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.JM AA' ,, 1, , , ,4. , ,. . fymgw .im 'Q Mp in-ol iiiaffy 6 ' Spf' ?i?"xfg"W:'l'm6v M 93 If ovvv- -I " QM' 'X X6Q"'PZ'63TB'Q2 ZAM, ' Z , w N Wbgp yawn ,du l W-ef BvJjw."'4'h 55.ZlwbAJ Mi? ' .. Wwgf W ,QW jlfwjwh jjN QW , Af " f 442+ wmifivpf ww ' . , 1 wif' M wb E fm ww Wm M WJ QA 51, 4 7'ii?Dj'3K7Zgna:h"5a O 1 W M NK! ,fm 4 Q53-QW .QL . D229-N if A 752046 ' YUM J Q 23' Cfw - QW IW A W I F sushi Q- T OJ W Q . MwMgi,w 4WgEif 522 MWW WDJJM Q 3q-ff WWW W 3 My gf in f Ny' 5 QS gym X X QW 'W FQ my f QW 3 1- Rim N f Ewa gxgwiibx M - X MLM W WP QW WQWWMQ W ggi? W fjjjji,UUQ,W .Wi lo ,Qi W-f55f2A A7 FA N -1 A TABLE OF CONTENTS DEDICATION ?' z ADMINISTRATION '---- FACULTY sENloRs JUNIORS If . 2 hx, 'I ' c4e4 ' N .o . SOPHOMORES I MHIIIIII f 1 IZ I "Sf , K lllmw I, '- E fri: ' I W 519 FRESHMEN ACTIVITIES 'IX III, ' ORGANIZATIONS XG., ww -gf 32? Xl N X, If ATHLETI '-'-f I " f SNAPSl .:..AND HUMOR 6 .I IQ 11X ll P' if 1'4Q'f N-5 ,nl 4 O ' X ' x I Ha" 0 if ll". -.:.?.r.5'Y9xfA Q oub GOLD CADALAC We J u nfl "ff-54,2 1-'EEE ffxwlwf N 21.1" Hin N O YYQVE AL' v f O R '."ffA z X? 3 S 1 T ,. E B 53 3'-A-1-7s C 4 A ' 'D Isl f f fl o ii AE. En o Q I . ' . L, xx, : - . 'vm , rx, 'SQL-,Z : -. 1, o f W of wr . foX'X s . U. o ,, iiZ?. CASTLE 1:qR -'-",1Q- Q ' 5 B 'Ji 5.5. 44' Y q' " -:,'?'15'? ' x Eumoqb THE SEA ,, QQ 5 ' On behfnf of the senior cuss p d I d d r th V 1967 SPARTAN to Mrs. JoAnn Price--A d f 1 h d devoted sponsor. . ADMINISTRATIO JAMES C. SPRINGS SUPERINTENDENT BOARD OF EDUCATION Kilby Iversg Vedder Knightg Donald Gobeng Vera Lee Preston, Secretary: William H. Wolfe, Presidentg James C. Springs, Superintendentg Duane Belly Allyn Nicholsg Fred Moulton. B, D, RENDLEMAN Assistant Principal I. W. GHOLSON Principal I , f., ELIZABETH AMBROSE MARGARET AMDAL Lu.ANN BARNES Business Education Home Economics English ,Af HESTER BARRY DONALD CAPPEL CONNIE CLUTTS LUCY COLLINS English Mathematics Girls' P, E. Business Education MARGARET GILLER RICHARD GREELING ARVEL HACKE Business Education Biology Chemistry 84 Physi Qoscf ffm LYNN HARTWEGER PHILIP HOPKINS LaVERNE HULL CRAIG KELLER Driver's Education Sz English SL Business Education Business Education Boys' P. E. Boys' P. E. Boys' P. E. , 85 Math DIXIE KESINGER MCCLELLAND KNIGHT DONALD LEE English Social Studies 7 Industrial Arts fmfafvwfv ' fi " , , ,L , . H, fs N If if f If-fr f A' 'A L - rf' 'QQs,r.,, fff-'lf -' " , 'ggi-K2 ,qc I V? W l jf. 1, V I , I, lf, A - 1 q fgfhffgrllff ll'-J I M 1 SIL' .r'c'L!4-111 L"0"X-' L ,fg',"i fl V63 wif, ' TAIL' I f 1 ""1"':fA2CliL'L' ck LLL., f7,.Qx'yf Lfifi, 1,4 I IRENE LIVINGSTONE MARY BETH MANNING CAROL MARTIN RONALD MARTIN Librarian 8a Latin Home Economics Chorus French A if 1 I WE 7, K BILLY JOE MCKINNEY FERDINAND MUCCI JACK PRICE Biology Band English .TOANN PRICE Social Studies 8a Speech ' oeeee A ft eSSS S R N" 4'1?'fF'f S - S ., if, fs W. q-,x. 1+ ft- S fe- it .-1 V Q, A,:gg,,f Q , J Qi HELEN WHEELER Substitute ALENE ROBERTS ARDA TH SHORT BERNARD TEPEN Substitute Guid ance Mathem atics fPart time, THELMA WILKINSON VIVIAN WOLLERMA NN Substitute Substitute Vera Martin Ona Eastham Vera Preston SECRETARY SCHOOL NURSE BOARD SECRETARY Maureen Martin, Marilyn Goben, Georgia Ford COOKS 1 P Jeanette Barnard Sara Brogdon SECRETARY SECRETARY Julia Stewart Kermit Fansler Secretary fPart- timel Janitor Clarence Ford Otis Jouett janitor Janitor BUS DRIVERS Leslie Sorrellsg James C. Springs, Superintendent: Victor De Shag Everett Prather: Earl Strowmattg Earl Bateman Noel Fraleyg Elmer Savageg Jack Ballardg Albert Beamsg Keith Smithg James Martin, Transportation Mechanic. Not Pictured: Bill Martin: Ronald Dunlap: Jerry Littleg Otis Iouett. And that's when I knew the honeymoon was over. if ...ff A- A F .RV hx, an Q f is S f M with the answer to this Nah! Nah! Nah! problem? I'm getting pretty good with my forearm. go slip into something more com fortable. N v I -.. ...,,... it you don't like my coffee? . gun down! There aren't realiyiany vampire butterflies, are there? f ., , during noon hour? This takes skill and co-ordination. F We might as well . ' 1 soon as you move out of this tiny room. BIB you got in typing, Tom? popped. we've done everything else. punchlinei 1 Kitty, Kitty, Kitty! March with Mucc. handier. Humbug! '? BIC 7 1 ' - 1 M ' if , If -I 12 1 1 -, ,... www :f,1m,ff,, .M .45 ..Lf--ww-f f-, S. .ee .L .fx 9- ff- ,, ' " W' f I "'- H' H vm . -Z - fu W .Q , 7: ,X -iii?" ' QT: ' 51. "1 , wg k ,H ..l. x SEN IORS Wir HH SPONSORS JO ANN PRICE RONALD MARTIN CAROL MARTIN f Mil SENIORS , a'lff!2'i' 'Il kk: 1 AM ffl ga ni,11:"-ff' ' - A ' . ,gg-. , tl.: gmt' - OFFICERS TREASURER: Carol Dawdy PRESIDENT: Steve McLamar VICE PRESIDENT: .Robert McCo11ister SECRETARY: Cody Alred PAMELA MARIE ALLEN Spartan Staff 43 Student Coun. 3,4 - Treasurer: Class Sec. 13 G,A,A, 1,2,33 Musical Prod. 3,43 Chorus 1,3,43 Cheerleader 2,3,43 Pep Club 43 Office Work. 43 Class Cheerleader 13 Girls State 4. "To get an A+ in Math IV. " DALE LYNN ANDERSON F.F.A. lg Football 1,23 Indus- trial Arts Club 2, 3,43 - Report- er 3, Vice President 43 Manager 4. "To be the world's cham- pionship motorcycle racer. " CODY .TO ALRED News. Staff 33 Spartan Staff 43 Libr. 1,2,33 Student Coun. 2,42 N.H.S. 3,4 - Sec. 8: Treas. 43 Class Vice Pres. 1, Sec. 43 G,A,A, 2,32 Senior Play 43 Junior Play 33 Chorus 1,3,43 Contest 43 Pep Club 43 Home. Queen 43 Home. Cand. 1,23 Xmas. Cand. 13 Office W. 43 Class Cheer, 13 Girls Stare 4, "To be making 315,000 a year. " JAMES W, ATKINSON French Club 23 F,F,A, 13 Foot- ball 1. "To be sole proprietor of Anheuser-Busch. " LARRY RAY BALLARD Science Club 43 Senior Play 43 Musical Prod. 3,42 ,Chorus 1,2,- 3,43 Football 1,2,3,43 Pep Club 4. "To do away with princi- ples. " BEVERLY JEAN BARROW F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 - Second Vice President 4: Chorus 1. "To drive ir1 the Indianapolis 500. " DA VID LEE BECK "To be a jet pilot. " CHARLES EDWARD BINSTEAD Senior Play 43 Junior Play 3: Musi- cal Pro. 3: Chorus 3,43 Basketball 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1,23 Letterrnan's Club 2,35 Indus. Arts Club 1,2,3,4g Office Work. 1 2,33 Class Tourn. lg Class Cheer- leader 3. "Basketbal1, Track, and Base- ball star. " ' ROBERT L, BETTIS "To be a professional big game hunter. " DA VID MICHAEL BOO TH FFA 1. "To be Captain Nice's pardner. " DEBRA DEE BRISCOE Spartan Staff 4: Class Sec 2: G. A,A. 1,2,3,4 - Board mem. 3,4g F. T.A. 3,4g Chorus 1,3g Pep Club 45 Home. Candidate 1,3,4g Office Workers 4. "To go on a shopping spree in New York. " STEVE LYNN BROGDON Musical Prod. 2,3,4g Chorus 1, 2,3,4g Chorus 1,2,3,4g State 3, 45 Basketball 2g Track 1,25 Let- terman 's Club 3g Class Tourn. 