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A 1' w' I 1- ' "' ' ' s V' 'U ' 'N 1.. '- Qi-f 'tw:',' ., ., , 4 lx ' f . - w V' I ' 5 g. V :w .g? ' A 1 A.1 W 4 -1 4 . f'-e ' -" f' '1 ,-' ' -' - 1 ,.,'g,i -Hu w 9 -Q Ax' my ' , Ng'-,'-rg.,"1'-' , x I 'IN' "":. -K 5ln5".:EJl I ' .lm '- lx I ' I ' X I I v v- . 1 ll -- Y 0' sl. "yall "n',I ' I ' Q :N hall 'I' ' ' 1 fh 4 . , I '- I4 'IM .EL 'u I IL M nn 5 J I x. 14 S7 '54 :Y 7' '4 0 5 ik o ,' U jp, 0 ssn U ' . Rv X. 1. 1 , . .J N, ...,- 3 on wsnf ,L-.L A, JMX, .M 1 ,hx n H Uv ,Lx fs, ss L. L ,f Ll egg.. n l Lili sl QL ,UIQ Xl TTT! YVTXTID ox LJ ss Q nf no A -3 K, ,, 1 ,N- J -ff 1 N s 1 sgsfvmv 111 nM 1X if w , ,L fL" 1 1 f F . L. . - - .bi -..f Q N.J A.- J Tigerville, South Carolina NANCY EVATT f Editor POOCHIE DeMARS f Business Manager MRS. T. T. DILL MRS. GARY KING f Sponsors I-tesfrsr MRESTECHGE F.5bs'as'3f Norm Creme-maze Jr. Coiiege Tigervnle, S. C. DAUGHTER OF THE DAWN N' K K V V: ,, ' F' ','G17N If lf fi Algf mfrfyfu l As the darkness of night fades, the sun rises with all its glory across the mountain peaks to bring the challenges of a new day. The morning mist, hovering over the earth as a mother protecting her rises to display the real beauty of God's creation. With the sun another day begins for those on the North Greenville Junior College Campus. Few persons ever view this miraculous show of beauty, but those who do will never forget the thrills that the early mornings brought them while they were at North Greenville. 5 A ,. 1 g.,. xrf-1' -'-. ' - we 5 ,,L,.-,,..,...-,... N3 ',':F,,, A i X,-1 -"f ff ,ilb-Lrlrduv, nf-fa L child 3 ,- it 1 ,ii 'l' 'ml' iw,,'K' ' i ix npr 1 yi :X , ,Ji , - . K iii' ii f ' ' 1 ' f ' M i W V X ,-- , 1, i 1 ii. k, Y YU, I, X it 11 will aiiuiaiini iiii time i will i l N , Y , 1 'f ,' 'Q l ' - f - i i ,Y , X M is f 7:40 All listen as David Bates directs morning devotions. 7:45 7145 AAM- P- E- is for the BYfdS - St0UdeU1HY61', The shrill jangling of the alarm clock awakens the student for a day of work, study, classes, recre- ation, and little rest. VVith the bed slightly made and the room slightly messed, it's "out and up" to breakfast. Devotions at 7:40 A.M. officially begin the day. At 8:00 A.M. the day begins in earnest. Wliile the teacher checks the roll, the student forces the last thought of sleep out of his mind to listen to the attempts of the in- structor to inform him of some new facts and to answer some of the questions created by today's world. Chapel at 10:00 A.M. provides opportunity for each student to de- termine the true meaning of spirit- ual life at NC. 4 and Mills. 8:00 Wait for the bell! 4 4 8:00 10:00 'r V , Nxu ,L AX. , M ' 'qi I " ... 5, 'f- 0. my-. fe M2 1 I 71' - ,sn .1-iv I, . , U, 3 s' 00" i F."-nf. I' ' J' ,Cl v N I P -' -. ' 0, . Agn -W 1 n --. I? Think of those poor people in the 8:00 cafetena. Chapel meets twice a week - Mon- day and Wednesday at 10:00 A.M. X-bf ,,,,,,..--f-'Y Who moved the "V"? It was here a minute ago. ,ti " A w an W X 1 Q X M W 0 he H1 ' Ml, ' ku Q N SE Y ix xv WN NM . We .w x- My X E w k 'X W 0 w 'WN f ' L -mn 5 1 , W 4 A in 1 1 v x- 111. W xW WW 1WWW,.,, f f 'U ,U--'r-Y, w W , W- ,iv ,M wi, ,Mw.,x..il1, 11.11 lim i,i.1,LWwi. .111 X, x, wi fp r Uxhwv w i , ,f,."Y H 1 HU'-fr f,u, , 'Jw ig'w,w5U3,2:wMWx x ,Ui QQ-11Wi M5511 1w'1:va'1, wx' X. .nfl .'WL1 ,. iii 4 Wg, iW ii' 1,, ,L L,,, ,, ' ' ' U XM wx' "lW"V Mi' " I" 'iiwpug LWfhfnv1rW1W1W'i"-dw!1, 'W vii wx 'wmmi w',Ww.. nf .,W ,i H ,, W'v NW, , -1 A i N, -. ,kW - mW- - W' W Ww UWM' W W WLM 'lwlm iii, UWM 'LW iiW1WiiIki ,f EWWWMJ ' X Ai',u dee, W W , .. .enum Y,., VXV. .,- ,, ,,,, 'I' WW' ww ii vwji ihnuifi, irL,HW1uuWf MMM L,'-Mfriiuu win 'LJHLWQ Quim- ix ,, ,Ye Wi N X 11:00 6 S Arn' Once in 21 while the mail gets here on Are these boys working on their P. P. Degree? time. fi? ja W , A . 1 ,J ic 12:15 1:00 A? 'X 'nf ,Q n'. L ,fx -Hu wg .4 Q.. fpa W ffk, I A 1 vu-I K. 'NWC . If we only had that second line! Not everyone spends his free time trying to view the campus from the roof of the Science Building. V t .lf -:L 1:00 I would never get any sleep if I didn't have this class! I "Red", show everyone 2,00 how it's done. 2:00 The worms were treated pretty rough that day. W Y f. 3 f ' r N bags , '-,,,, ,xx gs-gx , 1 r I Y , , X W w w 1 5 1 i. gifs r-.m:'-A--1 , -X . X f"f - 1 .Ag.a1:faIg,'+fZ '-' eff ., -Y " A Y Practice makes perfect. 4, ie r 2:15 Where's the station wagon, Ron? "Good afternoon, North Greenville Junior College." Tigerville Shopping Center. 4:00 Practice did not make perfect. 190 A, Ut 4 5:00 I know I should jump over, but I ca.n't. MQ, , ".r , I, I ' G25 - 69' 5 x V ,N ,gp lf! , Yr-jnttggismi '5fl"'1"I' A ,I , ,xx W5 I if ,I y .l'1 I -nuj '-:ii is .ml L' Mn :'iiiv1uiimu'ilL:, L"i'iwjfi'iy fi pUu'iiUfCi if' fin, X , EKU lFi'iiL"QiimfiiLQ. 4f?wuY 1iUx,. lim' iwdil 1-zniumif' hifi' fthe giuuls i iv is Qlnii' nwiiiig. Tiiif ingsliiiicm girls K l 4- A if ,Q U W xg fl ,N ,Ax H snr wi .ii is wgl wi Jim.-ncaa :,iL'ilUm', mimi UMC Qifwviiiov- Mn 1 L'L.:., u'.i1'.-fl 1 1 ,1 ix jpillii. H IMUil'LL'y MKQMJLXUMLLE wining' i'lUviLI 1i'5i'ri'ifr mine li'i'wi1M'v iii 3,1 iidfiiiw 'yQvii:H1C1Q i nwifh mir: is ii iw:-ggeyiiiwgliiei Mi Wwgfpamng gpeicifil 6:30 Is this lovers' lane? i 1 71-i"1U1'L'L , W' iw 14451 ,' WHNLM ,Li iiiicllmlii 1 1 , i 7:30 "Ceel I hate to leave this campus," says 6:15 Madeline and Orly talk over plans for Curry. the future. 6,00 Two became one. 10 I'--va-..,-Q. ,W ,...w U . . UW vii' , 1591, qi gig , i' W -uf T X Zn' A , M2 Y , xngvgif-',391,V. il iffQH7Fi.Qf ' "eff i ' ' , .Gift 'V H M " x ,, 'II X Mhi' l ' , , 4,,-1' I yu'-o. Always someone has to assign a "term paper." fe, .qw f,f"f,.1 7:30 Sylvia is a good influence on her roomie, Brenda. 7:50 The one out of a hundred at N. C 5 1 1. Q 5 Z 1 E 2 ? i 5 9 l pnpnll 10:00 Choices - choices - choices. 11:30 Sweet dreams, Gene. At 9:55 P.M. the girls gather for devotions While the boys have individual devotions in their rooms. After devotions, "the breakv, a time to relax, is observed differently by every student. Some enjoy going to the canteen, others enjoy water fighting, while others prepare for bed. Thus, at the end of the day the students schedule has included his classes, which increase his understanding of the World, chapel, which is the religious part of the day, meals, which give him energyg labs, which enrich his studies, devotions, which give spiritual guidance, study, which We all call a necessary evil, and then rest, which involves that personal touch from one of the deans. At the end of one day, the student has only to await the arrival of the next day, which may bring a beautiful sunrise or the sound of falling rain. 9:55 We give thanks for this day at North Greenville lam 12 I K 1 E 1 r y f' hu. .-eq! "Q .a 1 s 0 .v . Aki' if v vq gf 4 . , O MIG: ,MMMMVWWW MW MWxX x X P 4" 1 ts X ,Q 'X s.. 1 5 1 XXX X x THE YEAR ADMINISTRATION Sz FACULTY ---IM ------ 18 CLASSES EEJEEEEEEE ,ET-.,Ed--- 34 ORGANIZATIONS A A S . A112 'Bug- Vx 6 ,1 ,Z YZ H VQLJ i f ATHLETICS AAAAAAAASS T SASS .,H,A. , -- ,SSSA.,ASASSK , S168 ADVERTISEMENTS Q 1 N I 1 Hesw' FT..'1Qm:Tri31 LEEWSW ggggj Cpyfgm-,ffzk , JV. COHGSG TigQfVUiQ, S. Co FEATURES --.V E 148 A 4-2465, ii A Admired by the faculty, administrators, and students because of their zeal and devotion in helping students at North Greenville to respect the spirit of our Christian campus, they practice what they believe. They have the ability to command respect and yet be com- panions, to teach and yet learn, and to set outstanding examples for those with Whom they come in contact. Because of their ardent interest in and enthusiasm for music, they work to make North Greenvilleis music department one of the best in the state. Their untiring efforts in music classes, their personalized teaching, and their diligent direction of the choir all go hand in hand. It is with deep gratitude that we, the AURORA Staff, dedicate this the 1964 AURORA to Mr. and Mrs. L. Bracey Campbell, Ir. Mr. Campbell - a man always on the go. QF' f, Mr. and Mrs. Campbell with their daughter, Lydia ,Al-l Mrs. Campbell plays for choir re- hearsals while Mr. Campbell directs the choir. I6 MW Mrs. Betty S. Campbell Mr. L. Bracey Campbell, Ir ! I I I 1 1 1 6 X I w 1 AURORA AURORA AURORA ADMINISTRATION FACULTY AURORA AURORA AURORA President Thomas L Neely Mr. Neely's duties as President of North Greenville are endless. He can usually he found on campus-working in his office, talking with the administration and faculty, checking on the construction work, teaching the leadership class, or chatting with a student. Despite his heavy schedule, much of his time is spent away from the college. A few of his many activities are serving as a member of the Foreign Mission Board, representing North Greenville at associational meet- ings, representing the school at meetings of organizations of which the school is a memhcr, speaking at churches on week-ends, speaking for M-night, and holding revivals. In the spring the Foreign Mission Board will send Mr. Neely to Nicaragua for a two-week tour, during which time he will speak at Baptist missions and ehurclies. llc will hold a revival one week. Truly, President Neely is a man of many aeeomplishments and many talents ' " ' -'- llia dfriendly as a leader of a large and growing organization, ytt ht is hum i Q in to all. as-.fqii-F'i"'fA"' j Mr Neely gives advice to Mike concerning S. G. A. work. ' To the Class of 1964: Two years ago you came to this campus seeking an academic education. Now you have reached that goal. Something else has taken place during these two years that you may not recognize. A gradual change has taken place in you so that you will never be the same again. You have received much more than two years of education. The organiza- tions of the campus, the chapel programs, the influence of consecrated faculty members, and the contact with classmates have brought about this change. You have not been conscious that this was happening to you, and yet, you will feel its effects the rest of your life. Its influence will color your future attitudes and actions. You will be judged as a North Greenville graduate. As you go, remember that the college needs your concern and your prayers. Tell other young people about your Alma Mater. Visit the campus at every opportunity. Use your influence in every way possible to sustain North Green- ville and to keep her for future generations. Thus, you can show your gratitude. And now, as you leave this hill, we assure you of our love and best wishes. T. L. Neely 1 1 I i x 'i" H l w3:Qniilt'aafwLf?il 7 l tl ll I l 1 l CHARLES V. BRUCE Business Manager Administration The members of the administration are constantly striving to improve North Greenville. Their activities include enriching the courses of study, processing student applications for admission to North Greenville, managing the financial problems, providing adequate library facilities, and directing the general proce- dures of the school. HENRY j. HOWARD DEWEY L. CLAVERT Dean of Instruction Registrar EDITH SAYER MURPHREE C. DONNAN Librarian President Emeritus iff, K L 21,274-pf-' if all Q -ii, with ii - f ' ,' l 127 'N 5 :Qi wiki- Ei, ,- if fx ,yew . ii' T 'ff ,. V fi . -4 3, ix 7 l-MY: if f 'r U51 , 1 l uuunnnu-n-nuns - l -vnqn. MRS. ALICE TRIBBLE Director of Publicity wmn.-4 MRS. CAROLYN SPROUSE Secretary to Business Manager MISS IUANITA COPELAND Administrative Secretary Office Staff 249' NWVW I, Y ,- ,Aft A MRS. SUE IOYNER MRS. DELORES ROVVELL Secretary to Dean of Instruction Secretary to Registrar MRS. CRAWFORD PRICE Secretary to Business Manager I l Deans ln their own ways both Mrs. Crain and Miss Alverson strive to be mothers to each of the girls. As deans they have varied responsibilities to fulfill. Each performs her duties with diligence and understanding. Because they are firm in their beliefs in the North Greenville tradition, they are admired and respected for their decisions. The Dean of Men, Bob Couch, is at home at North Greenville. He was a campus leader when he was a student here. As counselor for the men on campus. he is an advisor as Well as a friend. The men re- spect his opinions ancl appreciate his concern for their Welfare. We are fortunate at North Greenville to have three deans who are adequately prepared for their responsibilities. BETTY 1. ALVERSON Dean of Women B.A., Furman University M.A., Carver School of Missions and Social Work. 24 OLIVE GRAIN Dean of VVomen A.A., North Greenville junior College Junior College 'T ROBERT COUCH Dean of Men AA.. North Greenville junior College BA., Furman University: further study, Furman University Staff NEAL TINGLE Supervisor of Grounds A.A., North Greenville junior Collegeg BA., Carson-Nexmnan College EDITH CALDWELL Dietician A.A., North Greenville Junior Collegeg B.S., Lander Collegeg further study, University of Tennessee. 'mm ,f GRADY REESE, Campus Carpenter ROSE CLAYTON Nurse R.N., Baptist Hospital awww' Nlrss Elm 'luttlt trllxs with Mr Bruce md Mrs Duarte about her sa... .'.'5."",..... 4 A ..- T 5 amz' exif? 5 i . Charles V. Bruce Gwendolyn C. Duarte Bu.s-incss Low, Accozmtimq Typing, Shorthand, B.A., Kentucky Wesleyan Bzisiness English Collegeg M.A., George B.S., NVinthrop Collegeg Peabody College, further M.A., Furman University. study, University of Kentucky. Business Electives Dr. Paul Talmadge, pictured with Dr. Stover, Guidance Counselor, teaches Speech and Religious Education. Three of our electives are Art Apprecia- tion and Health, taught by Mrs. T. T. Dill, and Music Appreciation, taught by Miss Robyn Lovvorn. ' if 5. xl lx Iean Martin Flynn Henry I. Howard Iournalism, English English B.A., XVinthrop Collegeg B.A.. Furman Universityg BLA., University of South M.A., University of South Carolina: further study, Carolinag graduate study, University of Oklahoma, George Peabody College, Furman University, Universitv of Virginia. University of South 1 Carolina. English Miss Flynn discusses The Slcgfliner with Dem Hou 1rd 'Qi-37 Veda B. Sprouse Lena Ethel Guest English English A.A., North Creenville B.A., Berea Collegeg Junior Collegeg B.A., Blue M.R.E., Carver School of Mountain College: M.A., Missionsg further study. Duke Universityg graduate Appalachian State study, WVinthrop College. Teachers College. Mrs. Sprouse, Miss Cuest, and Mrs. King investigate ways to improve the English Department. Ann Baker King English A.A., North Greenville junior Collegeg B.A., Furman University: graduate work. Furman University. H :story Bennett E. Humes H istory B.A., East Texas Baptist Collegeg M.A., Stephen F. Austin Collegeg further study, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. ',,??,i3a' f 5' at I if l 5 ,. ,aff ' A Q6 ,stef V - .fit 's Sat- Sv W .WA , ag 'atm 3. i it Q S A ', .,,, QQ5' ' 1 -L ' , W, nr it 'C' L2w:,, f 't si O Mathematics Robert I. Blackwell Mathematics B.S., Furman University: graduate study, Clemson. Robert T. Roper, Ir. Mathematics B.A., Furman University, M.A., Furman Universityg B.D., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, further study, Furman University. Hugo A. Duarte Government, Spanish A.A., North Greenville Junior Collegeg B.A., Furman Universityg M.A., Duke University. L. Byron Harbin Bihle, Religious Education, Greek A.A., Norman College, B.A., Mercer University, B.D., Th. D., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Miss Derminer and Mr. Duarte try out new lab equipment. Z Vx '4But Mr. Roper, that's not a right triangle." Modern Languages 7 ' '7 Q ' i .4 , , N i Q Q A nw , I . Nancy Derminer French A.B., Limestone Collegcq M.A., University of North Carolinag further study, Furman University, University of North Carolina. Jewel Lee Miller French A.B., XYon1z1n's College of Furman l'nix'e1'sity: further study at Coiiversi College. llI1iVC1'sily' of South Carolina. QL. S, V , , i 'Q , KZ' - 5 , x 1' I X 'WGA Awwfafwmv 1 i ln v:-1-1 .........,. Mr. and Mrs. Campbell work very hard to prepare the ehoir for their trip to the Southern Baptist Convention. Betty S. Campbell Theory, Voice B.M., Mississippi College, Louisiana State Universitvg M.M., Converse College, Coneorclia College Christiansen Choral School, Northwestern University: Further stucly, Colorado State College of Education: Columbia University. Robyn E. Lovvorn Piano B.M., Converse College: M.F.A., University of Ceorgiag further study, Yale University. s- ' Ioyce Ann Garrett Organ, Piano A.A., North Creenville Iunior C-ollegeg B.A., Furman University: graduate work, Converse College. 