North High School - Memory Yearbook (Columbus, OH)

 - Class of 1938

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North High School - Memory Yearbook (Columbus, OH) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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1,r,,',', X, ., . ,E ,N w 'I . 'J '. .,: ,vm-, L, fl 'nn ,r ' ' iff.: ,:' 13'-v. 14.1 v .'A :W .' ,H"-.- " , , 5.. .- ,,,,, N ,. , . ', - ax a-f" , . 4fggf,L,'.5.. 'J p ww-K -Qiyr,'gg,,f1- .., v"'iJwIF.l J' ...,,. .MA .F ., , ff 'SWT' 71. 4 Il' ' I' ' X ,,,,,r Q ' L- - rg, ,J U, 1 ' M, K 5,4-P 3,1 Y , uf 1- ' - ,191 :,' iw' .,z,!,.',5,-'NH ".':m' LH" -,g.1:..f,, 1' vw: ' .,f. , 2' x .fu - wx ,. ww. K, ,wir 7. '-.X V .x X. 'Mi vxxwuw xi' 7 ,ve 3 Qaq .. W.. ,nf .L 5 HV fr M -Wxilg ru., 1 , .Sui 1, , , - 'CR'-V: - 1, ,xl . x 'N '- -."l we frl'fg:f'V 'kv A- 3, , ,,'-, Y , fy 94.5 :V-:W V . ' X5 -vf-L .'A, . lg f95I?l327'n R'-x 0 1' 1' uf .X -4:1 41, w. ' Yf5,,1'f4:"q"y. xy ' ,,,,- n,'2,", lw. ,L my 07. .n, f, 'A -,ag-Tr -:IA '15, , V ,Av , Ut,-514 . ,ln M, w'f"-x Zn. ' Ln all-' ' . fm fr". D EEE Ea Q THE MEMURY BUUK 6244 M433 C7'2wm!2d if X56 fmfxfwkwz ffcmw qyffwrff ffm! Li? 5 3 , A , if N X KK' X f x 55 Q 4 NORTH HIGH SCHOOL DEDICATED TO SUPERINTENDENT GEORGE E. ROUDEBUSH Richard Green DEDICATION Afler lhe sudden dealh of lvlr. J. G. Collicofl lale in Augusl, lhe Board of Eclucalion asked George E. Roudebush, superinrendeml of schools a+ Youngsfown, lo become superinlendenl here. Mr. Roudebush slepped quielly info +he vacancy and lhe progress of educalion wenl smoolhly on. l-le had served in 'rhe local schools as assislanl superinlendenl' so 'rhe prob- lems in Columbus were noi new lo him. During lhe lime he has been in office, Mr. Roudebush has commanded The respecl and friendship of every public school sludenl. We, 'rhe senior class of Norlh l-ligh School, in dedicaling The Memory Book +o him, are sincere in The wish lhaf he will spend many happy years serving Columbus as Hs leader in public educalion. 3 MR. SWAIN. An insplring friend, a hard working execufive, and an undersianding advisor. 4 MISS FARINGER, A good manager, a radiant personalify, and an effecfive Neader. 5 'Q 'Y Fwy? Xu sf MEMORY BOOK STAFF Row I: Miss Bryani. Row 2: Jim Shields, Ellen Sourhard. Row 3: George Wilson, Maxene Harlor, Richard Green. Row 4: Bonira Prior, Bob Lewis, Pulh McKee, Dan Hixenbauqh. Row 5: Madge Durnenil, Carolyn Tilley, Rulh Bouiei, Helen Jenlcins, Norma Shirlrey. Row 6: Bob Morgan, Mary K. Heclcerl. Frank Busch, Charles Collins, S+eve Bullcley, Josephine Brannon. Row 7: Virginia Heaclc, Jayne Rhoads, Fairh Hickman, Jeanne James, Midge Srnifh, Doreen Ashburn, Beffy Harrold, Row 8: William J. Clifford, Louise Lacey. J. Allen Finnicurn, Nellie Afney, Belly Mcllill, Jane Belisle, Mary Meeks, Veda Myers. 7 A SENIOR'S PRAYER By ANNE ARNHOLT O Lord: Gran+ +ha+ my way be lslesi In quesf Of nobler worids of peace and res+ And heavens fair. Lord God: Genfle be! and help me find. Tn mind, The Ii+He buf 'rhe Ioveher kind OF qff+s fo share. My God: Tha? in rny Hme of need I heed Thine every law by word and deed This is my prayer. 8 , 4 , FLORENCE MARCELLA ABBOTT lIb4 Pennsylvania Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio State University Deutsche Verein-2, 3, Polaris Representa- tive-3g Honor Study-3. JEAN ANDERSON HB3 Belmont Avenue From-Everett To-Ohio State Marigale Art' Club- IQ Vergilians-2, 3, Junior Choir, Accompanist-lg Senior Choir -Z, 3, Accornpanist-3, Senior Glee Club -I, 2, 3, Accompanist-Z1 President-3, Intramurals, Volleyball-I, 21 Baseball- l, 2, 3, Captain-2, Speedball-I, 2, 3, Captain-3, First Team-I, 2, Captain-2, BasketballkIntramurals-I, 2, 3, Co-Captain 31 Champions, Blue and Gold-2, 3, First Team-I, 2, 3, Champions-33 Blue and Gold Club-I, 2, 3: G,A,A,-I, 2, 3, Sgt- at-Armsf3g Girl Reserves-l, 2, 3, Accom- panlst, "The Golden Trail"f3j Rotary Luncheon-3, Honor Society-3, Treasurerg Baseball, First Team-lg Honor Study-I, Z,'3g2VolIeyball Class Team-l, 2, Cap- tain- . ELIZABETH ROSE ALEXANDER l!:8 East Hudson Street From-lndianola To-Ohio State Marlqale Art Club-I, 2, 3: Senior Choir jl, 3g Senior Glee Club-3, Student Coun- cllffg Glrl Reserves-Ig "The Golden Trail"-3g "The Goose Hanns High"-31 Honor Society-3: Toastrnistress-2, 3: Honor Study-I, 2, 3. WALTER RICHARD ARMSTRONG S64 East Weber Road From-Alliance High To-Ohio State Intramurals-2, 37 Honor Study-3. ANNE ELIZABETH ARNHOLT 2688 Deming Avenue From-Crestview To-Ohio State Vergilians-2, 3, Junior Glee Club-I, 2, Girl Reserves-I, 2, 37 Rotary Luncheon- 3: Honor Study Officer, Secretary-31 Messenger-33 Toastmistressfl, 2, 3, Mem- bership-Chairnnan-3, Charter Member, Honor Studyfl, Z, 35 Honor Society-3. NELLIE MARGUERITE AMEY i558 Minnesota Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio State Marigale Art Club-lg Press Clubw3g Po- laris Staff-3, Representative-37 Memory Book Staff-31 Basketball Class Team-I, 2, 3, Intramurals, Basketball-I, 2, 3, Speedballfl, 2, 3, Baseball, Volleyball, Speedball Class Teamf2, 3, "Apron String Revolt," Production Crew-3, "The Goose Hangs High," Production Crew-3, Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Betty Lamp Club-Z, 3, Vice President-3. IO HOWARD WALTER ACHEY 2304 North High Street From-lndiano a To-Ohio Slate Honor Study-l, 2, 3. VIVIAN ALYCE ART 2286 lndianola Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State International Correspondence-35 Press Club-3, Los Gesteros-2, 33 Clef Club-4 l, 31 Orchestra-I, Z, 35 Waikiki-I, 2, 37 Sgt-at-Arms-25 Girl Reserves-lg Honor Study Officer, Vice-Chairman-I, 2, Chair- rrlan-3g Honor Study- I, Z, 3, Waikiki Baseball Team-I. JOHN RICHARD ANDERSON l4I6 East Twenty-lourth Avenue From Margaretta High School, Castalia, Ohio To-Ohio State Home Room Representativef3g Memory Book Representative-3, Intramurals-3, Track-33 "The Golden Trail"-31 Honor Study-3. ZELLA MARJORIE ASHWORTH ll57 Eighteenth Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio State Yosian Club-2, Press Club-31 Vergilians -21 Junior Glee Club-23 Intramurals, Vol- leyball-lg Social Club Team, Baseball-lg Square Circle-I, 2, 3, Secretary-3, Stu- dent Council-3g Honor Society-3, Honor Study-I, 2, 3. ROBERT LEE AMRINE IB94 Summit Street From-lndianola TofOhio State Intramurals-l, 2, 35 Drafting Honor Serv- ice-31 Model Aeroplane-I, 2, Model En gineer-I, Z, Honor Study-I, 2, 3. MADELYN I. ALSPACH lI5b East Seventeenth Avenue From-Westerville To-Office Training School Press Club-3g Honor Study-I, 2, 3. HOWARD EMERSON ADRIAN I435 Briarwood Avenue From-McKinley To-Capilal Press Club-37 Honor Sludy-l, 27 Deulsche Verein-I, 2, 3. BETTY JANE AYRES 92 Chittenden Avenue Frorn-McKinley To-Capifal Honor Study-I, Z, 37 Secrelary-27 Slu- denl Secrelary-3. JANE LUCILLE ANDERSON lIl4 Hunfer Avenue Frorn-Evererl Yosian Club-27 Junior Choir-I7 Junior Glee Club-I7 Girl Reserves-27 Honor Sfudyz Officer, Secrelary-3, Honor Sfudy -l, , 3. ELEANOR JANE ANDERSON 24l3 Norlh Fourfh Sireef Frorn-Sr. Mary of fhe Springs To-Ohio Srare Junior Glee Club-27 Horne Economics Club-2, 37 Honor Sfudy Officer, Assisi- ant Secreiary-27 Honor Study-Z, 3. FRANCES MINROSE BASCOM l Easl Fourfeenfh Avenue From-Creslview To-Ohio Srale Marioale Ar? Club-I. 2, 3, Treasurer-27 Speedball-l, 2, 3, Baslrelballflg Volley- ball-I, 27 Baseball-I, Z7 Speedball Class Tearn-l, 33 TeTon Baseball Team-27 Baskelbal'-2, 37 TeTon Track Team-I, 2, 37 TeTon Club-l, 2, 37 Alh'elic Chair- rnan-2, 37 G,A,A,-2, 37 Honor Sludy- 2, 37 Horace Mann Clubf27 Secrelary- Treasurer-2. DEE JANE BATEMAN 3l Norfhrnoor Place Frorn-Crestview To-Ohio Slafe Inrernarional Correspondence-I7 Yosian Club-27 Council Mernberg Press Club-37 Nous Aulres-I, 27 Social Secrefary-27 Les Enrhousiasfes Francaisfl, 37 Lib'ary SlaHi2, 37 Junior Choir-I7 Junior Glee Club-lg Class Volley Ball-I, Z7 Class Baseball-I7 Inrramurals, Speedball-I, 27 Volleyball-I, Z7 Baskeiball-l, 27 Speed- ball Class Tearn-27 Blue ancl Gold Base- ball Tearnfl, 27 Blue and Gold Club- I, 2, 37 Assisfanl Treasurer-Z7 Presidenr -37 G,A.A.f2, 37 Girl Reserves-I Z7 "The Golden Trail"7 Produclion Sfaff-31 "The Goose Hanos Hioh"7 Produclion Srarf-3, Junior Class Vice-Presidenl-27 Honor Srudy Officer-I7 Vice-Chairman- I7 Secrefary-27 Toaslrnisrress-27 Honor Srudyfl, Z, 3: D'oduc+ion Crew "Apron Slring Revoir"-3. ROBERTA JEAN ADKINS l5lU Aberdeen Avenue From-McKinley To-Dennison lnrernational Correspondence-I, Z, 37 Yosian Club-I, 2, 37 Infranrurals7 Ne' wasa Track Team-2, Basketball-27 Base- ball-I, 2, 37 Newasa-I, 2, 3, Vice- Presidenf-37 Sfudenl Council-37 Girl Reserves-1, 2, 37 "The Golden Trarl"7 "The Goose Hangs l-ligh"7 "Apron String Revolt", Honor Sludy Oflicer, Chairman-W I, Secrefary-2, Secrelary-37 Office Srarl -37 Honor Sludy-2, 37 Sludenl Secre- fary-3. MARJORIE AMRINE i449 Fairview Avenue From-Everefl Verqilians-Z, 37 Newasafl 37 Hono' Sludy Officer, Chairman-3g Honor Sludy fl, Z, 3. ROBERT HOWARD ARMSTRONG 2667 Derninq Avenue Frorr'-Cresfview To-Ohio Stare Rofary Luncheon-37 Drafting Honor Serv' ice-37 Slage Crew-2, 35 Electrician-37 Model Enqineerfl, 2, 37 Presidenrf27 Honor Sfudy-2, 3. L. TERRY ARTHUR 242 Twelifh Avenue Frorn-Indianola To-Ohio Slale Book Club-l7 Los Geslerosf27 Library Staff-37 Polaris Slalf, Collector-3, Arro -l, 2, 37 Social Chairman-37 Girl Re- servesilg Honor Sludy Officer, Chairman fl, 2, 31 Honor Sludy-l, 2, 3. LANETTA HARRIETT ALLISON l594 Arlinglon Avenue Frorn-McKinley To-Mr. Carmel Hospilal Vergilians-27 Honor Sociery-37 Studyfl, Z, 3. Hono CLARA LOUISE BALL 3092 lndianola Avenue Frorn-Cresfview To-Ml. Carmel School oi Nursing Baskelball Class Team-I7 lnlrannura's Speedball-I, 37 Baskerbal-I, 2, 37 Base- ball-l, Z, 37 Volleyballil, 2, 37 G.A.A. -37 Baseball Class Tearn-I, 27 Honor Sludy-I7 Honor Sludy Officer-I7 Vollev- ball C'ass Tearn-I, 27 Soeedlaall Class Tearn-I, 3. VIRGINIA LUCILLE BLAIR I489 Michigan Avenue From-Everett To-Ohio State. Nous Autres-23 Intramurals, Speedball- JOHN EMMITT BETHEL Ig Basketball-I, 2, Girl Reserves-I, 25 l62l East Hudson Street Honor Study-2, 3, T.N.T.-I, 2, 3, BENSON HOUGH BAKER V03 West Como Avenue From-Crestview To-Ohio State RICHARD ALLEN BEECHER 60 West Tompkins Street From-lndianola Honor StuoyA2, 3, DOROTHY VIRGINIA BILLINGSLEY I400 lndianola Avenue From-Worthington High To-Office Training School From-McKinley To-Ohio State Intramurals-2, 3, Varsity "N" Association --2, 3, Rotary Luncheon-3, Baseball Squad-2, 33 Honor Study-2, 3. HELEN FRANCES BAYES l223 Twentieth Avenue From-McKinley To-'Buckeye State. RICHARD F. BLEND 73 East Duncan Street From-Hamilton High To-Ohio State Toastmasters-3: Book Club-I, Z, 3, Vice- President-3g Los GesterosAZg Polaris Staff -33 Intramuralsel, 2, 3, Makeup Crew, "The Goose Hangs High"-3, Honor Study Otficer, Vice-Chairman-3, Honor Study -l, 2, 3, Swimming Team-3. Home Economics Clubf2, 3, Secretary- GEORGE WEAVER BARR 3, Honor Study-Z, 3. ROBERT WENDALL BETHEL Ib2l East Hudson Street From-McKinley To-Ohio State I346 Highland Street Frorn-Everett To-Ohio State lntramurals-33 Linkeig Tennis Team- 2, 3, Drattinq Honor Service-3, Model Aeroplane-I, 2, 3, Model Engineer-I, 2, 3. Intramurals-2, 35 Varsity "N" Associa- MARY BORGHESE Ol' tion-2, 37 Baseball Squad-2, 31 Hon Study-2, 3. DOUGLAS MORGAN BERWICK 295 East Seventeenth Avenue From-Crestview To-Ohio State Honor Study-3: Band-I, 2, 3. I2 IB74 Elmore Avenue From-McKinley To-Capital University Los Gesteros-25 Honor Society, Mid-year -3: Senior Vice4PresicIent, Midyear-3: Honor Study-3. HARRY STRONG BAKER, JR. 2650 Deming Avenue Frorn-Crestview To-Ohio State Nous Autres-33 Senior Choir-33 Football Squad, Reserves-lg Varsity "N" Associa- tion-3g Track-lj Tennis Team-2, 3, Hi-Y -I, Z, 3: Membership Chairman-21 "The Golden Trail"-31 Honor Study Officer, Messenger-3: Honor Study-3, North Delegate National Hi-Y Convention-3, RICHARD PRESTON BOONE lOl Olentangy Street From-Crestview To-University of Texas lntiiarngurals-l, Z, Drattinq Honor Service LOUISE M. BOOKHAMER 1084 East Twelfth Avenue From-McKinley To-Capital University Student Secretary-3. MILDRED LOUISE BECK I973 Minnesota Avenue From-McKinley High School Toflladio Station WJR, Hotel Arrns, Cin- cinnati Polaris Statf-3: Memory Book--31 Junior Choir-l, Z, 33 Senior and Junior Glee Clubs-l, 23 Basketball-I, 27 Soeedball -l, 23 Volleyballfl, 2 Baseball-I, 27 Class Team--27 Volleyball-I, 2, Class Team-l, 23 "The Goose Hangs High," Production CrewG3g "The Golden Trail," Publicity crew-ag Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Secretary-I, Chairman--Z3 Polaris Repre- sentative-3. EUGENE WILLIAM ANDREWS H05 East Twenty-third Avenue From-McKinley To-Business College Senior Choir-2, 3: Basketball-l, 2, 31 "The Golden Trail"-3, Honor Study-2, 3. GEORGE WILLIAM BINKLEY Il84 Windsor Avenue From-McKinley TofOhio State University Intramurals-l, 2, 33 Honor Study-l, 2, Secretary-2. ANNA JANE BIERSTEDT 30 East Norwich Avenue From-lndianola To-Capital. International Relations-2, 3, Secretary- Zp Yosian Club-2, Library Stattfl, 2, Choir--2, 33 Glee Club-2, 3, Librarian- 2, Intramurals-lg Blue and Gold Club- I, 2, 3, Treasurer-2, Student Court-3' siudene council-I, 2 office chairman-zf Girl Reserves-l, 2, 3, Member-at-Larqe.l 2, President-3, "The Golden Trail"-3, "Dust of the Road"--Z: "The Goose Hangs HIgh'f3, "Apron Strin Revolt," Assist- ant Director-33 Honor Societ -3: Rotary Luncheon-3, Honor Study, Secretary-3 Chairrnan-3, Honor Study-l, 2, 3, Dei Deutsche Verein-I, 2, 3, President-2, OLIVE ROSE BAZLER 230 Crestview Road From-Crestview To4Ohio State University Yosian Club-3, Press Club43, Vice-Presi- dent-37 Polaris Staff-37 Choir-lg Vol- leyball-lg Baseball-2: Speedball-lj Bas- ketball-I, 3, Arro-I, Z, 33 Student Court -3, Student Council-27 Girls Scholarship Chairman-2, Girl Reserves-l, Office Staff-21 Honor Study-2, 3, Chairman-3. ROGER BARDEN BENJAMIN l550 Hunter Avenue From-Everett To-Ohio State Press Club-33 Polaris Statf-3, Orchestra -l, 2, Football Squad-I, 23 Basketball Squad-l, Z, 33 Intramurals-31 Honor Study-l, 2, 31 Chairman-31 Baseball Squad--l, 3. ROBERT COWLEY BEYNON I90 East Lane Avenue Frorn-lndianola A To-University ot Southern California Intramurals-3. ROSEMARY BARNHART llO Glenrnont Avenue FromfCrestview To-Bliss , Yosian Club-2, 33 Veroilians-Z, 3, Senior Choirf2, 35 Senior Glee Club-l, 2, 3, Student Council-3 "The Golden Trail"-- 3, "The Goose Hangs High"-35 Honor Society-3, Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Vice- Chairman-Zg Toastmistress-2, 3 Parlia- mentarian-3g Usher, Senior Play-2, Usher, Operetta-2. MADELINE JANE BELISLE 478 Alden Avenue From-Western High School, Detroit, Michiqan To-Ohio State Mariqale Art Club-2, 3: Yosian Club-33 Press Club-3, Nous Autresf33 Nous Autres Basketball Team-3 Les Enthusias- tes Francais-35 Intramurals, Baseball-I, 2, Basketball-l, 2, Volleyball-l, 2, Saeed- ballgl, 23 Honor Study-l, 2, 37 Polaris Representative, Memory Book Staff--3. JOHN ROBINSON BAYLISS 254 West Como Avenue From-Crestview To-Ohio State University Yosian Club-2, 3, President-3: Los Ges- teros-27 Varsity "N" Association-l, 2, 33 Gym Team-l, 2, 3, Honor Society-33 Drafting Honor Service-3, Honor Study -35 Ornithology Club-3. I3 VIRGINIA ELIZABETH BRUCE lO92 Sixteenth Avenue From-McKinley To-Capital University Junior Glee-2, Student Secretary-3. MARGARET IRENE BALLENGER IO47 Seventeenth Avenue From-McKinley To-Lillian Johnson School ot Beauty Cul- tu re Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Honor Study OHI- cer, Secreta ry-l, 3, WILLIAM RALPH BAZLER 427 East Lane Avenue Frorn-Zanesville Roosevelt Junior High To-Ohio State Yosian Club-23 Football Squad-2, 31 WARREN BURCHFIELD Varsity "N"-3, President-31 Track-I, 2, l542 Manchester 3, Captain-3, Link Club-2, 3, Secretary From-McKinley -33 Student Council-3, Chairman of Cor- Po'aris Staff-3, Messenger, Intramurals- ridors-3q Rotary Luncheon-3: Honor I, 2, Study-2, 3, Messenger-2, Chairman-3, Deutsche Verein-2, NELSON STEVENS BULKLEY 52 West Norwich Avenue From-lndianola TofOhio State Polaris Staff-37 Memory Book Staff-3, BETTIE O'NEILL BING Hi-Y-I. IB Olentangy Street From-Crestview To-Columbus Art School Mariqale Art Club-I, 2, 3, Secretary-37 Newasa-I, 2, 3, Social Secretary-2, 37 Honor Study-I, 2, 3. MARIANNA HAMILTON BROWN 37 Kenworth Road From-Steele, Dayton, Ohio To-Denison Nous Ausfres-31 Girl Reserves-3, Honor RUTH MILDRED BOUTET Study 3. ' 2550 Surnrnil Street Fromflndianola To-Ohio State International Correspondence-I, Yosian Club-2, Press CIubi3g Nous Autres-I, 2, 3, Secretary-23 Memory Book Staft-3, Polaris Representative-3. JESSE RAY BURKE 205 Olenfanqy From-Crestview To-Ohio State. EILEEN FRANCES BRADLEY l993 Summit Street Fronn-lndianola To-Ohio State Nous Autres-2, Les Enthousiastes Fran- cais-Z, 3, Junior Choiril, Senior Choir -2, 3, Junior Glee Club-lg Senior Glee Club-2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer-33 lntraa murals, Basketball-I, Speedball-l, Vol- leyball-lg Girl Reserves-I, 2, "The Golda en Trail"-3, Honor Study-I, 2, 3, As- sisiant Secretary-3, Volleyball Class Team ROBERT ALLEN BLOOR 238 East Longview Avenue From-Crestview A To-Ohio State University. WILLIAM STANLEY BULKLEY 483 Midgard Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State International Correspondence-lg Stamo Club-2, 3, Treasurer-3. I 4 BERTRAND H. BRANDT 3l6 Acton Road From-Creslview To-Aviarion School. Link-I, 2, 3. RICHARD VICTOR BORGHESE 952 East Twelfth Avenue From-McKinley To-Business College Senior Choir-3, Junior Choir-2' "Th Golden Trail", Honor Sludy-2, HENRIETTA LUCILLE BRUMFIELD I367 Norfh Fillh Slreef From-lndianola To-Ohio Slale PAUL THOMAS BOWSHER 520 Clinfon Slreel' Frornslndianola. RICHARD E. BURGESS 2444 Deming Avenue From-Indianola To-Duke Universily lngramurals-I, 2, 3, Baske JAMES BEALE l34Z Deshler Avenue From-Everefl' To-Annapolis Naval Acaderny. 3. e rball Champions JOHN WESLEY BARNHART l56l Briarwood Avenue From-McKinley To-Yale JOSEPHINE LOUISE BRANNON Zl2 Wetmore Road Frorn-Cenlral Junior High School Mar' ion, Ohio To-Ohio Slale Yosian Club-2, Press Club-3, Les En- lhousiasres Francais-3: Memory Book Slah'-3, Senior Choir-3, Junior and Sen' ior Glee Club-2, 37 Girls' OcfeHef33 Mixed Double Ensemble-33 Telon C'ub -l, 2, 3, President-2, 3, "The Golden Trail": Honor Sludy Officer, Vice-Chair' rnan--33 Honor Sfudv-I, 2, 3, Dislricl and Slaie Music Confesl'-3. DONALD RALPH BISHOP 288 Orchard Lane From-Creslview To-Ohio Stale 1 lnlrarnurals-I, 2, 3, Varsily "N" Associa- fion-33 Baseball Squad-I, 2, 3. ANN JEAN BELL 26 East Blake Avenue From-lndianola Junior High To-Office Training School Los Gesreros-2, 3, Viceeliresidenl-31 In framurals-3, Honor Sludv-I, 2, 3. MERRY JUNE BUCK 44I6 Norfh High Sireel Frorn-Creslview To-While Cross School ol Nursing Marigale Ari Club-lg Yosian Club-3: Book Club-lg lnlrarnurals, Volleyball-lg Arro-I, 2, 3 Girl Reserves-I, 2. DAYLE RALPH BESSEY 437 Wes? Sevenfh Avenue From-Evere'H' To-Ohio Sfafe lnframurals-21 Hi-Y-I, 2, Draffinq Honor Service-I, 2, 3: Slage Crew-I, 2, 3. I5 JANE O'NEALE CARTER Prom-Starling Junior Hiqh To-Ohio State Press Club-35 Vergilians-2, 3, Library Starrfbg Int ainurars, xiasxetbonfl, bpaeu- ball l, 2, Blue and Cold l, 2, 3, Stu dent Council-3, Girl Reserves-I, 21 "The Marriage of Nanetten-I, "The Golden Trail"A3, Polaris Revueflg Otiice Staff-33 Honor Study-2, 3. THORA ALMEDA CARLISLE 24l8 Medary Avenue From-Crestview To-Ohio State Yosian Club-2, Junior Glee Club-Ig Or- chestra-2, 33 TeTon-2, 3, T.N,T.-2, "The Golden Trail"-3g "The Goose Hangs High"-3, Home Economics Club-21 Honor Study-3, ROSE EILEEN CALLAHAN 52 West Blake Avenue Frorn-lndianola Los Gesterosjfig Spanish Cub Basketball Tearn-3, Honor Study-2, 3, Honor So- cietyfft, PATRICK JOSEPH CLEARY, JR. 244 East Tulane Road Frorn-Crestview To-Ohio State. CAROLYN CAMPBELL 400 Sixteenth Avenue Frornflndianola To-Ohio State International Correspondence-2, Mari- qale Art Club!3, Press Club-33 Les Enlhousiastes Francais-2, 31 Junior Choir fl: Junior Glee Club-2, Social Club Baseball Team-Ig Waikiki-I, 2, 31 Stu- dent Council-37 Girl Reserves-2, Honor Study, Secretary-2, Honor Study-I, 2, 3. WAYNE ALBEN CHAPMAN l504 Maynard Avenue Frorn-McKinley Junior High TofOhio State Polaris Slafifftg Drafting Honor Service -l, 2, Honor Studyfl, 2, 3. I6 IRVIN FORREST CARNEY 250 West Third Avenue FromACrestview ToAOhio State. R. BLAIR CALDWELL 403 East Maynard Avenue Frorn-Indianola To-Ohio State Drafting Honor Service-2. WALTER HERMAN CANTER lll Acton Road From-McKinley .. To-Ohio State Intramurals, Baseball-l, 2, 3, Football-- 2, Honor Study-I, 2, 3. CLAUDIA ANN CASE 242 West Ninth Avenue From-Everett Junior High To-Muskingum College Yosian Club-2g Press Club-3, Vergilians -2, 3, Polaris Staff-3, Junior Choir-2, Junior Glee Club-2, 33 Girl Reserves-l, Z, 3, Cabinet-3, Production Crew, "The Golden Trail"-33 Production Crew, "The Goose Hangs High"-37 Honor Society -3g Honor Study-l, 2, 3. JOHN ROBERT CHERRY 284 Fourteenth Avenue Frorn-lndianola To-Ohio Wesleyan University Footbtall Squad Manager-l, 2, 31 Intra- murals-l, 2, 3: Varsity "N" Association -I, 2, 33 Manager Track Team-lg Link Club-2, 3: Hi-Y-I, 2, 33 Honor Study -l, 2, 3, Officer-Ig Drafting Honor Serv- ice-3g Model Aeroplane-I, 23 Model Engineer-I, 2, Track Squad-2, 31 Stamp Club-2, 3, "Apron siting Revoir'-3. DON H. CALLAND I330 Forsythe Avenue From-McConnelsviIle High School To-Ohio State. JEANNE LOUISE CARPENTER 233 W. Lakeview From-Crestview To-St. Mary's of The Springs College International Correspondence-27 Mari- qale Art Club-2: Yosian Club-2: Book Club-2: Press Clubi37 Polaris Staff-3, T.N.T.-2, Secretary-27 G-irl Reserves-I, 2, Honor Study-2, 3, Secretary-33 Oftice Staff 3. ROBERT ALLEN BOHMER 556 Milford Avenue From-Crestview To-Ohio State Football Squad-I, 2, 33 Intramurals-I, Z, 33 Varsity "N" Association-33 Track- I, 2, Link-I, 2, 3: Honor Study Officer, Secretary-2, 3, Honor Study-I, 2, 3. DOROTHY MARIE CHAMBERS 104 Tibet Road From-Central Honor Studyf2, 3. HARLEY BYERS I44b Wright Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio State. HOWARD B. CARY l48I Hudson Street From-McKinley To-Ohio State Toastmasters-3: Press Club-3, Orches- tra-I, Z, Reel Camera Club-33 Honor Sludyfl, 2, 3, Officer-2, 31 Bandf3. STEPHEN PAUL BAILEY 90 West Northwood Avenue From-lndianola To-Denison Orchestra-I, 2, 33 Violin Quartet-27 Intramurals-33 Varsity "N" Association- 3g Track-2, 3: Hi-Y-l, Zg German Club -2, 3. RALPH H. CARMAN 277 Fourteenth Avenue From-lndianola To--Ohio State Hi-Y-3, Basketball-35 Honor Study-3. MARTHA EVELYN CASTLE 2266 North Fourth Street From-Indianola Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Officer-I, 2. BERNARD CARIS 2525 Deming Avenue From-Everett To-Office Training Boys Glee Club-I, 3, Orchestra-l, 2, 33 "The Golden Trail"-3g "The Goose Hanos High"-33 Band-l, 2, 3. VELDREN WINIFRED BYRD 60 West Ninth Avenue From-Mt. Gilead High Basketball Squad-I, 2, I, 2, 3, Speedball-l, 2, 3 Girl Reserves -I, 21 Baseball-I, 2, H nor Study-2, 3. School 37 Intramurals- o MARGERY ANN CANODE II23 Highland Street From-Everett To-Ohio State Honor Study-l, 2, 3. JAMES C. CLEM 62 West Pacernont Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State Press Club-3: Polaris Staftf3g Intramu- rals-I, Z, 3, Honor Studyf2, 3, Officer 17 DANIELL LEONARD DAILEY l46 Easl Tulane Road From-lndianola To-Ohio Stare Choiril, 2, 3p Glee Club-I, 2, 3I "The Golden Trail"-37 Sramp Club-2, 3. WILLIAM JOSEPH CLIFFORD bl W, Palrerson From-lndianola To-Ohio Stale lnrramurals-I, 2, 3, Baskelballfl, 2, 33 Degare Tearng Link-Z, 31 Honor Srudy- I, ,3. HOWARD CLOUSE 345 Easi Torrence Road From-Creslview To-Asbury College, Kenrucky Foolball Squad-I, 3, lnrrarnurals-I, 2, 3. MARIAN FAYE DAVIS 2575 Glen Echo Drive From-lndianola To-Norrhweslern University Marigale Arl Club-25 Glee Club-2? Baseball-I, 23 Speedball-23 T.N.T.-2, 3, Sergeant-ar-Arms-2, Presidenr-37 Girl Reserves-I, 2, Polaris Revue-I, Honor Srudy-I, 2. WALLACE JOHN CORBAN 3042 Midgard Road From-Creslview To-Ohio Slale lnfernarional Relarions-2, 3: Toasfrnaslers -l, 2, 3, Vice-Presidenl43, Book Club- 2, 33 Foolball Squad-lg Link Club-I, 2, 3, Presidenl' of Pledges-I, Vice-President -2, Presidenl-37 Parliamenlarian-33 Slu- denf Courl, Judge-3: Sludenf Council- 2, Treasurer-2, Execulive Commifree-2: Rofary Luncheon-33 Honor Sludv Officer, Secrelaryv l, Chairman-3, Debate-33 Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3. DOROTHEA JEANNE DAVISON l99l Norrh Fourlh Slreel From-lndlanola To-Ohio Slaie Marigale Arl' Club-lg Press Club-37 Les Enlhousiasles Francais-2, 3, Social Chair- Club-l, ZZ Spfeedball-l. Arro Track 33 Girl Re- man-3g Choir-l. 33 Glee Slale Music Confesl-2, 33 2: Arro Baseball Tearnf2g Team-Z, Arro Club-l, 2, serves-lg "The Marriage of Nannel're"- Honor Siudv lg "The Golden Trall"f33 Officer, Secreraryfl, Vice-Chairrnanf2, Secrelaryflg Honor Sludyel, 2, 3. I8 DOROTHY M. CALLAND I27 Thirleenfh Avenue From-Indianola To-Ohio Slale Baskerball Class Team-I, 2, 33 Baseball -I, Z, Baskelball-I, 2, 3, Volleyball-l, Z, Speedball-I, 2, 3, Speedball Class Team-I, 2, 3, GAA.-l, Z, 3, Secrelary -3, Reel Camera Club-2, Baseball Class Tearnel, 27 Volleyball Class Team-I, 25 Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 3, Officer-3. MILTON COLE CLIFTON 3082 Woodbine Place From-East High To-Posr Graduate Course Press Club-3, Honor Study-3. GRACE JEANETTE CONWELL 997 Fourfeenfh Avenue From-McKinley To-Buckeye Stale I Orchesfra4I, 2, 33 "The Golden Trail" -3, Honor Srudy-l, 2, 3, T. N. T.