North High School - Memory Yearbook (Columbus, OH)

 - Class of 1928

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.gx ,gggur 252' -1 H , El!!! N jug' 4 f 'Rb' n-Nu, gage, lk: :L ' 1:5 " gi if - ni, . 1, ll - .u.::.:! 'EN' Y ll- 1 ' ' 'hm VIE:-4 A ,Inf - 4 I-,xv ISE Q. Iv-n 1 - 1?-H'-if - 11 X , In fl!! .EEE- Ill! 'EE lsw ,,,.-4 FEE' A :ii 4 1 lun' f 4:-. .-I' 'Ill - FEE , ' nl ll I!! ' ,fm 1 I 'IEEE 5 ' nc! A , nga.: ' 'inf " , Fil' , :iq 'gal ' :QI vg.Q . ,, gi? , fait' Ili. 'FY LQ: : PS' ' 1 73315 . ASH, -' vm- ' ,Ig ,E 1' eQ ary, V aa- ' . .mx ' ig ' i -. 4 ,Qui 'IK- .,: ff!! " gif S QQ: ' lu.. -J' ' ill! -.Smit :HIS ' :' un' A - nu: ' ' , ,V . + .5e::5' f , It , mn - fiisilif ' ii-!!r, I +- 1 -' '7vt'f . .arf ' :-F' :. V ' ,sy . - A .- , - -1, , W 1 V X- . ' - . X 'THE IPPGLARIIS ANNUAL '---+.L:p. 1l , n o I? o Q h QQ WN 1 1 1 5 L F ' ' eil 'Wifi 'ggi-'Q il. A ja O ZIIII"lI1'l I I U U H U A U DEZZQZILLO 02122550 , Q, 1 Q .4 EEIIIZII 11110 H H U H U lIIlI1ilEl lO UCIU 'TIHIIE PQLARHS3 ANNMALL., AUTOGRAPHS E U U U U l:n:n:ng Kill Il O Ol I"1f"U l U l:u::l::::E!DC! -x uxg ,H . ' 5' ' fffQ,1 1iiifmfs4ioIeifflsQ 5"-A fif g: v ff-.12- . N E 1 Q v .Ll X ' h x A A A Y-qhwi ar I J xi my ,W MK A U K K I X J Ni JE.f"'iL A 'lV1E'L: X f g rlfln, ' fs' f':: f' " 1 'til ,F H w .Q My QB 45 Qjggi af :ix I H 4 if il- X V -E .. .. ff: m,:f.fff 4 , A Q N 5 H x ' 'fm 1 Y' , 1 1' 5 ,ss fggl il 9 ..,'. ' I 7 ' 'Q 'I 0 - X f fx' K ' M 52 W I Q 'EL :R n :sz til. we G75 QNX i-:ga-jf. E I ' 1 Jr" gs'-Q55 ,. V5-,D .. -, ' ,-f wwf. . Q ,- ,.f-1. 4 -J-AHB: Bmw. .'.::-5:15, ,4'W. wi. .... VLH: vx-' :fu yi., -, if-:Q ,-.. - A . 1 " . ' ,-'5f1"Qff'- f5f1ff'2f1?fhf f?'H' 11.923,iF f' f9fff ' , :A-,., . r :K : A-:Q ., W. . A .3 -: IZ'-,.,L.-Af, ., A - . , , . .,'-4..-A., ' w.,... 3 '. -. , fig . " Q n-b-ni: X s i5 Tm PQLARHS ANNUAL 0 Cn:-mamma U U U u U 0 o CIlf"l FOREXYGRD Many are the songs and stories that have exploited the deeds of those sea-warriors of old. the hold and during Vikings whose home was Norseland. So the Polaris staff has attempted to make this annual somewhat like a true saga of old, telling of our adventures in the quest of knowledge. It has been the purpose of the staff to make this 'book as nearly complete and cor- rect as possible, so that in future years by merely looking through these pages 0116 could relive the joyous days of youth. The staff takes this opportunity to thank everyone who co-operated with them in any way at all in the publication of this year- book. The work has 'been a pleasure to us and we sincerely hope we have accomplished our aim by making this a true record of all the events that occurred in the realm of the class of 1928. A El U 'imma' 'il' 'O on u..n 1:35091 4 :rag U U U 1E -'E 9 P W E P IF' U U E U r:n:u:n:1E FT' 1 U U il I ' 6 U H 3111 illilvmnriam im i. O O F2ll'l11tjf MR. R,xLPrI I1AYES Students P.uvL GARDENER ROBERT DONNEIJLX IRVVIN IIANNA N N I N H .,..f Y .1 0 0 E E lil EI Q Q 1322111110 ' 011121255 D . x Q x U 1 .5E.1?1.51.Il1 THE PQLARHS EE JOHN F. PAXTON . lLi1Iill:lESD O Q U H sig 333-JL-N-JO V olI1liZlIZZ1E 6 . F. , M. x r xml Evhimtinn N'-gNq,ROBABLY no other man has come V into Contact with as many seniors as ft Mr. J. F. Paxton, "The Man Behind r ' the Desk." Mr. Paxton, as teacher of girls' chemistry has proven his worth to those who have studied under him, and in the role of attendance trouble shooter was always just. but merciful. Although his duties were not always the most pleasant to the stu- dents. his cheery s1nile invariably won their friendship. Mr. Paxton always a loyal backer of everything that North has undertaken, has ever been ready to lend a helping hand where needed most. lle has been an indefatigable t - H worker on eonnnittees for senior affairs. There- fore we. the class of '28, in appreciation of these services, dedicate to Mr. J. F. Paxton. teacher and friend this year-hook of our activities at North. N u U E 's 9 P W E E rf' H n U EIDE 5 IIIZ O O El 9 E n - IJ DUCHIIIIZIIIIO ou:-iirzzmzclmg Q 7 .... ..' lf-- '. '?'EE:E THE, IPJQILARIIS ANNUAL 'T'-' mi U U , D I1 D E E F' I' 5 o CON T EN TS OPENING SHCTIQN ......... I 1 Am' SCENES .... 9 Amu1Nxs'1'R.xT1oN . . . 13 CLASSES ........ 17 Pl1BLIC.X'I'ION . . . 105 ORGANIZATIONS . . 11 1 LITERARY .... 163 1X'l'I1LE'I'ICS ..... 169 1-IUMQR ..,...... 195 151DVER'1'lSEMEN'1'S . . . 201 0 D E D 'ElUZlZli!L..JIl0 ' Oii1ZZl:!DU 8 THE IPQILARHS ANNUAL ' OillCIJZlE!E1E H HQ H H U L, il O lg Bliaghm Halls lg U Near Ellyn Srintn Binrr: A Zlkxnnrite Elgirnir H U Spa! 1lTnr Srhnnl llbrganizatinnn U E H U n EClC!I2L..HiIlO orl-n:.1r:n:ElCJtJ 9 E U U U U o U ...ii TIHIE IPQLAIPLHS ANNUAL m U "' "il' H E U U H H o o f Uaken l'In 151m 3Erlgn lilaggruunh f A llwtful SIPIIP Ilfrnm GDM Gif Nature? Flag Spain O A O U U U U Q H U n UCIZII-JL..J4IO CliJlilIlZEU 10 Gblentangg River H9112 091' Uhr Eeuutg Spain Ahmg Uhr iRin2r with Uhr Zlnhiam Name 3 E E 2 F E U U E lf.-I l o O o I H U H U :Hi iii ' THE, PQILARHS ANNUAL A Swann Alnng Walhalla Brine Ubin Brine Zia C9112 Gbf Uhr Mum Ermrtiful Zin Olnlumhua Anil A Zllannritr Elan Illnr Entang Stuilmtn H 1 U U U U O Zllillllll NCIS O 2D I2 J, THE PQLARHS ANNUAL Ahminintraiinn 2iJZ!Z1E1E 2111112213 lllEI1lZE l O O Giilillllilllli H 'THE PQLARHSS ANNUAL E FACULTY T H fl U U U U liziczmmmg OF1-'Mil O U E Hlui:lz:1l:zr-1:-wr-wli-ur-'Tl 14 , -4-N, ' tx : THE IPQILARHSS ANNUAL .l,- 5 H H U E E E PRINCIPALS AND SUPERINTENDENTS 6 O MR. CHARLES D. EVERETT, BIISS-ELEANOR L. SKINNER, Principal ' ' Vice P?'f'1lC1'1Jlll MR. J. G. COLLICOTT, .. MISS BIARIE GUGLE, MR. C. H. FULLERTON, Superi'nte'nde'n.t of Schools Assistant S1Lperz'nte'ndcnt Assistant Stuperintcndent 0 0 I E U U U U Q I gCIE!ZZllll1lO 0IZ1lIIJl:!ElCJCJU 15 Z Villillll E U u U Q1 he EQ . k W 5 E F H U ll EIDE E FACULTY BOTTOM Row, SITTING FROM LEFT T0 RIGHT: Charles D. Everett, Ruth Davis, Charlotte Morningstar, Hazel Faringer, Ruth Romaine, Gene Griiicith, Eleanor Skinner, Ethel LaVelle, Charlotte D. Bender, J. F. Paxton, XV. H. Lehman. SECOND Row: Stanley Lawrence, Daisy Scott, Mabel B. Eversole, Alice Leist, Clara Bancroft, Della R. Maddux. THIRD ROW: M. M. Hagely, Marguerite Williams, Nan Costigan, Kathryn Kaiser, Marie Mulligan, Martha M. Jones, Annetta XValsh, Asa Ulrey, C. G. Olney, VVillian1 Mark Taylor. FOURTH ROW: Carl Spangler, Georgietta Corner, Earl D. Mayer, Faye Reese, Mrs. Lillian Greene, S. H. Strasser, Elizabeth Baldwin, E. M. Selby, Charles B. Sayre, Margaret Uncles. TOP ROW: J. F. Pixler, A. B. VValtermire, Harvey Conard, Henry Lupold, J. D. Severs, Harry Dennis, A. J. Will, Maud Stevenson, P. A. McCarty, Florence Shelton, C. R. VVeinland, Mable Kutz, F. P. Darby, A. S. Kiefer, W. C. McCoy. O. F. Barons. . Those not in the picture are: Mary C. Gale, M. B. Griffith, Bertha E. Jacobs, A. C. Jones, T. F. Maloney, Ada R. Needles. Mayes Ricky, Imogen Squires, Roy H. Oman, Rilla Thompson,- Abigail Simpson. lil' O O OFFICE FORCE l 0 O H LEFT TO RIGHT! Mrs. Clara E Gemeunder, Clerk, Edna Dar- I D nell, Clerk-Stenograplier. E E n U U U . U -E1ElE1Z2illI!O 0221212151552 16 " 'THE HDQILARHS ANNUAL ? D3 .I gm ' U D v 1 uu l, U H ' H H 'H H N - A if H I 1 o Q 5 W. o H ly X rj KH S' 2 X--i 4 Wg if N Jizz' NS ff' H WH? t n X 1 gg , -,:' v Y fi ' I A J 5-H H 1 if W Q H E A -f7B. 'irvrr T-71? -hr i H ax H- HH -HN-g,, .i W y A Q' nic N 2. D I! L! K . fl 1, A 4' 5 4 fi I, , , .E I O H' I 0 ' 7 N' f ' ' X .al h . ' . U! W N , If 4 i L . l- I Q A, Glen feoufer' , KN fl by H u , E-E 2EO CDl1 imDg - I 1 ' Hb i:1"'5-' THE PQILARHS ANNUAL O I'-TJliIIIZIEEJD' U U 5 v U H U U 1'-ir--r O CLASS POEM THE CALL OF THE ROAD Like a golden lode or a sun-shaft road The light-bathed highway liesg It spurns the rills and tops the hills Till it reaches the very skies. Oh, it 's "Up! Away!" and "Come! Away For the shining highroad ealls, And the telltale beat of the moving feet Will sing of what be-falls, '97 For some go by with heads held high, NVith hopes as bright as dawng While others wait with lagging gait Till the morn of life is gone: - And some few tread with feet of lead NVh0 have no dream of God g But they who stay within his way Go softly with feet light-shod. Then it's "G0dspeed!" and 'tTake heed That you give all the way your best"- For some must fail on the long, steep trail But some may reach the crest. 1 Oh, the call of the road, that sun-shaft r' ad, Is sounding loud and elearg And oh, my heart, the time to start Is the glorious Now and Here! So it's "Up! Away!" and "Come! Away!" For the shining highroad calls, And the telltale beat of the moving feet VVill sing of what befalls. llIARY PHELPS. l l U U ii QCHIIIIIILNZIKZJO oi1in:l::1DC! li O O L17 VI! f"l Z1 GG I8 :DUDE u U Q S fe Q 9 W 5 E me ll U U E LZIIZEJCJE lil! Ill Q 'Tl 'Tl v-4 G lTl W U7 D O SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS LEFT T0 RIGHT: Glen Crihfield. presidentg Jean Ervin, vice-presidentg Orthn Smith, seeretaryg Robert Haubrieh, treasurer. ' CLASS SONG - 1928 Chine of "Massa Dea,r"j Lovely place full of cheer, Precious friendships ever dear, Happy youths learning here, Our old North High. Lovely things taking place. Bringing smiles to every face, Pleasant isehool endowed with graceg Our old North High. Hand in hand weave a ring, Joyons tribute shall we bringg 0 Auld Lang Sayne together swingg 0 Our old North High. FLORENCE GRABIEL. ll E U U E .gEIZIlllO Ollllilll ' 19 . 1 l1 U H In Tl EDD Ur: DUDE H :I U Q o ir: , -Os 2 z v-1 '-4 7 7' EI? 'DQS Tj' rn OS Ear: . 5 Q E w 555251592 I-4 P-4 ,- Q QEHE pig? 5 Q5 wmv'-wp, F' ggfg r 2--IL' Qc, 4.59.11 E221 U'-Wfff3'5fE"5? rn 'UAE WS- xfwE::Sm lv C-,ml-. :Jw Siva:-O . E- r-4 CII" I.-25,57 o-mg U 0 flyig .UTY 2 . rm zfzfz 5'-8 --.. m +-1 9 f 5.2 553532 T-, 23 ms ag U M QQ 5- '- m 5: gl, its W . .Li V ELG LIT. -. :R I .. S2 5 O 93 H- Pt DS 2 '23- OC uq ru --UQ af' W r5N: E Eg 9090 E -. . 3 D, 4 -. 2 4 3 0 ff. se 5 U 5? ve. Q 5 :T Er 3 . 7 -4. l7 U S2 ff U is 2' he E Q D g 55:1 2 Q "' - :F-I T' 5 O Ar: F' - j-' Q I5 .GJ O If u U Q he Q F P W E E rf' H u U U Q E 20 I U U Q mi 3 5 E U9 - P re ll U U Gi E U U H 0 O ROBERT VVINSTON ALKIRE Ohio State University. J EANETTE .ALLARD Ohio State Universityg Y. VV. C. A., '26g Vergilians, '27g Student Council, '283 Library Staff, '28. NELLIE ANDERSON - ' ' Nell ' ' Bliss Collegeg Commercial Club. IVLYRTHA ANDING . Ohio State University: Avon Clubg Honor Society. Ivon ARMISTEAD . Ohio State Universityg Avon Clubg Track, '27g Vergilians, '27, '28g Hi-Y, '27, '28g Watauga, E285 Assistant Business Manager Polaris, '28. ELIZABETH ARNOLD - "L-iz" CARL EDMUND ASPIN.KLL O O Ohio Wesleyan University. U H A n Qljgglglzjiniyo it Ollli1EJEUU 21 '--Q l.... Tue POILARHS ANNUAL '-1- U IJ D Q 'J 2 D A - 0 5 BEATRICE ATKINSON - "Bee" Dennison University, Commercial Club, '26, '27, '28, Girls' Glee Club, '26, Student Court, '28, Avon Club, '26, School Savings Cashier, '27, '2S. RICHARD AUSTIN - "Dick ' ' Ohio VVesleyan University, Honor Society, '28, Boys' Athletic Director of Polaris, '28, Student Council, '27, '28, Hi-Y, '26, '27, '28, Haig Math Club, '26, '27, '28, Library Staff, '28, W'atauga Senate, '28, RICHARD SANDOE BACHMAN, Ohio State University, Vergilians, Avon Club, Honor Society. ESTHER BACHUS A Ohio State University, Arlington Heights, Fort VVOrth, Texas, '25, '26, Latin Club, '25, '26, Y. W. C. A., '26, '27, '28, Treasurer of Y. W. C. A., '28, Avon Club, '26, '27, '28, V ergilians, '27, '28, Watauga House, '28, Honor Society. ' LIARY BAGLEY Ohio State University. 0 J OSEPHINE BAILEY - "Jo " 0 Ohio State University, Nous Autres, '27, '28, Les Enthousiastes Francais, '26, Marigale Art Club, '27, '28, Avon Club, '28, Y. W. C. A., '28. MARGARET ONEIDA BAILEY - "Marg ' ' Western College for Women, Avon Club, '28, Orpheus, '27, '28, Choral Union, '27, '28, Las Estrellas Del Norte, '27, '28, Y. W. C. A., '27, '28, ' Girls' Glee Club, '27, '28, Vergilians, '27, Marigale Art Club, '27, '28, I U - D u IJ U 513351111110 ' OillilZZClUU 22 llfllflfjigl U U U 'E 9 E ? F' ll U U U i::1i:n:n:Jr:1E E O O COURTLAND W. BAKER Otterbein College. PAUL B:XKER -Ohio State University: Band, l26, '27. BIAR-Y CATHERINE BARBER Ohio State University: Girls' Basketball Team, '26, '28: La Luz. JOHN LEE BARCROI-'T-"Jolmny" Ohio State University: Editor-in-Chief of Polaris: Boys' Athletic Editor, '27: Student Council: Executive Board, Student Council: President, Los Ibericos: Spanish Club, '2T: Hi-Y, '26, '27, '28: Experimenters' Club, '27. GORDON LIUNRO BASS - "Go" Ohio State University: Baseball Manager, '26, '27: Secretary, Los Ibericos: Secretary and Messenger, Honor Study Room, '26, '27, '28. WARREN BAUER 0 General Electric School: Track: Experimenters' Club. 0 EDWIN BLKZLER Ohio State University: Gym Team, '26, '27: Experimentersh Club: Avon Club: Los Castellanos: Chairman, Messenger, Honor Study Room. E H lg R EI U UUZZ O Oiiliilmll 23 i ' """"" ' 'Y -A 1 . I1-.III EDGE U U U Q 'E 9 P E2 UR FF E u U n:u:n: 711 o rJr:n:ll:l:1::r O H U 34 gi gl Z U, v Q S Q 5 S 395 9395 ES EO 2 5.0 5 O 5 035g . EQ 5 M2 w gf cw 55 .2 9+ 9' 7 'fi rf' P+ P1 wan' bf 'F OFF 4 gm ' 0 F' 5 W 2 F- ,T-mg.. sscrga-Q.. - F gg ,U 41453 W :bg I 5 2.51 :2 F' P4 L' gm '1-' 2' 5' :S fa 100 .5 E40 O Q 03.2 P1 'E :Q 2 'S-SSC, -1 'FD' 3 v-1 Z gl U1 if -h 5' 20 F5 O H Nz' Z 5-rx el 5' '16 51 gj . mg 2 Pj E14 E mv: N. ff P3512 H u.. -. . Q Q-H igz Q55 25 wma iw W 555 H! K Q ,.. W. 4 u U-. SSW 5 P "3 -2 p .3 go S I 3' :si .4 C E wo E.: if no :N3 fn: Va 5, H 'ad 20" can Q 553' 15" I fa GE 45' E ' ouihf -C"'1-1 , .2 2-7 39. QP' 3' 5 -' :'9 H "' ' CD C - ': mOd 53? 5 QE 5? FS S Egg 1-15 2 an '2' I rw 53.5 729 Q S Q sg HQ Q aww 0:5 - 2 - Q' C" ' -. ,..-5 "I Cb "' W Q nm L6 0 r ,QQ Q HEY? 2 as PP Q 5 O gg' U1 :VE x5 bds es- ,, o ,,,,. ,D . .MH S 11 " 'W Qu 5 ' :' 2 :V " 53 5 ' 2 SQ 5 :Sw N357 M r E 3 SS",- 9o0 F1 5 Q E E1 " -' H- H35- Sl: 3- 51' L5 I gmc-5 ' CI W 'I O WW Us rr -.. 5 -1 ,T L6 E' Q' O 280 G' 'fr UQ 'S mfg " a P ar w aria: 59 15 is E, ERB? I: H1 I H 14 ,,"" , ra. " '4 1- no 0 W .. . ag,-30 :1 2 U2 U-1 ' rn' " Ei. 94 91 S15 0 Q 3 UQ 5' rf' 0 'D fx - U F- Q 1553 U P+ T 3, FL- . U . U o nr: r-ur-n 1 O 24 EE THE IPPQILARIIES ANNUAL . 1:1 S E H H 0 O FLORENCE V1RG1N1A BEYERLY Y. VV. C. A., '26, '27, '28, VVatauga House, '28, President of Girls' Glee Club, '28, Orpheus, '26, '27, '28. CARI, HFILLARD BILLIKAM Qhio State University. JOSEPH H. BISHOP- "B1ishie" 1 Ohio State University, Vergilians, La Aurora Boreal, Student Council. Louis BLANCHARD Muskingum College, Basketball, '28, LUCILLE BLANCHARD Commercial Club, '28. FRANCES Boomsu Ohio State University, NVatauga, '28, Vergilians, '27, '28, Avon Club, '27, '28, Orpheus, '28, Basketball, '26, '28, Library Staff, '27, '28, Y. W. C. A. 0 O ROBERT CRAWFORD BOLLENS - "S11ifty" Ohio State University, Avon Club, "N" Associationg Officer of Honor Study, Football Manager, '26, '27, Senior Class Play, "Sweet Lavender." C U U E E ,ml:1:n:n:n:u:xo , OZIIZJLIIEIHZICQ ri, 25 si--A O li O-l- 'THE IPPOILARIIS ANNUAL REITTA G. BONNETTE ' 4 Ohio State University: Commercial Club, '27, '28g Orpheus: Y. XV. C. A. FOREST BOOKMAN, J R. Ohio State University: Avon Club, '27, Treasurer, Experimenters' Club, '27, '28, IZIIIIIZCJ llllig O gn I i Track, '27. BETTY BOUIC Ohio State Uuiversityg Avon Club. '27, XVatauga, '28: Les Enthousiastes Francais, '2T3 Nous Autres, '28, BENJAMIN F. BOWEN -"Ben" I , Ohio State Uuiversityg Basketball, '26, H285 "N" Association. STELLA BOWEN Ohio State University. ELSIE ELIZABETH BOWER - HJen " Ohio State University: Y. XV. C. A.: Commercial Club: Orpheus Choral Union: Honor Study Room Otticer. O IIENRIETTA BOWER . .Avon Club, '26g Y. YV. C. A. 'G U U U n DEZMEIQO -1- Q i2ZDUU 26 U U i li' l 'o O , lil! EICJ 11112 O.- u Q mai 5 5 W 'Ei P i U E i g il S he BQ , llhm' LUCJLLE Bowne - " Tile" Ohio State University, Girls' Glee Club, '26, '27, '28, Les Enthousiastes Francais, Choral Union, Orpheus, '26, '27, '28, Secretary of Orpheus, '28, "Miss Cherry Blossom." PAUL BOXVERMAN Ohio State University. ELIZABETH A. BRIGHT - "Betiy,' Columbia Institute, Tennessee, Y. VV. C. A., '26, Orpheus, ' ball, '26. GEORGE Bnonsfr University Southern California, Avon Club, '27, 263 Basketball, '26, Base- RAYMOND IHOVVARD Bunn-"l?osebfud7' Ohio State University, Orchestra, '26, '27, '28, Band, '27, '28g- Avon Club, '27, Haig Orpheus, '28. '28: President, Orchestra, Llath Club, '25, '27, '28, RUTH BULLOCK Ohio State University. JOHN CALVIN - "Joh1my" Ohio State Uuiversitv: Cheer Leader, '28, Baseball Manager, '27, '28, Architects' Club, '27, '28, U . U D ,DCICHIIZEIIO oa::iil:n:lDUU , ,I DDE U U ll l 'E 8 P W E t F EE ll U tl E ill U I l C' O ROBERT CALVIN ,Ohio State University. EL1zABE'1'II CARMELL l CORDELIA GERTRUDE CHAPMAN Bliss College. F. LUCILE CHRISTMAN Ohio Vlfesleyan University, Student Council, '27, '28, Honor Society, '28, Y. W. C. A., '26, '27, '28, Watauga Senate, '28, Vergilians, '27, Haig Math Club, '26, '27, Girls' Glee Club, '27, '28, Choral Union, '27, '28, Marigale Art Club, '26, '27, '28, Orpheus, '28, Nous Autres, '26, '27, '28, President Nous Autres, '27, '28, Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation, '27, '28, Volleyball, '27, '28, Champions, Volleyball, '27, Basketball, '26, '27, '28, Baseball, '27. CHARLES CHRISTOPHER Exchange Editor of Polaris, Citizen School Reporter. DOROTHY ANN CLARK --"Dot" 0 Ohio State University, Marigale Art Club, '27, '28, Avon Club, '27, Q Nous Autres, '27, '28. BIILDRED IRENE CLARK - "Milly" Ohio State University, Nous Autres, Vice President, G. A. A., '28, Volleyball, '26, Baseball, '26, Manager, Volleyball, '27, Second Volley- ball, '27, Manager, Basketball, '27, Basketball, '28, Y. W. C. A., : '26, '27, '28. h U E U D n QEIEIZL-ll-.ll-IO 022221300 28 ' 'THE IPJOILARHS ANNUAL ----i- : qi, U EI D 'tl H I' U O LILY FREDA CLEVENGER Ohio State University, Assistant Business Manager of Polaris: VVatauga Senate, '28, Orpheus, '27, '28, Y. W. C. A., '27, '28, Polaris Room Representative. LAURA CLINE Ohio State University, La Luz. GERALDINE COLEMAN Ohio State Universityg Avon Club, '26, '27, Vergiliansg Y. VV. C. A. K. IWILTON COLWELL Ohio State University. K. WILLARD COMMERSON - "Bill" Ohio State University, Avon Club, Messenger, Honor Study, '26, '27, . '28, President, Honor Study, '26, '27, '28, Treasurer, Home Room, '27, Stage Manager, '27, "Action," "Miss Cherry Blossom," "As You Like It," "Clarence," "Sweet Lavender." ANSON COOK 0 University of Michigan, Avon Club, '27, Football, '26, '27, Track, '285 Q "N" Association. V RUBY F. CRABTREE Grant Hospital: Avon Club, '26, '27, Orpheus, '28: Commercial Club, '28, Y. W. C. A. D E . E:n:ir:m.n4J:o oL:n::u:1l:lCJg 29 C C! EE:-E: THE POLARHS ANNUAL g U 11111121 U E E 0 O HARRY CRAMER Ohio State University. ELIZABETH VEIIMA CRATER Ohio State University, Nous Autres, '26, '27, Vergilians, '27, Avon Club, '27, Y. W. C. A., '27, Orpheus, '26, '27, Girls' Glee Club, '27, '28, Volleyball, '27, Basketball, '27, Baseball, '27, Watauga House, '28, Student Council, '28, Honor Society. GLEN CRIHFIELD I Ohio State University, President, Senior Class, '28, Student Council, '28, Executive Board, Student Council, '28, Football, '26, '27, '28, Baseball, '26, '27, '28, Football Captain, '27, All-High Football, '26, '27, RUTH CIVIPIERINE CRISWELL Office Training School, Vergilians, '27, '28. BIURIEL ELLA CROSBY Bliss College, Commercial Club, '27, '28. RONALD DAVID CULBERTSON -"Ron" 0 Ohio State University, President, Honor Study Room, '26, '27, '28, Avon 0 Club, '27, Marigale Art Club, '27, President, La Luz, '28, "N" Asso- ciation, '26, '27, '28, Treasurer, "N" Association, '28, Basketball, '26, , '27, '28, Football, '26, '27, '28, Track, '27, Baseball, '28. ,,f VIRGINIAX DANIELS I ' Vergilians, '27, Avon Club, Y. W. C. A., Girls' Glee Club, "Miss Cherry Blossom," Treasurer, Orpheus, Assistant Librarian. U A El ll JI U U E' C H ElCIE!ZZllO or:n:Ic:n:n:1I::Iul so ' ZIIISQ U U U Q el 5 to 9 E E on P E le' Il U m lllZl3ElE E O O ll ul A BIELVIN P. DAVIDSON - "Mel" Ohio State University: Experimenters' Club, '27, '28, CARLOS DAVIS Ohio State University: La Luz, '2T: Las Estrellas' del Norte: Avon Club: Student Council, '26, '27: Honor Society: Baseball, '26. HUGH DAVIS - "Gio" Ohio State University. DORTHA MYRLE DAVIS - "Dot" East Central State Teachers' College, Ada, Oklahoma: Avon Club: Secretary, La Aurora Boreal: Y. W. C. A. BEE DAWSON . Ohio State University: Avon Club: Watauga Senate: Haig Math Club: Y. W. C. A. ELSIE DEAN - "K1zock'em'-' ' Ohio State University: Avon Club, '27: Baseball, '27, Volleyball, '27, 0 Banking Captain, '26, '27. O RICHARD C. DEEG-"Dick" Ohio State University: Student Council, '27: Executive Board, Student Council, '27g President, Honor Study Room, '27: Avon Club, '26, '27: Hi-Y, '28: Swimming, '26, '27, '28: "N" Association, '26, '27, '28: As- sistant Stage Manager, '28. U U D . U l gl:1l':1l:1:lli1I::IO 0111213551911 31 '5?l" 'THE PQLARHS ANNMAL ' IEZIZCI l..lI.-1222 O O ALICE DELIKSHMUTT ISADORA DELZELL - "1 ckie" Ohio State University, Honor Society, Student Council, '28, Vergilians, '27, '28, Avon Club, '27, '28, Orpheus, '28, Watauga House, '28. BARBARA DENNIS - . ' ' Bao-by ' ' Ohio State University, Avon Club, '27, Y. W. C. A., '27, Les Euthousiastes Francais, ' '28, Orpheus, '28. EVELYN DICK Ohio State University, Watauga House 5 Marigale Art Club, La Luz. HELEN DICK . Martha Washington College, Les Enthousiastes. Francais. NIARGIE DILLON , Ohio State University, Les Enthousiastes Francais, '27, Avon Club, '28, Nous Autres, '28. 0 J ESSIE MARIE DILTZ 0 Girls' Glee Club, La Luz. U H D l:n:1::n:1v:u:n:vo on-:II-:u:n::I:1DD 32 U U Q EDGE fu 9 k W 5 E fe' U U U E E Iifl 1 lil 0 0 DORIS :M-ARIE DIXON JHAROLD DIXON - ' 'Dick " I Ohio Wesleyan, VVatauga House: Chairman of Honor Study, Los Caballerasg Track, '26, '27, '28, Captain, ,285 Cross Country, '28, "N" Association. MIARGARET LOUISE DOWNES Ohio State University, Commercial Club. DOROTHEA CELIA DOVEL - "Doby" ' Ohio State University, Y. W. C. A.g Commercial Club. JOHN FRANCIS DRAKE Ohio State University, Avon Clubg Polaris Circulation Manager, Watauga. FRANCES DUM Ohio State University, French Club, !26, '27, Y. W. C. A., '26, '27, Orpheus, '26, '27, Basketball, '26, '27. 0 RUTH DWYER Q Ohio State Universityg Glee Club, '28, Los Ibericos, '28g Orpheus, '28g Y. W. C. A., ,285 Senior Basketball Team: Captain, Intramural Bas- ketball Teamg Watauga Senate: Honor Society. : E E Q U OYINZIIICIUUU 33 E THE, PQLARHS ANNUAL omznzimma U D U U U U iii E 0 O I .1 i bds-f f' ' I .A f J' I-I, I VV., E . DIXVID DYER - "Dave " Ohio State University, Student Council, '27, '28, "N" Association, Track Manager, '27, '28, Chairman of Honor Study, '26, '27, Chairman of Boosters' Committee of "Chang." LIAXINE DYER Ohio State University, Sophomore Volleyball Team, La Luz, Y. W. C. A., '27, '28, IIELEN EAGLE Ohio State University, Student Court, Girls' Athletic Editor of Polaris, Member-ab Large of Y. W. C. A., '28, Chairman of Honor Study, '27, Sophomore and Senior Volleyball Team, Sophomore and Junior Basketball Team, Les Enthousiastes Francais, '26, '27, Haig Math Club, '26, '27. EDWIN EARHART ' Ohio State University. NIARY ECKSTORM I Ohio State University, Avon Club, '27, Vergilians, '27. 0 HELEN ELLIOTT 0 Ohio State University, Avon Club, '27, '28, Y. W. C. A., Girls' Glee Club, '26, '27, '28, Les Enthousiastes Francais, Choral Union, '26, '27, '28, Octette, '26, '27, '28, Orpheus Choral Society, '27, '28, Honor " Study Olhcer, "Miss Cherry Blossom," Basketball, '26, '27, Volley- ball, '26. '27, Chicago National Chorus. .. ROBERT EGLEHOFF A U r U U E ,gE1ClZli1ll.JO " ozn-.:n:n:1r:1ClE 34 1ECH:T5 THE PQLARHS ANNUAL E H H H l u O O YVILMER EGLEHOFF EDWARD EVANS - Ohio State University, Hi-Y, Boys' Glee Club, VVatauga House, Haig Math Club, '26, '27, Vergilians. ERNEST EVANS Ohio Wesleyan University, "N" Association, '26, '27, '28, Track Manager, '26, Oliicer of Honor Study, '26, '27, Radio Club, '26, '27, VELMA EVANS A . Ohio State University. IIAROLD ELIERY - "Slim" Avon Club. DOROTHY LEE ERTLEY - 'fDot" Business College, Avon Club, Room Representative, '28, Orpheus Choral Society, '27, '28, Volleyball, "28. O JEAN ERVIN 0 Ohio State University, Vice President of Senior Class, Secretary of Y. W. C. A., '27, Haig Math Club, '26, '27, '28, Honor Society, Bas- ketball, '26, '27, '28, Volleyball, '27, Girls' Athletic Editor of Polaris, G. A. A. H D ll ll U u U 7 E MDlIlZl.:1llllO ' OIl1llEZ.l1ZClU 35 i , i . Di ll ll ll Q E Q P W E Z t U ll E IZIZ I'-Yi O THOMAS ERVIN Ohio State University, Managing Editor of Polaris, Junior Editor of Polaris, '27, Student Council, Executive Board of Student Council, Honor Society, VVatauga Senate, '28, Wataufza House, '27, Vergilians, '27, '28, President of Vergilians, '28, Vice Presi- dent, Haig Math Club. U Rlosmvr NoRsE EWVING . ' Ohio State University, President Avon Club, '27, '28, Secretary, Las Estrellas del Norte, '27, VVatauga Senate, '27. LOUISE ELLILEEN FARBER Orpheus, '25, '26, Y. W. C. A., '25, Orchestra, '25, '26, '27, '28. JOHN EDWIN FARMER Ohio State University, La Luz, "N" Association, Football, '26, '27, Track, '26, Wa- tauga Senate. BLANCHE ROBERTA FELLOWS - "Bobby" GEORGE RUBIN FELLOWS 0 Ohio State University, Chairman, Honor Study Room. RIARY FERGUSON Western College, Y. W. C. A., '26, '27, '28, Orpheus, '26, Basketball Team, '26, Les Enthousiastes Francais, '26, '27. I"-IESIZEIDEI 'I O 0 E E U H U UDEI!Y"Jil'ZlO Ol'-ll"liC:f3Q,Q 36 r" I-1 O o 'Z r-13:1 uf 4 H 3 E '55 E w '4 'B L-' E 571 Q95 295 QS? E 5 E 53 9' P' S 5- W C 5' VP 2. g F13 :U "' 'U F- nj "' '-' 9' - DPT "' -5-9 rr: Z 'm an Z was T '46 iq E.-s pq 41.-Q :U 9 3 5 Q ga - at --f' 5 Q .4 E' 05' Q SAC' 4C.' M tg 57 0 EB M E. PTE. ,ag QQ A 3 B" 'JJ I 2 0 fn ,U :gtg O 2,2 53 Q52 p no tv 2. 2.5 my-' Z 0 P 5' 2-5 .1 'L'-i 571 5-W O . -.,- 4 5 , - Sf B1 gi fb P+'- - in C-U' -1 2 gg ' '. 03- 3. - 5 'Tj Ngw : Q B5-H O -19 Q Kin, -Jig Q "' r 3' ' 2. ' .2 I '45 - Sl N3-H tri . -. no Af' oo-2 F' 5 ..,, I gp, , Q . -n gg O K: 2 2 .-Q ,Q P,-0. 2 he f"Q 5 J Q: 222 5 PE 5 QQQM , - :: ' : ' :' t. ww " bn Pofu Q Q - 2 f S- o . ...Q 36 P- E 52' EA 0 ga S N5 N I-5 55 . 3 " P? , m -. .E gi K E: 2 3 Q O i Q. un E' O L63 3' " F 3, 52. 5 16 - Sl 3 'Os " 'C E? . a E. l :L 52 5, Q . "L ... ... 7+ I Ohio State Uuiversityg Vergiliansg Les Enthousiastes Francaisg Mari- gale Art Club: Y. W. C. A. BfELVIN FRANKLIN Ohici State Universityg Las Estrellas del Norte. CHD ii 0" In U U Q 'E Q, b W E E IF' U E U Q H I U U U U EI r:1l:u:n:n:::n':1o o1:n:::n:1l:1l:1 37 E THE E U ' U U U H t l 0 o WYERA FULLER Ohio State University, Social and Personal Editor, Polaris. ANNA RUTH FULTON-c6A7l7l,, Ohio State University, Student Council, Treasurer of Les Enthousiastes Francais, '28, Vergilians, '28, Avon Club, '27, Orpheus, '26, '27, '28, Orchestra, '26, '28, Y. WV. C. A. ELEANOR GAHEGAN ' Ohio State University, Las Estrellas del Norte, '27, Avon Club, '28, Honor Society, Vergilians, Nous Autres. I RUTH GEARING C' Secretary of Student Council, '28, Executive Board of Student Council, Organizations Editor of Polaris, '28, Girls' Glee Club, Orpheus, Choral Union, Avon Club, Haig Math Club, President of Orchestra, '27, Concert Master of Orchestra, '26, '27, '28, String Quartette, '27, Watauga House, '28, Violin Quartette, '26, '28, "Miss Cherry Blossom," Y. W. C. A., '27. EDGAR GEBHART Ohio State University, Honor Study Room Officer, '27, Assistant 0 Librarian, '27, '28, Q MARY Lois GEHRING - "Pat" Ohio State University, Honor Sociefy. CARL GLASS Ohio State University. 2 U D Q U EDEN-ll--N-10 olIn:i:t:1l:lCJU 38 ' Num Emmii U U U U O 2 'E 9 P W7 5 ? Z re ll U U U Zlllnljgg E 0 O I CLARA LOUISE Goss Ohio State University, Avon Club, '26, '27, Les Enthousiastes Francais, '28, Y. W. C. A., '26, '27. FLORENCE MAY GRABIEL Ohio State University, Avon Club, '27, Vergilians, '27, Orpheus, '26, '27, '28, Orches- tra, '28, Girls' Glee Club, '27, '28, NVatauga Senate, '28. RUTH GROENIGER Ohio State University. HOWARD GRUEB Ohio State University, Wataugag Hi-Y. WILLIAM STONE GUTHRIE Ohio State University, Watauga: Hi-Y: Vice President, Vergilians: President, Haig Math Club, Boys' Glee Club: Student Council, Honor Society. HAROLD HAAS 0 0 Ohio State University. JOHN HAINES Oberlin Collegeg Cheer Leader, '25, Haig Math Club, '25, President, Orpheus, '28g Student Council, '27. '28: Executive Board, Student Council, '28g Vice President, Boys' Glee Club, '27, Watauga, 27 3 Banjo in Club, '27, Honor Society, '28. Q E E U 5 A U 39 A , --i...A,,,-, 4. 1112 ill U Q ig 'U 9 P W 5 ? 