North Hagerstown High School - Heiskelite Yearbook (Hagerstown, MD)

 - Class of 1960

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North Hagerstown High School - Heiskelite Yearbook (Hagerstown, MD) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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I I l H-"-1 5 5 E lllllllllll I 1 rrlnrfumfuml -1I'!T-...4.l- - ,V I ,,,A H ,, I lj A JA-sq , -R v U V,,--fl""'-' ,L NS--.KN L- nl' H ,: ,Q , ,4f.f4ff3 P f' - - ' ' ,, ,,,-4 " ' oi -' 1 1 ' -- 'z f..1'4-1-v"f-'-'1 r 6' v'v' Q ' ' o i A , L 5 x L , 5 'NL ii?-I -lr 'va 11.7, ., ,- csg. ... 0, ' ' -Z -'I' 9' " L ev Jw. 5. . - , ' F r I' ' I I ' -' 5 " . ' T Q-fa ' ri, ., Q ' fl ' ' ' A ' r , . .gf-1... K- ,, - :Ms ,LY vc -I' - 1 . ' s " - hr -, ,. 4 h . ,- , . 4 4 ' 1 I-'F' 'W' :Q-'w . ' " ' 1 3 1 , 1 ' " C' s" 1' 5 if i Jfyf "" 4 f 1 w N OR TH HA GERSTO 1 1 . p ' Y I . . ,:4..xi r. . .. UF WN HIGH SCHOOL -L, I '...,i.g ,ll II gm--.61 r nrnsl ADMINIS TRA TI ON UNDER CLASSMEN ACTIVITIES SENIORS A THLE T ICS AD VER TISING STAFF - Phyllis Dannecker, Barbara Ridenour, Alice Weller, Bill Sparrow, Mr. Kinsley, Susie Hoffman, Sheila Gibney, Jeffrey Wyand, Tim Rohrer, Bill Schildt The Heiskelite Staff PREAMBLE We, the Heiskelite staff, in order to form a more perfect yearbook, establish lasting memories, insure school spirit, provide enioyment, promote friendship and understanding, and secure the remembrance of our days at North High, do ordain and establish this the 1960 Heiskelite of North Hagerstown High School. Editor .. .,,s ....,s,s,,s,,.,..,, - Bill Schildt Advertising Manager .,.,,, Alice Weller Associate Editors ...ssscs Susan Hoffman Sales Manager -,.nv, Phyllis Dannecker Jeffrey Wyand Photography Editor ..,.,, Lynn Logsdon Junior Asst. Editor ,.a..a,... Bill Sparrow Art Editor ,,,ss,,,.,-,aE,,.,-,,. Mary Embly Copy Editor , a.,a,, ,,a,. A -- Sheila Gibney Sports Editor ,,,,, ,,,E T im Rohrer Treasurer ,,oa , E ao,, Barbara Ridenour 2 iililf .rr I STAFF AIDES ROW I - C. Waggy, P. Stone, S Thomas, B. Spigler, S. Boublitz J. Grantland, H. Spigler, L Donegan. ROW 2 - N. Pugh, B. Seabolt, J Shuping, J. Witherspoon, S Smith, W. Stouffer, S. Nixon M. Hoffman, B. Pryor, C. Haugh B. Dannecker, J. Weller. ADVERTISING STAFF ROW I - B. Vollmer, A. Weller M. Brish, J. Grantland, S Young, G. Unger. ROW 2 - C. Jones, B. Beachley, J Johnston, K. Gossard, P. Kuhn K. Dellinger. ROW 3 - C. Huber, A. Robertson L. Smith, J. Weller, L. Donegan M. Jennings. ROW 4 - B. Bowman, L. Ingram B. Spielman, B. Spigler, A Young, C. Kramer. ROW 5 - C. Basore, M. Thurmond, H. Fitz, P. Miller, B. Stites, M Martin. HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES ROW I - L. Shannon, B. Weaver, B. Greene, C. Spickler, L. Ing-ram, M. Brown, P. Dannecker, B. Lindsey, B. Hershey, C. Eisiminger, K. Cooey, M. Thurmond, B. Beard. ROW 2 A- L, Donegan, B. Marquiss, C. Knicely, A. Byler, I. Shank, S. Phillips, K. Shoop, L. Walters, S. Gibney, N. Weaver. ROW 3 - P. Adams, P. Metz, R. Sease, C. Croft, B. Pryor, L. Henesy, D. Hoffman, L. Huntzberry, P. Fitez, R. Miller, D. Wachter, T. Browning. 7 1 I 1 f 1 1 ' mx Q I ' 5 f kl lfifl. Ili Ill Fai I IIIIIIWII ........ ..... .... ........, . , -, ,,,,, "Ill in M -, 90 .. I fQQ.... iii :Inf 535 is i 1 5 Y 1 gb ' ?3 Q Tir: i m, 1 .1-....- ,WM M-,,... -M 1 . . l.,W, ......1.,. -.-... , , -4 i' , -M---...X .-1.-... -..... K' y W- W Y , WA... -..-1.-..... .N .M ,. ., ........ QQ? 'Q fn A :::::: is Ai ---- '-' 'N ., - 1 iz 57' is - "7' "J" E E 1 4 , - , - 'f' - K ' ' 1 xi I j A . ,Q H ,, . luull MINIS T RA TION North Hagerstown High School Hagerstown, Maryland Class of 1960 Dear Seniors: You are bringing your high school career to a close. You are, l am sure, leaving North High with mixed emotions. You are probably uncertain about the future, the future of our society and your own future as a member of that society. We, your teachers and parents and I, have watched you make the change from an adolescent to a mature, young adult. You have achieved many fine goals during your high school career. You have, in the process, cultivated work habits and behavior atti- tudes that will be an asset to you throughout your life. We sincerely hope that the variety of experience that you have had at North High will be of great value to you as you take your next steps into the future. The friendships that you have cultivated here will be an everlasting ioy to you. Make every effort to maintain these friendships and strive to win new friends as you move on to your chosen field of endeavor. As a student you have displayed great loyalty to your school and an appreciation for the opportunities that have been yours. A continued expression of your loyalty and appreciation will bring you great satisfaction and your school much prestige. May we wish you all success and happiness as you take your respective places in the world of tomorrow. Sincerely, Herbert C. Logsdon HERBERT C LOGSDON Principal MERLE FUNK, Vice Principal Counselors WILLIAM R. PARKIN Senior Coordinator JOHN L. COOVER Junior Coordinator AMBA F. KIBLINGER Sophomore Coordinator PAUL W. BURGER Freshman Coordinator an IRENE ANDREWS Junior-Senior Counselor JOHN J. HULL Sophomore-Freshman Counselor Coordinators ' ,Q-, N I , wx 3 v as I ,Q 5. 51 M Q , 1 L QM I I I N if K Y fi wwf? ' Q ALICE M. almrveuz Msms R. FUNK EDNA M. Hoovsre FRANCES C. SQHNEBIY 'fllglisll 5-.uf MARTHA F SEAMAN IAVVRENCE M. SHOWE PHILIP S. SIEVERS GEORGE W. SARA D. ZENGF WASHINGTON '26 JOAN BOYLE DOROTHY I. BROWNE HUGO W. CARDENAS JOHN FIC:-NAR, JR, The Arts ROBERT E. KINSLEY WILLIAM L. MAKELL DOUGLAS R. PETERSON ALINE H. SOWERS SARA M. STOUFFER in L . Q 701' I we Q A . k NN' kkk' 1' j A -L f XNILIIAM C, KERCHIQVAL R, RUDOLPH LOVVk 111 l I1 vnu: ti ras Qsabus: Xl BOYD J MICHAEL JR, CAIHERINE V, JULIAN G VVADDY MIDDLEKAUFI' JAMES C. HAUGHT DANIEL W. JOHNSON AMBA F. KIBLINGER The Scwnces I -AA Q WILLIAM R. PARKIN GEORGE RISHELL JOHN STOUFFER PAUL W. BURGER JOHN L. COOVER ALBERT E. DAVIS Social Studies I , .A , ,.-rg, N 'Q X" f.. ,. .- - 1 , -5 ,B , Q?f'iwI'1 . . 35,1 GERALD G. HOLMES MARY V. JACKSON BILLY E. LYON ROBERT B. MORRISON CLYDE E. BAILEY RONALD L. CRISS GERALD C. HAMMOND THEODORE S. HULL Indus tnal Arts SAMUEL D. LANDIS JOHN C. LONG JOHN R. MILES JOHN H. PEARL ff' V! 4 R 15 , 1 ,-,. I if f4.,?i,f Mm iv..+f.wmf EULA D. BARNHART THOMAS J. CARROLL ELSIE C. HANSON MELVIN HENRY Home Economics and Physical Eflucatlon ROBERT W. JOHNSON VIVIENNE T, LEWIS MILDRED D. SHANK JANET M. SMELTZ EARL COFFMAN H. PAUL DEHART RUTH K, DOWNEY Business and Driver Education JOSEPH P, PROKSA ETHEL M. RINEHART CHARLES V. ROWE 5' 53' .gr 'vi ' f PRISCILLA C. GREINER MARY E. HERSHBERGER MARY J. HOOVER F. ELEANOR REECHER SECRETARIES CAFETERIA WORKERS-E. Baker, M. Wolford, P. Reed, L. Bailey, D. Herbert, M. Ferguson, E. Garver, E. Burkette, D. Fouke, M. Carpenter, B. Montgomery, E. Woodcock, J. Chaney, I. Lim, M. Forsythe P. Sfouffer, M. Siottlemyer, G. Darr, W. Showe, W. Schroder, E. Woodcock, T. Peters, W. Ftnyre CUSTODIANS Faculty Committees ADVISORY COMMITTEE .mapa-Annu Albert E. Davis, Julian G. Waddy, Lawrence M. Showe, and Boyd J. Michael, Jr. ASSEMBLY AND ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE Douglas R, Peterson, Clyde E. Bailey, Sara M. Siouffer, Frances C. Sclwnebly, Mary V. Jackson, James C. Haughr, and William L. Malcell SENIORS 2 4 L A , in .A Q AM 4 ,NL L J - """ wh'-flw, N, - A WUJW .5 x nw , qwk x . . A , . 1.g.:g:,A x H , , Q7 l 'l2 l Q W' W L' - W V y A , Q, . U XL.k 1 Sk L1-, - ,W M ' ,..,M, . v Yi Q rm, Q, ug f M- f - , A ,,L: X , , ..,f ,. 9-Wm., J'--wp . K . ' ' " "W 7 ' "'i nw Z N.- ff' x r ,ff , 'Q If 3 1 3 ' MYMWY 5 "I 3 Y 5 i v M,....m. L ,, , ,, A ,, r v 1 W1 f T-'C'-'wiv-if--1 ' M. .,.,..+,, ,, f,A..fW,.M t 2 A 2, i 5 ' Q , , Q Tx""!'f!F P lllfl.lff f "? 'Qs! lznnvn-zungmnnpmq gsnnnqsl " .2 ,iq .. L A ' i " 1 1..- N x, ,.f Most Popular 1""',.A JEAN WILES . .. The girl with personality Pep, vim, vigor, vitality-- Hats off to our Vice President Whose qualities have been vvell-spent. TOM MARTIN. . . A smile which proved that he used "Gleem" An important man on the football team! These qualities seen through our looking glass Made him most popular boy in our class. Best Looking W FRAN DIEHL . .. Blonde hair, blue eyes, plenty of class No wonder the football team made a pass And made indisputably clear Their choice for Homecoming Queen this year. KENNY RIDENOUR . . . A football hero, a basketball whiz That's what our Kenny Ridenour is. And most of the girls seem to agree He's as good looking as he can be. 4 I 1 'v.. is I. ' list, - .,x: . ,4 Y Q YQ, ',,'v .. 3 , . .5 .ML "1-A '..-ff' -1' li' . .f M 3.1.5 i 5 X as 1 vp - bf! " .fl 'fu n' 1-5 1. If is if 1 " in ld . , . 'x- . fi :pr 1 W air' Fl, IN 1 fi 4- 43:51 .Q 555.1 P WS: di l-iiTf'.lTV'.' :df 'fT:i,5,,,F1?z i -tr' "fig ' i ,. , WM , ...Qi-. ,. Most Dignified f"'N 26 .aim is lm A: ' i, PAT LINDSAY.. . She's so chic and "on the beam" The object of affection in many a dream With all that poise and ability Success for her should come easily. MURRAY REED . .. The kind ofa fellow we all like to know Friendly, thoughtful and "simpatico." lt's easy to see how his classmates could be impressed by his kindness and dignity. Most Likely to Succeed SCOTTIE HANSBROUGH . . . A straight "A" student of some reknown Whose ability will ne'er let down. Who's sure to meet with much success And certain to reach the top-no less. BILL SCHILDT . .. Ambitious, determined-and probably An attorney we shall eventually see As successful as our predicted belief He'Il achieve heights far beyond Editor-in-Chief. Most Musical ,xd- . Q 1' t iii l t SYLVIA IRVINE . . . Music hath charm, so they say Sylvia will help keep it that way A real nice gal with talent galore If opportunity's smart, it will knock at her door RONNIE SPESSARD . . . We have a T. Dorsey of our own ln Ronnie Spessard with his slide trombone. We hope to see this talent grow And someday become a musical pro. Most Artistic MARY EMBLY . . . A great art talent is very rare But Mary certainly has her share Contributions she made could only be Matched by her winning personality. WAYNE STOUFFER . . . Artistic services are not easy to find But our class vvas lucky in having the kind Of fellow who in a pinch could produce Artistic results for each special use. fm Most Athletic XJ ' wh K .tidy NANCY HUFF . .. When the varsity teams found things getting rough They could always count on our Nancy Huff To spearhead the drive and turn the tide And make us feel glad she was on our side. TOM HAWKINS . . . Honor student, King of Sports A real headliner in athletic reports Contributed mightily in team victories On both football and basketball varsities. Class Wits BARBARA RIDENOUR . . . Her dramatic ability and wif To spare Make Barbara welcome anywhere. Intelligence and gaiefy-a rare combo Make her a refreshing person to know. JOHN WARNER.. . Crazy and carefree-fha1's our John Buf1haf's how we like him so lef's keep on Singing the praises of our class clown Whose contagious smile could remove any frown. Best All Around U 'zll ' l SUSIE HOFFMAN . . . Words fail to describe this popular lass Voted "Best All Around" by our class She's intelligent, cute, bright and gay. We wouldn't have her any other way. JOHN SNYDER . . . A coveted title to be sure And one well worth striving forg Good athlete, student-was a cinch to be found And chosen by his class as "Best All Around." if J NJ, '60 President DICK GYSBERTS Vice President JEAN WILES Secretary SUSIE HOFFMAN Treasurer BILL STOUFFER 'inning CABINET - Mrs. Downey, John Perrotf, Linda Shank, John Warner, Carolyn Keller, Tim Rohrer, Judy McManus, Mr. Morrison FRANCES VIRGINIA ADAMS Franny Social Worker General r Sr Girls Chorus o h Chorus Lancers TruH1Y Par agon Teen Club Asst Sec reas LAWRENCE NATHAN ALSIP NANCY ANN BACHTELL Academic HooWalrnWat Ill IV C ews Editor IV FTA IV Sec Ill Honor Office Asst Ill Prom Comm Ill Helskelite Adv Staff I Freshman Chorus Sigma Tri HIY RONALD LEE BAER uhm., ,,Baer,, Aeronautical Engineer Mason General Vocational Varsity Track Ill, IV: Student Council I: Concert Choir IV DARIS JEAN ANGLE Academic Cabinet ll: Intramural Rep. I VIRGINIA M. ARVIN "Lisa" Secretary Commercial Heiskelite Rep. I, Il: Fresh- man Chorus: Soph. Chorus SHARON HOPKINS AUXT Academic S.A.T.B. Chorus Accompanist I, IV: S.S.A. Chorus ll: Honor Club: Student Council IV: Guidance Asst. III: Homeroom Officer ll, Ill: Bible Club I House Proiect IV DOUGLAS ARNOLD BARNETT NDOUQH Minister Academic Band I, ll, lll, IV: Concert Choir IV: All-State Band Ill, IV: All-State Orchestra Ill: All-County Band I: Band Council I CATHERINE ELEANOR BARNHART General MARVIN LEE EARL BARROW lIHeadll General Radio lll, IV: Drama Club IV: Band l, ll, Ill, IV: Civic Band: Municipal Band MABEL ELIZABETH BEACHLEY "Betsy" Home Economics Teacher Academic F.T.A. II, III, IV: Honor Club: Heiskelite Adv. Staff IV: Hub Boosters II: Breakfast Club I: Alpha Tri-Hi-Y: Senior Scouts: Mariner Scouts DANIEL AARON BEARD "Danny" Academic Honor Club: Safe Teen Club IV: Chorus I, II: Explorer Scout BARBARA ANN BERGER "Barb" Stenographer Commercial Library Asst. IV: Intramural Sports I, II: Chorus I, ll SHARON COLEMAN BOUBLITZ "Sherry" Teacher Academic Cheerleader I, II, Ill, IV: F.T.A. II, III, IV: Heiskelite Staff Aide IV: Honor Club: French Club lll, IV: Drama Club II, IV: Office Asst. III: Early Birds III, IV: Homeroom Officer Il, Ill: Drama Festival II: Intramural Sports I, ll: Alpha Tri-Hi-Y: Potomac Play- makers: Y.M.C.A. Swim Team ROBERT FRANKLIN BOWARD HBCU, Sheet Metalist Vocational WILLIAM GETTY BOWEN "Bill" Doctor Academic Track III, IV: Homeroom Of- ficer III: Cabinet Ill: Prom Comm. III: Intramural Rep. IV: Circle Hi-Y LARRY EUGENE BOWERS Bookkeeper General Baseball ll, III, IV: Hub Boosters III, IV: Intramural Sports II, IV BARBARA JEAN BOWIE "Bobbie" Occupational Therapist Academic Safe Teen Club Pres. IV: Art Service Club V. Pres. IV: Sports Service Club Sec. Ill, IV: Hub Hop Comm. I, II, IV: Honor Club: Office Asst. III, IV: Drama Club Ill: Prom Comm. III BELVA JEAN BOWMAN "Jean" General FRANK S. BOWMAN III Academic Band I, ll, III: All-State Band II: Homeroom Officer II, III . 11 . Q. ggiifsfsfr PM his U I . 'fin ,Q 4 5 , W Q x I 42 " ik? if Q59 ' P W. -Mio 1 we , ,Q W . ... esgf ' -- tif. : -at ' FF: L I ? I f -19 N. WV ., i"FW'f' I A' EI' QM: K I raft' Jil: 5553:-W EE' E "."5-'...c ..ff I... .13 '. 'S sr.-, .sm . . - KATRINA KAY BOWMAN Nurse General Honor Club FLOYD F. BRADY "Brady Jr." Vocational Road Devil: Boys' Club MARCIA JEANETTE BRISH "Mottz" Elementary Teacher Academic F.T.A. Il, III, IV: French Club IV: Heiskelite Adv. Staff IV: S.A.T.B. Chorus IV: Office Asst. III, IV: Soph. Girls' Cho- rus: Library Asst. II: Honor Club: Freshman Chorus: Hoo- Wair-n-Wat I: Student Coun- cil I: Sigma, Tri-Hi-Y MARY LOUISE BRODE "Brodie" Legal Secretary Commercial Office Asst. IV: Student Teacher IV: Reading Instruc- tor III, IV: Heiskelite Staff Aide III: Sports Service Club III: Prom Comm. III: Hoo- Wair-n-Wat II: Intramural Sports II: Student Council I, Il: Homeroom Officer I, II: Breakfast CIuB I BARBARA ANN BUCHANAN "Barb" Academic Chorus I, ll, III, IV: French Club III, IV: Girls' Sextet III: F.T.A. ll, Ill: Alpha Tri- Hi-Y 6 JAMES SCOT BUCHANAN Hjimf, Lawyer Academic French Club III, IV: Honor Club: All-State Band Il, IV: Band I, II, III, IV: Student Council I, II WINSLOW FORTHMAN BURHANS, JR. :,Mayor,, General Senior Quintet: Kustom Kruis- ers: Circle Hi-Y DAVID HENRY BURKHOLDER "Burke" Vocational LINDA CAROLE CARBAUGH HPIXH Stenographer Commercial Library Asst. I, II: Breakfast Club I: Hub Hop Comm. I WAYNE CARBAUGH Vocational Stage Crew Ill, IV: Audio-Vis- ual III, IV PATRICIA ANN CARTY ffparn Physicist Academic Honor Club: Safe Teen Club IV: Junior Red Cross Ill, IV: Office Asst. Ill: Episti- mini Club I, II CECELIA ANN CAVENDER "Cereal" General Library Asst. I LINDY MAE CECIL "Linda" General F.N.A. I, II, III: Hub Boost- ers Il, Ill: Bible Club ll: Soph. Mixed Chorus: Fresh- man Chorus: Delta Tri-Hi-Y: Jr. Auxiliary of Wash. Co. Hospital WALTER D. CLAYTON Musician General Band I, II, III, IV: Galaxies: Student Council III: Munici- pal Band MICHAEL JOYCE CLEM "Mike" Homemaker Commercial Library Asst. IV: Bible Club III: Student Council II: Soph. Girls' Chorus JOHN RICHARD COCHRAN "Googie" Chemist Academic French Club Ill, IV: Track Il: Soph. Mixed Chorus II KAREN LOUISE COSS Nurse 'Academic F.N.A. IV: French Club Ill, IV: Junior Red Cross Ill, IV: IV: Hoo-Wair-n-Wat Adv. Staff III: Hub Boosters Pres. II, III: F.T.A. Il, Ill: Drama Club II: Student Council II: Freshman Chorus 4-H Pres.: Kappa Tri-Hi-Y LARRY BISER COTTRILL General Y.M.C.A. LINDA KAY CRAIG Stenographer Commercial Library Asst. IV: Soph. Mixed Chorus WAYNE NELSON CRUMBACKER General Concert Choir III, IV: Jr.