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,x 'x 4 qi gy V-,TKV , ' V fn .1 K7 ,Q F A I I 1 'lv ,J 9 f 2 W, 45 xg 5, l X i 7 '5c.'iQ1' lu 5 w-Adi auf runnafi if-we Pgfm J' -f .v 4' "k:f'u gli H74 fi'-ff a 3 fmzi' 153121 pf 4-4-H avi-F N E ,Y H54 3 s' 77144 Gibb? f 'Ls ,t SACHEM 1976 North Haven High School North Haven, Connecticut Dedication Activities Seniors Senior Directory Who's Who Special Education Senior Folio Academics Underclassmen Clubs Senior Candids Sports Ads Sachem Editors Class Will 5, K , at ,N ' Q 1145, ' ff:: 1 -M M6-vt , F K xv fafweie 5, gg. f . .. DED CATIO We, the SACHEM staff, dedicate the yearbook to Mr. Nicola Iannone and Mr. John Bischoff, for their dependability, hard- work, and responsibility for the Senior class of '76, Dedication 3 P ir 00 IH 4 Aclivitiei We ! ' . -My Vr -Qa- JUNIOR PROM COURT King: Ronnie Chieffog Queen: Donna Pareseg Court: Lori DeSena, Brian Heery, Lisa Gabriel, Dermot Pellitier, Robin Casman, Nate Novarro, Nancy Fredericks, Dominic Piscitelli ii , , it 5, 1 i vi I , . - 5 - ' .-...-,bs , -wi 1 R A Q i -Xt. x ! I f Activities 5 4 2 E , is xi! l . i K 1 "' .Q ff if is F 5 6 Activities 4 x . ug? 4' f ,S fy fn , , A Emxj L..,i v w "gQifi'r 1 ,Qs . r I1 F11 x X W if ' -x in . . Lf 3' pf',,f Y- A Q L' we - , 11 1 -gh E gg'. zx mix , X xi . qi ' ze - Q fm I f ' Yjfyff .91 Q. Y I ' Q . tif 1 L 1 X ,A Q, .1.L W if-3 -K -sf, k in 'fx - xg ix. ag , Lk 'K ' .ae w 5 xg. my QF' K X 12 Q ff F if m in 4.5 - . , kii, .. El 1'l C C , h H.- in X92 C is-Sq I D s, LQ? '5- 'N Qi , 4 8 5' i r 1 8 Activities ,gf B ua H1 ,el 4352 ' X if fl if Dfmtw K 4 ruff., , . s Activities 9 SSS. ww E W? .gfig f,.. A5 3 r X 10 Activities M a r c hB ia nn , gd Activities H 12 Activities Concert Band Y ,9 l A gg, nb in A ,. lf' A , f av ' Af 5 K , 1' -9 s K' J ' . f .ffl fi 1 ' "" "A'L ',f . . . f " X .gfff A ' 1,, A. I- A ,,.:' , I .. N I at X + h S 4a-4 --:. K--:Q Sw., K gy ,...T,,A. 51.5 .. K a P Activities 14 Activities AN IMVR5Jg1Ai:l,r, .ABCE . 4 I i XIV NUM, YTJIWARU The emfire aizmior. :V ffm.: giiziy ngikem, place in the ixxr,ir1gvrw'i fi' -Zlmrirf., LJoridomi1xe':1 huube in Kam., r':,' ACT I 1' ' mme' Arena .Qcene Scene Llcene .lc erxe f 'tene ikefore dmnezr 'nu za. Sumner eve. After dimxrr Liam, name night.. ACT II The next morning. --Late the fpllowing afternoon. Early evening. A few days later. ACT III --After dinner. A few days later. --Several hours laber. "' V TREE, N47?ii'ri HAVEN HIGH .3Cii2Q1OJ, l UMA TU! DECEMBER S fi: 6, V975 "ACT MN QRDER OF APFELARAIICEQ HDITTLH. ...Sandra func RUTH. . . .... Chr ia i"lf2'm11g GHARIELS ..... . . .ficorr Hart DR. WU-.DMAJJ .... .... L es Nunsewr. MRS. HHADMAN , . . .... Marisa Ywrnx 11: MADAME AHCATI .... .... K itty Homme ELVIHA ........ .... J an Har: ip in DIRECTED HY .... .... M ichael 'WNGM1 H50 Q K ikx , Qi gfrf L41 X.- X. 1 Q 44' X' x 4w4,f ' ff'- i , .NN W Z Activities 15 Q N-ax er 4 girl ..3..,......,- S wg iiiii ij' ,Kkf .. - . .wr if -if.. ,,.. 4 ,f I6 Activities Summer . . . Autumn . . . Winter . . . words never used in the "City of Eternal Spring," Medellin - Colombia. Since mid-August I have been experiencing seasons for the first time while a whole new culture - somewhat similar and yet very different from that of Colombia - is displayed to me. My experience at North Haven has been very valuable and enjoyable. Starting with my school experience, I have been able to join the youth environment and feel like "one of the gang" assimilating the common ideals and learning the "American style of life." As a senior at North Haven High, I have chosen my subjects, which would have been impossible to do in Colombian schools, since in our private education, 12 given subjects are required for every year by the government. Being here I have found a wonderful atmosphere for my study of music, I have studied clarinet for 12 years and, unquestionably, this has been most personally satisfying and rewarding. But of all the wonderful things here, there is nothing that can be compared with the wonderful people, people full of warm feelings and the kindest thoughts, people I will keep in my heart and my mind along with those unforgetable experiences I have had in North Haven. Only one year of my life I could be an AFS'er, and I wish that year never ended but the words of one meaningful song bring me back to reality: "Todo pasa, todo queda, todo lo nuestro es pasar, pasar haciendo camino, camino sobre la mar. . . . Caminante, no hay caminog se hace camino al andarf' I will go on making my way through life, someday I will come back to the U.S. to complete my education in Nuclear Physics, and I will be sure to include North Haven in my way. Lastly, I am most sincerely grateful to all of you participating in my experience, AFS, Krigbaum family, North Haven High, and all of those whom I met and made my stay highly enjoyable. And back to the land of mountains, en la ciudad de eterna primavera, I will be waiting for you with my open arms, my open heart, saying "walk together, talk together." Thanks, Sachem, John Seltzer Calle 48 1F65-30 Medellin, Colombia S.A. fues,a.,s..a .-,Qs dmv ss'.w '. i 8 :ti -3 masses HNQEQS.. - S1533 SS SUI H sacnerftasf A ngg Q SRKSQS . I 5 Q SQQWQG Si 5FNf Q ' masses . Q51-sgsxsxswli al ,tg 335333 5 13255158 Ktliisxsvtat Q timzsmxn . alms: :min SURE!! GQHHAQ EQQSRN HlHS'H msgggmas Qlwfii ,..,w' it. 111 .fwkxmis t 5' Qs: .eeseews fi I ..j - ."' as iQK1awX3ESwiQME ,gn- ,nuw -- rw.. .. .5 I eff, as .I eg :-..f . .N Q, we-V -an 'sf ajwwams tif :se5eiW.Aam QQQQQQQ' . fi i"..i Psi 1, Q .-Sm yagg, I Q if-FX .5. ggi St. s ' is 'si if cam, 3 HVSXEQA 3 sz , sa fs- af . .fag-5 A --gg Qpafa 5 was svsei www-Q ia?wS wwavi aswwv waxy? game? 5335! SESS? HWSSQ QVQQK Q?QW? FTEYQ QSENQ gggwg QWEQE Kiwi? RSXNR Adwmw U I N . J 1 I 1 1 , S f S V '1 , k K , 1 1 4 L L' - . I 5 1 1 1 4 PM Lf .,.X ZZ -.. gg! LZ Vi, Qi ' N, v 'H -1 CINDA P. ABERCROMBIE "I don't' know what I'm searching for I never have opened the door tomorrow may find me at last, turning my back on the past." CHRISTINE M. ANASTASIO "Tina" 20 Seniors get 'U-ULQ I ll RICHAIHD THOMAS ALONGI "Dickie" MQ, M' JOSEPH AMATO Ljgfd SCOTT H. ALPERT "People tend to think too much of them- selves and forget about others." TWH! ai fin ww 'jvufe Ark it ft? M RALPH JOSEPH AMENDOX DV WA ,ta-51 inf' ANDREW A. AMATRUDA ..Andy., "Don't walk in front of me, I may not fol lowg Don't walk behind me, I may not lead, walk beside me and be my friend." M " HM NEAL J. ANGELINI "Knee" "As you get older you'll find that you're not sorry for the things you did in life, but for the things you didn't do." lg, 'Z PAMELA SUSAN ARMSTEAD 6 "Sugar bun" .QD r . W J. fi 5,: 5 1 ROBERT BRUCE BAPTIE JR. ..B0b,, ,JIS I x u dnrwr JAMES JOSEPH ARTAIZ "Tel" if Q00 fix JOHN ANTHONY AURORA to "Aur ra" M XP 00,65 ltoupotsciay becguse you may never O 2 HJ uf xg' Q6 XTX Oj Xpilgb UX QXO Sexy 3 .5 - f Of? JENNIFER BAERMAN "So itlgoesf' Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. DAVID A. BALLETTO "Ballett" "The eyes that can not tear are the saddest eyes of all." 'Tin' JUNE BAIOCCHI "Remember joys are never past at once the fountain, stream, and sea they were, they are, they yet shall be? T'-'EQVTK f . v-at-age ,,,, . ' 'Incl fun, ,M 'y ,Z'I-gf 'W' PETER C. BARNEY "Pete" "Keep on smiling, it makes people wonder about what you've been up to." f TV' V"--up' Seniors 21 DAVID BARNOWSKI "Dave,' JANET LYNN BARTON "Never cease loving a person, and never give up hope for him, for even the prodical son who had fallen most low, could still be saved." , , Q. , 4 n in ' + ww ,N . ' . o A M L ,hh ' if J ,Q iv , BRUCE H. BEAUCHAMP "Bch" "You get out oflife only as much as you put into it." 22 Seniors DAWN ELIZABETH BARTLETT "Alegria y amor son las alas para las grandes empresas. NANCY JANE BATTIS "Lady Jane" "Dazzling and tremendous, how quickly the sunrise would kill meg ifl could not send sunrise out of me." ANDREW PHILLIP BECKWITH "Andy" WILLIAM C, BENNETT "Bill" "If everyone-f in the world were to make someone else in the world laugh every day there would be no reason for war." RAYMOND CARL BERSHTEIN ..Ray,. "There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that is yourself. ERIC J. BISIGHINI "E. J." "A liar is not believed even though he tells the truth." EILEEN MARY BENSON "Toms" BARBARA ANN BISSELL "Bis" "You grow up the day you have the real laugh-at yourself." first DEBORAH BERNTSEN .--.ip K JEFFREY BIALECKI "Flash" SCOTT W. BLUE "Blue Boy" Seniors 73 mum.-?. DENISE MARIE BODWELL ...nisen "Something we were withholding made us weak, until we found it was ourselves." with KENNETH D. BROWN "Coolobo" "What's happening brothers and sisters, you always remember that time is wasted because of all this bull going down." IA? es 5 24 Seniors CYNTHIA E. BOFFA "BofI', "Friendship is like china, beautiful but rare, when broken could be mended, but the crack is still there." G PATRICE C, BOURDEAU "Pati" "I will never become dependent on a man until I can prove to myself, that I am independent." DAVID JOHN BRANCATO "Dave" "When in chargeg ponder When in troubleg delegate When in doubtg mumble." DANA LYNN BOONE "Sometimes I wonder if I'm ever gonna make it home again it's so far and out of sight. . BARBARA LYNN BROCKETT "Bobbie" "To love is nothing, to be loved is some- thing, but to love and be loved is every- thing." W GREGORY CLIFFORD BROZEK "Broz" "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing." JAMES J. BULLER "Fretzel" BARBARA ANN BRUCE "Captain" FRANK A. BUONO "Buana" "I'm not a very bad man, just a very bad wizard." KIM ARLENE BUONGIRNO "Fight the fight as hard as you can, when it's time for you to play - let there be music! Let it shine like the sun!" N , KAREN ANN BRZOZOWSKI "Barney" "There never seems to be enough time to do the things that you want to do, once you find them." ESTELLE BURG "And the noblest of labors is for a man to help his fellow man with all he has and can ,Q do. Oedipus xf . gig vm ,Q xii! 4 Seniors 25 4 ' CHRISTINE MARIE CACACE "Tina" "Vou give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give." KAREN ALLISON BUTLER PAMELA ROSE CACACE i "Butler" "Pam" "True friendship is the greatest thing in the world." PETE CAHILL "You live only once so when you die make sure you go up." KIMBERLY CALDWELL at RM ..Kim,, if V The report of my death was an ' ' A exaggeration. I M. Twain , , ., ,,L, . t 1 4 mm 1 L BARBARA CAMERA LISA MARIE CAPPELLA "We never know the true value of friends. "To see a world in a grain of sand and While they live we are too sensitive oftheir heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the faultsg when we have lost them we see their ' palm of your hand and eternity in an hour." virtues." Wm. Blake im' JEAN MARY CANESCHI .A "Chuck" , ,, "'f'41,Q "So close, but yet so far away." 26 Seniors XQPOKOQ NOX xiii, XM xy? UL ee? STEPHEN THOMAS CARBONELLA "Carbon "I do not know beneath what sky, nor on what seas shall be thy fate, I only know it shall be high, I only know it shall be great." 'At IPL oyqe QWNIJQIDLS X05 of '5 U58 0 ll gsxiomk btvbwxffg QW .606 ROBERT W. CARPENTER "Time alone reveals a true friend - tirst it " impressions can smother an opportun y. , 1 f Ts N-. , V Yi M 1. Wwe' LISA MARIE CARR "lf" . .. "Lis" g ROBIN LYNN CASMAN C q ' C I "Rob" "I never felt so alive, I'm learning that there's such a world out there and none of us has seen it or felt it." JANET LYNN MIREILLE CASTELLANO ..Jan,. "My taste in life is simple I only want the best." 455 J'-4' "":1?' ie 'Nr . fig I xx I .l N X, DONN H. CASTONGUAY WENDY LYNN CARPENTER "Miss Wendy" "Two roads diverged in a woods and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." '-Pixy ar-'V ANTHONY LOUIS MICHAEL CAVALLARO JR, ..T0ny,. "To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved." Nr-5,1 Seniors 27 SANDRA CENTER KEITH W. CHAPMAN af'-wwe 'HV "Success is never final and CLAUDIA FRANCES CHESTER "I've looked at life from both sides now, and still somehow it's life's illusions I recall. I really don't know life at all." KA-Y DAVID KENDALL CLAPP "Dream on . . . for imagination is the tool in making your dreams become reality." 28 Seniors SANDRA LEE CLARK "How wonderful it would be if we could accept ourselves and others as we accept naturef' Ralph Rhea Failure is never fatal." KENNETH W. CHRISTIANSON JR. "I am!" RONALD ANTHONY CHIEFFO DONALD FRANCIS COLANTONIO ' JR. "Donnie" PAMELA KAREN COLE "Pam'l "I wept because I h a child who had no feet." "Con ..-I-h, , , ,, e past always looks better than it wasg it is onl l ' ' ' GERALD D. COOPER "Coop" "To have friends tried and true is better th ' A A an just having friends who are just friends." ibn... l , 1 3' ad no shoes until I saw BARBARA STEVENS COLWELL 1- , t nf? x LORIE M. CONNELLY y p easant beeause it s no longer here." Wxify MARTHA STORY CORAZZINI "Marne" "It is never any good dwelling on goodbyes, as it is not the being together it prolongs, b V .. ut the parting. RUSSELL E. COMEAU "Cozm0" DIANE LEE CONTENTO "Phil" "C l oour my world with hopes of loving you." GAIL ANN CORCORAN "If the sun refused to shine, I will still be lov' ' ing you. If mountains crumble to se 3, there will still be you and me." Seniors 29 KATHERINE LEIGH CORNISH "You are a child ofthe universe no less than the trees and stars. Be at peace with God whatever you conceive him to be and keep peace with your soul." 'ev 'X PAMELA JANE cozzoL1No "Cozz" -f "A laugh is a smile that burst." ELIZABETH L. CROSSLEY "Betsy" "Plant your love and let it grow, let it blossom let it How, in the sun, the rain, the snowg love is lovely let it grow." PETER G. CROWELL "True friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable." KEVIN J. CROWLEY H ..KeV,, PATRICK M. CULLIGAN Cull "Opinion is largely a matter of judgement - not a statement of fact." MAURA ELIZABETH CURRAN "I can see how a man can look down on the earth and be an atheist, but I ean't conceive how he can look into the heavens and say there is no God." JOSEPH G. CUSANO 30 Seniors .i ,g. .A rx 2 1 ,EVE MQW W X 0 ,fyfx lybwxsp CHARMIAN CUTLER .f Y Charmy" P, "The joy of effort." 2469 CHARMANE I. CZARNY "Char" JAMES STEPHEN DACEY uhm., 70 5.1 't-.fx MARY J. DACEY I, 1 , JW' 0 "Dace" "Stripping a person of his individuality Aj is like doubting his existance." 1.4 K DIANE D. DAHLBERG "It's easy to be an angel when no one ruflles your feathers. "!t"v' '4 1 I I 3- ROBERT LOUIS D'AMORA "Bob" LISA ANN DANIEL "It matters not how long we live, but how." QT? LAUREN SHEPPARD DAVID A , "Keep your face to the sun and let the X Z'-I h d f ll b h' df' - f it S a OWS a C In xx' I yr' 3l Seniors KATHLEEN MARIE DAY "Lord, yesterday I asked for all things that I may enjoy life. Today you gave me life that I may enjoy all things." J. VINCENT JOSEPH DELUCIA "Vin" "What you hear here, what you say here, what you see here, let it stay here, when you leave here." I I Q "x 32 Seniors SARAH JANE DAYTON "All things bright and beautifulg All creatures great and smallg All things wise and wonderfulg The Lord God made them all." CHERYL DEHAR DENNIS P. DELLISOLA "Live for Today." KWWLQNS xl J dv JosEPH M. DELUCIA "Bean" "No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other's worth." J 9' RHONDA JOAN DEBATTISTA "Rhoda" "It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not." .fs- r fldhicb 'ok +3 Si-flair' fflfl. ondch-12lf5D, Ipvyoqsl ,J'V7+'f ' NY C' FA l . RALPH DEMATTEO III of L-GI UK "Fetch" J Q "Life is fun and fun is life and one would 519' not be without the other." nv' . P' . J of fi ' ,.. SUSAN JANE DEMORRO "Susie" "Sometimes the hardest person to talk to is the one you love." RICHARD J. DIANA RICHARD A. DENARDIS ..D,. "It is not the length of the step that is im- portant, but the direction in which it is tak- en. DAVID PAUL D'EUGENIO "Dave" "Music is like the ability to laugh that kept mankind going for thousands of years." LORE A. DESENA "Lor" "The poorest man is not one who does not have a cent, but the one who does not have a dream." ANTHONY D. DEVIVO "Weasel" DAVID F. DEPAOLA "Dave" "Determination . . . the dilference between victory and defeat." JANET MARIE DICAPRIO "l!3 of triple trouble" "Love is God's gift to you, to give to others." f i' f ff 1' Y L fri' . X at . , r x xv if 3 A it Seniors 33 J N PQ J EA msg XCOX N Wx KN AQ . f . QCN C ' L' QQ X O0 V sf Q L' 5747? ' X X S IXUS? e PM JX Q ,fb ' rw .Ly C, C .4 Q 0 X' J dt! NETI X X54 , L 9 N fs: N XO f J' R551 xxx! K-,ix 4. 8 Q A X. fy PAMELA J, DIGLIO npam.. Xje. PAMELA MARIE DINUZZO 'We were born to love - and only when we love are we living." A RANDAL J. DIGIROLAMO "Randy,' "We are amazed but not amused by all the things you say you do." Stevie Wonder DEBORAH ANN DOCKNEVICH "Doc" "Peace comes not from the absence of conflict in life, but from the ability to cope with it." RICHARD JAMES DOYLE 34 Seniors DENNIS JAMES DUNN Pomdexter f COLLEEN EARLY BARBARA JANE ECKERT "Barb", "Eck" "The love in your heart wasn't put there to stayg love isn't love till you give it away!" lik JOANNE C. EDMONDS BAMBI EDWARDS "Bamps" "Weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning." Psalms 30:3 "Joan" MICHAEL ELIA SME. V o fcfnfbgf We iaflofvff 7'9Uf ol mmffhmda SALLY B. ERICKSON "Sal", "Silly-girl" "A smile can never be keptg it can only be given away." 1 fog LJCQ K hp'-fi c X .ffgny ffl C fel 'C 'L O 519LfTcm Q6 Mr 1,55 +G!! dor in thi grass, g JG' grieve not, but Qggefo-F fgcifc remains 1532, 9 pa EW Si Paige yew pt is ,.yii, .. . .. MYRON 0, E5DA1L13 111 GEORGIE ANDREA ESPOSITO "Don't mess your face with bitter tears QJX i "I Wake T0 SICCP, and fake my Waking Slow, 'cause life is gonna be what it is. It's okay, ix yy I feel mY fate in what I Cannot fear, I leam please don't delay from smiling . . . V X I5 -X by going Where I have to go. There're brighter days ahead . . . 69? F S X X Theodore Roethke . t U ir X A6 Qx S ' '35 iebgtvl at 9 few! W if ,fl ..D0g,, SHARON ESPOSITO "Shar" "The love in your heart wasn't put there to stay, love isn't love till you give it away." CYNTHIA ANN FAIRBANKS "Cin", "Cindy" "Life is made up of comings and goings, and for everything we take with us, there is something we leave behind." CHRISTINE M. FALCIGNO "Chris" "Sharing a laugh, a sadness, a moment . . . a life." .,,' 0 ff' - '11 f' bla, rgkg ff? li f PAMELA RUTH FALCIGNO "Sometimes you dream, sometimes it seems, there's nothing there at all. You just seem older than yesterday, and youlre Wait- ing for tomorrow to call." EJ., BT. 36 Seniors "If winning was everything, I'd be fantas- tic " CYNTHIA A. FACCADIO "Cin" "Every 60 seconds that you are unhappy you lose one minute of happiness." TIMOTHY CHARLES FENNELLY "Bozo" "Can't you see that we three are dripping with glass, living in class, 'cause Dennis lives?" VINCENT FERRAIUOLO "Bear" "Live every day to its fullest, for tomorrow may never come." EW! f X 0 CLAUDIA ANN FERRARA A "A friend is one who knows you as you are, understands where you've been, accepts who you've become and still gently invites you to grow." PAUL M. FERRANTI "Some folks trust in reason, others trust in might. I don't trust in nothing, but 1 know it come out right." "Pete" what you expect it to be." ANN MARIE FERRARO "Annie" "Without honesty, there is no truth, without truth there is no love, without love there is nothing." PETER G. FERRANTI "Life is what you make of it, and not of MQW DA J. FIONDELLA ROBERT " ' you please, which wa I 'D I Y 4 ght t go from here'?' asked Alice. 'That depen on a good deal on where you want to get to.' replied the Cheshire Cat." Seniors 37 CHRISTINE FLEMING "Is not for eating this round meat stitched with sewing as the yak bladder stuffed of elm leaves my country good yum." Kefauver High 1964 LORRAINE ANN FUSCO "Lorr'l, "Larr" "Without honesty you have no truth, with- out truth you have no love, Without love X you have nothing? ' PATRICIA ANN FLORIO "A friend is one who knows you as you are, understands where you,ve been, accepts who youlve become, and still gently invites you to growf' LORI L. FRITTS "A true friend is the gift of God, and He only who made hearts can untie them." Robert South BELLA J. FRUIN "Prune" "Give and Receive: give Love, give Happiness, give Joy, give Good, give Life. And thou shalt receive all in return " 4752 LRNNXX Q59 XXX QD KO 38 Seniors were NANCY LYNN FREDERICKS "Fred',, "Munchkin', "The happy mood - it's lovely, and it's mine, and I shall not expose it to the wind, the weather, or the world's comments." SHARON A. GAILLOUX "Gossip is a sort of smoke that comes from e dirty tobacco pipes of those who diffuse roves nothing but the bad taste ofthe NK O O is ae in Om ELIZABETH HILL GABRIEL Lisa "I've been happy lately, thinking about the good things to come, and I believe it could be something good has begunf' J.. Fx BARBARA G. GALL "Babs" "A friend is a person with whom I may be sincere. Before him, I may think aloud." Ralph Waldo Emerson -all mi a MARGARET ANN GELINAS ..Meg.. "We didn't meet but that is not to say we didn't touch or pass by close." Rod McKuen sf' ta "Ulu 1? ft JAMES R. GAMACHE "Jimbob" "Wealth is not his who has it, but his who enjoys it." Benjamin Franklin 35. " MARY GAMBARDELLA "The most useless day of all is the one in which we have not laughed." ANITA MARIE GANGI "Nita" "Every act of kindness is a little bit of love you leave behind." PATRICIA SUSAN GELINAS "Pat" "Kindness in words creates conlidence, kindness in thinking creates profoundness, kindness in feeling creates love." .. 1 LUISA G. GIAIMO t.L0u,, "Take my hand. Share my Life." ROBERT D. GLENN "Rhino,' "For every minute I'm mad I lost sixty sec- onds of happinessf' MIRIAM C. GOODMAN "Enough if something from our hands have power to live, and act, and serve the future hour? William Wordsworth 40 Seniors LAURA L. GILSON "Friends are a reflection of what we wish ourselves to be." .roman '4 Vf CHERYL ANN GRAEF "Cher" "Smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry, and all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be." CAROL A. GIORDANO STEVEN A. GOLDBLOOM "A smile is a curved line that sets a lot of things straight." JEFFREY JOHN GRASSO "Everyone lives and works for tomorrow but tomorrow never comes." 'fix -AQ STEPHEN A. GRECO "Steve" Alish. . .Alish. . .My kingdom fora sh. DIANE C. GUARINO "I saw a star I wantedg I reached out and missed itg so I settled for the sky." WILLIAM B. GUMBART "While in an earthless hour my fond soul seriously yearns beyond this fern of sunset frond on frond opening in a rare slowness of gloried air." ee Cummings RICHARD HENRY GREENWALD "Deak" ,tv I Y , it . 6, 2 "Dee" I CARL J. HABERFELD .IC J ,. i, PAUL EDWARD GRIMSHAW if n f ,ff ff. if , .5 lk.,,',V 3 A Q 1 SHARON ANN GUGLIELMO --Gugr' "Love me today, for tomorrow may be too late." BARBARA JO HAGLIND MBI.. "Life is a canvas and I would paint a beauti- ful picture there for all to seeg come with me and join in the creation." Seniors 41 C. SCOTT HARRIS PAMELA JANE HAURY ttpaman 4 'En esta dulce paz del campo, mi corazon quiere apresar el tiempo fugitivof' SCOTT HART "They said I would shine like a light on the city, I hoped it would be like the moon on the sea." J. Edwards pf" , BRIAN WALTER HEERY ttHacka, "The future always arrives a little before y0u're ready to give up the present." 42 Seniors JOHN HELFF DIANE ELLEN ELIZABETH HATCH "Banan" "We are so fortunate, yet so blind to it." SCOTT JONATHAN A HECKER "The spirit gone, man is garbage." Catch 22 ,gi .QV PAUL H. HERDER "For some go of necessity astray, because for them there is no such thing as a right path? Thomas Mann LAURA JEAN HINES "Friends, the past in me and the past in you, hailed each other because they knew always and always since life began, our be- ing friends was a part of God's plan." PATRICIA ANN HUBBELL f." Q 1 . "Hubs" "Dream what you dare to - dream, go where you want to go, be what you want to be . . . LIVE." . i GAIL D. JANSEN "Grasp each moment and live it to the full- est extent, for soon it fades into only a mem- ory which in time is all that bridges the past and the future." .I ,,, if ,,, SUNGSOOK HONG "Sue" "Honesty. . .truth. . .purity. . .loveli- ness . . . are the most beautiful things on earth." PAUL WESLEY HOUSEHOLDER "House" "Show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser." TODD INTELISANO "Pod Toad" "Our friendship may never be the same, but I will always cherish our meeting." me 5 Q? W m N63 iilxlje hitbox K WOQQZ NAR bww Q WA we Q-je lie WILLIAM FRANCIS JENKS, JR. efqbff "The secret to success is to maximize your X fx 6 economy." 05 Cub? .-ph-nog... N-ab' XQKQBA5 606 YN AW? 5 Of , gfxelxq 6 Metab CTC QXEN5 'QD 56 Y 560 Cf' 696,64 OO X49 yo L Cf?-tw , ax 5 5?i2'i'sYizmi:.. LZ L:13s..f55,ftQ 90 0 ssh LX ' EXW? Q xi XP L60 MG Q5 f y X 36,16 Seniors 43 29 Nffb Qsf vga C ytii WWNWV' its ,Q :" ' Jf, Q stiest I , CAROL L. JOHNSEN "Beulah, peel me a grape." Mae West -'Un W. KAREN ANNE KAPINOS "Nerk Twin', "Try to realize you're really only very small and life goes on within you and without you." George Harrison '67 44 Seniors SUE JOY CYNTHIA JOANNE JONES ncindyt. "With time perhaps I will pass the traps and Find some peace and understanding." 51 L ROBERT W. KAGAN "But why should" fthe greatest of living magicians whom you and I sometimes call Aprilj "people be so in fwhen Howers always are beautifull credibly ugly." i JAN WENDY KAPLAN "Caminante, no hay canino, se hace camino al andarf' Antonio Marchado -f l , I at tx .J at X11 p 1 5 '5 y 5:95 HENRY W. JONES IV "H", "Hawk" "It's a wise man who profits by his own experience, but it's a wiser one who lets the rattlesnake bite the other guy? LISA ANN KENNEL uLe Len "Nobody ever had a rainbow until they had a rain." Jim Croce ,gnu-0 lla' I I if MARTIN KENNISTON , ,qw , - Q1 , MARI M. KITAHATA "And yet it doesn't seem enoughg to h breathed such significance." HVC BONNIE LYNN KERN "Boe", "Bon" "Your smile can make the world seem brighter: your smile can make my cares seem lighter." I CINDY ANN KEssEs IIKESSN "Tomorrow is something I may never see, so today I will live my life to its fullest and be happy," KURT DAVID KIESLICH CYNTHIA MARIE KOCZAK "Koz", "Kozy" "As individuals we are subject to the stars. As persons we rule them." "Slick" , fi . 5 an 5 mKmki'?5. ' 5 T, , , ' wi' A MLN ,Wade 4 v. 1 ,Q X gr " if , WILLIAM A. KERN "Rex", "Rats" "Not education, but character is man's greatest need and man's greatest safe- guard." EMILY L, KONOPACKE "But, of course, it isn't really Good-bye. Because the forest will always be there, and anybody that is friendly with Bears can tind it." Seniors 45 LYNN ANNE KOPF "Tzicdai" "Enjoy yourself. This is one ofthe good old days you're going to miss sometime." WILLIAM R. KRATKY "Kratky" "To each his own." 46 Seniors MARY BERNADETTE KRAMARCZYK "Time passes on like a river that must al- ways run. New you are gone, but I will have you till time is done . . ." P PAUL DAVID KRAMPITZ "For everything there is a season, and a time for every affair under the heavens." Ecclesiastes 3:1 RUTH C. KRIGBAUM 'lHey tomorrow, where are you goin"? Do you have some room for me?" Jim Croce JACK KRAMER 'E Ei I 5. . vm . DEBORAH ANN KRUGLIK "Krug,', "Deb" "To me every hour of the light and dark is a miracleg every cubic inch of space is a miracle." Walt Whitman DARLENE JOY KUBECK "Gooch" "They can change their minds but they can't change me, I've got a dream." Jim Croce ROBIN LEE LAFRANCE "Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look at the stars." Henry Van Dyke 09,49 we yfiifpyl O ...MD ffl W "R nuts" .-When u find thdxlme you love nev wp JW will DEBORAH ANN LAFOGG "Foghat" "I read books and draw like from the eye, all my like is drawings from the eye E. J., B. T. NOREEN JUDITH LAICH "Judi" "They deem me mad for I will not sell my days for gold and I deem them mad for they think my days have a price." TAMMY L. LABAGNARA "Tam" "Of all the gifts that a wise providence grants us to make life full and happy, friendship is the most beautiful." DAVID J. LAMBERTI "Dave" "It is better to be stupid like everyone than to be clever like no one." Seniors 47 ANTHONY J. LANZETTI uAntny WI-Onyw MAUREEN M. LANDRY "Maury -xi? mf! fb MICHAEL LEGATES "Grasp each moment and live it to the full- est extent for soon it fades into only a mem- ory." 48 Seniors MARY ANN LASCELLES "Spock Vulcan" JAMES L. LEARY ..Jim,, DONALD J. LEHANE "Don Rubberbandn BILLIE C. LARCOMBE "Bill" "Love is never having to say you're sorry." STEPHEN EDWARD LENOIR "Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt." CYNTHIA ANN LIEN "Cindy" "Thoughts and dreams are subject to no rule - on them rests the freedom of man to do as he alone wishes." BARBARA LUDOVICO ". . . each moment has its own beautyg it beholds every hour a picture which was never seen before and which shall never be seen again . . NOREEN FRANCES LILLO ..NOr,. "You only get one chance in lifeg make the best of it." V WENDY LYNN LOLLER "Wen", "Loll" "To be at peace with ones soul, is to have accomplished one of lifes extremes." W. L. ROBERT A. DAVID M. LYNCH "Dave,' LOMBARDI ..BOb,, BRENDA JEAN LOFBERG "Don't walk in front of me - I may not follow. Donit walk in back of me - I may not lead, Walk beside me and just be my friend." CHRISTOPHER LYONS "Chris" "Life is a dream, one must make it into reality." Seniors 49 LEONARD MICHAEL MALONIS Sify lad id- -L WX Ymue +0 R5 S5223 Qctrg uLenn, t.Kidn MICHAEL J. MALTESE "Mike" "You are only on this earth once, make them remember you." loxuno t:"'?' rl MANGUILLI "Midge", "WGS" .wwf "Catman" "All things come to him who waits, pro- K vided he knows what he is waiting for." - 'Nl Woodrow Wilson wx Qle mt PAUL MARINUZZI 50 Seniors ..Pepe,, "Hey cavadilll' 335329. X . PHILIP JOSEPH MASSA "You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one. I hope some day you'll join us, and the world we live as one." John Lennon BRIAN L. MANGAN "Never give a sucker an even break." W.C. Fields JOSEPH W. MARINELLI MARY JANE MASSIMINO "Mare", "Massimino" "Memories of lovely things can bring us so much pleasure - keepsakes of sweet mo- ments to have and hold and treasure!" A Y PAMELA JEAN MASTRANTONIO ..Pam,, "Each happiness of yesterday is a memory for tomorrow." LISA M. MCCAFFERTY "If you love life, don't waste time for time is what life is made up of." LAVOID J. MCELYA "Chubby" "Try it you'll like it, and if it don't turn you on, jump back and leave it alone." JERRY A. MATTEIS ..Jer., ul-,een ANNE MCFARLAND ROBERT E. MAURER JR. "Bob" "You can't end war with war. You can't put out fire with fire. To end a crisis you need anti-crisis, only anti is peace." fs MARGARET MARY McCARTHY "Pegeen" "You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only oneg I hope someday you'll join us and the world will live as one." John Lennon LYNN S. McGALLIARD "The fabric of my faithful love no power shall dim or ravel whilst I stay here, - but oh, my dear, if I should ever travel!" Edna St. Vincent Millay Seniors 5l C I Af. 52 Seniors VINCENT MENDILLO Alvin!! 4 CHARLES C. MILIONE 5 fi' MICHAEL J. MCNAMARA M uMaCva I-if BRIAN E MCKENNA THOMAS E. MCLELLAN "Muck" It's not if you win or lose, it's how you play the game." KAREN JOAN MEENEGHAN t.Red,,, ..Nina,. "Yes you are," said Christopher Robin. fifwlfvmi UU. KATHLEEN M. MEGILL 1 A "Kathy" Ulf you love someone, set him free if he comes back, he's yoursg if he doesn't he never was " JANET M. MELILLI "Rabbit" V '. . . When we leave this world, we're gonna leave it together . . .!', im "Chuck,' Do on to others as they do on to you," not it 'X .1 1, N r J' i fix W' XL my XL lfxfi Q, Lite L xxgjtlf' J W 43 U, Ilglfgigblib If EAW ld binge N M M ffl, no ffl ol W Ola Ola nothing 'I VID KEITH MILLER "Fats", "John Milner" "Winning isn't everything but losing is IW LOUIS Er INERI, JR. 'Handsome' Ur ' :Ali nw Nl , Qxggqllgwdjgkoa QJMZD KURT EDWARD MIRAKIAN I li -I nm, I Kurt WILLIAM MITCHELL "Risk the abyss"' DOMINIC MOREGGI "Medgi" ROBERT RICHARD MORTALI JR. KATHERINE CABRINI MOORE Better an extinguished flame, than one that is sheltered from the wind " MANUEL S MORAS Emanuel , Manny Nqr,-:QQ "Big Bob" "Everyone has his day and some days last longer than others? 53! Seniors W QOJIWIDIO I I .CL Q I i 06099 DO oil' 6 OAQQ f I All KATHY LYNNE MRAVIC IrMerVas "I saw a star, I reached for it, I missed it so I accepted the sky." QCIX-Qiixw Ao 6 Q, O ee O09 G . N A020 5 6 L owgi' we U Q Q BURNHAM MULCAHEY Vx After enough time has passed, all memo- N s are beautiful." August Strindberg all MAUREEN SUSAN MULHERN DAVID FRANCIS MURPHY "Mud", "Red" 54 Seniors JONATHAN WILLIAM MUNCK Munck Ah, the screwy Wabbltl LESLIE SIMS MUNSON es" NATHAN JOSEPH NOVARRO ..Nate,, "If you wouldn't write it and sign it, don't say it." DANIEL E. NAZARIO "If it feels good, do it." if 5 ROBIN LEIGH NELSON "Robin" "I've saved some sunlight, if you should ever need, a place away from darkness where your mind can feed." Rod McKuen LINDA GAIL NOYES "I am approaching a crossroads, may I choose to follow the right road. May it lead to happiness instead of tears. May I be my- self first, last, always." L. Noyes JAMES NOLAN :,f.rf'.gf.g,,4 . 4, Q fl' '?' mi. . a,Q.:I'.Q, V, ,kfilff , fm, " f1"2'?i' I fiiif 1-' . 1 - - ' v in 'SHE ,X A fZj"i5tf1g'x!! . , .4 ' v f f ,1ff,ff'gpif'1i' 1 H' My f',i!t'v3' :spa '. ,a,,:::3.55,gg 413 lx, I' 7135 ,,.w, P, ' L i.. ' "A smile costs nothing, but creates RONALD JOSEPH NORMAN "For every person that criticizes what you say, what you do, or what you wear, there is an individual that will agree with DANIEL ROBERT NUGENT "Nug", "Newg" "You run and run to catch up to the sun, but it's sinking and racing around to come up behind you again? nz NORA MARI NORBACK "For long you live, and high you tly and smiles you give, and tears you cry and all you touch, and all you see is all your life will ever be." Pink Floyd MARTHA LEE ODAYNIK "If you are going to climb, you had better grab the branches, not the blossoms." I RQ 'K it '. ,K x Seniors 55 MATTHEW ERNEST OESTERLIN "Matt Helm" "All our past acclaims our future." LORI CARROLL OLIVER "Liver", "Lori', A childish story take, and with a gentle hand lay it where childhood's dreams are twined in memory's mystic band." SUSAN MARY ONOFRIO "I'd rather go anywhere with someone than go somewhere with anyone." 56 Seniors DANIEL PETER O'HARE ..Dan,, "Take it easy. If it comes easy, take it twice." ll if ww f e now a find out DEBRA E. OILOUGHLIN "Deb O" "Remember yesterdayg live todayg dream of tomorrow." . . 1 , 6 ." .. . s .Nu-it ,A af 9 ,W , , A .5 , " as. f CURTIS PAUL ORIO "Cookie" "Cowards die many times before their deathsg the valiant never taste of death but once. " Shakespeare CHRISTOPHER REED OSLIN .IOM "He that gathereth treasures by a lying tongue is vain and foolish, and shall stum- ble upon the snares of death." KAREN ANGELA PAGE "Klutz", "Rager Page", "Zero", "Frizz" "It is better to forget and be happy than to remember and be sad." , gnupg Wwe been FrRevtd5 ,nd WELQQ lvd, 9- l0'l' Mies-1L lftotf, Yom L rl AROg?I'lsPAIm'ViBOl O "He who lives by their fists, dies by the 'hammer' " -time even lflmfjlrt ing 1Tl0f55t' l .o.e. ., fungi gov ef? Sgt-llOlQ'ltQ 'HYVIQS l I APRIL H. PALM "Ape" "Most ofthe shadows of this life are caused by standing in one's own sunshine." Ralph Waldo Emerson limb, . so ' gonufe . Q, had and Nfl l -. - QQFI '. ' MARGARET ANN PALMATIER ..Meg,, "IH speak without love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. The greatest is love. I Corinthians l3:l, 13 DONNA B, PARESE "The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning." Ivy Baker Priest . Q3 -llp-3 3Utl7lmQl' 'iS be TQOk'lr Good Luclli WX NDl'lOtlAeNlQ DENNIS MICHAEL PARILLO "The utter lack of color harmony in this room is gesthetic to my sensibilities." 