5 ig n ll ll 0 o f AUDREY IIAIRSTON Columbia Universityg Costume Dressing. Q H MARY ESTHER HAMBLETON Ohio State University: Watauga Senate, '28g Avon Club, '273 Y. VV. C. A., '28g Honor i Societyg Basketball, '27. GENEVA EVELYN HAM1L'1foN u AMY HAMMONS X Commercial Club. i THOMAS J. HAXNESVSVORTII -"Mapa" Ohio State Universityg Vergiliansg Experimenters' Clubg Avon Club. BIARY ELIZABETH HAPE Business College. J ANET HARDIN , Ohio State Universityg Vlfatauga House, 'ZSQ Avon Club, '27g Mari- 0 gale Art Club, '26, '27, all f U ll U E' '3'3C":'E'l3ll2'O ox:::n:n:1r:1l:1g ' 40 ll U Q 'E 9 ? W 5 2 F E M , U it ii f"ll'-l 0 O CARI. IIARM Ohio State University: Vkfatauga Senate. RUTH C. IIARPER Ohio State Universityg Avon Club, '26, '27g Student Council, '27, '28, Executive Board, Student Council, '28, Y. XV. C. A., '26, '27, J ANE c'1..tUmNA HTKRRIS Ohio State University, Marigale Art Club, '28g Clerk, NVatatiga'Senate, '28: Y. VV. C. NA., Honor Study Officer, '27, '28, Los Ibericos, '28, THEODORE HLXRT Ohio State University. ROBERT HAUBRICH Ohio VVesleyan University: Senior Class Treasurer: Football. '27, Captain, '27, Basketball, '26, '27, NVatauga House, '27, "N" Associ- ation, '26, '27, Sergeant-at-Arms, '27. J AMES HEALEY - "Jimmy" , 0 Ohio State University, Student Council, '27, '28, Watauga House, '28g 0 Band, '26, '27, '28, Orchestra, '26, '27, '28g Avon Club, '27, Orpheus, '27, '28, HELEN GWENDOLYN HLENDERS-HGIUQHH Maunch College, Virginia, Y. VV. C. A., Avon Club, '27, Las Es- trellas del Norte. '27, U E D U gu:umn:1:Jn:1c:1o o:n::a:n::r::1g 41 ' Enzimcnznzuzxo THE Ol1'I.'lEIIiiJIElCllE U U U . U H E 0 o HAXRRIET JOAN HERRON Ohio State University. CHARLES HIATT -f "Chuck" Ohio State Universityg La Luz. PAULINE HILLERY Office Trainingg Avon Clubq EDWARD JAMES THIRST Muskingum Collegeg La Luzg Avon Clubg Baseball, '27, '28. DAY HOGUE Ohio State University. FRANKLIN REED HDLLSMAN Ohio State Universityg Football, '26, '27g Experimenters' Clubg "N" Association. CLARENCE RICHARD HOLMES 0 Ohio State University. 0 U E U UClZlL.Jl3l..JO Ollllicln 42 Q v l l l 'Q mi D U U Q 'ii 9 k W E i IF' li U U I"'TII ll 0 O Doms ELIZABETH HOOLEY' Ohio State University: Assistant Business Manager, Polaris: Library Staff: Avon Club: Y. VV. C. A. M ARGARET IIOURIGAN Ohio Wesleyfan University: Orpheus: "Miss Cherry Blossomf' Les Enthousiastes Francais: Locals Editor of Polaris. ' PAUL T. HOWARD-"Happyi' Ohio State University: Watauga House: Track, '27, '28: Hi-Y. BIARGARET F. IIOWELL - "Marg" Ohio State University: La Aurora Boreal, '28: Y. W. C. A., '27, '28: Avon Club, '26. JOHN HUMMEL I Ohio State University. KIXTHRYN HUNTER Ohio State University: Commercial Club: Haig Math Club: Vergilians: Honor Society. 0 KATHERINE KISTLER HYATT Ohio State University: Honor Society: Avon Club: VVatauga: Honor Study Room Officer: Marigale Art Club. E E I U K 9 E rgQQG Q - OililZZECJU 43 DECREE U U 9 E Q E F' U U U 1--uzzcnrznzrg E O O U MARY ELIZABETH INNIS - "Libby" ' Ohio State Universityg Student Council, '28g Y. VV. C. A., '28, YYIRGINIA ELIZABETH IRVVIN Office Trainiugg Nous Autres, ,275 Avon Club, '2Tg Honor Study Room Oiiicer. ZLHILDRED LEE ISAACS Office Training 5, Commercial Club. JERRY JEFFRIES CHARLOTTE JOHNSON Ohio State Universityp Y. W. C. A. JOHN JEWETT Ohio State University EJ sa 41 rn nv r' fd L4 o Z :fi U2 'EZ wo '51 -:- wi 259- fha FD-r "':: F' vC 413 rn-. 54 an '92 yr-. :Q 3' CII Z. T- sv 5- Ln .-. rg fb Z sv 5 UQ no H-1 15 ,oo U7 Q E. o 'I Q su U7 UI Q Fill I'-Ui! O U . U U n1::u:n:x:1:n:1o o:n:::1::::s:z:1U 44 ' . -, 14, ,E 7 7777 777 7 77 u U D ll'l1IIIEIE 'DUE U U U Q 5 'TJ 9 b E UB 5 IF' E U U Q lS::1c:1l:n:n':1 o O H U E? Z B1 S? U as Q E P S 2? 1: H F 0 Q m w TQ Q P1 -- A gg 0 ... .... an 5 A 50 E O C-1 E' E' Lf N359 U2 V+' O w r' O 9021 L+ 3 Z Q E7 P :P E 5 " gi 253 O S Q U1 m 2. In ,, - owoom U:-'o'11:f PQI 35 5' RET '4 E 3 ET O 3 E. K gs:-1 5'W:3Ow5MSf Qggsz U, P H H- mf. Q -- Q Q H - cn :' F- ... - Ps' f-0 Z Q0 g m CD F, N Y 21 ww V5 "" r.-f 9 ,N Q, Q. fu -1'-' "' E."rv va '-'D Z 020 L' gt C H H C1 C N, x. 5 "4C'l mi YQ ' " 2' ' 5. 5 9.,T.g' : cw 5 E UJ,'45.' Q :P rf E. 2 D' ,E - .4 nn :I , .. -- ' 'Q I P130 W 5' Fw' '- I5 -1-to g 5' gn f- cow: s: ,.,. 1-r 6 ..tZJQ, w as :: Q --g ,P 02 S' 'C TO" r: 33 :. - Rgn '-1 T50 Q 41 O ' H25 W Q 2 'gag t5 - po Y: 'Q 3' I 9 5- J.: ,nc ' E W W5 .. w , a I ww ff Q D165 5 5 sw - O -x Pb :LQ rig g gn 990 Y' 2 2 o an - g -- U 0 '51 O U E PP? 1' U U , Ufliiilll O- O 45 D J gi' U U Q 1 'Q O F b F55 5 Z E E U U as E' EDGE 46 01:1 H QD-:LZ E 0 0 O U OE 2 H1 :J ,, Q: fs '.:' Q3 me 50 F. o U7 pg "' 51 """' 2'Oaf ,f P1 o "H 3 E ff D O 2 wrt' .wg Op, I-rj fb L1 ga' qi-gr, may SP :Q - W Q? G S 93+ O Bmw 5. gl ru E 34,5 5 G. Q 3,5E,2OmP'1:'5g gngg I A- E rn N 50 P1 14 :Y H E cd: "pb Cl' 3212" 'F 21.5 eff 4, am fb m -2 Q :.- 2 r 2- 3' I 2 " ' QE- U3 F' Q ng: UQ' Ov: .-I "'-- :N 5-. 92' 'gf g Bm 5 7 "-1 .. N Q. ., lg g Q -'Q ,ra E' -1 M Q an cs ! ' g, M-an 3 .rf ' 332 Q 2' 5 U., SU' :ui 2 52' ' gi' QQ p-Q 4'0" F' in t-4 55- 2 ,3-' EIN? E' 523' :P Q 0 g mg! U : mc 2 O3- sv' 5: 9, 'Sf' 3 ' ru U 150 u '11 POE 53 FS .E 2 lug gg Q-I E1 X 2 Q E . O - THE IQQLARLLS ANNUAL 5 U U H H Q U I il Jl. I 7 l 5 O II.n'sEL Louisa Kms r Ohio State University: Y. XV. C. A., '26, '2'7: Avon Club, '27. JAMES L. IQNNEY , Ohio VVesleya11 University: "N" Association: Swimming Team, '27, '28g Honor Study Room Ofticer: Student Council: Executive Board, Student Council: Male Quartette: Honor Society: Hi-Y, '27, '28: Nous Autres: "Trial by Jury." IRENE KLVG Ohio State University. XIIGRA ANN ISLINE Ohio State University: Los Iberieos: Senior Volleyball Team. BENJAMIN F. KNEPPER - "Bennie" Ohio State University: Avon Club, '27, '28: Vice President, Hi-Y, '28: Honor Study Chairman, '28: Orchestra, '26, '27: Student Council, '28: Executive Board, Student Council, '28: Swimminq Team, '2S: Bill Clerk, VVataugu House, '28: Hi-Y Mayor of City, '28. I 0 JOHN S'1'.xNLEY KNOTTS - "Jack" Ohio State University: Manila Central High, Manila, P. I., '26, '27' Vlfatauga Senate, ,283 Cross-Country Team, '27: "Sweet Lavenderg' Vice Chairman, Honor Study, '28. 9 1 J ACOB KOENIG . Ohio State University: Band, '26, '27: Vice President of Band, '28' Honor Society: VVatauga House, '28. 1 1 U ll U H n C1UEIlL.lL.1O o::1vit::n:1C1D 47 Iifliill E U U u ii 3 E W E 5 IF' E H U Q U P 0 O I EARL Ko0Ns Ohio State University. G. -VVILBUR, KRAMER Ohio State Universityg Avon Club, '27g H-Y, '27, '28g W'atauga House, '27g Honor Study Room Oflicer. DANIEL BAXTER KRUMM Ohio State Universityg Watauga. Senate, '28, GENEVA ISABEL KUNTZ - "Neetv-ie" Ohio State Universityg Logan High Schoolg Avon Clubg Y. W. C. A.g Honor Society. LLOYD LAIRD La Luz. AMY PAULINE LAKE Ohio State Universityg Double Quartetteg Girls' Glee Club, '26g Les Enthousiastes Francaisg Nous Autres, '27, '28. LOUISE LAMB 0 , 0 Ohio State Universityg Student Council, '28g Les Enthousiastes Francais: Y. W. C. A., '27, '28. . U U U H nglmazlziio " oi:in:Jr:l:1DEl Y 48 'THE PQLARHS ANNUAL -...i.l..Or:1:H:H:112D 1:1 E E U Ill E H l O O FLORENCE LANDEN - "Pat' ' Ohio State University, Avon Club, '26, Y. W. C. A., '26, '27, '28, Orpheus, '28. WILSON R. KELLER-"Puss" ' Ohio State University, "N" Associationg Track Team, '26, '27, MARY LANDES Office Training School, Honor Societyg Les Enthousiastes Francais, Orpheus, '27, '28g' Girls' Glee Club, '27, '28g Haig Math Club, '27, '28, Y. W. C. A. HAROLD LASURE - "Red" Ohio State University. JAMES THEoDoRE LAYNE Haig Math Club. GENEVA LECHLEITER Ohio State University, Vergiliansg Avon Club, Y. W. C. A. JOHN LEECH 0 0 Ohio State University, Les Enthousiastes Francaisg Experimenters' Club. U , E' U gn:n:n:n..lgn:ao oz:::z:n:n:n::u 49 rg--A? D SPSS.. THE IPJDLAIRIE ANNUAL 1.- M U D D H E O O DoIzo'I'If1Y LEEZER Qhio State University, Y. XV. C. A.g Nous Autres, Avon Clubg Polaris Stat? Cor- respondent. ELLIS LEWIS Ohio State University. STEVE LEWIS Ohio State University: Baseball, '25, '26, '27, All-High Baseball, '25, '26, '27g Foot- ball, '25, '26g Experimenters' Club, "N" Association, Assistant Coach of Baseball, '2S. JoIIN LINDSAY - Ohio State University. - ERNESTINE ADELE LITTLE -- " Tecnyi' Ohio State Universityg Y. VV. C. A., '28, DONALD LITTLE West Point. 0 BERNARD LITTLE 0 Ohio State University. H H U U 55312111210 oI:1:n:z:JI:JDU 50 IllI.1ZC1Eg U ll H Q 'E 9 , ? W E IF' ll ll U E 0 O FRANK LIVINGSTON Ohio State University, Student Council, '28, Executive Board, Student Council, '2Sg Chairman, Home Room, '28g Vklatauga Senate, '28g Hi-Y, '28: Avon Club, '27, '28g Orpheus, '28g Boys' Glee Club, '27, '28: Secretary. Glee Club, '28g Choral Union, '27, '283 Haig Math Club, '28, Marigale Art Club, '28, "Miss Cherry Blossom 5" Track, '27, '2S. Rox:-:1.1,.x AIAE LONG '- V Ohio State University, Les Enthonsiastes Francais: Nous Autres: Avon Club. DNUANE Locxwoob - Ohio State University, Gym Team, '27, ,QSQ "N" Associationg Architects, Club. DoN.x1.n LONG Muskingum College, Baseball, '26, '27, '28, Basketball, '27, '28g "N" Association: Avon Club. EUGENE LOOFBOVRROXV Ohio State University. 2 1 O Esimiz LI KE 0 Business College: Commercial Club. Maur J ANE LUSCH Ohio State University, Nous Autres. H I n u Q U IJ ,E-1DlZllZ!L-.IL-Jl.fJO ol:n:ll::DK3U 5l Y- F THE IPPQLARILSS ANNUAL :EESg El D U D U I u 1 A W o 6 BIILDRED ANN BIADDUX - " M idge" g41io28State Universityg VVatauga, '28, Orchestra, '26g Avon Club, '25, '26, Polaris, MARGARET BELLE BIARSH Ohio State University, Student Council, '28, Watauga House, '28, Vergilians, '27, '28: , Honor Society, '28, Avon Club, '27, '28, Y. W. C. A., '28, Nous Autres, '28, Or- pheus, '28, HARRY MARSHALL Ohio State University. REID MARTIN Ohio State University: Hi-Y, Experimenters' Club: French Club. - ROBERT MARTIN Ohio State University, French Clubg Vergiliansg Avon Club, Hi-Y: Experimenters' Club. HARRY h1ACARTHUR 0 Ohio State University. 0 U I U U 3 n E1EC!ZlilllllO 52 CHARLOTTE LOUISE NICCARTHY g Avon Clubg Nous Autres. liiilllig U U U Q 76 Q b W 5 IF' U U U E E ll ll 0 O l l X ELIZABETH E. BICCAUGHEY - "Bobby" Ohio State University, Avon Club, '26, '27g Vergilians, '26, '27, Y. W. C. A., '27, '28. GEORGIA J. MCCOMB ?g?hit58Cross Hospital, Orpheus, '25, '26, Avon Club, '26, '27, Secretary of Architects, MAX MCCONAGHA Band Orchestra. ROBERT H. MCCORMICK Ohio State University, Avon Club, Vergilians, '27, '28g Student Council, '27, '28. ,IRENE MCCRACKEN National Office Training, Avon Club, '28. HUDSON MCDOLE EMMA MAY ll'ICDONALD Mann's College, Y. W. C. A., '27, 0 0 U C D S n gcnznznznizo on:n:u:n:l:n:Jn 53 .5-',, CJD f-'IZ O O . l l u Q mi 5 3 E 5 Z 3 i cg u U U JCVELYN TIIERESE RICDONALD Ohio State University: Honor Society: Los Enthonsiastcs Francais, Avon Club, Y. XV. C. A. JOHN Cu.xm.Es RICDONALD - "Jack" Ohio State University: Swimming Manager, 263 Basketball Manager. '26, '27, '2S: Honor Study Officer, '26, '27, '283 Library Assistant, '2tig Avon Club, '27, '28g Experi- menters' Club, '27, '28g "N" Association, '26, '27, '28, Treasurer of Reg. Room: Library Assistant, '26. ' ' ALICE BICFADDEN Ohio State Universityg Vergiliansg Avon Club, Orpheus. NED M. RICIJAUGIILIN Ohio State Universityg Honor Study Room Ofhcer. YV1I.1.uM GLENN IICIUEEKIN University of Virginia. ANNA LOUISE MCNEIL 0 FRANCES EUGENIA MENnENH.xLL 0 Ohio State Universitv: Las Estrellas del Norte, '26, '2Tg Marigale Art Club, '26, '27, '2Sg'Y. XV. C. A., '26, '2T. U K U U D g::n:l:1:Jl:n:.uo o:n:n:::::L::1l3m, 54 :xiii U ll Q 'o Q 9 W E 5 ez' ll ll U 2255 ii 112 ii O O M.xR.IoRlE ANl'r.x BIERCER - " 2lIlll'jH - ' Ohio State University: Secretary, Vergilians: Assistant Treasurer, Girls: Glee Club, '28: "Miss Cherry Blossom:" Girls' Octette, '26, '27, '28: Y. VV. C. A., ,26, '27, '2,8: Orpheus, '26, Assistant Manager, Sophomore Volleyball and Basketball Teams: Base- ball, '26, '27: Volleyball, '27, '28, Basketball, '27, '28, G. A. A., El'lgl'0SSlI'1g Clerk of VVatauga Senate. IXNNE 'l'llnm:s.x BIERRICK Ohio State University. EVELYN M. BIILES Antioch Colleefeg Y. VV. C. A.: Nous Autres. '26, '27, '28: Vergilians, '27, Student Council, '28g Honor Societyg Baseball, '26, '27: Volleyball, '2G. IIARVEY NV. T"lllI.ER, JR. Ohio State University: Student C0llllCllQ Track Manager, '27, "N" Association. IRENE Mll,LlcR ' Y. VV. C. A., '25, '26, '28: G. A. A., '27, '28: President, G. A. A., '2S: Volleyball. '25, '26, '27, Captain, '27, Basketball, '26, '27, '28q Baseball, v.7G xg? 298 -,..,-. O O N EIL McMll,LEN Ohio State University. IIOVVARD BIILLIFOR Ohio State Universityg Baseball, '26, l l U If U tl U U UClCJIilZO Oil2ZlEUU oo ' llflllfllillll EEE: THE IPJOILARHSS ANNUAL U U I I D O HELEN B. BIINKNER ' I Ohio State University, VVatauga House, '28, Avon Club, '26, '27, Y. W. C. A., '25, '26, GEORGE ALFRED MOCK - "Fred" Ohio State University. GRACE MOCK Ohio State University, Y. W. C. A., '26, Orpheus, '26g Architects' Club, '28. RUTH MONTGOMERY Ohio State University, Student Council, '27g Student Court, '285 Clerk of Watauga House, '28, President of Nous Autres, '28g Secretary of Avon Club, '27, '28 g Ver- gilians, '27, '28, Y. W. C. A.: Honor Society. EDWIN L. MOON Ohio State University, Hi-Y.. J EANETTE DIOOREHEAD Ohio State University: Y. W. C. A., '27, '28, Orpheus, '27, '28, 0 CHARLES MORGAN I 0 Ohio State Universityg Honor Study Officer, '27g Watauga House: Boys' Athletic Editor of Polaris, '28g Assistant Stage Manager, '28: Haig Math Club, '26. U O U E D S u ,!Jl:1:in:1:1l.:llT.1o ouziuznzlclmu ' 56 Ilfilillzl u U 9 fa 9 3 E UD E rr: U U U H E lil l:u:1:3r:1r-11'-J 0 0 UU U Q U3 5 o ra m Z 2 Q Q ,,, m F' B, 50 QM 59:1 -157 ---5 PHHU U3-ff O? S 55 47? EGG' H ETS' m U 455 gb Emp . fb U1 5-I ' Cfna E! S vw mi 4: I 2. td 27, 2 E. E. gf, 4 5992 2w5?5"q 2 QE. :"5'T'5fQ1'Z 2. 3-2' ag' o 3 "'-QQ, .gf Qu- 35Z"5 Q5 ggi' 'Y I 'Nfim 3 0,4 O m Oninm U' at-11 'E' nv -5'-Claim QW U aa' 55,211 E: G " 512,42 m P' 3 w-Qgg E. 2 0:62-4 E. 2 D' :a-oo, ,, - G O" v- '1 " Q2 C n aww gl 3, Mg Q J af 294. ff B5 4 5421 n -1 O 1259 3 ' 5 ' 0 m?' 3 E QQ F U' .N , .. 292 5 r4 Ullo E-' E -3-6 :1 W-. 00 91 SE? Z' P' '1 0 5.7 as' ..- Q S99 " S FP O 225 5 149' 5 'SB S Ulu' ' :nl lzr-l O O 'Z' 012111239 r.DElZil'U-7l'IO 1' Q7 T 'li-' . 5 Tm PQLARHS B U u H 3 U J 0 6 KATHRYN BIURDOCK - "Kaffe " Ohio State Universityg President, "El Dorado," '28, g ll A LLEN W. RIURRAY ' Ohio State Universityg President, Avon Club: Experimentcrs' Clnhg Les Entliousiastes V i Francais. ll . H ELIZABETH HELEN NEASE Olivet College. FRANKLIN NoRM.xN NEEL - 'K Tanl."' Stage Manager, 'ZSQ President, "NH Associationg Swimming Team, '26, '27, '2S: Foot- ball, '26, '27g "Miss Cherry Blossom." ELIZABETH BIAE NEISNXVONGER Ohio State University: Orpheus, '26g Vergilians. '2T: Y. XV. C. A.. '28g Polaris Room Representative. Domus NELSON Ohio State University: Orpheus. 0 , 0 CATHERINE Fu' BESSLER .Q H U Hu U U 555331130 o:n:n:n:n:1DUi 58 - lifli V'-Il O 0 Il - .p,. STANLEY OLIVER NOE Ohio State University, Treasurer, Les IintlIousizIstes Francais, '26, '27, Honor Study Room Officer, '26, '27, HoIIor Society, '28, RoI3ER'1' S..lS.0RRIS Ohio State University, Football, '26, '27, Experimenters' Club, Architects' Club, Avon Club. . CHARLES OLDHAM -Ohio State University, Architects' Club, BIYRON OLIVER .. V Oberlin College, Student Council, '26, '27, '28, Executive Board, '27, '28, VVzItaI1ga, '27, '28, Speaker Pro-TenI, '28, Hi-Y, Haig Math Club. CLEO ELIZABETH OsEoRNE - "Col-ri' ' Avon Club, '26, '27, Y. VV. C. A., '26, '27, Commercial Club, '27, '28, Vllatauga Senate, '27, '28, Basketball, '26, '27, '28, L,owEI.L OSEOITRNE Ohio State University. RICHARD E. OYVEN' Ashland College aIId Leland Stanford University, Avon Club: Honor Society, Football, '27, Basketball, Baseball. '28, mi U I1 Q 'E 9 R W 5 E TF' I1 El U ma il I li OI' I K U U U U U U -I:II:I:II:II:I:I:o o:r:n:u:1I':n:lU ' 59 in- 'TIHIIE IPPQILARILSS ANNUAL Ill IJ U n U I H I o 6 GENE VINCENT PACKER Ohip State University, Aquinas, '25, '26, '27, Circulation Manager, Polaris, '27, '28, Polaris Room Representative, '27, VVatauga House, '28, Sergeant-at-Arms, Watauga Senate, '27, Avon Club, '27, '28, Honor Study Officer, '28, Nous Autres, '28, ROBERT PARK ' Ohio State University. , DOROTHY JANE PARKER-"DOF, Ohio State University, Student Council, '28, Las Estrellas del Norte, '27. JAMES PARKINSON ' Band, Orchestra. BIADELINE PARKISON Ohio State University, Vergilians, '27, '28, Student Council, '28, Avon Club, '27, '28, GWENDOLYN PATTERSON -- ' ' Gwen" ' Ohio State University, Avon Club, Girls' Glee Club, Orpheus. O 'O HAROLD PATTON ' Ohio State University. D B U cn:n:n:n..n..n-no oil-i:u:u:::1CJu 60 ,L ,Y .A , AAU, A.An A , ,. mi-.T5EE5'-' THE PQLARHS ANNUAL f u H E' H ' H 0 6 o l Jome PATTON Ohio State University, Hi-Y, '27, '28, Polaris Room Representative, Experimenters' Club. ' U VIRGINIA MARY PATTON - " Tots" Ohio State University, Honor Study Otiiccr, '26, Marigale Art Club, '26, '27, Com- mercial Club, '28, Y. VV. C. A., '26, '27, '28, HELEN PEALER Ohio State University, Polaris Art Staff, '26, '27, '28, Y. W. C. A., '28, Secretary, Marigale Art Club, "Golden Days," Les Enthousiastes Francais. DANIEL VIXNIFORD PURNELL Oberlin College, Vergilians, Vlfatauga Club. MARY PHELPS 1 G. A. A., '27, '28, Secretary, '27, Financial Clerk, Watauga, '26, Clerk, '27, Assistant Clerk, '28, Secretary, Y. W. C. A., Secretary, Haig Math Club, '26, Avon Club, '27, Honor Study Room Chairman, Secre- tary, Marigale Art Club, Volleyball, '26, '27, '28, Basketball, '26, '27, 0 '28, Baseball, '26, '27, Chief Justice, Supreme Court. - 0 ll'IARTIN POLING - "Marty" , Yale, Track, '26, '28, Vlfrestling, '26, Gymnastics, '28. HAROLD POND Ohio.State University, Track, '27, Football, '27, "N" Association, Band, '25, Vice Chairman, Honor Study, Polaris Room Representative. U S U -gx:11:1r:n:st:n::o orznznqxzsrzlmu 61 THE IEDOILARIIS ANNILHAEIL .l ' 'LV U U ll - .A H H il , i 2. .il O U O O BIARY PRENTICE Ohio State University. ROBERT PmEs'r'- "Bob " Vifatauga House Representative, '2G: Registration Room Chairman, '26, Track, '26, '27, '28, Polaris Staff, '2G. GLENN Puon . - Ohio State University, Experimentefs Club, '27: Avon Clul1,i'27. BIILDRED RARDIN - "Mid" l ,, Ohio State Universityg Honor Societyg Avon Club, '25, Orpheus, '25g Y. VV. C. A.. '25, '28, Secretary, Les Enthousiastes Francais, '28, "Miss Cherry Blossornf' En- grossing Clerk, VVatauga House, Chairman, Honor Study. OLWER REEF Ohio State Universityg La Luz, '20, '2Tg Experimenters' Club, '27, ' STEWARD L. RELx'E,t-"Stan-" IJOROTIIY EVELYN RENNER - 0 Ohio State University, Honor Society: Student Council, '28g Organiqa- 0 tions Editor of Polaris, '28, Vifatauga House, '28: Vergilians, '27, '28: Haig Math Club, '26, 285 Avon Club, '27, '28: Les Enthousiastes 5 Francais, '28g Orpheus: Y. VV. C, A.g Honor Study Room Officer, i "Miss Cherry Blossom." E 3 U - lil U H U DUZlZlZTl!O 0222173395 IE 1 I l I I It D ll U Q 'E Q k W E P E Il U U U EIDE 5 ll'Ei1l'lIE1 III N IIIZ Q O BIIIIPON REESE Ohio State University. TIIERON RESSLER Purdue University. AUDREY ICELLER RICE Ohio State University: Office Training Schoolg La Aurora Borealg Los Ihericosg Y. VV. C. A.: Marigale Art Club. DOROTHY RICE Office Training School. EI.Iz.xBE'I'H RICIIARDS Ohio State University. M.tRG,xRE'1' RICHARDS Vkfheaton College: Student Council, '28g Vergilians. '27, '28: Haig Math Club, '26, '27, '2Sg Y. Wi. C. A.g Les Enthousiastes Francais, '28g Honor Society. - 0 RUTH RICIIARDS 0 Ohio State University: Marigale Art Cluhg Honor Study OmCCl'Q La Luz, - U ll Dt E I:n:1z::1:n.4n:o o::I:::I::n:Jr:1g 63 ZZIEJ :Im U u Q :J 5 'U 9 :Q- N 5 5 rf u U U H , E U U , , , A I O O DELMAR RICHARDSON Band, '26, '27, '28g Wataugag La Luzg Architects' Club. BRANDON RIGHTMIRE Ohio State University, Student Councilg Honor Society, Haig Math Club: Experi- menters' Club, Hi-Y. ROBERT ROACH Ohio State University, PAUL R. ROBBINS ' Ohio State Universityg Hi-Y, '27, '28, Haig Math Club, '25, '26, Avon Club, '26, '27, '28, Architects' Club, '27, '28, Orchestra, '25, '26. FIELEN ROBINSON Clark School, Northampton, Mass. EUGENE ROGERS Ohio State University: Architects' Club, '27, '28: Experimenters' Club, '27, 'ZB. o WILBUR GRANT ROGERS 0 Ohio State University. E :r III U U U U U pC1l3IlliIliliO OLT.lilillZGU ti-I is U U Q DUDE fe 9 P' W 5 E F Il U U H E O O Ill u E . Pinwo JOHANNES ROININEN -"Bob" Ohio State University: Wataugag House of Representativesg Commercial Club, Vice Chairman, Honor Study Room. Tolvix FOININEN Ohio State Universityg President, La Luzg Spanish Club, Vice Chairman, Honor Study Room. . WILLIAM Roou' - "Brill" Ohio State University: Basketball, l26, '27, '28, Chairman and Messenger, Honor Study Room, Baseball, '27, '28, Football, '28: Boys' Glee Club, '26g Student Council, '2T. RUTII LOUISE ROTH ' Office Training: Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary, Honor Study Room: Com- mercial Club, '27, '28. CHAS. A. ROWAN, JR.-"Racohorse" Ohio State University, Student Councilg Avon Clubg Les Enthousiastes Francais, Chairman, Honor Study Room, "Sweet Lavender." 0 OLIVE ROWAN 0 Bliss College: Orpheus. ELIZABETH L. ROVVLES I Ohio State Universityg Haig Math Club, '26, Les Enthousiastes Francaisg Nous Autresg Y. W. C. A., Vergilians. U K D U - LI 913311311120 Oi1EZ3iZEElU 65 llffilililil E U U U i 'E Q ? E UQ i F E U U l U U K O O I if ROBERT R. ROWLES-"Bob" Ohio State University, La Luz. CATLIERINE RUGGLES Radcliffe College: Y. VV. C. A.g Avon Club, Nous Autres, Vergiliansg Honor Society. FLORENCE A. RUHL - ,- Columbus Art School: Avon Club, '26, '27g Commercial CIGT, .'27, '28: Marigale Art Club, '26, '27, '28, Orpheus Club, '28, - RUTH RUSSELL F Ohio State Universityg Y. W. C. A. RAYMOND J. RYAN- "Ray" Ohio State University: VVatauga, '28. Rose BIARIE RYERSON Treasurer, Commercial Club, '27, Y. VV. C. A., '27, '28, Honor Study Room Officer, '26, '27, '28. 0 O CARL M. SAMMET Ohio State University: Business Manager of Polaris, '28: Hi-Y, '2Tg President, Hi-Y, '28, VVatauga Senate, '28, Vergilians, '26. U . U - U U U M E l gclgldiinlo !3l.T..lliZZClU i 66 IEEIICJQ U U U Q 5 T3 9 E E UD ? FF' t U U U E TT' Il O O 1i.vrHER1NE Lo1e1sE Sicmrzm' BERNICE SETTERLIN Ohio State University: Commercial Clubg Nous Autres. FRANCES WHT SCHnN'rz Palmer School of Chiropractic: Marigale Art Club. MAX SCHEIDERER - " Hwy" Ohio State University: Football, '2Tg Baseball, '27, '28, EVELYN SCHELLENGER Office Training School. SHIRLEY SCHERER , Ohio State University: Nous Autres: French Club. EDWIN SCHMINK Honor Society. 0 O U U U Q U gClElZllEO OllilCIlZEg 67 g THE PQILARILSS ANNUAL . .. p.:.m5 Ill U H C H U T L. V , o l 2 o LOUISE SCI-IMITT - "SclmnTttAie" Ohio State University: Marigale Art Club: "Miss Cherry Blossom 5" Polaris Room Representative. BETTY SCHOOLER Ohio State University. DOROTHY SGHUH - "Dot"i Capital University: Honor Society: Student Council: Vice President, Home Room: Honor Study Ollicerg Vice President, Girls' Glee Clubg Girls' Octetteg Orpheus. HELEN SCHULTE Ohio State University, Y. VV. C. A., '27, '28: Avon Club, '27: Watauga, '28. OLIVE SCOTT Marigale Art Club, '26, '27, '28: Avon Club, '26, '27, '28: Les En- thouslastes Francais, '28. J AMES WILLIAM SHARPE Ohio State University: Experimenters' Club. 0 0 THOMAS SHERMAN Ohio State University: La Aurora Boreal: Student Council: Watauga P House: Hi-Y. H 3 Q U .U ClClEZL.JlTll....IO cpi..n.'-i::1r:xl::IllQ 68 l 4 H ECI ill! Sml:1:1r:Jr"1 0 O U W w A :U P? '4 U IP 'P P3 O r-I PU U 0 m z g ' :gr 0 5225 522535 22 SS 5 O Z rn: .O "" O Z O 71 "5mb,nQ.L2mgwvf1 mm ,Uma 5-5'--"" - "" : 1+ . Z -1 ., 9' W 42 P5 ra rw :v3W2wS3?Wr2f'fQ 5 E O?m:E a'sf:,4c:L4 Q: N 5 Q ,121 va H115 E. ' E, 11 UU my OE ow ihfw "'fwf Q 2-51 -1 5' E :r' B1 :- 'A ' 'AQ' U3 F' 'S 2 Q 2 ' 05- A 5' vi 5' W 153-2, m 3, O E m E cn M 90---2' ,4 :QQQ -1: S Ein - w .-f Z Z" 'VL 5" " " ffafifgs-sad gmlpslvgaf 2 Q40 3 C44 E C: :ag i 3. Cm :S tg -'J 9 --1 'Y ggig UQ Ea. 2' 2' 4 SU, 55 'Jian Q? I 2 2 2 U2 ,O Q ri gm 03 2. 2. rr ge. Y ggsgwc 2 ' ,... -f 1+ If rn H H aa-2 F ga --Q5 Q 2 H EQ 535-2 E T211 w I l"' 552 , ff' cw 3 1: c-'wg sw' ag 2 PE 22092 gf : ,U U: , wg ,na Hz - Q 210 vang Ei Q91 I:U' ' Pa' ---1 Q gg' Ci, I LSP' Elijuio gm " 29' z'fAg"' Q ,,, : - f: r- 5 U25 MPEE' sv'- S, n f-+- ruff.. 15- '4 E : 355' -1 ' gm owl mls . :OB f-ffm ,Usa 51 'V' SH" 95' '- Q? fi? E4 BB :O mmm ...fb - 55 OE cn-1 n F,-1l'1'l UE. :O 59231 155 H' 5 FRE gf, 3 was .E--,fig O ' ,., n r U1 O S. as aug . 97 -. U gtg -11.0 2242, U CT FP' If 39 M U Q .. tml: r-lr-1 0 , O- 'l-' III U Q E F1 'E Q 3 W E 2 IF' In U U H QI , rib EI N. F W 69 'TIHIIE IPPQILARHS5 ANNUAL E ll1llCIlIl:lCl TU'-IEZESU 0 O JANET SMITH . Ohio State University, Y. XV. C. A., '28, Orpheus, '28, Avon Club, '28, Les En- thousiastes Francais, '27, '28, Girls' Glee Club, "Miss Cherry Blossom." LAURA SM1T1-I Ohio State University, La Luz, Y. W. C. A. ORTHA SMITH ' Ohio State University, "Golden Days," Honor Society, Student Council, Secretary, Senior Class, Vlfatauga Senate, Y. VV. C. A., '26, '27, '28, Honor Study Chairman, President, Les Enthousiastes Francais, Vice President, Avon Club, '27, Vergilians, '28, Orchestra, '26, '28. ROBERT B. SMITH, JR. . Ohio State University, Vlfatauga, '28, Experimenters' Club, '26, '27, Vergilians, '27. 1lrIARTHA SNYDER Ohio State University, La Aurora Boreal. JOE SOLER 0 0 1 Ohio .State University, Track, '27, 28, Cross-Country, '27, "N" Association, Flag-raising, '27, Avon, '26, Experimemers, '27, La Luz. KERN Sosm' Ohio State University, Nous Autres, Avon Club, '26, '27, Orchestra, 26, '27, Officer Honor Study Room. H E Q U . U UQQQLTH1-HijQ 021213550 70 U u Q mi 'E S Q E UR S IF' H U U ZIDCIE E ll l i 0 O I J LTLIETTE SPENCER Ohio State Universityg Y. VV. C. A. Cabinetg Polaris Art Staff, '28g Library Staff, '27, '28: Marigale Art Club, '28: Treasurer, Home Room, '28, Polaris Reporter, Ohio State Journal, '28g Avon Club, '27, La Aurora Boreal, '27, , Ozrx N. SPONSLER Ohio State University, "Romani Modiernif' '26. J ACK SPRINGER Ohio State Universityg Swimming Team, '28, WVatauga Senate, '28, Secretary of Honor Study. ' RUTH SPUNG A OHice Training Schoolg Vergilians, '27, '28. i AREMA STEELE Office Training Schoolg Avon Club, '26g Les Enthousiastes Francais: Honor Study Ofiicer. LUCILLE STEELE - "Lou' ' 0 0 Ohio VVesleyan Universityg Avon Club, '27, Y. XV. C. A., '26, '27, '28g I , Cabinet, '28, ' FAY STEVENS Ohio State University, La Aurora Boreal, Commercial Club. E E D E' U DC1ZlIli!liO o1::::J::l3ElQ, 71 E THE POLARIIS A E i I l 0 O BIARGARET STEVENS - "Margie " Ohio State University, South VVebster High School, '25, '26, Avon Club, '27, '28: i H Watauga. i RUTH NAOMI STEVENS l Ohio State University, Avon Club, '27, '28. EVELYN EVANS STEVENSON-"Bitty" Ohio State University. AILENE ST. JOHN A ' Ohio State University: Avon Clubg Y. W. C. A.: Watauga Senate, La Luz, Secre- l tary, Honor Study Room. BETTY STREEPER Ohio State Universityg Student Council, '28, Honor Society, Watauga House, '28, Y. W. C. A.g Avon Club, '27, '28, Nous Autres, '26,'27, '28. VIRGINIA STROUSE ' 0 Antioch College, Avon Club: Watauga House. 0 RUTH STULTZ Ohio State University, Y. W. C. A., '26, '27, '2Sg Orpheus, '26, '27: Volleyball, '27g Polaris Representative, '28. U 'U U U I:1I:n:u:xL.n...n-no O2lliIIEDU 72 :cami U U U Q i 'E 9 P W E ? IF U D U :Inaba ii IT l 0 O EMILY SULLIVAN IIARRY SULSBERGER Ohio State University. PAUL SUTTNER Ohio State Universityg Secretary, Honor Study Room, '27, Vergiliansg Experimenters' Club. EVERETT SWAIN S Miami Universityg Boys' Glee Club, '26, '27, Student Council, '27g Orpheus Club, '26, '27, Assistant Stage Manager, '28. ANNABELLE SWICKARD Ohio State University. Donofrnv FERN SWICKARD - "Dot" T Ohio State University. GERTRUDE SVVISHER 0 Ohio State Universityp La Aurora Boreal. 0 E1 5 i U H U c1m:1l:u:n::in:u::o or:n:.n:u:n:1c:1u O 73 U U Q EEE he 9 P W E E F Il U U H 5 ZZ Z"1I"l O O u ll U ANNA ELIZABETH TAYLOR- "Anne" Ohio State University, Y. XV. C. A., '25, '26, Avon Club, '26. PAULINE TAYLOR - ' 'Polly " Ohio State University, Los Ibericos, '27, '28, La Aurora Boreal, '28, Honor Society. XTIVIAN TAYLOR' Columbus Art School, Art Club, '27g Avon Club, '27, Vergilians, '27, SARAH ELLEN TEAGHOU1' i ,Ohio State University, Avon Club, Vice President, La Luz, Orpheus: Y. VV. C. A. JAMES TEMPLE - "Jimmy" Ohio State University. ALFRED TIBBALS - HAZ " Ohio State Ifniversity: Architects' Clubg Secretary and Treasurer, Hx-X, '27, H1-X Inner Council, '27, Treasurer, Home Room, '2T. BEN TILLEY O ECICIEEII E1 f"i ClDEIIlZilZO on-:n:n:n:n:Jl:JU 771 E THE, IEDQLAIPLHS ANNUAL '1" U U H u 0 O XVILLIAM THOMAS - Ohio State University: President, Student Council: Executive Board, '273 Wfatauga. '26, '27, '28g Hi-Y, '27, '28: Haig Math Club, '27, 'LZSQ Treasurer, '28g Vergilians, '27, '28g Treasurer, '28g Orchestra: Honor Society. ELIZABETH THoM.xs Ohio State University: Debating Club, '26, Vergilians, '27, '2S: Honor Society. Emo G. THOMPSON ' RALPH THOMPSON NVatauga. GERALDINE I. THOMPSON -- "Jerry" . Ohio State University, Experimenters' Club, Y. XV. C. A. l NORMA fiERTRUDE Tuom- Ohio State Universityg Y. XV. C. A. Do1zoT1'1Y TREES 0 Ohio State University: Y. XV. C. A., '2S: Student Council, '28g Library 0 Assistant. '27, '28, Secretary and Treasurer, Home Room. U lj . U - D n:n:u::n:s:i:ao omit-4.