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1 6.1, ww!! ',., nu., is an - 71" 47 ws-.X ww-, .fs Q ,Aa 'e he 4 I . -, ,L-1 "5Ui1LQ 1. , . aff, in - ff- miiawfvir' 'mv ' A 111, .M rm. ., 'ma U 1 f ' A 4, 1. - 1.. ' xi 1' "Wil 'M-6 uhh, fgf. L , , f 5? W' N v H' 54, w A Q41 41 " 1 1 A 'F ,'1 1 ,.., V V i,E-wi' N'-.H fa, , . ' . 4, , 'LVN qw . 2"'7, .fzf --2 f N1f'1w. 1 A mb, I '!,,d,. Eg K V f "ff 415 5 , l xg : , in' pf. ,Q Mi' 2 1 . ,AW -vw , , v Mir 1 f. - M wwf: . , X '-gf fi! ,IM 5 rw" ff KV' . ' gk INN, In LEU' LC-A 'V H0-15-5 . H A I' lik' J WV V' 5 IL"'l 563 'M AMW 1-, 'fx' a kfsff'1'k.wl 'M 'L'-,K ' Si JN NYM ?m'1'lf'il1L'HI WEN LM.?lfivYxfvmiWMMuvf2!5lvkI1!3APN'lH'nEx'IE6lIl7lMf7W'SK'EJIl1.l Y KNEW IIEHBHIM 'L' imlllil. . - , NBXWNIUl5WlATERVIE'i.f?YPNAT.1i"'QWC-L'41""'f' ' v?"5"M7Z'5 W" " -"W x "V ' ' V ,f r,sM"' .f 4 . 4 J fx ' NI. f " M 5 .M W -. . x ,Y w -' ,. Q .ynxq ' 5 "' gal , Ill N. :saw-..,, xv r y www , , f , - , n ,f fn W , quuqsnnuw-sy Ill' X I 1 1 1 if ,4,,,,4 144' 3 rf, QRTH HIGH A x f a v5,N 6 H Q ,, 4, 15 ' 5 gh ,is f f . t .,i f gfZmMw f 'W f 1 2 'Z W rt ef 1 if I 'y ,idx it 4 W. , 2, 4 , .3 ,- Q, V, MV uf V W. ,. in ll 4 1 ? YI idx y'l'iffnQ72 g l 5 , ,- ' I Zh, M ' " ff' 1 . 2 f, if , . Zig U17 WUI FLIGHT INTO THE FUTURE As each senior ventures into his adult life, he pilots his individual space ship to an unknown destination. Through the past years he has been guided by the best system of education yet known to man in order to become the kind of Citizen who will make his Contribution to the World of tomorrow. The following pages are but a glimpse of the past year which was filled with various school activi- ties. Now that the graduating senior has his preparation Completed. he is looking ahead to a full and useful life. Sylvia W enver Maureen Beck David Cahlander Terry Goodman Sandra Hmm, Art E litor Photographer Assistirnl in Layout Sf-mm El ,ml 1. lk l. Rott' 1: D. Cahlander: H. Lehow: H. Suhmitt: 1.7. Boe. Jr. staff: S. Swartz. Rott' 2: T. Goodman: B. Kallio: W. Conger. Advisor: B. Lessak' S. Heims. R011 3: R. Spiegel: ll. Lie-keg Xl. lieu-kg B. Johnson: C Smith. Behind the locked doors of 102. the Annual Staff has been gathering and Compiling material for the 1954 Polaris. under the supervision of Mrs. Winnifred Conger. With an added 16 pages. new life has been given to this year's Annual thru the eo-operation and hard work of each staff member. Many thanks are extended to those who helped to make this yearbook possible. Steve Swartz Richard Spiegel Bovs' Sports Editor Gerald Smith C: 1-ordiiiator Ruth Schmi 1 I Girlsi Sports Ed Marlys Lieske Avtivities Editor Betty Johnson Barbara Kallio Harriet Lebow Barbara Lessak Flusiness Manager flopx Editors limlt-rvlass Editor Fat-ulty Editor 'E-fr H 4...-1 li fir Before he can take his place in the adult world, the high school senior must have had the training necessary to insure his success. Know- ing that the space in the adult world is very large and that there are quite a few obstructions to bar his way on his journey, he may be a little afraid. If he knows in his mind that he has the best preparation possible, he will then embark on his long journey with an easier and more re- laxed mind. That's where the instructors come in. They have given our space cadet instruction in the running of his ship life. They have taught him to steer a straight course in order to reach, as early as possible, his destination in life. When the ship is fueled and ready, when the engines are being warmed up and made ready, when the last goodbyes are being said, the teachers will look on with a smile at ajob which was well done. NSTRLICTQRS QW" WHERE THERE IS NO VISION THE PEOPLE PERISH Our forefathers over one hundred years ago had visions relative to the territory lying west of the Mississippi for in the year 1846 they settled on the west bank of that river and founded what we now know as the city of Minneapolis. They must have seen, as they looked into the future, that on this spot could be built a great industrial and manufacturing center because the area had St. Anthony Falls, the rich agri- cultural land, and the river for transportation. About this same time there was established the first school in this entire territory on the site where the First Presbyterian Church in St. Paul now stands. Today, because of the vision of these forefathers, Minne- apolis is a city teeming with over halfa million population, industries, factories, beautiful parks, lakes, and a school system second to none in the United States. I cannot men- tion all the advancements that have been made since your days of Kindergarten, nor can I attempt to forecast the pro- gress to be made within the next decade or two. VVhatever this advancement, you must be prepared to take your place in this scientific world of ours. You must likewise have vis- ions of the future and share your ideas with those with whom you work. Victor Hugo is credited with saying, "There is one power mightier than the armiesg it is an idea whose turn has come." Students of North, and especially you members ofthe Senior Class, in your education of today ride with me on your "space ship" and have the clear vision of associating yourself with those ideals and ideas that are right. Train your mind to have the correct mental attitude not alone in your work here at school but in your future walk of life. Then, with a clear vision ofthe future, the creation of worth- while ideals and ideas, and a correct mental altitude your "space ship" will sail into port a credit to all mankind. truly an honor to your alma mater, North High School. 217, ZQAW Principal .. ip., ffl. -fa-vw., .. J - , 9 CAREFUL PLANNING INSURES FUTURE DIVIDENDS To all who are planning for the future may your days ahead be cheery and bright. Clear your sights and look toward your goal. Keep your footsteps plodding in the right direction. Even though there may be stum- bling blocks in the way., turn these stumbling blocks into stepping stones so that you might rise higher. Yes, rise higher so that you may survey the road yet to trav- el. It is aptly stated in this saying, "Those who live in the mountain have a longer day than those who live in the valley. Sometimes all we need to brighten our day is to rise a little higher." Someone may say, "It is too difficult to attain my goal." Yes, perhaps that may be so. However. we in Education are trying to give you the tools so that you will be better prepared to do your life's work: better prepared to become a good citizen of the community. the state, the nation: better prepared to fit into your place in society: better prepared to take over the re- sponsibilities that will be yours in the near future. All of these things are yours to command so long as you are willing to put forth the energy. the initiative. the ambition to succeed. Robert Louis Stevenson said.. "Anyone can carry his burden. however hard.. until nightlall. Anyone can do his work. however hard. for one day." ln these words is tremendous food for thought. Study them carefully . Diligentlv do your work for the day. Success to you in the davs ahead. Happy sailing, Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomore-s. 1 Assistant Principal Outstanding in the field of education is Mr. Rufus Putnam, superintendent of schools. He is the executive officer of the Board of Education, and of the public schools in the city. His ability as a school administrator earns him an oustanding reputation. Through new and construc- tive movements he has sought to raise educational standards throughout the city. RUFUS PUTNAM Wvhen any girl is in need of counsel, the door to Viola Marti's office is always open. Miss Marti, Counselor for Girls, is ever ready to help girls of North High with their personal and their school problems, or to advise them on educational and vo- cational plans. In co-operation with Mr. Anway, B0y's Counsellor, Miss Marti also takes care of the school testing program, and helps students in obtaining scholar- ships and jobs. VIOLA MARTI If you are looking for information on vo- cational or educational opportunities, Room 109 is the place to go. Here the smiling face of Lellwy Anway, Boy's Coun- sellor, will greet you. Mr. Anway helps boys to arrange their programs and gives them vocational guidance. LELLWYN ANVVAY W W A MARTIN A familiar face in the halls of North is that of our visiting teacher, Mrs. F. Mae Martin. Her sympathetic attitude aids her in helping students with problems at home. Mrs. Martin makes home visits to give help when it is needed. Y f 4 ff f f " Mm ooo ,eh 1 v V forif A aitt V 'f ., C, Q f 'fl ' 44 , ,. J jx W : gb V A J-mm, ,rm f V, K .V,.. 'ji , ,fu g , ,,,,,,f'7-I.-5' - i ' , f,,,f,f, WW, 15' . Jill ,V 1.7, ' asm' 72 2 ,W M - A. K I .Nur Q., - 1 ,, ,. ff f ff 4 iff' Z! 4 X 7 X ff X ,.,,, f ff W ' X f 1 f mf I f , ,ff 'Wf 'X VW f f f ff 72 wwf 1 Z7 N ' if I Nm f A f , q No matter what information you may want, Miss Helen Ulvestad and Mrs. Donna Markley, our librarians, will assist you in every way to find it. The North High library, which has a large array of pamphlets, mag- azines, research books, orjust books for enjoyment, is a place where stu- dents enjoy spending their time. HELEN ULVESTAD AND MRS. DONNA MARKLEY Helen Dargay, the school nurse, takes care of the North High health program. Students consult with the nurse regarding health problems. Eye tests, hearing tests, and chest x-rays are given under the nurse's supervision. HELEN DARGAY MRS. F. MAE .115 "il .I 1 wg If OFFICE STAFF Bouquets should be given to the efficient North High of- fice staff. It is because oftheir efficiency that the school's administration runs so smoothly. Keeping records, is- suing bulletins and daily announcements, and taking care of the book room are just a few of the many jobs of the clerical staff. Mrs. Miller is the head clerk of the office staff. Things are really cooking in the North High lunchroom. Under the direction of Mrs. Mary Erickson, the members of the Lunchroom Staff prepare our noonday meals and supervise the maintenance of the ' lunchroom. LUNCHROOM STAFF A The members of the maintenance crew are truly the unsung heroes of North High. lt is the job of these janitors and engineers to keep the building heated, clean, and in good order. The maintenance crew is ably supervised by Edwin Ready, Chief Engineer. MAINTENANCE CREW 6 F' SA 'sd tw W' MK N 'oval 1 Rx' ADDINGTON, CHARLES-World His- tory. ALBERS, ARMAJEAN-English. BEHRENDT, JOHN D.-World Historvg Modern Problems. BLESSIN, HILDA E -English. ANDERSON, JAMES - News English. APEL, HARRIET -- Cermang Spanish. BROM, JOSEPH-Advanced Algebra: Ge- ometry. BURNETT, LEWIS C.-Physical Education. : J., i . sa R. fjwwwfj EEK wmv. 5, iv iii 'Y J 1. M A no ff, A ,, ,,,h . r JZ! Q, We The English Department endeavors to help the student in the correct use of the English langu- age. Through composition work, oral recitation, grammar, careful listening, and literature, the student finds a better means of self expression. ffl WE' , ,K , wr 6 W fa- hy awp 1, 4' c 37" I 1 f 7 Z Zu' .011 3 Af X W T ' .,,. 4 'V f , .fi 0I'l0IIl6lI'y. CARLSON, MRS. ELVA-Sliortliandg Uli- lice Training. CHRISTOPHERSON, AL- FRED-Biology. CONGER, MRS. WIN- NIFRED-llraflsg Art. CONNORS, ED- ANA M.-lVlodf-rn l'rolml1-nislSpvi-vli. CLARKE, MILDRED Z.-Algebrag Gen- :-rul Math. CLEARY, CLIVE-United Slulf-s History. CONOVER, JOHN A.- World History. COOK., MRS. CATHE- RINE-Home' E4'0ll0I'I'llI'S. 12 ii- To help pupils in learning to reason, courses in mathematics are offered. Besides being a prereq- uisite for college, math helps in the development of our thinking. Some of the higher math courses offered at North are Algebra, Geometry. and Trig- 75, gv' 'CT' H S? me - 35" A df' v , 1' J T17 111- 2 fl .A 43, iff DAVIDSON, ALICE G.-English. ED- LUND, ELMER F.--Algebrag Geometry. FARSETH, E. PAULINE-Englishg Norse. FETZER, HOMER L.-Mechanical Draw- ing. EDQUIST, Mas. LUCY H. - Modem O f gf Q Problemsg United States History. ETS- f 5 , M cHE1D,MRs. CLARICE-Musieehoif. I A' M FORBES. DONALD D.-English. P ' L -i W -ixl FRIEDMAN, KOPPLE C.-Psychologyl ff f . it i ,.,,, V . ,ltlzl x Modern Problems. 7 ' AA ,,,, " IAQ- ' ' , 1 -' ,'V'E' . W G ,g s ' 12.54 35.1 ,,.'.,V fi I , , if f, 1 6 X Boys interested in voffafional training may take any Of the Industrial Art Courses offered. The shops included in the curriculum help the boys to learn and practice the fundamentals of the trade they are interested in. .07 Girls wishing to prepare for future homemaking take courses offered in the Home Economics De- partment. Here they learn the fundamentals of sewing, balancing a budget, planning, preparing, and serving meals, and homemaking hints. 'rff ft f ,I COULD ,MARIAN R.-English. HEATH- ? ERINGTON, DAISY-Englishg History. - JOHANSON, ASTRID Physical Education . L ,AW JOHNSON, FRANK English ,jmyiy ff ,ny V 3 W .fm Qty, :gf ,i .. ,f . .pur f i 5 fdf , K 20 f HORSCH, CAROLINE K.-English. JA- COBI, JOHN J.-Architectural Drawing. JOSEPHSON, MARY RAE-Physical Ed- ucationg Modern Dance. KAST, EDGAR- Bookkeepingg Typing. 13 .Y I wwf fm- 4, 4 4,4 if ,.,. M! I 1 .4 5 aw., f , f , rf , svn. , , ,,.,-,f A Q .,.,7, KENNEDY, MARTIN T.-Physical Edu- cation. KLAUSLER, WALTER W.-Autry Shop. LARSON, CARL W7.-Bookkeeping. LERSCHEN, AGNES M.-Shorthand: Sec- retarial Practice. """1,.,Q K 'f s ,bfi is -N V . I QV KLEVEN, E. MILTON-Geometry. Trig- Q , onometry. KREFTING, MATHILDA L.- , 9 J , W Botanyg Green House Practice, Biology. 'f 3 Mg -fu, LINDSTEN, MRS. LILLIAN-Englishg irjj' ' . Drama. MADIGAN, HARRIET C.-Gen- HM 'I eral Mathg Advanced Algebra. Preparing pupils for the vast business world is the job of the Commercial Department. Students may take bookkeeping, typing, shorthand, office train- ing, or secretarial practice to give them a helping hand as they embark on their careers of business. Art is offered to those interested and who have a talent for this type of work. The pupil gains an appreciation and understanding of Art. through drawing, studying famous painters. and taking field trips. Crafts classes are also held to give the pupil skills useful for leisure time activities. , MANDLER, CATHERINE E.-iingmii. Q 3. MILLER, MRS. CLARICE-Moms.-i. ' S 6 M. V QM, ence. PALM, WVILBUR-lllivmistry. l if? y ...M PAULSEN, GEORGE W.-Hz1I14lg1lri'l1e's- ,f ' Q.. ' " V. tra. i t """' ,, ,ff . f?f -.W ,.,,. f W y if if i - .f -.J iff MUORHEAD., MRS. JEAN F.-Home mmniivs. NENOWQ HOWARD A.-Metal Sl1np,PERRlN, SAM D.-Biology. QUEL- LO, ESTHER C.-Modern Problemsg Unit- vd Stall-s History. 14 I 'W , ' 00 Ai- vw 0 K me me READ, MILDRED G.-Art. RUTGER- SON, LLOYD R.-Biologyg General Math. SIEHL, EMMA E. - Home Economics. SIMS, RUTH E.-Typing. 'Qlmrv sEALANDER,MARJoR1E o. Typingq y n y , iff-3 W Occupational Relations SEDER, VELMA A- ,I V ,, M y M M. Englishg Business English SMART, X X , K I 3 CHARLES H. Physics SMITH, RICHARD if '4 V V, A O. Wood Shopg Cabinet Making ' V' X, I 1-"4 Y. N if , I As time passes. Science is becoming more com- plex and more interesting. Both the physical and natural sciences offered at North enable the stu- dent to get a better understanding of his sur- roundings and also to lay a base for future scien- tific work. Offered to students are courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and botany. 'K A soLTYs, EDWARD s. 4-44364115 fps"--. ,,., f, Social Studies helps the student in understanding not only international problems' but local and na- tional as well. During the eleventh and twelfth grades, United States History and Modern Prob- lems are required. World History may be taken, but is not compulsory. WENNBLOM, DELORES A. .Q W. -.. 'iw I Machine Shopg Metal Shop English w W, fi If Inq A V ' ru V V THOMPSON, GORDON H. - United 1 states History. THORPE, BERTHA H.- ,ggf 4 English. WERTH, RUTH L.