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1,1 Gs' if 3 1 N 5 4 X 4 1 3 i 1 I I 3 F I 4 1 i Y V1 0:4 f 'ma- vm ,fi W . North Harrison School Eagleville, Missouri Shamrock 1972 When the seniors first stepped through the door many years ago, each probably asked him- self, "What am I going to learn here?" Now, looking back, he realizes that he has gained knowledge and skills and has formed many last- ing friendships as he progressed from where he was to where he is. At NHHS there are many opportunities for each student to participate in athletics, in dif- ferent organizations, and in various other inter- esting groups. Now he is aware that our school is provid- ing him not only the foundation necessary for graduation, but also is helping in leading the way toward vocational and career opportunities. Youth power The long and the short of it! A powerful, hardworking student council, sponsored by Mr. Arnold and Mr. Rawn, chose as its president-Daryld Pottorff is exhibited in many ways . The classrooms are scenes of a variety of activities ranging from art development to lecture and note-taking routines to the use of audio-visual equipment. Individual presentations and discussion groups give each student the opportunity to express himself and help him relate his course work with his own personal experi- ences and, too, workouts in a well-organized gym help students develop their ability as they gain team spirit. All of these experiences and activities help the stu- dent gain youth power. There must be some Have'em heap big Thanksgiving feast. The confines of the library is too much on a beautiful sunny day, so work is being finished outdoors. Candied apples is not only a treat for small fry, but also for home-ec girls. vf-ex . . . Clt 66189- time for study! Wonder if this calculation will pass our instructor's keen eye? at group study-at individual endeavor. . . Well, if there's no girl friend around, a fellow has to sew his own school letters on his vest. Why let all that sunshine go to waste? isiifgzifffif Getting senior rings is a real thrill for this year's juniors. Love those '73 rings. One really gets in gear when in all sorts of It's spring, and time to "droo1" over wall Play practice adds spice to a routine day, coverings which add sparkle to many rooms. 5 f p Putting thefinishing touches on art projects gives us a 2 sense of accomplishment. 2 o,,o Q., We he's homeward bound. Up, up and away! Fourth graders exhibit rockets they have just completed. L The National Honor Society holds its can dle lit induction ceremony. activities at orth Harrison National Honor sophomores forget their "dignity" for Yep, we made this bar all by ourselves--breakfast bar, that ls. the moment. Q is-1:31 M ny -mimi ffl , , A 2 wigs . eww. S . .W ,, fiizeslzigfe 'ja X 13,3 .M A1 Qilgsfz-, fx, .Q E f at at we: :11 f . kg tg Mr Rawn's music courses develop talents and apprec1at1on Students 1n Mr McKe1vey's science class learn to use correct labo assist Mrs. Henson courses develop verbal ability. fx Mamwsta .N ., The social science department offers courses in the areas of history, government and soci ology. Films and other audio-visual materials used by Mr. Bird add diversity to teaching methods employed in the social science area. laboratories, and lecture develop new ideas and Mrs. Tugg The N.H.H.S. classroom is the scene of a variety of activities which include small group discussions, in- dividual presentations, and laboratory experiments allowing each student the opportunity to express himself as he gains the foundation necessary for col lege, vocational, or career opportuni- ties. l le's business courses lead students on to careers. finds mathematics a vital field of study i l a . . . And so the conclusion of this youth power experience is not an ending, but rather a beginning. The student looks back on these rewarding years but he also looks forward with expectancy to a future for which these years have prepared him. He has achieved a social and personal development that helps him look forward to his future in college, on the job, or as a re- sponsible person in his community. Shamrock Year The yearbook staff name Debbie Miller the book Queen. She was chosen her outstanding cooperation, ship and willingness to help at all times. Queen Debbie is a valued mem- ber f ' o our '72 Staff. Miller BEST SCHOOL SPIRIT: Tana Trullinger, Donnie DeLong BEST PERSONALITY: Pam Darnell, Roe Cox JOLLIEST JUNIORS: Peggy Elder, Gary Campbell l-L MOST STUDIOUS: Paula Arkle, Terry Trullinger ..-1-MN" ...A-f"""AH l f-""'!N,,: I SILLIEST SOPHOMORES: Danny Lisle, Susan Gulliams Outstanding Sha mrocks MOST DEPENDABLE: Theresa Arnold, Victor Parkhurst , .gi VH 41. W," ZF I 4? ,X 11 AX .Q Cynde is President of FTA. Upper right: Jim is a high school helper. Mr. A nd Miss Shamrock Cynde Wilcoxson and Jim Harrold were selected by the student body as Mr. and Miss Shamrock. The publications class set these qualifications for this honor: 1. Cooperation in all ac- tivities. 2. Good leadership quali- ties. 3. Willingness to give of their time for the good of our school. 4. Average or better scho- lastic standing. K-.,,,,,,.. NTQQQQFF ZW. ADMINISTRA TIO seNiQls 452' Harold D. Smith, Superintendent We strive to build youth power in our community through teaching, study, counseling and interchanging thoughts concern- ing the issues of education. Our school also presents varied programs and special services throughout the year. Superintendent Smith shares the hope that through such stud- ies and activities our students will gain the knowledge neces- sary for world understanding. Administration and faculty share in Board 0fEducation Front Row- Mr. Gale Fletchall, Mr. Harold D. Smith, Superintendentg Mr. Lee Parman, President, and Mr. Robert Wilcoxson, Vice-President. Back Row- Mr. E. M. Johnston, Board Treasurer, Mr. Harold Huitt, Mr. Harold McChesney, and Mr. Delbert Barber. ? I aa-1,t, 2 , if 952' Y, fwn-aim, fwinmb in Mr Everett Arnold, Principal and Mr Edwin Rawn, Vice Prmcipal, Mrs. Sonya Selby, Principa1's Secretary. "'-Q. ,. 4' mwdgsdi n nn n if 1 - Saw :A X 17 Mr. Everett Arnold, Principal Mrs. Arlene Tuggle, Business Education ik if 'S' di Mr. Earl Lockridge, Agriculture Mr. Gary Bird, Social Studies, Con temporary Issues I , X J 9 if X Mr. Duane Long, Mathematics Mrs. Wanda Rinehart, English and Speech L Mr. Edward Rawn, Music Mr. Terry Campbell, English and French sam nun :mp Mr. Rodney McDowell, Chemistry and Math Mrs. Marsha Edwards, Art Mrs. Martha Woollums, English, Journalism and Library 20 Mr. James McKe1vey, Science Mr. Larry Parman, Drivers Education and Physical Education Mrs. Theresa Henson, Home Economics ian-12 , rssn N, my iiiggmg NORTH, HARRISON mf mini uni, - ow--Q-....,,,,,, - as W W, -..N- Mr. Charles Cartwright, Social Science and Physical Education Mrs. Ruby Coffman, Study Hall 'YQ-557 Mrs. Marilyn Henry, Elementary Principal, scans perma- nent records of elementary students. .f-7 Mrs. Alice Purdun, elementary secretary, helps organize elementary records. Elementary-High School join forces to increase youth power. Mariann Washburn, Pam Darnell, Cindy Wilcoxson, and Mrs. Henry check the calculation data with Mrs. Purdun. 22 E ff A f f" .f K E ',,,.4 J.-.-----1 is ""-n.:,., zgeaqximrm N, -. f"'-w., ' NM ,wffikc l i , Mrs. Gladis Barnhouse, Kindergarten x 1 335, x , s,1",P QJ-,. , . kg .YI 1 if 11' Wig 3 H? 52 V fl-',sf"7'5Y7J1i5i'f.f 1 rzzz. Y ,,z, rr.7, , an ,zsa.:p,L L? 1i+'6iisE1I-5 :rm QF' fwlifb 'K if i- J. E' ,gp ,Elsa . f-kfzslf f55?ewff- ga,--rag, rf,, ,gf km g 5 g.. 'aiu -1 i f 115375 L ? 