North High School - Polaris Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN)

 - Class of 1941

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Text from Pages 1 - 152 of the 1941 volume:

yi ' -- 1-Li -.. ' , if , IQ if V 1 v x . X lr v 'K 'r 4 '44 V f ' . Q . 1, 1 'ki I . - ,Y Q X,- f . '-41 , 'SX X f3f'lQ"il"fsi'.'..,,-f"A"'Ir"""3""""L'N f' r ' f fr ' VV? N ' . ' ' I 1 1 if' 6 ' f " U' 'f A' f , 4!?VffVfz f I I , N3 fm, 1 I W f I' E: Iv If 11 v. , -lv 'i-I. qvx 4 "dl A DCRIFQ .SA v 4, 4 14- A 4 J' 4 1 U- I 'Y . 4 , ' X X rf f l - 4 l W ' x q 1 X . 1 1 Q. Y V F , V v 4 I If ' I I Q A QL if ' .Fm H Wh 1 si 1 LI if H 1' I I :T .X ...U ,-0 - 1 N xyy' I r , Y 1 , ff x - Q 5-'I 'N Q' 5. ww N f ' :f 1v:f'1 'f- 1 1 P .s's' f": I . L:-"'- " I I 7. V ' ' 'A - , . 'I 4 'N f r R 'NK 51" ,! f Y ' -1- ,A f JT M, H ggff. Ji XT - U zfif 11, ' I I I 6 1 L , -.. ff' , f f '--.,. 1 -..L 'iw X I-,-, .3 -A 2 .- rf mi V' 3-"-.jA"""--3" u 5 E E E Polaris symbolizes for us North High School, the guiding star by which we set our courses for the future. The pole-star appears in the tail of the stellar group popularly known as the Little Dipper or theLittle Bearg also in the northern sky shines the Great Dipper or the Great Bear. These con- stellations, Little Bear and Great Bear,represent respectively the June and January graduating classes. Together they swing in annual circle about the cen- tral light. ARI! The Annual Publication of The Senior Classes of North Hig1Schoo1 Minneapolis, Minnesota Volume 32 1941 Gerraine Holcombe Editor-in-Chief Doris Sanko Art Editor Robert Kenning Business Manager HM. 'QKXKER SYKXKE THE GREAT BEAR CONSTELLATION Pall and Winter 6 8 12 14 31 39 49 62 69 THE LITTLE BEAR CONSTELLATION Sprlng and Summer 97 98 102 104 132 137 144 NAU SENICP OFFICERS Bill Nitchie,J'erryKQp1Qn Co-Presidentsfeurl Wal- deen, secreturyjlernu Ro- usch, treasurerg Kenneth Haus, sergeant-ot-cirmsg and Muriel Cuudy,mcscot. THE GREAT BEAR 00lSl'ElLA'l'l0lI - STARS MID SATELLITES WA" SENIOR HOME RDON REPRESENTATIVES Sitting: A.Gustufson, S. Bermei stef, F. Erickson,M. Brown,L.Weisman,M.Mersky son, G.Whitfie1d. P D.Woodcock,J.Ruff.Stand- ing: L.Ho1 tzinger, D.Nel- LIFE 0I DHH PLAHET HEHHD IH THE HILLS WBelieve it, or not I'm a HBV senior. 'The election prelimin- aries begin next.W nwho should I vote for?n NCo-presidents. That's swell. Every one issatis- fied andtwo heads arebet- ter than one.' 'What are you doing with all thoseelection signs?u 'I like all thecandidates so I'm wearing a sign for each of them.N nCo-presidents B111 and Jerry, secretary Pearl, treasurer Verna,sergeant- at-arms-Kenny and mascot Muriel--watch us go.W 'The A-B seniorparty sure was swell. It was defin- itely Hawaiian with Palm trees swaying andleis for every one.n 'Now for a good long va- cation.....Am I going to sleep, ho hum.' WThree months of vacation and I'm still tired." NThe band had a good time in New York. Did you hear them on Major Bowes' pro- gram?n WI had more fun atthe WAN senior party. The game room was a life saver for those ofus whodon't dance and want agood time tooon NHave you seen WF1y Away Homen? I saw itlast night and did I laughs You bet- ter gotonight. Last chan- e Il C . nwould you--well, gee,would you care to--gosh-the prom is January ninth and I've got a dollar anda half. Well?W nBoy,what a banquet! Tur- keyandmashedpotatoesand gosh just everything. I could hardly dance after- wards.N n0ur lastauditorium. Gee, when will Icatch up on my sleep now?N nMy diploma in black and whitebutnow that I'vegot it I wish I could turn it in for three more years? A. M. Lerschen ChiefAdviser K. A A. M. Bank Principal H. Austin K. C. Friedman "A" SEIIDII A. Glasoe M, R. Gould A. M. Nervig B. Street Mary Gould RL T. Tenney IX f'All AND WINIZR Verna Rausch Vernon Anderson Angeline Bogucki Margaret Brown June Carlson Audrey Coplin Mary Dietrich Ingrid Frisell Harvey Garber Lorraine Gedig Marie Gjenvick Lorane Gorham Lillian Gostick Alpha Gustafson Kenneth Haas Janice Hansen Ruby Juster 'Sarah Juster Bernard Johnsrud Jerome Kaplan Eleanor Kohn Margaret Marcell Lorraine Martin Myra Mersky Marvin Miller Elaine Moore Mildred Peterson Verna Bausch Beverly Robinson Doris Shelley Pearl Waldeen Merna Walter la, Angeline Bogucki We Charles Hoffman hx Usb XIJYPJ Eugene Welch THE GRADUATING MEMBERS OE THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Anderson, Vernon Berdt, Dolores Bogucki, Angeline Bregel, Aquinas Brown, Margaret Carlson, June Coplin, Audrey Dietrich, Mary Alice Ferguson, Eleanore Erisell, Ingrid Garber, Harvey Gedig, Lorraine Gjenvick, Marie Gorham, Lorane Gostick, Lillian Gustafson, Alpna Doris Shelley Hansen, Janice Hoffman, Charles Ingalls, June Johnsrud, Bernard Juster, Ruby Kaplan, Jerome Kieffer, Jarold Lehrman, Arnold Lyse, Eleanor Macht, Marian Mantz, Theordora Marcell, Margaret Mersky, Myra Miller, Marvin Moore, Elaine Nelson, Doris wwwna uaumsmxrW Newstrom, Vivian Nitchie, William Quady, Muriel Rachac, Marguerite Bausch, Verna Robinson, Beverly Schwappach, Jeanette Shelley, Doris Sherman, Anita waldeen, Pearl Walter, Merna Weisman, Lillian Wllensky, Eleanor Wilmer, Edith Winger, Virginia Zemack, Sara Margaret Brown Q xl 'til fl! L g f 1 12 Marie Gjenvick Ethel Evenson Robert Hendrickson MEDALS The American Legion Awardand theAmer1can Legion Auxiliary Award, given to the boy and girl whose characterandability showmostpro- mise of outstanding citizenship were awarded this year to John Watten and Marie Gjenvick. The Minneapolis Star Journal Award, given to the student most outstanding in leadership, character,scho1arship,and service was awarded to Vernon Anderson. Ethel Evenson, whose work in Norse was the most notable of the year was awarded the Norse Scholarship Award.The D. A. R. Award was presented to Lorane Gorham for her fine citizenship while at North. To Doris Shelley,for her outstanding work in the field of science was presented the Science Award. The Minneapolis Business College Award wasgi- ven to Robert Hendrickson. Pearl Waldeen re- ceived for her outstanding service to the Po- laris Weekly the Polaris Honor Award. Vernon Anderson Lorane Gorham Doris Shelley Pearl Waldeen John Watten 0 BETTY ABRAHAM..she will make a good steno- club. 0 CHARLES ALBRO..our future kilocycleman. 0 DELOBES ANDERSON..hey, blondie,we're off dm go1dstandard..c1assp1ay. 0 EUGENE ANDERSON..they tell me I can sing.. 0 VERNON ANDERSON..he can be conv1nced,but-- german cl. pres.gnat. hon. soc. pres.g radiog projectiong scienceg natureg hi-yg glee clubg movie crew. I MITCHELL ARDUSER..s1ow and easy does 0 JOE BEERS..a future engineer. I DOROTHY BENNETT..Tubby cash- iergstudent councilg sciencegfrenchg kadimah. 0 DOLORES BERDT..our journalistic polarite.. student councilgPolaris weeklygPolaris sales- mang A senior chairmangfrench cl. pres.g nat- ureg kadimah. 1 0 DONALD BEYER..interested in aviation--or is it flight angels..oratorio5 glee cl. 0 DORIS BLAGROVE..she makestomorrow ascheerful as to- day. 0 MARY BLANKENHORN..Mary likes doggies.. seton hy. 0 AUDREYBLASE..quiet butsincere..s1lver trig nature club. 0 FRANCES BLINDMAN..Faye likes frenchg kadimah. I PAUL BLIXT-- give me the wide open spaces. 0 ANGELINE BOGUCKI..she leads thatothers may fo11ow..si1.g blue tri.3 nat. hon. soc.3 lat. pres.. natureg french3Po1ar1s sales.5 Polaris week.g bank cash.5 stud.coun.ggir1 scouts. 0 DAVID BOSTROM..a stargazer..chess5cho1rgband. 0 AQUINAS BREGAL..she wants to travel around the world..comm. cl.g A senior chairman. 0 EDWARD BRETT..North's Ch1ng..hockeyg foot- ball. 0 ROBERT BROOKING..what long eyelashes you have..german3 football. I GLADYS BROOSTIN ..oh,for a book and a shady tri. 14 ' MARGARET BRORN..Peggy isour efficiency ex- clubg commercial cluhg blue tri. U EDWARDBUKSTEIN..Eddie:willcombine aviation xnd cl. 0 HARRY BURDMAN..our electrical minded Harry. I ROBERTBURKE..away withweary study..gleec1. 0 SHIRLEYBURMEISTER..llfe is just a round of tri.gcommercia1 c1.gphotogra- phy club. 0 JOYCE CAMPBELL..t blo d likes .wf 'JJWY Rigger - music. Wifi,- f 0 ARTHUR CANE..our phglatellic enthusiast.. german cl.g science club. I JUNE artist supreme..french c1.3b1ue tri.gbul1etin board com. pres. 0 RUTH CARLTON..Ruth1e will be an office worker. 0 JOHN CARMODY..Jim has three speeds--slow, slower,stop. 0 WILLIAM CARR..we're inthe ar- my now. I CHARLES CARTER..a future football coach..footba115 baseball. 0 MELVIN ardent sports fan. 0 HERBERT CHERRY..bring 'em back alive Cherry.. student coun.g homeroom representativegA sen- ior chairmang class play. l MANLFY CHESTER-- a coastguard station for him..footba113track. 0 CAROL COCHRAN..housekeeping intrigues her. 0 HARRIETTE COHEN..mode11ng willbe herfuture ..commerc1a1 clubg bandg orchestra. 0 TED C0- HEN..Ted's ambition is to be an accountant.. menorahg latin club. 0 AUDREY COPLIN..from Polaris to N. Y. Times ..french c1.3 kadimahgnat. hon. soc.g Polaris page editor and salesmang A senior chairman. 0 WARNER DAHL..liked here, there, and every- c1.5 student coun. 0 ELEANOR DARSOW..she's 1itt1e,but so is dynamite..b1ue tri.g nature club. 15 I ABMGND DAVIS..sweet violet--green house for me. 0 PAUL DE de Wahl--a future business man..student council. I MARY ALICE DIETRICH..a quick mind anda willinghand..sil. blue tri.g girl scoutsg nat. hon. soc.g orch. O JIM DIKEMAN..Dike will be a good chemist. U MARGIE DRAKE..she makes swell fudge--oh boy. 0 ERNA DUNBAR..a speedy whirl of energy. 0 EDWARD ENGLUND..he will enter the field of mechanical engineering. 0 LUTHER ENgLUND,, Luke will attend Gustavas College. 0 FLORENCE ERICKSON..she looks, smiles, tri.g comm. c ubjpg gfv' 0 LORRAINE ERICKSON 1 success is measured by inches she'll beat them a1l..french clubg Commo C103 blue tri. U ANNABELLE ERLANDSON.. Bubbles designs clothes. 0 ETHEL ever ready club. I WILLIAM EVIDON..he's just a jitterbug at heart. I ELEANORE FERGUSON..they conquer,they who believe they can..sil.g blue tr1.3 french cl.3 nat. hon. soc. 0 JEANNETTE FIDLIN..peppy and jolly,a funloving gal..vik. cl.glee clubg choirg orat.g band. O THERESA BRANKLIN..1t's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice.l DOUGLAS FRASER.. quietness is a virtue..comm. club. 0 DOROTHY FREDRICKSON..a bundle of charm..vik. cl.gblue tri.g glee club. 0 PHYLLIS FRIED..Twinkletoes loves the stage. 0 INGRID FRISELL..what would wehave done with out Ingie..bluetri.gscience cl.gnat.hon.soc.g norse c1.g orch. O HARVEY GARBER..toot,toot here comes Harvey..band5 orch.gnat.hon.soc. 16 I JACK GASNER..I've been working on the rail- road. O ARTHUR GEBERT..why worry?--it makes wrinkles. 0 LORRAINE GEDIG..ready,w1l1ing,and able..commercial clubg national honor sndety. 0 ADELE is my dish..Span1sh clubgkadimah. 0 DOROTHY GILSVIK..sweet is the word for Dot..si1ver tri.3 commerc1a1,c1ub. O MARIE GJENVICK..a tiny bunch offriendliness.. sil.. blue tri.gnature c1.gscience c1.ggerman cl.5 nat. hon. soc.5 student council. 0 LORANE GORHAM..a glass of fashion..seton hyg sil.3 blue tri.g stud. coun.g nat. hon. soc.g bank cashierg radio workshopg A senior ch. O LILLIAN GOSTICK..from g.a.a. tonursing..s1l.5 blue tri.g nat. hon. boardgA sen. ch. O JAMES GOTTLIEB..candid camera fiend.. menorahg scienceg camera club. I DAVID GREENBERG..Davy likes to tinker with cars. I EUNICE GREENSPO0N..there's danger in them eyes..stud.coun.3bank cash.3kadimah cl.g commercial cl. 0 MARGARET GREVE..Peggy likes tri.g commercial club. I ALPHA GUSTAPSON..discovered: a blonde with 3rains..french cl. pres.gs11., blue tri.5glee c1.goratoriognature cl. science c1.5nat. hon. soc. 0 KENNETH HAAS..Gab1e hasn't anything on mim..sen.sergeant-at-arms. 0 HERBERT HAASARUD ..peaches andcream complex1on..bmuipresident: mi-y chap. pres. I WILLIAM HAGEN..a man ofthe cl. pres.3 projection cl. 0 LLOYD HANS..W1ld Bill and his guitar. 0 JANICE HANSEN..artiSt supreme..si1.,blue tri.gnature c1.gpolar pal- ettes. I MARY to the Irish. 0 MARIAN HASELNESS..Mickey singsUcommerc1alcl.3 choir I FRED HAUSER..our trap drummer..hi-ygh1- 1119 staff. 17 'Sie X A we ga: 'U' f 3 i 1 H 1 n ' 6 .. K r fr' W ,UQ I i n ,V M fx, W k:k,. ., W 'S 'lkififaf ,wg .QJVJO I MELVA HEAIRET..why gentlemen prefer blondes ..comm. clubg idunag blue trilg choir. 0 HY HECTFR--hi,H6CtSIw I PAUL HEIMER..woodworking is one of Red's hobbies. I ROBERT HENDRICKSON..they call him strike'e out Puss..glee cl.g footballgbaseballg hockey I CHARLES HENNING..mechanical minded lharles I CLIFFORD HIGGINS..bowling,.golf,and huntin pmy favo .band. EQZWMM I LYLE HOFFA- smical engineering at the U. . hi-yg german. I CHARLES HOFPMAN..technically speaking, Chuck is o.k.. I PHYLLIS HOLLAND.. a little Dutch girl. I MAYBETH HOLLERUD..just plain swel1..si1ver, blue tri.3girl scoutsg natureg french club. I LEO HOLZINGER..he's our athletic man. I RUTH HONIGSCHMlDT..her merit paves her path..sil.g blue trig nature c1.3 french club. dc! 73:-.J .MAL I JUNE INGALLS..friends valuelierfriendship.. blue tri. pres.gstud. coun.5french cl. pres.3 nat. hon. soc.gA sen. ch. I JACK ISENBERG-. second Izaak Walton. I ROBERT JACOBS..Bob,0UT band man. ' I SOL JACOBS..1ndustrious Solhe'll getplaces. I DONALD JOHNSON..Swede is a11city..footballg skatingg hockeyg baseball. I ECHO JOHNSON-- here's Eleanor D's echo..nature cl.3blue tri. I GERALD JOHNSON..wh1st1e while you work. I -ROBERT JOHNSON..he willbe amechanical drafts- man..hi-y. I SHIRLEY JOHNSON..she tickles the ivory..s1l.5 blue tri.5french cl.gbank cash. lwgvifeifw 18 0 VIVIAN JOHNSON..good things come in small packages..commercial club. 0 BERNARD JOHNSRUD ..he's tall,he's tan,he's 0 RUBY JUSTER..her dark eyes reveal herhappy heart..kadimah5 Polarisgbandg orchestra. 0 RAY KAHLER..fore! herecomes Ray..project1on c1.g student councilgbandggolfg bowling team. O HELEN KANIA..a fine classmate. I JERRY KAP- LAN..our harmonicaplayingpresident..menorahg student coun.g Polaris salesmangbank cashierg glee clubg A Senior co-president. I WARREN KENNETH..names like this areconveni- ent, sometimes..footbal1g baseballg hockey. 0 JABOLD KIEFFER..dip1omacy is my middle name.. nat. hon. soc. l ALEC KIPERSTEIN..1et's get in the groove. I GLORIA KIRKBRIDE..she'1l rollarskatethrough 1ife..si1ver andblue tri. I RUTH KLEINBAUM.. do I look like Hedy?..french clubg classgday. I JOE KNIGHT..night, night..basketba1l3class play. 0 ELEANORE KOHN..sma11 1nstature,but large in intellect..kad1mahg commercial cl. I LU VERNE KOHOUT..just call me Lovie..silver tri.g blue tri.gpep clubgclass play. 0 GLADYS KOIVISTO.. she'll waltz through 1ife..si1ver tri.. blue tri.g pep club. 19 M. ,W JM' l HARRIS KOST..from Kost toKost it'sHarris.. student councilggolfgbowling. I BEN KRAMER.. ten pinBenj1e..menorahgbow1ing. O ED KRAUSE-- it's your move now..chess club. 0 WARREN KREKELBERG..a whistler and his dog.. apparatus. 0 MARILYN KUEHN..Ch1ck is keen.. silverg blue tri.5 bank cashiergstudent coun- cilg girl scoutg oratorio. 0 CHARLES LANE..a jolly good fel1ow..projection clubg choir. 0 LUVENIA LANE..sincerity is a great asset. 0 MARGARET LANGLEY..we'vegot hernumber..camerag comm.3 blue tri.g seton hi. 0 JAMES LAWSON.. if success is measured by inches, he'll beat them all..choir3 applied music. 0 CLARA LEADER..a gym teacher's life forher.. k8d1mHhsa.a.a. board. o noaommz LEN.ZEN..ooh, Dotty, those eyes of blue..silver5 blue tr1.0 DAVID can fix anything. 0 JOYCE LILJA..she's the outdoor type. I EARL LINDBERG..1t's electrical engineering forhim. 0 MINNIE work is her selection.. kadimahg co mercial club. my MQW 0 RANK LISS ..Doc will attend the U. of M.. 0rat0Pi05 track- 0 WINSTON LOWRIE..bui1ding model railroads, that's my hobby..orchestra. 0 MARIAN MACHT..ever ready,ever steady..art3 natureg student cou c lg nat.hon.soc.3 silver and blue tri. !fffff ,AMW I NORA be a good stenographer ismy aim..commercial3kadimah. O RUTH MANSK..inter- ior decorating is my line. 0 THEODORA MANTZ.. the world will know Teddy andher f1ddle..s11- ver, blue tri.gfrench5 orches agconcert mis- tressg string quartette. - . - 20 J M I x r x,LlU.' xv'V-frf is M ' I f ' 0 MARGARET MARCELL..she's whereshe's needed.. sil., blue tri.g frenck,1atin cl.gbank cash.g Pol. sales.gannualg nat. hon. soc. 0 LORRAINE MARTIN..Lorr and commor sense aresynonymous.. kadimahg bank cash.gnature3spanish5 comm. cl. 0 RUTH MARTINSON..just a round of merriment.. sil., blue tri.g french, nature cl.:oratorio. 0 MARCETTA MASON..sailing, sailing--1t'sthe life for me. 0 HELEN apple for the future teacher. 0 MYRA MERSKY..the way tohave a friend is to be one..nat.hon.soc.g kadimahg spanish, comm. cl.3 bank cash. 0 KAREN MEDTLING..the domestic type..g.a.a. I MARVIN MILLER..silence is more eloquent than, nature cl. 0 OLIVER MILLER.. my dog loves your dog-uwell. U ALBERT MILNER..he will be a draftsman..glee 01.5 nature cl.5 apparatus. 0 CLYDE MOESCHLER ..interior decorator jr..apparatus. 0 MILDRED MOGAARD..still water runs deep..vik1ng clubg bank cashier. 0 ELAINE MO0RE..she gives with zest and gives the best..frenchg comm. c1.g nat. hon. soc. 0 DORIS NELSON..the guiding ray of leadership.. studk coun.g A sen. ch.g s1l.gb1ue tr1.gcomm. cl.g scoutsg nat. hon. soc.g annual. OPHYLLIS willher studentsconcentrate..sil. blue tri.g science clut. 0 LA VERNE NEWMANN..n whirl of tr1.3glee cl.5g.a.a.0 YVONNE NEMMAN..home run Lefty--g-a.a. 0 VIVIAN NEWSTROM..earnest in purpose, loyal to friends..girl scouts,pres.g nat re c1.gsil., blue tri.gannual roster ed. xi . rf kiaqw ' A gy? fb by 0 MEYER NISKER..sports areMott's main hobby.. footba1l.l BILL NITCHIE..his ableleadership.. co-pres. of classg hi-yg scienceg nature cl.g nat. hon. soc.3 bandg bank cash. 0 MARGARET NOLDEN..a smwnd Schiaparelli tri.3 comm. cl.g glee club. 21 0 RICHARD rider in future years.. hi-yg footballghockeyg oratorio. 