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Jani Q I Z .Andi f :fav 1-1:1-'-5,,g p ,,1,.,,.1,,,g.,...l..4 I, .H ,, ff, :,- , I. . 1 . , 1-' , .,,,-.U , A In Nu. r. ..... ,..- 4-..-:gn North Greenville Junior College Tigerville, South Carolina 1968 Volume XXXIII Judy Vickery-Editor I Susan Loftis-Business Manager A zu ' , Q , ii we mg: ,Q my 'z 1 E:m'9,Af5l'5, V, ml 1' IQQQJQ.-S51 1 lf -:px fafgzx ,Q bag? r 3 ROR f"f'lV1 1-4g:,,"1,J1 sq- sv, I ' ' X4 f 'fi 4 1' .1 s f.,,c,, 'lm- v. 1 2 -, mm., CONTENTS Introduction . . . .4 Administration . . . .20 Staff Faculty and Curriculum Classes .............. . .48 Features . . . . . .104 Organizations . . . . .130 Athletics ...... . . 172 Advertisements . . . .202 Directories Index 2Q5iQ33?f55i-+ - 1 1 ,,,,,,,, . gg,,,xi ' gil ' iff.. lift:-f-1 3 The Aurora reflects the moods of North Greenville and the individual through . .. ABILITIES North Greenville takes pride in the accomplish- ments of her students as each student is encouraged to develop his individual talents to their full capacities and to perform before his fellow students and faculty. UPPERCLASSMEN Dignity, admiration, humor, and even fear are some of the many and varied moods of upperclassmen. REVERENCE Reverence for God is expressed in prayer, in song, in communication, in attitude, in sincerity, as the stu- dent grows in the awareness of his responsibilities to his Heavenly Father and to his fellowmen. OPTIMISM Throughout the years at North Greenville, we have tried to make the most of enjoyments and packed away the troubles. RELAXATION To many, it is relaxing just to stroll on the North Greenville campus and behold God's majesty. APPRECIATION Seldom do we take time to appreciate the rich inheritance that we have received in the very founding of a college stressing academic excellence in a Chris- tian environment. 4 Ks 16 ?N+ . L , E X 'na-anT" t' 1 6.1 Q ,Qc vr K: . X .jx .J is ! 1 . AN A N J., N, 9 W4 '5 Ng - . - 'XF' "A I 2 - , . . . n E ' H' :- :,,yg,,f1 , i E- K- '- .x'is M . Q W. 4 , ' if L 'SQ .N Yi ..Iv L. - F "J.TQ I 's 'T M x r V I It JV' !v'x.'?N4'f'w fx 'VJ R ui, V I l 5 5 K V If' . l I, J , QXLQKAQQ - ' -H f fS,. -ta? X 14 51. ,- ww V -W. gg, -5. . ,ua , , fy 51. w 'v 4,3 S, 1 9'3- , 291, . 1 M, V . , ig , f451F"'f M -,Y , - W 745, H-fig V, f' JAFW- '4 ' A 'Q' , , -' ,,,f K 'M s AV ,H 'T- um W ,ff Gel N-, I X 1 mv? ,i - PM A gl nag'-vw - ' . ' -" 'T ,f-fi' "RT ' N WS ',p...-w..--.. w ,,:,,1"'m'r an .,N,r,,1,,,.q... ...UA Y -f , f L 1 'ml 1 'Q' fm-. , -'flip ' K' ' ay: S '-ff! f V S.,T?:W" A V V f slr, V ' -ar 'N "'l ' K' 'f' ' ' Y ' . vm 'HAI ' , V uf: ' V or-' Vw- i Vi ,B M vii" , T Nui-WWW 1 rv i ', I -,. - ' Q , - 57 ' H?" f --,-fa' 1 , ' x .FLYNN-H' 15 - 1 . - ' ' r ,wi-,alma A Vwgmfnt L, -NW 4 X , q , - L M grw, ,K V, , .ink Y , , ,Q KN, 'V K Y. ,wdixv .,,,-Wu mm f x A , N ,-5+k . 1 X ' . 1 1 .4 M --V ,TK -1, 1 H 'ff' ' W1 HF?" . 'W QL, ,. . H -3 , A N Y 5 ., qu, V 1 .3' x '- nf A: ' X, fs ? a :fx ,' '54 :QA H , ff ,ep 'Q , Gm' ' " w. W . ,Yr " if ,.,,, fi' 'Wx ,-' 51 m M1 Ah? I :GMS "Ya WF? ,-K., 5 qi. B LI IES The English novelist George Eliot once said, "There is a great deal of unmapped country within us." At North Greenville, however, the Aurora views the many abilities demonstrated through generous gifts from alumni and friends of the school, through the students' tedious work in the laboratories, in the learn- ing that takes place in the classroom, and inthe selec- tion of the varied courses from the college curriculum. North Greenville takes pride in the accomplish- ment of her students as each student is encouraged to develop his individual talents to their full capacities and to perform before his fellow students and faculty. of '91 1 'A f f V' he l 1 Q ,, wifi, "' was E bg a Xiu f JL fwfr L I , cl l ...ff l 7,17 Q 6 1' i w i 4 TIA ,'+4 Zggffy' 552535 1: -nt-rf. -453 Eli-:-:L Tiff 3:51-Sk Eggs Q-Q3 73:33 'JI-I Em L 1'Q'Z:k gif.. a.:, '-LIP! 'i'sE:I 5 :U fi ws: :Erl- I-1-J-. txt-- r -. . a- fx- Lg.: . fx if . . - V: - 431 5:39 we -- 'lie 5-49. in-5: 5225+ E2 vw fa -..,. 05.1 5 AU. L' -In 'iii' 5521: K-'41 1:-me +'.:.x :'.-f. .f I x 722' -.nv :ISI .L ...Z y. 5 , -. 1 Elf . Eff: s-1: - , ,.x 5 .-:Cx .. ., fs- ,- 'ffli Ap. QV . 11- . tk' x-'S L.-' 3 . m. j. , an '3 EE. .. if . x ul '. .,,, A..-' Er' r Hy... lr" , fr- . f 'f i L it Y. 'f. up K n.,' , L ' I A L. . . v.-1' ,4 .-31, ffi ' ZW.. zf, ru- I1 " ' ,- ', rl-L Wag' .1'A .,.-. F.. rv., 1 . J : ff HPF: ... q..-.2 H .'. L . :,,. 5 ,vi u.- ,. 1. . -53. N, ., WV.: :ugh 1325 K, 5. 'VJ , .- W' . 4 Till: uffg n' Y ,E .Ar JL, .', 22' ."', ai' ..e 'AC'- V., 25 fr 1 'J 2? Ju - . '4- PPERCLASSME Dignity, admiration, humor, and even fear are some of the many and varied moods of upperclassmen. North Greenville students vvill always remember that frightened feeling as Freshmen, the get-acquainted parties, the talent shows, the registration procedure, the difficult tests, the pageants, the sports events, the trips to Glassy, Baldy, and Poinsett Bridge, the holidays, the dates, honors, the weekends, the Student Center meetings, the research papers, spring fever, and especially graduation. Qqtv, m ff 5 is ,415 A . s' ' S . X- ft , V ' ' ' ,,-7,4 , ,,, . . Y . V Q ' I X V ,, X V i V V V ,,,,, V , - , , c 'o fsro "'ai g x, i "':"?'N f -sm' " ' ui X ' 'Q . W2 fs I, , N . Qgy as if V gy., my i i g., ,i fggl I ' of V' fu i 2 3 if ' V , K X K .. j jj ,t I, J-, W V V Us t 1 fp pgs? K1 .N V., A x x I X -.M . , gc V . ,, w .s . 1 ff -ye, 3 up -9' V 3 .oi--.iff r i, Q .. V f ig. ,NV V V .5 1 , to ,ti . X., XM '55, mx V V M V X is A., ,FN , - nys - ik Q ,X E . f x ff! 'fs ' ' K fi gf! 3' W ' wa kv! jj xxx , 0 j ,L Lk, Q. V V V. t 2 gf .Y 3? 1 u -f F V we P gf f K' max 1, 'Qt V. if ,Vis kv , " Q1 'YZ ,- 1 A " l 1 ,+n5E2,g,11L . ,. 'r X,f :kt r, ,Vp ' 1 , t K Q 151' 'Q' V B7 '-s s . . - V ig - w i 'f 9 , il ia V M , sf W 5 i so K 3' if 4 . tg sf if if -1- - in -V fm wx X 1 V 5 ., M 2. , N wtf, V .A . cf V X Y, sxtvtx .. 5, E SL X fi ' . iff 8 1 1 l . , V .Nba - ,L - I-se? W .X 'I Mx X, V i ' L' :V 'Q . NR? Y ' v , ., ., may A ,X Qfwsggv Val 5 N X X :Ii -:E 5195 REVERENCE The Aurora expresses the mood of reverence. Opportunities for worship are provided on the North Greenville campus through the student participation in the Volunteer Band programs, in Young Woman's Auxiliary, in the dormitory devotions, at vespers, in chapel, at prayer meeting, and at the regular Sunday church services. During these times, reverence for God is ex- pressed in prayer, in song, in communication, in atti- tude, sincerity as the student grows in the awareness of his responsibilities to his Heavenly Father and to his fellowmen. f., A 'Q 10 i 4 M mc rg C 5110? ' .255 um: , .-.- vs, . '32 . x. ZX-I' 7- PIN ? X N-Ik! fn.: 151 , W7 ,ISE X ?2 :SQ .,.x,,, . .w.,. 31:52 4.. . 0.3 4 .:. X.. Q 'x .1 w y 4 1 1 OPTIMISM Throughout the years at North Greenville, all have had the mountain top experiences as well as the valley ones, however, we have tried to make the most of enjoyments and packed away the troubles. The Aurora reflects the aspects of optimism one receives through the enjoyment and satisfaction of creating something, of stretching his imagination, of being able to participate in an activity, of having new worlds unfolded, of exploring the structure and processes of the human body, and even of looking beyond the rainy day. l 1 2 if RELAXATION Relaxatlon IS an Important mood the Aurora ex- presses The students and faculty always enjoy a break from the dally routine of college llfe The Foster Student Center has been meanlngful In the facllltles afforded for relaxation Everyone enjoys slttlng and chatting with friends getting a snack watching T V checking mall playing plng pong pool chess scrabble and even checkers and browsing In the college store Even an occasional trap off campus IS refreshlng. The steaks that were cooked at Glassy lVIountaln wlll always be remembered Many groups enjoyed traps to Polnsett Bridge Also, Baldy was a popular place when the snows came. To many, It IS relaxung just to stroll on the campus and behold God's majesty. 'I4 . 1 v ' -1 r ' I 1 r 1 , . xt ' S 'in . - - i-- ', T Zi .312 V 1 1' ' - L' " Q' A: '- ' -.1-' - ' ' ' w - , ' ' ' - ' , ' 4 ' 1 " ,'.5L1f 1 fflglf' 'T :f'21I-'fi :Z-.-in-'gfv.'.1fT,-Nf tfdwfail1C,i:J'L""',""fjga15' vz'v--'rZ:.fif'f1- ,5,.5':,,5.l,:,-,fqfgli"'5m-g1g4gig,f,:g'g1,.gf -A Q . W - , ,,- ,1g,-A.f- - ,- :.,:. -. .1 .- .- -h U ' -, . , ,. -. A , 1, V . x , , ,. . I.. . , , ,1,, ,-, 541, ,,.-yqj,,,.!,,55 m,,1-diff,,W-,'f,,if,,1,4y .,5,,m,n14.M-:,-.:f.sly.1,.ww4Gr.:7f:51..4.1!.,:11:Mg6Gw:'1I'eamz!,',:bzlmm:,,L.v.fQ..r..y.+ftf-'Q-1 '--fa-s V APPRECIATION The mood of appreciation is often neglected at North Greenville. Seldom do we take the time to ap- preciate fully the rich inheritance that we have re- ceived in the very founding of a college stressing aca- demic excellence in a Christian environmentg the ser- vices performed by our faculty, administration, and staffg the kindness shown by fellow studentsg the as- sistance students give faculty and their familiesg the harmonious attitude existing between Sophomores and Freshmeng and the friendliness and sharing of fellow classmates. , 16 Q x. xi ' f . ,-'W ,M we ,Q w-' mimi AVG f . 2 X Q- 5 4 X Q X f, Q x 'uf x .-M, Wm si wg. N .Q ' i".:A,,L, ' " 'ff"Qf rx -- 4, .wmx V .z ,, --. - 'ww -'amps if' ,L 5-,A 4 N31 if -. gg: - Q' 4 A. ,- ff jf' x S! Y f ' ' .12 X ,X , Qs vw Q ' A h.-.Wg -'ax sz-N ,ffhv - 6 . ' 'N -, 'rf ' ., . - na ,,..,:JfZF , w..-Q. ix , -f ., Wk.-,512 ff . A 's 1 if ww, dw ,, X X fww' wx Sw Sy 2 ,EN N I NN fl! N . w A wx X ,Ax Q N X X 4. H- X N N x 'N My -v XX mx X x Mr. Jose A. Fernandez gets ready to leave the classroom after a day of teaching. ' EAW W .flly i A ' 'Ei DEDICATION "To sow a dream and see it spread and grow To light a lamp and watch its brightness gleam Here is a gift that is divine. . ." The person to whom the 1968 Aurora is dedicated has sown a dream and has shared the light with all the students in his classes. He has been strong when there was much to suffer. He has been brave when there was much to dare. He has given without the thought of gift. He has loved liberty and country at the cost of great price. The Aurora staff proudly dedicates the 1968 Aurora to Mr. Jose Fernandez. - . Senor Fernandez gives 3 friendly smile as he arrives on Senor Fernandez stays after class to help Tommy Jackson improve campus. 18 his Spanish accent. - 1 1 1 I Ll 11 H ll N 3 fl 11 L 1 .1 1, 1 15? 1 .1 1 ,I ll E 1 I9 11 2 95125 :H f5.'7 147133 ,., , 1? 553 1955! F222 -:ga 2. Ii Mfr? .ana T755 524 7 1 - aff' Q-if. :PE-' .-,,.4 .,,,. ., .J-. fall -:'.': '-iii. 5.54 QE-fi Lift 31:11 14-f Q21 ,gi fir? :fsi 5: rn 212-1 223 'fini :c-2: 1. . .1 151' 'H Av 'I nn ' 11 I-.IG 'LK 15. 'lv :HT .WI F.: '- 1 :. I ,:j.g- 'hx . -1 Lf' 2-5, 1. ,I ,z 4 . 1-. QE. w .W 'Z-Q 3233 .-Q15 .uf -f:?: 1--1 5-SE .LX hi! "iii :fi P252 RHF '.,,. 55?- H: TH ?-ii ,S ni! -Liv? 4:7-27 dll IT ik' Sz? 19, 'igf "TI -Eli -1:16 ,gli x se me rf: LIL: .4 . ."'? 1! I ' v ' HTL J - 1 ' 1 5,44-.-1af-ffr::Ai1.f-Effffifwz' f,desv!'7'7"'25'7'.va11, wi-.iff 2 O u M ' mmmnf1f wnfaws mrnm N ww V WM? M ILTY AMW W C M H KO IU? Ml? M Q 3 S 3 ' N 3 1 H E S 1 1 N 1 k ' ,cpxv l l S X 2 vi Y i i Q it Q 2 ,g is 3 'Q rw -1 ss wg l 1 1 s l 1! lf' .A,,4f,,,.---'-"'4' 3 32 S 3 I El EE its ii is E2 -5 '5. 'WVWW ww '72 S N S R 'xi '?"'S Niemanf 'sv-ff 5 as Dr Thomas L Neely N5 'N Qi? President During the past flve years, Dr Thomas Neely has served North Greenville not only as an admmustrator but also as a man of God He IS a graduate of North Greenville, Wofford and Southwestern Semmary l 1943 D Neely went to Columbua, South America, as a mlsslonary Flve years later, he began the flrst mlsslon work In Venezuela In 1953 he reslgned has mlsslonary appointment and returned to South Carollna as a pastor Four years later, he became asslstant to Dr Nlurphree C Donnan, presldent of North Green vnlle Junlor College Upon Dr Donnans retire ment an 1962 Dr Neely succeeded as presldent ln 1964 Furman Unlverslty conferred upon ham the honorary dlvlnlty degree. In addltlon to has responslblllty as president of the college, Dr. Neely was elected In No vember, 1967, to the presidency of the South Carolina Baptist Convention 22 1 -' A , " sf, ' , ff A ' V XJ Ms " ,M Nsmmw ' 'ri ..,,-J ' , -1 .,....- f fs-:xv A f X W.. 1 12 1 1 1 ' 4 A 2 f 3 1 .' Xfgrx, - 1 ff M , 3 1 , ' ws 1+ Q ,X 505' N we X m - ' ,C ' ' W7 we luis. NM, X :,,"'f H ,,..,.u,,N...s., ,..,,,,,.,,.wMw-.Nwff- . . , ws , -F , . S. ' c . . - , as 1 1' .Lf V., ,,,, N A ,M mi X' 1,MsAs,. -- , F QXXQ wi ' , . . l . li . . , . 3 1 1 1 n , r. . l . . . . . Q 1 I . - . l - 4 a 7 u , . . 1 1 ADMINISTRATION With dedication and foresight, Dr. lVlurphree C. Donnan served North Greenville from 1928 to his retirement in 1962. He came as principal of the academy and was instrumental in the growth of the school into a junior college. His interest in young people and his faith in God helped make the school what it is today - a Christian institution. In August, 1966, Dr. Carl G. Campbell came as assistant to the president in the area of development. Dr. Campbell was scheduled to retire, but North Greenville has kept him very busy as he has traveled throughout the state and into many adjoining states seeking gifts from a- lumni, organizations, businesses and friends who value and would like to aid a small denominational school. Dr. Paul A. Talmadge, a native of Alabama, joined the faculty in 1962 as instructor of Bible. Upon the retirement of the Academic Dean, IVlr. H. J. Howard, in 1965, Dr. Talmadge was appointed to that position. This year he has been especially busy directing the preparation for self- study by the Southern Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges. 2: Dr. lVlurphree C. Donnan Dr. Carl G. Campbell Dr. Paul A. Talmadge President Emeritus Assistant to President Dean of Instruction Dr. Campbell leafs through a favorite volume. 1 l ly i l l 1 i Pl ,si l I XX Dr. Paul Talmadge, Dean of Instruction, accepts the respons ibility of helping students. Dr. Donnan enjoys his retirement. 23 ADMINI TRATION lVlr. Charles V. Bruce, North Greenville's Business Manager since 1949, has the great responsibility of keeping the college on a sound financial basis. He discharges his duties admirably as each person on campus is greatly affected by the work of the business office. IVlr. Dewey l.. Calvert has multiple duties as Director of Admissions and as Director of Athletics. In addition to his duties on campus, he also travels a great deal about the state as field representative attending college days held in various high schools. Having served the college as Dean of ln- struction from 1949 to 1965, lVlr. Henry J. Howard has retried as dean but continues to teach two classes of literature. From These Roots, lVlr. Howard's history of North Greenville, was lVlr. Calvert helps Larry Poole in the selection of courses. 5 V 1 '-"7 1, ff 4' published in 1967 to help celebrate the Seventy-fifth Anniversary of the college. . V . af, Nlr. Charles V. Bruce lVlr. Dewey L. Calvert Mr, Henry J. Howard Business Manager Dean of Admissions Dean Emeritus Mr. Bruce keeps careful check on the school's finances. 24 f 5 M Mr. Howard autographs his history of North Greenville ,1 Whether it was voting for immediate action on referendums, approving changes in trusteeship, or authorizing funds for a new building, the Board of Trustees enjoyed a very busy and successful year. First of all, changes were made early in the year for three additional members. lVlr. Fred Stanley lVlahaffey, assist- ant manager of Woodside lVlills at Fountain Inn, and Dr. William T. Hendrix, a Spartanburg physician, along with the college's first woman trustee, lVlrs. Joe K. Kinard, served effectively this year as the school's most recent trustees. With the prime interest of the college in mind, the Trustees approved the annual budget, authorized the building of a modern library and voted to delay changing the name of the college until further study is made. Lastly, the Board completed an eventful year by approving Dr. Carl G. Campbell's seeking endowment for a Chair of Bible to be named in honor of Dr. lVl. C. Donnan, president emeritus of the college. BOARD OF TRUSTEES lVlr. Barefoot, one of the trustees, speaks to Carolyn Parkinson after chapel T if 3 be NY' x , . t. Q . x N-News fs X X. G - g A A-., W., " " NN I L X FIRST ROW: Rev. W. R. Barefoot, Mr. James A. Williams, lVlr. Robert H. Green, Nlrs. Joe Kinard, Rev. Wallace Taylor, Mr. Nolen Brunson Dr. Ralph Lattimore, chairman. SECOND ROW: Dr. William Hendrix, Rev. O. B. Lancaster, Rev. Horace F. Chapman, Dr. Byron Harbin lVlr. Stanley Nlahaffey, lVlr. Jesse Simmons, lVlr. Preston Griffin, Rev. Fred Dabney. 'L- l sg-we ,N ' . L, f tw , H' . . fm sg 25 l M I' X X f f f if Q MXXXXX X WX f" XXXXXX WW Q f f XXXXXX X XXXX gf' XXXXX EXW J f XXX XQX 'Q f Mc ff! QEX XZ'-fm 7 X XX X bi! X XXX XXXX X XXX X X ff XX X X XXXF f X fff X fffff XfX X f XXNXXX f fl?6f XX XXX XX XXX SX Xi. X 5 XXXX XXXXXX v X X XXX XXX XX X XX XX XXXXXXXXXA rf EgXlRxX X XX x XXX, XX XX XXX QXXX X XXXXXXXX -X Q M W lVllss Edith Caldwell Mrs Rose N Clayton lVlrs Ollve S Cram Dretutran Nurse Dean of Women IVlr Larry Crlbb Mr RaymondA NlcKlnney lVlrs HelenW Raines Dean of lVlen Alumni Dlrector Secretary to the Dean of Admlsslons Strange shows Mr McKinney the new sweat shuts EXEC TI E STAFF The Executive Staff IS Indispensable to the college The members are concered vvlth the llfe In the dormltorles, the health of everyone on campus, the effective management of the offices, the supervlsuon of buildings and grounds, the release of college news to alumna and friends, and the supply of materials from the college store 9 Xffsw A Q XXX l X 2 N 7 'N QX- 52 X4 l 'P X l .fi Q Xu 'Q' l X ' l X Yen'-w 1 X X 'X' l X ll X ,. l R l t. Q sf X.- , 9X1-mt 1-11,-is vsp--1 :A Xv-33 W fy Fm:-5 7-75143 ff, 1 :x ,V ,, V . . . . ' X X 'XX XXX XSS-'-X X. -XX-Xf-iXz7 fffyyf-f.Zv,Q. Y Q K4 f Q -f Q XXX -V th P xl: 1 -f? ,, iz' ff' ff . , XQXJXVX gif t . 'ff ZX ' ' ' l l ,Q ,,, t. 5 4 ., sits T X, -Q ', , u u . I 'E I X ,X 1 XQXQ W! 1, , my ' .FQ - Xi 1 . X gXL'XS X My , ' " f"'b"' l X 3 grsxi- Xxx S Xe' 4 5 fy? 7 . W t ix X ,' A,. f?g Qs., V gtvk f yn Lf," AA ,kyfl 'X 1 - XXX , X Q 1 XX XXy,, X - :--fy ,t - XAXAXX iv . - XX QQXX N X XX S XXXX X'-Qvw 4 ' 1 XX - . .5 .,,s.X XX X53 ff 2, 3 , Egggixii EjX'2'F': ,-X N Ja, f Y' ' F- c.. I l . . . so ffX X' . . 5 Q . N f X- . ' .N ,wilsl K., Q - X L . 1 , X 1.- - Xt , Q J l ,Ame 1 rw, ff, Ah. M59 ww:- I Ls' "",.-J-' sh IVlrs. Clayton keeps check on lVlr. TingIe's weight. l 3 ff? X ru Mrs. Joyce Robertson Mrs. Dene Strange Mr. Sarrell Strange, Jr. Mr. Neal Tingle Mrs. Alice G. Tribble Secretary to the Dean Secretary to the College Store Manager Maintenance Director of Publicity of Instruction President Mrs. Vallie Tribble Assistant to the Dean of Women Mrs. Sylvia B. Wood Business Office Manager , l l Staff members pause in the middle of a busy day. Mrs. Raines, Mrs. Robertson, Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Strange, and Mrs. Tribble take a coffee break. I 1.T, Q , CLERICAL STAFF Mrs. ,M 28 Mrs. Nellie Avery Cataloguing Assistant Mrs. Doris Blackmon Mail Clerk and Assistant KV' Mrs. Judy Haulter Receptionist for Business Office and Assistant Mail Clerk Mrs. Phyllis Reddick Secretary in Development Office Avery and Mrs. Story check a new list of library books. Student Aid Administrator Among North GreenviIle's assets are the competent, trustworthy persons on the Clerical Staff. They are responsible for keeping accurate records, for maintaining property, for keeping ac- count of library facilities, for putting through the telephone calls, for doing some of the clerical work of the faculty, for assorting and collecting the mail, for receiving visitors to our campus, and for sending out news of the college. -fwmmswf. 5 ff" '4 xv Mrs. Reddick performs one of her duties as secretary in the Office of Development. Miss Elaine Slatton Bookkeeper Mr. William B. Southerlin Maintenance Assistant Mrs. Gerrie Story Secretary to the Librarian Mrs. Margaret K. Taylor Faculty Assistant Mrs. Betty Jean Ward PBX Operator Mrs. Alene L. Wilson Faculty Assistant l fl,- Office personnel welcome an interruption. ,lt Mrs. Wilson assists Mrs. Taylor in typing exams. .1-'pg .40 K I in IE 'M ...L Mr. Southerlin makes the maintenance persons happy. BUSINESS D CO MERCE i YW-, ' ' , , M- 3 , 4 K f M." s lVlr. Charles V. Bruce lVlr. Richard O. Khoe Business Law Accounting and Economics Mr. Charles V. Bruce, chairman of the Business and Commerce De- partment. The Business and Commerce Department has a two-fold purpose. The major purpose is to provide in- struction of a terminal nature for those students who plan to enter immediately after graduation a career in the field of business. Elementary courses in account- ing, economics, and commercial law are offered for the business major. Also, classes conducting the oper- ation of business machines, business correspondence, typewriting, transcription, and shorthand are offered to any student. For women, terminal two-year courses in short- hand and transcription, typewriting, business corre- spondence, machine operation, filing, and transcription from a voice recorder are offered for those planning M to enter the secretarial field. X 4 Adding machines and calculators are very helpful to the business students. B'B""" W, Between business classes Mrs. Wood studies Spanish. A 30 Mr. Robert T. Roper, Jr. Business Mathematics Nlrs. Delane B. Wood Typing and Shorthand ,, 5 F lf 5: li s. lit ,l 2? if zz if si is if is 5 ff el Q5 if I, if il The photographer caught IVlr. Roper and lVlr. Bruce after a faculty meeting. I . y its 5' , YI The second purpose of the Business Department is to introduce the business administration major to the field of business. At North Greenville, prerequisites to a senior col- lege business administration course are offered as well as introductory courses in Iavv, economics, and account- ing. Correcting accounting and economics homework con- sumes much of lVlr. Khoe's time. li, if Q if R X A, X is x .ii lVlr. Roper explains overhead and profit to his Business lVlath V ' s xt class. -nw. , af M 31 ENGLISH Courses In Engllsh Journalism, and Speech are lncluded wlthln the English Department Freshman English courses help the student achieve the standard of usage of the English language both In expressing his ideas and In understandlng what he reads Fresh men are expected to use their knowledge for further learnlng In college and In everyday Ilfe Studies In journalism Include understanding the organization of a dally newspaper as well as the study of various types of news storles English Literature IS designed to glve students further training In crltlcal reading thanking, and wrlt Ing The student In developing an understanding of the value of literature, uses the course as a medium for Interpreting the Ideals, customs, and culture of different ages A course In Speech places emphasis on clarity of thought and expresslon and the techniques of com munlcatlon Vkfxxwi' Xi55 SXX X X ix x X is yff 0 WS!! X 9 0 0 X ig! ff 6' Sp f ff W ff wvwaeaag, 3 +1747-f4gf' M 4 2f Mwfiifl Mass Ethel Guest Engllsh Nllss Lawton carefully prepares for her class Mrs Joada Hiatt Nllss Gwen Lawton Nlrs Brena Walker Engllsh Engllsh English 5 T ,paw fx Mrs Walker IS ready to check papers lVl:ss Guest emphasnzes grammatical usage l Dean Howard laughs with his students in a pre- class discussion. Mr. McClellan helpfully criticizes a speech. Between classes Mrs. Sprouse organizes the Aurora layout. The English faculty share a laugh. Mrs Hiatt teaches Freshman and Sophomore English X X 69 X XXX X X X XQ A or X X X X X Mr HenryJ Howard X A Qc English HU' WR YN XENA Mr John McClellan Speech Mrs Veda B Sprouse English 33 FINE ARTS The Fine Arts Department includes courses in art and music. Classes in Art Appreciation and Art Fundamentals give the student a foundation course in the history and fundamentals of art. An understand- ing is stressed of what has been done by others in both the past and modern times in the fields of painting, sculpture, and architecture. Working with line, shape, value, texture, and color is emphasized in the basic knowledge of Art Fundamentals. Both classes make field trips to view paintings and architecture. This year, trips were made to study the modern Gothic styling of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Greenville. Other trips were made to see paintings and ceramics on exhibit at Furman University, Bob Jones University, and the Greenville County Museum of Art. Mrs. Moehlenbrock's students use water color. Mr. Driggers practices techniques he teaches. 