wearing a formal. "We're not trying to be anti-social, we just want your money." Members arc C. Fiterman, D. Ziskin, K. Mather, J. Paquette, S. Hartman. J. Swartz, H. Marsh, A. Ressen, R. Rostamo. C. Karatz, L. Levy, B. Barrett, P. Besner, P. Felth, J. Romano, M. Cav- anagh, R. Faust, M. Myhre, R. Woldorsky, B. Fish- er, S. Knight, J. Metsala, C. Mattson. J. Greenstein, H. Scherling, S. Goldberg, J. Bialick, D. Palmer, M. Sherva, B. Post, K. Anderson, T. Corlett, M. Partlaw. 238 Where's my cap and gown?" Members are C. Raeker, B. Allen, M. Sleeves, A. Peterson, C. Fiterman. D. Duenow, L. Bialick, B. Juran, J. Cordon. I. Baker, J. Hemerick, S. Wise, .l. Nor- mandine. R. Erickson, M. Klein. V. Talbot, L. Nolan, L. Taylor. K. Mather. A. Mandel, S. Caliguire, R. Groenke, C. Gallup. D. Hulbert, and M. Kabanuk. drdltia MSM "We don't want to work on the class song, we volunteered for the Prom Committee." Members are A. Hoffman, A. Stoller, M. Sills, L. Colman, C. Heineman, K. Gibbs, J. Cliplef, H. Marsh, B. Fisher, S. Knight, A. Res- nick, P. Perper, R. Erickson, and E. Katz. "We Social Committee members have no talent for fitting caps and gowns." M. Anderson, G. Breeding, B. Collyard, J. Metsala, C. McCoy, K. Mulcany, J. Nelson, E. Sudduth, J. Swanson, B. Talbot, S. Tetner, D. Shiff, and L. Col- man. l "We 'know you like money, but what about the Dediralion Day Program?" Members are T. Friedrich, C. Cray, M. Halloran, E. Heilicher. P. R. Johnson, and B. Smith. 7' O Q "Wt-'re not here to count votes, wo have to finish plans for Senior 'A' Day." Membtrw are C. Bloch. S. Calof, C. McCoy, R. Kufer R. Moeller. E. Ht-ilicher. and R. Galmson "How did you people- on the Ticket Connnit- tee get lost in the greenhouse?" Members. are J. Donald. D. Forbes, F. Watson, L. Bialick, C. I"itc-rman, K. Anderson, B. Jiran, B. Sorin. and J. Edling. "Were hungry! We want the Sky Room for the Senior Banquet." Members are B. LeFave, I. Baker. S. Caliguire, L. Uhrick, R. Cass, K. John- son. B. Johnson. S. Goldstein, E. Katz, F. Wat- son, P. Fytz-n, C. Kinvig, P. Pc-rper. L. Mont- gomery. J. Dir-tz, M. Petersen, Smith, J. Muel- ler, D. Ziskin, J, Anderson. J. Robinson, 5. Calof, M. Corbett. S. Bennett. J. Nelson, R. Ackerman, J. Guy. J. Lan-rine, S. Kushner, K. Mather, C. We-stlund, M. Hesse, S. Holm, J. Nelson, R. Schaitberger, J. Nelson. D. Pearson, M. Nelson, K. Corbett. S. Kelliher, J. Irwin, P. Keymes, S. Clarke. and J. Scott. 240 "We can't sell any tickets for the class playl Wt-'re the Publicity Comniittec-." Mein- bers are H. Marsh. R. Ackerman, J. Betker, S. Clarke, M. Goldberg, P. Ke-ymes, C. Cold- stein. J. Irwin, J. Scott. and 5. Kelliher. should we leave an 'A' to clear old North?" "Yes, we can read--it's good publicity. But we want to plan Commencement." Members are J. Bury, C. Donnelly, P. Falth, R. Krahn, B. Friedman, R. Moel- ler, and D. Prochaska. DIPLor-on The Class Memorial Committee asks. "Why Members are H. Marsh, L. Levy, A. Res- svn, S. Feldman, S. Knight, N. Berman, J. Korsh, C. McCoy, C. Ulmaniee, D. Lyle, D. Markham, and J. Martin. "We're the ever loyal, ever reli- able Elections Committee. Now we are ever hungry. Should- we plan the banquet, maybe?" Mem- hers are R, Weiner, C. Breeding, D. Ziskin, T. Corlett, M. Halloran, B. O'Brian, D. Lyle, J. Schultz, A, Stoller, C. Erickson, A. Peterson, K. Ostrin. .l. Metsalu. E. Katz, L. Colman, D. Passenheim, R. Sieg- fried, N. Clark, W. Dvorak, C. lluhe, E. Reinking. S. Knight, E. lleilieher, and P. Black. VRES "0.K., so some other But we can still ask Floral Committee if gestionsf' Members Karatz, D. Johnston v class left Abe to North. him as members of the he has any flower sug- are E. Chatham, J. and .l. Edling. NACE 994'-5 C EQ THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1959 The three angels in the senior class presentation of "MY THREE AN- GELSH did have rather tarnished halos. But, in spite of this, they man- aged to solve all the problems of a French Guinea family by udroppingw in through a hole in the roof. It seemed that everyone in this comedy had problems. The father's dry goods store was losing moneyg Marie Louise, his daughter, loved Paul who was go- ing to marry someone elseg and his wife was frightened by the three an- gels. Adolphe, a "fricndly" snake with a commanding: venom, disposed of two of the problems by biting. After more help from the three angels, all ended happily and they reascendecl the lad- der to the roof. PRESENTS Later for you! "Chickens cost nothing here, chuckle, chucklef' 'Thai girl is U5 light HS il feillhcf-ll 446817 9943011 9444707 My We THR P5 . . , . .2 Our Izu'ii1sl1s-d angvlsl ' The cast I1l0Illlli'l'S sun lfarulc' lfluvh Craig fllovn Vlilflll' Ilrnralf Karl .'lIc-lznvr Ilan Ziff Elaine' Kal: Gail Kami: Rvgvr llnbbs :frthur Re'.w:ir'li' John Cliplvf Karan Kaxramn Arfolphc' fan ir Il'iSi'Ilf' Emilie- lllll'lllt'l Felix Ducotel Josvpli Alfred Jules Emilie Ducotel Mario Louise Ducutcl Paul Hi-nri Trocliard , . Sailor llnw. Parole xnalfel himself All, madam, shall we look togethel -1 111 , CLASS PLAY CREW Sheridan Kalman, pho- tographc-r for thc play, was trying to get a picture of Karen Kas- tama, the staff writer, but our photographer got there first and got them lmth. L We can't forget tie potel mnnnnlttt who showt their talents in then mlrina mst 'NJ w- Y SENIOR CLASS SONG Thouffh we Ieave you now North H :gh The nzemorzes we ve shared we can not orget 41111112 games we ve won and o course all the fun That Il e ze had at dear old North T111 senzoz banquet we 1l recall These are the nzemorzes whzch lznger on Un through eternity TIIIOIQLIIOIII all our lwes we ll know, the time we spent at North we shall treasure so 41111 through the years our ondness grows, or you our dear North Htgh b ' ' 3 ' V3 1 ' 7 1 , . v , If . A . , 1 ,1 - . , I. I ' . I 7 I I and the senior prom. ' 9 . Y 1 ' 1. . f f, - SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS The senior class officers are from left to right: sergeant-at-arms, ROGER DOBBSQ vice president, LaVERNE HANKAg treas- urer, NANCE CLARKg president, WAYNE EgORAKg secretary, DEBORAH WEST- ND. 0 1' F ACKER- ACKERBLADE, JOHN .......... .......... 2 02 ACKERMAN, ROCHELLE ,,...... 70, 242 20 Y-Teens, Band, Kadimah Banquet Com- mittee, Publicity Committee. AHLMAN, RONALD ALBRECHT, AUTHUR .,..............,...,... 202 ALLEN, BARBARA ...... 78, 160, 238, 202 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Student Council, Service Aids, GAA Cap and Gown Com- mittee. ANDERSON, J ANICE ...............,..,..,.,.. 202 Y-Teens, Service Aids, Study Monitor. ANDERSON, J EANETTE ........ 82, 59, 159 . 161, 202, 240 FHA, Library Page, Banquet Committee, Swimming. ANDERSON, KAREN R. ........ 68, 79, 106 202, 238, 240, 244 Y-Teena, PTSA, Pep Club, Red Cross, Student Council, GAA, Choir, Choir Council, Budget Committee, Usher- Class Play, Tennis. ANDERSON, KENNETH E. ...,......,..... 138 Hockey. ANDERSON, MARY E. ,....... 68, 78, 202 238, 239 Rod Cross, Pep Club, Student Council, Social Committee. ANDERSON, PETER M. .................... 202 ANDERSON, ROGER C. ............ 56, 202 Hi-Y, "N" Club, Football, Apparatus, Track. ANDRYNSKI, JOHN ARBEITER, JOSEPH ARNDT, JEROME BACKERUD, RODNEY ........ 88, 143, 202 Student Council, Wrestling. BAER, DIANE .......... - .................. ...... 2 02 Y-Teens, Service Aid. BAHE, CAROLYN ........ 83, 98, 104, 106 202, 241, 244 Y-Teens, PTSA, Pep Club, Red Cross, Polarettes, SEP Aid, NHS, NFL, Choir, Honor Roll, Election Committee. BAKER, IRENE .,.,,....... 159, 202, 238, 240 Red Cross, GAA, Banquet Committee, Cap and Gown Committee. BAKER, ROGER J . BARNES, LEON Football, Track. BARRETT, BETTY .... I ........ - ........ 203, 238 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Banking Monitor, Budget Committee. is SE IOR ACTIVITY INDEX Page numbers on which pictures appear follow seniors' names. R BARSALOUX, RICHARD ,.................., 2 3 BAUNIS, PIIA .........,.,,........... 79, 203, 2 Y-Teens, PTSA, Pep Club, NFL, Choir. BECK, DONELLE .,..................,,.....,.... 2il3 Y-Teens, Service Aid. BECKER, GERALDINE ......,..,.......... 203 BECKER, JANET ....,,..,........... 91, 159, 203 PTSA, Office Aid. 1 BELL, EDWIN ........ 