0 ADORA NOR- LANDER..oh how we adore her..si1., blue tr1.g choir. l GEORGE NORMANDIN..his ambition will get him cl. 0 BILL NORTIN..friendliness,his middle name.. hi-yg vikingg nature c1.g oratorio. I WALTER NYBERG..worry andwalter have never met..hi-yg band. l HARRIETT OHMAN..a private secretary.. comm. cl. 0 CAROL OLSON..quiet buts1ncere..comm. club. 0 DOROTHY OLSON..1ight headed,but only inone way, I VERNON OLSON..a man like this is hard to get. Mffduawww I JOHN 0 NEILL..ooh,those Irish..hi-yg bandg science cl.g basketball. 0 ROSLYN ORINSTIEN.. may Ihave the next dance,madam?..french cl. 0 MARVIS PALM..nursing is my tri. 0 FLORENCE PASS..1et's have more like her.. COMQ ffl-s choir. 0 LQRRAINE PAULsoN..Pau1y alll be a dent enist..silver,b1ue tri.5 ffamhs nature GLORIA PEARSON..a peppy member of our p c ub..pep cl.5 blue tri. 0 ELOISE PEDERSON..she also serves who only sits and knits..sil., blue tri.g comm. cl. 0 FRED PIER..1ntelligent,1ikeable,and sincere.. stud. coun. 0 CORRINE PETERSEN..NCornu wants to be a librarian..si1., blue tri. l MILDRED PETERSON..studious,sweet, sincere. 0 LAVAUN POWERS..asport minded artist..g.a.a.g si1.,blue tri. 0 JEANNE PRITCHARD..nursing is my lifework--oh,science c1.plue tr1.3 choirg bank cash. 22 0 MURIEL QUADY..our class' good luck charm.. si1.,blue tri.3scouts3 nat. hon. soc.gannualg comm. c1.g sen. mascot. I BOB QUIGLEY..friend to all..hi-y. I MARGUERITE RACHAC..charming, and lovely--that is you..sil.,blue tri.gcomm3 Polaris weeklyg hon. soc.g annualggirl scoutsg bank cash.g ch. sen. comm. 0 VERNA RAUSCH..her light shines forth that others might see..s1l.,b1ue tri.gscience cl.3 nature cl.gstud. coun.5nat. hon. soc.5annual. 0 RICHARD REIMER..Diuk'l1 c1ick..box1ng. 0 ARLINE RINKER..a dimpled smile that makes you her friend..g.a.a.5 glee club. 0 BERNICE RIVKIN..po1se plus personality.. french cl. O AUSTIN ROBERG..quiet and steady, he'1l see you through. l BEVERLY ROBINSON.. a bundle ofpetite charm..science5spanish c1.g sil., blue tri.3 nat. hon. soc.g orchestra. 0 GORDON will need sales resis- tance with Whitey.0 JOHN ROSE..roses arered.. swimmingg skating. I LOUISE ROSEN..a modern dancer..comm. cl.g latin club. 0 ROBERT RUBENSTEIN..Bob ake that kick.. spanish cl.gfootball. .especially sweet and s1ncere..s1l., 0 GERALD RUFF..answer to ama1den's er..stud. coun. 0 RICHARD RUSCHOFF..quiet and business-like. 0 SARAH SALTZER..she'll talklierway tofame.. kadimahg latin cl. 0 VERNON SANDERS..the man on the flying trapeze..apparatus. l NORMA SANKER..the lady with the1amp..si1., blue tri.3 seton hyg polar palettesg band. I MARIAN SAVAGE..the lady withlamp number two.. kadimahy comm. cl. 0 BURTON SAVITT..a future D.A..menorahg Polaris weekly. 23 0 MARCELLA is my business.. polar palettesg band 0 JIM SCHELSKE..a three letter man..band5 footballg trackg swimming.0 HUGH SCHNEIDER..bye,baby bunting,Hughie's gone ahunting. 0 EDMUND SCHOPPERT..a hunter and fisher. 0 JEANETTE SCHWAPPACH..her loveliness gets them al1..french, swedish c1.g sil, blue tri.g or- atorio. 0 BEVERLY SEGAL..home ec. is Brenda's callin ..kadim 3comm.3spanish cl.5bank cash. Jiffy' WWW' 0 SHIRLEY air minded stewardess.. blue tri.3 kadimahgscienceg latingnature c1.g choirg glee cl. 0 PATRICIA SHEAHAN..another grand Irishman. 0 DORIS SHELLEY..a pharmacist mustn't forget chem1stry..nat. hon. soc.gblue tri.gkadimahg frenchgsciencegnatureglatin cl. 0 ANITA SHERMAN..astudious privatesecretary.. stud. coun.g hon. soc.3 kadimahg comm. cl. 0 MEYER SHRAGOWITZ..athleticmindmiband member.. bandg basketball. I RUTH goal is as high as the notes Ising..sil.gb1ue triq frenchg comm. cl.3 choir. 0 WILLIAM SIEVERT..h1s aim is the top..glee Cl- 0 ORELL's theuniversity for Orell- 0 LORON is my hobby and nothing else. 0 CAROL SIMPSON..our sweet anddemure artist.. Polar palettesg bul. boardg orch. 0 MARVIN SJOBERG..Monte andhis guitar. 0 SHIRLEY SMITH ..tops with a11..Iatin, nature cl. 0 ARTHUR SOLBERG..tool and dye making is his trade. I WILLIAM've got to be a football hero..footba115 choirg glee club. I BURTON STARR..keep sm11ing..soph. football. 24 I MABIAN STEVENSON..sunshine in her smile. 0 GLORIA STURMAN..a likeable cl.g blue tri. 0 RUTH SUGARMAN--Sugar will be a nurse. I JUNE SUTHEBLAND..found:gmnihousewifegwantedz :ood husband..b1ue tri.q swedishg glee cl. O DOROTHY SVEUM..hold it--here comes Dot.. camerag comm. 01.5 norse cl. I A JUSTIN SWILLFR..hold that linenfootballg goI.fg menorah. 0 BRENT SYMONDS..when you're out of joint,go to Sy. 0 ANNETTE TENDER..she would be atender nurse..sil., blue tr1.g nature club. 0 DORIS TINKER..another Florence Night1ngale..s1lver, and blue tri.3 glee cl. 0 LORAINE TOMPKINS..short and sweet..natureg comm. club. I THOMAS TROUPE..Troupe's clever with levers. o DOHOTHY TUBNEB..Dot sings and roller skates..comm. club. I LORRAINE VENTA..beaut1ful hands to soothe the fevered brow..sil., blue tr1.3 nature cl. l PEARL WALDEEN..she's here,I heard hergiggle ..s1l., blue tr1.gnat. hon. soc.g nature cl.g sec. of sen. classy Pol, weeklyg A sen. ch. 0 IERNA WALTER..we wid1shewere twins..b1ue U1.3 shoir. 25 if .gow O BERNICE WASSERMAN..a stitch in time saves nine..Pol. sa1es.gorch. 0 DOROTHY WASSEBMAN.. hubby wantedgline forms to right..french cl.g bank cash.0 JOHN WATTEN..ohhhh--Johnny..stud. coun. pres.g A sen. ch.g glee clubistud- WSF' of baseballg vocal ensemble. 0 SHELDON WEINSTEIN..Porky likes classics.. menorahg science cl. 0 SIDNEY WEINSTEIN..S1d and his big black beard..menorahg spanish cl. l LILLIAN WEISMAN..on the news front..stud. coun.3 kadimahg comm.g science club. 0 EUGENE WELCH..Rusty will be an engineer.. hi-yggerman cl. 0 EILENE WESTON..she has dim- ples like the rest of the girls would like to tr1.5 band. 0 SHIRLEY WHELAN..a doctor's assistant--?..sil.3 blue tri.3 comm. club. 0 GEORGE WHITEIELD..a pearl inhis treasury.. german, glee cl., choir, Polaris. 0 ELEANORE WILENSKY..subtract abarrel of cares and add a ton of pep..frenchg nature clubg radio workg kadimah. O EDITH WILMER..competition for Pol- aris--The Frozen North..Po1ar1s, aviationgor- atoriog seton hy. 0 VIRGINIA WINGEB..she pilots atalented pen.. sil., and blue tri.ggerman cl. 0 JOHN WOLFE.. sports and stamps for him..stud. coun. 0 DAVE WOODCOCK..a willing hand and a lot of fun. 0 PHYLLIS WOODHOUSE..a frieuito triq COMM- Cl. 0 ELMA WUOLLET..E1mer likes sewing. I BERNETTA friendly as they come.. basketball. 0 LOBBAINE ZAMJAHN..Zamy can play the piano tri.g comm. c1.g stud. coun. 0 SARA ZEMACH..her smileglows forall..kad1mah pres.g frenchg natureg comm. clubg nat. hon. soc. I JEANNE ZUCKMAN..acquatennia1 higaschool queen 26 I BOB CASSERLY.,please,mom,can I buy a comic book U RICHARD COHL..a living lexicon.,foot- ball 0 EDDIE GOLDSTEIN,.he'1l make home runs in an airplane. 0 LOIS GREENBERG,,a golfer onhorseback..comm. cl 0 EINAR HAMBORG..the silent he-mmL.norse: fholrsfootball, o MILDBED HAMLIN,,many lights are hidden,,comm, cl, U HAROLD is my middle name,,band, 0 CLARENCE LARSON.ethe call ofthe w11d,.band, 0 LAWRENCE TOLEDO.,we are glad we knew him.. glee cl., orchestra, AMW QW? Q enum-suv emums or Adams, Rosella Baskin, Fred Beers, Robert Bernstein, Bernard Borkenhagen, Jack Boyce, Zane Brandon, George Briggs, Florence Bullock, Shirley Burgess, Evelyn Caouette, Dorothy Davis, James Egan, Myrtle Erickson, Kenneth Erntson, Lorrayne Fisher, Julius Fiterman, Sylvia Fortin, Robert Gardner, Marjorie Garfield, Marvin Gillis, Richard Goldenberg, Elliott Hackel, Richard Herschman, Paul Holm, Richard Holthus, Marcella Hornig, Donald Itzkowitz, Sam Iverson, Dorothy Juster, Sarah Larrabee, Muriel Larson, Bernice Larson, Marion Lehrman, Arnold McCoy, Dorothy MAJ My McCoy, Marian McCluskey, Herbert McGlynn, Charles McGregor, Eleanor Miller, Richard Mitchell, Lois Pegg, Marianne Reck, Werner Robinson, Ralph Rogers, Jae Schaffer, George Swanson, Robert Teener, Sherwin Thiel, Ted Tyra, Francis Vinokour, Edward Wilson, Arvid !' 3, KA eg Mawr' ,mf www MEQQXZ - - 1-5:51 "fb x 5 fm X B3 I 1 4 5 Q K X 1 G in in M5 4 f 1112 I ,Q ,.. 5,9-. -, K' ,, Q ' QQ . 4 ,Wm ",, 2 5 8 it - ? ig 5, 33,1 .,,, ., ., 'li' x 'g no 3 :wax N- W, ,, 'Lf !'lf Af-f r. HF? " s if Fu. A. 'X 1 "f3R:aQ.q ef it ,K 4 in , X sl M iw' 1 in uwmx if A "F JY' fi' ml fg 's lib 2: 5 . Q-if ,fig f I fp QB 1. 1' . 3 Q t 5 if . , E i n ns W X 'U Q Q iv: X 2 h 92 3 M A-B senior par fn. i g S 9 ,Q 1 ,E ' . t , fi Q. Q 5 i hw LQ Q, X 515, , WL 5.iQswN., Q ,. ' "h" 'YE xlsifi Water, water everywhere,M ff ' ,, X, ,, ....' A 'N fa. ww.. , ' A , I . ' oE:c1?t2f5?iif4 f l num Fly away, Kentucky babe 5 Ah, ah, you're forgetting F something, Vernie... 30 6. A. A. The girls who take an inter- est in many sports arerewarded. One may earn so many points in each sport. Each girl having 600 points, Q00 of which must be earned in individual work, receives an N. 1000 pcints earn a G.A.A. emblem. Every day after school one may see girls hurrying to the gym totake part ineome athletic activity. G.A.A. is different than gym classes as the girls do the supervising. Each mem- ber of the board has some sport she must direct. Irene Chesebro, President, has charge of Badminton,as well as Marlys Webster and.IeanLath- rop. Janice Barre and Shirley Goldstein have charge of Speed- ball5Joyce Powers and Jean Kel- ly, VolleyballgMarlys De Marais and Jean Olson, Hiking, Joyce Brose, Biking: Rosemary Harding and Shirley Burk, Basketball, Elvy Ed1n,Secretary,and Marilyn Rieman,Tenn1s3 Joyce Kronstadt, Diamondballg Patricia Griffin, Swimming5Jeanette Lorentzen and Donna Parsons, Skating. 31 G. A. A. Board. Pow One: M. De Marais, J. Olson, J. Powers, P. Griffin. Row Two: S. Goldstein, E. Edin, J. Kronstedt, J. Lath- rop. Row Three: R. Harding, S. Burk,J.Lorentzen. Row Four: M. Reiman, I. Chesebro, J. Barre, M. Webster. Emblem Girls.Row One: M. Kowa- lczyk, S.Burk, J. Kronste-dt, J. Lorentze-n. Row Two: R.Ganlev,M. DeMa1'ais, J.Olson, G.Condoluci. N. Girls. Row One: L. Gostick, M. De Marais, R.Ganley, E. Edin Row Two: S. Burk, M. Kowalezyh, M. Christensen, J. Lorentzen, Row Three: L. Mound, J. Kron- stedt, I. Chesebro. J NI like a speedy game in which there are many players. Speedball is just that,N says Clara Converse. This yearSpeedbal1rquaced Touch-football. Played with a Speedball, it is very similar to the game it replaced and a Soccorball game. A slow person had better stay entirely away from Speedball. This game can Taft. be playedeither indoors orout. There are ten players on each side. After the game has com- menced, there is a heated game to see which side can get the ball between their respective goal poles the greater number of times. Hands are absolutely forbiden. Pictured in action are, left to right: M.Reeves, P.Carlaon, M.Kowalezyh, C. Burk, I-I.Masan, G.Grey. Sneedball. R N re G.'3rey, lr me Cahill, J'.Power D9hn.F4O'f,' Two V' T15 J E.Frackmar.,M Reeves D.Rust.Row Three S G-oldetein,J.Tathro M. Kawalezyh Nan felt, H. Ma c Row Pau.: N. R16-mar Carlson, C. Burk Barre, M.Webster Basketball. Row One: C. Robin, P. Reeves, S.Goldstein, E.Liss, Row Two: G, Grey, D. Rust, J.Olson, E.Tro- chmon. Row Three: S. Burk, I.Kelly,f.P0w- ers, S.Murtir.sor, E. Dehn, V. Invie. Row Pour: P. Nolden, P. Cerlson,P.Co11doluCi, I.Lz1thIop. Row Five: P.Ho1'dinq,A.Lpoickc1, M.Kowc1lezvk, M. Bol- stdd, N. Mhittclker. Row Six: M.fJeMurdis, F, Gonley, I. Krone- tedtl C.Burk,M.Suth- erlcmd, I.I.orentzen. Row Seven:E.Rohling, G.Condoluci,L.Mound, E.Edin. "If one issespecially good at guarding, and not at making baskets or vice versa," says Marjorie Hansen,Nthey1naystil1 be good basketball players." Two teams, consisting of six girls each, are formed. In a game, two girls from each team play in each division. At each of the end divLsions,there are two forwards and two guards. Only forwards can attempt to make baskets. The centers play in the center section. A foul is committed if a player steps out of her section. This gives the other side a free throw. A basket gotten by afree throw gives onepointga basket gotten otherwise gives two. Pictured at the toss up ore two octivemem- bers of G. A. A.--- Mory lone Kowolezvk and Delores Rust. Miss I-Iaveson is the dance teacher at North. She teaches not only Modern Dance but also Ballroom Dance. There are be- ginning andadvanced classesand a class during thelunch period for those who cannot get Ball- room dance on their program. Those who go to the Sunlites usually take Ballroom Dance so as to enable them to dance some of the hewest steps. Miss Haveson, known as HHQVYH, Q good friend of everyone. Some couples enjoying themselves dancing after school in the girls gym. 34 Modern Dance. Row Cne: R. Bossis, M. Witte,L.Pou1son.Row Two: M. Shinder,R. Rousch, C.Leoder. Miss Haveson teaches Modern Dance atNorth High School. She teaches both beginning classes and advance classes. Certain girls are chosen for special programs put on by the modern dance classes. This year they took part in the Spring Review and the Operetta. Modern Eunce.PowCne: M.B1onkenhoInJ Moor- vitzl M. Shinder, C. Sockter, D.KoQon, S. Shqpiro, 5. Hollfin. Row Two: P. Koontz, K.Hitchcock, Suther- land! V. Puusch, M. DesMorois, J.PlanteJ J.Zuckmon, B.Rivkin, D.Glu2er, S.Dolf, L. Paulson. Pow Three: D.5tephon1F.Lessord, S. Orluckl F. Brest, M.BlQndenier, Cpiel, M.Witte, C.LeGder,L. Rosen, L, Powers! R. Mitchlin. Row Tour: L.Thours, J.Lqthrop, M.Eooher,E.BloQrove, B.Pi5k9J V,Bolin, A. Nedler, J. Bromholl, R,Bossis,R.Gershkow, P,Turmon. Miss Lang, new at North High this year,teaches theTab- le Tennis and Bowling classes. There are three tables for the table tennis game atwhich four can play atone time. New balls and pins were purchased this year for bowling. Bowling is also played after school.Those that master these two games will be glad they did when they leave school. They will have a much better chance to make a team for bowling. V'?i iREF5icR:.Nfi ?'i'G5k Miss Lang. New to North this year, but she is already a fav- orite teacher. Pictured ot "batting the egg" gre, left to right: Gloria Condo- luci, Eileen Rohling, Mary Lou Kowolezyh, cmd Carol Robin. 36 Skating. Row One: E. Trockmun, G.GI9YJ E. Liss P.Reeves, Row Two S.Go1dstein, V. Invle, J'.Olson. NI think bowling is one of the mostlqband coming games in G. A. A.," :saidMary LouKow- lezyh. Bowling was just started at thisschool this year and is fast becoming one of the most popular sports. At first there were only rubberballs andpins, but newequipment waspurchased. Pictured showing off their skill otknock- ing down the-pins are Morlys Delvloruis ond Mary Lou Kowolezyh. 'There E nothing more in- vigorating than the winter air while skating,N says Lorraine Mustonen. Everyone skating at North Commons agrees with Lorraine. A girl isstationed at the park to take the names of the girls participating. One must furn- ish her own skates and skate for an hour. WI likevolleyball because a large number ofgirls canplay at one time,nreplied JoycePow- ers. In Volleyball the girls form teams and challenge each other. Everyone likes to play it as the poor players get an equal chance to participate. Everyone has a chance to serve as well as play theother posi- tions. nBadminton is a game that can be enjoyed equally well by experts andpoor players ifthey are teamedproportionally,Wsaid Marlys Webster. Badminton is played after school as well as in some of the daily classes. First one is taught thecorrect technique of using the racket. Then the players areteamed according to their skill. The rest is up to the player. Badminton. Row One: V.Invie, K.Gleason, G.Grev, E.Dehn, E. Cahill, E.Liss.Row Two: R.Gun- lev, J.Powers, E.Trockman, M. Reeves, D.Rust.!Row Three: J. Olson, C.Leader, S.Goldstein, Volleyball. Pow One: C. Robin, P. Reeves, S.Goldstein, E.Liss. Row Two: G. Grev, D. Rust, J.OlsonJE.Tro- chman. Row Three: S. Burk, J.Kellv,I.Pow- ers, S.Martinsan, E. Dehn, V. lnvie. Pow Four: P. NoldenJ P. Carlson,F.CondoluciJ J.Lathrap. Pow Five: R.HardinqJA.Lopicka, M.Lowolezvh, M. Bol- stad, N. Whittaker. Row Six: M.DeMoIais, R. Ganlev, 5. Krone- tedtj C.Burk,M.Suth- erland, J.Lorentzen. Row Seven:E.RohlinCJ, G,Condoluci,L.Mound, E,Edin. J.Lathrop. Row Four: M.K lezvhl L.Nanfelt, H.Mason Riemon, P.Carlson. Pow F C.Burk, J.Barre, M. Webs .T.Toft. Y 1' nl'HiWl3lLKIllU.f24fK 4G3Q'!l'3M5'5SW!W.Q' , Z X - l' 1, They fly thru the est of ease... l'All AN T R Presenting the 1941 Polar grid- men. IPDRII Row One: D..Tohnson, E. Erickson, E.Y3rett, R.Amundsen, R. Rubenstein, I.Bredesen, H.MoesCh1er, CnA1tmqnn, D.Co11ins. Row Two: P.Johnson, R.Guzzo, W.Co11ier, M.Tobermcm, B.Spiess, A.Skreen, R.Mortinson, S. Posenker. Row Three: K.C.Spuu1ding, D.Dachis, C.Kerner, J.SChe1ske, R.Brooking, E.Homborg, M.Ree. Row Four: G.Rosenb1oom, U.SpewQk, I. Skinner, J.Fischer, M.Nisker, L.Stuth, W.Kenith, G.Do11. Row Five: C.3urterJ R.Cow1, S.HempleJ MnArduser,C.SestcottJ J.Swi11er, H. Ch- erry, Row Six: D.Povick, R.Potvin, B.Johnsrud, T.Posnick, M. Ver- 5tOQ9Yl, B.I-Iendrickson, R.VG!'1 Drasek, W.Von Drosek, Row Seven: S.D. Perrinl B.PipsenJB..Tohnson, S.B1ogrove, R..Tuster, D.Schoenecker, C. W.Lorson. 