34 i Mrs. Dorothy B. Moehlenbrock I Q' 'F" ' A N Aft Mr. Dwight Robinson, chairman of the Fine Arts Department "' ,, The music faculty is striving to give musically interested students a well-rounded, basic introduction to music. Courses are offered to arouse interest in music and for those who plan to go into one of the varied fields of music as a profession. Students are urged to appreciate in music that which challenges and stirs the imagination and which deepens the un- derstanding of those who participate or listen. Among the events of the year, the A Cappella Choir performed at the South Carolina Baptist Convention. ln the spring, the choir gave concerts in various churches and high schools in the state. Mrs. Moehlenbrock sketches nature itself. l The photographer surprises Mrs. Farrow. HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATIO lVlrs Marne T Burgess Mrs Launlta Proctor Women s Physical Health and Women s Educatlon Physical Education Coach Worley as Interrupted by the phone Health and Physlcal Education provide a whole school Interest The actlvltles Include students other than athletes and enllst all students Interested ln sports Physical educatlon enables the program of the Athletlc Department to flt harmoniously Into the overall educatlonal program of the college "'fMW"1Ww- lVlrs Proctor stresses the Importance of malntalnmg good health M . . . H H . . . . . . . . , . . Wi? ' , A, ew! Y ' Y Mk"-,..,, K M. E N A' 'f!,f , . - 'WZ ' nr X l I, l r If . EJ X , N Mr. Calvert, chairman of the Athletic Department. Mrs. Burgess coaches a vigorous team. Besides teaching aspects of health, safety, and sanition, physical education urges competition in a basic American tradition. Physical activity illustrates new skills, and opportunity is provided to exemplify and obsenfe good sportsmanship in victory and defeat. The Health and Physical Education Department stres- ses that penalties always follow violation of the rules whether it is in the field of sports or in the game of life. Coach Tankersley, Mrs. Burgess, and Coach Worley direct team sports. Mr. Dewey L. Calvert lVlr. Harvey Tankersley Mr. Sam Worley, Jr. Director of Athletics Coach and Physical Physical Education Education -Mm haw" 1. ,ii in Coach Tankersley plans ahead for the basketball games. 37 DERN FUREIGN LAN UAGES Classes In French strIve to stress the IncreasIng Importance of the communlcatlon of Ideas In a modern forelgn language Both beglnner and Intermedlate French courses enable the student to gaIn a readlng speakmg and wrItIng knowledge of the language A two semester course In French Llterature enables the French student to survey the works of famous authors of the past and the present Speclal Instructlon In French readlng and conversatlon QIVGS the student un derstandIng of a foreIgn culture and furmshes a back ground for the appreclatlon of the language and the customs of the French people Mrs Jewel MIller Mrs Derrolyn D Poole French French s Mrs MIIler pronounces French vocabulary for her students ffm? Mrs Poole converses In French Wlth MIke Mlddleton and Sandra Splawn F Senor Fern'andez explains bull fighting. I l l 38 Mr. Fern'andez talks with our editor concerning a Spanish major. Nlrs. lVliIler requires that all students be present and prompt at all labs. The colorful expressions and the distinguishable charm of the Spanish language are presented in both the beginner and intermediate courses. The beginner course stresses the use of the language with a knowl- edge of basic grammar, reading, writing, and conversa- tion. The intermediate course continues the instruc- tion in verbs, vocabulary, and grammar - the tools needed for speaking a new language. Also, the student learns more about the culture of the Spanish people while acquiring at the same time a greater understand- ing of the Spanish temperament and point of view. Without this knowledge, there can be no real meeting of minds in any language. Mr. Jose A. Fernandez Spanish F-Y. ----A-'if f French students listen intently to the tape. 39 NATURAL SCIENCES AND MATHEMATICS Mrs Evelyn Corderman MathematIcs and PhySICS Courses In biology chemistry physIcs and math ematics make up the Natural Sciences and Mathemat ICS Department The course In biology IS desIgned to cover the general prIncIples of process and 3CtlVltIeS Incidental to and characterIstIc of IIfe Emphasls IS placed upon the organ systems ofthe anlmal body and the structure and physiology of the plant body The chemIstry courses Include both Introductory and InorganIc chemIstry The understandIng of the basIc elements IS stressed Wlth their use In everyday Mrs Margaret Reeves ChemIstIy Dr Maude Stout Biology Mrs DorIs TIngle BlOlOgy Lab lIfe. The general prIncIples of chemIstry are taught as foundation for further study. Dianne Sloan and Tim Hutto find Mrs. Reeves' chemistry lab interesting. Mrs. Corderman smiles as the photographer snaps her picture during physics class. 40 I I I I Mrs. Tingle demonstrates dissection Physics is a study of mechanics, heat, light, sound, electricity, and magnetism. Emphasis is placed on mathematical problems and in derivations of formulas as well as on factual material. The courses in mathematics include studies in algebra, trigonometry, and advanced mathematics. Algebra courses give the student a modern introduction to college algebra and equip him for studies in higher mathematics. Plane trigonometry gives the student a basic foundation in the system of mathematics. The five-hour math course is an integrated course of algebra and trigonometry with an introduction to analytic geometry and calculus. Jane Robertson gets a helping hand from lVlr Roper Mr' Robert J' Blackwell Mr' Robeff T' Rfnper' Jr' w , N, fl 1,4 -,-, ., X, gv .79 'C fe, fx 1 5 Mathematics Mathematics l-1-7 l Everyone seems to be interested in helping Mr. Blackwell solve Tommy's problem. Dr Stout does some reviewing, too. 41 RELIGION Nlr Wade H Hale Bible The Religion Department introduces the studies in the Old and New Testaments religious education and advanced studies in the Bible E so I . . Y.. .Y Dr. Dan W. Proctor Bible and Greek Dr. John H. Walker Bible and Religious Education l Dr. Walker shows Eris Hutto the right answers. 42 Old Testament history is introduced by placing emphasis on the religious development of the Hebrew people, their leading personalities, key archaeological items, and the nature of Biblical revelation. ln the survey course of the New Testament, the inter-Biblical period and the historical background of the New Testament times are studied. The life and teachings of Jesus and the apostolic history are also emphasized. Departmental expenses are checked by Dr. Proctor. The Religion faculty leave chapel. Religious Education introduces Baptist life and work by surveying Baptist history, doctrines, institu- tions, and organization of the local church. Methods of Bible teaching and religious education are also taught for those interested in the field of religious education. Attention is given to the Old and New Test- ament, to church history, and to the place of religious education in church and denominational life. ' - -eq-.7-...,.......,, , , 25 Mr. Hale tells of smoking grape vines when he was young. It must be another of Dr. Proctor's Greek jokes. Geographical regions of Palestine interest Dr. Walker. - ' 1 'f'f"""":.f ' , ffm, "W ' s E y - if-T ,Q .tr Q 5 QA' ,A Wi". , s in ' -1 f . . 4 i -Q will , f 1.55, t I ' 'jg if l I I '41 'im if . iii: . r tc' ' ii' Q pfflzzs f, ig.,S,2 3 . Ask.: bt a. , 2- we .. f f .jfwspqlir 3, I ,,'..4?.y,.!! : A-if a K". ' ' Hi i i 401 35- S92 4 Q .l f I ., '-,Biff ju ,Mfg ' i stiff'-'32 l- , 3 "' ' ' 'ii S' ' as i Tw 4-ii sf 'Q 4 Q. . .qv-,nvifv 23, I ta E r V , 1 5 -- 43 SOCIAL SCIENCES The Social Science Department is composed of courses in sociology history government psychology education and leadership. The main purpose of this department is to give basic knowledge in each course with advanced studies. 7 ! l I 7 7 . Mr. George F. Case, Jr. Psychology lVlr. Cline E. Hall History lVlr. Barry E. Hambright History and Government l l k i l il ii il l , .i i 3 Mr. Case, do the scores fall along the bell curve? lr il . Sociology is designed to help the individual realize his role in the human aggregate and in the fast-moving world in which he lives. The psychology courses give the student an understanding of physiological and psy- chological basis of behavior, emphasize the important changes which occur in the adolescent years, and in- troduce the application of the principles of psychology to personal problems, business, industry, and family life. The Western Civilization course introduces man's cultural, social, and political progress since early civil- ization. American History presents the economic, so- cial, and political factors which have contributed to the national development of the United States. The student also obtains clear understanding of the nature and value of American democracy. Mr. Hambright really likes coffee. Mr. Hall prepares to take notes from parallel readings. i 44 4 American Federal Government serves as an introduction to the study of political science and American government. The study of state and local government is general, with emphasis placed on state, county, and city levels. The education courses give a general survey of the general aspects of education - preparing for a career in teaching, considering the duties and relationships of a teacher, and recognizing the importance of the school in American so- ciety. Leadership, required for presidents of all campus organizations, stresses the basic factors of human relationships. Mrs Laumta Proctor Mrs Carey M Roper Mrs Joy B Shackleford Dr Paul A Talmadge Education History and Sociology Psychology Leadership The photographer interrupted Mrs. Shackleford's lecture in psychology. LIBRARY Hester Memorial Library named in honor o the Reverend H. C. Hester, principal of North Greenville Academy from 1920-1928 con- tains over fifteen thousand volumes exclusive of pamphlets and pictures. The library receives papers. There are also collections of records filmstrips, and microfilm The library is open sixty- seven hours a week with trained personnel avail- l 1 AX 4 l f l 1 xg ' vi 'K Q 9 X Xxx ss if X 3. ts over two hundred magazines and nine daily news- y . N as able for assistance. The library accommodates approximately eighty people at one time. A con- ference room is available to small groups for study or committee meetings. A separate library building is planned in the current development program. Mrs. Story, Mrs. Hale, and Mrs. Avery are busy library assistants. Miss Sayer has jotted down ideas for the new library. 46 N 1, o , V . swsstfstsysVscssyssgwiwq Miss Edith Sayer Librarian The 900's - Betty Sherbert's favorite area. OTHER PERSONNEL X. Maids: Mrs. Mozelle Bogan and Mrs. Alma Moore. Kitchen Employees: Mrs. Lillian McKinney, Mrs. Earline Brinkley, Mrs. Sunie McKinney, Mrs. Josephine Sherman. Mrs. Mildred Pittman, Book Store Employee. Canteen and Cafeteria Employees: Mrs. C V. Bruce, Mrs. Pearle Holcombe, Mrs. Louise Calvert, Mrs. Jeneelia Parker. Maintenance Men: FRONT ROW: Mr. Bobby Worley, Mr. J. B. Hickman, Mr. Ronnie Worley, Mr. Roy Garrett. SECOND ROW: Mr. William B. Southerlin, Mr. Paul Howard, Mr. Neal M. Tingle, Sr., Mr. C. Morris King. THIRD ROW: Mr. Grady Collins, Mr. Elbert Tinsley, Mr. C. O. Brazeale, Mr. Roy Bryant, Mr. Johnny Bryant, Mr. W. J. Sammons. Lf: 4'rF:' :f Z-J 11, ww ...fn-l"' R x 1 . L x 5 4 , 7 L ,X Q 5 . ' 1 I M L . , , L Y fx I 1 . V , Zu f , 'fx 5: ki , 1 -2 1 x f 4 5 Q B I -ek 'Uv Y 4 I 6' f ., we ,,a.:. gf 2 1 4 K A 1 4 z ff , , 1 v 5' ,wi xv' Si .ff , ae I s. cfs wtf, ,gg 4 ,x if c H ess! fr. wfv A ,a-, "iv ' r RMA 3 K 1 Inv K .. i.ii?fF?Z4i35 . 1 C LASSES W W PI-I0 GRE CLASS of 1968 oFFlcERs WW- I Sam Huffman, president Harry McMillan, vice-president if MZ mm P 99944 ' uf' ' f nV"?v?1"Q,J' n?"5ff""'4 2 W"Wg,,f'm f I, ' ,V mon- W ,.. , . ,, X Ellen 50 .1 aa r t Swayngham, secretary Martha Lynn Clayton, treasurer A Tommy Looper, representative Nt' T Y' ,, ,N X J! A I I I AVN' Q11 f . w "' mv 'Q 0 B . r ,5 I ,W . If 7 iv W I I PS1 I . ' IK '7'Q"'C Iwmg: Iwi M335 5 I L Iris I2 QQTE 5515? -f'2"1 Vx IEEE SWT I ig. ' Ib: 7 Qi I 51-3 wif I ,ii IQ,2Qf I I Iv: I., I I I I II I ,, ' u I'.. I I. I I.. I I I I I , I I I I I I I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Margaret Lynn Adams wwf gqaloi' X -wr' Carroll Franklin Anthony Robert Haliburton Bagwell SOPHOMORE Barbara Lynn Babb Stephen Eugene Baugnman Gul' Wilbur Rupert Baxley, Jr. CLASS of 1963 Carolyn Ranelle Berry l ,al , rl Howard Randolph Bell Linda Kay Bishop l Ronald Edwin Bennett Norma Jean Bishop Preston Earle Blackstock Brenda Joyce Botts John Jeffrey Brabham Elbert Hagood Brown, Jr. Donald Edward Bradley SOPHUMURE Pamela Brown CLASS of 1968 1 'G' ,. Robert Edgar Bruce Ronald Lee Carter . 'Vx .- rn ......-W.. daf David Hobson Campbell Harriet Celia Campbell Jack Wilbur Casnion 9:41-2 J-:g4:::j:g'5:gay-751345-g5.5,, -'44:g:5g:54:g:f:4 .4,:1:g4:-:3J- WW Carl Woodrow Catoe Jr. Charles Jerry Clyborne James Anthony Childs Michael Lee Coker ?WV . 'i'7W'f?WWV'fWV427-WWi7hV'7"77'Zf7' 1717 ' " " r 7' 1" - M4 f,,--. 1-1' , 4-4y44'44.4444'44444.44 4444.44 4 -4, 1 1 1 - 11 1 4544y4s44'4,44 44444424-4444444 4 4f4444'44444'4 424.4-4,44 5 2 .gy 451214, 1 , if 414444 444 4 44444444 4 4 4 4 4 4-4 4444 4 44-44444444 W4ffff'i ,,411z V41 1.44 fx - 4,44 4M 4 4 4 - 44144444044 4414 fn 4 1 4444444414444 4444-4:44 444-444 444 44 4 44 4 44M4f -4n4 14-442 4 1 1 4444444-4444444444444-444.44-44 4 4 - 4441W!411- -4 1:1211 1 - 4 444444444-4 44 4144444444.44144444-444 4' 44 -4 .4 1 2 1 444444-4144 44W4444,444444.4 4 4 4 4444W4'444' 44 4 16 444444444,444-444444144-44.44,44444 4 4 .11 4444-444-4-4: 4144 4-1 QW44444 W4 4-4444444-4444444 4-444 4 4 4 , fwffgf me-444 14412 44 4444 4444-444444 4.454044 444 4.444 f4 4 4 44 .444 S 4 , 4. 444 4 4 -4 yffviiza N4- M Q , " s 4444-44 , 4 4.4444444414-4414 - ' 1 'Q 4 -4 4'4 444 4 4 4: -,494 4 4 4 44 4 ,44 65 441-4 4:4"444: ' 11 4444! L 53 4444144444:M:42Q1 1,4 4 4 4 44- 1, 4 444425444444a444441441 M '444 444 4 4 4,44-444444-4445442442 z14s,1:'- 4',4 4'4'44444' , ,1' ,ef 1 474 K4 ' ' 4444411 : R 1 ' 1 T 1 RE 1 1 , azgpgrgi- 1 l 1 1 if If I 1 "' 1-.21 1- af ,44 44W 4 1 1, 4 j' 4 24144441 1 1 ' -4 47 "4414-ZW1-4 4 4 44 44 4 4444 4444x444 4 44 4 4 W 44 ,4f4Q'W0W Y " ,4,4. . ,, 44 ,,,,4.,44 444444 4,4 .gy 4 4 4 4 4-4444 E41 4411 .4 4, 4 4.-4 4 , 4 , 4 44'4 4.444444 4- 4444 4-.4 4-4.444v,4Ji4-4411, 41 11114 Q64 4444 4 44-4 4 444 4ZZMsMZi1e1s1? il , 4 444 -, 4 4 2 '4 '44 --,. 152, -Us .4 4444 '4 4444 464 444 144 ,4-4444 ' 444'a41444444- s 1 ill ' 4 '444 44444444.4414 29 fa 4 444 , ' ll 14 4 14444-44442 144 4 1 1 1 4-14 ,., M444-444 Wilfii 44-44444414 1, 4. ,4 :f0'jf.L,i..t,4 1 5 -, l '14 ,. Q4 44- . - 1 'E - ,1 1 Martha Lynn Clayton ,1 l , 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 l '1 1 1 1 l l l 1 I I Louie Welsh Conder, III A444 4 4 4 mfpygyf-iff. X 1 1 -444 4 4, 4263: J 4 4' IV 4, SV? ,, .4 4, 4 4 14 ,. A-rr l 1 1 Il . 1 j, l 1 L l 7 J Q-...df Raymond Frank Cook CLASS of 1968 Stephen Neil Corbin J f X Zia? ff! ff Wfjfyf f Bertha Elaine Cooper Winford Coley Costin, Jr. 'f " , . if ,ff ,K f ' 1.,,,,,,,u4 Kenneth IVIacArthur Cooper David Emerson Cottengim Donnie Seaborn Craig John Alvin Crain Larry Benjamin Dangerfield SOPHOMORE Joel Keith Cunningham Thomas Wayne Daniels y 5 Z! i if 1 f' 'Qui L CLASS of 1968 Robert Havener Dowling Linda Dianne Edwards Garland Andrew Earnest Eugene Leonard Edwards 1.7, NY' Junius Gather Ellis, Ill ,Q ,.-JS ,K s, Eaf 59 Melvin Dennis Ellis Sandra Lynn Fanning Randy Albert Gantt SGPHO ORE f- -.Mwst ffl, f W7 ' 'f if , 12 60 Wh Danny Howard Gambrell 14 Thomas Wayne Gentry CLASS of 1968 Alice Janice Glllesple John Warren Greene Patrlcla Ann Gollgntly Jan Thurston Gillespie IVlark Henry Hall Xl V. ...G '5 'gif' 4, fs N s, 1, "7 -u .x l X 4, ' f r I .'X- f X- ,-, X, X , -zu V X- Q yr, rw., ,wx .. - We - f XX N' xh .Q r kgs XEXXSX X xxX XX A XX X X X QX ,X XXX 5 X ,X XXXXXXX x,X X X X XX H 1 as XX X. X- F 1 QT Q? ,,,X N . Q sf . '- X Cnarlyn Ruth Hancock William Phillip Hardee Margaret Reynolds Hawkins James Columbus Harris, Jr. OPHO om: l l l l ei 62 Daniel Earl Hartley l r Alice Page Henderson CLASS of 1968 Sandra Merritt Herde eorge Ernest Hightower Gary Alvin Hester Terry Gene Hester James Laddie Hilton 5 QCP 1 I , wwf .. --collQs an .Mf 63 XXXNxX NRS 3 X XXX S N Xxx x L9 lx 1 ini VfwIf"5',V"W1 X K fwvxwixe-f l X 'CNN L i xXXwkQ . ,F.X.M.l.x 1 -sifX' xiii 0- A Q fx is far, ' Sk' M' Donnie Eugene Hodge Daniel Horton, Ill William Harry Howard Alvin Claude Howard V my Lydia Ermine Horton SOPHO ORE Linda Lucille Huff CLASS of 1968 we 'ma , M. H Sammy Leroy Huffman Franklin Timothy Hutto 1 ,V . 3. I 4 . S wx, 1 Donald Ray Hughes Rawlin Eugene Hunter iz. XX ix x Z X X John Walker lsbill 11,3 6 li I 1 Ashley Lee Jeffcoat Phyllis Dianne Lawter if Homer Michael Jones Betty Jo Leslie Rita Lorene La Foy l l SOPHOMORE i l l l Zane Kaye Letbetter l I I P - sb g , .1 fl. FT- 3:21 I-ws L 3-'iw fi 4. lvl' vi 7 'K 5 - , ga 5 'S . 5 Ag. . -. ' 's x M A K1 Q ,al . R . , . xx 'e 2 X , 52' HF. Z. F. r S it pf-31 In if f fi '35 3 gre -54 1 fr ll 'J P I. ,, tfg, S' 6 iii ci 111 H: -Ln I, . yi? :sf e li? 5 ii li 1 il! ,v 1, 1' 31 . w w Q5 E, a-glvqifxxyx Effie ' Ex 5 Qi 'P 1' William Clyde lVlcAmis, Jr. Larry Allan Nlclntosh David Richard Meeks SOPHO ORE Harry Ravan lVlcIVlillan Frank Thomas lVlerrill, Jr. gn- www, ca ll l l ,, 3 ,lk 'Own Gary Lee Nlesser CLASS of 1968 John Charles lVliIler ,adv-f ' ww Elaine Cooper lVliller Martha Elizabeth lVliller Garrett lVl. Miller lmxs' Robert Leath Nliller Henry Bryson Nloehlenbrock Linda Elizabeth Mooney Wanda Kay Moore I i Caroline Louise Parkinson Ira Larry Page SOPHOMORE I I 7 lb ,av-9' Xxx f y Coleta Dianne Patrick CLASS of 1968 Henry Lewis Payne Cynthia Diana Price .QfTff'?3:.- if -W?7wmy"?'7A'fQ Tniuvii f:2?f"." k'f'f,,?1 t f , 8 b- N I - aj X qw . 'fra' .aff 14241 . ' Q fa 4 3 ' ' 5 :Y v,f, , ,V v 4 , ge , 3' ah W , 4 y 'L 'QL Q1 X - 9 V. ' , ' , . W ,Hs-M Q P - FL,-.,,F 6951 "1-if ,. '02, . , i I' ' ,, P V , I 5 Vp., 7 K Q , ,. ,rw my ,.. . ya John Michael Phillips James Mark Plumblee Barbara Annette Prince 71 I Virginia Ann Pym Clifton Glen Rickard James William Quarles Amanda Gail Riddle Ronald Chester Reece SOPHOMORE Toni Cheryl Riddle Daniel Steve Rogers CLASS of 1963 -45 ' 4-cl", Jackie Gordon Rogers Linda Gaile Sawyer f Q Linda Kay Ross Diane Schumpert van? fy- fm 73 David Harold Senn l Betty Jo Sherbert E l Danny Carl Smith i pvMW W i eeee i Gloria Dianne Sloan 6321 4' H V if-yr mr 4' if f li ,i ,l i l i 74 ll l 7 Zffyf 4 ij! .fa , ,W!K.f, fyffiifff f f ffw ,, X U, 44' 7 Glenda Guynelle Sloan i l l SOPHO ORE l Michael David Smith l , 44 X r ' George IVIac Stone CLASS of 1968 l l Linda Louise Surett William Edgar Swillen, J wi fra: . . ue., M I nw,- 'Q J . .- x Gary David Svvanger Kenneth Earl Swink, Jr Carol Loleita Syfrett Sally Diane Taylor Neal Mines Tingle, Jr. Michael Landon Thigpen SOPHOMORE Mason Anthony Thompson Rebecca Rose Tong CLASS of 1968 Revonda Lee Turner lVlarion Randall Weatherford Carolyn Ann Vernon Judith Ruth Vickery Wilton lVlelvin Whitfield, Jr l Linda Dianne Williams William Flay Willis David Lee Wilson T l ll l Kenneth Michael Wilson SOPHOMORE The college on the hill brings Again to her gates the youth of the year. They will toil and strive, And to her heart she will always Hold them dear. Then soon is heard her parting words To the class of sixty-eight: "Go, my sons and daughtersg Go and take from me What my torch has given you. Hush the cry of lost humanity, Place your burdens at the foot of the Crossg And if there be one who falters, lt is a grievous loss." Revonda L. Turner CLASS of 1968 Whoever took the steaks got the other half of the grill' Duck Fowler gives Chico Costm a professional Ulm Is Danny Smlth goofmg off whsle Dianne Patrick takes notes? 1 1 1 1 7732 ! ' S f . ,, , i . W I X , f ,a ""' ' ,V X 31- "1 if t f . A N Q. ig., A ! If 'iii' A il . - '4 X V V ' A ,Qin 79 Fll!QllIIQummmm5HEmmmnumnHElnIliIIlIIIIIllIIIllllllIIlIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllil RESHMA CLASS OFHCERS Mike Runyan, president Sheryl Johnson, vice-president Freida Wilson, secretary 80 -XX -., l Glenda Johnston, treasurer Helen Campbell, representative ,QW - , f Q v I 1 5 Q if 1 4 i' gl i4 W t f' ,sq W X ,,, sf K " X 'I ty 1 V m ' 6 'li ex , W ,. f X M.- , ww 3 E 'M 1 n 3 Q R' 'Y 2 w 1, V Q f Q: 5 .ff ' ' XV b "ix 5 -QW X.. if 55 A 1 2 , ' r ,Es ssqlly if 'V in x X 8 . ' f ' ' . hs Q - gkx 'S ,e ,, , l K .F W' E ugene Walter Able James David Alexander Jerry Richard Alexander Deborah Ann Allen Eddie Douglas Alverson Linda Kaye Arms FRESHMAN Nell Elizabeth Armstrong Patricia Rowena Atkins Allen Leroy Babb Eben Hix Bailey George Wilson Baker, Jr. Jesse William Banks, lll lVlaxie Steele Banks Gloria Lynn Barber Zawaski Lisco Bateman CLASS Cathy Louise Bell Dale Franklin Bishop Richard Rondeau Blaskovvitz Daniel Eugene Boothe lVlary Janice Boozer Donna Gene Boyter Alan Richard Bradey Vicki Jane Bradley Sandra Elaine Brady Harry Wickliffe, Charles Henry, and Paul Mahefky have their first meal at North Greenville. lr, Mrs. Tribble checks registration cards for Ann Zimmerman and Ruth Morrow. FREH A James David Brookshire Patrick Edward Browning IVlary Jo Bruce David Lawson Bruin Phillip Steven Bryant Bennie Heyward Burnette James Richard Burnette Tina Eugenia Burns Linda Gail Burrell Kenneth Glllespue Byars Phllllp Wayne Calvert Beverly Eugene Campbell Helen Ruth Campbell Jane Elizabeth Carpenter Brenda Sue Cartee CLASS Laura Cash Wallace Beaufort Cheves Sandra Elalne Chllcls Evelyn Jane Cogglns Alice Gertrude Collum Chrlstlne Collum Dwight Wilbur Cooper . James Arthur Cox David Samuel Cribb Richard Boyd Cribb, Jr. Joseph Earl Crook, Jr. Linda Diane Crook Eluid Olin Dantzler, Jr. Susan Kay Davenport Everette Mendel Dean, Jr. 4122! FRESHMAN Benjamin Franklin Dempsey, Jr. Billy Garnett Dickenson Doris Evelyn Dodgens Benjamin Harvey Dorman Allie LaNelle Dow Darrell Ellis Duncan Donald Andrew Edwards Luke Glen Edwards Dale Francis Ellenburg "E" Nei' CLASS Augustin Furse Ellls Jr Richard Charles Ellls Hugh Wayne Epperson John Sevier Erwln Phlllp Jerone Fam Frederlck George Flndley Jr Frances Pamela Fmk Charlle May Forrest Allce Roberta Forrester Matt Limbaugh shows Make Mid dleton and Mickey McCabe that he has a head start In biology Q ki Julia Ann Foster Ronald Monroe Fowler James Cary Freeman William Luther Freeman, Ill James Thomas Galloway John Jackson Gantt, Ill Peggy Jean Garland James Richard Garrett John Hamilton Gibson, Jr. Lena Robertson and Ray Mitchell enjoy re- freshments at the Faculty-Student Recep- tion. FRESHMA Glenda Ann Gilstrap Robnn Mark Gllstrap Joseph Nllchael Golden Nicholas Earle Gossett Wllllam Charles Graham David Ray Grant CLASS 'Q""!" Rnchard Allen Grant 'AGI 'lead' Forrest Carlisle Green Grady Rodgers Greene C ' , J r. Ng . Paul Edward Grobe Daniel Lee Grubbs Karen Lea Grubbs Mary Frances Guy Richard Wayne Hagy Alberry Clement Hall Philip Edward Hamilton John Maxwell Harden Audrey Dianne Hardin Lewis James Hayes Miriam Dianne Hayes Milton Eugene Heatherly MW? ,,,, ,, Al ,fdf ,J f, fgzf,,,4fWz" ,,, f , 7 yr ,aff ig, V,- ,f .V Jf,f?Z4,Q57 , A a,j my ,ff ' ' 'SIP 4, , .f ,Q f , , , ff, fi:- ,, , f.- ,l inf a.Y5GfM,,! .WW . . "il 250 yn M 1 90 fy!!! I . 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FRESHMAN www? fwff f W if fl Wi! in ww M W M W ff W WW fl f f W ff W WWWZQW ,frmmwfmmwfw f 2 Wfffmwwewrfif WMM ,U f Y 4 ,,,,m.,,,,M,,,,,.c. ,fwmffgij awww? WY wwf W ! W iw, f fffikwf W ff Z5 ft ?i W f f f fff fw W W gf jf ff ' W l If f W f W WW ff ,S f MMM f W ff ' fZ W W WM X My fi? WW wb fff f , WZW M W, My f W! WW M W Wf 52 'WEB W yfffgm ff 1 1-inf' , 61 X w, Qffcjh ' f ffwfff , , www f Ov X lax 'f I lWl ,f XM f W ff Wx W!!! I WZZZZ WZ, f f WW Q. wi ,, , W1 Brenda Dianne Kilpatrick Samuel Blair Knox Willie Marvin Lane, Jr. V- , v s 5 Robert Allen League, lll J' J Stuart Christopher Ledford A Y, James Edward Lee '-N K M-W ,J CLASS ,awn- "i?L:Q C L ea Q ' James Henry Lee, Jr. Ammon Matthew Limbaugh Thomas Daniel Lindsey Glenn Albert Little Nancy Jane Livingston James lVlarion Looper Carolyn Berthene Lord William Wallace Lord Robert Claude lVlcCabe, Jr. Michael Francis McCallister Patricia Ann McCaskill Jacqueline Jean McCraw Scott Atchison McDougald Tanya Joanne McGraw Claude David Mclntosh FRE HMA Donice Ellen McMurray Paul Francis Mahefky Barbara Jean Malone Eunice Diane Marett Ned Gardner Marlowe Marsha Lee Marrett Michael Terry Martin Janice Virginia Mason Randolph Ray Mathena CLASS Brenda Elaine Meador Rebecca Elizabeth Merrill Michael Ralph Middleton James Raymond Mitchell AIexandenTalley Moore, Jr. Rodney Wayne Moore Rosemary Elaine Morris Patricia Ruth Morrow Lauren Murphy John Watson proves to Brenda Cartee that chivalry is very much alive! l ' -- I I I I I I I Sandra Childs, Lena Robertson, Jane Car- I penter, and Christy Collum enjoy moments of melody. I I I I I FRESHM I I I I Stanley Robert Nlurrell Carolyn New Mikell Gasque Owens William Hancel Pace, Jr. Mary Janice Page Larry Eugene Poole Peggy Jean Porter Thomas Wayne Porter Robert Alex Price 96 Gary Evans Proctor Thomas Edward Quinn Jeffrey Lane Reddick Ginger Arnette Reynolds CLASS John Philip Rhodes David Lee Richards -an-an-f' Ashley Lalvlont Robertson Lena Elizabeth Robertson Ophelia Jane Robertson Harriett Pamelia Robinson Ronald Lee Robinson Donald Bruce Rochester Eugene Curtis Rollins Helen Jeanette Ross Joyce Elizabeth Rowell 5' f J, l Charles Randall Runion Q Michael Edward Runyan William Herbert Sandel John Strom Seals David Michael Sheridan Nancy Revona Silvers 5 FRESHMAN l l Carolyn Sue Slagle Amelia Ruth Smith ii James Thomas Smith ' Lucia Dianne Smith I Claudia Diane Southerlin Cynthia Jean Speck WW Sandra Lou Splawn Christopher Ernest Steinmetz ---4' Archie Poe Stevens if jig 98 i ,l X- Ii CLASS Richard Scott Stiles Lawrence Dale Stokes Nelson Lawton Stokes Bonnie Dale Story Betty Anne Summey Lewis Carlton Tankersley, Il Shelby Diane Taylor Patricia Ann Thompson Christopher Jones Thrasher Freshmen and their parents will remember the first day of the 1967-68 session. Nifliffv TVTTN' 52" -, ,MN W. GAY? ' X 'W 'NXNX 1 .ts , N X ,Nts ff . 