9 ' . s -1 DAWN L. PARKS yg CA d 0 , "Tex" "The only way to have a friend is to be bn one. lil LOUIS FRANK PARLATO ..LOu,, "Wait a minute," Seniors 57 ALYSON LOUISE PATCH "Patches", "Al" V CYNTHIA R. PELLEY "Cindy", "Pel" "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13 58 Seniors THERESA ANN PATURZO "Terry" "It doesn't matter who you love or how you love, but that you love!" DERMOT DELANEY PELLETIER "I don't want to waste my time, if you don't want to be a FRIEND of mine. You can live your life and walk away, turn your back for another day." LINDA LOUISE PERFETTI "Linny" "You've got to get up every morning with a smile on your face and show the world all the love in your heart." JOSEPH PELLEGRINO I DIANA MARIE PESCE "Pesh" "If you want to be loved, you must love in return." MARK JOSEPH PESTICCI I "Steech" I "Some men see things as they are and say, 'Why?' I dream things that never were and say, 'Why not?' " DEAN ARIS PHILLIPS "Those sciences are vain and filled with er- rors which are not born of experiment, the mother of all certainty." Leonardo DaVinci STEPHEN JAMES PETRILLO "Lippy" "I've got to be me." RICHARD J. PIASCIK "Pork" "You've only got one life to live, so live each day to its fullest." ,J Q-wi' LOUIS C. PICCIRILLO "I may be able to speak the languages of men and even of angels, but ifl have not love, my speech is no more than a noisy gong or a clanging bell." SUSAN ANNE PETTORINI "Pet", "Buzzy" "I am not afraid. I'd go down gladly in a whirlpool had I ridden all day on a friendly wave." SHARON ANN PIEPER usher-- "Loneliness and solitude are quite diiferent. One is defeat A the other victory." ax Seniors 59 DOMINIC K. PISCITELLI "Dom", "Nick" 'Why let the devil have all the funf, JOHN PETER PLACHTYNA nplacn "Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together." ? Xxx! I. V y I t fm. 'ij ELIZABETH A. POWELL "Powell" "A warm smile and a happy heart won't solve your problems, they'll just make your life a little brighter." LAURIE JEANNE PRONTO "Prom" As time goes on, I realize just what you mean to me and now, now that you,re near, promise your love to me." A . KURT S. POULTON REGINA PUCHALSKI 5 60 Seniors CLAIRE M PURCELLA PAUL W. RAFFILE "Thought is deeper than speech JOHN ANTHONY RAMADEI "He who walks with wise men will become wise, but he who walks with fools will fare badly." l DANIEL PATRICK ROCHE "Dan" "Those who look only to the past are cer- tain to miss the future." CHERYL ANN REBESCHI "Cher" 'All experiences are an arch to grow on. la PETER F. REILLY "Leprechaun" LINDA JEAN RICHETELLI "Lin" "Show me the path where I should go, O Lordg point out the right road for me to walk. Let your light shine for all to see." GREGORY JOSEPH RUBINO "Man's fear of ideas is the greatest dike holding back human knowledge and happi- ness." RICHARD GORDON REID "Rich" 'A wise man knows when to be quiet. KIMBERLY ANNE RUSSELL 'LKim" "My life is a stroll upon the beach, as near the ocean's edge as I can go." Seniors 6l Thoreau DIANNE M. SALVATI JOHN ANTHONY SACCU ..Sac,. "Those who think they are to be, shall nev- er be and those who think they will not be, shall be." i ANTHONY SAVINO DONNA SAULT "I saw a star, I reached for it, I missed. So I accepted the skyf' GARY C. SAWICKI "Sawik" "Reach for the heavens and hope for the i . future in all that we can be and not what we g are? CYNTHIA ANNE SAVO ..Cin, ,, "I wish you peace when times are hard a light to guide you through the dark? 62 Seniors it fs tt I A if " . fe fi FT 1 ' " vs RITA M. SARRO "Freda" "To touch, to feel, and to smell are impor- tant things in life, but to know love and to be loved is the most cherished possession." "When time takes its measure - and all but are left are the memories - I thank 2 'I God mine are what they are." CHERYL ANNE SBABO uchern "This above all: To thine own self be true." Polonius I. ii. 82 -uma-4' 3 GAIL R. SCALESSE "The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it." Richard L. Evans JOHN M. SELTZER "Give truth and you will find happiness." l l xgxxs ,u,:,, Xxx' xx 'Qi' s x xx, Qsixxx. Y . ' ' N N xxx. Q JODY L. SCALESSE "Jod" "The best and most beautiful things in the world can not be seen nor touched but are felt in the heart." is--ef ,Q A' ' H KARL SCHULER '23' DAVID CHARLES SENECAL "Dill" , rf, KATHY SCHOMBURG ROBIN JOAN SCHWARTZ "Schwartzie" I fl ...I 9 MARIE A. SERIO Seniors 63 STEVEN F. SHANLEY To serve, to strive and not to yield. DONALD H. SHEA JR. ,X THOMAS G. SHERMAN "Tank" "But what is truth? Is truth unchanging law? We both have truths - are mine the same as yours? :Pilate - Superstar JODI SHOR nJ0d,, RAYMOND T. SLOCUM 1!"'9' DIANE SMITH "Mistakes Are Always Forgivable If One Has The Courage To Admit Them," Q Q 6 if 1 Cayo KM' x LINDA JEAN SMITH U' Q Q, UQ 'To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild Howerg hold infinity in in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour." sn :bk C0 5 KCQMKS 'F WILLIAM SMITH "Smitty" GK ii' "Try everything you possibly can in life, or you havenlt lived." Oy D Cx- Gcocl fzffk 64 Seniors Ok 'Q S0493 --xf ullferic Feoftg FRN Q' od +:me,t +.,3eHv o fi' Neff ilvfl an -2415 0 J K if be UN I Magi df Suez U gown . ,WC 5 vecaf- wie QQ M5 XXJKOJSX' 569 MKS A QCGOU' amd 3 V6 'i 4 wasp HMS wwf d We 59 I DEBBY SOLA Where there is love there abides peace Where there is peace there is joy Where there is joy there is a smile In the depths of my soul is a wordless song." 'E' MICHAEL J SORTITO Mike "Keep both feet on the ground and reach for the stars. MICHAEL THOMAS SPARAGO "Mike" On the day of victory, no one is tired. SCOTT E. STALNAKER . . . You can never take away the love you gave me yesterday I don't have to capture you cause you're here in my memory." STEVEN K. STEINBERG "I am not afraid of tomorrow for I have seen yesterday and I love today." ARTHUR A. STOCKMAN "Art" "Do as much as you can, as fast as you can, to get through life as best as you can." STEPHEN SUCHY Chop J MM. at ROBERT E. SUDOL "Bob" L A . D Q! ff ' Skiiwi 65 ' "To be or not to be that is the question." l Seniors ROBERT PAUL JOHN SUSSINA "There's a sign on the highway telling everyone to rejoiceg every moment is a crossroad, everyone must make a choicef' BRUCE VINCENT TESTA "When I was fourteen I was surprised at how little my father knew. When I was twenty-one I was amazed at how much he'd learned in seven yearsf' 66 Seniors ELIZABETH MARIE TAGLIATELA ..LiZ,, "To succeed in love you must trust, respect, and have contidence in each otherf' KENNETH BRUCE TEDESCHI "Deschi" "The greatest homage we can pay to truth is to use it.', iii 7 Emerson ANTOINETTE TEIXEIRA MIKE TESTA "John" "Toni" TAKASHI TAMAGAWA "The past we can always see but never cor- rect. The future we can never see but always correct. Can we not then see the past so we may correct the future?" IAN GEOFFOIS TETRAULT 'I can't think of a punchline for all this." ,V "" X f Kgs ' W 1' JIM THERRIEN "Jimbo" "Weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning." The Psalms JON C. TIEDEMANN Big Jon If you smile at me I cause that is the same W . Kia PHILIP V. TIPPET II ..-1-ipw KAREN THOMPSON "Friendship is like china, precious and rare, when broken can be mended but the crack is always there." Z, ,vi Ig, ANDREA J. TOMASZEK "Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans." Thomas LaMance CHRISTINE TIFFANY Jell SHERYL LEE THOMPSON "That's the way, ugh huh, ugh huh, I like it, ugh huh, ugh huhf' 4' NICHOLAS PAUL TOMMASELLI "Nick" "Act yourself, because when you're alone, that's who you are." Seniors 67 ANTHONY MERIT TURRELL "Point" "Determination is one of man,s few virtues that achieves success." I KATHRYN ELIZABETH TYRRELL "Kathy,' At times, it is better to keep your mouth shut and let people wonder if you're a fool than to open it and remove all doubtf' u Qwr' Ja JACK URBANSKI "Smack" "Ten percent of the tishermen catch ninety percent of the fish." Sw fi? 'Neo We Je -L 0.51: uibomjft EDWARD W. VEGLIANTE t.Ed,, BARBARA J. VENTO 68! Seniors GAIL MARIA VERDI "Verd" "The timeless in you is aware of life's time- lessness, and knows that yesterday is to- day's memoriesg tomorrow is today's dreams." ELAINE VELUSH "King Size" "Keep smiling it makes people wonder what you're up to." ROBERT ANTHONY VESSICHIO "Sic" "Grasp each moment and live it to the full- est extent for soon it fades into only a mem- ory." Sl l CYNTHIA ANNE VERNERIS "Cindy" 'Love does not consist of gazing at each other but in looking in the same direction." 'Airy' DAVID BRUCE WAKEFEILD "Wakey" "To live successfully and be loved is the greatest wish a man could have." ROBERT E. WALTERS "Robert" ANN MARIE VITALE "Vital" "I'm not afraid oftomorrow for I have seen yesterday and love today." ROBYN WARFIELD "Stripping a person of his individuality is like doubting his existence." Carl Beekman MICHAEL FRANK VORIO JR. "Mikie" "That's life" Q 01 s fifjyifw 24123. 0'H'g 1 LINDA SUSAN WALDRON "Today is mine. It is unique. Nobody in the world has one exactly like it. It holds the sum of all my past experiences and all my future potential." MICHAEL F, WEED 'tMike" "Love is all we need to stay strong and keep going." Seniors 69 QJUQJ MARK ROBERT WEINS "It,s always darkest before the dawn " ROBERTA LOUISE WYSOCKI "Bert" "It is only with the heart that one can see rightlyg what is essential is invisible to the eye." Little Prince 70 Seniors JOSEPH B. WILLIAMS "Wisdom is the principal thingg Therefore get wisdomg and with all thy getting get understanding." Proverbs 4:7 cg: DEBORAH WOZNIAK "The greatest gift one can give to another person is a deeper understanding of life and the ability to love and believe in himselff' cn' I .f,,aifqgg, 4, DOREEN NUZZO "I'd rather be told the truth and be sad, than told a lie and be happy? CATHY A. WOYCHOWSKI "Yes there are two paths you can go by but in the long rung there's still time to change the road you're on." Led Zeppelin X JOYCE ELIZABETH REDDING SE IOR CLASS OFFICERS wO,,..a.M.,W.., V a X x ADVISORS - Betsy Blanchard and Sharon Monteith TREASURER - Joseph Williams, SECRETARY - Laura Hines, VICE PRESIDENT - Nancy Fredericks, PRESIDENT - Don Colantonio Seniors 7I SENIOR DIRECTORY CINDA P. ABERCROMBIE - 37 Country Way: Easy going, happy, gullible: "Wait!": Likes: Beaches, sunsets, clouds, rainy days, the color blue, autumn: Dislikes: Liars: lightening, arguers, fog: Pet Peeve: Math, people who think they know everything: Suppressed Desire: To travel: Future Plans: College GAIL K. ALDRICH - 1968 Hartford Turnpike: Aggressive, extroverted, moody: Spanish Club, French Club, A.F.S., Drum Corps: Likes: WPLR, Rock, Blues, meeting people, Moody Blues, racing: Dislikes: Backstabbers, WAR, Elvis Presley, politics, Fords: Suppressed Desire: To go to Spain and buy a Pantera: Future Plans: To attend college, get a Masters in languages, and eventually become an interpreter SCOTT H. ALPERT W 1571 Hartford Turnpike: 5'11", brown eyes, amenable: "Al- most anything counts in horseshoes and handgrenades": Likes: Computers, people, books: Dislikes: Hypocrites, speeches, assemblys: Pet Peeve: High heels Cplatformsj, stupid people: Future Plans: To be a labor lawyer. RICHARD THOMAS ALONGI - ll Bradley Street: Arrogant, troublesome, humou- rous: "I didn't do it": Varsity Football 2 W years, F.B.L.A.: Likes: Schlitz draught, weekends, BTO, the Bruins, having everything my way, to get people aggravated: Dislikes: Overweight girls, getting accused for something I don't do, coaches, half the senior class: Pet Peeve: People who have phony characters: Suppressed Desire: To be granted three wishes: Future Plans: Military seivice then college JOE S. AMATO - 22 Monroe Street ANDREW A. AMATRUDA - 9 Debra Lane: Crazy, wiry haired, Italian: J.V. Foot- ball, Varsity Track: Likes: Girls, working on cars, sunny days, Friday nights, football games: Dislikes: shoveling my driveway, rainy weekends, losing to Derby: Pet Peeve: People who think they know everything: Suppressed Desire: To build a street rod and drive it to California over the summer: Future Plans: College RALPH JOSEPH AMENDOLA - 2 Turner Drive: Italian, nervous, appreciative: Likes: Peterbilts, Kenworths, sports, friends, going out with the guys, driving, Pepe Farms, being alone at certain times: Dislikes: School, getting up, a criticizer and a bragger: Pet Peeve: State Troopers: Suppressed Desire: To be a trucker: Future Plans: The Air Force CHRISTINE M. ANASTASIO - 1 Woodside Drive: "I don't Known, "Where's Pam", "Yeah sure": friendly, understanding, happy: Member of the E.M.B:M.S.M.C. Club, Softball: Likes: A certain someone, strawberries, to party, Misquamicut, H.E.S., to sleep: Dislikes: getting up in the morning, people telling me what to do: Pet Peeve: Two-faced people, people who think their too good for one another: Suppressed Desire: To always be happy: Future Plans: Barbering School, College: "Yesterday is already a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision, but today, well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope." NEAL J. ANGELINI - 182 Quinnipian Avenue: "What'?l!", "What are you doing??", "C'mon": friendly, humorous, always smiling: Likes: Woodworking, stereo equipment, music, girls, playing the drums, softball, being with friends, spending money, driving, sports: Dislikes: Getting up early in the morning, staying home, people without a sense of humor, rain, waiting: Pet Peeve: Albums with a scratch, warped boards: Suppressed Desire: To be tall, rich, own a Jaguar, and to get the most out of life: Future Plans: Carpenter. PAMELA SUSAN ARMSTEAD i 116 Millbrook Road: Short, cute, bratty: D.E.C.- A., Youth in Government Day, U.N. Student Exchange Program: Likes: dogs, lollipops, Tom Collins, ceramics, mustangs, motorcycles: Dislikes: shoes, spiders: Pet Peeve: people who talk to me in the morning: Suppressed Desire: To be over 5 feet tall: Future Plans: Marriage. JAMES JOSEPH ARTAIZ 3 72 Drazen Drive: "Buzz OFFII' Amicable, sincere, unpredictable: Likes: Hondo, being with my friends, partying, the Beach Boys, hoop, high Adidas, playing with Janie: Dislikes: Loneliness, empty mailboxes, looking like John, waiting, zeroes: Pet Peeve: Getting cutl: Suppressed Desire: To drive across the United States in a Mercedes convertible: Future Plans: Medicine: "This above all: To thine own self be true, and it must follow as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man." JOHN ANTHONY AURORA f 279 Maple Avenue: "You got a head like . . ," Always talking, brown hair, Italian: Likes: Sports, Italian food, summer vacation, cruis- ing in the car, having good times with friends: Dislikes:.Getting up on school mornings, waiting for people, dirty cars, old people driving too slow, Boston teams: Pet Peeve: People who think they are better than others: Suppressed Desire: Seeing Uncle Danny in action: Future Plans: College JENNIFER BAERMAN - 88 Buell Street: Model Congress, Model U.N., Debate, Philosophy Club, A.F.S.: Future Plans: Exploitation and alienation of the masses, capi- talist gain JUNE BAIOCCHI - 38 Fitch Street: Small, friendly, lazy: Italian Club: Likes: Sa- phires, music: Dislikes: Waking up: Pet Peeve: Having nothing to do: Suppressed Desire: To travel Future Plans: College GARY L. BAKSHYS - 479 Washington Avenue: Obscene, daring, perverted: "IfI told you that you had a great body, would you hold it against me?": DECA, Producing 8-track tapes, making money illegally, bowling: Likes: Sports, rock, George Carlin, spending money, being a class clown: Dislikes: Coming home from a night out earlier 72 Senior Directory than 4 a.m., writing out info for yearbooks: Pet Peeve: Rotating schedules: Suppressed Desire: To own a radio station with the call letters WINO, to be a Mafia Chief, to own playboy enterprises: Future Plans: Unsure DAVID A. BALLETTO - 226 Spring Road: Friendly, out going, dependable, truthful: "I'm only joking", "Do I have to?": "You big baboon": A.F.S., D.E.C.A., and E.M.B.M.S.M.S. Club: Likes: Partying, Friday nights, sleeping late, Florida, picking on people: Dislikes: Two faced people, people who pre-judge other people, Milk Dodds: Pet Peeve: Nags: Suppressed Desire: To travel around the world, own my half of the Speedy and Weedy Corporation: Future Plans: College ROBERT BRUCE BAPTIE JR. - 2281 Ridge Road: Easy going, friendly: "Come on, let's go", Varsity Hockey, Varsity Club, Tennis, Latin Club: Likes: Long summer days at the beach, walking in the woods, hat tricks, motorcycle riding: Dislikes: Having to patch up tire marks on my lawn, cold rainy days, eonceited people: Pet Peeve: Working, selfish people: Suppressed Desire: To be successful in everything, be rich: Future Plans: College PETER C. BARNEY - 97 Ezra Street: Friendly, humorous, easy going: "What do you day": Likes: Having a good time, money, sports: Dislikes: dull people, crowded places, getting up early: Pet Peeve: People who ask too many questions: Suppressed Desire: To be well-to-do in life: Future Plans: College DAVID BARNOWSKI - 55 Park Road: "Bobo": Big, kind, flirt: "No school tomor- row": DeMolay, Dial Help, Community Services: Likes: Girls, cars, DeMolay, beer, screw drivers, parties, good conversation: Dislikes: School, rowdy people: Suppressed Desire: To be an Actor: Future Plans: College DEBORAH ANN BARONE - 143 Middletown Avenue: "I'm so tired", "Sure": Likes: Don, Mustang Ills, singing, dungarees, pizza, working, dogs: Dislikes: Presents, washing dishes, plastic people, bugs, embarrassing moments: Pet Peeve: Lights in the morning: Suppressed Desire: Travel, marriage. DAWN ELIZABETH BARTLETI' - 17 Woodside Drive: Unique, daft, dreamer: A.F.S., 'LAII-Nightersv Club, CDC: Likes: Socks, spaghetti, exotic excursions, tongues Espana: Dislikes: Elbows, routine, behavior "rules": Pet Peeve: Being nagged in the morning: Suppressed Desire: To be a cheerleader JANET LYNN BARTON - 28 Collett Street: Stubborn, impatient, active: Ski Club, Philosophy Club, Volunteer with Mentally Retarded Children, Saturday Morning Pro- gram: Likes: Onion rings, being with special people, the sun, dancing: Dislikes: Slow people and fake people: Pet Peeve: Shoes: Suppressed Desire: To try everything at least once: Future Plans: College NANCY JANE BATTIS - 39 North Hill Road: Talkative, impulsive, dizzy: "Ooh, luke ottt dee penguin!": Likes: playing leap-frog, Miller's, red roses, Montana: Dislikes: Forgetting what it is I'm talking about, Frisbee-eating lawn mowers: Pet Peeve: Stop 8: Shop Suppressed Desire: To own a 1928 Mercedes-Benz Sportswagen: Future Plans: To live a good life BRUCE H. BEAUCHAMP - 234 Maple Avenue: Quiet, friendly, easy going: Sports, Fishing: Likes: The Cape, snowy nights, baseball, sports, camping: Dislikes: Pushy people, rainy weekends, two faced people: Pet Peeve: People who say they are going to do something and then don't do it: Suppressed Desire: To learn how to ski: Future Plans: College ANDREW PHILLIP BECKWITH f 56 Kings Highway: "Zool,': Short, blue eyes, quiet: Likes: Concerts, trips and parties: Dislikes: Overtime, 62 Ford Vans, Miller: Pet Peeve: Walking in to a full class: Suppressed Desire: To own a Ferrari: Future Plans: College WILLIAM C. BENNETT - 255 Spring Road: Friendly, helpful, logical: "That's cool": Likes: Music, friends, guitars, banjos: Dislikes: Raking leaves: Pet Peeve: Unkepy prom- ises: Suppressed Desire: Travel the United States: Future Plans: To become a Computer Engineer and Technician EILEEN MARY BENSON - 98 Knollwood Road: Considerate, excitable, gullible: "Oh, the poor little baby. . .": 113 ofthe FND, Field Hockey, FBLA, Junior and Senior Prom Committee: Likes: Music, Florida '75, cold winter nights, lemons, going barefoot, ice cream: Dislikes: Liars, thunderstorms, spiders, saying good-bye, busy signals, Hojo's: Pet Peeve: Waitingl: Suppressed Desire: It's a secretl: Future Plans: College, travel and happiness: "The past always seems better when you look back on it than it did at the time, and the present never looks as good as it will in the future? DEBORAH L. BERNTSEN - 47 Blakeslee Avenue RAYMOND CARL BERSHTEIN - 25 Windsor Road East: Sly, shrewd, satirical: SACHEM, A.F.S., Model Congress, Concert and Stage Band, "All-Nighters" Club: Likes: College weekends, vacations in Florida, tennis, parties, concerts, Mel Brooks and Woody Allen movies: Dislikes: Waiting in line, unreliable people, stuck-up girls, boring weekends: Pet Peeve: North Haven High Schoolls "organized" scheduling over the past four years: Suppressed Desire: To become a successful lawyer: Future Plans: College JEFF PAUL BIALECKI - 76 Collett Street ERIC J. BISIGHINI - 12 Chapel Hill Road: Quiet, honest, courteous: "You're kid- ding": FBLA, CYO: Likes: Basketball, popular music, fishing, ice cream: Dislikes: Monday mornings, hypocrites, fair weather friends: Pet Peeve: Push sales clerks: Sup- pressed Desire: To go cross-country camping in a van with some friends: Future Plans: College, Accountant BARBARA ANN BISSELL 1 2061 Hartford Turnpike: "Barb": Sensitive, warm, sincere: "I know bu . . Ice skating, bicycling, sewing, swimming, roller skating, CYO, FBLA, Principal's ofiice assistant: Likes: Children, people who are more outgoing than I am, cheesecake, red hair: Dislikes: Insincerity, arguments, being depressed, super shy boys: Pet Peeve: People who never have the time to listen to others: Suppressed Desire: To travel around the world: Future Plans: To become an executive secretary. SCOTT W. BLUE - 33 Valley Brook Lane: Small, crazy: "DYNOMITE',: Travel, water skiing, boating, mountain climbing, "going out", having a good time, "the green", cruzin, cars: Likes: A crazy Chrysler Wagon, East Rock, a certain girl, good music, the White Mountains: Dislikes: VW's, Fords, dirty mags, stuck up people, being held back: Pet Peeve: Getting pulled over by the cops because they think I'm too young to drive: Suppressed Desire: To live in the White Mountains: Future Plans: Electronics, Marriage DENISE MARIE BODWELL - 16 Postman Highway: Crazy, friendly, protective: "I feel sick!": M of the BZ's, Ski Club, Cynchronized Swimming, Junior Prom Committee, teaching Spanish at elementary schools, Rainbow, North Haven Women's Softball, biking: Likes: Ray, good times, cameras, nature, true friends: Dislikes: Hypocrites, rainy weekends, curfews: Pet Peeve: Conceited people: Suppressed Desire: To do half as much for my family as they have done for me: Future Plans: College and travel CYNTHIA E. BOFFA - 1 Governors Drive: Fussy, quiet, understanding: "And he says-to-me . . Pep Club, J.V. and Varsity Maroon Cheerleading, Junior Prom Chair- man: Likes: Clothes, drawing, cold autumn football games, the country: Dislikes: People who are late, frizzy hair: Pet Peeve: Getting up early: Suppressed Desire: To be a cartoonist: Future Plans: Work and travel DANA LYNN BOONE - 108 Highland Park Road: Likes: Les, being independent: Dislikes: Being away from home: Suppressed Desire: To settle down and be content: Future Plans: To travel and live in Canada PATRICE C. BOURDEAU - 2007 Hartford Turnpike: Horseback riding, Tennis: Likes: Animals, having a real good time: Dislikes: Fights: Pet Peeve: Phoney people: Suppressed Desire: To travel DAVID JOHN BRANCATO - 48 Frost Drive: "Pudge", "Bronk": Friendly, quiet, italian: Sandlot sports, fishing, ping pong, S.P.L.A: Likes: Being with friends, music, time for thought, outdoors, YANKEES . . . "there's always next year.": Dislikes: Losing, Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins: Pet Peeve: Conceited people: Future Plans: College BARBARA LYNN BROCKETI' - 888 Thompson Street: Crazy, friendly, impulsive: "You jerk", "Get outta here!": FBLA: Likes: Laughing, walking in falling snow, snow at Christmas, being with friends, sunshine: Dislikes: Broken promises, waiting for peo- ple, loneliness, arguments with people I care about: Pet Peeve: Being told how bad I drive: Suppressed Desire: To go back to Europe: Future Plans: College KENNETH D. BROWN - 9 Lynette Drive: "K.B.": Good, better and dynomite: Afro-American Club: Likes: Girls with natural soul, beer: Dislikes: Drugs, soda: Pet Peeve: Sick People: Suppressed Desire: To have lots of money and go to Cross: Future Plans: Paris Island GREGORY CLIFFORD BROZEK - 1616 Hartford Turnpike: Tall, likeable, easy going: Varsity Basketball, J.V. Football: Likes: the beach, snowy days, partying, sports, bologna and butter: Dislikes: Braggers, getting up early, hot muggy days: Pet Peeve: Bull-throwers: Suppressed Desire: To be a radio personality: Future Plans: College BARBARA ANN BRUCE - 170 Shawmut Avenue: Creative, sportsminded, stubborn: "Ick", "Yay team!": Bowling League, Softball League, Senior Girls Scouts, Brownie Leader, Spanish Teaching, 4-H Club, Choir, Chorus: Likes: Sports, Science, Science Fiction, artwork, writing, talking, singing, animals, competition, poetry, Star Trek, coun- try, Miami Dolphins: Dislikes: Cliques, when there's never enough time, decision mak- ing, novels in English class, losing: Pet Peeve: People who answer, "I don't care": Suppressed Desire: To be a Broadway Star: Future Plans: College "For what he did was on his own and in his life he set his own goals. He picked his friends and spoke his piece and now from this his life dones cease." BAB VIRGINIA ANN BRUNEAU - ll Cedar Avenue: Tall, skinny, friendly: "I don't know what to do": Likes: G. D., motorcycle riding, concerts parties: Dislikes: Two faced people, snotty people, Pet Peeve: People telling me what to do: Suppressed Desire: To go to Colorado and get out of North Haven: Future Plans: Go into the Air Force KAREN ANN BRZOZOWSKI - 5 State Street: "Lucretia": Tall, big brown eyes, accident prone: "Don't startl": NHDC Likes: "Yo-Yo", laughing, fried clams, magic, partying, Christmas, friends: Dislikes: Birds, babies, feeling tired, insincerity: Pet Peeve: Waiting: Suppressed Desire: To go through one whole day of my life without hurting myself: Future Plans: Hairdressing School JAMES J. BULLER Y 333 Middletown Avenue: "Pimp Wimple": Golf team: Likes: Golf, jogging, weekends, motorcycles, birds: Dislikes: Rainy weekends, rip offs, liars: Pet Peeve: Homework, long term assignments: Suppressed Desire: Travel and to be success- ful in what I do in life: Future Plans: College KIM ARLENE BUONGIRNO - I8 Scrub Oak Road: Crazy, outgoing, friendly: "Just kidding", "Let's bumpl": Pep Club, Latin Club, Italian Club, Philosophy Club, Ski Club, A.F.S., Swimming: Likes: Bob, the beach, concerts, sunshine, good friends, skiing, Orleans: Dislikes: People who think they know everything, caution lights,jelly fish: Pet Peeve: Fake people: Suppressed Desire: To be a singer: Future Plans: College and Travel FRANK A. BUONO 4- 5 Orcutt Court: Funny, intelligent, hard' working: "Mmm, tasty": Italian Club, Soccer: Likes: Paula, Linda, Brenda, boats, fishing, money, playing cards: Dislikes: Working: Pet Peeve: New York Yankees, Giants: Suppressed Desire: To be rich and to own a Bricklin, Alfa Romeo Porshe 917, Dino Ferrari, Maserati Bora ESTELLE BURG f 37 Marlen Drive: Carmina Burana, Candy Striping, French Club: Pet Peeve: Cigarette Smoke: Future Plans: College KAREN ALLISON BUTLER - 1 Rustic Lane: Smiling, energetic, friendly: "Oh, how cute!": Varsity Cheerleader, Girls Track and Field, Girls Gymnastic team, Pep Club, Taught Spanish, Chorus: Likes: Children, Milky Ways, animals, football games: Dis- likes: Good-byes, waking up early: Pet Peeve: Knuckle cracking: Suppressed Desire: To own my own Nursery School: Future Plans: College, Nursery School Teacher "There is a destiny that makes us brothers: none goes by his way alone - all that we send into the life of others always comes back into our own." CHRISTINE MARIE CACACE 4 175 Peddlers Drive: "Ween": Moody, determined, generous: Freshman Secretary, Student Government, FBLA, Junior and Senior Prom Committees: Likes: Steve, music, talking with my friends, Summer of '75, winter evenings: Dislikes: Saying good-bye, getting up in the morning, disappointments: Pet Peeve: My jealousy: Suppressed Desire: To travel around the world: Future Plans: College Music PAMELA ROSE CACACE - 6 Governors Drive: Gullible: "What's new", "I'll do it later": Likes: Old jeans, vacations from school: Dislikes: Phoney people, platforms, blushing, bugs: Pet Peeve: Spiders PETE CAHILL - 6 Evergreen Place: Serious, intelligent, trusting: Skiing, Driving, Working: Likes: Snowmobiling, Continentals, flying: Dislikes: Jeff Grasso, senior eng- lish: Pet Peeve: Volkswagens, rotating schedules, Dodges': Suppressed Desire: To smoke in the office: Future Plans: College KIMBERLY CALDWELL - 116 Pool Road: SACHEM Editor, Swim Club, Model Congress, Model U.N., Debate Club: Likes: Basken-Robbins 31 flavors, sailing, hockey games, lightning Storms, photography: Suppressed Desire: To play lead banjo with the Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra: Future Plans: To sail around the world on a freighter, College BARBARA CAMERA - 134 Maple Avenue: Determined, content, reserved: Ski- Club, Volleyball Co-Captain, Horseback riding Likes: Fall afternoons, arabian horses, being with good friends: Dislikes: Rainy days, boredom, good-byes: Pet Peeve: Impa- tient people: Future Plans: College - JEAN MARY CANESCHI f 26 Dover Road: Moody, sensitive, friendly: "I whenna go": NHDC: Likes: The hill, Nezha, strawberry sundae pistachio ice cream, stuffed lobster: Dislikes: Waiting, liars, two faced people: Pet Peeve: Busy signal: Suppressed Desire: To be a Commercial Artist: Future Plans: Art School LISA MARIE CAPPELLA Y 91 William Street: Crazy, friendly, blue eyes: Likes: Sunshine, beaches Miller's Pond, art, and black cats: Dislikes: Doing nothing: Pet Peeve: Two faced people: Suppressed Desire: To own a Sportscar: Future Plans: To live STEPHEN THOMAS CARBONELLA - 9 Rose Lane: "82", tall, dark, Italian: "Good Morning", "Ma-Fa": Freshman: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Varsity Football, Varsity Club, Afterprom Committee: Likes: L. O., cold nights, "76ers", meatloaf, Reese's Pea- nut Butter Cups, oreo cookies: Dislikes: Losing, giving it your all and coming out second best, DERBYI, waiting: Pet Peeve: Being interruptedllg Suppressed Desire: "to catch a pass": Future Plans: College ROBERT W. CARPENTER - 19 LeGrand Road: Adventurous, content, inter-de- pendent: Forum: Likes: Good conversation, trust, being able to express yourself: Dis- likes: Lack of appreciation, meager minded people, Langes: Pet Peeve: People with nothing to say: Suppressed Desire: To write: Future Plans: College, Architect WENDY LYNN CARPENTER - 264 Mill Road: Brown-eyed, congenial, crazy: "You,re a stinker!": Majorettes - Captain Senior Year, Rainbow, Junior Prom Commit- tee, Dancing Teacher: Likes: Writing, "Show-Bizness", a certain smile: Dislikes: Sitting indian style, no free time, people who don't answer letters: Pet Peeve: Cigarette smoke: Suppressed Desire: To fulfill all my dreams: Future Plans: Continue teaching dancing: College Y Elementary Degree LISA MARIE CARR - 83 Todd Drive: "Truck": Whacko, impulsive, daring: "Pretty funny!", "Look at those . . .!": Majorettes, Track 8: Field, Freshman Class Treasurer, Student Government, "W of FHB's", Junior and Senior Prom Committee: Likes: ERDC, Sherman, rain, italian food, giraffes: Dislikes: Shoes, my senior picture, friends who turn out not to be, Irish jokes: Pet Peeve: "And where's your pass???" Suppressed Desire: To jump in the fountain in front of the Hamden Town Hall at the stroke of midnight: Future Plans: Working with children, College: "So they went off together. But wherever they go, and whatever happens to them on the way, in that enchanted place on top of the forest, a little boy and his bear will always be playing." ROBIN LYNN CASMAN - 34 River Road: Friendly, idealist, carefree: Ski Club, Senior Directory 73 Ex-Committee, AFS, Model Congress, Junior Honor Guard, Junior Class Secretary, "All-Nighters", Likes: Partying, eating, boys, vans 8L Vette's, dancing, October, Dis- likes: Liver, vain and giddy people, waiting, Pet Peeve: Being told what to doi, Sup- pressed Desire: To go Cross Country, Future Plans: To clean my room JANET LYNN MIREILLE CASTELLANO A 9 William Street, Talkative, crazy, vivacious, "You nerdl", Dance Club, Drama Club, Likes: Sunsets, rides through the country, antiques, swim meets at H.H.S., ice skating, old movies A GWTW A Shakes- peare, music of the 50's, Tchaikovsky A BBB, pickles, Dislikes: Immature people, crossing campus, rudeness, sloppy people, snobs, anything unnatural, Pet Peeve: Some- one smoking while l'm eating, Suppressed Desire: To be someone who everyone knows and looks up to with envy and respect, Future Plans: Business School or College DONN H. CASTONGUAY A 8 LeGrand Road, "So Wut", Skateboarding, Ski Club, Likes: New Hampshire, Skiing, motorcycles, Dislikes: Pickles, confined feet, quick-fried furburgers, Pet Peeve: Acid Rock, Suppressed Desire: To cross the country on a bee em, Future Plans: To be a Hollywood star, "Move forward! Was my friend's only cry, in deeper to somewhere we could lie, and rest for the day with cold in the way. Were we ever colder on that day a million miles away. It seemed far from all eternity." Jon Anderson ANTHONY LOUIS MICHAEL CAVALLARO JR. A 16 Corey Road, "Anchovie", Dark, jealous, successful, "Youive got to be kidding!", Italian Club, Swim Team, Likes: Someone special, boats, Mrs. Nappe, playing piano, eating, all sports, Dislikes: Girls of ill repute, overly protective parents, changing schedules, cornbeef and cabbage, Pet Peeve: Two faced people, Suppressed Desire: To have a baby Call by myselfj., Future Plans: College, Marriage and a family SANDRA CENTER A 84 Blakeslee Ave. KEITH W. CHAPMAN A 9 Corey Road, Swim Team, Likes: Camping, music, party- ing, girls, Dislikes: School, working, being bored, Pet Peeve: Phoney people, Suppressed Desire: To go to California, Future Plans: Travel and more Schooling CLAUDIA FRANCES CHESTER A 20 Lincoln Street, Summer Women's Baseball Team, Poetry, Bike Riding, Hiking, Likes: Good friends, teachers, children, God, Dis- likes: None, Pet Peeve: People who say things without thinking first, Suppressed Desire: To really live, Future Plans: Middlesex Community College, become a good veterinarian RONALD ANTHONY CHIEFFO A 15 Country Way, Sensible, peaceful, content, Freshman Football, Freshman Track, Varsity Soccer, Ski Club, Varsity Club, Latin Club, A.F.S., Junior Prom Committee, Drivers Education, Likes: To take photographs, listen- ing to music, being alone, most sports, being with people, Dislikes: Rain in the winter, losing, infectious mononucleosis, last day of school, Pet Peeve: Not being able to go to school, Suppressed Desire: To be a member of the "All Nighters", Future Plans: Enjoy the summer, Attend College KENNETH W. CHRISTIANSON JR. A 2 Susan Lane DIANE CIPOLLINI A 81 Bailey Road DAVID KENDALL CLAPP A 93 Maple Avenue SANDRA LEE CLARK A 999 Mt. Carmel Avenue, Independent, curious, quiet, "Yeh, oh my God", 4-H Horse Club, A.F.S., Nurses Aide, Pony Club, Likes: Animals, relaxed people, country living, Wyoming, Florida, driving, travel, horses, horse shows, drama, wildlife, Dislikes: Cities hunting animals, rainy days, housing developments and highways, Pet Peeve: Snobs Suppressed Desire: To become a famous actress, Future Plans: To attend a four year Nursing College DONALD FRANCIS COLANTONIO JR. A 10 Red Brick Lane, Outgoing, stubborn, ambitious, "Let the good times roll!", Varsity Soccer, Freshman Track, Soph., Jr., Sr. Class President, Ski Club, A.F.S. "All Nighters" Junior Honor Guard, Prom Committee, Likes: The beach, "Partying'i, certain special people, the "ghia", skiing, Dislikes: 1A0 losses, "Cliques", accidents, stuck-up, two faced people, Pet Peeve: Lousey drivers, undeserved grades, Suppressed Desire: To own a Porsche, Future Plans: College, Travel "When our strength and determination are clear, our words need merely to convey conviction, not belligerence. If we are strong, our character will speak for itself. If we are weak, words will be of no help." J,F.K. PAMELA KAREN COLE A 70 Forest Hill Road, Sensitive, soft-spoken, kind, Ski Club, Modern Dance Club, Junior Prom Committee, Likes: Animals, Skating, the beach, sundaes, Dislikes: Monday morning, liver, math, disappointments, Pet Peeve: Loud obnoxious people, Suppressed Desire, To hang glide, to be successful, to own Bright, Future Plans: College, Travel BARBARA STEVENS COLWELL A 54 Vista Road, Silver Lake, Forum, "The tide rushes in and covers my footprints leaving the sand fresh for another adventure. My life is like the sand. Peoplejourney through my mind and leave their footprints but then the tide rushes in." RUSSELL E. COMEAU A 7 Woodside Drive, "Klondike", Likes: Bowling, fishing, weekends, Dislikes: Plastic people, rainy days, Pet Peeve: Report cards, homework, Suppressed Desire: To go out West, Future Plans: To be an Electrician and buy a Van LORIE M. CONNELLY A 51 Chapel Hill Road, "Really?", "Oh, wow", FBLA, Likes: Driving around, staying out late, rabbits, vacations, oj-oj, Dislikes: Stuck-up people, 74 Senior Directory braggers, bugs, station wagons, Pet Peeve: D. A. and M, Suppressed Desire: Travel Future Plans: Secretarial Work DIANE LEE CONTENTO A 1640 Hartford Turnpike, Gullible, friendly, goof, Likes: DAVID, "Colour My World'l, frogs, strawberries, pizza, setback, "Sunshine", Dislikes: Rainy days, doing dishes, Pet Peeve: When people yell at my dog, Suppressed Desire: To have enough money to build my house, Future Plans: Work GERALD D. COOPER A 26 