North High School - Polaris Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN)

 - Class of 1931

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Text from Pages 1 - 194 of the 1931 volume:

7' 1' 7 A 1 ., K, QQ lf., f' ' . F ...ff- fiaf? 3 Ex Libris mg- f 1TC:ff.::.., , N.--. XA ,I - K. ,,:-5: g 5 v.,.m ,-, Q, . QU.. , . , ' A V+'--N ,1',,-.: .Q ' ' '1 v.9.lf ..: I-4 K, , 3 ,Q - , Q. 4 b. Aa 5,1 J,-r K ,- Z., . A . Q - tx, V ' I- K 'J' - ,JT X :mln Qf' Q, . -7.7. Af-I-f Q .iie f V! .,, s .,.R?, .5-HH, y. ,-.M IW ,. " -qv- X , , ,- . X . LY., 4 ,-4 ' I LAQA J .ff i, 4.54 :br .k J uf Q, A - TT A. my , fm glf Ljrig ::,g.LN"- ffumx -- ' f HL ui ,A 4- , -52.5 ,. "1 "-,,v' , , ,, 5, .. The Annual publicaticzn of the Senioif cfasses of NGRTI-I HIGH SCHCDOL in Minneapolis, Minnesota VOLQQ '19 31 - r To the true blue Spirit of North, as symbolized by the carved Figures 'oi the totem pole, we, a the students of the graduating classes of 1931, ,dedicate this, our annual. The owl, signifying the Wisdom ol'ourlaculty,the bear,repf resenting athletic prowess, the beaver, the co-operation of the student body, the seal, the interest 'talcen in school activities, the penguin, the carefree moments ol school life I. . all charac- terize the spirit that inspires the laculty, the student body, and the alumni ol i North l-ligh School. g i Table ol Contents l l. Aslmlnlstretlen l lla lgvsieir lll. Clubs lV, ' Atlwletlcs V. Aczliivligles anal lectures As the Alaslcan lnclians erect totems' before their homes to memorialize re- marlcable events, so the senior classes of 1931 have made a North High tribal crest to symbolize by carved figures the phases ol their lives at North. Just as the Aurora Borealis brightens the Northern slcies, the Polaris lights up the five totem emblems: the owl, the bear, the beaver, the seal, and the penguin symbols of student life at North i-iight School. 0 NSXN SHS N I JW! f f'ffz lm f Q f M V V V , V V. V , . . V V, V V 1 V.. VV . V , , , . V V. . V , ' 12.21. X ' - . V V - AV V VJ, - . VV 'V . f .V ' ii " V V . 'V ' k A V L V K "NU - V, ..., ' "X . ' V , ,V - - V ,- V V ' V V-, -9. 1 1. VJ, N Y . . - ,VV V N " , 'A x, V Q ,, ' , V V -., , V -x . V . . V. VV V V V V , . VV V . , ,V f, f 1 .V Vx V V J V 4 , V. I' 'x' V V 4 .K , ' I LV" ' "1 , V V 'x ' V V V . Q . V ,- V , -x' V , . . , V' f'V j Q V fx, .V . . V ' V- ' A f- V '- VV Q - 'TV-' V5 V- " .-Vffg V . , . , 2 V V ' ' . J , V V V .V , V , VV. V V, .Vg -X 1 V - , ,f V V . ,V ,JV V, ,V ,V VV V- VVV V V . . , x V V J, V ..., V V , V , ,V V - - '- . V , M ,V V V' f V N V : ', ,, 5 - V -f V V V V " , , 19- . . VV ,. V- V V V , V ff- 4' -:VNV-"'--V' , ' 1' my - V y.V ,. Vw.. V V ,VVV V Q- V V J ,V VV. - V. J 1 .K .VV J V . , V- e 1 V . f. - V , V . . , . . V f . - V- ' V .. . , ' .' , K - 1V x .V V V V- V . + ,. . ' vf . , .- VV V V . V VV .V , Q, ' VeV- V- 4 N V , " V -V V f Q V " ' 'FA V-P, A . ' V V " . 3 ' 75 f V ik 71- V 'L ' Vf' L""1 ' 'W " V V "3 V' L ffif- V '-Q V ff--' "' - . V f-7. .1 , V 'V' fn. .. , - .-VVV.f ,ff ,--,f . -.V r , V . VV . V V. -V - - QV ,Vg V - V V V ,f V5 .V V f' - V, , -V, 1 ' V VV - VV 'V' V. V ' VV QVVIVQ - . 'V .1 YV 'V ,-1 V gl, V - '- VV rj- M VV V V . V ,.- .- ,.- ..V -4- X -1V.- V, - .-,. -rf V ,V , .V ,- ,-V : .. V if ' VV V-V HVV- H V -V ' V -- V if ii 3 2, ni -5 9: 3 5 yn -V, a-k"',V,'H 1.411 V..,'-"V V V V .G TV - 'V 'V 4V".' V VV VQ'1V--f V.. 'QV' 'Z I-'V"VV,f V4- V V --V .' ' ' 1' V V , V-'i 'c. V V ' 'V ,AJ - ff HIV". .Q if V' -7 VV,7, f.V5'- . w -' 'ML VV 1,123 .V V- ,V , J-V " '- ' if-.VVV V, V 4.12 Vf V -1 VVPV., F- 2 V.. ,,-V 'i.f!VV3.'VfV .gi VV " ,. ' ,-.QV 1 ,VRVVV V ' VV V 'YV V VV -gg' V V VVVjV ' 'V . -V -VV, V V V -, Q'-.1 'T 'VY VV ' 'V V V ,v,, ' ' V 1V"T ' 5 ' V V - VV: Q ' 'V- V--' f-QVV 'V V -1- , VV -,. 1V,.e .. .V , V- VVVVVVVKV, ,VV,V1V -V ,V KV, 4. ,V V5 V, .,VfV-,tgxfh ' V 1- , - . . T' Q N- V '--'V ,. 'V J-QV VH . -J L. VVjV 'V K V if VV... V- 'V ' V ', VV. ,. V 'VJ' ,V, :V 'V .V " " V' - V V.--fi V V. Q -- -- -. 1' - - -- , ,V f '-V ' 11: .V V ,V VV V , V bu: .,, FG, -careers V -V V - .V ,f 1 'V J- V : --- -'V .V LV V Mg. gj'V,V V ' --VV V., '-' -V --,'- V',-f.,' V ,V , ' V .JV - . --V-21, .V V - , f V, Q . .V Vm- V-VV.-V5 --VV V ij V V V-. V V VV-- V, V.. VQ..VVearning,.spQfz,,an -pleVasUrg.VV. VVQVV - V VV -V V - -Vi .Vi " lf.: lf if A VV ,VVVVV-WV ,V f VVV -V,.,i-:V ,V ' VVV,:'2V TVVV ATV". VSVTVXVF-QV , ei V ggi V V I fi 'Q' fn. 1. ' uf :V flf1.PV--.1V.,w .V 'faeii ,Va -:fVV -- r VV V, aff ,V .s,V2ffV if :-Veal.-lg, -53 Vifffgifzif 745' g..-V53-' -if -1'-V.'V,-f-if. .vE7v.g2:'1f1Vfg5 V' Qi'-,-1. VV'-2-9,45-Vffiii-Q'.'11k1sVVg2FffZ-ff"'i'r-s'-'4-g,V1vV- Qf+V-.,VTl'V..,--fY?':EiV-VV-Ajgvlhvr ifzfgif '15 1 V. 2 3--L VV ,Rf -' .I " . 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V V A .V '- f V V V ., 'VVf, V . . , - 'x . f VV.. ,V V V . 5' V V - - , 7, 1 ll l Q er windy hill, through clogged ravine, And woodland paths that wound between Low drooping pine-boughs, winter weighed f N 4 vis 1' F . QQ? I QR lf 25215. .C v' ' LW '3 N! . X V 1 is 1 N The Wise owl, who forms the base of the totem, represents the faculty whose Wisdom is the foundation of the school. f ,w!fW. " Mfg . 'Miz' . miif y. , x ,,, - N5 ,A ff b v' , f- . , V 'ff Q V ' L u , -M: A ,-,fa J ,Nf ' g . h--, My -, f v w --W A WY ,f y if 'A 0 ww -Q-.afrw I , M -fa, Q , . , . . z J . af . , ' iw? 5, l f in 1 -1' A-A A f' J V If M .. LH ., " f,'4','::. :5f5E :. Xkffif. ' :!,::',-ry: f nf' x 74' t'2.7EF55'-1' If ,Q 5l'Q."df,:f':f,' H' -If ' -'g, . W fi N . p 6 L .Zz-A, K K K I , -fav-:rg Mfw, . ww-,.,f: za X -' saw:-K. ,., . ,'Q..f:,-:... f i 3 ' " ,X W' A M3725 :f?:E":-T "'-,ff -1 -- Mile' ff?" ' .R , yfif. .4 MSW.. bi mf r f , ffl ' ' him' . "' , 'pta ,w . - ' Hin. 9, A .::"fw'-ix "S--fiE'RE:: .fr25'-"1,q, '- ff?-tial. . 7 , kg 1 apex-7. ' .. ?fT.Q' . 551554 ' , 'Eff-:QQ ,, V' ' -MQW W 5: 4 M, . . - 2 -:L-, ,A Q ,, -M3334 1 ,, H, f -K vw f Am " M. KA W :-mafia, V.. ek, aa v::-awww :wa---I.. w - as ' ' - Kip - W , 1 W M, nn, Mk , .--,mb . - .., Hg. ,.,,2.,4 ,A ,, ,.-i..,..,-1.1,. .. , 5 2 -if: Q 5 - - , my - X -- -- xx: 9325- :H - L P W if ' gif .gg-,Q - , , -- ' , ,. - A . L ,, ' L L . , f '- , eeiffgqi 'ff -f 2 fw fx , ' I y J. '- ' S " P W ,. A , V- , ' , X? A X . - --" " f 5 - , ,-, - K .X ,A 8 L: -3- .,- ,.f. ., rs-A . fs - :uf--:,.,,5 .a . , :msp - i A W - yr U ' . . '- - ,wiwg-ilfswiwif'- , ' Y zz. 7 . ie , , ggi, 'V is J F' Wi ' Q24-1 f'H'Xi2?'1 " ' ' kia , -:lf ":!l'4.E1,ii...:.EP'I-. WAY? 'U ,. ' 'L f 1' " 'dfrf 92 551 f e., 5 ' ,, - ' 3,12 , HfMi24Q, gp- my Q J W' - A ffgggqg-: an ' cf f f ...Q -' if .- nf Q .2Qe,w.Wg4? ., 14 , ,. ,fs . mf gl , Zfw Lu k. , Q,-.', ,,My,,,.f, -- ' 'K-'QL H J XYVZ 1' fa 1- H :- Max. , :fy-, HSQQM-1 2 ' .,,. , 'iw-f-01 me ' 'V -in Q4 ' "" -A I 4' HSeZ4W:wL,yi'fm Q- , ' k k QQ 1 E ' ' V ' ' K? , ' -. I 1 wi' 1235 if wi f QQ- ' ' Never yet was ei springtime, Late though lingered the snow, That the sap stirred not at the whisper OF the south wind, sweet and low!! ' V iw' "Y k Y'3t?1I2Xi5i2:1w: . V. V . F , A C U T Y K fl My V KT - vi k fm J. I 'X 'A , 31 f x7 "Y AQ . ,. - X 1. wx N 2 ix . 4' K' wi' 3"-'F 'Z Z ww. ,- A 1 J' 1- ,J- lf, i . QM, 1.4 --5.3 1 -. .. f fx 1 Q v ,...,,, fr -Q v , X ,., A , J 'rvil -Q X f rf. K.:- -,I 4 ,W .xx . N V ,A ,-f , ,xr ,. 4,11 I . if, A ,.-Y mf, 1 A , 'f 1" . .L P ORTH HIGH SCHOOL has grown from small beginnings to the largest senior l1igl1 in the State of Minnesota. lVe have felt for many years that the unity of faculty spirit and the Willingness to sacrifice personal ease and comfort for the good of the school has been a marked characteristic at North High. This spirit of personal sacrifice has been definitely noticeable in the student body. A significant evidence of the disposition to serve has been seen in the many clubs and organizations formed for tl1e definite purpose of service. The motto of North High, adopted many years ago and translated from the Latin, is "By courage and not deceit." It is the hope of the faculty that all the young people wl1o go out into the world of responsibility this year really feel the desire to achieve in the spirit of the motto of this school. This will be indicated by the record they have left in the pages of this book. Those who have especially given their best effort that we all may enjoy and be inspired by this yearbook will get a satisfaction which will be ever an urge to go on to other and higher honors. We salute with due deference those of tl1e graduating classes of January and June 1931. May the days at North High be to you ever a memory of true happiness because you have done your best for school and self. VV. VV. HOBBS Principal Eleven l ,..,1f4f Twelve l I I'llli-IDERICK NV. G.x'l'i:s,axsistz1ui 1lI'illi'ip?ll uucl gIK'I1L'l'Zll boys' ull- visc-1', aids iu Ill'0lJll'IIl'i ul' siucly Jll1dCOHdllCl, suggests what sub- jects to izikv, and elim-ks nu Senior credits. His kindly guill- uucc in ull scliool affairs vu- l'0l1I'ilg'CS many to continue iu their effortb for uu advzuu'4-cl l'lillL'ililOIl. Bliss 'l'u11ru5s.x Mruiuix' is tlu- Voczxtiouul Counselor to wluuu pupils bring: prolmlculs l'K'g'Zll'Cl' ing liiizuu-cs, outside- work, :mud future vm-ations. She gives uid to ucecly studculs and zidviscs iu lll2lttC1'S cmuteruiug the rclzl- 'riuusliip of school :uid home. Bliss l1'II1llKlISA BIL'CI.I'1lE und Miss SAIQAII S'1'AMm1 lmve gun- crul bllIM'l'VlNiUI1 of ilu' lllJl'ill'Y. Tlu-y are aided by eight stu- ilvut Zl5NlStil1liS who uri- plzlu- uiugr to lmecmuff iil!l'ill'iilllS. The Ol"l-'Ik'E Fonts is coni- posed of four full-time clerks, two part-time clerks, and eight student pages. From left to right are: Mrs. Adelaide An- derson, attendance clerkg Mrs. Alice Pratt, credit clerk, Mrs, Margaret Simonson, chief clerk, Mabel Sand, requisition clerk. Giaoucic A. JENSEN is head of the school news department of the city. Reporters gather from every school information which he sends to the three daily newspapers. During the after- noon, Mr. Jensen conducts classes in economics at North. Mus. M.ucc.un1:'1' B. ZI'l"I'I,l'I- MAN, general adviser to girls. aids them in their personal problems and supervises study hall monitors, pages, and girl captains in the lunch room. Mrs. ZlttlCIll6l.ll also acts as ad- viser for the Polaris lV00kIy and Polaris Annual, Stuff mv e Thirteen Thirrl lfout: Saxhy, Santee. Stowell, XVestn1z1un Second Row: Seder, Nagel, Thompson, Lerschen, Larson, Nelson First How: Schultz, Miller, 0'Brieu, Lawrence, Madigan, Smart, Olsen THE ENGLISH COURSE provides for a definite amount of oral and written composition and literature in each of the six semesters. THE SOCIAI, SCIENCE DEPARTMENT offers world and United States history, civics, commercial law, sociology, and economics. THE LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT includes Norse, Swedish, French, Ger- man, Spanish. and I,:1tin. BIOLOGY, BOTANY, CHEMISTRY, and PHYSICS are taught in the scicncc department. A COMMERCIAL COURSE including shorthand, typcwriting, bookkeeping, accounting, office procedure, business composition, and machine operating is offered. Third I?oz1': Brom. Galiu, Klnuslvr, Davis, Gzldbois, Breckheilner, Street, Huston Secoml Hou-: Edquist, M. R. Gould, Kane. Hull. lleiu, Anderson. Adams, Te-uucy, Denning Firsf Roux: Gee, Ahhott, Burgess, liuszlck, Crittenden, Farseth, Felt, Foss. Goff Fourteen Third Razr: Austin. Bros, Eayrs, Drum Secmzd Haus: Hart, Putnam. Iloltz, Koehsel, Zittlenian Firsf Hour' Fetzer, llorsch, Jones, Glasoe, Konig, Leslie THE lNIA'I'l'IEMATICS DEPAR'I'Ml'lNT includes one year each of general mathematics, plane geometry, and advanced algebra, one semester of solid geometry, and one of trigonometry. THE TECHNICAL COURSE is designed to prepare boys for work im- mediately after graduation. It includes architectural drawing, automobile work, machine shop, forge, wood shop, technical mathematics, and English. Two years of cooking and sewing, a four-year general art course, gymnasium and training in music through the A Capella choir, special chorus, orchestra, and band are also offered. Thirrl Roux' Lundeen. Sanzlerson. Lindsten. Marti. Qucllo. Sfannpe. Brown Sermul Rauf: Pierce. Shannon, Thorpe, Powell. Moses. Kelly. Robinson. Weston First Rolf: Mc-Clure. Pollard, Whittier. Mr-Lairrl. Apel, Matson. Mandeville Fifzeen FACULTY ROSTER, 1930-31 Principal XVALDO VV. HOBRS A.istant Principal FREDERICK VV. GATES Cozmselor CI TIIERESA MUIIPIIY erlrs MRS. IADELAIDE S. ANDERSON MRS. ALICE L. PRATT MIKBEL L. SAND MRS. NIARGARET S. SIMONSON MRS. AGNES L. XYANDERBECK English JI-ZSSIE F. ABBOTI' H MRS. STELLA J. IADAINIS ETIIEL F. CRITTENDEN ALICE G. DAX'IDSON f:ERTRlIDE L. GEE .AGNES GI.1XS0E MARION R. KIOULD KQLADYS HORRS Clnd Sem., CAROLINE K. IHORSCH ISDITII H. JONES MRS. IIARRIET G. KANIAI KYXTIIERIXE KELLY CDept. Chairman, .ALICE D. LAWRENCE MRS. DELLA R. IJNDSTEN LILLIAN M. NELSON' MRS. MARX' A. IJOWVELT. UIIESTI-IR L. SAXRY XYELRIA M. SEDER MAIZIE M. SIIANXON LAURA I. SHERMAN LYDIA D. THOMPSON BERTIIIK H. TIIORPE MRS. NIARGARET B. ZI'I'TI.l-IMAN islory and Social Science MRS. CRYSTAL J. ANDERSON HARRIET AIYSTIN MRS. LUCY H. EDQPIST FLORENCE A. FELT Sixteen MARY C. GORE MARY GOULD GEORGE A. JENSEN JUNE M. MCLIAIRD MRS. ELSIE H. MATSON MAIKY C. MOSES QDept. Chairman, LULU J. MOSIER MEI.X'IN A. 0I.SEN RVBY M. SANDERSON JVLIAN 0. SLETTEN f2nd Sem., BESSIE M. ANHITTIER :ELIZABETII G. ROBINSON Foreign Languages HARRIET K. APEL GEORGIA A. BURGESS E. PAULINE FARSETI1 PETER GALIN MRS. ESTIIER C. HALL MIXTHILDE E. HOLTZ HERMINE R. KONIG fDept. MPXRIE LUNDEEN' IDA V. MANN MRS. XvERA W. O,BRIEN Mathematics Chairman JOSEPH J. BROM fDept. Chairman, AIIILDRED CLARKE C2nd Sem., MIKBEI. R. HART MYRON F. LESLIE HYKRRIET C. MADIGAN XYIOLA A. MARTI MRS. FLORENCE E. NAGI-II. HORACE B. STREET FLORENCE M. XVESTON Science PIIRLEY A. DAVIS QDept. Chairman, JEANIE DRUINI ISLIZABETIII H. FOSS IRENE E. HOIINIBERG JESSE R. HUSTON AIIXNIE C. ICOEIISEL AIATHILDE KREFTING 12nd Sem., MARY P. PUTNAM ICSTIIER C. QUELI.0 JOHN H. SANTEE CHARLES H. SINIART Commercial MRS. Amu BROWVN ROBERT A. CRAWFORD QDept. Clmirmanj MRS. ELSA HUEBNER MX'RTI.E O. LARSOX AGNES M. IJZRSCIIEN VVILLIAM N. MANDEvII.I.E FRANCIS A. MILLER MRS. BEl'I,.XH B. PIERCE GEORGE H. P0I.I..xRn AI.BER'F B. SCIIULTZ IiUTH' E. SIDIS EDW'ARD VV. XVESTBLYNN ZELDIA fIOI.DBIIRG f2nd Sem.j Industrial Arts THEODORE NV. BRI-ICKIIIEIDIER HOMEII L. FETZER JOHN J. JACOBI WAIITER W. KIIAUSLER ORIX A. IQIXGWVALT fDepf. Chairmanj LLOYD L. STOXYELL Home Economics HELEN F. PZAYRS CDept. Chairmzmj MRS. M. PIIOEIIE JAINIES EMMA E. SIEIII. AGNES E. SWENNES MRS. CIEORGIA M. TIIOBIAS A rt MRS. ETHELYN J. BROS GRACE C. BUSACK JANE G. THICKINS QDept. Chairman Music EIDIER I.. CIADBOIS Rox' T. TENNEY Physical Education GEORGE J. CONKLIN L. EIIEEX DENNING HILDEGARD E. HEIN MIKIITIN' T. KENNEDY Librarian VIYIIYRZA MCCLURE SARA J. STARIPE QAssistantj Lunch Room M. AGNES COXLIN Janitor-Engineer JOSEPH A. DEMARSII Second Row: Broberg, Christopherson, Kilmer First Row: Scheller, Pndewcls. Dehlzxrsh, Winhorg Sevenzeen jfvoawufwq oe., A, x'p""f"' I i'S'K1'vLi.3:1M. ,Q 'fvvsl'-fV7-44-J MAJ ' JK' H JAMA? K0 Alf mf V5-sA,4,,L otiv ,Lflf-14.1 f-315441 f.' W ,W MMM ,i -at ' N - ' ,, T" f v-M4-f Q! """a"0v-1-Af VV 0-A., V N ji hkylltyd-,tfgrx-Lrj it w,,,io-.o VM i t'r"'MM' W i fw' u i c 4 i 4 2 4e,,,o f MLW Mweies. , , ' ,,., 3 2 ' f . X, X , Y If X its 5 NES iss- 'g' Lfxfiwr- Fw? 't , L . ia' 7' The industrious beaver, because he signifies reliability, persever- ance, and achievement, talces his place in the totem as the symbol of the 1931 graduating classes. I2 0 g T E R an A ,A 3 an PW 'x -: , S 1 2 if Sf ,. Z' . 2 4 1 f Third Hour: Racism-h. YVZIKCIIIIHIS, Lflulslinen, Lippumu, Orenstcn, Bloomquist Second Row: Martin, Moller. Arntsen, Mzlntlley. U-oldfus First Rfnr: Cell, Sours. Toy. Rifkin. Barrel, Fjclrle, Amlrescu JANUARY HONOR STUDENTS HARMONY RIFKIN Iixnom Tov Aunmix' F.11-:ms ERN!-:sm Axlnmsnx' H nm: N BARN: L DUANH Sorlis Gmwr: 15I,O0BIQl'IS'l' Emixyrm Mo PER IJTONAIID I..xr'I..x1x HN SIDN1-:Y I,I1-PMAN LILADYS DIANTIIIIY SAM GOLDFVS CERXA BIARTIN ROSE URENSUCN CRERTRVDE Crzm. ISINIOGICNIC VVAGENU u s MARY I,oI'1s1: Aux rwx BIARCII ILA RAASC II JANUARY COMMENCEMENT SPEAKERS .Yinvruvn I"om'il: Rnur: Riclnnan, Milsten, Middlelnist, Boxnhcrg, Peterson, Carlson. Scllolnburg, Lawrence, Lund Third Ron-: Mylstcn, Stein. Goldstein, Zacks, Lntz. Nelson. B.. Nelson. A., Ronning, Nelson. R. Second Rozr: Samet, Rural. Marcus. Ford. Carlson. Gross. Wicks, Olson, ll.. Olson. A.. Borg First Ifmr: Slnitll. Sieglcr, Lipkin, XVZISSQT, Fisher, Gill. Shnnedling, Stacy, Bnrck JANUARY HONORABLE MENTION A1.1n1RT FISIIER ICENNETII XVASSICIK XVARRI-IX c:II.T. BIAFRICE Swxxcx' ROSE ZAcxs KENNETH IQOBIBI-IRG HAIKIKIIZT FORD GEORGIA Sc'1IoMR1'RG BIIRIADI STEIX Pun, SHANEDLING BIARIAX f'.xRr,soN HELEN Onsos BIARGARITT XVERLILK STUDENTS ARTHUR l5L'llL'li JOY IWARCVS SYLVIA ISARAI, BIZATRIL'I4I CQOI.llS'l'EIX SOL I.Il'KIN BIILDRI-IU BIYIASTIIN SELMER I,Az,xR .Tony 1,l'I'l'ERSON DOROTIIY M1nn1.En1sT BIAANCIIE NELSON QXBXER CARLSON CORA I,AwRENcl-: ISIERTIIA I,.x'rz GEORGE SDIITH Twenzy MAX IQICIIDIAN IXUDIIICY OLSON RI"1'lI NELSON ,'XDHI.I'I NIII.S'I'I'IN BIABIZL IKONNIXG :XLTA NELSON IIARIIY SIEGLIIR BIARY SAMET BIILURIID LITND YFIIEODORE BERG BEVIIRLY SILVERDIAN f'IARVARD Guoss NV1I,r,.xRn NVICKS DIARGARET ABBOTT Orchestra, '29, '30. "The soul of a musician fair, Coupled with brown, curly! hair." ROSE IXBRAHAMSON G. A. A.: Deutsche Verein. "True to her word, work, and her friends." GLENN AADAINIS Football, '29, HN." '30, "N"g Hockey. '28, '29g Polaris Salesman, '28, '29: Older Boy's Conference, '28, '29C Torch Club, '28, "Fine boys like Glenn Gron- into great men." JAIVIES AHMANN n Happy-go-lucky Jimanyf' JOSEPH ALTAGEN Football, '28, "N," '29, "N," '30, "N," All City Team: Basketball, ,28, '29g 'l'rack. ,28, 29' HN'-, ,30, .Ny "He makes it hot on the gridiron." ERNEST ANDRESEN Golf Team, '29, '30, Captain, '30: 'Swimming Team, '28, '29, '30, Captain, '30, Bank Cashier, '28: Polaris Sales- man, '29, '30g Orchestra, '28: Deutsche Verein, '29: Science Club, '29, '30, Presi- dent, 30: Student Council, '30g Secretary of Class. Speaker at C0lIllllE'lll'6lllClllI. Honor Student. "On the golf course or in the classroom - Ernie rises to the top." SADIE ANTONOFF "As slim and elusive as Peter Pan." Twenzy-One DIARY LOUISE ARNTSEN A Capella Choir, '29: "Prince of Pilscn." '30: Po- laris XVeekly Staff. ,301 Sil- ver Triangle, '28g Blue Tri- angle, '29, '30: Viking Club, '28, '29, '30, President, '30: Student Council. '30: Drama Club, '28, '30, Dr, Sivertson Scholarshipg Honor Student. "A modern girl with big blue eyes, .lnd personality twice her size." Ct'RTIs ASHENBACH "A man of many inches: and erery inch interesting." llDWVARD A.ULD "Chimes are my ment," FLORENCE AXELSON Silver Triangle, '28: Blue Triangle, '29, '30g Green Smocks, '28: Iduna Club. '29, '30, President, '30g Stu- dent Council, '30g Bank Cashier, '30g Commercial Club, '30. "A charming and radiant personality." FREDRICK BALOVV "How Freddy smiles-'when chemzstry is mentioned." SYLYIA BARAL Yellow 'Smocks, '28, '29, '80, Vice President, '30g Drama Club, '30, Personal Commit- tee: Class Motto Committee: Jeanne d'Arc, '295 Art Scholarship, '293 Class Play: Honorable Mention. "Shc's a writ and a benut, And an artist to boot." I.OIS BARBER A Capella Choir, '2S: Idnna Club, '29, '30g Silver Tri- angle, '28: Blue Triangle, '29, '30: Green Smocks, '29, President, Student Council, '291 Yellow Smocks, '29, '30: liank Cashier, '30g Drama Club, '30. "She is calm and she is sweet, The fyfpe wre all just lore to meet." r i g HELEN BARTEL Silver Triangle, '28, Blue Triangle, '29, '30, Park Board. '28. '29, Poets' Club, 329, '30, G. A. A. '28, '29, 30, Drama Club, '30: Ath- letic Board of Control, '29, '30, '31, President, '30, "N" Emblem, Polaris Staff, Honor Student, Speaker at COllllHCllCClll9Ilt. "A jolly good kid, active in sport,- Unfailiny good humor, a ready retort." TOBIE BECK "Quiet charm, and a sincere manner." BERNARD BELZER Football, '29, "N," '30, "N", Basketball, '29, '30, "N", Track, '28, '29, Swimming, '28, '29, '30, Menorah, '28, '29, '30, Park Board. '28: Polaris Salesman, '28, "Oh, what is this strange power I hare over women?" RUTH BELZER G. A. A., '29, '30, Kadimah, '29, '30, Commercial C . '30. "And North produces n- other pretty stenoyrnph r." ROBERT IZENON Football, '27, "Little in a lfiy 11-ny." LIARTHA BENSON A Capella Choir, '28, '29, '30, Glee Club, '29, "Prince of Pi1sen," '30, Special Chorus, '30, La Tertulia. '29, '30, Iduna Club, '29, '30, Bank Cashier, '28, '29, Park Board, '30, Drama Club, '30, Class Play. "Music is the poetry of the mr " FRANCES BEON Baseball, '28, Silver Trian' gle. '28, Blue Triangle, '29, Park Board, '29, '30, Commercial Club, '30, "There's only one Frances, and zf she were twins, the one 'would die laughing at the other." THEODORE 'BERG Athletic Manager, '29, '30, Class Picture Committee: Honorable Mention. "A gentlenmnly scholar, and a scholarly gentleman." Lows BERGART "Heiyh-ho, another day to be passed zn boredom." ANNETTE BETZER Deutsche Verein, '28, '29: Blue Triangle, '29, '30, A Capella Choir, '30, ff Generously endowed by nrlture with. rharm and sweetness." ETIIEL BINGHAM Park Board, '28, '29, B'ue Triangle, '29, Jeanne d'Arc, '29. "As sweet' and fine as her han' 18 red." GRACE BLOORIQIIIST G. A. A.. '28, '29, Silver Triangle, '2s, Blue 'l'rfan,1zl.-, '29, '30, Latin Club, '28, '29, Jeanne d'Arc, '29, '30, Park Board, '29, '30, Vice President. '30, Drama Club. '30, Class Play, Honor Student. "A rlulrming girl with a 'winning way, The seen her uct,' we hear you say." DORA BLUMENTHAL "A girl who thinks, and whose thoughts are berzutifz1l." KENNETH ISOMBERG Honorable Mention, Class Play. "Bring on those French rows!" SYLVIA BOBIBERG "Sincere, jolly, cute, and szrerfi, To know her is quile a treat." .ARDIAND BORN f'The 'man 'worth 'while I Is the man who can smile." :ROBERT IBRADEBIAN Apparatus, '28, '29, "N," '30, "N", Hi-Y. '23, First Aid, '28. 'll rlnrling of the gods and of the girls." JAMES BRATIIOLDT Track, '29, A Capella Choir, '28, '29, Glee Club, '29, '30, "CllI'iSt0f0l'l1S," '30, "Prince Of PiLsen," 'soy Polaris Weekly Staff, '30, Ticket Salesman, '29, '30, "He's Il quiet man, but quite a man." SARAH BHRICKINIAN Spanish Club, '28, '20, Civic Forum, '29. "Laughing eyes and flrzsliing smile, Charming ways mul Iols of style." JICANNETTE IEROOKS G. A. A., '20, "N", Spanish Club, '28, '20, All City lim- hlem, '30, Commercial Club. '30, Board of Directors. "The sez-ret of my spemllies between my lzfpezrriter and me." DELLA BROWN I.a Tertulia, '28, '29, Civic Forum, '29, " 'Brown' hair and -'Brown' eyes are quite disfmct1z'e." Twenty-Three PIYDIE BUDD Bank Cashier, '28, Polaris Salesman, '20, '30, Polaris Staff, '30, Track, '30, Em- blem, '30, Polaris Silver Pin Award, Civic Forum, '30, Class Ring Committee: Drama Club. '30, Vice Presi- dent, Class Play. "A gentleman, and a ladies' man." AR'FIIlTR BURCK Athletic Board of Control. '30, Polaris VVeekly Staff. '20, '30, Sports Editor, '30: Polaris Gold Pin Award: Delegate to M. H. S. P. A., '29, '30, Third Place State 'Sports Story Contest, '30, Civic Forum, '30, Polar Telics, '30, Drama Club. '30, Senior Social Committee: Honorable Mention. "We predict a startling file ture for this brilliant young man." ROBERT SBUTII "A pal worth cultivating." EARL CAMERON Swimming Team. '20, '30, "N", Bank Cashier, '28, '20, '30, Secretary, '20, Hi- Y Club, '30, Ticket Sales- man, '29, '30, Drama Club. '30, lduna Club '30, First Aid, '20, '30, Personal Com- mittee, Sergeant-at-Arms of Senior Class, Class Play. "Earl has expert eiews and airs them volubly. ABNER CARLSON Class Play. 'fl feel so silly! Nl??J81'tll6ZCSS4." CAROL CARLSON G. A. A., '20, Silver Trian- gle, '28, Blue Triangle, '20. '30, Bank Cashier, '29, '30: Civic Forum, '30, "To be appreciative and quiet is the height of her ambition." LIARION CARLSON B'ue Triangle, '20, '30: Iduna Club, '30, Activities Committee , Honorable Mention. "A 77liL1'fll1'!' of sunshine, intelligenee, and sincerity." ROBERT CARLSON Football, '29, '30, "He has lhree speedsAslow, slower, stop." GERTRUDE CELL Girls' Service Club, '29, '30, Phyllis Wheatley, '28, '29g La Tertnlia, '303 Civic Fo- rum, '29, Personal Commit- teeg Honor Students. :'0f'l'llllS of pep, with a laugh on every wave." VERA CHAPMAN Girls' Service Club, '30g Po- laris Weekly, '30: Commer- cial Club, '30. Ulf eyes were 'made for seeing, Then. Vera is her own excuse for being." SAMMY Cnonos Track, '28, '29: La Tertulin, '29g Polaris Salesman, '28. "His dravrl is as famous as his cheerful grin." EDITH CLASEN Yellow Smocks. '29, '30: Secretary, '29, Jeanne d'Arc, '29, '30, "The essence of fenzinine eharm and dlgillflhn RE'BECCA COHN Girls' Service Club, '28, '29g Phyllis Wheatley, '28. '291 Drama Club, '30g Civic Fo- rum, '29, '30g Deutsche Verein, '28, '29, Polaris Salesman. '28: Bank Cashier, '28. "One remembers her for a serene smile and a winning way." ROBER'l' Cox "Our future historian." Twenty-Four EYELYN M. DAHL "Live, laugh, and be merry." RIARY L. D1-:MUTH Latin Club, '28: Silver Triangle, '28. "When, there's laughter in the air, You can he sure lhrzt Jlary's there." DOROTIXY DRYER "The best may fo lengthen our days, Is to steal a few hours from the night." STANLEY DUFF Glee Club, '29. '30g A Ca- pella Choir, '28, '29, '30g "Sweethearts," '29: "Prince of Pilsen," '30, "Reining lint inspiring." :XNNIE EBIN G. A, A., '28: La Tertnlia. '30g Commercial Club, '30. "Life is such a joke." FREDA Enix G. A. A.. '22'l: Athletic Board of Control, '28, '29, '30, La Tertulia, '29g Glee Club, '28, '29: Band, '29, '30Z Park Board. '28, '29g Kadimah, '29, '30g Commercial Club. '30. "Her rlanring eyes. fonveg her cheerful spzrztf' ROLAND EDBERG Football, '29 : Apparatus, '3lIg La Tertulia, '30: Band, '30. "Known among his fellow students as Jolly, guilty, irise, and 0fheru'1se." DONALD EGGEN Football, '29, Hi-Y, 29. "Donald is a welcome riddi- ilon to any group." ELSIE ENGLUND "The teacher's joy--a girl- who always has her lessons." HOXW'ARD ENGLUND Park Board, '28, '29, '30, Vice President. '29, Presi- dent, '30g Student Council, 'flog Choir, '28, '303 Drama Club, '30g Deutsche Verein, '29, '30g National High School Chorus. "Ami Z sometimes have asked, 'Shall 'we ever be all through.' " DAVID EOLKIN Orchestra, '28, '29, '30: Band, '29, '30g Park Board, '28, '29, '3Og Science Club, '29, '30. "Dll7J1'ClyS briefcase is his badge of wisdom." ll Urn ERDDIAN Park Board. '29: Iduna, '30: Blue Triangle, '29, '30g Commercial Club, '30, "A bit of modesty, sweet- ness, and optimism, all rolled up in one." ESTIIER BTTELDIAN La Tertulia, '28, '29g Civic Forum. '2rS. '29: Drama Club, ':l0g Glee Club, '29: Polaris Salesman. '28: Bank Cashier, '28, "She looks her may into your heart." ALFRED FALK Torch Club, '27: Apparatus Team. '27, '2s, '29, "N": Glee Club: "Prince of Pil- sen"g Choirg Student Coach of Apparatus. "AMI we produce get an- other Beau Brummelf' Twenty-Five ALBERT FISHER lli-Y, '29: Drama Club, '30: Drama Plav, '30g Class Play. "Handsome is as handsome docs." AUDREY FJELDE G. A. A., '28, '29, '303 All- City Emblem, '30: Girls' Sports Editor, Annual, '30g Polaris Weekly, '30Q State Press Convention: Gold Pin Award: Girls' Service Club, '29, '30g Gold Pill Award, iso: Phyllis Wheatley, '29, '30Q Latin Club, '28, '29, '30: Silver Triangle, '28g Cabi- net: Drama Club, '30: Drama Play - "Grandma Pulls the String": Blue Tri- angle. '29, '30: Class Treas- urerg Commencement Speaker: Honor Student. "A 'versatile and witty lass, Very popular among her class." HARRIET FORD French Club, '29, '30: Blue Triangle, '29. '30: A Capella Choir, '28, '29, '30: Lost lk Found, '30: Honorable Mention. "In making the weeper laugh, and the laugher weep, she shows her skill." DONALD FRANE Track, '28g Hi-Y, '30g Class Play Advertising Committee. "Immaculate, pleasant, and a real friend." EDWIN FRIEND "A friend in need is a friend indeed, But Ed is alutrlgls a 'F7'fE2l!l.3 " RUTH GALLAGIIER "Her ready wit and general smile keep friends around her all the while." FRANK GALLOB "He puts others first: himself last." U,- be Ag s 5 l . 5, ..,, il! fx A. . X, x l Cf ' x.,J l CLARA GARTZ Blue Triangle, '29, '30. "She packs all her troubles in a boa: and sits on the lid." EARL GAY Band, '28, '29, '30. "'Gay' in name and happy! otherwise." Louis GERSHMAN "Our idea of a regular fellow." MANUEL GIFIS Track. '28, '2!lQ Sxvimmilng, '29, '30g Cheer Leader, 29. "The very .same Of swimming fame." VVARREN G ILL Torch Club, '29g Ili-Y, '30. Secretary: Latin Club, '29. '30, First Aid, '29, ':i0: Bank Cashier, '29. '30, President: Student Council, '29, '30: Science Club, '2H: Class Play Committee: Honorable Mention. A real scout among scouts. Doms GOLDBERG "Our model student." LAWVRENCE GOLDEN Science Club, '30g Deutsche Verein, '29, '30, Civic Fu- rum, '29, '30g Chairman Senior Motto Committee. "How this cut-up cuts ilp."' Twenty-Six SAMUEL GOLDFUS Track Squad, '283 Menorah, '29, '30. Secretary. '30: Menorah Character Shield Award: Honor Siurlent. "A carrot-topped Napoleon." JOE GOLDRIAN Deutsche Vere-in, '29. '30Q Science Club. '30: Chairman Senior Dress Coinniigtee. "IfVhaf the 1l'f'Il-dressed man will 11-ear." IAEAII GOLDMAN Karlimah, '29, '39: Drama Club, '30: Commerciel Club, '30: Class Play Chorus: Commencement Chorus. "If good things some in small packages, Leah must be a gift of the gods." BEATRICE GOLDSTEIN La Tertulia, '29, '30, Com- mercial Club. '30: Howorable Mention. "Always capable and willing." IBETTY GoLDvAnG Jeanne d'Arc. "A pretty! face and rz peppg disposition." BI.ANCIiPI GOODMAN Commercial Club, '39, UA sireet little, shy little girl." GERALD GOREL Drama Class Plziy. '30. "The greatest man here- If you don't believe it, ask him." ANNIE GRATZ Silver Triangle, '2S: Blue Triangle, '29, '30g Service Club, '29: Phyllis Wheatley. '29g "A" Senior Ticket Committee. "She finds her way into your memory. and 'never departs." DOLORES GREENFIELII Swimming, '28, '29: Park Board. '28: Bank Cashier, '30: Polaris Salesman. '30: Silver Triangle, '29g Class Ring Committee. "In youth let 11s be merry, When our hearts fire light and guy." HARYARD Gnoss Golf Team, "X," '28, '29, '30, Captain. '30g Basketball, '29, '30: Circulation Man- ager Polaris Annual, '2!I. '303 Deutsche Vere-in, '28, '29, '30: Lunehrooni work. '30g Hi-Y, '29: Park Board, '30: Ink Spots, '29, '30: President of "A" Senior Class: President of Student COuncil,Ni30: Honorable I ention. 'K'Hl11'1'0ll'S' ezvecntire abili- ties, coupled 11-ith his win- ning ylersonality, make him the leader of his class." ROY GIu'Nm-:I-:N Choir, '28: Polaris Sales- man. '28. .KIWOTHEYI or football! either ure my weakness." JOIIN CAUSTAFSON Basketball, '28g Glee Club. '28, Iduna Club, '3o. "John's study hall pranks have inode him. frmn,ous." MILTON HAGEN Hi-Y, '30g Bank Cashier, '28, '29: Orchestra. '28: Band, '28, '29: Deutsche Verein, '29, '30, "If other things fail, Illilton can riluffrys turn I'entril0r1rlisi." LKIARJORIE HAM Park Board. 