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iMaaMMM MMtM«» nMk LV- ' CF f ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBR 3 1833 01860 6126 GC 977.102 C72NH, 1965 Advisor Editor Business Mgr. Asst. Business Mgr. Circulation Senior Editor Asst. Senior Editor Art Editor Asst. Art Editor Photo Editor Faculty Editor Student Life Asst. Student Life Sports Editor Asst. Sports Editor Underclassmen Editor Head Typist Index Editors Miss Seifert Ann Banks Melody Dow Georgeanna Sterling Pat Shively Christy Barnhouse Kathy Barr Bonnie Jeandrevin Judy Steele Rick Bryant Marie McConnell Mark Wise Chris Stickley John Schidlovsky Joe Lecco Adria Harpold Carole Bradfield Diana Hutchison Marsha Juniper 1965 MEMORY BOOK NORTH HIGH SCHOOL COLUMBUS, OHIO A YEAR TO GROW ON SUMMER AUTUMN WINTER SPRING f( -tl %P ' »■ ' : - - ■ • ■ ' - ■• ..-5« ■■; ' - " ' ' -. --L ; -- - V; rU .i - ' ' ' ■• ■ ' - ' ' l .- " v HK - ' ' " . " ' B- ' ' UHBIl ' ; H " ' ■ ' - V T ' L.— - ».. iSi jMK z - ■- ' •- ' ■ ?7- ' ' e . ' ' ' ' : 9M|iii|a .■1 •- V J r ' -. " ' ' ' ?; ' t V P p ' ! ' r ' r ' i - i ' :-y- -;-■ ,; ?fr- s: r . ' -• SUMMER ( Af c: L AUTUMN SPRING SUMMER SUMMER BRANCHES The silent halls stand empty, still echoing the laughter of departed students. Books are stored away in neat piles, waiting to be used. There are no eager students waiting in the lunch line. There are no groups gathered to chatter in the auditorium. As the weeks come and go . . . ... the first signs of activity emerge at North. The marching band practices long and hard to create their traditionally excel- lent music. The football team works in the long, hot summer months to produce a squad that works well together. Teachers are re- turning to prepare themselves to foster the growth of young minds. School is beginning. The year starts with the first week, filled kith confusion, meeting new friends and teachers, and most impor- tantly, orientation at North. SUMMER AUTUMN INTO FALL School is progressing. The students know their teachers and classmates fairly well. They are be- ginning to study in earnest. The football squad is beginning their season. The band plays their half- time show. The cheerleaders lead the crowd in a rousing cheer. Students join clubs. They create the fun of the Booster Drive, and participate in the traditions of Homecoming. They sing " Polar Pep " and the " Loyalty Song. " As they do these things, the students of North come to grow in knowledge, appreciation, and loyalty. These girls are not preparing to take off, but merely leading the crowd in a rousing cheer. Practice makes perfect! With Doug Hager as the doorbell and Randy Wetzel as the wife, " Pop " Olmstead shows the students of North what it is like to be the victim of some " eager " Booster Drive members. 10 11 OFFICE STAFF MRS. POLING SECRETARY MRS. KUNKLER SECRETARY MR. DECATUR VICE-PRINCIPAL Forming the nucleus of North High is the office staff. All activity is formulated by these capable people who are dedicated to improving North High. These are the people who set the backdrop for every- one who attends North. Yet, for all their busy moments these people are never too involved to stop and listen to questions from new teachers, solve problems or first stop for some friendly conversa- tion. Their standards are growth towards excellence, and at the same time their personalities are warm and outgoing. As each senior class leaves North, they will never forget the growth gained in asso- ciation with Mr. House, Mr. Decatur, Mrs. Kunkler, and Mrs. Poling. MR. HOUSE PRINCIPAL 13 ; MRS. BUMEN - — --»» " ;J l_..-««, 1 kUJ H to H MRS. WOLF COUNSELORS CREATE CHOICES Problems. Tests. College. Careers. These are the directive forces in every North High student ' s life. In each of these areas important decisions must be made. Crucial choices demand qualified help. North is fortunate to have personnel who are capable of performing these tasks. Mr. Byerly, Mrs. Bumen, and Mrs. Wolf, who is new to the counseling staff, are always willing to help a questioning student. MR. BYERLY ADVISORS, ADVANCE ATTENDANCE, ACTIVITIES r MR. WOODRUFF The woman who never stops running, the man who carefully checks little white pieces of paper, and or the man who keeps the money could only apply to three peppy people: Miss Gregg, Mr. Budd, Mr. Wood- ruff. Miss Gregg does so many things that it would be impossible to enumerate them. Running the P.A. system, supervising North ' s activities, and remaining calm dur- ing a crisis are only a few of the talents pos- sessed by her. Mr. Budd runs North ' s attend- ance office and fills out forms and forms and forms. He is able to locate any student in school, if necessary. Mr. Woodruff, better known as Woody, does an almost impossible job by keeping track of every penny spent or received at North. MISS GREGG MR. BUDD 15 MRS. EGGERS MRS. SHERMAN LANGUAGES Does English puzzle you? Then " Je m ' appelle Henri, " " Adios amigo! " " Sprechen zie Deittsch? " and " Veni, vidi, vici " probably really has you going in circles, yet to approx- imately four-hundred fifty students, these phrases are practiced daily. Constantly, Mrs. Sherman, Mrs. Eggers, and Mrs. DeWees, pour information into the minds of these bi- lingual intellectuals. Aiding these students is North High ' s language laboratory, where they can hear the correct pronunciation. The language laboratory has proved very bene- ficial for students and language teachers. MRS. DeWEES MRS. EGGERS 16 ' _,(,»» " ' Thomas Dale Instruynental Music Evelyn Koss Yocal Music Are you a member of the K-row Key Klub? SOUNDS OF MUSIC AND SIGHTS OF BEAUTY Sounds of music float from the music rooms of North at all hours of the day. The choral groups, led by Miss Ross, work hard at perfection. Their work is rewarded by the success of the many programs in which they participate, and by the ever-increasing number of plaques earned at contest. Instrumental music is heard at pep rallies, football games, dances, and concerts. Under the direction of Mr. Dale the orches- tra and bands have contributed much to the spirit and enthusiasm of the students of North. Sights of beauty greet the eyes of the many visitors to North. Patiently taught and encouraged by Mr. Roberts, the artists of North have brightened the halls with samples of their fine work. 17 Richard Briggs Cons. Ec, Dist. Ed. Kenneth List Business Arithmetic Susanna Welker Office Practice Bus. Arithmetic, Typing BUSINESS The teachers in the business department of North High School help the students to acquire skills needed to obtain jobs in the business world. Students in typing and shorthand are drilled by their teachers until they know the keyboard well and can effectively use the shorthand symbols. In business English, the students learn to write correct and appealing business letters. In the math field, business math and bookkeeping are offered. Those students wishing to work in retailing half a day and attend classes the other half are in the distributive education class. Nancy Reid Shorthand, Typing " You want something? ' Come on, fellows, please listen ! Rachael Porter Bus. English, Typing Richard Pepple Bookkeeping, Sales 18 Mary Wolfe Shorthand, Typing ( Laura Bernhard English, German Donald Dupre English, Dramatics Marilyn Hixon English Jeanne Luddy English " Will I last through another paste-up ? ENGLISH Swamped with many book reports, themes, tests, and homework assign- ments, our eleven English teachers diligently concentrate their efforts to the difficult task of imparting as much knowledge as possible to their students. Our English department conducts classes in dramatics, debate, and journalism. Teaching the written and spoken word is the major concern of the English department. Verne Wootton English Sally Seifert English, Journalism Ann Stout English, Debate 19 John Caronis World History, P.O.D. Coaching Nelson Rozelle World History HISTORY Current History, P.O.D., American His- tory, World History, and Geography are all taught by the helpful historians of North High School. Learning about the past helps students to live in the present, and apply these lessons to the future. What these edu- cators teach students now will govern the students ' lives and our country, for today ' s students are tomorrow ' s leaders. Walter Warren American History Ah, you think you can pass my course? P.T.A. Openhouse makes teachers bite their lips. 20 " Sillily " Hickman is North ' s happy historian. Thomas Todd World History, Spanish Joe Stranges American History Robert Richards American History Anthony Warren Current History, Geography, World History Earl Hickman World History 21 iil Dorothy Adams Clothing Charles Kimble Deaf Students Margaret Holt Advanced Foods Isabelle Robb Home Management, Foods SPECIAL SUBJECTS Besides the traditional academic subjects, North offers home economics, industrial arts, and drivers ' education. In these home economic classes, girls acquire skills in cooking and sewing. This is, of course, valuable training for them as future homemakers. Boys work with wood and metal during their indus- trial art classes. This provides them with practical exper- ience to be applied in their later lives. Driver Education, taught by Mr. Morrison, is also a special course. Students studying this course combine class- room knowledge with actual driving experience to equip them for the road. John Morrison Driver Education, Coaching William Bametson Drafting Raymond Spence Metal, Electricity 22 Michael Kvocka Wood Richard Eaton Phij. Ed., Biology, Coaching PHYSICAL EDUCATION In the physical education courses offered at North, students become more physically fit as well as learning better sportsmanship. The boys under Mr. Eaton and Mr. Shaw play football, basketball, softball, track, and other team activities. Mrs. Welch and Miss Cotton teach the girls in the needed skills. Besides the regular class activities, speedball, basketball, volley- ball, and Softball, they may participate in intramurals. ' •■ " -« i Mrs. Welch really enjoys her gym classes. Mary Kay Welch Physical Ed. Odd sensations come over the students of Mr. Spence ' s electricity classes. 23 Mr. Hindman is always glad to help students. MATH Amidst a flood of compasses, slide rulers, protractors, and a barrage of spirited if not always pertinent questions, the four talented and devoted teachers of the math department manage to keep composed. The courses they conduct consist of algebra, geometry, senior review math, trigonometery, and fifth year math. Even with the intense concen- tration and long hours of study required in this field, the time spent is richly rewarding. Donna Fracasso Geometry Richard Hindman Trig, Algebra, Coaching Edward Rice Algebra, Trigonometry Robert Evans Algebra, Geometry 24 Garnet Althar Librarian Gertrude Wright Librarian LIBRARY STAFF Our most efficient library staff, consisting of students who offer their services to help keep the library running smoothly, is headed by Mrs. Wright. This year, she is as- sisted by a new librarian. Miss Authar. The primary purpose of the library staff is to issue books to students and to organize shelves and magazine files. These volunteers also aid students, searching for in- formation and books for reports and extra reading. In addi- tion to all of these things, the library staff holds various social events and activities. 25 Donald Anthony Chemistry I need a volunteer to feed my mice. William Sproat Physics, Physical Science, Electronics SCIENCE Under the guidance of qualified teachers, North High students are given an opportunity to increase their knowledge of science. Biology, chemistry, and physics are the courses offered. Five laboratories are provided for the scien ce problems. Microscopes aid the students studying biology. This science background will give some students a basis for a science profession; and all, a better understanding of the world they live in. Donald Sparrow Biology Noel Curran Biology Roger Hendrix Biology, Coaching 26 CAFETERIA HELPERS — BOTTOM ROW; Henrietta Becker, Mrs. Holt, Ruby Cotterill, Velida Earles. ROW 2: Dorothy Speakman, Ruth Owens, Evelyn Fettrow, Flossie Speakman, Bea Browning. CAFETERIA HELPERS AND CUSTODIANS Under the advisorship of Mrs. Holt, the cooks in the cafeteria plan and pre- pare the meals for North High. Without the help of the janitors work- ing under Mr. Zeller, one can ' t imagine what North might look like. On a con- stant shift, even all night, the janitors keep North in top shape. Without the constant assistance of these people, a school such as North could not exist. Mr. Fredericks, Mr. Foster, and Mr. Zeller work hard to keep North spotless. 27 SOPHOMORES HOMEROOM 107 — Bottom Row: Mr. Briggs, Diane Beeler, Elizabeth Adams, Mary Allnian, Cecily Beel- er, Kay Beals, Linda Aglietti. Row 2: Karen Pines, Myrna Roope, Gin- ny Baughman, Jim Beasley, Bruce Allen. Row 3: Sue Alexander, Carol Barber, Marie Bier, Melinda Bailey, Janice Bailey, Carolyn Allen, Phyl- lis Allen, Roger Blevins, Cassie Amstutz, David Ackerman. Row 4: Robert Barr, Dennis Beaven, Jay Am, Jeff Andrews, Mike Adams, Randy Bell, Tom Abram, Wayne Beall, James Bailey. HOMEROOM 130 — Bottom Row: Shirley Cassell, Sharon Thomas, Martha Cooper, Linda Buzzelli, Cris Connelly, Carole Chandler, Mrs. Porter. Row 2: Joyce Dobbeck, Sandy Cree, Eileen Cathers, Karen Clark, Beverly Collins, Susan Car- penter, Sandy D avis, Nadine Loop, Sharon Casbarro. Row 3: Martha Appleman, Mary Cooper, Arlene Chamberlain, Roy Byrum, Phil Castle, John Cheek, Mike Case, Irl Carmean, Donna Pentz. Row 4: Rick Caruso, Mike Callaghan, Ste- phen Bybee, Andy Bush, Ron Chil- ders, Steve Clark, Dirk Cantrell, Paul Castle. HOMEROOM 202 — Bottom Row: Donna DeVault, Nancy Eckenrode, Roberta Dean, Shelah Driscoll, Judy DeFluiter, Rita Denune, Miss Cot- ton. Row 2: Suzanne DeVault, Becky Dempsey, Marilyn Deal, Judy Ebright, Rosemarie Dunn, Benny Dye, Mary Dobbeck, Jim Davis, John Crowier. Row 3: Ed Corrigan, Edward Cornelius, Tony Croak, Dave Cowgill, Karen Clark, Rob- erta Egan, Joyce Downey, Kathy Dillon, Loretta Deel. Row 4: Wayne Datter, David Ditmars, James Cor- win, Richard Dillon, Gene Parker, John Davis, Rick Colby, Gary Co- pas, Mark Davidson, Bill Collins. 28 SOPHOMORES HOMEROOM 210 — Bottom Row: Jane Gemeinhardt, Linda Geer, Jane Forgoress, Carolyn Fowler, Fran- ces Epley, Martha Eusniinger, Mr. Wootton. Row 2: Charlotte Gaster, Judith Fox, Nancy Fister, Linda Gamerdinger, Susan Given, Ruth Farringer, Arianne Foureman. Row 3: Gary Dunble, Doris Gates, Joyce Evans, Jo Ann Greenlee, Dave Glowers, Dan Donaldson, Judith Fleck, Linda Fisher. Row 4: Rich- ard Davis, Dave DuBoux, Harold Dunn, Larry Dow, Charles Form- strom, Jim Byers, James Elwood, Greg Murdock, John Elbree. HOMEROOM 211 — Bottom Row: Mr. Richards, Violet Haney, Pam- ela Hanes, Ruby Haley, Martha Gross, Ann Ellen Hall, Barbara Hall. Row 3: Jim Golding, Lynn Gwynn, Dennis Gillenwater, Stan- ley Frair, John Hamilton, Ronald Fowler, Jim Glover, Jerry Frazee. Row 4: Jon Garabadian, James Had- den, Geoff Globe, Bill Fyfe, Greg Freitag, Lawrence Spellings, Mark Fought, Peter Freeman. HOMEROOM 219 — Bottom Row: Mrs. Sherman, Vicki Ijams, Sue Hunt, Pauline Ingram, Patricia Gammon, Kathleen Halabeen, Cheri Howard. Row 2: Susan Jett, Debbie Jewett, Connie Hobbs, Paula Home, Joyce Jackson, Kathy Hildrebrand, Stephanie Hobbs, Diana Jones, Wanda Delph. Row 3: Tom Johns, Pam Hammond, Charles Jackson, Barry Heilman, Rex Hazlett, John Johnston, John Tucker, Robert James. Row 4: Diana Johnson, Bob Hiute, Dave Hartshorn, Glenn Hat- field, Jim Hairston, Clarence Johns, Conrad Thom. 29 SOPHOMORES HOMEROOM 221 — Bottom Row: May Lee, Beverly Justus, Gloria Thomas, Dian McCoy, Rosemary Jeffler, Mrs. Bernhard. Row 2: Dorothy Kidd, JoAnn Leesburg, Bev LaVvson, Pam Knight, Cindy Lawson, Karen Landry. Row 3: Gary Kitchen, Doug Kathary, Jill Jones, Sandy King, Shirlie Koon, Bettina Lee, Darlene Leach, Mari- lyn Kruse, Lee Kirkpatrick. Row 4: Art Knight, Kenny Knowlton, Bill Kale, Eric Karlquist, Fred Brown, Don King, James Kidwell, Ronnie Jones, Henry Kline. HOMEROOM 223 — Bottom Row: Mrs. DeWees, Paula Price, Nina Mason, Jane Ford, Jeanne Lephart, Delores Mathews, Gladys Lowe. Row 2: John Mann, Mary Lowary, Linda Marburger, Mollie Mara, JoAnne Mabe, Susan Lewis, Marion Mauritz, Mabel Lockett, Terry Kuebler. Row 3: Sharon Lucas, Da- vid Lyons, Nickolas Magora, Bob Lowe, John Lape, Bob Likens, Ken- ny Lloyd, Linda Lyles. Row 4: Rob- ert Long, Bill Maple, David Lea- therman, Robert Lawson, Dave Lovett, Ron LaBelle, John Lewis, Jim Luce, Marian Lester. -S fiS pi M ipW f J JlMf-P J ' im ShRKwt w wt M HOMEROOM 225 — Bottom Row: Miss Hixson, Mary MacCall, Bren- da Miller, Denise Cruz, Marty Mil- ler, Cathy McVey, Barbara May- field. Row 2: Marilyn Miller, Sheila McCabe, Shirley Metzger, Ronnie Martin, John Martin, Bill Sharpe, Michael McDonald, Randy Martin. Row 3: Joyce McAfee, Carolyn Mc- Claskey, Donna McCune, NorienG Miller, Margaret Holmes, Linda Miller, Phyllis Millsap, Barbara Miller. Row 4: Ralph Schwartz, Douglas Hale, Bill Miller, Mike Montgomery, Walter Minnicks, Mike McConnell. Jim Markham. Jerry Misup, Stanley Miller. 30 SOPHOMORES HOMEROOM 226 — Bottom Row: Driesie Mabley, Diane Osborn, Pat Pappas, Peggy Nelson, Susan Page, Bonnie Murray, M. Luddy. Row 2: Lynn Nybell, Lyne Norris, Sharon Nelson, Karen Nelson, Sandy Saundra, Mabel Oppenheimer, Peg- gy Smith, Vera Mardy. Row 3: Bev- erly Morlan, Gary Murphy, Bob Myers, Greg Morris, Brent Norris, George Parks, Charles Nichole, Parker. Row 4: Roberto Pardo, John Conrad, Robert Stoneburner, Tom George, Paul Panzera, David Mow- bray, John Newman, Dennis Sparks, Jim Myers. HOMEROOM 229 — Row 1: Linda Robinson, Shirley Peters, Joyce Rodock, Judy Safstrom, Patty Ring- hiser, Betty Sammons, Miss Lucas. Row 2: Teresa Russell, Gloria Pet- tit, Sandy Richwine, Elberta Mul- lens, Linda Reid, Karen Pensyl, Judy Beck. Row 3: Ryan Quinn, Jerry Reiniger, Bill Pitchford, Wayne Reynolds, James Poe, Steve Perry, James Perdue. Row 4: Dana Rash, Dennis Pinkerton, Eugene Rarey, Arthur Perry, Tom Rey- nolds, John Rearley, Tom Reis, Bernard Rees. HOMEROOM 231 — Bottom Row: Eileen Sowers, Frances Stepp, Clara Settles, Brenda Sessley, Anita Shevmaker, Susan Smelker, Mrs. Walton. Row 2: Tarek Sida, Betsy Scott, Bernetta Sellers, Sherry Saula, Rosie Steger, Caroline Slay- ton, JoAnne Shuttleworth. Row 3: Karen Scales, Janice Scott, Larry Roberts, Darrell Rowe, Tom Seig- ler, Scott Rose, Ron Savage, Ed Rose, Sue Skidmore. Row 4: Tom Shockey, John Schnepp, John Sal- yer, Damon Davenport, Robert Roush, Bill Shropshire, Mike Serio, Clyde Scolas. 31 SOPHOMORES HOMEROOM 321 — Bottom Row: Kay Taylor, Sue Sterling, Margaret Tilley, Charlotte Stewart, Jan Tre- main, Bonnie Teare, Mr. Shaw. Second Row: Jackie Ferry, Susan Stouffer, Jenny Stanton, Annette Thompson, Linda Stilson, Ann Swesty, Inge Stamm, Jayne Tal- bott, Brenda Spry. Third Row: Bob Stewart, Jim Southard, Dave South- worth, John Reed, Larry Taylor, Daniel Anthony, Roy Allen White, Pat Stackhouse. Fourth Row: Fred Tippett, Larry Barkley, Doug Ste- vens, Mike Thacker, Charles Judi, Chuck Taylor, David Stewart. HOMEROOM 325 — Row 1: Linda Waymure, Jeanne Webb, Kris Will, Karen Usselman, Patty Wenger, Laura Williams, Mr. Stranges. Row 2: Becky Ward, Kathy Trimmer, Sue Warezl, Suerathia Turner, Di- ane Christenson, Melvinia Ward, Susan Welding, Charmaine Van Voorhes, Lynn Van Gieson, Laura Wyche. Row 3: Carol Sprague, Nancy Ward, Diana Wenger, Carl Wiker, Harry Wasson, Randy Wag- ener, John Umpleby, Harry Webb, David Underwood, Brenda Slone, Janet Watkins. Last Row: James Whitner, David Tsai, Thomas Von Vill, Roger Shortt, Darell Shaws- berry, Robert Todd, Bob Vallely, Dennis Ward, Chris Truesdell. HOMEROOM 327 — Bottom Row: Ida Williams, Arlene Zang, Debbie Wills, Evelyn White, Linda Win- ston, Linda Zimmerman. Second Row: Mary Williams, Carolyn Young, Betty Workman, Brenda Woodruff, Susan Wiles, Marilyn Stovey, Jo Ann White, Marilyn Whitaker. Third Row: Bob Wills, Jim Zimmerman, Jim Wise, Dave Wilson, Ed Williams, Mike Wolf, Wanda Wynn, Barbara Wood, Bill Wilcox. Last Row: Don Wilburn, Ted Wilkinson, Randy Worthington, Steve Zoog, Robert Young, Jerry Whitt, Wayne Zipperlen, Larry Yates, Sandra Salyers. 32 SOPHOMORES HOMEROOM 333 — Bottom Row: Peggy Bowman, Brenda Branham, Mary Branscom, Karen Blackburn, Brenda Bryant, Cathy Brooks, Mr. Todd. Row 2: Judy Rogers, Diane Neal, Jean Burnett, Doris Mc- Comas, Pauline Haas, Larry Bur- ton, Will Burkey, John Brumfield. Row 3: Michael Boyd, Darrel Brooks, William Bornhauser, Dave Bryant, Patricia Bro, Annette But- ler, Andrew Brown, Claudette Brammer. Row 4: John Bryant, Rodney Brewer, Dwight Brown, Daryl Bucknor, John Burchinal. Steve Bukey, Paul Browning, Rob- ert Bosley. HOMEROOM 318 — Miss Walrath, Joan Meade, Patty Huntley, Linda Salyer, Gloria Hampton, Sanda Roth, Carol Baisden. Last Row: Richard Riley, Paul Kooser, Karl Lorbach, James Lyons, James Spen- cer, Thomas Craft, James Tancos, Roscoe Dawkins. 33 ; ilfes BAND — BOTTOM ROW: L. Cremean, M. McConnell, P. Hightower, L. Barr, D. Brooker, L. Hawkins, C. Loy, J. Birtcher, L. Maberry, B. Scott. ROW 2: L. Schultz, D. Hartsharn, D. Serio, N. Fisher, S. Van Dyke, B. Graham, R. Steger, C. Ryan, R. Kuhn, A. Swesty, M. Miller. ROW 3: S. Callahan, S. Clapp, D. Harlor, J. Clapp, T. Reid, D. Barber, J. Frasch, H. Was on, K. Foulk, J. Johnston, C. Potts, S. Burkey, M. Nance, J. Johnston, A. Hall, L. Pierce, E. Rose, L. Blackburn, T. Selby. ROW 4: A. Fuller, C. MAJORETTES As football fans found seats in the bleachers, the majorettes began preparing to participate in the pre-game activities and the half-time ceremonies. Being a majorette, though, involved more than just twirling a baton in the football games. First of all, the girls interested in becoming majorettes began practicing for try-outs in the spring. As a result, by April the continual practice had produced blistered hands and sore arm muscles. Then, the enthusiastic girls fearlessly braved the tryouts. The girls selected were Jane Johnston, Jennie Dortmund, Gloria Wilson, Karen Phillips, and Deb- by Daniels. They worked diligently throughout the year. After the last football game ended, the major- ettes, with hair wringing wet, strutted off the field with the sa tisfaction that they had added to the growth of North, 1964. The majorettes are Karen Phillips, Janie Johnston, Jennie Dortmund, Gloria Wilson, Debby Daniels. Brown, R. Worthington, B. Wood, W. Tippett, N. Dunlap, D. DuBoux, B. Sharpe, F. Haefner, E. Kellar, W. Burkey, R. Geer, G. Hill, R. Belter, P. Sbrochi, J. Alexander, K. Corwin, J. Snouffer, J. Martin, C. Morgan, R. Phillips, E. Corrigan, F. Tippett, J. Hamilton, R. Stafford, J. Bishop, K. Kidner. ROW 5: D. Chase, B. Kibbey, M. Sidle, M. Mc- Donald, M. McConnell, K. Wickliffe, B. Caldwell, S. Bart- lett, J. Luce, B. Jardine. MARCHING BAND No football game would have been complete without the clockwork performance of the North High Marching Band. It seemed that everyone ' s heart beat a little faster when the whistle of Drum Major Clark Seymour sent the band down the field with the familiar strains of " Polar Pep. " The band practiced every day during the last two weeks of August, during homeroom, and first period in the football season. This season the band proved their motto " Good, Better, Best, Never let it rest, until your good is better and your better is best " by giving North their best performance. DRUM MAJOR Two years ago. Drum Major Clark Seymour began taking baton lessons from Eileen Ansley. Clark has been drum major at North for two years and hopes some day to be drum major at Oberlin College. Among this year ' s flashy exhibitions were " steeple chases " (high aerials) Ohio State strut, and goal post catches. Heads turned last fall when Drum Major Clark Seymour twirled distinctive gold batons and led the North High Marching Band through an- other very successful season. 35 BOOSTER CAPTAINS — BOTTOM ROW: J. Smith, S. Barnes, Co-Chairmen. ROW 2: S. Flowers, K. Darling, R. Watts, M. Miller, S. Trago, L. Crow, C. Clinton, B. Jean- drevin, A. Reed, S. Herron, J. Copsey. ROW 3: C. Hilde- brand, R. Early, V. Walter, D. Pettit, M. Williams, R. Kuhn, G. Fotheringham, C. Barnhouse, L. Mahler, R. Barton, P. Sliiv.-ly, H. Slirni shirc. I;() V 1: T. I ' aiTish, T. Prnzone, S. Trumbo, R. Allen, J. Dunfee, D. Vance, D. Serio, C. Seymour, B. Barr, S. Burkey, D. Chase. ROW 5: R. Geer, J. Kimnacb, S. White, D. Pennell, D. Hager, R. Wetzel, R. Kanuth, S. Mushrush, J. Markham, H. Ham- mond, P. Saunders, E. Robb, J. Stockstill. BOOSTER CAPTAINS North ' s annual Booster Drive exemplifies the students ' loyal and enthusiastic participation in helping their school. The Booster Drive which is con- ducted by the Polar Bear Booster Association, fi- nances additions and improvements for North ' s ath- letic program. This drive is led by senior Booster Captains who are chosen for their positions of leadership in the school. Under their direction, student teams thoroughly canvas the North side. This year Susan Barnes and Jerry Smith acted as student co-ordinators in organizing this success- ful drive on Thursday, October 1. Though our goal of three thousand dollars was not met on drive night, it was later reached. Booster tickets are sold by fellow students. 