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■n - r •r t ARCHIVES U428 C9 1963c.l North Georgia College CYCLOPS • ■ i . •-i J - . us 4 Z ■ ? C?L- ' 3 T th Georgia College ahl onega, Georgia ■ Presents the 1963 CYCLOPS .seas FOREWORD Situated in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, North Georgia College ' s campus and surroundings are objects of unforgettable beauty. Often we give these ob- jects only a quick on-the-go glance; but often again are we enveloped for moments at a time by their breath-taking beauty. It has been the purpose of the 1963 CYCLOPS to try to capture some of the scenes created by these objects and by the many incidents we have experienced at North Georgia. We truly hope that you find this book a pleasant re- minder of a strong link of the past in our golden chain of life. . « Sir -. troduction eatures Military Organizations Sports o Faculty _ f mw. Ads » « «-» «=» . far •- i l%x 8ruce I Assocta Lee Bradley Ellen Burriss Adrianna Colbath Nita Duncan Laurie Evans Susan Hargrove Mary Ann Holland Ellen Johnson Carol Moore SueTje Keece ' ™ Jimmy Roper Cathy Samples Margo Schwab Mary Ann Sellers Rodney Shivers Nancy Smith Rilla Stovall Catherine Wilburn Dedication An enthusiastic teachet who shows no partiality in her work but who is a friend to all A representative of the true spirit of North Georgia College An example of the ideals of good sportsmanship and fair play An effervescent personality A bright, sunny smile And an ever-ready wit Are all characteristics of and only a few of the reasons why we are proud to dedicate the 1963 CYCLOPS to our own MISS JOYCE FOV LER If -L,- 1 W ii i v , " - fe: Proudly we hail thee, Reverence thy name, Strive ' for thy honor And for thy fame; T Loyal forever, we ' ll be to thee, Forsaking neVej-:- - N, G. C. d Booth- ■ |» mtt f- •■ i . . tf» Familiar Scenes of r y " jmRT - Military : Curriculum Faculty Points of Interest ■ ■ Events Canteenology ■ » £»% 1 » .... S " i- 5 ' V Vs V ; - " sa£ r .4 r " J ?$? W 5 ' i ' « r. - hip ' fl s ■ -- ■;.■■ ' !• . ' ' •■ ' : - ■■. ' ■■■■• ' :• ' •. -3 " ? " M W FEATURES Sandy Brown Mr. and Miss N.G.C. RALPH HOWARD and MARY ANN FEUCHTER 19 Friendliest JUDY DUNN - JIMMY CONAWAY 20 Most Dependable MARILYN ELLIOTT - JOEL DARSEY 21 Most Athletic SUE HOOKER - T. V. WOODS n Most Versatile DIANA CAPPS - BILL BRANCH 23 24 Most Loyal NANCY PHILLIPS - HOYT CANNON Outstanding Underclassmen Junior NANCY SMITH - VIC BROWN Sophomore Freshman JANE HARDY REX NEWMAN BARBARA LOVELACE LUCIEN COUSINS 25 ■ ' E • r-v J4 Cm I ' " jNt " P j -€ ' -_ fe lliiiU-a ■5P ' fT ■ RVrnrl Brigade Sweethear Ann Thayer Judy Dunn •.•• :; ' . . I Sydney Burre ' .;■•• ' Nancy Smith Ann Thayer Sha ron Bryant m Evelyn Berry ' • ' ' ■ ' •:•-■ Barbara Lovelace " ■ 5Sr fc Beverly Carroll fc V J»V . -fc jSfc ■ 5 JOEL BLACK GAIL DANIEL HOYT CANNON Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities Each year, teachers in the United States select students from their colleges who have been outstanding in scholar- ship, sportsmanship, citizenship, leadership, and activi- ties on the campus. These honored students will appear in this year ' s " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. " CLINT BOYD MARILYN ELLIOTT JOHN HOUSE v ■ ■ X J.: HELEN BENNETT JACKIE RAGSDALE DIANA CAPPS RALPH HOWARD SANDRA J. BROWN LEE BRADLEY NANCY PHILLIPS HAROLD BRIDGES RICHARD HELMBOLD MARY ANN FEUCHTER LARRY COCHRAN ■ • «■«■ -its f wmf ip a ip r w mr im 7 M . . _ . " J. sit m-,m.7 m J ms Military Staff LT. COL. WILLIAM C. BOYD Professor of Military Science MA J. A. B. KITCHEN Assistant PMS MAJ. B. E. FERGUSON Assistant PMS CAPT. J. C. TREPAGNIER Assistant PMS CAPT. O. R. HAUSE Commandant SGT. MAJ. T. R. LEE Chief Instructor M SGT. J. D. GILMORE Instructor S SGT. D. L. MEADOR Supply Sgt. SGT. R. C. HENSLEY Wheeled Vehicle Maintenance MRS. J. W. PHILLIPS Secretary to PMS MRS. N. STOWERS Secretary to Commandant 42 Brigade Staff R. E. HOWARD Brig. Com. H. E. CANNON Exec. Off. T. V. WOODS S-l W. L. LONG S-2 L. W. COCHRAN S-3 R. K. GUEST S-4 V. A. BROWN Sgt. Maj. M. E. MITCHINER Drill Master C. R. NEWMAN Brig. Clerk SHARON BRYANT Sweetheart 43 FIRST BATTLE GROUP C. B. BOYD Battle Group Commander W. A. BRANCH Battle Group Executive JULIA DAVIDSON Su ee feear MRS. W. C. BOYD Sponsor J. L. TINLEY S-l J. M. WADDILL S-2 F. L. ALVERSON S-3 J. C. GORDAY S-4 R. H. CAMP G. E. COPELAND y. L. CALDWELL J. E. HAYES Ass . Sr3 Ass . S-4 SgJ. Major C er COLOR GUARD: S Sgt. J. L. Lawhon, Sfc. J. D.Heard, Sfc. W. O. Bussey, Sfc. W. T. Jackson, S Sgt. J. R. Nelson, Asst. E. E. Weaver, Capt. T. A. Terrell. 45 ALFA CAPT. HUBBARD Company Commander LT. TINLEY Company Executive JANE BLANCHARD Sweetheart M SGT. ALEXANDER First Sergeant MRS. HUBBARD Sponsor First Platoon LORI HOLLEY Masco HEARD Mascot First Row: White, Alford, Lott, Berry, Wright, Purpura, Ashee, Chamblee. Second Row: Callahan, Hammock, Schaper, Kirkland, Burgess, Turner, Forrester. Third Row: Dunagan, Mathis, Jones, Tinley, Stover, Holton, Taylor. 46 Second Platoon First Row: Newman, Palmer, Marshall, McKinzey, McCall, Mathews, Shivers. Second Row: Glenny, Wages, Miller, Moon, Mize, Sutton. Third Row: Strickland, Moore, Murphy, Suggs, Ferguson, King. Third Platoon First Row: Dismukes, Turner, Phillips, Perdue, Pilcher, Moore, Willis. Second Row: Smith, Smith, Pittman, Howe, Prescott, Mathews, Morgan. Third Row: Story, Johnson, Renfroe, Milligan, Payne, Reichert, Dennard. COMPANY HEADQUARTERS I Hubbard, Company Commander; Tinley , Company Exec; Gattis, First Sergeant; Holley, Guidon; Heard, Intelligence N.C.O.; Murphy, Clerk. Snapshots " Fly — you just took the wrong step. " It ' s the technique that gets you there. " Dad — about my allowance for this week. . . . " V 1 T % V - j " Well — according to my calculations . . . . ' " Stop using that greasy kid stuff! " 49 tt A J) A " COMPANY SPORTS CHEERLEADERS: Jane Blanchard, Helen Masten, Jane Hardy, Barbara Prewitt, Beverly Carroll, Elizabeth Symmers. FOOT- BALL SQUAD: First Row: Wages, Reichert, Alexander, White, Shaper, Stover, Asher, Sutton, Alford, Grant. Second Row: Palmer, Dunagan, Berry, Dennard, Stewart, Taylor, Wright, Mathis, Thomas, Callahan, Tinley. Third Row: Burgess, Story, Toole, Tinley, Glenny, Miller, Marshall, Renfroe, Hubbard. ttj£ Alfa gives Charlie a hard time. " fM- Sutton serves another good one. Dennard sets up ball for Alfa. Sutton returns the ball to opponents. 51 CAPT. JOHNSTON Company Commander LT. MASHBURN Company Executive M SGT. JILES First Sergeant BRAVO ALICE GROOVER Sweetheart First Platoon First Row: Cates, Shope, Garrard, McKnight, Peryam, Kellogg, Garrett, West, Quintrell. Second Row: Adams, Anthony, Coleman, Wilson, Cook, Bowers, Ginn. Third Row: Jarrard, Webb, Thacker, Howard, Foss, Lawhon. 52 Second Platoon First Row: Morgan, Lamson, Love, Lovett, Arnold, Bryan, Gilleland, Collins. Second Row: Murphy, Smallwood, Califf, Champion, Miller, Blalock. Third Row: Simpson, Wall, Garrison, Chastain, Horde, Ferguson. Third Platoon First Row: Burkett, Ray, Lawrence, Oruld, Archibald, Lane, West, Pyron, Glenn. Second Row: Burkette, Rhodes, Flourney, Prince, Mims, Ogle, Peevy. Third Row: Hayes, Naff, Allgood, Nichols, Smith. 53 COMPANY HEADQUARTERS Mashburn, Company Exec; Johnston, Company Commander; Brown, First Sergeant. Snapshots 54 ' I ' m a lover, not a mechanic. " ' Ahbhbhhh " Oh well, just another miscellaneous from the commandant. " " Good, just in time for ' Lassie ' . " 55 " B " COMPANY SPORTS FOOTBALL SQUAD: First Row: Blalock, Wall, Simpson, Lawrence, Nichols, McKnight, Barrett, West, Peryam, Mims. Second Row: Anthony, Jarrard, Shope, Ferguson, Smith, Miller, Champion, Arnold, Jiles, Mashburn, Gilleland. Return for Bravo. Shope gets two more points. Another good lay-up for Bravo. CAPT. BARRON Company Commander CHARLIE LT. PARKS Company Executive v vV yr- M SGT. ANDERSON First Sergeant LINDA MANN Sweetheart First Platoon 58 First Row: Sprague, Pickle, Sc arborough, Stewart, York, Worsham, Peeples, Bennett, Farr. Second Row; Wright, Wiley, Walls, Waters, Wilkerson, King, Harvill, Nelson. Third Row: McLeod, Marshall, Wicht, Turner, Young, Beazley, ' Jackson, Griscom. Second Platoon First Row: Gee, Grace, Lewis, Lockard, Gaskins, Hicks, Burdette, Williams, Sims. Second Row; Culbreth, Kendall, Melton, Sailors, Moore, Turnbull, Williams. Third Row: McGregor, Bryant, Walker, Wheeless, Williams, Wayne, DeTreville, Swearingen. Third Platoon First Row: Burden, Ricketson, Sorrells, Songer, Harrison, Weinmeister, Branch, McCranie. Second Row: Jolly, Murphy, Weinrich, Tripp, Thompson, Cline, Hall. Third Row: Armstrong, Waldrop, Smith, Thompson, Vance, Roper, Luckey, Thomas. COMPANY HEADQUARTERS Barron, Company Commander; Parks, Company Exec; Caldwell, First Sergeant; Kendall, Clerk. Snapshots " If this thing didn ' t cost $98 " ' If you can ' t beat ' em — join ' em. ' 60 1 H l f Vk :.i5Fi " Wcrr i. pi 14 Beethoven ' s Third Symphony in B Minor. " I bet Napoleon never mopped his — floor. " " Now if I can just get the edge of this rug up. " Mama said there ' d be days like this. 61 C " COMPANY SPORTS FOOTBALL SQUAD: First Row: Gaskins, Sims, Melton, Caldwell, Stone, Rushing, Rosser, Long, Stewart, Thompson. Second Row: Turner, York, Ricketson, Young, Thompson, Vance, Wiley, Woods, Nelson, Pickle, King. Third Row: Barron, Anderson, Lockard, Hayes, Kendall, Wheeless, Burden. Charlie returns the ball to Foxtrot. Good set-up for Burden. Ricketson makes a basket. Gorday gets the rebound. 63 J i AX i CAPT. BLACK Company Commander LT. SPIGHT Company Executive M SGT. BENEFIELD First Sergeant BRIGADE BAND SANDRA BROWN Sweetheart First Platoon First Row: Zeigler, Edenfield, Black, Bowden, Brewer, Exum, Bridges. Second Row: Brown, Roberts, Caldwell, Clement. Third Row: Kemp, Chamber, Gassiert, Fitts, Evens, Terry. 64 Second Platoon First Row: Basch, McClendon, Mason, Rosser, Barber, Harris, Bradley. Second Row: Stowers, Prance, Westbrook, Jarrard, Reese, Barton. Third Row: Toole, Roach, Westmoreland, Harrelson, Hunt. Third Platoon First Row: Wolary, Moon, Sims, Stover, Rogers, Floyd, Hartley. Second Row: Thomas, Raines, Thomas, Sweat, Vacalis, Mongold. Third Row: Brock, Wright, Thomas, White, Ware, Thomas. 65 COMPANY HEADQUARTERS Black, Company Commander; Spight, Company Exec; Gerard, First Sergeant; Canady, Drum Major. Snapshots •ls . 66 J " Boy, would I like to have a coke. Spight and his best friend. 