3. "To become a millionaire before I am fifty years old. " TAMRA DEE BRISCOE Spartan Staff 4g Class Sec. 3g G,A.A. l,2,3,4g - Sec. 45 Chorus 1,2,.'3g Pep Club 4. "To play the drums. " PALMER E, BRYAN French Club 2. "To haunt Mrs. Price in her old age. " MICHAEL ERIC BUSHNELL Spartan Staff 4: Science Club 3,4g Office Worker 4. "To be a Chemistry teacher at North Greene. " RICHARD DAVID CHAPMAN JR, Science Club lg Chorus 1,2g Office Worker 45 fTransfer Stu- dent - Pleasant Plainsj. "To own my own IBM office." CHARLES COULTAS CHRISMAN III Spartan Staff 4g Class Treasurer 1: French Club 2,35 Senior Play 4g Football l,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2g Baseball 1,2,3,4g Letter- man's Club 33 Class Toum. 1, 3: Class Cheerleader I. "To retire when I am 30 years old. " CHERYL JEAN CLARK Newspaper Staff 2, Spartan Staff 4g Lib. 2,4g Science Club 3,4 - Sec, 3 G.A,A. 1,2,3,4g F.T. A. 1,2,3,4g Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4: Junior Play 3: Chorus 1,33 Pep Club 4. "To fly a Phantom Jet. " KIMEL THOMPSON COPLEY F.F.A. lg Football 1,23 Industrial Arts Club 3,45 Manager 2. "To be a Federal Game Warden VIRGINIA FRANCES COX F.H, A, 1,2,3. "To be in California. " PATRICIA IRENE CRABTREE Newspaper Staff 35 Spartan Staff 45 Senior Play5 Libr. 2,3,45 Student Council 4 - Sec.5 G.A.A. 2,3,45 Musical Production 3,45 Chorus 1, 3.45 State Contest 45 Pep Club 45 Office Work. "To be a personal secretary to a certain radio broadcaster." ROBERT LOWELL C RAIN Spartan Staff 4g French Club 25 Foot- ball 1,2,3,4 - All conference team 45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 45 Letterman's Club 35 Class Tourna- ment 1.3. "To play professional football with Green Bay for S500,000 a year. " WAYNE R. CROSSMAN Spartan Staff 45 Science Club 35 Senior and junior Play: Mu- sical Production 1,2,3,45 Band 1.2.3 - State 1,33 Chorus 1, 2,3,4 - State 45 Choraliers 4g Pep Club 45 Managers lg Stage Band 1,2t "To keep the bunnies at Dunphy's Playboy Club." KATHERINE IO DARRINGER Spartan Staff 45 F.H.A. 1,2, 3,45 Chorus 15 Pep Club 45 Of- fice Worker 4.p "To be a secretary of the President of the U.S. " CAROL RAE DAWDY Spartan Staff 45 Libr. 2,45 Na- tional Honor Soc. 3,45 Class Officer 4 - Treas.5 French Club 314: G.A.A. 2,3,4I F.T.A. 3, 4: Pep Club 4. "To take a trip to some ob- scure island, all expenses paid from the Senior Class treasury. " ETHEL MAE DOLAN GORDON LEE DAWDY French Club 25 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 25 Class Tournament 3. "To make a million dollars. " LINDA LEE DENNEY Spartan Staff 45 G.A.A. 1,2,3 45 Senior Play 45 Musical Pro- duction 3,45 Chorus 1,3,45 State Contest 3,45 Choraliers 45 Pep Club 45 Office Workers 3. "I'd love to bring Dairy Farming to New Mexico. " VA UGHN LEE DA WDY Spartan Staff 4, Senior Play 45 Mus- ical Production 1,3,45 Chorus 1,3, 4 Pep Club 4. "To be drafted by the Wacs. " CARL EDWARD DENNEY Manager 25 fTransfer Student from East Peoria Community High Schoolj, "To fight off a dozen Apa- ches while riding through a mad herd of elephants during a snow- storm on Jewish Passover. " Spartan Staff 45 Science Club 35 French Club 2,3,45 F.T.A. 35 Musical Production 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Contest 1,2,3, 45 Choraliers 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 45 Office Workers 4. "That Steve would think of a new Wild Desire. " DARRELL DEAN DORKS FFF.A. 13 "To become a millionaire over night and have the fastest Chevy dragster around. " GERALD LYNN DOWNS French Club 23 Senior Play 43 Cho- rus 43 Football 1,2. "Swim the English Channel. " CLYDE EDWARD DUNPHY Student Council 2,4 - Pres. National Honor Society 43 Class Officers 3 - Pres.: Science Club 3,43 French Club 2,4 - Sec.: F.F.A. .13 Musical Prod. 1,2,43 Band 1,2,3,43 - Vice Pres. , Contest 1,2,3,43 Track 3,41 Pep Club 43 Stage Band 1, 2,3,43 Class Tourn. 13 "Start a Playboy Club in White Hall. " BETTY I. DYER F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 - Vice Pres. of Projects 3,42 Musical Pro- duction 33 Chorus 1,2,3,4. "Discover a U, F,O, " BARBARA ANN EARLY National Honor Society 3,43 French Club 2: G,A,A. 1,2,3, 43 F,H,A, 13 Junior Play 33 Band 1,2,3,4, Contest 2,3,43 Pep Club 4. "To be given more time to think of a Wild Desire." ,7 'T BEVERLY SUE EARLY Spartan Staff 4g Science Club 3g National Honor Society 3,43 French Club 2g G.A.A. 1,2, 3,4 - Board Member 2: F.H.A. lg Senior Play 4g Band 1,2,3, 4g Chorus lg Pep Club 4. "To be able to type with- out letting my birdies fly up! 'L ROBERT LYNN EARLY F.F.A. lg Track 1,3,4. "Drive to San Francisco and find it has been turned into a nudist camp. " PAULETTE ELAINE EDWARDS Spartan Stff 45 G.A.A. 1, 2,3,4g Musical Prod. 45 Cho- rus 1,2,3,4g Pep Club 45 Of- fice Worker 4. "To live on a farm and spend my time in the 'Barn- yarfd I . vv LLOYD RANDOLPH ELDRED F.F.A. lg Chorus 1: Football 1 2,3,4g Track 1,2,3,4g Letterman Club 35 Basketball Manager 2. "Own a 'Midniht' Auto Supply in California . " MARY DIANE EVERETT G.A.A. 2,3,4 - Vice Pres. 4g F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 - Parliamentarian 3, President 4g Chorus 1,2,3,4. "Get shipwrecked on a tropical island--But not alone 1- " CHERYL ANNE FITCH Newspaper staff 35 G.A.A. 2,3g F.H,A. 15 Pep Club 45 Office Worker 3. "To be in partnership and head secretary at the Fisher Body Plant. " DAVID KEITH FORD To Drive a Chaparaill at Sebring. " CARA SUE FRASER Spartan Staff 4g G.A.A. 1',2, 3,4 - Board mem. 49 F.T.A. 4g Band 1,2,3: Chorus 1: Pep Club 4g Office Worker 4. "Get my Master 's Degree in Math in 1969, then come back and take over Mr. Te- pen's job. " LONNIE L. FREAND F.F.A. 1. "To play lead guitar in Hanky Panky. " KATHRYN LOUISE GEORGE Spartan Staff 43 Class officer - Treas. 3g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g F.T.A. 3,4g Musical Prod.: Band 1,2,3,4 - State 1,2,3,4 Pep Club 4g Office Worker 4. "To own City Drug and set my own working hours." ROBERT LEE GEORGE French Club 2g Class Tourna- ment 3 . 'To own the best coon hound in the country." TOM ALAN GILLER Newspaper staff 1,2,3g Spar- tan Staff 45 Senior and Junior Playg Musical Prod. 1.2: CHO' rus 1,2g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2,3g Class Tourna- ment 1. "To graduate. " VALERIE ANN HALL Spartan Staff - Co-Editor G.A. A. 1,2,3,4 - Board Mem. 2, Pres. 3: Junior Playg Chorus 11E?,,3,4 - State 3g Pep Club 4: Office Worker 4g Class Cheerleader 1,3g Musical Production 4. "To have my hair dyed a differ- ent color . " FRED LEE GRABLE "To give Mike Booth a hair- cut." JAMES REGINALD HAMILTON French Club 2,4g Musical Prod. 4g Chorus 1,2,3,4g - State 35 Chora- liers 4. "Drive an imported sports car and belong to the "Jet Set". SHAN LUCILLE HANNAFORD Newspaper Staff 3, Spartan Staff 4, G.A.A. 2,3,4g F.H.A. 2,3g Musical Production 3,4g Chorus 3, 45 Pep Club 4: Snowflake Queen 43 Office Worker 3 . "To come back to N. G. H. S. after I finish business school and pass Danny in personal typing. " LINDA L. HARDWICK F.H.A. 1.2,3 - Treasurer 4. "To live my own life, how I want, where I want and with whom I want." A HAZEL MARIA HAUGEN F.H.A. 1,2.3.4: Chorus 1.2. 3g Pep Club 1,4. "Some day to own a candy factory and make chocolate covered cherries. " DENNIS L. HAVLIN F.F.A. lg Musical Prod. 2,4g Chorus 1,2,4g Football 1,2,3 Track 1,2,3,4g Letterman's Club 3g Industrial Arts Club 2 3,4 - President 4. "Own a speed shop." NANCY ELLEN HENRY Spartan Staffg Libr. 3,45 Stu- dent Coun. 25 National Honor SOC. 3,4g G.A.A. 2,-3,45 F.T.A. 2,3,4 - Treas. 