'fi ANA YV l i 5 fi-WV fywi Y W , Aw! f W, ,yy f fwfjfjf if , 7 if Z X i 'Q , Z ff' if Z ff' Q K , S Jack Berner Tingle Daniel Nalley Tollison David Gray Turner Eugene Howard Turner, Jr. Roderick Christopher Turner Thomas Wayne Turner Garry Vaughn Turpin Sidney Franklin Varn, Jr. Freddie Clinton Waltz 100 Strange things occur during Rat Week! FRESHM Rebecca Alma Walworth John Carter Watson Charles Ronald Whisnant Byron James Whitehead Rickie Joseph Whitlock Michael Ted Whitmire CLASS li J Q as cv 1 - : W ...X f . .g .1 .Q Y ,A ......wnv- 3 av-"" . J my :Xu AV" X Q ...M "ff f -f " 9i'N5x .A 'ffitwqw 'wslrf' .4-v""'!"' 'WK Nga lit .-WWW' Walter Harry Wickliffe Govie LaVerne Williams, Jr. Roger Crafton Williams, Jr. Hiram Bedell Willis Martha Gaynell Willis Jane Elfreida Wilson Rethia Dianne Wilson James Alfred Wood, Jr. Kenneth Charlton Woods i 101 4 in M917 '-N ' iff 2 'Z 5' ' 'SX Lloyd Michael Young Robert David Youngs - .SX X E X 'fw ,Nr .K NN Ns N 4-ff' rf Carolyn Ann Zimmerman Sw- M Lee Howard Zipperer H Y , S ' Ei 1Z:3.1s'EE5f, :gif ,X , .2 'k1rK'12S152lE?E: fly " Y. " ctw: '-2-Sli . , 5, rm. ,ef A.: e. -,,Niyf1fi1 Qs-v by iii '3in::S::t:w..S'- L -5 .15 -.V .gr',ih:::sastfsm Q . 1-1 It-,gfitgiikxlfgdsi .if . A 5' 3::321" E' A freshman's busy days are filled with activities: A freshman's ideas are crowded with emotions: Going, seeing, deciding, discovering- Laughing, grieving, crying, joking- and deciding a little more. and crying a little more. Each day is unique, exciting, exhilarating, exhaus- Each emotion is unique, thoughtful, sincere. ting. A freshman's goal is a better life, A freshman's cluttered room is his temporary Thinking, striving, studying, learning, knowing- home - and studying a little more. Cleaning, sweeping, dusting, preparing- Each goal is unique, demanding, reachable. and cleaning a little more. -Jane Robertson Each room is unique, individual, personal. Freshmen display their enthusiasm at the annual Fresh- man-Sophomore Basketball Game. Roger Williams and Ashley Robertson pause for a coke. 'A' r . .. -mum M iw IW: fn 3 ov Mhwww by Qu i. Tw J 5f41.1.n?y WM 'W Nusa Jim Hollis sympathizes with Ken Woods as he receives one of those I didn't think that my duties as your roommate in- HTOO bad' so sad' your Dad, letters' Cluded Washing and ironing! The B.S.U. sponsored the Freshman Get-Acquainted Party. 103 i 1 W . W ! I 104 i 1 I 5 4 I 1 N I A l i X 1 1 1 i Q 1 .1 E' .' I1 ,Vx ,N I b i M l V i iw 1 3 1 4 Q A K V, E 4 Ya v J s , 'I I 1 , ' - 4 i V ' : , W' i I E fi? A4 xii' A 5 K N X 3 5 mi i i x 5 ,fi b 1 ,ig 5 i K. I 1 N. i s I FEATURES If--f-vf'rf-'-ff: ,, X Q5's3p'l 1 x 5.55 vs Q PM aff.. 1454125 , Qezx MM g .n,ix,,,.x I-,jx fQ".w,5 PF ,WQSCZ74 Zzggiifigx Q ,. 1 ful gy: ' xsyi: 58 MQ' jffgs? A 'QNX AX ' 'I05 T EEK For all Freshmen, August 28 - September 1 was the dreaded week - Rat Week. Sopho- mores volunteered to have their shoes shined, cars washed, windows cleaned, and floors mopped by the Rats. It was a week of unforgettable sounds - knees cracking as students stooped under the tables for air raids, shy voices proposing marriage to someone, and in the cafeteria, the constant patter of feet as new students carried trays for upperclassmen. The most treasured sound was heard at the end of the week when the Freshmen proudly joined the Sophomores in sing- ing the Alma Mater. XX XX . X . - fX XXX AXMX Xyrme ,:XXXX , X X X XX ,-X .. 'X ,MXX . mgggggg. .Q5XXXM5,XX f X XQEWXS X ,wwf 'XXX ,X,- ,XXX g:X:X -., X- X ' XXXX X' X,, W - - XewwQwwXRXQNXXX1f1XXX W' X XXXXXX X ' X " , XXX' ' jx :ig-XgXX3X+X'X XXXX X gd, -X ' X X X'-X. ' -X. 59' A NJ X XXXXXXXQXX X XX ' XXXXQ X. ,W X X. X AXXXXXXXX XX.X,i,XVX ' ' X XX' Xe Y :VX ,X , XXX3 XXX f- . i-if , X X 13, X X XX'X Xq XXXX - f XXQHAXX' f fs'XXa s1ef?fXLwgm7.ggf1Xw4XXvWm,.w,: . V':"w-i-XXXXXQX X X , - X'4f- 'am 'wow XX X' -r fm- 4-f X' f X X X .- f'-X XQXQX XA hfik J ,XXX 'Xff f ' ., X -:W X' X fXXXXXXX' - XX ' X N X ' XXVXN MSXZXX X IXNXXQX X - , .X X. M....,X X XXXYX XX XXXX X ,. -XfwqX9,X5XfXX, . 'MX gmail X X XXXQ?Qgf?gg 'XXXXXXX X .fX- were ,.,XXX'XXX' f 1 X. ' , XX -. ,fy X X2 XXXVXIQXX 'X X i . X X QX . X, ,, XXX XX , 3 XXXXsEbSQXvXgnsXQX XXXXXXXXXX ' X Xswf Xfksw?QwsXXXf AXXXXXXX X XX ,X QQ: X. ,X X X Q XXX X X , . f ,XXff'XX'4- X61-rv, ,SX sf 4 X .2 X XX X X XXX VXXXXX 4 ,, X XXX- X XX XX XXXXXX Xzgffyw-NXQXX XJ, 4X,X,QXSgX4X,f ,X .XX - X XX X X . X XXX X . . 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XJXNXX XfwugXX,x,X.X X'fU1:,f,S ,if -XXfr:4.X. ' ,XXXXXXX f X X Xl X X X X 'X . 5SMMM29sXXbXNXXwXQaiw XXXXGXXXX -XX XX X DQS X X XX AX X 'X X X ' X X X X X X "NX X X X X X X ..L- Xawek w2wwXQQwQsXX4dXsSXewe XXX XX XX XXX' X X X "' X XWXSXUEX ,XLX X X X X X X XX XXXX X X X X , W f XXX X X X, X X J- X X WS X"X?2Sf'X'1 Xa f' X Xfeyxf, XXXX - ,f-X X . vw . i X mx . X. Xfffffiams 1, X sv SX'X'fwwX X X- waz X , , X--XX'XvXw.w3XX, XXX" wX,X,XXXf:i,m,,X+XzXi ' I , X E..fs.:Xb timfifgsum -X ' 'WX' wwasixff Xaz:iaXXS2.1:a22XwLwi,SQ.ss4sgs12:zaX.,EsX..s, Mama..-, s,:sgX'2:vf XX X XX i i i i i n... Billy Willis shows Ray Mitchell and Freedie Freeman techniques in washing his car. W pf f ' ,lj ,j 'I s .fri 5667 , , Aw .mn fy Z K KZ fy f ' '--Q1 Dickie Garrett finds that Sophomores have twice as many shoes as the Freshmen. l 1 X 4 .X :XXP5 3 +I 3 gg 1 X,- . . k . WNSYKQSX X ' x N vb "A A N X iv f J W X- 1, "XX i A 1 A i. X V . 5. X X X k X , , NWS The Sophomores made excellent choices of Rat King, Billy Graham, and Rat Queen, Alice Sullivan. C'mon, girls, Iet's work a little harder. xl i CHRISTIAN EMPHASIS WEEK "Youth's Rebellion for Christ" was the theme for Christian Emphasis Week, October 31 - November 3, a week set aside at North Green- ville to concentrate on spiritual matters. Miss Nell Magee, program consultant in the Student Department of the Baptist Sunday School Board, Nashville, Tennessee, was the co-ordinator for the week's activities. Team members for the week represented many voca- tions. They participated in chapel programs, seminars, buzz sessions in the dormitories, and individual class discussions. Also, the team staged a talent show. The week was a time of discussing, learning, sharing, and deepening of students' spiritual values. Mr. Hale and Mr. McKinney must be discussing the main topic of the year - Federal Aid. Miss Ann Collins, one of the guest speakers during Christian Emphasis Week, captivated the interest of the students. Miss Nell Magee enjoys a good laugh during one of her many visits to the Student Center. Will a smile help Earl Hartley get a lick? 107 SEVENTY-FIFTH ANNIVERSARY PAGEANT On October 24, 1967, the curtains of history were drawn back to present the growth of North Greenville from a high school, to an academy, and finally to a junior college. The Light Goes Forth, a pageant written and staged by lVlrs. Joada Hiatt, presented the North Greenville story. The last scene of the pageant was one of inspiration as students, representing the different countries to which North Greenville alumni have gone as mission- aries, circled the auditorium with their candles representing Christ as the Light of the World. l The community children also played important parts in the Anniversary Pageant. Mr. Driggers observes "cadets" at North Greenville. Fashions of 1892 are very much in contrast to the fashions of today. 'I08 "Swing your partner, and promenade home!" versary Pageant. Linda Williams and Heyward Burnette participated in the Anni- 1 s i i x + 7 t i ! Cindy Price, BilIQuarreIs, and Sherryl Johnson represented North 'V'ilf0l" Heafheflyi Cindy PHCG, and Mike RUHYHV1 Sppeafed in Greenville missions. Act I of The Light Goes Forth. 109 MISS AURORA PAGEANT On the evening of December 1, tension mounted steadily as thirteen North Greenville girls representing various campus organizations paraded across the stage before a stunning backdrop. "A Portrait of Miss Aurora" was the theme for the pageant, sponsored by the Sophomore class. Three phases were presented for the portrait of each contest- ant. Casual wear, showing a variety of styles and colors, was the first picture of the girls. Then came the talent, which ranged from pink panthers to clown acts. Evening wear provided the finishing touches for the portraits. Last moments of frantic indecision finally revealed the Miss Aurora of 1968 - Miss Linda Mooney. Linda Mooney exhibits her talent as "The Pink Panther." Linda Williams, Miss Aurora of 1967, crowns the new queen, Linda Mooney. Q. fy vi t A L - N 1 I 5 s 5 The goddess of the dawn. 3 J f:w.s,,l4s,, N WM 1:45 U., Q. Miss Linda Mooney Miss Aurora of 1968 M SS AUROR Second Runner-Up Miss Carolyn Vernon 112 First Runner-Up Q Miss Helen Campbell UNNER Wvfv fl 4. 2 ,1 ff? ,5 I 'f "', r rr f M M W .- Z " ,M ,W Miss Toni Riddle Miss Congeniality A delicate voice and cute gestures imitating "Thor oughly Modern MiIlie" won the audience's attention. N1 . X. QM- s we 5 'Ni 'iei ,, E, XXX x . , ht N im X so we H N we N S , f ,NA .W Wgwq N xx N f UU X 5 r CHRISTMAS DECUR TIONS A' Ai' Dormitory halls were brightened by the beautiful Christmas dec- orations. i l l Christmas at North Greenville has myriad i faces. lt's decorations in the dorms, it's finally buying a gift for your roommate, it's having those exams finished. 1 There were sounds of excitement while trees i were cut and trimmed for the halls, prizes given for the best dormitory decorations, and a beautiful blending of voices from the special Christmas choir program presented on Open House Day and in chapel. The final sound was' the student whom you do not know saying, "Have a nice Christmas!" l l l l Girls, you may open your packages now. I l lVlrs. Walker entertains her students at a Christmas drop-in. Wayne Epperson and Tommy Jackson pack for the long-awaited holidays. l 'lv FOUNDERS' DAY A pictorial history of North Greenville. A dream fulfilled. In spite of the snow and ice, North Green- ville observed Founders' Day on January 15. The speaker for the chapel service was Dr. Robert S. Denny, associate secretary of the Baptist World Alliance. Dr. Denny is interna- tionally known for his work with college stu- dents. After a vocal selection by Diane Taylor, Dr. Denny expressed appreciation for the work of North Greenville's founders, then he added, "You're here to do something about the fu- ture." Throughout his inspiring speech, he urged North Greenville students to employ the right motives and to develop character, de- pendability, and integrity. r Dr. Robert Denny, Founders' Day speaker. 115 MISS NORTH GREE VILLE X i fit 1 'N w k if ,Q V gs Sl' 7 f' fr H X Mfg!-, fi4' , .?w . f P? 4 .2 1, K 1 f ff f QF 5 f ax? -Kyiv ffgfjxft K 4, f f f M gf 'S fu:-f , 5 Za! ! jf ,935 I 4 ' X IQWWW ls Kaye taking the Crest test? 2 . l f AVI., , A.. , , ,Lffff f 'wt 4.1. -,f f f'f-ff : ' , - .' V - .- , ,, 'c ily.-,fikffww 4 eil ie ., 5 sz ? 4 The young lady chosen as Miss North Greenville is a person who holds the respect and admiration of each person on the campus. She was chosen for her friendliness and her personality, her academic achievement, her beauty, charm, and poise. She is known for her dedication, loyalty, and encouragement to her fellow students. She has a willingness to help all those about her. She takes pride in her work and accepts the responsibilities of leadership. ln view of these qualities the student body has chosen Kaye Letbetter as lVliss North Greenville for 1968. Kaye always has a bright smile for a rainy day. Students' choices - Mr. and Miss North Greenville. A typical closing of a girI's busy day. 116 ! Miss Kaye Letbetter Nliss North Greenville of 1968 I . f,,Mfz, i Z X . ORTH GREENVILLE Woody starts the day with the super stainless steel blade. , J Q07 2, .W ,W ,774 'v Q 4 f Woody's days are filled with leadership responsibilities. At the closing of the day comes the opening of the books. f lVlr. North Greenville is chosen on the basis of qualities viewed and respected by all students at North Greenville. These qualities are personality, scholastic achievement, dependability, school spirit, honesty, and appearance. He upholds the high Christian ideals and traditions set forth by our college. He is patient, dedicated, and loyal. He strives to complete to the best of his ability everything he undertakes. He is willing to work, to accept responsibility, and to use his talents for the betterment of North Greenville Junior College. The students take great pride in electing Woody Catoe as lVlr. North Greenville. Mr. and Miss North Greenville can be counted on to do a good job. 1 , an x ef.. ..,, .NN ., .Q V , r e f oooo . f M fm f f X if-A fs Q was j xg ' 5 SQ ' Hx 1. 1 , ,fx X -1 ..x. if X ' N ,.'. wi j, Q' .WA uwN, V4 Q ' V" ,, .lf . qw ,. -v 4 g,,,k.,,'., b ky -f M.ff?f"n 4 in ,A ,,, Q. 91 fx-,, vg- WXFQ' NJC. 1 -' ,ws , ff, ,M iflfy ii, 3 , LW - 1 5' .. 1 ' If J w mai fa JJ? if 3 'Sf za' ff' 1 is 5: 'J ix, 5 ,, f 1 his LX A, .. ' , We x x Ff E i Fe L , re Y! ef' we D1 ff 7:21 only:-mf ,au e'? 5,12 ggi s x '27 5 , l ye ' , ,, 2, ' ,. 41.1 Jw nv i ,R Q -3i,s'- TV.. '1fff,ff,y f Q f if .ff xfpfns: x.4,,i gl' f f QQCX 'Jw xx "- xo "Ulf," ' 'g i V1 7-' Y , , , ,al Q - ., e V f 1 ? f 1 5, 'E A' liflf' z",,f. LX xiii' 1 wf'jQ'f" W PQ, wg . 1 A , K A 4 xr fy? , , . f r v 'L ,4 44 1 i, Q 'X on 2 M 1 N 9 A 1 Y 9 '51 4 Q, A K?3yix'Sx 3' li I' i f Xl A 'J' Nw U' 1 3' i 1 as 3 I P ff uf A f 5' 1 , 13 9, 5? aw? in J Ki 14 fa Q . - p ..- , fi ,a Jaw Q 4 .if If 1 , U' , :Q 5 ifafxt I , v, ' A i. Nlr. Woody Catoe Nlr. North Greenville of 1968 MISS NORTH GREENVILLE RUNNERS-UP Phyllis Lawter X x Gaile Sawyer l Linda Mooney Judy Vickery Toni Riddle MR. NORTH GREENVILLE RUNNERS-UP x x f David Cottengim Phil Hardee Vs A M... Sam Huffman Q SCHOLARSHIP DAY Scholarship Day was observed January 22, 1968, by a chapel program with Mr. C. E. Butler, Academic Dean of Anderson College, as the guest speaker. Dean Butler challenged all stu- dents to prepare an education that would suffi- ciently meet their world. During this chapel program special recognition was given to ten outstanding students who had achieved at least a 2.5 grade point average. Five had accom- plished this during the fall semester, ancl the other five were returning students whose cu- mulative grade point average was 2.5 or better. As these young people stood in response to their fellow students' applause, their modesty was both evident and genuine because they had not been motivated to excell in their studies by a desire for public recognition. A local chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, the na- tional junior college honor fraternity, has been established at North Greenville to further honor such students. Admission requirements are high - a 2.5 grade point average for one se- mester's work and the maintenance of at least a 2.0 average for every succeeding semester. To belong to Phi Theta Kappa is one of the highest honors that can come to a student at North Greenville. 1 i Anderson's Dean addresses North Greenville students DEAN'S LIST - FIRST ROW: Mrs. Toya Harvey, Linda Ross, Dianne Sloan, Toni McKnight, and Linda Burrell. SECOND ROW Janice Gillespie, Wayne Turner, AI Howard, Miriam Hayes, and Mrs. Doris Khoe. WHO'S WHO l Carl Woodrow Catoe Alice Janice Gillespie i Choices surround us with a circus clamor - to do many things or nothing, to mature or drift. These nine students did many things with their traits of scholarship, character, leadership, and service, and strived for self-improvement in all their activities. Each has his own goals and standards, yet never forgot his acceptance of con- comitant responsibility to North Greenville. Each conquered the chance of not just to be, but to become. North Greenville proudly gives recognition to these students by their receiving Who's Who in American Junior Colleges. l Pauline Henderson Lydia Ermine Horton Zane Kaye Letbetter l l 'Nl '7 l -e i if i i i Toni Elizabeth MCKYUBNY Daniel Steve Rogers James Walker Salter Linda Dianne Williams I2 CAMPUS LIFE To make a world there must be four corners. North Greenville has created a world of her ovvn by placing each corner at a certain location on campus. The first corner is found at the Administration Building. Here the early eight o'clock classes are met, endless pages of notes from class lectures are taken, and term papers are assigned that require numerous visits to the library, also housed in the Administration Building. Learning plays a big role in campus life. The gymnasium adds a corner to the North School spirit is born as Greenville world. cheers, shouts, and even occasional tears are expressed while emotions are stirred during activities played here. The dormitories are the third corner. In these buildings, maturity is being reached as students make decisions and as they learn to live in a college environment. The fourth corner is located at the Student Center - the greatest part of campus life. Parts from all the other corners of North Greenville's world are found here. Simpson Hall -the beginning of a girl's college days. i I 5 Donnan Administration Building -a known destination. . . - 4 Vw ,Mug ws . . ,. .7 .xgsgjg ,ef ' if sv' Quriv V L d.,15"+nv , V ' f' 'ESQ' ,sw 1 .' 1 . ' 1 - 'sv '-WJ if wif: wr ' . ffgqf A ' - if-fivfx 'ff-'ff Q A, ug .Qs ...ti M ' il H l mg " , li, ' S -- vga? YK 1- f yr. Q H Law- W' f ...gig 3 it A 2 .. R, ...M ,. ,WK . . xi M A-ewes A' 13,155 954 ' 'fviiari tm V gg: y rn-.Q '1 ' L.. .W we ' 'T ww. MISS if' . I,-Eff.-15:1-: 4:1-sl? 1 -isfikiii .x, -.1 ,. .sf 1 NE .1,. I Q .I I ' ':::i X' ' lis t. X A f l - i l , , 1 i Q 'z J. X Q Q ts l Z l . A Foster Student Center - fun, food, and fad. The gymnasium - an area of elation and sometimes disappointment. 'lf 1 is, X Qiifliis z pl' , Q Ray Cook and Kathy Bell use their artistic abilities in painting scenery. Linda Williams, Linda Mooney, and Helen Campbell are all smiles after the Miss Aurora Pageant. 71,19 Maybe they'll get a two-letter word yet! , For purple mountain majesties 5 ,J ' A w c, i 4 Looks as if Randy Warren has an interesting someone on the receiving line. Boys, are we having grits and ham for supper? Frustration! 126 Look at the calories! ls this Diane Schumpert's reading room? Smile! You're on Candid Camera. J i fm' 'ti . I 'XXX Norma Bishop tries bathing the new way - no water, just suds. Cindy Price and Alice Collum sign out to go home. ,z '5fl??q'2,2 Q .Q What could we do to get Lee Williams' attention from that interesting magazine? Door prizes were the highlights of Greer Day. The Queen and her court. Carolyn New really likes those "State" letters. . A - A ,ff s i li 3l 727 l One of the memories of North Greenville. l lt's up front that counts, right girls? ' ,: of Registration Day seemed to puz- Jackie McCraw and Rowena Atkins enjoy zle Dan Lindley. horsing around in the pool. ' 1 ...l , L f. l y . l .ni , I l l l Lehi I After a busy day of classes, Marsha Marrett finally gets to the dormitory. -,iii-, ,, JA xg? 2? E t. 52 gum-' ga e x Q Q I L' .. 5- " ZR lx 'ig gy ,A.. 3 4 flip?-M, Q -2252 55 xlmff-wig, 1 if ll' P1-fstgz swiiiaii V, :ii is A s N. X 'X' 'sm w'g+7f'1.,Q 5' Newly arriving freshmen quickly felt the friendly atmosphere R of the campus. gl Q six Q ,,, ,QQLLW 3' W N V Aw K W: X S L t if Tigenlille Baptist Church - a symbol of the faith on which Linda Huff and David Lewis seem quite pleased with their North Greenville was founded. schedules. Mike Runyan views the expanse from Glassy Mountain. Frances Guy, are you sure that Paul Grobe is going to the right dormitory? 129 ,1,.,. MESSHIHBRIES A wmauuumwuns ' 1 0 1 rf 'Q W THLENT HEVUW ?HE3HJiTiU Hugh M, . . xl wiv ' J V 1 - Q nfl? ' J M , ,, 'HU' ,, u ' ' 1 WM gagfwfw 5953 9Wp 1f77fffL my mubmwgs pmfumjf um U 6' , .,, 5 If ' wa iw mm mmm. manaffw m LITMWW '51-"fff 4 www w1THf nvx1nfwnvv1 , 5 f'f, I f ' H. h ff: gi M 1? ' M - f - - f W W Lgggygg, QQ 7 murmxwrmm- H 74 X W , . 3 W 'Mm '-'W' 1 f2 f fflfmf ?flf,.l: ff: fvfwuff A gm 1 ywnw-N. ' J f.. va ,Manu J ' 11113. Emazlwv ' ,, ,,-N , V 1, lnFm 1 in ns. LHMBTGW- N 'W N 'Wei rw , iz?-Awxvrs X QV' ' W A - -mu 1 www- -U W" ' 1 My A5 W N N V 5 1 41523. . Mwnlhxw V mu, vammaw mm g .ef,1, M uwmfgt 34, Hama QLNQL Q ,. ,, A--W' Y, lain r N ll ml' H rx J .g:3ff35Q'v..-g'l':?w3QK vw, 'ffw?fffQ'ffQ. fehm N15-4, xx w-'la-xfizm, '52 nzrwn -91? M' 2443? gxfxsQ"Exm if r 2:'4!5'..I'Gfy Wx. iq31ff'vw'r+fX- su J Q 'Rig-:hx M" ' 'Af:li52'gS5t262?mzs9-P fu-,ef ss MM. 4 3!ifmlQ,i,a:m'v1f02+'LQi4 Eg,-M xgqnmnwiv 1: rf'7lfQ'3f1C:"ffQ 331 Z" ffiagafieiegm wggkwgygqge , S Q- 'rw wwwq m mggsr Qfsvdg. .W ?1f'53fi?2-5 J , 4 , W, , ey, IS'-Wa 15935 Q S2115 V'i4fX,igj?3 Pr Y alx -.1 '1 yn -v M 'KigW T?ff2 Eegfgflr XG: S ws,.,,iw .. , 4 x 4, A- If xg-'fv' 'Al 35, 1, K 'X , MF, kg , 52ij4?7'g X.-I ?1 ia xi! w..,,1 ,R ,Q 'W :L :' A . "' , 5 2? ,Kel 52 msgs, S ,zwzfww -xi- LMJSWS Q S2915 e5 VM cf.-x Q11 W. V4 F .w,,1r,xx- ,fy xi lwfwfib ., .a W gm, V swwxfg w g w x A fist ?f'5':fH1-5':gRmliQ?: W ,iw "7.w.u, , RY' mhz, W Z nf' 11' -,Nm X e X., ff 'f'12 '5fT"."- 'F rffjg? Ygilgigvffz ,Q QM-air, 4-:M 2 'fer Qfffrh " 1 fr-gy,-:ig ' la A.4.f.'?myfQ!,x1.f.1 A ORGANIZATIONS W ,315 A xg Q if 4q.,f,gfw,,S4 T. ,gl:v-ffl,--.f' ki'-3".,3:g wffkvi fx 'fs :zz r 'n12Q1.' as , Q "g,yt:,,f-wa" ig: 5 V U if ' if"-s,541g15f.f?.? I '-' V5 ..-.Wifi lk- y. v.,?,,.3,g,,g1 1 ' ' ' I i. . 1 1 ! "T,',?,l'1t:'k:"f 1. -gp - STUDENT GOVERNMENT EXECUTIVE COUNCIL The Student Government Association strives for the best possible representation of the student body in its activities and programs. Its officers, who are elected each March by the student body, seek to voice the ideas and opinions of the students as well as to lead them in an effort to promote co-operation and a unity of spirit at North Greenville. The executive council, which is the main council of the Student Government, promotes campus functions and maintains high standards of conduct and leadership within the student body. The S.G.A. sponsored several activities and projects which included the Freshman-Sophomore basketball game, the hike up Glassy, the Freshman talent show, the movies, Summer Magic and The Restless Ones, plus plans for establishing an honor system at North Greenville. Linda Edwards, vice-president. Mary Lyda, secretary. 2211 L3 -Q4 ff. 'Q ,ff-f ,M W 'is ?f +1 Woody Catoe, president. .if f 132 Phyllis Lawter, treasurer. l l l l l I W f . ,- 9 Z ,U A Vhifgfff gfffy' QW ,ELA l l I l i l l S i 1 i l LEFT TO RIGHT: Helen Campbell, Mary Lyda, Sam Huffman, Phyllis Lawter, Woody Catoe, Galle Sawyer, Mike Runyan, Linda Edwards. Not pictured: Judy Vickery. LL X r" Woody Catoe, chairman. Dr. Paul Talmadge, sponsor. 133 REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL The Representative Council of the S.G.A. is composed of the presidents of all campus organizations plus the vice-presidents of both classes and the executive council. The S.G.A. vice- president serves as chairman. Meetings are held whenever there is a need for organizing club activities, meetings, and projects. This year the Representative Council, along with the Executive Council, organized the campus Christmas decorations and helped estab- lish a system of requirements for organizing clubs. The organization presidents are required to take a course in Leadership, which helps them better to fulfill their roles as campus leaders through the study of various leadership theories and techniques. W .L Linda Edwards, chairman. 134 FIRST ROW: Linda Edwards, Ranelle Berry, Toni McKnight. SECOND ROW: Lydia Horton, Polly Henderson, Sherryl Johnson. THIRD ROW: Diane Schumpert, Ellen Swayngham, Miriam Hayes. FOURTH ROW: David Wilson, Betty Sherbert. FIFTH ROW: George Hightower, Lamar Atkins, David Meeks. S. G. A. J DICIAL COUNCIL Woody Catoe, chairman. l iek , 'Wu r i. y, . My E i t My--W. af To handle minor disciplinary problems which are referred to it by the administration, faculty, or staff is the main duty of the Judicial Council of the S.G.A. The S.G.A. president serves as chairman. The other members are one freshman boarding girl, one freshman boarding boy, and one freshman day student. The presidents of two campus organizations also serve each month. ln the past, the Judicial Council has not had to review many cases, and fortunately this year was not an exception. 1 i i iw, V . . 1 W, .Y .., . ,, . ww f i 4 . "" if A' f "-' ' -- "" -':' P ' ' ' --:"' A. ':" 7? :"' V 4 r T 1 5 .. , , '..- '- .lf -X - Dickie Garrett, boarding boy representative, prepares to write a summons. LEFT TO RIGHT: Woody Catoe, chairman, Marsha Marrett, boarding girl representative, Linda Edwards, secretary. Not Pictured: Steve Bryant, day student representative. 135 WO MEN'S HOUSE COUNCIL The primary purpose of the Women's House Council is to see to the welfare of all the boarding girls. The Council meets regularly to discuss policies which concern the group and to deal with minor infractions reported to them by the hall monitors or by the Dean of Women. Major infractions are referred to the Student Government Association. Each year the Council sponsors an open house in the women's dormitory at which time visitors may enjoy the decorations on each hall and refreshments in Howard Hall lounge. Ellen Swayngham, president. ? is N9 Q ,Z fig.: :'-ws,:A59-zqgwv-fukat.e.': . VYIg.'