4' if H ,A A - u r Amgf,g.g+4 5:5 -uw We-.1'.9. K .. -fl, K ,":,.,e,,Q 71: 1 f 'x , ., ,kwffll ,ff 9 A W , UY if . Sw limb 'frww uhm Mm fmf Q . I 'mi D 0.0 f 0000 OOO Mrs Barbara Coulson, F1rst Grade Mrs Rose Shakespeare, Thxrd Grade ...K Mrs. Creta Johnston, Fourth Grade Mrs. Jean Huitt, Sixth Grade Mr. John Ahuna, Fifth Grade Mrs. Eva Banks, School Nurse f ' ' r'wuKi" Mrs. Beeks and Mrs. Huitt, Basic Skills Instruc- tors, check a plan book for remedial needs. Mrs. Heyle, teachers' aide, helps the students with their work. . . these are busy days. A day in the elementary department finds many responsible people working closely with students to help them fulfill individual needs. These people have a real interest in each stu- dent and they are willing to help at every stage of the student's development. This personal in- terest not only helps each student to become ac quainted as soon as he enters School, but con- tinues to give the opportunity for individual learning experiences as he progresses. Mrs. Henry, Elementary Principal, joins in a parent-teacher conference with Mrs. Huitt. ' 'gf .1 I Office Helpers, Sonya Selby, Brenda Bowen, Margaret Beery, Rhonda Shain, Rick Slatten, Randy Barber, Gail DeLong, and Doris Groom work for a smoothly run school. HHS helpers build power in the school fl I Eva Banks, R.N,, Pam Perkins, and Teresa Stevens are Mildred Rinehart and Betty Lacy are taking lunch money for the looking over medical records of the NHHS students. grade school teachers. L 5.3522 iiiigp 1-.... K S.C. Mossburg is chief food-taster for: Lib Cook, Veta Gilpatrick, Ethel Bickford, Ann Mossburg, Gene Stevens, and Gladis Parkhurst, the 1971-'72 NHHS cooks and kitchen help. Bill Heyle and Forest Weddle, our custodians, keep NHHS clean and shining. Serving North Harrison with a smile Wayne Brill, Wayne Emerson, Garland Sturdevant, Delbert Stevens, Johnny Young, Ed Hurt, Max Pottorff and keep the North Harrison buses rolling on schedule. fi, A r. S. C. Mossburg 1 0 9 SCHOOL Ur M it 'Urn QVWXTX 'wet t E S g i Mr. Long, Mr. Lockeridge, and Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Parman take time out for welcome refreshments at the High School Christmas Ball. Campbell admire Mrs. Wollums' Christ- mas gift. Mr. and Mrs. Rinehart tap a toe as they watch the Junior High dancing couples. Teachers relax at the end ofa busy day! Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright join the re freshment line at the Junior High Christ- mas Ball. Mr. Ahuna chats with a pretty guest. Mr and Mrs Edwards en'o the ar- - - J y tistic, beautifully decorated elementary gym. sei gas is 3 5? President Secretary TERRI DARNELL NED BERGMAN F,F,A, 1-2-3-4. Officer 3. Band 1-2-3. F.H.A. 1-2-3-4. OffiC6I' 3. B2Sk9tb21l1 1- Class Officer 3-4. 2-3-4. Pep Club 1-2-3-4. Pom Pom Girl 4. Chorus 3. Band 1-2. F,T,A, 2. Strong officers lead seniors to graduation Reporter Vice-President TANA TRULLINGER F.H.A, 1-2-3-4. Drama Club 1-2. Choir 1-2-3-4. Officer 4. Pom Pom Girl 1-2- 3-4. Cheerleader 1-4. Class Officer 1-4. Librarian 1-4. Publications 4. Pep Club 1-2-3-4. ROGER RICHARDSON F,F.A, 1-2-3-4. Class Officer 1-4. Bas ketball 1-2. WAYNE ALLEN F.F,A, 1-2-3-4. Basketball l- 2. Class Officer 2. Track 1-2. RANDY BARBER F,F,A. Officer 4. Track 1-2- 3-4. Class Officer 3. Student Council 4. Student Manager 2. Pep Club 2-3-4. KRISTY BENNETT F,H.A, 1-2-3-4. Pep Club 1-2 3-4. Basketball 1-2. Student Council 4, BRENDA BOWEN F.H.A. 1-2-3-4. Cheerleader l-2- 3-4. Band 1-2-3. Choir l-2-3. Class Officer 1-2. Student Council Vice Presi- dent 4. Pep Club l-2-3-4. Drama Club 2. Senior sponsors and officers Mr. Parman, Mr. Arnold, Mrs. Tuggle. Terri Darnell, secretary, Ned Bergman, president, Roger Richardson, vice-president, Tana Trullinger, reporter. 31 ...mwa iam , .. .3 W , Y ,Y , BILL COOK A, 1-2-3-4. DENNIS BRIGGS F,F,A,1-2-3-4. JOYCE COLE F.H.A. 2-3-4. Library 2-3-4. ROE COX F,F,A, 1-2-3-4. Bas- ketball 1-2-3-4.Track 1-2-3-4. CECIL CRACRAFT F.F.A. 1. DON DQLONG F.F,A, 1-2-3-4. Band 1-2. Pep Club GAYLA GRABILL F.H.A. 1-2-3-4. Officer 4. Track 3-4. Bas- ketball 2-3. Pom Pom Girl 2-3-4. Librarian 1. Choir 1. Student Council 3. DANNY ELLIS F.F,A, 1-2-3-4. Pep Club 3-4. Choir. HERBERT GUILLIAMS A, 1-2-3-4. F.T,A, 3-4. JIM HARROLD F.F.A. 1-2-3-4. Basketball l-2-3-4. Track 1-2-3-4. Student Council l. Class Favorite 3. Mr. and Miss Senior - Gayla DEBBIE KING Grabill and Don DeLong F.H.A. 1-2-3. NANCY LANE F ,H.A. 1-2-3-4. Presi- dent 4. PAM PERKINS F,H,A, 1-2-3-4. Pep Club 1-2-3-4. Bas- ketball Manager 3. F,T,A, 1-2. Nurse Helper 4. Drama Club 1-2. F.F,A, 4. THERESA STEVENS F.H.A. 1-2-3-4. Of- ficer 4. Band 1-2-3-4. N.H,S, 2-3-4. Pep Club 3-4. Choir 2-3. Pep Band 2-3. 34 DARYLD POTTORFF F,F,A, 1-2-3-4. Officer 4. Basketball 1-2- 3-4. Track 1-2-3-4, Student Council 3-4, President 4. Library 4. MICHELLE RAGAN MIKE THRAILKILL F,F,A, 1-2-3-4.ChOiI' 2-3. Pep Club 3-4. Of- ficer 4. CYNDE WILCOXSON F,H.A. 1-2-3-4. Basketball 1-2-3-4. Track 3-4. Pep Club 1-2-3-4. Choir 1-4. N.H,S, 3-4. Class Officer 3. F.T,A, 2-3-4. Officer 3-4. Drama Club 2. SID WILCOXSON F.F,A. 1-2-3-4. Basketball 1-2-3-4. Track 1-2-3-4. Student Council 1. Li brary 4. TERRE WYANT F.H,A, 1-2-3-4. F,T,A, 2-3-4. Choir 1-2. Drama Club 2. Library 1-4.C1ass Officer 2. Pep Club 2-3-4. Publica- tions 3. Pom Pom Girl 2-3-4. Cheer leader 1. Basketball 2. LARRY YOUNG F.F.A. 1-2-3-4. RODNEY ZIMMERMAN F.F.A, 1-2-3-4. The school year nears a close for the ...SHAMROCKS Theresa Stevens, Roger Richardson, Sid Wilcoxson and Jim Harrold make plans for the annual senior trip. E E Nancy Lane, Ned Bergman, Tana Trullinger and Daryld Pottorff have looked forward to this big moment for many years. Somehow, there are many nostalgic thoughts inter- g mixed with this moment of happiness. F Rhonda Shain and Wayne Allen are Brenda Bowen, Roe Cox, Michelle Ragan and Sid Wilcoxson proudly display their the night owls of North Harrison. senior rings. - We' f '- -A-Ai--"M"'a , , w'i l 'QL fr 'iffy ,Q The 1972 Senior Class show their smiling faces as they see that graduation time is drawing near. From bottom to top are: Pam Perkins, Tana Trullinger, Dennis Briggs, Terri Wyant, Brenda Bowen, Herbert Guilliams, Danny Ellis, Rodney Zim- merman, Debbie King, Teresa Stevens, Donnie DeLong, Cynde Wilcoxson, Larry Young, Nancy Lane, Cecil Cracraft, Mariann Washburn, Randy Barber, Terri Darnell, Jimmy Harrold, Joyce Cole, Billy Cook, Kristy Bennett, Randy Tull, Wayne Allen, Gayla Grabill, Roger Richardson, Daryld Pottorff, Ned Bergman and Sid Wilcoxson. QQ LQW 1 5...1 LJ, L v, . I haw ,n-5-1,g.y1g f -3 f:,, -,-. ,, 7 u2::,,.:. 5525 Ma, X Ks 1 vhs , , s Q 2 LQ N, 'MW '4 f MVN M , R 'K' ,Q .,,-EE if ' A W . f' fi X .. 'WT f ggi . '41 '1' , -K1 ' fn M5 E' 'fx N , W' .N 4 fx gin 2 .sg 5 JE 2' sr W am O ' 1, R s Q, hw as , me 7 A A Kun, Q, .. xiii Q f:i'-53 L 'qi 'T Na? , ' M A ,A am. V. ily H5715 ,,,,,gQ . iz, ,f K ""' ' 5 ,. .g?gfzg1g27- -1 if 1'LL' i X ,fr V Q ,rf rigs! . f ,, gi A 55' QQ ,R 5-W in 2 .1 V 3 aa L 4 5.W ? P.-may ' :V Q z km W, ! Z J 52 , M- -N W, W, I Q Q15 ,g H ' K ' , J fx :R 1 . fa 4 4 E , ' on -Q., 59-1 -wal .ak M ., Nw' . . at . 5 3 S X K , .U ii K Ha .,,W.ff.f..,.w H sm. f5,'!5:fg:93'l55,5,'83 Q X HWY! r fa Y W W '-Ha, "Im , H, if f X 'Lf if uw I M 'f W-ef My yi f Q, V M I 51' :iw 13 L2 QQ Qsi' ' ,xf x , ' iz . V 1 hh M x - , 'T ai W ,. ,+ Y Nv- , we 'Q Q af? Q 4' 1, ,Q ' 'SEZ 1' if c, , -..,,,u-M Junior class officers are Rex Huitt, presidentg Debbie Willis, reporterg Vic Parkhurst, parliamentariang Becky Huit, secretaryg Ricky Slatten, vice president and Pam Darnell, sergeant-at-arms. Sponsors are Mr. Long, Mr. Campbell, and Mr. McKe1vey. f "-i "6 2 . ggi A, Km m f, f gi ii ' 12 bfi ' - , 2 .' wiki . A 7 ' 'k 'k ' A .- :" , M, C fi , H , k. . 