711 Q' gs1g51gg,gyw. s ss. ss r .sr ,-is 5 1 - Sf. p A -. kts: ' L. Bracey Campbell, jr. Voice, Choir B.S., Mississippi College, Louisiana State Universityg M.M., Converse College, XVofforcl College, Concordia College, Christiansen Choral School, Northwestern University: M.S.M., Southern Baptist Theologieal Seminary: further stucly, Columbia University. Music Miss Lovvorn pauses to think of her stock in the Chrysler Corporation. Natural Sciences B. Michael Gibson, Jr. Chemistry, Physics- B.S., Furman Universityg further study, HI know that I put a paramecium in one of these jarsf, Clemson College' T'-df -4..Nf'l Elsie Florence Tuttle Geology, Economics B.Ed., Illinois State University, University of Chicago, Northwestern Universityg NIA., George Peabody College for Teachersg further study, University of Louisiana, George Peabody College for Teachers, Illinois State University. VVhicl1 school offers the most, North Greenville or Lander? David E. Taylor Biology A.A., VVingate College: B.S., Carson-Newman College-g M.A.. Appalachian State Teachers Collegeg further study, Emory University, Florida State University, University of South Carolina. Q? Doris Tingle Biology Lalnomforgf B.S., Presbyterian College further study. Soutliwestem Louisiana Institute. Betty J. Alverson Gary R. King Physical Education, Sociology, Coach A.A., Spartanburg junior Collegeg B.A., Furman Universityg M.A., Carver School of Missions and Social VVorlc. Robert Couch Physical Education Assistant Coach A.A., North Greenville Iunior Collegeg B.A., Furman Univeristyg graduate study, Furman University. Physical Education Physical Education, Coach A.A., North Greenville Junior Collegeg B.A., Furman University. Couch King is making plans for the Mountie teanfs trip to Florida The Lzissics and Miss Alversou are off with Bill Yowu to win u equine. Wade H. Hale Bible A.A., Mars Hill College, B.A., M.A., Furman University, B.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. .., W ,SA S My V - .. ' 1 we gl-Zf f ' f N Dr. Talinadge, Mr. Hale, and Dr. Harbin, the three Bible teachers, admire the temple which they built. w 'C' Robert D. Towell Psychology B.S., Clemson College, BD., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, graduate study, Furman University. Social Sciences Miss Alverson teaches Sociology, one of the Social Science courses. Paul A. Talmadge Bible, Speech, Religious Education A.B., Howard Collegeg M.R.E., D.R.E., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Religion 33 MW .ma .UPN .r-Mu 15 ws 11 F N. S L.. 's I I AURORA AURORA AURORA CLASSES AURORA AURORA AURORA Seated: Carolyn jones, 1 Bob Couch f ' I 3 WW I kie Bridge, Iohn Acker. T'na Colquitt. Standing: Ron Turner, ac President V ice-President Secretary Tl'GFlSllI'Cl' Dologuto Sponsor Sophomores 51 so' John Ackor jackie Bridge Carolyn Iones Bon Turner Tina Colquitt Bob Couch IOHN XVARREN ACKER Easley, South Carolina Pre-Engineering PATRICIA ANN AVANT North Charleston, South Carolina Music 0" 4 S ,lk I ..A""' " x ff "z""'4'7' DAVID JACKSON BARNETTE Barnwell, South Carolina Liberal Arts JOYCE ANN BABB Fairforest, South Carolina Liberal Arts Class of '64 THOMAS MAULDIN BARTON Greenville, South Carolina Business Administration 37 ARNOLD DAVID BATES Orangeburg, South Carolina Missionary Sophomores 'N fs-we 4' ' JERRY DILLARD BAUGHMAN Simpsonville, South Carolina Business R S nr R ARTHUR GENE BAXLEY Barnwell, South Carolina Business Administration CHARLES ROBERT BAYNE Crt-cnvillc, South Carolina Business Aclministmtion PATSY ANN BAUGHMAN Aiken, South Carolina Elementary Education ' J BILLY JAMES BEASON Greer, South Carolina Ministry at HARRY LAVVRENCE BENNETT, II Greenville, South Carolina Law ' WW CHARLYN LQIVERNE BISHOP Charleston, South Carolina Elementary Education 1- ,if 77 f sr' TED ARNOLD BENNETT Vienna, West Virginia Business Administration Class of '64 ROBERT LEVI BRADLEY Saluda, North Carolina Ministry JASPER OWEN BRIDGE Walterboro, South Carolina Business Administration JOHN WILLIAM BRASWELL, IR. Ridgeland, South Carolina Business Administration Sophomores DAVID LLOYD BROWN Spartanburg, South Carolina Liberal Arts IEP-RY DALE BIIOWN Crccnvillo, South Carolina Business Administration LELAND EVERETTE BROWDER Barnwell, South Carolina Ministry MARY ANN BROWN Joanna, South Carolina Liberal Arts ROGER MACK BROWN Kingstree, South Carolina Business Administration WWW: If , GERALDINE GAIL BRUCE TONY DEAN BROWN Easley, South Carolina Liberal Arts Class of '64 LINDA JEAN BRUCE Campobello, South Carolina Music .-d""X qui' Greer, South Carolina Liberal Arts R ps M V tslmf' S 5 5.1 1 X .V ', , 1' . it if .?5'fg.'l' . 1 JUNE CAROLE BRYANT Batesburg, South Carolina Music Sophomores MAXIE CARROLL BURNS Greenville, South Carolina Business Administration ' ,i,-, 4 RICHARD FINLEY BUNCH York, South Carolina Liberal Arts , -.or ww' s NVAYNE EUGENE BUSSEY johnston, South Carolina Business Administration JAMES EDWARD BURCH Gresham, South Carolina Business Administration 'QP' JOSEPH FLOYD BYERS Spartanburg, South Carolina Business Administration 'CSV' JUDITH ANN BYRD Columbia, South Carolina Liberal Arts YT? W 3' if J? -s-"" MAJOR J. CAMPBELL, III Rock Hill, South Carolina Ministry Class of '64 WILLIAM THOMAS CANNON Creer, South Carolina Sociology X ORLANDO CAMPOAMOR Caguas, Puerto Rico Pre-Dental ,Www JULIUS LUCIAN CANTEY, JR. Hemingway, South Carolina Education Sophomores ROBERT HAROLD CANUETTE Augusta, Georgia Ministry A.1.,q,, .Q,,:, , H i.,,, , , S X LYNDA GAYLE CANTLEY Kiugstree, South Carolina Home Economics J ,I JAMES PADCET CARSON, JR. Rimlgc Spring, South Calroliuu Liln-ral Arts GENE FRED CANTRELL Walhalla, South Carolina Liberal Arts L A NANCY JANE CASE Easley, South Carolina Elementary Education 4'0- BARBARA ANN CLAIVIPITT Pisgah Forest, North Carolina Education nur' NEIL ARTHUR COCHRAN Taylors, South Carolina Ministry f , fax , , LUCIA ELAINE CLAYTON Campobello, South Carolina Pre-Nursing Z X if Class of '64 SHIELDS MCDUFFIE COCHRAN Taylors, South Carolina Pre-Medical -af' -4" HARRY MICHAEL COLEMAN Greenville, South Carolina Liberal Arts Sophomores ERNEST LUTHER CORLEY, IR. Johns Island, South Carolina Liberal Arts CHRISTINE ROGERS COLQUITT Thomaston, Georgia Elementary Education Q", 'F llaw OSCAR RICHARD COTHRAN, III Piedmont, South Carolina Pre-Medical HOMER CLEVELAND GOUCH Tuxedo, North Garolina Liberal Arts l CLARK ELBE COWSERT Columbia, South Carolina Liberal Arts -29 HERSCHEL LEONARD CHAIN Marshall, North Carolina Ministry A inf, ff! Of ff Jiffy ff, ,I fx , C ,Q A 'J M' rf 2...5'r t ,X r' 2 'I 13 , . W, , Ziff' f , 1 NANCY ELAINE CRAIN Taylors, South Carolina Liberal Arts DONNA JEAN CREASEY Aiken, South Carolina Education Class of '64 WALT DONALD CRIBB Hemingway, South Carolina Liberal Arts -rx A X I Q . . 2, t V, Jw' P5 QV' Q3 4 A 5 5 5, ,-.1 w. Y . I QM Y f ,f ' .1 Wa! ' Y I1 Y-2 I' .- .9 ,.,, , .4 ,Iwi . ,N h -g tg' If ' v, M,,.,.5lmZm...,, xv ': BARBARA ANN CROSBY Bamberg, South Carolina Business Sophomores GEORGE MILTON DAVIS, IR. DONALD VANNOY CULPEPPER Greenville, South Carolina Liberal Arts WILLIAM FLETCHER CULPEPPER Greenville, South Carolina Business Administration Greenville, South Carolina Pre-Medical DONAI D l,Yl,lC DCGARMO Tigvrvillc, South Carolina Ministry VVILMER DONNIE DELK Hilda, South Carolina Ministry JOHN WARING DeMARS, JR. St. Matthews, South Carolina Pre-Pharmacy SV 32 f Sf' S g k... V. A yn- . ,fi ugwgf if J' .M SARA IRENE DOW Greenwood, South Carolina Home Economics fy, we ff , MJ iff f , , if f M, f 1 5 '. ,1 ff 4.1 ,ff s fl flim, 77-yf eve, M95 M-. , ff , 1 My ig ijg, my 1 ff f C fffw, jaw, xmgfy 7W4f ,I f Wy? WW - fir' Jff ,, , , . "V' f i 9 f HMV f i ff f ' i If ar ,Y ' QQ f " M ', fl V! , v fMZ4W ri. W 4 ,. , aff, W 144 fl ' 'f 4 fffzif ff Wfkfw' mf ' f, -'Av , fi 9 f fl -14,141 i 1 My . - W M f f i Q2 if Zi wii' ,v if f' ,J eff' L f 'i 1 :W -L , ff is 4' f , ,J , Q f ,J 5 W fi 1 - 1 4 4? R i is 4, ,i w Q 7 is QQ A S , , ff ,gf ' I ' 1 5 1 I K I I yn , W . 651: .,.,, rfygg IEAN ELLEN DEMPSEY Varnville, South Carolina Home Economics Class of '64 LARRY CLAUDE DUNCAN Greenville, South Carolina Business Administration , 1 ii NVILLIAM HOWARD ELLIS Chester, South Carolina Ministry Sophomores ff? ff Q w 5 , f ,yy NANCY LEE EVATT Liberty, South Carolina MuSiC ,S H7 Y A ,I , . Qm',A' 4 - tram .1 5 S fyw gy? fy BARNEY WALTON EPPS Kingstree, South Carolina Business Administration Qgzirf CHARLES DEAN FLEMING Taylors, South Carolina- Libcral Arts BEATTIE LONG EVANS Landrum, South Carolina Music CHARLOTTE ANN FORD Simpsonville, South Carolina Business WILLIE EUGENE FRANKLIN, JR Sumter, South Carolina Ministry ..."'rf JAMES WOODROW GAMBLE Cades, South Carolina Liberal Arts ROBERT WITHERSPOON FULTON Walterboro, South Carolina Liberal Arts Class of '64 STEVEN LANDRUM GAMBRELL Greer, South Carolina Liberal Arts VVAYNE DOUGLAS CAMBRELL Greer, South Carolina Liberal Arts Sophomores CATHERINE TANIER GEORGE Pac-olet, South Carolina Business ORIN HAMPTON CARNER, IR. Ionesville, South Carolina Business Administration 1 Q 65 M RQWYY W- W f 7 gif. 2 I, , O f 1 X A f f si x 1 IW jo , M. X NORMA IEAN GIBSON Sunsct, South Carolina' Business W JAMES MILFORD GARRISON, IR Piedmont, South Carolina Business Administration 5 I JAMES CURTIS CILSTRAP A Pickens, South Carolina ' X I 4- Ministrv ,' A f QNWJKQ' L, V ,,,, I ff. VZWQC W STANLEY ALVIN CILREATH Travelers Rest, South Carolina Liberal Arts NIARION PERRY GREENE Greenville, South Carolina Business Administration CELIA DIANE GLENN Wfooclruff, South Carolina Liberal Arts Class of '64 RONALD De-FOIX GREER Greenville, South Carolina Business Achninistration 'GRN v' ROBERT LEE CRESHAM Greenville, South Carolina Business Administration Sophomores KENNETH EDWARD HATTAWAY McClellanville, South Carolina Liberal Arts ww WM? wfffff 4-'Cf' CAY TERRILL HALL Greer, South Carolina Elementary Education my MYRA PEARL HARDMAN North Augusta, South Carolina Liberal Arts HAROLD ALEXANDER HAVVKINS, JR. Santee, South Carolina Ministry JAMES MILFORD HENDERSON Greenville, South Carolina Ministry ROGER MELTON HELMS Greenville, South Carolina Business Administration SAMUEL HENRY HENDRIX Lexington, South Carolina Business Administration JERRY WILLENE HENSON Landrum, South Carolina Liberal Arts Class of '64 CRANEL HAYNE HERNDON Hampton, South Carolina Business Administration VVYNONA SHERWOOD HERNDON Ruffin, South Carolina Business Sophomores JESSE DANIEL HGDGENS Travelers Rest, South Carolina Liberal Arts NVANDA FAITH HESTER Greenville, South Carolina Liberal Arts g fF!Xys. BRENDA PAULINE HOLLIDAY Six Mile, South Gurolinu Education HOMER EUGENE HINTON Greenville, South Carolina Ministry GLENN GARY HOLLIDAY Six Mile, South Carolina Pre-Medical RALPH FOX HUGHES Fountain Inn, South Carolina Business Administration FRANK DeWITT HUNT, IR. Greenville, South Carolina Business Administration HELEN JOSEPHINE HUMPHRIES Spartanburg, South Carolina Pre-Medical Class of '64 THCMAS JEFFERSON INGLE, IR. Taylors, South Carolina Liberal Arts 45 JOHN CALVIN JACKSON Charleston, South Carolina Liberal Arts Sophomores ELLEN LOUISE IOHNSTONE RONNIE RAYMOND JAMES Greenville, South Carolina Business Administration K ' Greenville, South Carolina Liberal Arts iliflmx' Ai" .,'- :- 'Qi-QV BEVERLY DALE JOLLY Gaffney, South Carolina Liberal Arts DOROTHY ANNE JOHNSON Greenville, South Carolina Liberal Arts x ARLON ODELL JONES Taylors, South Carolina Business Administration CABOLYN LOUISE JONES Batesburg, South Carolina Elementary Education ff my if 'XWZZZQW MARION RANDALL JONES Taylors, South Carolina Ministry X, . 'V e ' fi? I ,I W :.r1 , if ff? . 7 ,W 1 W ff . X , 7 W . . '01 . - 1, HARRIET BETH JONES Greer, South Carolina Elementary Education Class of '64 VVILLIAM ALVIN JONES Easley, South Carolina Business Administration T? I ALEXANDER FOSTER KEITH Crccnvillc, South Carolina Liherul Arts ......,,-F' BOBBY JUNIOR IOYNER Tigerville, South Carolina Ministry phomores TED FULTON KELLEY Hartsville, South Carolina Ministry IUDY KING CIIIIIITII, South Caimlinzl l,ihvmI Arts VVILLIANI HARRISON KELLER Bedford, Peimsylvzmia Liberal Arts JAMES WILLIAKI LANGDALF Wailtcrboro, South Carolina Liberal Arts F45 1 S197 -nf-JP' www' ROGER FREDERICK Le-BLEU Martinez, California Liberal Arts W IACQUELINE ANN LEVVTER Columbia, South Carolina Elementary Education Sophomores MARY ANN LONG Saluda, South Carolina Business -25" x 6 ya ,L U! Q X , iV i , H DAVID PARKER LOVVEBY Ninety Six, South Carolina Liberal Arts 4-A! 'M15' CHARLES BARRY LUCADO Newlnerry, South Carolina Business Aclministrution CHERYL ANNE LOWE Talladega, Alabama Music PERRY DAVID LUSK Greer, South Carolina Business Administration BETTY SUE MALLARD St. George, South Carolina Pre-Nursing 9 s . I 8'-. ' 4, ag. if Q' 5 .,,. X .N I KEYS, I I 7 de wg? Q. ,ff :Mi 325 ggi- if ,Y - g , Q4 X , B 1 , f, 55' ', A F ' A ,N X N' ,. W JAMES KENNETH MCADAMS, IR. Greenville, South Carolina Liberal Arts W7 i L 'N Z 9 fy K Z M72 4 1 I ' M-.fq,,,,0 SYLVIA ANN MARTIN Greenville, South Carolina Liberal Arts Class of '64 WANDA GAY MQALISTER Maiden, North Carolina Business ' 4 5 W is W R ,t e . Avg, V X gt - fx,H3f,ye - , 1 , 7, i e me it X X ', fe Su , 14,3 sf flag,-5 -vga y N., Q K 'v fx My, A Q ,WK .a '- r 10" iv' A DON LYNN MCCORKLE Fort Mill, South Carolina Liberal Arts JOHN NIICHAEL NICCONNELL Greenville, South Carolina Pre-Engineering Sophomores MARY ANN MCDANIEL Travelers Rest, South Carolina Home Economics 'QW RUSH DONNON MCCEE Marietta, South Carolina Education EDWARD PRESTON MCDANIEL Pickens, South Carolina Liberal Arts CECIL HOWARD MCTEER Yemassee, South Carolina Business Administration TERRY CRAIG MERCK Greenville, South Carolina Business Administration JW? 'V QW' Q Z 2 , Z ' f ff 1, f f ,gi -' V f Z A rf Sv H , ,f ,"' f ' 31,7 ,C ' CAROLYN JEAN MILLER Greenville, South Carolina Home Economics Class of '64 FAYE ELIZABETH MILLS Columbia, South Carolina Liberal Arts l s w 1 ihu X FR x ! " X A 1' ,, 4 LOLA KATE MILLER K I Greer, South Carolina j A L L L X N Elementary Educahon L 5 ' V . -MKS S xxx TRAVIS LEROY NIIXSON Fairfax, South Carolina Public Relations Sophomores NANCY FAYE MOORE Greer, South Carolina Elementary Education KENNETH ELBERT MOSTELLA Greenville, South Carolina Science QVZJQZV f' ROBERT CHANFORD MULKEY Easley, South Carolina Ministry ROSELYN KAYE MOSS Greer, South Carolina Education S s JERRY EARL MYERS Greenville, South Carolina Liberal Arts GEORGE EMANUEL PAOURIS Greenville, South Carolina Business Administration JACK LAMAR PIERCE Marietta, South Carolina Business Administration ffi 2 W EVA GAIL PEARSON Greenville, South Carolina Liberal Arts Class of '64 LANNY MITCHELL PIGG Midland, North Carolina Liberal Arts GEORGE RICHARD POVVELL Inman, South Carolina Physical Education Sophomores PATRICIA ANNE QUATTLEBAUM Harleyville, South Carolina Business JAMES AUSTIN POXNELL Mauldin, South Carolina Accounting XVADE THOMAS RAINEY 'l'uylo1's, South Carolina Ministry LUTHER MARTIN PRICE Tigerville. South Carolina Ministry ELIAS ANTONIO RAMOS I Caracas, Venezuela i Economics I Y, A KSA? .wil H 1 WILLIAM BARRON RASOR, JR Donalds, South Carolina Pre-Dental Wd' -Q-...auf 'ul GEORGE ROBERT ROBBINS Greenville, South Carolina Ministry lass of '64 SYLVIA CAROLYN RUNYAN Travelers Rest, South Carolina Liberal Arts . :X s I9 -X C25 f . Q S AN Sf' F ROBBIE LEE ROLLINS, JR. Greenville, South Carolina Business Administration REBECCA PEARL SARCENT Una, South Carolina Liberal Arts Sophomores LEWIS JOSHUA SLATTON Taylors, South Carolina Business Administration to LILLIAN RUTH SHUMAN Reevesville, South Carolina Pre-Medical iv-'OU' BHOADUS HENRY SMITH Springfield, South Carolina Business Administration CHARLIE RAY SIMMONS Greenville, South Carolina Ministry KATHERINE CREECH SMITH Conway, South Carolina Education . N ,N 'ft 9. va . if 35: LaVINIA LYDA SMITH Conway, South Carolina Liberal Arts -ff ,fm ,V ,Z - Rf f swf' WWWQM HAROLD AUCUSTUS SM OAK North Charleston, South Carolina Business Administration Class of '64 HUBERT CLAUDE SMOAK North Charleston, South Carolina Liberal Arts HOWARD FRANKLIN SPEAKS Camden, South Carolina Pre-Medical Ng WILLIAM MICHAEL STOKES 'SF6 fm Greer, South Carolina Liberal Arts lib: MARY LOUISE SPBIDGEON Batesburg, South Carolina Missions Sophomores nw 4 , R X , ,V f' fu ry , Y ty - S ,JZ Z: f f f , 'fy A PATRICIA ANN STONE , - - V, 7 f ' .K ,,. "4 Greenville, South Carolina 2 A j ' 1 .R 1 I ,, T ' I P N . zyfff' t. re- ursm eff I X ' .. g 1 R fig, A X SANDRA LEE STOUDEMAYER Lililv Mountain, South Carolina X 1' rc-N u rsin 5.2 fl WINFRED IWYRON STOKES Greer, South Carolina Liberal Arts MYERS RICHARD STROMAN Orangeburg, South Carolina Business Administration ERNEST ALEXANDER STROUPE Yernassee, South Carolina Business Administration IAMES VON LEHE STUTTS, IR. Johns Island, South Carolina "Y'::r' TRUETT CROCKER TAYLOR Ware Shoals, South Carolina Liberal Arts Pre-Pharmacy Class of '64 JAMES GUYTON THOMPSON Honea Path, South Carolina Business Administration I A TOMMY TIMMS THOMPSON Taylors, South Carolina Business Administration Sophomores 4- ki-.ff f W RONALD JAMES TURNER Goose Bay. Labrador Business Administration R T R i f wav GROVER OLIVIO TIMMONS Piedmont. South Carolina Liberal Arts ROBERT EARL TUTEN Creenvillc, South Carolina' Pre-Medical X sf .14 X it J '7 Q? , 7 X JOAN CATCH TURNER Charleston, South Carolina Business Z , , 57 JOHN EARL VICKERS Slater, South Carolina Business Administration CAROLYN FAYE WATKINS Greenville, South Carolina Liberal Arts DENNIS GLENN WELLMON Greenville, South Carolina Business Administration WILLIAM LEE WEATHERS Laurens, South Carolina Ministry Class of '64 WILLIAM GRADY XVHITE Slater, South Carolina Business Administration 1 PAUL CLINTON WICKLIFFE Travelers Rest, South Carolina Liberal Arts Sophomores RONALD HUOHEY WILLIAMS Whitmire, South Carolina Pre-Pharmacy WILLIAM AUSTIN WOOD, IR. Taylors, South Carolina Business Administration if f','fEHf?I 5 'lg 45 O5f?,7"77l Wf f fl" 'W ff fl 72, ff?" 