51, aa, 89, 203, 234 1 1 Student Council President, "N" Club, Homecoming Committee, Golf. 1 BELL, WARD ........ se, 128, 131, 133, lg-6 ' 2 3 Banking Monitor, "N" Club, Footbafll, Basketball, Cross Country, Volleyballl, Track. 1 BENNETT, SHARON ........ 28, 29, ao, in 42, 33, 69, 79, 88, 106, 203, 233, Y-Teens, Homecoming Attendant, Pep Club, Red Cross, Student Council, Poltr- ettes, GAA, Annual Staff, Choir, Stu y Monitor, Honor Roll, Banquet Comniit- tee, Tennis. ' BERG, NANNETTE .... - ..,,...... 59, 94, :ins Pep Club, FHA, Hi-C, Mimeograph Aid. BERGSTROM, WAYNE ...,.............,...... 2113 Physics Club, Cross Country. L BERMAN, NEsoN ................ 154, 203, 2111 Annual Representative, Homecomirg Committee, Class Memorial CommittVe, Football, Baseball, Hockey. 1 BESN ER, PHYLLIS ........ 90, 203, 234, Y-Teens, PTSA, Pep Club, Gym Lead r, Student Council, GAA, Honor Roll, Budget Committee, Cap and Gown Coin- mittee, Tennis Team, Badminton Teain, JUN. I 1 BETKER, JEAN .,11,.,1,.,.,,..,.,. 94, 203, 240 Pep Club, Service Aid, Prom Committee, Publicity Committee, Volleyball, Mimeo- graphing Girl. I BEZANSON, BARBARA ........ 81, 87, 207 03 Choir, Hi-C, Honor Roll, Courtesy C - mittee. 1 BIALICK, JUDITH ............ 203, 238, R44 Pep Club, Red Cross, Madimah, Budget Committee, Basketball, Class Play U h- er. BIALICK, LOIS ........ 71, 87, 98, 203, 2 240, Annual Representative, Pep Club, Clip- ping Bureau, NHS, GAA, Library Pa e, Banking Monitor, Honor Roll, Kad' , JUN, Tickets Committee, Cap and Go n Committee, Class Play Usher. BRO- BIRD, EARL ......... ....,..,................ 2 04 Service Aid. BIRD, PATRICK ............ 56, 204, 150, 151 Red Cross, "N" Club, Football, Ap- paratus. BISTODEAU, RENEE ,........... 78, 88, 204 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Student Council, Prom Committee. BLACK, PAUL ........................ 95, 204, 241 Annual Representative, Student Council, Polar Band, Banking Monitor, Elections Committee. BLASIAK, JEANETTE ......,...... ....... 2 04 Gym Leader, Volleyball. BLISS, WILLIAM ,....................., ......... 2 04 PTSA, Red Cross, Banking Monitor. BLOCH, CAROLE ........ 62, 64, 95, 99, 109 114, 204, 240, 242, 243 Hall Guard, Pep Club, Red Cross, NHS, NFL Treasurer, Annual Staff Business Manager, Banking Monitor, Honor Roll, JUN, AFS, Class Play. BLUMENTHAL, BRUCE ..,..........,...... 204 Red Cross, Student Council, Band, "N" Club, Football fSophJ. BOCK, WILLIAM ......,..... ......... 5 6, 204 BOHACH, JOHN .................................... 204 Student Council, Senior Committee, Football, Baseball, Track, Volleyball. BOHN, RALPH ,..... 57, 14-6, 204, 150, 151 "N" Club, Red Cross, Apparatus, Track. BOLANDA, DONALD ,.......,,.................. 204 BURKEN, STUART ........ 64, 83, 92, 93, 98 204 Red Cross, NHS, Choir, SEP Aid, JUN President. BOUDREAU, NANETTE ........ 58, 59, 90 99, 204 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Gym Leader, Viking Club, Leadership Conference, FHA President, NHS, GAA, Hi-C, Honor Roll, Drama Club, Golf, Tennis, Swimming. BRANSON, DARLENE ........................ 204 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Volleyball. BREEDING, GAIL ........ 69, 95, 204, 238 239, 241 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Banking Monitor, Social Committee, Prom Committee, Election Committee. BRENNAN, PATRICIA BRENNAN, THOMAS ......... 1 ....... 1 95. 204 Gym Leader, Red Cross, Service Aid, Sophomore Football. BRINK, BARBARA .......... -.-E 205 BROMAN, MARGENE I If SENIOR ACTIVITY INDEX A BRO- BROUSSEAU, BEVERLY ,,.. 69, 160, 205 Pep Club, Volleyball. BUDNICK, JOHN .-.............A 84, 111, 205 P'l'SA, Polaris Staff. BURNHAM, DIANE ...... .............. a 2, 205 Library Page, Study Monitor. BURY, JUDY ,,,.,,.. 81, 88, 97, 99, 205, 241 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Red Cross, Student Council, NHS, Hi-C, Honor Roll, Pro- jection, Homecoming Committee, Com- mencement Committee. CAHLANDER, MARIANNE ...,.,.. 69, 79 83, 98, 106, 107, 205 Y-Teens Chapter President. Y-Teens Chapter Chaplain, Pep Club. SEP Aid, FHA, NHS. Polar Band, Choir, Choir Treasurer, Banking Monitor. Banquet Committee. CALDWELL. JAMES Sophomore Football. CALIGUIRE, CARL , ,,.,...,. 28, 122, 205 Red Cross, "N" Club, Football. CALIGUIRE, SHARON ........ 28, 29, 30, 79 87, 33, 238, 240, 205, 234 Y-Teens. Homecoming Attendant, Pep Club, Polarettes, Banquet Committee, Cap and Gown Committee. Courtesy Committee. CALOF, SUZANNE .,,...,. 69, 79, 84. 114 240, 42, 205 Y-Teens, PTSA, Pep Club, NFL, Annual Staff, Choir, Banking Monitor, Banquet Committee Chairman, Golf. CANFIELD, CHARLES .,... ., 36, 72, 74 106, 114, 122, 125, 205 Hi-Y Chapter President, Hi-Y Chapter Secretary, All-School Hi-Y President, Leadership Conference, Choir, "N" Club, Banquet Committee, Football, Tennis. CARCIOFINI. RONALD .,... .. 57, 88, 139 145, 205, 138 Student Council, "N" Club, Baseball. Hockey. CARLSON, DAVID ........ 57, 138, 139, 205 Viking Club, "N" Club, Hockey. CARLSON, KATHLEEN ,..,,,,,......., 80, 205 Y-Teens, PTSA, Pep Club. CARPENTER, ARTHUR ...... ...... 2 05 Football, Apparatus. CARPENTER, MARGARET ..,.,.,. 58, 80 83, 205 Y-Teens, Pep Club, SEP Aid, FHA, Swimming. CAVANAGH, MAUREEN .... 86, 238, 205 Hall Guard, Service Aids, Budget Com- mittee, Commencement Committee. Page numbers on which pictures appear follow seniors' names. CHATHAM, EARBY .......... 56, 122, 125 146, 205, 241 "N" Club, Floral Committee, Football, Track, Leadership Conference, Lunch- room Aid. CLARK, NANCY ......., 36, 49, 47, 76, 77 80, 114, 159, 206, 241, 245 Class Treasurer, Y-Teens ICC Repre- sentative, Y-Teens Treasurer, Gym Lead- er, Red Cross, Polarettes, Leadership Conference, Annual Staff, Ethics Com- mittee, Homecoming Committee. CLARKE, SHARON .... 59, 69, 79, 206, 240 Y-Teens, Pep Club, FHA, Banquet Com- mittee, Prom Committee, Publicity Com- mittee. CLIPLEF, JOHN .....,,.., 110, 111, 206, 239 242, 243, 244, 236 Hi-Y, Red Cross, Polaris Staff, Choir, Class Song Committee, Class Play. COHEN, ROBERTA .......................,.... 206 Y-Teens, Annual Representative, PTSA, Pep Club, GAA, Study Monitor, Cour- tesy Committee, Tennis, Swimming. COLLINS, ORLIN ........,..,.... 206, 150, 151 COLLYARD, BARBARA ........ 78, 98, 110 111, 206, 238, 244, 239 Y-Teens, Annual Representative, Pep Club, Student Council, NHS, Polaris Staff, Honor Roll, Social Committee Chairman, Tennis. COLMAN, LARRY ........ 65, 99, 100, 101 105, 206, 238, 239, 241 Student Council, NHS, Band, Band Pres- ident, Band Student Director, Orchestra, Honor Roll, Social Committee, Class Song Committee Chairman, Hockey, Junior Academy of Science President, Physics Club, Elections Committee. COMMODORE, RONALD .......... 146, 206 Track. COMPTON, KAREN .................... 159, 206 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Student Council, Polaris Staff. CON NOLLY, RONALD .............. 206, 233 CONNOY, RICHARD ...... ...,.... 2 06 COOK, ALLAN .................. ........ 2 06 Band. CORBETT, KATHLEEN .... ....... 2 06, 240 Banquet Committee. CORBETT, MARY ..,. 88, 90, 104, 206, 240 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Gym Leadership, Student Council, Polarettes Co-Captain, GAA, Banquet Committee, Homecoming Committee, Swimming, Snow Day Com- mittee. CORLETT, THOMAS .... 84, 238, 241, 206 Hi-Y, PTSA, Banking Monitor, Honor Roll, Budget Committee, Election Com- mittee, Basketball Manager. DUBAY- COTTEN, BETTY Y-Teens, Pep Club. CUDA, MARCIA ........................... .. ..... 206 Y-Teens, PTSA, Pep Club, Service Aid, FHA, GAA, Basketball, Volleyball. CYRUS, DOUGLAS ............................ 206 DAHL, JON ................ 73, 92, 95, 122, 207 Hi-Y, Red Cross, Banking Monitor, Foot- ball, Basketball, Hockey. DAUGHTERTY, JOHN .......... ,..... 2 07 DAUGHERTY, KENNETH ...... ...... 2 07 Sophomore Track. DAUGHERTY, MICHAEL ................ 207 DEMING, JACK ..,......... 122, 125, 57, 207 Study Monitor, "N" Club, Football, Ap- paratus, Wrestling. - DEMMING, VERA ...... .................. .. .. 207 DESMOND, MARY ...............,..,....... N 207 Annual Representative, Pep Club, OF chestra, Golf. ' A' DEVERY, JAMES ,..... .............. 2 07 DHEIN, GEORGE ....... ......... 