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NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE 3 0642 00153 0610 WX ?tf Ti Ml 1S$ 1 [•] ftJiX P«r HT . dti:i ' ' ' ' ■ ARCHIVES U428 C9 1962c. 2 North Georgia College CYCLOPS ..46 I Contents Introduction Dedication Faculty Seniors Features Military Lewis Hall Organizations 6 16 26 48 74 118 132 Sports Advertisements 156 JOHN BLANKS 178 Editor KATHRYN SUTHERLAND bp.Col. U 428 .N6 C9 !9o2 Associate Editor North Georgia College, Cyclops 50140 LEE BRADLEY Business Manager Section Editors Barbara Aiken Martha Clyburn Mary Ann Feuchter Myrna Hassler Barbara Hayes Carolyn Jarrell Vesta Medernach Bruce Duncan Ann Baskin Helen Bennett Clint Boyd Carroll Brock Sandra J. Brown Ellen Burriss Janice Butterworth Staff Penny Cochran Vicki Cornelison Dora Embry Susan Hargrove De Hunter Doris Hubbard Linda Mann Peggy Marshall Candid Photography and Art Enoch Hicks Bernice Parks Joan Phipps Cathy Samples Peggy Slieper Marilyn Stuart Ann Wilborn Nora Williams Perry Westbrook 46 jK Dedication The qualities of the man to whom we dedicate this annual most nearly embody all implied in the word professor. Most students know him by his friendly greeting — a cheerful smile, a nod of his head, and an uplifted hand. His personal warmth and freely given help make him a friend and counselor. He is an enthusiastic supporter and participant as adviser to many clubs and activities on campus. His patience, guidance, and understanding have en- deared him to all of us. We pay tribute to him not only because of what he has done, but for what he will do in the future. Bec ause of our sincere affection for him, the 1962 Cyclops dedicates its entire effort to ROBERT H. BELCHER Dr. Harry B. Forester North Georgia College will feel the loss of two great professors in this year of their retirement. They will long be remembered on campus for the contributions they have shown and loyalty rr I Lambuth R. Towson they have given to NGC and to their students. We, the students of North Georgia, are fortunate to have had Dr. Forester and Mr. Towson as friends and teachers. «: ••fi: Ef V Remember this also, and be well persuaded of its truth: the fu- ture is not in the hands of Fate, but in ours. Jules Jesserand 12 13 THE PRESENT EYE of the CYCLOPS 14 WHAT does the FUTURE HOLD? 15 Our advisers to the future now in FACULTY 17 General Merritt E. Hoag President B.S., State Teachers College, Edinboro; M.Ed., Duke University It is the desire of each member of the faculty and staff of your college to contribute in a positive way to your success and happiness. It is recognized that the future holds the possibility of both rewards and hazards beyond present under- standing; however, it is our hope that your total collegiate experience will provide the knowledge, concepts, and resiliency to the degree that you will be able to make a contribution to a society in which you as an individual will continue to play a major role. In a personal way, may I add my wish that your ambitions and objectives will be realized. Merritt E. Hoag 18 Will D. Young Dean of the College A.B., M.A., Cumberland University Alice Donovan Dean of Women B.S.H.E., Georgia State College for Women Captain Orvil R. Hause Commandant of Cadets B.S., M.A., University of Alabama Business Administration Newton Oakes Lorimer B. Freeman Jasper I. Maloy Professor of Business Administration Associate Professor of Business Administration Assistant Professor of Business Administration B.S., M.A., University of Kentucky. B.S.C., M.S.C., University of Georgia. B.A., Henderson State Teach- ers College; M.B.A., Univer sity of Georgia. Jewell G. Bryson Assistant Professor of Business Administration B.S., East Tennessee State College; M.S., University of Tennessee. James B. Trammell Assistant Professor of Business Administration B.S., M.A., Appalachian State College. Education and Psychology Orby Southard Professor of Education B.S., Arkansas State Teach- ers College; M.S., Univer- sity of Arkansas; Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh. Marian P. Bouffard Assistant Professor of Education A.B., Florida State College for Women; M.A., Peabody College. 20 C. E. Stevenson Associate Professor of Education and Psychology A.B., Oglethorpe University; M.A., Peabody College. Home Economics Bessie Lee Freeman Associate Professor of Home Economics B.S., Oklahoma Central State College; M.S., Okla- homa State University. Alice Donovan Instructor in Home Economics B.S.H.E., Georgia State College for Women. Language and Literature CAMILLUS J. DlSMUKES Professor of Modern Languages A.B., Birmingham Southern College; M.A., University of North Carolina; Ph.D., La- val University. Dorothy Brown Associate Professor of English A.B., M.A., University of Alabama; Ph.D., University of Colorado. Gabriel H. Engerrand Associate Professor of Modern Languages A.B., Texas Technological College; M.A., Ph.D., State University of Iowa. Werner J. Feld Assistant Professor of Languages LL.B., University of Berlin; Ph.D., Tulane University. W. Desmond Booth John T. Simpson Associate Professor of English Assistant Professor of English B.S., Georgia State College for Men; M.A., Emory Uni- versity. B.S., Mississippi State Col- lege; M.A., Peabody College William H. Essary Assistant Professor of English B.S., Memphis State Col- lege; M.A., Peabody Col- lege. 21 Language and Literature (cont ' d) Guy V. Lail Joseph H. Harkey Charles B. Aycock Assistant Professor of English Assistant Professor of English Instructor in English B.S., M.A., Appalachian State College. A.A., Chowan College; B.A., University of South Carolina. B.A., University of North Carolina; M.A., East Caro- lina College. Mathematics Marion C. Wicht Professor of Mathematics B.S., Mississippi Southern College; M.A., Vanderbilt University; Ph.D., Alabama Polytechnic Institute. Walter J. Carpenter Associate Professor of Mathematics B.S., Western Carolina Col- lege; M.A., University of North Carolina. Lambuth R. Towson Associate Professor of Mathematics B.S., Emory University; M.A., University of Georgia. Richard M. Negley Assistant Professor of Mathematics B.S., Western Illinois State College; M.S., Florida State University. Jacque L. Williams Assistant Professor of Mathematics B.S., M.S., Georgia Institute of Technology. 22 Claude V. Leffingwell Assistant Professor of Mathematics B.S., University of Tampa; M.A., Appalachian State Teachers ' College. Physical Education Ulysses G. Matherly Joyce Fowler James A. Otte William F. Henry Associate Professor of Physical Education Assistant Professor of Physical Education Assistant Professor of Physical Education Instructor in Physical Education B.S., Wittenberg College; M.P.H., University of Florida. A.B., M.A., University of North Carolina. B.S., M.S., University of Tennessee. B.S., Carson-Newman Col- lege; M.S., M.A., University of Tennessee. Science Harry B. Forester Professor of Biology B.S., Piedmont College; M.S., University of Ala- bama; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. Harold W. Harry Associate Professor of Biology B.S., M.S., Louisiana State University; Ph.D., Univer- sity of Michigan. Ben W. Sanders Assistant Professor of Biology B.S., University of Missis- sippi; M.S., University of Alabama. John C. Simms Professor of Chemistry B.S., Millsaps College; M.S., Vanderbilt University; Ph.D., Western Reserve University. Robert H. Belcher Associate Professor of Chemistry B.S., Georgia State College for Men; M.S., University of North Carolina. Charles M. Yager Professor of Physics B.S., University of Mary- land; M.Ed., Duke Univer- sity. 23 Ewell G. Pigg Associate Professor of Physics B.S., Central Missouri Teach- ers College; M.A., Peabody College. Social Studies T. Conn Bryan Professor of Social Science A.B., Duke University; M.A., University of North Caro- lina; Ph.D., Duke Univer- sity. William P. Roberts Associate Professor of Social Science A.B., Emory University; M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. James C. Kidd Assistant Professor of Social Science A.B., Erskine College; M.A., University of South Carolina. Sarah W. Drew Assistant Professor of Social Science Frank M. Smith Assistant Professor of Social Science A.B., Tift College; M.S. Ed., Indiana University. A.B., University of Georgia; M.A., University of North Carolina. Library ., - Susie M. Harris Head Librarian Mary E. Hood Assistant Librarian Julia Oates Assistant Librarian A.B., Piedmont College; B.S. in L.S., M.S. in L.S., Pea- body College. A.B., Piedmont College; B.S. in L.S., Peabody College. A.B., Women ' s College of University of North Caro- lina; M.A. Duke University. 