-Sr. Chorus: Drama Club III, IV: Freshman Chorus 37 071' , 'rp 2 121+-.-?!f1 ,L-. 38 RICHARD LEE CULLISON "Dick" Navy Vocational ROSE DARLENE CUTSHAW "Rosie" Music Teacher Academic GARY DANDO "Ben" Certified Public Accountant Academic Basketball Mgr. I, ll, Ill, IV, Football Team III, IV, Football Mgr. I, II, Intramural Sports I, Il, IV, Intramural Rep. I, Il, Ill, Track ll, Prom Comm. Ill, Honor Club, Circle Hi-Y PHYLLIS LOUISE DANNECKER Teacher Academic Heiskelite Sales Manager IV, Heiskelife Adv. Staff Ill, F.T.A. ll, III, IV, Librarian Ill, Hoo- Wair-n-Wat IV, Honor Club, Student Teacher Ill, Student Council III, Drama Club I, II, III, Awards Assembly I, III, Drama Festival Il, Ill, Breakfast Club II, Chorus I, Model Legislature, Sigma Tri- Hi-Y, Chaplain IV FRANKLIN DOUGLAS DAVIS "Pancho" Navy Academic Senior Quintet, Student Coun- cil IV, Drama Club IV, Fire Marshal III, Prom Comm. III, Homeroom Officer III, Intra- mural Sports I, Circle Hi-Y SONDRA LEE DAVIS "Sonnie" Teacher Academic F.T.A. Il, III, IV, Honor Club, Prom Comm. III, Drama Club II, Ill, Hub Boosters Il, Cho- rus I, II, Intramural Sports I, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y BONNIE LEE DE BIASE Secretary Commercial CHARLOTTE FAYE DE HART Secretary Commercial Office Asst. IV CALVIN LEE DERRYBERRY "DinIc" Teacher Academic French Club Ill, Homeroom Officer I, II, III, Student Council I, Il, III, Basketball Mgr. I, Il, Varsity Wrestling I, II, Fire Marshal II, Circle Hi-Y FRANCINA MARIE DIEHL "Fran" Dress Designer Academic Maiorette IV, Drama Club II, III, IV, Hoo-Wair-n-Wat II, III, IV, Heiskelite II, Ill, IV, Prom Comm. III, Homeroom Officer II, III, Student Coun- cil II, F.T.A. II, Sigma Tri- Hi-Y EDITH VIRGINIA DIETERICH "Eydie" Typist Commercial Hoo-Wair-n-Wat IV DARLENE DIANA DIETRICH "Dianne" Academic Safe Teen Club IVi Flag Twirler IVi French Club III, IVi F.T.A. ll, Ill, IVi Jr.-Sr. Mixed Chorus Illi Honor Clubi Hub Boosters Ili Color Guard Ili Soph. Girls' Chorus lli Freshman Chorusi Library Asst. li Civil Air Patroli 4-H Club, Treas., Jr. Leaderi Sigma Tri-Hi-Y CHARLES LEWIS DITTO "Chuck" Vocational Stage Crew III, IVi Audio- Visual Ill, IV BEULAH DIVELBLISS General VIRGINIA RUTH DOWIE "Ginnie" Photographer Academic French Club lll, IVi F.T.A. ll, lll, IVi Concert Choir Illi Girls' Sextet IVi Jr. Sr. Girls' Chorus Illi Soph. Mixed Cho- rusi Freshman Chorusi Delta Tri-Hi-Y LESTER H. DOYLE "Butch" Navy Vocational PATRICIA ANN DUBEL Hparn Stenographer Commercial Freshman Chorusi Breakfast Club I ANN LOUISE EARHART Commercial Girls' Sextet IVi S.S.A. Cho- rus Il, IV, V. Pres. IVi Honor Clubi Heiskelite Rep. Ill LINN HAPPEL EICHELBERGER Electronic Technician General Band I, ll, III, IVi All-State Band III FRANKLIN S. ELLIOTT "Frank" Business Administrator Academic Varsity Football Ill, IVi Var- sity Basketball lVi Baseball III, IVi Track I, Ili Student Council Illi Prom Comm. Illi Intramural Sports I, Ili Band l, Ili JETS Club Ili Y.M.C.A. Swim Teami Circle Hi-Y GAIL FRANCES ELPERN Psychologist Academic Safe Teen Club IV: F.T.A. II, Ill, IV: Hoo-Wair-n-Wat ll, III: Office Asst. ll, Ill: Li- brary Asst. I MARY KATHERINE EMBLY Free Lance Artist General Art Service Club, Pres. IV: Hoo-Wair-n-Wat, Art Editor III, IV: Heiskelite, Asst. Art Editor lll, Art Editor IV: Prom Comm. Chrmn. Ill: Of- fice Asst. III: Hoo-Wair-n- Wat Rep. Il: Student Council Rep. I, II: Heiskelite Rep. I ERIC A. B. ERICKSON Physicist Academic JETS Club IV: Delegate to Boys' State RAYMOND DANIEL ESHLEMAN noanu Vocational Heiskelite Rep. IV DONALD EVANS uDUCku Vocational Varsity Basketball I, IV 40 LENORA MARIE EVANS "Dolly" Beautician General Soph. Chorus: Lancers Tri- Hi-Y: Paragon Teen Club RICHARD GALEN EVERHART "Dick" General Vocational RONALD EUGENE EVERLY HROHH Air Force General Concert Choir IV: Hub Boost- ers IV: Jr. Sr. Mixed Chorus Ill: Drama Club III: Soph. Mixed Chorus: Freshman Chorus: Homeroom Officer I GARY EYLER "Eeler" Draftsman Academic Track I, II, III, IV: Football IV JAMES ROY FISHER lll "Beatnik" Navy Academic Drama Club IV: Prom Comm. Ill: Circle Hi-Y DANIEL LEE FORSYTHE MDM., Service General Varsity Football IV, Varsity Wrestling III, Varsity Basket- ball I, Y.M.C.A. CORNELIA SUSAN FRANK "Susie" Secretary Academic F.T.A. ll, IV, Chorus I, ll, III, French Club III, IV, Dra- ma Club IV, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Y.M.C.A. Swim Team GLORIA JEAN FRAZI ER "Jeanie" Secretary Commercial Student Teacher IV CAROLYN LEE FRITZ "Fritzie" Teacher Academic F.T.A. ll, nl, iv, cabinet IV, S.A.T.B. Chorus Ill, IV, Mixed Octet IV, Sextet lll, All-State Chorus IV, All-Eastern Chorus IV, Homeroom Officer III, Heiskelite Staff III, S.S.A. Cho- rus ll, Library Asst. ll, Drama Club II, Intramural Sports I, Il, Freshman Chorus DONNA JEANNE FULLER Academic Chorus I, ll, III, IV, French Club III, IV, Girls' Sextet Ill, Drama Club ll, Alpha Tri- Hi-Y PATRICIA CAROL FUNK "Parry" Academic Hoo-Wair-n-Wat lll, IV, Fea- ture Editor IV, F.T.A. Il, Ill, IV, Office Asst. III, IV, Jr.- Sr. Girls' Chorus III, Soph. Chorus, Freshman Chorus, Homeroom Officer I, Prom Cornrn. Ill, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y CAROL ELIZABETH GARDNER Social Worker Academic Cheerleader I, II, III, IV, French Club III, IV, Honor Club, Early Birds Ill, IV, Stu- dent Teacher III, Homeroom Officer III, Drama Club III, Prom Comm. Ill, Drama Fes- tival Ill, Chorus I, ll, Heiske- lite Rep. I, II, III, Intra- mural Sports I, .lI, Library Asst. I, Youth Model Legis- lature, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Chap- lain, Y.M.C.A. Swim Team JULIA BARDINE GIBBONS "Bardine" Beautician Commercial Library Asst. IV, Intramural Sports I, II SHEILA DIANNE GIBNEY Writer Academic Heiskelite Copy Editor IV, Student Council Rep. Ill, IV, Guide Ill, IV, Publicity Chrmn. IV, Student Teacher III, IV, F.T.A. ll, Ill, IV, Honor Club, Homeroom Offi- oer II, Breakfast Club I, II, Drama Club II, Library Asst. II, Intramural Sports I, Il RALPH E. GIFFIN "Rhino" Academic Office Asst. IV, Band I, II, Ill, IV, JETS Club ll, Ill, Stage Crew I, II, Breakfast Club I, Fire Marshal I, Audio- Visual Club I 2 fl! -gal 'Hr' CYNTHIA LOUISE GORDON "Cindy" Academic F.T.A. ll, III, IV, Historian IV, Hoo-Wair-n-Wat I, Ill, IV, Staff IV, Office Asst. III, IV, Heiskelite II, J,V. Basketball II, Freshman Chorus: Sigma Tri-Hi-Y LARRY BLAINE GORMAN Academic Intramural Sports I, II, IV KEN NA ELIZABETH GOSSARD Academic Office Asst. I, II, Ill, IV, F.T.A. II, III, IV, Heiskelite Adv. Staff II, III, lVg Awards Assembly lllg Hi-News III, Hoo-Wair-n-Wat Adv. Staff ll, Freshman Chorus JANET CAROL GRANTLAND "Granite" Teacher Academic Drama Club IV, Heiskelite Adv. Staff IV, French Club IV, Office Asst. IV, F.T.A. iii, iv, Maiarene ii, iii, iv, Homeroom Officer Illg Honor Clubp Sigma Tri-Hi-Y D. REBECCA GREENE f'Becki" Psychologist Academic Office Asst. IV, Heiskelite Rep. IV, Hoo-Wair-n-Wat Il, IV, French Club I, Il, lll, IV, Jr.-Sr. Girls' Chorus III: Cheer- leader Ig F.T.A. Ig Girls' Cho- rus I, J.V. Basketball, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y BETTY JANE GRIFFITH Stenographer Commercial Reading Instructor IV: lntra mural Sports I, II NANCY ANN GROVE "Nance" Teacher Academic Office Asst. IV, Hoo-Wair-n- Wat Ill, IV, Tri'Hi-Y THOMAS LEE GROVE if-I-Ornu Service Vocational RONALD WILLIAM GRUMIBINE "Grump" Service Academic Prom Comm. Ill VICTOR LOUIS GUILMINO UVM, Vocational Football IV, Track III, IV LEE B. GUNDERMAN "lckabod" Air Force General Wrestling llg Homeroom Offi- cer ll, Y.M.C.A. RICHARD EUGENE GYSBERTS "Squirrel" Academic Class Officer V. Pres. Il, V. Pres. lll, Pres. IVp Varsity Baseball l, ll, lll, IV, Varsity Football Il, Ill, IV, Varsity Basketball III, IV, J.V. Basket- ball I, II, Intramural Sports I, Ili Prom Comm. Illf Stu- dent Council I CHRISTOPHER THOMAS HALBACH "Chris" Sales Manager Academic Fire Marshal ll, IV, Intramural Sports I, II, French Club, C.A.P. 5 ,fa ' If " Mm dlwlfg JAMES LEE HAMMER lfjimu Architectural Engineer Academic Track Il, Homeroom Officer I, Jr. Civitang Circle Hi-Y WILLIAM HAMMER Hweeu Business Administrator Academic Track Ill, IV: Sports Service Club IV, C.A.P. NANCY ELLEN HARDING ,Wann Teacher Academic Jr.-Sr. Girls' Chorus IV, Honor Club, French Club Ill, IV, Homeroom Officer Ill, Hub Boosters ll, Soph. Chorus, Freshman Chorus MARY SCOTT HANSBROUGH "Scottie" High School Teacher Academic F.T.A. ll, Ill, lVg Honor Club, Basketball Varsity Il, III, Homeroom Officer I, II7 Li- brary Asst. l, llp Student Council Ilg Breakfast Club If Sigma Tri-Hi-Y DORA LA RUE HARNISH "Dorrie" Nurse Academic Reading Instructor III, Bible Club ll MARY LEAH HARRINGTON Secretary Academic Hoo-Wair-n-Wat Ill, IV, Jr.- Sr. Girls' Chorus IV, Soph. Chorus, Hub Boosters I, Freshman Chorusf G.l.A. Ig Tri-Hi-Y ANN LOUISE HARRISON Academic Hoo-Wair-n-Wat IV, Chorus I, ii, ni, F.T.A. ii, iii, iv, Honor Club: Heiskelite Adv. Staff Ill: Spanish lnterpretor Ill, Prom Comm. Ill, Student Teacher Ill, Breakfast Club Ilp Sigma Tri-Hi-Y JANE LOUISE HARTLE Secretary Commercial Library Asst. III, IV PATSY HASTINGS "Patches" Nurse's Aide General Band I, Il, Ill, IV CORRINE ELIZABETH HAUGH Beautician Academic Office Asst. IV: Varsity Bas- ketball III, IV: Library Asst. Il, Ill, V. Pres. III: Heiskelite Rep. I, li, Ill: vmny Soft- ball II: J.V. ll, Co-Captain II: Soph. Girls' Chorus: Home- room Officer I, II: F.N.A. II: Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Sgt-at-Arms IV LARRY EDWIN HAUSE NHappy,, Academic Intramural Sports I, ll, IV: Heiskelite Rep.: JETS Club I: Circle Hi-Y BARBARA JEAN HAUVER nBarbN Secretary Commercial Homeroom Officer III, IV: F.T.A. ll, Ill: Cabinet Il: Cho- rus I, II: Alpha Tri-Hi-Y MICHAEL ALAN HAUVER "Mickey" Air Force Academic Fire Marshal III: Prom Comm. Ill: Intramural Rep. II: Circle Hi-Y: Hi-Y Fellow- ship, V. Pres. THOMAS MARION HAWKINS "Tom" Engineer Academic Honor Club: Student Council III: Varsity Basketball II, III, IV: Varsity Football II, Ill, IV: Baseball I, II, III, IV: Track II, III, IV: Homeroom Officer I, II: Intramural Sports I: J.V. Basketball I BETTY LOUISE HEAD "Betty Lou" General JEAN LOUISE HELFRICH Nurse Academic F.N.A. II, Ill, IV: Delta Tri- Hi-Y LARRY EARL HENESY "Chief" Air Force Academic Track I, ll, III, IV: Cabinet IV: Intramural Sports I, II, IV: Cross Country II: Circle Hi-Y: Eagle Scout WILLIAM H. HERBERT "Herb" Air Force Academic Heiskelite Rep. IV: Senior Quintet: Breakfast Club II: Intramurals Sports I, II DONALD LEE HOFFMAN "Donnie" Commercial Airline Pilot General Track III, IV: Heiskelite Rep. Ill, IV, Staff Aide IV: Honor Club: Fire Marshal I, Il: ln- tramural Sports I, Il JOYCE HELENE HOFFMAN Secretary Commercial Office Asst. IV SUSAN VIRGINIA HOFFMAN "Susie" Academic Assoc. Editor Heiskelite IV: Class Officer, Sec. I, Sec. IV: F.T.A. Il, Treas. Ill, Pres. IV: Early Birds III, IV: Heiskelite Adv. Staff III: Reading ln- structor III: Honor Club: Goldey Beacom Spelling Award III: Latin Award I, ll: Heiskelite Rep. II: Breakfast Club II: J.V. Basketball II: Homeroom Officer I: Hoo- Wair-n-nWat I: Freshman Cho- rus: Sigma Tri-Hi-Y. MARY ALICE HOOVER Psychologist Academic F.T.A. ll, Ill, IV: Honor Club: Office Asst. III: Chorus Ill: Breakfast Club I DONALD HOWARD HORN Vocational Stage Crew III, IV: Audio- Visual III, IV HELEN REGINA HORST Academic F.T.A. li, ui, lv, Honor Club: Office Asst. III: Library Asst. I, III EMILY SUE HOSE ,,Em,, Electro-Cardiograph Technician Academic Jr.-Sr. Chorus: Office Asst. IV: Hi-News Ill: Drama Fes- tival III: F.N.A. I PAUL GENE HOULT "Gene" Coach Academic Cabinet IV: Basketball Timer III, IV: Football II, III, IV: Track I, Il, III, IV: Prom Comm. III: Homeroom Offi- cer, Il, III: Student Council I, II, IV: Intramural Basketball I, II: Fire Marshal I, II: Breakfast Club I, ll: Mgr. Var- sity Baseball I: Freshman Cho- rus THOMAS DEAN HOULT "Dean" Academic Football II, III, IV: Track I, II, III, IV: Intramural Sports If ll, IV: Prom Comm. III: Homeroom Officer I, II, III: Breakfast Club I, II: Fire Mar- shal I, Il WILLIAM VERNON HOVIS "Bill" General Band I, II, III, IV NANCY JANE HUFF "Huffie" Stenographer Commercial Student Council IV: Intra- mural Sports III, IV: Softball I, II, III, IV: Basketball Il, III, IV. MARGARET LEONA HULL ,,Marg,, General JUDY CAROLE HUMELSINE Beautician Commercial JANICE IRENE IRELAND ,Venn Nurse Academic Jr. Red Cross IV: F.N.A. IV: Hub Boosters Ill: Pres. School Bank I, II: Biology Club I, II: Glee Club I, II: Junior Auxiliary: Beta Tri-Hi-Y SYLVIA LOU IRVINE Parish Worker Academic Honor Club: French Club III, IV: S.A.T.B. Chorus III, IV: Girls' Sextet III: Office Asst. III: Student Guide III: F.T.A. Il, III, IV: Drama Club I, IV: Awards Assembly I, II, III: Accompanist Soph. Chorus II and Freshman Chorus I, II, III: Breakfast Club II: G.l.A. II: Heiskelite Staff I: Homeroom Officer I: Intramural Sports I EDGAR ALEXANDER JACOBS 1'Eddie" Vocational Stage Crew III, IV: Audio- Visual I, Ili, IV: Heiskelite Rep. I, Il BEVERLY MARIE JOHNSON ,,BeV,, Secretary Commercial Intramural Rep. III: Soph. Mixed Choir: Lancers Tri-Hi-Y: Paragon Teen Club. JULIE KAY JOHNSTON Elementary Teacher Academic Jr.