Evergreen Place, Thoughtful, successful, hard worker, "Take it easy", A.V. Club, Latin Club, Likes: Bowling, girls with blond hair, golfing, all kinds of sports, sleeping, money, eating, Pet Peeve: People who think they know every- thing, Suppressed Desire: To live on another planet all of my own, Future Plans: College, Accountant MARTHA STORY CORAZZINI A 59 Patten Road, Dancing, Cheerleading, Pep Club, Italian Club, Chorus, Likes: Italians, cruises, dancing, Alice Cooper, Dislikes: The Beach Boys, Artie, R.D., Suppressed Desire: To see the world, Future Plans: College GAIL ANN CORCORAN A 151 Middletown Avenue, Shy, moody, tall, "Are you serious?", Likes: Someone very special, Led Zeppelin, "Reflections of My Life", Dis- likes: J .L., phonies, nothing to do, Pet Peeve: When someone you love dies, Suppressed Desire: To be and do what I want, Future Plans: Travel KATHERINE LEIGH CORNISH A 385 Mill Road, Weird, curls, dreamer, Likes: Sailing, embroidery, marine biology, excitement, reading, science fiction and fantasy, cooking, skiing, volleyball, soccer, tennis, the ocean, Moody Blues, friends, dragons, mushrooms, Dislikes: Algebra, staying at home, babysitting, homework, not having any money at all, Pet Peeve: Prejudice of almost any kind, Suppressed Desire: To forget college, live by the ocean and never do anything I don't want too. To give up on all life's hassles and have complete freedom and no responsibility, Future Plans, College, Gradu- ate School, to be famous and have a big house in Maine by the ocean. PAMELA JANE COZZOLINO A 102 Pool Road, Talkative, moody, sarcastic, "Catch ya later.", M FHB's, Likes: Sleeping, Rolling Stones, Camp Echo, Schlitz, laughing, elephants, Dislikes: mornings, boredom, cliques, Pet Peeve: People who don't know when to keep quiet, Suppressed Desire: To be a Singer, Future Plans: L.P.N. ELIZABETH L. CROSSLEY A 138 Buell Street, Likes: Travelling, camping, Dislikes: Getting carded, Pet Peeve: People who blurt out the punch line, Future Plans: Nursing PETER G. CROWELL A 2 Allendale Drive, Varsity Cross Country, Track and Hock- ey, 1!3 of C.O.D, Captain of Track and Cross Country, Varsity Club, Junior Honor Guard, American Legion Boy's State A Who's Who Among American High School Students, Vz of P 8L P, Likes: Sleeping late, long weekends, finishing, good times, hiking, Porsches, L.S.D., Dislikes: Getting up early, research papers, destructive people, Che- sire, losing, Pet Peeve: Signing year books, Suppressed Desire: To bread a four minute mile, Future Plans: College KEVIN J. CROWLEY A 260 State Street, Bowling, Flying, Likes: Cars, flying, automo- tive design, drafting, Future Plans: Mechanical Engineer Design PATRICK M. CULLIGAN A 26 Shaw Drive, Crazy, friendly, unpredictable, Likes: Golf, the outdoors, cars, girls, money, a good song, being with other people, food, Dislikes: Rainy days, spoiled little kids, homework, Suppressed Desire: To live a happy life, Future Plans: Undecided MAURA ELIZABETH CURRAN A 205 Bayard Avenue, Moody, cute, loving, "Coin- kidink", Pep Club, Ski Club, Junior Prom Committee, Varsity White Cheerleading, Laurel Girls State Delegate, Likes: Chopper, animals, rain, dances, the country, being loved, Dislikes: Spiders, arguments, Pet Peeve: Smoking, furcoats, Suppressed Desire: To make my father proud of me, Future Plans: Working with animals JOSEPH G. CUSANO A 109 Ridgewood Avenue, Hockey, Likes: Biology, Frank Zappa, Suppressed Desire: To move to Montana, Future Plans: College CHARMIAN CUTLER A 116 Wayland Street, Cheerful, sincere, energetic, "Hot Dogl", A.F.S., Band, Chorus, Model Congress, Girlis Swim Team Co-captain, Likes: The outdoors, hearty laughter, food, good times, camp, Dislikes: Dances, falsity, Pet Peeve: Smoking, Suppressed Desire: To find out who sent that postcard from Truro, Mass., Future Plans: College, Outdoor work CHARMANE I. CZARNY A 2011 Hartford Turnpike, "Zarn", Unpredictable, moody, outgoing, "Hi, how are ya?", "Oh, hiv, Skating, bike riding, Badminton, Tennis, Likes: Platform shoes, pantera cars, well-dressed guys, New York City at night, dancing, my friend Mike, loud music, good food, different clothes, guys with class, cats, beaches at night, Dislikes: Certain Rah's, conceited people, backstabbers, spiders, people who try to be perfect, Pet Peeve: Certain Rah's, my changing and unpredictable mind, Suppressed Desire: To marry a very rich and handsome guy, to live a happy life with much meaning, Future Plans: College, Travel, Happiness JAMES STEPHEN DACEY A 103 Standish Avenue, "Jimmy," "Dace", Friendly, crazy, Cruzin, Drum Corp., Likes: M.L., a certain girl, 55 Chevy's, beer, Mustangs, "Cruzin", a tire on cold nights, "442,', Dislikes: Dirty cragers, Blues' car, school, Mus- tang II, dirty cars, Elmo's hay burner, Pet Peeve: U.S. History, Suppressed Desire: To build a 55 Chevy, Future Plans: To go on living MARY J. DACEY A 103 Standish Avenue, "Marilyn", Blond hair, blue eyes, crazy, "Ya-wanna?", "Dynomite", Likes: A certain someone, boys with blond hair, crusin, McDonalds, partying, good friends, goohn around, J.S., Dislikes: Broken promises, the expression "Ruff-n-Tufl", when I blush, waiting, backstabbers, girls from Wallingford, W.W. Pet Peeve: People who hurt others for their own happiness, Suppressed Desire: To know I've made that certain someone happy, Future Plans: Nursing DIANE D. DAHLBERG A 45 Thorpe Street, Impatient, enthusiastic, possessive, "Oh, really?", Chorus, Teaching Religion Classes, Likes: A snowy Christmas, horses, tennis, reading, sewing, dances, animals, certs, Dislikes: Term papers, Anna Karenina, conceit, tests, litter, rush hour, Pet Peeve: People not getting along with other people, Suppressed Desire: To own a ranch and raise horses ROBERT LOUIS D'AMORA A 189 Garfield Avenue, "B", Tall, friendly, understand- ing, Varsity Track, Likes: Sports Cars, sunny days, girls, Dislikes: Cold weather, getting up in the morning, working late, Pet Peeve: People who act like they know everything, Suppressed Desire: To own a Sports Car, Future Plans: College LISA ANN DANIEL A 24 Cottontail Lane, Cheerful, friendly, gullible, "Squatau- gots!", Varsity Volleyball, Likes: Being with someone I love, walking on the beach, concerts, Dislikes: Being lied to, people who think they're better than everyone else, Pet Peeve: Braces, LAUREN SHEPPARD DAVID A I Cooper Road, Athletic, outgoing, Usherette, Gymnastics, Track SL Field State Champs, Likes: Animals, sports, children, music, milky ways, Dislikes: Spiders, braces Pet Peeve: Disappointments, Suppressed Desire: To be rich enough to travel any place I want to go, Future Plans: College KATHLEEN MARIE DAY A 1472 Ridge Road, Big blue eyes, smiling, caring, Pep Club, Junior Prom Committee, SACHEM, Varsity White Cheerleading fCaptain one yearb, Likes: Children, freckles, smiles, laughter, good practices, Dislikes: Arguments, crutches, fast drivers, Pet Peeve: Jealousy, Suppressed Desire: To make soccer the 41 sport, Future Plans: Child Development SARAH JANE DAYTON A 26 Kent Drive, Sensitive, strong willed, impatient, "In- deed!", 4-H, Horseback riding, Chorus, Explorers, Skiing, "Carmina Burana", Likes: Horses, fireballs, New Hampshire, Major, Dislikes: Crowds, braces, slobs, Pet Peeve: Cruelty to animals and children, Suppressed Desire: To ride Major across the U. S., Future Plans: Animal and Environmental Sciences RHONDA JOAN DEBA'I'l'ISTA A 1655 Ridge Road, "Smily", "Bouncer", Rowdy, sexy, snotty, "I hate Rah's", Likes: A.V., the summer of'75 at 3:30, playing in the snow, kids, Dislikes: Rabbit, rainy days, people who only listen to one side ofa story, two faced people, Pet Peeve: Kenny Grasso, Suppressed Desire: To move to Italy, Future Plans: College or Navy CHERYL DEHAR A 10 Jansen Lane, Hot tempered, sentimental, affectionate, Tennis, Swimming, Likes: Windy nights, Ricky, my three cats, the beach, Dislikes: Snotty loud people, Pet Peeve: Marlene, Suppressed Desire: To be happy and loved, Future Plans: College, "The years pass beneath you as paralle rails. It seems as only yesterday you were to old to play or to young to remember and you sometimes wish you could stop and save one day for tomorrow but, it wouldn't be at all the same if you stayed." DENNIS P. DELLISOLA A 35 Bowling Green Drive, Mellow, friendly, Hockey, Work, Likes: Snowy days, weekend nights, Alman Brothers, Dislikes: Rainy days, cops, getting up in the morning, Pet Peeve: School, Suppressed Desire: To own a Jaguar, Future Plans: Seeing the world JOSEPH M. DELUCIA A I9 Palmer Road, Slim, Italian, daring, Likes: Girls, horses, cars, sleeping late, drinking, PARTYING, Dislikes: Being told what to do, getting sick, not having any money, bad days, Pet Peeve: People who yell all the time, cats, Sup- pressed Desire: To be rich, Future Plans: Technical College or Service VINCENT JOSEPH DELUCIA A 107 Mill Road, Talkative, friendly, Varsity Club, Freshman, J.V., Varsity Football, Freshman Basketball and Track, J.V. Baseball, Varsity Football Captain, Likes: Italian food, ONJ, winning, snow on Christmas, Dislikes: Losing, cold summers, practice, quiet people, Pet Peeve: Losing to East Haven, Sup- pressed Desire: To be marooned on a tropical island with . . ., Future Plans: College RALPH DEMATTEO III A 349 Quinnipiac Avenue, "Damn", Hockey, Badminton, Fun, Likes: Nice clothes, fishing, "Cougar", Mar, Dislikes: Classes, homework, getting up early, Pet Peeve: When teachers pronounce my lastname wrong, Suppressed Desire: To own the fastest Cougar in the Valley, Future Plans: Good times SUSAN JANE DEMORRO A 29 State Street, Small, quiet, moody, "Your kidding", Likes: Sports, dancing, going out, loud music, foreign cars, clothes shopping, Dislikes: Liars, cold weather, snobs, cigars, having to get up early on a Saturday, Pet Peeve: I-Iypocrites, Suppressed Desire: PEACE, Future Plans, Work, College RICHARD A DENARDIS A ll Angel Place, "Joe", Quiet, tall, friendly, "How's it goin' ", Likes: Spring, travelling, basketball, Dislikes: Monday morning, rain, Pet Peeve: Not Ending a seat in the cafe, Future Plans: College DAVID F. DEPAOLA A 637 Middletown Avenue, Athletic, thoughtful, sensitive, Track, Football, Likes: Sports, winning, girls, cars, Friday nights out, Dislikes: Being alone, insensitive people, losing, Pet Peeve: Hypocrites, Suppressed Desire: To make it big in life, Future Plans: College DAVID PAUL D'EUGENIO A 50 Cedar Avenue, "T K E", Outgoing, sincere, en- chanting, "Indubitably", Varsity Club, Football, Track, "35" High Jump, Likes: Lori, "Mom's Cooking", good wine, music, the beach, weekends, blue eyes, Dislikes: Stop- signs, redlights, Stop 8L Shop, Pet Peeve: Not being 6'0N tall, Suppressed Desire: To live by the sea in a Chalet with the one I love, Future Plans: College, Recording and Sound Engineering, Marriage, "Happiness" LORE A. DESENA A 18 Curtis Court, "1!3 of Triple Trouble", Dark, explosive, ltalianl, "What's new?", K'Smile", President of DECA Senior Year, SACHEM A Managing Editor. Italian Club, Bookstore, Torch, A.F.S, Prom Committees, Model Congress, Pep Club, Likes: Sunshine, the beach, summer, outdoors, Bert, Italy, traveling, good friends, partying, laughing, T.D.H,: Dislikes: Rainy Mondays, slushy winters, snobby people, spiders, lonliness, Pet Peeve: People who pre-judge others, Suppressed Desire: To travel around the world, To pilot my own plane, Future Plans: College, Travel ANTHONY P. DEVIVO A 11 Ash Street, Likes: To look at girls, sleeping, Dislikes: Waking up in the morning, Pet Peeve: Pollution, loud people, Future Plans: Marines, Travel RICHARD J. DIANA A I Orient Lane, Quiet, outgoing, active, Cross Country Cap- tain, Indoor Track, Spring Track, Freshman Football, II3 of C.O.D., Likes: Winning, girls, ect., psyching out Chris Oslon, Dislikes: Being stood up, being lied to, State Street Time Trials, Jerry Whittaker, Pet Peeve: Losing, Suppressed Desire: To beat Jerry Whittaker, Future Plans: College "Ifa man has a talent and cannot use it, he has failed, Ifhe has a talent and uses only half ofit he has partly failed. If he has a talent and learns somehow to use the whole of it, he has gloriously succeeded and won a satisfaction and a triumph few men ever know." i JANET MARIE DICAPRIO A 25 Overbrook Road, Short, friendly, sensitive, "I'm only kidding", Bookstore, Swimming, Skating, Likes: Walking in falling snow, laughing, snow at Christmas, children, kittens, T.D.H., Dislikes: Waiting, being late, spiders, diets, Pet Peeve: Being called halfpint, Suppressed Desire: To be happy forever, Future Plans: College, Nursing JOANNE GAIL DICENZO A 5 Central Avenue, Tall, big brown eyes, unpredictable, "I think I have a temperature", Likes: H.G.T., Mustang lI's, driving, nutty people, Dislikes: Arguing, waiting, loudmouth showoifs, N.K.D,S., Pet Peeve: Being sick, Sup- pressed Desire: To own a Mustang II, Future Plans: College, "Good, bad, or indifferent, here I stand with my convictions, right or wrong, like me or don't A I exist, I breathe, I live, I love, I make mistakes, I do some good, I have troubles and joys but here I am, my code is my code and it is responsible for the bad things I do as it is responsible for the good." RANDAL J. DIGIROLAMO A 92 Grove Road, Brown hair, blue eyes, skinny, "I'll break both your legs!", "You number mine" Skiing, Working on cars, Racing, Likes: Girls, money, cars, booze, snowy parking lots, partying, 4 spds, Dislikes: Cops, snobs, store music, Wallingford Clicks, being pushed around, unsociable people, Fords, Pet Peeve: Running out of gas on the highway, getting burnt by a girl, Suppressed Desire: To have a high speed chase through the streets of San Francisco: Future Plans: Technical College, Marriage PAMELA J. DIGLIO A I0 Overbrook Road, "Dig", Moody, serious, dependable, "Where's Tina", "Ya know", Member of the E.M.B.M.S.M.C. Club, Likes: A special person, partying, H.E.S., TR 6, Misquamicut, Dislikes: To be hurt, Pet Peeve: Slow drivers, Suppressed Desire: To live forever, Future Plans: Undecided ROBERT DILL A 380 Skiff Street, Tall, DECA, Likes: Fast cars, playing pool, TONI, a certain RIT, mopars, Dislikes: Classes, hangovers, Pet Peeve: People that stare, Suppressed Desire: To have a race car, Future Plans: To sleep PAMELA MARIE DINUZZO A 80 Howe Street, Moody, friendly, lovable, "Obvious- ly", Varsity White Cheerleading fCaptain Senior Yearj, Modern Dance, FBLA, Likes: Dances, having a good time with friends, a good practice, Dislikes: Fast drivers, drunk boys, swearing, Pet Peeve: Snobby people, Suppressed Desire: To get an "A" in Steno, Future Plans: Secretarial Work DEBORAH ANN DOCKNEVICH A 80 Half Mile Road, Friendly, understanding, easy going, "Are you serious'!", Likes: Autumn, nature, motorcycles, Dislikes: Waiting, uncertainty, punks, Pet Peeve: People who close themselves oi? from new relationships and new meanings in life, Suppressed Desire: To live in the mountains of Colorado, Future Plans: To be happy and wise RICHARD JAMES DOYLE A 16 Bowen Road, Intelligent, witty, blue-eyed, Math Club, Duckpin Bowling, Sailing, Likes: Astronomy, science fiction, Yes, Red Sox, Dis- likes: Getting up early, Future Plans: College DENNIS JAMES DUNN A 31 Pond Hill Road, Funny, crazy, out spoken, "Who melll, I'm the wall", Swimming, Chorus, Hospital Volunteer, Student Teaching Pro- gram, Likes: Fast moving music, a good book, having friends around, volleyball, meeting new people, Dislikes: Finding out I really did leave my homework home, Pet Peeve: People who put down others without realizing their own faults, Suppressed Desire: Meeting Anne Margret face to face, Future Plans: To go on the become a Priest COLLEEN EARLY A 9 Brookvale Road BARBARA JANE ECKERT A 9 Frost Drive, Sensitive, ambitious, energetic, "You're kidding!7", "Really7!", Girls' Swim Team, Ski Club, A,F.S., Student Government, Senior Directory 75 Nursery School Volunteer, Swimming, Skating, half-century cyclist ftandumj, Likes: Young children, listening to the sound of gentle rain, camping, smiling, the sun, change of seasons, snowball fights, "snooks", Dislikes: Spiders, insincere people, being late, crowded places, egotistic people, prevaricators, Pet Peeve: immature behavior, Sup- pressed Desire: To be and do all the things l know I can, Future Plans: College, Early Childhood Education, Travel JOANNE C. EDMONDS W 9 Lawncrest Drive, Tall, talkative, friendly, "That's disgusting!", "Give me a breakf, Likes: Black clothes, Kit-Kats, Monte Carlos, very friendly people, being with friends, Dislikes: Fake people, bigoted people, school, sneak- ers, Pet Peeve: People with swelled heads, Suppressed Desire: To see the world, Future Plans: College BAMBI EDWARDS - 14 State Street, Talkative, emotional, vivacious, "Breeze me by . . .", "You might catch me", Jr. Class Treasurer, Jr. Prom Committee, Jr. Honor Guard, Sachem Editor, Sr. Prom Committee, Homeroom Representative, Likes: eating, laughing with my friends, honesty, "Buds", Summer of'75, Dislikes: waiting, hypocrites, people who don't tell you the whole truth, Pet Peeve: Diets, Suppressed Desire: To be an actress, Future Plans: College MICHAEL R. ELIA - 40 Frost Drive SALLY B. ERICKSON - 116 Buell Street, Crazy, sensitive, athletic, "Pack it in", l!3 of the F.N.D., Field Hockey Capt., Basketball Capt., Softball, Jr. Prom Committee, Likes: Peanut M8cM's, old sneakers, clear, fall days, Dislikes: losing, being lonely, getting hurt, Pet Peeve: People who don't give it their all, Suppressed Desire: To make someone happy, Future Plans: College MYRON O. ESDAILE III - 21 Anthony Road, Black, turns out, parties harty, IA Captain Varsity Football, Likes: Basketball, City People, cool thread, spending money, Jamin music, pizza, funny flicks, Earth, Wind, 8L Fire, Dislikes: Mosquitoes, cold people, beer, writing sloppy, Red Necks, Pet Peeve: People who ask questions, Suppressed Desire: To Jam, two hands, Future Plans: To go where life takes me AVA MARIA ESPOSITO - 217 Montowese Avenue, "Guava", "Av's", Sarcastic, individualistic, honest, AFS, EBLA, Jr. Prom Likes: Children, Christmas, the beach, swimming, drawing, Dislikes: Liars, Pet Peeve: Waiting, Future Plans: Physical Therapy GEORGIE ANDREA ESPOSITO - 180 Bayard Avenue, Energetic, cheerful, disor- ganized, "The All Nightersf Junior Class Vice President, Sophomore Class Treasurer, AFS, Ski club olhcer, Model Congress, Junior Honor Guard, Likes: Snow skiing, "L8tM", nights at the beach, "weird" people, surprises, autumn days, Daytona, Dislikes: mistrust, being picked on, goodbyes, thunder, Pet Peeve: Cold noses, Suppressed Desire: To ride on a garbage truck, Future Plans: To get my license SHARON ESPOSITO - 123 Culver Lane, Always smiling, friendly, crazy, "Bo-didd- ley", Likes: Sleeping, partying, getting sun tanned, summer time, friendly people, eating pizza, hockey, my job, Dislikes: Report Cards, phony people, being bored, rainy days, Monday mornings, homework, Pet Peeve: Two faced people, Suppressed Desire: To return to Hawaii , . ., Future Plans: Nursing School TED ESPOSITO A ll Garfield Avenue, Stubborn, easy going, expressive, Freshman, J.V. Football, Freshman and'.I.V. Track, Likes: Cowboys, music, parties, driving, having friends, living, fooling around, Dislikes: Fakers, bragers, big shots, Pet Peeve: Furs, Suppressed Desire: To be able to stand Alongi's mouth, Future Plans: Armed Forces CYNTHIA A. FACCADIO - 10 Pine River Road, Gullible, crazy, friendly, "I don't believe it!", Baseball, Likes: working, being around happy people, going out, summer, jeans, listen to music, Dislikes: Hair in the sink, phony people, report cards, getting up in the morning, moody people, staying home on Friday nights, pizza, Pet Peeve: People who try to be what they aren't, Suppressed Desire: To travel, Future Plans: Becoming a Legal Secretary CYNTHIA ANN FAIRBANKS - 15 Park Road, Talkative, friendly. sincere, "Oh, really", Softball, Likes: Animals, sports, good music, setback, Iireballs, boys, cars, being with friends, Dislikes: Italian food, rainy days, getting up early, going to work, doing homework, getting my picture taken, Pet Peeve: People who think they know it all, and do, Suppressed Desire: To travel around the world, Future Plans: College CHRISTINE M. FALCIGNO - 28 Postman Highway, Crazy, loveable, fun, "I,ll try almost anything once", Skating, horseback riding, T-Bucket joy riding, fooling around, swimming, water skiing, Likes: Tommy Cacace, cuddling, Roadsters fespecially 23 T Bucketsl, excitement, spur ofthe moment things, animals, crazy people, Dislikes: Snobs, hypocrites, thickheaded people, rainy weekends, school, being alone, Pet Peeve: Being told what to do, Suppressed Desire: To stay a certain somebodies special person now, forever, and always, Future Plans: Marriage PAMELA RUTH FALCIGNO - 10 Mohawk Drive, "Nerk Twin", Sensative, patient, forgetful, "Hey man", Songwriting, Likes: Happiness, music, laughing, Dislikes: Winter, drugs, Karen's dog, Pet Peeve: Hypocrites, Suppressed Desire: To be anchorwoman on the Channel 5 News, Future Plans: College TIMOTHY CHARLES FENNELLY - 19 Ridgewood Terrace, Cosmoprotrolariatic, Sonambulistic, "Oh Why do all the blondes here look at my knee caps?" J. V. Soccer, Varsity Stunt acting, G.Y.V. Club, Likes: Art, Brother Bozols, Street Swarts, Fire hy- drants, and Irish Brew with Irish Buddies evacuating man to man. SHAZI, Dislikes: People who carry their brains around in their wallet next to a picture of Bobby Sherman, 76 Senior Directory Pet Peeve: The sound ofa soggy fireball hitting a not so clean Hoor in Social Psychology, Suppressed Desire: To write a book of short stories that no one will put down, Future Plans: To be a Dental Floss Tycoon VINCENT FERRAIUOLO - 15 Turner Drive, Quiet, lovable, Italian, Football one year, Likes: Girls, Mustangs, Scuba diving, skiing, camping, Mixed drinks, Dislikes: Italian jokes, shoes, tall girls, Pet Peeve: Dirty cars, stupid drivers, Suppressed Desire: To explore the seas, Future Plans: College, Marine Biology PAUL M. FERRANTI W 6 Hilltop Terrace, Sarcastic, Skiing, Chess Club, A.F.S., Dance Club, Varsity Beanball, Great Dane Riding Club, White Tiger Karate Clun, Likes: Ice Storms, Grateful Dead, loose cars, fast women, Colt '45, Dislikes: Noisy cars, food in the cafeteria, bright lights, juke box, Power-Mad Teachers, Pet Peeve: Morning announcements, Suppressed Desire: To fill the town resevoir with grain alcohol, Future Plans: Aging, Traveling, College PETER FERRANTI - 6 Hill Top Terrace, "Why me?", A.F.S., Ski Club, Model Congress, Likes: Sports cats, Speed fas in velocityj checking them out with Ian, snow skiing, Dislikes: Dull weekends, Juke Box, Pet Peeve: Not having seatbelts in Mike Belfonte's car, Suppressed Desire: Going through the cafe with my car, Future Plans: fr CLAUDIA ANN FERRARA - 38 Weaver Circle, Calm, poised, sensitive, "Yeah, sure!", Swim Club, Concert Band, Marching Band, Math Club, 4-H Horse Club, Pony Club of America, Likes: Horses, animals, the country, driving, the autumn, sunshine, Horse shows, Dislikes: Hunting for sport, big cities, housing developments and highways ruining forests, raining all day long, Pet Peeve: Conceited, two-faced people, Suppressed Desire: To become a famous riding instructor, own a huge stable, Future Plans: Attend college to become a veterinarian ANN MARIE FERRARO Y 40 North Avenue, Little, friendly, sensitive, "You're kidding!", "Oh, really", "Okay", Likes: Being with my best friend, summer, being with a special person, weekends, dances, a lot of friends, clothes, taking the car, spending money, music, just having fun, Dislikes: Waking up early in the morning, people in bad moods, saying good-bye, snotty people, phonies, people who can't be themselves, Pet Peeve: People who talk behind your back, liars, Suppressed Desire: To become a dancer, and be happy, get the most out of my life, Future Plans: To become dental assistant ROBERT STEVEN FERS - 870 Middletown Avenue, "Bob", HBO", "1?66", Blonde, Blue Eyed, sarcastic, "Yeah, right,', Varsity Football, Varsity Track Captain, Sophomore Vice-President, Likes: Partying, football, being with friends, summer nights, sleeping on a rainy day, girls, Dislikes: Being cold, Sunday nights, practice, homeroom, losing, V1 Senior Class, being alone, C.A.'s, Pet Peeve: Having nothing to do, Future Plans: College BRENDA J. FIONDELLA - 24 Coventry Circle, Crazy, sensitive, friendly, "Hell-o", "Oh, my Godv, Pep Club, track, Pom-Pom girls, Prom Committee, fJr.j T.Q. Folk group C.Y.O., Likes: Chicago, Artichokes, Chicago, "our gang", Chicago, soup, Chicago, Music, Dislikes: Phony's, people who don't like Chicago, Italian jokes, peas, hypocrites, waiting, Pet Peeve: HOWIEIII, Suppressed Desire: Trip to Hawaii, meet Chicago in person, Future Plans: Drama and Music CHRISTINE FLEMING - 107 Pool Road, Erratic, impatient, myopic, Drama Club, A.F.S., E,C.A, C.D.C,, S.O.B., "All Nightersu, Sachem, Likes: Carnivals, black, sar- casim, The Big Apple, theatre, eccentrics, my mother, Dislikes: N.C., spiz gizzlers, being carded, Pet Peeve: Mediocrity, Suppressed Desire: To come back again as a minority, Future Plans: entertainment PATRICIA ANN FLORIO - 31 Marion Drive, Talkative, adventurous, out-going, "I'm just kidding", Italian Club, A.F.S., Drama Club, Likes: The beach, summer, con- certs, plants, dancing, chocolate, old James Cagney movies, Dislikes: Liars, bees, thun- der, Pet Peeve: People who are prejudiced, Suppressed Desire: To travel all around the world, Future Plans: College, Nursing IAN HANS HERMAN FRANKEL - 87 Ridgewood Avenue, Quiet, cool, adventur- ous, "It doesn't run right", Varsity Gearhead, Four year Holeshot Club, Varsity Roof- ball, Varsity Corridor Hockey, Likes: Blowing doors in, '63 Novas, built cars, fast Kawasakis, drag boats, Positraction, lacrosse, Dislikes: Getting own doors blown in, built fords, Bondo, Nerds, Pet Peeve: Changing schools, Suppressed Desire: To drive a top fueler, Future Plans: To be successful NANCY LYNN FREDERICKS - 67 Shawmut Avenue, Small sensative, moody, "Sorry!", F.B.L.A., Junior Prom Committee, Junior Prom Court, Sachem, Senior Class Vice President, Senior Prom, l!3 ofthe "Outcasts", Likes: memories, carnations, danc- ing, walks on the beach, MIC with Donna, second base, if 14, Dislikes: Saying goodbye, arguments, being cold, bad moods, being pushed to do something, people who don't finish what they're saying, Pet Peeve: Waiting, Suppressed Desire: To love and to be loved, Future Plans: A cabin in New Hampshire LORI L. FRITTS - 38 Shaw Drive, Chorus, TQ, "Carmina Burana", Marching Band, Concert Band, Woodwind Quintet, A.F.S., Volunteer Teacher Aide, Latin Club, Likes: Flying, travel, classical music, Metropolitan Opera performances, stars, puffed rice, Thomas Mann, Pet Peeve: Crowded hallways, cigarette smoke, Suppressed Desire: To conduct the Boston Symphony Orchestra through a superb performance of Tchiakov- ski's "l8l2 Overture", Future Plans: College, Music BELLA J. FRUIN - 325 Middletown Avenue, Friendly, lazy, informal, Likes: A special man, all animals large and small, ice cream, weekends, private parties, Levi's, gym, Dislikes: Two-faced people, being told what to do, getting up early, headaches, arguing, work of any kind except physical, Pet Peeve: Ignorance, Suppressed Desire: To settle down and take life easy, to live on a farm with lots of animals, Future Plans: Possibly College? LORRAINE ANN FUSCO - 4401 Ridge Road, Long brown hair, big brown eyes, sensitive, "Are you kiddin' me??", llth grade F.B.L.A. Representative, 12th grade F.B.L.A. Treasurer, Likes: Musk Oil, coffee, ice cream, white Capri's, cheeseburgers, stu1Ted Panda Bears, playing miniature golf, going to the beach, Dislikes: Liars, head- aches, splitends, Pet Peeve: Having to wait for a surprise you already know about, Suppressed Desire: To travel across the country, Future Plans: Stones School of Busi- ness, Accounting, Travel, Marriage ELIZABETH HILL GABRIEL - 195 Wayland Street, "Gabe", "Shorty", Short, blue eyes, fidgety, "Don't bother me", Pep Club, J.V. and Varsity Maroon Cheerleader, Junior Prom Court, Co-Chairman, Junior Prom Court, Usherette, SACHEM - Clubs and Activities Editor, Likes: Cheese popcorn, a certain pumpkin, laughing and being silly, EATING, curly brown hair, being with my friends, Dislikes: Being late, cheering in hot weather, busy-signals, getting up in the morning, saying good-bye, Pet Peeve: People who won't smile, Suppressed Desire: To be happy and live with the one that I love, Future Plans: College, Travel ALBRON W. GADD - Ill Collett Street, Cool, quiet, trustworthy, Best Gear Head Around, Hole Shot Club, Football, Street Hockey, Likes: Quick and fast cars, 442 Olds., all sorts of built cars, Dislikes: Oil burning cars like Fords, losing races, Pet Peeve: Losing down Long Wharf, Suppressed Desire: To drive a funny car, Future Plans: To be successful SHARON A. GAILLOUX - 134 Maple Avenue, Quiet, sincere, Softball, Likes: Being with friends, making money and spending it, Dislikes: Hypocrites, boisterous people, rainy weekends, Pet Peeve: Waiting for people who are never on time, Suppressed Desire: To be a Freelance Writer, Future Plans: College BARBARA G. GALL - 3 Crestview Drive, "Carmina Burana", Explorers, 4-H, Art, French Horn, F.l.D.L.E., Skiing, Chorus, T.Q., Likes: Apples, horses, Mozart, silver, Scotland, England, my down jacket, Dislikes: Liver, violent movies, splinters, JAMES R. GAMACHE Y 65 Bradley Street, Easy going, blue eyes, friendly, "What are you crazy!", Swim Team, Likes: Music, motorcycles, outdoors, travelling with friends, concerts, Dislikes: Monday morning, physics tests, lousy weather, short con- certs, Pet Peeve: Conceited People, Suppressed Desire: To make a million, Future Plans: College, Travel FRANCES M. GAMBARDELLA - 167 Middletown Avenue, Quiet, shy, lazy, Work- ing with Special Ed. Children, Likes: Friends, Art, Music Dislikes: Phonies, being bored, Pet Peeve: Getting up early, Suppressed Desire: Travel, Future Plans: College MARY GAMBARDELLA - 5 Monroe Street, Talkative, out-going, kidder, "Wanna bump?", AFS, Latin Club, Likes: Travel, cats, boys, pickles, dancing, jeans, music, James Caan, parties, Dislikes: Snobs, traliic jams, being late, bad memories, boredom, Pet Peeve: Getting up early on cold mornings, Suppressed Desire: To travel around the world, Future Plans: College ANITA MARIE GANGI - 48 Country Way, "Neet", A small tall person, big brown eyes, always laughing, "Uh, pretty funny" Pep Club, J.V. and Varsity Maroon Cheer- leader, Maroon Co-Captain, Jr. Prom Committee, Conn. Summer Intern, Likes: Coun- trysides, being with friends, anything handmade, Dislikes: Unfriendliness, nail biting, Pet Peeve: "no-reaction" people, Suppressed Desire: To own a shoppe, to have a million friends, Future Plans: College RICHARD MARK GAWLOWSKI - 40 Sheffield Road MARGARET ANN GELINAS - 44 Wayland Street, "Feg", Happy, friendly, sincere, "What a riot!l", AFS, Apocalypse, Saturday Morning Program, Likes: Working with God's Special Children, summers in Middlefield, quiet moments with special friends, Dislikes: People who don't write back, people who make fun of others, not being able to get to sleep at night, Pet Peeve: Unfinished dreams, Suppressed Desire: To Return to Greece, Future Plans: College - Special Education PATRICIA SUSAN GELINAS - 31 Allendale Drive, "Strawberry", Tall, quiet, sensi- tive, "I don't know", Sewing, Swimming, FBLA, Likes: Warm, sunny days, cuddley puppies, playing setback, C.B.'s, Dislikes: lnsincerity, being embarrassed, rain, Pet Peeve: Blushing too much and too often Suppressed Desire: To own a brand new Mustang II, Future Plans: College, Marriage BRENT GENOVESE - 120 Mill Road, Lazy, Likes: Almost Everything, Dislikes: Certain people, Pet Peeve: Having to be home before 5 a.m., Suppressed Desire: To better my brothers, Future Plans: To better my brothers LUISA G. GIAIMO - 24 Van Rose Drive, Short, gullible, fussy, "What's Up?", SACHEM - Managing Editor, Likes: Summer, "tube", the beach, baseball games, the Beach boys, "Bebe", Pet Peeve: Tightwads, Suppressed Desire: To own a Monte Carlo, Future Plans: College, Travel LAURA L. GILSON - 122 Manomet Avenue CAROL A. GIORDANO - 4 Cottontail Lane, Crazy, quiet, friendly, "What could you do?", "Ya sure.", D.E.C.A., Likes: The color purple, long weekends, Dislikes: Being told what to do, getting up in the morning, homework, first period class, Pet Peeve: Not having a car, Suppressed Desire: To be rich, Future Plans: To do something never done before ROBERT D. GLENN - 15 Louis Street, Hockey, Likes: Chevelle S.S., Fishing, girls, Yankees, Friday nights on the town, Dislikes: Meeting in the gym, being a dishwasher, work in general, Pet Peeve: Kids who aggravate people, Suppressed Desire: To own a Masserati and be very rich, Future Plans: Denver Automotive and Diesel School STEVEN A. GOLDBLOOM v 16 Windsor Road East, Honest, easy going, realistic, Swim Team, "All-Nighters", Likes: Girls, Schlitz, food, music, three day weekends, Dislikes: A certain chemistry teacher, phony people, waking up, Pet Peeve: Car acci- dents, Future Plans: To be satisfied MIRIAM C. GOODMAN - 23 Primrose Street, Educational Center For the Arts, Future Plans: Dancing, Writing CHERYL ANN GRAEF - 5 Anthony Road, "Grief", Gullible, sensitive, shy, Sewing, FBLA, Likes: First snow fall, three musketeers, old movies, Dislikes: Watermelon seeds, and eleventh grade english teacher, blushing, crowds, Pet Peeve: Laughing so hard that I cry, Suppressed Desire: To travel around the world, Future Plans: Secretarial Work JEFFREY JOHN GRASSO f 108 Sackett Point Road, Carefree, lazy, nice, "I'll do what I please", Likes: Eating, sleeping, driving Dislikes: Getting out of bed, Pet Peeve: Girls talking about other girls, Suppressed Desire: To own a TR 7, Future Plans: What ever comes! STEPHEN A. GRECO - 5 Manor Drive, Reserved, friendly, congenial, "You know what bugs me?", Likes: Fishing, sandlot sports, bowling, Baltimore Orioles, outdoors, Pittsburgh Steelers, Dislikes: Rain, getting up on cold mornings, Boston Red Sox, N.Y. Giants, Pet Peeve: Pushy People, Future Plans: College RICHARD HENRY GREENWALD - 40 Country Way, Quiet, unconcerned, inno- cent, Period C, "All-Nighters" Club, Likes: Weekends, camping, spending money, Dislikes: My brother, Suppressed Desire: To stay in Connecticut, Future Plans: To make money PAUL EDWARD GRIMSHAW f 2299 Ridge Road, Swimming Team, Band, Likes: Electronics, swimming DIANE C. GUARINO - 83 Upperstate Street, Funny, gullible, crazy, Likes: Having a real good time, partying, etc. Dislikes: School in general, Pet Peeve: Liars, phoney people, Suppressed Desire: To have a successful and fulfilling life, Future Plans: Medical assistance, travel. SHARON ANN GUGLIELMO f 1364 Ridge Road, Tall, friendly, sexy, "You're nuts!", "I'm hungary!", Partying, Likes: Corvettes, a certain guy B.F., Friday nites, Dial Tone, eatingl, bothering Val, Dislikes: Ugly guys, Wallingford, cafeteria food, burnt potatoe chips, Pet Peeve: Bob's driving, phony people, Suppressed Desire: To own a Corvette, Future Plans: College, Hopefully Marriage WILLIAM B. GUMBART Y 2 Maplecrest Lane, Liberal, tranquil, idealist, Explorers, Forum, Likes: Retreats, wilderness, individualism, Dislikes: Robots, egotists, oppres- sors, Pet Peeve: There are too many shallow, obstinate people in the world today, Suppressed Desire: To find an eternity of solitude and bliss, Future Plans: College, Travel throughout the world CARL J. HABERFELD - 15 Welch Road, Lazy, Ping Pong Club, Likes: Talking, writing, jazz, science, Newports, Dislikes: Basic rock, leathers, Pet Peeve: Hypocrites, Future Plans: School BARBARA JO HAGLIND - 111 Frost Drive, "Beej", "Bee" C. SCOTT HARRIS - 103 Ridgewood Avenue, Likes: Jazz, rock, history, photogra- phy, Gold, Dislikes: Geared up cars, Pet Peeve: Hypocrites, Suppressed Desire: To leave this school, Future Plans: School SCOTT HART - 103 River Road, Friendly, crazy, fun, "That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen.", A.F.S., Forum, Scuba Diving, Waterskiing, our whaler, Likes: Folk music, guitar, Jamming with Paul, retreats, people, Dislikes: Funerals, getting burnt, rowdies, hanging around, Pet Peeve: Saying Goodbye: Suppressed Desire: To live 100 years happily, Future Plans: College DIANE ELLEN ELIZABETH HATCH - 1 Sherwood Drive, "Boogie", Easy going, athletic, open-minded, "Oh really!", "All right!", "Oh yeah!", Varsity Volleyball, Foot- ball, Tennis, Crocheting, Cuchy-Cuchy, Likes: Socializing with others, life, people who really listen to what you have to say, fresh