1 06, 207 Choir. DIETZ, JACQUELINE ................ 207, 240 ' Banquet Committee. ouvmccio, FRANK ....................... ..... 2 07 n1MoN, GARY .................................. -.. 207 Red Cross, Band, Sophomore Football, Sophomore Baseball. DOBBS, AUDREY ...........................---- . 207- DOBBS, ROGER ......,. 100, 105, 117, 207 24-2, 243, 245 NFL, Band, Band Council, Orchestra. Honor Roll, Class Sergeant-at-Arms, Holiday Revue Chairman 2 Years Pub- licity, Editor of Band Paper, Drama Club, Class Play. DOLGOF F , RITA ...... .......... 1 07, 207 Choir, Kadimah. DONALD, JAMES ..- ...... 73, 75, 92, 106 107, 108, 207, 240 Hi-Y, Red Cross, Student Council, Choir, Choir Council, Honor Roll, Ticket Com- mittee Chairman. DONNELLY, CHARLES ........ 57, 207, 241 143, 150 Hi-C, "N" Club, Apparatus, Wrestling. DORHOLT, JOHN DRAVES, ALBERT ...... ..-.-- 2 08 Hi-Y, Honor Roll. DROSSEL, PHYLLIS ......... .....-. 2 08 DUBAY, JAMES ..... .... . .... . 208 9135 SENIOR CTIVITY IlNDEX DUEN- DUENOW, DEANNA 79, 107, 208, 238 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Viking Club, FHA, GAA, Choir, Cap and Gown Committee. DURANT, JACK .................................... 208 Football. DURUSHIA, ALYCE .......................,.... 208 DVORAK, WAYNE ,,,,.,,..... 28, 39, 49, 47 208, 243, 244, 241, 245, 236 Senior Class President, Annual Repre- sentative, PT SA, Leadership Conference, Honor Roll, Drama Club, Class Play, Snow Day Committee, Educational TV for North, Cross Country, '58 Commence- ment committee. EDELSTEIN, SALLY ............ ......,. 2 08 EDELSTEIN, SHELDON ...........,,....... 208 Gym Leader, Red Cross, Projector As- sistant, Gym Teacher. EDLING, JEROME ........ 97, 208, 240, 241 Projection, Floral Committee, Tickets ' Committee. ENGSTROM, SANDRA .........,,..,,. 98, 208 Y-Teens, Annual Representative, PTSA, Pep Club, Red Cross, NHS, Study Mon- itor, Commencement Committee, Golf, fennis. IRICKSON, CHARLOTTE ..,,... 1. 76, 77 79, 160, 208, 241 Y-Teens, Y-Teens All-School President, ' Pep Club, Gym Leader, Red Cross, Stu- dent Council, GAA, Elections Commit- lee. ERICKSON, DAVID .......r.... 97, 208, 238 Hi-Y, Projection, Tennis, Track. ERICKSON, ELIDA Y-Teens, Annual Representative, Viking Club, Banking Monitor. ERICKSON, RICHARD ........ 56, 111, 208 239, 150, 151 Polaris Staff, Honor Roll, "N" Club, Class Song Committee, Cap and Gown Committee, Football, Apparatus. ERVASTI, YVONNE ............ - .............. 208 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Student Council, Y-Teens, Pep Club, Choir, Kadimah. EVIDEN, SHELDON .....,.. 66, 99, 110, 111 62, 64, 208 PTSA, NHS, NFL, Polaris Staff Editor- in-Chief, World Affairs, Choir, Chess Club President, Honor Roll, Junior United Nations Treasurer. FAVREAU, WILLIAM Red Cross, Basketball FEHRINGER, JOAN ..........,..............,.. 209 FELDMAN, SHARON .... 70, 98, 209, 241 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Student Council, NHS, GAA, Honor Roll, Kadimah. FELLNER, MATTHEW Page numbers on which pictures appear follow seniors' names. I FELTH, PAUL .,,..... 67, 97, 209, 238, 241 Hi-Y, Projection, Physics Club, Budgei Committee, Commencement Committe FENNING, JAMES .............................. 20, Student Council, Banking Monitor. EERCHO, MERCEL ,..............,............ 209 Baseball, Apparatus. 1 F ICKLING, ROBERT 1 E1cocELLo, THOMAS ....... .......,. 2 09 FENNEMAN, GARY ,..,........... .....,... 2 09 Band, Baseball, Hockey. FISCHER, PHILLIP ........ ........ 1 05, 200 Orchestra. FISCHER, YVONNE .............. 38, 64, 209 Pep Club, GAA, Honor Roll, Kadimah, JUN. Y FISHER, BARBARA ......., 101, 108, 209 238, zab Red Cross, Choir, Budget Committed, Class Song Committee, Volleyball. FISHER, JAMES ? FISHER, JOHN - .............. ............ 2 Band, Hockey. FITERMAN, CAROLYN ....,... 71, va, ab 98, 99, 209, 238, 240 Y-Teens, Annual Representative, PTSA, Pep Club, NHS, NHS Treasurer, Ari- nual Staff, Honor Roll, Kadiman, Budgjt Committee Chairman, Homecoming Co ,- mittee, Tickets Committee, Cap and Gown Committee, Ticket Seller for Games. V FORBES, DIANE ..,..... ea, 78, 95, 209, 240 2 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Banking Monito , Budget Committee, Tickets Committed, Class Play Usher, Choir Concert Usher. FOSTER, ROBERT ................,....... 100, zolsv Red Cross, Band, Band Manager, Holi- day Review Stage Decorations. 1 Fousr, RACHEL ...,..........,......... 209, zap Hi-C, Budget. Fox, JOHN .....................,................,..... zob FRIEDELL, ROSALYN ......., 64, 106, 2l,lJ PTSA, JUN, choir, Kadimah. Q FRIEDERICH, THOMAS ........ 84, 85, 1 210, 2 PTSA, Polaris Staff, Honor Roll, Dedi- cation Committee, Physics Club, Junidr Academy of Science. FRIEDMAN, BARRY ...,........ 64, 99, 210 241, 237 Student Council, Leadership Conferenc , NHS, World Affairs Club, Orchest Chairman, Honor Roll, Commenceme t Committee, JUN, JUN Vice Preside . FROEHLING, VALERIE .................... 2 GORD- FURZLAND, SHARON ..............,......,.. 210 FYTEN, PATRICIA ........,,,. 69, 210, 240 Annual Representative, Pep Club, Ban- quet Committee. GALINSON, ROBERT .,....,. 57, 101, 210 24-0, 129 Band, "N" Club, Tennis, Hockey, Phys- ics Club, Chem. Lab Aid. GALLUP, CATHERINE ........ 80, 210, 235 238 Y-Teens, Service Aid. GASS, ROBBIE .,..,..e.,.,.,...... 79, 210, 240 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Banquet Committee. GEARHART, BEVERLY .,...,..,..c.... 58, 210 FHA. GERGER, SUSANNE ..........................,. 210 GIBBS, KATHLYN ........ 106, 107, 210, 239 PTSA, Student Council, Choir, Class Song Committee. GILBERT, BARBARA ...,.... 76, 77, 79, 92 100, 105, 210, 244 Y-Teens All-School Chaplain, Y-Teens Vice President, Red Cross, Pep Club, FHA, Band Secretary, Band Council, Polar Band, Prom Committee, Student goancil, Class Play Costumes, Class Play s er. GOBEL, JOANN .... - ..,..,,,,. ........ 8 2, 210 Choir, Library Page. GODFREY, BONITA .,,.,....... 58, 81, 210 FHA Secretary, Choir, Hi-C, Hi-C All- City Secretary. GOLDBERG, MELANIE ........ 71, 159, 210 240 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Kadimah Publicity Committee. GOLDBERG, SANFORD ..... - ..... 210, 238 Honor Roll, Color Guard, Budget Com- mittee, Election Committee. GOLDSTEIN, CAROLYN ........ 71, 93, 159 211, 241 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Red Cross, Study Monitor, Kadimah, Publicity Committee. GOLDSTEIN, SUSAN ........ 69, 80, 39, 42 46, 48, 47, 113, 120, 211, 240, 236 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Student Council, Service Aids, Leadership Conference, GAA, Annual Staff, Honor Roll, Ban- quet Committee, Cheerleaders Captain, Class Mascot. GORDON, AVRON ........................ 105, 211 Band, Orchestra, Study Monitor, SEP Aid. GORDON, JOY .....,,. 71, 95, 62, 98, 64, 41 36, 211, 235, 233 NHS, NFL, Annual Staff Editor, Study Monitor, Banking Monitor, Honor Roll, Kadimah, JUN Vice President, Outstand- ing Student Poll. SENIOR CTIVITY I GRA- GRAVLEY, RONALD ....,..,A.,A..,.AA....,4 211 GRAY, GLORIA ........ 84, 95, 107, 211, 239 PTSA, Red Cross, Student Council, GAA, Choir, Banking Monitor, Dedica- tion Committee. GREENE, BEVERLY ,,..,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,, 95, 211 GAA, Badminton, Banking Monitor. GREENSTEIN, JOSEPH ,,,,.,.,..,, 211, 238 Band, Budget Committee, Football, Col- or Guard. GREGERSEN, NANCY o,Y..,.. 60, 79, 211 Y-Teens, Viking Club, Prom Committee. GREVIOUS, STERLING, ..,,,,. ,.,,,,,,,,., 2 11 PTSA, Football. GROENKE, RITA ........,... 91, 92, 211, 230 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Red Cross, Service Aids, Prom Committee, Cap and Gown Committee. GULSETH, DUWAYNE ....,....,,,,.,,,,,,,.,1 211 GUREWITZ, AARON ,.,,,,,,,,,, 100, 105,211 Band, Orchestra, Color Guard Captain, Publicity Committee. GUY, JOYCE, .,,.,....... ....1 ,,.... . . . 211, 240 IIALLORAN, MARY M. ........ as, 93, 110 211, 239, 241 Pep Club, Student Council, Service Aid, NHS, GAA, Polaris Staff, Honor Roll, Dedication Committee, Tennis, Elections Committee. HALVERSON, WAYNE ,,,,,., ,,,,..,, 2 12 HAMANN, LOIS .,.,...,.......,...,.. ,..,. 9 5, 211 Hi-C, Banking Monitor. HAMBERG, RONALD .....,.. 83, 88, 56, 36 99, 211, 129, 233 Student Council, Service Aid, NHS, A-nnual Staff, "N" Club, Football, Ten- ms. HAMMEL, JEFFERY ..... 