North High School - Memory Yearbook (Columbus, OH)

 - Class of 1939

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North High School - Memory Yearbook (Columbus, OH) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 118 of the 1939 volume:

T1-11: MEMDRY B 00K Y PEW WW Z QA ? PRESENTED BY TI-IE JGURNALISM CLASSES 01" NDRTH I-IIGI-I CDLUIIBUS omo PRINCIPAL MR. SWAIN VICE-PRINCIPAL MISS FARINGER -:M "I -lvvv ' III , A... 2 5 I, I V A ' AOUVI.'I' Y of - . -:g . . hi' M g 513 V . ,TI -V I I, .. u V M 'QV . V nmmclz. SK!-ITCIIZE "" , ':: ' A V ' J 15" :' . z.,:. , X, ,.,.,. I. ,. ,, M -. V V -V V ' V f V " V ' rn. Llzrm BY 4 - .::::5gfV. , 6 ,.,. . .. I, I V-Q V V4.5 ,M . X ' ' ' - . .1 1 ' 2-V 1a'12f5':3:fi5:3 ' ,, ' " I , .,.,.,. , 1 I, IIN II .4 II III,IIg. 'I .3 ,- ,Ny jx, s I 'HPS .... -f . VvsfI,, . A ' , 3 I W , I Ii 4 'Q 51?-V'-gy ...V ffm, I - ---Vg rim ,gy ve.-I., 5 -I. 'I I I, I I 1553 . III "" I is 3 I I I II I -' 1 M Qi , .V ,fa gag gig? , x ,F--.g,Vg.. ',6.Z,E3i, V , if' 2235. 5 :V I -. H' ,wig Q I ,5 , ,.V.:, , I ,V M' ,-. 1 'I Vw ' Q., ' I fi 2 ivan f " J I f ,gf ' V ' V, " V Vw ' ' . f as ' " - 222 Y x "" Vxyi Jffy 'fb x 1 , J, 5 W IIIIII V :WMI W , W, WMV--iw'--'wwf-"' ' ' f ' . : : V.. 0 ' ' " f ' ..,,,. . f' ., " .:::, Q ,wg ,fi ay 3 'J V - - QQ 5 1-If, ix, . gi:2:I:ll'5" ' "': :-:.,. V'.:.g ' . , -X V. -i.VQ..::I. 2I , Q W . f I.I,.,Ig- ...Ir I II .. ... If ' :-',.5III:III V ,s:a.fV . 1 ' 'f V V fzf 4-ba: V- '12-sfzzze -' - Jwiiaif-:.:: Y 22 .. af I VV A .... f 5 -if 1 ' , V ' - Vf Q ., 'fi-?55fef' ,f ' .: ' ' ' 5 ' . 5 155' V 5 1- , V . X, .21 ' V 2' 1 .wt YW 'W II .V ,r .-:ff ,II ., .M , 'W V ' 2... I. V' Q'A"' ' . . - I f :,:, .,., f 1,5 II, .1 - I Ay 1 Ig I, 'z,a: g ' I ,f g...::saez-V 'f ' .ifsjisgq 5:5 I - 2 If V :L ' V '- Hu, ' H N59 .Mi-1 ., VP Ig Q-A ' ,N 5 V' x Qs' -3253, , 1 .5-V ' 4 5 'X L V ,, -Vx' , Q ff f V 1 , ,, ' 1:52 K - V V-VW ,Viv " ,V X " I V aaa" 2' 'V f fha. 5 531,21 ,,,. , V gi ' I Q '55 M' IM. My I Mi, S -ig: V A 25 ,I V K I EI I I jf, ,,.w,I xIIII , ' ' II 5 IVf.V 4 1 Y ' ' 5 ,P 1 ' I L' ' ' 4 ff' V LV V1 , I '- .. .,,. , ' I , ' ,Wi ' V - ' V' - 7?-11 ,. , f, - '-" ' V ' 5 " , 'f ' ,. 5:1 .Vi 5g.N.,, 'Q , V if 5. Vflf? 4 Q V ' 1 " V ' ' , LM? ' ' 1 0 W ,X .V - Q , .VV A X., TSI . III? II II , k , 1 .- Q-'V ' V YF' A f"-' . f "Q V -: . ' fy- -' 5 1 1' 1-I-'ig ,, Q - ::s:: Vw , A Af xv' -'fun fi uf' 'VJ' "5'- ' QQ! V ff -:FAI J W W' . I' III' II , I I A ,. ,I . V I V, II I I II , ..... II I fy AI II Www III,g.5.. , , - Q, 1 'bf , . V . , ..., : 4 VVV ' 'X x ..... ' i VV J ' VV K3 II I, I IIIIII I I III ,I,I ,I I II . ,III I . I y ,I III IIIIIIII I I, ,I 1 ,I . I. I I II II IIEIIIIIAEEI II ,. ..,,,. .. V . 5 . . ,s , ,. Y X ,, .. .. , . ...., . ,, I . , W' f V ,Q x . ,VV f Q2 4 ,, ' ' .5 '- " I 'X ,. " A I I - I III, I II E , V . ,. IJIIII M Q I . -: If III V I: -V I 1 A ,V V ,,, V g , ,:-- ,, . V X ., G+' 2 Vg. , pf , V f" x 4 1 , V ' . . I. V' 1 . . ' , ' 3' . Q V ' , ,. f , all V V ,fy 'C' ' . M '- 1 V F1 'V 'HV ' " . iw fx Q 5 , ,I AI, II I . I II V1 IIIQ I . I ...:.V, ....,.,, I ,V , . IIN IIII I II I 15 XII fi, I K,-,II 5 I I I III, ,II AY? 1 , III A II II I. I IgRI .n IIig1:' . N':lR.Af'M III I I II IIIQ S II V V V . ' "ll, ' .V 'lf 5 . A ...fs:iV'. f ' V if ef y i' eV, FW X. 'z if , V K , X V EV, X 1' ' , . II ' 2, -L' IIjI VI A VV 4 f V P All 5 " ' 5N'f 1' , ' 1 ' x ,V 132 , X V 5 fa 'A " ,I .QI V, , " 5 I 5 Q . .V , . Vg. , . If ,, VM , , ,, V f.I in V, sfrgf' , V' " , .IS 5 - V 'W' ' ,V-gf.. VI I I II I III II I I I IIII .II ,I .I II III V, I .. III I . I .,..3 :1,. ,III I -I IIIII I I, I II I .I , I lik' , x .W 'ff 'if . ' -. 2 ' 1 ' F15 -V S . , ,... : .:::,I U V- . ,..- VI. Fi V W it V 'A -,,. x Vu Vi QE: V - 1 I3 Q E5,I5,,,,II Ik. V I I .65:5:::g::.5,, ,V I ,,,, V .VI V IIIIIIIIIWI,-III: V: I. . I MIV: 55- IIIII I II:V .-.- I I I ,. , T". 4 if - ' " R, "3 3 2 - M V "4" " 5 Ns? " Rf w:s!sn.w...f:...v. 2 , 1 . v11v,c-:NIA Knee KITTY WATKIN s ' Q -f f x 5 " vs " f ,J f 1. X ' .,,,,gv V fee. Q ,V ' ' 5325: Nw--WW My M---M .Axx M.V..4..WW..,,.W w,.,.,v,x V., mx W af V gig 55' .,.,.,. 1 , t , - , V VV N X N, N 'X -'E' , ' . .' 'fir ' T ". 'V A' .:gS'E:,:,, WW ,' 4,3 .45 .,.- S 31. v, 4 f. if . A 21 -- Q , if in H , M , -M pf it VV V 1 QW jf , A' ,V, K Q ,Vx W 4 Q , V' , mi VV VV , Q ' ' 11,5133 , 'M g H 2 fi ' 1' A J? ,VVAVVWvyv ,X 3: , V T JY, VV J JK VVVVV. 1 k N E ,A f ..,. A . ' M3 x " '1 ., ,X ' ' I .. ' fb? I, , 7' bf K V X V HVVIM 55:,,g,.4 x ' V 1 . V' r R n"!9P"'Q . Xvm, . f . x Q.. x 1' 1 34li': ,- J. Q, f f M 1 , if f W 'iflj "' - . f W , "LK", X ' 1 ' f fn K "wi 'A gf V, VVVV, .-4 5,52 X 311 ez' X , , ,,...:a:j5 4 ' Y U , V X in .,,:e: f ii My 4 A qw , ,, f '53-' ' ' -52 2 55151 r " WM V V Vi? v n.,..::,:. I , VV F N V V V ,Rx V .54 V' Vx , V H I AQ :5 is ,Y f V .. VVVVVV gf , f 'b QA L A , - ' ' ,. ' Q x 1 -'sfibi 433115 Q Q3 - 2 p iff ,ew 9' A 54 V A ' f 15.3 H ff-ff, ' V Q21 Y 'qi J ' - if ZQQT x , 1 ' . , S 4 M '- ' . ' f 40 Q - ,529 ' ' ' ' vw f -'F S 5 , f f , 'uf C , .Z-.Z .,.,, I f F 1 V .A M, WW-xy 5 X' g!fV,V ,.,, V V V V fain I If an V X X -vz, :,sV:5V5g 1 A. V V f ,R ns V QV f . , 1 W V! Vg' ., V V VVVV V 2 ,VV Qt V ., 0 Vw Vi, , V , ' V 5, ' . V 4 , , V.:,f ' .EEZ , f ' 'Eff 'Qi 1: ' 5 -- - S -:A 1, "'-' 1 ' g f .5 ','- JL, x X ,-1 f ' f ,Wg ,.,,, VV , V ., Li V, EMM , V V -. ff ' Q . ' f- K Z f ' V V .EZ 5, 3 VVV ,, f 3 , A ' W' Q f 13.....W..,,,.,,..,, ,,,. ' f f, 5 ' 1' E . ,WN cf V '. f "ff ' , , " fy A K' . W ,x """' z ' 2' .' , Iv f f fl? , if , 1 ' gg ff iii gg, A H "F" 5 k VV H V VV VVVV JV. , ,, ima was K -. x , Q A r-K , 3 ,V .- ,, ' , ,Y Jf gf V, 4-,:. .,.,..,,,,, x 1, " f ' f ' Q, :.' - -' .- - , Y - ,Q 1, , H 2 -' " V J X ..,.v wg if ' gi f? Q ' , V , wwf V 3 ,. ' x ff , "'- ' A f A A 'pf I if ' ? ?'i3'f4'Mi Q , ' 2 1 wr ff AA- AQ f ' ,Q Q ' Y , ,V . ff? . Q 'ff M " ' " - ' '. 'WsEsEs:eI.,,-., , ' . xg. , - .j5V::asQ32:V3!,EEEE:V 1,514 4 V 0, ,, V XA V .,.,., . A , 45355 A .: .. fy ,S , 2 , , ,J ' " ' 2 4 A ,, . ggi:-: I ff. , V V 1 I V Z 5 ""P"'f " "ff f lf f I ' 15' , 1 f ,Q 943' f .5:,- K f j V -,V ,, ,V ,f f - . ' X , T199 ',fj.,I'3"", ' 111 A fr -1 ,2 , 'g i' ,W V- ' - "'a:z:..,1 2 3, V bg ff 1 1 . 3 f f fm 1 5 'W 'K ' f My wa f if f f y f ' f 1,2 1 sl 28 f X V 9 I E 1 , X AQ-1 ,Ny ,f ,aff f 1 V , v V ' ...,. , W 9 ' ,, 225 ' ' V 2 f , f 5' f ,- , Q12 f f . V- .. f f ff 5 2 1 S322 H 1 h V, A ", gs ' ,Va 5 A A! f ' 4, 4 an VM V Q ,Q f U .V,, ffm., If . af V ,VV if 06 Q V fx 1 ,V , K ay 4v,J fy M5355 ?,w , M. wif in W 1 1 'U' z 'Q fd Fiji X I .wt 1 f .ff ' 1 1-4 V VV EV.. 1:12, fbi iff fri! MR. SPANGLER Office Assisfam' in Charge of Boys NOSTALGIA DEDICATED TO A SCHOOL BUILDING By LOUISE BAXTER EPPLEY So hard To reach This Tinal goal And aTTer being won, The laurel wreaTh seems heavy My Tears bedim The sun. Oh, pleasanT were The waiTing days To grumble cheerTully AT youTh's impeTuousness cooped up WiThin The walls oT Thee. BuT now-sTrange ThoughT, l Tind ThaT l Bewail my loT And sadly sigh As gazing on your red briclc Tace l lcnow I wanT no beTTer place And discover I am wishing Then To sTarT These years all o'er again. A brighT, warm TuTure beclcons me YeT, oh-so relucTanTly l Turn away Trom you, my Triend, OT all good Things musT come an end. And Through my gaThering Tears shall blend The Taces, The dreams, The hopes, The Tears, Warm and golden ThroughouT The years, Close always, I shall harbor Thee, STored Torever in memory. IN MEMORIAM ARTHUR B. WALTERM ! RE Musician, Teacher of I-iisiory, and Aufhor Beloved friend and counselor +0 ali. TT Jo 1 DON A. ACTON 526 Midgard Road From-lndianola To--Ohio Slale Universily JOSEPH RICHARD ADAMS 2650 Indianola Avenue Frorn-lndianola To-Ohio Siale HifY-I, 2, Intramurals-2,35 Varsily "N" Associarion-2, 3, Foolball Squad-I,2g Fasgcerball Squad-I, 27 Track Squad- ROBERT LOUIS ARMSTRONG 2OI Easr Oakland Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio Universify Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3, lnlramurals-2, Varsily "N" Associalion-3, Foofball- 2, 35 Baseball-3. VIRGIL JOHN ALWOOD, JR. DORIS EILEEN BAIR l8B3 Olenlangy River Road From-Everell To-Ohio Slale Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3: Yosian Club-33 lnlramurals-3, Band-I, 2, Orcheslra-2, 2856 Findlay Avenue From-Creslview To-Capilal Universily Honor Sludy-Girl Reserves, Belly Lamp Club-2. REX WARREN ANKROM RUTH EVELYN BALLANTYNE 4l9 Easl Dunedin Road From-Cresfview lnlramurals, Baskelball-2, 35 Baseball- 2, 3, Varsify "N" Associalion-3, Foolball Squad-2, 3, Rolary Luncheon-3. 249 Monfrose Way From-Creslview To-Ml. Carmel School for Nursing Memory Book Sfaff-3, Circulalion Deparle menr-3, Honor Slucly-I, 2, 37 Belly Lamp Club-I, 23 Junior Girls' Glee Clulo-I, 2. LOUIS CLINTON BEALE HARRIET CORENA BARCROFT I34 Wesf Eighlh Avenue From-Everelr To-Ohio S+ale 10 478 Easr Tompkins Slreer From-Arsenal Technical High School, In- dianapolis, Indiana. To-Ohio Universily Honor Sludy, .Vice Chairman-2, 3, Girl Reserves-33 Library Slaff-3, "You Can'l Take If Wifh You," Usher-3, Nalional Honor Sociefy-3. J. HAROLD AUTEN 3068 Midgard Road From-Creslview To-Ohio Slale Polaris-3, Managing Edilor-3, Sludenl Council-3, Chairman of Honor Sludy Cornmillee-3, Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3, Sec- refary-lg Hi-Y-I, 2, 3, Secrelary-3, Press Club-3, Sfamp Club-lg Les En- lhousiasles Francais-35 "You Can'l Take II Wilh You"-35 lnlramurals-3, Boys' Glee Cub-lg Toaslmaslers' Club-3, Toaslmasler-3, Nalional Honor Sociely- 3, "Our Town"f3g Hi-Y Cify Day-3, Tennis Tearn, 3. HARRIET DOREEN ASHBURN l37 Easr Como Avenue From Cresrview To!Franklin University Memory Book Slal'if3g Polaris Sl'al'l-31 Honor Sfudyfl, 2, 3: Press Club-3. JEANNETTE LOUISE BAER 3l8 Olenlangy Slreel Prom-McKinley To-Bliss Business College Honor Sfudyf2, 3. CARLTON BRUCE ADAMS 299 Easl Fifleenlh Avenue From-Creslview To-Ohio Sfale Honor brudygl, 2, 3, "You Can'l Take ll Wilh You," Properly Crew-3, Inlrarnur- als, Baseball, Baskeiballfl, 21 Foolball Squad-fl, 2. BARBARA JANE ALLEN 333 Wesl Eighth Avenue l-rornfDelaware Willis To-Ohio Slale Polaris Slalffl Dispalch Corregondenl -3, Sfudenl Council Execulive ornrnil- lee-2, Sludenl Cour1f3, Judgeefig Honor Sludyfl, 2, 3, Secreiary-I, Chairman f3g Office Siali-2, 3, Chairman-23 Girl Reserves-l, 2, 3, Secrolary-Z, Presideni f3, lnferclub Council Presidenl-33 Book Club-I, 2, 3, Press Club-3, Yosian Club -25 Nous Aulres-3q lniernalional Rela- tions-2, 3, Secrelary-31 Rolary Luncheon f3g Nalional Honor Soc:ieiyf3. DORIS BALL IZOZ Forsylhe Avenue From-Everell To-Ohio Slale Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 35 Vice Chairrnan-3g Ornilhology Club-I, 2, 35 Der Deulsche Verein-2, 35 Nalional Honor Sociely-3, JOHN EDWIN.BARTON 4426 Norfh High Sireel From-Creslview To-Ohio Slafe RICHARD LANE ANDERTON 2423 Medary Avenue Fromelndianola To-Cincinnali School for Morlicians Memory Book Slaff-37 Press Clubf3g Stamp Club-2, 3, Secrelary-2. ROBERT DOUGL7-XS BAKER 2640 Findley Avenue From-Cresfview To-Ohio Slale l Memory Book Slaif, Arf Edilor-31 Polaris Slaff--3, Hi-Y-2, 3, Caprain of Boxing Team-33 Book Club-l, 2, 33 Marigale Arf Club, Chairman Publicil -l, Program Commillee-3, Advisory Gornrnilfee-3, Nous Aufres-2, 35 Model Engineers- I, 2, 33 "Goose Hangs High," Usher-2, lnlramural, Baskelball-2, 3, Track Squad I, 2, Carloon Club, Presidenl-35 Cross Couniry-l, 21 Swing School-3. VERA BERNICE ANTHONY ISZ4 Aberdeen Avenue From-McKinley To-Franklin Universiry . 5-lonor Sludy-2, 3, Der Deufsche Verein- , 3. BETTY JEAN ALEXANDER 1603 Myrfle Avenue Frorn-McKinley To-Office 'Training Honor Sludy-l, 2, 3, Girl Reserves-2, Yosian Club-37 Les Enlhousiasfes Fran- cais-3g Nous Aulres-2, 3. MARJORIE G. AHRENDT 32 Fourleenlh Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio Slale Sludenl' Council-35 Honor Sludy-ll, 2, 3, Girl Reserves-lg Les Enfhousiasles Francais-3. BETTY JANE BALLANTYNE 249 Montrose Way Prom-Creslview To-Ohio Slale Polaris Slafl-3, Honor Srudyel, 2, 3, Press Club-3, Yosian Club-23 Der Deuische Verein-2, Oicheslra-I. SARAH ANNIE APPLEGATE l32O Norlh High Slreer From-Everell To-Bliss Business College Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3, Vice Chairman-3. CHARLES RICHARD BARR 76 Wesl Blake Frorn-lndianola Infrarnural Baskelball-l, 2, 33 lnirarnural, Baseball-3. 11 VIRGINIA ELLEN BOSS JOHN DOYLE BEECHER 2689 Cleveland Avenue From-West Junior High To-Ohio State Memory Book Staff-3, Associate Editor -3, Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Girl Reserves -l, 2, 3, Press Club-3, Merigale Art Club-2, Les Enthousiastes Francais-3, Production Crmew-3, "You Can't Take It With You", Production Crew-3, "Yankee King", Junior Girls' Glee Club-2, Oper- etta-2, "Golden Trail", Intramurals, Speedball-l, Basketball-l, Volley Ball -l, Baseball-lg International Corre- spondence-3, National Honor Society-3, 382 East Tulane From-Crestview To-Ohio State I-li-Y-3, Marigale Art Club-3. CHARLES ROBERT BENNETT ELLA MAE BOYD l395 North Sixth Street From lndianola l6O East Eleventh Avenue From-lndianola Girl Reserves-I, Junior Glee Club-2, 3. JUNE BOYER ANN MEREDITH BRASHEAR 25 Webster Park From-Vernon Junior l-liqh, Marion, Ohio To-University ot Southern California Polaris Staft, Associate Editor-3, Honor Study-l, 2, 3, Secretary-2, Book Club I, 2, 3, Program Chairman-2, Beltv Lamp Club-I, Debate Teams-l, 2, Gavel Club-2, 3, International Corre- spondence-I, 2, National Debate So- ciety, Press Club-3. 450 Oakland Park Avenue From Crestview To-Ohio State Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Chairman-I, Sec- retary-3, Chairman-3, Girl Reserves- I, 2, 3, Les Enthousiastes Francais-2, "Apron String Revolt"-Property Crew, "You Can't Take ll With You"-Publicity Crew, Senior Choir-2, 3, Senior Girls' Glee Club-2, 3, Vice President-3, Junior Choir-I, Junior Girls' Glee Club-I, Mixed Ensemble-3, Music Contest-2, 3, Basketball, Intramurals-2, 3, Volleyball Intramurals-I, Baseball Intramurals-2, Girls' Ensemble-3, International Corre- spondence-2, 3, Treasurer-3, LORRAI NE BORGHESE l874 Elmore Avenue I-rom-McKinley I-logog Study-l, 2, Betty Lamp Club- LOUISE ELIZABETH BERGER 376 Tibet Road From-Crestview To-Business School Polaris Statl-3, Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Press Club-3. EVELYN BERNICE BLAKE I32l Hunter Avenue From-Everett To-Capital Student Council-2, 3, Executive-3, Ot- tice Staff-2, 3, Girl Reserves-I, 3, Press Club-3, Les Entliousiastes Francais-2, Make-up Crew, "Yankee King"-3,"You Can't Take It With You"-3, Intramurals, Basketball-I. 12 MARY MARJORIE BIDLEMAN 258 Clinton Street From-Grandview To-Capital University Student Council-3, Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Ottice Stall-3, Yosian Club-3, "You Can't Take lt With You"-3, Ticket Com- mitte--3, Program-3. MARY ELLEN BREITHAUPT 537 Melrose Avenue From-Crestview To-Ohio State Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Assistant-2, Girl Reserve-I, 2, Reel Camera Club-I, 2, Der Deutsche Verein-2, 3, G. A. A.- I, 2, 3, Girls' Tennis Team-I, Band-2,3, Orchestra-I, 2, 3, Junior Choir-I, Junior Girls' Glee Club-I, Cafeteria Cashier, Clet Club-l, 2, 3, Sergeant-at-arms-2, Treasurer-3, Speedball Intramurals-l,2, Captain-2, Class Team-I, 2, Captain, Basketball Intramurals-Captain-I, 2, Class Team-2, Captain, Volley Ball In- tramural-I, Class Team-l, 2, 3, Baseball Intramurals-l, 2, 3, Captain-2, Class Team-I, 2, Captain-2. ROBERT RALPH BLAKE l32I Hunter Avenue From-Everett To-Ohio Slate JOHN THOMAS BONNER IOS Royal Forest Boulevard From-Crestview To-Ohio State . 4 Polaris Staft-Advertising-3, Student Court-3, Judge-3, Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Chairman-2, Secretary-3, Hi-Y-I,2,3, Cabinet-2, President-3, Book Cluls-2,3, Les Enthousiastes Francais-2, 3, ."Yankee King"-3, "You Can't Take It With You" -3, Track Squad-I, 2, Debate Team- I, 2, 3, Captain-2, 3, National Forensic League-2, 3, President-2, 3, Gavel Club-Z, 3, Vice President-2, President 3, Cross Country Team-I, 2, Toastmas- ters Club-2, 3, Vice President-3, Extem- poraneous Speaking-2, 3, District Runner- up-3, State Radio Play Contest, An- nouncer-3, International Relations-3, "Apron String Revolt," Production Statt -2, Assistant Director, "A Christmas Story"-3, Rotary Luncheon-3. WILLIAM SHERWOOD BICKNELL I94 Piedmont Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State Student Council-2, Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Les Enthousiastes Francais-2, Nous Autres 3, Stage Crew-I, 2, Intramurals, Base- ball-3, National Honor Society-3. HELEN V. BOSTIC 66 Clark Place From-Everett To-Ohio State Memory Book Statt-3, Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Vice Chairman-3, Messenger43, Girl Reserves-I, 2, 3, Publicity Chairman-2, Book Club-I, 2, 3, Secretary-3, Press Club-3, Marigale Art Club-I, 2, 3, Les Enthousiastes Francais-Z, 3, Production Crew-2, "The Goose Han s High", Pro- duction Crew-2, "Apron String Revolt", Assistant Director-3, "Yankee King", Speedball--I, 2, Class Team-2, Basket- ball-I, Z, Volleyball-I, Baseball-I, Pro- duction Crew-2, "Golden Trail", Inter- national Correspondence-2, 3, Toast- mistress Club-I, 2, 3, Parliamentarian- I, Vice President-3, Prompter-3, "You Can't Take It With You-3, Assistant Di- rector, "Our Town"-3. HELEN EMILIE BOWSHER JUNE WILDA BELKNAP 267 East Blake Avenue From-lndianola ToffBusiness School Betty Lamp Club-2, 3, Scrapbook Chair- man-3. JOHN STEPHEN BOWERS 74 West Ninth Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State Student Council-2, Honor Study-2, 3, Stamp Club--I, 2, 3, President-2, Vice- President-3, Verqilian Club-2, 3, Der Deutsche Verein-3, "The Yankee King" -3, Orchestra-I, National Honor Society -3, Rotary Luncheon-3, "Our Town"-3. JEAN BRADLEY 259 Nineteenth Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State . Honor Study-2, 3, Assistant Secretary, Marigale Art Club-3, Vergilian Club-3, Production Crew, "Yankee King"-2, Pro- duction Crew, "You Can't Take It With You", Chairman Costume Crew, "Our Town"-3. I46l Genessee Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio State JACK WARREN BRANTNER 355 East Tulane Road From Crestview To-Ohio State Student Council-3, Honor Study-3, Hi-Y I, 2, Band-I, 2, 3, Orchestra-3, Saxo- phone Quartetel, Woodwind Quintetfft, National Honor Society-3. JOHN AUSTIN BLAIR l5S East Longview Avenue From-Crestview Hi-YSZ, Intramurals-2, 3, Varsity "N" Association-2, 3, Track Squad-2, 3, Band-I, 2, 3, Cross Country-3, Dance Band-2. 13 BETTY BONNEY 297 Brevoort Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State Student Council-3, Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Vice-Chairman-2, Chairman-3, Ottice Statt-3, Yosian Club-2, Les Enthous- iastes Francais-2, 3, Secretary-2, "The House ot Greed," "The Yankee Kin ," Production Crew, G. A. A.-2, 3, gr- chestrafl, 2, District Contestfl, Trio-I, Clett Club-2, 3, Treasurer-2, Interna- tional Relations-3, Secretary-3, Intra- murals, Baseball-I, 2, Basketball-I, 2, 3, Volley Ball-I, Speedball-2, Class Team WZ, Girl Reserves!2, 3, Book Club-2, 3, President-3, "Our Town"-3. MARY ALICE BEATLEY l4l West Eleventh Avenue Fromflndianola x To-Ohio State Polaris Statt, Associate Editorj3, Honor Study-2, 3, Press ClubA3, Vergilian Club -2, Program Committee, "You Can't Take It With You"-3, Senior Choir-2,31 Senior Girls' Glee Club-I, 2, Girls' En- semble-3, "The Golden Trail"-2, Dis- trict and State Music Contest-I, 2, 3, Junior Debating-3, Mixed Ensemble-3, Washington Day Program-3, Intramurals -Speedloall-I, 2, Basketball-I, 2, Vol- leyball-I, Baseball-I, 2, National Honor Society-3. MARY LOUISE BINNS 357 Seventh Avenue From-Everett To-Ohio State Honor Study-2, 3, Girl Reserves-I, 2, 3, Press Club--3, Les Enthousiastes Francais -2, 3, Polaris Homeroorn Representative -3, Intramurals, Speedloallfl, 2, Basket- ball-I, 2, Volleyball-el, Baseball-l, Na- ticgnal Honor Societyf3, Rotary Luncheon JAMES WHALEN CANTLON 3I7 Easl Hudson Slreel From-lndianola To--Texas Chrisfian MARGUERITE BUCHER I67 Wes? Lane Avenue Frorn-lndianola To-Ohio Slale Girl Reserves-3, Belly Lamp Club-3, Les Enlhousiasfes Francais-23 Usher, "The Golden Trail", Properly Crew, "Tiger House", Usher, "Yankee King", Makeaup Crew, "You Can"r Take ll' Wifh You", Intramurals-I, 2, 3, Baskelballg Narional Honor Sociely-3. ROBERT MARION CHAMBERS 853 Easr Elevenfh Avenue From-McKinley Track Squad-I, 2, 3. 14 VIRGINIA LEE BURR ISS Wesf Pacernonf Road From-Morton High, Richmond, Indiana Class Volleyball-3. MARY FRANCES BRESCH 244l Norln Fourfh Slreel Frorn-lndianola To-Ohio Slale Caiereria Cashier-2, 3. JOHN BROWN 3782 Norlh Hiqh Slreer From-Creslview To-Ohio Sfale DOROTHY ENID CARTER 4l9 Easf Ma nard Avenue FromfLincolln High School, Jersey Cily, New Jersey Memory Book Sl'al'l-3, Honor Sludy-2, 3, Press Club--3. RAYMOND S. BUGNO 278 Wesl Woodruff Avenue Frorn-lndianola To-Ohio Slale GLORIA L. CENNAMO 83 Easl Beaurnonf Road From-ST. Joseph Academy To-Ohio Slale Sludenf Council-33 Honor Sludy-35 Of' lice Slaff-3, lnlrarnurals, Baskelball-I. MARY MABEL BRENNER 26I'? Beulah Road From-Creslview TowUniyersily af Chicago Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 3. PEGGY JOAN BUSCH 457 Midgard Road Frorn-Creslview To-Ohio Slale Memory Book Sfaff Treasurer-3: Polaris Sraff Treasurerf3g Honor Sludy-I, 2, 33 Press Club-33 Yosian Club-33 G. A. A. f3, Inlramural, Volleyball-I, 2, Basebal' -I, 2, 3, Speedball-l, 2, 3, Baskerballf I, 2, 3, lnlernarional Correspondencef2 33IClass VolIeybailf2, 3, Class Speedbal DON KURTZ BROWNE i320 Easl Twenlyfrhird Avenue Frorn-McKinley ToiOhio blale Press Club-3. DONALD LINCOLN BURNHAM I69 East Tulane Road Frorn-Creslview To-Ohio Slafe Slamp Club-2, 31 Usher, "The Yankee King"1 Usher, "You Can'r Take ll Wirh You"1 Senior Choir-l, 2, 31 Boys' En- semble-31 Operefla, "The Golden Trail" -2. JANET LILLIAN BURRIS 267I Deminq Avenue I-romfCresIview ToiOhio Slare Polaris Slafl, FEGIUFSS-'31 Honor Sludy- I, 2, 3, Secre'faryf2, 3, Vice Chairrnar -31 Girl Reserves-I, 21 Book ClUb4-3: Press Club-2, 31 Marigale Arr Club!31 Yosian Club--2, 31 Les Enlhousiasfes Francais-21 Nous AuTresf2, 31 Publicily Crew, "The Goose Hangs High"1 Pub- lieily Crew, "You Can'l Take ll Wilh You"1 Properly Crew, "Apron Sfring Re- voll"1 Junior Girls' Glee Club-I1 Junior ChoirS21 Senior Girls' Glee Club'21 Toaslmislress-I1 Memory Book Repre- senlalive-21 Polaris Represenlalive-31 lnlernalional Correspondence-2, 3. WANDA LaVERNE CALES 2409 Glenmawr Avenue Prom Creslview To-Ohio Slale Honor Sludyfl, 2, Vice Chairman-21 Messenger-I1 Girl RESBFVSSHIQ Press Club-31 Publicity Slaff, "The Yankee King"-31 Junior CholrfI1 Librarian-lg Inlrarnurals, Speedballfl, 2, Baskerball4 l, 3, Volleyball-I1 lnrernarional Corre- spondencefl, 2. MILDRED JOYCE BREITHAUPT 525 Midgard Road From-Crestview To-Columbus Art School Polaris Staff, News Correspondenl, Home Room Represenl'afive431 Honor Study- l, 2, 3, Press ClUb73: Les Enlhousiasfes Francaisf21 Nous Aufres-31 Produclion Crew, "Apron Slring Revoll, "Yankee King"1 Junior Choir+l, 21 lnlernalional Correspondence-l, Z, 3. W. FRANK BUSCH 457 Midgard Road Prom-Cresfview To-New York lnslilule of Pholography Memory Book Slaff-3. JEANNE LEVONNE BRUCK 64 Clark Place From-Cresfyiew To-Office Training School Honor Sludy-3: Junior Choir-I1 Junior Girls' Glee ClUbfl, Volleyball4l1 Na- iional Honor Sociery-3. RITA JEANE CANODE 974V2 Norlh High Sfreel Frorn-Everefl To-Ohio Stale Memory Book SIGN-31 Senior Picluresffig Polaris Slaff Home Room Represenlahve -31 Honor Study-l, 2, 3, Messenger-l, Vice-Chairman-2, Secrelary-31 Girl Re- serves-I, 2, 31 Press Club-31 Vice-Presi- den?-31 Yosian Club-31 Les Enrhousiasles Francais-Z1 Nous Aufres--31 Speedball lnlramural-l, 2, Baskelball-I, Z, Volley- ball-l, 2, Baseball4l1 lnlernalional Cor- respondence-3. CHARLES HAMILTON BRITT 354 Kinig Avenue Frome verell To-Ohio Slale JUANITA BULLENCAMP 80 East Elevenfh Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio Slafe JUNE BROWNLEE 505 Midgard Road FromeCresfview TofOhio Slare ' Honor Sludyfl, 2, 3, Chairman-31 Girl Reserves-l, 21 Library Slaf'l-31 Reel Camera Club-31 Les Enlhousiasres Fran- cais-Zg Orcheslra-I, 2, 31 Disrricf Con' leslfl, 31 "Golden Trail"-21 Clelf Club vZ, 31 Toaslmislress-31 Nalional Honor SocieTyf3. PAUL LEE CAVENDER ZBZI Weslerville Road Fromflndianola To--C.C.C, Camp Sludenl Council-31 Honor Siudy-21 31 Hi-Y-31 Mariqale Arr Club-2, 31 Model Engineers-21 N. Y. A.-2, 3. JACK WILLIAMS BURKET l966 Norlh Fourlh Srreef From--Franklin Junior High To-Oberlin Polaris-31 Managing Edilor-3, Home Room Represenlalive-31 Sfudenl Council -21 Honor Sludy Commilree-21 Honor Sludy-I, 2, 31 Hi-Y-I, 2, 31 Press Club P-31 Les Enlhousiasles Francais-33 Vere qilian Club-2, 31 Chrislmas Play-21 In- lramurals-31 Senior Choir-21 Junior Choir-I1 Memory Book, Home Room Represenrative-3, 15 JOHN LAWRENCE CONRAD 264 Briqhfon Road From-Cresfview ToAOhio Sfafe Honor Sfudy-2, Hi-Y-l, 2, 3, Sfaqe Crew-I, 2, 3, "The Golden Trail"f2. WINIFRED ANN CHESNUT l604 Minnesola Avenue Frorn-McKinley To--Capifal Universily Honor Sfudyfl, 2, 31 Orcheslra-l, Z, 31 Cleff Club-I, 2, 3. RUTH MARIE CLEARY I75 Tibel Road FrornfCresTview To-Ohio Sfale Honor Sfudy-I, 2,31 Girl Reserves-I, 35 Yosian Club-3, Nous Aulres-2, 3, Presi- den'r-3g Usher-3, "The Yankee King", Usher Manager, Ticker Cornmillee, "You Can'T Take II Wilh You", Senior Girls' Glee Club-3, Disfricl Slale Conlesi-3, Junior Choirf-2, Junior Girls' Glee Club -27 Speedball Inlrarnurals-I, Baskefball -I, Volleyballfl, Class Team-I, Base- ball-lg Nalional Honor Sociefy-3, Roe 'tary Luncheonf3g "Our Town"-3. JEAN COSSUM 252 Easl Kelso Road From-Kinqrnan High School To-Ohio Slafe Honor Sludy-3, Secrelary-3, Girl Re- serves-3g Yosian Club-33 Nous Aufres- 3g "Yankee King"-3, Publicily Crew, "You Can'1 Take l'rWi1hYou"-3, Public ily Crew, Senior Girls' Glee Club-35 Junior Girls' Glee Club-23 Publicity Crew-2, "The Golden Trail", Inlramurals I Volle ball' Nafional Honor Sociel '-' . Y T Y- 3g Rofary Luncheon-3. MARJORIE BROWN COTTINGHAM 384 Sevenleenfh Avenue From lndianola To-Ohio Slale Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 3, Library SIaT"f-2, 3 Ornilholoqy Club-3, Les Enfhousiasles Francaisg2, 3, Verqilian Club-2, 3 Properly Crew-3, "You Can'I Take ll Wifh You", G.A.A.