24 Administrative Officers and Staff Mabel Bryan Comptroller ' s Office Estelle David Secretary to the President Faye Dollar Secretary to the Dean Howard H. Gilbert Comptroller Lucy Harrison, R.N. Assistant Nurse Elizabeth Kenyon Secretary Registrar ' s Office Ella Ray Oakes Assistant Registrar J. W. Phillips Assistant Comptroller Frances Ragan Assistant Dietician Wendell Satterfield Cashier Comptroller ' s Office Frank M. Smith Registrar Emory Stephens Bookkeeper Comptroller ' s Office Hazel Tyree Dietician Not pictured: Dr. J. G. Woodward, M.D. Medical Officer Beth Wall Secretary to the Assistant Comptroller Sara M. Wright, R.N. Nurse Robert Ragan Manager of Canteen J. B. Jones Assistant Manager of Canteen Lula Dale, Ola Brown, Benny Odom, and Erwin Barrett. 25 Our citizens of the future now SENIORS 27 28 REGGIE ABBOTT, JR. Brunswick, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration 2nd Lt.; Sigma Theta Fraternity; B.A. Club; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club BOBBY R. ADAMS Buford, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration Lt. Col.; D.M.S.; Outstanding Squad Leader 1959-60; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; B.A. Club; Rex Fraternity; In- tramural Sports WYNDAL ALLISON Gainesville, Ga. B.S. in Middle Grades Education Deans List joel Mcdonald adams Buford, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration S Sgt.; B.A. Club; Y.M.C.A.; N.C.O. Club; Wesley Foundation JAMES RUSSELL ALSABROOK College Park, Ga. B.S. in Biology Cpl.; Intramural Sports; Biology Club; N.C.O. Club; Y.M.C.A.; 1st Place Voice and Command Military Field Day 1961 FRED W. ASHCRAFT, JR. Decatur, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration 1st Lt.; B.A. Club, Pres.; Outstanding Platoon Sgt., 1st B.G.; N.C.O. Club, Sgt.-at-Arms; Officers ' Club; Sigma Theta; Baseball; Lettermen ' s Club; In- tramural Sports 29 EDWARD TARVER AVERETT Sandersville, Ga. A.B. in History Capt.; Wesley Foundation, Pres.; Sig- ma Theta Fraternity, Pres.; Scabbard Blade; Most Dependable; Officers ' Club, V. Pres.; N.C.O.; Dean ' s List; Most Outstanding Junior JANE BARBER Atlanta, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration Mercureans; Wesley Foundation; B.A. Club; Dean ' s List; Senior Class Officer DAVID ALLAN BELL Chicopee, Ga. B.A. in English 2nd Lt.; Glee Club; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; Intramural Sports PATSY JEAN BARTLETT Lavonia, Ga. A.B. in English Senior Class, V. Pres.; Phi Alpha Theta, Sec.-Treas.; Dean ' s List; Hon- ors ' List; Trahlytans; Cadet Bugler, Women ' s Sports Editor B. Ill FORREST BERENS Marietta, Ga. B.S. in Psychology 1st Lt.; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; Sigma Theta Fraternity; Y.M.C.A.; Wesley Foundation DEAN F. BISKEY Dahlonega, Ga. B.S. in Physics Major; Radio Club, Pres.; Wesley Foundation, V. Pres.; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Physics Club; Who ' s Who; Dean ' s List; D.M.S. 30 HANSEL HOWARD BOOKER Thomaston, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration Pvt.; B.A. Club DAVID EUGENE BOOZER, JR. Jekyll Island, Ga. B.S. in Math Capt.; Westminster Fellowship; Intra- mural Sports; Who ' s Who; Dean ' s List; D.M.S. CONRAD BOTERWEG III Perry, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration 2nd Lt; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; B.A. Club; Intramural Sports; 1st Tent Pitching Summer Camp; Dean ' s List LINDA BORDERS Perry, Ga. B.S. in Math Wesley Foundation; Trahlytans; Dean ' s List; Honors ' List JAMES A. BOWDEN Perry, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration SFC; Sigma Theta Fraternity; Intra- mural Sports; Radio Club; B.A. Club ROBERT W. BOWMAN, JR. Augusta, Ga. A.B. in History Capt.; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; D.M.S.; Dean ' s List; Phi Alpha Theta; Intramural Sports 31 MARTHA JUNE BROOKS Clarkesville, Ga. B.S. in Home Economics Phi Omicrons; Home Ec. Club, Treas.; Wesley Foundation; Student NEA; Cadet Bugler Staff; Dean ' s List; Hon- ors ' List HENRY ETTA BROWN Nelson, Ga. B.S. in Biology — Pre-Med. Dean ' s List; Honors ' List; B.S.U.; B.S.U. Council; Biology Club; Y.W.- C.A.; Y.W.A.; Hippolytans JANE BUSBY Villa Rica, Ga. B.S. in Home Economics Home Ec. Club; Wesley Foundation; Y.W.C.A.; Phi Omicrons; Dean ' s List WILLIAM L. BROWN East Point, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration Lt. Col.; B.A. Club; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; Lettermen ' s Club; Var- sity Rifle Team; Hearst Trophy Cham- pionship team; Blue Ridge Rifles- Commander; Rex Fraternity; Scabbard Blade; Outstanding N.C.O. Award; D.M.S. PATRICIA ANN CANNON Dry Branch, Ga. B.S. in Biology Biology Club; Dean ' s List; Outstanding Junior; Phi Omicrons, Co-Capt. Capt; Lewis Hall V-Pres. Pres.; Who ' s Who; Miss N.G.C.; " C " Com- pany Sweetheart; Wesley Foundation MARTHA ERALYN COLLINS Gainesville, Ga. B.S. Elementary Education Student N.E.A.; Rec Club; Y.W.C.A.; Westminister Fellowship; Home Ec. Club 32 RICHARD M. COUSINS Greenville, Ga. A.B. in History Capt.; Rex Fraternity; Scabbard Blade; Intramural Sports; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club DANIEL J. DAVIS Dahlonega, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration 1st Lt.; Varsity Baseball; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Intramural Sports; Dean ' s List PAULINE DAVISON Carnesville, Ga. B.S. in Secretarial Science Trahlytans, Capt.; Y.W.C.A.; Y.W.A., V. Pres. Pres.; Rec Council; B.A. Club; Intramural Sports Award; B.S.U. SUSAN VIRGINIA DAVIS Cornelia, Ga. B.S. in Biology Glee Club; B.S.U., V. Pres.; Biology Club; Trahlytans; Dean ' s List. WILLIAM ROY DEAN, JR. Atlanta, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration 2nd Lt.; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Intramural Sports; Rex Fraternity; B.A. Club; Athletic Officers ' Club JAMES LONG DeLAY Atlanta, Ga. B.S. in Chemistry 2nd Lt.; Glee Club; B.S.U., Pres., V. Pres., Enlist. Chrmn.; Cadet Bugler Staff; Intramural Sports; Drill Platoon; Affiliate member, American Chemical Society; Officers ' Club, Chaplain; N.C.O. Club, Chaplain 33 EARNEST WAYNE DILL East Point, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration Capt.; Band Commander; Scabbard Blade; D.M.S.; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; B.A. Club VIRGINIA DOBBINS Marietta, Ga. B.A. in English Lewis Hall, Treas.; Student NEA, V. Pres.; Westminister Fellowship, Pres., V. Pres.; Y.W.C.A.; Mercureans; Dean ' s List CONRAD HARLAN EASLEY Dalton, Ga. B.S. in Biology Capt.; Sigma Theta Fraternity, Sec; Phi Alpha Theta; Who ' s Who; Wesley Foundation; Dean ' s List Award 3 