air, clouds, sunsets, school, everything - almost, Dislikes: That crazy jukebox in the cafel, people who waste time which is so precious to utilize fully now, Pet Peeve: People who don't know what they're talking about, Suppressed Desire: To dance on the cafe tables on the last day of High School, Future Plans: Middlesex Community College, Executive Secretary, Social Worker, Volleyball Coach for young teens PAMELA JANE HAURY - 29 Pine River Road, "P J", Blusher, strongly motivated, emotional, "lt's the pitsl", M of the BZ's A.F.S., Prom Committees, Junior Honor Senior Directory 77 Guard, Student Government, Girls Varsity Track 8a Field State Champs - Co-Captain Senior Year, SPAIN, Likes: True Friends, people who aren't afraid to be human, Span- ish, Porsche, sentimentality, Dislikes: Snakes, rainy days, being hurt, bench-stepping, Pet Peeve: Drivers who don't use signals, Suppressed Desire: To understand the oppo- site sex, Future Plans: College and Travel SCOTT JONATHAN HECKER - 5 Janet Drive, Optimistic, friendly, studious, "Oh, hell.l', Varsity Tennis N Co-Captain, Junior Honor Guard, Model Congress, Philosophy Club, Band, Stage Band, Marching Band, Math Club, Gyorgyey Theater, Drama, Likes: Sharp pencils, sincere smiles, trumpet, Dislikes: Hypocrisy, frowns, incompetence, Pet Peeve: Blind intersections, Suppressed Desire: To be free of obligation and yet have something to do, Future Plans, College, Mathematics, an end to multiplication. BRIAN WALTER I-IEERY - 53 Shaw Drive, Sensible, complex, inconsistent, Soccer, Jr. Prom Committee, Varsity Club, "All-Nighters" Club, Likes: Soccer, the night life, 98's, driving, boats, going away, Dislikes: Gas guages, typing, brown-nosers, coming home, Suppressed Desire: To retire at 30, Future Plans: College JOHN THOMAS HELFF - 20 Mathew Lane PAUL H. HERDER - 2 Salem Road, Independent, pensive, musical, Forum, Likes: Jamming with Scott, Vermont, snow, sunsets, benches, partying, skiing, folk piano, travel, Dislikes: High heeled shoes, cafe, science, cloudy days, Pet Peeve: Bright smiling early risers, Suppressed Desire: To become a hick, Future Plans: Liberal Arts College LAURA JEAN HINES - 77 Grove Road, "Laur", "Hine" Always laughing, friendly, always tardy, Senior Class Secretary, FBLA Secretary Ceramics, Senior and Junior Prom Committees, SACHEM, IA of S.A.G.'s, Likes: My Other Half, "MATH", a certain "Westie", people who make me laugh, my special brother, "Colour My World", Ma, talking about 8th grade, llth grade dancing, Dislikes: People who lie to me, Sunday nights, being alone, "Special Times" having to end, Pet Peeve: Chewed Gum, Sup- pressed Desire: To live life to its fullest, Future Plans: Secretarial Work SUNGSOOK HONG - 500 Pool Road, Individualistic, understanding, Latin Club, Miles Laboratory, Youth Group, Play Piano, Drawing, Likes: God, personal content- ment, dancing, sky, plants, trees, beaches, oceans, playing piano, achievements, every individual person, Dislikes: Wasted time, immaturity, satinism, Future Plans: College, Pharmacy, Contentment PAUL WESLEY HOUSEHOLDER - 1 Allendale Drive, Athletic, Competitive, Am- bitious, Active, "This is true.", All Housatonic - Baseball, Varsity Football and Base- ball, Football Captain, Varsity Club, Vz of P 8L P, Likes: Pizza, Sports Cars, The Spa, Baseball, Boxes, money, Monday night football, Dislikes: Cold mornings, football prac- tice, car trouble, Pet Peeve: "Rebecca", Suppressed Desire: To be drafted first round, Future Plans: Play Baseball andlor go to College PATRICIA ANNE HUBBELL - 149 North Hill Road, Sensitive, friendly, SACHEM Editor, Prom Committee, P.A.C., Likes: AJ, animals, outdoors, trips to New Haven, a starry night with a full moon, cold mornings, Dislikes: Giving oral reports, arguments, Suppressed Desire: To have a happy and fulfilled life with the one I love, Future Plans: College TODD INTELISANO - 1049 Old Colony Road, Meriden, small, quiet, moody, Likes: skiing, summer, Maine, Friday night, Dislikes: Fords, stuck-up girls, Pet Peeve: High and almight people, Supressed Desire: To live in California, Future Plans: Upholstering GAIL D. JANSEN - 23 Randall Drive, gullible, sensitive, friendly, "You know", Majorettes, gymnastics, A.F.S., Jr. Prom Committee, Sachem lay-out editor, dancing, Likes: Elvis, blue eyes, cold nights, smiles, Mom, Dislikes: Being alone, smoke, fat, goodbyes, Pet Peeve: Somebody taking away something they know I really want, Su- pressed Desire: To own a yellow TR7, Future Plans: Medicine DAVID L. JEANNOTTE - 7 Fallon Drive WILLIAM FRANCIS JENKS, JR. - 38 Gail Drive, Hockey, Golf, Motorcycling, disrupting modern-day society, Likes: Hondas Dislikes: Kawasakis, Pet Peeve: Broken plans, Suppressed Desire: Figure out why I am here, Future Plans: To survive ROBERT STEVEN JERMINE i 108 Clintonville Road, Friendly, stubborn, Italian, "Yeah, I might", Freshman football, basketball, J.V. baseball, varsity baseball, Likes: swimmers, going out with friends, a certain sophomore, partying, the lousy Basted, being alone, playing wiflie ball with my brother, an orange Fiat, Dislikes: nothing to do, two-faced people, conceited people, rainy days, Pet Peeve: Getting up early, Supressed Desire: To see the world, and meet new people. To be someone important, Future Plans: Undecided CAROL L. JOHNSEN - 31 Windsor Road East, short, dark, buxom, Track and Field, Education Center for the Arts, Ski Club, Likes: Rodin, quilts, Yale football games, Kahlua and cream, the sea, Dislikes: nothing really, Supressed Desire: Decandence, to sing rock and roll, Future Plans: Omniscience CYNTHIA JOANNE JONES - 282 Spring Road, short, sensitive, friendly, "l'm not gonna do itl'l, F.B.L.A., horseback riding, Likes: MARTY, music of the 50's, Honda Civics, going out to dinner, shopping, Dislikes: a certain eleventh grade English teacher, people who think they're better than you, myjob, Pet Peeve: getting up in front of class, Supressed Desire: To own a Honda Civic, Future Plans: Secretarial work 78 Senior Directory HENRY W. JONES IV Y 29 Dogwood Road, Golf team, Swim team manager, Likes: skiing, birdies, Dislikes: cats, Monday mornings, bogies, Pet Peeve: a certain pond on the 8th hole at the Farms C.C., Future Plans: college SUE JOY - ll Fitch Street, "I know where you are", Likes: Friday nights, Dislikes: Getting carded, Supressed Desire: To have an Utopia, Future Plans: to leave ROBERT W. KAGAN - 10 Off-Bishop Street, Outspoken, opinionated, logical, Fresh- man Football, Concert Band, Stage Band, Senior Class Play, Philosophy of Ethics Club, Principal's Advisory Council, Student Government, Varsity Tennis, Likes: Logical peo- ple, Mrs. Gyorgyey, football, tennis, intelligent girls, Dislikes: Blatant symbolism, philosophers, Pet Peeve: People who drink to get drunk, Suppressed Desire: To control the world, Future Plans: To control the world KAREN ANNE KAPINOS - 90 Pool Road, Insane, impulsive, daring, "Uh Huh", "Come on down", "Oh help!", Partying, driving, jam sessions, songwriting, Likes: Rock concerts, people, playing guitar, growing "exotic" plants, Dislikes: Rah Rah attitudes, people who try to take away my rights, this place, Pet Peeve: The jute box in the cafe with the crumby AM music, Suppressed Desire: To play guitar as well as Jimmy Page, Future Plans: Journalism - The Arts JAN WENDY KAPLAN A 5 Northside Road, Sensitive, concerned, stubborn, "I don't understand!", M of the Bz's, A. F. S., Ski Club, Junior Prom Committee, Drama Club, Junior Honor Guard, Student Government, Sachem, teaching, Spanish at elementary schools, Spain, Tennis, Skiing, Sailing, Piano, Likes: Vermont, long beaches, laughter, kids, music, true friends, Dislikes: Skiing in the rain, trying to lose weight, inchworms, snobs, cruelty, Pet Peeve: Hypocrites, Suppressed Desire: To own a Jaguar XKE, Future Plans: College and Travel DAVE JOHN KELLEHER - 6 Beechwood Drive LISA ANN KENNEL - 288 Bassett Road, Sensitive, ascertive, curious, "Jimmy . . . Want to do me a favor?", Likes: Boys, jeeps, psychology, people who listen, children, the gruesome foursome, Dislikes: Unfriendly people, summer, crowded beaches, Joe, Pet Peeve: People who have high opinions of themselves, Suppressed Desire: To back pack across country, Future Plans: Helping people MARTY DEAN KENNISTON - 19 Fallon Drive BONNIE LYNN KERN - 51 Larson Drive, Carefree, sensitive, silly, "It was so funny", F. B. L. A., softball, usherette at '75 graduation, 1A of S.H.G's Likes: Animals, good times with friends, my old Falcon, peppermint ice cream, boys, Dislikes: Liver, stuck-up people, Pet Peeve: Getting up in the morning, Suppressed Desire: To relive all the good times, Future Plans: Living life to its fullest WILLIAM A. KERN - 51 Larson Drive, Handsome, quiet, determined, Football 4 years, Baseball 1 year, Varsity Club, Junior Prom Committee, Likes: Expensive things, girls, camping, skiing, clean-waxed cars, summer, Dislikes: Boredom, losing, two-faced people, Pet Peeve: Road hogs, Suppressed Desire: "White Corvetten, Future Plans: To be successful CINDY ANN KESSES - 12 Helen Drive, Quiet, sensitive, procrastinator, "the thing is . . Gymnastics, Girls Track Team, Prom Committee, F.B.L.A., Sachem Sports Editor, Likes: Horses, Captain Fantastic, camp, Summer of '75, music, Dislikes: Mil- waukee brace, dishonesty, migrains, Suppressed Desire: To be a songwriter, Future Plans: College KURT DAVID KIESLICH - 251 Maple Avenue, Cool, fast, but clumsy, "Hey Weez, Where are ya?", Likes: '67 Fairlanes, doing what I want, drag racing, Dislikes: Liars, Chevys, people who don't listen, Pet Peeve: Foriegn cars, working, Suppressed Desire: To be on time . . ., Future Plans: Auto Mechanics MARI M. KITAI-IATA - 64 Van Rose Drive, Orchestra, New Haven Youth Sympho- ny, All-Connecticut Orchestra, Educational Center for the Arts, F. I. D. L. E., Junior Honor Guard, Varsity Track and Field co-captain, Junior Science, Humanities Symposi- um CYNTHIA MARIE KOCZAK - 1411 Mt. Carmel Avenue, "Shortest U3 of triple trouble" Frienoiy, clumsy, crazy, "I don't know.", F. B. L. A., Bookstore, camping, swimming, horseback riding, bicycling, Likes: Camping, New Hampshire, horses, walk- ing barefoot in the rain, T. B. H., Dislikes: Getting up early, Monday mornings, spiders, Christmas without snow, diets, Pet Peeve: Being trampled in the hall, Suppressed Desire: To travel around the world, to be a successful secretary, Future Plans: Business College or Airforce EMILY L. KONOPACKE - 983 Hartford Turnpike, "M", "Em-o-k", Sensitive, im- petuous, sincere, A. F. S., F. B. L. A., Sachem, Likes: Echo Ridge Day Camp, blue eyes, music, rain, children, summer of '75, Winnie-the-Pooh, Dislikes: Being indecisive, being lied to, Pet Peeve: Being in the middle LYNN ANNE KOPF - 30 Coventry Circle, Short, crazy, cute, "It's 8:30.", N. H. D. C., A, F. S., Likes: "The Peke", sleeping, pistachio ice cream, friendly people, a certain '73 graduate, Dislikes: Maul-se-tung, T. V., gum snapping, squirrels, toes, Pet Peeve: Feet, Suppressed Desire: To be 5 inches taller, Future Plans: Hairdressing School MARY BERNADETTE KRAMARCZYK - 23 Glenn Road, Sincere, considerate, shy, "You're gonna get it , , .", Pep Club, Latin Club, A. F. S., J. V. Tennis, Ski Club, Likes: A certain fantastic guy, buttered popcorn, Stingray Corvettes, candy, the beach, Black Russians, cold, snowy nights, Orleans: Dislikes: Inconsiderate people, rainy weather, lies, lima beans: Pet Peeve: Prejudice: Suppressed Desire: To hitchhike all over Europe: Future Plans: College and travel JACK A. KRAMER Y 15 Stanton Road PAUL DAVID KRAMPITZ Y 16 Welch Road: Sincere, neat, creative: "Hey boyI": Frosh. track, Junior Honor Guard, Concert, jazz and marching band, "Carmina Bura- na", "The Boyfriend", Scholastic Writing Award, French Club, one third of 'The Big Three": Likes: Music, "Chicago", les filles, food, dances, outdoors, sports, cars, going for drives, a small group of friends: Dislikes: Working on Friday nights, rainy Monday mornings: Pet Peeve: Cliques: Suppressed Desire: To be famous: Future Plans: College, Law Enforcement WILLIAM R. KRATKY Y 11 Woodland Avenue: Breaker, friendly, lazy: Football: Likes: Girls, parties: Dislikes: School: Pet Peeve: Liars: Suppressed Desire: Go around the United States and Canada on a motorcycle: Future Plans: Service RUTH C. KRIGBAUM - 10 Mansfield Road: Flute, band, orchestra, "Carmina Bura- na", Explorers, A. F. S., Model Congress, French Club: Likes: Music, backpacking, skiing, the beach: Dislikes: Cigarette smoke: Pet Peeve: S. A. T.'s: Suppressed Desire: To hike from Maine to Georgia on the Appalachian Trail: Future Plans: College DEBORAH ANN KRUGLIK - 1 Angel Place: Curly hair, friendly, crazy: "Serious- ly": Basketball, N. H. D. C.: Likes: Friendly people, food, partying, Vermont, friends: Dislikes: My alarm clock, snobby people, math, Milk Dodds: Pet Peeve: Waiting for people who are late: Suppressed Desire: To own a cabin in the Vermont Mountains and live with the one I love: Future Plans: To help people less fortunate than I DARLENE JOY KUBECK Y 70 Scrub Oak Road: Crazy, individualist, honest: "Mike, I volunteered us for something": Torch, Chorus, T, T. T.: Likes: Playing guitar, Groucho Marx, Buicks, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Measure 29, The Gruesome Foursome: Dislikes: Finding "surprizes" in my desk drawer at work, Ed's famous write-three- words-and-die-pens: Pet Peeve: The National Guard getting away with the Kent State murders: Suppressed Desire: To give A. M. a bottle of Miss Clairol Light Brown to cover up the gray hair I've given him: Future Plans: College, psychology, music NANCY ANN KUNTZ Y 2119 Hartford Turnpike: Guillable, crazy, blue eyes: "You're a fool": Likes: Novas, McDonald's, pizza, Dino's, good friends, the beach, the green, fireworks, Ian: Dislikes: Vegetables, two faced people, "Ruff and Tuff girls", "Bugs", girls from Wallingford, "love story at school", Friendly's: Pet Peeve: Looking back on the past: Suppressed Desire: To start all over again with one certain someone: Future Plans: Dental Assistant School TAMMY L. LABAGNARA - 94 Bradley Street: Talkative, impatient: i'Woa now": Swim Club: Likes: Walking the beach at sunset, traveling, friends, S. P., swimming: Dislikes: Two-faced people, waiting, liars: Pet Peeve: Getting up early in the morning: Suppressed Desire: To travel the world: Future Plans: Airline Career DEBORAH ANN LAFOGG Y 402 Clintonville Road: Artistic, moody, freaked: "Howdy", "Oh man": Chorus, Torch artist: Likes: All things dealing with art, driving, rock concert going, acting crazy: Dislikes: Filling out questionaires, disco music, people who hurt other people on purpose: Pet Peeve: The price of gas, sick people: Suppressed Desire: To be a rich, famous artist and to learn to play an instrument: Future Plans: Commercial art ROBIN LEE LAFRANCE Y 160 Kings Highway NOREEN JUDITH LAICH Y 18 Algonquin Drive: Blue-eyed, sincere, optimistic: "Hi, Pete!": Pep Club, Varsity Cheerleading, Model Congress, Model U. N., Debate Club, French Club, Junior Honor Guard, Volunteer Teacher's Aide: Likes: White sand, blue water, lots of sunshine: Dislikes: Slush, wet mittens: Pet Peeve: McDonald's: Suppressed Desire: To know all there is to know: Future Plans: Medical School DAVID J. LAMBERTI Y 19 Lynn Terrace: Energetic, friendly, small: Swim Team Captain, Varsity Club: Likes: Skiing, friends: Dislikes: Boredom: Pet Peeve: Pete Ferran- ti printing Munchkin on everything I own: Suppressed Desire: Be 6 feet tall: Future Plans: College MAUREEN M. LANDRY Y 85 Bradley Street: Blonde hair, green eyes: Swimming Club, Clifesavingl: Likes: Blue Corvettes, typing, the group Chicago, steno, bikeriding, horseback riding: Dislikes: Snobbish people, spiders: Pet Peeve: Boys who cross their legs: Suppressed Desire: Executive secretary: Future Plans: Secretary ANTHONY J. LANZETT1 Y 40 Moulthrop Street: Quiet, friendly: "How's it going": Varsity Track Team, Varsity letter, S. P. L. A., tennis, golf, weight lifting: Likes: The summer, beach, countryside, snow, throwing the javelin, hard rock: Dislikes: Rain, losing, homework, conceited people, crowds: Suppressed Desire: To be rich: Future Plans: College BILLIE C. LARCOMBE Y 1 Peters Court: Talkative, friendly, lazy: "Come off it": Swim Club: Likes: Freddy, music, Italian food: Dislikes: T. S., school, getting up in the moming, two faced people: Pet Peeve: Washing dishes: Suppressed Desire: Go to Hawaii: Future Plans: Marriage MARY ANN LASCELLES - 56 Maple Avenue: Creative, curious, quiet: "Keep on Trekkin' "Wonderful": North Haven 4-H Activities, New England Nimoyan Associa- tion, choir, chorus, ceramic class, raising guinea pigs, writing for magazine, "The Vulcan Chronicle": Likes: Star Trek, science fiction, Leonard Nimoy, painting, Vermont, writ- ing, country living, tapestry and needlecrafts, horse racing: Dislikes: Making decisions, prejudice, construction: Pet Peeve: People who put themselves above others and God: Suppressed Desire: To travel to and roam among the stars: Future Plans: To become a writer and to find a position in one of the branches of the armed services JAMES L. LEARY Y 131 Blues Hills Road: Shy, quiet, friendly: "Where ya going?": Band, Golf Team: Likes: Loud music, playing sports, a certain girl: Dislikes: Being lonely, conceited people, rainy days: Pet Peeve: Making stupid mistakes: Suppressed Desire: To be a pilot: Future Plans: College MICHAEL LEGATES - 34 Old Kiln Road: Controversial, emotional, tempermental: Varsity Soccer: Likes: Lopez, controversy, superstars, quiet walks, Italians, fans, soccer: Dislikes: Rules and regulations, homework, losing: Pet Peeve: Maroon and white: Sup- pressed Desire: To be a millionaire: Future Plans: College DONALD J. LEHANE Y 14 Rose Lane: Tall, dark, handsome: Varsity Club, Hockey Team Co-Captain, Cross Country Team: Likes: Hockey, skiing, swimming: Dislikes: Getting up: Future Plans: College STEPHEN EDWARD LENOIR Y 1960 Hartford Turnpike: Intelligent, honest, blue eyed: Pilot, swimming, building and fiying radio control model airplanes, electronics: Likes: Flying, swimming, electronics, Red Sox, working at Rustler's Steak House, week- ends, spending money: Dislikes: Getting up early: Pet Peeve: Rainy Sundays: Future Plans: Career in Aviation after College CYNTHIA ANN LIEN Y 111 Patten Road: Sensitive, quiet, tolerant: "Really?": M of the Bz's, marching, concert and stage band, Ski Club, Synchronized Swimming, teaching German at elementary schools, homeroom representative, Student Govern- ment, North Haven Women's Softball, Junior Prom Committee, Sachem: Likes: Travel- ing, nature, sunshine, the beach, laughter: Dislikes: Rain, waiting, broken promises: Pet Peeve: Inconsiderate people: Suppressed Desire: To always be happy: Future Plans: College and travel NOREEN FRANCES LILLO Y 52 Drazen Drive: Big brown eyes, Italian, cute: "Let's cut class": Swim Club: Likes: Someone special, Corvettes, jewelry, horseback riding, sunsets on a beach, going out, good food, real friends: Dislikes: Two faced people, put-ons, being told what to do, not having snow on Christmas, being sick: Pet Peeve: Know-it-all people: Suppressed Desire: Travel the world: Future Plans: Art College BRENDA JEAN LOFBERG Y 131 Forest Hill Road: Sincere, sensitive, energetic: "I'm psyched": Cheerleading, Pep Club, A. F. S., Prom Committee, Girls Track, Likes: Baby powder, true friends, laughter, good times: Dislikes: Being hurt, saying good bye, boredom: Pet Peeve: Broken promises: Suppressed Desire: To live life to its fullest: Furture Plans: Nursing WENDY LYNN LOLLER Y 1850 Hartford Turnpike: Inquistive, tempermental, shy: Ski Club, Student Government: Likes: Michael, May 28th, orange Volkswagons, ani- mals, good food, being warm: Dislikes: Sneezing, being cold, feet, hiccups, being alone: Pet Peeve: "Perfect" people: Future Plans: College, marriage ROBERT A,LOMBARDI Y 51 Overbrook Road: Hockey: Likes: Baseball, beer: Dis- likes: School: Future Plans: Engineer BARBARA LUDOVICO Y 57 Half Mile Road: Likes: Beagles, long walks, painting, D. H.: Dislikes: Inconsiderate people: Suppressed Desire: To live a happy and fulfilling life DAVID LYNCH Y 174 Wayland Street: Tall, easy going, confident: Varsity Hockey: Likes: The beach, long rides, winter vacation: Dislikes: Having nothing to do, waking up early in the morning: Pet Peeve: Having my mind made up for me: Suppressed Desire: To own a Mercedes Benz: Future Plans: College CHRISTOPHER LYONS Y 9 Collet Street: Talkative, friendly: "Aw come on,': Dis- tributive Education Clubs of America QD. E. C. AJ, Varsity Track: Likes: Basketball, friends, summer, football: Dislikes: Too much homework, big tests, absent minded people: Pet Peeve: Two faced people: Suppressed Desire: To go to Italy: Future Plans: To become a policeman LEONARD MICHAEL MALONIS Y 175 Garfield Ave.: Track 3, 4, cross country, skiing: Likes: outdoors, all sports, going to concerts, partying, fishing, skiing, quite people, goofy people, motorcycling: Dislikes: Homework, getting layed off, unsociable people: Suppressed Desire: Go across the U.S.A.: Future Plans: Tech. college, out lifting Suchy. MICHAEL J. MALTESE Y 11 Old Kiln Rd.: Easy going, humerous, curly hair: "Come on, will yan: Swim team: Likes: music, weight lifting, street rods: Dislikes: Crowds, wise guys, cold mornings: Pet Peeve: Disagreeable egotists: Suppressed Desire: Drive a racing car in the Indy 500: Future Plans: Undecided BRIAN L. MANGAN Y 6 King Arthur Court: Blond, blue eyes, quiet: "What are you on drugs?": Varsity hockey: Likes: Motorcycles, vans, hockey, partying in my van, traveling to nowhere, elsinores: Dislikes: Practice, endos, looping it: Pet Peeve: Jute box: Suppressed Desire: To beat DeCoster: Future Plans: Technical school Senior Directory 79 JOSEPH MANGUILLI Y 15 Roger Ave.: Outspoken, understanding, Italian: "Yeah huh": Varsity football fcaptj, Freshmen baseball: Likes: Football, cutting class, party- ing, autumn, Chiari's cellar, Schiltz: Dislikes: Losing, practice, Sunday nights, school, being sick, braggers: Pet Peeve: Being called Larry: Suppressed Desire: To be able to do anything and everything l want to, without being told how: Future Plans: Trade school JOSEPH W. MARINELLI Y 62 Bishop Street: Likes: Camping, hitch hiking, going to concerts, cars: Dislikes: Sunday afternoon: Pet Peeve: Stuck up people: Suppressed Desire: Going away to college. PAUL MARINUZZI Y 96 South Ave.: Crazy, gullible: Soccer team: Likes: M.L.O., soccer, eating, wrestling, Chevelle, hanging around, pizza, beer: Dislikes: Wallingford, going to practice, waking up, people who are afraid to admit things: Pet Peeve: People who lie about others: Suppressed Desire: To be able to make it on my own: Future Plans: College PHILIP JOSEPH MASSA Y 1526 Hartford Turnpike: Italian, friendly, Instigator: "ahl go onl", "yeah, yeah, yeah": Likes: Partying Chiari's celler, a certain R.I. beach, hockey, The "Stooges", throwing rocks, causing commotion, playing football in the snow: Dis- likes: Mosquitoes, people always asking me questions, being nagged at: Pet Peeve: People who always have thier hands on me: Suppressed Desire: To live the rest of my life with health, and happiness: Future Plans: College MARY JANE MASSIMINO Y 124 Warner Road: Friendly, enthusiastic, sensitive: Italian Club: Likes: Strawberries, children, animals. swimming, skating, blue. having fun, my friends: Dislikes: Saying good-bye. getting up early. cigarette smoke. sheepdogs: Pet Peeve: Being embarrassed in front of a lot of people: Suppressed Desire: To get a midnight blue corvette: Future Plans: To work with deaf children PAMELA JEAN MASTRANTONIO Y 43 Sherwood Drive: Short, friendly, crazy: "I don't know", "I don't care": Modern Dance Club: Likes: A very special person, my friends, having fun, babies, dances, riding around: Dislikes: Going to classes, dishonest people, waiting to get picked up, liver, arguments, when my car doesn't start: Pet Pecve: Two-faced people: Suppressed Desire: To live my life to the fullest: Future Plans: Hairdressing JERRY A. MATTEIS Y 416 Pool Road: Friendly, short, easy-going: "Let's get out of here.": Likes: Friday nights, Michelob, Vikings, B.M.A.: Dislikes: Hulls, monday morn- ings, Wallingford, intellectuals: Pet Peeve: People who always bum rides in your car: Suppressed Desire: Own a Lincoln Continental: Future Plans: College ROBERT E. MAURER JR. Y 12 Beach Street: Jr. honor guard, CYO, BYF: Likes: Bowling, movies, making money, having a good time, well kept houses: Dislikes: Pushy salesmen, sitting around with nothing else to do but watch T.V. or read a book, little kids that are brats: Pet Peeve: People who forewarn you about their short tempers: Suppressed Desire: Opportunity to play on a defensive line: Future Plans: College, career in math field. LISA M. MCCAFFERTY Y 96 Grove Road: Tiny, cute, determined: "Di, Look!": Gymnastics: Likes: Friday nites, Bad Co., people: Dislikes: Nosey people, backstabbers, monday mornings and E.U.: Pet Peeve: When people remark on my size: Suppressed Desire: To travel around the world: Future Plans: Include nursing and gymnastics MARGARET MARY MCCARTHY Y 14 Marlen Drive: Gullible, talkative, sentimen- tal: "Give it upl',: Modern dance club, SACHEM: Likes: Ishkabibble, good friends, Beach Boys, Elton John, dances, warm spring days, corvettes: Dislikes: Getting up early, people who are late: Pet Peeve: Crank calls: Future Plans: College, Nursing LAVOID J. McELYA Y 43 Bradley St.: Good, better, dynomite: Afro-American club: Likes: Sweet women that have color in their face: Dislikes: Rice, milk, white tape: Pet Peeve: Corny, fake people: Suppressed Desire: To go to Hillhouse: Future Plans: Paris Island ANNE BENNETT MCFARLAND Y 20 Old Farm Road LYNN S. MCGALLIARD Y 6 Maplecrest Lane: "Oh, yeah?": AFS student to Germa- ny, orchestra, chorus, All-Connecticut orchestra, explorers, "Carmina Burana": Likes: Ice cream, hiking, skiing, October, playing in concerts: Dislikes: Writing papers: Pet Peeve: People who drive slowly: Future Plans: Travel, College THOMAS E. MCLELLAN Y 85 Buell St.: Competitive, quick, short: "ya right": Two years varsity hockey: Likes: Sports, warm weather, a car that runs a working 8 track player, a good friday night: Dislikes: Frank's practice, tall people, people that think they know everything, FOOD MART: Pet Peeve: N.H. High School, cold class rooms, a car that doesnlt run: Suppressed Desire: To become rich, to kill thejuke box: Future Plans: Go to school MICHAEL J. McNAMARA Y 439 Pool Rd.: Big, rough, crazy: Bowling, working on cars: Likes: Cars, money, girls, eating, being out late, hanging around, music: Dislikes: Being bossed around, school cops, Fords, unfriendly people: Pet Peeve: People telling stories about other people: Suppressed Desire: Make a lot of money: Future Plans: Technical School, work KAREN JOAN MEENEGHAN Y 447 Quinnipiac Avenue: Red hair, freckles, laugh- ing: "Tell me 'bout it", "huhu, pretty funny.": Cheerleading Captain, Jr. 8: Sr. Prom committee, Frosh. class president, F.B.L.A., Vi FHBJS, tennis: Likes: People, nosemen, 80 Senior Directory pigs, B. Streisand, dancing, laughing, cheering on cold Saturdays: Dislikes: Cars that don't use blinkers: Pet Peeve: Catty people: Suppressed Desire: To own a farm in Texas: Future Plans: Nursing KATHLEEN M. MEGILL Y 34 Fallon Drive: Friendly, easy going, crazy: f'That's it'l: Likes: A certain someone, Wildcats, purple, spring, traveling, McDonald's, roses, lots of friends: Dislikes: Goodbyes, crying, bugs. being alone, homework, rain: Pet Peeve: People who can't be themselves: Suppressed Desire: To live a long and happy life: Future Plans: To travel, and work JANET M. MELILLI Y 47 Locke Drive: Friendly, outgoing, stubborn: "I can't take it", "Come onl": D.E.C.A. Y treasurer, A.F.S.: Likes: A certain someone, partying, talking on the phone, picking on people: Dislikes: Waking up for school, people who tell me what to do, staying home, nights ending, having a shadow: Pet Peeve: People who play games: Suppressed Desire: To go to California, and to own my half of the Speedy 8: Weedy Cooporation: Future Plans: Business School VINCENT MENDILLO Y 77 Ansonia Dr.: Likes: Redsox, fishing, 76ers: Dislikes: Yankees, Baltimore, working: Pet Peeve: People that don't know what the heck is going on: Future Plans: College CHARLES C. MILIONE Y 599 Middletown Ave.: "Chuckles" Ambitious, quiet, friendly: "Right here": D.E.C.A., Ski Club: Likes: Long vacations: Dislikes: Rainy days: Pet Peeve: R.D.: Suppressed Desire: To travel around the world: Future Plans: College DAVID KEITH MILLER Y 2111 Whitney Ave.: Friendly, easy-going, carefree: 'tWhata ya doin tonight7": Varsity football, varsity baseball, varsity club, freshman basketball: Likes: Autumn, girls, partying with Lou 8a Mike, Saturday nights, "VlCK- ERS": Dislikes: Practice, losing, curcuits, trying to order at Friendly's, people who think they're great C.A.'s: Pet Peeve: People who tell me I'm always eating: Suppressed Desire: To play professional baseball: Future Plans: College, taking it easy. LOUIS E. MINERI JR. Y 111 South Ave.: Understanding, friendly, good looking: "Be good": Drag racing, building street rods, talking to girls: Likes: Corvette's, having good times, friendly people, antique cars, memories, to be myself: Dislikes: Rumers, ugly girls, nagging people, riding around, when people mess my hair: Pet Peeve: Stuck up people: Suppressed Desire: To have a Harem: Future Plans: Technical school, to take over my fatherls business. KURT EDWARD MIRAKIAN Y 2 Samoset Avenue: Loud, friendly, "rowdie": "Don't worry about it": Graduation Usher: Likes: Baseball, music, reading, Boston, little kids, money, dogs, working: Dislikes: Studying, Spanish, New York, cats, airplanes, girls who think they're smart: Pet Peeve: Girls who smoke: Suppressed Desire: To be a lawyer: Future Plans: College, Money WILLIAM THOMAS MITCHELL Y 50 Temple Street KATHERINE CABRINI MOORE Y 15 Davis Rd.: Energetic, determined, impatient: "Guess what!": E. C. A., Drama club, varsity track, varsity gymnastics, T.I.T.P.: Likes: Analyzing bathroom graffiti, theatre, working all day and dancing all night, storms, Bantok, New York: Dislikes: Being cold, fat, forgetting things: Pet Peeve: Waiting: Suppressed Desire: To take a walk with Philip Petit: Future Plans: College, the theatre! MANUEL S. MORAS Y 120 Warner Rd.: Hot rod: Likes: Hanging around, beer, money, girls: Dislikes: Rahs: Pet Peeve: People telling lies about others: Suppressed Desire: Have a nice car: Future Plans: Going to welding school DOMINIC MOREGGI Y 115 Spring Road: Sexy, cool, quiet: Likes: Sue, to party, nice clothes, clean cars, cadillacs, summer nights, cruisin: Dislikes: Stuck-up people, getting up, arguing with SG., dirty caddys, school work: Pet Peeve: People who B.B.: Sup- pressed Desire: To be a big shot. ROBERT RICHARD MORTALI JR. Y 47 Watson Avenue: Tall and slim, athletic minded, humerous: "Get outa here": Frosh. football, student government: Likes: Sports, summer, sleeping late, vacations, reading, eating, New York sports teams, History, and Nostologia: Dislikes: School, waking up early, homework, exams, going to bed early, seeing people unhappy or angry, getting cut: Pet Peeve: Never having enough time to do all the things I want to do: Suppressed Desire: To be a superstar in sports: Future Plans: College KATHY LYNNE MRAVIC Y 49 Beach Street: "Whatls new?'l: AFS: Likes: Fire- works, Dino's, old cars, people, S.H. summer, trees, weekends: Dislikes: Pork chops, Friendly's, fighting, shoes, busy bodies: Pet Peeve: Cleaning my room: Suppressed Desire: To live in Germany: Future Plans: College SUSAN BURNHAM MULCAHEY Y 21 Eaton Street: Shy, sensitive, unassuming: AFS, band, FBLA, modern dance: Likes: Cape Ann, music, sunshine: Dislikes: Vegeta- bles, crowds, goodbye's: Suppressed Desire: To travel MAUREEN SUSAN MULHERN JONATHAN WILLIAM MUNCK Y 41 Spring Road: Bored, disgusted, overworked: "BAGELSl": Auto repair work, boating, snowmobiling, driving: Likes: Auto repair work, boating, snowmobiling, driving, acidrock two tone, black and silver flake Ken- worth truck or trailer, with silver freuhouf anti-sail trailer, MOPAR: Dislikes: Senior English, certain ofhce personal, GYM, a certain '67 Mopar station wagon: Pet Peeve: Volkswagons, Vegas, Jeff Grasso: Suppressed Desire: To own my own Deisle repair shop, Future Plans: To maybe be team mechanic on a drag racing team LESLIE SIMS MUNSON 4 124 Elm Street, Compatable, precise, whimsical, "That's a riotl", Model Congress '75, '76, drama club, concert band, marching band, Yale Model U.N. '75, '76, Likes: Tennis, buffet dinners, Saks, people who laugh, sophistication, Brazil, Chesterfield cigarettes, silver reflections on Calhoun, Pet Peeve: Those of a dilatory nature: Future Plans: College DAVID FRANCIS MURPHY 4 25 Lincoln St., Trust worthy, easy going, "woooooooowel", Ski club, cross-country, hockey, Likes: Skiing, hot-dogging, cold winter days, dune buggies, Cadillac's, music, girls, the beach, cars, Dislikes: Dirty cars, greedy people: Pet Peeve: Winter's without snow, work, Suppressed Desire: To be rich, Future Plans: College DANIEL E. NAZARIO 4 55 Robert Road, cool, friendly, short tempered, "If it feels good do it", Likes: working on cars, lots of girls, Ford Mustangs, Dislikes: People who argue all the time, two-faced people, Pet Peeve: Somebody thinking they are better than everybody else, Supressed Desire: To have a lot of friends, Future Plans: To become a good cook FREDERICK W. NELSON 4 40 Rimmon Road, quiet, friendly, temperamental, "Am I going to make it through this year?", bowling, fishing, swimming, Likes: My pretty little sweetheart Robin, Dislikes: A lot of things: Pet Peeve: Don't know, Supressed Desire: To be a pro bowler, Future Plans: Finding a goodjob, putting half of my money in a bank and not spending it, marriage ROBIN LEIGH NELSON 4 6 Marlborough Road, vivacious, stubborn, warm, Drama Club, Central Region Disaster Action Team, "Brace yourself", Likes: sleeping late, long walks, horses, driving, Lime Rock, analyzing bathroom graffiti, Saturday night fires, Dislikes: Fords, getting up early, September, West Campus, would-be-racers, rainy days and Mondays, Pet Peeve: People who talk a lot and say nothing, Supressed Desire: To drive an ambulance, Future Plans: school, Diaster work DEBBIE ANN NOLAN 4 61 Culver Lane JAMES P, NOLAN 4 4 Fortune Drive NORA MARIE NORBACK 4 7 Adeline Drive, "What", Likes: Animals, friends, camping, "61" Jaguar Sedan, barefooted summers, Dislikes: being nagged, work, Pet Peeve: Slimy earth worms, Supressed Desire: To stop going nowhere, and taking a lifetime to do it, Future Plans: To be DEBRA JEAN NORCIA 4 138 Princess Drive, Madison, emotional, friendly, sincere, "I hold two records . . .", A.F.S., ski club, swim team, student governing assembly, Jr. Prom Committee, Likes: surprise visitors, moving at my own pace, Dislikes: watching soccer games in the rain, Pet Peeve: getting caught behind Sunday drivers, Future Plans: College, travel RONALD JOSEPH NORMAN 4 28 Laydon Avenue, Rondo, friendly, outgoing, hairy, "Are you kidding me?", Freshman football, Varsity baseball, Honor Guard, Likes: certain people, baseball, driving, Dislikes: being alone, practice, rain, Pet Peeve: being alone, Supressed Desire: To play baseball, Future Plans: college NATHAN JOSEPH NOVARRO 4 22 Howe Street: friendly, "Hey I0-I, gct on it", Likes: hunting skiing, weekends, Dislikes: stuck-up girls, slow moving people, Pet Peeve: Going to work on Sundays, Supressed Desire: To drive the ol' mack, Future Plans: college LINDA GAIL NOYES 4 19 Wayland Street, friendly, determined, gregarious, "You moose", A.F,S., Debate, Model U.N., Model Congress 4 co-chairman 1975-1976, Gyorgyey Theater, Likes: Maine, being alone, Model Congresses, Dislikes: Being in large groups, Supressed Desire: To be a moose jockey, Future Plans: Zoology DANIEL ROBERT NUGENT 4 130 Maple Avenue, friendly, soft hearted, carefree, "No? Really?", Varsity hockey 4 captain, Varsity Club, Likes: country roads, soft music, weekends, most everyone, Dislikes: People who don't understand what you're saying, Supressed Desire: To try everything once, Future Plans: To live life to the fullest DOREEN NUZZO 4 255 Maple Avenue, sensitive, impatient, unpredictable, Likes: Misquamicut, motorcycles, partying, Dislikes: being bored, phones that don't ring, endings without goodbyes, Pet Peeve: waiting, Supressed Desire: To travel the country on the back of a Harley, Future Plans: California, business school MARTHA LEE ODAYNIK 4 12 Bowen