-Sr. Chorus IV: F.T.A. Ill, IV: Honor Club: Heiskelite Adv. Staff I, IV: Girls' Cho- rus Ill: Basketball Varsity II, III: F.N.A. I, II: Freshman Chorus: Homeroom Officer I: Alpha Tri-Hi-Y FRANCIS JONES "Ralph Tiger" Armed Forces General Football Mgr. II, III, IV: Bas- ketball Mgr. Il, III, IV: Para- gon Teen Club: Y.M.C.A. lr RICHARD EDWARD KAUFFMAN Academic Hub Boosters III, IV, Intra- mural Sports I, ll, III, Prom Comm. III RICHARD EDWARD KEATS "Dick" Football Coach Academic Varsity Football ll, Ill, IV, Varsity Basketball III, IV, Varsity Track II, III, J.V Basketball I, ll, Student Coun- cil IV, Heiskelite Rep. III PAUL WOODFORD KEEFER, JR. "woody" Electronics Technician Vocational Audio-Visual III, IV, Stage Crew III, IV, Homeroom Offi- cer Il, Y.M.C.A. SUZANNE MARIE KEENER "Susie" Academic BARBARA ELLEN KEFAUVER Academic Office Asst. IV, Library Asst. I, II, III, Student Council II, Drama Club II CAROLYN MAE KELLER "Carol" Secretary Commercial Cabinet IV, Office Asst. III, IV, Color Guard ll, Intra- mural Sports I, II, G.I.A. I, Homeroom Officer I PAULA KAY KIPE "Katie" Secretary Commercial Band IV, Chorus I, II, Ill BARBARA SUE KISER "Barb" Secretary Commercial Library Asst. IV, Office Asst. III, IV, Soph. Girls' Chorus, Intramural Sports I, II CAROLE ANN KLIMEK Academic French Club III, IV, Honor Club, Voice of Dem. Contest- ant Il, IV, Radio Guild II, Youth Model Legislature Ill, IV, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y NELLIE VIRGINIA KLINE "Nelly Belle" Nurse Academic F.N.A. I, II, IV, Hub Boosters II, Bible Club I, II BARBARA JEAN KNICLEY Private Secretary Academic Office Asst. IV, Honor Club, French Club Ill, IV, Library Asst. I, ll, Ill, IV, Student Council ll, Drama Club ll, Freshman Chorus, Psi-Nu Tri- Hi-Y DIXIE LEE KOVACICH ,,Dix,, Nurse Commercial Library Asst. III, IV, F.N.A. I. ll DONALD EUGENE KRINER Farmer Vocational PEGGY JOAN KUHN Hpegn Secretary Commercial Student Council IV, Student Teacher IV, Heiskelite Adv. Staff IV, F.N.A. I, II, Ill, IV, Library Asst. lll, Homeroorn Officer III, Student Supply Store III, Soph. Mixed Cho- rus, Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Treas. IV JACK VINCENT KUNKLE, JR. Service General BONNIE LOU LAIGN Secretary Commercial Office Asst. Ill, Honor Club JUDY ELAINE LEWIS Beautician Commercial Maiorette ll, Ill, IV, Capt. IV, G.l.A. Rep. II, Library Asst. I, Freshman Chorus, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y ROBERT ANSLEY LEWIS, JR. "Louie" Naval Architect Academic Intramural Sports I, ll, III, IV, Breakfast Club I, Civil War Round Table ROY LEE LEWIS Service General Honor Club, Explorer Scout PATRICIA ANN LINDSAY Hpafn Radio and Television Asst. Academic Student Council Ill, IV, Ways and Means Comm. Chrmn. IV, Honor Club, Basketball Scorekeeper ll, Ill, IV, Drama Club ll, lll, IV, Drama Fes- tival, Chorus I, Il, Alpha Tri- Hi-Y VAUGHN HARWOOD LINK, JR. "Whitey" Civil Engineer Academic JETS Club II, Ill, Breakfast Club Il, Explorer Scout, Jr. Civitan, Circle Hi-Y DOROTHY JANE LITTEN Secretary Academic Office Asst. Ill, IV LYNN ALLEN LOGSDON Engineer Academic Student Council I, Il, III, IV, Election Comm. Chrmn. IV, Guide Ill, IV, Heiskelite Ill, IV, Photog. Editor IV, French Club II, III, Roger Funk Weagley Award III, JETS Club I, II, III, Homeroom Of- ficer I, III, Jr. Civitan Club, Pres. IV, V. Pres. III, Torch Hi-Y, V. Pres. IV CAROLYN ELAINE LONGNECKER Nurse Academic Reading Instructor III, Stu- dent Teacher JOYCE LOUISE LORSHBAUGH Telephone Operator General CHARLES NELSON LOWE "Chick" Air Force General Band I, Il, Ill, IV: Galaxies III, IV: Audio-Visual PEGGY ANN LUM Nurse Academic Hoo-Wair-n-Wat, French Club III, IV, Chorus Il, III, IV, Girls' Ensemble Ill, F.T.A. ll, Triangle Tri-Hi-Y, V. Pres. III BONNIE JEAN LUSHBAUGH Medical Secretary Commercial Heiskelite IV, Office Asst. IV, Drama Club II, Library Asst. II, F.N.A. II, Soph. S.S.A., Kappa Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain IV SUZANNE B. LYNN "Susie" Typist Commercial Hub Hop Helper I, Il, lll, IV, Hub Boosters II, III, Library Asst. Il, III, Photography Club ll, C.A.P., Alpha Tri- Hi-Y LOIS LEE MacCUMBEE NUI., Teacher Academic Cheerleader I, II, III, Library Asst. III, Tonoloway Yrbk. Staff III, May Day Court III, Class Officer I, III, Jr. Red Cross III 49 BARBARA ANN MCCLEARY General Library Asst. Ii Delta Tri- Hi-Y RICHARD KENNETH MCCULLOUGH "Dick" Academic Football ll, llli Chorus I, Ili Track I, Ili Student Council l, Ili Homeroom Officer I JUDY ANN MCMANUS Nurse Academic Cabinet IVi Chorus Il, III, lVi Band - Color Guard Ill, IVi r.T.A. I, ii, ni, Delta Tri-Hi-Y SUSAN JOAN MACLARY ,,Mac,, Social Worker Academic office Asst. lu, iv, F.T.A. I, Ili Freshman Chorusi Heiske- lite Rep. Ii Sigma Tri-Hi-Y ROSE MARIE MANCINI "Rosie" Nurse Academic Heiskelite Rep. IV, Adv. Staff IVi Drama Club Il, Ill, IVi F.N.A. I, II, IVi Honor Clubi Photog. Club Ili Office Asst. Ili Soph. Girls' Chorusi Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Pres. IV JENIA ESTA MANFORD Secretary Commercial Office Asst. Ill, IVi Cho- rus ll CAROLE ANN MANIOUS Secretary Commercial S.A.T.B. IVi Office Asst. III, IVi Student Council llli Heis- kelite Rep. ll, llli Soph. Cho- rusi G.l.A. Ili Library Asst. li Freshman Chorusi Delta Tri-Hi-Y, V. Pres. Ill JOHN MARSHALL Academic Track llli Latin Club I, Ili Torch Hi-Y THOMAS BOYD MARTIN "rom" Athletic Director General Varsity Football I, ll, III, IV, Varsity Basketball I, II, III, IVi Track I, Il, III, IVi Intra- mural Sports I, ll, Ill, IVi Cabinet IIIi Prom Comm. III ROBERT RUSSEL MASON uaobu Army Vocational EDWARD FRANK MATTAX Coast Guard Vocational Audio-Visual III, IV, Stage Crew III, IV, Lighting Crew III, IV, Y.M.C.A. ROSALIE MICHAEL "Rosie" Telephone Operator Commercial Office Asst. II, Library Asst. II CHARLES DANIEL MILES, JR. "Chuck" Professional Choir Member General Concert Choir, Pres. IV, Md. State Choir IV, Chorus I, II, Ill, IV: Quartet III, IV, Foot- ball I, II, Cross Country I, II, III, Bible Club II, Fine Arts Club I, II, Antietam Choral Society, Troianers Tra- veling Choir, Hi-Y HOWARD ALVIN MILLER "Johnny" Air Force General Y.M.C.A. RALPH MAXWELL MILLER, JR. Business Administrator Academic Band I, II, III, French Club Ill, Intramural Sports I, II, Breakfast Club I RONALD LEE MINER "Ronnie" Navy Vocational Stage Crew III, IV, Lighting Crew Ill, IV, Y.M.C.A. WILBUR SCOTT MINER ,,Bud,, Vocational Stage Crew III, IV GERALD R. MINNICK "Jerry" - Academic Cabinet III, Homeroom Offi- cer III, Prom Comm. III, Student Council Il, Soph. Cho- rus, Freshman Chorus, Intra- mural Sports I, II, Circle Hi-Y HANNAH ELIZABETH MOORE Academic F.T.A. II, III, IV, Basketball Varsity III, IV, Office Asst. III, IV, Glee Club Accom- panist III, G.I.A. Rep. III, J.V. Basketball Varsity II, S.A.B. II, Heiskelite II, Cab- inet II, Hoo-Wair-n-Wat Il, Student Council I, Freshman Chorus, Sec., Sigma Tri-Hi-Y CHRISTINE ANNETTE MOSS "Chris" Office Worker Commercial Choir I, II WILLIAM HARRISON MURPHY "Murph" General Band I, II, Ill, IV, Radio III, IV, Civic Band NORMA JEAN NIUSEY "Ginger" Elementary School Teacher Academic Jr.-Sr. Mixed Chorus IV, Li- brarian IV, Sports Service Club III, IV, Pres. III, French Club III, IV, Honor Club, F.T.A, ll, III, IV, Office Asst. I, II, Hub Boosters I, II, Breakfast Club I, Freshman Chorus, Tri-Hi-Y CLIFFORD LYLE MYERS "Skip" Navy Vocational Intramural Sports I, II, III, Baseball II THOMAS R. MYERS, JR. "Tom" Architect Academic JETS Club III, IV, Honor Club, Breakfast Club I, II VICTORIA JEAN MYERS "Vicky" Nurse Academic Student Council III, Social Chrmn. IV, French Club Ill, IV, F.N.A. II, lll, IV, Pres. IV, Prom Comm. III, Chorus I, II, G.I.A. II, Homeroom Officer I, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y TERRY ALAN NALLEY Air Force General GLORIA LEE NICHOLS Secretary Commercial Library Asst. IV GEORGE STUART NIXON "Nicky" Lawyer Academic Honor Club, TAB Club Sec., PI-iotog. Club II, Audio-Visual Club II, Breakfast Club I, II, Stage Crew I, Jr. Civitan LOUISE CHRISTINE NOEL l"?t "Tina" Teacher Academic Office Asst. Il, Ill, IV, F.N.A. II, III, IV, Prom Comm. III, Drama Club III, Chorus I, II, G.I.A. I, Il, Library Asst. I, Class Officer, V. Pres. I, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y GARY GROVER NUTTER ,,Ha,f,, Vocational ROBERT LYNN o'sRieN ffskfnff Academic Varsity Football IV, Varsity Basketball Ill, IV, J.V. Bas- ketball II, Prom Comm. III, Track, Cabinet III, Football Mgr. II, Intramural Sports I, II, Student Council I, Circle Hi-Y DANIEL MICHAEL O'CONNELL "Oaks" General Cabinet II, IV, Homeroom Officer IV, Prom Comm. III, Fire Marshal II, Intramural Sports II, Soph. Chorus, Cir- cle Hi-Y, Kustom Kruisers CAROL VIVIAN ORNDORFF Secretary Commercial Library Asst. IV, Band I, II, III, Librarian II, F.T.A. I, II, III, Photog. Club ii WILLIAM E. PARKIN "Bill" Veterinarian Academic Safe Teen Club, Judge IV, Band I, II, III, IV, Honor Club, Band Council III, Intra- mural Sports I CONSTANCE LEE PARKS "Connie" Social Worker Commercial LARRY J. PENTZ Air Force General Concert Clnoir III, IV, Office Asst. III, IV, French Club III, Soph. Choir, Freshman Cho- rus EUGENE FRANKLIN PEPPLE Hcenen Air Force General JOHN RICHARD PERROTT usonnyn Vocational Cabinet IV GARY EDWARD PETERS "Butch" General JANET SUE PLUMMER nsuei, Nurse Academic Student Council I, Il, III, IV, Sec. II, V. Pres. III, Pres. IV, French Club II, III, IV, V, Pres., F.N.A. I, II, III, IV, Early Birds III, Prom Comm. III, Class Officer Sec. II, Sec. III, G.l.A. Sec. ll, Chorus I, II, Homeroom Officer I, Sig- ma Tri-Hi-Y .+I 1 rim alia- IMQQQ -gr At. .r g.."' ' Eg f I --W .1 I if I Q 1.1 54 w? MARY ELLEN POFFENBERGER Secretary Commercial Library Asst. IV JAMES REESE POINDEXTER Service Academic French Club III SYLVIA DAWN POTTER Secretary Commercial EDWARD F. PUGH ,Nedw Fire Protection Engineer Academic Asst. Sports Editor of Heiske- lite IV, Intramural Sports I, II, III, IV, JETS Club III, IV, Sec.-Treas. Chesapeake Dist. Jr, Civitan, Torch Hi-Y Sec. MURRAY BAECHTEL REED Civil Engineer Academic Safety Co-mm. III, French Club ll, lll, JETS Club ll, Ill, Soph. Chorus, Fire Mar- shal Il, Student Council I, Circle Hi-Y SAMUEL LEE REYNOLDS Hsarnn Service Vocational TERRY RICKRODE UROCIH Academic Hub Boosters II, III, IV, Base- ball lll, IV, Student Teacher III, School Bowling League III BARBARA ANN RIDENOUR uaarbu Teacher Academic Heiskelite Rep. II, Treas. IV, Drama Club II, III, IV, Stu- dent Council I, III, IV, Guide I, III, IV, Chrmn. of Budget and Finance Comm. IV, F.T.A. ll, Ill, IV, French Club II, III, IV, Honor Club, Chorus I, II, Homeroom Officer I, ll, Breakfast Club I, ll, Hoo- Wair-n-Wat Rep. II, Awards Assembly I, II, III, Intramural Sports I, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y JOHN ALDENE RIDENOUR "Aldene" Farmer General KENNETH GERARD RIDENOUR Jflcennyn Business Administrator Academic Football Il, III, IV, Basketball J.v. I, ii, varsity iii, iv, Baseball I, II, III, IV, Track I, II, III, IV, Student Council II, III, Cabinet I, II, III, Class Officer Treas. II, III, Prom Comm. III, Intramural Sports I, Il, Fire Marshal I, II, Fresh- man Chorus 'ein SYLVIA RUTH RIDENOUR Usylvt, Nurse General Safe Teen Club IV, F.N.A. iii, iv LINDA VIRGINIA RIDGE Secretary Commercial Chorus I, ll, IV, Bible Club II, III, IV, Office Asst. III, Homeroom Officer ll, Hub Boosters ll SUSAN ANN ROESSNER "Susie" Academic Honor Club, Student Council IV, Chorus l, ll, III, Office Asst. Ill, IV, J.V. Basketball ll, Hoo-Wair-n-Wat ll, Heis- kelite Adv. Staff I, ll J. TIMOTHY ROHRER ,,Tom,, Engineer Academic Heiskelite Rep. I, Sports Edi- tor IV, Student Council Ill, Track ll, lll, Cabinet ll, IV, Homeroom Officer I, Torch Hi-Y, Trees, IV, Jr. Civitan, V. Pres. IV GEORGE RICHARD ROW, JR. Vocational PATRICIA ANN ROYER Hparu Secretary Commercial Cabinet Ill, IV, Office Asst. IV HILDA ROSETTA ROZIER "Peachie" Nurse Academic F.N.A. I, ll, IV, Chorus II, Ill, IV, Libra-ry Asst. Ill, Treas. III, Intramural Sports i, ii DONALD MORRIS RUMMEL HDOHU Academic Student Council I, Ill, JETS Club Ill, Breakfast Club I, ll WILLIAM MCCLURE SCHILDT "Bill" Lawyer Academic Heiskelite Repi ll, Eclitor-in- Chief IV, Student Council Il, III, IV, Guide IV, Honor Club, Awards Assembly I, lll, Franklin and Marshall Award Ill, Homeroom Officer I, Il, Breakfast Club l, Cabinet I, Jr. Civitan, Chesapeake Dist. Governor, Torch Hi-Y, Pres., Y,M.C.A. Youth Fellowship, Pres. PATRICIA JEANNE SCHROEDER nPa,u Airline Hostess General Fashion Board I, Il, III, Jr. Red Cross Il, III, C.A.P. ll, Ill, IV BUFORD HARVEY SEABOLT, JR. HBH Academic Heiskelite Asst. Sports Editor IV: Chorus III, IV, V. Pres. IV: Boys' Quartet IV: French Club III: Cabinet l:- Home- room Officer I: Y.M.C.A. Swim Team: Jr. Civitan Club: Torch Hi-Y RONALD LARRY SEASE "Ronnie" Vocational Heiskelite Rep. IV: Cabinet I: Y.M.C.A. Member SALLY MARGUERITE SEESE "Squeeks" Nurse Academic Student Council Rep. II, Treas. IV: F.N.A. 1, il, lu, IV: Bas ketball Timer II, Ill, IV: French Club III, IV: Prom Comm. III: Homeroom Offi- cer II, Ill: Chorus I, II, III: Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Treas. LARRY CHESTER SEI LHAMER Teacher General CAROL MAE SEMLER Hair Stylist Academic Band I, ll, III, IV, Librarian III, Sec. IV: Hub Boosters II: Freshman Chorus: Library Asst. I MARY ELIZABETH SHAFFER Secretary Commercial Library Asst. IV: Office Asst. III: Chorus I: 4-H Club, Sec.: Public Speaking Club, V. Pres. LINDA GRACE SHANK Teacher Academic Cabinet IV: Student Council 1, il, III: chorus I, ll, IV: F.T.A. ll, Ill, IV: French Club: Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Sec. MARY ELIZABETH SHANK Nurse Academic F.N.A. I, Il, Ill, IV: Jr. Red Cross III, IV, Pres. III: Hub Hop Helper I, ll: Library Asst. II: Breakfast Club I: Kappa Tri-Hi-Y, Pres. IV TERESA NADINE SHANK "Tess" Beautician Commercial Flagtwirler IV, Capt.: Heiske- lite Rep. IV: Homeroom Offi- cer IV: F.T.A. III SHIRLEY IRENE SHAW "Shirl" Secretary Commercial Honor Club: Jr. Red Cross III: Office Asst. III: Hoo- Wair-n-Wat Adv. Staff Il: Hub Boosters II, III: F.T.A. Il: Chorus Il: Drama Club ll: 4-H Club: 4-H Public Speaking Club MYRTIE CAROLYN SHIFFLETT "Shifty" Missionary Nurse Academic Reading Instructor III: Honor Clubg Homeroom Officer II, Illf Student Council llg G.l.A. I LANNY ROSS SHIPLEY Engineer Academic JETS Club II, Ill, lVp Home- room Officer Ilg Student Council llg Hoo-Wair-n-Wat Rep. If Heiskelite Rep. Ig Intramural Sports I, Ili Ex- plorer Scoutg Jr. Civitang Torch Hi-Y REBECCA ANN SHORT ,Beckyn Secretary General GEORGE RAYMOND SLAUGHTER, JR. usonnyn Navy General BRADLEY LEE SMITH ,,Pe,e,, Musician Academic Band I, II, III, IV, Drum Maior IVp Civic Bandy Muni- cipal Band GARY E. SMITH "Smitty" Teacher Academic Hub Boosters Pres. Ill, IV cial IVg Intramural Sports I Il, lVp Baseball II, III, IV? Breakfast Club Ig Homeroom Officer If School Bowling League MARTHA LOUISE SMITH "Marty" Secretary Commercial Library Asst. III NORMA JEAN SMITH "smifhy" Typist Commercial Library Asst. IVf Chorus ll STANLEY THOMAS SMITH Doctor Academic Photog. Club II, III, lVg Honor Club: Concert Choirg Intra- mural Rep.g Boy Scout IRVIN F. SNIDER "Ditty" Aeronautical Engineer Academic Baseball I, II, Ill, IVg JETS Club II, III, V. Pres. III, Honor Club: French Club III: Photog. Club Illy Intramural Sports I, II 57 i Honor Clubg Intramural Offi- JOHN WILLIAM SNYDER Engineer Academic Football II, III, IV, All-CVAL First Team Football IV, Track II, III, IV, Baseball Ill, IV, J.V. Basketball II, Student Council I, II, Intramural Sports I, II, IV, Circle Hi-Y JERRY DWIGHT SPESSARD Forest Manager Academic RONALD WAYNE SPESSARD "Ronnie" Professional Musician General Band I, II, III, IV, Galaxies III, IV, Drama Club MARY CATHERINE SPIGLER "Spider" Commercial EDWARD SPRECHER "Eddie" General Honor Club, Jr.-Sr, Chorus III, Soph. Chorus HARRY W. STALEY Forest Ranger Academic Breakfast Club II, Intramural Sports I, II, Chorus I ALICE WILLARD BOYD STANLEY Home Demonstration Agent Academic French Club IV, F.T.A. III, IV, F.N.A. II, Hub Bosters II, Kappa Tri-Hi-Y, 4-H I, II, III, IV, V. Pres. I, Pres, ll, 4-H Newspaper IV, Public Speaking Club, Pres. III, Dist. Speaking Champion III, 4-H Danforth Award, 4-H Key Award FREDERICK DONALD STARR "Snake" Teacher Academic Chorus IV, Student Council I, IV, Homeroom Officer III, Prom Comm. III, Color Guard III, Breakfast Club I, Il, Track II, Intramural Sports I, II, Circle Hi-Y, DeMoIay HAZEL ELENORA ST, CLAIR "Smiley" Bookkeeper Commercial JO ANN STEWART "Stewardie" Commercial Jr.