years; Intramural letter 4 years; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; D.M.S.; Biology Club, Pres.; Y.M.C.A.; N.G.C. Cadet Orchestra; Chemistry Club SHIRLEY W. DRAPER, JR. Winder, Ga. B.S. in Math Capt.; D.M.S.; Scabbard Blade; In- tramural Sports; Outstanding Platoon Sgt. 1960- ' 61; Sigma Theta Fraternity; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club WILLIAM CARROLL ELROD, JR. Byromville, Ga. B.A. in English 1st Lt.; Drill Platoon; N.C.O. Club; Cadet Bugler Staff; Westminister Fel- lowship, Treas.; Best Drilled Squad; Best Drilled Platoon, Summer Camp; Officers ' Club JAKE FARR Columbus, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration 2nd Lt.; Senior Class Officer; Rex Fraternity; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; B.A. Club; Dean ' s List; Intra- mural Sports Award 34 ROXIE HELEN FERGUSON Thomaston, Ga. B.S. in Math Chemistry Club; Wesley Foundation; Dean ' s List; Honors ' List; Cyclops Staff THOMAS L. FREEMAN Dahlonega, Ga. B.S. in Physics 2nd Lt.; Who ' s Who; Nu Gamma; Dean ' s List; Sigma Theta Fraternity; Dramatics Club; Physics Club; Intra- mural Sports; Honors ' List; B.S.U.; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; Y.M.C.A. GLENN T. GAINES Gainesville, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration Major; D.M.S.; Rex Fraternity; B.A. Club; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; Scabbard Blade; Y.M.C.A. Intra- mural Sports PAUL H. FRY Atlanta, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration 2nd Lt.; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; B.A. Club JACK R. GANDY Albany, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration 2nd Lt.; B.A. Club; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Sigma Theta Frater- nity; Intramural Sports LIBBY GILBERT Dahlonega, Ga. B.S. in Biology Y.W.C.A.; Biology Club; Dramatics Club; Phi Alpha Theta; Bugler Staff; Baptist Student Union; Mercureans; Dean ' s List; Honors ' List 35 MARTHA ELOISE GREEN Atlanta, Ga. B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Club; Y.W.C.A.; Westminster Fellowship; Dean ' s List; Hippolytans JUDITH GRISWOLD Warner Robins, Ga. B.A. in History Hippolytans; Wesley Foundation ARNOLD EDWARD GURLEY Dahlonega, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration B.A. Club; Intramural Sports; Dean ' s List MARJORIE K. GUNN College Park, Ga. B.S. in Home Economics Home Ec. Club, Sec, V. Pres., Pres.; Varsity Cheerleader, Co-Capt.; Y.W.- C.A.; Dean ' s List; Home Ec. Girl of the Year; Sweetheart, Company Band; Sweetheart, Sigma Theta Fraternity; Trahlytans; Beauty Court BEVERLY SUE GUTHRIE Lawrenceville, Ga. B.A. in History Phi Omicrons, Co-Capt.; Physics Club; Y.W.C.A. JOHN M. HALL Lavonia, Ga. B.S. in Pspchology 1st. Lt.; Officers ' Club; Dean ' s List; Sigma Theta Fraternity; N.C.O. Club; Intramural Sports; Honors ' List 36 WILLIAM A. HALL III East Point, Ga. B.S. in Chemistry Capt.; Scabbard Blade; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; Sigma Theta Fra- ternity; Chemistry Club; Superior Ca- det Ribbon; D.M.S. HILDA KATHRYN HAMMOND Lincolnton, Ga. B.S. in Home Economics Home Ec. Club; Phi Omicrons; Sec, Home Ec. Club; Y.W.C.A.; Cadet Bugler Staff; B.S.U.; Cutest Couple JAMES DONALD HULME Dewy Rose, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration S.F.C.; B.A. Club; N.C.O. Club; Bri- gade Color Guard; Varsity Basketball Scorekeeper; Intramural Sports DOROTHY F. HARRISON Decatur, Ga. B.S. in Middle Grades Education Hippolytans; Student N.E.A., Publicity Chrmn; Cyclops Staff, Sports Ed., Fea- ture Ed.; Y.W.C.A. ROBERT D. INGRAM Cummins, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration 2nd Lt.; Rex Fraternity; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; B.A. Club RANDALL C. (Toby) JACKSON Marietta, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration Major; Outstanding Freshman Delta Co.; N.C.O. Club, Treas.; Superior Cadet Award, Junior; Outstanding Member Scabbard Blade; 1st Lt. Scabbard Blade; Officers ' Club, Pres.; Rex Fraternity, Pres.; B.A. Club; Intramural Sports; D.M.S. ; Who ' s Who 37 JIMMY JOHNSON Ellijay, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration 1st Lt.; B.A. Club; Officers ' Club; Y.M.C.A.; N.C.O. Club; Intramural Sports SHIRLEY ANN JOHNSON Blairsville, Ga. B.S. in Biology Biology Club, Sec., Treas.; Hippoly- tans, Capt.; Rec. Council; Rec. Club, V. Pres.; Glee Club; Phi Alpha Theta; Dean ' s List; Honors ' List; Senior Sup- erlative DAVID MAURICE KILGORE Atlanta, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration Major; Rex Fraternity; D.M.S.; Scab- bard Blade; N.C.O. Club; B.A. Club; Officers ' Club; Intramural Sports ALBERT H. JOLLY, JR. Decatur, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration 1st Lt.; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Intramural Sports; B.A. Club AUGUSTA JANE KING Dalton, Ga. A.B. in Foreign Language Student N.E.A.; Glee Club; Wesley Foundation; Trahlytans; Cadet Bugler Staff; Honors ' List WILLIAM A. LOEHR Lavonia, Ga. B.S. in Physics 2nd Lt.; Wesley Foundation; Physics Club; Sigma Theta; N.C.O. Club; Of- ficers ' Club 38 JOHN LOWE Calhoun, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration 2nd Lt.; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; B.A. Club WILLIAM EUGENE McCONNELL Griffin, Ga. B.S. in Chemistry 2nd Lt.; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Chemistry Club; Intramural Sports; Dean ' s List MARJORIE SUE MILLS Sandy Springs, Ga. B.S. in Home Economics Hippolytans; Y.W.C.A.; Home Ec. Club, Pres., V. Pres., Publicity Chrmn; Cadet Bugler, Reporter and Feature Ed.; Who ' s Who; Dean ' s List; Honors ' List; Senior Superlative DANIEL B. MILLS Wrightsville, Ga. B.S. in Physics S.F.C.; N.C.O. Club; Physics Intramural Sports; Y.M.C.A. Club; WILLIAM W. MORGAN, JR. Rome, Ga. A.B. in English Major; D.M.S.; Varsity Tennis Team; Glee Club; Cadet Bugler, As. Ed.; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; Letter- man ' s Club; Dean ' s List; Blue Ridge Rifles; Who ' s Who KAY F. NORTON Marietta, Ga. B.S. in Secretarial Science B.A. Club; Varsity Cheerleader; Hip- polytans; Letterman ' s Club; Dean ' s List; Y.W.C.A. 39 BRENDA NORWOOD Columbus, Ga. A.B. in English Hippolytans; Dramatics Club; Cadet Bugler Staff; Officers ' Club Sweetheart PATRICIA ANN O ' DELL Chicopee, Ga. B.S. in Elementary Education Student N.E.A.; Y.W.C.A.; Dean ' s List; Rec Club ELIZABETH ANN PAYNE Jasper, Ga. B.S. in Elementary Education Student N.E.A., Sec; B.S.U.; Honors ' List WILLIAM E. PAINTER Smyrna, Ga. A.B. in History 2nd Lt.; Sigma Theta Fraternity; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Intra- mural Sports GRETCHEN PAYNE Buford, Ga. B.S. in Elementary Education Student N.E.A.; Phi Omicrons; Y.W.