-2, 3, Senior Girls' Glee Club-2, 31 Librarianf3g Junior Choir--2, Junior Girls' Glee Club-I, 2 Librarian-2, lnfrarnurals, Speedball-I, 3, Class Team-2, 3, Baskelball-l, 3 Baseball-I, 2, 3, Class Team-25 Infer- naflonal Corres ondence-3' Nalional , P . Honor SOCIETVf3Q Rolary Luncheon-3. MARJORIE COMPTON 227 East Blake Avenue From-Chillicofhe Hioh To-Office Training Honor Sludy-2, 3, Les Enlhousiasles Francais-3. CHARLES CATON COBB 2l5 Easf Norlh Broadway From-Cresfview To-Illinois Universify Honor Sludy-2, 3, Chairman-31 Library Slaff-2, 3, Presidenr-3, Book Club-31 Inlrarnurals-33 Varsiry "N" Associafion- I, 2, 3, Vice Presidenf-31 Track Squad- lg Bandfl, 2, Orcheslra-21 Gym Tearn- I, 2, 3, Rolary Luncheon-3. SAMUEL HENRY COBB, JR. 2l5 Easl' Norlh Broadway From Wesiern Reserve Academy To-Arnhersf Honor Sludy-2, 3, Vice Chairman-2, Chairman-3, Varsily "iv" Associafion-I, 2, 3, Track Squad-I, 2, Cross Counfry- I, 2, 3, Caplain-2. GENEVIEVE FRANCIS COLLINS 2487lf2 Norfh High Slreel From-Indiano'a To-Business School 16 DOROTHY LORRAINE COOPER 286 Torrence Road Frorn+Cresi'view To-Denison Memory Book Slaif-3, Polaris Represenla- 'five--2, 3, Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3, Secre- Iaryf2, Vice Chairrnanf3g Girl Reserves -I, 2, Press Club-3, Yosian CIulof3, Nous Aufres-2. ROBERT JOSEPH COFFMAN 203 Clinlon Sfreer Frornvlndianola To-Ohio Sfafe JOAN HERMA CLAY 9I Easf Norlhwood Avenue Fromiliranklin TofCapiIaI Universily Honor Sludy-2, 3, Office SIaf'lf33 Li- brary Slafli-3, Der Deulsche Verien-2, 31 Usherf3, "You Can'I Take ll Wilh You"g Nalional Honor Sociely-3. ROBERT LEWIS CHRISTIAN 2869 Medina Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio State Track Squad-2, 3, Junior Choir-23 "Golden Trail"-2. RLITH VIRGINIA COX 308 Ninth Avenue From-Indianola To-Ohio State Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Senior Choir-3, Senior Girls' Glee Club-2, 3, Treasurer -3, "The Golden Trail"-23 District Music Contest-2, 3, State Music Contest -2, 3, Girls' Ensemble-33 Junior Girls' Glee Club-Ig National Honor Society-3. MARY LORETTA CRAWFORD I9B0 North Hi h Street From-Indianoilga To-Ohio State Polaris Statt, Circulation Manager-3, Honor Study-2, 3, Secretary-3, Memory Book Statt, Circulation Manager-3. N ANNA JANE CHEEK 329 Oakland Park Avenue From-Crestview To-Ohio State Student Council-2, 3, Chairman of Ac- tivities Committee-3, Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Assistant Chairman-3, Les Enthousi- astes Francais-Z, Program Committee- 3, "You Can't Take It With You", Band I, 33 Orchestra-I, 2, 3, Usher-2, "The Golden Trail", Intramurals, Volleyball- Ig Ottice Staff-3, Girl Reserves-I, 2, 3, Chairman of Social Committee-35 Cleft Club-2, 3, Secretary-2, Toastmistress- 33 Rotary Luncheon-3. CHARLES EDWARD CLIFFORD 228 Garden Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State Honor Study-I, 2, 3. ALICE MARIE CORNWELL 35 Fallis Road From-Dola High School To-Ohio State Junior Girls' Glee Club-3. INEZ GENE COX 306 Crestview Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State Student Council-2, 3, Honor Study-I, 2, 33 Girl Reserves-I, 25 Book Club-3' Yosian Club-3, Betty Lamp Club-2, "Yankee King"-3, Property Crew-2, "Apron String Revolt"g Senior Choir-3' Senior Girls' Glee Club-2, Librarian-2, "The Golden Trail", Radio Play Voca- tional Home Economics-25 District Music Contest-2, 3, State Music Contest-2, 3, Intramurals, Speedball-I, 2, Basketball- I, 2, Volleyball-Ig Baseball-lg Interna- tional Correspondence-2, 33 Property Crew, "You Can't Take It With You"-33 Junior Choir-2, Junior Glee Club-I, Librarian-I. 5 JAMES R. CRAINE 2I2 East Duncan From-Indianola Model Engineers-Ig Drafting Honor Ser- vice-Ig Intramurals, Basketball-2, Track Squad-Ig Swimming Team-2. ROBERT WILLIAM CRITES 384 Fourteenth Avenue From-Lima Central To-Ohio State Honor Study-2, 3, Vice Chairman-2, Messenger-2, Chairman-3, Hi-Y-I, 2, 3, Ornithology Club-2, 3, Reel Camera Club-2, 3, Der Deutsche Verein-I, 23 Production Crew-2, "The Yankee King"g Ticket Sales Manager, "You Can't Take It With You"-31 Intramurals-I, 2, 3, Track Squad-I, 2, Gavel Club-2, Book Club-I, 2, 3: Head Usher, "Our Town" -3. 17 MARY PATRICIA COOPERRIDER 227 Eighteenth Avenue From-Indianola To-Ohio State Student Council-2, Honor Study-I, 2, 33 Library Statf-I, 33 Les Enthousiastes Francais-I, 2, 3, Vice President-2, "The Yankee King"3 "You Can't Take It With You", Radio Contest-2, 35 Band-3, Or- chestra-2, 3, Secretary-33 String Trio- 23 Senior Choir-I, 33 Senior Girls' Glee Club-lg Girls' Ensemble-3, "The Golden Trail", Toastmistress Club-l, Z, 3, Presi- dent-3, Mixed Ensemble-3, Commence- ment Accompanist-2, 33 District and State Music Contest-I, 2, 3, National Music Contest-I, 35 Clett Club-2, 3, Vice President-2, President-3, National Honor Society-3, Rotary Luncheon-3. VENICE D. COOK 56 West Dodridge Street From-Kalamazoo Central High To-Franklin "You Can't Take It With You"-3. RICHARD LEE CHENEY I629 Kenmore Road From-McKinley HOWARD DAVIS 57 Easl Eighlh Avenue From-Indianola To-Ohio Sfafe I-li-Y-2, 3. JON ALFRED DIERKER 2472 Neil Avenue From-lndianola To-Georgia Tech Inlramurals, Baskelball-I, 2, 33 Senior Choir-23 Junior Choir-I3 Properfy Crew -3, "The Yankee King". MARY ELIZABETH DENIUS 358 Creslview Road Hom-Creslview ToiOhio Wesleyan Honor Sludy-l, 2, 33 Girl Reserves-l, 2, 33 Yosian Club-33 Belry Lamp Clubel, 2, 33 Les Enihousiasfes FrancaisfZ3 Nous Aulres-33 lnlramurals, Baskelball-33 Baseball-33 Narional Honor Sociefy-3. 18 FRANCES ELIZABETH CROWELL 93 Easf Norwich Avenue FrorniWellsfon High School To-Ohio Slafe Girl RGSEFVES-33 Verqilian Club-3' ln- Tramurals, Baskefball-3. DOROTHY GLADYS CU LVER 73 Richards Road FromiWesiern Hills I-liqh To-Ohio Stare MARGARET TILLIE CRUBAUGH 2845 lndianola Avenue From-Hughes High School, Cincinnati Polaris Represenlalive-3, Collecror-3. BETTY LEE CUTNAW 526 Melrose Avenue From-Creslview To-Ohio Stale Memory Book Sfafi-33 Sludenf Council-3 Honor Sludy-2, 33 Office Sfaff-33 Gir Reserves-l, 23 Press Clube33 Yosian Club-33 Les Enlhousiasles Francais-2 Inrernalional Correspondence-3. LEWIS E. DANIELS AUDREY DAVIS I67 Wesl Ninih Avenue , From-Everell To-Ohio Slale Hi-Y-2, 33 Nous AUIFGS-23 Band-I3 IOS Wesf Pacemonl Road T-rom-Creslview Honor Sludy-2, 33 Girl Reserves4l3 G A. A,-2, 33 Inifialion Chairrnanf33 lnrra Senior Choir--2, 33 Junior Choir-I3 Boys' murals, Speedball-I, 2, 3, Baskelball-I Ensemble-33 "The Golden Trail"-Z. 2 3 Volleyball-I 2 3 Baseball-I 2 GENE CLAYTON DEARTH l44B Twenly-lhird Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio Slafe lnframurals-'2. LAURA MERLE DELASHMUTT 78 Brevoorl' Road FromACreslview To-Ohio Slale Honor STUCJY-3: Orniihology Club-23 Reel Camera Club-2, 3, Vice Presidenl' -33 Los Gesleros-I, 33 Play Orchesfra, "The Goose Hangs High", "The Apron Sirinq Revoll","The Yankee King"3 Tickei Commiifee, "You Can'l Take ll Wilh You"3 Band-I, 2, 33 Orcheslra-I, 2, 3, Vice Presidenr-33 Horn Quarlel-33 Cleff Club-2, 33 Band Girls Club, Secrelaryf 23 Ccholarship Team-23 Dislricf Music Conlesf-2, 33 French Horn Solo-2, 33 Slate Music Conles+42, 33 Baskeiball ln' lramural-I3 lnlernalional Correspondence -2, 33 Cleff Club Teamf23 Spanish Club Team--33 Nalional Honor SOCleIY-3: Ro- fary Luncheon-3. MARIE FRANCIEZE DeSPELDER 208 Clinlon Heighls From-Creslview To-Ohio Sfale Polaris SlaI'l, Home Room Represenlaiive -33 Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 33 Girl Reserves- I, 33 Press Club-33 Yosian Club-33 Les Enlhousiasles Francais-33 Vergillian Club -2, 33 Orcheslra, "Yankee King", "You Can'l Take ll Wilh YOLIIIQ Orcheslra-2, 33 Disfricl Music Confesl-33 Slare Music Conlesf-23 Speedball lniramural-I3 Class Tearns-I3 Naiional Honor Sociely -33 Roiary Luncheon-3. 3.3 Class Teams-l, IZ, '33 lnlernaliona Corresponclencefl 3. JANE DENNEY 224 Kelso Road I-rorn-Creslview To-Capifal Universily Honor Sfucly-2, 3, Junior Choir-21 Junior Girls' Glee Club-2. ARLENE VIRGINIA DETER I479 Twenfy-fifth Avenue From-lv1cKinlev To-Ohio Sfafe Honor Sludyi2, 3. DOROTHY GALE DOVER l645 Kohr Place From-McKinley To-Oberlin College Gig Reserves-I, 2, Beffy Lamp Club ": rg- 7 vII,. ,I -,,, 1,:.:-:., 5 :"1 " HARRY CASE DENUNE l96l Denune Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio Sfafe MARTHA LOUISE DeBOLT 937 Leona Avenue Frorn-McKinley To-Bliss Business College Sfuclenf Secrefar 3 lnfernalional Cor v- : r - reslpondence-33 Nalional Honor Society BEATRICE ILEENE DILLON IO4 Fourfh Avenue From-Evereff MARTHA ELIZABETH DOBSON l26 Jeffrey Place From-Cresfview To-Ohio Sfafe Polaris Sfaff, Managing Edilor-3, Slu- denl Council-2, SecrefaryYZg Sfudenf Courf, Judge-33 Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 3, Chairman-I, Vice Chairman-3, Office Staff-2, 3g Girl Reserves-I, 2, 3g Book Club-I, 2, 3, Presidenff2g Press Club-31 Les Enfhousiasfes Francais-2, 3, Treasurer -21 Usher Chairman-2, "The Yankee King"g "You Can'f Take If Wifh You" -35 "A Chrisfmas Awakening"-3, Senior Glee Club-3g Dislricl Conlesf-35 Sfafe Confesf-33 lnlernalional Correspondence -33' Infernafional Relalions-2, 3, Vice President-33 Toastrnislress Club-35 Homecoming Queen-3, Cify Track lvleef Queen-25 Nafional Honor Sociefy-33 Ro- tary Luncheon-3g "Our Town", Assisfanl Direcfor-3. REAY ANTHONY DOLEZAL 246 East Norlhwood Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio Slafe Memory Book SfaffAConfribufinq Edifor -31 Polaris SlaffVSporfs Edifor-31 Slu- clenf Councilf3g Honor Sludy-31 Hi-Y- 23 Press ClubfPresidenl-31 Publicify Crew-3, "You Can'f Take If Wifh You"g lnfrarnurals-l, Z, 3: Junior Choir-31 Memory Book Represenfafive-3. ROGER CARR DORN I27 Kelso Road Frcrn-Cresfview To-Ohio Stale Honor Sludy-2, 35 Hi-Y-2, 3g Draffing Honor Service-I, 23 lnframuralsAl, 2, 3. BETTY JANE DEVERE 34 Olenlanqy Sfreef From-Cresfview To-Slephens College Girl Reserves-Ig Press Club-35 Beffy Lamp Clulo-2, Polaris Home Room Rep- resenlaliye-3g lnlramurals, Speedball-lg Baskefball-I, 2. GLORIA ELIZABETH DONAHEY 63 Easl Weoer Road From-Cresfview To-Ohio Sfaie Polaris Sfaff, Ari Edifor-31 Honor Siudy -l, 2, 3, Chairman-3: Office Sfaff-3g Girl Reservesflg Yosian Club-2, 3, Nous Aufres-2g Properly Crew-2, "Apron Sfrinq Revolf"g Make-up Crew-3, "Yari- kee Kinq"g Publicily Crew-"You Can'f Take lf With You"g Horne Room Repre- senfahve-3g Inlramurals Speedball-I, Baskefball-I, 2. CHARLES WARREN DITTMAR 2657 Adams Avenue From-Creslview To-U. S. Navy Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 33 Cross Counlry Track Squad-l, 21 Senior Choir-2, 3, Junior Choir-I, 2, "The Golden Trail"-2. 19 LOIS MARIE ENGLAND IU4I Easl Fourleenlh Avenue I-rom-McKinley Junior High SHIRLEY MARGARET DRAYER l374 Forsyfhe Avenue From-Cresfview To-Ohio Slale JACK J. EDWARDS I72 Elevenlh Avenue From-lndianola To-Woosler College Press Club-33 Inlramurals oIlicial3 Varsilv "N" Associalion-I, 2, 33 Baskelball Squad-l, 2, 33 Baseball Squad-2, 33 Rofary Luncheon-3. ELIZABETH KATHERINE DRIGGS 93 Wesl Lakeview Avenue From-Cresfview To-Ohio Slale Sludenl Council-33 Honor Sludv-2, 33 Honor Sludy-2, 33 Assislanf Secrelarvf33 Ofiice Slalf-33 National Honor Sociely Los Gesleros-23 "Yankee Kil'lQII-3: -3. Polaris Home Room RGDFGSSDIGIIVS-3: Inlernalional Correspondence-I, 2. ANNORA THERESA DRISCOLL JOSEPH HARRY DRAYER 2366 Indiana Avenue From-Indianola l255 Neil Avenue From-Creslview Honor Sludv-l, 2, 33 Belly Lamp Club- To-Ohio Slale I, 23 Club Repor1erf2. FRANCES EVELYN ESSIG 263 Norllwridqe Road From-Wesl High To-Miami Universiiy Honor Study-2, 33 Girl Reserves-2, 33 Belly Lamp Club-23 Der Deulsche Verein -33 Produclion Crew-33 "You Can'l Take Il Wilh You3" Produclion Crew-33 "Yankee King3" lnframurals, Speeclball- 23 Baskelball-l, 23 Vollevball-I, 23 Base- ball-23 Infernalional Correspondence-3. GERALDINE G. EDGAR 56 Lakeview Avenue I-rom-Creslview To-Ohio Slale Memory Book Sfaff-33 Sporls EdlIOV13: Honor Sludy-I, 2, 33 Vice Cl'1airman433 Press Club-33 Slamp Club--I3 G. A. A. -I, 2, .33 lnlramurals, Speedball-l, 2, 33 Champions-I, 2, 33 Class Tearn-I, 2, 33 Clharnpions-33 Baskelball-I, 2, 33 Cham- pions-33 Class Team-I, 2, 33 Volleyball -I, 23 Champions-I3 Class Team-I, 2, 33 Baseball-l, 2, 33 Champions-23 Class Team-2, 33 Inlernalional Correspondence -I, 33 Polaris Represenlalive-33 Rolarv Luncheon-33 Polaris Colleclor-3. VERA MAE DUTCHER 64 Wesl Hudson Srreel From-Creslview To-Ohio Slafe Polaris Srafff33 Assoclale Edilor3 Slu- denl Councilf2, 33 Honor Sludy-I, 2, 33 Secrerary-2, 33 Girl Reserves-2, 33 Book Club-33 Press ClUb'3: Yosian Club+33 Verqilian Club-2, 33 SSCFCIBVY-3: Usher G-33 "You Can'l Take If Willi You3" "Yankee King3" G. A. A.f33 Verqilian Club Baskelball Team-2, 33 Capfain-33 Inframurals, Speedball-I, 2, 33 Baskel- ball-I, 2, 33 Volleyball-I, 23 Baseball -I, 2, 3, Volleyball-I, 23 Baseball-I, 2, 33 Office Slalf-33 Nafional Honor So- ciely-3. 20 ROBERT LOUIS EBRIGHT 126 Challiam Road FromfCresrview To--Ohio Siaie WILMA DEANE DULIN I32 Wes? Lakeview Avenue I-rom-Creslview To-Office Training Business School Inlernalional Correspondencefli. MAXINE EDMONSTON 419 tasl Sixleenlh Avenue From-Indianola To-Ohio Slale Honor Sludy-I, 2, 33 Secreiaryfl, 23 Vice Chairman-33 Girl Reservesvl, 23 Book Clubel, 2, 33 Marigale Arr Club- I, 23 Yosian Club-2, 33 Les Enfhousiasles, Francais-2, 33 Usher-33 "You Can'l Take ll Wilh You3" Publicily Crewf33 "Apron Slring Revoll3" Senior Choir-33 Secre- IGTY--3: Senior Girls' Glee Club-33 Li- brarian3 Junior Choir-I, 23 Junior Girls Glee Club-I, 23 "The Golden Trail3" lnlramurals, Speedball-IQ Baskelball-I3 Volleyball-I3 Baseball-I3 lnlernalional Correspondence-I, 2, 3. DONALD ROWLAND DUNLAP I444 Norlh Fourlh Slreel From-lndianola Honor Sfudy-3, Model Engineers-I, 2, lnlramurals, Baseball, Baskelball-I, 2, 3. BETTY DUNNING 3lO Easl Longview Avenue From-Cresfview To-Ohio Slale Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3, Secrefary-2, 3, Girl Reserves-I, 3, Yosian Club-3, Nous Aufres-3, Vergilian Club-2, 3, Publicity Crew, "Yankee King", Senior Girls' Glee Club-3, Junior Girls' Glee Club-2, Publicify Crew, "Golden Trail", Infra- rnurals, Volleyball-I, Baseball-2, Na- fional Honor Society-3. WILLIAM LOREN EXTENKAMPER I77 Clinlon Slreef From-lndianola To-Georgia Tech Hcinor Sludy-3, lnfrarnurals, Baskelball MARCELLA JEAN DYE 372 Arden Road Frorn-Creslview To-Ohio Slale Polaris Slaff-3, Senior Edifor-3, Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3, Messenger-I, Vice Chair- rnan-2, Secrelary-3, Girl Reserves-I, 2, 3 Press Club-3, Marigale Arr Club- I, 2, Les Enlhousiasles Francais-2, Usher, "Goose Hangs High," Make-up Comrnif- lee-"You Can'r Take If Wilh You," Ticket Commillee, "Yankee King," Usher, "Apron Slrin Revoll, Orcheslra-2, 3, Disfricl and glare Conlesl, Junior Choir -I, Secrefary-I, Produclion Crew-2, "Golden Trail," lnlrarnurals, Speedball- l, 2, 3, Class Team-I, 2, 3, Basketball- I, 2, 3, Class Team-2, 3, Volleyball-I, Class Team-I, 2, 3, Baseball-I, 2, 3, Class Team-2, lnlernalional Correspon- dence-3, Yosian Club-3, Home Roorn Represenlalive-3, G. A. A.-3, Clelf Club-2, 3, Assl. Manager Make-up Crew, LlOur3Town," Mernory Book Represenlae ive- . FRANK THOMAS EBLIN 2802 Fern Avenue Frorn-McKinley To-Ohio Stale Honor Slucly-I. LOUISE BAXTER EPPLEY 25 Norlhrnoor Place From-Middlefield High School lo-Miami Universily Yosian Club-3, Properly Crew-3, Hgankee King", Junior Girls' Glee Club CHARLES WILLIAM EVANS I36 Easr Pacemonr Road From-Creslview RAYMOND MORRIS EVANS 136 Easl Pacernonf Road Frorn-Creslview CARL RANDOLPH FOLK 228 Easl Maynard Avenue Frorn-Indianola To-Ohio Slale lnlrarnurals, Baskelball-l, 2, Baseball-l, 2, 3. 21 DAVE LLOYD EVANS I76 Norlhridge From-Creslview To-Ohio Stale Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 3, Messenger-2, Sec- relary-3g Hi-Y-I, 2, 3, Library Slall-3, Book Club-I, 2, Varsily "N" Associalion -2, 3, Swirnrnin Team-I, 2, 3, Ca - , 9 D lain-3, Band-I, 2, 3, Dance Band-2, 3. LEO DONALD DOWNERD 72 Westwood Road Frorn-Creslview To-Ohio Sfale Honor Sludy-3. DAVID HENRY ESSEL I426 Arlinglon Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio Slale Honor Sludy-l, 2, 3, Der Deulsche Verein -2, 3, Slage Crew-I, 2, 3, Assislanl Loft Caplain, Senior Choir-2, 3, Junior Choir -I, "Golden Trail"-2, Nalional Honor Sociely-3. CHARLES ROUTSON FRENCH JR. I874 Summif Sfreef From--Indianola TofOhio Sfafe LOUISE ELIZABETH FISHER ANEE CLAIRE FOLK 550 Weber Road From-Cresfview To-Ohio Sfafe JANE LEA FERGUS l42 Weber Road I-rom-Cresfview Io-Ohio Sfafe Memory Book Sfaffi31 Sfudenf Council f31 Office Sfaff-31 Honor Sfucly-I, 2, 31 Girl Reserves-I, 2, 31 Treasurer-31 Marigale Arf Club-21 Press Clubf31 Yos- ian Club-31 Reel Camera ClubA2, 31 Los Gesferos-2, 31 Vice-PresidenfA31 Pub- licify Crew-31 "You Can'f Take If Wifh You"1 Inlramurals, Baskefball-I1 Infer- nafional Correspondence-I, 2, 31 Pin Chairman. MARTHA JANE FOREMAN 64 Blenheim Road From-Cresfview To-Ohio Sfafe, College of Nursing Memory Book Sfaff-31 Polaris Home Room Represenfafive-31 Honor Sfudy- I, 2, 31 Office Sfaff-A31 Girl Reserves-I, 31 Press Club-31 Les Enfhousiasfes Fran- cais-21 Usher-3, "You Can'f Take If Wifh You"1 Inframurals, Baskefballel, 2, Baseball-21 Infernafional Correspondence -3, JEAN FIELDS 53 Tibef Road From-Cresfview To-Ohio Sfafe Hi-Y-I, 21 Tennis Team-I1 Band-I, 2, 31 Sfudenf Council-21 Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 3 Boys' Glee Club-I, 2. PAUL JOHN FILING JR. Ibl Easf Beaumonf Road From-Cresfview To-Ohio Sfafe Honor SIUCJY-3: Inframurals-I, 2, 3 Champions Baskefball-31 Track Squad I, 21 Tennis Team-3. DAVID CARL FINKES I0O5 King Avenue From-Evereff To-Universify of California Secrefary-I1 Office Sfaff-3. HELEN LELA FARRELL 346 Norfhridge Road From-Cresfvlew To4Ohio Sfafe Honor Sfudye+2, 31 Girl Reserves-2, 3 Library Sfaff-31 uer Deufsche Verein- I, 2, 31 Vice Presidenf-31 Properfy Crew, "Apron Sfring Revolf"1 Usher, "Goose Hangs High"1 "You Can'f Take If Wifh You"1 G. A. A.gI, 2, 3, Secrefary-31 Inframurals, Speedball-I, 2, 3, Ca fain P -31 Class Team-I, 2, 3, Ca Iain-I ssskeibsii-i 2 3 calm-zp Class I I I P . Teams-I, 2, 3, Ca fain-2, Volleyball- P I, Class Team-I, 2, 3, Baseball--I, 2, Class Tearri-2. DOROTHY MAE FOLDEN 2479 Norfh Sfarr Road From-Indianola To-Ohio Sfafe Rolaris Sfaff Home Room Represenfa- Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 3 Office Sfaff-3, five-31 Honor Sfudy-31 MCSSEHQSF-3: Girl RESEFVES-2: Les Enfhousiasfes Press Club-31 Los Gesfros-21 lnframurals Francais-31 Vergilian Club-31 "Yankee -I, 2, 31 Foofball squad-I. 22 King" Usher. Pledrnonf Road From-Cresfview To-Ohio Sfafe Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 31 Book Club-31 Mari- gale Art Club-I1 Yosian Club-21 Les Enfhousiasfes Francais-2, 3. D. JEANNE FELLOWS IO3 Norwich Avenue From-Cresfview To-Capifal College Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 3, Chairman-2, As- sisfanl Secrefary-3, Secrefaryf31 Press Club-2, 31 Les Enfhousiasfes Francais- I, 21 Tickef Commiffee-2, "Tiger House"1 Properfy Crew-3, "The Yankee King"1 Radio Sfafe Confesf Play-3. RUTH ANN FERRIS 322 Wesf Ninfh Avenue From-Indianola To-Ohio Sfafe Honor Sfudy-31 Girl Reserves-2, 31 Press ClUb+3: Marigale Arf Club-I, 2, 31 Yosian Club-21 Junior Choir-21 Junior Girls Glee Club-I. HAROLD JAMES FLINT l4I4 Ohlen Avenue Frorn-McKinley TofOnio State lntramuralsfl, 2, 3, Track Squad-I, 2, 3. ARTHUR MASON FARRIS 24BI Deming Avenue From-lndianola Honor Study-Z, 3. RUTH ELEANOR FORTNEY 2940 Calumet Street From-Crestview 'lo-Denison University I-lonor Study-I, 2, 31 Girl Reserves Press Club-3, vafszfy "N" and e. A. Af Reviewe2. VIOLET LILLIAN FOWLER 3ll East Beecliwold Boulevard From-McKinley To-Ohio State Honor Study-2, 3, Style Sl1ow43. HAROLD DONALD FOSTER 23l East Blake Avenue From-lndianola To-Starlon Air School Basketball Intramurals-I, 2, 3, Baseball -I, 2. EDWARD LINCOLN FERGUSON 475 Piedmont Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State NORMA JEAN FORD BEULAH LORINE FIELDS 74 Crestview Road From-Crestview A To-Ohio State Polaris Staff-3, Honor Study-I, 2, Sec- retary-I, 23 Yosian Club-2, 33 Nous Autres-2, "Apron String Revolt"-23 Property Crew, "Yankee King"-37 Make- up Crew, "You Can't Take It Witli You" -3, Publicity Crew, Polaris Home Room Representativese3, Intramurals-2, Basket- ball, Office Staff-3g National Honor So- ciety-3. l2l0 West King Avenue From-Everett To-Howard University. Honor Study-2, 3 C-, A. A.f2, 35 lnlra- murals, Speedball-l, 2, 33 Basketballe I, 2, 3, Volleyball-l, 3, Baseballil, 2, WINIFRED ANNE FISHINGER ETHEL DORRIT FREDERIKSEN Z27l North Fourth Street From-Indianola Honor Study-I, 2,3g Yosian Club-33 Les Enthousiasles Francais-2, Intramurals, ipeledrzall-2, Basketball-I, 2, Base- a 433 l5ll1 Avenue I-rom-lndianola To-Ohio State Student Council-23 Honor Studyfl, 2, 3: Office Staff-2, Betty Lamp Club-I, 2, 31 Costume Committee, "Yankee King"-3, G. A. A,f2, 3, Speedball Intramurals! I, 2, 35 Class Team-l, 2, 33 Basketball Intramurals-I, 2, 3, Class Team-I, 2, 33 Volleyball Intramurals-lg Class Team- I, 2, 35 Baseball Intramurals-l, 2, 3, Class Team-2. MILDRED CELESTINE FRIZZELL WILLIAM C. FOWLKES l2l9 Manchester Avenue 320 East Weber Road From-McKinley From-lndianola To-University ot Virginia Press Club-3, Stage Crew-I, 2, 3, Var- sity "N"-l, 2, 3,Track Squad-I, 2, Gym Team Manager-I. 23 I4 JOSEPH JACOB GOLDSMITH I4I6 Indianola Avenue Frorn-Indianola TofOI1io Slafe DENNIS ROBERT GALLOWAY I99 Easl Corno Avenue From-Creslview JOHN JAY GALLAND 2226 Summit Sfreel From-Indianola To-Ohio Slafe Track Squad-Ig Inlernafional Corre- spondence-2. ELIZABETH ANNETTE GRAY 235 Easl IIII1 Avenue Frorr-Indianola InlrarnuraIsAI, 2, 3, Inlernalional Corre- To-Capilal Universifv spondence-I. MARY ADALINE GOODMAN 55 Brevoorf Road From-Creslview To-Nurses Training Honor Sludv-I, 2, 31 Secrelarv-3, Mari Gale Ar? Club42, Nous Aufres-2g In nafronal Correspondencefl EVERETT FREDERICK HARRISON 32 Izasl Tompkins Slreef From-lndianola To-Ohio Sfale Honor Sludy-3, Chairman-35 Les En- lhousiasfes Francaisf3g "You Can'T Take If Wilh You"f3g Baseball Inrramurals- 25 Baskelball Inframurals---2, Track Team -I, 2, 33 Boys' Glee Club-I, 2, "The Golden TraiI"f2g Toaslmasrersfk Slyle Show-3, Honor Sociely-3, Varsily "N"- 3, "Our Town"-3, Nafional Honor So- clely-3. WILLIAM ADAM GEIGER WANETA JEANETTE GARRABRANT I643 Jefferson Avenue Frcm-McKinley Dlavs-"You Can'I Take IT Wiln You"- Publicify-3, Track Squadf2g Cross Counlry-2. HELEN ANN GRIMM I559 Perry Srreel From-Everell To-'Ohio Slafe Honor Sludv-I, 2, 35 Library Siaff-3, Ornifholoqy Club-2, 3, Presidenl-3, Les Izrifliousiasfes Francaisf2, 3, G. A. A. 2, 31 Orcneslra-Ig Inlramurals, Speedball- I, 25 Class Team-23 Baseball-2, 3, Class Tearn-2g Baskefball-I, 2, 3, Volleyball- Ig International Correspondence-31 .Na- Tional Honor Sociery-3, Rolary Lunch- eon-3. MARY ELIZABETH GARWICK 263 Creslview Road From-Cresfview To-Ohio Srale Honor SludvA2, 3, Press Club-3, Mari- gale Ari' Club-2. 24 I377 Republic Avenue From-McKinley Sfudenl Council-3, Honor SludyA2, 3, Der Deufsche Verein-33 Infernalional Corrospondencef3g Naiional Honor Sof ciefy-3. MARGUERITE ANNE GREENE 2694 Deming Avenue From-Creslview TofOhio Sfale Honor Sludyvl, 2, 3, Girl Reserves-2, 3, Nous Aulres--2, 35 Social Chairman-3, G. A. A.-2, 35 Senior Girls Glee Club! 2, 35 Junior Choir-2, Junior Girls' Glee Club-I, Inlrarnurals Speedball-I, 2, Class Team-2, Baskelloall-2, 33 Volley- ballflg Class Team-2, Baseball-I, 2, Class Tearnf2, National Honor Sociely- 3, Rolary Luncheon-3. ROBERT RUSSELL GLASS 3377 Kenny Road From-Indianola To-Ohio Sfale Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3, Hi-Y-3, Orni- thology Club-2, 33 Ski?-3, Band, Debale Team--3, Gavel Club-3. ELLEN B. GEYER ll2 Wesf Woodruff Avenue From-Indianola To-Office Training School Senior Girls' Glee Club-35 Junior Girls' Glee Clubflg Plays "The Golden Trail", Tickef Commiffee-2, "Yankee King", Properfy Crew-3. CLARENCE EUGENE HARLOR 307 Easf Tompkins Sfreef From-Cresfview To-Soufhern California RUTH ELIZABETH HARROD 2298 Henderson Road I-rom-Cresfview To-Ohio Sfafe Honor Sfudy-I, 2 ,3g Reel Camera Club PAUL KENNETH FURNEY 2692 Dayfon Avenue From-Cresfview TovOhio Sfafe Cross Counlry-I. GARETH GILBERT 2480 Indianola Avenue From-Adrian r Honor Study-2, 33 Messenqerwlg Ornie fhology Club-3, Les Enfhousiasfes Francais-2. WILLIAM FREDERICK GUNNIS I52 Clinfon Sfreef Fromflndianola To-Ohio Sfafe MARJORIE ANN GIBSON 599 Easf Norfh Broadway I-rom-Cresfview To-Ohio Wesleyan Sfudenf Council-3: Honor Sfudy-2, 3, Office Sfaff-3, Girl ReservesY2, 3, Maria gale Arf CIubf3g Yosian Club-3g Beffy Lamp ClubAIg Les Enfhousiasfes Francais -3, Nous Aufres-'23 Producfion Sfaff "The Apron Sfring Revolff2g Producfion Sfaff "You Can'f Take If Wifh You," Producfion Sfaff "The Yankee King"-3, Bofany Assisfanf-33 Infernafional Cor- respondencef2, 33 Nafional Honor So- ciefyf3, Rofary l.uncheone3. ROBERT WOODWARD HALL I52 Wesf Woodruff Avenue FromAIndianola To-Ohio Sfafe CLARENCE DANIEL GEESE E4 East Dunedin Road Frcm-Cresfview IofOhlo Sfafe lnframurals-I, 2, 3: Foofball Squad-2. I-ionor Sfudy-I, 2, 3, PIaysg"You Can'f ROSELLA MAE HAMM l9l Fallis Road I-rom-Cresfview To-Ohio Sfafe Polaris Sfaff Junior Ediforf2g Sfudenf Council-Execufive-23 Honor Sludy-I, 2, 33 Girl Reserves-I, 2, 35 Book Club-I, Z, 31 Vice Presidenff3g Mariqale Arf Club -31 Les Enfhousiasfes Francais-2, Nous Aulres-33 Producfion Sfaff - "Apron Sfring Revolf"!"Goose Hangs High"- "Yankee King"-"You Can'f Take If Wifh You", G. A. A.-I, 2, 33 Sergeanf Af Arms-3: Co-ed Prom Chairman-23 Infra- murals, Speedball-I, 2, 33 Class Teams! I, 2, 3, Baskefball-I, 2, 3: Class Teams- l, 2, 35 Volleyball-I, 2g Class Teams-I, 2, Baseball-I, 2, 3, Class Teams-23 Inf fernafional Correspondence-I, 2, Office Sfaff-2, Honor Chairman, Vice Chair- manf3g National Honor Sociefy-33 Chairman Make-up Crew, "Our Town"-3. HARRIET FRANCES HARMONY l492 Twenfy-Sixfh Avenue Fromelvlcliinley To-Ohio Sfafe Polaris Sfafl, l-Iomeroom Represenfafive -33 Sfudenf Councilf3g Honor Sfudye i, 2, 3, Vice Chairman-35 Girl Re- serves-2, 3, Press Club-3, Les En- fhousiasles Francais-2, Nous Aufresf31 Toasfmisfress Club-3: Infernafional Cor- respondence-3, Office Sfaff-3, Nafional Honor Socielyf3. RICHARD WOOD HAGER 501 Piedmonf Road From-Cresfview To-Darfmoufh Sfudenf Council-33 I-Ii-Y-I, 2, 3, Book Club-3, Ornifholoqy Club-2, 33 Vice- Presidenf-2g Inframurals-I, 33 Foofball Squad-Ig Toasfmasfers Club-2, 35 Secre- fary-3. 