1:-,Q E , -,vw Qfg- za .5 P s A , t o y q,,.V , C b, i 5... .,:: : y 5 4 A I Fa" ,. A ' - ' , 'er ' I af N. 'f it 57 5 -if ', I f Q if V f 3 it X l it Junior class favorites are Juniors discover Tom Andrew Paula Arkle Teresa Arnold Kirk Barnhouse Margaret Beery Gary Campbell Tim Cook Pam Darnell Greg Eckerson Pat Eivins Peggye Elder Brent Elliott Carolyn Emerso Allen Gilliland Sharon Hopkins l'1 Becky Huit Rex Huitt Richard Lacy Lonnie Lane Susan Lane Rickie McChesney Debbie Miller and Randy Savely. Debbie Miller themselves through activities and schoolwork Jerry Mossburg Terry Parkhurst Victor Parkhurst Cheryl Parman Connie Parsons Jan Perkins Karis Richardson Joe Robins Randy Savely Rhonda Shain Ricky Slatten Lynn Snethen Larry Stanton Barbara Stevens Becky Sturdevant if C' r S eff! A 55 ..- M52 S' Patty Thurman Terry Trullinger Debbie Tull Ivan Tull Monte Warner Debbie Willis Greg Schmitz, Becky Sturdevant, Monte Warner, Patty Thurman, Lynn Snethen, Joe Robins, and Allen Gilliland help rake in the money Terry Parkhurst, Peggy Elder, Barb Stevens, and Greg from the junior stands. Eckerson prepare popcorn for a big game. Juniors work forthe 1972 Prom Juniors dream ofa great Junior-Senior Prom. rmfmmwu fewsfmzim:mpmzzieise.emma.L:Q5,f,-1,-1, 1s:w,l,-lmqkggqm,mm-zgemewa,m.:sQ1aQeWfMk,,,,.2,4Qwxewwliefflaeeffwwtz5 -,.e1.afe:fff,.::r.:,k , A 2S3SQ5'iaiaibsYQl5S5MfGsifA12' max?" 92 ,Q H X W 1 1531191 WE? L37i5m1??i wad Q 3 as, We mass 9. ky? W gas: 5"ni'?2Si5 ss? f a It takes cz powerful lot ofconcentration! r w 55 H -ffiiafggxgggzai Mr. Lockridge, sponsor, Mike Richardson, reporter, Dan Lisle, secretary, Ricky Westlake, treasurer Randy Hamilton, president, Robin South, reporter, Mrs. Henson, sponsor, and Becky Bennett, vice presi dent, plan an exciting party for the Sophomore class. ...Wh Sophomores discover a f-. fe A www. "Q, W 1 5 2 gf 4' ,-ee' 'fs tie Sk ,. K . X ,,.. ,K nkii 1 . ',,,' If f ,fi ibo it " V K A i'QjVr , 1-. 2 rf, f Patricia Barnes Rebecca Bennett Tom Bergman Debbie Boothe Alicia Bowen Maurice Craig Gail DeLong Donnie Edwards Jerry Gilpatrick Susan Guilliams Randall Hamilton Barbara Howes Rhonda Huitt Julie Lacy Connie Lane Daniel Lisle -, D9I1I1iS Lisle B V , Danny Lynch im Cynthia McChesney wi m"' Kelly Parkhurst ' - qb, B? new Q ui 'P' X .L U' T K lv f ' M 'R " A .4 72. Billie Sue Pierson T Brenda Ragan Kelly Ray ' nw :W Michael Richardson Kimberly Slaughter Linda Smith Lutricia Smith Robin South Robert Stobbe Rodger Thompson Beverly Thurman R Penelope Sue Washburn ' " Ricky Westlake Dana Wilcoxson 'fm M: Q. ,..L 5 xx 'CIS Ayub M' 1 if . xx if J Q? n e w w Sophomore class favorites are Becky Bennett and Sophomores Beverly Thurman, Michael Richardson, Kelly Ray and Penny Washburn find studying a rewarding challenge. Kelly Parkhurst. aw. JW if ffm Freshmen class officers are DeAnn DeLong, President, Jerry Wyant, Vice President, Howard Cole, secretary, Stephen Upchurch, reporter, Delbert Stevens, treasurer and Mrs. Edwards and Mr. Cartwright, sponsors. 'HI-'si' Freshmen Search Dixie Alley Debbie Ballantyne Joan Barber Barbara Butler Richard Carnagey Kym Cook Penny Cook Larry Cracraft Ronald Darnell DeAnn DeLong Amy Edwards Paul Gilliland Mary Hancock Theresa Jones Marlene Lisle Nancy Miller Gary Osborn Terry Pottorff Wanda Stanley Sandra Stanton Delbert Stevens Rosetta Stevens Connie Thurman Douglas Tull Larry Tull Stephen Upchurch Mark Weddle Tim Wilson Jerry Wyant Danny Spurling for new ideas 9 'K 5 1:1522 ' 1' Marlene Lisle and Gary Osborn are Freshmen class favorites. Mai., Vicki Thrailkill holds a map of Iowa, while some other Sth grade students Sth grade OffiC9T'S and SIOOHSOTS are Gary Bowen help decide about their sprmg tmp Vice Presidentg Pat Mossburg, Treasurer, Mr Mc Dowell and Mrs. Woollums, Sponsors, Francis P1er son, Secretaryg and Bob Beery, President Eighth Graders build on future Bob Beery Greg Bowen Cheryl Cox Donna Craig Mike Elliott Rhonda Fletchall Dirk Groom Susette Hamilton Kellie Harker Stan Hopkins Dennis Howes Debra Huit Jana Jones Randy Keltner Allan Lane Debbie Morrow Pat Mossburg Ralph Osborn Ricky Parkhurst Francis Pierson Carol Saling Brian Selby Kathy Slaughter years-the decision years Jeff Smith Laura Smith Scott Smith Steven Smith Jerry Sturdevant Vallery Thrailkill Jolene Thurman Marsha Willis Carol Young Fi it if . wi . v-wg, FARMERS MUTUAL INSURANCE BETHANY, MISSOURI 8th grade class favorites are Carol Young and Randy Keltner. 5 im? 'S if f dine? f s , W t G if Q ,N 2 o Gaylene Alley Cindy Andrew Diane Ballentyne Tony Bowles Thomas Campbell Thomas Cole :,- o ' Rodney Cook ' Q Vyml, A Susan Cook g eo' ' N,.. 'L Robert Darnell ., 'Q '3 Kevin Dickinson ns Kimberly Eastin Roland Gilpatrick Diane Lacy Kimberly Lippincott Becky Morrow Cheryl McChesney Geneva Osborn Cheryl Parkhurst Seventh Grade ' While Sponsoring seventh grade class meetings and activities are Mr. Bird and Mrs. Rinehart. Rod Thrail- kill, vice-presldentg Mark Smith, treasurerg Jeff Pierson, presidentg Teyoni Pottorff, secretaryg and Kristy Wilcoxson, reporter. Wi' 'Q K 5 f if Z W, 5 FARMERS MUTUAL INSURANCE, Br-:THANY Mo Seventh graders learn new mathematlc operations as well as good sportsmansh1p Class favorites, Mark Smith and Geneva in math drills. Osborn set fine examples for seventh students enjoy work and play alzke acquiring useful skills Deborah Parkhurst Jeffrey Pierson Carolyn Pottorff Teyoni Pottorff Randall Purdun Peggy Saling Donald Sears Kelly Smith Mark Smith Ronald Smith Floyd South Ralph Stevens Rebecca Stevens Rodney Thrailkill Barbara Thurman Carrol Tull Kristyn Wilcoxson Patricia Wilson Queen Debbie Ballantyne and King Ronnie Darnell are attended by Donna Craig, Carolyn Pottorff, Roian Gilpatrick, and Ricky Park- hurst. Mr. Rawn talks with junior high students at the Christ- mas Ball. 52 Steve Upchurch officiates at the Royal Crown- ing Ceremonies. Christmas is a time for bundles of new things - new thoughts, latest dances,pretty gifts .... what a beautiful time in JUNIOR HIGH. Queen Debbie and King Ronnie lead the Royal Dance. wk. is 5 g- if 5 I Nick Fortner stabs Brenda Groom while Lisa Smith, Glenda Fletchall, Pam and Michael Parkhurst, Sheila Cook, Tom Pottorff, Mickey Schmitz, Tom Hutton, and Kelvin Cox watch during a play they performed based on the book, THE HIDDEN STAIRCASE. Randy Harker, John Washburn, display the XG il! fl NYU? 'Y' Mrs. Huitt Danny Briggs, absent Sheila Cook Kelvin Cox Dewight Craig Douglas Craig Ronald Edwards Glenda Fletchall Nicholas Fortner, absent Brenda Groom Randall Harker Thomas Hutton Michael Parkhurst Pamela Parkhurst picture they drew and Sixth Graders express creative ideas in learning Curtis Pottorff , , Donnie Pottorff if Tommy Pottorff Sandra Schoonover Michael Schmitz Barry Selby i i gf . , - -:-.: . fr KY ' M f t ff' f Lisa Smith John Washburn Mike Willis Doug Craig, and Curtis Pottorff proudly colored for the sixth grade door. Ronnie Edwards, Danny Briggs, Mike Willis, Sandy Schoonover, Dewight ff h where Canada is located on the STANTON PRODUCE Craig, Barry Selby, and Donnie Pottor s ow ' d rs learn many things about Canada in their SocialStudies Bl-YTHEDALE MO globe. The sixth gra e ' ' class. X M A- ei. i , 4:9 1 iff 3 1 at 'S 5 ygykw ,ffl i ng , Q X JE x 'X fe Xi , c . , 5355.2 wifi f fi D L XG , wwf Magmgqpme Fifth graders give victory sign showing they have overcome con- ventional 1921l'I1iI'1g- Goofing around now and then breaks the monotony for the fifth graders. Fifth Graders find reference materials if I an afar is Q Q' "' I Ea C as A A if if 1' S A B' QE! w ill it 'H' 'af' if YW Mr. John Ahuna Kenneth Eugene Barnhouse Lewis Clifton Beery Teresa Lynne Blake Michael Robert Brenizer Jackie Charles Briggs Gary Dean Campbell James Leland Chamberlin Marie Annette Cole Jay Cee Cook Stephen Wayne Coulson Richard Lee Cracraft Wesley Eugene Darnell Sharon Kaye Dickinson Thomas Randall Fowler Vincent Keith Grabill Sharolyn Denise Harker Paula Beth Jones Tameria Sue Kinder Jerry Lee Konopasek Billie Louise Mossburg Thomas L. Osborn Dale Dewayne Parkhurst Leanna Joy Parkhurst Michael Brent Parkhurst Terry Lee Parkhurst Tony Lynn Richardson Donnette Marie Sanders Brenda Diane Savely Trudy Ann Schoonover Richard Linn Slatten David Allen South Debbie Stokes Lisa Dawn Tull Lori Denise Westlake fascinating! . 