-Sr. Girls' Choir, Soph. Mixed Chorus, Paragon Teen Club, Sec., Tri-Hi-Y .aplulf l PAMELA DI ETRICH STONE ,fpamff Academic Honor Club, Hoo-Wair-n-Wat III, IV, Heiskelite I, III, IV, Staff Aide IV, F.T.A. Il, III, IV, Prom Comm. Ill, Heiske- lite Rep. Ill, Drama Club Il, Drama Festival Il, Freshman Chorus, Intramural Sports I, II, Sigma Tri-Hi4Y, Asst. Sec, KENNETH CARL STONEBRAKER "Boney" Academic F i r e Marshal, Intramural Sports I, Il, Jr. Civitan, Circle Hi-Y CATHERINE STON ER "Kathy" Nurse Commercial Varsity Softball III, IV, F.N.A. IV, J.V. Basketball Il, J.V. Softball ll, G.I.A. Rep. I, Var- sity Basketball III, IV KATHRYN ELAINE STONER "Kathy" Home Economist Academic Honor Club, French Club Ill, IV, Comm. Chrmn. IV, Hoo- Wair-n-Wat I, IV, Circulation Mgr. IV, F.T.A. II, III, IV, V. Pres. III, Student Council III, Heiskelite Il, Freshman Chorus, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Pres. IV MEARLE EDWARD STON ER Navy General SHIRLEY REBECCA STOUFFER ,,BeCky,, Secretary Commercial Chorus I, Il, III, IV, Li- brarian IV WALTER WAYNE STOUFFER "Wayne" Air Force General Art Service Club IV, Intra- mural Sports I, Il, IV, Honor Club, Prom Comm. III, Home- room Officer I, ll, Fire Mar- shal I, II WILLIAM WOODROW STOUFFER UBHII, Vocational Class Officer, Treas. IV, Cab- inet II, IV, Student Council II, IV, Prom Comm. Ill, Soph. Chorus, Freshman Chorus, Fire Marshal, 4-H Club, Kus- tom Kruisers CARL LEE SUMMERS Electrician Vocational Stage Crew III, IV BARBARA ANN SWARTZ Secretary Commercial Honor Club, Student Council IV, Guide III, Supply Store Worker III, Usher III, IV, Homeroom Officer II, III, Delta Tri-Hi-Y 'FTW Ap..- 352 wwf ,, if WILLIAM EDWIN SWARTZ "Bill" Academic Student Guide, Prom Comm. III GARY KENNETH SWARTZWELDER Air Force Navigator Academic Hub Boosters ll, III, IV, Prom Comm. III JOAN ELIZABETH TAGG Secretary Academic Drama Club II, IV, Heiskelite Staff III, Homeroom Officer III, Prom Comm. III, Chorus I, Il, III, F.T.A. II, F.N.A. I, II, Library Asst. I, Il, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y RICHARD MATTHEW TEMPLON "Dick" Carpenter Vocational Stage Crew SANDRA LEE THOMAS "Sandy" Academic Hoo-Wair-n-Wat Ill, IV, Asst. Editor III, Editor IV, Honor Club, French Club III, IV, Heiskelite Staff Aide IV, Homeroom Officer III, Jr.-Sr. Chorus III, Chorus II, Drama Club II, Breakfast Club II, Chrmn. Mummers' Parade Comm. IV, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y CHARLES SANTFORD THOMPSON f1TOmmy11 Aeronautical Engineer Academic Hub Boosters III, IV, Prom Comm. III, Model Airplane Club II, III, Fire Marshal I, II, III, Boy Scout, Order of the Arrow, Archery Club IV GRETA ANN UNGAR "Greetzi" Academic Honor Club, French Club III, IV, Heiskelite Adv. Staff IV, F.N.A. Il, Soph. Chorus, Freshman Chorus, Hoo-Wair- n-Wat I, Y,M.C.A. Swim Team JOSE E. VERA Ujoeu Photo-Engraver Academic Student Council IV, Home- room Officer l, Il, III, IV REBECCA GRIFFITH VOLLMER "Becky" Academic Honor Club, Hoo-Wair-n-Wat II, III, IV, Co-News Editor IV, Heiskelite Adv. Staff III, IV, Prom Comm. III, F.T.A. II, III, IV, Drama Club II, Drama Festival ll, Intramural Sports I, Il, Freshman Chorus, Model Legislature, Sigma Tri- Hi-Y PENELOPE ANN WAGAMAN "Penny" Academic Flag Twirler IV, F.T.A. II, III, IV, Office Asst. IV, Honor Club, Cabinet III, Homeroom Officer I, Il, III, Library Asst. I, II, Tri-Hi-Y CAROL PAGE WAGGY Commercial Artist General Art Service Club IV TERESA JEAN WAGNER "Jeannie" Secretary Commercial Office Asst. III, Jr. Auxiliary ANDREW LUTHER WALLECH ,,Andy,, Vocational JOHN GARDNER WARNER "Wiesel" Lawyer Academic Senior Quintet, Cabinet Il, IV, Prom Comm. III, Student Council I, Homeroom Officer I, Circle Hi-Y NORMA JEAN WEAVER Medical Secretary Academic Concert Choir, Sec. IV, Heis- kelite Rep. IV, Jr.-Sr. Girls Chorus Ill, Prom Comm. III, Cabinet Il, III, F.N.A. I, II, Ill, IV, Historian I, Fresh- man Chorus, Library Asst. I, Homeroom Officer I, Beta Tri- Hi-Y 1 PEGGY ANN WEAVER Laboratory Technician Academic Reading Instructor Ill, IV, Hub Boosters ll, G.I.A. I, II, Intramural Sports I, Il, Cho- rus I, ll, F.N.A. I, II, Hub Hop Comm. I, Breakfast Club I, Kappa Tri-Hi-Y, Treas. IV WILLIAM JOSEPH WEDDLES Njoef, Vocational Homeroom Officer IV, House Proiect, Y.M.C.A. ALICE MARIE WELLER Teacher Academic Manager of Heiskelite Adver- tising Staff IV, Heiskelite Adv. Staff III, F.T.A. III, IV, Membership Comm. Chrm. IV, Student Council Ill, Bas- ketball Varsity Il, Ill, Awards Assembly 1, li, ui, SATB ui, SSA Il, Freshman Chorus, F.N.A. I, Honor Club, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y JOANNE CATHERINE WELLER ujoeyu Secretary Academic Hoo-Wair-n-Wat III, IV, Of- fice Asst. III, IV, F.T.A. ll, III, IV, Heiskelite Adv. Staff II, III, Student Council III, Cabinet ll, Breakfast Club II, Homeroom Officer II, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y THOMAS S. WHITE H7-omr, Service Vocational i' JAMES ROBERT WIEDERMAN H-Emu Vocational Stage Crew JEAN ELIZABETH WILES "Bucky" Nurse Academic Cheerleader I, II, III, IV: Capt. IV, Class Officer I, Il, iii, iv, Pres. ll, iii, v. P. IV, Office Asst. IV, Softball Team II, IV, Prom Comm. Ill, Drama Club III, Student Council i, ii, iii, F.N.A. ii, Soph. Chorus, Freshman Cho- rus, Library Club Pres. I, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y KENNETH WI LES ,,Kenny,, Certified Public Accountant FLORENCE OLIVIA WILLIAMS "FIorencie" Elementary Teacher General Jr.ASr. Girls' Chorus, Soph. Chorus, Paragon Teen Club, Lancers Tri-Hi-Y NANCY VIOLA WOLF Interior Decorator Commercial Heiskelite Rep. IV, Drama Club IV, Jr.-Sr. Girls' Chorus, Treas. IV, Intramural Sports III, Chorus I, II, III, Library Club I, II, III, Saturday Nite Club RAY VAUGHN WOLFE Vocational PAULETTE J. WOLFENSBERGER Hunkyu Office Work Commercial Sophomore Mixed Chorus JAMES LEE WOLFORD "Channel Cat" Service General Prom Comm. III JOHN PRESTON WOLFORD "Mud Cat" Service General KENNETH LEE WOLFORD "Kenny" Vocational B ' ,T , 'auf SHARRON ANN WRIGHT "Sherry" Elementary Teacher General Band I, II, III, IV: F.N.A. JEFFREY A. WYAND Njeffu Electrical Engineer . Academic Assoc. Editor - Heiskelite IV: Boys' State IV: Honor Club: JETS Club III: Student Coun cil I, II: Breakfast Club I: Letter of Commendation, Na- tional Merit Scholarship Pro- gram VAUGHN ASHLEY YETTER Vocational JOSEPH BRANDT YOUNG ulcer, General Intramural Sports I, II, IV: Intramural Rep. IV: Cross Country I: Triangle Hi-Y, Pres. IV, Publicity Comm. Chrmn. IV SHARON ANNETTE YOUNG Teacher Academic Jr.-Sr. Concert Choir IV: Of- fice Asst. IV: Art Service Club IV: Student Guide III, IV: Heiskelite Adv. Staff III, IV: F.T.A. II, III, IV: Heiske- lite Rep. III: Prom Comm. III: Library Asst. II: Breakfast Club I, II: HoofWair-n-Wat I, II: Honor Club: Wash. Co. Student Comm. on World Af- fairs: Sigma Tri-Hi-Y LARRY CLINTON ZENTMYER Radio and Television Asst. Academic Hoo-Wair-n-Wat I, II, III, lv, Sports and Copy Editor IV: French Club Ill, IV: Student Council IV: Voice of Democ- racy Contestant IV: Drama Festival IV: Cabinet I: In- tramural Sports I: Goldey Beacom Spelling Award: Poto- JOHN RUSSELL BUFFINGTON "Johnny" General KENNETH ROGER CROSS "Kenny" Vocational GEORGE LEIGHTON HOOVER "Leighton" Vocational RONALD ERNEST HORN "Dude" General Student Council IV: Home- room Officer III, IV: Football II, III, IV: Tra-ck I, II, III, IV: Baseball Mgr. I: Basket- ball Mgr. III, IV: Intramural Sports I, II, Ill, IV: Prom Comm. III mac Playmakers PICTURES NOT AVAILABLE ROBERT PERRY RIDENOUR "Robby" Marine Corps Vocational CHARLES KENNETH ROSS, JR ".lunie" General JAMES ROBERT WILSON Hum., Vocational Stage Crew III, IV Ancient Man .,..,. Olcinawans Infvade North High "The Teahouse of the August Moon" chosen as this year's Senior Class play was presented on February 18 and 19. The play written by John Patrick involves the building of a school house in Okinawa with "ne'er do well" Captain Fisby as head of production. The building turns out to be a teahouse where Lotus Blossom, a geisha given to the Captain, teaches the newly organized Ladies' Democratic League to dance. The festivities are interrupted by the irascible Col. Purdy but when Washington approves of the plan, the natives begin to rebuild the teahouse. CHARACTERS Sakini ,L .... cccccc. W ayne Crumbacker Mr. Oshira ,ccccccc.. Bob Lewis Ronnie Spessafd Sergeant Gregovich c,c... Captain Fisby J ,.c,.. Lynn Logsdon Laffy ZemmYe' Old Woman c.,, , ...,c,c..,cc.,., Lotus Blossom ,c,, 7 Colonel Purdy ,.c.c. .V.'eAf.....,. Miss Higa Jiga Betsy Beachley Sondra Davis Carole Klimek Ned Pugh John Warner Scottie Hansbrough Barbara Ridenour Sandy Thomas Dick Cochran Buford Seabolt Sherry Boublitz Marcia Brish Charles Miles Captain McLean ...,.. Lady Astor ,... ...e. Mr. Keora cc... Dick Cochran Buford Seabolt . Calvin Derryberry Larry Henesy Mary Alice Hoover Greta Ungar Old Woman's Daughter .,ccc., .c..... J ulie Johnston The Daughters Children ...c... Mr. Hokadia .,,.. Mr. Omura ..c.,.,.....,, Mr. Sumata ......,....,. .. .... . Mr. Sumata's Father ...,... Mr. Seiko ..c............... Prompter ....,. Ladies' League for Democratic Action Karen Coss Ann Earhart Susie Frank Donna Fuller Janet Grantland 64 Rose Marie Mancini Shirley Shaw Joan Tagg Penny Wagaman Norma Weaver Becky Vollmer Gail Elpern Terry Hauver Jerry Minnick Frank Davis Jim Fisher Charles Thompson Roy Lewis Mickey Hauver Norma Musey "No, it is not going to be a school for five-sided children." "AII moons are wise but Augusi moon a little older-a little wiser." "l'm gening along fine wifh If-ge nafivegy' "We're either going to have an industry or goat meat for dinner." QEAHCJUSE OF we OGUSW OOM lj' U -- ww' ' " I' ' ,se ' wi ,W KJ . A- mf . I U, T'l . 1 e I D ..g .... 4 wiv. lk aa 58 M3 K. ar A1414 'A Va A I 'ff wg Q X X-A4 wie in i I "'Hunul""f rue., SQ i g.i2Qf2.-Qfig ,M . 531' I ,K 5.13 K2.,,,f.f, an y FM X DER CLASSMEN L FX . 961 President BILL SPARROW Vice President CAROL OCKER Secretary CHERYL DIVELBISS Treasurer RICHIE HAWKINS CABINET - Mr. Lyon, Bob Neely, Jerie Grossnickle, Rick Sullivan, Carol Ocker, Terry Hull, Kristin Grice, Britt Fox, Mrs. Schnebly Leroy Albert James Alphin David Amos Gwen Ardinger Eric Auxt Teddy Axline Deanna Babb Janice Baker Phillip Baker Sue Baker Virginia Baker Harlan Barnes Jim Barnes Robert Barnes Donna Barnhart Ronald Barnhart Sandy Barnhart Vivian Barnhart Robert Bartles Terry Bartles Janet Becker Barbara Beggarly Sharon Beischer Claude Belew Barry Bercu Lorene Berthiaume Ernest Beyard Robert Bingaman Margaret Bitner John Black Olive Black Jack Blair Joann Blickenstaff Robert Bonebrake Carolyn Boone Teresa Bowman Randy Brenner Bruce Brown Mariorie Brown Kenneth Bunnell Arlene Burger Wayne Burger Donnie Burkett Robert Bush Dalton Butts g SAN. Q A 5 if-'34 6 Bi . P' V T ' .1 Iv sk a X 13? gn? ,s W 3 It . mx sg M 5 t gf 'fi S as i s 5 mir 5' , '.'-. , lv 47 - UB sisifs i fs 4 sl -'.,:i J S-3 M gy ri! K ' af .Q , " , -4-if + "' s J J 4 . M -Q ,r EE ,fa X ll ll 'UN-. 4 L "' A .. , , , A Jane Byler Bob Caesar Wilma Canby Kay Carpenter Denny Carr Delores Cassidy Carol Cheney Barbara Clark Virginia Cline Alan Clingan Leroy Clopper Mary Coffman Davies Collins Karen Cooey Mary Cox Bonnie Craig Charles Croft Rae Cross Nancy Crossley Jim Cunningham Ronnie Damm Lyle Darr Robert Davenport Sandra Davidson Francis Davis John Davis Gerry Dawson Rayetta Deatrich Eileen Detrich Alvin Dick Cheryl Divelbiss David Drawbaugh Dennis Domer Terry Dunn Mary Easterday Fred Ebberts Mark Eberly Dick Ebersole Nelson Ebersole Esther Eby Phyllis Eby Donna Eckard Carolyn Eichelberger Carol Eisirninger Robert Ensminger Lonnie Ernde Ronnie Eshelman Sandy Eyler Shirley Fernandez Carole Fey Thurman Fiery Beverly Finfrock Jack Fleagle Eugene Folkes Lawrence Ford Donald Foust Britt Fox Richard Freeman Nancy Fritz Sharon Frizzell Janet Fuller James Fuss Mary Fuss Mary Gensemer Mike Georges Jeff Glesner Patricia Gosnell Kristin Grice Jerie Grossnickle Marshall Gruber John Haberbeck Paula Hamby Dick Hammer Linda Harbaugh Odalie Harmon Melvin Hamish John Harkrader Judy Harper Bonnie Harshman Lee Hartle Donna Haugh Richard Hawkins Linda Heltrick Bill Hendrickson John Henesy Tom Hennesy Nina Hermann Bette Hershey Bill Higgins Carol Hoffman . 4 Q. 3 if ' - l 72 Dorothy Hoffman James Horn Bill Horst Gloria Hutt Robert Hultsch Arzolla Hurd Danny Ingram Linda Ingram Thomas Johnson Nancy Kautter Joe Keefer Dennis Kendle Carolyn Kershner Donald Kershner Stephanie Killen Ronald Kline Fred Knapp Ed Knepper Margie Koons Lois Koontz Terry Kreglo Donald Kridler Terry Kriner Mark Kuklewicz Carole Lapole Ma rga ret Lawrence Buddy Lawyer Nancy Leasure Carolyn Leedy Carolyn Letler Pamalee Light Jimmy Little Nelson Little Ronald Long Reuben Lucas Richard McCleary Gloria McCurdy Karen Marpel Arleta Martin Leanna Martin Lynette Martin Robert Martin Wilma Martin David Mentzer James Merckle Regina Mertz Susie Middlekautt Beverly Miller Jean Miller Joan Miller Russell Miller Jayne Mills Ritta Mills Carolyn Moats Donna Moats Charles Mongan Richard Montgomery Tom Moore Connie Morningstar Wheldon Mumma Sonalee Murray Lynn Musselman Pearl Myers Jim Nakopoulos Dorothy Needy Bob Neely Susan Newman Allyh Noel William Norris Linda Nutter Tom O'Brien Carol Ocker Sylvia Ocker Donna Oliver Aaron Orndorff Carol O'Toole Steve Ottinger Wayne Palmer Patty Parks Nancy Pederson James Pendleton Sam Phillips Bettie Potter Paul Potterotf Nancy Powell Pam Proksa Suzanne Proudman Gary Pryor Marie Ramsey Kathy Rawe .. ,. 5- , , , . gr? lg fy W .,si C . it fi wail. X S fl s ,HIL . l 5 or XI ! Msg, r ,Q f .4 Y' i ,ie s 'In AH . e' .:, ' 4' x 4 . 5 , U , 4' Q . -metal. , my W '. S? ' 1 Qt , Q6 J S Linda Reed Roger Reedy Glenn Reiff Chris Renninger Carol Riggs Antoinette Riffee Jim Riser Barbara Rock Max Rockwell Robert Rotz Eddie Rudisill Nancy Rudolph Pat Sager Tina Samios Genevieve Sapia Julie Santmyers James Schriver Harold Seekford Cheryl Shank Diana Shelleman Terry Shepherd Sandra Shetron Henry Shields Sandy Shilling Jerry Shipley Donald Shoop Gladys Shry Carolyn Shupp Chester Sigler Beverly Smith Helen Smith Joe Smith Robert Smith Steve Smith Phillip Snider Maurice Snook Charles Snyder Jennifer Snyder Jim Snyder Fred Solliday Glenn Spaid Eddie Spangler Bill Sparrow Chris Spickler Becky Spielman Bobbie Spigler Harry Sprecher Donna Staley Ronald Staubs Mary Stockslager Alan Stottlemyer Juliet Strite Gary Suder Rick Sullivan ' Gladys Summers Kay Swartzwelder Mike Sweeney Carl Synan Frances Thomas John Tosten Raymond Tracy Fred Trovinger Linda Turner Jean Valentine Douglas Waggy Joy Wagner George Walker Henry Walters Anna Washington James Washington Michael Waugh Betty Whittington Terry Wilkenson Donna Williams Bob Wolfe Dick Wolfe Leonard Worthington A Viola Wyand John Younker Roger Younker Linda Zahn Carolyn Zeger George Bell Richard Boward Tom Burton Adam Dieterich Peggy Fauver Paul George Ronnie Godlove Donald Grove PICTURES NOT AVAILABLE David Healey Audrey Houser Terry Hull Larry Huntzberry Robert Keyton Rick Kinney Terry Kittell Ingrid Lachotta Ruth Lyle Bernard Miller Barbara Moats Donald O'Conner Jim Plummer Pat Price Jim Raffensberger Delores Reed Carolyn Ruck Mary Sampsell Lynn Schlotterbeck Ruth Ann Showalter Mildred Smith Sandra Smith Deanna Sweigert Bonnie Weigle ff-'rl f " Autograph Page Autograph Page VH 1 Him :RW lilll I ---- K.. Y? a 1117 HIV! lltll lflllllillll PU mmm: I6 CREDITS 'SSIFFISFS I I l l I President BOB PRYOR Vice President PAUL FITEZ Secretary TERRY KARN Treasurer SALLY STONEBRAKER CABINET - Miss Barnharf, Ginger Querry, Beverly Sweeney, Doris Deibert, Mr. Makell, Harry Weaver, Jim Butcher, Jam Murray, Paul Corderman, Mike Sarno Philip Adams Connie Andrews Linda Andrews Joann Anthony Douglas Arvin Martha Baer Diane Baird James Baker Lois Baker Richard Baker Brian .Barnhart Kenneth Barnhart Richard Barnhart Robert Barnhart Joann Barr Cheryl Basore Barbara Beard Bob Beck Celia Belew Janet Bell Connie Bender Deola Bennet Joe Bennett Gary Blair Bo Ann Bowman Dolf Bonenberger Beverly Boore Carolyn Bowers Sue Bowley Harold Bowman Jim Bowman Robert Brady Connie Bragunier Zane Brandenburg Jerry Breeden Richard Brill Cynthia Browning Dianna Brunner Ronald Bryan Gary Buharp Terry Burger Harold Burkholder Jeffrey Bush Carol Bussard Shirley Bussard Jim Butcher Ralph Buys Ellen Carbaugh Nancy Carbaugh Mildred Carpenter Carryn Catlin Terry Chaney Clark Copenhaver James Corderman Paul Corderman Lee Crawford Judy Cross Stanley Cross James Crumbacker Terry Culp .Q 1 25+ - Q , .. W: N , Y? ' jn 2 ' gfafz sf - -'g i I . I i ,VM-W 1 4 fi' .,., in 'ht , 1,-, , m 4 W L' ' A A 2 .g . ' ii? - I ' 1: 45.. ' Ji? W :S V' ' ' " :I Amd' y - .