North High School - Polaris Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN)

 - Class of 1948

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North High School - Polaris Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 102 of the 1948 volume:

5 . W 'V . 3 1 1 92 rw ? "1 I., " '11 .,. , , , A -V-V..VV.4V - Vff , A.. "' f ,xv JL-FQ , Q, it Je -v5'v.::,5 , - t 1 K A 2119- fx ., 5 5 -, VL' -,,..v,- A-F IW .. .14 ,J x Y 4 fy , , ,I , . Q , AL I 4 , , , X, ,. A 1 1' . . x ,W xv I , , 5 - 'A , ' Q ' Q R '95-'lf 4 K 1 : ' ,' f' V ' -, 1, V , I 1 IM b g .xg-sl M V ' I: 115- I t .4 I .... - t . f- f X '7 x - ' - 2 . Q - l. :y t , fl L, PO, X :Z - X 1 '. ' if '14 -I .lf V2 ' an ff' 1. ' " 'f Q gl ' W "1 E' K 'I wx "iid 'e y -r ' 'T . Jai " "'4' ' - ' 'C ' : "-TWH... - .V f V A Q A- ' ' ' , Ng 1 T. V gs ? if nf. 'L ,V H' V 'Xi , . , . in ,--',' f Q- , H I I ul f ui D4 "'- .5 'J L -5" aff' 5 f H . I gr 1 ., V- if cw , if iff., V , f g A V I ' 2,1 . V17 .jf f " ' V .V-W' I V '1 5: ' -gen, , . 4 C 1 ,Auf .yy fu , ' .gi 2 If li' 'Z V. .V i ICKETS vq SY,- .:3- i 1" fl' o 1 1 1 v elk' 1? F V lf AN xr' Q? I x, , . s X' Wg, 3 ' I A '. 5 ' 'I-W r 1 I J 8"Z ' v ,W V . . .4 .Vi , ' 4 5 ' 3 , Y.: L I 1' 1 X 1 I I V X X 1 FU' , . ,xp-v! I ' 16 A 4 we I X ' f J e ' H hp .ME .f W' 1- .Y f f, nfff -iq' "AY nj X G. x ' J 4 1 L I 4" f .vm-1 .4-a-4' Lt. ,. -. X 1,341 ' 1 1 Y ,, I 9 1 " f I i r, 5 -fan? Mg v' f, r X I V A xQ' ' I' 4 5 he 1 5 .1 'Y ' , Q x .- ..- .' .R I a S I i ' ?Q:1V'.'3f ...vp 't I : h, M... 4 - AA, ' 4 3. 5 . " .V qw' '-. . , gg " ' '. , . A . , s-xy 1 7 ' ,1 -X I .L V Y. V 'x H. 5 ,A 5' y ff? -flf'Q.'.i, X ' K - x. ' , ' " '-.., ' ' Va ' - v . 2 J ' s 5' ' 7321? Vi I ' '- F? fa. I . V 1, V, 1 lg .3 f T' ' J 'ws' , Ji .. .4 A in .I -7. T., ru.. I iz V V ' L 1' " I ,V A ef .. if ' fl .' se' wr A 'A 51 3 .3! . ,H H: T: V ,eg , : ' V -3' V fsirff I Q V X. , L -5 'Q'-Q ' H i V 4 I 1 2' 'f ,f?r. -12 ' VA V - 5 V .J-3 - .-' . , P , .Q "' N , '.. 9- g , 523-7 5 5,1-I :V 45,135 1. , 4. E 1 x 5 9 I, H W. 2 . 'QM f f.-1+ 'V ' 'F 2:94 2 929' E' l . .. nm 1.22515 A :gif ' Agn- fr. I fn , ....- . - ,s -n .,:,'-- -.w , 4 ,NP I ' '-I fi "rl - .iam ' V - 1 n V H if -..f ., J- 'xi .hr F - .1 x3 I ' A ,gr ' 'Q A, . ,gf-hw A . ' .Lf 3 ,5,,.,.:-,, I. ' . ,I K. i ,A , ' ' ' .-v - . sri , V ' -1 . 1 .VV :. -1, N N V ,Q ,--, V y WMF-'Q . - -. -A .I x V ' V :V ' .I V fm . 'n ' A 1 .V V-, A 'V 41 'yr .EH A: N' VV l Z "-NA. 53' ,.':L', .X . 1 . -,vi ff "4 2 Q, lZa:rV.f.7 n . fx V4 Qt L! A J I - . , V-gV.gj1X,.w.' . - ' V V. . , , , 'Lf ..k.i1'-""'- b b ' 4 X 1.-. -.V -llilb-'3'L"VTf1f1a" . x .:- .V V . . Q' - V 2 ' - . ,yw ,v' " V - " .VV V N .Vu V -. ,- -- V 3.1 , . -, ,wt , V V ,, -If - - . -V Img.. 51, 'ff V - -M ,,M,.- 3- V ,V ,W -. 'WV my Am , , -JVM -35 A, M , , V - . -urge .3 I g. V' . sm A -x . J ,?T,faj.m.,a is Zu. fa-ff!.5g,.l ,Ek-i.i5VV,3g,' ,Va-5 3251 .X , fgk fx x .4 ,gg,,yg,L1,. 5. ,. ,Q ,, - J, ,,.n 4 J A 5 K f l A5 764 1948 ' o ' 9 ' m I Palma Hama PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF NORTH HIGH SCHOOL MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA 744 1942 Daiwa Slay Co-Editors-in-Chief Norene Blair Myra Chapman Norman Evidon Pauline Gardner Barbara Gess Saundra Goldstein Katherine Kopniek Carol Krieg Norma Kyro Marcia Magnuson Yearbook Adviser Art Adviser Barbara Richman Beatrice Dolf mf L Maralyn Noodelman Arthur Nygard Sam Roitenberg Ieanne Rudd Ioan Shea Robert Stone Ioan Swenson Sharon Wagner Gloria Wodika Alvin Zelickson . Ona Swanson . Mildred Read To the mcmoly of fqnila fjolfack af-""' 4 we dedicate this annual ef I N .,:- x 5 .' . .1 ' ' ' S' V an P 'WT V N: ' t . ' As P h E ' is 9 , - Q ,l 1 if 5 K. , els t Y t , 1 5 'U' in A .M We Spent ,U , 'A 1 ' ' 7 KV 1 Nia 'J E. THE BEST YEARS MI' -e . 0 F - . ' '- i 4 tv ... A i- -x ' ix Q" ' Q... I ' ,.-v"' 'Q .... an OF K U Lukvx D Jak hw i-we , i V- V . OUR LIVES X-gg X2 "0 Yyz. , Vim. ,gs '4 5 u - X11 Y a W3 1 5' Q ' I T Q ,J . t . I - K I ' "T Q, YV AT NORTH HIGH SCHOOLfyears enriched by the many experiences vve've shared together, and the memories of school life welll share in the future. As the days and months and years have slipped by, new chapters in our lives have un- folded, molding a pattern for later years. Cheering our teams on to victory, walking and laughing through the halls, meeting around "Old Ahef' and even eating together in the lunch room-all have heen a vital and irreplaceable part of our school lives. But upon our entrance into the 'goutside world," new phases of life will con- front us, and we shall he prepared to meet them, equipped with the knowledge, the good citizenship, and the developed character with which our school lives have furnished us. Yes, these three years at North have richly endowed us. liut not only do we, as individuals. reap the henehts ot those years: the vvhole world prolits hy the lcnowledge and good citizenship of its people. Nl 7i4 ecfacalian foamd ifne common mincf. -eff '7aMe af eanllenld rqcfminiilaafian -Page 7- Glenn -Page 11- flafiiea -Page Z5- Speak -Page 61- Scfzaal .fife -Page 77- We're loyal to you, North Side High We'l1 wear white and blue, North Side High VVe'll back you to stand 'Gainst the best in the land For we know you will stand, North Side High, Rah! Rah! So follow that ball, North Side High Go crashing ahead, North Side High Our team is our famed protector, On boys. for we expect A victory from you, North Side High Come on and raise that Hag to which we'll be true Come on and fight for North, we're fighting for you, Here we pledge our hearts and hands To dear old North Side High. 6 PLANERD A m1i2 s?sf mm-au:: A ? H TQW 1 f V we W ,, L. N ,, , 1 1, 1 A 1 -, J ff r gf , 'VUWQM Eem t ' as 3? Q ,,::f-5-1 ' ..-M-'J jx Iss' P H. . . calm caundef ancf candhuclfiae feacfeadfrip. " 'lio the Cirgttltttttcs oil VHS: This issuc ol Polaris will st-rw its at TCI11lI1tlQt' ol the pcriotl during xxhich you xyurc tht' stu- tlttnts in this school. XXI hope thxtt tht' tintc spent hcrc has hrought hoth plctrsurc nntl proiit to you. liztrncst application to tht- work hclorc us serycs to hring tts to Ll rcgtlimtion thttt the ygrczttcst hztppincss comes to us from work that roprescnts our hast cilort. Plcttsurcs lightly won atrc lightly hcltl. The protit which wt- have l'CLiL'lYCLl nyztils us nothing il' wc arc H01 rczuly to giyc unscllishly. to sliaru illltl to hclp others oltcn. ln at lcw short years you will hc at part ol the citizenship that will tlctcrminc in what tlirct-tion wc :irc to go. NVQ trust the training you littvt- recciyctl in this school will help you recognizc thc rcspon- sihility that rests upon you to hccome itlcntilictl with the huiltlers ol this conununity, stzttc :intl nittion. Your hrlp is sort-ly ncctlctl. lt is mort- tlitli- cult to huiltl than to tlustroy. .X. Nl. llztnli Principal Courageous aintl progressive lcritlcrship chzirxtctcrizcs thc hctttl ol thu Nlinncttpolis school system, Supcrintcntlcnt Wlillztrtl F. Closlin. A truc ctluuttor. Mr. Cioslin is roc- ognixctl not only in this coun- try, hut also in liuropc, for his outstttncling work in hctf tcring :Xmcricttn schools. ln this work, Klr. Closlin is :thly ttssistctl hy Rohcrt S. Gilchrist, :tssistzuit sttpcrinmntlcnt. WS My 1 Q f ug., . '- fgif k J... I ,,,. at L .,,. . jp i f . 3 lwo ot tht' husicst pt-oplc :tt North are Yiolzt Nlarti :intl Melvin Olsrn. who in :ultlition to their :itl- yisory clutics Assist in stutlcnt pro- grgituining antl tinploytutnt proh- lums. the school tcsting program. ticlact sztlcs, :Intl tiztculty cxtrtt-our riculzu' atssigniucnts. Both Nlr. Olsen :intl Bliss Xlttrti airs known lor their tiricntlly untlcrstztntling ol gill proh- lctns hrought to their attention. 8 worla oi' thc olllcc lorcc. chicl clerk. I'lL'lL'Il Dnrgzty, school hursc, rc?- nclmits to school those stuclcnts who lmvc hccu Qthst-nt hccnttsc ol' illncss, tmtl SllpCI'XlSL'S tht- school hcttlth prof gmtu. i M545 miix rf: 1 ,3 Lg ty iff, ' W., r o iruihy 1' The tttltnillistrutivc lt tions of thc school arc cpt runmng smoothly hy tht- 1 6 to right arc Mrs, ,-Xlicc lui IllI1QS. crctlit clcrkg Mrs. Irt Schultz. llllL'lHlLlI1CC clcrlcg Dt lorcs Pcursou. rcqoisltxou clcrlig :mtl Mrs. Xlzthel Nh cr .vim 4 'E Gr' Keeping the huilding in smooth running or- Supervision of school lunches and the general der is the job of the maintenance force under order of the lunch room is maintained by the the direction of Ioseph DeMarsh, chief engineer. lunch room force and Mrs. Claussen. manager. STUDENT COUNCIL LUNCHROOM HOSTESSES Organized along truly democratic lines and ailording North High students an opportunity to practice seli'-government, the student council expresses the ideas of the student body in regard to all important school issues. Clean and attrac- tive lunch rooms are maintained through the eilorts of the lunch room hosts and hostesses. Service points are awarded these volunteer work- ers for their faithful service throughout the year. 10 TC no aaqal aoacf la fealzning ...:.4:a--mar-ur The hluc-tiiiilormctl httiitl ol' North lligh. uiitlcr tht- tlircctioii ol' I. Cliw CTlt.1v'y. is no orgitiiimtioii ol' xxhich tht' Northsitlc is itistiiigihly protitl. l.gtst stimmtr. .is iii other suiiimt-rs. it woo iirst prim- iii tht' Xlitiiitxtpolis .Xqtittttiitiigtl Pttriitlc. lii August thc hzmtl trzixtlctl to Chicago wlitirt- thcy ggtxt' it solo pcrloriiitiiict' hcllort l4l1l,lNlIJ pt-rsoiis nt thc .Xiiiitigtl Nltisic lftwtixttl. During thc school ytxtr thc hgtiitl pl.iys tor xgtriotis zititlitoritliii progritiiis .tiitl nit ilit- toothttll gmtl h.tsl4t'tlx1ll gttiiits. ligich spring thcy prcsciit thcir .1iiiiti.1l coii ccrt lcnttiriug lliiiiitri Xlitropoulos. coiitluctor ol tht' NllIlllL'llPOllS Syllllilltllll Urchcstrgt, its gticst coiitlticior. North is tht' only high school to rcct'ix't' this hoiior. lxxirliiig in lllllt' In tht music .trt tht North High 1l.1: twirltrs .Ximt ll.ixts, lhoi' . i , . A ' . . lllQll'sltlWl'll1! lution tuirltls .Xu .iittlitioiml si---t oi toil-i' ls tcm lxtlrstl.fXl.l1'x.l5lNtltI', lokim l'Q.1H gmtl . ' ' 1 ' A Xorint' llotlums .intl llclorts .ultlul In tht spltiitloi' ul tht Klllll lrotllx. A . I,tiiitl ilispliy thtii' t.1lt tits whilt lmiiitl hx gun girls Itaniit iihutliiiig with tht lmntf, llioiiiiusoii, toiiiiit 5XX.lI1strI1 .mtl Unto Kl.niiimiQ. 12 4 A ,x .Tift if if br fig, l':1ctiw l'ul.u' culm' 42llLll'LlS lngui liI'LlCL' Lumlcy . Sllltllllil i ' Cilxun. l:.llA2L'I1l.l Km-iiig. H.1un.i mtitliictm. lt-mls rliv lmurl in ' 5 li llllih gmcl filuiin S.1mlt-rmn pruiial- .ill its wuttluur iwxitxxs. and 'W Q lx L irry tlivir x'HlIIllI'B.N culurs. qiwixts in ilirccting iuuxiuztl llmgrmlli in lim ilullmmum' North Iliuuli SclumlX oixuuiiuliiig C ilugtur ul tllc cliiiiiipicmiixliip lmml ginrl ui tliwtm lx I. Clin' Cflvqirx. Nortlfs orchestra. umlcr tlic tliructioii ol' I. Clive Clctiry. unit-ruiins tlic student lvodi' cluring many auditorium progrguus iiml pruxitlrs thc iivccssary music tit class plays Quill commcuccmcnts. Both classical and popular music :tru plays-cl lay the orchestral. assuring cvcryonc ol: the wry lvcst in :ill kimls of music. gi .. mf Hurixili tor The Applied Music classes INCH ilk M11 cvcry Tliursclay with Mr. llarry mm"'x' Ranks to study. compose, antl play classical and popular music. Scatctl at the piano is Marilyn Xlaclicnxic. wliilc .Xnn Louisc Carl- son. lictty Vollicrl. lolin Ponclclis. Q and Xlary VVallicr look on. Ronalsl lirasscl1r's "l,iltlc fiill ill cilllliihn laris Norll- Nlrlilll, llic Cnrls Irio givts out with a song. Nortlfs ciglity-Fivc nicinlvcr ll cappclla clioir. tlircctccl lw Mrs. Claris litsclieicl. is an im- portant contriliution to school lilc. .X lwcw ol' tlic scrviccs rcntlcrccl by tlic clioir tliis scason have liccn Io proviclc tlic music lor the Tlianlisgning ancl liastcr programs. ancl liacca- laureate scrviccs. Tlicy spcnt a grcat clcal of clliort raising INOHCB' to lwuy ncw rolwcs. A festival concert was tlic fcaturc tliis spring. XVitli tlic accompaninicnt ot tlic liantl anal orchcstra. tlic choir lcaturccl one oi' tlic grcatcst .Xincrican sccular compositions. nliallacl for ,'XIHCflCLlllS.N Thr- inusic was lvotli secular antl sacrctl. inclucling liigliliglits ol musical comctlics anal light opcras. W f, ."'L , -4 K 'K-H -W ALM ,-1.7, ' .ew wi , . . ,, W.. 4' an ,cg s fvlfl for lx? , nqfllift .Zepaafmenl Self-expression through oral speech and writing, 21 rezd appreciation ot' nexlitcrnture and qi knowledge or the iundzmieiiluls ol grammar :irc the objectives toxvird which the ' I I Y v English Department strives. X , 5 I ,1 355, 4, , ,VQQ 3 4 ' X Q, ff 1 ---- - 1 --'- -l-A A R - .- if ' 4 V I --:, 3, L I, V J rw-.X .,--. 1 52:2-,irq 182 f A Q1 -A 'I i -,fb ,J . f 2 , Ag " , 2, fi ' . A E 'R ...wig I f A k' "" ,gi ,i f A D A I .. . 'V ' ,,,. , ' ' I I if - 5 .525 L. 4, :"' "'. " ii V' A. A :.A ,,i' 5" im. A MRS. STELLA IEAN BOLIN ETHEL MARIAN CATHERINE MRS. BEULAH MRS. CARMEN ADAMS ,mlhh CRITTENDEN GOULD MANDLER PIERCE RICHARDS lirwlish Iinghsh English, English English English D x i' ' I ul lIOI'llllll Chzrirmnn VELIHA SEDER IWAIZIE INIRS. LAURA ONA BERTHA Ct,m,W,,, SHANNON GERTRUDE SHERMAN swANsoN THORPE IA-iirnings, linglish, SHEPHARD English English, Common Germain Honor Society Iinglish Annual Lenrnings A wi fm! A ' ..,. A I A 'f Q 1 A i 2235-1 'e'..4r 31-li " If , V ,gi A h 'f "g' riff :" 1 ' 5? W 6 . . :Q , :qw .gm ,,,., , is VK i 135353531 'fi' 'A ' 5 "": . ff f A :" ' " '- .,... " 1, ..,,,. Z, A A -,,. vi., , K ii.. kg iw If If I , , .. . .A ,.v. A , KXLNJ I 5 Q , 'V , A MRS- AGNES HEI-EN A Quiet atnios here conducive to studv and rec- W ' WEI N ULVE T D - I - p' ' ' ' - if I L5 D I SAA reationnl reading is provided tor hy the library. ,J L1l'l'1""l'n I"b'u"i"1 presided over hy the two librarians and their stu- , X A dent helpers. , -V" l K 14 0 V. ,K iw .'. 1 fM5fi1fQflf?i 'fff1qg113e-'21 3 -.2 , ' 'w?'fZv1'g"s ,llllfht s1111lc111s 11111-141-111-ll 111 1l11- 11'11lv liclnls 111 1'111l1c1 l:OI'L'lP1Il l.111g1111Igu play .1 11cucxs11r1' rule LIS tmml 1rlx 11011 11111111 11111 llllil' XvOI'll1'N Nl1L'ClLll 1'11111'sc 111 l1ucc1111u l11'11111l1r 111 1l1is 111111lcr11 worlll, X'111'1l1 ollvrx 11l1c1 VVc1rl4sl111p. lD11r111g 1l1c yu.11', 8lLlLlC'l1lS l1:1x'u 1111 1111115115 111 Norsu. S1111111sl1, Clflllllilli. 11111l l.11t111 111 c11111r11'11111ily 111' writing s1'1'1p1s 41111l 11rc11l11c111g sl1c11'1 XX'l1lL'll 11111 1111ly lmsif gr11111111411'. lllll 1l1u l111v lllL'I'Llllll'L' ' 1 ' ' 1 1l1111111if1'1c111x 1111 1l1c l111-.1l 11n1xx'c11'l4x. 111 IIILNL' u11111111'1cs 11 1.111g11l. X19 HARRIET APEL Q S11.ll1lwll. I111'111.111. l..lllll , ,. PAULINI-1 FARSETH 'Z' Nfwwn. l..llIIl 1 LiAROI.INIi Hoxscu S11.1111xl1 tin, LILLIAN IQIINSON 31 R.l1.111 XX111'lvl11111 WWQ R MRS. DELLA LINDSTIEN l11l111 N 1 'N PNN l,11w1'111g lwgus, XYI'lllIlQ s111r1us, 11111l 111rc1111g 1lc111ll111Q5 LlI'L' only 111111 111 mlm wurlx 11 mkw I 111 11111 out ilu' l11l111' is lwwuclily. 'l4l1u c11fopcr11I11111 illkl l:1iIl1f11l l11ll'Ll XYllI'li 111' lllx' slglll k'lNl5LlI'S, plus Illk' CXt1'1l plugging ol' Mrs. U1-ll.1 l.1111lslc11. nllxisur. llllll 1l1c pgxgu c1lil111w. 111111lQ tl11s 1111115 l'c1l11r1s .1 I'L'lll Qrulll 111 Xllflll. ll1c Pa1l11r1s l111s tl1u 1l1x1111c11c111 411 l1:111g L- only Bl11111u41pc1l1s xcl11111l 111-1xs11.1111-1' 111 rccciw 1l1c ll?