'I '-1--,NW ,gunm- ROBEBT SANDERS WYNNS Fairfax, South Carolina ' Liberal Arts GEORGE DANIEL WOMBLE Savannah, Georgia Liberal Arts A l Where are you going, Acker? ll Howdy Lovers' leap. 's favorite study. This surely is a good looking world. Once an angel, always an angel. You mean Wanda isnlt TALKING 5 N . Sophomore 'Sl' M. X Superlatives 92 Q, X X Xu? ,WWW Nancy Evatt Mike M cCo1me1l Best All Around Most Popular Carolyn Ruuyan "Poochie'? DeMa1's 6' .1 ,f aff' W 3 X ,, , N ' ,W fm ,y f W ' ...W -., Ivana 0!U? x 'Q 'Y fx JH xi. ..'-,,,,A,,, E' .M ,Q X I . slx 'il'-.a.,k ,. ,y Linda Bruce Charles Lawson Most Talented Most Likely to Succeed Pat Quattlebaum Iohn Acker Lv' 'KIK mf-way ,f X 4, 4 W ft In izwfwk I Pt f 1 if M ww y 1 , 4, Ay! 1 7 W' I' 'K y 1, , 1 3 1 . 1 5. :WW .' 3 ,el '5 t j WW. ,, 'A KN 5. :V " ft t " , , 4, , 0 G ,ay .Q h . " . if -f Q 1 Q 4- 1 , " ' r ' ' ' ' iff! , X 1 .. ,-5 -,Q ww, , ' Alf . f ' ,, t N ' ,- f.:f+w , ww ' - . 1 E ,ff D MH" AQ' t"'.pv"' ' ' -' 1 'M .A x :rd f N -A X' g Lets vgtgfglrtfl' ff' V 'sa ' 'N , 5- 84 Ann Stone Dick White Most Athletic Best School Spirit Lola Miller Iimmy Langdale QW mmm Q 3 Helen Humphries Eddie Burch Wittiest Friendliest Wanda McAlister Donnie Delk be 3,5-Rt, . A, Ae- - .1 ,Mi x K I N1 J -wi is xl -Q , 1 wif, ,. in ,Lk ii! HJ Mary Ann McDaniel Ted Kelley Most Courteous Best Dressed Katherine Smith Hayne Herndon WMM qdah 'HHN ! 5 Kills Elaine Clayton Ron Turner Most Dependable Quietest Barbara Crosby Ken Hattaway X Jackie Lewter Charles Lucado Most Intellectual Q 1 5 s ? Most Attractive Madeline Lackey Iackie Bridge , e Aa1f.m2.meM,1a1...xrie1v4Img M, . l1mn I I f r 1 1 Ss J Seated: Joyce Crawford, Glenda Cauthen. Standing: Cross Rogers, Frank Price, Roy XVliitc. Ann and Gary King -4"'J 94 President S SS SSS Vice-President Secretary -ASS Treasurer S S Delegate Sponsors Freshmen S., Roy VVhite S Frank Price SS Glenda Cauthen S Joyce Crawford Cross Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Gary King Class of '65 VIRGINIA NEIL ABLE McCormick, South Carolina GREGG CARLISLE ADAMS Charleston Heights, South Carolina ROBERT DANIEL ADAMS Ware Shoals, South Carolina EDGAR BERT ALEXANDER Greenville, South Carolina BARBARA ANN ALLEN Laurens, South Carolina SHIRLEY ALICE ALLEN Spartanburg, South Carolina MAURICE OLIVER ALSING, IR. Gaffney, South Carolina MARGARET HAZEL ANDERS Greenville, South Carolina GRACE ADELE ANDERSON Travelers Rest, South Carolina IEANETTE ALICE ATTERBERRY Denmark, South Carolina HUBERT BENNETT AVANT Iohns Island, South Carolina JOHNNY BABB Inman, South Carolina JAMES CECIL BAGWELL, JR. Greenville, South Carolina PAULETTE KATHLEEN BARNETT Nloncks Comer, South Carolina ALBERT O,NEIL BARNHILL Taylors, South Carolina 'inn may ,,... I q,.. J ,,,,,,,. i .,,,,.t, VI' -awww E3 Freshmen IACQUELINE BERNICE BAXLEY Cayce, South Carolina REGINALD BLEASE BAXLEY Barnwell, South Carolina WILLARD RODNEY BEARD Bamberg, South Carolina HENRY SANFORD BECK, III Greer, South Carolina GRANGER KENNETH BENNETT Moncks Corner, South Carolina RALPH RAYMOND BENNETT Greenville, South Carolina JOHN ANTHONY BISHOP Travelers Rest, South Carolina ,IOHN FBEDRIC BOLIN Spartanburg, South Carolina VERNON LARRY BOUCHILLON Greenville, South Carolina PHYLLIS BBADHAM Manning, South Carolina MARGARET IOY BRIDGES Spartzmburg, South Carolina LINDA CARROL BRISSEY Milleclgeville, Georgia HARRIE FREDERICK BRONSON Bm-nwt-ll, South CilI'llllll11 FRANCIS TIIOMAS BRONVN XVcclgc'l'it-lcl, South Calrolinu XIICIIAEI. NVINSTON RROVVN Azoru lslzmcls Class of '65 LAVEDA ANN BRUCE Greer, South Carolina MICHAEL EDWARD BRYAN Greenville, South Carolina LARRY DeMONT BURNS Greenville, South Carolina EMILY JANE CALDWELL Spartanburg, South Carolina LEWIS STACK CARLISLE, IR. Lyman, South Carolina GENE STANLEY CARNELL Taylors, South Carolina MARTHA RACHEL CARROLL Chester, South Carolina DOROTHY JEAN CARTER Burton, South Carolina GLENDA KAY CAUTHEN Greenville. South Carolina WILLIAM MARSHALL CHAMBLEE, IR. Fountain Inn, South Carolina ROGER GENE CHANDLER Greenville, South Carolina THOMAS SANFORD CHANDLER Greenville, South Carolina JESSE CAREY CHILDERS Greenville, South Carolina LINDA CAROL CHILDERS Marietta, South Carolina WACO FRANKLIN CHILDERS, III Greenville, South Carolina 4HnWmV" X 'uf QW? fu ,,.,, Q R5-ui K. -fe' '55-"' '57 '64 ur- '97 Freshmen JOHN EDWARD CLARK Greenville, South Carolina WILLIE LANIER CLIFTON Hampton, South Carolina CWENDOLYN ANN COLE Camden, South Carolina HARTWELL EUGENE CONDREY Campobello, South Carolina JUDITH RAE CONNELL Hendersonville, North Carolina BRENDA EVON CONNOR Columbia, South Carolina JOYCE DARLENE COOK Newberry, South Carolina SAMUEL LANKFORD COPELAND, Hartsville, South Carolina MARY ELLEN COX Mauldin, South Carolina THELMA JOYCE CRAWFORD Plum Branch, South Carolina BERTHA JOAN CROSS Charleston, South Carolina THOMAS GEORGE CROSS, JR. Greenville, South Carolina JOHN WILLIAM CRUMPTON, JR. Greenville, South Carolina RONALD FRANKLIN CULLEY Columbia, South Carolina ALVIN HOUSTON CURRY North Charleston, South Carolina Class of '65 THOMAS EDWARD DABNEY Rock Hill, South Carolina CONNIE MICHAEL DAVIS Greenville, South Carolina ROBBIE DEAN DAVIS Dallas, North Carolina WILLIAM KELLY DAVIS Birmingham, Alabama JOHN FRANK DAY Greenville, South Carolina SHELBY JEAN DEESE Heath Springs, South Carolina ARTHUR HAMILTON DeHAY Moncks Corner, South Carolina WILLIAM BERONG DENTON, IR Greenville, South Carolina FURMAN BARRY DILL Taylors, South Carolina FRANCES REBECCA DOBSON Fairforest, South Carolina ADELAIDE MARIE DORSEY Columbia, South Carolina JAMES RALPH DUNCAN Travelers Rest, South Carolina MICHAEL VAN DUSENBURY Georgetown, South Carolina KAREN GAIL EDWARDS Greenville, South Carolina LAWRENCE ALBERT ERWIN, IR Startex, South Carolina Freshmen ROGER MALONE ESTRIDGE Kershaw, South Carolina MICHAEL BRUCE ETHEREDGE Taylors, South Carolina WILLIAM FREDERICK EVETT Greenville, South Carolina ANN WARNER FALLAW Rock Hill, South Carolina DAVID PICKETT FARRIOR, IR. Yemassee, South Carolina SHARON ANN FERGUSON Allendale, South Carolina LLOYD RAY FRANKLIN Roebuck, South Carolina LEE CALDWELL FRASER Greenville, South Carolina DONALD MAURICE FRAZIER Greenville, South Carolina LEWIS WILLARD FREEMAN, JR. Greenville, South Carolina PAUL MELVIN FRIPP VValterboro, South Carolina LINDA LOUISE FULMER Conway, South Carolina JOSEPH MICHAEL GAILLARD Easley, South Carolina DOUGLAS VAN CARNER XV1lltCl'l7OI'0, South Carolina MELYNDA ANN CARRETT Croc-uvillc, South Carolina Class of '65 SIVIL ELLEN GARRISON Jefferson, Georgia ROBERT DAVID GATCH, III Walterboro, South Carolina GERALD OSCAR GAULT Union, South Carolina LEROY GAYLORD Sumter, South Carolina BENJAMIN VVORTH GERALD Charleston Heights, South Carolina THOMAS CLEVELAND GRANGER Greenville, South Carolina ELSIE BELLE GRAY Denmark, South Carolina JEFFREY RANDOLPH GREEN Greer, South Carolina LESLIE ANGUS GREEN Greer, South Carolina LINDA MARILYN GREEN Fountain Inn, South Carolina JOHN WARREN GREENE Greenville, South Carolina JOHN GARY GRUBBS Greenville, South Carolina JUNE ELIZABETH HAIR Aiken, South Carolina KELLA JANE HALL Springfield, South Carolina ARTHUR CLARENCE HAMMETT, JR. Greenville, South Carolina 5 'i fin X y fly! 6 fs --1 W Mmgv 11: !v,f..ffg55Zf,-7-' J 17,15 Qff iff' ' f, f X 5 X f 4 I X A 5 fax f W N 1 , Q I ff 4. 7 f 1 V ,nf W J If -- M -,, , . ,Q 1, f ff jf . '- ff' fy X , X ,ff ,fe 'W W asv fn W f 7-NV ,Q?Q Z , ,W ' ff' QQ? f P 'zfkw 306 !f.+' 11 74 f ff 1 ! f X, fz lf,, 1 ff 2 ,UQ ff 4' wp-4' , V ...Af ,, ,Q up f .- ,: l y-A -J .9351 ao, ..,.., ., -, VQAMQ '. time Iwissx 45 Q A -' ,ef 1 fb 215' f"'?Ff-,1e,5 Qi I-f3i:45f.m,w442QA . I 1 I. 44 t 2' X 1 J I 'dxf .Ji 5 4,1 ,Q , my 'H' " , f X I: i he 2 x is , I, r t .XL. V A. t .. .. .. , Qi , A K K A K x X K if A " - it-. rv -2-- SS 'E ' ri : 3?5-, , V 4--ffufiyi J, I :.- '3'fW - lk' Ll- w ' f H. f , ' "aj"- Q53 -',,,e-1' ' ,, A 1' ' ' . fm l , rf :il 'lx 4?'5S2f"' 49995: 'Z-if '19-1 Freshmen WILLIAMS BERNARD HAMMETT Hartwell, Georgia WILLIAM BOYD HAMMOND, JR. Greenville, South Carolina DIANNE MAE HANNA Kingstree, South Carolina MIRIAM JUANITA HANNON Carnpobello, South Carolina DONALD ROY HARKINS Greenville, South Carolina LEONARD BURTON HARRINGTON Kingstree, South Carolina JERRY DONALD HATLEY Greenville, South Carolina GARY ARNOLD HAWKINS Greenville, South Carolina LYMAN EUGENE HAWKINS Greenville, South Carolina PATRICIA ANN HEAD Batesburg, South Carolina GLOVIE JULIA ETTA HEATON Easley, South Carolina BENJAMIN ANDERSON HESTER Greenville, South Carolina -COLIN RAYMOND HILL Mansfield, England SPURGEON CLETUS HILL Pelzer, South Carolina MARTHA ANNE I-IOLLIFIELD Nvho, North Carolina 'I l I V 5 Class of '65 THOMAS CECIL HOWE Greenville, South Carolina EUGENIE MARIE HUDSON Society Hill, South Carolina JUDITH ELAINE HUDSON Nichols, South Carolina RUSSEL RANDALL HUGHES Marietta, South Carolina JULIUS CAESAR HUMPHRIES, JR Gaffney, South Carolina WARREN GANDLER HUNT, III North Augusta, South Carolina MARY NANCY HUNTER Woodruff, South Carolina LEROY HARRISON INGLE, JR. Greenville, South Carolina CHARLES EDWARD JACKSON Horatio, South Carolina VIRGINIA NELL JANIK Taylors, South Carolina WILLIAM HERBERT JEFFORDS, JR. Laurens, South Carolina JAMES PAUL JOHNSON Cordova, South Carolina JOHN DAVID JOHNSON Greenville, South Carolina WILLIAM PERRY JOHNSON Greer, South Carolina DIANA CAIL JONES Ridge Spring, South Carolina 1 l ',. Y rf U 'H M' 5 f .h r 1 " sa f, 11' 'X X Su- "i'T'TI' 1,1 3 ,I ie " ,,., Mr .4 .-?' 'L ..: 'f' 'rw' 0? , J 4-JUN' NA f H'D"x Freshmen DOROTHY LOIS JONES Batesburg, South Carolina JOANN KAPLET Sumter, South Carolina LINDA FAYE KENT Pickens, South Carolina WAYNE THOMAS KIMBALL Aiken, South Carolina LARRY LaBRUCE KOON Gaston, South Carolina RUFUS THEODORE KOON Gaston, South Carolina SANDRA ELAINE LACKEY Greenville, South Carolina SONDRA EUGENIA LANCASTER Spartanburg, South Carolina JOHN WAYNE LEE Greenville, South Carolina LEON WILSON LEE Greenville, South Carolina WILLIAM PETTUS LOMINACK Greer, South Carolina RUFUS FRANKLIN LOOPER, III Greenville, South Carolina BRENDA CAROLE LOWE Rock Hill, South Carolina JAMES MICHAEL LUCAS PICIIHI Springs, South Carolina CHARLES R. MAJOR Greenville, South Carolina Class of '65 MARGARET TINDALL MARTIN Travelers Rest, South Carolina MARILYN ELAINE MATTERO Shelby, North Carolina PATRICIA ANN MCCLAIN Travelers Rest, South Carolina BARBARA ANN MCDUFFIE Greenville, South Carolina JOE HAROLD MCGILL Simpsonville, South Carolina JERRY JAMES MEEKS Inman, South Carolina JOHN CALDER MIKELL, JR. Sumter, South Carolina CHARLES EUGENE MILLER St. Matthews, South Carolina RUBY IRENE MILLER VVellforcl, South Carolina THOMAS LEROY MIMS, JR. Kingstree, South Carolina MARGARET ELAINE MITCHUM Georgetown, South Carolina ELAINE ELIZABETH MOODY Columbia, South Carolina ROBERT BARRY MOREHEAD Neeses, South Carolina JESSE MELVIN MORRIS Greer, South Carolina RALPH EDWVIN MORRIS Greenville, South Carolina Freshmen WARREN THOMAS MOWEN Piedmont, South Carolina MARION RAYMOND MUNDY Abbeville, South Carolina WILLIAM PHILLIP MURDOCK Rock Hill, South Carolina HARRY HAMILTON NELSON Chester, South Carolina MARGARET LEIGH NESBITT Duncan, South Carolina THOMAS MARSHALL NEW Aiken, South Carolina ALVIN LEONARD NIX Greenville, South Carolina JAMES MACK NUBSON Greenville, South Carolina IOYCE ANN OWEN Easley, South Carolina PATSY KAREN OWENS Greer, South Carolina CONSTANCE LOUISE PACE Simpsonville, South Carolina GXVENDOL DIANE PAGE Greenville, South Carolina CAROL ANN PALMER Greenville, South Carolina MARION CECRATUS PARHAINI, JR Greenville, South Carolina MARTHA REBECCA PATE Scranton, South Carolina Class of '65 NONGLUCK PAYATTAKOOL Bangkok, Thailand JOSEPH LIGON PAYNE, III Greenville, South Carolina IANICE GAYLE PEAGLER Cayce, South Carolina BARBARA GAYE PEARSON Greenville, South Carolina BETTY JO PHILLIPS Fairfax, South Carolina JANE STEWART PHILLIPS Taylors, South Carolina REGINALD JAMES PHILLIPS Greenville, South Carolina ROBERT LEWIS PHILLIPS Greenville, South Carolina SYLVIA PHILLIPS Piedmont, South Carolina LARRY BENJAMIN PIRKLE Greenville, South Carolina FAITH ELAINE PLUMLEY Landrum, South Carolina DONALD AVERY PREWETTE Inman, South Carolina HENRY FRANKLIN PRICE Walterboro, South Carolina CHERYL DEAN RABUN Spartanburg, South Carolina JOHN KNOX RAGSDALE, JR. Blair, South Carolina 7 Freshmen PATRICIA RUBY REED Homestead, Florida ELLIOTT FORREST REEMS Greenville, South Carolina SUSAN IOSEPHINE REPKO Greenville, South Carolina CHARLES KENNETH RILEY Greenville, South Carolina CROSS R. ROGERS, III Washington, D.C. JERRY MARION ROGERS Westminster, South Carolina WILLIAM GEORGE RUPRACI-IT Central Square, New York JOSEPH HAROLD RUTLAND Fairfax, South Carolina JAMES ARNOLD RUTLEDGE, IR. Easley, South Carolina ELEANOR ANN SHAVER Taylors, South Carolina BILLY BRYANT SLOAN Lyman, South Carolina KEEVER VINSON SLOAN, IR. Greer, South Carolina DAVID CARL SMITH Greenville, South Carolina FRANK ALLISON SMITH, IR. Pisgah Forest, North Carolina MARGARET GAIL SMITH Greenville, South Carolina Class of '65 MICHAEL MAE SMITH Norway, South Carolina THOMAS DOUGLAS SMITH Laurens, South Carolina MYRNA FAYE SOUTH Greenville, South Carolina JOLENE FRANCES SPARKS Whitmire, South Carolina LILLIAN ELAINE STAGGS Greer, South Carolina PATRICIA ANN STEPHENS Greer, South Carolina WILLIAM DAVID STEVENSON Martin, South Carolina JUDY LEE STILL Barnwell, South Carolina CHARLES GERALD STUBBS Tigerville, South Carolina JERRY ELLIOT SUMNER Greenville, South Carolina MARY ANDERSON SUTHERLAND Newberry, South Carolina STUART ARTHUR THOMPSON Columbia, South Carolina GRADY TRUETT TOLLISON Easley, South Carolina RALPH KENNETH TROTTER Pickens, South Carolina MICHAEL WOODROW TUCK Savannah, Georgia ,iiv , ,pu ,ff , uf' 7' y x - Y K' S-54+ 'vs-7 Q99 f----4 Freshmen MORRALL ALEXANDER TURNER Ninety Six, South Carolina CAROLYN ANN VAUOHN Greenville, South Carolina JACK HUBERT VAUGHAN Columbia, South Carolina RITA ANN VAUGHN Greer, South Carolina LEONARD CHARLES VIMPENY Salley, South Carolina WILLIAM HOLLIS WALKER Windsor, South Carolina SUSAN CAROLE WATERS Greer, South Carolina BILLY HERMAN WHITE Greer, South Carolina ROY WILBUR WHITE Anderson, South Carolina NANNIE GRIFFIN WILLIAMS Easley, South Carolina JO NELL WILSON Greenville, South Carolina WALTER DEWEY WILSON Greenville, South Carolina EDWARD HEATH YARBOROUGH Spartanburg, South Carolina HENRY SAMUEL YARBOROUGH, IR Conway, South Carolina VVILLIAM ROBERT YOWN Greenville, South Carolina Yes sir, We're going to do our graduate Work here. X A W- 5 es.. 1 ff iw' 1 if Gif! 1 I, fw W 0,,,,'f,! f CWM W w ,f , :J 7 'Q jf' , Shopping alone? -vie' 55 1' he David and Elias didn't write today. Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil. I got blonde hair for Christmas. SN? V9 .f "The Big Quail" l 1 3 H " - L if -'50?'rf4i33 - :Mm w ,' , -W f' Wd 'S If ff pun-1-,Z -.. WA 'X Q W 1-. E 4 . 6 J L ,, . y,. .gl IF! AURORA AURORA AURORA ORGANIZATIONS AURORA AURORA AURORA The Aurora ,, M.-fr-M "-1Zlw-- The staff includes Madeline Lackey, Mary Ann McDaniel, Nancy Evatt, Joyce Owen, Helen Humphries, Iimmy Langdale, "Pooch- ie" DeMars, Gene Hawkins and Stuart Thompson, not pictured. The AURORA has been printed for you who make up the book. We hope that as you look through these pages, now and in later years, you will recall pleasant memories of this year at North Greenville. Many of you probably are not aware of the work involved in publishing such a book. The duties include planning the lay-out, drawing dummy sheets, arranging for pictures to be made, writing copy, proofreading, and -most' difficult of all-meeting deadlines. H4 The Editor Nancy Evatt r.,v,.,,i "Poochie" DeMars, Business Manager and Photographerg Buddy Bowman, Advertising Manager. Helen Humphries and Mary Ann McDaniel, Club Editorsg Madeline Lackey, Secretary to the Editor. Jimmy Langdale, Sports Editorg and Gene Hawkins, Art Editor. Wlrs T T Dill and Mrs King Sponsorsj ff ,,ss, 5 gn Xwf LKHNBNNNN ff Ne, W NNNSK The Skyliner The Skyliner, the monthly student publication on campus, has a three-fold aim: it seeks to project a true image of North Greenville, it attempts to cover fairly and impartially all news on the campus, and it strives to present a record that is of interest in the present and will be of value in the future. The Skyliner serves both students and alumni. More than 2,500 copies of each issue go to North Green- ville graduates scattered around the world. In format, the paper runs four pages of student news and two pages of alumni news. The paper is a member of the Associated Collegiate Press, a national organization, and the South Carolina Collegiate Press Association, the state organization. f w The Editor Pat Quattlebaum ZWWWMQ p, ,W y Tlic staff includes Kay Fowler, Slielia Currow, Madeline Lackey, , Harriet jones, Al Curry, Miss Flynn, Sponsor, Pat Quattlebaum, und 'KSQ-ootern Spridgcon, not pictured. 116 l l l l I l Al Curry, Sports Editorg and Miss Flynn, Advisor. Leland Browder and Mary Louise Sprigeon, Associate Editors. Harriet Jones, Typist. Kaye Fowler, Associate Editor, and Madeline Lackey, Artist. 11 Dean Howard Literary Society Left to right, first row: Iohn Acker, Charles Lucado, Ted Bennett, R.S. Wynns, Billy Rasor, Robert Tuten. Third row: David Brown, Lanny Browder, Truett Tollison. Second row: Jackie Braswell, Gene Franklin, Cross Rogers. Q h .WW . 5 we-y 7 Dean H. I. Howard Sponsor for the society. 118 The Dean Howard Literary Society, an organization for young men, was organized in 1955 and named for its advisor, Mr. Henry I. Howard. The purposes of the club are to train young men to be aware of current affairs and to help them develop platform manners. The group meets once each month with the pro- grams consisting of panel discussions, debates, and in- dividual reports on current and literary topics. The Dean Howard Literary Society, along with the Literary Society, participates in a public speaking contest in the spring. Debate Team The objects of debate are to increase oneis understanding of current topics and to better onels inherent capacities of reasoning and pub- lic address. The debate is the bringing together of two opposing conceptions on a given current topic through which each opposing team introduces its contentions on the particular topic with given authorities to prove its is the best con- tentions. Cross Rogers and John Acker represent North Green- ville in debates with other schools in this area. The officers are Charles Lucado, Presidentg Gene Franklin, Membership Vice-President: lackie Braswell, Secretaryg Lanny Browder, Chaplaing Ted Bennett, Program Vice-President. 'I19 Esse Quam Videre The members of E.Q.V. are Barbara Allen, Patsy Baughman, Mary Ann McDaniel, Elaine Mattero, Lola Miller, Martha Pate Linda Bruce, Judy Byrd, Joyce Crawford, Nancy Evatt, Charlotte Pat Quattlebaum, Carolyn Bunyan, Becki Sargeant, Ann Shaver Ford, Norma Cibson, Marilyn Creen, Myra Hardman, Pat Head, Wynona Hemdon, Cinger Ianik, Harriet Jones, Sandra Lackey, Esse Quam Videre, an honorary literary society for young women, recorded its first meeting November 2, 1923. The purposes of the club are to train young Women to preside over public gatherings, to demonstrate poise in the presence of others, and to appreciate the fine arts. The Society is made up of eighteen sophomores and eighteen freshmen who have a high scholastic rating in high school English and who become members by in- vitation. The officers, first row: Norma Cibson, Marshal, Myra Hardman, Devotional Chairman, Nancy Evatt, President, Mrs. Veda Sprouse, Sponsorg Second row: Harriet Iones, Secretary-Treasure1'g Pat Quattlcbaum, V-President. 120 and Mrs. Veda Sprouse. 5 3 Swartz Rose The Swartz Rose Etiquette Club was organized in 1939 by Mrs. T.T. Dill. The local club was named in honor of Dr. Swartz Rose, who Was an outstanding nu- tritionist and author of many books. The purposes of the club are to develop social graces and to improve the everyday manners of its members. The programs of the club, which meets once a month, emphasize research papers, reports, and discus- sions on different phases of etiquette. away fl? , The officers are, standing: Lynda Cantley, Presidentg Irene Dow, Program Chairman. Seated: Mary Ann McDaniel, Secretary, Jean Dempsey, Social Chairmang Carolyn Miller, Poster Chairmang Phyllis Bradham, Vice-President, and Mrs. T. T. Dill, Sponsor. The members are from left to right: Nancy Bartlette, Lynda Cantley, Jean Dempsey, Mary Ann McDaniel, Irene Dow, Phyllis Bradham, Carolyn Miller, and Donna Creasy. 121 1. . l L'AmicaIe des Livres Miss Edith Sayer is the Sponsor. L,Amicale des Livres, the library club, was organ- ized early in November, 1959. The clubis purposes are to promote appreciation of the arts and to develop an interest in current events. The club holds monthly meetings and presents pro- grams on current events. First row, left to right: jimmy Langdale, Rick Stroman, Gene Dow. Third row: jackie Lewter, Lola Miller, Celia Glenn, Ioan Baxley, Mack Brown. Second row: Harriet jones, Katherine Turner, Elise Gray, Martha Pate, Catherine George, Joy Bridges, Smith, Ginger Able, Judy Byrd, Linda Fulmer, Joyce Babb, Irene Wanda Hester, Elaine Mattero, and Miss Sayer. The officers of the club are Lola Miller, Secretaiyg Mack Brown, Program Cliaiiniang Celia Glenn, Vice-Presidientg jackie Lewter, President. 122 AQXPN I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I -"fw-1:f--- A- -M . . Sociology Club Q B Miss Laura Smith Ebaugh received an award for Outstanding Citizenship at the Institute. The Sociology Club seeks to inform students on social problems, to interest them in matters dealing with citizenship, and to improve the level of scholarship. The main project of the club for the year was the Citizenship Institute held in November. The topic for the institute was "The Rehabilitation of the Socially Handi- capped? The club holds one meeting each month and pre- sents programs centering around social problems. . www'-2' " W gl . is 4f?gW"z E ei, .ae aa ..,,,i Left to right, first row: Bill Cannon, Robert Effler, Mike Fraser, McAlister, Mary Ann McDaniel, Carolyn Runyan, Pat Jay, Ruby Paul W'ickliffe, David Bates, Alex Hawkins, Ted Kelley. Second Miller, Marilyn Green, Betty Io Phillips, Judy Still, Jackie Baxley, row: Ellen Johnston, Judy King, Lynn Bishop, Faye Mills, Wanda Ann Stone, Becki Sargeant, Carol Brissey. The officers are Bill Cannon, President: Mary Ann McDaniel, V-President: Ted Kelley. Mem- ber-at-Lodgeg Arm Stone, Secretary-Treasurer, Miss Betty Alverson, the Sponsor. is not pic- tured. 123 Phi Beta Lambda Phi Beta Lambda is a national organization for future business leaders. The purposes of the club are to I develop strong leadership qualities in its members and to make them better citizens. The organization holds one monthly meeting with topics ranging from office manners to business proce- dures. .,V fy Mrs. Hugo Duarte, Sponsor for the club. The officers of the club are Mrs. Duarte, Sponsorg Barbara Crosby, Secretary: Norma Gibson, President, Wanda McAlistcr, Program Chairman, Joyce Cook, Treasurer: Pat Quattlebaumg Publicity Chairman. 124 How difficult is speed dictation? First row: David Lusk, Jennie Hudson, Sylvia Phillips, Norma by, Mrs. Duarte, Iuarlifa Hannon, Pat Quattlebaurn, and Charlotte Gibson, Ioyce Cook, Brenda Lowe, Joy Bridges, Glenda Cauthen, Ford. YVanda McAlister. Second row: Margaret Martin, Barbara Cros- j1"x . , 11? Q l Q, .. MPT X1 1 l 125 Etude The Etude Honorary Society was organized in 1952. The society is a scholastic organization composed of music students who have a "Bn average in their music courses. A music award is presented each year to the boy and girl who have contributed most to the music department. The Society sponsors music activities and concert series, the climax of its activities being an annual spring extravaganza. This year the theme of the show was "What A Countryv. Left to right, first row: Iune Bryant, Sec- retary, Linda Bruce, President, Cheryl Lowe, Program Chairman, Mrs. Betty Campbell, Sponsor. Second row: Tina Colquitt, His- toriang Katherine Smith, Program Chairman- Myra Hardman, V-President, Nancy Evatt Treasurer. 7 7 Paulette, one of the freshmen Etude members, learns of the good times in Etude. . X' xxx Lf.-- Iicft to right, first row: june Bryant, Shelby Deese, Cail Smtih, Judy Hudson, Paulette Barnette, Barbara Allen. Second How: H. S. Yarborough, Linda Bruce, Cheryl Lowe, Katherine Smith, Stuart Thompson, 'I26 Left to right, first row: Myra Hardman, Sandra Lackey, Nancy Evatt, Diana Jones, Ann Fallaw. Second row: Beattie Evans, Elaine Moody, Mrs. Campbell, Linda Fulmer, Tina Colquitt, Jimmy Garrison. Mrs. Campbell wanted to look good for the Etude Society picture- and she did. l I Cheryl, Program Chairman for the big show, directs practice While Mrs. Campbell sees that the music is learned correctly. 127 gl I l ' QI 1.7 Choir The College Choir, under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. L. Bracey Campbell, jr., is a selective group of musically talented young people. This choral group rehearses each week day at 4 oiclock to prepare sacred music for various pro- grams through the year. The choir has sung for many meetings this year-the Associational Meetings, the State Baptist Convention, the Greenville Art Exhibit, and other churches in the state. This year the Choir has been asked to sing for the Southern Baptist Convention in Atlantic City, New Ierseyg therefore, instead of the usual spring tour through South Carolina, the group will tour the northern states from North Carolina to New York the last of May. gf ,, . ,, , wa 1 lkf' ' 'Min 12? ZW - 1 ex. ,ETNXZ4 f I , I I Choir officers, seated: Stuart Thompson, V-President. Standing: Judy Hudson, Treasurer, Irene Dow, Secretary, Cheryl Rabun, Publicity Chairman, Ricke Cothran, Choir Managerg Linda Fulmer, Social Chairmang Jimmy Carrison, President. june Bryant Thomas New Shelby Deese 128 l The Choir is directed by Mr. and Mrs. L. Bracey Campbell, Jr. The Choir members are Barbara Allen, Joyce Babb, Albert Barnhill, John Bolin, Linda Bruce, June Bryant, Robert Canuette, Tina Colquitt, Rickie Cothran, Shelby Deese, Jean Dempsey, Irene Dow, James Duncan, Beattie Evans, Nancy Evatt, Ann Fallaw, Linda Fulmer, Douglas Garner, Billy Callman, Jimmy Garrison, Bemard Hammett, Myra Hard- man, Judy Hudson, Warren Hunt, Diana Jones, Harriet Jones, Ted Koon, Sandra Lackey, Charles Lawson, Brenda Lowe, Cheryl Lowe, Betty Mallard, Elaine Moody, June New, Thomas New, Janice Peagler, Betty Jo Phillips, Larry Pirkle, Frank Price, Cheryl Rabun,Pat Reed, Gail Smith, Harold Smoak, Hubert Smoak, Michael Stokes, Myron Stokes, Stuart Thompson, and H. S. Yarborough. Barbara Allen Larry Pirkle Linda F ulmer S.N.E.A. The Student National Education Assocation is the national professional organization for college students preparing to teach. The primary aims of the SN EA are to interest young men and women in teaching as a career and to acquaint them with the opportunities and responsibilities in that field. The club meets once a month and has varied types of programs. N M-nj The officers are Jolene Sparks, Vice-Presidentg Jackie Lewter, His- toriang Patsy Baughman, Presidentg Dale Jolly, Assistant Historiang Carolyn Jones, Secretary-Treasurer. ,' KN-.....i.- -AA' ' l as - -. Mr. Michael Gibson, Sponsor. if Left to right, first row: Jolene Sparks, Julia Heaton, Patsy Bauglinian. Second row: Cairo- lyn Jones, Jackie Lewter. Third row: John Jackson, Dale Jolly. v Volunteer Band First row, left to right: Ioan Turner, Charlotte Ford, Faye Mills. Crawford. Third row: Robert Canuette, Bill Yown, Margaret Jennie Payattakool, Becki Sargeant, Myra Hardman. Second row: Campbell, Iudy Byrd. Carol Brissey, Ioyce Babb, Betty Mallard, Ann Fallaw, Ioyce David Bates, Devotional Chairman, Joyce Babb, Music Chainnang Faye Mills, Vice-President, Becki Sargeant, Social -Chairmang Ioan Turner, Secretary-Treasurer, Myra Hardman, President, The Volunteer Band is designed for students dedi- cated to Christian service as a vocation. It is one of the oldest organizations on campus, having been organized in the spring of 1917. The purpose of the band is to de- velop its members through Christian fellowship, through a study of world conditions, and through a common pur- pose in prayer. Two meetings are held each month with programs ranging from panel discussions to talks by visiting mis- sionaries. Miss Ethel Guest. Sponsor. 