-1u:::zl3l3U 75 'll'-5C1..1....f:1:11:-GI:-O 'THE POLARIIS ANNUAL .....-.-. i'o 1:1f:1':1:1:1m3 III D U lil lj E 0 0 RALPH Mg TRIVELLA Ohio State Universityg Avon Clubg Marigale Art Clubg Les Enthousiastes Francais. BYNUM TROTTER Ohio State University: Boys' Glee Club, '28g Choral Union, '28g Haig Math Club, '27, '28g Vergilians, '27, '28g Watauga, '28g Track, '26, '27, '28. MYRL TROUT Ohio State Universityg Vergilians. PAULINE TROUT Ohio State Universityg Vergilians. Jo NELSON TROUTMAN- "Jo" Ohio Wesleyang Quartette, '25, '26, i :KATE TWITCHELL Ohio State University. NORMAN TYNE 0 Ohio State Universityg Ciceronians, '25g V ergilians, '26g Avon Club, '26. 0 ll Y U 'El U l:n:n:n:1:n:n':ao , ou:n:u::l:n:1I:1u 76' l O O Ill F. EUGENE UNCLES International Y. M. C. A. College, Avon Club, Basketball, '26, '27, Track, '27, Gym, '27, '28, Swimming, Orchestra, Band. PAUL URBAN Ohio State University, Student Court, '28, Honor Society, Watauga Senate, '28, Ver- gilians, '28, Haig Math Club, '26, '27, '28, Hi-Y, '27, '28. LENORE UTLEY Avon Club, Honor Society. BIILDRED VAN Dnnvom'-"Mickey" Ohio State University, Y. W. C. A., Orpheus, '26, '27, Marigale Art Club, '27, Avon Club, '27, Junior Basketball, Junior Baseball, Girls' Cheer Leader, '26, '27. CHARLES UNDERWOOD ' Ohio State University. EMMA WALKER Ohio State University, Honor Society, Marigale Art Club, '27, '28, Avon Club, '27, '28, Y. W. C. A., '27, '28, Haig Math Club, '28. HELEN WALLACE t Bliss College, Nelsonville High, Orchestra, Commercial Club. ami D U U Q 5 to Q P E rn P 3 rl' H U U H E O O 111 H E 5 U UEJEIIZZJIIJEO oliiilltillglcjg 1 77 .. ,I 'l :BLM l 4 O l l I wfmzfzwl:-Q i THE IQQILARIIS ANNUAL .i-l --. .1 wx RENCL M. QVVALTERS Ohio State University, Treasurer, Student Council, '28, Honor Society, Hi-Y, '27, '28, lVatau a Senate, '28, Vergilians, '27, '28, Haig Math Club, '26, '27, '28, Treasurer, Haig Math Club, '27, Library Staff, '28, Exu YN II XRVEY AVARD Ohio State University, Y. VV: C. A., '26, Orpheus, '26, '27, '28, Nous Autres, '28, Secretary, Honor Study Room. ' V EDITH YVATSON 2 Axon Club, '26, Y. VV. C. A., '26, '27, '28, Experimenters' Club, '27, '28. ROBERT M WATSON Ohio State University, Experimenters' Club. IXIARGARET WEBER - "Peg" - - University of California, Y. VV. C. A., '27, "28, Los Ibericos, '27, La 'Aurora Boreal, '28, Orpheus, '28. , ARTHUR ALLAN XVEISHEIMER Ohio State University, President, Junior Class, '27, Student Council, '27, Executive Board, Student Council, '27, Chairman, Honor Study Room, '26, '27, '28, Les Enthousiastes Francais, "N" Association, Base- ball, '26, '27, '28, Basketball, '26, '27, '28, Captain, Basketball, '28, Avon Club, '27, Polaris Room Representative, '27, '28, ERNEST VVEISHEIMER - ' 'Erm'c" Ohio State University. EIZIIl"lill so ov-1v:ar-n:vEJCJU 78 U H Q 'II H re Q P W 5 E I re' U n U E li i if O O U U , . NLARGARET WVELCH - "Marge " Ohio State University, Avon Club, '27, '28. HELEN XTIRGINIA WELLS " 'Ober1in, Orchestra. '26, '27, '28, Violin Quartette, '28, Honor Study Oliicer, '28, Y. W. C. A., '26, '28. BIILDRED WELLS - ' 'Midge " Ohio State University. FRANK E. WESLEY Ohio State University, Student Council, Architects' Club, La Luz. LIARJORIE LOUISE WEST -- "Marge" ' Ohio State University, Associate Editor, Polaris, '28, Y. W. C. A., '26, '27, '28, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '28, Advisor of Music Hobby Group, '28, Orchestra, '26, '27g Girls' Glee Club, '27, '28, Choral Union, '27, '28, Secretary, Honor Study Room, '28, Les Enthousiastes Francais, '26, '27, Nous Autres, '28, Avon Club, '26, '27, '28, Polaris, '27, '28, "Miss Cherry Blossom," '27, "As You Like It," '27. 0 O ALICE WESTERVELT ' Office Training School, President, Commercial Club, '28, Y. W. C. A., '26, '27, '28, Basketball, '26, '27, Manager, '26, Chairman, Home Room, Secretary, Honor Study, '26, '27. CHARLES OSCAR WHEELER - " W heeler' ' Ohio State University, Orchestra, '26, '27, '28, Honor Society, Student Court, '28, ' ' U E U U I5 n DUCJIZZXTIZO OilEiZEDE 79 mi D U U Q 'o 2 P W 5 5 le' Il U U E E' ll 5 IU 0 O I IEALPH VVHITEINIAN Ohio State University. ELIZABETH WHITNEY Ohio State University, Student Council, '28, Executive Board, Student Council, '28,' Honor Society, Vergilians, '27, '28, Avon Club, '28, Nous Autres, '26, '27, Y. W. C. A., '27, '28, Manager, Senior Volleyball Team. J EANNE VVILCOX Ohio State University, Orpheus, '28, Secretary, Haig Math Club, Girls' Glee Club, '27, '28, Secretary-Treasurer, Girls' Glee Club, '27, Vergilians, '28, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '27, '28, Ofticer of Honor Study Room, Honor Society. EDWARD M. WILKINSON- "Ted" Ohio State University, Toledo, Waite, Forum Club, Football, Track. ' EVELYN WILLIAMS - "Ev-ie " Ohio State University, La Luz, Spanish Club. BIARGARET ROSAMOND WILLIAMS O Graceland College, Ohio State University, Literary Editor of Polaris, .QI La Luz, '25, '26, Avon Club, '26, '27. WILLIAM M. WILLIAMSON. F University of Southern California, Secretary, Honor Study Room, '28, La Luz, '27, '28, Experimenters' Club, '27, '28. U Il S H -i:n:n:I:I:u::I..1o ' Ol'llli1i1l:li:lQ 80 3Y THE IQQLARHS ANNUAL OEEEEQDQ 'tl H ui U ll lil : ll 0 O JAMES WILSON Ohio State University. ll'LlQELV1N WVISEMAN Ohio State University. EDNA B. WILSON - "Dean " Bliss College: Nous Autres. JULIA WIMMER - "Judy" Nurses' Training: Art Club: Commercial Club: Y. W. C. A. XVILBER WINCHESTER Ohio State University: Central High: Hi-YA. LELAND D. XVISE - "Pete" University of Southern California: Radio Editor of Polaris, 'QSQ Ex- perimenters' Club. FRANK WOLFE 0 Ohio State University: La Luz: Architects' Club. 0 E E Q, U EI fPGCllIl2i1O OlII1iiiZClU 8l llTlLZlCIl:J U U Q el E 'G 9 P W E E F E H U it O O MALCOLM N1cHoLsoN VVOLFE Ohio State Universityg Orclmestrag Secretary of Bandg Gym Team, '26, '27g Hi-Y: "N" Association. CHARLES XVOODBERRY KENNETH WOOD Ohio State University. RUTH MILLICENT WOODRUFF Ohio State Universityg "San Souci3" Watauga, '27. ALICE A. WORLEY President, Y. W. C. A., '28g Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '27, Vice President, Junior Class, '27g Sophomore Class Editor of Polaris, '26, Senior Class Editor of Polaris, '28, RUVELLO ATXVELIA WRIGHT Ohio State Universityg Marigale Art Club, '27, '28g La Aurora Boreal, '27, '28. ' o 0 MiARIAN WRIGHT Ohio State University, Vergiliansg Y. NV. C. A. U U U U U D g.x:n:n:n:zin:o org-n::u:u:n:J1:n:x 82 EIU l"'UTlZ O O U U Q 'xiii 'O 8 E W E 5 re' ll U U E ii H n 1 IXIARY YVRIGHT Mann's College. , JXLBERTA M. YOERGER ,Ohio State University, Marigale Art Club, Orpheus, Avon Club, Haig Math Club, '27, Y. W. C. A., Nous Autres French Club. CLIFFORD YOUNG Ohio State University, "Miss Cherry Blossom," Nous Autres, '27, Orchestra, '26, '27, '28. CLAY YOUNG Ohio State University, Band, '26, '27, '28, Orchestra, '26, '27, '28. EARL YOUNG Ohio State University, Honor Society, Vergilians, '27, '28, Avon Club. '28, Orpheus, '27, Orchestra, '26, '27, Band, '26, '27. HENRY A. YOUNG Ohio State University, Avon Club, '27, '28, Baseball, '27, '28, "N" Association, '27, '28, Hi-Y, '28. 0 0 VVILLIAM YOUNG ll l n u Q U U Ecn:n:n..n...1:1o oil-n2:l:EJDU ,sa THE IPPOILARHSS A L i....a El El . U H E 0 O HIARGUERITE ZECHMAN Ohio State Universityg La Aurora Boreal. GLADYS ZERBY Ohio State Universityg Nous Autres. LIAXINE ALTHOFF Cincinnati Conservatory of Musicg Girls' Octetteg Girls' Glee Club 5 Secretary, Girls' Glee Clubg Orpheus. DANTE CHERUBINI Swimming Teamg Vergilians. HOYVARD GARDINER BURLINGAME Ohio State Universityg Experimenters' Club. JOSEPH H. BURNS Ohio State Universityg VVatauga Senateg Library Staff. THOMAS BURNS - "Tom" 0 Student Councilg Track, '27. 0 U U U H ClCll2ZZlllO 84" Emi U U u Q 'Ti Q Q E UD E F 7 u U U SEE E O O H ,L -9 . BIILDRED LARGE Ohio State Universityg Y. WY C. A., '26, '27, '28, Avon Club, '26g Commercial Club, '28, DARVVIN RENNER Ohio State Universityg Honor Society, Orchestra, '26, '27, '28, Avon Club, '27, '281 Haig Math Club, '26, '28, Les Enthousiastes Francais, '28, Honor Study Officer, '27, Watauga Senate, '28, Treasurer, Avon Club, '28g Nous Autres, '28. JOHN WILLIAMSON - "Buck', Avon Club, '27, '28, Experimenters' Club, '27, '28, Assistant Business Manager Polaris Staff. IiELEN FORSTER Honor Society, '27, '2Sg Commercial Club, '27, '28, Avon Club. 0 0 E E 3 u LUEZIL...I4llO Olllllilflgg 85 El3IIZlIlili1O u U U U U OiIllLTll ClEl'1O 'THE PQILAIPLHS ANNUAL 0 lT.liC2lZZIIE SVVEET LAVENDER CAST U U U U U Ol ll'l CJ E.Ti.fl H I U I U E Q H lg Clillililiilmg 86 'ras iaorniats anstuat . E El U D H SWEET LAVENDER . 0 O , U D In the selection of the Senior Class Play, the choice this year fell upon the delightful, domestic comedy, "Sweet Lavender, " by Arthur Wing Pinero, author of ' ' The Amazons, " " The Gay Lord Quex, i ' "Letty, ' ' and other standard English dramas. The presentation by the Senior Class was in the nature of a revival, as the original production occurred in London, in 1888. Its popularity is attested by the fact that it was played 683 times within two years, and has been translated and performed in Germany, England, Italy and Russia, besides a long season in America. Its success is due to its very simplicity. It is a sort of modern fairy tale, rather than an actual study of life, while its avowed purpose is to entertain - which purpose has, invariably, been achieved whenever acted. The cast was not only thoroughly adequate, throughout, but was - all things considered-really a notable one. The characters were intelligently conceived, emotionally interpreted and ably sustained. The vivid impression made upon the audience was largely due to the nice sense of balance, poise and proportion displayed by the young players. And while the entire company contributed to the artistic effect of the play as a whole, there were, of course, some outstanding enactments which merit more than a passing mention. To Elizabeth Nease, perhaps, should go the laurel wreath, for her charmingly naive realization of the title-role of Lavender. She was youth, innocence and sweetness combined. Though not the "star" part, certainly the most difficult one, was that of Dick Phenyl, so admirably played by Charles Rowan. His was the nearest approach to a truly professional bit of dramatic work of the carefully chosen cast. Handsome Jack Knotts was most attractive, not only to Lavender, but to most of the audience. He became a great favorite, before the curtain fell upon the last act. The principal character- work was in the hands of Beverly Jones and Everett Swain, who so cleverly acted the parts of Dr. Delaney and Mr. Bulger, respectively. The former had a delicious brogue, and the latter was irresistible in his serio-comic love making. Second only to Charles Rowan, in artistic work, was Mildred Vandervort as Ruth Rolt, the mother of Lavender. This young lady has a iine dramaturgic sense, and an emotional equipment which may easily carry her on to professional ranks, should she so desire. Completing the cast were: Dorothy Trees, as Mrs. Gilfillan, Louise Lamb, as Minnie Gilfillan, Robert Bollens, as Horace Bream, lVillard Commerson, as Mr. Hedderburn, and John Drake, as Mr. Maw. To Elizabeth Smith went the thankless, but important role of prompter and understudy. The success of this play is due to Mr. C. G. Olney instructor of dramatifs and English at North High for the last ten years. This is Mr. Olney 's thirty-sixth year at teaching and also his last. His departure from the faculty will be greatly felt by the school. ' Among some of his notable productions are: "Bunker Bean," "Strong Heart," "Daddy Long Legs," "Lend Me Five Shillings," "The Prince and the Pauperf' "Pollyanna," "Cricket On The Hearth," and "Pygmalion and Gala- tea." Goodbye Mr. Olneyg Good luck. . U H U U UDEIl'IliiiO Oll'JlilZDU 87 Ili? THE SENIOR DANCE IEEZIIIHQ U Il U Q 'E 9 P E UD P IF' ll U Il lil! 112135 EI Jolly voices and rollicking laughter mingled with the swelling strains of 1nusic. Happy faces and nimble bodies swaying to and fro 'neath a bevy of green and white. Howdy, Dot! Hello, J im! And a thousand other familiar greetings. What 0 ' a glorious dance the seniors were having. I 0 "The Teeth of the Gift Horsel' was the one act comedy presented in the assembly by five dramatic seniors. Virginia Ferree and Ivor Arinstead took the leading roles of Mr. and Mrs. Butler, with Ruth Dwyer, Irene Klug, Malcolm Shy and Lucille Bower as the supporting east. Refreshments were served and everybody had a jolly good time. CLASS DAY Class Day was June 8, the day 's program starting with a breakfast at 8:30 A. M. After the breakfast, was the presentation of the Hag and flag-pole, the gift of the Graduating Class. L As is the custom of the Seniors, the greater part of the day 's program was a surprise. The annual went to press before the day's program was known. SENIORS WHOSE PICTURES DO NOT APPEAR Kenneth William Baird Neil McMillen Benn Elliott Blinn Bob Mattox Luella Bowers Howard Leroy Millisor Donald Hickman Bullock Nellie Alberta Ogle Wilma Armecia Burnett Prentice Osborne Leo William Burr Georgia Adelaide Raylor Mary Kathryn Cochran Helen Lawson Robertson Joseph Francis Conti Sarah May Rooker Jay Vincent Eckhart Phurnia Beatrice Rosselet Donald Eesley Harold Robert Rubin Myron Eis Alan Schrader Harry L. Evans Martha Josephine Scott Mary Lewis Evans James William Sharpe Wellington Atkins Findlay Eleanor Marie Spratley 0 J aeques Robert Foure Margaret Louise Swisher 0 James Robert Glackin , Reginald Willis Testement James Edward Hasuer Marie Louise Trautman Richard Rutter Highland 'William Howard Wheaton John Gilbert LeBay William John Williams U ' Harold Huston McLain, H U ll ll ll 9 H gz:lc:t:.1l:1L:u:1o 0,1-,,Z,c:,:n3Ug ECI 11111110 THE PQLARHS ANNUAL H H U U U U U H H H I 0 O l fl UIIICIEZII 'cu H U U Q 12-13 Svvninrn .5 s E 1111210 'THE IFQILARHES ANNUAL E E U D H H Q Q i, i D H H H U ' U u u E E EE lI1llllO U L1Jll!ll!ilI on 1.1 TIHIIE, PQILARHS ANNUAL O U U U U U :i:nlr:lr:1l:u:Jr:Jg Ol gE1IIIC1Zl!1UillIlIlO U IJ U B U O U H U U III ' gl:1:c:1r-1r-mr-'1rl'lr1ao CI EEDEIIIICLZJ o O lllifzczurlg 5 H ' 4'-I " , 4'--I H4 "' f 2 S Q QU an L4 9.3 21 '51 5? 5? g' 5? 5' U Ii S 3 3 5' E EL! 2 E 2 :E 51' 0:1 fi 2 U s1t:,1wmJQd.1"'1d2+izmm+i 9521142025 'dl '1:1-THQ mfbvil 0 ,E'1o2"'f'0'-' o 'HCDKUMO o:1"'H-4o2:f-1 P150 0 ,.+ifL?3an3+?-GOD Q-'fu Fe'Gm'4P-'c:E5?"O hd Qefmcmmmfhgwow E'immw35PU""rQOb' e-DO 5 v-swam OZCDDU V-ff-P ,-.Henna U 2:55 HV ,4 5 WU Q mv?-9 ' mv-ebfsum ,Hmmew E 455.11 v-s OH f-s ,., Q fn :lf ' ' :sf M Bbdwbd NEIL, :K mio- ood O mmf :wo QUQCMOA :cgi Z lp-:Og51CD2:QE:,5'v'5O' " U2,,!-...PU r-g..c"gQQ4Q 211' JOUUS1 'I' ,-.514-, E-an Vg '12 51' 5: 5-l"Q VJ.: n-1-Eh W Gang' .... 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Lg" A7 Af' A .fn 5 famlui - fx ,f 1' -, . -' I ,V ls.,-" m Q I KN v MsE f Y1ED B I ' 'W' ""'JWN V ' W 'N M" A NN Q . f 51 1w.X I. " "if '5 1'. Q A 4:33 W3 4 'fb' Trl GD '- f - lim,':V':1:"-l'a:ff3 '5,'3:- I-V , X JJ: ','V W 'Y v , ' - ' if-'.2L'ZQf. Q 'QT I N"' A y.,- .P fiff- ""' 'Sf .-:': "Q' Q-"f""fa.E 'ffI-3' -Q.-ilnr'-1'.f' i 7 D - , ,. ,-v-.:-- ,-.f--3-..,.-.-.I ...f .-,.4,.4--,.,.. .l.-il,-.,w. . ." -.wlx .H f..-I ,- -.v.-.,',.:..'.. h-. ', , .. ., . L.:.-. ,,'..: I-,:,' '. . .,,.,1,, H lrlilili. 93 frlmi-1'E1p..Q.m-- THE IQQLARHS ANNUAL .1 H U ll U H 'H U U O O JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS . LEFT 'ro RIGHT: William Brown, treasurer, Ruth Larrimer, secretary, Louis Hinchman, president, Olive Gooding, vice president, Carl Ehrensberger, sergeant-at-arms. THE JUNIOR CLASS ,BY IYIARY CATHERINE BELL 59- ONG! A terrifying bell rings as we cross the threshold of the big awe-inspiring red brick building, into--who knows what? Vlfe hear the clatter of feet, the noisy babble of the cheerful voices, as girls and boys scurry down the cool, spacious, halls of this great North High School. Enviously we note the confidence in the faces of most of the people and then our heart goes out in mutual pity as we discern some kin- dred soul who is evidently as much at sea as to his where-abouts as ourselves. 0 Like a band of weary pilgrims we wander down first one corridor and then the 0 other. At last, desperate, we accost some sympathetic looking teacher and tear- fully we inquire: "Could you tell me where 206 is? " Such is the life of the Sophomore. Gong! A welcome bell rings out the glad tidings that school has begun again at last, after a long vacation. We hear again the clatter of feet, the babble of voices and with cool and delightful indiierence, we wend our ways downthe corridors. We know what it is all about now for we are J UNIORS ! U F L E ClUCllI1I'lli UECllIllIJllIi!O Olllllililzllzlllll 9-L E PS" THE PQLARHS ANNUAL 3 U After all who is more fortunate than we juniors? Ahead of us, we see shin- ing, the bright prospects of another happy year at North, and we have behind us the timorous apprehensive Sophomore year! We have many achievements to be proud of. Our junior class was exceedingly well-represented this year. Student Council was blessed with an ample supply of this goodly class, and ath- letics was well-seasoned with Juniors, too. On Student Court there sat four Juniors and the Y. W. C. A. found quite active members in their number of lllllili O Q O 1l.B's and 11A's. Several of North High 's outstanding people belonged to this energetic class. For instance, NVilliam Carroll was proclaimed All-High football captain by Co- lumbus' two outstanding papers, and the remaining four boys North placed on the team were, like their captain, Juniors. Hats oif to the athletic accomplishments of our class. C Prominent in Y. W. C. A. work were several Juniors who did much to make the Y. W. a success this year. Among them were Margaret Mitchell, Anne Laylin, Olive Gooding and Betty McClure. Our class of '28 was fortunate in having among its numbers several youngsters who had the honor of being sent to Chicago to the National High School Chorus. These distinguished girls were: Nadine Berry, Wanda Cochenour, Anne Laylin, Katherine Chandler and Virginia Vallance. With a membership of 494 pupils and the leadership our class has had what class could he but a success? As president, the Junior Class was fortunate in hav- ing Louis Hinclunan, who more than measured up to expectations. His dignity and poise were an added attraction. For vice-president, we had Clive Gooding whose winning smile added cheerfulness to the most dismal of situations. Our honorable scribe was Ruth Larrimer, and VVillia.m Brown proved to be a most competent treasurer. Last but not least the Junior Class was graced by the presence of Carl Ehrensberger as sergeant-at-arms. If a. more successful combina- tion is to be found on the face of this old globe, we. the class of '29, demand to know where this very fortunate organization is. D J ll B H U U U U DUECIliliO 052312.11355 95 U IIilIIlO THE IQQILARHS ANNUAL O Iil'lHI!ZlIICIJD U n E H U H D Q E U H H I , H E H E H gm :mm EEESDUQ 9'G E THE PQLA RHS ANNUAL 3 H . H E . U f H H U 0 U E o I H 5 u 5 D H L S H EDDECDCZMIIO 0111757-IIZIIIIUQ 9 ECIIZ il:1l.ilO THE PQILARHSS ANNUAL UZQI:llK-7 1 O -M Ol:l "ll"-lli'ilIIlI1 H GC1ZC3V"'IY"lY"""1l"1'lV"TO CJIjl 'liIlllllIEI:lU 98 ECI 22710 H U U U 9 'THE PQLARHS ANNUAL o 11:1 :snug U H H H H O ill Q EIICJI3IIEIIIlIllilO U H UD QD GEC? THIS, IPQILARIIS ANNUAL D ' 2IlZIIIIlI'lECI E E J IJ I U Q L E :f:mQQ.,Q54J 100 U U U GE Q E 9 2 P' gl U U E U U Ill 0 i-4 f-1 '1 -f 1 + Q Q9 s 5 gQ 5 5 3 551+ "' GQ v15 +1 "' '1 my-I U' f-D gpm re ff, Fmeswwwrw-gwrmaw H9 2-2.-as 2 Ham-fe .. :fa 'gat'-gags wsgilmi H . , V2 Ef? Qilifiiil Q gg- mF,w --' ' C3 em edge.-33-' devmmwri Qc- '.:So-DOp.a 11sDmc1:,,.G ee eaesew eeseee ESL' rTt-v-5"ul lE"I11gc-5 5 -FEQW' 7-'iw-4':,,2,.rn GCD "Q"5U-127 'QW rr? SPF' "iQ,..-- f5,,,?-f Q 1-I v-I H f v-4 1' '1 '-' 55 "ni SSW Q ,W -wass. wsmawa Piqzip .fpsm-ull 5:-?,,,,p1l-f.i1 is Sewwia 2'?E9H f""- GH:-.73 2f'Q,U'5mU I:-'P' 5" H7' ' f-'.-T"U"'4 A 7953 gp 52514 ffl-s"" 'Qi O' :,Uq5'24w5 P'-4 .1 :tgp O 513' Zhgf , ,-, ,WE-v-71 ....:.E'::r:m rPf+ -":U'1::3 C""f-roqof' 0 bqmco--X. .T v-,..,::"-' :Q Hg.-+258 5-,wE5.W3 " f-1 .C Fda if ,.m'4 -5' gy" 4 , ga.. 1-H-1 HQ HGH 2: sHwUH FDFT' H-!'4'FD"" 2' QEEEHL H-5-:E 25- 4-D -agp-1: Q4 C+,-In - ... QQ aswee? efeaaa ... on Em H15 H52m'b r-1 v-cw WOW KWQ-dv-1-Q-lgfg. EQ -fag' 22' 3E'E.E," W dm ,..+-: 'SSW row GE' v-gn ,44 41' Q '-' '1 ,-im " 'PT' rn Uris' 25335590 3' 59 'S ee 55? as ea ea? wzwfsu Ll" -A P14 ' ' 1 Qi 'S fag afiwwg -1 O' W I5 mr-4 ms: EO z:-,, AW- efnwiwgg H,,.. -.2 QP: QQ'-'Q f-r-N 5-val" "'O""' M"'g-' '-' fgi- vt?-1 "ff-4 -'Z ww'- ,.,4. :jr-5 0240 sw Rig? .-51 -1-,. :-:'-- ,,,cuU3-DJ4, Q: ' .-wg 53mg ro 9 D "" -19: In F, .. O W5 H gg ,fv- -Y we B' EWS-- 2- as 5 g ease Q no Gm. N. 3 F rf Ffa P- 2- 5: Z C :S :tu me i Q4 O :CD :im Q4 'S QE, ge 'DQ EQ I1 55 Q: OC BS :sw 1'1" -if :ian :ii 'A G1 Cm Se Ee Ex -4 J' -FF- D"'1 si' O e,Q'j 'o L Q2 mi af .mg F: :JE GH n-G 'TQ u-Y Q Q2 --5 ze gm :E IJ U E JUNIOR NAMES , J L 'PAGE96 Row 1, .Left to right: Helen Abbott, Ruth Abbott, Margaret Aehey, Helen Addison, Robt. M. Allen, Dorothy Andrews, Frank Anderson, Helen Ardrey, Kathryn Arnold. ' PAGE 97 Row 1, LEFT 'ro RIGHT: Lynn Cook, John Cornwell, Don Cox, Elta Cox, Betty Cramer, Thelma Crandel, Dorothy Jane Cross, Alice Cutler, Catherine: Daeumler. ' ROW 2: Mary E. Davis, Richard Davis, Robert Davis, Dorothy Davidson, Thos. Dawson, Richard Deeg, Ruth Dick, David Dillahunt, Audrey Dixon. Row 3: Ted Dixon, Dorothy Dolle, Dorothy Douden, Paul Drake, Ruth Drayer, Lucille Drake, Ray Dugan, Lewis Dulen, Elizabeth Dunn. ROW 4: Lester Durfey, Hortensia Dyer, Peggy Dyer, Mildred Dyer, Anna Egger, Robert Elliott, Robert Elson, Helen Ellwanger, Edward Erdmann. Row 5: Marion Eriksen, Harris Evans, Lloyd Evans, lVillia1n Evans, Frances Ewalt, Geraldine Ewing, Alberta Faigley, Oleta Farrel, Edna Fann. Row 6 :Geo. Fitzer, Howard Figley, Gertrude Fitch, Wilson Fleming, Ronald Folk,,Rnth Forinash, Helen Fowler, Lucille Fowler. Jack Fulton. Row 7: Mary Ellen Funk, Leonard Gabriel, Catherine Gaddis. Dorothy Gallagher. Ruth George, VVilma Givney. Catherine Gilbert, Helen Gilson, or- othy Good. t Row S: Olive Gooding, Virginia Graham, Norene Grace, Martha Grane, Virginia Greene, Virginia Greiner. Mary Gross. Chastl Haas, Jessie Hagans. Row 9: Elizabeth Hagerty, Dorothy Hall, Mabel Hall, Ruth Hall, Helen 0 Hamilton, Delmer Hamner, Tom Hammond, Roger Harris, Wilbur Hatch. 0 PAGE 98 Row I, LEFT T0 RIGHT: Wlillard Hatten, Adena Haynes, VVilma Heer, Mary Heiskell, Norman Henry, Frank Hill, Louis Hinchnian, Caroline Hiner, Glenn Hobart. li Row 2: Donald Hoague, Claree Holcombe, Keneth Hopkins, Fred Horne, I: Mildred Hoskins, Harry Houck, Theo Hausem, Phyllis Hover, Lois Huff. IDCICII . CContinued on next pagel U ClClElIIIliiO oizuznzirzzgujg 101 ' Row 3: Ruth Huff, Nell Humphries, Carl Inscho, Geneva Jacobs, Richard Jaques, Paul James, Julia johnson, Edith Jones, Annabel Janes. Row 4: Elizabeth jones, Ruth Jones, Virginia jones, Marian Justice, Violet justice, Reed Kaiser, George Karavasales, lza Kauffman, Gordon Keeshau. Row 5: Harriet Kelly, Harold Kernard. Richard Kinney, Maruice Keisey, Turney Keyes, Margaret Kilgore, Jane Kimball, Hazel Kiner, Rosemary Kinnan. Row 6: Richard Kinney, Janice Kirk Pauline Knicely, Alice Knechler, Eldred Kuppinger, Jane Lackey, Mildred LaDow, John Lake, Robert Lamptou. Row 7: Louise Lang, Ruth Larrimer, Mary Zary, Ann Laylin, Paul Lederer, Edith Leyman, Robert Lersh, Helen Lesher, Margaret LeSar. Row 8: Wilma Gibney, Lilliam Lind, Marjorie ong, james Loos, Cameron Boudenslager, Malcolm Louden, Eloise Lyman, Harold Mackenson, Marcus Maddox. Row 9: Helen Mauer, Louise Mahenay, Florence Mainette, Henrietta Mc- Celland, Donald McClintock, Mary jane McComb, Anne McDonald, Eugene McDonald, Hugh McFadden. PAGE 99 Row I, LEFT T0 RIGHT! Kathryn McKenna, Geneva McKebben, Louise Mc- Glaughlin,-Edna Manring, Maxine Mantell, Theresa Marshall, VVilliam Marshall, Florence Mock. Row 2: Katherine Miller, Clara Pauline Miller, Rebecca Miller, Margaret Mitchell, William Mitchell, Elizabeth Molder, Donald Montfort, George Mont- gomery, Oliver Montgomery. , Row 3: Gilbert Moody, Louise Moore, David Morrison, Ernest Myers, Dorothy Nichol, Marian Nicols, Olive Nigh, Sarah Neidf, Alice Neil. Row 4: Marjorie Nice, Mary E. O'Hara, Robert Owen, Elva Patton, Woodrow Patton, Ruth Parrott, Kathryn Paxton, James Pegg, Jack Perry. Row 5: Fern Pealstaff, Richard Prince, Gerald Pontius, Elizabeth Ports, Anne Posk, Helen Postle, Robert Potter, Virginia Pressler, Hettie Marie Potts. Row 6: Murray Rarick, Helen Raugh, Elizabeth Reeder, Bus Rees, Dorothy Relyea, Mary Ress, Helen Richwine, Grace Robideau, Aush Robinson. Row 7: Mary Rogers, Eino Reininen, lrene Raney, jenny Reeker, Florence Ross, Rebecca Ruggles, Ralph Rush, Dorothy Russwell, Elma Sachs. Row 8: Robert Salsbury, john Sanford, Eleanore Saum, Edward Seama- horn, Robert Shafer, Betty Schaussel, VVilma Schramm, Carlton Shaw, Evelyn Shumaker. Row 9: Myrl Simons, Durwood Sivill, Welsh Sloop, Robert Smilgh, Leora Smith, Lois Smith, Linnea Soterbleam, Gwendolyn Spencer, Russell Spencer. PAGE l 00 Row 1-LEFT 'ro RIGHT :Mitchell Sypke1', Carl Stats, Catherine Stambrook, Mildred Steinhouser, Douglas Sterner, Catherine Steward, Charles Chubb, Mary Stiles, Frances Stoltz. Row 2: Ann Stone, Harry Story, Emmett Strap, Don Stratton, Ned Strasser, Joe Swisher, Elmer Sharp, Norman Tharp, Evelyn Taylor. Row 3: Gladys Teeters, Donald Thompson. Alice Thorp, Janet Tiebrick, John Tritch, Mary Ellen Tyne. Charles Underwood. Ellwin Urton, Virginia Pallano. - Row 4: Roger Valentine, Marjorie VanArsdale, Marie Van Sehoik, Mary S. Van Valkenburgh, Francis Va-nsickle, Margaret Waite, Robert Wallace, Chrles Vifander, Charlotte Ward. ROW 5: Wilma Vilard, Thelma Warner, Robert Watson, Marion Watt, Doyln WV8lSl1, Agnes Vtfestfall, Damon NVetzel, Fern Wheeler, Louise Wheeler. Row 6: Malvin VVheeler, Samuel Vifitt, Julia WVllltll'lG1', Ernie VVilkins, William Miller, Russell Williams, Sara Williams, Ruth Vllilliams, Betty Vilison. Row 7: Roger Wilson, Mary Wiltberger, Cleo Winters, Karl Wise, Emer- son Wollarns, Robert Wooel, Jack VVoodwa-rd, Juanita VVright, Donald Vlfright. Row 8: Yetive Tissel, Edith Young, Edna Young, Marion Young, Ruth Zaring, Harry Ziegler, Howard Zimmer, Raymond Ratcliff, Ann Stone. li U Q 'TJ a V E UQ 5 F' E ll U Q Cl CJ l t t H IJ UUCIIIH-JL-Il-I0 A or::u:1:lL:1:1CJU 102 ' THE IPDQLARHS ANNUAL .i... E u ll .f 0 5 5 'arg Eg-2". -', 0 W 1 5 ..-ET.: in 1 in Q - , --- li --- LQ gf N , 3 M Q f 1 BE cr ,xx X.. V1 Y Vx 3 N T ' . Q N Af" X K. 'ff 'x J K X xf gn Vs'- gi f' xwv JM 3 L, Q 0 I X Q X 2 Avg 2 2 A NV j . Q K f 'M ,..f,,f:aff f f 4 vb X . dgixyf 1 ,AL?f,,L. if-Vggxxx. -,,,,f M W W H0 2 ' A f 522 12 - 'QNX K X 'WW 'K -'-. f j,.- xi? , A g i? f-N, .- ' ' N 'A , 1 1 M VI S? X 'W fffinc- - 0 -if . ,' ' .T ' ' 1 Mi X O :gg fln7f.f 1 f 1 1 7 'ff -1 - ' ff Af ...O 14. 20, . fn ' ' Q FU 7471! 415, ii. ,. -fi - X fa f' E Q U U H 4DDC3II1i!lZO Ofilillil ZIICJ - Q 103 at U U ll Q 'E Q P W E E liz' In U IU E lliliiil llE2Z O 4, O "l I Fl CU F' UP 1 U3 C 'Ti E c: The Sophomore class of 1928 was composed of girls and boys coming from Indianola, Crestview, Everett, and Eleventh Avenue schools. The fact that this class was not organized did not keep some of them out of North 's activities. Some of the most outstanding classmates were Joe Baker from Indianola who made the football teamg "Bus" Briggs from Crestview, cheerleader who also made the gym team 5 Marie Sullivan from Crestview who displayed unusual talent in the 'iPolar Bear Froliesf' In Y. VV. C. A., Glee Clubs, Orchestra and NVatauga this class was well represented. The members of this Sophomore class gave their best to North and hope v II to have made a part of its history. . ITARRIET STEELE. l it 0 - 0 U H U D H U l'JC!EC1illiO O,-:.,,:J:,:,DUQ 104 f:n:n:n3r:J i110 THE PGILARIIS ANNUAL EF"- E H H U I 4 U H :4 ll ISI H M uk! U 0 I O 4 . . gg iinhlrraimn I . 15 1 I U H Q H Q H Q 5 Ei' I3 TIRIE EOLAIRLILSS ANNUAL . QIZLEA3 U U lj Il H THE POLARIS STAFF I EDITORIAL STAFF TOM ERVIN ....... ........................... .... R I ainaging Editor MARJORIE WEST ..... ...... A ssociate Editor 0 ALICE WORLEY ........... .... S enior Class Editor 0 BIARY KATHERINE BELL .... .... J -Imior Class Editor H.ARIETT STEELE ........ ...... S ophomorc Editor RUTH GEARING ,..... .... 0 rga-nvization Editor DOROTHY RENNER...... ..0rgaiiiza,tioii Editor J OSEPHINE BELL ...... ....... L iterary Editor INIARGARET WILLIIXDIS .... ........ L iterary Editor X7ERA FULLER ......... ..... S ocial and Personal BIARJORIE IXDERHOLT .... . .Social and Personal ELIZABETH SMITH ....... ..... H ome Room Editor CHARLES CHRISTOPHER .... ..... E :cchange Editor BIARGARET HOURIGAN... ........... Locals Editor CHARLES MORGAN ..... Boys' Athletics Editor RICHARD AUSTIN .,... Boys' Athletics Editor HELEN EAGLE ..... Girls' Athletics Editor JEAN ERVIN ..... Girls' Athletics Editor LELAND WISE .... ........... R adio Editor BUSINESS STAFF CARL SAMMET ..... ............................... B usiizess Manager LILY CLEVENGER ..... .... A ssistaiit Brustness Manager DORIS HOOLEY ..... .... A ssistant Business Manager IVOR ARMISTEAD ..... . .Assistant Business Manager AIALCOLM SHY: .... .... A ssistant Business M aiiager JOHN DRAKE .... .......... C i-rculatioii Manager JACK KNOTTS .... Assista-not Circulation Manager JULIETTE SPENCER EARL CLARK HELEN PEALER JACK FULTON DOROTHY RELYEA CARL INSCHO 0 CLYDE CLARK HENRY WILDER 0 POLARIS BOARD STANLEY LAWRENCE .... ..................... ' . . . .... Chairman H E. M. SELBY .......... ....... T reasurer 1: U MIISS MARY GALE .... ...... A rt Advisor E U EARL D. IMZAYER ..... .... B usiness Advisor U Q H rQ:Il:.II':.Il::Io oI:'..n::l:II:1l:lCIg e1 mil . J:-. J: w.-..-- Tiara, PQLARHS ANNUAL- ...i........OlZ1"l":'f3UUE U H u H it H O O Ton Envm--Mmzaging Editor JOHN PRAKE-CifCuI0fi01l Manager CARL SAMMET--Blkiillvii' Manager A N JOHN BARCROFT-Managing Editor. Rcxigned April MARJORIE XVEST-Assoriafc Editor. EUGENE P.-KCKER-CifC1l10-fi01l- Manager. Resigued April JOURNALISM 1928 With the distribution of this year-book the Polaris Staff brings the yearis work to a successful close. Besides the publication and sale of S50 annuals the stalf throughout the year has edited the bi-weekly Polaris, a four-page news- paper. Over 1000 subscribed to this paper and fifteen issues were printed. At . Christmas a special edition was put out that contained eight pages and was 0 printed in two colors. The Polaris also helped to form the National Scholastic 0 Press Association as a charter member, along with the leading high school papers in the country. ' In the seventh annual High School Publications Contest of the School of Journalism at Ohio State University the Polaris was given honorable mention U among newspapers from sfhools with more than 1000 attendanceg It was also awarded first place for the best single editorial in the state. The. editorial, ll "Youth and War," was written by Carl Harm, who thereby becomes "Champ" E state high school editorial writer. U . 107 I-l -l'H-. ..UU'3':1:'Z'O 'THE PGILARIISS ANNUAL 1...l."""'-' :f1:1f:i1:1f:'-C13 U U U - U ii E O O 0' O TOP Row: Ruth Geariii, Alice VVorley, Dorothy Renner. SECOND Row: Richard Austin, Helen Eagle, jean Ervin, Charles Morgan. THIRD Row: Josephine Bell, Vera Fuller, Marjorie Aderholt. , BOTTOM ROW: Elizabeth Smith. Charles Christopher, Margaret Hourigan. I ilgil Margaret Williams. U Q D . U H H ClEIIDlIJZill1O 108 r f THE PQLARHS ANNUAL i U U U ll U H H O O O O TOP Row: Doris Hooley, Ivor Armistead, Lily Clevenger. - SECOND ROW: John NVilliamson. Harriet Steele, Leland VVise, Mary K. Bell. THIRD Row: Juliette Spencer, Clyde Clark, Dorothy Relyea. . U BOTTOM Row: Jack Fulton, Earl Clark, Helen Pealer, jack Knotts. U I3 U 5 U ClClC1Zl'L'JilliJO 1 QIIQQIZDQEIUE 109 H THE PGILARHS ANNUAL YEARS OUTSTANDING EVENTS SEPTEMBER- School opened after two weeks delay. Nobody cared! Polar Bears held a big drive. XVho ever heard of a Polar Bear driving anything? OCTOBER- A big Carnival was held in the stadium and on the Athletic field. Olive Jones was crowned Queen of the Carnival and Glen Crihtield was crowned King. Everybody had a good time! Long live the King and Queen!-They helped to pay for our athletic iield. .NOVEMBER- ' Open night at North. NVe didn 't k11ow our parents had such bright children. Senior election. Many chins went up in the air! North won city Football Championship. NVe knew the Polar Bears had it in them! DECEMBER- Student Council conducted drive for Christmas donations for the poor. There sure are a lot of apples, pennies and potatoes loose in this world. Y. VV. C. A. and Hi-Y presented a Christmas program well worth seeing. J ANUARY- Y. VV. C. A. had a big swimming party. Nobody was drowned! Hi-Y frolie. FEBRUARY- Semester ended! Vifhat a relief ! Annual Hair Ribbon day. Some girls certainly do look sweet and innocent with the addition of a pretty hair ribbon, especially some of our dignified seniors with long curls! Basketball Tournament at Delaware. The Polar Bears put up a good fight. MARCH- Rotary Luncheon. NVe have a lot of clever students at North. Mr. Collicott addressed the Honor Society. My, what a good looking group! Junior class selection -Louis Hinchman led the class. APRIL- A big Polar Bear frolic was held in the Auditorium to raise money to pay on the Athletic field. Some real acts were put on, especially the faculty act. It was real, honest? to-goodness comedy! Hi-Y ran the city. Tt's too bad we didn 't have a break over at the pen or something. Seven North girls went to Chicago to take part in the National Chorus. MAY- .Girls ' Athletic Banquet. Senior Class play. Some of our seniors sure are good actors-they had to be to graduate! Senior Dance. The latest fashions from Paris were on display! JUNE- Baccalaureatc sermon. Class Day. Graduation. EICIIIJZI il...1l UO Cr'-lr if 112 110 lilfilililzlll zinc Orin DIIlDIIJIlliCl THE PQLARHS ANNUAL 4 W iff 4: Qrganizaiinnn F: 1 1 I 14 11 U U Q E llilllfliillfi ! O O THE PQLARHS ANNUAL DENT COUNCIL le lllillfl I Olill STU l"llf 1Q U U U U U 0 U U U U U U C1EIE11ll"'Ui-'I U U U STUDENT COUNCIL PURPOSE of the Student Council at North is to give the pupils , an opportunity for self government, and to bring about a closer relationship between teacher and pupils. One person is elected to represent every thirty pupils. Senior Class President, Glenn Crihiield, Junior Class President, Louis Hinchman and Managing Editor of Polaris, John Barcroft became members ex-officio. The principal undertaking of the Student Council this year was to help pay the debt on the athletic field. In order to do this the council sponsored various forms of entertainment, some of which were dancing in the gymnasium on Fridays, African film, and a Polar Bear Frolie in the auditorium, and Hair ribbon and Windsor tie day in which the entire school participated. Those in the picture, left to right, are: BOTTOM Row: Betty Streeper, Mary K. Bell, Robert McCormick, Olive Gooding, Paul Lederer, Louise Lamb, James Kinney, Mary Schwartz, Guy Plummer. SECOND Row: Elizabeth .lnnis, Ted Dixon, Jeanette Allard, Donald Mahanna, Virginia Ferree, William. Thomas, Ruth Gearing, Lawrence Walters, Miss Sleanor Skinner, James Healey, Paul Drake. THIRD Row: Ruth Harper, Virginia Vallence, Benjamin Knepper,.Iean Blaike Dorothy Trees, Margaret Richards, Dane Justice, Margaret Marsh, Katherine Conrath, William Guthrie, Elizabeth Crater, Evelyn Miles. FOURTH Row: Richard' Austin Anna Ruth Fulton, John Haines, Dorothy.Renner, Evelyn Natross, Isadora 1Delzell, Douglas Sterncr, Doris Mjull, Tom Ervin, jean IUC! lil D O Il'I U D Q DDE 5 fn Q 9 E ci 5 Lei E ll U H E Humphreys, O 0 U U D D E n Ecuznzizainzmo O!il'l1'lZZlIlIIJg 113 EELS IZl:IJliIO G THE PQHLARHHS ANNUAL O ililillillllg H H H H H H H H H H H Em:-EEE H CCE:--:EUHR 114 H ' THE IPPQILARHSS ANNUAL if THE EXECUTIVE BOARD 1122 llillliiij TEn:u:n:J1:n,.1 o o U U E L , LE NX Q4 2 Qgmzsgmmzfi bjgfgiifj rs Qdm Q'+4f,,'9s:i-..E0Q.,-. cgfnnqb 0 5 322 3"f:QeT:-Simi Qgme 'vm-a'n-zha 3,135 wgg- vgwizgg za., Q avmzwa -mm 'awww :-Q, wg :aww -Ilia? ' M 2:3 32QQE?g2'Q,S?5',:3 6535 Iligcvg 5 5 QSM' - Pijgsblgrf. og- . F. Sgt: 5, Q ' :-:'O. . ' . Ql- Zomzff 2 ENN 'S.Q.E-4Q.- --fw- QEJESH 3 :Em 25.1 '-2.15 Qzg -5.-iv-:I .. 1 CD 'Krug' Z. 4 Z. '-4 H Q00 ' ' . . ' EWQE? hz E N22 -. ' F55-2: O ? 'UCF ' W: " 5 A QN-C. VQQQU1 5 Q I 52:52. E '11 1 Zvi? -3 QP -f' - '42,- . , ' . -,Cum Q , ' . .H gg - , ZW?-45' E C: ' ' I1 I -- w - - . T152-5 " :-1 T' -pa . eg-:2 Q E3 - 1 . -' :r g be Q6 . oEE?f :. T' '43 - 1 .":tq-141 rs H - '71 . ed DP :T1 3 :twv-r.'5 if 5 U ' ,-1 . 3'-2 H' rf: 'U - QPA' v2-' P' 4 2'-' - 2121? E' 4 E73 -C I 0 ' ' E.:--if 'n I ME: 2 'PU - 35"--5 -1 Uj - : 1-'Tru . 5-52fl-NTP Lx! . ' gg? 2' S , Q. . 1.45-UU E 'E 21- ,- . ri .. o Q --' m . ' ' ' -- ' - D. - . Ei-ml? :Q . :FI j . . j I 2 . 21. QQ. , gg F, 51 Lug .v- Q - 1 -I gi gf: In 5 - Oar ezuuw- ' -1151? 25555: E:.::':: ,. L. H-1-1:11 gmc :UL457'-f"" Q- ::2'U 5 . '-'Viz tf1q1QC'4g'-4 OC'-ff" 3525 5 ZW f2rZzHmPifmm mszf m v-up 'Ha 71 '-H7020 H-475 ' 3 Cdgpul ?f4veP"'4:ZH'4 Z 2 ' 0 5 U' 555 H3250 2 Own, m0pP1WvPP'zr rvw -1 avg.-. CD, 'ummxrr ... ammo fn - r1:eZ Z 2 ,H gg, , o, an ,wx for 4 L1 as 5 'mfr ZOAr11:vmr11g1Gr:11 mZr1::, U Q -322: fazvsuramsowwx cnlnmm U U C12 ll O O H5 T THE PQLARHS ANNUAL !gcJr:c3z:1L:1iJrl:1r.i'lo " orl1rini1r::f:1::1:1 U H Q 5 U U U grJc:1:1,f:fvgu:.'.gn,-r.::c-.L-1c A O1l1L:ll1L'1r:I1CZ'1E:J:3r:1 116 THE STUDENT COURT .. IN APRIL, a little more than two years ago, there was instituted the I newest form of student government, a Student Court, which was l A I organized to cope with the growing problem of cutting. The court ELPH! ,A W has done much to solve the problem by trying to make the students realize that when they cut they are lowering the standards of the school and breaking rules which are an obligation on all. As first organized the court consisted of seven judges, two bailitfs, and a clerk. In 1927 was added the office of court stenographer to make possible a double check on testimony and sentences. Miss Imogen Squires, who is a practicing lawyer, is the permanent faculty advisor and was present at all meet- ings of the court. Every spring each home room nominates for the court as many represent- atives as it has members 011 the Student Council. From this group twenty are selected by the eligibility committee for the students to vote on. All students have the privilege of voting for any seven out of the selected twenty. The seven receiving the highest number of votes become the judges. They in turn hold a spring meeting and elect from the remaining thirteen candidates two bailiffs and a clerk. Miss Squires appoints a stenographer subject to the approval of the court. . This year the members were: Mary Phelps, presiding judgeg Helen Eagle, Ruth Montgomery, Katherine Paxton, Helen Richwine, Joseph A. Thomas, and Allan Tracewell, judgesg William Bennett and Paul Urban, bailiffsg Bea Atkin- son, stenographer, and Charles Vilheeler, clerkg Jo Scott was the stenographer for the first semester but her pla.ce was taken by Bee Atkinson when Jo graduated in February. The office reports cases of cutting to the court and teachers may prefer charges in writing. Once indicted a pupil is notified to report to the court where, after hearing his charge read, he is questioned by the judges and allowed to plead his case if he decides to plead not guilty. XVhen the evidence has been presented the judges decide the verdict by a majority vote. The only forms of punishment used by the court are the assignment of detention periods and thi revocation of privileges such as honor study room membership.. In case the student is a chronic offender or is convicted of contempt he may be recommended to Mr. Everett for suspension. CHARLES XVHEELER. Tor Row, LEFT To RIGHT: Paul Urban, Mary Phelps, Helen Eagle. SECOND Row: Alan Tracewell, Miss Omogen Squires, Joe Thomas. T1-HRD Row: VVilliam Bennet, Kathryn Paxton, Ruth Montgomery. FOURTH Row: Beatrice Atkinson, Helen Richwiue, Charles VVheelen. E U U Q a fa fe 9 k EU 5 5 ei U U U H ii C32 O Il U U 5 Q U Il 5133131113110 OZJZIZZEUU U7 i'6 U O L I JllllZ ClC1L'.I1Ell'll1IlflI .lO 'THE PQILARHS ANNUAL HONUR STUDY OFFICERS O U U U U U 1.-:11:::l:11:s:ng Ol'.llT l ET.T.-JO EE1CI!"'IliV""l!"l1 O CJCIUU 118 ,.,1 ii U U U I Q Q Zll"l D:-m:i-:NIO THE IPQILARIIS ANNMAL - H U Il - O HONOR STUDY ROOMS IQ ? IONOR Study Rooms are now an established institution at North High ' 1, A School. They are run on the honor principle, it being the duty of , the individual within the room to conduct himself properly without ' ' Q a teacher in constant attendance. Every pupil in the room is pledged to refrain from communication with any other pupil, unless per- mission has been granted. The officers, who are a chairman, vice-chairinan, see- retary. and messenger, are chosen by the pupils by a vote. The Honor System has been a decided success, as is shown by the comparison of the attitude of the pupils in honor study rooms to those in non-honor study rooms. The pledge each pupil signs after three teachers vouch for him is as follows: " In order to develop self-help and self-control I hereby apply for admission ro the Honor Study Room. If permission to be a member is granted to me, I will show lllj' appreciation by pledging myself to refrain from all communi- cation and to do all I can toward preserving excellent order." Q The honor study officers in the picture are: BoTToxr Row LEFT T0 RIGHT: George Fellows, Mary K. Bell, Mary Phelps, Janice Kirk, Eloise VVells, Maxine Dyer Zlllfl Miss Kutz. SECOND Row: Ailene St. john, Robert Bollens, Alice VVoI-ley, Ned McLaughlin, Marjorie VVest, Douglas Sterner, Ann McDonald, Paul Ashley, Betty McClure, James Kinney and jane Harris. THIRD Row: Miss La Velle. Helen Munsey, Vincent Priorc, Virginia Ferree, john Tritsch, Dorothy Reimer, Charles Rowan, Mildred Rardin, Harry McArthur, Margaret Richards, Harold Ellis and Miss Skinner. FOURTH Row: Mary Caldwell, Alice'XVestervelt, Virginia lrwin, Dorothy Schuh, Louise Lamb, Jean VVilcox, Franklin Neel, Ronald Culbertson, Miss Green and Mrs. Corner. FIFTH Row: Richard Biddle, Helen VVells, Helen Pealer, Louis Hinclnnan, Miss Baldwin, Marvin Slagcl, Richard Shirey. Roderick Shirey and hvlllllllll Root. SIXTH Row: Robert McQueen Allen, Jack Knotts, Benjamin Knepperg Harold Dixon and Williaiii VVllllZ11'llSOll. STELLA Bowsx. h7IY1.-KN TAYI.oII. O l""Il"ll U U U 3321111210 ovin:.u:I:i1:lEIU ll9 ll'lIIIIZCIU L".ll Of EEC! O THE TQQLA RHS ANNUAL Q4 HGNQR SOCIETY EII1ZlI1llll I lO 35311 Olifllil 120 E THE PQLARHS ANNUAL E U D U U H H O O President ................... 'if ............... PAUL URBAN V-ice President ........ NIARY PHELPS it Student Treasurer .... EVELYN lllILES Secretary ........ Rt-TH MONTGOMERY Faculty Treasurer.A. B. WALTERMIRE HE National Honor Society of Secondary Schools had the pleasure 1 this year of presenting to sixty-five seniors of North High School the 1 eminent honor of membership in the local Charles D. Everett chap- ' ter. Requirements for membership are: ninety per cent E 's and G's during the four years of high school, good school spirit, out- standing character, and leadership. Only fifteen per cent of the class may be chosen, and, as a consequence, many obtaining the requirements, but at the lower end of the list, were not among the chosen few. Of the sixty-five members, five were rated at one hundred per cent, having received all Els during their four years of high school work. The heads of the departments with Miss Eleanor Skinner as chairman, com- pose the committee on eligibility for membership. ,As they appear in the picture, left to right: BOTTOM Row: Elizabeth Crater, Darwin Rennerl, Elizabeth Rowles, Richard Owen. I SECOND Row: Dorothy Renner, Mildred Rardin, Mary Gehring, Miss Skinner, Evelyn llgxles, Paul Urban, Ruth Montgomery, 'Mary Phelps, Lawrence Walters, jean Ervin, Ruth wyer. THIRD Row: Naomi Adrian, Emma Walker, Elizabeth Thomas, Earl Young, Mary Troutman, John Haines, Elizabeth Whitney, Joseph Bishop, Esther Bachus, Betty Streeper, James Kinney. FOURTH Row: Virginia Ferree, Richard Austin, Doris Mull, Stanley Noe, Catherine Ruggles, William Guthrie, Mary Landis, jacob Koenig, Margaret Richards, Isadora Delzell, Elizabeth Smith. FIFTH Row: Dorothy Schuh, Florence Grabiel, William Thomas, Jean Wilcox, Evelyn MacDonald, Margaret Marsh, Katherine Hunter, Ruth Russell, Lucille Christman, Mary Hambleton. Tor Row: Edwin Schmink, Melvin Reese, Thomas Ervin, Brandon Rightmire, Judd Bennett, Richard Bachman, Charles VVheeler. ' Doaornv RENNER. go 0 Z l IQ U H 121 24 llfliifilfjll 1 SU THE PGLARHS ANNUAL L' fi U :H 3ZE I 0 O 'cn M 5 Cd LT-I UD M E E I I U U U U U M U U H ,D 0211122503 I ' THE PQLARHS ANNUAL LIZIJIIICIEJ I I3S GIRL RESERVES 1'I-esiclcnf ............ ALICE XVORLEY Secretary .... . ..... JEAN ERVIN Vive Presiclent ..... VIRGINIA FERREE Treasurer .......... Es'1'IeIEn B.xoKUs Representatitfe-atLarge ...................... ITELEN EAGLE O Ili! . 1 URING 1927-1928 the Y. W. C. A. had a very successful year witlI , , in the form of a Capsule party was held at the beginning of the year. Q! I III February a Valentine Tea was given for the new girls. I The theme for the year was "VVeaving a Perfect Life," each meeting repro- senting a different colored thread in the loom of life. - This year tlIe idea of separate Interest or Hobby groups was used. The tive groups and their advisers were: Poetry, Miss Mayes Rickey, Music, Marjorie Vtfest and Helen Elliott, Dramatics, Catherine Calaway, Handeraft, Miss John- son, Hiking, Miss Genevieve Griffith. The group meetings were held twice a l1lOlltll. ' The Christmas program was again given by the Y. W. C. A., consisting of a Christmas play presented by 1HGD1lJ6I'Si0f the Girl Reserves and Hi-Y. At the conclusion of the play baskets filled with food, clothing and toys to be delivered to the poor. were brought to the stage. The advisers of the clIIb were Miss Hazel Faringer, Miss Marie Mulligan, and Miss Faye Rees. Bo'r'I-OM Row: Dorothy Trees, Norma Thorpe, Helen Pealer, Louise Lamb, Miss Hazel Faringer, Jean Erviii, Juliette Spencer, Cabinet Artistg Margaret Mitchell, Social Chair- man: Virginia Ferree, Alice VVorley, Lucile Steele, Social Service Chairmang Helen Eagle, ,Ieanne 'Wilcox, Program Chairmang Mary Phelps, Devotion Chairmang Marjorie NVest, Music Chairman: Miss Marie Mulligan, Thelma Fink, Jeanette Moorehead. SECOND Row: Louise Moul, Maxine Dyer, Dorothy Mapes, Margaret Howell, Eliza- beth Innis, Mildred Clark, Virginia Drum, Mary C. Bell, Frances Dum, Ruth Seip, jane Harris, RIIth Bullock, Janet Smith, Margaret Bailey, Gertrude Mendenhall. THIRD Row: Ruth Dwyer, Nadine Berry, Marjorie Aderholt, Dorothy Renner, Evelyn McDotIalcl, Mildred Rardin, Geneva Kuntz, Dorothy XVinemiller, Dorothy Fuller, Margaret Perry, Margaret Beatty, Helen Elliott, Eleanor Gahagen, Clara Hokum, Lucile Michael, Helen Houston, Margaret Jones, Virginia Patton. FOURTH Row: Edna Manring, Alice McFadden, Dorothy Herrick, Catherine Arnold. Frances Mendenhall, Geneva Lechleiter, Maria1I Justice, Mary Caldwell, Edith VVatson, Helen Conwell, Emma NValker, Betty Streeper, Elizabeth Whitney, Dorothy Hicks, Mary Ann Mayer, Mercedes Clover. ' FIFTH ROW: Mary Austin, Louise Wiheeler, Elizabeth Dllllll, Mary Gross, Gertrude Fitch, Mary Brown, Thelma VVarner, Virginia Griener, Sylvia O'Dell, Mildred Large, Dorothy Dovel. Julia NVimmer, Fern VVheeler, Peggy Dyer, Jane McLaughlin, Frances McLaughlin, Rebecca Miller, Jean Young, Rebecca Ruggles. SIXTH Row: Eleanor Porter, Maxine Mantell, Theresa Marshall, Helen Riehwine, Anne Laylin, Jean Marshall, Elizabeth Neiswonger, Margaret Richards, Elizabeth McCoy, Doris Agler, Margaret VVebber, Mary Ferguson, Mary Bennett, Clara Louise Goss, Marjorie Mer- -cer, Ellen VViley, Margaret LaSarr, Alice NVestervelt, Ruth Stultz. SEVENTH Row: Mary Von Faulkenberg, Garnet Scheir, Virginia Daniels, Frances Mc- Clellan, Dorothy Russel, Ruth Hall, Janice Campbell, Cleo lNinters, Juanita VVright, Virginia Beyerly, Ellen Babbitt, Polly Miller, Louise McLaughlin, Betty Bolin, Sara VVilliams, Betty 0 McClure. EIGHTH Row: Alberta Yoeger, Janet Miller, Margaret Xvesley, Geraldine Tracy, Mary E. Mendenha-ll, Gwen Meredith, Vifginia McCoy, May Ziebold, Alice Kuechler, Hortensia Dyer, Frances Bodtish, Mary Ellen Funk, Mildred Clark, IFCIIC Miller, Helen lVells, Mary Hambleton, Elizabeth Smith, Lucile Christman. NINTI-I Row: Lily Clevenger, Irene Ranney. Cleo Kain, XVilma Gibney, Lois Binns, Eloise Lyman, Florence Landen, Helen Munsey, Lee Atwell, Dorothy Jane Cross, Dorothy Leezer, Ruth W'oods, Roberta Mills. Julia VVhit1ner. O I: - BIARJORIE ADERHOLT. li U JEANNE Wtneox. E U U A U D UElE!Z1lilO OiiIiZElC1U 123 : gl- an enrollment ot one hundred and seventy-tive members. A mixer lo' 'fi .ff ,ff 4 j ! IlKl'liKZIZC1D Oil! E H 'THE IPQILARIIS ANNUAL HI-Y CLUB Eu3ml:1l:u:ni U U E E .I ZIZf.:fIVlUll7-3-W SIZE Illi O ll ll Q E 5 5 E en Ez' ll ll U E E 0 HI-Y CLUB President ............. ......... C ARL SAM MET Vice President ........ .... BENJAMIN KNEPPER Secretary and Treasurer ..................... llhncomu SHY T ' T Y CREATING and maintaining throughout their school and com- ,, munity a high standard of Christian fellowship, the members of North 's Hi-Y Club have again proved the foremost in the city in the school year 1927-28. The Club grew from a small membership of only fourteen at the beginning of the school year to an active mem- bership of sixty-three. In the past school year, the Club took an active part in all the Hi-Y's lead- ing activities, contributed to the XVorld Outreach Fund, sent delegates to the State Hi-Y Conference at Massillon and the District Conference at Lancaster, sponsored a basketball team, co-operated with the Y. W. C. A. in giving the annual Christmas Pageant, supported the Hi-Y Frolic and Confab, helped run the city for one day, having elected Benjamin Knepper as City Hi-Y Mayor and thirty-odd other members to the important municipal offices, and conducted a Find-Your-Self Campaign with Dr. H. VV. Gibson of Boston, Massachusetts, as principal speaker. At present the Playground ball team is Working hard for the City Hi-Y Championship Trophy. , BENJAMIN KNEPPER. ,,,, - . -. cl, BOTTOM Row: Fred Morrison, Robert Slagle, Frank Hill, Carlos McCracken, Lewis Patten, Benjamin Knepper, Malcolm Shy, Wilber Kramer, Prentice Osborne, Lawrence Walters, Paul Linn, Donald Kaiser. SECOND Row: David Davis, Turney Keyes, Douglas Sterner, Robert Watson, Ivor Grmgtead, Edward Evans, Paul Howard, Tom Ervin, William Guthrie, -Paul Urban, Charles an er. THIRD Row: Edward Erdmann, Richard Kinney, Rush Robinson, Burton Hoover, Joseph Thomas, John Patton, Eldrid Kuppinger, Richard Austin, VVilliam Thomas, Myron Oliveg, Ellwin Urton. , FOURTH Row: Paul Robbins, Edgar Hartley, Robert Lampton, Paul Strasser, Fred Flemming, Robert Martin, Richard Allison, Reid Martin, Howard Grubb, Friel Heimlick, Mr. O. F. Barcus. U ll ll O O U L E E S ll UUCJCII-IL-1110 OEI.1lZE:lZEU 125 - U U U U U H :IO Of UCIUCHIl.T1ll 'THE TPQLARHSS ANNUAL AVON CLUB U U U 23515 Ui IiIlII.iI O Q uf Qi gl U 16 E THE PQLARHS ANNUAL . - 5 U III U U i H THE Avon CLUB President ......... ROBERT EWING, lst Semester, ALLAN ML'Rn.xY. 2nd Semester Vice 1'rrsitZcnt .... OR'rH.x Snrrn, 1st Semester, SARAH AYILLIAIKIS, 2nd Semester O O Secrvlrzry ,.... ........................... . ......... R t"rx1 BIONTGOMERY O Trvaslfwr' .... ............. , ......... D ONALD EESLEY "gl-?331l1E AVONCLCB was organized in March, 1925. by pupils in the 19th and 20th Century English classes of Miss Abigail E. Simpson, who aets as Faculty Advisor. The present enrollment is 150. composed i231..5l z ' , ' .' z " C, W 7 English. , 4 Arid of E ind G pupils tilting 11th grade or 19th and 20th Century Six programs were presented this year. Mr. Earl Mayer spoke on the 'KRomantie Element in Literature", Professor Foureof Ohio State University spoke on "Education in English Schools", Mrs. Ruth Mongey Worrell presented a delightful Christmas programg Miss Ethel Le Velle gave an interesting account of her experiences as a student in the University of Paris. Y At the Shakespearean Anniversary Program, held in the Auditorium, Professor NV. L. Graves gave an address on "Shakespeare, the Boy." At the Carnival for the Stadium fund, the Club successfully operated a Fish Pond, At Christmas time, a tree was presented to the North Side Day Nursery, tlllfl a basketiof toys was sent to the Franklin County Children 's Home. The Avon Book Nook in the Library is kept up by the surplus funds in the club treasury and now contains about one hundred volumes for the use of the entire school. f Spine in picture are not in the club. The members of the club are: Helen Abbott, Helen Addison, Robert M. Allen, Richard Allison, Martha Anding, Dorothy Andrews, Ruth Arm- strong, Kathryn Arnold, Mary.Austin, Ellen Babbitt, Esther Backus, Richard Bachman, Josephine Bailey, Margaret Bailey, Robert Beaman, Nadine Berry, Bernice Billingsley, Lois Binns, ,lean Blake, Betty Bolin, Frances Bodlish, Mary Brown, Lucille Brown, XVilliam Brown, Russel Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Martha Burgess, Ruth Burns, Lois Burns, Evelyn Burke, Robert, Butler, Aleta Campbell, Janis Campbell, Vaughn Chase, Charles Chubb, Mildred Clark, Bernice Clausen, Kathryn Conrath, Helen Conwell, Elta Cox, Betty Cramer, Thelma Crandell, Mary Crater, Alice Culter, Dorothy Davidson, Mary E. Davis, Dot Davis, Carl Davis, Grace De Voe, Ruth Dick, Isadora Delzell, Mildred Dyer, Donald Eesley, Wilbur Eesley, Marion Ericksen, Dorothy Ertley, Alberta Faigley, Oleta Farrell, Ruth Forinash, Catherine Gaddis, . Dorothy Gallagher, Eleanor Gahagan, Ruth George, Helen Gilson, Dorothy Good, Virginia Graham, Eliza Hagerty, Adeina Haynes, Mary L. Heiskell, NVilma Lee Heer, Lewis Hinchman, Fred Horne, Lois Huff, Geneva Jacobs, Geraldine Jeffries, Elizabeth Jones, Virginia Jones, Marian Justus, Mike Karvasales, Harriet Kelley, Margaret Kilgore, Rose Mary Kinuan, Rich- ard ,Kinney, Janice Kirk, Hazel Kiner, Ruth Larimer, Virginia Lantz, Jane Lackey, Ann Laylin. Geneva Lechleiter, Margaret Le Sar, Helen Lesher, Frank Livingston, Marjorie Long, Theresa Marshall, Robert Martin, Charlotte McCarthy, Irene McCracken, Louise McLaughlin, O Margaret Mitchell, Rebecca Miller, Clara Miller, Elizabeth Molte, Elda Moore, Ruth Mont- gomery, Allen Murray, Harold Needham, Dorothy Nichol, Richard Owen, Elva Patton, Hugh Pavey,,Gwen Patterson, Helen Postle, Virginia Pressler, Mary Louise Pryor, Elizabeth'Reeder, james Reynolds, Helen Richwine, Eino Roininen, Nadine Rose. Elma Sachs, Betty Schooler, Vtfilma Schramm, Janet Smith, Linnea Soderbloom, Gwendolyn Spencer, Russel Spencer, Orrin Spicer, Douglas Sterner, Margaret Stevens, Mildred Steinhauser, Mary Stiles, Rose Stimmel, Betty Streepcr. Virginia Strouse, Janet Tidrick, Gladys Teeters, Edith Thompson, John Tritsch, Francis Van Sickle, Mary 'Van Valkenburgh, Edith XVatson, Marion Xlfatt, Margaret l1Velch, U Marjorie Vlfest, Doris XVhiting. Julia XYhit1ner, Margaret VVilliams, Sarah VVilliams, Alberta li U Yoegcr, Earl Young, Edith Young, Henry Young, Mary Louise Zaring, Ruth Zaring. 'I U. U U U 250511211110 Olillillcllllfl 127 mmm :minima U I, ,J C1 ClCIC!ClilI.'IIIiI 1l1lO -ElC1ZiZlfilO THE, PQILARIISS ANNUAL Ol till! 3:1111 I CID VERGILIANS 18 U ll ll D O I"l Eli EIU V ERGILIANS President. . . . ..... ...... ............ ............. . . ....... T o M ERVIN Vice President .... XVILLIAM GUTHRIE Treasurer ......... XVILLIAM THOMAS Secretary ......... BIARJORIE IMLERCER Sergeant at-Arms ..... JUDD BENNETT www' LL HAIL the translaters of immortal Vergil! The Vergilians is an organization composed of senior Vergil students and has been one of the leading societies at North High School in the past few years. It 591 453 was organized in 1922 by the late Mrs. Clara F. Milligan, who was head of the Latin department at North until her death in 1926. The club was then taken over by her successor, Mr. Henry S. Lupold. Under the supervision and able direction of Mr. Lupold, the Vergilians have constantly grown, keeping their motto ever in mind, viz: to promote interest in the Latin classics and sociability among Latin students. Some of the outstanding programs observed during the year were: a pro- gram commemorating the birthday of Vergilg a Christmas program in each of the Latin classes, giving each pupil the advantage of attending, a hotch-potch program, the latter part of March, a talk by Prof. Reuben Smith of Capital Universityg and the annual picnic at the close of the school year. i DoRorHY RENNER. sm N 'iejzvzx H ll BOTTOM Row: Margaret Mitchell, Gladys Teeters, Betty Streeper, Jeanne VVilcox, Alice Neal, Margaret Marsh, Anne Laylin, Anna Ruth Fulton, Elizabeth Crater. SECOND Row: Pauline Trout, Virginia Benedict, Eleanor Gahegan, XVilliam Thomas, Judd Bennett, Thomas Ervin, Alice Culter, Gwendolyn Spencer, Myrl Trout, Mary Traut- man. , THIRD Row: Eugene McDonald, Evelyn Natross, Kathryn Paxton, Mary Caldwell, Elizabeth Rowles, Ruth Dick, Hele11 Ellis, Kathryn Hunter, Dorothy Davidson. FOURTH Row: Marjorie Aderholt, Dorothy Renner, Cleo Kain, Virginia Kiefhaber, Y ctive Fissel, Elizabeth McGaughey, Margaret Richards, Ruth Montgomery, Paul Urban. FIFTH Row: Dorothy Bennett, Lois Binns, Anne Blackmore, Florence Mauclc, Geraldine Colman, Ruth Criswell, Naomi Adrian, Frances Bodlish, Elizabeth Thomas, Isadora Delzell. Norma Connard. SIXTH Row: Ioe Bishop, Earl Young, ,Tohn Sanford. Robert McCormick, Richard Allison, Robert Martin, Gerald Pontius, Daniel Purnell, Mr. H. S. Lupold. Tor Row: Darwin Renner, Richard Bachman, VVilliam Bennett, Eldridge Cuppinger, Edward Evans, Ivor Armstead. INSERTS: Marjorie Mercer, VVilliam G-uthrie. DOROTHY RENNER. rEClEIlililE2O OEI.liTEIlElD IIE! lilfl O l mi D U ll Q a be 9 9 W 5 P E re' ll U ll I E E 0 E t B 129 CJD THE TPPQLARIIS ANNUAL O lililliIlICJE E E H H U H U L CZ! D 5 E QC LI-I 25 52. 