Road, calm, easy-going, quiet, "I don't know", SACHEM editor-in-chief, Field Hockey, Model Congress, Rome and Paris trips, Likes: sport cars, baseball and hockey games, the color green. Creme de Menthe: Dislikes: muggy weather, ham sandwiches on white bread. smoke, tcacher's pets. unreasonable librarians, Pet Peeve: Certain so-called "friends", Supressed Desire: To become a professional baseball player: Future Plans: A career in pharmacy MATTHEW ERNST OESTERLIN 4 69 Bassett Road, tall, studious, conservative, Tennis team, Likes: James Taylor, farming, the woods and animals, Dislikes: tomatoes, tiies Pet Peeve: Backstabbers, Supressed Desire: To own my own farm, Future plans: College DANIEL PETER O'HARE - 13 Dover Road, lazy, quiet, easy going, "Yeah, I guess", Likes: partying, being with friends, Chiari's celler, life, Dislikes: accidents, rules, school, braggers, conceited people, C.A.'s Pet Peeve: waiting for people, Supressed Desire: To spend the rest of my life in my natural state, Future Plans: College JAMES J, O'KEEFE 4 6 Carina Road, considerate, sensitive, inquisitive, Freshman football, soccer, Varsity tennis, A.F.S., Boys' State, Who's Who Among American High School Students, Drama, T.V.S.H., Likes: my dog, making friends, partying, sports, Dislikes: Being wrong, injustice: Pet Peeve: Pseudo-Individuals, Future Plans: College, success LORI CARROLL OLIVER 4 66 Chapel Hill Road, sensitive, caring, unpredictable, Co-captain swimming, Varsity swimming two years, Summer '75 Frace, Sophomore lndianette, SACHEM copy editor, Jr. Prom Committee, Sr. Prom Committee, Likes: "82", Lanphiers Cove, brown eyes, green ice cream, rainbows, poetry, football, fairy tales, photographs, memories, dreams, cookie jars, Dislikes: lonliness, saying goodbye, being shut out, being laughed at, losing, seeing someone special get hurt, pretencious people, confusion, Pet Peeve: people who say they care but really don't, Supressed Desire: To swim the English Channel: Future Plans: College DEBRA E. O'LOUGHLIN 4 42 Park Road, funny, gullible, mouthy, "You're kid- ding", Likes: laughing, sunsets, people, puppies, rootbeer, Dislikes: waiting, complain- ers, losing, rain, bossy people, homework, Pet Peeve: People who think they know it all, Supressed Desire: To see the world, Future Plans: College, Secretary SUSAN MARY ONOFRIO 4 30 Canna Road, quiet, friendly, shy, Likes: ice skating, roller skating, doing ceramics, little dogs, bike riding, Dislikes: bugs, rainy days, Pet Peeve: ferocious looking dogs, Supressed Desire: to travel to different states, Future Plans: College, travel CURTIS PAUL ORIO 4 31 Fallon Drive, modest, understanding, athletic, "Yeah?", Varsity Baseball, Varsity Club, Freshman Basketball 4 "Most Valuable Player", Sa- chem 4 sport editor, Likes: Sports, music, girls, glory, Dislikes: Running, sprints, being upset, liars, vegetables, Pet Peeve: Sprained ankles, Supressed Desire: To make All- Housatonic Baseball, Future Plans: College, Baseball CHRISTOPHER REED OSLIN 4 9 Leona Avenue, friendly, thoughtful, curly brown hair, "Really? That's decent", Varsity club, Captain of Cross-Country, Track team, l!3 of C.O.D., Likes: girls, mountains, skiing, snow, friendly honest people, being with good friends, a certain cupcake, Banjos, beating Rich Diana, Dislikes: L.S.D., quarters, Che- shire, phony people, rain, wet shoes, long lift lines, fast starts, Diana's course, Pet Peeve: People that only know you when they want something, Supressed Desire: To run on the dark side of the moon, Future Plans: college, travel to Europe, run KAREN ANGELA PAGE 4 266 Bassett Road, Friendly, teasing, green eyed, "Give me a break, huh!", "Come on", Pep Club, Student Government, Prom Committee, 16 FBH's, Class Flirt, Likes: Joey, duckpond, close friends, cows, raging, Dislikes: Uncer- tainty, not being understood, disappointment, Pet Peeve: Rainy Sundays, Suppressed Desire: To be happy, Future Plans: College, Social Work APRIL H. PALM 4 13 Janet Drive, Moody, insane, crazy, "Fungus!", Senior Girl Scouts, Bowling League, Brownie G.S. Leader, Chorus, Likes: Travel, Archaeology, supernatural, mysteries, San Francisco, singing, driving, cooking, skiing, boating, ani- mals, Egyptian History, Dislikes: Gossips, darkness, New York City, doctors, fighting, fakes, artificial light, hard rock, liars, being cooped up, cliques, Pet Peeve: Rahs, People who think they're the best, Suppressed Desire: To restore and reside in my aunt's house in Germany, Future Plans: College, acting, singing, travel, Criminology, Archaeology, restoration of old houses MARGARET ANN PALMATIER 4 31 Welch Road, Quiet, sensitive, logical, "What- ever", A.F.S., Girl's Track and Field Team, Girl's Gymnastic Team, Methodist District Youth Council, Likes: Long walks in the woods, times alone, guys, open land, Dislikes: Getting hurt and being used, narrow-mindedness, Pet Peeve: People who don't use signal lights, Suppressed Desire: To own a house in the woods, Future Plans: Medicine ROBERT PALUMBO 4 292 Spring Road, Friendly, fun-loving, humorous, Freshmen, J,V. Football, Freshmen Track, Student Government '74, Homeroom Representative '73-'74, D.E.C.A., Spanish Club '74, Likes: The FLYERS, partying, music, laughing, my friends, life, Dislikes: C.A.'s, phonys, rednecks, people who look down on others, Pet Peeve: Narrow-minded people, being nagged, Suppressed Desire: To be as successful as my father, Future Plans: College DONNA B. PARESE 4 54 Kings Highway, Co-Captain Varsity Volleyball Team, Jr. Prom Chairwoman, Usherette, Jr. Prom Queen, 113 of the "Outcasts", Likes: M8LM's, snow, Porches, MIC with Nancy, ice cream, traveling, Dislikes: People who ean't say what they mean, hot, muggy weather, Pet Peeve: People who are never punctual, Suppressed Desire: To be a judge on the Supreme Court, Future Plans: College DENNIS MICHAEL PARILLO 4 3320 Dixwell Avenue, Sly, crazy, talented, Playing guitar, swimming, living, cruisin', dancing, working in my band, going out, girls, having fun, Likes: Mice, girls, music, swimming, diving, guitars, freedom, truth, to be Loved, Dislikes: Stuck-up girls, bad music, being told what to do, homework, hypocrites, a car that won't start on a cold night, Pet Peeve: A cop on your tail with his lights flashing, Suppressed Desire: To be happy throughout my life with my future plans, Future Plans: To live my life in Love, and take things as they come day by day DAWN L. PARKS 4 25 Marion Drive, Crazy, outgoing, tall, 113 of the F.N.D., F.B.L.A., Jr. Prom Committee, Sr. Prom, Likes: Laughing, wintery nights, being with friends, football, long walks on the beach, Dislikes: Being quiet, boredom, loneliness, Senior Directory 81 cliques: Pet Peeve: People who don't act naturally for others: Suppressed Desire: To be totally happy: Future Plans: College LOUIS FRANK PARLATO - 147 Culver Lane: Skinny, friendly: "Let's roll", Clean cars, hunting, a good Friday night, good clothes: Dislikes: Monday mornings, being late, waiting, slow drivers, parking tickets: Pet Peeve: Working in the rain, bringing the trash out: Suppressed Desire: To drive my sister's car for the night: Future Plans: Going to Tech. School ALYSON LOUISE PATCH - 83 Fallon Drive: Lazy, outgoing, athletic: Field hockey Captain, softball: Likes: Vermont, my dog, mint chip ice cream: Dislikes: Getting up in the morning: Pet Peeve: Inconsiderate people: Suppressed Desire: To be independent: Future Plans: College THERESA ANN PATURZO 3 ll Palmer Road: Short, friendly, sensitive: "I'm tired", Likes: Sal, camping, hiking, motorcycles, concerts, plants, animals, mustaches: Dislikes: Two-faced people, people that tell me what to do: Pet Peeve: People that aren't on time: Suppressed Desire: To own a plant store, to go to Colorado: Future Plans: College, marriage, travel JOSEPH P. PELLEGRINO v 4 Helen Drive DERMOT DELANEY PELLETIER - 18 Nettleton Avenue: Crazy, easygoing, friendly: Jr. Prom Committee, Sachem, Sr. Prom Committee, Likes: Mr. Fiore's class, controversy, weekends, basketball, good times with my buddies, 5REEB!, losing to Tony: The Park Dislikes: Being bored, ignored, the night of Cafterj: Pet Peeve: Part-time friends: Suppressed Desire: To see Debbie Norcia win the Friendliest Award: Future Plans: To attend the University of Mars CYNTHIA R. PELLEY - 17 Sackett Point Road: Conscientious, sincere, fun-loving: Library Club, F.B.L.A., A.F.S., Pioneer Girls, camp councelor, "Carmina Burana", Chorus, TQ.: Likes: Rainbows, starry nights, eating, flying, hats, traveling, music: Dis- likes: Birds, fighting, cigarette smoke: Pet Peeve: Tardiness: Suppressed Desire: To cut a record and perform at the Metropolitan Opera House: Future Plans: College LINDA LOUISE PERFE'I'I'I - 61 Highland Park Road: Short, tiny, outspoken: "What are you, nuts?", Likes: Going out, summer nights, nutty people: Dislikes: Liars, moody people, rainy days: Pet Peeve: Being told what to do: Suppressed Desire: To reach 5'2": Future Plans: M.P. and Nursing School RICHARD D. PERROTTI A 26 Debra Lane DIANA MARIE PESCE - 32 Carina Road: Friendly, forgetful, picky: Likes: Going out with my friends, dressing up, music, eating strawberries: Dislikes: Getting pushed around, being used, being alone, talking on the phone: Pet Peeve: Someone who pretends to be your friend: Suppressed Desire: To be happy and to be someone special: Future Plans: To go to work and to be married MARK JOSEPH PESTICCI A 13 Pequot Avenue: Flirt?, Italian, crazy: "You crazy?", Basketball, Track, Jr. Prom Committee: Likes: Italian Girls, Basketball, Chevys, swim- ming, Panteras, skiing, chess: Dislikes: Fords, blue lights, Vol. Firemen, losing, V.W.'s: Pet Peeve: Stuck-up girls: Suppressed Desire: To be rich and famous: Future Plans: Work, College STEPHEN JAMES PETRILLO - 54 Garfield Avenue: Loud, nervous, moody: "Un- believable": Basketball, Track: Likes: Basketball, Beach Boys, partying with the men, Miller ponies: Dislikes: Certain People, leaches, getting carded, missing a dunk: Pet Peeve: Getting the shaft: Suppressed Desire: To become a C.P.A.: Future Plans: Travel- ing to Florida with the men SUSAN ANNE PETTORINI - 840 Middletown Avenue: Liberal, friendly, independ- ent: "Tell me about it!": Silver Lake, Camp family '75, forum: Likes: music, summers, Friday nights, Greenwhich: Dislikes: Rainy weekends, hypocrites: Pet Peeve: Phonies: Suppressed Desire: To be as happy in the future as I am now: Future Plans: College DEAN ARIS PHILLIPS - 45 Round Hill Road: Persistent, talkative, enthusiastic: "Nail him to the wall!": Model Congress, Varsity Soccer fCo-captainj, IKON Press, Travel, camp counselor, Wilderness camping, Ski Club, Audio Visual Alliance for Edu- cation, Drama, Math Club, Student Governments, assorted science and engineering symposia: Likes: Electronics, computers, a good argument: Dislikes: Bureaucrats, hard- core rahs, red tape, incompetence: Pet Peeve: Being beaten to the invention of the wheel: Suppressed Desire: To be the first to the U.S. Patent Office: Future Plans: College,' computers, and the Universe RICHARD F. PIASIK - 37 Oakwook Drive: Easy going, friendly, talkative: Baseball, basketball: Likes: To play basketball in the gym: Pet Peeve: Cigarette smoke: Suppressed Desire: To play professional baseball: Future Plans: To become rich LOUIS C. PICCIRILLO 1 249 Clintonville Lane: Perfectionist, paranoid, preoccupied: "Seriously, though . . . how can I lose when I'm so sincere?": Italian Club, Philosophy Club, Band, Student Government, Hospital Volunteer: Likes: Italian cooking, peace of mind, places of solitude, "Peanuts" Philosophy, humility, movies, individualism, The Godfather: Dislikes: Conceit, hypocrisy, ignorant change and ignorant opposition to change, cliques and cliquey things, orthodontists, uncooperative School Personnel, wait- ing: Pet Peeve: Extreme wealth: Suppressed Desire: To be extremely wealthy and to be on the cover of Time Magazine: Future Plans: Medicine 82 Senior Directory SHARON ANN PIEPER - 339 Clintonville Road: Opinionated, aware, creative: Painter, professional model: Likes: Jeffery, corvettes, walks on the beach, weekends, quiet times: Dislikes: broken glass, weekdays, people who don't try to understand: Pet Peeve: Having to say "Good-bye": Suppressed Desire: To be a nun: Future Plans: To become everything I was meant to be DOMINIC K. PISCITELLI - 48 Fallon Drive: Friendly, understanding, crazy: Track, Co-Chairman Jr. Prom, Honor Guard: Likes: Beer, beach, convertibles, skiing, close friends, boating, blondes, Vermont: Dislikes: Liars, stuck-up people, fake people, hypo- crites, hitting pine trees: Pet Peeve: Being broke: Suppressed Desire: Med. School: Future Plans: College JOHN PETER PLACHTYNA - 6 Anthony Road: Tall, friendly, easy going: "Don't worry about it.", "I'll do it later.": Likes: Sports, friends, the beach, getting my way, the fall, hockey: Dislikes: Crowds, waiting, rainy days, homework, people who brag, cold feet: Pet Peeve: People who don't know what they are talking about: Suppressed Desire: To be the best at something: Future Plans: College KURT S. POULTON - 35 Sherman Terrace: Easy going, energetic: Likes: Motorcy- cles, cadillacs, girls: Dislikes: Loud People: Pet Peeve: People who yell your name in the hall: Suppressed Desire: To get a new cadillac: Future Plans: Computer Programmer ELIZABETH A. POWELL - 21 Fitch Street: Emotional, unpredictable, clumsy: "Really?": Pep Club, Tennis Captain: Likes: Sunshine: camping, competition, long weekends, Mac's: Dislikes: Howard Cosell, rainy mornings, prejudice, "sudden deathI", good-byes, cliques: Pet Peeve: Being under a lot of pressure: Suppressed Desire: To live on a beach: Future Plans: work, travel LAURIE JEANNE PRONTO - 123 Blakeslee Avenue: Cheerful, friendly, outgoing: "You big bucky.": Pep Club, Swim Club, J.V. Cheerleading, White Squad Varsity Cheer- leading, Nursing Club, Senior Prom Committee, Likes: Paulie, ink, Doritos, corn-on- the-cob, Colour My World, Beach Boys, football games, children, animals, buttered popcorn, summers, swimming, my friends: Dislikes: Turnips, rainy weekends, snotty people, long good-byes, cigarette smoking, German Shepards, busy phone signals, mak- ing decisions: Pet Peeve: Prejudice: Suppressed Desire: To be a famous figure skater: Future Plans: Nursing and marriage REGINA CAROL PUCHALSKI - 14 Allen Road: Funny, happy, creative: "You silly girll", "And I go . . .": F,B.L.A., M of S.A.G.'s Likes: Being with my friends, pizza, animals, walking Shannan on a fall day: Dislikes: Peas, arguments, rainy days, people who drive too slow: Pet Peeve: People who pretend to be what they aren't: Suppressed Desire: To enjoy the years in the future as I have enjoyed them in the past: Future Plans: Secretarial School CLAIRE M. PURCELLA - 30 Marlen Drive: Always smiling, kind, considerate: Likes: Animals: Dislikes: Bossy People: Pet Peeve: When people get drunk and go crazy on the road: Suppressed Desire: A long trip to Hawaii: Future Plans: To be a good nurse PAUL W. RAFFILE - 81 Coventry Circle: Lazy: Likes: Yankees, Golf, Bubble gum: Dislikes: Red Sox: Pet Peeve: Red Sox Fans: Future Plans: College JOHN ANTHONY RAMADEI - 87 Fallon Drive: Moody, crazy, stubborn: "Uh oh!": Varsity Ice Hockey Team: Likes: Rangers, summer vacation, saturday morning, fast cars, winning the Lottery, sports: Dislikes: Homework, monday morning, traffic jams, watching the Rangers lose, practice: Pet Peeve: Having to do homework when I'd rather watch t,v.: Suppressed Desire: To be the best: Future Plans: Travel, Work CHERYL ANN REBESCHI - 15 Benedict Drive: Quiet, Friendly: Pep Club, In- dianettes, Senior Prom Committee: Likes: Jim, french fries, summer, old movies: Dis- likes: School mornings, making decisions: Pet Peeve: Getting up early: Future Plans: To pursue a career in the Medical Field JOYCE ELIZABETH REDDING - 2 Carafa Terrace: Crazy, moody, easy going: "Let's go": Likes: Partying, Vodka and grapefruit, Kimba, foreign cars, Misquamicut, camping, photography, dancing, variety: Dislikes: Philisa, liars, chihuahuas, rain, eggs, stuck-up people, shoes: Future Plans: Travel RICHARD GORDON REID - 46 Bassett Road: "Huh?": Swim Team, S.P.L.A.: Dislikes: Tall people, loud people: Pet Peeve: School food: Suppressed Desire: To live on my own Desert Island: Future Plans: To become vewy, vewy, wich and not get married PETER F. REILLY - 5 Beverly Drive: "Yeah, right . . . sure": Likes: Listening and playing music, weekend nights, having money: Dislikes: Staying in at night, torkes, being bored: Pet Peeve: Doing homework every night: Suppressed Desire: To play guitar, To be a Recording Engineer, to live out in the country: Future Plans: College LINDA JEAN RICHETELLI - I5 Stanford Lane: "Rich": Friendly, enthusiastic, sensitive: "Oh . . . you're cruisin'l": Pep Club, Pom-Pom Girls, J.V. Cheerleading, Varsity White Cheerleading Co-Captain, Homeroom Representative, Senior Prom Committee: Likes: Yellow, Veal Parmigian, mag wheels, children, skiing, my friends, Paris: Dislikes: Rainy days, making decisions: Pet Peeve: Busy phone signals: Sup- pressed Desire: To be 5'6" tall: Future Plans: College: Teaching very young children DANIEL PATRICK ROCHE - 42 Manomet Avenue: "Danny": Unpredictable, easy going: "Seriously" "That's True'l, "I'll tell ya": Student Government: Likes: Friday and Saturday nights, good times, Sport cars, the summer, the Rangers, Steely Dan: Dislikes: Having to be on time, being ordered to do something, having nothing to do, Red Sox fans: R.D. and G.B.: Pet Peeve: My brother: Suppressed Desire: To own a TR 6: Future Plans: College and to enjoy all the better things in life GREGORY JOSEPH RUBINO Y 6 Drazen Drive South: "I'll do better on the next test": A.F.S.: Likes: Measure 29, Fridays, anything italian: Dislikes: Chemistry, any- thing not Italian: Pet Peeve: People who like Big Macs: Suppressed Desire: To be a National Geographic Photographer: Future Plans: College KIMBERLY ANNE RUSSELL Y 1953 Whitney Avenue: "Russ": Outgoing, responsi- ble, fun-loving: "That's a bunch of bolony.": A.F.S., Ski Club, Latin Club, Turtles, Rainbow: Likes: Water skiing, Tennis, coconut eclairs, TR 7's, writing my pen pals, Rome, dancing, reading, deserts, meeting people: Dislikes: Barbecued potatoe chips, late passes, mis-understandings, cliques, jellyfish, conformists: Pet Peeve: Insincere Com- munication: Suppressed Desire: To be a doctor: Future Plans: Dental Hygiene, Travel JOHN ANTHONY SACCU Y 34 Rimmon Road: Thoughtful, friendly, noble: Likes: Partying, going to concerts, meeting people, winning prizes: Dislikes: People who think they are great: Pet Peeve: People saying hello to you only when they are by themselves: Suppressed Desire: To own a Jaguar: Future Plans: College and Law School DIANNE M. SALVATI Y 35 Shaw Drive: Curly hair, funny, moody: Modern Dance Club, Dancing School, Ice Skating, Skiing: Likes: Beach Boys, Tap, math, Kentucky, "mommy" soup: Dislikes: Loneliness, meat, talking on the telephone, feet, mogils: Pet Peeve: Listening to people chew their food: Suppressed Desire: To become famous: Future Plans: College, Travel RITA M. SARRO Y 5 Sheffield Road: "Leggs": Crazy, always laughing: "Cockazoips", "How embarrassing" Baseball Team: Likes: H.L., Jerry Lewis, dancing, my family, going out: Dislikes: Moody people, being alone, arguing: Pet Peeve: People running my life: Suppressed Desire: To be someones Suppressed Desire: Future Plans: To be a performer DONNA SAULT Y 15 Howe Street: Happy, determined, stubborn: "Alfalfa": A.F.S., Turtles: Likes: Close friends, coconut eclairs, sewing, music, travelling, Jingle Bells: Dislikes: Snobs, cold feet, too many memories, peanut butter: Pet Peeve: "IT": Sup- pressed Desire: To see the world in alphabetical order: Future Plans: Fashion Designer Y Interior Decorator Y Hair Dresser ANTHONY SAVINO Y 30 Howe Street: Not-gullible, lazy, controversial: Baseball: Likes: The Yankees, being on top, being even with people, beating Dee: Dislikes: Timberidge, fake people, sunday morning, the Red Sox: Pet Peeve: Smoking cigarettes when l'm around: Suppressed Desire: To be perfect: Future Plans: College CYNTHIA ANNE SAVO Y 36 Country Way: Talkative, moody, sensitive, "Oh come on": Pep Club, J.V. and Varsity Cheerleading, Junior Honor Guard, Volunteer Teacher's Aide: Likes: Colonial homes, autumn days, warm sweaters, new relationships, blue eyes,: Dislikes: People who don't listen: Pet Peeve: Indecisiveness, blushing: Suppressed Desire: To spend an autumn evening in front ofa fire with someone I love: Future Plans: College, Nursing GARY C. SAWICKI Y 15 Drazen Drive: Blue eyed, persistent, tall: "Don't play games": Honor Guard, 1975 Yale Frontiers of Applied Science Program, Yale New- Haven Hospital Volunteer Program: Likes: Skiing, tennis, Vermont: Dislikes: Getting up early, rainy weekends, surprise quizzes: Pet Peeve: Two faced people: Suppressed Desire: To visit Australia: Future Plans: College CHERYL ANNE SBABO Y 22 Colonial Drive: Energetic, honest, crazy: "What?": Chorus, T.T.T.: Likes: Being a clown, Charlie Chaplin, animals, America, "Measure 29", Pooh Bear,jeeps, mail trucks: Dislikes: People who aren't themselves: Pet Peeve: People who knit-pick: Suppressed Desire: To live with many different kinds of animals: Future Plans: College, to have 12 snakes, a lion cub and other wild animals, Computer oriented job GAIL R. SCALESSE Y 28 Corey Road: Moody, stubborn, skinny: "Sit on it": Track 8L Field, Modern Dance, Pep Club: Likes: Cheese Cake, vacations, happy people, blue skies, autumn, being alone: Dislikes: Phony people, know-it-alls, mouthy people, monotonous teachers, snow: Pet Peeve: People who ask questions all the time: Sup- pressed Desire: Travel Future Plans: College JODY L. SCALESSE Y 28 Corey Road: Talkative, emotional independent: "What?l": Senior Prom Committee: Likes: Sleeping, food, TR 6's, sunsets, beach, thunder and lightening, a certain someone: Dislikes: Stuck-up people: homework, rainy days: Pet Peeve: People who think they are better than everyone else: Suppressed Desire: To Travel: Future Plans: College Y Computer Programming KATHY SCHOMBURG Y 10 Allen Road: Gullible, sensitive, unpredictable: "Whatda ya wanna do?", "Really?": Likes: Sunsets, happy people, friendship, music, partying, laughing, simple things, gum, cold days, fireplaces: Dislikes: Moody people, phony people, not being able to do something, being serious all the time: Pet Peeve: Being bored, turning red: Suppressed Desire: Living in the Country: Future Plans: Leaving Connecticut KARL SCHULER Y 59 Todd Dr. So. ROBIN JOAN SCHWARTZ Y 57 Windsor Road: "Rob": Crazy, blue eyes, sensitive: "It's the pits, the absolute pits!": Pom-Pom Girl, Junior and Senior Prom Committee, Latin Club, Homeroom Representative, Ski Club, FBLA: Likes: Being with someone I care about, Florida '75, partying, laughing, close friends, chocolate-chip ice cream, love, schnauzers: Dislikes: Tears, disappointments, loneliness, fake people, goodbyes home- work, getting up early, Hojo's, hypocrites: Pet Peeve: Waiting: Suppressed Desire: To be totally happy. To find Howard: Future Plans: College: "Though nothing can bring back that hour of splendor in the grass, of glory in the Bower, we will grieve not rather find strength in what we leave behind." JOHN M. SELTZER Y 10 Mansfield Road: Friendly, sarcastic, cynical: "So what!", "What can I dol": AFS student from Colombia, SA, Clarinet, Band, Wind Enxemble, Explorers, AFS Club, Tennis, Biking, Hiking: Likes: To "fly" in my bike, to climb mountains, and stand on the top, to eat, teasing, puzzles, all kinds of problems: Future Plans: Study Nuclear Physics in U.S.A, DAVID CHARLES SENECAL Y 88 Ezra Street: Strange, lucky, anti-social: Likes: DAINE, Chevys, food, "Sunshine": Dislikes: Fordsl, Cops: Pet Peeve: The Parking Lot Lady: Suppressed Desire: To own my own garage: Future Plans: Technical School MARIE A. SERIO Y 60 Culver Lane: Talkative, moody, crazy: "You cornball", "Ain't I'?", "You don't like it, don't Iook.", "Youre such a vegetable.": FBLA: Likes: Pistachio nuts, tans, buying clothes, a certain guy: Dislikes: Phony people, quiet people, Snooper, conceited people: Pet Peeve: When people keep reminding me about how much I talk. When Michele aggravates me.: Suppressed Desire: To travel, to get everything I want out of life: Future Plans: College "Don't ever fall in love my friend, you'll be hurt before you're thru. You see my friend I ought to know I fell in love with you." STEVEN F. SHANLEY Y 120 Buell Street: Shy, friendly, crazy: Ski Club, Fencing Club: Likes: Skiing, mountain climbing, motorcycles, Soul music, girls, white water canoeing, dancing, cars, Abigails, money: Dislikes: Aggravation, snowless winters, fat- head people: Pet Peeve: Work: Suppressed Desire: To have anything I want: Future Plans: College, be rich DONALD H. SHEA JR. Y 3 Rock Road THOMAS G. SHERMAN Y 15 Postmans Highway: "Far out!", Likes: Woody Allen movies, ocean, life: Dislikes: Spelling, interruptions, punctuation: Pet Peeve: Attention grabbers: Suppressed Desire: To drive a trailor truck: Future Plans: United States Coast Guard JODI SHOR Y 390 Mansneld Road: An individualist, honest, sincere: Student Council, Cheerleading, B.B.G., President: Likes: Boating, cheering, being with close friends, F.F.W.H. "give me a call if he calls' h.h.s.: Future Plans: College "The only gracious way to accept insult is to ignore it Y if you can't ignore it, top it, if you can't top it, laugh at it, if you can't laugh at it, it's probably deserved." RAYMOND T. SLOCUM Y 215 Maple Avenue: Likes: Meeting people: Dislikes: People who get me mad for no reason and then want to fight about it: Future Plans: Airforce BILLY SMITH Y 100 Bailey Road: Fun-loving, lazy: "You're pitiful", "Later": Captain Varsity Basketball Team: Likes: Beer, C.D.W., hoop, sleeping, good times in Rit's kitchen, going up to P.C., teeing off, Tipping 'em with the boys, Rod Carew: Dislikes: Getting up, wise guys: Pet Peeve: Running out of beer: Suppressed Desire: To have my sister come home: Future Plans: College DIANE SMITH Y 49 Cottontail Lane: "Jill": Short, crazy, big brown eyes: "What am I gonna do'?": Karate: Likes: Poetry, helping out, talking: Dislikes: Narrow minded people, stealing: Pet Peeve: People who are something other that they claim to be Y all the time: Suppressed Desire: To be rich: Future Plans: Nursing and the Japanese Martial Arts LINDA JEAN SMITH Y 15 Surrey Drive: Sarcastic, emotional, procrastinator: "You'll never guess what happened!", "I was so embarrassed!", Varsity Cheerleading Co-Captain, SACHEM Y Typing Editor: Junior Prom Committee, FBLA, Mgn Tennis Team, Pep Club: Likes: Long talks, autumn, sports, children, laughter: Dislikes: Being cold, good byes, disappointments: Pet Peeve: Being asked how tall I am: Suppressed Desire: To shrink three inched, To get a car like my sister's: Future Plans: Secretarial Work DEBBY SOLA Y 144 South Avenue MICHAEL J. SORTITO Y 158 Manomct Avenue: Talkative, wishful, sleepy: Likes: Hunting, fishing, camping, firearms: Dislikes: RAI-I's, librarians, the cafeteria: Pet Peeve: Snobby girls: Suppressed Desire: To be rich and successful: Future Plans: Attend College of Pharmacy MICHAEL THOMAS SPARAGO Y 151 Elm Street: Ambitious, persistent and ital- ian: "That's unique": Likes: Drag Racing, playing guitar, laughing, winning: Dislikes: People who don't smile, know it alls', Tuesdays, people who tell me my hair is too long, the "gruesome foursome", measure 29: Pet Peeve: People who work themselves into a bad mood: Suppressed Desires: To drive a Super Stocker: Future Plans: College SCOTT E. STALNAKER Y 56 Rimmon Road: Sensitive, easy going, sincere: "Oh no I'm not!": Latin Club, Comic Books, Backpacking: Likes: Allman Brothers, Orleans, long hair: Dislikes: Work, conceited people: Pet Peeve: Pet Peeves: Suppressed Desire: Learn to play guitar: Future Plans: College STEVEN K. STEINBERG Y 127 Blakeslee Avenue: Freshman Track, Varsity Swim- Senior Directory 83 ming, Model Congress, Math Club, Photography: Likes: Winning, summers, 190 SL, the beach, sincere people: Dislikes: Soup, being awakened, rain: Pet Peeve: Phony people: Future Plans: To succeed in whatever I do ARTHUR A. STOCKMAN - 88 Randall Drive: Ambitious, shy, humorous: "What!',: Likes: Sports, fishing, music, eating: Dislikes: Waiting, getting caught, trusses: Pet Peeve: Sunday Drivers: Suppressed Desire: To shoot white water on a raft, deep sea fishing: Future Plans: College, Architect STEPHEN SUCHY - 26 Barton Circle: Friendly, out going, keeps his word: Scuba Diving, Mountain Climbing, Motorcycle Racing, Weight Lifting: Likes: Weekends, nice days, friendly people, partying: Dislikes: Hard work, homework or any kind of work: Pet Peeve: to lift 350 lbs.: Suppressed Desire: To jump in a lake: Future Plans: Join the Marines, hard work, have a good time ROBERT E. SUDOL - 91 Fitch Street: 5'l1", brown hair, blue eyes, remarkable: "Relax, use common sense": FBLA: Likes: Math, basketball, sports: Dislikes: T,V. commercials, crooks, loose ad papers in magazines: Pet Peeve: Drivers who don't use signal lights, drivers who don't know how to drive properly, Mr. or Mrs. Know it all: Future Plans: College, Computers ROBERT PAUL JOHN SUSSINA - 37 Poplar Street: Friendly, sensitive, outgoing: f'Alright!": Football, Chess, Baseball, Fire Department: Likes: Kim, the Beach Boys, concerts, the cafe, winning football games, Orleans: Dislikes: Studying, library, ofhce: Pet Peeve: A broken Arm: Suppressed Desire: To Travel: Future Plans: College VALENTINO RUDOLPH TADDEI - 25 Weaver Circle ELIZABETH MARIE TAGLIATELA Y 115 Mill Road: Talkative, funny, changeable: 'lighten up,', 'fDon't comp an attitude": Likes: BILL, MOTORCYCLES, DAISIES, SATURDAYS WITH BILL, going to the show, hot fudge sundaes, pizza, summer vacations, being with people who I can trust, clothes, people that smile, music: Dislikes: Saying good bye, having arguments with a certain someone, feeling blue, getting pushed around, stuck-up people, friends who end up being two faced, staying home: Pet Peeve: Getting up in the morning: Suppressed Desire: To always be happy: Future Plans: College, be happily married to someone special TAKASI-II TAMAGAWA -- 78 Sunset Drivc: Quiet, withdrawn, thoughtful: Model Congress, Student Government: Likes: Reading, walking, watching the night sky: Dis- likes: Egotism, selfishness, Hidonism: Suppressed Desire: To sleep from 8:00 to 2:00 p.m,: Future Plans: College KENNETH BRUCE TEDESCHI - 104 Ezra Street: Friendly, athletic, sincere: "Wow": Varsity Basketball and Baseball, Freshman Football, Concert, Jazz, Marching Band, Graduation Brass Enseble, "Carmina Burana", Orchestra, Jr. Honor Guard, Brown Alumni Book Award, French Club, 1X3 of the '5Big Threew: Likes: Dances, "Chicago", being alone while playing my instruments with records, my family, sports: Dislikes: Sarcasm, waiting, nagging Pet Peeve: People who don't utilize their potential, inconsideracy: Suppressed Desire: To read and understand girls minds: Future Plans: College ANTIONETTE TEIXEIRA - 196 Pool Road: Big eyes, tall, shy: Likes: A lot of things: Pet Peeve: To be talked about: Suppressed Desire: To have a 98 Olds.: Future Plans: Travel CAROL TERCYAK - 25 Dover Road: Conscientious objector BRUCE VINCENT TESTA - 380 State Street: Trustworthy, easy going, goodfrienal' "Up your nose with a water hose'l: Ski Club, Latin Honor Role Society, Fencing Club, Latin Club: Likes: Skiing, motorcycle riding, Soul music, girls, cars, dancing, swimming, ice cream, football, Sports Cars: Dislikes: Greedy people, dirty cars, snowless winters, work: Pet Peeve: Selfish people: Suppressed Desire: To have a million dollars: Future Plans: Take it as it comes! MIKE TESTA - 7 Carriage Drive: Likes: Baseball: Pet Peeve: German Shepherd Dogs: Future Plans: To become a Disc Jockey IAN GEOFFOIS TETRAULT - 400 Mansfield Road: Dyonisian to the hilt: NI think I'll go homeh: Between Campus Respiration Team, Inter-hall Marching Society, Young Communists for Artistic Reform: Likes: Chickies, rapidographs, Capries, No. 2 pencils, girls, tight clothes, arony clothes females, worn out cliches, speed: Dislikes: When it goes out, the fateful hand on the arm, the fateful question, tasteless jukeboxes: Pet Peeve: When Tim passes one, not being able to pick anyone up, garbage cans aimed with deliberation: Suppressed Desire: To run down the hall in a fake gorilla suit: Future Plans: Guess?!! JIM THERRIEN - 99 William Street: Devoted, sloppy, friendly: "I don't want to hear it": Recycling Center: S.E.A.G.: Likes: Good people, people who don't litter, the i'Grue- some Foursome": Dislikes: Prejudices, hot summer nights: Pet Peeve: People who have no respect for other peoples wishes: Suppressed Desire: To have my own National Park: Future Plans: College SHERYL LEE THOMPSON - 1533 Hartford Turnpike: Sophisticated, spirited, spon- taneous: SACHEM - Literary Editor, Yale U.N. '75, Model Congress '75, Student Governing Assembly '74, IKON, Figure Skating, Squash, Williams Summer Tennis Institute, Authoress of i'Unlucky Men, and 'fPierre and Grease: Pornographic Expedi- tions: Likes: To DANCE, to taunt, to play the game , . . and leave you holding the bag, 84 Senior Directory Bob Shriverls Brooks Brox. collection, Naplez, AWB, Stevie Wonder, Sly, "Blow Up", "Last Tangou, stimulating conversation with a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other, N.Y,C., Washington D.C., orgiastic but trips, Bob Silver's sensuous smile, sister- hood, a day in the country: Suppressed Desire: To be in Lauren Hutton's boots KAREN THOMPSON frr- - 208 Maple Avenue: Quiet, blonde hair, blue eyes: "Can you imagine?l': Paris "75',: Likes: Snowy nights, the beach, chocolate chip ice cream, having a good time: Dislikes: Layer cakes, being bored, getting up early, "S.H.A.T.", moody people, colds: Pet Peeve: Waiting for Kathy: Future Plans: College, Travel ALAN DEAN THOMPSON 4 14 Fitch Street JON C. TIEDEMANN - 27 Allendale Drive: Moody, friendly, fun-loving: "Hey man": Varsity Football: Likes: Music, daydreaming, sleeping, concerts, partying in Vans, Allman Brothers Band, playing guitar: Dislikes: Waking up, having the blues: Pet Peeve: Rip-offs: Suppressed Desire: To own a chopper: Future Plans: College, Travel LYNN CHRISTINE TIFFANY - 30 Chapel Hill Road: Quiet, helpful, moody: Likes: Playing my piano, summer vacations, going out with friends, getting the car, going to concerts, music, clothes: Dislikes: Getting up early, staying home, people who use you, liars: Pet Peeve: Phony People: Suppressed Desire: To be a musician: Future Plans: Secretary or Bookkeeper PHILIP V. TIPPET II - 5 Fairy Glen Drive: Tall, shy, questioning: Likes: Golf, sexy girls, cable T.V., money: Dislikes: Rah's, losing money, the Administration of this school: Pet Peeve: Sitting around observing: Suppressed Desire: To own my own Trans- port System, Photographer for Playboy, Penthouse, or Oui: it makes no dilference: Future Plans: Aeronotics ANDREA J. TOMASZEK - 49 Carriage Drive: "Smiley": Quiet, emotional, under- standing: Junior Honor Guard: Likes: Sunny summer days, basketball games, corn on the cob, my little brother, pistachio nuts: Dislikes: Rainy days, stuck up people, staying home, meatloaf: Pet Peeve: People teasing me about the way I laugh: Suppressed Desire: To own a Firebird: Future Plans: College NICHOLAS PAUL TOMMASELLI - 16 Robin Court: Crazy, thoughtful, faithful: Likes: Music, apending money, late nights: Dislikes: Monday mornings, authority, getting up early: Pet Peeve: Insincere people: Suppressed Desire: To make about 545,- 000 a year: Future Plans: College ANTHONY MERIT TURRELL - 59 Laydon Avenue: "Bikel', 'iFreak', "Fujii": Bike Racer, Concert Fan: Likes: Mopav, Jimi Hendrix, Bike races, Hemi Cudas, Head music, my bike, the drags, Burrito, funny cars: Dislikes: Rahls, Chevies, straight people, Pet Peeve: Triumph Spittires: Suppressed Desire: To own and drive a Funny Car: Future Plans: Auto Mechanic KATHRYN ELIZABETH TYRRELL - 115 Maple Avenue: Out going, crazy, always laughing: "What?', "Huh": A.F.S., Ski Club, Nursing, Paris "75": Likes: Riding my bike, bowling, "Dutchie", family, laughing, making people happy, having a good time, skunk smell, lemons, pickles, walking in the snow, beach, licorice, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons: Dislikes: People who lie, stubbing my toe, rude people, being depressed, T.V. repeats, 'SS.H.A.T.": Pet Peeve: When Karen says "Your Late!": Suppressed Desire: To love and care the way my mother does: Future Plans: Nursing, Travel JACK URBANSKI - 240 Kings