-l, 2. CARL WILLIAM CLIFFORD 464 W. Second Avenue From-Everett To-Purdue Universify Yosian Club-2, Foofball Squad-lg lnrra- murals-I, Z, 37 Varsiry "N" Associafion -I, 2, 37 Baseball Squad Manager-I, BYRON EUGENE CORBIN l76 Wes? Frarnbes Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio Slale Infernalional Correspondence-l, 3: Vera gilians-33 Los Gesferos-2, Presidenl-21 Nous Aurres-l, 2, 3, Les Enrhousiasles Francais-2 37 Library 'rail-2, Clwiffl, 3, Glee Clubflg Ocrelfe-2, Mixed Double Ouarfei-Z3 Link Club-2, 3, Slu- denf CouncilfZg HiAYfl, 2, "The Mar- riaqe of NanneHe"-22 "The Golden Trail"-33 Rotary Luncheon-31 Honor So- cielv--3g Honor Sl'udyf2, Officer-2g Of- fice Slafl-2, OMER MONROE COLE, JR. I44l Neil Avenue From-Everelf TofOhio Stale Press Club-3, Glee Club-l, 2, Basker- ball Squad-2, 3: lnlramurals-l, 2 ,3, ln- lrarnurai Official, Honor Study Officer- ag Honor srudy-2, 3. LUANA MAE COX l25l East Eighteenth Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio Slate Yosian Club-2, 3, Virgiliansf2, 3, June ior Glee Club-2, Intramurals, Speedball -I, 2, Volleyball-I, 23 Girl Reservesel, 2, 3, Honor Study-l, 2, 3. LEONARD VENTON COOK 2542 Deming Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio Wesleyan Basketball Squad Manager-lg lntrarnu- rals-I, Z, 3: Baseball Squad-I, 27 Hon' or Study-I, 2, 3. JEANNE ELEANOR CORP 343 Glenmont Avenue From-Crestview To-Ohio State Virgilians-2, Girl Reserves-l, 2, 3. ROBERT DEAN CULLISON Ib8 East Pacernont Road From-Crestview TofOhio State Basketball Intramurals-I, 2, 3, Student Council-3, Hi'Y-I, 25 Ottice Stan'-3. MARTHA ANN COHAGEN 389 Sixteenth Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State Book Club-lg Press Club-3, Presidente 35 Polaris Staft-I, 2, 3, Sophomore Editor -In Junior Editor-2, Associate Editor 33 Senior Choir-Z, 3, Vice-President-31 Senior Glee Club-I, 3, Social Commit- tee-Zq Octette-2, 3, Mixed Double En- semblei2, 31 Arro Club-l, 2, 3, Assistant Secretary-3, Student Court-3. Bailiff-31 Girl Reserves-ly "Ambition"-37 "Sauce for the Goslinqsu-3, Honor Study-l, 2, 3i Ofircer-I, 2, Junior Choir-2, Rotary Luncheon-3. ROBERT WILLIAM CUMBOW I638 Ar'inoton Avenue From-McKinley Press Club-37 Polaris Staff-3, Managing Editor-3, J.A,O.S. Award-3, Senior Class Program Committee-3. MARY LOUISE DAVIS 223 Kelso Road From-Crestview Orchestra-l, 23 Student Council-2, Hon- or Society-3: Honor Sfudyfl, 2, 3. EVELYN MARIE CRIST W5 West Pacemonf Road From-Hebron Hiqln School To-Bliss College. GEORGE MORRISON DAVIS H30 East Maynard Avenue From-McKinley To-Texas Ctiristian University Press Clube3g Intramurals!-I, 2, 3. ERNEST FRANKLIN COMPTON 406 East Seventeenth Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State Intramurals-I, 2, 33 Honor Study-2, 3. ADELE CORBIN i455 Kenmore Road Frornelvlcliinley To-Office Training International Correspondence-3, Les En- thousiastes Francais-2, Intramurals, Vol- leyball-lg TeTon Club-2, 3, Social Sec- retary-3, Honor Study Ofticer-2, Honor Study-I, 2, 3. FREDERICK WILLIAM CARVER 7I West Tulane Road From-Crestview ToAOhio State Honor Society-3, I9 GWYNETH VIRGINIA DORSEY 295 East North Broadway From-Crestview To-Ohio State H International Correspondence-2, 33 Ma if gale Art Club-I, 2, 3, Vice-President--Ig Basketball Team Captain-33 Book Clube 2, Los Gesteros-23 Intramurals-I, 2, 3, Speedball-I, 2, Girl Reserves-l, 23 "The Golden Trail," Production Crew-31 Reel Camera Club-2, Basketbtall-I, 2, 3, Baseball-I, 2, Honor Study4l, 2, 3. EMILY MAY DAUGHERTY 235 West Eighth Avenue From-Crestview To-Ohio University Nous Autres-2, 33 Speedball-I, Basket- ball-2, 3: VolleyballA23 Baseball-2, 3, "The Golden Trail," Production Crew-31 Betty Lamp Club-2, 3, Honor Study-2, 3. JAMES DOUGLAS l84 West North Broadway From-Crestview TofOtrio State ' Basketball Squad-l, 2, 3, Intramural Otit- Cia:-2, 3, varsity "N"-2, 3, Link-I, Baseball Squad-I, 2, 3. EVELYN CLAUDINE DUDLEY II63 Twentieth Avenue From-McKinley To-Olivet College Polaris Staff-3, Senior Choir-l, 2, 33 "The Golden Trail"-3g Press ClubA3: District and State Music ContestA2, 3. JESSE DRAKE 2779 lndianola Avenue From-lndianola Student Council-3, Hi-Y-I, 2, Honor sway-I, 2, 3, EandAl, 2. CAROL JEANETTE DRAYER 3I0O Olentanqy River Road From-Crestview To-om siaie , Press ClubA3g Les Enthousiastes Francais -23 S eedball Class Team-I, 2, 33 G,A.A. -27 girl Reservesfl, 2, Honor Study- i, 2, 3. 20 WILLIAM NOTTINGHAM DEARTH H46 Hamlet Street From--Everett To-Ohio State Yosian Club-23 Football Champions, In- tramurals-Z, Basketball Champions-3. GRACE EILEEN DYSON 326 Kelso Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State r International Correspondence-2, Yosian Clubf31 Les Enthousiastes Francais-3, Basebailfl, 2, Volleyball-I, 2, Speed- ball-I, 23 Girl Reserves-I, 2, Volleyball Class Team-2. MABEL MARIE DYE l423 St. Clair Avenue Frorn-McKinley To-Capital University Honor Society-3. MARGARET ANN DRECHSLER 2IIl Summit Street From-lndianola To-Ohio State International Correspondence-I, 21 Book Club-Z, 3, Treasurer--31 Press Club-3: Les Enthousiastes Francais-33 Senior'Edi- tor Polaris Staff-33 Junior Choir-lg Junior Glee Club-2: Social Club Base- ball Team-l, 2, Waikiki Club-l, 2, 37 Initiation Chairman-35 Student Council -33 Girl Reserves-Ig Production Crew, "The Golden Trail"-33 "The Goose Hangs High"-37 Honor Study-l, 2, 3, Officer-I, 2, 3, Otfice Staff--3. MARY FRANCES DOEBELE 368 Clinton Street From-lndianola To-Ohio State International Correspondence-I, 25 Inter- national Relations-33 Press Club-31 Vir- ilians-2, 35 Library Statt-33 Polaris SItaft-33 Memory Book Representative- 3g Speedball-I, 2, 33 Champions-I, 2, 3: Basketball-I, Z, 35 Volleyball-I, 21 Baseball-l, Z G.A.A.-2, 37 Student Coun- cil-Zq Honor Study-I, 2, 37 Polaris Home Room Representative-3. JULIA LOUISE DEISLER 545 Midgard Road From-Crestview To-Capital University Honor Study-I, 2, 3. JEANNE IRENA DENSER ISO Brevoort Road Frorn-Crestview To-Ohio State International Correspondence-2, Eg Mari- gale Art Club-I, 23 3, Basketball Team -2, 35 Intramurals-Ig G.A.A.-3, "The Golden Trail," Production CrewA3q Mari- gale Art Club Basketball. JEAN CASTLE 26 Olentangy Street From-Middleport High School To-Office Training MADGE LOUISE DUMENIL 2398 Glenrnawr Avenue From-Indianola To-Ohio State Press Club-33 Les Enthousiastes Francais -2g Memory Book Associate Editor-37 Speedball-2, Square Circle-2, 37 Stu- dent Council43g "The Golden Trail," Production Crew-3, "The Goose Hangs High," Production Crew-3, Office Staff -33 Honor Study-2, 3: Girl Reserves-2, 33 Polaris Horne Room Representative-3. LORA JEANNETTE DILL I99l Aberdeen Avenue FromvMcKinley To-Business Training DOROTHY MAXINE DAY 2320 Summit Street From-lndianola To-Business School CAROLYN VIRGINIA DAVIS I4b3 Manchester Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio State International Correspondence-I, 2, 33 Marigale Art Club-I, 2, 33 Press Club- 37 Virgilians-2, 3: Les Enthousiastes Fran, cais-31 Memory Book Staft-3, "The Golden Trail"-33 Honor Study-Z, 3: Po- laris Representative-31 Varsity "N", G.A.A. Floor Show-3. JAMES FRITZ DENTON 2690 Indianola Avenue From-Crestview TofChicaqo Co'lege ot Osteopathy Press Club-35 Library Start-3, President -35 Polaris Staft-3, Intramurals-I, 2, Champs-Ip Swimming Team-I, 2, 31 Varsity "N" Association-2, 35 Track-Z, 33 Student Council-I, 2, "Tigerhouse"-Z3 Honor Society-3, President-3, Junior Class Treasurer-25 Honor Study Officer -I, 2, 35 Honor Studyel, 2, 3, ROBERTA RUTH DUNCAN l8I Kelso Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State Virgilians-25 Nous Autresflg Les En- thousiastes FrancaisA3g Waikiki Club-I, 2, 3g Girl Reserves-I, 2, 33 Honor Study -I, 2, 3. CHARLES EDWARD COLLINS 20I Arcadia Avenue From-Crestview To-Ohio State Press Clubf3g Memory Book Staff-3, Reel Camera Club-I, 2, 3. JANE ANN DE LONG I4I East Frambes Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State Library Staff-33 Polaris Staff-3, Polaris Representative-3: Memory Book Repref sentative-33 Basketball Class Team-I, 2, 33 Intramurals, Basketball-lg Volleyball 2, Speedball Class Team-l, 2, 33 Cass Championship-33 Blue and Gold Baskete ball Team-I, 2, 33 Co-Captain-33 School Championship-2, 35 All Star Social Club -2, Baseball-I, Z, 3: Social Club Base- ball Championshipg B.ue and Gold-I, 2, 33 Sergeant-at-Arms-3, President oi Pledqesflg G.A.A.-2, 3, Girl Reserves -lg Rotary Luncheon-3, Senior Class Secretary-37 Baseball Class Team-lg G5R.A, OueenA3, Volleyball Class Tearn JOHN WILLIAM DAWSON lb67 Minnesota Avenue From-Buchtel, Akron To-Ohio State Toastmasters-33 Los Gesteros-2, Intra- murals-Zj Varsity "N" Association-33 Track-Ig Sfudent Council-3, Activities Chairman-37 Honor Study-2, 3. EVELYN LOUISE DOWDY H96 East Twelfth Avenue nam-Mekinley To-Temple University, Philadelphia, Pa. 2l PAUL FIDLER I3bl Highland Street From-Everett To-Mechanics College lntramuras-I, 2, 33 Dratfinq Honor Serv- MARY JEANNE EDWARDS ree-r, 2, 31 Honor sway-2, 3. JACK ELTON EDGELL 39 West Lakeview Avenue From Everett Junior High To-Ohio State Orchest-a-2, 33 Honor Study-I, 2, 33 Band-2, 3. MARJORIE LEE EDMONDS 36OE Milton Avenue FrornfCrestview To-Ohio State International Relations-Z, 3, Social Chair- man-3, Vice-President-33 Press Club-33 Les Enthousiastes Francais-23 Polaris Statt -33 Library Staff-33 Senior Choir-l, 2, 33 Senior Glee Club-I, 33 Intramurals, Basketball-23 Arrofl, 2, 3, SecretaryG3g Student Council-2, Secretary-23 Girl Re- serves-l, 2, 33 "Marriace ot Nanette"- I3 "The Golden Trail"-33 Production Crew, Christmas Play3 Honor Society-33 Honor Study-2, 3, Vice-Chairman-3, Chairrnanvl RUTH ANN FRANCE I44 Clinton Street From-Crestview To-Ohio State Virgilians-2, 33 Girl Reserves-33 Rotary Luncheonf33 Honor Society-33 Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Assistant Secretary-33 Ot- fice Statt-3, JOAN LOUISE EVANS I484 Aberdeen Avenue From4McKinley To-Ohio State Glee Club-l, 2, 33 "The Golden Trailm! 33 Des Deutsche VereinA2, 33 Honor Study -I, 2, 3, Chairman-Z. DOROTHY VIRGINIA ELSAS 66 Brevoort Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State 87 West Lakeview Avenue From-Crestview To-Ohio State lnternational Correspondence-23 Book Club-Z, 33 Press Club-33 Les Enthous- iastcs Francais42, 33 Polaris Statt-3, Pub- licity ComrniHeef3, Home Room Repre- sentativ-33 Press Club Basketball Team f33 Girl Reserves-lg Honor Society-33 Honor Study-I, 2, 3, BETTIE JEAN EALY 342 Nineteenth Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State International Correspondence-I, 2, 33 Marigale Art Club-33 Yosian Club-l, 2, 33 Junior Choir-23 Glee Club-23 Base- ball, Basketball-I, 23 Newasa-I, 2, 3, Pledge Mistress-33 Girl Reserves-I, 23 Honor Study-3, Secretary-33 Newasa Club Team-I, 2, 3. FRANCES JANE EVERSOLE 267 Tibet Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State International Correspondence-3, President -33 Mariqale Art Club-33 Les Enthous- iastes Francais-l, 2, 33 Library Staff-35 Book Club-I, 2, 3, Treasurer-33 Press Club-33 Polaris Statt-3, Associate Edi- torG3, Home Room Representative-33 Memory Book Representative-33 Memory Book Statl-33 Intramurals. Speedball-l, Volleyball-I, Baseball-Z, Basketball-23 Arro-I, 2, 33 Student Council-33 Girl Reserves-l, 2, 3, Program Chairman-33 Production Statt ot "The Golden Trail"- 33 "The Goose Hanes High"-3, "Auron String Revolt"-33 Honor Study-l, 2, 3, Messengerfl, Secretary-2, 3, Chairman! 33 Reel Camera Club-3. MARY ELIZABETH FAIGLEY ISB3 Manchester Avenue FromAMcKinley TofBusiness School Honor Society-33 Honor Study-2, 3. DOROTHY ANN EICKHOLT I396 East Twenty-third Avenue From--McKinley To-Ohio State University Vergilians-23 Junior Glee Club-23 Girl Reserves-I, 33 Honor Study-2, 3. International Correspondence-33 Mariqale J. ALLEN FINNICUM Art Club-33 Junior Choir!23 Junior Glee Club+l3 TeTonf2, 33 Girl Reserves-33 Honor Study-I, 2, 33 Betty Lamp-3. 22 ZIS Fifteenth Avenue Frornflndianola To-Ohio State Storm: Club-2, 33 President-33 Track- I, 2, 3. MARY ZORELDA DUNLAP 335 East Dunedin Road From-Creslview To-Denison Les Enlhousiales Francais-3, Library SlaH -2, 37 Girl Reserves-Z3 Honor Sociely- 33 Honor SludyV2, 3, Der Deulsch Verein -3. ROBERT ADRIAN DITTOE 309 Garden Road From-Creslview Yosian Club-2. PAUL H. ELLEMAN, JR. l627 Norlh High Slreef From-Indianola To-Ohio Sfafe Baskelball-2, 3g lnlrarnurals-l, 31 Varsity "N"-2, 31 Okay-l, Z, 3, Rolary Lunch- eon-3g Baseball-2, 3, Honor Sfudy-2, 3. FRANK ROLLIN FAUVER 254 King Avenue Prom-Everelf To-Ohio Slafe Marigale Ar? Club-lg Yosian Club-2, lntramurals-l, 2, 3, Honor Sfudy-2, 3' Band I. BETTY JANE ECKHART l43 Rafhbone Road From-Creslview TowCapilaI Te Ton Club-2, 3, Pledge Presidenl-2, Girl Reserves-l. MARY JANE EITLE i057 Easf Eighleenlh Avenue F'orn-McKinley BETTY IONE DELILLE 2ll4 Cleveland Avenue From-McKinley To-Universily ol Soulhern California lnfernalional Correspondence-2, 3, Los Gesfros-31 Junior Choir-3, Junior Glee Club-2, Girl Reserves-3, "The Golden Trail"-31 Reel Camera Club-31 Honor Sludy-2, 31 Ornifhology Club-3. ALICE ROSE EDDY 55 King Avenue Frorn-Everell Junior High To-Ohio Slale Honor Sfudyil, 2, 3, BARBARA JANE EVERHART Ill Amazon Place From-Creslview To-Ohio Slale D. A. R. Cilizenship Tesl-37 Press Club -3, Vergilians-2, 3, lnlramurals, Baskel- ball-l, 2, 3, Baseball-l, 2, 3, Volley- loall-2, 3, Vergilian Basketball Tearn+31 Class Teams, Baseball Second Team, Bas- ketball Second Team, Speedball Firsf and Second Teams, G.A.A.-3, Sludenl Coun- cil-3q Giri Reserves-3: Rolary Luncheon -32 Honor Sociely 3, Honor Sludy Officer -2, Secrefary-2: Honor Sfudye2, 33 Ger- rnan Club-2, 3, Properly Crew, "The Goose Hangs High" and "The Go'dan Val . AMY RUTH FRANK 4l7 Easl Eiqhleenfh Avenue Prom-lndianola Girl Reserves-31 "The Golden Trail" Production Crew-3, "The Goose Hangs High" Produclion Crew-2g Honor So- ciely-3, Berly Lamp Club-l, 2, 3, Sec- relary-Zg Honor Sfudy-l, 2, 3. DOROTHY JAYNE FLASHER I27 Brevoorl Road Frorn-Crestview To-Miami lnlernalional Correspondence-l, 2, Mar- igale Arr Clulo-2, 3, Press Club-2, 31 Nous Autres-Z7 Les Enlhousiasles Fran- cais-2, 37 Polaris Sfah'-23 Memory Book Staff-2, Junior Choir-Z, 3, Girl Reserves -lg "The Golden Trail"-3, "The Goose Hangs High"-3, "Thar Ferguson Family" -2, "The Romanfic Age"-35 "The Apron Sfrinos Revolf-3: Reel Camera Club-I, 25 Drafling Honor Service-l, 21 Honor Sludy +I, Radio Plays-31 "The Valianfu-33 Yosian Club-2, Prornpfergl MERY KAY DAUGHERTY l46 Tiber Road From Creslview ToiOhio Stale Book Club-I, 2, 33 Class Team Baslcel- ball-l, 23 lnlrarnurals, Speedloall-I, 2, 3, Volleyball-l, 25 Baseball-I, 2, 3, Class Team Speedball-I, 2, 3, Class Team Baseball-lg Arro Baslcellsall-2, 37 Base- ball-lg Traclc-l, 2, Arro Club-I, 2, 3, Vice-Presidenl-3: G.A.A.-l, 25 lnilialion Chairman-3, Sludenf Council-2, Secre- lary-2g Office Slaff-l, 2, 3, Honor Sludv 3, 31 Horne Coming Queen Allend- an - , 23 JACK LEWIS FUNKHOUSER 50 West Maynard Avenue From-Crestview Press Club-31 Polaris Messenger-3. MARVEL GARDINER 87 Twelfth Avenue From-lndianola ToiSouthern California Senior Choir-2, 33 Senior Glee Club- Zg Girls Octetfe-2, Arro Club-I, 2, 33 "The Golden Trail"-3, "Marriage ot "Nannette"-I7 Honor Study-l, 2, 3. ROBERT LIVINGSTON FOX 'il Wetmore Road From-Crestview To-Ohio Slate Drafting Honor Service-I, 2, 33 Honor Study-l, 2, 3. MARJORIE ANN GATES lO7 Fourteenth Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State Les Enthousiastes Francais-33 Junior Choir -27 Junior and Senior Glee Club-2, 3: lnl'ramura's, Basketball-l, 2, 3, Volleyball I, 21 Baseball-l, 2, 35 Speeclball-2, 31 Class Tearni3g G.A.A,-3: Student Coun- cil-3g Lost and Found Committee-33 Girl Reserves-I, Z7 "The Golden Trail"- 3q Honor Study-2, 3. MARY AILEEN GLASSBURN l032 Chittenden Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio Slate lnternational Correspondence-31 Student Council-3: Girl Reserves-3, Honor Soci- ety-37 Honor Study-2, 3. BETTY JANE GIESECKE 43 East Woodruff Avenue From-lndiancla To-Office Training Honor Study-2. 24 JUANITA PEARL FOLDEN ll5 East Woodruff Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State Ver ilian-3, Les Enthousiastes Francais- 3g girl Reserves-3: Home Economics Club -2, 3: Honor Study-I, 2, 3. EMMA JEAN GASTON 254 East Torrence Road From-Everett To-Ohio Wesleyan Mari ale Art Club-I, 21 Press Club-35 Los Gesteros-37 Social Chairman, Polaris Staff-3: Arro Club-l, 2, 31 Sergeant-at Arrns-37 Girl Reservesflg Honor Study Officer, Vice-Chairman-3: Honor Study -l, 2, 37 Polaris Representative-3. MARY BERNADENE GIESECKE l3B8 Loretta Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio University Honor Study-Z, 3. DONNA MARGARET GINN 2474 North Fourth Street From-lndianola To-Ohio State International Correspondenceflg Marigale Art Club-23 Junior Choir42g Student Coun::il+3g Honor Society-3: Honor Study-I, 2 33 Honor Study Officer-2, 3. ROBERT THOMAS FREEMAN II4 Tibet Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State Track-I, 2, Hi-Y-I, 2, 3, Band-l, 2, 3, Drum Maior-3. ESTHER ELLA FREUDEMANN 2877 Cleveland Avenue From-McKinley To-Capitol School of Cosmetology Junior Glee Club-2g Honor Study43. HAROLD ELMER DAVIS l525 Surnrnil Sfreel' From-lndianola To-Ohio Stale Link Club-2, 3: Gym Team-I, 2' Hl-Y- I, 2: Honor Sludy-l, 2. MARTHA .IEANNE ERK 3066 lndianola Avenue Frorn-Cresfvlew To-Capifal Yosian Club-2, 3: Verqilians-2: Social Cllub Team: Relay Team-I, 2, 3: Baskel- ball-2: Waikiki Klub-l, 2, 3: Social Chairman-3: Girl Reservesil, 2, 3: Pro- duction Slaff, "The Golden Trail"-3: "Apron Slrinqs Revoll"!3: Honor Srudy I, 2, 3-Secrelary-2, 3. BETTY JANE FRASER 446 Glenmonf Avenue From-Creslview Press Club-3: Polaris Slaff--3: lnlran'ura's Speedball-I: Social Club Team-2: Te Ton Club-2, 3: Serqeanl-al-Arms-3: Honor Sfudy-l, 2, 3, BETTY JANE FOGLE 28 Easf Tompkins Slreel From-lndianola To-Pasadena Playground Baskefball-l, 2, 3: Class Team-3: Volley- ball-l, 2: Baseball-I, 2: Home Econom- ics Club-I, 2: Chairman of Refreshmenls Commiflee-I, 2. BETTY JAYNE DILLAHUNT I78 Easf Tompkins Slreef From-lndianola TovOhio Stale International Correspondence-3: Nous Au- lres-3: Junior Choir-3: Junior Glee Club-2: Baskelball-I: Speedballfl: Slu- denl Council-3: Girl Reserves-2, 3: Honor Sludy Officer-I: Honor Sfudy-I, Z, 3: Home Room Secvelary-2, 3: Les Enllfvusiasles Franca is-3, JAMES ALLYN GABRIEL 347 Clinfon Heiqhls Avenue From-Creslview Honor Sludy-2, 3. MADELINE GOLDEN 30 Easr Tenfh Avenue From-lndianola WILLIAM KNIGHT FORDER SOO Wesl Sevenlh Avenue From-Everell TofOhio Slate Les Enlhousiastes Francais-2: Orchestra- I, 2: lnlrarnurals-2, 3: Hi-Y-I, 2: Draff- ing Honor Service?3. DOROTHY JANE GOODWIN 3028 Woodbine Place From-Cresfview To-Ohio Slale Book Club-I, Treasurer-2: Les Enfhousi- asfes Francais-2: Choir-I, 2, 3: Glee Club-l, 2, 3: Baskelball Class Team-I, 3: lnframurals, Speedball-I, 2, 3: Basket- ball - I: Volleyball- l, 2: Baseball- I: Speedball Class Team-I, Z, 3: Social Club Team-2, 3: Baseball-2: Baskelball -Z, 3: Track-I, 2: Arro-I, 2, 3: G.A.A. -2, Presudenf-3: Girl Reserves-I, 2: "The Golden Trail"-3: Rotary Luncheon-3: Toasfrnisfress-2, 3: Baseball Class Team -I: Volleyball Class Team-I, 2: Honor Sludy-I, Z, 3, Secretary-3, WILMA JEAN GIBSON l433 Meadow Road From-Evererl To-Oliver College Verqilians-2, 3: Baskelball Class Team- 3: lnrramurals-I, 2, 3: Speedball-I, 2, 3: Baskefball-I, 2, 3: Volleyball-I, Z: Base- ball-l, 2: Speeclball Class Team-3: G.A.A.-2, 3: Volleyball Class Team-2' Honor Sfudy-3. DORIS ANN ESELHOFF I946 lndianola Avenue From-lndianola ToiWesIern College Infernafional Correspondence-2, 3: Mari- gale Ari Cub-I, Z: Book Club-2: B'ue and Gold-I, 2, 3: Social Secrefary-2: "Golden Trail" lProper?y Crewl-3: Yo- Sian Club-2, RAYMOND HARGRAVES GORHAM 55 Easr Norwich Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio Sfale Orchesfra-l, 2, 3: Presidenl-3: Violin Quarter-2: lnframurals-3: Hi-YGZ, 3: Der Deutsche Verein-2: Bandfl, 2, 3. 25 WNESTERN WILLARD HAWKINS lbfilfg Arcadia Avenue From-Crestview To-Join Baseball Club Honor Study-3. LUCY JOAN GRANDOMINICO 3Ol9 Westerville Road rramkmekinley TofOHice Training Honor Study-2, 3, Style Show-2, ALLEN BEACH HAMILTON IS37 Manchester Avenue From-McKinley To-Brevard College Toastmasters-37 Football Squad-l, Track -2, Hi-Y-I, 2, 3, Stage Crew43g Honor Study-3: Geology Club-2. HELEN FRANCES HARDEN 2593 Azelda Avenue From-McKinley To-Nurses Training Yosian Club-35 Nous Autres-3, Nous Au- tres Basketball Team-33 Volleyball- I, Honor Study-I, 2, 3. DOUGLAS HARDEN 2356 Jefferson Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio State Press Club-31 Los Gesteros-3, Basketball Souad-2, Intramurals-I, Z, 31 Honor Study!3, Otticer-35 Baseball Squadfl, 2, 3. MAYO MAXENE HARLOR 4l7 Clinton Street From-west High TofOl'1io State Marigale Art Club-I, 2, 3, Press Club- 33 Los Gesteros-I, Z, 3, Memory Book Staff-3, Clef Club-3, Orchestra-I, 2, 3: "Golden Trail"-33 "Goose Hangs High" 43, Honor Study-3. 26 BETTY JANE HATZO 363 Olentangy Street From-Crestview To-St. Mary's of the Springs Senior Glee Club-3, Junior Glee Club -I 23 "Golden Trail"-3, Betty Lamp Club-3: Hostess of Sewing Class-3. VIRGINIA GRACE HAACK 32 Brevoort Road From-University High To-Ohio State Yosian Club-2, Press Club-3, Les En- thousiastes Francais-21 Polaris Stott-3, Assistant Business Manager-31 Home Room Representative-3: Memory Book Statt-3, Advertising Manager-33 Mem- ory Book Representative-3, Clet Club-I, 3, Secretary-35 Orchestra-I, 2, 35 Band I, Z, 3, Commencement Band-2, 33 ln- tramural Speedball-Ig Class Team Speed- ball-lg Arrof-I, 2, 3, Girl Reserves-I, 2, 31 "Goose Hangs High" lMake-up Crewl and Orchestraf3, "Golden Trail"-31 "The Ferguson Family"-2, Honor Study Officer, Secretary-I, Vice-Chairman-3, Honor Study-I, 2, 35 "Apron String Re- volt, Orchestra. MARY KATHERINE HANGER 3bl East Northwood Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State Library Staff-I, 2, 3, Secretary-3, Junior Choir-I, 2, Senior Glee Club-3, Base- ball-Ig Basketball-Ip Speedball-lg Blue and Gold-Z, 35 Girl Reserves-I, 2, "The Golden Trail"43g "Goose Hangs High" 3, Assistant Director, "Apron String Re- volt"-3, Honor Study-I, 2, 3. CHARLES JOSEPH HATFIELD 224 East North Broadway From Crestview To-Ohio State Senior Choirel, 2, 3, Glee Club-lg Boys' Octette-I, 2, 3, Mixed Double Ensemble -Z, 3: Varsify "N" Association-I, 2, 3, Secretary-3, Track4l, 2, 3, O'Kay Club -l, 2, 3, Secretary-3, Vice-President-3: "Marriage of Nanette"- lg "Golden Trail"-33 Rotary Luncheon-33 Honor Study-2, 3: Bandel, 2: O'Kay Trio-2,33 Football Squad-I, 2, 3. MARGARET STUART HARVISON l70 Crestview Road From-Crestview To-Miami Book Clubf2g Nous Autres-23 Les En- thousiastes Francais-2, Junior Choir-I, 2, Junior Glee Clubel, 2, Senior Glee Club -3, Basketball Class Team-l, 2, 3, ln- tramurals, Speedball-I, 2, 31 Basketball -I, 2, 3, Volleyballel, 2, Baseball-I, Z, Speedball Class Team-l, 2, 35 Arro Club Team, Basketball-3, Baseballfl, 27 Relay Team-I, 2: Arro Club-l, 2, 3, G.A.A.- 2, 37 Student CounciIf31 Girl Reserves! lg "The Golden Trail"433 Honor Study Officer, Messenoer-3, Office Statt-31 Baseball Class Team-I, 2: Honor Study -2, 3, Volleyball Class Team-I, 2, State Music Contest-3. HOWARD HUBERT HALL 2565 North Fourth Street From-Waynesville High To-Ohio State Les Enthousiastes Francais-33 Track-2, Cross Country-3. HAZEL LUCILLE GREENE B29 Summit Street ROBERT SHERMAN GRAHAM 28 West Longview Avenue Frorn-Crestview To-Ohio State Glee Club-I, 2, 3, Student Council--3, Executive Board-3' Hi-Y--I 2 3, "Golden From-Everett rin- . ' ff- ' Al. H Lo-7CapitaI University Conservatory ot gmliy-?I'2l:i?IoV Study O leer ' Om' LISIC Senior Glee Clubf2, 3, Social Chairman -33 Boys' and Girls' Octette, Accom- panist-2, 31 "The Golden Trail"-3. PAUL WILLIAM GRAY 246l Findlay Avenue From-lndianola TWILA JANE HAMMONS 2599 Deming Avenue From-Crestview To-Ohio State Nous Autres-2, 3, Les Enthousiastes Fran- cais-27 Student Council-2, Otfice Staft- I, 2, 3, Honor Study-I, 2, 3. THOMAS GORDAN EVANS l75 Webster Park Avenue From-Crestview To-Dickinson Secretarial School Intramurals-2, 3. ALBERTA LOUISE GALLATIN 505 Midgard Road From-Crestview To-White Cross Hospital Home Economics Club-2, 3. ROBERT THOMAS HARTSOCK 490 West Sixth Avenue From-Beaver, Bluefield, West Virginia To-University ot Cincinnati Football Squad-I, 2, 3, Basketball Squad TIE Varsity "N" Association-33 Hi-Ye MARJORIE MARIE FOWLER 257 East Corrro Avenue From-Crestview To-Ohio State Vergilians-3, Nous Autres-3, Intramurals, Baseball-I, 2, 3, Basketball-I, 2, 3, Vol- leyball-2, Speedball-l, 2, 31 Class Team --31 Girl Reserves-I, 2, 3, Honor Society -33 Ottice Statt-33 Toastmistress-2, 3. Vice-President-3, Membership Chairman -3, Honor Study-I, 2, 3. RICHARD MAXWELL GREEN IB3 West Frarnbes Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State International Correspondenceeli Toast- masters-3g tvtarigale Art Club-I, 3, President-3, Press Club-3, Nous Autres- 2, 3, Les Enthousiastes Francais-2, Polaris Statt-3, Art Editor, Memory Book Statl- 3, Art Editor, Senior Clioirfl, 27 Glee Club-I, 2, Football Squad-lj Track-2, 3, Hi-Y-I, 2, "Marriage of Nanette"-27 Rotary Luncheon-3, Honor Study Ofticcr -lg lntrarnurals-I, 2, 3. PATRICIA HARRIS 40 Northridge Road From-Newark High To-Ohio State Press Club-3, Treasurer-3: Nous Autres -3, Les Enthousiastes Francais-33 Polaris Statt-35 Arro-2, 3, Student Council-3, Girl Reserves-2, 3 Honor Study Otticer- 3, Vice-Chairman: Honor Study-3. ROBERT B. FRIEND I320 North High Street From-Barrett To-Buckeye ROSEMARY KATHERINE GORBY l60B Kohr Place From-McKinley To-Denison Choir-Zp Glee Club-33 Intramurals-Ig Social Club Team, Baseball-I, 23 Basket- ball-I, Newasa Club--I, 2, 3, Assistant Treasurer-2, Presidentf3g Student Court -31 Student Council-2, Girl Reserves-- I, 2, "The Golden Trail"-33 "The Goose Hangs High", Makefup Crew-3, Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Vice-Chairman-2, Chair- man-3, Toastmistress-2, 3. '27 ROSEMARY LOU HAYS ISS Piedmonl Road From-Waferford High To-Ohio Slafe Yosian Club-3, Press Club-33 Vergilians -35 Girl Reserves-3: "The Golden Trail" -3, Make-up Crew-37 Polaris Horne Room Represenlafive-35 Honor Sfudy-3. ROWLAND JONES HELMAN 2425 lndianola Avenue From-lndlanola To-Ohio Slare Vergilians-33 Les Enlhousiasles Francais- 31 Senior Choir-2, 3, Sfudenr Council'-2, 35 HM-I, 2, "The Gaiden nail"-3, Honor Sociely-3: Officer Slal'ffZ3 Honor Srudy-2, 3, BETTIE JEAN HICKS l53b Aberdeen Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio Slare Press Club-3, Polaris Slaff-37. "The Golden Trail", Publicily Sfaff-37 Girl Re- serves-Z, 3, Honor Sludy Officer-2, Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3. BURRIS NEWMAN HOLCOMBE 45 Wesf Como Avenue From-Cenrerburg High To-The-Ai-r Corps Technical School, Ran- foul, llllnols ' lnlrarnurals, Baskelball-3, Capfaln-33 Baseball-3, Caplain-3, Honor Srudy-3, Polaris Represenlarive-3, Baseball Squad Manager-3. SUMMEY HIGGINS IOB Oleniangy Slreel From-Knoxville High School, Tennessee To-John Hopkins lnlrarnurals, Baseball-3, Honor Sfudy Of- ficer, Chairman-3, Secrerary-35 Honor Sfudy-Z, 3. CONSTANCE ISABEL HINE 58 Easr Maynard Avenue From-Everell' . Yosian Club-2, 3, Junior Choir-3, Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3: Homecoming Queen Af- fendanl-3. 