- 45- y . f- M ws' ff 'S' f ,-wgg, '1 4 pv+,.,i,:, Q ,F m N wr -'ear , -. 331,475 L , A.,, , E 1 Q 3 . T?5,3': i .rfj W" :H ,Y ' gui 5 ,, ,L w Hu' 'fi W if Q 'R zqfzsiz , 4 N' E in 'wifi ,jf dk I , ,f " Q 1 " gl x G':"'2 :' 32? ,, ,. i A I ,P A UN-V 1 'my . W fin W,.smv M-- Y 1' in ' Q ' km J??1"' 5. - '. 9.5 ' 1 , 51:2 'Q E L wt, V 'A -e,:-Q-.wg m ,A i ' K W ,T , "2 aff' 2 -riff' WH ' my .3 A V: , V, ' K f ,, ,, , Susan Hansbrough Robert Harbaugh Rose Harbell Joe Harp Molly Harp Donald Harrington Connie Harshman Lou Hartle Carolyn Hartman Kenneth Hartman Rebecca Hartranft Tom Hassett Robert Haugh JoAnn Hawks Mark Haymond Esther Hege Connie Helms Sherry Henderson Dorothy Herall Steve Hess Marcia Hipple Mike Hoffman Judy Holsinger Barbara Hoover Janet Hose Rebecca Houpt Gary Hovermale Cynthia Hovis Claudia Huber Ronald Huffman Alice Hull Jeffrey Hull Mary Lee Hull Edward Hultsch Harvey Huntzberry Ronnie Hurd Beverly Hutzell Paul Hylan Deloris Ingram Robert Ireland Norma Jackson Don Jairett Mary Jennings George Johnston Christine Jones Eileen Kail Terry Karn Michael Keats Tim Keener Karen Kelbaugh Alan Keller Brenda Kennedy Charles Kershner Joel Kettering Brian Keyser John Keyser Mary Kidwell Wayne Kiser Ada Kline Cassandra Kline Z? , at y V l 1 1,1 i V ' it s ll' x J ,, - at ff- Q 5 if - sf . ,,..:,,-, I K 1. . .lria e tat , GF ssycc .V -'tg' R as We ,ti ttiii an. : Mc , , 5, f . . W. V the ,N is K K Rv 5 ' 4 ' A l fl fkig Zi , ' li U" WJ, gl: an at-4 3 pa- C. s .- 1 .tr FN ' U Y' A ' 4-.9 si :.,... Lk 551 ite Q? . 1 Q I 'Q ,J .-412: , -. 15 1 L3 Q ii ., A., Q, , Q, L? x. .. '95, ' ' mi? ai ga 'il f 7 i i 5, 1-jf? , " X l ix - ti an Q r ,lv h :Se xii, 1322 1,.f ii ti in s , M 1 i l is ,:fl?q f't.1' 3. if fa I A , xx V sy i W . -Fi. W hwy: - 8 L ' fer JF it ggi' 1 R u Donna Kline Patsy Kline Ronald Kline John Knapp Ann Knode Candy Kramer Ken Krouse Doug Lefever Barbara Lindsey Tom Lowe Bill Lowman Sonia Lowman Trey Loy Diane Lushbaugh Nancy Lushbaugh Terry Lushbaugh Rickey Lyon Doug McAllister Atlee McCauley Jean McColIam James McConnell Vane McCormick Tom McGehee Jim McGinnis Davene McKee Dave McSherry Vernon MacCumbee Henry Madden Richard Magner Robert Manely Doris Manspeaker Nancy Marshall Bonnie Martin Carol Martin Janice Martin Kathryn Martin Mary Alice Martin JoAnn Mason Gloria Mauk Charles Mayes Shirley Merchant George Ann Messersmith Jerry Metz Phillip Metz Allen Miller Eeggy Miller Michael Mills Bill Moats Kenneth Mongan James Montgomery Don Moore Martha Moore Doris Morningstar Richard Morz Brenda Mowery Fred Moyer Carolyn Mundey Lynn Munson Teddy Munson Jim Murray Harry Myers Wilma Nalley Beverly Nichols Linda Niemyer Linda Nixon Ward Noland Eddie Ocker Ann Oliver Bill Orr Mary Patterson Philip Paul Richard Phillippy Robert Poindexter John Priest Susan Pry Bob Pryor Ginger Querry Casey Rainey Judy Raysery Linda Reiff Dennis Rhinehart Richard Ricker Sandy Riser Louise Roadarmel Ann Robertson Beverly Robinson Connie Robison Judy Rockwell Norma Jean Roser Alice Rowe Kenneth Rowland Nancy Rubeck Jerry Rudy Tom Rudy Mike Sarno Margaret Schlotterbeck John Seabolt Norman See Don Seilhamer Caroline Shank Edward Shank Leroy Shank Naomi Shank Ronald Shank Ruth Shank Lona Shannon Terry Sharer Joe Shobe Richard Short Harold Showalter Lorraine Showalter Beverly Showe Carol Shufelt Jane Shuping Carolyn Shryock Victor Slayman Barbara Smith Barbara Smith Charles Smith Donna Smith , I cur.. ., I Q s ,1 K L, '- 2,',,.. r ' ' f ii ' N ' E we-, - Y ,L if fjgggn sfx ,V.. 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K 0 ,T t 5 , 1 .SQ 4 5 ltr W1 '-2 Aw 1 12 Y ,J 1 Q, he K John Smith Louise Smith Richard Smith Ronald Smith Wayne Smith Tony Snapp Saundra Souders Anthony South Shelbie Spade Mike Spillan Donna Staggers Camp Stanley Philip Station Joe Stephens Barbara Stites Sally Stonebraker Luther Stoner Larry Stotler Sue Stotler Terry Stotler Donna Stout Greg Sullivan Bonnie Summers Beverly Sweeney Robert Sweigert Mike Taylor Ann Teague David Telemeco Cheryl Tewalt Bonnie Thomas Douglas Thompson Carol Ann Thumma Mary Jane Thurmond Roger Tracey Larry Trite Glenda Turner Pat Turner Ronnie Turner Charlene Unger Toni Walchshauser Miller Wallech Richard Waltz Ma ry Wa rne r Granville Washington Barbara Weaver Harry Weaver Vivian Weaver Larry Webster Judy Weller Terry Wentz David West Donna Westphal Pat Wetzel John White Denny White Janet Wiles Hilda Williams John Williams Edward Worth Merle Yeager Ronnie Yeakle Ann Young Darlene Younkers Joanne Younkins Pam Zeger Charles Boward Marion Bovvard John Calandrelle William Chaney Joan Collins Daisy Crabtree Blanche Crawford Michael Diseati Wanda Evans Helga Fitz PICTURES NOT AVAILABLE Nevin Fouke William Gilland Joseph Gorman John Hafer Joe Henderson Monty Hutzell Joyce Keplinger Mike Levie Janet McMenamin Gloria Martin Donald Mummert Bill Peck George Ridenour Phil Ridenour Gordon Shifflet James Smith Bill Staley Allen Swan Sharon Wolfe 86 '63 President DENNY WACHTER Vice President VICKI LONG Secretary-Treasurer HARRIET SPIGLER CABINET - B. Wolf, L. Rohrer, K. Dellinger, B. Clopper, I. Shank, C. Bragunier, P. Smith. Wayne Albert Ronald Aldridge Mary Beth Alphin Yolanda Ambrose Sue Atwood Kristin Auxt Donna Babb Jeffrey Bachteli Donna Baker Jean Baker Barry Barger James Barklow Christine Barnes Patricia Barnes Judy Barnhart Robert Barnhart Carole Barron Harriet Baughman June Baumgardner Ginny Beachley Gloria Bean Joan Beard Richard Bell Karen Berthiaume Bill Bishop John Bishop Connie Bitner Roberta Bitner Kenneth Bivens Charles Blake John Bleiler Mike Boger Gary Boppe Terry Bowser Kent Bradford Carol Bragunier Sue Brandenburg Ralph Brezler Gary Brice George Brothers Barbara Brown Robert Brown Terry Browning Constance Bryan Norma Bryan Donald Buchanan Nancy Buchanan Mary Burger Sharon Burger Ann Byler Richard Byrd Roxanna Carbaugh Linda Carrier Lawrence Carroll Scarlett Caskey Connie Chambers Charles Chaney Robert Chaney Elizabeth Clark Elizabeth Clopper Norma Clopper Lynne Coblentz Cheryl Coffinberger Thomas Colvin Gregory Comstock Robert Conley Earl Conrad Wayne Cook Joann Cople Sue Corderman ,,. Ei ila fgl 5 A f W Vi W tgzyiy gm? . , sig ..t., l'f"r Q 'E' J iiir l J A R 'M 1 E ..,., , F :I A A ' J V lv r .st 1 f"' -- 1 g A A e' lr A " ' ' A llil E arrr B tJ s R ' I, J J l vi-g f B lf, f A . - a 5 - . f, ' -,,c7 A , ,, - - M - I "ltr -J 4' il ,r . I L , J it r J J .ea ,yr, ,2, ' be 1 r,., L.. T, A J y .v,vU K :.v ztl VU F -I 4 J J ' li R "- J 'i,,' 'f is J' Q ' i i lilo ' Zri- is J i.rQ' K it ff at -A erlsr J if syssa l ae' s,ar'1 J A i- Q sl ..,. ' . 2 '- U Y.,, ' ,y , ,yd M V' Fi yyy Ay I Eyyg .,r:. gf K r wer e lrr + fi. ll I if v 1'-v Q . f- ' .X AD Ir.. . 'Q 91 F N. 'ht l.l ' ,- Cin L52 ',- ...N 6 :wg J 5 -2-' f ,R , -L J ' t 'H ' ' ' ' - ' ' MA f 4,,, ffm ..",:iif''uf5-E i 'f ' .. 'rf Q tif' ft' ya f' Aga- I : -I va ., 2 ur ' ' S. E it . 1 I ,Q I rt , I if I n 6 r V Q f- - El ,-.P in Fl 1 IF' K si , if qt. j if kv. Q K M, X 'Q i 4 xl Q4 -4 4 I WA 'M . V, H V I Q. "H 1-1 n ,, 'Q' 1 .- 1' if , 1 any t ,gig La L is., . Y-i-f. - Terry Cortright Lance Cottrill Martha Cox Greg Davis Robert Davis Maryland Day Linda Dayhoft Peggy Dehart Karen Dellinger William Derryberry Ruth Dick Vesta Dick William Dickens Sallie Ditfendal Larry Ditrner Elmer Dodson Barbara Domer Sharon Domer Patricia Dove Sheila Dowd Janet Drury Earl Duffy Georgia Dunleavy Robert Durbin Maydean Durborow Martha Ebersole Elwood Eby Larry Eby Carole Eichelberger Charles Eichelberger Dennis Eichelberger Mary Ann Elgin James Ernde Charles Eyerly Donna Eyler Richard Fahrer Linda Farrow Donald Fey Renford Flook Ronald Flook Sharon Forbes Robert Ford Bonnie Forsythe Jennifer Freeze Nellie French Robert Fritz Dennis Fuller Sandra Fuller George Funkhouser Peggy Garlock Scott Gelow Marsha Gelwicks Frank Gensemer Dennis Gesford Sybil Gib-ney William Giffin Heather Gilbert Darlene Goetz Andrew Goller Walter Good Terry Gorsuch Harry Gossard Shirley Gray Robert Green Robert Griffith Sam Gross Barbara Grove Jay Grumbine Joseph Grumbine Gloria Guesstord Karen Gunderman Steve Hackman Connie Hamilton Esley Hamilton Rebecca Hamilton Judy Hammond Delores Harrell Annis Harrington Carl Hastings Gary Haugh Julia Haynes Shirley Head Ann Healey Roger Heare Gene Hebb Joe Hetlin Jerry Henson James Herbert William Hilton Larry Hinkle Robert Hoffman Ray Horchner Ruth Horn Patricia Huffman Sandra Hushberger Craig Ingram Judy Irving Clifford lzer Bonnie Jairret Larkin Jenkins Gary Jennings Richard Johnson Ronald Johnson Nancy Jones Christine Jump Patsy Kale John Kefauver Thomas Keith Mary Kerns Teddy King Robert Kinsley Betty Kline Peter Klose Carol Knicely Donna Koontz Jeannie Krouse Patty Kunkle Jeanne Lawrence Dianne Layman Linda Lefever John Lewis Robert Lewis Dian Litten Carol Logan Donald Long Vicki Long Sherry Longanecker Charles Lowery Constance McAllister Bob McGill Thomas McGinnis Ronald Mclntire Polly McKann Jim McNamee Connie McPherson Richard Mackereth Emmett Magaha William Maloney Larry Mannick Judy Marconi 11' ,f.:' ' ,gk .k,:. 5 1,2 5 L, cc i is T we . , ig is Lf 'X ,.,..,,Q '.,:1, ' X I V il L , I E v .1 I r .fn K K 4' J A ttf . rg rr ,. if ft - -"'v, E.,, V4 r 1 :' 1 J A . .,,... qv.: V .4 R yg yg K N 5 1 C T r eJ J Q K y igy, K J ' . 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I -. , ' , ,:,. -. f ' il M M. . tr-ffl, ' v l ' -QQ 5' 90 Betty Marquiss Mary Marsden Donna Martin Glenn Martin Bill Mast Eileen Mattax Catherine Maulc Lois Merckle Pamela Michael Beverly Miles Doris Miley Randall Miley Betty Miller Gerry Miller Joe Miller John Miller Larry Miller Maxwell Miller Ricky Miller Sue Miller Gloria Mills Peggy Mills Nancy Miner Paul Miner Ronald Moats Edward Mobley Donald Mongan Karen Monninger Joann Montgomery Edward Morningstar Elizabeth Morrison Robert Morrison Walter Moten John Motz Alton Mowen Susan Mowen Myles Mumma Susan Musey Donald Myers Sue Myers Wayne Myers Barbara Neff Jean Newkirk Eddie Norman Tawana Nutter Nancy Ocker Robert O'Connor Bonnie Parkin Sandy Paulsgrove William Payton Marianne Pearson Connie Pentz Sharon Phillips Gloria Pleasant Kathryn Pleasant Margaret Poole Nancy Pugh Clifford Quintal Alvie Radford Katherine Ralls Charles Rawe Donna Reed Edward Reed Susan Reed Richard Reese Eddie Reynolds David Rhodes George Ridge Ellen Ripple Gloria Roberts Kenneth Robertson Linda Rohrer Norman Rook Shirley Ross Larry Rowe Linda Rowe Nancy Rudisill Rudolph Russ Danny Ryan David Sagel Herbert Schlotterbeck William Schroeder Susan Shafer lrvalyn Shank Jack Shank Sharon Shaw Albert Sheets Pam Sherman Betty Shifflet Bonnie Shipley Richard Shoemaker Karen Shoop Ellen Showalter Van Showe William Shrenk William Siebert Betty Sloan Carl Smith Carolyn Smith Gary Smith John Smith Judy Smith Pat Smith Donald Snively Bonnie Snyder Carol Snyder Connie Snyder Gary Snyder Terry- Socks Elmina Souders Diane Spessard Gerald Spessard David Spickler Harriet Sbigler Ray Spoonire Robert Sprankle Carl Sprecker Harold Sprecher Eugene Stahl James Starr Esther St. Clair Dottie Stefen David Stimmel Mike Stitely Robert Stonebraker Danny Stoner lleen Stoner Carolyn Stotler Larry Stottlemeyer Shirley Stottleniyer Gary Stouffer Donald Straub Shirley Straub Lewin Strock Alvin Strother Terry Sturtz Charles Summers Ivan Tagg John Talhelm William Terrill if he -we f 1 aah 12 f 1, l ' ' l 3 ff ' T fl? 1 1 fe 17 .s at 5. .-I JA C aifal nl ' af' 1 .5 ., 1 R, . at J. Charles Bean Glenn Beckner David Bell Jennifer Benner Linda Burgan Shelby Burger Herbert Cassidy Carol Conrad Jay Dawson Wilbert Dennis Paul Elliott . si . 'tw A My fi in PICTURES Joe Hamish Michele Kinney Stanley Klimek Lewis Lucas Andrew McCarty George MacCumbee Ronald Martin Dana Miller Pam Montgomery Robert Moore Bonnie Moser NOT AVAILABLE Vernon Plotner Clyde Poffenberger Robert Pompell John-,Ramsey Claudia Ridienour Nancy Rohrer Grant Roth Charles Schamel Robert Schooley Donna Shade George Spangler Vic Thacker Ruth Tracey Francis Tracy Roy Tressler Robert Triesler Jane Troupe Tonya Troupe Tom Tucker George Turner Margot Vollmer Carol Vulgamott Denny Wachter Edward Wagaman William Wagonner Jack Wagner Catherine Wagonhoffer Lynne Walters George Warling John Warrenfeltz Alice Washington Linda Weaver Raymond Weese Sue Weiderhold Kathryn Weigle Edward Whetstone Mary White Terry White Mary Whitmore Melvin Wigfield Philip Wilkes Dean Williams John Williams Steward Wills Joe Wilson Cindy Lou Wilt Richard Wishard James Witherspoon Nancy Witherspoon William Woltinger Barbara Wolford Theodore Wolford Nancy Worthington Billy Wright Janice Wright Melanie Wyaht Arthur Wyncoop Leroy Yeagy Ronald Yeatts Jack Zeigenfuss Ruth Barnhart Tim Daley Bill Eshelman Elle-n Sturcey Charles Wallech Dale Webster Michael Weigle Sam Whittington Michael Wilson Daniel Wingert Mary Witmer James Wright John Zeger Autograph Page 1 W A THLE T105 ,wr V QAQQMQ SY., 1 g f-saga' V 'W K, lx--Axlxx: Xu! in N 5 44 ,xux , 1 X, I s Y, Y.-. 1 y 5. .. - 4 W f i., , rf. P 1, 1 .N ,K . va ,fx -.w..ux-li N V Y! , L 2 ,W I - A . ' VUL -f.:: X , , K A25 H , W nf" in' A 1 ww----.1 . t Wai-fa , i lf' 4 M if 31 .37 QQNTQQKA 5555535 if '12 f 1? iffy: in ff 33 ' "j2,f'A Qi' 'Q Y ff 1 I ri ffm 3. Q ., in 312 wi' .J Fw ? + 1 , 53,ifgp,g , X A411 in ' Agrgg y ' ,z W iff E if is EF M55 if 3 Y ,N ' 5.5"Y Z 4 5 if lf 3f2gwgQ3e,Q wif my 5 Q .2 AQJLAAQI K5 MQ i n 1-W'-I-vjv-egg-yy I H WW' M - .if .,,, + ef V o 'I hudwavanqvuevuvgg gpgf ,dw V K , l ' 3 , 1 ,...,, , E ufiflssiuvxuwm W h , H WWW A N ,W W1h'd'u'Q:u:0:ssQq A1 A , - i L y I A ,,,,.... I me 22254 'W 'E , W W , -fm 0,-V--..,..,, Jw- 11 . '70 .. 1 L'xQ ww 1'k if '.., 'ww-www .,A,x Y ,K my U E is 4 K1 '1 5 --Vkk. M K' 1 5-!,, w!l ! l .AQ :,X 4475 A- . 1 ww msmm .mffi 5 F i . ,Q - ' 21 ,a..1:.r2,wfQzi .mfla Q gg E ., f' r. , 412 L 4 ,j1 j j 3, v Lf' -ff fb M I: I . ,j , ,GH 1 L 'J' 4 M K 5 ' , X 5. 'i ' -. 