40 air with the great- F001 BILL Skinner finds a hole and goes ri gh t th rough . ' North entrol at Hunk 6 " Roosevel t' 27 "' O Edison L3 " 6 Washburn Q2 ' 6 i rsholl 7 " O Led by Don Johnson,for- mer all-city guard and this year's all-city hal f-back, the North men displayed fine cour- age and spirit, but to no a- vailg defeat overtook them. Despite injury and lack of ex- perience, our Polar-gridders showed the drive and fight of champions. There's going to beplen- ty of feuding now that Patrick Henry has entered into the in- ter-city high school league. The Polars and the Pat Hanks both inhabit the same stamping grounds, both claiming the North Side for themselves. Not only that,a beautiful sil- ver liberty bell is to go to the victor of the annual clash. Injuries were numerous, Captain Ralph Guzzo and Gordie Doll being some of the victims but the boys kept fighting and led by Johnson, Skinner, and Fischer in the backfield,and Spewak, Verstagen, and Frank Johnson on the 1ine,the Pol- ars did a commendable job. Watch it go! lm. mfr,-, Look out ahead! Contact! He's off! -'wi Hit 'em low, now. Q-,'.,..,,3, Row One: C.Kirkbride,A.Stone, Couch Burnett, R. Johnson, B. Brown, M.Morlev. Row Two: J. Linsk, E.Grzczvk, G.Nicholes, J.Fovorite, D. Larsen, D.Renne. Row Three: C.Totton,B.Hom- Son, LuAnderson,D.MilLer,W.Swunson,D.Beckey, Row Four: T.Olson, D. Miller, J.Peterson, S. Fronk,S.Meyers, F.Sou:y. Row Five: D.Davis, H.M9y, R.Skorfelt,T.Soorgo,J.Morceou,B.Pou1- son. Row Six: M.Pinney, N. Benon, J.Benson, L.Cuiring, D.Nortin. Row One: W. Seemonn, W. Martinez, B.Rozmon, S. Meyerson, J. Marcenu. Row Two: T.Young, D. Peters, H. Jonowitz, A. Levitt, K4Appe1- bGUm- ROW Three: I.N9gilevskv, L. Dov, A. Steigler, J. Frisch. One of the features as astimulus forkeeping at North High contented section of the Athletic that seem to act the new arrivals is the sophomore Department. The sports included are basketball,and foot- ball,the former being coachedbyMr. Per- rin and the latter by Louie Burnett. The main purpose of this sports pro- gram is to provide ameans for theyounger boys toparticipate inthe athletic activ- ities and also toprepare theboys for the athletic contest when theybecome juniors and seniors. The captain shows them how... APPARATUS When it comes to the point that medals and trophies no longer have any significance to a team or its coach,it can be taken forgranted that the afomy said team is really good. This is the sad case of Mr. Burnett and his appar- atus team. In thetwo major city meets, the team as a whole got a first in the Y.M C.A. all-city meet,and a second in a less important city contest. Not be- ing satisfied with this meager accom- plishment, the Polar Musclemen went on to take the Northwest meet, thus com- pleting a very successful season. WRESTLING A new feature in the athle- tic department isthe newly or- ganized wrestling team witHUbmu Kennedy its mentor. As yet the wrestlers have not had time to build up their reputation, but once they getstarted,much will be expected of them. Row One: R, Taubert, F. Johnson J.F1oo, H.Knduff-, J. Wieder.. hold, D. Ross. Row Two: M Goltzman, R.Schmidt, E.Mott- iod, D.SondblodeJK.Dovis, S PottonJH.Goodmon. Row Three R.Liss, D. Rixdquist, C.Hc1mil- ton, J.PetersonJ R.?1'out, J Oswald, Row Four: S.Dotseth D. Sondbeck,M. Mosimonn, R. Lor- sonl V.Morks, E.Roiaum. Row One:K.Johnson,L.Goldmcm R.Toubert, J.Floo,F.Johnson J.Spewok. Row Two:D.Kroetin J.Thompson,H.Moy,R.Sk0If6lt R.Nolting,M.Lyons-,W.Carlson Row Three: R.Bolnick,M.Burn ett, R.Schwortz, B.Wdrwo, N Benon. SKITIIG The Polar skaters were well re- presented until midyear graduation. The three remaining members arefrank Johnson,Eph Lev1ne,and David Dachis. Presenting the 1941 ski team, second place winners in the state ski tourney. The second place went The Polar Mermen can be seen at the left. Roger Aho isthe diver in mid air. to two teams:North and Patrick Hen- ry, the latter hawing many former Polarites on its team. Row One: P.Cc1rlson,J'.O'B'rien, H.Lorentzen. Pow Two: J'.Pet- e1'son,G.Coviness-,J.Lindberq, D.Berkenstei-n. Row Three: M. Erickson, B.Olson. 45 Goldstein drives in... Here are some typical action shots that show the fine spiritandaction Norw displayed atthe inter-city games. It was this consistant fight anddrive that made the Northmen the most popular team onthe floor. Hallman tries a free shot. Rebound! It was quite a shock to Polar cagers when mid-season graduation rolled around., For although they lost hut one man, that man, Arnold Lehrman, was so important acog in the North machinery that it took one full game for the Jacobimen to get back to smooth working order and normalcy again. The games preceding graduation were played in amediocre fashion with. the North- men losing one and winning two. After a startling defeat by Poosevelt, North hegan to play like an inspired team. Led by the sharp-eyed Goldstien, and the hig "Dutch" Schoenecker, the Blue and White bucketeers rambled through the remainder of' the schedule,bowing to none but the mighty Marshall, league leader. The North boys are to be especially commended for their fine spirit in the face of' very tough opposition. The boys had what it took,and did a good job. The Polars keep fighting it up. BASKETBALL N Row Gne: E.IsooCs, W.Gotes, R. Heinonen, D.Froser, R. Biorn, G.-Anderson, S.Go1ski. Row Two: Coach E. Brett, C.Ande,rson, R.Moos, B.Swonson, W. Carlson, G.Dol1, L. Holzinger. Pow Three: G.Brundon, A.Henning,J'.Vos1er, R.Rothburn, G.Mortinson, B.Jell1son, L.Stuth. HOCKEY ThePo1arPud sters carried th' in remarkahlefasl ion, winning fox out of six game: This was an amazir feat for the bog were playing as coachless teams BUWLIIG Row One: Som Rockler, Paul Geske, Leonard Bolnick. Row Two: Albert Roth, Loren Loth. One ofthe newer features at North is bowling forboys. The North boys seem to be ndead eyesn with the pins. There's no stopping them. 48 W. r. V V' Q Z' i + AURURA BGR iAl. II ei 3 'H 3- 9,5 , - G 'E if G 'il K FU Abbott G. Davidson J. Gregory D.Lawrer1ce Stella Adams E.Crittenden Agnes Glasoe M. Ru Gould Gladys Hobbs C. K. Hor-sch D.R.Lindsten The termNEng1ish Departmentn, hen applied to the twenty-one ,nglish teachers at N6rth High, s inadequateg for though they o teach our native tongJe,it is nly one of the subjects that is aught by them. There are the adio workshop,the speech,drama, nd debate classes, and also qu? ial courses in business English nd creative writing, Each yeartheEnglish teachers elect one oftheir number tolead hem in planning the semester's This year that chairman is ork. iss Bertha Thorpe.From kerroom, 19, Miss Thorpe coordinates the ark of the various committees nd represents the department in ll outside affairs. Our English department aims at only to help us read, write, 1d speak correctly, but also to Lve us a better appreciation of nerican and English Literature. lese ideals are faithfully pur- xed during the three successive ears of a high school sUudent's iucation. Jerry Schein 51 Clara Nelson Alberta Noble Freda Raich Velma Seder Ruth Normann B. B. Pierce Mazie Shannon G.G. Shephard laura Sherman B. H. Thorpe w 1 1 Harriet Apel Edith Holtz Lillian Nelson P. Farseth E. C. Hall H. R. Konig M. Lundeen LANGUAGES Today we realize to a greater extent justhow important inter- national understanding is. To promote concurrencein thought and action it is essential to under- stand the languages of our for- eign neighbors.We in North High School are given an excellent op- portunity to do just that,forsix languages are taught here. We struggle through grammar and vocabularies until we are able to appreciate Victor Hugo's vast picture of early nineteenth century Franceg the poetry of Goethe, Schiller, and Heinegthe plays of Norway's Bjornsson and Ibsengthe amusing Swedish story of Nils and his Gooseg a year with Caesar and dividing Gaul into three partsgthe romance of old Spain and new life in South Americaf Elsie Hayes .MATHEMATICS The Mathematics department is adepartment ofheart breaks, from the time youiind out that Mr. Street's waveyhair doesnot hang down into his eyes, and that the answers inthe back of the higher algebra books donot help you any, until after you have taken three years ofmath, and Mr. Spaulding nonchalantly proves that two and two do not equal four. You usually feel pretty good whenyou've figured out what asublinear coordinate is,but then the genius sitting next to you shows up with anew proofforPythagoras'theorem or something equally gruesome.Yes, my dear students,if you have a weak heart,stay out ofthe math department. Zane Israel Jose h Brom M. Z. Clarke P Myron Leslie H. CUMadigan, M. R. Hart K.Spaulding H. B. Street H- Austin L.H.Edquist Florence Felt K..Friedman Mary Gould George Jensen A. Lindman W. Mandeville Elsie Matson S00lAl SCIENCE Good citizenship and the spirit of democracy are two qualities we all should have in order to preserve our way oflife. The most important task of the Social Science department is to impart to us these qualities. It is only natural that the study of' the social sciences--world history, U.Sehistory,ci'vics,sociology, and economics--is becoming more import- ant,that four social science credits arw now required for graduation. Every month--every week--great chan- ges are taking place in the world.With a firm foundation of knowledge of his- tory, good government, and modernprohn lems we can do our bit to see thatthese changes are for the better. . Elaine Arnold 54 June Mc Laird M, C. Moses M. A. Olson Esther Quello E.G.Robinson B.M,Mhittier PHYSICAL EIIIICATIUI Lewis Burnett EsUwrHaveson Many parents this past year have asked their children who groped their way home to cold suppers, 'Where have you been?W The contented answer has been,WIn the gym,n the girls playing anything from basketball to ping-ponggthe boys earning letters by play- ing football, basketball, baseball, etc. Jean Lathrop Elsie Lang Tom Kennedy J. B. Huston Mo D. Putnam P. An Davis Jane Drum M.L,Krefting S. Perrin J. H. Santee C. Smart, Ann Viken Mary Walkup WMeet me in the libraryn is a phrase well-known to all students ofNorth High. Yes, the library sees many hard-working students during the course of the yearg and, in addition teachers who are doing reference workor ---- marking reportcards! This yearthelibraryismore cheerful and roomier due to the new location in 127. Anita Bredow SCIENCE One of themost diversified and interestingcourses ofstudy at North is thestudy of the sciences. Biology, hotany, physics, and chemistry--all afford the student an excellent opportun- ity to investigate the natural phenomena which occur around us in our daily lifew North High Schoo1's science department is among the finest in the city. The physics de- partment alonerepresents S9500 worth of equipment. Mr. P.A. Davis,head of the science department says,WTo be informed,youmustknow sciencef Martin Balick LIBRARY DUMESTIC SCIENCE s-.2 iq'-5 I F. Claussen Domestic science consists offoods, sewing, and design. In sewing, girls HQB. Eayrs M. P. James learn to make their own clothes and E. IE. Siehl A.E.Swenne5 find that it is cheaper to make than to buy them, and that the workmanship is better. In 'phe foods classes methods of' preparing and serving food are taught. The art of' furnishing and decorating homes is the special province of design. Joyce Lathrop IIDIISTIIIM. ARTS Wx ,NJN ff41F::zi,,,T '05 f T.Breckheimer 0 4 La' 'I gl' A A6 H. L. Fetzer J. J. Jacobi F. Rheinhart 0.A.Ringwa1t Many types cf' shop work may be found in the various shops of' the In- dustrial department. This work is designed to prepare boys for work as mechanics, carpenters,and draftsmen. Here they learn what makes the wheels go roun' and roun',and the "why" and "where" of' everything. . wth 5 O ' Q' I Ethelyn Bros Ikther Frazier Jane Thickins "'-s. dl ' Yes. we call that art! By the timewe 1 4 E.ave finished one course in art wehave had Q composition. design.and color so thoroughly ' drilled into us that we are quite sure to 0 know art when we see it. he art students ha can tell you that surrealism and abstract- ions are more than mere spots of paint and the reason why. After the first year of fundamental art we branch off into one of the two departments, fine or commercial arts. When we have completed one course in either field, we have a good foundation for going further into the art world. Doris Sanko MIISIG Nervig H. W. Ranks J. C. Cleary H. T. Tenney The band, under the able direction of Mr. J. Clive Cleary, provides a stirring obligato during third hour classes each day. It also enter- tains us at many assembles. The calm and collected land very handsome,tooD young man you see walking down the halls, is our orchestra conductor, Mr. A. N. Nervig,who helps to give us such charming, lilting music. Mr. Roy T.Tenney,our busy and enthusiastic friend,directs the chor- us classes, the choir, and the North High Singers. Every Thursday Mr. Ranks teaches harmony. Grace Larsen CDMMERGIIL If ever there is a part of North High that actually hums with activity,it's the commer- cial department. Experience,as they say, is the best teacher, and we commercial students get as much aswe can takecare of-- taking dictation,typing letters and learning all about office machines. We try tomake every minute count,so is it any won- der that girls anfseen rushing out of a typing room after the last bell has rung,their books and papers flying in all direc- tions? Oh yes, we do have one or two gentlemen in this crowd hardy enough tobrave this sub- ject that calls for speed, and more speed! With all the friendly,cap- able andunderstanding teachers in this department,it certainly is not their fault,if we don't know everything about,a business routinebytheendafthecourse. Lois Larson R.A.Crawford Mary Creglow E. U. Kast Carl Larson A.V.Lerschen Elva Nygaard 39 ." Vifn s V 112- wf , ,fi 'f H emnwa s 'f 5w. amen ,W-Q W5WwjQ,f QQMM -awwrrw' we- 11-1-1, 53,5 .,,. la5wM4 1'f5wfkf 33maf.WwW??5,E S.C.Holmberg M. 0. Larson G.H. Pollard R. E. Sims A. Anderson M.Anderson B, Birkman A, Jennings M- Miller M.Woodyard A. Bullard If as A if j p Q ig ML' F.M.Martin T. Murphy IILP1 North's clerical stafflnayalso be termed the Hbrain center,Nfor here at- tendance records are daily compiled, bulletins are issued, the movements of 2700 students are planned, their cred- its are recorded, the school finances are checked, outside business is han- dled, and details of a dozen--perhaps a hundred--small items arecared for. This efficient group daily manages the school affairs so well we are sel- dom aware of their difficult job. Jerry Schein As we go to press, Miss Bullard, our nurse, is seriously ill, we hope that she hasa speedy recov- ery, During her absence, Mrs. Huotte has replaced her, Mrs. Martin, our visiting teacher, helps the studentsto straighten out their personal problems. Miss Murphy, our vocational adviser, aids students in financial and vocational problems. V JAIITIDIIS. hesa1utetheNForgotten Menu of North High. Yes,too manytimes when praise is ,given the school the janitors areentirely forgot- ten. They keep our building in good condition, keep it clean, and above all, keep it warm, . Probably weall know Mr.Jos- eph DeMarsh,the chief engineer, but the others are not so well known. P Mr.DeMarsh has been atNorth for 16 years,anC would not trade his job for the world. Here's a thing to rememberzabout the only thing a janitor really hates is paperandother wastebeingthrown on the floor. Next time you hear aword of praise for our schoo1,don't for- get to put in agood word for our Janitors. Harry Anderson z Q .f 1 ., ,. My .. ll A 4 gg rg' txt ' T 3:4-2 yygg, me Q HQ .fi if , , ,. ,MW + 'Z 4 of xxx? J I V 1 5 C.Burmeister J. DeMarsh H. C. Hoem H, 5, Kobs E. Malnarik p,w,peterS 5 l J. Hecker .LaJeunesse Peterson Shephard WINNERS Percentage Sales Contest Polaris Annual ax ' 4 i Q" Q' Y i -2 ,. Q ALDEAN DAHL PATTY MCCORMICK 10B POLARIS MIIIIAL SALESMEI Row One: M. Grossman, A. Lamperd, G. Gulfstr- und. Row Two: Al Dahl, P. McCormack. WINNERS Percentage Sales Contest Polaris Annual c0NN1E EEUESKE JOYCE PETERSON 10 A POLARIS IINUM. SALESMEII Row One: C. Brueske, I. Pos-senheim, P. Fuhr- monn. Row Two: E.Dehn, H. Heck. Row Three: M. Shannon, P. Mitchlin, J. Brown. Row Four: J. Peterson, F. Zuckmon. Row Five: M. Roten- berg, A. Joseph, I-I. Maiden. WINNERS Percentage Sales Contest Polaris Annual JEANNETTE LORENTZEN PATRICIA BREDESON 11 B l'0lllllS AIIIIM. SALESMEI Row One: C. Tatton, L.O Brien, D.Prc1eser, M. Skonseng, P. Bredesen, S. Davidson, E.Lozor, S. Beormon. z fn iii WINNERS Percentage Sales Contest Polaris Annual JEAN LATHROP MURIEL TOLLEFSON IIA I'0I.lRlS AIIIIAI. SALESMEI Row One: C. Ferragin, J. Hersch, S. Shinder, J. Lathrop. Row Two: .T. Hanson, R. Nyquist, E-I. Pedersen. Row Three: M. Berg, E.Epstein, F. Kaufman. WINNERS Percentage Sales Contest Polaris Annual mm GANLEY BETTY LOU ROEMER 12 B PDLARIS llllml. SMISMEI Row Oneg M. Tollefson, R. Gonley, B. L. Roe- mer, D. Mohler. Row Twog A. Cohen, K.Christ- ie, L. Hoden, J. Oswald. JC- SIIIIIIEII' ACTIVITIES Character ---- ---- ------ 5 7 Special Interest ----- --76 Service ---- --'- --" "" 3 3 Language- ---- ---- "" " " Music ---- ---- " "" ""' 9 2 Snapshots ----- -- "" ""'96 "EIO FOIIWAIIIV' Kadimah,our Jewish girls organ- ization, actively contributed to Red Cross and the Jewish National fund this year.They also provided Thanks- giving baskets for needy families. The c1ub's other activities included a trip to the University Hospital, a skirt and sweater dance,a formal, and a sleigh ride. Each year a pin is awarded to the most outstanding member of the club. This fall Beverly Seigle re- ceived the pin. Sara Zemach was president during the fall term, and Rivoli StrauSS held the office for the spring term. Kodimoh. R.One: Y.Gensler, S.Zieve, M.Zieve, E.Fe1dmon,M.Weiss, E.Wi1ensky,L.Martin, M.Rush, A.Kohn, P.Murgo1is, L.Rock1er. R.Two: R.Strc1uss,D.Bennett, M.Lc1bovitz,R.Ger- shkow, S.G-utkin, D.Schwc1rtz, A.Marcus, A. Hardin, R.Gensle1', E. Serber, M.Suvoge. R Three: J.Mc11insl:y, M.Rivkin, I.Be1'enson, H.Tupper, S.Eisenberg, D.Berdt, A.Cop1in, D Kohn, J.Hersch, G.Goodmcm, S.Shc1piro. R.Four: N.Pinkus, R.HObQ1'I'I'lGl'1J G-.Rosenb1oom, F Elkenboum, P.Fingerhunut, R.Gol1ob, R.Serber, E.F1iesher, D.G1c1zer, S.Mesbesher,J.C Utter, R. Five: !I.Rc1pupo1't, D.Sanders, R.Friedmc1n, S.So1tzer,M. Schwartz, L.Greenberg G-Podlchl E-Zee'fmf111- S-N00d91Mn- E-Swift. E.Ginsberg. asm: s.Hurwirz,M.weisS, s. Zemoch, A.Gerimun, E.Simon, S.ZeI'merrin, C.E.rmonski, T.Guttmc1n, J'.Go1dgerb, E.B1c1nk, R.Anse1. R. Seven: T.S1one, P.Furman, A. Dememcm, R. Bassis, M.Mersky, A.Teener, E.Ev.. idon, H.K1uqman, E.Coren, F.B1indmon,C.Gou1d. R.Eight:D.Kogan, G. Preemcm,S.Do1f, S. Jemsky, L.Reich, M.Kotz, S.Brond, M.Kaufman,V.Mitche11, S.Steinmon, I-I.MqrcusJ R,Ni.. ney, D.So1doff, E.Kre1itz, B.Seqa1, E.Arno1d, A.Moreino. V 1 - x.i-5:5 ' NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Motto: Noblesse Oblige Colors: White and Gold Flower: Marguerite Pledge: WI pledge myself to uphold The high purpose of this society To which I have been elected. Striving in every way, By word and deed, To make its ideals Th id 1 f h 1 I A U T E R ...S Qfezysffeinx Sc 00 RECENTLY INDUCTED MEMBERS ELEVENTH GRADE Richard Barnes Florence Elkenbaum Erwin Epstein Charlotte Ermanski Cecilia Ferragin Helen Fleming Esther Freier Edythe Ginsberg Adell Hardin Minnie Juster Rita Kaufman James Kissel Delores Knudson Ruth Koontz Virginia Koorn Jean Lathrop Shirley Mae Lee Mary MacLel1an Lorraine Mustonen Irving Nudell Robert Nyquist Shirley Pearlove Meyer Salloway Jeannette Webster Kenneth Whitehead TWELFTH GRADE Lorraine Anderson Richard Aune Gloria Blaisdell Faith Brost Amy Ann Butt Ray Chyrklund John Day Owen Dukelow Elvy Edin Phyllis Eisten Esther Gandel Victor Garetz 3522731 fi-N11 wQi?i5iQi55YB59l1v1Gf65i!. f Ruth Gershkow Leonard Getzkin Burton Goldstein Sam Hardin Clayton Johnson Shirlie Kanter Robert Kenning George A. Larson Phoebe Lindholm Joyce Marhoe Annette Masler Harriet Orrben Jean Peterson Eva Jean Pettes Irving Posnick Peter Rath Margaret Rivkin Doris Sanko Harry Shragowitz Ralph Solfield Ralph Taubert N.H. S. R.One: M. Rachoc, T.Montz,M. Wal ter,M. De- dri ch,M. Gj envi ck, R. Two M. Olady, V. Newstrom, A. Bregel, I.Cor1son. R. Three:Hoffman,D.Nelson A. Bogucki, V. Winger,M. Hauser. R. Four: D. Dewahl L.Gostick, L.Weisman,M Me rsky, M. Brown, V. Rou- ach, M. Witte, I . Fri ssel, B.Robinson,R.Five:R.A. Johnson, R. Bassi s, E. Ferguson, S. Zimmerman, R Moo rvi tz, J. Schein, R. Si x:M. Sherman, F. Forcia M. Bali ck, H. Shumcm, S. Niefield, R.Mi11er. R. Seven: R. Gunderson, F. Stiegler, M.Mil1er, W. Nitchie. 