North High School - Memory Yearbook (Columbus, OH)

 - Class of 1927

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THE POLARIS ANN AL ffllllmllf Published by the Polaris Staff and the Journalism classes of NURTH HIGH SCHOOL 75 Arcadia Avemte Culumbus, Ohio E ll U ll Q 5 'E 9 5 E ? lf' 5 U. :EDGE lil ritz lilllilllfl O O I "If I had youth, no chains of fear should bind meg l'd brave the heights which older men must shun. I'd leave the Well-worn lanes of life behind me, And seek to do what men have never done. Rich prizes wait for those who do not Waverg The World needs men to battle for the truth. It calls each hour for stronger hearts and braver. This is the age for those who still have youth." -Edgar A. Guest. H E U U ll Q H U U DUEEIL-J :lo o:1v1:n::1:Jl:JC1U 4 11 U T l 0 TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page .... Dedication . . . Foreword ..................... Principals and Superintendents ..... Art Section .......... . . Seniors . ........ . . Senior Class Play .... Juniors ......... Sophomores . . . Editorial Staff ..................... . . Calendar of Year's Outstanding Events Literary '. . ...... ................ . . . Organizations . . . Girl's Athletics . . . Boy's Athletics . . . L0-cals ............... Exchange Department . . . Miss Cherry Blossom .... The Winning Cartoon . . . O Advertising ......... "I PAGE 5 7 S 9 9-16 17-79 81 83 95 97 101 T03 109 157 167 191 200 203 204 205 lllll"II:IEjE 11 U Q 'n 9 P W 5 E re' ll 11 - ll H E O 1 i 1 U E E H U D E1-1:11:1:11.11.J:1o O'3i' 7- 'THE IPQLARHS ANNUAL E ' H H U U E H L Q CLAIRE GILBERT OLNEY Y U I 3 F I K I U E Q H g1ClC1Zl1ZlllO illliiigg 1 DEDICATION C. G. OLNEY, permit us to call you the lovable "character man," who will E 5,57 3 long be remembered by the graduating class as the person mainly responsible for the success of recent North stage produc- tions. Not only in this capacity, but through your genial personality and your friendly spirit of co-operation, you have placed yourself in the hearts of your friends and admirers. We, the class of ,27, as your friends and admirers dedi- cate to you this book, a record of your activities and ours, as the best effort of the Staffs high school career. E U U U Q 5 rea fn Q P E ei P g fer in U U U lIIH3EC1g U Il O 0 o l E i U Q UE!3ZL.JlTJklO or:alZl' L:1C'U 7 Y C THE PQLARHS . ill IIIIIIZCI lllJIl'IiIElf.l o O o O FOREWORD T he old idea that mere text book knowledge was sufficient for the high school graduate has practically disappeared, and with this fast vanish- ing conception of education has come a fuller realization of the value of extra curricular activities. So, this volume is a page out of the lives of the students, a page that portrays the activities of the classes, not those of the senior class only, but of all the classes, the achieve- ments of the athletic teams, the organizations, and of the student government, many of these bodies containing innovations in student life. In these respects we have tried to make the annual a real year book. In this account, a link with what will soon be our past, all these things have been faithfully recorded, with the hope that this may be a real memory book, for time rnellows the harsher memories and makes the sweeter ones seem dearer. H l U U U U H U :l:n:u::n:Jl-.tio 4 olznr-,,:,C:,D-li 8 'THE HJQLARHS ANNUAL U U U U H E PRINCIPALS AND SUPERINTENDENTS 0 V o MR. CHARLES D. EVERETT, I A1155 EI.EANOR L. SKINNER, Principal Vice Principal MR. J. G. C0I.L1CoT'r, Miss MARIE GUGLE MR. C. H. FULL1-LRTON, Supcrinteizdenl of Schools f4.m'sla1il Superiiiteiidcnt Assistant Supcrillfcndeiit O 0 U E n 'EEllZlIJL..Jlil4JO N 4 Vif?1li1Zf1"l3U..U 9 llll'fiZJIlECI EIIZEJZ E111 O E E51 'E 9 P W 5 5 IF' U U U Q Il-li l 'E:1mr:1:1:1riu::::J o O Gi me 5 3-W3 Fx"---" B233 Que.:- an m "' N53- '9,:- '- 'T 3353- --23-3" Em mr-2 '3'-H.:-5 "-Tsrtw Gig:-B1 as 55 n cv E U21ii Q O - 10 ' J: 1:1..p.- THE IPJGLARHS ANNUAL ..M U U H H U U U H G , , "Bun huns fvlt the ireah nf hung fvrt ibm' laughin' hlsnhing with thu gvntln auunh CEI happg matvrn mm:m'ring unhrr gnu." 0 O U H U H U U '91 9 55335311110 01111: t:r:1IIIUg I! T-' THE PQLARHS ANNUAL u"'1'HM" : 1:1 ng U 5 H H D U U H O "0Dn1g a sgmhnl mrnught 7811! painting always tn hvrnir hrarts Efhat lnurh anh gan? untu Ihr uitrrmnatf' H 5 5 5 I2 , THE IPJQLARHS ANNUAL Ll? E E U U U U O 1 ll o 0 o "Hun mhn ham, nhrlterrh us with mu' gnnh frimhn, 1332 ranuni hrlp hut rail gun rumrahz inn." I U I U I Q E Q H QCIIDZIIIKLZO I3 rin:.n:u:m:: llT..H THE IEDQILARHS ANNUAL H lllililiilfllj l' 0 0 "A atnrvhnuar mhrre me guarh thx' Dreams nf mm." If CU U U U H Q ,U -CiClElZZllO !Z1f'1":":'DQ-Il 14 THE PQLARHS ANNUAL ..fiQ:E Ililllfllillilfl O "Uhr Amsriran Srhnnla arp an nntinnal an thu Stars anh Striprn anh umrr than nur hnnhrvh gram nlhrrf' lC3EIlIlU lllll O O 0 W U U U H H 1:1 U U UCIEHIIL-JXi.Ik1.lO o:n:n:n:u:1CxU 15 THE FACULTY THE, PQLARLS ANNUAL 5 E E H H U -tp U Q U N , ,,,-, K- J U SENI I6 f H I D I U 1 I E L ,AM , IME l 1:1 ...9...... THE IPPQILARHSS ANNUAL . .Queer 1112! Ili! O 0 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Beatrice Torbert, Harold VVestervelt, Jean Painter, Vzre Prcs:dm1t President Secretary Charles Kuntz, Louis Peppe, Trcaxiurr Sergeant-atA1'111s THE CLASS POEM Youthful lives go sparkling on, No dark hours before their dawng Life we know has just begun, Youthful fun. Youthful eyes that only see Joys that beckon luringlyg Strife and sorrow can not be Their prophecy. Youthful lips whose joyful song Helps right triumph over wrongg Keeps this great world moving on, A hopeful throng. Youthful hearts though VVill bear responsibility, NlARIE SCHOENHOLTZ Youthful ears that only hear That which happens very nearg Care and age are not the fear Of youthful seer. Youthful hands that idly play, Duty callsg but what care they Life is held within their sway Another day. Youthful feet that gaily dance, Merrily they trip and pranceg Life is not a game of chance Circumstance. light and free And will ever in their glee Faithful be. U U E IJ :l:u:u::1:l:14::so 0'1"-"L:":DU 6'l THE IQQILARHS ANNUAL -1 ' El m U U ll H E u O O CHARLOTTE ADDISON Ohio State University, Y. W. C. A., '25, '26, '27, Vlfatauga, '27, Avon, '26, Marigale . Aft Club, 'za BEATRICE ADERHOLT - "Bee" , r Ohio State University, Y. W. C. A., '26, '27, Representative-at-Large, '27, Avon, '26, Watauga, '27, Student Council, '27, Ciceronians, '25, Polaris, '2T. NVILLIAM ADRIAN - "Bill" Ohio State University, President Architects' Club, Gym Team, Hi-Y. KENNA AGEE Vergilians, '25, '26, Avon, '26 ROBERT FRED ALLEN Ohio State University, Watauga House, '26, '27, Vergilians, '26, , Glee Club, '24, '25. MARY ELLEN ALTBIAN MARGARET ANDERSON - "Marg" Ohio State University, Girls' Athletic Association, Y. W. C. A., '26, '27, Basketball, '25, '26, '27, Volley Ball, '26, '27. I . '27- O O U l U K U U U U ECIl3I14lkilO ol:z:1:l:Jl':1EIU l.9 1112 I-'Hi U U QI 'ri 9 P W E E ei li ll U U U , ll O O LUCILLE ARDREY Bliss College. HERBERT ARNOLD - "Herb" Ohio' State University, Avon, Haig Math. Club, Hi-Y, Experimenters' Club, Les ' Enthousiastes Francaisg Radio Club, '25, '26. HORATIO ATCHESON, JR. Ohio State Universityg Vlfataugag Avon, "Strongheart"g "Miss Che1'ryblossom"g "As You Like It"g Chairman Home Room. ANN RUTH AUMILLER Ohio State University, Honor Study Room Officer. KENNETH WILLIAM BAIRD-"Lefty" . University of Southern California, Grandview, '24, '25g Hi-Y, '24, '25, '26, '27, Football, '26, Basketball, '26, '27, Experimenters' Club. ANNA KATHERINE BAKER Ohio State University, Vergilians, '25, '26, Honor Society. BONNADINE BAKER Capital Universityg Y. W. C. A. O 0 U I U E' n z:lCnjl:n1.n-.11-no ouzuznzclmgg H 20 I I ?W THE HJQLARHS ANNUAL E l' 2112 Ililillllj Ec1::1L:r:l:3r::Jri1A"'A"'o Q H E U7 'PU Z l" U is 5: 5 O Q F' 0 Z UP Q Ej unfgf-?"'SUU H-UU wa. :hp-1-.uf 03,0 un SU, ng-1 mwm:QK!,Ef12 or .-fnggmgqmbif-,Dv gram rnnbff-x77 e-nib Q-4: VCU K: tv--w2.n-'S L.4 O gqcf Cgdwf-5-3, O 3, CD E. Sqaqgm E 5 2 Q-'M O Z-1 -1 ,mlm : ' V' F E. STEQQSWSSQE' Q' 532 Romgowmgrx-1" " 852' 5'5S4'gf-'f"DfH'5'U:1t" -9 was nf-r l.... S9 ugh' :BSQBWKQP B gow 3,e'bm.:rn7U' WF' -xgm. U1 3'Of'75 P3 gm" CI c: Sfhg-N g 5.2 52-2 2-Q-1,135 3 S-- Emm 'Dogg ' Q 'Q ab '1 "H r N9 M L-4 mg- L our! ....:.-zu H-Q.. 5' 3 P' ..n. Www, Qnemg Q.. .. 0 f'h...s. ...:,g5g4M .-'Tin 4: 205-X' ' Q ':E rn 'Wang' N3 20 '1 K1 'G O- U' "' 5 E, ::: .-.52-Mn O CQ. 9, ,,, . ,. :: HE. ' W 3, Q f" V232 DP 'E+ 1.22 c: T Q W4 .... - 3 3 EW .5 -5 Pls '-' .. U-Q. -1 f 5-Q SP m '93 W' 5 D141 ur 1-+ 5' PU " S U, Sv Q g 9 0 :. : FS f. f' 5 w D, --:. C1 u U7 rn Pug I: O 3, ES U' 9. E E H :Q 3 SU' Sv 0 E ' 5' "Mg 3, M: gg sr. 'na A 3 . 5' 3 T' Q -. N: -.- wmv, .P F1 Q-:Rea U 2 , ee E ' O - rv- 3"' H 5 5 3 E4 U D mc: r-mr-1 0 21 i THE PQLARHS ANNUAL EF Q . U H E Q D I A U 0 O FRANCES BARKER - "Pat" Vergilians. MARY ELSIE BARR Ohio State University, Vergiliausg President La Aurora Boreal. DONALD L. BARTLETT-"Don" Ohio State University, Student Council, Executive Board of Student Council, Las Estrellas del Norte, "Clarence", "Miss Cherryblossomug "As You Like It", Hi-Y. DORTHY BAss University Hospital, Marigale Art Clu-b. JOHN BATTERSON - "Johnny" Dartmouth College, Ciceronians, '24, '25, Vergilians, '25, '26, Swim- ming, '24, '25, '26, "N" Association, '24, '25, '26, RUTH BEARD Ohio State University, Nous Autres, '26, '27, Y. W. C. A., '25, '26, Girls' At-hletic Association, '27, Volley Ball, Basketball, Baseball, '26, '27, Experimenters' Club. WILLIAM LYNDON BEATHARD- "Bill" Ohio State University, Male Quartet, '27, Las Estrellas del Norte, '26. 0 o 5 E U K U U U H gEllIJE1iill1O 033515555 22 K -1 Q-L.-- THE RoLARis ANNUAL -L- H E u u U L U 0 O MARGARET I. BEATTY Y. VV. C. A., '27, Exchange Editor of Polaris, ,275 Junior Volley Ball Champions, '265 Sophomore Basketball, '2f6g Glee Clufb, '26, '27. DIDAMA BECK Ohio State Universityg Avon Club, '26, Y. W. C. A., '26g Vergilians, '27. DOYT EUGENE BELL ' Ohio State University, Student Council, VVatauga Senate, Haig Math Clubg La Luz Treasurer. JOHN R. BENNETT Palmer School, Davenport, Iowa. JOHN BERGENER- "Doc" Ohio State University, Assistant Librarian. EVELYN GERTRUDE BESSEY Ohio State Universityg Honor Societyg Y. W. C. A., '24, Avon Clubg Vergiliansg Les Enthousiastes Francais. ROGER BLAKE Ohio State University. 0 0 U I U E ' U l:1cn:u:n::L'.':n:1o om::n:u:n:1l:lU 23 m:H::f:1:n:1o THE IPPQILARHS ANNUAL EE MARIORIE BLACKWOOD Oh1o State University, Vergilians, '26, Y. W. C. A., '26, Watauga, '26, '27, Girls' Athletic Association, '25, '26, '27, Basketball. MARY BLACKWOOD Ohio State University, Watauga, '27, 'Girls' Athletic Association. KATHERINE BLENKNER Ohio State University, Student Council, '27, Secretary of Avon Club, '27, Vergilians, 25 Bells of B'eaujolis," '25, "Miss Cherryblossmf' '27, Y. W. C. A. VIRGINIA BLESSING Ohio State University. BENN BLINN University of California, Frankfort High School, '25, Polaris Assist- ant Business Managerg Minority Leader of Watauga Senateg "As You Like It", Avon Club, '26, '27, Experimenters' Clubg Garden Clulb, '26, '27, ROBERT BoLLENs - "Shifty" Ohio University, Football Manager, '25, '26g "N" Association. VIRGINIA BOLIN - Winnie" Ohio State Universityg Student Council, Las Estrellas del Norteg Chairman Attendance Drive. EEZli!l...1iO OlilliZlIEU 24 lTTlZlZ1ZE U U U Q 5 E 9 P W' E3 PS i F1 U U U llilililljg E ll F' 'FUDP O 3' UF' S E EH vu :ng E SWQQ 9 555' Wa? PV' pwggwggm D1 I-ggcgmfbw Z Q gigiw 5 w r-4 -V F' Ono 2 Qgszgqwzobog Zi? 5 53' 01e5'5"3Ef. Eg 'SE Q' m5gm25gElw3W z W ""'- Fl ", W T' 5.g0z8TlgDB5:EOE' sn "' 'O mK1'fD2mCU 3, ,,U?i.?2Op,w-'-2, ZCQU E. -10 NEW '-C: O '1 rn Gao-:'4I : 5.2 o milobm- 4 '1 5.s:::: -lm-,,,.,,, 02 N Qeawvrswgig Q43 al U25 4-f'57?,U'w'?- 21' 3' o 5' o mf' C4 ff 2 3 5632 CERN Q 5 .cPGr"1Z Em" 2 29 ' 'E' 'R EF 9,5 QSQI GCSE st :Y-2.-Q 'T""3 UQ -QR FD O pg DwU'm O'-um " wo Q-n ,QHH 111539. 55005 3' Oowugg- g, 3, 353: 1522 O E-Z" 2132 E PEO xgog- 5' gag w,.""5", L6 5- '1 ' Rl rn "Ulm- MQE 4I5'.kQ'?? ,, ,....v,, 939 805' 2 B92 F935 Plggl. rug-.:"',j,' Sm 2.10 'Q-U1 5 0 'D-'Nor ' wg. E- rch is-2:1 B522 5-"w.14 9h.T'y1'F O L5 CD I T. 14 I6 F5 I5 71 Q ll Tl ZQZIII N 1331711 C1GClZl1M-..H.iIO O , 21335 K 25 EEIE-'i awp., THE IPJGLARIIS ANNUAL . . .gg Ilflilillifj llillilj O O HAZEL MARGARET BRUCK JOSEPH WILLIAM BRUMLEY-NJOBH Ohio State Universityg Hi-Yg Orpheusg Polaris. JACK BROUGHTON La Luzg Watauga Senate. MARSTON BUCKINGHAM - "Buick" La Aurora Boreal. ZELMA LOUISE BRUNDIGE - "Zell" Ohio State Universityg Avon Club, '25, 'Tig F. H. S., '25. CHARLES BURBACHER - "ClmckJ' Ohio State Universityg Honor Societyg Football Manager, '26g "NH Association. WILMA ARMECIA BURNETT-"Buddy" Ohio State University. E H H n Epcliililo 011112151500 g M 26 - THE IQQILARHS ANNHJIAIL, Ui U E E U , . ll 0 C THOMAS BYGATE - "Tommy" Ohio State Universityg Hi-Yg Vice President Las Estrellas Del Norteg Student Council. LUCY GREGORY CALDWELL Y. W. C. A., '25, Student Courtg Watauga House. KATHERINE E. CALL M "Kitty" Dennison Universityg Volleyball, '25, '26g Basketball, '26, y27g Baseball, '26, Girls' Athletic Associationg Sec. Commercial Club, Sec. Honor Study Room, '25, Y. W. C. A., '25, Student Courtg Watauga House. CLARA CARLTON KENNETH CARTER Ohio State Universityg Honor Societyg Watauga House, Le Aurora, Boreal. NED CASE REAH CASLOW Commercial Club. 0 0 U H U uEDZZi!ZJlO ouinizlzliltilj 27 ' THE IEDQLARHS ANNUAL i T-'T ZJEIIZE lIlll1ZElj Il l . O U I FRANK CHAFFIN PHOEBE ALICE CHAFFIN North High Commercial Club. ELVA ANN CHAMBLIN Harcumg Polaris Staff, Y. W. C. A., La Luz. JACK 'CHAPMAN Ohio Wesleyan, Experimenters' Club, '24, '25, '26, Euclid Central High, '24, '25, '26, North High, '27. HELEN CHERRINGTON Ohio State University. JULIANA CLUM Ohio State University, Student Council, Girls' Glee Club, Avon Club, Nous Autres, Y. W. C. A., '25, junior Class Treasurer, '26. REID CLUTTER Swarthmore College, Marigale Art Club, '25, '26, '27, Polaris Art Staff, '26, '27, Honor Study Room Oihcer, '25, '26, '27, Vergiliansg Haig Math Club, '25, '26, Wataugag Avon, '26, '27. 0 I H D ll 9 H 28 U . U U U V me U U U Q 5 'TJ Q E W 5 5 F' H U U H 5 ZKIJ ?mm::: o D H U U W z Q 51 I P-1 Z, Q 2 S F' 5 gE"r-4C3"4UCD7-'J rr - ro Em? 954 Q namgQZ'zU1,-4 30 Bmf-7 Sgr' Qgmwmybgi fm--O O 3, :s Cf 'Z Z r' F 4 ,P1 , U' FMEWQ 1:-:Ogg QENQQ 0525315 3-gif.: Emf: Efgogfblc ZS gm M me aH2-- 5-1-71 UIWSUOVQ ""'4 IP K E Hw2'2Oww5Is ?d 5 'rw F5oQQrnQjg1E:.'U5: f-+3 c:f3'f3Gw"O5'5.Q.m OW HKD Hz saw ES E.Ul 0 gg PPU5 H5 ' C 4916? wWO,. MU' ff! 225, ?E5m W Lg, cv Ln IP QGQF m'E Q 5 -.Orn H U, N- -- Wow 3 ' WQS E O Q 2239 5 5 5 ' w,w Zi V' , FU 529' 2 2 . L5 2 91 X' :P -cu 5 if Q Q E 5 L H M O 3 w o E 5 4 -1 '1 '-1 0 O '-Q 5 E E Q M H 9 E Z 5 U' " O -.. I5 EW tg O K' .F -2 -1 " - 'O H 53 :T 0 5 3 U ' 5 2 U 'N P' U U cu: r-xr-'1 o O LZ, 29 ..- 'THE POLARIS ANNUAL ......l ' El Iii 111 U U . H O O FRANCES COOK ROBERT E. COX Ohio State Universityg Orchestra. MURYL CRAMER A Ohio State Universityg La Luzg Avon Clubg Marigale Art Clubg Watauga Senate. HAROLD CREGO Ohio State Universityg Architectural Drawing. DONNA RUTH CURL - "Don" Ohio State Universityg Student Court, '27g Honor Societyg Avon Club, '26, '27g Marigale Art Club, '26, '27g Vergilians, '27g Y. W. i C. A., '25, '26, '27. M. ELIZABETH CURRIER Ohio State Universtiyg Student Councilg Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '27. DOROTHY CURTICE - "Dot" Ohio Universi-tyg Avon Cluibg Art Club. 0 0 l U U U U i U U U E i'gn:lr.:l:lgn.n::o o :::n:n:1I:E'2j 30 1 THE IPPQLARHS ANNUAL '--- H:-' U U U H E I 0 O VVILBUR CURTIS - "Ab-ie" Ohio State University, Watauga Senate. PIARRY CARL Ohio State Universityg Marigale Art Club. GEORGE WELLS CAMMARN Ohio State Universityg NVatauga, '26, JOHN DANKWORTH Ohio State Universityg Wataugag Vergilians. HORACE DAVIDSON Ohio State Universityg Student Council, '26g Student Court, '27g Honor Society, Honor Study Chairman, '25, '27, Watauga House, '2Gg Watauga Senate, '27, Financial Clerk of House, Avon Club, '26, '2Tg Treasurer of Avon Clulb, '27, WILLIAM DAVIDSON 'Ohio State University. GERTRUDE DAVIS -Ohio State Universityg Les Enthousiastes Francais. 0 0 E U .-. U CIUQEI-tHiM1jQ - OIli1ZI'.2lE1UU 31 :Izumi U U ll Q 'Tj Q P W 5 ? F' ll ll E U U t:u::1::lg Ili ill O O WAIQDO DAVIS 'O-hio State University. ELIZARETH DIDAY - "Lis" Office Training Schoolg Commercial Club, '2Tg Y. W. C. A. HARRY RICHARD DENNIS Watauga. EULA DE NUNE Ohio State Universityg Treasurer of North High Commercial Club, '2'Tg Avon Club, '26g Y. W. C. A., '25, '26, '27. CLEONA ELIZABETH DEVER VVallaCe College, New Yorkg Vergiliansg Avon Clubg Y. W. C. A.g Marigale Art Club. PAULINE DEVITT Ohio State Universityg Y. W. C. A.g Nous Autresg Orpheusg Avon Clubg Watauga Senate. HOWARD DEWITT Ohio State University. O O IZ! I TNT! U U El DEEIlZll!O OiIlZIIZlZClU 32 U U E :DDE 'O 9 ? W E E F' H U U H E O O l U . I . . -a DOROTHY LUCILLE DILL- "Dot" Ohio State University. FANNY DILLER Bliss College. FRANKLIN DILLON - "'Frank" Ohio State Universityg Orchestra, '26, '27g Hi-Y. LOUIS DOHERTY Ohio State University. MARION DOWSON - "Tillie" Grant Hospital. THOMAS DOYLE Ohio State University. VIRGINIA DRAYER Ohio State Universityg Y. W. C. A.g Avon Club. F D f D U U H EUZCIIIQITO 01121211 33 f" T11-mg, IPQLARHS ANNUAL i G U H H U , l U l 0 O MYRTLE DONALDSON Business College, Glee Club, Orpheus, Championship Intra-mural Basketball, Cham- pionship Class Team Basketball, Senior Volley Ball. ANNA KATHRYN DUNNICK Ohio S-tate University, Orpheus, '25, Vergilians, '26, '27, Avon Club, '26, FLOYD DUNNING Ohio State University, Swimming Team, '26, '27, "N" Association, Hi-Y. DEMETRA GERALDINE DUTTON Ohio State University, Y. W. C. A. SARA LOUISE ERVIN - "Sally" -Ohio State University, Student Council Secretary, Y. W. C. A. Treasurer, Haig Math Club President, Honor Society, Volleyball, '25, '26, '27, Captain, '27, Basketball, '25, '26, '27, Student Court, '26, Vice President Junior Class, '26, Girls' Athletic Association, 27. EDITH ELLIS Polaris, '27, Glee Club, '25, '26, '27, Orpheus, '25, '26, Y. VV. C. A., 0 '25, Watauga, '26. 0 JAMES CLIFFORD EALY La Aurora Boreal. U H n rUDZI2IiLJZO oznz-:l:nr:il:ClU D 34 U U Q 'E 9 P W 5 E F E U U Q V171 lil O O DALE DUDLEY GEORGE EESLEY-rrH0b0,' Gym Team Captain, '24, '25, '2-6, Wrestlirig Captain, '25, '26, Avon Clu-bg "N" Asso- ciation, Hi-Y, "As You Like It." FRED W. EDMONSTON - "Spike" Ohio State University, Swimming Team, '24, '25, '26, "N" Association, '24, '25, '26, '27, Senior Cheer Leader, '27, Vergilians, '26, Honor Study Chairman, Student Council, 27. - HAROLD EDWARDS Ohio State University. HOWARD EDWARDS Ohio State University. ELEANOR EICHHORN - "icky" Ohio State University, Avon Club, Las Estrellas del Norte, Wa- tauga House. MARIBEL EISENHART Ohio State University. O O 5 VIRGINIA LOUISE EVANS 1 Ohio State University, Y. W. C. A., Marigale Art Club, Avon Clufb, Les Enthousiastes Francais. N - U E UEZZlIJlllO oziszuznzlclci 35 g.-222.1 THE, IPQILAIMSS ANNUAL A.- I E, D U U H E 0 O :'lERMAN FARRIS Ohio State Universityg La Luz. VVILBUR FARRIS Ohio State University, La Luzg Avon Club. JANE F ELKNER Ohio State University, Honor Societyg Watauga Senate, Y. W. C. A. Rosle FELLOWS ' Ohio State University, Y. W. C. A., '24, '25, ,26 Avon Club, Watauga. CHARLES FERRIS ' Ohio State Universityg Band. ROSEMARY FETSCH Ohio State Universityg Honor Societyg Student Couneilg Watauga Senate, Volley Ball, '25, Les Enthousiastes Francaisg Avon Club, '25, '26, Y. W. C. A., '25. ERMA LORENE FIELDS Normal Schoolg Y. W. C. A., Girls' Glee Cluibg Marigale Art Club. v 0 0 U E U D U ggginimilo V Ollliiill 36 : 'TH-HIE IFDOILJARIIS ANNUAL . u n U U U O O IIIIIII U . U ll O A HLAROLD G. FIKE--HFiki8'U University of Pennsylvaniag Baseball, '25, '26, '27g Avon Club, Hi-Y. MILDRED FIPPIN - "Fiji" Ohio State Universityg Y. W. C. A. EDWARD WEsL.EY FISHER- "Ed" Ohio State University. FERNE FORQUER Office Training, Y. W. C. A., 25, '26, '27, Avon Club, Vergiliansg Vice President of Home Room. U PAULINE FOUNTAIN Ohio Wesleyall University, Avon Club, Orpheusg Nous Autres, Y. W. C. A. HOWARD E. FOVVLER Ohio State University, Experimenters' Club. MARY FRANCES Fox Ohio State Universityg Student Council, '26, ,275 Avon Club, 0 Orpheus, Y. W. C. A.g Math Club, Vergilians. ll U l'J U D En:::'n:n.n-nzso - or:n:u:u::u:1L:luI 37 t,Ei THE POLARHS ANNUAL ..i. E955 U U H H I u 0 O EDWIN FRANCIS Ohio State University, Vergilians. GERALDINE FRICKER - "J er1'y" Office Training, Avon Clu-b, '27, Y. W. C. A., '25, '26. NORA FRIEL Honorable Mention, Avon Clurb. KENNETH E. FULLER-"Kenny" Northwestern University, East High, '23, '24, Managing Editor of Polaris, '27g Student Council, '27g Executive Board of Student Council, '27, RICHARD FULTON Ohio State University. MAX FUNK University of Southern California, Track Team. EUGENE GALLAGHER Mann's Business College, Ohio State University. 0 0 E L U E D U U U :Jl:n:vmx..uL.1L..1o ou:n:n:n:::JcJU 38 'TIHHE PQLARHS ANNUAL U ti H Q 0 5 GRACE GARDENER Ohio State University. ELAINE GIBSON ' Ohio State Universityg Literary Editor of Polarisg Watauga Houseg Choral Union Societyg Avon Club, '26, '27g Y. W. C. A.3 Les Enthousiastes Francaisg "Miss Cherry- blOssOm"'g Glee Club. SYLVIA GIMBEL GEORGE ELLIOTT GOELLER Miami University. RALPH GOODSELL University of Illinoisg Student Council, '27g Watauga House, '27g Avon Club, '27g Vergilians, '26g Experinienters' Club. RICHARD GRACE- "Dick" Ohio State Universityg Trackg Footballg Watauga Houseg "N" O Associationg Experimenters' Club. Q DOROTHY ANN GRAHAM - "Dot" Capital Universityg Avon Club, '26g Vergiliansg Y. VV. C. A. : U U U U Ol..1l-.ITZZUU ' 39 l THE IQQILARHS ANNUAL 5' tl U u H 0 O RACHEL GRAHAM Y. W. C. A., '26, '27, Avon Club, '26, GEORGE A. GREER Ohio State University, Los Angeles High School, '2-l, '25, Debating Society, '26, North High Jazz Orchestra, '26, Track. '26, '27, VVatauga Sena-te, '26, '27, ARTIIUR GRIFFLTII Ohio State University, Glee Club President, '26, '27, Art Club, '26, '27, Art Staff, '26, '27, "Miss Cherryblosfomn, Debating Society, '26, Las Estrellas del Norte, '26, Double Quartet, '25, '26, '27, Orpheus, 25, '26, '27, MARGARET E. GROUT-"Peg" Ohio State University, Secretary of La Aurora Boreal, '26, La Luz, '27. ELEANOR GROVER - rKN07'l1"' ' Ohio VVesleyan University, Student Council, Watauga Senate, Y. W. C. A., Avon Club, Orpheus, La Luz, Library Staff. RUSSELL HAI.E-"RTtSS"' 0 0 Glee Club, '25, '26, '27, Orpheus, '26, W'atauga Senate, '27. LEROY HALFAKEII Ohio State University, Orchestra, '25, '26, '27, Nous Autres, '27, Architects' Club, '27. Q . U ' U9 i:l:1l:n:n:a1u::o DVI-WV-'1':1f:'D :J 40 Emi Ill U U Q 3 ta 'rs 9 P W E E rf' U U U H E O O MILDRED HAMPTCJN Ohio State University, Avon Club, Orchestra. EUNICE MURIEL HANKINS IRWIN HANNA Ohio State University, Experimenters' Club. CHARLES HANNUM - "Chuck" Ohio State University, Polaris Business Manager, '27, Student Court, '26, Track Team, '25, '26, '27, Captain, '26, '27, Honor Study Room Chairman, '25, '26, "N" Association, Watauga House, '27, Watauga Senate, '26, Las Estrellas del Norte, '26, "N" Association Treasurer, '27, Assistant S. at A. of VVatauga Senate, '26. KENNETH E. HAIQMON--i'KC7lllj"' Ohio State University, Experimenters' Club. JANETTE HARIQINGTON Ohio State University, Logan High School, Avon Club, Orpheus, Watauga Senate, Y. VV. C. A., Experimenters' Clulb. O 0 RUSSELL B. Haw-"iRu.vs"' Ohio State University, Band, '25, Experimenters' Club, '27, Mari- gale Art Club, '26, '27, Watauga Senate, '27. U E U IJ U .-. U D211-MgQO oi1lil:lr':llZlElD 41 THE POLARHS ANNUAL -'--W- U U D H H U V . u 0 O MAE HAYNALI A Ohio State Universityg Sophomore Volleyball Tearng Sophomore Basketball Teamg Junior Volleyball Teamg Junior Basketball Teamg Junior Baseball Teamg Senior Volleyball Teamg Girls' Athletic Association. Lols HEINLEN Ohio State Universityg Honorable Mentiong Orchestra, '27g Y. W. C. A., '2Tg Ver- gilians, '27g Experimenters' Club. EMMALOU HEL.sER Ohio State Universityg Vergiliansg Les Enthousiastes Francaisg Girls' Glee Clubg Avon Clubg Orpheusg Y. W. C. A. V MARGARET HEMMENS LORRAINE STEVENS HENDERSON Ohio State University. RUTH HENDERSON Ohio State Universityg Les Enthousiastes Francaisg Y. W. C. A.g 0 0 Marigale Art Clubg Avon Club, '25, '26. FREDERICK HENNING - Ohio State University. E i Q U gDZZi!llO 03133522 I2 ILTZIZIZCIE D U U Q 5 'TJ Q P W E ? FF' U U U ll'Jlil2II3EfJE E OI- O WALDO GARNER HENRY JOHN D. HERBERT Ohio State University. JOHN FREDERICK HEss, JR. Ohio State Universityg President of Experimenters' Clubg Football Squad. HELEN HICKS Ohio State Universityg Student Council, '27g Watauga Senate, '2Tg Les Enthousiastes Francais, '27g Honor Societyg Haig Math Clulb, '26, VVILLIAM HICKS Ohio State University. HARRIET HIGGY-irpdfyi Ohio State University. ,U JOSEPHINE HIGGY - "Jo Ohio State Universityg Avon Clubg Nous Autresg Y. W. C. A. 0 O U I U K U .- U U u ClElElZil1iO Oilliiilmfl 411 NMA llili 1212 EF 'THE IPPQILARIIS ANI L q U t1 t t O O CARL E. HILL Ohio State University. ROBERT B. HINDMAN- "Bob" Annapolis. Naval Academy, Student Council, '27, Executive Board of Student Council, '27, Avon Club, '2i6. THELMA HOFFMAN Ohio State University, Avon Club, '26, '27, Treasurer of Les Enthousfastes Francais, Y. W. C. A., '27. PAUL VV. HOLSTEIN Ohio State University, Student Court Judge, '26, '27, Vergilians, '26, '27, President of Vergilians, '27, Honor Society, Ciceronians, '2-l, '25, Hi-Y, '26, '27, Haig Math Club, '26, '27, Avon Clufb, '26, Experimenters' Club, '27, Football, '26, Track, '26, '27, Chairman of Honor 'Study Room, '25. DOROTHY HOOPER Student Council, '26, '27, Athletic Council, '25, Honor Study Room 0 Ollicer, Vergilians, Watauga, '26, '27, Y. W. C. A., Avon Club, 0 "As You Like It." ROBERT HORN - "Bob" Purdue, "N" Association, Student Court, Basketball, '27, Foot- -ball, '25, '26, Baseball, '25, '26, '27, National Athletic Fraternity. U HELEN VIRGINIA HOUSEII-rrcilljj I U Ohio State University, Y. W. C. A., '25, '26, '27, Polaris, Aurora If D Boreal, Marigale Art Club. U E' ll :u:1t:l:n..n:1L.1o on:i::n::n:n:n'Jg 44 scuzxcjnrg U ll ll Q 5 '16 Q k W E ? F' ll ll ll D r:1c:lz:n:Jg in I'-V I: 0 O LILLIAN LA VADA HOVER Ohio State University, Commercial Club. lADDISON HUDSON - "Bump" Ohio State University, Watauga, '26, President of Honor Study, '25, '27, "As You Like It", Basketball Manager, '26, '27, Football, '24, '25, '26, Captain, '26, "N" Asso- ciation, '25, '26, '27, Vice President, '26, '27. JOHN HUNIMEL Ohio State University. VIRGINIA RYLAND HUTcH1NsoN Bliss Business College, Girls' Glee Club, '24, Orpheus, '25, '26, "Bells of Beaujolais," '25, "Miss Cherryblosiomf' '27, Y. W. C. A., '25, '27. KATHERINE KISTLER HYATT Ohio State University, Avon Club, Art Club. LOUISE HARGRAVE HYATT Ohio State University, Columbia High School, Masqueraders' Club, '24, '25, Hi Tri, '24, '25, WVoodroiw Wilson Literary Society, '24, O John C. Calhoun Literary Society, '25, Phoenician Glee Club, '25, 0 Beethoven Music Club, '25, Avon Club, '26, French Club, '27, FLORIDE LINDLEY HYATT Ohio State University, Columbia High School, Masqueraders' Club, '24, '25, Hi Tri, '24, '25, Woodrow Wilson Literary Society, '24, John C. Calhoun Literary Society, '25, Phoenician Glee Club, '25, E Beethoven Music Club, '25, Avon Club, '26, French Club, '27. I: U U U 9531511130 01211355 45 IZCIEIE EI IJ U Q 'Q Q P W E S IF' E i u UI IIJELDQ ii Iii! Eli -'MII l- I 0 U BETTY HYDE Ohio State University, Honor Society, Les Enthousiastes Francais, Marigale Art Club, Y. W. C. A., Avon Club. RUTH JENI IRWIN Ohio State University, Y. NV. C. A., '25, '26, '27, Avon Club, '25, Student Council, '26, Junior Class Basketball lTeam, Watauga Senate, '27, Polaris Representative, '26, '27, Poetry Editor Polaris, '27, RUTH LOUISE IRWIN E Ohio State University, Y. W. C. A., '26, '27, Las Estrellas del Norte, '25, '26, '27, Watauga Senate. BERNICE JACOBY Ohio State University, Marigale Art Club, Avon Club, Orpheus. CORNELIA Moon JAMES - "Cowie" Ohio State University, "Clarence", "As You Like It", Polaris. KATHRYN JAMES 0 0 Ohio State University, Y. W. C. A., Nous Autres. THOMAS A. JAMES Ohio State University. D U U gcnzmznznzlzao OIIZISEEQ ' 46 lllil IZIEIE E1' THE IQQLARILS ANNLIIAIL' U t1 U ll 0 5 VIRGINIA GRACE JEFFRIES - "G-hwy" Ohio State University, Student Council, Honor Society, Marigale Art Club, Y. W. C. A., Avon Club, '26, Vergilians, ,2G, La Aurora Boreal, "Clarence", Senior Class Play. RICHARD BENNETT JEFFREY Watauga, '27, Les Enthousiastes Francais. IJORIS JONES-'rD07i6" Avon, '25, Commercial, '27, Orchestra, Orpheus. EDWARD JONES-"Ed" ' -Ohio State University, Van Wert High School, Basketball, '26, Science Club Presi- dent, '25, "Am I Intruding?" '26, 'iAnd Home Came Ted," '26, Prom Committee, '26, Hi-Y Vice President, '26, Boys' Glee Club and Chorus, '25, '26, Athletic Club, '26, North High School, Watauga Senate Majority Leader, '27, Hi-Y I. C., '27, Boys' Glee Club, '27, Avon Club, '27, Experimenters' Club, '27, HAS You Like It," '27, ELEANOR FRANCES JONES Bliss College, Art Club. EUNICE JONES , 0 Ohio Sta-te University, Y. W. C. A., La Luz, La Aurora Boreal, 0 Avon Club, Marigale Art Club. PAUL JoNEs Ohio State University, Hi-Y, Watauga, Glee Club, Band, Or- chestra, Swimming Team. D U E' B Ei:u:l:::r::l':.'so CII-HIIZICIEICJU 47 DlIClI2II1llll O LLOISE IRENE JOHNSON Ohio State University, Avon Club, '26, Marigale Art Club, '26, Y. W. C. A., '25, '26, Nous Autres, '26, '27, Polaris, '27. WILLIAM JOHNSON - "Bill' Ohio State University, "Miss CherryblOssom", Hi-Y, Inner Circle of Hi-Y, Glee Club, Choral Union, Orpheus, Avon Clu-bg Presidentof Avon Club, Student Council, '25 ROSALIE RUTH JOHNSTON . Ohio State University, Orchestra, '25, '26, '27, Avon Club, '26, '27, Y. WV. C. A., '25, '26, '27, Orpheus, '25, '26, '27, Vergilians, '26, '27, Les Enthousiastes Francais, '27, Senior Class Volley Ball, Honor Society. OLIVE F. JONES Ohio State University, Vice President Student Council, '27, Executive Board, '26, '27, Honor Society, Vice President Y. NV. C. A., '27, Y. W. C. A., '25, '26, '27, Vergilians, '26, '27, Haig Math Club, '26, '27, Avon Club, '26, '27, Girls Glee Club, '25, '26, '27, President Glee Club, '26, Choral Union, '26, '27, Orchestra, '25, '26, '27, Honor Study Officer, '26, City Reporter, '27, Ciceronians, '25, "Bells of Beaujolaisn, "Miss CherryblossOm", Vice President Honor Society, '27, MARGARET KAPPLER "Cherryblossom." CHRISTINE KANDEL Vice President Avon Club, Marigale Art Club, Glee Club. HAROLD KEGG - "Bus" Defiance College, Glee Club: Vergilians, Orpheus, Watauga. ClZlEZllliO 01111125 48 'THE POLARHS ANNUAL Emi L1 ll U Q 'E 9 P W E IF' H ll U 511121133 E Q O F17 U SAMUEL KELLER - "Sam" University of Michigan, Avon Club, Honor Society. iDOROTHY KELLOGG - "Dot" Vergilians, '25, '26, Avon Club, '25, '26, Honor Society. ELMER L. KELLY- "Kelly" Ohio State Universftyg Avon Club, '26, '27, Vergilians, '27g Hi-Y, '27, Experimenters' Club, Treasurer, '27, Football Squad, '27, Springbeld High School, '24, '25. MILDRED KENNEDY - "Micky" Ohio State Universityg Avon Cluibg Y. VV. C. A. CHARLES 'CLEMMER KIDWELL- "Chuck" Denison University, Hi-Y, '26, '27, Physics Club, '27, Watauga Senate, '27. DOROTHY L. KIEFHABER Ohio State University, Vergiliansg Avon Clubg Les Enthousiastes Francais. 