'E' so 2 Tom Fowler, David South, Paula Jones, Terry Parkhurst, Marie Cole, and Trudy Schoonover use ma- terials in their reference corner set up with maps, books, and globes. Mike Smith, Mickey Parkhurst, Joy Fletchall, Teresa McChesney, Dennis Perkins, Randy Bram- son, and Lorrie Smith Chat a minute mer, Kerry Easton, Marietta Fine, Jackie Summers, Scott Konopasek, Richard Fortner, Charles Morrow, Sam Mossburg, and Bill Campbell plan their Halloween party. Ronnie Lacy, Guy Walling, Lisa Fourth Graders grow an f' 'L' -1. 'D+ A, jf H try s' gf" F L .I . C , F , k k " L 4,23 H - 1, M K .,,,,?, , 4 , I .. -' 'Q I-' ,fx p ' as ., , s ,lb v 1'f 1 ' .3 3 II ,,, . "3" . , 1 .- V ., f, f t P' Q .7 Ov as -is l L doom., + y- .ff we 1 as , D t, t lf.. ' if C l TM iff? "4,,." I' fe -1 S 'y 1' ,V lv., " A , ,. , qs' I , 'T W ,J ,, 'V 5 ...ave-, ' 1 f fm v '.' Af. 9 'A g , , 7 "Qu V 5 lb N . l N9 na-- V 5 ar J, , I . J 4 J ,X Y K i w S HL K K g Q V. bm if 1' 1' E.: ., T ,gf ."' '?Hii'f,5:wQ 1 fi ,Q M 1 'M W 3 f . '. - lyk' jg V nf, '. it te 4 ft ". I . . . .' Mrs. Creta Johnston Sharon Kay Blake Randall Lee Brammer William Edward Campbell Charles William Cole Lisa Sue Cook Terry Dickinson Kerry Alan Eastin Kenneth LeRoy Emerson Marietta Jane Fine Joy Renae Fletchall Richard Leroy Fortner Patrick Lloyd Groom Donald Allen Hicks Ettajean Hunsicker Scott Neal Konopasek Ronald Gene Lacy Teresa Diane McChesney Charles Morrow Samuel Wade Mossburg Cook, Nancy Thurman, Terry Dickin- Mlckey Dale Parkhurst Dennis Alan Perkins James Brent Pierson Timmy Joe Pottorff Lisa Kay Ragan Lorrie Denise Smith Michael T. Smith Karen Kimberly Stanley Douglas LeRoy Stevens Jackie Renee Summers Connie Lynn Thrailkill Nancy Irene Thurman Kwai' '1 gi .Q -. -' V- is 'Q' if 1 'f wlfe i I f 'H ' 2 - if visas ,' . 91 e , A e 'fx ' L. ' H E i' 4 is ' iefflz if if X- E. ei YT? 'fir J Zi gi Aw e-...g , gl " -s ie 4 f y 1, ,wwf Q. H X just before the bell rings. A Marcia Kay Trullinger ! RW i ? Q Raymond Paul Wallace im A j Guy Brian Walling ' ,. ,S ' ' -3 Ronald Marvin Warner Q7 1 knowledge e in N! I li f s ff l 1 X as Merlin Dean Wilson V' , Darryl Duane Young K Ji W S ' ,,,,4. 3 -- -in w i X If T l i N Ettajean Hunsicker, Sharon Blake, Duane Young, Donnie Hicks, Kenneth Emerson, Charles Cole, Paul Wallace, and Marcia Trullinger work math, study English and look up interesting countries on the globe in this corner of the classroom. -LQ. :gn Q ALBANY PEPSI ALBANY, M issoum 59 QD ,Aa Mrs. Rose Shakespeare E ..,, g , Karen Alley A ,A Q M Rhonda Ballantyne K5 , e 'Q ' tx M 2. i rg ,. .V 1 - '32 f 'V .Q ' f Eldon Bennett g, X. f V J, N a . Mark Chamberlin , ,G Billy cancer 1 i M 2 fe 1 3 - x 6 gg, Q, h mmVV ' Gina Cook sf, ,V Ai da ,A My G Sitka lp 5,5 VJ Q9 'E its , Richie Fine ' ii-' Q Scott Fortner M 1-ui. Jeffrey Gibson 2 5 Shawn Lane and Michael Thomas point to souri. Joe Huitt, Gina Cook and Jeff Walling Third Grade gains strength through 60 Jeff Gibson, Kathy Giles, and Gary Parkhurst point out some of the won- ders of autumn. Brenda Hartschen, Mark Chamberlin and Marcella Pottorff look on. Mark Cook 5 Jane Darnell I .qu-nnnv the map, while Rhonda Ballantyne finds Misl are finding other places on the map. Richie Fine and Rodney Offield point to the screen and Karen Alley prepare to run the projector. Keith Bennett, Brenda Hartschen, Mark Cook, Joe Huitt, Kathy Giles, Lori Harker, Marcella Pottorff and Tami Kaufman are interested in this class project. V Kath1eenGi1es FOOD LANE BETHANY, Mo, Steven Grabill Lori Harker Brenda Hartschen Gilbert Huitt Rodney Hutton Rhonda Johnston Tamara Kaufman Shawn Lane Rodney Offield Gary Parkhurst Lyle Parkhurst Marcella Pottorff Cindy Richardson Michael Thomas Jeffrey Walling ., " if aa , , o s ? ., k3'A ' . . Z ,a '52 Q 5 .-11:-. ,. - sw ' 1, : , Par. . in, ,t 'I' W 3 2 :e-'i 1 if fa m if lik ,W ,, sl,-.W in-.... Wayne Smith, Ronnie Willis, Sherri Grabill, Nicky Wilcoxson, and Roger Fletchall cstandingp collects books from John Randy Fletchall are waiting in line to put letters on the flannel board. Brian F01-mer' Lisa AI-kle, Kelly Slaughter, and Brad Things done in Second Grade teach r. J' E ,f , . W S f x. -f A., Q , L 'X ENN' :i,,f'iY" 9' x 62 A A Y li Q Pk K A -2 i 5,1 , Qff- V 'PD Q X A f K F 1 i R I x00 ,Y X . gg , A K 'K' 'Z z Q 1 va 9 9 Q Lv H A Q., fri? Mrs. Myers Lisa Arkle Twyla Bayless Bradford Brenizer John Cole Stanley Coulson Kirk Emig Randy Fletchall Roger Fletchall Cynthia Flowers Shelly Gibson Kevin Gilpatrick Sherri Grabill Shelly Henry Wayne Konoposek Sole, Monty Parkhurst, B renize r. Roger Offield Monty Parkhurst Perry Parkhurst Kelly Slaughter Wayne Smith Julie Smith Terry Stokes Lonnie Thrailki 11 'f 3 y, gm- ,a f 4 km? , 3 . i E I W f K I 'Q any .f it s, 1 3 W F Gregory Walling Nickarl Wilcoxson Ronald Willis ix .',. Lry, 'V .su I Q I 1, -J , "i i Mx ,. M , ' ,lgl it W DAVIS-SNYDER QUARRIES BETHANY, MISSOURI 64424 Shelly Gay Henry and Julie Smith Cstandingj check to see what Mrs. Edwards wants them to bring to Art Class today, while Greg Walling, Twyla Bayless, Perry Parkhurst and Terry Stokes get their supplies ready. QM-f imyts is 2 U 71 U gi V M ai Vi Robert Washburn L1sa Long, Kimberly Ury, Donna Dickenson, and Tracy Eivins view an Who can Read? Linda Hamilton, mterestmg first grade bulletin board Bennett, Rhonda Campben, Alan First Grade takes a look at Mrs. Barbara Coulson Stanley Scott Bennett Alan Dean Bickford Rhonda Sue Campbell Linda Kay Cook Sherry Lynn Cook Donna Louann Dickinson Tracy Joe Eivins Linda Kaye Hamilton Sherri Lavaun Hembry Darin U ay Huitt Lisa Ann Johnston Tara Jeanette Kaufman Lisa M. Long C. Alan Parkhurst 2 s , M A- wer' A 413 Kimberly Ann Ury Robert Dean Washburn John Tull, Dann Hultt, Sherry Cook, and Douglas Summers point out mammels 53 im .fHlF' 1: Y xx W ssh , f I Ark gs we sshhb, Kindergarten girls learn about many different things in many Kindergarten people learn many new safety rules and different ways. Mrs. Barnhouse tells Susan Giles, Patricia Park- habits. Here Mrs. Barnhouse tells Mary Jane Jones hufst, Sheryl White, Monifa Alley, Lisa UTY, and VOUGH Skinner Steven Richardson, Kevin Hartschen, Mary Ann Pottbrff, abmlt how to U59 the Abacus- Glen Grabill, Karen Rinehart, and Rhonda Offield about new habits. Little people have big Mrs. Gladys Barnhouse Monita Alley Andrea Bayless Mark Blake Kimberly Boothe Jeff Cook Larry Flowers Susan Giles Glen Grabill Kevin Hartschen Julia Heyle Michael Hicks Mary Jones Rhonda Offield Patricia Parkhurst David Rlcha rds on A M A-:- Steven Richardson , . Qs 'gk M , , L ..:. . or 2,5 Karen Rinehart James Sallng Sherri Schoonover Vonda Skinner . Laren Thrallklll "1 ' Paul Tull A - Lisa Ury Sheryl White 3 is he 3 efligifx Q . Q 'T 3 . at t , - f J . f as rf t r t l 5 ideas about the future I A Mrs. Barnhouse, Kim Booth, Laren Thrallkill, James Sailing, Mark Blake, Paul Tull, Jeff Cook Michael Hicks, Tanora Bayless, Julia Heyle and Larry Flowers enJoy looking at a bulletin board ln their Kindergarten I'O0l'Il. Sherri Jane Schoonover and David Richardson hold the book LUDMILA: A STORY OF A LITTLE MOUNTAIN GIRL. The book was autographed by the little glrl's father in Liechtenstein this summer, Ag 21 S. , fe 1 E , E S r ,ff i A 5 6,6 , was 55,13 A X 22 me ' 'anim W ggi -.XA Egfr 14,57 mmif ,sv 4' 1 1 :xg EA? -A W Tx Wg' K f w Q, E 3 N W W k.,. N? A il limw. Wu MN, F in f vlljgg, Ay ,u as 'R rr Jw USQQQ 1w A f 1 : Q: "bf 1. 