- C.A.; Wesley Foundation; Cyclops Staff; Dramatics Club; Cadet Bugler Staff, Alumni Ed.; Honors ' List MYLES A. PERRY Governors Island, N. Y. B.A. in History 2nd Lt.; Officers ' Club 40 RICHARD K. PHILLIPS Hampton, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration Colonel; Brigade Commander; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; Association of the U.S. Army Award to the Outstanding Junior, Third U.S. Army Superior Cadet Award to Third Classman; Mr. N.G.C.; Who ' s Who; Rex Fraternity; Scabbard and Blade; D.M.S.; B.A. Club; Y.M.C.A. RALPH PATRICK QUIGLEY Greenville, Ga. B.S. in Physical Education Capt.; Varsity Tennis; Letterman ' s Club; Phy. Ed. Club; N.C.O. Club; Pres., Officers ' Club; Rex Fraternity, Sec. and Treas.; D.M.S.; Who ' s Who; Intramural Sports; Dean ' s List HANNAH CARLEEN REYNOLDS Covington, Ga. B.S. in Biology Wesley Foundation; Glee Club; An- nual Staff; Dean ' s List JOSEPH GORDON RAINES Thomasville, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration 1st Lt.; Scabbard Blade; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; Outstanding Band Cadet (1959-60), (1960-61); Intra- mural Sports GAY RHODES Smyrna, Ga. A.B. in English Beauty Court; Officers ' Club, Sweet- heart; Cyclops Queen; Dean ' s List; Honors ' List; Phi Omicron; Cadet Bugler Staff; Brigade Sweetheart THOMAS C. RICHARDSON Marietta, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration Capt.; Scabbard Blade; D.M.S.; Who ' s Who; Outstanding Squad Lead- er; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; B.A. Club; Dean ' s List; Sigma Theta; In- tramural Sports 41 WILLIAM I. ROBERTSON Covington, Ga. B.S. in Physics 2nd Lt.; Physics Club; Radio Club; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Intra- mural Sports JOHN ROBERT ROBINSON Winder, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration 1st Lt.; B.A. Club; N.C.O. Club; Of- ficers ' Club; Sigma Theta; Intramural Sports; Senior Class Treas. DONALD F. SEGARS Conyers, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration 2nd Lt.; Dean ' s List; B.A. Club; Let- terman ' s Club, Pres.; Sigma Theta; Scabbard Blade; Outstanding Squad Leader; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Baseball; Intramural Sports WILLIAM K. ROYAL Atlanta, Ga. B.S. in Physical Education Capt.; Letterman ' s Club; P.E. Club Intramural Sports; Varsity Baseball Rex Fraternity, V. Pres.; Officers Club; N.C.O. Club; Y.M.C.A.; Senior Superlative Most Athletic; Dean ' s List; Blue Ridge Rifles JAMES H. SELLERS Ellijay, Ga. B.A. in Business Administration 2nd Lt.; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Intramural Sports GLENDA SELMAN Rockmart, Ga. B.S. in Elementary Education S.N.E.A.; Hippolytans, Co-Capt.; Phi Alpha Theta, V. Pres.; Sweetheart of N.C.O. Club; Sweetheart of 2nd Bat- tle Group; Dean ' s List; Honors ' List; Rec. Council 42 JOAN KATHLEEN SEWELL Sargent, Ga. B.S. in Secretarial Science B.A. Club; Y.W.C.A.; Phi Omicrons; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who JAMES A. SHARPE Adairsville, Ga. B.S. in Physical Education 2nd Lt.; Chemistry Club; Sigma Theta Fraternity; Phys. Ed. Club; Officers ' Club WILLIAM S. SHELFER, JR. Atlanta, Ga. A.B. in English 1st Lt.; Scabbard Blade; Who ' s Who; Phi Alpha Theta; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; Drill Platoon; Dean ' s List; Honors ' List; Intramural Sports MARY K. SHEATS Winder, Ga. B.S. in Middle Grades Education Y.W.C.A.; Cadet Bugler Staff, News Ed.; Hippolytans; Student N.E.A., Pres., V. Pres.; Dean ' s List; Honors ' List GEORGE W. STAFFORD, III Thomasville, Ga. B.A. in Business Administration Staff Sgt.; N.C.O. Club; B.A. Club DALE M. STONE, JR. Rome, Ga. B.A. in Business Administration 2nd Lt.; Varsity Baseball, Basketball; Intramural Sports; Sigma Theta Fra- ternity; " N.G.C. Cadets " 43 ANNE STYLES Juno, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration B.A. Club; Hippolytans; Dean ' s List; Honors ' List; Senior Superlative LARRY STYLES Juno, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration 2nd Lt.; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Wesley Foundation; B.A. Club ANNETTE INEZ TANKERSLEY Lincolnton, Ga. B.S. in Middle Grades Education Rec. Club; Phi Omicron; S.N.E.A.; Y.W.C.A.; Biology Club; Westminster Fellowship; Intramural Sports Award; Senior Superlative WILLIAM JOSEPH SURLS East Point, Ga. B.S. in Mathematics Major; Scabbard Blade; D.M.S.; Rifle Team; Best Drilled Freshman; Squad Leaders ' Medal; Meaders ' Award; Hearst Trophy; Lettermen ' s Club; Rex Fraternity; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club, Most Loyal MARK TANKERSLEY Adairsville, Ga. B.S. in Physics 2nd Lt.; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Physics Club; Intramural Sports THOMPSON A. TERRELL, III Blue Ridge, Ga. B.A. in History 1st Lt.; Scabbard Blade; Intramural Sports; Y.M.C.A.; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; Blue Ridge Rifles; Hon- or Company; Manager of Rifle Team; Dean ' s List; Biology Club; B.S.U. 44 ROBERT A. THOMPSON Macon, Ga. A.B. in History let Lt.; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; Sigma Theta Fraternity; Flight Train- ing; Intramural Sports JOSEPH A. THORNTON, JR. Atlanta, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration Capt.; D.M.S.; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; BA. Club; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Tennis; Lettermen ' s Club; In- tramural Sports; Dean ' s List; B.S.U.; Y.M.C.A. MONTE RAY VEAL Atlanta, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration 1st Lt.; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; BA. Club; Y.M.C.A.; Intramural Sports; Dean ' s List CHARLES I. VAN HORN Gainesville, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration Capt.; Intramural Sports; Sigma The- ta; B.A. Club; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club DONALD B. VICKERY Atlanta, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration 2nd Lt.; B.S.U; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club THOMAS SHELTON WALLER East Point, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration 2nd Lt.; Dean ' s List; Honors ' List; Officers ' Club; B.A. Club; N.C.O. Club; Y.M.C.A.; Drill Platoon; In- tramural Sports 45 MARY FRANCES WEEKS Wrens, Ga. B.S. in Biology Trahlytans; B.S.U.; B.S.U. Council; Dean ' s List; Honors ' List; Biology Club CHARLES H. WHELCHEL Clermont, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration 1st Lt.; Captain Scabbard Blade; V. Pres. Rex Fraternity; N.C.O. Club, Sec; Dean ' s List; Honors ' List; Of- ficers ' Club; Outstanding Squad Lead- er; Intramural Sports; B.A. Club; Y.M.C.A. MICHAEL J. WILLIAMS Atlanta, Ga. A.B. in English Capt.; N.C.O. Club; Officers ' Club; Blue Ridge Rifles; Dean ' s List; D.M.S.; Intramural Sports; Cadet Bugler Staff, Lit. Ed. GEORGE W. WHITLEY, JR. Concord, Ga. B.A. in History Capt.; Scabbard Blade; Rex Fratern- ity; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; Blue Ridge Rifles, Drill Master; Most Out- standing Squad Leader; Meaders Award; Mile-run Record, Summer Camp WARREN B. WILLIAMS Columbus, Ga. B.S. in Psychology Lt. Col.; Scabbard Blade; Who ' s Who; D.M.S.; Sigma Theta Fraternity; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club, V. Pres.; Rifle Team, Capt; Blue Ridge Rifles; Outstanding Squad Leader; Best Drilled Sophomore RONALD DOUG WILSON Gainesville, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration Capt.; Dean ' s List; Honors ' List; Nu Gamma; Phi Alpha Theta; Officers ' Club; N.C.O. Club; B.A. Club; In- tramural Sports; D.M.S. 46 B.S RICHARD C. WREN Augusta, Ga. in Business Administration Capt.; Dean ' s List; N.C.O. Club; Of- ficers ' Club; Intramural Sports; B.A. Club; D.M.S.; Drill Platoon; Y.M.C.A. GEORGE D. PERRY Dublin, Ga. A.B. in Business Administration Cpl.; B.A. Club; Y.M.C.A. LaVERNE RUTH YOUNG Macon, Ga. B.S. in Elementary Education S.N.E.A., Dis. V. Pres.; Phi Omicrons; Y.W.C.A., Sec, Pres.; Wesley Foun- dation, V. Pres.; Lewis Hall, Treas.; Senior Superlative; Who ' s Who; Dean ' s List Summer Graduates 1. Baggs, Mrs. Maxine McElreath Dahlonega, Ga. 2. Blecher, Mrs. Nelle B Dahlonega, Ga. 3. Boyd, Mrs. Sue Webb Colquitt, Ga. 4. Brown, Harold Willis Fitzgerald, Ga. 5. Burkhalter, Henry Roy, Jr Lindale, Ga. 6. Butterworth, Mrs. Sue Anderson Jasper, Ga. 7. Cantrell, Mrs. Laura P Cumming, Ga. 8. Conkin, Clarence E., Jr Atlanta, Ga. 9. Conner, Mrs. Mary Lou Dahlonega, Ga. 10. Cook, Charles Waymon Blairsville, Ga. 11. Davis, Myron D Cairo, Ga. 12. Gilmer, James E Buford, Ga. 13. Gordon, James B Athens, Ga. 14. Hoodenpyle, Mrs. Colleen Hughes Hiawassee, Ga. 15. Home, Fredrick D Tifton, Ga. 16. Kellogg, Charles John Canton, Ga. 17. Lee, Peggy Ann Gainesville, Ga. 18. Little, Mrs. Martha Jo D Canton, Ga. 19. Lowman, Miss Verdie Elizabeth Elhjay, Ga. 20. McCormack, Amon, Jr Augusta, Ga. 21. McCrary, Betty Jean Gainesville, Ga. 22. Miller, Hoy R Chatsworth, Ga. 23. Owenby, Mrs. Marie Anderson Culberson, N.C. 24. Parker, Newman J Blairsville, Ga. 25. Rainwater, Jerry Thomas Alpharetta, Ga. 26. Roden, James A Cumming, Ga. 27. Smith, Harry Verne Columbus, Ga. 28. Sneed, Bryant Samuel, III Blue Ridge, Ga. 29. Stephens, Mrs. Helen Logan Elhjay, Ga. 30. Thayer, David C Columbus, Ga. 31. Thornton, Marianne Toccoa, Ga. 32. Tribble, Eula Jean Cumming, Ga. 33. White, William A Dahlonega, Ga. 47 Our distinguished for the future now 1ST GEORGIA COLLEGE FEATURES 49 1 fS s Richard K. Phillips " R. K. " Patricia Ann Cannon " Pat " f0 t It II JK RSLI BOOZ] UP -1- - r -■-■: ■ ■ » " - " " " " w .