Highway: Fun-loving, non-working, non-worrying: Captain Varsity Basketball: Likes: Fishing, basketball, doing nothing in school, blocking shots, dunking: Dislikes: Getting my shot blocked, getting my lures snagged, cold days, windy days, people telling me to gain weight: Pet Peeve: People asking me to dunk when I'm too tired: Suppressed Desire: To be the best fisherman ever: Future Plans: Fishing EDWARD W. VEGLIANTE - 59 Blakeslee Avenue: "Don't worry about it": Swim Team: Likes: Hiking, swimming, music: Dislikes: School, hassles, waking up in the morning: Pet Peeve: People who miss use authority: Suppressed Desire: To own a house in the country: Future Plans: To further my education: ELAINE VELUSH - 30 Butler Road: Small and simple: "Yeah?", "Calm yourself": Softball: Likes: Snow, sports, wind, spaghetti, sunny sundays: Dislikes: Cities, broken plans, being inside: Pet Peeve: When people ask f'Are you Gary's sister7": Suppressed Desire: To live in Colorado and Ski: Future Plans: Undecided BARBARA J. VENTO Y 156 Shawmut Avenue: Likes: Pine trees, plants, the sky, music, surrealism, castles: Dislikes: The morbid experience of Hnding a crummy devel- opment where a beautiful woods use to be: Future Plans: College GAIL MARIA VERDI v 52 Manomet Avenue: "Gaily": Sensitive, understanding, emotional: SACHEM - Typing Editor, FBLA President, Junior and Senior Prom Committee, Ceramics, 16 of S.A.G.'s: Likes: My Other Half, "MATH", Legion Base- ball, long talks, sitting in front of a fireplace, "Downtown", smiles, visiting in Clinton, sunsets, reading, "Special Times': 11th grade dancing Dislikes: Obs, losing, disappoint- ments, seeing someone I care about hurt, to know you'll never see someone again, bad moods, "Special Timesu ending: Pet Peeve: People who don't listen when youlre trying to talk: Suppressed Desire: For all my dreams, wishes and desires to come true: Future Plans: Secretarial Work CYNTHIA ANNE VERNERIS - 169 Shawmut Avenue: "Oh my GodV': Gymnas- tics, FBLA: Likes: Bad Company, good friends, horses, driving around: Dislikes: Stuck- up people, braggers: Pet Peeve: Being bugged by D. A, and M.: Suppressed Desire: To raise horses, Future Plans: Executive Secretary ROBERT ANTHONY VESSICHIO - 27 Edison Drive, Understanding, carefree, individualistic, "He goes . . .", Varsity Baseball, Varsity Club, Likes: New Hampshire, partying with J.C., a certain little girl, baseball, summer sunsets, chocolate donuts, dirty blonde hair, breakfast with T. C., Dislikes: Being pushed into anything, practice, rainy days, good times that have to end, people who lack self-confidence in themselves, Sunday nights, Pet Peeve: "Getting up in the morning", Suppressed Desire: "To live at the top of a Mountain", Future Plans: College ANN MARIE VITALE Y B1 Patten Road, Talkative, sensitive, outgoing, i'Don't be nasty", Pep Club, Pom-Pom Girls, lndianettes Captain, Senior Prom Committee, Likes: A very special person, my friends, animals, saturday nights, my cat, cold football games, Dislikes: Working until ten, getting up early, saying good bye, rainy weekends, Pet Peeve: Busy phone signals, Suppressed Desire: To always be happy and to make people around me happier, Future Plans: Dental Technician MICHAEL FRANK VORIO JR. - 31 Manor Drive, Crazy, tall, "That's life", Likes: Sports, girls, fast cars, warm weather, a fun friday night, Dislikes: Monday mornings, work, dull friday nights, Pet Peeve: Stuck up girls, people who think they're important, the jukebox, Suppressed Desire: To drive around in a Caddy or to total one, Future Plans: Technical School DAVID BRUCE WAKEFIELD - 48 Beach Street, Trust worthy, likes, talkative, Waterskiing, Motorcycles, Girls, Likes: People, life, good times, girls, proms, love, Dislikes: Homework, Bills, wise people, getting up, Pet Peeve: Vega's, History, two faced people, V.W.'s, Suppressed Desire: To own a Corvette, a million dollars and a woman, Future Plans: Automotive School, work, travel, marriage LINDA SUSAN WALDRON - 211 Maple Avenue, Small, friendly, talkative, "Are you kidding?", Prom Committees, Likes: "Rice", windy autumn days, snow, sleeping, talking, Dislikes: Good byes, getting up in the morning, friends, rainy days, Pet Peeve: Being rushed, Suppressed Desire: To always be happy, Future Plans: College, Work ROBERT E. WALTERS - 33 Juniper Drive, Swimming, Likes: Backpacking, bike riding, going to New Hampshire, sailing, Dislikes: School, getting up in the morning, boredom, Suppressed Desire: To own a cottage in New Hampshire, Future Plans: College ROBYN WARFIELD - 18 Tennyson Avenu, Likes: Chris, Pet Peeve: People who try to be OTHER people, Suppressed Desire: To be what I want to be, "If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured or far away." Thoreoka MICHAEL F. WEED - 19 Howe Street, "You've gotta be kidding", Likes: Girls, music, dancing, Dislikes: School, school, school, two faced people, Pet Peeve: Conceited People, Suppressed Desire: To see Italy and Hawaii, Future Plans: Navy MARK ROBERT WEINS - 18 Sachem Drive, Crazy, easy going, out-going, "How bizaar!", A.F.S., Ski Club, Junior Prom Committee, Mondel United Nations, Model Congress, Period C, the "All Nighters" Clum, Likes: Grass, Heinkein, friday night tanking, sunny days, Hawaii, Republicans, Dislikes: A.M., saturday mornings, Demo- crats, cheap people, Pet Peeve: Red lights, North Haven Police, going to dinner with friends, Suppressed Desire: To travel to Tahiti, Future Plans: College HEATHER E. WILKER - 1 Belvedere Road JOSEPH B. WILLIAMS - 10 Roger Avenue, "Oh Bloody!!" Senior Class Treasurer, Student Government, Likes: Money, cars, New York Daily News, Dislikes: Homework, exams, Pet Peeve: Scratched Records Suppressed Desire: To be rich enough to buy a Mercedes-Benz, CASHH, Future Plans: College CATHY A. WOYCHOWSKI e 45 Coventry Circle, Imaginative, procrastinator, aimi- able, Modern Dance, Likes: 56 Chevy's, the country, horse back riding, animals, "Bud", weekends, Stairway to Heaven, dancing, bike riding, hiking, being close to people, Dislikes: Cities, homework, people fighting, being in big crowds, elevators, heights, people polluting, Pet Peeve: Having to stay home at night, Suppressed Desire: To live a happy, healthy life, Future Plans: Nursing DEBORAH WOZNIAK - 54 Manor Drive, Skinny, independent, "WOZ", Pep Club, Modern Dance, FBLA, SACHEM, Senior Prom Committee, Likes: Sleeping, good friends, Dislikes: Homework, being alone, getting up in the morning, Pet Peeve: Bossy stuck up people, Suppressed Desire: To travel, Future Plans: College Legal Secretary RICHARD A. WRIGHT - 63 Country Way ROBERTA LOUISE WYSOCKI - 58 Coventry Circle, "Chuck", Tall, gullible, "I know", NHDC, A.F.S., Likes: Dan, mountains, iced tea pickles, Dislikes: Spiders, knees, glasses, Milk Dodds, Pet Peeve: Always being at the end of the line, Suppressed Desire: To be a Forest Ranger and to live in the mountains, Future Plans: Secretarial Work Senior Directory 85 WHO 86 Who's Who WHO 196 NICEST SMILE - DONNA PARESE, JOE MANGUILLI MOST TALKATIVE - MARIA SERIO, JAY PELLEGRINO MOST CLASS SPIRIT - KAREN MEENEGHAN 1 -V Y . -an Q 6 , A . 1 . . ik .. my ' L V - ' -fan an 1 -, .. , if . . if W GULLIBLE - CHARMY CUTLER, TONY SAVINO QUIETEST - PAM COLE, TAKASHI TAMAGAWA A Q Who's Who 87 MOST ARTISTIC - HEATHER WILKER, IAN TETRAULT MOST ATHLETIC - SALLY ERICKSON, CLASS MUSICIANS - MARI KITAHATA, SCOTT HECKER 88 Who's Who PAUL HOUSEHOLDER FRIENDLIEST - KAREN BUTLER, DOM PISCITELLI 2 ' I 2 I ' 1 3 w 1 w 5 I Q 1 I , 1 Q 5 P i 4 1 . 3 , CUTEST - LISA GABRIEL, BOBBY JERMINE BEST LOOKING - PATTY HUBBELL, JIM ARTAIZ Who's Who 89 90 Who's Who PF E MOST DRAMATIC - KITTY MOORE, JIM O'KEEFE CLASS INDIVIDUALIST - CHRIS FLEMING, JOE CLASS CLOWNS - DAWN BARTLETT, STEVE CARBONELLA WILLIAMS L V LVN MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED - LORI FRITTS, BOB FERS ls n"'N i ACCOMPLISHED MOST FOR CLASS - GEORGIE ESPOSITO, DON COLANTONIO CLASS SCHOLAR - MIRIAM GOODMAN Wh0's Who 91 92 Wh0's Who i i5!2Z.'Z2i'2"".Z .2S5?!ll??!:?1'S ua-...v-,,..m ?S5"'u22.Zf,.. SEXIEST - TINA ANASTASIO, RONNIE CHIEFFO BEST DRESSED - MARTHA CORAZZINI, LOU CLASS FLIRTS - KAREN PAGE, MARK PESTICCI MINERI l 1 amuuwauuv CLASS COMPLAINER - DIANE SMITH CLASS COMPLAINER - DEAN PHILLIPS I5" "'v- Who's Who 93 Special Education TMR PROGRAM North Haven High School is uniquely distinguished by counting among its student popula- tion a class for secondary Trainable Mentally Retarded. Ten students, with minimal academ- ic ability, are integrated into, contribute to, and benefit from the total school environment. Their program is basically an orientation to pre-vocational skill training in relation to individual ability. Emphasis is placed on the development of social skills to encourage behavior which leads students to be more tolerant and understanding of themselves, their peers, and their world. With the assistance and involvement of student aides and faculty participation, their program has been very successful. The idea of secondary housing for T.M.R. students has become an integral facet of the North Haven High School community. It is gratifying to watch a major educational objective in progress - that is, for at least one group of students, the realization that they too are individuals, is closer to reality. 3 E Si , Q c. , .. ,. , Q ,. .ff -, ..,L.. I ..Lk Q ... f t isvf l ,,, , .Y it . . :VA 4 ,-.: X X ,,hk . 3'-5 bf 4 S I 77M 94 Special Education , K xx, ,.--ff' L...--f""' f"""",'I r--ff' r-ff ,XX NX? . N 1 ,,' 4 5 5 J iw D f Q 5 -afar ",,,alY ' QJQX specialad U L V 'cy MQ 'fx ' -fz ,N , L fi.. is P'g"N.':2.. .. 'Wrxf SSA N.,-or wj 1 Tift? 5 .+ vt ..L,, I .--1' '..pv"alD 2255 i"anr""',.,."!- L'-,,g4v 7 Qian' 96 Special Education rf f 6 8 JCL 0 H V f K' Zf KH WKQNQQQ 5 uw 'UN Q? , sfn. ff .,, X ii N 51.4 pf L. .rw ,I wi ' M , gk 3:4 ,Q ga' s.. of i e L ' N -I v - -... , K I L..,. Z , x M, ,,L- . .N .,., k s ,df gf X ' K ,,,,f:,- . "J . .,, ' K" K V , gbg l 3 WNV, JI . U xl Q A ml Q 4 E Special Education 97 Senior i li"'T1-+ Folio Sufi- ,.,.. .-lf , ,I J ' 'y Q . . 5 I ,f?,g3 X.. V 'pp 'gil 'i'i5??2 gf! 5 ' i t,-I' l' 1 1 it W wtf - ii Y if 1 . W l . - Y 1 For most of us it started in the year of '63, When school was just a word, not yet in our vocabulary. It began in the sandbox, we all remember the day, 'Cause our mothers brought us to the school and cried as she went away. Kindergarten was here at last and we had just begun, What was to be the start of our education. Little did we know it would be an uphill grind, That many would not continue, once they got behind. Off to first grade where we learned to read and write, And it sure wasnit easy, and it didn't happen over night. We soon learned how to add, subtract, multiply and divide. So now "school" was an everyday thing from which we could not hide. Remember when we used to get a star for a score? Then "Mom and Dad" would hang them on the refrigerator door. Or how about the slide, the see-saw or the swings. And then getting really "mad" when the bell ending recess rings. Junior High soon proceeded, and our first big step was made. And with that our memories of grammer school did fade. But now we were "grownups", or at least that's what they said, Yet High School was around the corner as we gradually moved ahead. High School! High School! We were glad to reach that plateau. Our life, now like a river, for so rapidly it did fiow. And now our time has almost come, and it really seems quite sad, That our High School years will soon expire along with the good times we've had. Many people are happy, yet others are filled with tears, But the saddest thing is that welve already lived oursbest years. Curtis Orio X PQ I I X ,. ,ji M, ,f f 1 N ex go K NL- . fr iiff S ' i QOH O fy skis S 4 If 1V!'ffJW iff 6' Db X O IOC ,QQ QQ! E A ,fl f Qi 'aw XXX OE CQ? AX Q2 QQ 's I f S Q C Q 'ZS S296 ., ,hw ly, rw ,K sb O X 5 X ' ' fl f i f f N 89 X00 QU 50 . Oo 6, X LJ ,Oy gg' .1 ' 5 Be l 1, ,QU X ff- 4 9 --, - Q ff Q X fl ff C8 Ou 60 is S him. it t I ft? l 0 , ,My NL "'i.?Z,:p'1Q, ,, X -il 1 ,1 4.f,l Q X XX I. ,rf 4' f A 3 xN..,fgf,,:7Zu. 7 r Q . f Alvita A KW Vx 12 1 . -l'Ajl,, , X. Q ,o NN' Alpenglow Alpen, alpenglow over the mountains Shine with such a reddish halo Softens those peaks and projects them as friends And casts shadows to the valley below. Alpen, alpenglow lifts my spirt to the sky Lifts my mind and my soul arises Lightens my heart towards strife And lingers on into the night. Alpen, alpenglow during sunset and sunrise Shines light of tranquilty into my eyes Bathes me and watches over me And remains forever throughout eternity. Mary Lascelles Senior Folio 99 7 - Y "Human Forsight" Wonderous things inside of me - May hold the key for humanity - Whether we be white as snow or black as sand, All men men must S T A N D With their own strength Someday soon we will be shown - That we all have enormously grown. And here we stand, Never more . . . alone To say, I did it on my own!!! Diane Hatch 100 Senior Folio SOLITUDE The wind questioning my presence, Blackness closing in all around, Leaving a small space for me. Strange scents and noises, Come to my nose and ears, The card of trump Hashes before my eyes, As the world of sickness, dirt, and hate, Turns on its axis. Dark scenes of my life reminisce in my memory, Of the tears, but happiness too, As my heart beats slower, I await The stench of the familiar home for the deceased, The blackened box of soft interior -- My home away from home. Emotions begin to pour out uncontrollably, As the chest pains worden, Finally, no more do I see you Through my eyes, but through my heart You are as clear as ever. Good-bye, I squeeze this messageg Then my hand goes limp. This day was more beautiful Than any in my short life. I visit the home of eternity, After I bid farewell, I whisper to you that You were the only one in my life . . . Ever. April Palm 1975 Help la? . .N ,EP 2. -' gg'j',y,." gs- -H-A- ,IZ Y x N QMS-I X fix Q, 5155 , W Qwml, Xi 1 .DT li I' 7 5 L U ' f" , ,i : if :.L A at "ig Q W- " r A if ,fga v Y tx ,R . ep ., . . 4:-f - 5 E, 5 "Hold Your Head Up" We must take the world in stride, With all its faults and trivias, and if we f a ll during our trial and error, W must communicate and pull together, e Or be confined in the world of never never Diane Hatch 'K' rig ft . ,Q L-.Q H . N 'al- , . ,Af Q S, tVl if nfs, i 3 sb ' 5 . 3 ' if gf? 1 Q 5 Vg ,jg 2 fe? H . 'i,,-. if . . L,:i V L az wg, ,zggf 5 'ff' vii? ftrsar t w-wwe' -aff 5 ' f 1- .-I 102 Senior Folio Make me believe it, Make me believe it's true. Ilve realized it's hopeless, and that you and I are really through. But I can't believe you never cared, I canit believe that you never loved me, Or lived on the love that we shared. I can't believe that there were more than me, I can't believe that you gave me false love, Can't you understand, itis hard for me to see. You had to love me, at least some of the time. You had to care a little. I really thought you were mine. I can't believe it, so lie to me a little, say you loved meg Then I'll understand, that I once had you, and lost you, because of my own foolish mistakes. Instead of knowing I was such a fool, sharing a one sided love. Diane Smith "75,' You and your neighbor an unlit match struck upon wet cement falling and slithering under pink neon signs kneeling before whiteness you think you repent You and I a stale, mottled pair bitten by our blind ancestors mutations we exist as thinking jesters trapped in our own human snare - Maureen Mulhern - Powdervelvet wings of a dying gypsy moth Yellow beneath the porch light it dances and flutters for teasing stars they mock this victim of the lightbulb and gleam far away undisturbed Gypsyqueen falls to the cement struggling the dance of torture quick memories of orange caravans Hash through her blazing mind My shadow through the cold screendoor covers the tiny white corpse gazing at the silent queen I withdraw and subdue the light - Maureen Mulhern - Senior Folio lO3 smoky apache tears held up to the light cloudy faces whisper ancient secrets scattered over desert lands scavengers equipped with: 4 years of listening or 6 of nodding eager double eyes properly prepared to pick and claw at the sacred sleeping past buried in baked blood and dusty tears all for an encyclopedia to be tucked under a hidden shelf never to be read never to be touched never - Maureen Mulhern - i found an untouched butteriiy dead upon the road an unfit place for it to die alone and unbestowed lying in a plastic coffin it waits upon my shelf ignorant of lifes simple sin and also of itself its colored wings now death dry for us it shall unload a blatant earthy alibi for our powers to erode from creative minds it did begin to trick our infected self false blood Hows quietly within feeding parasites like myself - Maureen Mulhern - 104 Senior Folio y Xi fQ'f'i iq is , - ,- H e viii f 'iii I M ,.-, ia2e5'?i':52" 'i'f S5 ' Q' 5 is ls 1 -,.r My , , El ff- : H 1' 1, 1 ll 1,305 ' , 3 t 'L 'X 2 I ., K ,,., 1 .A ,iw-,n. , "r1 , f IA' A' ff' fa-51474-' 152' 534 ...ffllk "J . N Fw: Z .1 7 :-ft V' K' A ' ' A ' t a i' - e - 3 " . 'fWfQ" ifishfhfl-"f V ' Sift" -0' F" i?"g-"'55'SL'5,'1955Yfll5lFf"" -YW ' Q .- if 41 ' ' , -- i,.. . " f , ,isn,.+i,f, we A a1,vfi..,. I. ,.1 , , , w. , an , ,, - Q, .. imma-,,,f:, .- 1' V- 1, await ffzlii 'gw my if-sf aw .wvvai Q, ,fm 43156 ,iw W ff yu, ob? 452 if nwwggli 3 ,vi a H mf v' if '45 6 " '5'l'fia , ' QM 'Q' J: F :Ji ua swf? S+ as Vgffr r 'l 3 1 3 lf f Q M W' effgfggg ,A ,,,,,,t,QM""'w g A-R5 ,mia saifaftefrt r f fr f ffm? saw HL' aigiaiff WLMAM' QE it W ef 13 at 'FJ '41 if ff Q Yann? 5 wa jawi 44 gpg .4 'Y' if any A275 if g fl' dftfihzizs 5 It ' " fg K . V W -eng, . , , , e , I .. w -'g s f f ,M ,, igiigf ipi .ff w.1fifrvf,5si' M A -T 1 ' f ' i , , KN' A L L L ,F - H -'iq 4-2,5-if KNFK ggi. 316 . ' . -, ' f 54 . 31? . . Mae ,-ytlx. - A wh - ' ' . N -figAfQi., ,fg,:,- -, -. ,f . - ' fi J W ,Q,"1.-fifgpffkgim f " :K i -pk ' ' . ,mc 71' gy, - 3'-'Q , - ' ' -wg' A -' K , wi- wy V N 3 , , A - 5 , Q71-K, A QA 1- f gr A P if-""' 'si' Q k-ff, ,.f'.f'4'-'.f vm : 15:35 1 , ,-if . xl ' Z fi' " I Z x 3 " .T 1. , K K KKKK5 ,f I 1. .. K,, K ,K .H .K 5 , ,K, MKMKKA ,W HK M .X K 5, A -Q K s , 5- I gg-.3',3" yr kv .. if 1 1 L H I . f 5, im- ',,1 ,-K.,K,:.-V4 - ,, . 1. , , 'W' K ' HQ ., ' 1 .aff ' K r KQQQQK 3' KK 4 ,K f X ,-Kgfn.-1' .:,'f:xf,,Kh, f 1- X - ' -X - -' -,, 1 K 1:1 ,. f , 1, ,. Q ' . "H X QQ, ' - T ' g- K , Ev - ' i ' ,K ff fir' 1-" f ,N .5 S, a 4,3 ,K , , x '. q fy - .-5 K K -A , , f. I 1- K"5'If','9','e,23 1 ' K 1 K N .K 'ga ggz -K Ml' te-.9 , f K, g Qjf-ff x ,. 1,1 4 'fm 1.,,. -3 -g.Q, .- , f ,H 1,-gf - . K:-:Q KH-. ,f r, -, - 5 J G K , ,KK , Mg.: Q 4- QM, A f K 'xx K r K J - ,-f - , in I ' gm . "W" 'L - 1.94: ,- -,. -' 5 ,W A - 'F fffhx' .fr W - x, ' 1-afif. f K' " 'W I , JK ., jg 3:-'gg gg,-" -K J - i , K + - ggi . I Ki, , K K K -Y K KKKK, , K Kula. A KKK , ,K W K K :Kg KKKKJK ,L 'f ' ' " K , . "Q -LE:-nk." ' N ' ,Ku 5' kj w-1,2413 ' in - K ' , K z-.V ' -W'-2 ' ' 1 f 21- J J ' . -in ' , 4 W wi'-if Y. vi r , ' . f f , 'fi W 4' - J' - ' " wa 933- -1f"5'f"' . ' . . Q , his 'TW fi" -:ff'P!-6139? ,f 'ax ' . :Q Ke . K 5 ,EG - K-,P . K5-x A, K K ,uhm-M..- K --' 2 ' ' 1 -"' "M"'1ff-.,., . , . ' Ely 19 n H4 ' . .,, - 1 -.:, A -'Ji-if X A K ..,,, A K -f-' ' ' K KKK! m Jygbw K , -4.-Q.a.,.QKDf-1-K K b- ' ' . ' ,J2'?f:2 - X - A Q .N KKKV. ,KK , 41' K . gn -V 1' at .' QQ" 'lg "'--s.,,q ,g -, Y' -- Q4 1,.KK 1' 'wwg KK K .-K4r:r5.KE-ig.. , ., . -"-4, I: Q 3 'K 19' -KK KJ ,, , ff - f S, ,. Senior Folio 105 "HIS FATE" The almighty emits austerity. Is ' N If for himself or all That he radiates a sentiment so staid? The harmony of life he has forbade Praying for each man to fall Upon the thorn of fatels adversity. What is his mode of inspiration For smiting us painfully When we are but untamed running free Not culpable for what we are said to be? He contemplates disdainfully As he schemes our castigation. 1974 by Sheryl L. Thompson 'I f 'Wil fb H K f K 'vi e na' Mg. .Lg , ,K r . g 1 :Y 'if. , 5 X ' it X X 106 Senior Folio : i XWTRR X ww'-S e 5.1- fl 6'For twelve long years Ilve had to shout, Pm cooped in here please let me out! I'l1 enter in a messy world and find Ijust canlt win, For once I'm out, turn round- about I may well shout to get back in!" I f ' Lex N N 'la' fx Kinda X T A , Wil, i 1 X 1 EL I. 1 fi X T ? 54f ,.t1 'f - , 1 1 ' Ze V 1 - ,f N a. -tr I 1 1 ' 1 "1 "' 'Lf ' X x I 1 l i V jj, 1 0 in , , 1 : xg. : ', I it Egg ig !! I 1 . W B10 1 Wa ri 1 1' wk f11s1.f'1 vi 'by Q01 tg I 1 - 11 -I1 f 1 1 'l Y -C W" 1 J ,lf ' K Y If Q I X XE X17 ', ,, K l X U Ziff" IQ' Z , -X ' 1 Y -Ac' I' 'ggi A 7 f f 1 K f R I My 1 'xx W xg, ff l f' X V ' ,ff 2, - N1 f ,T X 455 1? 1 1 f f X X 16219. - 1 X V I N I If L 1 1 1 1 ' 4 K K1 X l 1 1 X I l A 5 1 1 f f A fi' J' - ll! if K f ff , 22112 I , xx , n . f 1 is L' ' e ' ' l ' ff it . .tx 33559 , f jg,?3geggW,..- 1 1 "X-'DS' Qi, X! 1 X N. ' l 'V 'Z X 1 ' , fl I ff xcfti' f oe' 1' -X X ,Mae .JV 'Q Ng X X RX T "Ste- 1 X THE SONG OF THE SEA There are no sweeter melodies Than sung by the sea The crispness of the air above And coolness of the breeze The way the splashes hit the shore The waves that go rolling past Compose a song, a special song A song we cannot grasp The freedom of the lusty notes Just goes driliting by But man will never sing this song Until we touch the sky The human life has a song of its own It has its kind of free Its equivalent to the crispy air And to the cool, cool breeze So take your life and make the best The best your life can be And live your days all filled with song Close to as sweet as the sea May the days and months go sailing by The minutes ripple far out past Discovering truth, beauty, and hope And my your happiness last. Barbara Ann Bruce Senior Folio 107 4, Z M V Maia - X R SF , al X ' d jx E flf uj .2 159 SS 6 , Y f 1 ' 3 ' CO ' ' f7 , , rj ' V 5 1 XG Q S X I Wm ' fl 'HW F W K K f ff at f f f ,M Z, s f X is-v I ':,K41,og ' Q iff: 73" i A fy WO' U J 0 Z -R J 2 00 Q ,gl J N Y IIUMILLH le if " Q 551 'W g 1 f Y + .W VSV L------ GQNVEQN f H ll. .fl 1.- w DR. DELIO ROTONDO Superintendent r ,sf ,, W.n. f ""' W--.,.'gjf if IM.. 3 -v ' fi v'+'g'-:"'i - ' ' ' 32 v.'.'?, wg 3 gn sww ' ,JI dv-' FRANCIS J. DIAMOND Principal ROBERT H. SCELZO Associate Principal DONALD J. SIMENS Assistant Principal 1 12 Academics IS S- BOARD OF EDUCATION STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT STEWART FRITTS, NANCY MEIKLE, THOMAS MCKEON, MARGARET PEARCE: SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT MARIE BULLER, ANTHONY FERMO, ROBERT CIULLA, BEVERLY GOODMAN, FRANK PORTO DONALD HECKER Business Manager DR. DOMINIC MASCAGNA Associate Principal MICHAEL VANACORE Assistant Principal WILLIAM KUENZEL Operations Manager MARY BATROW Science BETSY BLANCHARD Home Economics SHERYL BREISCH Music LAUREN ANDERSON Physical Education ANTHONY ANTONELLI if Industrial Arts LAWRENCE BENCIVENGO Science X S in "' sr , if . JANE BORKOWSKI Home Economics RAY BROWN A I Social Studies I T ,QQ I FRANK ARCI-IANGELO Math JOHN BISCHOFF Industrial Arts ALAN BRADANINI Industrial Arts ARLENE BURKE Physical Education Academics l 13 WILLIAM BURRILL Business CYNTHIA CAFASSO Math ROBERT CARRANO Physical Education JAMES COLLINS 114 Academics Science JAMES CAUDLE Art SALLY CASPER Foreign Language JAMES BURT Business LOUIS CAVALIERE Science ANNA CARLOTTO Foreign Language I WILLIAM CARUTH A Social Studies HARMON CHAPMAN English TIMOTHY CONNELL Science DIANE CUMMINGS Business OWEN DAVIS Foreign Language DONALD DeLOGE BETTE DIVER Math GLENN DEAN RUTH DECKO Math Math Science ROBERT DeMAYO MARIE DIAMOND Social Studies Foreign Language BERNICE DELLERT Science ANTHONY DeLUCIA , Social Studies STEPHEN DILLON Science -dh ROBERT DODDS Social Studies Academics 115 EDWIN DUDLEY Math TIMOTHY GAWRON English JEAN MARC HEBERT Foreign Language 116 Academics JANE EVANISKO English ELLEN FLAHARTY Social Studies f, fm 4+ ., STUART GROVE Math CLARA GYORGYEY English GAIL FRISHMAN Social Studies LOIS HASELTINE English FRANK FIORE Math RENEE GLASSNER Foreign Language CLYDE HENDERSON English ROBERT HORN Librarian NICK IANNONE Industrial Arts THOMAS HERRSCHER Industrial Arts DEBORAH HOMOLA Math ANDY HUBENY Guidance STEPHEN JENNINGS Social Studies MARJORIE HILTON Home Economics MARILYN HORN Foreign Language MICHAEL HOMSHER Science JAMES HUMPHREY Science MATILDA JENSCHKE Physical Education Academics 117 PRISCILLA JOHNSON Social Studies JAMES KENNY Math JANE LEE 5, S X B. il, X I -c S ff S :I - . , ww- " 3 wi: 'ei' '61 .. i.zifx7if'?ii"i'- I I ii -' 15 , - Social Studies .br-3 J UDE JOYCE ZING YUNG Librarian Social Studies JOHN KEOUGH Social Studies ELIZABETH LOZIER Guidance EDWARD MANJUCK Physical Education MICHAEL LUTHER Math 1 18 Academics JANET KUEHN Social Studies STANLEY LOZOWSKI A.V. ANNIE MAE MATTHEWS Business ROBERT MERCURI Industrial Arts JOSEPH MURRAY Guidance DIANE ONDUSKY Foreign Language FRANK MCMAHON Social Studies ROBERT MEENEGHAN ' Physical Education EILEEN MERCHANT Home Economics JOHN NIGRO Business SHARON MONTEITH Home Economics WALTER MORRIS Industrial Arts MANUEL OLIVEIRA Guidance PATRICIA ORTICARI Special Education ALFRED PALMER Special Education Academics 119 RAFAEL PAPA Foreign Language DOROTHY PIERSON Guidance MARK RICKART Science GERALD ROBBINS Science TERESA RUF FOLO English 120 Academics CHERYL RAMY ALAN REED Business Business REBECCA ROBBINS INGRID ROSENBERG Foreign Language Guidance MARY PATCH Math WILLIAM RICKER Guidance CHARLES SAMBERG English MARGARET SBABO Math THOMAS SCHNORR gQ"B' Foreign Language FRED SCIMONE Science CHARLES SIZEMORE English it PAUL STODDARD Guidance ROBERT THOMPSON English Rx 3 sf RHONDA STONE Home Economics JOHN SCHATZLEIN Industrial Arts MARJORIE SHERMAN Music GAIL SOLANO Foreign Language ROBERT TENCZA Math VIOLA TITUS English Academies 121 DOROTHY TOTTEN English ROBERT WATSON Guidance K JUDITH WILLIAMS Business 122 Academics EDNA URBANSKI Physical Education KENNETH WHEELER Industrial Arts ALEX WINSCO Music JEAN TRESCOTT English , ff., rv' .Ly X A E220 ,V ER ,ill fis ' .1 I. .ALibA. . INGRID WALKER Art PHILLIP WILKER Art MARY TYRRELL Special Education M R5 461' PETER WEEKS Industrial Arts MARGARET WISE Art WILLIAM WREGE Math ,B n J I , Q ' 'f11- E K W Q9 IQQNLQ.-lm: ANN MANSFIELD Nurse CARMEL JULIANO Secretary KENNETH WRIGHT HELEN YULO Home Economics Social Studies DESBINA ZAHARIADES 5 ' '54 v if IET DOUGAN EDNA BURT HARR Guidance DOLORES KERN Secretary Guidance ELAINE YUDKIN Guidance ROSE SILVESTRO Nurse ANN MacDONALD Secretary Academics 123 if ELEANOR NORBACK Secretary to Principal JOSEPHINE MILONE Secretary DOROTHY NITSHKE Secretary GENEVIEVE ROBINSON Guidance PATRICK CHOPLICK Aide ROSEMARY BOWLER Librarian Aide ,RX EVELYN CONNELLAN Clerk MARY CESTARO Library Clerk ROSEMARY CUNNINGHA Aide SHIRLEY LUSCOMB Aide 124 Academics WINIFRED KOTCHIAN THERESA DeCHELLO Aide Aide ADRIENNE LUYCKX I, Alde 1. ,HR , , I f ,if J? if JANE MCLEAN I Alde JEAN MEENEGHAN DIANE NAPPE Aide Aide PATRICIA PISCITELLI Aide Rfk-v. JULIA POHODA A.V. Clerk LORETTA TALLON Aide X ff 'f5s,.2 EDITH TOWERS J LENA ISOLA Aide J Mmm GLORIA VOLPE Matron IAQ A I PAUL BAKER I if "'T'!-I Ii I-.. Custodian , ' F 'ff ,. "-- ash if ' 1 7 l . 5 'mmf 1, 3 J ' J' . ' ' ffm A I U12 IAAA f -gr :k- 1. l., 'gf' -vi--..' I 'M JJ I . I if A rx, 3 'ff' 35551 5 - w. 11 ' , MLW' ' , '5'3'x'L." 1.' I Es L ,WI a . .I 1 JACK CASSELITA ,J-gf Sp f Custodlan Academics 125 A ABDON LUPPI lr 3 Custodian V' f" A I i ,fu fr.k I ! . , ALFRED KOWALEWSKI S W J V 7 VL,,hh, V Custodian hui: ,K Maintenance Department North Haven Schools i s if V St fl: M H ll L16 t A M - M rV"L I I ,. ,1.,. Ky Iiii. .kir .tfi. , Standing Left to Right: Carrie Eckert, Edel Silengo, Evelyn Dagostino, Anna Sitting Left to Right: Mary O'Conner, Faye Colomonico, Dot Wielgorecki Arendt, Loetta Sullivan. Mary Nuzzo. Standing Left to Right: Fran Pefasio, Peg Shig, Fran Pesticci Rose DeMarco, Helen Diana. 126 Academics -K S q Academics 127 Mk if X V il' 128 Academics 4 i n 4 6 x ,X , pi 'Ni rue I--4 ,ff x fl 3 s 3 5 E 'fx 591 , 3,32 H Q 3 J eff Yum 1 ' xx, , N six ,fu , w wg - 5 b we-.,,,,, .- ' f " .M -'vw e Academics! 129 M ,Q MQ MWMWMQ W5 My r M .- sr 0, NX or ip GWR News M W QW iff, iv , ,J Eff1fl"f ff!! Vajra ,ffluwgfad sit 0711 ffvfff I Qlff fo Kfrvmf ryan 'AWTI5 lf'f0fnf W 1514 ff f105! 555 17 GNU! g50cv7rfj buf ffff 161 fC, wflqcrfj 11 CT :wifi M173 fm gmail' ff .19C'f'JOf4 7'!10fycfz1 Cuff, 5006! fdfk nl 6lfE1'y7"!1lfy L!L'Z,I da: A0 VC, Q22 YC f' ea. r K ook o Ogg Nm of my OSX U L Y , LX X QQ Sf XQOQ Q-SO QQ your IXQRLJMQLQJQJXQOSXS Y ,Q SOXD 5-9 UJLQAEXX Gpuuxg ' wi? 'X Nffwxmsq' of my OM X x Ogmimmi xii X565 7 Alyssa Esposito - Vice-Presidentg Ann Roche - Treasureg Chris Griffin - Presidentg Chery - Secre 132 Ud 1 men taryg Advisors - Mrs. Marie Diamond, Mr. Jean Marc Hebert 7 Kurt Ginter - Treasurerg Julie Brink - Secretaryg Jerry Ardito - Presidentg Anne Johnson - Vice-Presidentg Advisor - Mrs. Rhonda Stone. QL? ,Aw . fx, Royce Shanley - Secretaryg George Parese - Presidentg Dana Leavitt - Treasurerg Mark Bua - Vice4Presidentg Advisors - Mrs. Diane Cummings, Mr. Robert Carrano. Underclassmen 133 U, Q .vll"""' 134 Underclassmen H.. f 3 At' , gi ,Vs , 'Q ' 5 V.,' .Q Mr? in Qs X , 4 K .N k 1,5 ,A gr' M- - ' f R 15.3 ' K X 'P f i .. fav :Zx ' W K 1'0- .f Q" 'rm .... .. 5 M " ds' wry' 4 ' .Um Q 9" l 4- e 3, EHR Q nm :Q i E55 555253: func mn 5 . 23:1 fill. of , 'lux ' s.. my 1 fr ' ' ' X Underclassmen 135 Y' 136 Underclassmen MM X . 'XJXV XY 1 Underclassmen 137 ' X. 'Y i k. 'A IJ x 5 ,f xx c xx A f ,':,' ! x XR x v X X , 1 f x f ' ug- R C . KJ X K V-4 -I f X x sc , K W Q x J 'xxw Q V.: r. .1530 1.4 138 Underclassmen . N W' 3 A-,aw , 1 1 -415 x ' ww , ' if 15 QQ Y - 1 4 XV, .4 " F-" -'W , Z ff If ' ia if , , 1 A ,. 1 'G-. ' , 'U j Q gif 'X 'J .L V' . ,., . . A 4, ,,. .' 1 -K.-iz I I ' E . Q -Aff. ' ' f iw. Ad if ww f M ' ' 0 ' ,, 4' f .,gg.+:Qw: I7 r 5 L' , ' "- 'f"' HH my ,Q 3 I Mgt, , VR 0 4' V7 kr NN I Y gf . 'Wax-Q jg YA? M my- ' V - 1 'fri M, ,.,M f ,WH ' 4... 1' MV,,,, my 2-W '-, K V f A ' Z' V I ,. W-. W-.. , ,,-- ' , J-V ',.Wmf'ff . 0 1 i ' 1 iw X i l , , a gm L f- 'iw' K x 5' Q ' 'Q ' KI 1 u , , 'E 1' -..L 5 .W Underclassmen 139 AX , ,,-.1 1 w A X4 X 'x X f X L Rx X X ww ,V f 1? , j .,,9'lls. Q Him 140 Underclassmen 1 in .-12' 4' 4 'Lg ""Zm.., i 1 - . . - , 1:1 f me I 1 F V Q F sl ' Q , . .Mfg Q' 'N Q an nvnnusupu ar --can Underclassmen 141 1 R fi ' If U-N. k 5: 1 4- '-' . ....x.,. 142 Underclassmen - gan' i A 3 v ,, .A Y 'Vx ff NWN ' 4. s xg , 2 X 4 . H K 1 yu "M xif' Aiwwx Underclassmen 143 ...fv- 144 Underclassmen ,. . ..,,,-....,k,,,,,,,,,,,...,,1nww..,,,.W 174.gif f. f--fx .,,,,., ,7 ., 1X 'W Q ...--0' ...QO Q ,....-our ...-of K xoxxfk . A MM' Wi ,tilt an 1,1 ., .Qi W- x him X- u Underclassmen 145 J-.-.......,,,', 3 Af S 'ff -1. , X s . 5 X 4 Y R 3 3 j x 1 N i . fl 146 Underclassmen ii lf , 1,5 NW-0 . A, 1. ., , an 3. , i7 Q. Nw... Underclassmen 147 QJMW 0 ff, Q, 6 ' f Mfr ig? 1 J5Q?j,3?W n w NORTH HAVEN DECA Lori DeSena, Jim Aiken, Cindi Perry, Janet Melilli, Paul Mangels, Bill Suprono, Tom Kelleher, Al Lombardi, Bob Proto, Chuck Milione, Carol Giordano, Gary Bakshys, Dave Balletto, Sean Malone, Tony Criscuolo, Bob Dill, Chris Lyons, Bob Colantonio, Lori Krosky, Anne McFarland, Darlene Stellato, Dawn Leopold, Cindy Koczak, Michele Palumbo, Bill Donlan, Dave Ianniello, Rita Sarro, Mr. Burt - Adivsor AFS Diane Seder, Ruth Krigbaum, Jeanette Capucci, Denise Clinton, Betsy Gosselin, Caryl Jansen, Lin McGalliard, Pam Haury, Jan Kaplan, Ava Esposito, Brenda Lotberg, Charmy Cutler, Sue Leary, Paul Ferrante, Ray Bernstein, Chris Fleming, Mary Palmieri, Sue Heery, Vivian Lee, John Sletzer, Sue Mulcahey, Karen Haury, Georgie Esposito, Mark Weins, Dawn Bartlett, Scott Hecker 150 Clubs ..,.x DRAMA CLUB Dean Phillips, Kitty Moore, Robin Nelson, Scott Hecker, Les Munson, Mr. O'Neil - Advisor 6 FBLA FBLA SITTING left to right - John Nigro - Advisor, Theresa Zullo - Jr. Class Rep., Lorraine Fusco - Treasurer, Joe Cocchiaro - Vice-President, Gail Verdi- President, Laura Hines - Secretary, Nancy Fredericks - Sr. Class Rep., FIRST ROW: Cindy Verneris, Cindy Jones, Karen Meeneghan, Gina Puchalski, Pam DiNuzzo, Debbie Wozniak, Bob Sudolg SECOND ROW: Scott Alpert, Eric Bisighini, Linda Smith, Lori Connelly, Pat Gelinas, Barbara Bissell, Sue Muleahey, Bobbie Brockett, Bonnie Kern, Dawn Parks Clubs l5l 1975-76 INDIANETTES Mary Pohoda - Co-captain, Sarah Coulston, Marsha Corniello, Lori Tammaro, Karen O'Hare, Brenda Lynch, Cheryl Rebeschi, Kathy Fiasconero, Roseann Palmieri, Roxanne DeLise, Diane Gresto, Gail Terry, Beth Guckin, Debbie Lien, Ann Vitale - Captain, Ms. Diane Nappe - Advisor DRIVERS ED Instructors left to right - Mr. Connell, Mr. Cavaliere, Mr. Antonelli VICA Sandy Beavis, Lori Carrano, Betsy Crossley, Joanne Edmonds, Mary Ferraro, Lee Ann Ferraiuolo, Sue Learned, Brenda Lofberg, Lisa McCafferty, Arlene McQueen, Dori Papa, Laurie Pronto, Janet Castellano, Mary Dacey, Leslie Grillo, Mary Beth Gordon, Mary Keehan, Lisa Kennel, Johanna Mahon, Pamela Marcarelli, Linda Perfetti, Mary Reynolds, Jackie Roach, Judith Adams, Karen Christianson, Barbara Kosolis, Lauren Krivit, Pat McNally, Kathy Menchetti, Bernadette Montano, Cindy Savo, Leslie Shea, Amy Yudkin, Jane Borkowsi - Teacher, Carol Delaney - Student Teacher 152 Clubs FRENCH CLUB Steve Lenoir, Kurt Ginter, Ken Tedeshi, Dean Phillips, Vivian Lee, Bob Kagan, Pam Haury, Paul Krampitz, Bob Cronin, Mrs. Diamond - Advisor ITALIAN CLUB Pat Florio, Mike Weed, Laura Gilson, Kim Buongirno, Lori DeSena, Anthony Cavallaro, Donna Biachi, Mary Jane Massimino, Rich Diana, Mr. Puglia - Advisor, Miss Carlotto - Advisor Clubs 153 154 Clubs LITERARY CLUB Dorothy Totton - Advisor, Gene Amatrudo, Connie Ambrose, Lorraine Blue, Cobey Bogaert, Susan Caprio, Sarah Coulston, Pam Dunham, Caryl Jansen, Eileen Johnson, Allison Kelsey, Maura O'Brien, Sue Reid, Mike Sbabo, Kerri Dawes, Associate Member: Jane Korwek LATIN CLUB Steve Civitello, Jane Connelly, Ricky Cottiero, Andy Finch, John Gentile, Mike Hill, Sue Hong, Debbie James, John Morse, Libby Nelson, Ellen Nelson, Dan O'Hara, Mary Palmieri, Neil Reardon, Diana Seder, Susan Brown, Jim Flach, Dan Cahill, Jean Pelletier, Jonathan Paris, Billy Pearce, Peter Fracasso, Karyn Winnick, Jean Valentine, Dana Leavitt, Fran Cappella, Paul Carpenter, Alon Kasha, Kevin Rossi, Eric Klein, Barbara Camera, Joe Kaszeta, John Conte, Amy Mendillo, Craig Stalnaker, Paul Pieper, Gene Amatruda, Kurt Alkire, Tim Follo, Maureen O'Donnell, Ellen Clarke, Lisa Rotondo, Maria Carofano, Mary Gambardella, Lori Fritts, Carol Downing, Mary Lascelles, Bob Greco, Krys Dzialo, Mark Whipple, Sally Casper - Advisor MATH CLUB Les Munson, Estelle Burg, Steve Steinberg, Scott Hecker, Joe Williams, Claudia Ferrara, Sue Hong, Richard Doyle, Carol Downing, Tom Lewis, Alyson Patch, Neal Reardon, Joe Suracci, Mrs. Patch - Advisor MODEL CONGRESS Dean Phillips - Chairman, Linda Noyes - Chairman, Georgie Esposito, Mark Weins, Steve Steinberg, Caryl Jansen, Robin Casman, Les. Munson, Dawn Bartlett, Janette Cappucci, Sue Leary, Krys Dzialo, Cheryl Porter, Chris Fleming, Kim Caldwell, Jennifer Baerman, Allison Kelsey, Jenns Meikle, Stephanie Parker, Tak Tamagawa, Kurt Ginter, Don Lehane, Ron Norman, Mark Whipple, Bob Cronin, Don Colantonio, P. Johnson - Advisor Clubs 155 i"Y 156 Clubs MODERN DANCE CLUB Beth Barrett, Krystal Hickcox, Janet Castellano, Louise Tuscano, Debbie Wozniak, Pam Cole, Pam DiNuzzo, Pam Mastrantonio, Tina Tropeano, Vicky Warren, Dana Leavitt, Susan LaPalombara, Kathy Pfnausch, Pat McNally Matilda Jenschke - Advisor PEP CLUB Alberta Gresto, Cheryl Downs - Co-president, Sue DeMaio, Barbara Guckin, Joanne Gresto, Laurie Leonard, Nancy Conway, Regina Ciarleglio, Kathy Pfnausch - Co-president, Susan Daniels - Secretary, Debbie Tiberio, Cheryl Misbach, Dara Doolittle, Beth Dowers, Jackie Halkovetz, Wendy Hubbell, Linda Delgado, Debbie Hogan, Barbara Raccio, Ms. Diane Nappe - Advisor NORTH HAVEN CHAPTER OF THE ETHICAL PHILOSOPHERS INTERNATIONALE Jennifer Baerman, Janet Barton, Bob Kagan, Jim O'Keefe, Scott Hecker, Ken Mellili - Advisor from Yale It it , 4-Fdt,,,,4g SKI CLUB Barbara Eckert, Kim Buongirno, Mary Kramarczyk, Janet Barton, Denise Bodwell, Jan Kaplan, Maura Curren, Georgie Esposito, Wendy Loller, Caryl Jansen, Paul Ferranti, Mark Weins, Alyssa Esposito, Don Castonguay, Carol Johnson, Dean Phillips, Debbie Norcia, Don Colantonio, Mari Kitahata, Ronnie Chieffo, Robin Casman, Al Pesticci - Advisor Clubs 157 PHOTO CLUB From Left to Right - Stephanie Parker, Richard Lenoce, Allison Patch Cmissing Jeff Bilecki, Mark Cavanna, Chris Daley, Paul Zaniewski, S. Lozowski - Advisor VARSITY CLUB Left to Right - FIRST ROW - Steven Steinberg, Richard Diana, Vincent DeLucia, David D Eugenio David DePaola David Miller Robert Fers Steven Carbonella, Paul Householder, David Lynchg SECOND ROW -- Henry Jones, Paul Grimshaw Steven Goldbloom Peter Crowell Carl Borkowski Dennis Arnone Tim Haag, Ed Hunt, Kurt Ginter, Donald Colantonio, Brian Heery, Ronald Chielfo, Dean Phillips Rob Mllone Donald LeHane Brian Baptie THIRD ROW Ron Norman, Curt Orio, Scott Hecker, Chris Oslin, Dennis Parlllo, Robert Kagan, John Williams Joseph Pellegrino Thomas McLellan William Kern Mike Elia Chris Griffin, Dan Nugent 158 Clubs VARSITY CLUB Martha Odaynik, Alyson Patch, Lisa Daniel, Donna Parese, Laruen David, Karen Butler, Ann Kotchian, Lynn Robinson, Kate Baptie, Charmy Cutler, Mari Kitahata,APam Haury, Carol Downing, Diana Seder, Peggy Goodwin, Alyssa Esposito, Barbara Camera, Jane Connolly, Aim Roche, Diane Hatch, Pam Wilke. A -- ww- 11--.un f AM' wa ws- .rvezzmafp t:zL:g::1:,:z"..::x:L:: STUDENT GOVERNMENT Mrs. Diamond - Advisor, Pam Haury - Chairperson, Dean Phillips - Asst. Chairperson, Vivian Lee - Secretary, Robin Casman W- Attendance Secretary Clubs 159 S A A F94 R KN .M N' X J 160 Senior Candids ,!'Q'lHc. Slf l'1 fi fr flle ,ww N paw KW 1' .F"5" if 161 Senior Candids t A w Y if In .A Y' W Q 162 Senior Candids iD"M xi 55 i . 