3g Sen- ior and Junior Play: Band l,2, 3,4 - Sec. 4 - State Contest 2,3,4g Cheerleader 1,3,4g Pep Club 49 Homecoming Cand. 4g Class Coach 1. "To live in a big farm house on top of a hill with several "roads" arouhd it," SUE ELLEN HINEGARDNER Newspaper Staff 34 F. H.A. 1, 2,3,4: Chorus 3: Pep Club 43 "I would like to be an Air Force Pilot. " LAURA ANN HOWARD F.H.A. l,2,4g Chorus 1,41 CTransfer from Winchester.J "Someday to walk without crutches, and to make my ca- reer working with I.B.M. " WILLIAM PAGE HUNT Newspaper Staff lg Libr. 23 Musical Prod. 2,3g Band l,2, 3,4g Football and Basketball Manager lg Stage Band 2,3,4. "To be a fireman." MARY LOUISE ISHAM F.H,A, 1,2,3,4, "To be a private secretary for 1 ,-if LOIS MARIE JANVRIN Spartan Staff 45 Science Club 3,4 Tres. 45 French Club 25 G.A.A. 2 3,43 Tres. 4: F.H.A. 1: F.T.A. l,2,3,4g Junior Play 35 Musical Prod. 3,4g Band l,2,3,4g State 2 3,4g Chorus lg Pep Club 4: "To tutor a computer" DONNA FAYE JENNINGS Student Council 3, Class Officers Vice President 1, Sec. 2, G.A.A. 3 - Vice Pres. 45 F.H.A. 1,2.3. Junior Playg Operetta 25 Chorus - Pres. 3,1,25 Cheerleader 2,3,4. Ujanvers High Schoolj "To be owner of a dragster and win the nationals . " DOROTHY JEAN JONES Spartan Staff 45 French Club 2,3, 4, - Treas. 45 Musical Prod. 2.4: Chorus 1,2,3,4, - State 3,45 Pep Club 45 Office Worker 4. "To be President of the Jet Set so I can rule a certain member. " SHARI LYNNE KIRCHNER Librarian 35 G.A.A. 2,35 F.H.A. 1,2, Sec. 3, Vice Pres. 45 Chorus 1,2,35 Office Worker 4. "To fly to Texas to see my husband . " MARY ANN KLINGELE Spartan Staff, Librarian 2,3,4 National Honor Soc. 3,45 Sci ence Club 3,45 Class Treas. 2 G.A.A. 2,3,4,- Sec. 35 F.T.A. 35 Senior and Junior P1ay5 Musical Prod. 3,43 Band 1,2,3,4 - State 2,3,45 Cheer leader 45 Pep Club 4. "To be an architect. " RUTH ANN LEMONS Newspaper Staff 15 Spartan Staff 45 Libr. 35 National Hon or Soc. 3,45 French Club 45 G.A.A. 1.2,3,45 F.H.A. 1 2 - Treas., 3 - Pres., F.T.A l,2,3,45 Musical Prod. 2,35 . Band 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1. "To raise FLOWERSV' LARRY DAVID LONG French Club 2,35 Musical Prod. 15 Band 1,2,3,4 - Contest 35 Chorus 1,35 Football l,3. "To graduate and get a draft deferment. " PATRICIA ANN LORTON Spartan Staff 45 Librarian 3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4g F.T.A. 3,45 Junior Play 35 Musical Prod. 2, 3,45 Chorus l,2,3,4 - Contest 1,2,3,45 Choraliers 2,3,45 Cheerleader 1,25 Pep Club 4. "To win the joke of the month award. " ROBERT CHARLES MCCOLLISTER JR. Spartan staff 45 National Hon- or Society 3,45 Class Vice- Pres. 3,45 science Club 3,4 - Pres. 45 French Club 2,35 H F.F.A. 15 Senior Play 45 Junior Play 35 Musical Prod. 1,25 Cho- rus 1,25 Football 15 Class Tour- nament 35 Boy's State 3. "To be the highest paid specia-1 effects director in Hollywood . " DEBBIE DRAKE MCCONATHY Newspaper Staff 35 F.l-I.A. l,2,3 45 Chorus 3. "To marry a handsome million aire. " MARSHA DONNETTE MCGEE F,H.A. 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Pep Club 4. "To make candles and sell them with terms of 2110, l'lf30. " MICHAEL EDWARD MCGEE Spartan Staff 4g French Club 2,3g Football 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3,4g Letterman's Club 3. "To be a teacher of all my teachers, that I didn't like." STEVEN NEAL MCLAMAR Spartan staff 4g Student Council 3g Class Pres. 1,2,4g Science Club 35 French 2l3n4: FQFQAQ 1: Sen' ior Playg Musical Prod. 2g Chorus 2g Football 1,25 Track 1,2g Office Worker 45 Class Tourn. 2,33 Boys' State. "Wash buses for North Greene Unit District No. 3. " BRENDA KAY MAGRUDER Librarian 2,45 F. T, A, 43 Junior Playg Chorus 45 Pep Club 4g Greene County Fair Candidate 3. "Become head librarian at the State Library." GUY HUSTED MANNING Spartan Staff 4g Student Coun. 4 - Vice Pres,g National Honor Soc. 3,4g Science Club 3,4 - Vice Pres.: French Club2 - Sec 3 - Vice Pres. , Pres. 45 Senior and Junior Play: Chorus lg Foot- bal1'1,2,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Track 1 ,2,3,4g Baseball 29 Pep Club 4g Letterman's Club l 3g Class Tourn. 1,3. 'To dunk a basketball." PHIL FRANK MEHRHOFF "To let the air out of Mr. Rendleman's tires. " WAYNE E. MILLER F.F.A. lg Football lg Basket- ball lg Track lg Industrial Arts Club 2,3. "To own a Ball Club. " LEONARD RAY NORTHCUTT Football 1,2g ffrack 1,25 Industrial Arts Club 2 - Sergeant of Arms. PAMELA EDYTHE ANN Moons ' "To get our of here." Chorus 4g Pep Club 4. 'To own a three thousand acre ranch and have two hundred horses on it." JACQUELINE KAYE NEAL Spartan Staff 4g National Honor Soc. 3,4g French Club 2,3g G.A.A. 1,2,3,4gF,T.A. 2,3g F.H.A, 1g Chorus lg Pep Club 4. "To move to Hawaii and buy a house on the beach. " GALEN WYNN PEACOCK F.F.A. 1,2g Auto Mechanics Club 3. ftransfer from Greenfieldj "Get out of Mrs. Kesinger's English class and school. " JOHN C. PILKINGTON Football lg Industrial Arts Club 1. "To be a test pilot." STEVE PERRY PIPER French Club 2: F.F.A. lg Foot ball 2g Baseball 1,2,3. "Play major league base- ball. " KAREN DAY PIPER Spartan Staff 4g G.A. A, 2,3,4g F.I-LA. 1,2,3,4g Chorus 1,2,4g Pep Club 4. "To be a beach comber on a lonely island in the South Pacific." IO ANN POWELL F.H. A, 45 Class Tournament - Assistant Coach 3. 'To take a ride in a U.F. O. " TED ELLIS PRICE Science Club 4g Musical Prod. 2,3,4g Band l,2,3,4 - Contest 1,2g stage Band s,4. "To be a success. " STEVEN LEE REAGOR Spartan Staff 4g Science Club 45 Band 1,2,3 - Contest 2,35 Football 1,2,4g Pep Club 4. "To work as a gas station attendent and sell Ethyl for a penny less . " DAVID MARTIN RI-IOADES Spartan Staff 4g Science Club 33 French Club 2,3g F.F.A, lg Senior Play 45 Musical Prod. 1,2g Band l,2,3,4 - Contest 2,35 Football 1,2,3,4g Basket- ball 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2,3, 4g Pep Club 4g Letterrnan's Club 3g Office Worker 2g Stage Band 2g Class Tournament 1. "To be a co-owner in a feed mill. " MARIANN RHODES Newspaper Staff 1,2,3g Spar- tan staff 4g Science Club 4: G,A.A, 1,2,3,4g F.T.A. 4g Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Office Worker 1,2,3,4. fTransfer CARL DEE RICHARDS Science Club 4g Chorus 1. ing "To succeed without really try student from St. Louisj. Chess STEVEN LYNN ROBERTS Club 1g Drama Club 1,2,3 - F.F.A. 15 Industrial Arts Club 35 Play 2g Glee Club lg Choir 1, fTransfer from Carrolltonj. 2 - All City 2g Co-C-Hi 2g Yearbook Auditor 2. "To be a diplomatic secre- tary. " DAVID GAYLE SCH ROEDER French Club 2,45 Senior Play, Mu- sical Prod. lg Chorus 1,2,4g Foot- ball 2,4g Basketball 4: Baseball 3 4g Pep Club 4, Class Tourn. 1,3. 'To teach girls physical edu- cation. " PAULA RENEE SCHUTZ Spartan Staff 4: F. H. A, l,2,3,4 - Vice Pres. Public Relations 2, First Vice Pres. 3. "Secretary to President of the United Staresl " CAROL ANN SCOTT F.H.A, 1,45 Chorus 1,4. "To go to Texas, live there and buy an oil well." DANIEL EUGENE SEELY F.F. A. lg Musical Prod. 3,45 Band 15 Chorus 1 ,2,-3,45 Con- test 3,4p Football 2,45 Christ- mas Dance King 4, Industrial Arts Club 3 - Vice Pres. , 4 - Treas. "To pass personal typing and help Shan. " JUDY DEE SEYMOURE F. H.A. 1,2,3 - Historian 4: Chorus 1,3,4, "To travel around the world. " DAVID LYNN SHAFER French Club 3,45 Musical Prod. 3,45 Band 1,2,Q3,4 - Contest 1,2,3,4g Chorus 1,2,45 Basket- ball 1,25 Track 1,25 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 1,25 Office Work 25 Stage Band 1,2,3,4. "Would like to be Mr. Knight's drill Sergeant in the army." TERRY LEE SHEPPARD Newspaper Staff 1,25 Spartan Staff 45 Student Coun. 1,3,45 National Honor Soc. 3,4 - Pres.5 Class Vice Pres. 25 Sci- ence Club 3,4 - Vice Pres. 35 Senior and Junior Play: Musical Prod. 15 Chorus lg Football 1, 2,45 Basketball l ,2,3 ,45 Track 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 45 Myldi Gras Cand. 15 Letterrnan's Club 35 Office Worker 45 Class Tourn. 