0 0 ELIZABETH KILLWORTH - "Libby" Basketball, '25, '26, '2'7g Baseball, '25, '26, Orchestra, '25, '26, '27, Vergilians, '27, Orpheus, '26. I L ' U EI! I H L n DUEE1I.JL..I4JO on:n:u:::L:1:1CJu 49 Fi'II'l'i7lIIC1C! 'EfE THE IPQLARHS ANNUAL 1 me IJ U K E O O VERA ISOBEL KNIGHT Les Enthousiastes Francaisg Vergiliansg Avon Club. JUSTIN KOCH - "Judd" -Ohio State Universityg Football, Q55 Bandg Orchestrag La Luz. JOHN KOENIG Ohio State Universityg Student Councilg Orchestrag Bandg Experimental Clubg Les Enthousiastes Francais. FEYNE KNOWLES Ohio State Universityg Architects' Club. MILDRED NELL112 KARN Ohio State Universityg Honor Societyg Vergiliansg Avon, '2f6g Les Enthousiastes Francais. ROBERT KEETHLER Ohio State Universityg Les Enthousiastes Francais, Watauga. 0 EMMA INETHA KOST 0 Ohio State Universityg Vergilians, '26, '2Tg Y. W. C. A.g Orpheus, '25. U U D H u I l:1r:ml:n:n n no Ol-JL 'IZISDQU-. 50 CJIIJE El U U Q 5 'E 9 b W E P E r' U U IJ EIDE E li lllllli Ol O I WILLIAM C. KOUNS Ohio State University. CHARLES KUNTZ 'Ohio State University, Treasurer of Senior Class, '27, Circulation Manager Polaris, '27, Honor Study Chairman, '26, Avon Club, '26, Snapshot Editor Polaris, '27, Watauga House, '25, Senior Class Play, '27, DOROTHY LAMB Office Training, Commercial Club, Y. W. C. A. RAYMOND LONG- "Real" Ohio State University. LEE LANDSITTEL Ohio State University, Junior Class President, '26, President Las Estrellas del Norte, '26, Watauga, '27, Stage Manager, '26, '27, "Miss Cherryblossomf' O LAWRENCE A. LARRIMER 0 Ohio State University. RUTH MARCELLA LAUER- "P0osie" Ohio State University, Marigale Art Club, '26, '27, Avon Club, '26, Y. W. C. A., '25, '26, '27, Assistant Business Manager Polaris Staff, '27, Las Estrellas del Norte, '27. U ll - U O El U CIDIIJI-H-H170 011122135130 51 ED Iii O O 1 E U ll Qi' Q Ei re Q k W 5 E F li ll U ll ll H ' 1 .ADDIE LEE LA ON Office Tr 'ning School, Watauga Senate, '27, Y. W. C. A., '26, EDWARD . LAYLIN - "Ned" ' -Oh' Wesleyan University, Student Council, Executive Board of Student Council, I H '27, ' onor Society, Vergilians, '26, '27, Vice President of Vergilians, '27, Hi-Y, '26, Avon Club, '26, '27, FREDA LEACH Avon Club, '26, Commercial Club, '27, NLARY BELLE LEAFGREEN Office Training, Commercial Club. AUDRA LEECH Ohio State University, Y. W. C. A., '25, '26, '27, Orpheus, Girls' Glee Club. MARTHA LEONARD Ohio State University, Y. W. C. A., Avon Club, Vergilians. 0 0 MILLICENT LEGG Ohio State University, Orpheus, '25, '26, '27, Girls' Glee Club, '25, '26, '27, Choral Union, '25, '26, '27, Y. W. C. A., '25, '26, '27, Library Staff, '26, '27, "Bells of BeaL1jolais," '25, "Strongheart," '26, "Clarence," '26, U L ll U 7 U llcn:1:n:i.14n:1o or:n::i:u:Eg 52 U ll Q Eli 'id 9 b fQl to S IF' ll ll U . E li Fifi U E R l 0 O lNrlILDRED LUCILE LEHMAN ' Ohio State University, Las Estrellas del Norte, Wataugag Y. W. C. A. FLORENCE LENAHAN Ohio State Universityg Student Councilg Y. W. C. A., ,26, '27, Avon Club, '26, Smith Hughes. DOROTHY LEVENGOOD Ohio State Universitgg Avon Club, '26, '27, Ciceronians, '25, Vergilins, '26g Y. VV. C. A. - ELEANOR LESHER ' Ohio State University, Watauga House, "Miss Clierryiblossomng Glee Club, Orpheus: Polaris, Honor Study Officer. EMILIA LITTLEFIELD ' Ohio State University, Honor Society, Orpheus Choral Society, '26g Secretary of Orpheus, '2Tg Girls' Glee Club, '25, ,2G, '27, Vice President of Girls' Glee Cluib, '27, Girls' Oetetteg Y. W. C. A.3 Avon, '25, o MARTHA LINDSAY 0 Ohio State University, Vergilians, Nous Autres Officerg Honor l Societv. ELIZABETH LOAR-HE. Loaf" - Ohio State Universityg Les Enthousiastes Francais, La Luz Presi- F' dent. f E pl T U U n pnmmlzlfllilfilo or..'tJl:::::3l:1ElU 53 A 'THE IPOILAIPLIIS ANNUAL . - u , U H H I A i ll 0 O FRANK CLARKE LONG, IR. Ohio State Universityg Boys! Glee Club, '25, '27, Les Enthousiastes Francais, '26, '2T. CONSTANCE LOMMIS - "Connie" Ohio State University, Student Councilg Y. W. C. A.g Vergiliansg Les Enthouiastes Francais, Watauga. BEATRICE LONIS I Avon Clubg Y. W. C. A., '24, ,255 Honor Society. ROBERT LOWRY Ohio State University, Experimenters' Club. AILEEN MARKLEY LYBARGER f Y. W. C. A., ,25, '26, Avon Club, '26g Nous Autres, '25, '26, '27, MAXINE MAGILL O-hio State University, Y. W. C. A., Wataugag Vergiliansg Art Club, '26, '27. 0 NINA LOUISE MANN Ohio State University, Y. W. C. A. E l Q U gggcjiglylo 0111111255 54 Wfli IIIIIIE U Q 6 6 E H 5 Z 6 E . U ll D Q O ELDEN J. MARSHALL Ohio State University, "N" Association, Swimming Team, '26, '27, Football Team. ELEANOR MARSHALL Ohio State University, Honor Society, Student Council, '27, Senior Class Editor of - Polaris, Junior Class Editor, '26, junior Class Secretary, '26, Watauga, '26, Cicer- Ionians, '25, Vergilians, '26, '27, Secretary of Vergilians, '27, Y. W. C. A., '25, '26, '27, Girls' Glee Club, '26, '27, Secretary Girls' Glee Club, '26, Girls' Octette, '26, '27, Orpheus Choral Society, '26, '27, Secretary of Honor Study Room, '26, Avon Club, '27, City Reporter, '27, "Miss Cherryblossom", Choral Union. DOROTHY MARTIN 'Ohio State University, Student Council, Orpheus, Orchestra, Girls' Glee Club, Y. W. C. A. LOIS ELMYRA MASON Ohio Wesleyan University, Honor Society, Vergilians, '26, '27, Avon Club, '26, '27, Y. VV. C. A., '25, '26, '27, Girls' Glee Club, '26, '27, Orpheus, '27. WILLIAM MASTERS ' Ohio State University, Polaris Art Staff, Art Club, Vergilians, 0 '26, Track, '27, Avon Club, '26. 0 MILDRED MAXFIELD Swarthmore College, Honor Society, Vergilians. - MARGARET MAYER Ohio State University, Art Club, VVatauga. D E U V I:1l:n:n:n:n..Ju:::so OZHZISIZDU 55 ? 'THE IPJQLARHS ANNUAL U U H H t , u O O CATHERINE MCANDREWS Ohio State University, Honor Society, Avon Club, '26, '2Tg Haig Math Club, '26, '27, Marigale Art Club, '27, String Quartet, '2Tg Orchestra, '25, '27, Y. W. C. A., '26, '27, Orpheus, '2Tg -Iunfor Baseball Manager, '26. lXfARTHA MCBRIDE A Student Council, '26, President of La Luz, '27, Secretary of Honor Study Room. RosE MC'CABE Office Training School. EVELYN B. MCCLOUD , Ohio State Universityg Girls' Sport Editor of Polarisg Engrossing Clerk of Watauga Houseg Girls' Athletic Association, Flag Raising Committee. HELEN JUNE MCCOY Curtis Institute of Musicg Orpheus, '25, '26, '27g Girls' Glee Clwb '25, '26, '27g Choral Union, '25, '26, '27, "Miss C'l1erryblossoni", "Clarence"g Avon, '25, '26, Vergilians, '25, '26g Polar Bears. 0 0 CHARLES MCGUIRE t VVILLIAM MCKINLEY Ohio State Universityg Experimenters' Club. U U U Y U l:n:n::n.iL.n..1o o1:1:u:n:Il:IQJ- I A 56 C U U l 0 NAOMI MCMANAWAX' Ward Belmont, Nashville, Tenn. JOHN MADDEN University of Southern California. RODRICK MEANEY Ohio State Universityg Radio Clubg Experimenters' Clubg Honor Study Room Chair- maing Football Manager, '25g French Club. BERYL MIESSE Clearcreek High Schoolg Orchestrag Basketballg Baseballg Trackg Dramaticsg Treas- urer of Class, '27. A HELEN ELIZABETH MERRILI, Ohio State University. RICHARD MEYER- f'Dick" Ohio State University: Art Staffg Watauga Senateg Art Club, '25 26, '27g Vice President of Art Club, '26, "27. CID lllil O l E R U U Q H R1 H R 9 PU 5 5 el U U H E 0 O MILDRED MEYEIQ - "M i1rz"' Avon Club. U I U I U U U . EIUDEII--IL-N-IO org.-zi1l:1:vEll3g 57 IZZIIIEUE D U U Q ro 9 P W E E F U U U H E IZTT li O O .. l MILDIQED MEEK RUFUs MILES Antioch Collegeg Watauga Senateg Honor Societyg Nous Autres. FRANCES L. MILES J Office Training Schoolg Vergilians, '26, '27g Y. W. C. A., '26, '27, Orpheus, X365 Avon Cluub, '26, '27g Vice Chairman of Home Room. JUANITA MILLER Bliss Collegeg Avon Club, '26g Commercial Club, '27. MURIEL MILLER Orpheus, '26g Avon Clufb, '26, '27, Watauga House, '27, Y. W. C. A., '26, '27, t JANICE IDA MINTON Ohio State Universityg Marigale Art Club, '26, '27, Y. W. C. A., '27, Avon Club, "26. 0 MARY ESTELLE MONGER - "Mem" 0 Ohio State University. E E Q U U Y Ell:1t:1I:JI:.'1l'lll:Jo ol:::::u:1DC1U 58 '6i- 'THE IPQILARHS ANNUAL L U IJ H E 0 O HAYDEN MONROE Ohio State University. LLOYD G. MONROE Ohio State University. VVILLIAM J. MONTGOMERY, JR.-"Billy" Leland Stanford University, Student Court, Honor Society, Haig Math Clu-bg Ver- giliansg Hi-Y. IJOUGLAS MOODY Ohio State University. HELEN LOUISE MOODY Y. W. C. A., '26, '27, Vergilians, '26, Avon Club, '26, Watauga House, '27. ALBERTA MARIE MOORE- "Birdie" Ohio State University, Y. W. C. A., '25, '26g Ciceronians, '25, Vergilians, '26, Avon Club, '26, Les Enthousiastes Francais, '27, 0 Orchestra, '26, '2'7g Honor Society. 0 SARAH MELISSA MORR1s - "Sally" Ohio State University, Ciceronians, '25, Vergilians, '26, Les En- thousiastes Francais, Debating Society, '26, '27, Sophomore Volley Ball, '25, Junior Baselbail, '26, Champion Intramural Baseball, '2'6. U CI U U ljC!C!EEl-JL..1l11O 0311113121135 59 I fn' -1 -9.-. 'THE IPQILARHS ANNUAL .......7E'....f:T::H:.U U . U U I -1 i O RUTH MUETHING Ohio State University, Y. W. C. A., Ciceronians, '25g Haig Math Club, Orpheus, '25, '26, Nous Autres. VVALTER MUETHING CHARLES MURDOCK Ohio State University, Las Estrellas del Norte, Marigale Art Clu-b. WILLIAM NEssER - "Fuzzy" Purdue University, Football, '24, '2-5, '26, All-High, Baseball, '26, '2'Tg All-High, Track, '25, Student Council, ,26, '27, President of Student Council, ,265 UNH Associa- tiong Haig Math Clubg National Athletic Fraternity, Honor Society, Chairman of Honor Study Room, '25, '26. MAE NICHOLS Avon Club, ,263 La Luz, '26, GLENN E. NIDA Ohio State Universityg "N" Association, Track, '25, '26, '27, Foot- 0 ball, '25, Wafauga, '26, EUGENE NORRIS Experimenters' Club. IIE lil O ' 1 E t Q U U UClC3Zl.Il-.l4IO o1:u:n:u:J::lE:1U 60 Kill IIIIIJCI E n U ll Q E E71 'Q 9 E E UQ FF' U U U EIDE E U Il ll 0 O GLENDON F. NORRIS Ohio State University. EVELYN O'DELL Ohio State University, Y. W. C. A., '26, '27, ROBERT ODEN ' Ohio State University, Woodsheld High School. DOROTHY OGDEN Bliss College, Commercial Club, '26, '27, ELIZABETH OGIER - "Betty" Ohio State University, Girls' 'Athletic Editor, '27, Snapshot Editor, '27, Y. W. C. A., Art Club, La Luz, "Miss Cherryblossomug Man- ager of Junior Volley Ball Team, '2f6. MARJORIE OSSING Ohio State University, Student Court, '27, Student Council, '26, Polaris Staff, '27, President of Honor Study, '26, Vergilians, '26, O '27, Watauga Senate, '27, Haig Math Club, '26, '27, Ciceronians, '25. LOUISE OUSTLER Sophomore Volley Ball Team, Junior Basketball Team, junior Volley B'all Team. ll l""l U U U llDUEII1EDli1iO 0111111213535 61 l ..:.T:.: THE, IPJOILARIIS ANNUAL .. ' 1 H H H E n . t 0 O JACK PAYNE Ohio State University, Football, '26, Swimming, '25, '26, '27, Charter Member of "N" Association. JEAN PAINTER 'Ohio State University, Secretary of Senior Class, Honor Society, Student Council, Watauga Senate, Polaris Staff, Vice Chairman of Honor Study Room, Y. W. C. A., '27, Les Enthousiastes Francais, Avon Club, '26, Marigale Art Club, '26, President Home Room 221. MARY A. PATTON - "Part" Ohio State University, Y. W. C. A., '26, Marigale Art Club. LOUIS I. PEPPE Ohio State University, Sergeant-at-Arms of Senior Class, "N" Association, '25, '26, President of "N" Association, '26, Football, '25, '26, Baseball, '25, '26, Basketball, '25, '26. MII.DRED PETERS 0 Ohio State University, Girls' Glee Club, Choral Union, Orpheus, 0 '25, '26, Y. W. C. A., '26. EDITH PETERSON Office Training, Y. W. C. A., '26, Avon, '26, PAUL PHELPS, IR. Michigan University, Hi-Y, '25, Watauga, '27, Experimenters' li Club, '25. ll U H 9 u U U r UUClZl1J4.llO o:n:n:n:n:1:lU 62 SCJ iii I-'H""7C3 O O U U Q 'xii 'E 9 b E E E IF' U li ll U H J I Il L FREDERICK PICKERING Ohio State University, "Bells of Beaujolaisf' '25, Boys' Glee Club, '27, Experimenters' Clulb. GILBERT PIERCE Ohio State University. VIRGINIA E. PLATT Office Training School, Y. W. C. A., Avon Clubg Vergilians. THOMAS B. PLUMMER Purdue University, Watauga Senate, Experimenters' Club, Honor Society. HERSCHEL PLUIIMER HAZEL EDITH POPE Ohio State University, Honor Society, Student Council, '27g Ex-- ecutive Board of Student Council, '27g Y. W. C. A., '25, '26, '27g Avon Club, '26, '27, Nous Autres, '25, '26, Marigale Art Club, '26, '27, Q 0 ELIZABETH PORTER Ohio State Universityg Avon Clubg Les Enthousiastes Francaisg Wataugag Honor Society. I U I: U U IJ .-. U UGZ1 O Ollilil:-'IEEE Gil ' 'THE PQLARLS ANNUAL i.l U U u u U E. U I D O MARTHA A. POSTLE Ohio State University, Avon Club, '26, Vergilians, 25, '26g Y. WV. C. A., '25, '26, '27. BEMAN POUND Wesleyan University. KCATHRYN PRATT Honor Society, Wataugag Les Enthousiastes Francais, Avon Club. ROBERT PRIEST- "Bob" Ohio State University, Polaris Staff, '27g Watauga House, '27, Secretary and Treas- urer of Registration, '27, Track, '27. DANIEL PURNELL JEAN ELIZABETH REED Ohio State University, Polarisg Y. VV. C. A., '25. FENTON REIGHLY 0 0 IJ P U H u UDZZCDiiO , or:.1:n:n:n:1Qg 64 U U I IIIEI ill Ur:u:t:J:Jr::I o o n-in S 5 - f 'E W Q E1 5 rw- li C f-1 m F 0 F' E Z w E Q MO :.FUs::,5iw3'.2E:mf15x o'rj1'5fsuro"'Eoo- on mc, warg E.Q.m mg Hmm!-QQV' fi,-,FU ,-fu, Sff'9p,g'2iw 5223 Er -4 rf ,-4 mamma E m IP KT! Gig i'D"'Cm mga Qs F' F' l"'-" , ...U ,... Q R Q2 99355 iam 2' m V 'Q 'DJ5'-12 nah' ' H 2 QUQQQQSQZQ zpsam 221 Em 5' 5-,3w:U:.5'5U,. sg:-4 5 2 113. T4 mm? uwgp- w. Q R. H, mmm 2-Qmnoe ' f ow +01 326 awoffw-1 GQ? ' f arw9'+7U""'S?PE?' Pm"-'I 322 ,4""g?. 00,-35' ,msg :::r':, 5 9 cvgf? U' f 24-'U -Emi Qpxjgmw,-f 3 w .nw-"' Nr M F7 2' WPI GE. H- 7' Cir ' 223 Qzgfi 0239 up 01103 5593-1 3' Qs: ' 4 :,-w.... U-5023, ,,g-gm: SLS r 11312 "N-'Q 211,19 an CC, M 5 ww wh zu' ' ns I mmgw Q' UQUP '5 O-..-, .1 P7 cu EL O 55522 6"S9+-X "5 ' ' 5 G 'ffl SP' 2 mm le -1 CQ --Q ',g:: Owl -41 no gy, -. cn gum" pmt: 505 , 2 ?fD'T'Q Mmm fb' 5 PE' cz Ks: Eisgq M555 9 E' ?9Q"2 "ES if M' -1-OS :G-1 f fa" 52-FL F5 f5 -FFT 3352, fb? 'QR 53 ix' O Sing Oman ka Q :mg ag? a ., , WSW O , ,E no 'CBD ,hw - fam Efgd R1 . Mg 5" QSM O"c: nm 52.3 3 : QT' 2 Sao :SEL "fr-4 0 mfbr-r. -UN" ... m 5 ,.,... U7 "V U EMM QS H- 5 . H' v- 1" 5 ' UQ U ..'5'-31? 2732 Sa P , U U cu: r-ur-1 Q o 1:1 U U Q EDT 'Q 9 k W1 E3 gi E: E U U L G5 THE IIQQILAXRIIS ANNUAL u n H H U li 0 O RICHARD RONEY-KIDiCk'J Ohio State University, Orpheus, 25. JENNIE MARGARET ROUGH-"Peggy" Capital University, Orpheus, '27, Vergilians, '27, Y. VV. C. A., '25, '26, '27. MARY SABINE Ohio State University, Watauga, Vergilians, Nous Austres. GLENN W. SALISBURY Ohio State University, "N" Association, Track, '26, '27. HELEN SANDFORT Ohio State University, Student Council, Avon Club, '26, Vergil- ians, '26, Marigale Art Clu-b, '26, '27, Y. W. C. A. HAROLD SARGENT EDYTHE SAYRE Ohio State University, Vergilians. 0 0 U E U E U U U IJ VUEHIJIIZJN-11:0 ' ' ol::u:1l:u:IDCIU 66 r-nzuzzrzimg U U , U Q 5 3 5 5 P F 2- U U U U I:zL::n:I:l:1g gi 6 O KATHERINE SCHAFER ' Ohio State University, Watauga Houseg Girls' Glee Club, Y. W. C. A.g Avon Club, '26g Orpheus, Vergilians, '26, Nous Autres, Honor Societyg Ciceronians, '25, FRANCES R. SCHAEFER Ohio State University, Y. W. C. A., '25, '26, '27g Orpheus, '25, '26, '27, Avon Club, '26, Haig Math Clufb, '26, Les Enthousiastes Francais, '26. FRED SCHEMINK Ohio State University. MARIE SCHOENHOLTZ O-hio State Universityg Orpheus, Avon Club. WILLIAM SCHOFIELD Cornell WIRT S. SCOTT, JR. Ohio State University RICHARD SEARS U H E Q U U DEC1Ili!liJO ' OIZZIIIIEIEICIQ 67 U ll I , F 0 m:: mplgi. THE IPQILARHS ANNUAL ..i. U U U U U THELMA SEBRING Ohio State Universityg Ciceroniahs, '25g Las Estrellas del Norte, '25g Y. W. C. A., '25g Vergilians, '26g La Luz, '26, ,27. KATHERINE SETTERLIN Ohio State University, Y. W. C. A., '25, '26, '27, Polaris. PEARSON SHAW FAITH SINIFF Nurses' Training Schoolg Y. W. C. A., "Miss Clierryblossomng Basketball, '26g Volley Ball, '27. 'CLARK SKEELE Ohio State University, Associate Editor of Polarisg Watauga, '27g Honor Study Room Officer. CLARIBELLE SMITH - "C. B." Olhce Training Schoolg Y. W. C. A.: Vergilians, '26g Watauga Houseg Avon Club, '2G. IRMA SMITH - Hfimam-ie"' School for Private Secretary, Avon Club. '25g Y. W. C. A., '25g Marigale Art Club, '25, Commercial, '26, '2T. U l I U K U U U H U3 O - 'THE IQQILARILSS ANNUAL 1 EFI Q5 EI ZQ U U H D O CHRISTINE SPARROW - "Chris" Ohio State University, Y. W. C. A., '26, '27, Volleyball, '24, ,263 Basketball, '26, '27, . MADALENE SPARROW Ohio State University. WILHELMINA SPRENGER - "Billy" Ohio State Universityg Haig Math Cluib, '26, Avon, '26g Y. VV. C. A., ,QTQ Vergilians, '27, "Miss Cherryblossomug Glee Club, '27g Honor Society. BIARGUERITE STEELE Ohio State Universityg Honor Societyg Student Councilg Polaris Staffg Watauga Senateg Y. VV. C. A.: Secretary of Honor Study Room. SAVANNAH STEPHENSON Ohio State Universityg Avon Club, Art Clubg Vergilians. NELL STETELMAN Ohio State Universityg La Luzg Vice President of La Luz, '25, Orpheus, '25, REGINA RITA STEWARD Avon Clubg Vergilians. o 0 ll U U ll U U U ucimrzizrimzuo ol:.u:1::u::EJC1Ul tif? 'E'ib'EEEi l ' an 'THE IPOLARHS ANNUAL E.55' u n H H n u V 0 O A LEONARD STIERS J Ohio State University, Hi-Y, '25, '26, '27, Representative-at-Large of Hi-Y, '27, Art Club, '25, '26, '27g President of Art Club, '26, ?2Tg Circulation Manager of Polaris, ,27g Avon Club, '26g Inner Council of Hi-Y, '27. A l I JAMES WILBUR ST. JOHN GEORGE STING Ohio State University, Gym Team. EMILY STOUT Ohio State University, Vergilians. ELINORE STONG Ohio VVesleyan University, Y. W. C. A., ,26g Orpheus, '25, '26g Ciceronians, 25, Vergilians, '26, 'Officer Honor Study Room, Girls' Glee Clubg "Miss Cherryblossomwg Honor Society. JOHN ARDEN SULLIVAN Ohio State Universityg Watauga. DONALD C. SUMMERS-"Don" Ohio State University, Track, '26, '27, Toledo Waite, '24, '26. 0 0 II l U I U U U D ElDZZl1Jl4lllJO oc::n:n:u:l:JU 70 E-'- 2.1 'THE PQLARHS ANNUAL U 21122 U E l Q O MARGARET SWISHER - "Ma1fg' ' Columbus Art School, Y. W. C. A., '25, '26 KENYON TANNEHILL Ohio State University, Y. W. C. A,, '26, '27g Watauga Senate. ERNEST TEICHERT - "Ernie" Ohio State Universityg Watauga House, Boys' Glee Club, '25g Orpheus, '25, Honor Society, Inventors' Club. JOHN TEPPER ALICE LUc1LE TIPPETT- "Billy" Ohio State University, Orpheusg Choral Society, '25, '26, '27g Mari- gale Art Club, '26, 'QTQ "Bells of Beaujolaisf' CATHERINE 'THOMAS ' Mann's Business College, Avon Club, La Luzg Vergiliansg Honor Society. MARY IDA THOMAS Ohio State University, Les Enthusiastes Francais, Y. W. C. A. o Q I U I Q U U DSSI!!-JlT1ll!O on.-.n....n:u:EIl'JUIl ' 71 iliililflg D U U Q 'fe 9 P W E P E P1 U U U 21235 E lil' ll 0 O RALPH ELBERT THOMAS FRED THOMBOROUGH Ohio State University. KATIILEEN THOMPSON Ohio State Universityg Orpfheusg Polaris. NTARION THOMPSON - "Tomy"' Ohio State Universityg Avon Clubg Art Clubg Nous Autresg Watauga House. PAUL THOMPSON Ohio State Universityg Watauga House. ROGER THOMPSON Ohio State University. ROBERT C. THOMPSON - "Bob" Cincinnati Conservatoryg President of Orpheus, '26, '2T5 Male Quartet, '26, '27g Student Court, '2i6g "Bells of B'eaujolais"g "Strong- l1eart"g "Clarence"g "Miss Cherryblossomug "As You Like It." O O lil C3111 D U .IJ gcn:l:n:l:n:::o O'-Z"-"':":DUEJ T2 I.. U U Q 'E 9 P W 5 A F' E ll ll l 1112 111113 l"l' l JS . O O BEATRICE ESTHER TORBERT-KIBKZJJ Ohio State Universityg Vice President of Senior Classg Polaris Staff, Student Councilg Y. W. C. A.g Ciceroniansg Vergiliansg Avon Club, Math Club, Art Club. JACK TREES Ohio State University, Hi-Y, '26, '27g Secretary and Treasurer of Hi-Y, '27, Watauga Senate, '25g Avon Club, '26, Ciceronians, '25. ELIZABETH J. TUDOR Ohio State Universityg Ciceroniansg Vergilians, Secretary of Avon Clufbg Wataugag Y. W. C. A., Polaris Staff. HORACE TULLER - "Howie" Ohio State University, Polaris Staff. J. ERNEST TURNER-"Ernie" Ohio Wesleyan Universityg Polaris Staff, '26, '27, Hi-Y, '24, '25, '26g Boys' Glee Club, '26g 'Chairman of Honor Study Room, '26. WILDAH MAE TURNBULL Ohio State Universityg Avon Club, '26, Vergilians, '2Gg Y. W. C. A., '26g Sophomore Volleyfball Team, Senior Volleyball Teamg O Watauga, '27, Assistant Clerk of Watauga House, '27, Honor 0 Society. MARTIN TUTTLE U U U U D U U ... U C!DZZl...llT1ilO ox:n:1l::r:JE1CJl:J 73 THE IPJQILARIIS ANNUAL U U El u H H U . . . U 0 O FLORENCE LoU1sE VENNEMAN Ohio State University, Vergilians, Avon Club, '26, Y. W, C. A. CHARLES H. VOELKER O-hio State University, Hi-Y, Les Entliousiastes Francais, Vergilians. GLADYS BIARIE VOGEL-rrskifjj Ohio State University, Student Council, '26, '27, Y. W. C. A., Las Estrellas del Norte, Watauga Senate, Marigale Art Club, "Miss Cherryblossomf' MARGARET J. VORHEES Ohio State University, Orpheus, "Miss Cherryblossom", Avon Club, Y. W. C. A. GERTRUDE WALKER-"Ge1'tie" ' Ohio State University, Locals Editor, '27, Watauga Officer, '27, Y. W. C. A., '27, Cabinet of Y. W. C. A., '26, Avon Club, 26, Ciceronians, '25, Les Enthousiastes Francais, '27, Volleyball, 26, Basketball, '26, '27, Baseball, '26, '27, Captain of Baseball, '26, G. A. A., '27, President and Secretary of Honor Study Room, '27. FLORENCE WALDEN Executive Board of Student Council, Y. W. C. A., Basketball, 26, Baseball, '26, Assistant Business Manager of Polaris, G. A. A., 0 cat R ft f. 0 y epo e JOSEPH K. WALKUP-"foe" Annapolis Naval Academy, Student Council, '26, '27, Executive Board of Student Council, "27, Flag Squad, '25, '26, '27, Vergil- ians, '26, '27, Treasurer of Vergilians, '27, Avon Club, '26, '27, Haig Math Club, '26, Hi-Y, '26, '27, Track, '26, "N" Association, '26, Football, '27, Chairman and Vice Chairman of Honor Study H Room, '26, '27, "As You Like lt." H E H QClEIZiiO Olfilllliiig-El. 74 UDDDDEEO THE PQLARHS ANNUAL Ohio State University, Honor Society, Speaker Pro Tem of Watauga House, '27, Clceronlans '25, Avon Club. I oU1sE WEAVER- "Louie" ' Office Training School. Ohio State University, Orchestra. Ohio State University, General Physics, '27. SAMUEL GARDNER WELLMAN--"Sam" University of Michigan, Glee Club, Hi-Y, "Miss Cherry1blossom", Track, '27, Choral Union, Worthington High School. KATHRYN ARMETA WELLS - "K" Ohio State University, Student Council, Honor Society, Watauga Senate, Clerk of Watauga Senate, "Miss Cherryb1ossom", Orches- tra, '25, '26, '27, Violin Quartet, '26, String Quartet, '27, Y. W. C. A., '25, '26, '27, Orpheus, '26, Junior Basketball Team, '26. HAROLD WESTERVELT - "Wei-ty" Ohio State University, President of Senior Class, '27, Student Council, '26, '27, Executive Board of Student Council, '27, Presi- dent of Honor Room, '26, '27, Secretary of La Luz, '26, "N" Asso- ciation, '25, '26, '27, Secretary and Treasurer of "N" Association, '26, '27, Basketball, '25, '26, '27, Captain of Basketball, '27, Foot- ball, '25, '26, All High Football, '26. , UZI O Oilii1l:1D 75 illillillilj U U Q mi F-Q 9 R W E 5 F' u U H ii IJ U U . 0 O OLIVE MARTINIA WESTFALI. Ohio State University, Y. W. C. A., Commercial Club, Orpheus. ELEANOR WHITE Ohio State University, Avon Club, Y. W. C. A., Girls' Glee Club. MAE WHITE A O-hio State University, Marigale Art Club, '27, Vergilians, '27, Haig Math Club, '27, Polaris. RUTH ELIZABETH WHITMER Ohio State University, Y. W. C. A., '25, '26, Avon Club, '25. MARJORIE WHITAKER Ohio State University, Orpheus, '25, '25, '27, Y. W. C. A., '25, '26, '27, Girls' Glee Club, '27, Orchestra, '27, Avon Club, '26, Vergilians, '26. MARY MARGARET VVILLIAMS St. Teresa's College, Winona, Minn., Student Council, '27, Honor Society, President of Les Enthousiastes Francais, Watauga House, Chairman of Honor Study Room, Avon Club, '26, Vergilians, '27, Girls' Glee Club, '26, '26, '27, Choral Union, '25, '26, '27, Treasurer 0 of Orpheus, '27, Orpheus Choral Society, '26, '27, "Miss Cherry- 0 blossom." RUTH VIRGINIA WILLIAMS Oliice Training School, Commercial Club, Honor Study Room, Vice Chairman. D U E H ClCllIJlIll.!glL..lO or-:n::n::Dr.3U T45 l1CI1C3lg U U U 'Q '11 6 "'Cj Q P E UQ ? IF' U U It U U iZEEg Ii? ll v O O MARTHA WILLIAMS - "Marty" Groucher College, Baltimore, Md. VIRGINIA E. WILLIAMS VERNELLE WISE Ohio State University. JAMES RENURCH WITHROW Ohio State University, French Club, Football, '26, Swimming, '26, '27, Track, '26, '27, BEATRICE WOLFE - "Bee" Office Training School, Commercial Club '26, '27, Girls' Glee Club, '25, '26, '27, Avon Club, '26, President of Commercial Club, Or- pheus, '26, '27, Student Court Stenographer, '27. BARSHEBA WORK Minnesota University, Watauga House, Y. W. C. A. CHARLOTTE WORRELL Ohio State University, Student Council, '25, '26, '27, Executive Board of Student Council, '26, '27, Y. W. C. A., '25, '26, '27, l President of Y. VV. C. A., '27, Watauga, Honor Society. o 0 l E I u t E U U lgcnzxmslzrzso oI:n:-n:n:n:r:uJ 77 -e- THE IPJQILARHS ANNUAL E5EE U U m H U U U U ll O . CARL WRIGHT Otterbein Collegeg La Luz. MIRIS WRIGHT Ohio State University. RAMON WYER Ohio State Universityg Les Enthousiastes Francaisg Hi-Yg Honor Society. WILLIAM YEAGER - "Bill" Spanish Club. , MILDRED Y'OUNG Ohio State Universityg Marigale Art 'Clubg Y. W. C. A. ROBERT M. YOUNG--HBIIZU Carnegie Tech.g Hi-Yg Business Manager of Bandg Drum Major of Bandg Scientific Clubg Orchestra. ROBERT L. YOUNG University Of West Virginiag President of H-Yg Manager of Basketball, '26, '273 Student Council, '26, '27g Minority Floor Leader of Watauga. 4 0 O U U U ll U U El D DUEEJZJLL-:io 0311151330 T8 l l I U SUEDE U U Q 'Q 9 P W 5 E F H U U H E ll' O O WE 'FU U C15 Q D' 22 Q 5 5-+-3 O MOP1 Eigaiategaif' In Bf-gOwo'ON EHH' O'1cn" -1 r1OU7v-4 f+"U --mON5g,'r.Om'-U OOEHN.