-W Nlulnlixl ,Xwnrll 111 lR1l11111l11.1 L'11i1'crs1ty. New Yor nn k. 16 "Paste thcni up, scud tlictn in, anal write tlic copy" was thc sct code ol tlic 1948 Polaris .Xnnual stall. .Xrraiiging picturc sclictlulcs. mounting anal marking tlic linisliccl picturcs. scncling tlicni to tlic cngraycr and writing tlic copy wc-rc only a part of tlic tlctailctl wotlg inyolyccl in putting out this ycfar's annual. Thanks to thc cooperation ol' thc staff nicnilicrs. Ona Swanson, adviscr, Art Scgal, of tlic Burt-au of Engraving. antl XValtcr Sclunitlt. of tlic .Xugsliurg Publishing Housc. tlic W-18 annual is onc ol' wliicli North can be proutl. Thanks slioultl lic giycn also to Miltlrccl Rcacl. art aclyiscr, anal Clara Nelson and Clicstcr Saxby, lirst scmcstcr aclyiscrs. , ii fn I a -5 ALICE DAVIDSON L ? A lfnglisli, Spcccli ig if We 2 45 7 1' AEE EDANA CONNORS 3- K Preparing anal giiing oral spccclics antl also protluc- "Rcsolyctl tliat tlic Pctlcral Uovcrnmcnt clcmancl ing auclitoriuni prograins play a largc role in tht- arliitration by law in lalwot' tlisputcsu was onc of tlic work of thc speccli class. Stutlcnts ucctling citlit-r issues tlcliatctl liy Nortlfs tcain this ycar. Participation s Hcccli corrcctions or initiatiyc in oral rccitations licnc- in dcliatcs witli otlicr Minncsota towns fortnctl a larvc - Y . ' 1 Z1 lit greatly ironi this course. part ol tlic tcatn s work. -qv- U , JOHN coNovER HixIuI'Y if A , Q? fs 4' Q96 fi ' , ,..4f fr: 'fb 'L ffl f GRIlfl-'ITH O'DELL llmnlf. tfln-1x'll.14ln'1w p1'11N LUCY EDQUIST IIINIHI x, xIrmi1L'I'I1 Pmlwhm- Snrviu lhnntx ,RQ s nm KOPPLE FRIEDMAN Nimlwzx l,lw1NcI11x GEORGE IENSEN M1 nlurn Vw ,lxhhrm MARY MOSES N1n1nlk'I'l'1 l'mhh1m Hixtmx ESTI IFR MARVIN ROY IAM!-QS Ql'liI.I.0 SK,-kL'RI,'D TICNNIQY TREGLAVVNX lllxtwrx. lllxtnrx, llmxr-'rx Huw-Vx. lfmuxuumll llmkcx. UNT'-IU l,Q.nzumgx Iumxx Social Soienced Yurilfs social 5cicmc clglsscs hulls l1I'L'I7Lll'L students to lu IIIIUHIEQCIII. xxrm1'hl-lllillmlnxl L'iIiZL'llN. wcig 1' lfklllcntionqll lnmiw :ml tluld trlps to Plllvllx' IHSUIIIIIUIIN CINS L'Ull1l'KfIllillPL lllL'lll IULLIX. xllx UJIINKIUIIA ul lla. :ru all part ut KILISSIAOOIII glctiviliw. VVurlLl llislurv. 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A Ffma X 1111s11' study 111 111L'lll15. 11lL'1I' 11s1's 111111 11111 prg1c11c111 1'1'111111411i1111 1'lJl' z111x1111c1'11 11'11111111g 1111-1'11111111'111 111511- 1111111111111111 111' 511111 s111111' ix 111111111 111 N11rt11's welll llLXk'I'1Illl ix 111111 111 111cc11:1111c111 111'11w111g 1'1:1ss11 111111111 111111111 111c1111s x111111. 1111' 11111-1'111111 111 111111111 151-111-r. "-Q x uf iw' NK, ad. paaucffq we dlaacf. SERVICE PINS lfrgimw .ickcrlinili llun .Xmlcrsoii lirirlx lllfmkur lluurlx liHI'l'lLN llr.1ll'icc' Dull' lixirlwgiixi Gum Slum-1111 lluflninii Nl1lI'Cl.l NIAXIILINUII lzugam- Ulwn XYilli.un Riilkl- llillll Reis Arlene Savill filiwin XYoclilx.1 CLASS OFFICERS lflcctccl by popular vote of the class. llmc senior olliccrs were in office through- out thc cntirc yCllf. Lclit to riglil zirc: Hur- old llulilin. SL'fgCllIII-LIPZIFIIISQ Yale Kiefer, vicrsfprcsidentg Norcnc lllziir, sccreturyg XV11ync Robinson. president: login Roni. Lrcnsurcr: Bull Iohnson, mascot. Scfaalafilic Jlamma Higlicst 5ClIOl1lSIlC nwgmls ol' Llic lzuuiury class wcrc hmlll liy Carolyn Savill, x'1ilCLlicto1'ig11i, anal Shclnlon Rein. sgxlutzilorigui. NATIONAL HONOR HONOR SOCIETY ROLL lizinna gX5l4r11i.1u YHVCIIL' lilllll' lil-icrly llm'1'iu lirrnnrsl llrviim-1' Phyllis Cluxwli ll4'LlII'lCL' llullr lmrntliy Chill llLll'l7.ll'Ll flux Nlllclrc-ci ll.ulmIl' Nlurirl llrilllw-ij: Ngimni llqiu-mn Vuriion Imiw Kgilliwim' Iiupni Yuflllll lix rn lL'1lI1l1L' ligxixim Smnlci' Mgirkmn Slim-lclwn Rwin 10.111 Run Nlqirilin Rumlil flLlI'UlIl1 Smut Rulwcrt Shim' My rl XV.llNg'l1.llli' lyluriai Xvtllllkll llcxcrli .Xll.lllISl1l1 llillcl .Xmnson lcguim- .Xxk.in41M Pliillip Ihmtogk llc'-lIl'lL'L' Dull' .Xumii l:llIgL'I'l1LlI lsaiqili fiutunzin Nluricl ll.illlicrg NIll1ll'L'il llilclrufl Ngiunii ll.1x uwn Stzinlcx' Rgippgipurl Shulalfm Ruin clx l-mn Rf 1.1 Curulx n Smut Rnlu-rr SIUIIL' Qi Nw Top row: leanne Larson, Polaris Award, Robert Stone, Hope Mcllonald Award: Caro, lyri Savitt, Readers Digest Award, Sheldon Rein, Salutatoriang Ioan Roa, Norse Award, American Legion Award: Wayne Robinson, Alumni Award. Bottom rovv: Beverly Borries, Hobbs Award: Wesley Carlson, Hobbs Award: Beverly Adamson, Star Iournal Award, Yale Kiefer, American Legion Awardg Beatrice Doll, Daughters of the American Revolution Award. lvafzffzwn 1401640 The Northern Light Awards are honorary awards which are presented each year to those students who have given outstanding service to their school and to their class and are not receiving any other commendation. Members of the Ianuary class who will receive the award are: Norene Blair-Citation: For her pleasantness at all times, line character traits, depend- ability, and her unfailing cooperation in school activities. Phyllis CorenACitation: For her radiant personality, friendliness, popularity, interest, and service to her class. Muriel Hallbergflfitation: Trustworthiness, line spirit ol' cooperation. initiative. :mtl her scholastic abilities. i ' if 1' , 2 ' 1' sir V anaaaq 3 , 7' , AV ', Q Q ,V A in is., rx .. V 7 ::,,. 10 Frances Ackerman, Ulfixiiiu . , . l.llDCllI'unIll Iflmtf V' in V 9 ws: Olliu' Page: liacliinziliz Mmlcrli lkiiice. Beverly ' ' Adamson . . . Stumlgiit Council: Mud:-rii Ikinev: Xil- " lg lnq i liuniil Ilnnirr Society: Silver 'I'ri. Roy Allmon . . . gf I .X Viking Clnlv. Donald Andersen, "Moose" . . . Acmy , Ili-Y: Stage Crew: Cliristizin lfclliixxwliip: l'rfrni Cum- ' iiiittee: Ticket Seller. PF Martin Aronsohn, Ulrike" - . . lhinml: Orclicbnxig ' - Swing' Iinirl. Hillel Aronson, "l'inC' , . . ligink Caxli- ' ff 454-3 in-r: Muiwigili. pruinluiit: Clam Plgixg Seniwr l7.1y Cuiiif ,V 3- ' lg je 'V H ,Q 4 X KV mince. Iezinne Askzinass . . . Silver Tri: Mmlerii 4 V' ' 1.' 5' Iliinecz Nqiliuiial Ilnimr Society: liluc 'l'i'ig Bank K i ' . .- 'V Cgisliier: Kziilimailiz Sulirilzistic RL'lWI'L'SCIll.lIlXL'I Uslier: ,N ,V Y Iaiiielirnniii llmlufz lliiecqiliiiiruiru Crmiiiiiiu-e. VVil- V 1' .V VV Y V.,k ,, fred Balter, "Il4ilrlie" . . . Meimrgili: Crow Cniiiitry. ,. , Q .f. 535 V , W if V .V W - V. 1+ Bonneigh Bartoscli, "l3uiiiiie" . . . liluu 'I'i'i: Sil- su 13 . wr Tri: Mmlern Ilxincnz Bank ilisliierz Annuqil Rep- fs V ,Q ix-w:itiitiw: Red Crimp Student Cnnneil: Usher: V..: . L ' ' Iniiielimniii Ilmnw: Howling 'Ik-iiin. Richard Bear- ' i - 5 V 4 man, L'IJiek" , . . Ilnukey: Frmilmll: ML-iimzili. Philip ' " L Binstock, "Flip" . . . Bunk: Pip liginil: fDI'CllCNU'.lI Q ..f"" ,,,, Nlciinixili. Iean Biorn . . . Sunni lli: Mnilrrii llama: 3 H Iizink C.ixliii'r. V . W in bfi: .E K -0' V VLVV 4 Norene Blair . . . Claw SL'Cl'LlLlI'l'1 Ngiliungul llonm' V' - '4l1".. Sweieliz Sliislent llniiiiuilz ,-Xnnuailz lilne Tri. wcrif S 'i ' ' Liry: Silivr Tri. ti'L'a1xi1i'ei': Snlnn Ili: Claw l'l.n: gl ' Sr-iiinr l'.lk'fll11l1 Caiiiiiiiitlpe. Doris Blocher, "Kinky" " :V . . . Silivr Tri: liluc Tri: I.-,xt .xml l-'imiinml Clerk: i Q, Qi, KIlii'ixli.1n l"n'llmx'sliiii: laiiiclieuii llmtess: lfslier. Del- " K " ' bert Bogema. "IMI" , . . Ili-Y. pixwiqlpiil. Sk'fI'i'I.lI'f. E . . . -2 llL11xL11'Ll'. Beverly Borries, Uliuu . . . 'ii' VV.., ' llnmri' S-mivlyi Silxvi' lri: liluc 'l'ri: l,C,kf, lhpim- I ' fa , 'ff i ' , r a QQ l MDW if-ff ,pre wifi, 4' Nl'I1l.lIlXQ'. 1+ Iohn Burner, "lil-115' Bernzird Brenner, 'lliwiiif' . . . Cliwx liluliz Claw l'l.iy: Ih'li.ilc, ini' piwsimlniit. lI'L'llSLlI'C'I'1 Nginnngil lluiinr Sirflblxl luninr ,Xugicleiiii 4-I Seiemn. piuimliiir. Arnold Bmniberg, ".XrniU' . , . Stumlent liiriineil, Bzlrlmra Brown, 'llhlif . . . Silui' Iri: lx.uliin.ili. if Donald Brown. "Iwi-ille lhirw' . . . Swiininingg Swing Ikimlz Oruliwim. Herman Burdman. "l lyiiiiej' VVeSley Carlson. "WL-C' . . . lkisclxillz lfirotbzillz lluekuyz llifi: Sluclenl Cuiineilz liginqiirt Cniiiiiiil- lee. Madeline Comeau, "Miukc'x" . , . Silver 'l'i'i: lllue Yl'I'l1 Semin lli: Olliec Page: Pep lhinclz llqnnlz flI'CllCNlI'1l1 L xlnr. 4 Phyllis Coren, "l'lixl" . . . kjnlnr flL1.lI'4l1 Ngitioiml lliinnr Suciuiy: l'nlgii'is l4ifWm-kly: Kgulinmliz Mod- ern Dainecz Swiinniing Tegiin: llaink Ciisliierg Prom iliriiiiiiilluiz llcmineeimiiiig' Atu-inliiiit. Harold Dahlin, "lCimii"' . , . lrlnckcy: Viking Club: .Xciny Hulwk lli'Y. Beatrice Dolf, "Rumi" . . . llolgiris Iii-NVeekli: .Xnnugil, lxdinir-iiikliliielia Sclmlqmic Reprweiitatixe: Lfmlier: l.ilir1iry Paige: Kmliiniili. SCI'gL'1lI1l'1lI'Lll'lllNI National lliinur Sireic-ty: Brink Cgifliierq Liincliwn lluxltsxi Rail Cross: Munlern Ilgiiicrz Clan l'l1iy: Cum- iiieiiceiiiriix Cuiniiiitlee. Helen Edstrom, "l",clslie" . . . Scni-ir liiinking: Silver 'l'ri: lilne Trig liasebzill Sunil-ku'pei': ligiiiquel Cuinniittee. 28 4 Io Ann Egan, "lu" . . . Silver '1'ri: Student Coun- eil: Flag 'l'wirler: Seton lli, secretary: lillCClll2lLlI'L'LllL' Committee. Roberta Ellis, "lluhhie" . . . Blue Tri: Silver 'I'ri: G.A.A.: Hunk Cashier: llzill Gugirdi l.UHCl1I'UOIIl Hiistess: Class Play: Baeeztlattlreatc Com- mittee: Study lliill Miiiiitur, Alver Engbloom "Swede" . . . liriving. Cmieli. Aarnn Fingerhut, L'.Xrnie" . . . ,-Xppzirgtttisz Crtiss Cnuiitry: Menomh: Clitss Play. JF Barbara Fink, "lRuluhy" . . . Choir: Miidern Dance: Wrir Iiund Salesman. Shirley Fisher, "Shy" . . . Mod ern Dance: Bank Cashier: Kutlimaliz lfsher: Swim- ming 'I't-gun. Theodore Fox, "Tee Dee" ..., ' Xemy lluhs Ili-Y, Edward Friday, A'l7ritl4ty" . . . Fimtlmll. 1+ Stuart Friedell, "Stuie" . . . Band: Swing litindg Orchestrzt: Pep ligind. Dorothy Gall, "Dottie" . . . Student Council: Nittiontil Ilunur Society: Selmliis- tie Representative: Hank Cashier, Donald Gannon, "Sptt1iky." Donold Gates, Whitt" . . . llnnd: Orches- tra: liuxing. 1+ Mary Lou Gates, "Lulu" . , . Miiilern Il.inee: Hunk Cashier: Red Cross: G.A.A. Barbara Gess, "liolwhie" . . . Student Council: Pcilgiris Bi-VVeeklyg Annual: Modern Ilatnccz lizulimtthz Selmlglstic Repre- sentittivt-: National ilunur Sueiety, SL't'I'L'llll'l'I l.uneli- room Hostess: Usher: Class play: Ciimmenceinent Committee. Anita Golden . . , Hand: Pep Band: Red Cross. Tom Golden , . . Ifimtlvnll: liiwingf 4 Beverly Goldrich, "Hex" . . . llgtll Guard: Motl- ern Dzineez Kllilllll.ll12 G.A..X.: Senior Day Commit tee. Irwin Goldstein, A'Irk" . , . 'l'r:it'k. Ruth Good- man . . . Knclitnzlhg Red Cruss: llrnstessg Modern llnnee. Mary Gregoric, "Greg" . . . Student Council: li..X..X. 4 Eugene Guffan, "Gene" . . . Meiitirgili: Ihtnd, Gerald Guifan . . . Iielwgitez 'I'r.1ek. Isaiah Guttman . . . Chess Club. Mildred Hadroff, "Millie" . . . Kud- imtth, xiee presiiltnt: Chiiir: Swing ligtndz Modern ltgtnet-: l5ehtttt': llzinli Cxtsliierg Annual Srtlesmzing Yzitiuiml lliiniir Smit'ty: Clltss Plgty. if Donna Hall, "Hutt" . . . Silver 'l'ri: Blue 'l'ri: Niodern lltnee. Muriel Hallherg, "Mur" . . . Student Cuuneil: Nittifinatl lliinor Sueietyz Oliice Page: Silver Tri: Mudern lliincez Ticket Chairnigin. Frank Har- wood, Hllllhlyli . . . lfuwtlmllg lloelieyz Norse Cluhg Bank Cashier: Ilgmd. Naomi Haveson, k'Nonie" . . . Student Cciuneil: R.tdimali: National Ilrinor Society, Secretary: liinquet Cummittee: Ticket Chziirintui. Clgtss Play. 29 ., .ff Q x., 3 5 , Q, , 3, 'Qi L ,J 'W' . Ag .ina vw q' ' - if L f . ' - . , .e ,., .1 , .f. K .. Lax 'I ' , -L? -V 4 aj". 1 l l K 11. 2. .ga . -e if are " -ny .L A. T' H K 43 5 ' a fit 'J' l i ii ,P L 1qq A , r 4a l l , X ul gif' H O gf? -W.-4-vi :fi . lf L.. E , ,gwa akz A it ffl 4 Sheila Hoffman . . . Silicr Tri: liaulimahz Lunch' room Hostess: Senior Day Committee, Co-Chairman: Oilice Page: Study llall Monitor: Motlt-rn Dance: Richard Hoium, "Dick.'i Theodora Hurwitz, 'lTctltly . . . Kadimaliz Lunchrooni llmtcss: Blur Tri. Robert Iacobson, "luke" . . . lformtlvalll Managrr. 1+ Erma Iohnson, "Iolmnit" . . . Silwr 'lirig Blue 'l'i'i, lI'C'i15LlI'CI'Z G.A.A.: Usher: Choir: Motlern Dann: Orlicc Pago: Iainclirooin litmus: St-nior Bunk Cguliicrg Claw Play Cotnniittt'L': Clgm Play. Maynard Iohnson, L'Bt1cl" .... ' hppllfllfllnl Boxing: .Xciny Hulw llifY, prcsitlcnt: Clan Mztsuot. Vernon jones, UVt-rn" . . , National llonor Sociuti. Iulia Kangas, "Iulic" . .. Blue Tri: Senior Bunk Cashitr: llllCf1llLlLH'LLllL' Cf un in iltcc. 4 Edward Kantner, "l'.fliiit'." Yale Kiefer . . . Stu- tltnt Counuil: Apparattix: Trgtck: Senior Vico- I'ix-xitlcnt. Katherine Kopnick, "Katln'i' . . . Blue Tri: Silxcr Tri: Seton lli: Suliolgistit' Rt'pi1'st-iitgitivez Stu- ilcnt Council. sc-crctary: Lfslicr: Polaris Iiifwuukly. Annual: Motlvrn l'Jant't': National llonor Societx: lflag 'llwirlvrz Rt-tl Crow: Senior Banking Coni- mittcc, Beatrice Kranitsky. "Btn" . . . lflioir: Kmli xn.il1. 4 George Krone . . . lfootlmll: Skiing. Daniel Kunin 5 "Dun" . . . Brunel: Pep Bantl: flI'Cl'lC5Il'.l. Doreen Kur- sn, "Bula" . . . lflng 'l'wirlvr: Scion lli: llonit-coming Atttntlant, Norma Kyro, "Norm" . . . Blum' 'l'ri: Rt-tl Cross: Polaris BifXVct'klx: Annual: Motlrrn llitnfci Silwr Tri: Clirixtizin lftlloiisliip: llonor Sotit-ty. 4 Richard Langdon, "Dirk" . . . B.1skt-ilmll. Gerald LaPedes, "ln'i'ri" . . . lllgiv Play: llclmttt Lklirr. Donald Larson, "Rccl" . . . Viking lllulw. Ieanne Lar- son, "Icannit-" . . . Blut- 'I'ri: National llonoi' Society, D iwusitlciit: lolam Bi-Wt-t-kly, litlitor-in-Iiliit-li: Lunuli- i'iu1m lloslvssi Clifislixln l'it'llim'xllip: l'sll4'I': Olliu ling:-: Moilt-rn lmntc. if Oritha Law, t'Yuctk." Helen Lazarus . . . Silxtr 'liriz Cllct-1'lt'.ulL'i': Motlurn Iigincuz Ullict' lhtguz Stamp Salvsman: Bank Caslwicrz Senior Dai Connnittcc, co- ulitiirnian. lean Lindsey, "Lim" . . . Silivi' Tri, prtwif dont: Blue 'l'ri. lI'C1l5L1I'L'l'I Rt-tl Cross: Suton Hi: Cup gintl Gown llonnnittecz Viking Club. Dexter Linman. 'iKlt-ggieu , . . liuskctlmll: lfootlvnll: Boxing: Afinv llulu lli-Y: Class Play. 1+ Moscha Locketz, "Mot-" . . . Mt-nornliz Apparatus 'llunng Cross Country. Douglas Lund, "Doug." Ger- ald Maas, "lorry" . . . Studcnt Council: lli-Yg Basr- lmll: Football: Hockey. Marcia Magnuson . . . Silwr Tri: Blue Tri: Student Council: Red Crow Senior Banking: G.A.A.: Seton lli: llrom Coininittceg Polarix Annual. 30 if Gwendolyn Manning, "Gwen" . . , Silver Tri: lilue 'llriz Moilern llaneeg G.A.A.: llomecoming At- tenclant: Drum Maiorette: Gun 'l'wirling. Stanley Marksun, 'iSt:in" . . . lli-Y: Stage Crew: Ticket Sales- man: National Ilonor Society. William Martin, "Son- no'l . . . Acmy llubs HifY, presitlent, treasurer: Baseball: Boxing. Annette Matteson, "Little liutclif' if Gloria Matzke, 'illutclin . . . Silxer 'l'ri: Viking Club. Helen Meland, "llank" . , . Silxer Tri: lilue 'llriz Rell Cross: G.A.A.3 Cap :intl Gown Committee: Modern Dance. Eugene Melander, "Gene" , . . Stu- tlent Council: .-Xcmy Hubs lli-Y, rice-presitlent. tregistirtrz Cap :intl Clown Committee. Vivian Mey- erson, "Viv" . . . bank Cashier: Katlimab. if Shirley Moberg, ""' . . . Stutlelil Council: llzinli Casliier: Homecoming Committee. Walter Moline, "bull" . . . Ciimmeneeliient Coininittee. Donald Nel- son, "Nels'l ..., ' Xcmy llubs lli-Y: liasketball: fiolf: Class Play Committee. Alice Nortrom. if Shelby O'Brien, Uliugsf' Eugene Olson, Milt-ne" . . . Projection Club: Xorse Club. Iune Oppcdahl, "0ppie." Lloyd Ostcrbee, "lX'1i1ggs" . , . HifY. if Sam Paltz, "Samiiiy" . . . Basketball: baseball: Boxing: Football: "A" Senior Social Cliairman: Acmy llubs lli-Y. Delmer Peterson, "Pete" .,.. X cmx Hubs lli-Y. Estelle Peyser, "Tiny," Anita Pollock, "Nita" . . . liaclimali: Polaris iii-XVt-elily: Oreliesrra . . . 