1,3. "To be drafted by the WACS . " LINDA SUE SMITH F,H,A, 1,2,3,45 Office Worker 3,4. PATRICIA .TO SHERWIN F.T. A. 45 Musical Prod. 45 Chorus 45 Pep Club 4. "To take two more years of LATIN, " MARTHA CA ROLE SMITH Librarian 2,3,45 National Honor Soc 3,45 French Club 3,45 G.A,A, 1,2 3,45 F.T.A, 3,45 Chorus l,3, "To become a French Corre- spondent to France. " GEORGE ALLEN VINYARD Newspaper Staff l,2g Spartan Staff 4 - Co-Editorg Librarian lg National Honor Society 3 ,4 RONNIE DEAN TALKINGTON . . , - Vice Pres. 45 Science Club F.F,A. lg Football 2g Industrial A ts Club 2 3 3,4 - Pres. 3g French Club 3, I ' ' 4: F.T.A, 1,2,3,4g senior "To go to Hawaii and ride the Playg Junior Play: Musical Prod. biggest surf in history." 1,3,4g Chorus 1,3,-4 - Contest 3.4: Basketball 4g Football 1: VICKI ANN VANDAVEER Newspaper Staff 3g Spartan Staff 45 G.A,A. 1,2,3,4g Chorus 1,3,4g Pep Club 4g Office Worker 3,4. "To become a medical secre- tary and make a million dollars." Pep and Club 4. "To drop out of high school become a blacksmith. " ROBERT WILLIAM WEAR F.F. A, lg Track 3,43 Industrial Arts Club 3. "To be rich without work- ing . " JAMES LEE WEBER Football 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2, 3,4g Industrial Arts Club 2,3 - Pres . "To become a football coach." CAROLE KAY WEST Spartan Staff 4g Science Club 45 G.A.A. 2,3,4g Musical Prod. 35 Chorus 1,2,3,4g Pep Club 4. "To become Ben Casey's 'private nurse'. " CATHERINE IO WILLIAMS Spartan Staff 43 Student Coun. 1,4g G.A.A, 1,2,3g Musical Prod. 45 Chorus 1,4g Cheer- leader 3,4g Pep Club 4g Mardi Gras Cand. 1, Homecoming Cand. 3g Office Worker 3. "To be in the girls P. E. class which David Schroeder is going to teach." DENNIS LEE WYATT Newspaper 1,2,3g Spartan Staff 45 National Honor Soc. 3,4g Science Club 3,45 F.T.A, 2, 3 - Sec. 4 - Treasurerg Senior and Junior Playg Musical Prod. lg Chorus 1g Pep Club 45 Basketball Statistician 45 Class Cheerleader 3. "To pose as a computer and have Lois tutor me in Math. " MARILYN JO WYATT Spartan staff 4g G,A,A. 1,2,3,4 Pres.g Chorus 1,3,4g Pep Club 4 "To learn how to surf. " IONNY KAY YARC F.H.A. 1,2,3,4 - Vice Pres. of degrees . "To trade my car in for a 68 Chevelle . " ERIC LEE YOUNKIN Football 4g Track 1,3,4g Industrial Arts Club 2,3,4g Class Tourn. 3g Intramural 1. fTransfer Student from Herrin High Schoolj "To buy all the land around Fort Knox and set up a toll road." AMA NDA EDDINGER LYNDELL PHILLIPS F. F. A. 1 ,2 KATHY LYNN GRIZZLE Librarian lg F. H. A, 1, 2,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Service Club 2. CTra11sfer student from Carrolltonj "To own a Jaguar. " Picture not available MERLE THOMAS DAVIDSON Industrial Arts Club 1,2. "To have the biggest Har ley Davidson made, so I can get home from school in time to see 'Where the Action Is!" BETTY CROCKER AWARD Miss Nancy Henry, daughter of Mr. anu Mrs. J. M. Henry, recipient of thw BETTY CROCKER HOMEMAKER OF TOMORROW AWARD. Nancy scored the highest on a written test that was made available to all senior girls. She is now eligible for state and national awards. The contest was sponsored by General Mills to emphasize the importance of homemaking as a career. After graduation Nancy plans to attend East- ern Illinois University. D.A.R. AWARD Miss Cody Alred, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Alred was selected as the D.A.R. winner of North Greene High School. The award is given for the qualities of leader- ship, patriorism, service, and dependability. Cody plans to attend SIU at Edwardsville after graduation. -7 GIRLS' STATE Miss Cody Alred, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Alred, and Miss Pam Allen, daughter of Mrs. Robert Allen, were selected to attend Girls' State by the American Legion Auxiliaries of Roodhouse and White Hall. The girls were selected on the qualities of leadership, honesty, good character, scholarship, and co-operativeness. Cody was elected to Alderman and was Out- standing Citizen of Allen City. Pam was elected to City Clerk. BOYS' STATE Ted Price, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Price, White Hallg Bob McCollister, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCollister, White Hallg Robert Crain, son of Mr. and Mrs, Everett Crain, Rood- houseg Wayne Crossman, son of Rev. and Mrs. Donald Crossman, White Hallg and Steve Mc- Lamar, son of Mr. and Mrs. Byron McLamar, Roodhouse, were elected to attend Boys' State by the American Legion Posts. The boys were selected for honesty, leader- ship, character, scholarship, and co-operative- ness. While the boys were there, they were elected to various offices, it M +1 W 2 13,9 E' I just can't get him off my mind. Oh no! Look what it did to my book! I I don't know Guy, I think you'd look better in a two- prece. f' .T ' .. 1 f' ,V :riff I. I . it f ' .1 K Sophisticated Senior I ,A 5? " 'fxiiff ,,,N 3 eggs.. fy.. -5. ckv A5 I V I 4 ,p , 1. ,M - fr'- .. W . ff rs- K ,g ifllf- . - 1, 4. " 2. 557. t U! f I- I nj A ,Q gig Q t f 1 . s Q If -f- E lf' Yr. ri h e 3 , L, L 1 225: wx M '!-'ij . a 'HA ,.,. .A ', -X. ,L 'S 1 aye 4 ,."'- is - N I ,. .... .L -if Af W.. -' - 1 -. . . ' Yr.-A V X U., . . I ,.,s. 5 I 'X Karen Piper Oakley Boy, I bet we scared him! ! I don't get ulcers, I give them! These will really add to my Hopkins' scrap- book. S. f- ' f 'F' , Q D... M Q If I , I. iff b ,f fe Egg , 'X l 35 ':.fr5W1"'.!'wl I V ,Nix , I as 52552592 -I l ' Q, ,WJ But Patty, we aren't even going steady! Valerie, there's a big white chicken pecking on the window! H gg in 5 lf' U Q ww 3-f 'E lm My f-, - in V K 4 '35 ? 5 fx R W Q Q - -' M. F Q ..:, x 'V " fr W 4 in . H , .-.wg .,,. , M ., A -. W -qAvL QQ- V 'JJ-sf iy' E' E3 +5 R W 'T i , , l . , -1 5 1 I 1. v ' SPONSORS MARY BETH MANNING JACK PRICE DIXIE KESINGER vs 1 D 5 5 F3 Q - EE'EEf I O-'w..., ' , SSEI I I-QQAIQR 2 I OFFICERS JUNIORS SECRETARY: Virginia Hallock PRESIDENT: Steve Coats TREASURER: Mary Ardis Manning VICE PRESIDENT: Bob Moulton David Ashlock Jim Ballard Larry Ballard Carol Bauser Marge Benner , , .J Steve Benner Pat Binsread William Bishop Paul Blake Mary Jo Blakey Bonnie BOWITIHH Bob Brant Mary Camerer Linda Chapman Janis Chumley Gene Clark Charles Clendenen Steve Coats Brenda Coffman Kendall C0ffTI1Hf1 Mary Costello Kenyon Cotter Ronald Crabtree Bobby Crum Susan Dale Dorothy Darringer Marsha Davidson Charles Davis Donnita Desha Jackie DeVau1t Sandra Dirksmeyer Mary Dolan Connie Drake Adrianna Dyer Lyndell Dyer Gary Early Barbara Easter 5 Bernard Eschbach Robert Eschbach Sandra Everett Roger Fanning Wilma Fanning Pamela Ferguson Elizabeth FiShC1' James Flowers Mary Ford Claudia Forrester Ida Fry Decker Deborah Goben Rodney Graham Darlene Grant Dennis Greening Ivlardy Grey Ronald Hallock Virginia Ha110Ck Michael Hammon George Hannafgrd Shirley Hannaford Nancy Hansen David Hardwick janet Hardwick Randy Harp J, D, Hawk Patricia Holmes Bonnie Hoots Terry HOUSBIHRU Earl Howard Merle Howard Alice Jackson Denise Jennings Pamela Jones Marceau Jouett Lynn Knapp Rayma Lawson Carl Liesenfelt Gwen Livingstone Cher-ly McCarthy Linda McLamar David McQui11an John McQui11an Mary Ardis Manning Mary Monroe Gale Moore Judy Ann Moore Judy Kay Moore Robert Moulton John Neece Rosemary Neff Paul Nell Melanie Newman Neal Nichols Ruth Osbome Larry Patton Gloria Pilkington Bruce Pinkerton Russell Printy Tom Proffer Ronald Reynolds James Rochester Morgan Sensel Billy Settles Nancy Sherwin ,W Jerry Smith Neal Smock Elizabeth Springs Pal-11 Strang William Strang 173. Jack Sullivan Sandra Talkington Vicky Talkington Robert Thomas David Van Giesen Eric Van Tuyle Shelia Varble Rhonda Vinyard Rella Violett FFF Christine Waltrip Dean Wankel Carolyn Ward Deborah Wear James Wear Cathy Weddersten Donald Wells Diana Wessel Doris Westerhold Edward Whewell Richard'Wi1lis Cheryl Woolridge Douglas Wyatt Bob Wyman JQYCC Young 5 i U. K. Ruthie, l'li " give you a 50 yard headstart. Q Y 4, f 5,411 ' 'i'5f"'4w Q af .2 , E in f 424 W if ' Talk about being identical. s a good Tepen! a,o,-- i into the lab and lights a match! g .," 1 W5 .4 Xu x Boy, you've really got? head on your shoulders. Debbie, he's looking this way! Fresh from the Kraft' candy' kitchen. "I wanna hold your hand." What do mean I'm not learning anything in chemistry? you , ,f - 1: 5 ,vu -' - 1' 1 f. .Au-.5 g ,1 ., Y f Q Boy that's X a good trick i David. 