-+ """'I11 C44 ,-,l'11Svrn 530163 W3 w -.wmmgc 4'-nw---.:3 gon' : 2' S74 ggzzznn 'SEI -cl I :gi 3.2 v-11Q2u:?.5l.'2 O w "' . 2:?3G4 Ei 53,352-2 UQ FM QB? 5 .. UW" as S? mg 9 . m ua . 1--E." O N: B -- Q :Sao 2 .--'S -' ' 'D ww? S 3.-gm "' 0223" Q 5,225 9 93 14 O Pram- E 'GCD -' Q2 8 B9 F :ff 2 93 sf Lg m P"'U 'T' .76 '4 gm. " we Q HE Ei Q' E5 2 O O ill illll U U E H DE1ZI2lliO ' Olilll.'T1lZSClU 79 SENIOR CLASS PLAY D U U Q 'E 9 5 5 ? FF' U ll U 11111235 E U: lT1 Z P"'l O PU G l"' CP cn cn 'U 53 P4 ,ii-1 1 2 A Like It a Shakespearian drama in three acts E711 V r This is the first time for many years that North has given a l Shakespearian performance. , The cast was selected by Mr. C. G. Olney, but on account of his illness the play was finished up and coached by Miss Diana Taylor, who- ably took Mr. Olney's place the rest of the semester. HIS year the Senior Class presented for its annual play "As You Below is the cast: i Rosalind .. ....... Olive Jones Jaques .... ......... W ilbur Curtis Celia .... Dorothy Hooper Adam .... .... L awrence Larrimer Orlando ...................... Dale Eesley William. ----- - -.---- Cl'1afl6S KUIUZ Audrey. .................. Virginia Jefferis CO1'l11 -.-.-- --'- J Ohll Befgeflef Charles the Wrestler ...... A ddison Hudson Silvius ----- ------ D 311 Zlppeflell Le Beau .................. John Barrows AmlC11S ---- ----- R Obert Tl1OmDS011 Exiled Duke ....,..... Horatio Atcheson William Beathafd Phebe ......... Cornelia James F0F6S'C61'S ---- - Robert B0YlCS Touchstone .... Gwendolyn Coe Edwin BFOWII Senior Duke .... Edward Jones Margaret Kappler Oliver ..................... Don Bartlett Pages ""' ' Elaine Gibson 'Those in picture are: FIRST ROW: Dorothy Hooper, Don Bartlett, Olive Jones, Dale Eesley, Gwendolyn Coe, John Barrows. SECOND Row: Charles Kuntz, Cornelia James, Wilbur Curtis, Benn Blinn, Virginia Jeffries, Dan Zipperlin. THIRD ROW: Edward Jones, Lawrence Larrimer, Addison Hudson, John Bergener, Horatio Atcheson, 0 0 U l J U 5 J E 1 U 7 U l QEZZL-Ili!!-JO ou:l::n:::Jl:1-gg ' THE IPPGILARIIS ANNUAL .1-?2"g: -.J D U U U , U H H O O program and plans for the Senior Class Day were shrouded in such a veil of mystery that the Senior Class Editor was unable to l Qty peek into the heavily veiled plot, that the committee so ably planned. . 4-i4f ,.-. Therefore sharpen your pencils and write your own account of the affair in the following space for future memorandum. 0 0 U II Q Q g:lL:Jr:n:n u no Ol-1l- 11215512-. WEEE U U Q E EH 'G Q P PU E P E If H U U H EI W W 'wuJ94,1a1' 5 lj X HWMM WV' bQJ?'M ' 'WJ WH W1 r liigfgv A"A' fggg ? ?f' K. gf'i fr YV, il! 5: 'N2?2f wp,95MW,1Jff ' I will If Mm X . 'Nm X I M3 AEM :iffy Q luv, I , 21 'Q J H 4 1. M W I - N A A M A T " 2 J 7 I "P 3 gf: XY 1 Q HW' 1? Mi' W EXW? X J' fl, B gg Y My W' J? 'N U 'lf P X w gif QXQJWO 3 118 'Jax 1 K I I U E Q U U H DElElIIiJi!iO Oiliilzzlcm 83 u THE PQLARHS ANNUAL rj-u-rr:n:n:1r:1 r.t:r:n:r:z:n:1 O O Arthur Weisheimer, Presidentg Alice Worley, Vice Presidentg Mary Johnson, Secre- taryg Edwin Hoover, Treasurer. THE SHIP OF '28 Sail on, oh ship of '2Sl Sail on! On into port! You will defy the storms of fate By your good will and forte. Sail onl Cn learning's endless sea: With treasures yet untold. Just let your conscience pilot be, , Il And knowledge be your gold. With Captain Weisheimer to head The always faithful crew, And Worley, Hrst mate at his aid, The vessel did run true. Johnson, keeper of the log Aud purser Hoover, too, Did help to guide thru many a fog The Junior steamer, true. Sail on! Sail on! You must-you can 0 Brave tempests of all sort. 0 And soon, oh yes, too soon you'll land In the desired port. . MARGUERITE STEELE. E E E H IJ U rUQ:3L:5g1L-JL-,Q ' ol:Zlli:llIEll3U 84 80 ,SG 87 88 89 Y .1 , w w Y w 90 U U Q 'fl E 'E 9 P W '55 2 F' H U U H E EIS Il U H 5 FU U S 0 A Fl ECE!DPSQEEQQ1ZQUFQWQEEQE.Q"f?Emgvg13lg'?WgU'HEQE?'QzmWC1mwgnmczgrmgwpwzqg E'f:5m::5"fr:1Z'nc-mg-5' gm54320f3"!.g'-f'-1mg"'ff',q-SCWO-pfngggfoBwgfffgw--Ogtwomow' sv'-:Q-OOP'-1 H-ro:'fm5B5"3m74'-'S5rn,,"'r'b:S--'Df- .20--15" g:.,,3Q"0..,:rx""N'1'+XU'L'JE.0 U-mqgzsapsrwg'-1:-.-, ODD- Na, ,...'4mf,m'O Udwwo' .-.:c."1ED,.Dm 'CJ,.,fp '43, 3-,...S1bg,,,5 linac 5.65 Hsu"':QgJg.pggdwwgmiwngmrfmgggwggggs-1g.EfpT"DP:,,rnfJP:D3"'g:b"' D' OE..-Q00 O-- wa' Q OEIOUJ '-Ui.-Of-+ eo'f'D ru 'D 5515 "5'1'f 3, 3, "' Oo -' :r O 4" S OE 9'--::::-.,N5 UUU UJUUINDQ- wc H rm . mwiwopmfig3.Swi1a'i?Sm3E2Q5UUE-SEURQM-Q Qlwafbwwmmw 22-2 5-Eifvbwvfr HBQWSO UQr'grm'E..1. -gg-1p5Q5"'On?T'Q,5-QN'4 ""m.-e-glri.l2m:',Lwp5!j?T':E':Dg'fr'n'5,E:f7"15' A ?P.9Qo 2,7 943 'ga g.:qE': 3 Eng-QU 5"3"'- gf-Dawg 523":p 'ii 5 Z 2 5 m rp 3, E 2 gg-Q, Q H- .-e-:1t'4QQ 9.6. 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A ,.. .. 0:1491 ,., Oorn "' rn! rl "' 55:0 : Sfriiargfas555eiSa:?29S55m2:?5O52w?53??3555W1323S55 -rmbmwm -N wife 'Dun' :rem ""4n2vq --H is-,Sw wife'-B' :- :fw '1'4 V921 -1 T0 w ru 'Wm-I ,- nl4 -1 qq '4 ro 5 --' 0: 3 I3 gl-Ffh 'J' '-Z .-r v-1 'ff-rw?-51: 3-fb QAM E: 2 :TN is D ' H Q Q5 Sm 2: Q 55 v-na V7 33. 94 3' W 3 91 :S V oauwwwwwwwow o- "U K RR-A Q5wwwvwwwPQ5wF55555F5wwNQwPwwv3 3333553!55J33333393 m 522225292525Zzi5F2zz3m2gggm5ggg c:Q:zgQmQz5gwggg9wg "'-1:1"fD4'1"".3.-ElE.,"""'E"?1q'?4""'D:"3EJ15"-'3"',l.'ff-T':S?s""-1'-1 3'DN5':1'::Q'9,,,E',E,'g-5420-xlolgw 24mru:r-orc m-rm -T05-,...:"' wwf-+c'b2g:..O rnoU3.go ow05g'e'u,-D-,,..qq .-..-.-:vm-1 Q30-,vdwfggiggi EMQQFO EE-'ogmgamz-5 '::3::mm5'!,gl4"'mg2Q-"3.Em"E.mU '7.1p,m ,na 5935: E LTI '45' m""4 14-ag O' UW Ovom Um55'-fvH"'OUdm"'m0H- mwmomi 0""U 3 9'Ud4r'g 5-'?""U W uQ'U -. ' H H, -s'13l-UP-U E ,.1gQ 9-ltr'-x v-'QUPZ-J U7mO'4 ..-.',::p,B : 'CWNEA ,... 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Howard Bell Helen Pealer Eugene Loufburrow Dorothy lnnis Joe Foler Merle Wright U U U 93 -.PQI Egg... THE PQILARILSS ANNUAL . -Ei mi FACULTY NAMES-Continued from page 16 Those in the picture are, from left to right: FIRST Row: Genevieve Griffith, Phys. Ed., Ruth Romaine, Latin, Eleanor L. Skinner, Vice Principal, Etta Sayre, Home Economics, Ethel LaVelle, French, Alba B. Junk, Com- mercial. SECOND Row: Georgietta Fisher Corner, English, Elizabeth B'aldwin, English, Flor- ence J. Kelly, Librarian, Hazel Faringer, English, Maude Stevenson, Commercial, Gertrude Silver, Mathematics. THIRD Row: Mabel Kutz, Mathematics, William Mark Taylor, Spanish, Charlotte Morningstar, Mathematics, Marguerite Williams, French, O. F. Barcus, Mathematics, T. F. Maloney, Mathematics, Charles B. Sayre, Business English, Daisy M. Scott, Mathe- matics, Frank P. Darby, Mechanical Drawing, A. E. Ulrey, Science, Ralph M. Hayes, Science, Della R. Maddox, French. FOURTH Row: Lillian Snyder Greene, Science, Margaret A. Uncles, Latin, Rilla M. Thompson, History, H. S. Lupold, Latin, C. R. Weinland, Science, Earl D. Mayer, English, J. D. Severs, Commercial, A. I. Will, Science, Stanley Lawrence, Journalism, Alice May Smith, English. FIFTH Row: Florence E. Shelton, Spanish, H. C. Denius, History, W. H. Lehman, Mxusic, P. A. McCarty, Science, W. S. Campbell, History, A. S. Kiefer, Science, S. H. Strasser, Manual Arts, Marie L. Mulligan, Latin, Martha M. Jones, English. SIXTH Row: William McCoy, Science, M. M. Hagely, Physical Education, A. C. Jones, Physical Education, Carl Spangler, Science, E. M. Selby, History, john V. Pixler, Mathematics, I. F. Paxton, Science, Bertha E. Jacobs, History, Charles D. Everett, Principal. Those not in the picture are: Helen Miller Barr, Spanish, Ruth Davis, Sewing, Mary C. Gale, Art, M. S. Griffith, Science, Katherine D. Kiser, English, Ada R. Needels, Science, C. -G. Olney, Dramatics, R. H. Oman, History, Faye Rees, Music, B. Mayes Rickey, Physical Education, Abigail E. Simpson, English, Imogen Squires, History, Annetta C. Walsh, History, A. B. Waltermire, History, Janice Paden, History, Carolyn S. Selby, English, Clara Bancroft, Smith-Hughes Economics Course, A. J. Will, Chemistry. 0 0 H E U H 91553314434-,Q OlliiZElElD 94 Hn Eff'-'+' ll p-.- THE PQLARIHS ANNUAL l1'E'5-'-' .Egg lj U H H H H H H O O KQV W H 14535 Ev H H H H HH HH H H Er:1l:n:n:u:n:1o o:.:1:u:Eii1:n:1Q U ll f f D O U :I fl f U El I lll!liIllI7E Q E 5 5 E W 5 Z S U E ii THE CLASS OF 1927 T i' HE Sophomore Class of IQ27 was made up of boys and girls from four Junior High Schools, namely Crestview, Indianola, Everett, and Eleventh Avenue. Coming from these rival schools, one would expect to find friction and disagreement among members of the class. But, quickly falling infy the spirit of the North, the four factions were smoothly welded together, and although unorganized, took a large part in school activities. O o The first semester there were enrolled 326 boys and 301 girls. The the be- ginning of the second semester there were 312 boys, and 286 girls. We were well represented in Sports, the Glee Clubs, Orpheus, Hi Y, and Girl Reserves, as well as other projects of the school. We feel that we have done our best in upholding the honor of the Sophomore Class, and in adding our bit to the glory of North. The Seniors are bemoaning because they will soon leave us. The Juniors let up a howl because they are just in-betweens and for some unknown reason they don't like that. But consider the Soph H If anyone around this school has reason to complain, it is he. Here he comes, covered with the glory of being a- 9A in a junior High. He is used to being looked up to. Then he enters the Classic Halls of Qld North. Instantly he begins to feel insignificant. By the time he has been here a week, he feels as though he were the dust beneath the feet of the High and Mighty juniors and Seniors. Also he feels as green as grass, if not greener. How this effect is accomplished, we do not pretend to know. We think it must be something in the air. Or perhaps it is because he ers and two Student Council members how to find room goes around feeling as though he ought to assume the caterpillar. But cheer up, Mates! Hope is in sight! Next year juniors ! SoPHoMo has to ask three teach- 307. At any rate, he lowly position of the Cwe hopej we'll all be RE CLASS EDITOR. f I t 5 Elzlzlliio Oiiilllgalfl 96 iiE TH-HIE, PQILARHS ANNUAL :'5? Charles Kuntz, Kenneth Fuller, Charles I-Iannum, Circulation Manager Managing Editor Business Manager Leonard Stiers. Clark Skeele, Circulation Manager Associate Editor KENNETH FULLER. CLARK SKEELE ..... MARJORIE OSSING. . ELEANOR MARSHALL .... MARGUERITE STEELE TOM ERVIN ........ HELEN LESHER .... ELAINE GIBSON. . . NAOMI BALLARD .... BEATRICE TORBERT .... JEAN PAINTER ..... MARGARET BEATTY .... GERTRUDE WALKER. JOHNNY BARCROFT. ERNEST TURNER .... ELIZABETH OGIER.. EVELYN MCCLOUD. . RUTH .IENI IRNVIN .... EDITORIAL STAFF . . .Managing Editor . . . . . .Associate Editor . . . .Organizations Editor . . .Senior Class Editor . . . . .Junior Class Editor . . . . . .Junior Class Editor . . . .Sophomore Class Editor . . . . . . . .Literary Editor . . . . . . .Literary Editor . . . .Social and Personal . . . .Social and Personal . . . . . .Exchange Editor ............Locals Editor . . . . .Boys Athletics Editor Ass't.'Boys Athletics Editor . . . . .Girls Athletics Editor . . . .Girls ,Athletics Editor .. . . . . . .Poetry Editor 113235 O Q U U DGEZLQL-.!litO o:u::x:::1:lr:lU O -'l-"'ig..1i.b THE, POLARIS . ANNUAL .l- li' O BUSINESS STAFF CHARLES I-IANNUM .... .................. ' ...... BENN BLINN ...... RUTH LAUER ...... ELVA CHAMBLIN ..... FLORENCE RVALDEN BOB PRIEST ....... CHARLES KUNTZI. . . LEONARD STIERS. . . HORACE TULLER. . . . . . . . . .Business . .Ass' t. Business . . .Ass't. Business . .Ass't. Business ..Ass't. Business ..Ass't. Business . . . . . .Circulation . . . . . .Circulation Ass't. C irrulation Alanager Alanager Alanager Alanager Alanager Alanager Dlanager Alanager Alanager lill'Il2ElCl lZl:lED lil ART STAFF LEONARD STIERS HELEN PEALER DICK MEYER REID CLUTTER ART GRIFFITH WILLIAM MASTERS POLARIS BOARD STANLEY LAWRENCE . . . ...... ............... ..... C I iairnian E. M. SELBY ......... . ...... Treasurer MISS MARY C. GALE .... . ...... Art Adviser EARL D. MAVER ...... ....... . .................... .. . .Business Adviser HIGH HOINTS ATTAINED IN '27 June 1927 marks the close of the work of this year's Polaris Staff. Over 900 subscriptions were received for the bi-Weekly paper, and 1100 pupils including the teachers, subscribed for the Annual. With this support from the School, the staff and Journalism classes tried to the best of their ability to make the North High Polaris one of the best papers in the state. In the Sixth annual high school publications contest sponsored by the Ohio State University School of Journalism the following honors were won by the Polaris: Class I, Honorable Mention. CGeneral competitionj. Class 2, Honorable Mention. CSchools of more than looo attendancej. Best sports page, third place. Best single editorial, U28 submitted jthird place- "Modern Carolersf' by Elva Chamblin, printed December 16, 1926. Best sports story QIIS submittedj second place-"Cowboys Ride Polar O UCI FD SD '1 in .I E CD O v-n FP LT CD Ln P+ O -I 14 E '-1 :F FY' KD I3 U' '4 2-4 O 'J' 5 U31 SD -1 O "1 O v-h ve-r 'O 3. 3 FY' CD D- H . I3 P? 'J' FD 'Tl fb U' -1 G SD P-1 '4 I0 En O 1927, issue of the Polaris. In the state-Wide contest conducted by the journalism Department of Ohio University at Athens the Polaris won one first place. Dick Meyers' cartoon, "So This Is Painless Dentistry," appearing in the january 21 issue, was judged the best among those entered. ll ll U U U H U M 7 D CIECIZI.-ILLEIO ' ' ' ' ' ' 6lT1llZ1EDU 98 C l l U Top Row: John Barcroft, Beatrice Torbert, Horace Tuller. Seceoud Row: Eleanor Marshall, Reid Clutter, Marjorie Ossmg Third Row: jean Painter, Ruth Lauer, Marguerite Steele. Fourth Row: Benn Bliun, Helen Pealer, Tom Ervin. 99 ,, l: 1 W w w .. Top Row: Gertrude XValker, Florence lYalden, Ruth Ieni Irwin Second Row: Evelyn McCloud, Art Griffith, Elizabeth Ugier. Third Row: Elaine Gibson, Elva Chamblin, Naomi Ballard. Fourth Row: Helen Lesher, Bob Priest, Margaret Beatty. Y 100 ' THE PQLARHS ANNUAL l...., U U CALENDAR OF YEAR'S OUTSTANDING EVENTS H H U U H U SEPTEMBER- The Polar Bear drive conductedg Polar Bears sometimes turn out tiercer than tigers and pirates. 0 OCTOBER- O Senior class officers electedg did not even stop traffic. Watauga delegates choseng a few noses tilted more skyward. "Mixer" was a good name for the party which Y. W. gave for the new girls. NOVEMBER- Open night sessiong just imagine people strolling through the halls like that during class periods. - "Clarence" presented by North High playersg many broken ribs resulted from laughter. Hi-Y and Y. VV. distributed Thanksgiving donations. North Won the city football championship. What did we tell you about Polar Bears? DECEMBER- Stivers defeated North gridders for the State Championship. Just try it again! Christmas pageant presented in auditoriumg what perfect angels some of our co-eds turned out to be. First social guidance program, "North High Loyalty." JANUARY- Y. W. girls acted in place of city officialsg it's a good thing it wasn't the state officials, they might have emptied the penitentiary. 4 "Checking on the First Semester," home room program. FEBRUARY- Martha Washington Tea in model apartmentg the idea of filling up those little IOB girls on tea and blaming it to George. judge Florence E. Allen presented by Y. VV., K'Making a Good Start." o CU E? E fb fp 3, - 'U W fzmmfogpvmo moo 9.5593 ggngm-.acl o r-:of-f "ls"-12.5-"P-1V'3 '4.. A-niiwcr Qnornru Egg: mlfrg'-1"U .-.UI 14 f7"m-:E.'-1 .... Se 523571 0 Kc O 139+ Om E HN 509, ...FE '-Q 155 Q-.gif f'U'T".3 r'D""r'D ' "':nO kc'-'O 1555 P-UM'-i,:. :mi H'-1135. F0 105' FD VB OF' Eirngg -'1 :.'3u.5+ U eggs. 2. mg?-E. as 2 55-W5 I3 GQ, sv ,wg F1 V' I-lv FD "U4""' ,., H-sm? O P+-5'-if-2 Ula-+ 53 Grow -1 5-"-5'-n 5 fD"U :D 9 F. 13 A fn 5 EL 3 Z ' 9 :a :r 0 9- if ..- Q. E. o Q 55 K4 21 .. 5 E' F. E U. 53' rn o g :s EGZ Zill'-ITWIIWI Q ElElZZII2iO O2lZIZGU 101 ' j fznzniung IJ U Ui ig E E13 'E Q k W E ? Ii U U l.t1r:r:n:n:lg 3 3 zz- SIZAIIICHZL-.IL1 o I O H U 'H z S 2- U E 2' Ei 59' 4 Ax' '-s or QWUT .fvywfrsol ,wa oz -fum QED:-g-so g.,Zoo ,-, . 5i....p, 5"Q,,,...m....f-D :rfb O aj, 50m rnO OD. Qing- :Hr fgasaww, Q -Us H . 5435 00275-'59-1 U2 aw' 22 smrn gow?-6-50 .,., 5-5 ' gu'.'Z'.5'-E cg 1.45.5 0'1" :nw 9-E' Pc: 5 gg-'fig on: '- Ujmz O rn wr, :asf RFQ! O "' U' f-:rv B 2 :SMH 1-1- nf- 'D QQ' O F 'Do I- 0 - D' Ehh 0 51.5- 3 Cf, 3 0 1-r 9, o .-P :v fr s O5 : P' w- 33 573 3 3,5 -+ D.. '22 Q- ma' ,-- P... Q 9,5 In O cn .. 3 gg 5 Eag E' Q ru G11 'O Q '52 EI 5' E .F5 Ep S B, S: Q X4 "' H' 3 4 f-r- F, FD 0 8 'S' -5- ZZ T' I 2. 5' A S 3. " - F2 'D gg 53 1: ' "" 5, EF E. ff' 2 Sf D' o 'J ' , 5 52 2 at 5 Z f 2 Sc 59 rw ,D sw m 2 C2 O 2 U1 pu- 1: 3 : Q O r: SF. U, 75 S 8 Q. o ' G' 5 8 U 3 :if U I I E iomcuznr-11'-111-"1 o " O lil U APRIL- H' "Miss Cherry Blossom." ll "NH banquetg who were the lucky girls? Hi-Y ran the cityg it's a shame there wasn't a fire. Point system adopted by the council. North and Central tied for the city gym championship. l02 'THE IQQLARHS ANNUAL CID CIIIICHII 1-110 O !IlllK1lIJEClIE E ? U I U I H E Mf1fifffffxkXXXQX Jw lw l X x H U I U I U I Q f' Eummm OEEEEEE ot:-i:u:1:u:l:J THE FRONT DOOR KEY IGHT-in the dim, desolate darkness o-f a cave. Deep, solemn, in- it '--f ' ' sufferable darkness that prevailed over all. Alone - yes all alone. 1 ll moved slowly on, but with every step I felt as though I would be swallowed alive and the only witnesses of such a fate the evil demons of the night. The mist before 1ne gradually formed into a figure. It was a ghost! My silent companion beckoned me to follow, and I followed him as one in a dream. The darkness grew less dense. We finally came to an entrance, doorless, and with a heavy chain drawn from one side to the other. The room was very large and shrouded in black, relieved only by what had been red roses but were now withered. In a circle sat many old men mumbling to each other in an inaudible manner. I stared in amazement. What did it mean? I had thought I was alone, but before my wonderment had started to vanish, the ghost signaled me on. Another room, but ah, this entrance had no chain, might we not step within? Why yes, the ghost was entering and I, as before, silently followed. This room was gray, a beautiful silver gray, not quite as large as the other and in one corner were roses just as before, but not withered. These roses were in full bloom. In the center were three card tables and four young men were seated at each. They were playing enthusiastically and unconscious of onlookers. We passed on. I noticed that the farther we went the lighter it grew. Another room with its entrance roped. Rose - oh how beautifully it was draped in this vivid color. As before a basket of roses. These were merely breaking forth from the bud. Although they were of a rich hue the rose background stood out in such prominence that they were hardly visible. Tables were in the center as before but were surrounded by children, young, happy children. Their merriment rang out loudly through the room. They were having a tea party. Vtfhat did this all mean? But no, my spectral companion would give me no time in which to solve my problem-again he beckoned me on. A roped entrance, this time a room of white, soft yet dazzling and a basket of roses in the corner, dainty unopened buds. On the floor were gathered babies, some playing with blocks, some blowing horns and still others screaming for an invaluable toy that had been unceremoniously snatched from him by one of his playmates. What a wholesome sight! Again my friend beckoned. Our way had been gradually lighted from those dark depths that had sur- rounded us in the beginning until at this point we were encompassed by pure daylight. As we slowly made our way toward I knew not where, I 'realized a change coming over me. An unearthly peace and contentment crept over me. Then I caught a faint odor. The air was perfumed with scents of most fragrant flowers. Music-ah yes it sounded like the sweet, soft, yet gay music of a million harps played in perfect harmony. My steps quickened. VVe had reached another opening, but this time it was a spacious entrance. Palms were clustered in groups at either side. And before us-what was this? I cannot say how long I stood there breathless, feasting my eyes upon this sight, nor could I even begin to describe its ethereal beauty. First I was impressed by the space, not unoccupied space, but space that seemed eternal. Not a great distance from me the waters of a fountain encircled by flowers and ferns furnished a tinkling music that was in perfect tune with its surroundings. :n:1:1l:n 1:10 QL?-ir-m:1n:1E3l3 104 l lifI'1ZC3 U U Q O 'e 9 k W E 5 re' fl U ll E E O il Iilli Here and there was a tree, some large, others small. Flowers were every- where, all colors of the rainbow. Birds sang, brooks ran merrily along their way, but whatever sounds heard, were always in perfect harmony. Green grass formed a velvet carpet underneath all, and the blue sky smiled upon the garden with a smile of satisfaction. Peace! Peace! That one word seemed to sum it all. But only too soon I found it was not for me. The entrance was chained! Not until I saw that heavy chain before me did I regain consciousness, but soon enough then, for I realized with a heavy heart that this garden of Paradise was not for me. Suddenly I looked around. I was again alone. The ghost had vanished. Now I would figure out the strange meaning of all this. First I was in darkness, then I clearly remember the slow proceedings to the black room and the withered roses. That no doubt rep-resented Old Age. Next was the silver gray room. It suggested Manhood. Then the next room I remembered radiated rose, had buds merely opening, and children were gath- ered within. This then was Childhood. And the last in soft yet dazzling white represented Babyhood. The 'Garden of Paradise was the place from whence we come and to which we go. That was all clear. But I recalled the chain ropes that were stretched across each entrance except that of Manhood. Now I had figured it all out. I-Iow simple it all really was. I was a young man and having traveled through two of the four stages of life. Manhood was open to me, but I had passed through Babyhood and Childhood, they were closed forever, and Qld Age was closed to me until Time had pushed me through the years and I could inhabit Manhood no longer. Even the Garden of Paradise was closed, wherein there was eternal peace and contentment. So the ghost had tried to show me that my past was past, and retracing my life was impossible. I must move forward into Old Age, take the front door, and if I had lived a good life and made the 'best of what I had, the key to the Garden of Paradise was mine. That was the front door key. JEAN E. REED. . THE ORACLE .45 35 HEY sat on the davenport, Shirley and Jack, Shirley the mischievous attractive little vamp, and Jack the dreamer of dreams, in which he was the conquering hero who rescued the fair lady. What matter if the fn' V adored lady of his dreams soon gave Way to a newer andtfairer one and he poured his amorous phrases in the ears of a different maid each week. Was he not the conquering hero? So thought Jack. And so he moved a trifle nearer Shirley and began to tell her things he had never mentioned to her before, though half the girls in town had them memorized. Shirley of the innocent baby eyes, did she feel the surprise and pleasure her expression so clearly showed? "Oh Shirly, dear, you are the sweetest, most beautiful-" From somewhere came a deep voice announcing: "Oh she was sweet as she was fair None-none on earth above her !" Jack jumped and proceeded to discuss the weather with great fervor. Fin- ally convinced that the interruptor had passed on he resumed, 'fAnd Shirley, my fair one, I love-" tl U H U O O VT! f"II I U U E U lgr:n:n:n:n.uLLu'::o o:::n:1r5n:!CJEi 105 The deep voice continued-- "As fair in thought as angels are, To know her was to love herf' Q If Jack had jumped at the first interruption he actually leaped at the second. I-Ie gazed around the room at the radio, the doorway, and even behind the davenport from whence the sound seemed to proceed. In a whisper he ques- tioned Shirley as to "who and what was it" and she responded that "really she had no idea." Silence. Then the conversation assumed an impersolnal nature. More silence in which Jack again covered the space separating Shirley and himself. Then he made a third attempt. "Oh Shirley, try mel I would do anything for you, face danger-" And a third time the voice from nowhere stated, "Gaily bedight - A gallant knight ' In sunshine and in shadow." "Oh!" groaned Jack. "Oh!" mimicked the voice. Jack arose rather nervously, stammered out a few words on "someone being very interested in his affairs" and with a hasty goodnight started for the door. Ere he had reached it the voice swept out in response, "Goodnight, my love, goodnight." The infuriated suitor fairly slammed the door, even while Shirley very seriously was expressing her regrets over his early departure. Scarcely had he reached the porch than Shirley, 'bursting into laughter, dashed up the stairs to the upper hall where a very impish small brother was sitting by the register, also laughing uproariously. "Oh Don, you're a marvel. How ever did you muster up that bass voice? I thought sure he'd think of you because the register was right directly in back of the davenport and he looked back there several times. I guess he took the hint and he's gone, thank heaven. Did you ever see such a sentimental boob F" "Yes he's gone, all right, thanks to yours truly, though, not heaven if you please, though I'll admit the idea was yours. Anyway a 'boob there was not is around this house'.', l IXIAOMI BALLARD. u U Q E el 5 to Q E W E E lei Il u U H E iii C'J Q O ll I Q H U U DEll3ZlllllO Oiliifflj - 106 Engage!-:1O.....- we womans ANNUAL -. Qzmmmg U U U U U Il U TRANSFORMATION U H A blossom swayefl on a slender vine, ll A robin's song came from a tree, 'Twas spring and love and the world was mine, My spirits exultant and freeg A chaos of color, a medley of sound D Surrounded me, life was a dream, O A glorious fairylike world I'd found Of pleasures to sparkle and gleam. A chill wind blew with a whistling moan Gray clouds hung low overhead, Desolate, sad, dismayed, alone, I felt that all hope was deadg A cold rain fell, huge drops of gloom Like tears from some weeping eyes, And the whole earth seemed like a large gray tomb Ne'er again would the glad sun rise. But the robin's song and the blossom frail VVere only in fancy fair, And the rain that fell and the wind's sharp gale XVere a part of my own despair: Thus my heart made spring of a winter's day And filled all my world with cheer, NVhile the brightest and happiest morn in May Seemed the saddest' one of the year. Q NAoM1 BALLARD. A REMINISCENCE Old laughter rings about my ears, Merriment that has lived and died VVith the surge and buoyancy of the tide, Then faded with the ebbing of the years, -of life! Old faces come haunting my memory- Faces known so well and grown so dear In dreams hovering so very near O That they no longer seem to be, 0 -gone from life! Old songs wing again thru my heart, Sung on the wet, red lips of wine, U Youth! to have you again for mine- H Becomes too soon a thing apart, U -from life. H E RUTH IENI IRWIN. U U E-UElZ1ZllO ozZii: l0T U ll U Q mg Illiilil SOCIAL AND PERSONAL CCWTLT ORTH students had opportunity for many good times this year as these following events show: ll Il . ,HQreG,f0l The 1oB girls were shown a good time by the Girl Reserves THE PQLARHS .i.i11 i1IEl'JGU Ill 0 W at the "Martha Washington Tea," February twenty-hrst. This party O served to make the new girls acquainted with the older ones and showed them what good times North girls have. Tiny red hatchets were given as favors. Quite a variety of parties were given by the Y. W. girls this year. These were called "Vanishing Parties." Some entertained with luncheons, teas, spreads, bridge parties, theatre parties, and some ideas were more novel, as a "skating party." Les Enthousiastes Francais had an enjoyable and beneficial Christmas party this year. Gifts were brought to decorate the tree, and then they were do- nated to the poor. The new North held was dedicated April twenty-ninth before the annual "N" banquet. Mayor Thomas, who pitched the first ball, Coach Wilce and Henry Worley were speakers. A good dinner, good speeches and lots of pep contributed to a dandy time. Thirty-five North seniors were guests of the Rotary Club at a luncheon given March fifteenth at the Deshler Hotel. Olive Jones was one of the speakers and she certainly upheld North's good reputation. The Co-Ed Prom which is given by the girls every year was another achieve- ment. Many unique and clever costumes were to be seen as well as some very pretty ones. Prizes were given for the best of each kind. The journalistic Association of Ohio Schools was entertained with a din- ner dance, October twenty-ninth, in the ballroom of the Chittenden Hotel. This was especially for students of Journalism and many North students attended. There was a very interesting program and after the dinner some remained at the hotel to dance while others went to the Majestic Theater as guests of johnny jones. BEATRICE TORBERT. 