1+ William Poluk, "Willy" . . . Coniniencenient Coiniiiittee. William Ralke, Mliill' . . . Projection Club: Class Play: Commencement Committee. Stan- ley Rappoport, "Rap" . . . Chess Club. Richard Ran- dell, UCULIIIIH . . . liuxlllg. 1+ Sheldon Rein, "Shel" . . . 'lrackg Chess Club: Na- tional llonor Society, Paul Reis . . . Proicctioii Club. Delfin Relopez, "Del," Paul Renne .... 1 Xcmy l'li-Y. .Xll School Vice Presiclent: lfootball: Senior banking Chairman: Cliristian Fellowship: Norse Club: Class Play. 31 fd dm E' .1 fa. , ,ai ' 454. E if er : V Q. it " s. ii ii if .igeisr 3 E, leaf i ,il c r ls' Xb ...Q 2 fi? A f ,c.' J +1 -B . .tx L sl 4 X 14,3 .. M Gi .W mf A'AL V 1 4 i . ii , ', Q 1 ,K Q .. ,, my i i ':" A fl ' M A ..EiA- int o -f "' if ., ig R. .,, 4 'B , . if 3 Air i ' ' f at! R 'A ,- ft K Q K . :M 4 H3 R V "' ' V ap gs 'fr f I '- Aii I g 'V' R -Y I i f -gli' R " 'T iiiii .. f in ---- 1 . .-:, i R MQ- R ra, tux 5 ff' 'i g I- Q lk? F In KKL: k?-1v A in 3 3 frlean Reznick, "lt-annt." Bernice Richter . . . lilltllllllllli Stutly llall Monitor: Utliee Page: Silver 'l4i'i. Donald Riley, "Don" . . , lluxing: Swimming: lraelt: lfootlyall. Iohn Ringdal . , , Choir. 4 Ioan Rua, "ln" .... Ximlietl Muyie: Clioir: Motlf urn Dante: Real tum: Oiliee Page: Silver lri, set'- i'etary': l.lI.C. Representatiye: lilue Tri, feerctzliy. yiee president. piefitlent: .Xnnual Queen: National llonoi' Society: Clays Treayui'erg l.llIlL'llI'UUIll Ilosteasz Viking Cluli, at-t'i't'tai'y: Class Play' Coach. Wayne Robinson, l'Rolilyie" . . . Class President: Puotlnall. captain: liaseball. captain: liaslietliallz Army Ilulvy llifY. pruitlent: llnxing. Charles Rosen, "Cliuek" . .. Menorah, secretary: Retl Cross: lunior Aeailemy' ol' Seienee: Ilelwate. Marilyn Rudd, "Rtulsly"' . . . Silver Tri: lilue 'l'ri: Real Crtm: Stutly llall Monitor: Ki,.X.A.: Senior lillllkllltf. Cliairman: 'liieltet Salesman: National llonor Society. 4 Doris Sackett, 'lllorry' . . . Silyer Tri: lllue Trig Seton Ili: Color Guartl: Cap anal Gown Coinrnittcez CLAA. joseph Samsky, "l4ueky'." Ione Sanko, "Hon- ey . . . liaml: Silver lri: lilue lri: GA..-X.: Study llall Monitor: Lunchroom llostt-ss. Arlene Savitt, "Rabbit" . . . I.ilyrai'y Page: Otiice Page: Kaclimali: l.unelitoom lloytew: Silyer 'l'ri: llanli Casliier: Motlf ern llanet. if Carolyn Savitt, 'ACar" . . . Silyei' Tri: lllue Tri: lizulimaliz l.unelu'on lrlmtev: Nillllllhll Ilnnor So! eietyg l.ilvi1u'y Page: Lklier: Claw Play. Donald Schwappach, "lion" . . . lftiotlmll: Iloekey: Acmy llulu llifY. U'L'1lSllI'L'l'I li1lLiL'lllllL1l'i'1ll4' Committee. Ir- win Schwartzbach. "liutltly" . . . limtlmll: gypparaf tux: lltvxing: XVrutling. Richard Severson, "l7it'lc." 1+ Annales Shink, ".Xnn.1l1t-Ile" . . . llall Guartl: Ratlimali. lean Smith, "It-.umit-" . . . lllue 'l'i'i. Ray- mond Smith, "Raymo" . . . Stunlent Council: Acmy' Iluliy, seert-tz1ry', ll'l'LtSLlI't'l', Robert Smith, "Smitty" if Marilyn Snider, "lltvney" . . . Silyei' 'l'i'i: lllue lri: l9..X,.X.1 Clinir: Seton lli: Llliristian lfelltnvsliipz l,llllQl'lIAUHIH Ilmtew: Clam Play. Robert Stone, "Bolt" . . . Annual Stall: Polaitiy lii-wt-eltly' Stall: lunim' .Xtatlemy ul Seienee. pi'uult'nt: Scli-vlastiu Represen- tatiye: hlenorali: Senior llay Committee: Claw Play: National llonor Soeietyx Denis Swengston, "Ili,-nity" . , . l"mr1lw.ill. eo-egmtgiilii llaxlaetlvallz llaxelnall: Stu- tli ni Count.l: .Kumi Ilulu. lli-Y: li4tt'e.1laL1rtaie Com mittee. Iames Thompson, HSLIQLIIS- , . . Viking Clulv: llanquet Conunittee. 14- Ieanne Mae Thompson, A"l'ummie" . , . Seton Ili: Gun 'l'yyu'lt'r. Wallace Truclson, "XV.illy" . . . Viking tflulv. Gloria Tynan. William Vlasek, "llu4l." 3 2 1+ Sharon Wagner, "Snieks" . . . Blue Tri: Silver 5: 5 Lx - W allay: , .x.. 4 'l'ri: Mmlern Dance: GAA.: Annual Staff. Marilyn Walder, "Man" Myral Lois Warschauer . . . Kzuli- y M mah: Rerl Cross Representative: Office Page: llall 5 , Cjuaril: Mmlern Dance: National llonor Society, Lois ,V .""' ' 4 i gi YVcrt . . . Katliiiiah: Silver Tri: I'roin Committee. " ik T f 753 Q dfrtiwf' ' ' ' if A 'river' A iris i A JF john Whalen, 'gllugisu . . . Boxing. Robert Winter, ii "Holm," Gloria Wodika, 'Al:'lizzie" . . . l'iil.1ris llif 1 Wveelily Starl: Annual Stall: National llonur Society: ii' if- fi, V- , Stutlent Council: Ltlrieliiwuiiii llostcss: Kaalimah: A , 'ii' l.ilwrary Page: Scholastic Representative: Hank Cash- w N' f V in 9: ier: Usher: Motlern Dance: Class Play. Shirley Zats ff ' ' QA . . . Kaclimah: laineliriiimni llostess: Otlice Page: 1 "-: :sie , x'itlllL'l'l' llanee. is , 14- Charles Zierliut. K 2 JANUARY CLASS PLAY The troubles and complexities of adolescence were portrayed in the class-play, "What a Life," presented by the lanuary Class. A comedy which pictures a teenager trying to make aeliustnients in an unsympathetic worlcl, the play proyialeal an eyening's elelightliul entertainment. Paul Renne portrayed the adolescent hero, Henry. Other parts were filled by the follow- ing: Bob Stone, Beatrice Doll, William Rallie, Millie Hadroll, Dexter Linman, Naomi Haveson, Norene Blair, lirma Iohnson, Gloria Woelikzi, Ierry l.a Pedes, Barbara Gess, Caroline Sayitt, Bernard Brenner, Roberta Ellis, Dick Bearrnali, Marilyn Snicler, Aaron Fingerhut and Hillel Aronson. lilya Nygaarfl was faculty coach. Poor Henry's in trouble with the principal again. 3 3 'Nha ww. 519' ig ' I ' 723 .Q,.' . I I I fcfeaf Sewulcm ll'IL'1 I'1wI111A IIISI ITRI SSI IJ I51111.1I-I 11.111 X1 1v'n 111 II111 - MOST I'lJI,I'I,.XR 5.1111 l'1IIf I. 1111 .1 IMI 111x1111 IIISII SIIOIIIA ' IILx1L1' I 111111.111 1111.1 MJ: 1111'111 1 HIAHNID 111111111 51 11qx11111 Ix11I1111111 Iv-11111cIx IXIiI'YI'I'l'I XYLN l'.11'I I1 IlIIl.l Ix.lI1:.1x RI:l1llI .Xll lin I l..11 I1 II 1111I11 Ixl11x11 IYJEI 'I KVI IX V II. 1111 I1I II.1I1I111 I11.X11111 I,.lII I1llll1II'il5l 5X1Il.I - ' I lll- M11-lx I 11:1 I1 f1.1II I'IiI"I"I II WI' I I IS ' IXI.1y 11.11'1 I I-111111111 I1.11 1'11 4 IMI! MOST IIUISIIP - W1II 1.1111 NI.11l111 II1'1II1X K, 1111 11 - I"IilI'IiI' I'llN SIHVI' ' II 11l1 IUI lliirix Sziukitt Mgiriuric ciI'L'QLI0I'f I4u'ci'ly iiiililriuli Mgirilyii Ruilil ilwun Manning Iiiiin Rua! Namiiii Iimumii Ivan Lzirwn - lillfbllfil Gus In-an Tliiiiiipwii In-nn Smith gay amf QM! NIC JST MO SMOOTHI-'.S'l' MOST .X'I'III.Ii'l'IC XYI'li'1'IES'I' SI'.XRIiI.ING I'IiRSON.XU'I'Y IBIQST IBANCFR l'3liS'l' .XI.I. AROUND MOST 1-KRIIENIBIX S'l' LIIQICLY TO SUCCIHZD MOST COIL!-XiI.X'I'Ii MOST CARl2lfRIili MOST COOPIfR.X'I'IYIi - IJuiiNclm11 Tliwiiixix Cliildcn Icrry fiLlf'T1lIl liugciiu MLXi1lIlliCl' lim 'liiiiiiipsoii XViiim' Rulvinson Imrpli Sximsky - limb Stone - Piiul Rcnnc Dclivci't Iiugciiizl - Yule Kiefer canuaaq Sealed eammlifeed PROM BANOUET 11 1 1 11 ,. ffiaii , "Ql321," , 1 1 - '- 11 PF- - ,, , :er ' .,. - 1 ' 1 ef . 1 1117111131111 11111111111 I111' 111111111 1111- M111'ci11 M11g1111m11, I'11y111s P1LlI1I11Ilg the 511111111 171ll1K1L1L'l 111'c Naomi 111111-won,I1111'1'11o111p- K111'1'11. SI1111 N111I'1i5011, 13111111111 1111111-1'w11 111111 1,1115 XVc1't. son, M.11'111'11 RL1t1L1. I1Q1c11 111151111111 111111 XYLA C111'1soI1. COMMENCEMENT BACCALAUREATE C11111111c111'v1111'111 11111111 1l1'L' 11111115111 11u.1t1'1c1' 171111. 111.11141 Mu- I.OO1'i1l1'Q mor 11.11'u.1111111'1'11I1' 111.111Q 11111 R11111'1't11 111115, 16.111116 7 c. 1V1111.1111 1l.111xc. 11111111111 11111111 .1I1L1 11111'11.11x1 Gui. .XN1'x1l11LlNN, 15111111 S1w11gNt1111. 131111 SQ11w11111111u11. 1111111 1i.111g.1s 111111 IUA11111- 1'-.AQ.ll1. CAP AND GOWN SENIOR DAY Mc115u1'1'111c11ln for cups 111111 gcmwm 11rc 111kL'11 111' 1101111 Mc'1111111, ciLJ111111ll'1l1g 1111us 1-1114 Senior 13111 1110 15CXL'I'11' Guc1111'11'11, 11111111 I111'1s Szwkc-11. 17.11gc11c 1V1L'1ll11l1CI' 111111 11-1111 1.1I1l15L'1', .X1'1111m11, 111111 SU1111-. 81101111 1111111111111 111111 11L'11'l1 L11z111'11s. 36 anuaaq rqolfiwlllied Top row: Campaigning for class officers. President Robbie takes a vote. Second row: A comical skit on "A" Senior Day. Sonwstrcss Millie takes il bow. The boys' chorus and D 'lBy the Sea." First row: Ianuzlry officers and dates in all their glory. A time for bcstowing honors. orothy lcnscn, srcrctaryg Louis Bonic, social klllliI'IH1lll1 Phil Levin, vice pr Scfzalafilic Q41 l Highest scholimif nwiirdi of thu lime class were hclml hy Palsy O'Con- nell, vzilccliclorizm, :mal Yiviiiii Ccn- tcr. Slllllllllflflilll. CLASS OFFICERS lflcilccl hy Lhcii' cliissmgxlcs to curry out the zuliiiiiiislixilioii of Lhcir class c Iunc senior otliccrs scrxul tlirougliout their sciiior your. Left to right csidciilg Hill Torp, prcsinli-mg lack lirciizcii. Scrguxlril-111-zlrihs: Butz Tales Ascot: llcverly Ioliiisoii, Lrciisurcr S if MEX sv 4 I 1 r W i xx, . ' . 9 .ZF A y 2, , X fi, ... .-.. ,, 3,,m5i,M,u5 . " . ,. 1 'S' , , , if . .et W' , his -af if , ,,, 4? ir A da as ff 4 5' in A 'll T e i e 5 XI I ., , 1 if. 'jeg ,, J, . 1 e a I .. s are W ' 1 541- ' W. .. 'tt t ,ii ., tt .,,. . ' Lil V 5 .5 -.3 R it -'If' , Yi ,.,, V , :ff .A AWARDS lop row: XVayne Robinson. North American Bank Prize, Mercury Award: l.ois liwert, Star journal and llobbs Awards: Anna Shure, Polaris Award: Ioyee Pitt, Norse Award: Iimily Swanson, Norse Award: Kenneth Swaiman, Science Award: La Verne Howard, Commercial Award: Harvey Chiat, Rose Rees Award . . . Second row: Ronald Manltorf, Sons of the American Revolution Award: Patricia nell, Readers Digest, First National Bank and Hobbs Awards: l-ivan XVilliams, American Legion Vivian Center, American Legion Ladies' Auxiliary Award: XVilliam 'I'orp, Alumni Award: Tom First National Bank Awardg Ioyce Becker, Hobbs Award . . . Bottom row: Shirley l,auterbacb, Award: Ramona Rucker, Hobbs Award: lilizabeth Sampson, Hobbs Award: lfrances Steinhagen, Award: Marian Steinlie Hobbs Award: Betty Volkert, Hobbs Award: Rita YVinliler, llobbs Award. HONOR ROLL SERVICE PINS v NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Allison, Ioan Andrews. leanne llilsil, Clara Berman. Iistlier llluoni, Tom Briert, Shirley tiallan, Mary Carney. Beyerly Center, Vivian tihiat, llarvey lleehter, Renae lliederieh, Dolores llpstein, llerschel llvidon. Norman Iiwert. liois Ifelton. Ronnie Ifrailich, Ruth Gardner, Pauline Cielb, Vivian tioldblatt, Ilarriet tioldfein, Greta Goldstein, Saundr: tiraeyvk. Arthur llauser, XVilliani llerrick, Marilyn Howard, 1,aVerne Meyers, Syrile Nelsen, Beverly Noodelman, Maralyn Note. Donna O'Connell, Patricia Palmer, liarl Pitt, Ioyee Quant, Ioan Reifel, Charlotte Reuter, Marilyn Richman, Barbara Rochlin, Harvey Rose, XVillia1n Rosso, Iliane Rucker, Raniona Rudd. Ieanne Schleter, Lila Schnitzer, Sheldon Sherman, Clariee Shure. Anna Staneh, Harmon Starkman, Stanley Swainian, Kenneth Swenson, Ioan Torp, YVilliatn Trestnian, Sally Hyser, Grace lohnson, Beverly King, Phyllis Kosl, Donald l.atx, Robert Lawson, YVilliam MacKenzie, Marilyn Mankod, Ronald Tnrgeon, Ioan Volkert, Betty XValler, Iszulore VVQ-st, Patricia YVilkins, Marilyn XVilliams, Fvan YVi nliing, Mary lane Zelickson. Alvin Bloom, 'llom Center, Vivian Chiat, Harvey Ileehter, Renae liggert, Cecil lipstein, l lerschel listerkyn, Dolores liv idon, Norman Iiwert, Felton, Cioldblatt, llarriet tloldfein, Greta Ciracyzk, Arthur Ilauser, William llerrick, Marilyn Latz, Robert Mankoff, Ronald IXUS Ronnie Meyers, Syrile Nelsen, Beverly Noodelman, Maralyn O'Connell, Patricia Quam, Ioan Richman, Barbara Roehlin. llarvey Rose. XVilliam Rudd, It-anne Staneh, Harmon Swainian, Kenneth Swenson. Ioan Truppman, Eddie Volkert, Betty Waller, Isadore NVQ-isberg, Burton XVilkins, Marilyn O'Con- Award: Bloom, Hobbs Hobbs Berman, Harvey Carney, Beverly Center, Vivian Charney, Myra Deehter, Renae Engquist, loyce Gardner, Pauline Goldberg, Miriam Goldstein, Saundra Horn, Shirley Huston, Andrew lohnson, Beverly Krieg, Carol l,atZ, Robert Moilat, latnes Nelsen, Beverly Noodelman, Maralyn Nunn, laekie O'tIonnell, Patricia Polster, leanette Reifel, Charlotte Richman, Barbara Rotlrlie, Mary Rudd, leanne Shuck, Ruth Segal, Eunice Shure, Anna Swaiman, Kenneth 'l'eitelbaum, Donna Zelickson, Alvin NORTHERN LIGHTS AWARDS Northern Lights Awards are given to those students receiving no other award and ranking high in student and faculty voting. The re- cipients of the award this term are Norman Evidon, Arthur Gracyzlt and Beverly Nelsen. - . 5 an I' B L flfiffi: F N 1 ' .- 2 ,em Y QA? at H1 'W K .,,. M . K M ,Z .L 525 ' 5. vi '51, .SN K i ,.,, N A, we 's ,,.. t 'T if't3ii 5315? .,-A - i T"'ts 'JA 'P' ,Q ao. ig . .:.,. we f if f X, 19' i A xi fi .y I "'- 2 - ter-s tix ii sf 'W 1 'Q 5 ' f' A " V N gs ff . . .. ---: I . 1, gd ttt A 1iNt'iE5f ' . TP' W if t 2 2 A ik' as due 4- Vivian Abramovgitz, "Viv" . . .LK.2tliinnhg 'Mis Iii-XVeeklvg Blue Tri, Modern Dance, Usher. Mar t Adams, "Margie" . K, Modern Dance. Brirvbara A S , "Barb" . . . Hall G,u?"tl. Ronald Allard, "Ronnie" . . . Viking Club, Zenith Hi-Y, vice president. o W, 0 if Ioan Allison, "lou . Real Cross, Seton Higiviotl- ern Dance, Blue Tri: G.A.A.: Annual Representauve. Ida Anderson, "Iclie." IoAnn Anderson, "Bunny" . .. Annual Representative: Silver 'l'ri. Thomas Anderson, "'l'tnni" . . .Zenith lli-Y Club: Boxing: Chess: Base- hull. Yi if Wallace Anderson, l'Antly" . . . Zenith Hi-Yg Vik- ing Club. Ieanne Andrews, K'Iennnie." Delores An- nett, "De" . . . Silver 'l'ri. Ralph Atlas, "IJ, A." . . . Gull. 1+ Ioyce Atwater . . . Choir: Christian Fellowship Club. Ieanne Audette, 'lIinx" . . . Polaris Bi-XVeeklvg Seton Hi: Modern Dance. Mary Ann Backmann . . . Seton Hi. Sidney Bader, "Sid" . . . llziskcthnllz Truck. .iff Q, 1 4' 'V'-4 . 4 . 4 Richard Balfour. "Hel" . . . lhintlz Hi-Y: Footlmll. Manager. Iohn Ball, "johnnv." Charlotte Banik. Mor- ton Bank, "Munn" . . . Golf. 4 Donna Banwell, "Donnie lo" . . . Silver Tri, Kzuliinahg Annual Szllesmang Motlern Dance. Gordon Barnes, "Gortly" . . . Christian Fellowsliip Club, presitlent. Francis Barthel . . . Stutlent Council. Stan- ley Barton, "Stnn." 1+ Clara Basil . . . Student Council, Blue Trig Seton Hi vice-pi-esitlentg National Honor Society. Delores Beastrom, 'illollyn . . . Seton Hi: Usher: Choir: G.A.A.g Real Cross. Donna Irene Beck . . . Blue Trig Motlern Danceg Bank Cai:-hier: Choirg Scholastic Rep- resentative. Seymour Beck, "Sonnie" . . . Baseball: Bziskethall. 40 4 Ioyce Becker . . . CSA..-X.g Blue Trig Silver Trig Ushcrg Annual Representative. Walter Eugene Beck- strom, "Wally" . . . Swimming, co-captaing Appa- ratus. Beverly Beers. Evelyn Bellm n. -fx? JP' 0' XJ' ii . 1+ Arnold Berg. Harold Berg, "Bucky," Beverly Ber- ine, "Ben" Esther Berman . . . Blue Trig Katlimahg Modern lianccg Student Council: National llonor So- ciety. rv Gerald Berman, "Iurry." Harvey Berman . . . Student Council. Edward Bialick, "Eddie" . . . Foot- lxlllg Apparatusg Cap and Gown Committee. Gerald William Bley, "Grumpy," if Sally Blindman . . . Modern llanceg Uslicringg Red Cross Representative. William Bliss, "Bill', . . . Basketball: Golfg Hi-Y, Acme Hubs. Kenton Thomas Bloom, "Tulum . . . Track, Cross Country: Manager. Football, Student Council, vice-prcs.g National Honor Societyg Ili-Y, Forcmg Polaris Annual Salesman. Martin Bohgan . . . Gymnastics. if Armand Boisclair, 'kjoef' Louis Bonie, 'LLouie" . . . Football, Hi-Y, lforcmg Hockey Managcrg Class Social Chairman. Marian Boyd. Marie Brennan, "Bren" . . . Seton Ili. 1+ Robert Bretz, "Boh." Shirley Briere. Mavis Briggs, "Mt-rx'is" . . . Choir. Mary Ann Brost . . . Choir. if William Buell, "liill." Louis Bullas, l'Louici' . . . Football: Swimming, Captaing Apparatus: Hi-Y, Acmyg Christian Fcllowshipg Stutlcnt Council. Iohn Burfening, "Yidcly." Ronald Burg, 'LRonnic" . . . lianclg Orchestra. 