57, 212, 143 150, 151 'N" Club, Apparatus, Wrestling. I-IANICA, LA VERNA ..,..... 20, 29, 30, 60 08, 79, 37, 90, 47, 61, 33, 159, 100, 212, 232 245 Y-Teens, Y- Teens Chapter Secretary, Homecoming Attendant, Pep Club, Vi- king Club President, Student Council Treasurer, Service Aids, Leadership Con- ference, GAA, Homecoming Committee, Courtesy Committee, Snow Day Commit- tee, Basketball, Swimming, Volleyball, Class Vice President, Class Play Com- mittee, Drama Club Crew. HANSEN, MARTIN ........ 56, 128, 146, 212 "N" Club, Football, Cross Country, Track Co-Captain. Page numbers on which pictures appear follow seniors' names. HANSEN, ROBERT .,.,.,,. 57, 212, 150, 151 "N" Club, Apparatus, Track. HANSON, ERLING ........................ 97, 212 Projection. HARRIS, HENRY ................................ 212 HARRIS, PAUL ........ 73, aa, 100, 105,212 Hi-Y, Student Council, Band, Orchestra, Cross Country, Track, Wrestling, Band Council, Holiday Revue Committee Chairman, Co-Editor of Northwind. HARRIS, SHARON ............ 100, 105, 212 Band, Orchestra. HARRIS, VICTORY ................ 66, 160, 212 Chess Club, Honor Roll, Bowling. HARTFIEL, RICHARD ..............,,,,,,,,., 212 HARTMAN, SHIRLEY ........ 79, 95, 107 212, 233 Y-Teens, Choir, Banking Monitor, Budg- et Committee. HARVEY, MARLENE ................ 59, 212 FHA, Choir, Library Page. HAYES, PETER Football. HEILICHER, ELISSA ....,... 36, 70, 71, 83 99, 212, 239, 240, 241, 237 Y-Teens, Annual Representative, PTSA, NHS, Pep Club, Student Council, SEP Aid, Annual Staff, Honor Roll, Kadimah President, Dedication Committee Chair- man, Elections Committee Chairman. HEINEMANN, CHARLES .,.,,,,,,,,, 72, 99 212, 239 Hi-Y, Hi-Y President, Annual Repre- sentative, PTSA, NHS, Leadership Con- ference, Choir, Choir President, Honor Roll, Class Song Committee. HEMERICK, JOANN ........ 84, 85, 90, 158 159, 150, 161, 212,238 Y-Teens, Annual Representative, PTSA Treasurer, Gym Leader, Red Cross, Stu- dent Council, GAA, Band, Orchestra, Banking Monitor, Cap and Gown Com- mittee, Tennis, Swimming, Polar Band. HENDERSON, LYNDA ............ 69, 79, 212 YsTeens, Pep Club, Viking Club. HERMAN, CAROL ................ 79, 160, 212 Y-Teens, PTSA, Pep Club, Red Cross, GAA, Budget Committee, Golf, Badmin- ton. HESSE, MARY KAY ........ 71, 91, 92, 213 240 Y-Teens, PTSA, Pep Club, Student Council, Office Aid, Study Monitor, Kadimah, Banquet Committee. HINGELEY, JUDITH ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 213 PTSA, Red Cross. DEX i JACK- HOEM, JILLAYN .........,............ -.. ...... 213 HOFFMAN, ALLEN .- ......... 87, 213, 239 Service Aid, Gym Leader, Class Song Committee, Courtesy Committee, Basket- ball. HOFFMAN, STEVEN .................... 95, 213 Banking Monitor, Apparatus. HOFMANN, PHYLLIS ................ 107, 213 Red Cross, Service Aids, Choir. HOKENSON, SANDRA ........................ 213 Honor Roll. HOKKANEN, THOMAS ........ 57, 213, "N" Club, Apparatus. HOLM, SANDRA ...... - ................ 213, 240 Service Aid, Banquet Committee. HOLMQUIST, DIANE ..................... L 213 PTSA, FHA, GAA. HOLTMEIER, JEFFREY - ...... -.. 28, 213 Gym Leader, Student Council, "N" Club, Hockey. HOMMES, JANET ........ .... 2 13 HUBBELL, RICHARD Band. HUDDLESTON, PATRICIA .... 84, 87, 213 PTSA, Pep Club, Service Aids, Library Page. HULBERT, DONNA ........ 91, 159, 213, 238 Y-Teens, PTSA, Pep Club, Service Aids, GAA, Cap and Gown Committee. HUNTINGTON, MAVIS ........ 61, 68, 79 88, 213, 244 Y-Teens, Pep Club Executive Commit- tee, Viking Club, Red Cross, Student Council, GAA, Prom Committee, Pub- giity Committee, Golf, Usher for Class ay. HUTCHISON, JOHN ............................ 213 INGRAM, ROBIN ........ 56, 131, 133, 213 141, 132 Student Council, Leadership Conference, "N" Club, Golf, Football, Basketball, Baseball. INVIE, JAMES IRWIN, JUDITH ........ 50, 59, 82, 93, 214 240 Viking, Red Cross, FHA fTreasurerJ, Library Page, Banquet, Prom, Publicity, Tennis, Badminton. IVENS, EILEEN ........ 54, 90, 99, 214, 244 Gym Leader, NHS. JACKSON, JOE Cross Country, Track. 249 Skiing. 1 1 JACO- IACOBS, IRWIN ....,....,.,...... Homecoming Committee, Basketball. SENIOR ACTIVITY INDEX 214, 141 Golf, Football, JACQUES, GARY .................... .57, 214, 150 JRPJDRO, KAREN .,,.A. uisco, CAROL ...,.. Y-Teens. 214 214 JAWORSKI, DUANE ........................ 214 JEPPESEN, JAMES ...,,,...I.. "N" Club, Swimming. 56, 214, 136 JIRAN, WILLIAM .... 92, 99, 214, 238, 240 Red Cross, NHA, Honor Roll, Tickets Committee. JOHNSON, ANN ...,....,..,.....,,.,...........,,,. 214 JOHNSON, BARRY ............................ 214 JOHNSON, BONNIE ......l. 61, 68, 88, 214 240 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Viking Club, Red Cross, Student Council, Banquet, Basket- ball, Volleyball. JOHNSON, BRUCE .,,..,..,.,.,..,.,,..,,, 97, 214 JOHNSON, DAVID ........ 57, 214, 150, 151 "N" Club, Physics Club, Apparatus, Page numbers on which pictures appear follow seniors' names. JONES, SHELDON ...,..,.,.,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,., 215 PTSA, Homecoming, Football. KABONAK, MARTHA ...,.... 93, 215, 238 KACZMAREK, J UDITH ,..-,,,,,,,,.,,, 91, 215 Banking Monitor. ' KADLEC, JANET .,,....,..,...11......,,,,..,,.1 15 Y-Teens, Annual Representative, PT A. KAMROW, MARYLOU ................ 78, 15 Y-Teens, Annual Representative, ,tu- dent Council, Service Aid, FHA, B- Choir, Honor Roll. 3 KAPLAN, STEVEN .... 84, 85, 88, 215, 32 PTSA, Student Council, Banking n- itor, JUN. KARA, SHARON ...........,.....,....,,.,..,....... 215 Y-Teens, Pep Club. KARATZ, GAIL ........ 36, 62, 64, 114, E15 238, 24-2, 43 NFL, Annual Staff, Banking Mon' or, Honor Roll, Budget Committee, Te is, Class Play, Drama Club, JUN. KARATZ, JUDITH ........ 64, 71, 159, 315 ' 41 ma mittee, Swimming, Badminton, IBN, Tennis. Pep Club, GAA, Kadimah, Floral JOHNSON, KATHLEEN ......., 61, 68, 79 88, 89, 213, 233, 240 Y-Teens, Annual Rep., Pep Club, Gym Leader, Viking Club, Red Cross, Student Council, Leadership Conference, GAA, Banquet Committee, Class Song Commit- tee, Publicity Committee, Homecoming Committee, Tennis, Swimming, Volley- ball. JOHNSON, KAY .....,... .....,...., 7 9, 214 Y-Teens. JOHNSON, PAUL N. ........ 74, 100, 214 Hi-Y, Band, Basketball Soph. JOHNSON, PAUL R. ........ 62, 63, 72, 73 99, 100, 215, 235, 239 Hi-Y Club Chaplain, All-School Chap- lain, Leadership Conference, NHS Pres- ident, NFL, Band Council Member, Hi-C, Banking Monitor, Honor Roll, Dedication, Holiday Revue Chairman. JOHNSON, ROSALEE ........,.., 68, 73, 215 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Honor Roll, Lunch- room Cashier. JOHNSON, SANDRA .........,,. 95, 97, 215 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Choir. JOHNSTON, DAROLD ........ 215, 241, 244 Choir, Banking Monitor, Floral Com- mittee. JOHNSTON, ROLLYN ........ 56, 131, 133 145, 215, 235, 132 Leadership Conference, "N" Club, Bas- ketball, Baseball. KARLSON, KAREN ........ 49, 80, 1912, Y-Teens, Annual Representative, Club, Polarettes, Service Aids, GAA KASELNAK, LeROY ............................ U04 1215 Pep 215 Red Cross Hi Y, Football A aratus, 1 ' v Wrestling. KASPER, JOE KASTAMA, KAREN ........ 80 92 111 i S . , . 3159 216, 243, 244 an Y-Teens, Pep Club, Red Cross, Po Staff, Class Play. KATZ, ELAINE ....,... 42, 63, 106. 108, 216, 234, 239, 240, 241, 242, 122 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Red Cross, Leader- ship Conference, NFL, Choir, Hinor Roll, Banquet Committee, Class . ng Committee, Golf, Elections Committee, Drama Club, Class Play, Banking Mon- itor. KAUFFMAN, HOWARD ..................-- ,216 Studnt Council, Honor Roll. KELLIHER, SANDRA ........ 59, 69, 799, 91 24-0 216, Y-Teens, Pep Club, Office Aid, SHA, Honor Roll, Banquet Committee, Committee, Publicity Committee. l'0Il'l KELLMAN, JEROME .... -.. 122, 125, 216 "N" Club, Football. KELLY, EDWIN ,.,..... ,. ...............,,.. f 216 l KRAE- KELMAN, SHERIDAN' ............ 110, 111 216, 244 Polaris Bi-Weekly Photographer, Honor Roll, Service Aid. KETTLER, JOYCE ........ ........ l 07, 216 Choir. KEYMES, PATRICIA .....,.. 59, 69, 79, 82 216, 240 Y-Teens, Pep Club, FHA, Library Page, Banking Monitor, Budget Committee, Prom Committee, Publicity Committee. KIEFER, ROSS ....,,,..... 