28: Commer- cial Club, '30, "Sincerity and friendliness stamp her us ri rare 1l6l'S0ll!lIlfll.'y Twenzy-Seven LIARJORIE HAIVILIN Blue Triangle, '293 A Cap- ella Choir. '28, '29, '3U: Park Board, '291 Commer- cial Club, '30g Glee Club. '30. "A sparkling. dark-eyed maid." DONALD HANSON Polaris Salesman, '28g Po- laris Weekly Staff, '30, "A sunny-weather, stormy- weather, .ami-iueatlzer friend." HAROLD ITANSON Viking Club, '28, '30g Park Board, '28, '30. "One of our unique 'number who studies in study hall." LORRAINI: HANSON Silver Triangle, '28: Blue Triangle, '29, '30: Icluna. '29, '30: Service Club, '30g Phyllis VVlieatley, '30. "A likeable girl, full of fun as can be. A jolly fzoorl friend we all agree." BIARION HANSON Silver Triangle, '28: Secre- tary, Blue Triangle, '29, '30, A Capella Choir, '28, '29, '30g Lunch Room Com- mittee. '29, ':10: Glec Club. '28, '29, '30g "Swethearts," '29g "Prince of Pilscn." '30: Drama Club, 'Img Picture Committee: Class Play. "As sweet as her voice, As charming as her aft- ing." REYA HARRIS Poets' Club, ':l0: State High School Piano Contest, First Placeg Composition Contes- tant, '29, '30, "Is there ri heart that Rerrfs music cannot melt?" OLIVE IIATCHER Green Smocks. "She lets a smile be her um- brella on ri rainy, rainy day." s 64 K 1 iwzf 1 DONALD HE.ALY "Quiet people always prove the most dependable." LORIN HERDER "I may be small, but fl1at's not allf' BIILLARD HOAR Hi-Y, '30, Iduna Club. '30g Older Boys' Conference. '29g ActiviLies Committee. "A Klassy-Kilt Kollegianf' Rose HOCHMAN Basketball, '28, 'ZSIQ Base- ball, '29: Volley Ball, '2S: Polaris Vlleekly, '301 An- nual Staff. '30: Service Club, '30g Kadimah, '30g Com- mercial Club, "Here's to the girl with a heart and a smile, TVl1o makes the lmbble of life worth while." BIILTON IIOFFMAN Football, '2Rg Track. '28g Polaris Salesman, '2Sg Po- laris Weekly Staff, '28, '29, '30, Editor in Chief, '30g Managing Editor, '30: Dele- gate to Press Convention, '29, '30g Drama Club. '30: "Suppressed Desires." '30: Polaris Gold Pin Award: Sturlent Counvil: Vice-Presb dent of Class. "C3n1iml 11-it conreals a friendly heart." LUDWVIG HOISVE Football, '28, '29. 'f'L14d' may be quiet, but murmuring brook gels places." GRACE HOLSTROM Blue Triangle, '29, '30g Park Board, '303 Phyllis Wheatley, 'img Girls' Serv- ice Club, '30, Silver Trian- gle, '28. "A blonde with a smile ls a blonde worthwhile. 7-Luenly-Eighl LEONA HOLTBY Silver Triangle, '27, '28: Blue Triangle, '29. '30g Service Club, '29. "She may have faults that 'we can't find: To all slle's ever sweet and kind." ESTHER HOLZINGI'lR Silver Trianf,.zle, '28g Blue Triangle, '29. 'img Bank Cashier. '28, '29. '30, .Execu- tive Board, 'img Choir, '29, '30. "Our idea of a pleusrznt companion." ISRAEL Honowrrz Deutsche Verein, '29, '30. "Izzy a great chap? lVe'll say he is,"' CARL HUKARI "Happy am I: from care l'm free, lVhy rn'en't all content like me."' JOHN IRNVIN Bank Cashier. '29g Assist- ant Park Board Member, '29, '30, "I like work: it fasrinates me. I mn sit and look at it by the hour." FAITH JACKSON Silver Triangle, '283 Blue Triangle, '30: Polaris Sales- man, '29: Bank Cashier, '28, Harmony Contest, '29, '30. f'Fa.ith is one who rlzorms from the keys, Delightful, frmefnl, melodies." DORA JACOBS Commercial Club, '30. "Silence is golden." LZVELYN JASCHKE "And if you are all good little girls and boys, Santo Claus 'may lzrioig you a friend like Evelyn." SIMON JAYINSKY Football, '29, '80: Travk, '39, "This Simon is not simple at all." AGNES JOHNSON Yellow Smocks, '29, 'EUS Park Board, '28, '29: Bank Cashier, '30g Iduna, '28, '29, '30g Blue Triangle, '30. "Long 'will you search, ere you will fiml Ono so jolly, friendly, and kind," ALliEllT JOHNSON Band '28 '29 '30g Orches- rm. y'28.' 'auf 'ang Park Board, '29: First Aid Squad, '28g State Music Contest, '29. "Not of eoalconzpmiy fume: But famous just the some." HAli0I,D JOHNSON Glce Club, '28, '29: Choir, '28: 'l'Orcl1 Clnb, '28g Polaris Salesman, '28, '29, '30, '21 smile is the same in ull languages." Lois JOHNSON G. A. A.. '28, '29, Secretary, '29: Athletic Board of Con- trol, '28, '29g Volley Ball, '28g Qkatirlff '28' Baseball, '28g 'Girls'mS'erw:ice Club: Bank Cashier, '28. "What is this, a game?" ROBERT JOHNSON Hi-Y, '30Q Radio Club, '30, "Sometimes I work, Sometimes I play, Never too serious, Always gay." Twenlg-.Vine ROSE KAEETZ Kadimab, '29, '30: lilee Club, '28. '29, '303 La. Tor- tulia, '30. "I do1i't say much, but- -" INATALIE RAGER Silver 'I'rinngle, '28g Blue Triangle. '29, '341: lrluna, '29, '30: Service Club, 'ZEN Choir, '28, '29, '30g "Sweet- hearts," '29: "Prince of Pil- sen." '30, "Pcrse1:eronce, purpose, p1u1r'lNuI1ty." ISEATRICE KAIIM Park Board, '281 Polaris Salesman, '34rg Commercial Club, '39. "All she attempts, she does." INGRID KAINULlX G. A. A.. '28, '29: Swim- ming, '28: Commercial Club, '30. "She will surim her 11-ay to success," RONALD KAMPFL' "A mon's a man for a' that." LUCILLE KELLY Bank Cashier, '28q La Ter- tulia, '28, '29: Silver Trian- gle, '28g Blue Triangle, '29: Polaris Salesman, '39: Girls' Service Club. '29, '30g Com- mercial Club: Board of Directors: Park Board, '28. "Suhtraet a barrel of 'woe and ndrl n cup of laughter --There you have 'Kellyl " REBECCA KESlW'IN Drama Club, '28, '29, '30: Commercial Club, '30, "A soft-eyed, sweet-spoken little girl." PHYLLIS KIESNER Blue Triangle, '29, '30, Service Club. '2s. '20, Science Club, '28, '29, Bank Cashier, '28. '29: Polaris Salesman. '28, '29, Park Board. '29, '30: Civic Fo- rum, '28. '29, '30g 1,41 T91-. 9 I tulia. '-8. 19. '30, Band. '29, '30, "Noi loo serious, not loo any. Yet she has a charming way." .losEP11 KOHLER Torch Club '28, Glee Club, Choir '30, "HP likes ererylhodil. mul the feeling is willful." BIINNIE KRASKA "lt is the quiet 'worker a-ho succeeds." VVILLIAM KROMAN Football. '29, '30, "N", Track 28, '20, '30. "N", Menorah '28, Bank Cashier '28, "Bill is af home in ihe fliizrlcest of the football frail." BERNARD I.ARov1'1'z '14 hearty Ind of floodly size. STANLEY LARSON Golf Team '28 "N," '29 Cap- tain. '30 "N", Polaris Week- ly '30, Ink Spots '30, Po- laris Annual: Polaris Sales- man '28, 'l'orch Club '22-4, Park Board '28, Mascot ot' Class. "No miniature golf for him ,- He plrryfs the refrl game on the liukrmzle1'1'1'y11'lie1'1'." BERTHA I.A'l'Z Kadimah '28, '29.'30: 'l'r9g,S. urer '30, French Club '29, '30, Phyllis xvhl'iitl9Y '28. '29, Girls' Service Club '2H. '29, '301 Bank Cashier , '28, Polaris Salesman 30: Polaris Weekly '30. Assosi- ate Editor, Honorable Mention. "Gracious in thought mul deed is she." Thirty ,Ab LEONARD LAULAINEN Radio Club '30, Athletic Board of Control '30, Drama Club '30, Honor Student. "Straight and tall, with eyes so blue." STANLEY LAVEN Bank Cashier '28, '29, Po- laris Salesman '28, Glee Club '29. "Just another big 'he-maui" CORA LAWRENCE Silver Triangle '28, Blue 'Triangle '29, '30, Drama Club '30, Lunch Room Com- mittee '29, '30, Jeanne d'Arc '28, Service Club '29, '30, Polaris Salesman '28, Dress Committee, Activities Committee, Honorable Men- tion. "She has a lovely voice, and sparkling eyes, But her personality wins the prize." SELMER I.AzAR Honorable Mention. "Keep him in mimi: we'll hear things about him yei." CYRIL LEBEDOFF "Where was Cyril u-hen the lights 'went out?" GEORGIA LEIGHTON Silver Triangle '27, Blue Triangle '28, '291 Bank Cashier '28. '29, Park Board '27, Polaris Salesman '30, "S'he's 11 charming girl, fair of face, lViil1 sweet 'ways and lots of grave," I,AIL LILJEGREN Silver Triangle '28, '29: Blue Triangle '29. '30, Drama Club '30, Civic Forum '2i0. "Dail is classy, chic, and fair, Friendly, foo, and deba- hair." PZTHEL IJINDQITIST Commercial Club '30. 'il modest maid. serene and SIIQILM SOL LIPKIN Glec Cl11b '28, '29: Spun-inl Chorus '30: Menorah 28, '29, '30: Civic Forum ':i0g Honorable Mention, " 'Taint my nalure to he quiet." SIDNEY IAIPPMAN Original Composition Con- test '28, Second Place: City- Wide Contest '29, Third Place: Honor Student. "'Tfs rv j07l fo hem' him play the piano." Mounts Liss 'fT1'ue worth. is. in living, not seenzmfff' IIELEN Lonnrm Silver Triangle '28, Bluc Triangle '29, '30g Park Board '2llg Phyllis VVheatly '2!l. "She seems small and quiet Bnl when you know her, She's really a riot." STANLEY LOCKE Drama Club 'mug Class Play. 'iLife is just ru game of cards, And Stanley gels all lhe ares." VVILLIAM I.OF'l'E "A quief, blonde gentleman." MAX LUBETSKY "II isn't zz crime to be short -only a nuisance." BIILDRED LLND Blue Triangle '29, '30g llnml '30: Park lloarcl '39, Sedyg Commercial Club 'mug H011- orablc Mention, "Une of the reasons why yfenllemen prefer blondes." XYIOLI-IT I.UNDr:1zEnG Blue Triangle '29, 'tlllg Icluua Club '29, '39. "Let not ambition mock nw happy life." ICVELYN MCGOWAN 'Silver Triangle 'ZBQ Blue 'l'1''lc '29, '30: A Capella Choir '29. '30g Laliu Club '25, '2ll. "Slim, and fall, A friend to ull." ciLAlJYS BIANTIIEY Blue Triangle '29, '30: Ath- letic Board of Control '28: Baud '29, '29, '30g Orches- tra '29, '30: Music Contest A30, First Place: Class Play Committee. "lfVifh rings on her fingers, And bells on her foes She will make music where. ever she goes." JOY MARCUS .Icnnne cl'Arc '29, 'img Cum- mereial Club '30. "Dnn'f bother me. Fm Il0lll!I SllO7'fIlft7lfI.u I,0l'lS BIARGOLIS Football '28, '29, '30, "N"g Tennis '29g Polaris Sales- man '28: Drama Club ':Z9: Activities Committeeg Class Play. "And can he play football." LIINNIE LIARGOLIS Connnercial Club '30, "Her smiling eourztenmzee druzrs many friends." CERNA BIARTIN lla Tertulia '28, '29, Ser-'y '30g Kadiinah '28, '29, '30. Seg't-at-Arms '30, Civic For- um '29: Commcrcifxl Cluh '30, Picture Committee: Honor Student. "C'erna is a golden girl - golden hair, golden heart, and golden personality." BIOLLY LIATTAS "She has that dash of dezrilfry that leads you on." LIORRIS BIESONZNICK Bank Cashier '28, '29, '30: Polaris Salesman '28: Po- laris Weekly '29, '30, "And he owns a Ford." DOROT1'IY LIIDDLEMIST Silver Triangle '28, Vice- Pres.: Blue Triangle '29. '30. Sec'y 29, Vive-1'I'es, '30, Okoboji Delegate '29: A Capella Choir '28, 29: Phyle lis Wheatley '29: Service Club '29, '.i0: Cabinet Chair- man '30g Student Council '30: Bank Cashier '30, Class Play Coxnmiteeg Chairman, Activities Coinlniteeg Honors able Mention. "A lovely girl in whose beautiful eyes, A nrealth of charm and friendship lies." c'LARENCE LIILLER "He leares a trail of broken hearts and other wise," EDITH BIILLER G, A. A. '29g Park Board '28, '29: Karlimah '29, '.,0g Commercial Club '30, "Sweet personality Full of rnscolityf' BIARION BIILLER Declamatory Contest Winner '29: G'ee Club '29. '30: "Sweethearts" '29, "Prince of l'ilsen" '30: Jeanne d'Arcg Lunchroom Connnittee '29, 'mug Polaris Staff '30, Drama Club '29. '30, Sec'y '30: Chairman Social Cominittee: Class Play. "A cog coquette, .ln alluring actress? v Iil'TH LIILLER G. A. A. '28, '29, "S'ineerity has a charm all of its own." ADELE LIILSTON Polaris Salesman '28: JeaIIne cl'Arc'30g Kadimah '29, '30: G. A. A. '28. '29g Drama Club '30g Honorable Mention. 'Ll cute little girl, rather petite, lllith pretty hair and danc- ing feet." IQOLAXD MOE Football '28g Orchestra '28, '29. it real friend both in and out of sfhoolf' ELEANOR BIOIIN Silver Triangle '28g Blue Triangle '29: Jeanne rl'Arc '29: Bank C'shier '28, Po- laris Salesman '28, '29, "The third truly qualified member of the 'Illerry JIr1kers'." CLETITS BIONTAGUE llockey '28, '29, 'tN"g Foot- ball '28, '29, '30, "N", Base- ball 129. 'tHe gets places--botll on the football Feld rind 1L'ith the ladies." LAWRENCE BIONTGOMERY Track '28g liluna '80q Drama Club '30: Hi-Y '29, '30, Torch Clllb '28. "Well, if he insists, we'll coll him 'JIontg'." ELINOR BIOUER. Polaris Weekly '30, Editor- in-Chief, Delegate to M. H. S. P. A. 'Il0g Polaris Gold Pin Award: Jeanne d'Arc '20, '30: Latin Club ':l0g Civic Forum '30g Honor Student. "She knows what she wants to say, how she is going to say it, and when is the proper time to speak." ARTHUR MUMM HifY. "Arthur speaks seldom, hut his words are golden." AIARION MUNDY Commercial Club ':x0. "A jolly smile, a merry heart, ' A giggle most betwziching." JAMES BIURPHY Swimming '28, '29, '30: Track '29, '30g Football '29, "God loves the Irish--and so do the girls." KENNETH BIYHRE Hi-Y '28: Jeanne d'Arc '28, '29. "Apparently a quiet r-hem." BIILDRI-ID BIYLSTEN G. A. A. '28, '29: Commcre cial Club '30: Honorable Mention. "She mixes irork with play." PETER NACHT "Napoleon 'was cz small man, too." Thirty-Three ADELINE NELSON Silver Triangle '28: Blue Triangle '29, '30: Treus. '30g Commercial Club '30p Phyllis Wheatley '30g Service Club '30g Drama Class Plays '30. "A golden-haired Madonna." ALTA NELSON G. A. A. '28, '29, '30: Silver Triangle '28: Blue Triangle '29, 'soy Iduna '29, '30, Pres. '29, '30g Student Council '29, '30: Park Board '28, '29, '30g Honorable Mention. "Wisdom shines from her eyes." BLANCHE NELSON Silver Triangle '28: Com- mercial Club ':i0: Honorable Mention. "Blanche is nice in her ways, A true-blue friend of high school days." HENRY NELSON Stamp Club '30: Orchestra '30, "Henry is rr man who is true to a friend, His sincerity and honesty never end." MELVIN NELSON "Where are you bound for oh solemn 'uoyageri' RUTH NELSON Silver Triangle '28g Blue Triangle '20, 'img A Capella Choir '293 Personal Commit- tee, Honorable Mention. 'tNow I ask you very ron- fidentinlly, Ain't she sweet?" GEORGE NIELSON "Under his great exterior Lurks cz heart of gold." EVELYN NILSON "Her jolly smile reveals a strong character." IRENE NORDBY Silver Triangle '28g Blue Triangle '29, '30g Service Club '30g Polaris Salesman '23, '3o. "That school-girl complexion." DOROTHY NORDEN Bank Cashier '30, "A ready smile, a pleasant laugh." RAYMOND NORDEN "Not too yay and not too quiet, Just a happy medium." ALICE NORMAN "The 'mildest manners And the yentlest heart." EVELYN NORMAN Silver Triangle '2Sg Blue Triangle '29, '30g Ifluna '28, '29, '30g Service Club '30. "If quality be what you desire, Ilere it is." BIARION NYI-IOLM Iduna '29, 30, "1t's nice to be natural, When youre naturally nire." Thirty-Four AUDREY OLSON Basketball '281 Silver Tri- angle '28, Oabinetg Blue Triangle '29, '30g Lunch- room Committee '29, '30: Civic Forum '30: Social Committee: "Prince of Pil- Sen" '30g Bank Cashier '28. '29, '30, Vice-Pres.g Polaris Weekly '29, '30: Delegate to M. H. S. P. A. '30: Class Play Program Committee: Chairman Class Ring Com- mitteeg Honorable Mention. "Audrey has looks, Audrey has wit, Audrey has something that wc'll call 'it'." IIAROLD OLSON Polaris 'Salesman '28: First Orchestra '28, '29. '30g Spe- cial Orchestra '29, '30g Drama Club '30: Class Play. "Why worry-tomorrow may bring a better day." . HELEN OLSON Glee Club '28. '29. '30g "Sweethearts" '29: "Prince nf 1'ilsen" '30: "Christo- forus": Polaris Weekly '29, 'rim Polaris Animal '39, Gold Pin Award: Delegate to M. H. S. P. A. '30Z Viking Club '28, '29. '39, Pres. '30: Student Council 'Img Sigvolcl Quale, Declam- atory Contest '29: Oiliee Page '30: Chairman Class Picture Committee: Honor- able Mention. "S'errice is as spontaneous 'with Helen as her charm- ing laughter." LODEMA OLSON Tennis '29, 'ling Basketball '28, '29, '30g Baseball '28. '29, '30: Volley Ball '28, '29g G. A. A. '28, '29, '30, "N"g Drama Club '293 Science Club '29. "As an athlete she wins her fame." ROSE ORENSTEN G. A. A. '28. '29: Deutsche Verein '20: Latin Club '26, '29g Jeanne fl'Arc '28, '29, ':l0: Civic Forum '30: Poets' Club '29, '30: Karlimah '30: Commercial Club '39, Chair- man Program Committee: Class Dress Committee, Hon- or Student. "This Rose by any other name would be as sweet." BIILDRED ORR Class Play. "Th ere are smiles and smiles -but none that equals Mildred's." LESLIE ORTL1-:R Glee Club '29, '30: "Prince of Pilsen"g Apollo Cluh Concert '29, '30g Polaris Staff '29, '30: Press Conven- tion '30: Cantata, "Christo- forus." "You can't tell by the irrap- per what's in the package." GWENDOLYN OTT Basketball '28, '29, 30: Base- ball '28, '29, '30:. Volley Ball '28, '29: Skating '29: Drama Club '30: Class Play. "Titian-lzaired beauty." EINAR PAKKALA "One of our prominently prominent number." SAUL PARNESS Track '29, '30. "N" '30? Football '20: Basketball '30: Deutsche Verein '30: Science Club '30: Bank Cashier '28, " 'Sall there is to iff Sa1fl's a 'great guy." BIARION PATTEN Silver Triangle '28: Blue Triangle '29, '30: Imluna Club '20, '30, Sce'y: Park Board '29. '30. Sec'y: Com- mercial Club '30. "Studying floesn't seem to diminish IlIarion's good humor." DONALD PETERSON Activities Committee. "Not many cobzeebs ln. his attic." J 01-IN D. PETERSON SYVlllllllillg Team '30: Hi-Y '29, '30: Torch Club '28: lduna Club '30: Polaris Salesman '28, '29. '30Z Bfmk Cashier '28, '29. '30: Drama Club '30: A Capella Choir '28, '29: Class Play. "Dignijied, refined and erery inch the gentle- man." BIARJORIE PETERSON Bank Cashier '2z4: Icluna '20, '30, Vice-Pres. '29, Treas. '30g Polaris Staff '20: Com- mercial Club '30, Hfllurjorie floesn't need to use 'Winx' on her eyelashes." Thirty-Five VIOLA PETERSON Basketball '28: Baseball '28: Silver Triangle '28: Blue Triangle '29, '30. "Our flipperest flapperf' RSTIIER PHILLIPS " 'Phil,' you are sweet, To the eyes you're a treat, To a friend you are true, 1vOll'7'6 just great right clear through." BIARCELLA RAASCII Silver Triangle '28g Blue Triangle '25l. 'rsog Bank Cashier '28. '29, 30: Girls' Service Club '30g Deutsche Verein '20, '30, Sec'y '30. Pres. '30: Student Council ':i0: Drama Club '30: Hon- or Student. 'tD1'rl you bring your bank book today?" DONALD IIEIINIANN Basketball '28. '292 Hi-Y '28, '20, '30: CllZ1ll'lll?I.Il Pub- licity Committee '30: Deut- sche Verein '20. Srgtfat- Arms: Park Board '30: Po- laris Weekly Stall' '30I Silver Pin Award. 'tllis cheerful grin. Denotes a carefree heart within." I.AvvuENcE RICE Hockey '29. "N": Baseball '29. "NH: Football '20, '30. 'tN": Basketball '29, '30: Torch Club '28. "The football field is his hunting groundiand how he tracks his quarry!" MAX IIICHMAN Ilonorable Mention. "Mar is a 'Richman' when it comes 10 math." HYMAN RICHTPZR "l'ni a dreamer. ,-lren't ure all?" HARMONY RIFKIN Civic Forum '28, '29: Kadi- mah '28, '29, '30: Declama- tory Contest '29, '30, Win- ner '30g Jeanne d'Arc '28: Bank Cashier '28Q Drama Club '28: Class Play Cam- mitteeg Valedictorian, "Her dimplirig smile and her piqilarnt charm, lopped hy her scholastic ability make one complete 'Harmony'." MABElL Ii0NNING Silver Triangle '2Sg Honor- able Mention. "At first she seems so very shy, But when you know her- my, oh 'lllfll-'U BIERRILL RosE "Oh, Merrill, 'wlufs the new brunette?" HELEN RUNBECK G. A. A. '28, '29, '30: Silver Triangle '2S: Blue Triangle '29, '30g Phyllis lVheatley '29, 330: Park Board '28: Activities Committee, "She of the sea-blue eyes." AUDREX' RUSSETH Silver Triangle '28g Blue Triangle '29. '30g Phyllis Wheatley '29: Girls' Service Club '2!J. "ls it better to be grzy than wise?" LAURA SAERVOLD "lt wasift so had-now that Fm through." BIARY SAMET Jeanne cl'Arc '28, '29: So- cial Committee: Polaris An- nual Statfg Chairman Per- sonal Committee: Drama Club '303 Commercial Cub '30: Honorable Mention. "Wl1atAis so rare as a rom- binatmn of brains and 5 beauty?" Thirty-Six BIARION SCHARE G. A. A. '28, ,29, 'soz La Tertulia '28, '29, '30g Civic Forum '29g Commercial Club '30. 'fi-in athletic young miss." EDXVARD SCHIEL 'fBe silent and safe-silence 'never betrays you." GEORGIA SCHOMBURG Poets' Club '29, '30g Silver Triangle '28g Cabinet. Blue Triangle '29, '30, Pres. '30: Student Council '30g Girls' Service Club '29, '30: Per- sonal Committeeg Honorable Mention. "Her gift of vim, and pep, and fun, Attracts her classmates, every one." CLARICE SCHVVAPPACH "The longer you know her The better you like her." RUTH SCIIUMMER "Theres music in her laughter." DEE SCOTT Silver Triangle '28: Blue Triangle '29: Commercial Club '30. "Petite, charming, dainty, shy, Is she sireet and cute? Oh my."' HELEN SEYMOUR G. A. A. '27g Silver Tri- angle '27: Blue Triangle '28g Commercial Club '28. K'There's magic in her artist finflers Arid a devil in her spark- ling eyes." PHIL SHANEDLING La'l'ertulia '29. '30g Honor- able Mention. 'tHe nimbly scales the walls of knowledge." THOBIAS SHEEIIAN "Shall I still be what I mn, Or yield and be like other men?" HARRY SEIGLER Football '28, '29. "NPL P0- laris Salesman '29g Polaris YVeekly '28, '29, '30, Asso- ciate Editor '29, News Edi- tor '30: Delegate to M. H. S. P. A. 'Bog Polaris Gold Pin Award: Class Social Committee: Drama Club '30g Class Play: Honorable Mention. "Eating maketh 0, big man: Conference a Tffllill man: And news writing an eroaft man." GORDON SIEMS 1'Hig1h in ideals and stature." GEORGE SMITH Golf Team '29. ,301 Radio Club '30: State Electric Force 'tmp Honorable Mention. 'fHis hair is a flaming bea- con 11-inch rlraws friends to him." EARL SODERQYIST Ullinding his 011-11 business is Earls business." DUANE Sorns Bank Cashier 'Zag Chairman Class Play Advertising and Program Conunitteeg Honor Student. "Ile thinks clearly and well as is zcitnessvfl hu his report card." Thirty-Seven BIAURICE STACY ltadio Club '30g Bank Cashier '29, '30: Picture Committeeg Honorable Mention. 'tAmlrition, brains, 'lL'iSd077l,, poise, He does a lot without much noise." JACK STECKMAN 'iNow take tl1e'unemploy- ment situatzon-." BIIRIAM STEIN Original Composi'ion Con- test '29. '30. Honorable Mention. "A thinker, a worker, a doer." SARAH STEINBERG "Her kind heart attracts friends like a magnet." R EYNOLD STENDAHL "High in his class Reyrmld stands-tn inches, and otherwise." AN NA BELLE STOLLER "Pack all your troubles into the smallest bag you have." ALDEN STROM "Friends he had, But lore he laughed to scornf' W ' " ua J JANIE SUTHERLAND Silver Triangle '2Sg Blue Triangle '39, "Sho of the famous tressesf' ALFRED TIITKLEII "EL'eryl2Ody's buddy." ROBERT THOMPSON "Business comes .before pleasure-sonieiiniesf' VVILLIAM 'TOIVENEN Drama Club '30, 'fllis heart is sturdy nnrl Strong, As is his stature." HAROLD TOY Salutatorian. "Honor lies in honest foil." BENEDICT 'l'RACH Park Board '28: Menorah '29, '303 First Aid Squad '28, '29: Activities Commit- rf tee. The only laughing nuinurl is man." CLEMENT TIIETTEL Apparatus Squad '29, '30. 'flireryone likes Clem." Thirty-Eight ELAINE URE Blue Triangle '29, '30. "With red hair to light the way, Elaine will undoubt- edly find the road to success." RUTH YTIGOREN G. A. A. '28, '29: Blue Tri- angle '28, '29: Park Board '28, "A dashing girl, both pert and guy, Whose big brown. eyes have nmch to say." NELSON VOGEL 'iWe predict that before long his Ford will be u Packard." IJOROTHY VVAER '24 flood friend is better lhnn silver or gold." EMOGENE XXTAGENIIALS G. A. A. '28, '29, "N"g Sil- ver Triangle '28: Blue Tri- angle '29, '30g Latin Club '29g Jeanne d'Are '29g Bunk Cashier '29, '30: Band '30: Girls' Service Club '30g Po- laris Salesman '39g Personal Committeeg Honor Student. 'fHer cim of good nature is full to the brim." KENNETH VVASSER Tennis '29, '30, Champion- ship ':40, "NH: Bank Cashierg Honorable Mention. 'fHe's quite a rm-keteer nt tennis." Lois XVEDGE "One of these nalural peo- ple 7fou're naturally rlralrn to." EMANUEL XVEINSTEIN "A 'brother' to everyone." EvELYN YVEINSTEIN Iilldllllilll '28, 'ZEN Civic For- uni '30g P. T. A. Student Committee: Jeanne d'Arc '28. "Her eyes of softest gentirm gblue Betrny II heart lmih good and true." SHOLEM VVEISINIAN Basketball '29: Hank Cash- ier '303 Polaris Salesman JO. t'He is imleefl fl 'wise 1nan'." BIARGARET VV1-IRLICII "And her smile. it is ca happy sm1Ie." VVILLARD XVICKS Football '28, '29, '30, UNH: Baseball '29. "NH: Cham- pionship: Hockey TES, "N": Basketball '20, '30g Personal Committee, Honorable Mention. "He's a rraslningz, flashing, hashing football hero." CHARLES VVILCOX Hi-Y '28, '293 Viking Club '28, 'ZZSL "Don't Iet the terlrlzer 7l'flIx'l' him. He sleeps so trfznquiIIy1." GR,ACE YVILEY UA fare so fair, A smile so szreef, Thru out all North There's none can heat." BIARGARET VVOOLEY "Sweet disposition." LLOYD VVRIGHT H1"llH.'llJiS8 is he that can llmzsvlfen kn0wen." lxDELAIDE XYUNGNER "'Vo11ngr'r' or older, She is nlurayls rare-free and guy." ROSE ZACKS l.a'l'ertulia '28, '29. '30: Polaris Salesman '30g Poets' Club '28. '29, '30: Park Board. '29: Commercial Club '30g Honorable Men- tion. "Joy rises in me like a srmfmefs morn." RUSE ZIEVI-I Latin Club '28, '29: Kadi- malx '29. '30g Polaris Sales- man '29g Polaris Weekly '303 Park Board '30, Com- mercial Club Tm. "Her heart is as light as her eyes rzre bright." Rvru ZIBIMI-IR HTll0il!l,lf mul rirtru' zrork in silmzcrmw IJAN ZISKIN Basketball '29: Yellow Smocks. '30: Corridor Guard '3u. "His 1111111111 fruits mark him ns 0 true gf'ntIemrm." 3, PERRY ZLOTNICK Track Manager '29. "The future of aviation is his rhief worry." IDA SUPAK Glee Club '27, '28. '293 "Sweethearts" '28: "Prince of Pilsen" '29. "Her roice is as sweet as is Ida herself." NEw'roN BEUGEN "Wisdom cometh before all," says Newton. ALICE CAMPBELL "Good and kind With pleasing mind." HARVEY GOLDFEIN "True as the needle to the pole." SAM GOLDSTEIN "Quiet until you know him -and then." CLYDE PHILLIPS "It's quite shocking, the shock of hair that Clyde has." VVALLACE XXYICKMAN "Real competition for Einstein." Forty ELBIER SCHUVER Apparatus Squad '28, "Elmer aspires to higher things, He'Il reach them too, on aeroplane wings." BIARGARET IAOWVER Silver Triangle '2S: Glec Clnb '28, '29, '30: "Sweet- hearts" '20. "Breathes there a man with soul so dead, Whose heart hath ne'er within hint burned At sight of this red head?" 'FOBA REITER Basketball '29: Volley Ball '29g Polaris Salesman '29, '30: Commercial Club '30g Yellow Smocks '30Q La. Tertulia. '29. "There's a, smile lurking behind her eyes." LLOYD ROHAN Radio Club '30. "Is he really bashful, or is it just a shield?" BEVERLY SILVERMAN Green 'Smocks '2'7: Yellow Smocks '28. '29, '30: Drama Club '30: Poets' Club '29, '30: Jeanne d'Arc '29, '30: Kadimali '30g Honorable Mention. "She quietly works her way toward the head of the class." FLORENCE VERTELNEY "Florence is always on the lookout for those who need help." LOUISE YVICK " 'Tis only noble to be good." GROSS HOFFMAN FJ ICLD IC AN DRESI' N JANUARY CLASS OFFICERS I'IARVARD Gnoss - BIILTON Ilormmy - QXUDREY FJELDE - ERNES'1' ANDRESEN - To the January Class of 1931: The Polaris affords me the privilege of expressing to the January class of 1931 my pleasure in the happy memories our association together has given me. Your love and loyalty to North speak forcibly in your class colors, blue and white. Your class motto, '4Xothing is impossible to a. willing heart," was strik- ingly exemplified in the enthusiastic, painstaking effort you displayed in your class play, not only in the inter- pretation of character, but far more in perfecting unseen details without which no enterprise can succeed. In your future activities, remain true to your ideals and rest assured that my most cordial good wishes are with you always. I IDA V. NIANN Jan nary Senior il dviser Forty-One Pmsiclmzt Vice-President Treasurer Sfvrelary LINDFORS PENXIG FITZGERALD GRENELL JUNE CLASS OFFICERS XVIZXZEL l,1xDFons CARL IEEXNIG - - Amen l"1'rzur:u,u.n C1 r,x1u.1v1s Guns ELT, - - President Vive-l'r0si1lrfnI Sarreta ry Trwasurer To thn Jzum Class of 1!J.fl: Again the wheels of time roll on, and another clash leaves North highg this time, without question, our big- gest and our best. NVith all the buoyaney and eagerness of youth, you face the journeyg and the thought of eonquering the world shines big before you. May the same joyousness of spirit, the same earnestness of soul attend you all the way, through to your goal, to the attainment of the best things in life and the achievement of your most cherished ideals. I hid you Godspeed at the COIDIHCllCCI11Cllt of your journey, and wish for eaeh of you the gift that you covet most earnestly. LQEOIKGIA A. Bvnmzss June Senior Adviser Forty-Two JUNE HONOR STUDENTS Fuurlh Rau:-'1'l10l11us9en. Pennig. Olson. Grven. Turnquist, S'chli1-hting. Th01'SlDll, Blicker Yhirll Row- Gifford, Turner. Bernhalgcn. Hurwitz, llallorzln, Johnson, E.. Blevk. E.. l.2'll'S0!l. A.. Kueh Miller. LHTSUII, BI, Semin! If0Il'7Tl'0IYllll2lHf. Nzlflln-1'. VValte1'. Godfrey. Calrlson, li., Yost, Mooney, Hanson, A. First Rfl1L"'U0l'flfDIl. Morse, Silbcrman. VViw, Lcverentz, XV:1hlr0us, O'Neil. S'kz11' XVINSTOX 'l'1umsus GORDON SCIILICIITI NG EVA N.kIlI,Ell :XVDREY Ihxsox IQDXVARII SIl.m-1nM.xN BIARION I,Aus1-:N GI.fXIl1'S QIIFFORII BIARTIN fiOIiDUN 'l'llE0Imm: 'l'1mM.xss1-:N CIIAIRLICS XVISH CLINTON 'l'I'RNQI'Is'l' BIAIIGAIIIHYI' xvAI,'l'I'Ill l.I'C1l.1.1-: Yosfr Evl-:LVN C'.xlu.soN PHILII' l,l-:Vx-:1u:N'1'x BIARIUN IIVRWITZ S1nN1-:Y Igl,IC'KI'ZR JANE llrzlaxxmuux l':VI'Il.X'N .lull NSUN NIARIVS BIOICSE IIAROLIJ 1,-NICILI. Clucr. Pr:NNm AIHING O1.soN K.K'l'lllCllIXl'I lIl'1i1xl2I.I. l,t'c1l.r,1-: 1l1I.I,r:1c .'XllUI,I'lI SKAI: JOHN IQOYCII LEON VFVIKNI-LN M,um.uu-:'r Nlnoxl-:Y 1.018 Krnlu, ,XARN 14: VVA11 I Roos l5r:,vl'lcIL'lf: f1OIlFlH-TY 1'Il,rzA1zlc'l'1r IIAl.I.0nAN VV! nm: lvl' L I llli 14: N I'1'r'l'A 'I'lu2MBl..x'l"1' IQRNA Bu-:UK .Xuxrzs lnxlcsox IIIURSON SC'HI,ICH'l'IXG X.XlJI.I-LH IIANSOX SIl.Bl'LRNI KN lbrzy-'l'hr1'e l'vOllI'f,l I-'mr' KI'il'tZIlHl!l. Lifson. Nilcs, I.ilnlt'o1's, Heller, Gnlrlstcin. SIIXIIUF. Pnlnlqnist, Frye Third ffnuv-V'0sHJy. Rosen, HL'!'IIl1lIl, I.:1ml5h0rg Lipkin, lirull. SCIIIISIOT, Karon, Johnston, Crnw Sammi 11011--'l'cll. Davis. KUIJHIHH. Ilestness, Iieuml, Ostcrhns. Swenson. Gllilill. l"l'6ll0I'il'kSHI1 First Rmr- Swenft. Strcnkcns. Mvflish, Mattson. Butler, VW-invr. Knnwlcn, I,:lih-11011. H. JUNE HONORABLE MENTION STUDENTS 1"o1n'll1 Ifuu' 'KiIlll?ll'. l1L'NlliL'k. lxlliilt. Bllfllllillll, l.z1il01wn, C., ,'XllJllllS. llmstzul. l,ilIl,LI'L'!'. llnlst, Mills! Tlflrrl lfvm' Bontnng. Rm-kstmln, lim-idlleznl. I'm-rncr. Winer, C2lI'0l1. Hnllvr. Vnrlsnn. Bn-skin. l,it's0n. M Nwfnfrl Ifnu- Ilcmlrick. Jnhnsnn, I... Ih-nclricksun. l'ilQ, f'2ik'hCllHl2lI. Kiln-y. Ilill. llozia-l. Thais Firsl 1n'lPII' Levons. Anflrczlson. llnlI'n1:1n. Kuhn. B'inahn:1n. Gnrclun, Cnnninghznn M? 1-nfzyfl-U.1r BIAYNARD JXAMODT C0llllll01'Cl2'Il Club, '311. ':ll. "I have only 1111111511111 duly as ll 1111111 IS 110111111 fo 1I11." BIARGOT AAS Vikings Folk Dznilcvrs. '29, 'img Viking Club. '2N. '29. '39, Pres. '31, "Her quieiness IIl'Npt'lI1x'S hor 1Ii!111ily." GORDON ACKEI1. A Capella Cliuir. '28, '29: Science Club, '28, 'ZEIQ Polar Telics, '29, '39, '31: Swim' xuing Team, '30, '31: Polaris Salesman, '28, '29. '30. "You can? lm 1011 sure of these Sfl'O?l!l. silent men." VVALDO ADAMS Science Club. '30. 'illg Hun- orable Mention. "He possesses ll 1111111111 heart." BIILDRED ALLEN "An apt sf111lef11t and 0710 of m1111tI1fss l'lI'f1l0S." FRANK ANDERSON Football, '29, "Nu need to say 11z.1n'c fl111n that 1lfli"L'C srud 1'll01l!l1l... flEORGE ANDERsON "lVl1y worry about lifcg lu' never gel Ouf of it alive." Forzy-lfiue l'lAllRIE'1"l'l'I .ANDERSON Blue '1'riungle. '28, "ll, 7l'02ll1Iil.' lllllll 11'1'1't f11sl1111111'1I I0 I10g111iIc." IRMA ANDE1zsON Silver Trizmngle. '28, '29: Blue TI'lZlIlgL'lC, '29, '39, '3lg I1luna,'30: Page, '30g 1711111111 Club. 'tug Girls' Survive Club, '30, '3l. 