41 .. . .- V qi., P ..,:2',2I E25 . W 'W J' ' . .... f ...... ai . gy i i . iil ii 1 ,..- ' ,.,.s- .32 rf-1 kr ggi .', i'Q.f .'.Lf' , F , Q. sw ,L . .a .. 'W i ,fi Q 3 ff ,,.,.. 1 ,. 1 N' EQ, + aim 33 . if tc Q 5 ,, .... . . .Nix ' 1 Xwgwa c 3 vQ 'Mi .-if ig, .,.A., , M. if A if 1? t .,: i1'?'f25.,.:, ,,, far gveii ., an 'Q K Q 1-if if 9 R 49 4 6' Q my all W? gli, i ,QF .. ggi? E NN : tt 41 t ., .rag .. - 'A' 'Hr 'f 3 1-is -nv sf , R-if ,- , fi s fi B, ,,.. .-.. 'C 5 an , Ll C -fn, 'H' .JL -f 1+ Richard B rgin, "Dick" . . . Choir. Marilyn Bur- stein, "Marshie" . . . Modern Dance: Hall Guard Bank Cashier: Kadimah: Usher. Phyllis Burstein 'kPhy" . . . Kadimali: Silver Tri: Modern Dance Iudith Burt, "ludy" . . . Choir: Modern Dance: Blue Tri. fwiwts. f o-J, ' i 5J8M?k"'f' ' . 1 iii. Xu ,p 9, I Amir, A he-T C- ' j ', dp .Qt . jk' ' tr ' if Iohn Cady, 'ilacku . . . votliall: Boxing: Appa- ratus: Skiing: Cheerleader: Hi-Y, lforem. Mary Cal- lan . . . Blue Tri: G.,'X.A.: National Honor Society: Silver 'I'ri: Modern Dance: Usher. Audrey Carlson, l'Swede" . . . Blue 'l'ri: Silver Tri: G.A.A.: Student Council: Modern Dance: Usher. Russell Carlson, "Russ" . . . Band: Orchestra. if Beverly Carney, "Bev" . . . Blue Tri: Student Council: Lunchroom llostess: Study Hall Monitor: National llonor Society: Polaris Bi-VVeekly. Patricia Cassidy, "Trisha" ..., A Xnnual Salesman: Seton-Hi: Flag Twirler: Homecoming Attendant. Rachel Catch- er, 'iRae" . . . Oflice Page: Luncliroom Hostess: Usher. Oscar Catlin. if Thomas Ceballos, "Tom" .... - Xpparatus. Vivian Center, "Viv" . . . Kadimali, president: Blue Tri: National llonor Society: Polaris Page lfditor: Luncli- room llostess: School Bank Cashier: Usher: junior Academy of Science: Modern Dance: Salutatorian. Charles Chapman, ufzllllflin . . . Hockey: Golf: Ap- paratus. Myra Chapman . , . Kadimali: Choir: Cheer- -'ter' Blue-'l'r'- nnual: Lu 'iroom llostessg hlotl- . . TU Hayince: 'r:,ClassJBflY Y. -Ur ,vgyd rv Myra Louise Charney, "Mike" . . . Kadimali, treasurer: Lunclirooin llostess: Modern Dance: Blue Tri. Donald Charon, "Don" . . . Tennis. Betty Chaz- ankin, "Bets" . . . llall Guard: Modern Dance: GA..-X.: Kadimah: Silver Tri. Milton Leon Chazin, i'MilZit"' . . . Rttl Cross. F 1+ Charlotte Chelstrom, "Charlie" . . . Blue 'l'ri, treasurer: Silver Tri: Student Council: G.A.A.: Lunchroom Hostess: Modern Dance: Cap and Gown Committee: Usher. Harvey Chiat, Hilary" . . . Bank Cashier: Menorah: National Honor Society. William Chilstrom, "Bill" . . . Viking Cluli, president: Bank Cashier: Apparatus: Coll: Student Council. Bernadine Chodos . . . Kadimah: Blue Tri. DF Richard Paul Conlin, A'Dick" , . . Hi-Y, Zenith. Beverly Connor, "Connie" . . . GA.,-X.: Blue Tri: Modern Dance. Iune Cook, l'Cookie" . , . Viking Club: Red Cross Representative. Marian Corden . . . l.ilii'ai'y Page. Xe .nfs Q, .. 1 9 Mm 3913116 Craddock, "Twin" . . . G.A.A..g .Seton 'Hig Modern Dance. Mary Craddock, "Twin" . . . G.A.A.g Seton Hi, Modern Dance. Patricia Anne Crane, fc,-Y Mj l' 5 "Patil . . . Modern Dance. Iames C. Crowley, "lim ' A ,K E 'IPM' akpsfltfb . if Robert Cusciotta, "Cris . . ' 5 Bantlg Or- chestra. Verna Dalluge, 'lButcl1" . . . Modern Danceg Choir. George L. Davis, "Manny" . . . Boxingg Band, Student Council, Prom Committee. Patricia Iune Dean, "Pat" . . . Blue Trip Choir: Modern Dance. 1+ Renae Elaine Dechter . . . Kaclimah, treasurer: Na- tional Honor Society, Lunchronin Hostess: Polaris, lilue Tri: liank Casliierg Dehate: Modern Dance, Usher, Class Play. Robert Denny, "Bob" . . . Foote lwallg Basketball, Trackg Student Council: Viking Club. Iacqueline DeN0on, "Iackic" . ..G.A.A.: Blue Tri: Silver: Modern Dance. Dolores Diederich, "Lor- sie" . . . Silver Tri, liandg cliestra. f'M7 wh ' as-A' ' , 11. Q 'J 4 Patrick Doocher, 'il'at." Dolores Doty, Ullotlief' . . . Seton Ili. Patricia Downing, "Patty Io." Marlys V ..., f' . 1 at .. I 1 1 4. if w 3 I ..., SW ft' 'R 1, 4 . .,r'i , 3211, A Draxten, "Mickey" . . . Silver Tri: Modern Dance. li W , 14,0 if Ioyce Kathleen Driscoll, 'iGuntcli" . . . Choirg In ,,., . Modern Dance. Arlyce Dubke, "link" . . . Retl Cross: ' ' at if Z' 5' Iiankingg Choirg Stuclent Council. Donald Dye, i'Don" " ' -- Shirley Eberle. as -f t .mi ' if . 5 . A 'V Alfi e " 1 , ,.,. f" K -ww. K .2 ..t. 1+ Margaret Egan. Cecil Edward Eggert, "Cec" . . . .., - .,. . I lnnior Academy of Science: lli-Y. Ruth Elftmann, 5 X C: ,e ,K 'bw "Ruthie" . . . Silver 'l'rig Blue Tri: Christian Fel- ' " -' - . ":"" "" ' V A. A W lowship. Wayne Clarence Ellison, "Real" . . . Ili-Yg V Q ? iii gi Boxing. 5' ru ' Q mg,-'fa , 1 if A :-2: ' is ,..: I i ' - V- . .K is . f 'wi N I 9 N, A is , , VX - .,-5:f::5 4 Aileene Engle . . . .A.Xb',Sili'er Trig Katliinah. Q Q . Gordon Engstrom, "G die" f' . . Hi-Y. Herschel S. ' ' ' Q b i Epstein, "Eppie,' . ., qsebaji Polaris. Douglas Vic- , ' 'f . in A A. tor Erickson, l'Erick"v . 7. H1-Y. - ' , e 'Iii i ' , - L , ' L , "" ':jI:! "I " :, Y i Y ' ' ' i 'E .fp fi' Wi 5 if ' 1' in . 4 .L MQ ..,.,. , ,. , ' g' ij' , . A. 1" - if F' ' -5 'M 'if Q ' , -. I ' A - V 1 lm1.43. va ' ' . .v 1 5 2522 43 T I i uv- K -, 4:21 W we ,K s 5 M, l H 3 if .L .V v A .im g yi . K' ..,.:,,,-. 'er Iii 49' -it nn Q c z I .. - f - we N 4 Iohn Francis Erickson, 'ilohnnyf' Roy Erickson, . . . Footlmallg Boxingg Hi-AYg Viking Club. Richard Ersbo, "Dick" . . . Apparatus: Track: Boxing: Foot- ball: Hi-Y: Viking Clulu. Dolores sterkyn . . . Motl- ern Dance: Kadimahg Blue Tri., , o f "9 ' I, . , v JJ s ' r N H rr Blanche Esterly . . . Silver Tri: Blue Tri: Choir: Rccl Cross Representative. Norman Evidon, "O'Toole" . . . Footlwallg Polaris Annual Starfg Senior Day Coni- niittee. Lois Ewert . . . Blue Tri, viee-president: Silf yer Tri. vicehpresitlent: Student Couneil. seeretaryz Lunehrooin Hostess: National Honor Soeietvg Polar- is Bi-VVL-eklv: Head Usher. Ronnie E. Felton . . Apparatus: National llonor Soeietvg Choir. 11- Beverly Findell, "Bev" . . . Choirg Modern Dance: Silver Tri. Howard Fischbein, 'LHowic" . . . Basket- ballg Student Council. Annette Fishman . . . Kadi- mah: Blue Tri. Gcrald Fishman, "Dupia" , . . Swim- ming. 1+ Harvey Fishman, "lfish." Robert E. Flemming, 'LBolvf' Ierrold Flynn, "Real" . . . lforem HiAY. Iohn Foley. 1+ Donald Fournier . . . lloekey. Ruth Frailich . . . Katlimah: Student Couneilg Ushcrg Blue Trig Na- tional Ilonor Society. Bernadine Fries, i'Bernie." Alice Fritsche, "Fritz" , . . Silver Tri. secretary, vice- presitlent: Blue Tri: Student Council: CAA.: Bank Cashier: Uslierg Modern Dance. if Donald Funk, L'Don." Ioyce Furst, "Iov" . . . Seton Ili: Modern Dance. Patricia Gannon, "Pat" . . . Silver Tri. Gerald Garbina. Dk Pauline Gardner, "Paule" . . . Polaris Ei-VVeeklvg Annualg Lunchrooni llostessg Student Councilg Kadi- niah, seeretaryg Debate, secretarvg Usherg Bank Cash- ierg Modern Dance. Helen Garetz . . . Kadimahq Bank Cashierg Silver Tri. Phyllis Garfield, "Phyl!' . . . Hall Guardg Kafliinahg Silver Trig Modern Dance. Daniel Gates. 44 4 Donna Gebro, 'tlbonnie' . . . Choir: Debate: Seton Hi: Silver Tri. Vivian Gelb, "Viv" . . . Kadimah: Scholastic Representative. Shirley Gifis . . . Silver Tri: Iiadimahg Blue Tri: Modern Dance: Usher: Study Hall Monitor, Lunchroom Ilostessg Bank Cashier Donald Gillquist, "Don," -, U . JN 5 4 Sherman Gleekel, "Sherry" . . . lfootball. Ioan Margaret Glynn, "Glenndenny" . . . Student Council: Blue Tri: Silver Tri: Seton Ili: Color Guard: Modern llance. Miriam Ruth Goldberg, HMimi" . . . Blue Tri: Katlimahg Ilall Guard, Lunchrooni Hostess, An- nual Salesman, Scholastic Representative: Modern Dance: Bank Cashier. Harriet Goldblatt . . . Student Council: Katlintah: Blue 'I'ri: National Honor So- ciety: Modern Dance, Lunchrooni Hostess. 1+ Greta Goldfein, "Greta Beth" . . . National Honor Society: Debate, president: Kadiniah, secretary: Pol- aris Bi-YN'eekly: Silver Tri, Lunchrooin Hostess: Blue Tri: Modern Dance: Usher. Adalie Goldman, "Peg- gy" . . . Red Cross Representative: Blue Trig Kadi- inahg Luncheon Hostess: Silver Tri. Donald Gold- stein, "Don" . . . Football. Harvey Goldstein, "Ducky,'i 1+ Saundra Goldstein . . . Student Council: National Honor Society, Kadiniahg Blue Tri, vice-president, Annual: Hall Guard: Red Cross Representative: Polaris: Lunchrootn Hostess: Modern Dance: Usher, Study llall Monitor. Marilyn Goodman . . . Modern Dance: Lunchroom Hostess. Bonivan Gordon, "Bon- nie" . . . Silver Tri: Red Cross Representative: Band: Pep Band: Blue Tri: G.A.A. Arthur Graczyk, "Art" . . Cftlss Country: Track: Zenith Hi-Y, president: Class Play Committee. 1+ Lorraine Greb, "Larry", . . . Blue Tri: Student Council. Ray Greenspoon, "Red." Iohn Griffin, "Grill" . . . Choir: Hi-Y. Richard Griswold, "Dick'! . . . Hi-Y. president: Boxing: Football. if Robert Gruhlke, HGrook" . . . Student Council: Acme Hi-Y. Iack Gulton. Morton Gurewitz, 'LMort" . . . Band: Pep Band, Orchestra. Bernard Hagen, A'Bcrnie" . . . Golf: Skiing. 4 Frances Handler, l'l7r:tnie." Dolores Hanson, "Lor- rie" . . . G.A.A.: Annual Representative, Christian lfellowship Club. Hannah Harris, "Iimmie" . . . G.A.A.g Blue Tri: Silver Tri: Usher, Color Guard, Xnnual Reiresentttive' Scholastic Representative A ' '1 : , t t . . William Hauser, "Willy" . . . National Honor So- cietyg Iunior Academy of Science, president: Study Hall Monitor: Lunehroom Supervisor: Christian Fel- lowship Cluh. 45 Q A ..., A W t , gl t ta " , , ffzkiyf W I 'l - ' ., 1' i 'ii I . ... .,.. . ,A ,, , i " Y "" ifu:,g,.r:i " w. ..... 9 3 . , .t 3 5 Y " ' ,,.. E, ia - W -'-- , ff' ',', C C-:za M 4.3 3? -M' bi ful' ' posit: t si 7 'W' F' 4:-3 f r X E Ellis gi S' 7? 52- f i 1 SJ' . 'T' :ii A"' X ,an :EL-I' Am -vu -2 .f , i . ,A - we N. f fl eg, ..., K Q 1+ M. Ann Hayes, 'KAnnabelle'! . . . Silver Tri: Flag Twirlcrg Seton Ili: Blue Tri: Annual Salesman: Motl- ern Dance. I-Iarriette Heiligman . . . Class Play: Katliinali: Blue Tri: liantlg Pep Bantl: Orchestra: Twirlingg Luncliroom Hostess: Ofhce Page: Retl Cross Representative: Banquet Committee: Scholas- tic Representative. Richard Phillip Hennes, 'llbicle' . . . Boxing. Ierome Herbert, K'leri'y." 1+ Kenneth Herman, Ml-lei'ky" . . . Clioir. Marilyn Herrick . . . National Honor Society. Bernard Her- uth. Thomas Hettle, 'lToni" . . . Stutlent Councilz Skiing: Track. 1+ Lorraine Hintz, 'lLorrie" . . , Clioir: Modern Dance. Delores Lilliam Hirth, "Deen . . . G.A.A.g Silver Tri. Norine Hqdgins . . . Blue Tri: Seton Hi: Drum Majorctteg Study Hall Monitor: Modern Dance: Student Council: Prom Committee, co- chairmah. Michael Hoff, "Mike" , . . Boxing: CrtisS Countryg Track, Hi-Y. 5 if Martin Hoffman, 'lSonny." Everett Hollister, "Snake" . . . Stutlent Council: Apparatus Team: Ski- ing: Clieerleatler. Dale Holmquist, "llonier" . . . Rt-tl Cross. Ramona Holscher, "Mona" . . . G..-X..-X.: Lilirary Page: Seton Hig Stutly Hall Monitor. if Alvin Hork, A'Angel" . . . Football. Shirley Horn, "Sliirl" . . . Kaclintali: Usher: Hall Guard: Reel Cross: Luncliroom Hostess. Verna Marie House, "Ma- rie" . . . Silver Tri: Blue 'l'ri: Office Page. LaVerne Howard, "lflinei"' . . . Oflict' Page. if William Hoyt, 4'l.oi'er Boy" . . . liaseliall. Patricia Huss, "Kubie" . . . Ltincliroom Cashier. Andrew Huston. Betty Hyk. 1+ Grace Hyser, "Smoky" . . . Office Page: Seton lli, secretary: National Honor Society. Samuel Idel- kope, l'Sam" . . . Bank Cashier: Stuclent Council. Alvin Isenberg, "Hugs" . . . Student Council. Alice Isker, "Al" . . . lilue Tri: CLA.,-X.: Clieerleaclcr. 46 JF Lawrence Ivens, "Larry" . . . Ski Team. Dorothy Iensen . . . Silver Tri, treasurer: Blue Tri, secretary: Bank Cashier: Student Council, treasurer: Motlern Dance: Gun Girl: Hoinecoining Queen, Class Secre- tary: Usher. Beverly Gertrude Iohnson, "Bev" . . . lllue 'l'ri: National llonor Society: Silver Tri: llank Cashier: Choir: Stutlent Council Representative: Scholastic Representative: Modern Dance: Class 'Vreasf urer. Beverly M. Iohnson, "Iohnnie" . . . Silver 'I'ri: Blue 'I'ri: Reel Cross Representative: Bank Cashier: Seton Ili: Scholastic Representative: Annual Sales- nian: Modern Dance: Ilall Guard: Lunehrooin Host- USS. if Carol Iohnson . . . Choir. Doris Iohnson, K'Sally Mae" . . . G.A.A.: Lunehroom Cashier: Viking Club: Christian Fellowship. Russell Iohnson, 'LRuss." Shirley Iohnson . . . Silver Tri. 1+ Sherman Iohnsrud, "Rctl." Mary Gail Iohnston, "Merry" . . . Office Syvitehboartl. Dale Iongquist. LaVonne Iordheim . . . Seton Hi: Retl Cross Repre- sentatixe: Silver 'l'ri: Bank Cashier. 1+ Gene Kaiser . . . lfoothall. Doris ngas, "lJotlo" . . . Modern Dance. Harriet Kaplan . , . Motlern Dance, Usher. Sheldon Kaplan, "She" . . . llank Cashier: Student Council, if Keith Kaufmann . . . Cheerleading. Bonita Kem- penich, "Bonnie" . . . Stutlcnt Council: liank Cash- ier: Seton Hi, president: Modern Dance: Othce Page: Scholastic Representative. Agnes Killeen, 'Ulggie' Seton lli: Blue Tri: Luncliroom Hostess. Phyllis King, "Phyl" . . . Stuilent Council: Silver Tri: Seton Ili: G.A.A.: Modern Dance: National Ilonor Society: Lunchrooin Hostess. 1+ Betty Iane Klatke . . . llluc 'l'ri: Silver 'I'ri: Stu- tlent Council: Motlern Dance. Robert Knutson, "Knute" . . . Student Council: Band: Orchestra: VVrt-stlingg Boxing. Ierome Kobin, "Ierry" . . , Stu- tlent Council: Basketball: lfoothall. Patricia Kobs, "Pat" . . . Hank Cashier: C..-MA.: Red Cross. 410311 Kolars, Hlo-Io" . . . Silver Tri: lllue 'l'rig C.A.A.: Choir: Cheerleader: Library Page: Motlern Dance. Donna Kopveiler . . . Seton Ili: Modern Dance. Donald Kost, "lion" . . . National llonor Society: Orchestra: Band: Pep liantl. Wayne Krantz "Weiner" . . . Stutlent Council. 47 2-'.'- --- - if J.. X: . 'wh f f 5 .1 i can is 5 f .MH a E 31" ,Q it aa ,, L mm sri' 'l 1 ,Q , Q 4-1 g- if Z . if .'fZ? rr if, 5 :ii - ei AWB? if 0 ii, A W? .. , HF . Q 1 , my : .:,..... .4 . 'QR mv. 918' wt ,f' JF Shirley Krasner HSliir" . . . Silver 'l'ri: Katli- 5 mah. lack Krenzen, 'KI'eacock" . . . Football: Base- ball: Boxing: Class Sergeant-at'Arins. Carol Krieg, Hliriegn . . . Hall Guard: oaife Page: Seton Ili: GAA.: Annual Staff: Luneliroom Hostess: Stutlent Teaelier: Blue Tri, Robert Krishef, Hliolwll . . . Po- laris: Menorah. If Lois Kumm . . . Silver Tri: Blue Tri: G.A.A.g Lenore LaBelle . . . 'l'wirling. Dolores Langum, "De-e." Delores Larson, "De" . . . Ltinelirooni Cash- ier: Bloclern llaneez Viking Clulv. if Robert Latz, K'Bob' , . . Boxing: Debate, vice- presiclent, treasurer: Choir: HA" Senior Banquet Committee, Chairman: National Honor Society: Class 3 Q Play. Diane Lauermann, 'KDee" . . . Blue Tri: Silver :Z A 1 52.2 Tri: GAA.: Seton Hi: Modern Dance. Shirley Laut- . 5 G --" erbach, "Lauder" . . . Silver Tri: Blue Tri: G.A.A.g 0-4 .,.A . ' I f Modern Dance: Lunehrooni Cashier. William Lawson, ':" ix nv .. .s 'KBill" . . . Polaris, eo-sports etlitor: National Honor 'N "" Society: Annual Representative: Scholastic Represen- rati r Iune Leaf . . . Silver Tri: Choir: G..'X.A.: Otiiee Page. Betty Iean Lenihan, "Betsy" Beverly Lerner, A'Bev" . . . Blue Tri: Kadimah: l,UI1Cl1l'UOIN Host- i Z ess: Motlern Dance: Stutly Hall Monitor. Donald t.. , ..,, L , --in A x 5 r V132 erner on if i li .... W 4 Miles Letofsky. Norman Levin, '4Greaseliall" . . . t Bantl: Pep Bantl: Orchestra: "A" Senior Dax' Coin- , 1' ' - mittee, chairman. Phillip Levin, L'l'reneliie ...loot- . . lvall: Basketball: Stutlent Council: Annual Salesman: Senior Class VieefPresidcnt. Phyllis Lewis . . . Silver 'liriz Lilirary Page: Stuclent Couneil: Com- fr at . H ' f N --5 meneenient llionnnitteez Modern Dance. 