28, 216, 232, 240 Golf, Skiing. KING, DAVID ............,....... 128, 14-6, 216 Band, "N" Club, Basketball, Baseball, Cross Country, Track. KINVIG, COLETTE ........ 94, 159, 216, 240 Hall Guard, Pep Club, Red Cross, Serv- ice Aid, Banquet Committee. KLEIN, MARION ....,..,..,..... 84, 216, 238 PTSA, Service Aid, GAA, Kadimah, Cap and Gown Committee, Tennis. KLUGMAN, EDDIE .......,........... ..... 2 16 Football, Track. KNIES, RONALD ............................ 36, 216 KNIGHT, SHARON ........ 70, 83, 89, 216 238, 239, 241 Y-Teens, PTSA, Red Cross, Annual Staff, Banking Monitor, Honor Roll, Kadimah, Budget Committee, Class Song Committee, SEP Aid, Election Commit- tee Secretary, Pep Club, Class Memorial Committee. KNOX, PATRICIA .........., ..... 9 1, 216 Pep Club, Red Cross. KOHANEK, DIANE ........ ............ 2 17 Pep Club. KOLDERIE, MARY .................... 54, 65, 78 Y-Teens, Student Council, NHS, GAA, Annual Staff, Honor Roll, Prom Com- mittee, Girls' State, Drama Club, Junior Academy of Science, Secretary and Treasurer. KONKOL, MICHAEL ..,,...................... 217 PTSA, Band, Hockey. KORSH, JEAN ........ 54, 70, 64, 36, 95, 217 241, 244 Annual Representative, PTSA, Pep Club, GAA, Annual Staff, Banking Monitor, Kadimah-Secretary, JUN, Class Play Crew, Drama Club. KORSUN, ROMAN ..... ....... 1 06, 108 Choir. KRAEMER, KAREN .....................,.. 80, 217 Y-Teens, Red Cross. Study Monitor, Badminton. 'Y HSENIOR ACTIVITY A INDEX 1 A ii KRAH- KRAHN, ROBERT ........ 99, 100, 217, 241 Hall Guard, Hi-Y, NHS, Band, Honor Roll, Commencement. KRANZ, JANICE ................ ........ 9 1, 217 Y-Teens, Office Aid. KUSHNER, SANDRA ........ 71, 217, 240 Kadimah, Banquet Committee. LACHER, ROBERT ........ 57, 122, 125, 217 "N" Club Officer, Football, Student Council. LAFAVE, BEVERLY ........ 79, 84, 90, 159 217, 240 Y-Teens, PTSA, GAA, Gym Leadership, llialfking Monitor, Badminton, Volley- al. LAMERE, ROBERT ............................ 217 LANGE, JAMES ............ 57, 74, 217, 149 Hi-Y, Annual Representative, "N" Club, Football, Swimming, Apparatus, Skiing. LARSEN, ERIC ,.,..........,.,........, o,... 1 54 Service Aids. LARSEN, HAROLD ..,.. ....... 2 17 LARSON, JOAN ......... ....... 2 17 Choir, Hi-C. LARSON, NANCY ......... ....... 2 17 Student Council. LARSON, REBECCA ......,.,...........,...,.,. 217 LAURIN, LEONNE .....................,...... 217 PTSA, Red Cross, FHA, Library Page. LAWS, JOYCE ........................V.....,,........ 218 LAZERINE, JOYCE ........... -... 71, 218, 240 Choir, Kadimah, Banquet Committee. LEGRO, THOMAS LEINES, DIANE ......... .,,.,.. 2 18 Study Monitor. LENT, PATSY LEE ..,..,.,,,.,.,...,.,,...,.,,,,,, 218 Y-Teens, Band, Holiday 'Revue Commit- 180. LEVY, LOUISE ........ 36, 114, 159, 218, 238 241 Y-Teens, Annual Representative, Pep Club, Student Council, Banquet Commit- lee. LEWIS, CHARLES ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,.,,.,.,,,,,,,,, 213 LEWIS, HAROLD .,...... 57. 122, 125, 146 218 Gym Leader, "N" Club, Football, Track. LIND, PATRICIA ................ 104, 160, 218 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Polarettes, GAA, Class Song Committee, Tennis, Badmin- ton, Volleyball. Page numbers on which pictures appear follow seniors' names. LINDFORS, ELLEN .... - .................... . 218 Red Cross, GAA, Hi-C, Golf, Tennis, Office Help. LIPPMAN, HARRY ........ 49, .57,i88, 122 125, 218 Annual Representative, Student Council, Band, "N" Club, Football, Swimming, Hockey. LISS, DENNIS ................ 88, 56, 218, 129 Student Council, "N" Club, Tennis. LONGIE, JOHNATHAN "Nm Club, Golf, Wrestling. LUNDBERG, MARVEL ................ 87, 213 Hi-C, Courtesy Committee. 241 LYLE, DAVID ........................ 65, 218, Physics Club, Junior Academy of Sci- ence, Elections Committee. McCOY, CONNIE ........ 83, 98, 106. 238 241, 239, 240, 218 PTSA, NHS, Choir, Study Monitor, Honor Roll, Social Committee. McEvoy, KATHERINE .................... 218 MCLAUGHLIN, HARRY ................ 96, 218 Stage Crew. MAcKcow, CAROL ............................ 213 Pep Club, Banking Monitor, Lost and Found. MALBON, RONALD MANDEL, ANNETTE ................ 218, 238 Y-Teens, Pep Club, GAA, World Affairs, Honor Roll, Kadimah, Junior United Nations, Cap and Gown Committee, Ten- nis, Swimming. MANKE, MARILYN .,.,.,,.,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 219 Pep Club. MANOSEVITZ, JONI ............ 82, 159, 219 Library Page. MANTHEY, ROBERT ........ ............ 2 19 MARK, SUSAN ............................ 82, 219 Y-Teens, Pep Club, GAA, Library Page. MARKHAM, DENNIS ................ 219, 241 Gym Leader. MARSH, HARRIET ........ 69, 70, 84, 88 89, 93, 95, 159, 238, 239, 241, 240, 244, 219 Hall Guard, Y-Teens, PTSA, Pep Club, Red Cross, Student Council Treasurer, FHA, GAA, Banking Monitor, Kadimah, Budget Committee, Class Song Commit- tee, Publicity Committee, Ethics Com- mittee, Courtesy Committee, Poster Committee. MARTIN, JERILYN ..................., 219, 241 Y-Teens, Gym Leader, GAA, Swimming. MOEL- MATESKI, TED ..... --......-........ 83, 219 Apparatus, SEP Aid. MATHER, KAREN ..-... 69, 79, 104, 159 238, 240, 219 Annual Representative, Pep Club, Red Cross, Student Council, Polarettes Cap- tain, GAA, Budget Committee, Banquet Committee, Cap and Gown Committee, Commencement Committee, Banking Monitor. MATTSON, CHARLES -.--.. 36, 219, 238, Annual Staff, Budget Committee, Cross Country, Physics Club. MAYBERG, MARIETTA ................ .... 219. Y-Teens. MAYES, LIANA Red Cross, GAA. MEALEY, MICHAEL ................,......... - 219 MENTH, JEROME --..... ........ --.....- 219 METCHNEK, JAMES ....... ..-.,..-..,..... 219 METSALA, JUDY .... .... 80, 86, 95, 98, 219 239, 238, 241 Hall Guard, Y-Teens, Pep Club, NHS, Banking Monitor, Honor Roll, Social- Committee, Budget Committee, Prom Committee, Election Committee. METZNER, KURT ........ 73, 100, 242, Hi-Y All-School Secretary, Band Drum Major, Banking Monitor, Class Play, Holiday Revue Chairman, Football. MEYERS, RODERIC ............................ 219 MICHAELSON, JOHN ......... ........ 219 Football. MIKA, STEPHEN .L .................... 57, 220 Band, "N" Club, Football, Baseball Manager. MILGRAM, WILLIAM ...,.... 66, 99, 62, 57 220, 129 PTSA, NHS, NFL President, Chess Club, Honor Roll, "N" Club, Tennis, Cross Country. MILLANG, ELAINE ......... 91, 101, 220 MILLER, BRUCE ................ 107, 108, 220 Hi-Y, Choir. MILLER, ELSWORTH ................ 100, 220 Band, Color Guard. MILLER, LOIS ................. . .... .. ..... -..uf 220 MILLER, GLENN REICHARD MILLER, ROBIN .... 56, aa, 220, 150, 151 Student Council, "N" Club, Apparatua. MOELLER, ROBERT ........ 99, 62, 63, 106 220, 240, 241 Student Council, NHS, NFL, World Af- fairs, Choir, Honor Roll, Commence- ment Committee. 1251 1 MOEN- l ?.MOEN, CRAIG ..,..... 60, 84, 61, 63, 42 : 62, 99, 107, 220, 242, 24-3 Hi-Y, PTSA, Viking Club, Student Coun- cil, NHS, NFL, Choir, Honor Roll, Class Play, Holiday Revue. Q MONTGOMERY, LYDIA .... 87, 220, 240 Banquet Committee, Cap and Gown , Committee, Courtesy Committee. L E MOROZ, LUBA .....,,.,n....wi....Y.,,.....,,,,Y,. 220 ,N Y-Teens, GAA. I,-MORRISON, MICHAEL ......,. 61, 101,220 1 Viking Club, Band. FSMOTYL, PATRICIA .,.., C,, 220 1 HMUELLER, JUDITH .................... 95, 220 L- Pep Club, GAA, Study Monitor, Honor LN Roll, Social Committee. QMULCAHY, Kathleen ........ 220, 238, 239 nhl' Banking Monitor, Banquet Committee. MYERS, LYLE ........................ 56, 128, 14-6 n "lil" Club, Cross Country, Track, Ski. -LTMYHRE, MARLENE ..,.......,...,.,.., 220, 238 i Y-Teens, Pep Club, Service Aids, Study .,LMbnit0r, Banking Monitor, Budget Com- ujjiiittee. 'TSIACI-ITWEY, FLOYD ...,..,....,.... 24-4, 220 --Student Council, Bank-Artist and Pub- " licity Manager, Apparatus, Wrestling, j fClaas Play Crew. EQNEISON, JOEL '-NELSON, CARY ..t,t.,,,..t.,,I....... ...,...,..... 2 21 Student Council. Study Monitor, Hock- - ey, Apparatus, Skiing. 31-jNELSON, I-IOLLY ,11,,.,..,..,.., 69, 221, 241 u Pep Club. 'E' NELSON, JAMES ....,... 56, 122, 125, 145 11' 221 ' MN" -Club, Football. Baseball. 115 110. . NELSON, JANE ....,,,..,,,.... 84. 221, 240 !