'C-I Slllllljl disposition 1111.5 made lmr srhool life f'llS1l.', l,ESTl'lR ANIJEIISCJN ".1 1111111 11111111151 men." BIARION AND1-:1zsON Silver Triangle, '28, '29g Blue Triangle, '29, '39g Band, '29, '30, '31. "Lf'lI1F6 care and s11r1'1111: till f0lll0l'I'0ll'. T11111111'r111l".s soon 111111115111 fur rare." HIICIIAEL AND1-:RsON Bunk Cashier, ':i11g Park Board, '28, "Cowl sense and ynnnl 7lIlfl,I1'8 HTG lll'l'1'l' s1'p011'r1le1l." IYORMAN ANDE1zsoN Tennis, '29, '30, '31: Track, '29, 'znrq Glee Cluh, '30, '31g Basketlmll, '29g Class Play. "Oli, what 1111111 may 11:itl1i11 l1i111 hide, Tl11111f1l1. angel on the a11fu:a1'1l si1lf'." RU'1'H ANDERSON Choir. '29: Ln Tertulia. '29. lllllg Cilee Club, '39, Prince ot' Pilseu, '30, "I-1111- 11111110 is 1-111111111111, Im! her poise is 1'.r1'1'plio1111I." 1 x 1 Q.. 1 QD ,J l.. '51 w I 5s.' P S. -az ' ' Q. 3 I X. 3.5 1 .324 . 1 ill f 'NN 1 N 1 1 s SUELDON ANnEnsoN Rank Cashier. '30, Connner- cial Club, '30, '211. "The hard-working, Iickvf- prmvlzing' llusiness num." IJOROTHY ANDRr:AsnN Viking Club, '28, '29: Folk Dancing, '22-1, '29, '30, Coni- niercial Club, '30, '31: Blum- 'l'riang:1e, '30, '31, Service Club, '31, Honorable Nlen- tiou. "No, I don'I sludgf ull flze tinze."' JOHN Asxrz "A lion among ladies is a dreadful thing." JUETTA Avro "She will win.. leer 117111 by vmizrlng lllllyenre. ' Luo BANK Bank Cashier, '2s, '29. "O'lllUlL1'd, go onwurzl, :M time' in flly fiigllzt, Make the bell ring lm' fore 1 recited' JOHN BARCLAY Hi-Y. '28, ,'29, '30, '31, P01- aris Salesman, '28, '29, '3lI: Exteinporaneous Contest, '20, '31, D1-vlalnatory Contest. '29, '30, '31, Senior Avtivities Conunittve. "His smile gives !1ll'll1l his most forlmzlinyl l'oLU1fPn11n1'e." L1cNoR1f: BAILIL Blue Triangrle, '30, '31, Civic Forunl, '30, wil. "I'r0H!! blur' vyvs unrl file szlwefrfst of rlls- positions." Forty-Six N -J Doius BARNES fs. A. A.. '2s. '29. ':zo. '31: Basketball, '29, "N" '30, Baseball, '3U: Head of Bas- ketball. '31, Coninieruial Club, '3l. "She possesses ll fjtfllldllfll nnrl hnnzrn' that fell' llr1z'f'." PHYLLIS BARNETT Sei-vivo Club. '30, '31, Blue '1'riangle. '30. '3l: Science Club, '30, '31, Civic Foruln, '30, '31. "Sl1e's rv jolly good fallou- nml nobody can deny." XVALLACFI BAR'rLE'r'r Corridor Guard, '31. "Tlw yrqatest wisdom is rmzfmlml cheer- fYll7ll"SS." RALPH BEHRENDT "By fhv work one knows the 11'ork1nan." CLiF'roN Bmw "Xofufrr1id of work Incl not in sympathy with it." JAN1-: BEIIN HAG1-:N Student Council. '30. '31, Associate Editor Polaris An- nual, '31: Polaris Weekly. '30. Editorial Board, '31, Gold Pin Award, Minn. State Press Convention Delczate. '30: Latin Club, '29, Pros.. '30, '31, Civic Foruln. '29. '30, Vive-Pres., '31, Silver Trian,fzle, '28, '29, Cabinet, '20, Blue Triaingle. '29, '30, '3l: Deutsche Vercin, '29. '30: Jeanne d' Arc, '21l. '30. '31, Servive Club. '30. '31: Big Sister, '30, '31, Page, '30, '31, Honor Student. 'L-1 brillifznf '11'it, a inl- ffnled pen, We fem' her rritirisni, are sfrnui in run' of her 1l'is1lom." IQERNICIC Bits IN K :1 ml i in a li, '29, 'Z . '-3,12 .lc-anne cl' Arc, '2 , -'20 ' Yr-llow Sinocks, k'30. 'ill Socfy, '31, 1 nk 'Cashier-s, '2s, '29, 1'er onals Commit, 11-0: Dr:mi:1"Club, '31, Hon- orable Mcntion. "This maiden dofh bubblv lIl'i'I',ll7if1l lzimmr, Q71- flqrrsmmn and Orig- , inalilyf' 1' S ELI BESSICR "Sinreriiy lnfliinrl U pleasant per- sunulilyf I.l'ClLLE ISLACKI-'ELNICR Park Board. '2H. '29, '::0: G. A. A.. 'QM "l,iylzilw111lP1l lint rmlu in hair." IDHLILAH BLANCHARD Silver Triangle. '28, 'EUS Blue Triangle. '29, 'll yvm of purest my srfrczmf' Doim ISLAXK "Sl1e's noi wliuf liifr name implwsf' XXDALI BLANKI-INIIORN Football, '28, 29, 30: Bas- kcthnll, '30, '31 : Dmitsclw Vercin, '30, '3l. "lVlu1f ilze 11'r'll flrvssvrl mnn will u:1'ur." AGNES lBI.l'ICK Science Clnh, '30, '31, Cixii- Fnrnin, '30, '3l: lllne Tri- angle, '30, '31. "Ihr isi not ron 'hier-k' mark rryumxf luv." ll'lRNA 13L1'1CK Blue 'I'riang:l0, '30, '31: Bank Cashier, '30g Uivic Fornni. '30, rail: Honor Student. "I,ikf' her sisfffr, uv' llrimirz' limi" I-'.:r':yfScL'i'n SIDNEY BLICKER A Capella Choir, '29, '30, Menorah, '29, '30, '3l: Deutsche V1-rein, '30, Civic l"0l'lllll. '30: Polaris Weekly, '30, '31, Ink Spots, '30, '31, Pnlaris Pin Award: Honor Student: Swimming, '2!l. 330. "I kneel in no nluizlenj' JXNNE ISLINDMAN Kililllllll , '29, '30' 931. Treas. un: lJ'i1i5i-lwvi3'21'ein, '30, r:,L,,,y'fl1uii 429 'sin 'aiu' L" Prince pf ltiserii A Ca a CI1oir.,.fl'9, 'iiili Clirisvgm lor- nns: i'El5illlI l'0l.i1-ii Sales- man, '29, 30, '31-Jllonorablc Men-tion. "Elwrnnl snnslzinv srffiles on her lzerulf' 3lAllGI'ElllTE Bock Bnnil, '20: Bunk Cashier, '23, '29. '30, '31, Civic For! inn, '30, Drama Club, '30. "And slln zvould do the liflle things ihaf oilzvrs niiylil forget to do," Ci'n'r ISOIIMAN Clmir. '28, Torch Club, '28, Vice-Pres.: Ili-Y. '29, '30, '3l: Social Chairman, '31: Irlnna, '30, '31, ViceAPres., '30, Pres, '3lg Student Conn- cil. '3l. "lV1l71I1'N--UOZI 4'mz't gf! nlony with Timm, unrl 11011 Nuff ge-I ulong irillmul fh1'm." xXLlCE BIIIKGAN Silver Triangle. '29: Blue Triangle, '3ll. "I"4n' IIUIAS is fl jolly. rnllivkmy nnIn1'c." IIELEN ll0RliEN lilnc 'l'l'lililL!l9, '30, '31, In Tcrinlin. '31, "lIwzz' 6011111 one so dvmnre und 8Il'!'1'f ns she. fail lu 1l'lll our l11frzrls!" l,AwnENCE 1l0llTANG Honorable Mcniion. "Ilrf's small, but so is zlynfzmitcf' i --1 i -,Q i Q 5,3 ' fix XSL? .,, 'D i 2 A fi , 3333 , P 4 Z, 44 525' if E i 152112, 4 197 Wm :fp 4 f gym .louN llovcic Honor Student. fillmiyl famous people hrrrr' hurl VMI llfllllu YVESLEY BURNHAM H1-X, 50. 51, ll -.l. 'img Glee Club, 'Sly Bnritom- City Contest. '302 Christof phorus, '30: Elijah, '31g Sei- ence Club. A28, 229, '30, '3l: Hi-Y-Girl Reserve Confer- enceg llonnruble Mention. - f -. y. . 'loin ml f'l1'hat, leoriugl for Florida! You just rrnuc liar-k from Crzlifornia." GENE B i'RRls Clllf. 29. uN.', '2i0. '3lZ 'l'mck, '31 "N"g Dress Com- mittee. "IVonzen .' lVO7IIPl1.' IVo1n0n.' Wllvre zrilf thou leml me!" cil'IR'l'RI'Dlfl 1gl7'l'Ll+lR Blue Triangle, 'img Honor- able Mention. Nxvllfllfl' eufloired lufr wifh fr pleasing per- souulitglf' l'.vELYN IEYI-l Silver 'l'l'lJlll,L'fl9, '2!I: Blue 'l'rinngle, '30. '3I: G. A. A.. '29, '30, 'iilg Swimming Head: Athletic llouul, Wil: Yulley Ball 'l'e-um, 'Slug Com- mervial Club. '30, ':sl.' "Une irhosz' sirevt :lis- 1mxitim1 helifs her 1-ml hair." JANE IKYE Cluuir. '30, ':llg Glec Club. :ilg Silver 'l'riun,zle. 'zfug Blue Tl'l2lllfZll', '30, 'Sli G. A. A.. '29. T501 Volleyball 'l'eum, 'mhz Commercial Club. '30. '3l. "For thv glory of lhv f'UIlllllI'I'l'lfIl Ilepurl- nzenlf' Kl4INNPI'Fll IEYIC i'Sfnnr' pwnplc' flu lhf? nmsf HIll'lIHl't'l'II4'll filings." For 1 gl- lfighl L1LLlAN BYRNES li. A, A.. '20. '30: Green Snmcks. '20. '3ug Civic l"urnm. ':ln. 'Zilg Drzuun Club. Hsu. '3l: Poets Club. '29. Vice-l'reeiilent. '30. ':il. "Few drenm in irlinl high siurs she 'liifclws hw' 11'uquu'." HARoLu CALDER Bunk Cashier. '29. "E1n'-lnslivx--liis slurk in fI'Illl'l'.H Y ' , l Y IR NIA ,Al LL Sl X 1 l lll Honol 1 e Mention. , 'l' ' rin 6. " 8 3' ue 'l' ' glE'. f 9. 'Z , '3 . li ' l'z , f '0. lv: nl!! i eekly "init ' : Cape I , nir. 30, g J , 3 'a '30, ' 5.51 fvic ' nb, '3 ,. ':s1g ra a ,Ch , '30, "Hey rlurk eyes are ns In-ig if and expressive ns har personf1l1f!1." CARL CARLSON lfootbull. '29. '3l: Choir. '28, '29. 'Sim '3l: Idunn Club. '3ll. '31. "'Tis luf. I ken ihe mm:- urfr nf his gait." IHYFILYN CARLSON Silver 'I'ri:1ng:le. '29: Phyllis Wheatley. 'zsag Original Com- position Contest, 'Img Civic l"ol'um, '3l: Blue Tl'l2lllS.!'l6. Wm. 'xlz Service Club. ':s1: Conunerciul Club. Hin. ':lI: Activitl' Committee. 'illz Honor Student. "I-'zrifhful fu lun' f1'ol'li' mul hm' s1'lumI." FRANCES CARLSON Silver 'l'l'l2lllg'l0. 'ZH. '29: Phyllis XVl1e:ltley. 7503 Iflunn, Tw: Service Club. '30. ':sl: Blue 'l'ri:mgIe. Tin. 'zslg Civic Furuni. '2i0. '3l: Ilon- oruble Mention. "Tiff fruw lvlllI'l'l'Sll!l of fhwse flaw is Il mllev- flfrll of Ifoolfsf' HELEN CARLSON Shu has rm rzlmmlrrizve of slylv, nnrl yfoufl IlIIlllI'l'..l ROBERT CARLSON Stage Force, '29. '30, '3I: Drama Club, 30, '3l. "Be rhecked for silenr-0. lml never tamed for xpeef'l1." QXLDEN C:1R1'EN'r1-:R Hyffh, I lmfnv if." DON CARRIER Ili-Y, '30, '31, :Tennis Tcain. JO, 31. "1-lll lliink that he is quiet, but Ile can raise u Int uf 'racq1lel'." CARL CHALFEN Deutsche Verein. '29, '30, Basketball, '29: Student Mgr. of Baseball, '29: Student Mgr. of Football, '29, '30, Student Mgr. of Basketball, '30, '31, "Thai: arf loo mild, foo mild: I pray thee su'wn'." .PAUL CHIAT Polaris Salesman, '28, '29: Honorable Mention. "Look work in the fm-e fthen keep looking at if." ROSE C'H1A'1' Orcllestra, '28, '29, '30: Coni- mercial Club, '31, "Gra1fio1fs in 7ll!llHlG7'." ETHABELLE COHEN "Her lirillinnt smile is the vlzief asset of her personality." l7or1g1-.Vim- CATHERINE CONONVAY Phyllis XVhe-ntley, TSO. "The flfr lrlessness of 7wrfw'1irn1." AIAILTIN CoNNo1.Ly Skating, '3l. "E1'l'll lim' ivzziquisllrffl, he ufonld argue slillf' JOHN CROW' 0l'i'llCStl'il. '29, '30. '2S1: Cm'- riclor Guard, '30, Tennis. '30, '31, Cliaiupionship, '30, Winner Gcrinnn Declani Contest, '30: Polaris Week- ly, '30, '3lg Polaris Annual. '31g Polaris Honor Pin: Honorable Mention. Liziltllfillgll he spends most of his lime in the Pol- aris 'IYl1l7'f1NC, .lolunliffs fm' from dead." HELEN CFNNINGIIAM Phyllis Wheatley. '29, '30: Service Club. '30, Cnnnncr- vial Club, '30, ':11p Honor- able Mention. "The noblest mind The lwsl contentment has." 1' Q2 BIARGARET Cu'r'i's "She's here-I lienrd her ffiafllf-" XXYILLIANI C1"r'rs ffffup 1 ,fhgi , , Scienve Club, '28g Menorah. " "" ' ' ' 'Y' '31, Athletic Board of Con- - '- trol. '30, '31. Pres.: Foot- I ball, '29, T103 Swimming, '29, . '30, '31, Capt., "NU: Hunmu - 1 1, , I V1 ' able Mention. ' W- ll rv' I1 'Q-is fond of dufes as rm .-lrl1l1." I Q fr- 1 TAOIS IDAMAN liluc Tl'ifiIl,'.flC. '31' Skating. ':10g Tennis, "fill, '21 xurecf dlsposilion is ll'll!lf Axlze am'f ffof nuthin' else but." 1 l W.. X' .,,, i 2 Q oi fhx .M f ..r-, z ,1 --.J ,J 1 i i i YN .J I F.. f gf l 1 1 1 'X fix W X 1 .g ie Fx V :X S + V 1J1'r11 IUAYIS Kadi 1, '31, 1 BOYK- FOUND, V3 3 liqnorable U L vMCllf1Ql!.' Q I "Too 'lit e and foo la!Yl1fIik1mzc14." LILLIAN DAY 'il rare rrmzlrinalion of szcevtncss, mozlvsty, and l1umor." FLOIQENCE l,EDRICK Blue Trizliiglc, '29, '30, '31, Viking Club, '29, '30, '31. Sec'y, 313 Service Cl11b. '29, Phyllis lvliezitley. '29, Honorable Mention. "Great tlzouylzfs, like great deeds, wevrl no trzmzpelsf' M1L'1'oN lJEsN1cK l-'irst Aid, '30, Menorah. 30, 31, Spanish Club. '30, '31, Honorable Mention. "li'isPI1f and slozr: Hwy sfmizlzlff ihaf Tun frrsff' 'IIIEODORE IJESNICK Mg-noroli, '30, '31, Lu Ter- tllllll, '30, '31, Park Board, '31. "Our only surriror of ihe 'zrest-'liesprfrafw' Desnirkf' " IIOBERT IJEXVAIIL Radio Club. '28, Viking Clllh- '20, Stage Force. '20. '30. '31, Drzinui Club, '30, ':u. 'Clusf anoflzm' Barr! or Lmdbprgh, or somebody important." ZXLICE IJEZIEL Sili'er1.Triai1fl0. '28, '20, Blue Triangle, '30, '31, Bank Cashlers. 10: Latin Cluh. '. 431: Polaris Weekly, '31, A 'mal jsthff. '31, Phyllis 'WU1lC2l.tgf, '31, Polzlris Sales- iuarkrl . '29, Service Cluh. '3 ,,.Sec'y, lflonorable ' Mention. "A cllarming little bil of pcfrsonalify and talent." Piizy KIARGARET IDEZIEL Glee Club, '28, '29. '30Z Prince of Pilsen, Choir, '31, Drama Club, '31. "lvlUUI'l01lS arilh ll cliurm- ing roirc, and all llw mu' marks of Success." F1-:RN IDIAMOND G. A. A., '28, '29, Dc-utsvlic Verein. '29. '30, Poets Club. '30, '31, Kndiinali, '30, '31, Co111111c-1'c'ii1l Club, '30, '31, Sucreturyg Civic F0l'lllll, 30, 31. "Ax rulilnlrle as ihe slow' of lwr name." Gloe Club. '28, ' 9, '30' "Sweetl1ez1rts." ' , iuli Club, '28, '29, Bn . ' . "He looks nllore of 11s, but that doesn sn!! lm's high-hat." IlAPHAEL D l.o1'1sE DoNALDsoN Band. '28, '29. '30, '31, Park Board. '28, '29, '30, G. A. A.. '28, '29, Basketball, '29: Civic Forum. '30, '31, SQ- nior Social Committee. "Her lovely face was smiling, lipueailz liar curl of ln'o11'n." l'A1'L DilNAI.DSOX lhlnd. '28. '29. '30. '31, 012 clu-strn, '30, Radio Club. '29, Park Board, '29. '30, '31, "7'oili11y, rejoicing, sol'- l'UIl'lllfl, Unirarrl through Iifv hr' goes." JVNE IDVEPNICR Ori-lieslra. '28. '29. '30, '3lZ S01-vice Club, '30, '31, Pol- aris Szilesinau. '29, '30, 01'- l'lIL'SiIl'2l I.llJl'lll'lI1Il, '30, '31, Claws Song Comniittcc, '31, Typist for Annual. '31: Music Club, '31. "lVlmn iliewfs music in flze air, You run Irv sure lhaf .lime is fliers." DQJNALD IUUNNING Football. '29. '30. "N"Z AC- tivitics Committee. "His pnlli leads to nn All-.47Il1'l'lI'Il7l team." ISEATRICE DWORSKY "Sl1c's cufe and peppy, anyihinyl else yozfzl like." ALTER 1iASTMAN Just another blonzl here, but imlmdy lcimzrs if." A SHIRLEY HD:-:Ls'rON Girl Scouts. '28, '29, '30, '3lg Bank Cashier, '30, Latin Club, '29, Deutsche Verein, '30: All City Emblem Base! b ll Champ, '2!J: Volleyball, 29, '3'0, '31, "N": First Aicl, '29, '30, '3l: Skating. '29, '30, Service Club, "Her fiery hair is noted on ei-ery held of sport." ARVID Emi: Apparatus, '28, '20, '30, '31, Track. '31, "Silence is n harrl Ill'- gumeuf in m1s1l:e1'." VVALTER EKBIAN "His good lzilmm' ought to be passed l,lI'0lHlLl.', DONALD ELLIOT Apparatus. '30, 'Jllg Track. '29, '30, '3l. "One irho fries-u trier makcs sur-cess." HOWARD ELLIOT Radio Club. '30: Bank Cashier, '30. "Be silcuf und safe- silence mfrer betrays you." P1fIqf0ne i ARLENE Emu-:R Conunercial Club, '30, '31. "DeffIy she juygles her 'work and her play, SO that neither gets in the other 0ue's way." ELSINE 1'lLsHOL'rz Civic Forum, '30, '31, Com- mercial Club. '30, '3l: Latin Club, '30, '31: Girl Scout, '30, '31. "Her Iienrf is as sunny Us her 1-m111fenm1r'e." Ecuo ERLCKSON Blue Trian,1zle, '29. '30, '31: Civic Forum, '30, '3l: Com- mercial Club, '30, '31: SO' cial Committee. "E11tI1usir1s1n 'crlminy' through a pleasing persfnmlifglf' JOHN PISLER Football. '29. HI do'n'f lzelieve in disf r-ozwayznff aziyrnze, not even myself." SAM EsT1uN U Menorah, '30. '3l. "S'imrere, friendly and good-ncztzcredf' CLEMENT FAIRBANKS 'iH'is ability is equal to his modesty." A PHYLLIS FEINBERG Kadiinuli. '29, '30g Jeanne rl' Are, '30. 'C-I su-wt Iiille miss U'itI1 zz street Iitile way." 1 in +A, Y ij 33: M , Q 1 1 i-1' i..fa A1 ye .De ff? J X X 'fir 2 -5 , 1 i '-.' , 'Nu- i ,Q - x f Q, 4 if 11 :Miki , EA, if ,ij 35? 425241 ia" 25,92 4 2 f f SOL FISHER Menorah, '28, '29, '30, '31: Choir, '28, '29, Park Board. '28g Bank Cashier, '28, '29l Civic Forum, '29, '30, '31: Corridor Guard, '29, -301 First Aid Squad, '31. "Before you go, let me tell you one more thing." ALICE FITZGERALD' Class Secretary: Civic r- aris VVeekl 30. '31' Polari' Annual, '3 , Girls Spo- . um, '30, '31, Pros. '30: 'OSX' Ed.: Silve Trian le, 'L Q '29: Boa of- rls Aftlr ft of Sw n g. 30: B: all. '29, 3 N, '3 2' 'H ill Speedh' l, ' : ati 0. '3l: et al III ,' V30. ':l1: St len 11. -'30: Glee Clu , " . '3 , Eli'ahg Class Play. "Here's 'IT' in person- Alice." leti , ' . ,'31' Heat C L J0 J RICHARD FLANNELLY Stage Force, '31. "Their smiles and cen- sures are to me the same, I care not what they praise or what they blame." LUCILLE FORAN Silver Triangle, '29: Blue Triangle, '30, '31, Park Board, '29, Commercial Club, '31, 'tln no way can ire ronceal, llfllnt we think of our fuir Lucille." EILEEN FRANCIS Commercial Club '30, '31, "In all things the sn- preme earrellffilce is true simplicity." ERLDYNE FRANZEN Bank Cashier '28, '29, '303 Blue Triangle '30, '31: Drama Club '3l. HIf'l1'Ill'lO1lS and standing witli U world of friends beside her." EDWVARD FRANZI-:N Park Board '31. "Little, but Oh n1y."' Fiflg-Two hILI:I-:N LREDRICKSON Bank Cashiers '29g Blue Tri- angle '30, '31Q Civic Forum '30, '31: Lost and Found '3l: Service Club '31g Ilon- orable Mention. "She is a sqzzanclerer of snzilesg fl spendtlirift of good cheer." FERN FREDRICKSON Idunzl, '28g Green Smocks, '29. "Another blonde with an appealing sweetness." FERN F REITAG Blue Triangle '29, '30, '31: Civic. Forum '30, '31: Com- mercial Club '30, '31g Ring Committee. "Peppy, charmiozg and sweet, A good looking girl you ought to meet." RAYMOND FRISELL Orchestra '29. "Our lillle 'Ray' of szmsl1ine." FADWVARD FRYE Bank Cashier '30, '31, Hou- orablo Mention. "Go, young man, straight to fame." SOPHII-1 GARBINA Coininercial Club '30, '31: Service Club '31, "Silent Im! sincere." Y IRGINIA GARIBNPIR Business Advertising '31I1 Yellow Smocks, '30, Green Smocks. '29: A Capella Choir. '29g Poets Club, '29, '30. Secretary: Silver Trizingle '29. HGOIIIPAWI-1lflll'?d loss with 'll'llllllIl!l ways." XvlYlAX GAY CUIlllll9l'l'lfll Club, '30, ':il. HSIIIPHI ns fhr? pir'ir1rrx on fha' wall." ANN ClEllSll3IAN Prince of Pilseng Glen Club. '23, '29, '30, Bank Cusbiur '20, f'0llllllSl'L'lill Club '30. '3l. "Sho pills hfr zL'o1'rir's in rr poclfvf irzfh. a hole in if." lY11,I.1AM Ginnwz Park Board '29, TSO: A Cu- pf-lla Choir '30: Prince ot' Pilsen: 12100 Club '30g 't0llC" C0llfL'l'9llCQ Will. ".-1I11'n11s smiling, and who 11'nnI1ln'l he iriili ziimplvs likw fhosf-." VFIIEUDURIC Gmslg HHUIVIIVI' of fha lrrrllh of Iliff IHII0 mmzf' CQLADYS GIFIVOIID Silver Triangle '2R: Orclws- tm '28, A29, '30, 'xlg llonor Student. NASA' filrrriglx fshe ui- zrugls lmolmf' ISEATRICI-1 Goni-'nm' Latin Club 'z:1. '20, '30, 'tllz L11 Tertnlizl '29. '30, '31, l'oY 1-ts Club '20, '29, '30. ':ll: Girl Scouts '20, '29, Presi- rlent '30, '3l: First Aill Squad '29. Captain '30, '3l: Captain of Lunch Room Force '30, ':ll: 'Service Club Board '30, '3l: Oflice Page '31: Big: Sister '30. 'iilz Phyl- lis Vl'l1ontly ,2a, '3lg Drmlnl Club '31: Polaris YVe0kly llonor .M.souiatc '30. '3l: Polaris A n n u il l ,lssocinto 'Jill I' oln ris l'in Award: Honor Stllllvllll Stuslcnt Counvil '3l. "U1'f'1lfii1'ss Iirw in doin!! fhinyfx, Noi iii S1'1'lH!l Ihmffs tIonf'." IQIARMON C-JULDBERG Ml-nornb '30, ':l1: Frcnc-li Club '30. "Jli11'h fo hw srrill, if lI'I' r'0v1l4I rffml his mimi." lfifl L1-'l,l7rL'0 S.xn.x11 GOLDFINGI-in Glu' Club '29. '30g Connncr- cial Club '30. '31, '1FI'lIl1klII'SS is one of hm' l'lrfu0s." ISERXL CJOLDSTEIN Swinunin,L' '29, '30, '31: Me- nornll '30, Treasurer '3l: l'olnr Tclivs '29. lilllg First Kid Squad '30. 'tilg Civic Fol ruin '30, '3lg Personzils Coin- mirleg- '30, '31: Honorable Mention. "look, he is ufindiny up fhv iruff-h of his 1I'If, soon il zrill strike." Bl+lRNAllD GOLDSTEIN Football '29, T503 Basketball '29. " llxlfllllfllfll imuflz pemmii- fied." l'lSTHER GORDON Deutsche Vcrein '29: Service Club '30: Karlimnh '29, '30. '3l: Bank Cashier '29: Con:- niercinl Club '30, '31, Civiv Forum '30. '3l: Park llonrml 'zsq Honorable Mention. til merry! heart makwfh II r'hew'fnI colmfeizum-v," NIARTIN GORDON Latin Club '29, '30g 1'ol:lr 'l'elil-s '30, '31q Honor Student. "His informrrfion is mf'- lenxirv, I l Ywf, his rzlrioszly is lmf qn1'nr'Iieri." Bl4IllNICPl ciRAIS K zx il i Ill 21 11 '29, '30g Bank C il s li i o r '29: C0lllllll'l'Cl2ll Club '30, '31, La'l'ertuli:l '29. '30, '31, "lVliwl1ier' .who sniilfls or sfoirls, she mwms ii." l'l1'Glf:Nlf: clRANNlNG Basketball '29. '30: 1'l01ltlJ2lll '30. "Yon nerwr nofite Gwif inilii you sw him, play." li k,W,, 1 ll S... . LY, ' 1 1 l E fl Kfxx x , X , v fb. lf? X I l C LJ ETHEL CSREI-IN A Capella Choir '28, '29. '30g Elijah '31g Original Compo- sition Contcst '3l. "Qllil'f and mmssifmizlyf, but always on thc juli." VVILBERT GREEN Glcc Club. '29, '30: Prince of Pilsen: Sweethearts: Male Quartet. '30g Special Choir '30: Elijah: Honor Stuilcnt. "Give me but fl, place lo stand mul I 11'ilI more the earth." ARNOLD GREENRERG Menorah '29. '30. '31: First Aid '29, '30, '31, Captain '30, '31: Student Council '30. '31, Polaris Salesman '31: Track Manager '31. "A true sf-mil." :ESTHER GREEN RERG Commercial Club '30, '31, "Let others lead: I'Il ul- irnys do my bcstf' JACK ciRI'IENliERG Swiuuning '29, '30g La'I'crf tulia '29, '30. '31, Polaris 'Salesman '30, '31. "Roll on, lrorlrl, roll o11."' CHARLES CQRENELL Latin Club '28. '29. '30. 31: Polaris Weekly '29, '30, '31, Polaris Annual, Sports Ecl- itor: Polaris Honor l'in: Hi-Y '29, '30. '31, "ORC" Conference '29: Class 'l'reasA urcrg Tennis '2H: Honorable Mention. "A jorial man, ll :Irf- pemlulzle man: Inst hilt not lvnst, a fricnrllgf 'nzanf' - PELKAN fiROLI, l,a,Tcrtulia '29, '30, '31, Mc- norali '29, '30, '31: Scicncc Club '29, '30, '3lg Polar Tcl' ics '30: First Aizl Squad '30, '3l: Civic Forum '30, Vicc- Presirlent '30, '31g Class So- cial Committee: Track '29, '30: Honorable Mcntion. "WP shall find of him, ri slirfwrl l'0llll'iI'l'I'." Fiflq-l'our HELEN GVDAL Silvcr Triangrle '28, Vice- Presidcnt '29, Drama Club '28, '30, '31, Bluc Triangle '29. '30, '31, President 31: Delcgate to Okoboji '30: Student Council '31g Inter- Club Council '3l: Vicc-Presi- rlentg Scrvice Club '301 Ilon- orablc Mention. "l1's Iwxf lo :Io om' thing Il'f'il." IIELEN GI'NnERsoN Silvcr Trianzlc '29: Yil-,ing '29, '31, Secretary '30, "Sonic people do not IHIOII' hcr llCl'IlllSt' shc rloes not urlvrfrtisf' hrr- sclf- hzfl thrrt's rr lnlcntf' c,RPHA cil'NDERSON Silver Triangle '28: Norse Club '28, '29, Norsc Folk Dancing '23, '29, "She who plants kind- ness gathers friends." FREDERICK IIALEEN 'ATIIFH th 0 conimcrcial slurc' with iuky fl1lflCl'S.U .ll's'1'1NE I'IAI1LEli Conuncrcial '30. '31, Honorable Mention. '11 mairlcn nercr hold, of spirit still rlnfl quiet." l'lLIZABlCTlI IIALLORAN Blue Triangle '30, '31g Sci- ence Club '30, '31, Civic Forum '30. '3l: l'ark Board '3l: l-'rencli Club '31: Ac- tivities Conunittcc: llonnr Student. "Thy modcstyk ri canzlle to thy mcril. MAR.IoR1E 1iA1IPlJEN Blue Triangle '30, 'till Civic Forunl '3l. "Black were hcr cyfcs as berries. Iflafk, ye! hou' softly thc!! fllermwfl, Iicncotli the bI'Ull'Il shade of hm' tressesf' HARRIPIT HANDBERKB Polaris Salesman '28, '20: Blue Triangle '29: Civic Forum '31. "A modern mnid full of glee, Willmuf lier, ll u p 12 ll irzfd not lm." .lEssALx'N HANN S i l v e r Triuugzle '28: Blue Triangle '29, '30: Basketball '28g Baseball '28g Phyllis Wheatley '20. "Sl1e's sweet and quaint as slie is small, And lzer 0716 zlesrripliou is 'Dresden cllimz doll.' " BIARYIN HANSI-:N Football Manager '28, '29, '30. "One who is liked lr!! e1'e1'yb0dy because of his personaliiyf' IXDELYN HANsoN Silver Triangle '28Z Blue 'I'rian,fzle '293 Polaris Sales- man '28: Drama Club '30, '31. "Fun mid jokes-do I like them!" AL'DRPlX' HANSON atin Cllb '28, '20, '30, 'lllz Park Bo rd '28 " 9, '30, '31g rchcst " "P '30. '31: e'1nn l' 0, " 1: Blue ,, '30, 'illg Service 1 '30, '311 0 e Page '31g Phy lis VVh at y '31 : Bi, gist r '30. 421 Q Po' " gf e y lonoi- . Q . ': . 673,13 P0121 's iw Associ- at ' ' ' ' , Delegate M. H. . . '30, Dranm Club '31 Music Club '3lg Bank Ca hier '30, '31g Polaris Pin Awurdg llonor Student. "The hard irorkinyf per- son fzlirnys wins owl." GRACE IIANSON Latin Club '20: Park Board ':i0g Commercial Club '3l. "Some friemllinvss, sports- mansliip, and fun." Ciulumts II.-k'l'IIAXVAY "Ile lows llle swing! sivle of llw 1'of1rl." tu-l'it'0 INIARYIN HAvs'rAn Golf "N" '28, '29, '30. '31Z Track '28, '29, '305 Lunch Committee '29, '30, '31: A Capella Choir '28, '29. '301 Torch Club '28, '29: Picture Committee '31g Honorable Mention. "He loves lo garner bird- ies und eagles, .-Ind lies not zz furi- dermisf, either." NIARYIN H1-:Gm-:NES Torch Club '28, '29g Foot- ball '29. "Soft spoken words sink deepest." IsAnoRi: HELLER Science Club '28, '20: Mc- noruh '20, '30, '31, Presi- dent '30: Novelty Seller '30: First Aid '29, '30, '3l: Stu- dent Council '30, Secretary '31: Polaris Vtleekly '30. Managing Editor '31g Dele- gate M. ll. S. P.: Honorable Mention. "He has no parallel ex- cept himself." EUNICE HENDRICKSON Silver Triangle '28, '29: Blue Triangle '29, '30, '31g Sci- ence Club '30, '31g ACapella Choir '30, '31: Lost and Found '30: Honorable Mention. "There ure few ns true lzlue as E1mic'e." Gi-Loman Hi-JNDRICKSON Torch Club '28: Ili-Y '28: Glee Club '29: Prince of Pil- sen 29: Choir '30. "Just fl liffle liit of 'the Old Harryf " RIARGARET HEURIIEIM Blue 'liiuiigle '20, '30: Com- lllt'I'l'lill Club '30, President '31: Student Council '31. "B1m!f.' Bang! All right noir, Ye .llffrry Conzmer- rinlisls, H10 meeting lrill plvrzsw come to 0l'ilI'7'.U Menon" 20, '3 , Tertul 30, 3. ire- Prcsid t . . vt vties Com- PHILIP ah. IAN mittee 13 First Aid Squad '30: Bank Cashier 'tug Hon- orable Mention. "You 1'nn'f lcll Il bool: 031 its C0l'l'7'.4' Wir 5 84 iii .2 siw KS 15 -.g ' 1 '51 7, ,L fi xj , fl Q- , ' , 5 , t N , X-J f 1' X 1 1 x w 2 ,.,.. si l ,I I i , K ",1"', ,XX7 45,1 IN QI lfiwxi pf I I .4 f' X 'I .',-1 X VN fa Ci ,J My AUDEEY HESTNESS Athletic Board of Control, Secretary '30, '31: Polaris VVeekly '30, '31g Honor As- sociate '31: Polaris Annual '31, Associate Editor: Po- laris Honor Pin Award: Chairman Class Yell Com- mittee: Civic Forum '30, Treasurer '31: Silver Trian- ,frle '28, '20g Blue Triangle '29, '30, '31: Service Club '30, '31g Jeanne d'Arc '30, '31: Latin Club '30, '3l: Science Club '30g Big Sis- ter '31: Drama Club '30, '31g Honorable Mention. "Was there ever a maid so fair and true, Cute, peppy, and popular too?" EVERETT HIBBAIID Choir '28: Science Club '29, '31. ".-1 handful of fun is worth more than a basket of learning." EINO HILL "Thal's another thing ire can't seem to figure out." LORRAXNE HILL LaTertulia '29, '30, Vice- President '31: Polaris Weekly, Club Editor '30, Kadimah '29, '30, '31: Ser- vice Club '301 Bank Cashier '30: Office Page '30g Polaris Salesman '29g Civic Forum '31: Commercial Club '30, '31g Honorable Mention. "Ay, she is reposed and good matured." TECIA HOFFMAN ' imah '28, '20, Vice-l'resi- ent '30, President '3l: Stu- dent Council '31: .Jeanne fl'Arc '20, '30, '31g Park Board '20, '30, '31g Class Personal Committee: G. A. A. '28, '29: Honorable Mention, "Personality and Perserer- ance." IRENE I'IOLM 'H-iizotliler rare combination of ability, sweetness, and dependability." IEEVERN HoI.MEs Track '29, '30, '3l: Choir '29, '31, "Who comprehends his trust, and. to the same, Keeps faithful with a sin- gleness of aim." Fifty-Six GEORGE HOLST LaTertulia '29, '30, '31g Honorable Mention. '24 roinlzinntion of quietness and eU'iciency." I.Ax7ERN HOLTBLX' t'on1Inerci:ll Club '30, '3l: Silver Triangle '2sg Blue Tri- angle '29, 30. "Kat that I like io study lass, but that I lore fun more." KATIIERINE IIUBBELL Bank Cashiers '20, Vice- President '30, '31: Civic Po- runi '30, '31g Girls' Service Club '30, '31g Honor Student. "As wise as she is fair." TITADDELTS HUNCZAK "Let me ha: it." GEORGE HVNSTIGER "One 'whose friendship can nerer be forgotten." BIARIAN HL'RXVl'l'Z Kadimah '20, '30, '31, Sec- retary '31: Jeanne d'Arc lr '29, '31, President '30g Stu- J' ' dent Council '303 Honor Student. "Dark and sweet, Jllirioffs nent." BIARY HYLLA Polaris Salesman '29, ".-I sweet friend to all-and she smiles as she masters the impossible." N- 1 EDITII IDELKOPE Commercial Club '31, "Laugh mul lL'C'Il all be lumpy." CLINTON IYERSON "That some fore of yours looks like the title page to fl whole volume of fun." IiUTII JAFFE Commercial Club '30, '31, "Life is just one joy after another." RALPH JEFFY Deutsche Verein '31: Meno- rah '30, '3l: Drama Club '31g Park Board '31. "l am like a presrription, hard to be filled." ANNA JENISTA Commercial Club '30, '31, 'Industrious is what she knows how to be." GERALD JENSEN Bank Cashier '28g Viking Club '28, Hi-Y '28. "Usually serious and alzcuys a good pol." :BLVERA JOIIANSON Latin Club '29: Commercial Club '30, '31. "Sho has a mind of her ozrn and uses it." a Fifiy-Seven ciLENYS JOIIANSEN Viking: Club '23, '29. "Fas11ior1od so slrlrzdvrly Young and so fair." FAVELYN M. JOHNSON Commercial Club '30, '31: Bank Cashier '28: Polaris Salesman '29, "Blonde, and cheery, und -" EVELYN JOHNSEN Silver Triangle '28g Blue Tri- angle '29, '30, '31, Honor Student. "Work is my recreation." FRANCES JOHNSON Bank Cashier '28, '29: G. A. A. '28, '29, '30, '31: Baseball Team '29, '30: Basketball '30g Volleyball '30g Civic Forum '30, '31, Secretary: Drama Club '30, '31, Vice-President: Blue Triangle '30, '31: Come mercinl Club '30, '31, "She always sees the beautiful." LAMAR JOHNSON Corridor Guard '31. "Hes a true friendg he's a straight shooter." LINNEA JOHNSON Orchestra '28, '29, '30. '31g Science Club '30, '31: Iduna Club '30, '31: Honorable Mention, "Just like It Puritan maid, Shes quiet, modest, nucl stand." R,0BERT JOHNSON Orchestra '28, '29, '30, '3lg lli-Y '30, 'illg Deutsche Yereiu '30, '3l: Bunk Cash- ier '31, "A keen rereptire mind mihmirvd hu a courte- ous mnmierf' r 1 2 x F , I' 'WR f' X v- . 5 i 3 Q., W. X4 . 3? Q : so ' 29145 7 A SOPHIE JOHNSON Viking Club '28, '29, A Capella Choir '20, '30. "She's sweet and nice to the 'N'th degree." CHARLES JOHNSTON Torch Club '29, Secretary '20, Honorable Mention. "All things come to him who waits, - But they come quicker to him irho hustlesf' LEHVELLYN JOHNSTON .4 Bank Cashier '29, '30, '31: C2 Commercial Club '30, '31. "The efjicieney of the mod- fis 5 ern American business loom ." Mmffn ,AAN Y N ima ' '30g'K Gi S001 A A 'I 9, H21 iri Ml: v oru '3 '31l cr y: ,, xx rtulif '30, 31: , ecre- ' 5 ar At ti rdld Con- fm , 2. G. . A.L. 29. '30. ' '31g rl's Servi Cl IF '30, A W 311 olagls S esnggg R'29. A 'o. 1:' mir a , in: ' L' A' ' Om 'tteez fffflgliiigfcialffliiln - I fi ' '31Q Dr. n !Club '28, . i I H 1 . A fb R 1' , f :YY-lex kph are rt curl' f N ' U . ' f I fm? blues." . ' if 4 r' 4 '- -X f' ' V f LQ I U - 1 ROSE JFSTER , G. A. A. '29, Bunk Casliivr A Q '30, '81, Civic Forum '31. 5 "SimpIif'ity hath ll Charm of -A its own." C. VVALTER KAIRIES Polaris Salesman '29, '30, Drama Club '30, '31, Com- mercial Club '30, '31: Senior Personal Committee. "A little nonsense now mul Iheu Is relished by the best nf men." 1 ' C71iAnL1cs IQARCH Basketball ?H. '2!7.a'30. 311 F 0 O t h fl l '30: Druitsclie Verein '30, Vice-l'resiclent, ' "Sink it 'with your eyes rlgzserl, Churkf' 5 I QA IQ X lfifty- Eight me AKIANUEL KARON LaTertulia '29, '30, Honor- able Mention. "His tongue dropt manna, and could make the worse appear the better reason." Bi-:sem KASPAREK Girls' Service Club '31: Sci- ence Club '30, '311 Phyllis Wheatley '30, '31g Civic Forum '30, 31. "Small mul blonde, comely of manner, a wide awake miss." EMIL KASPAREK "He is a modest youth, sir." EDIT zf Kztdinmb " 9, ' , '31. ' Secietar ' .leann r. rc '29,.930, . Vicee r i t: Ba C liie ' 8. "That broz n and flbilflllfllb ees, Would 'we qould win her for a prize." LEONARD KATZ "Lennie doesn't rush himself but he gets there just the same." IRMA IXELLGREN lllue Trizxngle '29, '30g Glee Club '30, Prince nf Pilsen '30, A Cam-lla Choir '30, '3l: l'oluris"S:1leslnzm '30, Civic Forum '30, '31, Service Club '31: Commercial Club '30, ':i1. "Cliff, Qll'l'fl'll, smart-all the definitions of fm uprto-date umaleru girl." CAnL'1'oN BENNING Polaris Szxlesinzin '28: Park liourrl '23, '20: A t li I 0 t i c llnarrl ol' Control '28, '29: Hi-Y '29, ':l0. '3lg A Capella Choir '20, '30, '31. "IVI1e11 joy and duty rlnsh, Let duty! yo lo smash." . U-' 'PA WALTER KIELB Swimming Team '28g HifY '28, '29: Basketball Squad '30. "A persoii 'who keeps his merits hidden." HENRY KIMBLE Torch Club: Honorable Mention, "He shnll lie wise flml iris- dmn does seek." Lows KIRSCHBAIYBI "There is no substitute for work." GALEN KLAUSRIAN "Baseball is his specialty." JULIUS KLIFL'EIl Commercial Club '30, '3l: Track '30, '31. "I like work, it fascinafvs meg I con sit and look at it for hours!! FAYE KNOBEL Blue Triangle '30,,'31: A Capella Choir '20, '30, '3lq Elijah '31q Service Cluh '3lq First Minn. State Chorus '30. 