1' f f x X 1 In v C 'Q, J 1 Cl, 'X-A ,Qs-' 'X' Q 2 SPONSORS CONNIE CLUTTS BERNARD TEPEN LUCY COLLINS som-loMoREs OFFICERS SECRETARY: Cathy Cox TREASURER: Judy Day PRESIDENT: Jerry Marsh VICE PRESIDENT: Bernie Vestel Richard Brant Vicky Brant Greg Bruce Raymond Burton Dennis Bushnell Kathy Caldwell Donald Chapman Larry Clark Donna Coats Billy Copley Kenneth Beams Carole Beck Thomas Beierman JoAnn Benner Vickie Adams James Admire Carol Baker Gary Ballard Greg Ballard Alan Barber Charles Barlow Ray Barnett Fred Barrow Cheryl Bateman David Bettis Mike Betts Carl Blake Rickey Blakey Carolyn Fitch Debra Florence Gale Ford Sandra Ford Gloria Fry Lloyd Fry Mary Fry Darrell Gansz Larry Gibbs Randy Goben Robert Dawdy Judy,Day Shawn Denney Robert Drake Gordon Cotter Nina Couch Cathy Cox Judy Cox Larry Cox Wanda Cox Janet Crabtree Larry Crabtree Malcolm Davidson William Dee Glenda Dunphy Josephine Eddinger Yvonne Everett Jacque Farrow 423' pix ?"Ns Fifa, Edward Jones Roberta Jones Karen Iouet Janer Keller Janet Kesinger Albert Kirchner Blanche Kirchner Harold Kirchner Linda Kirchner Richard Knapp Virginia Isharn John Janvrin Sharene Jeffers Becky Jennings Janie Hoots Carol Horney Fred Housman Helen Housman Paul Gooding Tom Hallock Florence Hannaford Debra Hardwick Robert Hardwick Marsha Hart Jean Haven Wendy Hicks Patty Hinegardner Larry Holmes 11 Lanny Peacock Charlice Pinkerton Connie Osborne Gilbert Osterman Deb Pritchett Cecil Pruiett Vernon Pruiett Linda Raabe Steven Raabe David Ralston Reva Magruder Jerry Marsh Ruth Martin Wayne Mast Stuart Knoth Bill Knox Lois Lane Janice Lemon James Lemons Sandra Leonard Richard Lockhart Ron McCo11om David Mckean Carl McMillan Larry Monroe Della Monroe James Moore Peggy Orton NOT AVAIIAILI ii ld, Debbie Strowmatt Virginia Talkington Sue Taylor Steve Tribble Bernie Vestel Paula Vinyard Robert Walkington Mark Waltrip Dorothy Welch Linda Ward Patricia Whitehead Dennis Winters Mike Winters Sarah Wood Lloyd Woolridge Dewain Rogers Marlene Roberts James Scott Robert Scott Rose Scott Brenda Settles Lora Smith Charles Smock Dean Sorrells Bryan Spencer Cathy Spencer Genise Spencer Rebecca Stone Charles Strain Jeff Strang Say, that E1mer's glue really worhs! But they told me it was fox. We are here to honor the memory of Kenny Beams. Ech! You mean we ve gotta ear: :his stuff ,,v.. JV--. .........,--H - --- D- - J Sophomore rummage sale! Sophomore totem pole I think I'm gonna cry. MW rf-N' Q Y' I Q ,fl f"'1-H-Q., K Km 'i FRESHMEN SPONSORS RICHARD GREELING ELIZABETH AMB ROSE IRENE LIVINGSTONE 26 Q9 fi-49:35 . x g M !! er '99 sg, OFFICERS TREASURER: Elaine Shive PRESIDENT: David Coates SECRETARY: Kathy Early VICE PRESIDENT: Arlana Rhoades FRESHMEN ET 4 " Sf a 54" no mom Kathy Booth Thayne Bradford Ronnie Brannan Karen Brant Barbara Brueggeman Benjaman Brueggeman Martin Buchanan Ruth Buchanan Peggy Burgess Susan Burrus Richard Burton Leah Bushnell Lyndell Camerer Susan Carter Larry Castleberry Mary Ann Chrisman Deborah Clendenen David Coats Margie Coats Kay Coonrod Dianna Akers Ken Akers Earl Bable Richard Baker William Baker Kevin Ballard James Bamd Sherry Barnett Linda Basham Maxine Beans David Beem Marsha Besaw Kay Black Gary Blake Robert Blakey James Denny Robert DeVau1t Linda Dossett Douglas Russell Roxana Downs William Dunlap Nyle Dyer Cathy Early Kenneth Fields Brenda Fitch Mary Fry Ricky Fry Sandra Fry Ronald Gilleland Edward Gillis Robert Gilmore Dennis Goben Kathy Goben Robert Gound Linda Grable Toni Coons Lloyd Costello David Cox Earlene Cox Stanley Cox Susan Cox Linda Crocker Mike Cummings Robert Cunningham Mary Davis Mike Davis Ross Dawdy Terry Dawdy Diane Day Cheryl Denney Dean Graham Sarah Hannaford Kathleen Hansen Michael Hardwick Robert Hardwick Joy Haverfield Joyce Haverfield Sheila Henline Charles Hermann Mary Hicks Ellen Hills Sue Hopper Lorna Howard Carl Hughes Bonnie Hurt Robert Hutton Stanley Ivers Clay James Carol Jeffers Sarah Jeffers . Donna Jones Linda Jones Everett Kennedy Robert Knox Maureen Koontz Diana Kraushaar Jerry Landreth land Lane Jerry Lawson Robin Lawson Gary Lemons Robert Maltimore Kathy Martin Raymond Martin Karen Maupin Kathy Osbome Jeanne Pence Carolyn Motley Glen Pinkerton Jerry Piper Tom Piper Mike Plato James Price Steven Price Gregory Pritchett Ronald Pruitt Connie Ralston Mary Ralston Jerry Reno Arlana Rhoades James Rice William Rice Charles Roberts Brenna Ross Lynnette Sanders Steven McCaherty Mary McCa1ister Lawrence McCollum Lorene McCollum Richard McCollum Phillip McQuillan Rebecca Meyer Terry Meyer Dannie Monroe Mike Nash Nell Neff John Nell Mike Newingham Dale Nichols Clyde Nord Alice Scott Rose Scott Debra Settles Carla Seymoure Patricia Sheppard Elaine Shive Joan Shive Herschel Short John Sitton Kathleen Spencer Judy Smith Kenneth Smith Mike Smock David Staats Robert Steelm an Susan Wyatt Arthur Young Cludia Younkin Mark Strang Jo Ann Swarringim Melba Swarringim David Sykes Janice Talkington Pamela Todd Charles Vinyard James Wallis Howard Ward Connie Wells Desnee Whorten Jackie Willis Rita Willis Gary Wyatt John Wyatt Autographs later, boys. Up! Up! And away +4 - , , You wanna make something of it! ? No, these are the stu- we Q 5 2 S nfl, Beem Sprout It DOESN'T run in the family Don't you think "I love Mr. Tepen" 3, 000 times is too much? ' dents, not the speci- mens yffr 4 I f gg, Freshmen carolers And in this corner. Y. 9 K , ,x .5 X . ,x-'N 351 X xii. ,- by X X xxx'-. K x :Ex 'K x fx, x,N Fx TLE 'T HIGHLIGHT OF THE YEAR JR.-sn. Pnom, 1966 ,ju Y la nas Ii' In-I Q! Qi, R 5 QUIMW 'ff ig' wl I , r 'gf 1 ng' X 5 mms HOMECOMING '66 ocroselz za-29 r ' L x I I f I I I I 5, X x PX sr NGHS - 26 151- f' ,iff XX Kb l j?. .Tx,:- f N15 K ahh' ' f K3 .X 4 Linda Basham, Jim Weberg Glenda Dunphy, David Schroederg Eric Younkin, Melanie Newmang Deb Briscoe, Marty Rhoadesg Karen McLamarg Cody Alred, Robert Craing Dale Brian Ballard: Charles Chrisman, Jane Van Tuyleg Steve Reager, Pat Holmesg Gordon Dawdy, Cathy Coxg Terry Sheppard, Pam Todd. . 