6 " BAND COMPANY SPORTS Spight receives setup from teammate. Band defends goal. Jump ball! 68 Band ' s cheerleaders. Band returns ball. 69 SECOND BATTLE GROUP J. C. HOUSE Rattle Group Commander R. J. DARSEY Battle Group Executive PAGE HUTCHERSON Sweetheart MR. MRS. HENRY HOUSE Sponsors B. R. MILLER S-l T. R. LONG S-2 R. L. PETTIT S-3 D. D. ELLIOTT Asst. S-3 ... G. W. STAFFORD Asst. S-4 D. D. FAY Sgt. Major R. B. DUNCAN Supply Sgt. DELTA CAPT. RAGSDALE Company Commander LT. PILCHER Company Executive BRENDA MILLER Sweetheart M SGT. GATTIS First Sergeant MR. MRS. J. D. RAGSDALE, SR. Sponsors First Platoon F« ' rsr Row: Banks, Tennyson, Hampton, Carter, McMullan, Heath, Pilcher. Second Row: Bryan, McDaniel, King, Moore. Third Row: Clements, Truelove, Carter, McCrary, Martin, Kirk. Second Platoon First Row: Moncrief, Almand, Carter, Howell, Manis, Kinnamon, Fox, Thompson. Second Row: Jernigan, Taylor, Gorday, Briggs, Imes. Third Row: Woodard, Knight, Brooks, Beard, Peacock, Martin. Third Platoon First Row: McCranie, Holmes, Roper, Arnette, Andrews, Askew, Baader, Harden, Rollison, McClure. Second Row: Huey, Acree, Slappy, Ray, Willis, Arrant. Third Row: Starnes, Thompson, Alexander, Anderson, Tumlin, Tanner, Green, York. COMPANY HEADQUARTERS Ragsdale, Company Commander; Wessner, Company Exec; Cousins, First Sergeant; Elliott, Guidon; Peacock, Clerk. Snapshots " So? " Censored! Meanwhile back at the ranch. " All right, young lady! You come out from under there! " North Georgia Civic Ballet dressing room. " D " COMPANY SPORTS FOOTBALL SQUAD: First Row: Ragsdale, Baader, Hulsey, Askew, Brooks, Gattis, Howell, York. Second Row: Truelove, Thompson, Greene, Pilcher, Jernigan, Rollison, Starnes, Andrews, Philyou, Kirk. Third Row: Alexander, McMullan, Roper, Taylor, McCranie, Imes, Tennyson, Arnette, Tanner. Delta warm-up. Freddie B. spikes one. Delta ' s defense against Echo. ECHO CAPT. FITZPATRICK Company Commander LT. HARPER Company Executive •- _ JUDY PARKER Sweetheart ALISON MAYFIELD Mascot M SGT. COUSINS First Sergeant MR. MRS. H. H. FITZPATRICK Sponsors First Platoon First Row: Pinson, Latimer, Palmour, Brown, Childers, Williams, Miller. Second Row: House, Moon, Mitchell, Caraway, O ' Kelley. Third Row: Terry, Tompkins, Bigbie, Camp, Miller, Ethington. 78 Second Platoon First Row: Dollar, Burgess, Hightower, Cornett, Bowdoin, Sevier, Skelton, Harper. Second Row: Doss, Collings, Conner, Cousins, Winslett, Heath, Ginn . Third Row: Clark, Campbell, Bennett, Clayton, Floyd, Smith, Williamson. Third Platoon First Row: Blanks, Mclntire, Benton, Bernhardt, Cunningham, Spurlin, Watson. Second Row: Pitts, West, Davidson, Monney, Hansen, Baldwin. Third Row: Harris, Daniels, Bowman, Bozeman, Spires. 79 COMPANY HEADQUARTERS Fitzpatrick, Company Commander; Mayfield, Company Exec; Roper, First Sergeant; Camp, Guidon; Brown, Clerk. Snapshots " Well, tell her to call back. " 80 ' OOOPS " ' My favorite past time. " " Boy, I ' d like to take this and. ♦ » «.; ' Say Mom — something just came up. r rru E " COMPANY SPORTS FOOTBALL SQUAD: First Row: Cousins, Bowman, Ethington, Bacon, Latimer, Clark, Benton, Bernhardt, Mclntire, Watson. Second Row: Bowdoin, Baldwin, Cornett, Sevier, Collings, Best, Spurlin, Duncan, Miller, Mitchell. Third Row: Miller, Hamrick, Camp, McCranie, Tompkins, Hightower, Winslett, Fitzpatrick. Cousins sets up the ball to Latimer. Echo receives ball from Delta. Pinson gets two more. Echo gets rebound. 83 CAPT. LONG Company Commander LT. BURTON Company Executive M SGT. GERARD First Sergeant FOXTROT PEGGY WINGO Sweetheart MRS. WENDELL LONG Sponsor First Platoon First Row: Sapp, Daniels, Cravens, Brown, Keller, Gutierrez, Bryan, Sawyer. Second Row: Engen, Hollis, Evans, Mathews, Hester, Bryson. Third Row: McKenny, Brown, McDowall, Murphy, Parrish, Cowart, McDonald. Second Platoon First Row: Townsend, Odom, Sevelius, Brown, Bush, Green, Kenimer, Durrett, Collins. Second Row: Mays, Heldreth, McMonagle, Malcolm, Mundy, Jones, Hill. Third Row: Schneider, Welch, Bracked, White, Weaver, Felker. Third Platoon First Row: Brantley, Redwine, Sipple, Mote, Bangs, Cross, Wilson, Pickett. Second Row: Smith, Worley, Crowe, Seabolt, Colley, Wray, Walden. Third Row: Avery, Murphy, Hill, Buford, Hogan, Gunnin, Downey. 85 COMPANY HEADQUARTERS Long, Company Commander; Burton, Company Exec; Fay, First Sergeant; Abercrombie, Clerk; Myers, Guidon. Snapshots " ' start studying in a minute. Rub— a— dub— dub, two men on a window. 86 Dear Orville: " Well, somebody ' s gotta take Steve Reeves ' place. " i before e except after c . Study by osmosis r jfrn F " COMPANY SPORTS FOOTBALL SQUAD: First Row: Odom, Pickett, Hester, Wilson, Hollis, Murphy, Daniels, Jones. Second Row: Downey, Mundy, Cowart, Redwine, Engen, Avery, Murphy, Elliott. Third Row: Sipple, Gerard, McMonagle, Kenimer, White, Brown, Parrish, Welch. ' ■mi ■ - t Jg Pickett drives one over. Foxtrot sets the ball up. Pickett prepares for pick-up. 89 CAPT. HELMBOLD Company Commander LT. CONAWAY Company Executive M SGT. ROPER First Sergeant GOLF BETTY LITTLE Sweetheart MR. MRS. HELMBOLD Sponsors First Platoon First Row: Bell, Kicklighter, Sanders, Hard, Duke, Thompson, Waddell. Second Row: Cole, Hartrick, Heller, Youngblood. Third Row: Bradberry, Crissey, Glisson, Self, Sprouse. 90 Second Platoon First Row: Denney, Essam, Camp, Morrison, Murphy, Finleyson, Anderson. Second Row: Curtis, Fletcher, Faulkner, Fink, Turner, Butterworth. Third Row: Franklin, Fleming, Wright, Hillman, Coker, Crane, Douglas. Third Platoon First Row: Glenn, Hicks, Hall, Carter, Patterson, McLemore, Buice. Second Row: Creel, G ' Segner, Cunningham, Garrett, Clegg, Flowers. Third Row: Walthour, Hardin, Haralson, Herin, Sanders, Ensley. 91 COMPANY HEADQUARTERS Helmbold, Company Commander; Conaway, Company Exec; Alexander, First Sergeant; Brewer, Clerk; Smith, Guidon. Snapshots " Now if I could just find mine. " ' Boy, Mom would never believe this. " " Where ' s the what? ' " Boy, I hope I can catch ' The Popeye Club ' . " " Got the shower ready? " " Guess where I just saw the Colonel? " Leap frog anyone? " G " COMPANY SPORTS FOOTBALL SQUAD: First Row: G ' Segner, Fay, Hicks, Cunningham, Hartrick, Brewer, Myers. Second Row: Hall, Roper, Sprouse, Fink, Bland, Mitchiner, Douglas, Kicklighter. Third Row: Bell, Crissey, Finleyson, Smith, Heller, Franklin, Garrett, Holmes. Golf ' s defense. Ensley sets the ball up. Good spike for Golf. 95 THE BLUE RIDGE RIFLES — Squad Leaders — McKENNY, CLARK, PALMER, RAY — Guidon Bearer — LAWRENCE RIFLEMEN: Bozeman, Brown, Caraway, Cravens, Cunningham, Hammock, Haralson, Herin, Howard, Howe, Kirkland, Lawrence, McCall, Mims, Moon, Moore, Nicholes, Parrish, Wilkerson. 96 ORDER OF COLOMBO First Row: Mashburn, Darsey, Johnston, Parks, Branch, Boyd. Second Row: Crissey, McCranie, Healey, Swearingen, Spight, Roper. Third Row: McDonald, McKenney, Almand, Dunagan, Young, Flowers. » _■- " kj jtt ' SIM ' ' 4. ft . W m — " jJ SCABBARD AND BLADE Seated: Guest, Long, Stewart, Branch, House, Kitchen. Standing: Barron, Tinley, Hubbard, Darsey, Bridges, Long, Harper, Miller, Johnston, Ragsdale, Mashburn, Camp, Woods. AGGRESSORS ' PLATOON MRS. W. R. BRANCH Sponsor First Row: Smith, Starnes, Woodard, Roper, Dunagan, Newman, Ricketson, Thomas. Second Row: Tinley, Powell, Mclntire, Armstrong, Youngblood, Grace, Callahan, Alford, Latimer, Clements, Branch. Third Row: Huey, Shope, Anthony, Toole, Franklin, Avery, Wayne, Wright. 98 ■HH 99 SUMMER CAMP wWs First Row: Buice, Branch, Sims, Bridges, Hartley, Vickrey, Long, Hubbard, Harper, Guest. Second Row: Pilcher, Darsey, Conway, Cochran, Black, Adams, Ragsdale, Mashburn, Boyd, Stafford. Third Row: Cannon, Miller, Camp, Alverson, Howard, Pickett, Johnston, Collins, Bradley, Collins, G. Fourth Row: Odom, McClure, Sawyer, Chamblee, Helmbold, Waddell, Segars, Miller, Mayfield. Fifth Row: Copeland, McCranie, Fitzpatrick, House, Wessner, Glen, Tinley, Long, Thompson, Anderson. Sixth Row: Spight, Pettit, Parks, Willis, Shivers, Quintrell, Steward, Barron, Elliott, Gorday. 100 101 V- .f. . y- ' f ; - K :i • r M| V i Ml M 8 m MJ L I - V " SMC ♦ ■• •■■•. , •.• 2V; ■ .m X ? ».. . m i ?im v |% ; yz i im II 1 fc 1j3 IS Lo rraifl e C a rr i n ' lj SCSE E £ £ 6 Cf CCE E £ £ GE SI £ £ , . il r ' -lit-i-r- - -»». mi »■■ ' .- LEWIS HALL ALICE DONOVAN Dean of Women LELIA BOURDIN Assistant Dean of Women MELODY FOLWELL Secretary JUDY PARKER Vice-President MARY ANN FEUCHTER President JEWELL GEIGER Treasurer MR. MRS. J. C. FEUCHTER Sponsors " Oh, what a beautiful morning " Dorm Snapshots y ' But yesterday you said " ' doubt it ' . " " I guess I fixed them! " " Caught Again! " 105 " You mean that my future includes — " " Well, if you really want my opinion. " ' Any time is Coke time. " " Blue Monday " " Watch that budget - and diet. " ' But I like it like this. " 106 REC COUNCIL Front Row: Linda Hawkins; Helen Couch, Secretary; Sue Hooker, President; Etta Rhodes, Treasurer; Suelle Reece; Jane Hardy, Reporter. Second Row; Vesta Medernach; Barbara Kimbrell; Carolyn Jarrell; Jane Blanchard. MISS JOYCE FOWLER Adviser MR. MRS. HOOKER Sponsors 107 First Row: J. Blanchard, B. Miller, E. Johnson, L. Dean, E. Lord, S. Palmer, P. Stroud, E. Caldwell, J. Faulkner, C. Westbrooks, C. Ford, L. Garrison, S. Schwamlein, Carolyn Jarrell, Captain. Second Row: M. Hassler, S. Lowe, N. Johnson, E. Hausler, S. Miller, S. Peck, J. Henderson, K. Johnston, J. Hardy, G. Harding, A. Ratterree, J. Griffin, J. Holland, L. Carter, E. Rhodes, C. Bennett. HIPPOLYTANS DR. and MRS. A. P. JARRELL Sponsors 108 " I don ' t see anything. " Where is it? Confucius say, " - THE HIPPS " n„ Don ' t worry, it ' s safe! " ' It ' s easier on the toes! " 109 First Row: J. Attaway, S. Coffee, C. Fitzgerald, L. Crawley, M. N. Carbo, V. Medernach, P. Witherow, J. A. Johnson, N. Wolfe, H. Jones, B. Carroll. Second Row: N. Smith, B. Lovelace, B. Prewitt, M. McClure, E. Symmers, T. Haslett, N. Bowen, K. Cates, N. Jenkins, J. Bowen, B. Jackson, R. Miller, J. Dunn, A. Riley, M. E. Cash, M. Patrick, P. Jordan, S. Pryor, V. Corneilison. Sybil Hames, Captain. MERCUREANS MR. and MRS. FRED HAMES Sponsors 110 MBMi THE MIGHTY MERCS " We need help. " " Is beauty worth all this? " ' The Line-up " ' Are you sure that ' s the right goal? " ' You can have it, we don ' t want it. " First Row: S. Reece, B. Wrye, M. Wight, G. King, C. Collier, D. Brown, M. Richardson, S. Gaddy, M. Kinney, C. Sloan, M. Walker, L. Drislcell, V. Parrish, J. Webb, J. Wilson, M. A. Sellers, G. Sheppard, B. Gooch, L. Gooch, Barbara Kimbrell, Cap- tain. Second Row: S. Glausier, P. Denney, V. Vosketter, B. S. Chastain, C. Smith, M. A. Holland, B. Reid. PHI OMICRONS MR. and MRS. KIMBRELL Sponsors 112 Powerful P.O. ' s " How do you want it scrambled or sunny-side up? " How ' bout cha? " ' I ' ve got it! " " C ,„ She ' s got go-power! " " Look, Buddy, no hands! " + £ fl I ' •!!•• ' . l B Ht j P r - I HBfY £ ' , ' JTJt w r " V Pfv7 ?