25 Take If Wifh You"j Make-up Crewf3g lnframurals-3, "Our Town"f3. WILLIAM CORNELL HARRUP 4I9 Clinton Street From-Crestview To-Ohio State Press Club-3. JEAN ELIZABETH HECKELMAN 346 Crestview Road From-DeViIIaiss To-Ohio State Polaris Statf-33 Associate Editor3 Honor Study-2, 33 Officer-33 Girl RSSBFV6-2: Library Staff-33 Press Club-3. ROBERT BURNS HIGHTSHOE 2667 Medary Avenue From-Crestview To-Ohio State Honor Study-33 Hi-Y-I, 2, 33 Reel Cam- era CIUIJ-3: Der Deutsche Verin--I, 2, 33 Program MGSIGF-3: Play Orchestra-I, 2, 33 Band-I, 2, 33 District Contest-I, 33 Orchestra-I, 2, 33 Treasurer-23 President -33 District Contest-I, 33 State Contest -I, 2, 33 "The Golden Trail"-23 Instru- mental Ensemlole, Trumpet Trio-I3 Dis- trict, State and National Contests-I3 Rotary Luncheon-3. JOHN FRANCIS HOLBROOK 60 Medbrook Way From-Crestview To-Ohio State Honor ,Study-l, 2, 33 Vice-Chairman-2, 33 Chairman-33 Hi-Y-I, 2, 33 Treasurer -33 Book Club-2, 33 Track Squadwl, 2, 33 Toastmasters-2, 33 Treasurer-33 Inter- national Relations-2, 3. MARY ELIZABETH HILLS 293 East Longview Avenue From-Willis High School To-Ohio Wesleyan University Honor Study-2, 33 Girl Reserves-33 Yos- ian Club-33 Les Enthousiastes Francais- 33 "Yankee King"-33 "Apron String Re- volt"-23 Orchestra-2, 33 Flute Quartet -33 Cleft Club-2. HARRY RICHARD HISS 2870 lndianola Avenue From-Crestview To-Ohio State LAWRENCE EDWARD HUGHES 373 Oakland Park Avenue Fromhflrestview To-Ohio State Honor Study-2, 33 Library Statt-33 Book ClUb'3: Press Club-33 Marigale Art Club-I, 23 Track Squad-I, 23 Interna- tional Correspondencef33 Publicity Com- mittee, "Yankee King"3 Property Commit- tee, "You Can't Take It With You"3 Polaris Home Room Representative-3. MARJORIE ROSE HOCH JOHN L. HILL 223 West Como Avenue I-rom-Crestview Honor Study-33 Junior Choir-2, 33 ln- tramurals, Basketball-23 Class Team-33 258 East Lane Avenue From-Washington, D. C. To-Ohio State Honor Study-2, 33 SSCFEIGFY-3: Intra- Volleyball-I3 Baseball-I, 2. murals-2, 33 Championship Basketball- 26 33 National Honor Soicety-3. RAEBURN G. HART 45 West Tulane Road From-Crestview To-Duke University Program Committee "The Yankee King"' Intramurals-I, 23 Baseball-l, 23 Basket- ball-I, 23 Baseball Squad-I3 Swimming Team-I, 2, 3. HELEN JANE HATCH I74 Tulane Road FromiAkron West High To-Ohio State Memory book statf, circulation-33 Hon- or Studyil, 2, 33 Chairman-3. JEAN HAWKINS l566 Myrtle Ave. From-McKinley To-Capital Polaris Staff Advertising-33 Honor Study -I, 2, 33 Girl Reserves-I. ROBERT EARL HILL 358 Brvnhild Road From-Cresfview To-Ohio Slale Sfudenf COUVI--3: Judge1 Honor Sludy4 l, 2, 31 Chairman-2, 31 Hi-Y--I, 2, 31 Vice-Presidenf-21 BaseballfI1 Track-21 Band-I, 21 Presidenl-21 Orcheslra-I, 21 Dance Orcheslra-I, 21 Leader-21 Clare inet Quarlelfe--I1 National Conlesr-I1 Rorary Luncheon-31 Senior Class Presi- den?-3. MARY MAX HAVERMAN 226i Norlh Fourlh Slreel I-iorn-Indianola ToAOhio Srale Honor Sludv-I, 2, 31 Girl Reserves-I1 Les Enlhousiasles Francais-21 Junior Choir+l1 Orcheslrafl, 2, 31 Senior Choir -2, 31 Junior Girls Glee Club-I1 Senior Girls' Glee Clubfl, 2, 31 Cleh' Club1 Dislricl Conresl-21 Slale Conlesl-I, 2, 31 Speedballflnlramurals-I1 Baskelball flnrrarreurals-2, 31 Volleyball-lnIrarriu- ra's-I. GEORGE RICHARD HOEFLINGER 84 Wesl Norlhwood From-Indianola To4Ohio Slale Sludenl COUUCII-3: Honor Sfudy-2, 31 Hi-Yfl, 21 Inlramurals-31 Varsily "N" f31 Vice-Presidenl-31 Track-I, 2, 3, Cap- lainf31 OFCITESTVS-2: Band-I, 2, 31 Brass Ouarlel, Brass Sexlel-31 Rolarv Luncheon -31 Treasurer Senior Class, MARTHA JANE HATCH I34 Forsylhe Avenue From-Everell To-Lilfle Thealer Play House Polaris Slafl, feafure wrifer-31 Honor Sludv-I, 2, 31 Chairman-21 Secrelary- 31 Girl Reserves-I, 2, 31 Press CIUb13: Treasurer-31 Yosian Club-2, 3 Nous Autres-I1 Los Gesferos-31 "The House of Greed"-31 Senior Girls Glee Club-2, 31 Junior Choir-I1 "The Golden Trail"- 21 Polaris Represenfafive-31 "The Yankee King"-Makeup CFBWQ "You Can'T Take if Wilh You" Usher1 lnlernafional Corre- spondence-31 "Our Town"-3. REBA IRENE HARVEY 2I98 Lisle Road From-Creslview To-Capilal Universify Honor Sludy-2, 31 Orcheslra-I1 Junior Choir-21 Junior Girls' Glee Clubf2. GLEN DALE HOFSTETTER 488 East Oakland Avenue From-Colonel While To-Ohio Slale Honor Sludy-2, 31 Slarnp Club-I, 2, 31 Presidenl-3. MADALYNN CORLISS HEBER 2352 Surnrnil Slreel Prorn-lndianola To-Ohio Sfale Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3, of'licer1 Les Enfhou- siasfes Francais-3' Vergilian Club-2, 31 Orchesfra-I, 21 Cleff Club-2, 31 Slale Confesl-2, JEAN HOOVER 247 Nineleenlh Avenue Frorn-lndianola To-Ohio Slale Sludenl' Council-31 Honor Sludv-I, 2, 31 Office Slarf-31 Girl Reserves-I1 Make- up Crew-3, "You Can'I Take ll Wilh YOLIIKQ Makeup Crew-3, "Yankee KIITQIII Makeup Crew-2, "Goose Hangs High"1 Speedball-I1 Class Team-I1 Basketball -I1 Volleyball-I1 lnlernalional Corre- spondence-2, 3. HOWARD RUSSELL HILL 358 Brynhild Road Frorn-Cresrview TofOI1io Slale HifY-I, 2, 31 "You Can'I Take If Wilh You"1 Bandfl, 21 Orcheslra-2, 31 Troma bone Quarlelle-I1 Trombone SOIO-2: Dance Band-I, 2. HENRIETTA MAE HOOD 257 Norfh Twenly-Firsf Slreel I-rornfEverelI To--Ohio Slale Universilv Honor Sludv-I, 2, 31 Belly Larnp Club 72. JANICE HORN ISBO Briarwood Avenue FrornfMcKinley TovLillian Johnson School of Cosrnefol' O Y Mgerriory Book Sfali-31 Honor Sfudvfl, 2, 31 Press Club-31 Marigale Ar? Club -I, 2, 31 Yosian Club-I, 2. VERA MARIE HUNSINGER l650 Kohr Place From-McKinley To-Office Training School Honor S'rudye31 Girl Reserves-21 Der Deufsche Verein-31 Junior Girls Glee Club-3. 27 ROBERT FRANKLIN HUNTSBERRY 280 East Oakland Ayenue Hom-Indianola To-Uniyerslly ol Soulhern California Honor Sludy-I, 2g Hi-Y-lg lnframurals- I, 2, 3. JAMES SHERWOOD HUPP l76V2 Clinlon Sfreel From-Indianola To-Ohio Slale Slamp Club-I, 2: Secrerary-Ig Treasurer -23 Los Gesferos-3, Intramurals-l, 2. RUTH MARGARET JONES 442 Wesr Sixth Avenue From-Everell' To-Ohio Sfare Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3, Junior Choir-21 Junior Girls' Glee Club-I. , RICHARD THOMAS JUDD I425 Norlh Fiflh Slreel' From-lndlanola To-Ohio Sfafe Slage Crew-3, lnlernalional Correspond- ence-2. MARGARET LORRAINE HUTCHINSON 3095 Bremen Slreef From-McKinley To-Buckeye Stale G. A. A,-33 Speedball lnlramurals-I, 2, 3, Baskelball Inframurals-I, 2, 33 Charn- pionshipg Class Teams-I, 2, 35 Volleyball -I, 2, 33 Baseball-I, 2, Infernalional Correspondence-3. ELEANORA LOUISE JOHNSTON 4l2I Maize Road From-Creslvlew To-Ohio Slafe Memory Book Slaff-3, Co-Edilor-3g Slu- denf Council-2, 31 Vice-Presidenl-35 Homeroom Chairman-3, Honor Sludy- I, 2, 35 Vice-Chairman, Chairman-35 Girl Reserves-I, 2, 35 Social Chairman- 2g Caloinel'-Ig Press Club-33 Los Ges- Ieros-2, 3, "Goose Hangs High" Casl- 2g "The Yankee King" Casl-33 Debale Team-33 Nalional Forensic League-37 Stale Play Conlesl-31 "Apron Slring Re- yolT" Properly Manager-23 "The Golden Trail" makeup--2: "You Can'I Take lr Wilh You" makeup-3g "Chrisfmas Awak- ening," assislanl direclor lnrramurals, Speedball-l, 21 Baskelball-2, Volleyball -lg Class Team-lg Baseball-2, Inferna- fional Correspondence-2, 3. ETHEL GRACE JAMES ALMA ELIZABETH KAISER 2274 Lehner Road From-McKinley Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3g "Le Voyage de Monsieur Perriclwonn-2: Nafional Honor Sociely-3. I83 Fallis Road I-rom-Creslview To-Ohio Sfafe Honor Sludy-I, 2: Girl Reserves-I, 2 Yosian Club-3. D. BEN JAMES FRANCES MARIE JAYcox lbl Easl Norfh Broadway From-Creslview To-Universily of Kansas Memory Book SlaI'l-3, Edilor-3, Honor Sludy-I, 2, 31 Press Club-3: Slage Crew -I, 2, 3, Manager-2, 3, Foolball-I, 2g Rolary Luncheon-3. EDWARD A, JAMES J 68 Easr Maynard Avenue From-lndlanola To-Ohio Slale Inlrarnurals-I. 28 76 Euclid Avenue I-rom-lndianola Junior Girls' Glee Club-I, 21 lnlramurals, Speedball-I, 2, 3, Class Team-I, 3, Bas- kelball-I, 2, 3, Volleyball-lg Class Team-lg Baseball-I. ANIS LEE JACOBS 43 Blenheim Road From-Cresfview Polaris Slifi-3: Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3, Secrelary-23 Girl Reserves-2, Yosian Club-2, 3, Reel Camera Club-25 Plays- "Yankee King"-Produclion Crew-Zg Or- chesfra-2, 3, Polaris Home Room Repre- senrafive-3. Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3g Yosian Club-3, Plays-"You Can'I Take If Wilh You"- Tickel Cornmillee-3, Junior Choir-2' THOMAS ANSON JONES 368 Wes? Ninlh Avenue Frorn-Indianola To-Ohio Srale Les Enlhousiasles Francais-3, Nous Aul- res-3, Track Squad-2, 3. JANIS MARIE HYATT l7I Fallis Road l-rorri-Creslview To-Ohio Slale Honor Sludy-l, 2, Vice-Chairman-2, Girl Reserves-I, 2, Book Club-f2, Mari- gale Arl Club-l, 2, Vergilian Club-2, Plays-"Iankee King--2, Program Corri- miflee-f2, Tickel Cornrnillee-2, "You Can'l Take lil Wilh You-2, 'Properly Crew, G. A. A.f2, Senior Choir-2, Sen- lor Girls' Glee Clubvlj Junior Girls' Glee Club-l, Debale Team-l, Nalional Forensic Leaguev2, Gavel Club-l, 2, Girl Reserves Rinq-2, Speedball lnlra- murals-l, 2, Baskelball lnlrarnurals-I, 2, Volleyball lnlrarnurals-l, 3, Baseball lnlrarnurals-I, 2, lnlernalional Relalions 2, Class Teams-I, 2. LOUISE EVELYN JONES IO3 Norlh Broadway Prom-Creslvlew To-Ohio Slale Polaris Horne Room Represenlalivef3, Honor Sludy-l, 2, 3, Girl Reserves-I, 2, 3, Program Chairman-3, Les Enlhousiasles Francais-3, Program Comrnillee-3, Ver- oilian Club-2, 3, Treasurer-3, Senior Choir-3, Senior Girls' Glee Club-2, Jun- ior Choir-l, Junior Girls' Glee Club-l, Girls' Ensemble-3, "The Golden Trail- 2, Mixed Ensemble-3, Music Conlesl-3, Nalional Honor Soicely-3, Rolary Lunch' eOn-3, Speedball lnlrarnurals-lg Baskel- ball lnlrarnuralsfl. MARIAN DIXON JENKS l308 Forsyfhe Avenue From-Everell To-Ohio Sfale Sludenl Councilf3, Honor Sludy-l, 2, 3, Assislanl Secrelary-3, Messenger-I, Office Slaff-3, Book Clubfl, 2, 3, Mari- qale Arr Club-2, Play-"The Goose Hangs High," Properly Crew-3, "The Yankee King," Makeup Crew-3, Senior Cl'lOIT+3j Senior Girls' Glee Club-3, Librarian, Junior Girls' Glee Club-2, Toasfrnislress-I, 2, 3, Parliarnenlarian- 3, Music Confesl-3, lnlrarnurals, Speed- ball-I, 2, Volleyball-l, 2, Baseball- lg lnlernalional Correspondence-l, 2, Nalional Honor Soicely-3. KATE BOISFEUILLETT JEMISON 4040 Norlh High Slreel From-Cheslview Memory Book-3, Honor Study-2, 3, Secrefary-3, Press Club-3, Play-"You Can'l Take ll' Wilh You," Ticker and Properly- Crews, "The Goose Hangs High" Ticker Crew, G. A. A.e2, 3, Sen- ior Choir'-2, Junior Choir-l, Junior Girls' Glee Club-l, Speedball Infra- murals-I, 2, 3, Championship-3, Class Team-2, 3, Baskelball lhlramurals-I, 2, 3, Volleyball Intramurals-I, 2, Class Teamel, 2, Baseball lnlrarnurals-I, 2, 3. JOHN WILLARD JARVIS l58 Easf Norlhwood Avenue Frornflndianola TofOhio Slale Ornilhology-l, 2, 3, Secrelary'Treasurer -2. JOHN LEONARD JONES 368 Ninlh Avenue Prone-lndianola To-Ohio Slale Sludenl Courl!3, Chief Juslice-3, Honor Sludy-2, 3, Messenger-2, Vice-Chairman -3, Book Club-2, 3, Secrelary-3, Les En' lhousiasles Francais-3, Vice-President-3, Nous Aulres-3, Plays, "You Can'l Take Il Wilh You," Ticker Commillee-3, lnlra- rnurals-3, Varsity "N" Associalion-2, 3, Track Squad-l, 2, 3, lnlernalional Rela- lions-2, 3, Vice'Presidenl'f3, Nalional Honor Soicelyg3. DOROTHEA MAE JAMES l26l Oak Slreel From-Wes? High To--Ohio Slale Honor Sludy-2, 3, Les Enlhousiasles Francais-3, Vergilian Club43, Plays, "Alrnosl Everyman"-3, Nalional Honor Sociely-3. JOSEPH JOHN JACQUES JR, 2l9 Easl Maynard Avenue Frornflndianola To-Fordham Universily Honor Sludy-3, lnfrarnuralsfl, 2. 29 CHESTER JACKSON 65 Chalharn Road l-rom-Creslview To-Miami Band-2, Dance Bandf2. JOHN RICHARD JOHNSON 357 Thirleenlh Avenue Frorn-lndianola To-Ohio Slale Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3, officer-3, Reel Camera Club+2, 3, Play, "You Can'l Take I1 Wilh You," Publicily Crew-3. EILEEN E. JONES 307 Creslview Road FrornfBuchlel, Akron ToAOhio Slale Sludenf Council-3, Honor Sludy-2, 3, Assislanf Secrelary-3, Office Slaff-3, Girl Reserves-I, 2, 3, Les Enlhousiasles Francaisf3, Junior Choirf3, Junior Girls' Glee Club-2, Plays, "Yankee King," Production Crewf3, Slale Conlesl, play, "You Can'l Take ll Wilh You"f3, lnler- nalional Correspondencef3, Chairman Properly Crew, "Our Town"f3. MARGIE JANE KELLER 528 Arden Road I-rom-Cresfview To-Ohio Slate Honor Siudy-I, 2, 33 Yosian Club-2g Les Enfhousiasfes Francaisf2g Usher-3, "Ihe Yankee King." JAYNE KENDALL 559 Midqard Road FromfCres+view To-Ohio Siafe Polaris Sfaff-35 Polaris Collecfor-3, Honor Study-3g Girl Reserves-I, 25 Press Clubf3g Yosian Club-33 Les Enfhousiasies Francais-31 Ticker Comrniilee-3, "Yan- kee King. ROBERT LOUIS KOHLER 325 Tiber Road ToiOhio Sfaie Honor Siudy-l, 2, 35 Hi-Yfl, 2, Model Engineers-2, 3, Secrefary-Treasurerv33 Track Squad-3, Senior Choir-I, 2, 33 Junior ChoirAl, Boys' Ensemble-2, 31 "The Golden Trail"-2, Mixed Ensemble- 3, Siafe Choir ConiesIAl, 2, 3, Disfrici, Slale and Naiional Vocal Solo Conlesi-3. 30 RUSSELL KENNETT 48I Brevoorr Road From-Cresfview To-Darfmoulh Memory Book Siahf-3: Honor Siudy-2, 3g Hi-Y-2, 35 Press Club-3, Football Infra- murals-I, Baskefball InI'rarnuralsA2, 3 Track Squad-I, 2, 3. FRED C. KAMPFER JR. 355 Easl Fourfeenlh Avenue From-Indianola To-Ohio Slale Band-2, 31 Golf Team-3. DOROTHY JANE KINSELL 2507 lndianola To-Bliss. WILLIAM KELLEY Il06 casl Twenfieih Sfreel From-McKinley To-Ohio Slaie Press Club-3. ROBERT BALDWIN KINNEAR 290 Garden Road From-Cresiview TofOhio Slafe lnframurals-I, 2, 3. NORMAN JAMES KELLER 56 Cresiview Road From-Fremonl' Ross To-Ohio Slale Memory Book Slarf-3, Varsiiy "N" Asso- ciaiion-3g Treasurer, Cross Counlry-31 Caplain-3, Hi-Y-I, 2, 3, Track Squad-3. HELEN CATHERINE KAISER l404 Lorefia Avenue FromiMcKinley To-Office Training Yosian Club-3, Baskeiball ln+ramurals4 2, 3, Baseball lnframurals-I, 2, 3, EDWIN REED KAUL 99 Tibel Road From-Parker High, Chicago, Illinois To-Ohio Siafe Draffinq Honor Service-I, 2, Track Squad -3. ESTHER LENORE KREGLOW 72 Easf Fourleenlh Avenue From-Jackson Village To-Ohio Siafe Memory Book Siarf, Associale EdiTorf3g Honor Study-I, 2, 33 Girl Reserves-2g Press Club-3g Naiional Honor SoiceTyf3. JOHN ROBERT KELTNER 2l5 Easl Weber Road I-rorn-Creslview To-Ohio Slale Les Enfhousiasies Francais-2, Golf Team -i, 2, 3. LUANN KETCH II7 Sixfeenfh Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio Slale Sludeni Council-3, Honor Sfudy-l, 2, 3, Girl Reserves-I, 2, 35 Music Chairman! 2, Book Club-I, Yosian Club-2, 3, Orni- thology Club-21 Les Enthousiasfos Fran- cais-3, Program Comrniilee-3g "Yankee King," Program Cornmillee-ly "Tiger House," Producfion Crew-lg "Thai Fer- guson Family," Production Crew-23 "The Goose Hangs High," Produclion Crew-2, "The Apron Slrinq Revell," Makeup Crew- 3g "You Can'I Take ll' Wiih You", G. A. A.f3, Band-I, 2, 3, Orcheslrael, Z, 31 Woodwind Ouiniei-3, Senior Choir-I, 2, 33 Vice-Presioenl-3, Senior Girls' Glee Club-l, 2, 3, Junior Choir-I: Junior Girls' Glee Club-lg Girls' Ensemble-I, 2, 31 "The Golden Trail"-2, Toaslrnisfress GZ, 3, Secrelary-3, Slafe Music Conlesl -l, 2, 3, Mixed Ensemble-3, Cleff Club -2, 33 Band Girls Club-lg Presidenlf lg lnlramurals, Speedlaall-l, 2, 35 Bas- ketball-I, 2, 33 Volleyball-lg Baseball- I, 23 lnlernalional Correspondence-I, 2, 3, Nalional Honor Socieiy-3. NANCY ANN KING 2375 Sumrriif Sfreel Frorn-lndianola TofOhio Slale Honor Sfudy-2, 3, ESTHER MARIE KAISER 386 Wesf Fiifh Avenue Fron'-vCenfral. BARBARA J. KING lO2 Beaumonf Road From-Creslview To-Ohio Slale Memory Book Slalf, Circulalion-3, Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 3, Secrelary-35 Girl Reserves Z, Press Club-3, Yosian Clube-3, Makeup Crew-3, "You Can'I Take lf Wilh You," Intramurals, Soeedball-I, Baseball-2, Baskelball-2. DONALD WINFIELD KELLER 63 Easl' Tompkins Slreel From-lndianola To-Ohio Sfafe Honor Sfudy-'31 lnlramurals-3, Band- I, 2, 33 Orchesfra-I. HAROLD EDWIN KLOEPFER 230 Easl Pacemonf Road From-Sleele High, Daylon, Ohio To-eunio Slale Reel Camera Club-3. FRANCES ELIZABETH KOHL 43 Wesl Pallerson Avenue From-Cocoa, Florida To-Ohio Slale Memory Book Slarf-3, lnlernalional Cor- respondencefl, 2. VIRGINIA MARILYN KEGG I37 King Avenue From-Everell To-Ohio Slale Memory Book Sfaif, Ari-3, Honor Sludy -l, 2, 3, Marigale Ari Club-2, 3, Na- lional Honor Soicely-3. JOSEPH TRACY KIRBY 2478 Adams Avenue Fromfllarden High, Rarden, Ohio Casi-3, "You Can'T Take If Wiih Youp' lnframural Baskelball-3, Bandfllg Senior Choir-3, Dislricl Band Coniesi-3, PATRICIA JEAN KNIGHT i396 Neil Avenue From-Wilrninglon High, Wilmingion, O. To-Ohio Slale Honor SfudyA3, Girl Reservesf2, 3, Yosianf2, 3, Presidenl-3, Ornilhology Club-3, "Yankee King"-3g "You Can'l Take lf Wilh You," Makeup Crewf3j "House of Greed" Production Crew-3g Naiional Honor Soicely-33 Secreiaryg Ro- lary Luncheon-3, Makeup Crew, "Our Town"-'43, Botany Assisfanl-3. EVELYN FAY KELLER i562 Norlh Fourlh Slreel From-Indianola ToYOhio Wesleyan Srudenf Council-27 Losf ano Found Conn- milfeeg Honor Sludy--l, 2, 3, Secrelary- I, Chairman-2, 3, Vergilian Club-2, 3, Presidenlw-3, "The Yankee King"-3, "House of Greed"-3, Senior Choirfl, 2, 3, Librarianf3q Senior Girls' Glee Club-I, 2, 3, Presidenl-3, "The Golden Trail"-27 Disiricl Music Conlesl-2, 37 Volleyball lniramurals-2, Baskelball lnira' murals-lg Naiional Honor SoiceiyA3g "Our Town"43. 31 EDMUND TROWBRIDGE LOOSE 67 West Patterson Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State Intramurals, Basketball-I, 2, 3, Baseball -3. BETTY JANE LEWIS 476-Seventh Avenue Frorn-lndianola To-Beck Business College Intramurals, Speedlaall-I, 2, 3, Basket- ball-I, 2, 3, Volleyball-I, Baseball--I,2. MARY ESTHER LA VALLEY 723 East Eleventh Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio State Honor Studyf2, 3. MIRIAM ELIZABETH LOOSE 67 West Patterson Avenue From-lndianola Honor Studyf3, Oltice Staff-3, Produc- tion Crew-3, "You Can't Take lit With You," Production Crew-3, "Yankee King," Intramurals, Basketball-2, Na- tioanal Honor Soicety-3, Rotary Luncheon VIRGINIA ANN LANUM l580 North Fourth street From-lndianola To-Ohio State Polaris Staff-3, Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Messenger-I, VicefChairman-3, Assist- ant Secretary-3, Library Statt-2, 3, Vice- President-3, Book Club-I, Property Crew -2, "Goose Hangs High," Property Crew-3, "Yankee King," Property Crew -2, "That Ferguson Family," Makeup Crew-3, "You Can't Take It With Youg' Property Crew, "Apron String Revolt," G, A. A.-2, 3, Senior Girls' Glee Club-3, Vice-President-3, Junior Choirf2, Junior Girls' Glee Club-I, Intramural, Speed ball-I, 2, 3, Class Team-I, 2, 3, Cham- pions-3, Basketball-I, 2, 3, Class Team el, Volleyball-I, 3, Baseballvl, 2, 3, International Correspondencef2, 3, Chair- man Publicity Crew, "Our Town"-3, District and State Music Contest-3. ALICE LOUISE LIVINGSTON 240 Nineteenth Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State Honor Study-l, 2, 3, Secretary-2, Mari- gale Art Club-3, Les Enthousiastes Fran- cais, Assistant Treasurer-3, Cast-3, "Yankee Kin ", Senior Choir-3, Senior Girls' Glee Club-2, Junior Choirfl, 3, "The Golden Trail"-2, Assistant Student Council-2, Production- Crew-I, "Tiger House," Production Crew-2, "Apron String Revolt," Production Crew-2, "The Goose Hangs High," Production Crew-3, "You Can't Take It With You," Assistant Director, "Our Town"-3. MARY LUELLA LEE 279 Clinton Heights Avenue I-romeCrestview To-Ohio State Polaris Statt-3, Girls' Sports Editorf3, Student Councile2, Honor Study Come mittee-2, Student Court-3, Clerk, Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Vice-Chairrnane2, Secre- tary-3, Ottice Statt-2, 3, Girl Reservesi I, 2, 3, Treasurer-2, Vice-Presidentf3, Book Club-3, Press Club-3, Les En- thousiastes Francais-2, 3, Usher-2, "Apron Strino Revolt", G. A. A.Y2, 3, Toastrnistress Clulo-2, 3, President-3, Polaris Home Room Representative-3, ln- trarnurals, Speedball-I, 2, Class Tearn- 2, Basketloallfl, 2, Class Team-2, Vol- leyball-l, 2, Class Tearn-3, Baseball-I, 2, 3, Class Team-3, International Rela- tions-3, Correspondence Chairman-3, National Honor Soicety-3, International Correspondencef3. EDITH LOUISE LONG 52 West California Avenue From-Crestview VIRGINIA MAE LONG l6l Chatham Road From-Crestview Honor Study-2, 3, Girl Reserves-3, Yos- ian Club-3, Nous Autres-2, Property Crew, "You Can't Take lt With You", Junizit Choir-I, Junior Girls' Glee Club -3, Intramurals, Speedball-I, 2, Bas- ketball-I, 2, Volleyball-I, Baseball- I, 2, Class Team-2, International Cor- respondenceY3. 32 MARGARET CATHERINE LISLE 204 East Patterson Avenue I-rom-lndianola To-St. Mary's Hosiptal, Huntington, W. Va. Honor Studyf2, 3, Press Club-3, Yosian Club-2, 3, Les Enthousiastes Francaisf3, Junior Choir-2, Junior Girls' Glee Club f2, 3, Polaris Horneroom Representa- tive-3. DOROTHY MIRIAM LEHMAN 249 Olentangy Street From-Crestview Toe--Ohio State Girl Reserves-3, Press Clubf3, Betty Lamp Club-I, 2, Les Enthusiastes Fran- cais-3. JEAN HOPE LEVY 24 Oakland Avenue From-lndianola To-Business College Honor Study-3, Press Club-3, Junior Choir-3, Junior Girls' Glee Club-2. RUTH ANN LARVA IB Tulane Road T-romfCrestview TowOhio State Honor Study-I, 21 Vice-Chairman1 Girl Reserves-I, 21 Property Crew "The Yan- kee Kingg' "You Can't Take lt With You1" G. A. A.-2, 31 Speedball Intra- rn-urals-I, 31 Class Tearn-I, 31 Cham- pionship1 Basketball Intramurals-I, 2, 31 Class Team-I, 2, 31 Baseball Intramurals fl, 2, 31 Class Teams-I, 2, 31 Interna- tional Correspondence-2, 31 Volleyball I1 Class Team-I, 31 Sergeanteat-Arms-2, 3. EDITH DANA LEE l92 East Fitth Avenue From-Everett Junior High To-Ohio State Honor Study-l, 2, 31 Press Club-3. WILLIAM CHARLES LOUIS JR. l2lB-Forsythe Avenue. From Southeastern High School, Detroit, Michiqan To-Ohio State Student Council-31 Honor Study-31 Hi-Y -31 Der Deutsche Vereinv3q Intramurals Basketball-31 Baseball-31 Cross Country Team-3. IONE KRESS 350 Olentangy Street FrornfCrestview To-Office Training School Polaris Homeroom Representative-31 Honor Study-2, 31 Secretary431 Girl Reserves-I1 Press Club-33 Marigale Art ClUbf3: Senior Choir-31 Junior Choir- l, 21 Junior Girls' Glee-I, 21 District and State Music Contest-2, 31 Interna- tional Correspondence-31 "Apron String Revolt"-21 Property Crewg "Yankee King"-31 Publicity Crew1"Golden Trail," Costume Committee1 "You Can't Take It With You-31 Property Crew. ROBERT HUGH LEEDER 462 King Avenue From-Everett To-University ot Southern California Hi-Y-I, Z1 Junior Choirfl, 3. PHYLLIS MAE LEICHNER l4Ol East Eighteenth Avenue From-McKinley To-Buckeye State College VIRGINIA ANN KUTSCHBACH IB3 Kenworth Road From-Crestview Junior High To-Ohio State Honor Study-2, 33 Chairman-21 Girl Re- SETVSS-2: Library Stattf31 Yosian Clube 21 Les Enthousiastes Francaisfl, 2. LAURENCE SHELDON LINT IO57 East Seventeenth Avenue From-Newark High School Intramurals-21 Football Squad-21 Track SQUBC3-2: Senior Choir-3. RICHARD EDDY LOWRY 586 East Weber Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State Memory Book Statt-31 Honor Study-2, 31 Hi-Y-I, 21 Press Club-31 Yosian Club- 2g Les Enthousiastes Francais-31 Stage Crew-21 Intramurals-31 Varsity "N" As- sociation-2, 31 Track Squad-2, 31 Track Trainer-31 Junior Choir-31 "The Golden Trail"-31 Cross Country-2, 3. 33 BILL MONFORD LIMES 1902 Minnesota Avenue From-McKinley ToiOhio State Honor Studyel, 2, 31 Yosian Club-I1 Intramurals-+I, 2, 31 Swimming Team-I. ROBERT ALLEN LEE l653 Summit Street From-lndianola To-Curtis Wright Tech., California Marigale Art CIUb13, Stamp Club-l, 3 Model Engineers-I, 21 Question Mark ub-3. HARRY DONALD LONG JR. 3Ol0 Sunset Drive FromfWithrow High, Cincinnati, Ohio To-Aeronautical Engineering School, Cincinnati U. Hi-Y-31 Senior Choir-31 Hi-Y Basket- ball-3. ZELLAH LOUISE MAUGER 2lI Maynard Avenue From-lndianola Honor Sfudyfl, 2, 3, Les Enlhousiasfes Francais-3, Slyle Show-I, 2, 3, Infra- murals, Speedball-I, 2, Baskefball-I, 2, Yglleyball-I, Class Team-2, Baseball- CHARLES ALBERT MAURER l6l3-Arlinglon Avenue I-rom-Franklin TofWesf Poinf Honor Sludy-3. ARDATH ANNE MCELHINEY l64 Easr Lakeview Avenue From-Cresfview To-Ohio Wesleyan Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3, Girl Reserves- I, 2, 3, Marigale Arr Club-3, Yosian Club-3, Reel Camera Clubf2, 3, Les Erilhouslasles Francais-2, Nous Aulres-2, "The Apron Slring Revoir," Produclion Crew-2, "The Yankee King," Production Crew-3, "You Can'I Take If Wilh You,' Produclion Crew-3, lnfernalional Corre- spondence-I, 2, 3, Nalional Honor So- Clely-3. 34 OUIDA MAE LUCAS l60 Chillenden Avenue From-Woodsfield High ToAOfiice Training School Honor SIudyA2, 3, Yosain Club-2. PATRICIA PATTERSON MCDANEL 280 Monfrose Way FromfCreslview To-Ohio Slale Memory Book Slaff-3, Associale Eclilor -3, Sludenl Council-2, Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3, Chairman-3, Vice-Chairman-3, Of- fice Slaff-I, 2, Library Srafi-3, Assisfanl Librarian-3, Book Club-3, Press Clube 3, Los GesIerosAl, 2, "Yankee King"f3, "The Goose Hangs High," Produclion Crew-2, "Apron Sfring Revell," Properly Crew-3, "You Can'l' Take ll Wilh You," Production Crew-3, lnlramural Baskelball -I, Volleyball-I, lnlernarional Corre- spondencee-2, 3, lnlernalional Relaiions- 2, 3, Bibliography Chairmane3, Rolary Luncheonf3. OLIVE MARTHA MASTERS I83 Wesl Paflerson Avenue From-lndianola To-Buckeye Slafe College. WILLIAM McDOWELL 2535 Norrh Fourlh Slreei From-Indianola To-Ohio Stale Universiry Memory Book SIal'f43, Sporrs Edilor, Polaris SIal'l-3, Honor Sl'udyf3, Press Club-3, Sergeanl'-ar-Arms, lnlrarnuralse I, 2, Varsiry "N" AssocialionV2, 3. CHARLES MARVIN MCCLINTOCK 232 Glenmonf Avenue From-Creslview To-Ohio Sfale Honor Sfudyfl, 2, 3, Marigale Arr Club -3, Reel Camera Clubel, 2, 3, Presi- denl-3, Les Enfhousiasles Francaisf2, 3, "Yankee Kihguw-3, "You Can'I Take ll Wilh You"e3, Assislanl Direcfor, "Our Town"-3. ERNEST WILLIAM MAUGHLIN l29 Tulane Road From-Cresfview To-Ohio Srale Press CIube3. BETTY JANE MARTIN 2395 Adams Avenue I-rom-Indianola To-Dickinson Secrelarial School Honor Sludy-Z, 3, Girl Reserves-I, 2, Junior Girls' Glee Club+2, 3, Sfudenl Secretary-3. JOAN MACKEY l9O Glencoe Road From-Creslview To-Mounf Carmel School of Nursing Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3, G. A. A.f2, 3, President-3, Senior Girls Glee Club-3, Treasurer-3, Junior Girls' Glee Club-2, Dislricl and Slafe Girls' Glee Club Con- Iesl, Intramurals, Speedball-I, 2, 3, Class Teams-I, 2, 3, BasketbalI4l, 2, 3, Class Teams-I, 2, 3, Caprainel, Volley- ball-I, Class Team-I, 2, 3, Baseball- I, 2, 3, Class Tearns-2, Nalional Honor Socielyeli, Rofary Luncheone3. CLAIRE ROSALIE MCDONALD l68 Wes? Tulane Road FnornfHyde Park High School, Chicago, I . . Toigzlver-Slockfon, Canion, Missouri Honor Srudy-3, SecreIaryf3, Properly Crew-3, "You Can? Take If Wilh You." BETTY JANE MATHER 244 West Frambes Avenue I-rom-Indianola To-Business School GEORGE RICHMOND MAYHEW 48 Nottingham Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State Honor Studyflq Junior Choir-I, Junior Honor Studyel, 2, 3, Hi-Y-I, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Clubf2. Property Crew, "You Can't Take It With You", Varsity "N" Associatione-3, Band l -2, 3, Orchestra-I, Gym Team-I, Cheer ROBERT IVAN MART 25I East Lakeview Avenue I-romfCrestview To--Ohio State Polaris-3, Honor Study-3, Secretary Press Clubf3, Marigale Art Club-3 Intramurals-l, 2, 3, Baseball Squad-3 International Correspondence-3, HOWARD EDWIN MCCOLLU M I93 Clinton Heights Avenue I-rom-Crestview To-Ohio State Leadere2. KATHRYN ANNETTA MATTHEWS 37 Glencoe Road I-rom-Crestview To-Ohio State Memory Book Associate Editor-3, Polaris Statte3, Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Vice- Chairman-3, Messenger-2, Ottice Statt No. IO4-3, Girl Reserves-l, 2, 3, Library Statf, Treasurer-3, Press Club-3, Nous Autres-2, 3, Program Crew, "You Can't Take It With You", Property Crew, "The Goose Hangs High, Usher, "The Apron String Revolt"-3, G. A. A.