« ' • ■■■ - i v foj cLoual SUE MILLS and BILL SURLS Versatile LAVERNE YOUNG and DALE STONE i M i uclopd csjueen or 1962 MISS GAY RHODES Wisdom is the abstract of the past, but beauty is the promise of the future. Oliver Wendell Holmes C veum (L5e inda KJi ' oover J4naela Mi uaqini J4elen sfamerion WltL WattL ( - riqade S iveetheart GAY RHODES WHO ' S WHO IN BOBBY PAT DEAN DAVID This year, as in years past, a representative body of North Georgia College faculty, selected sixteen outstanding members of the senior class to be included in Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. These senior citizens were selected on the follow- ing points: actual service to the College, contribution to and leadership in extra-curricular activities; and spirit and degree of cooperation with the administration, the faculty, and fellow stu- dents in furthering general college policies and ideals. TOM CONRAD TOBY SUE 70 AMERICAN ,1 WARREN COLLEGES LA VERNE 1962 NORTH GEORGIA WHO ' S WHO Bobby R. Adams Dean F. Biskey David Eugene Boozer, Jr. Patricia Ann Cannon Conrad Harlan Easley Thomas L. Freeman Randall C. Jackson Marjorie Sue Mills William Woodrow Morgan, Jr. Richard K. Phillips Ralph Patrick Quigley Thomas Clements Richardson, Jr. Joan Kathleen Sewell William S. Shelfer, Jr. LaVerne Ruth Young Warren B. Williams JOAN BILL PAT RICHARD TOMMY BILL 71 OUT- STANDING Marilyn Stuart Jim Howard Sandra Brown SOPHOMORES JUNIORS UNDER- CLASSMEN Tommy Long Jane Blanchard Gordon Htighey Sandi Pryor FRESHMEN 72 c L A S S JUNIORS President: Nicky Johnston Vice-President: Bill Branch Secretary: Julie Davidson Treasurer: Dick Elliot o F F I C E R S FRESHMEN President: Danny Daniels Vice-President: George Kontos Secretary: Betty Feld Treasurer: Betty Nickles SOPHOMORES President: Jim Howard Vice-President: Judy Parker Secretary: Martha Tally Treasurer: Ronnie Roper Our protectors of the future now in MILITARY 75 MILITARY STAFF " North Georgia College is operating a highly efficient and inspirational ROTC program. Institutional support and facili- ties are exceptional. The school adminis- tration is vigorous, dedicated to the needs of young men and to the safety of the nation. High standards of leadership and discipline pervade the entire corps, and the morale, esprit and acceptance of re- sponsibility on the part of the cadets are outstanding. " - — Report from 1961 Fed- eral Inspection. Lt. Col. William C. Boyd Professor of Military Science Maj. A. B. Kitchen Assistant PMS Capt. B. E. Ferguson Assistant PMS Capt. J. C. Trepagnier Assistant PMS Capt. O. R. Hause Commandant Sgt. Maj. T. R. Lee Chief Instructor M Sgt. J. D. Gilmore Instructor S Sgt. D. L. Meador Supply Sgt. Sgt. R. C. Hensley Wheeled Vehicle Maintenance Mrs. J. W. Phillips Secretary to PMS Mrs. N. Stowers Secretary to Commandant Brigade Staff R. K. Phillips, Brig. Com. W. L. Brown, Exec. Off. W. L. Long, Sgt. Maj. Helen Williams Sweetheart D. F. Biskey, S-3 G. T. Gaines, S-l D. M. Kilgore, S-4 C. I. VanHorn, Asst. S-3 H. E. Cannon, Drill Master F. W. Johnston, Supply Sgt. NOT PICTURED L. T. Mooney, Asst. S-l G. W. O ' Kelly, Asst. S-2 F. N. Eubanks, Asst. S-4 V. A. Brown, Brig. Clerk Mrs. R. Phillips Sponsor The Blue Ridge Rifles Drill Master: Cannon. Guidon Bearer: Palmer. First Squad: Healey, McKenny, Phail, Calloway, Ray, Walthour, Peacock Second Sauad- Wells S Ber e «» e t ith BU ffii ™ rf SqUad: Benefidd ' M ° rriSOn ' JeffCOat ' W00dard Burnette, Willis. £ftS ES}. BLUE RIDGE RIFLES ' SONG (Tune — " When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again " ) In eighteen hundred and sixty-one — Hurrah, Hurrah, The Blue Ridge Rifles had just begun — Hurrah, Hurrah. Chorus : They all marched out to Chancelorsville — Hurrah, Hurrah. They cocked their guns and gave a yell — Hurrah, Hurrah. Chorus: They fought the slopes of Kennesaw — Hurrah, Hurrah. Their clothes were ragged, their hands were raw — Hurrah, Hurrah. Chorus: At Bull Run they gave ' em Hell — Hurrah, Hurrah, And all you could hear was that Rebel yell — Hurrah, Hurrah. Chorus : At Appomattox it was the end — Hurrah, Hurrah, But now we ' re here to march again — Hurrah, Hurrah. Chorus: Chorus : From the Blue Ridge mountains they came. It was those mountains that gave them their name. And they all turned out when the rifles went marching home. First Battle Group B. R. Adams Battle Group Commander W. J. Surls Battle Group Exec. E. T. Averett S-l R. D. Wilson S-2 W. K. Royal S-3 T. A. Terrell S-4 J. M. Waddill Asst. S-l D. J. Davis Asst. S-2 J. B. Johnson Asst. S-3 R. J. Darsey Sgt. Major J. C. Howard Clerk Marian Weaver Sweetheart Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Adams Sponsors Company Alfa Lt. Elrod Company Exec. Capt. Easley Company Commander Abbott, R. S. Alford, W. L. Asher, J. D. Barden, S. C. Beard, R. A. Beazley, B. G. Bell, J. S. Blalock, H. H. Bowden, J. A. Breedlove, J. A. Buice, L. B. Burton, J. L. Bussey, W. O. Callahan, W. A. Calloway, T. M. Clark, M. L. Clark, T. M. Cook, J. W. Cousins, L. F. Douglas, J. E. Dunagan, D. M. Ellis, R. W. Ethington, W. E. Ferguson, J. F. M Sgt. Tinley First Sgt. Senior Freshman Freshman Sophomore Freshman Freshman Sophomore Sophomore Senior Sophomore Junior Sophomore Sophomore Freshman Freshman Junior Sophomore Junior Sophomore Sophomore Freshman Sophomore Sophomore Freshman Sylvester Waynesboro Decatur Clermont Atlanta Augusta Edison Waycross Perry, Fla. Greensboro Grayson Marietta Thomaston Ft. Benning Atlanta Marietta Marietta Thomson Greenville Atlanta Atlanta Ormond Beach, Fla. Darien Dahlonega i 4- o LN i Fitzpatrick, H. H. Junior Covington Forrester, A. B. Freshman Silver Creek Fry, P. H. Senior Atlanta k. Glenny, H. L. Freshman Decatur Grant, C. Freshman Dawsonville Grimes, J. E. Freshman Macon Hardy, W. H. Freshman Warm Springs Hicks, J. S. Sophomore Lavonia Hortman, L. C. Freshman Reynolds Hugie, B. G. Freshman Decatur Jeffcoat, R. B. Freshman Augusta Johnson, J. M. Sophomore Covington Kontos, G. D. Freshman Waycross Lindsay, W. N. Freshman Forest Park Mashburn, K. L. Junior Blue Ridge Mitchiner, M. E. Sophomore Macon Morgan, W. R. Newman, C. Palmer, D. M. Powell, R. L. Puckett, H. D. Rosser, J. E. St. Clair, D. C. Sapp, J. A. Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Unadilla Emerson College Park Villa Rica Homestead Marietta Fort Bragg Waycross Scruggs, R. L. Sophomore College Park Sevier, N. A. Sophomore Savannah Sharpe, W. B. Freshman Atlanta Smith, H. R. Freshman Gainesville Sorrells, J. E. Freshman Smyrna Story, P. G. Freshman Waynesboro Strickland, C. Freshman Waycross Strickland, J. R. Sophomore Edison m ?fr I J Styles, L. A. Senior Juno Sutton, W. R. Thuesdale, L. D. Sophomore Freshman Pearson Macon v XI Turner, J. G. Freshman Smyrna Watson, F. J. Sophomore Toccoa Woods, T. V. Junior St. Simons York, W. J. Sophomore Lincolnton knew I should have left that gum on the bedpost! Gayle Daniel Sweetheart Mrs. Sam M. Easley Sponsor I f». - The perfect way to start the day . . . Study, study while you may Work, work, no time to play . Company Bravo Lt. Berens Company Exec. Capt. Wren Company Commander Anthony, J. Archibald, A. Baldwin, A. Barrett, C. Bell, H. Berkemeier, T. Branch W. Bryan, J. Burkett, J. M. Byers, C. Campbell, W. Cates, R. Chamblee, J. Coleman, P. Collins, G. Cook, D. Dean, T. Denicke, R. Dennard, R. Ferguson, W. Frost, C. Garrard, J. Garrett, J. Gibbs, G. M Sgt. Howard First Sgt. Freshman Atlanta Freshman Rome Sophomore Madison Freshman Gainesville Freshman Freshman Junior Freshman Sophomore Freshman Freshman Sophomore Junior Freshman Junior Freshman Sophomore Freshman Sophomore Freshman Freshman Freshman Sophomore Freshman Chicopee Rossville Belleville, N. J. Tate Macon Tate Atlas, Okla Macon Gainesville Forest Park Macon Jasper Fairmount Decatur Conyers Smyrna Marietta Austell Kennesaw Troy, Ala. Gilleland, L. Freshman Gainesville Ginn, J. Sophomore Sasser Green, J. Freshman Eau Gallie, Fla Gurley, A. Senior Dahlonega Harper, W. Sophomore Atlanta Ingram, C. Sophomore Cumming Jarrard, R. Freshman Gainesville Kellogg, L, Freshman Canton Kendall, J. Freshman Atlanta Little, L. Freshman Atlanta Miller, F. Freshman Hapeville Miller, G. Junior Decatur Mink, F. Sophomore Decatur Mobley, W. Freshman Decatur Morgan, F. Sophomore Macon Murphy, T. Freshman Savannah Ogle, W. Freshman Decatur O ' Kelley, J. Sophomore Maysville Painter, W. Senior Smyrna Parks, G. Junior Dalton Peevy, L. Sophomore Alpharetta Piatt, F. Freshman Atlanta Prince, W. Freshman Tate Pyran, P. Freshman Atlanta Ray, D. Freshman Fairmount Robertson, W. Senior Covington Sellers, J. Senior Dahlonega Shivers, R. Junior Manchester Shope, J. Freshman Atlanta Simpson, F Freshman Rome Smallwood, F. Sophomore Gainesville Smith, G. Freshman Atlanta fl Stratigos, R. Sophomore Columbus Vickery, D. Senior Atlanta Waller, P. Freshman Atlanta Webb, D. Freshman Forest Park Uniform of the day? Peek-a boo . . Judy Fisher Sweetheart Mrs. Curtis B. Wren Sponsor Sorry, visiting hours are over . . . Rp r J l i i: A 1 1 Jn 4 1|, hLnduil , ; . ' r r L 3 ftfct Yfl K fc H Bacfc fo f ?e ce . Did zear something pop? He ' ll make somebody a good wife. Company Charlie Lt. Veal Company Exec. Capt. Boozer Company Commander Alsabrook, J. R. Armstrong, P. P. Austin, M. P. Barnes, C. H. Barrett, T. H. Beazley, D. E. Bennett, M. W. Branch, J. D. Burden, C. G. Burdette, R. B. Cline, J. N. Crevis, R. T. Culbreth, L. M. Davis, B. W. DeTreville, J. R. Downey, C. W. Drawdy, P. E. Farr, H. G. Farr, Jake Fay, D. D. Goodwin, W. D. Grace, K. D. Guest, R. K. Harrison, R. C. M Sgt. Stewart First Sgt. Senior Freshman Freshman Sophomore Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Sophomore Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Sophomore Sophomore Junior Senior Sophomore Sophomore Freshman Junior Freshman College Park Albany Burlington, N. J. Tallapoosa Cordele Edinburg, Va. Columbus Savannah Macon Atlanta Newton Atlanta Cordele Waycross Augusta Tallapoosa Brunswick Blakely Columbus Atlanta Lithia Springs LaGrange Douglas Atlanta : V r Harvill, D. O. Helmbold, R. F. Hill, J. W. Holton, T. L. McEver, J. G. McGregor, G. L. McLeod, O. B. McQuair, J. C. Freshman Junior Sophomore Sophomore Sophomore Freshman Freshman Freshman Oglethorpe Atlanta Gainesville Savannah Howard, D. H. Junior Pelham Jolly, J. W. Freshman Decatur Jones, R. C. Freshman Griffin Kendall, R. P. Freshman Macon Kinard, L. B. Freshman Atlanta Loehr, W. A. Senior Dahlonega Luckey, T. S. Freshman Albany McCranie, C. C. Sophomore Ocilla Atlanta Lindale Thomas ville Huntington, N. Y. Minor, J. G. Freshman Gainesville Murchison, A. J. Freshman Macon Nelson, J. R. Junior Reidsville Odom, G. L. Freshman Folkston Peeples, T. J. Freshman Chatsworth Perry, M. A. Senior Governors Is. N. Y. Pickle, J. F. Freshman Blakely Redmond, M. V. Frashman Decatur Reynolds, J. L. Freshman Atlanta Ricketson, B. L. Freshman Savannah Ritchey, M. D. Freshman Dalton Roper, J. A. Freshman Montezuma Roper, R. P. Sophomore Cumming Russel, W. A. Freshman Atlanta Sapp, R. H. Sophomore Hinesville Sawyer, J. R. Junior Waycross Sewell, D. J. Sophomore Lavonia Shepard, J. L. Freshman Tifton Shifflett, C. S. Freshman Thomas ville Shirley, T. W. Freshman Alpharetta Sichveland, D. P. Sophomore Marietta Simmons, C. R. Freshman Thomasville Sisk, T. V. Freshman Walhalla, S. C Smith, R. D. Freshman Decatur Swearingen, G. R. Thomas, R. H. Van Horn, W. F. Waddell, C. C. Sophomore Sophomore Freshman Junior Decatur Donalsonville Cusseta LaFayette Wayne, A. A. Freshman Flowery Branch Weaver, E. E. Junior Perry Wessner, K. T. Freshman Ft. Benning West, S. D. Sophomore Dahlonega Wicht, M. C. Sophomore Dahlonega Williams, A. B. Freshman LaGrange Williams, R. D. Freshman Atlanta Willingham, L. H. Freshman Atlanta Wright, G. W. Young, L. A. Freshman Freshman Decatur Atlanta The snow men are at it again! Pat Cannon Sweetheart Rev. and Mrs. D. E. Boozer Sponsor " flfc. l -- Choosing a date for Saturday. Here ' s a good one. " Did you hear about- Our most practiced sleeping position . " Right over left and under; left over right and under. " . Our least practiced sleeping position. " Wonder where the elevator is? " Company Band Lt. Raines Company Exec. Capt. Dill Company Commander M Sgt. Black, Drum Major Abercrombie, H. S. Anderson, D. W. Ashmore, J. R. Barton, F. E. Clement, J. E. Darden, G. W. Douglass, R. D. Durden, J. A. Edenfield, H. E. Edwards, E. O. Evans, C. A. Evans, H F. M Sgt. Willis First Sgt. Freshman Junior Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Junior Junior Freshman Freshman Sophomore Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Atlanta Decatur Decatur Brunswick Winston-Salem, N. C. Perry Camilla Washington Gainesville Forest Park Brunswick Canton Atlanta Mitchell Marietta Sylvester Savannah Waynesville, N. C. Marietta Dalton «f fir p s ' i i Fleeman, T. L. Freshman Winder Floyd, G. D. Sophomore Dalton Gablemann, R. A. Freshman Fanwood, N. J. Graf, G. Freshman Atlanta Grider, J. W. Freshman Dalton Harden, J. W. Freshman East Point Harper, T. H. Junior Ocilla Hartley, S. T. Junior Sandersville Harris, J. A. Freshman Gainesville Henderson, P. W. Sophomore Smyrna Hill, J. D. Sophomore Atlanta Holt, D. C. Freshman Warner Robins Holt, R. J. Freshman Warner Robins Hood, B. W. Freshman College Park Jones, G. C. Freshman East Point Kemp, J. C. Freshman Buford Knight, N. L. Freshman Marietta Lounsbury, J. M. Sophomore Decatur McLendon, R. L. Freshman College Park Mongold, G. Freshman Atlanta Moore, W. D. Freshman Decatur Mundy, W. C. Sophomore Americus Pounds, R. H. Sophomore Atlanta Reynolds, H. T. Freshman Atlanta Riley, W. S. Freshman Atlanta Simpson, S. T. Freshman Macon Spright, T. Junior Sparta Stone, D. M. Senior Rome Stowers, H. E. Freshman Conyers Tarver, W. S. Freshman Fort Gaines Teeter, L. V. Freshman Fort Valley Terry, R. B. Sophomore Smyrna gc V W Thomas, J. M. Thomas, L. D. Toole, S. M. Van Pelt, R. L. Waller, T. S. Westbrook, C. P. Weston, H. P. Whittle, W. A. Wiggins, C. D. Wilson, B. D. Zeigler, J. A. Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Senior Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Sophomore Junior Marietta Decatur Colquitt Rome East Point Decatur Talbotton Brun swick Rockman Marietta Savannah Penny Cochran Sweetheart Mrs. Ruth J. Dill Sponsor Watering his cancer? Mr. America slept here. Open hole — Insert Knowledge. May I have the next dance? Color Guard Lt. Donald F. Segars Sfc. Donald B. Vickery Sfc. James D. Hulme Sgt. James A. Bowden Sfc. Daniel B. Mills Sgt. Wendell T. Jackson 96 Second Battle Group W. B. Williams Battle Group Comm. R. C. Jackson Battle Group Exec. G. W. Whitley S-l J. A. Thornton S-2 R. M. Cousins S-3 S. W. Draper S-4 A. H. Jolly Asst. S-l J. M. Hall Asst. S-2 R. A. Thompson Asst. S-3 J. C. House Sgt. Ma}. R. C. Glover Clerk Margaret Smith Sweetheart Mrs. H. P. Williams Sponsor 97 - Company Delta Lt. Robinson Company Exec. Capt. Quigley Company Commander V (J 1 Adams, J. W. Allgood, K. H. Almand, W. J. Altman, W. G. . ' V;:; 8 M Sgt. McClure First Sgt. Sophomore Buford Sophomore Atlanta Freshman East Point Freshman Valdosta Camp, R. H. Junior Morrow Chapman, R. A. Sophomore Doerun Clements, M. T. Freshman Tifton Collins, J. T. Junior Forsyth Conaway, J. F. Junior Thomaston Elliott, B. J. Freshman Marietta Elliott, C. J. Sophomore Hampton Fasold, J. B. Sophomore Warrenton Flowers, J. P. Sophomore Dawson Fox, S. R. Freshman Dalton Freeman, T. L. Senior Dahlonega Gattis, A. C. Sophomore Marietta Gee, W. D. Sophomore Cairo Gerard, P. T. Sophomore Honolulu, Hawaii Glover, J. W. Freshman Marietta Greene, J. E. Freshman Albany Griscom, J. H. Sophomore Warner Robins Harden, J. K. Freshman Eastman Harper, S. W. Sophomore Atlanta Harrell, I. B. Freshman Valdosta 1 " «r- n Heard, J. D. Junior Dahlonega Heath, F. G. Freshman Casselberry, Fla. Hicks, E. J. Junior Dahlonega Huey, H. G. Freshman Alma Imes, J. D. Freshman Decatur Ingram, R. D. Senior Dahlonega Jernigan, R. F. Freshman Forest Park Jiles, J. H. Sophomore Kennesaw King, W. H. Sophomore Decatur Law, W. S. Freshman Marietta Lawson, G. D. Freshman Gainesville Lewis, R. W. Freshman Hinesville Martin, G. T. Sophomore Hinesville Mathews, W. S. Freshman Decatur Miles, R. D. Freshman Dalton Mills, D. B. Senior Wrights ville Minson, M. T. Freshman East Point Moore, J. E. Freshman Chicopee Peacock, C. W. Freshman LaFayette Piskett, J. L. Junior Atlanta Pilcher, R. D. Junior Gainesville Poarch, J. H. Freshman Decatur Prince, J. R. Freshman Dahlonega Rollison, R. G. Freshman Hinesville Roper, R. W. Freshman Marietta Sharpe, J. A. Senior Adairsville Smith, G. R. Freshman Brunswick Smith, J. E. Sophomore Statesboro Spotts, J. M. Sophomore Atlanta Starnes, W. F. Freshman Newnan Taylor, F. W. Freshman Pooler Tennyson, W. G. Freshman Camilla V ' Thomas, J. L. Sophomore Savannah Thomas, W. H. Freshman Bogart Townsend, W. J. Sophomore Atlanta Turner, D. H. Freshman Cartersville Waddell, O. C. Freshman Rome Ward, H. A. Freshman Atlanta Westmoreland, L. M. Freshman Marietta Whiten, J. F. Freshman Carnesville Willis, J. G. Freshman Atlanta Wilson, R. C. Freshman Thomasville Woodard, J. D. Freshman Enterprise, Ala Mine ' s prettier than yours! " D " is for D-mens! 100 ! w ■ ' ■ ' ■ 4 j Susan Cown Sweetheart Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Quigley Sponsor Well, tell her to call back! I told you 233 girls weren ' t enough! Mom sa d ;7 couldn ' t be done. Those boots can ' t keep his snow from falling! My bunk shrunk! HONOR Company Echo company Lt. Whelchel Company Exec. Capt. Bowman Company Commander Alexander, G. L. Allen, P. B. Baird, M. W. Barbree, L. T. Barnes, T. A. Blanks, J. R. Blount, C. B. Bonnemer, S. L. Boyd, C. B. Brantley, S. J. Brewer, J. C. Burgess, C. F. Caldwell, M. L. Camp, L. N. Clark, G. E. Cole, W. C. Collany, W. R. Cunningham, L. A. Davis, C. S. Dismukes, R. K. Doss, L. E. Duncan, F. C. Duncan, R. B. Edwards, J. B. M Sgt. Elliott First Sgt. Sophomore Freshman Freshman Sophomore Sophomore Sophomore Freshman Freshman Junior Sophomore Freshman Freshman Sophomore Sophomore Freshman Freshman Sophomore Sophomore Freshman Sophomore Freshman Freshman Sophomore Freshman Augusta Hapeville Cornelia Enterprise, Ala. Hapeville Macon Blackshear Winder Santa Monica, Cal. Atlanta Gainesville Sandy Springs Atlanta Gainesville Arlington, Va. Atlanta St. Petersburg, Fla. Atlanta Adel Dahlonega Gainesville Nashville Marietta Smyrna ° 1 ' l Felker, D. M. Floyd, W. Fort, R. B. Gandy, J. R. Hammack, L. C. Hansen, H. O. Heath, G. E. Heldreth, N. E. House, J. L. Kerr, J. H. Landes, D. R. TV Latimer, P. G. McConnell, W. E. McCranie, V. S. Mclntire, R. K. Martin, W. G. Sophomore Freshman Freshman Senior Freshman Freshman Freshman Sophomore Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Senior Junior Freshman Freshman Dalton Bainbridge Winnsboro, S. C. Albany Doerun Dublin Moultrie Columbus Winder Savannah Smyrna Gainesville Griffin Willacoochee Atlanta Dublin Mason, W. D. Sophomore Dahlonega Melton, A. R. Sophomore Karlsruhe, Ger. Miller, B. R. Junior Atlanta Miller, R. Freshman Atlanta Moon, L. F. Freshman Marietta Myers, A. J. Junior Macon Ness, M. B. Freshman Atlanta Nisbet, G. Freshman Bainbridge Odom, R. N. Junior Dublin Palmour, E. Freshman Gainesville Parrish, L. G. Freshman Gainesville Perry, G. D. Senior Dublin Phail, C. F. Freshman Augusta Pitts, W. F. Freshman Avondale Estates Quintrell, W. N. Junior Blue Ridge Shipp, W. I. Freshman Marietta Skelton, R. B. Freshman Toccoa Smith, E. J. Freshman Louisville Spires, W. A. Freshman Martinez Spooner, R. E. Sophomore Plant City, Fla Spurlin, D. R. Freshman Atlanta Stewart, R. M. Freshman Tifton Tankersley, M. A. Senior Blue Ridge Terry, D. F. Freshman Chatsworth Wessner, W. E. Junior Dahlonega Whidby, J. F. Freshman Dahlonega White, L. E. Sophomore Toccoa Williams, N. W. Freshman Cordele Worsham, B. R. Freshman Summerville Grin and bear it. Another one of those days. 104 Marilyn Stuart Sweetheart Mrs. R. W. Bowman Sponsor Don ' t be discouraged! Another long walk back to the " hole. " How to make the Dean ' s List. 105 How to make the Dean ' s other list. Company Foxtrot Lt. W. Shelfer Company Exec. IP 4 Capt. W. Hall Company Commander Abercrombie, M. M. Alverson, F. L. Avery, M. W. Banks, W. L. Bell, D. A. Benefield, P. D. Bryant, T. M. Bryson, W. E. Burden, S. J. Burnette, J. K. Clark, D. J. Cobb, R. S. Copeland, G. E. Cowart, C. J. Daniel, A. E. Dean, W. R. Denny, D. L. Durrett, W. D. Dye, L. P. Engen, G. O. Evans, M. J. Fisher, E. M. Fleming, L. J. Floyd, B. L. M Sgt. Pettit First Sgt. Freshman Junior Freshman Sophomore Senior Sophomore Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Sophomore Senior Freshman Freshman Senior Sophomore Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Sophomore Freshman Sophomore Gainesville Daleville Greenville Albany Chicopee LaGrange Greenville Marietta Hartwell College Park Ocala Marietta Gainesville Macon LaGrange Atlanta Franklin Macon Augusta Ft. Benning Decatur McDonough Lavonia Marietta r. " Q |r ' % Tf P 8 V Glen, J. H. Junior Sautee Grist, J. M. Freshman Canton Gunnin, J. E. Freshman Decatur Hall, D. G. Sophomore Canton Harris, E. C. Freshman Covington Healy, M. W. Sophomore Ft. Benning Hogan, W. V. Freshman Vero Beach Holder, P. H. Sophomore LaGrange Hollis, J. P. Freshman Dahlonega Hulme, J. D. Senior Dewy Rose Jackson, W. T. Junior Atlanta Jones, M. R. Sophomore Canton Jones, O. P. Freshman Dawson Kenimer, L. D. Sophomore Dahlonega Lawhon, J. L. Junior Atlanta Lord, W. N. Freshman LaGrange Lowe, J. E. Senior Calhoun McKenny, R. T. Freshman Atlanta Maloney, M. F. Freshman Marietta Mays, T. A. Freshman Marietta Miles, R. E. Freshman Thomastor Moelchert, L. W. Junior Jackson Moncrief, J. M. Sophomore Flovilla Morrison, D. D. Sophomore Pelham Mundy, A. J. Freshman Jonesboro Munson, S. A. Freshman Atlanta Odom, T. J. Freshman Columbus Priest, H. M. Sophomore Canton Rapp, L. W. Freshman Atlanta Redwine, L. C. Freshman