- - 5 A 4 4 " mk lS V u kfl i| k] JEBBBJ V iil v First Row: J. Dunphy, L. Hawkins, N. Duncan, L. Evans, C. Moore, D. Earwood, R. Long, B. Roberts, J. Gautier, M. Schwab, C. Colquitt, L. Tankersley, L. Mills, M. Folwell, G. Burgess, A. Allen. Second Row: S. Hooker, C. Wilburn, J. Gardner, D. Hubbard, N. Barnish, J. Phipps, L.Walker, B.Woodward, B. Montgomery, S.Webb, B. Gardner, C. Hearn, J. Irving, A. Colbath, C. Kittle, E. Austin, L. Slade, E. Burriss, H. Couch; Myra Duvall, Captain. TRAHLYTANS MR. and MRS. WILLIAM D. DUVALL Sponsors ' Come on, let me have it! ' The Summit Talks TRAHS in ACTION " Let ' s play hide-and-go-seek. " " Four hands are better than two. " We don ' t serve milk here. " rdernach Ik 0 ' ' " . %t. V A. fi ■ :i ' %? . • w Sfe ' J af I St. «« -»Jk, « rffe » v • % , 5 V ' MYRNA HASSLER Editor 1963 Cyclops JOEL BLACK Business Manager DR. BROWN Fac. Adv. MR. GILBERT Fin. Adv. EDITORIAL STAFF: First Row: Carolyn Jarrell.; Bruce Duncan, Associate Editor; Vesta Medernach. Second Row: Jane Seward; Lorraine Carrington. lie CLASSES, FACULTY LEWIS HALL: First Row: Elizabeth Symmers, Melody Folwell, Sandra Coffee. Second Row: Rilla Stovall, Jane Seward. Sections ORGANIZATIONS: Adrianna Colbath, Vesta Medernach, Susan Hargrove. Standing: Nancy Smith. FEATURES SPORTS: First Row: Mary Ann Holland, Ellen Burriss, Carolyn Jarrell, Catherine Wilburn. Sec- ond Row: Adrianna Colbath, Sandra Brown. MILITARY BUSINESS: First Row: Mary Ann Sellers, Joel Black, Suelle Reece. Second Row: Rodney Shivers, Cathy Samples. 119 SANDI PRYOR Editor 1963 Cadet Bugler BUSINESS MANAGER: MARY ANN EDMONDS MR. LAIL Fac. Adv. MR. GILBERT Fin. Adv. EDITORIAL STAFF: First Row: Mary Ann Edmonds, Sandi Pryor, Becky Jackson. Second Row: Jane Hardy, Vesta Medernach, RoseMary Miller, Mary Ann Feuchter. ART PHOTO; LINDA MILLS, BARBARA PREWITT ALUMNAE: MARY ANN FEUCHTER 120 NEWS: First Row: Lois Driskell, Becky Jackson, Barbara Prewitt. Second Row: Mike Marshall, Peggy Denney. SPORTS CIRCULATION: First Row: Linda Tankersley, Jane Hardy, Carol Westbrooks. Second Row: Doug Palmer, Carolyn Kittle, Rufus Miller. -MILITARY RICHARD PILCHER LUCIAN KELLER JACK SCHNEIDER BERT JONES MARTY HELLER If) f 1 m ° o v V BUSINESS: First Row: Jane Ann Barton, Mary Ann Edmonds, Nancy Wolfe. Second Row: Barbara Lovelace, Cheryl Lundy. FEATURES: First Row: John Exum, Rose Mary Miller, Edna Brown. Second Row: Georgianna Carraway, Annette Allyn, Carol Westbrooks. 121 OFFICERS: Lewis Hubbard, Lewis Tinley, T. V. Woods. Downey, Guest, Anderson, King, Shivers, Elliott, Chamblee, Ragsdale, House, Roper, Barrett, Richetson, Fay, Kellogg, Clark, Rollison, Johnston, Nelson, Long, Cousins, Darsey, Heard, Blalock, House, Baldwin, Collins, Latimer, Holmes, Quintrell, Canady, Mitchner, Alexander, Terry, Smith, Burkett, Taylor, Branch, Shope, Ginn, Felker, Kicklighter, Franklin, York, Johnston, Ginn, Brantley, Gerard, Anthony, Jarrard, Sutton, Roper, Pilcher. Rex Fraternity ELIZABETH SYMMERS Sweetheart MR. TRAMMEL Fac. Adv. 122 A i t 1 » 1 » ' » i • ♦ uLu, ' , • . i » ' • k • : OFFICERS: FredStewart, Henry Camp, Jimmy Flowers, Buzz Healy. Barron, Miller, Harris, Glen, Watson, Mashburn, Culbreth, Sapp, Stewart, Sprouse, Cunningham, Smith, Sims, Grace, Benefield, Anderson, Williams, Fitzpatrick, Branch, Peavy, Sawyer, Allgood, Wright, Dollar, Stowers, Palmer, Whittle, Bridges, Glenny, Callahan, Odom, Newman, Elliott, Townsend, Engen, Creel, Gee, Heldreth, Bennett, Mclntire, Thomas, Woodard, Thomas, Dunagan, Hick ' s, Huey, Swearingen, Spight, Cannon, Myers, Alverson, Gorday, McCranie, Redwine, McClure, Conaway, Pickett. Sigma Theta Fraternity CHRIS LANGFORD Sweetheart MR. BELCHER Fac. Adv. 123 V f ■ ' Iff n, tifiii:i;-.;w% ' VV tiri if..v:ii 1 J4g • % w w j juhuwdbuuki -45 S nl OFFICERS: Clint Boyd, Larry Cochran, Hoyt Cannon, Frank Alverson, Jonte Collins; Faculty Advisor: Major Kitchens. First Row: Black, Buice, Spight, Bridges, Ragsdale, Fitzpatrick, Darsey, Woods, Long, Hubbard, Stewart, Guest, Quintrell, Mashburn, Johnston, House, Shivers, Conaway, Wessner, Farr, Tinley. Second Row: Chamblee, Sawyer, Harper, Branch, Long, Parks, Pilcher, Barron, McCranie, Gorday, Sims, Collins, Thompson, Anderson, Pickett, Pettit, Camp, Willis, Helmbold, Elliott, McClure, Watson, Glenn, Miller, Mayfield. Officers ' Club BEVERLY CARROLL Sweetheart 124 SUZANNE CAMERON Sweetheart Non-Commissioned Officers ' Club OFFICERS: Jerry Ginn, Jimmy Flowers, Jimmy Ginn, John Douglas, Earl Taylor; Faculty Advisor: Capt. Trapagnier. First Row: Gattis, Sprague, Banks, York, Denney, Townsend, Kirk, Cousins, Gerrard, Hill, White, Heldreth, Bell, Benefield, Terry, Canaday, McCranie, Cates, Floyd, Griscom. Second Row: Martin, Duncan, Felker, Gee, Swearingen, Morgan, Burden, Dennard, Peevy, Brantley, Alexander, King, Baldwin, Healy,Jiles, Sapp, Anderson, Downey, Thomas, Roper, Johnston, Dollar, Caldwell. Biology Club hirst Row: Jonte Collins, Joel Black, Mr. Sanders, Jane Blanchard, Glenn Farr. Second Row: Donald Denney, Helen Bennett, Selwyn Hartley, David Anderson, Ronnie Roper. Third Row: Jim Heard, Van Bowling Elliott, Caroll Downey, Cecil Waddell. Fourth Row: Milo Abercrombie, Bill McClure, Jim Sawyer, Jane Hardy, Vesta Medernach. First Row: Joel Darsey, Dr. Simms, Larry Cochran. Second Row: Glenn Farr, David Anderson, Ronnie Roper, Bill McClure. Third Row: Jim Heard, Jim Sawyer, Jonte Collins, Frazier Evans, Cecil Waddell. Fourth Row: Claude Mayfield, Van Bowling Elliott, Charles Burgess, Donald Denney. Chemistry Club Physics Club First Row: Benny Buice, Mr. Yager, Tommy Spight, Gordon Parks, Morton, Abercrombie. Second Row: Al Whittle, S. S. Prince. Third Row: William Naff, Forrest Bowden, Dan Spurlin, Tony King, Walter Floyd. Fourth Row: Mike Finleyson, Jim Melton, Key Dismukes, Joe Harrelson, Jim Truelove, George Fletcher, Jerry Seabolt. First Row: Mr. Pigg, Rita Long, Gordon Parks, Benny Buice. Second Row: Tommy Spight, Donald Denney, Glenn Farr, Jim Peryam. Third Row: Thomas Wilson, Joel Darsey, Key Dismukes, Claude Mayfield. Radio Club 127 wi Tp m ) JWkIM ■ Glee Club First Row: Charlene Turner, Janet Wilson, Julia Faulkner, Jackie Hinton, Judy Brown, Suzanne Cameron, Lane Crawley, Theresa Green, Jeannine Fisher, Julie Davidson, Margaret Richardson. Second Row: Carol Fitzgerald, Ann Wilburn, Peggy Wingo, Glenda Gilbert, Brenda York, Melody Folwell, Lois Driskell. Third Row: Lucy Andrews, Dr. Southard, Mary Chastain, Linda Mann, Kay Pierson, Myra Duvall, Sandra Brown, Diane Brown, Carolyn Kittle, Marilyn Elliott, Barbara Aiken, Mary K. Roper, Nan Barnish, Doris Hubbard, Miss Bouffard, Laverne Kesler. S.N.E.A. 128 B.A. Club First Row: Susan Lowe, Enoch Hicks, Mr. Oakes, T. Harper, Cathy Samples. Second Row: Betty Rose Padget, Juanita Anderson, Beverly Stephens, Linda White, Ouida Kay Brown, Ellen Johnson. Third Row: Jack Williamson, Alice Groover, Henry Camp, Mary Ann Edmonds, Richard Pilcher. Fourth Row: Jack Myers, Nick Johnston, V. S. McCranie, Bill Wessner, John Griscom. Fifth Row: Henry Fitzpatrick, John Douglas, Joe Ferguson, Jim Chamblee, Wendell Long. Sixth Row: Jan Watson, Bill Barron, Ed White, Jim Roper, Johnny Johnston, Tommy Holley. Seventh Row: Clayton Grant, Jim Gorday, Ed Canady, John West, John Sprague, Robert Terry, James Jiles. Dramatics Club First Row: Edna Brown, Susan Ferguson, Evelyn Berry, Susan Hargrove, Lee Bradley, Mr. Simpson, Sandra Brown, Vicki Cornelison, Vesta Medernach, Alice Parrott, Kathy Gagliardy, Ann Biskey. Second Row: Beverly Carroll, Key Dismukes, Lee Caldwell, David Califf, Ladd King, Jim Roper, David Anderson, Bill Branch, Judy Dunn. I. Physical II ■ Education I Club First Row: Carolyn Jarrell, Coach Matherly, Lucy Mann, Larry Cousins. Second Row: Randy Nelson, John Turner, Betty Montgomery, Dean Anderson, Jackie Ragsdale, Robin Miller, T. V. Woods. Lettermen ' s Club First Row: Jackie Ragsdale, Randy Nelson, Clint Boyd, Brenda Miller, Coach Otte, Nancy Smith, Rilla Stovall, Jimmy Conaway, Jim Sawyer. Second Row: Dean Anderson, Jan Watson, Leon Ricketson, John Turner, Doug Palmer, Tommy Long, Clay Harris, Phil Latimer, Gene Arrant, Robin Miller, F. B. Thompson, Nick Johnston, T. V. Woods. 130 First Row: Sandra Schwamlein, Linda Burns, Billy Sue Chastain, Lorraine Carrington, Nancy Phillips, Jackie Bannister, Ann Ratteree, Joan Holland. Second Row: Ann Thayer, Terry Hasslett, Mary Ann Feuchter, Alice Parrott, Georgianna Caraway, Chris Langford, Margaret Wight, Kathy Race, Carole Westbrook, Barbara Prewitt, Jane Attaway, Glenda Harding. Home Economics Club First Row: Lenelle Dean, Cathy Samples, Edna Brown, Kathy Race, Lyndell Slade. Second Row: Peggy Denney, Helen Couch, Lois Driskell, Jane Blanchard, Joan Phipps, Linda Hawkins. Y.W.A. ' S B.S.U First Row: Mr. Bryson, Hoyt Cannon, Linda Hawkins, Helen Couch, Janice Dorough, Judy Dunn, Jane Blanchard, Mr. Wortham. Second Row: Jonte Collins, Edna Brown, Elizabeth Lord, Diane Earwood, Sandra Schwamlein, Babs Gregory, Donald Denney. Dean. Fourth Row: Marilyn Patrick, Mary K. Roper, Miller, Ed Edenfield, Joan Phipps. Fifth Row: Alverson, Jim Gorday, Rock Hardin, Lee Caldwell. Third Row: Lois Driskell, Julia Faulkner, Lenelle Peggy Denney, Linda White, Diane Delong, Shirley Nelson Sevier, Jimmy Conaway, Joe Sims, Frank First Row: Stacy Gutierrez, Kathy Gagliardy, Father Gus Gupenberger, Vicki Parrish, David Ray. Second Row: Billy Pitts, Jack Schneider. Newman Club 132 Westminster Fellowship First Row: Vesta Medernach, Susan Hargrove, Doris Hubbard, Mr.Sykes, Helen Bennett, Melody Folwell, Bonnie Burns, Catherine Wilburn. Second Row: Ronnie Smith, Jimmy Harris, Clint Boyd, Doug Clegg, Terry Vacalis. Wesley Foundation First Row: William Campbell, Beth Wrye, Carol Fitzgerald, Lane Crawley, Diana Capps, Martha Clyburn, Billy Sue Chastain, Quillian Baldwin. Second Row: Nancy Johnson, Judy Parker, Sandra Coffee, Barbara- Miller, Ann Biskey, Annette Collis. Third Row: Frank Morgan, Nicky Nickols, Bruce Duncan, James Jiles, Jim Vance. Y.W.C.A. OFFICERS MR. SIMPSON Adviser Myrna Hassler, Annette Collis, Helen Bennett, Jimmie Ann Evans, Ann Ratterree. Y.M.CA. OFFICERS Hoyt Cannon, Jimmy Roper, Jonte Collins, Jimmy Conaway, Glenn Farr. The " Y " First Row: Medernach, Plaster, Collis, Ratterree, Witherow, King, Bowen, Adams, Bennett, Biskey, Adams, Hawkins, Phipps, Couch, Hassler, Hausler, Duncan, Gautier, Schwab. Second Row: Boyd, Bowers, Stover, Conaway, Roper, Harris, Bryan, Collins, Abercrombie, Imes, Caldwell, McClure, Anderson, Farr, David. Third Row: Dorough, Caldwell, Johnson, Dean, Lord, Wrye, Evans, Westbrook, Wight, Barnish, Brown, Mr. Simpson, Allyn, Tankersley, Roberts, Brown, Earwood, Crawley, Coffee, Folwell, Schwamlein, Evans, Dunn. Fourth Row: Self, Denney, Hardin, Colley, Banks, Cross, Sevelius, Orvuld, Griscom, Black, Quintrell, Alverson, Cannon, Nelson, Waters, Peryam. 1 r 1 - i , A t ft 1 rffWWl 1 Vt ' fiM 1 31. I f» Ik ' RHIi » .jMiW ' i-.wtmm frfc » ' • " - ■ ' .