-English. "" W WIIK, MRS. MYRTLE-Shorthand, Sec- Af' f Q ' of fi retarial Practice. Soon you, the Juniors and Sophomores of North High School, will be at the threshold ofa new life. You will be graduating in 1955 and 1956 and beginning a "flight into the futurew. Enjoy your high school years while you can. Along with the hard work come many good times. There is the excitement of athletic e- vents, the thrill of Homecoming, the confusion of student government day, the unforgettable Senior Prom, and last but not least, Gradua- tion. These are but a few of the memorable oc- casions which you will cherish throughout your lifetime. In addition to these memories, you will have life-long friendships started during your high school years. We, the class of 1954, wish you, the classes of 1955 and 1956, the best of success in every- thing you attempt. You will soon be adults. It is up to you to keep the high standard that former North students have established for their school. Youth is known as the most desirous, the most beautiful, and the most joyful time of life. Hold it fast-make yours the best! CAD ET xX XXX xXXXXxx xxkxxxx xgsx NX 5 XXXX xN ssxxxy xxx X xx sxgX XXs lil!! 111 ' ll ' , 1 I ' 11,11 ll 'ffl ffl 21, 1 1 4 olri' 1 A MR. BLIRNETT-328 Row 1: KI. Aaron. NI. Aune, P. Crandall, B. Barth, K. Bator. C. Bechtold, B. Beau trom. Row 2: H. Anderson. S. Anderson J. Arones, H. Banks, J. Anderson, J. An derson. Row 3: J. Lieder. KI. Anderson. C Bates, J. Adams, J. Burke, R. Buranen, lj Barherg. Row 4: D. Anderson. D. Anderfon C. Bavhman, D. Aich. A. Backrnann. R Anderson, D. Balck. 6 .1 ,Af 2 3 .:,., fs wifi 4 2393! I 2, i 4 JUNIOR MR. BEHRENDT-308 Row 1: A. Johnston, G. John, D. Hunting ton. P. Irving, S. Jackson, KI. Kahn. Row 2 D. Jentsch, R. Isker. J. Johnson, A. Jones S. Wadtke, B. Johnson. Row 3: E. Kairies J. Huehscher, C. Johnson, B. Johnson, K Johnson, R. Lipkin, D. Jensen. Row 4: V. Oshaugnessy, L. Adams, E. Hurley, G Olson, R. Brennan, R. Hutchison, Bi Humphrey. 1,77 :- K.. -1 AWE? - MRS. CARLSON-3 I 5 F Run' 1: E. Hloomquist. J. Bennett. L. WH. D. lllouk, H. ll.-rmwitz, D, Roe. D. lJI'1'1'llI. R010 22 F. JJOQHI1 Bghlgfi Doll. G. HOYPV, C. Bc's'kfr'Jd. S. Becker. D. RUIIIDJP- Row 3: E. Reninrasa. R. Berg. XX. llergl. A. Heugen. R. Brask. L. Berg- man. J. Nix-eh:-rt. P. Breeding. Rau- 43 R. Berg, H. Bird, B. lloettt-l101', S. Bennett. z,.,,Q . 5 i . V tl, Nom. R. bell. J, O IM-Q-ff, HOMEROOMS Miss DAVIDSON-noe Row 1: H. Chanvn. D. Dickinson. R. Brom herg. A. Lovrh. D. Clark. S. Cahot. J Greene. B. Burtnvists-r. Row 2: 5. Car- penter. C. Christopherson. D. Chapman. D Carr. KI. Cassidy. D. Clark. H. Clie-slvr Row 3: R. Calle-ry. F. Chester. C. Carlson K. Carlson. D. Christensen. R. Burk. D Newman. S. Carlson. Row 4: 5. Campln-ll B. Carlson. C. Casperson. R. Duck. L. Bur stein. D. Cahlander. R. Carlson. MISS HORSCH-304 Rau' 1: J. Rieschl. D. Fitzhfnry. C. Forarv N. Erifkson. S. Elliott. B. Eason. H. Fitvr man. Row 2: C. Folegy. S. Kvanlwol-1. Fiddel. B. Barrett. B. Erivkson. D. Folsom. J. Piero. Row 3: H. Erickson. S. Fitch. P. Fitzsimmons. J. Palm, C. Fisf-her. K. Hw- hert. Row 4: D. Fisher. D. Johnson. C Forslund. J. Engstrom. S. Finkfllstvin. J Finkelstein. G. Fishhein nC'mrw MISS GOULD-204 R010 l: E. Loon. NI. Dunff-6. K. Davis. C Favoritf-. B. Koenig. C. Conyers. A. Collins R. Dwlforga-. Ron' 2: ll. Vixion. K. Day C. Griffin, H. Lucas. B. Craggln-rg. E Dalestein. 5. Hallstvin. Ron' 3: B. Corrigan R. Zwlinsky. J. Murrow. Xl. Darling. K Dunlvavy. L. Ditsch. D. Corba. J. Doniiano Row 4: l. Cook. J. Corran. E. Dvlunrq. C Duffee. C. Cohn. D. Downing. J. Dzuhay. MRS LINDSTEN-228 Row 1: KI. Hanka P. Herman. R. Slawner MR. FORBES-307 Row 1: R. Graff, M. Gothier, S. Frank, L Gelle. RL Gavren. II. Frederick, H. Gordon Row 2: NI. Graham, H. Greenberg. L. Koch M. Gregersen, G. France-n, II. Lofhack B. Gordon. J. Guptil. Row 3: R. Guist, W. Gordon, D. Garrett, M. Goldfein, D. Fyten. L. Johnson, S. Grossman. Row 4: S. Good- man, S. Garfinkle, B. Gilbertson, R. Husen- brock, N. Gray, R. Gomez. R. Gross. r . fall' I , as 4? ' Q .ai M Q . J. Hartwell, G. Henderson, P. Hanson. B. ' ra w " 2 H1 H Q 0 il Q , S 2 GQ 1,522 9 aye-,. R zu 2: B. Nelgon D. Holma. Q Oie, G. Hart, T. Holznagel, J. Hallberg, M Harring. D. Nauer. Row 3: D. Needham J. Harvey, H. Harrer. L. Hill, W. Hoffman J. Hanifl, L. Harvester. Row 4: K. Hallett, D. Caouette, J. Hahn. R. Holmquist, U. Hainmerlund, M. Hemen, R. Haskvitz. MISS .IOSEPHSCN-300 RUN" 11 W- WYVSYOIL K. Wolerts. G. Wiese, U- Zlllili. J- WeSlPy. R. Welch, S. Wilson. How 2: S. Nordqiiist. C. Widpll, A, Xvepplo. Il. Young. Y. Kramer. E. Witherspoon, R Yellen. Row 3: M. Junglen. H. Weiner, R Wolk. Nl. Sanmlhoefner, J, Warn, J, Wil. liams. J. Fourre. Row 4.3 W. XVei,1C5. R, Sime, R. Lee. J. Zagaros, J, Wall. R. Wet. ley, G. Weiner. 1 MISS KREFTING-I2I Row 1: D. Kuciscak. E. Klein. S. Langer E. Kcnerson. S. Grant. C. Karatz. Row 2: M. Larson, B. Noyes, S. Katz. D. Knight, L Kossof. S. Plockcr. Row 3: R. Knutson. I Knowlen. J. Kmetz. C. Kelsey. K. Taylor R. Kaiser. J. Kroger. Row -1-: B. Kassler. C. Johnson. J. Moore. C. Kaslanos. D Ewald, M. Kiefer. T. Knight. 670 f I 4 4' 19 MISS MANDLER-324 Row 1: H. Young. M. Mitchell. R. Malfscki R. Marsh. R. Mondschain, H. Mcycrs. C. , Mattson. Row 2: L. Madden, M. McElroy, C. Marcus, M. Manke. S. Lu-nd, J. Saarcn paa. R. Mondshane. Row 3: A. Edholm, R. Purcsky, M. Miller. E. Scherling, R. Rocheford. R. Mcclhcrg. W. Malmhf-rg Row 4: B. Miller. B. Miller, D. McIntyre J. Miller. M. Millcr. M. Milstein, D. Lyon v 4 .M f . , F .., ,f 4 Ft f f A MISS MADIGAN-I I9 Row 1: C. Hart, I. Lockwood. C. Locke, D. London. L. Lf-wis. A. Lcy, M. Lewis. Row 2: S. Lockctz, N. Lind, N. Paraschuk. A. Linda, P. Lee, H. Liss, B. Levi. Row 3: J. Lecson. M. Le-vin, R. Leonc. W. Levy, R. Lonsky. J. Lawrence, G. Johnson. Rou 4: S. Laski. M. Havtala. L. Thompson. P. Lyden. J. Lynch, D. Lilja. D. Lobcjko, R. Leone. Z A ,7 .4 gp? A 7 ,ff my Q? ', f Wu . 4 .W '- ' V W f 7 MR. PALM-9 Row 1: S. Nordstrom. H. Neva. S. Mos kowitz. R. Chapman. M. Nussbaum. S O'Brien. R010 2: R. Fehlberg. J. Palm S, Myles. R. Nelson. J. MUHCY- 5- Novaffk T. Morehouse. Row 3: C. Ryburn. R Myers, B. Nafstad. B. Dmytryshyn. R. Eid? R. Ne-mitz. P. Morse. W. Thole. R010 -12 R. Ohnstad. J. Olson. B. Neubeek. J. Olsen C. Neuberger. J. Neunsinger, T. Laurel. C5 MISS READ-32I Kon' 1: Nl. Rothstein. P. Burnett. C. Rein wr. ll. llUNk'Ilgl't'l1. Xl. Roberson. U. Roclla. li. Hosulr-s. Rau' 12: J. Roger. M. Horxiuk lf. RLIIIISVX. L, Ros:-11fiel1l. M. Rosso. H li:-nslrmn. M. Reisxxig. E, Riphmgm, R011 Il: S. Nos:-n. R, R.1Iluna11ne1'. M. Heskin M. Ruwr. l. Rein. lf. Hippie. R. Haum Hou' l: I". l'Tose'. ll. Rocklin. L. Hivkin. if Rivsvlll. W. Qlanllvr. U. Reimann. X. Rix'a1'd MR. SMART-5 Row l: J. Scott, B. Schommer, B. Silver- man. B. Saarela. E. Wi-ber. J. Schmidt Row 2: R. Shaver. Xl. Sangren. D. Leason C. Shapiro. M. Rochl. A. Segal. D. Seim Row 3: N. Walker. P. Bowles. E. Russ:-ll A. Sandback. B. Scherling. J. Longie. Rnzv 4: E. Schwartz. S. Skorka. H. Mitchell. C Shirley. J. Schultz. S. Slierr. Miss THORPE-2I I Row l: ll. Tormanfn. D. lfrlison. Nl. Vozoff. T. Wiki. ll. Trom. B. Ulstrom. M. Tieva. Raw 2: K. Thurnflr. 31. THHQPUQ A. Tuhhs. N. Eisf-nzimmer. S. Halvorwfrl. B. Tucker. Row 3: D. Swvngon. l. Tror-1+ man. C. Syverson. C. Twuwen. N. Torrw-. E. Torgffrson. B. Trout. Row 4: C. Tory. C. Tolve. G. Ross. C. Ruikka. KI. Swatez, H. Thomas. W' " f, ". 'A' 4 .. ,lv MISS QLIELLO-326 Row l: L. lxilflllll, S. Steinman. J. Sum stad. ll. Sprinkcl. B. Skramstad. J. Stan ley, L. Spear. Raw 2: F. Squire. M. Slacter D. Stone. S. Skramstad. C. Stillman. C Strehler. C. Stanftk. Row 3: F. Slovak. J Smith. J. Solberg. R. Snyder. H. Sutton T. Stocklnurge-r. K. Srwcleker. Row 4: E Soll. K. llariflivli. J. Sudduth. R. Sodrr quist. R. Briggs. P. Spwars. 31. Soclerqwist .W I I 677 .KAEQE If Nm SOPHOMQRES MISS APEL-323 Row 1: W, Borg. S. Bowman. N. Bock. 5. Bialir-li. J. Bonak. A. Born. E. Botz. A. Balfany. Row 2: M. Beitel. C. Bielke. D. Berg. C. Boguta. J. Benson, S. Be-lzer, Bohlin. Row 3: J, Berman. E. Benjamin S, Bore-en. S. Berg. B. Biegler. B. Benson D. Boyor. L. Bvrman. Row 4: R. Bellman M. Bohn. J. Braasch. R. Bflrtch. C. Berndt. S. Bernhardt, R. Bramwell. . MN o s ey . 3 MR. ANDERSON-IOO Row 1: B. Atkin, J, Ambrosier. J. Barthel. P. Arnold. D. Bain. J. Anderson, Row 2: E. Anderson, P. Baunis. S. Bajaris. J. Arnclt. L. Baker. Row 3: N. Auhrecht. T. Ander son, A. Axell. D. Anderson, M. Altmeyer. E. A derson. Row 4: J. Atkinson. J. Beau n chane, T. Annett, C. Anderson, D. Bar- saloux, B. Bach. 'fi' W" , frwfxzgi ,K A MRS. CONGER-322 RUN' li J. Cnrlwn. C. Buss. D. Brown, B. Brrrnn-ixlvr. J. llalt. B. Bndenslii. B. Burton. Ron' 2: K. lirrnw-. K. Carlson. B. Carlsen. K. llullf-ry. ll. Carlson. J. Burke. B. Camp- lwll. Row 3: B. Carlson. J. Bucklvy. N Nlillvr. D. Brurlnoy. H. Brown. C. Bydlon Row 4-: E. Carlson. J. Carlson. J. Breen P. Carlson. P. Casperson. C. Burkhardl. D Brown. A '51 . .7 ,Q' W nf, V ' I . ia - ,' A 2 .ff ... , Z' f E .5 , yr ' I Q l. 7 4 HOMEROOMS Miss coNNERs-227 Row l: M. Curtis. W. Collins. J. Cramor, A. Covyeow, P. Dailey. P. Crysler, XI, Chan H. Cram. Row 2: T. Chapman. R. Rocha. L. Davis. K. O'Byrne. R. Cooper. C, Cun ningham. B. Compton. Row 3: ji Crown... E- COJWH. l. Corba. A. Coursollv. A. Chris topherson. M. Chatfield. J. Christoffvrson. NI. Corr. Row 4: C. Darth. R. Clausen, L. Chevalier. C. Daggett. J. Chelmo. J Christensen. B. Davidson, i L. JM 1--pf-Y 4, MLN QSM., U .., MRS. COOK-229 Row l: K. Caaech. H. Froehlig. P. Foltz C. Carelick. ll. Finkfllktvin. D. Fitzsim mons. A. Freoman. Row 2: R. Filipfak. ll Fourre. F. Frank. J. Farguson. 5. Fox, B Coarty. B. Falconer. ll. Fisk. Row 3: D Fong. J. Cagohy. D. Frith. D. FjPlrlP. N Fre-im. Z. Friedman. S. Fingvrhut. Row 4: L. Futcher. R. Ford. N. Frwiclmann. A Fry, L. Frederick. H. Fikhar, C. Frank. Uftmw MR. CONOVER-2 I 0 Row 1: L. Durushia. T. Duffy. F. Etnier J. Erickson. M. Eason, C. Flaycl. Row 2 K. Erickson. T. Doherty. B. Dorholt. L Dhein. C. Eliason. M. Desmond. Row 3 Cv. DGPQW, D. Edstrorn. G. Drake. J. Des lauriors. L. TyS6'. S. Dooley. Row 4: W Erik. J. Elgren. W. Elmquist, D. Erickson R. DeCardner. T. Erickson. fi Wl li. MRS. EDQUIST-225 Row lz D. Hof-m. H. Holmstrom. J. Hen clerson. F. Heck. J. Hollenlnf-ek. F. Re cords. C. Hegerle. Row 2: C. Hofmann. P. Horowitz. J. Sturtlevanl. D. Hill. D Hoelt. E. Haugen. J. Hemllund, J. Herman. Row 3: D. Harding. D. Hanson. S. Haskell, J. Harris. B. Hartig. T. Hein. S. Holmes R010 1: T. Heclin. D. Hamlin. Nl. Hase. A S. Hew. C. Hazel. J. Smith. A. Hoffman. 71 - 'E 1lpE'.Y'P'!l5K!7I': wtakwdl QWM MR. EDLUND-IO4 Row l: E. Gilbert, S. Goldman. A. Green berg. L. Green. J. Haley, W. Gross. J Given. N. Gustafson. Rauf 2: S. Goldberg A. Grax, M. Godman. M. Ginzberg, G Gerger, D. Greene. J. Gilbertson. D. Gul se-th. Row 3: A. Goldman. R. Haehn. A Greenberg. E. Groenke. B. Griffin. S Gleekel. N, Hankel. S. Gelfen. Row 4: R Godfrey. J. Gruschka, P. Goldstein, D. Goodlow. D. Gustafson. V. Hake, J. Hao kert. A. Gisslen. ggi, . 1 .P iw SQ MISS FARSETH-2l2 l Ru l lx lnpuj - 1 l I V lux ll ltnmlm N lnxn l' R M man 1' J D lll x0 X M R lt loiln ll lull ll lol on Il' Z i- .1 ' yi. . Hlltlill6IllWl . G. Hub- 1 . . . ' ' . '. . Jolin:on. R. Hy- ' - WH' LI - .o ny n. Hutera. S. . '41 1. . .1 '1 a. . , ins . P. Hurst. Run' 3: Nl. Johnson. K. Johnson. B. Hunn- l'llT"Y- B- Johnson. Xl. Jolinson. ll. lwrs. ll. .lanose-k. Ron' 4: J. Johnson. D. Johnson. lv. .l0l1I1f0I1. lv. Johnson. K. Jensen. ll. Jolinston. G. Johnfon. MR. FRIEDMAN-325 Row l: K. Kinkvl. Xl. Keller. K. Knhtola 5. Latlin. S. Koeller. L. Lange. J. Knnwlen R010 22 J. I-13g91'l1lllSl. V. Knott. D. Kuchn R. Lacher. E. llcltz. Nl. Knoll. N. Kauff man. Row 3: D. Krawtz. G. Kuoxnmn, R Kvaanin-ka. J. King. ll. Kr-ntlrivk, H. Kullio, C. Lahtinf-n. Row 4: D. Diclir-y. E. Kraul S. Klinv. J. Krf-in. D. lilt'I1l1Jlit". ll. Kongs gaarcl. C. King. P. Karter. 1 .J MR. KLALISER-I3 R014 13 Xlanthfqg fi. Xlwcalbf-Q Y. .XlJ1l+HIl. J. llCKowPn. ll. Nlano-fvitz. YV. Nlf-wrg. Row 2: D. llaCf'aluP+'. J- Xlf'CE1llTt'Y. R. Lundluohm. R. llannim Xl. Nlarflianrl. C. Mickelson. ll. lleutollfr. Rozt' 3: l. Lund- quiet. G. Lyons. R. Ka-xulw. ll. Xlanow-vitz. J. Hagel. ll. Luncllwrg. Row 1: .JA MC- Crath. J. Kit-Elroy. J. Bla-Donald. C. HC- Dougall. D. Mattson. fl. Blffacle. W-Aff I MR. JOHNSON-IOS Rau' l: D. Lelwdoff. S. Lmlfling. J. Le-he cloff. J. Leliow. D. Lloyd. P. Lauiainen. E Lieberman. J. Le-bt-doif. Row 2: J. Lesterucl D. Laison. J. Lelirmann. R. London. J Linflmwier. P. Langbton. S. Livon. Row 3 ll. Lwsarrl. Xl. Litltllfn S. Larevn. L. Lofte D. Carman. L. Link. D. LeCu5'f-r. E. Lown Ron' 4: Xl. Levitt. B. Lewis. T. Lvonartl K. Long. VV. Lovliwootl. J. Lowry. L. Leli man. G... .Ml We-. rr' MRS.WIIK-3 I 2 Row l: S. O'Loughlin, S. Noyes, J. Ollan keto. R. Oltman. NI. Norclquist. C. Olsen S. Parker. Row 2: R. Okins. A. Notaro, R. Olsen. J. Palmquist. R. Notaro. L. Olson D. Norling, P. Parent. Row 3: R. Oleen. Xl. Nortlahl. P. Oclekirk, W. Norris. L. North. R. O'Dette, E. Patterson. Row 4: C Otteson. H. Paul, H. Orensten, B. Olsen. R Otten. J. Novak, A. Oleisky. MB we 4, X if C5 MR. KLEVEN-224 Raw 1: R. Morehouse, W. Nauer. J- NOT- lmerg. A. Kluseoplat. J. Naehtwey. L. Nelson S. Niehur. Row 2: R. Hiller. J' MUTTHY R. Nauer. A. Nelson. J. Neadle. J. Klun clahl. D. Nielsen, E. Moss. Row 3: T Nasliolm. S. Monteon, B. Niemi, B. Miller W. Niederloh, E. Lind. P. Nielsen. Row 4: W. Noble. J. Hiller. J. Morrissey. D. Noe- ton, J. Nelson, L. Moss, M. Plitman. 0 gig, 3 X Jrq, , 5 W' rguvi MISS LERSCHEN-3I8 Run' 1: S. Re-N-witz. C. Pearson. P. Pieper. Nl. Flkollka. J. Pval. E. Ruske: Row 2: D. Rt-ivlivrt. R. Peterson. D. Perlmutter, J. Rt-ivliel. R. Poucher. D. Ralie. C. Ramsey. Rim' 3: l.. Queton. L. Peters. D. Phillips. D. Rut"km'r. N. Ressen, Nl. Reimer. Row -L: E. Poison. J. Quirk. C. Retliwill. M. Rez- nick. P. Piekman, W. Peterson, -ff.wiA1w 2 M1 - MR. NENOW-3I I Row 1: J. Rich. A. Mlarws. C. Schaithvrger. H. Rohling. KI. Sako. Row 2: L. Sohffnrlvl. E. Ryks. J. Rose. KI. Rowlvs. Row 3: W. Sahatyk. D. Scharlwr. X. Rogr-rs. R. Rytl- herg. R. Ross. Row 4: C. Sclwiclegger. XI. Rosh. D. Sarff, T. Rollin. MR. SOLTYS-3 Row l: D. Surrenqx J. Stfflo. B. Snwen D. Solberg. Stockp. E. Stanz. KI. Spring er. Row 2: J. Soltis. J. Stwora. C. Spwarg C. Stasson. J. Sochko. S. Stt-vms, L. Sopoa nick. M. Stachowski. Row 3: D. Sorhoim J. Stuhr. L. Struck. Y. Smith. J. Stfendahl B. Stoeckel. D. Supalo. Row 4: R. Sorlor- lund. R. Somdahl. C. Stymne. D. Snyder, H. SIPQHGT. P. Sonnflnherg. K. Stiras. W. W. M ,. ,MW ,ff W. .M I EW I .Z QW, w V MR. RUTGERSON-I I I Ron' 1: D. Sf.-lllnfielwr. R. .-Xlnsluer. D. Siwgvl lf. Svrulnic. KI. Svhwartz. F. Singh-ton. E SIJIIIIIHZET, J. Svhwartz. Row 2: Xl. Svrota S. Scott. Shf-rtnan. Bl. Serota. H. Shel- ton. D. Sloninf-. S. Silverman. Row 3: C Moore, D. Shoquiwt, J. DeOtis, A. Sillmf--rt K. Seaherg. P. Singer. L. Segal. Rum 4-: I3 Skeally. KI. Schwartz. K. Sheldon. J. Sf-llvrs E. Schonnne-r. A. Schwartz. R. Schwartz R. Shuster. K 1 W7 I lf 'H - MISS WERTH-306 Ron' 1: U. WviPTill13H. S. Wvawnius. J. Wvvin In-rg, KI. Wvilson. C. Yates. L. Yvarren Ron' 2: R. Younglovf-. YV. YVHQBIIPD. P Z1-lvnak. WViDk1l'l', C. Wfllphal. R. Yvally Rau' 3: I. W'wis111an. D. While. J. Yvright M. Yvllollf-t. C. Young. B. W'YO0f19. Row 4 B. Wvfflliscll. J. ZuCCam. D. Zytkovicz. R Young. R. Zoubvr. S. Young. 5 n..HawmK1.1 MR. CHRISTOPHERSQN -I I Row 1: R. Cavanagh. T. Moen. D. Suas man. J. Rice. H. Lockwood. D. Rodgers Row 2: J. Raiohie. J. Edholm. Ni. Hamilton R. Diiiaber. A. Rotnian. Row 3: D. John son. C. Haight. R. Sletten. J. Havosek. B. Sinton. J. Sunfleil. Row 4: R. Kleinhaum. D. Skolnick. P. Gustafson. D. Dressel. NI. Fisuhbein. AUTOGRAPHS Could a space cadet be a true Polarite if he didn't occasionally take time out to fly off to a twinkling star, a fleecy cloud, or to Mars, Ve- nus., and Saturn for "After Hours" fun! As he flies south he may see a flashing marquee with names in lights. Of course, class play practice begins today, and his excitement runs high - what is the play: who are the leads on this twinkling star? An ominous rumble to the north may foretell a storm-serious indeed for a space ship. The North cadet finds that the rumble is only that of whirring machinery in full production of Polaris publications. The Po- larite folds his wings while he watches in amaze- ment all the activity connected with the publi- cation. Then off he soars to Venus, Mars, and Saturn to see other cadets busily engaged in gathering information about the many "After- Hoursi' organizations. Fast friendships have been developed through the participation in all these activities by the space cadets of North. The mutual esteem on these interplanetary ex- peditions has a tendency to build countless life- time friendships. FTER HOUR ? 