0 O H H U ll lj D E H nmmmzailzlo OIZHL'-IZIGUQQ 108 f'- "' THE IQQILARHS ANNUAL E I L RGANIZAT U f H I U I H E U H U U 111122555 CIL UN UDENT CO ST E TH mi ll U ll Q E n re R 9 W 5 P 5 lei Il U ll IZEIDE E Ili Kill o VCU 5"-4-f"',?ll Q .QM-5.'x 'UQ AQJQL 3 Y' ,.a.,,,O 21 E553 BE 3-.wa-g 1. 'fcr -4 amgq -4 ws :D -p, Q.mU' ' F. SHE? Us rf 303' Hz Bm F aff'-'fc BZ 52472 QF: wig. E3 .o rw ETJF5' E5 U1 r-f-U7 LO,-D OS rf Fha-.O mos "'-i0'I3. 5'-w"l5Q. 'DETSQQ Ul"U99w E 35 9.2:-,D mm CD5-HQ-' QQ 5355 2? UQ SF gait F-7 :LFLE 31 mr-fb z. dogg .Ui O20 ' P Eiiiwf' I s: .W N',lui"' O T'--022' Zn: OIT FI,-4 585 US Q""r'D rl r-hong IPlTl QU' F5 E-'2'9Q H'-' Cham ZZ o SECIZIZIIIT U H U U Q 0 9 :U O 3 :L F 3. O- 5 E' 'f-4 O 3 Ei- 5. 0 CU Q. U O I3 e O- E SD D' P3 :S Il 21 rf: 3 O- m D- a O .E 5' M: :D :a IT' , C O "I U E EB. U ff ll JH :1i:1:lr:n:xr:1 Q THE STUDENT COUNCIL One Student 'Councilmember is elected to represent each thirty, or major fraction of thirty students in the school. ,Senior and Junior class presi- dents fwho this year were Harold Westervelt, and Arthur Weisheimerj, and Kenneth Fuller, managing editor of the POLARIS, became members ex-officio. Two students, Joe VValkup and Naomi Ballard, were appointed by the advisers, Miss Skinner, Miss Jacobs, and Mr. Hagely, because of former school service. Circular letters were sent to the parents and guardians asking their help in bringing scholarship to a higher standard. To show the school in operation an Open Night Session was held under the supervision of the Council, during which a regular business meeting was conducted. The Home Rooms were organized with a Student Council member as chair- man and social guidance programs on subjects of interest such as "Courtesy" and "Making a Good Start" were held monthly with great success. At Christmas time the customary Potato, Apple, and Penny Days were observed. The 'Council also assisted the Y. W. C. A. in presenting the pageant and distributing the school donations. The Girls' Scholarship Fund was increased thirty-two dollars by the sale of tags. One of the ye'ar's accomplishments which will benefit the school more per- haps in future years than any other was the point system, which was adopted with the purpose of inducing more pupils to take part in extra curricular activities, and thus develop more leaders. Those in the picture are from left to right: FIRST Row: Dorothy Schuh, Richard Austin, Carlos Davis, Beatrice Aderholr, VVil- liam Thomas, Florence Walden, Ned Laylin, Olive Jones, William Nesser, Sara L. Ervin, Naomi Ballard, Charlotte Worrell, Hazel Pope, Miss Skinner, Catherine Richwine, Rose- mary Fetsch, Dorothy Hooper, James Dunham. SECOND Row: Virginia B'olin, Katherine Wells, Florence Lenahan, Eleanor Marshall, Helen Hicks, Elizabeth Smith, Dorothy Martin, Richard Deeg, Joe Walkup, Tom Bygate, Eleanor Grover, Ruth Montgomery, Frank Hill, Marguerite Steele, Katherine Blenkner, Mary Caldwell, Ruth Harper. THIRD Row: Constance Loomis, Helen Sandfort, Mary Margaret Williams, James O Kinney, John Koenig, Virginia Jefferies, Juliana Clum, Glen Roberts, Mary Frances Fox, Jean Painter, Elizabeth Currier, Everett Swain, Gladys Vogel, Beatrice Torbert, Dorothy Kahn. FOURTH Row: Miss Jacobs, Don Bartlett, Nelson Cooper, Kenneth Fuller, Mr. Hagely, Harold Westervelt, Ralph Goodsell, Malcolm Shy, Doyt Bell, William Root, Fred Morrison, Myron Oliver, John Haines, Ro-bert L. Young. Absent from the picture are: 111 BOARD VE E EXECUTI TH Emi m ll U Q 'E 9 k W 5 F ll ll U MIIIIIEQ E YW! Tllll f-1 I rn rn N rn cu Cl If. 4 rn on O UP FU U Q -1 'Il m cfs ct 3 Z f-1 Q 3 Z cu Fl O VVilliam Nesser ,... . .............. ........ P resident Olive jones .......... ..... X 7 ice President Sara Louise Ervin ..... ........ S ecretary Ned Laylin .......... ...... T reasurer THE COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN Building ..... .................................... H arold Westervelt Cafeteria .............. ...... D onald Bartlett Home Room ............ ........ H azel Pope Girls' Scholarship Fund .... ...... O live Jones Activities ............... .... R ichard Deeg Flag Raising ..... . ........ joe Walkup Library ....... .... N aomi Ballard Social ...... . . . ...... ........... ' Charlotte Worrell Office ............... ........................ . ...... K atherine Richwine Book Exchange ........ .... F lorence Walden substitute for Robert Hindman Honor Study Rooms ..... ................................. G lenn Roberts Lost and Found ..... ..... W illiam Thomas Handbook ......... ....... N ed Laylin EX-OFFICIO President Senior Class .... .............. ..... H a rold Westervelt President junior Class ..... .... A rthur Weisheimer Managing Editor Polaris ..... ...... K enneth Fuller Those in picture are: FIRST ROW: Hazel Pope, Florence Walden, Sara L. Ervin, Olive Jones, Charlotte W ll orre . 0 SECOND ROW: Joe Walkup, William Nesser, Arthur Weisheimer, Harold Westervelt. Q TOP Row: Richard Deeg. ll T u t l 5 i U U QCIEZIMNMIITIO oxzzz.-u:.1:1l:n3U 113 OFFICERS ROOM DY STU HONOR HONOR STUDY ROOM OFFICERS Honor Study Room System was organized four years ago at the Ord North High School by Miss Bertha Jacqbs. In promoting self-government among the student body, this L Ziff 57.19 5 many other high schools. i Aflill method has come to be almost indispensable and has been copied by Each member of an Honor Study Room is required to sign a card pledging himself to refrain from all communication and to do all he can toward preserving excellent order in the room. The students are held strictly to their pledge on entering the room. Each room has its own officers elected by the members and under the teacher adviser. Those elected are chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, and messenger. Each officer is pledged to do his duty to the best of his ability. The pledge is as follows: In order to develop self-help and self-control I hereby ap-ply for admission to the Honor Study Room. If permission to be a member is granted to me, I will show my appreciation by pledging myself to refrain from all communication and to do all that I can towards preserving excellent order. I M' FIRST Row: Miss Bertha E. Jacofbs, Joe Walkup, Doris Dixon, Ann Aumiller, Whit- ney Bauter, Louise Hyatt, Mildred Myer, David Dyer, Helen Pealer, Willard Commerson, Marguerite Steele, Gertrude Walker, Helen Eagle, Lee Landsittel, Miss Eleanor Skinner, Robert Allen, Dorothy Schuh, Rufus Miles. SECOND Row: Charles Burbacher, William Schofield, Miss Ethel LaVelle, Jean Painter, Martha McBride, Louise Lamb, Constance Loomis, Emily Sullivan, Maxine Dyer, Dorothy Hooper, Dorothy Kahn, Gwendolyn Coe, Helen Elliot, Wilbur Cramer, Elizabeth Currier, Glen Roberts, Edward Gebhart. THIRD Row: Horace Davidson, Miss Mabel Kutz, Mrs. Henrietta Corner, Harold Kegg, Edwin Bazler, Stanley Noe, Ruth Williams, Maria Ryerson, Ruth Roth, Virginia Platt, Eleanor Lesher, Alice Worley, Fred Edmonston, Mildred Dyer, Harold Westervelt, Jane I-Iarries, Kenneth Baird, Gordon Bass, Ernest Evans, Everett Swain. FOURTH Row: William St. John, William Root, Edward Pagels, Charles Under- wood, John Tepper, Paul Suttner, Clark Skeele, Ned Laylin, John Hummel, Richard Deeg, Thomas Bygate, John Richards, Addison Hudson, Ernest Turner, William Johnson, Douglas Moody, Paul Riegel, Robert Norris. SARAH BARCLAY, ELEANOR LESHER. Il U Q 'E 9 ? W E i F fi U Il it 221 O ll 0 H t U U UElZIllilli1l...lO Oi?iZZEIJU ll5 THE STUDENT COURT 116 U U Q mi fe Q P W 5 E re ll u mi ll H Eli ll' O STUDENT COURT Chief Justice. ........ ..... R obert Horn Faculty Adviser..Miss Imogen Squires 'T School 1S the Student Court It was first organized in April of U last year and is still in an experimental stage Its aim is not pun ,Sm ,fl ishment for retaliation but to make offending students realize that they have lowered the highest ideals of North High. The Court consists of seven judges, a clerk, a court stenographer and two bailiffs. Each home room nominates as many representatives as it has in the Student Council and twenty are chosen from this group 'by the Faculty. The Student Body elects seven judges from this number. The judges choose a clerk and two bailiffs, and this year a court stenographer was added. The chief justice is elected by the judges from their own number. The judges this year were: Robert Horn, john Barrows, Virginia Ferree, Marjorie Ossing, Charles Parker, Paul Holstein, and William Montgomery. Donna Ruth Curl was clerk, Horace Davidson and Katherine Call bailiffs, and Beatrice Wolfe, court stenog- rapher. jean Wilcox, who went to California, was the bailiff whose place was taken 'by Katherine Call. Miss Imogen Squires was the faculty adviser. 'Cases of cutting are reported to the court by the office and teachers may prefer charges in writing. A pupil indicted is notified to appear before the court where he pleads "guilty', or "not guilty." The verdict is decided by a majority vote of the judges. In case of conviction he is talked to by the judges and sentenced to detentions, withdrawal of privileges, or some like penalty. In extreme cases such as contempt of court the student may be recom- NE OF THE newest forms of student government at North High S L mended for suspension. The Student -Court and Council cooperate in an effort to keep high ideals at North High. STUDENT COURT IN PICTURE TOP Row: Virginia Ferree, Bob Horn, Marjorie Ossing. SECOND Row: John Barrows, Miss Squires, William Montgomery. THIRD ROW: Paul Holstein, Donna Curl, Charles Parker. FOURTH Row: Katherine Call, Horace Davidson, Beatrice W'olfe. JEAN PAINTER. IlIiZEClU ll O 0 0 U H l Q U M. U ClDEC1L...1k...1llO oi:uc:n::l:lDU 117 V, , AL RE RORA BO AU LA ? .:l1.12.1-4-1.21. THE IPGLAIRHS ANNUAL U D U U H H 0 0 LA AURGRA BOREAL President ........... HELEN BARR Treasurer. . .THOMAS SHERMAN Vice President ..... HELEN GILSON Reporter ........ .EINO ROINENEN Secretary ......... .HELEN RAUGH Sergeant-at-Arms. DON PARKER m3vp.Q if AURORA BOREAL was organized in IQ26 by Mr. William Mark Taylor for his VHth period elective- Spanish class. The purpose was I to stimulate greater interest in the study of the Spanish language, glial?-ii? together with its literature and to give the pupils practice in con- versation. L The membership for 1927 was increased by including the second peri-od class. They enjoyed many instructive programs prepared by pupils, anecdotes in Spanishg Bullfights 5 Spanish artg Geography of Spanish speaking countries, and many other interesting topics. - Through Mary Myers a former pupil of North, now living in Mexico City, the club was able to correspond with Spanish-speaking pupils. Two parties were held at the club members' homes, and a picnic in May. Meetings were held on alternate Fridays during class periods in No. 224. The members in the picture are: FIRST Row: Don Parker, Mary Elsie Barr, Eino Roinenen, Helen Gilson, Thomas Sherman, Helen Raugh, Anna Bonner, Marguerite Zechman, Isabella Atkinson, Mary Stiles. SECOND Row: Thelma Warner, Margaret Perry, Thomas Hatcher, Paul Van Swear- ington, Audrey Rice, Ruvelle Wright, Poonah Baker, Clara Bonner, Anna Grace Egger. THIRD Row: Julia johnson, Ablin Shirk, Fay Stevens, Gladys Gusman, Robert South, Virginia Houser, Garnet Wickline, John Wildermuth. FOURTH Row: Mr. Taylor, Donald Kaiser, Lawrence Tidball, joseph Bishop iEx- presidentl, and Lucile Kelley CEX-Vice Presidentl. VIRGINIA HoUsER. I 0 0 U l U E U U - rv U vEl,m3,:,,:,,:,,:,o ---H " 'Binzzmeznzuzsrzan 119 N 1 B LU C AVON E TH 5 5 s E 1 4 K W .Y.Y . 'rf' THE PQILARIIS ANNUAL l,CLZl THE AVON CLUB Prerident ....,.. . .... WILLIAM JOHNSON Secretaryn... .... KATHERINE B'I.IaNKNER Vice Pre.ridcnt.... ..CI-IRIsrIN12 KANm2L Treasurer ...... . ...... HORACE DAVIDSON - 'S H 'ET us pay tribute to an organization that is never 'broke', whose If ' member programs are always well planned, and whose auditorium programs have pleased the entire school. F X Miss Abigail E. Simpson is faculty adviser, her guidance and interest have made the Avon Club better semester by semester, since its founding in March, IQ24. The original purpose has 'been held constantly in mind, viz :-to stimulate in students of English an interest in literature of the present day and to pro- mote friendship and higher ideals. All E or G pupils taking IIth grade or 19th and 20th -Century English are eligible for membership each semester, the number varying from 125 to 180. Eight programs were presented this year. At one of the two auditorium programs, Professor William Graves spo-ke on "'Our English Speech," at the other--a Shakespeare anniversary-a play-"Wooings and Witchings," was pre- sented by members, under the direction of Mr. C. G. Olney. At Christmas time, a tree was given to the North Side Day Nursery, as has been the custom of the club' for three years. At the annual picnic at the Storage dam a play was staged at the outdoor theater. The Avon Club book nook in the library, a project initiated by the original members, has been added to each semester by the expenditure of all surplus funds in the treasury, until it now contains seventy volumes at the service of the entire school. The club colors are royal blue and gold, and the club pin of these colors is in the shape of a capital A. 2 J' K 'YY Mi Ti The members were: Marjorie Aderholt, Naomi Adrian, Herbert Arnold, Esther Backus, Edwin Bazler, Charles Bennett, Evelyn Bessey, Katherine Blenkner, Lily Bloom, Forest Book- man, Betty Bouic, Stella Bowen, George Brobst, Zelma Brundige, Howard Budd, Ruth Bullock, Dorothy Clark, Reid Clutter, Geraldine Coleman, Mildred Coseo, Ruby Crabtree, Elizabeth Crater, Donna Curl, Dorothy Curtice, Virginia Daniels, Horace Davidson, Carlos Davis, Elsie Dean, Isadora Delzell, Barbara Dennis, Margie Dillon, John Drake, Mary Eckstorm, Donald Eesley, Eleanor Eickhorn, Harold Ellis, Helen Elliott, Helen Ellis, Harold Emery, Jean Erwin, Thelma Fink, Mary F. Focke, Mary Frances Fox, Nora Friel, Ann Fulton, Ruth Gearing, Florence Ga-briel, Ralph Goodsell, Eleanor Grover, Mary Hambleton, Janet Hardin, Ruth Harper, Janette Harrington, Pauline Hillery, Edward Hirst, Thelma Hoffman, Virginia Irwin, Bernice Jacoby, William Johnson, Edward Jones, Christine Kandel, Samuel Keller, Mildred Kennedy, Thelma Kent, Haysel King, Benjamin Knepper, Vera Knight, Wilbur Kramer, Geneva Kuntz, Louise Lamb, Ned Laylin, Geneva Lechleiter, Dor- othy Levingood, Dorothy Liezer, Frank Livingston, Donald Long, Margaret Marsh, Catherine McAndrews, Catherine McCaughey, Georgia McComb, Robert McCormick, Evelyn McDonald, Jack McDonald, Naomi McKib.ben, Ann L. McNeil, Anne Merrick, Mildred Meyer, Frances Miles, 'Grace Miller, Helen Minkner, Ruth Montgomery, Louise Moul, Irma Mumma, Allen Murray, Dorothy Owen, Elsie Penrod, Mary Phelps, Virginia Platt, Hazel Pope, Elizabeth Porter, Virginia Powell, Beman Pound, Kathryn Pratt, Glenn Pugh, Jack Pyle, Mildred Rardin, Eldon Raney, Darwin Renner, Dorothy Renner, Brandon Rightmire, Paul Robbins, Charles Rowan, Catherine Ruggles, Florence Rahl, Shirley Scherer, Marie Schoenholtz, Ortha Smith, Kern Sosey, Juliette Spencer, Eleanor Spratley, Lucille Steele, Savannah Stevenson, Regina Steward, Paul Strasser, Betty Treeper, Vivian Taylor, Marion Thompson, Mary Tolle, Ralph Trivella, Mildred Van Dervort, Arthur Weisheimer, Emma Walker, Joe VValku.p, Opal Wallace, Margaret Welch, Ellsworth Whipps, Margaret Williams, Howell Williams, John Williamson, Henry Young. SED IIIZ O l 0 U U Q u U H IJ ClUZZIlilO OZJlTlZEUU l2l ' x 1 ., ,. ' A3 ,w 1 nl Af 1 1 x 22 S I IL G ER V E TH mi U U U Qi ee 9 9 W En 5 er ll n Ii U H il T7 4 Ol' O , VERGILIANS P1'e.rideut .... ................................ P AUL HOLSTEIN Vice President ............. ,NED LAYLIN Treasurer ........... ...... J OE WALKUP Secretary ......... ..ELEANoR MARSHALL Sergeant-at-Aifms ...... WILLIAM KoUNs ON vivere, sed valere est vita." For the 'past five years the North High senior Latin club "Vergilians" has been one of the leading organizations of the school. It originated in 1922 under the direction of the late Mrs. Clara F. Milligan, well loved Latin teacher who headed the Latin department of North. Upon her death in the summer of 1926 the Vergilians was taken under the leadership of Mr. Henry Lupold. The members all who have been students of Vergil met once a month when programs were given relat- ing to the subject of Latin. The organization followed its usual custom of closing the school year with a picnic. Those in the picture are, from left to right: BOTTOM ROW: Zelma Brundige, Edwin Schmink, Irma Mumma, Darwin Renner, Alice VVorley, George Miller, Harold Ellis, William Guthrie, Tom Ervin, Don Mahanna, Lawrence VValters, 'Carl Sammett, Bill Thomas, Janet Allard. ' SECOND Row: Emma Kost, Frances Barker, Virginia Daniels, Betty May Neiswonger, Vlfilhelniina Sprenger, Edythe Sayre, Maxine Magill, Eleanor Marshall, Secretary, Paul Holstein, President, Ned Laylin, Vice President, Joe Walkup, Treasurer, Savannah Stephen- son, Vivian Tatlor, Stella Bowen, Alberta Kimball, Mary Eckstorm. THIRD Row: Didama Beck, Florence Venneman, Rosalie Johnston, Margaret Richards, Elizabeth Kilworth, Vera Knight, Billy Montgomery, Elizabeth McCaoughey, Evelyn Bes- sey, Louise Lamb, Geneva Lechliter, Earl Young, Elizabeth Arnold, Carl Bilikan. FOURTH Row: Mildred Maxfield, Marjorie Mercer, Bernice Mowry, Dorothy Kiefhaber, Florence Gabriel, Mary Frances Fox, Catherine Ruggles, Betty Strieper, Dorothy Renner, Jean Ervin, Marjorie Aderholt, Regina Stewart, Virginia Platt, Lois Heinlein, Jennie Rousch, Mae White. FIFTH Row: Helen Ellis, Frances Bodtish, Margaret Marsh, Thelma Fink, Izadora Delzel, Naomi Adrian, Lily Bloom, Mary Margaret Williams, Olive Jones, Martha Lindsay, Mary Sabine, Elizafbeth Crater, Elizabeth Whitney, Alice MacFadden, Lois Mason. SIXTH Row: Daniel Purnell, Judd Bennett, Mildred Karn, Mary Elsie Barr, Mary lnglander, Marjorie Ossing, Donna Curl, Lucille Christman, Ruth Montgomery, Ruth Criswell, Virginia Ferree, Charles Voelker, Howard DeWitt, Mr. Lupold, Advisor. SEVENTH Row: Robert Allen, Harold Kegg, Edwin Frances, Edward Evens, Glen Robert, Elmer Kelly, Dante Cherubini, Brandon Rightmire, Reid Clutter. El O l'7l"'lZlEI:l 0 H l U U U ' U ljDl3CII1i!lZO OliT1l:lClU 123 HONOR SOCIETY el :m: if THE IPPOLARHS ANNUAL . Q5 U HONOR SOCIETY Prestident. ........ THOR WAXBOM Secretary ...... .WILDA TURNBULL Vice President ...... OLIVE JONES Treasmfe1'.VVILLIAM MONTGOMERY Faculty 7l?'U!IS1'l7'C7' .......... MR. A. B. WALTERMIRE IFTY-SIX representatives of the class of IQ2?, North High School, g l have been accorded the high honor of election to the Charles D. Everett Chapter of the National Honor Society of Secondary :Silk ,,:-,li Schools. Coming to the top with 9027 E's and G's during their three years at North, with a Worthy school spirit, with character and leadership, these Honor students were chosen by a committee composed of the heads of the departments under the leadership of Miss Eleanor Skinner. Those in the picture are: FIRST Row: Janette Harrington, Margaret Vorhees, Wilhelmina Sprenger, Lois Mason, Charlotte Worrell, Emelia Littlefield, Lucy Caldwell, Mildred Karn, Rosalie Johnson, Miss Eleanor Skinner, Sara L. Ervin, Wildah Turnbull, Jean Painter, Mary Frances Fox, Rose- mary Fetsch. . SECOND Row: Lois Heinlen, Katherine Richwine, Katherine Wells, Elinore Strong, Katherine Schafer, Anna Baker, Dorothy Kellog, Alberta Moore, Katherine Pratt, Elizabeth Porter, Lorraine Henderson, Helen Hicks, Betty Roblee, Marguerite Steele, Mary Jane Felkner. THIRD Row: Betty Hyde, Mary Margaret Williams, Eleanor Marshall, Mary Sabine, Mildred Maxheld, Martha Lindsay, Bonnadine Baker, B'eatrice Lonis, Virginia Blessing, Evelyn Bessey, .Nora Friel, Ruth L. Irwin, Virginia Jeffries, Billy Montgomery, Rufus Miles. FOURTH Row: Mary Austin Cin picture by mistakeb, Donna Ruth Curl, Hazel Pope, Horace Davidson, Ned Laylin, Thor Waxbom, James Withrow, William Nesser, Charles Burbacker, Sam lfVellman. FIFTH ROW: Catherine McAndrews, Olive Jones, Samuel Keller, Ramon Wyer, Thomas Plummer, Wirt Scott, Ernest Teichert, Paul Holstein, Kenneth Carter. Making quite a small cosmopolitan group are the thirteen Honorable Mention Students, who, having been at North only one year, 1927, could not belong to the regular society. They are: Bonnadine Baker coming from Westerville High, Virginia Blessing from Lin- coln County High, Nora Friel from St. Marys of the Springs, Mildred Hampton from Nelsonville, Janette Harrington from Logan High, Lois Heinlein from Bucyrus High, Lor- raine Henderson from Marietta High, Martha Lindsay from East High, Cleveland, Mildred Maxfield from Lysee Moliere, Paris, France, Betty Roblee from Bowling Green High, Kentucky, Wirt Scott from St. Michael's High, Marylandg Margaret Vorhees from Nelson- ville High, and Sam Wellman from Worthington High. Those not in the picture are: Glen Roberts, Naomi Ballard, Helen Forster, Mildred Hampton, John Koenig, Elizabeth Crater, Catherine Thomas, and Carl Barr. CORNELIA JAMES. U U il O O 0 E I U L U mmmcszilllzo ou:n:n:u:1l:iCg, 125 126 MARIGALE ART CLUB H- i:1.-.f:L.- THE, IPJOLARIIS ANNUAL iiglmee-Q President ........ . . .LEONARD STIERS Vice President. . . ..... DICK MEYER Secretary ......................... MARY PHELPS HE Marigale Art Club was organized February 4, IQ25, and named Marigale for Miss Mary-C Gale, the adviser. The purpose of organ- izing this club was to bring together those interested in Art at North lgffgj High School, and to obtain some knowledge of the well known artists. - A Membership was limited to Juniors and Seniors in Art classes, but others interested were given the opportunity to attend meetings. This year the club took five after-school trips. Two were touring trips, taken through the Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts. One trip- was taken to Mr. James R. Hopkins' studio, at Hays Hall, Ohio State University. The other trips were taken through the Columbus Sho-W Card Company, and the Columbus Lithograph Company. The Art Club also Went to Miss Mary C. Gale's studio to see her large looms on which she has woven many articles. There have been displays of oil paintings, made by the pupils and an exhibit of many French Railway posters, by foreign artists in the Art Gallery for the benefit of the whole school. The club's last activity was a .picnic. The pallette shaped pin designed by Leonard Stiers, is silver with the word Marigale written on it. The lettering is also in silver with a dark blue back- ground. Those in the picture are: FIRST Row: Cleona Dever, Margaret Mayer, Mae White, Florence Ruhl, Eunice Jones, Virginia Jeffrie, Leonard Stiers, Mary Phelps, Janice Minton, Vivian Taylor, Silvana Stephenson, Ruth Lauer, and Harold Diday. SECOND Row: Evelyn Dick, Maxine McGill, Emma Walker, Mary Prentice, Christine Kandel, Olive Scott, Betty Ogier, Helen Pealer, Katherine Hyatt, Juliette Spencer, Vir- ginia Houser, Katherine Setterlin, Eleanor Jones, Erma Fields. THIRD ROW: Barsheba Work, Ruth Henderson, Marion Thompson, Mary Patton, Ruth Richards, Dorothy Bass, Bernice Jacoby, Hazel Pope, Donna Ruth Curl, Helen Sanford, Janet Hardin, Elizabeth Smith, Dorothy Clark. FOURTH ROW: Katherine McAndrews, Harry Carl, Ralph Trivella, Dorothy Curtice, Reid Clutter, Ronald Colbertson, Charles Murdock, Mildred Vandervort, Miss Mary C. Gale, Frances Mandell, Lucile Christman. , KATHERINE SETTERLIN. IIIDD lili Z Dr E E rn CP nv +-1 o i-1 CI W L E ... D x:1cn:n:r:n:a:1o O'Z"Z":'f:LQQE l27 ORPHEUS CHORAL SOCIETY EE 'Trane PQILAIPLIIS ANNUAL 12123 ORPHEUS OHORAL SOCIETY ROBERT C. THOMPSON .,.. ........ P resident GLENN ROBERTS ....... ..... V ice President EMILIA LITTLEFIELD .......... .... , ....... . .............. S ecretary MARY MARGARET WILLIAMS ..... ........................... T reasurer EARL BROWN .............. 5 ................. Chairman of Program Committee Orpheus Choral Society, consisting of members of both Girls' and Boys' Glee Clubs, the Band and Orchestra, and others interested in - Nx '- ' rf R- . . . . . music, devoted most of its meetings to American music and Amer- il can composers, this year. The club sponsored two auditorium pro- grams, the first featuring Mrs. Dorothy Stevens Humphreys, and her accompanist, Miss Frances Beall. Her numbers were done in costume, and Miss Beall assisted with two piano solos. The other program, held in May, fea- tured Marie Hertenstein Waller, noted pianist in Columbus. The members of the club in the picture are: FIRST Row Cfrom left to rightj: Mary Stiles, Katherine Brown, Beatrice Wolfe, Helen Conwell, Lois Mason, Geraldine Tuttle, Mary Frances Foche, Emilia Littlefield, VVanda Cochenour, Virginia Daniels, Margaret Vorhees, Marie Schoenholtz, Mary Louise l-Ieiskell, and Rosalie Johnston. SECOND Row Cfrom left to rightbz Wilma Ward, 'Gwendolyn Wood, Jeanette Van Schoyt, Dorothy Cross, Emma Lou Helser, Audra Leach, Pauline DeVitt, Helen Wills, Katherine Richwine, Eleanor Marshall, Dorothy Martin, Marguerite Manring, Helen June McCoy, and Alice McFadden. THIRD Row: Genevieve Corbin, 'Cleona Dever, Margaret Horigan, Virginia Powell, Freda Renollett, Anna Ruth Fulton, Kathleen Thompson, Helen Elliott, Jennie Roush, Janet Harrington, Florence Grabiel, and Eleanor Grover. FOURTH Row: Eleanor Lesher, Ruth Gearing, Katherine McAndrews, Maxine Althoff, Frances Schaefer, Mildred Van Dervort, Miss Faye Rees, Olive Jones, Eleanor VVhite, Gertrude Walker, Mary Frances Fox, Lucille B'ower, and Mary Tolle. FII-'TH Row: Elwin Urton, Harold Kegg, Arthur Griffith, David Cupp, Robert Thomp- son, Glenn Roberts, William Johnson, Earl Brown, Earl Young, and Mr. W. H. Lehman. 111112535 O 0 t E n U n mcl:::i::::ri::o ............. 0Z"'l1':'l3CL1l l2!f B LU SC TER EN EXPERIM E TH THE PQLARHS ANNUAL .l-..-..-..-Olilill-:":ll3':' THE EXPERIMENTERS CLUB JoHN Hass, President PAUL PHELPS, Secretary HOWARD FOVVLER, Vice-President ELMER KELLY, Treasurer Experimenters Club was organized on March 29, 1927, with forty-five charter members. The object of the club was to p-romote an interest in the study of the diiferent fields of Applied Physics. The club was divided into five sections, namely: Radio, Electricity, General Physics, Mechanics, and Photography. Each member was signed up in at least one of the five sections. This limited the membership to students of Physics who were interested in its application in one way or another. At each meeting a program was given by one of the sections, and in this way the members learned from one another. Several members exhibited ex- periments which they had worked out at home. Many interesting trips were taken and many fine talks were heard since the organizing. There were close to one hundred members in the club. The officers, under tlhe direction of the club's faculty advisors, Mr. C. R. Weinland and Mr. Asa Ulrey, drew up a constitution whichwill make the club a living organization from year to year. FIRST ROW: Robert Calvin, Robert Alkfre, Robert B. Smith, Carl Aspinall, Harold McLain, Anna Baker, Mary Frances Fox, Ruth Beard, Lois Heinlein, Howard Fowler, John Hess, Elmer Kelly, Paul Prhelps, Constance Loomis, Jennie Roush, Jeanette Harring- ton, Harriett Higgy, Josephine Higgy, Robert L. Young, Leland Wise, Darwin Renner, Jack McDonald, J-ohn Madden. SECOND ROW: Rudolf Miller, Wilbur Rogers, Willard Conrad, Eugene Rogers, Daniel Neil, Joe Soler, Roderick Meany, Warren Bauer, Harry McArthur, Horace Davidson, Mr. Weinland, Mr. Ulrey, Rufus Miles, Stanley Linzell, Hayden Monroe, Douglas Moody, Paul Jones, Emmett Weed, Robert Lowry, Charles Kidwell, Jack Champman, Glenn Roberts, James Withrow, William Masters. THIRD Row: Robert Ewing, Muryl Cramer, VVilliam McKinley, Garden Burlingame, William Schofield, Irwin Hanna, Herbert Arnold, Kenneth Harman, Vernelle Wise, Alfred Roloson, Ernest Teichert, Clark Skeele, Edward Bazler, Stephen Lewis, Kenneth Baird, John Williamson, Richard Jeffrey, William Williamson, Oliver Reef, William Sharp, Richard Highland, Glenn Pugh. FOURTH Row: Joe Walkup, Eugene Norris, Malcolm Shy, Paul Holstein, Franklin Hallsman, Russell Hay, Milton Caldwell, Robert Norris, Richard Deeg, Thomas Bygate, Thomas Plummer, Allen Murray, Wendell Longstreth, Wirt Scott, Brandon Rightmire, Paul Suttner, Edward Jones, Ned Welch, Richard Grace, Robert Hindman. IDCJEI f"'III O l"'-I I U K D :n:n:::n:1:n:io or::.x:n:n:1:1DUl 131 UB BOYS' GLEE CL g-1-lo :. THE. IPJQILARHS ANNUAL i.oC::1...f::m5 El U u m D ll U D D O BOYS' GLEE CLUB ' ARTHUR GRIFNTH ............. Prasidezzt EARL BROWN ............ Vice President HAROLD KEGG ........... . ..... . . ...... Secretary and Treasiwer HE Glee Club, under the direction of Mr. W. H. Lehman, has been very successful this year. The group is much larger than that of preceding years, and is , equally divided among the tenors and the basses. This Organization represented the men's chorus in the Operetta "Miss Cherry Blossomf' which was given in great style, their co-operation add- ing much to the performance. The club meets the third period On Monday and Thursday. Reading from left to right those in the picture are: FIRST Row: Harry Given, Eldred Kuppinger, James Fountain, Edwin Howells, Mar- guerite Manring, Accompanistg Arthur Griffith, Wilbur Hatch, Howell Williams. SECOND Row: Ellwin Urton, Carl Ehrensberger, Russel Hale, Frank Long, Herbert Chapman, Sam Wellman, Waldo Walker, William Johnson. THIRD Row: Albert Hurst, jack Woodyard, Earl Brown, Paul Jones, David Cupp, Richard Biddle, Frank Hill. FOURTH Row: Mr. W. H. Lehman, George McGarvey, Franklin Neel, Basil Tolle, Frank Livingston. Those not in the picture are: Eugene DuBois, Donald Eesley, Gordon Keeshan, John Tepper. 0 O ll E U H c11:l:n:1:n:n:o onziziznzmczigi 133 ' GIRL RESERVES ' 'THE PQLARHS ANNUAL -L'--ig- U U U H Il l ll l L GIRL RESERVES O CHARLOTTE WORRELL .... . ...... President MARY PHELPS ..... .... . Secretary OLIVE JONES ............. Vice President SARA L. ERVIN ............... Treasurer BEATRICE ,ADX-IRHOLT. ................. .... . .Reprexentafiwe-at-Large TEE GHIRL Reserv6es had an enrollment of one hundred and twenty or tie year IQ2 -IQZ7. At the beginning of the year the club held a 'KGet-Acquaintedu party. In February, a George VVashingtOn Tea was given for the new girls. Again this year the Christmas program was under the direction of the Y. W. C. A. They gave a musical pageant. At the close of the program, food, clothing and toys were brought to the stage which the Girl Reserve mem- bers helped deliver to twenty-five needy families. When all the Girl Reserve Clubs ran the city January 18, North High's president, Charlotte Worrell, was elected Mayor. Other North girls holding positions were Olive Jones, secretary to the Mayor, Elizabeth Currier, Safety Director, with Dorothy Hooper as her assistant, Florence VValden, Chief of Police, and Beatrice Aderholt, secretary of the police department. On February 21, the club presented Judge Florence E. Allen of the Su- preme Court of Ohio in an auditorium program. A successful "Vanishing" party was given to earn the money to send a girl to camp and to pay North's quota for the new Y. W. C. A. building. The advisers of the club this year were Miss Faye Reese, Miss Hazel Far- inger, and Miss Marie Mulligan. The members are: FIRST Row: Ruth Stultz, Elizabeth Currier, Beatrice Torbert, Alice Worley, Elizabeth Crater, Katherine Ruggles, Virginia Daniels, Florence Venimen, Jayne Jackson, Eula De- Nune, Mildred.Van Devort, Rosalie Johnston, Katherine Setterlin, Martha Leonard. SECOND Row: Virginia Houser, Roenna Cochrun, Elaine Gibson, Betty Hyde, Dem- etra Dutton, Margaret Mitchell, Margaret Le Sar, Elizabeth Rowles, Margaret Ann Perry, Marjorie Mercer, Cleona Dever, Eunice Jones, Betty Streeper, Betty McClure, Virginia Green, Margaret Beatty. h THIRD Row: Ortha Smith, Beatrice Aderholt, Katherine Blenkner, Margaret Richards, lrVilhelmina Springer, Charlotte Worrell, Maxine Magill, Kathryn Wells, Frances Schaeffer, Audra Leech, Lucile Drake, Esther Backus, Jean Painter, Helen Elliott, Ruth Henderson. FOURTH Row: Betty Ogier, Marjorie Aderholt, Jean Ervin, Mary Phelps, Lois Mason, Ruth Montgomery, Emma Walker, Freda Reuollett, Ruth H. Harper, Dorothy Levingood, O O T - U I U O U n ElEZIlL.Jl..1liJO Q 2ZQU 13-5 NORTH HI Y CLUB 'Zami U U ll Q 'ra B b W E E re' E ll U E O O NORTH HI-Y CLUB Presidefzz' .......... ..... R OBERT L. YOUNG Vire President ...... ....... E ARL BROWN Serf'ftary-T1'ea.suf'm'. . . . . . . ...... JACK TREES REFS' ORTH'S Hi-Y clubs have alwa s been amon the foremost in the ll Nu. . y gi . ,il ,P city and the club of the school year of 1926-27 proved no exception. 'il Starting with but ten members the club has increased to an active 5 membership of thirty-five. The faculty advisors chosen at the be- ginning of the year were Mr. Barcus and Mr. Ulrey, The club took an active part in all Hi-Y activities such as: 'Contibuating to the World Outreach fund, sending delegates to the Ohio convention at Lima, helping to distribute Christmas baskets to the needy, cooperating with the Y. W. C. A. in producing a Christmas pageant for the school, helping to run the city for one day, conducting a Find-Yourself-Campaign throughout the school, and, at present, the playground ball team is going strong. The club tried out a new plan of holding meetings this year, the first and third meetings of each month being at the' school and the second and fourth at the Y with the other high schools. At the school, under supervision of Mr. Barcus, problems of a boy's everyday life were discussed. At the Y, interesting talks on subjects such as health, college, science and industry were given. On the day when the clubs ran the city, Edward Jones of North was elected chief-of-police and Robert Young was beaten by a narrow majority for the office of Mayor. Many smaller offices were filled by North boys. The members in the picture are, left to right: FIRST Row: Tom Ervin, William Montgomery, Charles Kidwell, Franklin Dillion, Paul Jones, Paul Holstein, Ralph Bangham, William Johnson, Glenn Roberts, Joseph Walkup, Franklin Neel. t SECOND Row: John Richards, William Guthrie, William Thomas, Floyd Dunning, Earl Brown, Robert L. Young, Jack Trees, Eldred Cupinger, Richard Austin, Lawrence Walters. THIRD ROW: William Davidson, Elmer Kelley, Hubert Arnold, Don Bartlett, War- ren Jarkinson, Raymond Wire, William Adrian, l1Vilber Kramer, Sam Wellman, Alfred Tibbals. FOURTH Row: Edward Jones, Mr. Ulrey, Ned Laylin, Tom Bygate, Charles Parker, VValdo Walker, Ernest Turner, John Barcroft, Kenneth Baird, Bob Priest, Mr. Barcus. TOM ERVIN. D ll ll o 0 H l Q III ... D lJC!!liO 0111121215150 lil? CLUB GIRLS' GLEE SUSE U U U Q E fr-4 9 P E ta IP' S F U IJ E U H itil O 1 GIRLS' GLEE CLUB MAXINE ALTHOFE. . . .......... President EMILIA LITTLEFIELD. . . ...... Vice President JEAN WILCOX ...... . . .Scc1'eta-ry-Treasurer OLIVE JONES. . . . .. ...... Accompanist FAYE REES .............................. Director :g,,?Q2j HE Girls' Glee Clufb, consisting of 56 members, furnished the two large choruses'in the operetta KAMISS Cherryblossomu. They also sang at Forum. , gg St johns Evangelical Church and at the Chamber of Commerce The members of the club are as follows: FIRST ROW: Maxine Althoff, Helen McCoy, Katherine Brown, Beatrice Wolfe, Geraldine Tuttle, Virginia Daniels, Jean Wilcox, Marjorie West, Gwen Patterson, Dor- othy Schuh, Geneva McKibben, and Amy Lake. SECOND Row: Edith Ellis, Mary Frances Fox, Wilhelmina Sprenger, Mildred Peters, Lois Mason, Elizabeth Crater, Naomi McKib'ben, Lucille Bower, Margaret Kappler, Mar- jorie Mercer, Erma Fields, Eleanor Marshall. THIRD Row: Dorothy Martin, Betty McClure, Margaret Beatty, Elaine Gibson, Emilia Littlefield, Mary Fran-ces Foche, Virginia Vallance, Nadine Berry, Ruth Wellman, Helen Elliott, Audra Leach, Ruth Gearing. FOURTH Row: Florence Grabiel, Katherine Schafer, Katherine Richwine, Mary Mar- garet Williams, Olive Jones, Millicent Legg, Juliana Clum, Eleanor Lesher, Elinor Strong, Emma Lou Helser. Those not in the picture are: Virginia Byerly, Betty B'olin, Wanda Cochenour, Katherine Dunnick, Marjorie Whit- aker, Lee Atiwell, Elizabeth Currier, Mary Elizabeth Davis, Dorot-hy Butler, Louise Mc- Glaughlin. OLIVE JONES. 0 U U U U U EIClEZliliO Oillilicl E U U U U O 0 l K D9 139 THE HAIG MATH CLUB zznzicignmg U U Il Qi 'E 9 F9 W E ? IF' Il D ll :EDGE H Il' l P-1 I rn I E m 3 U' +-1 I 0 r-' Cl ou President. ....... ...SARA LOUISE ERVIN Vice President .... ...BRANDON RIGHTMIRE Secretary ........ , ....... MARY PHELPS Treasurer .................... LAURENCE WALTERS 'T G ffm: ORTH Hi's mathematical organization has enjoyed its second year, a very successful one, .under the efhcient leadership of Miss Mabel Kutz. Meetings were held once a month when beneficial and in- Akss. teresting programs were given, often consisting of, the history of a mathematical expression, the life of a famous mathematician, and puz- zles related to the subject of math, which serves the purpose of the club, "to pro- mote higher scholarship and interest in mathematics." Forty students composed the Haig Math Club this past year, all members being "E" or "G" pupils in math, which is the eligibility requirement of the organization. This year the society adopted a diamond shaped pin with an "HU in the center, colored in maroon and gold. ' There were several social events during the school year 5 the closing one was the June picnic. FIRST ROW-Left to right: Barbara Dawson, Jean Humphreys, Bynum Trotter, Sara Louise Ervin, Lawrence Walters, Mary Phelps, Brandon Righmire, Tom Ervin, William Mont- gomery, Fred Morrison. SECOND ROW-Mary E. Davis, Marjorie Ossing, Paul Holstein, Olive Jones, Richard Austin, Irene Ranney, Douglas Sterner, John Wildermuth, Lucile Christmas, Helen Conwell. THIRD ROW-Mae White, Ruth Gearing, Russell Brown, Cathrine McCandrews, Doyt Bell, Nell Humphrey, Howard Bud, Paul Urban, James Layne. FOURTH ROW--Dorothy Russell, Margaret Richards, William Guthrie, Ruth Drayer, Jean Ervin, William Thomas, Miss Kutz. BIAE VVHITE. 0 O n, U IJ U u QCIEIEIIZZIZJIZO or:nil::ll:l:ll3U l4l D B HOOL GH SC I RTH H NO 0 Emi m U U Q 'Il 5 'E 9 P W E P E F' ll ll U lZClClE E z o rv +-1 m E an m U3 cu m o o F" W :D z U wifi Q.. GQ Nix' wi ,- EF S., rm. Q. S.. im fl" -I" .H -z 53 sf? 554 l" Q? EE WD' -ce ffl E2 Si? if wi -L QF, O gr' V Z,-1 Q2 Q0 35 gum O HE North High School Band was first organized by Mr. Carl Spang- A ler of the science department in '23, but in '26 it was taken over by Mr. VV. H. Lehman, the present director. In September '26 the group of 48 boys elected their 0f"f'-ICCYS and drew up a constitution thereby placing it among the major or- ganizations of the school. Robert Young was chosen first Drum Major of the band and showed excellent style throughout the year. They appeared four times at the Keith-Albee Palace and entertained radio fans through WAIU. Under the direction of Mr. Lehman they staged a concert at West jefferson and were received with hearty welcome. VVith preppy songs and marches they spurred the athletic teams to victory. This season two sousa-phones, four altos and two kettle drums were added to the equipment and also new uniforms for the drum major and director. To each member is given one-fourth credit in school, but to the boys that attend all events and practices promptly, with the exception of one absence, are given letters. Last year fifteen received the honor, which was then a com- bined "NBP, On May 3, the New York Recording Company made a record of the North High band and orchestra. Wlellington Findlay, john Koening, and Robert Young were invited to , attend the first district band meet in the history of the United States. It will be composed of 250 pieces, representing IO states. b Under the capable management of Mr. Lehman the North High band has developed into one of the iinest in Ohio, expanding from 30 to 48 members during one semester. IN FOREGROUND: Robert M. Young, Drum Major, Mr. VV. H. Lehman, Director, Judd Koch, xylophone soloist. Fnzsr Row: John Koenig, Jack Woodard, Leonard Gabriel, Robert Caris, Gerald Pontius, George McGarvey, James Parkinson, Paul Metcalf, Jacob Koenig, Carl Lowery. SECOND ROW: Kirts Osbourne, Emerson Wollan, Will Trusdell, John McCoy, Malcolm Wolfe, Vaughn Chase, Paul Baker, Delmar Richardson, Herbert Chapman, Dane Justice, George Miller. THIRD ROW: Harold Ellis, David Sting, James Healey, Clay Young, Alfred Roloson, 0 Wellington Findlay, Howard Budd, Ellwin Urton, Herman Leedy, Earl Young, Harold Kenard, Arthur Iles, Charles Ferris, Harold Holten. Not in picture: Myron Campbell, Nelson Cooper, Kenyon Hopkins, Paul Jones, Max McCor1agha, Ben Perry, Caralton Sollers, VVilliam Williams, Ora XVeinzenried. ll l U K E il IJ n UDEl.'ZliIZ1O OliJZllZZEDU 143 CHESTRA OR HOOL SC GH RTH HI NO THE ORCHESTRA RUTH GEARING .... ...... P resident OLIVE JONES ..... . . .Vice President JOE THOMAS .... ..... S ecretary KARL LowRY ............................... Treasurer HE Orchestra, composed of musicians, has entertained in many noteworthy productions, namely a selected group accompanied the All-State chorus, the Parent-Teachers Association, and it has been requested that they play for the Night School commencement, for the Columbus Teachers Federation Review, for the Mt. Sterling Commencement. In the operetta, "Miss Cherry Blossom," the orchestra played a very important part. The following members were chosen to accompany it: Violins-Ruth Gearing, Helen Wells, Louise Farber, Elizabeth Reeder, Franklin Dillen, Darwin Renner, Dorothy Martin, Rosalie Johnston, Elizabeth Killworth, Charles Wheeler, James Healey, Clifford Young, Paul Denn, Janet Van Schoyct, Callie Barbour, Howard Budd, Viola-LeRoy Halfaker. Cellos-Catherine Mc- Andrews, Ruth George. Double Basses-Harold and Helen Ellis. Flutes- Lois Heilin, Frances Schaefer. Clarinets-John Koenig, Jack Woodyard. Trumpets-Karl Lowry, Jacob Koenig. Trombone-Earl Young. Drums, etc. -Alberta Moore, Clay Young. Piano--Olive Jones, Florence Gabriel. The members of the orchestra in the picture are as follows: FIRST Row Cfrom left to rightj : Helen Ellis, Katherine Wells, Grace Johnson, Florence McEowen, Katherine McAndrews, Ruth George, Louise Farber, Harriet Kelly, Edna Man- ring, Alberta Moore, Judd Koch, Paul James, Robert Lampton, Paul Drake, David Ossing, James Healey, Clay Young, and Harold. Ellis. SECOND Row Cfrom left to rightj 1 Ruth Gearing, Helen NVel1s, Wanita Wright, Hazel Kiner, Jeanette Van Schoyck, Grace Burke, Jean Humphreys, Dorothy Skeele, Paul Denn, Howard Budd, Clifford Young, Joe Thomas, Darwin Renner, Floyd Chapman. THIRD Row Cfrom left to rightjz Dorothy Martin, Rosalie Johnston, Henrietta Mc- Clelland, Bertha Noe, Callie Barbour, Emmett Weed, Franklin Dillon, Robert Cox, Leroy Halfaker, Charles Wheeler, Russel Spencer, Edward Broughton, Earl Brown. FOURTH Row Cfrom left to rightj : John McCoy, Wilt Truesdell, Lois Heinlen, Frances Schaefer, Herbert Chapman, Benn Perry, Arthur Iles, George Miller, Dane Justice, Karl Lowry, and Paul Metcalf. FIFTH Row ffrom left to rightjz Herman Leedy, Earle Young, Caroline Hiner, Mal- colm Wolfe, Paul Jones, Gerald Pontius, George McGarvey, James Parkinson, and Welling- ton Findlay. ' SIXTH Row Cfrom left to rightbz Mr. W. H. Lehman, Kirtzi Osbourne, Jack Wood- yard, Olive Jones, and Glenn Crihfield. Those not in the picture are: Jack Foure, Orton Henderson, Elizabeth Killworth, Jacob Koenig, John Koenig, Elden Raney, Elizabeth Reeder, Carlton Sullers, Marjorie VVest, Marjorie Whitaker, Ora Winzenreid, Robert M. Young, and Thelma Zeis. OLIVE JONES. U ll Q E 'fe R P W 5 E ei ll ll u E E 1 O f U E U D UDZCNMIKMILZO Oli:tZ1I:lZDI3U 145 U U Q Pe B P W 5 E F Il U li ll E 11:1 lil 5 U U E l O O LAS ESTRELLAS DEL NORTE President ........... RUTI1 IRWIN Secretary. . . .ROBERT EWING Vice President ...... .TOM BYGATI: Treaszzrer .... .GLADYS VOGEL AS ESTRELLAS DEL NORTE, enjoyed many interesting programs which the members prepared and presented. Meetings were held every other Weclnesday and programs on various subjects of interest to Span- ish students including current topics from Spanish newspapers were given. Mrs. Mary Lunn de Rodgers, QNorth, IQI3J now principal of the colegio at Juana Juato, Mexico, addressed the club at one meeting. Members of the club corresponded with girls in Venezuela, to whom they had sent cards at 'Christmas time. Two plays featured the Garden Party held June I, at the home of Miss Florence Shelton. This was probably the very last meeting of any club bearing the name of Las Estrellas del Norte, as Miss Shelton may have more German than Spanish' classes in the fall, and does not expect to continue her Spanish Club. ' O 0 Those in the picture are from left to right: FIRST Row: Tom Bygate, Ruth L. Irwin, Robert Ewing, Gladys Vogel, Ruth Lauer, and Naomi Ballard. SECOND ROW: Malcolm Shy, Margaret Bailey, Mary Monger, Doris Dixon, Dorothy Parker, and Virginia B'olin. THIRD ROW: Melvin Franklin, Frances Mendenhall, Mildred Lehman, Charles Murdock, U Miss Shelton, Supervisor, and Eleanor Eicliorn. I U NAOMI BALLARD. U IJ H an m:1l:1i:1l::n u no Ol H 1':'C3l':'QQ. 146 u U I V u U Q : -E Q P W E Z2- E rf- U U U IIJIIJIIJIJCJQ E Ullafllzl O UU H U n A -,,, -4 , ' 5 Q Q E, mbgl 'Mfr-M S3 .. N ru E Ig.,-s-,,-ak mn O S 9, E 5 CDSM f-'Li wo, .4 ' 4. N. ':SgH15ff',f221e5wa:.E- we ag-Erowgrrzgiggzv Q-mr.. Q5 2'E,xS2e253w E mQgjf75Uiw"D"'f2iEg girl GFI 02'O9Q7d,c5'E5'gO2' N :FZ P2 rn yldrngfog t-DU' 1:0 U2 K.. 2-1':gim..r+P1 HOQEEZE xx.-0:2 an--1--,m on 2.- G'fD -1 NC fmml 1-v-"TC-J' fa" 05011 -,O GOO--J :3-"fb wr" ,-f, 'U v Q95 3',-- .- 3-9422213-ggql-, :fb H if--Tj mgggilmwg mm5O'U:Q 5514 On." C-xfn'-:fic fDwT'g'E'f- .',.3fI,' 3 H:"1O"'f'D 0 ""-'A 1 . N 'Z' P112 574 F: LUSEGFV 'mg I" o5aszv'wa2a-?22Q,l 2--2 nf :3'3.d.-agfi-fDr'Dgm2D",7f..gQf-' . HE "'5m::.,.:. aww- --wwf-' -m I-1 3.-4wj'1,':'.-12"LT.S1JU. ,-,. ,'It.4 C O V H. ... ...H... z r ':.SE'EgE5El4w 15153 N 3,4,rj-:,'S2oq :f,foQ,g-M : U, 3'jH'Ur3,.,5QLmE'L1-Q.m5':g:f P-U rb'jAf'3C'-135-H"'E'-.',T5g:U3' Ln 5 'cgfsgg'-QQl'1'J"'rD""' IT' '-" Z ..h:OE5jO,.,,.t.Dr+ E f- fn N 3l3"1'-pg Ln . D-1 x: -G S w'.j.Ud0f'DO'T-3,- ff - UJ -1 ' S C'0'Qg',f.'.,,,5m?T' O ' 5,3 m 0112 rw Q ..mw8U7"Pa 3 . EN: G 77' V, t.4 5- ,.,.,UO4 ,U . ,An A - G FD ,-, . gg' rl E DJ CLi093:n'-1 6-D . ww w m -f c,q:,.OE.g-0 pg 222 C1 C SD ' 'Ln . -' 5 H-:S Q. .- U1 UQ 5 W 52-EDA-EVE' H. '-: E U' Er ful OQFTFD "" O S' m-.501-+3 V' F U 'SRFSK-D "' W' AJ W Q. 553 D' C: 7 4 3' Q-:gpg Q- w. U5 fb' 9 If rlwe.-U-O Q.. 1: F1 T 'D f'DfD'oc'nS 'Tj'- H O 2 Q.c:.mfff'f U1 3'2- j : E FZ' ' '-sg' 5 Q.pg1 1 rw 3 A in mdgl 2 535 O O 5 5 -cs 'Umw 2 51 Q -3 "' 2- 99 3-EE. ff., om 0 E2 9 Q 'S if E-2359 a is . ,., n u M E 3 Q sv ""-T1 LF, C55 4 ru rw B ,.......'-H 9, QD- U su I' .F CL E539 P-Q L-'Z X U C12 f"'Ull O O 147 ll ll Q 3 Fi 'Tj Q 9 W 5 E F E Il ll ill O O U U . ll H . WATAUGA SENATE Edward Jones, Pres. Pro Temp Benn Blinn, Minority Leader, Katherine VVells, Clerk, Gertrude Walker, Asst. Clerk, Rufus Miles, Engrossing Clerk, Horace Davidson, Financial - Clerk, Kenneth Carter, Sergeant-at-Arms, Dorothy Hooper, Asst. Sergeant-at-Arms. M, HE Vkfautauga Senate, upper house of the VVatauga Republic, is made iris up of Juniors and Seniors of the History Department. I ' .5 I Eval., Its purpose is to train students to be leaders and better citizens. Mr. Roy H. Oman is faculty adviser and acts as President of the Senate. The organization has forty members, and operates in the same way as our National Congress. Senators introduce bills, which are read and referred to standing committees, then put on the calendar, debated, amended, and passed or rejected. As they appear in the picture: 0 FIRST Row: Mary johnson, Jane Harris, Horace Davidson, Katherine Vtfclls, Edward Jones, Gertrude Walker, Rufus Miles, Kenneth Carter, Rosemary Fetch, Helen Hicks. SECOND Row: Pauline Devitt, Charles Kidwell, Marjorie Ossing, jack Broughton, Charlotte Worrell, Paul Jones, Katherine Richwine, Eleanor Grover, Kenyon Tanehill. THIRD Row: Mr. Oman, Dorothy Hooper, Jean Painter, Gladys Vogel, Mary jane Felkner, Marguerite Steele, Emily Sullivan, Janette Harrington. FOURTH Row: Russel Hale, Thomas Plumber, Russel Hay, Robert Norris, George U Greer, Dwight Bell, Robert Keethler. I: U GLiXDYS VOGEL. li U H ' oi:n:1l:1r:ll:lCHEi 148 IIICI ll O 'O ll mi U U ll Q 5 fe Q ? UQ E re ll U U H E ll ll U . WATAUGA HOUSE Mr. R. H. Oman, Speakerg Thor Waxbom, Speaker Pro Tem.g Mary Phelps, Clerkg Wildah Turnbull, Assistant Clerkg Evelyn McCloud, Engrossing Clerk, Richard Jeffries, Financial Secretary, Richard Grace, Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms, Paul Phelps, Sergeant-ab Arms. .iwjggi HE members of this House, in after years, will look back upon the time they spent in session, as among the most interesting hours of their high school career. They will undoubtedly remember the various Bills they promoted and debated, and wonder how they ever prepared such noble speeches. The oratory displayed by the Speaker pro tem, will be remembered by all, as the iiriest examples of forensic that were given throughout the term in that august assembly. The members of the House, reading from left to right, are as follows: ' FIRST Row: Blinn, Jones, Guthrie, Thomas, Ervin, Hatch. SECOND R0w': Porter, Jeffrey, McCloud, Turbull, Grace, Waxbom, Phelps, Young, 0 ILT'-'-""'o U3 71 53 B '11 Q4 5 521:11 gl? mggg :WED o 5725 SW-:O N25-2 rf RE! EWS- 3:55 m5"g..Q pl-.'. L-+3 H OR' 3' O-i ss 5 ffm E S Q: 52 EP 9 53 2' pm 2 VB. ' cn: 0' Q E' : :rf ' PE- ,Tl . 3. To 3' .1 Em 5' NO P? g 93 Q 52 no :ig 5- ' as 'U 5:5 2 W: O rf: 2. DJ'-. U15 91511 Z ET o 5 D 9 'T Aderholt. ' SIXTH Row: Kegg, Priest, Goodsell, Richards, Phelps, Thompson. U CLARK SKEELE. U . S UGE1IZllllO Ollllilfi 149 3'.J337..F1-?.L....-... 'Ti-HE, IPPQILARIIS ANNUAL .l. U Ilfllill U U U o o NOUS AUTRES FRENCH CLUB President ......... .......... R UTH MONTGOMERY Vice President. ......... .... C ATHERINE RUGGLES Secretary and Treasmvr. ......... MARTIIiX LINDSAY ' " supervision of Miss Marie Hahn and Vfrs Della R Maddox the latter . 9 OUS AUTRES French club was organized seven years ago under the A i i A l 'being the present faculty adviser. Students who have had two years of French are eligible for membership. . This year many successful and attractive programs were presented. Among the most interesting was the talk on joan of Arc by Rev. E. H. Matheny, and the story of the settling of the Ghio Valley which was told by Monsieur Robert Roure, French instructor at Ohio State University. Beside these, meetings of a more social nature were held, including a "White Elephant Party" at Christmas. Members in the picture are, reading from left to right: 0 Frnsr Row: Elizabeth Whitney, Betty Streeper, Margaret Le Sarr, Martha Lindsay, Ruth Montgomery, Mary Sabine, Evelyn Miles, Elizabeth Crater, Eileen Lybarger. SECOND Row: Virginia Irwin, Elinor Jones, Bernice Setterlin, Marion Thompson, - Clifford Young, Juliana Clum, Kern Sosey, Ruth Beard. i -I - THIRD Row: Ruth Muething, Mary Frances Focke, Lucile Christman, Roger Thomp- - son, Pauline DeVitt, Roderick Shirey, LeRoy Halfaker, Katherine Schafer, Katherine james, ' James Kinney, Eloise johnson, Mrs. Della R. Maddox, faculty adviser. c I: Catherine Ruggles is not in the picture. - U , ELOISE JOHNSON. li U D u QUDIZIZIQAZJO I olzuillzacllilll S C 150 ' I3 E 'THIS PQLARHS ANNUAL 11121 U ll ll O O THE ARCHITECTS COOPERATIVE CLUB Prrxvz'dent .............. Wu.LtAM LADRIAXN Secretary .............. GLADYS GUSMAN Vice Prcsideizf ...,...... FRANK WESLEY Treaslrmf' .............. ADRIEN QUILLIN . q gigj HE Architects Cooperative Club was organized in the fall of IQ26 under the supervision of Mr. Frank P. Darby, teacher of Mechanical Drawing. V The purpose of the club is to encourage high scholarship in all subjects and particularly Architectural Drawing. Several trips to different places of interest including one to the Neil House, January 20, to- view the exhibits presented by the Ohio Association of Retail Lumber Dealers were taken. In November they visited the architectural depart- ment at Ohio State University taking special notice of the testing laboratories. During the week of April I2, a trip was made to the A. I. U. Building to note the construction. Mr. VVooster B. Fields, of the Architectural Department at Ohio State University, addressed the club on April 29. The club entered in the Builders' Exchange Competition and were awarded third and fourth prizes for the model houses which they planned and built. They also received two honorable mentions. 1 They also cooperate with the school in many Ways. 0 Those in the picture are: 0 BOTTOM Row: W'illiam Adrian, Adrien Quillin, Georgia McComb, Gladys Gusman, Eugene Rogers. SECOND Row: Ro-bert Norris, Reginald Testement, Duane Lockwood, Vlfarren Parkin- son, Mr. Darby. THIRD ROW: Gerald Keller, Leo Burr, Alfred Tibbals, Malcolm Shy, LeRoy Half- aker, Robert Schafer, john Calvin. U Those not in picture: li U Charles Oldham, Frank VVesley, Willard Conrad. I: U MARJORIE WEST. U U H gE:J,:,,:,,:,:,o , Y o:a:u:r:n:u:nJ 151 SEEDS ll ll Q 'E 9 b W 5 F U U U E 113525 El' 1 O O LES ENTHOUSIASTES FRANCAIS President, Mary Margaret VVilliamsg Vice President, Dan Zipperleng Secretary, Kath- erine Richwineg Treasurer, Stanley Noe: Sergeant-at-Arms, Frank Myers. FRENCH CLUB supervised by Miss Ethel M. LaVelle was founded in 1924. It's purpose was to promote an interest in the customs and T habits of French people and extend acquaintance with French literature and science. Meetings were held monthly on Monday. Student programs consisting of current events, biographies, short dramatization and music were given. A picnic completes social events of the year. jwwwn f 'l The members of the club from left to right' are: BOTTOM Row: Miss Lavelle, Elizabeth Loar, Gertrude VValker, Louise Hyatt, Rose- mary Fetch, Katherine Richwine, Mary Margaret Williams, Dan Zipperlen, Frank Myers, Stanley Noe, Margaret Hourigan, Helen Pealer, Frances Dum, Floride Hyatt. 0 SECOND ROW: Frances Barker, Rosalie Johnston, Betty Hyde, Elaine Gibson, Helen 0 Hicks, Helen Eagle, Mary Thomas, Elizabeth Porter, Benrod Morse, Alberta Moore, Kath- eryn Pratt, Mary Ferguson, Margie Dillon, Arema Steele, Dorothy Kiefhaber. THIRD ROW: Olive Scott, Sarah Morris, Murle Wright, Josephine Bailey, Amy Lake, Constance Loomis, Ruth Henderson, Mildred Rardin, Helen Elliott, Hugh Davis, Very Knight, Evelyn Vessey, Gertrude Davis, Mildred Karn, Charles Conrad. LAST Row: Ralph Trivelea, Richard Jeffrey, Tom Bygate, Richard Deeg, Charles Vollker, Frank Long, Jr., Rodreck Meanley, Ramon Wyer, Charles Rowen, Herbert Arnold. lil LORRAINE HENDERSON. lig U El U U EDEC!!-IL....llO Olllililzlll 152 C C WWE ll U ll Q 3 ra e iQ 3 W 5 a ? 5 ei U U U Zjllilii E O O l LIBRARY STAFF NB. 