-2, 3, Social Chairman-3, Junior Choir-2, Junior Girls' Glee Club-2, Manager Basketball Class Team-I, Z, Co-Manager Basketball Class Team-3, Intramurals, Speedball-2, 3, Basketballel, 2, 3, Volleyball-I, Base- ball-2, 3, International RelationsA3, Na- tional Honor Society-3, Program Com- mittee-"Our Town"-3, Polaris Home Room Representative-3. JOHN KENNER MCCONNELL 306 Fallis Road FromfCrestview To-Ohio State Hi-Y-I, 2, Stage Crew-3, Junior Choir Honor Study-I, 2, 3. -I, 2. ELIZABETH JEANNE MCCUNE 40 West Weber Road From-Shaw High, East Cleveland, Ohio TofOhio State Girl Reserves-3, Betty Lamp Club-3, Les Enthousiastes Francaisf3, "You Can't Take It With You," Property Crew-3. JOHN RALPH MCCOMBS 2409 Indianola Avenue From-Indianola TofOhio State MARJORIE JEAN MCCLURE 348 East Fifteenth Avenue From-lndianola To-Western College Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Chairman-3, Of- fice Statt-3, Girl Reservesfl, Library Statt-2, 3, Der Deutsche Verein-I, 2, 3, Production Crew-"Yankee King"-Ass,istH ant Director, "You Can't Take It With You," Senior Choir-3, District Contest, State Contest, Senior Girls' Glee Clubfl, 2, 3, Girls' and Boys' Ensemble Accom- panist-I, Girls' Intramurals, Speedballe I, 25 Basketball-I, 2, 3, Volleyball'-I, Baseball-I, International Correspondence 2. MELVIN LINN MacKENZIE I65 East Lakeview From-Sterling To Illinois University. TWILA MARGUERITE MARTIN JEAN BRIGEL MCGUIRE 256 Chittenden Avenue From-lndianola Senior Choir-2, 3, Senior Girls' Glee Club-3, Girls' Ensemble-3, District and State Contests-3. 2349 Hiawatha Park Drive From-McKinley ToYOhio State 35 BARBARA JANE McINTYRE IS4 West Norfn Broadway Horn-Cresfview To-Ohio Sfare Honor Sludy-I, 2, 35 Girl Reserves-I, 2g Press Club-35 Mariqale Arr Club-2g Yosian Club-31 Tickel Cornmillee-3, "You Can'I Take IH Willw You," DONALD HOWARD MCLEOD 388 Sevenleenrh Avenue I-rornelndianola To-Ohio Siaie lnnrargrurals, Baseball-I, 2, 33 Baskerball f , , 3. BETTY JANE MCQUISTON I43 Easi Schreyer Place Frorn-Cresfview To-Ohio, Siale Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 35 Belly Lamp Club -I, 2, 3: Sryle Showfl, 3g Nalional Honor Sociely-37 Los Gesferos-3. ANNE ADAMS MEAD I550 Neil Avenue Prom-Indianola To-Denison Honor Siudy--2, 3: Office SIaf'ff3j Los Gesferos-I, 21 Usher-3, 'IYou Can'I Take II Wifh You"g Senior Choir-2, 31 Senior Girls' Glee Club-2, 31 Junior Choir-Ig Junior Girls' Glee Clubelq Dis- Iricf and Siaie Music Conlesl-Zg infra! rgiunalsi, Baskeiball-Ig Volleyball-Ig Base- a IRMA JEAN MCMILLEN 2934 Indianola I-rom-Cresfview To-Ohio Siafe Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3g Ivlessengerj Girl Reserves-I, 2, 33 Reel Camera C'ub-I, 2, 33 Secrefary-33 Nous Aulres-2, 35 G. A. A.-37 Junior Girls' Glee Club- Ig-Iniramurals,SpeedbalI-I,2gCl1arnpion- ship-Zg Baskeiball-2: Volleyball-Ig Base- ball-Ig Nafional Honor Sociely-3. VIRGINIA MARIE MOLLARD I954 Norfh Hiqli Srreei From-lndianola To-Office Training Honor Sfudy-31 Infrarnurals, Baskeiball -3g Volleyball-Ig Baseball-2. JANE ANNE MOELLER MELBA MARY MILLER I04 tasf Oakland Avenue I-rom-Indianola To-Ohio Sfaie Senior Girls' Glee Club-3 Junior Choir -2g Junior Girls' Glee Club-Ig Infra- murals, Basketball-I, 23 Baseball-I3 Dis- 2I57 Cleveland Avenue Frorn+McKinley Honor Sfudy-2, 33 Girl Reserves-I, 35 Press Club-3g Les Enfhousiasies Francais -21 Los Gesferos-2g Hobby Show-Ig Siyle Show-Ig Inrernarional Correspond- ence-2, 3. 'rricf and Stale Music Comes?-3. BEATRICE MARGARET MERRICK 944 Wefrnore Road FrorneCresTview To-Buckeye Siafe Business College Honor Study-I, 23 Inframurals, Speeclball -Ig Volleyball-Ig Baseball-I. HELEN JUANITA MEEKS 2603 lndianola Avenue From-Cresiview JANE ANNE MONTGOMERY I89 King Avenue MARY KATHERINE MONNETT Frorn-Imrnaculale High School, Leaven- I575 Republic Avenue worfli. Kansas Frorn-McKinley TOfOI1iO SIGIS To-Columbia Universify Honor Sludy-35 Siamp Club-I3 Makeup Honor Slucly-I, 2, 3. Crew-3, "You Can'I Take II Wilh Young Nafgonal Honor Soiceiy-3g "Our Town" 36 JEAN ELEANOR MOCK I42S Gennessee Avenue From-McKinley lofWhealon College MARIE MILLER 2854 Finley Avenue From-Cresfview To-Buckeye Sfale Business College Honor Sfuoy-I, 2, 33 lnlramurals, Speede ballfl, 23 Baskelball-I, 23 Volleyball- I3 Baseball-I, 2. DOROTHY LUCILLE MCVITTY 3l9 Chillenden Avenue FromAMI. Blanchard High School lo-Ohio Slale Makeup CrewA3, "You Can'l Take ll Wilh You"3 Orcheslra-33 Senior Choir- 33 Senior Girls' Glee Club, Presidenl-33 Girls' Ensembles-33 Mi-ed Vocal Ensemble 3 Clefi Club-33 Disiricl and Slale Vocal Ensemble Comes?-33 Dislricl and Slaie Solo Coniesl-2, 3. LAVEDA OPAL MOCK 377 Chalharn Road From-Creslview To-Buckeye Business College Honor Sludy-33 Belly Lamp Club-I, 2, 3, RICHARD CAMPBELL MINOR I30 Olenlanqy Slreel I-rom-Cresiview To-Ohio Slale Sludenl' Council-2, 3, President-33 Honor Study-I, 2, 33 Office Slant-33 Hi- Y-I, 2, 33 Publicily Crew-33 Ver ilian Club-2, 33 Boys' Glee Club-I, 23 greas- urerf23 Delaale Teams-f2, 33 Dislricl and Cily Championship-2, 33 Slale Charn- pionshipf33 Nalional Forensic League- 33 Charfer Mernber423 Gavel Club-2, 33 JournalisIf2, 33 lnlernalional Rela- Tions-33 lnlernalional Correspondenl Chairman-33 Toasfmasfers-2, 33 Nafional Honor Sociely-33 Rolary Luncheon-3. RAY EDWARD MILLER JOE A. MONNETTE IOIZ Lenore Avenue I-rom-McKinley TofOhio Slale Memory Book Slaiifiij "Golden Trail" -23 HIYY-I3 Press CluIof33 Honor Sludy 2, 33 lnlrarnurals-I, 33 Foofbail Squad- I, 23 Senior Choir-33 Junior Choir-23 "Golden Trail"-2. IRMA CORRICE MILLS 2466 Medary Avenue Prom-lndianola To-Business College Honor Siudyf3. 2I34 lndianola Avenue Frornflndianola To-Michigan Sfale Baseball lnlrarnurals-I. MARY ERNESTINE MOORE 200 Easf Pacemonf Road From-Creslview To-Ohio Siale Girl Reserves-I, 23 Belly Lamp Club-2. 37 MARJORIE ANNE MCKINNON 324 Olenlangy From-lndianola To-Office Training School Honor Sludy-2, 33 Nous Auires-2, 3' Junior Girls' Glee Clubfl, 2, 33 lnfrai murals, Speedball-I3 Baskelball-I, 23 Class Team-23 BasebalIfl3 Nalional Honor Soicely-3. EDWIN S. MERRITT 433 Easl Oakland Avenue I-rom-lndianola Toeluenninqlon Prep School Memory Book Sian-33 Polaris Srafi-33 Press Club-33 lnlrarnural Orlicais-33 Varsily "N" AssociaTionf2, 33 Baskelball Squad-I, 2, 33 CapIaine33 Baseball Squadvl, 2, 3 Rolary Luncheon-3. RACHEL CAROLINE MECKSTROTH I46 Glencoe Road I-rom-Cresrview To-Ohio Slale Sludenl Council-33 Honor Study-l, 2, 31 Girl Reserves-I3 Les Enlhousiasles Fran- cais-33 Nous Aulres-2: Ve'qi'ian Cub-- 2, 33 Der Deulsche Verein-2, 33 G, A, A. +23 33 Vice-Presidonl-33 'nl rf D ' Speedloallfl, 2, 33 Baskelball-I, 2, 33 Volleyball-I, 2, 33 Baseball-I, 2, 33 Class Teamsfl, 2, 33 lnlernalional Corresoond- ence-3. LORENTZ EDWARD MYERS 2586 Daylon Avenue Horn-lndlanola Drafting Honor Servicefl, 2, 3. ROBERT KEITH MURRAY 495 Tiber Road From-Cresfview Toilvlanchesler Colle e, Indiana Honor Sludy-2, 31 ghairrnan-2, 3, Les Enrhousiasies Francais-3, Sergeanhal- Arms: Assistanf Director-3, "Yankee King," Cas?-3, "You Can? Take ll Wilh You," Cas?-3, "House of Greedg" Basket ball Squad ManagerAIg Head Manager -23 Statistician-3, Cafeleria Cashier-37 Sivle show-3, Naiional Honor Sociely- 31 Rofary Luncheon-3, "Our Town"--3. WILLIAM OWEN IO7 Brevoorl Road From-Cresiview To-Onio Siaie. 38 HILDAMAE NICKLAUS 42 Wes? Norlh Broadway Frorn-Cresrview To-Ohio Slale Honor Srudy-I, g ' eserves-I, 2 Girl R 2, 31 Mariqale Ari ClubA2, 3, Der Deuiscne Verein-2, 3. JACK LEE NELSON I424 Oxford Sr. FrornfMcKinley TovOnio Sfale Honor Sfudy-2, 3, lnlrarnurals, Baseball- 2, 3, Baske1IoaIlf3, JACK ARNOLD NOL 59 Garden Road From-Creslview Toflflrincefon. Foofball Squad-3. AN JUNE BERNICE NORTON l558 Easl Blake Av From-McKinley SUUC To-Whealon College Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 31 Los Geslero s-2 ' Senior Choir-2, 31 Senior Girls' Glee Clubv2, 3, Junior lnfernalional Corre Girls' Glee Club-l spondence-AI, 2. HAROLD JOHN NASH 48 Easf Pafferson Avenue FromfCresfview To-Ohio Slale Polaris Slaff-3, Messenger, Honor Sludy -2, 3, Hi-Y-I, 2, Drailing Honor Service -l, 2, 3, Track Squad-I, 2 Dance Band -I, 2, 3. VEDA MAY OSBORN 379 Kelso Road From-Creslview To-Ohio Siale Honor Sfudy-3, M ariagle Ari Clubf2, 3. MARTHA JEAN MOORE I509 Hunrer Avenue From-Delaware Willis To-Marysville, Tennessee Honor Sfudy-3, Girl Reserves-3, Usher. "Yankee King"-3, Publiciiy, "You Can'f Take ll Wilh You," Bandf3g Flule Quar- lef-3, Clell Club-3q Dislric? and Slale Conlesfs-3, JACK NOIE I964 Aberdeen Avenue Frorn-McKinley To-Ohio Siafe Intramurals-I, 2, Senior Choir--2, Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 3. ROBERT JOSEPH O'NEIL 2674 Adams Avenue Frorn-Creslview TofOhio Sfafe NAOMI LUCILLE NELSON 75 Orchard Lane r-rorn-Crestview To-Ohio State Student Council-3, Honor Study-I, 2, 31 Ottice Staf'lf3g Yosian Club-33 Ornith- ology ClubA2, 33 Stamp Club-I ,2g Los Gesteros-lg Property Crew-3, "Yankee Kingf' Publicity Crew-3g "You Can't Take It With Youg" G. A. A.-2, 3, Intra- murals, SpeedbalIAI, 2, 3, Class Teame I, 2, 31 Basketballfl, 2, 3g Class Team! I, Volleyball-I, Class Team-I, 2, Base- ball-l, 2 Class Team-2, International Correspondence-I, 2, 3. CONSTANCE IRENE OARE 86 West Fitth Avenue Promfliverett To-Ohio State. Honor Study-I, 2, 33 Secretary-2, 35 Los Gesteros-2, Orchestra-I. GERALDINE MORRIS 9070 Sunbury Road From-Everett Junior High To-Otterbein Polaris Statt, Home Room Representative -31 Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Assistant Secre- tary-3g Girl Reserves-I, 2, 33 Mariqale Art Clubvl, 2, 3, Betty Lamp Club-I, 2, 31 Property Crew-3, "Yankee King," Property Crew-3, "You Can't Take It With You," Toastmistress Club-2, 33 Membership Chairman-33 Intramurals, Basketballflj Volleyball--I, 2, Interna- tional Correspondence-I, 2, 33 Sergeant- at-Arrns-I, 2. ROBERT SHERON NETTLESHIP 24 Kelso Road From-West High To-Ohio State. ROBERT LOUIS MORRIS I498 Duxberry Avenue From-Aquinas To-Ohio State Honor Study-I, 2, 3, lntrarnurals, Basket- ball-I, 2, 31 Senior Choir-3. JAMES HENRY NAU 278 Northridge From-Roosevelt To-Ohio State Ttogor Study-2, 35 Hi-Y-I, 2, 3, Band- , ,3. MARY ELLEN OTT I69 Walhalla Drive From-Crestview To-Ohio State Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Secretary-3, Vice- Secretary43j Girl Reserves-2, 3, Secre- tary-3g Book Club-3, Treasurer-33 Mari- qale Art Club-23 Betty Lamp Clubf2, 3, Vice-President-33 Les Enthousiastes Francaisf2, 3, Secretary-33 Nous Autres- 2, 3, Secretary-33 Usher-3, "Yankee King", Usher-3, "You Can't Take It With You"g "The Golden Trail"-2, Cast-3, Radio Contest Play, Cast-3, "A Christmas Awakeningup National Honor Society-35 "Our Town"-3, International Correspond- ence-2. RIJTH MORGAN 50 West Lane Avenue Frorn-lndianola To-Ohio State Honor Studyfl, Z, 3, Secretary-23 Yosian Clubv2, 3, Vice--President-31 Ornithology Club-2, Les Enthousiastes Francais-33 Makeup Crew-3, "You Can't Take It With You"q Senior Choirf3g Senior Girls' Glee Club-2, 3, Junior Girls' Glee Club -lg Girls' Ensemble-3, "The Golden Trail"e2g Mixed Ensemble-3, State Music ContestA3g Botany Assistant-3g Intramurals, Speedball--I, 25 Basketball- I, 2, 33 Volleyball-I, Baseball-I, BETTY JANE MUELLER I95 Sixteenth Avenue From-University School To-Mount Holyoke College Honor Study-3, Girl Reserves-33 Les Enthousiastes Francais-3. NAN ELISE OFFENBURGER 98 West Eighth Avenue I-rorn-Everett TofOhio State Memory Book Statt-3, Assistant Editor- 2g Po aris Statt Home Room Representa- tiveA3g Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Chairman -3, Girl Reservesf2, 3, Library Statt-33 Press Club-33 Betty Lamp Club-I, 2, 3, Sergeant-at-Arms-2, President-33 Les En- thousiastes Francais-2, 35 Nous Autres-37 Senior Girls' Glee Clubf3g District Con- test-3g Junior Girls' Glee Clubflj Usher-2, "The Golden Trail", National Honor Society-3. ROBERT MORGAN 50 West Lane Avenue Frorn-lndianola To-American Institution of Banking Honor Study-2, 3, Chairman-2, Orni- thology Club-2, 3, Orchestra-I. DONALD MILLER MYERS 45 West Dominion Boulevard From-Roxboro Jr, High, Cleveland Heights, Ohio To-Ohio State Intramurals-I, 2, 33 Otficialf3g Basket- ball Squadf2g Baseball Squad-3. 39 C. ALFRED POLLOCK 255 Kelso Road I-rorniUniversiTy High To-Ohio Slate DOROTHY JEAN PARKS I3lO Forsyrhe Avenue Frorn-Everell TofOI'fice Training Polaris Slaii-3, Co-Edilor-in-Chielg Press Sludenl Councilf3I Honor Sludll-L 32 Club-33 Senior Choirfl 3g Secreiarv-3g lnlrarnurals, Baskeioallel, 21 Baseball- - Dislricl and orare Music ConIesis!2, 3g li Z- Rola rv Luncheonefl. PAUL E. POND 277 Kelso Road Frorn-Creslview To-Ohio Slafe. ROBERT BRUCE PERRY 2457 Indianola Avenue From-lnclianola To-Ohio Siafe Universify "Our Town"-3. ETHEL DOROTHY PETERSON 254 Olenlanqv Sfreel From-Creslview To-Ohio Stale Universilv Honor Sfudyfl, 2, 3, MessenqerA2, As- sisfanf Secrefary-31 Girl Roservesf2, 35 Belly Lamp Clubalg Les Enfhousiasles Francais-33 Ticker Cornmilfee-2, "The Apron Slrinq RevolI"g Properly Crew-3, "You Can'I Take If Wilh You"g Junior Choir-2, 33 Junior Girls' Glee Club-lg Hosfess of Sewing Classel, 3, Treasurer -3. BETTY JEANNE POWLESS I98 Easl Tompkins Sfreef From-Wes? High To-Office Training Nalional Honor Socieiy-3. DONNA BELLE PETERSON 277l Indianola Avenue -From-Charlesfon High School To-Lillian Johnsson School of Cosrnerology. Honor Sfudy-33 Girl Reserves-33 Press Club-31 Junior Girls' Glee Club-3: Prop- erly Crew of "Yankee King"-3. GERALDINE MARIE PECK 498 Easl Tulane Road FromvCresfview To--Office Training School Honor Sfudv-el, 2, 3. EUGENE MARION PIERCE 590 Melrose Avenue Frorn-Creslview TofOl'rio Sfafe 40 EVA LILLIAN PROMIN l85 Easl Weber Road FromfCresIview To-Ohio Sfafe Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 33 Los Gesieros-2, 33 Nafional Honor Sociely-3. PATRICIA VERN POWERS 79 East Eiqhlh Avenue From-Evereff To-School of Nursing Girl Reserves-2g Slamp ClUb+3: Junior Choir-2g Junior Girls' Glee Clubf2g ln, fernafional Correspondence!-3g Nalional Honor Sociefv-33 Rofarv Luncheon-3. MOZELLE KATHERINE PHILLIPS 2lOI Lisle Ro-ad From-Creslvrew To-Ohio Slale Honor Sludysl, 2, 3g Girl Reserves-I, 2, 3g Nous Aulres-2, 31 Plays-"You Can'I Take If Wiih You" Publicily and Ticker Commillees. MARY EVELYN PROMIN IBS East Weber Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State Polaris Statt, Exchange Manager-3, Honor Study-2, 3, Assistant Secretary-3, Press Club Secretary-3, Los Gesteros-2, 3, Polaris Home Room Representative-3. CARL DENVER PRICE, JR. 93 East Blake Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Dratting Honor Service-I, Z. CLARENCE MICHAEL PAULI, JR. I4l Olentangy Street From-St, Charles, Detroit, Micli. TofOhio State Intramurals, Baseball-2, 3, THELMA LOUISE POLING i772 Summit Street From-Crestview To-Ohio State V Honor Studyfl, 2, 3, Secretary--2, Girl Reservesfl, Senior Choirf3, Senior Girls' ClubA2, Junior Choirel, Intramurals! I, 2, 3, Basketball-I, 2, 3, Class Team- l, 2, Speeclball-I, 2, 3, Class Tearns- l, 2, 3, Voileyballfl, Class Team-2, Base- oallfl, 2, 3, Class Team-2, 3, Interna- tional Correspondencef3, District and State Music ContestsA2, 3. BEN LEFEVER PFEFFERLE I94 Winthrop Road From-Crestview Toe-Ohio State Student Court, Clerkf3, Honor Study- 2, 3, Vice Chairman-2, Chairmane-2, 3, Hi-YAI, 2, 3, City Hi-Y Council-Z, Pro- gram Committee-2, Vice Presidentvll, Book Club-2, 3, Vice Presidentf3, Intra- muralsfl, 3, Toastmasters Club-2, 3, Toastmaster-f3, International Relations! 2, 3, Treasurer-3. MELBA LUCILLE POLING l772 Summit Street From-Crestview To-Ohio State Student Councilf2, Honor Study-l, 2, 3, Secretary-3, Girl Reserves-I, G. A. A.e 2, 3, Senior Choir-3, Senior Girls' Glee Club-2, Junior Choir-I, Intramurals- I, 2, 3, Speedballfl, 2, 3, Class Teamf I, 2, 3, Basketball-I, 2, 3, Class Team- I, Volleyball-I, Class Teamf2, 3, Base- ball-I, 2, 3, Class Team-2, International Correspondencef3, Cheerleader-3, Dis- trict and State Music Contests-2, 3. DORIS ANN PISOR I34 Winthrop Road FromfCrestyiew To-Ohio State Memory Book Statt-3, Polaris StattA3, Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Girl Reserves-l, 2, Library Stat't43, Press Club-3, Ornithol- ogy Club-2, 3, Vice President-3, Reel Camera Club-3, Stamp Club-3, Les Enthousiastes Francais-2, 3, Production Crewf2, "That Ferguson Family", Prop- erty Crew-2, "Yankee King", Property Manager-2, "You Can't Take It With You", Girls' Athletic Association-2, 3, Intramurals, Speedlaall-2, 3, Class Team -3, Basketball-I, 2, 3, Volleyball-I, Class Team-I, 3, Baseballfl, 2, 3, Inter- national Correspondence-2, 3. RICHARD BYRON PONTIOUS JANET ANITA PENCE I78 Oakland Park Avenue From-Crestview To-Ohio State Honor Study-2, 3, Ottice Statt-3, Hi-Y fl, 2, Intramurals-I, 3. JOANNE LEE PETTIT 280 Torrence Road FromfCrestview To-Ohio State Polaris Statf-3, Student Council-3, Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Office Statt-3, Girl Re- serves-I, Book Cluloel, 2, 3, Press Club -3, Yosian Club-2, Les Enthousiastes Francais-2, Production Crewv2, "Apron String Revolt", Production Crew-2, "Goose Hangs High", Production Crew -3, "Yankee King," "You Can't Take It With You", G. A. A., Band-I, 2, 3, Or- chestra-I, Senior Choir-3, Treasurer-3, Senior Girls' Glee Club-2, Junior Choir --I, 2, Secretaryf2, Treasurer42, Accom- panist-I, Junior Girls' Glee Clubfl, Track Queen--2, Clet Club-3, Intramu- rals, Speedball-I, Basketball-2, 3, Vol- leyloallfl, 2, Baseball-I, 2, Class Teams -I, 2. WILLIAM RICHARD PRINCE I467 East Hudson Street FromfMcKinley To-Ohio State Honor Studyfl, 2, 3, Secretarye2, Mes- senger-3. DORATHE PAYNE I94 East Longview Avenue From Crestview To-Ohio State Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Secretary-2, Messen- ger43, Girl Reserves-I, 2, Library Statie 2, 3, Marigale Art Club-I, 2, Yosian Clubf2, Les Enthousiastes Francais-2: Nous Autres-2, Property Crew-2, "That Ferguson Family", Make-up Crew-3, "Yankee King", Make-up Crewv3, "You Can't Take It With You", Intramurals, Speedball-I, 2, Basketball-I, 2, Volley- balle-I, Baseball--I, Make-up Crewe3, "Our Town"-3. 41 3007 Neil Avenue From4West High TofMusic Course School Honor Study-3, National Honor Society -3. MARY JANE RHOADES 373 Northridge Road From-Crestview BETTY JEANE PURSLEY 390 East Oakland Avenue From-McKinley To-Bliss College Student Council-2, 33 Honor Studyf2, 3, Secretary-3, Office Staff-2, 33 Girl Re- serves-3, International Correspondence- 2, 3. MILDRED JEAN ROCKAFIELD 199 East Pacemont Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State Memory Book Stat"tf3, Activities Commit- tee-33 Honor Study-I, 2 ,3, Assistant Secretary-3, Girl Reserves-37 Press Club -3, Mariqale Art Club-I, 2, Chairman Program Committee-Ig Yosian Club-2, Betty Lamp Ciub-I, Les Entltousiastes Francais-2, 31 Program Committee-3, "You Can't Take It With You", Usher-2, "Golden Trail", Production Staff-2, "Apron String Revolt", Style Show-2, 3, International Correspondence-I, 2. RUTH EILEEN RIPLEY I98 Hudson Street FromgEverett TofBIiss College Memory Book Statt, Associate Editor-31 Student Council-2, 31 Honor Study-I, 2, 33 Press Club-3, Yosian Club-3: Stamp Club, Assistant Treasurer-35 Polaris Horne Room Representativev3g Production Crew -3, "You Can't Take It With You", Intra- murals, Basketballfl, Baseball-Ig Inter- national Correspondence-2, 31 National Honor Society-3. Tovohio Side CHARLES ROY REA Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Secretaryilg Ottice 2345 NQFILII FOTHII Slreel StaI'I-3, Mariqale Art Club-2, 3, "The Tl-Omdrn angie Golden TraiI"-2, Varsity "N" and G. A. O- 'IO 6 e A. RGVUSHZQ Assistant of Dancing Class 2, 3, Girl Reserves-3. CHARLES BLAINE ROSS I247 Eighteenth Avenue From-McKinley Press Club-3. KATHRYN LOUISE ROBINSON 358 Nineteenth Avenue Frorn-McKinley To-Bliss College 42 MARTHA RICHMOND I42 West Lakeview Avenue From-Chillicothe To-Ohio State h Honor SI'UdYf3: Girl Reserves-3, Yosian Clubffig Nous Autres-3g Property Crew 3, "You Can't Take It With You." HOWARD F. RINKER 38 East Twelfth Avenue From-Indianola To-Ohio State Student Council-33 Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Cl1airrnanf3, Office Staff-3, HIAY-I, 2, 3, Cast-3, "Yankee King", "You Canlt Take It With You"g Band-I, 2, 31 Boys' Glee Club-I, 2, District One Act Play Contest-33 Christmas Play-3, 'lA Christ- mas Story", Toastmasters Club-3, District Music Contest+3g All High Band-2, 3, Rotary Luncheon-3, "Our Town"-3. ROBERT WARD RANCK 234 Erie Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State Hi-Y-I, 2, 3, Band-I, 2, 3, Saxophone Ouartet, District State Meets-3, District Saxophone Solo Contest-I, 2, 3, State Sax- ophone Solo Contest-I, 2, 35 Dance Or- chestra-2, 3, Rotary Luncheon-3. CARL ALFRED RANDLES 2209 Lehner Road From-McKinley To-Ohio State Ornithology Club-3. JOSEPH ANTHONY RICCI 2444 Summit Street From-Aquinas To-California Flyers, Inc. Memory Book Staff-31 Honor Studyf3, Secretary-33 Press Club-35 Drafting Honor Service-2. JOSEPH WILLIAM RAY, JR. 310 Aclon Road FrornfCresIview To-Ohio Slale Student Courr, Jusfice-3, Honor Sludy- I, 2, 3, Chairman-2, 3, Der Deufsche Ver- ien-2, 3, Band-I, 2, 3, Treasurer-33 Brass Sender-3, All High Band-2, 3, Dis- fricf Music Conlesr-33 lnlernafional Re- lalions-3g Senior Class Serqeanlear-Arrns G33 Nalional Honor Sociely-v3g Rolary LuncheonA3, Tennis Tearn-3. LOUIS ROBERT REEDER I49O Neil Avenue From-Everell' TofOhio Slafe Honor Sludy-3, Track Squad-2, 3. JOHN WILLIAM ROBISON SI Kenworfh Road FrornfCresIview To4Duke Universily Honor Study-2, 3, Mariqale Ari Club-I, 2 3' Yosian Club-I 2 3' lnlramurals- I, 23' Varsity "N" AssociaIionA2, 3, Fool- ball Squad-I, 3, Track Squad4I, 2, 3. NELLIE JAYNE RHOADS 2402 Cleveland Avenue From-McKinley To-Delroif Denial School Memory Book Slaif-Z, 31 Polaris Slarli ,2 3, Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Office SraH- 3g Girl Reserves-I, Marigale Ari Club- I, 2, Usher-3, "You Can'f Take Il With You." ELLEN JEAN RHOADES I76 Kelso Road From-Creslview To-Ohio Sfafe Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Messengerel, Chair' man-35 Girl Reserves-I, 2, Library Slall -3, Marigale Art Club-3, Yosian-3, Reel Camera Club--3, Prompfer-3, "Yan- kee King", Slate Conlesf Play Assislanr Direclorg Producfion Crew-3, "Goose Hangs High", Produclion Crew-2, "Apron Slring RevoII"g Producrion Crew -I, "Tiger House", Produclion Crewf2, "The Golden Trail", Makeup Crewf3, "You Can? Take If Wifh You", Spanish Club-33 Disfricl Music Conlesl'-3, Sen- ior Choir-3, Junior Choir-I, 2, Junior Girls' Glee Club-I, 2. VIRGINIA LEE RINESMITH IO7 Bri hfon Road From-Cresfview To-Ohio Sfafe Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 3, Vice-Chairman-3, Messenger-2, Belly Lamp Club-3, Ticker Comrnillee-3, "Yankee Kinqug Tickel Commillee-3, 'You Can'l' Take ll Wifh You", Junior Girls' Glee Club-2, Infra- murals, Speedball-I, Volleyball-I, Chair- man Ticker Crew, "Our Town"f3g Junior Choir-I, 2, Baseball-I, Baskelloallfl. MARY EVANGELINE ROBBINS 754 Hudson Slreef From-McKinley To-Ohio Slale Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3. NOVADALE ROSE I7B Como Avenue From-Garfield Heighfs TovBusfin Beauly Cullure School Polaris Slafi, Exchange-33 Honor Sludy- I, 2, 3, Press Club-3, Yosian Club-3, Junior Choirfl, 23 Junior Girls Glee Club -I, 23 lnlramurals, Baskelball-I, 2, Vol- leyball-I. BILL ARTHUR RICHARDS 4755 Olenfanqy Boulevard Frorn-Creslview To Ohio Sfale Sludenl Council, Chairman of Corridors Comrnillee-3, Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3, Mes- senger-2, ChairmanY3, Office Sfaff-3, Hi-YAI, 2, 3, Inlramurals-Ig Varsily "N" Associalion-3, Track Squad-I, 2, 3, Toaslrnaslers-2, 3, lnlernalional Rela- tions-3. FRANCES HAYES ROSS 422 Lane Avenue Frornflndianda To-Ohio Slale Press Clubf3, Junior Girls' Glee Clubfl. WILLIAM B. ROSE 2269 Indianola Avenue From-Hunlinglon High To-Rulgers Memory Book Slaif-33 Inlramurals-2, 33 Varsity "N" Associalionv2, 3, Swimming Tearnf2, 3. WILLIAM RADEBAUGH 54 Wes? Tompkins Slreel From-Indianola To-Office Training 43 BARBARA ANN SCHNEIDER GERALDINE FLORENCE SCHNEIDER 2l96 Indiana Avenue Fromilndianola To-Ohio Slale Honor Slucly-3. CYNTHIA LOIS ROUDEBUSH 53 Wesf Cooke Roacl From-Cresfview To-Ohio Slale Sludenl Council-2, Honor Sociely-33 Honor Slucly-I, Z 33 Office Staff-25 Girl Reserves-I 2 33 Les Enlhousiasles Fran- cais-I, 2, 3, Presidenl-33 Band-3, Orch- eslra-I, 2, 3, Vice-Presidenl-2, Concerl- r'nasleri2 33 lnslrumenfal Ensembles Dis- lricl-l, 2, 3, Slale-I, 2, 3, Nafional -2, Operella "Marriage of Nannelle", "The Golden Trail", Clef Club-2, 3, Presidenl-2, lnlernalional Relalions-31 Slrinq Sexlel-lg Srrinq Ouinfel'-lg Violin Quarlel+2q Slrinq Ouarl'elf2j Slrinq Trio f3q Rolary Luncheon-3, National Honor Sociely 3, Baskelball-2. 63 Wesl' Oakland Avenue From-lndianola To-Columbus Arr School Memory Book Slarl--3, Polaris SlaI'lf3q Honor Sociely-3, Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3' Girl Reserves-lg Press Clubf3q Mariqa Arr Clubil, 23 Yosian Club-2, 33 Polaris Home Room Represenlarivef3, National Honor Sociely-3. 'S BETTY ANN SCOVEL l094 Norlh High Slreel Frome-Everell To-Ohio Slale Girl Reserves-I, 23 Yosian ClubAlg'Belly Lamp Club-I, 2, Sfyle Show-33 lnlra- murals, Speedball-I, 2, Baskelball-I, 2, Baseball-I, 2. DORIS REBECCA RUSSELL ILA REE RUSSELL I9 Wesl Lane Avenue From-Inclianola To-Ohio Slale Honor Sludy-2, 33 Office Slall-3, Junior Choir-lj Junior Girls' Glee Club-2, 3. l2l0 Cleveland Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio Slale Honor Sludy-2, 3, Secrelary-2, Girl Ref serves-33 Press Club-33 Yosian Club- 2, 35 Belly Lamp Clubf3. PAU L LAWRENCE RYAN 584 Midgard Road From-Creslview To-Ohio Sfafe Honor Sludyi2, 3, Chairman-3: Marigale Arl Club-3, Reel Camera Clubi3g Draft ing Honor-I, 2, lnlernalional Correspond- ence-2, 3. CARL RICHARD SCHANTZ 63 Como Avenue From-Mariella To-Ohio Slale Honor Sludy-2, 3, lnlramuraIsf2, 3, Na- lional Honor Soicefy-3. WILLIAM HARMON SCHELLENGER 62 Easl' Frambes Avenue Fromilndianola To-Ohio Slale Mariqale Arr Club-I, 2, 3. 