131 Baptist Student Union First row, from left to right: Faye Mills, Norma Gibson, Katherine Smith, Judy Byrd. Second row: Tina Colquitt, Becki Sarge-ant, Myra Hardman, Patsy Baughman, Joyce Babb, Third row: Ted Kelly, Mr. Hale, David Batcs, LC-land Browder, Ricke Cothran. Fourth row: I. Campbell, Howard Ellis, Alex Hawkins, Robert Canuette. David Bates, President Ricke Cothran, Vice-President 'WK HUM sw? Norma Gibson, Secretary-Treasurer Becki Sargeant, The Baptist Student Union serves as a connecting link between the college student and the local church, providing a well- rounded spiritual program for the students while emphasizing the Baptist denomina- tion and serving as a leadership training ground for the churches. The B.S.U. sponsors several events dur- ing the school year. Its members take part in two retreats before the opening of school, one at Camp Rawls and one at N .C. Other activities include the following: Religious Emphasis Week, Dedicated Vocations Week, loin-the-Church Sunday, Sunday School, Training Union, Y.W.A. Study Courses, daily devotional periods, Focus Week, and Student Night at Christmas. Membership is composed of students who are members of one or more religious or- ganizations of the school or of the church. Missions Chairman Patsy Baughman, Publicity Chairman Joyce Babb and Ted Kelley, Devotional Chairmen 133 Q 1 5 Young Women's Auxiliary as E 1 3 E i 3 i , Left to right, first row: Wanda McAlister, Shelby Deese, Linda Joyce Babb, Lyda Smith, Irene Dow, Tina Colquitt, Mary Ann ' Kent, Harriet Jones, Mary Ann Brown, Barbara Clampitt, Faye McDaniel, Ann Stone, Judy Byrd, Ioan Turner, Pat Quattlebaum, Mills, Phyllis Bradham, Lynn Bishop. Second row: Mrs. Crain, Helen Humphries, and Mary Louise Spridgeon. i Judy Byrd, Presidents MPS- Olive Crain, Sponsor. The Ann Hasseltine Y.W.A. was organized at North Greenville prior to 1918 by Mrs. George E. Davis, a T former state W.M.U. youth worker. The aim of the Y.W.A. is to unite the young women of the Southern Baptist Churches in an enterprise through which they show forth the beauty of holiness. The Y.W.A. seeks to promote a better understanding and knowledge of the various types of missionary work sponsored by Southern Baptist. Before the student arrives in the fall, the Executive Council holds a pre-school retreat, formulating the Y.W.A. calendar of activities for the year. These activities include a study of the Y.VV.A. manual, initiation of new students, parties, YWA Focus Week, state house par- l ties, observances of Home and Foreign Mission Wleeks ' of Prayer, mission and study courses, and community l -M ' mission projects. I S ' 134 l l v Neely Circle-g Harriet Jones, chairman Candel Circleg Ann Stone, chairman Mitchell Circle: Lyda Smith, chairman ., V 1 w Runyan Circleg Mary Ann Brown, chairman f-004 Moorehead Circ-leg Mary Ann McDaniel, chairman Hill Circleg Irene Dow, chairman West Cireleg Lynn Bishop. chairman f of is Q1 C G i ha Z, .S Q: Dean Crain Ministerial Band The officers are Luther Price, Missions Chairman, Douglas Gamer, B.S.U. Representative, Roy WVhite, Choristerg David Bates, Program Chairman, Bobby Cannuette Re orter Ted Kelle Social Cliairmm Wir VV1de Hale S onsor, v 'D Z yu ' 5- 3 Z A - i A 7 D Bob Mulkey, President, I. Campbell, Secretary-Treasurer. Bob Mulkey and Ted Kelley, Presidents 136 "Moses,', are you really studying Greek? Members of the Dean Crain Ministerial Band are, first row, Charles Vimpney. Second row: Cene Franklin, Bobby Ioyner, left to right: Bill Davis, Douglas Carner, Roger Estridge, Marion Roy White, Frank Smith, Mr. Wade Hale, Robert Canuette, Ban- Mundy, Luther Price, Hershel Crain, David Bates, Alex Hawkins, dall jones, I. Campbell, Bob Mulkey, and Ted Kelly. The Ministerial Band is an organization for students preparing for the ministry. To become a member, one must give a personal testimony of his conversion and his call to preach and then receive the majority vote of the band. The Band holds two meetings each month at which time the students receive instruction in church and denominational life and in the general field of min- istry. Missionary projects are carried out by the various members. After Bible Class, a few questions. Luther Price and Bobby Joyner ask Mr. Hale 137 Collegiate Civitan Club The Collegiate Civitan Club is primarily a serv- ice organization. Its members accomplish the ob- jective of Civitan "Builders of Cood Citizenshipv in many and varied ways. They will learn to serve unselfishly their fellow members and cam- pus community. They Will develop the necessary training for a more intelligent, aggressive, and serviceable citizenship and qualities of true lead- ership. First row: Tommy Dabney, Charles Major, Lloyd Franklin, Sam Copeland, Lanny Browder. Second row: Harry Nelson, Truett Tollison, John Ragsdale, Ken- nett Bennett, Mike Cillard. Third row: Paul Fripp, Mike Tuck, Frank Price, Burt Harrington. Fourth row: Y 3, 'C 9? - l ' W A Tony Mims, Robert Tuten, Dale Jolly, Harry Brunson, H.S. Yarborough. Fifth row: Stuart Thompson, Alex Turner, Collin Hill, Warren Hunt, David Smith, Mike Bryan, Bill Yown, Frank Smith. a'n"nv"',nl-- Tony Mims, President, Stuart Thompson, Secretaryg Frank Price, Vice-Presidentg Alex Turner, Director, Frank Smith, Chaplain, gi 1,-grim David Smith, Directorg Bill Yown, Treasurer. A "We sold Fruitcakes so we could go to Capri's." 3 1 2 1 f 52 W ling 12 use l 1 legal Q 1 , i F F E l This meeting wasn't boring because We ate pizza -11 R 5 The Collegiate Civitan ?' Club Sweetheart-Pat Quattlebaum. Tony Mims receives the charter for the Collegiate Civitan Club. 139 House Council .ASF Q lt The duty of the House Council is to keep order with- 4-1 in the dormitory. The House Council in the girls' dormi- "1-Q tory meets regularly to discuss policies which concern the boarding girls. It also deals with infractions reported by the hall monitors or by the dean of women. The system of House Councils at North Greenville was begun in 1960. House Council Officers are Lynda Cantley, Presidentg Mrs. Olive Crain, House Motherg and Tina Colquitt, Secretary. as swf -" wwf Jvc: if Y efdfgngv Q l""---.MSN Yf.f3..i.'f1ll'l24.. , . fgwufd, fv pf' -mg' Q,-pi ,, 'uc - ' ' vu? A' - 'fl' ' . - -x.,- ' x '. ' -.. A .l 1' 'f , ,, , ,,,,' .. ,l .te .. ,nlvjly ,l J Ji V, , - 15 f up , I, Q.. A W Ma A.w ' - 1 , mg ini? C, uwyzf H, V ig - I H :ff lEgE,::i 2" 'U' "www " 1 in. . ' 'Q ' 'L :fee-yyj' ' ,rw if eng! if, 12.-Q K. r' " V - ., ' 3' ' ' " s cg 6' M is TW. lla fri , 412 f ,ll ei 2 rf in ,Nuff-4dw,,-...i. 5 63.14 'll'l'l"x 'fl U. 'U's:.'f'1Ae Tl: 'fl.Qlm.'-'l ,V als' "'ll"'ll 4 Standing: Faye Mills, Lynda Cantley, Carolyn Bunyan. Seated: Mrs. Crain, Tina Colquitt, Joyce Cook, and Judy Byrd. 140 Monitors Donnie Delk is Well-liked by the bottom flight. H.C. Couch and Gene Franklin have lunch together. In the boys, dormitory the mon1tors are expected to keep order within the dormitory and to present to the dean of men the names of those abuse privileges. Lanny Browder served as monitor for first semester. Ricke Cothran informs Ted Kelley of som , the duties of ,a monitor. l C gf if .. 1 Roy VVhite keeps the "Big House" in good order. s , 1 Student Government Association .- N DE S it 951690509 XTWM ' fizggmiurr n!l9"e gy. Mike McConnell, President Carolyn Runyan, Secretary Cross Rogers, Freshman Representative, Tina Colquitt, Soph- omore Representative. 142 Executive Council The Student Government Association was organized in its present form in the spring of l963,when the officers of the Student Council met to edit the handbook, the Enlighteneer, for 1964. These officers decided that certain revisions needed to be made in the organization of this governing body and that a constitution should be framed. After examining information from other schools concerning these problems, the officers drew up a constitution which provided for three branches of government: Executive, Judi- cial, and Representative. The constitution was ratified by the stu- dent body in the fall of 1963. W Bob Mulkey, Vice-President "Poochie" DeMars, Treasurer '51 .- Z .2 V4 , 'S 2 I Nancy Evatf, Editor of the AURORA Pat Quattlebaum, Editor of THE SKYLINER Dr. Paul Talmadge, Sponsor for S.G.A. John Acker, President of Sophomore Class f ,fL. Wh ,W msvafwwvf sf '12 ,fx Wm WX',,,5,s- . f 'MiA,Mswf.!' fffsffsvfx-wv f f Z A f W6 4A, ws? X shit sf' , w .. , msn as-Z 'NW f f 1,,' W 19" ' X sn . "VZ.f?'LVi f' sr f sage . X M ANN' W sis Roy White, President of Freshman Class Judicial Council The judicial Council handles the minor disciplinary matters that arise on the campus. The council is composed of seven members. Two freshmen boarding students and a freshmen day student are elected as per- manent members for the year. The presidents of the campus clubs alternate to fill two positions on the council. The president of the S.C.A. is a member of the Iudicial Council and automati- cally its chairmang the vice-president of the S.C.A. is its secretary. Mike McConnell, Chairmang Bob Mulkey, Secretary. Left to right, first row: Larry Burns, Lynda Cantley, Patsy Baughman. Second row: Bill Sloan, David Bates, Norma Gibson. Third row: jimmy Garrison, Judy Byrd, Linda Bruce. Fourth row. Nancy Evatt, Pat Quattlebaum, Kella Hall. Fifth row: Bob Mulkey, Charles Lucado, jackie Lewter, and Mike McConnell. The Judicial Council is now in session. 144 h .J Representative Council if V, , 'i 'pa' L ama- X 3 X X Wwfwwvwwwawf M Q5 4, EW i, ff, , L . f Z if, 1 1 1 f , - Z X ,s, le' Q , i , ,, 4 ., , ie mmm... , ,, fi , az 1 , , , i Z V ' w4w4 M,,,, f ..,, . . www? ' ii? wwwxxm as er E V WMMWMW, W, ,K F iv www ,, tg 4, e ,L ,un :Qi if E The Representative Student Council includes all the presidents of campus clubs. Bob Mulkey, Vice-President of S.C.A. serves as chairman. Pictured are jimmy Garrison, Frank Price. Second row: Charles Lucado, Iackie Lewter, Bob Mulkey. Third row: Myra Hardman, Lynda Cantley, Patsy Baughman, Norma Gibson, Judy Byrd. Linda Bruce, and Nancy Evatt. 145 75 4 Q Z Z 2 1 ...,... fa lf ' 1 Q, Ww,,M,,,,,,,,,,,,,, if Funniest Thing Basketball Sweethearts. Part time ministerial student. ls that you, Howdy? 146 I l 5 Somebody is off key, Ellen. ll E I l i I l 143197 3: S 1 'Q if 5 Is that you, "Tina"? No, HE doesn't live here. 7 ri rg O :- CID ff' O 'JT' CD U7 SD :1 Q. VD UQ FD .. ' sh 1 X f ' ,. ' f 72 Iii if ' J if 4 Q f 13 f .. 9 5 i M 3 H ' 5 ' g li fa' 4 Is that right? A s ' K1 . , R- ,fm 5" I S I ? A oi gr' 5 2 E 5 , Q .1 , ji , 5 if 2 2 we 'V 2 i :ff X iv 2 Q 2 2 E 1 1 5 "Tie me kangaroo down boys." 147 1 AURORA AURORA AURORA FEATURES AURORA AURORA AURORA Miss Aurora Contest "The World of Miss Aurorav On November 15, 1963, twelve contestants graced the stage in Turner Auditorium to compete for the title i'Miss Aurorav. These girls were judged on their originality, beauty, poise, and talent. They worked together, practiced together, almost lived together the week prior to the contest. The enchanted evening arrived. Each lovely contestant lived in a dream World of excitement and anticipation of Winning the royal title of "Miss Aurora of 19647 The judges made their decisionl 150 1 ll l 1 1 l I Sonny Eppes from VVQOK-MC. i 1 l ,, , "We ainlt got a barrel of money. Glenda doesn t have to smile to look pretty The judges have a final look at the twelve contestants. i I n l l i X . in :f2wf"e 2 Mfm: ve -- 1 fn Vx L7 ,Q 2, gf 77x17 ,W K7 If 7, 7 f y726ZWf ' if if f 472, 22222 QQQQf f??7Zy yffjhffffff if , ,, iz V, Zkizzfzzffffffffffzfzfff fjggggfzzfzfzfzffgff , fffffffwff ,My fffffMf ZZ f ,.,s.,.f'z1f,'-M-f ,Z -Mfg X, Q' 1fyfZZ4ZZZzfzf4fzffzffffw f 152 fx N3 X A M f5S?5S5SXESSgNx Miss Aurora I964 Miss Katherine Smith FIRST RUN NEB-UP 154 Miss Madeline Lackey Miss Cheryl Lowe SECOND RUNNER-UP THIRD RUN NER-UP 156 Miss Jackie Lewter Miss Mary Ann McDaniel FOURTH RUNNER-UP Who's Who At orth Greenville N l 4 V 5 , . , , L ,,AeA i, Ll Wg? 5 I E l I L 3 "Poochie" DeMars, Ricke Cothran, Mike McConnell, Nancy Evatt David Bates, Pat Ouattlebaum, Tina Colquitt. Seven students were chosen by the faculty and ad- ministration to appear in Who's Who at North Greenville. The bases of recognition for this honor are leadership, scholarship, dependability, popularity, and potentiality. 158 David Bates Tina Colquitt Ricke Cothran "Poochie,, DeMars Nancy Evatt Mike McConnell Pat Quattlebaum , - r I lg X ,M "4 ' s l K id lbw M M lil, W fm, ir a " fanart i 1 tilt 'fllifffl gli, 4 f 'fi .J David, Tina, Ricke V 1 TINA COLQUITT RICKE COTHRAN DAVID BATES AK' 'VY Pat, Mike N33 MIKE MCCONNELL P x- ' Avg!! i PAT QUATTLEBAUM B A POOCHIEU DeMARS NANCY EVATT Nancy, 'Toochie May Queen l964 The May Queen, Madeline Lackey, and the maid of honor, Mary Ann McDaniel, were nominated and elect- ed by the student body. The Sophomore and Freshmen Attendants were chosen by their respective classes. On May 2, 1964, Mr. Neely crowned Madeline as May Queen. The traditional May Pole Dance, followed by a pro- gram of songs and a skit, entertained the Queen and her court. Parents and friends of the Queen and attendants came from all over the state to see the festivities of the day. , 41 'V 'af .ir vi KW l,?PAg,e,mi .l . fr - The May Court of 1963 162 Queen of May 7,7555 Waclegne acLey Maid of Honor - gg X ga vn- Wiaa mary .xdnn melanie! kwww-0 WMA .zdnn Jong SOPHOMORE WMA paf Quaffdgaum SUPHOMURE May Day Attendants WMA .kafkerine Smifk SOPHOMORE mba Carofyn punyan SOPHOMORE 165 Ha 1' ,. iaa iane age FRESHMAN iM gfaine .9 gg FRESHMAN ' ' , x R . -f ,f 04. 2 11 l5A'AK Y, V. Y 1 6 - X- 3 M . , 3 i V :,g+KwLVZ4, 5,72 ,KL Q., MQ! N1 - QUE, : 'Q HC L ' M I, X, f WZ ' iaa Carofyn jonea SOPHOMORE X iM 'lynn Makop SOPHOMORE May Day Attendants Y X .li X . ly 'Pk jf, X .-x 4' - ef X t Y '4 .' 1 . fi . E I. 1 gvugx i , X . , 1 -'Qt Q -", K , 'nf 3 Q lx x , - '-X' - H 1 v 1 X 'Nt . S. vx. f 'x xx M 1 " N -'13 X , 4 . ,Y . -9. , - '-- . X X N V- X xx t, . Q w. , t 'I' R at X S, tc L' M in as V' N I A 'Q 5433 N 9 K., 'W 1-. A" mba mary .gzuflzerfanvl F RESHMAN Wiaa liane .jflanna FRESHMAN Wi ff, X -4 May Day Attendants WMA Joyce 6004 F RESHMAN Widzi paudffe garneffe F RESHMAN 167 1 N ' AURORA AURORA AURORA SPORTS AURORA AURORA AURORA Mounties Have Winning Season Coach King and Assistant Coach Couch give the team a few pointers during a time-out. Led by Captain Wayne Cambrell, the Mounties en- joyed a successful season under the leadership of their new coach, Cary King. With several firsts for the Mount- ies, including defeating the Carolina Freshmen and winning the Central Florida Iunior College Invitational Tournament, the team had an impressive overall record of 23 wins to 5 losses. In the Western Carolinas Iunior College Conference, the Mountie team came in second by winning 11 out of 14 conference games. After defeating by one point the Lees-McRae, Asheville-Biltmore, and Brevard Iunior Col- lege teams during the tournament at Forest City, North Carolina, the Mounties became the tournament cham- pions for 1964. Their standing in the conference gave them the op- portunity to participate in the Regional Tournament at Wingate, North Carolina. In the semi-finals the Mounties defeated Louisburg of Virginia 101-83. Their winning streak, however, was broken by Brevard, who handed them a 76-65 loss to win the regional championship. M11 i WW Managers Truett Tollison and Mike McConnell prepare to introduce the players before the game. Wayne jumps high to shoot. I 1 'ik It must be Langdale!! Captain XVayne Gambrell and Co-captain Dick White meet the officials. The five men on the bench Watch their teammates While the Coach bites his nails and prays. gn , .,A T is M. 0 5 Q- qi se. .N is W un M1 Dick guards this.Biddies, shot. HOOD edges two more points for the Mounties. The fans really supported the team this year. n Mac Lemmons, center, was "wet" that night. Look at his face. The Mounties started their season away from Mount- ie Hall with a victory over Spartanburg Junior College. Mac Lemmons led the scoring with 23 points, and guard Dick White had 22. Next, N.G.I.C. took its second conference victory when the team defeated Wingate. This was Wingateis first loss on their home court in five years. Steve scrambles for the rebound. l Sloan dunks the ball for 2 points. The team, in the dressing room, listens to the coach,s advice. One of Chief's favorite shots is tipping the ball over the rim of the basket. 1 v Those "Big Biddiesl' didn,t do a very good job of blocking Dick's two. For our first home game, the Mounties scored over 100 points against VVarren-VVilson. The Mountaineers, traveling to USC, took their first loss of the season from the Biddies. Before going to the Florida Tournament. the Mounties toppled Kings College when they met in Mountie Hall. 173 wwf! The members of the team are, first row: T. J. Ingle, Lanny Pigg, Dick White, Bill Sloan. Second row: Mike Davis, David Rogers, Wayne Gambrell, Steve Gambrell, Mac Lemmons, and Don McCorkle. 