.?Li,.3f'sg..g.g.g 5, Q ' -. Q C Dean of Women, Mrs. Crain, Helen Campbell, Margaret Adams, Ellen Swayngham, Becky Tong, Celia Campbell, Kaye Letbetter. 136 i i 3 s Toni Riddle, Miss Aurora contestant. q, . ,nov-masses Y", , i , .. ir K, W f S , is i X , 4 I , xii 3 , lv One of Mrs. Crain's many jobs is approving the sign-out A duty of the Women's House Council monitors is to check rooms each cards. night. 137 MEN' HOUSE COUNCIL In 1965 the men's dormitory began electing officers to serve as a governing system for boarding men. Officers are chosen by the boarding men, the monitors, and the Dean of Men. The Council deals with minor infractions and refers major infractions to the Student Government. This year the Council sponsored Christmas dormitory deco- rations which were judged by the faculty. A cash prize was given to the person who had shown the most originality in his decorations. S 'RL V: S Cliff Rickard, president SEATED: Mike Runyan, Freedie Free- man, Mike Smith, Ron Parks, Harry McMillan, Danny Smith, Sam Huff- man, Dean Cribb, Bill Quarles, Cliff Rickard, David Meeks. SEATED: Cliff Rickard, president, Mr. Larry Cribb, Dean of Men, Danny Smith,vice-president,STANDING:Ron Parks, secretary. if .tw " m X X 3 , , ,-f ti X xx Q: 4 J F , i 7 Mike Smith, hall are in their rooms. i X 4, ig. ,V i 11-, "m"w fx ,Stiff monitor, checks to be sure boys .. ,,iiii ii.., V MWM h G Hi 4 S If , ., I V, , .W X f . ii y W ,L f ' , LJ f' , Q f Linda Mooney, Miss Aurora contestant. Wt , . -,y,:,.'f' :,:'r- i ---- M , ,,,w,v! 5' ' .... . R ' I ' ' f ix 'f -M gf ., 1.5, - 3'-'saws J if 'f4'-- ' I -:ails e "Wi C rum 'Q f 2 SS M fzg gi Q U . gs i ., ff' 03'- Dean Cribb often takes the opportunity to talk with the boys. Cliff Rickard seems to be enjoying his con- versation with Dean Cribb. 139 Q 1 W 31 Mb if t if 9 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION EXECUTIVE CO NCIL Baptist students who are members of the various church-af- filiated organizations on campus such as Training Union, Sunday School, Volunteer Band, Minister- ial Band and Y.W.A.'s are members of the Baptist Student Union. The Executive Council is annually elected by the previous council members and the B.S.U. sponsor to supervise and coordinate the work of the various organizations. Polly Henderson, president LEFT TO RIGHT: Advisor, Mr. Hale, Ken Cooper, Earl Hartley, Betty Leslie, Ranelle Berry, Betty Sherbert Toni Riddle Polly Henderson Carol Sylrett, Shirley George, Janice Gillespie, Linda Bishop, Norma Bishop, Kaye Letbetter, Woody Catoe Steve Baughman Bill Quarles 140 GRE TER COUNCIL The Greater Council, chosen by the B.S.U. Execu- tive Council, assists in planning the activities of the organizations. The Greater Council helped in carrying out several B.S.U. projects, among which were the showing of the Billy Graham movie, For Pete's Sake, and highlight of the year, Christian Emphasis Week. Carolyn Slagle, Miss Aurora contestant. Kaye Letbetter, secretary-treasurer, Earl Hartley, vice- president. , , :ffw SEATED: LaNelle Dow, Lena Robertson, Jan Page, Judy Kennemer, Carolyn Slagle, Toni McKnight. STANDING, FIRST ROW: Rowena Atkins, Sandra Childs, Dianne Patrick, Jackie McCraw, Ron Parks, Ronnie Bennett, Margaret Adams, Lydia Horton, Barbara Prince. Robert Price. SECOND ROW: Gary Looper, George Stone, Wayne Turner, Helen Campbell, Diane Taylor, Ginger Burns, Dianne Hardin. 141 DEAN CRAI MINISTERIAL BAN Students who can conscientiously affirm that they have been called to enter the ministry may join the Ministerial Band. The Band attempts to enrich the spiritual lives of its members and to prepare them for a richer ministry. The members receive instruction in church and denominational life and in the various duties of a pastor. During the current academic year the Band made trips to a prison camp and held services for the prisoners. Jim Salter, president. ROW ONE: Ron Parks, Henry Payne, Wayne Turner, Bill Quarles, Bobby Taylor, Philip Fain, Robert Price. SECOND ROW: Sponsor, 'Mr. Hale, Ken Cooper, Jim Salter, David Richards, Steve Baughman, Jimmy Cox, Danny Grubbs. THIRD ROW: Woody Catoe, Ken Swank, Bill Pace, Archie Stevens, Earl Hartley. 142 Afflfj H H The Bible and the certificate are characteristic of the Ministerial Band. A guest speaker talks to Ministerial Band members. Nw Ron Parks, a member of the Ministerial Band, often preaches. Mr. Hale, sponsor of the Ministerial Band. 143 M OLUNTEER BA Students who are dedicated to Christian service are qualified to become members of the Volunteer Band. The purpose of the club is to develop its members through Christian fellowship, through a study of world conditions, and through a common purpose in prayer. To promote this purpose, the programs are varied, including missionary speakers, tapes, and var- ious teams through which direct services can be rendered. One of the most popular teams is the Deputation Team, which visits churches and presents testimonies and a skit. David Wilson, president. N FIRST ROW: Carolyn Slagle, Sandra Childs, Robert Price, Ginger Burns, Lena Robertson, Kaye Letbetter. SECOND ROW: Janice Gillespie, Alice Forrester, Vickie Jones, Danny Grubbs, Linda Bishop. THIRD ROW: Dianne Patrick, Ranelle Berry, Jackie IVIcCraw, Jimmy Cox, Polly Henderson, Ron Parks, Dianne Hardin. FOURTH ROW: Carroll Anthony, Wayne Turner, Betty Sherbert, Betty Leslie, Rowena Atkins. FIFTH ROW: Steve Baugh- man, Gary Looper, Earl Hartley, Carol Syfrett. SIXTH ROW: David Wilson, Woody Catoe, George Stone, and Miss Guest, sponsor. Janice Gillespie, secretary-treasurer: Polly Henderson vice-president. ,Mew x"'-X.. I I X x Bill Baxley presents an interesting talk ata Volunteer Band meeting. i Susan Hughes gives her testimony to i a chapel group. it ,gif 3 'Q Sandra ChildS. Miss Aurora C0HteSfHflt- Steve Baughman and Robert Price participate in a Vol unteer Band skit. 145 l l I r l l Cindy Price, Miss Aurora contestant, Ranelle Berry, president. f ww, ,W' f Runyan Circle - FIRST ROW: Shirley George, Toni McKnight, LaNelle Dow, Linda Burrell. BACK ROW: Betty Leslie, Marsha Marrett, Cindy Price, Barbara Prince. 146 YOUNG WOMAN'S AUXILIARY Thoughtful study of the missionary message of the Bible, devoted community missions for the spiritually and physically needy, and regular and proportionate giving to world-wide missions are the ideals of the Young Woman's Auxiliary. The aim of the Y.W.A. is to unite the young women of the Southern Baptist Churches in' an enduring missionary enterprise. Before North Greenville students arrived in the fall, the Executive Council had a pre-school retreat, formulating the Y.W.A. Calendar of Activ- ities for the year. These activities included observ- ance of Home and Foreign Mission Weeks of Prayer, mission study courses, Y.W.A. Focus Week, a Valentine Banquet, and state house parties. l l West Circle - FIRST ROW: Lydia Horton, Virginia Pym, Charlyn Hancock,: Linda Bishop, Janice Boozer, Libby Huff. BACK ROW: Susan Hughes, Rowena Atkins, Diane Marett, Glenda Gilstrap. l Neely Circle - FRONT ROW: Freida Wilson, Donna Boyter, Norma Bishop, Dianne Hardin. BACK ROW: Miriam Hayes, Phyllis Lawter, Brenda Botts. F R Candel Circle - FIRST ROW: Sandra Childs, Jane Robertson, Sherryl Johnson, Diane Crook. SECOND ROW: Becky Walworth, Janice Gillespie, Rita Johnson. Mitchell Circle - FIRST ROW: Vickie Jones, Alice Forrester, Celia Campbell, Judy Kennemer. SECOND ROW: Ruth Smith, Diane Taylor, Sandra Splawn, Margaret Adams, Ellen Swayngham. Moorhead .Circle - FIRST ROW: Jan Page, Lena Robertson, Emily Hughes, Ginger Burns, Carolyn Hightower. SECOND ROW: Polly Hen- derson,Glenda Johnston, Carolyn New, Ranelle Berry. if' N I M u, f .S 4 'I3 fi .ive ' , - ss-, O , .V i I 2 A , xg: . 'M I 5 " 11 A ae ri' 7' I -W . is ,, s s Q f Q 42 6,51 'H - D, . - ff K .Q Mwfmwiffg A ff' as 9 3 Eva" MW' Hill Circle - FIRST ROW: Jackie McCraw, Helen Campbell, Carolyn Slagle. SECOND ROW: Kaye Letbetter, Toni Riddle, Parrl Fink. 147 ESSE QUAM VIDERE i Young girls who are chosen for membership on high scholastic achievement in English are eligible to become members of the Esse Quam Videre, an honorary literary society. The purpose of E.Q.V. is to train young women to preside over public gatherings, to be poised and at ease in the presence of others, and to appreciate the fine arts. Monthly programs are planned which include studies in music, literature, and art, emphasizing cultural refinement. The society sponsors a speech contest each spring, and the Garrett Speech Award is presented to the winner. Currently the members are designing an emblem and a pin which will become the permanent symbols of the club. Janice Gillespie, devotional chairman, Norma Bishop, vice-pres- ident, Mrs. Veda Sprouse, sponsor, Betty Sherbert, president, Mary Lyda, secretary-treasurer. .ist V S5 ,C N, . as ss Q l li fl i l l - ,lay ' WL? ir' X 1 'K 1 .'-' f 'HX FIRST ROW: Freida Wilson, Mary Lyda, Norma Bishop, Becky Merrill, Helen Campbell, Diane Taylor, Janice Gillespie, Miriam Hayes, Dianne Patrick. SECOND ROW: Jane Robertson, Mary Jo Bruce, Carolyn Slagle, Linda Burrell, Toni McKnight, Ginger Burns, LaNelle Dow. LaNelle Dow, Janice Gillespie, Mary Lyda, and Dianne Patrick enjoy refreshments after an E.Q.V. program. 1 3 li W1 "" .ln gl- .f'.,:ar.i l. 1, A T "M ' Q, Ahifft .. ...lin -. -. Javv.. N. .. if it Q 5 21 , fit! 1' 4 i y Ui' J Y 2 Z Kr f, ,B v . 'EN Nlr. Driggers talks with Diane Taylor and Toni McKnight after speaking at an E.Q.V. meeting. i i i " 5745 A i 1 , . Y' ,4 f f k . f. jlfhlj li A f 2 . , gg Q V iv r One of the oldest sidewalks on the North Greenville campus was paid for by the E.Q.V. in 1925. . is X gx i I i 1 XX , F ......,,..,, l Betty Sherbert, president. Helen Campbell, Miss Aurora contestant. 149 ' 2 , wgffi Qi h :U 7 R 49,71 X X W K, . . 9 f I , 3 . g Q , in ' N M41 2 CGW' '3 ' S ,gg , , x " , . ' S - My if Veg , J ' es- ? , M ei f i I ff 'Ky z . ., 1 Q .X 5 g aff c.. f J 25 ' ' 'W V 5' 4 457 ' it .ffregytl ' -' 'W' a ' .2 Q, 3??5"l5i2'5?g ' M. if A if A K 7? X, , 4' f f 4 - n x 4 v i Q, J AXE. f X Y Sa . .' haf X ,, , " f ,. . A ' ,li i i li 7 Qfrl Qi ll Tl DE HOWARD c Q LITERARY SOCIETY S Under the leadership of lVIr. Henry J. X 1 Howard, for whom the society was named, the Dean Howard Literary Society was organ- ized in 1955. The primary objective of the organiza- JA if tion is to train young men in the discussion of current affairs and to help them develop platform l'TI3I"li'lGfS. ' L f Throughout the year, speakers are invited I to come and discuss current events as well fi li as their personal activites and involvement in ' l a particular aspect of society. Each year a speech ,T .A contest is sponsored jointly by the Dean Howard J Literary Society and the E.Q.V. y i Z Nl' .ici l Jimmy Harris, president. -I . . 4 SEATED: Jimmy Harris, Dean H. J. Howard. STANDING: David Meeks, Robert Dowling, Garland Earnest, Gene Hunter, Cary Freeman, Glenn Little. L, .,.. ..... I J i l l r l ,A Dean Howard, sponsor, talks with guest speakers. Linda Surett, Miss Aurora contestant. Cary Freeman, vice-presidentg Jimmy Harris, presidentp Garland Earnest, secretary-treasurer. Nw.. ,kfxxt A...-.ik i , S Cindy Price, assistant secretary, Glenda Johnston, secretary, Sherryl Johnson, publicity chairman. Brenda Kilpatrick and Mike Middleton memorize their parts for the musical Paint Your Wagon. David Meeks, president. 152 SOCK GN' BUSKIN SOCIETY Under the new name of Sock 'n' Buskin Society, the dramatics club at North Greenville is in its second year of existence. Membership is open to anyone who is sincerely interested in acting, stage lighting, stage make-up, or stage production. A point system was adopted this year for the purpose of naming the most outstanding member. The points are based on attendance, cooperation, holding an office, and overall partici- pation. At the end of the year, the person's name will be inscribed on a plaque which is located in the showcase in the student center. The Sock 'n' Buskin Society, under the leadership of Mrs. Joada Hiatt, has been very much at work this year with the Talent Review and helping to produce the anniversary pageant, The Light Goes Forth, along with working on a musical to be presented in March. l i l v ', 'Q .rf 7 s f 2- A r . , 1 v N , 55 I lg, gg? . ir i i l ...M i X , ,, , , 1 qw -fi : zz" FlRST ROW: David Meeks, Mike Runyan, Danny Smith. SECOND ROW: Beth Armstrong, Emily Hughes, Carolyn New, Sandra Childs, Cindy Price, David Turner. THIRD ROW: Laura Cash, Sheryl Johnson, Libby Huff, Glenda Johnston, Glenda Gilstrap, Janice Boozer. FOURTH ROW: Jimmy Burnette,Heyward Burnette, Stanley Murrell, Chip Culbertson, Milton Heatherly, Ronald Fowler, Mike Middleton, Skip Baker, Maxie Banks. r 1, I , P f 2 sv' ' , Nh' 'xv . f y if 5 if: ,. . x - - ra- : I J - f 3. ,.f'- ' Y.. 1..'H'i. " ' ' C , . 2:52 T E T L F i.-. ,-. rrr' ' ' ' . . 3 T7 if ill: 1' ,V X ? ft' , LX ' 9 3 lu. K , x ff 1 RN, 4 , 1 ,fs ' .if ' 8 , SW X . 0 N S We f Q XX , xv v , fi A 1 A31 ' J' , X it sf 14 ,X ,i X HW, is 7 fa, v f gf 15 ,. 37. li' 'Tia 1, Q-ww gf x we I sd'-fy -N5 G 'Ne 3531 NX V55 Y ' 3:5 r w 9 H '54 ' egfiffm t ' w XZ R' 4 Hs? 2-,,:s5" fa.: Q l wg vga? .Vg ,,,,fN... , ,- if 'X 'K' 4 99 'U"'-9:3 4 552' "MW ws Aw? "A f :www M1 f X up : ?'X" 345 , ,X-Gym Qgpygg lf! 0 x ti 'f gain, w ,1 ,Ay uw 9,1 v , . , A, ,f ,., I M ago: N, M ' M. 'f ,Q Z3 fwg ' 0 1 J 5 8,-1 mf. Sw 559, ,Q '9,. wg 658 9 ' V ,l ,L 4, 1, ' , f. 5 fm 'P 5 1 XM , f"l'l' ww .4 X Q W ,X L 3, ,K 55,1 sliswyim, fm s P145 13, in ,J '16 f f 51:10 A 'Qiyfl i , 1 ff-ff,,M5.: iQ" 94114 X . my wg 'Lu 532 Viiv. 4 S .5521 3 gre 1 if f' " mi: f :ww all f 2 1: 1 Ggawfsgxf k I : ,mfrf W J 2 QW...-,,:fz:: v lily 4' 35453 , ,, J an ,?,f- ,Lift XX 1 1,, , s .X 'sf -f-if-::: 1 ::,.. 1' , ,H ,, Vw, I V ,- -- v . Emily Hughes and Sherryl Johnson put up posters advertising the talent show sponsored by the Drama Club. Mr. Driggers and Miss Lawton were announced Mr. and Miss Hippie during the Psychedelic Talent Show. i 153 IJAMICALE DES LIVRE L'AmicaIe des Livres was organized in 1959 with the purpose of cultivating an appreciation of the arts and of developing an interest in current events. Members are required to have at least a "C" average and should have a sincere interest in litera- ture. IVIonthIy meetings are held with a variety of programs planned. Garland Earnest, a Library Club member, works in the library. Lamar Atkins, president. l 154 Mike Smith, vice-president, Lamar Atkins, president, Gar land Earnest, secretary-treasurer. UBRH 6 il lllsm nu ll FIRST ROW: Beth Armstrong, Glenda Johnston, Vickie Jones, Laura Cash, Pam Brown, Becky Walworth, Judy Vickery, Lamar Atkins. SECOND ROW: George Stone, John Turpin, Glenn Little, John Avery, Garland Earnest, Mike Smith, Danny Smith, Woody Catoe. ' sz Lamar Atkins greets Dr. Talmadge, guest speaker for L'Amicale des Livres. Judy Vickery, Miss Aurora contestant. PHI BET LAMBDA The college division of a national organiza- tion for students in Business Education is Phi Beta Lambda. The aim of the club is to help the future business men and women to develop strong, aggressive leadership so that they may participate more effectively in business and community life. At the various meetings the W 5, ,,,, L ' Q51 'f ' U. , gn 2 -4 Gaynell Willis works on accuracy in taking dictation. members discuss topics ranging from office manners to business procedures. Mrs. Delane Wood, who teaches typing and shorthand, is the sponsor of this organization. Berthene Lord sets typewriter to begin work on a man- uscript. Evelyn Dodgens, vice-presidentg Ruth Smith, treasurer: 156 WW Berthene Lord, secretary. SEATED: Ruth Smith. STANDING: Ranelle Berry, Miriam Hayes, Evelyn Dodgens, Eris Hutto. Miriam Hayes, president. -my-'awww E: E""'s-ww-----.,,. ,ws P' I W 1:4 X Q I xx- A i ,"'t?2tX I ' ' f Eris Hutto practices to increase her typing speed. HF" , '-W-N., v we-an-v W lxvnwv! -f-up--r...,,. f ,,..+"" md I5 1 'ZR' ,-M 7 3f"E2. I 2 ,, rg,-I . , I, . is , ..,:. in ' Q rf YS I Q.. 45 3 as fu 5 -I Qs 'Q M I li W5 :JE Jug Gi lf- 'f I N I S-'cg 9: 1 S1 -2 L' 2 t 'fu 4A if 'F L' ' B, i ' fi ta... I Ffa? gf , c was 5.- tv, '- i IJ is " - 1 k I ,9 K 'r ff' I ig - I- I ,, Y. if ' II. '1 92? ii :ii mg Iii Q 2335 If N, -ff? 1531 ' QI 'fif Iii: if is-Qi Irs' Ii I' I 'K I' Q. iz, VJ. I :II " Qi .H If I Ii? IIE is "i ,.. Lb in La cg It I' Q I5 A IH I3 Ii ,, 51 if, fi I1 s I I I I JJ Harry Howard, president. 158 PHI THETA KAPPA Membership in Phi Theta Kappa, a new organization on campus, is the highest scholastic honor which can be bestowed upon a student at North Greenville. lt is comprised of students who have obtained a 2.5 average or better, and is equivalent to Phi Beta Kappa in the senior college. Scholarship alone, however, is not the only qualification for membership, a student must also possess character and leadership qualities. Nlembers are invited to join at the end of each semester. Charter mem- bers for the new organization which was formed last year are the following: Sandy Addis, Stephanie Beaver, Ranelle Berry, Ken Cooper, Linda Dickson, Luther Gail- lard, Janice Gillespie, Inez Hagood, Ruth Hammett, Harry Howard, Sam Jenkins, Tim NlcConnell, Tommy lVlerrill, Linda lVliller, Martha Padgett, Linda Ross, and Donald Skelton. Dr. Dan Proctor, sponsor, Linda Ross, treasurer, Ken Cooper, secretary. s i ik Nw! Harry Howard, Toni McKnight, Dr. Dan Proctor, Linda Ross, Janice Gillespie, Ken Cooper. The white rose is the symbol of Phi Theta Kappa. 159 COLLEGIATE CIVITA CL B The Collegiate Civitan Club is a member of Civitan International and is sponsored by the Civitan Club of Greer, South Carolina. The purpose of the club is to offer the opportunity for young men to build their character and to develop the ability to become good citizens. lVlem- bership is open to all Freshmen and Sophomore boys. George Hightower, president. FIRST ROW: Mark Hall, Kenny Woods, Ronnie Bennett. SECOND ROW: Keith Cunningham, David Grant, Johnny Gantt, Gary Looper, Ronnie Reece. THIRD ROW: Ashley Jeffcoat, John Isbill, Frank Hiott, John Erwin, Donnie Hodge, Philip Rhodes, Ray Cook. FOURTH ROW: Louie Conder, Donnie Craig, Dickie Garrett, Danny Horton, George Hightower, Sami Huffman, Phil Hardee, Paul Nlahefky. The Civitan Club has an informal meeting after chapel. "-, Danny Horton, vice-presidentg George Hightower, presidentg Johnny lsbill, secretary-treasurer. 161 I, .NV -s 'i Diane Taylor went to Kentucky to sing in ,vs The Messiah. ET DE Music students who have maintained a B average in all their music classes are qualified for membership in the Etude Honorary Society. The society was formed to promote and encourage participa- tion in the musical activities on the campus. The society is affiliated with the South Carolina Federation of Music Clubs Each year the organization gives a music award to the boy and the girl who have been outstanding in music The main project of the society is sponsoring the concert series. This year the members also spon- sored a faculty musical, which was well received by the students. Margaret Adams, Miss Aurora contestant. SEATED: Toni Riddle, reception chairman. STANDING: George Stone, treasurerg Mr. Sam Driggers, sponsorg Lydia Horton, vice-president. l l l ,l ll l ii l lf 1 l . l -l l L 55 X .X ' W , ,gg , x 5 Xillmmwn Toni McKnight, president, Etude members enjoy entertaining themselves with music. SEATED: Sandra Brady, Margaret Adams, Becky Merrill. STANDING, FIRST ROW: Barbara Prince, Lydia Horton, Toni Riddle, Toni Mc- Knight, Margaret Hawkins, Matthew Limbaugh, Diane Taylor. SECOND ROW: George Stone. 163 . ...,, - -mg ti st " as 1 1 V " fl X i , M I ,l LEFT TO RIGHT: Diane Taylor, secretary, Chico Costin, vice-president, Lydia Horton, president, George Stone, general manager, Brenda Cartee, treasurer, David Richards, chaplain. iff? 4X-N ia' Kia? 'L tis N N X X wt? QS its COLLEGE CHOIR A group of students chosen by private audition at the beginning of the year make up the College Choir. The Choir is one of the most active organizations on campus. This choral group, carrying its message to others, develops and presents various programs of sacred music throughout the year. This year the Choir sang for the South Carolina Baptist Convention and toured South Carolina in the spring presenting concerts in various churches. Lydia Horton, president. Brenda Cartee, Miss Aurora contestant. 164 I1 L 1 .. Ol A A may A ! FIRST ROW: Carolyn Parkinson, Linda Howell, Toni McKnight, Margaret Adams, Toni Riddle, Becky Merrill, Brenda Kilpatrick, Susan Loftis, Sandra Brady, Jane Livingston, Eris Hutto, Lydia Horton. SECOND ROW: Susan Hughes, Beth Armstrong, Virginia Pym, Susan Davenport, Mike Runyan, David Richards, Sammy Cribb, Freida Wilson, Becky Tong, Donna Boyter, LaNelle Dow. THIRD ROW: Margaret Hawkins, Barbara Prince, Charlyn Hancock, Diane Taylor, Diane Marett, Archie Stevens, Milton Heatherly, Mike Middleton, Billy Graham, Alice Collum, Judy Kennemer, Brenda Cartee. FOURTH ROW: Don Rochester, Tommy Hill, Chip Culbertson, David Turner, John Watson, George Stone, Ken Swink, Wayne Turner, Woody Wood, Chico Costin, Matthew Limbaugh. OVQKGTM f l 1 4 Choir practice is an informal but conscientious time. Mr. Robinson, choir director. ' 1 fl ff r,, P 'Z X. .vlsry .5143 ,W . iii- z QF, "lil: 'Q ifziii' 5:24325 ....., 1:-H xi. '1 -f . -,3.:1,,, aft: 1 :ries .5 ' rw -.zil 1,54 .3 .Line ,V :Mg-5 J'-2 Wig! rivexfi Ev-E5 S213 iii? .Lit .43 sz.:-3-a lg: PE MII - .ff-'I Cl 1 Plrmtg V EZ?-1' l.-35321 A L... .... .. '25-gg Tim?-P 7' f :Ki :Mx 5 3. .. if ui: xiii? 1' :wi 'P gil.15: M, .. 1 'ta-.5 :vs N v irililni Pfi i.'15'-ge , Msg?- JJ. -1 .,.iv.g4 'NGA 5 'x . s' ' ' -- .Ze '. "sl l 5 Z" Q? if-5 lqyfiff. Ptvi-. illftj l ' ff E15 an sggf. 501. UT r -P 1. fit' J., 1 -ft , gm. -F". wil' eip" if L fn- ,fl - . will L.-A: 391. ,,. . -L :lr :Q- , li ,- 3:5 -v ANC ill' PQ in l SEP' n ' , '.-A 5 . I lat: .A i". all ig' aa bf' Ei .,. if LE' . 'gl ll! YF El .. . 35' . 'I ii ll lv 4 ll. an . PHYSICAL ED CATIO COUNCIL In order to promote an interest in physical education, the Physical Education Council was formed. During the basketball season T the Council provided a concession stand . i at each home game They also collected Blue Horse coupons with the hope of purchasing bicycles for the use of students at North Greenville Throughout the year the Council sponsored several intramural sports At the end of each year the Council holds a banquet for its members Diane Schumpert president The PE Council discusses projects for the year , . W., I Aff' 5 I 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 SEATED Brenda Botts Diane Schumpert Ellen Swayngham STANDING Ginger Reynolds Elaine Miller Glenda Gilstrap Martha Miller Martha Clayton, Lauren Murphy, Marsha Marrett, Phyllis Lawter, Sandra Childs, Eris Hutto, Vickie Jones, Freida Wilson, Donna Boyter, Carolyn Hightower. ii. B I XXX LEFT TO RIGHT: Martha Clayton, secretary, Diane Schumpert, presidentg Nlrs. Burgess, sponsor, Phyllis Lawter, vice-president, Ellen Swayngham, treasurer. QW 1' nf- ,, Mi? - ii, A live .-f-"""'M I Carolyn Vernon, Miss Aurora contestant , During half-time the concession stand, sponsored by the P.E. Council, is a popular place. l Y i i i Some meetings of the P.E. W Council are informal. l I l Gai Ie Sawyer, editor. SKYLINER STAFF Miss Gwen Lawton, advisor. Seeking to project a true image of North Greenville, attempting to cover fairly and impar- tially all news on the campus, and striving to present a record that is of interest in the present and will be of value in the future, the Skyliner is published monthly. The Skyliner is a member of the Associated Collegiate Press and the South Carolina Col- legiate Press Association. Produced by a staff of students and advised by Miss Gwen Lawton, the Skyliner serves both students and faculty. LEFT TO RIGHT: Pat Browning, sports writer, Cindy Price bus iness manager, Jim Tonnsen, sports writer. 168 Bill Quarles, photographer, John Miller, sports editor. Rita LaFoy, Miss Aurora contestant. Becky Merrill, news editor, Vickie Jones, club editor. 'Xe Bill Quarles, photographer, Rowena Atkins, reporter, Rodney Moore, reporter. Gai le Sawyer, editor, i 169 +6 - all of these are familiar and well-used AURORA TAFF I l Typing, drawing, proofreading, rework- ing, improving, picture taking, copy writing terms in the yearbook room. The yearbook staff, approved by the Publications Com- mittee, have numerous responsibilities pre- paring the Aurora for the students. They have enjoyed presenling for you the memories of friendships and good times at North Greenville. 0- E 5 -'., r ' MfN"" -i u fi ii l A.,'I N. , 41 LEFT TO RIGHT: Glenda Sloan, Jimmy Burnette, Jane Judy Vickery, editor. Livingston, Donna Boyter, Rebecca Tong. LEFT TO RIGHT: Lena Robertson, Susan Loftis, Gary Rice, Charlyn Han- cock, Linda Bishop, Dianne Patrick, Wayne Kirby. Susan Loftis, business manager. 170 gsm... N., in Bill Quarles and Archie Stevens, photographers. Judy Vickery, editor, Susan Loftis, business manager, Mrs. Veda Sprouse, sponsor, STAFF: Linda Bishop, Donna Boyter, Jimmy Burnette, Helen Campbell, Woody Catoe, Sandra Fanning, Danny Gambrell, Glenda Gilstrap, Karen Grubbs, Charlyn Hancock, Phil Hardee, Donnie Hodge, Bink Howell, Linda Huff, Glenda John- -: WU 5 ,ie i ,Zz J 6 ty. Judy Vickery, editor, Susan Loftis, business manager, Nlrs. Veda Sprouse, T Nl f N LEFT TO RIGHT: Freida Wilson, Linda Bishop, Bink Howell, Kaye Let- better, Woody Catoe. ston, Wayne Kirby, Kaye Letbetter, Jane Livingston, Tanya Mc- Graw, Marsha Marrett, Dianne Patrick, Virginia Pym, Bill Quarles, Gary Rice, Jane Robertson, Lena Robertson, Linda Ross, Glenda Sloan, Archie Stevens, Becky Tong, Linda Williams, Freida Wil- son. 171 4 'I ' ll fl sg:-is i Ng :mr . . 