25 if bw af 1 WX: 1 Q 1. If T 3 1 W1-gfignawi ,W ww,gs,A -1, , , A L 1. ww 3 1 f nv Zim ST DE T LIFE is Jerry Mossburg, Kristy Bennett, Becki Sturdevant, Debi Tull, Patty Thurman, and Barb Stevens are hurrying to get the paper published on time. Gayla Grabill and Kristy Bennett are proofreading the sten- cil and correcting errors so that the paper cn be run off. Publications use Both the Shamrock and the Cloverleaf have the responsibility of informing mem- bers of the school community and other interested persons concerning what's hap- pening at North Harrison. More hours than most people realize are spent by hard-working staff members who are willing to expend their time and talents for the school. It is the desire of staff members that their efforts are appreciated by all those who read the yearbook and newspaper-- North Harrison students and faculty, par- ents, friends, area professional business men, and future students. Mrs. Woollums is explaining the 1971-1972 yearbook to Tana Trullinger, Debbie Miller, Gayla Grabill, Robin South, and Pam Perkins. youth power to achieve betterpublic relations Jerry Mossburg, Patty Thurman, Debbie Miller, Tana Trullinger, Gayla Grabill, Robin South, Pam Perkins, Kristy Bennett, Barb Stevens, Debi Tull and advisor, Mrs. Woollums are standing by the car getting ready to sell advertisements for the yearbook. Q' is How are you going to vote? Since March, 1972, is the time for Presidential primaries, students at N.H.H,S, are conducting a student poll in mid-February. No, we' re not going to make a fearless prediction at this time. new -f ,kgs 5 'HW 2 F! QW at 2? 11 Julie Heyle and David Richardson, crown bearers, execute everybody's ideas as they practice for Homecoming ceremonies. Scouting around for ideas. . . 1 , gt . gm The junior English class tries out various ideas to perfect their spring play. Peggy and Susan act out one good suggestion here. Well, it was your ideal! 3 Fans begin to have big ideas about our SHAMROCKS going to State! The Boy Scouts are CF1rst Rowj Tommy Fowler, Randy Keltner, Jerry Sturdevant, Roger Thompson, and Randy Warner. Second Row: Scoutmaster Gerald Boggess, Mike Elliott, Brent Elliott, Jerry Wyant, Greg Bowen, Erry Trullinger, Dennis Howes, Joe Robbins, Rick Slatten and Rick Carn- ey. The Cub Scouts are CFirst Rowj Rodney Offield, Ronnie Warner, Terry Stokes, and Duane Young. Sec- ond Row: Mark Cook, Donnie Hicks and Kenny Emer- son. Third Row: Jackie Briggs, Richard Slatten, Mike Thomas, Jerry Konoposek, Shawn Lane, Steve Gra- blll, Dean Wilson, and Paul Rinehart. Mr. Rawn is shown with the group. Scouts add youth power to our community The Girl Scouts are CF1rst Rowj Etta Jean Hunslcker, Lora Harker, Billie Mossburg, Leana Parkhurst and Marsha Trullln- ger. Second Row: Llsa Smith, Mrs. Tfuulllger-leader, and Brenda Groom, Scout leaders are Mrs. Saling, Mrs. Emerson and Mr. Lacy. EL i?i62-TEQE516Gf5?ii:51?71A9SlZai.?QZ'S?5iH5:Ekf?QiSiTS?i33iLVi5?2M'?25H9iM' Barb Butler, Terri Darnell, Terri Pottorff, Billie Peirson, Lynn Stanley, Terry Wyant, Becky Huit, Tana Trullinger, and Gayla Grabill are our pom-pom girls for the '71-'72 school year. Marching Shamrocks take powerful steps to gg gli? l 1 NHHS Mixed Choir features Karis Richardson, student directory Amy Ed- wards, Deanne DeLong, Dixie Alley, Richard Lacy, Debbie Ballantyne, Tana Trullinger, Greg Eckerson, Sandystan ton, Lynn Stanley, Nancy Miller, Cynde Wilcoxson and Gail DeLong. instill school spirit Chef Sid Wilcoxson prepares Christmas Day specialties for librarians. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Isbmg,,rea,1,1ega1? Remember the day the Auctioneer Rawn's powerful voice rings out, "Going, going, gone I" r: f1Q::-:swf-ff 1 fp. mulls Qwzeeiet- w 1 mistletoe hung high? You don't know what standing under the mistletoe means? 163. . . . Tana told the cheerleaders they had better remember that the SHAMROCKS are ALWAYS going to win? . . . andthe day when . . . Mr. Parman played Santa at pep assembly? . . . Mr. Ahuna and Mr. McDowell sang Christmas songs and accompanied themselves on the ukulele? E E nl in . . . Debbie Willis and Susan Lane discussed the merits of long flowing dresses versus comfortable slacks? . . . Don DeLong and Daryld Pottorff, student council presl- dent, weren't very good dress-code examples? Chapter Farmers are Danny Lynch, Danny Lisle, Maurice Craig, Bob Stobbe and Michael Richardson. Back Row: Randy Hamilton, Dana Wilcoxson, Donnie Edwards, Kelly Parkhurst and Rickie Westlake. Mechanical power aids the FFA boys , . , ,,, W - fe , - .- . , 'firm ' we fy ' winyhjngw T' QF Q X. gag: ff! f I 14'553g,wg!Qi2y if 5 4 uf wg' " 1971 and 1972 officers are Roe Cox, treasurerg Sid Wilcoxson, president, Roger Richardson, sentinel, Daryld Pottorff, vice president . . with Mr. Lockeridge, chapter adviser. In the back row are Randy Bar- l l ber, secretary, Ned Bergman, parliamentarian, Rex Huitt, reporter, E fl a S U Z 6 Victor Parkhurst, chaplain and Brent Elliot, reporter. Green Hands are Dennis Lisle, Larry Cracraft, Tim Wilson and Howard Cole. Second Row: Sharon Hopkins, Jan Perkins, Delbert Stevens, Ron Darnell, Larry Tull, Kelly Ray, and Steve Upchurch. Back Row: Pam Perkins, Mark Weddle, Gary Osborn, Paul Gilliland, Doug Tull, Da.nny Spurling, and Jerry Wyant. Left to right Cfront rowj Nancy Lane, Teresa Stevens, Marianne Washburn, Margaret Beery, Becky Huit, Linda Smith, Gayla Grabill, Karis Richardson, and Mrs. Henson. Csecond rowj Lynn Stanley, Susan Lane, Tana Trullinger, Debbie Tull, Dixie Alley, Joan Barber, Marlene Lisle, Barbara Butler, DeAnn DeLong, and Nancy Miller. Cthird rowj Debbie King, Debbie Ballantyne, Pam Darnell, Paula Arkle Sharon Hopkins, Jan Perkins, Terri Wyant, Terri Darnell, Michelle Ragan, and Becky Sturdevant. Cfourth row? Kristy Bennett, Terri Pottoroff, Pam Perkins, Cynde Wilcoxson, Rhonda Shain, Brenda Bowen, Gale DeLong, Cindy McChesney, Susan Guilliams, Connie Lane, Debbie Booth, and Debbie Miller. Cfifth rowj Connie Thurman, Kim Cook, Beverly Thurman, Julie Lacy, Penny Washburn, Becky Bennett, Barbara Howes, Terri Jones, Mary Hancock, Brenda Ragan, Patty Barnes, and Alicia Bowen. Csixth rowj Sandy Stanton, Penny Cook, Amy Edwards, Rosetta Stevens, Rhonda Huit, Robin South, Kim Slaughter, Lutricia Smith, Billie Pierson, Debbie Willis, Connie Parsons, and Patty Thurman. t F.H.A. leads our community to a better life Officers in F,H,A, are Cheryl Parman, historian, Margaret Beery, secretary, Marianne Washburn, reporter, Linda Smith, sentinel, and Joyce Cole, parliamentarian. Karis Richardson, devotional leader, Gayla Grabill, treasurer, Nancy Lane, president, Mrs. Henson, sponsor, Teresa Stevens, vice- president, and Becky Huit, recreational leader. 80 1.