« ■■ — BARBARA AIKEN HELEN BENNETT SANDRA BROWN BENNY BUICE DIANA CAPPS SUSAN COWN JEANNINE FISHER JERRIE GOBER LINDA MANN BRENDA MILLER Nu Gamma Alpha Psi Omega Lee Bradley, Sandra Brown, Selwyn Hartley. Victor Brown, George Martin, Ann Thayer, Carolyn Denman, Helen Bennett, Diana Capps, Dr. Bryan, Miss Drew, Mary Ann Feuchter, Sherry Webb, Linda Burns, Mr. Harris. Phi Alpha Theta 135 The Casuals Al Whittle, Leader; Selwyn Hartley, Richard McLendon, George Gaissert. Snapshots We study , we don ' t. " Why wait? They ' re all out of peanut butter. " " I know I put that sandwich somewhere. " " Why didn ' t I go to the Cherokee? " " Have you seen my date? " and then Mother Goose said .... " You shoulda seen their faces when they read that first question. " 137 as ? i 4 PS s : ' • ■ H ■ . " . W 4 Y i«» , M ' . " ' ! jar. »« H v 1 -fiiu. " SPORTS Carolyn Jarre 1 1 . .v%r ' ff3% Bra •; m ifew.; %- $ 7 4 1 1 % . •» •• " »w. V _ 43 , 5 - • - ' ». i First Row: Burt Miller, Jimmy Harris, Donny Felker. Second Row: Coach Henry, Fred Thompson, Bill Morgan, Joe Thornton. North Georgia Tennis Team BILL MORGAN Captain 1962 COACH BILL HENRY 140 ' ■ T3V - ' tl ' • ' " ■■ " ■ BB ' A BBSS " J- SSB S TS BBL BBBl »« . BBB ' i ' Firs Rouv Sapp, Nelson, Wright, Branch, Barrett, Engen, Moncrief, Averett. Second Row: Williams, Manager; Creel, Ricketson, Roper, Collany, Woods, Royal, Stone, Smith. Third Row: Coach Otte, Gorday, Priest, Jiles, Ashcraft, Strickland, Culbreth, Mclntire, Latimer. N.G.C. Baseball Team 1962 COACH JIM OTTE CAPTAIN TARVER AVERETT 141 ••m mi mi iki Hi! FRED ASHCRAFT BILL ROYAL DALE STONE JIMMY CONAWAY I Ok ■n n» mi i iiHiiHHM " H,il JIM GORDAY Three good pitchers — — RANDY NELSON a JAN WATSON Ready for action. TOMMY WOODS RONNIE CREEL HERBERT PRIEST RONNIE ROPER DON BARRETT 142 JOHN BRANCH BILL COLLANY LARRY CULBRETH GARY ENGEN JAMES JILES PHIL LATIMER AVERETT stretches KIM McINTIRE f ' : --__ V H ,1 MURRY MONCRIEF anii retires the side. LEON RICKETSON — ■ JIMMY SAPP % ■sir ,.:-- c3 iiniiiiiiiiiii _ RAIFORO SMITH DEAN STRICKLAND GERALD WRIGHT 143 First Row: Billie Sue Chastain, Margo Schwab, Laurie Evans, Rilla Stovall, Barbara Miller. Second Row: Jean Henderson, Ann Riley, Myrna Hassler, Nancy Smith, Bonnie Burns. N.G.C. Women ' s Rifle Team 1 TOP FIVE FIRERS: Myrna Hassler, Nancy Smith, Laurie Evans, Jean Henderson, Margo Schwab. MYRNA HASSLER, Captain NANCY SMITH, Co-Captain 144 First Row: Joseph Hillman, Jeffrey Howard, Oscar Weinmeister, Hal Abercrombie, John Adams. Second Row: Robert McKenney, Doug Palmer, Fred Johnston, Instructor Sgt. R. C. Hensley, Victor Brown, James Sanders, Ted Franklin. N.G.C. Men ' s Rifle Team 1 FRED JOHNSTON, Captain VICTOR BROWN, Co-Captain TOP FIVE FIRERS: Fred Johnston, Victor Brown, John Adams, Doug Palmer, Jeffrey Howard. 145 First Row: Burt Miller, Jimmy Harris, Fred Thompson. Second Row: Donny Felker, Dean Anderson, Jerry Almand, Coach Bickley. North Georgia Tennis Team 1 Coach Bickley and his " Seniors " Felker in action?? 146 jfrV . Kneeling: Williams, Williams, Hill, Moncrief, Conaway, Sipple, Mclntire, Culbreth, Parrish, Buford, Bracked, Collings, Scruggs. Standing: Coach Otte, Watson, Odom, Moore, Finleyson, Barrett, Smith, Latimer, Gorday, Campbell, Nichols, Turner, Jiles, Ricketson, McKnight, Branch. N.G.C. Baseball Team 1 M " •mi I BBHHBHHHHBBHHB COACH JIM OTTE CAPTAIN JIMMY CONAWAY 14 " JAN WATSON TOMMY WOODS RAY BRACKETT » 1L i, L t T « JOHN BRANCH BILL CAMPBELL Kneeling: McKnight, Parrish, Brackett, Sipple, Collings, Hill. Standing: Nichols, Harris (Sophomore), Buford, Campbell. ■fsusslLrf f iniiiiiiiii ilf, JIM COLLINGS LARRY CULBRETH hamuli 1 .- ■ _ _JBi Sa c on a slide JIM JILES Tie goes o the runner, I think. 148 I % dt ■nnni|i,SR. | PHIL LATIMER imeisiniifiKii . V-: - ' | JERRY MOORE M e I 5 i : r ROY WILLIAMS, ALFRED WILLIAMS Managers JIM GORDAY ■•SrfjfiK ' HiSIiSRfSiiBi KIM McINTIRE MURRY MONCRIEF " Fellows, this is a baseball! " LEON RICKETSON V •fBIVjrfiB . IIIRIIIIIIH ii.L I - T e beginning oj a double play? DON BARRETT IIIRIIiliia % t||URIH Hi BBIiBBIBBBBBBl CLAY HARRIS BOB SCRUGGS 149 t • •! • . • »••• %s «SBasfK -■C; $531 • M » m SB ■-■.. .V. ' ?|8S ?M m ; JSEKSBKmSSSSs Ji inca GENERAL MERRITT E. HOAG PRESIDENT 152 WILL D. YOUNG DEAN ALICE DONOVAN DEAN OF WOMEN CAPTAIN ORVIL R. HAUSE COMMANDANT OF CADETS 153 RONALD O. ATKINSON Mathematics ROBERT H. BELCHER Chemistry ALLAN S. BICKLEY Physical Education W. DESMOND BOOTH English MARIAN P. BOUFFARD Education LELIA L. BOURDIN Home Economics DOROTHY BROWN English T. CONN BRYAN Social Science 1 ik JEWELL G. BRYSON Business Administration I WALTER J. CARPENTER Mathematics CAMILLUS J. DISMUKES Modern Languages GABRIEL H.F.NGERRAND Modern Languages WILLIAM H. ESSARY English JOYCE FOWLER Physical Education SARAH W. DREW Social Science .P iik THOMAS L. FRANCIS Biology 154 BESSIE LEE FREEMAN Home Economics LORIMER B. FREEMAN Business Administration THOMAS A. GIBSON Science ' s PATRICK B. HARRIS Social Science JAMES HOLLADAY, JR. English JAMES C. KIDD Social Science GUY V. LAIL English JANE LAWRENCE Biology CLAUDE V. LEFFINGWELL Mathematics JASPER I. MALOY, JR. Business Administration ULYSSES G. MATHERLY Physical Education RICHARD M. NEGLEY Mathematics NEWTON OAKES Business Administration JAMES A. OTTE Physical Education EWELL G. PIGG Physics WILLIAM P. ROBERTS Social Science 155 BEN W. SANDERS Biology JOHN C. SIMMS Chemistry JOHN T. SIMPSON, JR. English FRANK M. SMITH Social Science ORBY SOUTHARD Education C.E. STEVENSON Psychology JAMES B. TRAMMELL Business Administration MARION C. WICHT Mathematics JACQUE L. WILLIAMS Mathematics CHARLES M. YAGER Physics SUSIE M. HARRIS Librarian MARY E. HOOD Librarian J I ' • V- FRANCES KENIMER Librarian JULIA OATES Librarian 156 ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS and STAFF ESTELLE DAVID FAY DOLLAR HOWARD H. GILBERT MARY HUPPUCH ELLA RAY OAKES J. W. PHILLIPS PATRICIA SAINE MARGARET SANDERS, R.N. WENDELL SATTERFIELD EMORY L. STEPHENS VELLA STOWERS HAZEL B. TYREE BETH WALL ANNE WATSON J. G. WOODARD, M.D. JACKIE WORTH AM SARA M. WRIGHT, R.N. Mary Lou Ingram, Ola Brown, Gordan Hallmam, Lula Dale. J. B. JONES ROBERT RAGAN 5 U 157 • .?•. A ?? rfKr w tr ' ■ ?L s •v vu £ S i ■X ' , I iltttl, mm OFFICERS: Jimmy Conaway, President; Lorraine Carrington, Secretary; Tommy Long, Vice- President; Jimmy Gorday, Treasurer. SENIORS FRANKIE ABERCROMBIE Dahlonega, Georgia A. B. in English Honors List. % JV ' . - . BARBARA FAYE AIKEN Decatur, Georgia B. S. in Elementary Education Phi AlphaTheta, President 62-63; S.N.E.A., Vice- President 62; Cyclops Editor 60— 63; Hippolytans, Co-Captain 61 — 62; Rec. Council; Wesley Foun- dation; Honors List, Nu Gamma. FRANK LAVET ALVERSON, JR. Fort Rucker, Alabama B. S. in Mathematics Captain; Officers ' Club, Treasurer 62—63; N.C.O. Club; Sigma Theta; Y.M.C.A.; B.S.U.; Blue Ridge Rifles; Intramural Sports. DAVID E. ANDERSON Decatur, Georgia B. S. in Biology N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Y-Club; Biology Club; Chemistry Club; B.S.U.; Dramatics Club. JUANITA ANDERSON Murrayville, Georgia B. S. in Secretarial Science B. A. Club; Hippolytans. LUCY ANDREWS Decatur, Georgia B. S. in Elementary Education Student N.E.A.; B.S.U.; Hippolytans; Honors List. 4 £ k AI v ..-st JACKIE BANNISTER Cumming, Georgia B. S. in Home Economics Trahlytans; Home Economics Club, Vice-President 62—63; Honors List. WILLIAM M. BARRON Baxley, Georgia B. S. in Business Administration Captain; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; Sigma Theta; Scabbard and Blade; Army-Navy Register Award; D.M.S. IVAN JOHN BASCH, JR. Winston-Salem, North Carolina A. B. in History Staff Sergeant; N.C.O. Club. HELEN MALIECE BENNETT Homer, Georgia B. S. in Biology Y. W. C. A., President 62-63, Treasurer 61-62 Westminster Fellowship, Vice-President 62—63 Phi Alpha; Honors List; Hippolytans; Who ' s Who Nu Gamma. r»v fa 1 TS JOEL WAYLON BLACK Inman, South Carolina B. S. in Biology Captain; Biology Club, President; Cyclops Staff, Business Manager; Who ' s Who; N.C.O. Club; Out- standing Bandsman; Cadet Orchestra; Honors List; Y.M.C.A.; Intramural Sports; D.M.S. CLINTON B. BOYD Pacific Palisades, California A. B. in History Lieutenant Colonel; Order of Columbo; N.C.O. Club, Secretary 62-63; Y.M.C.A.; Who ' s Who; Bas- ketball; Letterman ' s Club; D.M.S. C. LEE BRADLEY Camilla, Georgia A, B. in Modern Languages 2nd Lieutenant; Who ' s Who; Dramatics Club, Pres- ident 62 — 63; Cyclops, Editor 60 — 61, Business Manager 61-62; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Y.M.C.A.; Intramural Sports; Honors List; Alpha Psi Omega; D.M.S. WILLIAM ANDERSON BRANCH Belleville, New Jersey A. B. in History Major; Scabbard and Blade; Order of Columbo, President 62-63; Y.M.C.A.; Blue Ridge Rifles; N.C.O. Club; Dramatics Club; Sigma Theta. GAYLE SANDRA MITCHINER College Park, Georgia B. S. in Elementary Education Glee Club; S. N. E. A.; Y. W. C. A.; Bugler Staff; B.S.U.; Hippolytans; Rex Sweetheart 61—62; Hon- ors List. HAROLD ALEXANDER BRIDGES, JR. Washington, Georgia A. B. in History 2nd Lieutenant; Scabbard and Blade; Outstanding Squad Leader; Army-Navy Register Band Scholar- ship Sward; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Who ' s Who; Sigma Theta; Intramural Sports; B. S. U.; Y.M.C.A.; D.M.S.; Honors List. SANDRA JUANITA BROWN Flowery Branch, Georgia A. B. in English Brigade Band Sweetheart 62—63; Who ' s Who; Alpha Psi Omega; Honors List; Dramatics Club, Vice- President; Student N. E.A.; Y. W. C. A.; Cyclops Staff; B.S.U.; Y.W.A., Vice-President; Phi Omicrons. SANDRA N. BROWN Monroe, Georgia B. S. in Elementary Education Rec. Council, Secretary 61—62; Cheerleader; Hon- ors List; B.S.U.; S.N.E.A.; Hippolytans. BENNY BUICE Grayson, Georgia B. S. in Physics 2nd Lieutenant; Nu Gamma; Honors List; Physics Club. LINDA BURNS Dahlonega, Georgia B. S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club; Phi Alpha Theta, Secretary and Treasurer 62—63; Honors List. JEAN BURRELL Clarkesville, Georgia B. S. in Biology Cheerleader; Phi Omricon, Co-Captain 61 — 62; Biology Club, Secretary 62 — 63; Honors List; Y.W.C.A. mt3 £ . -»i. - SYDNEY SHARON BURRELL Clarkesville, Georgia B. S. in Biology Cheerleader; Letterman ' s Club, Treasurer 61—62; Beauty Court; Mercureans; Biology Club; B.S. U.; Y.W.C.A.; Honors List. ROBERT HENRY CAMP Jonesboro, Georgia B. S. in Business Administration Captain; Sigma Theta; N.C. O; Officers ' Club; B.A. Club; Y.M.C.A.;B.S.U.;Scabbar and Blade. HOYT ESTEN CANNON, JR. Macon, Georgia B. S. in Business Administration Lieutenant Colonel; Officers ' Club; Blue Ridge Rifles, Commander 62 — 63, Drill Master 61 — 62; Y. M. C.A., President 61-62, Secretary 62-63; B.S. U.; Senior Superlative; Who ' s Who; Sigma Theta; B.A. Club; Glee Club; N.C.O. Club; Out- standing N.C.O. Award; Best Drill Squad; D.M.S. DIANA VIRGINIA CAPPS Atlanta, Georgia A. B. in French Cadet Bugler Staff, Editor 60-62; Phi Alpha Theta; Vice-President 62—63; Wesley Foundation; Who ' s