2 se S552 J Al:-. erslggg giftin- twig' , ,,.,. 'i mg .1651 2 S2 -lk-EQ 1535? IRQ? ring - 'Wei wi? 1 , ink'-'L - ' Fl H5 i. ,gtg n y' ' QL-5 5562 ' E sims L . --95' :H A ,-15222-S i --,Sm 1 rf!-2 , 1 FQ mwmiblg 1. , z- 12' - ww lx qtxfx WE? i .QEG it 7f"7' . ik - . .,, ., ef? - 'til-1. ' -dak- ! 5? '- 4,15 ii:4,.' 'ff' ,fc Fl' "QW ' ,if -73:5 . 16' L an .4 ' 1 ' I lim if -' .4 , 1? ' .-gc im Q A V 3 2- i n' .QT 155 I EQ? i 09' xv 5 'U 5' 0' ,, lg? V 1--.I ' ,w I ' iff sl" wif ir' V 4 ii il lv, iii I i 3 .4 'J K : , .J- 'f . F l' ir. 'Q J' ,. - Q- lv' 4-1 if .iz 5W5W'PliV 'F'T43!'fV5 ,, vlvn,-14. wfiwfiiinai gw, ga-,W-495, 'H X as .2. ' z mr,-51'S? 1 Q 5 ff- -H' - , gli,S1,3Q'-2113 L' ff- ig Liagiw 431,11 '44 E, 11311-iwz' 1. ff fn ,- -, ' f 2 , V5 ,x,11,v,.. 'igigffgq 5zE,5f:u'f 1,ev',4swzwf'f1 S , Si, ., Q. FQWFA F 5, :ilLg'?5'5f245ifEfQf5x5 ' xm 11,1 2. Y fi, he ,gin . wr, .N ' R? ei!-iii 1 iige Q?2Ei2,,,u ',,4 b -tw-,,4., 'en .L-5.2.-If ffwfw' ix mega:-a3v:z?"fff5. ,s 1' ,g1z.,f: uf: 'A gf, YQ: ifa, f'3'yQq 11- 12 1--xy, Qa1.g,g 1411. 31'Ay.we'X::, ,Y 1481414 awe bcawwxczfpvx 5122 t4k3gVLjg2 ,mia -' tw' sf 1,5 -Wy. ff.:-5.5 PQQ-:ff QQ-f?nN1L ma f. 4, ' mug 9.'.w.n- Q-??fb"jf:i'1?fW2f? iw -S' J X 111.3 wg.. N ,fr www. X .J-wgvLvffQ:' yxggkffi , rx,4,.,'Qw x .N gf: 1 ri',Wz5V,??i3W . .ar 'W' ,spvwy X wb? ggsmwfwggggyz, Si ,ef fqbvfs-amwsfi YViffx.f'K Q-2ygw?ff2w'wSfEp 1 1- , ia-+A:i.5 " : swci lgakvxwwfg vfgf. !gmWx.v,1xva,qw?fSf We mu gy Swag seg, mvmNfa1'2'i:fvzQ2,x wg gffyggfxmzgy. .1 'ax Ng X- Fw-4 ff. 151 wgxgm , my ?yfsfxQ,g9X:fa:fS32M1?fMg S pMS94Ng:5w, MQ ,,.. M., ,. s YV uw vs 31fQ?fiif?iM V Yi cs' A ., Wqm'LQW2?bffi'+f:em fzQfWfAx?QsmSM1w 11 15:sugaRQWifVQ'?Q'Q5fii2f Q5 X95 MX-1,115 :A , F?Nf552ufN54M.,aQQp Mis ESQ Qgwz my w?W1'zif1wX5if'FK.'f?2 , E " 0 'QQ "' 1: ,,, , MX, M vi 1' 'AISCM-lW?:i?f1f :- p?Xziafag5fm.1gf'?:2 'w kziwx-ggxwgi I ggQ:14z,y:5+g3?zfgff5, . gxqiivyfifizwi 'mv-rear: ' 1: 2522554 its few" 1 2,245-:if-Y .r 4 'fins "Z J.. S! ' 2, .af M wif,-,W i 4 2 -ww 1. 1s 9 f 'Guy AGE' fx: 'xy , L Qfmefiw, LN ,gf X, ,ww ag 4:1942 Ziff-, Mlxzsmfkiiififzei A HLETICS 1 - fi, F1 fyigfwiiggqg 'a " , 1' f-gfiyja.'ff'Af ,wtf , mf,-:vw -11 Q ef,:gerz'f:,21,fi'iis!22' X :swf LQ, ,lsfizwi 1 ,1fx1"s-,fkiiqh Q ini! ':fs",4sf I 1' iLf.5fw5"f?j 51325 Y , X 4 vim 'aww if-5254 frlgs.ff?E+' 4 1 H2535 Q ggsxigf JJ-Q' 1 ag Q 1 Qzfg' ,Q ' 1 , 4 QQ , 5 is 51 if., f 7 , U 4 Q 1,4 49 3' AX Elsa ww f .x .W .,,. ... -,f W e cheerleaders help to pep up the , fy y team and the spectators. KNEELING: Diane Schumpert, Carolyn Vernon. STANDING: Glenda Johnston, Sandra Childs, Ginger Reynolds, Bobby Bagwell, Mary Proctor, Robin Gilstrap, Sherryl Johnson, Bink Howell, and Linda Surett. 174 Sitting on the gym floor. . . 'Gog go-get 'eml Get 'em-uh, uh A' CHEERLEADERS Our cheerleaders constantly practice to- gether long hours, compose new cheers, and organize routines to keep our school spirit at its peek. They have the double responsibility of boosting the morale of the team and the spectators and of drowning out the reaction after a point has been scored by the other team. The faithful leadership and spirit of the cheerleaders have led our teams and student body to many victories. Ginger Reynolds urges the Mounties on. 175 i i i i i i i THE NORTH GREENVILLE MOUNTIES - ROW ONE: David Cottengim, Charles Henry, Billy Willis, Larry Dangerfield, Zawaski Bate l man. ROW TWO: Ronnie Robinson, Ray Cook, David Alexander, Mike Wilson, Richard Fowler. l ABOVE: If Robinson can't do it, Willis can! RIGHT: Ronnie Rob- inson tries to make his aim accurate. 'I76 BUYS' BASKETBALL Our 1967-68 basketball team gave us many exciting moments during the season. We can never forget those cherished nights in which Billy Willis and David Cottengim gave to us the glory of winning over U.S.C. Freshmen, Anderson, and Brevard in the last few seconds of the game. Ray Cook, Dick Fowler, and IVlike Wilson led the Nlounties in scoring with an average of 18.0, 16.4, and 14.8 points re- spectively with little Larry Dangerfield making some key passes. With these six sophomores and the four freshmen working together as a smooth unit, they gave North Greenville the Louisburg College Thanks- giving Tournament Championship. Coach Tankers- ley's lVIounties compiled a regular season record of 16 wins and 13 loses, and have high hopes of going into the West Conference of Junior Colleges tournament. l 'Wx .NN Lys, LEFT, ABOVE: A time out is called as the Nlounties discuss their next play against Brevard. RIGHT, ABOVE: At the Anderson game, Coach Tankersley congratulates David Cottengim on the winning goal from mid- court. LEFT: Nlounties scramble as Brevard goes upfor two. 'I77 "-'17 RIGHT: Zeke Bateman goes up forthe ball in the Clemson game. The team gets a few seconds' rest during time out Cottengim starts to move around Brevard player. 178 LEFT: Ray Cook, above them all, goes up for two points. BELOW: Dick Fowler brings the ball up the COUl't. . ug... . M. -1 't t mfg' 7 X G Vx N F Cottengim gets a ride after scoring the winning point in the Anderson game. 'I79 Mike Wilson gets a rebound among a host of opposing players Cottengim throws a good back-pass to Cook. 180 s LEFT: The Mounties get support from their fellow students. BELOW: Dick Fowler makes a lay-up against Ronnie Robinson in the annual Freshman- Sophomore game. i La lg '13 -MSF'-f 'S rib' 9 Ani ,B ft I ' T fa 'fx r. fi ,if R as H. '-wi? 'N sm. Y vw'-4 Yr -52 H. Y Iv . K 'E li. 1 MT i 'L :V wx Fi 'GS -mfg 'wk .Lk Egg.:- ,:.:..:Q 'EMT- wmv" - .ii ', Di asf I I n. . L : L" ,i:.g35 'zwld f:ae?f?E REL.. . 1211, , 5'1li'u:- Qffife x",xf:': we ,:. ,ar ngiwg Q-4:35 h' 'af have "5:!:2 Effiii 5159:-.Q '-ZQQQTEE il ig!-73 5:1-as s:I:'E 'Q-11' .wi 3,1 Sire? -'raw 'l+':!!1: giw:-1'-' ,N cw 'Fifi' Mil viii 261325. I- 'i'.:: 155555: :ZIEEXEE !-ffm: H2512 girawte H95 filing we. .Q Mrs:-: 5255: gfiqif 7- a .mx if-nas Xl vwf V YW K ':1,',xq-L Another wild scramble down at the offensive board! North Greenville Opponents 70 Brewton-Parker 73 72 Brewton-Parker 86 86 lVlt. Olive 70 78 Wingate 69 89 Gainesville 79 72 Anderson 76 78 Wingate 87 101 Davidson iFroshJ 114 74 FurmaniFroshJ 101 92 Gainesville 56 94 University of S.C. lFroshl 92 X 82 Spartanburg 71 107 Wingate 82 99 Wesley 96 76 Brandywine 86 68 Gardner-Webb 95 92 Furman CFroshJ 86 93 Brevard 81 105 Friendship 90 72 Clemson iFroshJ 66 86 Anderson 85 57 Clemson iFroshJ 87 69 Spartanburg 77 56 University of S.C. iFroshJ 83 71 Brevard 70 69 Gardner-Webb 96 75 Lees-lVlcRae 81 86 Citadel iFroshl 79 90 Lees-lVlcRae 67 W.C.J.C. TOU RNAIVI ENT 99 Brevard 92 71 Lees-lVlcRae 73 78 Anderson 79 Bateman drives in for two more on a lay-up over Brevard. 182 LEFT: Managers, Freedie Freeman and Tommy Merrill, load the Mountie Wagon for an off-campus game. BELOW: Ray Cook gets a free shot because of a Brevard foul. ,395 liffiff, ABOVE: David Cottengim clears the backboard for the Mounties as Robinson and Wilson back up the play. LEFT: Mike Wilson attempts two points as Bateman and Robinson look on. 183 RIGHT: Diane Schumpert pre- pares to receive the basketball. BELOW: N.G.J.C. girls show their athletic abilities. RIGHT, ABOVE: Vickie Jones goes in for a lay-up. RIGHT: Mrs. Burgess gives the girls a "pep- taIk" before the game. 'I84 LASSIES - FIRST ROW: Gaynell Willis, Sandra Childs, Linda Edwards, Kathy Bell, Diane Schumpert. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Hightower Lauren Murphy, Phyllis Lawter, Ellen Swayngham, Pat McCaskilI, Marsha Marrett, Vickie Jones, Elaine Miller, Mrs. Marie Burgess. li? GIRLS' BASKETB LL Basketball, the major sport of our girls, is begin- ning to draw almost as many people to the gym as our boys' team attracts each season. This year's girls' team is one of the best North Greenville has ever had. Our Lassies, under the direction of Mrs. Marie Burgess in her third year as coach, are greatly improv- ing the five and five record of last year. Although our team is made up of four sophomores and seven freshmen, they work on the court as a unit that has been playing together for years and should bolster the place of girls' athletics at our college. Our girls played hard against Brevard. l 185 GIRLS' BASKETBALL SCHEDULE North Greenville Opponent 60 Brevard 37 40 Anderson 24 57 Furman 33 46 Brevard 52 28 Anderson 38 49 Limestone 47 46 Lander 37 41 U.N.C. 54 49 Furman 53 56 Winthrop 39 60 Converse 19 LEFT: Sandra Childs and Linda Edwards played well against their opponents. BELOW: Will Lauren Murphy score? BELOW: Linda Edwardsjumps as she makes a basket. RIGHT: Just a little higher, Sandra. .At L fr N v 4 LEFT: Do it, "Schump"! ABOVE: What's puzzling Lauren Murphy? 187 GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL Led by a majority of freshmen girls, the volleyball team got off to a slow start, but finally near the end of the season came into being. Even though the Lassies did not have a winning season, their competitiveness and forti- tude never failed and made them re- spected by other teams and by our stu- dents. Coach Marie Burgess is looking forward to next year with five freshmen returning to the team. ABOVE: Great form is displayed as Carolyn Hightower volleys the ball over the net. RIGHT: The ball is put in play as Marsha Marrett executes an underhand serve. 188 l - l if ' G ' A , , , ,Q M Win' 5 fi , ,..,, , ,Q X , : an TEAM - ROW ONE: Carolyn Hightower, Rebecca Tong, Donna Boyter. ROW TWO: Vickie Jones, Marsha Marrett, Martha Clayton, Phyllis Lawter, Lauren Murphy, Brenda Botts. Lauren Murphy goes up for the ball as Carolyn Hightower and Brenda Botts look on. 189 RIGHT: As Jeff Reddick and Donnie Hodge look on, Charles Henry takes a swing with the bat. BELOW: Donnie Hodge gets the feel of the bat before batting practice. BELOW, RIGHT: Coach Worley looks over the condition of the baseball field. if 4 , 'W egg' TEAM - ROW ONE: John Erwin, Zawaski Bateman, Gary Swanger, Jeff Reddick, Ronnie Reece, Larry Dangerfield, Frank Hiott. ROW TWO: Kenneth Woods, James Tonnsen, Gene Turner, Charles Henry, Harry Wickliffe, Donnie Hodge, Ray Mitchell, and David Grant. 190 BASEBALL Although North Greenville has only three returning Iettermen from last year, they are expecting to have a good baseball season under the new guidance of Coach Sam Worley. Of the eighteen games we play, Gardner-Webb, Anderson, and Bre- vard will be our toughest opponents. Don- nie Hodge, Jim Tonnsen, and Larry Danger- field, who led the team in hitting, will be the returning members to the 1968 squad. l i i ABOVE: Larry Dangerfield waits to take the field in practice. LEFT: Frank Hiott loosens up before practice. 'l9'l X : u s e X l l E N R , V . -WQZ, 1' .ff 4'fjf4ff'f ff 5 pf ' QM, ,f l WWW WW? i ,- W Ml' . -, '.Qz.f,gif . i l X. li 4 GOLF Golf is in its fourth year as an intercol- legiate sport at North Greenville, and as a team sport it demands skill, practice, concentration, and steadiness under pres- sure to win. Our golf team this year is under the guidance of Coach Harvey Tankersley, who is expecting to have a good season as it progresses. We have seven sophomores returning to the lVlountie team, and they will probably play in a total of 12 matches plus the conference tournament. LEFT: David Lewis and Louie Conder are on their way to golf practice. BELOW: Lee Zipperer demonstrates the proper handgrip for the wood. I Wa 0 ' ' zf 4 -f ' 1 f 'Vi 'AQ' Q hy, .,-pf? :W if gl if Q, gi, , : V, :N Li :N , 'M V' ia- , I: TW., 1, 191: a i'."" 5 2 f i f:'l, 'L 1' WW, ' l , 1' - f f f wh .f A, -ii: f - ,. in ivy V: ABOVE: Basic equipment for the game of golf. RIGHT: Ronnie Carter prepares to tee the ball. 192 A ., f M-, , , 1 LEFT: Tomm Stroud awaits his turn to tee off x 'T R 5 2 N, K X TEAM - LEFT TO RIGHT: Sam Huffman, David Lewis, Cliff Rickard, Louie Conder. y . BELOW: Sam Huffman selects his favorite wood. l 1 BOYS'I TRA URALS ABOVE: Woody Catoe runs into trouble under the boards. RIGHT: Billy Lane makes his move on Scott lVlcDougald. BELOW: As Louie Conder defends, Woody starts to make his move. intramural sports play a vital part in the daily routine on the North Greenville campus. They provide physical recreation, competition, fun, and excitement for the men in the dormitories as well as for the day students. The intramural of boys' basketball was divided into two seasons, first semester and second semester, under the leadership of Coach Sam Worley. The Shooters, organized by Ben Dorman and coached by Larry Dangerfield, won the basketball intramural trophy with a 9-1 record. Individual competition in tennis, pool, and ping-pong will make up the last part of boys' intramurals. i l l l l -l l l K s .1 if . f' 'i Sv s X N ., , t , , . K V 5515.1 E .-gm. X wr . t X 'f" ,XX A, " , 'W ' " , Q ' ' . . 194 Ronnie Carter passes behind his back to George Hightower. i I ABOVE: Olin Dantzler and Gary Looper go up for a jump ball. BELOW: The Rebels discuss their plays during a time out. 195 i i LEFT: Chuck Poole goes up for two. BELOW: Jimmy Harris comes up with the ball. Cliff Richard shows his form in shooting. 196 Chuck misses another lay-up. Our Student Body President! Louie Conder fakes as Mark Hal comes over to defend. P' ABOVE: John Isbill runs into traf- fic under the goal. LEFT: Star Gazers, Inc. 197 ABOVE: Carolyn New tells Pat Thompson and Jane Robertson what her bowling score was. RIGHT: Gaile Sawyer leaps through the air with the greatest of ease. 198 Diane Schumpert hits the ball over the net. l 1 .l V. 1 i i v i W i 41 li l -l l l i l l al GIRLS' INTRAMURALS The girls' part of the intramural program at North Greenville proved to be very active and interesting. Each gym class played as a team and competed against other classes. The girls, therefore, were given an op- portunity to use the skills they had learned and devel- oped in gym. There was a wide field of sports ranging from softball, basketball, tennis, and volleyball to less active sports such as ping-pong and bowling. Each time a girl participated in an event, her gym class or team received five points, and an addi- tional five points was awarded to the winning team. A record was kept, and at the end of the year the winning team was announced and given due recogni- tion. BELOW: Ruthie Smith demonstrates her bowling techniques RIGHT: Cindy Price tries to return the ball. RIGHT: Gaynell Willis won the ping- pong championship. BELOW: Cindy Price smashes the birdie. i 200 iii i i , i i i ii i J 'i I i i Y i 1 1 i i I i gl i i i ii i i RIGHT: Carolyn Vernon swings, but misses. BELOW: Linda Edwards fields the ball. W -sic.. W " Q 71. 5' iw is v Aux, 4 . .i..t. 5 il K 1 s. 0,115 4 . A f 7 1 3 S, 1 X . L, I ,W t3.,f" ' . 'ww 'P . . A .P - 4 .H f, 'W qi 3 1 Q. , 4 U ' MMM -.-.wa Q XM, A '-257' f f .f W f . , ,W 7 .f Wm ,,w, gd Z LEFT: Linda Williams practices catch ing. BELOW: Revonda Turner gets back safely to first. Ellen Swayngham practices her swing. r J ! as , ?vfpw,"' -::"w1w 'aw W "ff'11""Ln-My My Half , , wm,J.1m "1r":, qgwgggwx-'. ,fm ww, W- as W , saw:-m,1,l. '--ww-M-:Haw .1 w- , , , .M AMW, W -1 1A,- N ' 'L-' 4 M,:wmf+,. H f 4 V 'Wm W'y,,-,ww m vwaavwffffm 0-'N M " -ff U! fifwuw F 'V IFKW, ' gpiiwmgi, fm W U M en, W MSN ww-AMW! E : iff 4 AM p VW! Mei' lim, M' J www Jmfw ' JW W 1,,J,,. U , ,i f if -f' fy-wfm k J ' Q , img . "w g -K "iff em . HH iw . 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Q Q Q Q Q, . , .Q Q, .Q Q Q , TH cocA-coLA COMPANY Greenville, Sovfh CGFOUHG ALTA CUNNINGHAM Greer, South Carolina YOUNG'S JEWELERS Registered Jeweler A. G. S. Greer, South Carolina DOBSON LUMBER COMPANY Greer, South Carolina T. P. WOOD'S GENERAL STORE Tigerville, South Carolina J. R. WATERS, JEWELER RIDDLE'S PICTURE FRAME SHOP Registered Jeweler, A. G. S. 421 South Main Street Greer, South Carolina Greenville, South Corolino ELSIE D. FLEMING PEEBLES-KIMBRELL DEPT. STORE Greer, South Carolina Greer, South Carolina ,-v fW'W,5 ff r' I JJ, X ,, I.-,ft .... V A Q- fr my f gy Mfk'f' 4Z I' ,, 2 Wg X 7524: V I 4' , 2' " riff! IIIgBES . 3I NIorlESS I E E USJIIIYIIEUIAIIISS BYRUM 8. BATES, INC. MERCHANTS IN FINE MUSIC TV-STEREO-RADIO, ORGANS, AND PIANOS 243-245 North Main Street Greenville, South Carolina Telephone 235-8511 WILLIAMS HARDWARE 8. LUMBER COMPANY HARDWARE and SUPPLIES - COAL BAILES-COLLINS, INC. 208 Trade Street and LUMBER Greer, South Carolina Travelers Rest, South Carolina SMITH AND JAMES MEN'S CLOTHING and FURNISHINGS Greer, South Carolina PAGET CHEVROLET Greer, South Carolina MCLESKY TODD DRUG CO. Lowest Price Drugs Always the Best Greer, South Carolina Telephone 877-3461 CARSON-NEWMAN COLLEGE WHERE PERSONAL VIRTUE IS PRIMARY ON THESE THINGS WE STAND What is Worship without Sacrifice, Politics without Principle, Wealth without Work, Pleasure without Conscience, Knowledge without Character, Business without Morality, Science without Humility? - And What is Learning Unshared? CARSON-NEWMAN, A FOUR YEAR LIBERAL ARTS COL- LEGE, IS ONE OF THE TENNESSEE BAPTIST CONVEN- TlON'S GREAT INSTITUTIONS LOCATED IN JEFFERSON CITY, TENNESSEE. REX O'STEEN CHEVROLET COMPANY IO0 Block College Street Greenville, South Carolina ,ff Y ,,,,. FIDELITY FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Greenville, South Carolina gpglund One of the best things about growing up ln this area ls that you never have to leave it. Because its economy is growing by leaps and bounds, producing new iob opportunities in both business and agriculture. Too, you'll find technical and higher education facilities second to none. So, come graduation time, stick around. You won't find a better place to live, work and play. Duke Power . Qvyl, .., - -:tg-L -'-" " - . , : 5 5:5E5E5i5E5Ej., ., . "':f:::f:15E51: " ,:, U :si-E :r:r:1:1EfErErEEr55:" ' . .fgi ' 11H f""f :j: : : : Q,2:E,EQ,:,Q,1j " ' V ' 3 :::::: 2?5?5 2:a:f:: : .1.1 .f. ?e::i52s:a25s . ,gi-: w 1 .. --:f5:aef:2TiT'i1i ' T'Z'il "f" 2 1 '''Z3E3E3ijiii?fl?ff'iiii'?iEf:i.ii1 2 I 55igi5f??:Ef5?5ii'.g2 15925235 ,EQEZESEV Q: :a:a:f:g:f:, ,fegiiagegaiigif "' L .,,,. .. ,.,., .QiQ5:Egf:QIfE55 EQff -5.1:: I 1 'I-:5i1 :,. 5555515555E:gggg5..,..:fg5:: f f1'.1:5f'1-2.21iaZ1'a.. 45221. I-5:1-3' i' ls . f f' f11+: ,- - . '!" .5E5?5fE5E5E5E5E51'I"2:55:53 .EEEEEf?ii' :1E5. S?E5: "' ' I -153232355 1:1 V 'g:4ZQ.,g.. H .- ' -' v':I:IgIx' 23. 5. 132323 . .f .-Z: ' .,A,,.., , ,,.. I A..,., 3252222221: I .. I " ' 1'WF"i ' 2 ' f V. 5- I Pepsi - coLA I com I BEATS ANY coLA I com! I I T. E. JONES 8. SONS FURNITURE cmd APPLIANCES Greer, South Carolina IIViIIIIIIIII I'I' f WUT If W I 'II 'L wt- .E .- - - f ff', 4- I V' .... -' - L-,nf",:'.,ff -1 Mg I III IIAIE J' I Q' j f f . .. - - -' ff- - .. . . h - - -..... ...--"' a''a...- -Q..-.--... -. -. Uranus Mcfifec 9111151111 Home 439 Noam MAIN smart GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA 12 THE TIRE EXCHANGE OF GREER, INC. HERCULES TIRES and PREMIUM RECAPPING Verne Smith, President Greer, South Corolino PEOPLES DRUG STORE The REXALL Store Phone 834-9017 Travelers, Rest, S. C. l NEELY'S BUILDING SUPPLIES Greenville, South Carolina Spartanburg, South Carolina Rutherforclton, North Carolina ALLEN MUSIC COMPANY I2I South Moin Street Greenville, South Carolina LEE'S RESTAURANT Tigerville, South Corolincl MAXWELL BROTHERS FURNITURE COMPANY 22 South Main Street Greenville, South Carolina ONEAL-WILLIAMS, INC. Best in Sports Equipment for 50 Years 24-I N MAIN ST GREENVILLE S C 2325331 4 COMPLIMENTS of E. L. M. L. BILL DELANEY'S SPORTING Gooos USPECIALISTS IN SPORTS" 209 N MAIN STREET G S C STOKES-FARN HAM INSURANCE AGENCY AUTOMOBILE - BUSINESS FIRE - HOMEOWNERS Travelers Rest, South Carolina III IIII WIS PHONE B17-4236 GREEK, S. C. I I I I I I 4 I I I I I I I I .I -I GREER GUANO COMPANY SOUTH LINE STREET O TELEPHONE 877-537i Home Of Old Reliable Fertilizer Better Planting Seed "FEED THE SOIL AND IT WILL FEED YOU" Bonds Furniture Company Dealers In FINE FURNITURE FOR THE HOME Dial 877-3336 Wade Hampton Blvd. Greer, S. C. 29651 BUICK - RAMBLER - NIMROD TRAILERS CLONINGER MOTORS Super Highway 29 Greer, S. C. 29651 UNITED 5 8. 'IO A 81 G Shopping Center Greer, South Carolina ,f ,, . I MN 5 3? 1 ? ,N iw, A, -,fm ,V W , ' u fx ri 4 .,, 1, 'V f wh E W 31 ff 1 W Tw H5 . wee ig! of I i 5 h Photographs by RAWLINS-ALLEN STUDIO 5 N Belk-Simpson Company Greenville, South Carolina 1 i me X 3 N CEl.Y CONSTRUCTION 84 SUPPLY CO., INC Greenville, South Carolina D. 8. D. MOTORS, INC. Authorized Sales and Service Telephone 877-0711 1000 Wade Hampton Boulevard Greer, South Carolina FORD-THUNDERBIRD-FALCON-MUSTANG REGISTERED .TEWELERS-AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY ESTABLISHED 1856 k 570161 .Q Lending Jewelefs and Diamond Merclzants . if ., f f. .1 'B GREENVILLE. S. C. 12 South Main Street Phone 239-1351 WA. EQSWCO. ,ff ark' WWW RUSH-WILSON LTD. 224 N. Main St. - Greenville, S. C. THE SOUTH C.-moL1NA NATIONAL BAM: I W GREENVILLE S C 218 ' I SERVICE FIRST f SATISFACTION ALWAYS PRINTING SINCE 1869 I 9 I r i ,, pff' ' ll I J ,:., fi-ITTQY 1 SERVICE and SATISFACTION I i meld together to form a X A powerful visual unity. We at A IX l KEYS take pride in the NX Q facilities in depth we make ' available to our patrons in putting into print the per- sonality of their product. KEYS PRINTING CORPORATION 311 E. lVlcBee Greenville, S. IC. ADMINISTRATIO , FAC LTY St STAFF DIRECTORY Dr. Thomas L. Neely-President-A.A., North Greenville Junior College, A.B., Wofford College, Th.M., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, D.D., Furman University, Further Study, Central University of Venezuela. Dr. Murphree C. Donnan-President Emeritus-AB., Furman University, Th.M, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, D.D., Furman University. Mr. Charles V. Bruce-Business Law, Business Manager-B.A., Kentucky Wesleyan College, M.A., George Peabody College, Fur- ther study, University of Kentucky. Mr. Dewey L. Calvert-Dean of Admissions, Registrar, and Direc- tor ot Athletics-B.A., Wofford College, M.S., University of Ten- nessee, Further study, University of Texas, Rensselaer Polytech- nic Institute. Dr. Carl G. Campbell-Assistant to the President-AB., Furman University, Th.M., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Th.D., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Mr. Henry J. Howard-Dean Emeritus and English-B.A., Furman University, MA., University of South Carolina, Further study, University of Virginia, George Peabody College for Teachers. Dr. Paul A. TalmadgeQDean of Instruction, Leadership-B.A., Samford University, M.R.E., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, D.R.E., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Executive Staff Miss Laura Edith Caldwell-Dietitian-A.A., North Greenville Junior College, B.S., Lander College, Further study, University of Tennessee. Mrs. Rose Neves Clayton-College Nurse-R.N., Baptist Hospital. Mrs. Olive Snow Crain-Dean of Women-A.A., North Greenville Junior College, Further study, University of South Carolina and University of Georgia. Mr. William Larry Cribb-Dean of Men-A.A., North Greenville Junior College, B.A., Carson-Newman College. Mr. Raymond Andrew McKinney-Alumni Relations Direc- tor-B.A., Furman University, B.D., Southeastern Baptist Theo- logical Seminary. Mrs. Helen W. Raines-Secretary to Dean of Admissions-A.A., North Greenville Junior College. Mrs. Joyce Robertson-Secretary to the Dean of Instruction. Mrs. Dene Strange-Secretary to the President. Mr. Edgar Sarrell Strange, Jr.-College Store Manager. Mr. Neal Miles Tingle-Superintendent of Maintenance-A.A., North Greenville Junior College, B.A., Carson-Newman College. Mrs. Alice Gillespie Tribble-Director of Publicity-A.A., North Greenville Junior College, Further Study, Coker College and Furman University. Mrs. Vallie Tribble-Assistant to Dean of Women. Mrs. Sylvia B. Wood-Office Manager in Business Office. Clerical Staff Mrs. Nellie Avery-Cataloguing Assistant-A.A., Anderson Col- lege, Further study, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Furman University. Mrs. Doris B. Blackmon-Assistant Student Aid Administrator and Mail Clerk. 220 Mrs. Judy Haulter-Receptionist for Business Office, Assistant Mail Clerk. Mrs. Phyllis Reddick-Secretary in the Office of Development. Miss Elaine Slatton-Bookkeeper. Mr. William Bates Southerlin-Maintenance Assistant. Mrs. Gloria Geraldine Story-Secretary to the Librarian. Mrs. Margaret K. Taylor-Faculty Assistant. Mrs. Betty Jean Ward-PBX Operator-A.A., North Greenville Junior College. Mrs. Alene L. Wilson-Faculty Assistant. Faculty Mr. Robert J. Blackwell-Mathematics-B.S., Wingate Junior College and Furman University, M.S.Ed., Clemson University. Mrs. Marie T. Burgess-Instructor of Physical Education, Direc- tor of Women's Intercollegiate Athletic Program-B.S., Winthrop College, Further study, Furman University. Mr. George Franklin Case, Jr.