-m g 1 1 I 1 in W -'iw - v H Sue, Julie and Cynthia gave these Kinder- garteners a "snack" lesson. Kym and the Parkhurst twins. Double trouble, double joy! Mommy Mommy too Ctwo'?J! Sometimes entertaining preschoolers is a real- problem. Becky tries! Sophomores find "first-hand" study of child care interest- ing and fun. Learning to renovate breakfast chairs was challenging and, at times, exasperating. An educational bulletin board helps these sophomores get ready to give a lesson about nutrition to second graders. K Sweetheart Terry Darnell Couples relax during refreshment break. Attendants Patty Barnes, sophomore, and Becky Attendants Terry Pottorff, Huit, junior, freshman, and Terry Darnell, senior. s me-.ASV Sweetheart Terry visits with guests at Barnwarming Barnwarming held at twilight A swinging band adds to the Barnwarming festivities. It always helps to make a game more enjoyable when a fel- low buys a bag of popcorn to munch on. Shamroeks enjoy themselves! Who would ever believe clowning Terri would make such a majestic entry as Homecoming Queen just minutes later? -I-Inf Shamrock fans are enthusiastic admirers of this year' s team, and why not? Oops! Is the librarian approaching? qw Q' It takes a heap of selling to raise money for a super Junior- Senlor banquet. 0 -zu? ' T it . as rf' Librarians and library helpers are Penny Washburn, Sid Wilcoxson, Michelle Ragan, Tana Trullinger, Terri Wyant, Marlene Lisle, Peggy Elder, Linda Snethen, Jan Perkins, Rhonda Huitt, Cheryl McChesney, Donna Craig, Carol Young, Vicki Thrailkill, Rhonda Fletchall, Ricky Parkhurst, Patricia Wilson, Mary Hancock, Pam Perkins and Mrs. Woollums. Youth powerpulls together for the good ofall National Junior Honor Society members and sponsors are Mrs. Woollums, Rhonda Fletchall, Michael Elliott, Laura Smith, Carol Saling, Kellie Harker, Jerry Wyant, DeAnn De-Long, Joan Barber, Debra Huit, Rosetta Stevens, Kathy Slaughter, Nancy Miller, Jana Jones, Mr. Long, sponsor and Howard Cole. FTA members and sponsors are Barb Howes, Susan Guilliams, Howard Cole, Tom Bergman, Mariann Washburn, Herbert Guilliams, Mrs. Coulson, sponsor, Ronald Darnell, Mrs. Henry, sponsor, Jerry Wyant, Terre Wyant, Cynde Wilcoxson, Pam Darnell and Brent Elliott. National Honor Society members are Mr. Long, sponsor, Beckl Huit, Pam Darnell, Terri Darnell, Terry Trullinger, Nancy Lane, Theresa Stevens, Mrs. Woollums, sponsor, Karis Richardson, Alicia Bower, Brent Elliott, Lutricia Smith, Tom Bergman, Barb Howes, Rickie McChesney, Debbie Booth, Paula Arkle, Cynde Wilcoxson, Margaret Berry, Cindy McChesney, Teresa Arnold, Patty Barnes, and Linda Smith. T can - S vfffw at y is A ' 1 S3 V vi?""""!fW'!F"E 9-ds. . it Joyce Cole, Don DeLong, Randy Tull, and Herbert Guilliams are ready to attend Career Day at Northwest Missouri State College. Cynde Wilcoxson is proud of the citizenship award she received from the DAR as outstanding senior girl. S fy ' 7 m C I ,a:2.. I to Winners of the conservation poster contest are John Washburn, Randy Harker, Dewight Craig, Nick Fortner, Brenda Groom and Domuie Pottorff. Steven Smith, eighth grade, was awarded first prize in the DAR-sponsored essay contest in Har- rison County. Classmates Mike Elliott and Greg Bowen read this good paper entitled "How My State Acquired Its Name," 86 orth Harrzson .S ,,,,,,,Wf,,,.Mimi,,n,,1,g,,,,.f,,,.fa, ,,.-f 1ff:f,,, , .A-1,--, - f ,H - ,,k. - .-,,, ,-f,.f1f.g,1f,.:',,fffffw,:tsy,m,ggxfw Laura Smith, Kellie Harker, Kathy Slaughter and Rhonda Flet- chall are looking forward to the spring spelling "bee", honors and awards Terry Darnell is February's Teen-ager of the Month. Tana Trulllnger and Gail DeLong are chosen to represent their FHA chapter in the Regional Choir. Karis Richardson ls the Regional FHA president. She looks on as Susan Lane decides to nm for FHA Regional treasurer. .E isa A K 1 ff' Q f Q 4 Nancy Lane receives the gavel as she is named president of North I-Iarr1son's FHA, UM...- 5 llgx if I as gl ,yyyt ' l K xi.. r AF' -... Queen Brenda and King Roe are seated at the Throne while the attendants of Royalty stand by. Twas the night before Christmas Joyce Cole, Terri Darnell and Cynde Wilcoxson can't resist the urge to peek at the beautiful packages. Queen Brenda Bowen 3 . ,, , N we.W,W.,.n,,v.,W..,,Lemmew,m2n2e1werfwuwf.1au w'p1""' z7.smeQ42maf:vezwwerea llll -- - J ni , ,361 xr M 44' if Ya 4 - Q 1 ff If i i Q s 5 Q E Z B X 65.5 S li 10- wh ,rf , ,K I. A. f 'S I W' as 1 . , - ft, f NS 6' 2 Last Year's queen takes escort Randy Bar- ber's arm. The final moment of preparation stretches into a lengthy "eternity", With everyone enjoying the dancing, music and conversation, the evening was a great success. The Aftermath Band provides music. N N t Julie Heyle and David Richardson, Homecoming flower girl and crown bearer, just minutes before that beautiful Royal March. Miss Becky Bowen, '71 Homecoming Queen, 1usts the crown on the '72 Homecoming Queen. Sid Wilcoxson, the Queen's escort, and flower girl, Heyle, approve. 8-1 record 2nd place in H.D.C. Conference 1st place in H.D.C. Conference tournament lst place in Pattonsburg tournament 2nd place in Gilman City tournament lst place in Regional tournament Salina . ,u., f H .D .C . C onference tournament 1 li N -H- 3 8 Gilman City 23 N . H . 40 J ame s on 2 3 2" ' Patton sburg tournament Q N.H. 51 Winston 31 N-H- 48 M?1'0e1' , 25 N.H Gnman City D 31 N.H. 46 Glllllall Clty 33 N.H Mercer 20 Gilman C ity tournament N -H Cainsville 3 6 N .H i 44 pr-inceton 30 it N .H Martinsville 32 N.H. 35 Jameson 37 N-H PI'iUC9t0Y1 23 l it N .H Pattonsburg 2 5 Re gional tournament N .H Gallatin 14 N.H. Ridgeway xN.H Winston 22 N.H. 51 Jameusport 26 3kN.H Jameson 40 N.H. 39 lVI.3.I't1I1SV1.11G 24 3QtN.H Gilman City 34 N.H. 50 Gllman Clty 30 btCN.H. Cainsviue 39 'tN.H. Ridgeway 18 'kN .H Coffey 24 tN.H. 58 Jamesport 30 if Denotes conference games Girls win most season games in , North Harrison history - 24-2 Front row: Becky Bennett, Debbie B00th, Cheri Parman, Lutricia Smith, Jan Perkins and Paula Arkle. Back row: Rhonda Hulttg Terri Darnell, Connie Lane, Cynde Wllcoxson, Pam Darnell, Teresa Arnold and Mr. Parman, Coach. X YE! Vdc 1 '55 sg XM! 3,3 , k .ywaz 3,6 , 5 3 ? 9 1'Q 6 NW l A . 'li A f are 1 A N.H. 69 Gilman City N . H . 1 0 0 Mercer N.H. 106 Cainsville N.H. 73 King City t"N.H. 84 Martinsville N .H . 6 1 Princeton b"N.H. 97 Pattonsburg N.H. 55 Gallatin "'N.H. 89 Winston tN.H. 73 Jameson "fN.H. 72 Gilman City 'tN.H. 89 Cainsville t"N.H. 81 Ridgeway N.H. 96 Grant City YN .H. 66 Coffey 'tN.H. 77 Jamesport 96 Boys get 4th in state and sportsmanship award at sta te level Best record in North Harrison history: 30 3 1st H.D.C. conference tournament 1st Gilman City Invitational tournament lst Albany tournament 1st Gilman City B team Boys tournament lst H.D.C. conference lst Regional tournament 4th State tournament 57 30 58 42 57 o.t. 60 67 59 29 52 54 42 25 54 62 66 "'Denotes conference games H.D.C. Conference tournament N, H. 79 Winston N, H. 53 Jameson 'N. H. 99 Gilman City Gilman City tournament N. H. 61 Jamesport N. H. 63 Jameson N. H. 72 Gallatin Albany tournament N. H. 94 Albany N. H. 65 Hamilton N. H. 84 Maysville Regional tournament N. H. 76 Cainsville N. H. 107 Martinsville N . H, 68 Jameson N. H. '73 Jamesport Sub-State N. H. 62 Cairo N. H. 86 New Franklin State N. H. 70 Advance N. H. 59 Ravenwood Gilman City B team Boys tournament N. H, "B" 66 Gilman City "B" N. H. "B" '75 Gallatin "B" Front row: Danny Lisle, Randy Hamilton, Allen Gilliland, Greg Eckerson, Jim Harrold, Daryld Pottorff and Brent Elliott Back row: Bob Stobbeg manager, Victor Parkhurstg manager, Donnie Edwards, Dana Wilcoxson, Terry Trullinger, Roe Cox, Sid Wilcoxson, and Coach Parman. 