53 2 0 0 H I U 1 H I E f E ? 7 130 , FEEDS? U U U Q a Fi 'TJ Q P E ei ? E F ll ll U U E 0 MARIGALE ART CLUB O 1'rz-sidunl ............. CLYDE CLARK Secretary. . . .... HELEN PEALER Vice Presiclent ...... Rtfru Ricnimns Treasurer. .. .... CARL INSCHO HE MARIGALE ART CLUB for which only Junior and Senior art E students are eligible, was organized three years ago, under the super- vision of Miss Mary C. Gale. Since even daily classroom work in art can only make the student familiar with a few phases, the Art Club was organized to broaden his view and to acquaint him with the inside of some of the artistic enterprises of Columbus artists and industries. This year the club made one tour of the Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts, conducted by Mr. Carl Bolander, with short informal talks on various pictures and artists. Mr. Carl Springer, a local artist, whose paintings were on display there at the time spoke of his experiences in the North VVoods, from which he has painted most of his famous snow scenes. There were also three joint meetings with the Architects' Co-operative Club: Mr. W. B. Fields of Ohio State University spoke on Postersg Mr. H. R. Lee of the Terry Engraving Co. talked about commercial art and photo-engravingg Miss Robinson of Ohio State University told of the Marionette theater. Mr. Olney 's dramaties classes were invited to the last meeting. Those in the picture from left to right arc: Borrom Row: Frank Livingston, Helen Pealer, Ronald Culbertson, Juliette Spencer, Clyde Clark, Louise Schmidt, ,lane Harris, Ernest Myers, Mary Prentiss. SECOND Row: Emma Walker, Virginia Keifhaber, Virginia Benedict, Julia Whitmer, Mary Phelps. Dorothy Relyea, Elizabeth Smith, Carl lnscho. THIRD Row: Elizabeth Jones, Gladys Zerby, Frances Mendenhall, Evelyn Dick, Ruth Richards, Yetive Fissel, Frances Schantz, Earl Clarke. Toe Row: Virginia Fisher, Julia Wimmer, Florence Ruhl. Leach Landis, Jack Fulton, Miss Mary C. Gale. 'Ubi FE QE ram W'-3 gm Em EE EE l-'-1 F 7 r' F' S131 11111 O C U n .l2CIECllIJllllO OiillililEClEl l3l Tm IQQLARIIS ANNUAL . :J J: 5 NOUS AUTRES O 'l lIlil:1I3 T I L E r:u:'1L:I 5 U H 5lQ::1::u:z U ll gl 3 ei e Q V W '55 E re' U U H E ...QI Ili ' il ll 'O' NCUS AUTRES FRENCH CLUB Presiclernt ............................. LUCILLE CHRISTMAN Vice President. . .WILLIAM LIAXFIELD Treasurer. ....... ELIZABETII SLATER Secretary ..... . ....... ..AMY LAKE Sgt.-at-arms .... .... J OHN TJINDSEY W R enei organization at tax W5 X Dilltll nis established eight years ago by Mrs Della R. Maddox, ,Q '7 N1 ll pusent faculty advisor, and Miss Maile Hahn. Its purpose is to give the pupils the opportunity for further use of French in a social way. Anyone having two years of French is eligible. IITEFY OUS AUTRES FRENCH CLUB, the oldest Fr. l ,i Q-swf .,,,,, , Y ,ls ,Q 1 -I - I , I , , - ll fx ry -9.1 I A K . V ' K Y' Q x, " i .' L Cul FH Several times a year the French Club has an open meeting, with some promi- nent native French person or University Professor as guest speaker. Every month a meeting is held at school or a member's home. The programs and games are always conducted in French. In March an afternoon meeting was held at the home of Wilma Lee Heer. Madame Foure was the guest speaker at the April meeting. At Christmas, the group was entertained at the home of Ylfilliam Maxfield. They were shown many souvenirs that he brought from his year 's study in Europe. The club had a pienie at the close of the school year. Those in the pieture. from left to right are: BOTTOM Row: Edna Xvilson, Mary Brown, Helen Addison, Elizabeth Slater, William Maxfielcl, Lucille Christman, Amy Lake, Marjorie W'est, Mary Jane Lusch. SECOND Row: Marjorie Dillon. Margaret Le Sar. Thelma Kent, Eleanor Gahagan, Vlfilma Lee Heer, Elizabeth Rowles, Dorothy Clark, Mildred Clark, Richard Gaddis, Charlotte 'VIcCarthy. A THIRD Row: Marion Justice, Betty Bouic, Margaret Marsh, Thelma Fink, Evelyn VVard, Alberta Yoerger, Helen Lesher, Theresa Marshall, Hazel Cox. Gladys Zerby. Q FOURTH Row: janet Campbell, Rozella Long, Shirley Sherer, Dorothy Leezer, Marjorle Long. Tor Row: John Tritsch, Samuel VVhite, Robert Schafer, VVilliam Evans, Daniel Krumm, Darwin Reimer, Mrs. Maddox, Helen Pealer. THELMA FINK. 0 o u E u U UUDEIZLT-,ESQ ol:1n:nL:ll:1DU 133 llflll-lfiiilillflll C, mls THE PQLARHS ANNUAL U U U U U QUE LES ENTHOUSIASTES FRANCAIS Ol L"...ilEIIl!i1iZl ISa:n:n::1n:1r::1risi::1f.Tl'n U H Q 1 EJII1C3L'ZlI.TllII.llZ3I.-Tl1O llLilZIlElClU 134 l I ,Q midi U U Q fe Q P W 5 5 E ll u EIIEJEIQ 91 T71 lil O -1? Q-2. ZF? 25 F-1 A. Q. , H 1 Z 'H Em O c: EF: F2 DP fi 'Tl f' 53 gl Z G 55 UP EE 5 Wm Ea QE az e sr. ES ENTHOUSIASTES FRANCAIS French Club, an organization open to all students who have had one year of French, was founded in 1924 under the supervision of its present a.dvisor,' Miss Ethel La Velle. The meetings are held the third Monday of each month and have proven very successful. A Christmas party was the outstanding event of the year. Toys and a tree were provided for unfortunate children. In January a Moliere fete was enjoyed. The March program consisted of an Easter story, a one-act play, and biographies of two scientists. For the May meeting several scenes from the play "Le Voyage de Monsieur P61'1'lCl10I1,,WV61'Q presented. A try-out was held for the parts of this play which formed part of the second year 's class work, A successful year was brought to a close with the customary June picnic. Two open nieetingswere held. At the one Moine. Helen Foure of Ohio State University spoke to the two French clubs. At the other Professor and Mrs. Earl Hopkins, assisted by Miss Frances Beall gave a delightful musical program for the entire school. As they appear, from left to right: BOTTOM Row: Evelyn McDonald, Ruth Forinasli, Anna Ruth Fulton, Mildred Rardin, Hubert Kern, Helen Elliott, Janet Smith. , SECOND Row:Dorothy Butler, Doris Agler, Marjorie VVest, Dorothy Renner, Betty McClure, Clara Louise Goss, Barbara Dennis. Tinian Row: Marjorie Bement, Louise McLaughlin, Clarice Holcomb, Margaret Rich- ards, Alice DeLashmutt, Elizabeth Rowles, Louise Lamb, Ruth Gearing. ' FOURTH Row: Irene Ranney, Rose Stimrnel, Doris NViuemil1er, Lucille Michael, Mary Landis, Glenn A. Hobart, Virginia Ferree, Miss Ethel La Velle. TOP Row: Robert Martin, Jack McDonald, Allen Murray, Arthur VVeisheimer, Nell McMillen. ,- Fi T U ll U U n U U ol:i:1:n:lL:Jl:n:1n 135 O EEll:lEDl'llliiI O 3 iff! 'E 9 P Q UD 5 IF' la U IU 'umz:1c1r::1r:'-..:1:.t1ai:lo 1 OI-'T-lfilfiflfiilliilfil l Y 0 H URPHEUS H U g:n:u:H:HZH-.1-.,E1..,,-To or.L'IlnI."llL'll:IIIIl3l1'1 D , 136 - n U U O O l I1 EICHII ORPHEUS President ....... .... J oIIN IIAINES Secretary. .. .... LUCILLE Bowan Vice Presiclehnt ...,.. EUGENE DU Bois Treaiszrrer .... . . .XVIRGINIA DIXNIELS ' "DTH RPHEUS was founded in 1915 under the direction of Miss Lydia ,, N MX Falkenbach, to promote interest in music among the students of fy " X X -fi' North. All students who were interested in music were eligible to the club. Inonth a program consisting of vocal and instrumental numbers was given by the members of the club, with the assistance of an outside artist. Some very enjoyable meetings were held this year. The club also sponsored an auditorium program given before the student body. The program this year was presented by Edward Sprague, a prominent tenor of Pittsburgh and an alumnus of North, and Olive Jones, '27, assisted by Mr. Walterniire. This year the club had in the way of an innovation, a joint program with the Avon Club at Christmas, and a meeting with the Haig Malth Club in April. Miss Faye Reese is the facility advisor of Orpheus. Islxnonix DELZELL. Bo'r'1oIxI Row: Dorothy Ertley, Theresa Marshall, Margaret Richards, Ann Laylin, James Healey, Julia XVhitmer, Margaret Ann Perry, Margaret Bailey, Betty Bolin, Ruth Dwyer, Nadine Berry. SECOND Row: Marion VVhitehead, Virginia Beyerly, Frances Bodtish, Virginia Daniels, John Haines, Lucille Bower, Janet Smith, Florence Landin, Barbara Dennis, Josephine Bell, Geraldine Thompson. ' THIRD Row: Jeanne VVilcox, Mary Boggs, Mary Davis, Eloise Lyman, Louise Mc- Laughlin, Kathleen Cornell, Dorothy Schuh, Lucille Michael. FOURTH Row: Edith Jones, Elizabeth Crater, Isadora Delzell, Margaret Marsh, Florence Grahiel, Mary Landis, Evelyn VVarcl, Thelma Fink, Jeanette Mvoreheod, Marjorie XVest, Helen Conwell. FIFTH Row: Lucille Christman, Alberta Yoeger, Maxine Althoff, Helen Elliott. Lily Clevenger, Catherine Chandler, Dorothy Jane Cross, Ruth Gearing, Dorothy Renner, Alice McFadden. TOP Row: Marjorie Aderholt, VVilbur Hatch, Frank Livingston, Elwin Urton, Richard Biddle. Eldridge Cuppinger, David Cupp. Howell Wiillianis, Miss l-aye Rees. IDCJ Iii O i E U ll e Q b W E 3 F U U IJ E E O H ll D EClZIl..JlTlL,IO Oil!ZlIll:ll:lU 137 11111125 Ol Il1 l Ilifllliilb l'lIllIlO THE IPUQLARHS ANNUAL o EIlli1lIZC1ClE U U EA' I-1 ROR AURORA OI-ll I C f-'lV'j'lf V-l'iO Q U Q H u u UEIII! O ' Ol llIli1lZlZClU 138 DME ll U ll Q 'ei 9 k E on P 2 ri ll U m 112353 E ll l"' DP DP C W O W DP UU O FU 'FJ DP C' 1'1'esz'rlcul. ...,.. .... J osigru BISIIUI' Seercfary. . . '. . .lloR'1'u.x DAVIS Vice-l'rcsz'dcnt .... 'l'1IoMAS SHERMAN i7"'Uf1-Ylf"l'1', -.--------- HELEN GIESUN Reporter ................ ,. ....... Joram .lewi-:'r'r l v A AURORA BOREAI. is an organization of junior Spanish students. SEQ! Taylor. Literary programs were held every two or three weeks elur- 'a "J , and was formed in 1926 under the supervision of Mr. vvllllillll Mark ing the snhool year and live siweessfill parties were enjoyed at the homes of various lll0llllll'l'S. At the Polar Bear Frolie. the club pre- sented a blaek-fame farce entitled 'LOI1 Doctor? La Aurora Boreal means "The Northern Lights" and was suggested ln the elub by a Spanish hook. El Final de Norma, which was studied in the classes. The object of the club is to stimulate greater interest in the study of the Spanish language and literature and to give the students practice in Spanish conversa- tion. A very suen-essful year was brought to a close hy the annual pienie in June. Doaornr RENNER. BOTTOM Row: Anna Grace Egger, Martha Snyder, Mary Virginia Rogers, Margaret VVeber, Gertrude Swisher, Marguerite Zecliman. SECOND Row: Joe Baker, Julia Johnson, Paul Van Swearinger, Isabella Atkinson, Joseph Bishop, Dorothea Davis. Mary Stiles. THIRD Row: Anna Bonner, Albin Shirk, Eleanor Barclay, Bernard McGill, Helen Raugh, Ruvelle VVright. FOURTH Row: Margaret Howell, John Jewett, Mr. XY. M. Taylor, Pauline Taylor, john XVildermuth. Q . CllIlCJl:ll llifilll O UClClZliiIiO OilTZlE3DU 139 111212 U Il Q E is B 2, W E F H U li ii D as U ll 0 o THE HAIG MATH CLUB Prcsrirlcm? ......... XVILLIAM GUTHRIE Secretary .......... HELEN CONWELL 'Vice President .......... TOM ERVIN Tzrasizrcz-. .. .... XVILLIAM THOMAS , 'gl HE THIRD year of the Haig Math Club closed with a membership 1 rj i of fifty-three, consisting of pupils of E and G standing in mathe- ti cz matics. The 1927-1928 programs were unusually varied and inter- i Af esting. Three conundrum meetings were held under the direction of Mr. O. F. Barcus, Mr. VV. M. Taylor, and Miss Mabel Kutz. A lecture program 011 i'Paris" was presented by Miss Ethel LaVelle. At the De- cember meeting Christmas customs in many lands were vividly described by six speakers each of whom had spent a holiday season in a foreign country. In April the Orpheus Choral Soriety and the Haig Math Club held a joint con- cert, in which Miss Faye Rees, Mr. A. B. Waltermire, Mr. Arthur Kiefer, and the North High Banjo and Male Qnartette took part. Miss Mabel Kutz of the Mathematics Department is the club adviser. vez- ' if il 'l 9 W -N l Er.,-I I Those in the picture, left to right are: BOTTOM Row: Jean Young, Lucille Coseo, Gwen Meredith, Cecile Rose, Gertrude Men- O 0 denhall, Darwin Renner. SECOND Row: Ann Blackmore, Tom Ervin, Dorothy Kaiser, Vkfilliam Guthrie, Helen Conwell, William Thomas, Dorothy Renner, Lawrence VValters, Rebecca Rugglcs. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Kapp, Ruth Dick, Douglas Sterner, Emma VValker, Margaret Richards, Frank Livingston, Kathryn Hunter, Paul Urban, Ruth Gearing. i FOURTH Row: Howard Budd, Helen Kruse, Brandon Rightmire, Jeanne Wilcox, Dick Austin, Jean Ervin, Russell Brown, Elizabeth Smith, Bynum Trotter. Top Row: Mary Ziebolt, Mary Elizabeth Davis, Margaret Achey, john Wildermuth, Lucille Christman, Mary Landis, Miss Kutz, Ellen VViley. li U ll'lARJORIE ADERHOLT. lil JEANNE Winoox. li U U E H u1:u:i:n:'.1:n-Luo ox.:m:ic:u:n:n:1u 1407, ' lllllilii m THE PQLARHS ANNUAL D U ll ll O O XVATAUGA HOUSE HE MEMBERS of this house will undoubtedly look back i11 later years upon the hours spent in session as among the most interesting N gig, and happiest of their entire high school career. In looking back to Q I ll ' N . . . I those golden moments of your they will renieniber the VilI'1OUS bills passed and debated, such as the one introduced by Miss Funk restrict- ing the sale of Patent Medicines. and the one by Mr. Rieliardson excludinv the 1 C5 Mexican "Peon." These important measures were considered with such exquisite oratory that one will probably wonder how they ever carried on those fiery debates with such violent. yet noble speeches. In picture, left to right: BOTTOM Row: james Healy, Jacob Koenig, Ben Knepper, Ruth Montgomery, Myron Oliver, Mr. Roy H. Oman, Dane Justice, Thelma Kent, Mildred Rardin, Betty Streeper, Howard Grubb. Sscoxn Row: Paul Howard, Robert Slagel, Margaret Stevens, Elizabeth Crater, Vir- O ginia Beyerly, Mary Funk, Janet Miller, Evelyn Dick, Gwen Meredith. 0 '11-HRD Row: Malcolm Shy, Janet Hardin, Mary Davis. Betty Bouic, Ruth Gearing, Doroth Renner, Isadora Delzell, Margaret Marsh, Naomi Adrian, Dorothy Bennett. - Y . . . Tor Row: Delmar Richardson, Robert Roininen, Gerald Pontius. Harold Dixon, Ivor Armistead, Charles Morgan, Ed Evans, Toni Sherman, Richard Allison, Ralph Thompson, Daniel Purnell. , 523217 U U ll ll U Il O 0 ll U ll ll U gf:1r:1f:u::u-'J 141 THE IPJQILARHS ANNUAL ....fgET. U lil U Ill li E 0 O WVATAUGA SENATE President, Roy Oman, President Pro-Tem, Tom Ervin, Minority Leader, VVilliam Thomas, Clerk, Jane Harris, Assistant Clerk, Mary Phelps, Financial Clerk, Vifilbur Hatch, Engrossing Clerk, Marjorie Mercer, Bill Clerk, Vllilliam Guthrie, Sergeant-at-Arms, Richard Austin, Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms, Edwin Farmer. ATAUGA SENATE is made up of forty members who are either M Juniors or Seniors. These members are selected by former mein- bers in cooperation with the instructors of history from a group of ,'3isLfi'f' candidates who are interested in the club. ,,.-1921 This organization offers fine training in leadership and citizenship and functions much the same as our own State Legislature. Bills are introduced. referred to standing committee, placed on calendar, amended and then either passed or rejected. Some very interesting bills were introduced this year and 0 caused much discussion. 0 Mr. Roy H. Oman is Faculty Advisor and acts as president of the club. As they appear in the picture, from left to right: BDQTTOM Row: Wilbur Hatch, Mary Phelps, William Thomas, Jane Harris, Tom Ervin, Marjorie Mercer, William Guthrie, Ed Farmer, Richard Austin. SECOND Row: Ruth Dwyer, Mildred Maddux, Mary Hambleton, Lucille Christman, Frances Dum, Jack Springer, Bynum Trotter, Nell Humphrey, Frank Livingston. .THIRD Row: Frances Bodhsh, Cleo Kain, Aileen St. John, Lily Clevenger, Guy Plum- E U mer, Haul Urban, Florence Grabiel, Theresa Marshall, Margaret Richards. U TOP Row: Darwin Renner, Dan Ki-umm, Carl Harm, Jack Knotts, Judd Bennett, U U Lawrence Vtfalters, John Haines, Donald Easly, Mr. Roy H. Oman. N H ln ClCIEZY"JiYi!O .1 Of-U'-H2153-'l'33QQl 142 T41-- :E9l 'Tens IQQLARHS ANNUAL i- li H H H U - i u O O EXPERIMENTERS CLUB A President ......... . . .VVILLARD CONRAD Vice President ....... ...... ll 'IALCOLM SHY Secretary-Treasurer .............. FOREST BOOKMAN HE EXPERIMENTERS CLUB was founded in 1927. It 's purpose y is to promote an interest in the study of the different fields of applied physics. The club was divided into six sections, namely: Radio, C Electricity, General Physics, Mechanics, Aviation and Photography. At the meetings many diierent experiments were worked out by the sec- tions, which enlightened the members in the ditferent fields of physics. Many in- teresting places were visited and special interest was taken in the YV. A. I. U. broadcasting station. The club sponsored :1 talk given to the school by Professor Louis VVilliams, who lectured on the "Wonders of Electricity." The lecture was very successful and created immense enthusiasm. The Experimenters also did the wiring for the lights at the Community Carnival that was held on the O New Recreation Field at the school. 0 The club consists of about twenty members under the direction of the faculty advisors, Mr. C. R. Weinland and Mr. Asa E. Ulrey. BOTTOM Row: Leslie Combs, Forest Bookrnan, Willard Conrad, Malcolm Shy, Warren Bauer, Richard Allison, Darwin Reimer. SECOND Row: Eugene Rogers, Robert Martin, Emma Walker, Edith Watson, John Leech, U Jack McDonald, Harold Mackinson. i n U TOP Row: Mr. Asa Ulrey, Wendell Longstreth, Allan Murray, William Sharp, Melvin li Davidson, VVilliam VVi1liamson, Gardner Burlingame, Bernard Lovelle, Mr. VVeinland. H BIALCOLM SHY. E E' c H c:v:n:n:n':u:u'::o Ollll:1l'Z!EIlUU 143 C ll U Q 'Ti Q P W E i F E ll ll Q ill l ' U I . I 0 O I I ARCHITECTS COOPERATIVE CLUB Presridcut ...... ...... D .win DAVIS Secretary .... .... G EORGIA HMCCOMB Vice President ....... MALCOLM SHY Treasurer. . . ..... FRANK VVESLEY HE ARCHITECTS CLUB was organized in the fall of 1926 under the supervision of Mr. Frank P. Darby. The purpose of this ' g" ' iff'-, . . C . . . . . organization is to encourage high seholarship in all subgeets. espe- cially architectural drawing. Two of the numerous projects spon- sored by the club were the making of the teachers' building schedules, and the making of the posters for the Hi-Y Find Yourself Campaign. At the Community Carnival the Architects had an arrow-shooting con- cession which proved very successful. Among the interesting places visited by the elub were the ,Doddington Mill, the testing laboratory at the University, and the Terry Engraving Co. The elub was fortunate in securing Mr. XVooster B. Fields of the arehitec- 0 0' tural department of the Ohio State University to give a talk on his work. as a practicing architect. As they appear, left to right: ' B'0TTOM Row: Prentice Osbourne, Georgia McComb, David Davis, Malcom Shy, Sylva O'Dell, Charles Oldham. SECOND Row: Paul Robbins, Reginald Testament, Johu,Calvin, Phil Fogle, Mr. F. P. Darby, Harry Houch, Philip Jennings. I: THIRD Row: Benjamin Geiser, VVarren Parkinson, Frank XVolfe, Delmar Richardson, U VVillard Conrad. Eugene Rogers. U H 1:1::1::n::n.u:n.4io 01113555 I 144 Illilllii ? THE IPJQLARHS ANNUAL U U ll ll 0 O L.-X LUZ SPANISH CLUB President ........ RONALD CULBERSON Secretary. . . ..... RIAXINE DYER V ice President ....... EDYVARD Hnzsr Treasuirer. . . . . . .H.xRRY ZIEGLER .ig W HE LA LUZ SPANISH CLUB ended its fourth successful year under ,Q the efficient supervision 'Of Mr. lVillia1n Mark.Taylor. Epanish in- . 6n3! strnctor, and under a series of inost capable presidents. lhe purpose lie' H-:Q of this club is to stimulate interest in Spanish speaking and to ' V K ' ' 2 5 . . Y. There were seventeen members in the club this past year. Only seniors in pioinote siholaiship unong thi rneniheis Spanish are eligible. The meetings were held on the fourth Friday of every month and very interesting: prograins were presented in Spanish by members of the club. A special feature enjoyed by everyone was the playing of various Spanish ganies at the "Annual Partyf, O As they appear in the picture. left to right: 0 BOTTOM Row: Laura Cline. Harry Ziegler, Maxine Dyer, Ronald Culbertson, Mr. XV. M. Tavlor, Evelyn NVilliams, Aileen St. Alohn. 1 . SECOND Row: Charles Hiatt. Frank XVolf, Joseph Soler, Natalie Iuares, Mary Nichols. Tor ROW: Lloyd Laird, Delmar Richardson, Richard Foster, Edwin Farmer, Edward Hirst, Wlilliam VVilliamson. l l Q U gicnziznzazczso OZIIIICIIIIIDUU 145 mimi U U il Q 'E 9 b W E IF' H ll U E ii il' U E I U O COMMERCIAL CLUB President ........ ALICE VVESTERVELT Secretary ....... ISTATHLEEN CORNELL Vice President ......... LOUISE LANG Treasurer ........... CARRIE WEISER HE North High Commercial Club was organized in the fall of 1926 under the supervision of Miss Maude Stevenson. This club was originated for the purpose of promoting activities of the commer- cial department, both social and business. Membership in the club is open to all seniors taking the commercial course and all other commercial students who can pass the O. G. A. test and attain a speed of forty words a minute on the typewriter. The club held its meetings the third Monday of each month, and many in- teresting programs were presented. At present the enrollment of the club is thirty-one and is under the supervision of Miss Anne Leist. - Those in the picture, from left to right are: 0 BorroM Row: Margaret Jones, Kathleen Cornell, Louise Lang, Miss Leist, Alice O Westervelt, Carrie Weiser, Cleo Osborne, Elsie Bower. SECOND Row: Kathryn Hunter, Bernice Setterlin, Dorothy Dovel, Mildred Large, Helen Robertson, Edith Young, Kathryn Conrath, Amy Hammons. TOP Row: Margaret Downs, Edna Manring, Julia Wimmer, Helen Ellwanger, Robert Roininen, Grace Robedeau, Dorothy Patrick, Virginia Fisher. MEMBERS Nor IN PICTURE: Bee Atkinson, Martha Greene, Mildred Isaacs, Esther Luke, Elva Patton, Fay Stevens. ALICE WESTERVELT. U ll U U EJ n EECliillO Oliliiligg 146 'i'- "ll"H-IIE IQGILARIIS ANNUAL i2 u U H Ill O IZI EIDE CI-IES-NVE CAMPFIRE GIRLS President ........................ ALBERTA YOEGER . Secretary. . . .... MARY HAMBLETON Treaswev' .... . . . ..... . , . .ELEANOR GAHEGAN rf,,3,,,5,,.wjf NDER the advisorship of Miss Charlotte Morningstar, the Ches-we 'l ll Camp Fire Group, organized in September, 1926, achieved many E iv things of noteworthy importance, this year. With Etheir motto, "VVork, Health, and Beauty," these girls made every aim to live up to it. They are very skilled in many kinds of handeraft, and tied for first place with another group in making a layette. There is also a social side to this group of nature-loving girls, as was seen from the spreads, and parties they had during the year. They met about every three weeks under the supervision of their advisor. Those in the picture, left to right: ' Bo'r'roM Row: Levetta Sarrett, Mary Ellen Mendenhall, Frances Bodlish, Alberta Yoeger, Ruth Zax-ring, Mary Hambleton. Tor Row: Helen Kruse, Mary Ziebold, Genevieve Salisbury, Miss Charlotte Morning- star, Ruth Dick, Anna Bonner, Kathryn Arnold. RUTH GEARING. ED CJIJii!lO Oilliiifcllll 147 ECI li O O 1 U ll ll LE 9 E FU E 2 E U ll Q U a u H LOS IBERICOS AND EL DGRADO 531 .aj OS IBERICOS. the newest Spanish club at North, was founded last fall through the efforts of Miss Grace Anderson, Spanish teacher. The object of the club is to help students to learn more about the l'1f,,'f Spanisli-speaking'countries including the language, dress, and ens- toms of the people. The officers were: president, Pauline Taylorg vice-president, Martha Burbacherg secretary, Mercedes Cloverg treasurer, Mari- anna Mayer. El Dorado Spanish Club was organized the second semester by Mrs. Della R. Maddox's lil? Spanish nclass. Its purpose is to make Spanish more vital to using it in a social way. The officers were: Kathryn Murdock, presidentg Vincent Prior, vite-presidentg Mary Louise Torbert. seeretaryg Carl Davis, treasurer. As they appear in the picture, left to right: 0 BOTTOM Row: Mary Louise Torbet, Carl Davis, janet MeConagha, Vincent Prior, 0 Kathryn Murdock, Pauline Taylor, Martha Ellen Burbacher, Marianna Mayer. SECOND Row: Pauline Hilleny, Mary Gross, Vera Kline, Doris Jeirette, Isobel Molter, Virginia Blinn, Mary Louise Ruth, Miss Grace Anderson. l THIRD Row: Alice Kuechler, Martha Snyder. Gertrude Swisher, Betty Heiskell, Mar- garet McDonald, Elizabeth Slater, Mrs. Della Maddox, jane Harris, TOP Row: Henderson Knight, Harold Cross, Edwin Moon, Ernest hVElSllCll1l6!', Karl Lowry, Donald Long. C. O. lV11EEL12:R. II U Dor. RENNER. U U I U U' U H ElDE1Zllli!O Oilililillljm 1-LS H lu EEE U U ll Q 5 'E 9 k E UR F ll ll ll lliilililjg E O O U . LIBRARY STAFF ,gr i Q NE OF the outstanding features of North High School is its library and library staff. The staff was larger this year than usual, having yu, twelve permanent assistants. This was due to the fact that during the three busiest periods of the day there were two assistants in charge instead of one. Requirements for library staff were high scholarship. interest in the work, good character rating, and ability to go ahead. Miss Florence Kelly who was librarian at North High School for ten years, took a leave of absence for this year to attend the University of Michigan Library School. Miss Charlotte Bender took her place. ' One half credit. is given for one year 's work of at least one period daily. Those who re:-'eived credit this year were: Dorothy Trees, Juliette Spencer, Doris Hooley, Virginia Daniels, Jeanette Allard, Anne Laylin, Lois Smith, Lynn Cook. Lawrence XV2lltG1'S, and Richard Ansting those to receive a fourth of a credit were: Mary Gehring, Margaret Beatty, Edgar Gebhart. and Eino Roininen. 5' VX: 4- 5 f 'N 41? mfr 'x ' 1t ,gf' --. 