'Ally dinzple isn't Iwinsi' CLAUDE KNOTZ Track '28, '29. "Il'hen you talk with hint he just 'Knotz' you up mth lfllIf1lIfET.H, F1'frq-.Ymv FLORENCE KNOWLEN ,i Blue Triangle '30g Honor- able Mention. --- t'Truth is beautyfxk .J t ' s ' , Ml ,J ' LX' f Q A ' ' ' f. 3'-1 ,Qld X 'Aa TI QI N Xl '-'U T V D .. ,LL -T ,, '1 m . ., '33, 31:-gsm. T I V' '.V.iii, . '2 '30'f 'annev Arc y if-f" 'sog B. b irlain,-My-, lk , H01 alle it ntion.,!! JL t'She's riot conscious of nw own, worth." 793 SIGMUND KOHN .., Z "IfVe wonder what lulnrim- tion oil he uses--he makes 1 so little noise." ' .,, is ROSELLA KOLEGIlAI'F Science Club '30, '31, 'tHJr sweet round fare is ll mirror of cheer." wig t 5 WALTER KOLTES 'fi , wi 'Gly heart as as fm' from lffgf: study as herweri is from earth." Ci gg Q , ha 4 BLITMA KONN fi. A. A. '25, 'z9. 'zsoz if Deutsche Verein '28, ':29. '30, '31, l'1'esidc-nt '3Og Civic FO- rum itll: C0illIlle!'l'l2ll Club ff '3lg Student Council '30. f'Her cup holds ability, and , personality." . f 'T CQOLDYE KOPM NL, lllll'l'lll '10 ' ' H rl llcsn Hoi ll ls. Men lon K: l' . '.. , A 0, l: Ol '28, '20, 130, 311 I ' ' ruin '31, L ' fr iaf . ' First Aid u. '28. 9 '30, ': : Pc ' . 2 ' l ,312 'tTi11y, but you know sh0's there." f 4 f 1 1 .f,,, Zzff GW? " 59 . like .f' X .,..f s i .---1 . l L C. qw 7' .4i .X fl TW l i I A fe SIGRID KKJRIIONE Civic Forum: Coinincrcinl Club '30, '3l. 'KI iernple 'wherein ifeflllffl flzrells with sweetness." ANDREW KORRIIANIK Science Club '28, '29g Com- mercial Club '3l. "Quiet, reserved, and shy,- Yet here slands a nzun that ll'0 su-ear by." EVELYN KREHER Commercial Club '30, '31. "Sweet, smiling, likeable 'Hedf ff ADELINE KREUTTER G. A. A. '28, '29, '30, Civic Forum '30, '31, Commercial Club '31g Science Club '3l: Park Board '29: Bunk Cashier '2!J. "Smiles, smiles, unending smiles, In radiant lines for miles und miles." HARRY KIIIETZDIIAN l,aTertulia '29. '30, '31: Bank Cashier '29, '30: Coin- niercial Club '30, '31: Corri- dor Guard '29, '30, '31, Hone orable Mention. "lfVho does the best his eir- enmstanee allows, Does well, ar-fs 1700111- mzgels could no more." HARLAN KIIUGER "How fluently nonsense friekles from his fonguef' Lois KUEHI, Silver Triangle '28, '29g Blue Triangle '29, '30. Secretary '31: Science Club '30, '31: Girls' Service Club '30: Ae- tivities Committceg Honor Student, "Lei Lois feneh yon hon' fo smile." Sixlif CLARENCE LA ITINEX llonomble Mention. ily, sir, fo he enlled honesf is lo he one :nun pickezl out of hundreds." HP1Rl3ER'F IIAITINEX llonorable Mention. K'Sl'lIl'I'6 seen to smile. nnrl seldom heard to sigh." DONALD LANE Corridor Guard '31, A'7'lmt's not a canary, thats my Irlzisllingf' BIEYER LANDSBERG Bunk Cashier '30. '31g Me- nornli '20, '30, '3lg Honor- able Mention. "He rloesn'f fhink Ahe knows." FRANCIS LANGER Bunk Cashier '28, '29. ':i0. '31 3 Radio Club '28, '25I: Torch Club '28. '29: Hi-Y '29, '30g llonorable Mention. 'vis you study, so shall yn' learn." BIARION LARSEN Bank Cashier '29: Lntin Club '29, '30, '31g Park Board '30, '3lg Silver Tri- nngle '29, Blue Triangle ':x0. '3l: A Capella Choir '29, ':i0: Glee Club '30: Prince of Pilseng Honor Student. "lVenring all lhaf learninfl lighfly as o flower." IiICHARD IIARSEN l'nrk Board '28: Glee Club '30g Prince of Pilsenq 01'- chestra '31: Sergeant-at .lrms Class '31, HiAY '31: Seienee Club. President '31: Truck '3l: Student Coun- cil '31. 'Allen were deceivers ever: Une foot in sen, mul one on shore, To one fhiny eonsfnnt never." AGNES Iuximmx Silver 'l'riung1e 427. '2ng Bluu 'liiaingle '20, '30, '312 Cmn- niercial Club ':i1g Honor Student. "Smile one 11'l1o is 1'w'y 1l'i.w and i2lfclIiys'f1f." E vi-:RETT Iuxnsox "Happy always, xtudmus SlllIl!'fllll!'S.H RIERRAL L,-,iasox "Hznwsf, industrious, and frmnrlly, arlmt more van he said." IJOROTHY I,AsNE'rsKi: Yellow Snmcks '30, '3l. "It's71,iQc' to be natural irlmn one is naturally nice." IiUSSELL IlAUDERDALE Torch Club '28, '29, Hi-Y '29, '30. '31, Science Club '30, '31. "l vrmfld be rn sr-ifniisf. and with that holly stand." XIIYIAN LAURY Vulleyball '28: Polziris Sales- nmn '20, '305 Latin Club '20, '30, '31: Civic Forum ':i0. '31, Secretary '30: Lunch Room '30g Science Club ':i1g Service Club '3l. "Not loo serious, not foo Ufllll She always has a loving uwyj, PZVELYX I,Awn1i: I,:i'l'e1't11lia '30: Karlinmh '30: C0lllIl'lCl'L'lilI Club '3l. "1'Il fake life as if fumes." SixlafOna 1"1uED.x l,,xzi:u0w1'1'z 'wplifnixnz 1l1'i1'lf.v alfa!! pvxs11n1,wa." Higmfzx 1ll'IA'l'IIl-IRS llzuul '20, 'ti0. '3lg Pnrk lluzirrl '28, '20, '30, "l'l1arm1'ng fn I:1m11'," EnNA 1.1421-I Silver 'l'riung:le '20g Blue Tri- :lngle TBD: f'0ll!lll6l'Ci1'll Club '30, '3l. "Small, lrusilwss-like. anrl fI'I!'llfH!l." SYLVIA l,mnEuMAx Ilzuul '20, '30, ':i1: Orchestra '29. '30, Yellow Srnocks '29. "TIM 1'f'1'ifif'flfiuu uf 'aiu'l 'life mmf fua.' " IRENE I,lCl'1'Cll Civic Forunl '30, '31, Viking Club '23, '20, '30, '3ll. "Wall likml, grariouslyl szrewl, and e11zIw11'o1'in!1 fo please." l'Al'r,1Nn 'l',i-zvicxs I,:l'l'cl'h1lia '20, '30, 'Sill Ksulinmll '29, 'tl0: Connner cial Club '30, '31, llnnurnhlc Mention. "NVl'l'lI rome 'Le1'vnx'.' .-ill. I fail in fha slmrfhuarl lest 4 today." PHILIP I.i:vE1u-:N'rz Ili-Y: l'0l:1ris Salesman: Honor Student. "You speak rr, lnftiffr tllllfllll' fllan minv, Tlmuglz lmlll zrvrf English fulfil." E Q 24,- 1 X .f-X K' 4. X f. Q ,--x , x K , 2' I I 1 1 . 1 Ffa 1 i it l it Wi .l. . i , LW l , s.,. ., - ! l H , l l if Y 'fi X X ia VJ Z ,J U 3 If 1' i W A . Ji' K nl 1 If hr 1 Club ruiu '30 'll'IlS I' d Ros' IAIND Cbuir '29. "S0n10 think him lmsliful- oihvrs doubt it." XVI-:NZRL IAINDI-'ORS Football '28. '29, '303 liais- ketballl '20, '29, '30, 731: 'l'r:1ck '29, '30, 'tilg Hi-Y '2?-4. '20, Vice-l'r1-siilent '30, ':i1: Prcsiclvut of Class: Bunk Cashier 'Zil: Studi-nt Council ViL'el'rvsi1leut '30, Prusicleut 'illq 'l'urcl1 Club '291 llouur- Jlllll? Mn-utiou. "'l'r11'f. 1'vsp0nsil1iIifU. mul f1'ieilrilinvss --rr lwlflrfr rrnlmiy nu'n." RLIZABI-I'l'lI I,INDIIOLXl l'0l:u'is Ssilosmuu '29: Skul- iug T405 Blue 'lll'l2lllQIllE ':il. A'Illfl'l'1'Nfiilfl, mul wulirrlinyf C',lflI'lIl.u I Ami: 1.11-KIN J lllcilumli "O, '30, 1'r4-siileut '3l: Park mid '29, '30, '31, Civic ot u '2 , '3lg'l'0l:1l'ls' MA Xl l gb! Szllesu :ul '3 . i" cs C rl. . ulitte '3 : jug Cqnflx' po ,Jil : 'han 1 1 zu NU: ur- ' 'lc-atv Ain cl '01 1 c lgeineu dl' llL'L'lll'illlllIlS mum ' v: Gln- 'll ll 'S RJ. 1, 4 xl' :Illub ':... '. l' if ' 0llm:lrts .' ec-iul Cbur '. 2 Stumleu A XM. f'l!llllL'll 'Z . mm f . ,- -V ., . f i'X2' .. J 2 9' Jia' ' Sk. r 4 J 5 S lfh "l'ui.e his xlmulflwi' I0 lhv' XJ! ' 9 l bln 5 B 1 liuu. ll'l1l'6'l.'l XIAI-I I.0CKE'llZ Kzuliumb '29, ':l0g G, A. A. '20, '30, Bunk f'2lSlll0l' ':i0g V- Coruruorcizll Club 'tlli Civic Furum '3I. A plerrsnnf-spirilwl lillljlfl ru- I im A l' num' I.Ol.f'T if. A. .L 2-1, 29: Blur iri- 7 zizisrlv 'L!I: S'ervii'0 Club '31. Uglllflil, lrlufzd. and Q 11r'efvi'l'?1l." BIARY LONG I,lll2ll'lS XVQA-kly, 'lili Cum- iiwwizll Club '::0. 'illg Latin Club '20, i'T.Il'IlN 11131 mire, my gfentle Jlnrgl. .lnrl lhiim nrfluss, lfillllllly xnlilv, Tlmf nzndw fhis imrlvl mi Elini." NIENDEL L1'cATsKY Orclieslm '29. '30, '3l. "His mnsivrzl talent is fur 1'w1rIiing1." Gi-:nT1u'Di-1 IJUMSDEN liluu 'l'riuu,fzlc '29, '30: Sci- ciicc Club '30. 'iilg Civic F0- rum ':z0. ':il. President: G. A. .L '2ll. '30, '31: Commer- viznl Club ':40: Student Cnuu- cil '30, '3l. "f'l1m'niin11, f1tfI'U1'fiI't' and e1Iif'icnf." Iuwix I.I'ND "7'liww lim rl1'i'iIfrg1 lwnvalli his 1111111 0.rt0rim'." liiguxlvi-1 I.L'NDcuu-iN Bank C2lSlliCl' '2S. '29: Blue , 'lll'lllll,Lfl0 '30. 31: Phyllis Wlu-utlcy '3l: Drzuun Club '31. "Sm1rll hui r'npnl1If',' rr df'- lviwiizzvrl Il'tIl'h'1'l'." AGNES Lrxnuuzu llluo 'l'riuugle '30, 'illg Vik- ing: Club l29. '30, ':s1. "XrrluruI fluzrnz is hfrlzfrxfs glrffrrlvsf gift." MARGI'I-:RITE MCCLISII Silver Triangle '29: Blue 'l'I'ian,-:le '30, '31: Bank Cashier '30: Latin Club '29, '30, '31, Park Board '29, '30, '31: Service Club 'ZZIZ A Capella Choir '29. '30, lionoruhlc Mention, "7'hauyhf and rirluc irark in sil0m'c." LANGFS BICIDONALD "Oar nawlrfl of a flmivrwfs S1'1lfl'llIHIl1l..- FLORENCE BICCQIFFEN Give Club '29. '30. '3l: Choir '29, '30, '31: Silvm' 'l'I'iaIIgle '28: Blue Tl'l3llQ.Z'lU '29, '30, ChIIiI'm:II1 Class Song Committee '31: Sweet- lxeztrts '29, Prince of Pilsen '30, Elijah '31l. HHN' in ll x i cal ability ar. presses ihe 1-llarm of an artislic spirilf' PIIYLLIS BILTGLYNN Commercial Club '30, '31, "Dark 01108, ami clark hair- a pr'r'fe1't lIl'lllICffl'.'y ANN BICCSRATH Orciiestrn '29, '30. '31: Sci- enve Club '30. '311 Jeanne 4l'Arc '39: Blue Triangle '30, '315 Silver 'l'I'inIIgIe '29, "A 70112111 Imina, IL rose zrifh all ils .wwfffest petals yet llilffllllljflfl D0ll0'l'IIX' BICINTYRI-I Special Chorus '30, '31: Clloil' '29, '29, '30, 'SHI Eli- jah '3lg Stsltc H. S. Cliarui i V 30: Bill. H. S. CllUl'llS 31: Service Club '29, '30, Presi- Ilent '31, Blue ,l'l'lflll,'ZlC 'Iilh '3l: Student Fmim-il '3l: Phyllis Wheatley '29, '30, '31. "SCi'L'i1'0f1liI1', szrwf. mal morlesf. .-in ideal airI." IJONALIJ BICNEAL "He izzircs reason zrifh plcfrrsurc' and lriszluni lrilh lHlI'flI.u Sixty-Three PIIILIP BIARCUS ",1II fhinys come to him who avzils, Well, Ihat Iwais l1lll'I'1ll7I0 at any rate." BRI3LAH MA'rTsoN Blul- 'l'I'i:IIIglc '28: Bunk C11slIieI': Hmxomble Mention, "Sla1liaas lei mc sii, .-Ind hold high z'rmI'c'1'sc 11-ith the flf!lII'L'S of llisloryf' HAllliX' MA'I"I's0N :XIDIJ1ll'illllS '28, Swim- ming '31. "T r a e 111 ff 1' if is like the l'LI'!'1',' ilie-rlevpvr il is, thc less HOINC it makes." IKALPII BIENGELKOCII Polaris Salcsxnan '29, lli-Y '30, '31. "Life 'llfitlltlllf laughing is a dreary blank." JOIIN BIERRIAINI Swinnning.: '29. '30, '31: Ili-Y '30. "Like u lx'Gl'0Sf'H8 light, 111' shines brightest at aight." SYLVIA MIQSIIRI-:SIIIIR Poets Club '29, '391 Kadixnah '29, '39, Latin Club '29, '39: Scouts '29, '30, First Aid '29, '30: C0IllIllClAClJll Club '31. "Prvft!!. savvf, mul orar- flnufuly aizlh CllHllISflISIll." IRENI: BIILLER Volleyball '28, '29, '30, '31: Busketbzxll '28, '29, '30, lleaul '31, Baseball '28. '29. '302 ii. A. A. '2H. '29, Bnzlrsl '30, '31, NX' '29. "lVh1'n omfs fare is fnlrard lla' slmslfiaw, fha .wlzarlows fall lfehimlf' .2 I B-6 Q2 -T , 1 I H" I 5 I . 3 :sw .ii I 7.4 111, 1 l I I Ig ' , r ' 2 E NX-E Ji l E I 5 I -'I fl fi I AX 1.2 INS fi .5 X4 ' ff. V , 42 -Zi 5 , 2 ? aff ,I f f I M 2 , L ,'f3 ...T ... i I L4 I S 7-. to L, 4 1 "K KA? I V? t- x X, -,, i L... 1. K X EW, N im"-' .ff WM.-f' ,., U7 KENNETH BIILLER 'iTll?l'0'S om robweb in this I1ll'i1'.l' IIUCILLE LIILLER Poets Club '28, '29g Girl Scouts '28, '29, '30, '3l: Band '30: Latin Club '29, '30, '31g LnTertuIia '30, '3l: Drama Club '3l1 First Aiml Squad '29, '30, '31, Service Club '30, '31, Polaris Sales- man '29, '30g Honor Student. "A sincere and inulerslrmflr ing heart is the soul of rn real friendship." LYLE MILLER "Co-education is lhe thief of time." SOL BIILLER Bank Cashier '29g Honorable Mention. "A calm soul in the urhirl- pool of life." INIADALYN BIOAK Silver 'l'riun,L.fle '29: I.zt'l'oI'- tulia '29, '30, '31: Activities Committee: Polaris Sales- man: Service Club '3I. "Oh, for fhnf szrevf, muff- netil' personrrlifgff' GERTRUDE BIONTAGVE Silver Triangle '28: Blue Triangle '29, '30, '31: Ser- vice Club '29, '30, '31: Phyllis Vlllleutley '29, '30g Drmnu Club '31: Class Play. 'Slill 'wafers rim deep- BIARGARET BIUONEY Polaris VVeekly '30, '3 . ' C- I' wry: Pola is :in- l e .nt M f'S H . ,0 vention '30: L. e tul :1 '29, esident '3 . '31: l': llo. " ' Blue 'l' 'ii ,,, . 1 .er- vice Club 3 , '1 Page ,'3ll '31: Stud t 'oi ncil '2ilP, Polaris l'in Au rdg Honor Stuclen . "Her ability to midersfmzfl makes her a good friend as well us rr good slzulenlf' Sixty-Four NIARIUS :HORSE Torch Club '29: Choir '29, '305 Honor Student. "An honor to the lzomn' roll." IIOXVELL LIOIITENSON "Dorff recite so loud, I'm sleepy." XYESTA MOSLEY Blue Triangle '30, '31: Phyllis Wheatley '29. "From her is read the per- fect 'ways of honor." EvA NADLER Deutsche Verein '30, Vice- President '31g Kadimah '30 '31g Commercial Club '30, '3l: Honor Student. "A brilliant maid-a sweet way." v CARL NELSON 'Porch Club '28, Track '30 '3l: Iduna '23g Stamp Club '30, "Faith, that's as well said Us if I'd said it myself." y Lois NEIISON Blue Triangle '30, '31. "Ever dependable und really to serve olhersf' AIARIE NESS Hank Cashier '29, '30, '31g Commercial Club '30, '31, "A girl whom 'noi eren lhe rrllzcs can cril1c1ze." PAUL XILES Torch Club President '2s. '29, Hi-Y 'Treasurer '29, '30: Bookroom Manager '29, '30. President '30, 3315 City Hi-Y Council '30, '31, Yellow SIIIIUCICS '28, '29g A Capella Choir '2S: Prince of Pilsen '29g Glee Club '29. '30: Drama Club '30, '31q Lunche room Committee '31, Hon- orable Mention. "The all uruuml, handy man is leaving." EDITH NOREN "A cheerful listenerfa gmail friend." CYRILLA O,BIllLIN "Ari 'O-so-peppy' lil' Ifuly with the sweetest smile." GEORGE ODENDREIT A Capella Choir '28: Glce Club '28, '29, '30g Sweet- hearts: Prince of Pilsen: Hi-Y '30, '31: Ring Coln- mittee '31. "Another reason why the June class is so fine." ALBERT OLEISKY "He dwells in 11 world of news." NICIfIOI.AS OLIJNEK "Sirice1-ity has rr charm of its own." ARLING OLSON Stage Electricians. '29: Stage Force. '30. 3511? Hi-Y. '30- '31, Vice President: Drama Club, '30, '31: Honor Student. "Greatness lies in, doing little U1lIl!lS.' Sixty-Five Roy OLSON Baseball, '29: Football, '29, '30: Science Club. "Another man with U71 educated toe." HAROLD 0,NEILL Honor Student. 'tHis mind to him a kingdom is." PRISCILLA OSTERHUS Silver Triangle, '28, Presi- dent '29g Blue Triangle, '29, '30, '3l: A Capella Choir, U-lee Club, '29, '30: Prince of Pilsenq Viking Club. '29, '30, '31, Dr. Sivertson Prize, '30g Latin Club, '28, '292 Park Board, '28, '29I Lunch Room Committee, '28, '29, '30, '31g Student Council, '29Z Class Picture Commit- tee: Science Clubg Honor- able Mention. "The name speaks for itself." RosE OSTRIN G. A. A., '28: Deutsche Verein, '29, "She comes with a smile." Cvmrs PALMQUIST Honorable Mention, "Modesty pays." DONALD PEGG Apparatus, '28, '29, '30, '31. "Famous men have little to say." IiELEN PENDERGAST Phyllis XVl1eatley, '29g .Jeanne d' Arc, '29: Blue Trian,f.rle, '31: A Capella Choir, '29, '30, '3l: Glee Club, '31. "Many gentlemen prefer Irrzmettes, at least this one." -XA im, i. A glass - 3.1 4 i-it 3. A A cw it fits-Q Q35 Q., , Eqrbff l Zi ' lu ,fi ref TX., , z ef 94 1 f 2 3 , 'iii ' gifs? fi, X, Q ' r .af , 2 94211 , ,,,, ..,i'75f, f 1 , mr... . 3 1 sw, K 1 x 1 4 4 1 1 5 ,W ' 4 ,. 4 .0 1" , V ,jg a, CARL PENNIG Vice President of Class, Glee Club, '28, '29, '30, Sweethearts, Prince of Pil- sen, A Capella Choir, I1iAY, '30, '31, Cheer Leader, '29, '30, Drama Club, '30, '31, Polaris Salesman, '20, '29, '30, '3l. "One mn ,smile unrl smile cmd: S e a billfzin -- ll a play." XVIILFRED PERPER hbfemk to him of Qt-0111911 fi ,V and he 'would ask .7 ,, M , 'lL'FlCll ,AA A Rx ' 1,'Y . ,f-, 1 Xgwes Q VVILLIAM P,TERSEN f Park Board, '28, '29, '30, '31, Bank Cashier, '29, '30, Stage Force, '20, '30, '31, Drama Club, '30, '31, Polaris Sales- lnan, '30, '31, "Men may come and men may go, But I blow on forever." ADELXNE PETERSON Polaris Salesman, '28, Bank Cashier. '28, Girls' Service. '30, '31, Glee Club. '29, '30: Polaris Annual, '31, Lunch ltoom Force. '30, '31, Moni- tor, '29, '30, Cl1l'lStOpll0l'llS. "Best is she liked, who is alike to ull." JAMES PE'rERsoN Orr-liestra, '23, '29, '30, '31Z Park Board. '29, '30, Pres- ident, '31, Polaris Salesman, '30, '31, Polar Tclics, '30, 'fill Dranla Club, '30, '31, Stu- dent Council, '31, Radio Club, '29, '30, Honorable Mention. "Ji111's flmufl lllld eyes cause lllllllfl fen1111111e llerzris to pulp1late." KENNETH PETERSON Polaris VVcekly, '30, '31, Polaris Salesman. '30, Drama Club, '30, '31, Science Club, '31, l'ola,1' Telics. '303 Hi-Y, '30,'31, Class Mascot, Park Board, '30, '31, Class Yell Conunittee. "The essvrice of ffoofl h umor. " BESSIE PILS C0ll1ll1t'l'1'l2il Club. '31, Ilon- orablo Mention. "Pen, ynwsorlalify, pw'- SfI'l'I'!I1lC'l' '!f!lHlf'." S1'.x'1yfSix SOPHIE PLOTNICK Polaris Salesman, '25, '29, Bank Cashier, '29, Commer- cial Club, '30, '31. 'X-l friendly! heart wins 111111151 frie'm1s." AIILDRED IJRATHER Blue Triangle, '29, '30, '31Z Park Board, '29, '30, '3l. Vice President, '30, Jeanne 1l' Arc, '29, '30, Prince of Pilsen, Choir, '30, '31, Eli- jah, Civic Forum, '30, '313 Personal Committee. "Her heart is like the 11100115 it changes often." JESSIE PUERN ER A Capella Choir, '28, '29, '30, Blue Triangle, '29, '30, '31, National H. S. Choir, '30, Glee Club, '30, '31, Harmony Contest, '30, '31: Christoforusg Elijah, Civic Forum, '30, '31, Minnesota H. S. Chorus, '30, State Voice Contest, '29, '30, Class Song Committee, Honorable Mention. "She, the szrwffest of ull singers." CATHERINE PURCELL A Capella Choir, '29, '30, Glee Club, '31, Prince of Pilsen, Minnesota State ll. S. Chorus, Bl11e Triangle. '29, '30, '31, Civic Forum, '30: Harmony Contest, '29. '30, State Piano Contest. '30, Elijah. "Those Irish eyes are erer smiling." C1'T11nE1zT PUTNABI Ili-Y, '28, Cliccrlcarlcr, '29, Bank Cashier, '29, Drama Club, '30, '31. President: Student Council. '31, "VVecl- fling Present," '30, ':i1. "Why H1011 fhe 1l'0l'ld'S mine oyster, IVhich l, with szrord, shall open." FRANCES PUTNAM Phyllis WVheatley, '29, '30, Service Club, '29, '30, Drama Club. '31, "Her plfrfidify is llll enried jewel." ISESSIE IIABINOWVITZ , Banrl, '29, '30, 31, Orches- tra. '23, '29, '31, Tennis- Lloubles Chainpion, '30, '21 hrzppy heart 'HHIlx'1'S fl rlweryf smile." DOROTHX' RAUSCII Silver 'l'I'iang:le. '2S. '29, Blue Triangle, '29, '30, '31. "Loaded lrilh ronsrieiz- tions 1l1orougImess." FAYE RI-:IDIII-:AD Honorable Mention. "Life is one grand, sweet song f slczrl the 1'iz'IroIa." GLAImYs REUTIJR "The gems that be in deepest sea, .Ire prized, the most, finders agree." JEANNETTE REYORD Silver Triangle, '28, '29, Blue Triangle, '29, '30, '31, Civic Forum, '30, Science Club, '30, '31, Latin Club, '30, '31, La Tertulia, '30, '31, Polaris Weekly, '30, llonor Associate. '31, An- nual Associate Ed., '31, Pol- aris l'in Award, '31, Foot- ball Committee, '30, '31, Drama Club, '31, Honorable Mention. "lVith rlmzrlng hair and Iuuyliiny eyes, That seem to mock me us she flies." DORIS RILEY Blue Triangle, '30, Orcliese tra, '29, '30, '31, Personal Connnittee, Polaris Salus- mrin, '30, '31, Honorable Mention." "Her quiet dignity is not zmrulizerrilzlef' CiLADYS ROBERTS Lilee Club, Sweethearts, Prince of Pilsen, Blue Tri- angle, '29, '30, Choir, '231 French Club. "She is, generally speak- ing +17I'2lPl'llll!l speulciizgf' lLOl'IS ROCIILIN Menorah, '29, '30, '31, Deutsche Verein, '30, '31, Polaris Salcsnian, '23, '29 '30. '31, Civic Forum, '29 '30. '31, Polaris Annual, '31, Novelty Sale-sinan.' 30, Sci- ence Club, '23, '29. ",-I regular maui--ilfilli liruzns unrl llllllllflfl IJOROTHY I'l0CKSTROH Service Club, '31, Civic Forum, '30, '31, Connnercial Club, '30, '31, Blue Triangle, '31, Honorable Mention. "She's pretty, she's sweet, She's clzeery and petite." BIARIAN R01-:IIL Park Board, '29, Civic For- uln, '30, '31, Service Club, '31, Blue Triangle, '31, Commercial Club, '30, '31. "C'harm and persoiglily, What more can one ask?" ALICE RONNING Silver Triangle, '28, '29. "Such popularity is, of course, deserved." LEONARD ROSEN Deutsche Vercin, '28, '29, Science Club, '23, Menorah, '31, Bank Cashier, '28, '29, '30, Stage Force, '29, First Aiil Squad, '31, Honorable Mention. "Crer'piny like IL snail, zourillinyly to school." FRANKLIN Rowe Choir, '30, Elijah, '31. ".-1 sociable fellow." I AXRNOLD RUBENST I Polaris lVeekly Advc " Mgr., '29, '30, Busi gr I' '31, Polaris A I usinef 1 Mgr.,'3 ffl' Min w ', '31, D hI. N. .12 ., Conven I, '30'! EIl0l'i1l, Z ' ' ' vie Fbru If 28, 29 '30' . wal '29, '30,l '3 , Ticlfazf' - mittee, '29, '30, '3 . "A 7111171 lifter our own heart." STANLEY IlUDl3ERG "Quiet11ess personified, rvserre beyond crm trol." . lp!-f'I M55 ,Q 3? "I: lf s , E H s , if 13, i V35 i E 2 2.1 2 1 iff'l7i 1 if S l i NA' 4 eg, 1 1 fu, 4 1 I Zin 1 ,IW , 4 , l iifii Q X 1 ll ...f . 1 I ,..... E... 5... L.. .f 3 f , 7. A we 1 P X 1 A Il 1 VW uf . X 1 i I Q Q NIABEL RUTHS Commercial Club. '31, Ser'- viee Club, '31. "Her trozihles are up- pfirently few." BERTHA RUTMAX "There is about her 11,1 1'lusi1'a and mlangzlnle CIlllI'?ll.', SELMA SALITERMAN Commercial Club, ':i1. "Some think the world is 11111de for fun 111111 frolzc, and so do l." IRENI-3 SAL0 Commercial Club, '30, '31. "She puts her worries ill ll pocket with a 111110 in it." X'IRhlNIA SANDERS Blue Triangle, '20, '30, Sei'- vice Club, ':51g Commercial Club, '31: Prince of l'ilsen. '30, Glue Club, '30, G. A. A.. '29. "Her 811l1l'lCl'I:7lg eyes, 111111 llllflf l1r1111'n hair, ll'ill make her true friemls ev1f1'ywl1ere." hhvALTER SCHAER "rl Tllllll of rarizlzl f11le11ts." NA'1'lIAN SCHAPIRO Annual Personal Committee. '31, Tennis. '28, "X" Awursl '20, Captain '31 Champion- ship Team. 'LY11171 luis 11 'racqiief' all his own." si.v1y.E1gm .- JULIUS DCHMITZER Civic Forum. '30. '31, l'o1- nris Weekly, '30, Sports Edi- tor, '31, Gold Pin Award: Athletic Board of Control. '315 Delegrarte tu M. S. ll. P. Convention, 'img 'l'l'2lCk. '29, Tennis Mgr., '30, "Hare if your 01l'2I 1l'Il!l, but mine is better." Goun0N SCHLICHTING Poets Club, '28, '29, '30. '31, Yellow Sxnocks, '25, '29, '30, '31, Pres. '30, A Capella Choir, '20, '20, Cll21lI'lll2lH Annual Art Committee: Student Council. '30, Saluta- torizxn. " Ti. A. S.' Who doesift ICHUZI' his 1lr01u'i11g?" ANNE SCIINEIDMAN Commercial Club, '31, "She 1111113 her 'way by llllflflllg diligence." BERNICE Scuocu Bunk Cashier, '28, '20. "She irhose virtues are so many that her faults are hard to find." EYELYN SCI-moiani-:R "Sve7ni11!1ly quiet but rip- pling zrifh jollily 111141 fun 'lH'ld1'I'lll"lLfll." EVERETT SCIIUBERT Bunk Cashier, '29, '30, Com- mercial Club, '30, '3l. "Spec:-I1 is silver, ll'll0 CIITUS for gold." BIICHAEL SCIIUSTER Menorah, '29, '30, '31: Glee Club, '29, Honorable Mention. "Women, dismiss fhee from my t'fIl'6S.'7' M Af 1'ls'ruER SCHNVARTZ Bank Cashier, '29, '30. "She has a pretty smile: she is indeed IL girl uforthu'hile." HILBERT SCHYVAR'I'Z Honorable Mention. "He has oonzmon sense in an uncommon it-ny." Ross SCHWARTZ Band, '28, '29, '2l0: Orches- tra, '28, '20: Counncrc-izul Club, '3l. "Ever ready with her finklingf Inuylzferf' ARTHUR SEEMANN Track, '29. "This fall, young vlmp is ll regflu' fellow." lRICHARD SE1RER'r Football, '30, "N"g Basket- hzlll. '3lg Hi-Y, '29, '30, "No sport is strange to 'lllckf " Josmri-1 SHACTI-Ill Corridor Guard. '29. '30: Swimming Team, '29, '2i0. "A kind heart and I1 jolly disposition are Jncfs hirilzrightf' Louis SIIITMBATA "Sefhn1'lcs will not blorlf his rorrd to nclzlwrzf- nwnlf' Sixzg-Nine YYIOLA SIEBENTHAL l':xrk Board, '29, '30g 01'- olu-stra. '29, '30, '31, Blue Triangle, '30, '31: Commer- cial Club. '30, ':i1: Deutsche Verein. '30, '3l: Polaris Salesman, '30, Honorable Mention. "She is a member of the 'younger set! " RAY SIELOFF "Who 'll'0llld7l'lf be peppy with eyes like those?" EDXVARD SILBERIVIAN Park Board, '30, '31Q Men- orah, '30, Honor Award, '3lQ First Aid Squad, '30, Honor Student: Speaker at Com- inencement. "I may stumble over myself, but I'Il never he behind the others." OREN SILLS Hi-Y. '28, '29, '30, Park Board, '29, '30, '31, "He's a prince of a man, and ra' that." LAWVRENCE SILVERMAN 1.21 Tertulia, '29, '30: Men- orah, '28, '29, Civic Forum, '29, '30, '31g Football, '29, Glce Club, '29: Polaris Sales- man, '29, '30, "That llll-S0ft67ll2l!l, orerf pouvering knellg The forsin of the soulg the dinner bell." VVILLIAM SIMMS Polaris Salesman, '29, '30: Delegate to Press Conven- tion, '2l0Z News Editor P01- :lris VVeckly, '31, Gold Pin Award: Allpzlrntus, '29, '30, jwiinming, '29g Bank Cash- ,L ' icr, '29, Pres. '30 '31g Stu- ' dent Council, '30,l '31, Ten- nis, '30, '31, "N" '30, 'I'rack, '3Ig Class Yell Committee. "Look fo your Inurels ye newspaper men." ADOLPH SKAR "I'll he there with hells on." ,V V- PA' L. J jf ,UW 'i A 1 y l X-. i l L... f Q x 5 ' .5357 Z '4 is . w fs ,, i 4 l .gk imil i 2 L I f v --X l fi I X 1 l I t A I C 5 1, 5 Y, .,, 1 'Q Qi 3 VI4lRA SMEDBERG "Blond in-t11pff.'r1url mlm in disposition. ' JANET SMITH Silver Triangle. '25, '2!l. "Size secs, smilex, mul cunq1wrs." LORRENCE SMITH Baseball, '28: Hi-Y. '28g Choir, '28, '29g Football. '29, '30, ",-luotlier friendly strmzgvr ll'll0 Needs ow intro- dlu'tim1." RIARGRETTA SMITH Silver Triangle. '28, '29, Blue Triangle, '29. '30, 'Sill Choir. '29, '30, '31, GIG? Club. '30, '31, Phyllis VVh0at- ley. '20, '30, Green Smoc-ks, '30, '3lg Park Board, '30. "Smiles are rt necessity." :XRTHUR bNYDER Civic Forum. '30, 'tilt Deutsche Vereiu, '30, '3l1 Nlonorali, '30, '31, Novelty Salesman: First Aid Squad. '29, '30, Honorable Mention: Polaris Weekly. '30, '31, Bus. Mgr. 'iilg Scicnve Club. '30. "I profess not talking: only this, Let ancli 'llillll do his best." BENNIE SPEXVAK Baseball, '28, Football, '2H. '20, '30, "N", Menorah, '23, '20g Ln Tortulia Vice Pres.. '28, '2EJg Civic' Forum, '2K. '29. '30. "TM best of men llfzre rfrvi' lozwl 1'rfposrf." Fo . -' - ' inercial U J ' . 4 augll Il ' ' the irnrlrl . GQK in 1' , ' g Civic ul ' l A llIllfll1S!ll'llll you." Scuenrrl INEZ ST.xRB1'cK Silver 'l'1'iang:l0. '29, Blue 'l'l'lZlll,LTlk', '29, '30. '31. 'illilclvst nzrruner mul Ilia gentlvxt llt'11l'f.H IIELICN STI-:EN A Capella Clioir. '22-K: Or- L'll0Fl'l'Zl, '30. '3l: l'a11'kli0arrl, '30, '3l: Blue Triangle. '30, '3l: Drzuua Club. '30, '3l. 'kllilfl ns ilu' ffcninl lwfezvs of Ilia' sln'ingf." AGNES STEIN Blue Triangle, '29, '30, '31: Phyllis Wheatley, '30g Ser- vice Club, '30, G. A. A., '28, '29, '30, Speedball, '30, NNN ,31- A21 clever lnriuiette wilh It lively disposition." BIARY STEIN Park Board, '30: Deutsche Verein, '30, '3l: 'Srieuce Club, '30, ':s1. illvtliiizlrs this lady docs study too 1nu1'l4." .lI'Lu's STEINEERG " -JIISVHIEF' -spvllx him." 1,0NALD STEVENS "I-'runlc, opful lnfurtvrl, mid fllll'tlflN ynn1w." NIARIE STl!lCI'KlCNS Ss-ieuu' Club. '30, '3l: Blue 'l'rinugle. '30, '31g Activities Couiniittce: Ilonurablc Mention. "Br-lziufl lim' sweet flllllll'9S lies rr quiet siuce'rit1f." RSTIiER STROM "Blue eyes, fnir hair, mid a 8ll'0Ef rllspusiiwn go hnml in hand." DONALIJ SWVANSON "Slow Inu! sure, fllouyh sometimes lute." PLEINIIOLD SWVANSON ldnnn, '28, '29, '30, '31Z Ili-Y, '28, '29, '30. "A lrue Irelievei' in fhe l'0H8!'I'1fflfl07l of fhisj e11er51!l," JACOB SWATEZ Polaris Snlesulnn, '30. "Buys 11'iII he house-- vspeviully JlTt'OIl." CHARLES SWEATT Radio Club, '28, '29, '30, Choir, '31, Honorable Men- tion. "An honest face is the best passport." 1iMILINE SWENSON Silver 'l'riangle. '28, '29: Blue Triangle. '29. '30, '31: lduna Club, '29, '30, ':s1: Science Cluli, '30, '31, l'0l- nris Snlesinan, '29, '30, '31, Class Personal Ccnninittce: Drnnm Club, '3l: llonorublc Mention: Class Play. "She is so .w1l'f'r'f um! fair thnf Ire irnulzl follow her Il'fl!'I'6l'E'l' shi' lrished fo gn," fiRl4IGO1tY SZLACIITOYYSKI "A fllSflll!'l'l'l'l? name, ihut complies 'zrifh his p4'rsonuIify." ig, s 3 ,Q z LENORE TELL ldnna Club. '28, '29, ':s0. '31, Blue Triangle, '30, '31: Sci- ence Club, '30, '3l: Honor- 1-ii? able Mention, E' "Quiet and demure, but 5 not lmiesome were sure." .gg L. QQ BIYER TETNER "He Youths in shine, but ire wonder why." ' . ' 1 Eff- 1 A1'L TIXALER 2,55 Park Board, '28, '29. X "When you cannot see uny bright side, Polish up fhe dark side 215.2 and look at that." fiRACE 'FIIEIS Bunk Cashier, '29, '30: Civic Forum. '30, '31, La Tertulia, '30. '31, Cnnnnercial Club. '30, '3lg Honorable Mention. ,333 'far "She seeks diligently after I.-noufIezlge." 0 2 IIARRISON THOLE Radio Club, '29, '30, Polar Telics President. '30, Hi-Y. '30, '31: Student Council, '30, Golf Teain, '30, '3l. Qjg, ",'lHlI6l'll'S, oh yes, his fll1'Ul'lfl5 is golf." " flap TIIOMASSEN Polaris Salesman, '29, Bunk Cashier. '30: Track, '31, llonor Student. ifgl, "The gflnss of fashion, the 'mould of form, The ubserrcd of all oh- servers." XYICRNOX TIIORIPSON Appnrntns, '29, '3lg Park llunrd, '29, Swinnning. '29: j A Cnpellu, '28, '29, hllvllfl Mani, 'when fhere fm' so many other things fo do?" I , Seruntu-One 1 XVILLIAM VFIIORBFRN Operetta Ticket Sales- man, '29. "I um the muster of my ozcn desfiuyil I am the cuptum of my 1 , fate." 1 --vQ- 3 l If L VVINSTON '1'HORSON ' History Award, '30, Dr. Sivertson Norse Award. '30, Personal Committee: Vale- dictorian. 5 "As dependable us rm hour gloss." L2 WX SYLVIA TOBERMAN Polaris Salesman, '28, Park Board, '29. "I have so much trouble with my 'Liz."' 'IN FJ ,fy ETTA T ATT lx J' Kadimah 9. '30. '31, V . Jeann . rc, '31, Honor 1 A 1 Student. 1 ,gli , " L IGS the rare gift of ul- '-- , . - ' S being herself, thought- , w -I 'V ' .5 I ful and cmisideratvf' I ' -X l 1 1-X ' I CAROLINE FRETTEI. K '- "She is quiet, but she is u good u.-orkeri' LEON TURNER Bank Cashier, '29, Polaris Salesman, '29, '30, Park Board. '29, Menorah, '29, '30, '31, Publicity Commit- tee, '30: Social Conuuittee. '31, Honor Student. "He is always conscien- tious and thorough." CLINTON 'l'L'RNQIIIS'1' Bank Cashier, '28, '29, '30, '31, Viking Club, '28, '29, '30, '31g Polar Tclics, '30, Glee Club, '29, '30, A Capel- la Choir, '28: Sweetlieartst Dr. Sivertson's Scholarship Award, '29, Honor Student: Class Play. "He who is determined has half his work done." Sevenly-Two l,ANIEL 1'I'TELMAN iNl0llUl'Zlll, '30, '31, Deutsche Vere-in, '29, '30, Basketball, '30, 'tilg Student Mgr. Foot- ball, '30. "TIwre is no end Io Il'0l'k' buf llzerw is fzme fo play." SYLVIA XxvAAGENl-I Silver Triangle. '28, '29, l3'l-ue Triangle. '29. '30, '3l: X llx1ll,LZ' Club, 28, 29. 30, '31, Folk Dancers, '28, '29, '30, "ll'l1rrf 'ere l14'Iidn'.v, sl1e'Il always he, .1 perfect lady, you'Il agree." :XARNE VVAHI.Roos Polaris Salesman, '29, '30 '31, Track, '29, '30, '31.' "Words pass but actions remain." GERMAINE WALDEN Jeanne d' Arc, '30, "Count me as one who Iorcs lzzs fellow men," ' BIARGARET Vt ALTER Polaris Salesman, '2K, '291 Bank C2lSlllCI', '28, '29, '30, Choir, '29. '30, Glee Club. '30, '31, Elijah: Commercial Club. '30, '3l: Service Club, '30, '31, Blue 'l'rizIIIgle, '31, Honor Student. "Sim combizzes wisdom with. fun, and laughter with work, If she has any faults, she Imres us in doubt." BIINNIE VVEBI-:R La Tertulia, '29, '30: Kad- llllilll, '29, '30: Civic Forum, '31, Commercial Club, '30, '31, "SIl'6Hl, smiling, sincere." IiUBEliT YVERNI-:R Ori-hestra, '28, '29, '30g Icluna Club, '31 'll man of few morris und 'runny ilzouylrlsf' ARN OLD YVEs'r BY Apparatus, '30, '31, 'l'r:u:k, '30, '31, Glc-c Club, '30, Prince of Pilseug llonoraible Mention. Hrmorl Izlck is fzizuflim' :fume for imiczfzfy for purpose." ANNA XVEINER Kzirliinali, '30, Honorable Mention. "Une whose sincerity is Ihe Ifcynotff of her z'hurcu'Icr." BIARGARET VVILDER Civic Forum, '30, '31, Coni- mercial Club, '30, '31, Blue Triangle, '31. Hlliligezit and studious. her path through school has been 2IIl'llS!I7lf..' MAllGAIlET XVILLIAMS "Her beuuly ix more than MA, -skinvl zfff 1 1." - ' -J , MJ?" P LLIP VVINER Menom 1, '30, '31, First Ainl Squad, '30, '31, Honorable Mention. "Things are not what they seem." CHARLES VV1sE Polaris Salesman, '28, Glcc Club, '28, '29, '30, Sweet- hearts: Prince of Pilsen: Polar' Telics, '30, Swinuning 'l'c:1lu, '31: Activities Coni- mittee: Honor Student. "He possvxses the qunlilivs tha uppfr tan possess, and the lower ten thousand rlefsii-iz." IIILDA N1-:LsoN "One whose friends are many and whose fries - are iherc any?" Si'L'unrqf'l'hrf'P lt ox' XVITIIIABI "Thw muff' you xml him, flu' umrr' you Iifii' him." Rl"FI'l lVo11LFonn S'ilVE'1' Trizingle, '28, '29, Blue 'l'riang:lo, '29, '30. '31, Soir:-noe Club, '30, '31, 'KI huhlilinyf good Qmlure, and u sweet smilv- tliutls Ruth." Iil'CILLE Yost' l.:i, 'l'ortuli:1, '29, '30, '31, Fixic Forum, '30, '31: COIII- nu-rcinl Club, '30, '31, Ilonor Student. "rl,-iginczI1'fy fozucrs above l11'iyht." .loHN YOUNG l'0s-ts Club, '29, President '30, '31, Folnr Tclics, '29, 'rang Lu 'ertulia. '29. '30, '31, PUlill'lS Xveixkly Stuff. '20, '30, ':ng'IIonor Pin Awarrl: Science Club. '29, '30, Glce Club, '28, '29, '30, Swoetlicurts, Hi-Y, '30, '31, Drzuna Club, '30, '31: Stu- tll-nt Council, '30, '31Z An- nual Staff, Polaris Sales- niun, '28, '29, "Drink to me only Irilh, fhinc eyvs, .lnal 1rrk0 this pin nf mine." iXIi'l'HI'R ZFIITLIN Polaris SZIICSIHSIII, 'ISL "The mm: fhat hluslms is not quite a 1n'i1Iff." Fimxcizs Lonn "Tlu'rr' is sunshine in hrl' t'yCS." Ilowixnn KEATING Roininr LI'ClER .IULIUS OSTIIOXV RALPII Rvrz ICSTIIER STILLMAN RIAVRICIC XXVINGE LI-twls ZLOTNICK , '?jtf-VVJ ..