'of the innovations in the Clolumbus High School libraries was the 1 giving of credit to library assistants, which was established at North I this year. One fourth credit is given for one year's work of at least one period daily. Those to receive credit this year were: Virginia Jeffries, Eleanor Grover, Millicent Legg, Naomi Ballard, John Barrows and John Bergener. North High has one of the largest and best libraries in the city. At present it contains about 7000 volumes and will accommodate eighty pupils per period. It is the only library having a Hoor covering which is practically noiseless. The library is in the care of the librarian, the assistants and the pages at various times in the day. The present librarian, Miss Florence Kelley is the only one North has ever had. She chooses her assistants each year, and also has a library committee of the Student Council to aid her. 0 Those in the picture are from left to right: 0 FIRST Row: Juliette Spencer, Eleanor Grover, Naomi Ballard. SECOND Row: John Bergener, Virginia Jeffries, Dorothy Trees, John Barrows. TYHIRD Row: Miss Kelley, Librarian, Edgar Gebhart, Millicent Legg. NAOMI BALLARD. lj l U E E JH gmcnznzsznzso " AMT' L 01111131535 153 L S ,,,,Y, iYYYA,, 1- T-F, f- V, hx I-.A in A - YQ, V7 iv"-i ---'--- S W W I . A Xl , I ' f PY' 'J 4' .L ' J ,2 V JW- , Lf-M. H 1 F... AV W L, x,,, ., , WA 1 I 154 ?EEE THE ol::n:1:1l:u:u:1 OCTETTE HE Girls, Octette has appeared of late at many noteworthy occasions, namely, the Alumnae Club at Ohio State University, held at Pom- erene Hall, 'before the Clintonville Music Club, the Columbus VVomenls Club, Graduate XYOmen's Club of Ohio State University, held in the form of a reception at President Rightmire's home, State VV. C. T. U Convention, at the Southern Hotel, Clinton Heights Lutheran Church, Linden P. T. A., Grace M. P. Church, North Broadway M. E. Church, they also have broadcasted. The organization consists of the following girls, from left to right: Emilia Littlefield, Virginia Yallance, first sopranosg Eleanor Marshall, Marjorie Mer- cer, second sopranosg Naomi McKibben, Maxin Althoff, first altosg Helen Elliott and Dorothy Schuh, second altos. Miss Faye Rees is their director, and Olive Jones, their accompanist. OLIVE JONES. STRING QUARTETTE TQUTH GEARINO ........................... First Violin EARL BROVVN ............ .... S ocond Violin KATIIRYN VVELLS ......... .......... I fiola CATHERINE TXTCANDREWS ........................ Cello HE string quartette this year takes 'the place of last year's violin quartette. Mr. W. H. Lehman is the director. The quartette had made quite a number of public appearances during the year. They played at the Junior-Senior party, annual Vet- eran Postal banquet, Linden School Parent-Teachers meeting, Crestview Pres- byterian church and at Mt. Sterling high school baccalaureate. The organization meets once a week at one of its member's home. THE MALE QUARTETTE First Tenor ......... BOB BOYLES Scrond Tenor .... BILL BEATHARD First Bass ....... .BOB THOMPSON Second Bass .......... ED BROWN HE Male Quartette under the supervision Of Miss Faye Rees has com- pleted an unusually successful year, proving to be more popular than Z" 'WH - ever. The group has appeared at various luncheon clubs and several churches including St. johns Evangelical, Grace Methodist Protestant, VVilsOn Avenue Church of Christ, First Baptist, Oakland Park Presbyterian. The boys have also given two broadcasting programs from VVAIU, from which they received many letters of favorable comment from radio fans both local and distant. They have been heard at school during many auditorium programs, pep meetings, honor society recognition program and at the "N" banquet. The personnel of the quartette from left to right: Bill Beathard, Boy Boyles, Bob Thompson and Ed Brown. IDEID C32 ll O O l l u H H U U r:u:11:::n:n:u:Jo o:::1::c:1l:u:JU l55 CIC! ii ll 0 ill: C11 EHCUE U U U Q 5 'E 9 9 W E ? 5 F' U . Ui l U U ll COMMERCIAL CLUB President ........................ .... .. ...... BEATRICE WOLFE Vice President... ...... JOSEPHINE ScoTT Secretary .......... ..... K ATHRINE CALL - Treasurer. .... ....... EULA DENUNE Reporter., ......... . .... DOROTHY LAMB ,m ligj HIS past year under the supervision of Miss Maude Stevenson, the first Commercial club at North High was organized for the purpose of pro- moting activities of the Commercial department, both social and busi- ness. Membership in the club is open to all seniors taking the commer- cial course and all other commercial students who can pass the O. G. A. test and attain a speed of forty words a minute on the typewriter. The club held its meetings in room I 34 the third Monday of each month, and many interesting programs were presented-. It enrolled twenty-one members. They are from left to right: 0 FIRST Row: Marie Ryerson, Olive Westfall, Josephine Scott, B'eatrice Wolfe, Katherine 0 Call, Eula DeNune, Dorothy Lamb, Carrie Weiser, Beatrice Setterline. SECOND Row: Katherine Hunter, Irma Smith, Ruth Williams, Mary Belle Leafgreen, Thelma Kent, Virginia Fisher. THIRD Row: Reitta Bonnette, Phoebe Chaffin, Dorothy Ogden, Miss Stevenson, Eliza- beth Diday. DOROTHY LAMB. U - RUTH LAUER. V U L T D El U U EDEHZIIZEEO ouazi-zgzgcziisacn 156 A Ellllililillll O CIIll O IZ THE PQDLARHSS ANNUAL Z f . , ff X 3 X D J -3 47'1siV3 5 ' Q" X Q A av! V-if M mf. fi X 1 , x S lfKli1YN-N!!- gl, , 1: ,K ,4 ATHIEQTIES 1 I - I . 'F li1lli1IIClClD Oli!!-l.'1 fl'IZI1lZCJ x s X l l I OIIJ 1ll.'llllZIl3II O U U U H U U' 'E-E iC3E:3O lllllclmgi 157 22253 U U ll Q 'E Q P W E Ez' ll ll U ITIZEEQ E llll' lllfll O O l Miss Mayes RICKEY Miss GENEVIEVE GRIFFITH X i 59571 ISS MAYES RICKEY head of the Gills' Physical Education Depart 'f ' ' .. " ' ' ' - -. " n -A - n Q w , - " - , ' girl? " " " ' " ' " is-i , . and patience The co-ed graduates vvill remember her for her interest and loyalty to North and her high ethics about sportsmanship and fair play. Miss Genevieve Griffith, our efficient coach, also deserves nothing but praise. VVith her high ideals of clean sport she has been unflinching in putting her ideals into practice among the co-ed athletes. Through the untiring elforts of these two teachers, the Polar Bear girls have not only established the reputation of being good sports and having loyalty for North, but they have always upheld their school's name, both in victory and defeat. 0 0 U K U E Q U U E t i:iinn:1:1r:1l:a::.1o OIZHT-'IIIICICIEE I58 OI l"TI'Ti1lI1 O Milli III ll u Q DE 'E 9 9 W E E IF' U U U H E GYM NORMAL CLASS This year the Gym Normal Class was reorganized. The girls were required to keep notebooks throughout the year, to be graded at the end of the term's work. If the Work of the girl was good enough, she was awarded a diploma. INDOOR MEETS Columbus girls have only one inter-school sport, the indoo-r meets, which are held with the live local high scho-ols. These meets consist of various kinds of relays, formal work, short games, marching tactics, Indian clubs, far throws and foul-shooting. I ATHLETIC FIELD New additions are expected to be made to the athletic schedule when the girls' recreation Held is completed. Besides having places for outdoor baseball, volleyball and basketball, new games including tennis, hockey and track, will be made part of the sport curriculum. ll l H I n t, 9 H U .-. U 1:n:1:n:u:u:n:uo Cllr:-HIIIZIDDU 159 160 L U U ll Q Q Ill I CIII3 I :I GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION President .................. RUTH BEARD Secretary ........., MARGARET ANDERSON Vice President ............ IRENE MILLER Treasurer... ............ DOROTHY KAHN T? CE more girls have obtained the ,required number of points for mem- 5Q,,T'f5" bership, the Girls' Athleti-c Association has reached a higher plane, has been able to elect officers, and has been functioning as a successful organization for several months. Requirements for entrance are one hundred points. An additional credit of seventy-five points fexcept for Seniors, who only require fifty additionalj is necessary for the highest attainment, a sweater. This club takes charge of student government of athletics and encourages athletic affairs and enterprises. Those in' the picture are: FIRST Row: Marjorie Blackwood, Gertrude Walker, Ruth Beard, Irene Miller. SECOND Row: Josephine Scott, Sara L. Ervin, Margaret Anderson, Evelyn. McCloud, Mary Phelps. THIRD Row: Mae Haynam and Katherine Call. Missing from the picture are: Mildred Clark, Dorothy Kahn, and Florence Walden. VOLLEYBALL INTRA-MURALS All the girls who desired to play volleyball, were requested to sign up for volleyball intra-murals. This is the second year that this system has been used. About ISO signed, a slight improvement over last year. The teams made up, con- sisted of nine players each, and each team was given the name of a fruit or vegetable. This method not only gives the beginners a good foundation and a chance for the class teams, but it affords good practice for the experienced players. As most of the girls were aspiring for membership in G. A. A., there were only a few absentees. The Onions frunners-upj played the whole schedule without a single substitution. - The season went through with a bang, and the championship struggle for the title proved to be a very close one. The Onions were not quite strong enough to overcome the Strawberries. A ' ' I ' Those in the picture are: FIRST Row: Dorothy Baird, Eleanor Barclay, Mae Haynam-Captain, Helen Gilson, Marjorie Blackwood. SECOND Row: Ruth George, Catherine Call, and Pauline Englehard. GIRLS' INTRA-MURAL BASKETBALL LEAGUE This year completed the third annual intra-mural basketball league. All gym girls were eligible for the teams with the exception of the sophomores who were required to go out for volleyball Hrst. Each team consisting of six girls was given the name of a color. The games were played off by elimination, each squad dropping out of running as they were defeated. As the number of teams became fewer the interest grew, and many stayed to see the final games. The championship game was well fought by the Brown and Red teams, the Red team coming out with a score of 20-6. The girls were required to keep training rules during the time of the sched- uled games and anyone missing a game was dropped from the team. Girls from the Normal Class refereed all the games. Those in picture are: FIRST Row: Josephine McFarland, Mae Haynam-Captain, Kathryn Ryan. SECOND Row: Elizabeth McCaughey, Katherine Call, and Rebecca Miller. IDU if O i :fig ll U fl 4 re 9 9 W E E F U ll Hi H E 0 E , , U Uljzznitzylglg -'-w f Ollilliclgu 161 f:T:E': THE IQQLARHS ANNUAL --vs-iss-aaaef SENIORS LEAD IN BASKETBALL W ASKETBALL, another major sport for the girls, always has had and likely always will have, unlimited popularity among the co-eds. About I y the usual number of candidates appeared for practice with aspirations of making their class teams. Class squads were selected by the same method used in choosing the other teams: VVith the elimination of the substitute this year a second team for each class was chosen. In the annual tournament, amid a brilliantly decorated gym and bleachers filled with jovial spectators, the Seniors intent for 'gain fought their way to championship, thus making history repeat itself, by taking the title as they did in their junior year. The upper-classmen won from the juniors 14-8, and from the Sophs 21-8. The Juniors rated second place by defeating the Sophs 20-12. The sportsmanlike honor whether in victory or defeat is the one feat in which all the classes rank the same, and of which each class is equally proud. Proceeds from the tournament were turned over to the girls' athletic fund. FIRST Row: Katherine Call, Ruth Beard, Margaret Anderson-Captain, Marjorie Blackwood, Mae Haynam, Evelyn McCloud. SECOND Row: Dorothy Kahn, Ruth L. lrwin, Gertrude Walker, Sara L. Ervin, Eunice Jones. THIRD ROW: Florence Waldeii-Manager, Christine Sparrow, and Constance Loomis -- Manager. Ulf-Will-141130 olZ1:1::n:JEJCJU 162 FIRST ROW: llary Hamilton, Frances Dum, Jean Ervin, Mary Phelps, Captain, Irene Miller, Lucille Christman. SECOND ROW: Josephine Scott, Elizabeth Crater, Mildred Vandervort, Marjorie Mercer, Opal Wallace. THIRD ROVV: Mildred Clark, Manager, and Helen Eagle. FlRST ROVV: Mary Hamilton, Frances Dum, Jean Ervin, Mary Phelps, Captaing Irene lliller, Lucille Yetive Fissel, SIiCR?T1DlRClJW: Kathleen Cornell, Marfaret Waite, Kathryn Arnold, Barbara Dawson, Josephine c 'ar am . THIRD ROVV: Gladys Teeters and llaxine lIantellfManager. 163 FIRST ROW: Ruth Beard, Margaret Anderson. Sara L. Ervin-Captain, Mae Haynamg Roselie julunson. SECOND ROVV: Katherine Call, VVilClah Turnbull, Evelyn Mcfloud, Pauline Englsliard. THIRD ROXV: Uorotlly Kahn, Marjorie Blackwood and Christine Sparrow, FIRST ROVV: Olive Gooding, Margarrt Le Sgr, Maxine Mautell--Captain, llarbara Dawson. SECOND ROVV: Louise McLaughlin, Florence Mauck, Kathleen Cornell, liclith Young. THIRD ROW: Katherine Conrath, Managerg Virginia Vallance, Jean Humphreys and Margaret Wilch. 164 t , THE PQILARILSS ANNUAL ...-'-'-m" -17 .ig QE U D U ll H H 0 O IUNIORS SNATCH VOLLEYBALL TITLE .Q,,,,i51 , call for one of the first major sports was well answered by mlany candidates, thus proving the rising popularity of volleyball. 'General practices were held after the intra-mural league which finished up with tryouts for class squads. The girls were graded upon their merits during a display game. All grading was done by girls from Ohio State University. Amid a gym full of cries and shouts the three teams fought in their annual tournamentg the Seniors revoking all traditions had to yield to their betters, the Juniors. The Seniors took second place by overcoming the Sophomores. H Those in the picture are: FIRST Row: Marjorie Mercer, Telma Zeis, Mary Phelps-Captain, Irene Miller, Ruth Stultz. V SECOND Row: Josephine Scott, Ruth Ervin, Lucille Christman, Margaret Beatty. THIRD Row: Mildred Clark-Manager, and Elizabeth Crater. 0 0 I' l Il l U K U U ECIIZCJIIECIIO or:n:i::1r:n:lClg N55 IIICI 112 O O Il U ll Q GE 5 m E Q k E m gi F E ll U H U U U U U FIRST ROW: Evelyn McCloud, Mae Haynum, Marjorie Blackwood, Gertrude Walker, Eunice Jones, Sara L, Ervin, Dorothy Kahn. SECOND Row: Sara Morris, Margaret Anderson, Carlos Davis, Ruth Beard. THIRD Row: Catherine Call, Katherine MeAndrews, Manager, Florence Vlfalclen. I-l KO '83 on D' U3 rn ou D' 1-1 1-' O I D' Z 'U UD EEUWPUSE '--in Ev-h ro 1'-ffrcvdf-f E 'Doran will USD e'-:Em ,A mD"Eif-rf-rf'fr-f-gi' go-FS',.,o5'r'o .ay-4-,5l3f'D'-",.. H G v-1 U2-JG-.'+4 oQi,C'f3.--'DfD"'E I3"g-pf!"-1f'DU-f-UD-7'-' ,'1'f',7Ugc-ns?-55' 5475503-k4Q"Z3 Ofvefsrnsf-on QSFD' gg,-lfx ..-.GQ ,-, fb: 03 25"" O .,., EfWE'Ef.3q2f,Ef2 5- l-rn :"'U.-f gwwm-fiom:-F f5.:.SDo9"'qcrq9'D gwwminwdg r-v-U"U"-'Q-BAEQUQ r'1"fDS1-7v-4-Nm,-.655 4,-U, -2 ,1,5'vv9w1U'3w5S o,,c-zvfbrve. s-r-HWS-U:5'Uq """'::1'mm 'frm IT" S?-JQH '-:Dig-'Eg-:lhmmrb:'l' 5' :rfvornggqg ffbwign mf' w..awrpf'7U2 ,-.5-r-r O :P-Q ug-pOf-rCD DJ..-. 2:53-D156 5-rr-r55:.r-r-i-L-GQO 5".v50g"9iCrQfT' 29 ""::r-frm fiwgfmg d,2'D5F'5 f':l?ST3ET'::fr-fgi Egwaizsfov fp'-'-'r-rg,D-7 f--TI' UQ'-t 45 wmvarfwn 8D'3'E9+'fF H .FD . 55-7 :Ein-EEOFS: C S'-9 mO'7:'. xlizmarigs. H,-,H.:'qwo CD cn ,f-S155 Q-pg fbiflkjm f-fg-QQ9Qrb':" :rfbf-+.fDD-""W"5. "':,Q5-E QW. C7Q"',.-Fr"-' '-1 ...o.., ,., '1O:,'QH :-.-9 Inf-0:9 fb: O Q if l CILJCICI CIILZIIZ UDZEIIJli!O Oi!!lJfiL.'ZJZl3U 166 THE PQLARHS ANNUAL U U U EI U E u u H U H H Q E BUYS' ATHLETICS EDI TOR "JOHNNY,' LEE BARCROFT U F U I U I U f U ' C E E ' 'TIHIIE PQLARIIS AN il- U U H H I U l U D O l 5 ' K clean sports She has never been sat1sfied Wlth being one of the hlghest f ar' V ,, she IS always striving to be the lnghest. With the crack of the gun, she ' 1 is there ready to fight to the finish. That is the spirit which keeps the old traditions of North, fresh in the minds of her students. ERE may it be remembered that North has tried toldo her best in playing ?i7 'A w l ! U 0 O I l U I 9 E Eicn:u:n...nL31no Olililililfifll. 168 a r ' 169 'THE POLARHS ANNUAL i' i U D U U U U H H OUTSTANDING ATHLETE O O , HORN -NQIZTH-" Yeah HORN! Yeah HORN! Yeah HORN! Robert Lyman Horn, known to the sport fandom as "Bob," weight 167, all-high fullback who will be remembered by the famous whirl play in the North-East game in '25, when again and again he went through East for large gains, and in '26 was North's triple threat man who punted, passed and ran the ball in marvelous style scoring three touchdowns against Aquinas, two against VVest, and one against Central to run up 36 points for the Polar Bear eleven. Playing back guard and center on the North quintet he put up a whale of a game, scoring 32 points in addition to playing a bang-up defensive game, when inserted in the lineup of the North-West game in the last six minutes he scored eight points. Also All-Central Ohio Class "A" second team center, in the first two I games at Delaware he led the Polar Bear scoring with I7 points, pitcher and out- fielder on the ball team in '26 with wonderful speed and control "Bob" let Colum- 0 bus Academy down with one hit, batting .333 for the season of 1926. Bob participated in football, '25, '26g basketball, '27, baseball, '25, '26, '27, ll U D U lg U UGZIllIliO Ollillillzlljg l70 THE IPPQILARHS ANNUAL E U U U U U U FALL SPGRTS U Y U I U I Q Q :mi E THE PQLARHS ANNUAL E E U U D U 0 O BACK Row: Masters, McCall, Brown, Jones, Holisman, Elson, E. Lewis, Marshall Fogel. FOURTH Row: Shirey, Farmer, Holstein, Cook, Hess, Bennet, Hirst, Gardner. THIRD Row: Withrow, Thompson, Payne, Baird, Grace, Culbertson, Hinchman. SECOND Row: St. John, Haubrich, Crichfield, Nida, Allen, Richards, VYestervelt, M. M. Hagely, Coach. FIRST Row: Hudson, Captaing Burbacher, Manager, Carroll, Horn, Peppc, Nesserg llollens, Manager, Stcvc Lewis. S usual, North High's football team brought the city inter-scholastic i7?jQ,5XQgK'f3 pigskin honors to the Polar institution, not only by winning every city game, for that is a record that many teams enjoy, but also by QQQ JL holding their opponents scoreless in every case. In all, North played nine games and returned victorious in all but two of them. O Five were city league contests and the Polar Bears copped four and tied one for 0 the city championship. This made the sixth time in seven years that the Bruins l have either won or tied for the city title. Tn the four contests played with foreign teams the Maroons dropped one and copped the other three. The Polar Bear grid machine went into action when the Bruins journeyed to Mansfield, September 25th, to dedicate the new Mansfield athletic held. The U U U 3iE:aC, Ollllmuui 172 game was played on a vvater-soaked field and fumbles were frequent. Mans- field's Tigers had a one game advantage over the Maroons, this being their second contest to North's initial one. T'he Tigers had a fine eleven and the game was hard fought thruout but slowed down due to the bad condition of the field. Mansfield scored early in the first quarter but their attempt for the extra point was futile, things looked black for the Bears until the final quarter, when Horn's pass to Nesser was good for a 55-yard dash for a touchdown. Peppe drop- kicked goal. Score: North 7, Mansfield 6. The Maroons continued on their champ-ionship march when the Polar Bears overwhelmed Athens, on the succeeding Saturday, I9-O. The game was played on a sea of mud, at the new Central High athletic held. Bill Nesser was the outstanding star of the game, scoring three of the Bruins' touchdowns, and in spite of the muddy condition of the field, making brilliant 40, 50 and 60-yard runs. First City League Victim Aquinas High was the Maroon and Gold team's first city league victim when the Green met the Maroon at the new Central field, and was dragged through the mud and given a terrible drubbing by the tune of 48-0. North showed the best form of the year in this game and the playing of every man on the team was exceptional. North outclassed the Green and Gold gridders even more than the score might indicate. Coach Hagley's gridders next migrated to Lima South, where they handed the Lima Tigers their first defeat in two years. lfVhen the final whistle had blown the score read, 'Columbus North 17, Lima South O. Regardless of the fact that North was 'badly outweighed by the beefy Blue and Gold team, the Polar Bears made up for it with fine generalship, and a wonderful offence and air-tight defence. The entire North squad played well, Horn passing and VVes- tervelt on the receiving end, were the bright lights of the game. Dedication of Central Field The Polar llears now turned their attention to the city league in earnest and on October 30th, dedicated 'Central High's new athletic field for them by handing the Pirates a 9-o defeat on the worst field that the Bruins had yet graced this season. The game started after impressive ceremonies in a cold drizzle that later turned into a downpour. Captain Hudson's safety and a touchdown by Horn, gave the Bruins a nine point margin that the Black and Red could not get around. November 5th, the fast stepping North High Polar Bear grid machine opened up another notch, when they took a big step towards the interscholastic championship, by swamping the VVest High aggregation 35-o, at 'Central field. The Cowboys, while putting up a nice game, were outplayed and outclassed all around and could not hope to withstand the slashing attacks of Carroll and Lewis. E U U U Q 3 lifl "TQ Q a E UQ P E F l 5 U1 U! El Ill IIZCII ll1 O U , H UUUCN-IW-JL-JO or::Jl:::l::l:E.ll':lEI 173 , South Holds North to Tie Playing the first game on North's new athletic field, approximately 5000 fans were shown that the new Polar Bear playground, was not yet ready for use on November 11th, the sticky clay stuck like glue to the cleats of the players, making fast football impossible. South, 'representing the toughest of all of North's city opponents, played the" Bruins to a standstill in mud that clutched at ones ankles, and caused what should have been the most interesting city league game of the season, to be a mere mud fest. The game throughout was dull and slow, the outstanding plays being a twenty yard dash 'by Horn, and a thirty-five yard return of a punt by Peppe. The playing of both teams was sluggish due to the slow condition of the field. Playing before a crowd of 5500 enthusiastic rooters, the Polar Bears de- feated their old traditional rival, East High School, 6-0, Thanksgiving day, at the Ohio Stadium. The game throughout was hotly contested, and thrills were numerous. This victory for the Bruins was the eighteenth win over the Tigers since 1899. The winning of this contest made positive the annexing of the city interscholastic football championship, and the winning of the Harley, Bates, and Dispatch trophies, in addition to "The Little Brown Jug" that passes from North to East only, to the winner of our annual grid contest. The playing of every man on the team was exceptional, and the perform- ance of Hudson, Westervelt, Nida, and Thompson on the line was excellent. The backfield, to a man, played the best ball of the year. As the final gun was fired, Peppe missed making a touchdown for North, by one inch, after a beauti- ful run. State Championship in Balance A Due to North going through the entire season without a defeat, they were entitled to play Dayton Stivers for state championship. On Saturday, December 4th, Northls Polar Bears, accompanied by the Bruin Band and Iooo faithful rooters journeyed to Dayton where in a hard fought contest, they were defeated by the Stivers Tigers 12-0, for the inter- scholastic football championship of the state. The game throughout was filled with thrills, and though the Tigers had a slight edge on us, the Maroons were not beaten as bad as the score might indicate. The contest took place in the beautiful University of Dayton stadium before a crowd of 4000 frozen fans. The Polar Bears were the first team this year that was able to stop the Stivers miracle, captain "Fuzzy', Evans. This was the first game that the North gridders lost this season. Including the Stivers game, the Bruins had only 18 points scored against them this season. A record that is symbolic of North- nothing to be ashamed of. Q in Ulf ll I E 53 'E 9 9 a 5 P E IF al' Ula fl ll tl IIE T111 f"U"'l O !i"l Ill F11 C1111 fl U U K f ll o o ll U Il ll U Q 174 ' l i Il U U r f 6 O l ZILTI l BACK Row: Young, Managerg Ingram, Mr. A. C. Jones, Coachg Hincliman, Hudson, Manager. FRONT ROW: Davis, Root, Westervelt, Captaing Culbertson, Baird. Missing from picture: Hauser, Peppe, Weisheimher, Horn and Haubrich. BASKETBALL 1-25 UEER people these basketeers!-meaning the 1926-27 Polar Bear l' quintet who lby playing "up and down" ball all season won 8 and 9 y2f3UfQ!l.f I . . . dropped I2 of the 20 tilts played. VV1th 'Captain Westervelt, Lou Peppe, Charles Kelsey and Jim Hauser making up the squad of lettermen back 'Coach Jones' problem of shaping up a "hot bunch of ball playersu was no little one. "VVesty" dropped into a forward berth but at the start of the second round of play in the high school loop had to be re- placed due to the six semester rule. Kelsey had been lost already by the method and Peppe followed Westy, leaving the forward berths in a scramble with Root, Weisheinier, Hinchman, Ingram and Baird madly racing to land a place. -lim Hauser, all-high guard and all-Central Ohio Class "A" second team guard took care of the running guard position in fine style, leaving the other guard duties to Bob Horn. Bob also was played at the bat-off position and due to his line work at Delaware he was chosen all-Central Ohio Class "A" second team center. Carl Davis rotated with Horn dividing his duties between center and back guard. Haubrich and Culbertson were the other guards that figured in the season's play at left and right guard posts respectively. In losing their first four starts, which were composed of a Christmas trip QE!! oil Dig Ugg SF ,E 'Sffi QE' B 9 W 'E' CAL P' Z E F' of I ii Ut ia ll, U11 al oil U1 EIC! lllil Kill Iilfii O E' e U Uczmlzizsnzzigf gif-F -Mf3:gr3::n:-gang 175 nmn3n::r:3r:n:'T::15'A:Et4" :Wi through Indiana, the Polar Bear Hoor five gained a wealth of experience, namely that a re-vamped team must be sent against the city schools or their cause would be lost. In their game with the Kokomo Wildcats the Maroons were given credit for playing brilliantly fast ball and forcing the VVildcats to extend themselves to keep in front. Inability to hit the net with regularity was the cause of the defeat of the "Capital city" aggregation, and substitutions in the final quarter allowed the Hoosiers to run up a large score, 43-28. "Westy" and Hauser were the Maroon's best bets, scoring Eve points apiece, while Huddleson, Kokomo star, netted I7 tallies. r Bears Again Tour Indiana At Anderson the North squad fared no better and succumbed to the Indi- anians in a fast game ending 42-23. Anderson enjoyed a 30-12 lead at the half, but the Maroons staged a great comeback running the score to 32-30, nearly overtaking the local five before the rally was stopped. The North-VValdron contest was staged at Shelbyville where the Ohio team was again set back, this time 49-17. "Westy" and Kelsey were the high-lights of the invaders of this tilt. Here the North second team won from the Waldron seconds 13-12. 'Connersville met and turned back the Polar Bears 34-28 in a hard fought game. The half ended with the count knotted at I6 all. "Westy" was high point man, scoring 20 points. In the first of the pre-season "at home" games the Alumni outpointed the squad which was to represent the Polar Bear institution the coming season. Jack Evans, Bill Hinchman, "Howie" Bass, Lorayne Geer and George Dyer, every one an all-high basketeer, and the team that had so easily copped the city cham- pionship in I26, composed the Alumni team. Delaware Taken Over North registered their first win of the season with a 24-16 victory over Delaware. Davis, Kelsey, and Westervelt showed up well for the Maroons. Kelsey being high scorer with IO points, while "Westy" collected 6. Lima South evened the score in athletic contests with the Polar Bears and were avenged for the IQ-O defeat handed them in football by the North gridder, by taking a slow game from the Maroons 27 to 13. "XVesty" again was the Maroon high scorer, being credited with IO markers. . Upening the city league with Central the Bruins dropped a game which narrowed down to a battle of close guarding ending I6 to I2 with the Pirates on the long end of the score. North led at the end of the initial quarter 4 to 3. The Riversiders pulled away in the second eight minutes and by gathering 7 points while the Polar Bears were only able to account for 2 were ahead IO to 6 at the half. The third period closed with the Red and Black five still having the advantage, the score: I4 to 8. Four points went to the Maroons in the closing quarter while Central netted 2, 'bringing the final score 16 to 12, and thus the Maroon and Gold warriors lost the city league opener. 