1 U X? 111 Tw Wg' Senior Candids 163 164 Senior Candids . -.-W K, af A S 2 'YY in-5 1 xl' 5 . "" 1? wb , 'L.::x X 1 A " M ' im Jw v. ,Rf Q-4 v. 1 I las .Kegan wx A g2f2fv,xg,.:'W ,.X',i, Qs av 1, as MEM 1 . -ff -x Q A 1 Senior Candids 165 166 Senior Candids X . jp is wiv, Y f' . .Az E? 1 55' SX 3 V 47 .fl ti r I I .2 ,V 3 Lf' , f 4' in 2 Senior Candids 167 168 Senior Candids 3 lv? 'i .ng V . Qzgluksx fuvxisn wxua, N ww ww . A ' . an-,Q nnl"""' -v"""-' f ZX,- , " ' . 5252 ijiLXq,A.A' J S v Senior Candids 169 170 Senior Candids ab... Q-Q, .Ns Jim A 9511 .kr ' msg A "u 9 if "b . IYIN - . x '- A... ,va its P-1 an ri Q? xx 4 'MQW I 4 1:43 H MX4 M ,, . "is .sv 1 , , X l A ,., , ' Ai, U O X 3 I Q if v k ,, AP' , w N 'l., , g .WLL i '--i 1 L, . AQ -ft W' ' H X M24 V f 4 ' - -. l 171 -2 N'l , A Senior Candids 4 n 0 W i 1 n. I 4 1 1 o Football ,.?' The Coaches: Coach Mauro Suraci, Head Coach Bob DeMayo, Coach John Kelly and Coach Chuck Sizemore. ywr rt- : t fi h l a VARSITY AND J.V. FOOTBALL TEAM From Left to Right, FRONT ROW: Steve Carbonella, Mike Elia, Bill Kern, Vin DeLucia fCapt.J, Joe Manguilli CCapt.j, Paul Householder fCapt.J, ,Myron Esdaile fCapt.J, Bob Fers, Dave Miller, Steve Signorg SECOND ROW: Coach Mike Kelley, John Williams, Mike Glynn, Gary DeMayo, Larry Manguill, Nick Vallone, Pete Daly, Joe Orts, Stacy Rice, Walt Nester, Coach Mauro Suracig THIRD ROW: Head Coach Bob DeMayo, Chuck Adinolfi, Mike Mendillo, John Tiedamann, Guy Cattaruzza, Chris Gelinas, John Gentile, Bill Sieff, Chris Griffin, Coach Chuck Sizemore: FOURTH ROW: Danny Lesneski, Steve Fitzgerald, Dave Dauria, Ed Suraci, Tom Barry, Bob Pethick, George Melillo, Carl Taylor: FIFTH ROW: John Texiera, Mark Solecki, Paul Hartman, Walt Pethick, Tony Palotto, Bill Donlan, Joe Cocchiaro, Art Erickson, Tom Vanacore. l74 Sports U North Haven North Haven North Haven North Haven North Haven North Haven NORTH HAVEN VARSITY FOOTBALL Branford Seymour Shelton Lyman Hall East Haven Cheshire 8-3-0 North Haven North Haven North Haven North Haven North Haven 35 Northwest Catholic 21 13 Hamden 12 35 Sheehan 0 20 Amity 7 26 Derby 49 Mr. DeMayo's second season as head football coach was a complete reversal of last year's. The team posted a 6-3 league record and an 8-3 overall record. Two standout defensive performers, Mike Elia and Joe Manguilli were selected to the All-Housatonic Team while Paul Householder, Gary DeMayo, Bob Fers, Vin DeLucia, Myron Esdaile and Dave Miller all received Honorable Mentions. Manguilli was also selected to the Honorable Mention All-State Team. Due to the closeness of balloting both Paul Householder and Dave Miller received a "Most Valuable Player" award. The "Sportsmanship Award" went to Steve Carbonella. The Indians hope to have an even stronger team next season by returning many starters including its three new captains: Chris Griffin, Larry Manguilli and Stacy Rice. The Seniors from left to right - FRONT ROW: Steve Carbonella, Mike Elia, Joe Manguilli, Myron Esdaile, Bob Fers. BACK ROW: Bill Kern, John Tiedamann, Vin DeLucia, Dave Miller, Paul Householder. The Captains: Vin DeLucia, Joe Manguilli, Paul Householder and Myron Esdaile. - .. .,,. . A-A FRESHMAN FOOTBALL From left to right, FRONT ROW: Chris Ryan, Keith Williams, Ray Peach, Bill Rhone, Frank DeCusati, Mark Pease, George Spignesig SECOND ROW: Dennis Magnotti, Joe D'Eugenio, John Esdaile, Fred Behrl, Greg Ereff, George Roberts, THIRD ROW: Mark Henry, Frank Porto, Steve Melillo, Gabe Pethick, Doug Carmen, Matt Ott, Bill Bonadiesg FOURTH ROW: Carl Bozzuto, Steve Tercyak, Jim Thompson, John Mel, Coach Larry Bencivengo, Coach Robert Carrano. Sports 175 x T 'l""'n"'w " af 'W ' V, maj ,2,' . . K " 5 Mag , " X I' I' W Mm M :,.4i-,ffm 3 .'w 1 -- J A 4' ' 1 Q11 V f u? 1 Q Q fi: fx' -, Us I I '12 ' fa '-fu., J 5 1 '. K 1,-1555? ' 5 A' y AVI' 176 Sports 4' 54 as ,, Q 1. A ., V -X .gy .Q N' , , ,uv ,xv X ,f .QA + :L . , A 1 A 1 . X' . no . , Q. .4 4. ' 'I -H' ., I 'N N ., 'Q' QQ. M W -":f. ' 4 v f ff my. N v L: . ,K.:' ,, Z' 5-515-" AA, ,vzfa . . v' ff-1 - , 1.-S' , ff -1 "g. iyqgfiifu 1-Q A vw iff? KfS+.x.,., - awmg, -, 5 MH w N 'M ff' M fm' -' 4- Zim' 1-"MPH ff i .vf , K ,m,,,,r',..,,,,f x ,Jim 1,3 V ,L .rb,m.,ia .t , 1 .f Lf if W ww' 1 aw., Q4-"'k1kY'7 :5 '- -ff, ' 'f"1!-,,- 5. N'fv',,,. H ,, ,W A .4 1.1. . .W ,,x,,Mr A , M. , . S lisa,-si My if - - N' Q!QQ.n,N.lfm8f'f' QE X. V NK . , .... l kr in fel '4"' fvfh 1: 1 " i WY wa' ,N xih , pgxy . N f. " ' ' an . 51- V . .. , t , .- ,- -,. F' .vi Q , 4 wi f . gf- M.. ,..., , n M .3 r I n I H ? - ,wk ,VV V a 1 ' " .Y ' A f AW-Quran ' ,f A viii A """ Af 4: 'N' -Af' - - , 3' x X1 Q W .4 R ' ' 9' " ' Q 1., L ' m.,.,..r' X ,. X . k . -.. X , ,'.. i , 1 V : . V, Q W 4 5 - I y V' -' - A Q in 'Q ' ' zz. 5 I ,, L, I fx4J4gQ?,,,i A 1 X A . ,"n A ' L W M ,, .1 313 ' W 'f 4 - H 'M W" if "4 -,.. , -h xr x k N Qian Sports 177 ' Q wr- K ,- if,vifgg.'-f 'Tig R ,ff- Huw ff. K Q .1 L3"'f Rf: ' 'gf K' ig w if : , duff ' we' :. Qgfrsvgh' . .,. N! AA,- F , ,, sz . 4, X., ,sq- l78 Sports Raw gg h N, ' " ,, ., ,I f .. ' vs W, ' , i' 'AN' 1,5 Q ':" .. ., Sports 179 Aff t VW: K 180 Sports 14.1 . f F , VH k mffsiw .W fVQ31ga N 1 A 5. it , V,Yr . 5 9, ..B. , .Mar 'jf P ' 1 " . ...B wi , Q3 A R nie ,P 2 ,4 5 L h . qw Q f, f , ge X qi, Q L.. - A ig Ks 3 X A r xy 'mx , .-9 N -W 05' :xi Q N L A gam53ww? mmQ4hu , "-kk -,IQ ,- .gh ' 1 X 2 I .g,zf,Qi E Q . - , 1 x P f X , ., X. ..- 5 I F uw, ,Q fs gifgw mr 11? . 'E E A Soccer NORTH HAVEN 6-7-1 North Haven O North Haven 2 West Haven North Branford North Haven 3 Cross North Haven 4 Foran North Haven O Branford North Haven 2 Lyman Hall North Haven O Sheehan North Haven O Amity North Haven l Cheshire North Haven 0 Branford North Haven 2 Lyman Hall North Haven 0 Sheehan North Haven 2 Amity North Haven 1 Cheshire The Soccer Team experienced a somewhat disappointing season by finishing the year with 6 wins, 7 loses and 1 tie, to miss qualifying for the CIAC tournament by one game. Senior Dean Phillips received All-Housatonic recognition, while underclassmen, Juniors Rich Leibiger and Tom Guertin and Freshmen Chris Conte all received Honorable Mentions. Both Don Colantonio and Brian Heery received "Most Valuable Player" awards, while Phillips added the "Sportsmanship Award" to his laurels, Coach Joe Janush will look to Captain elect Tony Massaro along with many returning underclassmen to spearhead a comeback season. SOCCER FRONT ROW: Paul Marinuzzi, Dean Phillips, Don Colantonio, Brian Heery, Dave Mantesi. BACK ROW: Coach Joe Janush, Tom Guertin, Chris Conte, Mike Sola, Anthony Massaro, Rich Leibiger, Mark Bua. Sports 181 J.V. Soccer From left to right- FRONT ROW: Kevin DeMatteo, Mike Gilbride, Dave Guido, Mike Mahon, Tim Murphy, Tony Giordano, George Parese, BACK ROW: Bob DiVerniero, Marty Iannone, Bob Cronin, Brett Flynn, Bob Barzansky, Matt Iannone, Kurt Ginter, John Brenner, Dave Hollaran, Chris Carpenter, Pete Nugent, Mark Weston, Nick Mastracchio. 40 ' , ,W,,.,, 182 Sports Sports 183 Y I 5 i Y E i ? 184 Sports 4 MW Sports 185 186 Sports Field Hockey i I 1 1 GIRL'S FIELD HOCKEY TEAM This year the Gir1's Field Hockey Team, under the coaching of Cindi Forslund, finished the season with a l-6-3 record. The co-captains for 1975-76 season were seniors Sally Erickson and Alyson Patch. This Season had many highlights with three of the girls qualifying for the All-Housatonic League Team, junior Ann Roche made the first team while senior Sally Erickson and junior Cathy Wettstone were chosen for the second team. Sally Erickson led the team in scoring with 8 goals while Laurie Gilbride followed with 6 goals. Goalie Tova Forgo made 23 saves. 1 FIELD HOCKEY Left to Right - FIRST ROW - Cathy Wettstone, Lisa Erbe, Martha Odaynik, Sally Erickson, Alyson Patch, Ann Roche, Laurie Gilbride, Elise F ornicello, Adrianne Appelg SECOND ROW - Debbie Simione, Debbie DeNardis, Julie Zingarella, Nina Roche, Debbie Dineen, Judy Popalizio, Royse Shanley, Karen Possidente, Pam Mongillo, Bitsy Estabrook, Tove Forgog THIRD ROW - Coach Cindy Forslund, Marybeth Kennedy, Wendy Crowell, Anne Johnson, Cindy Ferrara, Sue Caprio, Missing: Jane Korwek Q- , , .Q ,fx ,x V A , . ' if F f 'T . kumar . - Sports l87 188 Sports -ef 1 L ,Q Lv. , , - , x .Q , -O A .. Eiiiilliivmiw sf, M- xx .. W., A ,, . 1. .rv-Q, V 1, .. x. an-K , - "7?-'5"'l,,- . ' . :M ' if Q- - Tai, - '.' R ' -.2 .gf -Hg my--. ' , x ,.. A 0. . , . f -' - - Q 1 .fig -.-,.4L- mn.r.n1fs J. ,u g -3 N .QM - 1 '- i f f W 9 . ' A my . -W . ,Qg ' iam 1 4- + 'M if vw W' 5 s ' ef E m , " f P? 1 if " 2 , 1 R I ,, ' f U' x t f N XL v . ' ' 4' Q b Q " ' M ff: Em, H . W . HJ, ' 2112 X . 1 ' I N . ..: .5 :fg,'.Q. v rj?" rl: -I .N N 5 V m f- ' 0 K ' 4 V' 1 " W 1 Q W w I V JSM., ur'- 1 . . " 4 " ' if """ .,,. A .. .r ' 7 f- 1 1 ".J. . ' . Aviv ,,,,..M-- L .1 -4- , V L-- .M , 2 1 -4 - ,3qi,,aJfg- ii . is i, M K ,NQS . ,, ' L wg? , ,,-, - 'K' N -. b 'Qi 1" - - WE iq... X17 ' Sl I 'g-g .. I A I V,hk ,Wyman-' L W" L . 1 .1 . .... .. , W.. N f...-..... 1 'I' A K 1 ' ii -t I K' .. . . , f W - Q xx x. l . is , 1 y . ., .J I J X X , 'I , .... F Q ' 7 - ' . .221-gy X 5 New f' V. . N , fs, Q ' ig Y1f:F"g.'1H:fW'-wSX'r'-SNR -Ci, " N N : 1 ' QM m,Lb Q 'S K . 2 'A' v , Q A .A ' 'Q Q 5 ' Q R f .. -rm "Yv5?Q: A 1 , --gr e 1 Q -L . A N KQQ .Gy K -vi ii ., 3- " . 1 Aff P'-if 1 Q4 1: . ' g J " V5""? ' TF -- ' - -' L A A , J, L x QW ,M . '- - W ,, ." ."- ,wq f i W1if?i4 ' ,X :TL J " E , Q Sports 189 190 Sports olleyball GIRL'S VOLLEYBALL TEAM The Girl's Volleyball Team completed the 1975-76 season with a 5-7 record. The team was coached by Karen Rayder and co-captained by Donna Parese and Barbara Camera. Although the team is losing some strong players the teams future looks promising with the return of many excellent players. VOLLEYBALL Left to Right - FIRST ROW - Charlene Collins, Alyson Guertin, Jane Connelly, Barbara Camera CCapt.J, Donna Parese CCapt.J, Susan Swiatek, Amy Yudkin, Diane Hatch, SECOND ROW - Patty Swiatek, Meg Martin, Donna Biacchi, Julie Gould, Peggy Avery, Corky Maiocco, Robin Miller Sports 191 Cross Country CROSS COUNTRY Led by Senior Tri-Captains Pete Crowell, Rich Diana, and Chris Oslin, the 1975 Cross Country Team enjoyed its best season in the schools history. Enroute to a 12 win, I loss season, the harrier squad highlighted the year with its first ever win versus Hamden. Team accomplishments included a second place finish in the New Haven County Meet, a third place in the CIAC Sectional Meet which for the third consecutive year qualified the team for the CIAC Large School Championships where the North Haven contingent finished an impressive twelfth. Rich Diana and Chris Oslin were voted to the All-Housatonic Team while Pete Crowell and Dennis Arnone gained Honorable Mention Honors. By vote of his team mates, Chris Oslin was honored as this year's Most Valuable Runner. Team Members included Pete Crowell, Rich Diana, Chris Oslin, Len Malonis, Dennis Arnone, Carl Borkowski, Pete Gangi, Jim Johnson, George Nye, Tim Haag, Ed Hunt, Joe McCarthy, Paul Carpenter, Scott Diana, Alon Kasha, Jim Milani, Jonathon Paris, Kevin Rossi, Mike Carocari fMgr.J Coach Robert V. Tencza YEAR AT A GLANCE? North Haven 22 Branford 35 North Haven Coginchaug 38 North Haven 15 Lyman Hall 50 North Haven West Haven 46 North Haven 16 Seymour 47 North Haven Platt 46 North Haven 20 Shelton 38 North Haven Amity 47 North Haven 20 Derby 41 North Haven Sheehan 34 North Haven 34 Cheshire 22 CIAC "L Sectionals - Third North Haven 16 East Haven 47 CIAC "Lv Championships - Twelfth North Haven 25 Hamden 30 New Haven County Meet - Second 'LOW SCORE WINS CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Coach Bob Tencza, Alon Kasha, Kevin Rossi, Paul Carpenter, Len Malonis, Scott Diana, George Nye, Jim Milani, Joe McCarthy, Tim Haag, Peter Gangi, Dennis Arnone, Pete Crowell CCapt.J, Rich Diana fCapt.j, Chris Oslin fCapt.J, Carl Borkowski, Jim Johnson, Tim Hunt. 192 Sports A-J F23-"wKZQp3A'244'-w21.Q-M. fr-ova, A Z mifrf. .nw , Sports 193 f w V Q, 5 'R' xx'-, f s i 194 Sports 'Uh 5 ,xr l Captain Wendy Carpenter The Majorette Squad this year consisted of seven girls. They twirled to all home football games to the music of the North Haven Marching Band. They also performed to all home basketball games to popular music. They prac- , ticed all year under the supervision of Mrs. Bette Diver. E 3 1 . -g ki ? N .fi K . Z ,,-...e A . FRONT ROW: Kathy Glenn. Kathy Regan. SECOND ROW: Karin Castellano. Wendy Carpenter. Lauren Reilly. THIRD ROW: Gail Jansen, Linda Krampitz. Advisor Mrs. Bette Diver. Sports l95 K 196 Sports in 5 K 4 3 m. . Qkgfp 2 h f ., ' I j fi , ' 'Q iff f ' 115 , i ff ' 1' ' 55 gf ' f wx ' if 2 557-"'3' f l , 16.1 Q if , X 2 -X, A .1 . A ,1.F,,fugig+' A 5 Zf,f1if ,M cf, gig H . Tn, V - 'fy . 5 E1 51 i1i2g55"!f'5 gp gk 2 3 il. 1 i if rg? f, f g 1 L E 13 if 551 ff .5591 QS? ,f K m " E L - 1 'WET M in 1, -S . f ' 1 L' af .L'- - -' X 1 . RN' . - Y: ' .Kd N- ' - ' "Af " 'X H' - .'i37E1if'R . - N FH f- - Q. Qi ! 5 -ff LN Y , 53 ' Q 'Y . "1 L Q I ' ' 24 N. . Qs 5 ,R ' I Q ' ' 1 :ir Ax , ' AT ' ,Ek , lb 1 in T KN h vt . k ' . p " 4- 1 1 ' L Q4 P sig. , ' If , ., "1 'f A. 1 i M L +-lA 5 " S 2 - ' ' W M-' ' vw- , W'f' ,", ' LN- . -mggfyxiak :Q ,Arg -' . v ,Q 4 '- A 'N-A -1, , 'L'f' - u , A - .-.. A W 'Xff V .. K N K Q K -A fi lk 4 . It 5, ' 0 Q A H r .xifl-'ilff-l,I:' :KL T w 'L5f1,gff, ',' "' ""15,pQtfLff7'?k57I' , ' . m X 4 K N Z m . m :lj L, V K A Vx - I ' "'.WfM.mki kk .,kkm,-.J ' -z , D K f- ' 4 - - 1--Mui, . - , o--.1 x , -,,. .:L,A LWLAZ,. N.,. , , , V N , M , , -'hL 'L' - ":x, '2" f . - 1 ' fi HQ. ie. - vh- x 2- is if f 5- 'M 44 55x59 16 ,N -QM Q .. E. , V 1. ' 4-H if: xg Af. , 1. gap Ls' . K Q-figs, ,V A., bk.. .h K 1. , Y "L - -- ' an . 1 , L -Q,-ff 1-1--J .- kg- H-. 5 5 ' ' 4 AQ f 4 fi f Q.Q.g1,V:g,.55..Q " '-'wAm-fnm.s.,w:'x . , Y.. .5 g:, T Y .b . 5 M.-I' 9 .. 4. r lf S --iff-A .Mfg ,M kv... ,-e..., ff ,,,5,,fx5,i,f:i5.4w.5:. :.. . qw ,rfwfgy S3551 . YS?iL5..g5v.fij 2 QM V, K M U .fgxk 4,1 rf Ng . f- -1: :xx W sy 4-LS. -. x, 'tw' .' :si ' 'x- fide. U.. gd? ,Z'3s3:f . if-, Qffi. 3 " 'X ,Y ...Pg arf .. " a V : , Rf.i,f.sf'5g-gk. - g ,, . - 'Q'.fm - C x -Q.-N.Q..3.g' wif ' .fxf.s'i 5 -L" -.+,. Q-,-Q'?34i4, ' S1-.g3'f',. i 5 . Y Q ra. -ff nk frywg :wav ' ' 4' 'ffwiy ,gg Q .Q xl pi 'Tv-Kr. ...Z-3 L ' gif. - vi, wa. W , 5 . N "Rf HQ, 35,5 5 1' K . X K X.. - X -..-. -. S. I! ' , . Lij . 5 Ax x .Q ..k 1 H Q .. kk ry ..-,,. 341 . X. Y E? 'r 4' Sports 197 Cheerleaders 16? IT SENIORS: fTOP ROW, Left to Righty Martha Corazzini, Cindy Savo, Judi Laich, Lisa Gabriel, Karen Butler, Brenda Lofberg, Laurie Pronto CBOTTOM ROW, Left to Rightj Pam DiNuzzo, Anita Gangi, Maura Curran, Karen Meeneghan, Kathy Day, Cindy Boffa, Linda Richetelli. 4' I I MAROON SQUAD: Cindy Boifa, Brenda Lofberg, Lisa Gabriel, Karen Meeneghan fcaptj Judi Laich, Cindy Savo, Anita Gangi fco-capt.J, Patty Parolise, Ceila Byler, Denise Clinton, Andrea Riggi, Karen Butler, 198 Sports b, re JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD: Eileen Johnson. Mary Oslin, WHITE SQUAD: Kathy Day. Linda Richetelli. Cco-captj. Maura Curran, Laurie Pronto. Donna Pronto, Carol Jansen, Maureen O'Donnell. Pam DiNuzzo fcaptq, Donna Dahlberg. Monica Stanford. Martha Corazzini. Catherine Panico. Hope Hlinka, Sports 199 -., ,V ,. 200 Sports GIRL'S SWIM TEAM Swimming GIRL'S SWIM TEAM The first year for the North Haven High School Girl's Swim Team was very successful. Under the direction of the new coach, Colleen Farnham and leadership of captain Charmy Cutler, the girls established many outstanding records. These records were set at the Divisional Championships in Cumberland, R.Ig 200 freestyle - freshman Linda Burke - 2:3l.9, Charmy Cutler - 2:35.0, freshman Kate Meikle f 2:34.4. 200 Individual Medley - sophomore Adrienne David - 21540550 freestyle -junior Jeanne Lofburg - 29.0, junior Ann Kotchian - 29.0. 100 breaststroke - sophomore Gail Goldbloom - 1:21.9. 400 free relay - Adrienne David, Linda Burke, Kate Meikle and Jeanne Lotburg - 4:33.8. Ann Kotchian placed 5th in diving and qualified for the All-Housy team. The team's 1976-77 season looks bright with co-captains Ann Kotchian and Jeanne Lofburg. FRONT ROW - Rosemarie Fiorillo, Kris O'Brien, Peggy Goodwin, Alyssa Esposito, Lori Oliver, Janet Mahon, Donna Kundrath, Linda Burke, Maria LoPresti, Donna Hilt, Cheryl Misbach SECOND ROW A Paula Celotto, Janina Natrillo, Laurie Bueller, Ann O'Connor, Ellen Bass, Leslie David, Adrienne David, Terri Tedeschi, Diana Gibbs, Diana Hilt, Debbie Hutton, Linda Madigan, Betsy Tanenbaum TOP ROW - Mrs. Colleen Farnham 4 coach, Charmy Cutler - captain, Jeanne Lofburg, Barbara Eckert, Maria Fracasso, Grace Keefe, LuAnn Cottiero, Ann Kotchian, Cobey Bogaert, Ellen Clarke, Mary Bass, Betsey Gosselin, Gail Goldbloom Missing: Kate Meikle, Kim O'Brien, Jody Asbell, Tara LeHane Sports 201 NJ .V,V , i 24:99 As' if 1 ,g 202 Sports Swimming Under the first year coaching of Chris Burns, the North Haven High School Swim Team finished its season with an overall record of 7-6 and a Housatonic record of 4-4. Both captains, Steve Goldbloom and Dave Lamberti, broke school records Goldbloom set school records in both the 50 and 100 yard freestyles and Lamberti set a record in the 100 yard butterliy. The four man relay team of Goldbloom, Lamberti, Steve Steinberg and Paul Grimshaw, also set a record in the 400 freestyle relay. Goldbloom continured his laurels by capturing both the 50 and 100 yard D l freestyle in the Housatonic meet while Dennis Parillo defended his title by win- ning his second consecutive diving championship. The Captains: Steve Goldbloom and Dave Lamberti FRONT ROW - Rich Haaf, Jim Flack, Dennis Parillo, Rich Reid, Jack Tubor, Chris Male, George Spignesi, Tim Burk, John Shapiro, Dave Lamberti, Reggie Fitzmauriccg SECOND ROW - Tim Palmatier, Dave Clark, Mike Maltese, Steve Maltese, John Paris, Chris Rubino, Sal Frigno, Robert Milani, Ray Carbonella, Chris Daily, Conrad Piccirillog THIRD ROW - Tim Follo, Mark Lavine, Jim Hunt, Marty Iannonc. Chris Konapacke, Dave Wettstone, Sam Hong, Gary Usella. Kenny DeFabiog FOURTH ROW- Henry Jones, Kurt Ginter, Steve Steinberg, Steve Mahon. Steve Goldbloom, Rich Liebeger, Paul Grimshaw. Charley Duponte, Buddy Sullivan, Bill Lambert Y Manager, Tom Lewis, Coach Chris Burns Sports 203 S H , . . Wagga Fzwgglmg :,. 5. .. - ,. .,,. ,.,. A 'SQ 1 K an 'H-:IM jlfq Q .M L w - 5 ai, L N Q in mo.. i Q. ' SQ is ww an-. xx K 4.7 sf E Wx-. my 1 Awww '- M ww. ,L , ,Wg gum . 1,!f 'iLzw7F5 1 ,, ' - - f - M I vvr - V 1 zf M .bgi 3 , u 5? . 204 Sports 'N-it QQ. YN 5 'Q 4 S . bm -NA.. Q 'W Q W . ,M M 'Q "'KTf 'f1 ,, 5 K Sports 205 Hockey The North Haven Hockey team qua- lified for the CIAC tournament this year. They finished the season with a 12- 7-1 record while being ranked llth. They fell victim 4-2 to Rockville in their first battle. Assistant Captain Don Le- Hane led the team in scoring with 33 points. Defenseman Dan Nugent and Junior goalie Steve Hussong both re- ceived Honorable Mentions for the All- County team. Coach Frank Fiore hopes to have another successful team next year despite losing ten players through graduation. A Q - J' Coach Frank Fiore, Assistant Captain Don LeHane, Captain Dan Nugent, Assistant Captain Bill Miller, Coach Bob Brown .J FRONT ROW - Keith Williams, Dave Lynch, Tom McClellan, Bill Miller, Dan Nugent, Don LeHane, Ralph DeMatteo, Chris Dellavalle, Larry Jetmar, John Williamsg BACK ROW - Coach Frank Fiore, Ed Holcomb, Kevin DeMatteo, Bob Baptie, Brian Mangum, Craig Davis, Joe Cusano, Dennis Dellisola, Chris Byer, Steve Hussong, Clin' Jekle, Bill Jenks, Dave Dauria, Pepe Amendola, Coach Bob Brown 206 Sports -In M - af-- if-F' ' Ifl "'Nnw '53 1? Sports 207 208 Sports 1 x I 9 ..,, . . f WL I in ,,,,w.5??ffjj 2f:2w - 1 . 4,-sl. ff-1: ffm. 5 if - ,Q N K.. I Spo 09 210 Sports Basketball For the first time in six years the North Haven High School Varsity Bas- ketball team qualified for the CIAC tournament by Hnishing the season with a 9-9 record. Unfortunately the Indians bowed in overtime, 47-45, to Southing- ton to end the season at 9-10. However, next years outlook seems more promis- ing with the return of four starters. North Haven placed three members in the All Housatonic League balloting as Jack Urbanski was selected to the second team while sophomores, Ed Less and Rob Milone received Honorable Men- tions. J,V. BASKETBALL - CFRONT ROWJ John Conte, Mike Gilbride, Brian Watson, Pete Bennett KBACK ROWJ Mike DePaola, Randy Edwards, Vin Longobardi, Joe Mattew Steve, Markowski t l VARSITY - IFRONT ROWJ Manager Neal Angelini, Vic Urbanski, Rob Milone, Captain Bill Smith, Ed Less, Steve Petrillo, Jim Aiken KBACK ROWJ Coach Jim Kenney, Henry Terceyak, Greg Brozek, Bob Downing, Captain Jack Urbanski, Ken Tedeschi, Bruce Duff, Steve Markowski, Trainer John Vigliotti. Missing Pete Bennett, Randy Edwards 4 f e E QE rx R . ,NR 3 Spuru 211 lYg3Sl 5PlHlR'l' Manx YS Sl'0R'l'S 2l2 Sports E M7 50 'f ,,,fQm fr. ' 5 Yu.: '- Q?" Jimi ,M 42 214 Sports THE GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM An example of the girls ability to successful- ly participate in sports was proven by the N.H.H.S. Girls, Basketball Team this season, under coach Sue Tomko. They finished the season with a 13-8 record and are ranked 7th in the state after playing in the State Tourna- ment. Junior Lisa Erbe was the highest scorer on the team with 223 rebounds, 79 free throws, 153 lield goals and 384 total points for the season. She was selected for the first All- Housatonic team. Other high scorers included senior Sally Erickson, Captain Debbie Kruglik and junior Sue Stefanowski. Most defensive credits went to junior Pat Guadagno. Y X L X ' Ii 1, .x ---..,s-, gg..,t Q.. T t QSM - 5"1 ...,,. , """Ng 5 k ' ',.. . X , 3 sss . is Wx KLJV z ..... . ff. Q: J V :. if , i rt., :iris 4 M -- . K f - . . git Seniors: Debbie Kruglik and Sally Erickson ROW 1 l-r Sue Swiatek, Brenda Eddy, Ann Roche, Debbie Dineen, Debbie Kruglik Capt., Pat Guadagno, Sally Erickson, Lisa Erbe ROW 2 Kim O'Brien - manager, LuAnn Cottiero manager, Sue Stefanowski, Maura Fitzgerald, Lynn Robinson, Karen O'Brien, Linda Gray, Cindy Ferrara, Tina Piscitelli, Tove Forgo - manager, coach Sue Tomko ROW 3 Ann Mastriano, Donna Solecki, Terri Carocari, Debbie Denardis, Pat Swiatek, Sue Leary, Pam Wilke, Debbie Simione - manager Y .1 - ., f 'X G mnastics 216 Sports fi 52 THE GIRLS' GYMNASTIC it TEAM The N.H.H.S. Girls, Gymnastic Team had a successful season un- der new coach, Pat Panichas. They finished with a 7-5 record and an average score of 72.50. The high scorers for the season were senior Lisa McCatferty: Hoof - 8.05, sophomore Kate Baptie: balance beam - 7.5 and junior Ann Kotchian: bars 6.4 and vaulting 7.8. The team is ranked 5th in the state after competing in the state meet. The gymnastic team will also be represented in the regionals at North Branford. Those competing will be Adrienne David -- vault- ing, Kate Baptie - floor and bal- ance beam, Trish Derrico - balance beam and Maureen McCafferty, Lisa McCafTerty and Ann Kotchian will compete all- around. BOTTOM ROW: Kate Baptie, Cindy Massa, Royse Shanley, Maureen McCafl'erty, Debbie Redmount, Kathleen Heery, Diana Seder MIDDLE ROW: Tanya Mahoney, Laurie Bisighini, Crystal Hickox, Trish Derrico, Ann Kotchian, Adrienne David, Miriam Tofig, Melanie Norbak TOP ROW: Lisa McCafferty, Coach Put Panichas, Lauren David ,Q- W -gg' ww 2, 13. ,Sin - . " W ,W Ei .,.. W , L. X w,....,,,s N-,mi X, x Sports 217 Peter Calabrese Mr. and Mrs. Carl DeSena Mr. and Mrs. G. DiGioia Foxy Lady Mr. and Mrs. Francis Fragola John and Joan DeGioia Bob Zarbo "The Big Z" Compliments of Mrs. Laura DiGioia Jack DeGioia Jay DeGioia Georgie Esposito and Family 3412 JAWS Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy Love to Blue Eyes Dianne and Ted Brockett William H. Jansen Mr. and Mrs. Carleton Burt Mrs. V. Titus Carol Milatz Flegma Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mappa Bill and Dolores Kern Bill, Bonnie, and Linda Kern Love to Gail from Michael, Andrew, and Joseph Love to Gail from Uncle Tom and Aunt Lois Gail Elvis Jansen Caryl Jansen Frank and Alice Valanzano Sandra A. Jansen Mrs. Patricia Hart Mrs. Hiram S. Hart The Senior Forum Mrs. Robert E. Hughes Mrs. Charles Novotny Dr. and Mrs. Kenny Dr. and Mrs. Morgan Mrs. Alan J. MacAdams The Geddes Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Hardy Mr. and Mrs. Donald Megill Mr. and Mrs. Richard Megill Clintonville Service Mr. Washington Mr. Chichester Mr. E. Robert Davidson Mr. and Mrs. Kuhn Sal's B 8: R Al Mike Howie Mr. 8: Mrs. H. Kenneth Iuick Mr. 8: Mrs. Wysocki Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph H. Pellegrino Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul A. Scholder Richard and Ellen Knott Mr. 8: Mrs. Ronald Sotere Ann D'Amico Sucie James Gallo The Music Dept. Rosemarie Brannen 218 Patrons Patrons The Class of 1976 would like to thank all those people who graciously contributed toward making this book possible. Ralph Brannen Nick Cacace Mr. 8: Mrs. Daniel Wysocki Mrs. Sophie Smigiel Jean Haglund Teddy Wysocki Mr. 8: Mrs. Ted Wysocki Hamden High iii Mr. 8: Mrs. Carpenter Betty Carpenter Good Luck Sharon - Love Leslie A Friend A Secret Admirer "No Comment" Algonquin Indian Likes Coventry Girl Good Luck From The North Haven Company Dan the Man and Bert Helene Avolt Art 8: Jane Borito Uncle Mike and Aunt Gaile Autn Rena 8: Uncle Angelo Mr. 8: Mrs. E.A. Labagnara Mary Labagnara Judy 8: Andy Harlem Carole Labagnara Worm, Piggy 8: 7 St. Francis Cabrini John A. Manzi Mrs. Betty Cook Mr. John Cook Linda Smith Mr. 8: Mrs. Kurt Colrus Gene 8: Ellen Smith Michele Buckner Mrs. Flora Kuckler The Fortuna Family Mr. 8: Mrs. James Nichols Jennie D'Ambrosio Ron and Sandy Page Joey Burns Klutz Pannie Mr. 8: Mrs. Anthony Boifa Frances 8: Cookie Monster Cozzolino Cookie Monster's Aunt, D. Cozz. Dr. 8: Mrs. M.A. Cozzolino A Volkswagon Lover Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Butler Mr. 8: Mrs. William E. Stoudt Mr. 8: Mrs. Peter T. Kruglik Mrs. Leroy C. Gould James Learg Stanley M. Prusinski Family Virginia Quinto Mr. 8: Mrs. Pat. Bottone 8: Family Mary Clyne Montowese Hospital Mr. 8: Mrs. Donald Marchitto Vera D'Agostino Jennie Angelini 8: Family American Colonial Furniture Mr. 8: Mrs. Andrew Carrano 8: Family Louis Brockett Evo Angelini Jim Schomburg Michele Schomburg Patricia Schomburg Sy Mirando Mollie Montano Donald Montano A Friend Lillian and Herbert Wolfson John J. Pinto The Bershtein Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard B. Powell Clara Shen Helene Less Mr. 8: Mrs. Ralph D'Amora Mr. 8: Mrs. Ralph Grazioso Mr, Ray Brown FnJ in the "Italian Connection" Mr. 8: Mrs. A. Salvati Jonathan and Tracy Fischer Antoinette Cacace Bill 8: Kevin Baker Tara 8: Bright J.J. Finelli Ellen Susan Engelman Susie, Mike 8: Inky Eisenfeld Mark Worster ' Pat Gelinas Paul V. Falcigno Ed Cacace Mrs. Thomas Cacace Mr. Thomas Cacace Sr. Mrs. Carol Falcigno Mr. Joe Falcigno Stump and Mouse Donna M. Cacace Jo-Ann Falcigno Tony Falcigno Gertrude Noel Debbie and Joe Sibga Michael Trepanier Joseph Edmonds Dorothea Edmonds Olive Edmonds Karen Bacon Mr. and Mrs. Harry Eimmerman Mr. and Mrs. William Planz Turkey and the Foxy Lady Figi and Lady Figi Ming Toi Choo John and Gail Mulcahey Mr. Horace Coward The La Violette Family Mr. and Mrs. Charles Endel Mr. and Mrs. John Keough Miss Lauren E, Anderson Mrs. Helen Yulo Arlene S. Burke ChurcBurke Chuck and Debbie Sigmore Jude M. Joyce Mrs. Josiah B. Nearis, Gloucester, Mass Holly A. Mulcahey Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Fredericks Sherry, Fred, Scott and Adam Danner Tony Chiari Pete Weed Mr. 84 Mrs. Salvatore Weed David R. Fellows Mr. 84 Mrs. Raymond Peach Rev. Neil Fitzgerald Mr. 84 Mrs. Vincent Gangi Gail Vendetto Mr. 84 Mrs. Sal Orts Mr. 84 Mrs. Arthur Diamante Barbara Diamante Mr. 84 Mrs. John J. Donovan Roger 84 Mary Murray Mr. 84 Mrs. Gene Giannotti Julie 84 Mary Coiro Mr. James V. Gangi KJK and MTV Bobby and Nancy Helen Smith Janice Smith Laura Smith Uncle Chuch L,E,W. Billy and Al Mr. and Mrs. Frances Whalen Mr. and Mrs. Sal Giaimo Bebe' Tony Perfetti Anthony Perfetti A and P Tile Company Shirley Perfetti Michael Parillo and Linda Perfetti Joseph and Louisa Perfetti Albert and Bena Marioni Marino and Silvia Perfetti Louise and Marino Perfetti Theresa Zullo Elsie Onofrio Dr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Neclerio A Friend Art Onofrio Mr. and Mrs. John LaMonaca Mrs. Louis Ornati Diane LaMonaca Mrs. Joan Longobardi Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ricciadelli Antoinette LaMonaca Frank P. LaMonaca Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rosano Buckland Family Compliments from The Palm Family Lascelles Family Mr. and Mrs. Larry Gibbs "A Friend" Best Wishes, Amma - And Mamie Too! Compliments from a Friend Mr. and Mrs. Robert Korwek The Joseph A. Fiore Jr. Family The John Putney Family Congratulations from Calico-She, Tabit Kiki-Goatee! Karen Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fitzgerald Mr. Byron Hatch Mrs. Byron Hatch Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hartsoe Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Hatch ha-He and Mrs. Beatrice Coughlin Ms. Ruth Coughlin Mr. Thomas Dunn Mrs. Jane Dunn Mrs. Rose Davis Robert S. LaFogg Mrs. Marilyn LaFogg Mrs. Marilyn LaFogg Clintonville Package Store Clintonville Package Store Mr. C. Edward Davis The 5 Dunns Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Ferrara Cindy Ferrara H Rennie Archambault Sandy Clark Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Debbie Lien Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Melillo Robert Lien W. Henson A. C. Hlinka Edward J. O'Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ferrara Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Perfetto Mrs. Louise Ferrara Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pomarico Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Ferrara Claudia Ferrara James O'Hara Fowler A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Melillo Mr. and Mrs. Vitale Rosemary Carotenuto Bob and Kathy Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. James Coss William Bartek William J. Adinolfi Bruce Deming William Kennedy Richard Skriletz Alfred Chapman Peter Brudz, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Rose Flowers Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Krystock John Takores and Gifts Mc. Robert Mule Ernst Quirk George Chambers Edward Platz John Murphy Lori Campagnuolo The Ted Tomczyk Family Mr. and Mrs. Anthony L. 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Diehl Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bissell Mr. and Mrs. James Simone 84 Sandy Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Bumsted Mrs. Mary Massari Mr. and Mrs. David McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. Lester Gott Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hatch Cheryl and Jeff Migliaro Peter Puck The Kim Mitchell Family Mr. and Mrs. Amedeo A. Tedeschi Mr. and Mrs. Truman Stone Mr. and Mrs. James H. Pclley Stephen Pclley Mrs. Ella Walker and Robert Jack Jensen Jack Jensen, Jr. Nana and Gordon Sweetser Gordon and Marilyn Pclley Donna Giaquinto Cheryl Pavis Paula Furrino Doris Fuller Mr. and Mrs. George Geleneau Harry G. Ralstou Mr. and Mrs. Fred Husted Darlene J. Stellato Nelson LaFogg Robert S. LaFogg Robert S. LaFogg Robert S. LaFogg Robert S. LaFogg Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. E. J . Keller Ronald Perelli John Crowe Philip Flagge Thomas Weber George Blake Raymond Wilber Patrons 219 Lawerence and Lucy Green Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Sullivan ..Abby.. Buddy Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lillo, Sr. Tommy, Karen, and Christopher Lillo Herbie and Midnight Mr. and Mrs. John J. Glasso Stan and Ollie Daniel Wilmot CO-OP Market Cooperative Consumer Mr. and Mrs. Campaniolo Catherine Elizabeth and Jennifer Kelly Glasso Sullivan Andy Crisante Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Lou Ralph and Ele Mr. and Mrs. Sal and Pat M Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs, John Bischoff mi, Jr. J. Redenti Joseph Perrelli W. Console ise Giovanni anor Milano Sal Pilato auriello Rocco Pilato F. Carrano Robert Young 8: Family Dr. and Mrs. Michael Amodio Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Yvon Bolduc James Esparo Frank Esparo Steve, Maria, Stephen Jr., James Inzero Mr. and Mrs. Helen Wasko Rev. Daniel J. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Dunn Ernie Montipagni Wesley Shean J. F. Murray P. J. 