-Psychology-A.A., North Green- ville Junior College, B.A., Furman University, M.A., Furman Uni- versity, Further study, Erskine Theological Seminary. Mrs. Evelyn Corderman-Mathematics and Physics-B.S., Baylor University, M.A., Duke University. Miss Marian Emily Davis-Music History and Literature, Voice- Mus.B., Westminster Choir College, M.C.M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Further study, Appalachian State Univer- sity, Florida State University. Mr. Orin Samuel Driggers-Piano-A.A., North Greenville Junior College, B.M., Mississippi College, M.M., North Texas State Uni- versity, Further study, North Texas State University. Mrs. Joyce Garrett Farrow-Organ, Music Theory-AA., North Greenville Junior College, B.A., Furman University, M.Mus., Con- verse College School of Music. Mr. Jose Antonio Fernandez-Spanish-L.L.D., Havana Univer- sity. Miss Lena Ethel Guest-English-B.A., Berea College, M.R.E., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, M.A., Appalachian State University. Mr. Wade Hampton Hale-Bible-A.A., Mars Hill, B.A., Furman University, M.A., Furman University, B.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Mr. Cline Edwin Hall-History-A.A., Bluefield College, B.A., University of Richmond, M.A., University of Richmond, B.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Mr. Barry Edmond Hambright-History, American Government, State and Local Government-A.A., Gardner-Webb College, B.A., Carson-Newman College, M.A., University of Massachusetts. Mrs. Joada Palmer Hiatt-English-B.A., Georgetown College, M.A., Ohio University. Mr. Richard O. Khoe-Accounting, Economics-M.B.A., Univer- sity of Southern Mississippi, Further study, University of South Carolina. Miss Eleanor Gwen Lawton-English, Journalism-B.A., Texas Christian University, M.R.E., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Mr. John M. McClellan-Speech-B.A., Furman University. Mrs. Jewel Lee Miller-French-A.B., Furman University, Further study, Converse College, Furman University, University of South Carolina, Appalachian State University. Mrs. Dorothy Bryson Moehlenbrock-Art Fundamentals and Art Appreciation-B.A., Tift College, B.A., Newcomb College, Further study, University of Georgia and National Academy of Applied Arts-Munich, Germany. Mrs. Derrolyn D. Poole-French-B.A., Bob Jones University, Further study, Woman's College of Georgia. Dr. Dan W. Proctor-Bible, Greek-A.A., Southwest Baptist Col- lege, B.A., Howard Payne College, B.D., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Th.D., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Mrs. Launita June Proctor-Health, Education, Physical Educa- tion-A.A., Kansas City Junior College, B.S., Oklahoma Baptist University, M.R.E., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, M.Ed., Texas Christian University, Further study, University of Kansas City. Mrs. Margaret Stevenson Reeves-Chemistry-A.B., Winthrop College, Further study, Columbia University and Clemson Uni- versity. Mr. Dwight Arthur Robinson-Choir, Voice-B.A., Lenoir Rhyne College, B.C.M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary School of Music, M.C.M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary School of Music. Mrs. Carey McGee Roper-History, Sociology-B.A., Furman Uni- versity, M.A., Furman University, Further study, Florida State University. Mr. Robert Talmadge Roper, Jr.-Mathematics-B.A., Furman University, B.D., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, M.A., Furman University, Further study, Furman University and Florida State University. Miss Edith Angie Sayer-Librarian-B.S., Furman University, B.S. in L.S., Peabody College, M.A. in L.S., Peabody College. Mrs. Joy Bates Shackleford-Psychologyr Guidance Coun- selor-B.S., Winthrop, M.A., Furman University. Mrs. Veda B. Sprouse-English Literature-A.A., North Greenville Junior College, A.B., Blue Mountain College, M.A., Duke Univer- sity, Further study, Winthrop College. Dr. Maude C. Stout-Biology-B.S., Furman University, M.A., Peabody College for Teachers, Ph.D., Peabody College for Teachers, Further study, University of Oregon. Mr. Harvey L. Tankersley, Jr.-Coach and Physical Educa- tion-A.A., North Greenville Junior College, B.A., Wofford Col- lege, Further study, Furman University. Mrs. Doris Jacks Tingle-Biology Lab-B.S., Presbyterian Col- lege, Further study, Southwestern Louisiana Institute. Mrs. Brena Bain Walker-Freshman English-B.A., Mary Hardin- Baylor College, M.A., North Texas State University, Further study, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. John H. Walker-Bible, Religious Education-B.S., Southwest Missouri State College, M.R.E., Southwestern Baptist Theologi- cal Seminary, D.R.E., Southwestern Baptist Theological Semi- nary, Further study, Furman University. Mrs. Delane Baker Wood-Typing, Shorthand, Office Corre- spondence-B.S., Winthrop College, Further study, Furman Uni- versity. Mr. Harry Sam Worley, Jr.-Physical Education-A.A., North Greenville Junior College, B.S., Appalachian State University, Further study, Appalachian State University and Western Caro- lina University. Retired Instructors: Miss Elsie Florence Tuttle Mrs. Glennie Cook Dill SOPHO ORE DIRECTORY Adams, Margaret Lynn Greenville, South Carolina 29611 Route 6 Baseball, 1, Cheerleader, 2, B.S.U., Greenville, South Carolina 29607 2- MBIOF, Humanities. B.S.U., 1, 2, Y.W.A., 1, 2, Officer, 2, Etude, 1, 2, Miss Aurora Contestant, Baughman, Stephen Eugene 2, Choir, 1, 2. Major, Music. 740 Lexin8f0Vl Avenue Anthony, Carroll Franklin Route 1, Box 89 Pickens, South Carolina 29671 Volunteer Band, 1, 2. Major, Liberal Arts. Asbury, Mittie Isabelle 215 Lake Fairfield Drive Greenville, South Carolina 29607 P. E. Council, 1, 2. Major, Physical Education. Atkins, Lamar James Route 1 Duncan, South Carolina 29334 Volunteer Band, 1, 2, Library Club, 1, 2, President, 2, Delegate to South Cayce, South Carolina 29033 Ministerial Band, 1, 2, Social Chair- man, 2, Volunteer Band, 1, 2, Enlist- ment Chairman Boys' Dorm, 2, B.S.U., 1, 2, Missions Chairman, 2. Major, History and Religion. Baxley, Wilbur Rupert, Jr. Route 2, Box 147-A Salle South Carolina 29137 Y, Volunteer Band, 1, 2, Captain of Deputation Team, 2, Ministerial Band, 1, 2, Library Club, 2. Major, Psychol- ogy. Bell, Howard Randolph 6B Christopher Street Greenville, South Carolina 29609 Baseball, 1. Major, Secondary Educa- Route 1 Ward, South Carolina 29166 Y.W.A., 1, 2, President, 2, B.S.U., 1, 2, Y.W.A. Representative, 2, Volunteer Band, 1, 2, Devotional Chairman, 2, Phi Beta Lambda, 1,2, Phi Theta Kappa, 1. Major, General Secretarial. Bishop, Linda Kay Route 1 Lyman, South Carolina 29365 Volunteer Band, 1, 2, Publicity Chairman, 2, Y.W.A., 1, 2, Circle Chairman, 2, B.S.U., 1, 2, Publicity Chairman, 2, Deputation Team, 2, Historical Pageant, 2, Aurora Staff Artist, Typist, Secretary, 2, Intramural Sports, 1, 2. Major, Elementary Edu- cation. Bishop, Norma Jean Arlington Station Greer, South Carolina 29651 BSU 1 2 Da Student Represen . . ., , 5 y - - tative, 2, Y.W.A., 1, 2, Mission Study ' '7 ' 1 Carolina Model United Nations at Fur- tion- man, 1, 2, Representative Council of Chalrman 2, E.Q.V'v 1 L VMC s.e..A., 2. iviajor, Liberal MS- Bennett, Ronald Edwin President, 2. Major, Religious Eati- Babb, Barbara L ROME 2. BOX 151 cation- Route 4, BOX jggnn Smoaks,South Carolina 29481 Inman, South Carolina 29349 Dean Howard Literary Society, 1, Civ- Major, Sociology. itan Club, 2. Major, Sociology. ?R'6kg3g'g6rgE5tgt':eii"e Bagwell, Robert Haliburton Greenville, South Carolina 6 Thomas Street, Monaghan Berry, Carolyn Ranelle Major, Pharmacy. + 221 Bolton, Thomas Clifford Apartment "J", Windsor Apartments Greenville, South Carolina Major, Psychology. Botts, Brenda Joyce Route 1, Box 113A Batesburg, South Carolina 29006 Basketball, 1, 2, P.E. Council, 2, Y.W.A., 1, 2, B.S.U., 1, 2. Major, Commercial. Brabham, John Jeffrey Route 3, Box 64A Pelzer, South Carolina 29669 Major, Political.Science. Bradley, Donald Edward 426 Matson Street Kershaw, South Carolina Major, Liberal Arts. Brown, Elbert Hagood, Jr. 14 East Sable Court Greenville, South Carolina 29611 Major, Business Administration. Brown, Helen Ophelia Route5 Easley, South Carolina 29640 E.Q.V., 1, 2, Y.W.A., 1, B.S.U., 2. Major, Elementary Education. Brown, Pamela 23 First Street Greenwood, South Carolina 29646 Y.W.A., 1, 2, Social Chairman, 2, Li- brary Club, 2. Major, Business. Bruce, Robert Edgar Route 2 Greer, South Carolina 29651 Cross - Country, 1. Major, Business. Campbell, David Hobson Route 1 Travelers Rest, South Carolina 29690 Cross - Country, 1, Major, Physical Education. Campbell, Harriet Celia Route 2, Box 401 Heath Springs, South Carolina 29058 ChOll', 1, Y.W.A., 1, 2, B.S.U., 1, 2, Women's House Council, 2. Major, Psychology. Carter, Ronald Lee 301 Lions Club Road Greenville, South Carolina 29611 B.S.U , 1, 2, Civitan Club, 2, Golf Club, 2. Major, Physical Education and Business. Cashion, Jack Wilbur 9 Sitka Avenue Greenville, South Carolina 29607 Civitan Club, 2. Major, Liberal Arts. Cason, Richard Allen 10 Camelback Road Greenville, South Carolina 29609 Major, Mathematics. Catoe, Carl Woodrow, Jr. Route 3, Box 42 Sumter, South Carolina 29150 Student Body President, 2, Freshman Class President, 1, Library Club, 1, 2, Chaplain, 2, S.G.A. Executive Council 1 2- S.G.A. Judicial Council, Ministerial Band, 1, 2, B.S.U., 1, 2, Sunday School Representative, 2, Mr. North Greenville, 2, Aurora Staff, 2, Who's Who, 2. Major, Psychology. Childs, James Anthony 120 Cherry Lane Drive Greenville, South Carolina Major, Electrical Engineering. Clayton, Martha Lynn Route 2 Campobello, South Carolina 29322 P.E. Council, 1, 2, Secretary, 2, Y.W.A., 2, Circle Chairman, 2, Treas- urer of Sophomore Class, 2. Major, Science. Clyborne, Charles Jerry 212 Dupont Drive Greenville, South Carolina 29607 Major, Business Management. Coker, Michael Lee Route 5 Greenville, South Carolina 29609 Major, Business Administration. Conder, Louie Welsh, III 6719 North Trenholm Road Columbia, South Carolina Civitan Club, 2, Golf Club, 2. Major, Business Administration. Cook, Raymond Frank 121 Siebenthaler Drive Cincinnati, Ohio 45215 Basketball, 1, 2, Civitan Club, 2, Mr. North Greenville Runner - up 2. Major, Liberal Arts. Cooper, Bertha Elaine 1513 Greenock Avenue Fayetteville, North Carolina Major, Business. Cooper, Kenneth MacArthur 4400 30th Street Mt. Rainer, Maryland B.S.U., 1, 2, Executive Council, 2, Volunteer Band 1,2, Ministerial Band, 1, 2, Phi Theta Kappa, 1, 2, Choir, 1. Major, Ministry. Corbin, Stephen Neil Route 1 Travelers Rest, South Carolina 29690 Skyliner Staff, 1, 2. Major, English. Costin, Winford Coley, Jr. 4414 Chickahominy Avenue Richmond, Virginia 23229 Choir, 1, 2, Vice - President, 2, Drama Club, 1, Historical Pageant, 2. Major, Music and Psychology. Cottengim, David Emerson, Jr. 15 Poplar Drive, Box 572 Winchester, Kentucky 40391 Basketball, 1, 2, Captain, 2, Mr. North Greenville Runner - up, 2. Major, Medicine. Craig, Donnie Seaborn Route 4 Pickens, South Carolina 29671 Civitan Club, 1, 2. Major, Business Administration. Crain, John Alvin Route 1 Taylors, South Carolina Crook, Linda Diane Route 1, Box 67 St. George, South Carolina 29477 Y.W.A., 1, 2, Circle Chairman, 2. Major, Business. Culbertson, Gary Young, III 3024 Wade Hampton Boulevard Taylors, South Carolina 29689 Choir, 1, 2, Drama Club, 2, Social Chairman, 2, B.S.U., 2, S.G.A. Repre- sentative Council, 1. Major, Music. Cunningham, Joel Keith 3255 Wade Hampton Boulevard Taylors, South Carolina 29687 Civitan Club, 1, 2, Intramural Basketball, 1, 2. Major, Business Administration. Dangerfield, Larry Benjamin 3102 Meeting Street Charleston, South Carolina Baseball, 1, 2, Basketball, 2, Civ- itan Club, 2. Major, Education. Daniels, Thomas Wayne 30 Lanneau Drive Greenville, South Carolina 29611 Major, Liberal Arts. Dillard, Sheryl Lynn 15 Pemberton Drive, Route 1 Greenville, South Carolina 29611 Major, Liberal Arts. Dowling, Robert Havener Route 6, West Suber Road Greer, South Carolina 29651 Dean Howard Literary Society, 2. Major, Education. Earnest, Garland Andrew Route 2 Blakely, Georgia Library Club, 2, Secretary - Treasurer, 2, Volunteer Band, Deputation Team, 2, Debate Team, 2, Dean Howard Lit- erary Society, 1. Major, English. Edwards, Eugene Leonard 109 Oregon Street Greenville, South Carolina 29605 Volunteer Band, 1, Ministerial Band, 1, 2, Tour and A Cappella Choir, 1, En- semble, 1. Major, History and Reli- gion. Edwards, Linda Dianne 3 Hart Street Travelers Rest, South Carolina 29690 Basketball, 1, 2, S.G.A. Executive Council, 2, Vice - President of Student Body, 2, S.G.A. Representative Coun- cil, 2, Chairman, 2, S.G.A. Judical Council, 2, Secretary, 2. Major, Phys- ical Education. Ellis, Junius Gather, Ill Box 457 Ridgeland, South Carolina Baseball, 1, Civitan Club, 2. Major Wildlife Management. Ellis, Melvin Dennis Route 6 Greer, South Carolina 29651 Ministerial Band, 1, 2, Reporter, 2, B.S.U., 1, 2, Choir, 1, Volunteer Band, 1, Archery Club, 1. Major, Sociology. Epps, Clarence Layton Route 1 Taylors, South Carolina 29687 2, cneiFmen,'2, Volunteer Bend, 1, 2, Major, Art. Ministerial Bend, 2. Major, Bible. 222 Fanning, Sandra Lynn Route 2, Box 177 Neeses, South Carolina 29107 Aurora Staff, 2, Y.W.A., 2, B.S.U., 2. Major, English. Fowler, Richard Vearl 63 Cromwell Road Cincinnati, Ohio Basketball, 1, 2, Christian Student Movement, 2. Major, Law. Gaillard, Luther Bascom, Jr. 15 Starsdale Circle Greenville, South Carolina 29609 Phi Theta Kappa, 2. Major, Liberal Arts. Gambrell, Danny Howard 106 York Drive Greenville, South Carolina 29611 Aurora Staff, 2. Major, Psychology. Gantt, Randy Albert P. 0. Box 412 Salley, South Carolina 29137 Dean Howard Literary Society, 2. Major, Accounting. Gentry, Thomas Wayne 107 Rosemary Lane Greenville, South Carolina Major, Secondary Education. George, Shirley Ann 306 Elm Drive, Route 1 Mauldin, South Carolina 29662 B.S.U., 1, 2, Greater Council, 1, Stewardship Chairman, 2, Y.W.A., 1, 2, Circle Chairman, 2, Volunteer Band, 1, 2, Nursing Home Team Captain, 2. Major, Religious Education. Gillespie, Alice Janice Route 1, Box 179 Liberty, South Carolina 29657 B.S.U., 1, 2, Greater Council, 1, En- listment Chairman, 2, Y.W.A., 1, 2, Volunteer Band, 1, 2, Secretary - Treasurer, 2, E.Q.V., 1, 2, Devotional Chairman, 2, Phi Theta Kappa, 1, 2, Who's Who, 2.Major, Sociology. Gillespie, Jan Thurston 13 Blackburn Street Greenville, South Carolina 29607 Major, Business Administration. Golightly, Patricia Ann Route 3 Inman, South Carolina P.E. Council, 1, 2. Major, Liberal Arts. Greene, John Warren 803 Edwards Road Greenville, South Carolina Major, Liberal Arts. Hall, Mark Henry, Jr. Route 5, Woodhaven Drive Greenville, South Carolina Civitan Club, 1, 2. Major, Business Administration. Hancock, Charlyn Ruth Route 4 Saluda, South Carolina 29138 Choir, 1, 2, Y.W.A., 1, 2, Phi Beta Lambda, 1, B.S.U., 2, Greater Council 2, Aurora Staff, 2. Major, Elementary Education. Hannon, John Thomas, Jr. 5 Dale Drive Greenville, South Carolina MSJUIZ Ubefa' Arts Major, Liberal Arts. l Hodge, Donnie Eugene Hardee, William Phillip 20 Victor Park v 308 North Maple Street Pacolet Mills, South Carolina 29372 Summerville, South Carolina 29483 Dean Howard Literary Society, 1, 2, Vice - President, 2, Mr. North Green- ville Runner - up, 2, Civitan Club, 2, Aurora Staff, 2. Major, Biology. Harris, James Columbus, Jr. Route 2, Box 107-A Piedmont, South Carolina Dean Howard Literary Society, 1, 2, President 2, B.S.U., 1, 2. Major, Mathematics. Hartley, Daniel Earl Route 1 Batesburg, South Carolina 29006 Volunteer Band, 1, 2, Activities Chair- man, 2, Deputation Team, 1, 2, Min- isterial Band, 1, 2, Secretary - Treas- urer, 2, B.S.U., 1, 2, Vice - President, 2. Major, Sociology. Harvey, Toya Allen 104 Lancaster Avenue Greer, South Carolina 29651 Etude, 1, 2, E.Q.V., 1, Phi Theta Kap- pa, 2. Major, Music. Hawkins, Margaret Reynolds 104 Moultrie Street Greenville, South Carolina 29605 Choir, 1, 2, Etude, 2, B.S.U., 2. Major, Music. Baseball, 1, 2, Cross - Country Team, 1, Dean Howard Literary Society, 2, Civitan Club, 2, Aurora Staff, 2. Major, History, Secondary Education. Horton, Daniel, lll Box 52 Ridgeland, South Carolina 29936 Civitan Club, 2. Major, Psychology. Horton, Lydia Ermine Box 355 Hampton, South Carolina, 29924 Etude, 1, 2, Vice - President, 2, Choir, 1, 2, President, 2, Choir Accompanist, 2, Ensemble Accompanist, 2, Y.W.A., 2, B.S.U., 2, Who's Who, 2, S.G.A. Representative Council, 2. Major, Piano. Howard, Alvin Claude Route 4 Greer, South Carolina 29651 Phi Theta Kappa, 2. Major, Business Administration. Howard, William Harry 38 Sir Abbott Street Greenville, South Carolina 29607 Phi Theta Kappa, 1, 2, President, 1, 2. Major, History. Howell, Billie Kaye Route 4, Howell Road Henderson, Alice Page Route 1, White Horse Road Greenville, South Carolina 29611 Major, Liberal Arts. Taylors, South Carolina 29687 Volunteer Band, 1, Y.W.A., 1, 2, Auro- ra Staff, Administration Editor, 2, Cheerleader, 2. Major, Art. Henderson, Pauline Huff, l-lmla l-uellle Route 2 , Route 3, Hunt's Bridge Road Spartanburg, South Ca'9l'na 29302 Greenville, South Carolina 29609 B.S.U., 1, 2, President, 2, Volunteer ChOir,1'Maj0r Educatlonl Band, 1, 2, Vice - President, 2, Y.W.A., ' 1, 2, Who's Who, 2. Major, Elementary Education. Huffman, Sammy Leroy 320 Westcliffe Way Herde, Sandra Merritt Greenville, South Carolina Caraway Park Lot 842 Belvedere, South Carolina 29841 Choir, 1, 2, Y.W.A., 1, 2, Circle Chair- man, 2, B.S.U., 1, 2, Basketball, 1, P.E. Council, 2. Major, Business. Hester, Gary Alvin Route 7, North Parker Road Greenville, South Carolina 29609 Major, Liberal Arts. Hester, Terry Gene Route 7 Greenville, South Carolina 29609 Major, Liberal Arts. Hightower, George Ernest Route 5, Box 304 Lexington, South Carolina 29072 Civitan Club, 1, 2, Treasurer, 1, Pres- ident, 2. Major, Liberal Arts. Civitan Club, 1, 2, Treasurer, 2, ln- tramural Sports, 1, 2, Golf Team, 1, 2, President of Sophomore Class, 2, S.G.A. Executive Council, 2, Men's House Council, 2, Hall Monitor, 2, Mr. North Greenville Runner - up, 2. Ma- jor, Business Administration. Hughes, Donald Ray Sunset, South Carolina Major, Business Administration. Hunter, Rawlin Eugene 300 Arlington Road Greer, South Carolina 29651 Dean Howard Literary Society, 1, 2 Major, Physical Education. Hutto, Franklin Timothy Route 1 Smoaks, South Carolina 29481 Hill, Ronald Edwin 111112 Jones Avenue Pickens, South Carolina Major, Liberal Arts. Hilton, James Laddie Route 3, Box 124 Greer, South Carolina 29651 Major, Economics. lsbill, John Walker Route 1 Ware Shoals, South Carolina 29692 Civitan Club, 2, Vice - President, 2 Major, Economics. 223 Jeffcoat, Ashley Lee Route 1 Gaston, South Carolina 29053 Civitan Club, 2. Major, Accounting. Johnson, Edgar Lee Route 3, Pinewood Drive Taylors, South Carolina 29687 Major, Ministry. Johnson, Luther Willard Hillandale Circle Greenville, South Carolina Major, Business. Jones, Homer Michael 209 Ferguson Street Clinton, South Carolina 29325 Dean Howard Literary Society, 1. Ma- jor, Psychology. Koutsky, Diana Faye 400 Keith Drive Greenville, South Carolina Major, Secondary Education. LaFoy, Rita Lorene 311 Gridley Street Greenville, South Carolina 29609 Miss Aurora Contestant, 1, 2, First Runner - up, 1, B.S.U., 2. Major, Liberal Arts. Lawter, Phyllis Dianne Route 1 Spartanburg, South Carolina P. E. Council, 1, 2, Vice - President, 2, Treasurer of Freshman Class, 1, S.G.A. Treasurer, 2, Basketball, 1, 2, Miss North Greenville Runner - up, 2, Y.W.A., 1, 2, Volleyball, 2. Major, Business Administration. Leslie, Betty Jo Route 1, Box 277 Pickens, South Carolina 29671 Y.W.A., 1, 2, Vice - President, 2, Vol- unteer Band, 1, 2, Team Captain, 2, B.S.U., 1, 2, Social Chairman, 2. Ma- jor, Liberal Arts. Letbetter, Zane Kaye 1004 Edisto Avenue Aiken, South Carolina 29801 Secretary of Freshman Class, 1, Miss North Greenville, 2, B.S.U., 1, 2, Greater Council, 1, Secretary, 2, Choir, 1, A Cappella Choir, 1, Volunteer Band, 1, 2, Y.W.A., 1, 2, Aurora Staff, 1, 2, Club Editor, 2, Women's House Council, 2. Who's Who, 2. Major, Lib- eral Arts. Lewis, David Ronald Calvary Hill Drive Easley, South Carolina 29640 Men's House Council, 1, Track, 1, Civitan Club, 2. Major, Education. Loftis, Susan Carole 110 Crescent Road Spartanburg, South Carolina Aurora Staff, 1, 2, Business Manager, 2, Skyliner Staff, 1, Choir, 1, 2, En- semble, 2, A Cappella Choir, 1, B.S.U., 1, Y.W.A., 1, S.N.E.A., 1. Major, Mu- SIC. Looper, Gary Wendell Route 4 Pickens, South Carolina 29671 Volunteer Band, 1, 2, Track, 1, Civitan Club, 2, Baseball, 2, Dean Howard 224 Literary Society, 2. Major, Physical Education. Looper, Rufus Franklin, Ill 1190 Pendleton Street Greenville, South Carolina 29611 Major, Business. Looper, Tommy Ervin Route 1 Six Mile, South Carolina Civitan Club, 2, Sophomore Class Representative, 2. Major, Liberal Arts. Lyda, Mary Layne Route 3 Inman, South Carolina 29349 Vice - President Freshman Class, 1, S.G.A. Representative Council, 1, S.G.A. Executive Council, 2, Secre- tary, 2, E.Q.V., 1, 2, Secretary - Treas- urer, 2. Major, English. McAmis, William Clyde, Jr. 27 Rowley Street Greenville, South Carolina Dean Howard Literary Society, 1, 2, t'Mountie", 1, 2, Cross - Country, 1. Major, Liberal Arts. McHaffie, William Arlen 576 Courtland Apartments Greenville, South Carolina Major, Business Administration. Mclntosh, Larry Allan 204 Batson Drive Greenville, South Carolina 29611 Major, Business Administration. McKinney, Jarrard Ford 16 Elmwood Avenue Greenville, South Carolina 29611 Major, Liberal Arts. McKnight, Toni Elizabeth 109 Marquis Street North Charleston, South Carolina 29406 Who's Who, 2, Choir, 1, 2, Ensemble, 2, Etude, 1, 2, President, 2, Freshman Marshal, 1, Dean's List, 1, 2, Phi Theta Kappa, 2, E.Q.V., 2, Y.W.A., 2, B.S.U., 2, S.G.A. Representative Council, 2. Major, Music. McMillan, Harry Ravan Route 1 Campobello, South Carolina 29322 Intramural Basketball, 1, 2, Vice - President Sophomore Class, 2, Civitan Club, 2, Men's House Council, 2, Hall Monitor, 2, Mr. North Greenville Runner - up, 2. Major, Sociology. Mahaffey, Mike Edward 3 Church Street Fountain Inn, South Carolina Major, Psychology. Meeks, David Richard Route 1 Wellford, South Carolina 29385 Dean Howard Literary Society, 1, 2, Critic, 1, Chaplain, 2, Choir, 1, A Cappella Choir 1, Skyliner Staff, 1, Men's House Council, 2, Hall Monitor, 2, S.G.A. Representative Council, 2, Drama Club, 1, 2, President 2. Major, Biology. Merrill, Frank Thomas, Jr. Route 4, Howell Road Taylors, South Carolina 29687 Phi Theta Kappa, 1, Basketball Man- ager, 2. Major, Business Administra- tion. Messer, Gary Lee Route 4, Box 616 Travelers Rest, South Carolina 29690 Major, Chemistry. Miller, Elaine Cooper 307 Butler Street St. Matthews, South Carolina 29135 P. E. Council, 2, Girls' Basketball Manager, 2. Major, Sociology. Miller, Garrett M. 620 Lee Court Camden, South Carolina Major, Sociology. Miller, John Charles 3000 Buncombe Road Greenville, South Carolina Skyliner Staff, Sports Editor, 2. Ma- jor, Business Administration. Miller, Martha Elizabeth 307 Butler Street St. Matthews, South Carolina 29135 Y.W.A., 1, P. E. Council, 2. Major, Elementary Education. Miller, Robert Leath Paris Mountain State Park Greenville, South Carolina Major, Liberal Arts. Moehlenbrock, Henry Bryson Route 3 Greenville, South Carolina 29609 Major, Liberal Arts. Moon, Joseph Carroll 6 Brook Street Lyman, South Carolina 29365 Major, Liberal Arts. Mooney, Linda Elizabeth Route 5, Box 322 Greer, South Carolina 29651 Y.W.A., 1, Skyliner Staff, 2, Sopho- more Superlative, Miss Aurora Con- test, 1, 2, Miss Aurora, 2, Miss North Greenville Runner - up, 2. Major, Busi- FIBSS. Moore, Wanda Kay Route 3, North Main Extension Greer, South Carolina 29651 Major, Education. Page, Ira Larry Route 2 Campobello, South Carolina 29322 Major, English. Palmer, William Robert 111 Gridley Street Greenville, South Carolina Major, Pre-Law. Parkinson, Caroline Louise Route2 Salley, South Carolina 29137 Volunteer Band, 1, 2, Y.W.A., 1, 2, Choir, 1, 2, B.S.U., 1, 2, Deputation Team, 2, Skyliner Staff, 1, 2. Major, Music. Parks, Joseph Ronald 104 Woodlawn Avenue Union, South Carolina 29379 Dean Howard Literary Society, 1, l 4 i i l i i l i l i . Payne, Jonathan Powell Ministerial Band, 2, Volunteer Band, 2, Deputation Team, 2, Men's House Council, 2, Secretary - Treasurer, 2, B.S.U., 1, 2, Greater Council, 2. Ma- jor, Psychology. Patrick, Coleta Dianne 1715 East North Street Greenville, South Carolina 29607 Volunteer Band, 2, Y.W.A., 2, Program Chairman, 2, E.0.V., 2, Aurora Staff, 2. Major, Elementary Education. Payne, Henry Lewis Tigerville, South Carolina 29688 Major, Liberal Arts. 6 Piney Woods Lane Greenville, South Carolina 29605 Major, Business Administration and Education. Perry, Carroll Malcolm 107 Blue Ridge Drive Greenville, South Carolina 29609 B.S.U., 2. Major, Pharmacy. Phillips, John Michael Route 2 Easley, South Carolina 29640 Major, Liberal Arts. Plumblee, James Mark Route 2 Taylors, South Carolina 29687 B.S.U., 1, 2, Drama Club, 2. Major, Business Administration. Poole, Frank Elliot White Oak Road, Carrier 119 Greenville, South Carolina 29609 Major, Business Administration. Price, Cynthia Diana 204 Carolina Avenue Greer, South Carolina 29651 Drama Club, 1, 2, Treasurer, 2, Miss Aurora Contestant, 2, Choir, 1, Y.W.A., 1, 2, Publicity Chairman, 2, B.S.U., 1, 2, Skyliner Staff, 2, Business Man- ager, 2. Major, Commerical Art. Prince, Barbara Annette 16 Simmons Street Laurens, South Carolina 29360 Y. W. A., 1, 2, Etude Honor Society, 1, 2, Choir, 1, 2, A Cappella, 1, 2, B.S.U., 1, 2. Major, Music. Pym, Virginia Ann P. 0. Box 421 Wadesboro, North Carolina 28107 Y.W.A., 1, 2, Stewardship Chairman, 2, B.S.U., 1, 2, Library Club, 1, Volun- teer Band, 2, Choir, 2: Aurora Staff, 2, Delegate to Furman Model U.N., 2. Major, Science. Quarles, James