71 ' 1 P HS' - fl , QQ' X figiisiew is x Q X' 5 N, QQ , . .,.,, .....,.. ,4.,.,,, t ffm IC ei? 1 i . . 'raelig - try. enry Lieberman, "Hank," Donna Lilia, "Don- nie" . . . Motlern Dance: Retl Cross: Srliolaslic Representative: G..'X,.X. Allen Lillebo. 1+ Audrey Lind, 'll.intly" . . . Choir: Modern Dance: Usher: G.A.A.g Silver Tri. Allan Lindgren, 'KBud" . . . Hi-Y. Muriel Livon, "Mur" . . . Katliinali: Blue Tri: Hall Monitor: Usher: Modern Dance. Bruce Lumley, iililllllklyli . . . Skiing: Band: Drum Major: Oreliestra: Norse Clulv. as 48 1+ Dolores Gayle Lund, "Dee" . . . Modern Dance, Silver Tri, Blue Tri, Seton Hi, vice-president, Drum Majorette, Scholastic Representative. Dorothy Luther, L'Dot" . . . Silver Tri, Blue Tri, Seton Hi, Choir, Red Cross. Arlene Mack . . . Modern Dance, Silver Tri, Blue Tri, Hall Guard, Lunchroom Hostess, Red Cross, Usher. Marilyn Mackenzie, "Mouse" . . . Blue Tri, Silver Tri, Polaris Annual Salesman, Modern Dance. if Betty Iean Mackcow, HMack" . . . Modern Dance: G.A.A., Seton Hi, OHice Page. Iane Malm, "lame" . . . Student Council, secretary, Viking Club, pres- ident, Choir, Banquet Committee, Lunchroom Mon- itor, G.A.A. RonahflMankgff, "R0nny', . . . Menorah, presidcnt,QW stling, cafilain, Student Council, Ban- quet Co tee, Clags'Pl:Iyf Scholastic Representative. Ted lxRgu1i's,' .'?'fedcly"' urge. Polaris Bi-weekly, pwlaeafkfblcf' if ' ,.. ' A ' LJ. . , 4 , -3 4 Ioanne Matson, UIQ" . . . G.A.A., Red Cross Rep- resentative, Annual Salesman, Modern Dance. Lester Mayo. Roger McAllister, "Skeets." Harold Edward McDuffie. , , V 1-X' 3 x l ' 1+ Lorraine Lee McKenna, K'Larrie" . . . Silver Tri, Blue Tri, treasurer, Student Council, Usher, G.A.A. Kenneth McKinney, 'AMac" . . . Student Council, Track, Cross Country, Basketball, Boxing. David Meyers, "Beardlc" . . . Class Play Committee, Foot- ball. Irene Miller, '4Rene" . . . Silver Tri, Blue Tri, Annual Salesman, Modern Dance, Health Representa- tive, Red Cross, G.A.A. PF William Miller, '5Shorty" . . . Banker. Sandra Millunehiek, "Sim" . . . Blue Tri, Silver Tri, Mod- ern Dance, Kadimah, Lunchroom Hostess, Hall Guard, Debate. Gary Mitchell. Iames Moffat, Pro- jection Club. 4 Muriel Mohl, "My1't" . . . Blue Tri, Silver Tri, Modern Dance, Seton Hi. Roger Mohrbacher, "Rogf' Patricia Moore. Robert Moore, "Bob" . . . Chess Club. 1+ Richard Moran. Donald Morin, "Donnie" . . . Student Council, Apparatus, Golf, Track, Hi-Y. Arnold Moscovitz. Evelyn Mueller. 49 0 ,- ,. t . Iv va 'ws' Q Y M , . s Qq,'f-:gal y ss- f .Q -wr .9 5 ff' ffm ei' mu 4 41" 62 .fa F75 ,Me 1+ Arthur C. Nelson, "Ar-r." Beverly Rae Nelscn, "Bobbie" . . . Polaris Bi-Weekly: Silver Tri: Blue Tri: Iunior Academy of Science: Modern Dance: Lunehroom Hostess: National llonor Society: Usher: Connneneetnent Seating Co-Chairman: Student Coun- cil: Lost and Found. Marjorie Nicholson, "Midge-." Anita Noodelman, "Noodel'l . . . Kaditnali: Prom Committee: Oflice Page: Modern Dance. if Maralyn Noodelman, 'LMin" . . . Polaris Page Editor, Annual Stall: Lunclirootii Hostess: Hall Guardg Kadiniah, sergeant-at-arms: National Honor Society: Blue Tri: Modern Dance: Usher. Harry Nord, "Swede" Doris Nordahl . . . Silver Tri: Blue Tri. Marlow Nord g, "Mar" . . . lloekey. ,Wy . W rf Donna Note . . . Red Cross Representative: Otlice Page: Lunchrooni Hostess: Seton lrli. Iacqyln Nunn, "Iaekic" . . . Debate, vice-presitlt-nt, secretary: Choir: Ofhce Page: Scholastic Representative. Hanna Nuss- baum . . , Kadimahg lilue Tri: Scholastic Representa- tive, Modern Dance. Arthur Nygard, 'KArt', . . . Stu- dent Council: Zenith lli-Y: Annual Stall: Class Play. 1+ Gerald Nystrom, Higgs" ..., Xpparatus. Claire O'Brien, 'lIrish" . . . Silver 'l'ri: G.A.A. Patsy O'Con- nell, 'APat" . . . Polaris lii-weekly. Page Editor: Sil- ver Tri: Blue Tri: Iunior Academy of Science: Mod- ern Dance: Lunchroom Hostess: Ilall Guard: Na- tional Honor Society: Usher: Commencement Seating Co-Chairnian: Annual Salt-snian: Class Play, Stu- dent Coach: Valetlictorian. Iean Odegard, "leanie'i . . . Choir: Modern Dance: GAA.: lllue Tri. if Dorothy L. Olson, "Dottie" . . . Modern Dance. Marilyn G. Olson, "Maru . . . lland: Orchestra: Pep Band: Silver 'l'ri. Marilyn I. Olson, "Shorty" . . . Modern Dance: Choir. Avis Orman . . . lland: liank Cashier: Kadirnali: Class Play. . Gvgkn A PM af" S- l, .B 1+ Norma Otteson, "Norm" . . . Silxer Tri: Blue Tri: Seton Hi: Modern Dance. Earl Palmer, "Buster" . . . Boxing: lforem lli-Y. Clyde Paulzine, 'lCliink." Eleanor Pearson, "Ellie" . . . Rand. Polaris. Paul Peterson. Richard D. Petersen, "Diek.' 50 JI- Dale Pederson, "Pete-." Beverlee Pesek, "BU" . . . if Rolland Peterson, "Pete" Wayne Petron, "Pete." Robert Pickering, "Bobby', . . . Christian Fellowship Clubg Apparatus, co-captaing Trackg Cross Countryg Choir, Tennisg Red Cross Representativeg Acmy Hi-Y, vice-president, chaplain. Darlene Pierson, "De De" . . . Blue Trig Christian Fellowship. if Grannis Pierson, "Cranny' . . . Student Councilg Acmy Hi-Y, presidentg All-North Hi-Y Secretary, Boxing, Track, Hockey. Ioyce Pitt, "Ioy" . . . Chris- tian Fellowship Club, president, vice-presidentg Vik- ing Club. Bernadette Plante, "Bernie'l . . . Silver Tri, Modern Dance, G.A.A. Donna Plowman, "Donn . . . Modern Dance. ,ji .fl D5 ig., if pf t nA! ,Q if f 1+ Ieanette Polster, "Ian" . . . Blue Trig Lunehroom Hostessg Modern Dance, Ofhce Page, Switchboard Operator. Marilyn Proulx, "Mitzi" . . . Annual Sales- mang Flag Twirlingg Modern Dance, Blue Tri. Ioan Quam, "Io" . . . Silver Tri: Library Page, . idern Danceg Red Cross. Richard Qui ley. fa ' 1. M, - MW' if Caryl Iean Quinn, 'KCuddles" . . . Silver Trig Vik- ing Club, G.A.A.g Seton Hi. Leona Iune Quiring, "Ona'D. . . Silver Tri, Blue Trig Student Council. ary Quirk, "Corky" . . . Seton Hi, G.A.A.: Mod- ern Dance, Silver Tri. Wallace Randall, "XVally" . . . Skiingg Apparatusg Golfg Swimming. If Rene Rappaport . . . Bandg Kadimah. Iean Rassier, "Ieannie" . . . Student Council, treasurerg Silver Trig Luncheon Hostessg Commencement Committee, Red Cross. Kathryn Ann Raun, "Katie" . . . Silver Tri, presidentg Blue Trig Usherg G.A.A.: Modern Danceg Bank Cashier. Lambert Raymond, "Rayz" Q JF Iames Regan, "lim" . . . Ili-Y. Ierome Reichel, "Tex" . . . Footballg Hockeyg Baseball, Hi-Yg Red Cross. Charlotte Reifel, "Char" . . . Kadimah, vice- presidentg Blue Tri, Student Council, Red Cross, Polaris Bi-weekly, Lunchroom Hostess, Modern Danceg Baccalaureate Committee. Robert Reinking, "Rankin" . . . Hockey, Football. JP Ricardo Relopez, 'lRic" . . . Boxing. Marilyn Reu- ter . . . G.A.A.g Seton Hi, Scholastic Representative. Irene Rice . . , Study Hall Monitor, Seton Hi, G.A.A.g Silver Tri. Barbara Richman, "Barb" . . . Silver Trig Polaris Annual, editor-in-chief, Polaris Bi-weeklyg Kadimahg Blue Tri: Lunchroom Host- essg Modern Dance, National llonor Society. 51 4'E"E1l'! T 'E 'D at ' .5 ,Q 1 hs -in in 4 : '-.i,i S ' "- .,,, W 'F .55 - ' .':t' 1 ' ' E if iiiiii in in 1 Q Q 4-.0 ,. LT., g f: he ,r w if S., - , .a'aQ::4:f.,f gl ,fl - ---, i fe 4 5 ,Q -.9 ' 2 'el ve sae lilll :S 3 at 9 'rf :g- ' . . Q , mv vista! fiiggii Q , 1 7, i, e a any -I .- . Q V.V- A- J. - .N gy . :silk 5135? ..,,,, , , 5 QQ as . . 5? . P V ' Siiiiissl 1 it ': as . 'Q 1, E " X D1 1 'r E .. yi Q Ipii 'vi : Q sl. 1 tsl- i '- -Ef:5,gsr '.: . -y , si, ni? 1+ Barbara Riel, 'KBarb" . . . Modern Dance: G.A.A.g Student Council: Office Page: Blue Tri. Lois Rob- erts, 'iBobbie" . . . Band: Choir: Modern Dance: Lunchroom Hostess. Rosemarie Robideau, "Rosie" . . . Modern Dance: Blue Tri: Red Cross: Hall Mon- itor: Seton Ili. Aaron Robinson, 'iRobie" . . . Men- orah. JP Harvey Rochlin, K'Harv" . . . Tennis: Chess Cluhg National Honor Society. Sheldon Rockler, "Shelly" . . . Menorah: Pep Band: Band: Orchestra: Chess Club. Richard Roisum, "Dick" . . . Apparatusg Stu- clent Council: Forem Hi-Y. Samuel Roitenberg, "Pen- guin" . . . Football, Trackg Annual Staff. 1+ William Rose, "Bill" . . . National Honor So- ciety: Apparatus: Tennis, Annual Salesman. Diane Rosso, "Di" . . . National Honor Society: G.A.A.: Red Cross Representative. Mary Rourke, "Mary Io" . . . Student Council: Attendance Clerk: Library Page. Ioann Rubinger, "Io" . . . Silver Tri: G..-LA.: Modern Dance: Blue Trig Band. I f' 'Pi 1 Q? 'I ,' CAL .-vc., -I ,. L-IL Sf .e1L.rfr,a-ya., ' 24- Ramona Rue r . . . Recl Cross Representative: Modern Dance: Choir: National Honor Society. Ieanne Rudd . . . Modern Dance: Annual Staff: Sil- ver Tri: Blue Tri: Choir: Lunchroom Hostess: Red Cross Representative: National Honor Society. Verna Mae Rusehoff . . . G.A.A.g Silver Trip Modern Dance. Christopher Ryan, "Chris" . . . Stage Crew: Chess Clulw: link Room. P V 'hav 1 , 6? 34' ff-.4 5'-.,4.,.i-wff f"""'1ioL' M 'S rw f JH-4 , .rv Of- ! .S-44,4-.y IAQ' f ,:. ,A -. , H - y.!.Lg,,.,1,,yju if Martin Kenneth Saari, Marty' . Hi-Y. Eliza- beth Sampson, "Betty" . . . Silver Tri: G.A.A.: Blue Tri: Modern Dance. Gloria Sanderson, "Sandy" . . . Silver Tri, secretary, Blue Tri: Usher: Color Guard: .- fl: s sf 1-A it J' Q A, Viking Club: Christian Fellowshipg Annual Sales- Q: 5, man: G.A.A. Dorothy Sarenpa, "Dot" . . . Silver Q ' L3-13,52 x Tri: Modern Dance: Red Cross Representative. 3 was X I A W R1 -'-' ' K Eygi jg i V , is ..:f X' 'ii Q 1+ Robert Sarenpa, "Harry" . . . Hockey: Student H if lvll if Council. Marjorie' Sarsgard, "Marge" . . . G.A.A. ' ' ' A , 'f, at Sall Sborov "Sal" . . . Modern Dance: Office Page: 3 - ag Q: . . y . . . , "', . . ,,.,.. S 5 ' Q ' Lunchrooin Hostess: Choir. Lila Schleter . . . Silver .a T' s - V .. 'F . - Tri' Blue Tri: G.A.A.: Bantlg Orchestrag National t HF tr, . . 4, win A. ., ,S ,--, .,..... . 3 . if ' E "" , J, up ' j iono-r,Soeietyg Pep Band, Ofhee Page. ft ' ..,, ' " up 4 ,- i 1 b ' ,lg ggzigi itii fi , If - S 1 522. S L JW if Sheldon Schnitzer, "Shel" . . . Polaris: Band: Pep W... .,.,. ff .- nf Band: Scholastic Re wresentative. Ruth Schuck. Thom- .3' Ash' f . ' '. I . Y . . " -'rr "" " I ,,w""i 't" 'I Y as Schultz . . . Polaris Iii-Weekly. Philip Seamans 'lf ' -- f Clluif. 5- ....: 1 --' ' ' ' - - A Q ' Q ' """' , Q' 'f. 'tt' ff -ff . A E S 1. '.i' 'K , I ,... Q in . ggi W il, ,,., 'I 'i' ":"'::1-:-2-ii' 3 - ' 52 4 Mary Louise Seaton . . . G.A.A. Margaret-Helen Sebesta . . , G.A.A.g Silver Tri: Modern Dance. Mar- jorie Sedivec, HMarge" . . . Blue Tri: Silver Tri: G.A.A. Irving Sedransky, "Pete" . . . Student Coun- cil: Apparatus: Vllrestling. 4 Eunice Segal . . , Katlimahg Library Page: Lunch- room Hostessg Bank Cashier: Scholastic Representa- tive. Dorothy Sell, "Dot" . . . Silver Tri: Blue Tri: Band. Arnold Selvala, "Arnie" . . . Polaris Bi-vveek- ly. Burton Shapiro, L'Butl." if Ioan Shea , . . Bandg Pep Bandg Orchestrag Kadi- inahg Annual Staff: Banquet Committee: Blue 'l'ri.v, Clarice Sherman, "Clarel' . . . Band: Katlimahg Usher: Student Couneilg Red Cross Representativeg Silver Tri: Lunchroom Hostess. Weston Shipstead, 'lVVes" . . . Hi-Y: Student Council, president: Footballg Track: Swimming. Ralph Shopek, "Spike," 4 Zelmar Shrell, "lihner" . . . Football: Boxing: Basketball Manager: Student Council: Class Play. Anna Shure . . . National Honor Society, treasurer: Kadimah, secretary, treasurerg Red Cross representa- tiveg Student Council: Blue Tri: Bank Cashier: Polaris Bi-Weekly, liditor-in-Chief: Class Play Com- initteeg Modern Danceg Lunchroom Hostessg Usher. Shirley Rae Shussin, "Shus" . . . Katlimahg Lunch- room Hostess: Ofliee Page: Modern Danccg Usher. Stanley Silver, "Stan" . . . Baseball: Basketball: Foot- ball. Jf Marcella Singer, "Marcy", . . . Kadimah: Blue 'l'ri: Lunchroom Hostessg Bank Cashierg Choir: Modern Dance: Silver Tri. Iohn Somers . . . Basketball. Arnold Soskin, "Arnie" . . . Tennisg Prom Commit- tee: Band: Pep Band. Harold Stanoch, "l'ootsie" .. Track. 1+ Harmon Stanch, "Bill" . . . Foreni Ili-Y: Basket- ball: Bank Cashier: Student Council: National Ilonor Societyg Cap and Gown Committee. Virginia Stan- och, "Ginny', . . . Seton Hi: Modern Dance. Stanley Starkman, "Stan." Alan Stein, "Al" . . . Baseball: Apparatus: Debate. If Stanley Stein . . . Football: Baseball: Student Council. Frances Steinhagen, "Fran" . . . Seton llig Modern Dance. Marion Steinke, "Stinky", . . . Red Cross Representative: Hall Guard: Silver Tri: Seton Hi: Blue 'l'ri. Anamarie Stone, "Annie" . . . Blue Tri. 53 x Q v. F3 Q i 3 3 Q W s 1 --::-.... .1 'iii Ii' 4' QQ l 4,5 B v 1 we is is it ik? " 3 vi - '59 it at if 'ig ,ai -we Sl fi' .,.. Z o 3 ' pl me A in 4 Y . , YN? ' 4 David Strandmark, "lJave." Rose Marie Sundberg, K'Rosie" . . . Seton Ili: G.A.A.g Silver Tri. Doris Sutherland . . . Modern Dance: Lunchroom Hostess: Blue Tri: Seton Hi. Kenneth Swaiman, 'LKen" . . . Class Play: Debate, president: National Honor So- ciety, rieefpresident, sergeant-at-arms: Iunior Acad- emy of Science: Tennisg Senior Day Committee. X- Arnold Swanson, "Carl" . . . Student Council, Emily Swanson, "liminy" . . . Blue 'l'i'i: Viking Club: Scholastic Representative: Modern Dance. Harold Swatez, "Swat" ..., Xpparatus: Boxing. Ioan Swen- son, l'Swens" . . . Blue Tri: Silver Tri: Seton Hi: Annual Staffg Gun Twirlerg Class Plav Committee: National Honor Society: Debate: Modern Dance. FF Lloyd Syrdal, "Bok" . . . Hi-Y: Band: Orchestra: Swing Band. Paul Tabachnick, "Pali" . . . Polaris Bi-VVcekly. Sam Taradash, "ferry" ,. . . Debate. Betty Lorraine Tatley, "Koen" . . Norse Viking Club: Modern L7aiice Page: ue Tri. ,ff Wt A lf i ,if'i'2ii'9Ul ifffiif l 1+ Donna Teitelbaum, "Shix" . . . Kadiniah: Usher: Lunchroom Hostess: Modern Dance: Hall Guard. Thomas Thole, 4"1'oin" . . . Choir. Doris Thurman. Lowell Tifft , . . Band: lIifY. 4 Merrill Toles, "Balve." Merrill Toles, UButz" . . , 1. selwall: lfootlvall: Student Council: Class N aseot: Baskethall. manager. William Torp, 'LBill" . . . Tas President: Student Council, presi- dent, vice-president: Hi-Y, president: Trackg Cross Country, captain. Sally Trestman, "Sal" . . . Hall 2 ard: llue Tri: Kadiinah: Modern Dance. if Edward Truppman, "lf.ilily" . . . Dchate, Menorah. Ioan Turgeon, 'Alou . . . Silver Tri: Seton Hi: An- nual Salesman: Luncliroom Hostess: National Honor Society: Modern Dance. David Turovh, "Dave" . . . Choir. Patricia Thyler, "Pat" . . . Blue Tri. Q' if y-lx . 9 ' - fe W' 'X X JF Richard Vincent, 'Dick' . . . Student Council. xBeverly Voight, "Bern . . . Christian Fellowship: Office Page. Betty Volkcrt . . . National Honor So- ciety: Choir: Modern Dance: Blue Tri: Student Coun- cil: Scholastic Representative. Iosephine Walaszek, "low . . . Seton Hi: Modern Dance: Annual Sales- nian. 54 if Mary Alice Walker . . . Red Cross Representative. Isadore Waller, "Izzy" . . . Menorah: National Honor Society. Helen Walsh, "Mouse" . .I . Modern Dance. Kenneth Weestrand, "Kenny," , A ' .1 e :J ' ,ff . ...2 ' . . ' 5 eww St vi ft WW ii! l if L fr Q 2, ,ttww t- W 3 .T J, , eff: t K ,V 1,1 vm ,. be Burton Weisberg . . . Student Council: Debate. Patricia West, "Pat" . . . Silver Tri: Blue Tri: Retl Cross Representative: Modern Dance: Lost autl Found. Iune Wickstrom . . . Silver Tri: Hall Mon- itor: Modern Dance. Marilyn Wilkins, "Peaches" . . . National Honor Society: Choir, secretary: Silver Tri. JF Evan Williams . . . National Honor Society, pres- itlent and treasurer: Basketball: Track: Cross Coun- try: Student Council: Acmy Ili-Y: Scholastic Repre- sentative. Gerald Wilson, Bank Cashier: Reel Cross Representative: Oflice Page. Mary Iean Winking, "XVinkie" . . . Seton Hi: Motlern Dance. Rita Wink- ler, "XVinkic" . . . Silxer Tri: Seton lli: Modern Dance. 