2'- n an l J it 4 .Q.. Row one: G. Michelson, R. Johnson, S. Walters, C. Ferguson, E. Erickson, C. Uhrich, R. Johnson, S. Johnson, E. Bohlin, D. Boe, Row two: A. Gilbertson, E. Hall, M. Ferguson, S. Robertson, S. Parker, M. Christensen, B. Kallio, E. Lehrman, M. Aune, M. Sprinkel. Row three: B. Cordon, S. Moneon. F.. Hurley, J. Enstrancl, L. Moss, R. Berg, D. Swenson, F. Bergstrom, K. Hanlon, W. Holmes, G. Lundquist, T. Duffy, J. Longie, C. Lange. Bow four: S. Rosen, L. Walter, B. Patterson, H. Stegner, T. Hedin, P. Kasperson, J, Brasch, P. Kroehnert, D. Briggs. R. Aune, H. Dorholt, K. Hallett, D. Needhom. BAN D Look at those sharp uniforms! Getting new uniforms has been the dream of band members for the past years. To help pay for the uniforms, the band spon- sored the c'Holiclay Revuefl a variety show, in December. It was a big success. The band's appearance at athletic events is always awaited with pleasure, and no homecoming game is ever complete without its participation. George Paulsen is the able director. Row one: F. Records, V. Okerstrom, K. Erickson. Noyes, R. Oltman, H. Shelton, S. Wenger, B. Gilbert, S. Scott. Row two: R. Filipek, B. Compton, J. Farguson, D. Walker. B. Niederloh, J. Anderson, M. Larson. Row three: Mr. Paulsen. l. Benjiman. V. Johnson, D. Philips, J. Berman, L. Peters, E. Rippe, D. Flannelly, G. Karries. Row four: M. Kellas. E. Welk. E. Scliomer. N. Ormel, D. Vogel, M. West, J. Lutz, R. Harris. f , f , Z 5 , ' , f f ,f K K Row one: M. Eason, A. Born. J. Anderson, B. Eason, L. Dhein, J. Trom, D. Lund, J. Bosak, P. Burnett. Row two: H. Roloff, R. Knutson, D. Greene. S. Fitch, E. Bloomquist, M. Chatfield, S. Rizwith, M. Marchand, C. Hoffman, J. Anderson, P. Hurst. Row three. S. Nordstrom, F. Barrier. B. Steere, M. Darling, T. Holznagel, C. Felegy, B. Tucker, M. Erickson, C. Hart, L. Harvester, F. Slovak, M. Lieske. Row four: H. Miller, M. Schmidt, M. Soderquist, K. Thurner, P. Nelson, L. Horvick, D. Larson, M. Martinka, P. Henson, C. Erickson, C. Kelsey, H. Thompson. CHOIR The a cappela choir, directed by Mrs. Clarence Etscheid, has contributed to many of our school programs. At Christmas they presented the 'gSong of Christ- mas,'7 by Ray Ringwald. They also gave their annual spring concert in May. Small groups are taken from the choir to sing for various auditorium programs and meetings. Mary Darling and Mary Schmidt are the choir's two' talented pianists. Row one: S. Novack, R. Schmidt, M. Finkelstein, C. Becktold, E. Lieberman, B. Pearson, J. Wade, J. Socho, D. Ryman. Row two: M. Helm, B. Snyder, C. Bartosch, B. Lockwood, H. Liss, J. Becktold, R. lsker. N. Walker. Row three: A. Gray, D. Sor- hirn, G. Thorp, E. Tolentino, D. Jenson, S. Soltis, R. Burk, J. Leeson, M. Tangen. Row four: J. Harvey, D. Larson, J. Schultz, D. Goodlow, M. Milstein, B. Kassler, J. Sundel, D. Aich. fffihffll , 74 f 2 I f - 2' V4 li 1 I l I I - I - l I 7 I- 2. if E ' 4 , Row one: J. Lutsky, J. Peal, S. Swedberg. S. Hess. S. Stocke. R. Harris. Row two: M. Kieffer, B. Burk. E. Tolentino. C. Ma nuson, K. Simmons, R. Berg. Row three: W. Nieclerloh, D. Goodlow. A. Gray. R. Walker, D. Rymann, L. Rinkin, V. Hill. ORCHESTRA The North High orchestra, under the di- rection of George Paulsen. gives us the necessary music at the class play and commencement and it also entertains us during several auditorium programs. Row one: A. Longerbone, D. Warner, B. Truppman. Row M Martinka, M. Schwartz, L. Kossoff, L. Harvester. K f .y ' x ' x TWIRLERS The twirlers lend much to our football and basketball games with the skill and dexterity with which they handle their flags and guns. two: J. McDougall. E. Goldman, D. Folsom. B. Gordon. Row three: 9 . 'Saas - 4 -X . X A Y ff 1: . ,fsifgff sk t 'ff f 3 . ,r 1 , . 1,1 !HA57!c.1E1 1 If . 'H AM .i 3. , 9331 wmmww . K Q 1. .G o N 'fr l ll' 4 1 R chasm WD I , ' V 5 f nl 3 . 7. ,,, . ' Z ,Q W f we-Q f' .V I he Y ' 'W Y :ya GW ' ff ' Nw.. .ap i if f I ...,, , . 1 wr ff li i' -. 1 ' e""""'t' L . ' f .,,,, ,, L. J Row one: P. Foltz. S. Goldberg. S. Stocke. D. Boe, J. Bosak, P. Pieper. Row two: C. Lahtinen, C. Francen, J. Lebedoft, T. More- house. T. Wal-Li. K. Snedeker, P. Burnett. Row three:-B. Christopherson, J. Dzubay, C. Magnuson, T. Moen. M. Manosevitz, J. Yanetten. Row four: R. Hedin. D. Ewald, J. Wuollet. E. Schommer, H. Orensten, J. Beauchane. STUDENT COUNCIL The students' voice is heard! On Th d urs ays the Student Council meets under the guidance of Miss Harriet Madigan. A representative from each homeroom mak - h ' ' ' es up t e council. During the year this group supervises activities of many kinds. Among these are Homecoming, Student Government Day, talent shows, and numerous drives. Bow one: ll. Pilger. ll. B k Q ur e. L. Robertson, B. Saarela. J. Weinberg, B. Eason. R. Schmitt. Row two: M. Weestrand, B. Kal- lio. H. Heier. S. Feinberg. S. Jordan, E. Goldman, G. Hensel, M. Sandhack. Row three: B. Davidson, L. Harvester. S. Carlson. S. Nordstom, S. Wadtke. R. Carlsen. J. Anderson. Row four: J. Miller, J. Larson, D. Orfield. J. Stocke, N. Rorvick. M. Levin, D. Spiegel. C. Paulson. T, 3 fi C "1-:ff ,fy fy 4 . , "T my Q XZ 2 g mfia, 60- 5 I V 9' favs' Wrff- .. I E5 Row one' M. Burke, C. Streed, D. Warner, M.'Ferguson, D. Leverson, A. Gilbertson, J. Stimmler, J. ' k B. Gilbert, La Bissoniere. Row two: J. Olson, G. Rosewarne, J. Stubblefield, L. Foreman. E. Eric 'son, S. Wenger, M. Fjellman. Row three: D. Udison, C. Uhrich, L. Kossof, D. Knight, S. Becker, M. Lieske. T. Holznagel, R. Meier, N. Arones. Row four: B. Orstad, B. Johnson. V. Wicherski, J. Arones, C. Erick- son, R. Johnston, S. Myles, M. Wee-strand. MEDALIS NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE Would you like to be the Master of Ceremon- ies for an auditorium program? If you would, N.F.L. is just the club for you. Members also participate in debates and Congresses Medalis is an organization open to North High girls who wish to do service and also have fun. The club sponsors a family each Thanksgiving by giving them food and gifts. Every other week the girls go bowling at Ascension. Miss Lerschen is their adviser. throughout the year. Row one: D. Lebedoff, S. Scott. P. Horovitz. K. Davis, B. Saarela, L. Wasserman, J. McKowen. Row WI T n en S Heims 'VI Ritzen J King S Feinberg Bow three: L. Klifler, E. Soll, two:J.Murrow,.. ag,. ,i. ,. ,. . S. Haskell, l. Weisman, S. Grossman, L. Robins, V. McHugh. Row four: R. Guttmann, S. Bennett. T. Hammerman, Weinberg, N. Haskell, A. Goldman. WJ Q lm.".i'Y,fl. W at ,. -I ,..- Q .5717 X , W Row one: E. Lieberman. J. Weinberg. Bl. Finkelstein, M. Schwartz. D. Siegel. Row two: S. Livon, E. Meltz, E. Gilbert. A. Sedransl-xy. L. Wasserman. Row three: S. Gelfen, S. Katz, T. Fishman, S. Gleekel, M. Aaron. Row four: R. Lazerine. KI. Reznick. R. Schwartz, E. Soll. S. Grossman. KADIMAH ln 1923 a group of Jewish girls got together and formed the club Kadimah. They wished to do service for their school and also to ac- quire leadership qualities. The members to- day still wish to do the same thing-and they do. P. T. S. A. The members of the P.T.A. felt that the stu- dents of North were adult enough to become part of their group. They were joined to- gether in 1953. A representative from each homeroom makes up the student group. Mar- lys Lieske is president of the student part of P.T.S.A. Row one: M. Curtis. J. Scott, C. Kaplan. L. Eisenberg, J. Peal. E. Hall. J. Stimmler,.D. Brecht. C Abrams. Row two: S. Bajari. H. Shelton, B. Renstrom, P. Langston. C. Ferguson, P. Hurst, P. Horo vitz. N. Erickson. Row three: S. Locketz, E. Bohlin. M. Weestrand. L. Kliffer. B. Steere, G. Rosewarne. M. Lieske, B. Kallio, R. Filipek. How four: P. Carlson, D. Nocton, D. Ewald. R. Harris, J. Palm. G. Creenstein. l. Lundquist, L. North. W7 , Q-,sp 11. .. z :M 9 ' QOH it Row one: D. Lund, L. Lick, M. Ferguson, D. Leverson. l. Sukov, A. Gilbertson, J. Stimmler. E. Hall, R. Schmitt. C. Abrams. Row two: M. Bryant, C.'l-lartig. R. Johnson, B. Kallio, M. Lieske. J. Anderson. P. Nelson, M. Pilger, V. Castuch. J. Ambroier. Row three: R. Meier, J. Stubblefield, J. Krause, P. Lewis. V. Brekke, B. Peters, C. Ferguson, E. Erickson. G. Jordan, B, Wick- strom. Row four: C. Kelsey. J. Arones, C. Erickson, B. Bruce, S. Carlson, B. Woods, E. Bohlin, M. Schmidt. P. Heckmann, R. Johnson. Y-TEENS This year Y-Teens divided into eight chapters. The girls met after school or at the homes of the members. Each chapter elected its officers and each one had its own leader. The big project for this year was the "Rhapsody in Bluei' formal. lt was held at the Columbia Chalet and any girl in North was welcome to go. All-school officers for this year were as follows: Mary Kellas, president: Joy Anderson, vice president: Mary Pilger, secretary, Pat Nelson, treasurer. Row one: R. Wilensky, E. Goldman. BI. Schwartz. C. Hensel. E. Smith. P. Alvarez. D. YVarner. V. Zimmerman. Row two: S Wenger, C. Streed. M. Rosenzweig, C. Arnold. M. Sandback. BI. Fjellman. E. Snyder. Row three: Nl. Niman. B. Truppman. N Arones, L. Foreman. B. Gilbert, C. Uhrich, G. Rosewarne. Row four: M. Martinka, P. Henson. Bl. Kellas. B. Johnson. KI. Liden R. Johnston, A. Sandback, S. Nordstrom. ... ,,..J 1: A .........4 f ii I, 3 . , 7.14136 i TA 4 'df 2 x l Y ,. Row one: R. Meelberg. C. Sarkinen. J. Bennett. T. Stoekhurger, P. Hoagberg, J. Corran, J. Henderson, T. Wal-ti, D. Berg. Row two: KI. Hamilton. C. Olson. J. Olsen. J. Elgren. J. Sundell, E. Benineasa, B. Nafstad, J. Janosek. Row three: D. Ewald, B. Pearson. D. Anderson. D. Anderson, W. Holmes, B. Erickson, J. Wuollet, R. Elmquist, C. Casperson. Bow four: C. Carlson, D. Smith, W. Johnson. C. Steman. B. Soltis, D. Peterson, R. Audette, D. Wagner. HI-Y Four clubs made up the North Hi-Y this year. They are Appolo, Acme, Primus, and Zenith. To create, maintain, and extend Christian character in the school and community is the purpose of the Hi-Y clubs at North. The all-school presi- dent this year is Cleone Magnuson. Row one: R. Hanson. L. Hill. H. Buranen, R. Snyder, R. Bergstein, M. Filipek. D. Laitinen, J. Bechtold. J. Roufs, M. DePew. Row twoi D. Fyten, E. Kaplan, D. Fisher, B. Palmsteinherg, B. Cordon, L. Walters, F. Marchand, C. Magnuson, J. Koshestein, C. Cooper. Bow three: T. Caasch. J. McElroy. J. Stocke. R. Croas, E. Hurley, T. Laurel. J. O'Keefe, R. Hald, J. Elvin, C. Carl- son. B. Soltis. Row four: J. Larson. B. Ohnstad, D. Orheld. M. Vossberg, G. Duffee, B. Colvin, B. Doherty, B. Erhardt, P. Kroeh- nert, D. Smith. ff M S 1 is Q 5 Row one: C. Ferguson, D. Huntington, J. Oglansky. Row two: T. Morehouse, E. Snyder, M. Rosenzweig, M. Slacter. Row three: S. Carlson, T. Moen, M. Weestrand. COURTESY COMMITTEE The members of this committee introduce the new students to their teachers and show them through our building. lt was originated several years ago by the Student Council. The chairman of this group is Tom Morehouse. 2 'su Row one: J. Bennett, D. Sonnenstahl, C. Forare. Row two: J. Walz, L. Bergman, R. Byrd. STAGE CREW This group of boys is responsible for the scenery, the lights, and the eHiciency of all technical pro- duction behind the footlights. They are on duty for all auditorium programs and public perform- ances. CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP The members of Christian Fellowship are students from all denominations. Inspiration is given to their group by many guest speakers. They also participate with other schools in various outings. Row one: J. Scott, M. Curtis, S, Robertson. J. Knowlen. D. Solberg, M. Sprinkel. Row two: II. Hal- vorsen, C. Carlson, Fox, S. Stevens, M. Aune, K. Day. V. Okerstrom. Row three: E. Bohlin. S. John- son. R. Johnson. F. Torgerson, J. Anderson. C. Ramsey, D. Rumble. Row four: M. Olsen. L. North. D. Larson. M. Soderquist, D. Hollna. F. Barrier, J. Rawlins. O s. .A S, x 3 -.. ,fa-W ,. , , V ,W IW, , V W f X 4 W z . , ,, ywfg, auf Qi' n MW Q1 Row one: S. Scott. K. Daxis. ll. Greene. J. Nlcliowan. Row two: S. Becker. S. Heims. J. llalllwerg. S. Feinberg. Row three: A. Goldman. L. Robins. l. Weisman. J. Finkel- stein. Row four: B. Buntlt. ll. Beck. T. Hammerman. S. Grossman. WORLD AFFAIRS CLUB Do you like to discuss the problems of the world? lf you do. you should join the World Affairs Club. The members keep up on the events of the world by doing the W-orld Affairs Quiz each week. Miss Far- seth is the faculty adviser. ? I 2 Row one: l. Weisman. J. Berman, J. Finkelstein, B. Gutt- man. Row two: M. Goldfein. l.. Wolf, V. McHugh. Row three: S. Bennett, R. Cuttman. C. Filerman, R. Bundt. JUNIOR ACADEMY OF SCIENCE Students who are interested in science are usually found at a meeting of the Junior- Academy of Science. Each member is required to complete one project of science a year. Burton Guttman is presi- dent this year. VIKING CLUB Any student who takes Norse is welcome to join the Viking Club. Each year this club sponsors a program with foreign students as their guests. Janice Malzahn is president of this group. Row one: A. Cilbertson, J. Kverness. R. Malecki. J. Henderson, K. Ketola, K. Jarppi, D. Boe. Row two M. Stenson, R. Johnson, H. Halvorson. M. Nelson. B. Hanson, B. Ulstrom. K. Johnson. Row three: B Trout. C. Barberg. F. Barrier. R. La Combe. D. Carr. P. Lewis, J. Anderson. Row four: R. Rolf, M. Mar tinka, L. Rorvick. R. Auna, .Ai Stament. J. Rotondo, C. Johnson. F. Torgerson. ,ix if rf...1i iii-- f..f wi . '-.M Q2 may X . .- xox' Q . . 'NW -' A343 ' h X ' 'Q,,..f - like ers A .M s Row one: D. Lund. V. Zimmerman, S. Feinberg. J. Oglansky. E. Hall. Row two: N Arones, C. Rosewarne. M. Pilger. E. Goldman. G. Hensel. B. Cuttrnan. How three: S Heims, M. Weestrand. A. Engel, L. Kliffer, Nl. Liden. Row four: V. NIC Hugh. Bl. Broude T. Warren, R. Cuttmann, ll. Beck. Nl. Jeinpsa. Not pictured. B. Lessak. ll. Christensen NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY A strictly honorary organization is the National Honor Society here at North High School. Juniors and seniors are Chosen each year according to these four qualitiealions: leadership, scholarship, character, and service. The otlicers for this year are: Sherry Feinberg, president: Mary Pilger. vice president: Virginia Zimmerman, secretary: lVlilton Broude. treasurer: Ronald Cuttinann. sergeant-at-arlns. Advisers for this group are Hilda Blessin and Marion Could. 44- Row one: Y. Zimmerman. B. Blackwell. M. Liden. R. Johnston, C. Rosewarne. A. Engel. W. Shapira. J. Gilbert. Row two: A. Blumenthal. R. Krause. C. Arnold. P. Nelson. M. Burke. E. Smith, N. Arones. M. Schwartz. B. Johnson, C. Luden. B. Cuttman, I. Nagle. L. Kliffer. Row three: J. Dolgoff. B. Orstad. T. Warren, M. Kellas. J. Anderson. B. Bundt. POLARIS BI-WEEKLY Putting out a newspaper is a lot of hard work, but under the able hands of Virginia Zimmerman and John Gilbert the job is fun. The students of North High receive the Polaris every other week. James Anderson is the adviser of the staff. MOVIE COMMITTEE The accomplishments of this group were seen earlier this year when the student body saw 4'Pola- ranla Under Northjs Starf' Many hours of hard Work was put into this movie by these students. Lillian Lindsten and Alfred Christopherson are the advisers for this group. Row one: J. Bennett. M. Lockwood. C. Forare. T. Morehouse, B. Lessak, B. Pearson, A. Collins. Row two: R. Dillaber, V. Mc Hugh. T. Holznagel. L. Bergman. T. Moen. D. Sussman, L. Kliffer, D. Sonnenstahl. Row three: S. Carlson, S. Rosen. L. Rivkin, D. Holtus, M. Hamilton, D. Reeves, E. Soll. Row four: J. Larson, R, Bundt, R. Bird, J. Sundell. C. Haight, J. Walz, T. Warren. fax ., M ew, ., ' . ,H 1 fw- '27 Q I li ":. ., f't ww t, 'J' Y? V7 2 Row one: R. Wilensky, K. Ketola. S. Cahot, M. Fiterman. Row two: C. Luden. J. Rieschl. L. Lick, S. Rappaport, J. Oglansky. Row three: J. Domiano, M. Schwartz, B. Truppman, M. Niman. Row four: J. Dolgoff, S. Myles. J. Weinerman, D. Carmen. HALLGUARDS The hallguards are posted at their sta- tions during the lunch periods. lt is their duty to keep the halls quiet while classes are going on. Miss Madigan is the adviser of this group. PAT-POLAR COMMITTEE This committee along with a committee from Henry arranges dances at the Leg- ion Hall every other Friday night. They sell memberships to the students of their school and encourage them to attend these dances. Row one: T. Morehouse, H. Rosengren, P. Alvarez, C. Mattson. P. Nelson. Row two: J. Krause, M. Sandback, C. Arnold, M. Fjellrnan, M. Pilger. Row three: D. Fisher, D. Jentsch, J. Anderson, ,M. Niman, M. Bryant. Row four: D. Peterson, D. Smith, B. Soltis, W. Johnson, B. Erickson. . 