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NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE 3 0642 00153 0693 ifr u was « vl £ I l - ; J 4 ARCHIVES U428 C9 1964c. 1 North Georgia College CYCLOPS 7 060 Date Due NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE LIBRARY DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA Printed in U.S.A. FOR REFERENCE NOT TO BE TAKEN FROM THE ROOM ( 2S 012 •• ' ;» " • «.» North Qeorgia College ' Daklonega, Qeorgia J 964 Sp.Col. U 428 .N6 C9 J 964 North Georgia College, Cyclops 740o0 TH ' « " :|r3i Iff " ■ill 1 " foreword It rained — and our spirit rained with the day. The nation ' s colors flew in the breeze — and our heart took wings. Not my heart . . . not your heart . . . Our heart. The heart of North Georgia College. In the midst of our individual problems and exultations we do not take time to realize that our own fear may be a common fear — our personal victory may be universal. We must stop now and see our weaknesses and our strengths in our brothers around us. As Carl Sandburg said, we must realize that we are of the " Family of Man. " Despite our idiosyncracies and characteristics, we are alike — we are the same — we are not aliens unless we alienate ourselves. We are brothers — we are of " The Family " . . . This yearbook is to let you relive days at North Georgia College — a pictorial journey back- wards — look through it, relive those days, know your friends know yourself. 74060 We jCeam We Cm We Caugk We Cose, fjvfw Fitzgerald Kennedy 1917-1963 We Stop Zo Pay Zribute s I II II M II II II " II l II II ' • II I. V% II I II I- - ; !yktt .. -:. x -% ' 1 I — !! v - .= r •VMS a % jL ■■ • 4k - P -3 M ™ i •. £ • ■•■- ' " ' 3U ■ EDITOR- Vesta Medemach ASSOCIATE EDITOR— Lucien Keller BUSINESS MANAGER- Evans Palmour Don Thompson Bert Jones SECTION EDITORS and Staff FEATURES- Sandi Brown MILITARY- Dick O ' Hara LEWIS HALL- Cheryl Lundy ORGANIZATIONS- Jane Seward SPORTS- Martha White FACULTY- Susan Hargrove CLASSES- Susan DeLoach Nancy Middlebrooks PHOTOGRAPHY- Bill Thomas Organizations faculty 10 features Military Cewis Mall Sports Classes sr " r r ir crr ' , I ii Dedication To you, Sir: For your efforts to share your knowledge and enthusiasm For your life dedicated to your church . . . RSSSSi jdagk »— . »■ Mm ' ■■■?WT M1 For your good-natured prodding and challenging . . For your attempt to help us to know ourselves . . For your being strong enough to be just and great enough to be humble . . . For your dedication of your life to the progress of all men . . . We proudly dedicate this 1 964 Cyclops— MR. BEN W. SANDERS 13 o o 14 features 15 M and Miss J QC Vic ftrown and Ellen Johnson 16 friendliness 18 Mr. Mob Cates and Miss Martha Zalky The gift of being amiable to one ' s fellow beings is an art which is profitable not only to oneself, but also to those to whom one is friendly. The friendly person touches the life of everyone around him, be it a great or small contribution. To the ones who have achieved the greatest success in this way goes the distinction of being recognized the friendliest. .Athletics M Dean MdersoH and Miss Nancy Smith The spirit and genuine interest in athletics at North Georgia are stimu- lated through the efforts of the intramural sports and Rec clubs. Those who excel in sports promote school spirit and develop lasting traditions. We take pride in acknowledging the outstanding ar ility of those chosen most athletic. 19 Sincerity 20 yWr. Allen Qattis and Miss Suzanne Cameron True sincerity is a difficult virtue to possess. To be forthright and unreserved in each task that is undertaken is an achievement which deserves recognition above all others. To be cordial in every situation and genuinely honest in all dealings are adequate reasons to recognize those who have gained the title of most sincere. Dependability Mr. Robert Zerry and Miss Portia Hargrove North Georgia ' s growth to her present stature is partly because of the efforts of student leadership. Individuals have accepted responsi- bility and proved themselves trustworthy. Dependability is a mark of maturity. So it is that we recognize those who reveal themselves most dependable. 21 Versatility 22 Mr jimmy -ffowers and Miss ftetk Keid To achieve is a desire possessed by all people, for a person ' s achieve- ment is often the measure by which others determine his relative success. Here we wish to honor two people who have succeeded not in one area, but in all areas, and not merely well, but outstandingly. Outstanding Underclassmen Melody Folwell John Shope juniors Sophomores Ireskmen Lucien Cousins Marilyn Patrick John Shockley Jane Booth 23 Miss Cyclops Ann Zkayer 24 k brigade Sweetheart Shawn Kryaut 25 Senior Keauty Miss Ellen Johnson 26 Senior fteauty Miss flancy Smith ii junior Beauty Miss Alicia McCaliistet 28 junior fteauty Miss Shawn Bryant 29 Sophomore Beauty Miss Barbara Wheeler 30 Sophomore fteauty Miss Kay Cates 31 32 freshman fteauty Miss f udy fteasley Jreshman fteauty Miss Emily DejCong 33 Ueauty is its own excuse I for being 34 Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities i fc a» k . Allen Gattis Ann Biskey Judy Parker Jimmy Jiles Bill Ethington Bob Cates Betty Little Carolyn Collier Key Dismukes Gail Friddel Jimmy Flowers 36 National recognition based on scholarship, leader- ship, co-operation in educational and extracurricular activities, general citizenship and promise for future usefulness is awarded each senior nominated for Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Selected by a campus committee of various faculty members, each of these nominees has been an outstanding leader while attending North Georgia. Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities recognizes worthy students and serves as: A goal to inspire greater effort in those who may not otherwise perform to the best of their ability. A reminder that time must be used intelligently to bring the best results from one ' s college ex- perience. Carroll Glenn Henry King Martha Talley Quillian Baldwin Vic Brown Ronnie Roper Ann Thayer George Martin 37 Candid Comer Bet I know something you don ' t know. I guess some really do hit the books What ' s 6 times 7? 38 Take 2 giant steps NGC ' s favorite indoor pastime. " Chee— wat a grouch " 39 o o o 40 Military 41 Military Staff MAJ. A. B. KITCHEN Professor of Military Science CAPT. O. R. HAUSE Commandant MAJ. B. E. FERGUSON Assistant PMS CAPT. L. C. REW Assistant PAAS CAPT. W. V. ALMOND JR. Assistant PMS jlBfix g M SGT. J. D. GILMORE Chief Instructor SFC. C. E. FUNK Instructor S SGT. G. E. HENSEL Supply Sgt. SGT. J. W. WILLIAMS Wheeled Vehicle Maintenance 42 MRS. J. W. PHILLIPS Secretary to PMS MRS. N. STOWERS Secretary to Commandant Mrigade Staff V. A. BROWN Brig. Com. w. N. J1LES Exec. Off. A. C. GATTIS S-l P. T. GERARD S-2 C. S. GLENN 5-3 C. G. BURDEN Asst. S-3 J. W. GINN S-4 J. C. SPRAGUE A 8. R Z y T R. K. DISMUKES P.I.O. J. T. SHOPE Sgt. Maj. W. E. WAGES Clerk G. W. WRIGHT Supply Sgt. SUSAN HARGROVE Sweetheart 43 ' Tirst battalion R. P. ROPER Commander R. H. THOAAAS Exec. Off. D. D. FAY S-l P. D. BENEFIELO S-2 H. C. KING S-3 M. P. CRISSEY S-4 M. W. HEALEY Assist. S-3 A. Q. BALDWIN A R B. L. RICKETSON Sgt. M-aj. L. M. KING Clerk MRS. ROPER Sponsor MRS. PHIL BENEFIELD Sweetheart 45 JOHNSTON, J. C. Executive ETHINGTON, W. E. Commander POWELL, R. L. First Sergeant LUCY MANN Sweetheart MR. AND MRS. ETHINGTON Sponsors Tit st Platoon First Row: Grant, Berry, Lott, Alday, Truesdel, Bishop, Asher, Howe. Second Row: Piatt, Suggs, Forbus, McGee, Wheeless, Holton, Pittman. Third Row: Brown, McPhail, Snell, Marshall, Bracket!, Webb, Sapp. 46 Second Platoon 1 vT 1 Li H ' First Row: Williamson, Thompson, Miller, Brown, Latimer, Bennett, Prescott. Second Row.- Mathews, Gilleland, Free, Milam, Brooks, Jones. Third Row: McKinzey, Joslyn, James, Payne, Randolph, House. Zhird Platoon First Row: Whidby, Prince, Brast, Rivers, Burgess, McCall, Renfroe, Duncan. Second Row: Lane, Gray, Sorrells, Stover, Davis, Jones. Third Row: Tinley, Woods, L Cook, Bursey, Moon, Schaper. 47 Mcadquarters Front: Ethington, William E., Johnson, John C. Back: Powell, Robert L, O ' Kelly, Jerry F., Randolph, Lester L. Snaps 48 --sirs j I Envy will never get you here 49 Sports FOOTBALL SEASON WON LOST BRAVO CHARLIE GOLF 50 ■ 7 M Jf p. ;:; i W60 51 SWEARINGEN, G. R Executive KIRK, B. J. Commander STARNES, W. F. First Sergeant JUDITH BEASLEY Sweetheart MRS. M. H. TUMLEY Sponsor Tit $t Platoon wJAh Front Row: Sprouse, Forrester, Peacock, Burgess, Everett, Murphy, Abercrombie. Second Row: Champion, Psaila, Lamson, Ogle, Flournoy. Third Row: Carter, Martin, Haley, Smith, Miller, Naff. 52 Second Platoon First Row: Brantly, Johnson, Sisk, Shoemaker, Snell, Mims. Second Row: Greene, Bible, Northcutt, Chastain, Thomas. Third Row: Carter, Page, Woods, Roquemore, Hicks, Foss. Zkird Platoon First Row: Felker, Lawrence, Perkerson, O ' Neal, Baker, Morton, Love, Branch, Barbree. Second Row: Shier, Irwin, Simmons, Mataxis, Mills, Lee, Bowers, Morgan. Third Row: McClain, Bennett, Garrison, Allgood, Odom, Pyron, Wilson, Culbreth. 53 headquarters Front: Swearingen, George R.; Kirk, Berford J.; Healy, Maurice W. Back: Starnes, William F.; Orvold, Theodore S.; Lovett, Max D. Photos Anything for a picture I don ' t belong 54 1 ■ ft 55 Sports FOOTBALL SEASON WON DELTA FOXTROIT ALFA LOST II il II II II 57 Charlie CATES, R. AA. Executive Mcdonald, t. Commander JARRARD, R. T. First Sergeant MARTHA TALLEY Sweetheart MR. AND MRS. McDONALD Sponsors Tirst Platoon First Row: White, Mundy, Wheeless, Foster, Anderberg, Akin, Arnold, Youngblood. Second Row: Lockard, Hosteter, Arp, Johnston, Tanner, Thompson. Third Row: Scar- borough, Sailers, Sandow, Davis, Worsham, McGregor, Smith. 58 Second Platoon First Row: McCranie, Ferguson, Weinrich, Flowers, Rockett, Harbison, Hleming, Drew, Stewart. Second Row.- Moore, Kelley, Printup, McPherson, Dodson, Wilson, Williams. Third Row: Sorrells, Buckner, Allegood, Miller, Jennings, Lemaster, McLeod, Ferguson. Zhird Platoon First Row: Downey, de Treville, Harvill, Kohlemberger, Hoopaugh, Vaughn, Causier, Smith, Murphy. Second Row: York, Danforth, Smith, Settle, Thomps Wayne. Third Row: Melton, Spell, Matthews, Harrison, Roper, Bryant, Redwine. 59 Meadquarters Front: Cates, Robert M.; McDonald, Theodore; Jarrard, Robert T. Back: Turner, Kenneth A.; Jolly, John W. Snaps 60 I didn ' t do it You drip fc! Sports ' J £l 62 63 Band FLOYD, G. D. Executive TERRY, R. B. JR. Commander PALMER, D. M. First Sergeant RILLA STOVALL Sweetheart MR. AND MRS. R. B. TERRY JR. Sponsors Tit st Platoon Canady, Stover, Brinson, Newham, Barge, Grubbs. Second Row.