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Ekberg Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter Kuntz Sr. Your favorite Uncle Marty Mr. 8: Mrs. Donald Nelson The Terrible Trio - Lorraine, K Mr. 8: Mrs. Carll Field Mrs. Gabriel Cognata Elaine and Eddie Mr. 8: Mrs. Daniel Pfnausch Al Shattuck Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry Landino Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward Butler Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Albo Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward Butler Sr. Mrs. Louis Spose Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter Longa Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry Massini Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Perricone Mr. 8: Mrs. Patrick Butler Mrs. John McGrath Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Castellano Minnie Mouse Mr. 8: Mrs. David Pepe Mrs. Emily Castellano Philip Castellano Mrs. Faye Canetti Kevin 8: Karin Nancy Carofano Ann Carofano John and Mary Lyn DeMilo Lynda Canetti Janet Castellano Mr. 8: Mrs. Salvatore Fazzino Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles B. Dayton Mary Red Certs Bonzo Mrs. A.B. Hall Janis Ilean Langston Comets Tridu A Great Class '76 from a Friend Mr. 8: Mrs. Arthur B. Dayton Mrs. Arthur B. Dayton Mr. 8: Mrs. Howard Olson Mr. 8: Mrs. Donald I. Hecker Mark B. Hecker Mr. 8: Mrs. Bud Silverstein Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank D. Daley Mrs. R.W. Davidson Marge and Norman Andrews Mr. 8: Mrs. Burton R. Clark The Goodwins Mr. 8: Mrs. Ellis Maxcy Anonymous QA. Nonny Moosej Mrs. D. Frank Sullivan Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Hartnett Mr. 8: Mrs. William Marinelli Mary Giordano Anthony Giordano John Giordano Ralph Giordano Jr. A.V.G. Pattie Wall Antoinette Giordano Anthony Giordano Jr. athy 8: Nancy Rudy Luzitti Mr. 8: Mrs. Mark Pinto Jill Giordano Danny Sauer Mr. George Barulli Richard Pethick Andrew Amatruda Sr. Charles Zambrano Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Wm. Ferrigno Pater Rawlick Family A.A.A. G.T.M. E.M.M. Edwin Vincent Family North Haven McDonalds Crew Anthony Perrotti Eugene "Murphy" Cozzo Uncle Eddie A Friend Alice Naclerio Jay Hickerson Joseph DiNello Friends of Luisa Mary Giaimo Chris Auntie Ginny Rose Jennifer Naclerio Mr. 8: Mrs. Stephen Barcsansky Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul Rebeschi Mrs. Joseph Rebeschi Brian Rebeschi Cheryl and Jim George H. Novak BE HAPPY K- John 8: Ginny Engelhard David and Katherine Martin Robert and Louise Ciulla Mr. 8: Mrs. Carl H. Roberts Mrs. Herbert T. Anderson Ronnie P. N. Graef John Graef Robert W. Pidskalny Mr. 8: Mrs. Myron Pidskalny 8: Family M Hamdy Bechir Sue and Doreen A friend Mr. James Williamson Mrs. James Williamson Laurie and Paul Forever The Lofberg Family Anonymous Mr. 8: Mrs. Brian Mravic Kathy Verneris Peggy Nolan Donald A. Kaszeta Dad Barbara Crook Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert Bergeron Mr. 8: Mrs. Fran Malerba Mr. Robert Room l l 1 Lombardi Auntie Rose Auntie Mary Auntie Jenny Sara Mary A. Naclerio Rapid Robert Joan 8: Lucien Uncle Matt Ray - Ed Nick Giaimo Mom Joe LaValle Sal Macchiaroli A. Baldino J. Rowland Joan 8: Joe Mastrantonio John Bailey Mr. 8: Mrs. Alfred Kowaleski Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. John Bergeron Joseph Sechko Miss Susie Schnauzer Mrs. Mary W. Roesler Mr. 8: Mrs. Arthur H. Bruce, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. James Dowers Mrs. Arthur Bruce, Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Anthony Massini Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Ardolino Dr. 8: Mrs. G. Mordente Eileen and Fred Edith Verneris Mr. 8: Mrs. Arthur Verneris Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Verneris Mr. 8: Mrs. George Thody Mr. 8: Mrs. Norman Gavin Craz-l Henry and Jody Moose Joe D. Mae DeFonso Wes. Sonnenriech Kaye DeFonso Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph DiCenzo Donna DiCenzo Jody DiCenzo Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles DeMatteo Denise 8: Raymond Mrs. Horn Christy Hass Robert P. Dlugolenski Stephen P. DeMatteo Ms. Susan Ellen Abbott Mr. 8: Mrs. Glenn Marston Mr. 8: Mrs. Arthur Bodwell Mr. 8: Mrs. Raymond Bodwell Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Bodwell Bill York Mrs. Jean DeMauro Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas Palmatier R. F. Muller 8: H. D. Muller Barbara Barclay Anne O'Brien Lester Gott Joseph R. Rebeschi Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Rebeschi Mrs. Vera DeMatto Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Giunti Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Terry Gail Terry Mr. 8: Mrs. David Johnstone Mr. 8: Mrs. George R. Tyrrell, Jr. Good Luck 76ers - Mr. 8: Mrs. Pronto With All Our Love - Grandma 8: Grandpa Jimmy and Lisa Good Luck Chick With All My Love - Aunt Esther To My "Wild" sister - Love Jimmy With All Our Love - Mom 8: Dad To Our Favorite Daughter - Mom 8: Dad "O-J-K-O-K" Love The Wimp Sisters!! Mrs. V. Titus John Tufano Bernard Zambrano Congratulations! Paul Scata Jr. Joseph Bozzuto Sr. Joseph Bozzuto Jr. Michael J. Rogers Maddalena Ioime Chris Lyons The Gallivanting Grammy Mr. 8: Mrs. Clarence Harvard Jeff Bialecki Mr. 8: Mrs. Ralph Buehler Sr. Donna Buehler Mr. 8: Mrs. John Esposito Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Meeneghan Mr. 8: Mrs. George F. Hubbell Jr. Mrs. B. DiNuzzo Al Lombardi Pam DiNuzzo Tracey Stewart The Lubenow Family The Douns Family Jennifer and Gregg Gerace Barb 8: Joe Valentino Nettie Talmadge Mr. 8: Mrs. S. Alea Mrs. B. Richards Mr. 8: Mrs. A. Gresto Mr. 8: Mrs. Carl Leopold Good Luck to the Class of '76 Ray 8: Adrienne Luyckx Mr. 8: Mrs. Aldo Bergami Donna Verdi - Class of '74 Uncle Yutch Good Luck - Ollie and Joey '75 Gail Verdi - A bright Successful Future, Your Godmother Gail, Success is your Future A Love Mom and Dad To the greatest class ever f Class of 76 Way to Score, Gail - Your Brother Lou Verdi Good Luck Lorraine, Love Mom 8: Dad To a wonderful niece, Good Luck, Uncle Lar Best Luck to our bundle of love, Grandma 8: Grandpa Tarducci Good luck to our first granddaughter, Love Gram 8: Pop Fusco Good Luck - Mr. 8: Mrs. Mulvey Mr. 8: Mrs. Rossotto 8: Daughter Good Luck - Aunt Sue, Uncle Gene 8: Debbie Good Luck - Love Godmother Ann Lots of Luck - The James Harvey Family Congratulations to my granddaughter, Diane, Mary Smolenski Barbara Muirhead J. B. Coggins V.B. Home Furnishings Smitty's Peking Congratulations to the class of '76 Congratulations to daughter Diane - From Mom, Dad, Frank 8: Tracey Patrons 221 Bob DeBaise Cake Decorator's Party Shop The Windsor Shoppe Ron Cheesman Owner-Operator 6 B Linsley Street Cards 84 Gifts cfo Deadend Automotive Eng. 440 Washington Avenue North Haven North Haven Shopping Center 33 So. Broad Street North Haven 239-9109 Washington Avenue Meriden, CT "Smack a tree - call me, North Haven Ron's Barber Shop : 11 -11 1" 1327 111 V - I 1 1' W 1 I 5 , ' - I ,1 'f f' 4a Lmsley Street 1-,X ,fix 4 5' 4 -5f4.,i,. if Af Y ff North Haven .--' 1 X 1- f 3 X W YPTLQHW' 3 ,1 K "Shear" Artistry 1 ,XX ff 1 1. , " "'fe 1 f 1 E 'C 1 ' 11 1 11 1 D 1 Q 11 .,f7115i12 , ff 'il 1 1 mf 3 airy ueen X si" 11- . A 1 ,mv ....1..fv , Wy 2011 Whitney Ave, - 3 I1 fii "ea-.Q .2 X f' 5 1 ff 1 1 K 111111 North Haven f if 7 i ,ff ,J ff fi j A ' V g Il! J' If b X gh- i 3 i if ' i i i ff: L., ,.-, - r Hes, , Y Ygwwx, '1 Ye., Y H had 1TTT ef X if 1 11 1 1 ""e' f J 1 A ,f 5 1 ,. up Tfi 5 1 Broadyvay Cleaners f 1' 51' ff ff 3 3' K ,jffff ji f 83 Quinnipiac Avenue 'E 5 E! ' , 1' ff 11' + 3 M 6 Q. X, ,, G 47 if 11' 1 North Haven ' 1, ' 1f X ' 1 X 1 :' 4' - Z7 XX" ff ii' Q I "One-hour service shirt 1aunderers" W 1 X 2 X if" te-me-f 1 X, Qi by 1 1 239-1838 1 X fef-.Q 1 xl 4 I 1 xt fig N0,44Lig" . :Jef , ' .sr GW' 1' Compliments of the Upjohn Company 1 1 ie Q ' 1 ,1 ' 1 V 6 Fine Chemical Division 51 1 Q Q ' .51 1 L1 2' bl L 410 Sackett Point Road 51 Q I J' , 47 v , "-,Q ' E 71 D-QSQQNL .EEN 's-- , Q 3 No th H C 3 J f X ' 1 ,,ff4f.f::.,1q2X4 " 'A. 11" tiifdm , 17 , Y 1 av H 75 1 1- A 1 7 2 its 5177 1 1 1 1 . .I ' I S 1 1, ' f Ze , e 1 5 1 5111 Cinema 91 1 uw., .,1 : A gl ,1 ,if Be, 11 1 , 11.1 111. .1.., I 51. rhfifws Shopping Center f ' 1 1 ' A1311' m,...1. it . 1, 4. .J 11f"'11" 1 87 Washington Avenue , 1 ,, . Q. 7 H g 1 f,f,j5 3 Cf 5' 511 X E rylfg ,L-5,55 5 3,1 North Haven 239-7006 K A gf , Jl',f'!jx 5- ..--4 E C':"m'1"- ,r ' ' Q f 1 'Q "Your neighborhood Theatre" ' ' F 0 ,, ,I , I -U ,, S g. 510, Us , 42 1 -1 , I ,Q Q L .1-L. 1,113 p ff 1 .A-A I 5.1 Arnold's Jewelers 5 . 11 XL 511 . 1 """ El .. ' .11 11 1 'M111W North Haven Shopping Center y if K if .f W 1111. ,,..:' L 1 '- ,Je X 1' E r, Nm I X ' Washington Avenue , , . gfvt' 'tx , vm 1 1 4? 1451, , I -1 ' X 1 3 I 'Ti 1' 110111 HM 116 1 is . f 1' 1 1 1 3 W ' 11 , f',,1ct iffy P1 XJ X SX Q f : f,1'111Lf'r.1f .1 S'-3 1, 1 3 ' KZ .E tl W D., Xu' , ff 11 12 12 111 1 l ,g . 1 :17 11 1 1' ' idif i '1 DAQ! ' X' '1 1 ' C W'1'i5i. xi1':9f1 1 5 ' ' 1 11 1. 1 " 1 1 ,,. 1 1 - 11 1 f 1 711. up 151--J-11 3, 1 1 i 1 Z 13: S3 11 ,ZIVXX 3. 3 1 1 2 5 4" N 1 ' N -- .1 -1 ,, 1 1 1. QI- Ti ' 1 111 11 ,,.,g,::te 1 . -' 1 1 1 2 .- QQX ,xv 1 . - y if We 1 11151 1 . 111, 11-1 1 -X .. fw W 1 J 1 1-11 . 1 2 1 11 1 11 f 1 SV- "' ' f 0 1 111111: 152113 1 1:1111 rt- 1 ' 5 S 3 I ,, - '6 if "S f 'f 1 'if T 31 113519 51 f' 1 S 13 we Q . , , 1,1 . 1 , . l " 1 Q 1 ,K 1 J 1 " 1 111, Qxgtfm 3 11 1 . ,. - . 1 1 5 y WD Q 1 ff, E .1 1 K 1 W., 1 . 1 1 1 ' '1 11' 1 Q 11111 'V 1 fo' i 1- 1' .1 " 10. . 11111 jftffwj f L1 A 12 Q ' M D, 9 I 1 "' 11' " f ,Q W' ' A Wing' W V Y"fff 1 ,, 1: 71.- . Fifi Xe 1- - ,f f Q1 111' ' "L 411 ' it 1171 1 11- M "2 ML - - ' " 'eff S 1 'Q 1 1. ."A-1.,,.x ' 1 1 1 ' 1' . .. ' .1 s ..- 111 11 1f18fre1111.1 V 5,8 1 1 1' -- .. f- ,, g A Sf. 1 1 'A K jx it E ff .. B NJ , 7' - 1 I lr4uD Q l 1 5 50 lt lx Xxx Y ,ff -I' N E' ,1 LA 5 511111 , 1 'L' 1 1 , 1 '. 1 1 B-1 1 1 kg :S 1111 1 'fl X11 "worm : 1 A 0, E Q 4 H E hx X IPM. tangy ,,. 'foci ' 9 9 'Q 5 uf ,I , M11 j f 111.-17, rfb: 1 .11 W. nw 1 . 1- ' 1 ' , z 1110111 1111111 1 j 'Kg ff -fre? Q21 i 9. . f v fmt, X V i EE 'A+ E1 uv-11.115, 4: i 1, 18,1 --1 1 1 -1 -1 2 17 I UW n ,ww .,, 5 E HE . 1 N 1 '60 :IS 5 W H1 11 ' 1' 1 f 2 LM 1 . ...- 5' 3 5 Q nf. 1 cons 7 El "' W 111 GW! 2 1 . .flaky ,IM it 1 19 1' DW, 8' i ,s- 11,,.1 - 1 '.1 , 1 4 A - ff' "" 1 1515- . ii- Q 1 -1 ZF 76' .,,ff:. 1 ,ff , 1,, , ,f q11 - ---1 e 1 -- Clarkds Luciani Sports North Haven Shopping Center 117 Washington Avenue North Haven Hubie's Hobbies H. D. Chidsey, Jr. 239-2282 85 Washington Avenue North Haven Little Things 54 Washington Avenue North Haven 239-2196 Paint 8L Decorating Center 58 Washington Avenue North Haven 239-5870 Amity Pharmacy 60 Middletown Avenue North Haven Compliments - The Marlin Firearms Company 100 Kenna Drive North Haven, CT 06473 Congratulations to the Class of 176 North Haven Ceramic and Tile Floor Covering 448 Washington Avenue North Haven Congratulations from the Class of 76 Congratulations from the Class of 77 Congratulations from the Class of 78 Forest Grove Pharmacy North Haven Shopping Center Washington Avenue North Haven Broadway Pharmacy, Inc. Henry J. Bohn, Pharmacist, Mgr A Phone 239-1655 2 Broadway North Haven Connecticut Savings Bank 80 Washington Avenue North Haven 239-2511 Member FDIC The Andrews and Blakeslee Agency Inc. 2 Church Street North Haven 239-1668 "Service is Our Business" Greening, Abercrombie 8L Falcigno Nationwide Insurance 14 Peck Street North Haven Tel. 239-3395 "Selling Good Clothes Since 1875" P. Hutton 8: Son North Haven Shopping Center North Haven Other Stores in Southington and Guilford Creative Studio "All that the name implies in photography" 1168 Dixwell Avenue Hamden 787-1203 Candid Cleaners 114 Washington Avenue North Haven Convenient Deli Washington Avenue North Haven C. S. Mersick 8a Company 458 Sackett Point Road North Haven Dunkin Donuts 136 Washington Avenue North Haven John's Market 1993 Whitney Avenue North Haven Machining Systems Inc, 52 Washington Avenue North Haven Dairy Mart 7 Washington Avenue North Haven Sorrento Pizza 293 Skiff Street North Haven 288-0447 Smart Set 117 Washington Avenue North Haver. Feminine Apparel Farm Best Market 91 State Street North Haven North Haven Financial Association cfo Mr. James J. Stygles, Jr. N. H. National Bank 60 Middletown Avenue North Haven "The banks that serve your community Congratulations to the Class of 76 North Haven Auto Body 281 Washington Avenue North Haven "We Meet by accidentl' Rustic Oak Washington Avenue North Haven Grasso Real Estate 84 Insurance 85 Quinnipiac Avenue North Haven 777-5557 H. Pearce Company 393 State Street North Haven le bon marche 75 Washington Avenue Junior and Misses Clothing Center Food Store 6 Church Street North Haven 23941860 Kuhn's Florist 394 State Street North Haven 248-1431 Washington Flower Shop 282 Maple Avenue North Haven 239-5871 Little Red Shoe House 528 Washington Avenue North Haven Ray's Food Center Washington Avenue North Haven Parese Motors 299 Washington Avenue North Haven Parese Auto Body 295 Washington Avenue North Haven North Haven Pharmacy 278 Maple Avenue North Haven 239-2086 Ads 223 V W I P 5 w I ,, KI Cindy Boffu Karen Butler Murthu Coruuini Maura Curran CO GRATULATIO S '76 'A"' f 'ff' ..s46.,':1..Q.'! 75 rc Kathy Day ' 2 Pam DiNuzzo Liszt Gabriel Anita Gangi Judi Laich Brenda Lofberg at yi 03 wwf? 76 L I i N t rs 7 Karen Meencghan Laurie Pronto Linda Richctelli Cindy Savo Ads 225 Sd ai ct ho er ms as ii! sz: sz: Q :ze ra: ara: l K li Ex -"'-2 Pi -ls. SACHEM ADVISORS - Mr, Iannone and Mr. Bischoff Editor-in-Chief - Martha Odaynik E295 me alfa- 5, iii! it 'S My 1 Layout - Raymond Bershtein Sports Editors - Curtis Orio and Cindy Kesses Gail Jansen 226 Sachem Editors Business - Luisa Giamo Secretary - Kathy Day Lori DeSena ., M . . ,QQ 1 ,- . dvi' f2'5,, 1.1 , sk 'MRF t.s,.Q. ,Ili Clubs and Activities Editor - Lisa Gabriel Seniors - Nancy Fredericks Student Photographer - Jeff Bialecki Sachem Editors 227 zf mm., by i Underclassmen Editors - Patty Hubbell Literary - Christine Fleming Bambi Edwards Sheryl Thompson 1 V' w l r r wasp 6 -v-arms x 0 ' 'Ill' 'lf' fi L ...3T...i.T K. A r 3 'T'i'e-"'X i , Typing - Gail Verdi Copy - Lori Oliver Candids - Kim Caldwell Linda Smith Cindy Lien 228 Sachem Editors 'nrq- I I A, at I I ' ,nf KIT' gr STUDENT PHOTOGRAPHER - Andy Amatruda . . 5 . ,fr My experience as editor-in-chief ofthe l976 SACHEM has been a challenging reward. I have learned that cooperation with my advi- sors and fellow SACHEM editors is a vital asset to a well organized yearbook staff- and in return a truly splendid book. I was very fortunate to have this. My goal was to create a yearbook that exemplified North Haven High School, and especially that of the gra- duating senior class of 76. I hope I have ac- complished my goal. Martha Odaynik Editor-in-Chief owns Q I Sac hem Editors 779 Class Will We. Martha Odaynik and Gail Jansen, leave to next yearls Sachem Staff, Mr. lannone and Mr. Bischoif. Good Luck! I, Gail Jansen. leave to the Majorettes all the memories of 12:00 midnight trips in a yellow VW with 5 girls. I also leave to Mom and . . . my love always. I. Martha Odaynik, leave to my brother John my locker the day it was plastered with spaghetti. I, Joseph Williams, leave my British Accent that I use on the to the next worthy announcer. I also leave my battered briefcase to the next treasurer of the Senior Class. We. The clowns of the Science-Math Resource Center, leave circuit breaker W5 to Mr. Rickart who thinks he can control the lights. I, Maura Curran, leave the tense time from 12:23 to 1:05 to Linda Freiss in hopes that we never go through it againg thanks to Paula for the use of her stilts, and good luck to Hope so she can finally make up her mind. I, LEAVE I, Liz Tagliatela, leave my love and long fingernails to my guy Bill R. who is number one in my heart. I, Linda Richetelli, leave to my sisters a little of "my common sense." We, the White Squad Cheerleaders, leave much happiness and best wishes for next year's squads. I, Curtis Orio, leave hoping that those who read this in the Futurewill be smart enough to cherish their moments in High School while they still have them. We, Lisa and Peg, leave ourrseats in the library to Joe and all his friends coming to this campus next year. I, Sue Mulcahey, leave the memory of "garbage" to Sue Fritts. I, Ann Vitale. leave my best wishes to the greatest bunch of girls Md The Indianettes 75-76. I, Andy A., leave my driving talents to anybody who can catch me. We. the "All Nightersu, leave our position open to anyone who dares to challenge it. I, Laurie Pronto, leave my cheerleading positionto mysister Donna. I, Ron Norman, leave behind a alot of fond memories of N.H.H.S., most especially my friends who have helped me a countless number of times. I hope some day to be able to pay them back. I I I ' 1 I, "Rondo", leave my uniform number 31 to the "Portchester" because he has a tremendous chest capable of doing my uniform justice. We, Cozz, Karen, Robin, and Karen, leave the entirelunch wave to anyone with the "capacity" to handle it: I, Claudia Ferrara, leave my white rubber marching band shoes to anyone who has the guts to wear them! I I, Wendy Carpenter, leave the words: "GET OFF YOUR DUFFl'f'a11dtl5fN0TTOO BAD", 'alongtwith the impossible task of feeding the Majorette Squad, to the captain next year. I, Andy Amatruda QBozoJ, leave my poor excuse for hair to "Rondo" who'll takeianything he can get. S' We, 1? 5 and W 31, leave this school and all its fondest memories to it 1, or it25, or whatevernumber he decides to wear, I, Barbara Ann Bruce, leave my vicious locker to its next victim -A rule it with an iron hand-or youfll besforry. I, Chris Lyons, leave my quiet nature to Mr. O'Neill. We, the "ambushers", leave our cries of AMBUSH to ahyone who dares to answer them. psz . . . tsz . . . I, Darlene Kubeck, leave one quiet Community Services East Oflice and a bottle of Excedrin to Alan and Ed, in full knowl- edge l'll be seeing them all summer. H I, Peter Ferranti, leave . . . North Haven High School I, Anita, leave a soggy left shoulder to Rigg, my 20-rninuteglate schedule to Dees, my loud voice to Ceal, and the Marfa jokes to Tric. All my love and the best of everything to all of them. To ilvlarky: My varsity letter and shoes. Nita.i I, Greg Rubino, leave a lot of Communist Thoughts and ,an8 x 10 glossy of Marx and Lenin trrr holding hands to Mr. Dodds. I, Don Colantonio, leave the class ledger to anyone whocan decipher it ff. rilfji ,ttt I, Pam DiNuzzo, leave to the next White Squad Cheerleader Captain ai,,bottle,h,of asptrtn lot,1t.,ofyAlkadeltaetjll, h I, Cindy Fairbanks, leave my bowling ability to Cheryl Graef and Patty Gelmils- '...' f . .4 lk-E ...' ' 5:2 We, Kim and Bob, leave our locker to anyone who believes in co-ed lockers. , ,y We, Laura and Gail, leave to each other all the songsiwe have shared together. May they always hold a special meaning IONLIS. . I 7:7 ....,..V , i I ,'V' E. ff- We, Gina, Bonnie, and Alyson leave L.C., N.T., and C.C. back in ,Florida y .h . V. , ggtt I, Rick Alongi, leave my skin head to the Air Force. if I, .Sally Erickson, leave my position asxclass athlete toy,Lisa Bebe. I, Tony Savino, just leave my legend. I, Kati Cornish, leave room 413 andfits hard stoolstto anyone stupid enough to take Physics. I, Andrea.Tomaszek, leave my physics seatfyopen to anyffgirl dumb enough to take the risk. I, Diane Smith, leave the responsibility of keeping up the com- plaining to Steve Vincent and Maureen McCalTerty. I, Gail Corcoran, leave my diploma to Ripley's Believe It or Not. 1 I I, Cheryl Rebeschi, leave my seat in Mr. Robbins' chemistry class to Gail Terry. I, Susan Onofrio, leave my animal statues to my cousin Ellen. I, Scott Hecker, leave two bags of potato chips and a dozen leg cramps to Chris Beyer. ' I, Janet Melilli, leave this school and my past experiences totmy little sister Donna, who is the only one who can fulfill them. Rabbit and Ballet leave their friendly disposition to whoever can handle it. We, Gina and Bonnie, leave to each other the memories of all the great times during the past 13 years that we've spent to- gether. I, Laura Hines, leave to "my brother Bobbyv much loveland many thanks for all the special times and good memories we've shared together. g L, g I, PamelaiHaury, leave one bottle of Scarlet Red Ritz dye and one fallen Christmas tree to my dear sweet "brother", Bruce Dun. , We, "House", "Mack", "The Buller" and "The Weasel", and David Micheal Lynch,,leave the bare pgg ,clock Pumpkin Hall. I, Charmy Cutler, leave the captainship of the crazy Girl's Swim Team to Ann Kotchian and Jeanne Lofberg, and the y500ygfree to ttti Kate Miekal and Linda BtirkeQ We, "The Party Wreckers", leave a new sing and abottle of Brue twhich is in the closetj torRosina B. r.,er 'ff' v I, Mary Jane Massimino, leave my horrible smelling Italian book to Miss Carlotto. . . . Q I Mike Maltese leave awl mi inglish nolige too Mr. O'Neill. I, Dennis Dunn, leave my locker to somebody with a good kick to open it. We, "The Outcasts", leave our title to anyone who can get talked about as much as we did. I, Nancy Fredericks, leave my title, "Munchkin", to anyone smaller than four feet, ten inches. Rita, Colleen and Sharon leave after accomplishing our Mission of getting away with everything we planned. To Juli G. I leave a ton container of popcorn. We, the three kids in Mr. Schatzlein's period 6 class, leave the question, "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR THUMB'?'?" to Mr. Schatzlein. I, Paul Householder, leave my ?4S and +17 l6 to anyone who feels that they can live up to my legend. I, Bambi Edwards, leave to this school nothing, but take with me, friendships and fond memories that will always be a part of me. We, Gail, Laura, Bonnie, and Gina, leave to Mr. Burrill our four seats in the corner of his room, which have caused much grief and happiness for both us and himg and which will never be the same empty as they were full. I, Lori DeSena, leave to Ron Norman, another Rondo sign, all the cutes, sweeties, dears, and darlings we can both think of, and a life time pass to Mrs. Haseltine's class. We, Lisa Gabriel and Kathy Day, leave our laughs, giggles, and good grades to Mr. Fiore. We, Lisa, Kathy, Patty, Maura, Anita, Linda, Cindy leave. I, Cindy Botfa, leave the lady in Farm Shop to Patty Parolise, and a set of permanent curls to Denise Clinton. I, Tom Sherman, leave my Autographed Euell Gibbons Hand- book to Miss Blanchard. I, Cindy Boffa, leave my "slow answering back" to Monica Stanford. I, Jack Urbanski, leave a blueiish to Vin Mendillo We, Nancy Battis and Sue Pettorini leave . . . to the new stu- dents ofthe East Campus, I, Robin Schwartz, leave NHHS with many happy memories. We, Robin Schwartz and Karen Page leave good old North Haven High School having "raged" to the best of our ability. We, Karen Butler and Anita Gangi, leave a 300 bowling score to Andrea and all their gutterballs to Rob. We, the seniors of the Maroon Squad Chauffeuring Company, leave our gas bills to the juniors. I, Butler, leave a lifetime supply of mint-chocolate chip ice cream to Rigg. I, Kim Russell, leave my non-existent parking space to anyone who can find it. I, Alyson Patch, leave all the tracks between Ms. Williams room and the cafe to anyone fast enough to take my job. I, Kim, leave my gratitude for help in Bio. to Mike. Dave and Spencer. We, Linda, Liz. Cindy, Sue, and Lauren, leave Miss Jenske's locker room in the morning to anyone who depended on it as much as we did. We, L.D. and L.N. leave to Mr. Pesticci love and understand- ing. Thanks! I, Cinda Abercrombie, leave the great locker no. 2 to Melon P. and K.A.A. I,.Louis Piccirillo, leave without regret and with a clear con- science, but most importantly, I leave to Mr. Cavaliere the first complementary copies of my published Biology I and II note- . -. books. I, Bob Mortali, leave this high school . . . to my brother who will be a freshman next year, and express my deepest sympathies to him as he begins four long years. At least they're over for me. I, Steve Steinberg, leave all of my fondest memories of N.H.H.S. to any underclassman who is responsible enough to accept any- thing of mine. I, Denise Bodwell, leave a dozen lemons and a gallon of iced tea to my "sister" Lisa Falcigno. I, Jan Kaplan, leave a pair of broken skis and a 'pack of "Now and Laters" to Lynn Robinson, and the "White Monster" to Cheryl Porter with Vhopesthat she'll get to ride in it some day. I, Luisa Giaimo, leave my safety glasses and my toccasionallyl grumpy power mechanics teacher to any girl willing to risk being the only female in a class full of male chauvinists. We, the Canasta kids, leave our greasy potatoe chip laden. sugar-coated canasta cards that are four times the thickness they should be for Mrs. White - may she learn the meaning of straight and flush and kindly tell us! We, Brenda Lofberg and Pam Cole, leave the candy store and Friendly's to Jean Lofberg. I, Brenda Lofberg, leave D.P. 8a L in West Rutland to Cheryl Porter. I, Pam Cole, leave my late passes to E 84 P. I, Lisa Carr, leave to Lee Ann Ferraiuolo all the fun I never had in the cafe. We, Laura Hines and Gail Verdi, leave to the future Mrs. Haynes, much love and happiness in the future and lots of luck to Bill in handling her. I, Ken Tedeschi, leave "a thinking cap" to Rob Milone, so that he may think of more ways to avoid running "suicides". I, Kathy Tyrrell, leave my laugh to anyone who could match it. ' , We, Wendy Loller and Kathy Tyrrell, leave our parking spaces to their rightful owners. I, Tom McLellan, leave the saying "PUT AN EGG IN YOUR SHOE AND BEAT ITN to Frank Fiore. I, Mike Elia, leave my handkerchief to Dave Lynch who was running all night. I, Bambi, leave my thanks to a special friend who was always there when I needed him!! We, Ann Vitale and Linda Richetelli, leave all our interior decorating knowledge to Mrs. Hilton. I, Rhoda, leave my "Horshack" laugh to Karen and Kevin. I, Danny Nugent. leave Cindy Gidoni my hockey schedule to root on the future N. H. hockey teams. I, April Palm, leave the East Campus chorus at the mercy of Miss Sherman. To Mr. Fiore: l dozen white knee sox will be delivered to you C.O.D. from the Cranberry Cheering Supplies Co. feat your heart out Mr. DeMayo, but you can have the cookie receipes! D I, Ralph DeMatteo, leave my dates to anyone who wants them! We, Laura and Gail, leave to Lisa and Jean, June 23rd in hopes that they can someday spend it the same way we did! I, Paul Marinuzzi, leave my Cavatellis to Miss Blanchard. I, Mike Weed, leave my perversion to Anita Bacchi. l, Claire Purcella, leave the animals in this school to my brother to suffer with and to hear all day long. I, leave Mr. DeLucia, Mr. Chapman, and Mr. Iannone to the mercy of North Haven High. I, Richard Reid. don't leave anything to anybody because I'm taking it all with me. if 'R ,, ,, A' Y , , 7. 3 Ff!!f' no 5 M Wm 3 NM nl? amwiiiff 2 3 2 NNESHEIQN YKMRBODK l.. .v,,, is - 5 , ,Q W W ffrif?i1',, ffv X -', -,Q H . V,-h v,,1V , -, V qv '-V. W . A A I efjfg 1 . Q 49' K ,K , ii: Y ,V , fi , N! l 1 . '45 'mg YJf'J,ifx V . .- l . 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' A 6 3" .ny 'A ' ' ' W ' 5 . , 1 V - .mf 3.4, ,, v. on -, K M ' ' ,9 ' Q ' -A f , fi :""' J""'f 1 A. we A If P' rev?-t W ' jf Q ' . ,f F'w - .f 35' jf 5!4, ,, f al Q if i fu f , ff? 2 1, I nd' MM! W as L . ' f' ' gf, ' .A N . , A , A J" ' 4 131.50 f'A Q X ,, 1 V, X Axel ,uf 'V Q Q! " , 'Wk A 1, ' X, K - 4. J I .L M 6 - V H 'J qv Af' VM. .lg Ni 4 M P X jig JJ, V 5, , 9. viii 1313 Y Ky'y4?fgWXfA fry ffggialnr A :fl If , , A I ' 3 ,.,. - ' Y ,Q 4- ' 3 . -" -A ' - ', V X A N 'r waz ,f 1 5, X- V ' gif X g 5 sf, Z2 " N' QT' iw 'fif 5 ff' ' ,cv Lf , farm . f M . ,ffm w M WM M f 1 A I gg X. A A ' ,iq,zfif-if Msg, f F, ,iS Mf !fg:4jf . ty is 'V ,tl VA lf iq ! A 4' r 'V ,,, Q 'V f Af? J , .Ag fr ,ff ,A ,9 ., .- .. . f A A - , L ' , f J ' as ',f - f .uw ' I . 4 , - ' 'f ' ff ' W - f up ,w,,-f 'j,Q.', , 4, WJ... Ya f' in V xii J ' ' ff 353, :f.,,f,yg5 f:x",',' ' av' ' LL'-ff ' w ,fa ff Du ' . v, 3 N .tiff , ' f f' A ' V Vs.: 'e af f' ' , ,f .- ' 29" jf V ' ' 4' X ,x ,Q -, f H' Y. yin-f .-1 If ,, rf' 4-FH u , my ,tl i, , - A V . . , . f' Y .f ,V 7 f , w A -Q B . , 9' -if ., P,,.,f,. M,-T 1 0 gk 1 ,, 1 I I . f ,N , . , ' . ,M -T ,TL -. - " if - ., ,f. ,, . I -.:,, ' 1 ., - . f, , .ff Y, HM! H ,fn ff A 4' f J --1 4 4, x .iv f f ' .2 ....s..Jf Q. M' 1 Q A supplement 234 Sports 4, , Softball The Girls' Softball Team linished the season with a 6-12 record under the first-year coaching of Sue Tomco. The top scorers on the team, all sen- iors, were Sally Erickson, Elaine Velush, Barbara Bruce, and Debbie Kruglik. Sally led the team with a .396 batting average. Elaine had the homerun title with 3 and also led the team with runs with a total of 26. Junior Sue Stefanowski pitched every game striking out 84 along the way. Next season looks bright with hopefully many underclassmen returning to the team filling the void left by the departed seniors. Qefasffg , Captain Alyson Patch, Coach Sue Tomco, and Captain Sally Erickson az, ,t , Hn was " FRONT ROW - Debbie DeNardis, Barbara Bruce, Debbie Kruglik, Sally Erickson, Alyson Patch, Elaine Velush, Anne Mastriano, and Wendy Loshiavo BACK ROW - Brenda Eddy, Meg Martin, Cathy Hopperstad, Sue Stefanowski, Louann Cottiero, Elissa Grasso, Joanne Gresto and Coach Sue Tomco. 1914 af pu- .gafig,Wg,,4l' , f"w :J .,.+-1ia?'Mfwf"fGfQ3"w , . -. A -.. X- fw. Lev.-in 7' wftmf - 3' . 452' . ...f 4, ' l 4 -Q-- ,x 1 K 'X , A7 236 Sports Track v if L ala 5 F' fy Away, :L y my, 1' Vkfi v' QTL ww lu., , 1' gg . -f .vaexnvur " f"'0lfU' Q Mg f W Q! W VVVV 4 Mn ,, ,Aki .Q . J ...., qui., mx' - ' 1 -- ,.. .... ,.,,,.-V.. ,i ..,. ,, 1. .... ..-. -' -- -na.,a... -A.w.v.w.a ..,.Z.I':L. .r?JL'.1??:.f2 - FQ. .,, ""' ,,,,,,,,,, f-1-P af.. W, lass-wwe' nouuum WA-,.,,....... tm W 3. -4.-M . ef-we-f-'N on ff-f V gg A3-ff fw- H -W -e -v 4-'WM t'ww-uv,u1u,4 ,4 7 v.,..,- ,K """"'L'4"'ff', ws-navel if--gg'-Q -A M 'r...3i-'r' F-.:.f: The Girls' Track and Field Team finished the 1976 season with a 7-0 league record and a 9-O season record. This is the third year in a row that the team has captured the Housatonic League title and the sixth undefeated season for North Haven Girls' Track Teams. School records were set this year in the following events: 440 yard dash - Cathy Wettstone, 2 mile - Pat Swiatekg 880 med- ley relay - Elise Formichella, Pat Guadagno, El- len Clarke, and Cathy Wettstoneg High Jump - Lauren Davidg Javelin - Sue Swiatek. In C.I.A.C. Division competition the team finished fifth. The graduating seniors were Mari Kitahata, Pam Haury and Lauren David. , . L, N 1 ..' 1 - If f 4 ' - is . .- "fly T v 'f -. - . ' - UDL' 'gf .1 BACK ROW - Valerie Civitello, Concetta Muzio, Alberta Gresto, Tracy McGuire, Anita Steeves, Juli Gould, Carol Downing, Nancy Bogaert, Bonnie Steeves, Tove Forgo, Lisa Kiewra, Lauren David, Ann Roche, Elizabeth Hutchinson, and Coach Lauren Anderson. MIDDLE ROW - Krystal Hickcox, Barb Thomas, Diana Gibbs, Wendy Crowell, Nina Roche, Karen Manemeit, Sue Swiatek, Cindy Ferrara, Ellen Clarke, Elise Formichella, Laurie Gilbride, Donna Solicki, Adrienne David, Pat Swiatek, and Debbie Simione. FRONT ROW - Tracey Gannon. Darlene Byrd. Sue Leary. Captain Mari Kitahata, Captain Pam Haury. Maria Melillo, Pat Guadagno, Lisa Erbe, Cathy Wettstone, and Royce Shanley. l s .75 The North Haven Boys' Track Team enjoyed one of their finest seasons. They finished third in the Housatonic League with a 6-3 record while ending the campaign with a 10-4 overall record. Coach Tencza had five trackmen register over 100 points with Junior George Nye leading with 192. Nye made All-Housatonic in the long jump while number five scorer Rich Diana took the 2 mile earning him All-Housy recognition as well. Dave DePaola, Bob Fers and Tony Lanzetti rank num- bers 2, 3, and 4 respectively as they surpassed the 100 point barrier. DePaola also received the annual Carl Veith award. Elected Co-Captains for next years team are George Nye and Jim Johnson. gif ' i 'L li ' W gf 4 , 4, . FRONT ROW - Jay Pellegrino, Donn Castonguay, Peter Crowell, Bob Fers, Steve Suchy, Tony Lanzetti and Dave D'Eugenio. MIDDLE ROW - Ed Hunt, Andy Amatruda, Dave DePaola, Joe Munro, Jim Hunt, George Nye, Chris Gelinas, Danny Gannon, Jet? Esposito, and Rich Diana. BACK ROW - Conrad Piccirillo, Dan Cahill. Mike Sparago. Jim Johnson. Carlos Laurenco. Dennis Arnone, Pete Gangi. Coach Bob Tencza. Roy McDonald, Jeff Letterley, Ed Fitzgerald, Eric George, Brian Comer. Joe McCarthy. and Tim Haag. Sports 237 4, 238 Sports .. ,,.,,.. ,..,, 1 ,, W ,k,. 1, 4, , .1 ,, W ,, ff +- ., ,,,,, . I :QQEW ' :H sew Hz L 4 f -H, M.. ,.f,,1,: mu: N, , K, , ...... , K ,,.,,, 4- W 1211,-1 zz- ,- R ,. + Y it w " K V i l ' 1, 'K bm V , Hx , ,.., ' .,.. i ' 'NNE k 5 ...: Gm 1. 5 X I fi? 4 K , "A F ggi if 'IA -fw1,:asfQ --1 1: 'u . VA' EN N, ii, , A YAQY - an ,T , I gg, .. K N., Lg -by -. .QQ-1' ' ,K 'Qi 9. .5 -. ge ...WI WA , ,A eg ,, ,j-lr .iff S ,,f,'f . g,Q,b.,k,,.h"wNv QP, Q-"'fw-fd-H+-fs'v1z'A?Zx?-:M---Y-'f', 4, ff fff- , . m,,, A A A.LA AWN N V ,A 1- .1 JI' ' J- -.' 1, 9,1 . . , 'P' mm 'lil -1 xkhvvl f 'K ' N 'Q' ' WX -x J' X Q ,A x K N 3+ 9.4. ,XR A 'K 'yi 5 li if W S S4! -46.0 58.1. " 1153:-. -5.1: I I Wwzegg Aa F4 F3 'SDF Q. ,- Q s 1 Sports 239 GOLF The North Haven Golf Team experienced a somewhat disappointing season. After starting out with a dismal 1-9 won - loss record the team regrouped and managed to salvage a respectable 10-13 record. Junior captain Keith Gollenburg registered the most wins while being chosen as the "Most Valuable Player" for his performances. The team from left to right - Coach Bob Mercuri, Jim Leary, Tim Hunt, Jim Buller and Keith Gollenburg. GIRLS' TENNIS This year was the first undefeated season in the history of the Girls' Tennis Team. The seasons record was an unblemished 16-O, with a Housatonic record of 10-0. Undefeated players were Pam Wilke, Kate Baptie, Julie Brink and Jane Connolly. Members of the team that qua- lified for the C.I.A.C. State Tournament were Lynn Robinson and Pam Wilke - Singlesg Kate Baptie, Julie Brink, Dorothy Grave and Bitsy Estabrook. Team members in picture are FRONT ROW - Pam Wilke, Kate Baptie, Janette Cappucci, Karen O'Brien, Julie Brink, and Diane Seder. BACK ROW - Coach Edna Urbanski, Kris O'Brien, Kim O'- Brien, Dawn Eichholtz, Lynn Robinson, Ellen Nelson, and Jane Connol- ly. BOYS, TENNIS The Indians finished third in the Housy with a 10-5 overall record. The top doubles team composed of senior Scott Hecker and Junior Chris Beyer advanced to the sec- ond round before losing to the number one seed. The MVP award went to this doubles team and Beyer was elected next years captain, The team: FRONT ROW - Jim O'Keefe, Bob Kagen, Scott Hecker, Bob Baptie, and Ray Bershtein. BACK ROW - Bob Cronin, Chris Beyer, Tom Guertin, and Coach Al Pesticci. Baseball North Haven's defending class LL State Baseball team finished its season at 16-2 but bowed in its first tournament contest by a 3-0 score to Staples of Westport. The Indians however produced many bright moments. Captain Paul Householder was a repeater on the All-Housatonic League team as well as signing a profes- sional contract with the Cincinnati Reds after being chosen in the second round of amateur draft. Junior Gary DeMayo also was a repeater on the All-Housy team while seniors Dave Miller and Mike Elia were likewise selected. Brian Brangi was chosen as the second team shortstop. Martha Odaynik also had the distinction of becoming the first female scorer in the "traditionally male dominated position." Miller paced the Indians, batting around .500 the entire year, and therefore was chosen as the teams "Most Valuable Player." Curtis Orio and Ken Tedeschi were both pre- sented with a "Sportsmanship" award. Coach DeMayo eagerly awaits next years team but will be hurting due to the loss of 10 players through graduation. I Q - ' if , SENIORS - Ron Norman, Paul Householder, Curt Orio, Bob Jermine, Dave Miller, Tony Savino, Bob Vessichio, Ken Tedeschi, Mike Elia, and Rick Piascik. f ' , 1 ' , M , ' ' , w ' , 'W FRONT ROW - Ken Tedeschi, Ron Norman, Mike Elia, Captain Paul Householder, Dave Miller, Bobby Jermine and Curtis Orio. MIDDLE ROW - Manager Ralph Lenoce, Rick Piascik, Tony Savino, Nick Vallone, Rick Dady, Bill Donlan and Steve Signore. BACK ROW - Scorer Martha Odaynik, Bob Vessichio, Pete Bennett, Brian Brangi, Gary DeMayo and Coach Bob Delvlayo. Sports 241 242 Sports E 1 J.V. BASEBALL TEAM A FRONT ROW - Benny Gilhooly, Greg Johnson, Brian Lesiur, Chris DellaValle, and Bob Pethick. MIDDLE ROW - George Melillo, Mark Solecki, Paul Pieper, Bob Budney, and John Conte. BACK ROW - Tom Simpson, Billy Sims, Paul Hartman, Brian White, and Coach Lou Elia. ur-'qw-F P 3 15? Y y' 8 ' ' ., - ' .ez , 1 f W fiff . ' Q. .Q .,,, F2 , , , ,mf ,, , 6, .N 3 My fy 7 .a5 -we-an ,f f 4, Sports 243 244 Sports Sports 245 The Mouse That Roared 'Q f i V .3 2. Kfxiiww , if-Q RU ig 5, ,. .-. 'rn ,r 'fd 246 Senior Class Play 6 I 1 i'e' Taffy W X' Y Z X xfj' - .2 w 1 42 'f ' ,MA ,f Spring Concert ,. ' ,- f xi glfgf.. -, . " Lg, : ' gk '. JV . . . ' 5 vs- 'iff 3 ' . L 'fi .54 , '11, Q A 4 L - , , " if - 'in : - If : A '- ,gym 59 ., Q ' .1 -,.' ' Y,.2k,:i43?'3 i ,zgffv ge.: .fe ' ff' - X. x 4 F5 a ' 'F ir fx' ' ' ' ' x Y 3 -. 0, :Ax 'uni f' 4 .' .. :: ', ,.-.'.-' 4 '1 gf-Z . . 1 ' vii'-'11 f :' ' fm :N ' ' . . ,C+ ' LL Lf Q? 4' f X it I 'L ' . 1 1 fy' 1 .A 1' la KI? .. 'a 7' lx Q so me Q sf 3 'Z' I.. 432 1 3 3' QQ? b , X" A :O 1 'S Qu 1 L , g .1 T "lg f I . M K '42 ' 1 ' . gp .. gf! QQ., nf , " EX ' S ' F 2 1 2 t X il 3 . I 5 ' 1 S af v 1 rbi 3 ,I , Q I E A' :si : 6 4 4-3 : , 5 ' I 171 Z X M 1. 9 '- A 'W f Q Q ' 6' :Qs ,ith 1 L 24 , Q H! ' 1 x I 5' 5 3, . V-, K ,Q , A 1--fsF"4,g Qi Q 'VM Q ,5.. ,M . -. Q P' .5 ,I -if ' V, . -, . A ' iii ii, . ff .. '. 1 ., :-. , . - . Yiw- "W' ..,'-.z- . HJ.. H . . .. . 1 -- A , Ju. 15 -' -- 'Pi Y . A 5, ? . :Q kyskfia - - 9 Y-5 RH. ' i I' ' 'J' A I -'lfzlil-iii? 5 Q I Nfxxfllif if Q, .au-L 4, W ,Q thu Spring Concert 247 e n i 0 r 3 I H ' 1 , 2 W ,, ,a g , . ,Q L, .1 Q, 1' ,X 5 yn If .f , M8 Q Q WY B a H 2 we wuz 4 ' W ff' fa W Q52 r lg 5 E fx iff 3 3 f L r f 6 , 7 Q J KV? 248 Senior Awards Night ,ASM fm. f wtf? za M Vg f ' if ,EW Bw 1 g , fi Qi rr shui M '72 5 -.X Y. 'fx' Q' 'Q Q c,f: 5- Senior Awards Night 249 Senior Prom x N4 .,,,.,-'X gf, Q 4 4 4 Senior Prom 251 I' 21 Ll El I i 0 I'1 Q6 , f.. rr Y -my 7' , , 11,7 252 Graduation N,,,.,,,.,.-.-oo--v-'Y' all an fl 5 Br 'il Q25 fa" ' A ,wwf x i fyhff . n... ,, W Q,,jl wi .319 Graduation 253 -A f- , Q A E- ' L. .. ..,,, R A GWB 254 Graduation 'iv--.stty 9' v R- 95" -'V 'N AX. -. Q55 B fm R . 'x ,- 6 4 Graduation 255

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