36 BLOCK N— BOTTOM ROW: Greg Norris, Stephen Bybee, Chuck Allen, Tony Penzone, Mark Seymour, Jerry Smith, Co-Chairman; Woody Campbell, Co-Chairman; Jim Kim- nach, Joe Lehner, Ray Kruse, Steve Worman, Roger Bill- ingsley. ROW 2: Miss Gregg, Elizabeth Katterhenry, Paula Leggett, Bonnie Dugan, Connie Warren, Karen Raquet, Linda Crow, Susan Trago, Jerina Copsey, Sue Nicholas, Glena Dalton, Sue Towle. ROW 3: Jeanne Erick- son, Randi Shy, Carolyn Halley, Nancy Hein, Eileen Sow- ers, Sue Barnes, Judy Steele, Karen McFarland, Leslie BLOCK " N " SERVES NORTH Block N under the leadership of Miss Meta Gregg is formed by one hundred and forty-four of North ' s students. They cheer for the Polar Bear football team at all of the home football games ex- cept Homecoming. Mahler, Mary Beetham, Ginger Palmer, Vanda Kunzelman. ROW 4: Patsy Butcher, Barbara Pierce, Steve Tumblin, Bill Sowers, Virginia Walter, Roberta Dean. Pat Pappas, Ray Crook, Barbara Hamrick, Peggy DeVault, Patty Mc- Burney, Nancy Bradfield, Marilyn Williams, Jeri Mar- burger. LAST ROW: Don Voss, Bob Rearley, Ed Fitz- gerald, Robert Newberry, Stephen Hildreth, Nate Griffin, Gregg Johnston, Ronald Bell, Larry Diehr, John Holcomb, David Wheeler, Alan Cory, Mike Keith. The student co-chairmen this year are Woody Campbell and Jerry Smith. They do a great job in organizing the students and keeping the capes in order. The Block N is formed by maroon capes with a background of gold capes. This year the group worked with the cheerleaders in creating a rousing, cheering section. There are sophomores, juniors, and seniors forming North ' s colorful Block N. BLOCK N— BOTTOM ROW: D. Mahon, B. Heilman, C. Taylor, R. Davis, Jr., B. Shively, R. Allen, S. Trumbo, M. Wise, J. Meyer, G. Hatfield, R. Dillon, B. Mooney. ROW 2: J. Davis, J. Fiazee, K. Blackburn, J. Webb, J. Binau, T. Reece, R. Steakley, E. Russell, B. Temple, K. Stafford, C. Snider, J. Kitzmiller, B. Leggett, M. Lloyd, J. Crowder, L Carmean. ROW 3: J. Bailey, N. Davison, G. Pettit, L. Nybell, K. Will, S. Page, B. Kale, M. Dow, L. Paulus, E. Welsh, S. Annette, B. Wilcox, S. Burke, P. Shively, M. Juniper. ROW 4: T. Newberry, K. Myers, J. Needles, S. Richwine, L. Marburger, B. Woodruff, M. Bailey, K. Wise, C. Curry, K. Paulus, K. Hildebrand, C. Barnhouse, L. Frei- tag, D. Pettit, A. Harpold. ROW 5: T. Miser, G. Parkd, G. Edgell, D. Given, M. Will, S. Lucas, K. Dillon, R. Mc- Farland, J. Scott, D. Foulis, B. Vallely, M. Adams, G. Moorhead, D. Marshall. 37 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM — BOTTOM ROW: R. Wet- zel, J. Stockstill, C. Globe, D. Hager, G. Sheppard, D. Ballan- tyne. ROW 2: B. Barr, D. Vance, S. White, K. Enke, S. Mush- rush, D. Pennell, R. Thompson, R. Ryback, K. Richards, Mgr. ROW 3: R. Bryant, J. Hendershot, A. Dalmy, J. Postle- thwaite, J. Roth, P. Tyne, H. Hetterscheidt, R. Caruso, J. Raidig-er, Mgr. ROW 4: D. Stevens, J. Globe, J. Underwood, J. Umpleby, C. Ohrstedt, L. Harbaugh, R. Rodock, M. Dunbar, J. Gibson, Mgr. ROW 5: D. McCloud, Mgr., " Pop " Olmstead, Mr. Shaw, Mr. Hendrix, Mr. Caronis, Mr. Hindman. Captain Sterling White leads the Bears out against Whetstone on Homecoming. NORTH 8 WORTHINGTON 20 NORTH WATTERSON 18 NORTH EAST 26 NORTH 6 AQUINAS 14 NORTH 8 WHETSTONE 22 NORTH 12 SOUTH 22 NORTH 20 LINDEN-McKINLEY 32 NORTH 8 WALNUT RIDGE 14 NORTH 14 EASTMOOR 38 38 POLAR BEARS EXERT EFFORT ON FIELD The Polar Bear football team, handicapped by a serious lack of speed and size, played spirited ball all year, but could compile only an 0-9 record, dupli- cating the previous season ' s performance. The Bears showed an excellent defense at times, especially in second half action, but they were never able to couple this with an adequate offense. Lack- ing the speed to run wide and the power to go up the middle. North experimented all year in its backfield, using over a dozen different players in the course of the season. 39 Perhaps North ' s finest game was against Wal- nut Ridge, in which the Bears lost with less than 10 seconds remaining in the game, by the score of 14-8. Another fine effort by the Bears was in the Linden- McKinley game, as they outscored their opponents 14-0 in the second half. In the finale against East- moor, North again sparked late in the game, as Don Pennell scored two touchdowns in his first shot at quarterback and the sturdy Bear line showed its fine potential with crisp impressive blocking. North ' s outstanding performers were tackle Sterling ( " Tojo " ) White and end Kevin Enke, both of whom received honorable mention in the city. Sterling was elected by his teammates as most val- uable player of the ' 64 team for his fine versatile performance. Don Pennell Halfback Bill Barr Halfback Chuck Globe Halfback Sterlint; White Tackle Captain John Postlethwaite skirts left end after eluding a tackier on a kickoff. 40 John Umpleby is in the open to haul in a pass. Randy Wetzel Tackle Jack Stockstill Guard Geoff Sheppard Guard Steve Mushrush Center Roger Thompson Guard Doug Ballantyne Tackle 41 VARSITY CROSS-COUNTRY — BOTTOM ROW: Dennis Beavens, John Rehm, Barry Snider, Joe Lehner, Scott Tallent. ROW 2: Jim Murphy, Greg Kirseh, Dave Wheeler, Lee Pierce, Mark Will, Jim Lyon. ROW 3: Don Harlor, Bob McFarland, Dick Gilmore, Tom Hall, Dick Grenier, Phil Nabil, Mr. Shaw. VARSITY N CROSS COUNTRY Those hardy-souled, iron-legged individ- uals who braved the autumn elements in compiling dozens of miles in practice run- ning, and added to that dozens more in ac- tual competition, composed this year ' s cross country team. Under the supervision of Mr. Shaw and Phil Nabil, a student and long distance runner from Ohio State, the team finished eighth in the city and tenth in the district. Its overall season record was 2-8. The first two men on the team were Senior Dave Wheeler and Junior Bob McFarland. Varsity N was created to give North ' s athletes something extra for their efforts. It consists of those boys who have won a letter in any sport at North. Varsity N member- ship gives those boys the privilege of attend- ing all home games in any sport for the yearly fee of one dollar. Mr. Hindman heads the organization which is merely nominal and holds no meetings. ' T " T VARSITY N — BOTTOM ROW: D. Hager, P. Saunders, C. Globe, D. Pennell, D. Bance, G. Sheppard, B. Barr, S. Mush- rush. ROW 2: J. Montgomery, M. Wilson, C. Purdy, T. Rus- sell, J. Lehner, J. Stockstill, B. Snider, S. Knipe, J. Raidiger. ROW 3: J. Rehm, J. Postlethwaite, L. Harbaugh, E. Robb, D. McCloud, J. Markham, K. Richards, T. Penzone. ROW 4: Mr. Hindman, V. Swearingen, S. White, B. Kanuth, R. Wetzel, P. Bush, J. Evans. 42 43 Jueen Rachel and her escort, Steve Mushrush, enter Wonderland by Night " . The Queen and her court reign over the dance. HOMECOMING 1964, PRODUCES MAGIC DURING " WONDERLAND BY NIGHT " Have you ever seen a " Wonderland by Night? " Those who attended the 1964 Homecoming Dance can tell of a magic occasion, one that vv ill grow in their memories as the years pass. It was a special night of wonder for the court of Liz Brandenburger, Kaye Darling, Retta Early, Vicki Hutchison, and for Queen Rachel. To be Home- coming queen is an honor, the highest tribute North can pay a girl. It lifts her from the everyday life of school to a land of wonder. Although the Polar Bears were not victorious, it did not mar the enchantment of a blue and gold Wonderland, " A Wonderland by Night. " Students watch the intermission and the serenading. The Court and their dates enjoy the Queen ' s Dance. 44 Liz Brandenberger, Kaye Darling, Queen Rachel Watts, 1963 Home- coming Queen Julie Banta, Retta Early, and Vicki Hutchison. Steve and Rachel lead the Queen ' s Dance. Miss Julie Banta crowns Rachel Watts as our 1964 Homecoming Queen. The Top Ten Candidates for Homecoming Queen were as follows: (bottom row) Kaye Darling, Bonnie Jeandrevin, Vicki Hutchison, Anne Reed, Jeri Birtcher, and (top row) Brenda Shropshire, Retta Early, Rachel Watts, Ruth Barton, Liz Bradenberger. 45 The Varsity cheerleaders are Anne Reed, Kathy Wengrer, Rachel Watts, Retta Early, Carol Potts, and Anne Dimit. The head cheerleaders are Rachael Watts and Carolyn Kessler. CHEERLEADERS A deciding basket — a winning touchdown. The response is the mighty roar of several hundred Polar Bears led by the cheerleaders of North High School. Because these girls are the leaders of our team sup- port, they are an important part of North. In the spring, the varsity and reserve cheer- leaders are carefully chosen through two try-outs. First of all, the G.A.A. ' s choose the twelve finalists. From these girls, the final six are chosen by a fac- ulty committee. North ' s school spirit is one of its strongest assets. The cheerleaders help keep it alive and growing. The Reserve cheerleaders are Ann Saslaw, Carolyn Kessler, Sally Wheeler, Vicki Barnhouse, Shana McCabe, and Sherry Cathers. 46 GENERAL SCHOLARSHIP — BOTTOM ROW: J. Kitz- miller, V. Wallace, S. Barnes, P. Shively, A. Dimit, A. Reed, J. Copsey, M. Miller. ROW 2: S. Herron, L. Crow, K. Darling, G. Fotheringham, R. Kuhn, J. Bishop, M. McCon- nell, C. Ryan, V. Swisher, B. Shulters. ROW 3: J. Yereance, S. Piburn, S. Burkey, T. Selby, J. Orvis, D. Svendsen, R. Rybak, J. Rehm.J. Clapp, V. Walter. ROW 4; K. Kidner, R. Allen, J. Dunfee, M. Wise, B. Kibbey, R. Crook, S. Cox, J. Meyer. ROW 5: B. Caldwell, E. Robb, D. Marshall, S. Trumbo, D. Maxwell, K. Dillon, D. Huffman, L. Bolon, K. Wilson, J. Kimnach, J. Smith. GENERAL SCHOLARSHIP TEAM RANKS HIGH IN STATE This year ' s Scholarship Team was composed of forty-eight members all of whom took in the Ohio Gen- eral Scholarship Test for High School Seniors in No- vember. The students picked for membership, displayed good academic achievement in the areas of English, social studies, science, and mathematics. Preparation for the General Scholarship test con- sisted of many hours of study including the 8 A.M. re- view sessions several mornings at school prior to the test. The Scholarship team made a fine showing for themselves as North ' s General Scholarship Team ' s have in the past. Scholarship Team members frequently review together. 47 r i •Mg ROW 1: S. Freeman, L. Held, S. Towle, S. Fears, D. Osborne, C. Daniels, C. Fowler, K. Phillips, B. Strain, K. Paulus. ROW 3: M. Gemeinhardt, S. Herron, L. Paulus, M. Heath. ROW 2: L. Williams, Emsminger, M. Deal, K. Shockey, J. McAfee, B. Justus, F. Epley, D. McBee, M. Ward, J. Erickson, K. Blackburn, L. Cremean, D. S. Alexander, V. Wallace, J. Safstrom, M. Miller, A. Swesty, B. The purpose of Cadet Band is to train students for Concert Band. During fourth period each day, Mr. Dale gives the members special help so that they will be able to play in Concert Band next year. Advanced stu- dents are often placed in Concert Band at mid-year. Members of Cadet Band will surely agree that the musical instruction they re- ceive here is invaluable. J lMj!| 1 f y If ■ m ■HBF- ' HS HrBjl BASS CLEF CLUB — BOTTOM ROW: B. Sharpe, T. Selby, Treas.; C. Morgan, Secy.; B. Caldwell, Pres.; K. Kidner, Vice Pres.; W. Burkey, Soph. Rep.; Mr. Dale, Advisor. ROW 2: G. Hill, J. Snouffer, H. Wasson, E. Corrigan, x. Parrish, D. Chase, S. Burkey. ROW 3: F. Haefner, M. Sidle, E. Ross, Vallely, D. Belter, S. Bartlett, Sgt.-at-Arms. ROW 4: B. Kibbey, J. Frasch. F. Tippett, k. Wickliff, B. Vallely, D. DuBoux, M. Nance, K. Corwin. 48 Geer, W. Burkey, P. Bro, C. Beeler. ROW 4: A. Shaffer, A. Foure- ggH Vallely, C. Holcomb, A. Vallely. ROW 5: M. McDonald, J. man, C. Hobbs, P. Pappas, S. Van Dyke, D. Hartshom, T. Parrish, Qemeinhardt, J. Lewis, J. Birchinal, C. Potts, H. Watson, J. John- G. Cherry, R. Kuhn, F. Tippett, K. Kidner, B. Stafford, S. Cox, R. g s_ Burkey, G. Hill, C. Morgan, J. Elsbry, K. Widcliff, A. Knight. This year ' s North High Orchestra was very- promising. Under the direction of Mr. Dale, they performed two concerts, winter and spring. They also played for the two school plays and various school assemblies. On December 13, 1964, the orchestra had the distinct honor of performing Handel ' s " Messiah " for the Christmas program at Central High School. Twelve high school choirs, including North ' s, sang Christmas selections at this program. Students of North noticed the new attire of the orchestra this year. The girls wore maroon jumpers and the boys wore maroon suit coats. CADET BAND— BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Dale, C. VanVoorhis, R. Dean, J. Rodock, L. Geer, D. Rash, L. Kirkpatrick, P. Panzera, J. Garabadian, W. Zipperlen, R. Young, S. McCabe. The blind girls come to visit Annie as Dr. Anagonis looks on. Helen learns the meaning between the spelled word and the object. PLAY PROVIDES MOVING MOMENTS AND ADDS TO NORTH ' S GROWTH IN 1964 r - 1 l dJ f j 1 IH lEl 1 i jMHB Captain Keller, Aunt Ev., Helen, and Kate Keller. 50 OUR FALL PLAY. . " THE MIRACLE WORKER " On November 20, 1964, North High School pre- sented " The Miracle Worker " as its fall play. This play is the story of the hardships Annie Sullivan encountered while trying to teach Helen Keller, a deaf, blind, and mute girl, to communicate with her hands and to understand what she says. Mr. Donald Dupre directed the performance with the assistance of Nancy Fisher, the student director. The difficult part of Annie Sullivan was expertly portrayed by Grace Brophy. One of the most demanding characterizations was that of Helen Keller, played by Cathy Corzatt. Cathy had to convey to the audience the thoughts and emotions of Helen without being able to speak, hear, or see. Cathy ' s single line, " Wah . . . wah, Wah . . . wah, " was the climax of the play when Helen finally understands that words mean tangible things. Dave Chase was Captain Keller, Linna Crow was Kate Keller, Mark Seymour was James Keller, and Sue Nicholas was Aunt Ev. Marie McConnell played Viney, the cook, and Jerina Copsey and Jean Perry were Sara and Martha, two young girls. Woody Campbell and Ray Crook portrayed two doc- tors, and Carol Dignan, Marilyn Lloyd, Bobbie Mir- ise, and JoAnn Van Atta were the blind girls. Mr. and Mrs. Keller look wonderingly upon their daughter ' s teacher. Annie Sullivan marvels at Helen ' s ability to comprehend. 51 Students busily paste up pictures and copy as a deadline approaches. MEMORY BOOK You are now reading and seeing the results of more than a year ' s planning and work for another North High Memory Book. Section editors spend many after-school hours writing about North High ' s varied activities. It isn ' t strange that the yearbook is called " The Memory Book, " because the staff members would find it almost impossible to forget their amazement as they started with nothing and ended up with 160 pages of memories! Writing copy for the yearbook demands creativity. Happiness is Chinese Checkers instead of pasting-up. MEMORY BOOK— BOTTOM ROW: Adria Harpold, Underclassmen Ed.; Kathy Barr, Co-Senior Ed.; Joe Lecco, Ass ' t. Boys ' Sports Ed.; Pat Shively, Bus Mgr.; Judy Steele, Ass ' t. Art Ed.; Melody Dow, Editor; Mark Wise, Student Life Ed.; Bonnie Jeandrevin, Art Ed.; Marie McConnell, Faculty Ed.; Christy Barnhouse, Co-Senior Ed. ROW 2: Rick Bryant, Photo Ed.; Dianna Hutchison, Index Ed.; Carole Bradfield, Index Ed.; Marsha Juniper, Index Ed.; Georgeanna Sterling-, Circulation Mgr.; Chris Stickley, Ass ' t. Student Life Ed.; Karen Raquet, Girls ' Sports Ed,; John Srhidlovskv. Boys ' Sports Ed.; Miss Seifert. Advisor. ■ ■P -- " " ■ ' V ' -J s g itTH H h i . 1 Eek, a mouse! 52 Editor — Jerina Copsey Business Manager — Donna Palmer Assistant — Connie Richards News Editor — Steve Trumbo Feature Editor — Marilyn Ward Managing and Layout Editor — Linda Freitag Assistant — Phyllis Bryant Boy Sport Editor — Phil Packard Girls Sport Editor— Dee Pettit Art Editor — Barb Cornelius Copy Editor — Suzy Kidner Headline Editor— Beth Phillips Photography — Harry Risor Duane Maupin Roving Reporter — Jessie Wood Reporters : Sandy Bernard, Bonnie Johnston, Pat Melton, Sherman Ryan, Susie Soler Charlotte Sullivan Cartoonist — Connie Scites, Circulation Manager — Cathy Corzatt Psst! Did you hear about . POLARIS STAFF Room 115 has a special significance to the Polaris Staff, because the paper grows from as- signed stories to 4 to 6 pages of writing or in news- paper language, copy. The senior editors help the reporters learn about headlines, galley sheets, and trips to Hollon- beck Press on the days the paper is printed. The tan- gible copies of the Polaris seem to say, " Success can grow out of chaos. " Duh! Oh well, that ' s juniors for you! POLARIS STAFF— BOTTOM ROW: Suzy Kidner, Barb Cornelius, Marilyn Ward, Feature Ed.; Donna Palmer, Bus. Mgr.; Jerina Copsey, Ed.; Cathy Cor- zatt, Linda Freitag, Dee Pettit, Steve Trumbo, News Ed.; Sally Seifert, Advisor. ROW 2: Beth Phillips, Charlotte Sullivan, Connie Scites, Connie Richards, Phyllis Bryant, Sue Soler, Bonnie Johnston, Sandy Bernard. ROW 3: Sherman Ryan, Bob Collins, Photo; Duane Maupin, Harry Risor, Photo; Jesse Wood, Phil Packard. 53 ART HELPERS— BOTTOM ROW: Barbara Cornel- ius, Roy Wentzel, Susi Soler. ROW 2: Judie Foulk, Roy Renshaw, Donna Robleto. ART ASSISTANTS Art assistants are students chosen from the regular art cl asses. Throughout the year, they help with classes and supplies. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council injects the students ' voice into the affairs of the school. It is composed of one representative from each sophomore and junior homeroom and two representatives from each senior homeroom, all of whom attend twice-monthly meet- ing. The next day the affairs discussed in the coun- cil, are reported to the homerooms and are further discussed. With the able guidance of Mr. Dupre, the coun- cil determines and co-ordinates such activities as raising Christmas money for needy families of the area, selling athletic programs, sponsoring dances, and other matters basic to the students ' share of school responsibility. STUDENT COUNCIL — BOTTOM ROW: J. Meyer, R. Steakley, S. Trumbo, Treas.; S. Barnes, Recording Secy.; T. Parrish, Pres.; J. Smith, V.P.; D. Serio, Corres. Secy.; J. Kimnach, Serv. Chm.; Mr. Dupre, Advisor. ROW 2: L. Freitag, J. Forgoress, A. Saslaw, S. Tsai, B. Mirise, K. Blackburn, C. Connelly, R. Dean, S. Gathers, B. Dugan. M. Borror, K. Stafford. ROW 3: T. Hammond, S. Wiles, E. Keys, S. Browning, S. Page, S. Hetrick, J. Erickson, L. Barr, B. Markley, A. Johnson, J. Lehner, S. Wheeler, P. McBurney. ROW 4: C. Taylor, B. Shropshire, M. Adams, D. Carmean, S. Richwine, S. Freeman, K. Usselman, M. Mara, K. Patterson, B. Heilman, K. Paulus, R. Kuhn, M. Williams. ROW 5: E. Robb, R. Allen, W. Campbell, J. Hen- dershot, J. Rehm, R. Wetzel, T. Craft, F. Lyons, B. Parker, B. Kanuth, K. Dillon, J. King, B. Flavin, G. Brophy, V. Wallace. 54 SOCIAL AND RECREATIONAL COUNCIL— BOTTOM ROW: Linda Crow, Steve Mushrush, Retta Early, Steve Cox, Brenda Shropshire, Jerry Smith, Anne Reed. ROW 2: Mr. Dupre, Advisor; Rachel Watts, Bob Kanuth, Ed Robb, John Stockstill, Bonnie Jeandrevin, Miss Gregg, Advisor. SOCIAL AND RECREATIONAL COUNCIL Social and Recreation Council extends their services to the social events that came up in the course of the year. Social and Recreational Council sponsored the Gridiron Hop after a football game. They also planned dance policies and procedures for dances after basketball games. The biggest event of the year sponsored by the Social and Recre- ational Council was the Belle Beau at Valley Dale. STUDENT COURT The student Court of North constitutes its judi- cial branch of student government. The Court is made up of seniors elected by the student body. There are six judges, a chief justice, and four clerk- baliffs. The Court met daily and judged cases, handed down verdicts, and helped the students. The mem- bers of Student Court this year have done a fine job in enforcing school rules and advising students. Purchasing flowers and decorating the stage for baccalaureate was one of the services rendered by the Student Court. stttt iri Sii STUDENT COURT — BOTTOM ROW: Gail Fotheringham, Judge; Christy Bamhouse, Judge; Kaye Darling, Judge; Linda Crow, Clerk-Bailiff; Phyllis Cassell, Judge. ROW 2: Ken Wilson, Clerk-Bailiff; Mark Wise, Clerk-Bailiff; Don Pennell, Chief Justice; Bill Barr, Judge; Dean Huffman, Clerk-Bailiff. SOCIAL REC SELLS " BELLE BEAU " TICKETS .... 55 SAFETY COU.XCIL — BOTTOM ROW: Kelley Dillon, Nan- cy Bradfield, Secretary; Mark Wise, Vice President; David Hiss, Treasurer; Donna Thomas, Shelia Tsai. ROW 2: Steve Cox, Phil Peddle, Richie Allen, Ed Miller. AUDIO-VISUAL Audio-Visual, under the expert leadership of Mr. Sparrow, is composed of hard working boys aiding the teachers with recorders, record players and film strips which help them in teaching classes and subjects. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to run the Audio-Visual department at North, but the boys are conscientious and work tirelessly to keep the department in order. SAFETY COUNCIL One of the primary activities of North ' s Safety Council was the presentation of a safety assembly. The purpose of the assembly was to present to the students thought provoking ideas on safety. The Council carried out various other safety projects throughout the year. The officers elected for the Safety Council were Woody Campbell, president; Mark Wise, vice-presi- dent; David Hiss, treasurer; and Nancy Bradfield, secretary. PROJECTION CLUB — BOTTOM ROW: Harry Risor, Bob Collins, Dave Barber, Lynn Bolon. ROW 2: Mr.- Sparrow, Harold Dunn. Monika Cornelius, Larry Yerke ROW 3: Mike Fought, Gerry King, Duane Maupin, Bill MacCaughey. Oh, but the view out here is much better! 104 STAFF— BOTTOM ROW: Susan Trago, Laurie Will, Sharon Pigg, Pat Shively, Vicki Hutchison, Leslie Mahler, Susan Barnes, Ruth Barton, Lanette Sparks, Lois Gentile. ROW 2: Dawn Lamp, Leslie Dixon, Betty Sammons, Peggy Nelson, Jenny White, Janis Tremain, LoAnne White, Claudette Brammer, Sondra Sparks, JoAnne Shuttleworth, Ruth Farringer, Mait Millei Sus ui (ii en Susan Jett, Ruby Haley, Joyce Evans, Evelyn White. ROW 3: Karen Blackburn, Nancy Eckenrode, Anne Huffman, Karen Scales, Toni Tremain, Janice Bailey, Sharon Cox, Nancy Bradfield, Adria Harpold, Inge Stamm, Ellen Bolin, Patti Binghiser, Mollie Mara, Cheryl Wilson, Susan Skidmore. 104 STAFF Under the guidance of Mr. Budd, the girls in room 104 work to keep accurate attendance records. After collecting all of the pink slips, blue slips, and white slips, they type and distribute the attendance lists. Along with their job of keeping attendance records, these busy girls answer the telephone and file schedule cards. Whenever you have received one of the green " report-to-the-office " slips you probably did not realize the work that went into the process of getting it to you. LIBRARY STAFF Headed by North ' s librarians, Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Althar, the library staff consists of students who volunteer their services to help keep the library running efficiently. This gives the students the opportunity to render service to their school and offers them in return some valu- able experience in clerical duties. LIBRA.R ' i SIA.FF — BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Althar, T. Southard, S. Kidd, R. Newman, T. Newberry, D. Allison, Mrs. Wright. ROW 2: W. Delph, J. Bucknor, P. Melton, R. Dunn, S. Hetrick, J. Needles, P. Lelux, W. Wynn. ROW 3: N. Adams, R. Wall, M. Wooten, S. Baxter, C. Dignan, B. Anthony, A. Butler. ROW 4: T. Shockey, T. Connors. 57 103 STAFF— BOTTOM ROW: Patsy Brooks, Cheryl Thistle, Carol McColIum, Janelle Theis, Donna Thomas. ROW 2: Ruth Thomas, Marcia Pinkerton, Mr. Woodruff, Larry Diehr, Ruth Barton. 103 STAFF The 103 Staff is a group of pupils who work in the business office. They are placed under the diligent care of Mr. Woodruff, better known as " Woody " . The duties of these students are to act as recep- tionists when the students bring in club money. They check student ' s sports eligibility cards, they sell tickets to all sport events, and they keep records of the sports officials and referees. Also they help make preparations for the All Sports Banquet held in the spring. CAFETERIA CLUB— BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Holt, D. BaldridKe, S. McDonie, J. Needles, V.P.; F. Davison, Secy.; B. Shropshire, Treas.; D. Wills, C. Howard. ROW 2: M. Same, R. Thomas, K. Koo, S. Browning, B. Krejci, S. Smith, C. Sullivan. ROW 3: B. Griffith, D. McCune, P. Bowman, C. McCollum, M. Mc- Kenzie, J. Stanton, G. Sweitzer, A. Shaffer, C. Allen. ROW 4: S. Casbarro, T. Newberry, J. Dortmund, B. Shropshire, M. McCall, A. Kamzuri, C. Ballog, G. Adkins, C. Griffith. ROW 5: W. Reynolds, J. Theis, L. Meade, R. Reynolds, P. Kooser, B. Baker, D. Zollinger, J. Perry. CAFETERIA CLUB The Cafeteria Club members assist in the oper- ation of the cafeteria during the day. The purpose of this club is to provide social activities for these eager pupils. Such activities are a Halloween party, Valentine party, and May picnic. Also, there are awards given to those students who have accumulated a specific number of points by participating in extra club activities. These awards include a certificate, a North pin, and an achievement pin. 58 SPECIAL SERVICES Under the careful guidance of Mr. Briggs and student co-ordinator, Gloria Wilson, Special Serv- ices is responsible for all of the mimeographed work at North. These girls do accurate and dependable work. They type and mimeograph the daily bulletins and tests for the faculty. Also they do extra jobs for outside clubs, church organizations, and they type the basketball pro- grams. Often these girls are recommended for future office work. SPECIAL SERVICES— BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Brig-gs, Sue Ann Gilbert, Marilyn Williams, Gloria Wilson, Barbara Knight, Barb Fleck. ROW 2: Virginia Chandler, Pam Pennell, Georgia Adkins. Kathy Merz, Sharon Blackburn, Judy Mabe, Virginia Burton, Susi Soler, Carol Clark, Allison Cox. 105 STAFF Mrs. Bumen in room 105 is the junior counselor at North. Mrs. Bumen is aided by a staff of girls who do many jobs for the junior counselor. The girls ' tasks include filing college pamphlets, running er- rands, and taki ng sick students to the clinic. They also check to see that the clinic is in order. The staff of girls is small but adequate for getting the job done. 105 STAFF— BOTTOM ROW: Randi Shy, Nancy Fisher, Leslie Mahler, Ruth Barton, Elaine Russell, Peggy DeVault. ROW 2: Pam Pennell, Diane Evans, Sue Ann Gilbert, Georgia Adkins, Jessica Cooper, Melanie Hedges, Mary Ann Dearth, Jan Emsvviler, Barbara Funk, Vanda Kunzelman. 106 STAFF Mr. Byerly in room 106 assists many North High seniors who are college bound with counseling, mailing applications, and giving information on col- lege board tests. Mr. Byerly is ably assisted by a staff of students who give their time and effort be- fore school and during study periods helping stu- dents find college preparatory material and scoring aptitude and intelligence tests. GUIDANCE OFFICE— BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Hein, Cindy Lawson, Ray Crook, Karen Raquet, Kathy Barr, Karen Vogt, Susan Fitzwater, Don Pennell. ROW 2: Ann Wolf, Julie Hatfield, Elizabeth Adams, Betsy Scott, Brian Shaf- fer, Ray Kruse, Tim Baird, Steven Fotheringham, Mr. Byerly. 