William 503 Ferguson Street Clinton, South Carolina 29325 Ministerial Band, 1, 2, Skyliner Staff, 1, 2, Photographer, 2, Aurora Staff, 2, Photographer, 2, Men's House Council, 2, Sophomore Representa- tive, 2, B.SU., 2, Christian Action Chairman, 2, State Representative, 2. Major, Religion. Reece, Ronald Chester 8 Bermuda Street Greenville, South Carolina Civitan Club, 2, Baseball Team, 2. Major, Liberal Arts. Rickard, Clifton Glen 56 Highland Avenue Sumter, South Carolina 29150 S.G.A. Judical Council, 1, Golf Team, 1, Men's House Council, 2, President, 2, Monitor, 2, Baseball Team, 2. Ma- jor, Liberal Arts. Riddle, Amanda Gail 622 Church Street Laurens, South Carolina Major, Liberal Arts. Riddle, Toni Cheryl 15 Copeland Street Laurens, South Carolina 29360 Y.W.A., 1, 2, Music Chairman, 2, B.S.U., 1, 2, Music Chairman, 2, Etude Music Society, 1, 2, Choir, 1, 2, Ensemble, 2, Sectional Leader, 2, A Cappella, 1, Miss North Greenville Runner - up, 2, Miss Aurora Contest, 2, Miss Congeniality, 2. Major, Music. Rogers, Daniel Steve Box 94, North Greenville Junior College Tigerville, South Carolina 29688 Ministerial Band, 1, 2, Volunteer Band, 1, 2, Who's Who, 2. Major, His- tory. Rogers, Jackie Gordon Box 94, North Greenville Junior College Tigerville, South Carolina 29688 Volunteer Band, 1. Major, Liberal Arts. Ross, Linda Kay 1003 West Parker Road Greenville, South Carolina 29611 Phi Theta Kappa, 1, 2, Treasurer, 2, Aurora Staff, 2, Delegate to Furman Model U.N., 2. Major, Elementary Education. Salter, James Walker Route 1 Marietta, South Carolina 29661 Ministerial Band, 1, 2, President, 2, Who's Who, 2. Major, Bible and His- tory. Sanders, William Richard, Jr. Route 5, State Park Road Greenville, South Carolina 29601 Major, Business Administration. Sawyer, Linda Gaile 213 West Mullins Street Marion, South Carolina 29571 B.S.U., 1, 2, Greater Council, 1, Y.W.A., 1, 2, Skyliner Staff, 1, 2, Busi- ness Manager, 1, Editor, 2, Drama Club, 1, Choir, 1, S.G.A. Representa- tive and Executive Council, 2, Miss North Greenville Runner-up 2. Major Liberal Arts. Schumpert, Diane 1504 Kate Street Newberry, South Carolina 29108 P.E. Council, 1, 2, President, 2, Y.W.A., 1, 2, Cheerleader, 1, 2, S.G.A Representative Council, 2, Sopho- more Superlative. Major, Liberal Arts. Seay, Larry Edward Route 2 Campobello, South Carolina Major, Business Administration. Senn, David Harold Route 4 Pickens, South Carolina Major, Liberal Arts. Sherbert, Betty Jo Route 4 Spartanburg, South Carolina E.Q.V., 1, 2, President, 2, Library Club, 1, B.S.U., 1, 2, Training Union Representative, 2, Y.W.A., 1, 2, Women's House Council, 2, Hall Mon- itor, 2. Major, History. Sloan, Glenda Guynelle Route 2 Greer, South Carolina 29651 Choir, 1, Y.W.A., 1, 2, Phi Beta Lambda, 1, Aurora Staff, 1, 2, Soph- omore Superlative. Major, Elementary Education. Sloan, Gloria Dianne Box 501, Hillside Drive Greer, South Carolina 29651 Phi Theta Kappa, 2, E.0.V., 2. Major, Elementary Education. Smith, Danny Carl Route 1, Box 226 Greer, South Carolina 29651 Library Club, 1, 2, Publicity Chairman, 2, Drama Club, 1, 2, Vice - President, 2, Men's House Council, 2, Vice - Pres- ident, 2. Major, Pharmacy. Smith, Michael David Route 1 Duncan, South Carolina Library Club, 1, 2, Vice - President, 2, Men's House Council, 2. Major, Business Administration. Stone, George Mac Route 1, Box 153 Manning, South Carolina 29102 Choir, 1, 2, General Manager, 2, Small Ensemble, 2, Etude Honorary Society, 1, 2, Secretary - Treasurer, 2, Drama Club, 1, L'Amicale des Livres, 2, Vol- unteer Band, 1, 2, Deputation Team, 2, B.S.U., 1, 2, Greater Council, 1, 2, Dean Howard Literary Society, 1. Major, Music. Stroud, Thomas Perry 213 Brooks Avenue Greenville, South Carolina 29609 Major, Pre-Med. Surett, Linda Louise Route 3 Greenville, South Carolina 29609 Miss Aurora Pageant, 1, 2, Cheer- leader, 2. Major, Business Adminis- tration. Swanger, Gary David ' 516 Robeson Avenue Florence, South Carolina Sophomore Class Superlative. Major, Liberal Arts. Swayngham, Ellen Mae ' Route 1, Box 354 Pickens, South Carolina Women's House Council, 1, 2, Fresh- man Representative, 1, President, 2, Hall Monitor, 2, P.E. Council, 1, 2, Treasurer, 2, Y.W.A., 1, 2, Womens Basketball Team, 1, 2, Volunteer Band, 1, Secretary of Sophomore Class, 2, Sophomore Superlative. Ma- jor, Physical Education. 225 Swillen, William Edgar, Jr. 14 Circle Drive Greenville, South Carolina Travelers Rest, South Carolina Major, Liberal Ants. Archery Club, 1. Major, Liberal Arts. Whitfield, Wilton Melvin, Jr. Swink, Kenneth Earl, Jr. Major, Liberal Arts. Tong, Rebecca Rose 307 Camden Lane Greenville, South Carolina 29605 210 Gordon Street Extension Greenville, South Carolina 29610 Major, Liberal Arts. Route 3, Box 163, Flora Drive Columbia, South Carolina Ministerial Band, 1, 2. Major, Liberal Arts. Wilson, Danny Lee Syfrett, Carol Loleita 28 Rutledge Avenue Charleston, South Carolina 29401 Tann 2003 Volunteer Band, 1, 2, Music Chair- man, 2, Drama Club, 1, Library Club, 1, College Choir, 1, 2, A Cappella Choir 1, B.S.U., 1, 2, Devotional Chairman, 2. Major, Religious Education. er, Benjamin Perry, Ill North Pleasantburg Drive Greenville, South Carolina Transfer from Citadel. Major, Sociol- ogy. Taylor, Sally Diane Route 2 Darli ngton, South Carolina Choir, 1, 2, Secretary, 2, Y.W.A., 1, 2, Etude Honorary Society, 1, 2, Small Ensemble, 2, E.Q.V., 2, Sophomore Superlative. Major, Music Choir, 1, 2, Hall Monitor, 2, Women's House Council, 2, Volleyball Team, 2, Intramural Games, 2, Aurora Staff, 2. Major, Science. Tonnsen, James Melvin 1111 East Lee Road Taylors, South Carolina 29687 Baseball Team, 1, 2, Skyliner Staff, 2, Intramural Basketball, 2. Major, English. Williams, Linda Dianne 411 Parkins Mill Road Greenville, South Carolina 29610 Drama Club, 1, 2, Costume Chairman, 2, P. E. Council, 1, 2, Cheerleader, 1, Historical Pageant, 2, Director of Miss Aurora Pageant, 2, Miss Aurora, 1, Aurora Staff, 2, VVho's Who, 2. Ma- jor, Elementaiy Education. Willis, William Flay Route 1 Forest City, North Carolina Basketball, 1, 2, Sophomore Super- lative. Major, Liberal Arts. Turner, Revonda Lee Route 3 Travelers Rest, South Carolina 29690 Volunteer Band, 1, 2, Skyliner Staff, 1, 2, Major, Christian Vocation. Vernon, Carolyn Ann 6 Walnut Lane Travelers Rest, South Carolina 29690 S.N.E.A., 1, P.E. Council, 1, 2, Miss Aurora Contestant, 2, Cheerleader, 1, 2, Head, 2, Sophomore Superlative. Major, Elementary Education. Vickery, Judith Ruth 106 Beverly Lane Greer, South Carolina 29651 Major, Psychology. Wilson, David Lee Apt. 35, Box 95, North Greenville Junior College Tigerville, South Carolina 29688 21 McLean Street Volunteer Band, 1, 2, President, 2, Thigpen, Michael Landon 41 Smythe Avenue Greenville, South Carolina Major, Biology. Thompson, Mason Anthony 2300 East North Street Greenville, South Carolina Major, Business Administration. Greenville, South Carolina 29611 Aurora Staff, 1, 2, Editor, 2, Y.W.A., 1, 2, Day Student Representative of Judical Court, 1, S.G.A. Executive Council, 2, Library Club, 2, Miss Au- rora Contestant, 2, Miss North Green- ville Runner-up, 2, Sophomore Super- lative. Major, Spanish. Weatherford, Marion Randall Tingle, Neal Mines, Jr. 831 North Franklin Road Route 4, Box 345 Greenville, South Carolina 29609 Freshman Class Representative, 1, Representative Council of S.G.A., 1, 2, B.S.U., 1, 2, Track Team, 1. Major, English. Wilson, Kenneth Michael Route 2, Box 407 Fort Mill, South Carolina Basketball, 1, 2, Co - Captain, 2, Mr. North Greenville Runner-up, 2, Soph- omore Superlative. Major, Liberal Arts. FRESHMAN DIRECTORY Able, Eugene Walter, Jr. Ashley, Kenneth Glenn Barber, Gloria Lynn BOYYBF, DUNN-B Gene Clayton Street, P.O. Box 523 Abbeville Street, P.O. Box 104 Route 2, Box 353 Route 1 McCormick, South Carolina 29835 Due West, South Carolina 29639 Darlington, South Carolina 29532 lVloore, South Carolina 29369 Alexander, James David Atkins, Patricia Rowena Bateman, Zawaski Lisco Bradey, Alan Richard Route 2 Route 1, Box 4 57-D George Legare Homes Box 151 Pickens, South Carolina Duncan, South Carolina 29334 Charleston, South Carolina 29405 Landrum, South Carolina Alexander, Jerry Richard 106 Gridley Street Greenville, South Carolina 29609 Allen, Deborah Ann Route 5, Box 386 Greenwood, South Carolina Alverson, Eddie Douglas Route 2 Campobello, South Carolina 29322 Arms, Linda Kaye Route 1 Travelers Rest, South Carolina Armstrong, Nell Elizabeth 315 Sulphur Springs Road Asheville, North Carolina Ash, Deborah Jean 330 Shareditch Road Columbia, South Carolina 29210 226 Avery, John Anders Route 1 Taylors, South Carolina Babb, Allen Leroy 204 North Franklin Road Greenville, South Carolina Bailey, Eben Hix 100 Vesper Circle Mauldin, South Carolina Baker, George Wilson, Jr. 13 Wiuka Drive Greenville, South Carolina Banks, Jesse William, III Route 5, Box 106A Bell, Cathy Louise Boykin Street, P.O. Box 65 Lamar, South Carolina 29069 Bishop, Dale Franklin Route 1 29609 Taylors, South Carolina 29687 Blaskowitz, Richard Rondeau 121 Harrington Avenue Greenville, South Carolina 29607 Bloxdorf, William Otto 14 Parkside Drive Greenville, South Carolina Boothe, Daniel Eugene 10 Princess Avenue Bradley, Vicki Jane Route 2 Campobello, South Carolina Brady, Sandra Elaine Route 4, Hammett Bridge Road Greer, South Carolina 29651 Brandon, Steven Lynn 323 Ridgecrest Drive Greenville, South Carolina 29609 Brayton, Francis DuWayne 312 Palmer Street Greer, South Carolina Brookshire, James David Route 5, Paris View Drive Greenville, South Carolina 29609 Waynesville, North Carolina 28786 Greenville, South Carolina 29611 Banks, Maxie Steele Route 1 Boozer, Mary Janice 2802 Hunt Avenue Browning, Patrick Edward 3109 Edwards Road, Route 3 Taylors, South Carolina Piedmont, South Carolina 29673 Newberry, South Carolina 29108 Bruce Mary Jo Route 1 Box 214 C lnman South Carohna 29349 Brum Davld Lawson 10 Plne Knoll Drlve Greenvllle South Carohna 29609 Bryant Phrllrp Steven Route 7 Phllllp s Trall Greenvllle South Carohna Burnette Bennre Heyward Dunbar Street P O Box 2 Langley South Carohna Burnette James Rlchard 3 Maxle Avenue Greenvllle South Carohna 29611 Burnette Mary Ellen 134 Broughton Drlve Greenvllle South Carohna Burns Tma Eugenra 503 South Street Simpsonville South Carohna Burrell Lmda Gall Route 2 Box 554 Campobello South Carohna Bush Melden Lee Route 5 Box 155 E New Ellenton South Carohna Burress Thomas Joseph Westview Traller Park Spartanburg South Carohna Byars Kenneth Glllesple 401 Southway Easley South Carohna Calvert Phlllrp Wayne North Greenville Junior College Trgervllle South Carohna 29688 Campbell Beverly Eugene 1201 South McDuff1e Street Anderson South Carohna Campbell George Heyward Route 5 Darby Road Greenvllle South Carohna 29606 Campbell Helen Ruth 456 Llberty Street Rock Hlll South Carohna 29730 Carpenter Jane Elrzabeth 114 Gunter Street Batesburg South Carohna 29006 Cartee Brenda Sue Route 2 Llberty South Carohna 29657 Carter George Austln Jr 301 Pans Mountaln Avenue Greenvllle South Carohna Cash Laura 20 Meadow Street Lyman South Carohna 29365 Cheves Wallace Beaufort 110 Trndal Avenue Greenville South Carohna Chrlds Sandra Elaine Route 5 Seneca, South Carolina Clark Marlon Eugene Route 7 Polnsett Hlghway Greenvllle South Carohna Cogglns Evelyn Jane Box 67 Ehrhardt South Carohna 29081 Collum Al1ce Gertrude 116 lVlerr1mac Street North Charleston South Carohna Collum Chrlstlne 22 Short Street Batesburg South Carohna 29006 Coln Steve Jack 214 Azalea Court Greenvllle South Carohna 29607 Cooper Dw1ghtW1lbur Jr 1513 Greenock Avenue Aran Lake Fayetteville North Carohna 28304 Cox James Arthur 410 Flrst Avenue East l-lendersonvllle North Carohna Cnbb Davrd Samuel Route 1 Tlmmonsvllle South Carohna Cnbb Rrchard Boyd Jr 117 Tyler Court Spartanburg South Carohna Crook Joseph Earl Jr 217 lVlax1ne Street Spartanburg South Carohna Crook Lmda Duane Route 1 St George South Carohna Dantzler Eluld Olln Jr Route 1 Harleyvulle South Carohna Davenport Susan Kay 103 Blalock Drlve Joanna South Carohna 29351 Dean Everette Mendel Jr P O Box 338 Pampllco South Carohna 29583 Dempsey Benjamm Franklm Jr 1041 Dantzler Orangeburg South Carohna Drckenson Brlly Garnett 22 Looper Street Greenvllle South Carohna 29611 Dlllard John A 108 Laurel Lane Slater South Carohna Dodgens Dons Evelyn 308 Pendleton Street Plckens South Carohna 29671 Dorman Bengamm Harvey Falrforest South Carohna 29336 Dow Allre LaNelle Route 4 Box 146 Greenwood South Carohna 29646 Duncan Darrell Ellls Route 3, Box 276 Travelers Rest, South Carohna Durham Steve Eugene 2 Kllgore Street Greenvllle South Carohna 29611 Edwards Donald Andrew 139 Batesvlew Drlve Greenvllle South Carohna Edwards Luke Glen 12 Twelve Oaks Terrace Greenville South Carohna 29607 Ellenburg Dale Francls 515 North Walden Parkway Anderson South Carohna 29621 Ellrs Augustrn Furse Jr 1090 Moss Avenue N E Orangeburg South Carohna Ellrs Rlchard Charles 123 Ashford Avenue Greenvllle South Carohna 29609 Epperson Hugh Wayne Route 1 Box 198 C lVlann1ng South Carohna 29102 Epps Kltty Elizabeth 824 North Franklln Road Greenville South Carohna Enlvm John Sevler 4 Jackson Drlve Startex South Carohna 29377 Fam Ph1l1pJerone Box 275 Tlgervllle South Carohna Faulkner Ernest George Jr 808 Green Avenue Greenvllle South Carohna Frndley Frederrck George Jr Route 1 Box 495 Plckens South Carohna 29671 Fmk Frances Pamela Route 1 Darhngton South Carohna 29532 Forrest Charlie May 912 Concord Avenue Anderson South Carohna 29621 Forrester Ahce Roberta 514 South Bomar Avenue Landrum South Carohna 29356 Foster Julla Ann 23 West Earle Street Greenvllle South Carohna 29601 Fowler Ronald Monroe Route 1 Box 349 Lorls South Carohna 29569 Freeman James Cary Route 2 Pledmont South Carohna 29673 Freeman W1ll1am Luther lll P 0 Box 207 Marietta South Carohna 29661 Galloway James Thomas Route 2, Box 342 Easley, South Carohna 29640 Gantt John Jackson Box 476 Llberty South Carohna Garland Peggy Jean 101 Duncan Chapel Road Greenvllle South Carohna 29609 Garrett Harriett Pamela Route 5 Easley South Carohna Garrett James Rrchard 302 Crestwood Drlve lVlauld1n South Carohna Grbson John Hamllton Jr 3916 Trenholm Road Columbia South Carohna Grlstrap Glenda Ann Route 1 Whlte Horse Road Greenvllle South Carohna 29611 Grlstrap Robin Mark Route 1 Plckens South Carohna 29671 Golden Joseph Mrcheal 10 Sandra Avenue Extenslon Greenvllle South Carohna Gossett Nrcholas Earle 105 Cherrylane Drlve Greenvllle South Carohna Graham Wlllnam Charles 319 Pennsylvania Avenue Clearfleld Pennsylvanla 16830 Grant Davrd Ray Route 1 Falr Play South Carohna Grant Richard Allen 5 Whltsett Street Apt 4 Greenvllle South Carohna 29601 Green Forrest Carlrsle Jr P O Box 56 Turbevllle South Carohna 29162 Greene Grady Rodgers Route 2 Landrum South Carohna Grohe Paul Edward 1500 Koulter Drlve Columbla South Carohna 29210 Grubbs Danrel Lee Route 1 Roebuck South Carohna 29376 Grubbs Karen Lea 21 Lady Marlon Lane Sherwood F Greenvllle South Carohna 29607 Guy Mary Frances 26 Prlce Street Inman South Carohna 29349 Hagy Rrchard Wayne Route 2 Ablngdon Vnrglnla 24210 Hall Alberry Clement Route 4 Box 147 Inman South Carohna Hamilton Phrllp Edward 1263 lVla1n Street Newberry, South Carohna 227 orest y Y 1 , ,Ill xi - . . E, , L. 1 1 1 V . . . , , 1 1 ' ' ' ' ' 1 1 1 Y -- 1 1 1 1 1 V . v , . . - 1 l 1 1 ' ' ' 1 1 1 - ,.. 1 ' ' V 1 Y , ' ' 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 , . , .. . . 1 . . . I Y Y , . . . . v . , , . , . Y , . , , . Y .... Y 1 1 7 1 1 1 ' ' ' y ' . . , .... 1 Y 7 , . . . . , 1 1 1 , . , . .... y 1 1 , . . . . , , 1 1 1 1 1 , . , . . Y 1 1 ., . .. V 1 1 1 1 - , . . . . V 1 1 , . . , 1 1 1 1 Y ' I ' 1 1 1 1 , . I . . . . , 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - - . ' . , , . , ..., Y 1 1 ' , ' 1 1 1 , 1 1 - - 1 Y 1 1 Y . 1 1 1 1 ' Y 1 - - ' , Y 1 I , . . . Y 1 1 1 A ' ' 1 . . 1 - , 1 . Y Y , . . 1 y . . . V 1 1 , . . - 1 l 1 1 1 , - 1 - ' Y 1 y , . . 1- 7 1 , Y M , . . 1 Y , . . ' 1 1 ' Y 1 , -. Y 7 1 1 , 1 1 .. , U 1 . . V V , 1 1 1 V 4' Harden, John Maxwell Walhalla Highway Pickens, South Carolina 29671 Hardin, Audrey Dianne Star Route Cleveland, South Carolina 29635 Hayes, Lewis James Route 5 Spartanburg, South Carolina Hayes, Miriam Dianne 87 Church Street Pickens, South Carolina 29671 Heatherly, Milton Eugene Route 2 Pelzer, South Carolina 29669 Henry, Charles Seden ll 5719 Maplewood Avenue indianapolis, Indiana Hightower, Carolyn Jean 1744 Duke Road Chamblee, Georgia 30005 Hill, Dianne Beverly Route 8, Box 180 Greenville, South Carolina Hill, Thomas William Route 1, Box 115 Greer, South Carolina 29651 Hilliard, John Moseley Route 2 Iva, South Carolina 29655 Hiott, Frank Mazon, Jr. 823 Eastmont Drive Columbia, South Carolina Hiott, Robert England, Jr. 306 Baker Street Pickens, South Carolina 29671 Hollis, James Truman 664 Chestnut Street Rock Hill, South Carolina 29730 Hook, Robert Walter RO. Box 61 Manning, South Carolina 29102 Howell, Linda Alvis Route 1, Box 121 Lamar, South Carolina 29069 Hudson, Michael T. Route 3, Taylors, South Carolina l-luff, Elizabeth Smith 270 Greencrest Drive Athens, Georgia 30601 Huff, Wanda Elaine Route 1, Box 214 Travelers Rest, South Carolina Hughes, Susan Eugenia 110 Hillcrest Drive Greer, South Carolina 29651 Hughes, Vivian Emily Route 4, Edwards Mill Road Taylors, South Carolina 29687 Hutto, Eris Helena Route 1, Box 85 St. Matthews, South Carolina 228 Hutto, Peggy Jo Lartigue Street, Box 181 Blackville, South Carolina 29817 Jackson, Thomas Jehu, Jr. Box 173, Church Street Manning, South Carolina 29102 Jackson, Tommy Dene Route 2 Swansea, South Carolina 29160 Jarrell, William Samuel Route 1, Box 54 Georgetown, South Carolina Jeffords, Samuel King, Ill Route 1, Box 87-B Travelers Rest, South Carolina Jenkins, Jane Erkes Apt. 37, Botany Arms, Greenville, South Carolina 29607 Johnson, Jimmy Norris 313 Main Street Graniteville, South Carolina Johnson, Rita Beth Route 5 Greer, South Carolina 29651 Johnson, Sherryl Ann 18 Eaglebrook Drive Buffalo, New York 14224 Johnston, Glenda Carolyn 608 Cardinal Road Sumter, South Carolina 29150 Jones, Donna Carol Route 1, Grace Meadow Road Taylors, South Carolina 29687 Jones, Jerry Alan 7407 Rainbow Drive Valley Station, Kentucky Jones, Vickie Kay 119 Park Avenue Greer, South Carolina 29651 Keasler, James Roy 503 Pinckney Street Greenville, South Carolina 29601 Kennemer, Judy Karen R.F.D. 2 Pickens, South Carolina 29671 Khoe, Doris Carpenter Box 240, North Greenville Tigerville, South Carolina 29688 Kilpatrick, Brenda Dianne 218 McSwain Drive Greenville, South Carolina 29607 Kirby, Wayne Ray Route 1 Effingham, South Carolina 29541 Kirk, Kathy Dianne 86 Lynhurst Drive Greenville, South Carolina 29611 Knox, Samuel Blair 704 Memorial Drive Extension Greer, South Carolina Lane, Willie Marvin, Jr. 212 West Mullins Street Marion, South Carolina 29571 League, Robert Allen, Ill 4 South Main Street Travelers Rest, South Carolina Ledford, Stuart Christopher 4 Gaywood Drive Greenville, South Carolina 29607 Lee, Harold, Jr. 501 Mills Avenue Greenville, South Carolina 29605 Lee, James Edward Route 4 Greer, South Carolina 29651 Lee, James Henry, Jr. 4648 Apple Street Charleston Heights, South Carolina Limbaugh, Ammon Matthew Route 4 Easley, South Carolina 29640 Lindsey, Thomas Daniel Route 1 Taylors, South Carolina 29687 Little, Glenn Albert Route 2 Loris, South Carolina 29569 Livingston, Nancy Jane Route 1 Lyman, South Carolina 29365 Looper, James Marion Route 1 Six Mile, South Carolina Lord, Carolyn Berthene 12 McAlister Street Travelers Rest, South Carolina Lord, William Wallace Box 783 Tryon, North Carolina 28782 McCabe, Robert Claude, Jr. Route 2 Kingstree, South Carolina McCallister, Michael Francis Box 43 Fort Mill, South Carolina McCaskill, Patricia Ann 305 Galphin Drive Greenville, South Carolina 29607 McCraw, Jacqueline Jean Route 3, Portman Road Anderson, South Carolina 29621 McDougald, Scott Atchison P.O. Box 687 Tryon, North Carolina McGraw, Tanya Joanne 6-B Van Buren Street McMurray, Donice Ellen 12 Camelback Road Greenville, South Carolina 29609 Mahefky, Paul Francis 8609 Conover Place Alexandria, Virginia 22388 Malone, Barbara Jane 1 Penarth Drive Greenville, South Carolina Marett, Eunice Diane 202 Florence Street Pickens, South Carolina 29671 Marlowe, Ned Gardner Route 2 Loris, South Carolina 29569 Marrett, Marsha Lee 126 Tanglewood Drive Greenville, South Carolina 29611 Martin, Michael Terry Route 1, Box 441 Travelers Rest, South Carolina Mason, Janice Virginia Route 3 Greer, South Carolina Mathena, Randolph Ray 2313 East North Street Greenville, South Carolina 29607 Meador, Brenda Elaine Route 1 Union, South Carolina Merrill, Rebecca Elizabeth Route 4, Howell Road Taylors, South Carolina 29687 Metcalf, Jerald Henry Route 4, Box 592 Travelers Rest, South Carolina Michael, Katherine Mary 211 Grove Road Greenville, South Carolina 29605 Middleton, Michael Ralph Route 2 Jefferson, South Carolina 29718 Mitchell, James Raymond 217 Sloan Avenue Greenwood, South Carolina 29646 Moore, Alexander Talley, Jr. Route 2 Hopkins, South Carolina 29601 Moore, Rodney Wayne Route 1 Gaston, South Carolina Morris, Rosemary Elaine 126 East Troy Avenue Indianapolis, Indiana 46225 Morrow, Patricia Ruth Route 2 Campobello, South Carolina 29322 Murphy, Lauren Charleston Heights, South Carolina Route 3 Mclntosh, Claude David Woodruff, South Carolina 29388 Murrell, Stanley Robert 307 Pisgah Drive 910 Mills Avenue Greenville, South Carolina Greenville, South Carolina 29605 New, Carolyn 10 Ivy Trail Greenville, South Carolina Nicholson Charles Edward Jr. 37 Spartanburg Road Lyman South Carolina Owens M1kellGasque 919 Willcox Avenue Extension Marlon South Carolina 29571 Pace William Hancel Jr Route 3 Pickens South Carolina 29671 Page Mary Janice Route 1 Inman South Carolina 29349 Poole Larry Eugene 201 Tlndal Road Greenville South Carolina 29609 Porter Peggy Jean Route 4 Travelers Rest South Carolina Porter Thomas Wayne 112 East Baker Street Pickens South Carolina 29671 Price Robert Alex 322 South Saluda Avenue Columbia South Carolina 29201 Proctor Gary Evans Box 484 Jonesvllle South Carolina 29353 Quinn Thomas Edward 14 fa Linton Street Greenville South Carolina Reddick Jeffrey Lane 1028 East Perry Road Greenville South Carolina 29609 Reynolds Ginger Arnette Route 2 Box 4B Rhodes John Philip 310 Woodlawn Street Ridgeland South Carolrna Rice Ernest Gary Route 1 Ware Shoals South Carolina Richards David Lee 728 Beltline Columbia South Carolina 29205 Roberts Jimmy Bruce 1716 Mornlnglo Lane Columbia South Carolina Robertson Ashley LaMont River Road Route 1 John s Island South Carolina Robertson Lena Elizabeth Route 1 Modoc South Carolina 29838 Robertson Ophelia Jane 115 Brockman Avenue Greenville South Carolina 29609 Robinson, Harriet Pamelia 18 Circle Drive Travelers Rest, South Carolina Robinson Ronald Lee 1920 Kynwyd Road North Graylyn Wilmington Delaware 19803 Rochester Donald Bruce Box 81 Jonesvllle South Carolina 29353 Rollins Eugene Curtis Route 7 Spartanburg South Carolina Ross Helen Jeanette 215 West Earle Street Greenville South Carolina Rowell Joyce Elizabeth 306 Grlmball Avenue Charleston South Carolina Runron Charles Randall Route 4 Taylors South Carolina 29687 Runyan Michael Edward Route 3 Travelers Rest South Carolina Sandel William Herbert 4708 Dale Drive Columbia South Carolina Sanders Dallas Ray 6 Cottlngham Circle Greenville South Carolina Schwartz James Allen 7037 Pisgah Drive Columbia South Carolina Seals John Strom 2311 North Lander Drive Charleston South Carolln Sheridan David Michael 10 Pine Knoll Drive Shore Kenneth Michael 137 Corrine Drive Greenville South Carolina Silvers Nancy Revona Route 4 Box 473 Travelers Rest South Carolina Slagle Carolyn Sue 202 East Butler Avenue IVlauldln South Carolina 29662 Smith Amelia Ruth 3146 Danfleld Drive Columbia South Carolina 29204 Smith James Thomas 132 Tanglewood Drive Greenville South Carolina Smith Kenneth Perry 204 Berea Drive Greenville South Carolina Smith Lucia Dianne 207 Hill Street Greer South Carolina 29651 Snow, Laura Ann Route 1 Duncan, South Carolina 29334 Southerlin Claudia Diane Route 1 Taylors South Carolina Speck Cynthia Jean 4 Blackstone Drive Greenville South Carolina 29609 Splawn Sandra Lou 2243 Mason Drive Savannah Georgia 31404 Sternmetz Christopher Ernest 146 Concord Drive River Edge New Jersey 07661 Stevens Archie Poe Route 1 Box 408 Loris South Carolina 29569 Stewart Henry Thomas Route 3 Greer South Carolina 29651 Stiles Richard Scott 1614 North Carolina Avenue Aiken South Carolina 29801 Stokes Lawrence Dale Box 283 Tlgervllle South Carolina 29688 Stokes Nelson Lawton Box 283 Tigervllle South Carolina 29688 Story Bonnie Dale Route 2 Box 258 Fountain Inn South Carolina Summey Betty Anne Route 3 Box 668 Travelers Rest South Carolina Tankersley Lewis Carlton ll 411 South Eden Drive Cayce South Carolina 29033 13 Y M C A Street Greenville South Carolina Taylor Bobby Wayne Box 295 Tlgervllle South Carolln Taylor Shelby Diane 422 Willow Springs Drive Greenville South Carolina 29602 Teague Sammy Kay 6 Vance Street Greenville South Carolina Thompson Patricia Ann Route 2 Taylors South Carolina 29687 Thrasher Christopher Jones 47 Goodrich Street Pelzer South Carolina 29669 Thrasher Terry Benjamin 305 Bridgewater Drive Greenville South Carolina Tollison, Daniel Nalley 1151 Lancaster Avenue Syracuse, New York 13210 Tucker Jerome Kenneth 8 North Marlon Road Greenville South Carolina Turner David Gray 205 Pettlgru Street Greenville South Carolina 29601 Turner Eugene Howard Jr 10 Maco Street Greenville South Carolina Turner Roderick Christopher 12 Y M C A Street Greenville South Carolina 29611 Turner Thomas Wayne Route 1 Box 906 Marlon South Carolina 29571 Turpin Garry Vaughn Route 3 Box 448 Travelers Rest South Carolina Varn Sidney Franklin Jr Railroad Avenue Varnville South Carolina Waltz Freddie Clinton Route 1 Box 49 Ruffin South Carolina 29475 Walworth Rebecca Alma 207 West Pomsett Street Greer South Carolina 29688 Warren Harry Eugene 1 Burgundy Drive Greenville South Carolina Warren Stephen Rand 117 Rosemary Road Spartanburg South Carolina Watson John Carter 6610 Formosa Drive Webb Bill James 203 Chlpley Lane Greenville South Carolina 29605 Whrsnant Charles Ronald 9 Bynum Street Greenville South Carolina 29605 Whitehead Byron James 201 Spruce Street Greenville South Carolina 29611 Whitlock Rrckle Joseph 425 St Andrews Strtet Spartanburg South Carolina Whitmlre Michael Ted 10 Plnebrook Drive Creenvllle South L arolrna 1101 Wickllffe Walter Harry Route 6 Woodruff Ro ad Greenvlllt SOtI1l1CilOlll13 960f Tmgle Jack Berner Williams Govre LaVerne Jr North Greenville Junior College Box 248 Tngervllle South Carolina 29688 Norway South Carolina 19111 1 1 , 7 ' . . Y U Y . 