-,,,,,,,..,,e,J Arratia feerfrlwvfiqfffseyy W , wr MW 41,1-NJ'f'f.,X.,,Z4,,,,,Q,,,4,s , ffiffv A, 940 Q l .ns a cliff! MY? 7wMfeM4M4 6L!l X495 " 43 5 6? A9'7f9fQ 'ix V I I, AJ ,, 5 r r eff ' I , if f sf-i a , I f, . I. ,,.,-i Q. VXA' h Ara Wpvanjft ,yi C L! 4 ,f ,,.. ff' 4 lin t ,k x - Ks 4 N ' 'N I I VV Q b 51 I 1 p ,I ' , ' riff L' ' ,,,, J ' . at iw, , , A , The trick seal, well lcnovvn For its cleverness and versatility, has been placed on the totem pole to symbolize the varied club activities at North. i. F, ? A C "I" n 1 V I T E S Tllirrl 1301:-: Golmllilum, lleruliagen. Fitzgerzilll. Scliliehtiug. Hoffman. Young, Axelsou, Hurwitz SPITUNII Row: Lumsslen. Mooney, Greenhergz. Thule, Andrescn. lielhergr. Eugluud. RZHISCII. Arnlsen Firsl I?ozL'.' Mirldlelnist. Hnniuierer. Selnunhurg, Heller. Gross. I.lIlIll'01'S, Niles. Straucll, Goilfrey, Lifson STUDENT COUNCIL is composed of all presidents from school eluhs who :iid in developing the cultural growth in the school. Its leaders were Wlenzel Lindfors and Harvard Gross. presidents, and Milton Hoffman and Isadore Heller, secretaries. ATHLETIC BOARD, an advisory group to the Faculty Board of Control, passes final judgment on letters. bars. cups. or athletic candidates. Its leaders were Helen Bartel and Bill Cutts. presidents, and Audrey Hestness and Ruth Rauch, secretaries. Third Row: Rutledge. Mellvziine, Carlson. Laulainen Srffoml How: Cutts, Rauch. Goldblum, Ziebzlrth. Perlieli Firsf 110113: Huston. Hestness. Mr. Mandeville, Mr. Pollard. Bartel, Gill Suuenzy-Five Io- 2 i VT A 1 1 , f KX Q y j 'Q Ai' x., ,-1 ' 4 is 3 l KW, lx!! x I f L . fad 1' U x 1 l Cx 'x Fourth Row: Miller, Wagenhals, Nelson, SL-homhurg, Lawrence. Finn, Charest, Hanson, L., Walker Third Row: Hill, Carlson, Huston, Peterson, Walter, Kelly, Montague, Norman, Kager, Nordby Second Row: Gordon, liaasch, Gudal, Kuehl, Stein, Juran, Dcziel, Carell, Duepner. Barnett, Hochman First Row: Hanson, A., Godfrey, Mooney. Latz, Middlemist, Mrs. Zittleman, Mclntyre, Fjelde, Hestness. llernhagen, Revord GIRLS, SERVICE CLUB acquaints girls who are doing service work for the school. Its leaders were Dorothy Middlemist and Dorothy McIntyre, presidents, Audrey Fjelde and Alice Deziel, secretaries, Beatrice Godfrey, lunchroorn head, Dorothy McIntyre and Margaret Carlson, Phyllis VVheatley heads, Adelaide Nelson and Doris Merzweiler, program chairmen. PARK BOARD supplies the rooms with plants and deeorates the auditorium and other parts of the school on American holidays. Its leaders were Howard Eng- lund and James Peterson, presidents, Grace Bloomquist and Paul Donaldson, vice- presidentsg Mildred Lund and Edward Silbcrman, secretaries, and Martin Satz, business manager. Third Hour: Nelson, A., Goldenberg. Adams, ldolkin, Peterson, Silbernxnn, Figen, McGourty, Beon Smuflrl Hour: Dahl. Schneider, Hanson. Mooney. Lindquist. Almqnist, Schulte. Gill, Steen First Rauf: Hutchins, Satz, Lund, lflnglund, Miss Foss, Lipkin, Blooinquist, Patten, Nelson, Prather Seventy-Six 4 Fourth Row: Rosen, .lllStCI', Bock. llolth, Greenfield, Chuilquist, Deziel Third Ihnr: Johnson, lidelston, Hanson, Hollinger, Pehlc, Schwartznian, Hubbell, Niggeler Svronrl I1,UIl'.' Johnston, Raasch, Zippernlan, Cameron, Langer, Mesonznick. Turnquist, Laurel First Razr: Rubenstein. Olson, Axelson. Barber, Miss Goff, Simms, Johnson, B., Johnson, A., Grzlnlund. Middleinist BAXK CASHIERS club has tried to arouse the spirit of thrift throughout the school. The members of the club post charts showing the percentages and give short talks in the honie-rooms about the advantages of banking. The cashiers are striving to keep North's banking per cent the highest in the city. Its leaders were lvilliznn Sixnrns, president, Katherine Hubbell, vice-president, Yvilliaxn Seflingzi, secretary. Fourth Row: Lindquist. Zieve, Figen, Bradoch, Toles, Johnson, Nyberg, Fischhein, Santee, Behrcndt Third Hour: Sm-hutz, Meizlin, Lawn, Mattson, Draxten, Rick, Lnpp, Strand, Lively, Malisuw, Carpenter Scrond How: Yungner, Wullowitch, Cox, Olsok Hayes, Rick, Erickson, Hackett, Schneider, Sehwappaeh, 'atz, Cullen First Huzr: Scflinga. Altngen, Rogers, Peterson, Bartett, Gabhert, Jacobs, Herberg, llelhnan, Neuherger, Knight Scuenly-Seven E P 2 S fl 1 il 1f'ourll1 Ifuzr: Mi-Gratli, Groll. Satz, Schwartz, Johnson, Severson, Bleek, Kasparek Third Row: llalloran. Hestness, Barnett, Pesis, Koritz, Dahl, Kolegraif, I.ulnsmlen, Swenson Second Ron-: Gallas. Christopherson, lflolkin, Arlains, Sandler, Kuehl, Streukens. Hendrickson, Rcvoril First HUIIH' llukari, Hass, Anrlresen, Mr. Santee, l,auclerclale, Burnham. Shuinhata. Larsen SCIENUE CLUB tries to create :1 deeper interest in natural science, and to acquaint them with the doings of various scientiiic inventions and institutions. Its leaders were Ernest Andresen and Richard Larsen, presidentsg Howard Haas. vice-presidentg Esther Dahl, secretary and treasurer. CIVIC FORUM prepares students for citizenship, hoth while in school and after graduation and arouses in its nicrnhers an interest in their connnullity. Its leaders were Alice Fitzgerald and Gertrude I.un1sden, presidentsg Elkan Groll and Jane Bernhagen, vice-presidentsg Frances Johnson and Minnie Juran. secretariesg Vivian I.aury and Audrey Hestness. treasurcrs. Fourth Rauf: Erickson, Donaldson, Rochl. Wilder, Kellgren, Freitag, Burck, Build, Silverman. Snyder. Schmitzer, Iiaril, Leitch, Long Third Hou-: Korhone, Kre-utter, Mouer, Gordon, Laury, Lipkin. S., Lipkin. A.. Juran. Ruhcnstein, Bock. Cohn. Byrnes, Orensten Second How: Kasparck, Puerner. l"redrickson, Bleek. Elsholtz, Carlson, Theis. Yost, Gartz, Kiesner. Olson, A., Barnett, Halloran, Bleek, Lifson First Ifoir: Rockstroh. Purcell, liernhascn. Prather. Carlson. Fitzgerald, Miss Austin, Johnson, l,UlllSll0Il. Spitalnick. Groll, llestness, Revnrml, Dizunonil 2 ii Seventy-Eiglzt I"0llVfl1, lx'0ll'.' Glass, VVolfl, Hotflnan, Kuhn, Itauvh. I"l'l6lllil,lllI0l', Bassin, Lifson, Rosenberg Third How: Kruger, Cohen, Irvin. Hanson, Rothstein, Bloom. Bernhagen. Hestness. Milston Second Rauf: Mouer. Kanter, Bloomqnist, Latz. Golrlvarg, Clasen, Metlrath, Pratller, Ustrowsky. Katz First Ifozr: BIOOIII, Goldberg, Orensten, Hurwitz, Miss VVattlcs, Mr. Galin, l-lolth, Marcus. BFCIIQIIIIIH J HANNH IYARC' increases the interest in the language, customs, and literature of France. Its leaders were liarion Hurwitz and Clara Ostrowsky, presidentsg Edith Katz, vice-preside-ntg Harry Breitnian, secretary, and Stecia Hoffman, ser- geant-at-arms. ' I,A TERTULIA promotes the interest of its members in the study of the Spanish language, Its leaders were Margaret Mooney, presidentg Phil Herman and Lorraine Hill, vice-presidentsg Minnie .Iuran and Maxine Hutchins, secretaries, and Elkan Groll and Vvilliam Sefiinga, sergeant-ataarnis. Fourth Hour: Svhocllet, Poluk, Eskola, Krietzlnan,lgireellbergr. Laurel, Holst. Young, Brown. liaustarlt. Gm roy Third Hour: Meizlin, Duffy, Ilutvhins. Shanks, Katz. Theis, Manheim, llalten. Juran, Koplnan, Sehochc-t, S.. Minter Serum! How: Gitis. Stfitlllllll. Stone, Fisher. Shapiro. Miller, Yost. Golmlenbelfg. C-olcltlne, Hill, Carell, Niggeler First HOIIH' l.ifson, Rosen, Benson, Martin. Miss Apel, Mrs. llall. Mooney, llernian, Groll, Revorrl. Sellinga Suumty-.X im' ws ,.. Q sv f,,"f2"g,,f1 ,555 Tiff A L ,Qs LY... .2 2 ,B . pay: f' 1 'fn Q l axbefmasasfa. Iii? 1453 get Eff! ,, V3 W Q2 'f rpg hiv W5 iw-53 1 5924 A 2 1 2 Wi ,,, , 752 Mar 1 :fi . .xii W .g 4 Third Row: Hestness. Nelson, E.. Lanry. Fjeldlnan. Raylner. Cary, Chailqnist, Deziel Second Row: Miller. lNIOll0l', Iievorcl. Hanson. Johns, Chisholm. Elshotz. Nelson. Fjelde I"1Al'SfRlP1l'.' lloppenrath. Schulte. McClish, Miss Mann. Bernhagen, Miss Burgess. Goclfrey. Niggcler, Tutliill LATIN CLUB fosters an interest in classical subjects and tries to uplift the standards of character and scholarship. Its leaders were .lane Bernhagcn, presi- dent, VValter Hoppenratln. vice-president. and Margaret Mc-Clish. secretary. VIKING CLUB studies Norway and phases of its language that cannot be covered in the class room. Its leaders were Mary Louise Arntsen and Margot Aas, presidentsg Sylvia lVaagene and Orville Aftreth, vice-presidentsg Helen Gunderson and Florence Dedrick, secretaries, Donald Olson and Wlalter Hanson. trcasurers. Fourlh Iinzc: Jensen. Hansen. XVhite. Boe. Slincl, BZIIIIIUNI. Jensen. G., Anderson Third Row: Melhy. Pettersen. Larson, A., Christophersun, Olson. Ostcrhus, Hansen, E., Leitch, lieinhaut, Dahl Second Ron-: Andreasen, Matey, Caspersou. Yungner, Larson, M.. Aas. Lunrlheiin. Declrick. Gunderson. Waagcne First Role: Aus, O.. Turnqnist. Hansen. XV.. Miss Farseth. Arntsen. Swanson. Johnson. Gould. Olson. D., Aftretli i Eighty Third How: Zippernmn. VVt'lSlll?lll, vV0l'llCl'. lllicker. Blankenhorn. Schwartz Seronzl Row: Konn, Lawn, Stolp, Nadler. Kamtz. Berine, Guttnnm, XNEISSQIIIIHIID First Rauf: Lang, Johnson, Ranscli, Miss Holtz, Pakka, Ott, Neville, Jeffey, Cher-ki DEUTSCHH VEREIN, the oldest organization of its kind in the city, was organized to encourage interest in the German language, literature, and customs. Its leaders were Marcella Raaseh and Simon VVeisman, presidents, Mary Cheeki and Eva Nadler, vice-presidentsg Edith lVasserman and Evelyn Heglund, secretaries. THE IDUNA CLUB was organized to promote interest in the study of Swedish art, language, and literature. Its leaders were Florence Axelson and Curt Bohman, presidentsg Curt Bollman and Eunice Stromberg, vice-presidentsg Evelyn Norman and Ruth Gilberg, seeretariesg and Marjorie Peterson and Reinhold Swanson, treasurers. Fourth Row: Montgomery, Carlson, Wieklund. Peterson, J., Cameron, Gustafson, Lnndeberg Third Row : Nyberg, Gilberg, Clausen, Kunnick. Swenson, Sehlegel, Berglund, Peterson, D., Benson Second How: Johnson, A.. Norman, Fell, Carlson, Stroinberg, Olson. N., Olson. H., Barber, Patten, Nelson First Row: Carlson, C.. Bolnnan. Johnson, L., Peterson, M.. Miss Lundeen, Axelson, Hoar, Gagne. Swanson Eighty-One l l"ourfh I-fuzr: XVlkSfl'0lll. Frunv. Bosturl, ML-Ilvaine. York. Shcrialnn, Gill. Kilhy Third Rozr: llour. Gallos, Lee, '1'h0lL: Pcierson. K.. Ott. Bolmmn. Hurrlvr, Gugne Serrmrl How: Young. Rohinson, Barclay. Pvnnig. Oclenhrcif, lirenell. Johnson, R. E., Johnson, R. A.. Lvvurentz, Robinson, L. Firsl Iiozr: Hagen. Peterson, J., C1llll0l'0ll. Niles. Mr. Schultz. Mr, Angel. Linrlfors. Olson, Burnhann. Adams HI-Y CLUB uiins to creat:-, nmintuin, und extend, throughout the school and community. high standards of Christian cllarac-ter. Its leaders were Paul Niles. presidcntg Arling Olsen, vicevpresidcntg Yvarrr-11 Gill und Kenneth Putcrson, secre- tzxrivsg llalf- Kilhy. tra-usllrcr. TORCH CLUIS. tln- Sophomore Cllarzic-tr-r orgunizzxtion. is the sta-p hctwvcn Junior Four Square cluhs and the North Hi-Y Cluh. Its lcadcrs were Charles Struuvh and Gordon Stznnpc, pry-sidcntsg lV:1ltc'r Hanson, vice-prcfsidf-nt. and Fred Sienu-rs, SOC'l'f'tI1I'y and trczisurcr. Tlifrfl Ifo1r.' I.unll. firucn, Nlzxger, Nlznhn. Smith Nwwnfrl l?f:u': Slenupo. 131-rzshwn, llzihlin. Swanson. Slruln-ll. l.1-lnlwycr I-'frm lfullx' l'm-ivrsvri, Dnhlin. ll., Riu-rs, llolhnvr. li:n'kvr. l'!'lt'lll. Ht1L'll4l5ll'lfl'l' L':qhzg-Two Fourth Row: Bloom, Goldstein, Cntts, 'l'rac'h. Blicker. Snyder. Goldfns, Lifson Third Row: Greenberg, Schochet, Turner, Stein, Iioehlin, Winer, Suckernmn, Groll, 'fntelniain Svvonrl Row: Karol, Desniek, T., Landsherg, Lipkin, A., Fisher. Herman, Desniek. M., Silhernmn. Galunter First Row: Goldberg, Lipkin, S., VVeisherg, Heller, Mr. Pollard. Gnlnens, llreitlnnn, Schuster. Belzer MENORAH instills nobler ideals, promotes higher scholarship, and fnrthers friendly relations among .lewish boys. Its leaders were Isudore Heller and Abe Lipkin, presidents, Benedict Trach and Aaron Ginnens, vice-presidents, Sum Goldfus and Stanley Bloom, secretaries, and Abe Lipkin and Beril Goldstein, treasurers. KADIMAH strengthens the bonds of friendship between .lewish girls. Its leaders were Minnette Lifson and Stecizz Hoffnian, presidents, Stevia Hoffnnxn and Genevieve Goldhluln, vice-presidents, Edith Katz and Marion Hurwitz. secre- taries, Bertha Latz and Ann Blindlnan, treasnrers. Fourtlzv Row: Belzer, Friedlandcr, Bnssin. Hoelnnzln. Goldberg. Milston. S'hnpiro, Kopnmn Third Noir: Joselwitz. Jnhl. Gordon, Zllllllleflllilll. Noodelninn, liifkin. Lutz. Ostrowsky. Swzirtez Second How: Lawrie, llill, Urensten, Rubenstein. Trenlhlzltt. Kntz. Hoffman. Zieve, Goldlnnn First Hair: Miller, Hurwitz, Feinberg. Martin, Bloom, Miss Konigr, Lifson. Bllllfllllflll. Goldblnm, Kohne. lieskin is is... .V Eighzy-Three K fi, i r'f' A if. 1 1 ,K Q, QQ '5 Eff? I ' 5 , . N 1 E z J 2 .2 L' ,I it ' X ,, .psig .W H? 5s si . fwf- 2 if' - 1 ,Qui Y Z v i J r GS' i s :BX 3 5... , ,-I X -- ti, 1 x "4 5 . LI is L '-.Xl J 2 J Second Row: Fuerbringer, Reimann, Kitching, Foley, Raichert First Row: Bjelke, Birks, Lawrence, Knapp, Miss Glasoe, Kanuuerer, Schulte THE SILVER TRIANGLE, a Sophomore Girl Reserve group, strives to strengthen Christian character by a program of knowledge, spirit, health, and service. Its leaders were Harriet Kammerer and Eloise Merzweiler, presidentsg Helen Raichart and Margaret Locker, vice-presidents, Ida Birks and Jean Meyer, secretaries, Ebba Bjelke and Sally Dixon, treasurers. BLUE TRIANGLE aims to develop ideals among Junior and Senior girls through a closer companionship with Jesus Christ. Its leaders were Georgia Schom- burg and Helen Gudal, presidents, Dorothy Middlemist and Priscilla Osterhus, vice-presidents, Priscilla Osterhus and Lois Kuehl, secretaries, Adeline Nelson and Jean Maxwell, treasurers. Third Row: Swenson. Raasch, Arntsen, Hendrickson, Lawrence, Puerner, Runbeck, Olson Second Row: Barber, Maxwell, Merzweiler, Bloomquist. Ford, Nelson, A., VVagenhals, Hanson First Row: Nelson, A., Gudal, Middlemist, Miss Sedar, Miss Moses, Schomburg, Osterhus, Gratz, Fjelde Eighty-Four I Third Row: Christopherson, Hackett, VVinberg, Edelston, Juran. Xoren Second Row: Russeth. Harper, Miss Drum, Neville, Michlin First Ifozr: Miller, Huston, Kopman, Wollowitch, Godfrey GIRL SCOUTS promote character building, as expressed in their promise and laws, and engage in useful service to the community. Leaders were Ann Michlin, lieutenantg Beatrice Godfrey, presidentg Goldye Kopinan, Arlene Russeth and Beatrice Godfrey, patrol leaders of the troop. YELLOVV and GREEN SMOCKS were formed to give a better knowledge of art in all fields to art students at North. Green Smocks' leaders were Gordon Schlichting and Alyce Plonty. Yellow Smocks' leaders were lvaldemar Kelberg and Dorothy Shinder. Fourth Row: Smith. Soll, Brodin, Magee Third Row: Kepman. Hanson, Mctiourty, Wollowitch, Kelberg, Lasky, Gundel, Secquist Second Row: Orr, Plonty, VVochnning, Dngenhardt, Noren, Jacobsen, Ziskin, Hartig, Sorkin First Razr: Lasnetske, Barber, Mootz. Schlichting. Miss Busack, Mrs. Bros, Baral, Mnnthei. Johnson, Beskin Eighty-Five l i i x Y o l It f' XX 1 r, gp f , ii, Y xr I I feb, vi ,Q e. J Third 16010: Gallo, Urnhurg. Peterson. Erickson Sl'l'0lld Roux' Olson. Tnrnquist. Slllllfll. Ar-kcr. liolmlstein Firsf Rout: Miller, Tllole, Mr. Olson, Koutll, Young. Groll STAMP CLUB promotes an interest in stamp collecting among the students at North. Its leaders were Harrison Thole, prcsidcntg Ralph Koutli, vice-president, , and Clinton Turnquist, secretary and treasurer. COMMERCIAL CLUB Creates an interest i11 the C0lllll1CI'Cl111 studies and pro- motes 21 fooling of friendship in pupils of commerc'iz1l classes. Its leaders were Mur- garet HCTilCiIIl, presidentg Emma Iticlmrdson, vice-prcsidcntg Fvrn Diamond, scorc- tary. Third Hmr: Nl0llf.2'01k1Y'k, Johanson. Jolnlston. Frm-itag. Bolduc. l-'romvillm-r, l'oluk Sw-onrl I-Boar: Don Carlos. Ambrose. Cantor, Nissenson, Gillrorg. llutr-hins. l,un:1c'ek Third lIo1r: Nlunnn, York. liiL'il2ll'liFUll, Dinnionfl, Miss Lersr-hen. lla-rlicim. I,iI'son, Nielson Eiqhlu-Six Third Holt: Miller, Godfrey, York, Kaufmann, Fedora, Bartel Serwmd Row: Orensten, Diamond, Meshheshcr, Shapiro. llarris. Finn First Roux' Selilichting, Byrnes, Young, Bliss Jones, Gardner, Schoniburg, Tuthill PORTS, CLUB studies old and modern poets and encourages the production of original verse among North high students. Its leaders were John Young, presif dent, Lillian Byrnes, Vice-president, and Virginia Gardner and Harriet Miller, secretaries. DRAMA CLUB develops an interest in acting, staging, lighting, and costuniing of modern plays. Its leaders were Cuthbert Putnam, president, Hyme Budd and Frances Johnson, vice-presidents, Marion Miller and Lillian Byrnes, secretaries. Fourth Row: Dewnhl, Olson, A., Kairies, Mcllvaine, York, Peterson, K., Niles, Locke, Laulainen, Toivoncn Third Row: liuaseh. Fischer, Englund, Ott, Bloomquist, Orr, Byrnes, Hoffnmn, Young, Lawrence, vVkI2eIlll1llS. Cohn, Keswin Second Hou-: Arntsen, Miller, Benson, Barber, Steen. Kiesner. Olson, A., Hanson, Fjelde, Bartel. Bock, Borgan, Johnson, Ettelman, Goldman First Row: Carell, Sicgler, Olson, H., Burek, Peterson, W.. Putnam. Budd. Carlson, Montgomery, Czuneron, Peterson, J, D.. Peterson, J., Baml f 1 Q Eightyleven 25. Ts , Q xi in wr I . ff Y' sy 'ig Emu , 1 .5 ' ., I .V l ff' ' lx kj Q .fl I X' ED i V Eg'- 1,2 I-.. ' l 9, :QE v ,fi f 3? 1, I V "5f1f"iX A f ' . 5145! , ,A ffyjfp, J' t WMM jf Wjw, fi ,f fl 'fl X V!! A ,E Jffwg fy ef l yyfflv 1 ,J M A, ,f,fffff"yM X WM! 'fy V 22 Wwwfl Q lm Dj A 13 ff 4 'W - af - zzlffiff ' ' Qfffjfl iw 0' l W t The polar bear, in addition to P , be: gthe emblem olN th l'l'gh "X sta ds lor powess thlet c Feats a d so s the athletc sy bol the totem pol ,ZIQWQ T H L E T XR ,Q 4, .tt k ,N f,. Xrfym. Q-.-J, ' ,,x , ..n,., 'A' ., .K ,. Y, . .5 , b 1 1 x . N , x r . '1-W ,x ,A U- ' ,M TK A X .,. , ,1-' .W F, 4, 1 ,V 5 Y., ,. w- ' -A --., , - . "C" ,iz " ,'?Vfe, L' -- f ,, I ! . . -J , q . . ,,.,.,41 f ,,- , ' A mf' - fx ., - V, .. ,,e, . ,Q .:.w, - - . '-UL: , W. K ,:. .X' , ,YVQ 'J VYQ in .Jn .. ,,, 3' ,gag 1f?vi3.iSiLkr Ax, .Qi 'fi . V 5. Y -, ,, LV, M Y N., ,X , w 4 K7 ,km ,Y J A Y, f SUCCESS VS. MEDIOCRITY STUDY of the athletic history of almost any high school, college. or university will reveal the fact that periods of success and mediocrity alternate. VVl1ile success is practically always mixed with failure in spite of all precautions and hard work to prevent it, long continued years of defeat have been known. The school may be in a league clearly too fast for it, or a lack of inter- est in the sport exists in the school. X0 school should con- tinue to compete in a league where it seems badly out-classed in enrollment and material with previous experience and training. No school should foster a sport as an inter-schol- astic activity that draws no interest as such. Vvhlill a school has enjoyed a winning streak for a few years, the other schools begin to get set for their games with the perennial champions. One team after another is peaked to play this school and even the weakest outfits are often inspired to a point where they actually make it tough going for the winners before finally succumbing. Then, too, in a long winning streak, the taste of victory grows just a little flat. The fans develop interest in two or, at the most, three games on the schedule. The players begin to crack a little under the strain of maintaining a long string of victories without a break. COACH KENNEDY All things considered, the stage is usually set for a reversal of form at about the end of the third year. Sometimes the transition is delayed lllltll. the fourth or even the fifth season, nevertheless, it comes. It is possible to continue losing without a winning cycle breaking in, but it is not possible except in the rarest of cases, to continue winning without a losing cycle. North was in the first or second place almost every year in every sport for seven years. Vifhen baseball was dropped as an interscholastic, North had won the title for five consecutive years. VVe have been working hard to get a foundation set for better teams next year, and it would seem that we have a right to expect a start toward a change back in the right direction. an f ' 1,3 -.3 1 . a H AQ, fr if , is o r ii 'h w i f . G. J. CONKLIN J. J. JACOBI BI. A. OLSEN Eighty-Nine A V , Q ,V ,fs N. QX? x I X eye, , .i r X 3113 sqm Mfr 9 ff . 3 5 ,A Jia F I l Fx f .JWEI x gi: , wg . ,f,, fy ,4 Q 'i 5 fe Q 2135? fans W i f J' 'I Fifth Row: Asst. Coach Conklin, Asst. Coach Jacobi, Erickson, Anderson, Sather, Head Coach Kennedy, Margolis, Sullivan, Granningz, Asst. Olson, Asst. Manthey Fourth Row: Siebert, O'Brien, Dunning, Bolstad, Olson, Lindfors, Steckman, Karch, Sandgren, Thompson, Suckerman Third Row: Belzer, Guttman, Goldstein, Jennings, Larson, Backen, Greenberg, Nye. Cutts, Carlson, Levi Second Row: Eisenstadt, Berg, Managersg Adams, Brenner. Montague, Altagen, Weisman. Blankenhorn, Kroman, Rappaport and Tutelman, Managers First Row: Chaliin and Alpert, Managers: Fust, Rosenfield, Lebowski, Martin, Spewak, Rice, Stolt. Wicks, and Managers Hanson and Bothner FOOTBALL HE Polars finished the 1930 football season with the most disappointing record, from a standpoint of victories, suffered by a Kennedy-coached eleven in many years. The Blue and VVhite gridders were able to win but one conference tilt. Early practice sessions showed that prospects for a strong team were not bright. The coaches were faced with the necessity of building the team around a single regular from the 1929 season. Outside of Altagen. the sole survivor of the 1929 list of regulars, there were three letter men. Adams, Blankenhorn, and Yveisman had seen enough service as substitutes to win letters. The lack of size in the baekfield candidates, coupled with the fact that the line would be almost totally lack- ing in experience, made it compulsory for Kennedy to switch his style of offense. A fast and deceptive offense based on an unbalanced line and partly spread back- field was developed. North defeated De La Salle in the opening game of the year by a 7-O count. The showing of the green North team was most encouraging. De La Salle boasted as strong an outfit as had ever represented the institu- tion. later winning the championship of the Catholic lligh School Conference. The Blue and VVhite Hashed but one brief bit of oifense, but made it count. A pass from Nye to Blankeuhorn came shortly after the second half began and put the ball on the seven-yard line. It took North four downs to score, Xye going through a SIYEVVAIQ' x1ON'l'A,xGl'E ll0lC 013011611 by lhltilgefl :Ind A.d2tI1'1S. Ninety ALTAGIKLN ADAMS KHOMAN BLANKENHORN N the first game of the city race, the Blue and YVhite team bowed to a good VVest . team. The score was 7-0. The Green eleven played the best ball a West team has played against North in a number of years. North stood off two threatening attacks at the goal line in the first half, and the intermission found the teams in a scoreless tie. The deciding touchdown was due to stupid defensive work against a pass that was neither cleverly designed or executed. Central was North's next opponent, and was. of course, a heavy favorite to win. The North griddcrs displayed startling strength, however, and only a blocked kick prevented them from winning. North scored as a result of a steady march down the field from its own forty yard line, both running and passing attack functioning beautifully. Near the close of the half with North lead- I ing 6-0 Central blocked a North kick and recovered the ball on the ten yard mark. Off tackle plays with Roscoe carrying the ball paved the Way for the Red and Blue touchdown. The point was missedg but North was offside in the line, and Central was awarded the marker. The Polars dropped their third straight contest to Edison. The first half was all Edison. ending 12-0 for the Tommies. The second half found the Blue and VVhite attack getting under way, and Montague scored after a pass from Sandgren to Adams had put the ball on the two yard line. Rice kicked the point. Climbing out of their slump, the boys took Wvashburn into camp on the following Friday by a 6-0 score. Except for the disagreeable weather which was less of a handicap to VVashburn playing largely a defensive game than to North which was attacking most of the time, the score probably would have been larger. A fifty yard run by Spewak after intercepting a pass was the big thrill of the c0I1tCSt. yvICKS Ninezq-One 15, l . 1 NORTH TACKLERS BRING DOVVN RYAN OF VVEST North gave the really superior Marshall team a stiff argument in the next game, losing 20-13. Not in a long time have North followers watched two harder running backs rip up a Blue and White line than appeared that day in Kolar and Levoir. Even though the game was lost, 14--0, the South struggle on the Tiger field was probably North's best football game of the year. Not given a chance to hold South to a respectable score to say nothing of winning, Kennedy's forwards com- pletely outplayed the South line most of the way and South did not come close to scoring in tl1e first half. On the other hand, North was on two occasions knocking at the Orange and Black goal. Joe Altagen was forced to leave the game in the second half, and his loss was keenly felt despite the fact that Don Guttman, taking his place, did some very good work. The Polar line was smaller than the South forwards and gradually wore down. South scored through the individual brilliance of Marrin rather than because it was able to force North to give ground. The Tiger quarter ran back two North punts to account for touch-downs, and kicked both goals. There was little excuse for North losing to Roosevelt in the final game of the schedule. Dismal generalship in calling for a Hat pass in North-territory gave Roose- velt an opportunity to intercept the ball and score. A possible Polar touchdown was spoiled when a long gain was called back and North penalized for holding. Vllhile North loses through graduation a number of good players, there are many of this yearis squad re- turning for one or two seasons of play. No one expects y a return of the days enjoyed from 1924- to 1928, but 1 North will be able to improve on the 1930 brand of play IQICH lfl 1931. Ninety-Two FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 1930 Sl'll"l'1'lMl31'lR 26 We-st ..,. Central .. U North 4... Edison . . . 0 South ...,.. . . . 27 XV2lSlll71ll'll Roosevelt ,..,.. li Nlursllznll Ut"l'Ul31'l1t 10 North .. .... T Edison .. flt'I1tl'2ll ..,. . 2 Murshzxll South ,.....,... 6 NW-st .... ltooseyelt ...... .20 XVuslnlu1rn llt"l'0Bl'1R 214 ' Murslmll North .,.. .,.. 1 -3 l'entral . . . li ltoosevelt Edison ... ... T South ... XV6st ., ... 11- xV2lSlll3lll'Il North .. Marslulll Edison .., Central South .4... Marshall . . Central . . 1Vest ...,. Edison ....., Roosevelt North ..,.. VVnshburn . . . .,. T t1l'Iltl'2l1 . ... 7 Nlursliull . , . . O Roosevelt .., ti Edison . , . . I2 North ... ... 0 1'entrul .. ... U liclisou ., .. .. U Roost-V4-lt ... 20 North .,, ... ll Ventrzll . .. . 32 lidisou . , ..., U xV2lSilllllI'll NUYl'lMl51'1li 7 ,..... 0 Roosevelt .. ,. .. . T South .,.. . 7 XV1-st , 4.... ... l-U VVuslxhurn ..... S'l'.XNlllNGS VV. l,. 'l'. ., fi l U , 5 1 1 5 1 0 .. lt 2 0 . . 3 1 0 . 2 1- l .. I fi 0 .. U 7 0 Hli AMERICAN LEGION S'l'A'1'l'l BASl'iBAl,I. trophy was placed in the custody of North last fall heeause most of the l'llilIIlIl10l1Sll11l team were attending North. XXYIIPII they played on the tezun. all lnelnhe of the nine were under seventeen years age. rw of Besides receiving the trophy for the school. nine North students. l'll'i1I1li l"ust. captain. Lloyd Mc'N:1lm, C,'ll:1rles Johnson, '1llll'0lt0l't' Cl11f'Sl0l'1i, George Pipp. Howard Smith, Ar- thur Iluher. Arnold Greenberg, and Lloyd VVrigl1t. were awarded evrtitiezltes for their share in winning the State Junior liusehull CilIllllPi0IlSlllIJ. .Yx'm'lzf-'I lint- llt"l'Ul3l'lli 3 ,. T North ... .. li .. 13 VH-st .,.... .. 0 .. 17 South ..., . .. 13 ., ll- XYashhurn ....,, 13 Ul"l'1ll5Eli I7 ., 15 XYz-mlilulrn ..,,., ll , , U South .... . . 3-lv . . ti llzwslinll . .. . . 13 . . 45 We-st ..... , . l2 Ut"l'l llililt 30 ,. U South .......... ll- VVest- No llzuue T Roosevelt .. . 0 T Blurwlmll ....... 314 . ii . li . 