Who; Senior Superlative; Nu Gamma; Cyclops Staff, Honors List; Y.W.C.A. LORRAINE CARRINGTON Bowman, Georgia B. S. in Home Economics Trahlytans; Honors List; Senior Class Secretary; Home Economics Club, Treasurer 61—62, Secre- tary 62-63; Cyclops Staff. JAMES R. CHAMBLEE Gainesville, Georgia B. S. in Business Administration 2nd Lieutenant; Rex; Officers ' Club; B.A. Club; N.C.O. Club. JOAN MARIE CHASTAIN Thomaston, Georgia A. B. in English Regents ' Scholarship; Honors List; Y. W. C. A.; Mercureans. J-4 MARY FRANCES CHASTAIN Gainesville, Georgia MARTHA IRENE CLYBURN Atlanta, Georgia B. S. in Psychology Honors List; Wesley Foundation, Vice-President 61—62; Bugler Staff; Cyclops Staff; Phi Omicrons. ' ••« " ■ " LARRY W. COCHRAN Thomaston, Georgia B. S. in Chemistry Major; Chemistry Club, Secretary-Treasurer 61 — 62; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club, Vice-President 62-63; Y.M.C.A.; Who ' s Who; D.M.S. GEORGE BRANAN COLLINS, III Macon, Georgia A. B. in English 2nd Lieutenant; Y. M. C. A.; Bugler Staff; Rex; Baseball. JOHN T. COLLINS Forsyth, Georgia B. S. in Biology 2nd Lieutenant; B.S.U., State Vice-President 61— 62, President 62 — 63; Biology Club; Intramural Sports; N.C.O. Club, Chaplain 61-62; Officers ' Club, Chaplain 62—63; Honors List. JAMES T. CONAWAY, JR. Thomaston, Georgia B. S. in Chemistry 1st Lieutenant; Honors List; Intramural Sports; Baseball; Senior Class President; Letterman ' s Club, President 62 — 63, Vice-President 61-62; Sigma Theta, Chaplain 61 — 62; Y. M. C. A., Vice? President 62-63; B.S.U.; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Chemistry Club; Senior Superlative. 164 GILBERT E. COP ELAND, SR. Gainesville, Georgia B. S. in Business Administration 2nd Lieutenant; Officers ' Club; N. CO. Club; Hon- ors List; B.A. Club. SUSAN COWN Loganville, Georgia B. S. in Mathematics Honors List; " D " Company Sweetheart 61—62. BARBARA GAYLE DANIEL Dawson, Georgia B. S. in Secretarial Science B.A. Club, Secretary 61-62, President 62-63; Who ' s Who; B.S.U.; Mercureans; " A " Company Sweetheart 61-62; Honors List. - 5 N 4fe 1:. RALPH JOEL DARSEY Montrose, Georgia B. S. in Chemistry Major; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club, Vice-President 61-62; Chemistry Club, Vice-President 62 — 63; Scabbard and Blade; Rex; Order of Colombo; Super- ior Cadet Ribbon Award; Intramural Sports. ii JULIA CAROLE DAVIDSON Lithonia, Georgia B. S. in Elementary Education Phi Omicrons; Junior Class Secretary; B.S.U.; S. N. E. A.; Honors List; First Battle Group Staff Sweetheart. CAROLYN DENMAN Ringgold, Georgia A. B. in History Phi Alpha Theta; Honors List; Trahlytans. JANICE ANNE DOROUGH Atlanta, Georgia B. S. in Mathematics Honors List; Y. W.C.A.; Cyclops Staff; B. S. U.; Mercureans. CAROLYN JEAN DOSTER Buford, Georgia B. S. in Biology Honors List; B.S.U.; Biology Club. y JUDITH ANNE DUNN Atlanta, Georgia A. B. in English Mercureans; Dramatics Club; Glee Club; B.S.U.; Y.W.C.A.; S.N.E.A.; Cyclops Staff; Cadet Bugler Staff; Beauty Court; Honors List. saws? -f-v MYRA VIRGINIA DUVALL Blue Ridge, Georgia B. S. in Elementary Education Honors List; Y.W.C.A.; Y.W.A.; S.N.E.A.; Trahly- tans, Co-Captain 62—63- DICK D. ELLIOTT, JR. Decatur, Georgia B. S. in Business Administration Captain; Rex; B.A. Club; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; Y. M. C. A.; Junior Class Treasurer; Intra- mural Sports; Honors List; Wesley Foundation; D.M.S. JIMMIE ANN EVANS Hogansville, Georgia B. S. in Biology Biology Club; Y.W.C.A., Secretary 62-63, Public- ity Chairman 61— 62; Dramatics Club; Honors List; Hippolytans. HUBERT GLENN FARR Blakely, Georgia B. S. in Biology 2nd Lieutenant; Y.M.C. A., Treasurer 61—62; Biol- ogy Club, Vice-President 61— 62, Treasurer 62—63; Chemistry Club; Radio Club, Secretary 62 — 63; Outstanding Squad Leader; Honors List. MARY ANN FEUCHTER College Park, Georgia B, S. in Home Economics Lewis Hall Officer, Vice-President 61—62, Presi- dent 62—63; Rifle Team; Home Economics Club; Honors List; Miss North Georgia College; Cyclops Staff, Feature Editor 62 — 63; Bugler Staff, Busi- ness Manager 61 — 62, Alumni Editor 62 — 63; Phi Omicrons; Phi Alpha Theta; Who ' s Who. HENRY H. FITZPATRICK Covington, Georgia B. S. in Business Administration Captain; Honors List; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Sigma Theta; Y-Club; Chemistry Club; B. S. U.; D.M.S. JEWELL MAXWELL GEIGER McRae, Georgia A. B. in English Glee Club; Honors List; Lewis Hall Officer, Treas- urer. rtV. ,« !». k S i 166 GLENDA SUSAN GILBERT Lawrenceville, Georgia B. S. in Elementary Education Y.W.A.; Dramatics Club, Secretary 62-63; S.N.E.A., President 62-63; Y.W.C. A.; B.S.U., Dietitian 61- 62, Vice-President 62 — 63; Mercureans; Honors List. iW A JAMES HENRY GLEN, JR. Sautee, Georgia A. B. in English 2nd Lieutenant; Sigma Theta; Honors List; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Intramural Sports; Y.M.C.A. JAMES C. GORDAY Waycross, Georgia B. S. in Business Administration Captain; N.C.O. Club; Sigma Theta; Y.M.C.A.; B. A. Club; B.S.U.; Senior Class Treasurer; Intra- mural Sports; Honors Li st. ROBERT K. GUEST Douglas, Georgia B. S. in Business Administration Major; Scabbard and Blade; B.S.U.; Honors List; Rex, Secretary- Treasurer 62—63; B. A. Club; Intra- mural Sports; D.M.S. SYBIL ANN HAMES Menlo, Georgia B. S. in Elementary Education Mercureans, Co-Captain 61 — 62, Captain 62 — 63; B.S.U.; S.N.E.A. TRAVIS H. HARPER Ocilla, Georgia B. S. in Business Administration 1st Lieutenant; B. A. Club, Vice-President 62—63; Scabbard and Blade; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Intramural Sports. SELWYN THOMAS HARTLEY, JR. Davisboro, Georgia B. S. in Biology and Chemistry Captain; Biology Club; Chemistry Club; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Honors .List; Y.M.C.A.; Intra- mural Sports; " The Generals " Pianist; " The Cas- uals " Pianist; Cyclops, Assistant Editor; Bugler, News Editor; Dramatics Club, President; Alpha Psi Omega; 1st M— 1 Disassembly; B.S.U. Choir. RICHARD F. HELMBOLD Atlanta, Georgia A. B. in History Captain; Who ' s Who; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Intramural Sports; Y.M.C.A.; Honors List; Forensic Senate; D.M.S. «r. W ENOCH JEROME HICKS Dahlonega, Georgia LINDA SUE HOOKER Dal ton, Georgia B. S. in Physical Education P. E. Club; Senior Superlative; Dramatics Club; President, Rec Clubs 62—63, Vice-President 61— 62; Trahlytans, Co-Captain 60—61. w JOHN C. HOUSE Winder, Georgia B. S. in Biology Lieutenant Colonel; Y.M.C. A.; Biology Club; Drill Platoon; Outstanding Squad Leader; Superior Cadet, 2nd Classman; Assn. of U.S. Army Award; Honors List; Intramural Sports; Scabbard and Blade, Treasurer 62-63; Who ' s Who; D.M.S. RALPH E. HOWARD Statesboro, Georgia B. S. in Business Administration Colonel; Brigade Commander; Y.M.C. A.; B.A. Club; Rex; Scabbard and Blade; Who ' s Who; Outstanding Squad Leader; D.M.S. LEWIS JOHNSON HUBBARD, JR. Moultrie, Georgia A. B. in History Captain; Y.M.C. A.; Scabbard and Blade; Honors List; Intramural Sports; Debate Team, Chairman 61-62; Rex, President 62-63; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; Westminster Fellowship; D.M.S. BEVERLY INGRAM Jackson, Georgia A. B. in History Trahlytans; Y.W.C. A.; Honors List; Newman Club. CAROLYN JARRELL Atlanta, Georgia B. S. in Physical Education Cyclops, Co-Editor, Sports Section 60—63; Y.M. C. A.; Cadet Bugler; Rifle Team; Hippolytans, Co- Captain 60—61, Captain 62—63; Wesley Foundation. FREDERICK W. JOHNSTON Augusta, Georgia B. S. in Business Administration Captain; Blue Ridge Rifles; Rifle Team, Captain 61—63; Rex; Letterman ' s Club, Treasurer 62—63; B.A. Club; Scabbard and Blade; Order of Colombo; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Junior Class Presi- dent; D.M.S. 168 SANDRA LEE KALMBACH Atlanta, Georgia B. S. in Biology Honors List; Trahlytans; Y.W.C.A. JUNE LAVOYN KESLER Toccoa, Georgia B. S. in Elementary Education S.N.E.A.; Y.W.C.A.; Wesley Foundation. JAMES LAWRENCE LAWHON Atlanta, Georgia B. S. in Business Administration Staff Sergeant; Color Guard. TOMMY LONG Sardis, Georgia B. S. in Psychology Captain; N.C.O. Club; Rex; Officers ' Club; Base- ball; Outstanding Junior; Letterman ' s Club; Senior Class Vice-President; Scabbard and Blade. WENDEL L. LONG Ochlochnee, Georgia B. S. in Business Administration Major; Scabbard and Blade; Honors List; Sigma Theta; B. A. Club; Intramural Sports Award. WILLIAM H. McCLURE, JR. Marietta, Georgia WILLIAM EUGENE McCONNELL Dahlonega, Georgia B. S. in Chemistry 1st Lieutenant; Y.M. C. A.; Chemistry Club; Out- standing Platoon Leader; Honors List. VON SLADE McCRANIE Willacoochee, Georgia B. S. in Business Administration 2nd Lieutenant; B. A. Club; Sigma Theta; Officers ' Club; Honors List. LINDA MARIE MANN Tucker, Georgia B. S. in Elementary Education Cyclops Staff; Honors List; S. N. E.A.; B.S.U-, Executive Council; Y.W.A., President 62-63; Nu Gamma. KENNON L. MASHBURN Blue Ridge, Georgia B. S. in Business Administration 1st Lieutenant; Scabbard and Blade; Sigma Theta; B.A. Club; Officers ' Club; N. C. O. Club; Intra- mural Sports. %T CLAUDE B. MAYFIELD Ellijay, Georgia B. S. in Chemistry 2nd Lieutenant; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Af- filiate Member of American Chemical Society; Honors List. BRENDA MILLER Acworth, Georgia A. B. in Modern Languages Cheerleader; Hippolytans; Letterman ' s Club; " D " Company Sweetheart; Cyclops Queen; Honors List; Nu Gamma. BURT ROBERT MILLER Atlanta, Georgia B. S. in Physical Education Captain; Basketball; Tennis; Intramural Sports; Letterman ' s Club; Officers ' Club; Scabbard and Blade. WILLIAM GERALD MILLER Decatur, Georgia B. S. in Business Administration 2nd Lieutenant; Chemistry Club; B.A. Club; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Sigma Theta; Y. M. C. A.; Intramural Sports. BETTY MONTGOMERY Atlanta, Georgia B. S. in Physical Education Trahlytans; President of Rec Clubs 61—62; Phy. Ed. Club; Honors List; Wesley Foundation. ALLEN JACKSON MYERS Macon, Georgia B. S. in Business Administration Private; B. A. Club; Sigma Theta, Treasurer 61— 62; 2nd Best Drilled Freshman; Best Drilled Sopho- more; 3rd Meader ' s Drill Medal. 