- Holt, Chambers, Jinks, Walker, Garner, Clements, Jarrard. Third Row: Johnson, Warnock, Swanaer, Barrington, Thomason, Rogers, Black. 64 Second Platoon First Row: Barton, Reece, Strange, Hardy, Westmoreland, Abercrombie. Second Row: Holt, Thomas, Shirley, Walker, Harrelson, Edenfield, Raines, Morris, Koger, Stimkey. Zkird Platoon First Row: Wolary, Ware, Bemis, Clarke, Baab, Brock, Bowdan. Second Row: Whittle, Mason, Peck, Tidwell, Fitts, Freeman, White. Third Row: Mongold, Gaissart, Langford, Walton, Bryant, Sweatt. 65 Meadquarters Front: Terry, Robert B. Jr.; Floyd, Gwynne D.; Palmer, Doug M. Back: Kemp, Jerry C; Brewer, Herbert D.; Evans, Hugh F.; Zeigler, Joseph, A. Photos Which way to the submarine races? Iron bars do not a prison make 66 67 Uand Sports THIS SPACE WE DEDICATE TO OUR MIGHTY FOOTBALL TEAM. MAY IT REIGN ON UNDEFEATED IN GLORY FOREVER 68 Will the real Holt please stand Oh, that bass drum gets me down! Look at those tigers! If I could just get rid of the Drum Major! 69 Second battalion W. M. DOLLAR Commander D. R. ANDERSON Exec. Off. E. A. TAYLOR S-l G. T. MARTIN S-2 J. P. GINN S-3 H. H. BLALOCK S-4 W. L. BANKS A R AA. L. CALDWELL P. I. O. R. K. MclNTIRE Sgt. Maj. J. T. WRIGHT Clerk MRS. MABLE DOLLAR Sponsor LINDA ANDERSON Sweetheart 71 Delta TOWNSEND, W. J. Executive COUSINS, L. F. Commander LATIMER, P. G. First Sergeant ELLAN JOHNSON Sweetheart MR. AND MRS. COUSINS Sponsors Tirst Platoon First Row: Blanks, Briggs, Howell, Bishop, Tonkin, Jernigan, Moore. Second Row.- Huey, Rollison, Parker, Miller, Green, Andrews. Third Row.- Williams, Gorday, Reid, Brinks, Szwast, McCrary, McDaniel. 72 Second Platoon First Row-. Denny, Martin, Johnson, Crittendon, Alexander, McMullen, Garrett. Second Row: Imes, Slappey, Cheshire, McDaniel, Rigdon, Kramer, Baader. Third Row: Fox, Taylor, Barton, Brinson, Boje, Thompson, Kenimer. Zhird Platoon First Row: Gee, Acree, Bagley, Smith, Floyd, Posey. Second Row: Armstrong, Anderson, Boggus, McLaughlin, Coskey, Harden. Third Row: Welch, Tanner, Bell, Hutching, son, O ' Hara, Allen, Askew. 73 Headquarters 1 " — r mm i w ii mi .—- " , _ j 1 11 I TF1 Front: Townsend, William J.; Cousins, Larry F.; Latimer, Phil G. Back: Moncrief, Joseph M.; Truelove, James R. Snaps 74 Are you really brigade commander? Larry ' s five headaches - one 75 Sports FOOTBALL SEASON WON LOST ECHO BRAVO FOXTROT And this one is a Paris original But I am ready for inspection 77 Scho DOUGLAS, J. E. Executive KING, W. H. Commander NEWMAN, C. R. First Sergeant JANE SEWARD Sweetheart MRS. W. H. KING Sponsor Tirst Platoon First Row, Heldreth, Hightower, Plowden, Sampson, Shockley, Rusin, Bozeman, Mitchell. Second Row: Callahan, Caraway, Griggs, McKinney, Renner, Blakeney, Elmore, Bullock, Higgs. Third Row. Harris, Sevelius, Ridgeway, Janis, Jiles, Williams, Bishop, Sevier, Skelton. (not shown: Porter.) 78 Second Platoon First Row: Peevy, Davidson, King, Garrett, Mitchell, Gaines, West. Second Row: Weimeister, Childers, Newman, Wilson, Rice, Bowdoin, Hill, Champion. Third Row: Worley, Campbell, Mercier, Grimes, Anderson, Clayton. Zhird Platoon First Row: Morgan, Mooney, Bigbie, Phillips, Gorman, Bowman. Second Row: Strickland, Tompkins, Vandertuin, Carter, Cole, Conner. Third Row: Almand, Cousins, Johnson, Cunningham, Martin, Cornett. 79 Meadquarters Front: Douglas, John E.; King, William H.; Newman, Rex C. Back: Camp, Thomas G.; Hollis, Joey P. Snaps Hi! 80 The Beatles are on! And what did you do after she hit you? No, this isn ' t a coed! 81 Sports FOOTBALL SEASON WON LOST CHARLIE DELTA GOLF 82 I • • • i w mwmzz _ 83 J OKtWt SCRUGGS, R. L. Executive FLOWERS, J. P. Commander WOODARD, J. D. First Sergeant SUZANNE CAMERON Sweetheart MRS. W. P. FLOWERS Sponsor Tirst Platoon First Row-. Pinson, Cravens, Beswick, Withers, Foley, Wommack, Keller. Second Row: Roper, Cross, Whitlow, McFarlin, Abernathy, Welborn, Hester. Third Row: Story, Sevelius, Whitten, Sheldon, Buford, Greene, Mote, Welch. 84 Second Platoon First Row: Bell, Colley, Ballard, McCumber, Williams, McDowall, Schneider. Second Row.- Doss, Mathews, Walden, Perkins, Harris, Turgeon, Bangs. Third Row: Wilson, Evans, Story, Lawhorn, Goins, Malcolm, Engen, Cowart, Greene. Zhird Platoon First Row: Griscom, Parrish, Conner, Darden, AAcMonagle, Hoffer, Brown. Second Row: Clements, Young, Dunn, Reardon, Wray, Menzel, Engen, Brown. Third Row: Clegg, Heath, Story, Brown, Vinson, Hawkins, Greene, Patton, Weaver, Murphy. 85 Meadquatters Front: Scruggs, Robert L; Flowers, James P.; Woodard, Jack D. Back: Greene, Albert B.; Odom, Robert N. Photos 86 87 Sports FOOTBALL SEASON WON LOST GOLF DELTA BRAVO 88 WE BEAT THEM ALL, EVEN BAND Aren ' t I beautiful SHOPE. T. B. Executive ALEXANDER, G. L. Commander ALFORD, W. L. First Sergeant 4 v I SHARON GADDY Sweetheart MR. AND MRS. G. L. ALEXANDER Sponsors §■■■ ■ „ ■ ■ ' ■ ' ,« Tit st Platoon First Row: West, Finleyson, Michael, Rigsby, Garner, Johnson. Second Row: Bradberry, Edwin, Devlin, Davis, Manning, Bramblett, Fink. Third Row. Sanders, Kirton, Herin, Drew, Armento, Smith, Hoke. 90 Second Platoon First Row: Dennard, Kicklighter, Coleman, Essam, Hemmer, Clotfelter, Stanley, Booker, Heller. Second Row.- Butterworth, Ross, Miller, Gibson, Glisson, G ' Segner. Third Row. Wright, Reeves, Chilton, Vannouhuys, Ray, Patterson. Zkird Platoon First Row: York, Hillman, Baugh, Hallowes, Ritchkin, Duke. Second Row: Dunagan, Willis, Hard, Torrance, Davis, Sanders, Fletcher. Third Row: Marshall, Flanagan, Ayei Bennett, Mills, Fleming. 91 Meadquarters T 1 i irtii - i 1 • — r front: Shope, Thomas B.; Alexander, Gorden L., Jr.; Alford, William L. Ba ck. Capps, James H.; Tinley, John L. Snaps No, I haven ' t got a date for the Military Ball 92 93 3 Sports ? § § § § ■ M O r 94 .« P - ■ ■■i HHI Bi KS H Had to get my two cents in 95 Scabbard and Bade first Row: Alexander, McDonald, Brown, Fay. Second Row. Taylor, Swearingen, Flowers, Jiles, Gerard, Healy, Ginn, Cousins, Banks. Third Row; Mitchiner, Benefield, Kirk, Terry, Tinley, Roper, (not shown) Caldwell, Gattis, Duncan, King, King. CAPT. REW Sponsor • •f.A ' vU-- " - . " - £f -: : f i mvi 4 ■■■■■ i-t ' v £r 4 A Aggressors ' Platoon Flowers, Berry, Mason, Black, Thomas, Melton, Gaskins, Carter, Hightower, Caraway, Taylor, Anderson, Campbell, Cravens, Hester, Parrish, Green, Cross, Wright, Heller, Capps, Hillman, Fletcher, Randolph, Jones, Lawrence, Mims, Prescott, Johnson, Martin, Wright, Slappy, Childers, Clayton, Tinley. 97 Ulue Ridge Rifles First Row: Lawrence, Hostetter, Buckner, Irwin, Sisk, Manning. Second Row: Cravens, Davis, VanNouhuys, Foley, Crittenden, Sandow. Third Row: Mims, Harris, Reardon, Leaphart, Huchingson, Bible. Fourth Row: Howe, Hemmer, Withers, Shoemaker, Menzel. Front: McKenny, O ' Neal. Mountaineering Club Left to Right; Orvold, Palmer, Dollar, Wright, Spurling, Young, Swearingen, Healy, Payne, Suggs, Wilson, Lawrence, Bradberry. 98 Summer Camp NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE First Row: Crissey, M. P.; Williamson, J. B.; Blanks, J. R.; Bell, J. S.; West, J. T.; Taylor, E. A.; York, W. J.; Cousins, L. F.; Kirk, B. J.; Glenn C. S.; Martin, G. T.; Burton, J. L; Second Row: King, H. C; Wolary, C; McCranie, C. C; Canady, E. R. ; Duncan, R. B.; Peevy, L. J. Healy, M. W.; Hill, J. W.; Pinson, T. L; Downey, C. W.; Douglas, J. E.; Thomas, R. H. Third Row: Blalock, H. H. ; White, L. E.; Denney, D. L Cates, R. M.; Townsent, W. J.; Ethington, W. E.; Swearingen, G. R.; Mitchiner, AA. E. ; Alexander, G. L.; Caldwell, AA. L.; Floyd, G. W.; Ginn J. P. Fourth Row: Gattis, A. C; Dollar, W. AA.; Watson, J. F.; Banks, W. L.; Anderson, D. R.; Brantley, S.; Wicht, AA. C; Dismukes, R. K. Benefield, P. D. ; McDonald, T. ; Ginn, J. W.; Felker, D. AA.; Johnston, J. C; Shope, T. B. Fifth Row: Barton, F. E.; King, W. H.; Morgan, F. B. Heldreth, N. E.; Scruggs, R. L. ; Flowers, J. P.; Gerard, P. T.; Roper, R. P.; Gee, W. D.; Griscom, J. H.; Jiles, J. H.; Brown, V. A.; Sapp, R. H. Dennard, R. M.; Baldwin, A. Q. I don ' t have to like it! Allan Gattis, North Georgia Military College. The most industrious man in F Co. Donald L. Denney, North Georgia College 99 o o 100 jUSHHPII G -•5fe La£ BS?ij ■ Cewis Mall 101 Miss Alice Donovan Dean of Women Miss Patricia Gross Assistant Dean of Women Cewis Mall Vice-President Melody Folwe Secretary Peggy Denney President of Lewis Hail Judy Parker Treasurer Cheryl Lundy 102 :1k We students of North Georgia College will feel the loss of our friend and teacher Miss Bessie Lee Freeman in this year of her retirement. We dedicate this page to her for the many services she has rendered to the school and to her pupils for the past eighteen years as head of the Home Economics Department. 103 Oorm Snapshots Eating beats studying any day. A too frequently seen scene along our halls. 21 more inches and we might have been snowed ' Uncle Sams needs YOU 104 And Y ' all don ' t think we study I always get stuck with washing dishes! Smile, you ' re on Candid Camera The first weekday we get to wear slacks and it snows. Happiness is a happy birthday A stitch in time saves the aggressor platoon (05 Working hard or hardly working? - - - - m - - " I ' ll fix this once and for all ' Dorm Workers Al » f Left to Right: Jane Hardy, Lucia Ramey, Nancy Middlebrooks, Diana Dyson, Linda Carter, Susan Lowe, Jean Henderson, and Diane Delong. Nor Pictured: Betty Little, Beth Reid, Barrie Woodward, Janet Wilson. 106 Kec Council rf% Seated: Julia Faulkner, Treasurer, Lu cy Mann, President, Ellen Burriss, Vice President, Nancy Johnson, Secretary. Standing: Etta Rhodes, Jane Hardy, Marilyn Patrick, Brenda Roberts, Susan Lowe, Rec. Secretary, Gail Burgess, Vesta Medernach, Ann Davenport. Miss Joyce Fowler Adviser President Lucy Mann Sponsor Mrs. Mann 107 Mippolytans Seated: C. Parks, E. Crawley, S. Shattuck, J. Hardy, E. Rhodes, L. Curtis, P. Weldon, S. Schwamlein. Standing: J. Pace, A. Madden, B. Cochran, C. Fowler, E. Lord, W. Bryant, L. Tigner, J. Faulkner, L. Walters, J. Henderson, L. Dean, A. Garth. Captain Jane Hardy Co-Captain Etta Rhodes 108 Sponsors Mr. and Mrs. Hardy Mercuream Mr. and Mrs. Medernach Captain Vesta Medernach Co-Captain Marilyn Patrick Seated: E. Delong, N. Vickery, D. Delong, M. Patrick, S. Hargrove, V. Comelison, H. Bellville, B. Kelley. Standing: P. Jordan, S. Pryor, B. Putnam, M. Greene, J. Beasley, T. Tankersley, N. Glover, P. Gilbert, S. Weatherly, B. Wheeler, S. Deloach, N. Middlebrooks, R. Buchanan, D. Close, B. Zimmerman. 