37 . U Pts. Opp. Pet. 132 27 H57 S25 10 833 67 -10 833 S3 32 667 53 108 1429 F1-5 -1-L 333 32 G6 1 143 20 155 U00 Sew-mul Rou'-lliscnstaflt, Sklar. Bradt. Gfillllllllg, Coach .Ian-ohi. Saumlgrren. Shapiro. Sivhert. Chalfcn First Ilnzl'-liicv, Stecklnan. Alpert, Karr-li. Lindfors, Blankvnhorn. Garten BASKETBALL RlrlSHN'1'ING one of the lightest. fastr-st. and smoothest working combinations - sewn at North in the last five yvars. thc 1930-231 Polar hasketlmall edition. al- though not finishing far up in the standings, clearly showed a dec-idcd iinproveuient over last ycaris live. This marked the second scason undcr tha' coaching of J. J. Jacobi. lfour vctcrans returncd for play, and around the-ni thx' team was llllliliffti. Captain Karch playvd an outstanding gann- throughout the season and was finally rcwardcd with all-city honors. lilankcnhorn played a iinu gann- at guard and will he- inissvd at North ncxt season. Jacohi uncovered in thc latter part of thc svason two good players for next ycarys fivu in Siegal and Sklar. lfor thc first tinn- in tht- history of thi- hoop sport. only 7 ganics wt-rc' schvdulf'd. All gaun-s were played at tht- Minnn-apolis Auditorium, and coat-ln-s and managers found it a sucvvssful innovation. North lost to Roosvvclt, 20-27. in thc opt-ning ganie of thc yvar. Yvith a suh- stantial lt-ad in the first half, the- Polars lookvd like certain winnersg hut whvn Alpr-rt. who was playing iinv hall at guard. was cjec-ted on pe-rsonals. thc conihination cravkcxl and thc 'frddivs pulled ahead. Karch scorn-d 10 points and was tha- star of tha' gains. ln tha- si-cond tilt of the season. the North boys lost a ilt'11l'till'lf11kCl' to thc YVash- hurn tive-. The svorc was c-losu throughout, and only at thc last minute did the liillcrs forge ahr-ad. aftcr scoring two frm' throws to end thc gainc with the score 23-22. Seigai. who had cnturcd the fray in the last few niinutcs, cxr-Cutcd one of thc most lwautiful dofcnsivc plays of the season only to have a foul callcd on him. Ninelu-Four NORTH SCORES IN MECHANIC ARTS' GAME Marshall High was Northis first victim of the season. The North five seem to find themselves in this game and played brilliant ball to emerge the winners by a 23 to 18 count. Again Kareh played good ball, while Seigal, who played his first full game, scored 8 points. Meeting their traditional rivals in the final game of the fall term, North was edged out in another close game by the lanky Central five, the Hnal score being 27-21. The Polars showed a dogged determination to stay with their high scoring opponents, and succeeded in doing this. Captain Kareh, who played as a guard, after Alpert's injury in the Marshall game, was again the center of the Polar attack. Lindfors, although playing only the last minutes, raised the North score with two beautiful tip-in shots and a free throw. XVith the advent of the new term, Jacobi lost a hard worker in .lack Steekman, through graduation. This made a new forward line of Lindfors, Seigal, and Garten. South, the ehanipionship aggregation, was North's next opponent. The North bunch, playing elean, fast basketball, gave the Tigers the scare of their lives when they took the lead with a beautiful basket by Garten in the third quarter. However, two baskets by MeI.eod of South turned the tide in the Bengal's favor and they emerged the vietors by the close score of 26-23. Garten showed class at forward. The next game found the Polar bears against the VVest team. The Polaris. after leading for three quarters and seemingly on the path to victory, lost their lead when Siegal was takeu out on personals. The lVest five eame out ahead 22-18. Sklar, playing his seeond game at forward, was a eonstant threat for North. Nina-lu-Five Q 1 C 1 ..,.,. ,-5 I qklj f , KJ-.J 'N ,,! 5 L-- A fx Vex if 1X S aw L- ' CLASS BASKE'l'BAI.L CHAMPIONS " S'won1I Hour: Greenwald. Carlson. Cohen. Linstrom l'?rsI How: l'ehrson, Sullivan, Sklar, Von XValkenbe-rg. Sehapiro F N Q N qt Flashing a brilliant offeiisive play, thc North quintet, in a beautiful exhibition of hallwhandliiig and shooting. overwhelmed the Edison team hy the 31-19 count in the final game of the Season. Karch scored 10 points and ended the Season third highest in the scoring race. Morris Garten. who played a steady gaine throughout the serieS. Scored 8 points hcsides playing a fine floor game. IN '1'l".RfC'l,ASS TOUR NAM li NT For the second season. Coach J. J. .Iacolwi opcucd Xortlfs basketball campaign with an interclass tournament. livery class entered a strong team. The surprise of thc tonrnanlent caine when the lOA's went through to the finals to defeat the lnuch favored A Senior team. hy the close score of 1 L-11. The class tilts lmegan with the B Sophoinores engaging the A Sophoniores. The l0A,s conquered their younger adversaries hy the 9-5 count. The 1115's were prefgaxne favorites. hut lost to smoother working ll-A five. the final score lvcing 18-T. The prize upset of the first series came when the l2B's, playing with three letter- men, were outscored hy the l2A,S, 15-12. In the scmiftinals. the A Seniors overwhelmed the A Juniors, as the Al0's dc- feated a team composed of Sophomores and Juniors. Nirzrtllfsix . I Third Rouf-eWestby, Fahr, Rouzer, Sheridan, Elliot, Rhea Second Row-Brunelle, Gorian, Kelberg, Stienstra. Westby, A., Rentsch, Martin First Row-Hartig, Skar, Titus, Klein, Pegg, Eirle APPARATUS ORTH'S apparatus squad, hitherto a powerful machine, lost both of its im- portant meets this year. Joe Klein, Andy Titus, Don Pegg, and Adolph Skar composed the advanced class this year, Pegg being the only veteran. Klein and Titus were the outstanding men in this class. Sheridan, Eide, Gorian, and Elliot were the outstanding novice men. The novices placed second in a practice meet between North, West and Edison on February 6. West scored 1607 points to 15841 for North. Sheridan, North star, finished fourth in the individual scoring with 271 points. The Polars finished second in the city meet at the University Armory on February 26, losing to Roosevelt, the winner, by 2908.5 to 2777.49. The advanced team was defeated by the Teddie Advanced class team 801.25 to 711.24, while the Blue and White novices came in third in that class of competition with a score of 201625. Sheridan again was the best Blue and White novice performer while Joe Klein was the highest scorer for North in the Advanced Class. The Blue and White squad rated the same place in the Northwestern meet that they made in the city competition, but both classes closed up the margin cutting Roosevelt lead to less than 100 points. Score, Roosevelt, 2915.25g North 2828.0. The advanced class lost to Roosevelt 809.25 to 774- while the novice class fell behind Roosevelt 20541 to 2106. Elliot was high point man in the novice group while Titus led the North advanced boys. The Polars appeared stronger in this meet than at any other time during the season. Ninezq-Seven F of E 44 fi Q tif' . 1 C iizffi 1 7 QT ' P2 fr f hgh? Wei, ,325 15353 Q 'I is . as .NW , if 'I 6 , ? fa: 4 , I his . , Ei? f 4 f fz 2? wj r, ati 2? f ,J a . 2 1 7 5 MARTIN NELSON RONNING VVALENSKY TRACK RESBNTING the best team since the halcyon days of Clarence Munn's regime in track, George Conklin's North high track squad won the city relay carnival. placed second to VVest in the city meet by a fraction of a point. took a triangular meet, and made third in the Carleton invitational meet. Coach Conklin started his season with the annual novice and color meets. In the first meet which is for boys who have never been candidates for track before, several prospects were uncovered. The fourteenth annual color meet was held with four teams competing. The Vl'hite, led by Johnny Ronning, came through on top. North showed a few flashes of power in the Minnesota 'AUM relays. however. South rose to its greatest height of the season and made almost a clean sweep of the meet. The next Friday, the Polars traveled to Macalester to meet VVest and Edison in a triangular. All the events were hotly contested and the outcome of the contest was in doubt until the last event, the half mile relay. North needed three points for a win, so the relay team battled their way to a second place and a meet winning margin of ILQ points. The score was North, -LG, West, 'L-Llfgg Edison, -NVQ. VVith one meet under their belt, the Blue and Vl'hite faced stiff competition at the eity prep relay tourney. North nosed Central out for third place in the mile .Ninety-Ifu'ghI medley whieh VV!1SlllNll'Y1 won. The Polars garnered eight points in the Century dash when YYalensky and Martin finished one-two. North reeeived firsts in the hroad 'iuiup and half mile relay. The relay quartet was eoniposed of I.. Martin. A. Nelson. NV. Crotty. and A. Vivaleusky. lfollowing the relays. North Central. YVest. and South hattled at Hainline again. The NVQ-st group showed unexpeeted power and ran up sotg markers, North was seeond with ZESQQ. South third with 27l,Q and Central also ran with 25551 points. .Xlw Wvalensky. fleet Polar dash was high inan for the third tiine. with 10 points. ln their journey to the Carleton meet in whieh eight high sehools eonipeted the Conklin proteges Caine through in third plaee with 24-UQ points. XValensl-xy tied the 220 yard dash inark with 22.7. ln addition to that pieee of work. he won the 100 yard dash and ran in the winning relay team, eoining through as high point iuan with 10 points. Crotty. in the high hurdles. Martin. in the 100 yard, Ronning in the -1--10. and Armstrong, in the high jump. eann- through with fourth plaees. In the heartbreaking final meet, held at Memorial Stadium, a false start proved to he the dceiding faetor hetweon victor and vanquished. The lueklcss Polars fin! ished a close second to XVest with 291f3 to 30213 for the green. The Northnieu were in superb f0I'II1. and although given no eonsideration hefore the meet proved to he YVest,s strongest opponent. M'alensky ran in his usual brilliant form to take the 220 and Bill Cfrotty ae- eounted for five markers by winning the 220 low hurdles. The hluc and white relay boys running against brisk competition ealne through for an additional tive eounters. Kronian and Altagen placed third and fourth respectively on the short put. Ahe VValensky put in the best individual perforniauee on the season scoring on an average of 10 points a meet. Z'l1irrlI.'nu' -Groll. Klitfer, Sl0Ill2lI1. Adair, Groutield. Green. VVallen. Brenner. C. Nelson. Wahlroos, YVi:I2ill. Javnnski, NVeirtheini. Murphy. Anderson Sf-rnnrl lfou--rl-Ianson, Blooin. Boohar, Crooker. Kulsko, Frick. Coal-li Conklin, Bios, Coppinan, Armstrong, Parness. Mott, 'Wiesberg Firsl Ifuu' -Xlotnick, Kroinau. Crotty, Martin. XValensky, lionning, Nelson, Altageu, Budd. Mgr. Xinefzf-.Y1'r:r 53x Af-.Y ig sa? Nz. X s -S my Q, 45 4, wg- .T.. s I E 1 Cf? . f' V -4 J is, . . :X sm wg. w. is v- ' 41? gig my N.. . Q Q.: 3 ,I QM Wyy, Zysyiff. Mika' swag? 2 5922 STQEY4 ,, y.-,t .1 , X, , Q49 , Q f N42 YW M55 sf , Mg sv My in Z X? be , M he 4 ,yy at Qaiyiai s' , wr if VW 54,4 U . gif Second Row-D. Carrier, M. Carrier, Kriedberg, Schapiro First Row-Simms, Wasser, Crow TENNIS FTER storming the championship fortress for seven seasons, North's tennis team won the championship laurels last fall. At the beginning of the fall campaign, Coach Saxby was lacking three veterans of his spring team which ended the season in third place, winning five and losing two matches. He had left, however, Schapiro, VVasser, and the Carrier cousins who formed the nucleus for the fall squad. Added to these were Crow, Bartnof, Simms, and Kriedberg, who completed the championship team. The winning of a championship is a feat in itself, but last fall's team did more than this. All three of the singles players went through season undefeated. Only twice were any of these forced to play the limit of three sets before turning in their victories. This is a new record in the city high schools. The doubles teams also made an enviable record by winning all but three of their matches. The North team won twenty-five individual contests. They started the season by eking out a 3-2 victory over the VVest squad. This was the closest call that the team had all season. Don Carrier won the deciding match in l1is only three set match of the season. The day after playing VVest the Blue and VVhite took Marshall into camp, 5-0. A day later the Polars defeated VVashburn, 4-1. From then on, no team was able to score on the Northerners. In their next match the North team handed Central its Worst defeat in the history of high school tennis. Schapiro, Carrier, and VVasser won their singles matches easily and the doubles teams also came through with colors flying. One Hundred This is the Hrst time in history that Central lost by a 5-0 score. It is also the Hrst time in nine seasons that the Centralians lost the championship. The Polars Hnished the season with a 5-0 victory over the strong South team. Nathan Schapiro, first mang Don Carrier, second many Kenneth VVasser, third many Conrad Kriedberg, and Merril Carrier, first doublesg and John Crow and William Simms, second doubles, composed the North lineup in the final match. After much delay on account of inclement weather, the spring team embarked on its schedule. All of the members of the fall team were back but the squad failed to live up to its expectations and won third place behind Central and lVest who ended first and second respectively. The North team started the season with a hard earned 3-2 victory over South. After being behind all the way Kenneth VVasser won the deciding match in valiant uphill battle. In the second contest VVest upset the Northmen, 4-1. In this confiict Phil Kriedt stopped Nathan Schapiro's string of victories at eleven. The Polars failed to show even an inkling of the form and fight which characterized the South match. The North team followed this defeat with easy victories over Edison, Marshall, Roosevelt, and VVashburn. They lost a heart breaking match to Central, 3-2, in the season's final. SCHAPIRO VVASSER D. CARRIER One Hundred One i . 5 ll' T P , -ci film! .X Q L, A l ' 5 . I f X., . " flif 3 'ii f 'fry 54 all .LJ 1:1 'Q X ' JQ .Q ,fl . rf fi-5 ' :VH5 win if 422 fi SQ 29", WW 'fgsj X , .ef GOLF SQVAD 'I'Hm,E, Bmua. LAKSEN. SMITH H.xvs'r.m, Axmu-:si-JN, Gauss, litmus GOLF HROUGH a tcchnicality, North capturcd thc spring golf mcct and dcfcndcd its title succcssfully i11 thc fall. Aftcr a lcngthv discussion. the coachcs of the various schools togcthcr with Mr. Tapp. supervisor of athlctics, dccided to inaugurate a ncw plan of dctcrmining a high school golf champion. The ncw change was to havc a scvcnty-two hola- nicdal tournament. thc last thirty-six dctcrmining the title. thc winncr hc-ing dcclarcd on a pcrccntagc basis. Lcd hy Captain Harvard Gross. thc Polar aggregation dcfcatcd thc Dc l,a Sallc Islandcrs 301-317 ovcr the Glenwood course in a prc-scason match. The high school golfers wcre prcscntcd with a morc difficult course when tho Board of Edu- cation reccivcd pcrmission to usc the par 72 Armour course. Harvard Gross and Stanlcv Larson. vctcrans of four scasons. togcthcr with Erncst Andrcscn and Marvin Havstad fornicd thc nuclcus of thc strong North tcam. Thc fight for championship was prcdictcd to hc a hard one for all schools produccd very good tc-anis. Aftcr thc first 26 holcs had hccn playcd. Yvcst was in tht- lcad with North following close behind. After thcsc two rounds there wcro to hc only four man tcams instead of cight. North's squad was madc up of Gross. Andres:-n. Havstad. and Larson. low scorcr for North. The nt-Xt cightcvn holos finished with W1-st again in thc lead and followcd closc by North and South. The Hnal cightccn holes was a hard fought match hotwccu North and lvcst. Wvcst won by a small margin of scvcn strokos ovcr Xorth. South camc third and Cn-ntral fourth. Pat Sawyer had a brilliant 78 for tht- round but was ticd hy Larsong Gross camo ne-Xt with an 80. Om' Hundred Two It looked as if Wvest had :1 second Consecutive title. winning over North both times with a small margin. It was later found out that one of the players on the Vivest squad was ineligible. so the ehampionship went to North who had placed second. In the fall the entire ehampionship team returned to win seeond successive title for North. lirnest Andresen. star of three seasons, led the veteran team. composed of Stanley Larson. Harvard Gross. Marvin Havstad. and himself. Gene Burris. Harry Thole. George Smith. and Archie Berg were ehosen to complete the eight man team. After the first thirty-six holes. Stan Larson led the team with :1 11-9 total. YVhen half of the final of the thirty-six hole match had heen eompleted. the Northmen enjoyed a lead of eighteen strokes over their nearest rivals. Andresen was low for the day with a hrilliant 80. and Larson following close he-hind. tying Pat Sawyer. Minnesota Junior and Amateur champion. for seeond. The team's total strokes for the first 18 holes was 3255 against VVest who had 21 total of 73555. South. Central. and YVashburn followed as named. The North squad continued their eonsistent showing to finish the season with the original 18 stroke lead they had gained in the first half of the final mateh. Smith, a newcomer on the squad led the entire field with 81. Although the entire championship four-man team has graduated, North will he well represented in conquest of future ehampionships heeause of sophomores inter- ested in team play. CHAN PIONSHII' GOI ,F TEA M I..uisEx, Axnmzsrzx. Gnoss. SMVM-1 One Hundred Thrcr w Scvomi Roll'-Goldstcill. WVis0. Bostad, Sawyer. .I:1iubcvk, Insvy, Jciiniugrs. Matson. Mr, Santee First Iiozr--Hawding. Buckcu, IA'UllJll'll, Moser. Cutte, Robinson, Gnumliziu SWIMMING LTHOUGH thx' 19351 team won only ont' match. that against Iiooscvclt, 525-22. the Juniors and Sophoniorcs on thc squad devclopvd into good prospects for the next czunpuign. Cutts. Lchvdotf, Sawyer, Gzuidinn. :md Moser wr-ro high point SPEED SKATING H111 introduc-tion of spcvd skating as :ln intcrscllohistic sport this yi-ur :it IIICII. F North, South. :md C1-utral, rcsultcd in :L city inc-ct hctvvccri the thru- schools which was won hy South with 22 points. North had Iii. and Cc-ntrril Z3 points. 5lO'l"I'. SLINU, CUXXOLLY, S'l'IiAl'CH. SII.YRIiMAX Om' Hundred Four ATHLETIC AND SCHOLARSHIP MEDAL HE more desirable member of an athletic team is one wl1o is a good performer and at the same time a good classroom student. Such a player generally masters the Hne points of a game readilyg also, as a rule, he is better at comingi through in a tight place during a contest. The idea of linking up athletics and scholastic ability is not a new onc. The IVeStern Conference each year presents a medal to the member of the graduating class in each of its ten universities who has stood out most prominently i11 the dual role of athlete and scholar. Proinpted by the popularity with which this feature has been received in the "Big Tenw and by a desire to take a constructive attitude toward athletics for younger boys, the Mercury Club of Minneapolis offered an annual medal to North High for presentation at the .Iune graduation on a basis of athletic and scholastic achievement. This organization is composed largely of young men from north Minneapolis, many of whom are graduates of North High. The selection for the award is made each year by M. T. Kennedy, athletic coach. YV. VV. Hobbs, principal, and Dr. B. M. Medof of the Mercury Club. Meyer Gordon, Milton Bach, Frank Battaglia, Eldor Beck, and John Ronning are the previous winners. This year the medal has been presented to Ernest Anf dresen. Ernest, although he was never in the major sports, was the mainstay in the swimming and golf teams for the three years he was here and received six minor "N"s. Ernest has the highest scholastic rating of any of the previous winners and is the first one to rank among the first five in his class. He played on the golf team in '28, '29, and '30. In 1930, he was captain of the golf team which brought to North the fifth championship the Blue and VVhite School has won in golf, and the first since 1927. For three seasons, Andresen was the star dash man on Coach Santee's swimming team. In 1930 he was elected to captain this team. He is the first student who has not been ac- tive in any of the major sports ever chosen as the Mercury lNIedal winner, but he was so out- 1 standing in the minor sports that he fully dee N serves this honor. ERNEST ANDRESIEX One Hundred Five Third Hun'-Miller. Morzweiler, Goldberg. Fitzgerald, Jnran Sea-owl How- Peterson. Shaw. Barnes. Oren. VVaelitler First How-Fisher. Goldhlum, Miss Denning, XOUIHCIIIZIII, Feinberg, King GIRLS' ATHLETIC BOARD HH Girls' Athletic Association held the first meeting of the year on Thursday. . October 9. At tl1is meeting the question was raised as to the value of the monthly meetings. It was declared that the main purpose of the association was to promote athletics for North high school girls, and to maintain a sportsmanlike and an enthusiastic attitude toward all sports which might be part of the athletic program of the year. It was pointed out that one meeting each month had inter- fered with the schedule of practices and games for each sport. Thus it came about that meetings of the Girls' Athletic Association were dis- continued except on special occasions. A committee of the girls in charge of each sport was decided upon as the govern- ing body for the Girls' Athletic Association. This committee was named the "Board of the Girls, Athletic Association." All business during the year has been Very successfully carried on by this Board so it is expected that this form of organiza- tion will he continued next year. Two new sports were added to the sport program for this year: speedball, an outdoor game similar to soccerg and deck tennis. the popular quoit game of those on board ship. Although these were new to North high girls, both have proved very interesting and popular. All the other sports have been carried to a success- ful close. I.. li. Dizxxixe I MISS DENXIXG MISS HICIN One Hundred Six Second Hou'-Carlson. Oren. Don Carlos. Noodleman. Merzweiler. Edelstun. King First I-Bow-Alloru. Goldbluin, Fjelde, Brooks. Fitzgerald, Stein. Barnes UN' 'S AND EMBLEMS ETTBRS and emblems are awarded to girls who are all-around athletes and who 4 go out for many different sports. A "N" letter is presented to the girl who earns 600 points. For an All-City emblem a girl must earn 1000 points. To obtain these honors, a girl must have an average of "C" in three subjects. This year the "N" girls were Evelyn Bye, lNIary Cheeki, Alice Fitzgerald, Lucille Horn. Freida King, Agnes Stein, and Ann Fisher. Audrey Fjelde, Gwendolyn Ott, and Genevieve Goldblum received emblems. Points are received for the following sports: spcedball, singles and doubles tennis, volleyball, skating, swimming, deck tennis, basketball, and baseball. For all sports. 50 points is awarded if the girl reports for the required number of practices. For the winning of a berth on a class team, a girl is given 100 points. In skating and swimming, points are awarded ae- A eording to the number of different strokes one ean do. I ., and the number of tests one passes. Girls can also ' win points in these sports by practicing the required A A V , number of times. The awarding of points toward 1 1 "N',s and emblems ereates a desire in the girls toe ward good sportsmanship, for that is the main ehar- i A N.. aeteristie by whieh the girl is picked for the different teams. I A ' One Hundred Seven Seconri Rout -Kolb. Tolzman. Carlson First ff0llf70!'L'll, xv2!ClllCl', Jnran, Rnikka, Stein SPEEDBALL PEEDBALL, a game which was newly introduced to girls of North last term, l is a combination of football and soc-ecr but not as strenuous as either. The object of the game is to kick the speedball through the goal posts at either end of the field. The game is started oil' hy a kickoff, as in football, at the 50 yard line. The center kicks the hall into play into the territory of her opponent. Minnie Juran and Lorrain Wvaehtlc-r were appointed heads of spcedball. They helped in coaching and refcreeing the games. Instead of having class teams, color teams were chosen. Those on the orange team were Barnes, Beck, Checki, lipcar, Edelston, Fjclde, llnnstiger, BI. Juran, ltitehie, Saliterman, Strizowsky. Zieharth, and Miller. Those on the hlne team were Bartel, Bye, Cohen, Patten, Healy, Juston, C. Juran, Larson, Peterson, liuikka, and Kivisto. The rcd tcam consisted ot Brooks. li. Bye. Calvin, Carlson, Fitzgerald, Healy, King, Laeher, Hlurphy, Rinkcr, Shaw. Stein, and Tolzman. The following were on thc green team: Altagen, Bernard, Anderson, Hersh, Horn, King, Kolb, Meyer. Mc-rzweilcr, Malisow, Mnrdo, Peterson, VVaehtler, and VVhitford. From all these teams a Star Speedhall team was picked. One Hundred Eight Second Row Carlson, Noodleman, King First Hou' -YVaehtler. Goldblum, Oren, XVhitford BASEBALL HE girls' preliminary baseball tournament started Monday, April 28, with - every girl assigned to a team. The games SC'lll'dllll'd in the tournament counted as practices. The class teams were chosen after the tourney. Each girl had to play every game that was scheduled for her team in order to receive fifty points for the participation in the preliminary bout. This year Lucille Horn and Frieda King headed the Sport. The following girls won points in baseball: Inga Baardsgaard, 100g Betty Bra-tz, 100g Catherine Duffy, 100g Clara Fischer, 50g Eleanor Gates, 1155 Fcrn Green- berg, 50g Bernice Katz. 1005 Edith Kokcla. 503 Charlotte Lindquist. 1005 Katherine Menglekoch, 115g Esther Xclson, 50g Florence Olson, 50g Clarice Oren, 50g Lois Qnady, 50g Violet ltinker. 50g Irma Sanberg. 50g Eleanor Schulte. 100g Eleanor Shaw, 50g Dorothy Shnnder, 50g Helen Strilnes, 50g Celia '1l0lCllCI'lCI', 50g Nina Uggla, 1003 Eleanor lVinberg. 503 Fannie lvoversj 1005 and Phyllis Ziebarth, 100. The 10A team won the championship. The girls on this team were Margaret Carlson, Marcia Noodleman. Freda King, Lorraine Vvachtler, Genevieve Goldblnm, Claricc Oren and La Verne VVl1itford. The championship giillll' was played between thc 10A team and the 11B team. One Hundred Nine Fourth. Ron'--Altagen. Rinker, Healy. Kahn, Jacobs, Halpin, Kreutter, Oren. Bretz, Sanders. Miller Third Row--Meyers, Brooks, Uggla, Baardgaarrl, Hinds, Merzweiler, Windsor, Fredriekson, Saliterman. 0st, Levin, Epear, Huston Sevond Row-Neville, Ruikka. Donaldson, Miller, Barnes. VVaehtler, Dressner. Greenstein First I-Sou'-Fleislier, Steinberg, Bye, J.. Bye. E., Zeebarth, Gorilhamer, Daman, De Mural BASKETBALL HE method of selecting teams for this year's basketball was different from that used any other season. After the required number of practices, the girls were obliged to pass a basketball test to show whether the girls knew basketball--fouls, passes, count, personals. Because of the large number of "AH sophomores that turned out for this sport. two "A" sophomore class teams were organized. This year a basketball campaign was put on by the heads of sports, Doris Barnes and Lucille Miller. The following were on the IOB team: lfredriekson, Halpin, Hickey, Levine, hlelmet, H. Olson, Ost, Sanders, Strenstra and lvaddick. There were two IOA teamsg IOA I team: Altagen. Christopherson. Diessner, lipcar, T'llSl1IIl!l.U, Fleisher. Gordhammer, Greenstein, Jacobs, Merzweiler, lil., Meyers, Miller. The IOA ll team consisted of Rahn, Saliterman, Steinberg. Cohen, Myers. I,acker, Hart, and Huston. Those on the IIB team were: Baardsgaard, liretz, Brooks, Hinds, Uggla, Ziebarth, Healy. and Rinker. The IIA's and I2B's played together. Those on this team were Fisher, Oren. liuikka, Stone, Wvaehtler, Dehlura, ll. Merzweiler, Neville, and lvindsor. The IZA team was eomposed of E. Bye. J. Bye, Byrnes. Daman, Donaldson, ltdelston. and Kreutter. The IOA I team finished in first place in the tournament. One Hundred Ten Secfnzd Ron'-Kolb, Noodleman. Peterson, Tolznian First l.'o1r-Feiiiherg, G0llllJllIIll, Oren, Gillette, Sanrlahl, King VOLLEYBALL HIS year the Juniors won the championship in volleyball. Practice was held for four weeks, and the tournament was run-oft in the two weeks which were left of the season. The volleyball season this year was shorter because of the new sport, speedhall, which was introduced this year. This limited the season to six weeks. Originally the volleylmall season was about three months. The Senior team this year consisted of Evelyn Bye, Jane Bye, Lillian Byrnes, Frances Don f'arlos, Shirley Bdelston, Audrey Fjelde, Francis Johnson and Irene Miller. On the Junior team were Genevieve Goldhlum, Freda King, Biarian Kolb, Helen Peterson, Marcia Noodleman, Lucille Gillette, Verna Tolzman, Anna Sandahl, and Grace Feinberg. The "A" sophomore team was made up of Eleanor Shaw. Lucille Horn, Lila Kivisto, Phyllis Zieliarth. Inga Baardsgaard, Bertha Brooks, Claudia Hinds, Nina Uggla, and Lueille Reich. The "BH Sophomore team eonsisted of llary Altagen, Ruth Cohen, Kathleen Christopherson. Anita Fpcar, Sophie Gab, Jean Thaxter, Margaret Lacher, Jean Mergus and Lillian Saliterinan. One Hundred Eleven Daman, Carling, Carlson, M., Don Carlos. Sartel. Kolb, Fitzgerald, Golrlblnm. Barlasky. Horn, Edelston, Fjelde SKATING ERY few girls went out for skating this year in comparison to the turn-out for team sports. Eleanor Shaw and Helen Peterson were the heads of this sport, and the North Commons pond was used. Helen was inj ured, and as a result was not able to continue as head of this sport. Her place was taken by Margaret Carlson. For thc period between Tlianksgiving and Christmas, points were given for the hours of practice after school. During Christmas vacation the girls could skate an hour during a certain time in the morning and afternoon. During this time either of the heads was present, taking the names of those present, and giving the right number of points. After the sudden thaw, several girls were very near to having the required num- ber of points, and were given permission by Miss Denning to make up this time at the Arena. Points for skating were awarded to the following: Marian Kolb, 415g Lois Daman, 440g Genevieve Goldblum, 303 Alice Fitzgerald and Shirley Edelston, 25. Five points were given for each hour of practice. The ininiinum number of points one could receive was 25. One Hundred Twelve Ser-mzfl Roll' -Jaeobs. Sandahl, C. Carlson. Bretz. Sellnlenlnerg I-'irsf Rouzvliggla, Fleisher, Horn, Ainlrrose, XVil1is, B2lEll'ClS,Lf2l21l'tl DECK TENNIS BCR TENNIS is the newest sport to he introdueed to the girls of North. The game is played over a volleyball net instead of a tennis net. A round ring like a miniature tire replaces the tennis hallg no racquet is used. The count is the same as that of tennis. The Deck Tennis Tournament was arranged as a doubles tournament. Although the tournament was 11ot run-off for determining the ehanipions, the championship was determined by the number of points. The winners were Nina Ugzjgla and Bertha Brooks, who were awarded fl-0 points. About twenty girls reported for Derek Tennis. Those who were awarded points are Jaeolvs and Baardsgaard, 305 Rinlcer and Healy, 255 Kleidon and Levin, 25g Medoff and liosenlield, 30g Horn and Shaw, 30g Brooks and Uggln, -L05 Ambrose and lvillis, 253 Saunders and Kurke. 253 Helmet and Fleisher, 25g Bretz and Sehulenlu-rg. 251 Chapman and Malensky, 25g and Sandahl, 25. Girls of North first played this game at the University of Minnesota when the Physieal lidueation department invited the girls of all the high schools of the city over for a Whole day to play different games, and to swim and tumble. The girls lmeeame interested, so Miss Denning introduecd the sport at North. Lila Kivisto was head of this sport. One Hundred Thirteen TENNIS 1 MAHCIA N00IJI.l4lIXI.XN. lil'lBl'X'CA UROSSBIAN In the doubles tournament. Marcia Noodleman and Bessie Rahinowitz were champions. Points were given by means of a new "ladderH method. Rach dou- hles team was a step of the ladder and might ellallenge anyone above them. Points were given, not on the number of gaines won, hut on the numher played. Genevieve Goldhlum was head of fall tennis. Singles tournament in spring, and doubles in fall claimed the interest of about one hundred girls this year. liar:-ia Noodleman, in the singles tourney, defeated Rebecca Grossman Ii-G. 6-3. 6--L Marcia was awarded the tennis trophy which will he hers if she is tennis champion for three successive years. In case of her defeat. Marcia Noorllc-man's successor will he awarded the cup. MARCIA NOOIJLRMAN, BESSIE RABINOWITZ One' Humlred Fourrcen a I ii X '1 3 E " 2 4, 2 W 'K Third lfolr-A. Schzicr. llezilv, Fitxgrerzllfl. ljggzlzl. Grcenstein, Levine Se:-will Hour- Orcn, liinkcr, Blzinkculiorn, Brooks, ML-Gourty. Neville First l.'uzrf-B:1un1:m. Kurke. Byo, li.. l'uss-li. Gudcr, BI'2lllKl0I1 SWIMMING T was dccidod this ye-:ir that more than one swinuning meet would lic held i11 one scuson. There were cight practice mfwcts, and thc usual tcst was givcn i11 May. Przicticcs wcrc held at Franklin Junior High cvcry Tuesday from Ji to 5 p. 111. lIrs. Smith. gym instructor. acted as life savor. Grace Fcinlmerg and Evelyn Bye, heads of swimming. taught thc girls strokcs, holvbing. floating. and diving. Points :ivvurdcd last ye-:ir for swimming are LllIIlSdt'll, 100g Fcinlmcrg, 100g Sccquist, 1005 Swenson, 100g Schlcgul, l00g Horn. 901 Hubbard. 