170 JAKE RANDY NELSON Reidsville, Georgia B. S. in Physical Education Staff Sergeant; Baseball; Letterman ' s Club; Biol- ogy Club; Rex; N.C. 0. Club; B. S. U.; Y.M.C.A.; Color Guard; Intramural Sports; Honors List. ROBERT N. ODOM Dublin, Georgia A. B. in History 2nd Lieutenant; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club. GORDON LEE PARKS Dalton, Georgia B. S. in Physics 1st Lieutenant; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; Hon- ors List; Y. M. C. A.; B. S. U.; Intramural Sports; Dramatics Club; Radio Club, Secretary 61 — 62, President 62—63; Physics Club, President 62—63- L AMAR P ETTIT Canton, Georgia B. S. in Physics Captain; Physics Club; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Intramural Sports. NANCY PHILLIPS Cumming, Georgia B. S. in Home Economics Cheerleader, Co- Captain 61 — 62; Honors List; Home Economics Club, President 62 — 63 Vice- President 61—62; Glee Club; B.S.IL; Mercureans; Y. W. C. A.; Letterman ' s Club; Who ' s Who; Senior Superlative. JERRY LEON PICKETT Atlanta, Georgia B. S. in Mathematics 2nd Lieutenant; Sigma Theta; N.C.O. Club; Offi- cers ' Club; Intramural Sports; Athletic Program Award. RICHARD DAVID PILCHER Gainesville, Georgia B. S. in Business Administration 1st Lieutenant; Rex; B. A. Club; B.S.U.; Editor, B.S. U. Newspaper 63; Cadet Bugler, Associate Editor 63, Military Editor 61—62, Sports Editor 60- 61; Y. M. C. A.; Best Drill Squad; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; 3rd Best Drilled Sophomore; 2nd Meader ' s Award. WALLACE N. QUINTRELL Blue Ridge, Georgia 2nd Lieutenant; Rex; Y.M.C.A.; Honors List. JACK DURELL RAGSDALE, JR. Marietta, Georgia B. S. in Physical Education Captain; Scabbard and Blade; Superior 4th Class Cadet Award; Outstanding Freshman; Outstanding Platoon Sergeant Award; Basketball, Captain 61 — 62; Officers ' Club; N.C. O. Club; Rex; Honors List; Intramural Sports; D.M.S. ANN RATTERREE Hapeville, Georgia B. S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club; Wesley Foundation, Food Chairman 61-62; Y.W.C. A., Treasurer 62-63; Hip- polytans; Honors List. SUELLE REECE Ellijay, Georgia A. B. in History Rifle Team; Y. W. C. A.; Phi Omicrons; Cyclops Staff. .+ r MARGARET KENNEDY RICHARDSON Acworth, Georgia A. B. in English Cheerleader, Captain 61-62; Honors List; " G " Company Sweetheart; Outstanding Sophomore Girl; Westminster Fellowship, Secretary-Treasurer 60— 61, Vice-President 61-62; Hippolytans. MARY KATHRYN ROPER Cumming, Georgia B. S. in Elementary Education B.S.U.; Phi Omicrons; S.N.E.A. CATHERINE E. SAMPLES Atlanta, Georgia B. S. in Secretarial Science B. A. Club, Secretary 62-63; B.S.U.; Y.W.A., Sec- retary 62-63; Phi Omicrons; Cyclops Staff; Cadet Bugler Staff; Honors List. JAMES ROBERT SAWYER Waycross, Georgia B. S. in Biology 2nd Lieutenant; Sigma Theta; Tennis; Letterman ' s Club; Biology Club; Y.M.C.A.; N.C.O. Club; Offi- cers ' Club. RODNEY B. SHIVERS Manchester, Georgia B. S. in Business Administration 2nd Lieutenant; Rex; B. A. Club; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Cyclops Staff. i 2 JOE L. SIMS Commerce, Georgia B. S. in Business Administration 2nd Lieutenant; Officers ' Club; Sigma Theta; Intra- mural Sports; B.S.U.; B. A. Club. MARGARET PATRICIA SMITH Clark ston, Georgia A. B. in English Hippolytans; Honors List; 2nd Battle Group Sweet- heart. THOMAS SPIGHT, JR. Sparta, Georgia B. S. in Physics 1st Lieutenant; Honors List; Physics Club; Sigma Theta; Cyclops Staff, Military Editor 60—61; Bug- ler Staff; Order of Columbo; Intramural Sports; Offi- cers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; D.M.S. BEVERLY JEAN STEPHENS Gainesville, Georgia B. S. in Secretarial Science Honors List; B. A. Club. FREDRICK LEE STEWART Winder, Georgia B. S. in Business Administration 1st Lieutenant; Scabbard and Blade; Sigma Theta, Secretary 61-62, President 62-63; N.C.O. Club, Secretary 61-62; Officers ' Club; B. A. Club; Pro- ficiency in Military Science Award. MARILYN DELORES ELLIOTT Atlanta, Georgia B. S. in Middle Grade Education Wesley Foundation; Senior Superlative; Outstand- ing Junior Girl; " E " Company Sweetheart; " F " Company Sweetheart; Cyclops Staff; Bugler Staff; Phi Alpha Theta; S.N.E. A., Treasurer 61-62; Dra- matics Club; Phi Omicrons; Y.W.C. A.; Honors List. FRED B. THOMPSON Marietta, Georgia B. S. in Psychology 2nd Lieutenant; Letterman ' s Club; Tennis; Intra- mural Sports (Letter); N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club. JOHN LEWIS TINLEY, JR. Waynesboro, Georgia B. S. in Biology Scabbard and Blade; Rex. — - k CECIL CHARLES WADDELL LaFayette, Georgia B. S. in Biology 2nd Lieutenant; Biology Club; Chemistry Club; Honors List; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club, Sergeant- at-Arms 62—63; Intramural Sports. JOHN M. WADDILL, JR. Ocilla, Georgia B. S. in Biology Biology Club; N.C.O. Club; Officers Club; Color Guard. JAN F. WATSON Toccoa, Georgia B. S. in Business Administration 1st Lieutenant; B. A. Club; Letterman ' s Club; Sig- ma Theta; Officers ' Club; Baseball; Intramural Sports. SHERRY WEBB Atlanta, Georgia A, B. in History Bugler Staff; Phi Alpha Theta; Dramatics Club; Sigma Theta Sweetheart 60—61; Trahlytans; Hon- ors List. " m MtG2 % f- WILLIAM E. WESSNER Fort Benning, Georgia ELIZABETH ANNE WILBORN Marietta, Georgia B. S. in Elementary Education Cyclops Staff, Faculty Editor 62—63; Bugler Staff; S.N.E.A. MITCHELL H. WILLIS Washington, Georgia B. S. in Business Administration THOMAS V. WOODS St. Simons Island, Georgia B. S. in Physical Education Major; Intramural Sports; Basketball; Baseball; Outstanding 4th Class; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Rex, Vice-President 62 — 63; Letterman ' s Club, Secretary 62 — 63; Senior Superlative; Y.M. C.A.; Scabbard and Blade. ' 4 0 BRENDA JO YORK Marietta, Georgia S. S. in Elementary Education S.N. E. A., Treasurer 62-63; Y.W.C.A.; Mercureans; B.S.U.; Honors List. JOSEPH A. ZEIGLER Savannah, Georgia B. S. in Biology Sergeant; Biology Club. SUMMER GRADUATES MRS. BARBARA ANDERSON CALLAWAY Cumming, Georgia ROBERT LEE CARMICHAEL, JR. Canton, Georgia " " ' ■ ' «r MRS. EDNA BROCK DURHAM Dalton, Georgia MRS. VERNELLE MARR MERRITT Gainesville, Georgia MRS. KATE T. PAYNE Jasper, Georgia MRS. ALMA WILSON PENLAND Ellijay, Georgia MRS. GLADYS MARSHALL POSTON Jasper, Georgia JOHN MARLIN SMITH Gainesville, Georgia MRS. DOLLIE CAIN WEAVER Ringgold, Georgia MRS. BEULAH BARTON SALES Marble, North Carolina MRS. RUBY H. WATSON Brasstown, North Carolina MRS. EDITH SOSEBEE WRIGHT dimming, Georgia T 113 1 17C NOT PICTURED MRS. MAMIE DAVISON FARR Camesville, Georgia MRS. SHIRLEY WINTHROP DRAPER Winder, Georgia MRS. FLETA ELAINE EDWARDS Chatsworth, Georgia GEORGE WILEY O ' KELLEY McDonough, Georgia GRETCHEN PAYNE Buford, Georgia GEORGE DRUE PERRY Dublin, Georgia MYLES AUGUSTUS PERRY Monroe, Georgia HANNAH CARLEEN REYNOLDS Covington, Georgia JAMES ALBERT SHARPE, JR. Adairsville, Georgia GEORGE WASHINGTON WHITLEY, JR. College Park, Georgia MRS. JUANITA WILSON Preston, Georgia JUNIORS ABERCROMBIE, MILO Gainesville ADAMS, ALICE Dahlonega ALEXANDER, GORDON Augusta ALLGOOD, KENNETH Atlanta ANDERSON, DEAN Marietta ARRANT, ALFRED Columbus l BALDWIN, QUILLIAN Madison BANKS, WILLIAM Albany BARTON, FRANKLIN .Brunswick BELL, JAMES Edison BE NEFIELD, PHIL LaGrange BISKEY, ANN Dahlonega BLALOCK, HARRY Waycross BLANKS, JOHN Macon BLANKS, KATHRYN Macon BRANTLEY, SAMUEL Atlanta BROWN, VICTOR New York, N.Y. BURDEN, CHARLES Macon BURKETT, JOHNNY Macon BURTON, JODIE Marietta CALDWELL, LEE Atlanta CAMP, LEONARD Gainesville CANADY, EDWARD Brunswick CASH, MARY ELIZABETH Homer CATES, BOB COLLIER, CAROLYN. . Macon .Monroe COLLIS, ANNETTE. COUSINS, LARRY..., McCaysville . .. Greenville I " 0 CRISSEY, MELVIN Camilla CUNNINGHAM, LEIGH Decatur DENNARD, RICHARD Conyers DENNEY, DONALD Franklin DISMUKES, KEY Dahlonega DOUGLAS, JOHN Atlanta DOWNEY, CARROL Tallapoosa DUNCAN, BRUCE Marietta DYSON, DIANA Washington EDMONDS, MARY ANN Toccoa ELLIOTT, CHARLES Hampton ELLIOTT, VAN Alpharetta ETHINGTON, WILLIAM Darien FAY, DAN Atlanta FELKER, DONALD Dalton FISHER, JEANNINE Atlanta 180 FISHER, JUDY Decatur FLOYD, GWYNNE Dalton FOSTER. BARBARA East Point FRIDELL, GAIL Thomaston GARRETT, JIM Kennesaw GATTIS, ALLEN Marietta GEE, WILLIE Cairo GERARD, TRACY Hawaii GOBER, JERRIE Dawsonville GREEN, THERESA Cumming GRISCOM, JOHN .Warner Robins HALL, DARBY Canon HARKINS, BETTY.. HASSLER, MYRNA. .Dahlonega Brunswick HAYES, BARBARA Smyrna HEALY, BUZ Fort Benning 181 HELDRETH, NICKY Dahlone HILL, JOHN Gainesville HOLTON, THOMAS Savannah ?ga HUBBARD, DORIS Maysville HUTCHERSON, PAGE Macon JACKSON, WENDELL Atlanta JILES, JAMES Kennesaw JOHNSON, ELLEN .Warner Robins JOHNSTON, JOHN Macon KING, WILLIAM Decatur KIRK, BERFORD Brunswick LITTLE, BETTY Lavonia LONG, RITA McCRANIE, CLAUYE. .Macon , Ocilla Mcdonald, theodore Dublin MARTIN, GEORGE Hinesville w X j SAPP, RAMOND Hinesville SCRUGGS, BONNIE Dahlonega SCRUGGS, ROBERT East Point SEVIER, NELSON Savannah SMALLWOOD, FLOYD Gainesville SMITH, NANCY Gainesville SPRAGUE, JOHN Marietta SPROUSE, MARVIN Birmingham, Ala. SUTTON, RONALD Pearson SWEARINGEN, GEORGE Decatur TALLEY, MARTHA Macon TAYLOR, ERLE Moultrie THAYER, ANN Dawsonville TERRY, ROBERT Powder Springs THOMAS, ROSS Donalsonville TOWNSEND, WILLIAM Atlanta 184 WATSON, COOKIE Macon WEAVER, EDWARD Perry WEST, JIMMY Dahlonega WEST, SAMMY Dahlonega WHITE, LEWIS Dahlonega WHITE, LINDA Dahlonega WICHT, MAC Dahlonega WILSON, JANET Hapeville WIMBERLY, JAMES Rome WINGO, PEGGY Atlanta WOLARY, CARL Cocoa, Fla. YORK, WILLIAM Lincolnton YOUNG, LARRY Atlanta 185 SOPHOMORES ALFORD, WILLIAM Waynesboro ALLYN, ANNETTE Atlanta ALMAND, WILLIAM East Point ANTHONY, JAMIE Atlanta ARCHIBALD, ALBERT Rome ARMSTRONG, PAUL Albany ASHER, JAMES Decatur AUSTIN, EMILY East Point AVERY, MICHAEL Greeneville, Tenn. BAGLEY, SHERON Colbert BARRETT, DON Gainesville BEAZLEY, DONALD Edinburg, Va. BENNETT, MICHAEL Fort Monroe, Va. BERRY, EVELYN Dahlonega BLANCHARD, JANE Waynesboro BLOUNT, CHARLES Blackshear BONNEMER, SIDNEY Winder BRADBERRY, EDWIN Roberta BRANCH, JOHN Bangor, Maine BREWER, GORDON Crandall RROCK, CARROLL Gainesville BROWN, QUIDA KAY Hartwell BRYAN, JAMES Ta ' _- BRYAN, MORRIS Atlanta BRYANT, SHARON Cartersville BRYANT, TOM Greeneville, Tenn. BRYSON, BILL Marietta BURDETTE, ROBERT Atlanta BURGESS, CHARLES Sandy Springs BURGESS, GAIL Alpharetta BURRISS, ELLEN Alpharetta BUTTERWORTH, JAMES Gainesville CALLAHAN, WELBORN Ft. Benning CALLAWAY, THOMAS Atlanta CHALPAN, MARIE Atlanta CHASTAIN, BILLIE SUE Talking Rock CLARK, GENE Ft. Hood, Texas CLEGG, DOUGLAS Albany CLEMENT, JIMMY Atlanta CLEMENTS, MILES Tifton CLINE, JIMMY Newton COFFEE, SANDRA Lawrence ville COKER, GARY Monroe COLE, CURTIS Ft. Benning COLEMAN, PRENTICE Forest Park COOK, DAVID Jasper COOPER, ELEANOR Senoia CORNELISON, VICKI College Park COUCH, HELEN Macon COWART, CHARLES Macon - r Q ,T CRANE, MATTHEW Lawrenceville CREEL, RONALD East Point CULBRETH, LARRY Cordele CURTIS, ROBERT Waycross DAMIANOS, SUE Miami, Fla. DANIEL AJALON LaGrange DeLONG, DIANE .Gainesville deTREVILLE, JOHN Augusta DOSS, LARRY Gainesville DUNAGAN, DENNIS Atlanta DUNCAN, FRED Nashville DURRETT, WALLACE Macon DYE, SANDRA Athens EDENFIELD, HUBERT Savannah ENGEN, GARY Fayetteville, N.C. ENSLEY, ROGER Blue Ridge EVANS, HUGH Dalton FAULKNER, JULIA Kingston FERGUSON, JOE Dahlonega FERGUSON, SUSAN Dahlonega FERGUSON, WALTER Smyrna FLANAGAN, WILLIAM Gainesville FLOYD, WALTER Bainbridge