5553312511110 -' -in OtZZ1l.iIl'.ZJZlEJClU ITG THE IQQILARHS ANNUAL CEE U U U H IH 0 U 1 In the fastest and most thrilling game ever witnessed at the North gym the Polar Bearsdefeated the East High Tigers 23 to 21 in one of the hardest fought games ever staged in the city. The game was fast and full of thrills from the start. East outplayed the Bruins in the first half: the Bears came back with that 'ole fight that took the Tigers off their feet. The first quarter ended with the Tigers leading 7 to 0. At the half the score stood II to 5, the Maroons still trailing. The third period closed with East holding a I7-IO advantage. Scoring 9 points to 2 gained by the Eastsiders, the Bears were going big as the game ended with the score IQ-IQ. By playing whirlwind ball in the overtime period and netting two baskets to the lone goal scored by East, landed on the long end of a 23-21 score. The Aquinas Game Aquinas was taken into camp by the Polar Bears 25 to 21. This proved to be a slow and uninteresting affair with "Westy" leading the Maroon's offense attack. The Wfest game was easily annexed by the Bruins in a one-sided game, the North five gathering 16 points in the third quarter. The contest ended 29 to 13. It was a slow game with the outcome never in doubt after the close of the first quarter. "Westy" and Root were tied for high scoring honors with 8 points apiece. just as the team was hitting their stride South pulled a big surprise and in the biggest upset of the season in which all the pre-game dope was cast to the winds as the Bulldogs won an easy 24 to I2 victory over the Polar Bears. The Bruins led all through the first half but in the third quarter the Maroon offense cracked and not a basket was rung up for the first team in the second half. "XVesty," Root and Horn were the high lights in the Bear's play. Westerwzille Walloped Vlfesterville invaded the Bear's lair and was badly skinned by the Polar Bears, 42 to- 24. Out for revenge after the South upset the Maroon machine was in high, traveling fast and running up the first high score of the season, one of the scores that was so characteristic of the IQ26 five. Two teams were used in this fray, a junior team and a senior team. Hauser was the leading scorer with IO points, followed by Baird with 8. Each of these scored their points in half the game, Hauser the first half, and Baird the last half. Lou Hinchmanis field goal and all-around play of Jim Hauser, North's star guard, featured the Maroon and. Gold's victory over the Pirates. A field goal by Lou Hinchman, substitute for Ingram and a field goal from the center of the fioor by Hauser proved to be the margin needed for the Polar Bears to triumph over the Central Pirates, 25-21. After trailing Central for three full periods, the Maroon and Gold-clad athletes came back strong in the last five minutes and surpassed the Riversiders. E U Q 5 'fe 9 E W E E ei E ll U E O 1 1 0 H E E . H r ggggiiyio Oilililflmfl 177 l I l!IiJZI1El3 U Q 5 5 S E Z E tl ii it 151 Westervelt tied the score at 21 all' with but four minutes to play. It was at this 1 stage of the game that fCoach A. C. Jones rushed Hinchman into the game for Ingram. Lou proved to be the needed punch to put the Polar Bears in front for it was his basket that gave them their first lead over the Pirates. After the hero-role by Hinchman, Hauser connected for a long shot which barely moved the net and made North a grand total of 25 points. The Polar Bears, heavy game favorites were completely off form and failed to come through, being upset by the Tigers 38-21. The game was marred by fouls and was fast only at intervals. East took the lead in the middle of the initial period and kept it throughout. The half ended 22 to 7 in favor of the Eastsiders, but the Bruins came back strong in the last half and scored I4 points while the Tigers gained 16. E n H Q O Aquinas Again Bows to Maroons ' The Ionesmen again brought home the bacon, this time with a 30-26 Victory over Aquinas, in an interesting basketball game played Wednesday afternoon, February 16, at the Polar Bear plant. The Green and Gold team put up a game fight, playing the same brand of ball that won victories over East and VVest, but only held the lead once, having a 7-5 score against the Bruins at the close of the first quarter, Beckwith and Knifer doing most of the damage in this 'period with a basket and free throw ap-iece. Root led the Maroon and Gold scoring in the initial eight minutes with a field goal and two fouls. West gave their best performance of the season against a team which will represent the Maroon and Gold institution next year, namely, Art Weisheimer and Lou Hinchman at forward posts, jim Hauser and Carl Davis, guards, with f Bill Root at the bat-off position. Horn Stars in West Fray The last' quarter was one that will 1be remembered for some time. With the score 22-I5 and six minutes to play, Coach Jones sent in an entirely new team composed of Kenneth Baird and George Ingram, forwards, Bob Haubrich and Don Culbertson, guards, and Bob Horn at center. Horn went "like a house-a- f1re,', bringing the score to 17-22 then to IQ-22. West hit the net, IQ--24. Then a foul by West 19-25, 21-25, Horn again, 23-25, Bob Horn again, 24-25. Foul by Ingram. Forty seconds to play, 24-25. Culbertson fouled, foul missed, as was a score of others. Gun- game ends -- another surprise of the season. Playing before several hundred wildly enthusiastic fans, the Polar Bears were defeated by South's championship Bulldogs, in the last interscholastic 0 basketball game of the season. North, while playing a wonderful Hoof game, was no match for the white-clad warriors from the South End, and though the first half was hotly contested, the Bruins were sadly outscored the last period. The game was fast from the start and fairly brimming with thrills, but due to the Bears' inaccuracy in locating the basket, North was forced to trail for the greater part of the contest. i i t Q BClC1CJl:!IJliO ' Oii1iEZJE1CJU. l78 1 o . THE PQLARILS ANNUAL .... -.o.:1:1.:'...-.EDGE D U ll For the third time-once more the Polar Bear quintet knocked off the H Dragon floor five, this time by a 26-16 score, recording the most decisive victory H gained over the Green and Gold this season. This win enabled the Maroon basketeers to reach the second round of play in the Central Ohio Basketball tournament. Horn was high point man, scoring 9 markers and playing a line game. Bob slipped in two baskets and tive free throws. Hauser and Ingram both 0 accounted for three baskets for 6 points apiece. jim played his usually good game. George Ingram also showed some beautiful basket shooting and floor work. Reach Semi-Finals at Delaware The Polar Bears edged Delaware out of a 24-23 overtime victory. A North five that was fighting, putting all they had into a fast, exciting and wild battle gave the fans a treat, but to the loyal Maroon and 'Gold followers the fray was a nerve-Wrecker. Hauser was the game's hero and oustanding player. His marvelous floor game and guarding added to his shooting made him the main factor in the Maroon victory. I-Iorn was again the high-scoring ace. Bob hit the rim for 8 points besides putting up a fine floor game.. North went down in defeat to the Bulldogs in a slow game in the semi- finals of the Central Ohio Tournament. The Polar Bears probably displayed the worst against South that they have this season, the playing of Hauser and Ingram while smooth was far below their usual par, as was that of every man on the team. I The Season's Review North Kokomo, Ind. ...... North South ....... . . . 24 North Anderson, Ind. ..... North Westerville 24 North Waldron, Ind. ...... North Central ..... .. . 21 North Connersville, Ind. . . . North East ...... . . . 38 North Delaware .......... North Aquinas . . . . . . 26 North Lima South . . . North VVest .... . . . 25 North Central .... North South . . . . . . 38 North East ..... North Aquinas . . . . . . I6 North Aquinas . . . North Delaware . . . . . . 23 North West .... North South .... . . . 35 0 O ll I E t U H -rg-:1t:n:1L.n.1:o or:n:l:u:u:1-Q 179 DTE U U U Q ei 5 'E 9 Q W E ? E YF' H U U CICJEEI E Lili l"'1I'I l , o 0 o BACK Row: Prior, Mr. M. M. Hagely, Coach, Eclmonston, Pound, Manager. FRONT Row: Uncles, Withrow, Dunning, Neel, Jones, Marshall, Kenny, Batterson. SWIMMING ,Q,f?',2S HE North High Tanksters as usual scored again and for the fourth consecutive year copped the city swim title and were runners-up in the state meet. The Bruins took every meet this year to finish with Q4 points, far ahead of their nearest competitor, East, with 65. In the final meet of the season, Prior, a Polar Bear, outdove the state diving champion. The swimming year wound up with a state-wide contest, in which the Ma- roons copped second place in the relay, Uncles landed fourth in diving, thus giving North the second title, Outstanding stars of the meets were: Captain Pete Shaw, in the back- 0 stroke, Dunning, free-style and relay man, Prior, Uncles, and Batterson in Q diving eventsg St. john, a Maroon plunger, and XYithrow, Payne. St. john expert relay men. -I This is the fourth consecutive year that the North splashers have come swimming through to the championship. Q 1: 3 H UDZIiillO Qljllilg 180 THE PQLARHS ANNUAL . U U U U U CJED LTQIIIJ iii! IE1l::u:l::nL:lr:3:J AA 'mb O pg 1-e U- z A mum 1-rp U :?'5:5C.ugPg5h :UE :-Br: 1 cmaaaw.-1: gfiffffgegaa- U fwidfvggmgf Evgdawdm I O f5V85'2f"fs 8wSmwE3P+Of-PE9i0 3 U,OUQZL'mCS2.:,'?g:.""fg mD"rnC"f 4 . - H ,orb Q.. mm.-, gg. -12701025 0,-,QUQQCL-,.,,,.,:,-f Q Q D 0'V7"'9-5 SD '3'SDC1- w 'J' ,' 0,5195 fbfo P.-gf-+... Q-D mfg E.,:Q,5N,:.gmD-,TAO::.Og:rvQ-m G1 Q12 -UQo.2:'.'291H12-or-h'Pf-lego : T'-1 .-f '-f ru 5-O Q .13 ,..,-rn... ru N40 Q-Sod:-IA 'cn-Arno:-+Q - clowogoamw mf-+0"m9"73 2 CD FO. "5'u:K4:3Xp'-IY' 2.9 .-F Q- ' Q-7Q:O"O wcoxftmm,-'-+5-'+ uz'.Z1'Q',Z',Q-'Cb v-n 3 mrbQ..ED-.n,t.:50 T4 gc:-osff,hr2-Z9,TQgUf3.fH, D, g g v-'mg' OUJOEFDP 7' 0:-wmiglg,-Qgswwdgiwwg s ,.. v-r .-. rv- - :hO,wp-'o:r,.,2f-f5'nCQ.f'fE"'r'og:: Cv --2 -.,... - fD,..QT- f-+ Q.-, .-J,,Df7"O,.-.,-a5D":T. mg! - 'U ,... Abt fbelasim fe:,fDQ fluwlwwig f- s,,w5'mgfg-ZDE aiggssa., mg N50 Z O5 ..-.V-"1F'3' -f gg, ...O,... ,... M rn FWDSEFHQUHQS OSSFSUNE-2: HV 3. 5 D' 'DL' : :rwUQE,,OHn-'- wp-1 sv"h::..3""'U9i-'f-fw W: - mfb H'- .-Q UQ5 U1 -1 O,...m ,... Z :J EWFUQQ- mam 11 625' O m ""'..:59'5mD.-S5,- f""'UZ7m 1' W O- 'm'D-U19 24 fb ...'-had N O O NL' SD : Egiazmff gizswaw zszmgaggzgwa xonwsfxm U97 x,Q,Q.- mpgzg X435-dgmvq SJ' f-f Q'-'un' -1 XT SD QWOQK4 "' fav-famaril-2 Quia-ff3Haa FQ fwwafo-f.w:f2iQ Giwmmann P122 :sf-ri 3:5U'M4-- OOUIQQQCD 05- .:3"..-.5-C-cm ,-. 1-r Exif' P-.gpm gn. wt-D:,',... U'--'pg '-- :IO 5 f-+ UQUQD- Q.: ,.. 4 O f-rig., gn 0.-,... ..."1-:Q-J ru:-'LSQJO'-' f- :-::1FvQ2""'Q-I '1HHvQ'f"1OQ-- D' 9-Jf'DUq5-'::'U'5f-PE. ,., 'f.mk4QA5'f-552 Q QD' gm u:'3CL2- "' 5:'-tv--- '-' Po 'T' -1 w- : rn :s-90 KF 55374 un --K4 'Y F' ,...CfQgwf7u3D-Q wg-SJ 9, 2 x 9Z3:m3::P+-'EP PW' 52 E74 4 'J f-f FD,'l.5I3'r1-fn 'qry'-1'-Q"f':'r""f-t'D m9--O pg O Q :fi QHMQQQZW -fQ91w:",,5:'Q' :C P-E'?f5D4Og3m5' 4 Q-Ti OD-FIS' "P ' fb,-.SEP-hg-.:3Q:f'ig FJ.-P" ,-fE'o.SSg N-fK2'w::-"fig Q. ggi:-'32?,-.:31',2"' Ng- Q,EfD,.,.fD E. .Jwrbo Q:-U13 KDS-t'D.'Ix'3EE' SD O ' -'Simi'-1 OO """'OV"'CJUQ I3 R43 Hgmgof-f Qo.:srn...woE . FP 'P-I U 53fv:r.'5lU'HF'f'r'Ew N Qggmosf- U '-e':Sc'nrbf"7'i-':J"mO ,OXEfznr'E'T'r?'-xr6 Mis, U U tux: z:1r-1:-1 Q O 181 f NATIONAL ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP ESSERl-Here! HORN! Present! This would be the roll call of the 'Columbus chapter of the National Scholarship Athletic Society of Secondary Schools if it was to be given, for Bill Nesser and Bob Horn are the only ones in the city to belong to this national hono-rary fraternity for school athletes of which a chapter has been established at North. Many leading schools in the country have chapters of this organization whose aim is to promote good scholarship among high school athletes, and it is quite an honor to be chosen for this frat. I Requirements for membership are that the athletes letters in their respective sports and that their average in three consecutive' terms must equal or better the average Both Bill and Bob earned their letters in basketball North High authorities plan to erect a large tablet must have won major academic work for the of the school. W 4 and football. of some sort and each year athletes making the society will have their names added. SEVEN BRUINS MAKE ALL-HIGH ju mr EVEN Polar Bear athletes were given one of the highest honors t at 5 NH- V h could be conferred on an athlete. that of all-high selection. Six from the championship football team landed berths on the mythical all-city eleven. These were Harold "W'esty" Westervelt, endg Glenn Nida, center, 'flohnnyn Richards, tackle, Glenn Crihfield, guard, "Bill" Nesser, halfg and Bob Horn, fullback. Honorable mention was given to Hudson and Haubrich, ends, Thompson and Allen, guardsg Carroll and Lewis, halves, while Lou Peppe, at quarter, was given captaincy of the all-high second team. This showing is one of the highest in years and well proves the virtues of the 1926 eleven. "Jim" Hauser, was the outstanding running guard of the league and was easily chosen for this berth on the all-city floor quintet. '6Bill" Root was na-med as forward on the second team. Bob Horn and Hauser were given places as guard and center, respectively, on the All-Central Ohio -Class "A" second team through their steller play in the Central Ohio play at Delaware. In snatching these places the Maroons have rolled up a line record this year. THREE LETTER MEN Firftemq T present there are three athletes enrolled in the Maroon and Gold insti- ini? . - - Q -Q tute that have won letters in three major sports, namely, Bill Nesser, Lou Peppe, and Bob Horn. Nesser has won two letters in football, two in baseball and one in track. Peppe has been awarded two letters in basketball, two in baseball and two in football. Horn has received two football letters, one baseball letter and one basketball letter. All three graduate this June but several 'coming athletes threaten to take their place. Among these are Ronald Culbertson, having already to his credit a foot- ball and basketball letter and is a star track man, Lou Hinchman, "Tubby" Erns- berger, Eugene Uncles, Vinte Prior and Bill Root. ll U Q E 5 E B 9 E UQ 2 F U ll U ESQ E LTRS lllil Q O l l L U nmcnznzazmtao 01:11:12-'IEILDDU 182 THE PQILARHS ANNUAL .l E I I I I Q L SPRING SPORTS f Y I Y I I I K d, :Sami EE 112110 IJ U H H H 1:2130 Oil! 'THE IQQLARIIS ANNUAL U U U U H NEW NORTH BALL LOT lllllIlEQ l'1'll' 1O O l H E U E Q H gr:1l::1r:1r:a :L-uznzlzlmgg 184 EEJlIl3lIIJEI1llO 5 'rs 9 b W E E re' il Il U il:1IIJC1g H lil! Ill U U O O STANDING: Coach A. C. Jonesg Fountain, managerg Sterner, Fogle. Gardner, Davis, Scheider, Eck- hart, Root, Prior, Hirst, and Bass, manager. K l V I I lN H h SITTING: Ernsberger, arvasa es, X eisheimer, Crihfzeldg Iauser, Captain, ,ewis, lesser, inc man, and Long. BASEBALL North 8 ......... . ...... Hilliards 4 North IO ......... . ...... Hilliards 2 North 6 ................ Aquinas 7 B-a-t-t-e-r-i-e-s for today's game for NORTH -L-E-W-I-S and C-R-I-H- F-I-E-L-D, for AQUINAS-W-H-I-T-E-F-O-R-D and K-E-N-N-E-L-L-Y. P-L-A-Y B-A-L-L. And thus the city high league opened with Mayor Thomas pitching the first ball and Ted Nesser catching the throw to dedicate the new North ball lot. The Polar Bears lost the lid-pryer to the Dragons 7 to 6, with Lewis, Davis and Young working on the mound and Crihheld and Wfeisheimer behind the bat. Two pre-season tilts were won from Hilliards, the first 8 to 4, and the second IO to 2. Gardner took the mound for the Polar Bears in the initial contest of the year and twirled the first three innings, giving way to Davis, who worked three frames then was replaced by Hauser. 'jim' pitched the seventh and eighth, 0 O then was discarded in favor of Root who finished. The Maroons scored one run in the fourth, one in the fifth, two in the sixth, eighth and ninth. Crihfield and Haubrich were the Polar Bear catchers. The Hilliards' tallies came in the eighth and ninth innings. One man crossed the H plate in the eighth and three in the iinl frame, for the small towners. U Haubrich led the Polar Bear attack, pounding out two doubles in two times ll at bat. Nesser also connected with two doubles in five trips to the plate. Hauser U E and Long each hit a two-bagger to complete the heavy stick work of the Maroons, Q U A H gC1ElillO oc:.1c:i:1t:JlZ1C.1U1 185 EIS T11 l'ill"'1 P-hlflg F, cz ns: ZHU3' E55 ,QQ ogy 5'5- Z: Ewa mln Gam :T Ee-'f FP E-at CU SEQ Q-5292 o floc- :SSH U7 CII 552 ggi.: rn: '-tdqf-r P-722 .- 'gait 0:8 SMH 'ts' E,-gm SEE 52.053 mm-. S233 if OCT, .s:'.,... :rc-f-+ wg-Q.. gg rn vagal Qw- ' PH oo Y'f'l"l CE U U Q 3 KH 'E Q P W E 5 F H i Il Qi is which brought eleven hits to the credit of the Polar Bears to the eight gained by the Hilliards balltossers. In their second meeting Davis, Gardner and Hauser again took the mound fifth and sixth, and Davis finished. Only two hits were allowed by the North U U H l With the rest of the city league games yet to be played, at copy time the 'H Polar Bears were strong contenders for the championship. On June 3 the Maroon and Gold nine hit the rails for Cincinnati where Cincy Hughes High was met. Batting Averages Name A.B. R. H. Av. Haubrich . Crihfield . 667 N esser . . . 429 Weisheimer 333 Lewis .... 309 Hauser . . . 272 Ernsberger 250 Long ..... .222 Karvasales .222 Hinchman 167 Prior ....... .000 Gardner . . .ooo Eckhart . . .ooo Sterner . . . OOO 0 ln E t U H D C1UZIllliO OIiIillZl2EU 186 U U Q E 3 fm 'fs 9 P W 5 5 F U U U H li Kill U H U svn' 'cf-+f-1-Q U 35531 a'SBmg:f25' WLRQEQ' 3 gf D-55 52"5C53c-817' Y' 0 0 "'fT:EO HIGH" irfwvf wwF+-Je 5- 5 II' FD fb M510 . ow fu:--W:-,' C-'fm wfvf WSE mo 1-+ E"7f"',-E35 S 4 on-1OU""U Qmwr, G-,753-'-Eg ssh ,141 gozggm '2o.:E'Q' sw 00" 2.555 Q 4"fo"""g- QZNBEQ. 2 Pwijggji w2.2d5UE"f'05"513'g1,5Q.gE"SEKg ggigi ,D H. ,D iqfgzsro Effbeggws-5:2 fs M? CWQJOQQ :LSD-GGQNH as EQEFEQE wiigfieh QHEHEQEEEQS Pnfwifi O'-"RH MELHQDGSQKQE Stn Q rv:v5,0'QgcrQ"'5foM 505:11 Higgs 52-Ziaagawml sifvufs' "-25-'25-'Q'D?'G25'lS 1 5535? 0... .,. mQ"'O5g ggigigjmgmxmz 5552? .Effwgirn Q.f-DQw:a'3':sC?f+:ngh UFWQ5' UQLBQ-AU' 3351.10 9.9105 -Smwfm :r' 'Dm cm was '-'Hn rn '-I -Pm P-1 Eff fn ,.. ff Elcnsri '8'7'of+3.W3w W 732210 ... . H, 5 sie? new wup 'pgwgg SQQQQE-'w62ol3E-Q hc' S5 ,.-. fn pr-r'--M5 -N 53 F553 Sin-2vDS5P,Q4m S1 Q2 E55-WWF, ....SD3g3Cr5'Ef 505 3:2 gg 9:01-E3 me :. Q30 QJISFFUZQU-EWQZOE DDE- Q5 v:-fzqscffsewwwsa-Q HHS .g H 9235'fP5'z Eg 55 snub :,.. - g 25 "'. ,:s5n3":,.mc'n,-10'Q2f ,D E, :gQ..n-1 1-rr-r ,1 FD Q mm fb-su: oggg f'Q,43:nf-Bag gg no rw'-'HES-f.1rn'SiE.rbt3 555 ffg :mf-D Jgmg- wwimg Q, 551 gn E5-"cs "'fDO-oxoxuri-fbms '-E nf' 'DEQ-6 'ss-'smowafh HQ-in we 'uf U-,..5-O fbfviig-U1'c:,Z3E:,' Q 24' gg 3522 Q.Q.fD 'C'9.GmwIQ QE fb mf, N ffo"::.f+:mwf'H'P- nw ET' D-S-D-"1 xii W'UQD- -,O - mic' Bm'-"" D.. 5' 14-D 0 '-" "TQ, Q-E-0 :S m U aww wgsggiegws iw 62 mg "' ... "",... ,..o '- Q. U -603-rsh: ?sf'16'c5S'fT3'?5.?-T ??i S . D rw ,QLfQ5iQ.h21E'Ii'w- -AA - -O j O 1:1 187 Against Westerville the outstanding performers of the East meet again proved to be successful and Long in the 440, Wilkinson in the quarter mile, Richards in the discus throw, Walker in the javelin and D. Shirey in the 100 yard dash. In the preliminary meets-with Central, South, West, Aquinas, Bexley, and Westerville-the Polar Bear tracksters prepared themselves in line fashion for the Central-Ohio, city and state track meets. As the copy goes to press we learn of the defeat of the Maroon and Gold- clad athletes at the hands of the Central High Pirates, who easily defeated us by a score of 95-31. . In this dual meet Burns tied for city pole ivault record with Rutter of Central when they cleared the bar at IO feet 8 inches. The feature event of the afternoon was the mile relay, Long, North's first man led the 'Central lead- off man by 20 yards at the quarter, Hannum lost this lead and VVilkinson failed to gain any yardage on the Pirate's third man, when North's anchor man, Cul- bertson, made up the loss, and broke the tape a bare yard ahead of his opponent, giving the Maroon and Gold baton-passers a first. Withrow in the javelin throw, Riegel in the discus throw, and Ralph in the pole vault, added to the final score. With North's track in good condition and a little fair weather fit for practice should land the Hagely proteges high in the city, Central-Qhio and state meets. KENNETH BAIRD. "N" BANQUET HE annual UN" Association Banquet and Dance was held April 29, in the North High gymnasium. Some 260 guests were present, among whom were the main speakers of the evening, namely Mayor Thomas, Stewart Hoover, Rob't Levy, james Oberlander, Mr. VVig- gins, Supervisor of Physical Education in Columbus Schools, Coun- cilman W'orley and his son, Mr. Everett, and Miss Skinner. The gym was attractively decorated in maroon and gold, forming a canopy under which the tables were placed. The menu was as follows: Chicken, dress- ing, potatoes, gravy, peas, spring salad, rolls and butter, ice cream, cherry pie and coffee. Mr. Mike Hagely, the "Iron Duke," was toastmaster at the banquet. At theibeginning of the meal Judd Koch played "Poet and Peasant" on his Xylophone, and popular numbers during the meal. The male quartet furnished excellent entertainment with their snappy numbers, and for the dance the Miami Entertainers from Pearl Gardens were obtained. The presentation of letters formed a choice bit in the program. The committee for the banquet was William Nesser, chairman, John Rich- ards, Addison Hudson, Harold Westervelt, Ralph Bangham and Charles Hannum. u U Q 3 E 5 Z 5 5 l U . ll ...mal Ill O . H E H U H EI UDC!ZZlllO Qiylligiglclg 188 H-"'-1'-8-1-Q Q1. Tiara IPJQILARHS3 ANNUAL i........... '1':1DC'U FIRST Row: Crihfield, Nesser, Hauser, Salisbury, Peppe, Westervelt, Grace, Richards, Hannum. SECOND Row: Bowen, Evans, Hudson, Ernsberger, Neel, Allen, Burbacher, Bollens. THIRD Row: Wolf, Lewis, Marshall, Batterson, Brown, Boyles, McDonald. TOP ROW: Coach M. M. Hagely, Hoover, Walkup, Bangham, Dunning, Cullbertson, Edmonston, Coach A. C. Jones. THE VARSITY "N" ASSOCIATION The Varsity "NH Association, an organization for lettermen, is one of the youngest, yet most active clubs of the school. This year is its second, being organ- ized in the fall of 1926. A successful year ending with an 'Owl Party at Oak Hill, June Sth, has been enjoyed by the members. Approximately 30 candidates were initiated into the "N" club at the Owl Party. At the VVesterville basketball game the HN" Association furnished amusement in the way of initating new members before and between halves of the game. The officers are: Louis Peppe, President, Addison Hudson, Vice President, Harold Vliestervelt, Secretary. The HNU Banquet was the biggest social function of the year which the Varsity "N" Association sponsored. LETTERS AWARDED HE following is the list of letters which were awarded at the Varsity HN" Banquet and Dance, held April 29: wh at FOOTBALL-Captain Hudson, Captain-elect Lewis, St. john, W Culbertson, Payne, Grace, Horn, Vtfestervelt, Nesser, Ernsberger, Rich- ards, Haubrich, Thompson, Crihheld, Nida, Baird and Allen. Bollens and Bur- backer, managers. - BASKETBALLiCaptain Vtfestervelt, Vkieisheimer, Peppe, Root, Hauser, Davis, Horn, Haubrich, Hinchman, 'Culbertson and Ingram, Young and Hudson, managers, and Edmonston, cheer leader. GYM-Captain., Banghamg Hoover, Testament, Lockwood, Uncles, Adrian and VVolfe. SVVIMMING-Captain, Shaw, jones, Osborne, Cinney, VVithrow, Prior, Marshall, Deecy, Neel, St. john, Payne, and Edmonston. DEIC:3L,IL...JO Olillil 189 U u 9 3 51 'E 9 P a E E IF' 1 U Il ll E li Illl iii O O O I N ORTH'S RECREATION PLANT 1927 will always be remembered in Columbus high School Sport annals, as the year when North, the lirst city high school to have an athletic plant of this kind, completed its recreation field and bleachers. The drive for this field, was started last year, when a campaign for 35,000 was launched. 