1.,..L: i ' Qs- f gi - - Q3 0 0 Those in the picture. left to right. are: BOTTOM ROW: Richard Austin, Virginia Daniels, Doris Hooley, Dorothy Trees, Jeanette Allard. Mary Gehring. Eino Roininen. Srzcoxn Row: Lawrence XValters, Anne Layiin, Miss Bender, Lois Smith. Margaret Beatty. Juliette Spencer. Tor Row: Edgar Gebharr, Lynn Cook. DORIS HOGLEY. E E Q U U EClZ:lQzliO Ollllmu 149 ig-EL--Eeggi-.. Tse POILARIIS ANNUAL ....... H E F H I e A 1 U STAGE HANDS 1":-":- HE STAGE HANDS UNION NO. 1 of North High School was in- ,r,,1 my n corporated before the Polar Bear Frolic and saw service in It and also functioned during "Sweet Lavender." The faculty advisor is Mr. Olney and meetings were held the second and Auditorium periods back stage. The officers were: Franklin Neel, stage managerg Rich- ard Deeg, assistant stage managerg Beverly Jones, electriciang Field Conard, assistant electrician and oiificial spotterg Everett Swain and Charles Morgan, superintendents of ropes, flys and wings. It is the plan to initiate new stage hands for the following year and have them pay dues so they can uphold the tradition which this group started. As yet no prospects have been spotted. SEATED: -Conard, Swain, Jones, Neel. STANDING: Deeg and Morgan. U i u t E t H 5 UDZI1i!lliO O ZZCU 150 'THE IPQILARILSS ANNUAL V U , U V Munir O llillIlIlElElE lZZS O l O DSC31111 5 THE PQLARHS ANNUAL' me H E U L U I Q L 1 U if Q Q lu E Emmm 5 159 mi U U ll Q no 9 E W 5 E tr' il il U E H C f-9 I in K' ts O rf P-'1 Z to E3 P P: e tn f-1 ee m O llliliicl U U il 1 Wi. OR THE third consecutive year, Mr. Lehman has organized some sort of quartet foi Q stringed instruments, this year's group being a Violin Quartet. lg- 69 ,5 Radio listeners from XVSAI and XVAIU have enjoyed listening to this ensemble, H"-3 Sf which also took part in the March program of the Clintonville Music Clubg fur- nished music for a tea held during the State Teachers' Convention in April, and for a program at the April meeting of the North High Parent-Teachers' Association. Personnel of the Quartet, sitting from left to right: Ruth Gearing, First Violin: Helen Xkfells, Third Violin: Hazel Kiner, Fourth Violing Helen Postle, Second Violin. Standing is Florence Grabiel, Accompanist. THE GIRLS' OCTETTE Nm: HE Girls' Octette, one of North's aesthetic organizations, has made the year a note- QRKQ worthy one, singing on many diltercnt programs. Members of the Clintonville Music Club enjoyed hearing these girls at their Christmas and March meetings. A ' ' The Octette took part in a program for the XVonian'5 Club: a Spring program at the First Baptist Churchg and a meeting of the Columbus XX-'oman's Club. They were coached bv Miss Fave Rees. Those in the picture are, from left to right: Dorothy Schuh, Helen Elliott, Maxine Althofi, Naomi McKibben, Marjorie Mercer, Nadine Berry, Virginia Vallance and Anne Laylin. THE BANJO QUARTETTE - '-Q NEXV addition to North's music organizations this year is the Banjo Quartette, organized by VVilliam Bennett and John Haines. These players have been in con- stant demand throughout the year to help on many programs. Besides performing at numerous school functions, they have played at the Optimist Clubg the Christian Young People's -Conference, the McGuFfey School: and many other places. ati? by 4. X, a a . Those in the picture are, sitting from left to right: Vtfilliam Bennett, Tom Sherman, Rod. Shirey and John Haines. THE MALE QUARTETTE ISS FAYE REES has for the third year organized a Male Quartette of first rate 1 ' 5 quality, which has taken part in many programs. and every time been received with ' F enthusiasm. ' ' ' Tlns year's Quartette sang in an auditorium programg a banquet at the Plymouth 'O Congregational Church: took part in the Polar Bear Frolicg and at an Agonis Club luncheon. ' 0 They are, from left to right: Joe Troutman, Richard Biddle, james Kinney, Eldrid ' Kuppinger, . RUTH GEARING. l l i S u U u U U EC,:,,:,,:,l-:-,LSO ou:.u:i:n:u:1r:gJ 153 I. lllZll ll'11I1ZCJC1 ' ca H 4 I E u CIC! 1111110 'THE PQILARIIS ANNUAL ' . o llliIZHQEEE lifIJIII inlm Carla-lzsl NURTH HIGH SCHUGI. ORCHESTRA U'gr:1c:1E:1r:1rl'-11 U U U U U 0 X W 0 -, U 1 u U U U T , U ll Q mai 'el 9 k W 5 E me U E U g lflii l Oli. Sl? 32.7 'UQ' -1 Q21 fi? I-I E5 3 sei Wm ghd ESV? mom I ses EE O EE PU :: CU EE E algw EEz"l sew :sie ee QU .O"' l ll 'ill HE North High School orchestra, under the able direction of Mr. I G1 E XV. H. Lehman, has for many years, been one of the most outstand- 1217531 i ing school organizations in the city. This year they made an espe- l?5a',,lggi,l cially fine showing. The orchestra was composed of 80 members, practicing four periods a week. Early in the year the orchestra gave a commendable program in the auditorium which was well received by the students. The music for the Christmas and Honor Society programs was fur- nished by the group. Several members were also chosen to accompany the All- State Chorus at Central High School, during the Christmas vacation. . HTELEN WELLS. BOTTOM Row, Left to Right: Harold Ellis, Glen Rhodes, Clay Young, Helen Ellis. SECOND Row: Darwin Renner, Eleanor Thomas, Antoinette Langer, Elizabeth Thomp- son, Lqiise Nicols, Helen Postle, Hazel Kiner, Helen Wells, Ruth Gearing, Virginia McCoy, David Ossing, Robert Lampton, Harry Stertzbach, Florence Grabiel. ' THIRD Row: Carl Casto, Paul James, Lawrence LaValley, Charles Wheeler, Howard Budd, Paul Deun, Ruth Hull, Helen Rough, Jean Humphreys, Kathleen Cornell, Aileen Dhume, Edna Manring, Ruth George, jean Ramsey. ' FOURTH Row: John Denune, XfVarren Jones, NVylen Clark, Frank Ralston, Sanford Limquze, Edward Broughten, Franklin Marcus, Charles Anderson, Howard Polley, William Bretz, Robert Limes, David Gaddis, Paul Drake. FIFTH Row: VVilliam Maxlield, John McCoy, Janet McConagl1a, Wilt Truesdell, Roy Raney, Leland DeWitt, Arthur Harward, Harold Becker, Frank Hammond, Caroline Hiner, Jack Clutter. SIXTH Row: Paul Metcalf, Clarence Seebright, Richard Caris, Gerald Pontius, George McGarvey, Addison Hempstead, Geneva Jacobs, John Harold, VVilliam Thomas, Kirtz Osbourne. TOP ROW: Jacob Koenig, Dick Lucas, Robert Jones, Herman Leedy, Robert Caris, john Dunlap, Ben Perry, Mr. XV. H. Lehman. O 0 ll ll U E , lIlUCZllZ'Il.lLlZO oiligiggggy' 155 i 1: THE IEPQILARHS ANNUAL U U H U H Q 4 I D , H U U UE U c:-l1riJn':H::Jc:ir:J E Z QC ffl 'JI L3 'A F E O Z U Y U i U W E Q L H E UUE LJQNTJO l'l3lilIll:1ClU 1 6 ZIZLUE U II Il Q FE 9 9 a a P 3 F' Il II U E 1121335 O O VAUGIIN Ciusia NORTH HIGH BAND l'resicIcnt .................... . ............ VAUGHN CHASE Vice President ........ JACOB Konsio Treasurer ........... IIBRMAN LEEDY Secretary ........ l'-IERBERT CH.xPM.xN Business Manager .... Kmrz OSBORNE I ' Q EGINNING its third consecutive year under the leadership of VV. H. Lehman. the band has made North proud of it many times in public 1, appearances and in the rapid strides it has taken toward perfection. .1 Q t It took part in the State-wide band contest held here May 11-12. a thing which no other hand in Columbus has ever done. It took second place in the inarching and played remarkably considering that this was the first time that the org'anization had taken part in such an event. Vaughn Chase. senior at North. won first' pla-fe in the Saxaphone Compe- tition, held in conjunction with the State Band contest, May 11-12, at Columbus, and at the time this went to press. he was on his way to Joliet, Illinois. to participate in the National contest. Radio listeners from VVCAH enjoyed a program given by the band May 24. And in their spotless maroon, gold and white uniforms the band made a striking' appearance leading the Columbus Community Fund Pageant. That is to say nothing of the time it stirred on the players at all the football games. This ensemble has grown from the sixteen piece band, begun in 1923. hy Mr. Carl Spangler to a 63 piece well balanced organization. Two oboes, two 0 hassons, and an E flat Sousaphone were added to the instrumentation this year. O Much credit is due Mr. Lehman who has been the impetus behind these players in his never ending strides toward perfection. They are from left to right: A ln Picture--Left to Right: FIRST ROW: Kenyon Hopkins, Kirtz Osbourne, Hfilliam Thomas, Addison Hem- stcad. Philip Gennings, 'Robert Ives, Harman Leedy, Ned McLaughlin, and Glenn Rhodes. H U Continued on Page 162 U U U U IJ i:gi:n:r.:1L..1L-a:Jo OllilZEIlIIlUU 157 - U e U I U U O GIRLS GLEE President ........ VIRGINIAX BEYERLY Secretary. . . .... BTAXINB Aurnorr V'ice-President ...... DOROTHX' SGHUH Treasurer ......... BIARJORIE BIERCER 1 HE Girls' Glee Club furnished three auditorium programs the past year and sang at the Linden Methodist Church, for the Y. W. C. A., and two conventions of the W. C. T. U., and broadcasted over station l .Lax W. C. A. H. The club was directed by Miss Faye Rees. Thirty of the Club appeared during the Christmas holidays, in the all-state chorus, directed by J. Griffith Jones of Glenville High School at Cleveland. Seven of the girls were chosen to sing in the National High School Chorus at the National Music Supervisors Conference at Orchestra Hall, Chicago. They were: Nadine Berry, Catherine Chandler, Wanda Cochenour, Helen Elliott, Amy Lake, Ann Laylin and Virginia Vallance. - Members of the Club as they appear: FIRST Row: Virginia Daniels, Kathryn Brown, Margaret Bailey, Catherine Chandler, 0 Virginia Vallence. 0 SECOND Row: Alma Morrey, Gwen Patterson, Virginia Byerley, Florence Grabiel, Miss Faye Rees, Dorothy Schuh, Aleta Campbell, janet Smith, Jerry Fisher. THIRD Row: Virginia Moyer, Maxine Altoff, Amy Lake, Helen Elliott, Lucille Bower, Helen Richwine, Betty Bolin, Louise McGlaughlin, Eleanor Thomas, Elizabeth Crater. FOURTH Row: Ruth Dwyer, Betty Schauseil, Nadine Berry, Helen Conwell, Hazel Cox, Dorothy Cross, Ruth Gearing, Ann Laylin, Wanda Cochenour. FIFTH Row: Catherine Gaddis, Margaret Beatty, Martha Limes, Geneva McKibben, Mary Davis, Jessie Diltz, Marjorie Mercer. Ii TOP Row: Jane Lackey, Evelyn Taylor, Lucille Christman, Mary Landis. 'E U U El U z:u:u:n:n::l:1I:o oz:n::u:J:u:1g 158 ' mi ll U U Q 'fe B E W E E ri U U u 1112255 ii Emi U ll ll Q 5 'E Q k E UD IF' E U ll 112139 H l' l O . O BUYS' GLEE President ............................ CARL EHRENSBERGER Vice President ........ JOI-IN HAINES Treasurcv' ........... ITADLEY SMITH Secretary ........ FRANK LIVINGSTON Accompanist .... ...HAZEL MORRIS HE BOYS' GLEE CLUB, an organization Of picked male voices l under the direction of VV. H. Lehman, set a precedent in the school when it first began to grow in the minds of all who heard its per- i formances, as a splendid group of well trained people. This year the boys sang on the Christmas program, during an auditorium meeting, and over radio station, W. C. A. H. In every case, the quality and finish of their singing was an outstanding feature of their performance. Those in the picture, left to right are: BOTTOM Row: Donald Gee, Frank Hammond, Hazel Morris, Accompanistg Carl Ehrens- berger, Frank Livingston, john Haines, Tod Be shtol. SECOND Row: Frank Ralston, Bynum Trotter, William Guthrie, Edwin Howells, Harold Cooperrider, Marion VVatt, Charles Anderson. 0 THIRD Row: Roscoe Axline, VVayland Hatton, Edgar Hartley, Edward Evans, Hadley Smith, Richard Kinney, Mr. W. H. Lehman. TOP Row: XVilliam Bretz, Lawrence Chase, Franklin Neel, Roger Harris, Stanley Jep- son, Charles Bailey, Howell VVilliams, Robert Smeigle. O li U ll EI U , U U ElClZZlZ'll!iO oI:I:n:n:I:1:1u 159 ' THE, IPPQLARIIS ANINLHAIL, .-i- E E E' ll H t , u , . O O l NATIONAL CHORUS REPRESENTATIVES " ORVTH is signally honored this year in being represented at the First Rational Chrons ever attempted. This ehorus was ai feature of the National Music Supervisors Conference held at Cl1iCfl?I0. AP1'i1 16-20. HJ P" . - A , . , AVQSS f 308 young people from 30 LlllT61'Glll" states attended. North oeeupy- ing seven of these positions. Two North represcntatives, Vllalifla Cochenour and Nadine Berry were chosen during tryouts for a special chorus that sang solos in two of the concert 11u1nbers.The convert was given Friclalv evening. April 20. under the direction of Dr. Hollis Dann, head of the music department of New York University. The representatives from North, left to right were: LEFT T0 RnsH'1'-SITTING: Xlfanda Cochenour, Anne Laylin, Helen Elliott, Catherine Chandler. LEFT TO RIGH'r-S'r.'xxmNG: Nadine Berry, Virginia Yzlllance. Amy Luke. Q lIEI,1:N EI,LIO'l"l'. O U U D U D U ECIC!Zlill!iO Oiilillillflclll ICO E MDE U U U Q 4 E fe e Q P E ei 5 rf' H U U EJEIDUIQ E O O 1 PRIOR'S GRCHESTRA Prior is orchestra. was organized in a hurry to play for the Polar Bear Frolic. April 18-19. and it was then that the boys realized their possibilities when they were received with such great entlinsiasm. Vincent Prior. a. junior was the promoter. Among their many offers. they received one to play all suininer at Hamil- ton Lake. Indiana. also similar oifers to play in Illinois and Michigan. The boys were lrept. busy from April to tl1e end of the year. practicing' twice a week, and playing' for a number of dances. The pianist. Chet Crumley, was the only menilxer of the orchestra that did not attend North High School. In the picture, reading from left to right: LEFT To RIGHT: William l-Zennett. Glenn Crihtield. Vaughn Chase. Chet Cruinhley. David Dyer. Jake Koenig. Ned Mchaugrhlin. Harvey Miller, Paul liurelifielzjl. l7Vellington Findley. Kenneth Burchlield. Fizoxr CENTER: Vincent Prior. Direr-tor. 0 o ll U ll U D U gmcznzxzniiizo 0i':3 ' 161 . 132 Kill O O ll ZIEII EDCI FIELD FUND BENEFITS sv Wg' COMMUNITY Carnival was held october' I1-12 in the Stadium ' A ' from which 351150 was raised. but not all cleared. The coronation of XML-Alf Glen Crihiield as king and Olive Jones, queen, took place both eve- .4 AIS. nings. Bohemian looking booths, a Mexican chile shop, and a Roman play were among the sights of the evening. This was sponsored by the Athletic Department and the Student Council. On February 16, the Student Council sponsored the first of a series of picture plays, this one being a picture of thetAfriean Jungle, "Chang" It was attended by a capacity house and over four hundred dollars was cleared. The next picture was given in an auditorium program, with an admission charge of ten cents. This film was of the African travels of Miss Louetta Shaeffer, who brought the film to the school and explained the pictures as they were shown. Seventy-five dollars was made. Another entertainment was given April 19-20 under the direction. of Mr. A. C. Jones, gym teacher. This entertainment was similar to a first class vaudeville bill with eight big acts. Many clubs and advisors worked hard on preparing these acts, some of which were the Gypsy Camp, by the Y. W. girls, "On the Air," a radio station skit by the Orpheus Club, the Faculty Act, the hit of the evening, in which many teachers took part, and coached by Mr. Mayer, and Vinny Prior 's orchestra. Total receipts of the frolic were 3550. . At the beginning of the year a pledge of S500 was made by the dramatics department to the Community Field Fund. ' This pledge was to be paid from the receipts of the play "Golden Days", but due to Mr. Olney 's poor health, and the pressure of so many other school entertainments, the play was ca.nceled. In its stead, Mr. Olney, head of the department presented S500 to the fund. CONTINUED FROM PAGE 157 SECOND Row: Dane Justice, Lavon Thompson, Gordon Brown, Paul Petru, Robert Lampton, Theodore Lucas, Harold Ellis, Jack Bope, Clay Young, Howard Polly, Robert Ford, Robert Repp, Lenord Fortune, Forest Overturf, W. H. Lehman. THIRD Row: VVayne Laighty, Carnelee Duffy, VVilliam Turner, Eugene Uncles, Harvey Miller, Richard Moore, John Fenner, Arthur Iles, Karl Lowrey, Robert jones, Richard Lucas, Paul Metcalf, Jacob Koenig. FOURTH Row: John Howald, Robert Salisbury, Delbert Lucas, Reid Kaiser, Max McConogha, David Sting, Robert Cree, Richard Caris, Gerald Pontius, Clarence Seebright, George McGarvey, John Dunlap, john VVildermuth, Ben Perry. FIFTH Row: john McCoy, Roy Raney, Wilt Truesdell, VVilliam Maxfield, William Finley, Jack Woodyard, Myron Campbell, Fredrick Peters, Glen Fissel. V SIXTH Row: Melvin Ross, Paul Van Swearyen, Robert Lat-ham, Leonard Goss, Elias Lewis, Vaughn Chase, James Healey, Kenneth Burchfield, David Dyer. SEVENTH Row: 'Leland DeWitt, Arthur Harward, Frank Howard, Harold Hecker. Tor Row: Howard Budd, Robert Caris, Walter Buell, Franklin Marcuis, Benson Carter. Not in the picture: Louis Gehring. E U U U Q en F P W E E r' H U U lililljlja ii O O I I I U H Emgtjiyiliqo otitillZl:ll3IIJU 162 I ,E X . A vfi X A I gg 2 S :EN 55 ': E 8, v. w. A 5 W 5 N 1, LA A CE sw ' :, H V XV 0 I 9 ' s i a 5g 1 fLig l. D Y, , s fxl ,WMM WZ , .,".'-.-.:'f3 j.'-A l "..1-I" 1'.'.,' . f-.','.'f.' A j':'..i ",m. ',. -',-A.. .'---,...- V- v!- -:,',. 1 ,YI.--,,-"--'. ',- , - wh. -. -. ...A -V... . ,lx J 4. I l r. V .!..,f . - -, , ,--"4-Y. ,. .. .,,.A- ': 'f. 1 .-'4'r,,- --4-. H' ',-,f"'- ' ' -- -. ,'..."' '..-' -1" .'.',! . -" ' l ,nl-'ill ,I V .I ua.. 4.. .. I -L I...-...,l xl I il ll-.N .A I At.-5 N . - K . : ., - . 'L' ,.. ,.: N , .. . '.. '. 1.1 ,.'. -,-m L .ff-A .' -, - .1 .' Lg hp- - .-".-.., . I' "4 :X 5 Ig' ,..-'-".'T":,'I'- 'Ar '- k.-'f.'g 1- X- 33 -in 'Y' 4'. ' ' '--.'-' :'- I . .' ' - . y . ..v - -.- .'v.' -. ' " 'V' --"f",.-x."1'."':',.,1 . ' MAX , . .... V. .A ,.,, . -H, ,'. Ac- Q.-'. .'f Q 'Y 'X - '.'.'5 -rw. ,-- 1,-.,.,..,--,....-Y. .- .5--.x",.,J,..fL,,.. X I. ---" -x Ei ll U U Q 'E 9 P e UB ? E IF' i Il U E H 111 Ili! 0 O I IICJZ THE DIVI E SPARK IBY TXLXRGARET XVEBER TODAY Her picture stands unmolested on an old oak dresser. Sparky still guards itg Sparky old and nearly blindg Sparky with graying hair and a scarred body but the same indomitable eyesg the same soldier spirit. It all goes back to the summer of 1915, before we entered the war. A Can- adian moonlight nightg two lovers, youthful, unspoiledg their best friend, Sparky. a big half-Airedale, half-Scottish-terrier. - Good times are hasty. Peter was called overseas with his buddies. A gallant parting that-Madeline wearing a gay inimitable smileg Peter with his non- ehalanee. his sturdy spirit. He would return, Praise God, and meanwhile Sparky was to protect ller. Days melted into months, then years. Peter waspsafe enough-so far he had been wounded but once and then not seriously. Nevertheless, Sparky often perceived a sadness in his mistress 's eyes-a look seen only by him when She was alone. Faithfully he performed his dutyg at night sleeping at her door: carrying her pareelsg once killing a poisonous snake among the trees. Sparky loved those walks. They seemed to bring him closer to her. Then came news. Peter had been slightly gassed and was reeuperating at a hospital near S--. Sparky would not soon forget that day when the letter cameg he too had felt the fear and loneliness. the never-ending period of waiting. ' Then Peter came home. Joy again. unutterable joy ! They had moved to t.l1e States and Peter had regained his lost health, his ruddy complexion. It had been hard at first -that period after the war when work was searee and employers hardened-nevertheless, Peter with a. characteristic dauntlessness had won out. Sparky. seinper fidelis, now had the run of the lovely lawn planted with bright trees and shrubs. Ilis best-loved pastime was to accompany Madeline and Peter when they went on long hikes or picnic suppers. Sparky always received the choice leftovers, a morsel of chicken or a saudwirh. Months flew byand Vifinter again came, with him the dreaded Htluf' Need- less it is to desrihe that monster. People dying in swarms, whole families un- eared-for. masks once more brought into use. Suffering, sorrow. everywhere. Madeline fell ill. Grim. grief-stricken days when Sparky could eat no foodg days of torture-Death! Sparky followed the hearse, eyes filled with pain. He eould not understand why they had to cover her up. Mourning. he hovered over her grave a11d refused to leave until Peter called. Home again. but it was no longer a hoineg just a house filled with reeolleetions of joy-filled days. Only her room held a soothing peace for the sorrow-stricken man and dog. Her face smiling from a dresser, seemed to bring hope and peace to two weary comrades. Some nights when the pain grew intolerable. Peter crept silently from his bed and with a soft whistle to Sparky. stumbled to the cemetery. Often these two. in- separable. waited. oblivious of time, 'till faint streaks of dawn shown in the East. Then rising. they would stagger back. Many times the dog helped his mast-er pull the weeds from among the flowers -the forget-me-nots. the roses. Some- times it was only Sparky who Visited the grave, laying a plucked flower at her feet. Always he walked Carefully in mute reverence of the dead. Always he lay, forepaws on the mound, his head between. cl IJ U E lo Q E ll D U U 164 lfl D Q 'E 9 b W E t IF' ll E U H 1 Ill O "T: :TC - .. - .- S P+ 6 c 4 r-mm Q fn -1 P'-4 . P1 Q I-Q-2 "1 o EPM r-.,.. ... - H Z -.5 f - o ,,, ... ,-, -. .. ,g '-' f-+ , ...- rr r' ....i,., A 5.4 ,-, 5 1 2 7 F: v-P g .--ft V m H ...A . Hz'-'u-4 f-+2 ,F ........ V -1 we 1:-, fb -+.' -: 2:2 'II ft Q - .. F91-+ r-4 :ff-F ,. . im :fn CD P-4 1- A - V 4 .24 Z - 1 fv- ' "' LT' 51: VT. .7210 'ga D fn W.. VIQTJ 'J '42 ,... ' 1: ,.,.rv 5 T4 r-H ,,:- : 'K fc va S r-tm 23 " P+ V2 29,1 J ... 527' yi ff ,.. .. U Ulm m f- G Ui A1 ff: ... S E :- 6 ,1 S 0 f--UQ ,.. 'I " 1 .01 gg T-f 2' 9 : E .' r-1 'J 'L A .. ,.., O Then Sparky disappeared. Ile had not shown up at meal time that evening' and had not been seen sim-e early morning. A frantic search was started, a reward otfered. Still no word. Peter knew his companion must have been stolen. ping his ear. Peter jumped to the ground. Ivith his eall of "Sparky Z" recog- nition leaped in the dog's eyes. Ile groveled at Peter 's feet but his glance held the same old gleam. His nails were broken. his feet sore. It was obvious that he had been mistreated. Peter wept. with joy on the return journey. For onee. Luek was on his side. Next day. after a bath and a juicy steak the dog' again vanished. In a moment of inspiration Peter trailed him. Down the main streets, past residential dis- triets, out to the IIome of the Dead. Yes. there he was, paws outstretched, head between. Ile still ilayed the guard. Ile relnemhered. I HER HAIR IS LIKE TI-Ili COHNVEIES lIer hair is like the eolmwehs .And they were spun of goldg Her voice is like the sweetest song That ever you heard trolled. I Iler glance is like the breath of spring That animates the roseg Iler smile is like the sweetest wind That lulls you in repose. Her eyes are like the Rita As sparkling and as blue, And oh. in them what gentleness Is mirrored there for you. -.llurjorie Duncan Nice. I 0 ll Q U U U pmz:n:n:n:u::o o::1:n:::u:n:1U 165 Emi U U U Q 'E 9 b W E IF' Ei i Il U :Smog rl lil O .- "Fi could only be good to a heap o ' folks !" But pore ole Bill didn 't never have much- Not nuf fur hisself. But ole Bill was such A blame fool he 'd give it away He was ketched out onct a 'sittin' on a log Dividin' his crust with a sick lookin' dogg An' dog my cats atween you an' me, The dog got the most ez fur ez I could see. But that was just like ole Bill Stokes- The poorer, the better he liked it, an' folks Wa 'nt no better nor dogs in his estimate- Least he acted that way at any rate. Ole Bill thought his job was to give all away Jess to help folks out - least that 's what they say. So that was Bill's prayer -to be good to a heap - Lots more 'n a few - a great big heap. 1 Ili Q Ill 'lf They found him asleep on a pore ole beclg He wa 'nt sick a tall, but just plain dead. So they put up a stone an' on it, it said: "Here lies the body of ole Bill Stokes, He done a whole lot fur a heap o' folks." -Mildred Ann M addum. A BLADE OF GRASS Ah, mine is but a blade of grass And yours a full blown rose, But mine lives almost any where, Yours in a garden grows. Yours is the border of the whole And lovely to be seen, But mine fills up so pleasantly o Pi 23" cn m 'U no Q na m his I3 CT' rn rr- 5: cb cn F Q Kill! Yours you must pet and pamper or 'Twill wither and 'twill die, Q f 3 H Ul3CN3L-N-IL-IO oiJiJl:lI:3lI1CIg 166 OLE BILL STOKES H This was the prayer of ole Bill Stokes: H To the fust at ast, and I've heerd say 0 r But tell me what, ah, tell me what - The grass is tended by? li -Marjorie Nice. I DEE D U U Q 'fs Q 9 E en P E F Il U U C1135 E Kill li ll H A MIDSUMMER'S DAY DREAM By MARGARET WILLIAMS Up the rugged slope I toiled, catching whatever oifered a likely hold and pulling myself wearily upward. Inch by inch I worked my way until at last, D with one final heave I arrived breathlessly at the summit. When I had recovered O my breath, I began to look about me. A long plateau stretched before me. Half a mile or more away stood a huge red brick structure of the type common to America before the Great Flood wiped them out in the early part of the 20th Century. Surrounding this ancient building was a circle of tiny huts, thatched with a yellow colored grass, which I noticed grew in large quantities at the edge of the plateau. But what gave such a reddish brown appearance to the plateau? It puzzled me greatly, but I had no time to explore. Wliat I needed first of all was food-and food I was bound to have if those huts meant anything. Not a person was in sight however, so I started in the direction of the nearest hut. Hardly had I taken a dozen steps when I suddenly sunk up to my knees in mud. Mud! So that was what gave the pleateau that reddish color! I stag- geredon a ways, and then gave it up and halooed loudly. An answering hail seemed to come from the red brick structure, a signal fiashed from the center window, and before I knew it I found myself seated in a little trolley car which swung me neatly into the doorway of the brick building. Taken by surprise as I was, I had no time to ponder the inscription over the door, of an obsolete pattern, which read "Think Clearly." Before me lay an immense audience chamber-I took it to be such, and into it I walked. I could not believe the sight which greeted my eyes. Every seat was occupied by a small - 'mechanical doll! One of them, an important person I judged by the stiif little bows given him by the other dolls, arose and walked jerkily toward me. "We are honored," he said in a thin, squeaky voice, "by your visit. It has been many years since anyone has ventured to climb the heights surrounding t our little plateau. Are you a reporter, by any chance?" To my gasping denial he sorrowfully shook his head. "That is too bad," he exclaimed wistfully. "The old-time reporters are getting scarce, and the new ones haven 't the nose for news that the old ones did. The last man who visited us was a reporter, and he carried news of us back to the people below. But the story he told was so strange that they wouldn't believe him, and so we are still I0 undiscovered. " 0 "Oh," I said, "that must have been years ago. I remember old tales I 2- heard--" i "Yes," said the doll eagerly, "that must have been years ago. I noticed you F1 looking at this building. Perhaps you are wondering where it came -from and L S how. Sit down and I will tell you all about it.', ' E U E Q i H QZllZlO o:ii:: 167 I sat down on one of the tiny chairs and he began. ' "After the Great Flood our Doll tribe migrated to this plateau. Here we found the structure you now see. lt hard survived the flood and liaditlozited from its former resting place to the exact position in which it now stands." "It looks fH11ll1l21I',,, said I. 'iBut why should there be such mud around '! " O t'That is simple. You see this building loved its old location amid a sen of EIDE U U U Q Q Q k W E E If It H ,U lJiZlIIE 5 1 UCICIIEQ 0 ::v, 4, H U U5 7-' P-I '43 Os Q :H Or --1 -Q """ ,...-I2 - Hn 5 UL-: ..,f 0 I' -2 '-gm 5'o -4:2250 -J 'U "OO,..v-15' 12- :C-'I:"1'D-..:. -Q Cdcira' SQ ...4""'f1' v-15 in-.9 :emma .. ' ..5-4' mgiadf-v-"' Q H-Q.: 2f'fl.:'4f,:: 'fo .2 'do H ,,f!1:gm H55 we tl' '-was jr-102 2,-am P5 ' a-J mi-I? r-smgfgmg 'Sgr-4' es: -Qld 'U 'F 5591 ro Wm "'D5""2fH .,,,i-4 o,.f+fv-..f-P "' Sm' '-s "1p-:Wm ,Q :J +-+5-'G Am ES., ft- C' ,LCD may 72 'C' AQ 'T'f-7 -FD PLS, . :ao CYZ4-'lf Zen 2-ffgi' Hr., .... . -f"...,2Yf-QQ-4 '-' 3 .-4'-',,,v ,.. Hr-hp.. ,-1, 1-1. -1, mfD'f '44 QV-T 1-01,9-'N' 'Tm H ' f- ':'-in 9,2-2 mi mcg: ,..fT3 'HQ TSO Eattgf 225 :rr I 'lm ., U2 F, :"51' Qt., ...Few . '-1 -J- se- -'TD' cn- I: s.Q"' OCD i-a r-I-9: .--O4 fe "" Qcfvfn-do -44 II' FD! .QQ Q Q "'5'5 'S P 'cs Bw P1 ,er .- ,..,l-p CD Q ,j:'ar 'CS' E fb '23 ,Ti 3 ,- rad G X gh, Q i-H '15 1 m I3 r'- '-1 fb 2.4 .11 gg f-+ '0 :f ...AU - . A Qi' x H' E W: V 5 ' 2.-Q Q4 f-3 5' 'Z '-: 'D S -1 v-'- '1 0 -1.1. ' m H: - gp-1 gg r-P If -fro ,.. - U 'Sv-s ." T1 1 U nm 'I V m U -- 0 im: :nil-i A O .: Iliff f 'THE POILARHSS ANNUAL J U III I IZ l,...ll GIRLS' 4 llIlliC2lII .4 1 NNN iff N it ', '1f'1m' QR -1 Q 1 .:.1.-,. .VZ N JC' "" ld ,WW o - W 0 ,ff , - , K I 'X lx' V 994 7 lWlV-IE-fa U k 'W 'xx 25' E LQ, Q E H U U UEIlIJZIiIlllilO r.:'.u:.1L:l:1E1EJIJ l D :mi U U U Q e 'ei 9 P W 5 E re' Il U U E E lllll Ill O O E 4 i GIRLS' CAPTAINS AND COACHES ICTURED above are the captains and coaches who are responsible for the successful season which the girls' gym department has just corn- X pleted. Miss Mayes Rickey and Miss Gene Griffith are the athletic - , , instructors who by their unceasing eiforts have raised the standards of girls' athletics to a higher plane. Ruth Dwyer captained the intramural team which succeeded in upsetting all other teams in the intramural league. Mary Phelps, captain of Senior basketball team, led them in capturing the championship. Rexine Dye and Ellen VViley were the leaders of the Juniors and Sophs in basketball. Kathryn Ryan and her Soph teammates took the volleyball title from the I . ATN Ki' o Juniors of whom Jean Humphreys was captain and from the Seniors who elected 0 l Irene Miller as their leader. As they appear in the picture, left to right: FIRST Row: Kathryn Ryan, Rexine Dye, Ruth Dwyer, Mary Phelps, Ellen VVi1ey. SECOND Row: Irene Miller, Miss Gene Griffith, jean Humphreys, Miss Mayes Rickey. ll Q t H E uElC1C3lI1lI7lilO oznzzczuzmu 170 C1 lIllIIZZE1 U U ll Q 'E 9 P W E P A F U ll El 11112 E il 0 O G. A. A. President ....... . . .IRENE MILLER Secretary. . . ...... lNLxRY PHELPS Vice President ....... BIILDRED CLARK T reasurcfr .... . .... J EAN HUMPHREYS HE PURPOSE of the G. A. A., to promote girls' athletic enterprises in school was more fully emphasized this year due to its rapid growth. At the beginning of the year three of the charter members 5 drew up a constitution and submitted it to the elub members. The first undertaking of the club in school activities was the sponsoring of a bake sale at the North High Carnival. Following this they put on two splash parties open-to all girls and managed the Christmas donations of the gym department. To be an active member of the organization the girl must have gained one hundred points in the specified manner. However, an associate membership was created this year admitting girls who have only attained seventy-five points. Wlien the girls are initiated they receive the G. A. A. emblem and at the 0 end of the year the three with the highest number of points are presented with 0 maroon sweaters at the annual banquet also sponsored by the club. Those in the picture are: B FIRST Row: Rexine Dye, Mary Hambleton, Kathryn Ryan, Mary Wiltberger, Frances Odflgi-SCOND Row: Yetive Fissel, Irene Miller, Jean Humphreys, Mary Phelps, Gladys Teeters. THIRD Row: Miss Gene Griffith, Jean Ervin, Lncile Christman, Marjorie Mercer, Mar- U garet Beatty. li D FOURTH Row: Mildred Clark, Miss Mayes Rickey. E D ll . U U U IJ DEClIlLlZO Oliililllicllj 171 CIZZEHQ U ll ll Q 'Til Q P W E ? IF' U U U iii 13355 O O 1 1 SOPHS CUP VOLLEYBALL TITLE HE CALL for volleyball. tl1e tirst niajor sport of the seaso11 was 2111- . swered by a greater llll1'Hl7GI' of girls than 111 previous years. proving E a rising popularity 111 the game. Following. the 1l1fI'Hl1lll1'Ell league msfj games several general praetwes were held 111 preparation for the tryout for respective class teams. Gym majors at Ohio State Uni- versity jndged the tryout and those making the teams were asked to practice the health chart rules during' the ti111e before the tryout. Tl1e gym was used for class practices at every available time Zllld wlien the day of the t0ll1'112ll11Gl1t arrived great G1l'f1lIllSl2lS1l1 was shown in both the players tllld spectators. After three series of hard fought games the Sophs were fl11ally pronounced winners followed by the Juniors i11 a close second. Good sportsniaiisliip, a tradition of North Girls was again shown in every instance. 