FOLWELL, MELODY Atlanta FORRESTER, ALTUS Silver Creek FOSS, RONALD Marietta FOX, SYLVAN Dalton FRANKLIN, JOHN .Waynesboro GAGLIARDY, CATHERINE .Glenolden, Pa. GARDNER, JEAN Doraville GARRARD, JOHN Austell GILLELAND, LARRY Gainesville GLENN, PATRICIA Pelham GOOCH, BRENDA Jefferson GOOCH, LINDA Jefferson GRACE, KENNETH LaGrange GRANT, CLAYTON Dawsonville GREEN, MARTHA Albany GREENE, JOHN Albany GREGORY, BABS Buford GRIDER, JIMMY Dalton GROOVER, ALICE Marietta HAMRICK, JOE Cordele HARDEN, JOHN Eastman HARDY, JANE Decatur HARGROVE, PORTIA Eastman HARGROVE, SUSAN Atlanta HARRIS, EDWIN Covington HARRIS, JIMMY Gainesville HARVILL, DANIEL Oglethorpe HAWKINS, LINDA Lithonia HAYES, EARL LaGrange HEARD, GAIL dimming HEARN, CAROLYN Atlanta HEATH, FRED Casselberry, Fla. HEATH, GEORGE Moultrie HICKS, WILLIAM Decatur HINTON, JACKIE Atlanta HITT, MARY DAN Toccoa HOGAN, WILLIAM Vero Beach, Fla. HOLLAND, MARY ANN Marietta HOLLIS, JOEY Dahlonega HOLMES, JOHNNY Ellijay HOLT, DONALD Warner Robins HOLT, RONALD Warner Robins HOOD, LYNDA Sautee HOUSE, JERRY Winder HUEY, GORDON Alma HULSEY, JOE Gainesville IMES, JAMES Decatur JARRARD, THOMAS Gainesville JERNIGAN, ROBERT Forest Park JOLLY, JOHN Decatur JONES, BURTON Valdosta JONES, OTIS Dawson i I I JORDON, DIANE Sasser KELLOGG, LARRY Canton KEMP, JERRY Buford KENDALL, PETE Macon KICKLIGHTER, RODNEY Jesup KIMBRELL, BARBARA Nacoochee LAMSON, DON Avondale Estates LANGFORD, CHRIS Gainesville LATIMER, PHILLIP Gainesville LOWE, SUSAN Fort Valley LITTLE, LINDA Rome LUCKEY, THOMAS Albany McCALLISTER, ALICIA Toccoa McDOWALL, CATHERINE Lawrenceville McGREGER, GREGG Lindale McINTIRE, ROBERT Atlanta McKENNEY, ROBERT Atlanta McLEMORE, MICHAEL Atlanta McLENDON, RICHARD College Park McLEOD, OSCAR Thomasville MANN, LUCY Doraville MARKT, JO BETH Hartwell MARSHALL, WILLIAM College Park MASTEN, HELEN Covington MAYS, THOMAS Marietta MEDERNACH, VESTA Decatur MILES, MARVIENE Cleveland MILLER, BARBARA Lakeland MILLER, FREDDIE Hapeville MILLER, LOUIS Atlanta MONGOLD, GEORGE Atlanta MOON, LARRY Marietta MOORE, JACK Chicopee MOORE, WILLIAM Decatur MORANG, JAMES Winterville MORGAN, RAY Unadilla MUNDY, ANDREW Jonesboro MURPHY, TOMMY Savannah MYERS, RAYMOND Moncks Corner, S.C. NEWMAN, REX Emerson NEWMAN, ROSEMARY Decatur NICKLES, BETTY LaGrange " - a ODOM, THOMAS Columbus OGLE, BILL Decatur PALMER, DOUG Decatur PALMOUR, EVANS Gainesville PARROTT, ALICE Senoia PATTERSON, RALAND Blue Ridge PEACOCK, CLAYTON LaFayette PECK, SYLVIA Gainesville PHIPPS, JOAN Cornelia «?■ . f k PITTS, WILLIAM Avondale Estates PLATT, FRED Atlanta POWELL, ROBERT Villa Rica PRINCE, WILLIAM Tate PRYOR, SANDI Atlanta PURCELL, MADGE Cornelia PYRON, DOUG Atlanta RACE, CATHY Atlanta RAY, DAVID Fairmont REDWINE, LESLIE Hapeville RHODES, ETTA Smyrna RICKETSON, LEON Savannah RILEY, ANN Macon ROLLISON, REMBERT Hinesville ROPER, JIMMY Montezuma ROPER, ROBERT Marietta SANDERS, HARRY Powder Springs SANDERS, JAMES Dahlonega SCHNEIDER, JOHN Mac on SEABOLT, JERRY Dahlonega SELF, DWIGHT Crandall SEWARD, JANE Atlanta SHOPE, JOHN Atlanta SKELTON, RICHARD California SIMPSON, FRANK Rome SLADE, LYNDELL College Park SMITH, CAROLE Reidsville SMITH, GARY Atlanta SMITH, EUGENE Louisville SMITH, HOMER Gainesville SMITH, RONALD Marietta SPIRES, ARCHIE Martinez SPURLIN, DANIEL Atlanta ? STARNES, WILLIAM Newman STORY, PAUL Waynesboro STOVALL, RILLA College Park STOWERS, HOWARD Conyers STRICKLAND, CLEVELAND Waycross SYMMERS, ELIZABETH Decatur TENNYSON, WALTER Camilla THOMAS, JOEL Marietta THOMAS, LARRY Avondale Estates «- P W ■ 9k. THOMPSON, RONALD Gainesville TOOLE, SAMUEL Colquitt TURNER, CHARLENE Dawsonville TURNER, JOHN Smyrna TURNER, LARRY Thomaston WALDEN, JIMMY Dahlonega WALKER, PIXIE Rome WALTHOUR, BILL Atlanta r : " WAYNE, ALAN Flowery Branch WEBB, DANNY Forest Park WEBB, JORENE LaGrange WIDBY, JERRY Dahlonega WHITTLE, WILLIAM Brunswick WIGGINS, CHARLES Rockmart WILBURN, CATHERINE Decatur WILLIAMS, ALFRED LaGrange WILLIAMS, GEORGE Atlanta WILLIAMS, ROY Atlanta WILLIS, JOHN Atlanta WILSON, SAM LaFayette WOODARD, JACK Enterprise, Ala. WORLEY, WILLIAM Dahlonega WRAY, CARL Douglas ville WRIGHT, GERALD Decatur Cumming 197 FRESHMEN ACREE, JAMES Atlanta ALEXANDER, GERALD Atlanta ANDERSON, JAMES Talbotton ANDREWS, JONES Chickamauga ARNETTE, RONALD Chamblee ARNOLD, TOMMY Dawson ASKEW, ISAAC Warrenton ASPINWALL, DAVID Hinesville ATTAWAY, JANE Madison BACON, WILLIAM Atlanta BANGS, KENNETH Dawson BANKS, WILLIAM Winder BARBER, HUGH Hogansville BARNISH, NAN Hoschton BARTON, JANE ANN Atlanta BEARD, JOHN Moultrie BENNETT, CAROLYN Gainesville BENNETT, MAX Hornet BENTON, JAMES Monticello BERNHARDT, DAVID Atlanta BERRY, ROY Atlanta BEST, GEORGE Augusta BIGBIE, SAMUEL Albany BLACK, HORACE Gainesville i i r- M . Wh • n + - — , 1. BOWDEN, FORREST Covington BOWEN, NANCY East Point BOWEN, JANE Atlanta BOWERS, WILLIAM Springfield, Va. BOWMAN, ROGER Ringgold BOZEMAN, JOE Kennesaw BRACKETT, RAY Decatur BREWER, HERBERT Hazlehurst BRIGGS, ROBERT Southern Pines, N. C. BROOKS, RAYMOND Tifton BROOME, CLIFFORD Dalton BROWN, DIANE Symrna BROWN, EDNA Summerville BROWN, HARRY East Point BROWN, HERBERT Westport, Conn. BROWN, JUDY Flowery Branch BROWN, LANE Kennesaw BROWN, SANDRA Decatur BROWN, THOMAS Sharon BROWN, WILLIAM Albany BRYANT, LEE Cordele BUFORD, DEMIS Dallas BURGESS, LARRY Toccoa BURNS, BONNIE St. Simons Island BURT, LARRY Hammond, La. BUSH, ROBERT Vienna CALDWELL, ELEANOR Decatur CALDWELL, JOHN Greensboro f J ° ? CALDWELL, MICHAEL LaFayette CALIFF, CHARLES Fairburn CAMP, THOMAS Atlanta CAMPBELL, WILLIAM Covington CARAWAY, GEORGIANNA Atlanta CARAWAY, WILLIAM Macon CARBO, MARY NELL Forest Park CARROLL, BEVERLY Atlanta M. CARTER, HARRY Alma CARTER, LARRY Alma CARTER, LINDA Waynesboro CARTER, ROY Alma CARTER, THOMAS Rutledge CATES, KAY Macon CHAMBERS, WILLIAM Atlanta CHAMP ' ON, CHARLES Tate CHASTAIN, JOSEPH Gainesville CHESNUT, VER1ANNE Lavonia CHILDERS, RICHARD Griffin CLAYTON, HOWARD Austell COLBETH, ADRIANNA Hapeville COLLEY, RALPH Columbus COLLINGS, JAMES St. Petersburg, Fla. COLQUITT, CANDACE Dallas CONNER, STANTON Gainesville COUSINS, ALBERT Greenville CRAVENS, JAMES Columbus CRAWLEY, LANE Atlanta CROSS, REESE Dawson CROWE, HAYDEN Ball Ground CUNNINGHAM, BENJAMIN East Point DANIEL, DAVID Elberton DAVIDSON, RAY Albany DEAN, LENELL Blairsville DENNEY, PEGGY Franklin DEVLIN, DONALD Savannah DRISKELL, LOIS Decatur DRIVER, WALTER Dewy Rose DUKE, HERBERT Covington DUNCAN, NITA Ormond Beach, Fla. DUNPHEY, JANE Marietta EARWOOD, DIANE Marietta EVANS, LAURIE Atlanta EVANS, WILLIAM Lexington EXUM, JOHN Adel FAULKNER, DONALD Kingston FINK, JERRY Atlanta FINLEYSON, MICHAEL Stone Mountain FITTS, HUBERT Dahlonega FITZGERALD, CAROL Atlanta FLEMING, BILLY Gainesville FLETCHER, GEORGE Rome FORD, CAROLYN Smyrna FOWLER, BETTY Gainesville FRANKLIN, THEODOR Fort Benning FROST, EDEN Macon GADDY, SHARON Atlanta GAISSERT, GEORGE Griffin GARDNER, BRENDA Atlanta GARRETT, RANDY Bowdon GARRISON, LINDA Gainesville GARRISON, STUART McRae GASKINS, JAMES College Park GAUTIER, JENNIE Macon - j ir« v v " i GLAUSIER, SUSAN Decatur GLISSON, THOMAS Marietta GORDAY, RONALD Wayctoss GRIFFIN, JUNE Lula G ' SEGNER, FORD Marietta GUTIERREZ, STACEY Albany HALL, EDWIN Fort Ord, Calif. HAMMOCK, WILLIAM Augusta HARALSON, FRANK Greensboro, N. C. HARD, DAVID Albany HARDIN, BILL Albany HARDING, GLENDA Douglasville HARRELSON, JOE Palmetto HARTRICK, GEORGE Decatur HASLETT, TERRY Tucker HAUSLER, EDYTHE Smyrna HAWEY, RICHARD Senoia HEAD, MELANIE Cleveland HELLER, MARTY Newnan HENDERSON, JEAN Cumming HERIN, KINGMAN Macon HESTER, HENRY Cairo HICKS, WILLIAM Lavonia HILL, WILLIAM Roberta HILLMAN, JOSEPH Rome HOLLAND, JOAN Gainesville HOLLAND, RODNEY Cartersville HOWARD, JEFFRY Augusta HOWE, ROBERT Dry Branch HOWELL, JAMES Atlanta HUNT, RICHARD Macon HUTCHESON, CAROL Smyrna IRVINE, JULIE Decatur JACKSON, BECKY Grovetown JARRARD, ERNEST Dahlonega JENKINS, NANCY Winder JOHNSON, JO ANN Fairburn JOHNSON, NANCY Blairsville JOHNSTON, KAREN Cartersville JONES, HARRIETT Duluth JONES, JAMES Stone Mountain JORDAN, PAULA Atlanta KEENE, JAMES Soperton KELLER, LUCIAN Fort Benning KING, LADD Albany KING, GAIL Decatur KINNAMON, THOMAS Varnell KINNEY, MARIE East Point KIRKLAND, RONALD Columbus KITTLE, CAROLYN Ringgold KNIGHT, MICHAEL Thomasville LANE, RODDY Pembroke LAWRENCE, JOHN Hapeville LEWIS, THOMAS Macon LOCHARD, PAUL Albany LONG, JERRY Sardis i As ' ' LORD, ELIZABETH Forsyth LOTT, WILLIAM Covington LOVE, CLIFFORD Atlanta LOVELACE, BARBARA Macon LOVETT, MAX Cuthbert LUNDY, CHERYL Atlanta McCALL, LELAND Reidsville McCLAIN, JOYCE Toccoa McCLURE, MARSHA Madison McDANIEL, RICHARD Avondale Estates McDOWALL, FRANCIS Lawrenceville McKINZEY, MICHAEL Flowery Branch McKNIGHT, JAMES Fort Knox, Ky. McMONAGLE, WILLIAM Fort Benning McMULLAN, PHILLIP Avondale Estates MALCOM, JOSEPH Social Circle MANIS, BENJAMIN Dalton MARSHALL, WILLIAM College Park MARTIN, JERRY Hinesville MASON, JOHN Macon MASSEY, AMY Madison MATHEWS, DW1GHT Lexington MATHEWS, JAMES Atlanta MATHIS, WILLIAM Twin City MAXWELL, DIANNE Forest Patk MELTON, JAMES Bremen MILLER, ROSEMARY Eastman MILLER, RUFUS Colquitt MILLER, SHIRLEY Lula MILLIGAN, EDWARD Thomasville MILLS, LINDA Sandy Springs MIMS, FRANK College Park MITCHELL, CAREY Chatsworth MIZE, MARY JO Cleveland MOON, DOYL Hapeville MOONEY, STEVE Flowery Branch MOORE, CAROL Gainesvilk MOORE, MICHAEL Decatur MOORE, THOMAS Augusta MORRISON, ROBERT Athens MOTE, THOMAS Dahlonega MURPHEY, DANIEL Atlanta MURPHY, CURTIS Grayson MURPHY, LARRON Dalton MURPHY, ROY Moultrie MYERS, DAVID Roopville NAFF, WILLIAM Atlanta NICHOLS, CARL Martinez ? V ' A N NUNN, HENRY Decatur ORUOLD, THEODORE Mt. Holly, N.J. PALMER, SANDRA Decatur PARRJSH, VICKI Jackson PARRISH, ROBERT Macon PATRICK, MARILYN Jackson PAYNE, TYLER Rome PERYAM, JAMES Doraville x « ' A ' 1 I PHILLIPS, THOMAS .Macon PHILYAW, TERRELL Gainesville PILCHER, DAVID Macon PITTMAN, WILLIAM Decatur PLASTER, NANCY .Atlanta PRANCE, FRANKLIN Marietta PRESCOTT, RONALD Atlanta PREWITT, BARBARA San Francisco, Calif. PRIEST, LYNN Canton RAINES, HENRY Atlanta REESE, JUSTIN Thomson REICHERT, HERBERT Thomasville RENFROE, CHIP Quitman RHODES, SIM Macon RICHARDSON, MARTHA Pendergrass ROACH, DAVID Bowdon ROBERTS, BRENDA Buford ROGERS, CHARLES College Park ROGERS, MALCOM Macon ROSSER, JAMES Marietta RUSHING, ATLON Brunswick SAILERS, DONALD Gainesville SASSNER, NORMAN Fort Benning SCARBOROUGH, DAN Rome SCHAPER, RUSSELL Atlanta SCHWAB, MARGO St. Simmons Island SCHWAMLEIN, SANDRA Forsyth SCRUGGS, DOROTHY Clayton SELLERS, MARY ANN Ellijay SEVELIUS, RALPH Miami, Fla. SHEPPARD, JENNIE Sandersville SIMS, TRUITT Hogansville SIPPLE, ADRIAN Columbus SLAPPEY, LARRY Americus SLOAN, CAROLE Gainesville SMITH, BEVERLY Murray ville SMITH, CAROLE Marietta SMITH, GORDON Tifton SMITH, LYNDA Villa Rica SORRELLS, WALTER Perry STECK, ROBERT Stone Mountain STEWART, MARVIN Decatur STOVER, DARRYL