334,447.87 of this was pledged, but of this amount only 316,890.40 has been paid. With construction work now under way and the project to be completed by July 15th, a follow up campaign for 312,000 was made under the following plan: it will take 100,000 bricks to complete the stadium, books have been issued which represent 50 bricks at ten cents each, for a total cash value of 35.00. Each 5oc ticket that is sold, or every five bricks, entitles the holder to a seat to the opening game on the held September 24th. If every boo-k is sold a crowd of 10,000 loyal Maroon and Gold enthusiasts will be on hand to see the -opening game with the strong Mansfield eleven. A pageant to be held October 8 and 9 on the new field, will round up the final financial campaign for the completion of the bleachers. H l U I H 5 ClUEEI1iTliO OIiZI:3CJl:lEU 190 'THE IPPQLARHS ANNUAL T fd LW-'ll ,Km 1 -"41- L..JlO 1.91 'U U In U lflllllli Q 'illliliilfijil 1 l O U U 1 U E 193 'THE IPJQILARHSS ANNUAL Yilflfillillil E l C I.'l-.llllliliflljfl Q E O U H U H H 5 5 Emmm 0i"i -5 f 193 FLAPPERS PARADISE , Founded in the Garden of Eden in the year one. The only chapter. Rendezvous-Home where nobody comes. Colors-Flame and more flame. Insignia-Finger nails. U U U U 0 Flower-Sour grape. SoRoREs, Hiawatha nicegirlbeforeimetyou. SORORES IN FACULTATE Gene Griffith Mrs. Barr Imogen Squires SoRoREs IN SENIORITY The lucky strike-Mim Meyers. They satisfy-Sally Ervin. Gentlemen prefer-Olive Jones. Best in the long run-Betty Roblee. What a whale of a difference-Ruth Irwin. OVER-ACTIVE MEMBERS Bee Aderholt Dot Hooper E. Loar Bee Torbert Martha McBride M. M. Williams Marg. Steele Flo Walden E. Littlefield Skip Vogel Vir. Bolin E. Currier The meetings are called to order by the sorority song, "Red Hot Mama." Then the ritualistic services of the W. C. T. U. fWomen's Constant Talking Unionj are used next. After a session on inane reflections, a discussion and cussing of every one absent is indulged in. The closing song of "You Gotta Know How" is always sung after the meeting in the soft glow of the moon light. It's a good thing Adam didn't have this bunch in the garden of Eden- it would be just too bad on the apple trees! S. A. E.'S Ornery fraternity founded in obscurity. t The Last Chapter Rendezvous-Hennick's, Hatcher's and Wilbur's. Colors-Black and Blue. 0 Flower-Wild Oats. Insignia-Candies. Password-Hope you don't feel hurt! Moral Code-Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow. Il U Q i :H-U 5 'E 9 5 E lit' fri U in 'U 1.1-izirzimmmg O III 4 Tiuzuznzzn U U U I: T U 0 0 U T U ll U QlZilfTY'i'lY-"-Tl li Q 194 u ll ll H O ll Zlll Quang'- -... THE PQLARHS ANNUAL EQ U FRATRES Tom '72 Dick '87 Harry ,IQ FRATRES IN FACULTATE Earl D. Mayer A. B. Waltermire Milo Hayes FRATRES IN HIGHSCHOOLTA1'E The High Cur-Glen Nida. Yellow Dog-Lou Peppe Snuggle Puppy-Westy. Gutter Rat-Benn Blinn. Lounge Lizard-Reid Clutter. Bouncer-Paul Thompson. ROX'AL CANDIES Charles Kuntz John Richards Chuck Hannum Shifty Bollens John Barcroft Dan Zipperlen John Barrows Bob Horn Chuck Burbacher Horace Tuller PLEDGED IN A MOMENT oi-' INSANITY Bob Boyles . Bob Thompson Earl Brown Spike Edmonston Bump Hudson Bill Nesser Judd Koch Lefty Baird Glen Salisbury Having in mind the old saying, "Children should never play with fire," this fraternity was founded on April I, 1487. Each meeting starts with the old "refrain from spitting" and "Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes." Reg- ular ritualistic service is used thereafter. We hop-e that they will be saved from this terrible horror or they will drift aimlessly on the high seas of life. HEARDQABOUT SCHOOL Since this is the last column of this bunk, the editor wishes to bid farewell and to thank the contributors for their hearty contributions. Also those who so willingly QPQ allowed their names to be printed brazenly for the benefit of others. VVe think personally you're braver than Mr. Everett was the day he played Eu Manchu, you remember that? Well, we heard Mr. Wu was in town that Week 'but never realized it until we saw him standing up there. He only needed one thing, a nice big long sword in his hand, and I think all the cutters would have recognized our principal. Say, we also heard this is the most scandalous class that ever graduated from North, but to some of these scandalous people it means Hthe life" so you may take it either way. Personally, we would say they are endowed with "It." BEAT THIS ONE! Bill Carroll: "Please teacher, what did I learn today ?,' Teacher: "Why, what a peculiar question." Bill C.: "Well, they'll ask me when I get homef, E U ll ll ll O O U. i u U H S n Egzijijgjo ' Ollilfgn 195 1 I-J, j W P W A 196 W--1-.a..a3 'mae porcauats fmntmu., 1 pw, U E1 Il U U U U P. O. LARIS SEZ Wal et seems lik this has bin a grate yeer fer North, and I shure hate ter think uf 1'eavin,' but it's gettin' purty hot tu be settin' here ritin' this gol darn rubbish. Les see, thar is the feetball championship, tie fer the track championship, and the swimmin' cup again and this here paper won so many honorable mentions it was jist too bad, and there's thet darn Opperetty which had the life! And O the class play is always gud. Oh thar's so many things we've dun fer th' gud of humanity. Oh yes thar's Paul Thompson graduatin' at last after all these years, we have so many things tu be thankful for, so Oswald will jist sign off with this here little ditty from Shakespeare for the grate Seniors ter remember in after life, Ilfaffs Inhumauity "The rain it falls upon the just, And also on the unjust fellersg But chielly on the just, because The unjust have the just's umbrellersf' BEWARE OF THE SWINGIN' DOORS Little Dorothy had never used the telephone. One day when the bell rang, she approached the table, removed the receiver, as she had seen her mother do. At the sound of her father's voice she lburst into tears. "How are we going to get daddy out of that little hole, mummy P" she asked. AN UNFINISHED SENTENCE Mr. Shuh: "What do you mean young man by turning out the hall light when you bid my daughter goodnight ?" R. Culbertson: "Why you see -" Mr. S.: "That,s enough! Never darken my door again!" TOUNGE TIED Customer: "I want a pair of spec-rimmed hornicles -I mean sporn-rimmed hectacles-confound it-I mean heck-rimmed hornaclesf' Floorwalker: "I know what you mean sir. Mr. Perkes show this gentle- man a pair of rim-sporned rectaclesf' Io Ur ll U U 3 . UClZZil,liO " 011312355 197 THE IQQLARHS ANNUAL E E U U U U Q u u H 0 O HEAVEN T-'15 awe J7?1i'I PIE A E I 1 1 1 : PE' N S umoa I 0 JU ' U ,U g ig U ,,m:iu::n:n:J::1::o K -il on:J::u:u:lI3-C31 198 'F5'3T55.52T-' THE POLARIS ANNUAL .l-. U III U Q I L I A SOUL'S AWAKENING ' Last night he cameg I felt his hand upon my cool round shoulderg I quivered under his rough caressg - I felt an ecstasy Of savage mockeryg He picked me up! Tonight I stand in the moonlightg I hear his footsteps on the concrete walkg Wlith rhythmic stride he is comingg He will pick me up again- VVho says a milk bottle hasn't a soul? PARADISE LOST Two little coons on a bridge a sittin' , Two little dice a back and forth a flippin' Hole in the bridge where a knot was missin, PARADISE LOST-Apologies to Milton. OXFORD BAGS He had a. date 0 He pressed his trou 0 It rained like fate The knees bag now. GERTIE XVA1 uma. I I I 5 H U gi:u3l:l:.uga:.1o OiiIE1IZlDU l 199 y ' I3 Il ll ll P-10 I F11 l'1'1 P4 O5 E5 EE ga P Q2 PE FU I-IF' Z l'1'l 5. ll U U ll H Exchange Department, although no larger than that of preceding years, has had quite a large circulation over the United States. Ohio leads with sixty papers while Indiana somes next with six. Alaska and twenty-three other states follow with one and two individually. T Several of the papers which were received are considered among 0 the 'best in the country and are in the following list: O 1. Akron Central Forge, Central High School, Akron, Ohio. 2. Anvil, Painsville High School, Painsville, Ohio. 3. Aquinas Patrican, Aquinas High School, Columbus, Ohio. 4. Arrow, Lakewood High School, Lakewood, Ohio. 5. Ashland Hi-Life, Ashland High School, Ashland, Ky. 6 Barnsville-Mercurian, Barnsville High School, Barnsville, Ohio. Beacon, South High School, Cleveland, Ohio. . Blazer, Bellevue High School, Bellevue, Ohio. 9. Black and White, Leland High School, Leland, Ohio. Io. Blue and Gold, East High School, Cleveland, Ohio. II. Blue and White, Fort Lupton High School, Fort Lupton, Colo. 12. Broadcaster, Yonkers, High School, Yonkers, N. Y. 13. Bulletin, Herald Star, Steubenville, Ohio. 14. Cavalier, South High School, Akron, Ohio. -Carolian, St. Charles Academy, Columbus, Ohio. 3 Central High News, Central High School, Minneapolis, Minn. Centric, Central Catholic High School, Cleveland, Ohio. . Charleston Hi News, Charleston, W. Va. 19. Clarion, Salem High School, Salem, Ore. 20. Craftsman, Boys' Technical High School, Milwaukee, XVis. 21. Criterion, Bridgeport High School, Bridgeport, Conn. 22. Central Outlook, Central High School, Columbus, Ohio. 23. D. H. S. Porpoise, Daytona Beach High School, Daytona, Fla. 24. Denisonian, Denison University, Denison, Ohio. 25. Dragon, McClain High School, Greenfield, Ohio. A 26. Fairmont Junior, Fairmont Junior High School, Cleveland, Ohio. 27. Ft. Worth Student, Fort Worth, Texas. 28. Fullpack, Allen Academy, Bryan, Texas. 29. Gleam, Walnut Hills High School, Cincinnati, Ohio. 30. 'Green and White, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. 31. Gossip, Roosevelt Junior High School, Cleveland, Ohio. 32. Hi-Life, -Columbia High School, Columbia, S. C. 33. Hi-Lights, Waverly High School, Waverly, Ohio. 34. Hi-Letter, Milford High School, Milford, Ohio. 35. High School Life, Warren High School, Warren, Ohio. 36 Hyphonerian, Mansfield High School, Mansfield, Ohio. 7. 8 15. 16. 17. 18 37. Jefferson Booster, Jefferson High School, Lafayette, Indiana. 38. Kampus Klamor, Van Wert High School, Van Wert, Ohio. 0 39. Kemper News, Kemper Military School, Boonville, Mo. 0 40. Kopper Kat, Ajo High School, Ajo, Ariz. 41. Lantern, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. 42. Lantern, Galion High School, Galion, Ohio. 43. Lariat, West High School, Akron, Ohio. 44. Lever, Colorado Springs High School, Colorado Springs, Colo. H 45. Levin Sun ,Noblesville High School, Noblesville, Ind. L 46. Libby Crystal, Libby High School, Toledo, Ohio. E 47. Lincoln Log, Lincoln High School, Cleveland, Ohio. I: K 9 H U U DDIZIZI-ll.-llO V. - V Oiiiiclggi 200 U THE PQLARHS ANNUAL 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63. 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 35 86 87 88 89 90 QI Q2 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 Logan Hi Aerial, Logan High School, Logan, Ohio. Look-A-Head, St. Pauls High School, Norwald, Ohio. Lumberjack, Longview High School, Longview, Wash. Lyceum, 'Chillicothe High School, Chillicothe, Ohio. Lakewood Hi Times, Lakewood High School, Lakewood, Ohio. Magpie, Logansport, Ind. Maroon and Gray, Ben Avon High School, Ben Avon, Pa. Mirror, Moberly High School, Moberly, Mo. Mirror, W. Liberty High School, W. Liberty, Ohio. Newsy News, Hillsboro High School, Hillsboro, Ohio. Northern Light, Cordova High School, Cordova, Alaska. Observer, Wooster High School, Wooster, Ohio. Occident, VVest High School, Columbus, Ohio. Old Hughes, Hughes High School, Cincinnati, Ohio. Optic, South High School, Columbus, Ohio. Orange and Black, Gilbert High School, Gilbert, Minn. Oracle, Cleveland, Ohio. Periscope, Mt. Zion Institute, Winnsboro, S. C. Piedmont Highlander, Piedmont High School, Piedmont, Calif. Pine Murmurs, Ben High School, Bend, Ore. President, Garfield High School, Akron, Ohio. Proviso Pagen, Maywood High School, Maywood, Ill. Quiver Junior, Harding High School, Marion, Ohio. Rainbow, South High School, Lima, Ohio. Rayon Record, Youngstown High School, Youngstown, Ohio. Record, Wheeling High School, Wheeling, W. Va. Red and Black, Bellaire High School, Bellaire, Ohio. Red and Blue, Alliance High School, Alliance, Ohio. Red and Blue, Kokomo High School, Kokomo, Ind. Richhill Unit, Richhill Township High School, Waynesburg, Pa. Riverlet, Rocky River High School, Rocky River, Cleveland, Ohio. Roman, Rome High School, Rome, Ga. Roosevelt Times, Roosevelt High School, Dayton, Ohio. Rushlight, Rushville High School, Rushville, Ind. Roundup, Platte High School, North Platte, Neb. Scarab, East Technical High School, Cleveland, Ohio. Scarlet Parrot, B-owling Green High School, Bowling Green, Ohio. Scarlet and Gray, Nelsonville, High School, Nelsonville, Ohio. Searchlight, Westerville High School, Westerville, Ohio. South Side Times, South Side High School, Fort Wayne, Ind. Spectator, West Waterloo High School, W. Waterloo, Iowa. St. Marys, South Third Street, Columbus, Ohio. Stadium World, Stadium High School, Tacoma, Wash. Star of the North, Virginia, Minn. Steele Spotlight, Steele High School, Dayton, Ohio. Stivers News, Stivers High School, Dayton, Ohio. Summit Beacon, Summit Station High School, Summit Station, Ohio Tatler, Chanute High School, Chanute, Kans. Tippecanoe City, Tippecanoe City High School, Tippecanoe City, O Tomahawk, East High School, East Sioux City, Iowa. Weekly Review, Hamilton High School, Hamilton, Ohio. Westport Crier, Westport High School, Kansas City, Mo. Wilson Loudspeaker, VVilson High School, Long Beach, Calif. 102. VVhite Pine, Coeur D'Alene High School, Couer D'Alene, Idaho. IO3. X-Ray, Anderson High School, Anderson, Ind. 104. Ybyday, Central Y. M. C. A., Columbus, Ohio. 105. Zanesvillian, Zanesville High School, Zanesville, Ohio. Ucnlzll--'l-'L--'O CDi'lI1."llEElClU 201 E11 M H1 Q1 E F1 'fd Q 3 E UQ E F ai M U U QU Wlgtililljliliitil O O ilirzlzxczlcx H U Q- 2 '-aww nw' f' U Q2 Kfgwggg 3:3 :??C 20 :GQUQSQCV SUB.: U P1 Q +1-jf' 5 1,5 5-If DAQ Z'-1 :UQ ,-3 :amqgz eg:in:a:: W O K4 ul muqqq' W- H-ff HW Fa- 'QSWEK , M5-cm SD P- Sim dm LJM-lox wgavacgg, Qfmggo o.w,..,EmO . mf, :gg "'-'K4:fD5f739'fr:'Q""m ,.. IF-4030 370520 p.g0'Q U3 Okgwmaggggrw '-fC'- rn HU W Omwwawggxggm I 'gvirn'-gE,.Vrn D'55,gbo.D'gm-hmzifj 5- 'fro'-' C4-TOM -0'-'f'Df-+':SOf-12. fDw4S3-79, "f' ,U :S C-+."""Y mm -1ggEff3gm'E.p-ECCQQEDUQGE F11 r-1 FY' v QQ8fEQzw32r Wm magw '6'Q5gfEgmHq3g QUEWZ W" 'O fg,m2vQwF-'zv m gmP:P4,,, O mmnwrp 2.55 U1 "f'-' SD:-E V1 wr 11032 Q5-ff 'H nmmbvm 'DZ' SDH IH mf Q70 .Tf'P- T' EP' mano? SEFDFDQ- 2455 of 5'-::oQk43G'OG'f,O 'GO gm iOQPgaw55g5 5523i M F sr, Sfbcdffzfbf-nz HP- SHEOW Y D-Q Eaggigbnmim 35,276 R4 21:2 mmggg' 5 rbw Q 'SS:5QQaHfQ Timiw UQUU O: Ogfo rn5O 2'5f+E"' 05' owgjfgw-wwm,gE Eoogw 'w Dm -an :DW gg, wyiw l-1 wa iw?EiQS:wmQ MQ4'Qc :3 '-Q,--OmmQ,,42S3 0099 Q5 2125503 mmf Pmaiw A1 33'Q.'-WDEHA3 "li, 5f,D'm MU gmwmildir 1 :ANSO my gw:Sm,,,v5"DoF'D Qinrmz :z N Im: 0'-45 WHL-'ETC Er ESEQQQSGNHO Qww U00 5"-ePJr'oK4g0QE'S3a SZUQQ of V3Qmr2 N533 9532 5: SELQSQESQQS 3:55 t-fm ,-W'-' :.'E,5 rn :5 UQ :s fc: 73'-U O.-. Kfiwnr-g'Q,H-.g'n UQ 0 DJ'-1 4m Dbgkfiw 'P ram-,U" SDP-4,-Q cn 2-.Bgk5'OEp,,-ff-p.9Lw Fo"",-nfl Uf'2U mm "'1QQ5oQ'::":S Q.-QQQ mg EBPQEFLQ MQ wig? QE. '3-QdE'g0gQ-033: fi HH H, L"9W2'm'Ur2- Ui. QQ-Qui? 0 'Q EEQRUQHHHQE ainn CV: P-er'n93mQ.f2kQnD"f3.5 sDf15I3"ID" '41 rom.'3fDcnm.f':'ruPxUQ 'CD-run: A U U ::1r::lr:1L:u:J:Jr.i: 0 O 'i'f3f:'V:H3U 202 E THE PQLARHS ANNUAL lfli The school orchestra, under the direction of Mr. VV. H. Lehman, played Zllllcl lIiZlEE a fine accompaniment. The production was under the direction of Miss Faye Rees, Mr. W. H. Lehman, and Mr. C. G. Olney. Thanks also go to'Miss Gale, Miss Bancroft, and Miss Davis for their cooperation. The cast was as follows: Cherry Blossom, Margaret Kapplerg john Henry Smith, "Jack," Robert Thompson, Kokemo, NVilliam Johnson, Henry Foster O jones, 'KHarry," Glenn Roberts, Horace Worthington, Don Bartlett, James O Young, Horatio Atchison, Jessica Vanderpoole, Virginia Vallanceg Togo, Arthur Grifhth. Those in the choruses were: Helen Elliott, Pauline DeVitt, Virginia Beyerly, Wanda Cochenour, Virginia Daniels, Katherine Dunnick, Audrea Leach, Helen McCoy, Marjorie West, Marjorie Whitaker, Virginia Hutchinson, Lee Atwell, Mary F. Foche, Mary F. Fox, Elaine Gibson, Marjorie Mercer, Katherine Richwine, Beatrice Wolfe, Mary M. Williams, Amy Lake, Ruth Wellman, Louise McLaughlin, Wilhelmina Springer, Marnelle Brown, Opal Wallace, Margaret Hourigan, Katherine Blenkner, Kathryn Wells, Marguerite Steele, Frances Dum, Ruth Richards, Betty Ogier, Dorothy Renner, Margaret Vorhees, Helen Con- well, Dorothy Cross, Hazel Morris, Faith Siniff, Mildred Coseo, Gladys Vogel, Edith Ellis, Lucille Bower, Kathryn Brown, Elinor Strong, Katherine Schaefer, Juliana Clum, Margaret Beatty, Elizabeth Currier, Maxine Althoff, Mildred Rardin, Marion Nichol, Emma Lou Helser, Mildred Peters, Betty B'olin, Eleanor Marshall, Margaret LeSar, Janet Smith, Nadine Berry, Ruth Henderson, Harriet Higgy, Marguerite Manring, Louise Schmitt, Eleanor Lesher, Richard Biddle, Earl Brown, Herbert Chapman, David Cupp, Eugene DuBois, Donald Fesley, Carl Ehrensberger, James Fountain, Harry Given, Russel Hare, Wilbur Hatch, Frank Hill, Edwin Howells, Albert Hurst, Paul Jones, Gordon Keeshan, Harold Kegg, Elclred Kuppinger, Frank Livingston, Frank Long, Franklin Neel, John Tepper, Basil Tolle, Ellwin VVilton, VValdo NValker, Sam VVellman, Howell NVilliams. JEAN PAINTER. 0 0 U - ll U tl n:1Eb::nt.1ugn:.vo on:n::n:n:n:n:1B 203 "h' I ' 'THE PQLAJRHS ANNUAL Ili KIIZCJ lllllllllj O 'U B Z r' rn V2 CA Ei Z -1 5 P1 rv -4 O O O iii 50N -THIS HURTS X NE MORE THAN IT Doss You I 4 L ,fa i' if K' if q ' ' l K f x Qs? :Q ,, sf:L'flh-,f , x f f . ff Q Q "' g 1 jkflrif . fs sz4f'e5:,..s-wtf-5 A-" I W f . -'ff e 1 fg , - :a v r - '27 1' f I - y M. M xl 1 fy. is I- ' I' i f Q! V likiiixui. x -22255177227 X, as li xr 1 Qt - ' , WWW ,t T . W' A ,E G " K - Y Nikita tags' WL -4 A r,-:Q - a --i .. 1 bf... ,, - MX 90 -- - X E I E 'X' WL xx! 'SZ 3 I f ' W : f Eggs 2 ..,,. NL f fi4wA,,q,,?,,. 1: 113'E lb 92' K ,E - Z4-. 0 ,,. : ,,,, 1 f- 1 7 g , 3" 1 if ,MULME , it ,iii ' X' 'L73 ?? ,V lm? 22? The above cartoon by Dick Meyer, a February graduate, was rated as the best entered in the contest conducted by the Department of Journalism at Ohio Uni- versity, Athens. The Polaris wishes to congratulate Meyer and express its appreciation to the entire art staff, with its most able instructor, Miss Gale, for the splendid work done for the Polaris this year. ill D U El U UDZIl1liiO Ofini1lif:1ZEE1 204 , THE PQLARHS ANNUAL E 7' 'Ep Ep EE U U F M H E e Q H I .v3XX:xlx5x0Vx X U E 0 E I x X ,ffgxzfi Z f f f X X F Eg E " N - 'ig WELL I GOT WN V4 THE RIGHT ,WA ' WEN Ei NUMBER LETS E mi EU SE SEE THE ADS. Jf5f X E rg. .35 N w j 0 W l ,f f E 0 U OW? X WJ 7 I Q X QK 7 X E U L 9 E EUDDEQQO Emma 'l 1:-Q. THE PQLARHS ANNUAL EeEF Ol Ill.'lilJllJ'CZlZIEZlC3CJ 1 O FURNACES TI-IAT ARE GUARANTEED THE MUNKLE LAMNECK COMPANY 369-375 NORTH FOURTH ST. Do you remember P- When Horsie T ll me up to . d d G d picked our f b t g us the right to p k t th P- ll th ther day Jack Payn t us and said A d t th h pl y and plays and play - flthth hldtk tht dltl tftheyear.Tht ly tl t th f h d t fllalee Houses Info Homes IlEZElIEE O fgc::1m:1:1z:Jn:::u:::lui.l EI U U U Q 5 he w I vi rw P1 Q Fig-K A R 5 3 2 A 3 U1 2 '11 Q 57 3 C: Q1 T: Q be '- 2 El N xn 'S my P1 Q U Cu 'FU Q re ll H U E 206 DDE U U ll Q fn Q 9 W in P E re U ii E ll ZIIIEE Ilil ll U H T "To Earn illore - Learn More" o O ? ESTABLISHEDH- -1379 COURSES OF STUDY: Bookkeeping Accounting Shorthand Typing Secretarial Training Commercial Teacher Training All Associated Coures FEATURES OF INTEREST: North Light in all class rooms All Class Rooms on one floor Library open to all students Recreation Room Boys' Basket Ball Girls, Basket Ball School Newspaper O 'PU 2 5 S3 5 FD "T no Cf. 4 FD "U O U1 ,.. PP ,.. o T3 PH O "S IT! ns O IIT' C3 "1 ns C1- Q sw FP ro. Q 3 S OJ E . Z P? Q O za E Q 2: IIS" UE' 8 :r V. 9 .Q E3 W P-'-4 U 3 SD 4' 2 E. r'P E FD A 5' -P '-s P-h E Ei Q ro QA f-s S3 5' ' E i-+. S' 9, ffl E o ii. gf o O P lil gill U ll U H U Tu U on EEJEIilL.....1l.JO 03151353 -4 207 U H In JEWELER ON HIGH NEAR DODRIDGE GIFTS OF HIGH QUALITY 2646 N. HIGH ST. at Reasonable Prices HOMER W. MILLER UNiversity 9831 EIC! Ill! li ElEl'JZlIlI1IlI O O E H Qw og U ,UU www 14:9 o H wg, E-QQFEE Z C an 0 : mu: mmm, Q ?,,,5.fgo Q Q 'G Qmmmma, E 'ugfvglo " "' 'rv-E L-41" Q 4 -1 'Y B 'U or P' 1 fb -.0404-g ,- '42 f-r-O ffl ,.1 :Ii SSEEUF QL E' U, H F ggi pvgmm E -1 gg. 3, Emaii 0 R EQ. 5 Q mg Sim mg ag. Q21 wg -2' no ' Cf.: wg- .gwg,??o5?225 FH 26 Q CS- QQ U U5 25? 532352292 QF 2-.Sf F WSG E 2 o PV' 3 Q QEJQDEMZ- O3 hm :D 5 U1 SEOQE S2 .2 'LW QOGQ HU wi W Q 50 mah! Qikffgmm 4 m P1 N EG :S :Sm 51 gyvwo "I FI 77 gn-:Q HZ. Egfr! rn 3,422 Z N 55,-U mx 'nw 281 21 C:-2 N uno cu O Q mo ... U EF' . FI C '-v-- -- . Q' -1 2 B u w C3955 T' Db "P mr-4 '-:Sl-73? O S rgmv-.U D25 3-.Z cn QQZH C QOH :pc E"l"Qm 530 FJ' F1 Om, I-Fox 533'-U P4 For-UZ 22 fb Oo H wp, QQCDQ 0397 :pu Epic'-Iam . :Dm A 2E'1i",E,l" sa! SQ I6 H on mjliwm MI-1:5-1 U O ly aw- 'smz our mm cw E 'Q - M33 Q 2-1 flow ae 0 W N l" U, 5 S 3:3 :PU gg E 'E 5 5 E " 3 7' N .. "U 5 SIE: 5 :T Sub GQ m nw U: E fy 5-2, 5 U' NUQF7 V44 3' Q Q .D H- frw4m22 e z Q G Z 0 fl- x::'-:c-n9'g-P"- U7 U R3 'U 7 Cn ef,-'5 2 QQUQSU-GE Q2 5- 3: 5 O P4 I sw gvqwsgmg' +-UZ cn Q P 2 O M555-'Em Z g 5: :Sm ,Um E S W 2' U nm B.-5 ,.,. 55'-2323, P1 fn SP1 5 cw Z I ff' 5..5'w,L H' x FTW H Q w SWB 2 rr U14 H 2 3' 3 rn SD r-4 tg "' E gg 3 Q D E Cuzzmczzr'-u11r"v O O E U U Q Q Lea T11 9 P W 5 5 If U U H E 208 Olzioiv Greatest Svlzool of Bzzsiness -NORTH HIGH GRADUATES-if sliozzld aftrnd the school that has at '1Zl7fl'01ZClI 7'f?17'ZlfUfl07l' for f1I01'0ZlglIl1L'S,S'?-lCL1'gf'Sl atfmzdazzrr, largmf and liigli- vxf paid faculty, most C0ll"l'f7lI'lL0 C!1llif7'1'1'1il'Hli for l7'll5'l1IfCSS fwcpfzrafiozz of all Central Olzz'0's BllS'lllC.Y,Y Srlzoolsg 0-ne of flzv few lmsizzcsx sflzools 011 flu' Ulllflllfllf clzarfcrcd by the Slate to confer degrees. SUPERIOR COURSES: For the Private Secretary For the Expert Accountant For the Bookkeeper For the Stenographer For the Commercial Teacher DEGREES CONEERRED J Bachelor of Commercial Science Bachelor of Science in Education Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Employment Department secures positions for all gradu- ates. North High Seniors should write or phone for in- formation now. 131 E. Sfaie Sf. Colzzmbus, 0111-0 AD. 4II2 209 Cotaerlv Pharmacy State Theatre Baz'la'z'11g THOS. HOGAN CONFECTIONERY FINE CANDIES, To1LET ARTICLES, KODAK SUPPLIES, CIGARETTES AND TOBACCOS AGENCY FOR DAILY PAPERS 1096 CLEVELAND, OHIO Pete Shaw says there have been only two men in the world that understood women. One is dead and the other one is crazy. LOGlC The more we go to school why-the more we go to school. Do you recall when Dale Eesley and a friend went into a restaurant and ordered hash and the waiter yelled back to the kitchen-"Sweep the Hoor"?- well, you know the one who eats in a dog wagon faces the wurst. N. T. HENDERS, Pres. CLYDE ODEN, Sec'y-Treas. WVAlnut 4880 THE HENDERS-ODEN HARDWARE CO. 3515 North High St. Our Motto-'6Zip Service" Open Evenings ATHLETIC EQ IPME T High School Students THE ATHLETIC SUPPLY CU. 1726-28 N. HIGH STREET T CSTATE THEATRE BLDGJ 210 X F71 'PTY' fl tg YOUR STORY IN PICTURE LEAVES NOTHING UNTOLD ND so, the first images chipped in stone told their story and gave us records of the past that are invaluable Today your photographs and drawings are faithfully reproduced to suit your particular need through the use of Halftones and Zinc Etchings If you have use for Photo Engravings in your life work, keep in mind THE TERRY ENGRAVING COMPANY Mnlczrs of Printing Plates in one or more colors Illustrative Advertising and Commercial Phomgmplms 214-216 oak sneer, E sf - COLUMBUS, omo 211 A COMPLETE PRINTING PLANT-VERY CON- VENIENT FOR ALL NORTH HIGH SCHOOL . PEOPLE UN. 0756 3134 N. HIGH ST. Rand P. Hollenback, Manager John G. Jacobs, Sales CRAZY EPITAPHS I surely hate No friend of mine That Johnny B., Is crazy ship, He always says, She always smiles "Now you chase mef' With her upper lip. A girl that's great I'd hate to be Is old Ruth J., Like old Benn Blinn, She always says, This high school is "Oh, letls not stayf, The sixth he's in BAKER ART GALL ER Y Cor. Rich and High Columbus, U. CSD Again appreciates the liberal patronage of North High School Senior Class 1927 and hopes the future may have the same measure of success in store for each of you as you have made it possible for us. 212 Adams 5091 "EDDIE" LAYTON Shop for Men 61 E. STATE STREET, NEXT TO GRAND THEATRE COLUMBUS, OHIO UN. zsae + 1 E. WQODRUFF AVE. WALKERS CLEANING AND PRESSING -CALL FOR AND DELIVER- UN. 2886 I 7 E. WOODRUFF AVE. SUITS 524.00 Q UP ......., LADIES TAILORING A SPECIALTY DRUGS TOILET GOODS llth Ave. and N. 4th St. Phone UN. 3311 ICE CREAM CANDY The Home of choice Barbecue Sz Toasted Sand- wiches Special Italian Spaghetti Dinner Beechwold Barbecue 4843 North High St. After the Theatre or after a Dance drive out to the most popular Barbecue in Colum- bus. ...ii Auto Parking Space Come Hear the Wonderful Violano-Virtuoso 213 WAlnut 1049 INDIANOLA FLORISTS 441 Seventeenth Ave. G1'r2c1zl10zzscs.' One Squarre East of Fourth St. Do you remember P- The time George Greer went down to the post office to lill his pen, saw a penny arcade with the inscription, Hr-Xny strength? Ring the bell and get your penny back," and a few hours later Glen Nida found him with both arms broken? That reminds us of the boy who said, "Wl1y does your old man smoke cigar butts?" and the other boy said, "People don't throw away whole cigars." jack McDonald: "VVhere are my shoes? I can't Find them anywhere." Mrs. Mac: f'Here they are. Johnny has his violin in one of them." Miss Long-Called on john VVilliamson for the second successive time, but John made no response. "XYell, john, l'll get something out of you yetf, john-No, you won't. You can't get blood out of a turnip. The Northern Savings Bank No young persons education is complete until he has learned the right uses of money. Careless, wasteful, ex- travagant habits are easily acquired. Simple living and wise spending lead to happiness and prosperity. By starting a bank account, cultivating the acquaintance of your banker, and establishing your credit, you have made a good start on the way to financial success. This bank offers its service to the young men and women of The North High School. THE NORTHERN SAVINGS BANK HIGH AT DUNCAN ST. "THE SIGN OF THE CLOCKH 214 Become a Private Secretary or an Expert Accountant New Classes for fuue Graduates Start Moudayfuue 28 and .luly5 These are firofessiolzs tlzat offer iiieizi and woiueii faseiuat- ilzg work and exeelleizt jvay. Hard times do uot ajfect tlieir salaries or positions, as they are absolutely es- sential to all 0VgCllZl.SCllZ-OIZS. Begin your training now and a few uioiitlzs will fuel you witli your worle coiujnleted a-iid a satisfactory positiou at your eoiuiuaud. Attend the seliool tliat sets the standard of quality. Accredited by tlze State Dejvartuiefzt of Education. Char- tered by tlze State of Ohio to eoufer degrees. . - l..-. . Office Training School 48 E. Gay Street V MAin 4201 ' COLUMBUS, OHIO 215 S TATE M A R KE T STATE THEATRE BUILDING THE COLLEGE BOOK STORE F. C. LONG, Prop. H26 YEARS OE SERVICE" Football Hero fBi1l Carrollj-No, mother, I didn't lose my teethg I have them here in my handkerchief. g jones-Sorry, old man, that my hen got loose and scratched up your garden. Smith-That's all rightg my dog ate up your hen. Jones-Fine! I just ran over your dog and killed him. Smith-That's nothing, 1ny wife just ran over your machine.-Life. HoW's business P" asked the passenger. "Better,U replied the conductor as he shoved his hands in his pockets. 'KI can feel the change already.,-lVin01'za4fz. Phone: UNiversity 8719 DRY CLEANERS DR. E. DENSER QUALITY AND SERVICE DENTIST CL'EANI1Ij1SEgDSiI1i'i3NG AND 2531 SUMMIT STREET UNiversity 6551 Office Hours: 9-12-1-5 322 E. HUDSON ST. COLUMBUS, OHIO JACKSON'S PRE CRIPTIO PHARMACIES W. 4th Ave. and Tibet Road and Hudson and Michigan Dresden Indianola This ad is respectfully dedicated to those who had the good fortune to survive the Hgooeyi' dopes of our store in Crestview when you were in Junior High. May we never have to recommend a digestive powder to any of you. 216 MAYNARD MARKET 2407 N, HIGH STL UNiversity 0377 High-Grade Fancy and Staple Groceries Fresh and Smoked Meats Fruits and Vegetables DELIVERY SERVICE R. M. WISE, Prop. THE VIQQQED "A delightful place for Chicken and Steak Dinners. Afternoon Parties and Bridge Luncheonsf, COUNTY 131-F-21 Qolly Gargoyle Country Homej Poor Milly Dyer Old Bobby Boyles I,d like to be Has got the gout, Sure is a wreck, Like Olive Jones, That's why she is He never seems She always wins No gadabout. To wash his neck. When she rolls the bones BROSMER'S HOME MADE CANDIES 'W ICE CREAM 81 BAKED GOODS Salted Nuts Our Specialty UN. 5638 2487 SUMMIT ST. 'TASK OUR PATRONSU . STERLING DRY CLEANERS PHONE UN. 0891 3502 N. High St. Columbus, Ohio CARPENTER PHARMACY 2662 North High Street GREETINGS TO NORTH HIGH STUDENTS Try Our Chocolate Sodas THE FIFTH AVENUE SAVINGS BANK CO. COMMERCIAL and SAVINGS ACCOUNTS INVITED Established I 904 FLORA LOUISE HESS FLORIST UN. 5377 Flowers for Every Occasion UN. 5378 OPEN SUNDAYS DODRIDGE 81 RIVER ROAD I HENRY ANDERSON SHOE REPAIR I2 OAKLAND PARK AVE. Do you recall ?-- The operetta when Lolly jones almost went crosseyed trying to watch the piano and Bob Thompson too, with Peg? Olive says "them days is gone for ever," so its's a good thing she didn't go crosseyed. Office, ADams 3952 UNiVCfSi'Y 3115 R ,I g UNivefSify 8344-W l es cence , , F. TN UN1VCfSIty 9134 THE CHAMBLIN T THE BAZLER TRANSFER 8: STORAGE CO. LONG DISTANCE 2513 SUMMIT STREET HAUIJING E. E. Chamberlin, Columbus, O. ' NORTHMOOR PHARMACY UNiversity 8475 3532 N. HIGH ST. QUALITY and SERVICE E. F. BROVVN, Prop. Gbrr - 'iKiPfPr Sviuhin 199 S. HIGH ST. lghningraphz "Just a little better than the best" 218 WHAT WE HAVE IS THE BEST "Wlzat'II You Have?" I-IAVEOFIELD 2157 N. High St. Do you remember?- When Florence Walden found a milk bottle in front of one of the boys' lockers? Y o u probably didn't know that Eddie Gebhart tried to claim it, did you? Well, he did and he had to show his milk check to a student council before being allowed to receive it-oh, my! my! what gentlemen f?J we have in school! YOUNG'S PHARMACY C. H. YOUNG, B. SC, IN PHCY. 2361: N. HIGH ST. COLUMBUS, . OHIO Whc1'e We Buy Our Dry Goods and Furnishings JOHN A. SEILLER 2607 North High St. Cor. Duncan For the Best Soda In the North End of the City OAKLAND PARK PHARMACY 3494 N, High St. Phone Ulfiversity 3753 KlNNAIRD'S PHARMACY U'fi7'l1l'7l'iCJS Store" Wlzcrc Everybody Goes BRIGHTON ROAD AND HIGH STREET VVAlnut 41-17 UN. 6588 JOSEPH KATONA FLORIST AND LANDSCAPE GARDENER 2709 NEIL AVENUE COLUMBUS, UHIU 2 ALEXANDER BROS. Barbers Q OUR MOTTO Q Service and Satisfaction 2508 Summit St. NORTH STAR BEAUTY SHOP All Branches of Beauty Culture The Best For Your Money Always EUGENE PERMANENT WAVES UN. l284 2579 Indianola Ave. UN- l284 To lengthen the life of your For plain and Fancy clothes send them to Groceries CRGWN Calf DRY CLEANERS J, P, CHAPMAN II41 N. High St. East Clinton St. QW' Ju IT' CE T F1 PU E 220 Tkzk Book is a Sample of Oar Proaaoiioa E The F. J. Heer Printing C0 372-386 South Fourth Street COLUMBUS, OHIO Prinzfors Rulers Bookkindom Blank Book Manufacturers THE HOUSE OI' HEIIR KNOXXNI TVERX XX HERI' 2 I f' I"- X , .., Y, I 1, ,X .. , , Y g. FQ A P? ii T17 fffc EQ 075' 5 Ps AUTQG PHS 33. , I M' ' -P" ML " - -. I . i " 'rn Q? '29 KX Qff? YQ Sig y-QQXXQQS 'JR 'CML 3xSNXYx1x-Q XXax1Lm" N WWW WM MN N 9? I All Ci ,ff-5bf!7 , ' r M Z? 5- 4 " ' X . A ' Q 'J gZ,V.JM7PU Hr 'W 1 ,3 i ff 62705, C? www gag gt? ff!! I3. ,Q.,, NE - Ha Q 91' , .55 Qfaw Zz Y W Q-P1 1 fu, ' W Sai 25' gb' Qin fi lj Q I . A Ji Afvvv N ba' q 1 ' diff., -13553 QL LQQFV A ET OV'-f'vfv"A J 7X OA L 'V1fL,,,, 0.1, Shaggy 'Z 5, I P- J' .ff V 1 f !f , JXJM ff' W , --fr Mmcflgf A MM ViL w"gk fv 'HM 12 IW. ngdcz, Wi ' ff Ifbzfff Zu .IQ-? gl? wo W QW5W'jW"afA Q' Q-5QMifvf wQj'MX ago-IJZYMAQJKX 1 Aviv.. ,QM X sv ' 'VUQLG f ,f miLfH,,LffR QE 3 MJ f V Y Wgx HV "Ol 4 if XX'-3-1-,lDkg"jV9 r if Q? , MW Twf .Q E!tjyB p s u i i I 5 2 5 Q E x E z E E r 5 i I k I X I 4 I I i I F , . W i I i L 5 I

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