109 Zmklytans Seated: J. Mathews, D. Leach, S. Duck, B. Roberts, J. Evans, W. Mize, L. Freeman. Standing: M. Miles, E. Burriss, F. Jackson, M. Johnson, J. Cochran, M, Owen, M. Pinson, M. Ridenaur, S. Bailey, C. Cawley, V. Wren, R. Pritchard, L. Roberts, L. Lindley. Captain Brenda Roberts Co-Captain Gail Burgess Sponsors Mr. and Mrs. Roberts Phi O microns Sponsor Mr. Jewel Davenport Captain Ann Davenport Co-Captain Beth Reid Seated: C. Lambert, I. Diakonski, B. Reid, A. Davenport, L. Gooch, C. Collier, B. Brannon. Standing: J. Betts, A. Ayliffe, J. Sutton, G. MoClure, B. Daniels, M. Shindelbower, J. Lowe, M. Singleterry, J. Schleppi, R. Smith, J. Clark. Ill Kcc Clubs in fiction JB If Ml K 1 ' B v m B M£m % ' " Li m J Mr " Jj 1 k ' s h P ■ Higher, Higher . . . Jump! ' It ' s ours now. ' A fight to the finish Where did the ball go? 112 Will it be a basket? Whose ball will this be? Here we go again The Mercs and the Trahs fight for the ball 113 o o o o o o 114 115 Student Council Bottom-. Coach Jim Otte, Jerry Ginn, Pres., John Shope, Johnson, Rusin, Pryor, Johnson, Beasley, Patrick, Martin, Anderson, Lowe. First: John Douglas, Ann Biskey, Annette Collis, Vicki Cornelison, Gwynn Floyd. Second: L. Keller, Jim Craven Pa Story, George Swearingen, Sam Brantley. Sigma Omega Sigma 116 We have it all under con- trol. It was just too delightful. Our Student Council at Carge Hey, she ' s got my pocket knife. Then the Daddy bear says . . . " 117 1964 Cychps Lucien Keller Associate Editor Vesta Medernach Editor Dr. Brown Faculty Adviser Mr. Gilbert Financial Adviser EDITORIAL STAFF: Vickie Cornelison, Lucien Keller, Vesta Medernach, Susan Hargrove. Second Row: Jane Seward, Sandy Brown, Nancy Plaster, Martha White. 1 1 8 CLASSES, FACULTY, AND LEWIS HALL: Cheryl Lundy, Karen Bowdein, Susan DeLoach, Nancy Plaster, Nancy Middlebrooks ORGANIZATIONS: Jane Seward, Ellen Johnson MILITARY AND SPORTS: Lucien Keller, Martha White ART AND FEATURES: Nancy Vickery, Vicki Cornelison, Sandy Brown, Nancy Plaster 119 Zhe Cadet ftugler Mr. Lail Faculty Adviser Editor Bert Jones Mr. Gilbert Financial Adviser Jeannie Williamson, Judy Beasley, Bert Jones, Betty Ann Putnam, Lucien Keller, Ron Thompson, Ford G ' Segner 120 EDITOR and associate editor— Lucien Keller— Burt Jones PUBLIC RELATIONS-Mr. Trammell NEWS— Ford G ' Segner, Ron Thompson, Lucien Kelle NEWS— Judy Beasley, Jeanne Williamson, Betty Ann Putman 12! Officers ' Club OFFICERS: Bruce Duncan, George Martin, Erie Taylor, Adviser Captain Rew. First Row: Duncan, Captain Rew, Taylor, Martin. Second Row: Ethington, Pinson, Peevy Johnson, Townsend, Banks, Swearingen, Kirk, Anderson, Griscom, Blanks, Roper, Alexander, McDonald, Burden, Brown, Shope. Second Row; Douglas, Glenn. Crissey, Barton, Wolary, Morgan, Denny, Canady, Floyd, Bell, Gee, Heldreth, Jiles, Dollar, Brantley, Felker, Downey, King. Fourth Row: Sprague, King, Cousins, McCranie, Ginn, Ginn, Dennard, Baldwin, Terry. 122 Non-Cowituissiomd Officers ' Club Susan Ferguson Sweetheart OFFICERS: Paul Story, Adviser Major Ferguson, Rip Roper. Standing: Tommy Jarrard, Leslie Redwine, Benny Joe Forrester, Gordon Huey. First Row: Huey, Redwine, Forrester, Major Ferguson, Story, Jarrard. Second Row: Shope, Harris, Thomas, Callahan, deTreville, McKenney, Ferguson, Clegg. Powell, Alford, Ferguson, Fox, Wright, Culbreth, Hayes, Thompson, Seabolt, Mongold, McCain, Hollis, Worley, Greene, Harvill, Starnes. Third Row: Williams, Weinmeister, House, Creel, Bradberry, Mundy, Imes, Clements, Palmer, Woodard, Holt, Strickland, Holt, Whittle, Whdby, Abercrombie, Doss, Kemp, Latimer, Armstrong, Edenfield, Johnson. Fourth Row: Mclntire, Flanagan, Morgan, Wilson, Willis, Ricketson, Sanders, Gunnin, Smith, Newman, Jones, Marshall, Vacalis, Foss, Prince, Piatt. 123 i ?tWP fci! lm JflK lKSllL jHB 1 v m LJ • • w f : f 1 1 ill 1 r ' .■: - -. fl • • • • • ' » » .1. • 1 - . 1 Mi ■ III! First Row: Powell, Healy, Flowers, Srouse, Williams. Second Row: Childers, Thomas, Whittle, Benefield, Swearingen, Bennet, Palmer, Stover. Third Row: King, Ferguson, Campbell, Pevy, Engen, Lane, James, Keller. Fourth Row: Bell, Forrester, Cravens, Townsend, Dunagan, Culbreth, Redwine, Murphy. Fifth Row: Heldreth, Herrin, Melton, McDaniel, Allgood, Hayes, Johnson, Story. Sixth Row: Skelton, Harris, Camp, Sevelius, Mclntire, Woodard, Clements. Sigma Zheta fraternity Nancy Bowen Sweetheart 124 Barbara Wheeler Sweefhearf Kex fraternity First Row: Jarrard, Anderson, Alexander, King, Brantley, Cousins, Latimer. Second Row: Gorday, Devilin, Roper, Wayne, Taylor, Oruld, Flourney, Champion, Ricketson, Terry. Third Row: Felker, Holt, Tanner, Holt, Tompkins, Schaper, Alford, McLeod, Jolly, Armstrong. Fourth Row: Gerard, Downey, Taylor, McDonald, Hightow er, Weinmeister, House, McKinzey, Murphy, Floyd. Fifth Row; Canady, Duncan, Mitchner, Bradberry, Finnleyson, Doss, Kicklighter, Hester, Williams. Sixth Row; Cross, Ginn, Sorrells, Baldwin, Blalock, Smith, Bozman, York, Berry, Tinley, Renfroe. 125 QUe Club First Row: Lynell Dean, Sandra Schwamlein, Susan Hargrove, Mrs. Bouffard, Mr. Booth, Vesta Medernach, Emily Delong, Nancy Glover, Jamie O ' Neal, Louise Tigner, Joan Phipps, Diane DeLong, Carolyn Hearn, Ann Biskey, Alice Bussey, Mrs. Bryan, Renee Brooks, Linda Roberts. Third Row: Diana Dyson, Nelson Sevier, Frank Morgan, Jimmy Roper, M. T. Clements, Doug Clegg, Bill Starnes, Milo Abercrombie, Johnny Johnston, Mac Wicht, James Grubbs, Jeannie Williamson. First Row. Alice Parrott, Evelyn Berry, Susan Ferguson, Lucia Ramey, Cherly Taylor, Vikki Parrish, Judy Brown, Ann Biskey. Second Row: Key Dismukes, Bill Sorrels, Brooks, Brown, Myron Garett, Ladd King, Lee Caldwell, Jimmy Roper, Jerry Martin, Lucien Keller, Joey Hollis, Mr. Simpson. ' Dramatics Club 126 business Administration Club First Row: Ed White, Diane Jordan, Mr. Oakes, Ellen Johnson, Carrol Glenn. Second Row; Jo Beth Maret, Bonnie Burns, Quida Brown, Gay Loftin, Jane Seward, Evelyn Berry, Vikki Parrish, Elenor Cooper. Third Row: Johnny Griscom, John Sprague, Gordon Alexander, Clayton Grant, Jack Mundy, Doug Clegg, Earl Hayes, Jimmy Roper, Billy Banks. Fourth Row: Ed Bradberry, Willie Gee, Jimmie Jiles, Joe Ferguson, Jerry Kemp, Robert Terry. Fifth Row: Greg McGreggor, Bob Bryan, Oscar McLeod, Sam Wilson, Homer Smith, Doug Palmer, Clauye McCranie, John Douglas, Erie Taylor. Sixth Row: Gary Smith, Richard Skelton, John Blanks, Bill Payne, John Jolly. Seventh: Joe Cowart, Allen Wayne, Darrel West. Student Rational Education Association First Row: Judy Parker, Patricia Simpson, Brenda Roberts, Jackie Henton, Paula Jordan, Doris Hubbard, Judy Sutton, Glenda Christian. Second Row: Linda Tankersley, Nan Barnish, MelooV Folwell, Peggy Wingo, Jeannine Fisher, Eane Crawley. Third Row: Theresa Green, Julia Faulkner, Carolyn Kittle, Janet Wil- son, Marviene Miles, Mildred Johnson, Ellen Pittman, Judy Betts, Alice Faulkner, Barbara Hayes, Elizabeth Lord. 127 ftiobgy First Row: Roy Williams, Cathy Gailardi, Mr. Callaham, Sylvia Peck, Ross Thomas. Second Row: Sandy Brown, Barbara Miller, Vesta Medarnach, Gail Burgess, Nancy Plaster, Linda Gooch. Third Row: Bill Ethington, Lucy Mann, Jane Hardy, Martha Talley, Brenda Gooch, Jean Henderson, Ellen Burress, Jerry O ' Kelly. First Row- Johnson, Hawkins, Booth, White, Barton, Evans, Whidby. Second Row. Gibson, West, York, Boggus, Bag- ley, Arment, Harris. Third Row: White, Cousins, Downey, Johnson, Story, Mitchell, Morgan, Feeman, Worsham, Simms. Chemistry 128 HIIBSSS5 AM; Club Gene Weaver, Tom Shope, Key Dismukes, Adviser Mr. Pigg, Al Whittle, Danny Walker, Hebert Brown. first Row: Peggy Miller, Tony King, Adviser Mr. Yager, Key Dismukes. Second Row.- James Thomas, Jimmy Peryam, Forrest Bowden, Danny Walker, Al Whittle, Jimmy Clement, Tim Naff. Third Row: George Fletcher, Jack Woodard, Tom Shope, Jerry Seablot, Marilyn Patrick, Mike Finleyson, Sam Brantley, Marty Heller, Bill Prince. Physics Club 129 P.S. eiub Larry Doss, Buzz Healy, Jack Moore, Jerry Ginn, Dean Anderson. Coach Matherly, Rip Roper, Phil Latimer, Joey Hollis, Bill Dollar, John Shope. Jimmy Ginn, Joe Hillman, Doug Palmer, Leon Ricketson, Phil Latimer, Roy Williams, Coach Otee, Dean Anderson, Karl Weinmeister, Demis Buford, Kenneth Bangs. Cetter man ' s Club 130 Monte Economics Club Seated: Carol Westbrooks, Margaret Wight, Miss Gross, Portia Hargrove, Alice Parrot. Standing: Connie Cawley, Ann Davenport, Phylis Foreman, Glenda Harding, Elna Crawley, Alva Haynes, June Griffin, Sandra Schwamlin, Jackie Lowe. Left to right: Charlotte Parks, Marie Owen, Joan Phipps, Joan Hawkins, Deborah Leach. Marilyn Patrick, Lenell Dean, Jane Evans, Bonnie Kelly, Polly Weldon, y.wj. 131 n.s.u. First Row: Donald Denney, Donnie Develin, Mr. Wortham, Nelson Sevier, Rocky Harden. Second Row: Clinton Miller, Joan Philps, Diane DeLong, Marilyn Patrick, Julia Faulkner. Third Row. Jimmy Swanner, Judy Stevens, Lucretia Walls, Vickie Cornelison, Fran Jackson, Sam Brantley. Fourth Row. Jack Mundy, Clinton Miller, Joan Philps, Diane DeLong, Marilyn Patrick, Julia Faulkner. Third Row: Jimmy Swanner, Judy Stevens, Lucretia Walls, Vickie Cornelison, Fran Jackson, Sam Brantley. Fourth Row: Jack Mundy, Lenelle Dean, Alice Faulkner, Carolyn Collier, fifth Row. Emily DeLong, Patricia Jowers, Babs Greggory, Liz Walters, Freddie Miller. Sixth Row: Linda Curtis, Joan Hawkins, Susan DeLoach, Gregg McGreggor. Seventh Row: M. T. Clements, Jack Woodard, Bill Prince. First Row: Irene Diakonski, Father Ruff, Jack Schnedey, Deborah Leach. Second Row; Betty Ann Putnam, John O ' Hara, Karol Kelly. Third Row. Charles Armento, John T. Lawrence. Newman dub 132 Wesley foundation First Row: Ann Biskey, George Martin, Annette Col lis, Bruce Duncan. Second Row: Johnny Johnston, Jimmy Roper, Wayne Bible, Susan Southard. Third Row: Johnny Griscom, Louise Tigner, Quilliam Baldwin, Tommy Sisk. Fourth Row: Frank Morgan, Stewart Garison, Bill Payne, Joe Ferguson. First Row: Patricia Simpson, Douglas Clegg, Rev. Mr. Sykes, Johnny Willis, Miriam Shindelbower. Second Row: Jean Matthews, Sandy Brown. Third Row: Van Noyhous, Doug Pyron, John Greene, Bill Brown, Ford G ' Segnor. Westminster fellowship 133 $udo Club First Row. Horace Black, Vicki Cornelison, Kel Keller, Clayton Peacock. Second Row; Beverly Cochran, Larry Young, Smith Cutter, Al Whittle, Chuck Bishop, Brenda Branamon. Third Row. Emily DeLong, Bonnie Kelly, Walt Bussy, Jim Swanner, Jimmy Clements, Paula Jordan, Vikki Parrish. Gynn Floyd, Al Whittle, Gaissert, Benefield Zhe Casuals 134 Student Christian Union Council Seated: Ann Biskey, Annette Col I is, Diane DeLong. Standing: Vic Brown, John Shock ley, Wayne Bible, Jimmy Roper, Bob Cates, Bill Starnes, Guilliam Baldwin. Student Christian Union S. Southard, L. Tigner, G. McClure, M. Talley, M. Johnson, T. DuPree, A. Haynes, D. DeLong, E. DeLong, A. Biskey, A. Collis, M. Miles, C. Hearn, S. Hargrove. Second Row: C. Bell, Coskey, B. VanNoyhous, B. Cates, J. Roper, B. Starnes, N. Sevier, W. Bible, C. Miller. Third Row: V. Brown, E. Buckner, J. Shockley, S. Cutter, Q. Baldwin, Blakeney, D. Walker, G. MartirT, R. Rollison, Mr. Simpson. fiTltll ' WiWl 135 flu Q annua Scholastic Monetary Elizabeth Little Martha V. Talley Marsha McClure Dr. Dorothy Brown Barbara A.Miller Judith A. Parker Not pictured: Jerrie Ledbetter Gober I told you not to play with my brass motor. Snapshots I sing folk songs — what can you do? Ssh . . . here she comes again. 