90g Goldlmlum, 903 Urcu, 90g Hdclston, -15g ll'olford, 255 Day, 205 Gusink, 70g Fjcldc, 10g and EMBLEM GIRLS HH girl who carns 1000 points is awarded an all-city elnblcnl. This is the sym- Kohn, 10. bol of an :ill-around zithlctc who has good sportsinzmship. The :1llAcity cmlmlcin girls this ycar werc Gwcndolyn Ott, Audrcy Fjcldc, Gcuc-vicve Goldlwlum, and Shirlcy Edclston. OTT F.Il'1LDE FIDELSTON Ona Hand: ml Fifrern WMM iwwp, ,iff AAA!! 1 A wa ' Afffff?fL 'L' 767641725321 2 Th amusing p nguin, nth ugh b h'aEESgivTSph'p U' 1 hl ty h h Y bl f th h IIF t fffyw 5 c I-I Q Q I. l. I F E . A 1 1 IJ AJVML Z MJ f 4 ,4,,f,M,, , B L K W 07.7 WAWV hm !,LvLAf':, p 'NR Q , C I - ' f V f' fakfafanifffwwg. y ' ' ff f 4 Third lf0ZlJ7l'I?lVStflCl, York. Grcnell, Schlichting, Peterson, Young, Rochlin Second Row-lleziel, Crow. lloclunun, Olson, Godfrey, Samet, Rcvorxl. Hcstness First ROIl'+Cll'llSS, Fitzgerald. Mooney. Mrs. ZlltlCIll!iIl, Ruhenstoin, lle1'nl1z1,L'en. Miclcllemist l'llIlS0ll THE POLARIS ANNUAL staff, including both .lunuzlry and June graduatns, consisted of fllanaging Editor IjllSl11l'SS Jlanager Editorial I'V7'lfI'TS Azrtivities Pvrsonals Picturrfs - Sports - Fffafurvs and School Liff' Engrarirzg and E.l'l,'llHlIfff'.Y - Jr! - - Clirc11lali01z A rlzferfising - Typists - A-1 dzwiser - One Ilundrc LIARGARET M OONEY AIRNOLD Rt'BENsTEIN fBEATRIC1-3 GODFREY. Clxairxnan 4AITllREY HPISTNESS LALICE IJEZIEL lDOROTIiX' NIIDDLEMISTV, January PAUDRI-:Y HANsoN, Juno SLIARY SAMET, January IJANL: BERNHAGEN, .lum- lkHPlI,EN OLSON. January ZJEANNIVPTI-1 Ruvolm, Junc- lCHARI,1f:s ClllENlfILL, Boys' IALICE 1'lITZGERALD, Girls' JOHN HYOFNG Joux Cnow Gounox ScuL1c'H'r1NG lA1'nREY FJELDI-1 IHAIQVAHD Gnoss lAIARVIN XYORK .lunu lARNOLD RI'1sENs'rI-:IN Lovls ROCIILIN lRosE HOCHMAN, January RJUNE I,IfEPNER, June Mus. BIARGARET B. ZITTLI-:MAN rl Seventeen l .lzmuury THE ANNUAL STAFF presented an auditorium program on llarch 3 and 41, in which they depicted a period in the Polaris office. As a feature of this subscription drive, Donald Nathanson and Sain Kaufman were announced joint first place winners in :x kodak contest. having turned in a school totem pole. Wvilliam Simms received honorable mention for l1is picture of cheerleader football. One Humlz ed Eiqlyzucn :tif Fourth Hou' AC'arls0n, Cameron, Budd. Schlichting. Martin, Siegler Third lfuzr-31011013 Hotfxnan, Ortler, Burck. Nl0Ilt2'0lllPl'Y, Greenlielrl. Hanson Second Hou'-4Nelson, ltlidilleinist, Lawrence. SCllUll1hllli,'Z', VVag1-nllals, Ham, Ulson. II. First Row--Olson. A.. Miller, Hartel. Gross. Samet, Nelson, Bzlral, XVerlicl1 THE "A" SENIOR committee chairmen were social, ltlarion Blillerg ring, Audrey Olson, picture, Helen Olson, yell, Milton Hoffniang class play, Harmony Rifking song, Gladys Mantheyg activities, Dorothy Middlemistg personals, Mary Samet. THE "BU SENIOR committee chairmen were social, John Young, ring, Minnie Jurang picture, Jeannette Revord, personals, Jane Bernhageng yell, Audrey Hest- nessg motto, Harold O,Neillg activities, Audrey Hanson. Fourlll Ifuw-Odenhreit, Kairies. Dunning, Barclay, Lipkin. Herman, VVise. Groll Third ROlU7TI'BIIlbl2ltt, Blindlnan, Hoffman, Lifson, Kellgren, Carlson. Cutts, Goldstein, Green Serond Razr- Streukens, Beskin. Kuehl. Halloran. Osterhus. Swenson, Silberman. Moak. XValter First How-Revord, Haystafl, Hanson, Juran, Lindfors, Young, Bernlmgen, Peterson, Morse Om- Hundred Xim-lem , .X 1.3, THE SOPIIOMORE AXD JUNIOR SIQCTION THE BOYS' DRILL TEAM Yu' TIIE POLARIS PARADE-BLUE AND VVIIITE DAY CELEBRATION One Hundred Twenlg THE GIRLS" GYM DRILL SENIOR DANCERS T v x 511.3 THE BAND One Hundred Twenty-One Tlzirrl Hou'-Golrlstein, 0'Neill. Blix-ker. 'l'remblatt. Selilielutimr. Morse. 'l'uruquiSt. Tliorson. 'i'llOlll2lSS0ll Sw-owl Hou' "TllI'Il0l', 1,2l1'5Ull. Silheriuun. Gordon, Kimble, Leverentz. Nliller, Hzllloralu, Hill. Kuelxl First RI7ll'fxILl1lll95', VVz1lte1's, Yost, Xzuller. Bernlmuen. Deziel. f4ilTL'li. Gomlfrey. Carlson. Gifford. Hanson TVVENTY-ICIGHT STUDENTS YVHO YVERE 12B's during the first semester received term honor Cards. Those liavixig all Ais and carrying the requisite numher of credits were Audrey Hanson, 5A's. and lVinst0n Thorson, -MVS. SIXTFHN STUDENTS YVHO YVHRE llAys during the first semester received term honor cards. All included in this group had one B and either three or four Ays. Serum! Rau'--Holtll. Carlson. Kaplan. Kalufman, NI2lIlilCllll First Ilozr-Ostrmvsky. Tzliro. Rlillllilll, Jackson, Feilzer wil One llumirull Tnuerzry-'I'u'o i if il fs J Il .Q l F ' 'W' ' ' , v N' A yi-'N J' x V N Third limi'-Sugal. Tulhill. Rutlellgre. Fcinhcrgr. Nntllanson, Phillips. Tilton. liznustmlt Savmzrl Hou'-Uswahl. Nlenxlekock. Blau, Hutchins. Johns. Lively, Ripszinski, liisenstzult Firsi I:UlL'7G0lKll7llllIl, Morse, Silllfllllll. Moe. Kolh, l'0lllL'li, Shattuck. Hill. Sorley 'IYVEXTY-EIGHT STUDENTS YVHO YVHRR 11B's during the H1-st se- mcstvr received tc-rm honor cards. All included in this group had ons B. 'IWVRLYE S'I'L'DEXTS YVHO YVERH 1OA's during the first St'lDf'SlCCI' rcccivcd tvrrn honor cards. Thosc- ll2lVlIlg' all A's were Howard Daniels, four A'sg Ellllfilllll Cohen, live A'sg Louis Guttnlan, live A'sQ Sheldon Kaplan, HW' A'sg and Ethel Stein- man, four A'S. Scfmnfl Ifou:-Carpenter. Bohanon, Aaronson, Bassis Firsf I?1Ill"llllttIll2lll, Held, YVolk, Cohen, Kaplan I One Hundred Twmrg-Hzree Srfrvmrl lfmr Sprungr. Gomlroch. BCLll'lll1lU. Fl'l0tlllHlIl, Gintlicr. l,orbc1'h:1um lfirsl Ron' flluston, Ilzirpur. Russeth, Frm-imlson, SIIOIIA Gzivrcn TW'EN'1'Y-ONE S'l'L'lDl+lNTS VVIIO WVl'lRl'l lOB's during thu first seinvste-r rcc'c'ivccl term honor cards. 'fhosc having all Als wx-re .lac-ob Bearixizui, four A'sg VVillium lingstrom. four Alsg P1-rsis Hzirpcr, four A'sg V4-da Huston. four Aix. Om Ilumfm-L YVINSTUN TIIOHSON. :is v:1lc4lic'tor- izm of liigln-1' rank in thv two 155:51 grud- uuting clussvs. will roccive thl- Polaris honor :iW:1rd. offvrcrl lay thu- Polaris 1VmfHy. This mcclal which tukus the plum: of thv disc-oritimicml .lollrlml prim-. is prv- sviitml for thi- iirst timc this ya-:xr :it thi- COIN!lIf'Ili'0Illl'Tlt vxvrcisvs in Junc. l,illi:m Sm-riin, .l:1m1:1ry, 153350. will also l'l5f'l'lVC this :1w:1rcl. as thi- .lou1'n:1l prize was clisc-ontinuvcl just ln-forv grzxdllrltion last .Tuma I luwzu-I our AUDRHY l".ll?ll,lJl'l. Jzmuzlry. 1031, is thc first stndvnt at North to hc granted tho Service pin. :lwardcd by the Girls, Scrvicc clnlm to thc Senior giving the most tirnu and vffort to thi- interests of thu school. Sho was :1 spvukcr at thu Jnnuziry COIIIIIlCIN'0lIlt'IliZ progrznn. trn-zisnrcr of he-r class, :incl :L nivinlnsr of tho Polaris TVw'lrl.y stalf. girl sport vdi-f tor of thu 19250 Annual. and :1 Pol- aris sulcsnizin. Audrey also he-longs-cl to thu Sorvicc' clnh. thi- Iiiltlll vlulm, Silva-r and Blur' 'l'1'i:xnglc". G. A. A., and worked at Phyllis XVilCZltlCy. At thc: prose-ntntion of :lwrlrcls in .l:1n11:1ry, she was given an All-City girl athletic t'I1ll?lt'Il1', having won 1000 points in sports. l'lRNlrlS'l' AX DR l'lSl'iN, Jzlnuzlry. 19251. was voted tht- North 1xIIlt?I'il'2l.Il Bank prim- which is awarded ouch yr-:xr to tho most outstamling stud:-nt from hoth glulrllizntirig classes. Sv- niors :inrl faculty gun- him thc- honor on thi- lmsis of spirit of m'0-opn-rz1- tion. Q'ViclOm'c' of nolih' l'l1!1Y21l'il'l', :incl scliolnrship. llc was :1 spa-:ilu-r :it thx- .lilI1llI1I'y 1-omnn-m-vxnvnt 1-xr-rr-ist-s. sec-retziry of his c-lass. prm-sich-nt of tht- Sciviwn- clnh. :md :1 l!lL'lIll1CI' of tho Bunk Cfasliiirs. Polaris sah-sinun. Orchcs- tru. and Dc-utscln' Xvl'l't'iIl. Ile is also ra-cipicnt of tho Mar! vnry Mvdal, thc honor athletic nwrzrcl, having iw-vc-ivucl six minor hfttvrs during his high school carcvr. Ons Hufnlruil Tiuenfg-Five HARVARD GROSS, president of the January '31 class, was outstanding in golf, being captain of the 1930 championship team. He headed the circulation department of the Annual and YVeekly in '29 and '30, Despite his many extra-curricular activities, Harvard maintained a l1igl1 scholastic average and was an honorable mention student. YVENZEL IJNDFORS, president of the June 131 class, also won honors in athletics. He was a mem- ber of the football, basketball, and track teams. VVenzel was vice-president of Hi-Y, and graduated an honorable mention student. As president of l1is class, he held the office of president of Student Council. HARMONY RIFKIX was valedietorian of the January '31 class, although she took part in numerous extra-curricular activities. She was an active mem- ber of Kadimah, drama club alld Jeanne d,Arc. Har- mony entered the State Declamatory Contest in '29 and '30 and was Victorious in 1930. One Hundred Twenty-Six INIILTON HOFFMAN, fall managing editor of the Polaris, was vice-president of his class. In the spring of 1930, he was editorfin-chief of the Yveekly and received a Polaris Gold Pin. His field of ac- tivities included the football :uid track teams. The drama club recognized his tale-nt in "Suppressed De- siresf' ISADORE IIELLER, spring managing editor, devoted most of his time to the VVeekly and Menorah Club. He resigned as President of this club to be- come managing editor but still remained one of its 1 .J most active members., He was a el ygateito the Rochester convention and an hon a ention student. ,- V A at .ff V GORDON A. SCHLICHTING, the staff artist of the VVeekly, was chairman of the Annual art com- mittee, His talent extended to music and verse for he was a member of both the A Capella Choir and the Poets, Club. The Yellow Smocks made him their president. He was also salutatorian of the .lune class. One Hundred Tw:-nzy-Seven ,vw-QMQ-4-mf f REVA HARRIS AND SIDNEY LIPPMAN tied for first place in the original music composi- tion held Thursday, February 26. Reva's winning compositions were "Theme and Variations" and "Three Preludesf' in which she was accompanied on the violin by Lucille Bacal. Sidney won by two piano compositions, "Prelude" and "Theme and Variationsf, Reva won second and Sidney third place in the city-wide contest. VVINSTON THORSON AND PRISCILLA OSTERHUS won the Dr. Sivertsen Norse prize for the year 1929-30. The prizes are given to the students having the highest averages in Norse for the ycar. VVinston was awarded a ten dollar gold picce and Priscilla received a five dollar gold piece. DAVID CHAZANKIN AND JEROME KAUFMAN were Northis representatives at the state extemporancous and discussion contest held at Macalester, Feb. 20. David took third place in the discussion contest. Jerome, who had been selected as Northis representative after four try- outs, failed to place in the extcmporaneous division. One Hundred Twenty-Eight SAM GOLDFUS of the January Class and Edward Silherman of the June Class received the Menorah award for this year. This medal is given to the most outstanding Jewish boy graduate every term. MINNETTE LIFSON received the Kadimah medal for the year 1930-31. This medal is awarded to an outstanding Jewish girl on the basis of character, schol- arship, and popularity. No award was made in Jan- uary. GLADYS MANTHFY, North cornetist, rated first place in the trumpet section of the State Music con- test held in May, 1930. JOHN BARCLAY, North representative in the ora- torical division, placed second in the regional declama- tory contest held March 10. He was judged on his general effectiveness as a speaker. One Hundred Twenty-Nine e l Z W- L I img s is I A, V .Rx xx 2 7 'H 5 If I fest LV, 1 l f ! -Ulf, ! M eeir t Fourth Hou--I.utz. Hochman. York, Grenell. Keinmn, Crow. xv2lSSE'l'lll?lll, A. Olson. Hestness Third Row-jZieve. llill. Miller. Peterson, Ortler, Heller, Hanson. Fjelde. Mooney Seroml lf01L'7fl19S0I1ZlllCk, VVcrliCh. Sclnnitzer, Young, Hochlin, Fitzgerald, Anderson, Godfrey, Revord, Il, Olson First Rl2Il'iBlllIfl. Gross, Bnrck, Sicgler, Moner, Mrs. Zittlemnn, Hoffnnzm, lilxbc-IIstcin. Simms, Bernhagen THE FALL POLARIS masthead read as follows: NIILTON I'IOI-'FBIAX - Jluuuging Editor ASSOCIATE EDITOR S ELIXOIK Morin ---- - Edilorial Page .'XR'I'III'R BVRCK Sport Page HAIIIIY SIEoI.I:1z - Srlmol QVc7c'.v Vluhs Fran! P0510 .fixsisfanfs III:I,nN OI.soN Avnunx' FJELDII I,IgsI.II3 ORTI.ER lslxnonrz HI-:rum .TANI-1 Isl-IRXIIAGEX AI'nnI:Y IIAXSON Nlmrinl Rrfporters 5IARION BIILLER IJONALU HfkN'SON' BIARION BIAIX AI: NoI.n R rm: N srn I N --Iflzwfrlising Staff ,AIl'l'lll'II SNYDHR JXVIJREY OLSON LOI'Is HOCIILIN DoNAI.D IKICIBIAN' f'il'!7IlIllti07l, HAIWAIIII Gnoss Editorial Board JI:,xNNI1'r'rE Rrzvonn JOHN YOUNG M.xnGAlu:T XVI-IRLICII DoNAI.n IlI:AI,Y Ezfchanges BILATRICE flODFllEY QYf7c's Assislanfs Arnnlcx' IIESTNESS K1-INNI'I'1'H PI2'1'ItRsoN NVII.I.IInI Suurs .lssisfazds S'l'ANl.l4IY LARSOX BIARVIN YoRK 1102111110 JoIrN CRow Mus. M,xkG.xnI:'I' B. ZITTLEDIAN' - One Hundred Thing I.onn.xINI: III LL Sport ,-Issistcmts Jl'I.II'S SCIIMITZIIR IIYMH Bunn C'IIAnI,Es QERENELI. JXLICIC FI'FZGlIIlIXl.ID Utility Momus M nsoNzNIcK B2lSlllf'.V.9 Qllalmger Typing Ezlifor l5IcR'1'IIA L.-x'I'z Tylnisix H0511 ZIEVE Rosrz HQCIIMAN S 1' 1' re ta ry M.xIzo.xR13'I' BIOONIZY Ffzrulty Arlvisrfr JAN ll BI-IRNHAGEN Fuurih Rozy-Hunegs. Godfrey, Silver, Ott. Jackson, Kaplan. Conner. Rapaport. Main Tlllrd Ron'-Niggcler, Lawn. Goldnmn, Engstrom. Slmpiro, Rnucll. Galllolw, Fitzgerald. Mooney, 'l'1Itr0 Sccoizrl Hou'--l,ong. Hanson. Byrnes. Holtll. Hill. Hestness. Revorml. Peterson. Rom-lllin. Cnrell First Hou:-Deziel, Blicker, Sclnnitzer, Heller. Mrs. Zittlenmn, Bernllagon. Young, Sixnnis, Snyder, York THE SPRING POLARIS masthead read as follows: Is,xnoI1E HPIIILEII - Jlmmginy Editor ASSOCIATE EDITORS SIDNEY BI.ICKIIll JoIIN YoI'No JI'I.II's SCIuII'I'zI:II XVILLIAM SIBIMS - Ilmzor Aswocficztes ,ALICE FITZGERALD I3EA'l'RICE GODFIIEY CIIARLI-IS CIHENIGLL Arnnzx' HI:sTN1:ss Arfnlmx' PIANSOX JEANNI:'1"rE Rrzvonn Front Page .-lssistmzts JXLICE IJEZII-IT. IRENII ilOI,'l'H A RT I I UI: SNYDI-Ill - Arlz'm'Iising Slaff I.oI'Is 1iOC11LIN SuIII.noN KAPLAN NAI-IITALIE CONNEII Mus. BIAIKGAIKET B. ZITI l i J Special Reporters BIARION BIAIX XYIRGINIA JACKSON DEI.onEs LAWN NIII.llRED NInGI:l.ER IIAIIIIY RAPIKPOIIT Clubs I.oIm AINI: I lII.I, Spur! rlxxistfzzlf liOBl'IRT SIINIQRS C'ir1'1:lution BIARVI N XVURK Kl'INNl1I'1'Il 1j1'2'l'EllSON Jlorg 110 J oIIN Cnow 'Ll-IDIAX - Ono Hundred Thirfy-One Efliiorial Board Spur! Page Srhool Nrf-ws Srfmilzl Page Assistants IBENXIE GALLOB VVII.I.Ann OT1' Fnurth Page Assistants XYIRGINIA CARELI. f'l'IARLO'l"l'E ENGSTIIOM BEIINICIJ T.x'rRo Typo and Rvrvrifo NIARY I.oNG l,II,I.IAN RI'llENS'fElN Gorm: GoI.nnIAN 1fIISi1lI'SS ,llunngnr Svrwffury R L"r1I R,xI'cII Businvss Sevrzffary NIARION S1I,xPIno 1-'urulfy -'illUiS01' 1 l.'irIs-- Stcnchjcm. Erickson. D., Dahl, Finn. Melhy. Franklin. Aaronson, Jackson. Fricmhnan. Noodleman. lilimlman. Carlson. M.. Boyd. Hamlin. Gamlhnis. Mcflifliil. Linclhurg. Mclntyrc, D.. Berkowitz, Noonan. Zinnicl, Mitchcll, Lasky, Anderson. Ii., Carling. Mattson. Olson. H.. Lucht. Pucrner. Kelly. Barrett. VVilliams, B.. Fitzgerald. VVci1lner, Burr. Livingston. Thompson. Kitching. Granlund, Peterson, VValt01', Gilberzr. Benson. Gahrielson. Alram. Nash. Juhl. Harlsgodi. Stcinnian. Thornton. Fricdson. Smith. M.. Ash. Jackson, Pmtllcr. Clausscn. Miller, M.. Nafslnd. Lahtinen. Tenlpleton, Kood. Vogel. Kanter, Hartigr. Santee, Bjelkc. ilrctz. Boys' E. Cohen. Kastner, Hellman. Aftreth, R. Johnson. liratholdt. Leavitt, Huhlcy. Ornshurg. Brecn. XV. llcorge. Ofloms, Dostal. Strauch. England, lingstroni, Brozlin, Bye. N. ,A1lLl0l'SOIl, Ebcrt, Wallace, llnppcnrath. Thaler, Kleirlon. Pennigz. Sievcrt. Bourgzeric. Duff. Stccr. I.. lirickson. Shicl. D. Olson. llrunclle, Herigstacl. Bcsikof, Uglcm. S. Swanson. Hurwitz. D. Johnson, SPICCIAI. FIIOHUS is composccl of thc hoys' and girls' glcc cluhs. This is the first ycar during which those groups haw- hccn colnhincd. Tllli CHORUS PIANISTS arc choscn hy Mr. Tcnncy for thcir ability to ac- company thc chorus classcs. The pianists for thc fall term arc picturcd hclow. Thc spring players wcrc lflorcncc Mc-Gifiin. Nlargarct llolm. Klilclrcml Niggclcr. Dorothy Clhalfcn. and Vivian Berman. Nll'4ill"l4'l'1N. Illbljl. Xllilll-1I,lili. lil'S'Slj'l'Il. i'Il.Xl.l4'l'lN Ona Humlreu' 'I'77ir!ufT.L'o GfI'IS7BllllLlllHlll, Buc-kncr, 0'Nn-ill, Rankin, Ponrlcrgast. J, llyv. Puerner, Carrell, Arenston, Durbin. Vogel, Poppe, Brooks, Barker. Eastman. Meland, H. Olson, Kates. Bateman, VVcstlund, Scanlon, V. Carlson, Holm. Duffy, Mclntvrv. Lawrence, Canu-ron, E. Hendrickson, McGowan, Bauman, E. Green, Harper, D. ldrivkson. MCG-oorty. Linhurg, Goldsmith. D. Mr-lntyre, Knobcl, Tholnson, Aaronson, Swappach, Epcar, Maddvn, W. Williams. Prather, S. Peterson. Schulte, Bcrglund, LOV2lllIl. Lindquist, Spitdorf, M. Smith, Richards, Gadhois, Tholc. Stinchlicld, Tolchiner, Gilhurg, Merzwcilcr. Boys- -YVallac'v, linrnhani, Tilton. WVig:gin, Kastiner, Englund. A. Falk, Zicve, Scholer, lfl. Grass. Bothncr, Tim-hy. Franklin. Raive. Carl Carlsen. X. Martin, liobt. Ia-c, Brodin. Stanley Peterson. Selmer, S. Morsky. Sielnns, Hoo. llundrickson, Pitt, XVZl,SS6l'lll2lIl, Gcnungz, Vernon Carlson, J. C1llllpl10ll, Headley. .l. liynrlo, Fuchs, Kohler. A. Schwartz. A C'APl'1I,LA CHOIR, the only organization of its kind in the city, sings sacred music without ac-coinpaninuvnt. This group has given concerts at suv:-ral city churclies and formed part of the chorus for "Elijah," given on March 26 and 2-7, under the dircction of Roy T. Tenney. Tho choir and glvc cluhs wcrc assisted hy Mrs. Ina-Z Davis liiclitm-r, formerly of thc fil'I'lll!lTl Grand Opera company, Mrs. Elsa Hartig, Harold hliller and Luther Slutton, North alunmig Miss lrlsthcr Qum-llo, in- structor at Northg and Rollin Pease of C'liir-ago, MlNXl".SO'l'A S'l'A'l'l'l HIGH SCHOOL BAND CON- Tl'lS'l' TROPHY was lJl'L'Sl'lltt'fl hy the National Music Supvr- visors confvrmivv and thc National Bureau for thx' Advancvinunt of Blusic-. lt is to he coinpctcd for annually and rr-tained pcr- inanvntly lvy the school winning it tlll't't' tinws. liooscvclt lnrlcl it in l929g in 19130, North was awardcd the trophy, and will c-ithcr retain it for anothvr yr-ar or losv it at tln- hand contm-st in 19231. l Ona l!uo.1'rv.I 7lvirf:xfThrre fi' W -W W x, A ii if Fifth Row-Riley, Mattson, Kelts. King, Fyten. Eolkin. Mr. Gaulbnis, Nelson, H., Allen, Steen, Johnson L., Johnson, A. Fourth Hou:--Stone, Rauch. Hanson, A.. liuyiner, Wickstroln, Duepner. Eskoln. Holzinger, Nelson. A., Hansen. W.. Stein. Lucatski. Froinviller. Johnson. R., Gifford - - ' Kliebe. Szmdnhl. Sussman. Maxwell Se nd Row-Doherty, Tuttle, Siebentlml, Olson, Zaniorska. Lane, McGrath, Kelberg. Divine, Most-ovitz, Abbott, Crow. Leslie WFS 'oil-eilifforcl, Billette. Balduc. Bucal. Kruger, Wing, Ekstronnner. Manthei, Mnnthey, G.. Phelps, q Bentley, White x X TIQE ORCHFSTRA h-is stcadilv increaeed from nine to the sixtv members who Sars at escnt in the organization. From this group was taken the siiiallcr orchestra forl he porin. Elijah. During the spring term. they prepared to enter two con- X xx 4 X311-fl RowAWeinberg, Holm, Peterson, J., Barton, Berendt, Chint. Levy, Allnic-li. Lindstrom, Carlson, x 9 ! 1 E J ck ,fits the state and district. THE BRASS CLASS consists of students who wish to learn how to play thu various brass musical instruments. Twenty-six students were enrolled in the class during the spring term. Third Ifoll'---S'L-vqliist, Dinzl. Hesslunrl, YVl1el:1n, Fiorentino, Ruikku, Soule Swami Hou'-Iloc-listaotter, Olson. Leavitt. Don Carlos. Wicker. Ebert. Clvworth Firsf Roar-l.eglur, Hcarml, Mvllnet, Luuht, Luurlquist, Merziveilcr, Soltau. Murphy. BL-rgstronl, Brnsveon One Hundred Thirty-Four Fiflh lfoir- l,Ul'l'illlZlll. xvllllilllli, xVl1'lilllllll. Joluison, Ketroser, EilSt1'0lll0l'. Skzlrin, Nlzintlie. Cllristoplicr, Jolmson, lluhinuer Fourflz Roll'-lialucli, VVonks. Anderson, Leathers. Soly, Laurlermlzile. Sussman. liobinsky, Rzibinowitz. Bloody. Gzilidcl, Billlllilll, Lezitllers. K.. Hackett. Blelmct, lfrick. Scliertzer Third Nou' Curtis, Amhergr. I,cg:lvl', I-llsholtz, Svliwziliz, Golillrlum, llackslzwtter. iillbellllzlill, Moak, White, Brosrcen. Sliiif. Hclin. Orlnan. Kislmergr. Gale. l'll'Blll'lCliSUIl. l'll0l'L'lltlll0, Kimhlc. llloomarcn Svvmul 1'f1HI'f.lillll0S, Rotlistien. Proosor. LL'lKlt'fl'lll2lll. 'Wx-iiibcrg, lllook. llillY0l'SPll, Mm-Kenzie, Bcntlcy. Moorvitz. Neville. Maxwell, Flll'l'1ll' Fnzwl I.'u14'- Moss. YVliitv. Lmin. Moses, ll0DZllllSUll. Iimery, Gooclnmxi. Halton. Clmvortlx, Sultan, Glzmcv. FYCQIIIZIII, Siuiller, 'l'utl1ill THE BAND, one of tlic l:11'gvst orgnnizzitions of its kind in the state, has played an iI11IDOI't21Ilt part in arousing school spirit at pep ft-sts :md footlmll g21IIlt'S. Iiast spring. tlic lmllil won the statv troplly. OPEN HOUSE, an cvening nice-ting of tllv North Iligll Parents :ind 'I'0:1c-lu-rs :1ssoc'i:1tion, was licld on 'Illl6Slliiy, NOVt'llllJL'I' 25. for the purposc of acquuinting the pzirvnts with tlic- work :md activities of their Cllllilflill. The A Capella choir, band. and orchestra took part in an auditorium program which followed the class room work. One Humlzvd 'llzirty-I"1'L'u l l l H L- Z I A pf N. -ff fx ,i ly Fw I -i X U fx l i fi xl 1 A fig: 6 ' ,ee 4-ig, , if 2 iff.: A ? l H, p Ai ,1A. ,- Second lfow---Smith, Cohen, Penley, Ryden, Carlson, Robinson First Row-f--Stoner, Strom. Mr, Ringwalt. Olson, Peterson, DeWahl THE STAGE FORCE is composed of ten stage hands and three electricians. These boys build and shift all scenery for class plays, and pull curtains. The electricians take care of all necessary lighting. Laurel Ryden was stage manager this year, and Robert Penley was chief electrician. THE FIRST AID SQUAD consists of eighteen boy and girl scouts. who have had first aid training. The purpose of the group is to treat emergency cases and to care for the rest rooms. Beatrice Godfrey and Arnold Greenberg were captains of the squad. Third Ron:-VYise, Groll, Goodman, Peterson Seconzl Row--Goldstein. Greenberg-:. Cameron, Xviner. Silhermun I-'irst Rourf--Huston, Miller, Juran. Godfrey. Edelston, Wallowitch, Kopman ,, 3 r A 55 I, 1 1 2-ii l i ,Gig Um' Hundruil Thing-Six -:Zyl . fun' M. ,. 11 Svrmzrl Ifuu' 'RlIlJ9llSt0lll, lfitzgrelwllcl. llullcl, lll'2llll0lllt, Cillll0l'llIl lfirsl lion' lievord, Mr. Nlllllll0Ylll0, llestness '1'1C'Kli'l' SALESIIEN, eliosen by Blr. llundeville, sold football tickets in tlle full tc-rin and basketball tickets in the spring term. The salesmen for the basket- ball tickets were George lV:1dick. Xaplitulie Conner, 5:1111 Kuufuiaii, .leunnette Revord. and Alice Fitzgerald. The tickets were sold during tlu- tllree lunch periods at tlle lunellroom. NOVl'll,'l'Y SALl'lSM,l'lX sold specialties during the football season. Students from the Menorah and Kadiuxall Clubs. Hi-Y Club. and Silver and Blue Triangle Clubs sold novelties wl1iel1 included poxnporns, blue and white gloves, and fancy canes. Fmlrtlz Ifnu'-Siiyrler, llsuisou, L., Midclleiilist. l.2lXVl't'll4'L', Nelson. A.. Gllllill, Lund, liocliliu Thirrl Rouf-Wagl-11l1:1ls. Lifson, Miller, Martin, firillflllllllll. l3li1ul111:111, POIOFSUII, Wolilforfl. Swenson Sf'1'07lll Nou: 'SL'll0llllJlll'L!'. Cohen, Bloo111quist. llz111so11, M.. Olson, A.. Hoffinziu, Bloom. Ruubeck, Day First Rtlllf' 'l'rzu'l1, Gulueus, lleller, Killry, Liuclfors, Niles. Slxcrirlau, Czimerou. Sandler, Fisher One llumlrerl I'l11rrufSaL'm F!l1l7'fflf R0ll'4L0Cli6tZ. Godfrey, Hanson. A., Putnam. Larson. Kager. Klostcr. VVido.-tzky Third Hou:-Mootz. Peterson, V,. Nissensun, Hurwitz, Anflreaseu, Johnson, D., Revorcl. Svvoml Ro1L'-Frerlerivksoll, Conover. Johnson. D.. Anderson. Peterson. A.. Moak. Goldberg, Bernhagen First ROIlf+Glllli1l, Mclllish, Hubbell, Kuehl, Erickson, Barnett, Hestness THE MONITORS take roll in the study hulls, check on absences and attendance in the library. For this service they are given a gym, chorus, or Service club credit. Junior :md Senior girls :md boys do this work, hut sophomores may monitor without any credit. The students check in study rooms 100, 200, 300, 127, 129, 228 and 327. A new honor system was inaugurated this semester. A Kadimah and a Service 4-lub girl have entire charge of study hall 127 second and eighth periods, three times :1 week. l"0lII'fI1 lfflll'-'xI0l'ZNVCllCl'. xVllL'ClllllllS, Xcilsen. Kaplan. Gnrtz. Longs, Lumsmlen Third Row-.Iackson. Ostrin, Swzitez, VVzilter, Golslmuu. Bloom, Dunn Second Rou'4Muckenzie. Livinfzston. Hein. Clllllllllgflllllll. Carlson. Fedorzl. Lessurd First lfowf Lawrence, Ruasm-li. Golmlline, Cohen, Venues, Johnson, Kzispzlrek, Deziel One Hundred Thing-Eight y1 n Q Fourth Ron--Karol. Wahlroos, Peterson, K., Barclay. Petersen, W.. Pennig, Peterson, J. Third Row--Dietrich, Wagenhals, Bloom, Lipkin, Swntez. Englund, Neal, Leverentz Second I?ou"4Fyten, Normlby. Leighton, Swenson. Raen. Greenberg, Duepner. Merzweiler, Hunegs First Razr-Greeniield, Blindman. Simms, Greenberg, A., Gross, Rochlin, Juran, Fjelde OLARIS SALESMEN of 1931 are fifty-eight students who act as distributors of the Polaris IVeeL'ly in the various home rooms. One student has charge of the financial accounts of each room, although there may he several salesmen under him. In this way, about two thousand students arc handled each week. The student salesmen have also taken charge of the annual subscriptions during the past five years, handling the monthly payments and distributing of the year- hooks on Blue and VVhite day. I-'om-th. Ron'-Ray, Rayxner, Dagenhardt. Reak, Sliml. Blankenhorn, Hurwitz, Juran, Peterson, D., Krich Third Row-Tllorsen, Lind, Banas, Murovitz, Amitin, Canter, Palmquist, Metz, Goomlman, Stampe, Saefke, Brick. Wachtler Second Row-Don Carlos. Hood, Lapp, Steinman, Sanclhoff, Puscll. Kanter, Haskell, Bernstein, Zimmerman. Lund First Row--Milstein, Cronick. Silver, Bugenstien, Sweet, York, Cohen, Franzen, Kaufman, Pilch, Miller, Gou d . 3. E , 'Z f 12 -x One' Hundred Tlvfrru-.Vfne l i E f-V---1 l I f P 'x .41 Q ' ,4 - e,!',v ,1. ? Pl. ffii Q! 1 f l. X. V t. W. W if . :W if ,f W' 7,4 7, ' 3-A, ' Deziol, Mooney, Olson, Hill, Cnrell, Bernhagcn, Hunegs, Jackson THE PAGES assist the clerks ill the office and direct Visitors. The guides for the fag term farershojvn Yahoje. fThe spring term guides were Audrey Hanson, Virginia Jackson, Jane Bernhagen, lfarggretflloolieyi Wrgiiia Carell, Klic? DWR-K Doris Merzweiler, and Beatrice Godfrey. THE BANKING DRIVE in rooin 227 formed :1 part of the school wide cani- paign for a higher per vent. 80 being the goal. North high school students load the city senior highs in banking records during 1930-31. Knight, Mn-izlon, Rogers, BI0llig0lllCl'Y, Nelson, Lung, Falk. Shuver, Bartcl, Wiley, Leathers, Til0I'iJlll'll. Sundstroln One Humlrcd Forty Third Row- -Miss Conlin, Carrier, Carlson, Havstad, Osterhus, Ehilsisor Scvoml 1x'1lll"'L?lSVl'9Ill'C, Hanson, Gross, Holst, Leslie. Engstrom, Mortenson First Row--Olson, Kohout, Fjelde, Miller, Noonan, Peterson, Scflinga, Jones THB LUNCH H0011 AIDS are chosen after consideration of their marks and P. D. I. R. ratings. They must have the iifth period free as they work all three fifth periods. There are now twenty-five students on the force. THR CORRIDOR GUARDS organization is one of the newest service groups at North. The duties of a member consist of guarding the corridors during lunch periods so as to prevent any disturbance of classes or unnecessary loitering in the halls. I"ourl1L How-ffSandle1', Pegg, Iverson, Krietzman, Hale, Anderson, Johnson. L., Grant Third Row-Anderson, Raustadt, Walen, Ranwick, Gilson, Lee, Kaufman Second Row-Ziskin, Justcr, Eastman, Lane. Idelkope, Roseniield, Gallob, Wolfe l x First How-Katz, lerper, Phillips, Van Valkenberg, Wasser, Belzcr. Brenner, Arbesfcld. Malin One Hundred Forl rf-One 1 ! I less i l i 9... l . M... fl I . v QD. x.! fi ij l Di fxx 'I If J q Z.. A ZF' M f f xp TN 1 I . RA! Q? 4 3 I, Y, . t 3 4 I 1 x if' x ,J MODE.-KN, MANUEL, SILVERMAN THE LEADING HOLES were played by Harriet llo- dcan, the Baroness. writer of the letterg Nzitlmn Blan- del, :is Prosper, receiver of the lctterg and Nell Silver- man, the one who finds the letter. Celia Marcus, Wvilbur Anderson. and Fern Jorgen- son played minor leads. THE JUNE 1930 CLASS presented :A subtle French eoinc-dy. "A Scrap of Pa- perf, The setting was a baron- iul estate in Paris, and the plot hinged on an attempt at recovery of a love letter from the room where it had been concealed. MARCUS, ANDERSON. JORGENSOX One Hundred Forty-Two 'VJ THE l"OO'l'l3Al,l, BANQUl:l'l' is an :umual c-0111binatior1 lmanquvt and dzmcc Sponsorccl by tllv ixtllllfll' Board of Control in honor of tlu' mcmlmcrs of tllc fall football tvam. This your it was llcld on lfriclay, Nov:-nllwr 21. THF MRNORAH MUUNI,lGH'l'. lu-lil on 'illlZ1lllCSg'lVlllg' livv. was onc of :1 scrivs of cvvning clanccs llvld in the girls' gymnasium. It was givcn by the 3Il'1'l0Y'3.ll Clulv and was opcn to auyom- in tllc svllool. One Ilumlr--11 l"or111-Thr0z- "--Y i- 1 --- -.1. -v f V-W .,,,-.v .. ,-, Ullllvllklxl CLUB l A SLP. CUlVlVlllli1 l it Q- r' SNOCK5 WO this is how we looked! livery ye-ar students in thi- front row of groups posed for the Annual worry :md fre-t about where they :irc to put their hands. and whether they arc to cross the right foot over the left, or the left over the right. The photograpln-r always tells them it nmkcs no diifervncc as thc picture will be cut off at the wziistlinc. Om' Humlrml Furla Four I WEEKLY DTN Y HIS year, howcvt-r. thc' Annual staff was cspm-cially intrigued by the intcrcst- ing stories told by relaxed and unconscious hands-and knees. The photog- raphcr told the truthg the vluh picturcs zcrfrw Cut OH' ahovc tht- waistline, but the vditor couldn't rvsist putting the lowvr half of somv of thx- groups on these two pages. Can you find yourself? E Om- Hundred Forlu-Five 3'2" IA S KJ T SICPTI 1 11 11 This h s 1 11 1 Y IA I 1'1'1-1' 111 111111111 11r111 IS 11i:11'y IT 1 10 1 fr11 11'1111 1 111 1111118 111':1w 1 11111 1 111-111111, Sl I1 V11-11' S1-11 1 1 111111. 1 1 1s ll S11'l1L'1 11s N1 111 1111 11111 111111 1 111111 1111 s x 111111 1 1 11111 11 11111111 1 1 111 lt 8:11111 '1'111- 1 1 1 1 11':1s 0111 t11l 1 ll 111-:1111 111 t111 1'111111, 11111 X118 1'x1'1t1-. 111111 11s 1 1 Hl'1li'lllt 1 111111 111 1111 S111111 1 1111 1':111t:1111S 11111 111po111t SEl"l'ENlBIili 26 This Wm-li Tlioinas Kclint-cly did his "good lac-k hatl' loose, so North good luck did not llavv in footliall. Hut in lmanking' wa- had high figure-. For "B" St-niors vlvvtion was. and Lindfors did ln-at for prcsidcnt. The Boy Scouts with the Girl Sc-outs did the First Aid squad for the tcrni organizo to the- injiirt-rl fruv of gratis. Tho lVest game' was playt-d at new tit-ld. XVO think it did help dn-dicatv by not win- ning. Nvxt the Cvntral gflllltf came at our field. Many the st-orc did not likv. At this tinus Mr. .lvnsen was Ptllll livity Director ofliorcd of l'ldi1t-:ltioii t-lt-1-ted. 