1 A First for .G.J.C. ff UN ,, . . , 1. . ,W 5 My Ziffwfi The tcam enjoyed a scenic cruise at Silver Springs, Florida, while they were at thc tournament. J The Mounties copped first place in the Florida In- vitational Tournament in Ocala, Florida, where they placed tvvo men on the All-Tourney team. The Mounties played their first game against St. Leo of Tampa, a top-rated team in the tournament. The defeat of St. Leo enabled the team to play in the finals. North Greenville rolled to a convincing 77- 65 victory over Central Florida to Wrap up championship laurels in the tournament. This was the first trophy they brought back to the campus for the year. Mac Lemmons, voted most valuable player, and Dick White were chosen All-Tourney. I 8 h l After defeating the Furman Freshmen, the Mounties gave the South Carolina Freshmen their first upset of the season With a score of 100-91. c'Whup,em, Mounties! Whupyemlllv was the cry of the fans as "Chief, led the team with 25 points. N .G.I.C. rolled over Asheville-Biltmore twice during the season. At Asheville-Biltmore, T. I. Ingle and Don McCorkle led the team to victory with 17 points each. With four hands and four feet, Chief couldn't miss. 49" A4445 Charlie loves basketball?? David Rogers, guard, goes down court to set up the defense. T. I. breaks in with his left hand to make two. 175 T. J. challenges the whole team. ' f V H X "Pigg, I'll lift you up if you want to dunk it," Miki- Davis, forward, goes up for that old side shot. Bill Sloan, forward, proves that big things come in little pack- ages. 176 White on his drive EE. mag May the best man get it, Wayne. The Mounties would never have won without mor- al support? I'd like to see Mac do thisf' 1 The Mountaineers split their season with Lees-Mc- Rae, defeating them in Mountie Hall and losing at Lees- McRae. A high for the season was the 131-86 victory over VVarren-Wilson. During the game, the Mounties hit an amazing 89? of their shots from the floor. Mac Lemmons set a new school record with 32 re- bounds when the Mounties defeated Anderson on our home court. When N.G.j.C. defeated Wingate for the second time during the season, Mike Davis led the Mounties by dumping in 30 points and bringing down 18 rebounds. "I bet Chief cun't do thisf, 'I77 Lanny Pigg, guard, does something nobody else can do. Brevard didrft have ll chance when TJ. started hitting. Could it be we won by ONE POINT? In the first game of the W.C.j.C. Conference Tour- nament, N.G.I.C. edged by Spartanburg junior College 53-52. The second night of the tournament the Mounties played their Way into the finals by defeating Asheville- Biltmore 80-79. In the finals, the team eased by Brevard 65-64 to win the conference crown. Mac Lemmons and Don McCorkle were chosen All-Tourney. 178 ' Mac says that he can get a better shot from the rafters. iQ"f We really cooked the Biddies' goose. Wayne Gambrell's motto is, "If the right doesn't get it, the! left one Will." Z 11 , S 4' ,avzxnw , K M..---' -.-Y- w Mountie Results NCj NCj NCj NCj NCj NCj NCj NCj NCj NCj NCT NCj NCI' NCj NCj NCjC NCfC NCTC NCTC NCjC NCjC NCjC NCTC C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C NCjC NCjC NCTC NC. C NCjC 91 Spartanburg 69 77 Wingate 71 111 Warren-Wilson 42 74 Univ. of So. Carolina Freshmen 89 109 Kings 55 73 St. Leo of Tampa 69 77 Central Florida 65 91 Furman Freshmen 72 100 Univ. of So. Carolina Freshmen 91 74 Anderson 75 113 Kings 58 87 Asheville-Biltmore 74 83 Spartanburg 64 93 Lees-McRae 77 60 Brevard 80 96 Gardner-Webb 68 77 Lees-McRae 81 94 Anderson 84 131 Warren-Wilson 86 86 Wingate 79 93 Brevard 77 84 Asheville-Biltmore 70 95 Gardner-Webb 63 CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT 53 Spartanburg 52 80 Asheville-Biltmore 79 65 Brevard 64 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT 101 Louisburg 83 65 Brevard 76 f 4? -X FW! ,L abr wv va ,, mfwffmwacaf' Y ,sy A2 Q M A V if 519111144 ' . 4:44 W 14 , N f ,f ,ww as x f f Q f 4 x 2.1, RN gg 4, , f If f J 45 f, : WM heerleaders "2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits, a dollarlv This rousing cheer brings the spectators to life before the Lassies or Mount- ies come on the court. Leading the yells are six lively cheerleaders, Whose enthusiasm spreads through Mount- ie Hall to boost the morale of both the players and the fans. Lola Miller, a Sophomore, is Head Cheerleader. The cheering squad includes Carol Vaughn, Lynn Bishop, Ellen Johnston, Lola Miller, Diane Hanna, and jean Dempsey. W 6 . fm Jean Dempsey-Sophomore Dianne ITIRIIIIH-FI'CSllI11llI1 Ioy Rowell, the cheerleader mascot, joins the other cheerleaders in a yell. Ellen Johnston-Sophomore Carol Vaughn-Freshman 3 Lynn Bishop-Sophomore Lassies Have a The team includes, first row: Mary Ann Brown, Judy Still, Bar- bara Clampitt, Sandra Stoudemayer, Kella Hall, Ellen Cox. Second row: Carolyn Bunyan, Barbara McDuffie, Ann Stone, Betty Jo Marilyn Green jumps for the N.C. Lassies. Miss Alverson, Coach, Kella Hall, Co-Captain, Ann Stone, Captain. Phillips, Jolene Sparks, Carolyn Watkins, Dorothy Johnston, Mari- lyn Green, and Miss Alverson, Coach. The spirit of the Lassie Team of 1963-1964 has been that of tremendous team effort. There was absolutely no evidence of 'personal jealousies. The girls played the toughest of all schedules for the five years Miss Alverson has served as coach. They ended their regular season with a 13-6-2 record and a tournament record of 1-1. The success of the team called for long and hard practice, maintenance of good health records, and disciplined study habits. These things combined to permit each player to give maximum performance, and in it all they had a good time. S-c-0-r-cl S-C-0-I'-Cl S-c-0-r-el Successful Year Q 1 4 1 Miss "Av gives the Lassie Team some helpful advice during ADH Smile, guard, 1135 been Pl CHD YOU fell WhO Shot for the a time out. great asset to the team. basket? The Lassies are ready for the beginning buzzer. Barbara Clampitt, forward, is one of the returning sophomores. 185 6 Iolene makes another 2 points for the Lassies. All of the team dress alike to travel. Donit they look sharp? The fine spirit of the team has manifested itself throughout the season. In the 1964 Southern Textile Tournament, the team was proud to have Marilyn Green chosen for the All-Tournament Team. An even greater honor came to her and the team as she received the coveted Henry Turner Sportsmanship Trophy, given from a field of 120 players. Kella Hall, freshman, is good as a forward or a guard. Lassie Results N CIC 38 F airforest 38 NCfC 46 Wagner 25 NCfC 46 Roebuck 46 NG:'C 45 Greenville Nurses 22 NCfC 57 Aiken 32 NCIC 46 Woodruff 42 NCIC 44 Chapman 45 NCQ'C 35 Anderson 49 NG- C 55 Sangamo 29 NGfC 39 Woodruff 47 NCfC 46 Daniel 34 NCfC 36 Chapman 27 NCTC 23 Roebuck 32 NGfC 31 Anderson 55 NCIC 58 Sangamo 45 M NCQC 34 Greenville Nurses 16 ,L NCfC 28 Aiken 35 NG'C 47 Sangamo 34 The fans encourage the girls to victory Barbara makes the layup for another basket. Our guards keep the opponents from under the basket most of the time. J. V. Basketball The junior Varsity basketball team was organized by Coach Couch to give the freshmen and sophomore boys a chance to compete among themselves and with other schools. During the season two of the team mem- bers, Bill Sloan and David Rogers, were drafted to the Mountie Team. The team played most of their games on home court I1 The team includes James Bagwell, Jerry Gault, Maurice Alsing, David Lowery, Bob Catch, Jackie Bridge, Carroll Bums, I. L. Cantey, Larry Duncan, and Coach Bob Couch. Smoalc jumps for two. Catch shoots for N.C. l88 The game started with a jump ball. Who stole the basketball? Girls' Intramurals Included in second semester physical education is girls, intramural basketball. Miss Alverson, the physical education instructor, assigns each basketball player a team to coach and train. In the spring, the teams com- pete for the number one position. Each girl works hard to help her team Win. Intramurals not only serve as an important part of the physical education program but also assist in develop- ing the paiicipant physically and socially. Nona, stop Iackie's pass. The game ended with a jump ball Watch the line, girls. us mul a f 'M 1 24 . r f - 2- k K ,, w 3,5 gi! f 2 'ii at ug, 5 'lift--5 Q F-.Es s 5323 " 1 I . rm JI. ,- . , ,,,,. , Q. mr., , ,. . ' A f -rf.: .3 1'2j1,. WM f , 4 . 6 5 Q 4 .1 If r M 1, i ,Wir f 9 I Cross Country team includes Albert Barnhill, Rusty Keller, James Duncan, Chip Sloan, Ricke Cothran, and Bob Catch. The woman in front doesn't always win. 'f-img' I .G.J.C. Track Teams In the past few years N.C.I.C. has not had a boys, track team. During the fall, a few of the boys became interested in a cross-country team. With the help of Mr. Couch, the boys began to get in shape for the track meet being held at Brevard Iunior College. After several weeks of training, the team participated in the track meet at Brevard. Albert Barnhill and Chip Sloan placed 10th and 17th respectively in the marathon run. They competed in a field of 45 candidates from different schools. Carolyn throws the discus. Scooter, reckon youall make it to thc Olympics? 190 These girls represent the girls' track team. They are Sandra Stoudemayer, "Scooter" Spridgeon, Faye Mills, Judy Byrd, and Carolyn Miller. In the spring, the girls' track team competes in a track meet for some of the schools in upper South Caro- lina. The track meet has previously been held in Ander- son at McGants fieldg however, this year tentative plans are for having the meet at North Greenville. VVe will be represented in all the races and field events. Indy practices the broad iump. 191 Baseball The NC. nine, under the direction of Coach Cary King, completed their 1963 season with a 5-9 won-lost record. The coach is anticipating a winning season with five returning players and ten new ones. The returning sophomores include Dick VVhite, David Lowery, Bill jones, Xlfalt Cribb, and Bob Bayne. Practice began early in March, when Coach King chose the team from a number of tryouts. The prospects for a successful season are good. These two enjoy watching from the bench, right, jerry? , I 4, ,L X, . u,sK:'92lZfSgf Y' X 1 x ' S . ,. , kg' fs' - 5, ,f L , , -sh' we .fqeff ' 1 ,, , ,+ xmw. , HN? ,-1, ,Q V1 .Wu ww wffM.xKhzW,f .any-""Ih ..-,. .. . , -.,. 'li'-Q " . -r-:wi 'fa!ir.z,.,, 1 ,,,f Q ' 1-X: , gyqg.-, , ' X 1. fl awk xg! Vy,31A',N f,,K , ' , . UA.. ' 'frffuvsifll' 1: 'W , ' ' Y ,V-fa2if:'Xz'fQr --7' ' sl, -' '- , x- - 1 ,ty , ,Q , . ...M if-7, -'-,ill . ,k fe, U ,y W '.,,, . Z , ,,....i. fs--, - ,,1Y. , in fy... , -'V . w 5 , .0:.1f"f. TFWI' - 'twin 544' ' 'C "-51. 'W ' ff' f" 1 ' .H 15' 1 'L-"' ' "' LSKX-g'1.,l?:.ilk'Gi-L! , .....uuwwww,. M, ff. llc-turning soplnomorcs :arc David Lowery, Dick X'Vl1itc, Bob Baiyuc, xvllll Crilib, and Bi Iullvx. 192 Bob Bayne, a returning letterman, is ready for the first game on April 3. A Q Q 1 .1-., ., ,WM The team includes David Lowery, Dick White, Bob Bayne, Walt Cribb, Billy White, Mike Tuck, Bill Jones, jackie Bridge, Mike Davis Jackie Vaughn, Eddie Jackson, Erwin Hudges, Gerald Peak, Jerry Gault, Richard Green, and T. I. Ingle. Baseball Schedule April April April April April April April April April May May May 3 7 10 14 17 91 Z5 28 99 1 5 8 Spartanburg Clemson Freshmen Brevard Anderson Brevard Gardner-Webb Wingate Spartanburg Furman Freshmen Gardner-Webb Anderson Kings The team gets ready for the coming season during spring trainin Sophomore Directory John Acker Dean Howard Literary Society 2,14 Debate Team 2,14 President Sophomore Class 24 Entertainment Com- mittee Freshman-Sophomore 14 Intramural Football 24 Sophomore Superlative fMost Likely to Succeedl. Joyce Babb Y.VV.A. 2,1, Circle Chairman 1, Vice-President 24 Volunteer Band 2,1, Music Chairman 24 L'Amicale des Livres 2g B.S.U. 2,1, Devotional Chairman 2, Greater Council 24 Choir 241. David Bamette Intramural Basketball and Football 2,1. Patsy Baughman SNEA 2,1, President 24 B.S.U. 2,1, Publicity Chair- man 24 Literary Society 2,14 Y.W.A. 2,14 Rep- resentative Council 2, Secretary 24 Judicial Council 2: May Day 14 Track 1. Gene Baxley Dean Howard Literary Society 14 L'Amicale des Livres 24 Intramural Football 2,1, Basketball 1. Ted Bennett Dean Howard Literary Society 2,14 Program Chair- man 2. Lynn Bishop Y.W.A. 2,1, Executive Committee 24 Sociology Club 24 Cheerleader 24 May Court 2. John Braswell Dean Howard Literary Societv 2,1, Secretary 24 In- tramural Football and Basketball 2,14 Debate Team 2. David Brown Dean Howard Literary Society 2.1. Marv Ann Brown L'Amicale des Livres 2,14 SNEA 14 Y.W.A. 2,1, Ex- ecutive Committee 24 Skyliner Staff 14 Track 14 Basket- ball 2. 'Linda Bruce Etude Music Society 2,1, President 24 E.Q.V. Literary Society 2,14 B.S.U. 2,14 Representative Student Council 24 Choir 24 Sophomore Superlative CMost Talentedl. Judv Byrd Y.W.A. 21. President 2, Executive Committee 24 Vol- unteer Band 2,14 LiAmicale des Livres 2,14 Representa- tive Council 24 Judicial Council 24 E.Q.V. Literary So- ciety 24 Dean's List 14 House Council 24 B.S.U. 2,1, Greater Council 24 Track 2,1. J. Campbell Volunteer Band 24 Ministerial Band 2,1, Social Chair- man 1. Secretary-Trezisurer 2: B.S.U. 2,14 Cboir 1' Brotherhood 14 Youth Auxiliary 2, Vice-President 2. J. L. Cantey Intramural Football and Basketball 2,14 J.V. Basket- ball 2. Lynda Cantley Swartz Rose Etiquette Club 2,14 President 24 House Council President 24 Representative Council 2: ludicial Council 24 Y.W.A, 2,1, Social Chairman 24 B.S.U. 2,1. Robert Canuette Ministerial Band 2.14 B.S.U. 2,1, Representative 14 Intramural Football 2,14 Volunteer Band 2. Elaine Clayton Y.W.A. 2,14 Volunteer Band 2,14 B.S.U. 2,14 Sopho- more Superlativc fMost Dependablel. Barbara Clampitt Y.W.A. 2,1, Secretary 24 B.S.U. 2,1, Greater Council 14 Freshman-Sophomore Committee 14 SNEA 14 Basket- ball 2,1. Tina Colquitt Y.W.A. 2,1, Social Chairman 24 Volunteer Band 14 B.S.U. 2,14 Etude Music Society 24 Historian 24 House Council Secretary 24 Executive Student Council 24 Miss Aurora Contest lg VVho's Who at North Crccnville. Randolph Conner Phi Beta Lambda lg SNEA 2. Al Curry Intramural Football 14 SKYLINER Staff 2,1, Sports Editor 2. Riche Cothran Freshman Class President 14 Choir 2,1, Manager 24 Dean Howard Literary Society lg B.S.U. 2,1, Social Chairman and Vice-President 24 Etude Music Society 24 Track Team 24 Monitor 2,1Q Debate Team 14 Who's Who at North Greenville. Walt Cribb B.S.U. 2,1, Sunday School Representative 24 Baseball 2,1, Barbara Crosby Phi Beta Lambda 2,1, Secretary 24 B.S.U. 2,14 Sopho- more Superlative fQuietest l. George Davis Intramural Basketball 241. Donnie Delk Ministerial Band 2,14 Intramural Football 2,1, Cap- tain 2,14 Monitor 24 Sophomore Superlative CFriendli- est. "Poochie" AURORA Staff 2, Business Manager and Photogra- pher 24 Enlighteneer Staff 2g S.G.A. Treasurer 24 Ex- ecutive Student Council 24 Sophomore Superlative lMost PODUIHIJQ Who's VVho at North Greenville. Jean Dempsey Choir 2,1Q Swartz Rose Etiquette Club 2,1, Social Chairman 24 Y.W.A. 2,14 Cheerleader 2. Irene Dow Swartz Rose Etiquette Club 2,1, Program Chairman 24 Choir 2,1, Secretary 24 Y.W.A. 2,14 Circle ,Chairman 2g B.S.U. 2,1, Enlistrnent Chairman 2. Larry Duncan J.V. Basketball 24 Intramural Basketball 2. Howard Ellis Ministerial Band 2,1, B.S.U. Representative 1, Secre- tary-Treasurer 1, Vice-President 24 Volunteer Band 1' B.S.U. 2,1, Stewardship Chairman 2. Nancy Evatt AURORA Staff 2,1, Business Manager 1, Editor-in- Chief 24 E.Q.V. Literary Society 2,1, President 24 Gar- rett Speech Medal 14 Etude Music Society 2,1, Treas- urer 24 Choir 2,14 S.G.A. Executive Council 24 Judicial Student Council 24 Representative Student Council 24 Enlighteneer Staff 2g Track 14 Sophomore Superlative fBest All Aroundlg VVho's Who at North Greenville. Charlotte Ford E.Q.V. Literary Societv 2,11 Volunteer B a n d 2,1- Y.W.A. 2,14 Phi Beta Lambda 2. Q Woody Gramble Intramural Football and Basketball 2,1. Jimmy Garrison Choir 2,1, President 24 Etude Music Society 24 Rep- rescntative Student Council 24 Judicial Council 24 In- tramural Football and Basketball 2.1. Catherine George L Amieale des Livres 241. Social Chairman 2. Norma Jean Gibson Phi Beta Lambda 2,1, President 24 E.Q.V. Literary Society 2,1, Marshal 24 B.S.U. 2.1. Secretary 24 Ren- resentative Student Council 24 Judicial Council 24 Y.VV.A. 2,1. Ronald Greer Phi Beta Lambda 241. Myra Hardman Volunteer Band 2,1, President 25 Etude Music Society 2,1, Vice-President 25 E.Q.V. Literary Society 2,1, De- votional Chairman 25 Y.VV.A. 2,15 Choir 2,15 Dean's List 1. Alex Hawkins B.S.U. 2,1, Greater Council 2, Christian Citizenship Chairman 2, State Representative 25 Ministerial Band 2,1, Reporter 25 Sociology Club 25 Etude Music Society 15 Choir 15 Intramural Football 1. Sammy Hendrix Intramural Football and Basketball 2,1. Wynona Herndon Y.VV.A. 2,15 E.Q.V. Literary Society 2,15 Phi Beta Lambda 15 B.S.U. 2,15 Track 1. Helen Humphries SNEA 25 Volunteer Band 15 AURORA Staff 25 Y.VV.A. 2,1, Music Chairman 25 B.S.U. 2,1, Greater Council 25 Choir 15 May Day 15 Sophomore Superlative tWitl:iest1. Dorothy Johnson B.S.U. 2,15 Y.W.A. 2,15 L'Amicale des Livres 2,1, Chaplain 