28 MARTHA GRACE HENDERSON 590 Oakland Park Avenue From-Bexley To-Ohio Stale Verqilians-35 Library Sfaff-3, Newasa- I, 2, 3, Treasurer-33 Girl Reserves-Ig Honor Society-33 Honor Sfudy-I, Z, 3, Secretary-3. JEAN ELIZABETH HILTON 90 Easl Pacemonr Road A From-McKinley, Sebring, Ohio To-Nurses Training. Q Nous Aulres-3, Junior Glee Club-21 Girl Reserves-I, 27 Home Economics Club- l, Z, 37 Honor Sfudy-l, 2, 33 Properly Crew, "The Goose Hangs High"-3. NELLIE ELINOR HERRON 35 Wesr Eleventh Avenue Fromvlxlew Concord High School To-Ohio Srale Home Economics Club-2, 3: Honor Sludy -3. JANICE JEANETTE HEITZWEBEL 335 Chilfenden Avenue From-lndianola To-Office Training School Home Economics Club-2, 3, Honor Sludy -2, 3, Sewing Class, Assislanr Secrelary -3, Sfyle Show-2. GRACE ELIZABETH HENNEKE 49 West Dodridge Slreef From-Crestview Home Economics Club-2, Reporler-2, Speedball-Z7 Girl Reserves-2, Honor sfudy-2, 3. INGEBORG JANE HIGHTSHOE 2667 Medary Avenue From-Cresiview To-Mr, Carmel Hospilal PAUL VINCENT GUMP 373 East Twelfth Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State Student Council Assistant-37 Rotary Luncheon-3, Honor Society-3: Bandg Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Chairman-3. MARILYN JANE GREENE 2694 Deming Avenue From-Crestview To-Ohio State Senior Choir-I, 2, 3: Senior Glee Club -I, 2, 37 Girls' Octette-3g Intramurals- l, Z, 31 Basketball-I, 2, 3: Volleyball-l, 2, Baseball-l, 2, 3: Speedball Class Team-37 G.A.A.-3, Girl Reserves-l, 2, 3, "The Golden Trail"-3, Honor Society -31 Honor StudyGZ, 3. DAN RYAN HIXENBAUGH 297 Woodland Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State Polaris Staff, Cashier-31 Memory Book Staff, Cashier73, Link-31 "The Valiant" -33 "Sauce tor the Goslings"A3g "Apron string Revalrea. GEORGE WALDO HARE lO7 East Pacemont Road From-Crestview To-Miarni Vergilians-3: Honor Studyfi, 3. MARY ANN HARDING 3387 Calumet Street From-Crestview International Correspondence-I, 21 Bock Club-2, 31 Les Enthousiastes Francais-31 Basketball-l, 23 Waikiki Klub-3: Girl Re- serves-l, Zg Horne Economics Club-25 Honor Study-2, 3. DARRELL C. HOLMES 33I Eighteenth Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State Toastmasters-3: Press Club-37 Library Sfatt-3, Polaris Staff-3, Sports Editor- 3g Memory Book Staff-3, Assistant Sports Editor-37 Basketball-3, Varsity "N" As- sociation-2, 33 Swimming Team-I, 2, 3, Captain-3: OKay-2, 3, Vice-President- 3, President-35 Student Council-21 Ro- fary Luncheon-3: Otfice Statt-23 Honor Study-I, 2, 3: Buckeye Boys' State-2. MARY KATHRYN HECKERT 5lB East Hudson Street From-lndianola To-Ohio State Press Club-31 Library Staff-3, Polaris Staff-3, Dramatics Editor-33 Memory Book Statt-3, Girls' Sports Editor-31 ln- tramurals-l, 2, 33 Speedball-I, 2, 33 Volleyball-I, 2, Champiorfs Team-23 Baseball-l, 2, 3, Social Club Team-I, 2, 3, Captain-33 Speedball Class Team- 23 Basketball Class Team--I: Square Circle Club-l, 2, 3, Sergeant-at-Arms-2, Athletic Director-3, G.A,A.-2, 3: Stu- dent Council Assistant-3, Girl Reserves -tg "The Goose Hangs High", Cast-37 "The Apron String Revolt"-3, Production Crew-3, Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Chairman -2: Baseball Class Team-I, 21 Volleyball Class Team-I, 23 Honor Society-3. MARIAN FAITH HICKMAN 295 East Northwood Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio State Press Club-31 Polaris Statif2, 3, Home Room Regresentative-27 Memory Book Statiffig hoirV2g Waikiki Klub Baseball -Ig Waikiki Klub-I, 2, 3, Vice-President -2, Girl Reserves-I, 2, 3g "Marriage of Nanette"-21 Production Staff, "Goose Hangs Hlgh"f33 "Apron String Revolt" -3, Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Secretary-I, Secretary-2, Vice-Chairman-35 Student Secretary-3. WILLIAM EDGAR HERRON 2574 lndianola Avenue From-Indianola To-Ohio State Hi-Y-l, 2, 31 Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Offi- cer-3. PERRY HILLEARY 380 Twelfth Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State Marigale Art Club-I, 23 lntrarnurals-I, 2, 3, Honor Study-I, 2, 3. HARRIET LOUISE GRENER l65 East Tompkins Street From-lndianola To-Ohio State Press Club-37 Polaris Staff-33 Speedball -l, Z, 3, Volleyball-I, 2, 33 Basketball- I, 2, 3g Class Team Speedball-23 Social Club Baseball--l, 2, Social Club Basket- ball-2, 35 Te Ton-l, 2, 33 "Goose Hangs High"-3: Honor Study Officer, Secretary -l, Secretary-3, Vice-Chairman-3, Honor Study-l, 2, 33 Der Deulche Vereinfl, 2. CLAIR JACOB HOEHN I76 Walhalla Drive From-Crestview To-Kenyon Toastmasters-33 Polaris Staff-33 Junior Choir-2, Football Squad-lg Basketball Squad-lg Intramurals-I, 3: Student Coun- cil-3, Chairman ot Apple and Potato Day, Chairman ot Corridor Cornrnitteeg Executive Boardf3y Hi-Y-I3 Rotary Luncheon-31 Honor Study-2, 3, Vice- President-3. 29 JOHN ALLEN HUNTER 72 Easf Woodruff Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio Srafe OrCl1eSrrofl, 2, Band-l OYCE ALICE JONES 68 Easi Torrence Road From-Creslview To-Sf. Mary's of lhe Springs Press Club-3, Los C-I-esferosf2, Polaris Staff-3, Square Circle Club-I, 2, 33 Rushing Chairrnan-I, 2, Girl Reserves-Ig Honor Srudy-2. .2,3. J HELEN JOHNSTON l55l Genessee Avenue From-McKinley To-Slephens School for Library Sfaff-31 Choir-l, Z, Glee Club -I, Z, Basketball Class Team-I, Volley- ball-l, 2, Baseball-I, 23 Basketball-Ig Social Club Baskeiball Championship-27 Blue and Gold-I, 2, 3, Social Secrelary -3, Honor Srudy4l, 2, 3, Officer-I, 25 Polaris Represenlafive-3, Memory Book Represenfalive-3. Girls ROBERT JUILLERAT II6 West Norlhwoocl Avenue Frorn-Chambersburg, Pennsylvania To-Ohio Srafe , EVAN LLOYD JONES 2659 Glenmawr Avenue From-lndianola ToiOhio Siale Boys' Glee Club-l, 2, 33 Vice-Presidenl -35 "The Golden Trail"-35 Honor Sol ciefy-33 Honor Sfudy-l, 2, 3, Der Deuischer Verein-I, 2, 3, Secretary and Treasurer-2, RUTH HOFFMAN INSKEEP 379 Easf Sixteenth Avenue Frorn-McKinley To-Ari lnsfilufion of Chicago lnfernalional Correspondence-2, 3, Yor sian Club-3, Junior Glee Club-21 Senior Girls' Glee Club43, "The Golden Trail" -3, Home Economics Club-I, 2, Treas- urefei, Pfesidenf-2, Honor sway-2, 3, DOROTHY EDITH HUTSLER 3l29V1 Norfh High Slreef From-Cresfview To-Ohio Sfale Marigale Arr Club-2, 3, Nous Autres-2, WILLIAM HOWE 3, Srudenr Council-3, Girl Reserves-I, 2, 33 Office Slaff-3, Honor Sfudyfl, 2, 3. HARFORD PERRY JENKS l30B Forsyfhe Avenue From-Evereif To-Ohio Srale Inrrafr-urals, Drafling Honor Service-3. R MARILYN IRELAND Z5l Arcadia Avenue Frorn-Rufland Junior High To-Capital Vergilians-3, Les Enihousiasles Francais- J 3, Library Staff-2, 3: Newasa Club-2, 3, Secrefary-3, Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 3, I437 Kenmore Road From-lndianola To-Ohio Stale UTH ELEANOR JONES Fishinqer Road From-McKinley To-Office Training School Junior Choir-31 Belly Larn EANNE JAMES 29 Wes? Hubbard Avenue From-EvereH To-Ohio Slate pCub 3 Marigale Ari Club-2, 33 Press Club43g Nous Aufres-2, Les Enlhousiasfes Fran- cais-2, 3, Girl Reserves-2, 3, "The Golden Trail"-3, Honor Study-l, 2, 35 Publicity Crew, "Apron Slrinq Revell"- 3, Polaris Represenlaiive-2. 30 GLENNA EILEEN HUGHES 2559 Indianola Avenue From-Crestview To-Office Training School liolgrig Representative-3: Honor Study- VIRGINIA MAY JAYCOX 76 Euclid Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State Verqilians-3: Volleyball-I, 2: Speeclball -I: Basketball-2, 3: Captain, Te Ton Basketball Team-3: Te Ton-2, 3: Student Council-3: Girl Reserve-2: Rotary Luncheonfli: Honor Society-3: Ottice Staff-3: Honor Study-I, 2, 3. LILLIAN LEONTINE INSKEEP I404 Neil Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio State Yosian Club-2: Les Enthousiastes Fran- cais-3: Junior Choir-2: Junior Glee glub-2: Honor Study-2, 3: Secretary- , 3, JAMES HOWARD l339 Twentieth Avenue From-McGinley TofOhio State MARYE MARGARET HOBSON I599 Manchester Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio State Honor Society-3, JOSEPHINE EVELYN ISAACS 48I East Tompkins Street From-Indianola Home Economics Club-2, 3. PALMER LEE JENKINS 360 East Tompkins Street From-West Junior High To-Ohio State Glee Club-I: Hi-Yfl, 2, 3: Otticer!2: Messenger-3: Honor Studyfli. KATHLEEN RUTH HOWARD 27l2 Calumet Street From-Crestview To-Miarni Yosian-3: Press Club-3: Los Gesteros- 2, 3: Polaris Staff, Associate Editor-3: News Corresfzondence-3: Glee Club-2: Girls' Cheereacler-2: Newasa Baseball Team-2, 3: Newasa-2, 3: Dance Chair- man-3: T.N.T.-2: "Go'den Trail", Pro- duction Statf-3: "Tiger House": "A Little Matter ot Test"-3, Production Staff-2: "That Ferguson Family"-23 Assistant Di- rector, "The Goose Hangs High"-3: Honor Study Officer, Secretary-2: Honor Society-3: Honor Study-2, 3. PAUL OSCAR HUNSINGER 54 Arden Road From-Crestview TofOhio State HELEN JANE HUNT 2908 lndianola Avenue From-Crestview To-St, Mary's of the Springs International Correspondence-I, 2, 3, Yosian Club-2, 3: Press Club-3: Vergil- ians-2, 3: Choir-I, 2: Glee Club-I, 2: Baseball-I: Basketball-I: Speedballgl, 2: Volleyball-I: Square Circle Baseball and Basketball-2: Square Circle-2: Girl Reserve-I, 2: "The Golden Trail", Pro- duction Staff-3: Honor Study-2, 3: "Ap- ron String Revolt", Production StattA3. OLIVE HOWARD I339 East Twentieth Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio State International Correspondence-3: Yosian 2, 3: Volleyball-2: Social Club: Baseball --l, 2, 3: Basketball-I, 2, 3: Te Ton-I, 2, 3: Dance Chairman-3: Girl Reserves -I-: Property Crew Manager, "Golden Trail"-3: Make-up Committee, "Goose Hangs High"-3: Honor Study-l, 2, 3: Horace Mann, 2. MARY MARGARET HUGHES I9b East Patterson Avenue From-Sabina High To-Mount Sinai Hospital Marigale Art Club-2, 3: Speedba'l-2: Girl Reserves-2: Pub. Grew, "Goose Hangs High"-3: Produc' tion Crew, "Apron Strings Revolt"f3: Honor Study-2, 3. Intramural 3I MAXINE IOWA JOSLIN llb Easr Hudson Slreei From-Creslview To-Dickinson Secrelarial School DOROTHY JAYNE KOONTZ 43 Easl Como Avenue From-Creslview To-Ohio Sfale Junior Choir-31 Glee Club-lp lnirarnural Speedball-I, 2, Baseball-I, Sfudy-I, 3. 23 Honor MARY CATHERINE LAHR 39 West Eleventh Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio Stare CARL GEORGE LARSON ISBB Arlinglon Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio Slale Infrarnurals-l. MARY GERTRUDE KISHLER 237 Tibel Road From-Creslview To-Ohio Slale lnrernalional Correspondence42g Yosian Club+2g Press Club-33 vergnim-21 Polaris and Memory Book Rcpvesenlerive --3: Social Club Baseball Tearri-Ig Square Circle-I, 2, 3, Vice-Presidenlf2g Girl Re- serves-l, Z7 Honor Sludy-2, 3. HILDA ALLEENE JORDAN 87 Wes? Tompkins Srreel From-lndianola Press Clubf3g Social Club Team-lg Base- ball-l, 27 Square Circle-I, 2, 3, Pledge yiglress-2, Treasurer-33 Honor Sludy-l, ,32 DORIS MARY HULTS 997 Sixieenfh Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio Stale Yosian Club-2, Junior Choir and Glee Club-25 Sfudenr Council-3, Honor Sludy - I, 2, 3, Vice-Chairman -37 Honor Society-3. MARJORIE KAYS H93 Perry Sfreei From-Everelf To-Ohio Srale international Relalions-3, Veroilians-2, 3, Presidenf-33 Library Sfafl-33 Senior Choir-3, Senior Glee Club-2, 3, Vice- Presidenl-3g Girl Reserves-I, 2, 3, Vice- Presidenr-3g "The Golden Trail"-3, Ro- rary Luncheon-3: Honor Sociery-3, r-lonor Sludy-l, 2, 3, Secrelary-I, 2, Chairman-3. PHYLLIS ANN KUNTZ 265 Tulane Road Fvorn-Creslview To-Ohio Slale - Verqilians-2, Junior Choir-I, 25 Waikiki Klub-I, 2, 3, Treasurer-2, 3, Baskelball -l, 2, 3, Baseball-l, 2, 3, Sludenl Coun- cil-3Q Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 3, Vice-Chain man-l, 33 Class Baseball Team-lg "The Goose Hangs High", Producfion Crew-3. HELEN LOUISE JENKINS 340 Easr Longview Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio Sfare Infernalional Correspondence- lg Press Club-3, Vergiliansf2, 33 Les Enlhousiasles Francais-31 Memory Book Staff-3, Cash- ier-3g Choir-3, Glee Club-2, 33 Base- ball-lg Square Circle Club-2, 3, Treas- urer-2, President-33 Siudent Council-2, Girl Reserves-l, 2, "The Golden Trail"- 3g Honor Sociely-3: Office Slaff-2: Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3, Secrelary-3, Vice- Chairman-3g Gavel Club-3, Treasurer-- 37 Scholarship Team-l, 21 Slate Finalisr in Exremporaneous Speech-3, Slamp Club -3. KODY KRICK IW42 lndianola Avenue From-Greenville High To-Ohio Slale Orcheslra-35 Dance Band-2, 3, Band- 2, 3, Vice-Presidenl-3, Clariner Ouarlelle -3. E'TTY JEAN KRITNER P73 Elevenrh Avenue From-McKinley MARJORIE ELLEN HINES 1475 Myrtle Avenue From-McKinle International Cgorrespondence-3: Honor Sindy-3. JEAN ELLEN KINNEAR BI9 Eighteenth Avenue From-Crestview To-Ohio State Book Club-2, 31 Clet Club-lg Orchestra -l, 2, 31 North High Trio-2: String Ouiniette-lg Girl Reserves-I, 27 Rotary Luncheon-3, Honor Society-3: Toastmis- iress-I, 2, 3, Secretary'Treasurer-2, Fres- ident-37 Honor Study-I, 2, 3: Der Deutsche Verein-I, 2, 3. WAYNE EDWARD JONES 4lII Wolford Road From-McKinley Tc-Ohio State JACOUELINE JORDAN 2405 Deming Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State International Correspondence-lg Marigele Art Club-2, 31 Book Club-35 Les En- thousiasres Francais-Z, 35 Waikiki-I, 2, 31 Make-up Crew, "Golden Trail"-33 Honor Study Officer, Chairman.-2, Honor Study-I, Z, 3. MARY NELLE KNEFEL ZII East Kelso Road From-Crestview To-Business College Marigale Art Club-3, Waikiki Klub-l, 2, 31 Honor Study-2, 3. CHARLES ELM ER KENNEDY 2406 Deming Avenue Frc,-v-lnoianola BENNETT ARCHIBALD KROECK 27IU Dayton Avenue Frorn-South High, Youngstown To Capital College Press Club-33 Nous Autres-31 Les En- fnousiastes Francais-3: Polaris Stalt-3. MARY ALICE KISSLING l2b East North Broadway From-Crestview To-Ofterbein Yosian Club-2, Vice-President-2: Junior Glee Club-31 Waikiki Klub-I, Z, 3, Pledge President-lg Girl Reserves-lg Honor Study-l, 2, 3, Chairman-2, Sec- retary-3g Der Deutsche Verein-2, 3. LEWIS P. JONES 224 Norlhmoor Place From-Toledo Develbiss To-Ohio Wesleyan Honor Society-31 Honor Study-2, 31 Der Deutsche Verein--2, 3. CLARA KENNEDY l3I4 North Sixth Street From-Everett To-University of Southern California Marigale Art Club-Ig Junior Glee-3, Girl Reserves-33 "The Golden Trail"-3, Property Crew-3: "The Goose Hangs High"-3, Usher-3, Home Economics Club-I, Z, 3, Sergeant-at-Arms-Z, Presi- dent-3: Honor Study-I, 2, 3. WILLIAM NED LANE 2740 Westerville Road From-McKinley To-Ohio State Marigale Art Club-I, I 2, 31 Honor Study ,z, 3. DOROTHY M. KLAUBERG 352 Eighteenth Avenue From-lndianola To-Office Training Yosian Club-2, 3: Band-2, 3, Band Girls' Club-3. 33 CLYDE HENRY KEARNS, JR. BETTIE GRAYCE LAWRENCE 3057 Sunset Drive From-Indianola To-Ohio State Intramurals-33 O'Kay Club-2, 3E Rotary Luncheon-3, Honor Society-3, Vrce-Pres- identf3g Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Chairman -3. LILLIAN MARGARET LITTLE I603 Minnesota Avenue From-McKinley ToiCapitaI Junior Choir-2, Junior Glee Club-f2g Honor Study-2, 3, Der Deutsche Verein- 2, 3. DORCAS BURNHAM LINEHAN 4IO East Tulane Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State V International Correspondence-I, 27 Mari- gale Art Club-I, 25 Press Club-37 Po- laris Staff-33 Basketball-I, 2, Volleyball -I, Z3 Speedball-I, 27 Blue and Gold Baseball Team-I, 2, 31 Champions-2, Blue and Gold Club-I, 2, 3, Excuse OH:- cer-3g Student Council-33 Girl Reserves il, 25 "The Golden Trail", Production Crew-3, "The Goose Hangs High", Pro- duction Staff-31 Honor StudyA3, FRANK HARLEY LEE 279 Clinton Heights Avenue From-Crestview TofOhio State D Choir43g Intramural Manager-I, 23 Hi- Y-I, 2, 3, Chapter Chairman-2, Honor Study Secretary-3, Honor Study-2, 3. GEORGE ROBERT LESCALLEET 409i Glenrnont Place From-Crestview Toftiranlclin Football Squad- I, 33 Intramurals-25 Baseball Squad-I, 3, Horace Mann Club k2. FRED WILLIAM LEWELLEN 2375 Linden Avenue FromfMcKinley To-Ohio State 34 95 East Lakeview Avenue From-Crestview To-Ohio State Mariqale Art Club-Ig Yosian Club-2, Les Enthousiastes Francais-2, 35 Girl Re- serves-I, 23 Betty Lamp Club-23 Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Manual Arts Club-31 Horace Mann Club-Z. RICHARD LLEWELLYN 34 West Weber Road From-Crestview To-Miami Press Club-3: Polaris Home Room Repre- sentative-3g Football Squao-lg Intra- murals-I, 2, 33 Honor Study Officer-2, Honor Study-I, 2, 3, ROBERT ALLEN LEWIS IE3 Sixteenth Avenue From-Taft, Watertown, Connecticut To-Denison International Correspondence-I, 2, Book Club, Sergeant-at-Arms-37 Press Club- 3g Los Gesteros-I, 2, Polaris Staff, Busi- ness Manager-3g Memory Book Staff, Cir- culation Manager--3: Stamp Club-2, Ro- tary Luncheon-33 Honor Study Officer, Vice-Chairman-31 Drafting Honor Service -I, 2, 31 Honor Study-I, 2, 3. VIRGINIA ANN LAWYER I40 Montrose Way From-Crestview To-Ohio State International Relations-Z, 3, Vice-Presi- dent-35 Book Club-3, Press Club-31 Les Enthousiastes Francaisilq Polaris Stott- 3, Associate Editor-3: Choir-2, 31 6-lee Club-I, 2, Intramurals-l, Basketball-I, speedbar:-I, Arro Club-I, z, 3, Presi- dent-3g Student Court-3, Judge-33 Stu- derit Council-2, Social Chairman-2, Ex- ecutive Board-2g Girl Reserves-I, 2, 3, "The Golden Trail"-3: "Christmas Play -35 "The Valiant"-3: State One-Act Play Contest, Radio Broadcast-37 Rotary Luncheon-3, Honor Society-35 Honor Study Officer, Secretary-I, Chairman-35 office Staff-23 Honor Study-I, 2. ay Manager of Poster Committee for "Apron String Revolt"-3. JANE ELLEN LANTZ IW? Henderson Road From-lndianola ToYOhio State Yosian Club-25 Vergilians-3: Senior Glee Club-2, 31 "The Gaiden mn"-3, Honor Study-I, 2, 3. PAULINE LEES 554 Seventeenth Avenue From-lndianola TofCapital Nous Autres-3: Operettas, Costume Com- mitteeg Honor Study-l, 2, 3, Home Eco- nomics Club-3. JEAN DELORESE KIRK 2637 Dayton Avenue From-Indianola To-Office Training, Square Circle Clu -I, 2, 3, Pledge Mis- tress-3. SCOTT WARREN LANTZ l52D Duxberry Avenue From-McKinley ToiOhio State MARTHA SUSAN LANTZ 2l47 Indiana Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State International Correspondence-lp Vergil- ians-3, Square Circle Club-Z, 3, Rush- ing Chairman-3, Toastmistress-2, 3, Honor Study-I, 2, 35 Manual Arts Club- 33 Horace Mann Club-2, President-2. DAVID WILLIAM LANG l523 Melrose Avenue From-Louisville Male Kentucky To-Southern Methodist' Track-31 Honor Study-37 Der Deutsche Verein-3. High, Louisville, LOUISE LACEY 4l North Street From-Crestview To-Office Training School Polaris Staff-3, Honor Study Officer-35 Honor Study-2, 31 Memory Book Staff-3. GERALDINE MAE LILLIE IVS4 Lamont Avenue From--McKinley To-Oftice Training JOHN DAVID KING 24B West Woodruff Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State Intramurals- lg Track- I, 3, Hr-Y-Ig Honor Study-Z, 3. DORIS LOUISE LEONARD 56 West Patterson Avenue From-Crestview To-Ohio State Marigale Art Club-2, 37 Yosian Club-Z3 Press Club-33 Intramurals, Baseball-Z, Square Circle Club Baseball Team-I, 2, 3, Basketball-I, Z, 3, Square Circle Club -I, 2, 3, Pledge President-I, Treasurer -2, Social Chairman-2, VicefPresidentA 35 Baseball Class Team-Z. HELEN B. LEHMAN 394 East Northwood Avenue Fromilndianola To-Ohio State International Correspondence-2, Press Club-3, Polaris Staff-3, Cashier--33 Square Circle Club-I, 2, 3, Pledge Pres' ident-l, Vice-President-3, Honor Study 3, Baseball Class Team-I, OLGA GLENNETTE LIGGETT 97 West Tompkins Street From-lndianola To-Capital Press Club-3: Les Enthousiastes Francais -33 Polaris Staff-3, Choir-Z, Clef Club -lg Orchestra-l, 2, Newasa Club-I, 2, 31 Student Council Associate-3, Girl Re- serves-3g "The Goose Hangs High", Pro- duction Staff-3g Honor Society-3, Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Vice-Chairman-3, Produce tion Staff ot "Apron String Revolt". MARY LOUISE LITTLE 522 Arden Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State Les Enthousiastes Francais-2, 35 "That Ferguson Family", Production Staff-25 Honor Study-l, Z, 3. WILLIAM SAMUEL LIVINGSTON 240 Nineteenth Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State International Correspondence-I, 2, Presi- dent-2, International Relations-2, 3. Treasurer-3, Toastmasters-2, 3, Assistant Toastmaster and Parliamentarian-3, Toast- master-3, Les Enthousiastes Francais-3, Sergeant-atAArms-3, Senior Choirfl, 2, 3, Boys' Octette-2, 31 Mixed Double En- semble-2, 3, Intramurals-I, 2, O'Kay- I, 2, 3, Secretary-Z, President-3g Stu- dent Court-3, Justice-3, Student Coun- cil-3, Hi-Y-l, 2: "Marriage ot Nan- nene'-ny "The Valiant"-2, 3, "ri er" House", Usher-21 "Sauce tor the Eos- lings"-3, "The Goose Hangs High"-35 One-Act Play Contest-3g "Ambition"-3, Assistant Director of "Apron String Re- volt"-3g Shakespearian Contest-33 Ro' tary Luncheon-3, Honor Society-33 Senior Class President-33 Honor Study Officer, Chairman-33 Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Junior Choir-lg "The Golden Trail"-33 "That Ferguson Family"-Z5 O'Kay Trio-3. 35 EARL RAYMOND LAYE l53I East Maynard Avenue From-McKinley TofOhio State A Mariqale Art Club-l, 21 Polaris Repre- sentative-3g Basketball Squad-33 Intra- HARRY JOHN MCELROY JR. I654 North Fourth Street murals-Z: Baseball Squad-25 Honor From-lrldi6I'lOl6 Study-2, 3. MARY EILEEN LO BALBO 2480 Summit Street From-Indianola To-Miami - Yosian Club-2, Press Clulofftg Pola-ns Representative-3, Junior Choir-lg Junior Glee Ciub-lg Girl Reservesflg Polaris Revue-lp Honor Study Oftucer, Vice- Chairman-2, Honor Study-I, 2, 3. STAN D. McELWEE I4II Cordell Avenue From-McKinley To-Texas Christian I Marigale Art Club-l, 2, 31 Yosian Club -3, Football Squad-2, 3: Intramurals-2, 31 Student Council-2, 3, Treasurer-3: Rotary Luncheon-35 Honor .Study-I, 2, 33 Honor Study Officer-3, Office Staff-3. RUTH ELLEN MCKEE 24I West Dunedin Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State Press Club-3, Les Enthousiastes Francais --23 Memory Book Statt-37 Basketball-l, 2, 33 Volleyball-l, 21 Baseball-I, 2, 3: Speedball-I, 2, 3, Captain-37 Class Teams-I, 2, Girl Reserves-I, 21 Reel Camera Club-2, 31 Honor Study-I, 2, 33 e.A.A.-1, 2, 3. FRANK RAYMOND MCNIJLTY I86 Brighton Road From- restview To-Ohio State ROBERT HALNIER MCNEIL 208 Erie Road From-Crestview To-Dickinson School ot Business Track-2, 3, Honor Study-3, 36 To-Oh io State JACK MCCANN 2074 Summit Street From-lndianola To-Miami Hi-Y-l. JOHN OLIN McFALLS 2078 Cleveland Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio State Swimming Team-I, 2, Link Clu Honor Study-I, 2, Secretary-l, Chairman-Z. JEANNE ELIZABETH MCCOY l422 Manchester Avenue From-McKinley To-Capital Los Gesteros-21 Junior Glee b-I, 2, 3 Vice Club-2 Honor Society-33 Honor Study-3. DOROTHY RUTH MCGREW i307 Twenty-fourth Avenue From-McKinley To-Business College Press Club-31 Polaris Representative-3 RETHA VIRGINIA MCLAUGHLIN 27l2 Dayton Avenue From--Carrollton High, Carrollt To-White Cross Hospital Girl Reserves-3. on, Ohio RUTH E. Le VECK 25 Glencoe Road From--Cresfview To-Ohio Sfale Marigale Ar? Club-l, Z7 Vergilians-2, 37 Girl Reserves-I, 37 "The Golden Trail" 37 Honor Sludy-l, 2, 3. MARY JANE MCKINNON 274 South Third Sfreel' From-Upper Arlinglon To-Ohio Slale lnlernalional Correspondence-37 Vergil- ians-37 Nous Aufres-37 Les Enlhousiasles Francais-37 Toaslmislress-37 Honor Sfudy LANSDALE WALLACE MCDANIEL 2663 Beulah Road From-Creslview To-Ohio Sfafe lnframurals, Baskelball-l, 2, 3. EDNA LOUISE LASURE 375 Easf Tompkins Slreel' From-lndianola To-Ohio Slate Yosian Club-Z7 Junior Choir-27 Glee Club-27 Honor Sfudy Officer-l, 2: Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3. HENRY CLINTON LUDEMAN 2lI6 Indianola Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio Slare lnlernafional Correspondence-l, 37 Toasl- masler-2, 37 Nous Aulres-37 Les En- fhousiasles Francais-37 Senior Choir-37 Boys Ocielfe-37 Sludenl' Council-37 Hi- Y-I, 27 "The Golden Trail"-37 Honor Sfudy Officer-27 Honor Sludy-l, 2, 37 Secrelary of Home Room-27 Honor So- ciely-3. DOROTHY LOUISE LONGHENRY lbll Kenmore Road From-McKinley To-Capilal Los Gesleros-2, Secrelary-Z: Senior Choir -I, 27 Senior Glee Club-Z7 Square Circle Club-27 Honor Sociely-37 Office Staff- I, 27 3Honor Study-l. 2, 37 Rolary Lunch- eon- . JAMES BROTHERS LINDEMAN 484 Easf Torrence Road From-Creslview To-Lafayefle Press Club-37 Baskefball Squad-2, 37 ln- 'lramurals-l, 2,37 Hi-Y-27 Honor Sludy- 2, 3, Officer-37 Der Deulsche Verein- I, 2. GEORGE DAVID LEIST IB64 Summif Slreef From-Indianola To-Kenyon College 1 lnlramurals-2, 37 Varsiiy "N"-2, 37 Ten- nis Team-Z, 37 Hi-Y-2, 37 Honor Sludy Officer, Messenger-37 Honor Study-2, 3. BETTY JANE MCDILL lb2 West California Avenue From-Creslview To-Ohio Slale Press Club-37 Les Enlhousiasles Francais -27 Polaris Slaff Represenlafive-37 Meme ory Book Slarl-37 Orcheslra-l, 2,37 Infra- mural Speedball-I, 2, 37 Baskelball-l, Z, 3, Captain-Z7 Baseball-I, 2, 3, Caplain -I7 Volleyball-I, 27 Class Team Speed- ball-I, 2, 37 Social Club Team Baskelball -I, 2, Caplain-27 Class Team Volleyba-ll -I, 2, 37 Class Team Baseball-l, Captain -I7 G-.A.A.f-I, 2, 37 Girl Reserves-I7 Te Ton Club- I, 2, Sergeant-al-Arms-27 "Golden Trail" Orcheslra-37 "Goose Hangs High" Orchesfra-37 Reel Camera Club-37 Honor Sludy-l, 2, 3. MARY LOU MCKNIGHT 35 Brighlon Road From-Cresfview To-Floriculfure School of Chicago Press Club-37 Square Circle Club-I, 2, 37 Pledge Mislress-2. BARBARA JEAN MCELFRESH 2440 Deming Avenue From-Delaware Willis To-Ohio Srale Book Club-2, 37 Nous Aulres-37 Girl Reserves-2, 3, Service Chairman-37 Honor Society-37 Honor Sludy Officer-37 Honor Sludy-2, 3. THOMAS MCNULTY lB6 Briqhron Road From-Creslview To-Ohio Sfafe 37 JOHN WILLIAM MCCLELLAND I09l East Eighteenth Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio State RAYMOND H. MARLOWE IIB East Pacernont Road From-Indianola To-Ohio State Drafting Honor Service-I, Z, 31 Honor Study-2, 3. VIOLA GERALDINE MCAFEE 277I Westerville Road F-rorn-Central To-Nurses Training IWhite Crosst Les Enthousiastes Francais-31 Honor Study-3. MARGARET ANN MATTHEW 279 Piedmont Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State University Girl Reserves-I, 2, 31 Honor Study-2, 3. CHARLES HOWARD MILLER IB3 Kenworth Road Frorn-Crestview To-Ohio State University Los Gesteros-Z, 31 Social Chairman-2, President-31 Senior Choir-2, 31 Glee Club-I, Z1 Boy's Octette-31 Hi-Y-I, Z, 31 Mernbereat-Large-31 "The Golden Trail"-31 Rotary Luncheon-31 Honor So- ciety-31 Honor Study 2, 31 State Contest- Choir-2, 31 Octette-3. GEORGE RICHARD MICHAEL 264 East North Broadway From-Crestview To-Ohio State University Toastmaster-31 Senior Choir-I, 2, 31 Boys' Glee Club-I, 2, 31 President-31 Boys' Octette-2, 31 Link Club-2, 31 Executive Board-21 Treasurer-31 Student Council-31 Executive-31 Hi'Y--I, 2, 31 "The Golden Trail"-31 "The Marriage of Nanette"-I1 "The Goose Hangs High" -31 Apron String Revolt-31 Honor So- ciety-31 Reel Camera Club-2, 31 Cus- todian-21 President-31 Honor Study-I, 2, 3. 