'f 'xi' Vg 52... . .ls . lg 5 rf x 1 8 1 Ly J "' v gfdifiiiaf 'fig '1 1 Z Q'k X Qmtfa. , ' . I s X 5 .QVi9'4'T' S, 3, Q,Q7,g X 4 .Alai A , e gli' ' ' in fm' X .4 A, 5. if 4 T54 - Pt .. Football ROW l W B. Lowman, J. Snyder, G. Bell, J. Riser, R. Hawkins, G. Hoult, K. Ridenour, D. Gysberts, T. Hawkins, P. George, D. Hoult ROW 2 - T. Gordon, M. Sweeney, J. Hater, D. Keats, J. Snyder, B. Neely, L. Worthington, B. Caesar, G. Dando, D. Montgomery, L. Musselman, J. Blair, B. Fox For eleven years the Hubmen have been l COACHES - R. Johnson, T. Carroll, J, Coover, M. Henry coached by Mel Henry and through his efforts North High has an excellent record. In the three years that CVAL has been or- ganized the Hubs have clinched the title twice. North High boasts one state basket- ball championship in the last ten years and has three times been in the final game. Coach Henry started his twenty-three year coaching career at Central High. He then moved to Fort Hill and for three years coached the Sentinels. Before he came to North High Mr. Henry coached the back- field at V.P.l. We are sure that everyone at North High appreciates his fine record and outstanding service to the athletic program. farsit Y ROW 3 - V. Guilmino, F. Elliott, T. Martin, B. O'Brien, N. Ebe e Au D Fors Sta B. Higgins, Coach Coover, Coach Henry NORTH HIGH l4-SOUTH HIGH 2 In the annual intra-city game before seven thousand enthusiastic and riyal fans the Hubs defeated the Rebels. The South couldn't hold back the rugged Hubline and scored just two points on a touchback. Ridenour sneaked over from the three yard line for the Hubs' first score. Tom Martin ran an intercepted Rebel aerial fifty-five yards back for a touchdown. With a 14-2 score the Hubs clinched the city champion- ship. WESTMINSTER Qi f NORTH HIGH T3 Although the Hubs controlled the ball for the maior part of the last half and scored two touchdowns they were de- feated by a strong Westminster team by a 2l-13 score. This was the first CVAL tilt of the season for both teams. ALLEGANY 39- NORTH HIGH 20 The Hubs, outmatched by a strong Alle- gany offense, lost to the Campers by a 39-20 score. North High came into the scoring column in the second quarter but failed to overcome the Allegany advan- tage. NORTH HIGH 52-MARTINSBURG 13 The Hubs traveled to Martinsburg and soundly defeated the Bulldogs 52-13. North High, controlling the ball most of the game, scored eight touchdowns to Martinsburg's two. 98 NORTH HIGH O-YORK O The Hubs opened the season at York and managed to hold William Penn to a stalemate. Nearly four thousand fans were on hand for this all important first game. The Hub defense, outstanding throughout the game, held back a powerful York of- fense. FORT HILL 20- NORTH HIGH 13 Before many tense Sentinel fans the Hubs dropped a heartbreaker to Fort Hill. Tom Hawkins matched the Sentinel touchdowns twice and left the score tied at 13-13 in the third quarter. The Hubs outplayed their rivals but were overcome by a late touch- down. Thus the final score was 20-13. NORTH HIGH 21 -WAYNESBORO O Battling the mud and fog the Hubs shut out the Waynesboro Indians 21-O. Tom Hawkins paced the Hubs by scoring all three of its touchdowns, one on a pass from Ridenour. In spite of the weather the loyal fans were there to see their Hub team turn in a fine showing. CHAMBERSBURG 18-NORTH HIGH 13 North High dropped a close and dis- appointing game to Chambersburg at Homecoming. The Hubs led the game un- til the last two minutes of play. Costly fum- bles and dropped passes resulted in the Hubmen's downfall. A late Troian touch- down left the score 18-13. NORTH HIGH 7- FREDERICK 6 Hoping to have an even season the Hubs journeyed to Frederick where they defeated the Cadets 7-6. The game was nip and tuck with each team scoring a touchdown. North High ended the season with this important victory. 99 -.1 Ati? 9 an ff A 'as' Q W b 2, ' ' 1 ' I Q av"'5 af ,gg rf my avr 5 M, V 4 N1 f '.' oc q::r I K GENE v'- n JOHN N DEAN BOB KENNY W' W g f ,A Y 1 1 -...V 4 0 QI C W 3 FRANCIS RONNM y .5.g DANNY Varsity eniors IOO TOM 2 Q 1- GARY PPP' FRANK TOM DICK CVAL ALL-STARS - Tom Hawkins, John Snyder, Kenny Ridenour. x af 1 Football Junior Varsity . Q ,, figyfi gf X. Qi:- lj.:-gil ROW I - J. Henderson, D, Wachter, C. Chaney, R. Kline, T. Browning, B. Barnhart, J. Williams, G. Blair, M. Gardner, T. Stotler, M. Diseati ROW 2 - Coach Johnson, Coach Carroll, G. Snyder, D. Baker, P. Corderman, B. Bradford, T. Karn, B H augh, J. Day, E. Schamel, R. Barnhart, T. Gordon NORTH NORTH NORTH NORTH NORTH NORTH NORTH NORTH Coaches R. Johnson and T. Carroll SCOREBOARD HIGH... ......I4 HEDGESVILLE . 6 HIGH . I2 SOUTH HIGH .. . I3 HIGH .. .. I2 FREDERICK . . I3 HIGH ..... . 39 HEDGESVILLE .. .. O HIGH .... 7 FREDERICK ..... .. .. .. 7 HIGH ..... ..-I3 WAYNESBORO .. . . O HIGHW... ...... 39 BOONSBORO . O HIGH. . ..... . 7 HANCOCK . .. O ,gf North North North North North North North North North North I02 High High High High High High. , ......7'I High High High High ROW 1-B. Higgins, D. Gysberts, K. Ridenour, J. Riser ROW 2-T. Hawkins, D. Keats, E. Auxt, B. O'Brien, G. Bell ROW 3-F. Jones, D. Evans, N. Ebersole, R. Hawkins, Coach Henry, T. Gordon Hub Cagers SCOREBOARD Allegany ....... , .... 38 North Fort Hill ,. ........... 39 North Waynesboro .... ..... . 46 North South High ,.... .... 5 5 North Westminster ......... 33 North Boonsboro .. ...., 29 North Waynesboro ............ 49 North Alumni ., .......... ..... 4 8 North Frederick .... 54 North Martinsburg .... ..... 7 O North High High High High ......... ...,.. , , High High High High High High St. Maria Goretti Boonsboro . Fort Hill ,. Westminster ...... Frederick M .... South High St. Maria Goretti Martinsburg ...... South High Allegany .,.. 959-960 Basketball Season ln the first CVAL tilt of the season the Hubs got off to a good start by defeating Allegany 47- 38. North High made its debut with last year's number two team starting. Next on December 12 the Hubmen travelled to Cumberland where they tumbled the Fort Hill quint by a 48-39. The Hubs led by 13 points at half-time and kept this edge throughout the game. The Hub five received their first setback when they were defeated by Waynes- boro 46-31. North High outplayed their opponents but were unable to close the gap of the early score. Our crosstown opponents got off to an early start and overthrew the Hubs 55-43 on December 16. It was the first victory for the Rebels after two successive years of North High triumphs, Bounc- ing back into the victory column, the Hubs tri- umphed over Westminster 48-33. North High after a strenuous effort pulled away in the last quarter to win easily. On December 22 North High coasted to a one- sided victory over Boonsboro with a 71-29 score, the Hub reserves played nearly three-fourths of the game. A week later the North High quint was overcome by the Waynesboro Indians 49-36. Out- scored from the field, the Hubs bowed in defeat. For the first time in many years the varsity Hub- men were defeated by the Alumni 48-42 on the following day. When they travelled to Frederick January 8, the Hubs dropped a one-sided 54-30 decision. This defeat put the Hubs into fourth place in CVAL. Our North High team was upset by an overpowering Martinsburg team 70-49. Play- ing well the first-half, the Hubs managed to stay within three points of a Martinsburg powerhouse. lt was sweet revenge for the North High cagers on January 12 when they defeated the St. Maria Goretti team by a 41-31 score. The Saints last year spoiled our 20 game winning streak. Boonsboro wasn't up to defeating the Hubs who won an easy 52-33 victory. North has now divided its first dozen games, pushing its record to the .500 mark. After defeating the Fort Hill Sentinels in an over- time game on January 27, North High moved into a tie for second place in the CVAL race. With three seconds to go, Riser's one-handed shot brought the game to a stalemate. Downing the Owls for the second time this season, the Hubs wrapped up another triumph with a 49-44 score. Westminster never got close to the Hubs who held a lead all through the game. On February 5 Hub hopes were down until the third quarter when North High caught fire and bottled up the Cadets with a full court press. After waging this uphill battle, they upset Frederick 54-47. By edg- ing the Rebs 38-36 North High made a City Championship playoff a necessity and got revenge for the setback handed them by South High earlier in the season. This furious comeback was no doubt inspired by the red attire of the student body. February i2 found the Hubs on the State Armory floor where they took the lead in the city title race by defeating the Gaels 4O-34. In this see- saw game the score was tied on seven occasions. Five days later in a disheartening clash with the league leading Martinsburg, the Hubs fired up efforts were in vain. Ahead the entire game, North High faded in the final minutes and bowed to the victors 58-54. February 20 was a red letter day for the Hubs when they triumphed over the Rebels 46-42. This victory clinched the Washington County Class A and City Championships for North High. Senior Tom Hawkins, strong at the foul line and on the floor, sunk 23 of the 46 points. This triumph marks the third consecutive year that North has retained the city crown. Ignoring superstition, the Hubs grabbed victory number l3 overwhelming the Campers 55-46. North High closed out its regular season on February 24 and ended up in a tie for second place in CVAL competition. After Coach Henry found the winning combi- nation, the slow starting Yankee team came out from behind to finish with a l3-7 record. North High and Allegany emerged with identical 6-4 records in a tie for second place notch in the Cumberland Valley Athletic League, Of course, this good record was the result of the efforts of the whole team but outstanding among the Hubmen were seniors Tom Hawkins and Bob O'Brien and two promising juniors, Richie Hawkins and Jim Riser. Now the Hubs have won the right to play the Allegany Campers in the Maryland State Dis- trict l Tournament for the third straight year. l l North North North North North North North High ,.o.,,.o...o 36 High High High,..,.. High ,oo..Ao,,,.. High ..o.,.,.,,,. High .,,,.....,,. ROW i-G. Blair, T. Stotler, J. Henderson, D, Baker, M. Keats, P. Statton, K. Krouse ROW 2-R. Miller, P. Ridenour, B. Beck, D. Wachter, B. Haugh, T. Browning ROW 3-Coach Johnson, J. Williams, T. Tucker, D. Mannick, Manager T. Gordon Basketball Jayfvees Allegany ......... ..,... Waynesboro South High .....,. ...,,, Westminster Boonsboro .... Waynesboro Frederick ,,..... ,..,. North North North North North North North High.. ..,,...... 34 High ............ 40 High High .......o.. ...5O High High High ..........., Martinsburg Boonsboro - Westminster Frederick South High Martinsburg Allegany WMLX ll Girls, Ca ers ROW I-B. Spigler, E, Defrich, M. Fuss, C. Haugh, N. Huff, K. Stoner, P. Proksa, J. Harper ROW 2-S. Shilling, B. Spielman, C. Eisiminger, D. Williams, L. Hartle, T. Domer ROW 3-Mrs, Shank, Coach, G. Mauck, M. Thurmond, B. Robertson, S. Dietrich P-J .nf The Hubettes in action as they triumph over Hancock in one of the games that led them To a 7-2 record Trampoline Antics -Lf " "' n f T w,:.a,,, w - ,:g,f,,4y:LQ L.,:o,5Qms-mii fq Hoi f.s' V V I .,,Q.W., . ., W., ,.:' .QW ,,,, ,mmm , V ,A 4,,, , ,Q . , I .,AX. A ,.,.,, QA. t 4 , V 52 1 ink-wifi! K Y 4 V Q , K 1 N 'h-" sa ,,Ma,,. 'Q .W awe - K V' A -1 L2 . 7' Si' ' 'fl ,N I 53: i . .f 1' EARLY BIRDS ROW I-P. Montgomery, E. Mattax, P Miller, B. Spigler, P. Proksa, G Querry, M. Moore, E. Die1rich ROW 2-S. Hoffman, C. Gardner, M Koons, L. Ingram, S. Newman, C Eisiminger -be ..'..-.f+.4-n- ...fa if M-wwuvmfel n 4 L ,A,-. lx LW, K 1 wi' 54 ' ti, :m..ww..n ,, H 1-::L..,...w ' . i. x - ' ' ' ' x " f' 11512991 +51GiSJ'5i Mi' :winks ziiw -VI' ' Si KWNSMF-WWW k j R N ,,......,-. ,.- ........- I ,.,.,.,.,.....---M g,.,..,,, .,, I ii vii, 'r rg,-nf 2 1 .,.,.mi- .W ., .iw Xl VK' .' 1 gfdfk,-V' ffiiffl L 1 -Y fa ,.y ,- A ' un - M f wg xg Q, . f , . A12 'KV' , , , ,, W, -xxx y i -L fp 5553? "fx , , 3-' 4 4 ' I-A-fa? , 8,5 .Q Q.llfr vb 'V ' K.9Yff'3 5 K , W-4 I. v f"vfl' Hlalfii 1+-K' 1" 3, . W 'il ACTIVITIES U 'r '-'Bu 'WZYI1 is -is U Q 49 I -is ll0 SUE BOWLEY Secretary f f LU Us I-Us V72 W Q-YU :Q qv- V7 SUE PLUMMER President rs, ye VM Y, Lindsa P. B. Caesar, Proksa, P. Kuhn, N, Herrman, P. Huff, ROW IAN. .IUNIORS-SEN IORS: C fu E .9 Q. an cd ui 2 3 O O. O .xc ru 2 -1 . T: 3 ni C 3 O C sv 72 m mi S an C 19 O ui V, ye tm . Zen Sfouffer, L B. Divelbiss, Ocker, C. . Glesner, C. ivan, J I I Su ats, R. Ke D. Y, d Sch ROW 2-B. GJ C 'S - ui ER SNYD JIM r, D. Burge Coblentz, S. Avwood, S. en, L. OW L. Rohrer, V, Long, S. M OW R RES OMO PH ENASO FRESHM Vice President r, A. Goller QE ford, J. Baker, C. Ensmin Knicley, B. Brad , C Goetz McKee, T, D. al Tevv C . V, 8 P.M V, Stonebrake S. annon, .Sh Querry, L a iz, G. ,uw Connel Mc J 2- OW R Loy, M. Levie er, T. ck ,N.O D. Jairrett i KN ll-I it mx I Hoo-WAIR-N-WAT smpr Pam Sione Reporters: chtell Ba ancy N Editors: S Co-New Editor-in-Chief: Sandy Thomas D S H o ..2, i'o9 Ta grew ,-55' vac ob-ru "aUZ .. 22 :2 if 'C sv 53152 "NSW 20. N C Wav? E-gg .355 .. .. 1:1070 32-'2 S0-E --.c UCL!! .C .2 1. 52 me .K SEI LL03: a.N',f,,' 1:3-. 'U..c 0.343 rug' 95m img 'U'-E.. 30.3 2:-E 333 I-Luna: " W' R l I X ll Q s : PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Mr. Hull, B. Pryor, S. Smith, B. Wolfe STAGE CREW ROW l-J. Wiedernan, K. Wolford, E. Jacobs, W. Carbaugh,'W. Miner, C, Summers, D. Waggy, D. Horn, V, Yefter, D. Temp- lon, J. Wilson, R. Long ROW 2-E. Martax, T. Kreglo, R. Miner, T. Fiery AUDIO-VISUAL C. Mongan, K. Wolford, E. Mafiax W. Carbaugh, E. Jacobs, B. Miller C. Ditto OFFICE ASSISTANTS ROW I-E. Hose, W. Martin, S Smith, K. Gossard, M. Brigh M. Cox, H. Moore, J. Weller C. Haugh ROW 2-B. Brown, B. Shipley, S Riser, J. Hoffman, G. Huff, P Eby, M. Warner, N. Grove, P Lum, B. Bowie, N. Kautter, B Kiser, S. Frank, J. TGQQI J. Martin ROW 3-R. Meriz, J. Valeniine, S. Ocker, M. Brode, B. Knicley, D. Litfen, J. Grantland, B. Greene, S. Newman, B. Hershey, J. Byler, J. Manford, C. DeHart, C. Keller OFFICE ASSlSTANTS ROW l-D. Deiberf, S. Doub, L. Hanress, M. Koons, S. Maclary, C. Manious ROW 2-M. Yeager, P. Royer, A. Daley, P. Wagaman, N. Peder- son, D. Babb, C. Gordon, T. Noel, J. Wiles JUNIOR RED CROSS C. Conrad, B. Bowie, P. Cariy, M. Shank, J, Ireland, D. Dietrich, D. Spessard, G. Elpern, K. Gochenour 1 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA ROW l - J. Grantlancl, S, Boublitz, K. Grice, C, Divelbiss, K, Cooey, S.:Hoffman. ROW 2 - N, Crossley, D. Dietrich, C. Fey, M, Coffman, P, Prolcsa. ROW 3 4 M. Martin, M. Warner, H, Horst, S. Prouclman, T. Samios, J. Wagner, ROW A -l G. Messersnwitli, L. Donegan, J. Grossnickle, C. Ocker. ROW 5 4 D. McKee, A. Robert- son, C. Hoffman, J. Becker, G. Summers, J. Blickenstaff. ROW 6 - C. Kramer, L. Smith, J. Weller, S. Stonebraker, J. Slwuping, P. Funk, P. Stone, B. Vollmer, H. Moore, C, Fritz, ROW 7 - C, Huber, N. Marshall, V. Dovvie, G. Elpern, P. Dan- necker, J, Tagg, J, Weller, S. Frank, C. Gordon. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERlCA ROW l - B. Beaclwley, K. Stoner A. Weller, S. lrvine. ROW 2 A B. Ridenour, B. Greene M. Brislw, S. Young, K. Gos sard. ROW 3 - S. Gibney, P. Wagman J, Johnston, S. Hansbrough S. Davies. ROW 4 - N. Herrman, N. Musey M. Hoover ROW 5 - J. Byler, S. Killen, N, Pederson, A. Young, B. Lind- say, B. Stites, ROW 6 - C. Eisiminger, M. Koons, L. Reed, B. Suurners, P. Miller, L. Shannon, ROW 7 - B. Spigler, D. Babb, G. Querry, R. Dehart, S. Bow- ley. ART SERVICE CLUB ROW I - D. Westphal, S. Beisch er, M. Embly, B. Bowie, C Lefler, N. Crossley, N. Kaut ter. ROW 2 f D. Babb, C. Snyder, L Rohrer, C. Coffinberger, P Hoffman, S. Fuller, A. Robert- son, K. Grice, Mr. Kinsley. ROW 3 M T. Dunn, J. Wither- spoon, T. Hassett, J. Butcher, J. Davis, R. Kinsley. f FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA ROW 'I - J. Fuller, V, Myers, M Baer, Miss Barnhart. ROW 2 - P. Smith, S. Ridenour, K. Coss, E. Mattax, L. Weaver L. Farrow, E. Strucey, Bl Jairett, C. Knicely, T. Troupe C. Cheney, S. Brandenburg. ROW 3 - K. Stoner, M. Wyant, S. Plummer, S. Seese, B. Mor- rison, T. Domer, M. McKann, B. Smith, D. Stout, C. Barnes, S. Barnhart, K. Ralls. FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA ROW l - N. Weaver, E. Car- baugh, M. Hippie, L. Martin, C. Basore, B. Bohman, B. Marquiss, D. Spessard, S. Shaw, C. Barron, C. Thumma, D. Deibert, Mr. Parkin. ROW 2 - N. Leasure, J. Ireland, M. Shank, J. Gysberts, C. Jones, D. Baird, N. Kline, G. Pleasant, H. Fitz, K. Gochenour, H, Rozier, L. Nixon. SAFE TEENS CLUB ROW l - P. Carty, N. Kautter, M. Hoover, J. Merkle, B. Bowie, D. Beard, C. Cheney, D. Die- trich, G. Ardinger, Mr. Proksa. ROW 2 - S. Proudman, G. Elpern, D. Butts, G. Pryor, D. Amos, B. Davenport, H. Seekford, L. Turner. 