21 % fewer cavities with Comet 136 Another busy day in the N.G.C. library " Mary had a little lamb " It looks better from this side, doesn ' t it? 137 o o o 138 Sports 139 Zennis Zeant Coach Bickley, Anderson, Floyd, Felker 1964 First Row: Thompson, Lawrence, Almand, Harris. Second Row: Anderson, Ridgeway, Floyd, Felker, Coach Bickley. 1 40 front Row. Parrish, Ricketson, Moncrief, Branch, Creel. Back Row. Coach Otte, Harris, Campbell, Strickland, Latimer, Jiles. e. 1964 Schedule Coach Otte Erskine College Lagrange College Berry College Mercer U. Guilford Col. IfQ St. Andrews W. Carolina Appalachian Lagrange Col. Berry Col. Mercer U. W. Carolina Erskine Col. 01 ... w .Mi n a s e b a I I Z c a Capt. Montcrief, Co-Capt., Branch and Ricketson 141 U-V) ,---- M ? Parrish Ricketson Montcrief ■-- " -- -•- J -.. r Z VSf- _ » ■ jjeCi ■i- l £ c x K aS Branch r New Tryouts ip t [ £ Caii J Ti i J - -fr. !|_ B - • ki M- r T - M M- " ,jji 13 1 i " " 5 i , H H i Creel- 1 Harris Campbell ... .- ' ' i ,■ :-■ ' - » ' f= Strickland- 7 Latimer i I • . . . 142 Culbreth II ■- If II 1 4j m r % t ' - " : - ' •-.-.-,- Wi Mm L ' r » Buford Callahan Johnston Graduating Lettermen Jimmy Jiles, Monty Montcrief Manager— Rusty Hightower I Turgeson Kelley Pitchers— Kneeling: Harris, Coach Otte, Camp- bell. Standing: Creel, Strickland. Doss 143 Capt., Nancy Smith Women ' s Kifle Zeani 1964 Top Five: L. Evans, B. Miller, N. Smith, P. Miller, S. Aderhold. Front. N. Smith, B. Miller. Second Row.- M. Johnson, P. Miller, L Cash. Back: Capt. Almand, L. Evans, Jones, S. Aderhold, Sgt. Williams. I44 Capt— Karl Weinmeister Mens Kifle Zeani 1964 Top Five: K. Weinmaster, Palmer, Bangs. Not Pictured: J. Hillman. Front: Weinmaster, Jones, Bemis. Second Row: Almand, Palmer, Hillman, Irwin, Leaphart, Williams. Third Row: Bangs, Jones, O ' Hara, Sanders. S45 o o o 146 « I faculty 147 148 WILL D. YOUNG Dean ' JAIf ALICE DONOVAN Dean of Women CAPTAIN ORVIL R. HAUSE Commandant of Cadets 149 J. C. Kidd faculty R. H. BELCHER, Chemistry; A. S. BICKLEY, Physical Education; W. D. BOOTH, English; M. P. BOUFFARD, Education; D. BROWN, English. K. BRYANT, Business Administration,- AA. A. CALLAHAAA, Biology; W. J. CAR- PENTER, Mathematics; R. C. COOLEY, Social Science,- J. AA. DAAAON, Modern Languages. R. H. Belcher A. S. Bickley W. D. Booth M. P. Bouffard D. Brown K. Bryant M. A. Callaham W. J. Carpenter R. C. Cooley J. M. Damon 150 S. Dn L. B. Freeman G. H. Engerrand W. H. Essary T. A. Gibson P. Gross J. Fowler B. Freeman S. M. Harris J. Holladay S. DREW, Social Science,- G. H. ENGERRAND, Modern Languages; W. H. ESSARY, English; J. FOWLER, Physical Education,- B. FREEMAN, Home Economics. L. B. FREEMAN, Business Administration; T. A. GIBSON, Physics; P. GROSS, Home Economics; S. M. HARRIS, Head Librarian; J. HOLLADAY, English. E. G. Pigg M. Hood J. C. Kidd G. V. Lail M. HOOD, Assistant Librarian; J. C. KIDD, Social Science,- G. V. LAIL, English. O. LANIER, Social Science,- C. V. LEFFINGWELL, Mathematics; J. I. MALOY, Business Administration; U. G. MATHERLY, Physical Education,- H. G. MOORE, Mathematics. R. M. NEGLEY, Mathematics,- N. OAKES, Business Administration,- J. OATES, Assistant Librarian,- J. A. OTTE, Physical Education,- E. G. PIGG, Physics. J. C. Simn R. M. Negley N. Oakes J. Oates J. A. Otte E. G. Pig 152 F. Ragan W. P. Roberts B. W. Sanders N. G. Simmons J. T. Simpson O. Southard C. E. Stevenson R. L. Townsend J. L. Williams W. P. ROBERTS, Social Science,- B. W. SANDERS, Biology; N. G. SIMMONS, Psychology; J. T. SIMPSON, English. O. SOUTHARD, Education; C. E. STEVENSON, Psychology; R. L. TOWNSEND, Business Administration; R. P. TROGDEN, Biology; J. L. WILLIAMS, Mathematics. Not Pictured: R. O. ATKINSON, Mathematics J. C. SIMMS, Chemistry F. M. SMITH, History C. M. YAGER, Physics R. H. Belcher Staff and Mwinistration L. ANDERSON, Cashier; AA. BRYAN, Bookkeeper; E. DAVID, Sec. to President; F. DOLLAR, Sec. to Registrar; H. H. GILBERT, Comptroller. P. GRANT, Sec. Registrar ' s Off.; J. B. JONES, Asst. Manager of Student Canteen,- E. R. OAKES, Asst. Registrar; J. W. PHILLIPS, Asst. Comptroller,- R. RAGAN, Manager of Student Canteen; F. RAGAN, Audio-Visual Asst. L. Anderson AA. Bryan E. David F. Dollar H. H. Gilbert P. Grant J. B. Jones E. R. Oakes J. W. Phillips R. Ragan 154 K. Robinson H. B. Tyree M. Sanders E. L. Stephens V. Stowers J. B. Trammell mm B. Wall A. Watson J. G. Woodard, M. D. K. ROBINSON, Sec. to Comptroller; M. SANDERS, Nurse; E. L. STEPHENS, Account- ant; V. STOWERS, Sec. to Commandant; J. B. TRAMMELL, Director of Public Relations. H. B. TYREE, Asst. Dietitian; B. WALL, Sec. to Asst. Comptroller; A. WATSON, Dietitian; J. G. WOODARD, Medical Officer,- S. WRIGHT, Nurse. S. Wright Not Pictured: R. A. GRIFFIN, Plant Operations Yvonne Patton, Ola Palmer, Gordan Hallmam, Lula Dale 155 o o 156 157 Senior Class 1964 President Bob Scruggs Secretary Nancy Smith Treasurer John Griscom 1 58 MILO M. ABERCROAABIE Gainesville, Georgia B.S. in Chemistry ALICIA A. ADAMS Dahlonega, Georgia B.S. in Elementary Education ALICE A. ADAMS Dahlonega, Georgia A.B. in English Glee Club; Wesley Foundation; Girls ' Rifle Team. GORDON LEE ALEXANDER, JR. Augusta, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration Cadet Captain; Scabbard and Blade; Rex Fraternity, 1st Vice-President 63-64; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; B. A. Club; D.M.S.; Student Council Committee; Sigma Omega Sigma; Dean ' s List. KENNETH ALLGOOD Atlanta, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Theta; Intramural Sports. DEAR R. ANDERSON Marietta, Georgia B.S. in Physical Education Major; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Letterman ' s Club; B.S.U.; D.M.S.; Rex Fraternity; Honors List. ASBURY QUILLIAN BALDWIN, JR. Madison, Georgia B.S. in Physical Education Wesley Foundation, President 62-63, President 63-64; N.C.O. Club; Rex Fraternity; Bugler Staff; Who ' s Who. Alicia Adams Gordon Alexander Dean Anderson AAilo Abercrombie Alice Adams Kenneth Allgood Quillian Baldwin 159 Evelyn A. Berry Harry H. Blalock Franklin E. Barton II Phillip Dorsey Benefield Ann M. Biskey 160 WILLIAM L. BANKS, JR. Albany, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration Captain; Intramural Sports; Scabbard and Blade; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; B.A. Club; Summer Camp. FRANKLIN E. BARTON II Brunswick, Georgia B.S. in Chemistry Chemistry Club, Vice-President 63-64; Affiliate Am. Chemistry Society President 63-64; Officers ' Club. JAMES S. BELL Edison, Georgia A.B. in History Second Lieutenant; Blue Ridge Rifles; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Sigma Theta. PHILLIP DORSEY BENEFIELD LaGrange, Georgia A.B. in History Captain; Scabbard and Blade; Order of Columbo; Outstanding Squad Leader; Sigma Theta; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; Intramural Sports; Summer Camp. EVELYN A. BERRY Dahlonega, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration Dramatics Club, B.A. Club. ANN M. BISKEY Dahlonega, Georgia A.B. in English Wesley Foundation; Secretary 63-64; Glee Club; Dra- matics Club; S.C.U., Vice-President 63-64; Dean ' s List; Honors List; Who ' s Who. HARRY H. BLALOCK Waycross, Georgia A.B. in History Rex Fraternity; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Dean ' s List. MARY JANE BLANCHARD Waynesboro, Georgia B.S. in Biology Hippolytans— Co-Capt. 62; Alfa Co. Sweetheart; Biol- ogy Club; Y.W.A.; B.S.U.; Letter-man ' s Club. JOHN R. BLANKS, JR. Macon, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration Cyclops, Editor 61-62; B.A. Club; Judo Club; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; Chemistry Club; Blue Ridge Rifles SAMUEL JACKSON BRANTLEY Atlanta, Georgia B.S. in Mathematics Second Lieutenant; Rex Fraternity, 2nd Vice-President ' 63- ' 64; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; Physics Club; Sigma Omega Sigma; Dean ' s List; Student Council, Alternate. VICTOR ARNOLD BROWN Fort Benning, Georgia A.B. in History Cadet Colonel; D.M.S.; Who ' s Who; Phi Alpha Theta, Scabbard and Blade; American History Award; Super- ior Cadet Ribbon; Varsity Rifle Team, Co-Captain ' 62- ' 63; Blue Ridge Rifles; Honors List Meaders Award; Sigma Theta Fraternity. CHARLES GORDON BURDEN Macon, Georgia B.S. in Biology N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Sports Program Award; Allstar GIAC Track Team ' 62- ' 63. JODIE LEE BURTON Marietta, Georgia B.S. in Education B.s.u. JOHN M. BURKETT, JR. Macon, Georgia B.S. in Biology Johnny M. Burkett, Jr. 161 Doris A. Butler Mary E. Cash Dorothy C. Collier Edward R. Canady Robert M. Cates 162 DORIS A. BUTLER Dahlonega, Georgia B.S. in Elementary Education S.N.E.A. MILTON LEE CALDWELL Atlanta, Georgia A.B. in Psychology First Lieutenant; Intramural Sports; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Public Speaking Award 62; Dramatics Club, President 61-64; S.C.U.; Scabbard and Blade. SUZANNE ELIZABETH CAMERON Dahlonega, Georgia B.S. in Elementary Education S.N.E.A.; Newman Club; N.C.O. Club Sweetheart; Foxtrot Company Sweetheart; Mercureans; Student Council Alternate 63-64. EDWARD REEVES CANADY Brunswick, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration First Lieutenant; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; B.A. Club; Frex Fraternity; B.S.U.; S.C.U.; Outstanding Squad Leader Award; Honors List. MARY E. CASH Homer, Georgia A.B. in History B.S.U., Mercurean; Women ' s Rifle Team. ROBERT MITCHELL Macon, Georgia B.S. in Biology CATES First Lieutenant; B.S.U., President 63-64, State Execu- tive Council 63-64, Social Chairman 62-63; Who ' s Who; Honors ' List; S.C.U.; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Biology