53251 faiizwf' Team members Duane Long, Everett Arnold, Gary Bird, Rod McDowell, Earl Lockeridge, Larry Parman, Bill Heyle and Jim McKelvey, play a power-a fully good game against the KQ-TV court Jesters on this hm-packed evening. High School faculty and faculty wives Joyce Smith, Nadene Parman, Yvonna Arnold, Veta Gilpatrlck, Sonja Selby, Barbara Coulson, Marilyn Henry, Jane Smith, and Paula Long, calling themselves the Out of Shape Shamrocks, defeated the Element by a very nar- row margin. We proved we'r'e not the "out ofshape hamrocks, " after all. Highschool cheerleaders Ann Mossburg, Martha Woollums and Doris Groom scan a new cheer while Mrs. Henson, weary after a grueling game, changes to comfortable boots. Could it be referee Daryld Pottorff has a heckler on the far end of the court? Shades of night! Part of the Element' s volleyball squad, Sandy Heyle, Gladys Parkhurst, Jean Huit, Marilyn Beeks, Marilyn Henry, Barbara Coulson and Lib Cook, seem to be a bit confused at the moment. Just seconds later, one wobbly team member is carried off the court in a "stretcher", Referee Brent Elliot seems to have called an unpopular one! 1 ws, C awggxreeisissersfseffz I L. ,q...,.M17,XQfwwN ,fm 'jx' Q 4 J ' A' A .4 'X Qt xv if r Q B mg 1 4 V I Q' N9 Q if . 'Li Mm.. .AJ Q X ' x B 4 , 44, 1- his lOO Front row: susan Young, Kimberly Eastin, Donna Craig, Kellie Harker, Kathy Slaughter, Teyoni Pottorff, and Penny Cook Back row: Debra liuit, Carolyn Pottorif, Nancy Miller, Terry Pottorff, Carol Saling, Rhonda Fletchall, Diane Lacy, Kristy W11 coxson, and Coach Charles Cartwright. t Shamrock girls chalk winning scores North Harrison North Harrison North Harrison North Harrison North Harrison North Harrison North Harrison North Harrison Martinsville Ridgeway Mercer Ridgeway Cains ville Martinsville Gilman City Coffey H.D.C. Tournament North Harrison 29 North Harrison 22 North Harrison 26 Ridgeway J amesport Jameson Cainsville Invitational Tournament North Harrison 33 North Harrison 37 North Harrison 30 Ravana Mercer Martinsville H.D.C. Conference Tournament - 3rd place Cainsville Invitational Tournament - lst place Season record - won 13 - lost 1 Front Row: Tony Bowles, Rodney Cook, Rodney Thrailkill, Rob Darnell, Jeff Pierson, Pat Mossburg, manager, Tom Cole. Second Row: Manager, Howard Cole, Bob Beery, Greg Bowen, Ralph Osborn, Brian Selby, a.nd Tim Wilson. Third Row: Larry Cracraft, Ron Darnell, Jerry Wyant, Mike Elliott, Mark Smith and Coach Cartwright. Junior high boys show team spirit North Harrison North Harrison North Harrison North Harrison North Harrison North Harrison North Harrison North Harrison Martinsville 28 H.D.C . Tournament Ridgeway 30 North Harrison 58 Winston Mercer 30 North Harrison 28 Pattonsburg Ridgeway 30 Cainsville 37 Martinsville 49 Cainsville Tournament Gilman City 51 North Harrison 27 Cainsville Coffey 41 North Harrison 39 Ravana Cainsville Invitational Tournament 2nd place lOl .....,....a-- Y... ---W--W. Jr Hi Pep Club and Cheerleaders Junior high cheerleaders are Frances Pierson, Marlene Lisle, Barbara Butler, Debbie Ballantyne, Lynn Stanley and Geneva Osborn. Junior high pep club members are Sandy Stanton, Penny Cook, Bobby Beery, Joan Barber and Mrs. Edwards, sponsor, Kristy Wilcoxson, Cheryl Parkhurst, Becki Steven Debbie Parkhurst, Kim Eastin, Kim Lippincott, Gaylene Alley, Cindy Andrew, Terry Pottorff, Dixie Alley, Nancy Miller, DeAnn DeLong, Amy Edwards, Kathy Slaughter, Donna Craig, Randy Keltner, Stanley Hopkins, Scott Smith, Vickie Thrailkill, Laura Smith, Jana Jones, Beverly Lee, Becky Morrow, Carolyn Pottorff, Rhonda Fletchall, Marcia Willis, Susan Young, Debbie Huit, Susette Hamilton, Diane Ballantyne, Diane Lacy, Tommy Cole, Ronnie Smith, Pat Mossburg, Jeff Smith, Brian Selby, Jerry Stur- devant and Rick Carnagie. Sa ALMA MATER Raise a song for Alma Mater, Let the echoes mount and ring With our voices now united, Alma Mater's praise we sing. As we fight to gain the victory In one cause we all unite, To defend the matchless glory Of the Shamroek's green and white Alma Mater tho' we leave thee Still the mem'ries linger on, Of our happy days together And Alma Mater's song. Of the comradeship we treasured As our hearts in praise unite, To the glory past all measure Of the Shamrock's green and white .., ,mlm-Wgg,wn..:.w,.asQ.L an-f-M-M .,wwwrsassnma . X :ft i, QT... 5 XE. Mwssoum 1 Q STATE QQ BASKETBALL . TOURNAMENT ' SPURTSMANSHIP S. ,T f f If I ' CLASS 'SH AWARD ' If!7I '72 153 72 , ' ' STATE BASKETBALL V' fy. FOURTH PLACE , 1, was "5" Vs ,L Y 4 U V X X Shamrocks pause to reflect for a bit--of the winning bas- ketball teams, of the friendships, and of the encouragement of many people. Placing books in the stacks at the end of the quar- Journalism students who produced the Shamrock reflect ter is a time-consuming task, on the helpfulness of instructors, photographers and printers as they worked toward producing a more representative year- book. with the help of the entire student body, we learned to work together more effectively and to appreciate more fully the value of YOUTH POWER. Fans enjoy the teamwork of the winning SHAMROCKS. 0 ig. The Bethany Trust Company Maurice E. White .... John W. Hendren . . . Donald Ebersole . . . . . John Lynch . . . . Bethany, Missouri 5, Wfx Nfwgafhxbx . J , A fin, fi. A is XT B, osssss vw. V. i"fV li ,f ie . au f ff is 2 Has ,V fl' 6 - ' E 2255 .5-' . y . Chairman of Board Everett Eaton . . . . .Treasurer . . . . . President Peggy Rinehart . . . . . . . . . Secretary Exec. Vice-Pres. Helen Spence . . . . . . Asst. Treasurer . . . . .Vice-Pres. and Trust officer Jerry Collins . . . . . Asst. Secretary BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Bob Richardson John Nally SSfQZyEItZY'l2i2 Eigiifibgflijiace Maurice E. White . was it W ...L. i . 14 Jgdlmmffjmx K6 7, :ay fkxx, 0 fix i,?iTh B K' ary X? fir T fe ft' X N 'Q' A + ' - wi' 'ifrrifl ... 5 A' ,i wy,hryff ' c 25 104 Member FDIC Prairie Vu O n nco WAYNE :" ':': ' mos BE THANY, MISSOURI A We can supply you with 5 miles East of Bethany on OLIN Fertilizer--Bag or Bulk Highway 13 and 136 Chemicals Wayne Feeds BUTLER Agri-Bins PIONEER Seed Corn Telephone Harrison 5-3733 and other miscellaneous "on the farm" needs. hm-4 iw . 1 Mmm ,,,,,i. Bethany Cheese Co., Inc. Manufacturers Of Fancy Cheese Phone 425-3423 105 106 WHITE AUTO SUPPLY INC. BETHANY, MO. Albany, Mo. Gallatin, Mo. Stanberry, Mo. Trenton, Mo. We Appreciate Your Business PETTIJOHN'S Ford Lincoln Mercury Bethany HA 5-3141 Missouri HY-VEE FOOD STORE HARRISON COUNTY LIVESTOCK AUCTION Cattle sale every Monday Horse sale every other Thursday Sale Barn Phone: 425-3732 Buck Weddle Bill Findley Highways 69 Sz 136 Owners 8x Managers Bethany, Missouri Re gal Stamps LAMBERT MANUFACTURING COMPANY Melvin Smith Clothing Co Headwear Division Plant 55 Bethany, Missouri Bethany, Missouri VAN HOOZER BARNES STORE GIL COMPANY H gh y 69 and Main S for Gro Ph ne: 425-9935 H dware' and F d Bethany, Missouri Hatfield, Missouri 64442 Ph ne: VI5--2241 108 BLUE BIRD CAFE STOWE'S Home Cooked Meals Montgomery Ward Agency Homemade Pies 1618 Main Everyone Welcome Bethany, Mo. Bethany, Missouri Phone: 425-3303 BE THANY PRINTING CO. HOOK'S M. F.A. STATION Lee a d Do t '11 n n g I --Publishers of-- QB Bethany, Mo. ' ' REPUBLICAN--CLIPPER Jct. of Highways 69 lit 13 Phone: 425-3441 Bethany, Mo. Phone: 425-3190 BAUER'S SHOES Shoes for all the family Converse Canvas N.W. Corner of Square Bethany, Mo INDEPENDENT AUTO SUPPLY Wix Filters - purolator Perfect circle products and piston rings P 81 D Ignition, E 81 S Brake Parts Hastings Piston Rings, Marquette Electrodes, McCord Products, Voltmaster Batteries Bethany Missouri Phone: 42.5-3534 LONG BRANCH Steaks Shrimp Chicken Turkey Fries Short Orders Coffey, Mo. 533-2332 Vernon Sweeney-Auctioneer Service Phone: 425-9907 ROSS MOTORS Chrysler - Plymouth - Dodge Dodge Trucks 14th and Main Bethany, Mo. COMPLIMENTS OF COLLEGE DAIRY Pasteurized milk Milk Chocolate LAMONI Cream Orange Drink Phone State 4-6282 Lamoni Iowa VARSITY DRUG VISIT YOUR BIG VALUE STORE T Shoes for the family Rubber Footwear Dry Goods Lingerie Infant Wear Gift Items SMALL'S Rollin Bridge-Pharmacist Bus Depot Phone 784-6322 Lamoni, Iowa 50140 Phone 784-6411 Lamoni Iowa 109 