59 MAIN OFFICE — BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Kunkler. Sandi Browning, Carol McCollum, Anne Diniit, Jerina Copsey, Glena Dalton, Evelyn White, Nancy Echenrode, Mrs. Poling. ROW 2: Valerie Swisher, Roberta Egan, Marilyn Deal, Cathy Cowgill, Carolyn Fowler, Janet Harkins, Peggy DeVault, Mary Wooten, Jackie Landers, Wanda Wynn, Lynn Nybell .ROW 3: Mr. House, Patti Hancock, Barbara Hamrick, Rosemma Fought, Chris Griffith, Nancy Bradfield, Susan Fitzwater, Laurie Will, Linda Freitag, Mr. Decatur. MAIN OFFICE STAFF BOOKROOM STAFF— BOTTOM ROW: Joe Frasch, Steve Cox, Chrm.; Jim Kimnach. ROW 2: Dave Ackerman, Steve Knipe, Barry Heilman, Bob Sprague. Almost everyone at one time or another has visited the main office. You might have been sent to deliver a message or you might have been ex- tended a personal invitation. (Watch out for those little green slips!) In either case, you were offered the courteous service of the office girls. In addition to the expert efficiency of the office girls, you were undoubtedly impressed at the excel- lent leadership. Mr. Edgar W. House has served North High devotedly as principal. He has support- ed North ' s traditions to the utmost. Mr. Robert Decatur, our vice-principal, has been at North for three years. He, too, has recognized North ' s tradi- tions and status. But, we should recognize them with their superb qualities of leadership, as the chief reason why North continues to rank with distinc- tion among Ohio high schools. BOOKROOM STAFF The bookroom staff claims to be the " unsung he- roes " of North High and they can justify their title to some extent. For we forget that they sacrifice a portion of their summer vacations to count and check the books to the satisfaction of Mr. Budd. We also overlook the various repairs of books they make throughout the year. Certainly we must give them credit for handling smooth- ly their biggest task: the distribution and the collection of textbooks. 60 RADIO STAFF The voices that flow over the P. A. system most generally come from the members of the Radio Staff. This staff is under the leadership and supervision of Miss Gregg. These students work to handle any an- nouncements to the whole school, and other special bulletins. RADIO STAFF— BOTTOM ROW: Gloria Wilson, Suzanne Pilburn, Kathy Sparrow, Judy Steele, Lanette Sparks, Rachel Watts. ROW 2: Miss Gregg, Art Valley, Woody Campbell, Ron Burling, Ron Rybak, Tony Penzone. ROW 3: Garry Hill, Steve Cox, Keith Richards, Tom Alexander, Phil Stone, Phillip Peddle, Jim Case. STUDENTS WORK BEHIND THE SCENES STAGE CREW The stage crew, without a doubt, is one of the hardest working organizations at North. Their main job is setting up all lighting and sound equipment on the stage, gym, and in the stadium. This also in- cludes other equipment used in all assemblies. STAGE CR " W— BOTTOM ROW: Phillip Peddle, John Stockstill, Dave Hiss. ROW 2: Mr. Spence, Harry Webb, Joe Manter, Bill Bornhauser. 61 CLEF CLUB — BOTTOM ROW: N. Fisher, Sgt.-at-Arms; M, McConnell, Projects Chairman; C. Potts, Treas.; D. Serio, V. Pres.; R. Kuhn, Pres.; L. Paulus, Secy.; S. Herron, Publicity Chairman; J. Bishop, Social Chairman; J. Clapp, Sgt.-at- Arms. ROW 2: R. Steger, B. Graham, D. Daniels, S. Towle, S. Alexander, M. Ward. F. Epley, C. VanVoorhis, C. Gemein- CLEF CLUB The Clef Club includes girls of the North High Band, Orchestra, and Cadet Band. The purpose of the club is to help the girls in the instrumental music program to become better acquainted and to be of service to the department, the school, and the com- munity. Among the activities of the club this year were a bake sale and a newspaper drive. Not all the activi- ties were money-raising projects. In November, the club had a beatnik dance party, and in December, a Christmas party for alumnae of the Band and Orchestra. BIBLE CLUB — BOTTOM ROW: Janice Wiant, V. Pres.; Ronald Reynolds, Pres.; Jo Ann Leesburg, Secy. ROW 2: Dorothy Kidd, Clara Settler, Claire Welsh, Elizabeth Katter- hardt, J. Johnson, Alumnae Chairman. ROW 3: S. Callahan, C. Loy, L. Hawkins, L. Barr, J. Erickson, N. Cowan, C. Ryan, A. Shaffer, A. Hall, B. Wood. ROW 4: J. Dortmund, D. Brooker, M. Deal, C. Hobbs, G. Cherry, C. Brown, S. Clapp. ROW 5: Mr. Dale, L. Cremean, K. Phillips, P. Hightower P. Bro, D. Rash, K. Paulus, S. Freeman. BIBLE CLUB The purpose of the Bible Club is to give mem- bers a chance to have Christian fellowship with other students at North. Ministers and teachers are invited as guest speakers to meetings which are held every morning. Two parties are held each year, one at midyear, the other in June. kenry, Cheryl Allen, Janice Scott, Patti Hancock. ROW 3: Sandra Kidd, Annette Butler, Norma Dunlap, Gordon May- nard, Wayne Reynolds. Donna McClure, Mary Lowary. CHESS CLUB — BOTTOM ROW: Ron Burling, Ken Wilson, Pres.; David Leighty, Bob Miller. ROW 2: Yee Ping, David DuBoux, Frank Zang, Mike Fought, Mike Fulton. CHESS CLUB At the beginning of the year, chess technique instruction was given at weekly meetings. As the year progressed, elimination tournaments were held to determine the members of the Chess Team. Under the advisorship of Mr. Sparrow, the team then arranged matches with other schools such as Eastmoor, Brookhaven, Marion-Franklin, and Whitehall. Members of the stage crew work behind the scenes of many school activities. The Stage Crew boys strain to set up scenery of the fall play. 63 D. E. C. A. D.E.C.A. — BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Briggs, T. Kooser, D. Vernon, P. Igel, D. Nye. ROW 2: D. Huston, L. Auston, W. Pierce, G. Micks, S. Gillenwater, B. Smith, S. Miller. ROW 3: Garner, J. Lamp, G. Farmer, W. Dodan, P. H. James, Hall. R. Lamar, S. The North High D.E.C.A. Club is a member of the Distributive Education Clubs of America. The club ' s aim is to inform its members of careers in retail selling. Most of these students have special schedules where they attend school half the day and work the other half. RED CROSS The Red Cross organization at North was formed to train students interested in future careers of medicine. One of the most important pro- jects was their visit to the blood center in February, a valuable experience for all forty members. A major event of the year was the orientation held in the spring at the Electric Company. Here, prominent representatives of this field gave both information and inspiration to those students who attended. Last, but not least, the Red Cross, in hopes that the coming year would be as successful, sponsored a car wash to boost their treasury. RED CROSS — BOTTOM ROW: S. Kidd, Publicity Chairman; J. Wiant, Secy.; S. Browning, Pres.; V. Axline, Activities Chairman; J. Spencer, Sgt.-at-Arms; Miss Lucas, Advisor. ROW 2: B. Sassley, W. Delph, D. Thomas, J. Rodock, K. Spar- rows, S. Piburn, J. Fitzmiller, C. Warren, B. Dugan, C. King. ROW 3: P. Ingram, R. Parker, D. Cruz, B. Pierce, D. Neai, P. Walters, M. Thornton, K. Tantes, S. Piccenti, A. Huffman. ROW 4: M. Lockett, S. Turner, B. Sches, B. Green, K. Scales, P. Bush, R. Fought, N. Crosier, D. Given, L. Usselman, E. Adams, E. White. SUMMER WINTER AUTUMN 65 It ' s time to cram for exams when January rolls around. Don ' t look at the keys We ' re on the outside looking in. Oh, you don ' t say. 66 FLOATS WINTER Some students find it very painstaking to write. These Sundowners were really swinging at the senior party. Both teachers and students join in a rousing pep assembly. Practice makes perfect. 67 VARSITY BASKETBALL — BOTTOM ROW: lil Carniean, Mgi-., Don Pennell, Jack Clifford, Steve Wormaii, Hob Kanuth, Tom Burns, Bill Heilman, John Crowder, Mgr. ROW 2: Glen Mullins, Mg-r., Skip Hetterscheidt, Mgr., Paul Castle, Larry Harbaug-h, Steve Collins, Mike Dunbar, Mr. Eaton, " Pop " Olmstead, Mr. Caronis, Doug McCloud. BASKETBALL North finished an unpredictable basket- ball season with a 7-9 record. The team posted a 3-8 record in a very tough City League race, finishing in a tie for seventh. Lacking consistency, the cagers showed hints of excellence that at times threatened to blos- som into outstanding basketball. With only two seniors on the squad, the Polar Bears lacked the maturity that comes from ex- perience. Among the more exciting games of the year was a 56-53 win over Worthington in the opening game, a 66-62 victory over Wat- terson, and a 70-69 conquest of arch-rival Whetstone. North was paced all year by its senior captain and all-city center Bob Ka- nuth. He averaged 18.7 points per game, good for fourth place in the City League race. The loss of Kanuth, one of the best bas- ketball players to come from North, leaves next year ' s team with a big gap to fill. In the district basketball tournament, North could not get past a fine Eastmoor team in the first game, losing 80-60. A large turn-out by enthusiastic ' students expressed appreciation for a very interesting season. Mr. Eaton once again served as coach of the cagers. Kanuth and Clifford pull down a rebound as Pennell looks on. 68 Bo b Kanuth Center Captain Dun Pennell Guard North 56 Worthington 53 North 64 Aquinas 49 North 61 Eastmoor 77 North 66 Watterson 62 North 70 Whetstone 69 North 54 St. Charles 49 North 51 East 83 North 57 Newark 69 North 82 Hartley 70 North 64 West 75 North 46 Walnut Ridge 70 North 74 Central 87 North 58 South 93 North 85 Marion-Franklin 66 North 47 Brookhaven 62 North 60 Linden-McKinley 80 Kanuth hooks from the circle. RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM — BOTTOM ROW: Bob Likens, Mike Serio, Skip Johns. Dave Leatherman, Mike Hairston. ROW 2: Irl Carmean, John Crowder, Mr. Caronis, " Pop " Ohnstead, Chuck Taylor, Dan Zimmerman. 69 9 ' ' ' l ■ t 1 3 1 m 1 Bill Heilman drives in for another basket. Jack Clifford goes up to deflect a shot. SPORTS ADD SPARK TO NORTH ' S ACTIVITY PROGRAM DURING WINTER, FALL, SPRING AND SUMMER Ed Johnson goes up for a " dunk " . VARSITY WRESTLING— BOTTOM ROW: Jimmy Davis, Jim Montgomery, Mike Thornton, Chuck Globe, Bill Barr, Mike Keith, Steve Knipe, Dick Gilmore. ROW 2: Mr. Hindman, John Rehm, Greg Norris, Doug Stevens, Doug Ballantyne, Craig Gal lagher, Doug McCloud, Mgr. 70 N.F.L. MEMBERS WORK HARD DURING VARIED SPEECH CONTESTS CONTEST SPEECH — BOTTOM ROW: Steve Fother- ingham, Paul Cloug-h, Jeannie Erickson, Gail Fothering- hani, Pat Shively, Ken Wilson, Joe Frasch. ROW 2: Gail Hellier, Carolyn Bianeo, Dee Rawlings, Karen Blackburn, Jean Sparrow, Sheila Tsai, Pat Melton, Barry Heilman. ROW 3: Arthur Knight, Cheryl Ryan, Mrs. Stout, Susan Page, Sue Skidmore, Kathy Paulus, Robin Wall, Anita Schumaker. ROW 4: Jim Gaines, Doug McCloud, Jesse Wood, John Hamilton, Phil Packard, and Sherman Ryan. Throughout the school year the North ' s speech and debate team compete with other schools in speech tournaments and student congresses. They entered in debate, extemperaneous speaking, humor- ous interpretation, dramatic interpretation, original oratory, and ortorical declamation. Not only do the students participating gain experience in public speaking, but they also earn points for membership in the National Forensic League of North High School. The National Forensic League is a club com- posed of students who enjoy speaking in inter- scho- lastic competition. Through participation in speech events, the student may earn points, these being given in proportion to the excellence of his perform- ance. An individual earning twenty-five points, earns the right to join the club. The degree of honor is achieved with seventy-five points, the degree of excellence with 150 points, the ultimated degree of distinction with 250 points. In this way, as the stu- dent ' s skill in speaking grows, his attainment of degrees increases also. N.F.L.— BOTTOM ROW: Joseph Frasch, Sgt. at Arms; Steve Fotheringham, Ken Wilson, Vice-Pres.; Gail Fother- ingham, Pres.; Pat Shively, Treas.; Jeanne Erickson, Rec. Secy.; Jeanie Copsey, Soc. Chm.; Mrs. Stout. ROW 2: Cheryl Ryan, Jolyn Clapp, Susan Barnes, Grace Brophy, Jesse Wood, Phil Packard, Virginia Walter, Shana McCabe, Woody Campbell. 71 SPANISH CLUB — BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Eggers, J. Ward, Courtesy Chairman; D. Huffman, Sgt.-at-Ai-ms ; R. Crook, Treas.; S. Barnes, Pres.; S. McCabe, V. Pres.; R.Early, Secy.; N. Crosier, Soc. Chairman; M. Wise, Publicity Chairman; P. Peddie, Service Chairman. ROW 2: S. Trago, V. Swisher, G. Dalton, A. Dimit, A. Hitchcock, C. Warren, B. Dugan, M. Crowder, C. Griffith. ROW 3: J. White, B. Greem, B. Fleck, B. Shulters. A. Knowlton, C. King, K. Barr, K. McFarland, L. Brandenberger, B. Shropshire, K. Vogt, L. Freitag. ROW 4: R. Fought, D. Palmer, M. Fout, B. Mooney, D. Given, K. Dil- lon, D. Anderson, J. Case, M. Seymour, C. Seymour, C. Barn- house, R. Barton. SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club is composed of those students who express a desire in learning about Spanish and Mexican culture, as well as participating in the many activities which are a part of being in the Spanish Club. There were two fiestas and a Christ- mas party among the club ' s activities this year. Spanish Club ' s biggest activity this year was acting as host for the city wide Spanish Fiesta held March 19, 1965. The club did a fine job in helping to organize the entertainment provided by North and the other high schools represented. SPANISH CLUB — BOTTOM ROW: R. Kruse, J. Kauffman, B. Nutt, B. Barbour, L. Barr, S. Fears, L. Hawkins. ROW 2: C. Howard, B. Schneider, C. Brown, J. Gemeinhardt, C. Beeler, R. Steger, M. Standiford, J. Needles, B. Murray, B. Dye, P. Knight, L. Fisher, M. Cooper. ROW 3: B. Lowe, D. Beaven, A. Hall, N. Cowan, S. Metzger, L. Marburger, C. Cowgill, P. Hightower, K. Wise, P. Millsap, S. King, J. Brunfield. ROW 4: P. Castle, P. Harris, K. Hildebrand, S. Greenlee, J. Green- lee, K. Clark, D. Ulseth, T. Harris, K. Nelson, D. Leach, B. Lee, D. Jewett, M. Lowary. ROW 5: T. Hammond, B. Sprague, T. Shockey, F. Tippett, B. Vallely, C. Taylor, M. Fought, M. McConnell, R. Colby, D. Duboux, M. Fought, C. Scoles, D. Millsap, D. Sparks. 72 GERMAN CLUB — BOTTOM ROW: L. Bernhard, R. Rodock, Treas.; A. Dalmy, V. Kunzelman, Pres.; M. Morrison, Secy. ROW 2: B. Knight, K. Sparrow, S. Piburn, J. Wiant. ROW 3: L. Robinson, I. Williams, J. Cooper, B. Cornelius, S. Wiles, K. Will. ROW 4: M. Mauritz, I. Stamm, P. Bryant, M. Cor- nelius, S. Clapp. ROW 5: M. Tubbs, J. Kennerly, L. Marcum, D. Barber, R. B illingsley, L. Schultz, F. Haefner. GERMAN CLUB The purpose of " Der Deutsch Verin " , the German Club, is to acquaint the members with the Germany of today and yesterday. This gives German students a better under- standing and more appreciation for the German customs. The meetings are conducted in German to give the students a practical use for what they have learned in class. Larry Schultz, Margaret Morrison, Sandy Clapp, and Mike Tubbs translate a German magazine. 73 FRENCH CLUB — BOTTOM ROW: D. Serio, Program Chairman; K. Wenger, Publicity Chairman; P. Shively, Secy.; S. Herron, V. Pres.; J. Smith, Pres.; A. Reed, Social Chair- man; S. Trumbo, Sgt.-at-Arms; K. Darling, Treas. ROW 2: J. Safstrom, R. Newman, C. Lawson, C. Connelly, L. Nybell, D. Rawlings, D. Hutchison, S. Piccenti, M. Ward, L. Williams. ROW 3: L. Geer, B. Phillips, C. Kessler, C. Barber, J. Bailey, S. Alexander, S. Richwine, A. Johnson, V. Wallace, J. Thomp- son, N. Loop, S. Rogers, V. Swisher. ROW 4: A. Harpold, A. Huffman, J. Southwick, N. Adams, C. Richards, L. Cremean, M. McConnell, G. Pettit, M. Bowen, C. Stewart, A. Foure- man, N. Davison. ROW 5: T. Penzone, R. Allen, R. Burling, L. Bolen, P. Clough, S. Lucas, S. Wright, J. Scott, C. Ohrstedt, J. Schidlovsky, Mrs. Sherman. FRENCH CLUB One of the most enjoyable events of this year was the French Banquet held at the Ohio Union. Stu- dents from high schools all around the city took part. The French Club meets every month. These meet- ings provide the students with a chance to use their French conversationally. At one of the most inter- esting meetings, the various classes present skits in French. Some of the skits are from plays and com- mercials seen on television. The French Club also has a Christmas party and sings in the Foreign Language Christmas Program at school. FKK.WH CLUB — BOTTOM ROW: B. Temple, A. Saslaw, M. MacCall, S. Magrew, D. Gibbons, V. Hutchison, K. Staf- ford, S. Kidner. ROW 2: C. Gemeinhardt, J. Evans, L. Van- Gieson, S. Callahan, C. Apple, P. Lelux, B. Hively, P. Mc- Bumey, M. Dearth, J. Marburger, B. Jacobs, S. Nicholas. ROW 3: R. Dean, T. Tremain, K. Sparrow, A. Swesty, Gilda McDaniel, L. Held, M. Beetham, S. Wheeler, J. Erickson, M. Heath, S. Freeman. ROW 4: C. Pared, T. Newberry, S. Koon, S. Lewis, C. Parolo, D. Long, B. Woodruff, L. Bames, A. Shaffer, R. Wall, K. Tantes, M. Hawkins. ROW 5: M. Sey- mour, J. Frasch, J. Walcutt, T. Selby, J. Dunfee, D. Barber, R. Davis, J. Postlethwaite, R. Trout, G. Parks, M. Hammond, D. Carmean, S. Knipe, L. Harbough, D. McCloud. 74 VERGILIAN CLUB — BOTTOM ROW M Lee, J Mantei Sgt.-at-Arms; J. Schidlovsky, Treas.; M. Miller, V. Pres.; B. Jeandrevin, Pres.; L. Crow, Secy.; C. Ryan, Publicity Chairman; G. Fotheringham, Program Chairman; S. Tsai, Mrs. DeWees. ROW 2: J. Erickson, C. Apple, S. Smelker, J. Jay, T. Sida, R. Mewmen, D. Lamp, P. Bowman, P. Hanes, F. Epley, J. Webb, D. Osborn, A. Fuller, D. Beeler, N. Loop, G. Sterling, E. Russell, B. Pierce. ROW 3: F. Davison, B. Scott, S. Gathers, C. Snider, C. Ellison, J. Forgress, B. Grif- fith, B. Dempsey, K. Sparrow, S. Piburn, G. Amstutz, J. Haikinb, W Wunn, R Stegei, S Steihng, K Claik Him mond, M. Dow, M. Bowen. ROW 4: J. Gilkerson, J. Alexander, C. Allen, J. Arn, J. Elsbee, P. Cassell, A. Sheumaker, L. Reed, E. Ragland, D. Ackerman, J. Garabodian, J. Cheek, S. Skid- more, C. Richards, S. DeVault, E. White, E. Corrigan, D. Tasi, B. Likens. ROW 5: T. Miser, D. Moots, R. Bell, B. Heilman, S. Cox, T. Reynolds, J. Berchinal, J. Rehm, K. Usselman, C. Halley, M. Mara, J. Andrews, L. Dow, A. Knight, P. Freeman, B. Bornhauser, S. Clark, M. Adams, K. Corwin, G. Hatfield, R. Dillon. VERGILIAN CLUB RECEIVES HIGH HONOR Vergilian Club is a special organization designed to give Latin students a chance to meet other Latin students in pursuit of a common interest. Each year the club has two picnic meetings. They have a variety of programs and speakers to familiarize the members with subjects of interest in the Latin area. The club ' s biggest event is the annual Junior Classical League State Convention in the spring. This year North has been honored due to the excellent teaching methods of Mrs. Frances DeWees. North has received the Hildenshein Vase which is the symbol of excellence in Latin scholarship. It is presented annually by the Ohio Classical Conference and is patterned after Roman relics found in Germany. Mrs. DeWees was the proud recipient of the Hildenshein Vase for excellence in teaching Latin. 75 BETTY LAMP CLUB — BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Adams, Ad- visor; M. Juniper, Recreation Chm.; G. Sweitzer, Secy.; S. Piccenti, Music Chm.; C. Barnhouse, Pres.; D. Palmer, V. Pres.; K. Vogt, Treas.; Mrs. Robb. ROW 2: M. Smith, B. Hall, S. Cassell, P. Baisden, J. Buckner, P. Sark, M. Whitaker, C. Warren, C. King, L. Van Dyke, C. McCollum, G. Mann. Row 3: G. Galvin, J. Savoia, S. Kidd, M. Gross, K. Taylor, K. Clark, C. Chandler, D. Gibbons, B. Griffith, C. Brooks, S. Woodard, J. Gier, A. Huffman. ROW 4: D. Mobley, L. Bill- man, D. Miller, H. Watts, D. Johnson, A. Hammond, K. Shep- pard, P. Butcher, C. Griffith, L. Maberry, D. Thomas, C. Stewart, M. Oppenheimer. ROW 5: B. Brown, B. Green, B. Lawson, P. Ringhiser, K. Trimmer, J. Mabe, N. Crosier, J. Cooper, S. Fitch, S. Wiles, M. Mara, J. Fox, B. Hamrick, L. Spencer. BETTY LAMP CLUB Mrs. Adams instructs students in cutting out patterns. Girls taking foods get first-hand experience in cooking. 76 Steve Cox helped emcee the Mardi Gras program at the " Belle and Beau " Prom. The tenth annual Belle and Beau Prom was held on January 27, 1965. As the people came into the Valley Dale, they were handed black and gold glit- tered masks. The night at the Mardi Gras began, and giant heads and balloons added to the decora- tions. To complete the Mardi Gras atmosphere, the Mixed Ensemble sang " Charade " and the Polar Bars, a group of North boys, entertained with selec- tions of Dixieland music. Bob Kanuth and Sandy Pond lead off the Beau ' s dance. Steve Cox, president of Social and Recreational Council, was the host for the evening, while the Beau Court and their Belles walked across the floor, Steve announced them — Don Pennell, Doug Hager, Bob Kanuth, Dave Vance, and Tom Parrish. Rachel Watts, Homecoming Queen, then an- nounced the 1965 Beau . . . Bob Kanuth! As remarked by many people, this year ' s Belle and Beau Prom was the best ever, and will remain in the minds of all who attended. " BELLE AND BEAU ' PROM HAS A MARDI GRAS THEME Beau, Bob Kanuth receives his congratulatory kiss from Rachel Watts. 77 G.A.A. — BOTTOM ROW: Miss Cotton, A. Dimit, M. Miller, V. Walter, Intramural Dir.; B. Shi ' opshire, Pres.; J. Clapp, Intramural Dir.; D. Pettit, Secy.; Mrs. Welsh. ROW 2: J. Copsey, J. White, A. Reed, S. Trago, S. Nicholas, K. Wenger, P. Shively, J. Steele, M. McCall, B. Funk, M. Ward. ROW 3: C. Potts, Publicity Chairman; R. Early, N. Davison, L. Hawk- ins, J. Erickson, L. Barr, F. Davison, V. Barnhouse, K. Raquet, S. PigK, S. Woodard. ROW 4: N. Fisher, Sgt.-at- Arms; R. Watts, Social Chairman; J. Southwick, J. Ems- wiler, P. Hig-htower, C. Kessler, M. Beetham, L. Crow, L. Paulus, C. Gemeinhardt, S. Herron, Activities Chairman; B. Jacobs, D. Hutchison. ROW 5: D. Serio, Initiation Chairman; S. Clapp, C. Curry, L. Cremean, G. Fotheringham, J. Theis, D. Palmer, R. Barton, S. Barnes, C. Griffith, J. Bishop, Hik- ing Chairman; S. VanDyke, Suspension Chairman. G.A.A. CABINET — BOTTOM ROW: Dee Pettit, Secretary; Anne Dimit, Treasurer; Sally Herron, Activities Chm. ROW 2: Virginia Walter, Marilyn Miller, Viice President; Miss Cotton, Advisor; Mrs. Welch, Advisor; Brenda Shropshire, President; Jolyn Clapp. ROW 3: Carol Potts, Publicity Chm.; Rachel Watts, Social Chm.; Jan Ems- wiler, Sergeant-at-Arms; Diana Serio, Initiation Chm.; Janet Bishop, Hiking Chm.; Sherry Van Dyke, Nancy Fisher. Don ' t forget intermurals tonight . . . The meetings in 300 .. , Pledge! Pull down that sock ... All of these are familiar words to the dedicated G.A.A. Before a girl can become a member of G.A.A., she must earn 100 points through various activities such as hikes, intermurals, and class team participation. Upon earning 100 points, she goes through the tradi- tional prop week. Prop week does not conclude the activities of a G.A.A. ; she must con- tinue to work for her club. G.A.A. sponsors many of the North activi- ties from the selling of bookcovers to the decorating of the homecoming dance All G.A.A. activities are under the leadership of two capable advisors, Mrs. Welch (Kelly) and Miss Cotton. 78 SENIOR TEAM — BOTTOM ROW: C. Warren, S. Herron, K. McFarland, D. Pettit, M. Crowder, J. White. ROW 2: V. Walter, D. Serio, B. Shropshire, B. Funk, J. Clapp. ROW 3: L. Mahler, A. Dimit, M. Miller, B. Strain, C. Potts, N. Fisher, S. Van Dyke. SOPHOMORE TEAM — BOTTOM ROW: L. Nybell, J. Fox, L. Williams, C. Lawson, V. Moody, J. Hatfield, P. Nelson. ROW 2: C. Fowler, S. Lucas, A. Butler, S. Page, S. Richwine, L. Fisher, A. Fourman. ROW 3: S. Lewis, B. Dempsey, A. Chamberlain, B. Hamrick, M. Cooper, K. Usselman. JUNIOR TEAM — BOTTOM ROW: B. Hively, M. Beetham, S. Towle, C. Ellison, C. Bamhard, G. Mann, P. McBurney. ROW 2: J. Southwick, C. Sullivan, L. Barr, C. Kessler, F. Davidson, D. Anderson. ROW 3: K. Paulus, J. Erickson, L. Hawkins, S. Clapp, S. Kitchen, P. Hightower, C. Bradfield, K. Curry, S. Fears. G. A. A. TOURNAMENT NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY — BOTTOM ROW: E. Robb, V. Pres.; R. Rybak, Pres.; M. Miller, Secy.; D. Chase, Treas. ROW 2: A. Dimit, S. Herron, S. Gilbert, S. Piburn, K. Darling, K. Sparrow, L. Crow, R. Watts, B. Jeandrevin. ROW 3: J. Yereance, S. Barnes, J. Clapp, S. Flowers, V. Wallace, V. Walter, L. Cremean, R. Kuhn, P. Shively. ROW 4: G. Hohwald, D. Svendsen, M. Wise, G. Fothering- ham, D. Serio, P. Cassell, R. Allen, J. Smith, T. Parrish. ROW 5: T. Miller, J. Rehm, S. Trumbo, D. Maxwell, K. Wilson, R. Kanuth, D. Huffman, J. Kimnach, R. Crook, J. Dunfee, J. Meyer. ABSENT: B. Shulters, V. Swisher, M. McConnell, R. Thomas. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Membership to the National Honor Society is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a high school student. Those students who excell in scholar- ship, citizenship, character, leadership, and service, are honored by this nationwide society. The students are selected by the faculty. The members are elected in November but are not officially installed until spring, when the Honor Society assembly is held. The officers elected by this years members of the National Honor Society were Ron Rybak, presi- dent; Ed Robb, vice-president; Marilyn Miller, sec- retary; and Dave Chase, treasurer. 80 SUMMER AUTUMN WINTER SPRING 81 Everyone had a grand time during the Senior Olympics. Boys look even cuter with bows in their hair. WINTER INTO " Pop " Olmstead is a welcome sight to all. She should eat more breakfast. 