Club. DOROTHY CAROLINE COLLIER Monroe, Georgia B.S. in Mathematics Phi Omicrons; Cadet Bugler Staff; S.C.U.; Wesley Foundation; Honors List; Who ' s Who. REBECCA A. COLLIS McCaysville, Georgia B.S. in Biology Wesley Foundation Secretary 62-63; S.C.U. Secre tary 62-63; Biology Club; Phi Alpha Theta; Hippolytan. LAWRENCE F. COUSINS Greenville, Georgia B.S. in Physical Education Captain; Scabbard and Blade; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; Rex Fraternity, Treasurer, 63-64; Physical Educa- tion Club; D.M.S.; Honors List; Expert Rifleman, Summer Camp. MELVIN P. CRISSEY Camilla, Georgia B.S. in Biology Order of Columbo; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Intramural Sports. RICHARD M. DENNARD Conyers, Georgia B.S. in Biology DONALD L. DENNEY Franklin, Georgia B.S. in Biology Second Lieutenant; Biology Club; Chemistry Club; Radio Club; S.C.U. ; B.S.U.; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club. ROBERT KEY DISMUKES Dahlonega, Georgia B. S. in Physics Second Lieutenant; Radio Club, President 63-64; Vice-President 62-63; Secretary 61-62; Physics Club, Vice-President 63-64; Honors List; Dean ' s List; Dra- matics Club; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club. WILLIAM M. DOLLAR Ashburn, Georgia B.S. in Physical Education Lieutenant Colonel; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Wesley Foundation; Sigma Theta; Order of Columbo; D.M.S. Lawrence F. Cousins d J lSJ9 Richard M. Dennard Donald L. Denney Robert K. Dismukes William M. Dollar 163 Mary Ann Edmonds William Ethington Carrol W. Downey Van Elliott, Jr. JOHN E. DOUGLAS Atlanta, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration First Lieutenant; Glee Club; N.C.O.; Drill Tean Officers ' Club; B.A. Club; Dean ' s List. CARROL W. DOWNEY Tallapoosa, Georgia B.S. in Chemistry Biology Club; Chemistry Club; Rex Fraternity; Sec- ond Lieutenant. ROBERT BRUCE DUNCAN Marietta, Georgia B.S. in Biology Outstanding Squad Leader; Scabbard and Blade; Officers ' Club Vice-President 63-64; Wesley Founda- tion President 61-62; Treasurer 63-64; Chemistry Club; Annual Staff Assistant Editor 62-63; Second Lieu- tenant. DIANA DYSON Washington, Georgia B.S. in Secretarial Science Phi Omicrons; Glee Club; Honors List; S.C.U. 164 MARY ANN EDMONDS Toccoa, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration B.A. Club Treasurer 61-62; Cadet Bugler Business Manager 62-63; Hippolytans; B.S.U.; Honors List; Dean ' s List; S.C.U. VAN BOWLING ELLIOTT, JR. Alpharetta, Georgia B.S. in Biology Minor in Chemistry Sergeant; Phi Alpha Theta; Biology Club; Chemistry Club; Honors List; N.C.O. WILLIAM E. ETHINGTON Darien, Georgia B.S. in Chemistry Captain; N.C.O. ; Officers ' Club; Biology Club; Chemistry Club; D.M.S. Who ' s Who. DAVID DANIEL FAY Atlanta, Georgia A.B. in History Captain; N.C.O. Club; Scabbard and Blade. DONALD MERRICK FELKER Dalton, Georgia B.S. in Biology Second Lieutenant; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Tennis Team; S.C.U.; Letterman ' s Club; Biology Club; Chemistry Club; Rex Fraternity. JEANNINE LOUISE FISHER Atlanta, Georgia B.S. in Elementary Education S.C.U.; S.N.E.A.; Nu Gamma; Phi Alpha Theta; Mercureans; Honors List. JAMES P. FLOWERS Dawson, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration Captain; Sigma Theta Fraternity Secretary and Treas- urer 62-63; President 63-64; N.C.O. Vice-President 62-63; Officers ' Club; Scabbard and Blade; Out- standing Military Proficiency Award 63-64; Who ' s Who. GWYNNE DOUGLAS FLYOD Dalton, Georgia B.S. in Biology First Lieutenant; Rex; D.M.S.; N.C.O.; Officers ' Club; " General ' s " Orchestra; Dean ' s List; The Casuals; Tennis Team. GAIL FRIDDELL Thomaston, Georgia B.S. in Education BETTY ANN GARRETT Dahlonega, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration Trahlytans Jeannine I. Fisher James P. Flowers Gail Friddell Betty Ann Garrett 165 Willie Drew Gee, Jr. Paul T. Gerard, Jr. .!•» ° Theresa Green John H. Griscom, Jr. Portia Hargrove 166 WILLIE DREW GEE, JR. Cairo, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Tr ta; N.C.O. Club; B. A. Club; Officers ' Club. PAUL T. GERARD, JR. Dahlonega, Georgia A.B. in History Scabbard and Blade; Officers ' Club, Treasurer 63-64; N.C.O. Club; Rex Fraternity; Outstanding Squad Leader; Sharpshooter, Summer Camp. JERRY W. GINN Sassu, Georgia B.S. in Physical Education Cadet Major; Student Council, President 63-64; Physical Education Club, Secretary-Treasurer 63-64; Scabbard and Blade; Rex Fraternity; Order of Columbo. CARROLL S. GLENN Pelham, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration Major; B.A. Club, Treasurer, 63-64; D.M.S.; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who; N.C.O.; Officers ' Club. THERESA GREEN Cumming, Georgia B.S. in Elementary Education S.N.E.A.; Hippolytans; Honors ' List. JOHN HOLLINGSWORTH GRISCOM, JR. Warner Robins, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration Second Lieutenant; Senior Class Treasurer; Dean ' s List; Honors List; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; B.A. Club; S.C.U.; Wesley Foundation. RAE PORTIA HARGROVE Eastman, Georgia B.S. in Home Economics Glee Club; Home Economics Club, Secretary 63-64; Officers ' Club Sweetheart; Dean ' s List; Mercureans. BETTY ANNE HARRIS Lavonia, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration Phi Omicrons. BARBARA HAYES Smyrna, Georgia B.S. in Elementary Education B.S.U.; Phi Omicron; Cyclops Staff; S.C.U.; S.N.E.A. MAURICE WOODS HEALY Augusta, Maine B.S. in Physical Education First Lieutenant; Physical Education Club; Sigma Theta, Treasurer 62-63; Vice-President 63-64; Order of Columbo, President 63-64; Officers ' Club; Scabbard and Blade; Summer Camp. NICKY HELDRETH East Point, Georgia A.B. in History Second Lieutenant; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Sigma Theta; Dean ' s List; Honors List. JOHN W. HILL Gainesville, Georgia B.S. in Chemistry Chemistry Club; Biology Club; Dean ' s List; Intramural Sports; S.C.U.; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club. THOMAS LARRY HOLTON Savannah, Georgia A.B. in History Corporal. PAGE HUTCHERSON HOUSE Macon, Georgia A.B. in History B.S.U.; Phi Alpha Theta. Thomas Holton Betty Anne Harris John W. Hill g IN % f —s J.S,] J V- J Page H. House 167 Doris Ann Hubbard Ellen Johnson Henry C. King, Jr. Berford J. Kirk, Jr. James H. Jiles John C. Johnston William Henry King DORIS ANN HUBBARD Maysville, Georgia B.S. in Elementary Education Westminster Fellowship, Secretary 63-64; S.N.E.A., Publicity 63-64; S.C.U. JAMES H. JILES Kennesaw, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration Lieutenant Colonel; Scabbard and Blade; Who ' s Who; D.M.S.; S.C.U.; N.C.O.; Intramural Sports; Officers ' Club; Wesley Foundation; B.A. Club. ELLEN JOHNSON Warner Robins, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration Hippolytans; B.S. Club; Student Council Senior Rep- resentative 63-64; Delta Company Sweetheart; Senior Beauty; Dean ' s List. JOHN CARROLL JOHNSTON Macon, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration First Lieutenant; Rex Fraternity; Glee Club; Dramatics Club; Best Drilled Sophomore; Intramural Sports; B.A. Club. HENRY C. KING, JR. Dahlonega, Georgia B.S. in Physics WILLIAM HENRY KING Decatur, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration Rex Fraternity; Scabbard and Blade; Outstanding Platoon Sgt.; D.M.S.; Intramural Sports; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club. 168 BERFORD J. KIRK, JR. Brunswick, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration Captain; Intramural Sports; Scabbard and Blade; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; Dean ' s List; D.M.S. BETTY LITTLE Lavonia, Georgia B.S. in Mathematics Who ' s Who; Dramatics Club; Honors List,- Phi Omi- crons; Cheerleader; Golf Company Sweetheart; Letter- men ' s Club, Nu Gamma. RITA SHIRONE LONG Macon, Georgia B.S. in Mathematics Trahlytans; Girls Rifle Team; Lettermen ' s Club; Radio Club; Phi Alpha Theta; Dean ' s List; S.N.E.A. CLAUYE C. McCRANIE Ocilla, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration Second Lieutenant; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; B.A. Club; Order of Columbo; B.S.U.; Champion Tennis Team. theo Mcdonald Dublin, Georgia A.B. in History Captain; Scabbard and Blade; Rex Fraternity; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club. LUCILE E. MANN Atlanta, Georgia B.S. in Physical Education Glee Club; B Co. Sweetheart; Trahs; Rec. Club Council— Pres-64-V.-Pres. 63. GEORGE T. MARTIN Hinesville, Georgia A.B. in History Captain; Wesley Foundation, President 63-64; Phi Alpha Theta, President 63-64; Officers ' Club, Sec- retary 63-64; Student Council Senior Representative; Who ' s Who; Dean ' s List. LAURA SUZANNE MAULSBY Cartersville, Georgia A.B. in History Minor in English Phi Omicrons; Westminster Fellowship; Dean ' s List; Dramatics Club; B.S.U. Betty Little Rita Shirone Long Clauye C. McCranie Theo McDonald Lucile E. Mann George T. Martin Laura S. Maulsby 169 Mary Jo Miller Joseph M. Moncrief Frank B. Morgan, Jr. Jerry F. O ' Kelley Marvin E. Mitchiner, Jr. George W. Moore III Robert Neil Odom 170 MARY JO MILLER Lakeland, Georgia B.S. in Biology MARVIN E. MITCHINER, JR. Macon, Georgia B.S. in Chemistry Captain; Scabbard and Blade; Rex Fraternity; American Chemical Society; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; Color Guard; Intramural Sports; Blue Ridge Rifle Team. JOSEPH M. MONCRIEF Floviella, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration GEORGE W. MOORE III Gainesville, Georgia A.B. in Psychology FRANK B. MORGAN, JR. Macon, Georgia B.S. in Mathematics Second Lieutenant; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; Glee Club; Wesley Foundation, Treasurer 61-62,62-63. ROBERT NEIL ODOM Dublin, Georgia A.B. in History JERRY F. O ' KELLEY Maysville, Georgia B.S. in Biology Biology Club. BETTY ROSE PADGET Decatur, Georgia B.S. in Secretarial Science B.A. Club; S.C.U.; Mercureans; Honors List. JUDITH A. PARKER Decatur, Georgia B.S. in Elementary Education Lewis Hall, Vice-President 62-63, President 63-64; Sophomore Class Vice-President 61-62; Echo Company Sweetheart; Nu Gamma; Phi Alpha Theta; Who ' s Who; Honors List; S.N.E.A.; Cheerleader; Wesley Foundation, Vice-President 62-63; S.C.U. SYLVIA L. PECK Gainesville, Georgia B.S. in Biology Biology Club, President 63-64; Hippolytans. LEWIS JACKSON PEEVY Slpharetta, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration First Lieutenant; Sigma