44 MARJORIE CAROLYN SAUNER 64 Easf Fourfeenfh Avenue From-Creslview To-Ohio Wesleyan Class Officer-3, Secrelaryg Memory Book SlaI'If3, Co-Edilor-3g Sludenf Council-3, Chairman Service Cornrnillee-3, Honor Sociely-33 Honor Sluoly-I, 2, 3, Office Slalif-3, Girl Reserves-I, 2, Press Club -3, Marigale Arr Club-I, 25 Les En- Ihousiasles Francais-Z, 3, "Life of Horace Mann"-lg Chairman of Posler Com- miflee-2, "Goose Hangs High"7 Senior Choir-3, Senior Girls Glee Club-2, "The Golden TraiI"fZg Prompler-33 "The Yan- kee Kinq"g Properly Crewf2, "Apron Sfring Revoll"g Gavel Club-2, 3, Secre- lary-2, 31 Debale Teams-2, 3, Cily and Dislricl Championsf2, Cily and Slale Champion-33 Nalional Forensic League- 2, 3, Degree of Excellence-3, Secrelary --3, Slafe Exfemporaneous Speakinq Con- lesl, Dislricl Winner-35 Dislricl and Slale Music Conlesl'-2, 35 lnlernalional Rela- rions-3j Carloon CluloA3g Nalional Honor Socielyflig Rolary Luncheon-3. ROBERT GWILYM SAVAGE 94 Chillenden Avenue From-Indianola To-Ohio Srale Hi-Y-I, 2, 3. STERLING ROBERT SHAW 29 Winlhrop Road From-Creslview To-Ohio Slale Polaris Slaff-3, Circulalionq Honor Sludy -2, 3, HIAY-Z, 35 Press Club-33 Mari- qale Arl Club-3, Reel Camera Club42, 33 Makeup Crew-3, "You Can'l Take ll Wilh You." GEORGE HERBERT SELBY 369 Brevoorf Road From-Creslview To-Ohio Sfafe Srudenf Courl-3, Bailiffg Honor Sludv-I 2, 3, Chairrnanf2, 3q Hi-Y-I, 2, 3, Serv- ice Chairrnan-2, Program Chairman-3 Band-I, 2, 3, lnlernalional Correspond ence-2, Infernalional Relalions-3. E. LEONE SELLERS 2259 Jefferson Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio Srafe. BETTY ROSE SEAL 309 Eas? Dunedin Road From-lndianola To-Office Training School Honor Sludy-I, 23 lnlramurals, Baskel- ball-I 2 Speedball-I, 2, Volleyball-I G. A. IA.LVarsi'ry "N", "Floor Show"f2i Baseball-I. ALMA BLANCHE SCHNEIDER WANDA MARGARET SCHNEIDER 322 Wesl Fiiih Avenue From-Everefl To-Ohio Slafe Sludenr Councilf2, 31 Honor Sociely-3g 322 Wes? Fiilh Avenue From-Everelf To-Capilal Universily Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3, Officer-I, 2, Girl Rolary Luncheon-3g Honor Sludy-2, 3: Reserves-I, 2, 32 Yosian Club-2, 3q Sen- Orfice S+aHA2, 3, Yosian Club-35 Der Deufsche Verein-3. ion Girls' Glee Club-2, 35 Junior Choir A , 2. MARY ELIZABETH ROTHGEB ROY EMERSON SCHNEIDER l383 Easf Hudson Sfreel FrornfMcKinley To-Ohio Sfare Sludenf Council-31 Honor Socielvf3g Der Deulsche Vereinf3j lnlernalional Corre- spondence-3g Nalional Honor Soicely-3. IB4 Easl Longview Avenue From-Creslview To-Ohio Sfale Honor Sfudy-33 Hi-Yf2g lnlernalional Correspondence-3. DOROTHY LUCILLE RUPP GEORGE MICHAEL SCHWARTZ 62 Wes? Beechwold Boulevard Frorn-Creslview TofOhio Slale Honor Sfudy-I, 2, SecreIaryf2, Chair- man-2g Girl Reserves-f2, 3g Marlgale Arr Club-2, 3g Yosian Club-I, 21 Produclion Crew, "Yankee King", Producfionk Crew, "Goose Hangs High 'g Dislricf Music Con- Ieslg Senior Girls' Glee CIUIJG3, Secre- Tary-3g Junior Choir-27 Junior Girls' Glee Club-Ig Speedball-l, Volleyball-I. VIRGINIA ANN ROSS 2625 Hiawafha Avenue From-McKinley To-Office Training. MARY LOUISE SCHULTZ 3I0 Olenlangy Slreel From-Creslview To-Ohio Slale Polaris Slaff-3, News CorrespondenIf3, Home Room Represenlalive-3, Sludenl Council-3g Honor Sludvll, 2, 3, Secre- faryf3g Girl Reserves-2g Press Club-31 Yosian Club-2, 3, Secrelarv, Treasurer- 2, 3g Los Gesleros-2, 3, Presidenl-35 Properly Crew-2, "Apron Slring RevolI", Ticker Cornrniffee-3, "The Yankee King"g Ticker Cornrniffee-3, "You Can'f Take II Wilh You", Sfvle Show-I, 21 Nalional Honor Sociely-3, DORIS LOUISE SCHENK 250 Monlrose Way From-Creslview To-Ohio Sfale Honor Sfudy-2, 3, Secrelarv-2, Girl Re- serves-l, 23 Library Staff-3, Secretary-3, Book Club-33 Yosian Club-3g Los Ges- Ieros-2, 31 Makeup Crew-3, "Yankee Kinq"g Ticker Cornmiilee-3, "You Can'I Take If Wilh You"g Volleyball Inlra- gmurals--lg lnfernalional Correspondence- 45 I55 Torrence Road From-Creslview To-fDenison MACDONALD SPEER, JR. 266 Kenworfh Road From-Creslview To-Ohio Slale Class Officer, Treasurer, Sfudenl Council -2, Band-I, 2, 3g Toaslmasler-3, Chair- man, Honor Sludy-3. NORMAN DALE SILVER 72 Norfhridqe Road From-Creslview To-Norlhweslern Universily Hi-Y-I, 2, 3, Reel Camera Clubi3. CHARLES GORDON SLIFE 2395 lndianola Avenue From-Cresfview To-Ohio Slale Hi-Y-I, 2, 3, Infernalional Correspond- ence-2, 46 , FRANK L. SMITH I954 Minnesola Avenue From-McKinley Press Club-3. FRED DONALD SHIPLEY I442 Worlhinqlon Slreel From-Everell' To-Parks Aeronaulical School Infrarnurals, Baskelball-I, 2, 3, Baseball -I, 2. DORIS ALICE SHOOK I54 Kelso Road From-Creslview To-Ohio Sfale Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3, Vice-Chairman-3, Girl Reserves-I, 2, Library Sfalf-3, Mari- Qale Arr Club-3, Yosian Club-3, Reel Camera Club-3, Vergillian CIubf3g Pro- duclion Crew-2, "The Goose Hangs Hiqh"g Produclion Crew-2, "Apron Slring Revoir", Junior Choir, Treasurer-3, "The Golden Trail"-2, Library Sfalf-3, Pro- duclion Crew-2, "Tiger House", Produc- rion Crew-3, "You Can'l Take If Wilh You"g Inlernalional Correspondence-2, 3, Vice-Presidenl-21 "Our Town"-3. -3. DAN WILLIAMS SIMS 39I7 Olenlangy River Road Frorn-Creslview To-Ohio Slale Sludenf Council-2, Sfudenf Courl-3, Verqilian Club-Z, Sergeanl-af-Arms-3, Inlramurals-I, 2, 3, Varsify "N" Associa- Tion-I, 2, 31 Foolloall Squad-I, 2, 3, Manager-3, Tennis Teamel, 2, 3, Man- ager-Ig Varsify Squadf2, Caplain-3, Boys' Glee Club-I, Nafional Honor So- ciefy-3. ROBERT PAUL SLATTER 58 Garden Road From-Creslview To4Miami College Inlramuralsv2, 3, Varsily "N" Associalion 3, Foorball Squad-2, 3, Baskelball Squad 2, Track Squad-I. NORMA LEE SLUPE 3695 Norlh High Sfreef From-Creslview To-Ohio Slale Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3, Chairman-2, Vice- Chairrnan-2, Girl Reserves-I, 2, 3, Serv- ice Cornmillee-3, Book Club-I, 2, 3, Press Clubv3g Yosian Club-2, Les En- lhousiasfes Francais-2, 33 Nous Au+res- 2, 3, Produclion Crew-3, "You Can'f Take Il' Wilh You", Senior Choir-2, Junior Girls' Glee Club-2, "The Golden Trail", Inrrarnurals, Speedball-I, Baskelball-I, 2, Volleyball-Ig Inlernalional Correspond- ence-2g "Yankee King," Produclion Crew -3. JEANNE ELINOR SHER 259 Easl Twelflh Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio Srale Universify Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3, Girl Reserves-31 Reel Camera Clubf37 Senior Girls' Glee Clulo-2, 35 Junior Choir-Ig Junior Girls' Glee Club-Ig Nalional Honor Sociefy-3. DWIGHT EMERSON SHINGLEDECKER 204 Easl Pallerson Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio Slale Baskefball Inlramural-I, 2g Varsily "N" Associafion-3, Foolball Squad Manager -Y2, 3, Baskefball Squad Manager-Ig Tennis Team Manager-2. DOROTHY JANE SPENCER 59 Wes? Hudson Slreel FromwCresIview To-Office Training ELEANOR LUCY SMITH 37 Lakeview Avenue From-Creslview To-Ohio Slale Memory Book Slaff, Aclivifiese3, Polaris Sfaff, Adverlising, Home Room Represen- fafive-3, Honor Siudy-2, 3, Girl Reserves f3, Press Club-3, Los Gesleros-2, 3, Publicily Crew-2, "Yankee King". JANE EILEEN SMITH 35 Easl Dunedin Road From-Creslview To-Ohio Slale Honor Sfudy-l, 2, 3, Girl Reserves-I, 2, Los Gesferos-2, 3, Usher-2, "Apron Sfrinq Revoir", Volleybaii Inf arnuiai-I, lnlernafional Correspondence-I, 2, 3. VIRGINIA RUTH SMITH 2658 Findlay Avenue From-Creslview To-School of Occupaiional Therapy Honor Sludy-l, 2, 3, Publicity Crew, Tickers, "You Can? Take If Wilh You", Senior Girls' Glee Club-3, Disrricl Con- losl-3, Junior Girls' Glee Club-I, 2, ln- fernafional Correspondencefl ROSS SMILEY, JR. 47 Easl Maynard From-lndianola JAMES MARVIN SMITH 225 Chalham Road From-Creslview To-Ohio Slale Sludenl Council-3, Honor Sludy-l, 2, 3, Book Club-2, 3, Casl-3, "You Can'l Take If Wilh You", Producfion Crew-2, "Apron Slrinq Revoll", Varsily "N" Asa sociarion-2, 3, Secretary-3, Baskeiball Squad Manaqerfl, Track Squad-l, 2, 3, Manager, Toaslrnasler Club-l, 2, 3, Treas- urerh3, "Our Town"-3. ROBERT ERNEST SMITH 98 Eiqhleenlh Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio Slate Memory Book Sfaff-3, Slamp Club-l, 2, Der Deulsche Vereiri-I, 2, Producfion Crew -2, "The Yankee King", Produclion Crew -3, "Goose Hangs High", Makeup Crew -3, "You Can'l Take ll Wilh You", "Our Town"-3, Varsily "N" Association. ANNABELLE EVELYN SHEETS IBS Arcadia Avenue FromiCreslview To-Ohio Slale Memory Book Slalf-3, Girl Reserves-2, 3, Honor Sludy-2, 3, Assislanl Secrefary-2, Press Club-3, Mariqale Arr Club-2, 3, Yosian Club-3, Les Enfhousiasles Fran- cais-3, Junior Girls Glee Club-2, G. A. A. Floor Show-2, Polaris Collector-3, wakeup Crew, "You Canll' Take ll' Wifh ou"-3, ETHEL JO SOUDERS 50 Vfesf Lakeview Avenue From-Creslview To-Ohio Slale Sludenf Council-2, Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3, Officer-2, Marigale Arr Club-2, G. A. A.-2, 3, lnlernalional Correspondence-3, Speedball lnfrarnurals-I, 2, 3, Class Teams -I, 2, Champs-f3, Baskefball Intramurals -I, 2, Champs-3, Class Teams-I, 2, 3, Volleyball lnfrarnurals-I, Class Teams- I, 2, 3, Baseball Infrarnuralsfl, 2, 3, Charnos-2, Class Teams-2, 3. JAMES B. SHIRCLIFFE I4I Easl Twelflh Avenue From-Aquinas To-Ohio Slale Memory Book Slaif-3, Senior Acfivilies- 3, Polaris S'rah'A3, Sporls ReporlerA3, Hi! Y-2, 3, Press Club-3, Stamp Club-2, Los GesferosA3, Polaris Home Room Represenlalive-3, LOIS MAE SMITH 245 Orchard Lane From-Creslview To-Ohio Slale MARY JANE SHUMAKER l462 Kohr Place From-Barrel? TofFrariklin Universily. THELMA ROSE SPENCER 2476 Medary Avenue From-Springfield, Ohio ROBERT PATRICK SPICER ROSEMARY G. SWICKARD 253 Clinlon Sfreel A 72 KING AVe'We From-Henry Clay High, Lexlngion, Ky. FFOVYW-EVSVSII To-Ohio Slale To-Ohio Slale A I I Radio Play-3, Slale Conlesl-3, Track Los GesTerosf3, Senior Choirj2, Senior Squad-2,31 Cross Counffy Squad-3, Girls' Glee Club-23 Junior Choir-I, Jun- BASIL SMITH STAFFORD 299 Wesl Sixih Avenue From-Everelr To-Ohio Slaie Honor Sludv-2, 3, Track Squad -lg Cross CounIryA3. RAYMOND WILLIAM STARKLOFF 30 Easl Elevenlh Avenue Frornflndianola ToAOhio Slare Universily Band ior Girls' Glee Club-I. DORIS JEAN STALEY 2067 Sullivan? Avenue Frorn-Wes? Junior High To-Ohio Slale Honor Sludv-2, 3, lnlernalional Corre- spondence-2, DOROTHY MARIE STIMPLE 2576 Sunrirnif Sfreel' Frorn-Cresrview To-Ohio Sfale Polaris Slafi-3, Associale Edilor-3, Slu- elenl Council-2g Sludenl Courl-3, Bailiii -3, Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 3, Office Slant- 2g Girl Reserves-I, 2, 3, Press Clubf3, Marigale Arl Club-l, 2, Yosian Club-3, Nous Aulres-2, 3, Vice'PresidenI-33 Pro- duclion Crew-2, "The Goose Hangs Hiqh"g Produclion Crew-2, "The Aoron Slrinq Revoll"'g Production Crew-3, "Yan- kee King", Senior Choir-I, 2, 3, Senior Girls' Glee Club-3, Secrelary-3, Boys' Glee Club Accompanisl-I, 2, 33 Corn- mencemenl Accor-npanisf-2, 3, "The Gold- en Trail"-3g Toasirnisiress-I, 2, 3. Vice- Presidenl-3g Mixed Ensemble-37 Disfricf Sfale Music Conlesrfl, 2, 3, National-lg Ticker Commillee-3, "You Can? Take lr Wilh You", Nalional Honor Socieiv-33 Rolary Luncheon!3. BETTY KATH RYN STECK 2207 Neil Avenue Frorn-lndianola Polaris Adverlisinq Sfaff-2, Mernorv Book Slaff-3, Business Managere3g Polaris Slaii -3, Business Manaqerefig Sludenf Council -3, Office Slafl-33 Press Clubf3g Senior Choir-31 Senior Girls' Glee Club-2g "The Golden Trail"-2, Dislricl and Slale Music Confesl-2, 3. CHARLES HENRY TAYLOR 2645 Adarns Avenue Frorn-Creslview To--Ohio Slale Honor Sludv-3, Model Engineers-2, 35 Senior Choir-I, 2, 3, Presidenr-3, Junior Choirfl, Boys' Glee Club--I, 3, Boys' Ensemble-2, 31 "The Golden Trail"-2, Cross Counlrv Teamflg Disfricl and Sfale Choir Conlosf-I, 2, 3, Disfricl and Slale Vocal Solo-3, Dislricl and Sfaie Mixed Ensemble-3. JACK MEANS TEAL lbb Easl Elevenlh Avenue From-Everefl To--Bowlino Green Universiiy Polaris Slaii, MessenqerA3g Mariqale Arl Club-I, 2, 33 Draflinq Honor Service-I, 2, 3, "Our Town"-3, lnlrarnurals, Baskel' ball-3, Baseballf3q Band-I, 2, Dance Band-2, Boys' Glee Clubil, 2. 48 JEAN ROSEMARY SYKES 999 Norlh High Slreei From-Everelf ToAOhio Slale Honor Sludy-35 Press Club-3, Der Deul- sche Verein-I, 2, Publiciry Crew-3, "You Can? Take II Wilh You", Junior Choir- 2, 3g Junior Girls' Glee Club-lg Infra- rnurals, Speedball-l,'2, Baskelball-I, 2, Volleyball-I, Baseball-I, 2. BETTY ELLEN TARVER 84 Fallis Road FromfCresiview To-Ohio Slale Honor Siudy-2, 3, Girl Reservese-I, 2, 3, Arl Club-I, 2, Usherfll, "The Yankee King", Toaslmisiress-2, 3, lnlramurals, Baskerball-I, 2, Volleyball-I, 2, Class Team-23 Office Slaf'lf2, 3, "You Can'I Take If Wiih You"-35 Usher-3. ANNABELLE STEPHENS l327 Hunler Avenue Frorn4Evere'rl To4Ohio Slale Honor Sludv-3, Girl Reserves-I, 2, 33 Press ClubY3, Les Enlhousiasfes Francias -2, Polaris Represenlaiive-3. JUNE LOIS SWIFT 50 West Weber Road From-Grandview To-Ohio State Student Councilf3g Honor Study-35 Girl Reserves-2, 33 Book Clubfflg Yosian Club -33 Les Enthousiates FrancaisA31 Los Gesteros-35 "You Can't Take It With You" Usher-31 Toastmistressfl 33 lntrar murals, Basketball-33 International Corre- spondencef3. JOHN GEORGE STEFFENS I98I Summit Street From-Indianola Tofohio Stale BETTY JANE STEWART I East Lane Avenue From-Central To-Dickinson's Secretarial College MELLISA JEAN SPRING 38I Alden Avenue Fromflndianola To-Ohio State Honor Study-I, 2, 3, ViceAChairmanf2, Chairman-2, 35 Book Club-3g Press Club --33 Yosian Club-21 Les Enthousiastes Francais-27 Usher-3, "You Can't Take It With You"g International Corresoonderice -31 Polaris Home Room Representative -3. MARY RUTH LOUISE STREETS l70 Chittenden Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State Polaris Staff-33 Honor Study-2, 3q Press Clubf3g Mariqale Art Club-2, 3g Or- chestra-Ig Intramurals, Speedballvl Bas- ketball-2, 3, VolleybalIAI, Baseball-I, Z, 33 Home Room Representativeel BARBARA BROOKS SUTTON 47 East Frambes Avenue From-Indianola Honor Studyg2, 33 Reel Camera Club-'33 Style Show-I. FRANK ST. CLAIR IIS Blenheim Road From-Washington High School To-Ohio State Honor Study-31 Honor Societvf3g Hi-Y WZ, 3. RAYNOLD MORRIS STERNS I82 Kelso Road From-Third Street School To-Ohio State Polaris Stah'f3, Publication Committee-3. ROBERT OTIS STEVENS 2408 Medary Avenue From-Indianola To-Radio School . Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Messenger-2, Vice Chairman-35 Drafting Honor Service-I, 21 Varsity "N" Association-I, 2, 3g Track Squad-I, 2, 3g Gymnastics-I, 2. 49 MARGUERITE EVELYN STRAUSS IIO West Dunedin Road FromvCrestview To-Ohio State Polaris Staff, Co-Editor-in-Chief-37 Honor Studyf2, 31 Girl Reserves-I, 2, 35 Book Club-31 Press CluIaf3g Verqilian Club- 2 35 Publicity Committee-3, "You Can'I Take It With You"g Senior Choir-33 Sen- ior Girls' Glee Club-2, 31 Junior Choir -I, 21 Usherf2, "Golden Trail"g National Honor Society-35 Rotary Luncheon-3. JOHN GLENN STOODY ISO? Genessee Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio State IRIS WAHNETTA SULLIVAN 284 East Hudson Street From-McKinley To-Ohio State Polaris Stafftlij "You Can'I-Take It With You", Makeup Crew-31 Junior Choir -3. BILLIE VIRGINIA WACHTEL 2458 Glrnmawr Avenue From-Creslview To-Ohio Siafe Polaris Sfaf'f-3, Circulafion Deparfmenf -3, Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 3, Girl Reserves- I, 2, Press Club-2, Coslume Commiflee -2, "Golden Trail", Polaris Represenfae 'live-3, Memory Book Represenlalive-2, 3, Slyle Show-I, Volleyball Inframurals-I. MARGARET ELIZABETH WENGER 1462 Worlhinglon Sireef From-Evereli To-Ohio Slaie Honor Siudy-I, 2, 3, Secrefary-2, 3, Of- ce Sfarf-2, 3, Marigale Ari Club-I, Yos- ian Club-3, Nous Aufres-2, "You Can'+ Take If With You", Inframurals, Baskel- ball-I, Volleyball-I, Baseball-I, Infer- naiional Correspondence-2. SARA ANN WALSH 347 East Tompkins Sfreei From-Harding High To-Ohio Slaie Memory Book Staff-3, Polaris Sfaif-3, Honor Study-3, Girl Reserves-I, 2, 3, Press Club-3, Infernaiional Correspond- ence-2. RICHARD VANCE WELLMAN DOROTHY MAE WEST I9B6 Indianola Avenue From-Indianola I333 H ighland Sfreef From-Everell' To-Universiiy of Michigan To-Ohio Siale Hi-Y-I,-2, 3, Orchesfrafl, 2, Senior Choir Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 3, Secreiary-3, Girl -3, Junior Choir-2, Boys' Glee Club-I. Reserves-I, Los Gesleros-2, 3, Senior DICK WELSH 2859 Oaklawn Slreel From-McKinley To-Ohio Siafe. DORA MAY WATT 2925 Cleveland Avenue From-Balh High School To-Ohio Slafe 50 Choir-3, Senior Girls' Glee Club-2, Jun- I-or-IIGIQS' Glee Club-I, "The Golden ral - , RUTH VOLETTA WELCH 995 McClelland Avenue From-McKinley To-Office Training. MILDRED KATHLEEN WARNER ISIO Cleveland Avenue From-Everefi To-Ohio Sfale Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3, Marigale Arr Club -I, 2, Pulolicify Crew-3, "Yankee King", Ticker Commifiee-3, "You Can'l' Take If With You", Iniramurals, Speedball-I, Basketball-I, Volleyball-I, Baseball-I, 2, Infernafional Correspondence. KITTY LEE WATKINS 2590 Norlh Fourfh sfreef From--Indianola To-Columbus Ari School Memory Book Staff-35 Honor Sociefy-3, Honor Sfucly-I, 2, 3, Girl Reserves-2, Marigale Arf Club-I, 2, 3, Junior Girls' Glee Club-2, Boys' Carioon Club-3, Honorary Vice-Presidenl-3, Rorary Lunch- eon, Inframurals, Speedball-I, 2, Bas- kelball-I, 2, Volleyball-I, Baseballfl, 2. GEORGE ROBERT WASHBURN 3OI Olenfanqy Avenue From--Indianola To-Ohio Sfaie Honor Siudy-2, 3, Officer-3, Hi-Y-I, 3, Cify Council-I, Library Sfaff-3, Book Club-3, Les Enfhousiasfes Francais-2, Model Engineers-I, 2, Presidenl'-2, Drafl- ing Honor Service-2, Sfage Crew-I, 2, 3, Siege Carpenfer-2, Assislanl Sfage Manager-3, Toasfmasiers Club-3, Inler- narional Relafionsv3, Track Squad-I, 2, 3. MARIAN AGNES WATERMAN 2204 Norlh Fourih Sireef From-Indianola Honor Soicely-3, Honor Sfudy-2, 3. CYRUS DONALD WATKINS I56 Fallis Road From Crestview To-Carnegie Institute of Technology Honor Study-l, 2, 3, Chairman-2, Ver- qilian Club-2, 3, Vice-President-3, Band -I, 2, 3, Vice-President-3, Orchestrafll, Clarinet Quartet-3, Toastmasters' Club- 3, Play Orchestra--3. ROBERT EARL WETZEL l404 North Fifth Street From-lndianola To-Ohio State Honor Study-2, 3. VESTA ALICE WATTS 2I60 lndianola From-Lima Central To-Franklin University Honor Study-I, 2, Intramurals, Volleyball -2, Basketball-l, 2, 3, Baseballv2, Speed- ball-2, 3, Basketball Class Team-3, Class Volleyball Team-2, Class Speedball Team -2, 3, 6. A. A.-2, 3. DICK WALTERS 2538 Glen Echo Drive From-lndianola To-Rutgers Memory Book Statt-3, Intramurals, Referee -l, 2, 3, Varsity "N" Association-2, 3, Basketball Squad--I, 2, 3,, Captain ot Reserve Squad-l, Baseball Squad-I, 2, 3. WILLIAM ARTHUR WAGNER I43 Westwood Road From-lndianola To-Ohio State Student Council-3, Honor Study Commit- tee-3, Honor Study-l, 2, 3, Otticer-2, Hi-Y-l, 2, 3, Christmas Play-3, Band- l, 2, 3, All High Band, District Contest, Orchestra-I, "Our Town"-3. JANET WARING 275 Acton Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Girl ReservesA2, Nous Autres-2, G. A. A.-3, Junior Choir -3,Junior Girls' Glee Club-2, 3, Ticket Committee-2, "The Golden Trail", Prop- erty Crew-3, "The Yankee King", Prop- erty Crew-3, "You Can't Take It With You", Intramurals, Speedball-2, 3, Class Team-3, Volleyball-I, 3, Baseball-I, 2, 3, Class Team-2. CHARLES E. WESTERVELT JR. 2I East Kelso Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State Honor Study-2, 3, Hi-Y-2, 3, Vergilian Club-2, 3, Debate Team-3, National Forensic League-3, Gavel Club-3, Toast- masters-2, 3, National Honor Soicety-3, Rotary Luncheon-3, "Our Town"-3. MARGARET ANNE VI LBRANDT 207 West Como Avenue From-Crestview Honor Study-2, 3, Girl Reserves-I, 3, Betty Larnp Club-l, 2, 3, Junior Choir- 3, Junior Girls' Glee Club-2, Usher--3, "The Yankee King", Memory Book Rep- resentative-3, Polaris Home Room Repre- sentativef3. WARREN WAGNER ll72 East Twentieth Avenue From-McKinley To-Mississippi State Teachers ot Technoloqy, MARILYNN JEANNE WALLWORK 25l7 Neil Avenue Fromflndianola To-Cleveland College Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Betty Lamp Club- I, 2, 3. ALVEN ERNEST WALLACE 2262 North Fourth Street From-lndianola To-Ohio State Student Council-2, Honor Study-l, 2, 3, Verqilian Club-e2, 3, Drattinq Honor Serv- ice-I, 2, Toastmasters-3, National Honor Society-3, Rotary Luncheon-3. VINCENT EDWARD WAGNER ll72 East Twentieth Avenue Fron'vfMCKinl6y TofCincinnati School ot Embalrningp 51 WILLIAM EDGAR VAN HORN l5l7 Maynard Avenue BARBARA LOUISE THIERMAN 80 Norfhridoe Road From-McKinley From-Creslview To-Ohio Slale Press Club-33 Varsiiv "N" Associalion-33 Foolball Squad-I, 2, 33 Track Squad- I, 2. DONALD PAYNE UHL 2680 Deming Avenue I-rom-lndianola To-Ohio Slale Honor SIUdY-3: Hi-Y-2, 3, Treasurer-33 Band-I, 2, 3, SECFSIGFY-3: Orcheslra-33 lnslrumenlal Ensembles, Clarinef Quarfel -2, 33 Boys' Glee Club-I, 2, 33 Boys' Ensemble-33 "The Marriage of NanneHe" -I3 "The Golden Trail"-23 Dance Band -I, 2, 33 Cornrnencemenl Band and Or- cheslra-2, 33 National Music Confesl-23 Mixed Vocal Ensemble-33 Dislricf and Slale Music Conlesls-I, 2, 33 Orchesfra for Plays-3. RALPH EDWIN THOMAS 387 King Avenue From-Indianola To-Ohio Slale To-Modern School of Applied Ari Honor Study-I, 23 Girl Reserves-I3 Mari- gale Ari Club-I, 23 Yosian Club-23 Cas? 3, "You Can'+ Take If Wirli You"3 "Golden Trail"-23 lnframurals, Speedball-I, Bas- kelball-I, Volleyball-I, Baseball-I. VIVIAN ADELINE VAN STEENWYK 50 Wesi Tompkins Avenue From-lndianola Honor Slud I 2 3- Girl Reserves I Y"" . . . ' I Marigale Arl Club-I, 23 Yosian Club- 2, 33 Nous Aulres-2. ARNETA SUSY TIMSON 3527 Maize Road From-McKinley To-Ohio Sfafe Reel Camera Club-33 Model Engineers- Honor Sludy-2, 3. 2, 33 Dralfing Honor Service-2, 3. FREDERICK DREXEL TURNER HOWARD WELLES TRUMBULL I403 Easl Blake Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio Slate Honor SIUCIY-3: Der Deufsche Verein-2, 33 Band-I, 2, 33 OVCIISSITB-3: lnsfrue rnenlal Ensembles, Woodwind Ouinlel-33 Nalional Honor Sociely-3. RALPH LEWIS VASAMI 328 Olenlangy Sfreel From-Creslview To-Ohio Slale Hi-Y-23 Casl-3, "You Can'l' Take ll Wilh 473 Tiber Road From-Fock lnlerrnediale Delroil, Mich. To-Ohio Slafe Honor SIUCIY-2: Hi-Y-I, 2, 33 Reel Cam era Club-2: Les Enlhousiasles Francais- 33 Band-I, 2, 33Orches1ra-I, 2, 33 Toasl masters Club-2, 3. DAVID THOMAS ULLMAN 503 Melrose Avenue Frorn-Creslview To-Ohio Slale Honor Sludy-I, 33 Memory Book Slafi- YOUHT IUIVGVWUVGIS-2? Track Squad-2: 33 lnlrarnurals, Baseball-I, Baskelball-I "Our Town"-3. MAXINE MARIE ULREY l566If2 Norlh High Slreel From-McKinley To-Office Training ROBERT THOMAS 2I8b C'eveland Avenue From-McKinley Honor Sludy-I, 2, 33 Girl RSSSTVBS-If To-Ohio Siale Press Club-33 Marigale Arr Club-33 Les Band. Enlhousiasfes Francais-33 Nous Aulres-2, 33 Polaris Horne Room Represenlalive-3. 52 HILDA MARIE UHLIG 333 Ninlh Avenue From-Soulh To-Ohio Sraie University Honor Sfudy-2, 33 Der Deulsche Verein- 33 Usher, Tickef Cornmillee-3, "You Can? Take lf Wilh You", lnframurals, Baskefball -3, lnfernalional Correspondenceel, 2. BETTY SARA VASCONCELLOS 2702 Hibloerl Avenue From Roosevell High, Des Moines, Iowa To-While Cross Hospilal. WORTH ELMORE VANNOY l6I8 Summif Sfreef From-McKinley To-Cayen Elecfric School Honor Sluclyel, 2, lnlramurals-l, 21 June ior Choir-vl. WILLIAM ROBERT TEMPLE l82I Velma Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio Universily Press Club-3. WALTER ALLEN UHRIG 2322 MCG-uify Slreer From-McKinley To-Ohio Slafe Press Club-3, lnfrarnurals-I, 2, 3, Senior Clgoir-3, Junior Choir-25 Track Squad EDWARD RAYMOND THOMAS I4I8 Michigan Avenue From-Chafham Jr. High, Savannah, Ga. To-Ohio Slale Honor Sluclv-I, 2, 35 Vergilian Club-3, Track Squad-3. DOROTHY E. TURNER I639 Kohr Place From-McKinley To-Capifol Der Deulsche Verein-2, 3, Girl Reserves -l, 2, 3. RICHARD MARSHALL TROY 2414 Summil' Slreef From-lndianola To-Rufgers Press Club-3, lnlramuralsfl, 2, Swimming Team-2. WILLIAM JOHN VERROSS I64 Winlhrop Road From-Creslview To'-Ohio Sfafe Honor Sludy-I 2 ,37 Messenger-l ,2, Chairman-33 Library Slaff-3, Hi-Y-I, 2, 3, Secrefary-27 Verqilian Clube2, 3, ln- lramural-l, 2, 3, Track Squad-25 Toasf- masfers-2, 3, Secrefary-33 lnlernalional Relafions, Presidenl-31 Nalional Honor SocieTyi3. 53 HELEN MAE TRACY I52 Easf Maynard Avenue Frorn-Evereff To-Ohio Sfale Polaris Sfaff-33 Sludenlcouncil-31 Honor Slucly-2, 35 Office Slal'i-35 Berry Lam P Clubel, 2, Junior Choir-l, 2p lnlerna- Tional Correspondence-l, 2, BETTY EILEEN THOMAS 387 Kinq Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio Sfale Honor SlucIyAI, 2, 3, MARIE KATHLEEN TORO 408 Easl Sixfeenlh Avenue From-lndianola To-Chicago-lnsfifule of Fine Arts Polaris Slaii-3, Sophomore Edilor-I, Junior Edilore2y Girl Reserves-lp Book Club-I, 2, Mariqale Arr Clubfl, 21 Or- chesfra-3g Senior Choir-3, Senior Girls' Glee Club-2, Junior Choir-I, 2, Junior Girls' Glee Club-lg "The Golden Trail" -2, Homecoming Queen Alfendanf-33 Manager Publicify Crew-3, "Yankee Kinq"j Publicilv Crew-2, "Apron Srrinq Revolt"-27 Makeup Crew-I, "Tiger House", Usher-3, "You Can'l Take I+ Wifh You"-3, Inlramurals, Speedball-I, Baskelloall-l, 2, Volleyball-lg Inferna- lional Correspondence-I, JAMES EDWIN WHITFIELD 4l Easilake Avenue Fromflndianola ToGOhio Slale Honor Sludy-l, 2, 3, Chairman-3, Hi-Y, Caloinel-3, Presidenr ol City Hi-Y Coun- cil-3, Library Slaff-3, Book Club-2, Of- ficer-3 Vergilian Club-2, Casl, "Yankee King", Casl, "You Can'l Take ll Wilh You", Senior Choir-2, 3, Boys' Glee Club -I, Boys' Ensemble-3, Debafe Teams-3, Nalional Forensic League-3, Gavel Club -3, Toaslmasfer-3, Slafe Vocal Conlesle 2, 3, Dislricl Vocal Conresl-2, 3, Infer- nalional Relalions-3, Treasurer-3. MARGARET ROSAMOND WILLIAMS l40 Twelflh Avenue From-Boordman High To-Ohio Slale Polaris S'rar"F43, Sludenl Council-2, Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3, Girl Reserves-I, Press Club -3, Les Enlhousiasles Francais43, Ticker Commilree-3, "You Can'r Take II Wiih You", Senior Choir-I, 2, 3, Senior Girls' Glee Club-3, Girls' Ensemble-2, 3, "The Golden Trail"e-2, Scholarship Team - Toaslmislress Club-3, Dislricl and Music Conlesls-I, 2, 3, lnlramurals, Speeclball-I, 2, Baskelball-I, 2, 3, Class Team, Volleyball-l, Baseball-I, Nalional Honor Socie'ry43, Rolary Luncheon-3. -I, 2, Slale JEANNE LUROLEE WILLIAMS H98 Chrislopher Slreel From-McKinley To-Office Training School. 