1 33 I WE., "ff 'wha-+255 ' CHRISTMAS DANCE - 1966 THE COURT QUEEN: Shan Hannaford KING: Danny Seely FRESHMAN: Kay Black and Ray Martin SOPHOMORE: Janie Hoots and Dewayne Rogers JUNIOR: Sandy Everett and David Van Giesen JUNIOR CLASS PRESENTS "HARVEY" MARCH 30-31 Myrtle Mae Simmons Veta Louise Simmons Elwood P. Dowd - - - Miss Johnson ------ Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet Ruth Kelly, R.N. - - Duane Wilson ---- Lyman Sanderson, M. William R. Chumley. D. - M.D. Betty Chumley -------- Judge Omar Gaffney - E. I . Lofgren ---- CAST: - -Pam Ferguson - - Debra Goben - - -Steve Coates Gwen Livingstone - - - Doris Westerhold Mary A . Manning - - Robert Moulton - - Neal Nichols - - Larry Ballard - -Janis Chumley - William Strang - - - Dennis Greening SENIOR PLAY NOV. I7-I 8 THE SOLID GOLD CADILLAC N 3I'I.'3.I01' """ T. John Blessington - - Alfred Metcalfe - - Warren Gillie - - Clifford Snell ----- Mrs. Laura Partridge Amelia Shotgraven - Mark Jenkins ---- Miss L'Arriere - - - Edward L. McKeever Miss Logan ----- The A. P. - - The U. P. - - - I. N. S. ------ A Little old Lady - - Bill P arker ----- Dwight Brookfield - - Estelle Evans ---- - George Vinyard - - Terry Sheppard - - Vaughn Dawdy - Wayne Crossman - - Guy Manning Mary Ann Klingele - - - - - Cody Alred Robert McCo1lister - - - Linda Denny - - - Dennis Wyatt - - Patricia Crabtree Charles Chrisman - - Jerry Downs - - Marty Rhoades - - Beverly Early - Steve McLamar - - Tom Giller - - Nancy Henry Directed by Mrs. JoAnn Price f iQ'jLsEiQ"ii . iw., Z., -v 5 , a . . 'x V Jw Nw ,F . 4 ? QV: ff X 'Ff ,Q -- be S if 5. s aw yn M, wh yy. 4 ff f ,H if 3 4 f I W Tgg L QQ ? .1 A ?,' ,Q , if if f Q eb fin if Mk H A' 1 '. 1 1 iff 1 ew' W , M 3- U, , 15,3 5398 ' Z5 S Q ' XM .n1 4 V Qs we Iii if Y gf .- gf - X 'ww ' .5 A 1.-33 - -..,. ' x iii iw! ,W F I, N, -A 6 ' v -,qua ' x 1 A f lp' .W G if img -af fi 44. Ea' I 3 ., V wr M? 5, P .W gg I? if H B ALL-STARS EDGE FACULTY 95-94 "Our" A11-Stars KXOK ALL-STARS COME TO NORTH GREENE KXOK A11-Stars The boys in action! ACTIVITIES CAPTAIN KANGAROO STARS ROARING 20's TYPICAL PLA TTER DANCE BIRDBRAIN J ' 1 I' , ORGANIZATIONS S P A R T A BUSINESS MANAGER: Mike Bushnell CO-EDITORS: Valerie Hall, George Vinyard ADVISOR: Mrs. LaVerne Hull T A F F SUBSCRIPTIONS ORGANIZATIONS M. McGee, G. Dawdy, C. West, B. McCollister, J. Jones, K. Piper, V. Vandaveer, R. Lemons, P. M. Wyatt, K. Darringer, D. Briscoe, S. Hannaford, Allen, C. Fraser, J. Neal. T. Briseoe, D. Wyatt. ACTIVITIES P. Lorton, L. Denny, M. Rhodes, C. Dawdy N. Henry, L. Janvrin. ARTISTS ADMINISTRATION S, McLamar, B, Early E. Dolan, S. Reagor, P. Schutz, C. Clark G. Manning, J. Downs, T SPORTS Gi11er, C. Chrisman, V. Dawdy, M. Rhoades, R. Crain. CLASSES ' D. Briscoe, M. McGee, C. West, B. McCo11ister, SNAPS and HUMOR D. Wyatt, T. Briscoe, S. Hannaford, K. George, M. ' W. Crossman, M. Klingle, B. Early, T. Sheppard Wyatt. C. Alred, P. Edwards, P. Crabtree, C. Williams. STANDING: Martha Smith, Clyde Dunphy, Bev Early, Jacque Neal, Guy Manning Ruth Lemons Bob McCo11ister, Carol Dawdy, Nancy Henry. SEATED: Barb Early, Dennis Wyatt, Cody Alred Terry Sheppard, George Vinyard, Mary Ann Klingle, Mrs. Giller, Sponsor. NATIONAL Houck soclsrv S 'Q 5 E. 'E ' g 7 S v 4 OFFICERS: PRESIDENT Terry Sheppard VICE PRESIDENT George Vinyard SECRETARY-TREASURER Cody Alred SPONSOR Mrs. Giller NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY STANDING: Miss Ambrose, Raymond Martin, Judy Day, Terry Sheppard, Cody Alred Mary Manning Cathy Williams, Stanley Ivers, Pam Ferguson, Vonnie Everett. SEATED: Kathy Martin Jim Admlre Pat Crabtree, Clyde Dunphy, Guy Manning, Pam Allen, Larry Ballard. Smear M515 , W 'JI .71 I ' E' ' OFFICERS: PRESIDENT Clyde Dunphy VICE PRESIDENT Guy Manning SECRETARY Pat Crabtree TREASURER Pam Allen SPONSOR Miss Ambrose X. STUDENT COUNCIL KNEELING: Mary Ann Klingle, Janis Chumley, Nancy Henry. FIRST ROW: Karen Brant, Cheryl Denney, Glennda Dunphy, Peggy Orton, Linda Basham, Ted Price, Alice Scott, Lynette Sanders, Steve Price, Bob Gilmore, David Beams. SECOND ROW: Mr. Mucci, Kathy Hansen, Ellen Hills, Wendy Hicks, Mardy Grey, Kathy George, Ken Akers, Claudia Younkin, Debbie Hardwick, Bob DeVault, Kay Black, Elaine Shive. THIRD ROW: Barbara Early, Jacque DeVault, Sharene Jeffers, Gwen Livingstone, Mary Davis, Roxanna Downs, Jane Lane, Nancy Sherwin, Glo- ria Pilkington, Ruth Lemons, Stanley Ivers. FOURTH ROW: Ruth Martin, Marlene Roberts, Charles Roberts, Arlana Rhoades, Cheryl McCarthey, Beverly Early, Bonnie Bowman, Cathy Cox, Chris Waltrip, Karen Jouett, Linda Jones. FIFTH ROW: Bob Thomas, James Price, David Coats, Mike Hammon, Clyde Dunphy, Robert Cunningham, Dale Nichols, Jim Denney, Gordon Cotter, Wayne Mast, Susan Burrus, Kathy Early, SIXTH ROW: Bob Moulton, Neal Nichols, Gene Clark, Gary Early, Larry Ballard, Mark Waltrip, Kenyon Cotter, Herchel Short, Doris Westerhold, Lois Janvrin, Douglas Wyatt, Ray Barnett. SEVENTH ROW: Harold Kirchner, David Shafer, Larry Long, Bill Hunt, Marty Rhoades. , I BAND - Q, i 1 B OFFICERS MAJORETTE: Janis Chumley VICE PRESIDENT: Clyde Dunphy SECRETARY- TREASURER: Nancy Henry PRESIDENT: Ted Price ' K1 , T' ' 'M' FIRST ROW: N. Nicho1s,'D. Westerhold, C. Roberts, T. Price, A. Scott, C. Dunphy, A. Rhoades. SEC- OND ROW: L. Long, K. Early, B. Hunt, L. Ballard. THIRD ROW: K. Akers, R. Martin, C. Cox, K. Black, M. Barnett, C. Hansen, M. Hammon. FOURTH ROW: D. Shafer, B. Moulton, N. Sherwin, S. Bur- rus, Mr. Mucci. r FIRST ROW: D. Day D Monroe M Koontz D Akers J Hoots K Martin K Coonrod S Cox, S. Hannaford SECOND ROW K Spencer P Todd G Fry C Younkin E Cox, J Lane E. Shive, J. Smith C Denny L Bushnell D Hardwick THIRD ROW Mrs Martin S Wood C. Bateman, J. Keller P Vrnyard G Spencer D Florence R Jones W Hicks J Crabtree J. Farrow, A. Scott K Osborne FOURTH ROW C Horney J Day Janice Lemon R Scott H. Housman, M. Chrisman M Beams, S Burns M Hicks, L Howard, C Goben L Basham D. Jones. FIFTH ROW J Landreth R Lawson J Reno C Vinyard K Akers E Young M McCalister, C. Pinkerton J Benner L Jones SIXTH ROW C Strain D Rogers G Bruce J. Janvrin, D. Coats M Waltrip C Smock S Denney N G H S CHORUS C HO RA LI ERS Mrs. Martin, Nancy Sher- win, Roberta Jones. Judy Day, Carol Horney, Deb Wear, Linda Denney, Patty Lorton, Ethel Dolan Steve Coats, John Janvrin Steve Brogdon, Wayne Crossman, Danny Seely, John Neece, Reggie Ham ilton, Shawn Denney. IUNIORS- SENIORS MEMBERS FIRST ROW: G. Pilkington, J. Chumley, D. Goben, S. Hannaford, R, Vinyard, P. Allen, J. Jones, P. Moore, D. Everett. SECOND ROW: R.Vio1ett, S. Varble, D. Wear, M. Manning, B. Bowman, P. Sherwin, B. Magruder, N. Sherwin, J. Young, L. Howard, Mrs. Martin.THIRD ROW: J. Seymoure, C. Williams, C. Aired, K. Piper, V. Vandaveer, P. Crabtree, P. Edwards M. Costello, S. Dirksmeyer, E.Dolan, M. Dolan. FOURTH ROW: M. Wyatt, C. West, L. Denney, L. McLamar, S. Hannaford, P. Binstead, V. Hall, P. Lorton, C. Weddersten, P. Ferguson, M. McGee. FIFTH ROW: S. Brogdon, L. L. Ballard, R. Neff, B. Springs, C. Scott, M. Davidson, B. Dyer, R. Hallock, D. Schroeder, C. Binstead. SIXTH ROW: D. Shafer, D. Seely, D. Ashlock, K. Cotter, G. Vinyard, D. Havlin, J. Neece, J. Downs, V. Dawdy. SEVENTH ROW: J. Smith, L. R. Ballard, S. Coats, E. VanTuyle, R. Hamilton, W. Crossmau. FOUR-YEAR MEMBERS 1 Mrs. Carol Martin, Steven Brogdon, Reggie Hamilton, Larry Bal- lard, Danny Seely, Marsha McGee, Betty Dyer, Valerie Hall, Ethel Dolan, Patty Lor- ton, Paulette Edwards, Jean Jones, Carole West, Diana Everett. III OFFICERS VICE PRESIDENT - Nancy Sherwin PRESIDENT - Cheryl Clark SECRETARY - Cheryl McCarthy TREASURER - Dennis Wyatt SPONSOR - Mrs. Kesinger f F.T.A. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Kesinger, Jacque DeVault, Mariann Rhodes, Lois Ianvrin, Cara Fraser, Patty Lorton, Dennis Wyatt, John McQuillan, George Vinyard. SECOND ROW! Rella Violet, Dehbie Wear, Judy Day, Marsha Davidson, Martha Smith, Carole Dawdy, Brenda Magruder, Pat Sher- win, Bonnie Bowman, Nancy Sherwin, Joyce Young, THIRD ROW: Shawn Denny, Janet Keller Cheryl Bateman, Deb Briscoe, Cheryl Clark, Gloria Pilkington, Janis Chumley, Cheryl Mc- Carthy, Nancy Henry, Rhonda Vinyard. FOURTH ROW: Judy Smith, Kathy George, Mary Davis, Chris Waltrip, Gwen Livingston, Mary Ford, Ruth Lemons, Donnita DeSha, Sherry Bar- nett. FIFTH ROW: Mary Hicks, Arlana Rhoades, Lorna Howard, Philip McQui11an, Greg Bruce Steven Raabe, Maxine Beams, Doris Westerhold, Mary Ardis Manning. OFFICERS TREASURER: Lois Janvrin VICE-PRESIDENT: Guy Manning PRESIDENT: Bob McCollister SECRETARY: Nancy Hansen I SCIENCE CLUB FIRST ROW: Nancy Hansen, Cheryl McCarthy, Cathy Weddersten, Chris Waltrip, Doris Westerholcl, John McQuil1an, Debbie Florence, 'Paula Vinyard, Lois Janvrin, Cheryl Clark, SECOND ROW: Mr. I-lacke, Bob Moulton, Mary Ardis Manning, Mariann Rhodes, Steve Reagor, Guy Manning, Larry Ballard, Mike Bushnell, George Vinyard, Bob McCol1ister. THIRD ROW: Ronald Hallock, Dennis Wyatt, Mary Ann Klingele, Carole West, Gary Early, David McQuillan, Paul Nell, Terry Sheppard, Carl Richards, Lyndell Dyer, Mike Hammon, Clyde Dunphy, John Neece, Charles Clendenen, Ted Price. FIRST ROW: D. Goben, M. Dolan, J. Chumley, G. Pilk- ington, S. Hannaford, J. Mc- Quillan, T. Hallock, N. Sher- win. SECOND ROW: J. Jones, R. Vinyard, E. Dolan, C. Weddersten, C. Waltrip, M. Grey, G. Livingstone, Mr. Martin. THIRD ROW: C. Dawdy, M. Smith, R. Lemons, M. Manning, D. Wear, D. Welsterhold, G. Vinyard, D. Schroder, FOURTH ROW: S. McLamar, G. Clark, D. Green ing, D. Shafer, G. Manning, S. Coats, R. Hamilton, D. Ashlock, C. Dumphy. FRENCH CLUB SONG LEADER - Ethel Dolan SECRETARY - Clyde Dunphy TREASURER - Jean Jones PRESIDENT - Guy Manning VICE PRESIDENT - Denny Greening SPONSOR - Mr. Martin W. . L-, FIRST ROW: J. Keller, J. Hoots, C. Younkin, S. Denny, M. Koontz, P. Orton, L. Sanders, P. Todd, S. Hanna- ford, K. Black. SECOND ROW: C. Bateman, G. Spencer, Y. Everett, J. Crabtree, G. Dunphy, S. Cox, K. Mar- tin, K. Goben, L. Jones, L. Howard, L Raabe, Mr. Martin. THIRD ROW: P. Gooding, J. Day, C. Pinkerton, S. Wyatt, A. Rhoades, M. Chrisman, S. Wood, S. Jeffers, K. Jouett, R. Downs, L. Lane. FOURTH ROW: S. Denny, M. Winters, J. Denny, D. Coats, R. Cun- ningham, R. Martin, D. Coats, J. Reno, R. Martin, D. Beams, S. Price, T. Bradford, R. Lawson, FIFTH ROW: R. Blakey, R. Barnett, D. Sorrells, M. Waltrip, J. Strang, T. Biermann, J. Janvrin, S. Raabe, J. Bruce, C. James, J. Admire, R. Goben, B. Vestel. SEATED: Mike Cummings, Dennis Bushnell, Kenyon Cotter, Dennis Havlin, Dale Anderson, Charles Roberts, Mike Nash, Bobby DeVault. STANDING: Alan Barber, Paul Blake, Kim Copley, Tom Proffer, Charles Binstead, Kendall Coffman, Danny Seely, Harold Kirchner, Eric Younkin, Mr. Lee. INDUSTRIAL i EDUCATION s CLUB REPORTER Sa HISTORIAN: Dennis Bushnell PARLIAMENTARIAN: Harold Kirchner SITTING - PRESIDENT: Dennis Havlin VICE-PRES.: Dale Anderson NOT PICTURED - SECRETARY: Bruce Pinkerton SPONSOR: Mr. Donald Lee S OFFICERS 5 STANDING - TREASURER: Danny Seely i + FIRST ROW: V. Isham, S. Taylor, L. Bush- nel, S. Carter, S. Henline, J. Farrow, C. Younkin, J. Hoots, SECOND ROW: P. Vinyard, N. Couch, B. Kirchner, I. Pence. J. Haverfield, P. Sheppard, C. McCalister, Mrs. Manning. THIRD ROW: N. Neff, I. Haverfield, C. Seymore, S. Hopper, R. Brueggeman, P. Burgess, R. Scott, K. Caldwell. FOURTH ROW: B. Settles, S. Leonard, S. Ford, R. Bu- chaman, I. Talkington, D. Jones, K. Os- bome, FIFTH ROW: W. Cox, L. Smith, V. Talkington, P. Hinegardner. J. Benner, V. Adams, D. Strowmatt, C. Baker. FRESHMAN -SO PHO MORE MEMBERS OFFICERS SEATED: TREASURER: D. Darringer PRESIDENT: D. Everett V. PRESIDENT: S. Kirchner SECRETARY: K. Darringer STANDING: RECREATION: M. Benner 2ND V, PRESIDENT: B. Barrow PUBLIC RELATIONS: S. Dirksmeyer p DEGREES: I. Yarc l HISTORIAN: C. Forrester ff- l PROJECTS: B. Dyer JUNIOR-SENIOR MEMBERS FIRST ROW: P. Schutz, M. Costello, S. Dirksmeyer, L. Fisher, D. Everett, S. Talkington, J. Seymore, B. Barrow. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Manning, M. Blakey, S. Everett, M. Camerer, L. Howard, M. Monroe, K. Piper, S. Kirchner, J. Yark. THIRD ROW: W. Fanning, L. Hardwick, B. Bowman, P, Binstead, L. McLamar, D. Darringer, M. Benner, M. Isham. FOURTH ROW: D. Wessel, K. Darringer, M. McGee, B. Hoots, J. Moore, C. Forrester, R. Osborne, S. Dale. FIFTH ROW: I. Powell, B. Dyer, B. Springs, D. McConathy, C, Scott, B. Coffman. I l SITTING: P. Todd, P. Sheppard, C. Denney, L. Sanders, R. Jones, W. Hicks. J. Farrow, D. Hard- wick, D. Jones. KNEELING: A. Rhoades, C. Goben, C, Hansen, L. Jones, L. Raabe, M. Koontz, I. Hoots, B. Kirchner, V. Everett, N. Couch, S. Hopper, J. Pence, C. Osborne. STANDING: L. Bushnell, L. Basham, M. Beems, P. Hinegardner, I. Benner. J. Lemon, C. Cox, J, Day, C. Youn- kin, K. Black, G. Dunphy, C. Spencer, Miss Clutts. OFFICERS: . D. Everett: Vice Pres. ' M.,Wyatt: Pres. T. Briscoe: Sec. . L. Janvrin: Treas. D. Briscoe: Sr. Bd, Mem. V. Everett: So. Bd. Mern. ' R. Jones: So. Bd. Mem. C. Hansen: Fr. Bd. Mem. L. Jones: Fr. Bd. Mem. C. Fraser: Sr. Bd. Mem. S. Everett: Jr. Bd. Mem. P. Ferguson: Jr. Bd. Mem. . a ae SITTING: C. Ward, M. Blakey, D. Westerhold, P. Edwards, P. Crabtree, V. Vandaveer, C. Fraser, V. Hall, I. Chumley, G. Pilkington, M. Dolan. KNEELING: M. Rhodes, M. Smith, R. Lemon, C. Weddersten, C. Waltrip, P. Binstead, M. Wyatt, T. Briscoe, P. Lorton, C. Dawdy, M. Camerer, D. Everett, L. Denney, D. Briscoe, S. I-Iannaford, K. George, STANDING: C. Clutts, P. Allen, R. Vinyard, B. Early, G. Livingstone, D. Wear, R. Violett, I. Neal, M. Manning, N. Hansen, C. Mc Carthy, S. Everett, M. Benner, P. Ferguson, M. Klingele, N. Henry, C. Williams. STANDING: B. Early, J. DeVault, I. Moore, B. Springs, C. West, L. Ianvrin, S. Hannaford, M. Davidson, B. Bow man, C. Clark, M. Grey. LIBRARIANS FIRST ROW: M. Klingele, N. Henry, P. Lorton, C. Clark. SECOND ROW: G. Livingstone, D. Westerhold, M. Camerer, M. Newman, C, Ward, C. Early, M. Smith, M. Koontz, E. Cox, B, Magruder. THIRD ROW: C, Dawdy, C. Fitch, D. Wear, N. Hansen, M. Costello. I. Young P. Todd, C. Goben, C. Hansen, C. Cox, G. Dunphy, P. Crabtree, Miss Livingstone.