68 N.I-I. S. R.One : J. Spewak,M. G-c1llion,M. Rush, T. Gutman, J. Nall i ck, R. Gen sl er, 111. Two: D. Loth, L.Nel son,M. Hoy, H. Devery, V. Caren, L . Henderi ck son, A. Goodman, R. Three: B. Johns rud, A. Lehman, J'.Ki effer, E. Hay- es, J.Lathrop, D. Berdt,A. Sherman, A. Coplin, S. Zins- berg,M.Perl, S. Berenson, E.Moore, E. Wilmer, R. Shel, K.. Elofros. R. Fi ve: D. Shel- ley, M.Marcell,L.Gettig, M.MaCht,L.Larson, E.Wil- ensky,G.Larsen. R.Six:l"!. Guttman, W . Anderson,A. Gustafson, M. Wilson, H. Tupper, E. F1 i ttee, C.Kranz Holcombe, R. Strauss. Et. Seven: D. Jack, A. Williams, L. Gorham, E. Afncld, A. Bre- aow, I . Bo fferding, S. Zem- och. IOBLESSE OBLIGE 69 The National Honor Society presented a "Big Br- other andBig Sister" program forthe incoming soph- omoreslastJanuary. This organization successfully undertook many projects this past year. An effort was made to improve the school's scholarship by en- larging the tutoring clinic, compiling two honor rolls:,and sending congratulating letters to the par- ents and the publishing ofthe names of all students who raised two or moremarks. They also made a chart to show the scholarship starus of the home rooms. 327B was decorated and converted into aNationa1 Hon- or Society room. During theday it was successfully managed as a self-governing study hall. Monitors were elected every six weeks by the students. They were in full charge, since no teacher was present. This was a big step toward student government in North M.Lofgren, M.Mohoffy, D Peterson, C.Peterson, L. Kuehn,F.Olson,E.Flittie, holm.Row Four: P.Nelaon, Blue TIi.Row One: L.Ley, I.Frisell,L.Rudd,J.Sond- gren, P. Eisten, C.Sond- stroma W.Gotes. Pow Two: Stevens, S. Shapiro. Row Three: F. Erickson, M. J.Peterson,M.Hey,P.LindF L.Gostick,G.Holcombe, J. Pettes, R.Johnson,M.Joh- nson.Row Five:L.Vento,M. Grothl L. Hartke, H.Fur- berg, G.Steffens,S.Stef- fens, M. Christofferson, Row Six: E. Bredesen, D. Offerman,J.Pritchord, S. JohnsonyA.Bredow, R.Sib- entritt. HREAGIIIIG FGII TIIE BEST" Blue Tri is the senior branch of the Y.W.C.A. at North. The club meets the first and third Tuesdays of each month and at these meetings there is usually a speaker. This was a busy year for Blue Tri. They had a 'County Fair' party athyman Lodge, aChristmas party with Hy-Y and Silver Tri, and the Priscilla Prom,Nan all-city Girl Reserve in- formal dance at the Radisson Hotel. Blue Tri.RowOne:J.Girod, E.Westersee, J.Peterson, G.Sturmon,E.Poh1ker, Row Two: F.Hoyt,E.Gieske, G. Koivisto,Holl.Row Three: M.Poppin,M.Ebert,R.Mort- inson,L.Kohout,D.Lenzen. Row Four: M.Christenson, V.Newstrom,B.Robinson,P. Woodhouse,G.Kirkbride,L. Newmonn.Row Five:F.Riel, E.Ferguson, E.McCobe, J. Ne150nJ L,Truedson. The profits of the latter went to the NY' Refugee Fund in New York City. In January, the Girl Reserves held their annual Winter Ice Carni- val. The officers for the fall term were: June Ingalls,presidentg Doris Nelson, treasurer: Mabeth Hollerud, vice president. The officers forthe springtermwere:GraceLarson, pres- identg Betty Lou Roemer, secretary: Ruth Kosfield, treasurer: Lois Lar- son, vice president. 70 Blue Tri.Row One: M.Ber- gevin,E.Pederson,D.Step- han,L.Hendrickson,LnAnd- er5on,M.Norman. Row Two: M.Palm, P.Waldeen,A.Ncr- land, T.Mantz, S.Larson, Raw Three: M.Dietrich,V. Bovee,I.Bodin,M.Marce1l, M.MaCht. Row Four: V.Bi- orn, M.wa1ter, J.Schwap- pach,B.Fiske,J.EnqquisL Row Five: D.Olson,J.Mar- boe, G.Nelson, D.Mahler, V.Caron,D.Sanko.Row Six: C.Carlson, C.Aune,M.Har- rington,J.Flanders,B.Ba. land. Blue Tri.Cabinet.RowOne: B.Roemer, L. Paulson, V. Rausch,L.Larson,M.HaLle- rud, J.Ingal1s, M.Cu1dY, A.Bogucki, M. wilson, H. Stenborq.Row Two:A.G1st- afson, D.Jack,R.Kosfald, M.Gjenvick, M.Rachac, D. Ne1son,MJP1ynn,G.LGfH0H, L.Gorham. Blue Tri.Row One:E.John- son, E.Darson,V.Pond, B. Barta,E.Veilleux,A.Heid- elberger, P. Neitzel.Row Two: R. Runnerstrum, D. Shelly, M. Gallion, E. Hayes, B.Manning,J.Rein- hardt.Row Three:M.Hilde- brand, L.Gusland,C.E1iu- son, B.Edstrom, G.Condo- luci,M.Suther1and,A.Ten- der.Row Four: S.Kranz,C. Schwebach, E.PisChky, G. Pearson, L Powers. Row Five: J.Carlson,L.Hiden, V.Winger, J.Fisher,Y.O1- son, J.Gifford. Row Six: L.Erickson,G.Broostin,L. Hannon, H.Orrben, E.Lar- son, E,Ruth5. "TD EXTEIII MID MAllTlll..." The Hi-Y, North's organization for building Christian youth, meets weekly in separate chaptersfPr1mus, Zenith, Forem, Acmy, Reps, Maximb. Monthly they join in a school-wide meeting, and three times ayear they gather with Patrick Henry and Rob- insdale.Thanksgiving andLenten ser- vices and a Christmas party areheld with the Girl Reserves. The Hi-Y arrangesbasketballand diamondball tournaments andthe mem- bers assist inthe Y.M.C.A.'s finan- cial campaign. Individually each chapter conducts its own social fun- ctions. The officers of the group are Clayton Johnson, president not only of North High's chapter,but also of the City-wide chapter. Vice pres- ident in the fall was halter Nyberg and in the spring,Charles Peterson. The Secretary-treasureris Owenl ike- low. Each chapter has its ownpresi- dent. Primus: Fall, Paul England, Spring,Charles Petersongforemz Wal- lace CarlsongZenith:Douglas Johnson Acmy: Fall,Herbert Haasarud,Spring, James Juntillag Reps: Earl Roisumg Maxim: Richard Barnes. Senescal le, P. Kane, son.Row Two: D.Miller, Johnson, J. Bredesen, Moeschler, D. Miller, Hy-Y.Row One: H.Wolfe,K Aune, O.Dukelow, R.John Miller.Row Three: R.Hun- dert, E. Roisum, H.Hand- berg, L. Belford, G.Pol- lard, D. Rittenhouse, J. Marceau, D. Cybyske. Row Four: B.Brzenski, C.Gad- bois, K. Cris-tie, H.Jun- tilla.Row Five: D.Dress- ler, R.Dols,C.Johnson, D. Fraser,M.Mattison,B.war- wa, P.Barrett.Row Six: W. Carlson, R.Hense-l,J.Bah- ne-mann, R.Nolting,J.Fre- din, A.Krieg. Row Seven: R,Maas, W. Hansen, w.Ny- berg, D. Rovick,J.Norman, H.Mitte1'. HY-Y.Row OnevA.L1naman-- adviser, J. Thompson, C. Hamilton, D. Floren, T. Jen- nings, R. Johnson, D.-Au- dette.Row Two: H.Orstad, T.Sullivan, R.Aune,W.Nit- chie, J.Vosler, E.We1ch, Row Three:R.Myhre,P.Eng- land, R.Reid,L.Stuth, H. Rasmussen, G. Larson, J. Skinner.Row Four: R.Ren- ne, V.Anderson,A.BreviQ. W.Gilson, W.Norton, J.O' 119111, R,SChL11t'Z,D.SGTh-- er, Row Five: w.Pau1son, M. Pinney, w. wilson, F- Rathburn, T. Olson. Row Six: J.Benson, A.I-iansonl R.Kenning, R. Hauser, R- Sandblade, R. Barnes Silver Tri. Row One: J. Kclstner,S.Lee,J.Corlson, D.Koenig, L. Jensen. Row Two: S.Lorsen,.T.Lothrop, S.Blomquist,L.Miller, B. Westerlund.Row Three: V. Koorn, E.Lc1rson, D. Por- sons, D.Leber, E.Hey, Kost.Row Four: B.Bor'mun, B. Blomgren, E. Joki, H. Pederson, B.Jones. Silver Tri. Row One: R. Mendenhall, T.MGtSOI'l, C. Honsrude, C. Koontz, A. Carlson, A.Becker, V. Lo Belle. Row Two: E.Klein, S.Johnson, H. Meyers, J. Hermon, I.O1son,.T.O1son, Row Three: E.Putnode, P. Carlson, E. Trockmun, M. Reeves, D. Purnick, E. Roun, A.'Ahmonn. Row Four: E. Boe, L.Mustonen, R.Koontz, D. Rust, C.Eilgert,J.Bodin, Row Five: J. Forstod, C. Burk, M. Henning, A.Eck- lond,L.Honsen,M.Shonnon, M.Piemon.Row six:.T.Stuth J.Borre, J.Toft, M.John- son, B. Aubrecht, E.McKoy. "READY FOR SERVICE" This year Silver Tri hashad NCookie Jar' meetings every other Tuesday. At the meetingstheymade afriendship quilt. Each girl embroidered hername on asquare and the squares were then sewn together and stuffed.At their Recognition Service they had a nPot Luckn supper. They have had many activities which included afbr- mal dance,a rollerskating party,a weiner 73 roast,a toboggan party,and a joint Chri- stmas party with Hi-Y and Blue Tri. The officers for thefall term werezlrene Ol- son, presidentg Shirley Lee, vice presi- dent, Shirley Larson,secretarygBetty We- sterlund, treasurer. The officers forthe spring term were: Betty Westerlund,pres- identg Marilyn Shannon, vice presidentg Elaine Hay, treasurerg Patricia Hanson, secretary. SIIPER SALESMEI Menorah is the Jewish boys or- ganization ofNorth. They havechar- ge of theconcessions at thefootball games. At their meetings they hold discussions on current affairs and are formulating plans for donating books to the library inthe near fu- ture. The officers forthe fallterm were: President, SaulN1efie1dg Vice president,Sheldonwelnstein, Secre- tary, Arthur Shuldbergg Treasurer, Jerry Nudell. The officers for the springtermwere:Pres1dent,Sau1Nle- f1e1dgV1cepresident,GeraldNude113 Secretary,ArthurShuldberggTreasurer NormanBearmen. Mr. Kopple Friedman is the club advisor. Menoroh.Row One:J.Koplon, A.Shu1dberg, M.Klein, M. Shermon,L.Go1dmon,S.Mon- de1,S.Weinstein,Row Two: S.Niefeld, V. Geretz, S. Hurdin,L.Stock,A.Gubman R.Miller. Row Three: N. Bedrmun,H.Locketz,P.Fine H.Lebowske,E.Epstein, I. Yorosh,R.Estrin.Row Four I.Kosdun,E1Isredl,I.Lif- son,D.Aronsohn,G.Nude11, S.Weinstein, Row Five:T. ShfGQOWitZ, G.Gordon, L. Ribnick,S.Troup,M.Pyons. J Pinnacle Societv.R.One B.J.Hi11, F.Westberrv, L. Majors, P.Compbell. R,Two:J.Wil1ioms,J.Cr- enshow,E.Wolloce,V.Eo- rl, S.Horris,I.Cuff,Z. LQHQUMSJ A.Co1lier, M. Johnson,C.Tuylor,R.Th- ree: J.Cdrter. R.Four: C,CQ1enJE.Edwurd,O.Wi- 1son,M.Compb9llJR-Five S.Ty1erJS.McCbnne1l,E. Ander30n,R.Seven:J.Po- lk, R.L.Iohnson.R.SiXl N.CQmpbe11,R.Mi11er.G- MCGGwghJ V.James,H.El- ionor, H-DGVi5- TUWEIIIIG IIEIGIITS The Pinnacle Society isthe most recently organized group atNorth.It was formed by agroup ofcolored stu- dents uafurther the interests ofthe Negro at North. The club will help these students join into the extra curricular activities and endeavor to develop their talents. The society is sponsored by the PhyllisWhaat1yHouse,andM1ssQuello is the adviser. The officers were: Harry Davis,presidentgRob9rtMiller, vice presldentg Marvel Jones,secre- taryg Gerald McGaugh,treasurerg and Eddie Anderson, sergeant-at-arms. l . Seton-Hy. Row One: Wi cks, O'B1'ien, M. DeMc1rois, R. Gonley,M.Blonkenhorn, K. Hitchcock.Row Two:B.Mon- ning, F.O1senJ J'.DeveIy, M.Grovill, H. Devery, M. Ness, D, Salisbury. Pow Three: D. Wal ch, S. Sanders N.Poppin,B.Stein,G.Stef fens, .T.O1son. Row Four: L.Lindhlod, G.Chelmosky A. DesinJM. Beneske, D.Les Sd1'd.Row Five: J'.CebQll os, E. Pischke, J.Flen dots, S.O1'luck,J.Fidlin J.Lountzen. Pow Six: L. Scone, D.Dw'yerJ M.Johnson A F.LiemQndt, J. Stuth, C. Monsur. GIIILD IEIIILS Seton H1 is sponsored by the Seton Guild,a Catholic organization, but it is open to all girls.The club has had various speakers and atravel movie at one of' its meetings. At Christmas they celebrated with aparty and had a sunlite fc r Valentine' s day. 'Ihe officers for the fall and spring terms were:Donna Lessard,pr- esidentg Dorothey Dwyer,Vice-presi- dentg Florence Liemandt, secretaryg Kay Hitchcock, treasurer. "WE'IlE PllEI'AIlEIl" The North High Girl Scout Troup is the oldest troup in this city. This February, Troup number 35 cele- brated its Twenty-fifth Anniversary by having a Silver tea. At their meetings the girls learn metal and leather handicraft, together with needlework.The officers for the fall term were:Mary Dietrich, Presidentg Betty Wes terlund, Secretary- treasurer: The officers forthe spring term were: Janice Barre,Presidentg Gloria John- son, Secretary-treasurer. Girl Scouts. Row One: M. Savitt-,D.Sovitt,M.RQchQc Row Two: A. Bogucki-, M. Qlodyl M. Dietrich, Row Th1'ee:S.Goldstein,V.New- strom,D.Ne1son,B.Weste1'- lund. Row Four: J.Borre, G.Ho1combe, G.J'ohnson. SPECIAL INTEREST Commercial. Row One: Jensen, J. Carlson, Bloomquist,D.Morkson, L. M. P. Green, V.Johnson,J.Wick, M. Brown, S. Common. Two: M.Hey, D.Mi1ler, Roo,R.Gollob, K.Regan Vetscher, L. Weisman, Heoirett, L.Tompkins, Three: L.Zimmer,E.Fel Row S. ,C. M. Row de- mon, L.Steinberg, S.Zem- och, D.SolisbuIy,A.Reed, M.Zieve,M.Weiss.Row Four F.Hoyt, C.Olson,E.MooIe, I.Chuckey, M. Mersky, S. Nothemson, R. Bossis, D luster, G. Holcombe. Row Five: M.Friedmon, E.Arn- old,M.JohnSon,L.Zomjohn, E. McCobe,Nadler,Keochie Sother,Row Six:A.Bregel, R.Seibentritt,H.Cohen,H. Ohmon,J.Nelson,D.Mohlerl M,Magaard,M.Christinson, B.Neuberger.Row Seven:P. "STEl0'S The Commercial Club has just wound up another year of activity bypresenting eachof its graduating members arose at a tea held inplace of the last meeting.In thepastyear their meetingsincluded talks hy representatives ofvarious business col1eges,and afield trip to the Post Office, a quiz program and an amusing play,nThe PerfectSecretary.N All" The club donated money tothe Phyliss Wheatley fund. The fall Officers were:Margaret Browm PfeSidentgPhyllis Woodhouse, vlce president3Kathleen Wiki 9VaS9CF9tarygLorraine Gedig, treasurer. The Spring offi- cers were: Kathleen Wilder, president, Beverley Roa,v1cf president5Carole Carlson,se- cretaryg Gerraine Holcombe, treasurer. Woodhouse, L. Hartke, M. Christofferson, D.Olenn, M.Berq,N.Blift,D.Bermdi, E.KrelitZ. SWF Commercial. Row One: C. Ermonski, R. Gensler, L Berger, R.Serber, E.Ser- ber, R. Sher, Y.Gensler, Row Two: R. Friedman, E. Gieske,D.Knudeen,C.Hans- rude,B.Edstrom,C.Elioson Row Three: S. Brand, M. Katz, M. Koufmon, M.Sho- piro, L.Truedson, M.Roa, B. Runers. Row Four: C. Katz, R.Weisberg, P.Fur- mon, M.Ormon, M.Rush, S. Dolf. Row Five: M.Hosel- ness,A.Shermon,L.Mortin, E.Schutz, M.Kuehn, M.Ra- Choc, M. Quody. Row Six: M.Lobovitz, B. Segal, M. Nolden,C.Corlson, K.Wi1- der, R.Strauss. 76 3 Y n -2 5 Common Groundf3roup.Se- ated: E. Hoyes,A.Good- mon, S. Zimmerman, A. Butt,R.Mil1er.Standing Z.Isrdel,D.DeWdhl.R.A. Johnson,D.Johnston,ond D.Jock missed the pic- ture. Jr.Accdemy ofScience.Ibw One: D.Ldidermdn,R.Kduf- NGHJ M.Juster, E.Edin,G. Steffens,B.Center,M.Gkl- lion, Melloh,L.Anderscn, S.Zimmermdn, A.Hardin,R. Koontz. Row Two: Zinberg M,Sh9ImGH, J. Fredin, J. Forcied, A. Stiegler, F. Stiegler, D.DeWdhl,E.El- ock,D.Silver,Z.Isredl,J. Lathrop, "0llR AIALYZIIG M.GIlEMISTS" "DO YE EUEI 30" The humor Academy ofSciencewas just organized at North this year. It is the junior branch ofthe nationally knownsen- ior Academy of Science. The members, who must maintain ahigh HBH average to heel- igihle are biology, botany, physics, and chemistry students interested inbroaden- ing their scientific knowledge through ex- tra curricular experiments. Each member works on a project in which he is inter- ested. All projects are of practical as well as academic value. The officers were: David Dewahl, presidentg Sam Zinberg, vice president Shirley Zimmerman,secretary5 and lormdne Anderson, treasurer. In the fall of 1940, the Common Ground Group was organized to establish and topromote amore harmonious relation- ship and a broader understanding among all nationalities. They attended mass at the Basilica of St. Mary, and services at Beth El Synagogue. The membersheld athanksgiving party at the home of one of its members, and a Christmas Chanukah at the Phi Epsilon Pi house on the University Campus. Miss Dorothie Fetcek ofthe Y.W.C.A. is group adviser and Shirley Ann Zimmer- man is the chairman. Nature. Row One: P. Wal- deen, D.Berdt, A.Tinde1', E..Tohnson, E. Darson, L- Brqnd, B. Bernstein. Row Two:A.Moreinc, D.Shellev D.Shinder,A.Kohn,M.Macht I.Moy, Row Three: D.Kohn, A.Bickford, C. Kranz. D- SQh'k0,A,BOQ'k1Cki,L.St9i.Il- bang, D,F1'Q39I'.ROW Four: S.Zemach,S.Goldstein, -T- Hansen,M.Witte,L.ViH'fC1,-7 Barri. Row Five: K.DaViS E,we1chJ V. Anderson, T. Johnson, S,Haskovitz. Science. Row One:V. Rausch M. Ebert, S. Shapiro, R, Moorvitz,S.Weinstein, D, Laiderman,M.Gjenvick, S. Zi SVG. Row Two:I. Ffrisell, A.Marcus, D, Klugmqnl .AI Hardin, S. Zimmerman, M, weiss,L.I-Iendrickson. Row Three:D.Benne-tt, S.Stg-in.. man, P.Lamb, S.Goldstein, A.Gustofson, C.Gordon, S. Kanter, D. Juster. Row Pour B. Robinson, ,T.Pritchard, J. Barre, E. Zeesman, S.Har- din, I-I.Sannel,G.Johnson, Row Five: M. Miller, E. Mark s, V.1Anderson, H, Schu- man, W.I-Iorvereid, E. Block. Row Six: W.Dahl,H.Lebox-L- ske, H. Brenner,M. Becken- stein, Z. Isreal, E. Buk- stein. "Ill IATIIIIE IS BIIT MIT" "WE'IlE III' AID ATOM" All botany and biology st-udents are eligible to join the Nature Club. The club's purpose is to promote a better un- derstanding and a keener interest in na- ture. At their monthly meetings, outside speakers presented lectures. The members have a two-foldprogramembracing a study Of both plant and animal life. The officers for the fall term were: Bernard Bernstein, president: Shi rly Shin- der, vice president: Marilyn Witte, sec- retary: Mar1onMacht, treasurer. The off- icers forthe spring term were: Marilyn Witte, president: Kent Davis, vice presi- dent: Florence Johnson, secretary: Doris Sanko, treasurer. The Science Club, by demonstrations and speakers, has endeavored to create a deeper interest in science among the stu- dents. They make field trips to the .Ford Plant, Dairy, Telephone Company,and Bro- adcasting stations. Meetings areheld ev- ery other Wednesday. Their adviser isllr. Santee. The officers for the fall term were: Zane Isrea1,presidentgIngr1d .Fris- ell, vice president: Esther Zeesman,sec- retary: Jerome Sche1n,Sarg.