-' Y-Teens, PTSA, Pep Club, CAA, Ban- ' quet Committee. ,Q NELSON, JANET ,...,... 79, 90, 39, 42, 46 1 120, 221, 239, 24-0 l Red Cross, Student Council, GAA, Study . Monitor, Cheerleader, Social Committee, i Banquet Committee, Homecoming Com- E Y-Teens, PTSA, Pep Club, Gym Leader, mittee, Tennis, Volleyball. NELSON, JUDITH .....,..,.1,.,1,,,,,,1,. 240, 221 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Red Cross, GAA, . Banquet Committee. lNELSON, MARY ANN .,....,,,,,,,.,, 221, 240 'Lf Y-Teens, Banquet Committee. NEUMANN, RICHARD .....,.. 74, 100, 105 Us 221, 129 Hi-Y, Band, Orchestra, Banking Mon- itor, Tennis. int, -4 SE IOR ACTIVITY 1 Page numbers on which pictures appear follow seniors' names. NICHOLS, WILBUR ...... ....... 212 1 Football. NIEMI, ELAINE NOLAN, LAUREL .,.,.... 93, 94, 221, 8 Annual Representative, PTSA, d Cross, Service Aids, Honor Roll, p and Gown Committee. NOLAN, LAWRENCE ..........,...,.......,. 221 NOODLEMAN, BERNADINE ,..,.,,,,,., i l Y-Teens, Pep Club, Library Page, Ka i- mah. ' NORBERG, JAMES ...,.... ..,......,,.....,,., 22 1 Tennis. NORDQUIST,'GERALD .,.,..,, ,,,,,.,..... 22 l Band. NORDSTROM, MORGAN ....,,,, 29, 32, 2 125, 56, 131, 145, 221, 234, 132, 3 Leadership Conference, "N" Club, Fo t- ball, Basketball, Baseball. NORMANDIN, JEANINE ,.,. 107, 221, Pep Club, Choir, Cap and Gown Co - mittee. NYBERG, PAUL ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 2 22 Hockey. O'BRIEN, BEVERLY ,,,.,,,,,,,, 91, 222, 41 Pep Club, Service Aids, Honor R ll, Elections Committee. O'BRIEN, GARY ,,.....,...,,.,,.,,,..,,,.,.,,,,,, 22 Gym Leader, Student Council, " " Club, Football, Basketball. OHNSTAD, ROBERT ........., , ,..... 222 OLSON, EUGENE ........ ..,,.... 2 22 OLSON, GERALDINE .,..,,,.. ..,,.... 2 22 Y-Teens. OLSON, PETER ...,...,. .....,,.. 4 8, 222 Honor Roll. OLSON, WARREN ,,,,,,,,...,.,,,,,,,..,, 74-, 222 Hi-Y, Gym Leader, Service Aids. OLSTAD, LORI-:N ........ 2 22 Apparatus. O'NEILL, NANCY OSTRIN, KAROL ,...,.,. 88, 89, 93, 98, 99 62, 63, 104, 163, 157, 222, 241 PTSA, Pep Club,..Red Cross, Stud nt Council, All-City Student Council R p- resentative, Polarettes, Leadership C n- ference, NHS Vice President, N L, GAA, Annual Staff, Honor Roll, K i- mah, Tag Day Committee, Homecom g Committee, Elections Committee, G li, Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball. OSTRIN, RICHARD ................--..-------. 22 Wrestling. DEX PERS- OSTROM, CHARLES ..,,,. ....... 2 22 OTTO, LEROY .,.,.,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,.......,.,.. 222 PALMER, DIANNE ,,,. 104, 222, 238, 236 Y-Teens, Annual Representative, Pep Club, Student Council, Polarettes, Serv- ice Aids, Leadership Conference, Choir, Study Monitor, Budget Committee, Ban- quet Committee, Homecoming Commit- tee, Courtesy Committee, Tennis. PAQUETTE, JEAN ..,..... 78, 94, 222, 238 Y-Teens, Service Aids, FHA, Budget Committee. PARSONS, GARY ..,,.,, 29, 32, 122, 125 56, 222, 235 Gym Leader, "N" Club, Football, Bas- ketball, Hockey. PARTLOW, NONA ..,...,..... 106, 222, 238 Y-Teens, Choir, Budget Committee. PASSENHEIM, RICHARD .... 97, 222, 241 Projection, Stage Crew, Physics Club, Commencement Committee, Wrestling. PASSENHEIM, ROBERT .oeeeeee 67, 97, 223 Annual Representative, PTSA, Projec- tion, Physics Club, Commencement Com- mittee, Wrestling. PATTERSON, ANNETTE ......., 79, 82, 84 85, 223, 244 Y-Teens, PTSA, Library Page, Ushers for Class Play. PAVLOCK, RONALD ,..,.,,,, 1 ,,,,,,,,.,, , 223 PAYNE, DARRELL PEARSON, DARLENE ,,,,,,.. ,,.,. 2 23, 240 Banquet Committee PEDERSON, MARGARET ...,. ,.,. . 223 Y-Teens, Pep Club. PEDLAR, J UDITH ....... .............. 223 Choir. PELLOW, MARTHA .,,,,,,,..,. 95, 59, 223 Y-Teens, PTSA, Red Cross, FHA, GAA, Band, Orchestra, Banking Monitor. PERPER, P1-IYLLIS ........ 69,'79, as, 104 110, 111, 1.63, 239, 240, 42, 223, 232 Y-Teens, Annual Representtive, Pep Club, Red Cross, Student Council, Polar- ettes, GAA, Polaris Staff, Choir, Honor Roll. PERRY, HARVEY ............,......... 128, 223 "N" Club, Cross Country, Track. PERSON, RICHARD ............................ 223 PERSONS, JOAN .,,, ........... 8 3, 159, 223 Y-Teens, Pep Club, SEP Aid, GAA. PERSONS, THOMAS .......................... 223 PTSA, Football, Hall Guard, Y-Teens, Pep Club, GAA, Study Monitor, Bank- ing Monitor, Cap and Gown Committee, Election Committee. I ., .13 A SE IOR CTIVITY INDEX ' PET- PETERSON, ARDYSS ........ 79, 86, 241 244, 223, 238 Hall Guard, Y-Teens, Pep Club, GAA, Study Monitor, Banking Monitor, Cap and Gown Committee, Election Commit- tee. PETERSON, MARCIA ........ 68, 223, 24-0 Y-Teens, PTSA, Pep Club, Student Council, Service Aids, Leadership Con- ference, GAA, Banquet Committee, Prom Committee, Homecoming Commit- tee, Courtesy Committee. PHILSTROM, RUSSELL PINSKE, GENEVIEVE ............,,,.,.,.,,,. 223 Y-Teens. POLACZYK, BRUCE ............ 56, 139, 145 223, 232, 138 "N" Club, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey. POST, BARBARA ..........,........,,.., 232, 238 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Budget Committee, Basketball, Tennis. PRITCHETT, ROBERT PROCHASKA, DIANE .... -1 .... 83, 92, 98 224, 241, 244 Red Cross, Leadership Conference, NHS, Choir, Honor Roll, SEP Aid, Commence- ment Committee. PROCTOR, BILLIE PRYBILLA, DRUCILLA ................ 94, 224 Y-Teens, Choir, Duplicating Aid. PUKAL, ROBERT ................,,.,.,..,..,..,, 224 Gym Leader. PUTNAM, GALE .,,..,........ .....,,.., 1 46, 224 Apparatus, Track. RAEKER, CAROL ...,....... ......,..... 2 24, 238 PTSA, Cap and Gown Committee. RAKOS, DOROTHY .....,.............. 107, 224 Choir. RANKE, GERALD ...........,.... 57, 224, 136 Band, "N" Club, Swimming. RAPACZ, PATRICIA .....,.. 107, 108, 224 GAA, Choir. RAPPAPORT, NAOMI .,., 71, 94, 95, 224 Y-Teens, Annual Representative, GAA, Choir, Banking Monitor, Kadimah, Of- fice Aid, Duplicating Aid. RAWDON, WOLF IJURGENJ ............ 74 100, 105, 224 Hi-Y, Student Council, Band, Orchestra, Wrestling. REINKING, EUNICE ...,.... 28, 29, 31, 33 224, 241, 237 Y-Teens, Homecoming Queen, Pep Club, Red Cross, Student Council, Service Aids, GAA, Study Monitor, Homecom- ing Committee, Floral Committee, Pub- licity Committee. Page numbers on which pictures appear follow seniors' names. REIS, MICHAEL ......................,. 224, 138 Hockey, Apparatus, Cross Country, Wrestling. REISWIG, RODGER .... 57, 148, 224, 149 "N" Club, Homecoming Committee, Ski- ing. RESNICK, ARTHUR ........ 54, 55, 84, 224 239, 242, 243 Annual Representative, PTSA, Choir, Color Guard, Class Song. RESNICK, JUDITH .... - .... - .... 71, 92, 224 Y-Teens, Red Cross, Kadimah. RESSEN, ANNETTE ........ 63, 83, 95, 98 114, 224, 238, 241, 244 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Red Cross, Service Aids, Leadership Conference, NHS, NFL Secretary, Annual Staff, Banking Mon- itor, Honor Roll, Kadimah Vice Presi- dent, Budget Committee, SEP Aid, Ten- nis, Class Memorial Committee. RICK, SANDRA .... 28, 29, ao, ss, 91, 224 Annual Representative, Homecoming At- tendant, Pep Club, Service Aid, Lost and Found. RIGER, NORMAN ......,. 62, 65, 67, 84,222 Service Aids, NFL, World Affairs, Chess Club, Physics Club, Junior Academy of Science, JUN. ROBINSON, JUDITH ....... Banquet Committee. ROMANO, JOSEPHINE .,.......... 107, 108 225, 238 Student Council, Choir, Budget Com- mittee. ROSS, DANIEL LEE 225, 240 ROSS, DIANE ............... .-.....,...,...,- 2 25 Y-Teens. ROSTAMO, RICHARD ,....... 56, 131, 145 225, 238, 133 "N" Club, Football, Basketball, Base- ball, Budget Committee. ROTH, KAY ......................----- ------,f. 2 25 Choir, Hi-C. ROTHBAUER, JAMES .,,..... 57, 225, 150 151, 236 Gym Leader, Track, "N" Club, Appara- tus. ROTHSTEIN, DONALD ......, .......,. 2 25 ROWE, DOROTHY ........ ..... 2 25 Banking Monitor. ROYLAND, SUSAN ...,.., ,.... 2 25 RUNNING, WILLIAM SALSBERG, STEPHEN ......,. 101, 105, 225 Band, Orchestra, Color Guard, Editor- Northwind. SI-IIFF SAMBORSKI, MARY LOU ...-....-.... 225 SANDBERG, KENNETH -..-..-.. 106, 225 Choir. SAPORITO, MARIE .. ......... .. ..... ...... 2 25 SAXTON, FAYE ........ - .......................... 225 Y-Teens, PTSA, Pep Club, Red Cross, Student Council, Study Monitor, Ban- quet Committee. SAYLOR, RONALD .,...... ......... - .. 