0.4011 fav 7: Row one: M. Ferguson. D. Leverson, S. Wasenius, R. Wilensky, J. Stimmler. Bow two: B. Saarela, D. Lucas. D. Lund. J. Catt, K. Davis, C. Streed. Row three: L. Rosenfield, L. Kossof, B. Truppman, S. Dooley, C. Eliason. Bow four: J. Hanifl, N. Paraschuk, M. Schmidt, F. Beck, S. Katz. LIBRARY PAGES SERVICE AIDS North High would not run as smoothly as it does if it werenit for the Service These pages assist our librarians. they check out books, straighten the books on the shelves, and help the students find the books they need for their class- Aids. These girls work as attendance clerks, oiiice pages, and switchboard op- es. The school would find it hard to erators. They earn service points for get along without these helpful girls. their work. Row one: S. Eisenberg. E. Keller, B. Skramstad, S. Robertson, M. Michaelson. R. Cavren, J. Weinberg. Row two: C. De Rosier. M. Kenton, P. Crandall, L. Niemi. C. Strehler, J. Stanley. Row three: D. Knight, S. Becker. B. Trout, M. Botz, Bt. lsker, J. Krause, B. Wickstrom. Row four: V. Mc Hugh, B. Blackwell, D. Nielsen, H. Young. E. Torgerson, L. Koch. ,S .. . 1 7 V ia, S A TTL, X ' ' it Z , I 'fm .-n Q- V" ' f P? I . mf .,,.' ' up .N Q. .. 1-- Q Q9 4.1-A z --r. .. tg . X Q.Nw,..' - :vm V Q7 .qv Qi X 4 Y: Row one: J. Ollanketo, Y. Okerstrom, C. Shaitberger, D. Boe. M. Ferguson, A. Gilbertson, J. Oglansky, M. Finkelstein. Row two: J. Mundahl, T. Doherty, Y. Reinking. B. Humphrey. E. Bloomquist, D. London S Reisewltz W Olson H Lebow. Row three: J. Finkelstein, E. Bohlin, S. Anderson. N. Walker. SI. La Yelle, R. Johnson, J., Vlieinerman, iM. Sch R f mi ow our: J. Rawlins, D. Ewald, C. Steman, A. Hilger. D. Swenson, C. Kelsey. Y. Wicherski, C. Sarkinen. JUNIOR RED CROSS Each year this organization carries out many use- ful projects. The membership drive and the filling of the gift boxes are their two big projects, but this year they sponsored a third. They sent a large chest of school supplies to a school in Europe. Miss Siehl is their adviser. PROJECTION CLUB One of the hardest working groups of students at North High are the members of the Projection Club. The duties of this group are to show educa- tional and entertaining movies to the school: fur- nish radios and phonographs to the classes that want them, and operate the public address system in the auditorium. Row one: D. Sussman, J. Rice, J. Stubbleheltl. J. Olson, ll. Lockwood D Rodger, R. Cavanacfh, T Blanchette. Ron tw : D. . , . D U . ' 0 Reeves, C. Hechter. R. Dillaber. D. Johnson, Bl. Hamilton. J. Raichle. A. Rotman, T. Moen. Row three: R. Sletten. J. Maeose. B. Stinton, J. Edholm, B. Zimmer. D. Holtus. Cv. Olson. Row four: L. Frank, R. Kleinbaum. D. Skolnick. M. Fislibein. P. Gustafson, C. Haight, D. Dressel. by Q, ,sn 'A 5' . mi W tl S sv? .X bd' alt!! it x '19 'TWA 1' lll0Wda l A 3,3 ' We x. 'ffl , ,Jw S .4 V. it gx HOMECOMING As the seven lovely queen candidates walked down the aisle everyone wondered-which one would be the new queen. Marsh Lifson and Clarence Steinan did a good job of keeping everyone in suspense. They walked from one girl to another on the stage. Finally they stopped-Connie Arnold was crowned the 1953 Homecoming Queen. Queen Connie and her attendants presided over the dayls festivities, which included the football game against Edison in the afternoon, and the tra- ditional dance in the evening. .. 2, i ' 'ff V n W ., .. V ,vf:',-"sw: , v .aonxma fcefzv 11 W Clarence Steman, Connie Arnold, and Marshall Lifson. Mary Ann Nelson, Mary Kellas, Margie Niman, Queen Connie Arnold, Cecelia DeRosier, Liz Smith, and Mary Pilger. M'44-'fvrnvwfww ff f BA HDig those crazy niustachesf' Foreground: F. Evangelist. Back row R. Cuttniann. M. Lebowitz, D. Peter- son. J. Larson, B. Hanson, J. Smith. Below: Xl. Weinberg, C. Hensel, Warren. h'The winnersf' us P uS1nile pretty for the hirdiefi lforegroundz B. Finkelstein, l. Sukov. Hawk row: D. Edwards, D. Bishop, C De liosie-r. GAY NINETIES D Y If a visitor had conie to North on February 5, unprepared, he probably would have been startled. The seniors were dressed according to the theme of the day-the Cay "90's." Grace Hensel and Ted Warren received the prize for the most original costume. The prize in accordance with the day was a bottle of "l890" salad dressing. To top the day off, a basketball game and dance were held in the evening. Everyone agreed-the day was a success! X f. N ' t ' Nbr. - -c my .fi Q Q o SENIOR CLASS SONG Tune: For All We Know For all we know we may never meet again. And though we go, this will never be the end Of memories of Northg We've loved every minute. Weill be leaving you soon, But our hearts wonit be in it. For who can tell what the coming years will bring: We Come and go like the ripple on a stream. So as years go by, Weill think of our schoolday friendsg Maybe welll meet again For all we know. AUTOGRAPHS Without the help of the following people this book would not been Wennblom, copy advisersg Mr. Lloyd Rutgerson, financial adviserg Halvorson, American Yearbook representative. 53 possibleg Miss Velma Seder and Miss Delores David Bank Studios, photographersg Mr. E. Meet the originators of c'National Miller Dayf, They are Mike Ritzen, Buddy Christopherson, Mickey Weinberg, Willie Shapira, and John Gilbert. Lewie Cohen stands by a few of his many paintings in the uLittle Art Gallery? , V23 aw E , 1 t lf l r 252 f"iA , Ellffww 2 M i 4' z ,, M m ,mf Sylvia Wenger helps Lois Kliffer find a lost article. Mel Lebewitz holds Suzie Que. the little lost dog who found a home at North High School. . b, Two foreign friends: Eugenia Leon and Heide Rohloff. 3 5 2 Z Editors-in-chief of Ginny Zimmerman. Sherry Feinberg. Governor of Girlsa State, shows Sandy Carlson, 1954 delegate, and her alternate, Joy Anderson, a day's program. the Polaris Bi-weekly: John Gilbert and Pat Nelson, treasurer of Nortlfs Y Teens, admires the new bulletin board ZAPTEFH -XAPTERE AAPTEH3 H AFTER M! HAPTER5 marine ,HAPTEW7 HAPTEFB yi -M-1-:fe1'?1:+1" SEVE CAST Mrs. Gyurlovics . .Barbara Blackwell Katinka ...... Marylee Christensen Sari .... ....... B enee Johnson Ella . . .... Rochelle Abrams Mitzi .. ....... Barbara Davis B Terka . . . . . .Joanne LaBissoniere Liza . . . . . .Mary Ann Nelson B. Doherty. B. Blackwell, H. Johnson, S. Litman, R. Abrams, XI. Christensen. On March 4, the Senior Class presented the "Seven Sisters" to a full house. Mrs. Cyurkovics had everyone laughing at her old- fashioned idea of finding a husband for each of her daughters, the older girls coming first, of course. This was where Mitzi stepped in. R. Johnson, J. Marko, B. Doherty. M. Christenson, B. Guttmann, B. Davis. 2' f fr 1 'Z of ' 1 f," E '1 Q 2 2 J n 1 . af, 223 V? gg f gi iff I l I p.......x SISTER 3 .W 1 , I . I W f f lgffif " ,if , J- gf. , ' 9 .I ,,,, .. , ,, ,, W., A V A , . W I l' iii file ' xl' 'V if ara . ............. Ruth Schmitt KW, ,,U,L A V . Colonel Badviany. .Ronald Guttinann I l Q2 1 H B W j Gilda Radviany ...... Soron Litman J V J 177 o f . Q. '15 4' 'ff' f ,7 f i. fl ,. -al 4' l Ferenz Horkoy .... Williaxii Doherty In Wg Michael Sandorfiv . . .Jerome Marko If , Ziff' ' , ' Toni Telekl ....... Jerome R3WN'l1I1S A I , -, r,l 4 A , f .L Janko ..... . . .Ralph lxlrshhaum U --. E? 7 5 gf J 2 .2 2 Tf fiiiff' IV 5 - '-'A"' " , ' L m y 5, 'ei . 'J ' f A"- f , V ,V I, Y W- rr iff, ' ,j,- W, ., ,,U. V 'Vg I ..,,.. J' ' X B. Davis, R. Abrams, B. Cuttmann. The cast. student director. Mrs. Lindsten, and the many others who helped make the play a success. ut in man ' hours of hard work. P 3 Row 1: B. Daxis. J. Marko. H. Johnson, B. Blackwell, R. Schmitt, M. Christensen. C. Abrams. Row 2: R. Kirschhaum. Litman. B. Doherty. J. Rawlins. J. LaBissoniere. M. Burke, R. Guttmann. Excitement fills the air as the time for the warm-up draws near. To make it beneficial, the warm-up demands spirit and teamwork. Sports here at North increase school spirit and promote teamwork. After training and drilling for three years the North- Cadet is prepared for the warm-up, at last ready to pilot his spaceship into the future. 58 AR LIP F' F n "2-. -'-rp-ffl RI 9 .Ig-,XJQ-xl" bka' 1 al ri E5 El I3 1 X .4 -32. 'Q l ,X Q 4 f '57 4441 nf' R ! 7 K fl X f M121 f X. i 1 " 5 1 W- l I , f I 'X 'iff-i In we me , f tow 1 N Pellfr A hixaitl xl Levin L, Ruiltlta P Gu taf on J. llelsness. L. Nelson. how .Z ioach Jacobi L Bur tein W Johnson J Miller B Patterson, D. Smith, B. Soltis, M. N10 -X Lille tol A 1 tant 4 oath Lonoyer Not pictured E Jackson. Another line basketball season ended for Coach John Jacobiis TWIN CITY CHAMPS!----------ff Hflh knocked the Polars out of District 17 play to the tune of 61-50, and handed North their only setback of the season after the Polars had won 17 straight. Earlier in the season the Polars . dropped Roosevelt 51-50 on Bill Pattersonls free throw after the game was over. Another squeaker found North taking the measure of Vocational 35-34, with D w a y n e Smith's two free throws in the clos- ing seconds proving to be the mar- gin of victory. ln the semi-finals of the District 17 playdowns Central's fine group of ballplayers nearly eliminated the city champs until Jake talked the boys into playing ball. The result was a 31-29 victory. Henry had too hot a night for the Polars. however. when they shot at a -L1 percent clip. Patterson led the league in point averages with Smith second. The two Star and Tribune all-city selec- tions had 19 and 18 point averages, respectively. Along with Smith and Patterson other graduating seniors are: Bobby Soltis, Al Lillestol. Mike Moss Wyman Johnson. and Joe Melsness. Solo Hight. ,dfpfq n 1 xf 5 ev r 5" 1 in .1 S4 Vg-M tv? ,li Qi W W W A. CENTER BILL PATTERSON GUARD MARSHALL LEVIN COACH JAKE JACOBI FORWARD AL LILLESTOL R SW' O A RCRR , f i 1 ' 222 Q V . ,, gg 'ww W W W Rav, 'WW .. FORWARD DWAYXE FNIITH CUAR ll BOB SOLTIS REACH BOYS MY. HOW LONG YOL' ARI-f 3l! 37f3 lWZW'f3WAB!?k f' 'ff'fff'fUY Z2 ,.wl5mZ A- .4 Zr'4i 'd'!HT "flEe'rT'iFfxw 'XX ,ggfw "ff ,ff , 44 10 Hg ,J ,..,x A N g, A L. ? ,',,, ,rj 'N A - ,gggfl WVJ' KC' W4 ,mf-f h f 1 if 14 x X 1, 4 4 -4' ffk'Wv'C El DoN7T ToUcH SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL Coach John Conover's basketball squad finishecl the 1953-54 season with one of the best records in quite some time. Their biggest win was a 60-28 massacre of Southwest. The starting five was composed of Dick Bellman. Avie Hoffman. Cal Darth. Hay Lacher and Toni Hedin or Dick LeCuyer. Several 'switches were made through- out the season by Coach Conover. Other boys who maintained a strong bench were Denny Nocton. jim McElroy and Ken qeaberg. Lacher. who stands untlci 5-10. provided the spark with his cletermin'ation. spiriti and iight- ing heart. Lacher. Darth and Hoffman were consistently the top scorers. Coach Jake Jacobfs A-squad will be strong again next year with the addition of this year's sophs. Row 1. R. Lacher, T. Heclin. C. Darth, R. Bellman. A. Hoffman. Row 2. Coach John Conover. J. Harris, W. Peterson. K. Seaberg. T. E. Erickson. Z. Friedman, S. Kline, D. Hamlin, R. Ginsberg, J. Miller, D. Snyder. D. Nocton, J. McElroy, R. LeCuyer. C. Anderson, J. Nelson, B. lloem, J. Wafle, J. Soltis, manager D. Rackner. H. .1 1 . I. Z H2 !EZf ' 'im XWZXX?-W'i. W.-f .i 2 - X I r- I l DOUBLE TROUBLE NYBERGS IN A DOUBLE HANDSTAND APPARATUS North increased its unbeaten skein of apparatus wins to a fabulous 169 straight! In the eighteen years that Coach Lew Burnett has been coaching North High apparatus squads, they have never lost a dual meet! Their record in the City, State and Northwest meets is just as phenomenal. In 13 years of State meets, North has scored 11 wins. Since Burnett has been at Polarville his squads have won 13 City titles, and the same number of Northwest titles. What a fine tribute to a great guy and awonderfulcoach! Another great tribute is the fact that in all his years at North, his teams have never failed to win at least one class championship in each of the previously mentioned meets. Last year marked the only time in 18 years that one of Burnett's squads linished lower than second place in the City meet. The MC" class team finished third in the City but came back to grab a State title. Outstanding performers for the squad this year wereg Jerry Gageby, Gordy Tanchin, Wesley Jefrem, Charles Sarkinen, Bobby Neubeck, A1 Bachmann, Eddie DeTuncq, Jim Jacques and Arnold and Ronnie Nyberg. Row 1: B. Cragg, D. Evans, F. Efron, A. Nyherg, R. Nyberg, B. Stanek, J. Dzubay. Row 2: C. Bragner, C. Sarkinen, F. Marchand, M. DePew lcaptainb, G. Steine, C. Magnuson, J. Elvin. Row 3: J. Jacques, D. Ericson, D. Chapman, B. Nuebeck. K. Hallet. B. Colvin, L. Burnett feoachl, N. Gray. R. Leone, A. Backmann, D. Fisher, R. Nelson, E. DeTuncq. Row 4: J. Cagery. R. Sny- der, D. Rackner, R. Berg, L. Hill, R. Lonsky, K. Janosck, D. Clark, 1. Kmetz, R. Tanchin. Wi E 'fi l ? 1 , A M .. Y if , I I I . I I E I I I ROUFS IN A FLIP IEFFRENI WORKS ON THE HORSE DEPEW COMES OFF THE HIGH BAR I X,-. I 392.5 loess uv' .4-0555 Row 1: R. Johnson, R. Kirshbaum, J. Hackert, P. Lee, J. Kreger, H. Chanen, W. Ulmaniec, F. Efron, C. Mejia. Johnson, N. Kiefer, B. Doherty, M. Reskin, J. Prickett, M. Levin, l. Rein, A. Beugen, R. Leone, J. Harrer. Row 3: M. Lacher, R. Elmquist. S. Garfinkle, D. Rosecrans, C. Casperson, R. Sletten, D. Lobejko, R. Leone, B. Neubeck, M. Plitman, manager. Row 4: M. Fischbein, manager, R. Audette, D. Goldberg, C. Sieman, B. Soltis, D. Peterson, son, B. Wilson, C. Smith, A. Carlson, M. Lebewitz, M. Miller, R. Anderson. C , Carlson T. Ander Opening the year as a pre-season title favorite, North surprised the experts by turning in a very mediocre won-lost record. The reason for giving North the title role was the Polars' fine showing in the Preview game. North scored two touchdowns against Washburn in twelve minutes of play. The two scores were to no avail, however, as Row 2: R. R. Fishman, F00'l the East nipped the West for the second year, 19-13. Highlight of the game was Junior Levinls 65-yard touchdown jaunt. Ron Audette scored the final six-pointer with an off tackle smash from one yard out. The Polars opened the season against Central in what was believed to be the title clash. Central won 13-6, but finished the season with a record of 3-5. lt just goes to show that anything can happen in city-league competition. USE THOSE HIPS BOB Z A Dill! www 4 L 1 SCOREBOARD North 6 ....... 13 Central North 26 ....... 6 Vocational North 0 ....... 0 South North 1114 ....... 20 West North 12 ....... 20 Edison North 6 ....... 20 Roosevelt North 0 ....... 31 Henry BLL lt was Wests homecoming. Oct. 16, and the Cowboys were not to be denied a 20-14 win. Edison, Roosevelt, and Henry were the remaining three losses. Roosevelt and Henry tied for the title, with Henry playing in the Twin-City game. NOW WHERE DO I GO? Mikal QMZFMM' ' ' , lf" " "' VY' "Ai, ,If 'fly' Zy1.Z7Z"hl!i"', ff Vocational provided the opposition in the Polar ereven's next game. North showed some of the finesse the experts had credited them with and came out on top 26-6. It looked as if North would win its remaining games and finish in second place in back of Central. Everybody was fooled! The following week found North and South, in a fine defensive game, battling to a 0-0 stand-off. North scored twice in that game, but they were both called back on penalties. That game proved to be the be- ginning of the end. xi. 1 ui Q Q 9 I 45' SNARED AGAIN COME TO ME FLYING HIGH f f , I , I af 4 f ,IT X if fffgiy V 2 4, fff' f' ' 2 W 7, wyffnph-4' Cvf"f-1, 1. ,H M, ,Qin www, 4 4, 25,7 ,, 12, -17 044, ff , ,-, 'ffff f, ,.,f 'ffmj' I " fy , MQW, . f 1. ,W QW, . 