-at-arms. The officers for the spring term were:San Ha- rdin, president: Zane Isrea1,'v:I.,ce presi- dent: Shirley Kanter, secretary: Jerome Schein, Sarg.-at-arms. 78 Radio Club. Row One: B, Rust, G.Nordstrom,L.Lr1i.. iz, D.Mille1',V.Anderson E.Block, M.Miller,G.Nor.. mondin, C. Smorgodvi scar, G.Johnson. "W9TIlE 0ll.LIIIG" The Radio Club hasbeen one of the most active clubs ofthe school this year. Its members have re- built and modernized the school's transmitter andhave pat up two new antenna masts for better transmis- sion and reception. Atthe meetings the club has invited many speakers who have given lectures and demon- strated different phases of radio. Also the club has gone on numerous field trips. Gordon Nordstrom waspresident for both terms- 79 Projection.Row One: Ser- ber, L.Hc1olond, E.St1'im- ling, L.O'Brien,S.Spiro, E.Tourvi1le. Row Two: B. Noodleman, M.Goldmon, D. Long, H.Sond1er, S.B1us- tein.Row Three:T.Johnson W.Lc1wrence, RJ-Iennis, B. Rotenberg, Row Pour:P.Bo- linger, E. Block, D. Arnoldy W.O1son,K. Dovis. Row Five R. Pouch, S. Ro thmon, D. Jo- hnston, R.Nyquist. "REEL WORKEIlS" 0neofNorth H1gh'sserv1ceclubs is the Projection Club. Its activ- itiesincludeoperatingmovieprojec- tors, the public address systen,and furnishingradiosandphonographsfor the classes that want them.The fall officers were:Robert Nyquist,presi- dent5Dona1dJohnston,v1cepresident5 Paul Serber, secretary. The spring officers are: Robert Nyqu1st,pres1- dentg Donald Tang, vice presidentg Paul Serber, secretary. PAIITII' I'0I.MIS The Polar Palettes is a small group of students interested in art who meet every Thursday to develop their ability and gain a knowledge of the different types of art. At their meetings the students did art work, obtadned interesting outside speakers, and held exhibits of the various types of art. To be a member of this group one must be a past or present art student. Last fall the members made model houses which wereexhibited at the M.E.A. convention in October. ST0l', l00K, llll LISTEI! The Auto Safety Club wasorgan- ized this last term inorder to pro- mote auto safety, and to teachhigh school drivers thefundementals of better driving. Movies and lectures on automobile safety demonstrated these points to the club. Demonst- rations were also presented to ex- plain the importance of having the vehicle in perfect mechanical con- dition. The officers forthe term were: Douglas Hainlin, President, William Robin,SecretarygDoris Sanko andDon- ald Burgess are co-treasurers. Jer- ry Heltemes was responsible for the c1ub's organization. Polar Polettes. Row One K.Gleason, G.3akol, Mrs Frazier, M.Fisher, M.St John.Row Two: E.Pesin,A Feener, R.Runnerstrom G Riley,Row Three:M.Weias l'.Moy, D.Gold, C.Kranz, V Biorn.Row Pour: D.Sarso L.Swenson, D. Fraser, M Maclellan, V.Gobel. wx Auto-Safety Club.R.two J,O'Neil,M,Thickins,I, Kostner, C.Ferrigin,O. Hansrude, E.Boe.R.two: H.Connor, F.Yingerhut, D.Sanko,A.Peterson, C. Knudsen.R.three:R.Gen- eley, C.Mansur,J.Heu1- sch,G.Pollard,B.Fisher K.Everett,S.Chucker.R. four:R.Johnson,K.Davis H.Wilder,J.Heltemes.R. five:H.Ronheim,E.Wash- ey,D.Hainloin,W.Larson E.Studenberg, Henning. R.six: D.Lorvick,AfCa- ron,B.Robin,G.CQvine5S D.Burgess,R.Hauqen, J, Richards. Comero Club. Row One: E. Ll6IlJM.G1'Q'I9J E. Edin. Row Two: 'A.Desm, V.Biorn, S. Burmeister, L.Mound. Row Three: P. Gordhomez, E. Bros, S.Tyle1'. Row Four: L.Moseline, J.Bohr.erronn, R.Nvquist, R.Eostmon. SIIIITTEII SIAPPEIIS The Camera Club meets every Wednesday. Each member is taught how to develop, print, and enlarge films. This last year they acquired a new enlarger and cut film tank. The officers forthis lastyear were: Robert Nyquist, President, Walter Hanson,Vice-President:Laura Mound, Secretary: Elvy Edin,Treas- urer. Aviation. Row One:K.Mil- ner, E. wi lmer, D. Stimmles. Row Two: J'.Brien, R..Tohn- son, E.Morks. "WE'IlE FLY'll HIGH" Amid bracinQs,wires,hammers, and nails theAviation Club constr- ucted a full size g1ider.They rai- sed the month to buy the materials for their flying machine andworked after school on it two nights each week. Later this year they hope to launch their glider on her maiden Highm Officers for the year were: Eugene Marks, president, and Danny Stimler, vice president. Stamp Club. Row One: D. Lung,.T.Higgins,S.Mondel, M.Noiditch. Row Two: D. A1'onsohn,D.Foss,R.Lessin Row Three: E.Bukstein,I. Levin, W. Robin, M.J'ocob- sen. PHILATELIO EITIIIISIASTS Last fall a new club was formed for those interested in philately, the Stamp Club. The members met ev- ery weekto discussand trade stamps. During the courseof'the fall semes- ter the members conducted a stamp auction and sponsored stamp exhibi- tions in the display ease. During the spring semesterthe clubwas tem- porarily disbanded because of the small membersh1p5however,Mr. Freed- man, the sponsor,hopesto reorganize the club next semester. The offic- ers were: Ralph Lessen, presidentg Duane Foss, secretaryg and Stanley Mandel, treasurer. Chess Club. Row One: P. FineJ M.Klein,H.Schneid- mon, D. BOStI'OmJC.DL1k9lOW. Row Two: S. Miefield, M. Guttmon, S.Ho1'din,V.Gere: tz,Row Three:E.Le-vin:-on, I.Schein, N.Beormcn. Row Four: M.BQliCk, D. Dewoht, G.Nude11, R.Estrin. "STllEMlTE!" The Chess Clubplays inthe Minn- eapolis High School tournament.These games are played at the Minneapolis Chess-Checker Club every Sauudaydur- ing the basketball season. Before the tournament begins the team plays several practice games with other schools. The members compete with each other at the regular meetings. The officers this term are:Ra1ph Es- tren,president: Irvin Go1dberg.vice presidentg Max Guttman, secretary- treasurer. 82 Lunch RoonxStaff.Row One: B.Wasserman,M.Langley,M. Schendel, Y. Newman, D. Sveiem, J.Campbe11. Ourlunchroomstaff is the group ofgirls whohave mastered the fundamentals of cookingin North'sregu- lar S1 and S2 classes. In this commeroialcookingxi- ass the girlslearnhow to make bread,decoratesa1ads and prepare food appetiz- ingly. The students may serve foodin thecafeteria act as cashiers, prepare and serve teas, and learn the principals ofquantity cooking.Mrs.Frances Clau- ssen is the instructor. IIAIDY MIDYS The Stage Crew under the direction ofMr.Haro1d Gre- gory executes all stage cr- aft in connection with the auditorium programs,gradu- ation, class plays, Spring Revues,0peretta,and P.T.A. programs.They put out ris- ers for eventshere atNorth and fix the Xmas trees in the front hall. All in all they are the HHandy Andysn of North. Stanley Rlagrove was the student manager. Stage Crew. Row One: H. Schneidman, J.Sharp. Row Two: K.Everett,M.Cannon, P.Juetten. Row Three: M. Carlson, C.B1agrove,Z.I- steal, D.Dress1er. The Bank Cashiers havecertainly done theirpart this year toincrease the number of North's bankers. This year Miss Clara Nelson's room con- sistently held first honors. It not only acquired aperfect banking rec- ord eight times but also maintained an average well over ninety per cent. In fact because this room was a se- lect group Qthe Polarisweekly Staff! it was finally barredfrom receiving the banner, so that the rest of the rooms might discover how thepennant looked. The home rooms ofM1ss Kref- ting, Mr. Jensen, Miss Robinson,Mr. Priedman,and Miss Sims' also upheld their banking averages for dear old Alma Mater. "I PEIIY SlWEIl.." Bank CQshiers.Row One:S. Abramovitch,J.Corlson,J. Higgins, B.Hi1l,E.SChoe- necker,H.Morris.Row Two: C.Bul1os, F.Blindmon, S. Larson, M.Sovitt,S.Go1d- stien. Row Three:S.Shin- der, I.Chickee, K.Swoth, B.Roo, T.Slove,D.Glazer Row Four: J. Chutter, E. Savitt, R. Mikolajik, R Dixon,D.Knudsen,C.Koontz L.Sobin.Row Five: B.Dix- on, R.Jensen, S.Do1e, V. Caron, L.Hendrickson, L. Miller. Row Six: L.Must- onen, M.Per1, B.Stein,E. Boe, R.Gershkow. :YT5 3'5"' Bunk Coshiers:Row One:R Bessie, F.Bott, E.Simon K.Goodmcn, H. Nisker, R Mi1ler.Row Two: E.Ree,P Cockburn,M.Wilsin,M.Mar- Cel1,J.TuYlor.Row Three V. Jensen, P. Hansen, D Mohler, C. Monsur, B.Bo- lond,E.Evenson.Row Four H.Cohen, J. Goldberg, E Lorzor, P.Furmon, I.Pur- mon.Row Five:S.Blustein B.Sego1, S.Lorsen,J.Bor- re, E.Shrogowitz, P.Do1- inger.Row Six: D.Phenow J.Doy, H.Shumon,M.Dress- ler, L.Pubnick. ,JM slflfsx Student Council.Row One: J.Goodman,A.Perterson,F. Walonick, E.Raun,R.TinQ- vall, EJ-Iayes. Row Two: A. Feener, P.Walzer, S.Riv- kin, Row Three: D.Bennett, J. Rionick,G.Werner,P.Cock- burn, B.Myers,O.Dukelow. Row Four: L. Goiham, M. Kuehn,I.Kiachie,R.Molde, V.Geretz. Row Five: B. Pf95C0ttJ B. JOhnSOh, E. Niemi, B.Borman,V.Caron, L.Larson.Row Six:J.Fris- ch,J.Benson, J.watten,F. Beir, R.Kohler, C.Ander- SOR. D.Savitt, E.Gandel, REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY 85 The Student Council has long stridestoward studentself-gov- com- each made ernment at North. The Council, posed of a representative from of North's seventy-five homerooms, is the student body's voice in the administration. This organization gives studentspractice indemocracy. The Council initiated a new system of parking for the students. The new plan did much to alleviate the traffic conditions before and af- ter school. Under this system each driver secured aparkingpermitwhich was signed bythe school authorities and the resident in house the student All cars were to be two blocks from the front of whose wished to park. parked at least school. Student Council Row One: M.Gjenvick,L.Lindblad,M. Roo, B.Stevens,V.Rausch, M.Flynn. Pow Two: L.La Belle,R.Spiess,C.Wexler, E.Arnold, A. Hardin. Row Three: R.5rown,J.Dickin- son, I.Balto,H.Hardberg, F.Neumonn. Row Four: R Solfield,G.Olson,R.Share N.Johnson,J.Larson,B.Au- brecht,W. B.Brzenski,J.Kissell, B. K.Hornilwok,J. T.Johnson. Row Six: J.Vo1er, P.Eng1and, M.Millunchick, Dahl. Row Five: Cleworth, Favorite, A.5oseph, J.Day, R.Maas. Together with the Honor Socie- ty, the Council launched a clean-up campaign. The project wassuccessful as there was a marked degree of im- provement about the halls and inthe class rooms. The Council also spon- sored a courtesy campaign. Posters were placed on the bulletin boards in the halls topromote these ideas. The officers for the fall term were: John Watten, presidentg Brian Cleworth, vice president: Lois Lar- son, secretary and Lorraine Gorham, treasurer. Larry Gruman was elected sergeant-at-arms but he was out of school for the duration ofthe term. Theofficersforthespringtermwere: Robert Maas, president, Brian Cle- worth, vice president: Marion Roa, secretaryg Adell Harding, treasurer and Paul England, sergeant-at-arms. my 4 "IT'S 0FF T0 PRESS!" D0 you think you'll make the dead- line? How many pages left to paste? 15- n t that article typed yet? These wguld have been some of the oyertones detect- able had you been the proverbial little mouse in the Polaris Annual room this past yearn We hope that the astronmical theme and the colorful middle section of the book will addto yourenjoyment inthe mm- ing years. Gerraine Holcombe was Editor-in- Chief and Robert Kenning was business manager. The editors of the other sec- tions were: Vivian Newstrom, Bessie Cen- ter, Evelyn Flitte, Lorraine Hendrickson, Rae Molde, Sam Davis, Ruth Johnson, and Martha Gallion. Annuol 3ioff.R.One: S.Do- vis, E.Flitte, B. Center, L.Hendrickson,M.Morsel1e, V,Newstrom, M.Ouddy.R.TWO D, Sgnkoj G. Holcombe, M. Gollion, R. KenninQJ M155 R.Normann, R.Molde,R.,Toh- nson, M..Tohnson,M.RoChGC D,Ne150nJ M,Wil5OI1,S.HQ1l ond C, Carlson joined the stuff inthe spring semes- ter. Annual Art Staff. J.Carl-- son, D.Sanko, M.1'hickins, v'.Biorn. STAR MAKERS The art staff started its workon th- is annual way back in September. They wo- rkedemmlay outs and plans which were sub- mitted to the Annual Staff for approval. The North Star Theme was developed thru block prints and ink drawing. The staff isunder thesupervision of Miss JaneThickens. The art editor is Do- ris Sanko. The rest of the staff include June Carlson ,Carol Simpson, Virginia Bi- orn, Arlon Craig, Wilma Puller, and Burt- on Charles. Others from the fine arts S5 and S6 classes helped also when it was called for. . ,i:f:3.:z :j:5 I A Debote.Row One:A.LoIberu buum, S.Peorlove, K.Elo-- fros.Row Two: M.Guttmon- V.Geretz, S.Niefe1d. Row Three: N.Beormon,M.Perl M.Coulton. Row Four: D. Dewohl, S.HoIdin, A.Mi1u stein, D. Johnston. Row Five: R.KelnerJF.Nelson D.Foss,E.Block. Row Six: E.Strim1ing. "...llD Il 00lCiLllSIDl" Pictured above is the North High School Debate squadof'the1941 spring term Members ofthe squad were selected to par- ticipate in a debate weld in the school auditorium on January 31, debate tourne- ment sponsored by Gustavus Adolphus Col- lege in St. Peter on February 7and8,and in the city wide debate finals at West High School during theweek beginninglbb- ruary 17. TheDebatecoaches areMrs.Del1aL1n- sten and Mr. Kopple Friedman. IDT A DEIDLIIE MISSED The Polaris is the only high school paper in the country which is edited, printed, andmade upby thesame staff. It is the only high school paper in the Nor- thwest printed by the off set process of lithography. It is ten pages full ofschool news. It has a comic strip andcartoons by able artists, two sportpages with lotsof pic- tures, andspecial features byNorth News- Casters. Angeline Bogucki waseditor-in-chief for the fall term and Harry Schuman for the spring term. Miss Clara Nelson was publication advisor. i: f'i'YiQS1?Qlif?iT3?ZWl59,iT ' - Pol. Weekly Stoff.Row One: M. Mohoffv, P. Woldeen, D Berdt, A.Coplin,A.Boqucki, Row Two: S.P1c1tniCk,R.Jus- ter, E. Wiomer, P. Fisher, Row Three: R.Mio1er,E.Nel- son, B.Go1dstein, G. Whit- field,H.Schumon. Row four B. Rotenberg, .T.DoY,, L..Lif- son, Z.Isrec1l, M.Bc1liCk,M. Sherman. Pol.Weekly Solesmen. Row One: S.Lorson, I.Cotlin, S.Gutkin, A.Bute,S.Shin- er. Row Two:R.Murtinson, A.Norlonder, J.Peterson, M.Dietrich, P.Justin.Row Three: D. Lindstrom, S. Goldstein,M.Tollefson,D. Schwartz, M.Skonsenv.Row Four:B.Jones,H.Stenborg, D. Mohler, E. Epstein,S. Bergeron,H.DonCoster.9ow Five:R.DolsJg.Johnson,H. Viken,M.Verstegen,M.Mot- tison. "0lIIl 100 I'EIlGEITERS" The Polaris Weekly Salesmenchd an excellent job of paper selling this last year. The salesmen whohad sold a Polaris to every member in their homeroom received aone dollar bill asan award fortheir good work. The following people received thea- wards for both terms:Betty Reiners, Marvin Verstagin, Clayton Johnson, Jean Flanders, Donna Offerman, Mur- iel Tollefson. These received the award for the fall term: Eddie Kantor, Ervin Pol. Weekly Solesmen. Row One: C.Boreske, H.Mevers, B.Polmquist,E.Westerlund, E.weston.Row Two:E.Freier H.Gregg, J.Olson, R.Fuhr- monn, C.Gronqer,A.Honsen, Row Three: S.Duvidson, C. Anderson,E.Yorosh,S.Mesh- besher,R.Koontz.Row Four: J.Flonders, B.Reiners, M. Hey, M.Hovev,M.Johnson,J. Barre. Row Five: D.Bloom, P.DolinQer,J.Toft,B.KliCk R.Nyquist. Mattison, Esler Frier, Jean Olson, Ruth Martinson, Eileen Weston, Hel- en Stenborg, Ruth Koontz,Elsie Mat- son, Thomas Jennings,Adora Nordlan- der. These received the award for the spring term: Bernice Palmquist, Richard Hein, Carol Anderson, Shir- ley Heidelberg, Helen Peterson,Isa- dora Wittels, Marjorie Hey, Betty Lou Roemer, Shirley Saroon, Dorothy Schwartz, Shirlee Gutkin,John Bahn- emann, Francis Fingerhut,Helen Ped- erson, and Helen Burnstein. 