225 Tickets Committee. SCHAITBERGER, RITA ........ 42, 46, 69 112, 226, 240 Annual Representative, Pep Club, Cheer- leader, Budget Committee, Banquet Committee. SCHECTMAN, DAVID ........ 57, 88, 122 125, 226 Student Council, "N" Club, Football, Basketball. . SCHERLING, HAROLD ............ 226, 238 Annual Representative, PTSA, Red Cross, Budget Committee. SCHLIESMAN, FULTON ........ 131, 145 141, 133 Hi-Y, "N" Club, Golf, Football, Basket- ball, Baseball. SCHMIDT, DONNA ........,....... -..--..- 226 SCHOLL, MARY ...........,........................ 226 SCHULTZ, JUDITH ... ..... 39, 42, 46, 69 76, 79, 33, 84, 85, 121, 226, 233, 241 Y-Teens, PTSA, Pep Club, Gym Leader, GAA, Study Monitor, Cheerleader, Elec- tions Committee. SCHUTTA, JAMES ,.,..... so, 122, 125, 139 isa "N" Club, Football, Hockey. SCOTT, JUDY ...........,. - ....,........ 80, 93, 240 SELL, NEIL ......,..,.,.... .. ...... 1. .1 .............. 226 SELLSTEDT, LORRENE ....... ......... 2 26 FHA. SEVERSON, SHELDON ..... - ..... 226, 143 "N" Club, Football, Hockey, Wrestling. SEYMOUR, CYNTHIA ...,............ 226, 235 Y-Teens, PTSA, Pep Club, Red Cross, GAA. SHERMAN, GARY .,............,......... 100, 226 Band, Band Council, Orchestra.- SHEVRA, MARYLOU ,,.. 68, 78, 226, 238 Y-Teens, Pep Club, GAA, Banking Mon- itor, Budget Committee. SHIFF, DONALD ,,,..,.. 54, 57, 88, 111, 226 238, 239, 141, 237 Annual Representative, PTSA, Red Cross, Student Council, Polaris Staff, "N" Club, Social Committee, Homecom- ing Committee, Golf. 253 , SENIOR ACTIVITY IEG- :'lIEGFRIED, RUTH ...I.... 71, 84, 95, 326 41 ' Annual Representative, PTSA, Pep Uub, NHS, Library Page, Honor Roll, ' Kadimab, Elections Committee, JUN. BILLS, MYRNA .......................,.... 226, 239 - Y-Teens, PTSA, Pep Club, GAA, cleee - Song Committee. ' 31 m inivan, NOEL ............. ,,..... 2 26 Blvd- 4QYERMAN, ALDEN ...........,,....I.,..,. 227 Color Guard, Cross Country. litmus, FRED ............ 49, 57, 227, 129 . and, Honor Roll, "N" Club, Band uncil, Basketball, Tennis. , fDLEToN, JUDY ..,..,...................... 227 P it, ROGER ..,...... ....... 2 27 i Red' Cross. 5 .1 ,- , BENJAMIN ................,... 227, 239 511 Cross, Student Council, Dedication gl, g Vrpinittee, Basketball. ,H, PATRICK ........ 56, 227, 150, 151 136 ' fl -1 Cross, Banking Monitor, "N" Club, , -- ing, Apparatus, Track. 3 H, SANDRA ...............,,,,..... 227, 240 QI fTeenl, Pep Club, Student Council, 5.01. que! Committee. p or. LYNNE ..-- ..,...,..... - ....,.,. eo, 227 ,lg Teens, Pep Club, Red Cross, Student If Pico, PETER ............ 35, 57, 99. 122 ' 125, 227, 233 'Hsu Guard, NHS, HN" Club, Golf, F631- 1 i n, , Ff a N, BONITA ........ 70, 91, 95, 227, 24-0 'Emu Guard, Pep Club, Service Aids, 'i ilanking Monitor, Kadimah, Tickets 'I 'Committee 1- 5... ' ILLANE, PATRICIA ..,............. 95, 227 I ' "fL'1'eens, Pep Club, GAA, Banking 1 Monitor. ,A , BRL, MELBA ........,....... 68, 106, 227 .,. Y-Teens, Pep Club, Choir. ASPOHN, DARRELL .................,,. 146, 227 l, HN" Club, Basketball, Baseball, Track. RSQUIRES, CHARLES ..,..... 99, 101, 139 3 g 138,227 jstudent Council, NHS, Band, Honor Qiloll, Hockey. PACHOWSKI, RICHARD ............1... 227 'itil' - ORD, CAROLE ............ 79, 90, 227 EY-Teens, Pep Club, Gym Leader, Stu- . Qhnt Council, Honor Roll. P i nut.. I H' Hllgq I 1' A Z N I Page numbers on which pictures appear follow seniors' names. STAMENT, MARLYS ........................ 27 Red Cross, Banking Monitor. Honor Roll. STAMM, ROBERT ................................ 227 Gym Leader, Bend, Tennis. STANKE, DELORIS .................... 228, 244 Class Play Usher. STECKMAN, RONALD ......,. 28, 228, 7 Gym Leader, "N" Club, Homecom' g Committee, Football, Swimming, Appaa- tus, Track. STEEVES, MARY ,,....,,,.,,,,,, 228, 238, Publicity Committee, Cap and Go n Committee, Golf, Usher Class Play. STENDAHL, CHARLES ........ 84, 96, 228 PTSA, Stage Crew, Skiing. STEPHNEY, CATHERINE Pep Club, Study Monitor. 228 STEVENS, DONNA ..........,,..,,... .,,,,,,,, 2 28 Choir, Hi-C, Honor Roll. STILLMAN, LOIS .,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,, 100, 228 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Band. STOLLER, ADRIENNE ..........,. 40, 83, 98 110, 111, 24-1, 228, 39 Y-Teens, PTSA, Pep Club, Red Cr ss, NHS, Polaris Staff, Study Moni r, Honor Roll, Kadimah, Class Song C mittee, Courtesy Committee, Elections Committee. STONELAKE, HOWARD ,...,.,. ,,,,.,,, 2 28 Tennis. STYER, WILLIAM ,,.., ,,,,,,, 230 SUDDUTH, BARBARA ..,,..,..,...,,. 95, A28 Y-Teens, Choir, Banking Monitor. SUDDUTH, ESTHER ........ 58, 228, 39 Y-Teens, FHA, GAA, B-Choir, Sodial Committee. ' SUMSTAD, RICHARD .... 88, 89, 98, 228 Red Cross, Student Council, Leaders 'p Conference, NHS, Honor Roll, Ho e- coming Committee, Football, Basketb ll, Baseball. ' SUTTER, ROBERT ..... .,..... 2 28 Football. SWAN, JOANNE ...........,.....,,.,...,..,....,, 28 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Viking Club, F 9 GAA, Homecoming Committee, Tic cts Committee, Commencement Commitfee. SWANSON, BONITA - ...... 69, 82, 111, 228 Y-Teens Pe Club Service Aid, Polzlris I P 9 Staff, Library Page. SWANSON, JANEAL, ........ 92, 107, 228, 238, Pep Club, Red Cross, Choir, Social C mittee. 08 9 m. DEX ii VNUK SWARTZ, JUDITH ............ 159, 228, 238 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Budget Committee. Student Council, SWORD, KENNETH .1..... ........... I 229 TACK, MARJORIE ..... ....... 1 06, 228 Y-Teens, Choir. TALBOT, VIVIAN ........ 80, 229, 238, Y-Teens, Annual Representative, Pep Club, Social Committee, Cap and Gown Committee. TAYLOR, LAVONNE ............ 95, 159, 229 238, 244 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Red Cross, GAA, Banking Monitor, Modem Dance, Lunch Help, Cap and Gown Committee, Tennis. TAYLOR, LEONARD ............ 95, 96, 229 Banking Monitor, Projection, Stage Crew. TETNER, SHARRON ........ 64, 88, 93, 99 159, 229, 238, 239 Hall Guard, Y-Teens Chapter Secretary, PTSA, Pep Club, Red Cross Secretary, Student Council, NHS, GAA, Annual Staff, Honor Roll, Social Committee, Homecoming Committee, Badminton Ram, JUN, Tag Day Committee, Vol- leyball, Basketball, Educational TV for North. Snow Day Committee. THOMAS, JUDY ........... ...------ 2 29 Y-Teens. THURMAN, MONICA ........ .--..--- 2 29 Pep Cl'ub. TILLIPMAN, GERALDINE ................ 229 GAA, Kadimab. TINDELL, CHARLES ........ 131, 229, 133 Homecoming Committee, Baseball. TOLLEFSON, BRUCE .......... ...... 9 2, 229 Basketball, Red Cross. TOWLE, GAYLE ..... ....... 2 29 TREBING, JOAN ......I.. ........ 2 29 TROMBLEY, RAY ............ .1...,.. 2 29 TROUT, KATHERINE .............,.......... 229 Y-Teens, Viking Club, Choir. UHRICH, LOIS ,.,,,....,.,...,,,,,,,,,.,,, 229, 240 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Banquet Commit- tee, Commencement Conrmittee, Tennis. ULMANIEC, CAROL ........ 54-, 68, 89, 91 299, 241, 244 Pep Club, Student Council, Service Aids, GAA, Publicity, Golf, Basketball, Drama Club, Usher for Senior Class Play. VNUK, SHIRLEY .... .. .........,.,.,,.,,,,,,,,,, 230 Pep Club. I A 5151111011 ACTIVITY 1 All VOGE- VOGEL, CONSTANCE ...... ..,... 2 30 FHA. WAGLE, ROBERT WALLIN, DAVID ........ 74, 100, 101, 230 Hi-Y, Band, Orchestra. WALLIS, LEO ..............,. 62, 122, 125, 230 NFL, "N" Club, Football. WALLNER, GERALD ........ 95, 122, 125 230 PTSA, Gym Leader, Red Cross, Student Council, Banking Monitor, "N" Club, Courtesy Committee, Football, Basket- ball, Baseball. WARD1 DAVID ........................................ 230 WATSON, FAYE .........,.,........ 61, 230, 240 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Viking Club, Red Cross, Student Council, Polarettes, Ban- quet Committee, Tickets Committee. WEINER, RACHEL ........ 36, 64, 86, 98 230, 241 Hall "C" Guard, Annual Representative, PTSA, Homecoming Page, Pep Club, NHS, GAA-VolleybaCll, Picture Co-ordi nator for Annual Staff, Banking Mon' itor, Honor Roll, JUN Recording Secre- tary, Election Committee, Tag Day Committee, Kadimah. WEISBERG, HERBERT ...,....,........... 230 World Affairs, Honor Roll, JUN. WEISS, RICHARD .,,,....... ,.....,....... 2 30 WENTWORTH, MICHAEL .... 106, 230 Choir. WEPPLO, ROGER WESLEY, DONALD ........,..... ,...,,,.... 2 30 WESTLUND, CAROL ..,,.... 