25 Freshman-Sophomore Committee 15 Basket- ball 2. Carolyn Jones SNEA 2,1, Program Chairman 1, Secretary-Treasurer 25 B.S.U. 2,15 Y.W.A. 2,15 L'Amicale des Livres 15 Freshman Class Secretary 15 Sophomore Class Secre- tary 25 Miss Aurora Contest 15 May Court 2,15 Track 1. Harriet Tones E.Q.V. Literary Society 2.1, Secretary-Treasurer 2: Y.W.A. 2,1, Executive Committee 25 B.S.U. 2,15 L'Ami- cle des Livres 2,15 Choir 2,15 SNEA 1: Track 15 SKY- LINER Staff 2, Typist 2. Bobby Joyner Ministerial Band 2,1. Ted Kelley Ministerial Band 2,1, President 25 B.S.U. 2,1, De- votional Chairman 2. Judy King Y.W.A. 2,15 Sociology Club 25 B.S.U. 2,1, Madeline Lackey Swartz Rose Etiquette Club 25 Choir 15 AURORA Staff Secretary 2: SKYLINER Staff Artist 2: Y.W.A. 2.1: Miss Aurora Finalist 2.1: May Court 15 May Queen 25 Sophomore Superlative tN1ost Attractivel. Jimmy Langdale Dean Howard Literary Society 15 L'Amicale des Livres 2,15 T 61 I 2,1, President 2: AURORA Staff Sports Editor 25 Freshman-Sophomore Decoration Com- mittee 15 Sophomore Superlative fBest School Spiritl. Jackie Lewter L'Amicale des Livres 2,1, Social Chairman 1. Presi- dent 25 SNEA 2.1. Treasurer 1, Historian 25 Dean's List 15 Miss Aurora Finalist 25 May Court 15 Basketball 15 Y.W.A. 2,15 B.S.U. 2.15 Representative Council 25 Soph- omore Superlative tMost Intellectuall. Ann Long Y.W.A. 2,15 B.S.U. 2.15 May Court 2. Cheryl Lowe Etude Music Society 21, Program Chairman 25 Miss Aurora Contest 2,1, Finalist 25 Dearfs List 15 Marshal 15 Choir 2,1. Charles Lucado Dean Howard, Literary Society 2.1, President 2: B.S.U. 2,15 Dean's List 15 Hallum Speech Medal 15 Debate Team 15 Best Dehator 15 Judicial Council 25 Representative Council 25 Mounties Official Timekeeper 2,15 Intramural Basketball 2,15 Sophomore Superlative fMost Intellectuall. Wanda McAlister Phi Beta Lambda 2,1, Program Chairman 25 Sociology Club 25 Y.W.A. 2,1, Executive Committee 25 Sophomore Superlative tFriendliest1. Mike McConnell Dean Howard Literary Society lg Freshman Class Treasurer 15 Judicial Council 2,1, Freshman Class Rep- resentative 1, Chairman 25 President of S.G.A. 25 Chair- man of Executive Council 25 Basketball Manager 2,15 Baseball Manager 2,15 Intramural Football and Basket- ball 15 Enlighteneer Staff 25 Freshman-Sophomore Com- mittee 15 Dearfs List 25 Sophomore Superlative tBest All Around15 Who's Who at North Greenville. Carolyn Miller Swartz Rose Etiquette Club 2,1, Poster Chairman 25 Y.W.A. 2,15 Track 2,1. Lola Miller House Council 1, Freshman Representative 15 E.Q.V. Literary Society 2,15 L'Amicale des Livres 2,1, Secre- tary-Treasurer 25 Cheerleader 2,1, Head Cheerleader 25 Sophomore Superlative tBest School Spiritl. Faye Mills Volunteer Band 2,1, Vice-President 25 Y.W.A. 2,1, Executive Committee 2,15 B.S.U. 2,1, Greater Council 25 Sociology Club 25 Track 2,15 Dean's List 15 Marshal 1. Nancy Moore Y.W.A. 1, Poster Chairman 15 B.S.U. 15 Track 1. Bob Mulkey Vice-President of S.G.A. 25 Ministerial Band 2,1, President 25 Vice-Chairman of Judicial Council 25 Rep- resentative Council Chairman 2. Luther Price Ministerial Band 2,1, Mission Chairman 2,1, Vice- President 2. Pat Quattlebaum Phi Beta Lambda 2,1, Publicity Chairman 25 E.Q.V. Literary Society 2,1, Vice-President 25 Y.W.A. 2,1, Ex- ecutive Committee 25 B.S.U. 2,15 Executive Council 25 Judicial Council 25 May Court 2,15 Best Typist Award 15 Freshman Class Vice-President 15 Collegiate Sweet- heart 25 SKYLINER Staff 2,1, Typist 1, Editor-in-Chief 25 Sophomore Superlative CMost Likely To Succeedlg Who's Who at North Greenville. Carolyn Runyan Literary Society 2,15 Y.W.A. 2,15 B.S.U. 2,1, Greater Council I5 Secretary of S.G.A. 25 House Coun- cil 25 Sociology Club 25 Track 2,15 Basketball Manager and Scorekeeper 25 May Court 25 Sophomore Super- lative CMost Popularj. Becki Sargeant B.S.U. 2,1, Greater Council 25 E.Q.V. Literary So- ciety 2,15 Track 25 Volunteer Band 2,1, Social Chairman 25 Y.W.A. 2,15 Sociology Club 2. "Scooter" Spridgeon Volunteer Band 2,15 Y.W.A. 2,1, Executive Commit- tee 25 Basketball 15 SKYLINER Staff Associate Editor 25 Sociology Club 2,15 B.S.U. 2,15 Track 2,1, Micheal Stokes Choir 2,1, Ann Stone L'Amicale des Livres 15 Y.W.A. 2,1, Circle Chairman 25 House Council 2,1, President 25 B.S.U. 2,1, Greater Council 15 Sociology Club 2, Secretary-Treasurer 25 Basketball 2,1, Captain 25 Track 2,15 Sophomore Super- lative fMost Athleticl. Sandra Stoudemayer SNEA 15 Y.W.A. 2,15 Track 2,15 Basketball 2. Joan Turner Volunteer Band 2,1, Secretary-Treasurer 25 L'Ami- cale des Livres 15 Y.W.A. 2,1, Executive Committee 25 Track 1. Ron Turner Sophomore Class Treasurer 25 Sophomore Superlativ- tMost Dependablel. Carolyn Watkins SNEA 2,1, Program Chairman 25 Basketball 25 Y.W.A. 2,1, Billy Weathers Ministerial Band 2. Student Roster IQ63-I964 FRESHMEN Able, Virginia Neil, Clayton Street, Me- Cormick Adams, Gregg Carlisle, 2013 Hampton Avenue, Charleston Heights Adams, Robert Daniel, Route 1, Box 177, Ware Shoals Alexander, Edgar Bert, 160 Dellwood Drive, Greenville Allen, Barbara Ann, 100 Dagnall Circle, Laurens Allen, Shirley Alice, 7824 Asheville Highway, Spartanburg Alsing, Maurice Oliver, jr., Cherokee Apartments, Gaffney Anders, Margaret Hazel, Route 3, Hunt's Bridge Road, Greenville Anderson, Grace Adele, Route 3, Box 154, Travelers Rest Ashmore, George Willard, Ir., 300 Mc- Donald Street, Greenville Atterberry, Jeanette Alice, South Pal- metto Street, Denmark Avant, Hubert Bennett, Route 3, Box 296A, johns Island Babb, johnny, Route 4, 1n.rnan Bagwell, james Cecil, Ir., 6 Thomas Street, Greenville Bamett, Paulette Kathleen, Box 576, Moncks Comer Bamhill, Albert O'Neil, Route 1, Taylors Barton, Thomas Mauldin, 8 Davis Street, Sans Souci, Greenville Baxley, Jacqueline Bemice, 1710 Taylor Road, Cayce Baxley, Reginald Blease, Route 2, Box 317, Bamwell Bayne, Charles Robert, 813 North Frank- lin Road, Greenville Beard, Willard Rodney, Route 2, Bam- berg Beck, Henry Sanford, III, 104 Lanford Street, Greer Bennett, Granger Kenneth, Route 1, Box 368, Moncks Comer Bennett, Harry Lawrence, II, 222 NVest Earle Street, Greenville Bennett, Ralph Raymond, 306 South Florida Avenue, Greenville Bishop, Iohn Anthony, Post Office Box 11, Travelers Rest Bolin, John Fredric, 205 Augusta Road, Spartanburg Bouchillon, Vemon Larry, 1513 Laurens Road, Greenville Bowling, Tyra Everett, 201 Ridgecrest Drive, Greenville Bowman, Emest Preston, 1 Twenty-sec- ond Street, Greer Bradham, Phyllis, Route 1, Manning Bridge, Jasper Owen, 311 Warren Street, Walterboro Bridges, Margaret Ioy, Route 3, Spartan- burg Brissey, Linda Carrol, 661 Badowslci Drive, Milledgeville, Georgia Bronson, Harrie Frederick, Box 203, Bamwell Brown, David Lloyd, 2439 Scott Street, Spartanburg Brown. Francis Thomas, Route 1, Box 266, Wedgefield Brown, je-ny Dale, 140 East Tallulah Drive, Greenville Brown, Michael Winston, 1605th ABW, Box 150, APO 406, New York Brown, Roger Mack, 505 Marion Street, Kingstree Bruce, Laveda Ann, 109 Woodruff High- way, Greer Bryan, Michael Edward, 6 Russell Ave- nue, Greenville Bryant, Stanley Willis, 17 Perry Avenue, Greenville Bums, Larry DeMont, 229 Piney Moun- tain Road, Greenville Byers, Joseph Floyd, 232 Boundry Drive, Spartanburg Caldwell, Emily jane, Route 3, Spartan- burg Canuette, Robert Harold, 1516 Capps Street, Augusta, Georgia Carlisle, Lewis Stack, Jr., 1 Spartanburg Road, Lyman Carnell, Gene Stanley, Route 2, Taylors Carroll, Martha Rachel, 224 West Elliott Steet, Chester Carson, James Paclget, lr., Ridge Spring Garter, Daniel Rav, ll4 River Oaks Drive, Greenville Carter, Dorothy Jean, Box 241, Burton Case, Nancy jane, Route 2, Easley Canthen, Glenda Kay, 5 Merlock Drive, Greenville Chamhlee, Vtfilliam Marshall, .Ir,, Route 2, Fountain Inn Chanxller, Roger Gene, IZOOA, Wootlsirle Avenue, Greenville Ghanrllr-r, Thomas Sanfortl, Route 4, Greenville Chilcli-rs, jesse Cari-v, Crestwood Drive, flreenvilli' Childers, Linda Carol, Route 1, Box 265. Marietta Childers, Waco Franklin, .III, 17 Brough- ton Drive, Greenville Clampitt, Barliara Ann, Route l, Pisgah Forest, North Carolina Clark, John Edward, Route 5, Mountain Creek Road, Greenville Clifton, Willie Lanier, 120 First Street. West, Hampton Cole, Gwendolyn Ann, 1405 Field Street, Camden Contlrey, Hartwell Eugene, Route 2, Campobello Connell, Judith Rae, 1914 Oxford Drive. Hendersonville, North Carolina Connor Brenda Evon, 1055 Stehonmlale Road, Columbia Cook, loyee Darlene, 2805 Fair Avenue. Newberry Cooeland, Samuel Lankfortl. Ir., 2811 South Fifth Street, Hartsville Corley, Emest Luther, Jr., Route 3, Box 111, Johns Island Cowsert, Clark Ellie, Broatl River Road. Columbia Cox, John VVavne. Route 2, Camoohello Cox, Marv Ellen, Bow 143, Maulclin Crawford, Thelma Joyce, Box 96. Plum Branch , Creasey, Donna glean, 210 Heathwoocl Drive, Aiken Cross, Bertha Ioan 505 Old Park Road. Charleston Cross, Thomas George, -lr., 101 Elm Street, Greenville Crumpton, lohn VVilliam, Jr., 510 Crane Avenue, Greenville Colley. Ronald Franklin, 1543 Elmtree Road, Columbia Curry, Alvin Houston, 1702 Hilt Ave- nue, North Charleston Dabney, Thomas Edward, 302 Sidney Street, Rock Hill Davis, Connie Michael, 302 Tiffany Drive, Greenville Davis, Robbie Dean, Route 2, Dallas, North Carolina Davis, William Kelly, 1417 Montview Road, Birmingham 8, Alabama Day, John Frank, 2000 West Parker Road, Greenville Deese, Shelby -lean, Route 2, Heath Springs DeHay, Arthur Hamilton, 121 West Main Street, Moncks Corner Denton, William Berong, Jr., 1205 Wood- side Avenue, Greenville Dill, Furman Barry, 3 Coleman Drive. Taylors Dobson, Frances Rebecca, Box 94, Fair- forest Dorsey, Adelaide Marie, Route 1, Box 494, Columbia Duncan, James Ralph, Route 3, Travelers Rest Dusenbury, Michael Van, 228 Smith Street, Georgetown Edwards, Karen Gail, 13 Tintlal Road, Greenville Eff1er, Robert Henry, 307 Wilton Street, Greenville Ellis, William Howard, Route 1, Box 278E, Chester Epps, Bamey Walton, Route 3, Box 86, Kingstree Erwin, Lawrence Albert, Jr., Box 231, Startex Estridge, Roger Malone, 320 East Third Street, Kershaw Etheredge, Michael Bruce, 103 Fair- haven Drive, Taylors Evett, William Frederick, 4 Fletcher Street, Greenville Falcon, Lan'y Harris, Route 2, Greenville Fallaw, Ann Wamer, 229 Johnston Street, Rock Hill Farrior, David Pickett, Jr., Mackay Point Plantation, Yemassee Feggiason, Sharon Ann, Box 432, Allen- ae Franklin, Lloyd Ray, Route 1, Roebuck Franklin, Willie Eugene, Jr., Route 1, Box 190, Sumter Fraser, Lee Caldwell, 121 Kathryan Court, Greenville Frazier, Donald Maurice, 112 Flora Ave- nue, Greenville Freeman, Lewis Willard, Jr., Route 2, Greenville Fripp, Paul Melvin, Oaklawn Suhtlivi- sion, Walterhoro Fulmer, Linda Louise, 717 Crabtree Street, Conway Gaillartl, .Iosenli Michael, Route l, lzaslev Gallman, VVilliarn Arthur, Jr., Route 1, Ionesville Gambrell, Larry William, 308 Buncomhe Street, Greer Gambrell, Wayne Douglas, 308 Bun- eomhe Street, Greer Garcia, lfliseo Rurlnann, Route l, Tran- elers Rest Garner, Douglas Van, 205 Varn Street, Walterboro Garraux, Kenneth Earl, 911 Pendleton Street, Greenville Garrett, Melynda Ann, 12 Vemelle Street, Greenville Garrison, Sivil Ellen, Post Office Box 54, jefferson, Georgia Gatch, Robert David, III, 1724 Hampton Street, Walterboro Gault, Gerald Oscar, 105 Brannon Street, Union Gaylord, Leroy, 324 South Salem Street, Sumter Giorge, Catherine Tamer, Box 4, Paco- et Gerald, Benjamin Worth, 60 Alabama Drive, Charleston Heights Granger, Thomas Cleveland, 4 Perley Apt., Byrd Boulevard, Greenville Gray, Elsie Belle, Route 1, Denmark Green, Jeffrey Randolph, 404 North Main Street, Greer Green, Leslie Angus, 1011 South Bun- combe Road, Greer, Green, Linda Marilyn, 109 Green Ave- nue, Fountain Inn Greene, John Warren, 803 Edwards Road, Greenville Gresham, Robert Lee, 111 Ebaugh Ave- nue, Greenville Grubbs, John Gary, Route 5, Greenville Hair, Iune Elizabeth, 1106 Laurens Street, Aiken Hall, Kella Jane, Post Office Bot 52, Springfield Hammett, Arthur Clarence, lr., 14 Flora Avenue, Greenville Hammett, Williams Bernard, Route 3. Hartwell, Georgia Hammond, William Roycl, lr., 129 Gon- verse Street, Greenville Hanna, Dianne Mae, 305 Clairview, Kingstree Hannon, Miriam Iuanita, Route 2, Cam- pobello Harkins, Donald Roy, I3 Speerl Street, Greenville Harrington, Leonarzl Rurlou, Jr., 113 Hill Top Street, Kingstree Hatley, Ierry Donald, 108 Aladdin Street, Greenville Hattaway, Kenneth Edward, Post Office Box 196, McClellanville Hawkins, Gary Arnold, 10 Primrose Lane, Greenville Hawkins, Lyman Eugene, 101 North Franklin Road, Greenville Head, Patricia Ann, 307 Carolina Ave- nue, Batesburg Heaton, Clovie Julia Etta, 10 Ariail Street, Easley Hester, Beniamin Anderson, Route 7, Greenville Hill. Colin Raymond, 304th M. M. Sq., APO 238, New York Hill. Spurgeon Cletus, Route 2, Pelzer Holliday, Brenda Pauline, Route 1, Six Mile Hollifield, Martha Anne, Box 287, Nebo, North Carolina Howe, Thomas Cecil, 108A Central Av- enue Howell, Ralph Glenn, 106 Earle Street, Greer Hudson, Eugenie Marie, Box 112, So- ciety Hill Hudson, Judith Elaine, Route 3, Nichols Hughes, Russel Randall, Route 2, Mari- etta Hughes, Warren Chesley, Route 4, Ecl- wards Mill Road, Taylors Humphries, Julius Caesar, Jr., Route 4. Gaffney Hunt, Frank DeVVitt, lr., 20713 Mauldin Road, Greenville Hunt, VVarren Chandler, Ill, 1123 Lake Avenue, North Augusta Hunter, Marv Nancy, 106 Hill Street, Woodruff Ingle, Leroy Harrison, Jr., 23 jones Street, Greenville Ingle, Thomas jefferson, jr., 3012 NVacle Hampton Boulevard, Taylors jackson, Charles Edward, Horatio James, Ronald Charles, Route 5, State Park Road, Greenville janik, Virginia Nell, Route 1, Taylors lay, Sarah Patricia, 108 NV. Earle Street, Greenville Ieffords, X'Villiain Herbert, Jr., Route 1, Laurens johnson, james Paul, Route 1, Box 304, Cordova Johnson, John David, Route 7, Green- ville johnson, XVilliam Perry, Route 5, Greer Jolly, Beverly Dale, Route 1, Gaffney jones, Diana. Gail, Ridge Spring jones, Dorothy Lois, Route 2, Batesburg jones, Eugene Marion, 116 North Trade Street, Tryon, North Carolina Jones, NVilliarn Alvin. H2 Seventh Street, Easley Julian, David Mattison, 12 Horseshoe Circle, Greenville Kaplet, joann, 92-A Jasmine Street. Shaw Air Iforee Rasm- Keith, Alexander Foster, lltl Sumner Street, Greenville Keller, William Harrison, Route 1, Bed- ford, Pennsylvania Kelly, James Richard, 112 Center Street, Taylors Kent, Linda Faye, Miracle Hill School, Route 1, Pickens Kimball, Wayne Thomas, 1205 Pine Drive, Aiken King, Judy, 701 Prather Circle, Clinton Koon, Larry Lz1Bruce, Route 2, Gaston Koon, Rufus Theodore, Route 2, Gaston Lackey, Sandra Elaine, 121 McDade Street, Greenville Lancaster, Ronald Edward, Route 3, Spartanburg Lancaster, Sondra Eugenia, 2144 Ches- nee Highway, Spartanburg Lee, John Wayne, 1731 East North Street, Greenville Lee, Leon Wilson, 1731 East North Street, Greenville Lee, Patricia Ann, 306 East Fairview Avenue, Gaffney Lominack, William Pettus, 117 Pine Street, Greer Looper, Rufus Franklin, III, 1190 Pendle- ton Street, Greenville Lowe, Brenda Carole, 1415 Mount Gal- lant Road, Rock Hill Lowery, David Parker, 130 South Cam- bridge Street, Ninety Six Lowry, Walter Kenneth, 212 Fairview Avenue, Greenville Lucas, James Michael, Route 2, Heath Springs Nlaior, Charles R., 112 East Avondale Drive, Greenville Mallard, Betty Sue, Box 225, St. George Martin, Kelly Payte, Ir., 203 Princeton Avenue, Greenville Martin, Margaret Tindall, Route 1, Trav- elers Rest Martin, Sylvia Ann, 203 State Park Road, Greenville Mathis, Stephen Walter, Route 4, Greer Mattero, Marilyn Elaine, 302 Chestnut Street, Shelby, North Carolina McAdams, James Kenneth, lr., 207 Grove Road, Greenville XleCarson, Michael lack, 2203 YVest Parker Road, Greenville NlcClain, Patrieia Ann, Route 33, Box 169, Travelers Rest NleCorkle, Don Lynn, Route 2, Fort Mill MeDuffie, Barbara Ann, 5 Charles Street, VVooclsicle, Greenville McGee, Vincent Dale, 17 Pittman Circle, Berea, Greenville Mc-Gill, joe Harold, 108 West Georgia Road, Simpsonville MeTeer, Cecil Howard, Cotton Hall Plantation, Yemassee Meeks, Jerry james, Route 3, Inman Merck, Terry Craig, I0 Linden Drive, Greenville Xlikell, john