Theta; Bugler Staff; Intra- mural Sports; B.A. Club; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Dean ' s List. JOAN GAIL PHIPPS Cornelia, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration RICHARD D. PILCHER Gainesville, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration TOMMY L. PINSON Gainesville, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration Second Lieutenant; Intramural Sports; Dean ' s List; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club. Judith A. Parker Richard D. Pilcher Sulvia L. Peck Joan Gail Pipps Tommy L. Pinson 171 LUCIA ANN RAMEY Clayton, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration Girls ' Rifle Team; Dean ' s List; Dramatics Club; B.A. Club; S.C.U.; B.S.U.; Trahlyans. FRANCES ELIZABETH REID Macon, Georgia A.B. in Modern Language REC Council; Phi Omecrons Co-Captain ' 63- ' 64. RONALD PHILLIP ROPER Cumming, Georgia B.S. in Biology Lieutenant Colonel; Scabbard and Blade; Letterman ' s Club; Who ' s Who; Sophomore Class Secretary ' 61 - ' 62; Biology Club Secretary ' 60- ' 61; Order of Colombo; D.M.S.; N.C.O.; Officers Club; Dean ' s List; Honors List; Rex Fraternity; Intramural Sports; Chemistry Club. PATTY JOAN RUDD Rome, Georgia A.B. in English Glee Club; B.S.U.; Mercurean. RAYMOND H. SAPP Hinesville, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration Sergeant; N.C.O. Club; Sigma Theta Fraternity; Offi- cers ' Club. ROBERT LAWSON SCRUGGS East Point, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration First Lieutenant; Senior Class President ' 63- ' 64; S.C.U.; B.A. Club; Blue Ridge Rifles; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; Student Affiliate American Chemical Society; Westminster Fellowship; Sigma Omega Sigma. NELSON APPLETON SEVIER JR. Savannah, Georgia A.B. in History Glee Club; B.S.U. Choir; Bugler Staff Photographer ' 61 - ' 62; Intramural Sports. THOMAS SHOPE Atlanta, Georgia B.S. in Physics Sergeant. Nelson Sevier Jr. Tom Shope 172 PATRICIA E. SIMPSON College Park, Georgia B.S. in Elementary Education S.C.U.; S.N.E.A.; Westminster Fellowship Program Chairman 63-64. NANCY CAROL SMITH Gainesville, Georgia B.S. in Physical Education Minor General Science Lettermen ' s Club, Secretary 63-64; Dramatics Club; Junior Beauty; Senior Beauty; Rifle Team; Mercureans; Bravo Company Cheerleaders; Senior Class Secre- tary 63-64; Cyclops Staff; Most Outstanding Junior; Physical Education Club; Dean ' s List; Honors List. JOHN C. SPRAGUE, JR. Marietta, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration Captain; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; B.A. Club; Intramural Sports; Sigma Theta. MARVIN E. SPROUSE, JR. Birmingham, Alabama B.S. in Physical Education First Sergeant; Sigma Theta Sergeant-at-Arms 63-64; Newman Club President 63-64; Order of Colombo; Dramatics Club. GEORGE R. SWEARINGEN III Decatur, Georgia A.B. in History Second Lieutenant; Scabbard and Blade; Order of Columbo, Vice-President 63-64; Sigma Theta; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Intramural Sports; Summer Camp. MARTHA V. TALLEY Macon, Georgia B.S. in Biology Nu Gamma. ERLE A. TAYLOR, JR. Moultrie, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration Patricia E. Simpson Nancy Carol Smith John C. Sprague, Jr. Marvin E. Sprouse, Jr. George R. Swearingen III Martha Virginia Talley Erie Allen Taylor, Jr. 173 Robert B. Terry Ross H. Thomas III Edward E. Weaver Jimmy T. West Ann Thayer William J. Towonsend Sammy D. West Lewis E. White ROBERT B. TERRY Powder Springs, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration Captain; Rex; D.M.S. Dean ' s List; B.A. Club; Scabbard and Blade; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club. ANN THAYER Dawsonville, Georgia B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club; Phi Omicrons; Girls ' Rifle Team Manager 59-60; Cyclops Staff; Westminster Fellowship; Phi Alpha Theta Secretary-Treasurer 63-64; Honors List; Lettermen ' s Club; Beauty Court; Brigade Sweetheart; Who ' s Who; Cyclop ' s Queen. ROSS H. THOMAS III Donaldsonville, Georgia B.S. in Biology Major; N.C.O. Club; Biology; Officers ' Club; Sigma Theta Fraternity; Chemistry Club; Dean ' s List; Intra- mural Sports; S.C.U. WILLIAM JOSEPH TOWENSEND Atlanta, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration Second Lieutenant; B.A. Club; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Intramural Sports; Dean ' s List. 174 EDWARD E. WEAVER Perry, Georgia B.S. in Mathematics Color Guard 62; Chemistry Club; Field . Day— Cross Country and Mile Ribbons. SAMMY D. WEST Dahlonega, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration JIMMY THERRELL WEST Dahlonega, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration Second Lieutenant; B.A. Club; Wesley Foundation; Intramural Sports; Officers ' Club; Dean ' s List; S.C.U. LEWIS EDWARD WHITE Dahlonega, Georgia B.S. in Business Administration Second Lieutenant; B. A. Club President 63-64; Dean ' s List; Honors List; B.S.U. MARION C. WICHT, JR. Dahlonega, Georgia B.S. in Chemistry Second Lieutenant; Radio Club; American Chemical Society; Biology Club; Glee Club; Dean ' s List. MITCHELL H. WILLIS Washington, Georgia A.B. in History Captain; Glee Club; N.C.O.; Officers ' Club, Wesley Foundation. JANET ELOISE WILSON Hapeville, Georgia B.S. in Elementary Education N.E.A.; Phi Omicrons; Bugler Staff. PEGGY JOYCE WINGO Atlanta, Georgia B.S. in Elementary Education S.N.E.A., Vice-President 62-63; Foxt ot Company Sweetheart; B.S.U.; Hippolytans. CARL L. WOLARY Cocoa, Florida B.S. in Psychology Second Lieutenant; N.C.O.; Officers ' Club; Rifle Team. WILLIAM JESSE YORK, JR. Lincolnton, Georgia B.S. in Physical Education Second Lieutenant; Rex Fraternity; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Intramural Sports; Physical Education Club. LAWRENCE A. YOUNG Atlanta, Georgia A.B. in Psychology JOSEPH A. ZEIGLER Savannah, Georgia B.S. in Biology Biology Club; B.S.U. Marion C. Wicht, Jr. Janet Eloise Wilson Lawrence A. Young Peggy Joyce Wingo Joseph A. Zeigler 175 ALEXANDER, GERALD ._ Atlanta ALFORD, BILL Waynesboro ALLYN, ANNETTE Atlanta ALMAND, WILLIAM East Point ARMSTRONG, PAUL Albany ASHER, JAMES Decatur juniors JONAN, BARNISH Hoschton BENEFIELD, BETH .._. LaGrange BRADBERRY, EDWIN Roberta BROWN, OUIDA ___. Hartwell BRYAN, BOBBY Thomaston BRYANT, SHARON Cartersville BURNETTE, BARBARA Suches BURGESS, GAIL - Alpharetta BURGESS, LARRY .. Toccoa BURNS, BONNIE _. St. Simons Island CARTER, LINDA Waynesboro CHALPAN, MARIE Atlanta CLEGG, DOUGLAS Albany CLEMENTS, MILES Tifton COLEMAN, PRENTICE .. Forest Park COOPER, ELEANOR Senoia CORNELISON, VICKI College Park COUSINS, ALBERT Greenville COWART, CHARLES _ Macon CREEL, RONALD - East Point CULBRETH, LARRY - East Cordele DAVENPORT, ANNE __ Culberson DeLONG, DIANE Gainesville De TREVILLE, JOHN Augusta DUNAGAN, DENNIS .. .. Atlanta DYE, SANDRA Athens ENGEN, GARRY Fort Ord, Calif. EVANS, HUGH „ Dalton FAULKNER, ALICE . Kingston FAULKNER, JULIA . Kingston FERGUSON, JOE . Dahlonega FERGUSON, WALTER Smyrna FLANAGAN, WILLIAM . Gainesville FOLWELL, MELODY Atlanta FORRESTER, BEN Silver Creek FOSS, RONALD - Marietta FOX, ROY Dalton GAGLIARDY, CATHERINE Atlanta GARDNER, JEAN Doraville GLISSON, THOMAS . Marietta GOOCH, BRENDA . Jefferson GOOCH, LINDA . Jefferson GRANT, CLAYTON Dawsonville 4tk Xc GREEN, MARTHA Albany GREENE, ALBERT Douglasville GREENE, JOHN .__._. Albany GREGORY, BARBARA Bufford GRIDER, JIMMY Dalton GUNNIN, JAMES _.__ Decatur HARDEN, ROCKY Eastman HARDY, JANE Decatur HARGROVE, SUSAN _ Atlanta HAYES, EARL LaGrange HEATH, FRED Casselberry HENDERSON, JEAN dimming HERIN, KIP Macon HINTON, JACKIE . Atlanta HITT, MARRY Toccoa HOLLIS, JOE Dahlonega HOLT, DONALD Warner Robins HOLT, RONALD Warner Robins ' rk 180 X t 2r HOUSE, JERRY Winder HUEY, GORDON Alma HUTCHESON, CAROL Smyrna IAAES, DOUG _ Decatur JAMES, GRANETT ___ _ Cornelia JARRARD, TOMMY Gainesville JOHNSON, JOHN Rome JOHNSON, MILDRED Copperhill JOHNSTON, KAREN Cartersville JONES, BERT Valdosta JONES, JOHN Dahlcnega JORDAN, DIANE KEMP, JERRY Buford LAMSON, DON Avondale Estates LATIMER, PHILLIP Gainesville LOEHR, ROY LOFTIN, GAY - LOWE, SUSAN Lavonia Atlanta Fort Valley McCALLISTER, ALICIA McCLAIN, EDWARD __. McCLURE, MARSHA ... Toccoa Manchester ____ Madison HM " ta McDOWALL, CATHERINE .. . Lawrenceville AAcGREGOR, GREG — Lindale MclNTIRE, KIM _ - — --- Atlanta McKENNEY, ROBERT Atlanta McLENDON, RICHARD .. College Park MARET, BETH _____ Hartwell MARSHALL, BILL . College Park MEDERNACH, VESTA _ College Park MILES, MARVINE . Cleveland MILLER, BARBARA _____ Lakeland MILLER, FREDDIE Hapeville MILLER, LOUIS Atlanta MONGOLD, GEORGE Atlanta MOORE, JACK Chicopee MUNDY, ANDREW Jonesboro MURPHY, THOMAS Savannah NEWMAN, REX Emerson PALMER, DOUGLAS _ College Park PARROTT, ALICE Senoid PARRIS, CAROL Forest Park PARIS, JOEL Blue Ridge PATTERSON, RALAND Blue Ridge PLATT, FRED .. Atlanta POWELL, ROBERT .. .. Villa Rica PRINCE, BOB Tate PRINTUP, ROY Augusta PRYOR, SANDY Atlanta PURCELL, MADGE __„ Atlanta REDWINE, LESLIE Hapeville RHODES, ETTA _...__ Smyrna RICKETSON, LEON Savannah ROBERTS, BRENDA Buford ■ MflBfc ROPER, JAMES Montezuma ROPER, ROBERT . Marietta SANDERS, JAMES . . Dahlonega SCRUGGS, DOROTHY - Clayton SEABOLT, JERRY .. Dahlonega S EWARD, JANE Atlanta SHIER, FRANK Albany SHOPE, JOHN Atlanta SKELTON, RICHARD .... Hamilton AFB, Calif. SLADE, LYNDELL .... College Park SMITH, CHARLES . Western Springs III. SMITH, ELMER Hapeville SMITH, HOMER . Gainesville STARNES, WILLIAM Newnan SPURLIN, DANILE Atlanta STEPHENS, JUDY Decatur STORY, PAUL Waynesboro STOVALL, RILLA College Park THOMPSON, RONALD „ - Little Rock, Ark. WALDEN, JAMES Dahlonega WALKER, PEGGY Rome WALLS, LUCRETIA Cumming tt r % S ' r WARNOCK, RICHARD Cocoa, Fla. WEBB, DANNY Forest Park WEBB, JORENE ._ LaGrange WILLIS, JOHN Atlanta WEINMEISTER, OSCAR Columbus WHIDBY, JERRY Murrayville WILLIAMS, ROY Atlanta WILSON, SAM LaFayette WOODARD, JACK Enterprise, Ala. WRIGHT, GERALD Decatur ACREE, JIMMY Atlanta ANDERSON, JAMES Talbotton ASKEW, ASAAC Warrenton BALLARD, JEANNIE Atlanta BANGS, KENNETH Dawson BARBER, HUGH ._.. Hogansville BEARD, JOHN Moultrie BEARDEN, JOYCE _____ Buckhead Sophomores BENNETT, MICHAEL Fort Monroe, Va BERRY, DOUG _ Atlanta BIGBIE, SAMUEL Albany BLACK, HORACE _ Gainesville BOWEN, NANCY East Point BOWMAN, ROGER Ringgold BRIGGS, BOBBY _ Southern Pines, N.C. BROOKS, WILLIAM Calhoun BROWN, DIANNE Smyrna BROWN, BILL Albany BROWN, EDNA Summerville BROWN, HARRY East Point BROWN, JUDY Cornelia BROWN, LANE Kennesaw BROWN, SANDRA Decatur BROWN, HERBERT Westport, Conn. BROWN, THOMAS Sharon L V BRYANT, LEE __.. BUFORD, DEMIS Cordele Dallas BURGESS, LARRY Toccoa BURRISS, ELLEN Alpharetta BURSEY, ROBERT Leominster, Mass. BUTTERWORTH, JAMES Gainesville CALDWELL, ELEANOR Decatur CAMPBELL, LEE Covington CAPPS, JIMMY Covington CARAWAY, PETE Macon W I7J f % ■ ' ■SW r ■ - r h ; - ■■ . r i CARBO, MARY NELL Forest Park CARROLL, BEVERLY Atlanta CARTER, LARRY Alma CARTER, ROY Alma CARTER, TOMMY Rutledge CATES, KAY Macon CHAMPION, CHARLES Tate CHILDERS, RICHARD Griffin CLAYTON, HOWARD ._... Austell CLEMENT, JAMES Atlanta CLEVELAND, DONALD Camilla COLE, HAROLD Fort Benning COLLEY, RALPH Fort Smith, Ark. CONNER, VAN . Gainesville CRAVENS, JAMES Columbus CRAWLEY, LANE - Atlanta CROSS REESE Dawson CUNNINGHAM, BEN .. East Point DAVIDSON, RAYMOND Albany DEAN, MARGARET Blairsville DENNY, SARAH Franklin DELVIN, DONALD Savannah DOSS, LARRY Gainesville DUKE, HERBERT Covington EDENFIELD, ED _ Savannah EVANS, LAURIE Atlanta EVANS, WILLIAM _____ FAULKNER, RICHARD Lexington ._ Jackson FERGUSON, SUSAN Dahlonega FINK, JERRY Atlanta FINLEYSON, MIKE Stone Mountain FITZGERALD, CAROL Atlanta FLEMING, BILLY Gainesville FLETCHER, GEORGE Rome G ' SEGNER, FORD Marietta GADDY, SHARON Atlanta GAISSART, GEORGE Griffin GARRISON, STUART _.