82 3L00MS IPRING Lunch hour is a time for gossiping, gulping, and gandering. Woody is always busy keeping club accounts correct. The soft mellow voice of Xoi-th ' s gym teachers often put their students to sleep. The Thinker 83 JUNIORS HOMEROOM 126 — Bottom Row: Donna Baldridge, Kathleen Koo, Vicki Barnhouse, Karla Adkins, Sherry Allen, Leslie Barr, Connie Barnhard, Mrs. Robb. Row 2: Donna Ulseth, Donna Anderson, Christine Apple, Cheyll Allen, Mary Bee- tham, Nancy Adams, Bill Baker, Robert Banks. Row 3: Ruth Thomp- son, Jim Baird, Kim Koo, Carol Bal- log, Doug Barber, Greg Allen, Dick Belter. Row 4: Linda Barnes, Paul Clough, John Beach, Bill Barbour, Joe Alexander, Kevin Koo. HOMEROOM 129 — Bottom Row: Mrs. Adams, Sharon Birchfiekl. Carolyn Bianco, Sharon Brumfield, Cora Brown, Janet Binau, Trudy Bright, Phyllis Baisden. Row 2: Linda Billman, Sharon Smith, Sharon Blackburn, Linda Brown. Billy Sue Hively, Connie Burch, Juanita Bucknor, Carole Bradfield. Row 3: Bill Brockman, Doug Car- mean. Rodger Caskey, Susan Bax- ter. Phyllis Bryant, Bill McBee. Mike Carrier. Row 4: Rick Bryant. Dick Brewnig, Larry Bourne, Tom Burns, Pete Bush, Russell Blevins, Mike Dunbar, Norman Matthews. HOMEROOM 133 — Bottom Row: Marguerite Hawkins, Judy Chap- man, Virginia Chandler, Carol Clark, Sherry Cathers, Jean Cou- sar. Donna Combs, Miss Welker. Row 2: Patsy Butcher, Rosemary Caskey, Virginia Burton, Jessica Cooper, Judy Mattison, Grace Cher- ry, Sandy Clapp, Monika Cornelius, Lynda Chever, Sue Callahan. Row 3: Jim Perry, Clinton Cassell, Jerry Bowen, Garey Chambliss, Bob Col- lins, Steve Collins, Andy Dalmy, Bob Commeans. Row 4: Thomas Caruso, Alan Cory, Ed Davis, Max Chapman, Jack Clifford, John Cof- fee, Dave Cook. 84 JUNIORS HOMEROOM 134 — Bottom Row: Mrs. Wolfe, Edie Maynard, Naomi Cowan, Leslie Dixon, Delia Davis, Allison Cox, Frieda Darr, Nedra Davison. Row 2: Jenny Cox, Jennie Dortmund, Linda Davis, Catherine Curry, Sarabeth Curts, Pat Mc- Burney, Arlene Deel, Cathy Cow- gill, Mary Ann Dearth. Row 3: Tom Cline, Jeffrey Dixon, Richard C. Davis, Ronald Meade, John Hart, Donald England. Row 4: Harold Johnson, Robert Duncan, Mike Smith, Desmond Devereux, Robert Dyer, Hubert Workman, Larry Meade, Gary Edgell. HOMEROOM 135 — Bottom Row: Mrs. Reid, Cheryl Ford, Sharon Epley, Eugenia Carpenter, Connie Ellison, Alberta Fuller, Jeanne Erickson, Teresa Forsythe. Row 2: Sandi Fears, Dianne Evans, Sally Dunning, JoAnne Dyer, Su Fer- guson, Marlene Ferris, Sally Fill- more, Susan Fitch. Row 3: John DeLaney, Keith Fultz, Jim Glass, John Gilkerson, James Gibson, James Gaines, Steve Fotheringham. Row 4: Russell Gatten, Bob Fisher, Lowell Fox, Craig Frizzell, Joe Frasch, Herman Gammon, A. Wil- liam Goen, Jr. HOMEROOM 203 — Bottom Row: Mr. Kvocka, Margie McKenzie, Claudia Hilgore, Linda Haley, Eve- lyn Judy Gammon, Barbara Graha, Betsy Taylor, Margaret Francisco, Row 2: Shana McCabe. Terry Hat- zo, Debbie Gibbons, Jean McClure, Amy Fuller, Sandy Freeman, Bar- bara Foust, Lynn Cooper, Elsie Goings. Row 3: Joe Pierce, Lee Hall, Larry Harbaugh, John Ham- ilton, Fred Haefner, Larry Grove. Row 4: Bob Montgomery, Pete Hammond, Bill Hart, Nate Griffin, Mike Hammond, Donald Harlor, Bob Graham, Tom Miser. 85 JUNIORS HOMEROOM 207 — Bottom Row: Mr. Rozellc, Linda Held, Linda Hawkins, Kathy Merz, Karen Heyd- ni.m, Jeanne Plese, Carlean Ruii- I ' ield, Marilyn Hull. Row 2: Polly •Id Hig-htower, Lena Harter, Thelma Harris, Carla Huffman, Melanie Hedges, Judy Haney, Margaret Heath, Pat Melton, Barbara Hard. Ilow 3: John Jay, Bobby Bunch, Uuvid Heisler, Ron Jackson, Bill Hcilman, Lewis M. Jacobs. Row 1: Dwight Hertz, Phillip Dunbar, John Hendrickson, Dave Moots, Bob Jar- dine, John Horsefield, Freddie Murray. HOMEROOM 224 — Bottom Row: Mrs. Eggers, Sandy Brice, Lynda Cook Carolyn Kessler, Kathy Neff, Elizabeth Katterhenry, Dawn Lamp. Row 2: Marsha Juniper, Vanda Kunzelman, Betty Krejci, Sue Kit- chen, Barbara Walker, Lorenio Messer, Linda Lanning, Dianna Hutchison. Row 3: Steve Knipe, Ray Kruse, Roger Littleton, How- ard Julien, Mike Johns, Charles Kidd, Joe Lehner. Row 4: Dave Kuhn, Steve King, Ed Johnson, Jeff Kauffman, Bill Lane, Richard Mor- ris, Bob Lewis, Gregory Kirsch. HOMEROOM 230 — Row 1: Mr. Evans, Linda Marcum, Marilyn Lloyd, Jackie Mann, Gayle Mann, Linda Lower, Paula Leggett, Re- becca Leggett. Row 2: Pat Lelux, Jeanne Martin, Cheryl Loy, Judy Mabe, Debbie Long, Patty Lute, Sandy Magrew, Jeri Marburger. Row 3: Lana Lockwood, Jim Tay- lor, Joe Manter, Pat McGreevy, Dan Mahon, Diane Lovette. Row 4: Dave McGowan, Doug McCloud, Glen Mullins, Gordon Maynard, Bob McFarland, Jim Murphy. 86 JUNIORS HOMEROOM 300 — Bottom Row : Mrs. Ross, Elaine Miller, Sue Otii, Margaret Morrison. Ginger Palmer, Bonnie Johnston, Kathy Myers, Rita Newman. Row 2: Dianne Mil- ler, Theresa Newberry, Constance Pardo. Karen Phillips, Fran May, Kathy Patterson, Donna Park, Karen Daver, Melinda Gaty, Susan Alldre. Row 3: Bruce Nutt, Russ Phillips, Mike Potts, Ray Newell, Lee Pierce, Dennis Ranke, Kenneth Reeds. Last Row: Phil Packard, Karl Foulk, Charles Ohrstedt, Rich- ard Norris, Cephas Macklin, John Postlethwaite, Carlos Pardo. HOMEROOM 303 — Row 1: Mr. Dent, Denise Rawlings, Pam Pen- nell, Marsha Pinkerton, Mary Penn, Sandy Piccenti, Alice Roark. Row 2: Joyce Peck, Pam Riddle, Elaine Ragland, Cathy Paulus, Sue Pugh, Connie Richai-ds, Barbara Pierce. Row 3: Bill Reece, Dave Leighty, Jack Roth, Ricky Ridgley, Rick Rodock. Row 4: Earl Allen, Bob Rearley, Phil Sbrochi, Steve Lucas, Jim Scott, John Reed, John Schid- lovsky, Larry Schultz. HOMEROOM 308 — Row 1: Mr. Caronis, Peggy Sark, Anne Saslaw, Elaine Russell, Reesa McUaniel, Barbara Schneider, Dinah Robinson. Row 2: Sonia Sells, Lynda Smith, Marilyn Brooks, Karen Shockey, Anne Shaffer, Randi Shy, Connie Scites, Sandy Rogers. Row 3: Nick Siderenko, Stan Sheehan, Jim Snouff er, Doug Shiflet, Bruce Spell- burg, George Seigle, Edward Sess- ley. Row 4: Ron Shinkle, Don Shiv- ers, Jim Washington, Chuck Sharp, Bill Shively, Mark Sidle, Bob Sprague. 87 JUNIORS HOMEROOM 316 — Row 1: Connie Snider, Georganna Sterling, Elaine Staat, Darlene Smith, Kathy Staf- ford, Janet Stewart. Row 2: Sue Solar, Marsha Staniford, Tamara Southard, Kathy Smith, Janille Smith, Linda Spenser, Barb Besaw, Judy Southwick. Row 3: Shane Ste- venson, Herbert Wise, Mark Swan- ner, Bob Nixten, SuShi Yeh, Skip Hetterschiet. Row 4: Greg Norris, Jim Sturgill, Pat Stiers, Greg John- ston, Scott Tallent, Van Swearin- gen. Bob Stafford. HOMEROOM 328 — Row 1: Mrs. Stout, Gayle Hellyer, Tonda Tug- gle, Rita Taylor, Chris Stickley, Bai ' bara Temple, Sheila Tsai, Linda Temple. Row 2: Rita Tennihill, Lin- da VanDyke, Sue Towle, Pat Mor- gan, Linda Stewart, Robin Wall, Penny Sutton, Charlotte Sullivan. Row 3: Perry Canterbury, Darrell Walls, Phil Tyne, Steve Tumblin, Mike Thornton, Mike Tubbs. Last Row : Bob Trout, Terry Thomas, Ed Wenger, James Walcutt, Mike Fought, Doug Milsap, Don Voss. HOMEROOM 332 — Bottom Row: Mr. Sproat, Louise Wilkes, Shirley Williams, Brenda Wellman, Sue White, Judy Young, Judy Needles, Sally Wheeler. Second Row: Jenny Ward, Sandy Wright, Christa Van Groningen, Kathleen Ward, Kay Wise, Wanda White, Dianne Spiers, Cheryl Wilson, Janice Wiant, Helen Watts. Third Row: Frank Zang, Mike White, Mark Will, Robert Wil- liams, Paul Workman, Larry Wil- son, Roy Wentzel. Last Row: Steve Wright, Bruce Wisecarver, Larry Marcum, Larry Yerke, Steve Wor- man, Steve Witter, David Zollinger- Ping Yee. NORTH ' S FACULTY AND STUDENTS WORK TOGETHER IN VARIED SCHOOL ACTIVITIES DURING ALL FOUR SEASONS. . . SUMMER, FALL, WINTER, SPRING Y-TEENS BOTTOM ROW: S. Nicholas, Music Chairman; A. Berry, Service Chairman, J. Forgoress, Service Chairman; P. Shively, Devotions Chairman; A. Saslaw, Member-at- Large; L. Crow, V. Pres.; S. Trago, Pres.; R. Watts, Secy.; R. Barton, Treas.; L. Mahlor, Prog. Chairman; R. Early, Service Chairman; A. Dimit, World Fellowship Chairman; K. Darling, Publicity Chairman; Mrs. M. Wolfe, Advisor. ROW 2: M. Ward, M. Same, R. Steakley, E. Welsh, G. Dalton, G. Adkins, J. Perry, R. Nelson, L. Pappas, A. Reed, L. Barr, Public Affairs; P. McBurney, Public Affairs; S. Wheeler, Links Chairman; D. McBee, B. Jeandrevin, K. Alexander, J. Thompson, T. Reece, K. Wenger, V. Hutchison, K. Raquet, M. Williams. ROW 3: M. Borror, B. Dugan, B. Mirise, C. Warren, A. Hitchcock, J. Stevens, R. Savoia, D. Thomas, P. Brooks, S. Gilbert, S. Piburn, J. Birtcher, C. McCollura, L. Froelich, B. Wilcox, S. Annette, V. Daniell, K. Sheppard, K. Sparrow, M. Dow, K. Barr, A. Harpold. Row 4: J. White, M. Smith, B. Shulters, B. Phillips, M. McCall, B. Fleck, A. Knowl- ton, K. Tantis, M. Thornton, C. Griffith, K. Vogt, A. Ham- mond, L. Sparks, S. Barnes, D. Pettit, B. Shropshire, S. Wood- ard, C. Hildebrand, L. Brandenburger, S. Fitzwater, B. Strain, J. Randall. ROW 5: R. Kuhn, J. Gamble, J. Kitzmiller, C. King, B. Knight, A. Huffman, A. Kamzuri, S. VanFossen, R. Fought, N. Crosier, G. Schnepp, N. Manter, M. Williams, L. Freitag, J. VanAtta, J. Lower, J. Theis, N. Brandfield, C. Dignan, C. Barnhouse, J. Foulk, M. McConnell. Y-TEENS PROVIDES OPPORTUNITIES FOR SERVICE AND FELLOWSHIP Y-TEENS — BOTTOM ROW: P. Morgan, A. Fuller, C. Curry, K. Wise, L. Will, S. Burke, J. Steele, K. McFarland, C. Clinton, M. Crowder, G. Wilson, C. Bradfield, G. Sterling, G. Mann. ROW 2: M. Lloyd, M. Francisco, K. Stafford, L. Mar- cum, K. Merz, D. Gibbons, C. Ellison, B. Pierce, B. Temple, D. Rawlings, R. Taylor, G. Carpenter, J. Erickson, C. Snider, S. Gathers, N. Davison, C. ' Kessler, S. Piccenti, J. Needles, T. Newberry, P. Pennell. ROW 3: C. VanVoorhis, J. Wright, K. Heydman, L. Wilkes, S. Sells, C. Bemhard, C. Clark, H. Ward, L. Haley, P. Baisdin, S. Birchfield, J. Haney, S. Rogers, A. Fuller, L. Lanning, K. Mayers, M. Beetham, D. Long, J. Chap- man, A. Shaffer. ROW 4: K. Usselmen, B. Dempsey, B. Grif- fith, C. Loy, L. Hawkins, T. Forsythe, D. Davis, B. Hively, V. Barnhouse, J. Southwick, L. Held, S. Blackburn, T. Harris, M. Hawkins, S. McCabe, M. Dearth, J. Marburger, D. Evans, M. Gaty, G. Palmer, V. Kunzleman, R. Caskey. ROW 5: C. Halley, I. Stamm, M. Mauritz, B. Krejci, F. Davison, R. Shy, S. Ferguson, L. Spencer, S. Fitch, J. Cooper, M. Hedges, C. Ballog, K. Patterson, P. Bryant, S. Freeman, L. Lockwood, C. Richards, J. Mattison, C. Wilson, F. May, K. Phillips, M. Ferris. 90 Y-TEENS — BOTTOM ROW: D. Wills, L. Winston, B. Jus- tice, M. Branscom, T. Tremain, M. Cooper, C. Beeler, B Sam- mons, R. Farrinjrer, B. Dye, Y. Williams, J. Webb, B. Feare, M. Miller. ROW 2: J. Forgoress, R. Haley, C. Connelly, F. Eply, L. VanGieson, C. Settles, L. Waymire, J. Shuttleworth, P. Hanes, P. Knight, C. Lawson, J. Hatfield, K. Blackburn, B. Murray, M. Whitaker, S. Stouffer, L. Aglietti, B. Hall, J. Burnett, K. Haldren, L. White, S. Hunt. ROW 3: P. Nelson, K. Pensyl, " C. Brooks, D. Beeler, D. Jones, R. Heffler, S. Page, V. Haney, M. Williams, G. Baughman, L. Nybell, J. Bailey, J. Harkins, J. Watkins, S. Lewis, C. Brammer, B. Wood, A. Sheumaker, S Alexander, L Noiiis, B Lawson, C Fowler ROW 4 K Will, S Given, C Barbei, B Biyant, G Pettit, D McCune, R. Denune, P. Pappas, S. Metzger, B. Miller, M. Bier, S. Richwine, M. Deal, T. Russell, K. Beals, A. Foure- man, S. Welding, E. Adams, J. Greenlee, N. Hein, B. Lee, D. Leach, K. Clark, J. Jones. ROW 5: S. King, K. Landsy, A. Chamberlain, B. Woodruff, D. Johnson, J. Fox, S. Wiles, M. Mara, M. Bailey, J. Evans, J. Mabe, K. Trimmer, J. Talbott, B. Hamrick, P. Bro, A. Zang, N. Fister, L. Gamerdinger, C. Stewart, L. Marburger, C. Young, K. Clark, G. Matchett, M. Kruse, P. Millsap Y-TEENS HELPS GIRLS TO GROW THROUGH PROJECTS LIKE " LINKS " Sally Wheeler. Sue Trago, and Retta Early organize tickets for the Y-Teens sponsored dance, " Orginc " . 91 BASEBALL The crisp sounds of bat against ball and catching mitts popping from smouldering fast balls indicated the arrival of another spring and with it the return of the " national pasttime " , baseball. Returning to Robb and Don Pennell. They provided a versatile and experienced nucleus to which important junior and sophomore contributions could be added. Mr. Eaton was ready to serve his sixth year as head the team were six seniors, led by co-captains Ed coach. SENIOR BASEBALL PLAYERS — BOTTOM ROW: Bob Kanuth, Don Pennell, Ed Robb, Charles Purdy. ROW 2: Sterling White, Pat Saunders, John Markham, Mike Shockley. Mr. Eaton considers pitching techniques with his " battery " , catcher Don Pennell and pitcher John Markham. Batting grips and stances are analyzed by co-cap- tains Pennell and Robb, moundsman Markham, and Coach Eaton. 92 ' ' ' ' ' iif|ii[fiiji!r|i ' i!i! " ' ' GOLF North ' s golfers hit the fairways early this year to make up for a lack of experience. Only one letter- man. John Evans, returns to the Polar Bear four- some, which is coached again this year by Mr. Woot- ton. The team will do their practicing and playing on Ohio State ' s Scarlet and Grey courses. This year, no doubt, they will again be more than up to par. 1965 GOLF TEAM CANDIDATES — BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Wooten, Jerry Reiniger, Doug Hager, John Elsbee, Terry Miller. ROW 2: Larry Deere, Al Long, John Evans, Ken Wilson, Richard Davis, Doug Shiflet. ROW 3: Michael Ewers, David Leighty, Mike McConnell, Ken Corwin, Bill Shropshire, Glenn Hat- field, Larry Schultz. 1965 TRACK TEAM — BOTTOM ROW: Terry Rus- sell, Steve Lucas, Dave Vance, Bill Barr, Joe Lehner, Tom Hall, Bob Oppenheimer, Pete Bush. ROW 2: Mike Keith, Andy Dalmy, Bob Likens, Don Harlor, Lee Pierce, Bob McFarland, Dick Gilmore, Barry Snider. ROW .3: David Wheeler, Scott Tallent, Ed Johnson, Jim Haddon, Terry Kubler, Ron Savage, Scott Rose, Jim Markham, Jim Murphy. ROW 4: Phil Nabil, Mr. Shaw. TRACK Perhaps no. sport requires as much pre-season practice and conditioning as does track and field. Appropriately, many of North ' s cindermen started running in the hails in mid- winter and exercising by other means. Nine seniors lead the track team into the spring season, but the underclassmen are expected to lend important support. Mr. Shaw, with the assistance of student coach Phil Nabil, is mentor for the trackmen. With the wide vari- ety of events encompassed by the term " track and field " , the meets in Spring prove among the most interesting events of the athletic year. 93 ADVANCED ART — BOTTOM ROW: Bonnie Jeandrevin, Judie Foulk, Amber Cline, Jane Thompson, Kathy Wen er, Judy Steele, Anne Berry, Carol Dignan, Donna Robleto, Carol Potts. ROW 2: Warren Walker , Kris Alexander, Dee Rawlings, Margaret Morrison, Barbara Cornelius, Susan Baxter, John Jay, Connie Scites, Mary Beetham, Kathy Myers. ROW 3: Mr. Roberts, Jim Montgomery, Dan Mar- shall, Greg Norris, Karen Phillips, Tom Rupert, Robert Williams, Robert Graham, Jerry Raidiger. ADVANCED ART The advanced art class is a chosen group of students who show ability and interest in art. Most advanced art students intend to go into some field of art after high school. ART ADDS TO NORTH ' S GROWING INTERESTS ART CLUB Art Club is an organization created for the students interested in learning about art outside of the classroom. The club takes tours to galleries around the city and gets acquainted with the art programs of other high schools and colleges. As in other clubs, the Art Club has its social events such as the Christmas party. During the party, the members draw and paint murals of Christmas scenes for North ' s own gallery. The pres- ident of this year ' s Art Club is Dan Marshall. ART CLUB— BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Roberts, C. Potts, B. Caldwell, A. Berry, V.P.; D. Marshall, Pres.; J. Erickson, Secy.-Treas.; C. Allen, K. Wenger. ROW 2: J. Kitzmiller, M. Morrison, K. Alexander, B. Lee, S. Metzger, K. Schurtz, B. Jeandrevin, J. Thompson. ROW 3: S. Lewis, J. DeFluiter, B. Cornelius, G. Matchett, L. Fisher, M. Beetham, D. Leach, A. Cline, S. Carpenter, B. Miller, S. Hunt. ROW 4: K. Landry, L. Gamerdinger, B. Green, J. Jones, E. May, J. Steele, K. McFarland, D. Mahon, J. Raidiger, J. Jay. ROW 5: W. Walker, D. Robleto, R. Kitzmiller, B. Graham, P. Stone, K. Dillon, R. Billingsley, T. Rupert, J. Scott. 94 PRE-MED CLUB — BOTTOM ROW: M. McConnell, D. Thomas, D. Huffman, G. Fotheringham, Pres.; T. Penzone, Treas.; B. Shulters, Secy.; S. Piburn, B. Knight. ROW 2: P. Melton, D. McComa, D. Osbom, R. Newman, M. Ensminger. J. Wiant, L. VanGieson, S. Piccenti, P. Hanes. ROW 3: C. McCollum, D., S. Callahan, L. Billman, C. Wilson, K. Clark, J. Cheek, C. Allen, B. Heilman. ROW 4: N. Adams, G. John- son, D. Foulis, J. Kennedy, M. Davidson, P. Kabealo, C. Apple. PRE-MED CLUB The Pre-Med Club is made up of those students who plan to go into some form of medicine in college. These students meet twice a month under the leader- ship of Mr. Anthony. During the year, the Pre-Med Club took field trips to various Columbus hospitals and to institu- tions such as the Blind Institute. The students were shown movies and slides that were connected with the field of medicine. Also, they listened to lectures from doctors or from other men who were qualified in this field. The officers for the Pre-Med Club were as fol- lows: Gail Fotheringham, President; Dean Huff- man, Vice President; Barbara Shulters, Secretary; and Tony Penzone, Treasurer. NURSE ' S STAFF The Nurse ' s staff is composed of those girls who are interested in aiding the school nurse, Mrs. Ish. The girls ' jobs include taking green slips to stu- dents and messages to teachers, filing cards, and making cotton balls. NURSE ' S STAFF — BOTTOM ROW: Sharon Hilson, Helen Ish, Diane Beeler, Ariane Foureman, Nancy Fister, Barb Wilcox, Ailane Deel. 95 F.T.A. — BOTTOM ROW: A. Reed, Treas.; B. Pierce, Li- brarian; R. Early, Pres.; S. Flowers, Prog. Chairman; K. Darling, Secy.; R. Watts, V. Pres.; L. Crow, Publicity Chair- man. ROW 2: E. Welsh, M. Ward, M. Crowder, J. White, G. Hildebrand, M. Williams, S. Nicholas, V. Hutchison, J. Thomp- son, T. Reece, S. Trago. ROW 3: V. Swisher, K. Wenger, S. Annette, B. Phillips, S. Fitzwater, L. Will, R. Barton, M. Dow, A. Knowlton, J. Randell, J. Clapp. ROW 4: J. Theis, C. Potts, K. Vogt, K. Sparrow, A. Hammond, P. Hancock, B. Shulters, B. Shropshire, L. Mahler, S. Barnes, A. Berry, P. Cassell. ROW 5: P. Shively, C. Clinton, L. Brandenburger, N. Bradfield, S. Burke, J. Steele, K. McFarland, L. Cremean, K. Barr, N. Crosier, A. Harpold, C. Bamhouse, M. Williams, J. Foulk. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA F.T.A. is an organization established to further the knowledge of interested students in teaching careers. It gives the students the opportunity to teach an elementary school class and also a senior high school class of their choice. This year F.T.A. held a mock election in Novem- ber to find out how our voting would compare with the National Election F.T.A. also is sponsoring the Medary Project. This is where selected girls go to an elementary school and aid the children in games at noon. There will also be a field trip to the Historical Museum. This year ' s officers are Retta Early, President; Rachel Watts, Vice President; Kaye Darling, Sec- retary; Anne Reed, Treasurer. F.T.A. — BOTTOM ROW: D. Rawlings, K. Merz, B. Temple, G. Sterling, L. Wilkes, A. Saslaw, M. Lloyd. ROW 2: T. Harris, C. Brown, S. Rogers, D. Long, M. Dearth, S. Mc- Cabe, C. Kessler, P. Pennell, J. Bucknor, R. Shy. ROW 3: D. Gibbons, M. Beetham, S. Fillmore, S. Ferguson, S. Piccenti, T. Newberry, B. Krejci, V. Kunzleman, S. Wheeler, J. Mar- burger, D. Hutchison, C. Bradfield. ROW 4: P. McBurney, B. Fleck, R. Wall, F. Davison, C. Loy, S. Fitch, P. Morgan, A. Fuller, K. Wise, C. Curry, M. Ferris. ROW 5: M. Keith, J. Smith, B. Trout, S. Trumbo, C. Chrstedt, C. Hagans, M. Lauf- fer, R. Allen, M. Fout, M. Ellwanger, B. Spellerberg, K. Foulk. FT A — BOTTOM ROW: L. Hawkins, P. Hightower, C. Sprag-ue, A. Cline, S. Sells, E. White, B. Sammons. ROW 2: J. Shuttleworth, J. Webb, J. Bineau, C. Bianco, L. Barr, J. Erickson, V. Barnhouse, K. Myers, B. Hively, P. Lute, P. Nelson, B. Leare. ROW 3: J. Bailey, B. Justice, S. Alexander, J. Harkins, L. Fisher, B. Bryant, D. Jones, R. Leffler, A. Fuller, J. Southwick, N. Hein, L. Geer, M. Miller. ROW 4: S. Page, P. Knight, K. Will, L. Marburger, D. McComas, L. Norris, J. Fox, G. Baughman, C. Cowgill, M. Oppenheimer, S. Clapp, C. Ballog, S. Freeman. ROW 5: S. Lewis, P. Pappas, M. Bailey, S. Koon, M. Mara, S. Wiles, K. Patterson, L. Barnes, K. Ussleman, B. Hamrich, A. Chamberlain, S. Skid- more. F.T.A. PREPARES STUDENTS FOR CAREERS F.T.A. — BOTTOM ROW: F. DeWees, J. Jackson, K. Alex- ander, D. Wills, S. Casbarro, N. Echenrode, L. VanGieson. ROW 2: S. Richwine, J. Jones, S. King, K. Pensyl, C. Barber, M. Bier, P. Bowman, R. Steger, L. Nybell, G. Pettit, B. Mur- ray, P. Wenger. ROW 3: D. Wenger, K. Trimmer, P. Ring- hiser, J. Talbott, J. Mabe, B. Miller, A. Sheumaker, B. Lee, D. Leach, C. Stewart, B. Woodruff, M. Lowary. ROW 4: R. James, S. Lucas, D. Beaven. 97 «. ' »5 % SENIOR CHOIR— BOTTOM ROW: R. Early, Vestment Chm.; C. Seymour, Accompanist; D. Vance, Lib.; M. Miller, Treas.; S. Burkey, Pres.; A. Reed, D. Chase, J. Markham. ROW 2: M. Same, B. Dug-an, A. Hitchcock, A. Dimit, V. Hutchison, S. Trago, E. Welsh, S. Nicholas, J. Thompson, T. Reece, D. McBee, M. Wil- liams, S. Annette, B. Shulters, K. Wenger, R. Thomas, C. filial HI m Gemeinhardt, R. Steakley, M. Ward, A. Saslaw, J. White, B. Mirise. ROW 3: S. Hetrick, V. Swisher, B. Cornelius, C. Ryan, J. Steele, K. McFarland, J. Clapp, D. Brooker, V. Walter, J. Bishop, D. Palmer, M. Williams, L. Cremean, J. Yereance, M. McConnell, L. Freitag, N. Dunlap, B. Knight, D. Pettit, S. Barnes, SENIOR CHOIR North ' s Senior Choir continues to achieve su- perior ratings throughout the year. Much of the credit for this fine record must be given to Miss Evelyn Ross, who has been the directing force be- hind the choir as they receive music honors in the state. Steve Burkey, president of Senior Choir and student director along vv ith Dave Chase has led the choir in many performances during the year. The Senior Choir, an outstanding group of mixed voices, participated in many school activities as well as many community affairs. The group met three times a week not including the numerous prac- tice sessions. The Senior Choir sings at assemblies and also carols through the halls before the Christ- mas holidays. The year the choir received new vest- (Tients which were first worn for the Christmas as- sembly. The Senior Choir participated in district and state music concerts, and sang at the festival at St. John Arena. The voices of the Senior Choir pre- sented the impressive music for the graduating class. North can be proud of the performances of its Sen- ior Choir. MIXED ENSEMBLE The Mixed Ensemble is composed of those stu- dents in the vocal music department who have dis- played excellent singing ability at North. Although it takes long hours of hard work in preparation for the group ' s many appearances in and out of school, it is one of the best known and most honored of North ' s musical groups. One of its best known per- formances is " T ' was the Night Before Christmas " , which has become a tradition at every Christmas Assembly. In addition, it performs at many contests and concerts outside of North and unfailingly adds to past honors received in vocal music. 98 p. Hightower, S. Pigg. ROW 4: C. McColIum, P. Brooks, J. For- goress, R. Watts, K. Hildebrand, L. Lamson, N. Fisher, K. Kidner, J. Hamilton, D. Given, M. Fout, C. Miller, A. Dalmy, J. Stockstill, B. Sowers, R. Thompson, S. Tumblin, J. Raidiger, C. Figgins, A. Johnson, R. Barton, B. Wilcox, J. Birtcher, L. Lock- wood. ROW 5: C. Globe, T. Russell, P. Tyne, D. Hager, R. Rey- nolds, J. Gibson, F. Shepherd, D. Cree, A. Cory, L. Bolon, T. Alexander, A. Lueco, B. Kanuth, K. Richards, H. Hammond, B. Shively, L. Rodgers, A. Fluty, R. Allen, R. Davis, M. Seymour, J. Horsefield, J. Case, D. Voss. ENSEMBLE - AT PIANO: Clark Seymour. BOTTOM Roger Thompson, Shana McCabe, Debe Brooker, Sandy ROW: Bobbie Mirise, Anne Saslaw, Judy Forgorass, Anne Freeman, Ruth Barton, Sharon Pigg, Dave Vance. ROW 4: Reed. ROW 2: Dave Chase, Sue Nicholas, Jani Thompson, Steve Burkey, Bill Sowers, David Given, Les Rodgers, John Kathy Hildebrand, Elaine Welsh, Donna McBee. ROW 3: Markham, Doug Hager, Andy Dalmy, Terry Russell. 99 v n JUNIOR CHOIR — BOTTOM ROW: D. Mahon, Lib.; S. Towle, Secy.; S. Gathers, Treas.; P. McBurney, Pres.; N. Fister, Accompanist; P. Saunders, V.P. ROW 2: B. Leg- gett, J. Binau, S. Williams, R. Taylor, L. Barr, P. Miller, C. Brown, T. Harris, N. Davison, K. Myers, C. Barnhard, C. Bianco, G. Sterling, L. Wilkes, M. Lloyd. ROW 3: S. Tsai, J. Erickson, L. Hawkins, B. Temple, K. Smith, T. Forsythe, D. Long, C. Apple, C. Allen, C. Bradfield, A. Fuller, L. Lanning, D. Anderson, G. Cowgill, S. Rogers, G. Loy, V. Barnhouse, G. Kessler. ROW 4: B. Wilcox, D. Tsai, L. Held, J. Marburger, C. Pardo, D. Evans, J. Wiant, M. Gornelius, G. Wilson, L. Barnes, C. Ballog, L. Spencer, P. Morgan, D. Lovette, G. Gurry, K. Wise, K. Paulus, A. Fuller, B. Nutt, M. Gase. ROW 5: J. Murphy, J. Wise, B. Spellerberg, J. Manter, J. Gilkerson, J. Reed, P. Stires, S. Bybee, S. Hildreth, C. Scoles, H. Risor, W. Dalton, H. Gammon, P. Castle, M. Sidle, D. Mowbray, D. Shiflet, J. Umpleby, B. Likens, G. Jones. SINGING GROUPS WORK HARD TO ATTAIN EXCELLENCE DURING YEAR GIRLS ' GLEE— BOTTOM ROW: J. Bishop, Accompanist; Kathy Sparrow, Accompanist; S. Nicholas, Lib.; R. Watts, Pres.; S. Annette, Lib.; R. Early, V. Pres.; M. Williams. ROW 2: M. Same, B. Dugan, A. Hitchcock, E. Welsh, S. Trago, J. Thompson, T. Ruce, V. Hutchison, R. Nelson, M. Williams, J. White, R. Thomas, A. Saslaw, R. Steakley, M. Ward, B. Mirise, A. Reed. ROW 3: B. Shulters, B. Cornelius, L. Paulus, A. Knowlton, S. Barnes, J. Glapp, G. Ryan, R. Barton, A. Johnson, M. Bowen, J. Birtcher, P. 100 Hightower, B. Wilcox, M. Dow, M. Miller, B. Jacobs. ROW 4: G. Dalton, A. Dimet, B. Phillips, G. McGollum, J. Kitzmiller, J. Gier, P. Brooks, S. Pigg, V. Swisher, L. Lamson, S. McCabe, D. McBee, J. Forgoress, S. Hetrick, K. Wenger, S. Bernard, G. Gemeinhardt, L. Pappas. ROW 5: G. Figgins, N. Fisher, N. Dunlap, V. Walter, J. Yere- ance, M. McGonnell, N. Crosier, S. Freeman, J. Theis, D. Palmer, D. Pettit, B. Knight, L. Lockwood, L. Freitag, A. Harpold, J. Steele, K. McFarland, C. Griffith. JUNIOR CHOIR BOYS ' AND GIRLS ' GLEE Junior Choir headed by Miss Evelyn Ross worked very hard this year in preparation for the Spring Concert. They sang songs from " Carousel " and other selections. The choir also went caroling for Kinder Key at Christmas time. Although the Junior Choir didn ' t get to partici- pate in too many programs, they have gained the experience that is needed for a good Senior Choir next year. During the third and eighth period, two days a week, the third floor halls echo with the sounds of the Boys ' and Girls ' Glee Clubs. The majority of the Boys ' Glee Club is made up of boys from the senior and junior choirs. The Girls ' Glee Club is composed mainly of girls from senior choir. Many pei ' formances are perfected during long weeks of rehearsal in room 300 under the direction of Miss Ross. The Boys ' Glee Club presented songs to the student body at the Spring Concert, while the Girls ' Glee Club sang at the Thanksgiving Assembly and at the Spring Concert. BOYS ' GLEE— BOTTOM ROW: C. Miller, Lib.; F. Shep- ard, Secy.; T. Russell, V. Pres.; J. Stockstill, Pres.; M. Sey- mour, Accompanist; R. Thompson, Treas. ROW 2: S. Tumblin, B. Nutt, D. Mahon, M. Fout, B. Spellerberg, D. Given, P. Tyne, J. Glass, G. Jones. ROW 3: D. Voss, D. Shiflet, C. Globe, J. Gilkerson, P. Stires, R. Reynolds, R. Davis, J. Hamilton. ROW 4: J. Horsefield, J. Murphy, A. Cory, T. Alexander, J. Wood, M. Sidle, J. Manter, J. Case. 101 I HI-Y — BOTTOM ROW: E. Robb, Sgt.