1 SPORTS SERVICE CLUB ROW l - R. Dehart, S. Wolf, L. Baker, C. Bragunier, C. Coffin- berger, J. Lawrence, G. Ard- inger, M. Brode, P. Kunkle, L. Turner, N. Kautter, P. Mont- gomery, S. Doub, M. Poole, B. Bowie, D. Deibert. ROW 2 - T. Keith, F. Gensmer, T. White, R. Ardinger, J. El' liott, G. Snyder, Mr. Lyon. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS ROW I - S. Domer, J. Marconi, C. Shryock, J. Baer, B. Domer, L. Burgan, S. Stottlemyer, T. Nutter, D. Miley, S. Brand- enburg. ROW 2 M B. Maloney, R. Turner, G. Johnston, J. Fleagle, S. Fuller, T. Domer, L. Rohrer, J. Fuller, J. Hartle, N. Smith, F. Tracy LIBRARY ASSISTANTS ROW l - M. Clem, C. Cavender D. Kovacich, B. Burger, L Craig, C. Orndorff, E. Souders M. Alphin, M. Poffenburger D. Babb. ROW 2 - B. Kiser, B. Gibbons, G. Nichols, M. Shaffer, J Davis, H. Shields, A. Noel, M Snook, J. Alphin, D. Litten, J. Krouse. HUB BOOSTERS ROW I-D. Westphal, G. Smith G. Summers ROW 2-J. Collins, J. English, S Beischer, L. Hartle, C. Tewalt C. Fitz ROW 3-C. Thompson, R. Everly L. Bowers, T. Rickrode, R Kauffman, L. Gorman, R. Kins Iey B.I.A. ROW l-B. Caesar, E. Auxt, R. Horn, G. Dando, T. Martin, J. Riser ROW 2-V. Slayman, T, Browning, D, Lowman, T. Stotler, D. Gysberts, F. Elliott G.l.A. ROW I-M. Moore, B. Spielman, L. Ingram, J. Harper, G. Mc- Curdy, D. Morningstar, S. Dietrich, C. Kramer ROW 2-S. Logan, N. Ocker, M. Koons, K. Grice, M. Thurmond, L. Hartle, B. Wolford, A. Young ROW 3-C. Tewalt, L. Nixon, B. Nichols, K. Auxt, Miss Lewis, P. Kunkle, D. Stefan, C. Eichel- berger BIBLE CLUB J. Martin, D. Litten, E. Souclers R. Martin, J. Fuller, S. Fuller, C Synan ADVANCED COMPOSITION ROW 'I-P. Wagaman, K. Stoner, P. Lindsay, B. Vollmer, A Weller, P. Dannecker, J. Johns- ION ROW 2-A. Harrison, N. Bachtell, H. Moore, S. Thomas, N. Musey, S. Young, S. Hans- brough ROW 3-S. Nixon, N. Harding ADVANCED DRAMA W. Crumbacker, J. Fisher, M. Hauver, N. Herrrnan, F. Davis, H. Rozier, N. Wolf, M. Barrow, N. Crossley ADVANCED READING T. Rohrer, S. Hoffman, N. Pugh, D Cochran, H. Moore, N. Musey, B Beachley, M. Hoover, L. Logsdon, M. Moore, B. Schildt ADVANCED CHEMISTRY D. Snider, L. Shipley, B. Parkin, J Wyand, E. Ericson ADVANCED MATH ROW I-S. Irvine, P. Carty, B. Ride- nour, G. Ungar, C. Friiz, E. Ericson ROW 2-J. Marshall, L. Logsdon, T. Rohrer, B. Bowen, L. Shipiey, J. Wyand FRENCH CLUB ROW l-J. Grantland, S. Boublitz D. Fuller, B. Ridenour, S Frank, S. Plummer, M. Coff man, T. Samios, G. Ungar, M Brish, J. Becker ROW 2-Mrs. Browne, S. Irvine N. Harding, IC. Gardner, S Beischer, N. Crossley, D Dietrich, S. Thomas, K. Stoner J. Byler, C. Klimek, N. Musey: K. Coss, B. Hartranff, S. Mer- chant, L. Shank, P. Lum, S. Seese ROW 3-V. Dowie, B. Knicley, Herrman, L. Zentmyer, B. Bercu, D. Cochran, T. Hull, J. Buchanan, C. Renninger, D. Butts, M. Kuklewicz, M. Georges, R. Lyon, S. Killen, J. Grossnickle, V. Myers, J. Minnich CHESS CLUB P Adams, R. Dehart, L. Ericson, R Smllh, R. Fuller N. 960 Choral Department North High's choral department is very fortunate in having two fine directors, Mr. Makell, director of the Freshman Chorus, Freshman Ensemble, and the Boys' Glee Club, and Mr. Peterson, director of the Sophomore, Junior and Senior choral groups. This year the entire choral department diligently practiced for the opera "The Pirates of Penzance" which they presented in May. This opera by Gilbert and Sullivan concerns the ad- ventures of a boy mistakenly indentured as a pirate. In addition to presenting special programs'at school the choruses have performed for local clubs, churches, and P.T.A.s. Cl10falDlfeCfOfSf William Nlalfell and D0U9laS Pefefson JUNIOR-SENIOR MIXED CHORUS ROW l-C. Fritz, M. Brish, M. Stockslager, D. McKee, R. Fuller, C. Ensminger, B. Seabolt, F. Starr, J. Seabolt, Z. Brandenburg, L. Shank, S. Young, M. Brown, C. Jones ROW 2-J. Johnston, N. Weaver, B. Harshman, L. Musselman, J. Nakopoulos, K. Bunnel, L. Alsip, C. Copenhaver, J. McManus, B. Lindsey, G. Summers, L. Berthiaume ROW 3-P. Lum, B. Buchanan, V, Dowie, D. Barnett, S. Smith, W. Crumbacker, R. Everly, L. Pentz, E. Hose, S. Irvine, S. Barnhart ROW 4-H. Rozier, K. Carpenter, T. Greenfield, M. Gardner, T. McGehee, C. Miles, L. Crawford, R. Wolfe, S. Auxt, N. Musey, C. Fey, J. Strite 6 6 , GIRLS' SEXTET-A. Earhart, B, Lindsey, J. Santmyers, S. OCTET-C. Fey, J- NBLKOPOULOS, J- SYOCLYSLBQGV, T- MCG6'l'19ef C Irvine, NL Thurmondf V, Dowfe Boone, L. Crawford, C. Fritz, R. Wolfe I2l FRESHMAN CHOIR ROW l-M. Day, G. Pleasant, J. Haynes, A. Harrington, S. Dowd, P. Klose, R. Ford, C. Quintal, J. Henson, B. Mast, C, Jump, N. Pugh, L. Coblentz, G. Dunleavy, K. Auxt, B. Clopper, P. Dove, P. Montgomery ROW ZYN. Clopper, B. Miles, S. Musey, R. Stonebraker, R. Griffith, G. Brice, E. Whetstone, A. Strother, L. Carroll, D. Wachter, W. Wright, B. Bradford, E. Mattax, S. Shaw, M. Wyant, S. Miller, K. Shoop, J. Cople ROW 3-N. Buchanan, M. Pearson, A. Byler, D. White, J. Brothers, M. Spillan, R. Miller, S. Atwood, S. Mowen, G. Beachley, K. Dillinger, C. Chambers, V. Long, S. Shaffer, C. Knicely ROW 4 -L. Merckle, S. Corderman, S. Logan, M. Mills, R. Reese, W. Schroeder, E. Hamilton, N. Ocker, L. Walters JUNIOR-SENIOR GIRLS' CHOIR ROW l-F. Williams, B. Weigle, C. Boone, C. Chaney, C. Divel- biss, J. Byler ROW 2-M. Harrington, F. Adams, N. Wolf, B. Potter, N. Rudolf, L. Martin, D. Younkers, A. Earhart ROW 3-N. Harding, L. Ridge, S. Stouffer, J. Baker, S. Ocker, J. Stewart, B. Hershey, C. Ocker l l 3 t 1 QUARTET 1 -E. Hamilton, Z. Brandenburg, B. Seabolt, QUARTET ZMR. Fuller, T. McGehee, T. Greenfi C, Mileg C. Copenhaver I22 eld, SOPHOMORE GIRLS' CHOIR ROW I-C. Bragunier, S. Pry, C. Feiser, S. Riser, C. Thumma, S. Hansbrough, A. Teague, F. Davis, S. Stotler, J. Gower ROW 2-S. Bowley, L. Nixon, N. Carbaugh, J. Anthony, A. Young, P. Miller, D. Younkers, M. Patterson ROW 3-S. Wolfe, J. Keplinger, C. Andrews, D. Lushbaugh, M. Thurmond, L. Niemyer, G. Mauk, H. Fitz, D. Stout FRESHMAN ENSEMBLE ROW I-G. Pleasant, S. Dowd, N. Clopper, M. Day, J. Haynes, N. Pugh, G. Dunleavy, K. Auxt, P. Dove, B. Clopper ROW 2-B. Bradford, R. Stone- braker, E. Whetstone, A. Strother, B. Mast, J. Henson, C. Quintal, C. Jump, S. Miller ROW 3-G. Brice, D. White, L. Car- roll, R. Miller, D. Wachter ,- ACCOMPANISTS-J. Haynes, S. Auxt, D. Younkers It lt . ' .Q Comparing musical notes are Band Director, John Fignar and Drum Major, Bradley Smith. t - K 1 North Hagerstown As always, North High's top notch band excelled in their performances in parades, at football games and other events. Our marching band, led by Drum Maior Bradley Smith, did not compete for prizes in the Mummers' and Christmas Parades but won first prize in the Veterans' Day Parade. The excellent concert band under the direction of Mr. John Fignar received the First Chair of America Award. Only two hundred out of two thousand bands claim this coveted title, awarded to outstanding band directors and organizations. After long months of practice throughout the school year the band presented a spring concert, where they were honored with the presence of Dave Weber, clarinet soloist from the NBC symphony orchestra. The band played "Italian in Algiers" by Rossini and "Raymond Overture" by Thomas as well as many other outstanding selections. ln May our band participated in a Spring Festival, along with North Hagerstown's other musical organizations. High School Band WOODWINDS Mary Alphine Gwen Ardinger Bob Beck John Bleiler Cynthia Browning Connie Bryan James Buchanan Lanny Carroll Walter Clayton Gregg Davis Larry Ditmer Carol Eichelberger Beverly Finfrock Bob Fritz Bill Funston Marcia Gelwicks Darlene Goetz JoAnne Gunderman Karen Gunderman Patsy Hastings Shirley Head Mike Levie Chick Lowe Lynnette Martin Larry McGinnis Shirley Merchant Karen Monninger Allyn Noel Bonnie Parkin Dick Phillippy Kathy Ralls Chris Renninger Jenine Rohrer Norman See Albert Sheets Dianne Shelleman Gladys Shry Bradley Smith Donald Snively David Spickler Bob Sprankle Jane Troup Tonya Troup Anthony Walchou Sherry Wright BRASS Phil Adams David Amos Teddy Axline S67 Douglas Barnett Marvin Barrow Ernest Beyard Harold Burkholder Earl Conrad Jim Corderman Terry Cortright Bob Dannecker Bob Durbin Lynn Eichelberger Sam Foltz Carl Hastings Larry Hinkle Scottie Hoffman Bill Hovis Craig Ingram Clifford lzer Peter Klose Kenny Krouse Bob McGill James McNamee Ricky Miller Donald Moore Bob Morrison Terry Munson Harrison Murphy Bill Parkin Norman Rook Eddie Rudisill Terry Shepherd Van Showe John Smith Wayne Smith Gary Snyder Terry Socks Ronnie Spessard Harry Sprecher David Stimmel Alan Stottlemyer Terry Wilkenson Phil Wilkes Grant Wilson PERCUSSION Terry Bartles Richard Brill Bob Bush Dalton Butts Bill Giffin Nancy Fritz Carol Semler 'fb' M. ,-r - . . 3 L -'- ' li' 1- xv, -1. ' ,. . --if 'i V ' V.: '.5',.' "!"f,,, U? 1. ' ,..'.gkg ',-v Q., ' ln...- ,I-f "1 .1 7-4 . 1 f . ' -1' I K' ni o'A 'Q 5 ,o' ' n . '- 3 ' 'J ,. " A' ','- r 1 ' 3 . n s 1 1,1 flu I'-D In . ' . , Q, 3 'lff.2- ' . 5 ,. ..-3 , V , , , 4: ll - L3 9. I 7 fr ng.. 70 ' ,Vor- n 1, . .5 ' -J y 'f .V 1 1 ,D ,, - . , S 'ff Inv or' Jai u . -.I x. W vw ga- - M Y, ik., i ,V RK hge? .M 1 NN. - 'M v . -' 9. . 1 . Q . A , V K 5 'ww f gi 'N X R H lk W .N, 1 K W- .55 x 'YS A ,Vl.,,-"fy: ,K .f A31 f 1--' U fi. 4,5 K T . Y rg , w -r w ff TVQQ: x V - I 'gf xgff f ,X - 1 Q-,,,i V4 4 I 5 if ,fl fc A , 1 A . f 'YV I Y -i.,' M x WW A ff .. PJ. Q ima O' 1. + 1 A ff uv Wi-P ,r -F f k 1 E nm! M, Sl 25525 it 4-,,,fw ,L 1 ERP , S , '5q,,1,f,f? tm' M, , 4' K , 4 f i , . Lv rf 'J-ef f' y f I 5.4 4' 'ak' . Q fly. W A A?-K Q ,S Q .QW .w " K -Y ir. rw, -- X mi. X f'?'k?f K 1 ' - H' 'ff '13 - '- . , V, ,LL-x.,1 4 Mg H QL. 5 e 4 A 'WW LQ K. g 5 nz QK x , E X 4 1 x A .H ,, L The coronation Queen Fran and her royal court . . . l Q 60 Homecoming Who would be Homecoming Queen? Not many knew but the most surprised of all was the queen herself, FRAN DIEHL. On October 30 at the annual homecoming assembly, FRAN, chosen by popular vote of the members of the football squad, was crowned by team co-captains Kenny Ridenour and John Snyder. That night QUEEN FRAN and the royal court reigned at the North High-Chambersburg game. During half-time ceremonies our football queen was crowned by Becky Dehart Willman, '57's Homecoming Queen. Following the game a dance in honor of the royal court was held in the gym. Entertainment was provided after the presentation of symbolic gifts given by the various school organizations. The Queen is showered with gifts Half-time ceremonies . . . I29 1959-60 . . . A Year When school opened in September everyone got back into the swing of things, As can be seen here the lockers took on a new appearance, decorated with clever signs and numerous other fancy details. After the arrival of the students, the parents came en masse during American Education Week. X . 1 , , ' 1 ON . y s - e -. Returning from the summer session of Boys' State were representatives Jeffrey Wyand, Eric Ericson, and Irvin Snider. Some of the advanced readers are seen here diligently working to increase their reading ability in a course newly initiated in October and con- tinued through December. s Also in October the students witnessed a safe driving demonstration proving that you can't "stop on a dime." With the arrival of Halloween and the Mummers' Parade the students worked industriously to decorate North High's Wesel float. l30 31 to Remember After decorating for the parade, all marched proudly through the square to claim honors for our school. Representing North High on the Governor's Committee on Juvenile Delinquency were Bobbie Spigler and Bill Sparrow, both from the Junior class, l A very surprised Fran Diehl was chosen as this year's Homecoming Queen. On November ll a patriotic Veterans' Day Assembly was held, after which the students were dismissed from school to watch the Vets' Parade. Recipients of the National Merit Scholarship Letters of Recommendation were Senior class members Alice Stanley, Patricia Carty, Jeffrey Wyand, and Greta Ungar, During November the seniors were busily exchanging name cards and pictures. i l Q ' ' 4 Q 1 an Q B 1 X . x , x t ' wg "Y Ks . 'fi Q -1 x ,x Mf- ln order to promote sales, the Heiskelite staff sponsored an assembly to enter- tain and to enlighten the students about the school yearbook. Seen here are some participants in the assembly. North High's winners in the Voice of Democracy contest were Scottie Hansbrough, first prize winnerg Carole Klimek, second prize, and Nina Herrman, third. i 1 Q .-. . E After the seniors received their pictures, the underclassmen anxiously awaited their own picture taking. l ,a . linux i 1 5 Before the Thanksgiving hondays some of North High's students participated in an impressive Thanksgiving Day Assembly l32 s .,. The annual Thanksgiving Dance, which met with great success, was scheduled during the holidays. Sue Plummer was chosen as this year's queen of Job's Daughters. i -.. lg The cheerleaders regularly practiced and then cheered for the successful basket- ball season. One of the season's more unusual games was the Faculty and Junior Varsity game. 'hid After the cheerleaders boosted the cheering at the games, almost everyone danced or just Talked at the Hub Hops which followed. l33 ., Christmas began early with the shop boys making children's toys and the underclassmen decorating their respective areas. Mrs. Browne's French classes had their own Christmas program with carol singing and the presence of St, Nick himself. .KI 1 i 5 I x c rg' fr Both music departments, the choruses of Mr. Makell and Mr. Peterson and Mr. Fignar's brass choir, instilled in all of us the wonderful spirit of the Yuletide season at the annual Christmas Assembly. I34 To heighten the Christmas spirit, a Snowflake Ball was held climaxing North High's Christmas ac- tivities. 4639 A 'W NWWWMW, , R Q 5' W5 it 1 f ,'v'ai A - , ---V A L.. After the holidays, classes resumed once again, as did this TV physics class. Pat Lindsay started each day by leading us in morning exercises, followed by the announcements for the day on the new intercom system. At this ceremony King Bill Stouffer and Queen Carole Manious were crowned from the court chosen by the Senior class. lcl' f kia c Q: ,',,'- "'r 2 3, ,Eel . was f" ' rllrl' i Q is X iw -- , 'fr i' , LU 1 Y 55- X After having been postponed twice, the Sweetheart Dance was scheduled February 26. s l K 4 4 'Ad f-5,1 'v c, . ,ql:A., W in c,., Q W?:3c5,5',ci5Q ,5gQ... . :- A lliaii L 5-if tic'c T i -'-- ,L NA, gm, , .- "' e it is LMI - fl . I' Both King and Queen were presented many gifts from the various classes. I37 1 A D VER TISING A 3. 2 L my Q 1 x 1 VM U ff K n Q? 'Q ' 5 K ,I g ' Nag A i E - .. V Z - 4 3. -5 ' 4 ,f P 2 153. X fs 'W , ,E 1 x VB ,, E 'X x. . M , ,.., VX .R W..W. ,N, N, FAIRCHILD F-27 America's Firsf Twin Propjef Transpori' Besi' Wishes Io Ihe Class of '60 FAIRCHILD ENGINE 81 AIRPLANE CORPORATION HAGERSTOWN, MD. Mc COMAS ARMSTRONG, INC. "For Your Insurance Needs" PHONE RE 9-7440 II4 W. Washingfon SI. dp: J f See- AGEM' Clarence Emerson Ed Hook YOU rr r II nv lllsuranrr I I 'IIIVI VCU lllll' Q Aaw Roor BEER ' DRIVE IN Home of IIwe Monsfrer "Come In and See UncIe Jack" CompIimen+s of BREWER CANDY COMPANY MICHAEL ICE, INC. BIocIc Graded Cubes Cold Sforage Loca+ion-7II Nor+I1 MuIberry RR 76 Wes'I' Lee SI. PHONE RE9-2I50 CompIimenI's of a Friend WHITE WELD AND CO. Hagersfown, Md. CLOVERDALE SPRING CO Hagersfown Maryland LigI1I' and Refreshing If CompIimen'rs of HUNTSBERRY'S Fashion FooI'wear Orrhopedic a Specialry TELEPHONE: RE 9-I6I6 W. S. GIBNEY-FIorisI's "WI1en II is flowers, Say II wiII'm ours." W. S. GIBNEY Propriefor Concord and Buena Vis'I'a Ave. Hagersfown, Maryland THE YOUNG MENS' SHOP' Fine Suifs Sporfswear DNS Sfofe AND FURNISHINGS 3I N. Pofomac S+. HAGERSTOWN, MD. Phone RE 9JI589 MUSEY and EVANS 49 s. POTOMAC sr JOHNSTON'S 33 N. Pofomac S+. 