__ McRae GASKINS, JIMMY College Park GLAUSIER, SUSAN Decatur GORDAY, RONNIE Waycross GREER, ANNE _____ Buford GRIFFIN, MIRIAM Lula HARD, DAVID Albany HARDIN, BILL Albany HARDING, GLENDA __ Douglasville HARRELSON, JOE Palmetto HARTIRCK, GEORGE Decatur HELLER, MARTY Newnan HESTER, DIT Cairo HICKS, BILL Lavonia HIGHTOWER, RUSTY Rutledge HILL, BRIDGET Clarkesville HILLMAN, JOSEPH Rome HOWE, ROBERT _.. HOWELL, JAMES . HUNT, RICHARD .. JACKSON, BECKY Dry Branch Atlanta Macon Grovetown JARRARD, ERNEST __ Dahlonega JENKINS, NANCY Winder JERNIGAN, LOIS .._ Decatur JOHNSON. NANCY __ __ Blairsville JONES, JAMES __ JORDAN, PAULA Stone Mountain Coral Gables, Fla. KELLER, LUCION Fort Benning KING, LADD Albany KING, GAIL Decatur KINNAMON, THOMAS Varnell KINNEY, MARIE East Point KITTLE, CAROLYN Riggold LANE, RODDY Pembroke LAWRENCE, JOHN Hapeville ■ LOCKARD, WINSTON Albany LORD, ELIZABETH __. Forsyth LOVE, CLIFFORD Atlanta LOVETT, MAX Cuthbert LUNDY, CHERYL Atlanta McCALL, LELAND Reidsville McDANIEL, RICHARD Avondale Estates McDOWAtL, FRANCIS _. Lawrenceville Flowery Branch Mcknight, james . Atlanta McKINZEY MICHAEL ... McLEOD, LSCAR Thomasville McMONAGLE, WILLIAM Richmond, Va. MALCOM, JOSEPH __ Social Circle MANIS, JACQUELINE Dalton MARTIN, JERRY _____ Hinesville MASON, JOHNNY Macon MATHEWS, HORACE Lexington MELTON, JAMES ______ Macon MILLER, MARGUERITE Augusta MILLER, ROSEMARY Eastman MILLER, SHIRLEY Lula MILLS, LINDA .._. Sandy Springs MIMS, FRANK College Park MITCHELL, CAREY Chatsworth MITCHELL, TRUDY Macon MOONEY, STEVE _ Flowery Branch MOORE, CAROLE Gainesville MOORE, THOMAS Augusta MOTE, THOMAS Dahlonega MURPHY, LARRON Dalton NAFF, WILLIAM Atlanta OGLE, WILLIAM .___ Decatur ORVOLD, TED Mt. Holly, N.J. PALMER, SANDRA Decatur PALMOUR, EVANS Gainesville PARRISH, ROBERT Macon PARRISH, VIKKI Jackson . PATRICK, MARILYN Jackson PEACOCK, CLAYTON __... LaFayette PILCHER, DAVID .. Macon PITTMAN, WILLIAM Decatur PLASTER, NANCY .... Atlanta PRANCE, FRANK Marietta PRESCOTT, RONALD Atlanta PREWETT, NANCY Acworth PYRON, DOUG Atlanta RANDOLPH, LESTER Fort Knox, Ky. REESE, JUSTIN Thomson RENFROE, JOHN Quitman ROACH, DAVID Bowden ROEBUCK, PARTICIA Buford ROLLISON, REMBERT Hilton-Head I., S.C. ROSSER, JAMES Marietta SAILERS, DON Gainesville SANDERS, HARRY Powder Springs SCARBOROUGH, DAN Rome SCHAPER, RUSSEL Atlanta SCHNEIDER, JACK Macon SCHWAMLEIN, SANDRA Forsyth SEVELIUS, ARTHUR Miami, Fla. SEVELIUS, RALPH Miami, Fla. SEYLE, CAROL Savannah SHELDON, NICHOLAS East Point SHEPPARD, GINNY Sandarsville SLAPPEY, LARRY Americus SLOAN, CAROLE Gainesville SMITH, GLORIA Covington SMITH, NANCY College Park SORRELLS, WALTER Perry STWEART, MARVIN ._ Decatur STOVER, DARRYL Suches STOVER, JOHN Washington STOWERS, HOWARD Conyers STROUD, PHYLLIS Waynesboro SUGGS, BOB Thomaston SWEATT, BOB _ Kingsland TANKERSLY, LINDA Gainesville TANNER, SAMMY Marietta TAYLOR, BRENDA Atlanta TAYLOR, RICHARD Thomasville THOMAS, BILL Dublin THOMAS, JAMES Greensboro THOMPSON, JOHN Marietta TINLEY, HENRY Waynesboro TOMPKINS, DON .. Jefferson TOOLE, SAM Colquitt TRIPP, DAVID New York, N.Y TRUELOVE, JAMES Gainesville TURNER, KENNETH Fayetteville VAUGHN, CHARLES Griffin VOSKETTER, VICKI _. _... Atlanta WAGES, BILL Winder WALL, ANDREW Sasser WARE, WOODROW Soperton WEINRICH, ARTHUR West Palm Beach, Fla. WELCH, RONNY Dry Branch WEST, NEWMAN Flowery Branch WESTBROOKS, CAROLE Tucker WESTMORELAND, ANN Clermont WHEELER, BARBARA Jasper WHEELES, DOUG ____ Griffin WHITE, MARTHA Gainesville WIGHT, MARGARET WILSON, THOMAS Cairo Alpharetta WOODWARD, BARRIE Stockbridge WORSHAM, WALTER Macon WRAY, CARL Douglasville WRIGHT, ARTHUR Cumming WRIGHT, JOHONNY Atlanta WRYE, BETH Macon YORK, WOOTEN Lincolnton BRYAN, FLORENCE Thomaston I 2F ta - m « i 1- ABERNATHY, JOHN Forsyth ADERHOLD, SHARI . Atlanta AKIN, BILL Griffin ALDAY, JAMES Decatur ALEXANDER, MARY BETH Douglasville ALLEGOOD, RAYBURN Moultrie ALLEN, GEORGE Gainesville ANDERBERG, THOMAS __ Atlanta ANDERSON, MARY Social Circle ANDERSON, THOMAS ... McRae ANDREWS, FRED Jacksonville, Fla. ARMENTO, CHARLES Fort Bragg, N.C. freshmen ARNOLD, BILL Albany ARNOLD, LOUIS Smithville ARP, BENNY Epworth AYERS, RANDOLPH AYLIFFE, ALICE BABB, WILLIAM _ BAILEY, RONNIE Cedartown Avondale Estates Rome Carrollton BAILEY, SUSAN McCaysville BAKER, DEWITT Bedford BALLARD, JACK _ Rome BARGE, CHARLES Mableton BARRENTON, DEE __ Albany BARTON, LOUIS Adairsville BAUGH, CHARLES Chatsworth BEASLEY, JUDY Winder BELL, CARL Fort Bragg, N.C. BELLVILLE, HEATHER Decatur BELOTE, WILLIAM Dublin BEAAIS, EARLE Marietta BENNETT, GEORGE Washington BENNETT, NOLAN _ Jesup BESWICK, PAUL Atlanta BETTS, JUDY Lindale BIBLE, WAYNE Augusta BISHOP, CHARLES ____ Marietta BISHOP, CLYDE Decatur BISHOP, JEFF Albany BLAKENEY, DEAN Miami, Fla. BOJE, JOHN Winter Park, Fla. BOOTH, JANE ._ Madison BOWDOIN, KAREN Atlanta BRAMBLETT, LARRY Cumming BRANAMAN, BRENDA . Fairburn BRAST, KEN Atlanta BREWER, DELONE Hazelhurst BRINKS, DANIEL LaGrange BRINSON, JAMES Millen BRINSON, STEPHEN Warner Robins BROOKS, RENEE ._.. Fairburn BROWN, JESSE _ ___ Macon BRYANT, CHARLES Lithonia BRYANT, WANDA Fairmount BUCHANAN, RUTH Trenton BUCKNER, EDWARD . BULLOCK, BOBBY BURGESS, GAIL CALHOUN, CAROLYN Kinsington _ ___ Dallas Alpharetta Dahlonega CAMBELL, BILL Griffin CARTER, HARRY Alma CAUSIER, JAMES W. Palm Beach, Fla. CRAWLEY, CONNIE Talking Rock CHAMPION, BOBBY __ Atlanta CHESHIRE, STEPHEN Thomasville CHILTON, ROBERT Atlanta CHRISTIAN, GLENDA Dahlonega CLARK, JUDY Rome CLARKE, ALLEN Savannah CLOSE, DIXIE Decatur CLOTFELTER, MIKE Marietta 1 y " « COCHRAN, BEVERLY Canon COCHRAN, JACQUELYN Gainesville CONNER, BARRY Gainesville COOK, TOMMY Pearson COUCH, BRENDA Dawsonville CRAWFORD, LARRY Fairburn CRAWLEY, ELENA Smyrna CRITTENDEN, JAMES Portsmouth, Va. CURTIS, LINDA Cumming CUTTER, BILL Macon DANFORTH, ROBERT Ft. Stewart DANIEL, BETTY Cumming DARDEN, JOHNNY Mitchell DAVIS, GARY Toccoa DAVIS, JAMES Decatur DAVIS, ROBERT _.__ Brunswick DAVIS, WILLIAM .... Acworth DEAN, RICHARD Martin DELOACH, SUSIE Eatonton DeLONG, EMILY Gainesville DEYO, JANICE McRae DIAKONSKI, IRENE Marietta DODSON, RALPH Decatur DREW, TROY Atwater, California DUCK, SANDRA Braselton DUNN, WILLIAM Crandall EARLY, BRENDA Dahlonega EASON, CAROLINE - Milan ELMORE, DAVID Savannah EVANS, JANE Lithonia EVERETT, WILLIAM Metter FLEMMING, BILL Albany FLOWERS, CONRAD Avondale Estates FLOYD, EUGENE Hinesville FOLEY, JOHN _ East Point FORBUS, JIMMY Manchester FOREMAN, PHYLLIS Lithia Springs FOSTER, RALPH Gainesville FOWLER, CHERYLE Smyrna GILBERT, PEGGY College Park FOX, BONNIE . Augusta FREE, LARRY Clarkesville FREEMAN, JOHNNY . LaGrange FREEMAN, LAURA . Dahlonega GAINES, SAMUEL Marietta GARMON, MARTHA Dahlonega GARNER, GARY ___. Savannah GARNER, THOMAS Dublin GARRETT, MYRON Winder GIBSON, CHARLES Fairmount GILLELAND, DWIGHT Dawsonville GLOVER, MARTHA Ellijay GOINS, JAMES Macon GRAY, MICHAEL .. Chamblee GREEN, GEORGE . Sparta GREEN, RICHARD . Hapeville GRIGGS, JIMMY . Washington GRIMES, LARRY Monroe GRIMSLEY, SUZANNE Atlanta GRUBBS, JIMMY Griffin HALEY, HENRY Dalton HALLOWES, WILLIAM Conely HARBISON, MARVIN . Savannah HARDY, EARL ._ East Point HARKINS, BETTY Suches HARRIS, WAYNE - College Park HARVILL, DANIEL . Oglethorpe HAYNES, ALVA Clermont HAWKINS, GARY Tennga HAWKINS, JOAN Lithonia HEAAMER, JOHN Smyrna HENRY, HERBERT Jacksonville, Fla. HIGGS, JAMES . Atlanta HOFFER, MICHAEL Marietta HOKE, GUY Decatur HOLLIFIELD, JAMES Gainesville HOOPAUGH, JOHN Maysville HOSTETTER, WILLIAM . . Winder HUCHINGSON, FRANK Atlanta HUGHES, JOEL Atlanta r», Vtt -- " ' »X« v. v i, r Di V i if m -. 5 t ■ft IRWIN, BAYAR Warner Robins JACKSON, FRAN . Gainesville JANIS, STANLEY Camilla JARRARD, BETTY . Dahlonega JENNINGS, CLAYTON Trion JILES, BUTCH Kennesaw JINKS, TERRY Griffin JOHNSON, BEN Albany JOHNSON, EDWARD Lynchburg, Va. JOHNSON, JAMES Jesup JOHNSON, RAY ANN Macon JOHNSON, SYLVIA Acworth JOHNSTON, RICHARD Woolstock JOSLYN, DANNY Forsyth KELLEY, BONNIE .... Colquitt KELLY, KAROL __. Toccoa I o V h " £5 KELLEY, RONNIE ._ Rochelle KILPATRICK, JAMES Doraville KING, LEONARD . Decatur KIRBO, WILLIAM __ Camilla KIRKLAND, LYNN Thomasville KOGER, RICHARD Jacksonville, Fla. KOHLENBERGER, HARRY Atlanta KRAMER, GERON Woodside, N.Y. LAMBERT, CHERYL Cumming LANGFORD, WALTER Norcross LAWHORN, DAVID Fort Valley LEACH, JIMMIE Atlanta LEAPHART, EDWARD Gainesville LEE, JAMES . __._ Miami, Fla. LeMASTER, HOYT Toccoa LINDLEY, LULU Powder Springs lM McCLURE, GLORIA Acworth McCUMBER, ALAN Decatur McDANIEL, PRESTON . Atlanta McFARLIN, WOODSON Carnesville McGEE, JAMES - Lincolnton McKENNEY, ROBERT Albany McLAUGHLIN, TOM . La Grange McPHAIL, JAMES Warm Springs McPHERSON, ROGER Decatur MADDEN, ANITA . Raymond MANNING, MICHAEL . ..... Brunswick MARSHALL, GAIL Macon MARSHALL, JACK St. Simons Island MARTIN, JAMES .. Savannah MARTIN, JANICE Flowery Branch MARTIN, JOE Dunwoody MARTIN, ROY Dahlonega MATTHEWS, JEAN Atlanta MATTHEWS, LARRY Alpharetta MAYSON, JOHNNY . Brunswick MENZEL, MICHEAL Columbus MERCIER, WILLIAM Blue Ridge MICHAEL, ROBERT . Alexandria, Va. MIDDLEBROOKS, NANCY Macon MILAM, CLIFFORD East Point MILLER, BEN Griffin MILLER, DANNY Atlanta MILLER, LEE Pavo MILLIKAN, GINGER . Savannah MILLS, LEON Smyrna MIZE, WILMA Marietta MOBLEY, SANDRA Girard MORRIS, WILLIAM Atlanta MORTON, EDWARD Blakely MURPHY, DANNY Atlantic Beach, Fla. NEWHAM, JON Brunswick NIX, NANCY . Gainesville OGLE, RAY Cohutla O ' HARA, RICHARD Marietta O ' NEAL, JAMIE College Park O ' NEAL, GEORGE Atlanta OUTLAW, BILLY Nashville OWEN, MARIE Lithonia PACE, JUDY Decatur PAGE, LEWIS Atlanta PARKER, CHARLES Savannah PARKS, CHARLOTTE Ellijay PARKS, LYNN Stone Mountain PATTON, EDWARD Stone Mountain PAYNE, TYLER Rome PECK, MICHAEL Lyons PERKERSON, EDGAR Doraville PERKINS, THOMAS Jonesboro PHILLIPS, ROBERT Atlanta PINSON, MARTHA Chicopee PITTMAN, ELLEN Smyrna PLOWDEN, WILLIAM Atlanta PORTER, JERRY Augusta POSEY, JESSE Stone Mountain PUTNAM, BETTY ANN Atlanta RAPP, JOHN Warner Robins RAY, GEORGE Norwood REARDEN, RICHARD . Columbus REED, JEAN Bufford REED, PAUL Marietta REEVES, WILLIAM Soperton REID, ERNEST Atlanta RENNER, MEHL Fort Worth, Texas RIDINOUR, MARGARET Decatur RIDGWAY, ROBERT Madison RIGDON, ROBBY Thomasville RIGSBY, JUDSON Sole City RITCHKIN, ALAN Vidalia RIVERS, BILL Atlanta ROBERTS, LINDA Marietta ROCKETT, STAN Vidalia ROQUEMORE, WILLIAM Forsyth ROSS, PAUL Atlanta ROSS, WILLIAM Fort Myers, Fla. SAMPSON, JAMES Marietta SANDLOW, JACK Decatur SANDS, JUDY . Toccoa SHATTUCK, SANDV LaFayette SEABOLT, BRENDA McRae SCHELEPPI, JUDY Aragon SITTLE, DAVID Waycross SHINDELBOWER, MIRIAM Atlanta SHIRLEY, JOHN East Point SHOCKLEY, JOHN Apalachee SHOEMAKER, BRUCE East Point SIMMONS, ROBERT .