-at-Arms; T. Russell, Sgt.-at-Arms; P. Saunders, V. Pres.; D. Vance, Pres.; D. Pennell, Secy.; S. Mushrush, Council Repre.; D. Hager, Treas.; R. Evans, Advisor. ROW 2: D. Gillmore, G. Jones, B. Mooney, J. Smith, M. Fout, M. Ellwanger, B. Sinder, M. Ful- ton, J. Raidiger, T. Parrish. ROW 3: J. Stockstill, R. Rybak, » ' « » ii M K. Richards, C. Dill, J. Dunfee, T. Penzone, R. Crook, L. Diehr, W. Campbell. ROW 4: J. Postlewaite, J. Holcomb, C. Morgan, M. Potts, P. Tyne, J. Markham, M. Lauffer, D. An- derson, R. Hale, A. Long. ROW 5: R. Williams, D. Barber, B. Elliott, E. Fitzgerald, J. Frasch, C. Hagans, F. Shepard, B. Heilman, T. Rupert. HI-Y CREATES LEADERSHIP AT NORTH Plans for the monthly meetings of the Hi-Y are made by cabinet members under the advisor, Mr. Evans. Many interesting and informative programs are presented at the meetings which are held on special assembly days. The Hi-Y joins with the Y- Teens to present our annual Christmas program and spring dance the " Orginc. " Enthusiastic response to the clubs programs reflects on its purpose, " to cre- ate, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. " HI-Y — BOTTOM ROW: R. Jackson, J. Lehner, R. Wetzel, R. Littleton, R. Kruse, D. Mahon, T. Miser, G. Siegle, J. Jay, D. Shiflet. ROW 2: D. Voss, J. Hadden, R. Worthington, S. Zoog, J. Umbleby, G. Edgell, R. Quinn, B. Myers, K. Knowl- ton, I. Carmean, J. Davis, J. Crowder, B. Graham, J. Glass. ROW 3: G. King, T. Hammond, T. Reynolds, E. Corrigan, B. Nutt, B. Kale, B. Heilman, R. Fowler, D. Flowers, G. Parks, M. Davidson, J. Globe, J. Gilkerson, C. Truesdell, L. Dow, C. f r Scoles, J. Myers. ROW 4: T. Kuebler, R. LaBelle, D. Beavens, J. Whitmer, M. Will, B. McFarland, F. Zang, D. Bryant, D. Kathary, G. Hatfield, S. Clark, J. Manter, R. Colby, J. Am, D. Davis, J. Andrews, J. Golding. ROW 5: A. Bush, J. Mur- phy, C. Taylor, D. DuBoux, M. Hammond, B. Shively, J. Hendrickson, B. Lane, G. Freitag, B. Todd, S. Lucas, S. Wor- man, J. Kauffman, D. Moots, D. Leatherman, K. Corwin. m a ' %M Senior Class Officers John Markham, treasurer; Bonnie Jeandrevin, secretary; Bob Kanuth, president; Kay Darling, sergeant-at-arms; Don Pennell, vice-president. 103 Georgia Adkins Mary Adkins Kristi Alexander Thomas Alexander Chuck Allen Richard Allen Lueco Allen DeMurma Allison Class ADKINS, GEORGIA — To Columbus Business University — Special Services 3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; 105 Staff 3; Cafeteria Club 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3. ALEXANDER, KRISTI — To Ring-ling School of Art — Y-Teens 1,2,3; Art Club 1,2,3; F.T.A. 2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Advanced Art 2,3. ALLEN, CHUCK — To Air Force — Block N 1,2,3, Row Captain 3; Art Club 1,2,3; Booster Drive 2; Football Manager ; Baseball Man- ager ; Glee Club . ALLEN, LUECO — To Navy — Junior Choir 2; Senior Choir 3. ALLEN, RICHARD B. — To Ohio State — Booster Drive 1,2,3; Boys ' Glee 2; Senior Choir 3; French Club 2,3; Block N 2,3; Student Council 1,3; F.T.A. 3; Buckeye Boys ' State 3; General Scholarship Team 3. ALLISON, DeMURMA — To Columbus Business University — Y- Teens 1; Library Staff 1,3; Booster Drive 3. ANDERSON, DAN — To Ohio State — Hi-Y 1,2,3; Red Cross 2; Spanish Club 3; Polaris Representative 3; F.T.A. 2,3. ANDERSON, SHARON CHRISTINE — To Ohio State School of Cos- metology — Y-Teens 2,3; Spanish Club 2,3; Senior Choir 3; Ensemble 3; Booster Drive 2; Senior Girls ' Glee 3. Dan Anderson Sharon Anderson Activities from another high school 104 Barbara Anthony B y y ' B™ %m ' ■ P m - • ! 1 j Loretta Austin of 65 ANNETTE, SANDY — To Columbus Business University — Y-Teens 1,2,3; F.T.A. 1,2,3; Block N 3; Senior Choir and Senior Girls ' Glee 3, Librarian 3; Booster Drive 2,3. ANTHONY, BARBARA — To Airline Stewardess School — Library Staff 1,2,3; ' cafeteria Club 1,2; 104 Staff 2,3. AUSTIN, LORETTA — To Beauty School — Art Club 1; Deans Staff 1; Assistant to Dean 1; Homeroom Service 1, Secretary 1; Clean up Committee 1, Treasurer 1. AXLINE, VIRGINIA — To Secretarial Work — Red Cross 3, Activi- ties Chairman 1 ; Booster Drive 2. BALLANTYNE, DOUGLAS — Junior Choir 2; Football 2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3. Virginia Axline Douglas Ballantyne Ml B til assists Sue Fitzwater with aluable counseling. 105 Class David Barber BANKS, ANN — To Ohio State — Y-Teens 1,2; F.T.A. 1,2,3; Senior Choir 3; Booster Drive 1,2; Senior Glee 3; Block N 3; Memory Book 2,3; Editor 3. BARBER, DAVID RICHARD — To Ohio State — Projection Club 1,2,3, Secretary-Treasurer 3; Camera Service 1,2, Secretary-Treasurer 3; German Club 2,3; Library Staff 1; Chess Club 1; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Senior Drafting Assistant 3. BARGER, DON — I.B.M. School. BARNES, SUSAN — To Ohio State — Senior Choir 3; Senior Girls ' Glee 3; Student Council 2,3, Recording Secretary 3; G.A.A. 2,3; Spanish Club 1,2,3, Vice President 2, President 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Co-Chairman 3; N.F.L. 1,2,3; Debate Team 1,2,3; General Scholarship Team 3. BARNHOUSE, CHRISTY — To Bowling Green University — Betty Lamp 2,3, President 3; Student Court Judge 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Captain 3; F.T.A. 1,2,3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; Spanish Club 2,3; Memory Book 3, Senior Editor 3; Block N 1,2,3. BARR, BILL — To Ohio State — Student Court Judge 3; Football 2,3; Wrestling 1,2,3; Track 2,3, Co-Captain 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Captain 3; Varsity N 3. BARR, Kathy — To Ohio University — Booster Drive 1,2; Spanish Club 2,3; F.f.A. 1,2,3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; 106 Staff 3; Memory Book Staff 3. BARTLETT, STEVE — To Ohio State — Band 1,2,3; Bass Clef Club 3, Sergeant-at-Arms 3; Spanish Club 1; Booster Drive 1,2,3. BARTON, RUTH — To Ohio State — Y-Teens 1,2,3, Treasurer 3; F.T.A. 1,2,3; G.A.A. 2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Captain 3; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Block N 1,2,3; Senior Choir 3; Ensemble 3; Homecoming Top Ten 3. BELL, JO ANN — Booster Drive 1,2,3; Y-Teens 1,2. Christy Barnhouse Bill Barr Kathy Barr Steve Bartlett Ruth Barton Jo Ann Bell 106 of 65 BELL, RONALD — To Ohio State Block N 3; Booster Drive 2,3. Orchestra 1,2,3; German Club 1; BERNARD, SANDRA — To Ohio State — Intermurals 1,2; Red Cross 2,3; German Club 1; Girls ' Glee 2,3; Polaris Reporter BERRY, ANNE — To Ringling School of Art — Y-Teens 1,2,3, Serv- ice Chairman 3; Art Club 1,2,3, Program Committee 2, Vice President 3; Advanced Art 1,2,3; F.T.A. 1,2,3; Block N 1,2; Booster Drive 1,2,3; 104 Staff 1,2. BILLINGSLEY, ROGER — To Ohio State Club 1,2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Block N 3. Art Club 2,3; German BIRTCHER, JERI — To Ohio State — Band 2,3; Y-Teens 1,3; F.T.A. 1,3; Senior Choir and Senior Girls ' Glee 3; Booster Drive 1,3; Junior Choir 2, Treasurer 2; Orchestra 1, Homecoming Top Ten 3. BISHOP, JANET — To Ohio University — G.A.A. 2,3, Hiking Chair- man 3; Clef Club 1,2,3, Social Chairman 3; Marching Band 1,2,3; F.T.A. 1,2; General Scholarship Team 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Senior Choir 3; Senior Girls ' Glee 3. BLACKBURN, LYNN — To Ohio Northern University — Band 2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3. BOLIN, ELLEN — To Beautician Work — Booster Drive 3; 104 Staff 3; G.A.A. 1. BOLON, WILLIAM LYNN — To Ohio State — Audio Visual 1,2,3; Library Staff 1; Junior Choir 2; Senior Choir 3; Safety Council 3; General Scholarship Team 3. BORROR, MARTHA — To Ohio State — Betty Lamp 1,2; Y-Teens 3. Ronald Bell Sandra Bernard Ann Berry Roger Billingsley Jeri Birtcher Janet Bishop Lynn Blackburn Ellen Bolen Lynn Bolin Martha Borror 107 Marta Bowen Nancy Bradfield Elizabeth Brandenburger Josephine Bray Debe Brooker Benjamin Brooks Class BOWEN, MARTA — To Riverside School of Nursing — Y-Teens 1,2; Vergilian Club 1,2,3; French Club 3; F.T.A. 1,2; Junior Glee 2; Senior Girls ' Glee 3; Red Cross 1,2; Booster Drive 2,3. BRADFIELD, NANCY — To Patricia Stevens — Y-Teens 1,2,3; Safety Council 1,2,3; F.T.A. 3; Block N 3; Art Club 2; Main Office Staff 2,3; 104 Staff 3; Booster Drive 2,3. BRANDENBERGER, ELIZABETH — To Ohio State — Homecoming Court 3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; Block N 1, Co-Captain 1; 104 Staff 2; Booster Drive 1,2,3; F.T.A. 1,2; Spanish Club 2,3; Senior Giris Glee 3. BRAY, JOSEPHINE — To Work — Spanish Club 2,3; Red Cross 1; Main Office 2. BROOKES, BENJAMIN — To Air Force. BROOICER, DEBE — To Ohio State — Clef Club 3; Band 3; Senior Choir 3; Ensemble 3. BROOKS, PATSY — To Columbus Business University — Y-Teens 1,2,3; 103 Staff 3; Block N 2; Booster Drive 3; Junior Choir 2,3; Senior Choir 2,3; Junior Glee 2,3; Senior Girls ' Glee 2,3. BROWN, BETTY — To Work — Betty Lamp 1,2,3. BROWN, LINDA — To Columbus Business University. BROWNING, SANDI — To Nationwide Beauty Academy — Red Cross 2,3, Secretary 2, President 3; Y-Teens 1,2; French Club 2; Student Council 1,3; Main Office Staff 3; Cafeteria Helper 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3. Linda Brown Sandi Browning 108 :: 7n3 Sandy Burke Steve Burkey Ronald Burling Mattie Byrum of ' 65 BURKE. SANDY — To Ohio State — Y-Teens 1,2,3; F.T.A. 1,2,3; Block N 1,2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Art Club 3. BURKEY, STEVE — To Ohio State — Band 1,2,3, Sergeant-at-Arms 3; Dance Band 1,2,3; Senior Choir 1,2,3, President 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Captain 3; Bass Clef Club 3; Orchestra 1,2,3; Vergilian Club 1,2,3; Treasurer 2; Ensemble 2,3, Student Director 2,3. BURLING, RONALD — To Navy — French Club 2,3; Chess Club 2,3; F.T.A. 2; Camera Service 2; Radio Staff 3; N.F.L. 3; Booster Drive 2,3; Debate Team 3. BYRUM, LOUISE — To I.B.M. Operator. CALDWELL, ROBERT — To Ohio State — Band 1,2,3; Dance Band 2,3; Orchestra 1; Bass Clef Club 3, President 3; Art Club 3, Program Chairman 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; General Scholarship Team 3. CAMPBELL, WOODY — To Ohio State — Hi-Y 1,2,3; Student Council 1,2,3, Publicity Chairman 2; Safety Council 1,2,3, Vice President 2, President 3; Block N 1,2,3, Co-Chairman 3; Booster Drive 1,2; Fall Plav 3; N.F.L. 2.3; Radio Staff 2,3. Robert Caldwell Rosie Callaghan Woody Campbell Jim Case CASE, JIM — To Ohio State — Track 1,2,3; Junior Party 2, Chainiian 2; Orchestra 1.2; Spanish Club 2,3; Boys ' Glee 2,3; Senior Choir 3; Radio Staff 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3. CASSELL, PHYLLIS — To Ohio State — Student Council 1,2, Student Court Judge 3; Vergilian Club 2,3, Secretary 2; F.T.A. 3; Girls ' Glee Club 1; Booster Drive 2,3. Phyllis Cassell 109 Tom Chalfant David Chase Nancy Chase Jolyn Clapp Amber Cline Carolyn Clinton CHALFANT, TOM — To Business College — Booster Drive 3. CHASE, DAVID — To Indiana University — Band 1,2,3, President 3; Senior Choir 2,3, Vice President 3; Ensemble 3, Student Director 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Captain 3; Polarians 3; Bass Clef Club 3; Boy ' s Glee 1; Fall Play 3. CHASE, NANCY Club 1. To School of Cosmetology — Senior 1,2; Art CLAPP, JOLYN — To College — G.A.A. 1,2,3, Intramural Director 3; Marching Band 1,2,3; Concert Band 1,2,3; Clef Club 2,3, Sergeant-at- Arms 3; German Club 1,2, Secretary 2; N.F.L. 1,2,3; Senior Girls ' Glee and Senior Choir 3; F.T.A. 2,3; General Scholarship Team 3. CLINE, AMBER — To Ohio State — Y-Teens 1,2,3; F.T.A. 1,2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Art Club 3; Advanced Art 3. CLINTON, CAROLYN — To Ohio State — Y-Teens 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3; 104 Staff 2; F.T.A. 3; French Club 1,2; Student Council 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Captain 3. Jim Case and Retta Early present unlimited information for the students. Activities from another high school 110 Class of ' 65 COLLINS, RONALD Drive 3. To Ohio State — Track Team 1,3; Booster COPSEY, JERINA — To Ohio State — Block N 3; Vergilian Club 1,2,3; General Scholarship Team 3; Booster Captain 3; Main Office Staff 3; Polaris 2,3, Reporter 2 and Editor 3; N.F.L. 1,2,3, Social Chairman 3; Fall Play 3. CORNELIUS, BARB — To Bowling Green — Junior and Senior Girls ' Glee 2,3; Junior and Senior Choir 2,3; Advanced Art 2,3; Art Club 1,2,3; Y-Teens 1,2, Homeroom Representative 1; German Club 1,3; Polaris 3, Art Editor 3. CORZATT, CATHY — To Miami University — Junior Glee 2; Senior Glee 3; Polaris 3; French Club 3; Booster Drive 3; Fall Play 3. COVERDALE, TOM — To merchandising wholesaling school. COX, STEPHEN — To Ohio State — Social Recreation Council 3, President 3; Bookroom 1,2,3, Chairman 3; Vergilian Club 1,2,3; General Scholarship Team 3; Cross Country 1; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Captain 3; Polar Bear 2; Block N 1. CREMEAN, LINDA — To Ohio State — F.T.A. 1,2,3; G.A.A. 2,3; Senior Choir 3; Junior Choir 2; Band 1,2,3; Orchestra 2,3; Booster Drive 1,2; Clef Club 1,3. Ronald Collins Thomas Connors Jerina Copsey Barb Cornelius Cathy Corzatt Tom Coverdale Stephen Cox Linda Cremean HI Ray Crook Nancy Crosier Class of ' 65 Marty Crowder CROOK, RAY — To Ohio State — Block N 2,3; Hi-Y 1,2,3; Spanish Club 1,2,3, Treasurer 2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; General Scholarship Team 3; Fall Play 3. CROSIER, NANCY — To Ohio State — Spanish Club 2,3, Social Chairman 3, Y-Teens 1,2,3; F.T.A. 1,2,3; Betty Lamp 2,3; Block N 2; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Junior Girls ' Glee 2; Senior Girls ' Glee 3; Red Cross 3. CROW, LINDA — To Ohio State — Y-Teens 1,2,3, Member-at-Large 2 and Vice President 3; F.T.A. 1,2,3, Publicity Chairman 3; Social Recreation 3, Social Chairman 3; Vergilian Club 1,2,3, Secretary 3; Student Court Clerk 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Captain 3; General Schol- arship Team 3; G.A.A. 2,3. CROWDER, MARTY — To Ohio University — Y-Teens 1,2,3; F.T.A. 1,2,3; Spanish Club 2,3; G.A.A. 2,3; Cafeteria Club 1,2,3; Booster Drive 2,3. DALTON, GLENA — To I.B.M. School — Junior and Senior Girls ' Glee 2,3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; Spanish Club 2,3; Main Office Staff 3; Booster Drive 2,3; Block N 3. DANIELL, VICKI — To I.B.M. School Booster Drive 1,2; Intramurals 1. Y-Teens 1,3; Block N 2; Glena Dalton Vicki Daniell DANIELS, DEBBY JEAN — Ohio State — Band 1,2,3; Orchestra 3; Clef Club 2,3; Marjorette 3; Y-Teens 2; F.T.A. 1; Booster Drive 1,3. DARLING, KAYE — To Ohio State — Student Court Judge 3; F.T.A. 1,2,3, Secretary 3; Y-Teens 1,2,3, Publicity Chairman 3; French Club 2,3, Treasurer 3; Senior Class Sergeant-at-Arms 3; Homecoming Court 3; General Scholarship Team 3, Booster Drive 3, Captain 3. DAVIS, SHIRLEEN — To Work — Y-Teens 2; Booster Drive 2,3. DAY, LINDA — To Work. Debby Daniels Kaye Darling Shirleen Davis Linda Day 112 Peggy Devault Larry Diehr DEVAULT, PEGGY — To Ohio State — Y-Teens 1; F.T.A. 1; N.F.L. 1,2; Vergilian Club 1; Block N 2,3. DIEHR, LARRY — To Presbyterian College, South Carolina — Boos- ter Drive 1,2,3; Hi-Y 1,2,3; Block N 3; Reserve Football 1; 103 Staff 3. DIGNAN, CAROL — To Ohio State — Booster Drive 1,2,3; Y-Teens 1,3; F.T.A. 2; Art Club 2; Library Assistant 3; Advanced Art 2,3; Fall Play 3; Intramurals 1. DILL, CHUCK — To Ohio State — Hi-Y 2,3; F.T.A. 1; Booster Drive 1,2; Reserve Football 1. DILLON, KELLEY — To Ohio State — Spanish Club 1,2,3; Block N 2,3; General Scholarship Team 3; Student Council 3, Art Committee 3; Art Club 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Safety Council 3; Chess Club 1,2, Secretary 2. DIMIT, ANNE — To Ohio State — Y-Teens 1,2,3, World Fellowship Chairman 3; G.A.A. 2,3, Treasurer 3; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Cheerleading 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Senior Choir and Girls ' Glee 3; Junior Choir and Girls ' Glee 2. DODANE, WALTER — To Navy — D.E.C.A. 3; Junior Achievement 2, President of Production 2; Current Events 1. DOW, MELODY — To Ohio State — F.T.A. 1,2,3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; Memory Book 2,3, Business Manager 3; Vergilian Club 1,2,3; Block N 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Senior Girls ' Glee 3. m AIM Bob Dillon Kelley Dillon Anne Dimit Walter Dodane Melody Dow Gary Driscoll 113 Bonnie Dugan Jay Dunfee Norma Dunlap Retta Early Jerry Eichenberger Michael Ellwanger Robert Elliott DUGAN, BONNIE — To Columbus Business University — Y-Teens 1,2,3; Spanish Club 2,3; Block N 3; Student Council 3; Junior Red Cross 3; Junior and Senior Choir 2,3; Junior and Senior Girls ' Glee 2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3. DUNFEE, JAY — To Ohio State — Hi-Y 1,3; French Club 2,3; Booster Club 1,2,3, Captain 3; General Scholarship Team 3. DUNLAP, NORMA — To Work — Cadet Band 1; Band 2,3; Junior Choir and Junior Girls ' Glee 2; Senior Choir and Girls ' Glee 3. EARLY, RETTA — To Ohio State — F.T.A. 1,2,3, President 3; Y- Teens 1,2,3, Social Chairman 3; Spanish Club 1,2,3, Secretary 3; G.A.A. 2,3; Social Recreation Council 3, Vice President 3; Varsity Cheerleader 3; Homecoming Court 3; Senior Choir and Senior Girls ' Glee 3, Vice President 3. EICHENBERGER, JERRY 1,2; Booster Drive 1,2,3. To Ohio State — German Club 1; Hi-Y ELLIOTT, ROBERT — To Ohio State — Hi-Y 1,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Reserve Football 1; Cross Country 2. ELLWANGER, MICHAEL — To Work — F.T.A. 3; Polaris Represen- tative 1,2,3, Homeroom Representative 3; Booster Drive 1,3; Hi-Y 3. ENKE, KEVIN — To Ohio University — President Homeroom 1; Varsity W 1, President 1; Varsity Football 1; Reserve Basketball 1; C.Y.C. 1; F.T.A. 2; Varsity Football 3; Booster Drive 2,3. EVANS, JOHN — To Ohio State — Golf Team 1,2,3; Varsity N 2,3. James Epley " Activities from another high school 114 Class of ' 65 EWERS, MICHAEL — To Ohio State — Hi-Y 1,2; Booster Drive 1,2. FARLEY, LARRY — To United Electronics Institute. FARMER, GREG — To Army — D.E.C.A. 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3. FIGGINS, CHARLOTTE — To Ohio State — Junior Girls ' Glee 2, Librarian; Senior Choir and Girls ' Glee 3; Booster Drive 3. FISHER, NANCY — To Ohio State — Clef Club 2,3, Sergeant-at- Arms 3; 105 Staff 2,3; Junior Choir and Girls ' Glee 1,2; Band 1,2,3; Booster Drive 1,3; Senior Choir and Girls ' Glee 3; G.A.A. 1,2,3, Ser- geant-at-Arms 3; Fall Play 3, Student Director 3. FITZGERALD, ED — To Work — Wrestling 1,2,3. FITZWATER, SUSAN — To Ohio State — Y-Teens 1,2,3; F.T.A. 1,2,3; Vergilian Club 1; Booster Drive 2; Junior Girls ' Glee 2; Main Office Staff; 106 Staff. FLAVIN, BARRY — To Ohio Stete — Student Council 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3. FLECK, BARB — To Ohio State — Y-Teens 1,2,3; Red Cross 1,2; Science Club 1; Special Services 1,2,3, Ticket Chairman 3; Spanish Club 2,3; F.T.A. 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3. FLOWERS, SONDRA — To Ohio State — F.T.A. 1,2,3, Program Chairman 3; Spanish Club 1,2; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Captain 3; Student Council 1; Reserve Cheerleader 2; Junior Choir and Girls ' Glee 2; Block N 1,2; Y-Teens 1. Michael Ewers Greg Farmer Larry Farley Charlotte Figgins Nancy Fisher Ed Fitzgerald Susan Fitzwater Barry Flavin Barb Fleck Sondra Flowers 115 Gail Fotheringham Rosemma Fought Class FORGORESS, JUDITH — To Columbus Area Technician School — Y-Teens 1,2,3, Service Chairman 3; F.T.A. 1; French Club 1; Senior Choir 3; Senior Girls ' Glee 3; Ensemble 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3. FOTHERINGHAM, GAIL — To Colleg-e — N.F.L. 1,2,3, Recording Secretary 2, and President 3; Debate Team 1,2,3, Varsity 2,3; Pre- Med Club 2,3, President 2,3; G.A.A. 2,3; Student Court Judge 3; Gen- eral Scholarship Team 3; Vergilian Club 1,2,3, Program Chairman 3. FOUGHT, ROSEMMA — To Ohio State — Red Cross 2,3; Y-Teens 3; Spanish Club 2,3; Main Office Staff 3; Booster Drive 3. FOULIS, DURWARD — To Bowling Green Drive 1,2,3; Pre-Med Club 3. Block N 3; Booster FOULK, JUDIE — To Wittenberg College — Y-Teens 3; F.T.A. 3; Booster Drive 3; Pep Squad 1,2; Drill Team 1,2; Reserve Cheer- leader 1; Girls ' Choir 1; Prom Server 1. FOUNTAIN, MACK N 2. To Ohio State — Booster Drive 1,2,3; Block Durward Foulis Judie Foulk FREITAG, LINDA — To Ohio State — Polaris Staff 2,3, Managing Editor 3; Y-Teens 1,2,3, Homeroom Representative 2; Booster Drive 1,2; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Student Council 1,2,3; Senior Choir and Senior Giris ' Glee 3; Main Office Staff 3; Block N 2,3. ' Activities from another high school Mack Fountain Jean Fowler Linda Freitag 116 of ' 65 FROEHLICH, LANA — To Central Ohio Paper Company — Y-Teens 1,2,3; Booster Drive 1; Intramurals 1,2,3. FULTON, MICHAEL — To Armed Forces — Chess Club 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Hi-Y 3. Sue Trago, Max Fout and Ruth Barton return from one of Senior Choir ' s special performances. FUNK, BARBARA — To Business College — G.A.A. 2,3; 105 Staff 2,3; Booster Drive 1,2. GALLAGHER, CRAIG — To Marines — Football 2; Wrestling 1,2,3; Hi-Y 1,2; Track 1; Booster Drive 2,3. GALVIN, GLORIA — To Telephone Company — Betty Lamp 3. Glenn Frickel Lana Froehlich Mike Fulton Barbara Funk Craig Gallagher Gloria Galvin 117 Janice Gamble Pat Garner Sandy Garner James Garrett Robert Geer Carol Gemeinhardt GARNER, PAT — To Work. GARNER, SANDY — To Work — D.E.C.A. 3; Cafeteria Club 1,2; Booster Drive 1,2. Lois Gentile GARRETT, JAMES — To Columbus Business University. GEER, ROBERT — To Texas Christian University — Band 2,3; Cadet Band 1; Booster Drive 1,2, Captain 3; Reserve Track 1; French Club 2; Orchestra 3; Bass Cleff Club 3. GEMEINHARDT, CAROL — To Ohio State — Orchestra 1,2,3; Clef Club 1,3; French Club 2,3; G.A.A. 2,3; Senior Choir and Senior Girls ' Glee 3; Booster Drive 3; Block N 1,2; Y-Teens 1,2. GENTILE, LOIS — To Work — 104 Staff 2,3. GIER, JANE — To Business College — Y-Teens 1,2; Betty Lamp 2,3; Junior Glee 2; Senior Glee 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3. GILBERT, SUE ANN — To Work — Y-Teens 1,2,3; Links Project 1; Block N 1,2; Special Services 1,2,3; 105 Staff 2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3. GILLENWATER, SANDRA — To Work — Main Office 2; D.E.C.A. 3. Sue Ann fiilbert Sandra Gillenwater 118 Dick Gillmore David Given GIVEN, DAVID — To Air Force — Senior Choir 2,3; Boys ' Glee Club 2,3; Mixed Ensemble 3; Boys ' Ensemble 3; Red Cross 1,2,3, City Ex- ecutive Board 3, Program Chairman 2; Spanish Club 1,2,3, Social Committee 1,2; Cadet Band 1, Librarian 1. GLOBE, CHUCK — To Ohio State — Varsity Football 1,2,3; Wrest- ling 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3; Varsity N 3; Junior Choir 2; Senior Choir 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Senior Boys ' Glee 3. GREEN, BEVERLY — To Bliss College — Y-Teens 1,2,3; Art Club 3; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Betty Lamp 3; Red Cross 2,3; Junior Glee 1,2. GRENIER, DICK — To Ohio State — Varsity Cross Country 2,3; Track 1,2,3; Hi-Y 1,2,3; Booster Drive 2,3; Pre-Med Club 2,3; Cafe- teria Club 3, Sergeant-at-Arms 3; Fall Play 3. GRIFFITH, CHRISTINE — To Nationwide Beauty Academy — Cafe- teria Club 3; Betty Lamp 1.2,3, President 2; G.A.A. 2,3; Spanish 2,3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; Main Office Staff 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Junior Choir 2. HAGANS, CHARLES 1,2,3; F.T.A. 1,2,3. To Ohio State — Booster Drive 1,2,3; Hi-Y HAGER, DOUGLAS — To Ohio State — Varsity N 2,3; Football 1,2,3; Hi-Y 2,3, Treasurer 3; Student Council 1,2; Senior Choir 2,3; Ensemble 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Captain 3; Reserve Basketball 1. Chuck Globe Beverly Green Dick Greiner Christine Griffith Richard Hadden Mary Lou Haddox Charles Hagans Douglas Hager 119 Raymond Hale Thomas Hall Class of ' 65 James Hamilton Anne Marie Hammond HALE, RAYMOND — To Ohio State — Hi-Y 1,3. HALL, THOMAS — To Ohio State — Booster Drive 1,2,3; Science Club 1,2; Varisity Cross Country 3; Pre-Med 2,3; Hi-Y 1,2,3; Cafe- teria Club 1,2,3, President 2,3; Fall Play 3, Committee Chairman 3; Block N 1. HAMILTON, JAMES — To Ohio State. HAMMOND, ANNE MARIE — To Ohio State — Y-Teens 1,3; Betty Lamp 1,3; Vergilian Club 1,2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; F.T.A. 1,3. HAMMOND, HANK — To Ohio University — Student Court Chief Justice 3; Baseball 1,2,3; Basketball 2,3; Boys ' Glee 2; Senior Choir 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Captain 3. HANCOCK, PATRICIA — To Work — F.T.A. 2,3; Red Cross 2; Main Office Staff 3. HAND, RICHARD — To Ohio State — Pre-Med Club 2,3; Booster Drive 2; Art Club 2. HARPOLD, ADRIA — To Ohio State — Y-Teens 1,2,3; F.T.A. 1,2,3; French Club 2,3; Block N 3; 104 Staff 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Memory Book Staff 3, Underclassmen Editor 3; Senior Girls ' Glee 3. HATFIELD, CAROLYN — To Ohio State — Y-Teens 1,2,3; F.T.A. 1,2; Senior Choir and Senior Girls ' Glee 3; Ensemble 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3. Richard Hand Adria Harpold Carolyn Hatfield Brenda Hawthorne 120 Jim Hendershot Sally Herron Sylvia Hetrick Bob Higginbotham HENDERSHOT, JIM — To Ohio State — Student Council 3; Varsity Football 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3. HERRON, SALLY — To Ohio State — Clef Club 1,2,3, Sergeant-at- Arms 2, Publicity Chairman 3; G.A.A. 2,3, Activity Chairman 3; French Club 1,2,3, Vice-President 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Captain 3; General Scholarship Team 3. HETRICK, SYLVIA — To Otterbein College — Library Staff 1,2,3; Spanish 1,2; Senior Girls ' Glee and Senior Choir 3; French 2; Student Council 3. HIGGINBOTHAM, BOB — To Work. HIGGINBOTHAM, TOMMY — To Marines — Booster Drive 1,3. HILDEBRAND, CHRIS — To Ohio State — Y-Teens 2,3; F.T.A. 2,3; Spanish Club 2; Booster Drive 2,3, Captain 3. HILDRETH, STEPHEN — To Ohio State — Hi-Y 2; Booster Drive 2; Chess Club 2; Block N 3; Junior Choir 3. HILL, GARRY — To Ohio State — Marching Band 1,2,3, Vice Presi- dent 3; Concert Band 1,2,3, Vice President 3; Dance Band 1,2,3, Student Leader 3; Orchestra 2,3, Sergeant-at-Arms 3; Bass Clef Club 3; Radio Staff 3. HITCHCOCK, ALICE FAYE — To Work — Y-Teens 1,2,3; Spanish Club 3; Senior Choir and Senior Girls ' Glee 3; Junior Choir and Junior Girls ' Glee 1,2; Booster Drive 2,3. Tommy Higginbotham Chris Hildebrand Stephen Hildreth Garry Hill Alice Hitchcock Geoffrey Hohwald 121 Chris Holcomb John Holcomb Anne Huffman Dean Huffman Ronnie Huffman Dianna Huston Class HOLCOMB, CHRIS — To Ohio State — Block N 1,2; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Orchestra 1,2,3; Hi-Y 1; Bass Clef Club 3. HOLCOMB, JOHN — To Ohio State — Hi-Y 1,2; Track 1,2,3; Booster Dfive 3; Gym Assistant 3. Vicki Hutchison Pat Igel HUFFMAN, ANNE — To Muskingum College — Booster Drive 1,2,3; F.T.A. 2,3; Betty Lamp 2,3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; French 1,2,3; Red Cross 2,3; Safety Council 3; 104 Staff 2,3. HUFFMAN, DEAN — Student Court Bailiff 3; Football 2; Spanish Club 1,2,3, Sergeant-at-Arms 3; Student Council 1; Mathletics 2,3; General Scholarship Team 3; Buckeye Boys ' State 2. HUFFMAN, RONNIE — To Marines — Reserve Track 2. HUSTON, DIANNA — To I.B.M. College — Booster Drive 1,2; D.E.C.A. 3. HUTCHISON, VICKI — To Miami University — Y-Teens 1,2,3; F.T.A. 1,2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; 104 Staff 1,2,3; Homecoming Court; French Club 1,2,3; Reserve Cheerleader 2; Block N 1,3. IGEL, PAT — To Army — Block N 1,2; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Student Council 1; D.E.C.A. 3, President 3. IRVIN, MIKE — To Bakers College — Booster Drive 1,2,3; Score Board Crew 3. Barbara Lynn Jacobs 122 Laverne Jacobs Herbie James Marilyn Jaycox Bonnie Jeandrevin of 65 Anita Johnson Tim Johnson JAMES, HERBIE — To Columbus Business University — D.E.C.A. 