Caltler, lr., Route 53, Box 287A, Sumter Miller, Carolyn jean, Route 2, Greenville Miller, Charles Eugene, 307 Butler Street, St. Nlatthews Miller, Ruby Irene, Route 1, NVellford Xiims, Thomas Leroy, Ir., Box 373, Kingstree Mitt-hum, Margaret Elaine, 334B ,lasper Street, Georgetown Nlixson, Travis Leroy, Route 1, Fairfax Moody, Elaine Elizabeth, 310 Etiwan Avenue, Columhia Morehead, Robert Barry, Route 2, Neeses hlorrls, ,lesse hl0l'x'll'l, 110 Overbrook Drive, Greer Morris, Ralph Etlwin, 132 Chiplev Lane, Greenville Moss, Roselyn Kaye, Route 1, Greer Nlowen, NVarren Thomas, Route 4, Pied- mont Nluncly, Marion Raymond, Route 3, Box 45, Ahheville Xlurdoek, William Phillip, 1037 Chero- kee Avenue, Roek Hill Nelson, Harry Hamilton, Route 4, Rox 14, Chester Neshitt, Nlargaret Leigh, Route l, Dun- Ctlll New, Thoinas Nlarshall, Route 3, Box 377, Aiken Nix, Alvin Leonard, -I-1 Fourth Street. judson, Greenville Nuhson, ,Iaines Xlaek, l Ottaway Drive, Greenville Owen, joyee Ann, Route 5, Easley Owens, Patsy Karen, Route 6, Greer Paee, Constance Louise, Route 2, Simp- sonville Page, Gwentlol Diane, Route 1, Easley Highway, Greenville Palmer, Carol Ann, 38 Nottingham Road, Greenville l'aouris, George liinanuel, lit! Central Avenue. Greenville Parham, Marion Geeratus, lr., 201 Le- nore Avenue, Greenville Pate, Martha Reheeea, Route l, Seranton ltafulttiwkiitxl, Nongluek, Bangkok, Thai- am A K Payne, Joseph Ligon, III, 27 Altacrest Drive, Greenville Peagler, Janice Gayle, 1538 Dunbar Road, Cayce Pearson, Barbara Gaye, 1014 Ruther- ford Road, Greenville Peden, Greeta Yvonne, Route 1, Taylors Phillips, Betty Jo, Box 356, Fairfax Phillips, Jane Stewart, Route 2, Taylors Phillips, Reginald James, ll, 401 Galphiu Drive, Greenville Phillips, Robert Lewis, 13 Eighth Ave- nue, Judson No. 2, Greenville Phillips, Sylvia, Route 3, Box 66, Pied- 11101111 Pigg, Lanny Mitchell, 378 Highway 601, Midland, North Carolina Pirkle, Larry Benjamin, Route 5, Green- ville Plumley, Faith Elaine, Route 2, Lan- drum Polson, Gary Cleveland, 600 West Poin- sett, Greer Powell, James Austin, Box 304, Hyde Circle, Mauldin Prewette, Donald Avery, Route 4, Box 307, Inman Price, Henry Franklin, 115 Warren Street, Walterboro Rabun, Cheryl, Dean, 7718 Bumett Street, Spartanburg Ragsdale, John Knox, Jr., Blair Rainey, Allen NVayne, 21 East Belvue Road, Taylors Rasor, William Barron, Jr., Route 1, Donalds Reed, Patricia Ruby, 1720 N.W. 9th Court, Homestead, Florida Reems, Elliott Forrest, 107 Banner Drive, Greenville Repko. Susan Josephine, 122 VVest Circle Avenue, Greenville Riley, Charles Kenneth, 127 Ware Street, Greenville Robbins, George Robert, 1622 East North Street, Greenville Rogers, Carl Thomas, Box 192. Roebuck Rogers, Cross R., III, 3816 Pope Street, S.E., YVashington, D. C. Rogers, Jerry Marion, 114 Riley Street, Westminster Rollins, Robbie Lee, Jr., 3 Sha.rnrock Lane, Greenville Rupracht, William George, Box 402, Central Square, New York Rufland, Joseph Harold, Box 278, Fair- ax Rutledge, James Amold, Jr., Route 5, Easley Scott, Marshall Wade, Jr., 501 Darling- ton Avenue, Greenville Shaver, Eleanor Ann, Northway Drive, Route 4, Taylors Sloan, Billy Bryant, Route 1, Lyman Sloan, Keever Vinson, Jr., Route 2, Greer Smith, Broadus Henry, Box 114, Spring- field Smith, David Carl, 22 Fore Avenue, Greenville Smith, Frank Allison, Jr., Route 1, Pisgah Forest, North Carolina Smithi, Margaret Gail, Route 6, Green- vr e Smith, Michael Mae, Route 1, Norway Smith, Thomas Douglas, Route 1, Box 170, Laurens Smoak, Harold Augustus, 209 North Boulevard, North Charleston Smoak, Hubert Claude, 13-B Durant Avenue, North Charleston South, Myma Faye, 99 Gordon Street Extension, Greenville Sparks, Jolene Frances, 79 Lowry Street, Whitmire Spridgeon, Mary Louise, 317 East Co-- lumbia Avenue, Batesburg Staggs, Lillian Elaine, Route 2, Greer Stephens, Patricia Ann, Route 2, Greer Stevenson, William David, Martin Still, Judy Lee, 2615 Hagood Avenue, Bamwell Stokes, William Michael, Route 2, Greer Stokes, Winfred Myron, Route 2, Greer Stroupe, Emest Alexander, Jr., Route 2, Yemassee Stubbs, Charles Gerald, Bailey Mills Road, Tigerville Sumner, Jerry Elliot, 1819 North Main Street, Greenville Sutherland, Mary Anderson, 2006 Luther Street, Newberry Thompson, Stuart Arthur, 960 Zimalcrest Drive, Columbia Thompson, Tommy Timms, 202 Donnan Road, Taylors Timmons, Grover Olivio, Route 2, Pied- mont Tollison, Grady Truett, Route 4, Easley Trotter, Ralph Kenneth, Route 4, Pickens Tuck, Michael Woodrow, 1329 Brace Drive, Savannah, Georgia Turner, Morrall Alexander, Jr., Route 3, Ninety Six Vaughn, Alice Carol, 1416 Muller Ave- nue, Columbia Vaughhan. lack Hubert, 1416 Muller Av- enue, Columbia Vaughn, Carolyn Ann, Route 5, Box 78, Greenville Vaughn, Rita Ann, Route 6, Greer Vimpeny, Leonard Charles, Route 2, Box 78C, Salley Walker, William Hollis, Route 1, Box 101, Windsor Waters, Susan Carole, 13 Gallivan Street, Greer Welborn, Robert David, Route 5, Green- ville Westmoreland, Branson, Jr., 203 Mary- land Avenue, Greenville NVhite, Billy Herman, 101 Moss Street, Greer VVhite, Roy Wilbur, 1508 Edgewood Av- enue, Anderson Williams, Nannie Griffin, Route 1, Eas- ey Wilsgn, Jo Nell, 24 Knox Street, Green- vi e Wilson, Walter Dewey, Route 7, Patrol Club Road, Greenville Yarborough, Edward Heath, 173 White- ford Road, Spartanburg Yarborough, Henry Samuel, Jr., Route 4, Boxr98, Conway Yown, William Robert, 2501 Easley Bridge Road, Greenville SOPHOMORES Acker, John Warren, 607 South B Street, Easley Avant, Patricia Ann, 203 Marquis Street, North Charleston Babb, Joyce Ann, Box 107, Fairforest Baker, Theron Racine, 101 Pinefield Drive, Greenville Bamette, David Jackson, 10 Berry Street, Bamwell Bates, Arnold David, Route 3, Box 240. Orangeburg Baughman, Jerry Dillard, Route 1, Simp- sonville Baughman, Patsy Ann, 810 Bamwell Avenue, N.E., Aiken Baxley, Arthur Gene, Route 2, Box 317, Bamwell Beason, Billy James, 102 Wood Drive, Greer Bennett, Ted Arnold, 4810 Grand Cen- tral Ave., Vienna, West Virginia Bishop, Charlyn LaVeme, 1517-B James Ave., Charleston A.F.B. Bradley, Robert Levi, Box 113, Saluda, North Carolina Braswell, John William, Jr., Post Office Box 503, Ridgeland Bridges, Edward Anthony, 9 Rayford Lane. Greenville Browder, Leland Everette, Jr., Route 2, Box 281-B, Bamwell Brown, Mary Ann, Columbia Highway, Joanna Brown, Tony Dean, Route 5, Easley Bruce, Geraldine Gail, Route 3, Greer Bruce, Linda Jean, Route 2, Campobello Bryant, June Carole, Bates Street, Bates- burg Bunch, Richard Finley, 9 College Street, York Burch, James Edward, Route 1, Gresham Bums, Maxie Carroll, Route 7, Green- ville Bussey, Wayne Eugene, Route 1, Box 296, Johnston Byrd, Judith Ann, 1633 Haviland Circle, H Columbia Campbell, Major J., III, 456 Liberty Street, Rock Hill Campoamor, Orlando, Caguas, Puerto Rico Gannon, William Thomas, Route 3, Greer Cantey, Julius Lucian, Jr., Route 1, Hemingway Cantley, Lynda Gayle, 511 Kelley Street, Kingstree Cantrell, Gene Fred, Route 2, Walhalla Clayton, Lucia Elaine, Route 2, Cam- pobello Cochran, Neil Arthur, Walker Springs Road, Taylors Cochran, Shields McDuffie, Walker Springs Road, Taylors Coleman, Harry Michael, 44 Beck Av- enue, Greenville Collins, J. 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Tigerville 'I97 '1 Q X Mahan, 'T -.- ,www M A i I xx J. l f f,,.., AURORA AURORA AURORA ADVERTISEMENTS AURORA AURORA AURORA XFH3 1869 3 .1 x l 1 l 1 l i . 1 i I I E w 1 l Photographs by RAWLINS - ALLEN STUDIO BELK-SIMPSON COMPANY Greenville, South Carolina ,.o PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. Greenville, South Carolina Shop ond Save At BELK-SIMPSON COMPANY 104 S. Moin Street Gre 'll S C WeGiveS8fHG St p Guess who spoke in Chapel? Mr. Humes. , QAM x i .Q . I X - ' , .I H p b so . , H V , I IIIIIIIII . ,f , L I ILUHUHIL Natural Enlnr Pictures Hy - Lzbauial Wclonafj !O!zofograloA 43? sm X 'P M' ack il ofa 'WN irq, ' 3 in 'L L' A' J P"'f1",iixx it . A .. N , I It ' v lr' -- III-wa 4 Q li' 'TQ I rs rr. -A J I I l I I .- 3 " ' it , -,y H' f If fi I Z I It "wr ra '- L' ', r 5 Q' , ' ., 1 Nia L 3900 EDWARDS ROAD TAYLORS S C TO FURTHER YOUR EDUCATION It's not what you GET, hut what you KEEP and how you MANAGE what you SPEND that matters most! . . . and Peoples can help youl It's a full-service bank that bases all its plans on serving people well. 'li Plan Now to Join NGJC Graduates At I CARSON-NEWMAN COLLEGE Jefferson City, Tennessee A LIBERAL ARTS SENIOR COLLEGE DEVOTED TO CHRISTIAN EDUCATION For Information Write - The Admissions Office Carson-Newman College, Jefferson Cnty Tennessee 51 Start banking with Peoples soon. THE Proms yygyrgrgycyl BANK if Speak up Robbie. R LANDER COLLEGE FOUR-YEAR LIBERAL ARTS TWO-YEAR NURSING PROGRAM BACHELOR OF ARTS-BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Maiors Available: SOCIOLOGY For further information, write: ENGLISH MUSIC CHEMISTRY PHYSICAL EDUCATION HOME ECONOMICS ELEMENTARY EDUCATION FRENCH BIOLOGY HISTORY BUSINESS EDUCATION MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION DR. BOYCE M. GRIER, PRES., LANDER COLLEGE, GREENWOOD, S. C. CONGRATULATIONS, SOPHOMORES ATTAWAY-EASTERLIN PONTIAC, INC. TEMPEST Greenville, S. C. 232-1806 J. R. WATERS, JEWELER Diamonds - Watches - Clocks - Jewelry Greer, South Carolina FRIERSON'S DRUG STORE "Your Real Drug Store" TR 7-3611 Greer, S. C. Hey, Io x-f X,..f-" ,ifsX : S. f- 7lJAaZaaZe 4aaJ4 True love does die. FRESH - FROZEN - CANNED - DRIED "Service Wholesalers" Compliments of Greenville, South Carolina Greenville, South Carolina COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Greenville, South Carolina E '71 PElJRCE'.'1'0UI1G'0I1liEL CD I I Compliments I T. E. JoNes 8. soNs i , FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES Greer, South Carolina I Piggy, who are you trying to snow? I i I P ADGET CHEVROLET S Greer, South Carolina Your Store for Pleasaii Shopping Since T903 Compliments of Greenville, S. C. T. P. WOOD'S GENERAL STORE Tigerville, South Corolino i I "PET. .you het !" I I 296313 Ei viiinitn CQ 7 '0 9 I I :5 s 5iii.i. I -I Eff. TJ 'I I L lllllllfffm Ego' ii fmnii M MILK ji, Iii 1 I II 1 Ai "i f I DAIRY DIVISION ERSKINE COLLEGE Due West, South Carolina "A progressive college with a great tradition" ' South Carolina's oldest four-year denominational college. ' A fully-accredited co-educational college of liberal arts, founded and supported by the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. ' Offering courses in Liberal Arts, Music, Fine Arts, Home Economics, Science, and Secretarial Science. For information address Director of Admissions Erskine College, Due West, South Carolina 125th ANNIVERSARY 1839- 1964 Compliments of MUTUAL SALES COMPANY COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS Telephone TR 7-3721 139 E. Poinsett Street Greer, South Carolina SOUTHERN BAKERY Greer, South Carolina Compliments of SMITH 8. JAMES MEN'S STORE Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Furnishings Greer, S. C. Co ahead and marry her, Frank. McCARTER'S BARBER SHOP Greer, S. C. D. 8: D. MOTORS, INC. Authorized Sales and Service Dial: TRinity 7-3391 E. Poinsett Street Greer, S. C. FORD THUNDERBIRD FALCON BEST WISHES TO ALL SENIORS SOUTHERN ICE COMPANY Greer, South Carolina Mutt and Jeff l Mr. Bruce, I Want to tell you a Secret. 1 T1 Is this TALENT? PM ., .Mg X V3 5 Qwzgq .QHIRTS Ewezirzs ff-f ifwf .milf - x Now on sale for 32.50. King Arthur keeps a close eye on Mr. Neely. Hey, why dorft you make my picture? Conference room intellects. Most likely to get married this spring. The smile of the century-the lost smile. 5 - it E mis i N... Q 3 Y I Wonder what her trouble is. "Cutie pie" 207 TOWN 8. COUNTRY ONE OF GREENVlLLE'S PROFESSlONALS" LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS Greenville, S. C. Who wet the preacher? MIKE PERSIA CHEVROLET CO. 100 Block College Street Greenville, S. C. HORNE FORD SALES - SERVICE South Corolina's Largest FORD Dealers 225 Buncombe St. CEdar 9-9011 Greenville, S. C. Best Wishes from a New Friend VARSITY MALT SHOP MAY YOU ALWAYS ENJOY A SUCCESSFUL, FAITHFUL LIFE! COMMUNITY CASH Greer, South Carolina "Where Your Dollar Goes Fartherest" Compliments of SULLIVAN-ESKEW HARDWARE CO Pee Gee Paints Telephone TR 2215 Greer, S. C. PEEBLES-KIMBRELL DEPT. STORE Greer, S. C. Compliments MCLESKEY TODD DRUG CO. Greer, South Carolina Telephone TRinity 7-3461 LOWEST PRICE DRUGS - ALWAYS THE BEST Have All Your PRESCRIPTIONS Filled at McLeskey Todd Make Our Store Your Headquarters While in School at North Greenville Junior College ,M This should give me Metrocal Shampoo-for 'ifat heads lVEY'S or GREENVILLE THE LEADER l 1 you re always welcome in our VARSITY SHOP distinctive clothes preferred by college men lVEY'S Men's Store, street floor Greer, South Carolina Compliments GRAHAM CASH CO. Greer, South Carolina Happy Birthday! wmv! ONEAL-WILLIAMS, INC. SPORTING GOODS 241 North Main Street Greenville, South Carolina The Best in Sporting Goods for 45 Years Dedication Day The Finch Wing of the Menis Dorm fa Dedication Day for the naming of build- ings and streets was held May 18, 1963. A pro- gram was presented for the alumni and friends after which the unveiling of different plaques took place. A buffet lunch Was served on the lawn in front of the Crain Science Building to close the dayis activities. The Boyles Wing of the Men's Dorm ZW AIS, ,W Z rff 9 yyn, -jew blififggpgi Thr- llrucli Wing of tht- lhlK'll'H Dorm 210 fi The Peterson Wing of the Men,s Dorm The Scott Wing of the Me-n's Dorm 1 1 I Dlwsavs 5 4 sm l ' 9 p HEAR H56 mines s !ia"AE5R! R-238595 WM rrllmai QMMYWQ if nf- - Q- iv. A? -CEI ' "W F The jones Xving of the Mon's Dorm May ls, 1963 Simpson Hall Taylor and Wingo Streets. 1 A L P r wma 51555 l 1 i l l l n K I L I The buffet lunch ended the dayls activities. Neves Dining Hall 'V ' i" H' in Crain Science Building eff -,,,. A , . ' N f' V 'S 'YNY N MW mt . The Cooper Apartments Expansion at .G.J.C. 'N'...,N....,a p Nap In the spring of 1963, the old science building was demolished to provide space for Howard Hall. Today progress is a widely used word. The meaning is quite apparent to those associated with North Green- ville because of the expanded facilities now available here, a fact which is indicated by the pictures below. Howard Hall, finished in December 1964, houses eighty girls. X ,X .X Due to the rainy summer, Howard Hall was only half finished at the beginning of the fall semester. im? X , , i x 107 'W XX Xxx R '-X Xxx ,Q K Xa "- , X X Y. -s f 5 Wingo Hall, the oldest building on campus, was tom down to provide for improvements at N.C.I.C. extension to the cafeteria provides better dining facilities. Tigerville Baptist Church was rebuilt af- ter fire destroyed the old church building in 1960. ee e An annex to the gym gives more room for physical training. N K at I R New apartments provide housing for students and faculty. Another improvement this year was the reflooring of Neves Dining Hall Editing a yearbook consists of many things. Before the 1964 AURO- RA was ready for publication, the staff spent many hours on seemingly endless tasks, some of which were drawing layouts, making pictures, writ- ing copy, and proofreading dummy sheets. The staff, however, could not have produced the book without the assistance of many other peo- ple, and we should like to express our appreciation for this aid. We should like to thank the members of the faculty and the student body for your patience and cooperation. The staff extends special gratitude to Mrs. T. T. Dill, sponsor, Mrs. Gary King, sponsor and proofreader, Mr. C. Keys and Mr. Morris Kenig, publishersg Mr. David Mc-Donald, Rawlins-Allen Studio and "Poocliiev DeMars, photographers, and Mrs. Alice Tribble. We also express our appreciation to the Belk-Simpson Company for loaning us the dresses that were used for May Day pictures. May you always cherish the pleasant memories of North Greenville as they are presented in the 1964 AURORA. The AURORA Staff Nancy Evatt, Editor . X H X 1 A ' 5.1 I my., , : .su - - J ,N--.V H ..hm3 JL'aL.FKLZa-ggi.. J. ... K Lg, .ihinvxq -1-. 0 :bw v'ie.f,:, F 'Ju 'Jo

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