'JW' , f ,, ' M 5' fw : , yy, 2 1 w - H 44, ? ' f " fi ff, YW? Vhhzsiif :NN YNQYQX X Coach Rube ,lohnson All-City Don Goldberg Assistant Coach Elrner Edlund SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL Sophomore football had a good season this fall. Coach Jack Behrendt Was, as usual, constantly striving for perfection. The Polars were in the running for the city sophomore title, with three straight wins, until they dropped their final two contests. The final 3-2 record may have been slightly disappointing, but the prospects that were found for the '54 varsity squad were outstanding. A few of those prospects are: Bobby Olson, Ray Lasher, Clay Rethwell, Tom Hedin and Bob Godfrey. Row 1. Coach Behrendt, B. Tangine, D. Backner, T. Hedin, N. Benheart, B. Greenberg, D. Harding, D. Nocton, D. Phillips, BI. Hayes, Assistant Coach Soltis. Row 2. L. Keech, S. Young, P. Casperson, J. Quirk, J. Nelson, B. Oren- stein, S. Kline, J. Sellers, R. Younglove, R. Poachar, R Causticka, R. Lacher, A. Cohen. Row 3. B. Suber, T. Erick- son, K. Seaberg, C. Tethwill, B. Olsen, R. Ginsburg, J. Bo Beauchane, H. Daget, B. Peterson, J. Soltis, R. Bur- meister, S. Haskell. Not pictured: Bob Godfrey. 4WQZZ2ZZMWZ6!WlJZMZ44AA2iE li H - - H 2 f , CROSS COUNTRY Led by Captain Wally Holmes, North's Thinclads finished with a favorable city record. The Polars, although rated poorly in pre-season predictions, came through with flying colors. This was due mainly to the fine coaching of Lew Burnett and the all-out spirit of the team. ln North's annual trip to Duluth, the Polars, led again by Holmes, upset Du- luth Denfeld. The loss of Holmes by graduation will hurt the squad, but a large part of the squad will be return- ing. f 2' X . . .5 ' mai, f.,'g ' X ,ff We V gf- , Row 1: G. Cooper, B. Hanson, W. Holmes, M. Broude, P. Kroehnert, B Humphrey. Row 2: Lew Burnett, D. Murphy, R. Supalo, H. Tocklin, W. Eck THEY'RE OFF B. Christiansen, D. Chapman. ,. , . Z . 55af?wyW"22'W W ' ff ' 4, ' ,, , . ..., M W -, r - r , x f'l,. . ., ., 4- 37'-f" l- 'X --w ' J":zz.ff?f 4 Bottom row: T. Erickson, R. Fyten, J. Oleen, B. Johnson. R. Colvin, R. Pearson and D. Cahlander. Top row: D. Tolve, L. Hill, J. Quirk, L. Anway, B. Wahlroos, R. Ford, J. Johnson and Bill Miller. B. Gross is not pictured. 7 X. fl I, -I I ,, .er ' t rg ' if U f ii SWIMMING Southwest and Roosevelt proved to be the two obstacles in the way of the North high swimming squad. Lellwyn Anwayis junior laden squad turned in a surprising show in the city swim meet. The biggest event in the meet was the city championship that was won by the North relay team. Outstanding members of the squad were: Ray Ford, Bert Johnson. Dick Fyten, John Oleen. Buss Pearson, Dave Cahlander, Don Tolve, Bill Miller and Jim Quirk. With Pearson leading the way. the Polars ran up a 5-0 won-lost mark before they ran headlong into Southwest. The Polars dropped that one to the tune of 38-37 to fall into a second place tie with the Indians. Roosevelt then proceeded to knock North out of title contention with a 4-4--31 victory. Don Bibeau, who was one of the better dashmen in the city last year, left school for the service, and his loss was severely felt. Oleen, Johnson and Bob Colvin are the only graduating seniors on the squad. ai 11 ...,- f i "' """"' 'f2gZ 1'f'1gf,ft': , . or gif 7 a COQK TEES OFF Row 1. M. Stillman, I. Cook. Row 2. C. Bachman, Coach Palm, M. Plitman GOLF Irwin Cook had the hopes of North Highis golf squad riding on his shoulders this year. Harry Sishimura, Bill Crowl and Bob Johnson were lost to Wilbur Palms golfers via graduation. Caylen Bachmann, Mike Plitman. Marv Stillman and Jerry Longie took the place of the graduated seniors. Last year's squad did not finish with the line record that was expected of them. Roosevelt, defending city champions, offered the Polars their toughest opposition of the year. TENNIS John Connoveris tennis squad was hampered by the loss of lettermen Al Covin, Mickey Streitz, Gary Grossman and Fred Burstein. Expected to fill in the vacancies left by their graduation were Al Haveson, Larry Rivkin, Joel Miller and Bob Bundt. This year's squad tried to improve on the 3-7 Won- lost record which placed last year's team in the second division. Covin's spot was the hardest to fill because of his fine 7-3 record in city play. It might be added here that Coach Connover, fine all-around that he is, challenges each prospective member of the squad before the season opens. Their chances drop considerably if they can't knock him oil, but that only makes for keener competition. Row I. C. Bartosch. L. Hill, T. Waki. Row 2. L. Rivkin, W Hotlman, R. Burke. A. Rotman, B. Bundt, D. Bellman. Row 3. R. Skolnick, J. Miller, Coach Conover, R. Lipkin. MILLER READIES TO RETURN L n fi ., I I ' ' Q 2 i if 4 of ix' V' V1 f ' Win, V 5 4 ' f -- fs X "imma f , ,Z f . X ff f -HW-f2Wf"'if fin' 1 Jf' ? .,, g n jg, , Lf - Log 4 4 'QM .,,...., .. . ....... 6 in'i""e,ih M -ffr --M cw g X ii lb.. ry 5 Q. iN I N 6' t ,, , ,ff fe-, J V . rf .... Whig : if 560 'fa M X 'WA a' iW'f?ef 1 T 1611? f Z' 'We -4 rlfWv'Qfff 1 - "4-H. 1.7.9 ,fy .-.hai v:.. - ,N A Q.. H +" !"' 1, C K' 575 0 '1- ' ,l f 1, xv aff ' f 'V ' ' 1 1 ' f 4971 if -'-- .19-! ' H- ?-'ff' " .'.v:4.-32:9 ,AVWZ ffft A7 , AAAA Za ' ff? :y1,3'::', , 1 fa ff' ' f' . ff ef fffl' WV' iff, fy' f f A4 , ,Wm kg 2 f , g , ...WM ,. ., . fi , f v f aff.. , V" fs Z '. yr .1 , ,fy I , , , , , WWW fff , ,V X LEBEWITZ PUTS THE SHOT. f ff 2 ,wvi '21, ky., 14 Q ., ,-., Mgr ' -A . 'Six EAN N ff Row 1: C. Magnuson, D. Hubert, R. LeVasseur, D. Goldberg, F. Marchand. Row 2: K. Oulman, R. Rider, R. Johnson, J. Kirschner, A. Garvis, D. Hasse, G. Cooper. Row 3: Coach Lew Burnettg J. Guptil, R. Fishman, B. Patterson, G. Widell, M. Broude, R. Hanson, H. Rocklin. Row 4: L. Delgehausen, C. Mejia. R. Johnson, D. Chapman, B. Doherty, R. Hanson, C. Carlson, J. Sudeth. TRACK City high jump champion Bill Patterson was the only returning city titlist to Lew Burnett's track team this year. A host of returning lettermen made the team an outstanding title threat. Last yearis team made a fine showing in the Metropolitan meet but faded in the stretch. Individual stand-outs were: Ron LeVasseur, Chuck Johnson, and Don Goldberg. Burnett claimed that Butch Johnson, Mel Lebewitz, Wally Holmes, Milt Broude and Grant Cooper bolstered his squad tremendously. LET HER FLY. UP AND OVER. ,,, 1 , , ,, f . Nwms ?f ? 45 f Q "M, Af WM, 'iff' :- 4'7 '9 ri FF if HOCKEY North High hockey is definitely on the way up. After many years of dwelling in the second di- vision, the Polars have become perennial powers in a rough-and-tough league. Jack Behrendt, who took over the coaching duties of Ed Soltys, did an outstanding job in his first year. North opened the season with Dave Gasperac and Clarence Steman alternating in the nets. Two straight losses, however, prompted Behrendt to switch Bruce Erickson, who had been playing on the offensive line, to goalie. This proved to be the turning point in the play of the Polars, as they upset Roosevelt and Edison. Rounding out the starting six were: Wally Ulnianiec, Bob Godfrey, Darcey Peterson and Jim Harrer. By using Ulmaniec, Godfrey. Dickenson and Nel- son, Behrendt increased his hopes for a success- ful season in '55. Row 1. Coach Jack Behrendt, A. Linda, W. Ulmaniec, D. Dink- inson, R. Nelson, J. Solberg, P. Heck. Row 2. D. Chapman, J. Dzubay. J. Olson, B. Godfrey, J. Braasch, D. Peterson, J. Harret, B. Erickson, J. Hastert, C. Rethwill, C. Bartosch. W! ff, fy., ' wwmn , , f WWW . if 2. CLEAR THE PUCK SKIHQG Skiing was one of the highlights of a very exceptional athletic record for North teams. Paced by Bob Biorn, city slalom champion, the Polars recorded their second consecutive city title. Biornis first place was the only win chalked up by North but by placing a man in each event they piled up their winning score. Calvin Brager and Jerry Brandt both won places in the jumping event. Winning the title can be classified as unex- pected because of the loss of Don Cassidy, city jumping champ, and Bill Swanson, who placed second in both slalom and cross country. Coach Tom Kennedy will be work- ing with the boys to try and improve ' on the fourth place last year's squad took in the state. .,,, , , HARRER FIRES B. Biorn, P. Kroehnert, L. Walters, J. Brandt, H. Christopherson. Not Pictured: C. Brager, J. Elvin, J. Dzubay. ,N xq f t Row l. D. Pokela, D. Smith. J. Ullom, D. Cassidy, B. Swanson, D. Ferrera, W. lrwin, L. Odlancl. D. Stetler. Row 2. J. Treglawny, B. Soltis, J. Melsness, D. Bibeau, M. Levin, A. Rivard, B. Erickson, J. Harrer, M. Friedel. Top. BIG FIVE. Bottom left. COACH BEHRENDT TAKES THE TOP. Bottom right. RIVARD READYS TO SWING. M-wwwvffu-W-MW -I ie! Z f 4' ' r ,S 4. , 2 , 4 f . 1 . ' Q ' 'A ,. r " i g X A 1 Qi 7 A y , ff , 'iwiuf ,gig W , C Q, , "ff V . ga f ,,. V . 4 , ,W Z ,IM WW A Z l.- .Wm "--ww annul ff! , 5 W l f Q j .ay un., f . ,... gif 1 M' .5 13' .. s . . is 53" if aww? BASEBALl Jovial J ack Behrendt will take over the coaching duties of North's baseballers this year. The post was vacated by Jim Treglawny when he accepted the assistant principal's duties at South High School. Although the loss of Don Cassidy and Bill Swanson surely will hurt, their posts are expected to be filled by Marsh Levin and Bruce Erickson. Levin led the team with a .390 batting average, while Erickson hit the pill at an even .100. Although Erickson saw limited service last year, his anticipated hitting power and outstanding defensive play should make him a valuable asset to the squad. Levin alternated at second base and at shortstop along with an occasional pitching chore. The squad finished the season with a 5-3 record follow- ing Henry and Edison in the Northern division. Other returning members of last year's team are: Bob Soltis. Joe Melsness, Al Rivard, Jim Harrer and Dwayne Smith. GIRL S SPORTS f f ,, vw "We like water, too-frozen! Foregroundz Marilyn Kenton Background: Veronica Wicher ski and Sandra Swedberg. Miss Mary Josephson's Modern Dance Class GYM AIDS Row 1. J. Surnstafl. B. Erickson. C. Henclerson. D. Warner. l. Sukov. S. Conyers. J. Kvernas. M. Lewis. Row 2. L. Yonlovoz. A. Komlners. E. Wilford. K. lXlCArflle, N. Erickson. Y. LPROUX, J. Wiisanen, B. Peters. Row 3. Y. McHugh. S. Carlson, F. Barrier. G. Paterson, N. Walker. R. Meier, . Brekke. E. Lehrnlan. Row 4. S. Wiekonson. S. Ladski. L. Haglan, J. llylver. J. Harvey, B. Johnson, V. Wicherski, M. Christianson. S l . BCf' Time out for golf! Fore-ground: G, Swigart S. Wacltke, S. Stocko Background: N. Erickson R. Chapman, S. Wilkin- son, N Lind. E. Goldman B. Burmeister. Tennis is fun! J. Wiisanen. J. Palmquist. L, Yodovm. J. Kverness. Weave got a team that's just terrific! J. Marko, A. Blumenthal, S. Carlson, M. Niman, M. Bryant, E. Smith, P. lr- ving. North Highls Swimming Team Row 1. J. Peal. J. Knowlen, J. MCKowen, B. Budenski. E. Goldman. B. Fraehlig. Row 2. C. Kelsey, J. Buckley. M. Henen, A. Johnston, N. Walker. No flat-heads allowed l L. Harvester, J. Cuptil. J. McDougall, M. Sandback B. Peters. i? 41 VHWW IZVZYWWEM 'V' . WW" AZWWI XiVZfi?Z,Wl'f4fi6a3?MZ'zVV?1V if!W .A Q Another Day! Another Strike! l M. Burke, J. Krause, B. Orstad, C. Hartig. 'Y , afy TQ? A m A Quay 0 '57 Behind the senior of the class of 1954- are his teachers, his organizations, and the ac- tivities in which he participated at North High School. Ahead of him is his future life. For three years he was an integral part of the life of North High, he was an important spoke in the wheel of progress. Now, inevitably, comes the take-off. With a backward glance, remembering what has passed, and wondering what is to come, he takes oif for places unknown. T KE-GFF E' 2X3 Z 7 W Marilyn Liden Valedictorian Flret National Bank Award HONOR ROLL Marilyn Liden Sherry Feinberg Sylvia Wenger Sandra Heims Lois Kliffer Michael Weinberg Alice Engel Maureen Beck John Gilbert Virginia Zimmerman Gwendolyn Rosewarne Ronald Guttmann Shirley Robertson Theodore Warren Myrna Greene Barbara Lessak Marylee Christens Janice Malzahn Thomas Hayes Burton Guttman Virginia McHugh Shirley Johnson Dorothy Lund Jerre Stubblefield Keith Hanlon ell John Gilbert Star Tribune Award Della Lindsten Award EW -5, , . ts A Ronald Guttmann Sherry Feinberg First National Bank Award Salutatorian North American Bank Award Rose Reese Award SERVICE PINS NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Tedda Fishman Myrna Greene Coleman Hechtor Betty Johnson Ellene Keller Theresa Blanchette Burton Guttman Dennis Holthus Lois Kliffer Maureen Beck Barbara Kallio Joyce Oglansky Donald Reeves Alice Engel American Legion Award Della Lindsten Award in 1 5 ' 1 l Star Harriet Lebow Evelyn Lehrman Virginia McHugh Jean Olson Maxine Reznick 2 Stars Marlys Lieske Jerre Stubblefield Robert Zimmer 3 Stars Darrell Sonenstahl Barbara Truppman Rosalyn Wilensky Alan Blumenthal Virginia McHugh American Legion Award Daughters of the American Alumni Award Revolution Award wwf X 7 I , X 9 6' a ' 'wjfl z V ' I K L as ,J .,,, f ' A 6 I f 2, l V W Q ad, W 3 as f ..,,,,,,' f y A Hifi? 7' ' Il iff if f! f filigf I , Wi n ,Zi X If .I , , I ' ,!f?? Janice Malzahn Burton Guttman Robert Soltis, Norse Award Science Award Martin Elmquist Memorial Award 85 Nancy Arones Maureen Beck Emma Bohlin Milton Broude Marylee Christensen Alice Engel Sherry Feinberg John Gilbert Elaine Goldman Myrna Greene Burton Guttman Ronald Guttmann Alice Hakarin Rodney Hald Eleanor Hall Keith Hanlon Sandra Heims Grace Hensel Marlyn Jempsa Betty Johnson Shirley Johnson Roberta Johnston Mary Kellas Lois Kliffer Barbara Lessak Delores Leverson Marlyn Liden Dorothy Lund Janice Malzahn Frank Margolis Virginia McHugh Joyce Oglansky Mary Pilger Shirley Robertson Gwen Rosewarne Jeron Ruppert Burton Schacter Francillia Shippy Elizabeth Smith Estelle Snyder Alfred Stament Jerre Stubblefield Ronald Swanson Ted Warreri Marjorie Weestrand Sylvia Weriger Virginia Zimmerman 5.-t Y SAY 1 5 WWI L L., ck, 0 1 aaavn - , ' 4 . .7 -- 2 ' , 'mir-4. ix IT' x 'Q ff few' ,X , .dk . M- j .T V V My af if - K , ' , GVWL 4 14 f -:W --or V .' ,f ax-Win, Mai! Z X f 7 'af f fi. .' . 5? 1 J . ' V ? WI Xt ABRAMS, ROCHELLE, "Chelle" I Q3 . . . Kadimah, Y-Teens, Study Hall Monitor, Service Aid, Courtesy Committee, Social Com- mittee, Lunchroom Hostess, P.T.S.A.5 Pep Club. AHTI, DOR- OTHY, 'LDotty" . . . Hobby: Dancing. ALVAREZ, PETRA, MPetey" . . . Y-Teens, Ushers, Cap and Gown Committee, Swimming, Girlls Gym Leadership, Cheerleader. ANDERSON, ARLENE, 5'Ark- abe" . . . Hobbies: Bowling, skat- ing. ANDERSON, RICHARD, 6'Andy" . . . Hi-Y, Band, Orchestra. ANDERSON. SHIRLEY JEAN, 'LRed" . . . Red Cross, Cap and Gown Committee. ANDERSON, THOMAS, 'LTom" . . . Ushers, A-Senior Day Com- mittee, Football. ARIIAGOST, VIRGINIA, 6'Virgie.,, ARMSTRONG, KIARVA . . . Medalis, Girl's Gym Leadership, Hobby: Dancing. ARNOLD, CONSTANCE . . . Y-Teens, Study Hall Monitor, Ushers, Student Council, Courtesy Com- mittee, Homecoming Committee, Homecoming Queen, Polaris Bi- Weekly Staff, A-Senior Day Committee, G.A.A,, Pep Club, Pat Polar Committee. ARONES, NANCY, "Nant," . . . Medalis, Vice President, Y- Teens: National Honor Society, Polaris Bi-Weekly Staff, Class Play Committee, Chairman, Choir: P.T.S.A. AUDETTE. RONALD, 4'Roafi" . . . Hi-Y, Football, Swimming AIINE. ROGER. "Roe" . . . Vik- ing Club, Annual Representa- tive? Choir, Hobbies: Bowling, golf. BARRIER, FAYE. "Bm-anic" . . . Christian Fellowship, Viking Club, lQ.A.A., Girl's Gym Lead- crsliip, Choir. 86 2, .Q my 'X-X 'so 2 .. If . -svn- I 12 . fa ., I K4 'kilarf ,- 1 awww ' fi 6. i nf- i f s 4' Q - , . 