0 0 1 BOT'roM Row: Mary 'Wiltbergen Jean McCall, Lois Binns, Kathryn Ryan CCapt.l, Rosemary Croswell, Geraldine Tracy, Gwendolyn Meredith, Mary Conway. SECOND Row: Marie Van Schoyck, Kathryn Arnold, Elizabeth Ports, Rutl1 Robedeau. Ellen Wfiley, Pauline Miller tit-Ianagerj. ll U El ll 1 S U ' ',ClClZZilCi1E3C7 172 IIE IIIEII O O ll IDEIJEI U u U QX 3 Lili Tel Q e E UQ P E IF' ll U ll ll E -'21 U M U ll JUNIQR B. B. BOTTOM Row: Polly Miller. SECOND Row: Gladys Teeters, Marian Watt, Josephine McFarland. Rexine Dye CCapt.j, Kathryn Ryan. Mary Vlfiltberger. Rebecca Miller, Kathleen Cornell. THIRD Row: Irene Ranney, Betty VVils0n, Yetive lfissel, Lois Binns, Alice Neel, Maxine Mantell, Margaret LeSar. O 0 U SOPH B. B. U U Borrom Row: Jessie Hagens, Mary Ellen Funk, Mildred Spielman, Miriam Large, U Ellen Vkfiley fCapt.J, Silva O'Dell, Ruth Fippen, Ruth Robcdeau. U SECOND Row: Mary Conway, Henrietta Conrad, Marie Van Schoyck, Margaret VVesley, E S-araxSl1adwick, Roaemary Crosswell, Mary Ziebolcl, Gwen Meredith. U Ecncnztzmrzrzuo Gill?-'lilE3l:ll3U 173 ZIZIDE D U ll Q 'E Q P' E UD IF' H U ll ESQ li lllfi llilil BASEBALL CHAMPS GF '27 HE class of '27 finished their season in a blaze of glory by defeating C both the Sophs and Juniors in the baseball tournament held in the 0 latter part of May last year. In spite of the intense heat quite a l few girls were present to witness the games. The tournament was followed by the annual banquet, held i11 the cafeteria, at which time awards were made to those who had attached places on the teams or who had earned points necessary for G. A. A. membership. The members of the various classes were seated at tables decorated in the class colors. Only five of the Seniors gained the highest award, a maroon sweater. These girls were: Margaret Anderson, Ruth Beard, Katherine Call, Sara Louise Ervin, and Mae Haynam. , A new method will be used in awarding the sweaters this year since last year's standard has been too easily achieved by this year's members. POSTURE VVEEK In keeping with National Health Weel: the girls' gym department for the first time sponsored a health week in the school during the second week of May. Songs and posters were made in preparation for the time. Health charades were given in classes during the week. Three girls with the best posture fitting into the three groups, short, middle, and tall, were chosen in each class and eliminated 'by popular Vote of the school in an auditorium meeting. The Posture Queen selected by the girls was Rexine Dye. The purpose of this week is to promote good posture among the girls so that they may be distinguished as a North co-ed anywhere. W VOLLEY BALL INTRAMURALS In ,order to save time the volley ball intramurals were held in the gym classes this year. This made it compulsory for all girls to participate in the games, thus making a larger number qualified for the try-out. o 0 PHYSICAL EXAMS Physical exams were given to the girls at the beginning of the term, enabling them to improve by the next exam at the close of the school year. l U U H Q U U ,U r:1ml:n:n eL.n..uo ouzu-u:u:1r3 gl :J 174 L i EIEIZCIZXII :lfllIlElElEl 11121 Illllilj V-'I' 1 O 5 O SENIOR VOLLEYBALL FIRST Row: Elsie Dean, Marjorie Mercer, Hettie Potts, Irene Miller, Lucile Christ- man, Mary Phelps. SECOND Row: Vera Cline, Mildred Clark, Dorothy Ertley, Mary Hambleton, Jean Ervin, Helen Eagle, Margaret Beatty. 0 0 A 1 I JUNIOR VOLLEYBALL U FIRST Row: Ann Stone, Kathleen Cornell, Gladys Teeters, jean Humphreys, Edith U U Young, Kathryn Conrath, Maxine Mantell. - D SECOND Row: Nell Humphries, Betty McClure, Helen Gilson. Ruth George, Margaret ll lg LeSar, Irene Ranney. H pg:n:n:n:J1:n:n:mo oL:u:n:1r::l:rJl:1 175 E 'THE IEDQLARHS ANNUAL I I L ' E H - H U U I H H H Q Q o o U U I E H E ECICICIHIAIHIIO " ouzuzzwmg I3 mi U ll D Q a 'E 9 P E UQ 5 F' i ll Il 1 fill llllilii O U GIRLS' INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL 3 XHE QALL for basketball was H11SXV81'Qd by 170 girls wl1o wished to Q O partnipate 111 the 1l1tI'H1I1ll1'ill leag11e games. After a iew general 'MDX L-'L 1 , . . practices tl1e players were placed o11 teams i11 either tl1e fruit tree I TN . 2 3554 " ,ZF ' E11 itil. . . . - . lp - l 01 shade tree league Hlld a battle royal ensued to see XVl1lCl1 0118 would i 11a1ne the poster tree in the gym by defeating all others with Wl101ll they had to play. There were 21 teains including tl1e three made 1111 of gi1'ls wl1o entered North in February. Eight girls were placed on each team, two acting as substitutes, a11d since participation i11 scheduled games 2llltO111i1flC21llj' made the players eligible for try-outs, tl1e practice of "forget-ting" and "cut- ting" was greatly diminislled. All tl1e IIIGIIIDQPS of tl1e fruit league were eliminated and tl1e final game found tl1e Pines and Maples struggling for tl1e title. The Pines, l1owever, won the honor by capturing a J-L-7 victory from their adversaries i11 a. fast game. Meinbers of the Normal Gym Class acted as referees a11d tiinekeepers for the game. Those i11 tl1e picture are: Mary -lane Schmidt. Lois Binns, Ruth Dwyer, Betty VVilson, Mildred Clark. MAROON AND GOLD HOCKEY TEAMS ' ITH tl1e co1npletio11 of the hockey field this IIQW sport was added to 1 girls' athletic depart1nent. At the beginning of tl1e SGlllGSt01' active lu, 1' 1 1 p?l1'l1E1p3l10l1 lll tl1e ga111e was somewhat slow because of tl1e necessity gllf xigff , of learning the technique of tl1e game. Class llltI'HH1lll'RlS were started b11t because of co11ti1111ed rainy weather tl1e plan of choosing class tea111s as i11 other sports could 11ot be carried Ollt. Tl1e maroon and gold teams made 11p of those Ollilsl-211111-llllg in tl1e class intra- Hlllffll teams were, however. given a chance to play i11 a te11 111in11te game between halves of the North-East Football game on Tl1tll1kSjIlVl11g. This event created Illllfll interest i11 both the players tlllfl spectators. Although the opposing sides p11t 11p a hard tight tl1e score remained 0-0 at tl1e Glld of tl1e given tin1e. Tl1ose i11 middle picture are: BOTTOM Row: Mildred Clark, Josephine McFarland, Kathryn Conrath, Maxine Man- tell, Helen Elliott, Kathryn Ryan. SECOND Row: Pauline Miller, Margaret Beatty. Jean Huniphreys, Rebecca Miller. Those i11 the lower picture are: BOTTOM Row: Mary K. Bell, Ruth Dwyer, Irene Miller, Evelyn Miles, Jeanne XVilcox. SECOND Row: Frances Dum, Alice Neel, Jean McCall, Betty Streeper. Iilll Q ill! U D U U Clalliilmo Olllllimmn ITT i 'Tiana IPQLARIISS ANNHJIAIL ,j 'U U u u H t l i O O SENIORS LEAD IN BASKETBALL I NTEREST ran high in the girls' gym during the basketball prelim- i inaries and when March 9, the day for the tryouts eame there were quite a few girls who were ready to put their ability as basketball MJXEJ players to test. Miss Marie McBride and Miss Virginia Bone. physical education majors at Ohio State University acted as the judges. They chose three first and second teams to represent the classes. Only fourteen Seniors were present so their trial was shorter than the other twog however, many Juniors and Sophs wished to have a try for a plaee on their respective teams. The tournament was held on Friday, March 23. at 7 :30 P. M. in a ,fryin which had been very prettily decorated by the managers and their helpers. None of the games were easily won and the Junior-Senior clash was so elose that the Gym was in a continual uproar until the final whistle blew when it was found that the Seniors had captured the title by a. single point with a score of '12-11. O About 3440.00 was cleared in gate receipts. This money goes to the Girls' 0 Gym Fund. The tour11ame11t this year was rated as one of the best North has ever had. . FIRST Row: Jean Humphreys, Irene Miller, Jean Ervin, Mary Phelps fCapt.j, Mar- garet Beatty, Mildred Clark, Elsie Dean. SECOND Row: Ruth Dwyer, Mary Barber, Lucile Christman, Mary Hambleton, Eliza- U beth Srnitb, Marjorie Mercer, Frances Bodfish. li U I D U U III AEEEIZLIL-.I4IO oc:u:n:n:u:J:Jg 178 , '-X fi U-- 5 ! - -x N E 1 Q 4-I N TQ5 gh Qc, x -W X , I QT 0 -lp 4,0 WM' . X -f:.'w ', xv! I fe ' Nw . 1 ' 1 .ily A ,- gi f ' X '1 YV , g S' . A, ' ? Q I M 'f In ixj i , 0 Q I + EMS ., Cl-iF1S.PIE mouonw 5 H ' E. F 0 .WILDEQ RICHHRD HUSTIN ," l - . . ', f lqvf 1 9 I IZIILCU li O O U U U U LEADERS U U Q E H21 E is E2 9 E can E rf' E U U E CIE O ll 0 l i U! U. U U U Il UClCllI1l'lJl7i!O Oflllllillzljflj E lfl U ll Q 'U 9 .3 E Ui ? F ll ll U U :in:zr:JL:u:n::g E O OUTSTANDING ATHLETE Carl Thurnian Davis is this year's outstanding' man, having participated in football, baseball and basketball. Carl played end on the football team and can be renieinbered as the punter who got North out of some tight places. ' In basket- ball Carl being tall and rangy accounted for many points for the Maroon and Gold. On the diamond Davis did the flinging for the Polar Bears. This season 0 Carl and "Red" Madden ran neck and neck for the title of leading pitcher. On the mythical teams Carl was chosen end on the second team in football and was on the squad in basketball. Carl tips the scales to o11e hundred and ninety-eight pounds and is six feet two inches tall. He wore Maroon and Gold colors in foot- ball '2T, basketball '27 and '28, and baseball ,227 and '28. E D ClQCl1illllO Olllililzlju 181 5 THE PQLARHS ANNUAL -L: U U FIRST Row: O-wen, McGaugl1y, Hinchman, Xvetzel, Carroll, Prior, Culbertson, Karvasales Siscoxu Row: Cook. Davis, Pullin, Crihheld, Capt.g Hagely, Coach: Haubrich, Capt.g Ehrens- berger, Allen, DuBois and Pon-d. THIRD Row: Hallsman, Baker, Ewing, Bailey, Farmer, Rorick, Conway, Root, Schlider, FOURTH Row: Needham, Mgizg XV. Brown, -Clutter, Keyes, Zigler, Bennett, and Louden, Mgr. p FOOTBALL GAIN , North High 's football team reigned supreme in the l'G2ll11l-Of Wfplqlkl Columbus high schools. The Polar Bears walked through all city l opposition and were victorious against all their out-of-town opponents Jhimefgp except Athens. In the eight games played, the Maroons ehalked up C 169 points to their opponents 50. This championship makes the seventh time in eight years that Bears have either won undisputedly or tied Bmas XVIN OPENIEIQ IN STADIUM ll H O and Foster. Hay and R. Brown. rs X for the city pigskin title. 0 il Opening the season against the highly touted Mansfield High team the Ma- roon niachine came out on the long end of 19 to 13 score. This was the first real game to be played in the new athletic plant as the North-South fracas a year ago could hardly be called a game. Mansfield had a fine team and was doped to win from North, but in the last quarter with the score tied at thirteen all, Bill Carroll broke away on a, sixty yard run which placed the Bears in a position to counter their final score. ' n ll Il O Q l1lT"l D D 3 u VUUDIZEJKIALZO oz:n'.:n:njL:n:g ..---...lfu -f-:T-iz., - 182 North the following week journeyed to Martins Ferry to play their strong eleven. After a hard fought first half the Maroons cut loose and rang up 18 points to Ferry 's 6. Carroll and VVetzel were the stars of this win, Buzz scored two touchdowns on runs of fifteen and ninety yards while Carroll intercepted an enemy pass and ran sixty yards for his score. EXQUINAS FIRST LEAGUE VICTIM Aquinas lligh fell before the strong Maroon team by the overwhelming score of 30-O in the first city leaguc game. The bat.t.le was harder fought than the score might indicate, especially the first half. Carroll was again the head man, romping through the Green a11d Gold for three touchdowns on runs of 20, 60, and 35 yards. The other scores were turned in by Viletzel, and Haubrick who intercepted 311 Aquinas pass on his own 35 yard line and cantered sixty-tive yards for the marker. A NEW STADIUM DEDICATED Even the proverbial stadium "jinx" failed to stop the fast going Maroons and as result Central High was soundly defeated in the' second city league game. Ceremonies previous to the battle consisted of the marching and playing of the two school bands and addresses by Mr. J. Mattox of the school board, Mr. B. E. Wliggins. director of physical education. and Mr. J. G. Collicott, superintendent of schools. . Carroll. North is flashy halfback scored all three of the markers but none of the scores were the results of long runs. Central was the first city high school team to score against North when a pass McConnell to Smith was good for a. touchdown. The whole Maroon team played good ball and gave a creditable account of themselves. The Polar Bear machine continued on its path to the championship by next trouncing Vilest to the tune of 26 to 12. Bill Carroll was again the mainstay of the North attack although the Vilest defense was primed to stop him. This they did fairly well except on a few occasions. In the second quarter of the fray Carroll cut loose with two beautiful jaunts of 70 yards each. North 's first score came by way of a long forward pass from Hinchman to Hanbriek while the final touchdown was the result of Crihfield blocking Captain Wallcer's punt and falling on it behind the goal line. NVest's two touchdowns were scored by 11103118 of long passes. The Brown and Buif put up good battle but they could not hope to halt the onslaughts of Carroll and McCall. NoaTII TURNS BACK SOUTH On Armistice Day, at the South football field, before seven thousand wildly cheering fans, North practically cinchcd the city championship by defeating the South-enders in one of the hardest fought games in several years. After the smoke of battle had lifted the Maroon and Gold team walked off the field victorious by a. score of 13 to 7. North pushed over a touchdown late in the first quarter due to the wonderful playing of Carroll and Wetzel, but failed to kick goal. In the second period South went into the lead by scoring a touchdown by a clever screenedpass, and they made the point. after the touchdown. The Bears fighting with their backs to the wall rallied late in the tinal quarter to chalk up the needed E U U U 'E 9 P W 5 IF' ll ll U g u E Illlll O t E U UGZll...ItTllO Olllimau 183 THE, PQLARHS ANNUAL 3 IJ E H F seven points. Ill this battle Carroll could not be stopped by the South warriors. D T for time and again he would reel olf runs of 25 and 30 yards. The whole team can be given credit for its excellent showing in this victory. Coming here the following week with a record of being one of the strongest teams in southern Ohio, Athens High lived up to all pre-expectations and as a result North lost the first and only game of the season. The game was played 0 under the most miserable of conditions. Rain during the game, big puddles O all over the field and naturally very soggy turf, seriously hampered North's speed merchants, Carroll and lVetzel. The only score of the game came in the fourth quarter when Athens blocked one of Davis' punts and an Athens man tell 011 it for a touchtown. TVTAROONS CAPTURE CHAMPIONSHIP To wind up a very successful season the Polar Bears handed out to her traditional rival, East High, one of the worst drubbings ever received by that school. North was doped to win by a comfortable margin, but the day of the historical battle was rainy and cloudy so the two teams were given about an equal chance. Even though the turf was slippery Bill Carroll, the ace of the North backfield, ran wild, romping through the Orange and Black team for five touchdowns and one point after a touchdown for a total of 31 points. His scores were the results of runs of 5, 55, 30, 35 and 50 yards. McGaughy also got off for a long run of fifty yards. East was sadly out-classed in every depart- ment of play, and although badly beaten from the start they never once gave up the fight. The score, -L5 to 0, was one of the largest ever made by a North team. POST-SEASON GAMES FALL THROUGH After this game North tried to secure several out-of-town engagements but they all fell through because of the lateness of the season. North challenged Toledo Scott to a game here or there, but the Toledo authorities frowned on such a game. Other teams challenged were Marysville, Lima South, Dayton Stivers, Roosevelt and Steele. Arkon South and Elgin, Ill.. but to no avail. At the end of the season a banquet was held at the Rose Marie Shop for the team where the letters were awarded and Coach M. M. Hagley was given a wrist watch by the boys. 0 0 ll E U Il U E' U l:n:1:u:1::c:lzlo ig- omzmgiclcltlu 184 FIRST Row: Gee, Mgr., Karvasales, Bowen, Hinchman, VVeisheimer, Capt. Long, and Gabriel, Manager. SECOND Row: Ehrensberger, Jones, Coachg Davis, Root, McDonald, Mgr., and Culbertson. Missing from picture: Hansen. Ellison and Prior. BASKETBALL N . Lf cf e eani 1 ustlated that son., Having, my uinning 1 and losing 6 of the 13 games play ed. 1410111 last year's 1 3 15:5 players Coaeh Jones had Carl Davis, Bill Root, Lew Hinehman. Ron i Culbertson. Art XV8lSll9lIl1G1' and Jim Hauser, the last mentioned being eligible only until February. All of the above named men had already earned their letters. besides this there was Ben Bowen. Don Long. Tubby Ehrnes- berger, Vinnie Prior. Lou Blanchard, Mike Karavasales and Ellison, who is a fine prospect for next year. Davis started the season at forward, but the last games found him at guard, NV0lSl19iD181' played forward the whole year and was never varied. Long, one of the best North had, found himself shifted back and forth a11d all 31'O1lDCl several times, Hinchman also played both guard a11d for- ward positions. Prior was used mostly at forward. while Culbertson and Bowen saw service at forward and guard. Mike Karavasales, who played l1is first game against South tl1e second time around. pastimed in forward a11d guard positions. Ellison played forward i11 the Delaware game and was 'the luminary. Lou Blanchard also held the forward berth. Q? s UR 1927-28 Polar B1-ir '-ig , t 'll K ' . , gg " e ' 0' Y' . . . f xl ups, Having my downs, Having my ups and downs," pretty well, fvryf' 1 ,- - F. - - . .. w. . t -Q---ff - . ' .' A X JI u U Q E 'e 9 b W E E ra H U Il E ...E ill! O ll H U EI IJ DC1lI1I2lllilO 01111111212-IEJCIQ 185 11112 lllil O it 1, I ll 0 ll U U M.xRooNs NVIN FIRs'r Gam-3. Root held down the center job very suitably. and Ehrensberger who was the only man to play every position, also played center. Jim Hauser was the only man who played gua1'd only. The Maroon team won its first game 3-L-19 over the Red and 1Vhite team. at Vilesterville. Root and Hinchman were high point scorers with 12 and 11 points-respectively. In this game Davis could not start because of a bad ankle. Dover, 1927 Ohio Champs who went good at Chicago last year, was the next foe of the Polar Bears and went away 011 the long end of a 26-21. score. Bill Bietner, all state guard 1927. and the only one left on the 1927 champion- ship team. was the mainstay and high point man. North opened the city league with a 29-28 victory over East, the game was very fast and close at all times. At the first quarter East led 11-10 and they were locked 17-17 at the half. North was ahead 24-22 at the third quarter and won out 29-28. Burke was East 's star with 12 counters and Root was high for North with 9 markers. By winning from Central 22-18, the Maroons upset the dope buckets. as Cen- tral, according to the newspapers, was a decided favorite. The game started very slowg the Maroons were out in front at the quarter 6-3 and deadloeked 11-11 at the half. The second half was much faster and the Riversiders trailed 13-12 at the three-quarter mark and North won out 22-18. A total of 23 fouls were called on both teams. Davis was high scorer with 8 points, but Weislieiiiier and Root also played well. 1Voodward starred for Central. The Bears took an easy game from the Green Dragons 24-11 for their third win i11 the city league. The game was very slow and the Dragons trailed 4-0 in the initial quarter. At the half-way mark the Bears were out in front S--L The third quarter was a regular walk-away, North scoring 11 points while Aquinas scored 2. Yveisheimer was the high scorer with 8 markers. Johnson was high scorer for the Dragons with 5 points. North won another exciting game from the Cowboys similar to the one of last year. 27-26. At the first quarter North enjoyed a X12-S lead while at the half they trailed West-Siders 16-15, and at the third quarter North was behind 22-17. Long started a rally and Hauser, Hinehman and Davis finished itg when the curtain came down North had the game in the bag. Davis was high scorer with 11 points. Wallcer was high for West with 9 markers. BRUINS Loss TO Buuioocs. The Bulldogs took the lead away from the Maroons 30-18 in a game which was both fast and slow. South was ahead 7-6 at the initial quarter and the Maroons trailed 16-12 at the half. From then on South could not be caught. xV9lSllGlll1C1' was high scorer with 6 markers. This was Jim Hauser's last game under Maroon and Gold colors. After this the Polar Bears showed a reversal of form and were knocked oif by Eastfs Tigers 35-24. The Bears had 8-3 lead at the first quarter but were trailing 12-10 at the half. At the third quarter the Bears were trailing 22-12 and East could not be caught. Burke scored 15 points for the winners and Davis scored 11 for North. E U ll u gi 6 gp 9 9 W 5 E F Fi li 19 ll O 1 gn 0 I i t H . U UDCIEIIZIZHIIO ' OiliilIlZClg 186 SIDE U U U Q 'E 9 9 a a a E IF' H ll ii ll U E09 l"il:l O.. li O l""f,Z Once again North downed the Buccaneers, this time 27-25 in a very fast and close game on the North floor. North started out like a house afire and had the Pirates 12-4 at the quarter. At the half North was ahead 16-11 while at the third quarter North enjoyed a 25-15 lead. Then Central rallied and scored 10 points to North's 2, making the final score 27-25. Thus our two defeats of last year were avenged. Weisheimer was high for North with 8 markers while Plank scored a like number for Central. The Green and Gold team took a hot game from the Bears 26-2-L. The Bears played a listless game and at one time the score was 16-3 against them. At the half they trailed 17-10 while at the third quarter they were behind 21-16. Hinch- man was high seorer with 8 markers but due credit must be given the entire second team. Beckwith aceountedrfor 15 of the Aquinas markers. The Maroons next took a listless game from iNest 32-20. At 110 time was VVest dangerous while the North took many shots at the bucket and there was no trace of teamwork. llinehman and Ballard each caged 10 points. South again trimmed North this time 26-16. At no time was South in danger, and the last quarter was practically a football game. Root was high with 7 points, while Richter also scored a like number. POLAR Beans ARE DEFE.x'rED AT 'l'oURN.xMEN'r. I11 the Central Ohio Tournament the Bears were eliminated in the first round of play by Delaware, to the tune of 27-22. At the first quarter the Bears led 7-5. while at the half they were out in front 12-10. The Bears were ahead 18-17 at the three-quarter mark. Delaware then came through with ten markers and won out 27-22. "Bubbles" Ellison, a new man, playing his first game came through for 10 points and played an excellent floor game. Turley stood out for the Orange and Black with eleven points. During the season North amassed a total of 320 points to their opponents 312. The average is North 2-1 SX13 to their opponents 2-L Also North was the only team to beat Central twice, a team which went to the semi-finals of the state tournament. North 's percentage for all games was North North North North North o ,, A O +1 CL P-4 W A REVIENV or THE basses. NVesterville ......... Dover .... . . . East .... . . . Central . . . . . . Aquinas . . . . . XVest ............... North 18. South ..... North North North North North North ....... East . . . Central . Aquinas 1Vest . . . South .. Delaware . . . . .30 O Q E 5 DDCIIIJIISZIIZIO olzuizirzicltliii THE, IPPQILARHS ANNHJIAL EI U H H U U 0 O LEFT TO Rxomw' Abbott, Barnby, Long. Neel, Knepperj Springer, Kinnery, DuBois, Roberts, Prior. CENTER: Deeg, -Capt. - SVVIMMING OR THE fifth consecutive year the North High swimming team cap- tured the eity swimming title. The Polar Bear tanksters took every meet of the season and finished the year with 99 points, twenty-seven Qld markers ahead of East High, who ended the season in second place. All four meets were won in rather easy fashion by Maroon splashmenj Ill the third meet of the season, Herbert Barneby set a new record of 51.4 sconds in the 60-yard breast stroke beating the old time by a full second. North did not compete in the State swimming held at Dayton this year. The stars of the various meets were: Barneby, in the breast stroke, Knepper, in the back stroke and relay, Captain Deeg, in the free style dashes and relay, 0 Springer, Roberts, and Kinney in the relay, and Dubois in the diving. 0 During the five years that the Polar Bears have owned the city championship they have won every meet. each year. As there are four meets a season this record amounts to twenty consecutive meets. U l U U n lElUZZl.JlillTlO OlllIiZlZDQ iss T EIU ill O O l U U Q 'E e k W 5 5 IF' i H U Q n U U l I l Coach, M. M. Hagely, Abbott, Lockwood, Testament, Capt.g Maddox and Briggs. , Abenst from picture: Dye. GYM TEAM North 's Gym Team. fared pretty well this year. plan-ing second in the state meet and third in the city meet. At the end of the season "Reg" Testament was chosen honorary captain. "Bob" Mattox is state champ in tumbling: and Testament tied for the championship on the side horse. In the city Testament won the side horse event and Mattox won first in tum- bling. Lockwood eopped second in the Indian club event. while in the parallel bar event Testament tied for third. Fourth places were eopped by Lockwood on the rings and Briggs on the side horse. Mattox got fifth place on the horizontal bar as did Briggs in tumbling. Abbott got sixth on the parallel bars. Dye got sixth on fiying rings and Abbott also got sixth place on the horizontal bar. 0 Out of this team there will be enough left for the neuclens of next Year's tam. The totals in the city meet were East Central 6086. and North 5875. IU H U ll E U U ECIDIZH-JL-ll-JO oL:ii1l:1L:EJDU 189 B i o T THE PQLARHS ANNUAL 1'- U ll U H 'E 0 X O l l SEATED: W. Calvin,-Mgr.: Crihlield, Karvasales, C. Ehrensberger, Davis, NVeisheimer, Long, Hirst, Root, and Sharpe, Mgr. STANDING! A. C. Jones Coachg Horne, VVinters, F. Ehrensberger, Scheider, Young, DuBois, Dudley, Howells, Gibbons, and I. Calvin. Missing from picture: Hinchman and Prior. BASEBALL 9 Q Gm ASEBALL at North this year was boosted to the skies by Coach Jones ii. in E111 eifort to increase interest. This year the city league played tg. - - '-:SY . . . around tw1ee and besides these games many outside contests were 9 K? Ji, I -"L scheduled. The team was composed of eleven veterans and two ' promising sophomores, Fred Ehrensberger and Jim Howells. X Prior to the opening of the league the Polar Bears defeated llilliards. April 10 26 to 5. In this frame llinehnian, Root and C. Ehrensberefer featured with 7 D D four hits each. Davis. Young. VVetzel and Dudley were on the mound for the Polar Bears. The Alumni were the next victims and they look the short end 0 of a 9-4 count. Davis. Young and WVetzel again did the hurling. In the third 0 practice game the Mai-oons overwlielined Pastaskala 17-2. Heavy hitting fea- 1 tured, the Maroons getting 16 hits in seven innings. NVetzel elouted one for a eireuit, it being the longest hit. Q H D III li:n:n:n:t:u:n:no or:.n:u:r:n:1C1u 190 IZIIIEE U U U Q S 'iii U ll U IZIIIEE E 1 il GL' E! qw Qmz -u Z :fb-IN4 A-...fb mer. vi 5,1 -+125 55.10 mga '1C'Df-'- -o.,:':" FT'-1-1 'F'-'ff f-Zh,-rf' ICI' .