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3. JEANDREVIN, BONNIE — To Denison University — Y-Teens 1,2,3; Memory Book 3, Art Editor 3; Senior Class Secretary 3; Social Rec- reation Council 3; Vergilian Club 1,2,3, President 3; Art Club 1,2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Captain 3. JOHNSON, ANITA — To Ohio State — Safety Council 1,3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; Block N 1,2; Student Co uncil 2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Senior Choir and Senior Girls ' Glee 3; Junior Choir and Junior Girls ' Glee 2; French Club 2,3. JOHNSON, TIM — To Work — Block N 1; Booster Drive 1,2,3. ' N.A.T.O.? What the heck is N.A.T.O.? ' ponders Dave Vance. 123 Janie Johnston Gene Jones Class JOHNSTON, JANIE — To Kent State University — Vergilian Club 1; Clef Club 1,2,3, Alumnae Chairman 3; Band 2,3; Orchestra 3; Ma- jorette 1,3; 104 Staff 1. JONES, GENE — Hi-Y 1,2,3; Junior Choir 2,3; Boys ' Glee 3. Annamay Kamzuri Robert Kanuth KAMZURI, ANNA MAY — To Otterbein College — Cafeteria 2,3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; F.T.A. 1,2; Booster Drive 3. KANUTH, ROBERT — To College — Senior Class President 3; Buckeye Boys ' State 2; Social Recreation Council 3; Student Council 1,2,3; Booster Di-ive 1,2,3, Captain 3; Hi-Y 1,2,3, President 2; Varsity N 1,2,3; Ensemble and Senior Choir 2,3. KATTEKHENKY, LEROY — To New York Technical School — Booster Drive 1,2,3. KEITH, MIKE — To Ohio University — Reserve Football 1; Track 1,2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Wrestling 1; F.T.A. 3; Block N 3. KELLAR, EARL — To Franklin University — Band 2,3. KENNERLY, JAMES — To Ohio State — Wrestling 2; Life Time Sports 1, President 1; Projectionist Club 2; Pre-Med Club 3; German Club 3. KEYS, EVELYN — To Ohio State — Spanish Club 2; Student Council 3; 104 Staff 2; Booster Drive 1,2,3. KIBBEY, BILL — To Ohio State — Band 2,3; Orchestra 1,2,3; Bass Clef Club 3; Science Club 1; Booster Drive 3. Earl Kellar James Kennerly Evelyn Keys Bill Kibbey 124 of 65 KIDD, SANDRA — To Grant ' s School of Nursing Betty Lamp 2,3; Red Cross 1,2,3, Treasurer 2, Publicity Chairman 3; Library Staff 1,2,3, Sergeant-at-Arms 2, President 3; Spanish Club 2; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Block N 2. Sandra Kidd Carolyn Kidner KIDNER, KEITH — To Ohio State — Booster Drive 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3, Treasurer 3; Orchestra 1,2,3; Polarians 1,2,3; Chess Club 1,2; General Scholarship Team 3; Senior Choir 3; Bass Clef Club 3, Vice President 3. KIDNER, SUZY — Polaris Staff 2,3; French Club 3; Block N 2,3; Chess Club 1,2; Spanish Club 1. KIMNACH, JIM — To Miami University — Student Council 3, Service Chairman 3; Book Room 1,2,3; Block N 1,2,3, Row Captain 1,2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Captain 3; General Scholarship Team 3. KING, CONNIE — To Ohio State — Betty Lamp 1.2,3; Y-Teens 2,3; Red Cross 1,2,3, Sergeant-at-Arms 2; Spanish 1,2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Junior Glee 1,2; Intramurals 1,2. KIRK, TERRI SUE — To University of Oregon — Y-Teens 1,2,3, Homeroom Representative 1,2; F.T.A. 1,2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Jun- ior Girls ' Glee 2; Art Assistant 2; Spanish Club 1,2. KITZMILLER, JUDY ANN — To Ohio State — Y-Teens 1,2,3, Home- room Representative 2,3 Block N 2,3; Junior and Senior Girls ' Glee 2,3; General Scholarship Team 3; 104 Staff 2; Art Club 3; Red Cross 1,2,3; G.A.A. 3. KITZMILLER, ROGER Club 3. To Ohio State — Booster Drive 2,3; Art KNIGHT, BARBARA — To Ohio State — Y-Teens 1,2,3; Senior Choir and Senior Girls ' Glee 3; Vergilian Club 1; German Club 2,3; Pre- Med Club 2,3; Red Cross 1,2; Special Services 1,2,3. Keith Kidner Jim Kimnach Connie King Terrie Sue Kirk Judy Ann Kitzmiller Roger Kitzmiller Barbara Knight 125 Anita Knowlton Thelnia Jean Kooser Stefanie Kriglowitz Rhea Kuhn Robert Lamar Linda Lamson Jackie Lee Landers Mike Lauffer Class KNOWLTON, ANITA — To Ohio State — Y-Teens 1,2,3; F.T.A. 1,2,3; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Girls ' Glee 1,2,3; Booster Drive 2,3. KOOSER, THELMA JEAN — To Beauty School — Y-Teens 2, Wor- ship Chairman ; D.E.C.A. 3, Secretary 3; Junior Play 1 ; 4-H 1, Health Choir 1; Senior and Junior Choir 1; Girls ' Glee 2. KRIGLOWITZ, STEFANIE — To Work. KUHN, RHEA — To Ohio State — Y-Teens 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3; Or- chestra 2,3; Clef Club 1,2,3, President 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Captain 3; Student Council 3; General Scholarship Team 3; Mathematics 2,3. LANDERS, JACKIE LEE — To Ohio State — Y-Teens 1; Main Of- fice Staff 1. LAWSON, BRENDA LYNN — To School of Nursing — Betty Lamp 1,2,3; Junior Girls ' Glee 1; Y-Teens 1. LECCO, JOE — To Ohio State — Hi-Y 1; Basketball Manager 1; Baseball Manager 1,2; Booster Drive 2; 106 Staff 2; Block N 1,2, Row Captain 1,2; Memory Book Staff 3, Assistant Boys ' Sports Editor 3. Brenda Lawson 126 Mm Al Long Paulene Lockett Jody Lower of 65 LONG, AL — To Ohio State — Cadet Band 1; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Hi-Y 3; Golf Squad 1,2,3. LOWER, JODY — To Work — Historic Club 1,2; Library Club 1; Y-Teens 3. LOWES, JOE — To Trade School — Booster Drive 1,2,3; Stadium Crew 2. LYONS, FRANK — To Ohio State — Booster Drive 1,2; Student Council 3. LYONS, ROBERT JOSEPH — To Highway Patrol — Football 1,2; M Chorus 1,2, Lead Bass 1,2; All Country Chorus 2; M Basketball Manager 1; Projection Crew 1,2; Science Club 1,2; Lakerlogg Staff 2. MABERRY, LINDA — To Work — Band 1,2,3; Cadet Band 1; Betty Lamp 3. MAHLER, LESLIE — To Muskingum College — Y-Teens 1,2,3, Links Chairman 2, Program Chairman 3; F.T.A. 1,2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Co-Captain 3; Block N 2,3; French Club 1,2; 104 Staff 1,2,3; G.A.A. 2; 105 Staff 3. Frank Lyons Robert Joseph Lyons Linda Maberry William MacCaughey Leslie Mahler Hazel Mann ' Activities from another high school 127 Nancy Manter John Markham Betty Markley Dan Marshall Duane Maupin David Maxwell MANTER, NANCY — To Ohio State — Booster Drive 3; Junior Glee 1; Y-Teens 3; F.T.A. 2; Latin 1. MARKHAM, JOHN — To Ohio State — Senior Class Treasurer 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Captain 3; Varsity Baseball 1,2,3; Varsity N 3; Ensemble 3; Senior Choir 3, Librarian 3; Hi-Y 1,2,3; Gym Assistant 3. MARKLEY, BETTY Booster Drive 1,2. LB.M. — Y-Teens 1; Student Council 2,3; MARSHALL, DAN — To Ohio State — Art Club 3, President 3; Advanced Art 3; Block N 3; Booster Drive 2,3; General Scholarship Varsity cheerleaders perfect their Friday night performance. ' Activities from another high school 128 Class of ' 65 Jeff Maynard Donna Lee McBee MAYNARD, JEFF — To Ohio Technical Institute. McBEE, DONNA LEE — To Columbus Business University — Y- Teens 1,2,3; Orchestra 1,2,3; Booster Drive 1,2; Junior Glee 1,2, Treas- urer 1, Secretary 2; Senior Girls ' Glee and Senior Choir 3; Ensemble 3, Director 3; Junior Choir 2, Treasurer 2. McCALL, MARY ANNE — To Weaver Airline Training School — G.A. 2,3; Y-Teens 2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; F.T.A. 1,2; Block N 1,3; French Club 1. McCOLLUM, CAROL — To Capital University — Y-Teens 1,2,3; Cafeteria Club 1,2,3; Pre-Med Club 2,3; Booster Drive 3; Senior Choir 3; Junior Choir 2; Junior Girls ' Glee 1,2; 103 Staff 2,3. Mary Anne McCall Carol McColluni McCONNELL, MARIE — To Ohio University — Orchestra 1; Band 2,3; Senior Choir and Girls ' Glee 3; Clef Club 1,2,3, Projects Chairman 3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; Memory Book Staff 2, Faculty Editor 3; French Club 2,3; General Scholarship Team 3. McDANIEL, GILDA — To Ohio State — French Club 2,3; Booster Drive 1. McDONIE, SANDRA — To Business College — Y-Teens 1; G.A.A. 1; Music 1; Booster Drive 2,3; Red Cross 2; Cafeteria Club 3. McKENZIE, PATTY — To Columbus Business University. J Sandra McDonie Karen McFarland James Meara 129 Class of ' 65 Georgia Micks Curtis Miller Ed Miller MEYER, JOHN — To Ohio State — Booster Drive 1,2,3; Student Council 2,3; Block N 3, Row Captain 3; German Club 1,2,3, Treasurer 1; General Scholarship Team 3. MICKS, GEORGIA — To Work — D.E.C.A. 3. MILLER, ED — To Police Force Crew 3. Safety Council 3; Scoreboard MILLER, MARILYN — To Otterbein College — Band 1,2,3; Orchestra 1,2,3, President 3; Senior Choir 3, Treasurer 3; G.A.A. 1,2,3, Vice- President 3; Verg-ilian Club 2,3, Vice-President 3; General Scholarship Team 3; Booster Drive 2,3, Captain 3; Buckeye Girls ' State 2. MIRISE, ROBERTA — To Ohio State — Junior and Senior Girls ' Glee 2,3; Junior and Senior Choir 2,3; Mixed and Girls ' Ensemble 3; Student Council 3; F.T.A. 1; Y-Teens 1,3; G.A.A. 2; Booster Drive 1,3. MOONEY, BRIAN — To Ohio State — Hi-Y 1,2,3; Block N 1,2,3, Row Captain 1,3; Spanish Club 1,2,3, Committee Chairman 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3. MOORHEAD, GARY — To Ohio State — Block N 2,3; Booster Drive 2,3. Marilyn Miller Sandy Miller Roberta Mirise James Montgomery 130 Charles Morgan Steve Mushrush Dun Myers Michael Nance MORGAN, CHARLES — To Ohio State — Booster Drive 1; Band 2,3; Orchestra 3, Sergeant-at-Arms 3; Hi-Y 3; Bass Clef Club 3, Secretary 3. MUSHRUSH, STEVE — To Kent State University — Booster Drive 1,2,3, Captain 3; Varsity Football 2,3; Reserve Basketball 1; Hi-Y 1,2,3, Councilman 3; Varsity N 2,3; Social Recreation Council 3, Tr eas- urer 3. MYERS, DON — To Army — Booster Drive 1,2,3. NELSON, RUTH — To Ohio State — Y-Teens, 1,2,3; Junior and Senior Girls ' Glee 1,2,3, Secretary 2; F.T.A. 1; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Block N 2; Junior Choir 2. NEWBERRY, BOB — To Ohio State — German Club 1,2; Chess Club 1,2; Hi-Y 2; Block N 3; F.T.A. 3; Booster Drive 2,3. NICHOLAS, SUE — To Dennison University — F.T.A. 1,2,3; G.A.A. 2,3; Y-Teens 1,2,3, Music Chairman 3; French Club 1,2,3; Block N 1,2,3; Senior Girls ' Glee 3, Librarian 3; Senior Choir 3; Ensemble 3. NYE, DIANA — To Merchandising School — D.E.C.A. 3, Vice-Presi- dent 3; Booster Drive 1. O ' NEILL, PEGGY — To Work — Booster Drive 1,2. OPPENHEIMER, ROBERT — To Ohio State — Track Team 1,2,3; German Club 1; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Reserve Football 1. Ruth Nelson Bob Newberry Sue Nicholas Diana Nye Peggy O ' Neill Robert Oppenheimer 131 Donna Palmer Linda Pappas Bryce Parker Tom Parrish Linda Paulus ORVIS, JOHN — To Ohio State — French Club 2; Track Team 1; General Scholarship Team 3. PALMER, DONNA — To Riverside School of Nursing — Betty Lamp 1,2,3, Vice-President 3; G.A.A. 2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Polaris Staff 2,3, Business Manager 3; Spanish Club 2,3; Senior Choir and Senior Girls ' Glee 3. PAPPAS, LINDA — To Columbus Business University — Y-Teens 1,2,3; Latin Club 1; F.T.A. 1; Junior and Senior Glee 1,2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3. PARKER, BRYCE — To Bethal College — Student Council 3. PARRISH, TOM — To Bowling Green — Band 1,2,3, Sergeant-at- Arras 3; Orchestra 1,2,3, Sophomore and Junior Representative 1,2; Hi-Y 1,2,3, Sergeant-at-Arms 2, Chaplain 3; Student Council 1,2,3, President 3; Vergilian Club 1,2, Sergeant-at-Arms 2; Cross Country 1; Dance Band 2; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Captain 3. PAULUS, LINDA — Ohio State — Orchestra 1,2,3, Treasurer 3; Clef Club 1,2,3, Secretary 3; G.A.A. 2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Block N 2,3; Junior and Senior Choir 2,3. PAVLIC, DICK — To Ohio State Hi-Y 1; Vergilian Club 1,3. Wrestling 1; Booster Drive 1,2; PEDDIE, PHILLIP — To Ohio State — Stage Crew 1,2,3, Manager 3; Safety Council 1,2,3, Treasurer 2; Spanish Club 1,2,3, Sergeant-at- Arms 2, Service Chairman 3; Radio Staff 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3. PENNELL, DON — To Ohio State — Hi-Y 2,3, Secretary 3; Senior Class Vice-President 3; Varsity Baseball 1,2,3, Co-Captain 3; Varsity Football 1,2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Captain 3; Varsity Basketball 2,3; Student Court Judge 3; 106 Staff 1,2,3. PENNINGTON, HOWARD — To Ohio State. Don Pennell Howard Pennington ' -Activities from another high school 132 Class of ' 65 John Penrod Tony Penzone PENZONE, TONY — To Ohio State — Hi-Y 3; Block N 3, Row Cap- tain 3; Booster Drive 2,3, Captain 3; French Club 3; Pre-Med Club 2,3, Treasurer 2.3; Varsity N 3. PERRY, JEAN — To Columbus Business University — Y-Teens 1,2,3; Latin Club 1; 104 Staff 1,2; Booster Drive 2,3; Junior Glee 1. PETERS, GINNY — To Ohio State Booster Drive 3. PETTIT, DEE — To Ohio State — F.T.A. 1,2; G.A.A. 1,2,3, Secretary 3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; 104 Staff 1,2; Polaris Staff 2,3, Assistant Business Manager 2, Girls Sports Editor 3; Block N 1,2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Captain 3; Senior Choir and Senior Girls ' Glee 3. PHILLIPS, BETH — To Ohio State — F.T.A. 1,2,3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; Spanish Club 1,2; French Club 2,3; Booster Drive 2,3; Polaris Staff 3, Headline Editor 3; Junior and Senior Choir and Glee 2,3. PIBURN, SUZANNE — To Ohio State — German Club 3; Vergilian Club 3; Y-Teens 3; Pre-Med Club 3; General Scholarship Team 3; Prom Committee 2; Student Council 1; Radio Staff 3. PIGG, SHARON — To Columbus Business University — Senior Girls ' Glee and Choir 2,3; Ensemble 3; G.A.A. 2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; 104 Staff 2,3; 104 Typist 3; Junior Girls ' Glee 1. Jean Perry Ginny Peters Dee Pettit Beth Phillips Suzanne Pibum Wanda Pierce Sharon Pigg Ned Pipher 13.3 My Carol Potts Charles Purdy Jerry Raidiger Jane Randall Daniel Ranke Karen Raquet Tern Reece POTTS, CAROL — To Ohio State — Band 1,2,3; Clef Club 2,3, Treasurer 3; Orchestra 2,3; F.T.A. 2,3; G.A.A. 2,3, Publicity Chairman 3; Advanced Art 2,3; Varsity Cheerleader 3. PURDY, CHARLES — To Ohio State — Hi-Y 1,2,3; Varsity Baseball 1,2,3; Varsity Football 1, Reserve Basketball 1, Booster Drive 1,2,3; Varsity N 2,3. RAIDIGER, JERRY — To Ohio State — Hi-Y 1,2,3; Art Club 1,2,3; Varsity Football Manager 1,2,3, Head Manager 2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Advanced Art 2,3; Senior Choir 2,3; Boys ' Glee 1,2; Varsity N 2,3. RANDALL, JANE — To Ohio State — F.T.A. 2,3; Y-Teens 2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3. RANKE, DANIEL — To Marines. RAQUET, KAREN — To Business College — Y-Teens 1,2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; G.A.A. 2,3; Block N 3; Memory Book Staff 3, Girls ' Sports Editor 3; F.T.A. 2; 106 Staff 2,3. REECE, TERRI — To Ohio State — Y-Teens 1,2,3; F.T.A. 2,3; Senior Choir 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Block N 2,3; Senior Girls ' Glee 3; Polaris Staff 1,2, Homeroom Reporter 1,2; Junior Girls ' Glee 2. REED, ANNE — To Stephens College — F.T.A. 1,2,3, Treasurer 3; French Club 1,2,3, Social Chairman 3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; G.A.A. 2,3; Senior Choir 3, Secretary 3; Ensemble 3; Social and Recreational Council 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Captain 3; General Scholarship Team 3; Reserve and Varsity Cheerleader 2,3. REHM, JOHN — To Ohio State — Cross Country 2,3, Co-Captain 3; Wrestling 1,2,3; Student Council 3; Hi-Y 1,2; Vergilian Club 1,3; Track Team 1,2,3; General Scholarship Team 3. REID, THOMAS — To Ohio State — Band 3. Thomas Reid 134 Class of ' 65 Busy bustle in Mr. Budd ' s office makes for a hectic morning. RENSHAW, ROY — To Ohio State— Science Club 1,2; Art Club 2; Booster Drive 1,2. REYNOLDS, RONALD — To Columbus Business University — Boys ' Glee 1,2,3; Senior Choir 3; Cafeteria Club 1,2,3; Band 2. ROBB, ED — To Ohio University — Student Council 1,3; Social Rec- reation Council 3; Varsity Baseball 1,2,3, Co-Captain 3; Varsity N 2,3; Varsity and Reserve Basketball 1,2; Varsity Football 1,2; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Captain 3; Hi-Y 2,3, Sergeant-at-Arms 3. ROBLETO, DONNA — To Parsons School of Design — Band 1,2; Orchestra 2; Art Club 1,2,3; Art Assistant 3; Advanced Art 3; Booster Drive 1,2; Clef Club 1. Roy Renshaw Ronald Reynolds Keith Richards Harry Risor Ed Robb Donna Robleto 135 David Rockwell Leslie Rodgers Albert Rossi Arthur Rossi Tom Rupert Terry Russell ROCKWELL, DAVE — To Navy — Baseball 1. RODGERS, LESLIE — To Ohio State — Boys ' Glee 1,2; Ensemble 3; Senior Choir 2,3; Hi-Y 1; Spanish Club 1; Booster Drive 1,2; Block N 2; Junior Choir 1. ROSSL ALBERT — To Air National Guard. ROSSL ARTHUR — To Air Force. Cheryl Ryan Ron Rybak RUPERT, TOM — To Air Force — Advanced Art 2,3; Art Club 2,3; Hi-Y 1,3. RUSSELL, TERRY — To Ohio State — Track Team 1,2,3; Cross Country 1,2; Varsity N 1,2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Senior Choir 2,3; Ensemble 2,3; Boys ' Glee 1,2,3, Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3; Hi-Y 1,2,3, Sergeant-at-Arms 3. RYAN, CHERYL — To American University — Band 1,2,3; Choir 2,3; Glee Club 3; N.F.L. 2,3; Vergilian Club 1,2,3, Publicity Chairman 3; General Scholarship Team 3; Clef Club. RYBAK, RON — To Ohio State — Football 1,2,3; Track 1,2; Inter- national Relations Club 1,2, Publicity Chairman 2; French Club 1,2, Vice-President 2; Varsity Club 1,2; Hi-Y 3; Booster Drive 3; Radio Staff 3. SAME, MARY — To Work — Senior Choir and Senior Girls ' Glee 3; Y-Teens 3; Cafeteria Club 1,3; Junior Choir and Junior Girls ' Glee 1,2. SAUNDERS, PAT — To Wake Forest College — Booster Drive 1,2,3, Captain 3; Varsity Football 1,2; Reserve Basketball 1; Hi-Y 1,2,3, Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3; Varsity N 1,2,3; Varsity Baseball 1,2,3; Junior Choir 2. Patrick Saunde Activities from another high school 136 Class of ' 65 Jeanie Savoia Gloria Schnepp SAVOIA, JEANNE — To Business CoUeg-e — Betty Lamp 3; Y-Teens 3; Glee Club 2,3; Booster Drive 3. SCHNEPP, GLORIA JEAN — To Work — Y-Teens 1,2,3; Main Office Staff 2; Red Cross 2; Booster Drive 1. SELBY, THOMAS — To Ohio State — Band 1,2,3; Polarians 3; Bass Clef Club 3, Treasurer 3; General Scholarsliip Team 3; French Club 2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3. SELLS, SALLY JANE — To Business College — Booster Drive 1. SERIO, DIANA LYNN — To Kent State University — G.A.A. 2,3, Initiation Chairman 3; Student Council 3, Corresponding Secretary 3; French Club 1,2,3, Program Chainnan 3; Clef Club 1,2,3, Publicity Chairman 2, Vice President 3; Concert and Marching Band 1,2,3, Sec- retary 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Captain 3. SEYMOUR, CLARK — To Oberlin College — Spanish Club 1,2,3; Junior Choir and Senior Choir 1,2,3, Accompanist 3; Ensemble 2,3, Accompanist 2,3; Drum Major 2,3; Booster Drive 2,3, Captain 3; Fall Play Props 3, Committee Chairman 3; Block N 1; Bass Clef Club 3. SEYMOUR, MARK — To Oberlin College — Fall Play 3; Boys ' Glee 2,3, Accompanist 3; Senior Choir 2,3, Accompanist 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; French Club 3; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Block N 1,2,3, Captain 2,3; Junior Choir 1. SHAFFER, BRIAN Booster Drive 1,3. To Ohio State — 106 Staff 3; Cadet Band 1; SHEPHERD, FRANK — To Ohio State — Hi-Y 1,2,3; Boys ' Glee 3, Secretary 3; Senior Choir 2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Junior Choir 1. m m Thomas Selby Sally Sells Wilford Settles Clark Seymour Mark Seymour Brian Shaffer Frank Shepherd 137 Class of ' 65 Geoffrey Sheppard Karen Sheppard SHEPPARD, GEOFFREY — To Kent State University — Varsity Football 1,2,3; Varsity Wrestling 2,3; Hi-Y 1,2,3; F.T.A. 1,2; 106 Staff 2; Varsity N 2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3. SHEPPARD, KAREN — To Work Booster Drive 3; Intramurals 2. Betty Lamp 3; Y-Teens 3; Kenny Sheppard Patricia Shively SHEPPARD, KENNETH — To Ohio State — Band 1,2,3, Sergeant- at-Arms 2; Dance Band 1,2,3. SHIVELY, PAT — To Ohio State — Y-Teens 1,2,3, Devotions Chair- man 3; Debate 2,3; N.F.L. 1,2,3, Corresponding Secretary 2, Treas- urer 3; Memory Book 2,3, Typist 2, Circulation Manager 3; French Club 1,2,3, Secretary 3; G.A.A. 2,3; General Scholarship Team 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Captain 3. SHOCKLEY, MIKE — To Ohio State — Varsity Baseball 2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3. SHROPSHIRE BRENDA — To Ohio State — G.A.A. 1,2,3, Pi-esident 3; Social Recreation Council 3, Secretary 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Cap- tain 3; Y-Teens 2,3, Homeroom Representative 2; Block N 1,2; F.T.A. 1,2,3; Cafeteria Club 1,2,3; Spanish Club 3. SHULTERS, BARBARA — To Ohio University — Y-Teens 1,2,3; F.T.A. 2,3; Red Cross 1,2; Pre-Med 2,3, Secretary 2,3; Spanish Club J,2,3; Senior Glee and Choir 3; General Scholarship Team 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3. Mike Shockley Bill Shop Brenda Shropshire Barbara Shulters Brenda Smith Doug Smith 138 Jeremy Smith Martha Jo Smith Barry Snider Robert Snyder SMITH, JEREMY — To Purdue — Student Council 2,3, Vice President 3; French Club 1,2,3, President 3; Social Recreation Council 3, Social Chairman 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Co-Chaii-man 3; Block N 1,2,3, Co- Chairman 3; Hi-Y 2,3; F.T.A. 2; General Scholarship Team 3. SMITH,MARTHA — To Ohio State — Y-Teens 2,3; Betty Lamp 1,2,3; Block N 2; Booster Drive 2,3. SNIDER, BARRY — To Ohio State — Band 1; Track 2,3; Cross Country 2,3; Hi-Y 3; Varsity N; Gym Assistant 3; Booster Drive 2,3. SOWERS, BILL — To Ohio State — Junior Choir 1; Boys ' Glee 1,2; Senior Choir 2,3; Boys ' Ensemble 3; Block N 1,2,3; Booster Drive 2. SPARKS, LANETTE — To Ohio State — Y-Teens 1,2,3, Social Chairman 2; F.T.A. 3; Student Council 2; G.A.A. 1,2; Folk Club 2; Philo 2; Senior Girls ' Glee 1, Secretary 1; Radio Staff 3. SPARROW, KATHY — To Mount Holyoke College — Y-Teens 3; French Club 3; Vergilian Club 3; Red Cross 3; F.T.A. 3; Girls ' Glee 3; German Club 3; Radio Staff 3. STANTON, VINCE — To Law Enforcement — Stadium Crew 2,3. STEAKLEY, RITA — To Ohio State — Y-Teens 1,2,3; Student Coun- cil 2,3, Program Co-Chairman 3; Senior Choir and Senior Girls ' Glee 3; Junior Choir 2; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Block N 3. STEELE, JUDY — To Columbus College of Art and Design — Y- Teens 1,2,3, Homeroom Representative 1; F.T.A. 1,2,3; Block N 1,2,3; Art Club 1,2,3; G.A.A. 2,3; Memory Book 3, Art Editor 3; Senior Choir and Senior Girls ' Glee 3; Advanced Art 2,3. Bill Sowers Lanette Sparks Kathy Sparrow Vince Stanton Rita Steakley Judith Steele Activities from another high school 139 V. Aim Jack Stockstill Phil Stone Bettie Strain Ginny Sweitzer Valerie Swisher Dick Svendson Class Steve Tancos Katherine Tantes STOCKSTILL, JOHN — To Ohio State — Varsity Football 2,3; Senior Choir 2,3; Boys ' Glee 2,3, President 3; Stage Crew 2,3, Manager 3; Social Recreation Council 3; Hi-Y 1,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Captain 3; Varsity N 3. STONE, PHIL — To Ohio State — Hi-Y 1,2; Art Club 3; Red Cross 2; Booster Drive 1,2; Radio Staff 3. STRAIN, BETTIE LOU — To Ohio State — Y-Teens 1,3; Betty Lamp 1; Orchestra 1,2,3; Intramurals 1,2,3. SWEITZER, GINNY — To Bliss College — Betty Lamp 2,3, Secretary 3; Y-Teens 2; Junior Glee 1,2; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Cafeteria Club 3. SWISHER, VALERIE — To Ohio State — Y-Teens 1,2; F.T.A. 1,3; General Scholarship Team 3; Senior Choir and Glee 2,3; Spanish Club 2,3; French Club 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Office Staff 1,2,3. TANCOS, STEVE — To the Navy. TANTES, KATHERINE CLEO — To Work — Betty Lamp 3; Y-Teens 3; French Club 3; Red Cross 3. TAYLOR, PATRICIA — To Business College — Junior Glee 1; Y- Teens 2. Pat Taylor Scott Tefft 140 Janelle Theis Donna Thomas Ruth The Jane Thompson of 65 THEIS, JANELLE — To Ohio State — G.A.A. 2,3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; F.T.A. 2,3; Cafeteria Club 2,3; Junior and Senior Glee 1,2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; 103 Staff 3; Spanish Club 2. THOMAS, DONNA LOU — To Nursing School — Y-Teens 1,2,3; Pre-Med 2,3; Betty Lamp 3; Red Cross 3; 103 Staff 3; Nurses Helper 1,2; Booster Drive 3. Roger Thompson Michelle Thornton THOMAS, RUTH — To Kentucky Christian Bible College — Y-Teens 1; F.T.A. 1,2; Red Cross 1,2; German Club 1,2, Secretary 1; Senior Girls ' Glee 3; Senior Choir 3; Cafeteria Club 1,2,3; Booster Drive 3. THOMPSON, JANE — To Parson ' s College of Designing — Y-Teens 3; F.T.A. 3; Ensemble 3; Senior Choir and Senior Girls ' Glee 3; French Club 1,2,3; Art Club 1,2,3; Advanced Art 1,2,3. THOMPSON, ROGER — To Navy — Senior Choir and Ensemble 2,3; Boys ' Glee 1,3, Treasurer 3; Hi-Y 1; Reserve Football 2; Varsity Foot- ball 3; Booster Drive 2. THORNTON, MICHELLE — To Secretarial Work — Red Cross 2,3; Y-Teens 3; Junior Girls ' Glee 1,2; Booster Drive 1,2,3. Girlish gossip intrigues all. 141 Class Donna Tomlin Susan Trago Toni Tremain Edward Turner Steve Trumbo Louie Tzagournis TRUMBO, STEVE — To Kent State University — Student Council 2,3, Treasurer 3; Contest Speech 2; French