38 MARY VIRGINIA MARKHAM 4I West Tulane Road From-lndianola To-Ohio State Yosian Club-21 Press Club-31 Junior Glee Club-21 Senior Glee Club-31 Ne- wasa Club-I, 2, 31 Honor Study-I, 2, 31 Secretary-2, 31 Toastrnistress, Charter Member-I1 "Apron String Revolt," cast- 31 Music Contest-3. ROBERT HARKINS MANNING 2075 Cheshire From-Crestview To-Ohio State International Relations-3, Treasurer-31 Toastmasters-2, 3, President-31 Nous Autres-3, Vice-President-31 Les Enthousi' astes Francais-2, 31 Orchestra-I, 2, 31 Student-Council-21 Hi-Y-I, 21 Rotary Luncheon-31 Honor Study-2, 31 Honor Society-31 Senior Class Treasurer-31 Vice- Chairman-31 Secretary-31 Band-I, 2, 31 Librarian-21 Treasurer-3. DAVID EDWIN MEYERHOLTZ II8 West Tenth Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State University Intramurals-I, 2, 31 Drafting-Honor Serv- ice-I. ROBERT HENRY MILLS 2466 Medary Avenue From-lndianola D D To-Ohio State University . D Junior Choir-l,Z1Glee-l,2, 31 Librarian -31 Chemistry Laboratory Assistant-31 "Marriage of Nanette"-I1 Patron Com- mit-tee1 'Golden Trail"-31 Rotary Lunch- eon-31 Honor Study-I, 2, 31 Ornithology Club-3. MARGARET JEAN MILLER IIZO Lexington Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio State University WENDELL MARSHALL 34 East California Avenue From-Crestview To-Ohio State University Hi-Y-I, 21 Drafting Honor Service-I, 2, 31 Honor Study-2, 3. HAROLD MCBRIDE 2466 lndianola Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio Sfafe Universify lnfrarnuralsg Baskefball--I, 2, 3, Baseball -I, 3. JEAN MELISSA MILLER bl Blenheim Road From-Cresrview To-Capifal Universify Inrernafional Relafions-3: Club-l, 2, 3, Treasurer-37 Yosian Club- 3g Press Club-33 Vergilians-2, 3: Polaris Sfaff-31 Arro-I, 2, 37 Sfudenl Council- 3g Social Chairman-33 Girl Reserves-I, 2, 35 "The Goose Hangs High" lmake-up crewl-35 Rofary Luncheon-3, Honor So- ciety-3g Reel Camera Club-33 Treasurer -33 Office Sfaff-33 Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 3. Marigale Ari WILBERT HAROLD MEYER l2'? Cnifrenden Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio Slafe Universify lnfrarnurals-2, Caplain-3: Draffing Hon- or Service-2, 3, Baseball Squad-2, 3. EVELYN MAY MARZ 2l57 Tuller Slreef From-lndianola To-Franklin University Les Enlhousiasfes Francais-35 Junior Choir -Ig Senior Glee Club-Z, 31 Junior Glee -lg Waikiki Klub-l, 2, 3: Baseball Teamg Sfudeni' Council-3, "The Golden Trail"- 3: Honor Sociefy-3: Office Sfaff-31 Hon- or Sfudy-2, 31 Sfafe Music Confesf-3, GRACE EILEEN MCCREARY 2608 Medary Avenue From-Creslview To-Office Training Los Gesreros-23 Social Cornmilfee: Honor gockefyg-3, Honor Study-33 Special Office fa - . MADGE ETHELYN MATTHEWS 2488 Norfh Fourfh Sfreef From-lndianola To-Ohio Slafe Universily lnfernalional Corres ondence-I, 23 Nous Aulnes-l, 2: SocialpChairman-2: Senior Choir-2, 3: Senior Glee Club-I, 2, 31 Waikiki Baseball Team-I, 2, 31 Waikiki Club-l, 2, 37 Girl Reserves-I, 2' "The Marriage of NanneH'e"-Ig "The Golden Trail"-37 Honor Sludy-l, 2, 3: Vice- Chairman-2, 33 Disfricf and Slale Music Confes+-2, 33 Accornpanisf-2, 3. WILMA COLLINS McCOY 267 Glenrnonf Road From-Creslview To-Ohio Slafe Universily Yosi-an-21 Vergilians-31 Junior Choir-ly Junior Glee-3' Speedball-I, 2, Base- ball-I, 2, Volleyball-Ig Class Team Speedball-I1 Tennis Team-Z1 Girl Re- vserves-3g Honor Study-I, 2, 3. JACK CHARLES MERRITT 52 Brevoorf Road From-Creslview To-Ohio Sl-ale Universily Los Gesleros-2, 37 VicefPresidenf-37 ln- irarnurals-l, 2, 3. DORIS MARIE MAY 1325 Sevenfeenfh Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio Siaie Universify Girl Reserves-l, 2: "The Golden Trail"- 3g Coslume Commiffee-37 Honor Socie- fy-33 Belly Lamp-2, 33 Treasurer-3, Toasfrnisfress-I, 2: Honor Sfudy-l, 2, 33 Der Deufsche Verein-I, 2 3. JOSEPH ANDREW MERRILL lZ98V2 Hunler Avenue Frorri-Everefl' To-Ohio Sl'a+e Universily lnframurals-21 "The Valiani"-35 Honor Sociefy-37 Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 3. JANICE ROSALIND MERRILL 2335 lndianola Avenue From-lndianola To-Capital Universilv lnfernafional Correspondence-l, 2, 33 Yosian Club-2, 31 Book Club-2, 37 Press Club-3: Les Enrhousiasles Francais-2, Polaris Sfaff-31 Associale Edilor-37 Senior Choir-2, 37 Senior Glee-I, Z, 35 Girls Ocfeffe-2, 33 Mixed Double En- semble-2, 37 Baskefball-lg Waikiki-I, 2, 31 Presidenf-31 Pledge Presidenr-I3 Baseball-lg Sfudenl' Council-21 Sfudenf Courf-31 Judge: Girl Reserves-I, 2, 3, "The Marriage of Naneffeu-I3 "The Golden Trail"-3, Rofarv Luncheon-32 Honor Socieiy-37 Junior Class Secrefary -Z7 Office Slaff-23 Honor Sludv-I, 2, 31 Messenger-lg Secrefary-2: Junior Choir -l. CLYDE LEE MILLER I97 Tulane Road From-Cresfview To-Ohio Slaie Universify Toasfrnasfers-31 lnframurals-21 Track I, 23 Hi-Y-I, 23 Honor Sfudy-3, Radio Club-2, Vice-Presiclenf-2. 39 NORMAN DONALD MARSHALL 4l2 East Oakland Avenue From-Indianola To4Ohio State ROBERT HAMILTON MYERS I5b6 East Blake Avenue Frorn-McKinley To-Ohio State Intramurals-27 Swimming Team-I, 2,-31 Varsity "N" Associationa-37 Drafting Honor Service-Z, 37 President-3. CATHERINE ELIZABETH MURPHY 275 Oakland Park Avenue From-Crestview To-Ohio State International Correspondence-I, Z7 Re- porterf37 Book Club-I, 2, 37 Library Staff-37 Intramural Basketball--27 Soeed- ball-27 Arro Club-I, 2, 37 Treasurer-37 Girl Reserves-I, Z7 Horne Economics Cluib-I7 Honor Study-I, 2, 3: Officer- 2, . ROBERT MORGAN IOS3 East Seventeenth Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio State - Yosian-27 Press Club-37 Polaris Staff- 3, Sports Editor-37 Memory Book Staff- 37 Sports Editor-37 Junior Choir-I, 2, 3: Football Squad-I7 Intramurals-l, 2, 37 Varsity "N" Association-2, 3: Honor Study Officer, Messenger-2, 3, Vice-Cham man-37 Baseball Squad-I, 2, 37 Honor Study-l, 2, 3. DANA LOUISE MYERS l42 East Dunedin From-Crestview To-Ohio State International Correspondence'-2, 37 Book Club-2, 37 Secretary-37 Press Club-37 Secretary-37 Los Gestreros-37 Polaris Staff-37 Intramurals, Speedball-I7 Arro- 2, 37 Pledge Mistress-37 Student Coun- cil-37 Gir Reserves-I7 "The Golden Trail," Production Crew-3: "The Goose Hangs High," Production Crew-37 Honl or Society-37 Home Economics Club-II Honor Study Officer--I, 27 Office Staff-37 Honor Study-I, 2, 3. PEGGY LOUISE MURRAY 2670 Dayton Avenue From-Crestview To-Gradwohl School of Laboratory Tech- nique, St. Louis, Mo. Marigate Art Club--I7 Press Club-37 Les Enthousiastes Francais-27 Polaris Staff- 37 Memory Book Representative-37 ln- tramural Speedball-I, 2, 37 Basketball-I, 2, 37 Volleyball-l, 2, Champion-I, Base- ball-l, 2, 37 Class Teams, Speedball-I, Z, 37Basketball-I, 2, 37 Volleyball-I, 2, 37 Baseball-I7 G. A. A.-2, 37 Student Council-27 Girl Reserves--27 Rotary Luncheon-33 Honor Society-37 Senior Vice-President--37 Honor Study-I, Z, 3, Chairman-437 Office Statf-2, 3. 40 MAX ORTON MILLER I439 Meadow Road From-Athens To-Ohio University Press Club-37 Los Gesteros-Z, 37 Intra- murals-2, 3. PAULINE REGINA NELSON 57 West Eighth Avenue FromgEverett To-Ohio State Press Club-37 Polaris Memory Book Reo- vesentativeg37 Clef Club-37 Orchestra- I, 37 Intramurals-I, 37 "The.Golden Trail"-37 "That Ferguson Family"-I7 "The Goose Hangs High"-37 Honor Studygl, 37 Band-I, 37 "Apron Strirq Revolt"-3. SALLIE CAROLINE MONTZ I72 Orchard Lane From-Crestview To-Ohio State Los Gesteros-2, 37 Junior Glee Club-I: Senior Glee Club!-2, 37 Intramural Volley- ball-I, 2, 37 Basketball-I, 2, 37 Captain of Spanish Club Basketball Team--37 "The Golden Trail"-37 Honor Studyflu 2, 3: Messenger-I, Secretary-2, 37 District and State Music Contest-3. VEDA HAZEL MYERS 993 East llth Avenue From-Grandview High School To-Ohio State International Correspondence-37 Press Club-37 Les Enthousiastes Francais-33 Girl Reserves-Z, 37 Make-up Crew of "The Goose Hangs High"-3: Honor Study-2, 37 Memory Book tive-3. Representa- CHARLES DEMPSEY MONCRIEF I33 East Norwich Avenue From-lndianola To-Duquesne University Yosian Club-I7 Basketball Squad-37 ln- tramurals-27 Golf Team-l. VIRGINIA ANN MIDDLETON II3 Briqhton Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State Marigale Art Club-37 Vergilians 2, 37 Les Enthousiasfes Francais-37 Library Staff-37 Intramural Speedball4l7 Basket- ball-I, 2, 37 Arro Basketball Team-27 Arro Club-l, 2, 37 Girl Reserves-I, 27 Production Crew of "Goose Hangs High" -37 Honor Study I, 2, 3, Secretary-I, 27 Reel Camera Club-3, Assistant Secre- tary-3. ROBERT MURDAY MCKEE 24l West Dunedin Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State Yosian Club-Z, 35 Senior January Class Treasurer-33 Honor Study-2, 3. HELEN IRENE MURRAY 50 West Patterson Avenue From-lndianola To-Office Training School JOHN ROBERT MOON 2435'fg Cleveland Avenue From-McKinley Senior Choir-3. DELBERT EARL MYERS l233 East Twenty-first Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio State Honor Study Officer, Messenger-31 glraaltlng Honor Service-2, Honor Study- MARY ANN MOFFITT 3006 lndianola Avenue From-Crestview To-St. Marys of the Sprin s Yosian Club-2, 37 Press Club-33 Wai- kiki Baseball Team-l, Z: Waikiki-I, 2, 3, Girl Reserves-l, 23 Honor Study Offi- cer, Secretary-3, Honor Study-33 Ticket Committee, "The Apron String Revolt". JOHN FRANKLIN NEALE l42b Brairwood Avenue From-McKinley MARTHA B. MOYER 355 East Dunedin Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State Yosian Club-21 Press ClubA2, 3, Nous Autres l, 2, Treasurer-2, Les Enthousiasf tes Francais-2, Library Staff-3, Vice- Presidenr-3, Polaris Staff-3: Senior Choir--2, 3, Librarian-2, Secretary- Treasurer- 33 Senior Glee Club-I, 2, 31 Intramural Baseball-l, Volleyball- Ig Blue and Gold Club-l, 2, 3L Pledge Mistress-3: Student Council-lg 'Girl Re- serves-I, 23 "Marriage of Nannette"-I, "Golden Trail"W3, Honor Study'-If 2, 3, Vice-Chairman-3, Toastrnistress-2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer-3, Polaris Representa- tive-3. JUNE KATHRYN MUSTARD 2600 lndianola Avenue From-Crestview To-Ohio State Vergilians-3, Nous Autres-3, President- 3g Basketball Class Team-l, 2, 3, Cap- tain-3Q Intramural Speedball-l, 2, 3, Basketball-l, 2, 3, Volleyball-l, 2, Base! ball-I, 2, 3, Class Speedball Team4I, 2, 31 G. A. A.-2, 3, Vice-President-33 Rotary Luncheon-35 Honor Siacietyek Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Vice-Chairman-33 Baseball Class Team-I, 2, 37 Class Volley- ball Team-l, 2, JOHN J. MYERS I42 East Dunedin Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State Drafting Honor Service-2, 3, SISQE Crew -l, 2, Honor Study-l, 2, 3, Radio Club- 2, President-2, X MARGARET LOUISE MONYGOMlERY H68 Michigan Avenue From-Rosary High To-Capital University Girl Reserves-I, 2, 3, Honor StudyvZ, 3, Secretary-2, 3. MARY VIRGINIA MEEKS 2603 lndianola Avenue From-Crestview To-Office Training School Polaris Staff-3, Honor Study l, 2, 3, Memory Book Staff-3. VIOLET WILLETTA MURDOCK I4l6 Myrtle Avenue FromfMcKinley To-Boulder College, Boulder, Colorado 4l JANE ELIZABETH NUDD I97 Blenheim Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State Les Enthousiastes Francais-23 Te Ton Club-l, 2, 33 Treasurer-Z, 33 Basketball Team-23 Honor Studyfl, 2, 33 Vice- Chairman-33 Honor Society-3. PHILIP GIFFORD PATCH 271 Winthrop Road From-East Lansing High To-Ohio State International Relations-2, 33 Bibliogra- phy Chairman-23 Varsity "N" Associa- tion-2, 33 Traclr Team--2, 33 Link Club- 2, 33lStudent Court Bailitt-33 Student Council-Z3 Hi-Y-l, 2, 3, President-33 "The Empty Room"3 Rotary Luncheon- 33 Honor Study-I, 2, 33 Chairman-l, 2, 33 Hi-Y Bowling Team. VIRGINIA EVE MARCHMAN 3661 Weston Place From-Cristobal High School, Panama Canal Zone To-Ohio State Press Club-33 Los Gesteros-33 Polaris Staff-33 T. N. T.-33 Girl Reserves-33 Betty Lamp Club-33 Correspondent for Citizen-33 G. R.-Hi-Y Christmas Play-33 "The Empty Room". WILLIAM EUGENE NORRIS 44l East Fourteenth Avenue Frorn lndianola Glee Club-l, 23 Orchestrafl, 23 "Mar- Eiage of Nannette"-I3 Honor Study--I, MARIETTA ANN NOTHSTINE 372 North Washington Avenue Frorn-McKinley TowWheaton College International Correspondence-33 Junior Choir-23 Junior Glee Clubf33 Honor Society-33 Honor Study-l, 2, 33 Der Deutsche Verein-I, Z, 33 Program Chair- man-3. MARY MARGIE PACKER II36 Highland Street From-Everett ToiOhio State Speedball-I, 23 Volleyball-I, 23 Speed' ball Class Team-I, 23 Blue and Gold Club-I, 2, 33 Athletic Chairman-33 Bas' lretball Team-I, 2, 33 Baseball TeamAI, 23 G. A. A.-I, 2, 33 Student Council-33 Rotary Luncheon-33 Office Staff-33 Base- ball Class Team-I3 Honor Study-l, 2, 33 Der Deutsche Verein-I, 2, 33 Volley- ball Class Team-2. 42 FRANK SHERMAN NORRIS l584 Genessee Avenue From-McKinley To-Miami University Marigale Art Club-33 Track-23 HiAY- 2, 33 Drafting Honor Service-33 Honor Study-33 German Club-2, 3. JOAN LYNN PEAT 88 Garden Road From-Stanstead College To-fOhio Wesleyan Yoslan Club-33 Les Enthousiastes Fran- cais-2, 33 Library Staff-33 Newasa C'ub -Z, 33 Sergeant-atrArms-33 "Elmer," "Goose Hangs High" Prompter-33 "Ap- ron String Revolt' Production Crew'-33 Toastmnstress-2, 33 Secretary-Treasurer-3. LAURENCE JOSEPH PAOLETTI 50 East Lane Avenue From-lndianola TofOhio State Honor Society-33 Honor Study-2 3 PHYLLIS ANNE NOCKER 525 Hartford Street From-Crestview Tm-Ohio State International Correspondence-33 Trease urer-33 Press Club-33 Volleyball-I, 23 Basketball-I, 23 Baseball-Z3 Student Council-33 Girl Reservesfl, Z3 Otiice Statt-33 Honor Study-2, 33 Der Deutsche Verein-2, 33 Secretary-Treasurer-33 Mem- ory Boolr Representative-3. DAVID PHILIP OVERHOLT 379 Tibet Road From'-Crestview To-Ohio State Press Club-33 Senior Choir-l, 2, 33 Li- brarian-33 Glee Club-I, 23 Boys Oc- tettw2, 33 State Contest-2, 33 Mixed Double Ensemble-2, 33 Sophomore Foot- ball-I3 Okay Club-2, 33 Treasurer-33 "The Marriage of Nannette"-I3 "The Golden Trail"-33 Band-l, 2, 33 "Apron String Revolt"-33 Polaris Representaf tive-3. ATHENA LOUISE PAUL 2940 Calumet Street From-Crestview To-Ohio University Yosian Club-Z, 33 Nous Autres-I, 23 Club-2, 33 Intramurals- Senior Glee Speedball-23 Basketball-23 Baseball-23 Honor Study-2. ERNEST PEART MCLAUGHLIN I457 Twenty-fourth Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio State Honor Society-31 Drafting Honor Service -l, 21 Honor Study-l, 2, 3. LEOTA DEANE PALSGROVE B89 Studer Avenue From-Crestview To-Ohio State Yosian Club-21 Nous Autres-31 Les En- thousiastes Francais-21 Senior Choir-2, 31 Senior Glee Club-l, 2, 31 Mixed Double Ensemble-2, 31 Girls Octette- 2, 31 "The Golden Trail"-31 Honor Study Secretary-21 Honor Study-l,2,3, JOHN ARNOLD PAXTON 29 East Norwich Avenue From-lndianola To-Muskingum . Basketball Squad-l, 2, 31 Intramurals-I1 Varsity "N" Association-2, 31 Okay Club -I, 2, 31 Honor Study-I, 2, 31 Ofticer- I, Z, 31 Baseball Squad-I, 2, 31 City Champions-Z. BETTY JANE ODEN 50 East Dunedin Road From--Crestview To-Ohio State Marigale Art Club-I1 Press Club-31 Les Enthousiastes Francais-21 Polaris Staff- 31 Basketball Class Team-I, 31 Infra- murals-Basketball-I, 2, 31 Speedball-l, 2, 31 Volleyball-I, 21 Baseball-I, 21 Speedball Class Team-2, 31 G. A. A.- 2, 31 Girl Reserves-l, 21 Baseball Class Team-I1 Honor Study-I, 2, 31 Volley- ball Class Team-I, 21 Horace Mann Club-2. OTHA VIRGENE O'NEAL l2l Arcadia Avenue From-lndianola To-Dickinson Secretarial College Waikiki Klub-I, 2, 31 Pledge President- I1 Pledge Mistress-21 Girl Reserves-l, Z1 "The Golden Trail" Production Crew- 31 Betty Lamp Club-21 Honor Study-I, Z, 31 Secretary 2, Vice-Chairman-31 Toastrnistress-2. MADELINE ELIZABETH PABST l92l North Fourth Street Frorn-lndianola To-Office Training School International Corres ondence Z Ver il , , P - i 9 ' :ans-31 Honor Society-31 Honor Study- l, 2, 3. FRANCES LUCILLE PATTERSON 320 Clinton Heights Avenue From-Crestview To-Ohio State , Yosian Club-l1 Press Clubf31 Polaris Staff-31 Clet Club-2, 31 Orchestra-I, 2, 31 Square Circle Club-l, Z, 31 Secre- tary-21 Social Chairman-31 "The Golden Trail" Orchestra-31 "That Ferguson Fami- ly" Orchestra-21 "The Goose Hangs High" Orchestra-31 Honor Study-I, Z, 31 Vice Chairman-2. ELIZABETH ANN MARTIN 349 East Tulane Road From-Crestview To-St. Marys ot the Springs H Yosian Club-2, 31 President-21 Vice- President-21 Les Enthousiastes Francais- 21 Junior Glee Club-Z1 Waikiki Basket- ball-I, 21 Relay-21 Waikiki Klub--l, -2, 31 Sergeant-atfArms-31 T. N. T.-21 Girl Reserves-I, 2, 31 Production Staff "The Marriage of Nannette"-l1 Production Staff "The Golden Trail"-31 Honor Study Officer, Secretary-2, 31 Honor Study-l, 2, 31 Production Staff "Apron String Re- volt"-3. VIVIAN KATHRYN PEOPLES 47 East Eighth Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State V , Vergilians-31 Junior Choir-I1 Senior Choir-2, 31 Senior Glee Club-2, 31 Girls Octette-2, 31 Girl Reserves-31 "The Golden Trail"-31 Honor Study-l, 2, 3. HETTIE JO PATTERSON 23l5 Sale Road From-lndianola To-Business School Los Gesteros-2. ELSIE JEAN NORTON T558 Blake Avenue From-McKinley To-Wheaton College International Correspondence-2, 31 Der ?eutsche Verein-l, 2, 31 Honor Study-l, , 3. JEAN SHIRLEY O'BRlEN 3674 North High shea From-Crestview Te Ton Club-l, 2, 31 Secretary-2, 3, Honor Study-I, 2, 3. 43 HOWARD CLYDE NEWELL 424 Oakland Park Avenue From-Creslview To-De Pauw Universily Senior Choir-2, 3: Foofball Squad-I, 2, 3: Intramurals-I, 2, 3: ger-2: Swimming Team-lg Associallonfl 3: Track-l, 2, 3: "The Goose Hangs High"-3: "Apron Slring Revol'r" Producrion Crew-3. Baseball Mana- Varsily "N" ROSE LUCILLE PHELPS 460 Tilcel' Road From-Cresfview To-Ohio Slafe Press Club-3: Vergilians-2: Polaris Sfaff -3: Waikiki Klub-I, 2, 3: Secrelary-3, Baseball Team-l,Z: Srudenf Council-2, 3: Vice-President-3: Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3: Secrelary-3: Polaris Represenfafive- 3: Memory Book Represenfafive-3. JACK EDWARD PRINCE I467 Easf Hudson Slreef From-McKinley To-Ohio Sfale HELEN FRANCES POLSLEY IBS West North Broadway From-Cresrview To-Ohio Stare Press Club-3: Les Enlhousiasfes Francais- 2, 3: Speedball-I: Girl Reserves-3: Hon- or Sfudy-l, 2, 3, Secretary-2. PAUL MYERS PONTIOUS l78 Oakland Park Avenue From-Crestview Boys Glee Club-l, 2, 3: Secrelary-3: "The Golden Trail"-3, WILMA GRACE RADEKIN IBB Easl Blake Avenue From-lndianola To-O'hio Stare Special Office Sfal'f-3, 44 EDITH BONITA PRIOR 404 Northridge Road From-Cleveland Heighrs High To-Ohio Universify Press Club-3: Nous Aulres-Z, 3: Polaris Sfaff-3: Memory Book Sfaff-3: Junior Choir-2: Square Circle Club-I, 2, 3: Pledge Secrefary-2: Publicify Chairman- 3: Girl Reserves-I: "The Golden Trail" Producfion Crew-3: "The Goose Hangs High" Producfion Crew-3: Honor Sfudy- I, 2, 3: Officer: Secrerary--3. JACK STANARD PFAHL 2636 Neil Avenue From-Creslview To-Duke University Polaris Sfaff-3: Reserve Basketball-2: ln- framurals-I, 2, 3: Championship lnlral mural Team-3: lnframural Official-3. AUDREY MARIE POOLE IZ66 Easf Sevenleenfh Avenue From-McKinley To-Capilal Universify Basketball-I: Honor Sfudy-3. WARREN W. POWELL 365 Aldin Avenue From-Leipsic To-Wirfenberg College VIOLET LOUISE PETTY 24lO Sale Road From-Reynoldsburg To-Business School CHARLES HERBETH OTT 8'fZ Hudson Sfreel' From-lndianola To-Ohio Slate Gym Team-I, 2. ROBERT D. PRUSHING 509 East Weber Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State and Harvard Toastmasters-2, 3: Secretary-3: Orchestra --l, 2, 3: North Hi Trio-I, 2: District State Champions-2: National Participants -2: Mixed Double Quartet-2: National Champions of Brass Sextet-2: Basketball Reserve Squad-l: Intramurals-I, 2, 3: Basketball-I, 2, 3: Champions-3: Base- ball-l, 2, 3: Champions-I: Link Club- I, 2, 3: Treasurer-I, 2: President-3: Hi-Y -I, 2: Operetta Orchestra-I, Z, 3: "The Goose Hands High"-3: Rotary Luncheon -3: Polaris Revue-2: Honor Study-I, 2, 3: Chairman-2, 3: Band-l, 2, 3: Treasurer -2, 3: State Solo Participant-l. ELINOR LYLE MOTZ l33 East Lane Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State Junior Choir-I: Junior Glee Club-2: Basketball-lg Girl Reserves-I: "Lite oi Horace Mann"-2: Honor Study-2, 3' Chairman-3. ROBERT E. POLING l772 Summit Street From-Crestview To-Purdue Basketball Squad Manager-l: lntrarnu- rals-l, 2. LOIS ANN POTTER I47 West Ninth Avenue From-Worthington To-Ohio State Marigale Art Club-2: Los Gesteros-3: Newasa Baseball Team-2, 3: Captain-3: Newasa Club-2, 3: Recreation Director- 3: Honor Study-3: Vice'Chairrnan-3 Geology Club-3: Vice-President-3: Man- ual Arts Club-3. LEWIS ALLEN RANKIN 55 Thirteenth Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State International Relations-2, 3: Polaris Staff -I, 2: Senior Choir-Z, 3: Junior Choir- 2: Glee Club-I, 2: Boy's Octefte-3: Mix- ed Double Quartet-3: Football Squad- I, 2, 3: Intramurals-I: Varsity "N" Asso- ciation-2, 3: Treasurer-3: Track-2: Link Club-I, 2, 3: Secretary-2, 3: Student Court, 'Chief Justice--3: Student Council -2: Hi-Y-I, 2, 3: Athletic Director-3: "The Golden Trail"-3: "The Goose Hangs High"-3: "Sauce for Gosling-3: Rotary Luncheon-3: Honor Society-3: Junior Class President-2: Honor Study- I, 2, 3: Chairman-2: Secretary-2: Golf Team-2, 3. SARAH JANE PETERS I346 Forsythe Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State Nous Autres-3: Choir-2: Basketball-I: Newasa Basketball Team-2, 3: Newasa Baseball Team-3: Newasa Club-I, 2, 3: Secretary-2: Betty Lamp Club-I: Board I9. MARY ALICE FAINTER Ill West North Broadway From-lndianola To-Mt. Carmel School of Nursing International Correspondence-2: Yosian Club-2: Choir-3: lntrarnurals-l, 2: Girl Reserves-I, 2: Betty Lamp Club-l, 2. THOMAS WILSON PIERCE 22? East Beaumont Road From-Crestview To-University ot Wisconsin RUTH HARRIETT PETERSON l42 East Seventh Avenue From-Everett To-Secretarial Training School Betty Lamp Club-I, 2, 3: Honor Study- l, 2, 3. F. DAUN PETERSEIM 2562 Glenmawr Avenue From-Crestview To-Ohio State Basketball-I, 2, 3: Baseball-I, 2, 3: Hi- Y-l, 2, 3: Honor Study-I, 2, 3: Messen- ger-3. MARGARET THERSA PETERS 2604 North Fourth Street From-lndianola To-Ohio State Press Club-3: Polaris Staff-3: lntramu- rals: Baseball-I, 2: Basketball-I, 2: Girl Reserves-2: Honor Study-l, 2, 3. ALLEN JAY PRINCE l25 East Oakland Avenue From-lndianola To-Parks Air College Polaris Staff-3: Memory Book Represen- tativwll: lntramurals-l, 2. 45 ROBERT JAMES O'NEAL l2l7 lndianola Avenue From-Everett To-Ohio State Drafting Honor Service-I, 2, 3, Band-I, Z, 3, Dance Orchestra-3. ELVA MARIE PAOLINI II2I Oakwood Avenue From-McKinley T.N.T.-Z, 35 Honor Study-I, 2, 3: Assist- ant Secretary-2. RICHARD JOSEPH ROSEMURGY I473 Neil Avenue From-Greenbrier Military School To-Kiski Prep. School Football Squad-I7 Basketball Squad-I, 2, 3, Intramurals, Basketball, Baseball-I, 2, 3g Varsity "N" Association-I, 2, 31 Link Club-lg Tennis Tearn-l, Z, 31 RO- tary Luncheon-3. VERA JANET RICHARDSON 97 East Como Avenue Frorn-Crestview To-Ohio State Yosian Club-2, 3, Nous Autres-23 Les Enthousiastes Francais-2, 3, Junior Choir -Ig Senior Choir-Z, 33 Basketball Class Team-I, Z, 3, S eedball-I, 2, 33 Bas- Base- P keiball--I, 2, 3, volleyball-i, 2, ball-I, 2, Speedball Class Team-I, ' 2, 3, Arro Basketball Club Team-2, 3, Arro Baseball' Club Team-23 Arro Club-I, 2, 31 G-.A.A.-2, 31 Student Council-31 Girl Reserves-I, 2, "The Golden Trail"-33 Honor Society-33 Baseball Class Team- I, 23 Honor Study-2, 3, Volleyball Class Team-I, 2: State Music Contest-2, 3, LESLIE CHARLES ROGERS lbZ East Eleventh Avenue From-Indianola To-Office Training School WILLIAM FLOYD REDD, JR. 29 East Twelfth Avenue From-Indianola To-Ohio State 46 ANNA MARGHARITA RANKIN ZI7 Brighton Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State International Relations-3: Book Club-2, 33 Library Staff-27 Senior Choir-Z, 33 Senior Glee Club-I, 2, 35 Girls' Octette -2, 35 Orchestra-I7 Mixed Ensemble-2, 334Arro Club-I, 2, 3: Student Council-33 Girl Reserves-I, Z3 "The Golden Trail"- 31 Honor Study-I, 2, 33 Chairman-3, Honor Society-3, Toaslmistress-3, De- bate Team-33 Der Deutsche Verein-l, 21 National Forensic League-33 Gavel Club -33 State Music Contest-3. RICHARD JOHNSON RIDGLEY 92 East Frarnbes Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State International Relations-33 Program Chair- rnalng Press Club-33 Polaris Staff-3, Man- aging Editor: Link Ciub-2, 3, Hi-Y-I, 2, 3, Social Chairman-3, Honor Society- 3: Honor Study Officer-3, Secretaryg Honor Study-l, 2, 3. LOIS MARILYN REED E228 lngianola Avenue rom- harnpaig H' h, Ch ' , Ill. To-Ohio State rl lg ampalqn Honor Study-3 JOHN ALFRED REED IOO East Tompkins Street From-Indianola To-Ohio State Drafting Honor Service-3. MARJORIE LOUISE ROBERTS 223 East Lakeview Avenue From-Lash High, Zanesville, Ohio To-Ohio State International Correspondence-33 Les En- thouiastes Francais-37 Junior Choir-31 Junior4Glee Club-2, Blue and Gold-Z, 3, Assistant Treasurer-3, Girl Reserves- Zg Make-up Crew, "The Golden Trail,"- 37- Publicity Crew, "The Goose Hangs High"-33 Honor Study Officer, Assistant Secretary-3, Honor Study-2, 3. SAMUEL EDISON RICKLY Z7l0 Joyce Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio State Drafting Honor Service-I, 2, 3, President -Z, Vice-President-3. lE'l'l'Y JEAN FLETCHER 4l7l Kenny Road From-Creslview To-Capiral Universiry Polaris Sfafi-3, Clev Club-3, Vice4Presi- den?-3g Orchesfra-I, 2, 35 Slring Quar- l'el'-2g Norfh High Trio-I, 3, Orchestra, "The Golden Trail"-37 "Thai Ferguson Family"-2, "Tiger House"-Z, 'The Goose Hangs High"-37 Rolary Luncheon-31 Honor Srudy-I, 23 Slate Cello Solo-27 Der Oeufsche Verein-I, 2. HELEN REEF 28I4 lndianola Avenue From-Cresiview TofOhio Sfale TeTon Club-I, 2, 3. GERHARD WILLIAM RETTIG I548 Michigan Avenue From-Calasauoua High, Pennsylvania To-Parks Air College, S+. Louis Inrrarnurals-3. BETTY LOU RHODES I73 Easr Como Avenue From-Cresfview To-Capilal Universify lnrernalional Correspondence-I, 2: Mari- gale Ari Club-1, 2, Yosian Club-2, Book lub-2: Press Club-35 Nous Aulres-3: Les Enfhousiasres Francais-2, 31 Polaris Staff-3: T.N.T.