'llht-n Bliss Davidson did thc Drama Cluli again organizt- for stu- dvnts who in Drama art- intm-rested. l did join. Guorgia Schoni- lnirg of North Girl Hi-- s4'rvt's was Citywidm' President rhooscd by otha-r G. li. prvsidt-nts. I an honorary nie-mlm:-r of tllat Ullllb would likt- to lw. O. ' xxn. X I V I -,M 1 O 9 f .I -,,. . . K -' - , ,g - , , , A -Tv--Q . f I 54193 .ig l f 4 i T I 3 I x ? Q' iaf f ff, K , - - A f' if f ' x 5 X Yx ff X x RQ V 'a x mm' xl Qc' Q S 'Q SQ' 1' 95 ix Q v R 1 E' Q ' Sw Ni , Q , .Q x A gl X'f J is' r S t ' 'S' X i :' 9 3 P is X , f X I i I I 'qw ' I A Wh .. f nf f M N r . 1- , . A SQL 5,21 X wg. N x 1 Xi Y ., i b rm r 4' 1997, M N f iq S bmggqg AN - .F t M 5 ZW' 5 gg.-. 5:2451 K ' E g .A-"faq X Xyxllullflffjb -T4 i i Q X 'Q l. F1 H if ' jI 1X'!5l'l'U 39229 . X 31" 4: M .r ' Vx ' iii '- ' 'X gm ' 'J' , t 1 A 4 Rujjll . lf- .... if W ' Q95 395' n.ea5f2.fa-vw if -' a lg" filing N .f ' Uiisniliifnunl.. l ii fi ..fffU!+' alll' xvv on H9 Onv Hundred Form-Seven OC"l'0lZl'1ll 10 The lV2'l1t'diCt01'i:ll1 a11dSalutatorian of the January 331 class wvrc disclosing. '1'ln:y:ire Harmony Rifkin and Harold Toy. rvspvct- fully. It a high honor it is to he tllf-sv. An- othcr high honor is for an Annual to all Auivri- c-an rating get. This tht- 1930 Annual of North won. The two thousandth birthday of Vergil was velvlmrzitvd with gusto hy Latin students. Va-rgil quite an old nian would bo if he wt-rv living yet. The Polars did thu Toni- xnivs play football with and did not win. hut xsv1lHl1l3lll'T'l we' did heat. in a snow storm also. At Student Count-il Illtflfillg I help chooss Athlvtic' Board. The 1,0IIII'i,S' IVc'4'l.'ll1f a hirthday did llavv hcsidcs Yvrgil, only is not quite so old--only ton yn-ars it is. BIIIT' garvt Mooney vditor- in-clliof of 19551 An- nual is. Shu was just Ohoosod. Another thing ohoosvd was Bank Studio for Sc- nior picturvs taking. Ocwomfin QI The elections for the .lime 'lil elass were eompleted. I Very dignified with proudly feel. for as they niy personal friends are. One a redhead is. too. An Ink Spot lmanqnet was held which I did attend. All of the l,0lIIl'IA' lwig minds were there also. Two nice things for this week I can write in diary. One is that 'Polar 'Ilennis team did the City Champions ln-Colne. The other is that notes I have been getting from girls who niy writing in the paper read. I hope redheads they are. The eonnnittecs for the Annual were ehoosed as per usual. I greatly honored was hy lu-ing Feature lidi- tor appointed. Hr. Schultz the adviser' of the IIi-Y elnh is now. I forgot hefore to men' tion that our tennis players that played single did a eity record set of not any games loosing. This good is. , uv 'auf .1 ,050 .gtg Wgg D SE NOR5 'P ' SWIM ELECTIOYN5 fy- Z X ww., """:? Z' H, , I ,la if-Z! .mm A of Q" "VVS-f e ag- 5 ,gn 1 - CS! q'k " ish? 5 N 'E '- OO' Jiang E. ,,:- 'ul nfs" ' ' ' 'W 1 " -' ' Q 1 K I if E if . ,V . 0 l017 1 Q 5 1' ' 0:15 .E 4' . X Q 5 a 7 1 '55 lo? lfllli, 1' 'Q 20 , ' ,ZSWI . ' ,615 A X " 1" .. ' if rqgl . . I 'sf .-:. X4 N 4 ' 7 F' QCQM PLUE Hg., lg m 0' , V 4 ,Li fy . 7 ' I 2' - I . ,nh .au-w. X if I. , ' ' Ill W " . " 1' 'wifi' ig: 'hfiis 4 - - - WS .vf N- ' 55 fv, ai 1 'l :'l I typ 'iz i As lj! N ? ,O I tg , o 5 X e' X M4 " f af N I wwe 2 f " ' Q' ' Z4 , 1 'Lu ' ,Q ' f ' m 3 I " lk 5, 'mf' I it gy! ,W-4' iff IH We 5 ' xx ,.. 'V lg ' IH , -ll Y . X5 N' A2 ' q : I Ev W Inu "' QV 'Sl dh-I--Iliff Q, Ill -. . ,XV xx. N 5 , QQ' x VA, M Q QI? ex N5 'f ,fp 'QQ . A - I 9 'rl ' "Wh 'Sh' fr l b? ..r"4'. I IEE f l gfmffl I 'L':.::-""- , .f . ' E' 4 E E 0 ---2 in It-LQ., - .- .,. , ' ww' A ft gun "" fqfh Th' 6 rs lIl"""":' Q iZ3z.,....,z:f'ff2pZj'n, A W. , 5?- --' K- -A ,-H ,exp , - ,, ge N 0 x-.-"-:Lf " ' a 'gf x-1-1 Nl, 1 W xf "' '-Rf.. if , 'J +L - -- . ::i5i::::f,1v,,..i-.. Ona Humlr mi lforlq-Nina' WY" '17 . - S-' EQ ,- Q " X ' ' f 1' , X , 4' A 1 5 2 -- n , , ,X-'?iQl x SH? . 1 , f J X 2 1' W .-If 1 1 X v"" G pf- ' Y, . ,- U Nl, - , I., fam, X . Y . ' A - 2 e upl,iL.:'. NOXRNI 1111.11 1 . Q.,.....3j:fLnll,mQ4nan 4 'if X5 3,,,jliIIml5lii:.V 1 ' 4. . - ,-,5!e ' :L '11 ' V . ' ' Ai' ' This W1-1-la in thm- :111- l I fig' ditorilim pvpfvst Clar- X H . c-111-eL3lf111n did to IHS 1 A ' I ' -'I' ' N, "v . ' s wa '. t was :L SIJUCCI If 1. 3 v -1 1 1 , . 'A 'Lf A -' " 5 5 that did 1-o111'11g3gc give ' . 1 ' .gP,9Q,at' III - ,iw ,1.. us. and wa- wurc boat 4 an 4 'H ' A V' 'I ' only hy 0111- t0llt'l1tl0XV11 A I N from lioosm-V1-lt. This N . T tho lust gillllt' of the H football sport wus. Now thv lmskctlizill ' iv-Eg' xfvig .. . v V, . ., ' f gg 3 . tt1lI11tl5Ol1tS .111 going 2 U Z to hcgin. 3, w e f ,. -4 - Q lhv D1':1111:1 class of MW -- .1 ' 1 ,L the "A" Seniors did a K f. is ' play for students in the- 2llldlt0I'i11lll give. It was 1-zillcd "Nc1'c'1'- tliixlcssff This play 5OY5 is WAY BASKET DALL One Humlreli Fiftq :111111sm-d 1111' vcrily. An- other C'l1:1111pionsl1ip tc:1111 Wm- l1:1v1-Y Thv Polar grolfm-rs did thv l'l'0XVll NVTII for this sou- S011 again. I :1 nlighty gOlfl'l' 3111. My sm-orv out :ll tha- links is 95 for lu-st. I :1111 :1l111osi :1s good :is the- golf t1':1111. for :ns thvy Illillit' 1ll'Ul1llll 70. IXllUtllt'l' vlulm :it North lmslm-11 st:11't1-d. This :1 111-W clulv is not. for as i11 thc- past wc :1 C'o1111111-1'1'i:1l cllllll did ll!l,VC. This thc cllllllf IlIQ'Tl'lI1l cllllll l't'0l'gJlT'l' ized is. Noviixl isiiu IL This wccli the Pol- nrix Oflicc sccnis very qnictly, for as all big shots to thc Iiochcstci' Prcss Convcntion did go. Big ncws thcrc isl Thc January class play will 'tSevcn Keys to Baldpatcn hcl This day I saw in niovic. and very cxcitc it was with pop. I ani gladly this play was chosen. for as it lwcsidcs lu-ing a fine play has good chance of wi-ll acting. This wcck also thu Polaris did an All- City football tcanl choose. On first tcani was Altagon of North. IIC did tackle play on tvillll. "Rc-d" Kroinan the second team did inakc as ccntcr. A honor it is to bc on those tcanis. If I wcro sports nian, I would honorary tcani niakc for North playcrs. for as all did good playing. Thu Seniors thcir pins with rings did gct now. I a pin pur- chascd, for as I two rings now havc. Vcry proud thc Scniors arc ol' thcir dccorritions, 0N r2ocHEsTeQ ' s ivan Q5 M ilf' p gg Ifjii- Q 5' .. ' f if ? 1 "Q 3 2 CONVENTION! Q55 f Lgifgn irq: I f?" I ff HQ T ' I S T-mum F' 'r g ' i Q I i I S 1 If " I ,- VV 'ofa x , K I is f' is ff if 9 ' ff if fi ,I ,Q f ix is k,qa.wlgt ,, ,,... f 37, 5 .5 v ' 2' 3 ' I f-J--mfr X ff ,Am wr, I 45 X ,- .11 N "' - X 1 ' .-am. - I GK -n X, .ll ,---" A. 5 ' f'fc21 if 3 9 'fffiff-i ff' f ,W I li 2 - - , ' -X , R' Q 6 QV' Xxx . Aff 5 4 J x J 5, .. , 2 - Q1 1 j S ff' AX af- A X - z - 3 fx- f f 1 V , 5. K ' , , ' .4 ? 5 1, 12' ' 1 7 w C " '-i- -. Q -git , X Q ' , xx Z :fx Q ,vel L Hx QOVNAN ri am: , TEAVI Allllim POllll2I5 AU. CITY mivmf 1 Ona Humlrmi Fifliffflnc -Q A 221W A gQ.+'5?'ii .I f f p fa Of I IJ f f fade ' Q ,7 f cf f f , ff f 1 S' " ., X . N ,q l'2'fD5lAl:l: YI If lvl BER5 VU-ICE IW STATE DQE69 COPITESTV I FUOTIZQEEQET If N! Q! Om- Humlyiul I7xf::lfI'u'u NUYICIXIBI-IR 21 lfclcliv Ciuwt I clicl hi-:ir in the' illlllitlbfllllll spi-ukf lla- thv pupilx dial illllllfsl' :mil t'lltt'l" tziin with plxilusoplmy und povtry. llc :1 grvat wit is, I and studi-nts his l3l'0g1:I'2lIll clifl oujoy. That is thi' kind of RllllIlt0l'illlll pi-- riod that pupils likv. At tl1vRm-111-stw Press f'onve-ntion thv Polarix clirl honors will. This :1 stub' l'0lltl'Slf wus. In :itllh-tics. thi- 'LY' wphs ln-:it thv "AX" svniors in lw:1skvtlw:ill for llltt'l"l'l1lSS Clllllll- pionship. and also :1 5XViI1ll!lITlg tvaxu umh-1' COHUII Sante-L' was or- ganizvml. -Xnotlxvr foot- lmll hanquvt was hy the Xtlilctim' llozirml slworlsowcl. This :1 lrig sllccvss was in uttvml- :Huw and 1-verytliing vlwu. I :lt thx' lmrlqlivt voulml not hm: :incl Vi-ry ilisappointeil I was for missing it. I-JICCICINIIEICIE 5 This wi-ek Ilon. Saxhy. thi- Spa-ala-iw Pulmlic' lllflll. did a will send nut for :1 llvllillfll twain. If my gl'2Hl1lllQ1l'H wen- lwttvr, I would go to trying out. Thi- Spanish Club Sunlitm' I did attend as mass .xcrc of the corn-inonies. This very dc-lightful was. Dancing I and many othcrs did do. The students that for thc class play tried out were all exciti- now. This is time when vast was svlc-L-ted for 'iSc'Vcn Keys i. 1-. L-tC'.', I gladly will fue-l when I know what our c-lass play is and who is thu parts taking. Skating praz-tisc' at North Coni- uions hm-gan again to lux. Vacation did coins for all students and tClli'llCl'S. Yvhile this was being, in thx- school building wvre mm-n who the floors did scrub and varnish to greet the new Sophs. The North Dv I,a Sallc- gaiiu' was plziym-d with gusto. The Polars with the Islandvrs clash oftcn aud Y2ll'l0llS. Q r 4 Q :HW KE YJ 7-O 465 9 Unc Ilwrdf I-.I Fifi if-Four .I,xNl',x1eY 15 This I :im writing aftvr havk to School cmning. Xmas v:u':1- timmiiigs HN' to llflV1' with Xmas prcsn-rits :md i. v. My writinga I will lmvu to get L-nuglit up on now. lust yn-:nr to 1Htt'l'-l.2lI'l' guage' Cluh llillllllllf I did go :md with thx' Spanish Cluh did sit. ,Xll0tlll'l' IIltC'l' was ht-ld with thc clnssm-s in has- kvtlmll gzum-s. Tha' clzlsscs did tvnms or- ganize to play thc other classvs. Ronin 316 did thx? Xmas lDL'C0l'!1tl0I1 prizc win. I did sm-0 :ill of tht- rooms :md with thv judgcs my opinions wvrc thc s:1inc'. A great thrill I and frim-ml did ge-t :lt swing HSUVCII Kvys to B:1ldp:1tc." It vvry well an-tvd was. liuskvtlmll ganivs wnfrv :igziin lwvgan. :md wm- plnycd xlvilblllllllfll. Iiuosvvvlt. and Blau'- shzxll. Tha' sz-on-s I will not lmtlu-1' to put lll'l'L'. for as in tht- Sports sw-tion of tht- gxllfllllll 1 van look fm' :ill of thvm. A ncw vnu' is now lwgml. .I.xNl'Am' 30 My diary I have hm-n iicglcctillg. This the first timf' this yr-:ir is I have usvd it. North five ncw te':icllL'rs has and :in vnrollmcnt large-r than any high school in Minnesota. YVQ mort- tvzu-lu-rs Iluvc. too. In basement we-rc put high lovkvrs for small Sophs. A rm-d-limid tht- Svr- Vico club pin did win named Audrey Ifiiclclv, And Art Knappvn who an "AU Junior is did tht- one mill' indoor spvcd skating world rcc-ord break. I linu- found out that Yorth more vluhs :md organ- izations has than any high svhool in the city. During' Boy Sc-out Iva-ck Mr. Brown :1 nice- talk gan' in ,All- ditorium. Somv Corridor Guards undcr Miss Kovnig wvrv c-hooscd. :md also tha- GAA :1 Soph party did do. Thirty A one grud- uzitvs of North did again como hawk to school for I'ost-Cirnd- nah- voursr-s linux It scvms that school tht-y vaimot l0:xw'. Ahf KIM XVIII-n this diary is full. I school will lvnvv. too. 1, " 5 R 4 . f 6 ' l1 igii!.:m !-'!H1Yll1A ilillHb Ng I FN , 'ggi IQ- 1 l . 3 I s S 'f" to -, "" iii Gi Y.AC-:DY Fgi . V AND! m x ff? .2 g J RNSED N E E y. .- -if -ff E 5407 '- SERVIQ A AR QS?-A gf? f' ff 1 sa-ij fi ff A ? 7 K1 'ff ANDTHEY E - fx W , zzku' , x A H WY 4 :E T,-.X 4 ,O gifs 3 ,. Q 44 EW Emiiflfeiif-'lif' ' iii-?-'. " 's LOCK , I .2 f f -:f -s 2'2- E 5, x ' 1 :,-ij. .--, 1 1 ri 1 f 2-'a - ff M , 5 , ., v 1 41 commel N ? ARE . gi 6' H f Q' . S - f I F 1.5, 'f .'? APEH is' Z--, ve, I ,L ' A la' e' ss QT 'gl ifigr 'ig P t h V' gi.-5-ss ' it v 1 X , filo A i e -:::g::::::::.1 .--- - - K " --"f".'. f- even Posi- F-RADQWF rio? , is-fi, 4. '1 A -.-Q' xie fiii f f Qu-,LQ ' 4.7 ..l , 7 h 4 gs- ..:.........-5q::::rQ2:::::::: aiiiiimr I I 1 Illllillllll!l"A's" Ill? Qllllllf Ulllllll 'Et' 'I Illllllllll' A5 Ill' ullllll lllllllll mix Illllllllll. 'AIIY illllll Wllllllll lllllfw IIlllllllll ll 'lllllmllllIllb M292 llllllllllll - Hill! .,., lllll lP"'!llll llllll! llllllllllllx llll.. .' - If-'II' .4 nun IIIIUI uf , 1 ::::::::::::::, . 'H-Ji -.wil '- "3!"' "" :::::::::::::::.' . 5. -iEEe"1 'fEE:::EE. ' 1: -X .- - wx 5 u ---'-------'-77 4 S33-1231 J 7---- '5 'ZLLLIZZZE ..-ff- VV 1 --.------ .- ..... . - .-------- -., :::::::f'1:::::. ::l::::::: iiiaazwaza . s ,:::::g 1:::: '::: lllllllu inn' I' wlmffqr. u lllll ll I ll lllll ' lllll - 'nl Il "llIll I ill! All orgy' '. Ikmljllgaallll .li I , ff U I , J 'll uint? IIIIRIIWII singing! ii Illlliraiilllam Illllilsllllligiiillliiiifllllliiullni conmuora GUARD cho ir! Q ' 1 , 3 , 'M - '- V' Q 5 ,' x1 fs 'iss f is fs s Q' 'ss Q M- ss if -. 15k N. N E5 3 Ona lltmdri-Ll' If1fr:1fFiue l X v 1 l'1.:n1u'.mv 20 Caiiglit up in my diary I will IlIlVl' to gvtf 'I'llis ww-li tln- Appliml Music- Class a 4-uiitvsl mlicl llavv lim' m'ig,5inal miisiv. Siclnvj' Lippman and Ili-va Ilarris rlicl tivs for first lilac-v. Two Nllftll lmoys in NIill'2llt'Stl'l' Ijt't'l2lll1 cliil placm- namvrl clllillilllf kin anml Kaufman. 'l'l1v I'lt'lDl'l1ilI'Y lmirtliilax' party lui' hltm-11 tvavli- vrs was la-lil as pi-1' usual. .X svllnml h'lc's1'ulu' lias ln-rn maxim' :lull iii flak I'l1ysii-si-lassvs usvcl. Tllm' Bank Cauli- ivrs a IHIIIQIIUI rli1l lmlml. Karvli mi tllv l'nl111'i,v all Star lias lu-tlvall tvaiii rlicl gi-t. Ili- tlu- lamm' 4liml :lv sn-i'vv. I,lll'II15llNlliIUlll' Pnlar te-am I liavi- got. I Irv Pulars arm- all goml mills, Un tlii- flour tllvy play' so swvll. 'l'livv cannot all ln- ".Xll Starsfl Hut tlle-fre' good. lllis I will ti-ll. Poviu I IIIIYK' uot writ for a long tiincl lt may all for tlin: liest lwf NVQ- sliall sem-n as it turns out. llixicvil 6 This my birthday is Pooh - pooh -pnh -doohf This wvck Ilorothy Nfvlntyrc :ind Howard Iinglund did from the- Nfltillllili Iligh School Chorus come- back. A 1'0I11ri.v ixllllllili :indi- torilnn pm-riod was In-Id. :ind I il fool of IIIYSVIII did Illiliil' if possihh' as pm-1' lI5l1IlI. In C'ivic's vizissvs it was disuovvr that North Minnm-:npoiis il high st:1nd:n'd of living has. Lots of Inxnrin-s :irc in thv hoinm-s found. Nfxw Ill'tiYIty ruIvs worm' in thx' Pnlarix pnimiishvd. :ind I sonn' ofiicc-s had to gin- np. A snrvvy of UA'i Suniors shown-d that thcy prvfvr Iwusinm-ss. Mc too. Boxing has start in North for snrvly. This :in invig- 0l'flI'l'lIltTIlt sport is. The Univcrsity Apti- tndc test did I :ind :1 fm-w hundrn-d otha-r Sn-- niors take. The Hi-Y BIGYIOFILII Imskvtbriii guinv was played and thc i'Il!'lII9Ilgl'6I'S lost to thc Hi-Y. North did sccond gm-t in gym IIlt5Ct. Boys in I1lRll'IliIlt' shops did sharp knivvs make for vutting if possible, f Q5niirQf5TAigi1 uDr- cr ? if , f 14:.,,f i I SPC,- A N QNDN it .vjf S ff Q 7' X . ..Q Q 5 lm I X J' ,. .' JK xx ,q i 44 " II I' '- ' I l'i , I lip, xii " X V XM".6w?w.fv -'.o 8 x Y f , f I W , 4 :W Q x I f IMA Ebisi z I uv I 45 "7fM'V I -ig ii 5 I WW I if , Tdfgfo . iiii ffy f 'fiitf I 5 I 1 5' I i 1? if rrii iiiyj I' " if . ."+ .- 'iwfhxfvwg ' . . 1' 2 1 f I IX. 9 , , JIM 'liisriiv' Q x 'Iliuiiir min . A- Q' If - 1v ' J f 'UI s 1 ix Zi WI , , 7711 QS' gg 0 Omni . X K' X J 5 - 'ini 1 2 if lx i 'UUA X I: K I 3 FR NOQIH ' 45 N ,I Qi! 6 ii i If 23 , N . . 'Jai' iisfiis . -4531, 2 . 7 ' T I -" :Hai , '-1,6 Nu A, .. ,, xi' -' ' ll -RVMQQ ' 4 151 5 I i One Hurrrircd Fiilq-Sew , 5 0 - O Y I bt , 4 'f' I 5. If ... I gif ' 'Y X f Q- OWN f , I anion " ' .f 5 Hononfiom. 5 if 77 Q If QQ 015 I I WJ. GQIDQIXYXQBWXKYQI' fp or Nl f or Nh X4 I i. 5 'II' II ,,li1r:wlfQQslIIIg.L ' g i" I' fZgffj'fj." ' WWII -L N .5 5 I, gn N0 UH I I iff' IDSI N Om flwulrcil f:f1u-Light Min' 1 Ahl Mi-I Thr Spring l"r-vi-r I and 120 mil- lion otluwr Amcricuns Ilan' got. A lively feeling it is. I :im poetry writing by the Imgfull. Ilvrn- are one: Spring is In-rc. It has Canis. I :1 poet :un-f But wh:nt's in :1 name? The Sr-nior honor roll was :innouna-vuu'ut. It many studcnts has on it. I.:10kA:1-dzny, not me was on it. In my sophomore your not good marks did I gvt. Tha' Goldvn Glove touruamcnt for hoxing is on. North did enter in it. Thr- usual Ar- hor Day tri-v planting i't'l'l'II10lly was ohscrvcd :is pi-r usual. 'I'r:1ck is on in :1 hig way at North. If :1 fast run- nvr or Nome-thing I Wm, for tr:u'k I would go out. But not long e-nough In-gs Imvi- I. Thr- "ll" Sn-niors thvir Q'll'K'tl01lS did hold. Ivo now lmvv many politi- cizilw in tlu- rough. Tag Day was Ilt'I'l'?llIlIlItH donv. llvith my lunch mouvy I did part for tug Iwuyiug from prvlty girl. X X I I I X f f ' xi f r x ix ffm' l rf' A h ' X I ' K, . U l K .IVNI-2 12 j M , G H Tliia the last timv iu f 0 fl , ' I my school diary I will 1 1' writv. l :lm ahout to U X M 5 ,Q ln- an alumni if uvvry- ijt , fy' QQ' ,A-ff-ff 'fx I thinw' turns out 'ls I in 1-53 E56-x 1 X .42 'MA 1 A i . I ' ' 5:3 f 7 f'- A. 2, . liilfjlil school I:-ai'E'vi'mI Ze A Iwi ? c-ould lin' on-r again. ' N- -:A 44? N.,-fy-f-5 Yi-ry diH'c1'vut I would , N - Wfwvw do. YI'lu- last official 1 ' V f ,f 7 'uw Liang, ""1"'.l'L"'Qi'l thinffs I did do in my A 4 ' , ,Lv-' ,,.,v'iH"i "A',hSm1ior term wvrv , . Q I .llu,.,l,.ll, my final rxama takv. 'QS A I I i to the Iiavcalurm-at - ' j,4 A I QFD f.s'p1'l1i11f1j sc'1'vicv '- 'ni I W F hiv. and to thi- class f ' '- igx' . ' V . .W , I ' - -al ,- ' ,nm .4 Ei plai attvud. of couiw. J V A , A -2 1,-5 up ' .. .A -mg A . Nr. Thr- faculty LIIlillf'l 4 , Y , in s - . f- . fs' ' - - f did ou tllvll' yvarly fam. ' . -- 'G--1 Y X fishing trip go. Au I 0 "Z,,.u'Q',nr,,N,i1r1,!x,uv4'x'.nl1RW14'x4x Annual Day was huld A - I .nmhmm,m,,,3,, iu which I did partici- V W KN 9. 355,54 -frgvy pate. It was much ' 3 -QEE5 gh, Y fun. 'rua ,xo11.-or awards and Polaris If Q V I, I a wa rds a nd othrrs 177' ily! we-rv givvn. I a Pnl- Xl, M xml' l H Uris Honor I'iu did ,K-g I1 " ' ff't. V- ' ' 1: I. .aizfw 3 .- ' ' aw 'If rf it Kl'T'13IITlllutlIll . Q pt M - ul 1. ' llmfwigfl W Ilia Blum I11.1u,ln did KS 1 Y'.83.m: 69 1 ,qfhlwlgwff a tva hold. Thia I . kai' 'V . ,","3il' - . 6 mf- ' 1-'f i could not attend. toi 5555156553 Y y- I as it was for Klotlu-rs Q "Q, in gil, ' Q" and Ilaugliti-rs. 'QW T 1ll',7 X Zyl ' -. ' L., ll 'Qi Goodlmyi- North dvar. f X XOUR ANNUAL To mc you'vv In-vu f 5 I , Q I Nfl A Yivfory 5' Q l X R X But hard to win- , X w ,ull in-1 I"arvwcllf 4 P Wx Kl'MAso'r,x. Q P 7 8' . f'-Ny 6 Q . . . I-M 1167 Q 9 Ons Humlrrd Fifrxl-.Yinf V 4, M mmf Bur mmm ANY 4XC"l'IYI'l'Y l'I,l'1.XSl'lS 0l"l'-Ol"-D01 One Hundrrd Sfxzq N IIICRE. THICIKH, AND ICYICIRYVVIIERI One Hundred Sixtu-Owe r MZ ygvglj l.kQ,v.,:- nl:-' nt .1 ..X,,,,4 N.. MA1 A, f, ' -,,01v.f,1 F, fl , , -if-.Hi ,!Q,'Q1WlI, f9'V!j'- ',21"H- xy?-f4AVf..,, f4 4' :4 UM- ff,,,r14-M ffvh L fi J W A U A I W -I g,L',i-s. -i v-4134. 1 Bx NAVA. 3 , 1 f F h A . A, ., ,Q , Ti , ' ' 2, fs "" E , at 5 Q . if '11 rx l A ,..3i A I . ' I ' LJUT U DAN i UNT! FEET 5 lL.L..l .., A COLD END YOU NEVER CAN BE 'SFRE JVST VVHAT A CAMERA RECORDS One Hundrcd Sixru-Two OEADY TO XVODK 222 NXISI XXD OIIIPRVSISI O H d d S 'I . ,,.. i if J 'Q Q , NNN YYPSI CXNII- l'l:,X1'l'Rl'C O H ded S :gf AFUWC5 X OUD SHNANEH WGHWT UNBEHDS HEYMS V , , fi, , 2, , 2, l x JA To Rmdem' of the 1931 POLARI OR six consecutive years we have had the enjoyable privilege of printing the annuals for North High. During thc six years just past we have madc many warm fricnds at North High both among the faculty and student body, and we trust that this circle of fricnds will 1-ver incrcase. YVC take much pride in the fact that we print the POLARIS. It is our sinccrc hope that the PoLARrs may continuc to hold its justly enviahlc position as a lcadcr in the Held of school annual publications. To the mcruhcrs of the staff of the 1931 POLARIS, and to Mrs. Zittlcman, thc faculty adviser, wc extend our congratulations. AUGSBURG PUBLISHING HOUSE MINNEAPOLIS Printer! of PGLARIS for 1926, 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930 1951 L-ii!"-55f555755A5:5:::5:::: '::::::55::55:55 Om' Hundrrd Sixty-Six fb IIIIENIE III EIIEEEEE Cx, . . . . As the Alaskan Indian carved totem poles to preserve a record ol achievement, so does this, the H1931 polarisn, with its -Iotem pole art motil, record an excellent history ol the yearls achievements at North I-ligh School ....... . . . . Con9ratuIations,and our sincere appreciation lor the opportunity ol assisting North I'Iigh School in the puilding ol the H1931 Polaris!!---truly a I-otem ol Success ....... 'ymf' BUREAU OF ENGRAVING, INC YEAR BOOK DIVISION ::,.A.-":::- ::::':::::: DHI! S - - - - - -Q- v v v - :::::,:::':::,::::::.-4-::: GENEVA 5710 Photographs Live Forever David Bank tudio 39 SUUTII ICIUHTII STRILIYI' KOPPOSITF DA YTONSQ f"fx4X0 ONfO Official Photographers for The 1929, '30, '31 Polaris Annual OHddS L'h ff' -f--- ------------------- ----- - - - - v--- - - - - - v +I 5 5 1' S stem Dru Com an , y g P , 5 5 5 . . :E HPrescrlptlons Carefully Compounderf' 2 5 5 5 s 5 Lunches at All Hours of the Day 5 'I 51 1: 1100 55'h:s'r BROADWAY HYLAND 9853 3 3 ::::-:::::::::::::::::::v-:O':::-"':::'f'::v,: ffv' ::::::':::J T""""""""""Nv""2 V"""""""'f'N""""" 5 5 5 4 ' ' s , . . , 2 MQFJOYIC 5 A E. bffllllllllg Drug Lo. 5 5 Opt-n 1'ZVQ111I1gH E 5 55 , 5 " 1' B' V I I I 1 5 3 "1:,ccJNm1Y FHoc'Ks" E 5 our HWWIOOI 2 5 5 5 3 3 E Drug Sion" 5 1, 5 5 110-2 W. B A n ' 1 5 5 5 - , ROA,Du U 5 2 l'lv111outl1 :nt H1I1t'IHl5ll Hy. 2700 5 4, BIITIIICQIPOIIS 5 ' 1: 3 5 3 Lf':: fffo :::'.f.':::: ",. ::::',J ffffvvv '0', .f.f" ' 0'f"":-vyfoi lp-ff ""f'f :: "ff - ::"'::: "" :::: "'f :: OOO' :::"'::::""::4 15 'n 5 5 :n . . 2 5 W C BRIX 84 SONS 5 +I s 2 1' 5 5 5 5 5 1, Food Markets 1: 5 1, 1, ii , 5 2 NVQ-rytlling You Bm-vd to Hat 5 5 5 71 1' 2 f Two t 2 5 5 15 MODERN MARKETS 11 5 1' 5 5 1+ 1 , :E 915 West Broadway 917 VVcst Broadway 1, Q 1-1-33 N. E. Fourth St. 1-L35 N. E. Fourth St. 5 15 :E --- ...... ,,,,,,..,,,,: -,:,,,,,,,,,,: ,,,,,,,, ...... I One Hundred Sixty-Nine Nz ,-.Q s Y. 5 li? -, 1 ,f f 'T 'XA ff .Af A 5:2 VQ2 C Q 54225 ?,5?1m 1 : ,,,,,,:: ::::, s, - 4+ Clover Leaf Creamery Co. A good many hospitals :md thousands of house wives use it. CTOYER LEAF PAS'l'HL'RIZED MILK AND CREAM "Phone us your order 1o1lay" -L20 VVest Broadway Cllerry 3691 vv v- - --- ---,.'---- 'T 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ l 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 1 4+ 4+ 4+ + + I ., gf 4 as 4 1 9 ' ' The Rexall Store 5: 12 Pearson S C21UdleS l 4+ w C. A. TVALDRON l IN 2 :+ those DRUGGIST 1+ :I who 4' 4 ' 2. 1030 TTYEWI' BRQADW-uf can 5. .I PHARSON CANDY Co. Hyland 1094 'l Minneapolis, Minn. l It ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, -,,,J c:::-,,:,,, -:: -:::::::- E EXTEND to you . . . the graduating class of 1931, congratulations and a sincere wish for your future success and happiness. MINNESOTA LOAN fr- TRUST COMPANY Ajyizfdfed with NORTHWEST BANcoRPoRAT1oN COMBINED RESOURCES OVER 3495,000,000 v-wa l Ono Hundred Sevemy V 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ + + + + + + + 4+ 4+ + + + + + + + P 4 4 4+ 4 I 4+ 4+ I 4+ 4+ + 4+ + + 4+ + 4+ 4 4 4 4+ + + + + + 4 4 4 4+ 4+ + + + 4 4 4 4 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ A, The OFFICIAL EMBLEM of the NORTH HIGH SENIORS JOSTEN'S Treasure - Craft Jewelers Makers of the Class Rings and Pins for North O 1202 FOSHAY TOWER Geneva 3950 The Appfeciazion of Fine Emblems is Shown in North's Choice of Jewelers ::.-:,.,,.,:::: .,:::: O H1118 O 'Y 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 1+ + 4+ 4+ 4+ 4 + 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ S 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 5 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4 4 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4 ,ef ::: - 4 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4 4+ D + 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ + U 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4 v--.A Q wi 144 f I ,E L , eq NJ' :e-f1 , ., C r i .L XX M 'X 'E ,Q P L, S+ c O v ,gf i 4' l , 'xii . , V I Y K fi 4-X.,,:,,,:::::F:::::::g:,- :::,:::::::--:::,:,,:::::::::::- , A , . .J sv f W ' . - F' -N Y 717. n ,V .MOV ., J. ,4 - fC'lea1nilinessffF mr' 's Sctftev UR policy of giving the fullest publicity to recognized require- ments for high quality milk serves as a bond for the faithful per- formance of our contract with customers, and it will always be our pledge to guard the Cleanliness, Richness, and Purity of Ewald Bros. Milk and Cream from its original source on the farms until it reaches your table. The above photograph shows one care taken in our plant, that of cleansing the bottles. Here bottles are subjected to eighteen minutes of soaking, washing, sterilizing, rinsing, and cooling. Twenty seconds after being discharged from this Washer they are Hlled with Clean, Wholesome, Rich Milk, and then labeled. EWALD BRUS., RllCCll-ll MlllLK Cleanliness-JKlFoI' Babyls Sakel' Served Exclusively in All North Side High Schools ::::::::::::::: -:::::4':::::: A -:::::'::::::.,:::::- : Om- Hundred Scuenly-Two r:::::, :::: : :.,, ,-,.,:::: Q,-4-4-1 Y 'V Y::::":: ""' ::"::'::':" 4 s . 2 ' l Better Dry Cleanmg E The ueen Avenue . . Z Perfectzorz m Laundry 2 2 Pharmacy Service z 9 z If E 2 DRUGS, SODAS AND , 9 2 z SUNDRIES 3 2 2 Prescriplion Specialist P z 2 2 Cl-FCUIUTIIUQ Library l CleaneSglgg?3'erSigIl'Lialsgqderers 5 Telephone Hyland 9936 4, --- rr e , N if Rug and Carpet Cleaners Q 2227 19TH AVENUE O' 5 if:::::::::::,,,,,,,,,,,:v.,.,,J L, :::,::,,,::,-,.-..-::,,::,:::v fun:'HN:':"WN::":N"'"""""""""""""' :I Ii MINNEAPOLIS COSTUME CU. 1 I Costumes and Theatrical Supplies P r 'av 'T me 1, 1 lr 50103 soUTH NINTH STREET -- Ei E. P. HII,BFRT, Manager T' At. 0200 Z.,,,..,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,r ,M ,,, ,,,,,,.,,- f'::"'f::- AAA- ff:"f:f:-::: """ :::::ff:::":::: Af:-' 'I 'r 'r 12 2 0 othmg astes l 'r 'v " B E I I E R s 5 5 EI After a strenuous hour at any game than Real Quality Ice Cream-- G Because it is cooling, refreshing, appetizing, and nourishing. Of course, lf the Ice Cream must be temptingly rich, delicately flavored, and, above E all, pure and wholesome. That spells fl 'r S 5 'r EQ REAL QUALITY ICE CREAM L lr lr tfffw-'ff' """"""' ""' f-' "" """' -"'v"'-"""-NOON-Rf O H115 all 4, ,zz , Pay-::::::::::::::::::::::- ::::::::::::- - - ::::- - ::::::- :::- When Making Plans for the Future 1 1 Don't overlook the value of a savings account. It will help you lr pay college expenses or finance you in business. Use the facilities ' of this strong neighborly bank. I I I NORTH AMERICAN OFFICE NORTHWESTERN NATIONAL BANK 1 ..... -2 ,qvj I W Washington Avenue at Plymouth North CHIPPEWA " u f ,J40 vu, purest and softest natural spsi-mg-we-t-as-in the' world" ' t if A J, M -'I POR THE BEST IN DRINKING WATERS AND BEV RAGES CALL ATLANTIC 6361 AND ORDER CHIPPEWA r lr 'r r 'r lr lr 4, Q -... .........,,,,,. , ,- -.-..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,v,v. - F 'r 'u lr lr J CTURE ii For Home and School The Best That Can Be Secured Anywhere 4 'r fu lr 4 1 jg The Beard Art Galleries 3 It 66-68 SOUTH 10TH STREET E Around the Corner from Nicollet I lr lr 4 -----, ---- --- OHJ!9 f - - - -::::,::::::::::::::::::::::::::- +::. ff f l 1 X 1, 7 I 'f - O 1 I j ff, , , 'V T -fuxrrcxxxxcccnx:- 2 --'-'--- -- ----- --- 1 1 1E 1' I' 1 A QUALITY SCHOOL 1 1 1 It . 1 5, For Those Who Mean Business 1, 1, 1, :E Secretarial and accounting courses that prepare for the better type Of 1, Office positions. High school graduates only in day classes. NO solicitors 11 employed. Visitors welcome. Send for bulletin. II I1 1, 11 1 MINNESOTA l 'v 11 I' II I: SCHOOL OF BUSINESS I: 1 4, I Fifty-fourth year-20,000 graduates 'r 1 r 1, jf 627 FIRST AVENUE NORTH, MINNEAPOLIS if 1 I 'E Og. 4661 if Accredited by Nat'I Ass'n of Accredited Commercial Schools 1: If II c:::- :::::::::::: ------ ::::v-:::: -AA------ :::::::::: -4, ixx xx? Txx ' ' ' ' ' xx? 31 31 11 it 1E 1 15 FifSf 11 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 1 1 ' :E ,, , 1, 'E Natlonal Bank 1: 1, 'r In 'r 'r u IE if West Broadway Office 11 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, Ei For Clothes West Broadway gf in the 3, :E at 1 ff Emerson Avenue North 1 1, 1 -E MINNESOTANN :E 1, , , 1 ji Afflzated with QI R EI ll FIRST BANK STOCK 11 If :I 11 CORPORATION E '1 1 1 1 " 1 7 ? ' jd 5 U1 T " 1' 1 1 1 I 7 N I 1 1,17 1 1 1 1 2 Resources over 1, 1, 1 1 37-43 so. cm sr. I: 1 342010001000 1 11 11 11 1 L,H:,::,,::,,,,,..,,,,,:,,,,l LH- x ..., ,en ..... ,,,,l 1 ' 1 O Hundred Su' V , l ff' is a ,: V , ks, ffm 1' +43 ,Q fffvfi D3 I 1 41' fi of . J , . I 1 l N-T ff"lv.1?j 1"'A?e1f-ffxzfiif K 'C fL,,liZ,:.-,---.,,-,A::::: A- ee-,- 1 'Hi :zu STEWART MCCRAY 1 and 2 trouser and 4-piece golf suits Every new Stewart McCray suit explains in itself the wide- spread popularity and prestige of Stewart McCray clothing. Stewart McCray suits are dis- tinctively collegiate in style, in every smart new color and fab- ric, and all are inimitably hand-tailored S2 50 IYIAURICE L ROTHSCHILD 86 CO. Palace Clothing House MlNNl'1.X1'0l.lS ST. PAUL CHICAGO ,s,,f' J-,-.,,0s' ,,, .v4e, Lf,-Q, 4-::: -:::,,::::::::v-A-:::::,J, Vfm4W I I 5 gf' 11 Better Drury Products " ERANKLIN5' MILK---CREAM---BUTTER' ICE CREAM Cherry 3334 Main 8441 iff, ff, 5 5 5 5 4' .M 5 5 5 5 1 1 5 5 5 5 --A-----------------------,g - ......................... ,W Blustin Drug Co. 19TH AND SHERIDAN Your neighborhoods most convenient store Drugs, Post Ofiice, Fountain Service, Circulating Library and Drug Sundries Free Delivery Call Hy. 9900 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 4 - -.,::.,:::::.,::Q::..,:::- :- :: - .... - - - -::: .A,::: :::,-4 5 1 Syndicate Printing Company 501 7TH AVE. So. Printers of the PGLARIS WEEKLY l926, '27, '28, '29, '30, '31 Main 2824 Om Humlrnd Srtemg-Six 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 1 1 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 ..-.. f"',, 0,1-,.,, ,,4e,e'..-.Q-.4-.'e,-Q 3 Q i V Axx' 'xxxx::::HHH:::'A:::::x::"H:::::: E e- F L 0 E R 5 . E Nicollet Asvefzue at Tenth Street 3 E 505 Second Afvemte South s e 5 L 5 2 2 5 E ' f , E 3: f s Q ,E 5 RMAZEY FLCRISTS,I11C. 2 zMINNEAPOLIS, MINNESGTA 3,24 4 ,-,Q - HHH::::H::::xxxnnx'-::::5::::HHHHH: ':::::::: J K fs 'K ff Af., , ,W ., ff-we wfvf w""'-f-'M if ww- fy ,f., f 4 if f 4. " - ef I fyltwfgtg 1- , My L 'L AUTOGRAPHS f' 1 ff' 5 e fb' t. if 5 ffzwu' e WW LXECV ff 5 V! iiffelkfe MM, , Mxvw t we mired Svl'vnfyfSel'en A ,Q . ew- x N 1 3, XE 9 S: guts? ff 5, x as .1 . wr, at z I W 2 Q y fy. 0 E if .+ Qlfj W, . 2 S Qi v aww as W? . I . f 1 'T 'Q. ?f' K 0'l,uL -'q,.,,fM, Hnmfdlfg- I l :im :-- ff K. A'-'wr' 1 I ' 1 I V 'A 4 I " U 1 - GQ, - iff W sf, , fi- "fn f, , I1 I' T'Lp., .. - .'v 'v -,Q ' ,' if vf ' x LJ ,M . K 1 IQ? H Q If ,ML .X AUTOGRAPHS MQ, . ,H fa 253 . , 4, . iw 2 1 D-AA!-42424 Q ' I ' 1 , CV ' A ' 1 . 1 . 1 , Q f 4 l p fn!! V ,MXL 9 X172-Xi-X A "4 Z'UJJ f ,'1, 1 jfwfj , wi ' . VA If V7 1X'L,4fc,ff,fj , I ' Vw 5,531 r. 1 A M if Lf-MM U TL-J AANQ, - f - ' ' f Q ' M if ' F fx ff ' . 5,J"iZ I ' Jr! A., ' fyfvv 0440 LW 0 mmm V xg 41-1.1 M LZ ,f,p.,,4, I xx My-1 ffC""'W '9k" 'Q X ' 5 . ' Q . - JVJ L' '.1,v.i.4 pull! 'li-f4.4V4M4' Wk'-MJ 'bo I, - ' A-K A , s W- 1- 4 N' YM ww, V btw,-,,A. 1,x,,u ,QL Af 'V L I 1 + .--fx ' . 1, x t kill I , IL I, blitz. K k 5 .jx ,4..V,'iv-, N, Q1 -M,- N ,XX -:T jx. u I A I ' ' 5 , n X V Q J L . '.JOnf -Hulfdii-'sivemf2:Exym fir ' 4 I A 'W' 2 - jf ,Af-A 'L' A R' 1 I 3,44 u I 'A Z ' - jj fu. 'x f'f-V mfg! wwf. f f "'Q'4" l-1 ' W--4 J wx, fi Q I v,l 2 :LA kx.A:1f"x,JI-flwj 0 X3 1 A J , ,, , - A 'Pj 5 f A ' , ,1 , j-V ,,:Hw.,,.4 , - , 1 - ,X , ,f - 1' A f A 5 5, ,1 -V, k,,,,f1I -, , -,uf 'ifM4,, 'lxzif -I yf-Q, YX4-" gf" -11.f 41,1 ff f-.J"-- ,. , f f ' ' f' ' ff 1 f p FX, . V. 1 Y ff - J A 7 , x , f M ' ,A -H' ' -' if f f .V K A vi ,ff - it LIIXVLI, mf" Q

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