90, 104, 230 240, 236 Y-Teens, Pep Club, Annual Representa- tive, Gym Leader, Polarettes, Leader- ship Conference, GAA, Banking Mon- itor, Honor Roll, Banquet Committee, Publicity Committee. WF .1 Page numbers on which pictures appear follow seniors' names. WESTLUND, DEBORRAH .,...... 47, 61 69, 79, 88, 99, 109, 230, 245, 237 Y-Teens, PTSA, Pep Club, Gym Leader, Viking Club Treasurer and Vice. Presi- dent, Student Council, Leadership Con- ference, NHS, Annual Staff, Study Mon- itor, Honor Roll, Prom Committee Chairman, Norse Award, AFS-Sweden, Class Secretary, Outstanding Student Poll, GAA Basketball, Volleyball, Norse Assistant. WESTPHAL, DIANNE ,,,.,.,,,,.. 68, 79, 84 230, 244 Y-Teens, PTSA, Pep Club, Red Cross, Student Council, Publicity Committee, Class Play Usher, Poster Committee for Class Play. WHITE, CHARLOTTE ........,,...... 94, 230 Prom Committee, Mimeograph Staff. WIEST, CAROL ................,... 79, 103. 331 Y-Teens Chaplain, Choir. WILCOX, GEORGE ,.........,................. 231 Basketball, Swimming, Track. WILLIAMS, LESTER ...........,.,............ 231 WILSON, ELAINE ..................,.,... 80, 231 Y-Teens, Annual Representative. WIRTH, JOHN WISE, SERENE .- .... -... 70, 83, 38, 64, 98 110, 111, 231, 238 Pep Club, SEP Aid, NHS, Polaris Staff Feature Editor, Kadimah, JUN, Cap and Gown Committee. WITKOWSKI, PETER ..,..... 56, 231, 141 150 "N" Club, Football, Golf, Apparatus. WOLDORSKY, ROCHELLE ........ 83, 231 238 Y-Teens, Annual Representative, Pep Club, Red Cross, FHA, GAA, Study Monitor, Kadimah, Budget Committ e, Tennis, PTSA. ? s X 'I WOODRUFF, JAMES W- -..... 2811.1-, Football, Apparatus. WRZOS, ROSE ANN .- Annual Representative YUNKER, ROBERT ... Gym Leader, Band. ZANDLO, MICHAEL .,... s..-.... PTSA, Viking Club, Red Cross, Choir Prom Committee. ZELENAK, SUSAN .... 69 86 95, 231,244 Hall Guard, Pep Club, Red Cross, GAA3 Banking Monitor, Honor Roll ZEMAN, SYLVIA JANE -....... ZEMBAL, DIANE ...... -..........e..... 69, 231 Pep Club, GAA. ZIF F, DAN --..- 36, 54, 55, 106, 11.3, 231 234 242, 1 ,I 1'-1 ...---...- 107, if' -N ...,. 231" ...M 23111 Q' 4 . I ' 'l-' 7 -... 231 A 1 1 1 1 Student Council, Leadership Conferencejl' Annual Staff Photographer, Choir cil, Choir Vice President, Choir dent, Color Guard, Drains Club, Play, JUN, Educational TV for Nortasf' 281, K ' ll lil ' 51 S I ,' 1 -' ., ZIMMERMAN, JEANETTE ..,.... Y-Teens, Pep Club. ZISKIN, DIANNE .... -.. 36, 63, 64, 62, 93 98, 163, 71, 233, 240, 241, 244, 231' - 'I Hall Guard, PTSA, Pep Club, Redfi Cross, NHS, NFL, GAA, Volleyblfllj. -1 Basketball, Annual Staff, Honor Roll, 1. Kadimah, JUN, Budget Committee, . Banquet Committee, Elections Commit tee, Golf Team, Bowling, Class Flair if Usher, Tag Day Committee. ZWICKEY, CAROLYN ............ ..,. 80, 231 Y-Teens. I Qi ,P V ' -". ,.F .,,., ..' '- .I-f' All .-, . -1 . ,HMV F. l ".:'t .-pf 1 . 1 r ' GENER IND X 1 1 AdmiBiSil'8li0Il ........ ........... 1 0 Footba , Bo V 'ty ,- m- ------- - ---- - Q1 AFS ----------------------------- -,-.,---. 1 09 F ll rls' ........, ,,.........,. 0 rch a ...,,,,,, ,,,,,,,-, ,-,-,-, Anderson, C.-206 ......... ........,.. 1 82 0 ,4,,,.,, ---.-.- - uf ---- v ,----,-,. --------- Annual Staff, '59 .........,........... irl Gy ship .,n.--4-- 1 W ear -1 ,.-,-- ------- ---- 1 gg Annual Representatives ..,.. .,,. ee Clu 1 ------.---- ----------- sisnns P C lu H ------ ------------ - n 68 APPal'atU5s BOYS' ----- - --------- 5 , B0 ' ...... .......... ......... 4- 1 Q erri 20 ........ ......., , ,,.,, , , Apparatus, Girls' ..,.. . . QE? ------ ,fm I 1 ----- 3-M Athletic Assistan ....... ..... , 1? 3 ---.----- , ysi Club -.4.M- -------' U M 67 Awards .... ................ I ........ s ll ards ,,.,,,,,,,, ,,,.4,4,,,, ,.,,, ' 3 er ,,,,,., MW 174 B8dmiIll0l'l ............. .' 1- 15 Hal of F .,,.,-, A, ,,,,,., ,,.-,,,,. 2 olar 5 ,- ,,,,,,,,,-,, ,,,-.,,.,-- - -T104 'Blind -----.,--....,..,...... ........ ........ e th e ' gton-503 -- ........,, ol is ..,, .,,,,,,,, , , ,,,, 110 Blind, Polar -.-- -'-,--.. .......,....... 1 0 ...... - .......... - 81 roj on ...... - 96 'Bankers - .- ........, .,.... .... I H1- ........... ,,... L .,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 , , inn - -,,.,,,, ,-,.,,,,-,- 1 1 190 Barsn 9 -- 1? C ey, ph .......... 40 ld 21 1.- - ..,,...,4 .s4, 5 Baseball, B ' S o o oc , Vars' . .....,., - ,, Sa nt ,,,-, ,-,,, -1 , 191 f'B886lJ8ll, 0 ' al' - ........ 4-5 ecbplfxg ....-.. , ,,,,,, ,' 8 enio ommit ee ,,-,,,,,,, 238 Basketball, ' op o e . 35 Ho r Grou ........ ......, .... , E ids ..,, ,.,...,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 8 3 Aissketball, Boy lflzgzeh ............ 0 ee y-vybiiif. - ,..,.,....,.,,,,, , 192 -Basketball, Girl ...... ......... . '156 H -20 . ......... -uf ....,,. ,... 1 8 k .....,..... ...,.,,......,. , ,,,-, 148 Behrendt-205 . ....,,, PBM g ,.... .....,.... ........... m , R ......,.....,.. .- 195 lilessin-305 ....,,.,.., ,,,,,.-- , .1 18 I uc 'o .......... ............ . 6 mitl'1',UTZ 310 ................. ....... 1 93 Bolin--102 ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, WX182 cohi- 6 - ...,........ ......... l l-St. Lu c oom ........... 192 Bowling .,.,,...,..,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,, Jr. dem Scien ......... ............... -- 75 Building Staff ,..,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,., A - 23 . R oss ..,,.......... ......... S onnen 103 - ...... 176 Burnett-1 ............,.,,,,,., H 16 J r ted a ns f- ....... ........ ' 64- y Sa ew ....... - ,... .... - . 97 Carlson-315 ,..... ,...,,,.,,,,.,,, 7 dima .......... ........... . Silirl-I d- . -. .... 176 Cheerleaders ,.... ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, s m-212 ,........ ....... . - . 87 Student cil - . 88 Chess Club ........,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 6 ti 21 - ..........., ,....... S tud 1 lfe ....,..... ...... 2 4- clwir, "A" ,,,,,,,,,,,.,1,,,.,,,,,..,,,,,,,., 106 r ' g-9 ..,.. . ,...... . 6 Swimming, Boys' ..... ........ 1 as Christopherson-111 ,,,,,,,, 179, n ' ...... ................ - Q87 Swimming, Girls' ..... ........ 1 61 lClarkf?207 ,,,,,,,,,,4,,,,- 4..,4,.4,-.- 1 68 Lev't 19 - .........,.............,..... . 88 Table of Contents ..... ........ 5 ,Class Officers ,,.,,-,-, ,--A,4-, 2 45 ' rar es ....,,.........,......,........ 182 Talty-328 ..............,. ....... 1 77 Claes Play ,,,,,,,,,,, --,,- M 24A 8 ..... -------- ......,. E171 Tennis, Boys' -...... .......... .-..-- 129 -Class Song ,.,.,.,,,.,., ,,,,-.,, 2 45 L ers-202 ......... ....,... 89 Tennis, Girls' ........ ....... 1 63 'Cleary-326 ,,,4,,,.,.-4-,-,,--, .-,----- 1 33 Madigan-119 -. .... ......,. 172 Thill-322 .........,.. ....... 1 77 Courtesy Committee ,,,.., ..,----- . - 87 Madrigals ............. .,...... : 108 Thompson-204 ....... ........ 1 78 cm, Country ,,,,,,,,,,,, 4,,,,Q,4 1 28 Mandler-324 ......... ......,. E 172 '1'hreinen-5 .......... ....... 1 93 Dahl-327 ,..,-.,.--A---- ------,- 1 68 Mankowski--218 .....,... ........ 1 73 Track .................. ........ 1 4-6 Dayidg0n...106 4,4--,, -,------ 1 69 Miller-302 ......... ........ 1 88 Tracy-200 ....... ....... 1 94- Drama Club -N.-h.,-,-- .-VM,, 5 4, Mills-3 ,,,,.,....,......., ........ ' 189 Viking Club ...... ...... 60 ,Dunham-114 .1...,,...... ,.,,,,,, 1 84 Mimeograph Girls ....... --.--.--- V 94 Villas--26 ....s.. ........ 1 719 Educational Council .,,,,. 1.,,,, 1 7 Modern DHHCC ....- -------- ' 159 Volleyball, Girls' ...... ....... 1 62 Faculty .....,....,,.,,,,,, ,.,,, ,,,,,, 10 Mosher-200 .................. ....... I 173 Wrestling ........,..... ....... 1 42 Farrell-229 ...,.,,,. 3. ,,,,,,,, 169'. "N" Club ...................,.................- 1- 56 Y-Teens ...,.............. ...... 7 6 FHA .,,,,,,.,,,.-,-,-----,---.. 13 ,.-,---------.--- 58 National Forensic League .......... 1 62 Yesner.-211 .,,,,,.,.,-,--,,, ,---.4-- 1 94. Football, Boys' Sophomore ........ 127' NHUOHHI HOUOI' Society --------- -- -4-- 98 Zimmerman-311 ........ .....,. 1 78 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY 'vu wweu me vwsseh An v.,,1sm.av' 4 ffl WJ? im fix S Wi? 6 M ix ix? Sm 5 'lm , Q H Q x - A 3 ww M Q Ni M M QS? M wsfiffw mi? 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