-2g Pledge Presideni, Pledge Mistress-27 Girl Reserves-I, 23 Honor Sfudy-I, Z, 3, Secrefary--I, 2, Vice-Chairman-3. S. RAY REISINGER I59B Kenmore Road From-McKinley To-Ohio Slare Toasrrnasfers-37 Senior Choir-I, 2, 33 Boy's OcreHe-2, 3g Mixed Double En- semble-2, 35 "Marriage of NaneHe"-Ig "The Golden Trail"-33 Rofary Luncheon -3, Honor Study Officer, Chairman-3, Honor Sfudy-l, 2, 3: Dislricf and Sfafe Ensemble Conresf-2, 3: Band-33 Disrricr and Sfafe Vocal Solo Conresrs-2, 33 Okay Club-2, 31 Sfudenl' Council-3. STUART ROLLAND REID I42l Myrfle Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio Slale Press Club-33 Senior Choir-2, 3: Junior Choir-23 Okay Club-2, 33 "The Golden Trail"-33 Honor Sfudv Officer, Messenger -3: Honor Study-2, 31 Board 20. CHARLES CALVERT ROSSON, JR. 33l Torrence Road From-Crestview Swimming Team-3, Track-l, 2, 3, Honor Sociery-3: Baseball Squad-I, 2, Honor Sfudy-3. KENNETH EDWARD RUFENER 747 New York Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio Slate Polaris Messenger-3, lnrramurals-I, 2, 3. JEAN NORELLA RHULMAN l352 Forsylhe Avenue From-Evererl To-Ohio Slafe Marigale Ar? Club-I, 2, Yosian Club-Z3 Press Club-37 Los GesrerosY3, Secrelary, Blue and Gold Club-33 Girl Reserves! I, 2, 3, Honor Sfuoy-I, 2, 3, Polaris Rep- resenfalive-3, MACK ROBINSON 254 Clinron Sheer From-Hughes High Baskelball Squad-I, 2, 3. RUTH ELEANOR RUSSELL l502 Aberdeen Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio University Yosian Club-I, Z1 lnfrarnurals, Basketball -I, 2: Baseball-l, 27 Volleyball-I, 25 Soeedloall-I, 23 Home Economics Club- lg Honor Sludy-l, 2, 3, Officer-I, 2, 3, Memory Book Represenlafive-33 Polaris Represenlalive-3. ROBERT LINN RICHMOND 2743 Summit Sfreef From-Creslview To-Ohio Slale Yosian Club-2, 35 Book Club-33 Los Gesreros-2, 3, Treasurer-2, 35 Hi-Y-I, 2, 35 Drafting Honor Service-23 Honor Sfudy-l, 2, 3, Chairman-2, 3, lnframu- rals-I, 2, 3g Swimming Team-2, 3, Var- silV "N"-2, 3. 47 BETTY JANE RONEY l460lfZ Norrh High Sfreef From-Everelf To-Ohio Srale Choir-2, 3, Glee Club-3, "The Golden Trail"-f3. WEBSTER LEWIS SAGE 2707 Hibberf Avenue From-Beebe Junior High, Malden, sachusefls To-Ohio Sfale lnfernafional Correspondence-I, 2, Infer- nafional Relafions-I, 2, 3, Corres ond- ence Chairman-2, President-3, Tioasl- maslers-Z, 3, Library Srafl-3, Sfudenf Council-21 Hi-Y-I, Z, 31 Cily Council- Zg Sergeant-al-Arms-37 Honor Sludy Of- ficer-3, Vice-Chairman-35 Honor Sludy- l, 2, 3, Hi-Y Delegale lo Camp Dodd-3, Mas- GERALDINE ESTHER SHOCKLEY 268l Cleveland Avenue From-McKinley To-Business Training. JAMES D. SHIELDS 3655 Maize Road FromfMcKinley To-Ohio Slale lnfernafional Relations-35 Toasfrnasrers- Club-3, Memory 3, Treasurer-3, Press book Sraff-3, Co-Edilor-3, Clarinel Quar- Nalional Charn- l'ef+e-2, 33 Slate and pions-33 Intramurals-23 Track-2, 33 Stu- denl Courl-3, Clerk-31 Hi-Y-33 "Tiger House" Produclion Crew-2, Rofary Lunch- eon-3g Honor Sociely-33 Class Office- 2, 33 Sergeanl'-al"Arrns-2, Sergeanl-ah Arms-3, Honor Study Officer--3, Chair' Euan-3, Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 33 Band-l, , 3. EMILY JUNE SMITH l25 EasI Norwich Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio Sfare lnlernafional Relations-3, Press Club-33 Sergeanf-ar-Arms-31 Library Slaff-3, Poe laris Slalf-3, Associafe Edilor-37 Senior Choir-35 Senior Glee Club-2, 33 Oclelre -3: Sfudenf Council-2, "The Golden Trail"-33 Rolary Luncheon-3, Honor So- ciefy-31 Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 3, Vice-Chain rnan-3. CHARLOTTE EARLEEN SCHNAUDT IIl0 Sevenleenfh Avenue From-McKinley To-Office Training TeTon Club-2, 3, Honor Sludy-2, 3. 48 HOWARD CHARLES RUNYEON 76 Henderson Road From-Creslview To+LafayeHe College. VIRGINIA MILDRED SANDUSKY 402 Easl Twelffh Avenue From-lndianola To-College of Cosmeiology Belfy Larnp Club-2, 35 Scrapbook Chair' man, Honor Sludy-l, 2, 33 Slyle Show- Zg Sewing Class Secrefary-2. EVELYN SEALE 2296 Surnrnil' Sheer From-Crestview To-Ohio Sfafe. I Sgeedball-lg Volleyball-2, Girl Reserves EDWARD CHARLES SEDDON l65 Fallis Road From-Cresfview To-Ohio Sfafe Toasfrnasfers-3, Book Club-lg Vergilians -2, 37 Treasurer-3: Library Staff-3, Var- sify "N"-33 Link Club-2, 33 Parliamen- +arian-2, Vice-Presidenl-3, Execulive Board-2, 3, Tennis Team-2: Producrion Crew of "The Goose Hangs High," "Apron Shing Revoll"-3, Honor Sfucly- I, 2, 33 Honor Sociely-31 Honor Sfudy, Chairrnan-2, 3, Special Office Sfaff-l. MARTHA JAYNE SEEGER 2409 lndianola Avenue From-Indianola To-Oliver College GORDON F. SERROTT l506 Manchesler Avenue From-McKinley To-Universily of Soulhern California Hi-Y-I, 2, 31 Drafling Honor ServiceY2, 3, Vice'PresidenT-2, 35 Honor Sfudy-2, 3. JOHN OSGOOD SEMMELMAN 82 Brighlon Road From-Creslview To-Ohio Sfafe lnrernafional Relalions-33 Toaslmaslers- 3, Secretary-37 Book Club-2, 35 Press Club-31 Nous Aurres-2, 3: Les Enlhous- iasles Francais-2, 3, Presideni-2, 3: Li- brary Sfaff-3g Polaris Slaff-3, EdiIor-in- Chief-3, Sfudenl' Council-2, 3, Execulive Board-27 Rotary Luncheon-35 Honor So- ciefy-3g Honor Sfudy Officer-I, 2, Draft ing Honor Service-I, 2, Sfudenl Advisor- 2: Model Airplane-lg Office Siaff-31 Model Engineer- I: Debale-37 Dislricr Championship-33 Honor Sindy-I, 2, 31 Gavel Club-3, Presidenl'-3. RICHARD HICKS SHIVELY 344 Easf Dunedin Road From-Creslview To-Ohio Slale lnlernafional Relalions-3: Social Chair- man-3g Vergilians-37 Hi-Y-l, 2, 3, Cab' inel'-3: Rofary Luncheon-31 Honor So- cierv-3g Honor Siudy-2, 31 Band-l, 2, 37 Dance Band-3. ROBERT ELLIS SHOEMAKER IB74 Henderson Road I-rom-Cresrview To-Ohio Slafe lnfrarnurals, Baseball-23 Drafling Honor Service-2, 3. KENNETH EUGENE SHOEMAKER l58S Myrfle Avenue From-McKinley To-Texas Chrislian Press Club-3: Junior Choir-2, Senior Choir-33 Inframurals-I, 2, 3. JULIA ANN SAUMENIG II3 Easr Oakland Avenue From-lndianola To-College of Music, Cincinnafi, Ohio lnvernalional Correspondence Club-25 Clef Club-l, Z, 35 Les Enlhousiasres Fran- cais-3q Junior Choir-21 Orchesfra-I, 2, 3, Girl Reserves-2, Producfion Crew of "The Goose Hangs High"-3. RICHARD ALLEN SCHNARR I367V1 Norrh High Sfreef From-lndianola To-Ohio Slafe Yosian Club-I7 Polaris Home Room Rep- reesnrafive-lg Junior Choir-I, Z: Senior Choir-2, 33 Foolball Squad-lg Infra- rnurals-Ig "The Golden Trail"-37 "Mar- riage of NanneHe"-l. ANN JEAN SCHROEDER 2708 Calumel' Sfreef From-Ashland High School, Ashland, Kenlucky To-Ohio Sfale Waikiki Club-33 Honor Sludy-3. VIRGINIA RODGERS 2400 Findlay Avenue From-Cresrview To-Office Training Junior Choir-I, 21 Junior Glee Club-2, Make-up Crew, "The Golden Trail"-3, Publicily Crew, "The Goose Hangs High" -33 Honor Srudy-l, 2, 3, BRUCE EVERETT SHIVELY I34 Garden Road From-Cresfview To-Baldwin Wallace NORMA ELLEN SHIRKEY 29 Easr Lakeview Avenue From-Cresfview To-Office Training Press Club-37 Vergilians-2, 3, Secrefary -3: Memory Book Sfaff-3, Square Circle Club-l, 2, 3, Alumnae Secrefary-31 "The Goose Hangs High"-31 Roiary Luncheon -3: Honor Sociely-35 Honor Study-I, 2. 3: Polaris Represenfafive--31 Junior Giee Club-lg Junior Choir-27 "The Golden Trail", Production Crew-3. TOM S. SHEVLIN 59 Easf Norwich From-Indianola To-Ohio Srafe Press Club-37 Reel Camera Club-2, 3, Vice-gresidenf-37 Drafting Honor Service FREDERICK HENRY SCHWARTZ IES Easl Torrence Road From-Creslview To-Ohio Sfaie Marigale Art Club-l: Les Enlhousiasles Francais-33 Sludenl Council-23 Hi-Y-l, 25 "The Golden Trail", Make-up Crew-31 "The Goose Hangs High", Make-up Crew -33 Honor Sociely-3: Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 3, Vice-Chairman-3, Reel Camera Club- lj Office Sfaff-2, Losl and Found-2. 49 CARTER RILEY SMITH 225 Chaiharn Road From-Crestview To-Ohio Stare Mariagle Arr Club-I, 2g Yosian Club- 2, 3g Sfudenf Council-33 Special Office Sfaff-37 Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 31 Ornifliol- ogy Clulaw3g President-31 Der Deursche Verein-3. ROSE MARIE SCHUMAKER b3 Easr Beechwold Boulevard From-Cresrview To-Capilal Nous Aufres-3g Te Ton Club Basketball Tearn-25 Te Ton Club-I, 2, 35 Pledge Misfress-Z, 3. BETTY JANE SNYDER 89 East Elevenfb Avenue Frorn-Sf. Mary's of the Sprinqs To-Capifal Girl Reserves-2, 37 Honor Study-2, 3. FRANK JAMES STOFFEL 560 Milford Avenue From-Cresfview To-Ohio Slrate Baskefball Squad-I, 27 lnframurals-I, 3: Okay Club-I, 2, 3: Honor Sfudv Officer gg ?aseball Squad-I, 23 Honor Sfudy MARY ALICE STEWART I46 Walhalla Road Frorn-Cresfview To-Ohio Slafe lnfernafional Correspondence-27 Nous Aufres-33 Les Enfhousiasfes Francais-2, 3, Secretary-2g Library Staff-3: Senior Choir-37 Senior Glee Club-3: Orchesfra -27 Sfudenf Council-25 Girl Reserves-23 "The Golden Trail"-33 Rofary Luncheon -31 Honor Socieiy-31 Office Slraff-21 Toasfmisiress-2, 31 Presidenf-3, Parlia- rnenfarian-3g Honor Sfudy-2, 33 Band-2, ROBERT STEPHEN STEELE 234 Easf Pafferson Avenue From-lndianola To-Sfaunron Milirary Academy Press Club-31 lnfrarnurals-I, 2, 3. 50 KATHLEEN MARIE RUCKER I4 Easf Lakeview Avenue From-Cresfview To-Ohio Sfale Yosian Club-2, 3g Press Club-33 Nous Aufres-Zg Junior Choir-2, 37 Les Ena fhousiasfes Francais-33 Glee Club-25 Girl Reserves-I, 2, 33 Honor Srudy Offi- cer-3g Secrefaryf3g Reel Camera Club -21 Honor Sfudy-2, 33 Manual Arts Club, RICHARD CRAWSHAW SLOANE 328 Easf Eighieenfh Avenue Frorn-lndianola BETTY JANE STRADER I085 Twenfiefh Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio Sfafe Press Club-37 Polaris Sfafff3. JAMES SULLINGER I426 Afcheson Slreef Frorn-Evereff To-Wilberforce Baskefball Squad-Z3 Inframurals-I, 2 LEONARD ESTUS STEVENS I9I2 Denune Avenue From-McKinley To-Franklin Insfifufe BETTY SNYDER 3l79 Morningside Drive From-Indianola To-Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania Junior G-lee Club-el, 23 T.N.T.-2, 33 Serqeanf-af-Arms - 3: Girl Reserves - 2: "The Golden Trail"-3: Varsifv "G.A.A." Floor Show-3. MARY SIDERS IS47 Korbel Avenue From-lndianola To-Office Training Rotary Luncheon-3: Honor Study-l, 2, 3. JOSEPHINE SEARLS 29 West Hudson Street From-lndianola To-Ohio State Girl Reserves-I. KENNETH WYATT STOUT 523 Cliffside Drive From-Crestview To-Ohio State Football S uad I 2 3 q -, , , Captain-33 Alle High Football-3g All-Ohio Football-3, Varsity "N" Association-2, 33 Vice-Presi- dent-3: Link Club-2, 3, Rotary Lunch- eon-37 Baseball Squad-Z5 Member of Ohio All-Star Team that played Florida Al I-Sta rs in Florida-3. MARIE NELL SAVAGE ZI9 Olentangy Street From-Crestview To-Ohio State Yosian Club-2, Press Club-3, Girl Re- serves-l, 2, 3, Reel Camera Club-2 3 Secretary-3, Honor Study-2, 33 Manual Arts Qlub-3, Secretary-3, Polaris Repre- sentative-3. CHARLES ARTHUR SMITH l954 Minnesota Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio State Yosian Club-23 Orchestra-l, murals-33 Swimming Team-2: Track-I, 2, 3, Honor Study-Z, 37 Cross Country Team-3: Der Deutsche Verein-3, 2, Intra- ROBERT LOUIS SUTTER 384 Thirteenth Avenue From-lnclianola To-Ohio State Intramuralsfl, 23 Drafting Honor Service -3: Model Aeroplane-I, 2, Model Engi- neer-l, 2. Honor Society-31 ROBERT DANIEL STARBUCK 388 West Eighth Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State Senior Choir-2, 37 Boys' G 2, 3: Boys' Octette-2, 3, Lin Hi-Y-I, 2, 3. HELEN LOUISE STEVENS ISB7 Kohr Place From-McKinley TofOtfice Training lee Club-I k Club-2, 3 Press Club-31 Honor Study-I, 2, 3. ELIZABETH IRENE SMELKER IB4 East Como Avenue From-Crestview Vergilians-2, 33 Girl Reserves-I, 2, 3 Honor Society-3. ROBERT RICHARDS STINSON 2296 Zollinger Road From-lndianola To-Notre Dame DOROTHY LUCI LLE SMITH lbl East Longview Avenue From-McKinley To-Business School Home Economics Club-I, 2, GERALDINE STROU SE 2ll East Lakeview Avenue From-Crestview ToiUniversity of Los Angeles Choir-l, 2, 3: Glee Club-I, 2, -31 District Contest, Soprano 3. 3, Octette Solo-Z, 3, State Contest, Soprano Solo-33 District Choral Contest-2, 35 State Qhoral Conf test-Z, 3, "The Golden Trail Study-33 Der Deutsche Vere President-3. 5 I -37 Honor in-l, Z, 3, JACK ALBERT SALMON 23I8 Summil Sfreel' From-Uhrichsville Cenfral High To'Ohio Sfafe Hi-Y-I, 2. ELLEN SOUTHARD 4lO Glenrnonr Avenue From-Evereli To-Ohio Slale lnrernalional Relalions-2, 3, Secrelary- 3p Marigale Arl Club-lg Press Club-33 Veriglians!2, 3, Vice-Presidenf-3, Po- laris Represenlalive--3: Memor Book Staff, Co-Edifor-35 Junior Glee Elub-lg Senior Glee Club-Z, 3, Librarian-3: Junior Choir-l, 2: Senior Choir-3, Dis- lricr and Slale Music Conlesls-2, 31 Slu- denl Council-31 Chairman of Handbook Commilfee-3: Girl Reserves-I, Z, 3, Member-af-Large-37 "The Golden Trail" -33 "The Goose Hangs High", Producrion Crew-3, Rofary Luncheon--3: Honor So- ciefy-3g Office Siarf-3: Honor Sludy- l, 2, 3. ALLAN RAYMOND TRUMBULL 473 Tibel' Road From-Soulheaslern High, Delroil To-Ohio Sfafe HifY-2, 3: Honor Sludy-31 Marching Band-2, 37 Concerl Band-2. JOHN ROBERT THOMAS l66b Arlin lon Avenue From-Mcainley To-Ohio Slale Marigale Ari Club-l. MARGARET AURELIA SUBER 243 Delroil Avenue From-Everefl To-Ohio Slale CAROLE EILEEN STILES 204 Richards Road From-Creslview To-Ohio Slale Press Club-3: Memory Book Represenla- 'live-3g Social Club Baseball Team-Ig Square Circle Club-l, 2, 3. ELN ORA TAYLOR I6I8 Myrlle Avenue From-Broadway High To-Ml. Carmel Hospilal ELEANOR JEAN TRACY l7l5 Norlh Fourth Slreel From-lndianola To-Ohio Sfafe Press Club-35 Polaris Claff, Humor Edilor -3: Senior Glee Club-2, Librarian-3: Baskelball Class Team-I1 Baskelball-lp Soeedball-lg S eedball Class Team-lg B ue and Gold Cglub-I, Z, 3: Sergeanlhel- Arms-3, Basketball Champions-2, 3: Baseball-I, 2, 33 Girl Reserves-lg "The Golden Trail"-3: "Apron Sfring Revoll" -3. DON ROY ULREY 2676 Deming Avenue From-Cresfview To-Ohio Slale Reel Camera Club-3, Drailinq Honor Servicewilg Honor Study-l, 3. Baskelball Class Team-27 lnlramurals, VIRGINIA FAYE THOMPSON Baskelball-2, Volleyball-23 Baseball-l, 920 Eesl Eighleenlh Avenue 2, Belly Lamp Club-3, Basketball Team From-lndianola -37 Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 3. Press Club-33 Belly Lamp Club-l, 2, 3g DOLORES SWISHER I99 Easf Sixih Avenue From-Indianola To-Business School 52 Honor Srudy-l, 2, 3. ANN ELIZABETH TILTON l555 Belmonl Avenue From-Everelr To-Ohio Slafe Mariagle Arl Cluls!2g Les Enlhousiasles Francais-33 Newasa Club-l, 2, 3: Pledge Misrress-2, Girl Reserves-2, 3. WILLIAM EMERSON TAYLOR 72 West Patterson Avenue From-MI. Vernon High To-Ohio State Hi-Y-I, 2, 3: Intramurals-3. SARA TRUMBO ISO Glencoe Road From-Crestview To-Miami University Nous Autres-3: Les Enfhousiastes Fran- cais-3: Junior Glee Club-I: Basketball Class Team: Intramurals, Speedball--I, 2, 3: Basketball-I, 2, 3: Volleyball-I, 2: Baseball-I, 2, 3: Speedball Class Team -3: G.A.A.-2, 3: Girl Reserves--I: "The Golden Trail", Production Crew-3: "The Goose Hangs High", Production Crew- gfl Igonaor Study-I, Z, 3: Bird and Nature u - . ' BETTY ANN TINKLER l3BO Republic Avenue From-McKinley Los Gesteros-2. JUANITA SWISHER 2593 Ferne Avenue From-McKinley ALLISON ROBERT TILLEY 389 East Tulane Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State Press Club-3: Football Squad-I, Z, 3: Basketball Squad-I, 2, 3: Intramurals--l, 2, 3: Swimming Team-I, 2, 3: Varsity "N" Association-I, 2, 3: Drafting Honor Serv- ice-I, 2, 3: Intramural Championship Baseball-I: Basketball-I, 2, 3. BETTY JANE TILTON 2499 North Fourth Streel From-lndianola To-Cagital - Glee lub: Orchestra: T.N.T.-I, 2, 3, Vice-President: Style Show: Dancing Class Accompanist-3. JULIA MAXINE THOMAS l650 Genessee Avenue From-McKinley To-Capital University Les Enthousiastes Francais-2, 3: Senior Glee Club-3: Square Circle Club-I, 2, 3: Student Council-2, 3: "The Golden TrTil'L-35: Honor Society-3: Honor Study CARL EDWARD TETIRICK 253 Bri hton Rd. From-glreslview To-Ohio Slate Yosian Club-2: Vergilians-3. CHARLOTTE ANNE VALENTINE 366 Arden Road From-Crestview To-Western College for Women Press Club-3: Les Enthousiastes Francais -3: Waikiki Klub-I, Z, 3: Baseball Team -2: Basketball Team-2: Student Council -3: Girl Reserves-l, 2, 3: "Apron String Revolt", Production Crew-3: Honor Study -I, 2, 3, Secretary-I, Chairman-2. JOSEPH LOUIS TAYLOR I97 West Weber Road From-Crestview To-Miami University KATHRYN ELIZABETH THOMPSON l283 East Twenty-second Avenue From-McKinley To-Office Training School DORIS EILEEN TOOTHAKER 2434 Adams Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State Yosian Club-2, Secretary-2: Press Club-- 3: Les Enthousiastes Francais-2: Polaris Representative-3: Memory Book Repre- sentative-3: Senior Choir-I, 2, 3: Senior Glee Club-I, 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer- 2: Clef Club-I, 2: Ocfette-I, 2, 3: Or- chestra-I, 2, 3, Secrerary-3: String Ouin- 'Iel'-lg Mixed Double Octetfe-l, 2, 3: T.N.T.-2, President-Z: Girl Reserves-l, 2: "Marriage of Nannetfe"- lg "The Golden Trail"-3: Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Messenger-3: Winner of Slate Solo Cone fest-2, 3. 53 JESSIE ALICE VAN METER IS39 Summit Street From-Central To-White Cross Hospital Honor Study-I, 2, 3. RICHARD ALBION WELLS 22l2 North Fourth Street From-Indianola To-Ohio State Polaris Statt-3g Honor Study-2, 3, Der Deutsche Verein-2, Stamp Club-2. RICHARD CHARLES WAKEFIELD 3229 North High Street From-Indianola To-Louisiana State Polaris Staff-lj Basketball Squad-I, 23 Intramurals Otficial-3g Honor Study Offi- cer-Zg Golf Team-I, 2, 31 Honor Study -2, 3. CAROLYN JOAN TILLEY 389 East Tulane Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State Press Club-35 Vergiliansv2, 33 Memory Book Staff-3, Associate Editor-33 Basket- ball Class Tearns-I, 2, 33 Volleyball Class Teams-I, 2: Speedball Class Team-I, 2, 3, Captainfl, 3: Baseball Class Team -lg Intramural Speedball-I, 2, 3: Cham- pions-I, 27 Baseball-I, 2, 3, Basketball gl, 2, 31 Volleyball-I, 2, Veri Iian Bas- ketball Team-3, Captain-3g G.A.A.-I, 2, 3, Treasurer-35 Student Council-3, Girl Reserves-ly Rotary Luncheon-3, Honor Society-3, Honor Study-I, 2, 3, PAUL LUTHER WEAVER bb East Tulane Road From-Crestview To-Columbus Academy and Wittenberg Polaris Statt-3, Football Squad-I1 Bas- ketball Squad-I, 2, 31 Intramurals-33 Otticial-37 Varsity "N"-2, 3: Link Club -I, 2, 33 Rotary Luncheon-33 Baseball Squad-I, 2, 3. RUTH MAE WARE 373 Tibet Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State International Correspondence-2, Mari- qale Art Club-I, 2, Book Club-2, Secre- tary-3g Press Club-3, Les Enthousiastes Francais-2, 3, Polaris Statt-3, Waikiki Basketball-2, 3, Waikiki Baseball-21 Waikiki Klub-2, 3, T.N.T.-21 Girl Re- serves-I, 2, Honor Study Otticer-3, Sec- retary-3g Horace Mann Club-25 Honor siuayni, 2, 3. 54 WILLIAM HENRY THOMAS 203 East Blake Avenue From-Indianola To-Capital Senior Choir-I, 2, 3: Boys' Glee Club- I, 2, 3, Librarian-35 Boys' Octette-33 "The Golden Trail"-31 Polaris Represen- tative-3g District and State Music Con- test-2, 3. BETTY RAYE TAYLOR 34 West Oakland Avenue From-Mcliinlety To-National hiropractic College, Chi- cago, Illinois Square Circle Club-l, 2, 3. WILLIAM WARD WELCH 357 Kelso Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State lfolaris Staff-3, Home Room Representa- tive-3g Basketball Squad-Ig Intramurals -I, 2, 3, Varsity "N"-I, 2, 3: Gym Team -I, 2, 43, City Champion-I, 2, 35 District Champion-I, 2, 3: Baseball Squad-I, 2. FLORA ELLEN VANDEMARK I77 Irving Way From-Crestview To-Ohio State Les Enthousiastes Francais-2, Junior Choir G25 Junior Glee Club-2, Senior Glee Club-33 Intramural Speedball-lg Girl Reserves-I, 25 "The Golden Trail"g Honor Study-I, 2, 3. TRUE CHARLES WATSON 397 West Tenth Avenue From-Indianola To-Ohio State Orchestra-I, Z, 31 Drafting Honor Serv- ice I 2 3' Band 2 3 WILLIS WARDLAW I96 West Eighth Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio State International Correspondence-I7 Senior chair-ig Glee Club-lg Hi-Y-i, 2, 3g Honor Study-I, 2, 3, Chairman-3, De- bate-3. JANET ROMAINE VAN GILDER l42 Brevoort Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State Yosian Club-2, 35 Nous Autres-2, 3: Yosian Basketball Tearn-21 Honor Society 33 Honor Study-2, 3. ROBERT JOHN WATTS 2402 Glenmawr Avenue From-Indianola To-Ohio State International Relations-2, 37 Toastmasters -I, 2, 33 Treasurer-31 Book Club-I, 21 Nous Autres-Z, 3, Secretary-35 Library Statt-33 Les Enthousiastes Francais-2, 37 Student Council-Z, 3, Activities Chairman -2, President-35 Hi-Y-I, 2, 3, Publicity Chairman-35 Rotary Luncheon-31 Honor Society-3g Office Staff-33 Honor Study -I, 2, 3. CHARLOTTE ELAINE YOSS 56 West Tenth Avenue From-lndianola To-Franklin International Correspondence- lg Nous Autres-3: Te Ton Club-2, 3: Student Council-21 Honor Study-l, 2, 3. DELBERT CLAYTON VEST 2469 Pontiac Avenue From-McKinley Honor Study-2, 31 Senior Breakfast Pro- gram-3. MARY LOUISE YOGLE 25I East Torrence Road Frorn-Crestview To-Antioch tvtarigale Art Club-37 Nous Autres-31 Les Enthousiastes Francais-37 Junior Choir -I7 Senior Glee Club-I, 2, 3: Basketball Intramurals-l, Z, 33 Marigale Art Team -3g Speedball-I, 2, 3: Volleyball-I, 25 Baseball-I, 2, 35 Class Teams-2, 31 G. A,A.-2, 33 Girl Reserves-I, 2, 33 "The Golden Trail"-33 "The Goose Hangs High", Make-up Crew-37 "Apron Strings Revolt"-33 Shakespearean Team-31 Honor Study-I, Z, 37 Chemistry Lab. As- Slsfant. JACK F. WEISENBERGER lb2 East Second Avenue Frorn-lndianola To-Ohio State DON LYNN WATKINS 3Ib Crestview Road From-Crestview To-Ohio State Polaris Statt-31 Publication Manager-31 Gym Team-lj Drafting Honor ervice -I, 2. MARGARET SMITH ll? West Patterson Avenue From-Grandview Heights High To-Ohio State International Relations-3, Press Club-33 Library Staff-35 Memory Book Stat"t-37 Intramurals, Speedball-23 Basketball-2, 3, Captain-33 Speedball Class Tearn-2, Social Club Tearng Blue and Gold Base- ball-2, 31 Social Club Champions-21 Blue and Gold Club-Z, 33 Court-3: G.A.A.--2, 35 Social Chairman-33 Girl Reserves-21 Production Staff ot "The Goose Hangs High"-3g Honor Society -37 Honor Study-2, 31 Honor Study Otti' cer, Chairman-3, Vice-Chairman-3. JACK RICHARD VOSPER 2527 lndianola Avenue From lndianola To-Ohio State Junior Choir-2, Football Squad-I3 ln- tramurals-l, 3g Varsity "N" Association -2, 31 Track-2, 33 Hi-Y-2, 35 Honor Study-2, 3. DOROTHY ELIZABETH WENGER IO7 West California Avenue From-Crestview To-Ohio State Vergilians-2, 37 Student Council -3, Chairman ot the Home Roorn Cornrnitteeg Girl Reserves-I, 33 Honor Study-2, 3. ROBERT A. VERMILLION IAI7 Myrtle Avenue Frorn-McKinley To-Ohio State DOROTHY ANNE WARD 3627 Olentangy Boulevard From-Crestview To-Ohio State Book Club-2, 33 Nous Autres-3, Les En- thousiastes Francais-2, 35 Library Statt -33 Senior Choir-2, 3, Senior Glee Club -I, 2, 31 Girls' Octette-23 Waikiki Klub -2, 33 Pledge Mistres-3g Girl Reserves- I, 2, 33 Make-up Crew, "Golden Trail"- 3g Honor Study-2, 33 Assistant Secretary -3, Vice-Chairman-35 Reel Camera Club -3. 55 KARL MAX WIENER 2475 Norih High From-lndianola To-Lane Tech, Chicago, Illinois Baseball-l, 2, Baskefball-l, 2, Junior ALICE YVONNE WESTCOTT Choir-25 Hi-Y-I. SARA ELLEN WILTSE I52 East Northwood Avenue A From-Pierre S. du Ponl High, Wilming- fon Delaware 49I Cliffside Drive From-Cresfview To-Miami Library Slaff-2, 33 Volleyball-lg Blue and Gold-I, 2, 3, Treasurer-3, Girl Reserves -I7 Produclion Sfaff, "Apron Slring Re- vol?"-3. Toll-lood College, Frederich, Maryland EARL CLAYTON WOODS Junior Glee Club-35 Girl Reserves-3. JAMES EDWARD WURDACK 308l Midgard Road From4Cresl'view To-Ohio Sfaie CORA JOSEPHINE WILLIAMS l45 Wesl Frambes Avenue From-Indianola TogPasadena Playground Baskelball-I, 23 Volleyball-l, 23 Speed- ball-lg Baseball-l, 23 Home Economics Club-I, 2, Refreshrnenl Cornmilfeeg Class Volleyball Team-2, 3. LELAND LESLIE WINTERS 25l Easi Blake Avenue From-lndianola Yosian Club-35 Hi-Y-2. DOROTHY JEAN WILDING 3256 lndianola Avenue From-J, M. Alherlon School for Girls, Louisville, Kenfucky To-Norihweslern Waikiki Klub-3. 56 286 Bri hlon Road From-Eranklin Prep School Foolball Squad-I, Z3 Inrrarnurals-l, 2, MARY OLWYN WILLIAMS 366 Fourleenlh Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio Slate lnfernafional Correspondence-3, Press Club-3, Los Gesferos-2, 3, Clef Club- I, 3, Treasurer-33 Orcheslra-l, 2, 33 Bas- kefball-lg Waikiki-I, 2, 3, Sergeanf-ah Arms-33 Girl Reserves-I, 33 Honor Sludy -al, 2, 3, Officer-2, 3. PAULINE MAE WONDERLY 203 Easf Pacemonl Road From-Creslview To-Sf. Marys of lhe Springs Inlernalional Correspondence-I, 25 Press Club-31 Volleyball-I, 27 Baskelball-I, 2, 31 Baseball-2, Speedball Class Team-2, Girl Reserves-lg "The Golden Trail", Properfy Crew-31 "Goose Hangs High", Publicily Crew-33 Berry Lamp Club-lg Reel Camera Club-2, Office Sfaff-2, Honor Sludy-Z, 3. MARY VIRGINIA WHITE 44 Twelflh Avenue From-Indianola To-Ohio Slale Junior Choir-I, 2, Accompanisf-33 Sena ior Choir-33 lnlramurals, Baskefball-I, 25 Volleyball Team-I, 21 Waikiki Baskef- ball Team-2, 37 Baseball-I, 2,37 Waikiki Klub-l, 2, 3, Social Chairman-23 Vice- Presidenl'-37 Girl Reserves-I, 2, 3: "The Golden TraiI", Produclion Sfaffg "The Goose Hangs High", "Thai Ferguson Fainigyu, Producfion Staff, Honor Sludy CARL HENRY ZIPF I999 Norfh Fourlh Sfreel From-Indianola To-Business College Draflinq Honor Service-I, Z, 33 Slaqe Crew-2, 3, Lofl Caplain-3. LOMA JEAN YEAMANS 2404 Norih Fourfh Srreef From-lndianola To-Bliss College Baseball-2: Beffy Lamp Club-I: Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 3: Sfyle Show-I, 2: Skating Exhibilion. JUDITH ANNE ZEMER IOS Easr Norwich Avenue From-lndianola To-Ohio Sfale lnfernafional Correspondence-I: Book Club-Z, 3, Treasurer-2: Press Club-3, Treasurer-3: Les Enlhousiasfes Francais- 3: Library SIaf'I-3: Polaris Sfaff-3: Cir- culation Manager: Intramurals, Speedball -l, 2: Baskefball-I, 2: Volleyball-I, 2: Social Club Team, Baseball-I: Waikiki Klub-l, 2, 3: Properly Crew, "Golden Trail"-3: Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3, Secrelary SZ, Chairmanf3, Toaslmisfress-2, 3. ROBERT MAROUARDT WILLIAMS 227 Creslview Road From-Cresfview To-Ohio Sfale BETTY JANE WESTFALL 4lZ Oakland Park Avenue Frorn-Crestview To-Denison lnrernarional Correspondence-I: Yosian Club-l, 2, Secrerary-2: Press Club-3: Nous Aulres-I, Z, Sergeant-al-Arms-2: Les Enfhousiasifes Francais-2, 3: Library Slaff-3: Polaris Home Room Representa- tive-3: Speedball Class Team--I: Volley- ball-I, 2: Speedball-I, 2: Baskelballel, 2: Baseball-I, 2: Social Club Champions -2: Blue and Gold-el, 2, 3, Couri-2, Social Chairman-3: Srudenl' Council-Z: Girl Reserves-I, 2, 3: "Ambition"-3: Production Crew, "The Valiant"-3: Pro- duction Sfaff, "The Golden Trail"-3: "The Goose Hangs Hugh"-3: "Apron Sfring RevolI", Prompler-3: Rofary Luncheonfli: Honor Sludy Officer, Secre- fary-2, Vice-Chairman-3: Toasfmisfress -2, Membership Chairman-2: Honor Sludy-I, 2, 3: Homecoming Queen-31 Member of Shakespearian Team-3. ROBERT L. WARFEL 77 Erie Road From-Creslview To-Ohio Sfafe Toasfmasrers-3: Library Slalif--3: Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 3, Officer, Chairman-I, Vice- Chairman-3, Secrefary-3: Der Deufsche Verein-2, 3, Vice-Presidenl-3. RUTH EVELYNE ZIESLER 432 Arden Road From-Creslview To-Bliss Colle e Inrernalional Correspondence-I: Yosian Club-2, 3: Press Club-3: Girl Reserves -I, 2, 3: Befly Lamp Club-2, 3: Polaris Represenlafive-3. JANE ANN ZIEGLER 597 Midgard Road From-Hunringfon High School To-Ohio Slare Newasa-3. E. JAMES WILSON lb26 Summit Sfreel' Fromflndianola To4Ohio Sfaie - A lnframurals-I, 2, 3: Championship-22 Link Club-Z, 3, Vice-President-Z: Sfudent Council-2: Chairman Corridors Commit- lee-Z: Baseball Squad-I. MARVEL CLEO WINGO 3598 Riverside Drive Fromelndianola To-Ohio Stale Te Ton-I, 2, 3: Social Secrelary!2g Siu- clenl Council-3: Honor Society-3: Honor Sfudy-3. HUGH WILLIAM WYLIE l342 Highland Srreel' From-Evereff To-Ohio Srafe l Vergilians-2, 3: Intramurals-2, 3: Hi-Y -I, 2, 3. CORWIN ROGER WILLIAMS 2I'f2 Easl Elevenlh Avenue From-Barnesville High HOWARD WILLIS lb5I Manchesfer Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio Slale Marigale Arf Club-2, 3: Press Club-3: Polaris Sfaff-3: Circulation Deparfmenl' -3: Track-3. 