88 HSPREGIIEI SIE DEllTSGII?" The North High German Club, or "Deutscher Verein", presents inter- esting programs monthly, which help its members practice hearing andsp- eaking German. Highlights of the German Cluh'sactivities include the Annual Declamatory Contest and ed- iting of the German paper, HUnter Unsu, each term. X The officers forthis yearwere: Anita Bredow,president5Robert Bris, vice president, Aloysious Vetcher, sergeant at arms, the secretary for the fall was Virginia Winger, and for the spring, Phyllis Eisten. Carman Club. Row One: H Dixon, C Vetscher,L.S1b- 1D E O'Br1en,M.Gjenvi:k, E Hayes Row Two: M.Ness, E Polker,M Hey,P.Eisten, A Vetcher Row Three: M. Chr1stenson,J.Lothrop,K. Elofros, Ebert.Row Four: E Lorson,I Ruths,V.wi1g- R Harding, A.Bred9w. Row Five H Vikin,R.Brlx, E Welch, V Anderson. lll'1lllIlffYF4-lm "LM'IIE IIISGIPIILV' In the fall term, the Latin Club made astudy of the Roman schools and homes. They began the spring term with talks and colored slides onCaesar's ex- peditions in Gaul. The officers forthe fall term were: Ruth Koontz, pres- identg Keller Nyquist, vice presidentg and Grace Larsen, secretary-treasurer.Theoffi- cers for thespring term were: Ruth Koontz,presidentg BenBr- zenski, vice presidentg and Lorraine Mustenin, secretary- treasurer. Lotin:Row One:D.Shel1ey, M. Poulzine,J.Devery, J. Goodman, M. Gollion, D. Thole. Row Two: M.McCoy, M.Soko1owski,B.Center,B. Hegerle,C.Robin,l.Hogon, Row Three: L.Mustonen,R. Krantz, A. Gurbon, A.Bo- gucki,J.Lothrop,G.Lorsen Row Four: C. Krontz, H. Stenborg, M.Witte,V,Cor- on,C.Koontz.Row Five: K. Nyquist, M.Chelstrom, M. Johnson, P.Honsen,J.Ker- tesz, O.Johnson. UNE Ll FRINGE The French Club livened theinterest of its members andenlarged itsattendance by conducting amembership contest. Fran- cis Lowe and Bert Schwartz were elected captains of'this enterprize.At their meet- ings they discussed French holidays and sang and played French songs and games. The officers forthe fall term were: Delores Berdt,president5Marquerite Rash, vice presidentgwaraaret Marcelle, secre- tary-treasurer.Thespring officers were: Verna Caron, president: Riva Kinitz,vice presidentgGloria Werner,Secretary-treas- urer. "MlEI.llTE SIIMPRE AIIELAITF' La Tertulla is North's Spanish Club. Its motto means n0nward, always onward.U The meetings areheld the last Tuesday of every month. At these meetings theyhave Spanish plays and games. Miss Apel isthe club adviser. The officers for the fall term were: Helen Stenborg,presidentgCar- ol Sanderson, vice president3Mary Qmlum secretary, Charles Hamilton, treasurer. The officers forthe spring termwere: Ja- mes Kissell, presidentg Joyce Brose,vice president, Jean Johnson, secretary, Ruth Runnerstrom, treasurer. French Club. Row One: D. Shelly, D. Berdt, R. Serber, S.Goldman, D.Nelson. Row Two:A. Coplin,L.HendriCk- son, D. Parsons, D. Juster, A. Bogucki, S. Zemach. Row Three: M.Marcel1,R.Bass- is, I.Chuchu, M. Rush, F. Engli sh. Row Pour: E. Ferg- uson, H.Stenberg, R.Sie- bentri tt, I. Furman, D. Ben- nett, V.Caron. Row Five: H. Freed, S. Larsen, F.Lowe, J.Nelson, E.McCabe. Spanish. Row One: A.Wa1'- ren, M.Mantinez,R.Ve1as- co, L.Rockler, H.Tupper, S.Gleason.Row Two: D.An- derson, J.Johnson,S.San- drus, D. Walch, P. Bredesen, J,,Johnson. Row Three: E. Feinberg, S.Adler, J.Ce- ballos, S.I-Iall, E.Dixon, C, Sandstrom, Runners trom, Row Four: J.Peterson, E. Simon, N.Pinkus,R.Klein- man, L.Rei fel, C.Gordon, H.Stenborg, B.Robinson,B. Goldstein. Row Six: B. Jones, B.Mil1er,T.Scott, C.Ha.m:nila, J. Kissell,B. Segal. I "I - "Sli Swedish. Row One: M.Bo- dell, E. Willey, R.StQt tine.Row Two: K.Johnson, R.GustQfson, w.Bolmgren. Row Three: E.Sonford, J. Sutherland, A. Reid! I. Frisell.Row Four:I.Shwe- ppoch,P.Lindho1m,A.Gust- afson. un mn un BEST The Iduna Club meets to provide a background for the study of the Swedish language. This term scrapbooks were made which containedinteresting facts andcus- toms of the various parts of Sweden. The fall officers were:Ingrid Frise11,presi- dentgJeanette Schwappach,vice presidentg Alpha Gustafson,SceretarygMar1on Bodell, treasurer. 91 Norse.Row One: L.Sey, B. Flogle, P.Noble,M.Brown, N.Johnson,Row Two: E.Op- dal, M.Fiske, E. Boe, G. LorsonJ E.F1ittie,A.Bro- buck.Row Three:R.Swonson G.Nelson,E.Krieg,K.Shou- ghnessy, D. Fredrickson. Row Four: J. Fidling, E. Evenson, E.Fingle, G.Ol- son, J.Lorentzen,L.Dchl. Row Five:N.Thingvold, K. Broin, A.O1son, T.O1son, C.Anderson. "FIlIllE'I', SAIIIIET, 06 KJlElll.IGIlE'I"' All studentswho have takenNorse are eligible for membershipjxxtheVikingclub. The purpose of this club is to study the music, literature, and arts of Norway. The club has been very fortunate in gettingoutsidespeakers. This year Bjorn Fjelle, and Stephania Bjornason,who came from Norwayandlceland respective1y,were two ofthe many interesting outside spea- kers. Social meetings at the homes of mem- bers of the club are also part of activ- ties. The presidentfbr the fall termwas Evelyn Flittee, and for the spring term George Olson. 5' L, . '7 'AZ H 3. 4 . fly B 4 L' P a . 0 -, . . . - N, , L A V 1, 5 A .. -W, w, ,X 4 vga? A i r 3, T7' ef 9 A , ,rg 'K ff f - A , P 11 1 vii WW im Z, l ,L,A ,,Ah 1 ,LL.. , , ,WLA9 Wm .. ... :..Zg A l0IlTII'S CLAIM T0 FAME North's Band is making rapid strides towards the high standards Mr. Cleary has set for them. 'Ev- eryone is confident that with continued hard work the unbroken string ofmusical victories ofthe last three years will be continued. In addition toplay- ing for athletic programs the Band was the official representative for the City of Minneapolis in the St. Paul Winter Carnival. The Band may participate in the Paul Bunyan Carnival at Bemiji later in the year. They alsoplan to enter the National Music Contest in St. Paul in May. The organization's popularity, both as a con- cert 'rnand and marching unit,has been increasing to such an extent that its services have been in great- er demand than ever before by various civic commit- tees and organizations. An important addition to the band has been navy blue nackinaws with white trim. This makes the North High Band the most uniformly dressed band in the Northwest. , if E . ag i "SIIG AID llEJOIGE" This year the North High Choir presented a delightful operetta entitled, nRio Rita.N The play, a romance of a Texas Ranger and a beautiful Mexican gir1,was the first operetta in which the choir hasever appeared as aunit. Alberta Geedman in the title role and Howard Viken portraying Jim sang the leading parts. In the supporting cast were Irving Fink as Chick, Joy Ann Gifford as Carmen,Donald Telz- man as General Estaban, and Hymie Sandler as Ed Lovett. Rita Fuhrman, Kenneth Johnson, Richard Dols, Tom Olson, Alyce Hartlage, and Manuel Martinez also had parts inthe product- ion, Aside from producing the operetta, the choir sang formany ofour own auditoriums pro- grams,including theNaticnal Honor Society in- duction. They occasionally filled outside en- gagements also. A spring festival which in- cluded the choir, together with the band and orchestra, was one of the spring activities. The choir concluded their year of activity by singing at the Baccalaureate Services. Choir. Row One:J.Anderson E.Budish, D. Parsons, B. Fuhrm1nn,S.Lorson,T.Gut- tmdn, F.Brost, I.Wholen, M.Flvnn, A.Norlonder, B. Erickson, F.Poss, M.5ch- wortz,J.Long,M.B1'own, D. Meinke. Row Two: DJ-Koenig, A.Mondile,S.Blomquist,J. Goldberg, B.Giese, E.Mol- stc1d,A.Brobdck,P.Honsen, E.Ree,S.Konter,w.Ho1mes, P.You11g, J.Giffo1'd,A.Er- londson, I. Kelley. Pow Th1'ee:M.Wilson,V.Milker, S.Joh:1son, A.Goodmdn, L. Dahl, W.Fuller, E.Ld1sen, L.!-Iennon, M.Witte, B.Au- brech I, E.McKdy,L.He15d0n A.Ostmc1n,W.Lumley,L.Mit- chell. Row Four: H.Eng- Strom, B.Bortho1omew, F. Johnson, E. Wylo, E.Hc1mberg R.Bornes, T.Olson,J.Lc1w- son, P.Geske, I-I.Viden, R. Hensel,L.Eng1und,G.Tetz- mon, I-i.Broe'somle, B.C1e- worth, B.Spiess,J.Sho1'p. 94 si A1312 I 3' W2 Q QM R Q QW 'E' 1 W . , 1 . K 'W' , x , 'M' 5' N 'fi X- W' l ' A 'S ' , K k" , L K G f Rik? " ..., ' I .Lg :'f fl FT .I V T5 7 W 'mf' E42 f TSE gif W W eggs ,ni 'Ae . A ' 2, ' i 'Q x nl F H Sui f' 'il Namwx :A W iw , Q-. ' 1- 5625,-G wipe 5 "au Qs 5 W, L: f 4 , . Mi: . M ,7 . . im 5:31 , 'Z Jn.: . ff 5 Ag: sv 1121 ' 6 1- 'Mime ,L sn., . " ' mf Te . V igvvf 19 X K S ' ffei fzfgzkg . ,,t,.Q,V.qk VW I , 5 3 7- Wi' Ag , . 5 - ' :U Aw f' S MRS AID SATELLITIES -- IE LITTLE BEAR GIIISTELLATIOI JUNE CLASS OFFICERS. left to right: Russell Solsvig,sarg- at-armsg Lois Larson, secr'y5 Robert A.Johnson, vi ce-pres.3 George Larson,pres.g Douglas Loth, mascotgl-larriet Orrben, treasurer. A SENIOR COMMITTEE CHAIRVIEN. Row one: K.E1C1fT0S.n N-Eatom E.Arno1d. Row two: A.Good- man, H.DeMann, M.Ga11ion, D. Sanko, E.O1son, Row Three: J. Lathrop, M.Witte, E.Flittie. Row Pour: R. G1-undstrom, L. Fisher, M.C-Iuttman. Row Five: R.Johnson,W.J'e1lison,C.J'ohn- son. Row six: R. Miller, M. Balick. A SENIOR R1-'JPRESENTATIVES.Row OneL M.Mahaffy,J'.Na11ick, I. Whalen, D. Sanko,L.Gusland,J'. Cox, V. Bovee. Row Two: R. Strquss,M.Ga11ion,J'.La,throp, M. Houser, G.No rdstrom, R. John- son, R. Reid, S.Berenson. f-If V. A. Marti Dean of Girls G. G. Shephard ChiefAdviser X' I Abbott A. B. Schultz Dean of Boys J. J. Brom M. Z. Clarke M E Creg ow Edquist ,N B. B. Pierce E. C. Quello M. Whittier F. A. Felt f J. J. Jacobi M. Nelson M- C- MOSS M. A. Olson 'F T V- I I K iw? mr 'Af 1 5 x xxx P , , ll.. f, - - 1 V 1' , ' 'f , f is A ' L. .X . r I ,,,..An 5. 5 I ,Xml 4- XY x R 1 xii: XO-if Lf - 3 K RM f P' O f? ,- V-fm Y-'-'fld 1 ' 1 'O I -1. wi if W' 0 1, r lb . -f '. - V L . L Y, , N . QE, , 4 f yum, ?ff' , X -lnvl N, X ,j . I X, X f X f- , 0 ' ,- N J sf' 'VI ' IPRING AND IUMMSR SGIIULISTIG LEADERS ROBERT ANDREW JOHNSON VERNA QAHON VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN Has straight UAH average Elaine Arnold Martin Balick Rosalynn Bassis Sheldon Berenson Elwood Biegert Irene Bofferding David Dewahl David Elkenbaum Martha Gallion Victor Geretz Alberta Goodman George Gordon Ann Gurban Elsie Hayes Lorraine Hendrickson Donna Mae Jack Il0IOR IIOLL Lyle D. Johnson Joyce Lathrop Eugene Marks Reuben Miller Saul Niefeld Gerald Nudell Martin Perl Margara, Rivkin Dorothy Schwartz Ruth Sher Morris Sherman Harry Shragowitz Sara Steinman Farrell Stiegler Shirley Zimmerman Sam Zinbnrg A 15' 102 IIIIIIS MEIIALS John Watten David Dewahl Robert A. Johnson Elsie Hayes Arnold Lehrman Ruth Sher NORTH AMERICAN BANK PRIZE .... . JOHN WATTEN MINNEAPOLIS STAR JOURNAL AWARD ..... DAVID A. DEWAHL AMERICAN LEGION AWARD ..... ROBERT A. JOHNSON, Our Valedictorian AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY AWARD ..... ELSIE R. HAYES MERCURY MEDAL ..... ARNOLD LEHRMAN MINNEAPOLIS BUSINESS COLLEGE AWARD ..... RUTH M. SHER COMMERCIAL CLUB AWARD ..... GERRAINE M. HOLCOMBE NORSE CLUB AWARD .. .. NORMAN THINGVOLD POLARIS AWARDS .. .. HARRY C. SCHUMAN MILDRED L. MAHAFFY ROSE REES AWARD .... . MARTIN PERL HOPE MCDONALD AWARD ..... ELAINE ARNOLD SCIENCE AWARD .. .. SAM ZINBERG Gerraine Holcombe Norman Thingvold Hschuman Mildred Mahaffy Man,in Perl Elaine Arnold 103 I KALMAN ABRAMS..a likeable fellow--lots of fun..menorahg chess cl. I MEYER ACKERMAN..the athletic type. I ROGER AHO..hands thatcreate ..nat. hon. society. I MILDRED ALFREDSON..M1l1ybeautifiesbulletin clg coml.c1. I MARILYN ALMQUIST.. art'sherhobby--art'sherjob..b1ue trigidunag pep clg comm. cl. I AUDREY ANDERSON..qu1et, but oh, so nice. I DALE ANDERSON..handy Andy. I ELEANOR ANDER- SON..I'm the type to type..g1ee clg choir. I GORDON field is commerce..orchg hockey. I HARRY ANDERSON..the saga.ofthe 'Silver Kid' ..orchgband. I LORAYNE she sews ..b1ue tri. I LORRAINE is her co1or..b1ue trig ger.c1ub5 jr. acad. science, treas. I PHYLLIS ANDERSON..short but sweet..g.a.a. I RAY ANDERSON..a regular ray of sunshine. I RUTH ANSEL..sma11 and qu1et..kadilah. I MARION ARMSTRONG..better tobe little and shine. I ELAINE ARNOLD..w1t,,andw1sdom com- bined..kad1mahg comm. clg stud. coun. I DON- ALD ARNOLDY..North needs more like him. I JAMES ASCHER..J1l hasn't dec1ded..rad1o cl. I DAVID AUDETTE..sa1esman at present. 104 I CORINNE AUNE..gayety andfriendship combin- ad..b1ue trig student council. I HELEN AUNE.. luiet and helpfu1..vik1ng club. ' MARTIN BALICK. . "Mac" lsn' t Scotch. . scienceg Iol. wk.g sen. ch.5 nat. hon. soc.g chess cl. I VIRGINIA BANIK..titanic Banik..orchg band. P EILEEN BARNES..si1enceismoreeloquentthan 'ords. I EDWARD BARON..he doesn't say much,but we're glad. he's with us. I BETTY BARTA..her very guietness attracts..si1.tri5b1ue tri. I IRENE 3ASHFORD..Irene and Adrian..pep club. I ROSALYN BASSIS..poisedandwell-groomed..ka- limahg fr.c15 conm.c1g to1.c1g nat.hon.soc. I IORMAN BEARMAN..I want to be conv1nced..meno- rahgchess cl. I LLOYD BELFORD..rub-a-dub dub- Jy--his nick-name is Tubby..h1-y. I MARJORIE BENECKE..nice to know..b1ue trig :eton hygs11.tr15 g.a.a. I SHELDON BERENSON.. 111 great men are dead, I don't feel so well myse1f..nat.hon.socg sen. ch. I ARTHUR BERG.. 'how was I to know?' I EDNA BERGER..sma1l, but how dear to us.. I MARY of those girls no one knows anything mean about..b1ue trig choir. I ELWOOD BIEGERT..a mancmfmodest grace is he. I VIRGINIA BI0RN..herpersonal1tycheers..art5 colm. clubg blue trig cam.clg ann. art staff. I JEAN first we think she's rather quiet,but later on she's quite a riotn ISTAN- LEY BLAGROVE..a man of uction..mgr.stg. crewg footballg basketballg hockey. 105 fix if. . ff' " ., ' :Q ,. f..Q,: I MARCELLA BLANDENIER..high school days have their delights, but they can't compare with high school nights. I ESTHER BLANK..what's in a name?..kadimah3 fr.c1. I EUGENE BLO0MGREN..he pleases everyone. O MARILYN BLOOMQUIST..quiet and thoughtful..comm. Cl- l IRENE BOFFERDING..nothing is impossible ..nat.hon.soc. U JOHN BOHNEMANN..he says little, but that's no sign he's not senior chg glee cl. I JEANNE BOLIN..make hay while the sun sh1nes..b1ue tril ILEONARD BOLNICK..I can do everything but behave. 0 EDNA BOLTE..modesty andsweetness are assets ..si1.trig comm. cl. l VIRGINIA BOVEE..sweet and charming tho her features be,she wins her friends by personal1ty..b1ue tri3s11.tr1g fr. cl. 0 BERNICE BRAGG..there's a sunny side to life. U JEWELL BRAMHALL..give her a chance and she will do it we11..b1ue tri. 0 SADIE BRAND..she trips the light fantast1c..comm. clg kadimah. 0 JANE BRANDENBORG..the way to have a friend is to be one. l LA.VETABRECHT..Sauk Center's loss--our gun. I EDLY BREDESEN..ta11 ofstature, full of pepg out in front,r1ght in step..b1ue tri. O ANITA BREDOW..she's amodel fortrue friendship..ger. c1,presgsil.tr1gb1ue tri3nat.hon.soc3cho1r. I EDWIN BRENNA..oh! For a pair of wings. l MORTON dot--dash dash..nat. cl. I ELLEN BROSELLE..1n herown quiet way..g1ee clg pep clg stud. council. 106 I FAITH,hope,and charity..choir5 band. I ELEANOR BUDISH..sports fan deluxe.. si1.tril lat. clg choir. I LOIS BUEN..dancing the whole night through..gir1 scouts. I FLORENCE BUHROW..always willing,alwayshelp- ful..sil. trig choir. I AMY ANN BUTT..indi- trig pol. wk. salesg stud. coung bank o CAHOLE cARLsoN..she gath- ers'the fruits of fr1endship..si1. trig blue trig comm. cl. pol. ann. staffg sen. ch. I CHARLOTTE CARLSON..rhythm in her trig l MARIAN CARLSON..qu1et, indus- trious, and well liked. I WALLACE CARLSON..a likeable lad with a likeable way..hi-yg elec. crew mgrg hockeyg track. I VERNA a student you shine, as a friend you're cl, presg science clg nat. hon. socg stud. mgr. banking. I SYLVIA CATCHER..she's small and so qu1et..nat. clg g.a.a. I JULIA CEBALLOS..danc1n2 and sinzinz make the girl..seton hyg glee cl. span. cl. I BESSIE CENTER..abil1ty plus character plus clglatin clg jr.acad.scg nat. hon. socg bandg ann. staff. I BURTON CHARLES brightens up my days. I NORMAN CHAZIN.. sports are the spice of life..sw1mming5 golf. 1 PERCY CHESIN..books and clubs provide true amusement. I ROSE ANN helps to win a I MARILYN CHRISTENSON..clubs enliven school life..germ. clg sil.trig latin clg blue trig comm. clg stud.coun3 NN' girl. I MYRON CHRISTIANSEN..1ikeable and ready for fun..choir3sw1mming5 tennis. I KENNETH CHRIS- TIE..easy come and easy go..hi-y. I MARJORIE CHRISTOFFERSEN..a friend is made by writing letters. 107 Y .L , fm-. .K ,ful ugg,5 V39 .E 1- f I CAROLINE CLEMENS..roll thru rollerskating. I ALVIN COHEN..something so lid..bandg golf. I GLORIA CONDULUCI..pretq curly trig orchg g.a.a. I MILDRED COOK..courteous to all, unfriendly to none..comm. clg g.a.a. I SHIRLEY CORROW.. sincere,pleasant,and courteous. I VERNON COR- ROW..his ways are quiet, but silence is elo- quent. I LILLIAN COTHRELL..I'm glad that I'm nobody else, because it's such fun to be debate. 0 MARY COULTON..a pleasing girl with pleasing IJANE COX-2-Hn air of good humor surrounds her. I VIOLETTA DASCENZA..a quiet littlemisscall- ed'Vio.H I SAM DAVIS..a1l the world's a stage on which toact my comedy..po1.ann.boys' sport ed- I JOHN DAY..1aw by nDayW..Po1.wk. salesg nat. clg stud. coun. I HELEN DE MANN..the ladycnfthe lunchroom.. germ. clg oratorio. I DAVID DE WAHL..what's worth trying isworth accomp1ish1ng..nat. hon. socg chess clg jr. acad. scienceg stud. coun. I EVELYN DIXON..athletic and peppy with a peck of good nature thrown in..span. clg bank cashg glee cl. I SYLVIA DUDlCK..a great mind is greater than a crown..nat.clg comm.clg g.a.a. I OWEN DUKE- LOW..a great littleman.1she..hi-ygscience clg stud.coung chess clgdebateg track mgr. I GLO- RIA DUNKLEY..she will yodel her way to fame.. span. clg comm cl. I DOROTHY's apleasing companion.. seton hi. I NORMA EATON..rhythm in her fingel tips..sil. trig stud. coung glee cl. 108 Puzzle--find the girls l ELVY EDIN..si1ent and sure sherests secure clg comm. clg jr.acad3 scienceg g.a.a. I BERNICE EDSTROM..p1easant isshe andfull of 1ndustry..germ.c1g comm.c1g blue tri. 0 KATH- ERINE ELAFROS..a1ways ready forservice..germ. clg blue trig debateg nat. hon. socg sen. chg g.a.a. I CLARA ELIASON..sweetness isthe trigcomm.c1. l DON of the best. I JACK ENGELBERT..modesty becomes every young man. l JEAN ENGQUIST..just the kind of'afriend to clubg sil. trig blue tri. l CURTIS ERICKSON..slap I RALPH ESTRIN ..Buck looks to aviat1on..chess cl,presg men- orah. I I EUNICE FELDMAN..firstbandhas itsvirtues.. comm. clg bandg kadimah. l MAVIS FELIX..what a voice--and what a gir1..si1. trig latin clg glee clgchoirg oratorio. I GLEN FERKINGSTAD.. a merry heart but a honest, sober mind. l LE ROY FISHER..Gabrie1 has nothing on me.. nat. clg bandg glee cl. I BETTY JANE FISKE.. modeling makes for beauty..b1ue tri. I GERALD FLAA..apparatus isJerry's first and last love ..apparatus. 109 .,mM,Q Z MQ' ""' I JEAN FLANDERS..a geyser of pep--that's her rep..Po1. wk. salesg blue trig seton hig glee clg band, flag twirler. I EVELYN FLITTIE..a leader everywhere she goes..si1.tri5blue trip viking c1,presg nat.hon.socg sr. chg Po1.ann. I MARGARET FLYNN..there are reasons for her many friends..si1.trig blue trig fr.clg choir I NICKLINA FOGLIARO..Nicky's eyes arewhat get you..span. cl. I JAMES FORCEIA..he is aman of real ability and fitness..nat. hon. socg jr. acad.sc1ence5 track. I DON FRASER..women,1ead me not astray..hockeyg hi-yg apparatus. I JOHN FREDIN..Nbandn is John's second name.. hi-yg nat. hon. socg jr. acad. scienceg band. I BERNICE FREED..p1aying drums in adance band called 'rhythm revelsn..band3 orch. I HARRY engineerof'great worth someday. I MOLLY FRIEDMAN..jo11y Mo11y..comm.c1g kad- imah. 0 ROSE FRIEDMAN..pastime--my homework.. comm.clgkad1mah. I RUSSELL FRIES..he delights in buing idle I WILMA FULLER..1ots of pep, full of fun. I HELEN FURBERG..I'll take to the air..s11.tri5 blue trig cam.c1g band. I PHYLLIS FURMAN.