__ Jonesboro SINGLETERRY, MARY JANE Acworth SISK, TOMMY ___ SMITH, LEONARD SMITH, ROSEMARY SMITH, THOMAS ._ _ Atlanta LaGrange Covington Meigs ttr 1 to 1 SNELL, BARRY _____ Brunswick SNIDER, DAMARIS . Griffin SOUTHARD, SUSAN Dahlonega SPELL, CATHA ____ Lyons SPELL, GRADY Macon STIEMKE, PAUL Atlanta STRANGE, JAMES Fort Pierce, Fla. SUTTON, JUDY Lindale SWANNER, JIMMY Griffin SZWART, GARY St. Simons Island TANKERSLEY, TERESA Lakeland, Fla. TANNER, WILLIAM Copperhill, Tenn. TIDWELL, ROBERT Douglasville TIGNER, MARTHA Greenville THOMASON, MICHAEL Decatur THOMPSON, GERALD Kennesaw THOMPSON, WILLIAM Albany THORTON, BETTY Albany THURMOND, BARBARA Dawsonville TONKIN, TOMMY . Griffin TORRANCE, RICHARD Milledgeville TRUESDOL, JOHN Macon TURGEON, RAY Columbus VANNOHOYS, BERT Marietta VANN, DAVID Atlanta VASSY, DOUGLAS — Carrollton VICKERY, NANCY Marietta VINSON, WILLIAM Albany WALKER, THOMAS Dublin WALTERS, LIZ Lavonia WALTON, GEORGE Washington WATSON, JANE East Point WEATHERLY, SHARON Leesburg WEBB, JACK Ray City WELBORN, TERRY Hinesville WELDON, POLLY Cartersville WEST, JAMES Gainesville WHITLOW, PHIL Carnesville WHITLER, JOEL Manchester WHITTLE, WILLIAM Brunswick U A ' WILHITE, LEWIS North Miami Beach, Fla. WILLIAMS, MICHAEL Columbus WILLIAMSON, JEANNIE Atlanta WILSON, DOUBLAS . Trion WILSON, HAROLD LaFayette WITHERS, PETER .._ Atlanta WHEELES, BILL Thomaston WOMMACK, ROBERT Tenniville WOODS, JOHN _. Calhoun WOODS, OTIS -__ Buena Vista WREN, VIRGINIA __ Decatur YOUNGBLOOD, WILLIAM Buena Vista ZIMMERMAN, BERN ICE Atlanta MARANVILLE, JOE Douglas VANDER TWIN, RONALD Marietta f Sometimes I wonder if higher educa- tion is worth it all. What makes you think I ' m trying to hide something, sir? think it ' s too short! and don ' t bring a tennis racket. " 210 Then I says, " Look here, Orville. " ■■■■ Next time I won ' t be so nice about Well, just this once . . 20 a week, plus 15 a week, plus 7, plus 4 . . . Hey, that one is whistling the words . 21? re Look ... 5 kings in one deck! Now that we ' re organized, maybe we can get somewhere North Georgia finishing school. Who the sam hill is Avon and why is she calling me? 213 TNl Smile, you ' re on Candid Cyclops. In J 1 V A ' J Look here, big boy, you want a fat lip? Given in the true spirit of Christmas. We love a parade. 214 . . . Following announcement: Drill will be held on the road. I repeat . Tell the major I ' ll see him later. illi i. Who needs a partner? Hey, who pulled my sled away? 215 Zkere Me Zrials tw fliwwanwmiTK (ENNEOY ASS4SS1NATF li I0HNS0N TAKES OATI 216 Zkere Me Victories 217 Zhere Ate Pears 218 Zhere Are ' Dreams But through these trials and through these victories, we become sensitive to them and can recognize them. Now can we look Mankind in the eye . . . and cry with him . . . and rejoice with him. We can feel neither superior — nor inferior to Man — he is our brother — he is our Self — he has our fears, our dreams. Our heart, here at North Georgia College, beats within the heart of Mankind . . . Let us look into our heart, learn of our Yesterday . . . let us dream of our Tomorrow. 220 o o o o o o o o -■= . r ....-• 222 Advertising 223 WEST CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY Prompt, Dependable Service Dahlonega, Georgia Compliments DAHLONEGA MUSIC SALES of RADIO WLBA Dahlonega, Ga. CITY ICE Gainesville Compliments of MILLNER ' S Gainesville, Georgia 224 PIEDMONT DRUG CO. 103 Bradford St. Gainesville, Ga. Phone LE 4-3577 Reg. No. 948 Try the Piedmont First IMPERIAL RESTAURANT U. S. 23 North Georgia ' s Finest Restaurant LEnox 2-1188 Gainesville, Georgia Trade at " HOME " With Confidence POORE ' S PURE SERVICE STATION In the Heart of Dahlonega, Georgia HOME FURNITURE CO. Gainesville, Georgia JIM TELFORD 129 North Bradford St. HOWARD JAMES LEnox 2-1566 JOHN SOURS THE DIXIE GRILL C. D. MINCY, Manager Dahlonega ' s Largest 16 Oz. U.S. Choice T-Bone Steak $1.55 WE CASH CHECKS FREE FOR OUR N.G.C. CUSTOMERS Dahlonega, Georgia 225 Wherever you ' re going... When you need a little lift - depend on Coke DRINK wherever you ' ve been BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY GAINESVILLE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 226 GARTRELL ' S Clothing • Gifts • Shoes Dahlonega, Georgia JAMES LEES AND SONS, CO. Pine Tree Division Makers of Yarn for " Those Heavenly Carpets by Lees " A Subsidiary of Burlington Industries, Inc. Dahlonega, Georgia 227 They Walk With a Military Stride Paratroop Boots CORCORAN, INC. Stoughton, Massachusetts BANK OF DAHLONEGA " A Bank You Can Bank On " Member F. D. I. C. COURTESY PROGRESS Student Accounts a Specialty Dahlonega, Georgia 228 DAHLONEGA MOTOR COMPANY Phone 864-3341 Night 864-2298 Dahlonega, Georgia RONALD ' S Distinctive Women ' s Wear Phone — LE 3-6126 Gainesville, Georgia MINTZ JEWELERS Registered Jewelers Certified Semologist American Gem Society Gainesville, Ga. GORDON FOODS REEDER McGAUGHEY " Specialists in Sports " " Trucks Serving the Best Atlanta, Georgia Broad and Walton Atlanta 229 J. C. PENNEY " To Save Your Pennies, Go to PENNEY ' S " On the Square in Gainesville, Georgia SHERWIN-WILLIAMS W. J. ASKEW Gainesville, Georgia STANDARD SERVICE STATION ODUM GROCERY u STANDARD H Groceries Feeds and Meats Dry Goods Vegetables Atlas Tires • Dahloi Batteries lega, Ge • Accessories orgia Fruits Frozen Foods Telephone 864-3428 Dahlonega, Georgia H. D. QUINN and SON FLORIST Flowers for All Occasions LE 4-7315 Gainesville 864-3345 Dahlonega Ellijay Dahlonega Ladies and Children Ready to Wear NATIONALLY ADVERTISED NAME BRANDS PARK ' S CLOTHING ECONO VT Dahl 230 Y 10c-$l. onega, 00 STORE Sa. ELI WITT CIGAR and CANDY CO. Hav-A-Tampa Cigars Schrafft ' s Candie s 1655 West Broad Athens, Georgia N.G.C. CANTEEN ROBERT RAGAN Sodas Sandwiches Sweets Personal Needs AND BOOKSTORE J. B. JONES Books Uniforms School Supplies Stationery 231 GEORGIANNA MOTEL RESTAURANT WITH SWIMMING POOL AND PRIVATE DINING ROOM GEM JEWELRY COMPANY NORTH GEORGIA ' S LARGEST JEWELRY STORE Expert Repairing and Engraving For the Largest Selection of Merchandise Visit Our Store Gainesville Toccoa On the Square 113 N. Sage St. PRIVATE PHONES We Specialize in Steaks - — Chops — Full Course Dinners LEnox 4-7361 Gainesville, Georgia Compliments of FRIERSON-McEVER CO. — MEN ' S WEAR — Gainesville, Georgia Compliments of ROBERTS BOOK GIFT SHOP Gainesville, Georgia LIPSCOMB DRUG CO. Your College Dr ug Store for Over 30 Years! " On the Square " Dahlonega, Georgia Lay ' s Potato Chips Fritos Corn Chips Cheetos — Bakon-ets Pretzels — Peanuts and Other Snack Foods " Always Good " FRITO-LAY, INC. Chamblee, Georgia 232 CHICOPEE MANUF. COMPANY Chix Gauz Diapers Chix Crib Sheets Chix Plant Bedcovers " Opportunities for Management Training Chicopee, Georgia PILGRIM-ESTES Compliments of FURNITURE COMPANY Complete Home Furnishing Interior Decorating Service GREEN ACRES Phone LE 4-5388 Gainesville, Georgia FARM L D. Grindle and Sons R.F.D. 1 Murrayville, Georgia MAGIC CRAFT STUDIO Producers of Georgia Grade A Fresh Eggs 225 Main St. South Gainesville, Georgia Phone LE 2-1205 Portraits, Commercial Photography and Weddings in Natural Color 233 VICKERS ' FUNERAL HOME, INC. DIXIE CITY " The Best for Less " Congratulates Graduating Open 9 ' til 9 Seniors Monday Through Saturday 1047 Broad St. Dahlonega, Georgia Gainesville Georgia Cornelia Phone 778-2256 Gainesville Phone 532-2005 FLEMING HAWKINS WHOLESALE CO. Fount Supplies - Paper - Notions - Tobaccos Drugs - Candies - Johnston Paints Cornelia, Georgia 234 KING ' S GULF SERVICE STATION — ROAD SERVICE — GAS • OIL • SUPPLIES Phone 864-3831 Dahlonega MATHER FURNITURE CO. Dial 864-2231 Dahlonega, Georgia More and Better Servings in Every Can Purveyors of Quality Products Throughout Georgia, North Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina Prompt Shipment Made of All Orders Whether a Case or a Carload Catering Exclusively to Schools, Colleges, Hospitals Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs Industrial Food Operations Bakers and Institutions General Offices Macon, Georgia FRED JONES CHEVROLET A New Kind of Worth IMPALA BELAIR BISCAYNE CORVAIR CORVETTE CHEVY II Dahlonega, Georgia 235 WOODY ' S Compliments of BARBER SHOP " ON THE SQUARE " THE ROYAL THEATER FOR THAT LOOK OF DISTINCTION Dahlonega, Georgia Gainesville, Georgia DAHLONEGA PHARMACY DAHLONEGA SHOE SHOP Expert Shoe Repair " Just as your doctor orders " With Best Material HEELS STITCHING HALFSOLES FULL SOLES Phone 864-3422 Dahlonega Georgia All Work Fully Guaranteed Best Prices in Town On the Square Dahlonega 236 Fine Food and Pleasant Rooms When in Dahlonega, Visit THE SMITH HOUSE W. B. FRY, Owner HOLLY THEATRE Why not see a movie with us? 864-353 1 Dahlonega Georgia Compliments of A FRIEND BETTER MAID MILK PRODUCTS, INC. 864-3542 864-3965 J. W. Dewey Berry Rider Distributors Dahlonega, G in jorgia 237 Compliments of GEORGE MOORE ICE CREAM CO. Atlanta, Georgia 238 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY " The World ' s Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made ' ' Sp.Col. U 428 .NO C9 1 9o4 North Georgia College, Cyclops 7406J » V, : j « . m L- -- r ■ Sl • ' ' • A KS? X - w £F. If, ». Jfl Kfc tw ■ iif ' f: »N id

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