57 CATHERINE ELIZABETH YOUNG 2436 lndianola Avenue F-rorn-lndianola Junior Choir-I, 23 Sfyle Show-I, 2. JOHN HARRISON YANKEE 351 Olenfangy Sfreel From-lndianola To-Ohio Slate lnrernational Relations-2, 3, Presidenl- 3, Toaslrnasfers-33 Library Slaff-35 Sen- ior Choir-I, 2, 3, Librarian-33 Boys' Glee Club-lg Track-2, 33 Okay Club-I, 2, 3, Treasurer-3g Sludenl Council-2, Hand- book Chairman, "Marriage of NanneIIe" -lg "Golden Trail"-3: "Goose Hangs High"-3q Producfion Crew of "Tiger House"-23 "Apron swing Revell", Pro- aiiefian Crew-31 Special omg semis, Honor Sfudy-I, 2, 33 Okay Trio-3g Ro' tary Luncheon-3. ADELE MARIE WHITNEY I339 Hunler Avenue From-Franklin To-Denison Girl Reserves-23 Honor Sfudy Officer, Secrelary-33 Messenger-31 Honor Sludy- 2, 3, Band-3. RUTH WICHERT Sb Wes? Pacernonl Avenue From-Creslview To-Ohio Sfale GEORGE ROGERS WILSON J l97 Easf Norwich Avenue From-Indianola To-Ohio Slate Marigale Art Club-l, 2, 33 Press Club- IEI Megnory Book Slaff-35 Ornifhology ub- . OAN WALLACE 4I3O Maize Road From-Crestview To-Ohio Sfale Book Club-I, 2, 37 Library Sfaff-2, 37 Speedball- g Baskefball-I, 2, 33 Volleyball- 3g Les Enfnousiasles Fran- cais-2, I, 2, 3 I, Z, 31 Baseball-l, 2, 35 Social Club, Arro- , 2, 31 GAA.-31 Girl Reserves- I, 2, 35 Rolary Luncheon-31 Honor So' ciefy-3, Honor Sludy Officer-I, 2, 33 Honor Sludy-l, 2, 3. BETTY JANE VEST I449 Myrlle Avenue From-McKinley To-Ohio SI'aI'e lnrernalional Correspondence - 3, Mari- gale Ar? Club-I, 2, 35 Press Club-3: Polaris Sfafff-3, Girl Reserves-lg Oper- elfas, Produclion Crew-33 Honor Sfudy, Secrelary-23 Honor Sludy-l, 2, 3. Los Gesleros-2, 3, Baskelball-l, 2, 3: ROBERT WALLACE WANKE Baseball-l. 58 493 Milford Avenue From-Creslview To-Ohio Stale Football Squad-l, 2, 3, Inframurals-3: Varsify "N" Association-35 Track-lg So- cial Cllub, Links-I, 2, 3, Sergeanf-afffvms -33 Hu-Y-I. ADDITIONAL GRADUATES MARJORIE MAE ADDINGTON EDYTHE AQUILA CHARLES ARMSTRONG NANCY DORIS ATWOOD THEODORE BARNEBEY JACK BLACKBURN JOHN BLACKMORE EDNA VIRGINIA BURLESON GERALD PATRICK BYRNE CLARENCE EDWIN CARTER NORMA CHRISTENSEN JOSEPH RANDALL DANCE FLOYD JAMES DOBER ANNA DOUGHERTY NORMA MAE DOWD VIRGINIA MAE ENGEL HAROLD FETTER ROBERT FLUMERFELT DONALD FORD RUTH ELIZABETH FOWLER LOU ELLA GILBERT KATHERINE ROSEMARY GRAHAM MARY KATHERINE GRAY RICHARD EARL HALVEY MARGUERITE HAMMOCK NANCY HOUCK HOMER HOWARTH WALTER HUCKLEBERRY ROSE IMMEL ROBERT IRELAND JANE JOHNSON ANNABELLE JONES MARTHA KNOBLAUCH WILLIAM KENDLE KRAUSE CHARLES WILFRED KRIER BETTY LA FLEUR HELEN LAWRENCE JULIA DOROTHY LEARNED ARTHUR ADAMS LUTTRELL EVA MARGARET MACBLANE JACK DWIGHT MACEACHEN MARTHA JEAN MATTHEWS FRANK JOSEPH MAZZOKIE RICHARD McCLURE CHARLES McLAUGHLIN RITA EILEEN MELSOP FRANCIS MILLER ENID MITCHELL MARY MITCHELL MARGARET MORSE GEORGE FREDERICK MOSER WILLIAM MOUNT RICHARD MUELLER JAMES LAWRENCE OTT GUY DONALD PAUL GILBERT PELTIER ALEX PETRIDES DONALD PHILLIPS JOHN JOSEPH PIERSON EDWARD PAUL PRICE LOIS GERALDINE PRICE ANN RAMIREZ WILDA ADEL RATLIFF JANE REES DORIS ROBERTS PHYLLISS SANFORD CHARLES MAYNARD SAUTIER RICHARD SELLERS RUTH SELLERS ROBERT ELLSWORTH SHERIDAN WILLIAM STREET ESTHEL STROUBE JAMES PENDLETON TAYLOR JOE THAYER VIRGINIA RUTH VANNOY ROBERT VICKERS WILLIAM WACKER ESTHER LOUISE WALL BUFORD WARNER DOROTHY WILCOX VERNON WILL ANN WILLIAMS LESTER WILLIAMS EDYTHE WILSON FLORA WINEGARDNER MARTHA ELIZABETH WI NSLOW WAYNE BROMLEY WRIGHT Sepf. Sepl Sept Sept Ocf. Ocr. Ocr. OcI'. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jin. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. May May May May May May May May May May May May June June June 7 I7 29 30 I 8 22 29 4 5 5-6 IO I I I2 25-26 I I6 22 23-Jan, 3 7 II 26 27 2I 22 23 344-5 B IO IO I7-I8-I9 I8-I9 I8-I9 23 24 26 28 I 2 9 I4 I5 IB 22-23 26 27 I 4 5 7 I3 I4 I4 I8-I9 20 27 28 30 3 5 8 CALENDAR School Ioegins, Ah, rhe pify of if alllli Norfh vs, Grandview, Who won? Tie 6-6, Nice Beginning! G. A. A. Parfy for all new girls Pep Meeiing lFoo+baIIl Hoorahl Norfh vs, Soulh, Los? I2-8, Whaf a pifyl Firsr Polaris, Buy Your Own! Homecoming game and dance, Wesffall Reignsl Audilorium Program, Do ihe Besl Wilh Whaf You Have! Band and Orchesfra Skaling Parry, Any Bruises? Teachers' Meeling lNo schooll Sludenls Very Happy? Journalism Conveniion lAno+her rrophy for Norlhl Colleclion of Pennies for Pencil Sharpeners lBroke us upll Armisfice Day lNo Schooll Armisrice Day Program Thanksgiving Vacalion lTurkey eIc.l The Golden Trail, Norlh Scores Againl Senior Class Eleclion Midyear Don Paul Bangs The Gavel Chrislmas Audiiorium Program, G. R.-Hi-Y presenr The Empfy Room INC: Schooll Boy, were we glad! Norlh vs. Soulh, Bulldogs Prove More Vicious Than Bears Debare al' Circleville Midyear Cornmencernenr lEigh+y-nine Graduarel Band and Orcheslra Skaling Parry, Again we say-any Bruises? Audirorium Program-Washingfon No school G. R. Spread and Dance Disfricf Baskelball Tournament lBe+fer Skip 'Ihisl The Goose Hangs High, All Sfar Performancel Disrricl One Acl Play lNorIh Is Champl Audiforium for new pupils lHow aboul Ihe old onesl Slafe Baskelball Tournamenr lBe'rIer skip fhis Tool Disfricf Music Confesr lNor+h did very welll Siare One-Acl Play Conlesl lAnoI'her Cupll Girls' Baskefball Tournamenl lThree Way Tiel Music Deparfrnenf Presenfs Magician in Audiforiurn Senior Class Eleclion lSounds Like Poliricsl Rolary Club Luncheon l56 Lucky Seniorsl Polaris presenls April Fool Issue General Scholarship Tesl for Seniors lSmarIiesIl Norlh vs. Upper Arlingron Band and Orcheslra Skafing Parry lAnoI'her one?l No School lGood Fridayl lToo Bad, Too Badl No school lEasIer Mondayl lAin"r if awiuI?l Sfafe Music Coniesf llxlorrh won some Rankingsl Norrh vs. Easl lBasebaIll Cilizenship Program lAudiI'oriurnl lGood Spealcerll Inslrumenfal Concerf Band and Orchesfra Co-Ed Prom lNo Men Allowedl Hi-Y Kiwanis Conference Disfricf Scholarship Tesf Golf and Tennis Meer Oberlin Music Conlesl' Dislricl Track Meer lNorTh won disrricl rifle againll Cify Track Meer lFinaIs- I9l Apron Srring Revolr iwhaf a Rebellionllll Senior Class Dance lSpring Swing Session???l Sfale Track Meer No School-Memorial Day lAnoI'her day oiil Class Day-Sunsel' Supper lNo I'urnrnyaches?l Baccalaureale Commencemenl' lFinisIIIl 60 N14 ng 7' Y . 'W Ll ill Ill f:: qv W W f W4 f J,- f l 4 'AL 'L YW f ,W 1 1 -OR f f f W 4' lf' W , 1 Q j AK Q' Z, 1: 'V 1 41 Q I . Y. f f f , INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE CLUB TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marrha Adams, Roberla Seip, Maxine Edrnonslon, Palricia McDaniel, Doris Shanlc, Mary Kalherine Selby, Virginia Norrhway. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Peggy Alfhar, Joan Squier, Rulh Ripley, Anne Myers, Maxine Zimmerman, Gloria Knicely, Mariorie Roberis, Margarile Sirauss, Janice Merrill, Mariorie Gibson, Luann Kerch, Virginia Elsas, Mary Goodman, Hilda Uhliq, Berry Jo Palchanis, Belly De Lille, Jean Norion, Ann Noihsfine, Mariorie Hines. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Eleanora Johnsion, Doris Pisor, Geraldine Norris, Elaine Kapp. Audrey Prine, Barbara Waid, Veda Myers, Eileen Glassburn, Ann Brashear, Dorolhy Wurdock, Marion Minicucci, Doris Smirh, Esler Norland, Kafherine Overholr, Jane Lee Fergus, Laura De Lashmulf, June Norron. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jane Frances Scoll, Barbara McDiII, Miriam Mason, Alice Ogilvie, Marian Jenks, Belrie Ealy, Belfy Pursley, Roberra Adkins, Janer Burris, Palricia Willcinson, Jean Hoover, Freda .Io Alexander, Jane Mifchell, Marian Shoemaker, Frances Burgoon, Clinron Ludeman, George Selby. Naomi Nelson. FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Helen Bosfic, Mary Jo Mcliinnan, Mary Ellen OH, Jean Roclcaiield, Jean Orlhoeier, Ardafh McEIhinney, Mildred Breifhaupr, Jean Reimold, Ruin Larva, Doris Egelhofi, Marjorie McCoy, Louise Myers, Rosella Hamm. SIXTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Taylor, advisor: Ellen Jean Rhoades, Ireasurerg Jane Eversole, presidenft Doris Shook, secrefary: Maxine McGinley, Polaris represenlafive. REEL CAMERA CLUB TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marvin McCIiniocIc, Jane Lee Fergus, Rulh Goodwin, Rufh McKee, Virginia Middleron, Mary Ellen Breilhaupi, Janis Jacobs, Donald Ulrey. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGI-IT: Laura DeLashmuIr, Jane Evera sole, Barbara Waid, Belly Jane Mz:DiII, Beily DeLiIIe, Ardalh MeEIhiney, Miss Aikinson, Ad- visor. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marian Shoemalcer, Jean Miller, rreasurerg Dick Michael, presi- denlg Marie Savage. secrelaryi Irma McMiIlen, Howard Trum- bull. NOT IN PICTURE: Tom Shevlin, Howard Cary, Charles Collins. 62 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Waid, Mariorie Kays, Barbara AIIen, John SernrneIman, BiII Liyingsron, Lewis Rankin, Jack Yankee, Rod McManigaI, James Shields. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. D, C. Bryani, advisor: Richard Shiyely, Emily Smifh, Jean Miller, Roberr Waffs, Ben Piehferle, WaIIace Corban, Miss FIorence Kelly, advisor: Mary Doebele. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Anna Jane Biersredi, Richard RidgIey, Bob Manning. Treasurer: Marjorie Edmonds, vice presiderlii WGLPSIBF Sage, presidenfz EIIen Sourhard, secrerary: Mariha Dobson, Phiiip Pafch. Virginia Lawyer. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dan Sims, Louise Jones, Evelyn KeIIer, Dororhea James, Harrier Bradley, CarI Tefiriclc, Mariorie Cofrinqham, Alven WaIIace, Juanifa Folden, John Bowers, Beffy Dunning, Rowland Heiman, Mary Jane McKinnon, Dick Shively. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Lupold, Rosemary Hays, Mariiyn IreIand, EIizabeIh SmeIIcer, Madeleine Pabsf, Marrha Henderson. Marquerire Sfrauss, Virginia Jaycox, Doroihy Wenger, Marjorie FowIer, Marrha Lanrz, Mary Alice Bearley, Madalyn Heber, Byron Corbin. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: June Musrard, Anne Case, Ruih France, Rosemary Barnharr, Rufh LaVecIc, Wiima Gibson, Barbara EverharI', Marie DeSpeIder, Vivian Peoples, Ruih Wallace. - FOURTH ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Doebele, Jean Anderson, Carolyn Tilley, Norma Shirkey, secrefary: Mariorie Kays, presidenfg EIIen Souihard, vice president Eddie Seddon, Treasurer, Vera Dufcher. Rachel Mecksiroih, Anne Arnholf, Virginia Middiefon. VERGILIAN CLUB 63 A, --.1 , f .,'.3Fi 'Y Li i i ,,l Tx ' .f- i ,ig by .L I-Je,,,..,-, I' 'IO' 'F KJ 'CLQXU ,P 'yr LL ,, 1' gp, Juv f me . CW 3 NOUS AUTRES TOP ROXV, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob LiHIe, Harry Baker, Lewis Daniels, Thomas Gregory. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Baker, John WiIIiams, Dick Green, Byron Corbin. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: RacheI Mecksfrorh, Jane Robinson, Mary Goodman, Bonira Prior, Gloria Donahey, Rurh Goodwin, ShirIey Wise, Mrs. Maddox. Advisor: Mozelle Phillips, BeHy DiIIahunr, John Semmelman, Jean Hilfon. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lorraine Cooper, Paul Thompson, Charlorfe Voss, Rose Marie Schumaker, Mary Jane McKinnon, Mary Louise Vogel, Marjorie FowIer, Maxine Ulry, Jane Perers, Marjorie Gibson, Janer Waring, Helen Hardin. FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jean Ford, Roberra Sfevenson, Bennefr Kroeck, Joe Jones, Karhryn Woods, Barbara McEIIresh, Rurh CIeary, Virginia Long, Dorofhy SIimpIe, Mary Alice Srewari, Janei Van Gilder, Ardaih McEIhiney, Sarah Trumbo, Pauline Lees. SIXTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Emily Daugheriy, Marguerife Green, Irma McMiIIen, Bob Manning. vice presidenfz June Musiard, presi- deni: Leofa Palsqrove, Ireasurer: Bob Warfs, secreraryg Karhryn Mafrhews, Norma Slupe, Jane? Burris, Muriel Smirh, Jean Aiexander. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dororhy Turner, Berfy Ballenfyne, Jean Miller, Margie Packer, Roberf Forman, Joe Ray, Charles Smiih. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Fred Turner, Frank Norris, Evan Lloyd Jones, Doris May, Dave Lang, Emerson Adrian, Mariorie McCIure, Vera Anrhony, RacheI Mecksiroih, I-IeIen FarreII, John Pancake. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jean Kinnear, Lewis Jones, Carier Smiih, Ann Nofhsfine, program chairman: Bob Warfel, vice president Geraldine Sirouse, president Phylis Nocker, secrerary-rreasurerg Joan CIay, Roberr Hiqhishoe. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Ellen Breirhaupi, Mary DunIap, Jean Norfon, Maxine Meadors, LiIIian Li'rIIe, Joan Evans, Alma Schneider, Hildamae NickIaus, DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN 64 Los eesreiaos , TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Chandler, advisor: Laura Frank, Elizabelh Driggs, David Finlces, Douglas Harden, Jack Merrill, Max Miller, Conslance Oare, Eleanor Smilh. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: June Norlon, Doris Schenclc, Jane Smilh, Mary Louise Schullz, Kalhleen Howard, Maxine Harlor, Jane Moeller, Sally Monlz, Jane Lee Fergus, Eleanora Johnslon. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Belly De Lille, Vivian Arl, Rose Callahan, Ann Jean Bell, vice presidenl: Roberl Richmond. lreasurer Howard Miller, presidenl: Jean Rhulrnan, secrelaryg Mary Williams. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ardalh McElhiney, Geraldine Mcfxlee, Marjorie Sauner, Jean Dye, June Brownlee, Anna Jane Cheelc, Howard , Hall, Marvin McClinlocI:, Rulh Mae Ware, Mary Harding, Jeanne Edwards, Fred Schwarlz, John Williams, Byron Corbin, Bennell Kroeclc. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Roberla Duncan, Jean Bowman, Juliann Saumenig, Mary Jane McKinnon, Nan Ollenlourger, Mary Ellen Oll, Ethel Pelerson, Margarel Ann Drechsler, Maxine Eclmonslon, Carolyn Campbell, Eileen Bradley, Mary Dunlap, Sara Trumbo, Mary Louise Vogel, William Briclrnell, Jack Ennis, Roberl Walls. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss LaVelIe, advisor: Mary Alice Slewarl, John Bonner, Bellie Lawrence, Jean Rockalield, Anne Follc, Roberl Kellner, Margie Kellar, Jo Brannon, Ann Brashear, Dorolhy Wurdaclx, Jane Moeller, I-Iarriel Harmony, Julia Thomas, Rowland Helman, Garelh Gilberl, Louis Auvray. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jean Spring, Mariorie Roberls, Mary Max Haverman, Winilred Fishinger, Lillian Inslceep, Olive Taylor. Pauline Alexander, Mary Louise Lillle, Veda Myers, Doris Pisor, Mildred Breilhaupl, Jane Eversole, Belly Jane Wesllall, Marian Shoe- malcer, Barbara Waid, Rulh Wick, Frances Burgoon, Joanne Pellil. FIFTH ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Belly Dillahunl, Marjorie Gales, Joan Wallace, Marguerile Bucher, Mary Denius, Ann Kulschbach, Helen Polsley, Juanila Folden, Norma Slupe, Janel Burris, Anne Tillan, Virginia Davis, Jeanne Cannode, Jeanne James, Bernice Blalre, Anna- belle Slephens, Mary Lou Binns. SIXTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Belly Lee Culnaw, Helen Boslic, Roberl Manning, Dorolhea Davison, Richard Zimmerman, William Livingse lon, sergeanl al arms: Marlha Dobson, lreasurer: John Semmelman, presidenlg Belly Bonney, secrelaryg Palricia Cooperrider, vice presi- denlg Cynlhia Roudebush, Glennelle Liggell, Mary Lee, Janel Richardson, Rosela Hamm. E ii LES ENTHOUSIASTES FRANCAIS 65 LIBRARY STAFF TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Roberr Warlel, Caron Cobb, Websfer Sage. Edward Seddon. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mss Kelley, Judilh Zerner, Mariorie Kays, Jack Yankee, Berry Jane Wesrlall, Jane Ann DeLong, John Semmelman, Darrell Holmes. THIRD ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Dunlap, Marfha Henderson, Mary Doebele, Joan Wallace, Virginia Middleron, Virginia Lanum, Mary Kafhryn Heclrerf, Dorofhy Payne, Joan Pear, Emily Smifh, Dee Jane Balernan. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mariorie Edmonds, Marilyn Ireland, Mary Alice Slewarf, Treasurer: James Denfon, presidenrg Mary Karherine Hanger, secrelary: Marlha Moyer, vice presidenfg Terry Arrhur, Mariorie McClure, Jane Eversole, Midge Smifh. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RlGHTr Wallace Corban, James Whirfield, Belly Bonney, Roberla Srevenson, Judy Zerner, Jacqueline Jordan, Mary Harding, Janice Merrill, Maxine Edrnonslon, Roberf Baker, John Jones, John Bonner, John Sernrnelman. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Joan Peril: Helen Boslie, Marion Jenks, Jean Kinnear, Jean Edwards. Marion Graham, Mary Dauqherfy, Mary Kay Peferson. Jane Robinson, Barbara Waid, Barbara Allen. Mr, Mayer, advisor. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Roberr Richmond, Jane Davis, Frances Burqoon, Ann Myers, Marie Toro, Jacqueline I-Ioslcinson, Rasella Hamm, June Boyer, Virginia Lawyer, Barbara McEIfresh, Ben Pfelilerle, John Holbrook. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert Lewis, sergeanl-al-arms: Marqaref Dreshler, secrerary: Louise Myers, Treasurer: Rod McManigaI, vice presidenrg Rurh Goodwin, presidenr: Marrha Dobson, Richard Blend, Rurh Ware, Jane Eversole, Dave Evans. BOOK CLU NOT IN PICTURE: Norma Slupe, Jimmie Smirh, Doroihy Ward. 66 TOASTMASTERS CLUB TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: William Livingslon, foaslmasrerg Mr. Allqyer, advisor: Bob Manning. SECOND ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Dick Michael, Dick Blend, Jack Dawson, Ray Reisinqer, Jimmie Smith, Eddie Seddon, Wallace Corban. assislanl loaslmasfer and parliamenlariang Allen Harnillon, Dick Green. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: John Sernmelrnan, Don Speer, Richard Minor, Jack Yankee, Ben Pfefferle, John Bonner FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Clair Hoehn, Roberf Worlel. FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Darrel Holmes, Roberl Walls. SIXTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Prushing, secrelary7 James Shields, Ireasurer TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Belly Ellen Taryer, Rosemary Gorby, Pauline Alexander, Elizabelh Alexander, Launn Kerch, Marlha Lanfz, Anne Arnholf. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Lee, Marion Jenks, Helen Bosfic, Dorolhy Goodwin, Dorofhy Sfirnple, Mary Jane McKinnon, Marlha Moyer. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGI-IT: Geraldine Morris, Palricia Cooperider, vice presidenlg Marjorie Fowler, membership chairman: Alice Slewarl, presidenl: Rosemary Barnharl, Miss Mulligan, Jean Kinnaar. NOT IN PICTURE: Joan Pear, secrelary-lreasurer: Judy Zerner, June Swiff. I TOASTMISTRESS I CLUB 67 STUDENT COUNCIL TOP Row, LEFT TO RIGHT, Bill Lane. Bob Baker, Mary Louise Vogel, George Wilson, John Glass, Sfan McElwee, Larry Hughes. Frank Norris. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marian Shoemaker, Jean Or- Thoeler, Frances Burgoon, Mary Kay Peferson, Jeanne James, Jean Conaway, Anne Ruffin. Flora Webb, Pafricia Berry. BeTTy Jean Ireland, Joan Squier. Roberfs Seip. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Virginia Elsas, Mary Goodman, Hildarnae Nicklaus, Jane Be- Iisle, DoroIhy Huisler, Carolyn Campbell, Jacquelin Jordon. Veda Osborn, Jayne Rhodes, Marjorie Sauner, Jean Dye. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Helen Boslic, Marian Jenks, BeHy Ves+, Efhel Souders, Anne Myers, ElizabeTh Alexander, DoroThy Sfimple, BeTTie Ealy. Geraldine Morris, BeHy Ellen Tarver, AnneTTe Siout FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Joyce Wagarnan, Janis Hyalf, Virginia Kegg, Marian Kale, secreI'ary: Dick Green, presi- denlq Miss Grirnrn, advisor: Charlofie Nixon, vice president Jean Miller, Treasurer: Maxine Harlor, Ann Sheeis, Mary Ellen OIT. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Clinlon Ludeman, Bill Livings- Ton, SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Rosemary Barnharl, Margie Packer, Marvel Wingo, Mar- garei Dreschler, Evelyn Marz, Carolyn Campbell, Charlolle VaIenTine, Dan Sirns, Mariorie AshworTh, John Semrnelrnan, Dick Minor, Margare+ Har- vison. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Eleanora JohnsTon, Madge Du- menil, Marjorie GaTes, PaT Har- ris, Anna Jane Cheek, Phyllis Kunfz, Cynlhia Roudebush, Margaref Williams, Pafricia Cooperrider, Janef Richardson. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Pai McDaniel, Doris HuI+s, Louise Myers, Evelyn Keller, Elhel Souders, Rufh Ripley, Phylis Nocker, Melba Poling. FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Roberi' Graham, Mary Lee, Anne Rankin, Dorofhy Sfirnple, Dorofhy Wurdack, Aileen Glass- burn, Doro+hy I-Iufsler, Jack Dawson. SIXTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard Michael, Barbara Ever- harf, Julia Thomas, Miriam Sher, Beffy Pursley, Roberfa Adkins, Jean Fields, Bernice Blake, Alma Schneider, Carolyn Tilley, Clair Hoehn. SEVENTH ROW, LEFTTO RIGHT: Barbara Allen, Virginia Jaycox. Dorofhy Wenger, Marrha Dob- son, secrefary: Roberix Waffs, president Lucille Phelps, vice presideni: Sfanley McEIwee, Treasurer: Jean Bowman, Jean Miller, Rosella Hamm, Ellen Soufhard. NOT IN PICTURE: Dorcas Line- han, Gene Cox, Bob Cullison, Bill Bicknell, John Bowers, Jack Burlzart Efhel Frederikson, Don Speer, Alvin Wallace. MARIGALE ART CLUB 68 TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jack Bayliss, Mariorie Edmonds. Eddie Seddon, Rosemary Barn- hari, Janel Van Gilder, Evan Lloyd Jones, SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Roberl' Manning, Marilyn Greene, Mabel Dye, Clinfon Ludeman, Rowland Helman, Charles Rosson. 'THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jeanne Edwards, Grace Mc- Creary, Jeanne McCoy, Midge Smiih, Marrha Henderson, Rich- ard Shively, Joseph Merrill. FOURTH ROW, LEFTTO RIGHT: Marjorie Kays, Mary Louise Davis, Mary Dunlap, Ann Norh- srine, Fred Schwarrz, Peggy Murray, James Shields. Fred Carver Howard Miller Rooerf Waffs Elizaberh Alex- ander Rose Callahan Helen Jenkins Mary Kay Heckeri, Bar ara McEIlresh Lewis Rankin FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: b I . SIXTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Howard Runyeon, Richard Ridgley, Virginia Jaycox, Amy Rurh Frank, Lenarre Allison, Marjorie Ashworrh, Mai-iarie Fowler, Richard Michael. SEVENTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Anne Arnholr, Marvel Wingo, Evelyn Marz. Gleneiie Liggeii, Rurh France, Mary Siders, Mary Faigely, Madelyn Pabsr, June Muslard, John Semmel- FTTBTT, BETTY LAMP CLUB EIGHTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Paul Gump, Lewis Jones, Ann Rankin, Julia Thomas, Eileen Glassburn, Carolyn Tilley, Bryon Corbin. NINTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Alice Srewari, Joan Wal- lace, Dororhy Longhenry, Doris Hulls, Doris May, Louise Myers. Janer Richardson, Ann Case, Norma Shirkey, Bill Livinqsron. TENTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Anna Jane Biersredi, Jean Kin- N HONOR SOCIETY near, Barbara Eyerhari, Jean Miller, Donna Ginn, secreraryg Jim Denron, presidenf: Jean Anderson, Treasurer: Jack Kearns, vice presidenl: Virginia Lawyer, Janice Merill, Ellen Souihard, Emily Smilh. OT IN PICTURE: Eileen Doyle. Marguerire Hammock, Kafhleen Howard, Ernesl McLaughlin. Jane Nudd. Lawrence Paolerfi. Elizabeih Srnelker. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mariorie Mowery, Marquise Garrison, Jane? Pace, Jeannerfe Rhodes, Doris Fox, Berry Ab- loorr, Berry Raylor, Roloeria Hadaway, Laura Erion. 69 SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT, Mariorie Clouse, Belly Kelly, Berry McOuis+on, Jerry Ann Morris, Virginia Pursley, Eula Mae Moody, Eunice Allen, Mary Green. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Frances Essig, Helen Choquil. Gene Cox, Elsie Borghese, Hen- riefra Hood. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Doris Bair, Belly Scovel, Mar- garef Walson, Susan Wasem. Dororhy Limes, Mary Denius. Mary Elen OH, Marfha Krause, Renale Wiener. FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Virginia Thompson, Mary Mifch- ell, Eleanor Anderson, Pauline Lees, Juanilza Folden, Dorolhy Srniih, Dorofhy Dover, Ruih Zeisler, Eileen Dearing, Ella Mae Bragg, Margarei Suber. SIXTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Parkinson, Doris May. Ireasurery Virginia Billingsley, secreraryg Beverly Raub, Mary Lou Parrnenrer, Annora Driscoll, reporrer: Emily Daugherly, Erhel Frederickson, Clara Kennedy, presidenri Nan Oiienburger. serqeani-ai-arms: Nellie Amey, vice presideni: Amy Rufh Frank, Nellie Herron, Helen Bowsher. GIRL RESERVES TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Olive Taylor, Marguerile Green, Marilyn Green, Margarel Malhew, Jane Thompson, Anna Fullon, Virginia Harvey. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jayne Rhoads, Helen Farrell, Calherine Malhews, Pally Slevenson, Janis Hyall, Marie Savage, Rulh France, Mary Alice Shipp, Marlha Adams, Joan Squier, Peggy Allhar, Mariorie Daubenmire, Marcelle Daubenmire. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Hayes, Frances Essig, Virginia Boss, Harriel Harmony, Cynlhia Roudebush, Dorolhy Hulsler, Jean Corp, Sallie Schaeller, Bobbie Seip, Palsy Berry, Bobbie McDilI, Belly Ireland, Bonny Weber. FOURTH ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Wanda Schneider, Mozelle Phillips, Aileen Glassburn, Veda MyerS, Mary Denius, Doris Bair, Doris Pisor, Dorolhy Wenger, Dorolhy Slimple, Marjorie Sauner, Jean Dye, Janel Waring, Frances Burgoon, Roberla Slevenson, Ann Rullin. FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marlha Dobson, Virginia Lawyer, Rulh Goodwin, Irman McMiIIen, Mary Ellen Breilhaupl, Elizabelh Parks, Jerry Morris, Floride Kisller, Belly Ellen Tarver, Mary Louise Vogel, Helen Polsley, Rulh LeVeck, Ann Kulschbach, Madge Dumenil, Jean Harlor, Jayne Kendall. SIXTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Louise Schullz, Culnaw, Janis Jacobs, Eileen Jones, Mary Lou Barbara Waicl, Mary Ellen Oll, Nan Olclenburger, SEVENTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lorraine Cooper Norlon, Mary Calherine Selby, Mariorie Gibson, Bailey, Mary Anna Bell, Rosemary Hayes, Belly Peoples, Janice Merrill, Jean Anderson. EIGHTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Grelchen Everharl, Elhel Pelerson, Marquise Garrison, Belly Lee Binns, Marguerile Slrauss, Jane Lea FEVQUSI Louise Jones, Anna Jane Cheek. Margie Edmonds, Annabelle Slephens, Belly Ardalh McEIhiney, Belly Haldeman, Barbara McMahon, Virginia Elsas, Rulh Frank, Vivian Jean Conaway, Mary Alice Thompson, Janel Pace, Jean Orlhoeler, Jane Smilh, Eleanora Johnslon, Ann Case, Luann Kelch, Jane Eversole. Jane Moeller, Dorolhy Folden, Juanila Folden, Eslher Kreglow, Clara Kennedy, Gwen Campbell. NINTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sarah Ann Walsh, Mariorie Slewarl, Jane Felzer, Virginia L. Miller, Mariorie Mowery, Onna Brown, Marjorie Fowler, Marion Shoemaker, Ellen Soulhard, member al large: Helen Boslic, Barbara Allen, secrelary: Ella Mae Boyd, Killy Lee Walkins, Mary Laulers- weiler, Rosemary Harris, Rosanna Thompson, Dorolhy Pierce. TENTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Pally Knighl, Jane Davis, Mary Kay Pelerson, Marion Graham. Jane Scoll, Doris Shook, Rosella Hamm, Barbara McEllresh, Mary Lee, lreasurer: Mariorie Kays, vice presidenlg Phylis Overbeck, Marilyn Miller, Maxine McGinley, Belly DeLiIIe, Vera Dulcher. Belly Bonney, Glennelle Liggell, Belly Dillahunl. ELEVENTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Shirley Wise, Billie Wachlel, Dorolhy Wurdack, Ann Brashear, Ellen Jean Rhodes, Josephine Kidd, Miss Reynolds, Anna Jane Bursledl, presidenl: Miss Long, Laurelle Milller, Pal McDaniel. Pal Galbrealh, Doris Schenk, Mariorie Clouse, Dorolhy Ashbaugh, Roberta Duncan. 70 HI - Y CLUB TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Floyd Kinman, Rod McManigaI, Bill Shelfon. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Howard Trumbull, Frank Norris, Allan Trumbull, Howard Hill, Dick Clark, Bob Baker, Dick Powell, David Chrislman, Bob Pricer. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Ranck, Jack Branfner, Howard Rinker, Dick Hager, John Wil- liams, Ward Adams, Shannon Furgis, Gene Oliver, Ted Mafrhews, John Hiser, Bob Smirh. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Wagner, Bill Richards, Bob Forman, Jack Vosper, Bob Graham, Harold Aufen, Jack Ohey, Bill Baker, Bill Taylor, Dick Taylor. FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Schallner, Dick Wellman, Bob Savage, Marlin Miller, Paul Hill, Dick Bascorn, Dale Thornburg, Nelson Allison, Dean Manley, Earl Randall, Jack Hoover. SIXTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Augsberger, James Shirclille, Ari Srelrler, Gordon Slile, Frank S+. Clair, Emerson Schneider, Harold Pickles. Jim Nau, George Mayhew, Harvey Rosenihal, Dixon Wilson. SEVENTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Burgoon, Bob Hill, vice presidenr: Bob Lirrle, Thomas Gregory, Jack Burkel, Charles Wesrervelf, Jack Ennis, John Kilgore, John Holbrook, Dave Evans. EIGHTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Barrels, Jim Hoehrl, Gordon Serrolf, Allan I-Iamillon, Edward Meredilh, Fred Wenger, Lewis Daniels, Bill Wylie, Jack Mclnlyre, Russel Kenneil. NINTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Harry Burron, Dick Minor, James Shields, Dick Michael, George Selby. John Conrad, Frank Lee, Harry Baker, Jim Whilfield, Bill Roberls, Ben Pfeflerle, TENTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Howard Miller, Lewis Rankin, Websfer Sage, sergeant-al-arms: Dick Ridgley, John Bonner, Phil Palch, presiclenlg Bill Verross, secrelaryg Dick Shively, Bob Wafrs, Don Uhl, rreasurerq Bill Herron. 7 I STUDENT COURT TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Philip Pafch, bailifl: Marrha Cohagen, bailiff. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: James Shields, clerk: Janice Merrill, judge: William Livingslon, ludqe: Rosemary Gorby, iudge: Lewis Rankin, chief iusricey Anna Jane Biersredf, judge: Virginia Lawyer, fudge: Wallace Corbin, judge: Olive Rose Bazler, assisfanl clerk. DRAFTING HONOR SERVICE TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Harford Jenks, William Forder, Robert Yookum, Glen Whip, Paul Ryan, Roberf Tilley, Presfon Boone. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Roberr Fox, Raymond Marlowe, George Barr, Lorenfz Myers, John Conrad, Roloerr Shoemaker, John Kiser. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: John Reed, Roberr Amerine, Robert Surfer, John Duncan, William Roberrs, Carl Zipl, Jack Bayliss, Donald Ulrey. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sam Rickly, Roberf Myers, honorary: Gordon Serroll, vice-presi- denl: Donald Ford, president John Blackmore, secrefaryafreasurer: John Cherry, Roberr Vickers, Mr. Darby, advisor. 72 TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ann Folic, Rufh Williams, Garlen' Smifh, Sian McEIwee, Mr. Wal- lace. advisor: Janice Merrill, Ruih Inslceep, Gloria Donahey. Jean Ford, Karhleen Howard. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGI-IT: Onida Lucas, Berry Ballanfye. Janice Jacobs, Belly Ealy, Rob- erfa Adkins, Helen Harden, Janel' Van Gilder, Berry Bonney. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ruih Morgan, Elizabeih Marlin, Jeanne Erlc, Nan Mofliff, Janef Richardson, Marjorie Clause. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Luann Kerch. Jane Belisle, Berry Fanlcer, vice presidenfz Jack gazliis, presidenf: Mary Louise c ufz, secrefary-Treasurer' Geraldine Schnieder. DEBATE TEAM I TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: John Semmelman, Mr. N. B. Rozelle. Coach. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: John Bonner, Marjorie Sauner, Richard Minor. POLARIS STAFF FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Roberf Lewis, Darrell Holmes, Richard Ridgley, John Semmelman, Reber? Curnbow, Richard Blend, Judirh Zemer. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Virginia Haacir, Jane Eversole, Anne Case, Emily Srnifh, Janice Merrill, Marfha Cohagen, Virginia Lawyer, Jack Pfahl. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jane Ann DeLong, Oiiverose Bazler, Rober+ Morgan, Mary Doebele. James Denion, Glennefie Liggeff, Jean Miller, Richard Green, Ciair Hoehn. FOURTH ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Meeks, Rosemary Hayes, Jean Edwards, Benneff Kroeclr, Margaref Ann Drechsler, Peggy Murray, Marjorie Edmonds, Roger Beniamin. FIRTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary K. Heckerf, Beify Fraser, Jack Funlxhauser, Faifh Hiclcman, Beffy Oden, Jack Blackburn, Daniei Hixenbaugh. 74 PRESS CLUB - l938 CENTER: Miss Bryanl, INNER CIRCLE, CLOCKWISE BEGINNING AT TOP: Marlha Cohagen, presidenl: Judilh Zemer, lreasurer: Emily Smilh, sergeanl-al-arms, Millon Clillon, Jeanne Nelson. Norma Shirlney, David Overholl, Phyllis Noclcer, Louise Myers, secrelaryg Olive Rose Bazler, vice presidenl. CIRCLE 2: Rulh McGrew, Edilh Lee, Virginia Thompson, Josephine Brannon, Billie Wachlel, Diclr Green, Virginia Lawyer, John Semrnelman, Glennelle Liggell, Sluarl Reid, George Davis, Louise Berger, Doreen Ashburn, Belly Vesl, Douglas Harden, Marjorie Edmonds, Max Miller, Jeanne Edwards, Emerson Adrian. CIRCLE 3: Peggy Murray, Marie Savage, Virginia Markham, James Denlon, Janice Merrill, Belly McDiII, Nan Mollill, Jeanne James, Mary Kishler, Marlha Reaser, Mary Eileen Lo Balbo. Belly Slrader, Virginia Bryanl, Doris Toolhaker, Nellie Amey, Jane Eversole, Rosemary Hayes, Rulli Ziesler, Helen Slevens, Veda Ann Myers, Rulh Slreels, Helen Polsley, Ann Case, Carolyn Tilley. CIRCLE 4: Margarel Pelers, Belly Oden, Bob Sleele, Shirley Valentine, Jack Funkhouser, Ellen Soulhard, Rulh McKee, Belly Harrold, Madge Dumenil, Kennelh Shoemaker, Mary Lou Mclinighl, Mary Kay I-Ieclcerl, Maxene I-larlor, Eslher Slroube, Failh I-lickman, Gene Hall, Janel Burris, Evelyn Dudley, Helen Jenkins, Beulah Puclcell, Lucille Phelps, Bob Lewis, Virginia Haack, Bennell Kroeclu, Peggy Busch, 75 SUNSET SUPPER Invocalion - John Semmelrnan Supper lnsfrumenfal Music Iniroduclion of Guesis Variely Program Radio Slriis Solos by Ray Reisinger and Roberf Slarbuclc Farewell Addresses by Mr. Swain and Miss Faringer Auld Lang Syne Taps BACCALAU REATE Sunday, June 5. 3:00 P. Norih High Baccalaureaie Orchesira-"Andanfe Canfabilen.. Processional-"Onward, Chrislian Soldiers' ',,,,.....,.. ,, same lo Flag-William Livingston Invocalion-Rev. Charles A. Gibson Vocal Solo-Ray Reisinger Norfh High A Capella Choir-"Hark, Gladenning Ligh+",,.. Accompanisi-Jean Ander- Address-Rev. Paul E, Biersfedr, ST, Luke's Lufheran Church Norih High A Capella Choir-"Reioice in rhe Lord" .... ,. M. ,....TSChailcowslcy , ..., Arrhur S. Sullivan .. ..... Dr, Charles Wood son ....Balalciref'i Accornpanisf-Jean Anderson Benediclion-Rev. Charles A. Gibson Recessional-"America, The Beau+iful",. . . . .Samuel A. Ward COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM Superiniendenf George E. Roudebush, Presiding Prelude- Chal Romano lGypsy Ladl Slavonic Rhapsody . Processional- God of Our Fafhers. Pledge To ihe Flag Invocaiion . Chorus- Bur lhe Lord ls Mindful of His Own .... Address. . Chorus- Recessional ... Presenl of Diplomas., Benediclion., Posilude- Srars and Sfripes Forever 76 ...,.Ke+elbey .,...Friedmann W. Warren ..,.Led by Hardin B. Grigsby Evening High School ......Rev. Paul Biersiedr S+. Luke's Luiheran Church ,.. .,.. ...Mendelssohn The Graduaiing Class ....,.. Dr. Arrhur J, Klein Ohio Slare Universiiy ...Delfoven ,.,...,.........Ray G.Haun?z Presidenf, Board of Educafion Rev. E. E. Caldwell Wes? Fourlh Avenue Church ol God . . . .Sousa Y THE eoose HANGS , HIGH TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Kallnleen Howard, Howard Newell, William Hindeman, Jack Yankee, William Livingsron, Riclnard Michael Lewis Rankin, Roberl' Pruslwing, Mary K. Hanger, Mr. Scourren, SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Eleanora Jolwnsfon, Norma Slnirkey, Belly Jane Wesflall, Anna Jane Biersredl, Mary Kay I-Ieckerl' Rosemary Barnharl. TOP ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Eddie Seddon, Alice Livingslon, Amy Ruflx Frank, Ann Case, Virginia Haack, Harrie? Grener, Glenerre Lig- gelfe, Faifli Hickman, Mary Wlwire, Esrliel Sfroube, Dorcas Linelwan, Fred Scliwarrz, Jimmie Smiflw, Edward Davis. SECOND ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mariam Jenks, Helen Boslic, Marjorie Sauner, Ann Braslwear, Doris Pisor, Jean Hilfon, Roberra Adkins Nellie Amey, Virginia Middlefon, Janice Jacobs, Jean Miller, THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mariorie Roberrs, Ellen Jean Rhodes, Dorofliy Wurdock, Clara Kennedy, Rosemary Gorby, Midge Beck Joan Peal, Mary Louise Vogel, Mary Huglwes, Phyllis Kunlz, Madge Durnenil, Janice Willis, Mr. Scoulren, FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Cafherine Maflmews, Sara Trumbo, Helen Farrell, Rosella Hamm, Virginia Lanurn, Midge Smifln, Bar- bara Everlnarf, Olive Howard, Veda Myers, Jane Eversole, Dick Blend. PRODUCTION CREW Goose Hangs High 78 ' THE APRON STRING REVOLT TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: William Livingsfon, Edward Seddon, Jolwn Cherry, Wallace Corban, Dan Hixenloaugn, Roberf FIumerIeII', Fred Schwarfz, David Overholf, Mr. Scouffen, SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Zemer, Mary K, Hanger, Jeanne Erlx, Virginia Markham, Mary Louise Vogel, Eleanor Tracy. NOT IN PICTURE: Anna Jane Biersfedf. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Bicknell, Jolnn Conrad, Joe Morfon, Dan Buclc, David Essel. Allen Harnilfon, John Duncan, Bill Headley, Eugene Redmond. Mr, Scouffen, SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: George Waslnburn, Bob Armslrorg, Ben James, Carl Zipf, Bill Fowlkes, STAGE CREW 79 DANCE ORCHESTRA TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Chesfer Jackson, drums: John Blair, bass horn: Bob O'NeiI, Dale Thornburg, Irumpels: Howard Hill, Trombone: Jack Teal. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Harold Nash, piano: Rod Mclvlanigal, slring bass: Roberl Hill, leader: Roberl Ranck, Donald Uhl, Kody Krick, Dave Evans, saxophones. NOT IN THE PICTURE: Dick Shively, Trumpet TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Janis Jacobs, Gwendolyn Campbell, Jean Dye, Marian Graham, Belly Jane McDiIl, Thora Carlisle, Doris Toolhaker, Marie DeSpeIder. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dale Thornburg, Bob Prushing, Gloria Knicely, Mary Kay Peferson, Jean Slinson, Dorollny Ashbaugh. Ann Ruffin, Jean Kinnear, Berry Plercher, Rulh Spahr, Bob Highfshoe. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Perry, Howard Hill, Carl Wallander, Waller Taylor, George Hoeflinger, Mary Ellen Breilhaupf, Laura Delashrnurr, David Chrisrman, Rod McManigaI, Luann Kelch, Bernard Caris, Virgil Alwood, Bob Collins. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Vernon Will, Earl Smifh, Mary Williams, Frances Parlerson, Vivian Arr, Anne Jane Cheek, Elizabelh Hills, Pairicia Cooperrider, Mary Alice Shipp, Virginia Haack, Floyd Kinnan, Frank Kinnan, Kody Krick. FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Audrey Borror, Delores Corder, Russell O'NeaI, Bob Kissling, James Srnilh, Charles Schuler, Maxine Croslon, Winiired Cheslnur, Margarer Jane Voss, Belly Jo Palchanis, Bob Corbin, Virginia Morlar, William Corbin. SIXTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Manning, Mary Kay Hauile, Jean Blylhe Powers, Rulh Knighl, Marian Turner, Grace Conwell, June Brownlee, Dick Wellman, Rulh Wilson, Maxine Harlor, Bill Schneider, Ray Gorham, Cynlhia Roudebush, Florence Wallace, Jane Robinson. . SEVENTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Madalynn Heber, Mary Max Haverrnan, Phil Gard, Jeanne Nelson, Gladys Flor, Anna Mae Gingery. NOT IN PICTURE: Slephen Bailey, Roberl Miller, Julia Ann Saumeniq, Dick Sranls, Kalhryn Wood. I ORCHESTRA 80 CLEFF CLUB TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ann Rullin, Mariam Graham, Gloria Knicely, Florence Wallace, Julia Ann Saumenig, Frances Pallerson, Belly Joe Palchanis, Rulh Knighl, Mary K. Pelerson, Jane Robinson. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Vivian Arl, Mary Williams, Maxine Harlor, Mary Max Haverman, Dorolhy Ashbaugh, Luann Kelch, Jane Thompson, Rulh Wilson, Blylhe Powers, Gwendolyn Campbell, Elizabelh Hills, Madalynn Heber. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Winilred Cheslnul, June Bownlee, Anna Jane Cheek, Palricia Cooperrider, Cynlhia Roudebush, Mary Ellen Breilhaupl, Belly Bonney, Margarel Jane Boss, Marian Turner. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Kalhryn Wood, Rulh Spahr, Virginia I-laack, Belly Plelcher, Jean Dye, Mary Alice Shipp. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: John Blair, William Corbin, George Davis, Dick Powell, Roberl Biorn, Raymond Link, Carl Wallander. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Pallerson, Don Speer, Jack Branlner, James Nau, Bob Ranck, Bob Perry, Howard Hill, Glenn I-Ieinlen, Charles Reisinger, Waller Taylor, THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ray Reisinqer, Don Uhl, James Shields, Charles Miller, Luann Kelch, Bernard Caris, Virgil Alwood, Jack Hunler, Jane Thompson, David Overholl, Bob Manning, George Hoellinger, James Dillon. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Joanne Pellil, Adele Whilney, Bob While, Bob Willis, Eugene Redmond, Charles Meckslrolh, Laura DeLashmull, Mary Ellen Breilhaupl, David Chrislman, Howard Trumbull, Rod McManiqaI. FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Edwin Raver, Edward Gillelle. John Kackley, Fred Kampler, Owen Dickerson, Arl Linzell, Mary Alice Shipp, Virginia Haack, Floyd Kinnan, Roberl Glass, Joe Ray. SIXTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Wagner, Don Walkins. John Williams, Dave Evans, Fred Turner, Donald Keller, Douglas Berwick, Dudley Yaeger, Charles French, George Selby, Allen Williamson, Edward Bonar. SEVENTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Juslus Bodensieclc, Bob Collins, Calon Cobb, Frank Kinnan, Kody Krick, Ray Gorham, Bob O'Neal, Bob Prushing, Bob Hiqhlshoe, Dick Shively, Dale Thornburg, Howard Rinker. EIGI-ITH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gladys Flor, Phil Gard, Dane Campbell, Dick Wolle, Jeanne Wilson. NOT IN PICTURE: Bob I-lill, John Pierson, Jack Turner, Paul Wallers. I BAND 8 I GIRLS' GLEE CLUB TOP ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Marfha Collagen, Doris Toorlialcer, Joseplnine Brannon, Ann Brashear, Madge Mafliews, Dorollny Goodwin, Marguerile Sfrauss, Janis HIaI'l,TI1eIrna Polinq, Mellaa Polinq, Ilene Dill, SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marjorie Gafes, Louise Jones, Jane? Harris, Roberfa Siep, Joan Pefiil, Gene Cox, Mary Vogel, Rulln Morgan, Jane Lanfz, Julie Thomas, Geraldine Sirouse, Jane Robinson, Rulln Browning, Dorollny Wesr, Marie Toro, lone Kress. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Alice Beaflv. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Margarel Williams, Luann Kerch, Janice Merrill, Geraldine Sfrouse. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Hazel Greene, accompanist Emily Smiflw, Doris Tooilnaker, Marfha Cohaqen. THIRD ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jo Brannon, Leora Palsqrove, Ann Rankin, Vivian Peoples, Marilyn Greene. GIRLS' ENSEMBLE 82 BOYS' OCTET and ALTERNATES , TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Roberl Kohler, Lewis Rankin, David Overholl, William Livingslon, Edward Davis. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Clinlon Ludeman, Richard Michael, William Hindman, Howard Miller, Orville Baker, THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Roberl Slarbuck, Joe Hallield. Wallis Phillips, John Williams, Ray Reisinqer. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard Michael, John Slevens, Charles Taylor, Roberl Lindsay, Charles French, Richard Minor, William Hindman, Paul Ponlious, Dorolhy Slimple, accompanislg Roberl Mills, Edward Davis, John Miller, Glen Heinlin, Roy Doly, James Dillon, Blake Sliles, Kerrnil Hendrix, Evan Jones. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Nelson Allison, Roberl Slarbuck, Wallace Phillips, Everell Harrison, Richard Gregg, Don Uhl, Ralph Rooker. Roberl Seiberf, Daniell Dailey, Roberl Lillle, William Robinson, Joseph Alwood, Jack Polls, Richard Taylor, John Wunderle, Leroy Slreel, Eugene Redmond, Earl Erler, Charles Baker. NOT IN PICTURE: Pele Georgilon, Dean Manley, Gene Oakes, William Schneider, John Teal. BOYS' GLEE CLUB l l 83 THE VALIANT TOP ROW, LEFT TO RlGl-lT: Joe Merrill, Edward Davis, Jayne Flasher, Dan l-lixenbaugh, Mr. Scoullen. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Es+hel Slroube, Virginia Lawyer, William Livingsron. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Eugene Andrews, Howard Miller. Ed Davis, Clinfon Ludeman, Jim Whiliield, Lewis Ranlcin, Bill l-lindman, Al Williamson, Ray Reisinger, Richard Michael, Wallace Phillips, John Wllllamsi BYVCN Cofblfl- Sl'-'arf Reid, Lewis Daniels- Ffaflll Lee- Kennelh Shoemaker. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Bennelly Howard Newell. Richard Schnarr, Charles Dillrnar, Richard Borghese, Fred Pollock, Dean Manley, Harry Baker, Donald Birnahrn, Daniel Dailey, Charles Taylor, Roberl Seiberr, Jack Albright Bill Thomas, Marcus Norris, Jacl: Yankee. Tl-llRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHTQ Rggemary Barnlnarl, Margery Williams, Doris Tooihacher, Evelyn Keller, Mary Virginia While, Mary Alice Slewarl, Anne Ranlcin, Madge Mallhews, Janice Merrill, Vivian Peoples. Janel RlCl"6fd50f'i Geraldine Slwuse. DOVOVTY Wafdi Marv Alice Bealley, Evelyn Dudley. Leola Palsgrove, Belly Roney. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jcseplqlne Brannon, Eileen Bradley, Anna Jane Biesfedr, Twila Marlin, Marjorie Kays, Marilyn Greene, Mariorie Edmonds. Helen Jenkins, Luann Kelch. Mary Lauiergweilef, Dorlhea Davison, Virginia Lawyer, Anne Mead, Emily Srniih, Ellen Soulhard. FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO Rl6HTg Mlgg Fromme, dirggfgri Mar-ll-le Moyer, secrelary-Treasurer: Joe l-laliield, presiclenl: Marlha Cohagen, vice presidenlg Dave Overholr, librarian: Jean Anderson, accompanisl. 84 ,cr ,. , WAIKIKI CLUB TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Harding, Anne Weidinger, Dorofhy Wilding, Dorolhy Jean Parlrs, Madalyn Heber, Carolyn Campbell, Dororhy Ashbaugh, Roberra Duncan, Jean Ann Slinson, Karherine Robinson, Anna Mae Ginqery, lone Kress, SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Louise Schulrz, Jeanne Ford, Belly Slillinqs, Margaref Valenline, Evelyn Keller, Marlha Baurolh, Barbara Colley, Carherine Overholl, Jacqueline Jordan, Erhel Perei-gon, Dgrolliy Coolrsan, Ann Sehoeder, Leone Sellers, THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Beiry Jane Slein, Madge Marhews, Vivian Ari, Evelyn Marl, Jeanne Fellows, Maxine Edmonslon, Mary Ann Moliiil, Rulh Ware, Jackie Hoslcinson, Elizabeih Morrow, Dororhy Brealcey, Marie Toro, Befly Fanleer, Anira Seel. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Alice Kisslinq, Charlolre Valenrine, Elizabelh Marlin, sergeanreal-arms: Marqarel Ann Drechsler, inliiaiivfl Clwifmavi Dororhy Ward, pledge mislressr Mary Virginia Whiie, vice-president Janice Merrill, presidenl: Phyllis Kunrz, lreas- urer: Lucille Phelps, secrerary: Mary Williams, sergeanleal-arms, Jeanne Eric, social chairman: Fairh Hickman, Mary Louise Toy. THOSE NOT IN PICTURE: Eihel Fredriclcson, Marjorie Keller, Jean Wanlre, Judilh Zemer. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dorolhy Marshall, Margarer Williams, Virginia Elsas, Charlolle Voss, Marvel Wingo, Mary Goodman, Francis Jaycox, Ann Brashear, Mary Laufersweiler, Miriam Beavers, Louise Miller, Belly Gygi, SECOND ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Efledri SCl1ri6Udl. NOVVTIG GVGSS, Marjorie Sauner, Rulh Floek, Annabell Spencer, Mariorie Neussel, Virf ginia Rhinesmirh, Muriel Weir, Jean Fenner, Dorolhy Wurdaclr, Belly Eclcharr. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dororhy Slernple, Rulh Wallace, Barbara Schneider, Marlha Jane Alrizer, Miriam Soule, Jean Dye, Venue Cook, Mariln De Leone, Evelyn Taylor, Arlene Deler. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Minrose Bascom, alhlelic chairman: Oliver Howard, dance chairman: Befry Fraser, sergeanr-al-arms: Jean O'Brien, secreraryg Josephine Brannon, presidenrq Audrey Grahame, vice-presidenrg Jane Nudd, lreasurerq Rose Marie Shumalcer, pledge misiressg Adele Corbin, social chairman, Mary Sherard, spread chairman. NOT IN PICTURE: Harriel Grener, Virginia Jaycox, Thora Calisle, Parricia Harlor. TE TON CLUB 86 5 3 2 ig PM Q f 2 ,E a 'N-Ni..-1 I W Vg +35 , vw gf f' vi yy ty W1 If . M46 8 NEWASA CLUB TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Janice Jacobs, Maxine Ulrey, June Swifi, Barbara King, Mariorie Anne Sieele, Berry Warman, Barbara Dufey. Elizabefh Parks, Marquise Garrison, Belly Lee Cuinaw. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Charloife Gregg, Miriam Sherr, Virginia McCann, Fla Kissler, Doroihy Given, Virginia Pursley, Jean Sherr, Mary Jane WaIcuH', Marian Jenks. ' THIIED ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jane O'DeIl, Alice Cornwell, Mary Lee, Harriei Harmony, Ann Tilfon, Jean Fields, Olive Thompson, Alma en I. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Janice Willis, Berry Ellen Tarver, Marilyn Ireland, Marrha Henderson, Rosemary Gorby, Roberfa Adkins, Berfie Ealy, Doris Russell, Joyln Brown. NOT IN PICTURE: Joan Peaf, Jane Pelers, Kalhleen Howard, Jane Zeigler, Glennefle Liggeife, Virginia Markham, Illa Rea Russell, Phylis Leighfner, Geraldine Morris, Francis Ross, Mariorie Amrine, Beffy Pursley, Mary Alice Beafly, Lois Porter. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: William Clifford, Robert Kelrner, William Knick, John McConnel, Roberl' Slarfer, Edward Brown, Paul Walfers, Charles Shaw, Daniel Sims, David Evans, Roberr Yoakurn, Vernon Richardson, James Baldwin, David Douqhfy, Dudley Yeager, Charles Miller- Theodore Brown. David Ridqley, DOUqIas Myers, Roberr McFalIs, Donald Myers, Benjamin Pielilerle, Chesier Hawley, David Finkes. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: W. E. Mclnryre, Richard Michael, William Robinson, John McFalIs, Roberf Bohmer, Roberi Wanlce, Paul Weaver, Roberf Slarbuclc, Lewis Rankin, Philip PaIch,IRoberf Prushinq, presidenf: James Wilson, Daniel Hixenbaugh, Richard Ridgley, John Cherry, George Barr, Wallace Corban, William Baxler, John Bonner, Mike Hagely, advisor. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Edward Seddon, Fosier Durniord, Wallace Phillips, John Mclnlyre, William Barr, Roberl' Lane, Thomas Johnson. Samuel Srniih, Richard Payne, Richard Clark. John Holbroke, John S'revenson, Roberf Lonis, John Kioqore, John Boqhossian, Roberl Garrison. LINK CLUB 88 BLUE AND GOLD TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary K. Hanger, Jean Lingo, Grace Lingo, Jean Ruhlman, Pai McDaniel, Doris Schenk, Virginia Norflnway. Mary K. Selby, Jane Thompson, Elaine Kapp, Maxine McGinley, Parry Galbreafh. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Midge Smifh, Pa? Wilkinson, Helen Johnson, Helen Farrell, Hazel Evans, Jean Spring, Ellen Jean Rhodes, Virginia Riemold, Rurh Wicks, Gloria Donahay, Jean Heclcleman. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Lou Recob, Mary J. Braelan. Mary E. Coolc, Jane Mirchell, Alice Mae Oglevie, Phyllis GFGVSS Margarel Mayer, Esfher Norland, Fredda Joe Alexander, Doris Behmer, Gene Cox, Marian Shoemaker. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jane Smilh, Doris Shook, Harriet Smirh, Barbara Thierman, Wanda Cales, Dorofhy Payne, Gloria Knicely, Jean Anderson, Thelma Polinq, Ruth Larva, Melba Poling, Jane? Burris, Anna Jane Biersledi. FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Eleanor Tracy, Jane A. DeLong, Doris Egleholff, Marge McClure, Marlha Moyer, Dee Jane Baleman, Jean Hoover, BeHy J. Wesffall, Bonnie Wesicoll, Mariorie Roberfs, Dorcas Linehan, Jane Carfer. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marilyn Miller, Flora Webb, Margarel Haryison, Jayne Rhoads, Marfha Adams, Virginia Moflaf, Joan Mackey, Florence Wallace, Barbara Allen, Palricia Slevenson, Marlha Dobson, Janis Hyall. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Frances Burgoon, Janer Richardson, Mary Kay Pelerson, Mariorie Daubenmire, Marcelle Daubenrnire. Mary Helen Bazler, Barbara Mclnfyre, Miriam Graham, Miriam Mason, Barbara McDill, Josephine Kidd, Phyllis Overbeclc. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Joan Squire, Palricia Harris, Pafricia Berry, Suzanne Humphreys, Peggy Allhar, Dorofhy Rupp, Berry Ann Davison, Rozella Hamm, Kalherine Mailhews, Ann Myers, Doroiliea Davison, Roberfa Slevenson. FOURTH ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Maxine Zimmerman, Berry Jean Ireland, Loraine Cooper, Berry Mueller, Jane Robinson, Barbara Waid. Lois Dungan, Joan Pellil, Virginia Lannum, Roberia Seip, Sally Schaeffer, Norma Slupe, Joyce Wagaman, Virginia Haaclc. FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Anne Rankin- Vlfqldlia Middlelon, Joan Wallace, Oliverose Bazler, Terry Arrhur, social chairman: Marfha Cohagen, assisfanr secrelaryg Marjorie Edmonds, secrefaryg Virginia Lawyer, presidenfg Mery Daugherfy, vice president: Jean Gasfon, sergeanl'-araarmsp Louise Myers, pledge rnisfress: Jane Evers e, Marvel 6 rd'ner e n iller. I ff, QV ARRO CLUB i i 89 RESERVE BASKETBALL TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Earl Hickman, Willard Life, Warren Tucker, Bob Yokum, Dick Werkhaven, Bob Byers, Bus Townsend, head manager: and Coach Bob Sekerak. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dave Doughly, Jerry Kafherrnan, Frank Crawford, Clarence Yard. George Tolberf, Bob Hardesry, Johnny Kilgore, and Jim Baldwin, THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Tom I-Iann, Doug Myers, Bud Phelps, Hugh Spiker, and Don Myers. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dave Dough+y, Dick Browning, Dick Wakefield, Bud Rankin, Bob Kelfner and George Tolberr. GOLF TEAM 92 BASKETBALL TEAM TOP ROW. LEFT TO RIGI-IT: Coach Earl I-Iickman, Johnny Paxlon, Don Raflen, Abbie Wallers, Joe Thayer, Earl Laye, Dave McClain and Junior Cole. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGI-IT: Caprain Dick Rosemurgy, Ed Merrill, Dick McClure, Roger Beniamin, Paul Weaver, Don Phillips, Jim Douglas and Paul Elleman. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGI-IT: Bill McDowell, Irainerq and Bob Murray, head manager. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Allgyer, coach: I-larry Baker, Eddie Seddon, Bob Foureman. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: George Barr, Dwighf Shingleclecker, manager: Dick Rosemurgy, Dan Sirns, George Leisf. TENNIS TEAM 93 FOOTBALL TEAM TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Zack, Fred Hann, Clarence Yard, Gene Pierce, Dick Burqe+f, Dick Sruarf, Joe Coffman, Dick Zimmerman, Neil Priichard, Phil Maifoon, Ed Brown, Don Calland and Bob Whirrnan. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sian McEIwee, Bill Bazler, Bill Vanl-Iorn, Bob Wanke. Bud Rankin, Caprain Kenny Sfouf, Howard Newell. Bob Bohmer. Joe Haffield and Bill Robinson. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach "Mike" Hagely, Junior Geroux, Danny Sims, Johnny Cherry, head manager: Dwighr Shingledecker, Bob Smiih and Coach George Haney. TOP ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Charles Holleran, Harry Wilqus, Hank Murphy, Shannon Fergus and Burris Holcombe. SECOND ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Ed Barry, Frank Crawford, Abbie Walfers and Jerry Kafherman. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Willie Myers, Johnny Befhel, Capfain Bob Befhel, Bob Morgan and Paul Elleman. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Roger Benjamin, Paul Weaver, Johnny Paxlon, Jim Douglas and Ed Merrill. I BASEBALL TEAM 94 I TRACK TEAM TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Haney, coach: Joe I-lalfield, Jim Denfon, Everelf Harrison, John Jones. Louis Auvray, Chambers, Jimmie Smifh, manager. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Tom Crane, manager: Bill Hindernan, Bob Lonis, Bob Spencer, Tim Jones, Tom George Washburn, Bill Verross, Bob Chrisfian, Jack Radclilile. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sieve Bailey, rrainer: Bill Headley, George Hoellinger, John Holbrook, John Blair, Bill man, Jack Yankee, Bob Ross, Ted Hafzo, Bob Parkinson, Waller Buchanan, Barney Hammock, frainer. BOTTOM ROW: Jim Baldwin, Charles Rossen, Bob Garrison, Joe Adams, Dick Bascomb, Bill Bazler, Bob Sievens, Phil Dallas Dupre, Dick Anderson. Jack Vosper. NOT IN PICTURE: Jim Shields. STANDING: Charles Smifh, Roberl Ross, Coach I-laney, Dave Lang. Waller Buchanan IN FRONT: William Headley, Sam Cobb. Dick Lowery. Charles Srnifh, Bob Ham., Paul Filing, Richards, Bob For- Pafch, Dick Lowry. CROSS ii COUNTRY TEAM 95 SWIMMING TEAM TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Richmond, Chuck Armslrong, Caplain Darrell Holmes, Jim Oliver, Bob Tilley and Raeburn Hari. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Torn Green, Dick Blend, Jim Derilon, Wilson Long and Dave Ridgley. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill McDowell, Fred Hariri, Paul Weaver, Ed Merrilr, Jack Vosper and Darrell Holmes. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Neal Prirchard, Dick Zimmerman, Ed Brown, Dave Evans, Howard Newell, Don Phillips and Kenny Sroul. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Denlon, Bill Robinson, Caion Cobb, Jack Bayliss, Bill Foulkes, George Leisl and Harry Clemenls. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Joe Coffman, Bob Slevens, Sieve Bailey, Dick Headley, Harry Baker, Bob Bohmer, Bob Morgan, Bob Smilh and Bob Tilley. FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Wanke, Bob Meyers, Chuck Armslrong, Danny Sims, Bob Richmond, Johnny Cherry, Johnny Paxlon. Dick Lowery and Waller Buchanan. SIXTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Parkinson, Phil Perch, Jack Dawson, Bud Rankin, lreasurerg Joe Hallield, secrelaryg Bill Baller, presidenl: Jimmy Smilh, Dick Rosemurgy and Sam Cobb. VARSITY "N" 96 G. A. A. TOP ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Peggy Murray, DoroThy Wurdaclc, EThel Souders, Mary Ellen 5reiThaupT. Sarah Trumbo, VesTa WaTTs, Mariorie GaTes, Naomi Nelson, Joan Mackey, Wilma Gibson. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Clara Louise Ball, MargareT Harvison, Gerry Edgar, Jane Ann DeLong, Mary KaThryn HeckerT, Mary Louise Vogel, Rachel MecksTroTh, Margie Packer, RuTh McKee. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Helen Farrell, Audrey Davis, RuTh Larva, Barbar EverharT: Dee Jane BaTemen, Mary Lee, Marilyn Greene, EThel Fredricson, Rosella Hamrn, RuTh Goodwin. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: BeTTy Oden, Minrose Bascom, Jean Anderson, sergeanT-aTiarms: Mery DaugherTy, iniTiaTion chairman: DoroThy Calland, secreTary: DoroThy Goodwin, presndenT: June MusTard, vice presidenT: Carolyn Tilley, Treasurer: Midge SrniTh, social chairmang BeTTy McDill, Janef Richardson, Mary Doebele. GIRLS' SPORTS AnoTher girls' sporTs season has come and gone, buT The memories of True sporTsmanship and Tair play ThaT conTribuTe To The exciTing compeTiTion of The game will live Torever. The season was deTiniTely a year Tor The Seniors, as They deTeaTed The Juniors and Sophomores To win class TiTles in every rnaior sporT. Speedball, The iniTial sporT oT The year, Turnished The TasTesT moving and rnosT Thrilling cornpeTi- Tion. STaging a lasT rninuTe comeback, The Seniors were able To overcorne a highly organized IUHIOF Team To win one oT The mosT exciTing speedball TournamenTs ever lcnown in The hisTory oT girls' sporTs aT NorTh, BaslreTbalI, The second maior sporT, was The longesT season, boTh a social clulo league and an independenf league Taking parT. The social club league was won by The Blue and Gold and The independenT league by The Vergilians. Clashing in The championship conTesT, The Blue and Gold emerged vicTorious over The independenT league winners. The Class BaslceTball TournamenT, long a TradiTion aT NorTh, was played aT nighT wiTh an admission Tee. The proceeds were used To buy supplies Tor The aThleTic deparTrnenT. For The TirsT Time on record The TournamenT ended in a Tie and had To be played again. The Teams were almosT evenly maTched in slcill, and if was only by excepTionally clever playing ThaT The Seniors were able To down The Juniors and Sophomores. Due To The TacT ThaT The gymnasium was being painTed aT The Time of Volleyball season. nO inTr-amurals were held. NeverTheless a sysTem was devised whereby The Volleyball Tournarnenf could be held. Squad leaders in The various classes handed in a lisT oT Their besT players and from These IisTs The G.A. A. chose The Senior, Junior and Sophomore Teams, ConTinuing Their winning sTreaIc The Seniors were successTul in The Volleyball Tournament The Tinal sporT was baseball wiTh leagues Tormed The TiTTh period and aTTer school. A greaf deal of inTeresT was displayed in This sporT by parTicipanTs and specTaTors. True To expecTaTions The Seniors again won The baseball TournamenT Thus adding a TiTTing climax To The Senior year. This year insTead of having The annual Tield day, NorTh- girls played hosfess To girls Trom The enTire ciTy in a baseball play-day which was held May 21. 97 FOOTBALL l I Slarling lhe season wilh nine lellermen, lhe oullook lor lhe I937 loolball leam was very prom4 Ising and Coach "Mike" Hagley had high hopes ol guiding lhe Maroons lo lheir lirsl championship since I928. Iniuries, lumbles, ineligibililies and bad luck all lhe way around deprived "Mike" ol his wish, Led by Caplain Kenny Sloul and Bud Rankin, bolh ol whom were selecled on various All-High leams. lhe Bears finished lhe season wilh a record ol lhree wins, live losses and a lie. Al a meeling held by the players following lhe close ol lhe season, Neal Prilchard and Dick Zimmerman were elecled lo co-caplain nexl year's eleven. elecl Neal Prilchard a Harlsock, Fred Hann, and Bob Bohmer. The lollowing boys were awarded lellers lor lheir services: Caplain Kenny Sloul, CoACaplains nd Dick Zimmerman, Bill Bazler, Dick Sluarl, Joe Hallqeld. Joe Colilman, Bob Ed Brown, Bob Zack, Bill VanHorn, Howard Newell, Bob Wanke, Bud Rankin Resulls ol games played: Norlh ..... .,,.. 6 Grandview Norlh .. . I3 Aquinas . ... I2 Norlh..,.. I4 Bexley ...... .. 0 Norlh .... 0 Vilesl 25 Norlh .,,.. .. B Soulh ,..,., ..,. I 2 Narrh ..,. ... 0 Cenlral ..... . .. I2 Norlh ...., ... 25 Cambridge Norlh .... ...., 7 Tol. DeVilloiss.. ... 28 Norlh ..... . . 7 Easl ,.... .. I3 CROSS-COUNTRY Wilh Caplain Sammy Cobb selling lhe pace, lhe Norlh High cross-counlry squad lasl lall compleled lhe mosl successful season ever enjoyed by a leam lrom lhe Polar Bear school. Cobb in addilion lo linishing lirsl in lhe dual meel wilh Newark also linished lar ahead ol lhe field in bolh lhe cily and dislricl meels. The Maroons wound up lhe campaign in second place while lhe Pirales ol Cenlral won lhe championship. SWIMMING For lhe lirsl lime in sixleen years lhe Norlh High swimming leam lailed lo caplure lhe cily championship as lhe lankers lrom Columbus Academy nosed oul lhe Polar Bears 48-43 lo win lhe crown. The Maroons' hopes were given a lerrilic blow when il was learned lhal Bob Tilley, ace nalalor, would be unable lo swim because ol injuries suslained in an aulo accidenl. The following swimmers cornpleled lheir brillianl high school careers wilh lhe close ol lhe season: Caplain Darrell Holmes, Chuck Armslrong, Dick Blend, Bob Meyers, Jim Denlon and Bob Richmond. Resulls ol meels: Norlh ..,....... 45 Universily .,.,, 2I ldual meell Norlh ,,., .... 3 4 Cols. Acad .,., 2I Universily ,.., I7 llriangular meell GYMNASTICS Because ol lack ol inleresl in balh compelilors and speclalors, gymnaslics in Ohio high schools have been disconlinued. Norlh has always had a slrong gym learn and lor lhe pasl several years has won lhe cily championship in lhis sporl. RESERVE BASKETBALL Winning len ol lhe lilleen games played, lhe Maroon reserve cage squad linished lhe campaign wilh a beller record lhan lhe varsily. For lhe lhird lime in as many years a new coach has been al lhe helm ol lhe "baby cubs". This year il was Roberl Sekerak, a graduale ol Woosler College, who guided lhe reserves lhrough lhe successlul season. Mr. Sekerak also coaches lhe baseball and sophomore loolball leams. Resulls ol games: Norlh .,... 24 Delaware Norlh... I8 Easl 24 Norlh ..,.. I7 McKinley Norlh... 2I Aquinas .. I2 Norlh ..... 27 Ml. Vernon.. .... Norlh... I2 Cenlral .. 24 Norlh ..... 42 Creslview Norrh... 25 Soulh 26 Norlh .,... .... I I New Albany ........ Norlh.., 20 Wesl I5 Norlh ..... I3 Soulh ...,.., .... N orlh... I9 Easl I8 Norlh ..... .... 2 B Wesl , ..,,.. .... N arlh... ZI Aquinas .. IB Norlh ..... .,.. C enlral .... I9 98 BASKETBALL Sreeling Coach Earl Hickman, who was slarling his lhird year as varsily baskelball coach al Norlh, were four regulars from lasf year's squad headed by Caplain Dick Rosemurgy. The Bears slarled lhe season wilh a bang, winning five of fheir six pre-season games and were hailed as lhe learn fo win lhe championship. Then lhe feam wenl inlo a slump and losf games wil'l'l rapid regularily, winding up lhe season wilh a record of seven wins and len sel-backs. Following lhe close of lhe season a meeling was held by lhe feam for lhe eleclion of caplain for nexl year, Ed Merrill, a iunior guard, was named lo pilol lhe Maroon and Gold during lhe I938-39 campaign. The following players were awarded Iellers: Caplain Dick Rosemurgy, Dick McClure, Jack Edwards, Paul Elleman, Paul Weaver, Don Phillips, Douglas. Resulls of lhe games played: 24 Capfain-elecl Ed Merrill, Abbie Wallers and Jim Norfh .,........ Delaware ... ., I4 Norlh ..,.. .... E asl ,..., .. , 36 Norlh ...,...... 32 Alumni .,... .. 30 Norlh ,..,. .,,. A quinas . .. ... 23 Norlh .... ... 3l Ml. Vernon, .. .... 27 Norlh ..... Cenlral ... . ,. 44 Norfh .,., 32 Jackson .... ..., I 4 Norlh ,,... ..,. S oulh ... ... 3I Norlh .... ... 42 Logan ...... ,... 2 6 Norfh ..... ,... W esl' .. ... 22 Norlh .... ... 25 Coshocfon .. ,.,. 46 Norfh, .... .,.. E asf ,.... ... 36 Norlh ,,.. .... 3 6 Soulh .......,..... 4I Norfh, . . . Aquinas .., , .. 30 Norlh ,......... 29 Wesl ,,........... 3I Norlh .....,..., Cenlral ..,.. ... 20 Norfh .......... 29 Ml. Vernon .... .... 4 I lDislricl Tournamenll GOLF Wifh lhe "big four", Bud Rankin, Dick Browning, Bob Kellner and Dick Wakeheld, all performing like pros, lhe Norlh High golf feam is al lhe presenl lime lied wilh Grandview for firsf place in lhe cify high golf race. The Bears have al lhe presenl fime won six and Iosf none in league compelilion. Resulfs lhus far: Nlorlh, ..,...... qlfz Cenlral llorlh ..,.,...., I2 Bexley . .. Norlh ..... ., .. 9If2 Soulh .... Norlh , . .. Having successfully defende aggregalion is, al lhe lime of lasl' year. The Polar Bear frack learn Wesleyan relays. The success of lhe leam is ineligible because of grades or Norfh 72 Norlh 67 If4 Mansfield ., 2If2 Norlh .,... ..., 9 Cols. Academy ,... 3 . . O Norlh. ,... .... 5 Worlhinglon ..... 7 .. 2112 Norlh. ,... ..., I O Aquinas ..... .. 2 9If2 Arlinglon.,. 2If2 , TRACK d lheir cenlral dislricl championship won lasl year, lhe Maroon cinder lhis wriling, preparing lo defend lheir cily championship, also won are unbealen in dual meefs fhis year and finished sevenlh in lhe allribuled in parl lo lhe facl lhaf no lrack men have been declared any olher reason, according lo Coach George Haney. Resulls of dual meefs: Upper Arlinglon 55 Norfh 59 2f3 Springfield 58 If3 50 3f4 Norlh 85 Soufh 33 TENNIS The Norfh High fennis leam is having one of fhe mosl successful seasons a Polar Bear nel squad has enioyed for a number of years. In addilion lo being runner-ups in lhe dislricl lournamenl lhe Maroons have also broken even in six malches fhus far. Resulls of malches fhus far: Norfh 6 Soulh 0 Norfh 4 Universily 3 Norlh 4 Easf 0 Norlh 2 Wesferville 5 Norlh 3 Columbus Academy 4 Norlh 2 Universily 4 BASEBALL Al lhe lime of lhis wriling lhe Polar Bear nine had iusl walloped lhe Bulldogs of Soulh High 5-I, lo advance lo lhe finals of lhe cenfral dislricf fournamenf. In he cily high league lhe Maroons are in a fourlh place lie wifh lhe Easl High Tigers, bofh leams having won fhree while losing five in league play. Roberl Sekerak, lhe new baseball coach, is, like lhe ofher coaches, having his share of bad luck, Firsl of all, Bob Morgan regular firsf-baseman, was declared ineligible and lhen Doug Harden, slar pilcher, broke his ankle while sliding back lo lirsl in lhe Easl game. The following boys have played fheir lasl game for lhe Maroon and Gold: Caplain Bob Belhel. Johnny Belhel, Paul Weaver, Paul Elleman, Roger Beniamin, Jim Douglas, Johnny Paxlon, Don Bishop, Neal Prilchard, Willie Meyers, Doug Harden and Bob Morgan. Resulls of games fhus far: Norlh Norlh Norlh Norlh Norlh Norlh Norlh 6 Mifflin 26 Sunbury 4 Lancasler 7 Wesl 3 Cenlral 2I Sunbury 2l Easl 5 3 3 3 4 3 6 99 Norfh Norlh Norlh Norfh Norlh Norlh Norlh Aquinas 0 Soulh 3 Wesl 5 Cenlral 9 Wesl 8 Easf 7 Soufh I IOO ,!glfLf0gl"6Ll9 ff f J Lf' ,F C 5' 'Y 1 lg I KM as fi JJ or N ffx fx?-I in IX ' 1 k I slee X , YOUTH'S CANDOR Liflle Lucy-Aunlie, why do you pul' powder on your face? Aunf-To make me prefly, dear. Lucy-Then why doesn'? il? 'Ui lk li lk HIGHER RATE The rninis'rer's son was in lhe habif of going Io church every Sunday wifh his granddad. "Billy," said Ihe rninisrer one Sunday. "I've been giving you a dime every Sunday fo keep your grandpa from ping, yer he sleeps." "I know," said Billy, "buf grandpa is giving me a quarler lo Ie? him sleep." xxx-or SO MERCENARY Visiior lar doc+or's housel-Is your daddy in, dear? Small Daughfer-No. he's our giving an anaesfhefic. Visifor-An anaesrhericl Thafs a big word. Whal' does il mean? Small daughler-I+ means 52500. if lk Y Wi TRANSCRIPTS Baby Ear of Corn: "Mama, where did I come from?" Marna Ear of Corn: "I-Iusk, dear, 'rhe sfalk broughl you." FK BY FK BY Miss Bryanf: I-Iave you ever read proof? Glennelf Liggelf: No, who wrofe il? lk FY if FY Bob Ivlerflerz "Madam, would you like rne Io gel you a swap?" Belly Jane WesTIaII: "No rhank you, I have one." Bob Mefllerr "Then would you mind leiling go of my necklieff' 'IOI IVI O R R E Y RELIABLE JEWELERS 114 N. HIGH ST. The Diamond and Watch Store of uCentraI Ohio QJVE Factory representatives for INTERNATIONAL STERLING SILVER. ONEIDA COMMUNITY. SETH THOMAS CLOCKS I02 IVIORREY RELIABLE JEWELERS 114 N. HIGH ST. "Home of Certified Perfect Diamondsu Q19 Factory Representatives for GRUEN . . . BULOVA . . . ELGIN . . . WALTHAINI BENRUS and HAMILTON WATCHES I03 MODERN PRINTING IS ESSENTIAL TO EXPRESS THE NEW IDEAS IN STUDENT PUBLICATIONS our compiete seruce office furniture stationery office supplie blank book manufacturing IegaI Ioianics law books record forms Ioose Ieaf devices safes book binding quaiity printing THE F. J. HEER PRINTING CO 372-386 soutiw fourth street coiumiuus, otrio I04 DIFFERENT - DELICIOUS F U R N A S MeI0roI Ice Cream ASK YOUR DEALERS EDUCATION and BREAD and BUTTER There are only a few fortunate people who can attorfi to ignore the practical side of education. Education tor culture is attrace tive and delightful, but most young people must consider eciuca- tion as a means of making a living. One ot the most practical things young people shouict iearn is to cultivate a favorable impression with a good banking institution. The Northern Savings Bank is anxious to serve the young people of the community. THE NQRTHERN SAVINGS BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 2619 NORTH HIGH STREET 'I 05 SERVING All of Clinionville with 7 Conveniently Located Stores K R O G E R 9 S NO ONE OUTGROWS THE NEED FOR MILK COLUMBUS MILK COUNCIL The print shop Most convenient for North High Peop1e THE PRESS GF HOLLENBACK Rand P. Holienbacic 3134 North High Street LA 1212 I06 We have daily requests for Cameron trained operators. They are always in ciemanci because of the methods featured in this SCIIOOI. 77M S. Low tuition cost ....... Easy payment plan. For complete information cali. write or phone THE CAMERON SCHOOL OF COSIVIETOLOGY fcolumlzus' leading Beauty schooll High Street, Columbus, Ohio Phone AD-0011 To the Seniors of North-Hi-School Best Wishes from Your Photographer BAKER ART GALLERY Rich Er High Streets Columbus, Ohio and, May the future hold in store for you a like measure of success which you have helped to make possible for us. IO7 We wish to express our sincere appre- ciation to time students of North High for their fine patronage during ttie year. QJVE Fleshman - Wain Studio 8 FIFTEENTH AVENUE Photographs of Distinction L-X-6617 HOMER W. MILLER JEVVELER HAMILTON ELGIN Xvrist Nvntcties SCHAEFFER PENS . DIAMONDS SILVERVVARE RINGS 2595 N. High St. Columbus I08 ,xdnfogralo 5 BULL'S EYE An Old ScoT, who had never seen a Train, was Taken To The nearesT sTaTion by a Triend. An express Tlasheld pasT and roared inTo a Tunnel. "Well," said The Triend, "whaT do you Think of ThaT?" "Man," said The ole ScoT, 1Ts won- derful. BuT I was Thinking There'd be a devil OT a mess if iT missed ThaT wee hole." lk if i PU He TilTed her lovely head Toward him and I::enT over her Tremulous rnouTh. I-le gazed inTenTly aT her for a rnomenT- Then said soTTly, "I am going To have To pull ThaT TooTh." 'K if if Y Toar Robinson-"Sonny, why don'T you sTancI up and IeT one oT The ladies siT down?" John Cherry-"Why don'T you sTand up and leT boTh OT The ladies siT down?" FY Y lk Y Mary Doebele lviciously aTTaclcing a piece of chiclcenl-"This musT be an incubaTor chicken." Terry ArThur-"Why?" Mary-"No chicken wiTh a moTher could bel so Tough." Y if X lk The one ring circus was visiTing a Town in The hills. The folks There recognized all The insTrumenTs of The band excepT The slide Trombone. One old seTTIer waTched The player for quiTe some Time and Then said: "There's a Trick To iT: he ain'T really swallerin' iT." 'F X FY if Bill Robinson: "A dog fills an ernpTy space in a man's life." Bob Wanke: "Yes, especially a HoT Dog." Y lil FK W Miss Wells: "WhaT am I going To do wiTh These girls who insisl' on Talking?" Bill LivingsTon lfrom laaclc OT roornl: "Move Them back here." X il IV X They were looking aT The lcangaroo aT The zoo, when an Irishman said: "Beg pardon, sir, whaT kind oT a creaTure is ThaT?" "Oh," said The genTleman, "ThaT is a nafive of AusTralia." "Good heavens!" exclaimed PaT. "An' me sisTer married one o' Them." I09 Home Portraits Commercial Photography B. F. WILSGN PHOTOGRAPHER 3434 N. HIGH ST. LAwndate 3206 Columbus, Ohio IRA L. HEDRICK DENTIST 2471 M Ctevetanct Ave. LA-21 12 LA-0731 Etterys Ice Cream Store 2454 Cievetanct Avenue Ice Cream 25C qt. Er 11 Flavors Frosted Malteds 10c Banquets. Vvectfiings, and Portraits Neinys Ptioto Studios LA-3611 DR. E. J. WILLIAMS Commercial Photographers QPTQMETRIST 2419 Cleveland Ave' 2450 Cleveland Avenue LA-6626 Columbus Linden IIO Barttetfs Dry Goods Store 2461 Cleveland Ave. DR. OLIVER TEMPLE EYE Vvomenvs Misses' Ready to Wear 2505 Cleveland Avenue iVIen's, Boys' Clothing LA-0792 LA-5317 over Linden Bank R.C.A. Zenith VVi-estinghouse Motorola Linden Radio Electric GORDON C. BARBER RADIO REFRIGERATORS SALES - SERVICE 2457 Cleveland Ave. LA-0776 EVANS FLORAL SI-ICP 2443 Cleveland Ave LA.8511 Columbus DR. C. J. ROENKER DENTIST XARay 2450 Cleveland Ave. Phone LA-5615 UN-8121 Summit Lane Beauty Shoppe 2063 Summit Street FORMERLY ANNA L. HEYDE Mary NVeisanl and Mrs. Roscoe. Operators Nlyrtte ixtactcey, Prop. Hill Tailoring Company For the Twenty-seventh Year Congratulations Fine Custom Tailored Suits and Overcoais John A. Seitler Co. T W O S T O R E S 21 E' Gay SL 1894 N. High St Corner Duncan and High sts. lll GUARANTEED SHORTHAND IN 30 DAYS! Become an Expert Stenographer, Private Secretary or Accountant in I"IaII the Usual Time NEW CLASSES FOR JUNE GRADUATES START THE FIRST OF EVERY MONTH These professions offer fascinating worIc and exceIIent pay. I'IarcI times are over good saIaries and positions are now avaiIaIJIe. Attend the scI1ooI that has earned the reputation of quaIity and the aIJiIity to pIace North graduates. SAVE FROM 5300 TO .3400 Consider the time required for the compIetion of any course in other schooIs. Take the executive course, for instance, other schooIs quote I8 months - Dickinson quotes IO to I2 months'- TIME SAVED, 6 MONTHS Take the minimum salary of -S60 a month and muItipIy hy the time saved, six months-amount earned wI1iIe others are stiII studying, 5360. MONEY SAVED is MONEY EARNED QJVE DICKINSON SECRETARIAL SCHOOL Hartman Theatre Building ,II2

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