Club 2,3, Sergeant-at-Arms 3; General Scholarship Team 3; Block N 2,3, Captain 2,3; F.T.A. 3; Polaris Staff 2,3, News Editor 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Captain 3. TZAGOURNIS. LOUIE Football 3. To Ohio State — Science Club 2; Band 1, VALLELY, ART — To Navy — Orchestra 1,2,3, Vice President 3; Dance Band 2,3; Bass Clef Club 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Block N 2; Junior Choir 1; Radio Staff 3. VanATTA, JOANNE — To Bowling Green — Y-Teens 1,2,3; Safety Council 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Block N 1,2; Junior Girls ' Glee 1. VANCE, DAVID — To Ohio Wesleyan — Hi-Y 1,2,3, Chaplain 2, President 3; Student Council 1,2; Latin Club 1; Football Varsity 1,2,3; Track Varsity 1,2,3, Co-Captain 3; Senior Choir and Ensemble 2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Captain 3. VAN DYKE, SHERRY — To College — G.A.A. 1,2,3, Suspension Chairman 3; Band 1,2,3; Orchestra 1,2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3. Activities from another high school Arthur Vallely David Vance Sherry Van Dyke 142 of 65 Susan Van Fossen Paul Van Home VAN FOSSEN, SUSAN — To Columbus Business University — Y- Teens 1,3; Junior Girls Glee 1. VOGT, KAREN — To Ohio State — Y-Teens 1,2,3; Spanish Club 3; F.T.A. 3; Betty Lamp 2,3, Treasurer 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; 106 Staff 3. WALKER, WARREN 1,2,3; Art Major 2,3. To Ohio State — Art Club 2,3; Booster Drive WALLACE, VONNA SYVETT — To Ohio State — Y-Teens 1; French Club 1,3; Booster Drive 3; Orchestra 1,2,3; General Scholarship Team 3; Student Council 3; Polaris Staff 3, Assistant Copy Editor and Re- porter 3; Cadet Band 1. WALTER, VIRGINIA — To College — G.A.A. 1,2,3, Intramural Di- rector 3; N.F.L. 1,2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Captain 3; Debate; German Club 1,2,3; Senior Choir and Senior Girls ' Glee 3; General Scholarship Team 3; Block N 3. WALTERS, PATTY — To Work — Red Cross 1. WARD, MARILYN — To Ohio State — F.T.A. 1,2,3; Polaris Staff 2,3, Feature Editor 3; Orchestra 1,2,3; G.A.A. 2,3; Clef Club 1,2,3; Senior Choir and Senior Girls ' Glee 3; French Club 2,3, Publicity 3; Red Cross 1,2,3, Vice President 3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; Block N 1,2. Warren Walker Vonna Wallace Carol Wallis Vir;j:mia Walter Patricia Walters Marilyn Ward 143 Connie Warren Rachel Watts Faye Weaver Elaine Welsh Kathy Wenger Randall Wetzel David Wheeler James White Class WARREN, CONNIE — To Columbus Business University — Y-Teens 1,2,3; Betty Lamp 2,3; Spanish Club 2,3; Red Cross 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Block N 3. WATTS, RACHEL — To Ohio State — Reserve and Varsity Cheer- leader 2,3, Head 2,3; G.A.A. 2,3, Social Chairman 3; Social Recreation Council 3; F.T.A. 1,2,3, Vice President 3; Y-Teens 1,2,3, Secretary 3; Senior Girls ' Glee and Senior Choir 3; Homecoming Queen 3; Buckeye Girls ' State 2. WELSH, ELAINE — To Ohio State — F.T.A. 1,2,3; Y-Teens 2,3; French Club 2; Booster Dr ive 2; Senior Choir and Senior Girls ' Glee 3; Ensemble 3. WENGER, KATHY — To Miami University — Y-Teens 1,2,3; French Club 1,2,3, Publicity Chairman 3; F.T.A. 1,2,3; Art Club 2,3; Advanced Art 3; G.A.A. 2,3; Varsity and Reserve Cheerleader 2,3; Senior Choir and Senior Girls ' Glee 3. WETZEL, RANDY — To Marines — Student Council 2,3; Booster Drive 3, Captain 3; Football 2,3. WHEELER, DAVE — To Ohio Technical Institute — Chess Club 1,2; Hi-Y 2; Cross Country 3; Reserve Track 1; Booster Drive 2,3; Block N 3; Varsity Track 3. WHITE, JIM — To Ohio State — Spanish Club 2,3. WHITE, JENNY — To Ohio University — Y-Teens 1,2,3; F.T.A. 1,2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Senior Choir and Senior Girls ' Glee 2,3; 104 Staff 3; G.A.A. 2,3; Art Assistant 1; Block N 1,2. Jennifer White Sterling White 144 Kenneth Wickliff Barbara Wilcox Laurel Will Arlynn Williams of ' 65 WICKLIFF, KENNETH — To Ohio State — Marching Band 1,2,3, Sophomore Representative 1; Concert Band 1,2,3, Sophomore Repre- sentative 1; Dance Band 2,3. WILCOX, BARBARA — To Riverside School of Nursing — Y-Teens 1,2,3; Band 1; Senior Choir and Senior Girls ' Glee 3; Booster Drive 3; Block N 3; Junior Girls ' Glee 1,2; Junior Choir 2. Marilyn Williams Mary Williams WILL, LAURIE — To Columbus Business University — Y-Teens 1,2,3; 104 Staff 3; Main Office Staff 2,3; F.T.A. 1,2,3; Junior Glee 1; French Club 1,2. WILLIAMS, LYNN — To Stenographic Work — Booster Drive 1,2,3; Block N 2. WILLIAMS, MARILYN — To Bowling Green — F.T.A. 1,2,3; Y-Teens 1,2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3, Captain 3; Student Council 3; Senior Choir and Senior Glee 3, Secretary 3; Special Services 1,2,3; Block N 1,2,3; Junior Choir and Junior Glee 2. WILLIAMS, MARY — To Ohio Wesleyan — Y-Teens 1,2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; F.T.A. 1,2,3; French Club 2; Junior and Senior Choir 2,3; Junior and Senior Girls ' Glee 2,3; Intramurals 1; Debate 2. WILSON, GLORIA — To Ohio State — Special ' Services 2,3, Co- ordinator 2,3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; Majorette 3; Spanish Club 1; Y- Teens 2,3; Chess Club 1; Radio Staff 3. WILSON, KENNETH — To Northwestern — Student Council 1; Stu- dent Court Clerk-Bailiff 3; N.F.L. 1,2,3; Vice President 3; Chess Club 1,2,3, Secretary 1, Vice-President 2, President 3; Booster Drive 1,2,3; General Scholarship Team 3; Golf Squad 2,3; Mathematics 2,3. WILSON, MIKE — ■ To Marines — Wrestling 1,2,3; Varsity N 3. Gloria Wilson Ken Wilson Mike Wilson Mike Wilson 145 T-: wg 47b mh Class of ' 65 James Wonderly Susan Woodard WISE, MARK — To Ohio State — Buckeye Boys ' State 2, President of City Council; Student Court Clerk-Bailiff 3; Spanish Club 1,2,3, Publicity Chairman 3; Safety Council 3, Vice President 3; Memory Book 3, Student Life Editor 3; Block N 2,3, Row Captain 3; General Scholarship Team 3; Booster Drive 2,3. WOODARD, SUE — To Iowa State University — Y-Teens 2,3; Betty Lamp 1,2,3; Spanish Club 2; G.A.A. 2,3; Booster Drive 2,3. WOOTEN, MARY — To Olivett — Intramurals 2; Library Staff 3; Office Staff 2,3. WORKMAN, JERRY — To Ohio State. YEH, HSUCHIAO — To Ohio State. YEREANCE, JANELLE — To College — Senior Choir 3; Intramurals 1,2,3. ZIMMERMAN, YVONNE — To Bliss College — Booster Drive 1; Library Staff 1. Mary Wooten Gerald Workman Hsuch iao Yeh Janelle Yereance David Zeller Yvonne Zimmerman 146 147 And may all your fondest hopes and ambitions come true Lincoln Village, 4775 W. Broad St. 1850 Indianola Ave. 1850 N.W. Boulevard 4775 East Main St. 3400 Olentangy River Rd. 25th and Ciierrv St. 878-5338 267-9245 486-4378 237-8429 262-1131 372-7831 HOMEROOM 312 Mr. Anthony Bob Oppenheimer Josephine Bray Uonna Palmer Patsy Brooks Linda Pappas Louise Byrum Jean Perry Woody Campbell Beth Phillips John Harris Wanda Pierce Evelyn Keys Sharon Pigg Chuck Morgan Carol Potts John Orvis Jane Randall Bryce Parker Chuck Stevens Linda Paulus Jani Thompson Brian Mooney Dave Vance Don Myers Mike Wilson Steve Mushrush Mike Nance — HONORS — Presidents: 2 Ensemble: 3 Vice-Pres.: 1 Band: 3 Secretaries: 2 Orch.: 2 Treasurers: 1 Gen. Scholarship: 1 Sgt.-at-Arms: 2 Var. " N " : 3 Beau Court: 2 Polaris: 3 Var. Cheerleader: 1 Booster Capt.: 3 Sr. Choir: 5 Block N : 3 THE BOOSTER THE mm VSTER The POLARIS lj £ P r T 5A1™ PI ESS OF HOLLENBACK 148 a milestone on their ifv ay to a bright Suture HOMEROOM 310 ' Little Anthony and His Imperials " Dick Pavlic Nancy Manter Joe Lowes Bill Kindall Betty Markley Frank Lyons IJob Lamar Ron Rybak Linda Maberry Mike Lauffer Mark Wise Marta Bowen Rosie Callaghan Mary Blubaugh Donna McBee Vicki Maddux Joe Lecco Steve Burkey Walter Dodaine Anne McCall Leslie Mahler AI Long Greg Farmer Pauleen Lockett Hazel Mann Doug Smith Glenn Fickel Little Anthony — HONORS — Booster Drive: 10 Booster Capt.: 2 Var. Football: 2 Var. Track: 1 Var. Wrestling: 1 Block N: 4 Senior Choir: Pres. Sr. Choir: 2 Y-Teens: 3 F.T.A.: 3 Spanish Club: 2 Latin Club: 2 Spring Play: 3 Nafl Honor Soc: 2 Nat ' l Honor Soc: Pres. Buckeye Boy ' s State: 1 Gen. Sch. Team: 3 Student Court: 1 Journalism : 2 Student Council: 4 Ensemble: 2 G.A.A.: 2 French Club: 2 Hi-Y: 3 Safety Coun. : Vice-Pres. RICCARDI ' S Finest in Pizza and Italian Foods 4874 N High Street AM. 2-9898 149 Specialized Business Training Is Your Answer For A Successful Future SCHOOL OF BUSINESS 1. OFFICE MANAGEMENT 2 SPECIAL JUNIOR ACCOUNTING 3. JUNIOR BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 4. SECRETARIAL 5 STENOGRAPH SECRETARIAL 6. SECRETARIAL — OFFICE MACHINES 7. STENOGRAPHIC 8. STENOGRAPHIC-SECRETARIAL 9. CIVIL SERVICE 10. REFRESHER COURSES 1 1. JUNIOR ACCOUNTING JUNIOR COLLEGE OF COMMERCE PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTING 2. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 3 SPECIAL ACCOUNTING EXECUTIVE SECRETARIAL HIGHER ACCOUNTING and BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SENIOR COLLEGE OF COMMERCE 1. DEGREE COURSE, leading to BACHELOR OF COMMERCE Accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Business Schools BLISS COLLEGE 131 East State Street Phone: 224-4112 ALL COURSES LEAD TO A BACHELOR OF COMMERCE DEGREE Aire-Flo Corporation 2587 N. High St. LENNOX Heating and Air-Conditioning AM. 7-5401 Compliments of SEELIG PHARMACY " PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS " 2520 Summit St. Corner of Hudson Columbus, Ohio Am 3-0415 Am 3-0236 Indianola Pure Oil Indianola and Hudson Columbus, Ohio 268-5242 Tune Up-, Brake Work, and Wheel Alignment We Give Buckeye Stamps. For Male and Fen le Traditional Polar Bear Wear It ' s SEILLER SON 2609 North High Street 263-0154 150 Southwick Funeral Chapel and Ambulance Service Judy Southwick, " Class of 1966 " 3100 N. HIGH ST. COLUMBUS 2, OHIO LEE ' S RENTAL SHOP 2499 North High St. AM. 3-9655 EXPERLWEL0IN6 Mike ' s Village Variety Store 2893 N. High Street Complete Hair Care Department Complete Assortment of Car and Plane Models CLINTONVILLE ELECTRIC COMPANY Appliances and Furniture Sales and Service Open Eveni ngs 3367 N. High St. AM 2-1157 r irect line to a fine career WOMEN ' S EMPLOYMENT OFFICE Ohio Bell Part of the Nationwide Bell System A qualified applicants will be considered for employment without regard to race, creed, color or national origin Congratulations and Best Wishes Class of 1965 The Huntington National Bank NORTHERN OFFICE 2619 N. High Street 151 -andj an iuMociaUon 3615 NO. HIGH ST. 268 ■ 3514 HARRY ' S SOHIO 2701 Indianola Ave. Columbus, Ohio 262-0687 Brake or Tune-up Work Our Specialty S H Green Stamps JOHNSON JEWELERS 1994 N. High at Eighteenth Engraving Service Repair Service A Specialty AX 1-4547 HAROLD C. SIMPSON Realtor M.L.S. Auto-Fire-Hospitalization Insurance Phone AM 7-6564 2518 N. High Street Columbus 2, Ohio 3366 Sl Olentangy ' ( River Road ALWOOD FLORISTS AM 8-5000 AM 8-1172 WARREN ' S SANDWICH HOUSE a CATERING SERVICE 3236 N. High St. 262-0852 JANE RUMBERGER INC. 146 East Broad Street Columbus 15, Ohio ROUND THE CLOCK FASHIONS HOMEROOM 320 — J. P. ' s P. J. ' s Mr. Roberts Richard Hadden Christine Griffith Dick Grenier Bev Green Ben Brooks Danny Rankin Anne Hammond Doug Hager Chick Hagens Richard Hand David Maxwell Carolyn Hatfield Adria Harpold Betty Brown Raymond Hale Tom Hall Paul Hall Hank Hammond Dick Svendsen Sally Herron Mary Lou Haddox Sylvia Hetrick Brenda Hawthorne Jim Hendershot Suzy Kidner Nancy Chase Lynn Bolon — HONORS — Club Presidents: 2 Club Secretaries: 1 Sgt.-of-Arms: 2 Student Council: 2 Booster- Captains: 3 Beau Top Ten: 1 Scholarship Team: 4 Varsity Basketball: 1 Varsity Football: 2 Varsity Baseball: 1 Cross Country: 2 Sr. Choir: 4 Ensemble: 2 DAIRY QUEEN Corner of Indianola and Arcadia " The Cone with the Cur) on Top " GARDEN CENTER RESTAURANT 4408 Indianola Ave. Home Cooking Reasonable Prices 152 Congratulations to All Graduating Seniors BOB ' S JONES from HOMEROOM 204 — MRS. BLAIR Key Service UPHOLSTERY Sandy Bernard Ron Collins Ron Bell Jerina Copsey ..•••••••••• Anne Berry Barb Cornelius ,.• Roger Billingsley Peggy DeVault • Linda Brown Robert Geer • A ' Sandy Burke Bob Kanuth 268-1647 Jim Case Jim Kennerly •w,«» !% John Case Judy Kitzmiller 2579 N. High St. Phyllis Cassell LeRoy Katterhenry 3238 N. High St. Tom Chalfant Micki LaBelle Dave Chase Ginny Peters AM 3-5759 Jolyn Clapp Lanette Sparks Carol Clinton Rich Coffman Steve Tancos Hsuchiao Yeh LAWSON HONORS AND ACTIVITIES EASTON MILK CO. Sports: 8 Music: 20 SHOES 2850 N. High St. Language Clubs: 17 Gen. Sch. Team: 3 A Service Clubs: 61 tiW fr Milk, Lunchmeat and Piavs ' 5 Ice Cream Senior Class Officer: Pres. • Graceland Nat ' l Honor Society: 4 j r • Kingsdale k • Great Western Shopping Centers Open Daily 8 A.M. to 10 P.M. W Kirkpatrick ' s Insurance BARNEYS BATHTUB BUCCANEERS of HOMEROOM 319 would like to dedicate this ad to MR. BARNETSON 3215 N. High St. AM 3-5481 — He ' s the greatest! Thanks to him, our homeroom has come from a group of lowly sophs with little spirit, to a group of seniors with the best spirit. The greatest home- room and the highest contributor to the shoe fund would . like to say . . . THANKS MR. B!!! Al Best John Best Zeke Palmer Dan Palmer Sam Miller The Illustrious Members of 319 are: Grace Brophy Jerry Smith HOMER MILLER Sandi Browning Barry Snider Tom Connors Bill Sowers Real Estate and Business Phil Kabealo Vince Stanton AND SON Brokerage Connie King Jack Stockstill i C. L. DILL ASSOC. Terri Kirk Ginny Sweitzer Barbara Knight Valerie Swisher M REALTORS Anita Knowlton Kathy Tantes Mike Rond Pat Taylor w Mark Seymour Janello Theis Brian Shaeffer Donna Thomas 1 JEWELER Frank Shepherd Ruth Thomas C. L. Dill Geoff Sheppard Michelle Thornton IT AM 2-4412 — 267-8323 Mike Shockley James White 3.339 N. High Street Bill Shop Columbus 2, Ohio 2595 N. High Street 153 HOMEROOM 205 Don Barger Lovable Lynn Blackburn Ickifild Birtcher Tiny Tom Coverdale Fullback Davis Dixie Dugan BQly Bodacious " EU-OOg " Peter Cellars Shot in the Dark Darling G-G Dalton Debby Daniels Cremated Cremean Richard Burton Cree Robert Goulet Diehr Clyde McPhatter Meara Wayne Spears Uncle Fester Dimmie Washee-Clothesee The Scintillatingly Fabulous Ray Crook Elizabeth Taylor Mle-0-Dry Dow Batman Dill Elmer Fudd Nancy Crosier Carol Dignan Mr. Warren, coach of the winners of the Senior Olympics! Jolly Green Giant Crowder Goldfinger Gary The Pink Panther Kelly Dillon Memory Book Benefactors and Professional Patrons SCHERZER ' S BAKERY AND SNACK BAR 31 E. Long Street " YOU WILL TASTE THE DIFFERENCE! William G. Kasley Olentangy Barber Shop Patterson Avenue Market Samuel B. Hays Deno ' s Shoe Repair Hudson Barber Shop PHOTOGRAPHS BY THE FASHION Village Pizza and Dairy Twist 2822 N. High Street Across from Olentangy Bowling Alley Open year-round BOYCE HARDWARE " Quality with Service " 4210 Indianola Ave. Columbus 14, Ohio AM 8-2316 The POLARIS Congratulations Seniors Sue Kidner Sandy Bernard Jerina Copsey Donna Palmer Steve Trumbo Marilyn Ward 154 Dee Pettit Cathy Corzatt Linda Freitag Beth Phillips Barb Cornelius Jesse Wood STUDENT INDEX AbraniSj Toin-So.-2P Ac ' curman, Dave - . SP, fO, " J SI, ' , " ' ?! " " " " ■ ' " ' ■ ' ■■ ' ' Adans, ' Iich.1- 1-5 J. ' " j 3 " j " ' i, Adams, ' ii ncy-Jr,- ' 7j 7aj ' hj Adkioa, rla-Ji-.- li ;lietti, Linda-So, -, " !•, iT Alexander, Joe-Jr.-.V, f , ?5, 8)i, ni Alo-qni.; " , t;■■•s i-; ' .- ■■), " ' ;, 7 Aiexander, 3 ' e-3o.-23, 5?, ?:4, QX, )7 Alexander, ThjrriS-Tr. - ' " ' , , : ' :i t, Sussn-Jr.- " .? Allen, " ruor-To.-?? Allen, ChfiTlos-Cr. -.■ " , ' vi 8U, ' ' . j loo " ' Ij ' n, Zrrl-C ' i.-f ' V Ai:ten, Grea-J:-.- ' ' i Allen, Phyllit-S ' -;.-? " Allen, Ric hsrd-Er.-?f ' , 37, ' . " . ' ; " j. 7l», 80, 96, 9 Allen, Shcrrj ' -. ' r.- " ! Allison, DeMurwi-Sr.- ' ? Allrnan, " ry-i o.-?C Amstutz, Ce5:;a j ' i ' .. -7f . ■l " Anderson, ranitl-Sr.-72, 1 ' 12 Andersi.i, D .■,.. ' - ' ; .■■8h, ITO Andrews, Jef fery-So.-28, 75, inj Annette, adra- ■. .-T, 89, 96, 98, 101 Anthony, FsrVara-Er.-r? Apple, Christine— Jr. -7li; " " - Appleman, Martha-£e.-28 Am, J?y-Ec.-?i;, ??, ' Austin, Lcrftt r. riEiiie-fi .-6!, Auxllne, Virrliiia-£r.-61t Bailey, J ' rF-r.%.-?: Bailey, Janlce-Ec.-28, 27, ?7. 7L, °1, " 7 Bailey, Mellndn-3o.-2?, 37, 91, 97 Balrd, Tinothy-Jr.-;;?, ° h Baisden, Garr l-Sc.-33 Epl3.. ' en, Thyll-ls-. ' r.-rP, " . ' , Baker, ■.Villiim-Jr.-? " ! l Baldridge, Donna-Jr.-5fl, fill Ballog, Carel-Jr.-?8, 81:, 9C, 97, TOO BanJcs, Robt-rt-..Tr.- " L Barker, Csrol-So.-28, 71, 91, Barber, David-Sr,-?6, 73 Barker, DGU{ ' lE.s-Jr.-l.9, 71., 8ii, 10? Barkour, l ' ill ' rr.- ' r.-72, " ■ ' , Baridey, I. " .verence-So.-32 Barnes, Unda-Jr.-7u, °li, ' 7, Barnes, Susft:i-3r.-36, 37, bj , ?:■, 57, 71, 72, 76, 80, 8?, ' ?6, of ' , 101. BarnhsLrd, Cnnatanco— Jr.- " . ' ;, " !, Barnheuse, Chrinty-£r.-3 ' . . 7, I ' p. €t c-f. y Tf ;■: V Barnhoui3e, VlcV:i-Jr.- C_ " Vj ■( ' . ' . : " ' Barr, Kathleen-Sr.-I.?, 59, 72, S9, 96 Earr, Leslie- Jr. -r!i, 2, ' ' ' , Barr, Robert-So.-28 Barr, Killl£n-Cr.-3 ' - ' , U?, 5: ' Bartlett, Ste-re -Er.-L? Barton, aath-Sr.-36, 57, 5°, ' ' !?. :, l " " , ■ ' o, T ' , ' " ■, ni Baughrap.n, Virrtiia-fic.-r ' Pj " 1, Baxter, G isaii-Jr.-57, 8 ' ; ' ' ' Beach, John- Jr. -8U Beall, Wai ' ne-3o.-2 ' Beal3, Kay-£o.- ' ' f, Beasley, Jr-es-J, ' .-? ' ' Beaven, DenniE-Sc.-?8, 72, 97, Beck, Judy-?c.-31 Beeler, Ceoily-Fo.-2P, ' ' J, ' l Beeler, r:Er;fr-Eo.-2S, 75, 91, Beetham, ;fc.-j--Jr.-3 " , " ., Fl,, ' ) , 96, 91, ' ' 8 Pell, Randolph-3o.-27, 5 Bell, RoTTilci-Gv . -37, 1,5 Belter, P.ichard-Jr.- ' ;9, ?!.■ Bernard, £snc)]-, ,-£r.-53, 1 " " - Berry, Anne-Sr.-89, 9!;, " 6 Besaw, Farkara-Jr.-!8 Blanco, Carol;ni-Jr.-8l;, " - 100 Bier, ' tiri?-S 0.-28, 91, 97 Billlngsley, Roi;er-Er.-3 , " ' j r Blllman, Lirfla-- ' r.-7( , Sli, 5 Binau,, P!., 97; " - Birchfield, Sharon-Jr,-fili, 90 Birtcher, Jerri -Cr. -8 9, 7, 101 Bishop, Janet-?r.-) 7, 2, ' ' 8, Blackburn, fcif-i-Tc . -37, 33, Blackkurn, Sharon- Jr .-59, 8 ' ,, o(. Blevlnc, F;cter-£o.-2P Blevins , Russ- -ll-J- . -T; Bolln, F.llen-rr.-! 7 Bolon, L:mri-Sr.-I;7, 5 , 7l;, of of Bornhausf r, " 5.11ieni-Ei. -33, 1, ' 5 Borror, Martha. -5o.-5u, 8? Bosley, P.cbert-?ii . -3 Bourna, IcLrry--Jr.-ri Bowen, Jerry- Ji .-81, Bowen, r-ferVim-3r.-7u, 75 ' " ' 1 Bowron, Pe£.:;y-£o.-33, 53, 75, Bayi, Michael-3o.-33 Bradfield, ' .arcle-J: .-5?, Tl., oo. o _ Tr Bradfield, Nancy-£r.-37, 56, n: fr.. (■■ ' , ' T Branjiier, ClauOetl.o-C ' :-.- ' ' 3, 5 " , Brandenierger, Kliv.aVcth-Er . - Iranham, Brenria-Ec.-33 Branscora, ; ' ,ary-3o.-33, ?-- creunig, r ick-Jr . -. " 1 Brewer, R»dney-S»,-33 Brice, Sandra-Jr.-S6 Bright, Trudy- Jr. -3!j Bro, " atricia-So.-33, 62, 91 Brocfcnan, Bill-Jr.-BU Brsoker, Deborah-3r.-62, 98, 99 Brooks, Cathy-So.-33, 76, 91 Br»oks, Darrell-So.-33 Brooks, Harilyn-Jr.-87 brooks, Patsy-Sr.-58, 89, 98, 101 Brophy, Grace-3r.-5l4, 71 Srovm, AndreH-So.-33 Brown, Betty-Sr.-76 Brovn, Oora-Jr.-62, 72, 96, 8I4, IDO Brown, Dwight-So.-33 Brown, Fred-So.-50 Brown, Linda-Jr.-SU Browning, Paul-So.-33 Browning, Sandi-3r.-51j, 58, 60, 6U Brumfleld, John-So.-33, 72 Brumfield, Sharon- Jr. -8li Bryant, Brenda-So.-33, 91, 97 Bryant, D vid-3o.-33 Bryant, John-So.-33 Bryant, Phyllis-Jr.-53, 73, 8U, 90 Bryant, Riek-Jr.-52, 8U Bucknor, Daryl-So.-33 Bucknor, Juanita-Jr.-57, 76, 81t, 96 Bukey, Stephen-So.-33 Bunch, Rokert-Ji-.-86 Burch, Constance-Jr.-31i Burohinal, John-So.-33, li9, 75 Burke, Sondrn-Sr.-37, 90, 96 Burkey, Stephen-Sr.-li7, li9, 36, 98, 99 Burkey, William-So.-33, li9 Burling, Ron-Sr.-6l, 63, 7h Burnett, Jean-So.-33, 91 Burns, Thomas- Jr. -Sh Burton, Larry-S».-33 Burton, Virt;iiia-Jr .-59,8ti Bush, Andrew-So.-25,102 Bush, ? ' etPr-Jr.-U2,61j,Sh Butcher, °atsy-Jr.-37,76, U Butler, Annette-So.-33, 57, 62 Bu TeLli, ' inda-3o.-2B Bybee, Stephen-So.-2 ' , 37, 100 " ' yoTs, JiTi- " o.-29 " yrum, Roy-3o.-28 Cali ' -.-ell, Pobert-Sr.-li?, !-9, 9lj Calla: han, Mlchael- ' l o. -28 Callaha " , Sus=)n-Jr.-62, 7h, Sh, " 5 Caiobell, ' ■ ' oody-3r.-37, 51, 56, 61, 71, 102 Canterbury, Perry-Jr.-S8 Cantrell, Dirk-So. -28 CarRep.n, Dou ;-Jr.-5 ' 4, 7h, 81; Carraean, Irl-So.-23, 37, 102 Carpenter, 7uRenia-Jr.-S5, 90 Carrier, Michael-Jr.-SIa Caruso, Pick-3o.-28 Caruso, Tho::«--Jr.-Sli Gasbarro, " :.haron-So.-28, 53, 7 Case, .Ja-es-Sr.-61, 72, 98, 101 Casp, •icha ' --l-So.-28, 100 Caskey, Po -er-Jr. - ' Ij Caskey, Posenary-Jr,-8ij, 90 Cassell, Clinton-Jr.-8U Cassell, Ph7llis-3r.-55, 75, 80 Cas?ell, Shirley-=o.-76, 78 Castle, Dail-So.-28, 72, 100 Castle, ' ' hllliD-3o.-23 Gathers, Eil ' -en-3o.-23 Gathers, Sherry-Jr.-5h, 75, 8U 90, 130 Charaberlairi, ' rlene-So.-23, 91 97 Chamrliss, ' arey-Jr.-Slj Chandler, Carole-Go. -28, 76 Chandler, • ir- ' inia-Jr.-S ' ' , h Chap.Tian, Judy-Jr.-81i Chapman, ' ax-Jr.-81i Chase, Davii-Sr.-36, U9, 80, 98, 99 Cheek, John-So.-28, 75, 95 Cherry, ' -rac e-62, 81t Chevrr, Lynda -Jr. -8ij Chllders, ' Ronald-So.-28 Christenson, Dlane-So.-32 Clapp, Jolyn-3r.-li7, 62, 73, 71, 80, 96, 101 Clapo, Sandra- Jr. - 2, 73, 78, 8i4, 97 Clark, Carol-Jr.-59, 81i, ' ' O Clark, Karen Marie-So.-23, 75, 76, 91, 08 Clark, Karen Sue-So. -28, 72, 75, 91, 05 Clark, Steahen-So.-75, 73, 102 Clifford, Jack-Jr.- li Cline, Ara ' -er-Sr.-91i, 97 Cline, Ton-Jr.-85 Clinton, Carolyn-Sr.-56, 90, 96 Clough, Paul-Jr.-7!j, 8I1 Coffee, John-Jr.-81i Colb- , Rlchard-So.-28, 72, 102 Collins, -everly-So.-28 Collins, Robert A. -Jr. -53, 56, 8U Collins, Steve-Jr.-81i Collins, Willia.m-So.-23 Combs, r ' on ' ia-Jr.-8L Commeans, Robert-Jr.-Sli Connelly, Cristy-So.-23, 5li, 7li, 81 Connors, Thomas-3r.-57 Conrad, John-So.-31 Conrad, Thomas-So.-29 Cook, David-Jr.-Slj Cook, Lynda-Jr.-86 Cooner, Jessica-Jr,-59,60, 73, 76, ' 8li, 90 Cooper, Lynn-Jr.-85 Cooper, Martha-So-28, 72, 91 Cooper, Mary-So.-28 Conas, Gary-Go. -23 Copsey, Jerina-Sr.-37, 1 7, 53, 71, 36, 78 Cornelious, Edward-So.-28 Cornelius, Barkara-3r.-53, 73, 91,, 101, 98 Cornelius, Monika-Jr.-56, 73, 8U, 100 Corrigan, Edward-So.-l,9, 102, 28, 75 Corwin, Jaraes-So.-23, 1,9 Corwin, Ken-Sr.-75, 102 Cory, Alan-Jr.-37, 81,, 93, 101 Corzatt, Cathy-Sr.-53 Cousar, Jean-Jr.-81, Cow n, Maonil-Jr.-62, 72, 85 Cowgill, Cathy- Jr. -60, 72, 85, 97, 100 155 Cowgill. Davld-So.-28 Cox, Allison-Jr.-S9, 85 Cox, Jenny-Jr.-35 Cox, Sharon- ' 3r.-57 Cox, Stephen-Sr.-h?, 55, 56, 60, 61, 75 Craft, Tom-Sr.-33, Sh Cree, Daniel-Sr.-99, 101 Cree, Sandra-So.-29 Cremean, Linda-Sr.-96, 62, 80, 7U, 98, 78 Crook, Anthony-So,-28 Crook, Ray-Sr,-37, U7, 59, 72, 80, 102 Crosier, Nancy-Sr.-96, 6U, 72, 76, 89, 101 Crow, Linda-Sr.-37, li7, 55, 96, 36, 89, 75, 80, 78 Crwder, Hartha-Sr.-72, 90, 96 Cruz, Denise-So.-30, 6ij Curry, Catherlne-Jr.-37, 96, 85, 78, 90, 100 Curta, Sara eth-Jr.-85 Dalmy, Andrew-Jr.-73, 8I4, 99, 98 Dalton, Glena-Sr.-37, 60, 72, 89, 101 Dalton, Wayne-So.-23, 100 Daniel, Anthony-So.-32 Daniell, Vickl-Sr.-89 Daniels, Debby-Sr.-62 Darling, Kaye-Sr.-li7, 55, 96, 36, 89, 80, 7h Davenport, Daraon-So.-31 Daver, Karen Jean-Jr.-87 Davidson, Mark-So. -28, 95, 192 Davis, Della-Jr.-55, 90 Davis, Ed-Jr.-31i Davis, Jame3-So.-37, 28, 102 Davis, J»hn-S».-28 Davis, Unda-Jr.-85 Davis, Richard C.-Jr.-37, 7li, 85, 98, 101, 102 Davis, Richard L.-So.-29 Davis, Sandra-So.-28 Davison, Freida-Jr.-58, 75, 96, 85, 90, 98 Davison, NedrB-Jr.-37, 56, 65, 100, 7h, 78, 90 Dawkins, Roscoe-Jr.-33 Deal, Harilvn-So.-28, 60, 62, 91 Dean, Poberta-So.-28, 37, W, Sk, 7h Dearth, Mary-Jr.-S9, 71, 85, 90, 96 Deel, Loretta-So.-28 Deel, Ailene-Jr.-85, 95 DeFluter, Judy-So.-28, 9U Delaney, John Pat- Jr. -85 Delph, Wanda-So.-57, 61t, 29 Dompsey, ehecaaSo.-23, 75, 90 Denune, Rita-So.-28, 91 Devault, Dona-So.-23 Devault, Peggy-Sr.-37, 59, 60 ' :ievault, S Jzanne-So.-28, 75 Devereux, Desmond-Jr.-85 Diehr, Larry-Sr.-37, 58, 102 Dignan, Carol-Sr. -57,89, 9li Dill, Charles-Sr.-102 Dillon, Kathleen-So.-28 Dillon, Kellev-Sr.-37, I47, 5U, 56, 72, 9U Dillon, ' ' ichard-So.-28, 37, 75 Dimit, Anne-Sr.-lj7, 60, 72, 78, 80, 89, Q8, 101 Ditmars, D=vid-So.-28 Dixon, Jef ' " ery-Jr.-85 ixon, Leslie-Jr.-35, 57 Do ' - ' eck, Mary-So.-28 Dodane, ' ■falter-Sr.-61j Donaldson, Daniel-So.-29 Dortmund, Jennie-Jr.-58, 62, 85 Dow, Larry-So.-29, 102 Dow, Melody-Sr.-37, 52, 75, 89, 96, 101 Downey, Joyce-So.-29, U9, 63, 72, 102 Driscoll, Shelah-So.-23 DiJoux, David-So.-U9, 29, 63, 72, 102 Duean, Bonnie-Sr,-37, 5U, 6U, 72 89, 98, 101 Danbar, Michael-Jr.-8U Danbar, Phillip-Jr.-36 Duncan, Robert-Jr.-85 Dunfee, Jay-Sr.-36, hi, 7h, 80, 102 Dunkle, Gary-So.-29, 56 DunlaD, Joniia-Sr.-62, 98, 101 Dunn, Harold-S-.-2 ' 5, 56 Dunn, Rosemarie-So,-28, 57 Dunning, Sally-Jr.-95 Dye, Ponnie-So.-23, 72, 91 Dyer, Joanpe-Jr.-85 Dyer, Rohert-Jr.-85 Early, Betta-Sr.-55, 36, 72, 78, 89, 96, 93, 101 Ebrisht, Judith-So.-2 ' ., 90 Eckenrode, Nancy-So,-2 , 57, 60, 97 Edgell, Gary-Jr,-37, 85, 102 Egan, Roberta-So.-23, 60, Robert-Sr.-102 Ellison, Con ie-Jr.-75, 85, 90 Ellwanger, •!ic ' ia ' l-Sr.-96, 102 Elsbree, J«hn-So.-29, 75 " Iwood, James-So.-29 Eraswiler, Janet-Sr.-59, 7 ' England, Donald-Jr.-85 Ensminger, ' ■1artha-So.-29, 95 Epley, Franc£S-So.-29, 62, 75, 91 Epley, Sharon-Jr.-BJ Frickson, Je=nne-Jr.-37, Sit, 62, 71, 7U, 85, 75, 100, 9U, 97, 90, 78 Evans, Dianne-Jr.-59, 85, 90, 100 Evans, John-Sr.-lj2 Evans, Joyoe-So.-29, 57, 7h, 91 Farmer, Gregory-Sr. -6U Farringer, Ruth-So.-29, 57, 91 Feare, Bon ie-So.-91 Fears, Sandra-Jr.-72, 85 Ferguson, SuAnne-Jr.-95, 90, 96 Ferris, " larlene-Jr.-SS, 90, 96 Ferry, Jacqueline-So.-32 Figgins, Charlotte-Sr.-93, 101 Fillmore, Sally- Jr. -35, 96 Fishfr, Unda-Sr.-29, 72, 9U, 97 Fisher, Mancy-Sr.-29, 62, 78, 93, 101 Fisher, Robert-Jr. -35 Fister, %ncy-So.-29, 91, 95, 100 Fitch, Susan-Jr.-76, 85, 90, 96 Fitz- ' erald, Edward-Sr.-37, 102 Fitzwater, Susan-Sr.-59, 60, 89, 96 Flavin, Parry-Sr.-5!4 Fleck, ' arbara-Sr.-59, 72, 89, 96 Fleck, Judith-So.-29 Flowers, David-So.-29, 102 FlBfsrs, Sondra-Sr -36, 80, 96 Fluty, Arcelia-Sr.-98 ForJ, Cheryl-Jr.-95 F»r«i, Jaae-Sa.-30 Forgoress, Jane-So.-5U, 29, 75, 91 Forgoress,,-89, 93, 99, 101 Fornstrom, Charles-So.-29 Forsythe, T«resa-Jr.-85, 90, 100 Fotheringham, Gail-Sr.-li7, 55, 71, 36, 75, 80, 78, 95 Fotheringham, SteTen-Jr.-59, 71, ?5 Fought, Mark-So. -29, 72 Fought, Mike-Jr.-56, 63, 72, 88 Fought, Rosenina-Sr.-60, 61j, 72, 89 Foulls, Durwar«l-Sr.-37, 95 Foulk, Sari- Jr. -8 7, 96 Foulk, Juiie-Sr.-5l4, 96, 89, 91i Fourenan, Ariaina-So.-91, 7h, 95, 29 Foust, Barbara- Jr. -85 Fout, Max-Sr.-72, 101, 96, 98, 102 Fowler, Carolyn-So.-60, 91, 29 Fowler, Ronali-So.-29, 102 Fox, Judith-So.-76, 91, 29, 97 Fox, LoweH-Jr.-85 Frair, Stanley-So.-29 Francisco, Hargaret-Jr.-85, 90 Frasch, JoSeph-Jr.-Ii9, 60, 71, 7lt, 85, 102 Frazee, Jerry-So.