1+ Saralee Wittels . . . Kaclimah: Lunchroom Host- ess: Usher: Hall Guartl: Modern Dance. Geraldine Worwa, "Geri" . . . Silver Tri: Choir: Modern Dance. Margaret Wuollet, "Muggs." Patricia Yost, '4l'at" . . . Silver Tri: Modern Dance: Choir: lilue Tri. -4-A-ff..,,tA.m.f :J vf :' l A f 4""'-j"-ff' O I . , .i-....e..., .... . .. W1 Lyla! ' 4 A ' jftvwl 'l U 'Q- - 3 yyoooo y A M if J ir Q . ... , if vt? 1 lb N it . is 4 X as . ,iil 2 ':1'g.-,-f-mp. if .2 i v it 1 as .- E in 5, -.f . .V -.iHswx,, 5.,f.w.+g-3. g has 1+ Alvin Zelickson, HAI" . . . Menorah, Sgt,-ab Arms: Tennis: Annual Stall: Polaris: National Honor Society. Curtis Danielson, "Curt" . . . Swimming: Choir. Ioyce Engquist, 'lliolmlnit-" . . . Blue Tri, presi- tlent: Silver Tri, treasurer: Lunch Room Ilostess: Polaris: Student Council: G.A.A.: Usher. William I. Grady, "Bill" . . . Ilockey. A- Betty King. Shirley Mattson, 'lSl1irl" . . . Silver Tri: Student Council: Usher: G..-LA.: Modern Dance. Syrile Meyers. Larry Niedenfuer. 14-Lois Nelson. Paul Roitcnbcrg, "Stinky" . . . Band: Pep Band, Corrine Swanson, "Sunny" . . . Twirlingg Seton Hi: Modern Dance: Retl Cross Rep- resentative: Student Council. OTHER GRADUATES Merle Askay Paul Marystone Ronald Burg Roger Norman Iohn Casey Marlowe Pedersen Alvin Fishbein Phyllis Seidenstricker Robert Griffith Hartley Timer Gerald Heagerty Quentin Torgarson David Kalla Lee Zinberg Iames Konkal VETERANS Edward Cook Leonard Pesis Robert Edmond Stanley Peterson Harold Mitchell Lionel Stenson Richard Olson Gordon Stoneburner 5 5 Q . H ---.sys-1 . -f - - '--:MK :gi iff: . f. ... i sf ff... ew-1 .aa Q V -V -1 A ,Vai of . . 1 if "' if 1 dv it L. -3? as 3? 5 I i Y A . l. t, Ilmmlmy SLIIAKIWILI ,Xmm Slum' m'rim Sxxxxrwwll liwrix Kgxugm Nhrilylm I7I'4rlllX - Rfllfglk Sullxu' Nurim- Ilmlgim ,Xnm llglyw lhluux lluly - S.ulml1'.x Uuhlaluilm Idea! 5 lSIiS'I' DRliSSI-ID - MOST POPULAR IEIZST SPORT f BLONIJ - f liRL'NI-1'1"l'Ii - A RIiIlIIF.AIJ - f IN-ISIAQTXVHQN - IERICQPITI-lST SMILIC - 4 l'Rii'I'Tl1-1S'l' IQYFS MOST POISIQIH - I.lfml Nxrnlall P1111 Lum f Luck Kfkllfbll f Hill lflmilxtxwmx R..1,h11 .mb - Ifxgm XY1H1.1m XX!-stulm Slxipxlulnl Dick RUi5llIN - .XVIIHIKI Smkxn - l10lwI'i4k11'i11 Nu..-.. nga Num Ciluri.1 S1lllLiL'l'5LJ II1lI'fil'iIl' Hvillg Patricia lN1mn1' I-1.111 Shux - I.L'nc1l'4' Lalliallc Iunn Gly Im li5tl1c'1' HLTIHLIII Iwycc Iingqmxixt Patsy O'C4mncll Juan Su ummm ljlllflilil lulrmly Immlhy Ivnwu Buff ancf IFICLURII-PIIYSIQUE , MUST c:AxR1a1fR1al2 4 mosw' A'l'lIl.lZ'I'IC b xx'1'1"1'11Q-wr' SMOOTI IICST NEST IXXNCKR f MOST CUl.I.l".GI4YI'1i - - - MOST COOI'l".R,YI'IVll MOST I.lIil-ILY 'IU SUCCIililJ MC JST I-'RH-INI JLY - MOST SPARliI,INfi Pl-lRSdN.'XI.l'I'X I 1 ,V ,b 15 1:11515 Au. AROL'ND'v b Q I f ' , 9' f' - u I 1 ,V ., 4 v J p vf a ' D 1 x ,E , u 'J " J I ' 5 J ni J lx A Www ai' A 135- 1' ga WL Jimi' x., my A k. fig wg, 'QE 5 N V gk une Senicvz. Gam ' . 'ww-w,.1Vr Vx 5 , AFM ' ffixiyifiggsfff-, fx 551 W ,Q ,J p 5. Q 1 fp A CLASS PLAY SENIOR DAY T.1k1ng mrs uf .l!'I'.ll'I1i'Il1l'HlN fur nlmuk-1.N IWIJX 1ll'C'Z Inlnm are in thy nmking for the Scniwr Day pm' IULI.IHLIIISXVCIlN41I1..'XDl'1.1SIHITCZ SI.lI1LIlI1Q..XHhLIl' gum by Kunmrh Nkbflllllll Luin gum! Grzlclyk. llglvid Muycri. Xu1'111:11x lividmm. Pl.m11lng the wlior banqllrt Llrc IULII1 511941. Hur- l5iwL1wiug' lv.1u.1l.111rc.1lv plum .uw fiIl.1IAIUUC Ru IAICIIC IILIIIQINAIH. R-mule M.l11lxuH .xml Lum' Malm. fnl, NVQ-Q Sl1ipxu.uI. Iuyuu l",11Qk1LliSI, Dick C-mlin :xml Ruth Slluuk. 58 PROM CAP AND GOWN Nortlfs scnior prom lics in the hands of Tom Bloom, Fitting thc seniors' caps and gowns is the work of Arnold Soskin, Anita Noodclman, Nurinc Hoclgins and Harmon Sllllkill, Charlotte Cliclstrom, Eddie Bialick and George Davis. Lois Ewert. COMMENCEMENT Commcnccmcnt plains arc lacing gone over by Ican Ras- sicr and Evan XVilli1ims. Not pictured is Phyllis Lewis, CLASS PLAY Booth '141ll'liilIgIOI1qS well known play. "Clg1rc11cc," was presented ln' llw xcnior class May Cv. ncil1ll'CIlCCu is 11 story of ll ra- turned XL'IL'I'llIl who LTCLIICS much lnnnm' while LlLHllSlillg himself to civilian lin-. The cast included Bob Lutz. Myra Cjlmpf man, Art Nygzlrd, Avis Urlnzln, Hnrriclxu Hciligmzln, Zcllnnr Shrcll, Rcmnld Nllllll-QOH-. Renae Dcchtcr. loyce lfngquist and licnny Swannnn. Faculty coach was Lillian lolmn- mn. and stnmlunt coach was PM KYCTOIIIIUH. L, Q A f . D '5 1, 13' ' ., r -qt, V 0 Q 4f f- Round Ona fl x 11' ' , ff r , nl IIN? '-'-.5-l -' T 54 Mi l 45 fi YY ll Souncf in a dauncf dafq QMMMU url 'S Q QWQfm1wQQfi QQ 'wwfw fxxii - -K.. ,np ,,-5, i I - 3 S .sw - mf, W wr QW. 48,3 Ki ' f ff .g'5',. xg QA. MQV Q Slfz f'DMQ mfws' gn 5 'Q' jj H19-bu I, Riley plunges over. Levin pitches a long one. Top row: N. Evidon, I. Martin, D. Zctterwall, WY Carlson, S. Roit cnberg, I. Rice, G. Carlson, S. Silvers, H. Langum, A. Hork, D. Mey- ers, S. Stein, Equipment manager, K. Spaulding. Third row: R. Iohn SEASON'S SCOREBOX son, coach, I. Egan, li. Iiialick, I. Kolmin, I. Dryer, I. Reichel, W. Ship- Nortll 13 """""' """""" H em-y stead, I. Maas, S. Glcekcl, D. Riley, P. Levin, D. Ersbo, B. Denny, Noftli 30 ,, ,, , Southwest L. Burnett, Assistant coach. Second row: R. Creighton, H. Brand Z. Shrell, I. Krenzen, W. Robinson, D. Swengston, B. Toles, L. Bonie North 13 ' ' ' ' Washburn T. Golden, D. Schwappach. First row: I. Hagen, K. Reed, D. Peck IY01-th 30 H U Marshall R. Norlantlcr, I. Iohns, K. Nyquist, B. Goldfcin, D. Griswold, K - Brasseur, D. Balfour, E. Yokum, T. Bloom. North 23 ' ' ' ' ' Central North 26 . . . . Vocational North 14 , .. South Trapped!! Dynamite Krenzen O 0 O 0 31 6 18 63 ' - First Down!!! Above: Brand gets hriciing. Below: Riley hits pay dirt. North lost their chnncc to cop thc- city foothull crown when they tlroppctl it thrillcr to South. I8-14, in the Inst game of thc sczlson. North was clutching it slim two point lciul when sonic poor othcititing gave South ii protestctl touchclown in thc- ltist few sccontls ol' "Goldic" nabs a long one. R yi IX li will 4 xml!!! 1'-v to tg ,x i 4 ,M as Q 4 ati? 'X 5 ci Q Si' l 1 W ,X :lv , Q " - as Q' Q rf ii 5 play. Tlw first tcuni Polar linc-up lmtl Ran' Creighton :intl Torn Golden at the ends. Lou llonic zintl Dcnny Swcngston ut tht- tackles, luck lircnzcn :intl liutzc lolcs git the guzirtls, VVaync Robinson tit ccntcr, Phil l.cvin ut qugtrtcrhgicla. Don Riley gtncl luck llrycr :if thc litiltlmclts, :intl Icrry Rcichcl git fullhgicli, Hy liflllttl untl Zclnicr Shrcll. tncklcs. gincl NVCS Shipstcml Lllltl lcrqy-I Xllgizis, luilflmclss. nltcrnxitctl with tht- lirst tytttii., if fplilng Polurs' lion Rilcy and XVi1ync Robinson inaulf: tlltgtllicity hrst tcgnn, while luck lircnzcn :intl l.ou lidific were plgtcctl on the till-city second tcnin. 'lifoaiscltfiig ltiurcls go to Ruluc lohnson who tlitl Ll grxlnrl cqzlching ioh. hut hccnusc ol at tough hrcnlx ,lost thgfgcluiinpionship. F Polar cheerleaders in action. 64 Clutching a third place berth by defeat- ing Henry l-0, the Polars dropped their playoff game, 4-3, to South. After losing half of the team at mid- term graduation, the Polars came back to rollick to a spot in the city playoff. ln the South contest, both teams were hot, but their respective centers were hotter as the game turned to a duel be- tween North's Reichel and Southls Camp- bell. With 13 seconds left in the game and the score tied at 3-3, South scored to give them their margin of victory. Reichel scored all three goals for North. This was Marvin Skaurud's second year as coach of the Polar six. Ierry Reichel, North center, was given a berth on the all-city team. Jockey Nice save! Top row: D. Iohnson, IJ. Schwappach, NV. Martin, I. Reichel, R. Sarenpa, W. Grady G Pierson, C. White, M. Skaurud, coach . . . Bottom row: C. Chapman, R. Reinking, D. Peck, C. Inkftla, R Nelson M. Iohnson, I. Maas. 65 Bafxkezfddl Levin sinks one. Kohin drives in Oppmitc 1111-13 A Top row: Z. Shrfll. sluali-nl IIILIIHIQLT, ll. Slllllfli, I. b1nm'1's. If.. xviiiiillllx I'. Luin. I. llrycr. Il. Iiillllf mvr. I. Ifggiu, Ii, Toll-5. slmlcnt Illlllllljltl' . . . Sccoiui Huw: S. Purim, Als5iNI2lIl! uracil. I. Martin. H. llnnny. R. CI't'iQZI1lHI1. Ci. Cglrlwn. S, Silurw. Ii. Ii11!'m'Il. I, Izlcnlwi. Iicgul mqiili . , . Ifnwl row: I. Rubin. S. l'rIt7, XXv.RlYbII1Nllll. Ii. Iiliw. IJ, Nrlmn. Il. I'tiNCiliN1I1, Ierry clues n me dance. Foul!! North's championship line-up: H. Fischbun,I Kobin, B Bliss B Barnett I Drver 0 8 q efaamfzd. Iohn laeobi's '48 capers wountl up the season as city ehampions with a 7-l rating in league competition. The Polars' only defeat in regular league play was to the litlison Toinmies. North turnetl in its best game by tlefeating VVashburn in the last game ol' the season. ln tlowning the Millers. the Polars gainetl the city title untlisputetl. North lost the seryiees of Vllayne Robinson antl lion Nelson through mitl-season gratluation. These positions were lilletl by lack Dryer antl llob llarnett. both ol whom playetl brilliantly from their guartl posts. Up front the team was spearheatleel by big Bill llliss at center. Clever Hoorman Ierry Kobin antl line shooting Howie Fisehbein were the liorwartls who rouneletl out the North High tive. The team tlitl DOI compete in the regional playoffs because of the school strilte. antl therefore was unable to -enter the State High School Tournament. Bill liliss made all-city center on the first team, while Howie lfisehbein was chosen for the seeontl team. lerry Kobin, lack Dryer, liob Barnett and XVayne Robinson were all chosen for honorable mention. Billy lays one up 9 WN -2- A 04044 Goan I.t-tl hy Bill Torp who hroke the city cross country record hy a full ten seconds, the Polars finished a healthy second in the City Meet. Again the meet was won by Southwest who placed men in the second and third spots he- hind Torp. These places were enough to win the meet hecause off the tapering orl of the Polars from first place on. ln the State Meet 'l'orp again finished first. hut hecause of twenty degree weather and snow he did not hreala the meet record. North under Lou llurnett finished fourth in the State Meet. Cross country is diflerent from most sports in the fact that the lowest competing school wins. The score is computed in the position in which men finish in the race. This gives first place one point, second, two, and so forth down the line. A perfect score is fifteen with the first five men placing positions counted. Bill cracks another record. Clear sailing! 1 roxy: R. land, l'. Lalnphell, M. llofl, ll. Beal, K. Mcliinncy, li. Lichten, C. Steinke . . . liottoin row: lg1L'CXL'l'. ll. Pickering, A. Cirazycl-L, li. 'l'urp, li. XVil- ns. R. Ntlson. Lon l3nrnctt's QYIHIIIISIS made a clean sweep in tlic City Meet lay winning titlcs in the D, C, and li classes. In thc Statc Moet Nortli won tlic lil anal ll classes to Win tlic crown. Tlit- Polars also placed second in thc C class incct. By amassing l,632, 4302. anal 4,385 points in tlie ll. Cf. antl D classcs. respectively. tlic Polars won tliu State Tourney ac- cording to standards. Outstantling tlirougliout tlic season in uolnpctition wcrc llill Goltllcin. lrx' Kuestcr, Vern Nlcyers. Yalt' liiclcr ancl Dick Erslmo. Alley oopl rqppaaalud Flying Bt-ckstrum. 'lilly rim: I. Slrmul. l.. lltnglnr. R. Kunin. I. Kntsttr. XY. lmltltuilx R, lfrx, M, llttlwgan, IJ. Scliwartz. R. Pctcrsnn, li. llnnla . , . 'lllnrtl row: IJ, St'l1wartz. I3. Eklin. C. Ste-irikv. D, Galw. l.. llnrnctt, gtiacli. ll. Cliill- strtnn. V. Mycrs, L. Tart-ll. R. Nclson. R. Crantlall . . . Scumml row: ll. Rusty NN. licckstrmn. R. l'1t'kt'x'11ig1, H. lXlL'lL'I'. IF, lxrslm, A. l'lIlIl1L'l'l1lIl. M. lamclitftn, lf. Hullistcr. l. Sqliwartzbach . . . lfirst ww: R, llrltnn XY. Rantlall. I.. liullas, l', 41.iinplu'll. ll. Rtuistnn. ll, lrtnnlwlti. L. we---W Qw- '7aac!z M.,..guqnuu--0 71 Ersbo readies za mighty toss, M wavy An 1 :ff tag, Bob vaults on-r the bar. Running tlnrk horscs throughout the '47 season, thc Polar II'1lCliSIC'I'S topped tht- city truck crown. They tlt-it-ated thu l'LlYOI'llk'S. South anal NVzlshlwurn, in gootl style, which otlnlly enough clicl not comt' as ll surprise to Lou liurnctt lll?tl company. Six Polalrs quzllihul lor eight uvcnts in thc SILIIL' Xlcct. Tht- nulc run was won hy Hill Torp in cnsy fashion as ht' outran Phil Linml of Southwest. 'llorp hrokc thc city rccortl in Ll lust 4233.0 Ronnit' liarlmus also won the 880 in 2:0l.l. Thr turning point of thc tluy was when Iohn Dryer won thc 2211 and plncccl fourth in the 100. liohngcr gtntl Rilcy ggnnctl hrsts in tht' low hurtllrs and tliscus. rcspcctiws- ly. North's lllllf-IUllC l'Cl2ly ICLIIU tllr- hatrtlt. Su-trlc. Dryer. nntl Shipslczulj milutl to Llllllllfy for Ihr Stats Nlcct hy one-tenth of L1 scuontl. The Polztrs placed lhirtl in thu State llllll were only one point away from hrst placc. We s 9 i fi it I . . 4 55 I f 'G Q . R M in xxx! E ii ii iii Q Qnfmfm 'Z if -142 TENNIS Making great improvement, the Polar ten- nis team ended its season with a little over a .500 percentage. The Skaurudrcoached team was one of the best in the loop. The rack- eteers defeated some of the best teams in the city while also losing to some of the poorest. Sophomore Sam Shragowitz and senior Don Charon bolstered the team with their wins. WRESTLING North Highys grapplers went through the season with a .500 average. Handicapped by lack of a coach, this team under captain Ronnie Mankoif progressed steadily until it held its own with other teams in the city. Ron Brasseuer and Marty Bell were also out- standing wrestlers for the Polars. SKIING D North was well represented in winter sports by the accomplishments of the ski team. Everett Hollister and Tom Hettle led the team in the city meet held at Theodore Wirth Park. Hollister Won the jumping, and Hettle won the cross country skiing. The Polars traveled to Duluth where they took part in the State Tournament Ski Meet. 72 SWIMMING Splashing through to Win every meet, the Polar swimming team brought the title home to North for the First time since the inaugu- ration of swimming into the prep curricu- lum of sports. Coached by Clive Cleary, the North team defeated then unbeaten Marshall in its last meet of the season and Won by a decisive margin to take the title. GOLF This year's golf team has considerable tal- ent and is expected to rank high among the city leaders. Mort Bank, Ralph Atlas, and Chuck Chapman are the three returning let- termen from last year. The golf team is coached by Giffy OyDelI. BOXING Boxing has made a permanent place for itself in the North High athletic system. Here at North enthusiasm runs high during the annual tournament. As an added feature, the coveted Eddelson Trophy is given to the athlete who has contributed the most to box- ing at North. This year's program was under the supervision of Wilbur Palm. 73 Banda!! ..,,i it 9 ,, ' I J Bv l7CLlllllU undefeated Edison 4-5 for the lirst 1-, I . - 3 , - . G . if time in three years. North clinched n second b I ' P place tie in the Northern Division in the '47 I . U A A ' . ,. ,, I , season. The Polztrs ended the season with :1 - 4 . .tw . . 