- PEP CLUB 3, '-'vw 2 ' : 'P f Af' n 4531, SEATED: James Weber, Harold Kirchner, Bob Dawdy, Morgan Sensel, Gary Early, Guy Manning, Marty Rhoades, Charles Chrisman, Larry Ballard, Gordon Dawdy, Terry Sheppard, Lloyd Eldred, Coach Hartweger. SECOND ROW: Coach Hopkins, Coach Knight, Eric Younkin, Ray Burton, Bob Moulton, Jerry Marsh, Eric Van Tuyle, Paul Strang, George Hannaford, Jeff Strang, Tom Proffer, Steve Reagor, Dewain Rogers, Steve Piper, Randy Goben. TOP ROW: Steve Benner, Mike Winters, Buddy Smock, David Schroeder, Neal Nichols, Jim Denny, Rob Crain, Jim Admire, Sonny Kirchner, Mike McGee, Dave Hardwick, Fred Barrow. I FOOTBALL, Coaches, Lynn Hartweger, Philip Hopkins, Co-Captains: Marty Rhoades, Charles Chrisman Mac Knight Larry Ballard 205 pounds tackle Steve Reagor 205 pounds guard Gordon Dawdy 203 pounds guard in Dave Schroeder 145 pounds end Marty Rhoades 182 pounds center f S' ' M G' i rl ,s-5 Eric Younkin 178 pounds end Lloyd Eldred 145 pounds halfback NORTH GREENE Greenfield W inch ester Southwestern Pleasant Hill C arrollton C alhoun IVC Standings W 5 41 4 3 2 2 O North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene SCORES Pittsfield Virden Carrollton C alhoun Pleasant Hill Southwestern Winchester Greenfield Jerseyville Guy Manning 180 pounds halfback 5 5 me 2 ' ' " in SEATED: Mike Winters, Robert Dawdy, Jim Admire, Jerry Marsh, Jeff Strang, Harold Kirchner, Ray Burton, Fred Barrow, SECOND ROW: Randy Goben, Greg Ballard, Mark Waltrip, Malcolm Dayidson Sonny Kirchner, Terry Meyer, Buddy Smock, Eugene Young, Dale Nichols, Bob Blakey, Phil McQurllan Mark Strang, THIRD ROW: Chuck Vinyard, Stan lvers, Richard Burton, Jim Denny, Herschel Short Dennis Goben, Ross Dawdy, Bob Gilmore, Bernie Vestel, Bob DeVau1t, Coach Knight. JUNIOR VARSITY I D Y, . : r A I 3 ' gg SPARTAN MANAGERS: Dale Anderson, John McQuillan, 'Bill Knox NORTH GREENE NORTH GREENE NORTH GREENE NORTH GREENE NORTH GREENE NORTH GREENE JV SCORES 14 Southwestern 28 Carrollton 12 Pleasant Hill 13 Calhoun 7 Greenfield 14 Winchester VARSITY BASKETBALL Cathy Williams Rhonda Vinyard Nancy Henry Pam Allen Mary Ann Klingele SPIRIT OF '67 FOOTBALL VARSITY: Nancy H. , Cathy W. , Pam A. , Rhonda V. , Mary Ann K. , JUNIOR VARSITY: Kathy S. , Leah B. , Glenda D., Linda B. , Kay B. NGHS CHEERLEADERS JUNIOR VARSITY Linda Basham Kay Black Kathy Spencer Glennda Dunphy Leah Bushnell VARSITY FRONT ROW: Bill Knox, David VanGiesen, Coach Lynn Hartweger, David Ashlock, John McQuillan. BACK ROW: Charles Binstead, Marty Rhoades, Rob Crain, Guy Manning, Iohn Janvrin, Steve Coats, Eric VRUTUYIS. GGO1'g6 Viflyafd, Terry Sheppard, Tom Giller, David Schroeder. VARSITY BASKETBALL North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene Brown County Griggsville Northwestern Calhoun Pittsfield Petersburg Jerseyville Greenfield Pleasant Hill Southwestern Winchester Carlinville Greenfield Pleasant Plains Carrollton Franklin Virden Triopia WON ILLINOIS VALLEY TOURNAMENT. . .CHAMPS North Greene 81 Greenfield 55 North Greene 62 Calhoun 61 North Greene 74 S'western 61 WINCHESTER TOURNAMENT. . . CHAMPS North Greene 93 Brown County 69 North Greene 50 Carrollton 48 North Greene 84 Rushville 73 I H S A REGIONAL TOURNAMENT North Greene 57 Greenfield 28 . North Greene 74 Calhoun 66 North Greene 63 Jerseyville 64 LOST 7 Q3 I 61 Q., 3 Q A V, ymwfm 5,17 if in .. FS ' -1. -V ,,., f,. -, rm A,,, IQ, W Ll if WWQI f .-1-wa -Q v Sf he 1! 3 Ji Si R 5- Sli r 5 ,X s 1' 1:- fa--W Xe 5 .Q X9, f ? KA zffg 'F I Q 9 V W Ne q Q91 -f5f:,v+?agP? i -1 5 S I .A EK 1 ,X , ' NL .ik Q 1, gif: x g 'Q 1 'S X ls zif' E g? .. , 252.2 A , x . I Q ..:Q i X i f Q X .Jw Wav Q, 6 Ay V QQ 4' L4 5-r ,fx . iiffw' N-J N2 S ' Q : gi ww, ws... gzip Tm "x'flf JOHN JANVRIN Height 6 ' 6 " Sophomore Center FRESHMAN SQUAD FRONT ROW: Terry Dawdy, Ross Dawdy, Bill Dunlap, Stan Ivers, Steve McCaherty SECOND ROW: Jerry Reno, Bob Cunningham, Clay James, Mike Newingham, Terry Meyer, Everett Kennedy, David Coats, Coach Phil Hopkins SOPHCMORE SQUAD FRONT ROW: Thillip McQuillan, Robert Dawdy, Gordon Cotter, Gene Clark, Ray Barnett, Jerry Marsh Mike Winters. STANDING: Herschel Short, Dave Hardwick, Dennis Greening, Tom Beierrnann Harold -u':lPN I i 4 i 'W E: I D. 4 1 1 ,. 'I I, ,fmt H11 W ' il' 1 xxlv North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene Kirchner, Jeff Strang, Charles Strain, Larry Monroe, Coach Knight. 1? X 1 klili, L 2 xgxl 'I 62 Q U, j '78 I ' h 84 I I 66 , , 1 63 84 1-gm 1 i North Greene North Greene North Greene North Greene J.V. RECORD Brown County Griggsville Northwestern Calhoun Pittsfield Porta Ierseyville Greenfield Pleasant Hill Southwestern Jacksonville Winchester Carlinville Greenfield Pleasant Plains Carrollton Franklin Virden Triopia WON 13 LOST 6 Coach Jake MANAGERS Bob Knox -Randy Harp MEETS PLACE Triangle at N. G. lst Triangle at N. G. 1-st Greene County 2nd I. V.C. Prosh-Soph 2nd I.V.C. Varsity 2nd Frosh-Soph at Ierseyville 5th of 9 f-. -,,p4l'l-1--- ' -c-"jf-' - ' , - 4 ETL ' f .g , I KR .MQW '- ,Q TRACK Jim F lowers-Rex Cox -Mike McGee Guy Manning Harold Kirchner Greg Meek sHo'r PUT DISCUS HIGH JUMP AND BROAD JUMP POLE VAULT Larry Meyer Charles Binstead fno photoj Gus Manning Russ Printy Bucky Rogers Larry Meyer Eric Younkin Guy Manning Jim Flowers Rex Cox Mike McGee 440 -YARD DASH I4 PM 880 -YARD RELAY 180 -YD LOW AND 120 -YD HIGH HU RDLES 1-MILE RUN Bob Dawdy Darrell Gansz Neal Nichols, Steve Benner, I. D. Hawk Terry Sheppard Bill Strang 2 MILE RUN VA RSI TY MILE RELA Y L10Yd Eldfed- George Hafmafofd- Mike Neal Nichols, Russ Printy, Guy Manning GBHSZ. Buddy Srnock. Greg Meek, Clyde Dunphy FROSH. 880 -YD. RELAY 880 -YD. RUN Charles Strain. Bucky R0g6rS. SORRY Kifch' Bob Early, Neal Nichols, Gary Early, Jim ner, Bob Dawdy Weber, Harold Kirchner, Bill Strang STAND1NG: Coach Durham, Marty Rhoades, Steve Piper, Max Morgan, Charles Chrisman, Mike Goben Alvin Chesney, Barry Martin, Steve Coats, David Shafer, Dale Sorrells, Ross Thomas-Mgr. KNEELING: David Schroeder, Ralph Cox, Dennis Greening, David Camp, Tom Giller, Gib Keller, Stan McEvers, Bob Kerr, Bernie Vestel, Greg Ballard, Mike Winters. BASEBALL QQ L A J Q Q I A A 1 L! f 5 Coach Durham I think they're carrying this teachers' lounge bit a little too far. ' 'P . .,il I 'Jai ,R sy' i , Ruthie MA? ff? ' rt In Flo-Flo red is my favorite color. ' 'WSE fi . msg ' ,, ,, I Somebody kiss her and break the spell. E. 3, Shirley who? Q, W inn? ws' 'RM' ., -af Turn around and mind ' your own business! ' we if Jacque 1 Somebody let Tinkerbell out of that locker! Jim HAVE 'ERAVEI Watch! I'11 push the but- ton and a bottle will pop up. l Deb 1 2 33? , A it Patty ' ' -i I can't wait till we're old enough to play football. Let's see, there 's my ham sandwich, potato chips. . . , Polly Poo Frank's trophy case. Val p y t it M ' 1 ,,, agilf fli Lillda Chili Bean You're on the committee- making com - mittee. Class of '67 KKQ yv 7 52 JMZWWM ff iv"40z4vfL,L,U 1 QD, ' YHA!! fi-1.4 jigfifxf 'wffv 1 XM If v Q. ff P IL? . f ' ?fG22227?QVJf"!? 1 K ?W !H7W!W', fyyylwf - 1, I' K I6 1 .f ,. , a f . AX yfvvfygffytfpyypgzf 'f27? 7?Z757Vw2w- 4' 147224, Q2f2ragp'2,?2z4aym2.4zf,AffJf9 Q fpfffmgwkfzgyf 7J?2f7ZW1'7ZyQ 7727+ jaw! ffff pffxwffcwyfyyyyy, Zim, ww M wwf M J ww 7mm aj , 47 . 151 fd M M M WWW JMMZMWL AQLJMGWMXWMJZQJ 'Jo WM QZWWUW Mff J wifi? MM Aw! adavyffl. . wwfwww KAW V . i , w a mmQymmbmmQmwMaMF9 MM wdm:lwmQ, ' f 5kMfwM51qRQAm QQQY11 JGHLWMAOQQ ww 5 Hmm E iWmMMwMAW'5QWm3 mQwffQ'QlMQHj,QWd Wa ww vw? A E Q VKKWMQF Qviuunfqxby IQ-5 gm b E gW?dMMw hmmm JM 4 wfQwwW+Mwm Q I qwmqimmmm I E ,Qwffw T 1 A Z ,ZowMLYf6Qbux4L NW l Jf,..v-fwf-4 1 WM ' ff ff WMWQQM MM Eg K , ssggl R M W mgim R x , f 2 ig? QS 4 E' Q 3' figfi E5 ESS? gfiiiiififfgv " 5552 KLM? in?f1 29 Qgigww D! Zggggl E . , i QM? F Wig. 'gf Q 5?5VggW ' U ws MMT-7? MMO , M W M wg? + Mfr 2 ,iwfgwfw Q..1f52f2f5Qc 262 Q 1 1 1 l 1 ' 53 '94 Q 4 if J E A MTS W 4223? i QA' V2 QQUM 232 f U mf ' i-? zrffqzl gf J Q, 7?Z2ff22f5,2,1dm Q5 aff ' ufimdfvzffy' WM M Sfifigi 5 WW, ., W, Z,iZZZiTM . Rf , ,JQZQW Mqqg W My wif? Wm ww L7 ' My I ff W wiilw M52 +5253 ga 9- yy, . Ewa-9 ,iff - QWWU Zffoigiifgjgi 1 RW Af W N my X nbivQfff5Lf 5' M W W y W l YQHQW Wiiywfm QQ x' MQ I If uw5fg,a9fWxv W Q' C l fi ,I M MQ' riff!! ,Mi I Q5

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