-th! good live 1onger..kadimahg span.cl3 comm. clg bank cashier. I MARTHA GALLION..she's one grand person.. sil.tr15 blue trig latin clubg nat. hon. socg seton hig annualg stud. coung senior chair. I STANLEY GALSKI..Stan is bedimpled, Stan is quick,especia11y with a hockey I DON GANZER..mischief,thou art afootg take thou what course thou wilt. 4 WALTER GATES..he'sa regular golf. W WINIFRED GATES..a worker, yet alway ready for a good time..si1. trig blue tri. MILDRED GERDES..1n silence there is charm. 110 3 VICTOR GERETZ..I liketo work--it fascinates me..germ. clg chess clg menorahg stud. coung debate. 5 RUTH GERSHKOW..sincer1ty is a won- derful virtue..kadimahg comm. cl. 5 GERALD grin is no sin. I EUNICE GIESKE..hobbies take up Tootie's time ..comm.c15 blue tri. 0 WILLIAM GILSON..a true triend is Bill..hi-yg aviation clg ger. clubg bandg chess clg tennis. I BETTY GINSBERG..for setter or for verse. I JEAN GIROD..hobbies are the spice of life.. blue tri. I SARA GLEASON..g1amor girl fueason. I ROY GODFREY..his trombone I CHARLOTTE GOLD..her charmlies insincerity.. span. clg kadimah. I IRVING GOLDBERG..he's a regular fellow. I BERNEY simple conquest--triumph is his aim. I BURTON GOLDSTEIN..with abanjo on my knee.. menorahg span. clubg pol. wk. staff. I MOREY GOLDSTEIN..he'll neveroverwork,he doesn't be- lieve in it. I ALBERTA GOODMAN..speaking of versatile clgaviation clg sil.trig nat. hon. soc. I RUTH GO0DRICH..a quiet girl, but quite a girl. I CELIA'dlnzsurpr1sed,,kad- lmahg span. clg science clg band. I PHYLLIS GREEN..brunette and cute, with ways to suit.. comm. club. I MILDRED GR0TH..happy-go-lucky..comm.cl3b1ue tri. I MARY GRUIDL..difFerent is this gal who enjoys doing something tri. I ROY GRUNDSTROM..a jolly good fellow is he. 111 .6 x O ANN GURBAN..she knows what she knows, when she knows 1t..1atin cl. 0 LORRAINE GUSLAND.. oh well! tomorrow's another tri. I SHIRLEE GUTKIN..the spirit of 226..kad1mahg comm. clg pol. wk. salesg band. O MAX GUTTMAN..a whiz at chess and everything else..chess clg nat. hon. socg sen. ch. I AR- COLE GUZZI..Guz is aquiet 1ad..box1ng. I RAL- PH GUZZO..Tony has wonschool-wide fame,by his pep and grit inevery game..footbal1gbasebal1. I SUSANNAH HALL..why hurry? there's lots of time..sil.tr13 blue trig I LOIS HAN- NON..won't she be a pretty nurse?..b1ue trig nat. clg choir. I ANDREW HANSON..ro111cking and happy ways are his..hi-y. I PHYLLIS HANSON..simp1icity has a charm all its own. I SAM HARDIN..I'm here for an educa- clg menorahg chess clgstamp cl. I SAM HARRIS..most strenous work--jumping at conc1usions..basketba11. U LORRAINE HARTKE..she packs allher troubles in a box and sitsn mthe lid and 1aughs..comm. C13 blue tri. I SIDNEY HASKOVITZ..why rush through 1ife? l DAVID HAYES..the wor1d.1sas you take it. 0 ELSIE HAYES..they areonly great who are truly good..b1ue trig ger. clg stud. coung nat.hon. socg orch. l MAISIE HEATH..s11enca11s the most perfect herald of joy. l SHIRLEY HECHTER..let's talk kadimahg bandgorch. 0 MILDRED HEDLUND..on top of'theworld. I DANIEL HEILICHER..Iiniture sax 112 O FROIMY HEILIGMAN..generally speaking, I'm generally OKENNETH HEN- push the First valve down..bandg soph. basketball. O LORRAINE HENDRICKSON..a cheerful friend's like a sunny day..nat. hon. socg latin clg fr. clg blue trig science cl. l DALE HENRY..away dull care,awayg I'm going to sleep today. I ROBERT HENSEL..when joy and duty clash,let duty go smash. O GEORGE HEWIT- SON..king of sw1ng,.h1-yg bandg orch. l EMILY HEYDENABER..some people can just sit still and th1nk,but I can't. 0 BERNICE HIIVA- LA..who says nothing makes notmistakes. OMAX- INE ambitious too! trig girl scoutsg stud. coung g.a.a. I KAY HITCHCOCK..the time tobe happy is now.. seton hig blue tri. I ROSE! the talent she has..kadimah5 span. cl. I DOLORES is all right,but play is more fun. l GERRAINE HOLCOMBE..she gladly spends her time helping others..editor of annualg sil. trig blue trig student coung bank cashg comm. club,treasg sen. chg seton hig nat. hon. socg girl scoutsg Po1.sales. D LILLIAN HOM- pays to be a perfect lady. I MARY JANE HOOKER..Mary'andher clarinet..band3orch. l MERLE her quietness there is a certain indefinable charm..s1l.trig blue trig comm. clg bull. bd. comm. I FLORENCE HOYT,,tO worry is folly--let's grin and be jolly..sil. trig blue O SYLVIA HURWITZ..such a sweet girl ishard mJf1nd..kadimahgcomm. cl. 0 ALBERTA INGISON..why worry? it makes wrin- kles. O MAY's a friendly person to tri. l ZAYE ISRAEL..there's ink in them thar presg jr.acad.secg nenorahg tol.clg stage cry sr.chgbanking3Po1. weekg nat. hon. soc. 113 I DONNA MAE JACK..a faithful friend indeed.. sil. trig blue tri.g stud. coung girl scoutsg bankingg nat. hon. soc. I IRENE take things as they be, that's my philosophy. I VIOLA JAMES..deep brown eyes filled o'er with glee. I ELAINE JAPS..a studious and quiet futur steno. I WILLIAM JELLISON..why worry? Itmake: wrinkles and pale cheeks..hockey5 trackgbase- ballg soph football. I BURTON JOHNSON..quie1 in school, but otherwise--? I CLAYTON JOHNSON..he's a gentleman from top to toe..h1-y, city presg choirg Pol.wk.sa1esg golf. I FRANK JOHNSCN..skil1ed in all sports and pastimes..choirgfootballgapparatusgtrackg skating. l LYLE JOHNSON..sav1ng and cautious is I HARLISS JOHNSON..1ove me,love my dog..sil. trig blue trig comm. clg Pol.ann.staffg orch. I ROBERT A. JOHNSON..he can laugh with the jolliest and work with the busiest..tol. clg span.c13 stud.coung nat.hon.soc, presgv.pres. sen. class. I ROBERT D. JOHNSON--the little big shot..h1-y, pres. I MARIUS JOHNSON..thoughts are quieter than all speech. I ROBERT G. JOHNSON..always happy and never sad..track. I RUTH ANN JOHNSON..she has that friendly air about her..s1l.tri3blue trig germ clg Pol. ann. staff. I VIOLET JOHNSON..better late than never. U DONALD JoHNsTON..we Carvn help but like h1m,. proj.c1g nat.hon.socg debateg orch. I JAMES JUNTILLA..glamour boy ofJune '41 and always.. hi-yg stud.coun5 swimmingg golf. I DEVORAH JUSTER..Nch1cnis the word for Deb.. science clg kadimahg comm.c1g fr. cl. l SHIR- LIE KANTER..what astriking personal1ty..span. clg kadimahgscience clubg stud. coun.g choirg S199 Cl- I CHARLCTTE KATZ..friend11ness per- son1fied..kadimah5 comm. clubg band. 114 Movie Magnets, Inc I SIDNEY KATZ..worry ardKitty havenever met. l MARIE KATZ..golly, what a giggle..kadimahg COM. C10 l MIRRIAM KAUFMAN..sweet is the word for you..kadimah5 comm. club. I JOHN KELLY..Kel1y with the Irish smile..base- ball. I CHARLES KENIS..if there's nothing to say he'll say1t..footbaLl. 0 ROBERT KENNING.. mever a dull moment..hiny3 Pol. annual. I SHIRLEY KIMBALL..silence never yet betrayed anyone. I WILLIAM KLATKE..knocked unconscious by a train of thought. I RITA ever-ready-for-fun g1rl..span. clg kadimah. O HENRY KNAUFF..our apparatus king is an all- around good fellow..apparatus. O RUTH KOSFELD ..she's charming andsweet--in all graces com- p1ete..s1l.trig blue trig choir. I CRESCENTIA KRANZ..Sa1ly will make a go of whatever she does..1at. clg blue trig comm. clubg nat. clg stud. coung nat. hon. soc. D MASON KRELITZ..a man of great resourceful- cl. O ARLON KRIEG..art1stic ngobn- to-be..gl1der clg Pol. ann. art staffg track. I DANIEL KROETEN..he'1l mechanize mechanics. 115 For LID KRIJNICX see page 117. I ROBERT KUEHN..what subtle humor this fellow has! I MARION KVASNIK..her jolly air and fund of wit are always sure to make ah1t..kadimah3 comm.c1. I MARCIA LA BEAUX:.the greatest wis- dom is continual cheerfulness. I JAMES LADD..what would wedo without James? bands Orch- 0 GEORGE LANSING..whatever he did he did wel1..footba113track. I GRACE LARSEN.. there are no sweeter..s1l.trigblue tri. presg lat. clg viking clg nat. hon. soc. I GEORGE LARSON..the people's cho1ce..hi-yg baseballg sr.class president. I LOIS LARSON.. princess charming..s1l. trig blue trig stud. coung glee cluhg nat.hon.soc5 sr. class secy. I MARION LARSON..a dependable and friendly person..banking. I SHIRLEY LARSON..such a pretty little red- head..sil.trig blue trlg choirg Pol-wk-Sa1eS5 banking. I JOYCE LATHROP..intel11gence plus.- ger. clg lat. clg nat.hon.soc5 P01-ann-SH1eS5 sr. ch. I JOE LEACH..he'11 fly high in his field. I HAROLD LEBOWSKE..he'l1 make aplace for him- self. I CARL LESTOR..n1ce to look at,nice to know- I ANNETTE LESSMAN..her eyes attract.. kad1mahg, I JULIUS LEVIN..WU-Tell-UmN's a future Goph- pol. wk. salesg pol.ann.sales3 banking. I LORRAINE LINDAHL..qu1et and stud- ious and I JERRY LINDBERG..Jerry and hls flashy car. I MARIAN LOFGREN..Mar1an's just the keene person..1at.c1:blue trigg.a.a. I DONALD L0 ..I'm thespittin'1mage of the other one..nat. hon.socg basketballg Pol.wk.sa1es. I DOUGLAS LOTH..who aml? Doug1orDon?..class mascotgnat. hon.soc3 Pol.wk.sales5 basketball. 116 r I DANIEL LOUNBERG..Danny is a grand boy. 0 FRANCIS LOWE..we steady men arenot appreciat- cl. I LEO KRONICK..without pleasure life would weary be. I MARGARET LUNZER..perhaps business college. I ROBERT MAAS..he's popularwithall thegirls ..hi-ygstud.coun.,presg hockey. I MILDRED MA- HAFFY..she's quietbutshe lefthmrimpression. blue trig comm. clg Pol. wk. I MARY MAHAN..she'll soon be asking, nnumbem p1easen..orator1o. I JEANETTE MALINSKY..women make good cashgkadimahgfr. clg choirg glee cl. I BETH MANNING..the smile that refreshes..b1ue trig seton hig comm. cl. 0 HELEN MARCUS..a girl ofsterling worth..kad- imah. 0 EUGENE MARKS..he'll blaze trails in the air..avia. cl, presg apparatusg track. I VIRGINIA MASON..we'l1 always remember herPenny and Pete. I MARGARET MATHIAS..Babs is a friend worth having. I IRVIN MATTISON..women,wherefore art f1h0U'f--hi-ysbox1ng- 0 ELAINE Mc cA.BE..she en- joys everyth1ng..b1. trigseton higgirl scoutg fr. clg g.a.a. vw I STANLEY Mc CONNELL..unforgettable stan. o 9 GERALD MC pleasant as they come. I EQ QQE is: BEVERLY MC KENNA..I have no cares. 'Q ,M I DOROTHY MELLOH..anotherF1orenceNightingale I ROBERT MENDENHALL..fo1ks are of two kinds,and he is the kind we'd like to be..gandgorchgtrack. I RCSEMARY MIKOLAJIK ..she likes skating and mysteries. 117 K 5 ,.-. , U AUDREY MILLER..we have great faith in her ability. O CHARLES MILLER..drafting will be his life. l ETHEL MILLER..a tal1,n0tab1e red- head called uTorchy.W O RICHARD MILLER..ho1d your hats--it's Dick. I ROBERT P.MILLER..his voice will come toyou through the air waves..span.c1. I ROBERT W. MILLER..c1arinet I RUBEN MILLER..such talent ishard to find.. menorah: Span. clg nat.hon.socg po1.wk.staff. O VIVIAN MITCHELL..clothes conscious Viv. 0 MARCIA MOORVITZ..darling deep dimp1es..bandg orchg kadimahg science. I RAZEL MOORVITZ..short andsnappy..bandgorch3 science cl. O LAURA MOUND..a quiet unassuming lass of sterling I ANNETTE MURRAY..a dark young miss youcan't miss..b1ue tri. O MARY MURRAY..tempest is a teapot. l JUELL NALLICK..a little, loveable, 'Squirt'..g.a.a. I GENEVIEVE NAUMOFF..stenographer at first. l JOAN NELSON..peppy,sporty tri, blue tri, bank cash5comm.clg g.a.a.ggir1 SCOUtS. U MARY NELSON..qu1et and shy with a rosy blush. l ELEANORE NEMEROV..oh that hair, oh those eyes, you must admit she's a prize. U SAUL NIEFELD..unaccustomed as I am to public speaking..menorahg lat.c13chess5 nat.hon.socg debate l ROBERT NOLTING..a man of merit..hi-y. 0 ORVALL NORBY..'Orv'wants to go to the sky. 118 0 JOYCE NORD..she has never been at aloss for friends. I LLOYD NORDLUND..Lloyd is a good natured chap with hidden energies..latingPol. sales, annual sales. I GORDON NORDSTROM.. brains, ability, leadership--Gordy has them club. I JEANNE NORMAN..Jeanre loves art..sil., and blue tri., g.a.a. I GERALD NUDELL..Jerry is a man of action..menorahg chess, nat.hon.soc. I KELLER NYQUIST..a little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men..latin cl., german club. I BETTY OBERG..talent--getting into trouble.. commercial club. I EUGENE O'BRIEN..he'll toot his way thru I JEANNE O'BRIEN..a friend to have and keep forever. 0 DONNA OFFERMAN..she finds her way around.. blue trig pol.wk.sales. I DUWANE OLSEN..a man of hidden talents..boxing. I ROLF OLSEN..he appears to be very quiet, but--..hi-yg choir. I ADELAINE OLSON..ever ready,everdependable.. norse cl. I DORIS 0LSON..silence is more mus- ical than any song..sil.trig blue trigcommer. cl. I EVELYN OLSON..inI1erown quiet way..s11. tri., blue tri.g comm. club. 0 FERN OLSON..a girl who always wears asmile, to be herfriend we'd walk ami1e..sil.trigblue tri. I GEORGE 0LSON..he is our true love,1f there were only more like h1m..stud.coun.5hi- ygnorse cl., annual sales. I RAY F. OLSON.. everybody's friend--nobody's enemy is 'O1s.m 0 RAYMOND A. OLSON..Ra.y is a good matured lad with the hobby of dancing. I MARGARET OPPE- DAHL..a quiet unassuming lass. I MACY ORMAN.. a heart as true as the blue of her mercial clubg band. 119 'W it I ROBERT O'ROURKE..never trouble trouble till trouble troublesyou..box1ng. I HARRIET ORRBEN ..tall, tan, cashg blue trig comm. clubg class treas. I JOHN ORTH..quiet and reserved. I MARJORIE PAPPIN..she is the greatest bless- ing, a true trig seton hyg comm. cl. I BERNICE PASCHKE..vesuvius' step-child.. comm.c1. I JEROME PEDERSON..he forgot to read between the lines. I HARRY the field of business I'1l wander. I MARTIN PERL..Marty's giggle cannot be cashgorch. ICLARICE PETER- SON..there's a world of wisdom in her looks.. blue tri. I DONA MAE PETERSON..the joy ofyouth andheal- th 1sd1splayed.byher tri. I HARVEY PETERSON..deeds aredone forfhllowship. I IONE PETERSON.nher yuietness attracts you.ub1ue trig g.a.a. I JOYCE ANN PETERSON..thy smiles are sunny.. choir. I JOYCE E. PETERSON..a friend we've found worth while..sil.tri3 blue tri. I MILD- RED PETERSON..fondwoffun and always ready for it..comm. club. I MARQUERITE PHELAN..our best wishes, Margie. I NORMA PINKUS..P1nky is aromantisist andhowl ..span.c1g kadimahg choir. I ELLEN PISHKE.. tranquility is its own reward..s1l.tri3 seton hyg blue trig g.a.a. I STANLEY PLATNICK..h1s work was not done in va1n..pol. ann. staff. I GLENN POLLARD..he worries not of tomorrow, but takes life as it comes..h1-yg glee clubg apparatus. I VIOLET POND..smal1 and light and full of fun,she has a smile for everyone..s1l.tri3b1ue tr1gg.a.a. 120 "A" Senior Polaris Salesmen I IRVING POSNICK..pigskin parade..menorahg football. I RICHARD P03T..pep and personality go hand in hand..hi-y5stud.coungbasebal1 mgr. I BETTY's nice to be nice when you're naturally nice..nat.clg blue trigstud. coung choirg glee club. I ALOISE PREUS..a composite picture of all nice things..seton hi3comm.c1. I SIDNEY PROO- first--then work..menorahg1atin clg band. I MIRIAM RAPAPORT..she's the rainbow in our sky..kadimahg comm. club. I PETER open a book brings profit.. chess clg pol.wk.staff. I RICHARD RATHBUN.. things arenever dead.whenDick's around..hi-yg hockey. I MELVIN REE..ab1ue-coated,brass-bot- toned cop. 0 RUXTON REID..I like to think about all the roads leading away from clg proj. clg hi-yg Pol. wk. 0 FRAN- CIS RIEL..there are many types of people, but her type is just her tri. I MARGARET RIVKIN..truly accompl1shed..kadg bank cash. I ELLA ROBBINS..a famous interior decorator to be. I SAM ROCKLER..nRodney the Rockn..bowling. 121 fn I GLORIA RODICH.oI'l1 take theglory road..ka- dimahgscience clg 1at.c1. I RAY ROFFb.we hope to meet him in future life: I ROBERT ROSEN.. what more can one wantcefootballc . I EARL ROSENGREN..good nature precedes all vir- tuesn I VIOLA ROSS..hands that will work to- ward beauty. I WOODROW RUIKKAeQblond1ikemany others, but not undistinguished. I RUTH RUNNERSTROM..her modesty is acandle to her v1rtue..spanec15 si1.tri3b1ue trigart clg choir. I JAMES RUSSELL.ehe spoke not a word but went straight to his work, I CERALY SACK- TER..never a dull moment. I HAROLD SAKS..maybe he'll coach at North someday.I IEANETTE SALCHERT..etta kett..comm. clg seton hyg stud. coung choir. I HAZEL SALO ..sweet is the word-for you. I DAVE adventurous sou1..appara- tus. I DEERA SANDERS..a model girl for amodel career..kadimah. I JEANETTE SANDGREN..oneree- son why gentlemen prefer tri. I DORIS charming and delightful as the art she clg nat. clg science clg blue trigstud. coung orch. I JOYCE SATTER when she rolls by all stop to watch. I JEROME SCHEIN..turn out the1ights,Schein's shining.. science clg menorahg nat.hon.socg track. I KATHERINE SCHENDEL..wh1ch half? I MARIE SCHENDEL..the other half. I SHEPARD SCHIFF.. Shep's Bike club. 122 I GEORGE SCHOEN..he was not made to climb the tree:ofknowledge..boxing. IMARTIN SCHOENBERG- ER..busy as a button..P9l.wk.staff5 baseball. I ALVIN SCHOENECKER..hats off to 'DutchH!.. footballg basketball. I HARRY SCHUMAN..he lets hislight shine with- out turning the spot Ml clg ed. Pol. wkg chess clg nat.hon.soc. I DOROTHY SCHWARTZ..knowledge is bliss..comm. clg kad- imahg Po1.wk.sa1esg bank cash. I VERA SCHWE- BACK..likeable as she's 1ookable..stud. coung blue trig seton hy. I LUCILLE SCONE..I'm a good skate,push me a- 1ong..seton hyg g.a.a. I RUTH SHER..she came as astranger andleft as afriend..Pol.wk.sales fr.clg comm.clg nat.hon.socg kadimah. I WIL- NA SHERARD..sweet rememberances grow from good clubg oratorio. I MORRIS SHERMAN..never content with touching the surfaceeofthings..nat.hon.soc3lat.cl5men- orahg orch. I MARGARET SHINDER..slender and graceful, an expert modern dancer..kadimah. I CLAIRE SHORE..she sings and sings and sings. I HARRY SHRAGOWITZ..I always do my best,I do what I can and leave the rest..orch5 band. I EVELYN SIMON..she knows all the newest fads.. kadimahg span.clg bank cash. I MINNIE SIMON.. Minsue has the most beautiful red ha1r..band5 comm. club. I DOUGLAS SIZER..I'1l be merry, and I'll be free,but I'll besad for nobody..choir. I JACK SKINNER..he knows alot'm1thejust can't think of 1t..footbal1g trackg basketball. I GORDON SMITH..why hurry? time flies anyway. U RICHARD SMITH..I don't know what I'm going to be..nat. cl. I JACK SOKOL..he'11 take it into account. I RALPH'1l find him on the 'ag' campus. 123 . . 