'Where S'ryIe and Economy Mee+" MARTIN HARDWARE 81 IMPLEMENTS MOBILHEAT FUEL ou. AUTOMATIC DELIVERY BURNER SERVICE Phone REgen+ 9-5275 FAH RN EY'S PI1oI'o Cenfer l0l N. Po+omac Sf. HAGERSTOWN. M. D. Complimenis of SOUTH'S RESTAURANT The MUSIC SHOP Sales Repairing Phone RE 9-3220 53 S. Pofomac, Hagersfown, Md. CompIimen+s of DIXIE MILLWORK COMPANY, INC. RUSSELL HAIR STUDIO I59 Wes'I' Washingfon S+. Hagers+own, Maryland DIAL RE 3-7544 "Personalized Hair Shopping" Complimenfs of SAUM'S JEWELERS 49 W. Washing'ron S+. 'Your Keepsake Diamond Jewelers in I-IagersIown" r a LooK iiii in LIKE A 'Fashions MODEL ,.Ii by i DIMON'S EAKLE'S DRUG STORE M. PERRY PORTERFIELD Propriefor II8 W. WASHINGTON ST. Hagersfown, Md. Complimenfs of MAJESTIC RESTAURANT 37 Sou+I1 Po+omac S+. AIR CONDITIONED Congrafulafions From MOSS INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. 44 Sou+I1 Pofomac S1'reeI' Hagersfown, Maryland PHONE RE-3-6464 CompIimenI's of M. P. MOLLER MUSIC STORE 4I S. Pofomac S+. YIIIII X ll - .. .. n .0 - Meet All Your Friends at WRIGHT MONTGOMERY WARD 8: CO. SPEICHER 8: GARDNER. INC. 35 Wes+ Washingwn S+. Complete Insurance Service HAGERSTOWN' MD. 49 Summii' Ave. HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND RE 3-I234 Since Since I 880 I 880 TROY Home or sTA-Nu DRY- CLEANING "Bes+ for Brands" "Tops for Teens" For over 'rhree-quarfers of a cenrury "TROY" has been serving your parents, your grand-parenfs. your grear grand-paren+s. For 'rhe nex+ 25 years and more we are looking forward To serving you and yours-Ihe nex+ generefion. THE TROY LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING CO. 59 Easf Washington Sfreei' HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND RE 9-0986 E. D. PLUMMER AND SONS General Contractors C' M' HOLSINGER PHONE: HAGERSTOWN, Mo. Ffefh and Cured Mews REgeM, 9-l986 Phone RE 3-7570 CHAMBERSBURG. PA- R. F. D. 4, HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND COLony 4-6 I 66 Bargains are Our Business DAVID P. SCHINDEL 8' SON If It's in Town It's Downtown Pharmacists I S Pofomac and Oak Hill Avenues YOUR ONE STOP SHOPPING CENTER Phone: 9,2780l Hage,-51-own' Q 115 ,Xt f - ,S , I Xhs. I .AF Admiring a BALFOUR ring are Pam Prolcsa, Cheryl Divelbiss. Rick Sullivan. Jim Snyder, Milre G d K C 6Of'geS, G71 CFSFI OOSY. HORST'S COUNTRY CLUB SERVICE STATION I879 Pennsylvania Ave. HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND "F ree Pick-Up and Delivery" Phone: RE 9-4825 Open from 7 am-I0 pm HAGERSTOWN PAINT 81 GLASS CO. Overhead Doors Aluminum and SI'eel Windows Painf Glass Mirrors 45 WEST FRANKLIN STREET RE 9-4300 OR RE 9-430I Generations of Satisfied Customers VICTOR CUSHWA 84 SONS COAL - FUEL OIL - BUILDERS' SUPPLIES BRICK MANUFACTURERS CAnal 3-25II RE 3-2200 Williamsporf, Mcl., Hagerslown FOUNTAIN HEAD ESSO SERVICE CENTER Roy M. Snyder, Jr., Prop. Norllmern Ave. RE 3-9080 Complimen+s of POTOMAC FARMS DAIRY PRODUCTS ABBIE JANE FLOWERS By Carroll Rang Oalc Hill and Pofomac Avenues HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND Misses - Junior and Sub-Teen Coat - Dresses and Sportswear THE BON TON I9 N. Polomac S+. Compliments of GRAY'S FUR SHOP 24 NorI'l1 Pofomac SI. PHONE: REgen'I' 9-0566 RITCHEYQS CARDS and GIFTS "The Store With the Personal Touch" LONGMEADOW SHOPPING CENTER shoes LONGMEADOW SHOPPING CENTER No Sale Final Un+il You Are Complefely Saiisfied. Orlhopedic FiHing by Qualified Personnel. X WEISS BROTHERS Paper Producfs PHONE REgen+ 9-3069 I37 E. Franklin S+., Hagersiown RALPH'S BEAUTY SALON Phone: REgen'I' 9-44I0 Compliments of W. D. CUNNINGI'IAM'S MARKET ZIV2 E. Franklin S+. R. D. McKEE, Inc. WHOLESALE HARDWARE TOOLS MILL SUPPLIES Hagersfown, Maryland Phone: RE 9-2525 :AJIEIK BilQl9'S supggmr 8 HGGERSTOUJH. mn- "METERED" SERVICE LP-GAS for Carefree Comfori' Au+oma'Iic so Convenieni' Clean LOWEST INSTALLATION COST LOWEST OPERATING COST INSURED INSTALLATIONS THE JONES GAS COMPANY P.O. Box 528-W, Memorial Blvd. REgen+ 9-2724, Hagersfown, Md. Bonded Applicafors of Md., Inc. "ROOFING SPECIALISTSN 400 S. Cannon Ave. - Hagersfown, Md Phone REgenI' 3-4343 There's no place quite like this lac p e Anywhere near this place. So this must be the place. THE BIG DIPPER HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION of HAGERSTOWN I28 Wesf Washing+on S+ree+ HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND Complete Savings and Home Loan Service MELVIN L. MARTIN L81 B HAT SHOP CONTRACTOR MILLINERY AND HARDWARE Specializing in Home Building Public Squaw MAUGANSVILLE' MD. HAGERSTOWN MARYLAND RE 3-l379 TOWNE 81 COUNTRY FOOD MART JOHN CORDERMAN, Inc I766 JEFFERSON BLVD. ON THE CAVETOWN PIKE 36 Norfh Pofomac S+. Known for the Finest Meats HAGERSTOWN, MD. Exclusive 27, Cash Discoun+ or Family Trading Phone RE 9'I77I S'l'amps COURT WAFFLE SHOPPE fi I6 SUMMIT AVE. Telephone RE 3-7920 Serving BREAKFAST-LUNCH-DINNER 6:30 A.M. TO 8:00 P.M. McCRORY'S Hagers+own's Mosf Popular Variely S+ore Complimenls of HOFFMAN'S CHEVROLET SALES, Inc. Wes+ern Marylancl's Largesi' Aufomolaile Dealer BEST WISHES, CLASS OF '60 ALAN'S SHOES ON THE SQUARE "Beau+iful Sl1oes" COAL-FUEL OIL-BUILDING SUPPLIES Indian Maid Stoker Coal Pocahonras S+ove and Nui' Size AYERS BROS. Dial RE 9-0900 Compliments of FRIENDLY MARKET I24 W. Franklin S+. PERC. DIVELBISS RE 9-4488 BEST wlsHEs +0 NORTH HIGH TORTUGA Compiimenis of Your MUNICIPAL ELECTRIC LIGHT PLANT HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND AN!! LW I III wi o If A I O o IIGKVOYY 3 W I u5AnuxADA 0 K , u o I O I i KEEP FIT By Keeping Up Your SporI's SEMLER-MCFADDIN COMPANY 25 NORTH POTOMAC CompIimenI's of THE HAGERSTOWN BLOCK CO. and THE HUB CITY MIX E. Firs+ S+. and B.81O. R.R. PHONE RE 3-35I0 CI1ar+er Bus Service for Your School Trips in Cruiser Type Buses ANTIETAM TRANSIT CO., INC. RE 9.1868 Congrafulafions I960 GRADUATES of Nor+h Hagersfown High School RICHARDSON'S SNACK BAR ROUTE 40 EAST "Visit Us This summer" CompIe+e Banking Faciliries for Individual and Business Accoun+s Are You A Deposifor? Each deposifor is now insured up +o a maxn- mum of SI0,000 by 'Ihe Federal Insurance Corp. Deposii FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK HAGERSTOWN TRUST COMPANY NICODEMUS NATIONAL COMPANY SECOND NATIONAL BANK Members of HAGERSTOWN CLEARING HOUSE ASSOCIATION LOHR'S PRODUCE Wholesale Fruirs and Vege+abIes 29 Wesf Aniieiam Sfreei Hagerslown, Md. Regeni 3-0440 Complimenrs of TH E H ERSH EY CREAMERY CO. Hagerslown, Md. RE 9-3808 RAUP CAMERA CENTER Hofel Alexander Building PHONE: RE 9-3333 Cameras - Phoro Supplies ARNETT'S GARAGE Phone REgen+ 3-05I5 GENERAL REPAIRING Massey-Ferguson Oliver Gehl Harvesfers SALES AND SERVICE Sharpsburg Pilce Hagersfown Maryland RIFFLE Dry Cleaners Piclc-Up and Del ivery Service 'Specialisls in Dry Cleaning" MAUGANSVILLE ELEVATOR PANY, INC AND LUMBER COM MAUGANSVILLE, MARYLAND Lum ber-Millwork-H cl ar ware Gram-Feed-Coal-Pain+s Building Ma+erials PHONE- Hagersfown REgen+ 9-4220 33 Easi Balrimore SI. AUTO ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY Au+omoI'ive Elecfrician s ParI's-Official Service HAGERSTOWN, MD. RE 9-68I8 Specialized Service For Ihe Besl' Deal in Town Go Io HARSHMAN'S TV SALES 8: SERVICE 2I6 E. Washingfon S+reeI' RE 3-9590-OPEN EVENINGS Zeni'I'l1-Molorola-Dumonl' COMPLIMENTS OF YOUR FRIENDLY I viii? 3 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Wes'I' Balfimore S+. Virginia Ave. Nor+hern Ave. HOWARD JOHNSON'S Ice Cream Shoppes and Res'Iauran+s 7 A.M. - +o - MIDNIGHT Roufe 40 Easf H. EARL CROMER "YES, WE SELL IT" 66 E. FranIrIin S+. Hagers+own, McI. RE 9-5I70 MODERN SHOE SHOP "I-Iagers+own's Finesf Shoe Rebuildersn We also sharpen saws, scissors, shoe slraies, Icnives, and pinking shears. For +he besi in shoe care and service CALL RE 3-4933 RINEHART'S X ESSO SERVICENTER C0mPIIme"Is U. S. 40, Easi' of Hagersfown, Maryland A DIAL RE 3-7442 J. scorr LANTZ AGENCY HQFFMANIS SCOTT LANTZ - FRED GLADWIN I22 W. Washingfon S+ree'f Hagersfown, Maryland Phone: REgen+ 3-03 I0 REPRESENTING The Travelers Insurance Companies Headquarfers for Young Men I5 N. Po'I'omac S+. Hagersiown, Md. M-W ,.,,,, .. ulZ15"717 r-- - "' Y 5 EE SUPERIOR DAIRY LEED'S ARMY AND NAVY STORE 5l-53 W. FRANKLIN ST. Everyfhing for +I1e Working Man and School Boy HENRY A. BESTER af soNs Comggifs of FLORISTS CONCRETE PIPE CO. INC Flowers 'For All Occasions Virginia Ave. and ' ' 40-50 E. Balfimore Sf. Wilson Blvd Hagersfown' Md' Hagers'I'own, Md. PHONE: RE 9-6870 RE 9-4890 Members of F. T. D. f f cHATKlN's PHARMACY Dm News Summi'r and Surrey Avenues "FREE DELIVERY" Phone RE 9-0520 AM FM I240 KC l04.7 MC ABC and MBS MILLER-LISKEY HAGERSTOWN. MD. ELECTRIC CO., INC. 33 Years of I Sa+isfied Cus1'omers Music SPOHS r. Compliments 0f ROSEN'S . . R816 CompIimen+s of S+ickIer's ESSO Servicenier 20I Frederick SI'ree'l' PHONE RE 9-54I7 MAY'S HARDWARE One S'I'op- Hardware Shop Long Meadow Shopping Cenier PHONE RE 9-66II HAGERSTOWN LAUNDRY 81 DRY CLEANERS I37 W. Franklin SI'ree'I' RE 9-2550 I'IagersIown's Only Drive-Thru POTOMAC MOTOR LINES II9 W. Franklin S+ree+ Hagersiown, Maryland CHARTER SERVICE Anywhere U. S. OR CANADA Phone RE 3-0300 THERE'S MORE FUN FOR EVERYONE- When You Have an Elecfric Dishwasher THE POTOMAC EDISON ,X PRICE'S AMOCO SERVICE Norfhern Avenue Specializing in Wherever thirsty people are . . . Mo+or Tune-Ups E PHONE RE - f 3 53's ifgps A . fo- Complimenfs of ' ,.- Kr faxxx ff ,zff THE FOLTZ MANUFACTURING ta X AND SUPPLY COMPANY Leiter B rotlaers X "Always Firsl in FasI'1ion" Apparel for I'I1e EnI'ire Family HAGERSTOWN, MD. WAYNESBORO, PA. CHAMBERSBURG, PA. BAER BROS., INC. WHOLESALE Frui+s and Vege+abIes Dulany Frozen Foods Phone REgenI' 9-5I I I-2-3 Complimenls of BOHMAN WARNE, INC. MARTIN JEWELERS Diamonds-Wa+cI1es-Jewelry 6 EAST WASHINGTON STREET Hagersfown, Md. Phone RE 9-6880 Congratulations from the New Car Dealers of Hagerstown, Md. ANTIETAM morons. INC. AUTO SHOW, LTD. BRAKE PONTIAC, INC. CENTRAL MOTORS FLEIGH MOTOR CO. HASLACKER MOTOR CO. HOFFMAN CHEVROLET SALES, INC. MASSEY-SHARRETT, INC. MIDDLEKAUFF MOTORS J. S. SNOWBERGER 81 SONS THUMMA MOTOR CO. HARTLE'S CONFECTIONS MYERS FURNITURE MART Submarine Sandwiches 2320 Pa. Ave. Hagerstown, Md. Fountain-School Supplies "DISCOUNT PRICES" 635 S. Potomac Street on PHONE RE 9-9828 FURNITURE and CARPETS HOWARD'S PAINT STORE, INC. THE HAGERSTOWN 28 N. Potomac St. CO- ARTISTS' SUPPLIES DEPARTMENT STORE PAINTS--WALLPAPERS FOR BUILDERS Free Delivery PI'Ione RE 3-4600 PHONE RE 9-8020 ONE HOUR MARTINIZING "More Than Dry Cleaning" 45 S. Pofomac St- RE 3-I940 57 W. Franklin S+.-RE 3-7288 Complimenfs of THE ALICE WEAGLY SHOP, INC. I4 S. Po+omac Sfreef TERMINAL SODA FOUNTAIN GREYHOUND Bus STATION 3I Eas'I Anfiefam S'I'reef Sandwiches-Coffee Sofi' Drinks BesI' Wishes BERTH C. De VORE, Manager CRIDER LEATHER GOODS CO. Collars-Leashes Dog Toys and Accessories AII Kinds of Leafher Goods Repaired 50 E. Franklin S+. PHONE RE 9-OI66 Wesfern MaryIancI's Only Complefe Prinfing House LETTERPRESS AND OFFSET Hagerstown Bookbinding 81 Printing Co. "Serving Haqersfown ancl The Cumberland Valley Since I903 COMPLETE PAPER PRINTERS OFFICE BOX OF OUTFITTERS MANUFACTURERS QUALITY I06 W. Franklin Sfreef REgenI' 3-2000 Pe+i1'e. Chubby, and Regular Shoppe I07 N. Pofomac Sfreef RE 3-2402 R. BRUCE CARSON, Jeweler Esfablished I902 Exclusive Agenf for Kirlc Silver JEWELERS OF DISTINCTION Anfiques Bavarian China Fine Crysials C. LEON GROSS-JACOB K. BARE HoI'el Alexander Bldg. Hagersfown, Md. Besf Wishes Complimenis of THE GATEWAY CONVALESCENT HOME ROLAND E. KNICELY, Prop. CompIimen+s of EBY'S SU NDRI ES SUMMIT AND HOWARD ST. Hagersfown, Maryland PO0LE'S Painl' - Wallpaper 67 Wes? Franklin Sfreel' Hagersfown, Maryland PHONE REGENT 3-7833 Paini - Wallpaper - Veneiian Blinds - Glass - Ladders - Ren+aI Equipmeni' -- Wall and Floor Tiles - S+orm Windows and Doors. THE KELLER C0mP"me"'S of STONEBRAKER co. HAGERSTOWN Esfab. - wo: GAS COMPANY LEWIS SCHNEBLY JR., Pres. Comple+e Insurance Service I7 Summil' Ave., Phone RE 3-2530 The New Venice ResI'auran+, Mo+eI, and Par+y Room DUAL HIGHWAY and CLEVELAND AVENU E Near 'rhe Ci+y Golf Course fs VOGUE DRIVE-IN CLEANERS K Virginia Ave. and Linwood Road STEFFEY 8: FINDLAY, I 'LTCC ' EOR PICK-UP SERVICE Fue O' - ca Dial RE 3-4I98 Builders' Supplies PHONE RE 3-I600 , 5 CompIlmenI's of NEHI BORDEN'S , , BOTTLING "If lI"s Borden s. COMPANY iI"s gol' Io be good." Be'H'er furniI'ure for young homemalcers. FORSYTH'S STORAGE AND TRANSFER 245 Mill S'I'reeI' PHONE RE 3-I356 CompIe+e Glasses SI5.00 Examinalion Included MAY'S OPTICAL 27 W. Waslwingfon Sf. I2nd. 'floorl Hagerslown, Md. "Ask Abou? Our Beach Blended Bifocalsn Hours: 9 A.M. Io 5 P.M. Wed. 9 A.M. 'Io I P.M. Fri. 9 A.M. 'ro 9 P.M. Sa+. 9 A.M. Io I2 PM. PI'1one RE 3-4I55 Complimenfs of Complimenfs of A FRIEND S+yIe-Ri+e Beauiy Salons Congraiulafions 'ro Ihe Class of I960 THE BALTIMORE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY I28 Wes'I Washingfon S'rree+ Hagers+own, Maryland THOMAS, BENNETT 8: LOUIS F. WHITTINGTON 0 I HUNTER, INC. EIec+rucaI Service . , , Ready-Mixed Concrefe EIec'IrncaI Heahng Cer+i'Fied Wiring Delivered in 'I'he Modern Way Credif Paymeni' Plan 330 W. Church S+., Hagersfown, Md fo' 'mP'0'eme"'S DIAL REGENT 9-5944 '02 N' COLONIAL DRIVE Service-Qualify-Experience Hagersiown, Md., Phone RE 9-7949 20 YEARS IN HAGERSTOWN BESTER-LONG, INC. General Consfruciors HIGHWAYS - RAILROADS HEAVY EXCAVATION ASPHALT PAVING PRODUCTS 439 Sou'I'h Poiomac SI'ree+, Hagers+own, Maryland Education is the hope of our youth, youth is the hope of our democracy, and our democracy is the hope of the world. Gl1qb0l'l1 THE OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. "A Complefe Line of A Porfable Typewrifers" The sfaff of fhe I96O Heiskelife wishes fo express ifs appreciafion fo fhe following who have had a parf in fhe creafion of fhis book. Taylor Publishing Co. - Prinfing and Binding Mr. Henry Wiffich - Taylor Represenfafive Wilmyer Sfudio - Phofography The l960 Heiskelife Advisor - Mr. R. E. Kinsley Mr. Theodore Hull, Sfanley Smifh, and Bob Pryor - Phofography Mr. Coffman - Financial Records Our adverfisers for fheir generous supporf All sfudenfs who worked on fhis book Please Patronize Our Advertisers THE Helsiceure STAFF Autograph Page A ' N QW f' Ry , P' , X X 'C b NM wig 1 W fe' f W 5 bg ff JQWJZ M W w W N Q W ff In M QMNW M X CW W LWMVM W WSMQMN M W W MIM ibm . M XKu b f: x fy L " 59 .W i dy X 'f vivid K AJ,?!51'.f mg N ,QW 41,5 Q AOQQJP Sv ' Y s JSF Uv JC OA CEQXVV Rep! xg 'C A ' of mg 4 b - 1 1 117 ' .Q .f- ix Q Q X, wsxiX9k Y, nxx M W gf X E sy: Ja n - x V' X 1 , .- .ex 1 Autograph Page le FEq-by XQQSQQMQXM J .XN3 S7426 Tqlljxwb 70 if Q60fQf"S6QQ' 6'Q"+f X 1' f LVQ QV ff-f E1J,CxC"f4:U' if J f f f m l f Jgdwsf Jwlqwp cms YW 'aim OLA4"'feilj470 xwhfk Wfvwb LV mink. MK WV fw QM of Mlffmw TF...--. . F fe3l55f3 ' iiw 2 fvwfff W ' y if W fffw W ESP 648Qi?W V! , gf M XML f ' VX! 41' M0 70,1 WL Q WU KW? l V L2 i IN A f - , r ' J x Ns Y S s ln! Vs g 'l X. TA ,, TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY fy ' 3 7 4 D N X ! N Y v, X LA , ' ,Y K n A 'Q 'Who World'a Best You books Are Taylor made" 3 xx vumous Q' . ' - rw ,qi ,f -7 . j g N L - i I, 1 H H A M ' 4 K ,CJ-up , -Kd ar 0 ymwkufv 7952- gi 4M,f'w fn-QL? g 2 QW ' My-f 3 'i' Ziff mini- It , .. .I . -ix Inn-...mag . 's N, . ,...t A, . -E5 ii. se '- Q-7, Q . . 1 as r' ' ,1- 1 ' v ,1- all N ' r ' .5 Q K 1 ' - . Y 4'?p,4:., qs- 4 - ' ec -1 ..' 1 U. nf' -77, .- 4 gg. nf v . . -l'a"'l'r" 1 x ,P I 4 9 n - .

Suggestions in the North Hagerstown High School - Heiskelite Yearbook (Hagerstown, MD) collection:

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