-in-H: rfgff, ,1 2 cuff? :zen :se . P-4 E9 ....i,.4 E1 -I2-H FP: ci-f A... -..i 'JG Er- TJ. ',J.i,... R? He?- O'E2 W.- Q 'V' P-jf' nm' 'UU 5-'E ii. ': UQ ,.. 25' 55 :EUQ ...H "iv-1 'DL' '-lim i-: i-ig P-4.-an . Central eame next and took a trouneing 9-1. Crihtield eolleeted three hits and Ehrensberger hit a triple. Ten Pirates were fanned by Davis for a total 0 of two league games. Only 3 hits were allowed by Davis. O East was set down l-L-9 in the next game whieh was a free hitting affair. Long and Karvasales each gathered three hits. P. Cohen and hamilton bounced home runs into the stadium. Eight Tiger batsmen whitted on Davis' curves. On April 28. North journeyed to Danville and won out 9-2. Young and Davis were on the mound. Hirst, Root, and Bhrensberger hit doubles and ten North batters were retired on strikes. The Maroons next took the measure of the Bulldogs S-4 on the South Held. Ehrensberger had a field day at the expense of Huff, getting three singles and a. double out of tive times at bat. Long and Hinehman garnered 2 hits apiece. Davis struek out 1-l Blue and Grey batsmen. Against VVest the seeond time around the Maroons have a veritable track meet, winning' 21-3. Every Maroon got at least one hit. while Long. Davis and ,J "" 05,4 P1 J 5 U 4 QD .- 5 mmf, 2. .2 -L ae-- L1 CD "Umm :.:J'...O::.Om7:' :1"::t'J :f1'D2. H.-4-"' H5 mar-4 ---.Lyon-+ g: -v ,,-q,.,2..-. mp-1-mm -i.qp1Jf5 :mc-17201-F: :E.'.E'5'49"ac '.1:f4U5v-1.f-V-Q9 .fi-,I ,.,.Ql:- 5 'm""'Z:' roam 'fa A' 7 QC zrfzrf' aw -4- ,-D.--.v"'2 or-'f-E,gg, f'Gb",.ti-4"2fuygf- i'-' i-f'rv-rp..."-' A-,. 51... ,. T'-r,-2'-.-"'Q'T-DL ...,.,-5,4 H---. "14'.Z-"TfQ.,f-'D Ecmgfgwi .4 :nQ:.:g:cC,"1C mQJ:cjS2m,...UG.'IJ :Q,,.,:'-r'P1",44 Clif-4 v-1 uqfgzgra. .':'gU,HmQ,,w-11 I' ' 0 lv? -1 v-1".vU A ' :.'-e:.:.,:f: rf' ""f-rS"y V,- f mf-"Q :- 3.59. 5.2 -' '-'Z3"4 77" "":. Ov 5,5 -f. -trite-i-1 A .... ,L+ ., -f."'-1 LTCJO Ev-4 r"1v-fi-A I .4 ' 'i -'P-"'Q,-.A "' .,. .. 11:53 2-' '-',......-4 -4. 621552: F42- "":-55 223 ,....,--I .1- Prffz ni .:-'1e,-:-- A: ,Cz : -4- .-.4:'i-eg: : Q: ""T.:4-1-"1 3 In fy-:qi C ,'::D1v-:ft P-4""' 522.2 in L'L.:,e-fr-H ,.,.:: ,-4 i-fl -.F CA 1 -0,-H ...-' O 0 EL? 5 J . .. -1 EP: 5 24 5 J-4 UQ 710 . ,, ,A ,.I,.," ef-7' 2:0 so Q: Hd- S r-+11 JQ ,. F-- C2,-3-5 'U re-FJ PDT!! :E 5,55 U me ,...,..vz 'xi . . .. ,. oi... U79 ..:. HZ. -.Pain I 1-'Tiff O Q mogul: Sill DUCNIL-ll-3110 o:i:ii:i:1E3ClU 191 UCll:IEIllZlZlO l.TTIl.i'LT.'LT1Cj O O ill ECJIIJ a SEATED: Tracewell, Dickerson. Capt.g Albright, Kellar and Given. ST.fxNn1NG: Austin and Farmer. GOLF - N'l'ERlXG the city high school golf league for the :first time in four i years the North team has so far made a very creditable showing and as this goes to press the Maroon mashie and midiron boys now rest Yi in second place and are praetieally sure of finishing there. M' Of the four matches played, North has won three of them. The first one was held at Dublin course against South and the Blue and Gray team was over- whelmed by a 11 to 4 score. The second match was held at the Scioto with West as the opponents and again the Polar Bears triumphed. XVest was regarded as the probable winner before the meet but North sprang a great surprise by taking them into camp by the score of 13 to 2. Each man played a wonderful game and they should have won by a shutout. Nofrrn DEFE.kTED BY CENTRAI. The following week North and Central met at the Columbus Country elub in a match that virtually decided the champion as each team was tied for first place. After putting up a great battle, the Polar Bears were -foreed to admit defeat. The matches were so close that the winner was not known until the final twosome came in. The score was 815 to MQ for Central. In the last match before press time North defeated Aquinas S to 7 in a close but uninteresting battle. The weather was very unfavorable to golf but the match was played anyhow. The stars of this year's outfit were Alan Tracewell. VVillis Dickerson, Bill Albright. "Babe" Kellar. Harry Given and Stedman Tinker. THE, IPJQLARHS ANNUAL -if 111335 O Il o ll ll ll ll U UCli:1l:ii:1i:-11:10 oi-:n:n:i::1:n::U 192 Iifiliilli E IJ U H Q E ta 'el 9 P1 W E P r 3 F H U u DUE E U D . . U O O i Fllcsr Row, Left to right: Davis, Soler, Roinen, justice, Dixon, Capt. Bowere, Hannum. Schrader. XVoods, Barrett and Brown. SECOND Row: Riegel, Repp, Shirey, Speakman, Ziegler, Scammehoru, Barneby, Hogue. mgr.. Poling, XVilkinsou and Sheets. T1-IIRD Row: Dundam, mgr.. Pullin, Trotter, Livingston, Spencer, Dilahunt, Durfey. Dulin :md Combs. FoL'RrH Row: Allen, Carroll, Bier, Martin, Parker, Jepson, Zimmerman, Beaver. and M. M. Hagely, coach. ' TRACK Q :M Y showing considerably more form than expected of them. the 'North 53 14, High- track team turned in a creditable victory over VVesterville in i the initial meet of the season by the score of 67W to 3515, A few D1 f fC days later the Maroon and Gold team made it two straight when they took over Aquinas 78 to 38. As this copy goes to press we learn that North defeated VVesterville again. This year it seems that North might be able to win back some of her track prestige. that has been lost in the last few years, as several sterling track men have been found among the half a hundred aspirants. In all the meets this year. Bill Carrol and Dick Shirey run one-two in the hundred and two twenty yard dashes. Captain Dixon, in the high jump, Bar- rett in the discus, shot put and javelin, and Ted VVilkinson, in the half mile look like sure point winners. Other probable scorers are Carroll, i11 the broad jump. and Soler in the mile run. O 0 Clllliill I U 11 U E1C!ZZ1ll,IL.lO ol::::l:n:ll:lEJU N 193 IlIlZIE U D Q E ee Q E Fel 5 E re' E ll U E U U l 0 O I i BOTTOM Row: Dave Dyer, Anson Cook, Harvey Miller, Ted XN'ilkinson, Bob Bolens, Malcolm Lowden, Eugene DuBois, Vincent Prior, Don Long. SECOND Row: Harold Needham, jack McDonald. James Kinney, Prentice Osborne, Mike Karvasales, Bill Carroll, Bob Allen, Eugene Uncles, Bob Maddox. THIRD Row: Dick Deeg, Dick Shirey, James Hauser, Atlee Conway, Russell Brown, Robert Haubrich, Reginald Testament, Glen Crihfield, Carl Ehrensberger, Harold Dixon. TOP ROW: Carl Davis, A. C. Jones, Bill Root, M. M. Hagely, Duane Lockwood, Henry Young, Arthur Weisheimer, Louis Hinchman, Frank Hallsman, Don McCall. THE VARSITY "N" ASSCDCIATION Preszfclmzl ........ .... F RANK NEIL Secretary. .............. BOB ALLEN Vice President ....... . .DICK SHIREY Treaiszarer ...... RoN,xI.D CULBERTSON HE Varsity "N" Association is an organization for letternien and is one ol? the. youngest clubs at school. Tlns year is its tlnrd. being , 5313! organized 111 the fall of 192b. It ends eaeh year at Oak Park with an owl party and in initiation of new members. At the South basketball game the "NH Association furnished amusement 0 between halves by way of an initiation of new members. Each initiate was dressed like a girl player and they played a game of basketball using girls, rules. Each person in order to become a member in the Varsity "N " Association must have received a letter in some sport at North and must be initiated' into ' the association. -Ekxnsr EVANS. l U U U U El3ZlIliiiO oi:i:n:n::n:1L:v K 194 l I Q51.Q.1Q THE PQILAIQHS ANNUAL -iE m -,Ziff - , X3 :P I , , , ,'x' -lg X 1 . . film K lg., , -2.1- ' f' Z ,lxf IN , Q 'WN buh i . , L a X i yx ' X 1 X Vx fax X Q . h h I . 'Ho ' Y' ly 1 X ,.f X51 k"'1.X -XX - A X A nf 2 iw. MQgq X 5 iw- 2 - 1 I' f'f"I' ' 1 gf- I, V I. lf, f v X X VA-f 'TZ'-,, , I 'J ,I z ' W !?'!l?4f::':::.S'k 'Y Q ' N x R- V x-I , X 1 lt! V X: i.:.551..:j at i ' In Q l ..1-- 14 X 11 Y. w! ' ' E X 1 n J M M612 ww wi 'H l Rf + , 'M I-ji Z X Nix W N XM I . A X ' 1 I Y X ZX-I U 1 Y ' 1 W .uf MN 1 F K - N ik X x 1 1 W X ' new V 3 VV X , '. kk ' l Q W 1 V .lm LQ .- 'K -MV EJCJlZL.IlTll1JO EU Lil THE PQLARHSS ANNUAL O llIiIZZlZClE E E U U U U H U U U U fl H 3 1 5 5 -"' 'Tiana IPJOILARILS ANNUAL ocmzcmn U U U U ll 16' O Il 2 1 EDIII GOOD REASON. Jini Tenmle: "I've graduated from high school and ut I L int o l . . 75 George Fellows: '4How como?" Jim Teni wle: f'Cause college doesn't o ion till fall I :- GENEROUS. . . . I Louise Lamb: 'cllave you had a liberal lngh sihool tduc :tion Maxine Dyer "Oh. yes, dad spent. a lot." The Polaris wishes to inform all 1013's that watmi dots not but to lt vulcanized in order to tread it. HE XVOIUJD. John Drake: '5VVhat do you intend to do when xou lc lu Lolle 0 Gene Pal-kerz, "I was thinking of going into the hunbu busnuss John Drake: "You would." SIGN IN Tllli LIBRARY. and other foods should be left 0lll'SlLll SFFFICIENT REASONS Can 't study in the fall. G Gotta play football. Oan't study in the winter, Gotta play basketball. Can 't study in the spring, Gotta play baseball. Can't study in the sunnner, Gotta girl. EFFICIENT. Mr. Olney: "Ethelyn. you certainly are accomplished Ethelyu Gordon : ' ' YVI15' " Mr. Olney: K'You can chew and talk at the same time ind nex G1 miss ft ix THE ooon oLD TIMES Another advantage Noah had was that he didn 't hue to bun 1 t 1 1 s SCHOOL SPIRIT. Visitor: "You have a wonderful building here." li Glen Crihfield, modestly-: "Thanks." DCI D:'Z'3"-ZlQ....T- ox11::n:l:Jl:1Cl 1577 E Illi1llO 211111121 DlI l J O U H n-QClEI!41l..Jl4lO U U U U E THE IPPGILARHS ANNUAL ws ' - THE PQLARHS ANNUAL , Ill U SOME ENCOURA GEMENT H H I U l H At last! at last. The long looked for time has come. Come on the fourth day of April in the year of our Lord, 1928. Bee Dawson recited in history. Eminent scientists have hopes that she will be a scholar some day. O VVith such a brilliant outlook, we are expecting something from Buss VVetzel O in sophomore geometry. Do you remember the tragic death of Vergil's pony? And did you ever hear of the fellow who thinks the Canadian Royal Mounted is a stuffed moose in Canada.. , And at the same time did you also hear of the new dance-the postage stomp. SOUNDS LIKE IT Cheer Leader: UAH together, gang - let 'S go - A locomotive and three coaches - A locomotive and three coaches -" From the gallery: "Hey, this ain't no railroad yard." REQUIESCAT. I woke to look upon a face, Silent, white, and cold. Oh friend 5 the agony I felt Can never half be told. We 'd lived together for a year, Too soon it seemed to see Those gentlephands outstretched and still That toiled so hard for me. My waking thoughts had been of one VVho now to sleep had dropped, 'Twas hard to realize, Oh Friend, My Ingersol had stopped. NOTICE - SENIOR BOYS! This is to warn all senior boys to dress warmly at college so they won't 0 catch that fraternity grippe. 0 DEFINITION Football is a game in which one side of the stadium wants to see eleven men E killed and the other side wants the same thing. The only difference being in A the men they wish to see killed. U I U H H UUIDIIIZIIO 199 1 'L i I I i e e E E Z E E it IZEIIQ IIS I-711 lT'.lll V71 r-'1 O O FACULTY ACT HE dignified and austere North High School Faculty turned its pages 3 back to their school days during the Polar Bear Frolie, held April 19-20. Their burlesque of a class in session at North was not only amusing, but also very realistic. Mr. Mayer, impersonated the teacher and also coached the act. Those in the picture are. left to right. BOTTOM Row: Mr. Earl D. Mayer, Mr. A. J. Vlfill. M1'. Charles Sayre. Mr. Henry Lupold, Mr. Arthur B. VlT2lll7Q1'111lI'G, Miss Charlotte Bender, Miss Hazel Faringer. SECOND Row: Miss Lillian Greene. Mr. Carl Spangler. THIRD Row: Miss Mable Kutz. Miss Ruth Davis, Miss Margaret Williams, Mr. T. F. Maloney, Miss Anne Leist, Miss Margaret Anderson. Tor Row: Mr. Mike llagley, Mr. Arthur Kiefer. Miss Gertrude Silver, Mr. O. F. Barcus. Mr. Sylvester Strausser, Mr. Claire Olney. Miss Clara Bancroft. Mrs. Georgetta. F. Corner, Miss Elizabeth Baldwin and Miss Marie Mulligan. 0 ' 0 l U U I D U lg H UUUDEIIZIIIIZO ouzlzlzlzlclmu 200 FD- :ji TIHHE, PQILARIIS ANNUAL O iliillIllIE3 E E U U H U H H W fp , 1 59 2 Vw' X W i I f , O Il Q 113 S21 ilZ!ZElUU 01 S. THE, PQLARHS ANNUAL .l...- U U H H Olzio is Greatest Solzool of Business H-NORTH HIGH GRADUATES- slzozzld atrend flzc school tl1at'l1c1s a national l'Cf7llft1fl0ll for tlzorouglinvss-largest attendance, largest and high- est fvafid faculty. most !'0lllf7lCff' equipnzvnt for business f'Pl'C'f7llI'CI1'i0l1 of all C'e11z':'al Ol1io's Bzzsiuvss Sclzoolsg one of the fmt' lmsinrss schools on the C'0l1flI1t'lIf rlzorfrrcd by the Sfufc to confer clvgrvvs. Sl PERIOR COURSES: For the Private Secretary For the Expert Accountant For the Bookkeeper For the Stenographer For the Connnercial Teacher DEGREES CONFERRED: Bachelor of Science in Education Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Employnient Department secures positions for all 0'r'1du 6 'ites North High Seniors shoull write or phone foi in fO1I1lZ1tlO1l now. I,I E. Sfafc Sf. Columbus, Olzio AD. JII9 EIEZi!ilO Ollliill 202 - 'ri-is PQLARHS ANNUAL --- U as QQ nlflnx. Q , Z 1 IH 1, E ',. V, 'WWF E V, law IH IH ' "" Gruen Cartouche, 1415. solid gold case, IL, fi '45 i ' . . . 540: Other designs, 335 to 5375 1- 5 N L0 U 4 ' I l lf. Lu, alll? 'l me t V Q11 llll ll l UE E Q L 3 U 53 E 1 s 6 i 'W Q U Hemi Q sv- F .2 " --. - 'QQQB , Gruen Quadron, 17 jewel Precision move-ment, 560 Other straps, 525 to 3175 A Gruen- llllillllllli HIUIUNINH Q ra A.- ' '7-E5i77LYfifSC:Z3S?EPN?-P'-GkV5" Gruen Cartouche, I4kt. solid gold case, 17 jewel Precision movement, 575 for what you want to spend Since you Want a really good watch, you naturally expect to pay a reasonable amount for it. Though the amount you have in mind be as high as S500 or low as S25, you can secure a genuine Gruen Guild Watch at either figure, or at prices between. The Gruens we have pictured here vary in type of movement, jewelling, and case -hence, also in price. But each Watch is produced with the same fidelity to guild standards of workmanship and design. Each watch is the finest it can be made at the price asked. These watches, and others equally inter' esting, may be seen in our display. :XX www 3 4 SX gl p .fgqbg My l""-iswuicpi fc X lfhle 1" XLQGEEI , ,A -5 a A ff' Xqy dflfv ' 1' Q E' We .. E: .. .. ,Ev 'X I 9 I 12. M' ix I I' ,fl Qs" xx: .9 ,fy R I X ages Gruen Pentagon, 375 Other Gruen pocket watches, -525 to S500 H. T. TRIVELL 543 North High St. U ll ll U U ll ll l U ll U H U 555311111110 OZllZlIEllIIUV 203 E THE PQLARHS ANNUAL .l..-...ilaillrfrllrllrl U U U DEXHEIMER STUDIO, I22 E. BROAD YOUNG'S PHARMACY C. H. YOUNG, B, Sc. in Phcy. A 2361 N. High St. Columbus ..... Ohio. T'L'1l"'T .. IEEE I-"WFT 7El:u:1z:J1:n':1i1 o o H U 'U m 0 f5 'U W y 90 E H n-4 ! Cf 2' N N H To Fc' V' D Z ,gg A- .. ggi... -. 3 Us . . 3 3.3 A N. OJ in , 5 DP 2 LN QQ 2' 5 Z . ,N c ' U o: N WWW' ru r, N.. f-4, F-1 Y A 5 WE. 15 I-1 Q534 Q x ' 3 -A 2' HJ:-.v N' 5 77' Q CD Cho"- N ff :' Y fb Q-gurl' 20 'S 7 5 N WIFE? N- Lb V' fp F793 Ill 'Q 5-"1 a -s E-Hwf G Qs. C? x d A Z W w 41:4 - '-Q 3.4.1 N' Q efirii +-5 'Q , 4- Q ,-frm,-r r "Ep- U 5 4 III N 2 2 cu 'T' g"'ETr:Q,.E: :G Qmgmsdm s-:EW Z K q2'fQs52gE'2 G 2 5 f1Q'4fDw?'F'4" ar: Q vomffl og nfg v-4 "Cy :fnffv :L ----X sgeis :sw ,saws F' C" ' wsfsf 22 N' f . :. . ' NI : gi' P: -42' xy 'UQ ,P-' v 4 ,,. '75 4 00 30 7 5512 5' Hr- "" -1 CD err' 'IQ C U-4"".4. P4 O 52 6 o ' F 1 EI 5 -f : U 3 a U 2. 2. U Cl lfJZZilI?"ll"'1l Q O V7 9 .J Umrrvmvrn. ii-.IIHIIO THE PQLARHS ANNUAL E' U H vi lil "W LI l 1 Yi ' ,321 ' . xc ' 1 Cofzgmtulatzons. You're ol? to a good start -- we wish you the best of fortune and success through life! To be successful, you must look successful. Let us help you- we have in wide variety those many smart costume accessories essential to the well-dressed man or woman-in Diamond jewelry, pocket watches, wrist watches, etc., suitable for all occasions. Visit our beautiful store-we want to become acquainted with you and all members of your family. Our reasonable prices for highest grade merchandise will astonish you. Charge account if desired. "To Be Successful, Look Successful," Wear Good Jewelry: Buy it from Loftis sg il 5' is Z4 ze - if 2' 5 gl QI sf" iil' fi ffl ,a XX si if 54, 3-BROS.Eo9 C 0 ESTABLISHED i953 The Old Reliable, Original Diamond and Watch Credit House Largest in the World 56 N. High St. Phone: Adams 5244-SMS. s. E. cor. Gay ana High. Open Daiggl-lb signin., sum-. H ll U UElZIll4!L..lO oriniizimliltltl 205 U U U 0 Dexheimer Portraits Live Forever WVILLIAM B. DRAKE Announces to Lovers of Beautiful Homes The Opening of "The Art Shop" 3371 North High Street 206 IDD Ill EIr3r:z:1r:ir:1 o "' H cn'-'ua cn o U s2,,,,-1,s.,,2'g'swg 0 3352122-E,-1g.g.f' O' 11 2ir?E2'52Q.g E E-E' 3, ggga g '-E cs- ra 3 E O -3- - " N :Y .:. U1 S U7 Nb: W E X' '-I gg g ... Q fr 9 E O mum?-amf-fm 3 Q F3 5 ffl 0 39 ' ' ' ' 9' S :Lg-, U E125 'f. . G 2 r"' :O E: lg if D- -- " Z. " 1. Q E Qi' me m E UQ: -. Brew em U7 - - N fm H Q C Q 9' - A - ' 25, :rm '-U5-S 1 2 V4 -62454-Q? 0,2 :D we-2-05 E QQ 5 DP 531532--ERP4 -f' QE 533.52 . no :+I .1 A bg :nvi- S lr Q32 we 3 9, - Q U 2 5 O ZQW - Cf amiga 5 SC v ,L H 2 P fb E gm fimlmw Q Q: 2 W' O Q 2 :S O m W Ginza S r Q? M Z 14 O :r H 2 WV' 5593.9 "' UW Q me o W FIC +23 Y! w 5 4-F 'D r-1 U7 9':.:'5.'9,, fb cc: Q' 7 3 'D FU"-1 SSS? s pc: Q if B 2 O fb e W 2 O F-4 7:1 T .' W 2 'i U QQQ 1 H' - fb N U1 :Q :- ve rr """ ., . , , H, Q. ,, 3, 1 m 4 o QW H2 Q e Q M 5 5' 5? P O ef' 2 2 C: ' fi H 'f U PU SU? N w ' L- CEE fb U1 -4 x. DJ m O S0 :. Z gg,-+ 00 5 0 1.3 54' 5 3 I gp f'7U:1'U3'+o.Um,.33, :m p-1 let, W5 228325-gig: 5 3 ws, mo Egg'-ng-og-als-ig F-' O EPC! V533 o "IL-f cn FQ- U 251 E5 5 O5 F' Y' 7T",".1' '1 U l -4 H U qgfIH:112LQf521.f.L11..-.. . , Q O 1:1 Q U U Q 'E Q 3 W E E IF E U U Q me U ll Il Qi E E15 Ti 9 ? W E 5 F ll ll U l E iii! CIHZCJCI lij li-ll Dexheimer Portraits please. F URNA CE . THAT ARE GUARANTEED . 0 O 569-575 North Fourth St. , For the Best Soda IN THE NORTH END OF THE CITY 3494. N. HIGH ST. Phone UNiversity 3753 BY THAT TIME- Frank Myers: "So your family gave you a wrist watch when you entered high school. What do you think tl1ey'11 give you when you graduate?" Louise Schmidt: "Don't know. G'I'2'l.11dft1tl161',S clock, most likely." Exclusive .f - , Agents folr ' 1.1 pQiQb1'i,'u+iJ F.. Exclusive Liggagfl I J Agients for Courturier ,.,Q 4"?Z" U h 1- K.-N ' Washbllrll Holton V V fl? ' 43 .J X Bacon Band uf,-, X, .A 5, V- he f sflt Vega Instruments Tiff 91 15 VA 4? 'f,'Yx"lj. iifll,--44355 jf String and ltr 'MQ .-'Lf " ,if 5" ,girl Instruments Saxophones 'Ez L 7 ,3 -J THE DANCEToRCH12sTRfx Musicians are well paid. You can earn considerable extra money by playing an instrument. V "It's More Fun to Play Than Listen" 0 Complete Stock of Musical Instruments and Accessories at All Times 0 OLDSMITH' Cornplete W Special Rfgfgedgigf' FURNITURE - PI AN OS Pqifsef' Service f Studying Reasonable 75 EAST LONG STREET Music in Price Schools Zlliill ill Baud and Orchestra Instrument Department E. L. DAHLEN, Prop. I2 U I DCll:ll:n.1ll'n...1O Oiiiizizlillilil 207 Q -,- - THE IPPQLARHS ANNUAL .....f U . :H Portraits made by Dexheimer carry fond remembrance. , , U H A Complete Printing Plant-Very Convenient for All North High School People THE PRESS OF HOLLENBACK llliililjljfl Slflilljlfjlli O CJ H U 9 m U E O SIP? mfg' lg, 5 2? my "1 'O "' :7 . P-4 4 tj'-cs D' gc,-UU fp Q' :- G 9 -Q3 fb 'Y 1-U El' 3 w S : H-4 ' on E329 w , Em f, 5 Q gp ,,, SD fb - -'3',,,, oo Z 5 ...n-I P-' 5 be 0 'C '-+P' :,' - 5 2 UFS. 3- :: FOV ff: U' or he - ff ce ' 2 ,-,"' " e-+- 4 ! Elf S Q55 3 bl -W 5 P ' W S59 N' :Cas Hi I 5 Q F 3 II:-.0 cm 5' 1' S 3 U2 5 W 5, 5 r-4 2' O Q v- f-I 'TJ V N UQ ll 3 H, 3 Q 5 4-f-PP, 'Fi 0 C'-5 p-n ""' 'I L-l n C1 'gr-... .... 1-rig'-3 0 - H7 Ng mg? V' ro 5' U9 mp n Q 9 3 5' Nl' E5 gf F3 2 Fl AG. , R4 nc 2- 2 W 'Q QPU zz j o 'sk f-r 5 R gtg ' , 1-r . O 'E Q Q 2 We Q M T E PZ FX' """ P 2 : -' EES be Y VQL3 ,4 G N anew 54 Q na., sm w H D' O Q U2 fb D Q 5 .... Q F1 '53 Cn 2 x w fb ff graft' F' :"' 51 sw Nl. . V+ 9 N1 :bf-f gl 4 m 1 pq 3 Q E 25 Q I 033 ES' pw H N X f-- ' ... .. ... 4 :S gs: 91 I Q KE E '-4 he 1 :Il H. . 4-pz., U, 9.1 U' O m -' ' w O " ' 5 we o at D fu U3 Q FTS' 5' Q C3 Q ' Q 1-1 ... ' .Nd 4. P3 f-I Q 'T g-4 Q W Q- 'U H m c sv s.. fb ""le 5 0 e .ful Sl Q' Z Q so 22 5 3 5 "' '54 fe ff: U, 5 O ff G as OBE. Q3 O :Lf 21 5' 5 :ve 3- :ff sf' sf' 97 ra U cn U U c:u:JL:1c::r:n:n.f.1 Q O 208 L' THE PQLAJRHS ANNUAL U H H U U U U H C 01lgl'dff'ZftlUf'l.0Tl-S to the H 0 Qaass of I 92 8 'N The H E. Nation Grocery "The Store With a Personality." Fifth Avenue J The North Columbus Lumber Company' Dealers in LUMBER AND BUILDERS' O MILL WORK H Phone: VVA1nut 1735. P. O. Box 53 U n U U 5 ' of 'JDE U ll U FE! Q P W E P IF' E Il U Q fir III U Exclusive line of beautiful frames, Dexheimer Studio. ll ll I Ask Your Grocer for U Capitol Brom! Ham o Packed by 0 THE COLUMBUS PACKING CO. Wie have the Tyler Drug Store prescription file and can refill any prescription formerly filled at that store. MYKRANTZ HUDSON AND HIGH I A girl that 's fine A girl that 's gay Is Laura Kline, Is Mary Kayg She always has We hope that she 'll The newest line. Not run away. Attend a BUSINESS SCHOOL and TRAIN FOR BUSINESS B Mann's College offers you a thorough and complete training in Bookkeeping, Higher Accounting, Stenography, Sec- retarial XVork, Business Administration, Salesmanship. Instruction and Practice on Calculating Machines, Dic- taphones, Adding, Listing and Bookkeeping Machines etc., included in course of study. J O E 'J 'S 5 in f' as 'ff E E? N. I3 T3 UQ M Z 3 if S. E s ci: CD ' HU 0 2. F' gl i" 5 F1 ws CJ 2 W as 2: m my S TU E- xo 5. E 2 JO Ellfill K2f"ll"l I CICI EIC! I. E. Joiner, Pres. Geo. Alvoid, V. Pres. Dclcnnzwiuilo o1iiix:n:JElCJD 210 0 - Ol.i1lII!2CIJ.JL.Cl o ,f Jw A fx. 'i vs -,fs hasqgrown to be x SSX laik' a synonym fbr quallt 111. the XS X 214 216 OAK ST COLUMBUS O . V, yr, .. . , 5. ..:J4f4f2" ' X Qs - wx W Q - N235 f X-iss . 5 Mwwmxwxwxuwvw' EIIIIICIU lil' ! lllllw THE DAVIS BAKERY 1587 N. High st. For over fifty years AULD CLASS RINGS AND PINS Have led the field They've had to' be good to stay in front that long! AULD'S INC. Class Rmgs and Pms, C0'll11?l'8HC8l1'lL'1ZIf I1l'Uifl1f1:07'l-S and Cards COLUMBUS OHIO CARPENTER'S PHARMACY 2662 North High Street Greetings to North High Students BUY YOUR COAL ON. APPROVAL. I QP One ton or a load. Every ton must satisfy or coal is removed and money refunded. ew THE CITY ICE AND FUEL CO. I ADams 6231 A U U Q E 'Q 9 5 W 5 5 F U U u E E, J O O l H U U U U U Q Hi gcnzzcn an n r-xr-1l:1C:lC1Elg 212 CME D U ll H S e 9 b W E E F Il E U U E MII! 1111-1 IMA Il WE-CO PATCHING PLASTER WE-CO POWDERED PASTE Recommended by Dealer or Decorator ei i, 0 M. Armbruster 81 Sons O .STAGE SCENERY PAINTED STAGE SETTINGS AND DRAPERIES Flood or Spot Lights Rented VVe Furnished All Curtains in This School. Studio 249 South Front St. F. C. LONG, P1-Op. H27 Years of Ser'vicc"' Ditching in the lunch line, Here 's to the faculty- Sliding down the stairs, Long may they live! Make the Student Councils Even as long Almost forget their prayers. As the lessons they give. Manufacturers of HIGH GRADE CONCRETE BLOCKS 525 East Hudson Street. UN. 2916. Fine Custom Tailor-ing up Tallomng CO" Suits and Topcoats, made to order, Tailors 972 Mt. Vernon Ave. from new stock of Spring VVoolens. At Denmead. ' ' to young men WHIP'S MARKET AND ORIGINAL ORANGE MILL NO. 1 0 4558 N. HIGH ST. 0 Open Dily from 8 A. M. to 10:30 P. M. Home Grown Vegetables and Fancy Fruits Orange and Pineapple Drinks, the Most Refreshing Drinks Known Made Fresh Daily E ORIGINAL ORANGE MILL NO. 2 ll li 1712 N. High St. O. Sz E. Whip, Prop. Phone LA. 4116. E U ' E U U E 553211211110 0Z 213 C H U U U Q lil l 'II E 'TQ 9 P E UR ? e IF' U. U in E E l STATE BEAUTY SHOP W Expert Finger Waving and Marceling Perma-nent W azfing FLORENCE JONES-HELEN JONES ll l o ' 0 UN. 6588. Florist and Landscape Gardener 2709 NEIL AVENUE. COLUMBUS, OHIO. HEY! HEY! DIPLOMACY The shades of night were falling fast J. B. M.: "Pa, you remember you And breakfast time was here at last promised to give me 335 if I passed in The shredded Wheat was on the plate, school this year?" What gave it such a funny taste? Pa: "Yes, Tommy. " Excelsior! J. B. M. :"We11, Pa, you ain't gonna ' -Exchange. have that expense."--Exchange. 7 M k f ' f h I b BV 0-f 'W 6 " f Mafiglif Saf1'lf,.,,.Of11lbff1.Z 2121, Hoqng jlffade Candies Las Estrellas Del NQI'te Fregchh Club, wgceronians, r t , . Ice Cream and Baked Goods' Pins carrciedasii-la stocljtiilgjlade on Salted Nuts Our Specialty. short notice -by UN. 5638 2487 summit sr. ' Bdscom Brothers l2 E. 11th Ave., Columbus, Ohio. Toilet l French Articles Ice Cream V 0 0 5 ORMEROD S PHARMACY 11th Ave. and 4th St. Rexall Phones Drugs U Remedies UN. 3311-UN. 0498 1 sundaes I E E S QElEIZ2ilO Oiliilzigl 2 . 14 . n:1 121. .?31.lP......,. 'Til'-HE PQLARHS ANNUAL E U D H U U. U U KINNAIRITS PHARMACY U H Hfivizmieis Store" H Where Everybody Goes. BRIGHTON ROAD AND HIGH STREET. LAwndale 4952. 0 DUCKIEYS INN O Eat, Drink and Bc Mm'-ry Try Our Noonday Lunch, 4Oc 371 E. Hudson St. Shoe Repair I2 OAKLAND PARK AVE. Residence UN. 7913-R. ' Office: VVA, 2213, GEORGE T. SMITH, Funeral Director 15 years manager for North Side Undertaking Company. Now in business for myself, Same Location. 2631 N. High Street. Cor. Rich and High Columbus, Ohio Again appreciates the liberal patronage of North High 30 Senior Class 1928 and hopes the future may have the 0 i same measure of success in store for each year as you have made it possible for us. Ill..-lJI:'J llillii U U U E Ec:1:n:1r.:n:.n:o 011111235055 215 A oi "' THIS, IPPOILARIIS ANNUAL U U E H L U H. B. COHAGEN E ' Drugs - Sodas - Smzdaes 1816 N. FOLll'th St. Corner 16th Ave, 0 l FLORA LOUISE HESS' O Florist UN. 5377. Flowers For Every Occasion. OPEN SUNDAYS. UNV5378. DODRIDGE Sz RIVER ROAD. , N C 0 M PARE I Cole s Northmoor 0 Pharmacy 3540 North High St., K ,. K I 1 M f, Columbus, Ohio jf M41 . I, ,' X Q N V VVe Deliver. UN. 8475. ' Paper Used in This flllvll-11.611 Is I H V DILL Sz COLLINS OLD 'IVQRY Furnished by IO' I 'O P PER CO I . O . 55 Ea-st Naglztezi- Sfrcct COLUMBUS, OHIO 0 --1L--- O DISTRIBUTORS The ChCl'Il1f7i011- Coatvd Pa-pm' Co. O.rford-Miami Paper Co. Dill C9 Collins Gilbert Pczpcr Co. U Clzcmiral Paper Co. I U I D E U IJ E U UEDEl.JllEO Qlillmog 216 ' , n U U U 'E 9 k W E E F' E ll lfl is Z1 12213 lil O 3535 gym'-1 2.62 FP CJ"3'g"-1 FD.-gag awffg Qwghg' r-3: rr .-ff-a':t-Q' omg fp fb PFUI -- no Fi5cv9hIJ"v-vs E.Ei.,-+ 5.755 QGSGQ U7 5':' sv 75511: Qmgrr Uqmrn-1 FSWQ UD'-1172 022: era-kr E2-'Sara :B"....'1 Q.3"'Q- l'D': 22.25 MGE. Em"?"l ELOUQ .HUq2.O :orb Q-Sm? 9"hf'Y' '1 :if fb gig? D.5fD"' Wagga O 'H ?The Northern Savings Banh Thorough Preparation. Hard VVork. A High Sense of Honor. Confidence in Men. The Spirit of Service. "The letter killeth, the Spirit giveth life." This bank covets the privilege of serving the young people of this community in every possible Way. HIGH AT DUNCAN STREET The Sign of the Clock North HZ' x Your Education is not complete until you have read . . . Hunter - Trader - Trapper The Largest Outdoor .Magazine of its kind tn the World o . . . 0 Publzshsd in your own Caty by F. J. SL W. F. HEER, Publishers Ii 386 So. Fourth ,St. COLUNIBUS, OHIO ii U E 9 E QElE3E:lI.i!Z:o':1ZEZlC1U 'S 217 . THE IPGLAIRZJIS ANNUAL E E F - U U I "' ' U I ' I 0 Tlzzk Boole is o Sample O E of Our Production The F. J. Heer Printing Co. 372-386 South Fourth Street COLUMBUS, OHIO P I R I B kb d Blank Book AIG-71,11-fGCfllf6l'S FURNITURE AND OFFICE SUPPLIES O O U "The Home of H ear Known Ezfcrvwlzcrcu I I! I I E I U I U H ECIZlZl:JlIiO E 218 ?i., A we S 93 0 NM fg 3' Q Q 5 Q -1 5 Q w -Q 53 Q is Q X S . 2 - ,N4 J? C0 f E C-4 '-T N Q 0 mv I' A if 'A- - ,i: T CQEEQQQDE N., , A ,. We 1 U U U 0 U U U U U g1::z:1m::1r:Jz.T1r.?.lml1o 219 va ,L ,qx F2 .F v. nw -nb .f Y-' 7: ' nf-4 - L, .Qi- 3. 15 - .vnn 1-1 ,x I N , ,,-a.,:1:- H "- A . .J 1 gg--' Y x'l Sei' ,. W. , . 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Suggestions in the North High School - Memory Yearbook (Columbus, OH) collection:

North High School - Memory Yearbook (Columbus, OH) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 1


North High School - Memory Yearbook (Columbus, OH) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


North High School - Memory Yearbook (Columbus, OH) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 1


North High School - Memory Yearbook (Columbus, OH) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


North High School - Memory Yearbook (Columbus, OH) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


North High School - Memory Yearbook (Columbus, OH) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


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