'E' - A A -,xl af 5 "-" e .DOO average, 4 wins and 4 losses. mr : I Outstanding inun ol the year was llill lloyt. 53 A ww it f .i.. who did Il good pitching job for North. Stan . . ,wx W' ""t't Y A ' ' an - .. . 5,,,smif ,, .nf ,. . .F 5,2 ---- -an 30... v- 'ao . .354 ,QI 1 I i A ig gh , y. i Lb 5 .mf . .fi f K ...Q 55,19 i ..w.,. - VF Www, -iii V xv f as,-nfs .agp ,,, Silvers led North's hntting average. This vvzxs the second year ot Coaching lor Iames Treglgivvnv. who led the Polztrs through Ll tough season. A ,Q Tb brigade with 11 high Top left: Struggle for the sack. Bottom left: Leading base stealer, Al Stein, whizzes in safely. Below: Bill Hoyt knocks the ball for a long one. ,, . Q ,A Ai., 1, :UL I A , UL AQ. Q ,o'w'avLHfw'.' K"i ' 1 . A I IOL has ox. Af? tok HR- is X . te,i f"i 'ov Q A in I 5' ' I eat. RQ? ,gb t ir K Q . i A V' 'H ff, 'luv' 1.. . , -CL 98 . I 4 . EF? Ulm A M 'Ji Q, me vo- 9 cv wo R Qav ' ' Ig .JE-' Top rovv: Assistant, K. Reed. I. Kohin, R. Cooperiniin, A. Stein, R, Nelson . . . Second row: D. Hur- ris, S. Silvers, I. Reiehel, li. Ilovt, M. Toles, R. Lind. ll. llgtrnett . . . Front row: S. lletk. ll. lipstein, I. Egan, P. Cassidy, Il, lleek, C. XVhite, I.. llorkgi, M. Knignon, Conch I. il-I'l'IllllNVllf. 74 MRS. ELSIE CONOVER Gym MRS. THELMA LENNARTSON Gym As part of the well-rounded seasonal sports activities, badminton tournaments are great fun as well as good exercise for the girls. Qiah' 5710215 s Speedy and exciting, basketball proves to be enjoyed as much by the girls as it is by the boys. Girls interested in after-school sports can take part in bowling. Bowling in- structions und proper form are taught to the girls by their instructor, Mrs. Elsie Conover. Madam 225 Northis wellfknoxvn modern dance classes have been in great tlcmttnd to perform in various parts ol the city. A composition was given at the Radisson Hotel May 6, by :1 group of girls from these classes. Through the medium oi' interprctzttive dance, girls acquire bodily grace and poise, and at the same time bring their imaginations into play in representations ol moods and emotions. YVith the ttssistztnce of Mrs. Ardctte lJul.ztc. the girls have learned thc intricacies ol modern dance with ease. During the past term all modern dance classes have been dis- continued, and in their stead, the girls ure participating in general sports. MRS. ARDETTE DULAC Ht itlrrn l Ltltft' fznawlecfqe neaea leafuzecf af 60054. ll Homecoming Queen Dorothy Icnscn sits in regal splendor Jfam ing Thu llolzirs climnaxul the ll!-if football suzisoii with this triulitionul llomccomiiig festivities. Thr- illklliilfllllll program was highlighlcil hy the crown- ing oi' Quccn Dorothy lcnsen hy Donny Swcngs- Ion, cofziptxiiii of thu foothall lcnm. Dorotlifs :it- tcmlniits were Gwcii Mnnniiig. Dorcne liursii. Patricigi Cnssiily and Phyllis Coram. Quccii Dorothy :mil hcr gittcmlgilits prcsiilul ow: :lie North-South loothzill ggiiuu ill Nicollcl ligill Park wliuix- thc North High Hgmil otlcrcil spir- rgiculgir k'Illl'flLlll1IllClll lwctwncii liiilws. Thu ilnx' was rouiiilul out wimli ilu- Lll1l1LlLll Iloiiir- uomiiig llaalicc. hclal in the school gym. wliin' royalty, stunlciits :mil alumni g1llllL'l'L'Ll lor Ihr liiif ishing loiichcs ol: Homccomiiig Daly. The North Band struts out. -O , ce ,L - GMM NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Membership in The National Honor Society. a strictly 'ghonoraryi' o of the highest ambitions of all Polarites. The keystone anal the torch liolize the most important olviectives ol' the organization: to carry the lead so that others may follow. to keep alive in our school a true sense of life, and to serve so that others may benefit. Stuclents are eleetetl to hasis ol: scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Present advisers are Klazie Shannon antl :Xllreal Christopherson. Q rganization, is one its emblem, sym- torch of truth. to of the high values the society on the of Northis chapter Oiiieers for the fall term were: president, Ieanne Larson: vice-president, Iesse Agnewg secretary, Harhara Gcssg treasurer, lfvan VVillia1ns. y, is BLUE TRI 43 A fi The Blue Triangle, a club sponsored hy the Y.XV.C.A., is made up of girls in the twelfth gratle. Ir is a social anal service cluh. Othcers Iior the fall terni were: Ioan Iloa. presitlentl Lois Ifwert. vice- presiclentg Dorothy Iensen, secretaryg Erma Iohnson, treasurerg and Beverly Borries. I.Cf.C. representative. Nfarilvnn Knutson is the cluh atlviser. SILVER TRI HEALTH COMMITTEE The llealth Committee of North High School is athliatetl with the National Ilcalrh Council. For- tion at North. hut now it has heen comhinetl with the stutlent council. livery vear the health council presents a program on health antl salietv in the autlitorium. The committee assists in activities such as the recent Xfrav survev, Nleinhers are .Xrt Nvgartl, Sauntlra Cioltlstcin, Marv Rourke antl Chairman Iiill Sahes. Committee aclviser is Helen Iilargav. North Iligh nurse. Silver Triangle, a cluh composetl of sophomore antl junior girls, is matle up of social as well as service projects, such as the annual I'aII and spring workshops, state Y-Teen Conlierence. sleigh rides, clothing antl Iiootl tlrives. Officers Iior the Tall term were: Presitlent, Iune Iverson: vice-presitlent. Patricia llerhert: secretarv, Helen DuITv: treasurer. Diane Hiltlen. Atlviser is Una Swanson. 5 to merlv the Health Committee was a separate funcf 4 The lunior Rt-tl Cross program at North has heen successful due mainly to the ellorts of the adviser, lfmma li. Siehl. The packing and sending ol gilt boxes to Euro ie was a main proieet this vear. Orhcers for theilall term were: Glen Carlsen, president, and also past president ol' the Hennepin County Red Cross: Carol Anderson. vice-presif dent. and current viee-president of the Hennepin County Red Cfrossg Bever- lv Ciacek, secretary: and Don Nvgaard. treasurer. PROJECTION CLUB The .Xudio-Visio group has charge of all sound and projec- tion equipment. the latest of which is a new xvire recorder. Othcers for the fall terin were: NVilliain Ralke, president: Duane lfclilin. vice-presidcntg Kenneth Svvainian. secretary: and lfugene Olson. treasurer. Present adviser is A. Cfhristopherson. This YCLII' Christian Fellowship, sponsored hy the Young Mens Christian Business Association of Minneapolis, has lim VVilson, a North High alunius. as its Midwest Youth Director. Adviser is Catherine Mandler. Ufhcers lor the liall terin were: president. Gordv Harnesg vice-president, lovce Pitt: secretary. Yvonne Fry: treasurer, Yale Sherman: and social chairmen, Virginia lierntson and David Roulis. v I KADIMAH litttlimzth is gm orgguiimtion opcu to :ill Icwish girls git North. This cluh is hoth at social iuitl il scrvics group. lizttlimzth. togcthcr with the Stutlcut Council. has chgirgc ol' collcctiug trays iii thc tczichcrs' luiich room. .X lxuiquct cliuituxcs its gtctivitics for catch tcrm. Utliccrs lor the llill tcrm wt'i'c: prcsitlcnt. Vivigui Ccutcrz viccfprcsi- tlcut. Nliltlrctl Hotlroil: corrcspoutliiig sccrctgtry. Dorothy lilciulxuitui rccortliug' st-ci't-tary. Ikitiline Ugirtliicri trcttsiircr. Xlym Cfligtrticy: scrgciuit- gttatruis, Xlgtrqthii Nootlclmztu. A Q G , 1, STAGE CREW 'P' , 7, f t ci-iess CLUB l. Sl1lgL't'I'L'XY1NCl1llR'IA5lijtlllllltl.XHtlCI'StlI1. y 'lihc Cfhcss Chili h.ts plttyctl touru.i, ligtlph lfiiiiis. Iohii lit-r. Stgtulcy Nlgirlxsou. I - I' iliclils iii wliicli all lilitccti iiitiulicrs h.1xc tfhristophcr Rytui. giiitl llcuiiis XVootl conf pgirticiptitctl. 'lihcy ligivt- hntl siuitiltttiicoiis struct cltiss play scttings, pgriut scciicry. 6, 13 Lf- cxhihitious atutl lccturcs on chcss till yt-Lu' , stutly guitl hgtutllc lightiug tllccts. giutl .iutl pllgtyctl iixt' uiittch gguucs liclorc lgtuii- prcsitlt htttli stgigc nt till school progixuus. .try grtttlutitiou. 3 'lihc titlvist-r is lost-ph Brom. lt is thgtuks Ulliccrs for thc lull tt-rm u'crt': Shsltlou l to this tlcpciitlathlc group that ucclily llciu. prtsitlcut: Cicrgtltl Fink. trcxtsiircrg .iutlitoriuui progrgiius giutl class pl.tys ruii lsgiigih Ciuttiugtii. tutor cuptiiiu. ,Xtlxiscr i so smoothly, lor thc chili is li. C. Spztultliug. MENORAH Organized as a service club for Ievvish boys, Me- norah helps the school to buy necessary equipment such as phonographs and microphones by selling pop and candy at North loot- hall games. President for the fall term was Hillel Aron- son: vice-president, Ronald Xflankolil: secretary-treasur- er. Charles Rosen: sgt.-at- arms, Howard Adler. Ad- viser is lVIarvin Skaurud. SETON HI Under the direction of lidana Connors, the Seton Hi members have partici- pated in many school ser- vices and activities. Al- though it is a Catholic or- ganization sponsored by the Seton Guild, it is open to all girls regardless oli religious Ilaith. Serving as othcers for the fall term were: lion- nie Kempenich, presidentg Donna Halloran, vice-presi- dentg Louis Silbert, treas- urerg Grace Hyser, secre- tary. JUNIOR ACADEMY OF SCIENCE The Iunior Academy of Science is an organization composed of members of the science classes who have acquired a "BH aver- age. Their program is made up of projects which deal with problems concerning the Held of science. The purpose of this club is to further study among stu- dents. Ofhcers for the spring term were: Glen Benson secretary-treasurerg Bob Goodin, vice-president: and Lee Filcrman, president. v 83 M30 x-.. I I in I2 , ... , sf i v f ' ,Q 1 ' I f H1-Y Thcrc arc hyc Hi-Y clulis at North: Zenith, Aciny, Acniy-Hubs. Question Marks, and Forcni. The all-North tzllicers lor the 1-1111 term included: Bill Torp. aresidcntg VVeston Shivstcad. yicc-ircsidcntg Rav Smith. sccrctarv: and Dick 1 1 1 . . Griswold. treasurer. The cluli presidcnts arc: .Xrt Graczyla. Zenith: Grannis Pier- son, Acinyg VVaync Rohiiisoii, Aciny-1 luhsz XVaync Ellison, Forcin and Question Marks. During the scliool ycar the Hi-Y clulis try to proincitc as many scryicc projects as possihlc. as wt-ll as to provide social and athletic actiyTGcs. 1.ast 1a1l a paper driyc was staged to raisc funds for Y.M.C..X. work in iiorcign lands. VIKING CLUB Any Xnrsc student attaining a C aycragc is cligibltt to join the Viking Club. This ycar the cluh. adyiscd hy Paulinc Farsctli. corresponded with English stu- dents in two high schools in Norway. Thcy haw also had scycral intcrcsting talks liroin Norwegian exchange studcnts studying hcrc in Aint-rica. The ofliccrs lor the fall tcrin wcrc: lanc Malin. prcsidcntg Marilyn Millicrt, xicc-president: Inns lycrson. secretary: and Daniel lical. treasnrcr. sl xr., 53' l 3I9-MISS HOBBS, IOA Twp row: IU. Pursoii. M. fJl'Cl1SICil1. P. Ottncy. IP. Peterson. R. Pchw. 'If Orozm, ID. Olwn. lfuurth row: CI. Lair- wn, I. O'Rri:-ii. G. Piiulwu. T. I.lll'si!I'l. Ii. Olwn, R, Orcnstciii, XV. Pcturmii. Third row: Ii. I,Llill1L'I'. I.. Ollqlrkutfi, l. Oxhr1I'I1, I.. PL'I4'l'x. PL'tL'I'xo11. R. Pcrkgimkv, I. Pcttrsriii. M. Pugvl. Scr- J I . und rmvi V. Obt-rg. M. Iiitrik, R. Inf iqlrl, I. Patrick, R. Orr. K.. Parkin. R. Perrin, I, Cfliricn. First ww: M. P4-tt, ID. O'Hi'irn, IS. 1'utt-xwiii. l.. Olson, M. l'nSscl1lit-ilii, P. Iiiiitimh. .X, Pnulsori. 226-MiSS MOSES, I OA Twp row: I. Lcnxcn. P. Rf21l'XL'll, C. Lnftus, l.. Luhcko, R. Larson, VV. Lonf der. Fourth rmv: S. Miiiscl, L. LL-rin, S. Lriiyii, II. I.undhcrg, I.. Lcrlcr. C.. Lrirsoii. P. l.gus0n. R. Lcnhhng. Third row: F. Lzirsnn, M. Levin, P. Mgithcr, P. IAXIIIQSIUII, I. Luthkc, I. Mgitwii, NV. I.iit-tlkc. Sccrmnl mw: Y. I.vClnirv, G. Lcwginclowmki, Y. Luclgiitc, M. Mark. R. Lt-cr, In M.1cI.vnngiii, lx. Liikun, I. Lunrlgrcn. First rcvw: Ii. Lwaing. S, Margolis, I. Loiyzi. G. Miirguhs. F. Link, H. Livlzkc. I. Mgittwn. 3 I 7-MR. KAST, I OA Trip row: NV. Amlcrwii, R. Amlcr- mn, R. Azhmir, S. Arianna, H. Ander- son, R. Aytlt. Fourth row: Ander- sun, S. Alcxmon, G. Ash, A. Anclcrson, M. Alpcrt, 17. Bultcriz, B. Amh-rscan. Third row: IH, Anderson, G. Christian- mri, Ii. Auiimck, I, Allmon, XV. liiichr, I. Auilcttu. Sucontl ruw: V. Aiiclwsoii. V. Bzikur, S, Aaron, IJ. IXIRIIUS. N. Av kzirius, M. linker, N. Athis, S. Ahm- hamson. First row: R. Ahrzihamson, I. .'XncR'i'wn, I. :XI'ltlL'l'SOIl, I.. Arnuhl. IT. .'Xrnsrwn. R. .Xi1dci'w11. S. .Xmh'h'. 228B-MISS EAYRS, IOA Top row: II. Chzipmnii, P. Ciillzm, C. Branson. C. Czilhihan, M. cillilffltf, G. Brmistciii. Fourth row: D. Czimcron, R. Carlson, ID, Chriatopht-i', M. liruuclc. l'. Chgirclgiinc. L. Ccbdlhix, I. Crist-3. Third row: II. Cuhcn, S. Hrckkc, M. Chrcimgm, M. Cgirlmn, CS. lh'4iiitnur. Cht-mrinriw, liurk, li. Cuhhigiii. Second row: I. litult-mki, I. Ruilcnski. Ii. Hrumicr. M. Canis, M, Burwh, M. Curlmii, M. Cllristuphcrmn, D. Chris- tcnsun. First row: li. Cohen, P. Callin- zm, R. Cnrlmii, I. Civic. G. Carlson, A. Ciirlsoii, L. Ciirlmn. 85 aqome fzdomd 228-M RS. JAMES, I OA Twp row: I. Iosqvln, I.. Hxlilskgl, II Iulkowski, I.. IuI1nmn, Ii. Ilwlu-11, II Iolmmn. VV, Ilman, R, Iohuwn, XY. Isnaxu. FIDLIVIII Row: I.. IIn1usc', R. Iulmwm, II. lImwII111:m, In. Hzlukcrt, II. Ilurxvilz, XV. ILICLIIILS, R. HIJIIQIIILIII. R IuImmn. ID. Im'if'. 'I'I1irnI xwmw: Ci Itlhllxtlll. G. IIIlllI7K'I'g', II. H . . , R. Illml, D. Ilwwzml, M. Iullnson, I Holmquist, fi. Hulclvn. C. Iloclgc Scuvml row: NI. I.1u4IIww11, Ii, IuImsu1'1. ID. Iolmmon, IC. Iom-x, II. HllIIII7lII'L'j'S I. Kagan, M. lHI'QCI1N7I1. Ii. IIuII'mun. I-mm mu: l'. Illggmx. X. Illmtx. CQ, Iciltwlm. M, Ifrlmmmm. IJ. Iulxmnn, I. IIL11'Ic'y. ,-X. I11uIIuw11. I2I-MISS KREFTIN6, IIA Imp nm. Ix. Ilclwm. I. MIl.I1sI1. II I.cxi11. I. Link. I. M.1rtin. I'14ILII'lh row: I. IVICf,1lI'lIILlL'li. li, Mgxrcus. R. Imp. I7. I.uu'. I. Mgxtwn. R. Lllltl. Ih1r4I ww: R, 1.Lll1tIIII.lI'k. II. Stlkw. .X. Luml. II. IAIIIIILHI, In, I.cv1nx-yn. Il. I.lIl'IC, R. Iguns. Sccrmcl ww: lf, I.icIvc1'l11:111. Il. M11mI1n'x'. Ii. I.1w. I. I.1IIrIwu. II. NIQCUV- mnlx. R. I.L'IlIRl'. I., I,LII1lil', In Mus- Imv. Ifmnt rmv: C. .XluIu1'mn. R. Lu. Ii. Mwllamulm, .X. LLIIIKILIIIISI. Ii, I.xwL'. V. xxx-.,IwIwki. xi Kmfm. ' 5-MR. SMART, IIA Imp IWHYZ if, C.lIIuI1c'l1. lfuIIVL'x'. IH. 5XX.lIINHII. R, C,xc1gI1Iu11. II, CuIII1.111I:. ID. IJ.1x1N. IIm'mI rmv: R. Cmqvu1'1u.rl1. 'If l"uil1Iw1'g. Ci, Ualxix. R. lI.ll1ILII5HIl. I.. ifrmlwy. R. lfrg111IIg1II. Sucmul row: I. C-upper. NI, C.Il'IN1lII. A. Cn'I141lI.1x. BI. u.lI'lNU1'I, CQ. Ygummnmoto. A. XYN11- mul. R. CIux.IIIiu'. Ifmnt ww: IZ. IP1u'IIx. M. IMII. I. II.lII'XIIIIWIi'. .X. 4,I11'1xIuwm11, R. IXIIIXIII. 5, f.II,lI'lIL'X. X. f1lII'LIIx'IINII.IIIIi. I 204-MISS GOULD, IIA Twp rmv: I. IIugIumI. If. Ilyimmllull. K. Ilvmlul. Ci, Ilgxmlnulwlnlt, I.IIg1y11w Cf. 114-Ik. X. IIIII. L. InImIn. K.. H111- IIlLll'l. 'I'I1i1'nI rum: I. Ixuw. G. Ihlghw. I. Clgllsvth. Il. Ortrmx. M. IuIvL'S. I. Izlcquus, B, llnsclmwx, Ii. HL'IlIllIlIL'II. R. II.1nwn. Suulul ww: S. Igxurlws. I'. GL1Im1g1l1. D. Sillwc. Ii, SIIIIIIUIINRI. I. Ix'L'1'w11, IU. IILIIIIIIJCIQ, .X. CII'LIL'I'IIl.lgCII. M. IlglIIuy, C. llcclullgmll. Fira! ww: II. Iammlwsoll. IF. IIIILILII. M. IIMIIQ. I.. HilIIIIl7L'I'g, II. III-x'Iu-rl. I3. H.lsIUitZ. 