'SN X 'N 1 I U x aaumfsflv . W -,few -az.. ' z A 'SSN X f' BARTOSCH. CARLETON . . . Tennis, Band. BECK, MAUREEN, "Maur" . . . World Affairs, Trea- surer, Banking Monitor, Study Hall Monitor, Na- tional Honor Society, Lead- ership Conference, Polaris Annual Staff, A-Senior Day Committee, Tennis, Girl's Gym Leadership, Lunch- room Hostess, Civic's Club. BENFORD, B ARBARA, I'Barb'i . . . Hobby: Dancing. BENOWITZ, MARLENE, HMickey" . . . Kadirnah, Banking Monitor, Study Hall Monitor, Class Song Committee, Girlis Gym Leadership. BEREZOVSKY. JULIUS. "Jul" . . . Menorah. BERG. RUTH . . . Y-Teens, Red Cross, Hall Guard, Choir. BIORN, ROBERT, t'Bob" . . . Annual Representative, Red Cross, Skiing, Appa- ratus, Hi-Y. BISHOP, DONALD, "Don" . . . Hobby: Baseball. BLACKWELL, BARBARA, "BJ," . . . Banking Monitor: Service Aid: Ushers: Polaris Bi-Weekly Staff: Budget Committee: Pep Club. BLANCHETTE. JAN ET. "Jan"'. . . Lunchroom Host- ess: Band. BLANCHETTE. THERESA. "Babe" . . . Medalisz Pro- jection: Study Hall Moni- tor: Budget Committee: Pep Club. BLLMENTHAL, ALLEN, "Al" . . . Class President: Courtesy Committee: Lead- ership Conference: Polaris Bi-Weekly Staff: Golf: Cheerleader. BOEHME. JUDY. "Toots" . . . Banking Monitor: Class Play Committee: Tennis Luncbroom Hostess. BOHLER, EILEEN . . . Y- Tecfns: Red Cross: Hobby: Watching Television. H -A ,-- .' ZZ f fx: me f I 5 . Tv .1 , ,K d"" 'T' Q. g A , --X' 4 25? -2 If P' ' t ,rf ,ff M., f. ,I XWWWYV ' 1 , 4 , .1 was , Halt f K ' v ,M-ff' X M ' X 1, f I 1 U , Kwan! ,' .Q BOHLIN, EMMA, "Em" . . . Christian Fellowship: Y-TFICUSZ Service Aid: Red Cross: Lunch- room Hostess: Choir: P-T-5-A BOWMAN, MARLENE, 'gBla- Bla" . . . Y-Teens: I'I0bbi6SZ Dancing, Bowling. BONESTEEL. RICHARD, "Bones" . . . Choir. BRAGER, CALVIN, "Cal" . . . Apparatus: Skiing. BRAND, GERALD, "Jerry"- BREKKE, VIRGINIA, "Ginny', . . . Y-Teens: Annual Representa- tive: Ideas Committee: G.A.A.: Girl's Gym Leadership: Pep Club. BROUDE, MILTON, 'tPatsy" . . . National Honor Society, Treasurer: Cross Country: Track. BROWN, JANET, 'iJan" . . . Kadimah. BRUCE, BONNIE, 6'Bebe" . . . Y-Teens: Ushers: Student Coun- eil: Dedication Day Committee: G,A.A.: Pep Club. BRYANT, MARY . . . Medalis: Y-Teens: Pat Polar Committee: Ushers: Polaris Bi-Weekly Staff: Red Cross: Social Committee: Gym Leadership: Pep Club: Cheer- leader. BUDENSKI, SHIRLEY . . . Swimming: G.A.A.: Gym leader- ship: Pep Club: Hobby: Bowl- ing. BUNDT, ROBERT. 'LRobby" . . . World Affairs: National For- ensic League: Menorah: Debate: Polaris Bi-Weekly Staff: Cap and Gown Committee Co-Chair- man: Tennis: Junior Academy of Science: Movie Committee. BURKE, MARY . . . Medalis: Student Council: Service Aid: Study Hall Monitor: Polaris Bi- Weekly Staff: Commencement Committee. CALLAHAN, KATH- LEEN, "Katy,' . . . Projection: Girl's Gym Leadership. 87 4290 f ' I auf' 4 . Hr I ,440 -.-.,,,7 . Q ,ff I , ' -4, , ,y eww? WW W , y , ff , I f 2 -1 I ' 9 We-wr Z Z -wah, W fx WWW V rf. Apu' vs. , W -WKWVX 1 . 'i M 46" 'N 1' -.W . Q.-,.,,,N,, ,. s I f ,f 5, , 'V' 41 f f ' .gf f K :.,.' ' :,,wM,. I 1 -my - .,,. ,Ng , --M, v ,.., . ,04- cf f . , Q I TV , .W -AW? 'fx WL I Ffff""',? , 4 7--J wwf gh! fig, 21" :fb 1. -A . Wm x M ' 'A -'ff -I ,V .,X,,..k K 1 :1910 A 'mt gf ik QV' X Hind, NK., 'ah - Q, x kg B I-. i E : 17 . dm, K Q 'QD I - -0,-..:wf!,.f 'MJ'- ' 1. M t .ww ' L fy ,- f-f?a.:m.- f X f , '37 My, ff , , 0 W 2, f fy, af I W , ,, at CARLSON. ALFRED, '4Chuck" . . . Hi-Y. Chaplain: Basketball: Football: Track. CARLSON. KENLEY, 'IKen" ...A A pparatus. CHRISTENSEN. D U A N E. CHRISTENSEN, MARYLEE, "Mikki" . . . Christian Fellow- ship: Y-Teens: Ranking Moni- tor: Service Aid: Swimming: C.A.A.: Girls' Gym Leadership: Choir: Pep Club: Stud:-nt As- sembly Committee. CHRISTOPHERSON, HER- IVIAN, IIBuddy" . . . Hi-Y: Stu- dent Council: Homecoming Com- mittee: Hockey. CLOUTHIER. CAROL, "Cookie" . . . Medalis: Y-Teens: Pep Club: Hobbies: Flying, piano. COADY, DAVID. COHEN, LEWIS, "Louie" . . . Menorah, Treasurer: Ideas Committee: Hobby: Art. COLVIN, ROBERT, "Rob" . . . Hi-Y: Ranking Monitor: Prom Committee: Apparatus: Base- ball: Swimming. COOPER, GRANT, "Coop" . . . Hi-Y: Polaris Ri-Weekly Staff: Annual Representative: Ranquet Com- mittee: Cross Country. Travk. CUFF, DORA . . . Ilobbit-sz Stamp and Matvli Rook Collvvt- ma. DAILY, JOIIN . . . llslu-rs. DAVIS. IIXRII,-XII.-X . . . Kadi- muh: National I'llIl'1'II5lt' In-agilit-3 X"Il4'l'IIS1 Svrviw' Aid: Ht-tl 7 :Q 4 2' ZZ ,.-W, A. , f -'ei E il u... ,Q f S ----ew tg Q Ii iii A as S Q7 I 5 I ,a if www Z, fw 114 , X, ,Q , j ff ,,,. ff l 'K ,,,.f l is , Wk ,7 ff' ' f MM x eo Z2 I - ,.,., We M, f Q it-Q. I .... f , W 'W' fe' 5955? gp.. fra I ' X- X, f .-:bf I ff-I I I . gym! . ,Z .: ag - Cross: Class Song Committee: W-M st I.lIIII'l1I'4I1HIl Hostess. III'iI LICY WILLIAM. W: W, 88 ' F 9.514 if 4' Q 't 1 Dt-PEW, MARVIN . . . Hi- Y: Apparatus, Co-captain: Hobby, Cabinet Making. DPROSIER. CECELIA. HCCCI' . . . Medalis: Pa' Polar Committee: Study Hall Monitor: Homecoming Attendent: Annual Repre- sentative: Red Cross: Lunchroom Hostess: Twirl- ing. DeSANTELL. FRANK . . . Hobbies: Swimming. Skat- ing. DOHERTY, WILLIAM . . . Hi-Y: Football: Track: Hall Guard. DOLCOFF. Io,-XNN "Io" . .. Kadimali: Banking Monitor: Study Hall Monitor: Stu- dent Council: Polaris Ri- Weekly Staff: Red Cross: C.A.A.: Lunehroom Host- ess: Hall Guard: Civics Club. DORHOLT. HARRX . Choir. DOIII I HTY. FRE D. "l"ritz' . . . Cross Country: Tennis T1'H1'Ii: Rand. DuCHENE, HAROLD . . Red Cross. DUFFEE, FLOYD. 4'Dutf" . . . Hi-Yg Projection. EARLY, CARLOTTA. 'tTi ny" . . . Rastiinez Drinking Cokes. EDWARDS, RICHARD, "Ed" . . . Hobbies: Fishing shooting and talking. EFRON. FLOYD. HFluff', . . . Apparatusg Foothallg Track: Lunchroom Host. ELBIQUIST. ROY, '4Elm" . . . Hi-Yg Stage Crewg Foot- ball. ELSBERRY. BILL, 'LEls,' . . . Hobbies: Water skiing and surfboard riding. V 3 '+. . ..,..,., . .azrivi ' Qv f T 1. I . ik I ' ff? , W f W f t f of Jff., ,,,',,a, x 'iv-X.,-f. u :YW ,i 2 ', ff U 'i'i,:ie. A..I ' -azggf I -, ' i A X 1 fsf I ,, 'rn I V reee 0 I , ' 1 A 5 fiWff,5.4,-'I ,tj ff, . ,. , iw ELVIN, JAMES . . . Hi-Yg Ap- paratus. ENGEL. ALICE . . . Christian Fellowshipg YTeensg Study Hall Monitor: National Honor Societyg Polaris Bi-Weekly Staffg Annual Representativcg Banquet Committee, Chairinang Tennisg Girl's Gym Leadership' Choir. a ENNIS. PATRICIA . . . Hobby: Ice Skating. ERHARDT, RO- BERT. ERICKSON, BRUCE, "Yukon Eric" . . . Hi-Yg Treasurerg Prom Cominitteeg Basehallg Hockey. ERICKSON, CAROL . . . Medal- isg Christian Fellowship, Treas- urerg Y-Teensg Choir. ERICKSON, ELVERA, '4Vera', . . . Medalisg Y-Teensg Banking Monitorg Banquet Coinniitteeg Choir. EVANGELIST, FRANK . . . Class Mascotg Lunchrooni Host. EVANS, DAVID. FEINBERG, SHERRY World Affairs, Presidentg National Forensic League, Secretaryg Dehateg Na- tional Honor Society, Presidentg Student Councilg Prom Commit- teeg Girls' State. Governor. FERGUSON, CHARLENE . . . Medalisg Y-Teensg Study Hall Monitorg Courtesy Coinmitteeg Dedication Day Coniniitteeg Choir. FERGUSON, MARLENE . . . Nledalisg Y-Teensg Service Aidg Red Crossg Cap and Gown Comniitteeg Choir. FILERMAN, GARY, MFidoL' . . . Menorahg Leadership Confer- enceg Polaris Bi-Weekly Staffg Equipment Nlanagerg Orchestrag Jr. Academy of Science. FILI- PEK, MARLIN . . . Hi-Y: Or- chestrag Pastime: Eating. 89 ,WL .pi it ,mf - 0 fc, ' "U ., , h p. , ,- TV 1 ff! wwf ' mf' few ' eff' ' mi 1 f 4, iff "t if , , , 1:5 .1 ' f 3 1 'WWW 0 Z X I an-2 X1 .V 4 ' i r. K , I fff! W Z' W 'W . .,.,. , , f 5 4 , M ff , QQ 'I k I. . 4 1 ,f,. X , ,Q 2 . , N, Q ' pi. K ivitl I I f f f if X vw A X I -My " ,,.,,, 37 as , f as .Y K f f ff fg , ' ft . ff 1 M I 1 X . "QW y I fi v..g-wwt' ir, i tx . s., . , ' .xg C5 - f Q ,,,,,, A . V .577 , ' f . ' . wi If 3' f i if I3 f , f ,Q f 1 Q .fu , .I '25, 9 QW-fda! 2f?ij',a GW -.,,,-Wmwfja ' 'f 'f . ywwu ., .f CMYK, 'Mn f " 'f ,wif A 'A" .,',. Zi ,ggvl am as-' 1,3-'iii .,g ig . .. ..MMJ,, k: ww ww iv' 'WJ Aw' Q W? ' X' , f -.J V' - A ' .' Mar' 4 ss- ff' 5,1 ...mlgs--v C- ,-:K C Q2-A 2. A ' gi r 43...-fn XM If -z -Q W- '4' , , d ,f-nuff I f f-4,!,,,-ff - 4 5, 'h -?f"i51. ff . fi it actiz..-:sm X6 f ff' 9' .mf - 4h't", V " W X ,ff I ,I 7 ' " 1 , 'gi Q., V - in ,N ,, y . g, W " ' wr ,WV f 2 ,gf M ,,., , . K . i 2 st WM FINKELSTEIN, BARBARA . . . Kadimahg Y-Teensg Courtesy Committeeg Lunchroom Hostessg Pep Club. FISCHER, DONNA, "Donnie" . . . Hobbies: Stamp and Doll Collecting. FISHHAN, RONALD . . . Bas- ketballg Footballg Track. FISH- MAN, TEDDA . . . Kadimah, Chaplaing Banking Monitorg Lunchroom Hostessg Orchestrag Pep Club. FJELLMAN, MARLYNN . . . Medalisg Y-Teensg Study Hall Monitorg Ushersg Pat Polar Com- mitteeg Pep Club. FLANNELLY, RICHARD . . . Christian Fellow- shipg Bandg Orchestrag Hobby: Cars. FOREMAN, LILA . . . Medalisg Christian Fellowshipg Y-Teensg Service Aid. FORSYTHE, LYLE . . . Hobby: Music. FRANZMAN. FAYE . . . Kadi- mahg Red Crossg Orchestra. FRIEDELL, MARSHALL . . . Class Memorial Committeeg Base- ballg Footballg Equipment Man- ager. FRIEDMAN, BEVERLY, "Boo- zif-" . . . Kadimahg Clioirg Holm- bies: Music, Sports. CAASCH, TED . . . Hi-Y. GASPERAC, DAVID. ..Hof-keyg Skiing. GASTUCH, VALEENE, "Vicki" . . . Y-Teensg Ushersg Choirg Twirlingg Pep Club. 90 - 2 GILBERT, BEVERLY . . . " X Medaligg Y-Teensg Budget - Committeeg Cv.A.A.3 Giflis "43fTl'7 Gym Leadershipg Band. 1 J 1 GILBERT, JOHN, 4'Jack" . . . Polaris Bi-Weekly Staff, we J' Co-editorg Social Committee, Wfibfy Chairrnang Orchestrag Movie ,- ' Committee. fmf - 1 , X 29 , M., M L-gf f lf' X y - V 3' GILBERTSEN, AVALON ' , I . . . Madalisg Y-Teensg Vik- 'tm ing Clubg Red Crossg 'i" ,5,,wyg5ii Choirg Hobbies: Dancing I H and Swimming. 3' GINSBERG, DAVID . . WW Hobby: Photography. ' GOBEL, LORETTA, "Lot- " A ty" . . . Study .Hall Monitorg 'M' ' Hall Guard: Hobby: Paint- ,fl 4-.WX ' sn- aus, . GOLDBERG. DONALD. " W' "Uma Donnie" . . . Foot- X M 5 , ball: Hobby: Banquets. . s we 'Vg COLDBERG, LAWRENCE Q V "Larry." HMT w GOLDBLATT, RICHARD . . . Menorah, Lunchroom Host, Band: Orchestra. GOLDMAN, ELAINE . . . Y-Teens, Study Hall Moni- tor: National Honor Socie- ty: Student Council: A- Senior Day Committee: Golf: G.A.A.g Lunchroom Hostess: Twirlingg P.T.S.A. GOLDBIAN. SANDRA . . . Banking Monitor: Study Hall Monitor: Red Cross: Lunchroom Hostess: Hall Guard. GOODMAN. TERRY . . . Kadimah: Study Hall Honi- tor: Polaris Annual Staff: Lunchroom Hostess. GRANT. .IEANNINE . . . Hedalis: Banquet Commit- tee: Hall Guard. GRAPENTIN, STANLEY, LLRed77. GRAY, ALLEN . . . Band, Orchestra. ft mug, I . ,A 1, !'7l- N .L-"' S ALJ . 40" G "" Y-'-"L" sv -4-- A 5 fx 3 4 'V+ . -fc-0 I M7 .mfff , 'fix 7 f I X I Z u fy I W ' Q f Za , . , 1 Q . ff M 'N-f""' Z ' 5 L. GREENE, MYRNA . . . World Affairs, Secretary: Budget Com- mittee: Lunchroom Hostess: Choii. GREENSTEIN, GERALD, 'gGreenie" . . . P.T.S.A. GUREWITZ, HARVEY . . . Ushers: Class Play Committee: Baseball: Band. GUTTMAN, BURTON . . . Menorah, Presi- dent, Projection: National Honor Society: Polaris Bi-Weekly Staff: Jr. Academy of Science, President: Class Memorial Com- mittee: Orchestra. GUTTMANN, RONALD . . . Jr. Academy of Science: National Forensic League, President: Men- orah: Study Hall Monitor: De- bate: National Honor Society, Sergeant-at-arms: Commencement Committee. HAGLIN, LOR- RAINE . . . Medalisg Hobbies: Bowling and Dancing, HAKARIN, ALICE . . . Y-Teens: Ushers, Prom Committee: Golf: Swimming: G.A.A.g Girl's Gym Leadership: P.T.S.A. HALD, RODNEY. "Rod" . . . Hi-Y: Commencement Committee: Rand, Hobby: Fishing. HALL, ELEANOR, "Elly" . . . Y-Teens: National Honor Socie- ty: Annual Representative: Com- mencement Committee, Co-chair- man : Choir. HALVORSEN, HARRIET, "Speed" . . . Chris- tian Fellowship: Viking Club: Hobby: Dancing. HANLON. KEITH . . . Budget Committee: Choir, Hobby: Hunt- ing. HANSON, ROBERT . . . Hi-Y: Apparatus: Cross Country, Track. HARRER, JAMES . . . Baseball, Hockey. HARRIS, ROSEMARY . . . Service Aid: Swimming: Band, Orchestra: Hobby: Skat- ing. 91 wwf! f 2 . Kam gg . ..,,c.,.u xl... fi. - J, ,,,, f V 7 L ww, ,Q ,ff X 4, ,. A A. ,f .- rv 0' J' 567 4 e . ff, wwf ,iff Q22 W, 2 , was M ff 79. K ce- , , ,. My na? Q M W V 7, V lf- -1, wif 1, A' it., I K 154 A -A gyf - 1 1. f 1 nag:-f 4 6 ' , v. 'if if I SQQA7 W 3 A ,,, A ,Q v It V t . 1 . fi -0' A we ' Til?" , "" Y 5 t 1 :L x I ff, ,. "H 5, 'ix' G97 an , . M, b . P7 "' K fm, I Elf' My X "f"'w"?: XXL' L gr--C V 'c f 5 f,g" '37 .WJ 'Q 2 ' an Q V 14 W Q A qw, 7' 541. 41 ff 43'4g ivfgw' 4 .V ff U: 'Wm " K., 0 1 f 1 ffl' 'aff' ' any mwxf j I 44' W f 9 Wx ' 2 f 9a .f' , , ,f . M 1" ,, f Q 2 Z' . gf f Q -nur I .4 A , '- rm . 4: , aana'a. -FF? wt 2.4. V L fbafv, V mr 1 I -3 ,ar 'M ,f-fffr ' ,.' V HARTlG, CAROL . . . Y-Teens: Hall Guard. HASKELL, NEALE . . . National Forensic Leagueg Debate. HAUGE, GERALD. "Jerry" . . . Hi-Y: Apparatus. HAVESON. ALVIN, "Algie" . . . Commence- ment Committee: Golf: Tennis' Equipment Manager. HAWK, JANE, 'tHoney" . . . Red Cross: Hobbies: Dancing and Photography. HAYES, THOMAS . . . Projection: Cross Country. HECHTER. COLMAN. "Connie't . . . Menorah: Projection: Hob- bies: Music and Golf. HECK- MANN, PHYLLIS . . . Y-Teens: Hobby: Dancing. HEIMS. SANDRA. 'Sandy' . . . World Affairs, Treasurer and Vice President: Kadimah: Na- tional Forensic Lcague: Service Aid: National Honor Society: Polaris Annual Staff: Ideas Coni- mittee. HELM, MARY. "Mare" . . . Y-Teen-sg G.A.A.: Twirling. HENDERSON, NORNIA . . . Y- Teens: Pep Club: Hobbies: Nlu- sic and sports. HENSEL, GRACE . . . Y-Teens: National Honor Society: Student Council. Presi- dent: Courtcsy C0lIllNlll4't'1 Leafl- ership Confc-rcm't-: Social tfom- mittee. Co-cllairtnun: Rand. HENSICN. l'ATRlClfX . . .. Y- 'llceiisg Rt-tl Cross: Choir: Twirl- ingr. llERb'lAN. llERNlE . . . Study Hall Monitor: Golf. 92 t A . ff, Z N. my t""'1w-- lf 1 W It Allmfx Aix ,f H . ,.., , o - pq tt M' of-f r 'am li E iff? w.. l A W 2 ,- t .wx HICKS. LEEANNA. 'tAnna' HILGER, ARLENE . . . Study Hall Monitor: An- nual Representative: Red Cross. HJULBERG. MILTON. HOLMES. WALTER . . . Hi-Y: Service Aid: Class Play Committee 3 Basket- ball 3 Track g Hall Guard g Choir. HOLTHUS. DENNIS. g'Dence,' . . . Projection: Hobbies: Hunting and Fish- ing. HURER. JUNE . . .Christian Fellowship 1 Study Hall Monitor: G.A.A.: Girl's Gym Leadership. HYMAN, MAXINE . . Orchestra: Pastime: Danc- inv' 5' JACOBS. ELAINE . . Kadimah: Study Hall Moni- tor: Tennis: G.A.A.: Lunch- room Hostess: Hall Guard. JAMES. MAVIS. "Jimi" . . . Study Hall Monitor: Swimming: Choir. JANOSEK. JOHN. "Jack" . . . Hi-Y: Apparatus: Cross Country. JEBIPSA. MARILYN . . National Honor Society: Class Song Committee: Ten- nis: Girlls Gym Leadership. JESSE, THOMAS. HJess" . . . Annual Representative. JOHNSON, BERT . Swimming. JOHNSON, BETTY . . . Medalis: Y-Teens: Polaris Annual Staff: Dedication Day Committee: G.A.A.g Girl's Gym Leadership. :ii-ui ,fe-Sv 5 ,W We QM, : L, L sfsf k'i' ' 1 . v,',..V ' on 3: as fa. A f 4 , I . ffg 574' ' 2 ' r Q ' -:i" JOHNSON. ELXIER . . . Viking Club. JOHNSON, GERALDINE, 4'Gerry,' . . . Pastime: Telephone Conversations. JOHNSON, RENEE . . , Me- dalis: Y-Teens: Viking Club: Choir. JOHNSON, RICHARD, "Butch" . . . Ushers: Football: Hockey: Tennis: Track: Hall Guard. JOHNSON, ROSE. "Ann" . Christian Fellowship: Y-Teens: Polaris Bi-Weekly Staff: Red Cross: Choir. JOHNSON. SHIRLEY . . . Christian Fellow- ship: Banking Monitor: Polaris Bi-Weekly Staff. JOHNSON. VICTOR ..., A -Sen- ior Day Committee: Band. JOHNSON, WYMAN, '4Baldy', . . . Hi-Y: Ushers: Cap and Gown Committee: Basketball. JOHNSTON, ROBERTA, "Ber- ta" . . . Medalis: Y-Teens: Stu- dy Hall Monitorg Polaris Bi- Weekly Staff: G.A.A.: GirI's Gym Leadership: Choir. JOR- DAN, GERALDINE . . . Medalis: Y-Teens: Hobbies: Dancing and Horseback Riding. KALLIO, BARBARA . . . Y- Teens: Student Council: Home- coming Committee: Polaris Annual Staff: Annual Represent- ative: Class Memorial Commit- tee: Lunchroom Hostess: Hall Guard: P.T.S.A.: Civicls Club, Secretary. KANE, IVIARIGAEL. "Gael,' . . . Swimming. KAPLAN, ELLIOT, '4Hot Rod" . . . Ushers: Hi-Y: Swimming, KARSH, YALE, "Harvard" . . . Baseball: Band: Orchestra: Hob- by: Bowling. 93 W, , v ., ' gi W my . J f .1 ' ' ,"',f'f. 'yu 9,1 - f - ,4 , I ' W1 A . V fQ,,,,, Q75 ' f . K i . f M ',,,, X . V W! I ,Q -7 . ,ff f, ff! f .3-if-TL? ' ,f "Til 77'-My ff f fe.,-i,y L YW-7, 1. Qi . L' ' I .I ' , , f .., L, - - 4.-f ff W6-,rg .M ., ,,,A ,pfffvw www if - W ff . tw- jg, fn Maw, ,,,,,W, ,Y ma ' X YM M25 , f f f W ,M . , ' , I -M .4 X 3 . ffm 9 f M!" f ..,',, " T' ff f, if Jia' fZ""'fQQ,' fr 2 1 f - 11 1 3? 5 C M ' 4 I s I 'Q ' f we 4 'LM W I ia, ., "9" ' 1,2 Y f. HF' fx.,-.-. . J Q. .. 