Suches STOVER, JOHN Washington STROUD, PHILLIS Waynesboro SUGGS, ROBERT Thomaston SUTTON, HAROLD Cleveland SWEATT, ROBERT Kingsland TANKERSLEY, LINDA Gainesville TANNER, SAMUEL Marietta TAYLOR, CHERYL Atlanta TAYLOR, RICHARD Thomasville THOMAS, JAMES Gteensboto THOMAS, WILLIAM Dublin THOMPSON, GERALD Kennesaw THOMPSON, JOHN Marietta A f J v° THOMPSON, RONALD Little Rock, Ark. TINLEY, HENRY Waynesboro TRIPP, DAVID New York, N. Y. TRUELOVE, JAMES Gainesville TUMLIN, WILLIAM Marietta TURBULL, ANDREW Gfiffin TURNER, KENNETH Fayetteville VACALIS, TERRY Athens VANCE, JAMES Griffin VOS KOETTER, VICKI Atlanta WAGES, WILLIAM Windet WALDROP, HENRY Rockmatt WALKER, MARJORIE Macon WALKER, RICHARD Atlanta WALL, ANDY Sasser WARE, WOODROW Soperton WARREN, WILLIAM dimming WATERS, THOMAS Alma WEINMEISTER, OSCAR Columbus WEINRICH, ARTHUR West Palm Beach, Fla. WELCH, RONNY Dry Branch WEST, NEWMAN Flowery Branch WESTBROOKS, CAROLE Tucker WESTMORELAND, ANON Clermont WHEELER, BARBARA Jasper WHEELESS, DOUGLAS Griffin WHITE, JOHN Marietta WHITE, LAMAR Atlanta WIGHT, MARGARET Cairo WILEY, NEIL Claxton WILKERSON, ROBERT Atlanta WILLIAMS, TED Atlanta WILSON, THOMAS Alpharetta WINSLETT, JIM Atlanta WITHEROW, PAT Forest Park WOLFE, NANCY Atlanta % WOODWARD, BARRIE Stockbridge WORSHEM, WALTER Macon | WRIGHT, ARTHUR dimming WRIGHT, JOHN Atlanta WRIGHT, PAUL Camilla WRYE, BETH Macon YORK, WOOTEN Lincolnton Snapshots " I smell smoke. " " Ob goody — pork chops! " " ! § , young man! Do you realize what time it is? " He ' s a " two dab " man. " Really — I look best in blue. Roper ripped through four more pencils in Biology. t 21C r " 10 seconds — then we ' re coming in. " ' Oh — what cute dimples. " bo says I ' m mad? ! " ' Me, a D.M.S.? " " Girls are useful — sometimes. " mrn One — two — three hop . . . ' I ' ve been drafted? " 211 ft So who ' s excited about a can of coffee? ■ .... t - «■ ■ ' f ' |t! «u H , .5 " Yoa dare we? ' saW wanted this dance! " That " Ipana " smile. 7 ow are you? am fine. " ' No — not a flea at a time like this! " 2i; mm: wp mah i?»ilKj Somebody here is on the wrong side. ' What kind of a note was that? ' ' Anyone seen a ball? " " . . . . and I forgot my umbrella " Dig that walk! ' Hey gang, wait for me! " 213 - and so we laugh - but we do move on 4WHJ j i r «y» ss a K - and reach our goals - and when we reach them - - - we m ay take a brief moment to stop look back - - and remember A • • «.,V4 i . aM jj| . 21S ' illVI Joel Black ; . Hi H 9BBv9Erf 3 ' ' • ' ■ ' ■ j " t MH((i j r i ' ' ' " Hire IkPi$1IP nr i. " • .£ -- ' f r ' -• . ' ' ' •■■. BENSON ' S BAKERY BENSON ' S BREAD, ROLLS AND CAKE ALWAYS 8 HOVRS FRESHER ATHENS, GEORGIA 777 W. WHITEHALL ST., S.W. ATLANTA 10, GEORGIA PLAZA 5-4511 FROZEN FOODS SEAFOODS CAPITAL FISH CO. GEORGIANNA MOTEL RESTAURANT WITH SWIMMING POOL PRIVATE DINING ROOM We Specialize in Steaks — Chops — Full Course Dinners LENOX 4-7361 GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA 218 BOTTLED BULK GAS FOR Cooking — Heating Systems Water Heating — Chicken Brooding 208 BRADFORD STREET, N.W. GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA CHILD ' S GAS COMPANY, INC. PYROFAX BANK OF DAHLONEGA ' A Bank You Can Bank On " Member F . D. I. C. COURTESY PROGRESS Student Accounts A Specialty DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA ' FINE FOOD AND PLEASANT ROOMS " WHEN IN DAHLONEGA. VISIT THE SMITH HOUSE W. B. FRY, OWNER WOODY ' S BARBER SHOP ' ON THE SQUARE " FOR THAT LOOK OF DISTINCTION DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA DAHLONEGA PHARMACY ' JUST AS YOUR DOCTOR ORDERS " PHONE 864-3422 DAHLONEGA. GEORGIA 219 LIPSCOMB DRUG CO. Your College Drug Store For Over 30 Years! ' ON THE SQUARE " DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA Ask For LAY ' S Potato Chips GUARANTEED FRESH! CHAMBLEE, GEORGIA FRITO LAY, INC. WEST CLEANERS and LAUNDRY PROMPT DEPENDABLE SERVICE DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA 220 GENERAL MERCHANDISE SHOES • DRY GOODS • NOTIONS 40 PUBLIC SQUARE DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA W.A. WHITMIRE STORE MATHER FURNITURECO Dial 864-2231 j DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA ELI WITT ; CIGAR andCANDY CO. Ha v-A-Tampa Cigars S cbrafjt ' s Candies 1655 WEST BROAD ATHENS, GEORGIA KINGS GULF SERVICE STATION - ROAD SERVICE - GAS • OIL • SUPPLIES PHONE 864-3831 DAHLONEGA HOMEFURNITURE CO 129 N. BRADFORD ST. GAINESVILLE, GA. FINE FURNITURE REASONABLE PRICES GOOCH ' S BARBER SHOP " Convenience Plus " " Both Just Across From The NGC Campus " NORTH GEORGIA SEWING SHOP MRS. LEE DAVIS All Work Guaranteed RONALD ' S DISTINCTIVE WOMEN ' S WEAR Phone - LE 3-6126 GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA PILGRIM-ESTES FURNITURECOMPANY COMPLETE HOME FURNISHING INTERIOR DECORATION SERVICE Phone LE 4-5388 GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA Compliments of FRIERSON-McEVER CO - MEN ' S WEAR - GAINESVILLE. GEORGIA 221 MINTZ JEWELERS " Store for Brides " 102 W. WASHINGTON GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA IMPERIALRESTAURANT U. S. 23 North Georgia ' s Finest Restaurant LEnox 2-1188 GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA HOLLY THEATRE Why Not See A Movie With Us On A Big Screen? 864-3531 DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA ROBERTS ' BOOKSand GIFTS GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA Compliments of MILLNER ' S GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA HULSEY ' S MEN ' SFURNISHINGS LE 4-4421 GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA 222 STANDARD SERVICE STATION KAY ABERCROMBIE Atlas Tires • Batteries • Accessories DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA THE DAHLONEGA NUGGET " The Gold Of The News ' Published Fridays Phone 864-3613 P.O. Box 176 DAHLONEGASHOE SHOP Expert Shoe Repair With Best Material HEELS HAEFSOLES STITCHING FULL SOLES All Work Fully Guaranteed Best Prices In Town ON THE SQUARE DAHLONEGA CLOVER FARM GROCERY GROCERIES MEATS - PRODUCE DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA ODUMGROCERY Groceries Dry Goods Fruits Feeds Meats Vegetables Frozen Foods TELEPHONE 864-3428 DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA GARTRELL ' S CLOTHING • GIFTS m SHOES DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA POORE ' S PURESERVICESTATION IN THE HEART OF DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA DuBOISCHEMICALS, INC REPRESENTED BY BEN CAGLE 550 Glenn St., S.W., Atlanta Cleaning Compounds For Institutional Use Dish Machine — Hand Dishwashing — Floor Treatment Products — Wall Cleaners CARDER ' SBARBER SHOP ' BETTER CARE FOR YOUR HAIR " DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA MONTAGJNC. SCHOOL PAPERS ATLANTA, GEORGIA 223 JAMES LEES and SONS, CO. Pine Tree Division Makers Of Yarn For " THOSE HEAVENLY CARPETS BY LEES " A SUBSIDIARY OF BURLINGTON INDUSTRIES, INC. DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA FRED JONES CHEVROLET A NEW KIND OF WORTH . . . 1MPALA CORVAIR BELAIR CORVETTE BISCAYNE CHEVY 11 DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA 1. CRANE ' S CLEANERS FOR ECONOMY AND EXPERT WORKMANSHIP DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS OF THE MAKERS OF Flight Ace Caps ACE MANUFACTURING CO SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS 225 Enjoy that REFRESHING NEW FEELINGI BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY THE GAINESVILLE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 226 PRATTDUNAGAN ' S STANDARD SERVICE STATION THOMPSON BRIDGE ROAD All Service Station Requirements — Road Service — LE 6-2345 GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA ASHSEWINGSHOP DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA EDWARD ' S SEWING SHOP In The S. W. Corner Of The Square " 11 Years Of Sewing Experience For North Georgia College " ALL WORK GUARANTEED DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA PETETANKERSLEY ' S RESTAURANT INCORPORATED 222 SOUTH MAIN STREET GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA THE DIXIE GRILL C. D. MINCY, MANAGER DAHLONEGA ' S LARGEST 16 OZ. U.S. CHOICE T-BONE STEAK SI. 55 WE CASH CHECKS FREE FOR OUR N.G.C. CUSTOMERS DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA 22: AVION RESTAURANT and MOTEL GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA THEY WALK WITH A MILITARY STRIDE Paratroop Boots CORCORAN, INC. STOUGHTON, MASSACHUSETTS CHEROKEE MOTEL and RESTAURANT Steaks.... Chops Regular Dinners AIR CONDITIONED SPECIAL WEEKLY RATES FAMILY RATES FOR RESERVATIONS CALL - - - 864-335 2 FRANK AND SARA CHRISTIAN, MGR. DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA 29 CHICOPEE MANUF. COMPANY Chix Gauz Diapers Chix Crib Sheets Chix Plant Bedcovers CHICOPEE, GEORGIA J. C. PENNEY GEM JEWELERS " To Save Your Pennies, NORTH GEORGIA ' S LARGEST JEWELRY STORE Go To PENNY ' S " Expert Repairing And Engraving ON THE SQUARE IN For The Largest Selection Of Merchandise Visit Our Store GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA Gainesville Toccoa On The Square 113 N. Sage St. GAINESVILLE FLORIST " HOME OF FINE FLOWERS " 111 South Sycamore Street LEnox 4-7397 GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA 230 MOORE ' S HARDWARE ON THE SQUARE DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA VICKERS ' FUNERAL HOME, INC. CONGRATULATES GRADUATING SENIORS DAHLONEGA, H.D.QUINNand SON FLORIST JC. FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS LE 4-7315 GAINESVILLE 864-3345 DAHLONEGA ELLIJAY DAHLONEGA LADIES AND CHILDREN READY TO WEAR NATIONALLY ADVERTISED NAME BRANDS GEORGIA PARK ' SCLOTHING BETTER MAID MILK PRODUCTS, INC 864-3542 J.W. BERRY 864-3965 DEWEY RIDER DISTRIBUTORS IN DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA 231 N. G. C. CANTEEN ROBERT RAGAN Sodas Sandwiches Sweets Personal Needs MEET YOUR FRIENDS IN THE CANTEEN and BOOKSTORE J.B. JONES Books Uniforms School Supplies Stationery PORTRAITS FOR THE 1963 CYCLOPS WERE MADE BY CHIDNOFF STUDIO 3204 NORTH MIAMI DRIVE MIAMI, FLORIDA SHERWIN-WILLIAMS W.J. ASKEW GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA THECAKEBOX EVERYTHING IN BAKERY GOODS COFFEE BAR GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA ( OMPLMEN is OF CITY ICE GAINESVILLE 233 BEST WISHES DAIRY QUEEN and BRAZIER DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA 219 E. SPRING ST. PHONE LE 4-4694 - LE 6-1812 JESSIE SMITH USED CARS ' USED - BUT NOT ABUSED " GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA 234 MUSIC FOR EVERY TASTE " THE CASUALS " OF NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE A I Whittle, Mgr. Phone 864-9904 Box 5221 N.G.C. 235 i f. fiWft PUBLISHERS, INC. •• " ATLANTA, GEORGIA " H - tS - T »f ' b .• i j . ft y. m« V-Ta Xr)a% %- . ., ±.

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