86 2I I-MR. SKAURUD, IOA Top row: R. Stxirkmzin, S. Mzinclcl, Nl. Strt-itniun, li. Stn-ntl, S. Soroktirs, L. Sutlit, S. Singleton. Fiiurth row: ll. Smith, IJ. Stuhhluliultl. T. Stone, H. Slullf. T. Swanson. li. Stlhrlvit, li. Siinpmn. Thirtl row: Y. Smith, A. Siulit-, l.. Stcinkt-. I. Swanson, D. Stutts, V. Sullivan, R. Sorvcr, Strmntl i'-vw: M. Snzizzi. M. Swanson, L. Stulit, L. Swqtimttn, P. Siwrling, M. Sollicrg, P. Smith, C. Stiwiiiilit-i'g. First row: R. Statrlaiiitin. M. Stitlcl, B, Stiwiiiistcrl, P. 5ICIlILlI1. B. Slxcr, ll. Sliow, R. Soi'- LIINUII. 327 B-MR. BURNETT, IIA Trip rmv: M. YVui't, T. XYiltlt-r, l. XVt'stlvy'. F. XVill1it'ss. ll. Trcstmzin, R. XV1ingvn, F. RVISCIIILIII, li. Vllcssulc, M. YVt-licr, T. YVincht'rg. Fifth row: P. Tliuiiizls. T. Schullrr, G. VVt1l0lct, D. XYcht-r. R. 'l'.iylor, l. XVcmlinski, G. Vztlf tpiux. P. XV0lfu, XV. XYiscbcrg, V. T11- kincn. I-'utirth row: D, XVisscnfluli, A. Zuhin, N. Zuuhcr. S. XVilinski, ll. Zllfklllllll, P. 'l'i'ntip, N. Vlficss, F. YVt'iss, li. Sl'ltcrc':iu, R, Vgitighn, I. Tor- iiio. Thirtl row: S. Tmtip, lil. Zxtts, ll. Zvlickmii, xYllIIL'I'5l1Ut'll1, A. Yuting, NI. l.gmgums, B. Slizixcr. M. XVQN, M. Zyvtilmki, R. YVcitlcs. Sccontl row: D. XVIIICTICVQ, G. Wlitclck, V. Zappa, M. Zcllc, M. XVTCRTILIIII, P. Thompson, I. XV1isti, li. Kaufman. li. Stone, B. Trit- ro, I. YVhitc. First rmv: I. Turnquist, C. XVitcm'k. C. KVulf1'rttii, XVit'lgi1i, N. 'I'5't-xymki. D. Whitman, li. XV:ulr, Y. l.qimh, H. Tlitirmaiii. I06-MRS. ADAMS, IIA Top ww: ll. Acllt-i'. R. Silvcrmxtn, D. lit-llxcr. F. Gtmluii. L. Russ, D, Bcatl, Stzitciiicytw, D. Antler- son. Fourth row: R. Aron, L. lixink, S. licsslur, R. Ansul, R. Aclilcy, VV. .x.lI'IlIISUl1, li. Rt-gilin, T. Bcnowitl, Thirtl ruw: M. Silxcrmttn. Q. Concl- rich, ll. lii.ilick. T. Rcrg. S. Amltwmii, R. lltichgtinc. Sccrmlirl row: R. llginks, N. Alpvrt, C. SllYL'I'lllilll, R. Gooclmain, C. Mt-lzmtlcr, M, Gutliur, P. Rtiuklriltl, S. .Xiitlt-norm. First rmv: A. Aiitlcrwn, lx. .Xmlt-rmii. .X. llimw. V. BLlITITllllII'l, Xl. llgitw. 308-M R. RUTGERSON, I OA Top row: D. Amlt-rson, R. Nt-lmn, l. llztrhcr, G. Carlson, li. Polk, ll. l..iuthiiin, R. Dt-hling. Fourth row: T. llLlI'llI1gIZlITlC, R. Nyqvist, H. Nic- lcltl, I. Fish, li. llllI'l'lS, D. Dolf, R. Spgttiltlimj. Thirtl row: R. Smith, R. Nclmn. ll. Iamcs. G. Gustafson, A. Ncwmgin, H. Nortlttl. C. StCinkc. Scs- ontl row: P. Smith, I. Hzilvorst-n, ID. Niclmlua, L. Scliarnit-r, M. XVcinlirrgcr, P. VV1iltc-rricr, B. Vohlc, E. Iarvis. First ww: I.. Vllcinstcin. li. XVcincr, L. Nonl- strum, L. Neumann. I. Nolting, I. Ericksun, C. Cliiiac. 87 I I9-MISS MADIGAN, IIA 'Ilwp rmv: R. Gustafson, I. I'I.lI'IIIlLlIN. G. Ifink, A. ScI1incIur, Il. I'roctrrr, P. Fgirringum. I. Ibrinr. R. Iirickwn. 'I4IiinI row: S. Ixlmnn. I. Dziimlziirqi. R. Ln- nis, I.. 'I'I1uis. M. Ilittbcilncr. R. IforI- xtiul, R. Ifink. Suwml row: M. SL'rcII, S. Ififhi-r. . . Ifcrn, L. Iirifkmn, I. IJUIQN. I. M. IJi1uiinmI. l'1i'5t row: II, I7uIIy, Idinklcsluili, I. Dcnny, A. Ilunnit, I. VVM-kx, M. 1XIofwn, M. XVIIIIIIILT, 324-MISS MANDLER, IIA Imp row: ID. RIJQIOIIJII, R. Rclmfi' I. R1iinIwIt, I.. Siismmn, R. Rgmnusf sun. Ii. R41-aI. I"uu1'tI1 row: I. I:llIIC'I' IJ. Riiufs. I. Smith. I. IRIILIHIIIII. I. Riu I.. RL-1IIy. S. IIi'IIcr. 'I'Iiii'iI ww: I? l Circ:-11. R. limi-r. Ii. Sgircmlm. I . Roscn IJ. Rusinku, S. RutciiIwc1'g. Ii. Rulmzm I S. Sulmni-iili-r. Sn'cumI ruw: II, Rglluc M. Ili-L-ringgur, M. Ik-gcii, C. Rubin- aun, M. Rgllm, M. Ruisum, A. Rzipgm- port, A. lIzirImii. I-'int row: U. Nd- wn, I. ScIigi1tIx'i'gci'. P. Ri'rcI. I.. Rm- sicr, l'. Ilfmxi. I". Iiurwin. li, Ilmfii- ku: 3-MR. PALM, IIA Imp ww: R. Ifriiulitmgin, I. iDiIIcf pic. M. I'1I'llCIIIIII2lI'1. IC. ciILlZCI', XX' G-iIiIi'uiii. R. XVLICIISIIIIIII, M. Kunkel, G Ik-I.mi. I:IlLlI'lI1 naw: A. :XI'IK'IIl'I'. I Cig1i'I1L-i', C. Ifrxincix. R. Smith. IF. Iliiiii Iin. I'.. Ciillvcrl. C. Gicsu. 'I'Iiir4I rim I. IfnmIiIii1g:, II. Smith. S. XXX-IwIwI'. X Ciunicz. M. XVcsIckiiicI, Ii. G.lI1Icr, .Y Ifry. Sccuiul rmv: II. lfix-nIci'iuIi. M GuI4Irn, S. Gctzkin. Ii. Gnu-Ii, Ci. Gil In-rl, II. I.g1rson. I7. I'I'lL'LIIlILlII. lwrxt ww: M. GnIuIv, IH. Gi-Ifcn. S. Crmx man. M. Ifnx. M. Gixgm. I.. Ci.iIiIQn In-rg. I.. ilmiiw, 32I-MISS READ, IIA Imp row: I.. Niiuscd, I.. Minis, I7 I,i.lll. M. Nloscs. Iirisky, Ii. Nflwii I. MuIin. 'I'I1iriI row: R. Ixursuii, NY Millur, I.. N4-Isim, I. MiIIc1', M. Millar R. R.iwup. ID. McIi1s. ID. NuIsun. Sc: uiiiI rmv: I. Nulwu. IS. IN'IcK11y, IC. Zu nzinkim. V. MicIIn'i', B. R'Ii'I'I'IIl, M. 'l'ixIi V. Stquwii. Ifirst ww: S. INIi'yci's, M MiIIx'rI. CI. MicI1cIs, II, NL-Iwii. .X Mi-IU, IC. Mriikuii. M. MiIIc1'. S8 225-M RS. EDQUIST, IOA Top mw: I. Frfi. R. CYLIUIIQC, I.. FcItI1iiL1n, I.. Filt-t'1n4in. C. Ifurtmiiii. II. Ifinc, I. Ifiiikclstciii, M. Ggivcmn. 'l'Iiii'rI rmv: F. flgtinw. I, Iftilulicr, YV, Ifrzinf zuk. IJ. I.wi's. Y. G.ii'rt't. Y. FruIi'icIv. H. Frm-iiiiiiing. R. l7t'iIcI. SLTIDIIIKI rmv: S. I7iCItI. C. fI.lI'NL'y, I"1'it-mII:tlicI. K. .I'1l'L'IlII1Illl'I, I. I5It'ixIiii141ii. U. Ifox. I1tIicI Ficlvliiigiii, R. Ifinkulstuin. Ifirbt row: R. CI.irIwin.t. Cf. I".ii'zm'. R. FtiwIti'. S. I'I'lL'kIII12lI1. I. I-yum. I.. Fiflilwcin. I. Inf 5l'lI. 323-MISS APEL, IOA Imp ww: R, Umm 1. K. cII'CCl'IIYl'I'Q. P. CitmtIxpc'ctI. A. fillIIV.II'1. R, GoInIIwtrg. H. Clmxc-, I. Cimssiiiziii. C. Utiwiiwiii. 'I'IiircI imw: I. Gryitt. 'If CS1u1iitn'. XY. Gtiltlsiimii. K. Ciltuimii, R. Cifmli-ii. A. fII'i'LX1lIJL'l'42, A. Clulchtc-iii. St'contI rmv: IJ. Griiv. I.. Gray. CI. Circinv. M. I't'tt-i'f mn, IJ. fiiu', I. Gultlminii, II. Grimm. A. Ciiltziiiziii. Fiiwt niw: A. CIAIIILIY, M. I-Sciw, I. Goiwii. R. URI' tlingga, li. GL'ISlIIL1l'lII. C. Gcrrilal. Ii. Graff. 208-MISS CONNORS, IOA Imp row: I. Rusfrt. I. Silliiiqiii, S. Suliink, II. SiIvt'ri1i:iii, H. Saxton, D. Schultz, A. Smiipmn. Ifourtli rmv: S. Schultz, A. Rtilwtistviii. R. Rtilxnstcin. L. Sclmuilkc, I". Shcriiian, XV. Sworn, Thiml row: L. Sclimitlt, CI. SIwpfIgQ. P. SctIci'Iic-ig, C. SzuIof'f, Savill. M. Scgzil. IB. Si:Iixx'.it'tZ. Scconil mw: Swartz, I.. Segal, II. Silvan, Ii. Sliutrf cr, I. Spukc, P. Scliiiiit-ge, Il. Ruth, S. Sulmxirtz. Ifirxt row: IU. S11mImiII, D. Ruti, B. SQMIOH, I. Sligipim, I.. Sillwrt. A. Siiiwns. V. Svc. 209-M RS. LENNARTSON, IOA Twp row: R. Kx'ictxm1in, LZ. I..1IIt.iti. I. Rnnnticl, R. Kiefer, R. Kuttkv, II. Kirwlincr. I. Knight. lfourtli imw: I.. KUIILT. Ii. Kgintgir, R. Ktiiiigigni. I". Ktttmtiitz, IS. Kaiser. I5. Ki'it'tzmziii. I. Klmtcr. IIAIIITLI rriw: M. Kugcl. G. Kit' lock. R. Iimki, C. Kiliuck, I, Riiiiiu- nan, G. Rmiic. IJ. Iirmrii. IJ. Kuiiitir. M. Kuhn. Scuiiitl rmv: P. l..ictx. I. Kat-lin, Y. Krcgtr, M. KnmvIcn, M. KL-iitmi, S. Ristun, G. KII'5fI11IL'I'. I. Kc-tlimwkt-. First row: V. Rrgift. A. Krick. A. Kukt-, If. K1tssIt'i'. C, Kitti- gcr. A. Rmlicr. I. IiIcwii. 202-MISS BOLIN, IOA Top mw: I. Nahum. I. YgisIi, G. Mycrwuld. II. Murrif, R. Ncuiiiiinn, M. Nit-Iwii, R. Niucum. R. Rrtnli, 'I'Iiii'tI row: I-I. Mycrs. lf. Nyquist. S. I'ttt'i'- mn, C. Nelson, R. Nislucrgzill. G. Mui'- row, M. Murrow. St-uiiml row: C. II.1Ik:'. IW. Mcirrimin, P. Nord, C. Nimlting. I.. Roffcrmling, S. Mtlsuovitz, D. Moser, M. Nisliimurgi. First mw: A. Murray. I. Ness, R. Nurgrcn, I.. Nornizin. I. Mur- rimcy, L. Myles. M. Nmiuk. 227-MISS SWANSON, IIA Top row: II. Pliillipsck, I. Town' at-ntl, R. Vcillcux, Ii. Thormn, I. Stcnc, I. White, G. Long. 'l'l1ii'cl row: L. Tor- rtill, R. Frrclccn. I. I-lanrahan, L, Swctlliack, IS. Talstn, R. Van Aukcn, Thais, ID. 'llI'fJlIIlJlL'I'. Scutmtl row: I. Spillcrs, XV. Kotiktfl. I. Stocklittrgur, B. Silvcrman. Front mw: M. Iackmn, C. 'I'holc, I. Vanncss. P. Knccshaw, B. Vigorcn, B. 'I'lmin1mui, D. Suniptcr. 203-MR. TENNEY, I IA Top row: C. Birk, I. Bircl, R. Bruh- icll, W. Camp, A. Boifcrding, H. Iirantl. C. Iincy. Third row: N. Bob- gan, XV. Hrunuau, R. Collins, R. Brown, M. Brantlwuin, L. Bucher. Scuontl row: IJ. Block, L. lilactlcr, N. Branian, C. Iiiorn, G. Ht-ck, L. Wabect. Front row: II. Butt, D. Burrell, M. Blanchcttc, M. Brown, P. Cameron, N. Boggt, B. Igllggf. 205-MR. TREGLAWNY, IIA Top row: T. Ilcvlvc. A. Robins, Prens, A. Ormon, I7. Pack, Ii. Paskoif. Fourth row: IH. Cordell, I. Pearson, IJ. Smith. Tliircl row: I. Rodenmckcr, II. XVilliams, R. Parker, M. XVuincr, Q. Grc-gory, C. Stahl, I. Ohmos. Sec- uncl mw: V. VVilliams, I. Orgcn, P. Stillman. G. Cfliricn. M. Pcrry, M. Ol- mn, li. Norman, Ii. Olson. From row: M. Hartung. L. Patrick. I. Nota, R. Hanson, S. Ostcrluauk, M. Paulson, S. I Ianson. 3I5-MISS NYGAARD, IZB Top row: N. Norman, S. Luntlquist, I. Mcllroom, H. Langum:-, R. Roch- Ibixl. Third row: D. O'Hricn, D. Lund- quist, NV. Salwcs, P. Roitcnhcrg. SCC- trml row: li. Vcncwitz, M. Decker, G. Walilatrotn, S. Singer, 'I'. Rottnnn. lfront row: II. Schrailuer, M. Newman, I.. Lintlgrcn. li. Maxnck. I. Mcrctlyk. I 90 2I2-MISS FARSETH, IOA Top ruw: T. Downing, R. Elnilucrg, R. Deon. K. ligan, If. Exyerr, IJ. Cut- tis. R. Ilueliaine. Fourtli row: Dunf lu, L.. r.rn'kman. M, llemann, D. Ilalil R. liicle, H. Darsou. 'l'liird ww: R. C05 meau. R. llelyin, D. Davis, E. Horn D. lbimiaiitic, R. England, A. lirick- sun. I. lillisnn. Second row: M. Dahl xi, Culver. D. iiiiioi, H. Eng.-1, Bi Dieclericks. G. Dahl, D. Cornelt, li. Eaf ton. First mw: L. Cookloek. K. Daly A. Ilingunen, I. Dye, I. liriekson, Di liluerle. .X. lfclstrmn. 325-MR. FRIEDMAN, IOA 'limp roxy: G. Herulli. T. Hcizen, G. Halvle. I.. Hansun, H. Haines, D. Harf ris. I. Helil. lfuurth rnw: L. Hanson, R. Hansen. M. Ilauge, T. Hanson, T Hanson. S. Hesla, H. Herinan, L Hainriek. 'Iliircl row: L. Hanson, I. Harlage, IJ. Hawkins, P. Hanson. M. Hanson, ll. Seliin, IJ. Harris. Sce- onql row: I. Harmon, lf. Howe, I. Aroii. N. Harrer, B. Hanson, B. Han' sey, I. Helsine, I. Hempcl. First row: D. Halloran. D. Haglin, S. Hanlwn, D. Haase, D. Hayes, P. Hamilton Hanimerluncl. 2l5-MISS LARSON, IOA Top rnw: R. McDonough, G. Mnncl- sliane, P. McCormick, F. Moore, E. Mclbrmnougli, R. Mcinke. Fourth row: I. Meilallisler, A. Michlin, R. Melnarik, P. Meyers. D. Meier, D. Karl. Tliircl row: LI. Mmiily, I. Molirbaelier, R. Mc- Cullen, L. Mercier, D. Drxerr, G. M0- lierg, R. Meyer. Seerincl row: B. MC- Goyvrn, I. McFarland, B. McDaniels M. Mnnsetli. M. I. Miller, L. Mirviss First roxy: F. Meade, M. Meyers, G Meyers, N. Mcfiilliyrny, McConnell M. Mieliels. M. F. Miller. 218-MR. O'DELL, IOA Top FOXYZ A. liearinan, R. Bogenia, S. lil-min. M. Rell, G. Ranwell, I. Hensley, C. liulmgrcn. lfourtli row: Alf yin limlin. H. llarnelte. I. llicay, L. liearnian, R. Henson, ll. Berg, S. lies- ner. lliirel row: I. Benson, A. Blocker, ll. Blackwell, G, liensnn, T. Hunan, G. liergslrimi, L. Bialick. Seeoncl row: A. llloom. I. Bentley, M. llartell, S. Booth, l. Ralfriiir. M. Brandt, C. liluinberg. lfirst mw: li. Box, R. Herman, G. Bork, I, Beal, R. Hoinan, ll. llonnyliaff, M. llraiiclliagc n 91 ,H. 1 224-MISS HORSCH, IIA Imp row: M. Xt'IIC. IJ, Zt'ttcrwuII. I.. Iuhnmn, I. Kuhn. 'l'IiirtI mw: II. Iohitmn, M, Iuhnmn, I. KIL-in. C. Keeth, M. Iohnwn. Sccuncl ruw: II. Kztplnn, R. Kautitngtn, I. Iohnmn, II. Iohnsun, S. Kuhn, R. Kittz. Firxt row: H. Kahn, C. Knntatr, M. Iohnwn, R. Iohnson, Ci. Kittnck, I. Iohnwn, IJ. Kzttzmun. IO4-MR. JENSEN, IIA 'limp row: R. I.ztzt'rint-, L. Immun. I.. Kcmpllick, M. Spcctur, I. I.ztboYitcli, R. Kunin, M. I-.ingum. Fuurth row: P. Farrcl, T. 'I'oIIin. R. Lttrmti, I.. I.iicItI. D. Iohnson, IS. Kmnick, I.. Schwartz. Third row: I.. Litnsing, P. Lurwn. V. Knott, D. Krone. II, Kuhis, Il. Klein- baum, A. Kmnutn. St-fund ruw: M, C0sgrm'c', M. Krumun, Lttskuwbl-gi, C. Korninnik, G. Lttrmn. II. Laze- rinc, I. KIiIIer, S. Stain. First row: P. Baron, R. KnIkinmI, Ii. Koenig. I. .-Xl1cIt'rson, IJ. Krginilsky, U. I.1tt'mn, ID. Hmm-n. 3I0-MISS JOHNSON, IIA 'limp row: G. Sulirnidt, L, Knott, II. Shure, S. Shratguwitz, II. Suims. A. Swartz. I.. Schwartz. 'I'hircI row: M. Snytlcr. Ii. Suhxxytrtx, R. Schhfsitigcr, G. Sliorc, I, Sflmnickcr, .-X. Sclinrlvtr. R. IIocnmticn. Srmml row: S. SiIvtr. A. SIM-rnigtn. M. Svutmrzt, M. St-cont. I'. XVtmtIs, II. SCLIIIIQIIIS, S. Pupcitt. First ww: Ii. Sclicctcr. II. Schlt-Q, A. Schmitt, Ii. Sclicllciilwrgtr. II. Sclmnii. V. Recd. K. Illoon. 322-MRS. KNUDSEN, IIA Top ruw: D, XYnndcrscu, ID. IICtt'1'- son, R. Iigtrnctt, I. Vozoff, R, IR-Ito. 'I'. Ryan, R. Pctcrmn. Third rnw: Ii. Sil- vc-rmiiii, R. Prctilqtnun, D. Schwartz. If. Pululgi, I. IIcntt'I. IJ, Pztsclcy, I. Strip-tl. I. PVOQII. Scconcl row: 'If Pocluny, M. Snytlcr, G. Strzitm, M. Pischkc, I. Pitt- vin, R. Peterson, D. Pcclcrson. Fitwt row: IJ. Sum. A. Pcttrstmn, L. Brede- stvn, C. I't-tt-rscii, M. Pctcrscn, I. Pot- tor. 92 3l5-MISS NYGAARD, I2B Twp mw: R. f?I'L'L'I1xlvUUI1. U. Ham mg-1'. I7. Iwrlumxw. IJ. Inglclwrg. I? Ixhukcr. I. hm-x, R. Iwmlwlm. lhml Imw: IJ. llmwn, R. llvrlllx, D. liurnx ll. Ayru, R. Iivlmiunl. U. Q.l1ll1lKI'IAlYf!Il XY. Mull. M, Chmglwlm. Scrum! row N. f:11.1IlIlL'l'l, M, Ixlx-lm'1'. H. Mighhn ll. Cnultllvhltt. 5, GVUH, N. IxuI'n'l1g0lLl IP. KLM. lflxwl ruw: R. Kfillfrllhlll. I3 lflpkmlm. M, Clmumum. I.. I4.ulw1u. M Hzfh, .X. cI1lI'Ci.1. 3l I-MR. LARSON, IOA 'Ilup ww: S. Rivkill. IJ. Riulxli. V lilwcliclu ll. Rxmkn. G, Quiglcy. IJ. Pfnlr tc. I. l'mctL'r, T. Rid. I-'uL11'tl1 ww: I. Riqhtcr. XV, Ruwn. I. Pollclvlis. I7 RAL111. I'. Robim. lf. Rmulitlml. I. Ring Thirnl ww: IS. Rmvlus, I. Rritnr, S l'l.1tnick, A. Rriircl, M. Rice, I. Rich tw. CS. R.lIlhL'ilH. SL-wml ww: Il. Rug gu1n.111l1. H. Ruw. M. Ruumdo. S. Rus km, li. Phillips, M. Koncy, M. Ron ning, M. PIOXVIHLIII. Firm row: R. Prxy snub. A. Rubinmn. I. Rfmwnkcr. M. Ru HLIIICIILIR, H. Rfm-ntlml. IS. Ilngn-xx, I. u. i11y. 30I-MISS THORPE COMMON LEARNINGS Twp ww: M. Chuiu. R. Killwo, I3 xYL'I1IXV1lI'll, IJ. lin-tx. S. Sxlprmsnili, A Suri, M. Nimrr. 'l'hi1'1I ww: IJ. Catch LV. Il. RllNlNllNNl'l'l. I. .XrmC. P, Yich UL15. .X. FCI'I'k'I'Jl. ID. llcutcill. Sucom ww: li, NVcltcr, IJ, Slklfll, H. lilqlisddl I.. Schm. Ii. Slmrgxgmvilz, R. Sllfllgll will, CQ. Olwu. I., Kugcl. First rpm ii. Luukv, I. Na'umgmn, If.. Brciwick, A hfylffllllf. I. Owlxwtt. If. Stcilv. I. COR 304-MISS QUELLO COMMON LEARNINGS Twp ww: I. Iklllllvlll, I. BIULIIHI. M imma, II. Hafgl. S. Ottmw. H. NILIIIIIICX nk . . . HR. I. 11 . . . ' N N-umllcl mw: I. l:luwL'l', li. All'sl1l, In U1 m I NIUI C C VIIIIHIII F111 mlw: I..Illlmr.IH.XYwmlr11l'i'.I limvwlu. S. Huw, I. .XlL'YLlIXlii'I'. M I-vw-111. 93 Hold that pose! Anchors Aweigh. Saturday night bath. Bench warmers. Bottoms up! How's the game? Childhood memories. Watch the feathers Hy! Cheerful duet. How's Superman? Keeping fit. 3's a crowd. At ease, men! See no evil. Speak no evil. Hear no evil. g'Cheer up, Minnie." Um-mm. nice! DC malls. Cuach Toles speaks. Glamour on the picket line. Playmates. "Lucky Louie" Playing hookcy. 'Lil Gofdyl Batter up The Genies. Give ll cheer. This end up! ,f,,M.,f,f.4-5 S .Q M., Ai ii ik 14' xx I I I I L ef, S I I I ,, LW? ., . XX iiijgx ' QPF: I XEEN I XR ffgii I I I it I I w'IwII:':f"Vr LIIW I I Viv' My 'QD IV M Xl ri Q I I QI If is wx, ' I Th 1948A IIS+fF h+ p +g++a+ I II I rife ER LARSON ST D S U IO Q x A X WiIIiam Joh 0 Phfg ph BUREAU OF ENGRAVING Ar+S gIY b kD AUGSBUR6 PUBLISHING HOUSE WaI+erScI1cII'SI1 IA IPcI+ I I 96 Q , ,, - W Qwfff' 'W MW? ff pl 1 V ' P Dfw - . W WWC! 2:3 wiki. ,Q W M Wiliam, W Af ff5QZZzM2ffW ibexv SL'.Jy Qual L-fc-I' CV Haff.i.9,, ,dum 'C-W9 A QQ xx ,y4,,.,,1 ,zm 49f51f' 65' Qc, ,, .Q -ff rw: Q .ff ' 7 1 fda- 0f4jZhit7Z:tAj!ZZ!5 . "' s,,f140,h VW. ? 44,,g +3-fig 4 'fffof fm? bbw ' WL ac! 1 ,mtv Kgk , ei, LCWWQZQJVQQ1 . WUQDM, W7 MM 171

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