-37, 29 Freeman, Peter-So. -37, 29 Freeman, Sandra- Jr. -5li, 62, 7U, 101, 99, 85, 90, 97 Freitag, Grogory-So.-29, 102 Freltag, Linda-Sr.-37, 53, 5U, 60, 72, 89, 101, 98 Frizzell, Craig- Jr. -85 Froehlich, Una-Sr.-89 Fuller, Alberta-Jr.-85, 75, 100, 97, 90 Fuller, Aray-Jr.-96, 100, 85, 90 Fulton, ffl.chael-Sr.-102 Fultz, Keith-Jr.-85 Funk, Barliara-Sr.-59, 78 Fyfe, William-So.-29 Gaines, James-Jr.-85 Galvln, Gloria-Sr.-76 Gamble, Janic?-Sr.-89 GamerJinger, Linda-So.-91, 29, 91, Gammon, Evelyn-Jr.-85 Gammon, Herman- Jr. -85, 100 Gammon, Patricia-So.-29 Garabadian, Jon-So.-li8, 29, 75 Garner, San ra-Sr.-6ii Caster, Charlotte-So.-29 Gates, Doris-So.-29 Oatten, Russell- Jr. -85 Gaty, Melinda-Jr.-85 Geer, Linda-So.-U8, h9, 97, 29 Geer, Robert-Sr.-36 Gemeinhardt, Carol-Sr. -62, 7lt, 101, 98, 78 Gemeinhardt, Jane-So.-29, 72 Gentile, Lois-Sr.-57 George, Thoraas- So.-31 Gibbons, Deborah-Jr.-7!i, 76, 96, 85, 90 Gibson, Jame3-Jr.-35, 98 Gier, Jane-Sr.-76, 101 Gilbert, Sue-Sr.-59, 89, 80 Gilkerson, John-Jr.-85, 102, 75, 101, 100 Gillenwater, Dennis-So.-29 Gillenwater, Sandra-Sr.-61i Gillmore, Richard-Sr.-102 Given, Davld-Sr.-37, 6U, 72, 98, 99, 101 Given, Susan-So.-29, 57 Glass, James-Jr.-8S, 100, 101, 102 Globe, Charles-Sr.-1,2, 98, ICl Globe, Geoffrey-So.-29, 102 Glover, James-So,-29 Goen, Albert- Jr. -85 Goings, Elsie-Jr.-35 Goldlng, James-So.-29, 102 Graham, Sarbara-Jr.-62, 85 Green, !everly-Sr.-65, 72, 76, 9h Greenlee, JoAnn-So.-29, 72, 91 Griffin, Nathan-Jr.-37, 85 Griffith, Chris-Sr.-58, 60, 72, 76, 89, 101, 78 Griffith, Rebecca-So.-58, 76, 29, 75, 90 Gross, Martha-So. " 76, 29 Grove, I rry-Jr.-85 Grvin, Sue-91 Gvynn, Lynn-So.-29 Haas, Pauline-So.-33 Hadden, James-So.-29, 102 Haefner, Fred-Jr.-U9, 73, 85 Hagans, Charles-Sr.-96, 102 Hagar, Douglas-Sr.-l,2, 36, 99, 96, 102 Hairston, James-So.-29 Hale, Douglas-So.-30 Hale, Paymond-Sr.-102 Haley, Linda-Jr.-85, 9G Haley, Ruby-So. -57, 29, 91 Hall, Ann-So.-62, 72, 29 HaU, Barbara-So.-76, 29, 91 Hall, Lee- Jr. -85 Hall, Paul-Sr.-6U Halley, Carolyn-S».-37, 29, 75, 90 Hamilton, John-Jr.-lj9, 101, 85 Hamilton, John-So.-29, 101, 98 Hammond, Anne-Sr.-96, 76, 89, 75 Hammond, Hank-Sr.-S5, 36, 98 Hammond, Michael- Jr. -7U, 102, 85 Hammond, PaJB-So.-29 Hammond, Pete-Jr.-85 Hammond, Tom-So.-51i, 72, 102 Hampton, Glorla-Jr.-33 Hararick, Barbara-So.-37, 60, 76, 29, 91, 97 Hancock, Patricla-Sr.-96, 60, 62 Hanes, Pamela-So.-29, 91, 75, 95 Haney, Judy- Jr. -86, 90 Haney, 7iolet-So.-29, 91 Harbaugh, Iarry-Jr.-7U, U2, 85 Harkins, Janet-So.-60, 29, 91, 75, 97 Harlcr, Donald-Jr.-85 Harpold, A€lria-Sr.-37, 52, 96, 56, 57, 89, 71, 101 Harris, Patricia-So.-72, 29 Harris, Thelina-Jr.-72, 86, 96, 90, 100 Hart, John-Jr.-85 Hart, William- Jr. -85 Hartcr, Lena-J r.-86 Hartshorn, Davld-So.-29, lt9 Hatfield, Glenn-So.-37, 102, 75, 29 Hatfield, Julia-So.-59, 29, 91 Hatzo, TerTy-Jr.-85 Hawkins, Linda-Jr.-72, 86, 90, 97, 78, 100 Hawkins, Marguerite- Jr. -62, 7U, 3h, 90 Hazlett, Rei-So.-29 Heath, Margaret- Jr. -7U, 86 Hedges, Melanie-Jr.-59, 86, 90 Heilman, Barry-So.-37, 60, 29, 102, 95 156 HelOjnan, William-Jr.-5U, 86, 75, 102 Heln, Nancy-So.-37, 59, 29, 91, 97 Heisler, Davl -Jr.-86 Held, Unda-Jr.-7h, 86, 90, 100 Hellyer, Gayle-Jr.-88 Hendershot, Jajnes-Sr.-5h Hendriokson, John-Jr.-86, 102 Herron, Sally-Sr.-lj7, 62, 36, 80, 7U, 78 Hertz, Dwight-Jr.-86 Hetrlck, Sylvia-Sr.-51j, 57, 98, 101 Hetterscheidt Jr., Harry-Jr.-88 Heydman, Karen- Jr. -8 6, 90 Hightower, PoHy-Jo-Jr.-62, 72, 86, 97, 98, 78, 101 HUdebrsnd, Chriatine-Sr.-36, 89, 96 Hildelsrarai, Kathleen-So.-37, 72, 99, 29, 98 Hildreth, Stephen-Sr.-37, 100 Hill, Garry-Sr.-1(9, 61 Hiss, David-Sr.-56, 61 Hitchcock, Alice-Jr.-72, 89, 98, 101 Hittle, Rofcert-So.-29 Hively, Billy-Jr.-7U, 81j, 97, 90 Herts, Connie-So.-62, 29 Harts, Stephanie-So.-29 Hohwald, Geoffrey-Sr.-SO Holcorafc, Christ»i»her-Sr.-lj9 Holconik, John-Sr.-37, 102 Holdren, Kathleen-Se.-29, 91 Holmes, Margaret-So.-30 Horne, Paula-So,-29 Horsefield, John-Jr,-72, 86, 98, 101 Howard, Cheryl-So.-S8, 29 Hukist, James-Sr.-6U Huffman, Anne-Sr.-56, 57, 76, 89, 7U Huffman, Car la- Jr. -86 Huffman, Dean-Sr.-li7, 55, 72, 80, 95 Hull, Marilyn-Jr.-86 Hunt, Sue-So. -29, 91, 9U Huntley, Patty- Jr. -33 Huston, Dianna-Sr.-6U Hutchison, Dianna-Jr.-52, 96, 7U, 86, 78 Hutchison, ?ickl-Sr.-96, 51, 71 , 89, 98, 101 Igel, Patrlclc-Sr.-61j I jams, ViokL-S 0.-29 Ingram, Pauline-So.-29, 6h Jackson, Charles-So.-29 Jackson, Joyce-So.-29, 97 Jackson, H6nald-Jr.-86, 102 Jacobs, Barfcara-Sr.-7h, 78, 191 James, Rokiert-So.-29, 97 Jardine, Robert-Jr.-li9, 86 Jay, John-Jr.-75, 86, 9U, 102 Jeandreven, Bonnie-Sr.-52, 55, 36, 89, 75, 9U, 80 Jett, Susan-So.-29, 57 Jewett, Deiorah-Se.-29, 72 Joh ns, Clarence-So.-29 Johns, Mike-Jr.-86 Johns, Thomas-So.-29 Johnson, Anita-Sr.-5U, 56, 71i, 98, 101 Johnson, Diana-So.-29, 76, 91 Johnson, Edward-Jr.-66 Johnson, Har»ld-Jr.-85 Johnston, Bonnie-Jr.-53, 87 Johnston, Gregory- Jr. -3 7, 88, 95 Igel, Patrick-Sr.-6li Ijans, Vicki-So.-29 Ingram, Pauline-So.-29, 6U Jackson, Charles-So.-29 Jackson, Joyce-So.-29, 97 Jackson, Ronald- Jr. -86, 102 Jacobs, Bart)ara-Sr,-7li, 78, 101 James, Robert-So.-2?, 97 Jarriine, Robert-Jr.-U9, 86 Jay, John-Jr.-75, 86, 9U, 102 Jeandrevin, Bonnie-Sr.-36, 52, 55, 75, 80, 89, 9lj Jett, Susan-So.-29, 57 Jewett, Deborah-So.-29, 72 Johns, Clarence-So.-29 Johns, Mike-Jr.-86 Johns, Thomas-So.-29 Johnson, Anita-Sr.-5U, 56, 7l», 98, 101 Johnson, Dlana-So.-29, 76, 91, Johnson, Edward-Jr.-86 Johnson, Harold Dwayne-Jr,-85 Johnston, Bonnie-Jr. -53, 87 Johnston, Gregory-Jr.-37, 88, 95 Johnston, Jane-Sr.-62 Johnston, John-So.-29, lj9 Jones, Diana-So,-29, 91, 97 Jones, Gene-Sr.-lOO, 101, 102 Jones, Jill-So.-50, 91, 91, 97 Jones, Ronald-So.-50 Jude, Charles-So.-32 Jullen, Howard-Jr.-86 Juniper, Marsha-Jr.-37, 52, 76, 86 Justus, Beverly-So.-50, 91, 97 Kabealo, Phillip-Sr.-95 Kale, William-So.-37, 50, 102 Kamzuri, Annaniay-Sr,-89 Kanuth, Rob(=rt-Sr.-36, h2, %, 55, " 0, 98 Karlqulst, Eric-So.-50 Kathary, Douglas-So.-50, 102 Katterhenry, Elizabeth-Jr.-37, 72, 86 Kauffman, Jeff-Jr.-72, 86, 102 Keith, Michael-Sr.-37, 96 Kennerly, James-Sr.-73, 95 Kessler, Carolyn-Jr.-7ij, 78, 86, 90, 96, 100 Keys, Evelyn-Sr. -5U Kibbey, WilUat i-Sr.-U7, U9 Kidd, Charles-Jr.-86 Kidd, Dorothey-So.-50 Kidd, Sandra-Sr.-57, 62, 6U, 76 Kidner, Keith-Sr.-lj7, li9, 98 Kidner, Suzy-Sr.-53, 7h Kidwell, James-So.-50 Kilgore, Claudia-Jr.-85 Kimmach, James-Sr,- ' 6, 37, h7, SU, 59, 80 King, Connie-Sr.-6U, 72, 76, 89 King, Don-So. -50 King, Gerry-So.-51j, 56, 102 King, Sandra-S 0.-50, 72, 91, 97 Kine, Steven-Jr.-86 Kirkpatrick, Lee-So.-U8, h9, 50 Kirsch, Gregory-Jr.-86 Kitchen, Gary-So.-50 Kitchen, Suzanne-Jr.-86 Kitzmiller, Judy-Sr.-?7, hi, 6U, 89, 9U, 101 Kitzmiller, Roger-Sr.-9U Kline, Henry-So.-50 Knight, Arthar-S».-SO, 75 Knight, Barfcara-Sr.-59, 73, 89, 98, 101 Knight, PaiiiBla-So.-50, 72, 91, 97 Knipe, Steven- Jr. -U2, 60, 7U, Knowlton, Anita-Sr.-72, 101 Knwlttn, Kenneth-So.-50, 102 K«o, Keven-Jr.-81t Kao, Kim-Jr.-8h K«on, Shir lie-So. -50, 7h, 97 Koaser, Paul-So.-33, 58 Koaser, Theljna-Sr.-6U L«we, Glfldys-So.-30 L»we, Robert-So.-30, 72 tiower, Jody-Jr.-89 L«wer, Linda-Jr.-86 Loy, Cheryl-Jr.-62, 86, 90, 96, 100 Luc«s, Sharon-So.-30 , 96, Luce, James-So.-?0 Lute, Patricia-Jr.-86, 97 Lyons, DaTid-So.-30 Lyons, Frank-Sr.-5U Lyons, James-So, -33 Lvons, Linda-So.-30 Mahe, Jo.«nn-So.-30,17, 76, 91 . " ' labe, Judith-Jr.-59, 86 Krejci, Betty-Jr.-58, 96, 86, 90 Maberry, Linda-Sr.-76 " acCall, a y-So.-30, 7li CacCaughey, William-5r.-56 Hacklin, Cephas-Jr.-87 ' ■laeritz, Marion-73 Magora, Nickolas-So.-30 Magrew, Sandra- Jr. -7li, 86 Mahler, Leslie-Sr.-36, 37, 57, Kunzelman, Tanda-Jr.-37, 59, 73, 59, 89, 96 Kruse, Marilyn-So.-50, 91 Kruse, Ray-Jr.-37, 59, 72, 86, 102 Kuebler, Terry-Se.-30, 102 Kuhn, Ilavid-Jr.-86 Kuhn, Rhea-Sr.-36, U7, 5U, 62, S, 90, 96 Iflbelle, Ronald-So.-30, 102 Lainar, Robert-Sr . -6h I jnp, Dawn-Jr. -57, 75, 86 lamp, Jaraes-Sr.-6ii Tnmson, Linda-Sr.-98, 101 landers, Jackie-Sr.-60 landry, Karen-So.-50, 91, 91 lane. Bill- Jr. -86, 102 lanning, Linda-Jr.-86, 90, 100 lape, John-So.-30 Lauffer, Mike-Sr.-96, 102 lawson, BeTerly-So.-50, 91 Lavson, Brenda-Sr.-76 lawson, Cynthla-So.-50, 59, 7li, 91, 97 Mahon, Dan-Jr.-37, 86, 9U, 100, 101, 102 Mann, Gayle-Jr.-76, 86, 90 Mann, Jacqueline-Jr. -86 Mann, John-So.-30 Manter, JoseDh-Jr.-61, 75, 36, 100, 101, 102 ' ■ ' anter, %ncy-Sr.-89 ' laole, Winiair,-So.-30 Mara, Mollie-So.-30, 5U, 57, 75, 76, 91, 97 Marburger, Jeri-Jr.-37, 7U, 86, 90, 96, 100 Marburger, Linda-So.-30, 37, 72, 91 rcum, Lawrence-Jr.-73, c ' ■ ' arcum, Linda-Jr.-86, 90 Markham, James-So. -30 Markham, John-Sr.-36, lj2, 99, 102 Markley, Betty-Sr.-5U Lawson, Robert-So.-30 Leach, Darlene-S»,-50, 72, 91, 9h, 97 Leatherman, DaTid-So.-30, 102 Lecco, Joe-Sr.-52 Lee, Bettina-So.-50, 72, 91, 9U, Marshall, Dan-Sr.-U7, 9U 97 Martin, John-So.-30 Lee, May-So.-50, 75 Martin, Jeanne-Jr.-86 Leesburg, JoAnn-So.-50, 62 Martin, Randall-So.-30 Leffler, Roseraary-So.-50, 91, 97 Martin, Ronald-So.-30 Leggett, Paula-Jr.-37, 86 Mason, Nina-So.30 Leggett, Rebbecca-Jr.-37, 86, lOfflatcheck, Grace-So. -91, 9lt Lehner, Joe-Jr.-37, lj2, 51, 86, Mathews, Delores-So.-30 102 Lelghty, Davld-Jr.-63, 87 Lelux, Pat-Jr.-57, 7li, 86 Lephart, Jeanne-So.-30 Lester, Marian-So.-30 Lewis, James-So. -30 Lewis, John-So.-30 Lewis, Robert-Jr.-86 Lewis, Susan-So.-30, 7U, 91, 91), 97 Likens, Robert-So.-30, 75, 100 Littleton, Roger-Jr.-86, 102 Lloyd, Kenny-So.-30 Lloyd, Marilyn- Jr. -37, 86, 90, 96, 100 Lockett, Mabel-So.-30, 61t Lockwood, Lana-Jr.-86, 90, 98, 101 Long, Al-Sr.-102 Long, Deborah-Jr.-71», 86, 90, 96, 100 Long, Robert-So.-30 Lo»p, Nadine-S o.-28, 7h, 75 Lorbach, Karl-So.-33 Levett, Davld-So.-30 Lovette, Diane-Jr.-86, 100 Matthevs, Mor:nan- ' r.-8U Mattison, Judith- Jr. -81), 90 Maupin, Duane-Sr.-53, 56 Mauritz, ' larion-So.-30, 90 Maxwell, David-Sr.-1)7, 90 May, FrancefS-Jr.-87, 90, 9U Mayfield, Parbara-So.-30 Maynard, E-iith-Jr.-85 Maynard, Gordon-Jr.-62, 86 McAfee, J„yce-So.-30 McEee, Donna-Sr.-T9, 98, 99, 101 McBee, George William-Jr- -8Li ■ ' c ' urney, Pat-Jr.-37, 5h, Ih, 85, 39, 96, 100 McCabe, Sheila-So.-30, li8 McCabe, hana-Jr.-71, 72, 85, 90, 96, 99, 101 McCall, ' ■iaryAnrie-Sr.-58, 78, 89 MoClaskey, C3rolyn- o.-30 McCloud, Eouglas-Jr.-U2, 7U, 86 McClure, Jean-Jr.-85 McCollum, Carol-Sr.-58, 60, 76, 89, 95, 98, 101 McCoDias, Doris June-So.-33, 95, 97 McConnell, Marie-Sr.-lt7, 52, 62, Lowary, Mary-So.-30, 62, 72, 97 7U, 89, 95, 98, 101 157 Shaffer, Brlan- r.-S? Sham, Charles-Jr.-87 Fharne, °ill-So.-30, U9 Sheehan, Staaley-Jr.-87 Shepherd, Frank-Sr.-98, 101, 102 Shenpard, Geoffrey-Sr.-l.i2 Sheppard, Karen-Sr--76, 89 Sheumaker, nita-So.-31, 7?, 91, 97 S ' liflet, Doug- Jr. -87, 100, 101, 102 Shinkle, Ronald-Jr.-87 Shively, Bill-Jr.-37, 87, 98, 102 ShiTely, Patricia-Sr.-36, 37, 1 7, 52, 57, 71, 71j, 78, 80, 89, 96 Shivers, Don-Jr,-87 Shockey, Karen- Jr. -87 Shockey, Thomas-So.-32 Shortt, Roger Thorias-So.-32 Shrewskerry, DarTell-So.-32 Shropshire, Brenda-Sr.-36, 55, 58, 72, 78, 89, 96 Shropshire, Wimam-So.-31, 5U, 58 Shulters, Barkara-Sr.-l47, 72, 89, 95, 96, 98, 101 Shuttleworth, jQAnne-S6.-31, 57, 91, 97 Shy, Randi-Jr.-37, 59, 87, 90, 96 Sida, Tarek-S 0.-31, 75 Sidle, Mark-Jr.-li9, 87, 100, 101 Sidorenko, fficholas-Jr,-87 Siegle, George-Jr.-87, 102 Skldmore, Susan-S».-31, 57, 75, 97 Slayton, Carel-So.-31 Slone, Erenda-Sr,-61i Smelker, Susan-So,-31, 75 Sirdth, Brenda-Sr,-61i Smith, Darlene-Jr.-88 Smith, Jenell-Jr.-88 Smith, Jerry-Sr.-36, 37, lt7, 5l4, Smith, Kathryn-Jr.-88, 100 Smith, Lynda Theresa-Jr.-87 Smith, Martha Jo-Sr.-76, 89 Smith, Mike-Sr.-85 Smith, Peggy-So.-31 Smith, Saniy-Sr,-58 Smith, Sharon Jean-Jr.-8U Sniier, Barry-Sr.-li2, 102 Snider, Connie-Jr.-37, 75, 88, 90 Snouffer, Jame3-Jr.-U9, 87 Ssler, Susan-Jr.-53, SU, 59, Southard, Jaraes-S».-32 Southard, Tamara-Jr.-57, 88 Southwick, Judith- Jr. -7I4, 78, 88, 90, 97 Ssuthworth, Dairid-So.-32 Sowers, Eileen-S».-31, 37 Sowers, William-Sr.-37, 98, 99 Sparks, Dennis-So.-31, 72 Sparks, Lanette Jean-Sr,-57, 61, 89 Sparks, Sondra-So.-57 Sparrow, Kathy-Sr.-6l, 61t, 73, 71a, 75, 80, 89, 96, 101 Speller erg, Bruoe-Jr.-87, 96, 190, 101 Spellings, Lawrenoe-So,-29 Spencer, Jame3-So.-33, 61i Spencer, Llnda-Jr.-76, 88, 90, 100 Spiers, Dianno-Jr.-88 Sprague, Carolyn-So,-32, 97 Sprague, Rokert-Jr.-60, 72, 87 Spry, Brenda-So,-32 Staat, Elaine-Jr.-88 Stackhousp, Patriek-So.-32 Stafford, Kstherine-Jr.-37, 5U, 7U, 88, 90 Stafford, Robert- Jr. -1 9, 88 Stamm, Ingeborg-S 0.-32, 57, 73, 90 Standiford, Marsha-Jr.-72, 88 Stanton, Jennifer-So.-32, 58 Steakley, Rita-Sr.-37, 5U, 89, 98, 101 Steele, Judith-Sr.-37, 52, 61, 78, 90, 9li, 96, 98, 101 Steger, Roseraarle-So,-31, 62, 72, 75, 97 Stepp, Frances-So.-31 Sterling, Georgeanna-Jr.-52, 75 88, 90, 96, 100 Sterling, Susan-So.-32, 75 Stevens, DouglaB-So.-32 Stevens, Judy-Sr.-89 Stevenson, Shane-Jr.-88 Stewart, Charlotte-So.-32, 7U, 76, 91, 97 Stewart, David-So.-32 Stewart, Janet- Jr. -88 Stewart, Linda- ' r.-88 Stewart, Ro ert-So.-32 Stickley, Christina-Jr.-52, 88 Stilson, Linda-So.-32 Stires, Patrick-Jr.-lOO, 101 Stockstill, John-Sr.-36, lj2, 55, 61, 98, 101, 102 Stone, Philip-Sr.-6l, 9li Stoneburner, Rokert-So.-31 Storey, Marilyn C.-So.-32 Stouffer, Susan-So.-32, 91 Strain, Bettie-Sr.-89 Sturgill, Jaraes-Jr.-88 Sullivan, Charlotte-Jr.-53, 58, 88 Sutton, Penny-Jr.-86 Svendsen, Dick-Sr.-lj7, 80 Swanner, Mark-Jr.-88 Swearingen, Van-Jr.-li2 Sweitzer, Ginny-Sr.-58, 76 Swesty, Ann-So.-32, 7ti Swisher, Valerie-Sr.-li7, 72, 71i, 90, 96, 98, 101 Talfcott, Jayne-So.-32, 91, 97 Tallent, Scott-Jr.-83 Tancos, JameE-So.-33 Tantes, Katherine-Sr.-6h, 7lt, 89 Taylor, Betsy-Jr.-85 Taylor, Charles-So.-32, 37, 5U, 72, 102 Taylor, James-Jr.-86 Taylor, Kay-So.-32, 76 Taylor, Larry-So.-32 Taylor, Rita-Jr.-8«, 90, 100 Teare, Bonnie-So.-32, 97 Temnle, Barbara-Jr.-37, 7U, 88, 90, 96, 100 Temole, Linda -Jr. -8? Tennihill, Rita-Jr.-8B Thacker, Mike-32 Theis, Janelle-Sr.-58, 78, 89, 96, 101 Thistle, Cheryl-Sr.-58 Thomas, Donna-Sr.-58, 6U, 76, 89, 95 Thomas, DouglaE-Jr. -88 Thomas, Gloria-So.-50 Thomas, Ruth-Sr.-58, 98, 101 Thomas, Sharon-So.-?8 Thomas, Terry-Jr.-88 Thompson, Annette-So.-32 Thomoson, Jane-Sr.-7li, 89, 9U, 96, 98, 99, 101 Thompson, Rick-Jr.-81i Thoraoson, Roger-Sr.-98, 99, 101 Thornton, Michael-Jr.-6S, 88 Thorton, Michelle-Sr.-89 Tilley, .Margaret-So.-32 Tippett, Fred-So,-32, li9, 72 Todd, Robert-So.-32, 102 Towle, Suzanne- Jr. -3 7, 62, 88, ICO Trago, Susan-Sr.-36, 37, 57, 72, 78, 89, 96, 98, 101 Tremain, Janis-So.-32, 57, 91 Tremain, Toni-Sr.-57, 71t Trimmer, Katherine-So.-32, 76, 91, 97 Trout, Boli-Jr.-7lj, 88, 96 Truesdale, Cris-Se.-32, 102 Trumbo, Stephen-Sr.-36, 37, 1 7, 53, 51 , 7U, 80, 96 Tsai, David-So.-32, 75, 100 Tsai, Sheila- -. -5U, 56, 75, 8?, 100 Tubbs, Mlchael-Jr.-73, 88 Tucker, Garl-So.-32 Tucker, John-So.-29 Tuggle, Tonda-Jr.-88 Tumblin, Steve-Jr.-37, 3?, 98, 101 Turner, Suerathia-So.-32, 61i Tyne, Phil- Jr. -88, 9°, l ' i2 Ulseth, Donna-Jr.-72, 81 Umpleby, John-So.-32, 100, 102 Underwood, David-So.-32 Usselman, ICaren-Eo.-32, 61 , 75, 90, 97 Vallely, Arthur-Sr.-61, 79 Vallely, Robert-So.-32, 37, 1 9, 72 Vance, David-Sr.-36, 1 2, 89, 99, 102 Van Atta, JoAnne-Sr.-56, 89 Van Dyke, Linda- Jr. -76, 88 Van Dyke, Sherrell-Sr.-78 Van Fossen, Susan-Sr.-89 Van Gieson, Lynn-So,-32, 71 , 91, 95, 97 Van Groningen, Chrlsta-Jr.-88 Van Voorhis, Charmaine-So.-32, 1 8, 62, 90 Vernon, Doug-Sr.-61 Vogt, Karen-Sr.-59, 72, 76, 89, 96 VonVllle, Thoma3-So.-32 Voss, Donald-Jr.-37, 88, 98, 101, 102 V ' agener, Randall-So.-32 Walcutt, James-Jr.-7li, 88 Walker, Barbara-Jr.-66 Walker, Vferren-Sr. -91 Wall, Robin-Jr.-57, 71 , 88, 96 Wallace, Vonna-Sr.-Li7, 51 , 71 , 30 Walls, Darrell-Jr.-e8 Walter, Virginia-Sr.-36, 37, 1 7, 71, 78, 80, 98, 101 Walters, Patricia-Sr.-61 Ward, Bartara-Jr.-86 Ward, Dennis-So.-32 " ard, Jennifer-Jr.-72, 88, 90 Ward, Kathleen-Jr.-8 Ward, Marilyn-Sr.-53, 62, 71 , 78, 89, 96, 98, 101 Ward, Melvinia-So.-32 Ward, Nancy-So.-32 Ward, Rebecca-So.-32 Warren, Connie-Sr.-37, 6tj, 72, 76, 89 Washington, James-Jr.-87 ' - ' asEon, Harry-So. -32, 1 9 Watklns, Janet-So.-32, 91 Watts, Helen-Jr.-76, 80, 88 Watts, Rachel-Sr.-36, 55, 61, 78, 89, 96, 98, 101 Waymire, Linda-So.-32, 91 Webb, Harry-So. -31, 61 Webb, Jeanne-So.-32, 37, 75, 91, 97 Welding, Susan-So.-32, 91 Wellman, Brenda-Jr.-88 Welsh, Elaine-Sr.-37, 62, 89, 96, 98, 99, 101 Wenger, Diana-So.-32, 97 Wenger, Edgar-Jr.-88 Wenger, Patricia-So.-32, 97 Wenger, Katherine-Sr.-7U, 78, 89, 91 , 96, 98, 101 Wentzel, Roy-Jr.-51 , 88, 102 Wetzel, P.andal-Sr.-36, 1 2, 5U ' .•.Tieeler, David-Sr.-37 Wheeler, Sally-Jr.-51», 71 , 88, 89, 96 Whitaker, Marilyn-So.-32, 76, 91 White, Evelyn-So.-32, 57, 60, 61 , 75, 97 White, James-Sr.-32, 72 White, Jennifer-Sr.-57, 78, 89, 96, 98, 101 White, JoAnne-So.-32, 57, 91 ' ■Thite, Mike-Jr.-8T White, Roy Alien-So. -32 ' fhite. Sterling -Sr. -36, 1 2 White, Sue- Jr. -88 White, Wanda-Jr.-88 Whitmer, James-So.-102 Whitt, Jerry-So.-32 Wiant, Janice-Jr.-62, 61 , 73, 88, 95, 100 Wickliff, Kenneth-Sr.-lj9 Wilburn, Donald-So.-32 Wilcox, Barbara-Sr.-37, 89, 96, 98, 101 Wilcox, Bill-So. -32, 100 Wiles, Susan-So.-32, 51 , 73, 76, 91, 97 Wilkes, Louise- Jr. -88, 90, 96, 100 Wilkinson, Ted-So. -32 Will, Kristine-So.-32, 37, 73, 9H. ?7 Will, Laurel-Sr.-57, 60, 90, 96 Will, Mark-Jr.-37, 88, 100 Williams, Donna-So.-29 Williams, Edwin-So.-32 Williams, Ida-So.-32, 73 Williams, Laura-So.-32, 71 , 91 Williams, Marilyn-Sr.-36, 37, 51 , 59, 89, 96, 98, 101 Williams, Mary-So.-91 Williams, Mary-Sr.-32, 89, 91, 86, 98, 101 Williams, Robert-Jr.-88, 102 Williams, Shirley-Jr.-88, 100 Wills, Deborah-So.-32, 53, 91, 97 Wills, Robert-So.-32, 63, 9U Wilson, Cheryl-Jr.-57, 88, 90, 95, 100 Wilson, David-So.-32 Wilson, Gloria-Sr.-59, 61, 90 Wilson, Kenneth-Sr.-lj7, 55, 63, 71, 80 Wilson, Larry-Jr.-88 Wilson, Mike-Sr.-e8 Winston, Linda-So.-32, 91 Wise, James-So.-32, 100 Wise, Kay-Jr.-37, 72, 88, 90, 96, 100 Wise, Mark-Sr.-37, 1 7, 52, 55, 56, 72, 80 Wisecarver, Bruce-Jr.-88 158 »fcConnpll, •• ' ichael-So.-30, 72 McCoy, Dian-So.- O McCune, Derma-So.-30, 58, 62, 91 McDaniel, Gilda-Sr.-7U McDanlel, Reesa-Jr.-87 McDQiBld, Michael-So.-30, U9 McDonie, Sandra -Sr.r-58 McFarland, Robert-Jr.-37, 36, 102 McGowan, David- Jr. -3 7, 86, 102 McGreevy, Patrick-Jr.-86, faJ5gie-J .-S8, 85 McVey, Cathy-So.-30 Meade, Joan-So.-33 Meade, Larry-Jr.-58, 85 Meade, Ronald-Jr.-85 Melton, Patriola-Jr,-57, 86, 95 Herz, Kathy-Jr.-5 ' ' , 86, 90, 96 Messer, Lorenia-Jr,-36 Metzger, Shirley-So.-30, 72, 91 91, Meyer, J»hn-Sr.-37, 1,7, 5U, 80 Mioks, Georgia-Sr.-6U Miller, Barl»ara-So.-30, 91, 9h, 97 Miller, Brenda-So.-30 Miller, Curtis-Sr.-98, 101 Miller, Diane-.Ir.-76, 87 Miller, Edward-Sr.-56 Miller, Flaine-Jr.-87 Miller, Linda-So.-30 Miller, Marllyn-So . -30 Miller, Marilyn-Sr.-36, hi, 75, 78, 80, 98, 101 Miller, Martha -So. -30, 57, 91, 97 Miller, Norlene-So.-30 Miller, Patricia-Jr.-lOO Miller, Sandra -Sr.-6U Miller, Stanley-So.-30 Miller, Terry-Sr.-80 Miller, Williani-So.-30 Millsap, Deuglas-Jr.-72, 88 Millsap, Phyllls-So.-30, 72, 91 Minnicics, Walter-So.-30 Mirise, Rofcerta-Sr.-5h, 89, 98, 99, 101 Miser, Jerry-So.-30 Miser, Tom-Jr.-37, 75, 85, 102 Hcbley, Drusie-S9.-31, 76 Montgomery, Jim- Jr.-U2, 9li Montgomery, Mlohael-So.-30 Montgomery, Roliart-Jr.-35 Moody, Vera -So. -31 Mooney, Brian-Sr.-37, 72, 102 Moorhead. Gary-Sr.-37 Mo«ts, Dave-Jr.-75, 36, 102 Morgan, Charlfis-Sr.-U9, 102 Morgan, Patricia-Jr.-88, 90, 96, 100 Morlan, Beverly-So.-31 Morris, Gregory-So.-31 Morris, Richard- Jr. -86 Morrison, Margaret- Jr. -73, 37, 9!, Mowbray, Janias-So.-31, 100 Mullens, Allierta-So.-31 Mullins, Glen-Jr.-86 Murdock, Greg Alien-So. -29 Murtihy, Gary-So.-31 Murphy, Janies-Jr.-86, 100, 101, 102 Murray, Bonnie-So.-31, 72, 91, 97 Murray, Freddie-Jr.-36 Mushrush, Steve-Sr.-36, 1)2, 55, 102 Myers, Ja:iies-So,-31, 102 Myers, Kathy-Jr.-37, 57, 90, 8h, 97, 100 Myers, Rokert-So.-31, 102 Nance, Miohael-Sr.-lt9 Neal, David-6U Needles, Judith-Jr.-37, 57, 58, 72, 88, 90 Neff, Catherine-Jr.-86 Nelson, Karen-So.-31, 72 Nelson, Peggy-So.-31, 57, 91, 97 Nelson, Ruth-Sr.-89, 101 Nelson, Sharon-So.-31, 95 Newberry, Rokert-Sr.-37 Newkerry, Theresa-Jr.-37, 57, 58, 7U, 87, 90, 96 Newell, Ray-Jr.-87 Newman, John-So.-31 Newman, Rita- Jr.-57, Ik, 75, 87, 95 Nicholas, Sue-Sr.-37, 7h, 78, 89, 96, 98, 99, 101 Michols, Charles-So.-31 Nlxten, Robert-Jr.-88 Norris, Brent-So.-31 Norris, Gregory-Jr.-37, 56, 9U, 88 Norris, Lyne-So.-31, 91, 97 Norris, Richard- Jr. -8 7 Nutt, Bruce-Jr.-72, 87, 100, 101, 102 Nybell, Lynn-So.-31, 37, 60, 7!,, 91, 97 Nye, Diana-Sr.-6U Ohrstedt, Charles-Jr.-7U, 87, 96 Oppenheiraer, Mabel-So.-31, 76, 97 Orvis, John-Sr.-lj7 Osborn, Diane-Sr.-U7 Ota, Susan- Jr. -3 7 Packard, Phillip- Jr. -5 3, 71, 87 Page, Susan-So.-37, 5U, 31, 91, 97 Palmer, Oonna-Sr.-53, 72, 76, 78, 98, 101 Palmer, Ginger- Jr. -3 7, 87, 90 Panzera, Paul-So.-31, 1,8 Pappas, Llnda-Sr.-89, 101 Pappas, P tricia-So,-31, 37, 91, 97 Pardo, Car ' ' . OS -Jr. -7U, 87 Pardo, Constanza-Jr.-71t, 37, 100 Pardo, Rolierto-So.-31 Park, Donna-Jr.-87 Parker, Bryce-Sr.-51, Parker, Gene-So,-28 Parker, Ro3anna-So.-31, 6U Parks, George-So.-31, 37, 71i, 102 Parrish, T»ra-Sr.-36, U9, 51,, 80, 102 Patterson, Kathleen-Jr.-51,, 87, 90, 97 Paulus, Kathleen- Jr. -37, 51,, 62, 87, 100 Paulus, Linda-Sr.-37, 62, 73, 101 Peck, Joyce-Jr.-87 Peddie, Phillip-Sr.-56, 61, 72 Penn, Mary-Jr.-87 Pennell, Don-Sr.-36, 1,2, 55, 59, 102 Pennell, Pamela-Jr.-59, 87, 90, 96 Pensyl, Karen-Se.-31, 91, 97 Pentz, Donna-So.-28 Penzone, Tony-S .-36, 37, U2, 61, 71,, 95, 102 Perdue, James-So.-31 Perry, Arthur-So.-31 Perry, Jaines-Jr.-53 Perry, Jean-Sr.-81,, 89 Perry, Steven-So.-31 Peters, Shirley-S 0.-31 Pettit, Delores-Sr.-37, 36, 53, 78, 89, 93, 101 Pettit, Gloria-So.-31, 37, 71,, 91, 97 Phillips, Karen-Jr.-62, 87, 90, 91, Phillips, Mary Beth-Sr.-53, 71,, 89, 96, 101 Phillips, RusFell-Jr.-l,9, 37 Piburn, Suzanne-Sr.-U7, 56, 61, 61,, 73, 75, 80, 89, 95 Piccenti, Sandra -Jr. -61,, 7h, 76, 87, 90, 95, 96 Pierce, Barbara-Jr.-37, 56, 61,, 75, 37, 90, 96 Pierce, Joseph-Jr.-85 Pierce, Lee- Jr. -8 7 Pierce, Wanda-Sr.-61, Pigg, Sharon-Sr.-57, 78, 98, 99, 101 Pinea, Karen-So.-28 Pinkerton, Dennis-So.-31 inkerton, Marcla-Jr.-58, 87 Pitchford, Willlam-So.-31 Plese, Jeanne-Jr.-86 Pee, James-So.-31 Postlethwaite, John-Jr.-lj2, 7lj, 87, 102 Potts, C?rol-3r.-62, 73, 9i,, 96 Potts, Carol-Jr.-87, 102 Price, Paula-So.-30 Pugh, Susan-Jr.-37 Purdy, Char les-Sr. -1,2 Quinn, R ' an-So.-31, 102 Ragland, Elaine-Jr.-75, 87 Raidiger, Jerry-Sr.-lj2, 9U, 93, 102 Randall, Jane-Sr.-89, 96 Ranke, Eennis-Jr.-87 Raquet, Karen-Sr.-37, 52, 59, 78, 89 Rarey, Eugene-So.-31 Rash, Dana-So.-31, 1,8, 62 Rawlings, Denise-Jr.-7U, 87, 90, 9li, 96 Rearley, John-So.-31 Rearley, Robert-Jr.-37, 37 Reece, Terri-Sr.-37, 39, 96, 98, 101 Reed, Anne-Sr.-36, 1,7, 55, 71,, 78, 89, 96, 98, 99, 101 Reed, John-Jr.-87 Reed, John-So.»-32 Reedy, Kenneth- Jr. -87 Rees, Beranrd-So,-31 Reese, William-Jr.-87 Rehn, John-Sr.-li2, 1,7, 51,, 75, 30 Reid, Linda-So.-31, 75 Reininger, Jerry-So.-31 Reis, Tom-So.-31 Renshaw, Roy-Sr,-51, Rpynolds, RonalQ-Sr.-58, 62, 98, ICl Reynolds, Thomas-So. -31, 75, 102 Reynolds, Wayne-So.031, 58, 62 Richards, Connie- Jr. -53, 7li, 75, 87, 90 Richards, Keith-Sr.-1,2, 61, 98, 102 Richwine, Sandra-So.-31, 37, 51,, 71, , 91, 97 Riddle, Paraela-Jr.-fl7 Ridgley, Plchard-Jr.-87 Riley, Richard-So.-33 Ringhiser, Patti-So.-31, 57, 76, 97 Pdsor, Harry-Sr.-53, 56, 100 Roark, Alice-Jr.-87 Rokb, Fdward- " = ' r.-36, 1,2, 1,7, 5h, 55, 80, 102 Roberts, Larrv-So.-31 Robinsnn, Dinah- Jr. -87 Robinson, Hnda-So.-31, 73 RoblPto, ronna-Sr.-5U, 91, Podgers, Leslie-Sr.-98, 99 Rodock, Joyce-So.-31, 1,8, 61,, 87 Rodock, Fichard-Jr.-73 Rodgers, Judy-So.-33 Rogers, Sandra-Jr.-71,, 87, 90, 96, 100 Roope, Myrna-So.-28 Rose, Edwin-So.-31, 1,9 Rose, Scott-So.-31 Roth, Jack-Jr.-87 Roth, Sanda-Sr.-33 Rcush, RoV-ert-So.-31 Rowe, Darrell-So.-31 Ramfield, Carlean-Jr.-86 Rupert, Tom-Sr.-91,, 102 Pussell, Elaine-Jr.-37, 59, 75, 87 Russell, Teresa-So.-31, 91 Ri;s = ell, Terry-Sr. -1,2, 98, 99, 101, 102 Ryan, Cheryl-Sr.-1,7, 62, 71, 75, 98, 101 Ryan, Sherman- Jr. -53 Ryteak, Ronald-?r.-l,7, 61, 80, 102 Saf Strom,, Judith-So. -31, 7h Salyer, J hn-So.-31 Salver, Linia-Eo.-33 Salyer, Sandra Kay-So.-32 Sammons, ' ' etty-So.-31, 57, 91, 97 Sark, Peggy-Jr.-76, 87 Saslaw, Anne-Jr.-5U, 71,, 87, 89, 96, 98, 99, 101 Sauls, Sharon-So.-31 Saunders, ?atrick-Sr.-36, 1,2, 100, 102 Saundra, Sandy-? o.-31 Savage, Ronald-So,-31 Savola, Regina-Sr.-76, 89 Sbrochi, Phillip-Jr.-Ii , 91, Scales, Karen-So.-31, 57, 61, Schidlovsky, John-Jr.-52, 71,, 75, 87 Schneider, Barbara-Jr.-72, 87 Schnepr-, Gloria-Sr.-89 Schnepp, John-So-.-31 Schtltz, Lawrence-Jr.-1,9, 73, 87 Schurtz, Kathryn-So.-91, Schwartz, Ralph-So.-30 Scltes, Constance-Jr.-53, 87, 91, Scoles, Clyde-So.. 31, 72, 100, 102 Scott, ?etsy-So.-31, 59, 75 Scott, James-Jr.-37, 71,, 87, 91, Scott, Janice-So.-31, 62 Seigler, Thomas-! o,-31 Sel!;y, Thonas-5r.-t,7, 1,9, 71, Sellers, °ernetta-So.-31, 61, Sells, Sonia-Jr.-?7, 90, 97 Serio, Diana-Sr.-36, Sh, 62, 7 71,, 78, 50 Serio, ' ichael-So.-31 Sessley, ' ' renda-So.-31, 61, SesEley, Edward-Jr.-87 Settles, Clara-So.-31, 62, 91 Seymour, Clark-Sr.-36, 1,9, 72, 9?, 99 Seymour, Mark-Sr.-17, 72, 71,, 98, 101 Shaffer, Anne-Jr.- ' 8, 62, 71,, ■7, 90 159 Witter, Steve-Jr.-88 Wolf, Michapl-So.-32 Wood, Barbara-So.-32, 62, 91 Wood, Jesse-Sr.-53, 71, 101 Woodard, Susan-Sr.-76, 78, 8? Woodruff, Brenda-So.-32, 37, 7h, 91, 97 Wooten, ■fery-Sr.-?7, 60 V orkman, Betty-So.-32 Workman, Hu¥ert-Jr,-85 Workman, Paul-Jr.-88 Worraan, Steven-Jr.-37, 88, 102 Worthington, Randy-So.-32, li9, 102 Wright, Sandra-Jr.-88 Wright, Steve-Jr.-7h, 86 V yche, I ura-3o,-32 Yates, Larry-So.-32 Tee, Ping-Jr.-63, 88 Teh, Su-Shi-Jr.-83 Yereance, Janelle-Sr.-)i7, °0, 98, 101 Terke, Larry-Jr.-56, 88 Young, Carolyn-So.-32, 1 Tounj, Judlth-Jr.-3S Young, Rol»ert-So.-32, hS Zang, Arlene-So.-32, 91 Zang, Frank-Jr.-63, 88, 102 Zimmerman, James-So.-32, 102 Ziiimerman, Lynda-So.-32 Zipperlen, Wayn e-So.-32, lj8 Zollinger, David-Jr.-58, 85 Zoog, Stephen-So.-32, 102 160

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North High School - Memory Yearbook (Columbus, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


North High School - Memory Yearbook (Columbus, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


North High School - Memory Yearbook (Columbus, OH) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


North High School - Memory Yearbook (Columbus, OH) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


North High School - Memory Yearbook (Columbus, OH) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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