54 CHARLES ROBERT WILLISS 96 Easi Eighlh Avenue From-Bexley To-Ohio Slale MARY unf-v Junior es PATRICIA MAE WILKINSON 274 Clinlon Heighrs Avenue From-Creslview To-Ohio Slafe Honor Sludyfl, 2, 3, Vice-Chairman-I, Girl Reserves-I, Yosian Clulo-2, Prop- erly Crew-I, "The Goose Hangs High" -2, Junior Girls' Glee Club-I, 2, "The Golden Trail"-2, lnlramurals, Speedball -I, Baskelball-I, Volleyball-I, Baseball -I, Class Teamsll. DEAN ROBERT WHITE 58 Easl Tulane Road From-lndianola To-Ohio Slale l:Li-Y-3, los Gesienos-2 3, Treasurer, ln- murals, naluonal Honor PATRICIA JEAN WILLETT l78 Wes? California Avenue From-Creslview To-Ohio Slale Girl Reserves-I, 2, 3, Les Enlhousiasles Francais-3, Der Deulsche Verein-3, Sen- ior Choir-3, Junior Choir-2, 3, Junior Choir-2, 3, Junior Girls' Glee Club'-I, Volleyball, Inframurals-I, lnlernafional Corresponclence43. JANE ANN WEIDINGER 2955 lndianola Avenue From-Creslview To-Spencerian Business College Honor Sludy-2, 3, Girl Reserves-I, 2, Yosian Club-3, Properly Crew-3, "You Can'I Take ll' Wilh You", "Yankee King" -3, Junior Choir42, Junior Girls' Glee CIEILQGZ, Ticker Commillee "Golden Trail" RHODA FLORENCE WILSON l9l Easl' Lane Avenue From-lndianola To-Business College Honor Srudy-I, 2, 3. JIM WILEY I578 Isabell Avenue From-McKinley To-Harvard Polaris Home Room Represenlalive-I, ln- lramurals, Baseball-I, 2, 3, Baskellaall- I, 2, 3. lramurals-I, Band-I, 2, 3. PHYLLIS LORRAINE WILLIS IZ9 Easl Elevenlh Avenue From-Indianola To-Ohio Slale Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3. BETTY JANE WHEELER 340 Gudrun Road FromACres'rview Honor Srudy-2, 3, Secrelary-3, Los Ges- leros-fl, 2, 3. CAROI: JEAN WHITE 30 Thurleenlh Avenue FrornsBellvue High School, Pillsburqh To-Ohio Slale Honor Sludy-3, Girl Reserves-3. LLOYD RICHARD WIDNEY 268 Easf Blake Avenue From-Creslview To-Ohio Sfale Honor Sfudy-33 Library Slal'l-3, Book Club-33 ln'lra'nurals-33 Les Enlhousiasles Francais-3. HARRY M. WILGUS l254 Indianola From-lndianola lnframurals-2, 3, Varsify "N"-3, Baseball Manager-2, 3. EARL LELAND WHITE 3l Kenworlh Road From-Creslview To-Muskingum College Honor Sfudy-2, 3, Hi-Y-2, 3. BOB FRANKLIN WILLIS 2555 Beulah Road From-Creslview To-Ohio Slale Band-I, 2, 3. RUTHANNE WILLIAMS 2393 Adams Avenue From-lndianola To-Office Traininq School DON W. WHIPPS 2582 Sumrnif Slreel From-lndianola To-Ohio Universily Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 3, Senior Girls' Glee Polaris Slal'lf3g Press Club-33 Baskelball C'UlDg3- Champsf2, 37 Foolball Squad-lg Baskelf ball Squad-lg Intramurals Officials- l, 2, WILLARD WILSON WILLIAMS L00 Fling: Road, Worlhinqlon rom- FESIVIEW 4 - - JUSTINE MARIE WILCOX Toffolumbla Uwefmy I8I8 Mmesafa Avenue Drafnnq Honor Service-2. JANICE LOUISE WILLIS 206 Olenfanqy Slreel From-Creslview To-Ohio Slale Honor Sludyfl, 2, 3, Assislanr Secrelary- 3, Girl Reservesfllg Library Slalf-3g Les Enlhousiasles Francais-3, Nous Aulres-3, Casl, "You Can'T Take I+ Wilh You", Chrisfmas Play-33 Produclion Crew-2, "The Goose Hangs High", Produclion Crew-2, "The Apron Sfring Revolr"g Pro- duclion Crew-3, "The Yankee Kinq"g Slale Confesf Play-3, Casl-2, "The Golden Trail", Chairman of Ways and Means Cornrnillee-3, Prornpler, "Our Town"-3" From-McKinley Junior High RUTH GENEVA WILSON I9l Chillenden Avenue From-lndianola To-Ollerbein College Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3: Yosian Clube2, Orcheslra-I, 2, 33 Senior Choir-31 Sen- ior Girls' Glee Club-21 Junior Girls' Glee Clubflg Girls' Ensemble-3, Dislricf Orcheslra Conlesl-I, 33 Slafe Orcheslra ConfesT-I, 3, Disfricl Glee Club Conlesl -2, Slale Glee Club ConI'esl+2g Dislricl Choir Conlesl-3, Srale Choir Conlesl-3. 55 ROBERT S. WILLIS 226 Easl Longview Avenue From-Indianola To-Ohio Slale Draffinq Honor Service-I, 2, 3. KATHRYN ELIZABETH WOOD 2654 Adams Avenue From-Creslview To-Ohio Slate Honor Siudy-lg Orcheslra43g Clef Club -I. ALLEN LOVENZO WILLIAMSON 58 Cresfview ,Road From-Creslview To-Ohio Sfale Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3, Stamp Club, Treas- urer-I, Les Enfhousiasles Francais-3, Band-I, 2, 3, lnsfrumenlal Ensemble Trumpei Trio-31 Senior Choirf2, 3g Jun- ior Choir-lg Boys' Ensemble-3, "The Golden Trail"-2, All High Band-2, 3, Dislricl' and Sfale Vocal and lnslrumenfal Confesfs-3. BETTY MAE WILLIS 327 Easf Maynard Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio Slaie Sludenf Councilf3g Honor Sludy-3, Girl Reserves-I. SHIRLEY HALL WISE 38 Easf Sevenfh Avenue From-Everefl To-Ohio Sfafe Polaris SIaI'I-3, Honor Sfudy-2, 31 Girl Reserves-2, 31 Press Club-3, Les En- ihousiasies Francais-33 Nous Aufres-2, 37 Jugior Choir-2, Junior Girls' Glee Club JOHN GARFIELD WILLIAMS I73 Brevoorf Road From'-Creslyiew To-Ohio Slale Honor Sludy-2, 35 Hi-Y-I, 2, 3, Les En- Ihousiasles Francais-2, 3, Nous Aufres-2, Band-I, 2, 33 Senior Choir-2, 33 Boys' Ensemble-25 Toasfrnasfers' Club-3, Dis- Tricl' Band Conlesl-I, 3, Sfafe and Dis- 'lrici Vocal Conlesl-2, 3, Produclion Crew -3, "Yankee King." EDWARD WERNER WILLIAMS 37 Arden Road From--Creslyiew To-Office Training School. SUE SELBY 2432 Summil Slreel Fromflndianola To-Capital Universify Memory Book SIaI'I, Home Room Repre- senlalive-3, Circulalion-3, Polaris Slaff, Associale EdiIorf3, Home Room Repree senIaIivef3g Honor Sludy-2, 35 Girl Re- seryes-I, Press Club-3, Yosian Club-3, Belly Lamp Club-31 Properly Crew-2, "Apron Slring Revoir", Senior Choir-3, Senior Girls' Glee Club-23 Junior Girls' Glee Clubf2g Dislricl' and Slale Music Conlesrs-2, 3. DONALD WRATTEN II3 Clinfon Sfreel' FrornAWarren Cenlral, Indianapolis, Incl. To-Ohio Slaie Hi-Y-3, Varsily "N" Associalion-3, Bas- kelball Squad-2, 3. 56 MARY E. ZOLMAN 26lOV2 Norlh High Sireel FrorneCresiyiew To-Federal Schools Inc. ROBERT OSCAR WOHLFARTH 2246 Indiana Avenue From-lnclianola MAXINE RUTH ZIMMERMAN 430 Oakland Park Avenue FromACresIview To-Ohio Slale Memory Book Slaff-3, Polaris Home Room Represenlafive-3, Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 3, Secrelary-2, Girl Reserves-I, 25 Library Slaff-37 Press CIub43q Yosian Club42A 33 Los Gesleros-3, G. A. A.-3, Junior Choir-2, 3, PresidenT+3, Junior Girls' Glee Club-lg lnlramurals, Speedl ball--I, 2, 3, Baskelball-I, 2, 3, Champs W-3, Volleyball-I, 3, Baseball-I, 2, 3, ChampsA2g lnlernalional Correspondence -I, 2, 3. ROBERT FORMAN I454 Highland Slreel From-University School TofOl1io Stale Sfudenf Councilf3, Treasurerf3q Honor Sociefy-3, Presiden1f3g Rofary Luncheon -3, Honor Sludyf2, 3, Chairman-3, Hi-Y -I, 2, Track SquadY2, 3, Der Deulsche Verein-2, 3, Presidenlf3y Cas?-3, "You Can'f Take I1 Wilh You", Varsily "N" Associafionf3g Tennis Teamflg Boys' Glee Club-Ig Debale Team-2, Inlernalional ReIafionsf3. RUTH DAPHINE GEYER 97 Wes? Norlnwood From Creslview To-Ohio Stale Honor Sludyfl, 2, 33 Intramurals, Vol- leyball-I, Speedball-I, 2, Basketball-I, 2, ZVolIeyball Class Tearnfl, 2, Baseball I, , IRENE SYLVIA ABBUHL 949 Easl' Sevenleenflw Avenue From-McKinley Toflxlurse Training at While Cross Hospllal Honor Sludy-3, Belly Lamp Club-3. DOROTHY EDNA WURDACK 3081 Midgard Road FrornACreslyiew To-Ohio Slale Sludenl Council-2, Honor Sludy-l, 2, 3, Vice-Chairman-33 Girl Reservesel, 2, 33 Les Enlhousiasfes Francais-2, Properly Crew-I, "Trial Ferguson Family", Pub- licily Crew-3, "You Can'l Take If Wiln You", C-. A. A.-2, 3, Treasurer-33 In- 'lernalional Correspondence-2, 33 lnlra' mural, Speedball-I, 2, 3, Championsf3, BaskelbaLl-I, 2, 3, Captain-3, Volleyball l, 33 Baseballfl, 2, 33 Nalional Honor Socielyf31 Rolary Luncl1eonf3. RICHARD SAMUEL ZIMMERMAN 4497 Olenlanqy River Road FromfCreslview To4Duke A Presidenl of Senior Class-3q Honor Sociely -37 Honor Sludyf2g Libraryf3g Les En- llnousiasfes Franeaisf2, 37 Varsify "N"- l, 2, 3, Presidenl--35 Foolball Squade I, 2, 3, Co-Caprain-3, Baskefball Squad! Ig Track Souadf2, 3, Swimming Tearnf2g Inlernalional Relafions Club-33 Honorary Presidenre-3, Florida All-Slar Trip-3, LLOYD GEORGE WRIGHT 2852 Findlay Avenue FrornACresfview TofOliio Slafe A Hi-Y-2, Dralfnq Honor Service-I, 23 lnframural-I, 2. ROBERT JAMES ANDING I43 Easl Blake Avenue From-Our Lady Viclory Academy Toflvliami Universiry, Oxford, Ohio. KENNETH P. BRADFIELD l348 Easr Blake Avenue From4McKinIey To-Air Condilioninq Training Corporalion Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 37 Senior Cl'ioire2, 3: Junior Choir-I. ONNA CAROLYN BROWN 54 Easl Hudson Slreel From-Creslview Tofllenison Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3, Secrelary-3, Girl Reserves-I, Z, 3, Yosian Club-33 Belly Lam Club 3' Junior Girls' Glee Club D ' I l, 2, Inlernalional Correspondence-3. 57 JUANITA GRACE WOLGAMOT 608 Easf Como Avenue FrornvCreslview Sludenl CounciIf3g Honor Sludy-3, Var- sily "N" and G. A. A. Floor Snow-2. HELEN MARIE YOUNG I85 Northridge Road From-Creslview Sludenf Council-3, Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3, Office Slaff-33 Girl Reserves-3, Yosian Club-3, Properly Crew, "You Can'l Take If Wiln You", Inlernalional Corresponde ence-3, Nalional Honor Sociely-3. DON WONDERLY 203 Easl Pacemonl Road From-Creslview TofOl1io Sfafe lnlramurals-I, 2, 3. HARRY MORRIS LOXLEY I9O Wesr Eighih Avenue From-LouisviIIe Iv1aIe High RODERICK ALLEN MCMANIGAL ZI64 Tuller Srreer From-Indianola To-Ohio Siaie Honor SocieIyY3, Rorary Luncheon-3, Honor SIudye2, 3, Chairman-2, Secre- Iary-3, Hi-Y-I, 2, 3, Membership Com- mirfee Chairmanfl 3, Library SIaffe3, Book Club-2, 3, Vice-Presidenr-2, Pub- Iiciiy Crewv3, "You Can? Take It Wirh You" PubIiciIy Crew-3, "Yankee King", "Our Town"-3, Track Squadfl, Z, Band -I, 2, 3, Secrerary--2, PresidenIe3, Drum Maior-3, Orchesrra-I, 2, 3, Librarian-I, Brass Sexfer-I, 3, Naiional Champions- I, French Horn Quinref-3, Junior Choir- I, Toasrmasrers' Club-3, Cheerleader-3, AII-High Band-I, 2, 3, Dance Orchesrra -2, 3, InrernaIionaI Relaiions-I, 2, 3, Corres ondence Chairmanf2, Member- ship Ojhairman-3, Presidenf-3. CHESTER GEORGE HAWLEY 3094 IndianoIa Avenue From-Cresrview To-Ohio Sraie Honor Sfudy-2, 3, Chairman-2 ,3, Vice- Chairman-3, Srarnp Club-I, 2, Vice- Presidenf-2, Drafiing Honor Service-I, 2, Honor Socieiy-3. 58 DON CARL CALHOUN 50 Easr California Avenue From-Cresrview To-Ohio Siare PoIaris Messenger-3, Honor Sfuoly-Z, 3, Press CIub-3, Drafiing Honor Service- I, 2, 3. THOMAS SAMUEL ACKLEY 202 Wes? Weber Road From-Cresiview To-Denison CHARLES ALGON JOHNSON I322 Norrh High Sfreei From-Everefr . GRACE ELLEN LINGO I669 Ridgeview Road From--HiIIiards High SchooI To-Ohio S+a're Honor Siudy-2, 3, Berry Lamp Club' 2, 3. ERMALEE STEELE I54O Clara Srreei From-McKinley. GEORGE RONALD BOWER IO9 Easr Como Avenue From-Fosroria High SchooI Press Club-3. RICHARD MARION FISHER 401 Wesr Tenrh Avenue From-Indianola To-Ohio Srare Iiress Club-3, Marigaie Arr CIub-2, 3, Goose, Ha-ngs High," Producrion Crew -2, Swimming Team-2. NEAL ALAN PRITCHARD 200 Easf Oakland Avenue From-Indianola To-Ohio Universiiy Honor Sfudy-2, Secrefary, Draffing Honor Service-I, 2, 3, Varsiry "N" Associaiion -I, 2, 3, Foofball Squad-I, 2, AII-High -2, Co-Caprain AII-High-3, Baskeibail Squad-I, Baseball Squad-I, 2, 3, Mem- ber of AII-Sfar Team Thar wen? To Florida. ELMER THOMAS MCBRIDE I348 Minnesoia Avenue From-Rosary High ToeOhio Sfafe. RUTH EILEEN MYERS l23 Cresivlew Road From-Evereff. ESTHER JEAN NOBLE Gahanna R. R. I From-McKinIey. ROBERT DUANE MAXWELL 2560 IndianoIa Avenue From-CresIvIew TofOIvio SIaIe. JOHN HALDOR SIDWILL II32 Hunfer Avenue From-Evereff Press CIub-3, InIramuraI542. ADDITIONAL GRADUATES ABBOTT, BETTY JANE ADAMS, DONALD ASBURY, EDNA ATKINSON, ANTOINETTE ANN BARR, BETTY BARRATT, THOMAS JR. BARROW, JOHN BEALE, JAMES WINSTON BEAVERS, MIRIAM ELIZABETH BENNETT, NADINE BILLINGSLEY, DAN BRAMMER, JAMES BROWN, DONALD BRYANT, VIRGINIA MAE BUSH, ROBERT BYERS, JANET VIRGINIA CAMPBELL, LELAND CARIDAS, PETE CARTER, MARY ALICE CHENOWETH, THURMAN CLEMENTS, HARRY JAMES CLOUSE, EDNA MAE COFFEY, ANN CREAGER, JOHN CRISWELL, JOHN DEARING, EILEEN DARING, MAXINE DILL, ILENE DOWDY, HELEN DOYLE, PEGGY DRESSEL, JEANNE EVERHART, DORIS FAIELLA, WILMA FLINT, RALPH DONALD FLOEH, RUTH EDNA GARD, PHILIP GEALY, DONALD GRAHAM, AUDREY HAMMOCK, BARNEY HANN, FRED HANNAHS, JAMES HARVEY HARROLD, BETTY LOUISE HIGH, VIOLA MAE HURLESS, ANN JONES, PAUL KNICK, WILLIAM LINDLEY, ELEANOR SUSAN MCADOW, BILL MCCLAIN, PINKIE MCCLELLAND, JOHN MCGUIRE, CHARLES RICHARD MCNAGHTEN, BETTY METTLER, ROBERT JACK MILLER, CHARLES FRANK MILLER, MARY JANE MINICK, BETTE PATRICIA MOON, ROBERT OLESON, BETTY JANE OVERLY, HARRIETT OWEN ,WILLIAM PARKER, AGNES PORTER, WILLIAM PUCKETT, BEULAH MARIE REASER, MARTHA ALICE ROBB, DAVE EUGENE ROBINSON, CHARLES RUNK, DALE RUSSELL, ILA REE SCANLON, SYLVESTER SHARPNACK, RAY SPURRIER, ELINOR STILES, DOROTHY ELLEN THOMPSON, OLIVE TOMLINSON, PAUL WALCUTT, ROBERT WALLACE, EVELYN WALLACE, RUTH LOUISE WEAVER, WARREN WILEY, VIRGINIA ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, BETTY JANE WILSON, HARRIETT ANN WILSON, JEANNE LOUISE 59 SUNSET SUPPER lnvocalion-Jean Dye Supper lnslrumenlal and Vocal Music lnfroducfion of Guesls Program Radio broadcasl' from 'rhe World's Fair of Tomorrow Farewell Addresses by Mr. Swain and Miss Faringer Auld Lang Syne Taps BACCALAUREATE SERVICE Sunday, June 4, I939 Norfh High Audi+orium--3:00 P. M. Roberl' Hill, Presidenl of The Senior Class, Presiding Reve Angelique ,......... ....... ........................ .,.............. ..... R u b i nslein Norlh High Baccalaureale Orcheslra Processional-Onward Chrislian Soldiers ....................,........ .... S ullivan The Gradualing Class led by Class Officers Flag Bearer ..,..,............,....................,,..A.. ..,. .,............ J o hn Jones Slandard Bearers. .. Salule lo lhe Flag. .. lnvocalion. 4.... ,.. .. Hymn lo The Virgin... The Lord's Prayer. .. Address ......... O Divine Redeemer. Paslor B Benediclion .................. The Lord Bless You a nd Keep Led by John Jones Norlh High Choir Solo-Charles Taylor road Slreel Church of Chrisl Norlh High Choir You.... Norlh High Choir I. Barbara Allen 2. Mariorie Sauner. 3. George Hoeflinger 4. Joe Ray .,. .The Senior Class ...Rev. J. C. Williams ..,.... .D. Borfnianslcy . ,.... Malolle ...Rev. Floyd Fausl' ............Gounod ...Rev. J. C. Williams ...............Lull:in Recessional ...... . ..,......,,...... America The Beauliful COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM Superinfendenf G. E. Roudebush, Presiding Prelude Finlandia Sibelius Libussa ....... ...................,............,.,............ .... ...... S m e lana NORTH HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA Processional-"God of Our Falhersu ................................ .... G eorge W. Warren Pledge of Allegiance lo Flag ..... .... . .. .. ............ Led by John Jones Norlh High School lnvocalion ....... .. ...,. ...,.............,............... L ouis A. Schneider Paslor, Gales-Fourlh Mefhodisl Episcopal Church Chorus- "No Blade of Grass Can Flourish" ............................ ...Wilhelm H. Bach THE GRADUATlNG CLASS Address .... ....,..,,........,............................. D r. Felix Held Secrelary, College of Commerce, Ohio Slale Universily Chorus- "Heavens Are Declaringu .................................... .... L udwig Van Beelhoven THE GRADUATING CLASS Presenlalion ol: Class To Presidenl' of Board of Educalion .......... .... S uperinlendenl Roudebush Presenfalion of Diplomas ....................... ..............,.. Ray G. Haunlz Presidenl, Board of Educalion Benediclion... ., ............., Rev. C. B. Harrison Pasfor, Norlh lvlelhodisl' Church Recessional .... ........ N orlh High School Band ufmllff ITIIZ ffxfw N! OLJSON s I Los , eEsTERos I TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Librado Solis, James Hupp, James ShircIihfe, June Swift SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Cafherine OverhoIT, Baffy McOuisIon, Doris Schenk, Jane Smiih, Maxine Zim- merman, Beiiy Jane Brown, AIma Senfi. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Eieanor Srnifh, Dorofhy Ashbaugh, EIIen Jean Rhodes, Laura DeLashmuII, LuciIIe Johnson, Eleanora Johnsfon. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Pai Galloraifh, Dorofhy E. Gibson, Mary Jane Thomas, Jo Anne Davis, Marrha Hath, Jean Hoover. FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Kay Pe+erson, Marion Graham, Mary Louise SchuITz, Jane lea Fergus, Bob Whire, Miss Chandler. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dick Johnson, Robe-rf Crifes, Frank Mead, HaroId KIoepper, Norman Silver. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jean Orfhoefer, Rosemary Norris, Ardafh McEIhiney, Barbara Sufion, Virginia MiIIer, Teddy Neal. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: BeHy Anne Davison, Anne Myers, Rufh Harrod, Doris Pisor, June Brownlee, Jane Lea Fergus. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Afkinson, Adviser, Irma McMiIIen, SecreIary, Marian Shoemaker, Treasurer, Marvin McCIin'rock, Presideni, Laura DeLashmuTI, Vice Presidenf, Ralph Pagenbarger. REEL CAMERA CLUB -AA TOASTMASTERS CLUB OP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Eve-relf Harrison, Don Waikins, Howard Trufn- bull, Bill Richards, Charles Wesrervelf, James Whilfield. QECOND ROXN, LEFT TO RIGHT: Rich ard Minor, Roderick McManiqal, How' ard Rinker, John Williams, Dean Man- ley, Dick Hager, Marshall Kidd, Don Holmes. 'HIRD RONN, LEFT TO RIGHT: George Washburn, John Bonner, James Srniln, Alven Wallace. 5OURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Allqyer, adviser, Ben Plerierle Joe Ray, vice presidenl, Williarr Verross secreiary, John Holbrook, Treasure Harold Auien, presidenl. DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN 'OP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: John Pancake, secrelary-Treasurer, Glenn Heinlen, Charles Reeder, Fred Turner, William Louis, David Essel, Robert Forman, president Joe Ray, Roberf Hiqhlshoe. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Rofhgeb, Wanela Garrabranl, Pally Willef, Vera Hunnsinqer, Marine Meadows, Maxine Shriver, Frances Essiq, Nancy Turner, Marqof Ann Neunhofer, Jeane Fenner, Berry Ann Davison, Marjorie McClure, Mary Ellen Breilhaupi, 'I-IIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Rachel Meckslrolh, Dorolhy Turner, Doris Berqh, Doroihy Vesl, Dorolhy Sleen, Rufh Pauli, Doris Ball, Ernily Lou Ewing, Helga Reflig, Virqinia M. MiI!er, Hilda Uhliq, Helen Farrell, vice Dresidenl, NIOT IN PICTURE: .loan Clay, John Bowers, Vera Anrhony Barbara Pence, Wilson Blend, Torn Johnson. I TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Doris Pisor, Helen Farrell, George Washburn, Jim Whi'lTield, David STAFF Evans, Torn Johnson, Bill Verross, Rad Mclvlanigal, Larry Hughes, Harriel' Barcroft June Brownlee. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jean Heckelman, Mary K. Pelerson, Marian Graham, Joan Clay, Nan Otlenburger, Marjorie Collingham, Dorolhy Payne, Ellen Jean Rhodes, Maxine Zimmer- man, adviser, Miss Kelley, Ann Grimm, Janice Willis. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Doris Shook, Doris Schenk, secrefary, Virginia Lanurn, vice president Calon Cobb, president Pafricia McDaniel, assislanl librarian, Kalhryn Mallhews, Treasurer, Ann Kulschbach. NOT IN PICTURE: Lloyd Widney, Mariorie McClure, Palricia Cooperider. BOOK CLUB TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Norma Slupe, Joan Julian, Frances Mallhews, Mary Lee, Gini Reimold, John Holbrook, Caron Cobb, Larry Hughes, Marion Graham, Maxine Edmonslon, Mary K. Pelerson, Bonny Dell VVeber, Marilyn Slewart Anila Seel. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Mayer, adviser, Anne Folk, Mary Alice Thompson, Grelchen Everhart Doris Schenk, June Swift Ginny Norlhway, Pal McDanel, Vera Dulcher, Audrey Prine, Barbara Allen, Dorolhy Hamm, Barbara Wald, Frances Burqoon, Rod McManigal. THIRD ROVJ, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gene Cox, Joanne Peflil' Marian Jenks, Anne Myers, Janis Hyalt Janel Burris, Jean Spring, Roberla Slevenson, Barbara Colley, Olive Taylor, Marian Shoemaker, Jimmie Smilh. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Roberl Criles, Dean Manley, sergeanl-al-arms, Mary Ellen Ort Treasurer, John Jones, secrelary, Ben Pielllerle, vice president Jane Robinson, president Belly Bonney, Rasella Hamm, Helen Bos- lic, Jayne Davis, Jim While-Tield, George Washburn. NOT IN PICTURE: Marlha Dobson, Emily-Lou Ewing, Marguerile Slrauss, Lloyd Widney, Shirley Barlon, Lois Dungan, John Bonner, Annabelle Loren, Marlha Lewis, Roberl Baker, Palsy Berry, June Boyer, Dave Evans, Dick Hager. NOUS AUTRES TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mariorie Slewarl, Olive Taylor, Thomas Gregory, Virginia Norlhway, James Ashcrall, John Jones, Mozelle Phillips, Tim Jones, Mrs. Maddox, adviser, Janel Slevens. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jean Harris, Jane Robinson, Barbara Dule, Harriel Harmony, Lois Dungan, Janel Burris, Audry Prine, Marilyn De Leone, Belly Dunning, Jean Cossum, Mary Denius, Erma McMillen, Rosella Hamm. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marilyn Slewarl, Janice Willis, Marguerile Greene, social chairman, Pauline Alexander, lreasuier, Dorolhy Slimple, vice presidenl, Rulh Cleary, presidenl, Mary Ellen Oll, secrelary, Barbara Allen, Kalhryn Mallhews, Nan Ollenburger, Marjorie McKinnon. NOT IN PICTURE: Jean Aclcley, Marjorie Biddleman, Louis Daniels, Bryce Kendall, Bill Mason, Marlha Richmond, Sally Schaeller, Jean Ann Slinson, Joyce Wagaman. YOSIAN CLUB EXTRA TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Anna Mae Gingery, Jean Ann Slinson, Charlene Swain, Jean Lingo, Pally Harlor, Peggy Bush. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara King, Dol Ashbaugh, Ann Rullin, Maxine Edmonslon. Jeanne Canode, Marlha Halch, Elizabelh Hill. Jean Cossum, Ann Weidinger, Rulh Ripley, Marlha Richman, Ann Meyers. SECOND ROVV, LEFT TO RIGHT: Florence Pepper, Alleyne Unseld, Mariorie Wilson, Ann Flummerlell, Phyllis Haines, Sue Humphreys, Janice Fellows, Helen Young man, Jean Orlhoeler, Belly King. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lois McCarlney Wenger, Mildred Linn, Ellen Rayburn, Gladys FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Audrey Borror, Denius, Rulh Cleary, Wanda Schneider, Irene Harriel Pierce, Mariorie Mowery. Virginia Long, Marian Shoemaker, Frances Burgoon, Mariorie Bidle- Mirian Soule, Lorraine Cooper, Floride Kisller, June Swill, Margarel Flor, Sheila Spellman, Virginia Schob, Virginia Piclcering. Virginia McCann, Marilyn Slewarl, Naomi Nelson, Vera Dulcher, Mary Ramsey, Birdie Musiclc, Onna Brown, Rulh Pearce, Margie Grillilh, FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jean Dye, Belly Slein, Maxine Zimmerman, Mr. E. R. Wallace, adviser, Mary Louise Schullz, Pal Knighl, Rulh Morgan, Virgil Alwood, Gene Cox, Sue Selby, Luann Kelch, Marie DeSpelder, Belly Dunning. MARIGALE ART CLUB TOP RONV, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bobbe Seip, Escalus Fllioii, Ann Sheels, Dora McCoy, Diclc Minio, Dorolhy Rupp, Mrs. Seiberi, Bob Smiih, Harriei Bradley, Jerrie Morris, Marvin Mccliniock. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jan Underwood, Joan Squier, Jane Miichell, Gini Reirnold, Mariha Lehman, Belly Roberrs, Marcelle Daubenrnire, Mariorie Daubenmire, Barbara Ogenburqer, Elinor Wenger, Ruih Ferris, Alice Liyingsion, Jean Bradley, THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RTGHT: Marjorie Gibson, Ardaih McElhiney, Jean Harlor, Geneva Downey, Marion Graham, Roselle Harnm, Doris Shook, Mariha Bauroih, Janis Hyali, Bobby McDill, Janei Burris, Ellen Jean Rhocles, Veda Osborne. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Virginia Keqq, Kirfy Lee Warkins, Marjorie Sfewari, Jean Conaway, Nadine Machan, Eris Miller, Mary Kay Reierson, secreiary, Pai Berry, presideni, Marrha Adams, Treasurer, Pai Shively, Frances Maiihews, Doroihy Hamm, Mariha Lewis, Miriam Kale. FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RTGHT: Don Wood, Lawrence Smiih, Norman Ramsey, Torn Crane, John Glass, Waller Buchanan. STUDENT COURT SECOND ROW, STANDING: Joe Ray, iuclge, Doroihy Siimple, bailifi, George Selby, bailiilr, John Bonner, iudqe. FTRST ROW, SFATFD: Mary Lee, clerlc, Dan Sims, iudqe, Barbara Allen, iuclge, John Jones, chief iusiice, Mariha Dob- son, iudqe, Bob Hill, iuclqe, Ben Piehferle, clerk. I r i VERGILIAN CLUB TOR ROW, LEFT TO RIGI-IT: Don WaIIcins, CharIes Reeder, CharIes WesIerveII, Bruce I-Iullinqer, John Bowers, Dick Minor. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGTH: Madelyn Heber, Ray Thomas, Mr. LupoIcI. Harrief Bradiey, DeIores Corder. PhyIIis Dauqhrers, Aiven WaIIaCe. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Doroihea James, GwendoIyn CampIoeII, Mary Kafhryn SeIby, Vera Dufcher, RacheI Mecksrrofh, Greichen Eve-rharr, Mar- iorie Coffinqham, Jane Ferzer. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: EveIyn KeIIer, Pafricia Knighi, Louise Jones, Jane SCOTT, Marie DeSpeIder, Mary AIice Thompson, Franoia CroweII, Berry Dunning, Janis Hyaif. NOT IN PICTURE: Dan Sims, Thomas Rae, Ted MarIhews, EarI Rar1daII. Jane MiIcheII, Ruih WaIIace, Nora Moore, Marquerife Sfrauss, Jean BradIey, Jirn Hardesfy, James Kirkparrick. TOR ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marfha Dobson, Miriam PTaIIzqraT, Mary Karhryn SeIby, MargareI WiIIiar'ns, Barbara DuIe, June Swifr. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Harrief Harmony, Bonny Weber, GwendoIyn CarnpIJeII, Mary Ann BeII, Jane Snort THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: BeIIy EIIen Tarver, Lois Dunqan, Anna Jane Cheek, Frances Burqoon, Miss MuIIiqan, adviser. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marian Jenks, parliarnenrarian, PauIine Nexander, secrerary- Treasurer, Dororhy S'fimpIe, vice presidenf, Mary Lee, president Rafricia Cooperider, president and parIiamenTarian, Helen BosI'ic, vice president Luann Keich, secrefary-Treasurer. NOT IN PICTURE: GeraIdine Morris, June BrownIee, Dorofhy Ashbauqh. ' 3 T TOASTMISTRESS CLUB INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: George Washburn, John Holbrook, Bill Richards, Rod McManigal, membership chairman, Bob Forman, George Selby, Ben Plellerle, Diclc Minor, John Bonner. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Joe Ray, social chairman, Janis Hyall, Kalhryn Mallhews, Barbara Waid, Pal McDanel, bibliography chairman, Marlha Dobson, program chairman, Roberla Slevenson, Mariorie Sauner, Cynlhia Roudebush, Mary Lee, correspondence chairman. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Kelley, adviser, Barbara Allen, John Jones, vice presidenl, Bill Verross, presidenl, Jim Whillield, lreasurer, Belly Bonney, secrelary, Mr, Jewell, adviser. LES ENTHOUSIASTES FRANCAIS TOP ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Margie Collingham, Eileen Jones, Peggy Valenline, June Swill, Belly Slillings, Madalynn Heber, Bonny Dell Weber, Marvin McClinlocl4, Bob Smilh, AI Williamson, Tim Jones. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss La Velle, Belly Mueller, Lura Jane Collingham, Dorolhy Folden, Louise Mauger, Elizabelh Hills, Marie DeSpelder, Belly Bonney, Barbara Waid, Pal Cooperrider, Mary Lee, Miss Williams. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ann Grimm, Rachel Meclcslrolh, Mariorie Gibson, Olive Taylor, Pauline Alexander, Mariam Shoemaker, Ann Sheels, Dorolhea James, Rulh Morgan, Luann Kelch, Florence Wallace, Marlha Dobson, Barbara Colley, FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: John Williams, Howard Trumbull, Janel Pace, Helen Boslic, Virginia Boss, Nan Ollenburger, Louise Jones, Florence Peppel, Barbara McDill, Roberla Seip, Joan Squire, Gladys Slewarl. FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: John Bonner, Frances Burgoon, Alice Livingslon, assislanl lreasurer, Mary Ellen Oll, secrelary, Cynlhia Roudebush, presidenl, John Jones, vice presidenl, Margarel Williams, lreasurer, Bob Murry, sergeanl-al-arms, Everell Harrison, ORNITHOLOGY CLUB TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lorenlz Meyers, Kennelli Swanson, Garelll Gilberl, Bob Criles. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ralpli Pollen- barger, Mr. Kieler, Carl Randalls, Frank Mead. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Roger Williams. Margie Collingllam, Marquise Garrison. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Luann Kelcli. Naomi Nelson, Doris Ball, Belly Ann Davison, Belly Norlon. FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Alice Davison, Ann Grimm, Doris Pisor, Rulli Kniglwl, Palricia Galbraillw. HI-Y TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Eugene Ragle, Leon Cochran, Bob Criles, Jim Nau, George Garrison, Bill Earler, Earl Earler, James Scliirclille. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dick Milclvell, Bill Taylor, Brandl Marsliall, Dick Taylor, Bill Spurlock, Ivan Borror, Bob Love, Bill Merriman, Waller Leonard, Eugene Redmond. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Russell Kennell, Norman Keller, Alberl Hersee, Dick Dye, Ed Meredilli, Bob Hyall, Jack Oney, Eugene Herron, Bill Louis, Don Long, Bud Erk, Dale Leonard, Orley McLaughlin, James Dillon. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Lillle, Calon Cobb, Dick Bascomb, Jolin Conrad, Bill Baker, Howard Criles, Bob Bean, Harry Burlon, Bob Marsliall, Leroy Slreel, Dan Gabriel, Bob Ranck. FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dick Werklwaven. Jolwn Miller, Harvey Rosenlliall, Ted Worllwman, Jolin Hiser, Bob Mauck, Arlliur Slrauss, Ed McCabe, Jolin Landon, Frank Varis, Norman Silver, Roberl Burr, Roberl Laird. SIXTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Howard Hill, Joe Jones, Jack Willberger, Palmer Fullz, Earl Randall, Ed Freler, Dean Manley, Lewis Hall, Bill Gerron, Jack Mclnlyre. SEVENTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: F. D. Augsburger, lacully advisor, Bill Weidner, Howard Rinker, Dick Minor, Har- old Aulen, secrelary, Ben Plellerle, vice presidenl, Jolin Bonner, presidenl, Jolm Kilgore. Dale Tllornburg, sergeanl-at arms, George Selby, William Veross, Rod McManigaI, Dave Evans, Mr. R. D. Burgoon, advisor. BETTY LAMP CLUB TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerry Morris, Beily McCann, Belly McOuislon, Margie Griiiilh, Palricia Harlor, Bel+y Kelly, Mary Jane While, Ruih Pierce, Onna Brown, Sue Riha. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Paul, Mary Louise Haire, Arrnida Perna, lla Ree Russell, Norma Hager, Belly Scherr, Alloeria Selders, Mary Adkins, Paily Weidner, Gene Cox, Phyllis Graves, Jean Grener, Eris Miller. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bernadine lnskeep, Helen Pills, Belly Morlon, Jeanne McCune, Marquise Garrison, Marlha Lehman, Margie Gavin, Belie Roberls, Mary Denius, Marguerile Bucher, Margarel Vilbrandl, Mary Parkin- son, Anna Frank, Laura Frank, Marguerile Howard, FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Belly Louise Taylor, Nova Jean Grifiiih, Roberia Mowery, Virginia Pursley, Marlha Funslon, Mary Ellen Fox, Dorolhy Ruhl, Elaine Bale, Mildred Heil, Mary Barklow, Jayne Krause, Charlene Swain, Billie Pusecker, Kaiherine Fraser, Belly Merkel, Marion Shoemaker. FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jane Ann Carr, Mariha Ann Krause, Dorolhy Roop, Jean Lingo, Grace Lingo, Dorolhy Sansbury, Anna Siimple, Marv Ann Hughes, Rulh Moore, Mary Saunders, Frances Bessey, Mary Helen Bazler, Agnes Hermes, Helen Rhodes. SIXTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Harrie-I Pierce, Marie Guy, Mary Flelcher, Rulh Pauli, Mary Mae Dillon, Isabel McCuen, Margarel Sides, Cleo Walsh, Arlene Byerly, Marlha Ann Fain, Avon Lanlz, Beliy Jean Gain, Luanna Siders, Phyllis Greenwood, Miss Painales, adviser. SEVENTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Elsie Borghese, secrelary Elhel Frederiksen, Dorolhy Lirnes, Margarel Walson, Norma Rulh Howard, Nan Ohfenburger, presidenl, Donna Williams. Helen Bowsher, Mariorie Mowery, sergeanl-al-arms, Mary Ellen Oil, vice presidenl, Sue Selby, Mary Lou Parrnenler, Edna Corneveau, Beverly Barneby. GIRL RESERVES TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Maxine McGinley, Phyllis Overbeclc, Eslher Norland, Margie Nuessle, Jo Nuessle, Frances Mallhews, Marlha Allcinson, Belly Dunning, Jeanne Sher, Elizabelh Hills, Jean Cossum. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Nina Hammons, Louise Kloepler, Marion Graham, Mary Kay Pelerson, Barbara Ollo, Margarel Slover, Maryrulh Weinrich, Barbara Colley, Janel Wehe, Calherine Overholl, Marilyn Miller, Belly Warman, Jean Harlor, Louise Preslon. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Rosanna Thompson, Peggy Valenine, Lois Jo Kelch, Marlha Dobson, Jean Allen, Mar- lha Lewis, Pal Shively, Dorolhy Hamm, Marjorie Balcer, Lillie Dunlavy, Dorolhy Slanlon, Marlha Moore, Fredda Jo Alexander, Marian Shoemaker, Elaine Kapp, Virginia Norlhway, Barbara IvIcDiII, Dorolhy Smilh, Palricia Berry. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Rulh Pearce, Margie Grillilh, Harriel Pierce, Frances Edwards, Virginia Boss, Phyllis Dauqhlers, Frances Crowell, Marguerile Bucher, Belly Norlon, Floricle Kisller, Belly Pursley, Jeanne Ackley, Virginia Harvey, Belly King, Mary Louise Robuclc. FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Donna Belle Pelerson, Mary Ellen Fox, Annabel Loren, Belly Bolenbaugh, Virginia Olslad, Marlha Hellerman, Phyllis McMichael, Virginia Long, Helen Young, Marlha Richmond, Irma McMillen, Marguerile Greene, Janis Hyall, Belly Aull, Geneva Downey, Buena Downey. SIXTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Belly Jean Sieglried, Willamae Ullerbaclc, Harriel Barcroll, Harriel Harmony, Alma Senll, Janel Pace, Marquise Garrison, Pal Willel, Dorolhy Rupp, Shirley Barlon, Roberla Mowery, Virginia Harris, Roberla Slcelley, Virginia Phillips, Audrey Prine, Luann Kelch, Cynlhia Roudebush. SEVENTH RONN, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Jean Salisbury, Marjorie Slewarl, Jane Felzer, Virginia Miller, Dorolhy Vesl, Alice Essel, Linelle Long, Dorolhy Sleen, Mary Alice Shipp, Virginia Easlman, Belly Mueller, Bernice Blalce, Marlha Halch, Gladys Slewarl, Grelchen Everharl, Mary Alice Thompson. EIGHTH RONN, LEFT TO RIGHT: Pally Phillips, Barbara Ogenburger, Pal Knighl, Belly Bonney, Marilyn DeLeone, Belly Slillings, Myrlle Jean While, Ann McGuire, Helen Boslic, Sara Ann Walsh, Marjorie Noon, Marcine Spangf ler, Avon Lanlz, Belly Young, Joan Cannode, Marjorie Daubenmire, Marcelle Daubenmire. NINTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marjorie Corban, Dorolhy Eiblinq, Rull-i Srnilh, Rulh McMillan, Ann Sheels, Mozelle Phillips, Elinor Wenger, Rulh Ferris, Virginia Harvison, Rulh Sombold, Elhel Pelerson, Miriam Lehman, Eileen Jones, Belly Guda, Margarel Gurney, Marie DeSpelder, Mary Denius. TENTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Florence Kessler, Jerrie Morris, Ann Brashear, Roberla Slevenson, Rulh Cleary, Wanda Schneider, Dorolhy Ashbaugh, Jean Grener, Virginia Mollal, Miriam Mason, Mary Kalhryn Selby, Gwendolyn Camp- bell, Jane Scoll, Annabelle Spence, Jean Dye, Jeane Fenner, Virginia Spear. ELEVENTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dorolhy Andrews. Belly Ellen Tarver, Pally Slevenson, Kalhryn Mallhews, Helen Farrell, Onna Brown, Marjorie Mowery, Marjorie Gibson, Marlha Foreman, Ardalh McEIhiney, Dorolhy Wurdaclc, Rosella Hamm, Vera Dulcher, Lois Ann Hanna, Frances Essig, Rulh Mallil, Barbara Maxon, Olive Taylor. TWELFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Dule, Jane Thompson, service chairman, Mary Anne Bell, devolions chair- man, Mary Laulersweiler, music chairman, Barbara Waid, member al large, Mary Lee, vice presidenl, Mrs. Perrin, adviser, Miss Long, adviser, Barbara Allen, presidenl, Miss Reynolds, adviser, Mary Ellen Oll, secrelary, Jane Lea Fergus, lreasurer, Nan Ollenburger, publicily chairman, Louise Jones, program chairman, Anna Jane Cheek, social chairman, Frances Burgoon. PRESS CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT: I-larold Aulen, James Shirclille, Jean Sykes, Mary Alice Bealley, Marlha Dobson, Miriam Lehman, Marguerile Slrauss, Belly DeVere, Janice I-lorn, Jane Lea Fergus, Jane Kendel, Rulh Ferris, Mary Louise Schullz, Janel Burris, Dick Fisher, Joseph Ricci, Bob Marl, Dick Lowry, Bill Headly, Waller Uhrig, Bill Fowlks, Bill Harrup, Don Brown, Richard Anderlon, Russell Kennel, Marlin Brown, Fred Pollock, Bob W. Srnilh, Warren Rineharl, John Brown, Larry Hughes, Mill Bryanl, Dorolhy Slimple, Margarel Williams, Mariorie Sauner, Mary Lee, Jane Moeller, Maxine Ulrey, Barbara Allen, Rulh Ripley, Peggy Busch, Jeane Canode, Reay Dolezal, Evelyn Promin, Marlha Halch, Doris Pisor, Sue Selby, Nan Ollenburger, Vera Dulcher, Eleanora John- slon, Mary Garwick, Jean Rockalield, Virginia Boss, Helen Boslic, Barbara King, Joan Pelil, Marie DeSpelder, Marlha Foreman, Geraldine Schneider, Dorolhy Carler, Kalhryn Jemison, Ann Sheels, Belly Sleck, Harriel Harmony, Barbara Waid, Kalhryn Mallhews, Marion G'aham, Jean Dye, Belly Lee Culnaw, Jane Robinson, Jerry Edgar, Marion Shoemaker, Frances Burgoon, Olive Taylor, Muriel Smilh, Sara Ann Walsh, Mary K. Pelerson INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerry Morris, Pally Willel, Mary Rolhgeb, Wanela Garrabranl, Marlha Foreman, Calherine Overholl, Belly Slein, Melba Poling, Thelma Poling, Rachel Meck- slrolh. SECOND ROY, LEFT TO RIGHT: Onna Brown, Rosemary Norris, Jean Orlhoeler, Virginia Long, Charlene Swain, Helen Young, assislanl secrelary, Margarel Edwards, Evelyn Kaiser, Marlha DeBoll, Wilma Faiella, Belly Pursley. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Rulh Ripley, Barbara Dule, Virginia Smilh, Ardelh McElhiney, Marjorie Gibson, Mariorie Daubenmire, Marcella Daubenmire, Grelchen Everharl, Gladys Slewarl, Mary Alice Thompson, Mariorie Collingham, Luann Kelch, Jane Lea Fergus, FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Geneva Downey, Virginia Norlhway, Belly Slillinqs, Doris Shook, Virginia Reimold, Janel Burris, JeanSpring, Jeane Canode, Marlha Halch, Dorolhy Wurdack, Elhel Sauclers, Audrey Davis. FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGI-IT: Ellen Jean Rhodes, Mary Kay Pelerson, names commillee chairman, Marion Graham, secrelary, Gerry Edgar, Polaris represenlalive, Rulh Larva, serqeanl-al-arms, Marian Shoemaker, presidenl, Frances Burgoon, vice presidenl, Ann Brashear, lreasurer, Belly Jo Palchanis, Mr. Taylor, advisor. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGI-IT: Joe Ray, David F5seI, CInarIe. WesIerveII, Cnesfer I-IawIey, SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGI-IT: Mary Nice BeaIIey, Marqierife Bucher, Doris BQII Mariorie Corrinqnarn, Marquerife Greene, Wiiliam Verross, Mariorie McKinnon, Harrier Bircrofr. THIRD ROW, LFFT TO RIGHT: Janei Pence, MarII'1a Dobon, Jane Ann MonI'qomery, Ardarn McFIIniney, Miriam Loose, Esfkier KreqIow, PaIriCia Powers, Roderick IvIc:ManiqaI, Frederick Turner. FOURTI-I ROW, LFFT TO RIGFIT: Befry McOuisIon, Jean Bruck, Fva Pronnin, Mary Louise Binns. .lean Ford Barbara AIIen, Cynfnia Roudebusn. FIFTI-I ROW, LFFT TO RIGI-IT: Virqinia Keqq, FyereII I-Iarrison, AIyin WaIIace, CarI Scnanlrz, Jack Branfner Jokin L. I-IiII, Laura DeLasIirnuIIT, RUII1 Cox, .Ionn Jones. SIXTI-I ROW, LFFT TO RIGI-IT: John Bowers, MarIIwa De'3oII', Jean Cossurn, Berry Dunning, RuII1 CIeary, Mary Den- ius, Jeanne Sher, I-Iarrier I-Iarrnony, MarqueriIe Srrauss, I-Iaroid Auron. SFVFNTH ROW, LFFT TO RIGI-IT: Rober? KeiIki, MicIwaeI Murray, M-wry FIIen OI: Nan OFer'bur:3er Marian Jerks, Ann Grirnrr, Jmm CIay, Mary Lee Maforie Ann Gibon, Rickard Miror FIGI-ITI-I ROW, LEFT TO RIGI-IT: Irma IVICMiIIan. Virfqinia Boss, Lioroiny Vfurdacik, Luann KQIQIW, Rurkw Ripley IVIar iorie Saunrer, Ruin Wfick, DoroIIiy SIirnpIe, Marqaref Wi'Iiarns, DoroIInea Jarnes. IXIINTFI ROW, LFFT TO RIGI-IT: KirIy Lee Warkins, Mary RoII'1qeIJ, .Iuanira Garrakvrandr, I-IeIen Young, Marqaro Ilrayer, Ver.. Dufckwer, Marie Dfw SpeIcIer Gferindinc S nneiior, TFNTH ROIJV, LEFT TO RIGHT: ,Iran Mfagkey, R:m5eIIa I-Ia'n'r Iiuiw Jones, R2kn3rI Fiirrari, Par I4n 1I'iI, R19 Coooiwr rider, Jurif: Brw,nIoe F'ne Jawa.. DEBATE TEAM LEFT TO RIGHT: John Bonne Rozelle, coach, Mariorie Simmer R T1 ard Minor. 74 It ' if 00 1 .ig if E A TET T TI gg . INK CARTOON CLUB I STUDENT COUNCIL TOR ROW, LEET TO RIGHT: Jean Conway, Reay DoIezaI, Dean ManIey, HeIen Tmcg, Ricnard MiIQIwe'I, Wafiffce Pnii- Iips, HaroId Amen, EEII Lewis, Henry WiI5on. Jane Ester, BIake S7iIes, SECOND ROW, LEET TO RIGHT: EiIeen Jones, Beffy Sfeck, RUIII RipIey, HarrieI Harrnony, June SWITI, Virqinia N0rII'i- way, DoroIIny Parks, Luann Keicn, Bob LiI'IIe. THIRD ROW, LEET TO RIGHT: Jane Lea Eerqus, BeIIy Lee Cufnaw, Beffy PursIey, Mary Rofkiqeb, RuIIn Wick, Wanefa 6arraI1ranI, HeIen Younq, BonnydeII Weber, Marqar3+ Drayer, Mary Corinne LauIersweiIcw EOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marflwa BauroIIw, Mary Louise SCIMJIIZ, Marian Shoemaker, Joe AIwood, MariIyn DeLeone, BiII Waqner, GIoria Cennarno, RacI'xeI MecksIroII'1. EIETH ROXIV, LEET TO RIGHT: Joanne Reffif, Gone Cox, Jin'i'ny Sn1iII'1, Jack Branfner, Eiowafci Rinker, Dick Haqer, Mariorie Gibson. SIXTH ROVV, LEFT TO RIGHT: BeIIy MorreII, Maxine Meajors, Virqinia Harvey, Miirioiie fxnrffndf, Vera Dufcner, TIiornas Green, Bill TayIor. SEVENTH ROW, IEET TO RIGHT: Oeorfxe HoeIIinrqer, Virqinia McCann, I3auI Cuyf2ricIe', Jean Hoover, Marian JenkS, Mariorie Bidlernan, Naorni NeIson, Bcffy MacWiIIis, Bekly Bonney, EIQHTH ROW, LEET TO RIGHT: Barbara Waid, Bik Richards, Erances Eufqoon IIf-arcfa, Jokinsmn, Dick Minor, Bob Eorrnan, Anna Jane Chowk, Marjorie Sauner, Bernice Bake. NOT IN PICTURE: Dorofhy Lirnes. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dick Lowry, Dick Fislwer, Joe Ricci, Russell Ken- riell, James Slwirclille, Ray Miller, Bill McDowell, Reay Dolezal. BOOK SECOND Row, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jane Lea Fergus, Jean Rockaliald, Marin iogzmoavnl, Rulli Ballanlyne, Frances Crowell, Belly Lee Culnaw, Eslller THIRD ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Eleanor Smilli, Miss Bryanl, Ann Slweels Sara Ann Walsll, Jane Robinson, Kallwryn Malllwews, Lorraine Cooper, Pal McDanel, Maxine Zimmerman, Virginia Boss. Barbara King, Belly Sleck. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Kale Jemison, Jerry Edgar, Peggy Busclw, Rulli Ripley, Dorollwy Carler, Ben James, Marjorie Sauner, Jeane Canode, Eleanora Jolinslon, Helen Boslic, Nan Ollenburger. NOT IN PICTURE: Jayne Rlioacles, Mary Crawlord, Sue Selby. OUTSIDE CIRCLE, STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jean Dye, Marllia Dobson, Vera Dulclwer, James Sliirclille, Harriel Harmony, Mary Lee. OUTSIDE CIRCLE, SITTING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Joanne Pellil, Margarel Buscl'1,Janel Burris, Marllia HalcI'1, Miss Bryanl, Mary Alice Bealley, Marguerile Slrauss, Jack Burkel, Fred Pollock, Harold Aulen, Belly Sleck, Bob Biorn, Bill Mc- Dowell, Reay Dolezal, Virginia Lanurn, Belly Ballanlyne. INSIDE CIRCLE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dorollwy Slimple, Margwrel Williams, Sue Selby, Mary Crawford. OUTSIDE CIRCLE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jean Hawkins, Sara Ann Walsli, Marie DeSpelder, Janis Jacobs, Sliirley Wise, Doris Pisor, Jayne Rlioades, Iris Sullivan, Eleanor Srnilli, Mildred Breillwaupl, Jayne Kendall, Ann Hurless. INSIDE CIRCLE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Biorn, Fred Pollock, Miss Bryanl. gy POLARIS . Q STAFF 76 x "T,??I"91V,'?2f A Mb ' A J wx 4,3 . 7 , Q W 16 4 Z'Zw!i' + A I 1 , :f- sf ' fc ,, wi , ,c z ff: Q YS 'Y A X K2 Ji 'Z B H s 'ga K , Q Z XX 1-53 P 9 I W 2 1 v , ., ,Vg 1- pa' ff? is yi Q , ' we gf 12' X C Q RTS OFF! f,.s:a:ae:a:s4:a: M , ,Z .:::.,:.:::.:.:d--. -my -iiz AAA, ,, A yy ' Q i f 4 I gf? ,4 f pg i 4 Q is g 4,2 1 , I, ' ' ? ' Q ..,:5 , .:4+2 g, ' ul-2 z "f 35 1 V4. g , 1 . 1 nw ss some woQw?s-EYE vxaw ,gi,WQfBm 5,4 M NORTH ww AT 19711.11 , "4- , + A , E VZVZ 3fA , :-V, :QV V fu Y A Ab Z: Hi! ,. .,,, .fu Qi f . , 1, vii' A we Q Prize Pupil' -' :rack Fvosf Q ii '1 nm XXX RPECESP Q50- 09? QQU awww WW wwf' iff- A ei it NO NEED F05 NRE THEVRE DANCING mrasmfm i E 3 135 ,fzz . ,, .,,, . ' gg E AA A f- Jusf PDSMG HOUDAY1 Y "" ' 'b " J ,,, ,, is f li ,ELEI 1', 0 45, if Q A Q 'S -' '.: x N., zf .MW 1 01606 ' Qf934 ff' vw ws-mr B152 FEET! ALL HONEST ,-Jimmy! TSLL You X X DECORATEG QJHQQ Xffgyyiu, llr1fz.':.1JfP'9"hAf "MWA-W--A ,.. , if 59 MUSE ?'. . ' X fuqvv f 7--- .71 4 UIQ 1 v 4' IMI. 1 O 1 ,', f 5 4 ' fo" 30.0 '0,0.0 O ' 0,03 0 w' N ' MZ Q mv. n e"',.'lL""'M H V fm V ff . HW ' N X .. f , Z m5,,,,,,,. N " ' og x X! x A Jo, Q , N x u f X 4 'Q jo? - fa, mx V stty t 7,0"? ' 5 1 IM .44 4131 W' A 'ff:'ff': Q'f'f7'31 4 . v 1L'ff'fj'- X H 1 12312132 1915132 ,A pviyg Q , z-ol.: A lx '1,'a.,, l '- Q' 9 5 , t C2235 vu ' 3 O Y: + Xwffofbfw 'sf QQ. I WX' J, , Q ' i N..f.,,, - .9 sf I R l 'I I. 1 , ' , Q, 1 A u-.------- FOLNSON BOYS' ENSEMBLE TOR ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Rc Dudley, John Slevens, Roberl KC Bill Hindman. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Iiam Schneider, George Davis, I Williamson, Charles Taylor, J. Rc Seiloerl, Don Uhl. SENIORS GIRLS' GLEE CLUB TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jeanne Fenner, Wanda Schneider, Ellen Greyer, Dorolhy Ashbaugh, Audrey Prine, Belly Slillinqs, Rulh Robe, Linelle Long, Gwendolyn Campbell, Audrey Borror, Elma Sleek, Jean Cossurn. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Rulh Cleary, Dorolhy Rupp, Rulh Williams, Ann Hurless, Doris Everharl, Luann Kelch, Miriam Plallzgral, Rulh Morgan, Virginia Norllway, Harriel Bradley, Marguerile Slrauss, Marjorie Colling- ham, Mariorie McClure, Marlha Dobson. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dorolhy Slimple, Jeanne Sher, Rulh Cox, Emily Lou Ewing, Dorolhy McVilly, Nan Olzlenburger, Roberla Skelley, Ann Brashear, Marion Graham, Anna Mae Gingery, Belly Dunning, Evelyn Keller, Marian Jenks, Mary Max Haverman. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Virginia Lanum, Virginia Smilh, Marlha Halon, Joan Mackey, Anila Seal, Ferne Cook, Melba Miller, Marguerile Green, Mary Elizaloelh Ranck, Jeanne Wagner, Roberla Seip, Madge Posey. ii ii P f V A CAPELLA CHOIR TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ellen Jean Rhodes, Audrey Prine, Charles Dillmar, David Essel, Don Long, Bob Ross, Don Uhl, Rulh Morgan, Janis Hyafl, Ilene Dill. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jane Robinson, BeI+y Warrnan, Mary Alice Bealley, Fosler Durnlord, James Mc' Caiclerly, Jim Whiliield, Bill Hindman, Wallace Phillips, Dean Manley, Evelyn Keller, lone Kress. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dorolhy McVilly, Lauren:e Linl, Roberl Moon, Wilson Blend. Bill Headley, Elmer Groli, Bob Duclley, George Davis, Lewis Daniels, Roberl Kohler, Joe Kirby, Mary Max Haverman. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sue Humphreys, Dorolhf Wesl, Rulh Cox, Sue Selby, Roberl Perry, Charles Reisinf qer, Marcus Norris, Don Credo, Margarer Williams, Parricia Cooperider, Mariorie McClure, Marian Jenlcs. FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Thelma Polinq, Melba Poling, Mary Lauiersweiler, Allen Williamson, John Williams, J. Roberl Seibert Dick Wellman, John Slevens, Ann Brashear, Linelle Lonq, Rulh Wilson, Anna Mae Ginqery. SIXTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gene Cox, Louise Jones, Dorolhy Slimple, Joanne Peliir, Norma Slupe, Luann Kelch, Charles H. Taylo', Fred Polloclc, Don Burnham, Marjorie Sauner, Pauline Alexander, Belly Sleclc, Marilyn Slewarl. GIRLS' ENSEMBLE TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dorolhy Slimble, Pauline Alexander, Palricia Cooperider, Luann Kelch, Mary Alice Beailey, Louise Jones. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jeanne Wagner, Ann Brashear, Rulh Wilson, Rulh Morqan, Margarel Wil- liams, Dorolhy McVilI'y, Rulh Cox. 81 ORCHESTRA TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Eleanor Annelle, Dorolhy Brealcey, Bonnydell Weber, Virginia Phillips, Marie DeSpeIA der, Jean Dye. Marian Graham, Virginia Rosenbaum. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jean Ann Slinson, Doralhy Ashbaugh, Ann Rulhn, Mary Kay Pelerson, Gloria Knicely. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Luann Kelch, Don Uhl, Frank Kinnan, Don Wallcins, Fred Turner, Glenn Heinlen, Bob Perry, Don Wilson, Dudley Yeager, Dale Thornburg, Paul I-Iallield, Bob Highlshoe. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Anna Jane Cheek, Lislz Kinnear, Elizabelh Hills, Dorolhy Slanlon, Imogene Hole comb, Floyd Kinnan, Loren Senn, David Chrislman, Hovard Trumbull, Elma Sleclc, Mary Ellen Breilhaupl, Rod McManigaI, Laura DeLashmull. FIFTII ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Waller Meier, Charles Szhullz, Bill Schneider, John Mecarlhey, Thomdilce Toops James Smilh, Roberl Miller, Russell O'Neal, Roberl Garrison, Rulh Moore, Gladys Horne, David Herrman, Jaclc Branlher. SIXTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: David Thompson, Bill Corbin, Franlc Lanich, Maxine Croslon, Eileen Miller, Roberla Slcelley, Doris Everharl, Virginia I-louser, Rulh Wilson, Belly Jo Falchanis, Kalhryn Wood, Mary Jane Kern, Audrey Borror. SEVENTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marian Turner, Virginia Mollal, Blylhe Powers, Delores Corder, Lois Ann I-lanna, June Brownlee, Cynlhia Roudebush, Flo Wallace, Dorolhy McVill'y, Jane Robinson, Winilred Cheslnul, Lois Jo Kelch, Alice Hodrus. EIGHTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ralph Hulchins, Anna Mae Gingery, Mary Max Haverman, Palricia Cooperider. NOT IN PICTURE: Leland Cochran, Ralph Coolce, Dorolhy June Curry, Barbara Fuller, Ellazena Granl, Waller Taylor, Flo Webb, Palsy Wrighl. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: John Blair, William Corbin, Richard Powell, George Davis, Raymond Linlc, Roberf Biorn, James Smilh, Paul Welsh. ' SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Leland Cochran, Joseph Nisanger, Roberl Pemberlon, Glenn Heinlen, Roberl Perry. George Hoellinger, Jane Thompson, William Merryman, Dean Shoemalfer, Ralph Rielenslahl, THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Luann Kelch, Don Uhl, Wilson Blend, Ivan Borror, James Nau, Roberl' Ranclc, William Pafierson, Roberl Bean, Marlin Sullivan, David Chrislman, Loren Serin. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: John Williams, Charles Miller, Anna Jane Cheelc, Marlha Moore, Mary Alice Shipp. Lisle Kinnear, Dorolhy Slanlon, Floyd Kinnan, Kirkwood Yarman, Laura DeLashmul+, Cynlhia Roudebush, Elma Sleclc, Mary Ellen Breilhaupi. FIFTH ROW:, LEFT TO RIGHT: Charles Meclcslrolh, Bob While, Fred Kampher, Edwin Raver, Virginia Schob, Lloyd McCune, Dale Roberl, Diclc Dye, Jack Branlner, David Herrman, George Mayhew, Leo King, Dale Leonard, Roger Williams. SIXTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Joanne Pellil, George Garrison, Jaclc Turner, Marshall Kidd, William Saver, John Kaclcley, Belry Guda, Richard King, Bob Chrisman, George Selby, Allen Williamson, Bill I-lunler, Bob Hyail, Edward Bonar, Don Wilson. SEVENTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Don Keller, Dave Evans. Bob Willis, Fred Turner, Bill Wagner, Don Wallcins, Franlc Kinnan, Roberl Highlshoe, Dale Thornburg, Joe Ray, Howard Rinlrer, Dudley Yeager, Paul Halfield. EIGHTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Don Criles, Gladys Flor, Palricia Cooperider, Bill Schneider, Bob Thomas. NOT IN PICTURE: Owen Dickerson, James Dillon, Joe Kirby, William Lloyd, Bob McNeal, Hosea Malfhews, Charles Reeder, Charles Reinsinger, Waller Taylor, Mariorie Whipps. Rodney McManigal, Drum Maior. BAND CLEFF CLUB TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lois Jo Kelclw, Florence Wallace, Gladys Flor, Virginia Scliolo, Ruin Wilson, Blyllie Pow- ers, Audrey Borror, Marian Turner, Winilred Cliesinul, Marina Moore, Luann Kelcln, Maxine Croslon. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bonnydell Weber, Jean Dye, June Brownlee, Mary Alice Sliipp, Lois Ann Hanna, Dorolliy Slanlon, Virginia Phillips, Roberla Slqelley, Cynlliia Roudebuslv, Joanne Peilif. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RTGHT: Belly Bonney, Mary Ellen Breilliaupl, Jane Robinson, Dorollwy Aslribauqli, Mary Max Hayerrnan, Pairicia Cooperider, Dorollny McViHy, Elma Sleek, Jane Thompson, Marian Gralnarn, Gloria Knicely, Mary Kallierine Peierson. DANCE BAND TOR ROVV, LEFT TO RlGHT: Du Yeager, Dale Tliornburq, Don W Bob Perry, Glenn Heinlen, Roc Melvlanigal. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: H Naslri, Dave Evans, Bob Ranclc, Miller, Bill Rallerson. 84 vQ- KKK K Al ,,4vf C5- "! 5: Y ? Q L A X Hovfgxi mnflw , I ' x . ,fa ij i J .... -11-1:7 1, df ES OLMSON STAC5 E C REW TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGI-IT: David Essel, George Washburn, Bob Burr, David Branl, Dick Forward, Dick Judd, Don Carier, Bill I-Ieadley, Mr. Scoullen. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGI-IT: Gene Redmond, Joe Morlon, Ben James, manager, Dan Buck, Bill Fowlkes, John Conrad. PRODUCTION CREW OF "YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU" TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGI-IT: Margaref Wenger, Marquise Garrison, I-Iarriei Bradley, Roberfa Moizer, Belly Boyer, Ruih Ripley, Mariha Richmond, Marlha Foreman, Ardirh McElhinney, Mariorie Gibson, Ann Sheers, Mozelle Phil- lips, Eleanor Wenger, Pairy Phillips, MarIha Moore, Jean Cossum, Veda Osborn. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGI-IT: Joan Mackey, Dorolhy Wurdack, Jane Lea Fergus, Be-Hy Norion, Janis I-Iyali, Alice Livingslon, Jean Bradley, Eileen Jones, Belly Slillings, Barbara King, Barbara Dule, Jerry Morris, Belly Tarver, Marlha I-larch, Bernice Blake, Roberfa Seip, Marguerire Bucher, Virginia Boss, Mary Ellen OIT, Virginia Miller, Ann Brashear, I-Ielen Young, Virginia Long. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGI-IT: I-Ielen Farrell, Pai Galbrairh, Par Knight Gene Cox, Pai McDaneI, Janei Burris, Ellen Jean Rhodes, Doris Schenk, Mary Alice Bealley, Luann Ke-rch, Ru+h Morgan, Rae I-Iarl, Gloria Knicely, Mariha Baurolh, Virginia Srnilh, Rulh Cleary. FOURTI-I ROW, LEFT TO RIGI-IT: Rulh Larva, Mary K. Peferson, Marian Graham, Roselle I-Iamm, Jean Dye, Vera Dulcher, Frances Essig, Greichen Everharr, Gladys Siewarr, Roberia Srevenson, Pal I-Iarlor, Eleanora Johnson, Anna Jane Cheek, Naomi Nelson, Jane Feizer. FIFTI-I ROW, LEFT TO RIGI-IT: Virginia Lanum, Karhryn Malihews, Bill Geiger, Ray Dolezal, Don Burnham, Bill Flind- man, John Miller, John Glass, Bob Smilh, Bob Criles, Melvin Ezzo, George Mayhew, Jane Ann Monlgornery. CAST OF "YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU" TOR ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Murray, Everelf Harrison, Palricia Cooperider, Bob Forman, Barbara Thierrnan, Joe Kirby, Dorolhy Gibson, Helen Bosric, Modalyn Heber, Mariorie McClure. Mr. Scoullen. SECOND ROVV, LEFT TO RIGHT: Howard Hill, Janice Willis Jim Whillield. Venice Coclw, Marvin McClinloclc, Marlha Dobson. John Bonner, Harvey Rosenlhal. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jimmie Smilh, Harold Aulen, Howard Rinlcer. CAST OF "THE YANKEE KING" TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Pal Kniqhl, Jim Whiflfield, Marfha Baurolh, Bill I-Iindman, Gene Cox, Marvin McClin- Ioclc, Helen Bosric, Mariorie Sauner, John Bowers, Ellen Jean Rhodes. Janice Willis, Mr. Scoulfen. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Vera Dulcher, Evelyn Keller, Bob Murray, Alice B. Livingslon, Howard Rinlcer, Pal McDanel, John Bonner, Eleanora Johnslon, I CAST OF "OUR TOWN Senior Play TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Cliarles Weslervell, Everell Harrison, Jimmie Srnilln, Bob Perry, Ralpli Vasami, Rod McManiqal. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Harold Aulen, Mary Ellen Oll, Jane Ann Monlgomery, Rulli Cleary, Alice Livinqslon, Bob Smilli. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jolwn Moore, Belly Bonney, Howard Rinlcer, Jol'in Bowers, Marllwa Halclw. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Wagner, Evelyn Keller, Bob Murray, Doris SI1oolc. NOT IN PICTURE: Pal McDanel, Marvin McClinloclc, Marllia Dobson, Janice Willis, Clarence Geese. PRODUCTION CREW OF "YANKEE KING" TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Smilli, Bob Criles, Melvin Ezzo, Belly Bonney, Ardallw McEll1iney, Mariorie Gibson, Marllia Moore, Jean Cossum, Marllia Dobson, Mary K. Pelerson. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Laura Jane Collingliam, Jean Bradley, Belly Slillings, Geraldine Morris, Barbara Dule, Marllwa Halcli, Bernice Blake, Marguerile Buclier, Marqarel Vilbrandl, Mary Ellen Oll. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Donald Bornliam, Elizabelli Driggs, Janis Hyall, Pal Galbrai'll'i, Elizabellw Hills, Belly Dunning, Doris Slioolc, Belly E. Tarver, Luann Kelcli, Rayburn Harl, Gloria Knicely, Marllia Baurolli, Naomi Nelson, Bob Miller, , FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Kalliryn Malllwews, Helen Farrell, Hilda Uliliq, Rosella Hamm, Jean Dye, Frances Essiq, Winilred Cliesnul, Gladys Slewarl, Virginia Boss, Virginia Lanum. X Z Z D Z 'K BACK ROW, LEFT TO RlGl-lT: Bob Zack, Coach Mike l-lagely, Fred Hann, Alberl' Calland, Edd Davis, Joe Allwood, Eddie Wolfe, Jack Nelson, Bill Cregq, Bill l-lowland, Bob Limes, Lanc l-lall, Bob Lonis, Bob Slaller, Dwighl Crawford, Bill Olmslead, Chuck Shaw, Johnny Boghossia Dick Burgefl, Ted l-lalzo, Jim Baldwin, Assisranl Coach George l-laney. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Manager Ted Brown, Manager Dan Sims, Dick Sluarl, Rex Ankror Bob Armslrong, John Kilgore, Neal Prilchard, Dick Zimmerman, Joe Collman, Manager Dwigl Shingledecker, Trainer Junior Geroux. CROSS COUNTRY SQUAD LEFT TO RIGHT: Ralph Carlisle, Bill Louis, Dick Lowry, Berl Frank, Dick Bascom, Waller Buchanan, Bob lmmel, John Blair, Norman Keller, Capiain Sam Cobb. 90 S TOP ROW. LEFT TO RTGHT: Coach Hickrran, Jenn Kilgore, Dick Eurqeff, Dave McClain, Jirn Havdesfv, Jack Hauser Frank Crawford, Dave Douqhiy. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RVGHT: Jerry Kafrierrnari, Dick WaHers, Jack Edwards, Capfain Ed. Merrifi. George Toiberf Norman Pheips, Don Wrafren. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Assisiani Manager Willard Life, Manaqer "Bus" Townsend. ESERVE ASKETBALL TEAM DR ROW, LEFT TO RTGHT: Coach Trace, Manager "Sidi Dubois Guyon Srnifii Biii Barr, Hucgin Spyxer, BOE Yoaicum Assisfani Manaqer Leon Giii. DTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RTGHT- Bob Dudley Eari Garwick, Bch Fcrd, Did We1rl4i1aven, Dick Greqq, Deus Myers. 91 N A ., -.,. 5 ..., I 1 I I .35 BASEBALL SQUAD TOR ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Hagely, Mr. Sekerak. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Balory, Shannon Fergus, Charles Holleran, Bob Bee, Don Ashlon. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jack Herberl, Francis Smilh, Bob Ford, Bob Dudley, Arl Lang, FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dick Burgell, Jerry Kalherrnan, Hugh Spyker, Ed Barry, Abe Wallers, Ed Davis. FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Schmiller, Van Kalherman, Don Myers, Bob Armslrong, Joe Coffman. SIXTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Marl, Bob Swysgood, Doug Myers, Ed Merrill, Caplairi Jack Edwards, Dave Doughly. TRACK TEAM TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dick Gregg, Dick Hill, Bill Olmslead, Bob Chrislian, Arl Linzelle, Dean Manley, Bob Limes, Jack Mclnlyre, Frank Vari, Bill Orr, Dick Hauseman, Edwin Kaul, Dick Chrislian, Kennelh Cashner, Dick Fowley, Ed Mkade, Bob Marshall, Daye McLane, Lynwood Walker, Russ Kennell, Bob Spicer. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Charles Andre, Waller Buchanan, Earl Randall, Bob Warren, Clarence Kaufman, Bob Kohler, Bill' Howl- and, Bob Ross, Bob Lonis, Norman Phelps, Jimmy Smilh, Mac Van Dyke, Dwighl Crawford, Clarence Cochrane, Marlin Brown, Frank Meade, Charles Dupre, Paul Slenl, Richard Groscosl, Keilh Urban. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Tim Jones, Bruce Holinger, Ted Brown, Ted Halzo, Bill Richards, Bob Forman, Norm Keller, Bob Parkinson, John Jones, George Hoellinger, Dallas Dupre, Eyerell Harrison, Richard Lowry, John Blair, Bob Chambers, Barney Hammock, Bob Sleven- son, Ed Wolll, Dick Bascom, Ted Mallhews. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ed Frel'er, Charles Flinl, Berl Frank, Ed Thomas, Paul Hallield, Don Crighls, Jimmy Srnilh, Jack Rad- clille, Tom Crane, Bill Taylor, Dale Thornburg, Bill Day, Ralph Carleigh, Jim Baldwin, John Kilgore, Charles Egger, Coach Haney. VARSITY "N" TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: BIII Mack, Dick BurqeTI, "Mike" HaqeIy, BIII Richards, Joe CoIIman. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerry KaII'1errnan, Ed MerriII. Jack Edwards, WaIIer Buchanan, Bob TiIIey, Bob Hardesfy, Don WraIIen, Don DanieII, Bus Townsend, WiIIard Life, Bob Arm- sfrong, Jim BaIdwin, DaIIas Dupre. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dick WaIIers, Jack Hauser, George Mayhew, Sam Cobb, Jack NeIson, Bob HeadIey, BIII FowIkes, Thom Green, Norm PITEBIDS George ToIber'r, WiIson Long, Bob Sfeyens. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Rex Ankrorn, Joe Adams, Ted Ha'rZo, Georqe HoeI'Iinqer, James SmiII1, Bob Immel, EvereII HarrIson, Jobn BIair, Dick Zimmerman, CaIon Cobb, Norm Keller, FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Parkinson, Harry WiIqus, BIII McDoweII, Bob Murray, Jerry Geroux, Dan Sims, Jack RadcIiIIe, Dick Lowry, Frank CrawIord, Bob Garrison, Bob SIaIIer, John KiIgore. TENNIS TEAM TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Roqer WiIIiams, manager, BiII Louis, Dan Sims, Paul FiIinq. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Joe Ray, KenneIIw Need- Iwarr, Bill Barr. NOT IN PICTURE: HaroId Amen. 93 CLASS BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Virqinia Lanum, I-IeIen FarreII, EIIneI Souders Janis I-Iyafi, Maxine Zimmerman Joan Mackey, Kainryn Marinews, rmman- aqer. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Roe seIIa Hamm, Audrey Davis, Dororlny Wurdack, capfain, Jerry Edgar, Mar- qarei Hufchinson, Ruin Larva. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Meiba PoIing, cneer Ieader, TI"ieIma PoIing, cheer Ieader. NOT IN PICTURE: Vera DuIcIwer, CO- rnanaqer, Alice CornweII, cheer IeacIer. VOLLEYBALL CLASS TEAMS TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marie Gury, EIizabe+I1 Merrick, Doris TomIinson, Marqaref Merrick, Parry Shiyeiy, capfain of Sopiiomoresp Dorofhy Hamm, Audrey Rosson, Jan Underwood. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGI-IT: MarceIIe Daubenmire, Mariorie Daubenmire, Nancy Rosson, Miidreci Zeckrnan, EIma SIecIc, capiain of Juniors, Doris Smiin, SeIma Smifln, June I-IuIcI1inson, MiIdred WIiiIIey. TI-IIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGI-IT: Jean Dye, Jerry Edgar, Audrey Dayis, Raciiei Mecksiroin, capiain of Seniors, Ruin Larya, Virqinia Lanurn, E'rIieI Souders, Joan Mackey. NOT IN PICTURE: Mary EIIen Breiihaupi. GOLF TEAM LEFT TO RIGHT: Fred Kamplwer, Wilson Long, Georqe Tolberf, Bob Kellrwer, Tom Addis. INTRAMURAL SPEEDBALL CHAMPIONS TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Thelma Reams, Gemelrus Briqqs, Doroflwy Wolfe, June Jusllce, Shirley Marslw. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Belly Faslwood, Belly Merrell, Jerry Edqar, cepfaln, Rullw Larva, Elma Sleek. 95 GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Luann Kelch, Kaihryn Mallhews, Kale Jemison, Janis Hyall, Belly Bonney, Mary Lauiersweiler, Llanei Waring, Vera Duicher, Melba Poling. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Ellen Breilhaupi, Ann Grimm, Peg Greene, Irma McMillen, Marrha Lehman, Marjorie Mowery, Beulah Fields, Selma Smifh, Elma Sieck, Peggy Busch. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Doris Pisor, Jean Dye, Mary Kay Peierson, Gloria Knicely, Joanne Pellil, Miss Rickey, adviser, Barbara MQDIII, Maxine Zimmerman, Marion Graham, Mariorie Collingham, Virginia Baker. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Lee, Eihel Souders, Jerry Edgar, Helen Farrell, Dororhy Wurdack, Rachel Mecksiroih, Joan Mackey, Rosella Hamm, Audrey Davis, Ruih Larva, Virginia Lanum, Elhel Erederickson, Naomi Nelson. INTRAMURAL BASEBALL CAPTAINS TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ann Grimm, Dorolhy Wurdack, Rachel Mecksirolh, Ruih Larva, Jerry Edgar, Elhel Souders, Naomi Nelson, Eihel Frederickson and Joan Mackey. BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Irma MCMilIen, Kalhryn Maiihews, Audrey Davis, Helen Earrell, Rosella Hamm, Mariorie Mowery, Marguerile Greene and Virginia Lanum. '1 ., , H GIRLS' SPORTS SPEEDBALL Speedball opened The girls' aThleTic season and many spiriTed hard ToughT games were played beTore Ohio STaTe capTured The inTramural championship. The Seniors were declared vicTors in The class TournamenT buT only aTTer being seriously ThreaTened by The sophomores and iuniors. BASKETBALL Over 200 girls played on 26 inframural baslceTball Teams. The lnTernaTional Correspondence Club won The championship. The ouTsTanding evenT was The baslceTball TournamenT held March 29. The seniors were crowned champs aTTer scoring vicTory over The sophomores and iuniors. VOLLEYBALL The volleyball inTramurals were held during class Time. OuTsTanding players Trom each class were eligible To Try ouT Tor The class Teams. These Teams were chosen by girls who assisT in Physical EducaTion classes. The iuniors were a surprise winner, Taking The sophomores and seniors wifh no greaT Trouble. AT press Time baseball inTramurals were under way, buT no champion had been decided. AT The close oT The inTramural games class Teams are To be chosen, and The sophomores, iuniors, and seniors will compeTe Tor The class championship. The resulTs oT The baseball sporTs day, scheduled Tor May 20, are noT available. G. A. A. Many inTeresTing and exciTing evenTs were held under The sponsorship oT The Girls' AThle-Tic AssociaTion. The geT-TogeTher parTies, girls' baslceTball TournamenT, Co-ed Prom. candy sale, a baseball sporTs day and The annual banqueT were The ouTsTanding acTiviTies on The G. A. A, calendar during The pasT year. There were Two geT-TogeTher parTies, one aT The beginning oT each Term. These are held Tor girls who are new To NorTh, To acquainT Them wiTh The purpose oT The organizaTion. The girls' baslceTball TournamenT was held in The NorTh gym on The nighT oT March 29. Many sTudenTs and Triends oT The school enioyed The NorTh l-ligh Band. The grand march and The games which Tollowed. CosTume paraders had Their nighT when The Co-ed Prom was held April I9. Several hundred girls, dressed in all lcinds oT cosTumes, had an enioyable evening. Prizes were given in Three classes: The preTTiesT, The mosT original, and The TunniesT. Dancing wiTh music by The school dance orchesTra, and Two slciTs, one by The women Teachers and The oTher by The men Teachers. were added aTTracTions To The evening's program. A candy sale was held May 3. The candy was home made by G. A, A.'s and oTher girls who wanTed To help wiTh The sale. The baseball sporTs day scheduled aT NorTh on May 20 was aTTended by Teams Trom Grandview and Upper ArlingTon High Schools. Each school senT a iunior and senior Team. The annual G.A.A. banqueT was held June 5 aT Pomerene Hall. AT This Time emblems were given To The champion inTramural and class Teams Tor The various sporTs held during The pasT school year. This year's oTTicers relinquished Their oTTices To The girls elecTed To serve nexT year. A special honor was given Miss Rickey, who is compleTing 2l years oT acTive service aT NorTh. BOY'S SPORTS BASEBALL Since The baseball Team is s+iII under way The Tinal sTandings oT The Maroon baseballers is noT known. However, aT The presenT There is a Three way Tie which includes, NorTh, WesT, and CenTral. NorTh plays EasT on May 23rd and This game will decide Tor NorTh whaT school will geT TirsT place. Jaclc Edwards is capTain oT The baseball Team and The mainsTay oT The piTching corps. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Norman Keller, capTain oT The Cross CounTry Team, led his Team maTes Through a very suc- cessful season. ln The TirsT meeT aT Ohio STaTe UniversiTy wiTh CenTral, NorTh won, in The second meeT aT SpringTield, NorTh slipped down The ladder To Third place. The disTricT meeT was also held aT SpringTield and NorTh capTured a second place. ln a Three-way meeT held aT NorTh wiTh CenTral and WesT, NorTh came Through wiTh TirsT place. ln The STaTe meeT aT Ohio Wesleyan, NorTh sTood eighTh. The Tollowing boys were awarded leTTers: John Blair, WalTer Buchanan, Sam Cobb, RoberT lmmel, and CapTain Keller. WiTh Tive wins and Two losses in games played Thus Tar, The GolT Team is lceeping NorTh on Top in aThleTics. Those on The GolT Team are: Wilson Long, George TolberT, Fred Kampher, Bob Kelfner and Tom Addis. all oT whom have been aiding To malce The good record The Team holds. VARSITY BASKETBALL WiTh The excellenT coaching oT Earl A. l-liclcman, The baskeTball Team capTured The ciTy high championship. Led by CapTain Ed MerriTT The Bears Tinished The season wiTh a record of eleven wins, Three losses and a Tie. AT The baskeTball banqueT George TolberT was elecTed CapTain oT The l939-40 season. The Tollowing boys were awarded leTTers: CapTain Ed MerriTT, George TolberT, Abie Walfers, Jack Edwards, Jack l-lauser. J' . FOOTBALL The TooTball Team concluded iTs mosT successTul campaign in a Ten year span, The squad Tinished The season wiTh a record oT eighT vicTories againsT one deTeaT. The lone seTbaclc was an upseT adminisTered by CanTon Lehman, 20-I3. The Team was co-capTained by Neal PriTchard and Dick Zimmerman. TRACK TEAM This year The NorTh cinder crew under The TuTelage OT Coach George l-laney capTured iTs Third consecuTive ciTy championship. The TraclcsTers Then wenT on To cop The disTricT evenT and now ranlc as Top TavoriTes in The sTaTe classic. The Team was capTained by George I-loeTIinger who compiled an envious record in The evenTs in which he compeTed, The high iump and hurdle evenTs. MCDRREY RELIABLE IEWELERS 114 N. HIGH ST. Home of Certifea' Perfect Diamonds Qi' Facfory Represerfrefives for GRUEN . . . BULOVA . . . ELGIN . . .WALTHAM BENRUS AND HAMILTON WATCHES v MORREY RELIABLE TEWELERS 114 N. HIGH ST. The Diamond and Watch Store of Central Ohio TER' Eacfory RepresenIaIIves for INTERNATIONAL STERLING SILVER ONEIDA COMMUNITY SETI-I TI-IOMAS CLOCKS MODERN PRINTING IS ESSENTIAL TO EXPRESS THE NEW IDEAS IN STUDENT PUBLICATIONS our cornplefe service office furnifure sfafionery office suppIies bIank book rnanufacfuring IegaI blanks Iaw books record forms Ioose Ieaf devices safes book binding quaIiI'y prinfing QQ THE F. J. HEER PRINTING co. 372-386 souII'm Iourfh sfreef coIumbus, oI1io TO THE I939 GRADUATES OF NORTH HI THANKS FOR EVERYTHING Q B. F. WILSON STUDIO LA 3206 3434 N. HIGH ST. F1 TO SENIORS OF NORTH HIGH SCHOOL BEST WISHES FROM YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER fd I .Z RICH AND HIGH STREETS COLUMBUS, OHIO I, I, May Ihe Iufure I1oIcI In sfore for you a Iike measure of success which you have I1eIped Io make possibIe for us. Made To Measure GRADUATION SUITS EIINIELY TAILORED TG YGUR Phone AD. 2I I8 and Qur Repre- INDIVIDUAL MEASURE senlalive will Call al Your I-Iome FROM To Slwow Samples and Talce SELECTED Ivleasuremenls ALL-WOQL MATERIALS COAT, VEST AND TWO PAIRS OF TROUSERS Single BreasI'ecI Double BreasIecI 527.75 528.25 Ik THE LILLEY - AMES Co. LONG AND SIXTH STREETS CongraIuIa+Ions and Beslr Wishes -Io Ilwe Class of I939 QQ Fleshman -Wain Phofographs of Dis+inc+ion UN 5526 8 ISTH AVE. QQ WE EXPRESS OUR APPRECIATION EOR YOUR LIBERAL PATRONAGE 3 R. C. A. ZENITI-I WESTINGI-IOUSE MOTOROLA DR. C. J. ROENKER Linden Radio Elecfric DENTIST GORDON C. BARBER X-RAY RADIOS REFRIGERATORS SALES-SERVICE 2450 Cleveland Ave. 2457 Cleveland Ave. LA 0776 TeIePI'O'Ie LA 5695 MARSHALL PRINTING CO. 44 Norih High S+. AD 04:3 GRADUATION INVITATION and Cards Dance Programs-Dance Ticiceis Founiain Pens--Pen Repairing DR. PAUL SCHIFF DENTIST X-RAY 24O5'f2 Cleveland Ave. TeIepI'iorie JE 24II LA 36II DR. E. J. WILLIAMS OPTOMETRIST 2450 CIeveIand Ave. Linden LA O73I EH'er's Ice Cream Sfore 2454 Cleveland Ave. Ice Cream 25C OI. in AII Flavors Frosied Maiieds IOC IRA L. HEDRICK DENTIST 245 I V2 CIeveIa nd Ave. LA 2I I2 Oiliice I-Iours 9-5 LINDEN STYLE SHOP 2458 Cleveland Ave. LADIES' WEARING APPAREL LA 37I5 JANE NEALE N X if SH"- V I I ' IX' I so EI ' T ed- IITIIC IIoI0 Is IYOLIFSIH IN BUSINESS OFFICES YOU MUST KNOW HOVV TO: YI'aIce fiictation rapidiyg typewrite accuratviyz niaice out IQIIIS and statements: meet oiiice caIIcrs: Ilanriic tax recorcisg compose effective Iettcrs and operate oitice machines. QUALIFY QUICKLY AT BECK UNIVERSITY ' I Day ancI Ifveuing Ciasses 0 Iftiective Iimpioymeni Service I Aiter we train you, we assist you in getting a Jositiun 0 I'IigII Standing with Leading Empioyers X BECK BUSINESS I IF, I ,C My ,, I E0 , UNIVERSITY I me nor , Iss .0lI1SOIl. tory eller perfect. ami you IinisIIe1I in recorci time." IAII' Conditioned CIHSS Ro0msI 253 S. High St. AD. 5000 I I LA 66I7 HOMER W. MILLER JEWELER HAMILTON ELGIN WRIST WATCHES SCHAEFFER PENS DIAMONDS SILVERWARE RINGS 2595 N. High S+. Columbus I I AHHOUHCGHIQHI CONGRATULATIONS I Summer Swing Sessions Every Wednesday York Tempie Country Club High St., IV2 Miles North Worthington Starting June 7, I939 Harry Martin's Orchestra 30c Admission We Solicit Your Continued Patronage The John Seiller Company DRY eooos AND MEN'S WEAR I Duncan and High St. . N. ,ESI 5 HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES Are You Ready For Your Eirsl Job? FRANKLIN SECRETARIAL SCHOOL 4070 of our Columbus sI'ucIenI's are Norlh High Grads Prepare Yourself a+ A Columbus School For Columbus Sfudenls Over 801, of our Sfudenfs come from greafer Columbus Enrollmenl Iimifed +o IOO selecfed sludenls Personal a++en'Iion in small classes insures individual progress. SUMMER TERM June I2 Io Aug. II-8:00 a. m. +o I:30 p. m. Daily FRANKLIN UNIVERSITY In 'Ihe Y. M. C. A. 40 W. Long SI. ADams I I3I Fall lerm begins Seplember 5. EDUCATION AND BREAD AND BUTTER There are only a few lorlunale people who can afford Io ignore Ihe prac- Iical side ol educalion. Educalion for cullure is allracrive and delighlful, bul mosl young people musl consider educalion as a means of malcing a living. One of Ihe mosl praclical Ihings young people should learn is +o cullivale a favorable impression wilh a good banlcing insrilulrion. The Norrhern Savings Banlc is eager Io serve lhe young people of +he com- I2 THE NORTHERN SAVINGS BANK Member of Federal Deposi+ Insurance Corporalion munily. 26I9 NORTH HIGH STREET CALENDAR Sept 6 The doors of Norlh swing open-nine long, hard monlhs of slaving ahead. Sept 27 Library SI'alT Picnic-Boolrwofms on spree. Sept 28 Yosian Club Picnic-Walch your slep! The bug-hunlers are oul' Tor Tood. Sept 30 Easl vs. Norlh-Thar ol' lille is gelling closer and closer. Oct I6 Nous Aulres Wiener Roasl-I-lol dog! Oct I4 Soulh vs. Norih-Homecoming Dance-Dobson reigns. Hoover and Toro. a'H'endarTI's Oct I8 Book Club Spread-Thar ain'l all. Oct 2I-22 Journalism Ass'n ol Ohio Schools-Norlh righl in ringside seals. Oct 23 G. R. Recognilion Service-I-low do you do? Oct 28 Norlh I-li-Y Dance-Gee, honey, you were Iighl on my 'Feet Nov. I Open nigh!-Say if isn"l so. Nov. 3 Band and Orchesfra Skaling Parly-I Taw down and go boom. Nov. 4 Cenfral Ohio Teachers Ass'n-NO SCI-IOOL-Wish il had Iasled longer, Nov. 8 Les Enlhousiasles Francais parly-Parlez-vous francais? We don't Nov. 9 Der Deulsche Verein-Schiller Program-eNoch Eins, or is Thai German? Nov. IO Cenlral vs. Norlh-The end of Toolball and we're cily champs. Nov. I8 G. R. Sweafer Swing-A lol ol: swear-ers. I-lol s+uFt Nov. 28 Vocalional Home Economics Broadcasl-Walch Thai budget DSC. l Nous Aulres Tea-Slurp, one lump please. Dec. 2 "The Yankee King"-I-Ioorah 'lor henpecked I-lenry. Dec. 7 Toaslmaslers Banque?-Wonder who Talked The longest Dec. 8 Vocalional Conference Tor boys-We're learning how lo make Ihal Tirsf million. Jan. I6 lnlernafional Relalions Banquel-Vas you dere CharIie??? Jan. 25 Midyear Commencemenl-Ah, we're seniors al last Jan. 26 Band and Orcheslra Skaling Parry-Bones, how can you be so sore? Jan. 27 Norlh vs. Aquinas-Close. buf we're slill goin'. Feb. 4 Nous Aulres Thealre parfy--and 'lea. Swell lime. Feb. 9 Good Manners Week-Pahdon me-Affer you my dear Alphonse. Feb. I5 G.A.A. New Girls Parfy-A good Time was had by all. Feb. I8 Swing School given by Ari Club-A school we all like. Give us more. Feb. 24 Norfh vs. Aquinas-Anolher 'Iille-I-Iold Tighll Feb. 25 I-li-Y-G.R. Bad Manners Parfy-Oul' of The way, Alphonse, its all over now. Mar. IO-ll Disfricl' Music Feslival-This is NorTh's championship year! Mar. I5 Baskelball Banquel'-Tolberl is our new caplain. Nice doin's George. Mar. 24 "You Can'l Take il With You" given by Dramalics Deparlmenl-Oh, yeah? Mar. 27 Senior Class Primaries-All mud slingin' barred. Mar. 29 Girls' Baskelball Tournamenl-The Seniors luck il-durn it Mar. 3I Hair Ribbon-Bow Tie Day-Some Tun. Some ribbin'. Apr. I Senior Scholarship Tesls-Gee, I wish I'd a sludied. Apr. 8 Track meel a+ Springfield-Won again-Ain'l1'hem some apples? Apr. I4 The Bunny I-lop-Poor ol' Brer Rabbit Apr. I9 The Co-ed Prom-A manless dance--ls if possible? Apr. 2I-22 Sfafe Music Finals-Sfale champs now-Look us over. Apr. 24 Rolary Luncheon-Norfh was well represenled. Apr. 29 Stale Ensemble-Confesls al Oberlin-We won Tha! loo. Apr. 29 Wesleyan Relays al Delaware-lNor'rh won for Tirsl 'fimel A Tirsl lime for anyfhing May 3 Recognilion Service for Nafional I-Ionor Sociely-Wish we were smarl loo. May 4 Fashion Show-by Clolhing Deparlmenl-A case where clofhes break 'The man. May IO Library Sfatf Picnic-Poor George!! May IO-II Cify Track Meef al Soulh-We won 'lhal' foo, so 'Tar 'Ihree cily Iilles in a row. May I2-I3 Norlh's solos and ensemble won nalional superior raling-Woo!! May I7 Book Club Picnic-Gnalz! May I8 Toaslmaslers Banque!--I-lere's mud in your eye. May 22 Inlernalional Rela+ions Banquel-Sure were a lol of relalions 'lhere. May 23 I-li-Y Senior Farewell-Bye now. May 26 The Class Play-"Our Town"--Beauliful scenery. May 27 Belly Lamp Banque?-My gosh, a bunch of 'em Thai can cook. May 29 Memorial Services. June 2 Class Day-Sunsel Supper-Class Program and Dance. June 4 Baccalaureale Service-3 more days and 'Then finals. June 5 G.A.A. Banquel-SAD Tarewells-boo hoo. June 7 Commencemenl'-Well, Maw, we aren'+ kids any more. HILL TAILORING COMPANY TWO STORES 2I E. Long St I894 N. High St GUARANTEED SHORTHAND IN 30 DAYS Become an ExperT STenOgrapher, PrivaTe SecreTary Or AccOunTanT in I-IaIT The Usual Time ..... X NEW CLASSES EOR JUNE GRADUATES START THE FIRST OE EVERY MONTH These proTessions oTfer TascinaTinq worlc and exceIIenT pay. Hard Times are over, good salaries and pOsiTions are now available. ATTend The school ThaT has earned The repuTaTion OT quaIiTy and The abiIiTy To place NorTh GraduaTes. SAVE FROM S300 TO s4oo Consider The Time required Tor The compIeTion OT any course in oTher schools. Take The execuTive course, Tor insTance. OTher schools quoTe I8 monThs-Dickinson quoTes IO To I2 monThs- TIME SAVED, 6 MONTHS Take The minimum salary OT S60 a monTh and muITipIy by The Time saved, six monThs -amOunT earned while oThers are sTiII sTudying, 5360. MONEY SAVED IS MONEY EARNED Q DICKINSON SEORETARIAL SCHOOL I-IarTman TheaTre Building AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS

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