1 'W y wi -JW W'fI'V"'7" ' .WMM -air ' ,7 it . AI ew KATZ. IRVING . . . Track. KELLAS, MARY . . . Medalisg 'tl' H xx X. xx gm Q 'rr MN '- ',.,:f, V - A t A fi? 7 S ,,.. .4 y Kb , .,.. , . ar-.rU"' , ad". i V My 1,5 ff vw. :W " WN' ' f-1 .---wma, ,iw-L Q ' we -- -, y, , W, 6 , 7, 7:5 Z Q 452- v 'Q t he 1 E ' ,fn , -- ,7 t ,f ., I , V f f-M, ' ' ,vga 'U , -a 4 ,qw 'Wx 4 ,M A f ,fu V -W G 'fmA,.,., V7 ,V.f ,y X, Q . ' 4 'B I A 5 . - ', ,. 4 . . f Q 1 ,W ,,,. W 'M N A ,N , .,,,, Y-Teens, Presidentg Student Council: Courtesy Committeeg Leadership Conferenceg Home- coming Attendantg Polaris Bi- Weekly Staffg Budget Commit- tee, Co-chairmang Band. KELLER, ELLENE . . . Service Aidg C.A.A. KENTON, MARI- LYN, "Kent" . . . Y-Teensg Banking Monitorg Service Aidg C.A.A. KESSLER, LARRY. KIRSCH- BAUBI, MILFORD. KIRSCHBAUM, RALPH, t'Kir- shie" . . . Ushersg Footballg Lunchrooni Host. KLIFFER, LOIS, "Loey" . . . National For- ensic Leagueg Service Aidg Na- tional Honor Societyg Polaris Bi-Weekly Staffg Red Crossg ldeas Committeeg Lunchroom Hostessg P.T.S.A.g Movie Com- mittee. KNUTSON, RUTH, "Knute" . . . Y-Teensg Choir. KOMMERS, ANNETTE, "Annie" . . . Class Memorial Committeeg C.A.A.g Cirl's Gym Leadership. KOSMALSKI, JOHN . . . Appa- ratus: Colfg Choir. FRANK, RONALD . . . Menorahg Or- cliestra. KRAUSE, RORERTA. "Jackie" . . . Nledalisg Y-Teensg Service Aitlg Polaris iii-Weekly Slaffg A-Senior Day Comniitteeq C.A.A. KRIETZMAN, MARCIA, "Poop- sey" . . . Kadimahg Study Hall Monitor: Ushersg Annual Rep- resentative-g Red Crossg Colfg Girl's Cym Leadershipg Lunch- room Hostessg Hall Guard. 94 K S .va S E M, S X 'Nw' of .. 'if ' f A Y'-A sv' k X to X N 1 N :je 'Q-la n 'ff '.. V V Wav-fav. ' 7-5 V A if ,5d'7"'? t 3 .,., ...,. , , I ':" ., x' A ff' il , K Q K R ' fw v ,gt 1,7 f - at 1 4' -V, KROEHNERT. PAUL . . Hi-YQ Banking Monitorg Cross Countryg Skiingg Track: Choir. K R O M A N , CLARICE 'gChris" . . . Banking Moni torg Study Hall Klonitnrg Class Song Committeeg Lunckroom Hostess. KUNIN, JACQUELINE, "Jackie" . . . Kadimalig Y- Teensg Study Hall Honitorg Lunchroom Hostess. KVANBECK, ROBERT . . Polaris Bi-Weekly Staff. KVERNESS. JUDITH . . Viking Clubg Commence ment Committee: Tennis: C.A.A.g Girls' Gym Leader- shipg Pep Club. LaBISSONIl-ERE. JOANNE. "Joanie" . . . Medalisg Y- Teensg Swimming. LABOVITCH, CHARLES rchufkf' LACHER, MARTIN, "Mar- ty" . . . Football. LaCOMBE, RAYMOND, "Ray" . . . Viking Club, Hobby: Stamp Collecting. LAITINEN, DELOS, "Benny" . . . Hi-Y, Bank- ing Monitor, Ushers. LANGE. GARY . . . Chris tian Fellowship , Hi-Y, Study Hall Monitor, Stu dent Council, Apparatus Hall Guard, Choir, Presi- dent. LARSON, AUDREY, "Aud" . . . Orchestra, Hobby Roller Skating. LARSON, DeVONA, g'Dee' . . . Christian Fellowship Choir, Color Guard. 4. 1 if K- gf - 4 ! W, 1 . gig o ... A 'R 3-,,w-a ,Q ffm K 146' fs . ' -.eff Q. ,.-4 F . is 5 A , ...J I i A , ,f ,,, . .1 IRE ,., A I W k' I fa . Z AAP: . ' Vw-QW., .jig I Q. f f 9 V245 i . , ' -4 X, ta LARSON, JAMES, 4'.Iim' . . . Hi-Y, Student Council, Homecoming Committee, Apparatus, Choir. 1 X all ,f--4' X . W f,,, ww fi vez M.: Wm L fl, LaVALLE, LAWRENCE . . . Apparatus, Swimming. LaVAL- LE, VIRGINIA. LaVELLE, MYRNA . . . Red Cross, Hobby: Collecting Records. LAZERINE, ROBER- TA, L'B0bbie" . . . Kadi- mah, Service Aid, Courtesy Committee. LEBEWITZ, MELVIN, "Layla" . . . Hi-Y, Study Hall Monitor, Ushers, Apparatus, Basketball, Football, Track, Lunchroom Host, Band. LEBOW, HAR- RIET, HHetchie,' . . . Kadimah, Polaris Annual Staff, Annual Representative, Red Cross, Ded- ication Day Committee, Hall Guard, Civic's Club, Treasurer. LEHRMAN, EVELYN, HEv" . . . Kadimah, Bank Cashier, Class Song Committee, Girl's Gym Leadership, Lunchroom Hostess, Choir. LeROUX, YVONNE, 4'V0nnie" . . . Study Hall Moni- tor, Girl's Gym Leadership. LESSAK. BARBARA . . . Kadi- mah, National Forensic League, Y-Teens, Debate, National Hon- or Society, Polaris Annual Staff, Red Cross, Treasurer, Class Play Committee, Movie Committee, Director, Civic's Club. LeVAS- SEUR, RONALD, 4'Frenchy" . . . Hi-Y, Basketball, Football, Track: Hall Guard, Choir. LEVERSON, DELORES. "Dodo" . . . Y-Teens, Class Memorial Committee, Choir, Service Aid, Pep Club. LEWIS, PHYLLIS. "Phil" . Y-Teens, Viking Club, Treasurer, Study Hall Monitor, Twirling. LICK, LEOTA, "Otie', . . . Hall Guard, Ticket Seller. LIDEN, MARILYN . . . Christian Fellow- ship, National Honor Society, Student Council, Polaris Bi- Weekly Staff, A-Senior Day Committee, Band. 95 f WX Nw KX as we I ,ws X . X Xxxuw xt SE v. N. 5 f 'Y' 2 - . 'f f gf , ' r fi I, In if ' : ' 1Bv . 'I . Z ' . gf-0, my , V ' f""I'g,7" 0 L If . M. W .W W far N fr W qfffrf' 5 --- -E. . . .fra-ff f W, - . . ,M rv- --I we 'waflf ...y ,,., wif? 'KT' 57' , . "S"'W ' ,iw If f V -1112.- :,t . ,. '0- ,ff j A - ,pw 1 . hai!" Vx ' -9-W W! ,wgigei 2... , . ,,,.., .. Q m ww 'Sgr f mf ,W.n ,r.v,, ,Wi 1 .',-: I 'IIZI 'R I ,gf 5 q W yr f M .,'- 5 -. I A WN I ,--...nw .fi -- ,ff 11.1" 1' ' . : -3. 321- 4 ., . J-+ f Qs A, use A ..X.! K. -Y I Mlxw V, is I "," V, fig .5 fa ,wif 4 . ' 'Mr . A ,, 1 . . fr ff f ti QE, I fzxm Xitigpf 7 M f-WN. W- kos, ' . .... , , xi! 0 5 Q A' Q W 4 2 f 0 . Y 4 W we , , A f Wi :sv - rf, af f J W i 'V aw. qu- Zim f . r ,fb tex' 4 27 2 lf 1 ww , ' "ff gf ' ily 1 1 fr I . "'c':"' "2 fy: V f, 'W ' , ,mi ' in XM I"'1, LIESKE. MARLYS . . . Nledalis: Y-Teens: Ushers: Debate: Polar- is Annual Staff: Red Cross, Vice-President: P.T.S.A.: Class Play Committee: G.A.A.: C-irl's Gym Leadership: Lunchroom Hostess: Choir: Assembly Com- mittee. LIFSON, MARSHALL . . . Study Hall Monitor: Ushers: Student Council: Courtesy Com- mittee: Leadership Conference: Football: Track: Hall Guard. LILLESTOR, ALLYN, "Al" , . . Basketball: Cross Country. Ll- TOWSKY. JACK . . . Polaris Bi- Weekly Staff: Dedication Day Committee. LIVON, IRWIN, "Cooz" . . . Menorah, Vice-President: Hobby: Basketball. LOFTE, NANCY, '4Nanc,' . . . Banking Monitor: Choir: Hobby: Dancing. LONGERBONE. ANNE. g'Pen- ny" Y-Teens: Twirlirig. LUBOW. SANDRA. MPeppy" . . . Banking Monitor: Study Hall Monitor: Hobby: Raising a German Shepherd. LOUREY, BARBARA. LUDEN, CAROLINE, L'Lulu" . . . Polaris Bi-Weekly Staff: Hall Guard: Ticket Seller: Tray Collector. LUEDKE, GERALDINE. uCer- ryn . . . Banking Monitor: Cirl's Glee Club. LUND. DOROTHY. HDot" . . . Y-Teens: National Honor Society: Commencement Committee: Choir: Service Aid: Pep Club. LUTSKY.JUDYTl'1."Judy" . . . Kadimah: Y-Teens: Study Hall Monilor: Lunchroom l-lostess: Orchestra. LUTZ. JAMES, "jim" . . . Band: Orchestra. 96 -4 5, , . -.,,,-V V 7.5 K f ,JZ f tw .-4-1 -1, Wa. ,, , f ,-fm 2 ft' we , , . JF., . Q c P a i ,. 2 M saw 5 .s ' i i ,Q Q? af y , K X? X , .i NN. .Q gs x Q: Z? 'Q'--VM 29 ik' ' 'gg MACK, ARTHUR. "Aff . . . Hobbies: Football, BHS ketball. MAGNUSON. CLEONE. "Cie" . . . Hi-Y: All-School. President: Student Council: Homecoming Committee: Social Committee: Appara- tus: Cross Country: Track: Band: Orchestra. MALZAHN. JANICE, 'Llan- nie" . . . Viking Club, Presi- dent: Red Cross: Hobby: Listening to Julius LaRosa records. MANUELL. ROSEMA RIE. "Rose" . . . Hobby: Bowl- ing. MARCHAND. FRANCIS. "Junior" . . , Hi-Y: Banquet Committee: Apparatus: Cross Country: Track. MARGULIS. FRANK. "Doc" . . . Menorah: Ushers: Student Council: Homecoming Committee: Basketball Equipment Man- ager: Choir. MARKO, JEROME. "Jer- YYU - . . Menorah: Ushers: Apparatus: F o o t b a l l: Lunchroom Host: Choir-3 Cheerleader. MARSZALEK, PATRICIA. "Pollock" . . . Hobby: Base- ball. MARTINKA, MUR- RIEL. 'tTinkle" . . . Medaliel Y-Teensg Viking Clubg Study Hall Monitorg Ushers: Red Crossg Class Song Committeeg Choir: Twirling. Captain. MATHESON. DONNA. MAX. MILES. L'Mickey" . . . Football. MQARDLE. KAREN. "Little Mac" . . . G..-X..-X.: Girl's Gym Leadershipg Hobby: Sports. MCCLLIRG. MARGARET. "Midge" . Y-Teensg Red Crossg Girl's Gym Leader- ship. MCDOUGALL, JANET, "lan" . . . Y-Teensg Study Hall Monitor: Ushersg Hall Guardg Twirling. Wh . sa- ,, t I ., QQ 5 IT 2, I www- ,, , .. ,A, A I Z ff im' ., f f ff' ' M, ' ' .. ,. f ' J, ' , f 6 wwf ,gf 5 -1' rm g McHUGH. VIRGINIA . . . Class Treasurerg Medalisg National Forensic: Leagueg Y-Teensg Bank- ing Monitorg Service Aidg Na- tional Honor Societyg Leadership Conferenceg Polaris Bi-Weekly Staff: Annual Representativeg Girl's Gym Leadershipg Lunch- room Hostess. MEIER, RUTH . . . Meclalis,'I'reasurerg Y-Teensg Banking Monitorg Student Coun- cilg Homecoming Committeeg Red Crossg Dedication Commit- teeg Girls Gym Leadership. MEIIA. CHARLES, HCharlie" . . . Footballg Trackg Band. MELSNESS, ERVIN, Hoe" . . . I-Ii-Yg Baseballg Basketball. MERKEL, MARIE . . . Banking Monitorg Ushersg Cap and Gown Committeeg Lunehroom Hostess. MICHAELSON, MARY, '4Mick- ey" . . . Y-Teens, Service Aidg Red Crossg G.A.A.g Girl's Gym Leadership. MILLER. JERRY . . . National Forensic League, Ushersg Hob- by: Hunting. MILLER. MAR- VIN. "PH" . . . Menorah, Basket- ball: Equipment Manager. MILSTEIN, IRWIN . . . Base- ball: Cross Country. MOSS, MICHAEL. "Mike" . . . Hi-Yg Basketballg Track. MUNTER, JUNE . . . Hobbies: Collecting Records, Roller Skat- ing. NAGLE, LARRY, 'Lare" . . . Hi-Yg Study Hall Monitorg Student Councilg Leadership Conferenceg Polaris Bi-Weekly Staffg Choir. NELSON, MARY ANN, 'gMare" . . . Medalisg Y-Teensg Viking Club, Homecoming Attendantg Swimmingg Choir. NELSON, PATRICIA, '4Pat', . . . Choir. 97 I y , ' 4 I if y 4 f f f! 4' W -ff!! , Wy 51:1 MWA . y , , ga, ,M , -,gf if , '7 .G ,f W ,,,- MW-Q! in f, , 'J , at aww 'ff C QW !f , , Wy, f ,M my ai, X51 ix .. I Q xsxdx wx . f -,WV ,n W .,f f , is 4 if . V, MQ, at .V I , 'i ,ve Z? 9 W..-f' I ,ry ,.,. ,.,. Wy V' ' - X V . f Z . I gg , . Z ..f,. U: fs, p ly: if VY 12.7, 3 1, .- "',,,,-W 143' 4, MM 7 'X 9 'mv ,,. ,f M, .,,,.,,,,,m Q .mm -ff ' - 2 riff' Q ,V K , 'F A K. Qiii I I IT si gr rg-. x'w 'o.l',.ff .- PQ ...-: -.,gYn,31 V . . .1:: wefrw-.ix i i 1" ""t ' if . DW.. iavpf ,X lk ' f as s av ffv " A,-. ff , ff iff? Q 46 ." 13 1 M' ,M I -N 5 W! 4 1 . , 6. 4-,.. ,V-F. sf N . Q ...wav ? 'wav-f K . Rggumlf ,q' www- - 3 , J i- 5 gc. 'fnfrrf' " 6,4 W 2 ,M I X f -ffff' a f"'Q'2"'Z'I'a tr' ' I ,WW if R -' 7- ,, 4.4 1" . ,As ,. !'j, I , ,Af f 'mt RX I , 2, I ,, W "WMM f way - ,va?aw, A 1 I , 5 , A M, " 1 Q, fm. mv' I -vi . if 1 it " NELSON, PATRICIA, '6Pat" . . . Y-Teens, Treasurer g Ushers 3 Student Councilg Courtesy Com- mitteeg Homecoming Committeeg Polaris Bi-Weekly Staffg Prom Committeeg G.A.A.g Girl's Gym Leadership, Pep Club. NEU- NIAN, BRUCE, g'.Iinx" . . . Hob- bies: Hunting and fishing. NEUBIANN, SHIRLEY . . . Hob- by: Dancing. NICCUKI. ELIZA- BETH, L'Betty" . . . Choir. NIMAN, MARJORIE, "Margie" . . . Y-Teensg Banking Monitorg Study Hall Monitorg Homecom- ing Attendant, Class Song Com- mitteeg G.A.A.g Hall Guard, Cheerleaderg Pep Clubg Pat Polar Committee. NOREN, ELINORA, 'iLinor." NOVAK, ROSESIARY, "Rosie" . . . Y-Teensg Hobby. Dancing. OGLANSKY. JOYCE . . . Kadi- mahg Study Hall Monitorg Na- tional Honor Societyg Courtesy Committeeg Annual Representa- tiveg Red Cross, Presidentg Lunchroom Hostessg Hall Guard. OKERSTROIVI, VIVIAN. L'Viv', . . . Christian Fellowshipg Red Cross, Hall Guardg Bandg Audi- torium Committee. OLEEN, JOHN . . . Swimming. OLSON, JEAN, ifleaniel' . . . Medalisg Y-Teensg Projectiong Banking Monitor: Girl's Gym Leadership. ORSTAD, BAR- BARA. 'tBarb" . . . Medalis, Presidentg Y-Teens, Service Aid, Polaris Bi-Weekly Staffg Class Song Committee, Swimmingg G.A.A.g Girl's Gym Leadership. PATTERSON, WILLIAM. L'Shorty" . . . Hi-Yg Leadership fiOl'lfl'Tl'llC1"1 liasketballg Trackg Hall Guard: Choir, Vice-Presi- dent. Business lllanagt-rg Pep Club. PAULSON, CAROL, "Kay" Bandg Hobby: Sports. 98 g 'Ls"s ,gn-N: vw- .ws -N., I 'a Q. J' , Wit A ss., H 'X .. x- , ..-fb va rm ' , ii: as ,... ci , . .ff .s- ,, 3:2 7 my U, -. 3. ,': aw' 5 EV Q fi g yi" . , 5 . JJ .,-,- "WN-ww" V V 4 -' ,4 .. - R ef? WWA? -gg? 43' ,gn , '5fwf..a ,, , f 9' Y E- .,, ' i , I .,' ' -- -,an :2 , . Ipfh 5 3-ma, --.-- , Q .J".-1+ as v X ' ' 5 0 YQ. jhk libs rf" i .3 N. n - . .s ,...- - fm vm CA PENCE, RICHARD, "Dick' . . . Cross Country. PETERS, BARBARA, 4'Bar- bi" . . Medalisg Y-Teensg Cirl's Gym Leadership? Choir, Hobby: Dancing. PETERSEN, DOUGLAS . . . Hi-Y, Student Councilg Courtesy Committeeg An- nual Representativeg Basket- ballg Hall Guard. PETERSON, DARCY, "Heron . . . Class Sergeant- at-armsg Hi-Y, Acme Presi- dentg .Pat Polar Committeeg Footballg Band. PETERSON. .IO ANNE. "low . . . Girl's Gym Leader- ship. PILCER. MARY . . . Y- Teens. Secretaryg Pat Polar Committeeg Ushersg Na- tional Honor Soeiety. Vice- Presidentg Student Council, Secretary: Courtesy Com- mittee: Leadership Con- f6'TPI1CE': Homecoming Committee 2 Homecoming Attendantg Red Cross, Vice- Presidentg Dedication Com- mitteeg Band. PIEPER, LaVERNE. "Vern- wl, - A - Sllldb' Hall Monitor: Twirling. PLAZA, SHIRLEY, "Shir1" . . . Banking Monitor, Ser- vice Aid. PLOCKER, JAMES. POLLACK, GAYLE, g'Gay" . . . Kadirnah, Treasurer, Secretary, Lunehroom Host- ess. POLLOCK, BIAURICE, "1Ioishe" . . . Projection, Lunchroom Host. PRICKETT, GER '1LD, "Red" . . . Football, Lunch- room Host. PRINCE, DENA . . . Choir, Secretary, Bank Cashier. PROCTOR, GENE . . . An nual Representative, Band 'S.,,Qr V. 'If ,--mg, A Cv WX la. Ayflk , f 7, . fdfm f 1 ff , 1. Q RANKE, MARILYN . . . Y- Teens, Service Aid, P.T.S.A. RAPPAPORT, SANDRA, "Sandy" . . . Kadimah, Banking Monitor, Lunchroom Hostess, Hall Guard. RAWLINS, JEROME, "Jer" . . . Christian Fellowship, Hi-Y, An- nual Representative, Red Cross, Basketball, Football. REEVES, DONALD, "Don" . . . Projection, Student Council, Cross Country, I-I.obbies:. Riding, Rope Spinning. REIN, FERNA, 4'Newspaper" . . . Lunchroom Hostess, Hobby: Bowling. REINKING, VIR- GINIA. "Ginny" . . . Y-Teens, Service Aid, Red Cross. REZNICK, MAXINE, "Max" . . . Kadirnah, Lunchroom Hostess. RITZEN, MICHAEL, "Mr. Gans- macherw . . . World Affairs, Vice President, National Forensic League, Menorah, President, Debate, Student Council, Lead- ership Conference, Dedication Day Committee, Co-chairman, Choir, Orchestra, Boy's State. RIVARD, JOAN, "Jo" . . . Hob- by: Dancing, Sports. ROBERTS, DEVRA, Hoebbyw I 5, my X, if .11 ' 1 L ff f V5 ,M 7 I fiii W AAI I .,,.,, , 'I f 1 V if 4 1 7 X fi -.ff W, I i7 3- Hgjwsff 'IM ' ,X . , X X , M, M fy f f X I -.W ,,,,, A ff W 7 4, 'Z 41 'Wx W X 6 ,XA ff 1 L, ri, Alil , flf 7 K' ,',- A :- , X ef f ' f Wx! X G7 ff , ff W ,,,, , fi j , yyiiy E H., xi?-21. i 1 fw "shifts, . . . Christian Fellow- , it- y ship, President, Banking Moni- I - , ' I V ' tor, Service Aid, Student Coun- 24771, 'W' UQ, cil, Choir. ROCHELEAU, A .,.,, A ,' 0 JOYCE, NIO" . . . Medaiis, Ser- p r g, --A vice Aid' i .'-. . ROGALSKI, CAROL . . . Y- Teens. ROLF, RICHARD, "Dick" ' b I I . . . Viking Club. VZAV 'A 99 fr- 4 f f,',' we . in L,' 1 A ' ,, ,i "Q-ann? . , , -N .V Q A A'- 5-. fi i --.. .3 g I 4 My q I -f as I f 1 1 lb im ph W 'N ii -2: Q A I NX: - ' ,,.., """' J f Z 'W ve, . . , .510 ' K , K "tri . I7 wtfw W AI44 1, .,.-1 .ffl ff ' , ,f,. I I fy f rf, . . .. . MAX. wi: 1 f ,re L A n 2 if 0:23. .l J",,,UU ' I ,aw ,,,A, 1 , 41 X, , ff M .. A I 1 'fl ' I -J . ,, 5 .md -t Tf17'm'1'P , 1 f .X RONAYNE, PATRICK, 'tPud" . . . Hobby: Hunting. RORVICK. LORAIN, L'.Lori" . . . Christian Fellowship: Viking Club: Bank- ing Monitor: Choir. ROSECRANS, RICHARD, "Dick" . . . Football: Hall Guard. ROSENGREN, DON, "Rose" . . . Orchestra: Hobby: Roller Skating. ROSENZWEIG, MERLE . . . Kadimah: Y-Teens: Banking Monitor: Study Hall Monitor Courtesy Committee: Prom Com- mittee: G.A.A.: Pep Club. ROSEWARNE, GWEN . . . Medalis: Christian Fellowship: Y-Teens: National Honor Socie- ty: Polaris Bi-Weekly Staff: P.T.S.A.: Ideas Committee: Lunchroom Hostess. ROUFS, JOHN, "Chimp" . . . Hi-Y: Ushers: Apparatus. ROUST, STANLEY, "Stan" . . . RUNQUIST, JACK, "Hack" . . . Social Committee: Band: Hob- by: Automobiles. RUPPERT, JERON, L'Ien'y" . . . Hobbies: Bowling, Clarinet. RUSCH, DONNA. RYAN. JEROME, "lerry". SANDBACK, MARIAN, "Mary" . . . Y-Teens, Vice President: Pat Polar Committee: Study Hall Monitor: Ushers: Student Coun- eil. Treasurer: Courtesy Com- mittee: Leadership Conference: Homecoming Committee: Prom Committee, Co-chairman. SAR- KINEN, CHARLES, "Chuck" . . . Hi-Y: Ushers: Red Cross: Apparatus: Cross Country. 100 v"""' 'UM E mv' ' V W' . A 7" , 31' Af- , ' V v 1-, , . . I M. kv .. 