110 THOMPSON LIVESTOCK CO. Buyers of fat hogs every day General Trucking Phone-Davis City, Iowa GI 2-2125 Lamoni, Iowa ST 4-3731 GRACES FURNITURE House of Values Denver, Mo. FA 6-2145 Furniture, Carpet, gL Appliances Compliments of BARNES BODY SHOP Bethany, Missouri AMY'S CAFE Homemade Pies Home cooked meals Blythedale, Missouri 867-3117 MALT VILLAGE DRIVE-IN Malts Shakes Assorted Sandwiches Soft Iilrinks Bethany, Missouri 525-3325 MIKE NICHOLS AND ASSOCIATES EDN Financing Company 2402 East Main P. O. Box 247 Bethany, Missouri 64424 Telephone HArrison 5-6211 or HArrison 5-3428 KLINDT S TANDARD SE RVI CE Complete Automotive Service Phone 425-3369 I-35 and 136 Highways Bethany, Missouri Compliments of P. M. PLACE STORE Bethany, Missouri Complete Discount Line of Phonographs Records, and Tapes Compliments of COFFEE SHOPPE HOTEL Lamoni Iowa THE TOGGE RY Ladies-Wear-- Children's Wear-- Infants Wear-- All kinds of name brands Lamoni , Iowa GRANT CITY SKATING RINK Chuck and Patsy Downey owners ARKLE CONSTRUCTION "All Kinds of Dirt Work" Beryle Arkle Eagleville, Missouri VO 7-5763 Soft Serve Ice Cream OPAL BARTH DAIRY CUP Malts and Shakes Lamoni, Iowa Sandwiches Cold Drinks A Complete Men's Shop THE STAG SHOP Men ' s Boys' Wear Wear Furnishings Shoes Jim Braby Lamoni , Iowa Flowers for all occasions LAMONI FLORAL Arnetta Boswell, owner 803 East Main Lamoni, Iowa Ph: 784-3493 FARME RS' CO-OP Seed Company Bulk Products Bulk Feeds Bulk Spreading Bulk Fertilizer Bulk Delivery Seeds---Petroleum---Grain Phone: 515 784-3931 Lamoni, Iowa 50140 111 112 EAGLEVILLE LOCKER BLTTLER'S CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '72 Eagleville Martinsville Missouri Produce Feed Family Stamps Groceries FOR GREAT PROVED SIRES POLE BUILDERS Call Rogf-me E. Slaughter NORTH Genetic Engi neer MI SSGURI 7 dairy 13 beef BUILDERS For Farm and Industry AMERICAN BREEDERS Am D' Pmhufst Hatfield, Missouri 64458 Phone: 867-5673 Phone: C8165 867-5295 Hardware Sz Furniture Eagleville, Missouri A Salute to the G1r1 Scouts from Vanzant Produce Company C bb g Sp lty R 867 3975 B 867 3515 E gl 11 M I t S SHARON'S RILEY'S SUNDRIES BEAUTY AND BUS STOP SALON EAGLEVILLE, MISSOURI T 1 ph ne: 867-3211 Hair Cutting Hair Styl g And E gleville, Missour P manents and Waving Ch 1 Lake,Manager Ph 867-5417 C mpliments of RILEY'S OIL COMPANY E gleville, Missour Ph 867-5414 NORTH STATION EAGLEVILLE OIL and CAFE 24 HOUR SERVICE PHONE 867 5611 CLAUDE gl VERDA HARROLD O ners E gleville , Missouri 64442 RAZOR'S EDGE HUTTON'S FINA 7 AND TIRE CENTER Complete Tire Service-Farm and Road I would like to thank you for your patronage this past Bob Hutton, Manager year. Eagleville, Mo. Harold Coulson Phone: 867-9231 BRIGGS SALES AND WESTERN AUTO Compliments of FOWLER'S "WASH HOUSE" M... hw large washers and dryers with perma-press settings. Soft Water Eagleville, Missouri Residence phone: 867-5496 Business phone: 867-5715 Eagleville Missouri 115 116 Citizens Bank Blythedale, Missouri Our Motto "Small enough to know you-but large enough to serve you." Capital Stock 50 ,000 .00 Total Surplus 75,000.00 Assets Over 2,600,000 Safety Deposit Boxes for Rent, Checking Account, Pass Book Savings, Time Certificates of Deposits, Bank by Mail Service Available. We have recently celebrated our 60th year in Banking Business Board of Directors T.B. White V.O. Brown J.D. Phillip Hopkins White H.R. Sheets Member FDIC Member Missouri Member Independent Banker's Association of America Bankers Association SMITH FEED AND URY'S REPAIR SHOP GRAIN INC- Blythedale, Missouri Speedy Repair Auto Service Portable Grinding and Mixing Blythedale, Missouri f lr! l l if P PURINA - s CHOWS :S "33:I:3:55 "Success to the Graduating Class" Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1972 PRUGH-DUNFEE FUNERAL Bill A. Dunfee, L. E. Grant City, Mo. 464-3388 Arch C. Dunfee, L. E. Mount Ayr, Iowa 564-3388 SEARS SERVICE Blythedale , Missouri Gas, Oil, Lube, Wrecker Service Welding, Automatic Transmissions Overhaul and other types of Mechanical Work. DEWEY CARR MOTORS Phone 786-2217 Allendale Missouri Compliments of B AND E GARAGE Denver, Missouri FA 6-2245 BOGGE SS F UNE RAL HOME Eagleville, Missouri Phone: 867-3112 Ridgeway, Missouri Phone: 872-6811 SEARS LAUNDRY MATT Wash and Dry Jim Mildred Don Blythedale Missouri McWHINNEY AGENCY Insurance, Real Estate, Income Tax, and Notary Public Eagleville, Missouri Best of luck to the 1972 class THE FARMERS NATIONAL BANK RIDGEWAY Capital 325,000.00 Surplus 550,000.00 Member, FDIC Earl D. 'Mike' Nichols, President Arlo Price, Cashier Ridgeway Missouri Phone: 872-3425 117 GRANT CITY COMPLIMENTS LIVESTOCK of MARKET, INC. Ph: Area 816f 564-3312 and 564-3311 CITIZENS BANK SALE EVERY WEDNESDAY QF Managers GRANT CITY, FRANK J. BAKER MISSQURI DR. JACK o. PARKER CAFE OPEN DAILY Member 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. Phone 564-3405 Grant City Missouri Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation RIDGEWAY LUMBER COMPANY Lumber, Building Materials, Paint gl Glass Aluminum Store Windows Sz Doors DELBERT SHAIN- owner Phone: 872-6815 Ridgeway, Missouri Visitors Are Always Welcome At Sufelegio Jgingus Sorrfu ROBERT W. RICHARDSON Eagleville, Mo. 64442 Where Quality Angus Are Bred 867-5787 118 Grabill Construction Bulldozing Work by the hour or Contract D6C and D'7E igIg3ip2ge133R1tgStruCtureS Dorwin Grabill . . Eagleville Mo. T Sh ' lmber earmg Phone 867-5777 Duplicators-Calculators Office Furniture-Adding Machines MADISON AUTO SALVAGE Typewriters-Office and School Supplies MARYVILLE TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE Don't Cuss, call us INC. Sales-Service-Rentals 216 East Third Street HA 5-3211 Bethany, Missouri Maryville, Missouri HOYT GARAGE JIMMY PARKHURST Walnut and Maple Timber General repairing -- Wrecker Service Buyer Day Phone 425-3131 867-3133 Night Phone 425-3387 Eagleville Missouri 119 120 FRED BENNETT Walnut and Maple Timber Buyer Ridgeway, Missouri Phone: 872-6423 GRANT CITY Compliments of SKATING RINK DR. G. H. KROEGER Chuck and Patsy Downey owners Bethany, Missouri Phone 564-3485 LaBerta's Photo LOOK PRETTY, PLEASE Phone: 425-6299 Bethany Missouri ALLENDALE Mi11er'S M.F.A. BETHANY The Ad-Visor Dr. GQ E. Anderson Andrick Motor Co. Bethany Electric Co. Bethany Lumber Co. Bethany Skelgas Bethany Welding Christies Beauty Salon Clarke's Cole Hardware The Corner Drug Easton Floral Ferndale Printing Fordyce Firestone Glendenning's Inc. Hatten Truck and Tractor Hurst and Sons Dr. J. E. Kadolph Kern Town Tavern Lowery-Miller Lumber Co Dr. Noe Noll and Frontier Theaters Pierson's Radio Sz TV J. C. Penney Prather Sales Royal Theatre S 8a F Cleaners Sunset Motel Thompson's Mens Wear Z Sz P Printing Gene M. Zinn D.V.M. DENVER Jones Grocery EAGLEVILLE Campbell's Garage Eagle Queen Motel . EAGLEVILLE Lark and Sons Nadine's Fabric Shop Raney's Liquor Slatten's Angus Farm Thomlinson Mobil Tull's State Line Station Young's Garage and Body Shop GRANT CITY Arnold and Stephenson--Sweet Lassey Fern's Drive-In Gail and June's Shop Grant City Granite H and W Electric HATFIELD 69 Souvenir Shop LAMONI Atwoods Greenhouse Boswell Brothers Elevator De Long Orchard Edgerton's Food Market Green Gate Nursery Hacke's Variety J. Burdman Auto Parts Ken Bowell Massey Fergenson Lamoni Co-op Lumber and Supply Assn. Lamoni Hy-Vee Moon Pottery Shack Paterno Pro Hardware Pett and Prather DX Service Ron's Barber Shop Silver and Roberts Village Cleaners RIDGEWAY Middleton Sundries Shepard Equipment Pollock Family Enterprises 121 WALSWORTH Marceline, Mo., U.S.A

Suggestions in the North Harrison High School - Shamrock Yearbook (Eagleville, MO) collection:

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