'ir J. I RUSSELL SOLSVIG..he smiled and said, "Don'1 rush me gir1s" class sarg. at armsgstud. coungchoirghockey. I JACK SPEWAK..great mind: bespeak great action..span. clg meng na.t.hon socg footballg trackg wres. I ROBERT SPEISS.. hemakeshisteacherswork overtime.uhi-ygtnwk I WILLIAM STARMACK..he'l1 be with the 'Fight- ing Irish." I GERTRUDE STEFFENS..ga11opin' Gerty..comm. clg seton big blue trig jr.a.cad. science. I SYLVIA STEFFENS..sports fan deluxe ..comm. clg blue trig g.a.a. I BEATRICE STEIN..a friend with plenty of friends..seton hyg comm. clg bank cashg stud. COUYI- I SARA STEINUAN..pretty,dignified, and charmingustud. coung comm. clg kadimahg nat. hon. socg science. I DONNA MAE STEPHAN..her ways are qu1et,but silence is eloquentustud. coung blue trig seton hy. I LORRAINE STEVENS. .she's rich in good deeds. . blue tri? comm. cl. I FARRELL STIEGLER..his quiet intelligence was one of our class's chief assets..jr.acad.sc1ence3 nat. hon. socg bandg Orch- I MAXINE S'l'.JOHN..a fine librarian she will clg g.a.a. I DON STONE..commercia.l art attracts me..base- ball. IRIVOLI STRAUSS..quiet leadershipnlat- C13 comm. clg kadimah. I HARRY STRUZOWSKYHB trumpet playing chiropodistuband. I ELLIS STUBENBERG.."Stup1d" can'tbe stupid. I HARRIET SULARZ..'ln her work and inher play, she's invariably gay. I MANUEL SWATEZ..his friends best know his true cashg stud. coung band. I NEALE a young heart everything is fine. IEARL wealth likeaquiet mannoratorio. I RALPH nice as he is handsomeuapparatusg wrestling. 124 I NORMAN THINGVALD..quiet and pleasant inall his ways,he'll gain great success in futurefdays club. I IRENE THOTLAND..hermanneris quiet and dignified. I LCUS THOUR..pleasant, busy,friendly,true5she always knows just what to do. I JENNIE TOLEDO..our spanish m1ss..g.a.a. I SHIRLEY TOUW..we never hear enough from you.. comm. clg blue trig seton hy. I PHYLLIS TRAV- IS..she's a real girl through and through.. comm. clg blue trig seton hy. 0 LOIS TRUEDSON..quiet seeming, but when you know her--..comm.clg blue trig g.a.ags1l.trig girl scouts. I WALLACE VAN WIRT..give me a test tube and an apron. I VANCE VELASCO..tal- ent in a small clg orchg boxing. U MARVIN VERSTAGEN..sometimes Isit andthink, sometimes I just sit..football5 basketballg baseball. O JACK VOSLER..God bless theman who invented clubg hi-yg stud. coung hockey. IHELEN WACHTER..I love only one Kat H t1meJ..comm. cl. I GERALD WALLER..always ready to orah. I JOSEPH WEIDERHOLD..what a laugh!.. apparatus. I JOSEPH WEINMEYER..affable and friendly. I ROSALYN WEISBERG..such beautiful long black hair..comm.clubg glee cl. I MARJORY WEISS.. nBashful' isn't bashful..comm. clubg kadimah. D MILDRED WEISS..Midge of Montana..kadimah5 art clg science cl. I EDISON ardent football fan. l MARIE WETHERILLE..what will the bulletin boards do without her? clg bulletin bd. I IRENE WHALEN..our slander twir1er..stud. coung choirg band. 125 mlb' Burnarr Blat Charles Bowen Patricia Callan Richard Carlson Charles Carter Richard Gotten Richard Dols Frank DuBois Alfred Eberle David Elkenbaum Gordon Finnemore Viola Gamble June Gobel George Gordon I KATHLEEN WILDER..her heart iswarm and glad- blue tri. I MARY WILSON.. cute and smart is ' sil.tri3bl. trig nat. clg bank cash, nat. hon.socg choir, glee c1gband,f1ag twirler. I WILLIAM WILSON.. liked here, liked there, liked everywhere.. hi-yg football. I MARILYNN WITTE..successful sub-deb..stud. coung lat. clg nat. cl, presg choir, nat.hon. socg blue tri. I ROBERT WORWA..he may be shy, but there's a twinkle in his eye..stud. coung ger.cl5 hi-yg hockey. I MARY ANN WRZOS..she's a cheerful type, a girl we all I NORMAN YAROSH..success comes on with arapid gait to the fellow who goes to meet it..bandg orch. I ESTHER ZEESMAN..the longer you know her the better you like clg kadimahg ger.clg band. I MILDRED else canwe describe her but sweet and likeable..kad1mahg comm.c1. I DONALD ZIMMER..sober andthoughtful..Pol.wk. sales. I SHIRLEY ANN and ac- tive with brain and poise..kad1mah5 n.h.singg sc.cl3 jr.acad.sc3 I ROSE ZWEIGH- BAUM..her shadow is taller than she..kad1mah. CAMERA-SIIY GRADUATES Isadore Grossman Gerald Hagen Mary Jane Haverty Donald Hennes Oliver Houivenen Elmer Hynes Alberta Ingison Robert L. Johnson James Jones Dorothy Kagan Robert Kelner Donald Knuppel Shirley Lazere David Lerner Eleanor Lyse Elmer Maehren Zane Mann Frank Neeson James Norman Herbert Nutter Donald Ross Leon Slattery Paul Sockness Arden Slattine Arvid Wilson Margaret Zane Sam Zinsberg Babes in the wood... Vait a minute--I want :andy bar too... . X ff At comptometer school... sm suors E Q 3 Q. - North's RembrantS We three--- RITA ............ JIM ...... DOLLY ..... CARMEN ...... CHICK BEAN ...... ED LOVETT ....... GENERAL ESTEBAN. ROBERTO FERGUSON KATIE BEAN ...... PADRONE ......... CORPORAL WILKINS MCGINN .......... LOLITA .......... DAVALOS ..... GONZALES .... YOIIIG APRIL PRESENTED by JUNE GRADUATES An adolescent comedy sequel to HGROWING PAINS ' Presented Way first and second. Bye bye, Bertg feel better now, Terry? We wonder how that lipstick got on there in the first place! 129 'HCL Prof. Mclntyre ---- Sheldon Berenson Geo. Mclntyre- Mavis Felix Mrs. Mclntyre ----- ---- - -----Harold Lebowske Lula ------------------- Doris Sanko Vivian ---------------- Amy Ann Butt Elsie -------------- Margaret Rivkin Brian Stanley-- Terry Mclntyre- Rert Parsons--- Dutch ---------- Pete ---------- -------Saul Niefeld Faith Brost Marcella Blandenier ---------Bob Miller --------Max Guttman ------John Bahnemann Stewart Willer -------- David Dewahl Mrs. Miller- ------- ---- Claire Shor M1ldred -------- Jane -------- --- Diana Gilmore-- Extra Boys ----- Student Coaches -----Betty Ginsberg -------Irene Whalen Crescentia Kranz -----Marilynn Witte ---William Jellison Lyle Johnson Frank Johnson Gerald Flau -----Esther Zeesman Norma Eaton Faculty Coach: Miss Alice Davidson "About the only time I get to use my bicycle is when I go out after school with the other girls for G. A. A.," says Jean Olson. Few girls havebicycles by the time they reach high school so they are glad to have the chan.ce to meet someone who has one they use. "I like to hike, so I am glad to meet others who will hike with me," Marlys DeMarias said. The girls who come o-ut for Hiking can go anywhere they de- sire. There must be several who wish. to go at a time. At least one hourmust be spent each evening. Hiking. Row One: M. DeMoruis, R. Ganley, A. Lopicko. Row Two: H. Deveryj M.Christ- enson, D.L. Kipp, D. Christensen. is 93355619 1 G: ?'.l'QMl?6Lfl 1'-Hia' TWFEH7 ' -' - Bicycling. Row One .T.Olson, J. Nollick Row Two: A. Lopi Cko L. Mound, E. Edin Swimming. Row Cne: E. Rohling, C. Burk, A. Lopicko, D. Rust. Row Two: C. Robin, S. Soffrin, G. Grey, M. Sutherlond.Rcw Three L.Lothrop,M.Bolstod. Row Four: Lorentzen, P.Curlson, M. Kowa- lezyh, M.Hoqen. "I learned how to play golf after schoolwithout theexpense many people go through to learn the game," said Rae Molde. Before anyone can come out for golf,she must have atleast four clubs, the amount needed to play on any course. One is taught how to handle the differ- ent clubs,the1r names,and when to use them. After all this is taught by one ofthe gym teach- ers, a test, made by the girl in charge, is given. "I sure appreciate a chance to go swimming with someone that can teach me something that I do not know about swimming," says La Vaun Powers. There is no special night set aside for Swimming after school, but rather any night the girls can go. This makes it easier for the girl who can not come on special nights of the week. Golf. Left to right: Lo Voun Powers, Rue Mo1de,Mory Lou Kowa- lezyh, Shirley Burk, Irene Chesebro, Mar- lys Wetster Diomondboll. Pow One: D.Rust, I.LQthrop,M. Kowolezyh. Row Two: G.Grey, S.Soffrin,C. Robin. Row Three: M. Sutherland, Lopicko, G.Condoluci.Row Your P.Curlson, R.GQn1ey, L.Pile. Row Five: M. Bolstad, I"I.I-logen, S. Burk. Row Six: J.Lo- rentzen, C.Bu1'k, E. Pohling. "I like diamondball best because many persons canparti- cipate eventhough they may not havemuchplaying ability. Also it is 8-game not hard to learn," replied Joyce Kronstadt. The sport that most girls goemltfor isDiamondball. Teams are formed and names chosen. Anyone can play Diamondball, don't forget the after school classes are to teach those who do not know, how to play- Eicmondbell. Row Zne M. De-MoroisJ R.Gonley J.Nc1l1iCk, M.3u'Jiti Row Two: M. Lofgren J. Powers, I.Olson, A Lopicko. Row Three S.Goldstein, E.SCh1o ners, E. Cahill, P Dill. Row Four: J' Lorentzen, I. Kron etedtJ C. Leader, I Chesebro. HE ' H ' . Tennis. Row One: M, Lofgren, E. Edin! B. Shugg. Row Two: L. Tornell, A. Rinker, L.Mound. "Tennis is one game that people play after they leave school," says, Elvy Edin. Tennis after school is no different from any other game of tennis. The girls must furnish their own tennis racket and also their own balls. They play in the courts on the sides ofHobbs field. The one thing that every girl strives for in G.A.A. is an Emblem., It is the highest honor agirl can receive in high school sports. It takes 1000 points to earn one. An"N" takes 600 points. Out of the 600,at least 200 must be earned in in- dividual sports. l ll tv, x I --Carol Robin Benefits derived from the G. A. A. are many and can be obtained by all girls. Playing games makes one energetic and alert. What may he more impor- tant, in G. A. A. a girl may make friendships which will last throughout her entire life. The first sport I entered was badminton. I didn't know how to play,but the other girls taught me. The gymnastic in- structor taught us the fundi- mentals ofbowling,that popular new sport. As the year went by, the spirit ofthe girls became keen- er, rather than more lax. As one girl to another, I wou1dn't miss the opportunity of entering the organization and taking part in its activi- ties. A K S : .IIllIOIl.. when I first came to North in 10 B, girls from the G.A.A. Board came into my gym class and spoke on G. A. A. Having always been interested in sports, I decided to earn points for a letter. I have taken part in every sport that has been off- ered, but my favorite of them all is badminton. I think this is because I get apersonal sat- isfaction out of playing it. There is no team behind me to back me up as there is in bas- ketball. With badminton, I'm on my own. I have never been sorry that I took G. A. A. and I do not think that any other girl at North would be either. There is a certain thrill of pride that comes when you wear your letter because it stands for so much. --Je an Lathrop Upon learning that an "N" and an emblem could be earned in G. A. A.. I was even more en- thused than formerly about join- ing the organizatiin. Then I heard how many points were re- quired for each. My heart sank, but I was determined to get all the points I could. After get- ting started,my points mounted higher and higher and I soon had the required number for an "N". As my interest increased, I supervised some of the sports. I encouraged several girls to join and they have many times expressed their appreciation to me. Above a1l,I like G. A. A. because of the many, many fri- ends I have made while playing. --Gloria Condoluci 136 3 fl ,R 2-W- V" ' iii WQEIDNN Z "' fx. IPS RIEG l ' xy 11---0 , 3 -1-1.x ,x I R "DfUMM RIP TI Here they are---the 1940 Polar champions. The beautiful trophy,won in the Carleton meet,can be seen in the hands of' the catcher, Don Erickson. Row One: E.Perry, A.Lehromon, C.Harrer,D.Erickson, J.Cow1es,K. son, A.Hen Kenneth, K D.Swonson, C.Curter. T.BriereJ ning, I.Ho11mon, W.Ke5s1er, J.Wiggin, W. .EriCkson, D.Johnson. Row Three: M.Ree, N.Koch, P. Sockness,R.Guzzo, L.Johnson, Row Four: T.Wi1der, D.Phenow, H.Cherry, L.Bolnick, J. Kelly, E.Isoocs. Erickson,G.Lorson. Row Two: R.Hendrick- r 1 3 BASEBALL Once again a 'Iorth High team has come through in championship style. The Polar men of baseball proved to be the conquering heroes copping the city prep baseball championship, and winding up a suc- cessful season. Under the expert coaching of Tom Kennedy the team -:halked up the impressive record of' 20 victories out of 24 games. Entering the Carlton meet with an average of 1,0009Z they walked off with the class L Champion- ship for large cities. This title amounts to the same as the State Championship. This is the second successive time that the team has won this honor. The high spirited polar pelters inaugurated the season with an impressive 4 to 2 win over West,and then went on to gain a season total of65 points to the opponents 28. Averaging 7.33 runs and 15 hits per game for the season the team was paced by Lefty Erickson with a .520 batting average. The sterling Perry-Lehrman conbination backed hy the three Erick- sons made the Polars invincible. "Its right across the old plate." The Sparkplug of the Polar Diamond- men is hurler Clarence Harrer. The pitching staff' consisted ofmany fine ball tossersa, but "Clar" was one of' the best. 139 . South 2 " Roosevelt 3 " Washburn O "' 8 Central 6 '16 Marshall 3 "' 9 Vocational 6 "' 7 Put Hunk O 'ii 'I North Edison 2 "f K Skimming over thehigh hurdles is track captain George Bales. It was the smooth form of this fleet footthatenabledthePolar men to come through the season in a ve ry successful style. TRACK Row One: L.Burnett, Couch, J. Reynolds, J.Shelske, R.Spiess, M.Chester, D.Aho, G.Bo1es, J. Skinner, C.LvnCh, J.Cheins, R. Johnson. Row Two: A.Gc1rtz, R.Kc1dlec, J. Forcea, S.Ad191', J. Spewclk, D.Dc1chis, J.So1omen, W. Jel1ison,T.Mu1'phv. Pow Three: O.Duke1ow, A.Krieg, R.VQn Drosek, R.Pe1'1'in, C.Jocobs,R.Sond- blade, W. Van Drosek. Coach 'Louie' can be seen giving the boys some advice during pre-season pract1ce.The crowd toward the right gives proof that WLou' really has a magnetic personality. 140 7"-ifiy A We , 3 AF f Winging his way along is thisyear's toplmrospect, fleet footCal Jaccbs. Cal the pride of the cinderman can be seen above broad jumping and to the right practicing his now famous sprint. 141 4:.,. ,, ,J , Starting the season by scoring 22 points in the Metropolitan Meet, North High's track team experienced one ofits bestseasons under Coach Louis Burnett. Led by handy-man George Bales, the squad went on to victories over Vocational and Pat- rick Henry andwere narrowly defeated1urRoose- velt and Edison. Cal Jacobs, state broadjumping champion, broke the broadjumping record in almost every meet that.heentered. The mighty mite was also a star in the dashes. Don Aho was a fine running mate for Cap- tain Bales at the hurdles. Don succeeded in placing against some of the state's finest. Though not state champiins, Bob Johnson, Ralph Ferrin,Richard Sandb1ade,and James For- ceia were welcome additions to the squad. The team wound up in aburst ofglory,gar- nering 9 points in the State Meet. Row One: R. Rubin, R. Biorn, R. Demcke, Row Two: J. Young, D. Lindblom, I. Sch- loner, D.Juntillo. Row Three: R.Kohler, C.Gellermon, Couch Larson, R. Olson, H. Kost. Row One: M. Christiansen, W. Gilson, S. Rickter. Row Two: E.Levinson, J'.F1'ied- mon. Row Three: H.Shragowitz, Mr.Lind- mon, J. Schwartz. GOLF Under the expert first year coachingofCar1 Lar- son, the linkmen of North carried on the school tra- dition for fighting teams. Winning six out ofnine tournaments the team was well stocked by the indi- vidual starring of'Schlon- er, Young, and Linhlom. TEIIIS Enjoying its most suc- cessful season in years, the .North High Tennis team of 1940 wound up the sum- mer's campaign in fourth place. The squad, under Coach Arthur Lindman won four matches, conquering Marsha1l,Edison,Washburn, and Vocational, and dropped the same number,losing to West, Central, South, and Roosevelt, for a 500 per- cent average. 142 When the final bell had rung, there emerged into the limelight seven newly crowned champions. Out of all pugilistic minded polar fisticusses, these fortunate fewremained. Coached by headpugs Williams andCo1lins these boysworkedpatiently nightafternight on the well-known theory that it is better to give than receive. Walking out of the ring under their own locomotion to be crowned chamns were! Heavyweight: R. Juster Light Heavy: W. Gleason Middleweight: C.' Johnson Welterweight: D. Olsen Featherweight: B. Dougherty Lightweight: H. Davis Bantamweight: R. Hynes 'Getzn Rosenhloom .F1yweight: D' Riemer B Velasco Paperweight: . BOXING Row One: V'.Shurick, V. Velesco, B. Daugherty. Row Two: GS.Schoen, M.Mattison, C.Green. Row Three: P.l-olmloncl, S.Addison, P. Smith. Row Four: S.Ty1er, C.Tav1or,H.Dnvis, S.McCone1l, Row Five: B.Chinnock, G.Rosenb1oom, N. Camp- bell, T.Yc'ung. Dick Quigley I'0LlllI EDITOR-IN-CHIEF GERRAINE HOLCOMBE JANUARY ROSTER VIVIAN NEWSTROM Doris Nelson Muriel Quady Marguerite Rachac Margaret Marcell JUNE ROSTER EVELYN FLITTIE Bessie Center Mary Wilson Susannah Hall BOYS' SPORTS SAM DAVIS Eddie Buckstein Kenneth Eldred GIRLS' SPORTS RAE MOLDE FACULTY LORRAINE HENDRICKSON S lllllll STAFF VARITYPISTS GERRAINE HOLCOMBE Marian Roa Audrey Berg CLUBS MARTHA GALLION Ruth Ann Johnson Carole Carlson ART STAFF DORIS SANKO Burton Charles Wilma Fuller Arlon Krieg Virginia Biorn BUSINESS ROBERT KENNING Marliss Johnson STAFF ADVISER MISS RUTH NORMANN ART ADVISER MISS JANE THICKINS 144 if ' PQ ' w 1 7 A Y 'ic if "r I P 4 '44 r f X I 1' 1 ,Y lb 'X 1 M ,,,,,,,,.,,, -" "" '7'w?'M7 U, .--1-vilili N T -V. gr Vx!N'X. "'1,,,' 'v wx,-v-...N j3r4g-..iL11'l!-W-f-j-44-......-J4m.x.rg 'YV Vw' J"f"r' 1 r- 1" ' "f F" T' r I Q' i ,L--f .. ' " 5' mf, i 'NHS 1' - . , t 1 . ' f ll ji'- ' f 1 1 F 1 1 , V I4 NK f XTX' Mx!! - L... ,...,. -H n. - f, ii ff 'Y H Iii" 'srl Dlklff. SAN 4,4 i 4 it I 1 . I ' x 1 9' I A nl' X X V . , 5 V Y V 1 ' r 1 , 4' ' IJ ,u . x ' lk ix . I 5 P-mann-5. -0' 1 ' -.-J 1' f I . X5 I 4 I f' M ' I X V -Q A ffif T . ' f u ' I 'X NN Q 'fn ' uf1,, N F' ff J N firm Rx W mf X wg! I . -+......1- ' --gAQ big' 1 , 1 ' ' ,I X ,i I, ' ,,,f'- If 1 ' 4 m fzffe if - U K'ff"f,"4 .. ' 1 ' ' , I 1 ss, if T ,Q--xA,.:Q-Alx ., pi A-A if I F I .....,,,,- ,-,V-, ,l SQ- ,.' , '--- , A , . W---.- , ,' "-.' N-L.""1 ' SPSW 1 , ' ' 1 9' '

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