4 K' -1 f' ,....,. .2 s te 1 'FHM vm, ,f W 1 I2 t' t--Qrgrg A 'A rw-On anna, I-1 ,L a. J, yn .,,: ..,. Y' xi' -12.15. " . is " 4 . ' '5 , SCHLESSINGER- MAR- LENE, L'Mar" . . . Kadimah: Red Cross: Hall Guard. SCHMIDT, JANICE, "Jan" ' SCHMIDT, MARTHA. 'tMarta" . . . Y-Teens: Ser- vice Aid: Red Cross, Secre- tary: Lunchroom Hostess. SCHMITT, RUTH, "Ruth- ie" . . . Y-Teens: Banking Monitor: Student Council: Assembly Committee: Po- laris Annual Staff: Red Cross: Social Committee: Band: Orchestra: Service Aid. SCHULTZ, MILTON. "Bud- dyi' . . . Band. SCHWARTZ. MARILYN . .. Kadimah: Y-Teens: G.A.A. SCHWARTZ, MYRNA . . . Kadimah: Polaris Bi-Weekly Staff: Annual Representa- tive: Budget Committee: Lunchroom Hostess: Hall Guard: Twirling. SCHWARTZ, SHIRLEY . . . Homecoming Page. SCHWARTZKOPF, ED WARD, t'Ed" . . . Hobby: Collecting records. SEAVEY. RICHARD, "Dick", SEDRANSKY, ARLENE, l'Tossie" . . . Kadimah, Secretary. SHACTER, BURTON . . . Menorah: Orchestra: Cap and Gown Committee: Hob- by: Model Building. SHAPIRA, WILLARD, "Dolph', . . . Polaris Bi- Weekly Staff: Tennis. SHINNICK, THOMAS, "Shnook',. W 1' 'I . 1 'W v- ,M 75.5" I ' aw ,V ff "fa , :K J4 ,ff s 14,541 yi 7? f un -, ,Q --.- ,-.J fi 5 . '3 'BNC . 'Rf " ag,- fi' ' v 'f 'Weary 'n'i'f:1" G,.,:,4i'v . f I .1 5 2 -W. g ,MZ ?i "" Ziff !..-'- SHIPPY, FRANCILLIA, "Fran" . . . Y-Teens: Service Aid: Red Cross. SIME. .IEAN . . . Choir. SKOCHINSKI, BETTY, '4Betts". SKOW. IANICE, "Jann . . . Y- Teens: Red Cross: G.A.A.: Twirling. SMIRNOW, NATALIE, 4'Nat" . . . Hobby: Animal study. SMITH, DWAYNE, "Smitty,' . . . Hi-Y, Vice President, Chap- lain: Student Council: Home- coming Committee: Baseball: Basketball. SMITH, ELIZABETH, "Liz', . . . Y-Teens: Banking Monitor: Homecoming Attendant: Polaris Bi-Weekly Staff: Social Com- mittee: Swimming: Girl's Gym Leadership: Choir: Cheerleader. SMITH, FRANK, "Red" . . . Lunchroom Host. SMITH, GERALD D., "Jerry" . . . Ushers, President: Student Council: Polaris Annual Staff: Banquet Committee, Chairman: Football: Lunchroom Host. SNY- DER, ESTELLE . . . Kadimah: Y-Teens: 'Banking Monitor: Courtesy Committee: Annual Representative: Class Song Com- nittee: Girl's Gym Leadership: Pep Club. SNYDER, WILLIAM, '4Bill" . . . Hi-Y: Band: Orchestra: Hobby: Playing the trumpet. SOLTIS, ROBERT, "Bob" . . . Hi-Y: Base- ball: Basketball: Football : Lunchroom Host. SONENSTAHL, DARRELL, "Red" . . . Stage Crew, Captain. SORHEIM, DWIGHT, A'Hurk" . . . Civics Club. 101 2 fun-VM, 44..- 49" ff .M 4 K ,' 4331 ," ' , ', "fa 1 W -MJ 'N-... NX , IH- , .Ry - .4 1 - uw . 2 s .1 Rh K ' I I . :pr ,M ' f 1-1' V I if , f ffm ffm ' , " , V3 'Q ', 74: , 1 4...44'f ' 4' Q 1 ,,,, ff ff Iver? ff, f f ,I , V Y af-,aa-faq, ' Q . f . , I is 4 A. Maw ww, JW. , Q f 'Wf ,fy f i ff' nf? V I. . f , f 'KM ffx,ff2W9g4f7,' '- ' f ' ' V, 1 , ., .,,V I 4 2.41" ff! A , ifw ,, wg. sv-Uv 94 -VS 'awk QQ' 4 qw., 4, ...,,M,,, Q f..-fy, . It 74 1 1. vw., ,W i""W' wt, WY .fv 4 W' . , :.q'a-.12 .I ,I W - 4' f...,c, H.- X ,M f r 1 , W ., ,, if ,f 5 2 any . ,A-2 .. 2. ,. ,-4,397 I 5 wave, ff:-fa I ' . S' 3 nz' ', .ji ,. , I f ' 'W f J , ., 4, , 9, I, Y . lx X NK -aww 18' , if f , y,,,,,, M :E -A ii.. Elf I . bd ',.':'l' 1 El ff A,-,,,--E i A.. i il ' L W Wu f"- f 1 It Fi. X T - ii a..,,f f ,ff 75? V may ' Jin. , "iz ' ,. " w- --wa an-frm-"' 'filings-. ffl? r L2 y , 5 . my 3.14" , ,,' it ?ZfQ, f SORRELL. JOSEPHINE . . . Girl's Gym Leadership, Lunch- room Hostess. SORRELL, Vl- OLA. SPIECEL, RICHARD, 'tDick" . . . Class Vice President, Stu- dent Council, Vice-President, All-City Representative, Courtesy Committee. Chairman, Home- coming Committee, Leadership Conference, Polaris Annual Staff: Cross Country, Track, Orchestra. STAMENT, ALFRED, HAY' . . . Viking Club. STANEK, ROBERT, "Bob'l . . . Apparatus, Track, Choir. STAN- WOOD, KATHLEEN, "Kathy" . . . Girl's Gym Leadership, Hall Guard. STEERE, BEVERLY, nBev', . . . Y-Teens, P.T.S.A., Choir, Hob- by: Skating. STEINE, GARY, 4'Gare', . . . Apparatus. STEMAN, CLARENCE, '4Goose" . . . Hi-Y, Red Cross, Basketball, Football, Track, Lunchroom Host. STENSON, MARLENE, g'Sister" . . . Lunchroom Hostess, STILLMAN, MARVIN, g'Styles" . . . Basketball, Golf. STIMM- LER. JANET, "Jan" . . . Y- Teens, P.T.S.A., Class Mem- orial Committee , Swimming , G.A.A., Service Aid, Pcp Club. STOCKE, JAMES, i'Jim" . . . Hi-Y, Student Council, Tennis. STOECKMANN, CHARLES, "Chuck" . . . Ushers, Student Council, Ideas Committee, Hob- by: Hunting. 102 as ,. X HV! A R'C-127' 3' NJ' fx, ,ffm C, 1-0' 'X ' ' 4, ' 4 W , . xg? 'em 'Wm '- ,,,., , ,Q fa- in-Wr-, . W' we , W Q11 X ,. , N W T . ,WW ,X -A 1 3 t I .Y ibm .7 N01 .?,,,.,...., STREED, CAROL. "B1aC kit-" , , . Medalis, Chris- tian Fellowship, Y-TCCHSZ Service Aid. STUBBLEFIELD, JERRE . . . Medalis, Y-Teens, Pro- jection, Red Cross, Class Play Committee, P.T.S.A. SUKOV, IRENE . . . Kadi- mah, Y-Teens, Banking Monitor, Study Hall Moni- tor, Banquet Committee, G.A.A., Lunchroom Host- ess, Pep Club. SUOMELA, MARCIA. A'Marcie" .. . Y-Teens, Banking Monitor, Golf, Swimming, G.A.A., Lunch- room Hostess. SVENNING, CAROL, "Te- be" . . . Christian Fellow- ship. SW,-XNSON. RONALD, "Ernest" . . . Christian Fellowship. SWARTZ. STEPHEN, "Steven . . . Llghf-rg: PO. laris Annual Staff, A.St-H. i0r Day Committee. Chair- man! Band: Pep Club. SWEDBERG SANDRA an as d.,, 7 . . , Lg, A an 1 . . . Christian ' ' 'J ' far' Orchestra. SWICART, GLORIA, "Morning Glory" . . . Fellowshipg Y-Teens Ten. TUBE Gi1'l'S Glee Club' 1 W!-i 1 -.RQ : QS SZUTZ. BIARGARETE . . K R- 3 A Lunchroom Hostessg Hobby' N- P Dancing. as ' 5 NWN ..- . "J X ,. TIERNEY. JANET. "Jan 6' 'T' W . . . Y-Teens: Tennis. 4 i I TOLCHINER. NORMAN, , A A 'HNorm" . . . Menorah. if TRIQPPINIAN, BARBARA. L'Barb', . . . Kadimah, Y Teensg Lunchroom Hostess Hall Guardg Twirlingg Ser- vice Aid. TURGEON, TONE, g'Fren- chic" . . . Girl's Gym Lead ershipg Y-Teensg G.A.A. 2927 Q' ,f 7 UHRICH, CAROL, "Lorrie" . . . Medalisg Y-Teens, Banking Monitor, Choir. VOGEL, DUANE, "Hosenose" . . . Band. VOLKERT, ROBERT, 'iloggern . .' . Hobby: Fishing. VOSS- BERG, MORRIS, 'gllorryw . . . Hi-Yg Hobby: Sports. WALTERS, LAURENCE, 4'Lar- ry" . . . Hi-Yg Pat Polar Com- mittee g Baseball g Football, Skiingg Choir. WALTERS. SHIRLEY ,... Choir. WANKE, DELORES, 'gDee" . . . Hobby: Dancing. WARNER, DOROTHY, "Dot" . . . Medalis, secretary 3 Y-Teensg Student Councilg Budget Committee. WARREN, THEODORE, "Ted', . . . National Honor Societyg Polaris Bi-Weekly Staffg Budget Committeeg Lunchroom Hostg Bandg Junior Academy of Sci- ence. Vice-Presidentg Movie Com- mittee. WASSERMAN, LORRAINE. uLorry" . . . Kadi- mah. president-treasurer, Na- tional Forensic League-treasurerg Banking Mc-nitorg Debateg An- nual Representativeg Red Crossg G.A.A.g Lunchroom Hostess. WEBER, GARY, "Dad" . . . Choir. WEESTRAND, MAR- JORIE, "Margie" . . . Medalisg Y-Teensg National Honor Socie- tyg Student Councilg Homecom- ing Committeeg Class Memorial Committee, chairmang Swimm- ing: Girl's Gym Leadership: Hall Guard, P.T.S.A., Vice President. WEILAND, JOAN, 'Qld' , , , Hobby: Dancing. WEGLARZ, TERRY . . . Ushers. 103 H half! , 7 75 .Z iffy 1 'KW ff.,,i I y ev U, jf... f . f M16 i f - tw 2 3 .,,2.,,1f 'ww ,, lm Wy, N ' 4 V9 'ww Q wr' ' wW,a-,. K. '-....,,,w V - .. , V - 1 5, I' u f ,f rf . ,ff f 52 4 . ., V 7 -M' af' 2 W ., , N'--..,f WMS.,-f 4 1 f 2. 2' -'nik we-f f 1 V . , lf . . :SZ , gm... ii R' V I J' .. A .rl : .M A 'fi- .ff ,W 3 99 3 5 ty, mf, 2' mn, ..,, , . ' X ' A t ,yy f ly, : Mfg W f I I .. -uv I , WI iw K ' T 5 " i.fti ' 27.2, aa If 0 M 'fir' 'A xiii-1 an ffl. .'e2 A fi. 1:6 5. ff . We '--f er 75'-3 "5 'I 'Tx' ' V J A V Q,.,L, Ygixlie N Th .Q-JF' 5' if - T y XJ' T Xi if W x ,iit "A F3 ,,f: ,, , J We sr-w , ,CWM , ' 4,.,,,-V if L, ,gg ,J ,fa 5 'V' f-. j , ,K 5 . ,V Vs V 1 'iv I ,M Q 3 ,. I Mm H iz I 49' fW'fm,,, " , Use 1-M-,a V., X A .aw , , YW ,ff f ,H V I, : f if pg. Ze e' i aaa' M V ,1Z,,iZN-f-I I ,. ' L. ,J Ml , fi.: fix WEINBERG, MICHAEL, "Mickey" . . . National Forensic League. Vice President, Men- orah, Debate, Leadership Con- ference, Ideas Committee, Chairman, Equipment Manager, Orchestra, Auditorium Commit- tee. WEINER, DIANA. WENGER, SYLVIA . . . Me-dalis, Y-Teens, Ushers, Courtesy Com- mittee, Polaris Annual Staff, Banquet T Committee, Band. WENSTAD, SHIRLEY, g'Shirl,' . . . Band. WELK, ELWOOD, "Buzz" . . . Hi-Y, Ushers, Band. WEST, MELVIN, UMel" . . . Band. WHITFORD, ELAINE, "Whitty" . . . Medalis, GirI's Gym Lead- ership. WICHERSKI, VERON- ICA, "Ronnie" . . . Medalis, Red Cross, G.A.A., GirI's Gym Leadership, Hobby: Sports. WICKSTROM, BEVERLY, "Bev" . . . Medalis, Y-Teens, Banking Monitor, Study Hall Monitor, Service Aid, Social Committee, Band. WIISANEN, JOYCE, g'Wiis,' . . . Commence- ment Committee, Tennis, G.A.A., Girl's Gym Leadership, Badminton, Pep Club. WILENSKY, ROSALYN, 'gRoz" . . . Kadimah, Y-Teens, Study Hall Monitor, Service Aid, Courtesy Committee, Annual Representative, Lunchroom Host- ess, Hall Guard. WILENSKY, SEYMOUR, "PeeWee" . . . Foot- ball, Lunchroom Host. CAMERA SHY SENIORS ADKINS. RONALD COLE, LOWELL ANDERSON. DINO COOK, BETTY ANN ANDERSON. DONNA DOOHER, FRANCIS BANKS, WARREN FEHLHERG, WILLIAM HASTERT. JAMES HILL, VIRGIL BIELKE, FRED GARVEY, CAROLLEE BROWN. JAMES HALLSTEIN, MARGARET 104 B2 5,15-' ,, .,, we ig is -W' 5 is X , - l 1, V.. " 5 EY? "M 'Yr' . 27, ts 1 ., i, . ,f I .- Q, .,. ,,,, , R, X? S J. 'QV , "wrt, 2 Ns' "R ,fi I WILKENSON, SANDRA "Woody" . . . Golf, G.A.A., Qirlg Gym Leadership. WOOD, GLENN, "Chuck" . . . Christian Fellowship, Baseball, Tennis, Choir, ZIEGLER, BILL, Hlloosel' . . . Ushers. ZIBIMER, ROBERT. "Bob" . . . Projection, Annual Representative, Commence- ment Committee. ZIBIMERMAN, VIRGINIA, t'Ginny" . . . Class Secre- tary, Christian Fellowship, Service Aid, National Honor Society, Leadership Con- ference, Polaris Bi-Weekly Staff. Co-editor: Red Cross. Treasurer, Gi1'l's Gym Lead- ership. ZYVOLOSKI. CHAR LOTTE, "Char" . . . Y- Teens: Service Aid, Ushers, Student Council. NIARTINSON. ROBERT YERXA. DENNIS SCHLIEF, LEWIS Yosr, DOUGLAS JOHNSON, CHARLES SCHNEIDER, PAUL KLISCH, BARBARA SMITH, JERRY KUSHNER, GERALD SULLIVAN, RICHARD LOOMIS, HAROLD WILSON, BOOKER 9 SENIQR CLASS OFFICER , , , l ff? f ? ' 1 i'f,lf,bjf' 5 Q ,1x-H:'J'.-mi-V515 :wi .ta f "2 51211593 w i-S he V it .xv 2 it M U ,t ll, V ext gf V trim We e 3 I wu- ,. ..,. ,. l ' i' y Y v 3 K fills-X' if 3 Li r ,L xr 3.-Q-if , .., ,. : " -"1 2 Standing: Frank Evangelist, Mascotg Virginia Zimmerman, Secretaryg Richard Spiegel, Vice President, Al Blumenthal, Presidentg Virginia McHugh, Treas- urer. Seated: Darcy Peterson, Sergeant-at-arms. wwwnwmb 102 ME QRIAM ' 2 f h 105 A 1.1 - , .- Q. 4 xg I 'K A-SENIOR DAY BANQUET How 1: Steve Swartz. Chairman: Conniin Arnold. Row 2: Tom Elvera Erickson: Jeanninfi C-rant: Grant Cooper: Francis Mar' Anderson: Victor Johnson: Klauref-n Beck: Javkie Krause: Chand: Alice Engel, Co-chairman: Jerry Smith. C0-Chairman: Elaine Coldman. - Not pictured: Marilyn Lidr-n. Sylvia Wenger: lrene Sukov. CLASS PLAY CLASS SONG Row l: Nanvy Arones, Chairman: Barbara Lessakg Jerre Stub- Murriwl Nlartinka: Marilyn If-mpsa: Barbara Orstad: Hr. Paul- lvlwfield. Row 2: Judy Boehme: Harvey Gurewitz: Walter sen: Charles Johnson. Chairman: Nlargiv Niman: Ewlyn Lfhr- HOlIl1FSl Nlarlys Lieskff. man: Barbara Davis: Estellea Snyder. X, 'RIN IDEAS CLASS MEMORIAL Sandra l"ll'lll1iQ Xlir-levy Wf'll1ll4'TQ, llllairmung Luis Klillvrg ,lane-l Slimmlvrg Annetlv KOl1lllll'TS1 Barh Kallio: Alargip yyw, l-,I'WVls flnlrf-ng Virginia llrf-kkf-, Not pivlurml: Nl. Ili-vk: Uwe-n strand. Chairman: Marshall lfrivdall: llm-lures Lvvvl'son. N01 R0,f.Wa,-I-,,-I piclurvd: Burton llultman: Don Rfwwvs. 106 BUDGET Bow l: Myrna Greene: Dorothy Warner: Mary Kellas. Co chairman: Myrna Schwartz. Row 2: Bob Colving Ted Warren Barbara Blackwellg Beverly Gilbert. Not pictured: Keith Han- lon. C0-chairman. COM ITTEE COMMENCEMENT Bow l: Mary Burke: Judy Kverness: Ronald Guttmann Eleanor Hall. Co-chairman. Row 2: Bob Zimmer: Al Haveson Rodney Hald: Dorothy Lund: Joyce Wiisanen 1 ...--,.,..,,.M-flaw www - CAP AND GOWN Row l: Marlene Fergusong Petra Alvarez, Co-chairmang Shirley Anderson. Row 2: Marie Merkelg Robert Bundt, Co chairmang Wynian ,lohnsong Burton Shacterg Charles Mejia. DEDICATION DAY Row l: Harriet Lebowg Mary Pilger. Co-chairman. Bow 2: ,lack Litowskyg Betty Johnsong Mike Ritzen, Co-chairmang Ruth Meierg Bonnie Bruceg Charlene Ferguson. -.f PROM Bob Colving Merle Rosenzweigq Mary Sandback, Sherry Fein- berg. Co-chairmeng Alice Hakaring Bruce Ericksong Pat Nelson. ,AV VW 1 H I l x 41. ' -...,..,, .N-,....,..,, X Z ' SOCIAL Row 1: Ruth Schmittg Grace Hensel. Co-chairman. Bow 2: Beverly Wickstromg John Gilbert, Co-chairman: Cleone Magun- song Buddy Chistophersong Elizabeth Smith: Chelle Abrams 107 IDEAL IDEAL POLARITES A1Blumentha1, Ginny Zimmerman BLOND BRUNETTE REDHEAD Darcy Peterson, Mary Sandback Mary Bryant, Marshall Lifson Willie Shapira, Barbara Peter SENICRS SHYEST Al Lillestol, Geraldine Johnson BIGGEST FLIRT Gary Filerman, Phyllis Lewis MOST TALENTED Gary Lange, Mary Nelson BEST DANCERS WITTIEST Larry K Petra Alvarez Mel Lebewitzj Theresa Blanchette 4, we ' fl 3 H 4, ' nw , r 2 J 9 9 . ffm. , QQ- .WA , 1 4 o, e g, Q , 1' gl +1- I 1 L7 FRIENDLIEST MUST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Cecelia Defiosier, Shorty Patterson Sherry Feinberg, Mickey Weinberg FIGURE-PHYSIQUE Ronnie Audette, Margie Niman CUTEST COUPLE Ronnie LeVasseur, Virginia Brekke POISED Mary Kellas, Dwayne Smith 110 PEPPIEST Liz Smith. Jerry Marko y 7,- i t , ,V fififf MOST ATHLETIC Bob Soltis, Sandra Wilkenson BEST DRESSED Dick Spiegel, Betty Johnson BRIGHTEST SMILE Bruce Erick5on,Connie Arnold PRETTIEST EYES Estelle Snyder, Mike Ritzen .Q pf, 7 , 'MN f W, eff l ' ,.,.. f ,QW LW. Vi ,,,' ' . "L :g:, f , f X X f ' f 1.,, I! f 1 ' mf, .1 f , ,ya .f ,',y4,,1mg,- , , May . j,QW1,,f,, ,X M , MQW, f V, ,,,A ,,,,, ,M ,f 0, ww- ,,,.,.,-,ff fy WW!! V, f f fff ,f,, ,f Iyar fff f f f f 'W ff fff f, WX A , 1 5, 2 i X I ? 2 1 l 4 '--. X E-t, ff we f W" 2 Where ss GP: :Qgone K 9 f WZ, If V W V. 'f hff' 15 M, ' , mwvff If :N 3 X 4+ Q35 f 4 ,gf 1 an muff ,, I X . fff , , V! ' faffg 'ffy' ,J I f f ifi'fl'f7" ,,,,, I f si f 1 X X 5. f 4 ,jf X! f 71 'Nw 1 The A , .3 5.3M 5 ig ,V X J ,N X Xxx 1 1 1 ' 1' 1' 1'1'-11 . 11,1 '1 1 1 1 AL 1 . , ,, 1 '. 1 'U . u 1. . 1.4111 1 1 1 T, 1! 111, , V 1,11,- -1: 1' 1 1 ."1 N 11 51'5,V1' .1 -1 .11 ,1 1' 1 ' " f 1.1. "'1f'1115111,gNh'3 11, X1 . J1! V 1 1 115111 1g1n-1.1 .11 1. 1 ?1:11111111 1, 1 1 '1 11 1- - 11 1 1 . 1 1 1 - 1 1 - 1111 1 1515 1 1. 1,, 1. 1 1 1 I . .1 :l1f1,, 1, V, ' L' ' ' 1 , X 11331 f 11111. 14'- .1 ' W 1 ,1,111f,11 " - ' 1 15 . ' '11 4.. 1',i:'1'i1-1',1N 1 1 1".i'11'111 1 1 "1 1111111.11 1-11,1111 . V , 1. 1111.1 1:1 1 11211.-.,1,. 1, 1,41 1 11 11, A., . 1.1, 1 - 11 111' 1 '1, ' 1 ,1 ' , -5 aQ'1g,.1'M, ,311 1 1 1-"1-,11 1 111 , 1 1' W V A-1,11,.,1 1 ,U 1 ' X-'111,1'11' 11" 1 11,1 31111111311,,11,,-111,, -1-xj, M -1 1 1 1111 -11 ,1g.,YA71.Lj1,11L 11 11' , , 1'1" 11.F'1f15I" ' 1 - -1'-11' .,'11 111 1 - 11.1 , '211 1' "'1 .' '1' Nfl' 1 111-1 U11 ,V ,K 1.,1.,11 , I , 1 1. 1 1 1'1 1 x' ,1'1'1. 1 I lx. 1 1 1 : 111 111,V'1E 1 W W , , 1 I 1 1 , 1 111 fip' 111 A: '1- 1 111 11 1 ,- .1.1 1 f- , ' ' 1 . -.1 1- 1 1 -1 1 1- .115 1 1 J. '1 1 1 .1 .11 , ' 1,1 12. XHHHWIXKIUIIMII IlHlHMl'PJll'RllNWY6UiflWlfJ.DYH.Wl'2fl175'l?'.T'1I1?551'N3L5VEid-51Wl1W'lEGllTli'.'ixF1Y.N.'1 in '1 -' ' 1 .1 1 J ' 1 ' A1322 ETA '11 " ., m a, 4. .1, . af A Tix: " 1' ,V ,""' -ef if , ,, -11' ,TB X ,,' , Sv ' . ' 4' , J1- . ' 1 .1, UMW, ,nn f 2-. 1 fu J- .fifsf f i:- ,zz Jiigp, , J , A , 9 ,1- ,1 1 2 , WH ,M E , PM hw., BREW' 5559. ff , ., ky. V , Q if 1 1 ,,-,, , e ,? 1 'my v , Ng u. -mf c!Lhf ' P Jim, ..,.!.i 1-. ,-.,- f Vp 1. f V4, 4 5, ' r 'f . - 5 'W Www 4 ,N Sfeg- +Wh- . ! 'ev . 51 "Q . 2' ff.Ql Q ' ' QQ , fix V g,g'f..,xN , L , ' fu - ,- ,fi 1 l:L. HV, .f W M, . VP' b Q nw U4 T fx, jil' - ' ifff-134 "k j T.-1 , W ' ff-X. .. 'Lglf . , ., V ,IREM 1: 'au L -QW , ' F: Am- JL-- . fwgrf ' g"?i"Tf QQ ! ef' , , ., .Ab 'f , 'va , , X?-sf ,313 in L i K X ff-M'.' W 1 1 , Q L 'gk 5 ,U . MT ' . 'g ' J ,aa -UM ' fa! if - . , .WA " . , x ..,mf-uu .,4- X... 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