1 , ' . Y 1 y T . ' ' , . . 1 . . , , , . ' 1 1 - . . 1 V 1 v ' y ' h I V 1 ' 1 1 - 7 Y . . Y . Y , , I . . ' 1 , , . . . . 1 1 ' y 7 1 D . . y . ' ' - 1 1 Y 1 l . 7 1 7 1 ' - 1 I l 1 1 1 Y . I , U 1 1 , ' U 1 I , I y Y V I - 1 - ' . . 7 A 1 U 1 1 l Y V I . 1 Y . . 1 1 I Y ' 1 1 . y . I H , 7 b Y Y , . , y 1 ' 1 ' ' . . I A Y 7 1 V A , ' l 1 1 ' . , y ' 1 , ' a - , 1 I 1 Y 1 ' . . . . ' . 1 . y 1 lin 29069 - - V Lamar' South Caro 3 Greenville, South Carolina Tant, Ernest Jerry Columbia South Gamma 29906 1 I K I V y 1 - , - I 1 - 1 ' , T y K Q X 1 - ' a I V 1 1 y ' 1 I ' I I- ' , . l - V 14 y - - . - 1 I ' V l I . v . n I V 1 - 4 3 , , , Y . . y A ' Y Q C - ' 5 . . . . . , Y. . V 1 , ' ' . 1 V , , 1 , 'Y I ik Y , Q 7 I . 1 4 V 1 I- l . - 1 ' . , Y . . V - I 3. ,L ,g jj j 1 . . y . . . v . . V . V I . . . 7 Q ' , ' , A ' A , I f . 1 tn 1 Lg, ft 229 Williams, Roger Grafton, Jr. 208 West Terrace Edgefield, South Carolina Willis, Hiram Bedell Route 2 Taylors, South Carolina Willis, Martha Gaynell Route 2 Taylors, South Carolina Wilson, Jane Elfreida Box 131 Fairforest, South Carolina 29336 Wilson, Rethia Dianne Route 1, Box 283 Inman, South Carolina 29349 Wood, James Alfred, Jr. 122 Canterbury Road Spartanburg, South Carolina Woods, Kenneth Charlton Box 532 Ware Shoals, South Carolina Young, Lloyd Michael Route 2, Box 110 Hemingway, South Carolina Youngs, Robert David 71 South Estate Drive Greenville, South Carolina GE ERALI DEX Zimmerman, Carolyn Ann Route 1 Lyman, South Carolina 29365 Zipperer, Lee Howard 1520 East North Street Greenville, South Carolina A Able, Eugene Walter, Jr. 82 Adams, Margaret Lynn 52, 136, 141, 147, 162, 163, 165 Alexander, James David 82, 176 Alexander, Jerry Richard 82 Allen, Deborah Ann 82 Alverson, Eddie Douglas 82 Anthony, Carroll Franklin 52,144 Arms, Linda Kaye 82 Armstrong, Nell Elizabeth 82, 153, 155, 165 Asbury, Mittie lsabelle Ash, Deborah Jean Ashley, Kenneth Glenn Atkins, James Lamar 52, 134, 154,155 Atkins, Patricia Rowena 82, 128,141, 144 146, 169 Aurora Staff 170, 171 Avery, John Anders 155 Avery, Nellie 28, 46 B Babb, Allen Leroy 82 Babb, Barbara Lynn 52 Bagwell, Robert Haliburton 52,174 Bailey, Eben Hix 82 Baker, George Wilson, Jr. 82, 153 Banks, Jesse William, lll 82 Banks, Maxie Steele 82,153 Baptist Student Union 140, 141 Barber, Gloria Lynn 82 Bateman, Zawaski Lisco 82, 176, 178, 182, 183, 190 B.S.U. Executive and Greater Councils 140, 141 Baughman, Stephen Eugene 52, 140, 142, 144, 145 Baxley, Wilbur Rupert, Jr. 53, 145 Bell, Cathy Louise 83,125,185 Bell, Howard Randolph 53 Cheerleaders 175 Earnest, Garland Andrew 59, 150, 151 Bennett, Ronald Edwin 53,141,160 Berry, Carolyn Ranelle 53, 134, 140, 146. Bishop 147,157 Dale Franklin 83 144 Bishop, Linda Kay 53,140, 144,146, 170 171 Bishop Norma Jean 53, 127, 140, 146, 148 Blackmon, Doris B. 28 Blackstock, Preston Earle 54 Blackwell, Robert Judson.41 Blaskovvitz, Richard Rondeau 83 Bloxdorf, William Otto Bogan, Mozelle 47 Bolton, Thomas Clifford Boothe, Daniel Eugene 83 Boozer, Mary Janice 83, 146, 165, 166, 170 Botts, Brenda Joyce 54, 146, 166 Boyter, Donna Gene 83,146,165,166,170 Brabham, John Jeffrey 54 Bradey, Alan Richard 83 Bradley, Vicki Jane 83 Brady, Sandra Elaine 83,163,165 Brandon, Steven Lynn Brayton, Francis DuWayne 230 Brazeale, C. 0.47 Brinkley, Earline 47 Brookshire, James David 84 Brown, Elbert Hagood, Jr. 54 Brown, Helen Ophelia 54 Brown, Pamela 55,155 Browning, Patrick Edward 84, 168 Bruce, Charles V. 24, 30, 31 Bruce, Mrs. C. V. 47 Bruce, Mary Jo 84, 148 Bruce, Robert Edgar 55 Bruin, David Lawson 84 Bryant, Johnny 47 Bryant, Phillip Steven 84 Bryant, Roy 47 Burgess, Marie T. 36, 37, 167, 184, 185 Burnette, Heyward Bennie 84, 109, 153 Burnette, James Richard 84, 153, 170 Burnette, Mary Ellen Burns, Tina Eugenia 83, 141, 144, 147, 148 Burrell, Linda Gail84,122,145,148 Burress, Thomas Joseph Bush, Melden Lee Byars, Kenneth Gillespie 85 C Caldwell, Laura Edith 26 Calvert, Dewey L.24, 36,37 Calvert, Louise 47 Calvert, Phillip Wayne 85 Campbell, Beverly Eugene 85 Campbell, Carl G. 23 Campbell, David Hobson 55 Campbell, George Heyward Campbell, Harriet Celia 55,136,147 Campbell, Helen Ruth 80, 85, 112, 125 133,136,141,147,148,149 Carpenter, Jane Elizabeth 85,96 Cartee, Brenda Sue 85, 95, 164, 165 Carter, George Austin, Jr. Carter Ronald Lee 55, 192, 194 Case, George Franklin, Jr. Cash, Laura 85,153,155 Cashion, Jack Wilbur 55 Cason, Richard Allen Catoe, Carl Woodrow, Jr. 56, 118, 119, 123 132,133,135,140,142,144,155,171: 194 Cheves, Wallace Beaufort 85 Childs, James Anthony 56 Childs, Sandra Elaine 85, 95, 141, 144, 145,147,153,166,174,185,186,187 Clark, Marion Eugene Clayton, Martha Lynn 50, 56, 166, 167 Clayton, Rose Neves 26 Clyborne. Charles Jerry 56 Coggins, Evelyn Jane 85 Coker, Michael Lee 56 College Choir 164 Collegiate Civitan Club 160 Collins, Grady 47 Collum, Alice Gertrude 85,127,165 Collum, Christine 85,96 Coln, Steve Jack Conder, Louie Welsh, lll56, 160,192, 193, 194, 197 Cook, Raymond Frank 57, 125, 160, 176 177,179,180,183 Cooper, Bertha Elaine 57 Cooper, Dwight Wilbur, Jr. 85 Cooper, Kenneth MacArthur 57, 140, 142 159 Corbin, Stephen Neil 57 Corderman, Evelyn 40 Costin, Winford Coley, Jr. 57, 79, 164, 165 Cottengim, David Emerson 57, 121, 177 178,179, 181,183 Cox, James Arthur 85, 142, 144 Craig, Donnie Seaborn 58, 160 Crain, John Alvin 58 Crain, Olive Snow 26,136,137 Cribb, David Samuel 85, 165 Cribb, Richard Boyd, Jr. 86 Cribb, William Larry 26,138,139 Crook, Joseph Earl, Jr. 86 Crook, Linda Diane 86, 147 Culbertson, Gary Young, lll58,153,165 Cunningham, Joel Keith 58, 160 D Dangerfield, Larry Benjamin 58, 176, 177, 190, 191 Daniels, Thomas Wayne 58 Dantzler, Eluid Olin, Jr. 86, 195 Davenport, Susan Kay 86, 165 Davis, Marian Emily 35 Davidson, Addie Christine Dean Crain Ministerial Band 142, 143 Dean Howard Literary Society 150, 151 Dean, Everette Mendel, Jr. 86 Dempsey, Benjamin Franklin, Jr. 86 Dickenson, Billy Garnett 86 Dillard, John A. Dillard, Sheryl Lynn 59 Dodgens, Doris Evelyn 86, 156, 157 Donnan, Murphree C. 23 Dorman, Benjamin Harvey 86 Dow, Allie LaNelle 86,141,145,148,165 Dowling, Robert Havener 59. 150 Driggers, Orin Samuel 34, 35, 108, 149 153, 162 Duncan, Darrell Ellis 86 Durham, Steve Eugene E 154, 155 Edwards, Donald Andrew 86 Edwards, Eugene Leonard 59 Edwards, Linda Dianne 59, 132, 133, 134 135, 185,186, 187,201 Edwards, Luke Glen 86 Ellenburg, Dale Francis 86 Ellis, Augustin Furse, Jr. 87 Ellis, Junius Gather, Ill 59 Ellis, Melvin Dennis 60 Ellis, Richard Charles 87 Epperson, Hugh Wayne 87, 114 Epps, Clarence Layton Epps, Kitty Elizabeth Erwin, John Sevier 87, 160, 190 Esse Ouam Videre148, 149 Etude Honorary Society 162, 163 Keasler James Roy 92 Faun Phulup Jerone 87 142 Fannung Sandra Lynn 60 Farrow Joyce Garrett 35 Faulkner Ernest George Jr Fernandez Jose Antonuo 18 19 38 39 Fundley Frederuck George Jr 87 Funk Frances Pamela 87 147 Forrest Charlue May 87 Forrester Aluce Roberts 87 147 Foster Julua Ann 88 Fowler Ruchard Vearl60 79 176 177 Fowler Ronald Monroe 88 153 Freeman Wulluam Luther Ill 88 106 138 Gaullard Luther B Galloway James Thomas 88 Gambrell Danny Howard 60 Gantt John Jackson lll 88 160 Gantt Randy Albert 60 Garland Peggy Jean 88 Garrett Harruett Pamela Garrett James Ruchard 88 106 135 Garrett Roy 47 Gentry Thomas Wayne George Shurley Ann 61 140 146 Gubson John Hamulton Jr 88 Gullespue Aluce Januce 61 122 23 144 147 148 159 Gullespue Jan Thurston 61 144 Gulstrap Glenda Ann 89 146 166 Gulstrap Robun Mark 89 174 Golden Joseph Muchael 89 Gossett Nucholas Earle 89 Graham Wulluam Charles 89 106 165 Grant Davud Ray 89 160 190 Grant Ruchard Allen 89 Green Forrest Carlusle Jr 89 Greene Grady Rodgers 89 Greene John Warren 61 Grobe Paul Edward 89 129 Grubbs Danuel Lee 89 142 144 Grubbs Karen Lea 89 Guest Lena Ethel 32 144 Guy Mary Frances 89 129 Hagy Ruchard Wayne 89 Hale Wade Hampton 42 43 107 140 142 143 Hale Mrs W H 46 Hall Clune Edwun 44 Hall Alberry Clement 89 Hall Mark Henry 61 160 197 Hambrught Barry E 44 Hamulton Phullup Edward 90 Hancock Charlyn Ruth 62 146 Hannon John Thomas Jr Hardee Wulluam Phullup 62 146 165 170 Harden John Maxwell 90 Hardun Audrey Duanne 90 141 144 146 Harrus James Columbus Jr 62 150 151 Hartley Danuel Earl 62 107 140 141 142 144 Harvey Toya Allen 122 Haulter Judy 28 Hawkuns Margaret Reynolds 62 163 165 Hayes Lewus James 90 Hayes Muruam Duanne 90 122 134 146 148 157 Heatherly Multon Eugene 90 109 153 165 170 Henderson Aluce Page 62 Henderson Paulune 63 123 134 140 144 147 Henry Charles Seden II176 190 Herde Sandra Merrutt 63 Hester, Gary Alvun 63 Hester Terry Gene 63 Huatt, Joada 32, 33 Huckman J B 47 Hightower Carolyn Jean 90 147 166 185 Hughtower George Ernest 63 134 160 161 194 Hull Duanne Beverly Hull Ronald Edwun Hull Thomas Wulluam 90 165 Hulluard John Moseley 90 Hulton James Laddue 63 Huott Frank Mazon Jr 90 16 Huott Robert England Jr 90 Hodge Donnue Eugene 64 160 190 Holcombe Pearle 47 Hollus James Truman 90 103 Hook Robert Walter 90 Horton Danuel III64 160 161 Horton Lydua Ermune 64 123 134 141 146 162 163 164 165 Howard Alvun Claude 64 122 Howard Henry Jacob 24 33 150 151 Howard Paul 47 Howard Wulluam Harry 64 159 Howell Bullue Kaye 64 171 174 Howell Lunda Alvus 90 165 Hudson Muchael T Huff Eluzabeth Smuth 90 146 153 Huff Lunda Luculle 65 129 Huff Wanda Elaune 91 Huffman Sammy Leroy 50 65 121 133 138 160 193 Hughes Donald Ray 65 Hughes Susan Eugenua 91 145 146 165 Hughes Vuvuan Emuly 91 147 153 Hunter Rawlun Eugene 65 150 Hutto Franklun Tumothy 40 65 Hutto Peggy Jo 91 lsbull John Walker 65 160 161 Jackson Thomas Jehu Jr 91 Jackson Tommy Dene 91 114 Jarrell Wulluam Samuel 91 Ashley Lee 66 160 Jeffords Samuel Kung lll 91 Jenkuns Jane Erkes 92 Edgar Lee Jummy Norrus Luther Wullard Ruta Beth 92 147 Sherryl Ann 80 92 109 134 147 152 153 174 Johnston Glenda Carolyn 80 92 147 152 153 155 174 Jones Donna Carol Jones Jerry Alan 92 Jones Muchael Homer 66 Jones Vuckue Kay 92 144 147 155 166 169 184 185 Jeffcoat Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Kennemer Judy Karen 92 141 147 165 Khoe Dorus Carpenter 92 122 Khoe Ruchard0 30 31 Kulpatruck Brenda Duanne 93 152 165 Kung C B 47 Kurby Wayne Ray 170 Kurk Kathy Duanne Knox Samuel Blaur 93 Koutsky Duana Faye L Amrcale des Luvres 154 155 LaFoy Ruta Lorene 66 169 Lane Wullue Marvun Jr 93 194 Lawter Phyllus Duanne 66 120 132 146 166 167 185 Lawton Eleanor Gwen 32 153 168 League Robert Allen lll 93 Ledford, Stuart Chrustopher 93 Lee Harold, Jr Lee, James Edward 93 Lee James Henry Jr 93 Leslue Betty Jo 66 140 144 145 Letbetter Zane Kaye 66 116 117 118 136 140 141 144 147 171 Lewus Davud Ronald 67 129 192 193 Lumbaugh Ammon Matthew 87 93 163 Lundsey Thomas Danuel 93 128 Luttle Glenn Albert 93 150 155 Luvungston Nancy Jane 93 170 Loftus Susan Carole 67 170 171 236 Looper Gary Wendell 67 141 144 160 Looper James Maruon 93 Looper Looper Tommy Ervun 50 67 Lord Carolyn Berthene 93 156 Lord Wulluam Wallace 93 Lyda Mary Layne 67 132 133 148 Rufus Franklun Ill 67 McAmus Wulluam Clyde Jr 68 McCabe Robert Claude Jr 87 93 McCalluster Muchael Francus 94 McCaskull Patrucua Ann 94 185 McClellan John M 33 McCraw Jacquelune Jean 94 128 144 147 McDougald Scott Atchuson 94 McGraw Tanya Joanne 94 McHaffue Wulluam Arlen Mclntosh Claude Davud 94 Mclntosh Larry Allan 68 McKunney Jarrard Ford McKunney Raymond A 26 107 McKnught Tonu Eluzabeth 68 122 123 163 165 McKunney Sunue 47 McKunney Lulluan 47 McMullan Harry Ravan 50 68 121 138 McMurray Donuce Ellen 94 Mahaffey Muke Edward Mahefky Paul Francus 94 160 Malone Barbara Jane 94 Marett Eunuce Duane 94 146 165 Marlowe Ned Gardner 94 Marrett Marsha Lee 94 128 135 166 185 188 Martun Muchael Terry 94 Mason Januce Vurgunua 94 161 Mathena Randolph Ray 94 Meador Brenda Elaune 95 Meeks Davud Ruchard 68 134 138 152 153 Men s House Councul 138 139 Merrull Frank Thomas Jr 68 183 Merrull Rebecca Eluzabeth 95 148 165 169 Messer Gary Lee 69 Metcalf Jerald Henry Muchael Katherune Mary Muddleton Muchael Ralph 38 87 95 153 Muller Muller Muller Muller Muller Muller 165 Elaune Cooper 69 166 185 Garrett 69 Jewel Lee 38 39 John Charles 69 169 Martha Eluzabeth 69 166 Robert Leath 69 Munusterual Band 142 143 Mutchell James Raymond 88 95 Moehlenbrock Dorothy 34 35 Moehlenbrock Henry Bryson 70 Moon Joseph Carroll Mooney Lunda Eluzabeth 70 110 Moore Moore Moore Moore Morrus 1 Alexander Talley Jr 95 Alma 47 Rodney Wayne 95 169 Wanda Kay 70 Rosemary Elaune 95 1 Morrow, Patrucua Ruth 84, 95 10 O 'J V- y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y y Y Y Y 7 Y Y V u V 1 I y1- 1 1 I l U Y 7 Y l ," ' 4' ,. 10,190,191 1 ' ,', , 1 I y Y V Y Y Y ' Y Y Y Y 7 181 , ' , , 195 U 1 1 1 1 1 'Y Y 1 D ly G Y 'V Y I Y Y Y Q I Y . , ' , g uvu f ' , , ,160 1 ' ' f ' ', . ' 1 1 ' - , ' 1 1 141, Y . Y .I . Y Y Y Y ' H' ,1,14O, ', ,, , , Golightyly, Patricia Ann 61 Hurroirus Helena 42,91,'157,165,166 134, v141, 146, 148, '149,' 159, Y Y 1 Y Y Y Y Y I I Y Y . Y, - Y I Y J Y, . Y Y Y Y, 7 A 11 Y 1' 1 1 1 , YY ' ' ,' " , , ,15O, 1 , V -1 1 L - Z - l ' ' V v 'Y . . - .Y .ty , Y Y Y K . Y' . , 1 ' , A 1 , ,l52. Y 'I l 1 1 1 1 Y ' - A 1 y 1 l 6' y A L 1 1 165 ' ' ' ' , I , , ' , ' , A , . , , ' ' , ,111,120 , ' , , , , , ' , , , 133, 125,139 231 142,169,171 Murphy, Lauren 95, 166,185, 186,187 Murrell, Stanley Robert 96, 153 N Neely, Thomas Lawton 22 New, Carolyn 96,127,147,153,198 Nicholson, Charles Edward, Jr. 0 Owens, Mikell Gasoue 96 P Pace, William Hancel, Jr. 96, 142 Page, lra Larry 70 Page, Mary Janice 96,141,147 Palmer, William Robert Parker, Jeneelia 47 Parkinson, Caroline Louise 25, 70, 170 Parks, Ronald Joseph 70, 138, 141, 142 143, 144 Patrick, Coleta Dianne 71, 79, 141, 144 148, 170 Payne, Henry Lewis 71,142 Payne, Jonathan Powell Perry, Carroll Malcolm Phillips, John Michael 71 Physical Education Council 166, 167 Phi Beta Lambda 156 Phi Theta Kappa 158, 159 Pittman, Mildred 47 Plumblee, James Mark 71 Poole, Derrolyn D. 38 Poole, Frank Elliott 196 Poole, Larry Eugene 96 Porter, Peggy Jean 96 Porter, Thomas Wayne 96 Price, Cynthia Diana 71, 109,127, 146,152 153, 168, 199, 200 Price, Robert Alex 96,141,142,144,145 Prince, Barbara Annette 71, 141, 146, 163 Proctor, Dan W. 42, 43, 159 Proctor, Gary Evans 36, 45, 97 Proctor, Launita 36, 45 Proctor, Mary Jo 174 Pym, Virginia Ann 72,146,165 Q Quarles, James William 72, 109,138, 140, Quinn, Thomas Edward 97 R Raines, Helen W. 26 Reddick, Jeffrey Lane 97,190 Reddick, Phyllis 28 Reece, Ronald Chester 72, 160, 190 Reeves, Margaret 40 Rhodes, John Philip 97,160 Rice, Ernest Gary 170 Richards, David Lee 97,142,164 Rickard, Clifton Glen 72, 138, 139, 193 196 Riddle, Amanda Gail 72 Riddle, Toni Cheryl 72, 113, 120,136,140 147,162,163,165 Roberts, Jimmy Bruce Robertson, Ashley LaMont 97, 102 Robertson, Joyce 27 Robertson, Lena Elizabeth 88, 96, 97, 141 145, 147, 170 Robertson, Ophelia Jane 41, 97, 147, 148 198 Robinson, Dwight Arthur 34, 35 Robinson, Harriett Pamelia 97 Robinson, Ronald Lee 97,176,181,183 Rochester, Donald Bruce 97, 165 Rogers, Daniel Steve 73, 123 Rogers, Jackie Gordon 73 Rollins, Eugene Curtis 97 Roper, Carey McGee 45 Roper, Robert Talmadge, Jr. 31, 41 Ross, Helen Jeanette 97 Ross, Linda Kay 73,122,159 Rowell, Joyce Elizabeth 97 Runion, Charles Randall 98 232 Runyan, Michael Edward 80, 98, 109, 129, 133,138,153,165 S Salter, James Walker 73,123,142 Sammons, Bill 47 Sandel, William Herbert 98 Sanders, Dallas Ray Sanders, William Richard Sawyer, Linda Galle 73, 120, 133, 168, 169, 198 Sayer, Edith Angie 46 Schumpert, Diane 73, 126, 134, 166, 167, 174,184,185,187,198 Schwartz, James Allen Seals, John Strom 98 Seay, Larry Edward Senn, David Harold 74 Shackleford, Joy 45 Sherbert, Betty Jo 46, 74, 134, 140, 144, 148, 149 Sheridan, David Michael 98 Sherman, Josephine 47 Shore, Kenneth Michael Silvers, Nancy Revona 98 Skyliner Staff 168, 169 Slagle, Carolyn Sue 98, 141, 144, 147,148 Slatton, Elaine 29 162,163,164,165 Taylor, Shelby Diane 99 Teague, Sammy Kay Thigpen, Michael Landon 76 Thompson, Mason Anthony 76 Thompson, Patricia Ann 99, 198 Thrasher, Christopher Jones 99 Thrasher, Terry Benjamin Tingle, Doris 40 Tingle, Jack Berner 100 Tingle, Neal Mines Sr. 26, 27, 47 Tingle, Neal Mines, Jr. 76 Tinsley, Elbert 47 Tollison, Daniel Nalley 100 Tong, Rebecca Rose 76, 136, 170, 165 Tonnsen, James Melvin 77,168,190 Tribble, Alice Gillespie 27,84 Tribble, Vallie 27 Trustees 25 Tucker, Turner Turner Turner Turner, Turner 144: 1 1 Jerome Kenneth David Gray 100, 153, 165 Eugene Howard, Jr. 100, 190 Revonda Lee 77, 201 Roderick Christopher 100 Thomas Wayne 100, 122, 141, 142 165 Sloan, Glenda Guynelle 40, 74, 170 Sloan, Gloria Dianne 74, 122 Smith, Amelia Ruth 98,147,156, 157,199 Smith, Danny Carl 74, 79, 138, 153, 155 Smith, James Thomas 98 Smith, Kenneth Perry 98 Smith, Lucia Dianne 98 Smith, Michael David 74, 138, 139, 154, 155 Snow, Laura Ann Sock 'n' Buskin Society 152, 153 Southerlin, Claudia Diane 98 Southerlin, William 29, 47 Speck, Cynthia Jean 98 Splawn, Sandra Lou 38, 98, 147 Sprouse, Veda 33, 148, 171 Steinmetz, Christopher Ernest 98 Stevens, Archie Poe 98, 142, 171 Stewart, Henry Thomas Stiles, Richard Scott 99 Turpin, Garry Vaughn 100, 155 V Varn, Sidney Franklin, Jr. 100 Vernon, Carolyn Ann 77, 112, 167, 174, 201 Vickery, Judith Ruth 77, 120, 155, 170, 171, 237 Volunteer Band 144, 145 W Walker, Brena 32,114 Walker, John H. 42, 43 Waltz, Freddie Clinton 101 Walworth, Rebecca Alma 100, 147, 155 Ward, Betty 29 Warren, Harry Eugene Warren, Stephen Randy 126 Watson, John Carter 95, 101, 165 Weatherford, Marion Randall 77 Webb, Bill James Whisnant, Charles Ronald 101 Whitehead, Byron James 101 Stokes, Lawrence Dale 99 Stokes, Nelson Lawton 99 Stone, George Mac 75,141,144,155,162, 163, 164, 165 Story, Bonnie Dale 99 Story, Gloria 28, 29,46 Stout, Maude C. 40, 41 Student Government Association Executive Council 132,133 Student Government Association Judicial Council 135,136 Student Government Association Repre- sentative Council 134, 135 Strange, Dene 27 Strange, Edgar Sarrell, Jr. 26,27 Stroud, Thomas Perry 193 Sullivan, Alice 106 Summey, Betty Anne 99 Surett, Linda Louise 75,151,174 Swanger, Gary David 75, 190 Swayngham, Ellen Mae 50, 75, 134, 136, 147,166, 167,185,201 Swillen, William Edgar, Jr. 75 Swink, Kenneth Earl, Jr. 75, 142, 165 Syfrett, Carol Loleita 76, 140, 144 T Talmadge, Paul A. 23, 45, 133, 155 Tankersley, Harvey, Jr. 37. 177 Tankersley, Lewis Carlton, ll 99 Tanner, Benjamin Perry, lll Tant, Ernest Jerry Taylor, Bobby Wayne 142 Taylor, Margaret K. 29 Taylor, Sally Diane 76, 141, 147, 148, 149, Whitfield, Wilton Melvin, Jr. 77 Whitlock, Rickie Joseph 101 Whitmire, Michael Ted 101 Wickliffe, Walter Harry 101, 190 Williams, Govie LaVerne, Jr. 101, 127 Williams, Linda Dianne 78, 109, 110,123 125,201 Williams, Roger Crafton, Jr. 101 Willis, Hiram Bedell92,101 Willis, Martha Gaynell 101, 156, 185,200 Willis, William Flay 78, 106,176,177 Wilson, Wilson, Alene L. 29 Danny Lee 78 Wilson, David Lee 78,134, 144 Wilson Jane Elfreida 80, 101, 146, 148 165, 166, 171 Wilson, Kenneth Michael 78, 121, 176 180, 183, 177 Wilson Rethia Dianne 101 Women's House Council 136, 137 Worley, Bobby 47 Worley, Harry Sam, Jr. 36, 37, 190 Worley, Ronnie 47 Wood, Delane 31 Wood, James Alfred, Jr. 101, 165 Wood, Sylvia 8.27, 30 190 Woods, Kenneth Carlton 101, 103, 160, Y Young, Lloyd Michael 102 Young Woman's Auxiliary 146, 147 Youngs, Robert David 102 Z Zimmerman, Carolyn Ann 84, 102 Zipperer, Lee H. 192 l l i l l i l l , l l l i 'L 'm 1 :."'Y Q X fprwxk gi ,wx 32 X . X fn, s ,, ,Ji 'X ' A A 1 fix 2 in Y ' el . A . '. Q- -. 1 .E gSi,,Q.',f m'-NS W X Sy- , M xx I xx gr x Q , - 'S 3 Q ' 1 ' ' 'Y 1. N- , Q J ' MS" Q ffxywx xl J kgx Em X Q , 'f' xx . fi VQWQQ ,, , ' fhw X 1 Xwwbmx X' V , ax 'xx' gk s -x uw ' xi k 1+ f 1 D U Dear Friends, The advertising section of a yearbook is more than extra pages in the back of the book for students to use for autographs. lt is the representation of the cooperation of many people. First, the cooperation of the business establishments of the neighboring communities has been obtained, and the Aurora staff is proud of their accomplishments in the business world. Second, is the cooperation of the Aurora business staff in making visits to these firms and companies. The staff members spent many hours in securing these advertisements, and l am grateful for their help. Third is the cooperation in financing the Aurora. This area includes the student body of North Greenville and the leaders of all campus organizations. l am also indebted to the clerical staff for their help in keeping records of the finances through the organizations and advertisements. Nlany years from now we can look back to the 1968 Aurora and recall the memories we have formed at North Green- ville. People from all walks of life will see this yearbook, making it an advertisement in itself. Thank you for your support and for being a part of a successful year at North Greenville. Sincerely, SUSAN LOFTIS BUSINESS MANAGER 234 'Ds Dear Friends In the early part of the flrst semester the yearbook staff examlned our college We began to gether thoughts concernlng a theme for the book There were many suggestlons but we flnally declded on The Aurora Reflects Many Moods To all the section editors the business staff the typlsts the photogra phers and the compilers of the dlrectorles andthe Index l am very grateful for work done faithfully and dlllgently Also our faculty advisor lVlrs Veda Sprouse was a great help to the staff because we were forever asklng questlons and seeklng suggestlons We the Aurora staff feel lndebted to her and to all the other members of the faculty staff and admlnlstratlon lVlany others helped In the publlshlng of our annual and to them we would also llke to leave a word of thanks Keys Prlntlng Company our prlnter who deflnltely had all the patlence In the world wlth us Sump on Photo Servlce for thelr sklll and their promptness In returnlng our plctures Rawllns Allen for the beautiful portraits of the freshmen sophomores faculty staff and admlnlstratlon and lVlr Jack Smlth and has son who took tame to take the organlzatlon plctures Almost everyone has been thanked for helping wlth the publlcatlon except one bug group you the students Wlthout the student body there would not be a North Greenville Junior College nelther would there be a yearbook So thank you students for our college and for our 1968 Aurora Smcerely JUDY VICKERY EDITOR 1 . . . H - 1 ,Y 1 1 1 ' 1 1 . , , . 1 - 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 , S, Y ' 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 , I Y - 1 1 . 1 235 The AU RORA'S moods are flmshed but the memorues linger ' f MLP' J '-f',ii?"', 45, 1 V W QV TW? 1' ,f -7, My M I4 :guy ., ,,..l, , f' X txigf, 4, We Ziff , ,X N- ' W "f i ff " Wx!! 1 " FAZW-1' 'ff I V' kg? N' f f .Lfwwk 'J' -f'TL , Q X W ff if if A ' intl ,. 'UC' ' iii +5 f 1 fu Qvwgnz wxggwgff' L1 V 5 -W - 5 f W, i X4 5 If-f MA 1.12 w Nw- ' 1 Qs' X 4 z A 1- 7 ,. ,j,jy:2j' ' Viv 4U'J 5 QQ' my 5-'ff . , f-LM W w 2 -I Z My x Aff A, 111.5 I . .' z my M 5 .iifk-N: .0 'f , M , 236 x- .6 1 44 A I S I 0 E E I 4 '1 'I .X At the foothills of the mountains 'Neath the azure sky, Stands our noble Alma lVlater As the years go by. Excelsior is our motto. Greatness without fail. Hail to thee, Our Alma lVlater, Hail, North Greenville, Hail! For our ideals and traditions Praises still are rung, Cherished as in yesterday When our school was young. When in pleasure and in trials We depart from thee, Worthy sons and worthy daughters lVlay we prove to be. North GreenviIle's seal is designed to represent the purpose for which the school was established. The Bible signifies the Word of God as the foundation of Christian faith and learning. The torch represents progress and enlightenment through education. The olive wreath stands for honor and excellence. The torch and the date, 1892, superimposed on the open Bible denote academic excellence in a Christian environment. 1 4' fa N ,K x sr " " 256 S 5- T 4 , ,, Q .. . .... V X1 v. og Q. L t . I I ,W S, , 0. 8 v "-KV oe Q' i t 0 L. lf, Q69 TH GRE5 JD 1103 4215 f as QQ' Vg 0711 0011 ' AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS 7I I I I I I I I II I I I I I I, I I I I I I I Ii ,I I I I ' I I I I I I I I ,, P

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