Hapeville Schneider, J. M. Freshman Macon Seabolt, J. J. Freshman Dahlonega Sims, J. I. Junior Commerce Smith, E. R. Freshman Hapeville Spiceland, J. L. Freshman Decatur Thornton, M. B. Sophomore Royston Veal, F. W. Freshman Sandersville Walden, J. A. Freshman Dahlonega Wall, J. P. Sophomore Hoschton Wamble, J. B. Freshman Columbus Welch, G. W. Freshman Rome Wilson, S. W. Freshman LaFayette Worley, W. C. Freshman Dahlonega Wray, C. J. Freshman Douglasville Wright, S. T. Junior Ellijay Janice Butterworth Sweetheart Mrs. W. A. Hall Sponsor I ■- m Oh!! The floor is cold! — ■ " ' " • Pseudopod. Oops! Er . . . hello, Sir. 109 Company Golf Lt. Ashcraft Company Exec. Capt. Richardson Company Commander Adams, J. M. Anderson, D. B. Arnold, C. H. Barnett, W. R. Barron, W. M. Bennett, R. K. Bland, W. R. Booker, H. L. Branbury, E. C. Branen, E. S. Brewer, G. L. Brooks, W. P. Butterworth, J. N. Clegg, D. W. Cochran, L. W. Coker, G. A. Cole, H. C. Crane, M. J. Creel, R. H. Crissey, M. P. Curtis, R. I. Daniel, J. M. DeLay, J. L. Ensley, R. D. M Sgt. Long First Sgt. Senior Sophomore Freshman Sophomore Junior Sophomore Freshman Senior Freshman Sophomore Freshman Freshman Freshman. Freshman Junior Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Sophomore Freshman Freshman Senior Freshman Buford Marietta Winder Smyrna Baxley Meigs Sylvania Thomaston Roberta Decatur Crandall Monroe Gainesville Albany Thomaston Monroe Ft. Benning Lawrenceville East Point Camilla Waycross Waynesboro Atlanta Blue Ridge V ,0 ' v Essam, J. R. Freshman Decatur Foster, T. E. Sophomore Columbus Franklin, J. R. Freshman Waynesboro Hayes, J. E. Freshman LaGrange Hicks, W. E. Freshman Decatur Holmes, J. A. Freshman Ellijay Hubbard, L. J. Junior Moultrie Jarrard, L. J. Junior Hoschton Jaynes, M . K. Freshman Forest Park Johnston, J. C. Sophomore Macon Jones, S. B. Freshman Valdosta Kicklighter, R. Freshman Jesup Kirk, B. J. Sophomore Brunswick Lane, R. E. Freshman Waycross McGraw, W. G. Freshman Marietta McLemore, M. T. Freshman Atlanta Morrison, J. T. Patterson, R. J. Pinson, T. L. Porter, J. C. Freshman Freshman Sophomore Freshman Gainesville Blue Ridge Murrayville Decatur Ragsdale, J. D. Junior Marietta Rogers, C. W. Freshman Brunswick Sanders, H. C. Freshman Powder Springs Scott, H. H. Freshman East Point Segars, W. I. Sophomore Commerce Self, D. L. Freshman Crandall Selfridge, T. E. Sophomore McDonough Sevelius, A. E. Sophomore Miami, Fla. Smith, C. K. Freshman Columbus Smith, R. E. Freshman Marietta Sprague, J. C. Sophomore Marietta Stafford, G. W. Junior Thomasville r ° T (l Taylor, E. A. Sophomore Moultrie Thompson, F. B. Junior Marietta Turner, L. B. Freshman Thomaston Walthour, W. L. Freshman Atlanta Wells, H. M. Sophomore Watkinsville Williams, M. J. Senior Atlanta Williamson, J. B. Sophomore Statesboro Wilson, W. E. Sophomore Columbus Wimberly, J. R. Sophomore Rome York, E. L. Freshman Clarkesville Youngblood, J. E. Freshman Cumming Oh, to be in Ohio! 112 Scabbard and Blade I . : ;3 Seated: Draper, Whitley, Terrell, Jackson, Whelchel — Captain, Surls, Brown, Williams, Kilgore. Standing: Averett, Raines, Segars, Richardson, Dill, Gaines, O ' Kelley, Shelfer, Phillips, Hall. The Scabbard and Blade is a National Military Honor Society founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1919. Today there are units of the society at 131 leading colleges and universities in the United States. Here at North Georgia College, twenty-four men constitute Company " I " of the Twelfth Regiment. The members of the " Blade " are selected seniors who are out- standing in both academic and military work. Their primary pur- pose is to supplement the regular training program of the Military Department to prepare Junior ROTC cadets for Summer Camp. Mrs. Hoyt Whelchel Sponsor 114 Nothing like a day on Crown Mountain with the boys. Sky diving for fun and profit. ■■■H Girls?? . . . Which way? Please, just one drink of water. I don ' t think it smells so funny! 8 Summer Camp f " -L F m Ron ' Bell, Boterweg, Thornton, Robertson, Whelchel, Gaines, Wren, McConnell, Biskey, Morgan, Richardson, Ingram. Second Row: Gandy, Stone. Archer. Veal. Eubanks, Akin, Lowe, Johnson, Van Horn. Surls. Wilson, Kellogg. Third Row: Adams, Tankersly, Perry. Brown, Phillips, Hall, Whitley, Cousins, McConnell. Boozer, Kilgore, Farr, Dill. Fourth Row: Draper, Ashcraft, Averett. Royal, Easley, Berens, Waller, Fry, Bowman, Robinson, Raines, Hall. Fifth Row: Sellers, Davis, Painter, Elrod. Abbott, Styles, Dean, Quigley, Loehr, Freeman, Terrell, Delay, Shelfer. Not Shown: Jackson, Sharpe, Williams, Williams. " Two hamburgers, a coke and jreneh fries. " Each summer North Georgia College sends its junior ROTC cadets to Fort Benning, Georgia for a six-week summer camp. There the cadets participate in the prac- tical application of the military tactics and field training they have received during their first three years in school. Last summer the cadets from North Georgia, sixty-six strong, upheld the reputation of their school by setting high standards and a fine example of leader- ship by finishing first in a field of thirty-four colleges and universities from seven states. These cadets placed first in five of the eight fields of competition. 116 " Now, sweet revenge!! ill " " Bring on the girls! " ' You should have seen the one that got away. " ' See the target? " " Naw, you? " " Nothing like a Boy Scout cook out. " Our homemakers for the future now in LEWIS HALL 119 PAT CANNON, President MARY ANN FEUCHTER, Vice-President I 1 t 4 GINNIE DOBBINS, Treasurer LINDA MARTIN (not pictured) Secretary Frankie Abercrombie . . . Murrayville Barbara Aiken Decatur Frances Akins Blairsville Juanita Anderson Murrayville Lucy Andrews Decatur Jackie Bannister Cumming Helen Bennett Homer Gayle Brand College Park Sandra Brown Flowery Branch Linda Burns Dahlonega Sydney Burrell Clarkesville Diana Capps Atlanta Lorraine Carrington Bowman Martha Clyburn Atlanta Ann Couch Dawsonville Gayle Daniel Dawson Julia Davidson Lithonia Carolyn Denman Ringgold Janice Dorough Atlanta Judith Dunn Atlanta JUNIORS 121 Sandra Durham Bainbridge Myra Duvall Blue Ridge Jimmie Ann Evans .... Hogansville Mary Ann Feuchter . . . College Park Betty Fricks Dahlonega Glenda Gilbert Lawrenceville Linda Groover Marietta Sybil Hames Menlo Sue Hooker Dalton Angela Huggins Smyrna Beverly Ingram Jackson Judith Ireland Tifton Carolyn Jarrell Atlanta Claudia Kelly Rabun Gap Margaret Kennedy Acworth Hilda Lewis Buford Brenda Miller Acworth Sally Mizell Atlanta Betty Montgomery Atlanta Bernice Parks Sycamore 122 Nancy Phillips Cumming Ann Ratterree Hapeville Suelle Reece Ellijay Catherine Roper Cumming Margaret Smith Clarkston Beverly Stephens Gainesville Marilyn Stuart Atlanta Pat Tumlin Cave Springs Sherry Webb Atlanta Ann Wilborn Marietta ' This IS the operator, would you repeat your number? 123 7 sure am glad we got the room cleaned up. I couldn ' t find a thing. " Alice Adams Dahlonega Nancy Beck . . . Greenwich. Conn. Ann Biskey Dahlonega Brenda Bracewell Dublin Carol Bramblett Decatur Marian Britt Dacula Barbara Brown ... Homer Sandra N. Brown Monroe Jean Burrell Clarkesville Doris Butler Dahlonega Rosemary Cain Columbus Suzanne Cameron . . . Gainesville Mary Cash Homer Joan Chastain Thomaston Mary Chastain Gainesville Penny Cochran Gainesville Millie Cocroft Stone Mt. Annette Collis McCaysville Susan Cown Loganville Jo Crisler Albany Carol Davenport Blairsville Elizabeth Davis Columbus Mimi Davis Atlanta Diana Dyson Washington Mary Ann Edmonds ... Toccoa Jeannine Fisher Decatur Judy Fisher Decatur Dale Freeman Sylvania Gail Friddell Thomaston Jane Fry Dahlonega 124 Elaine Garrison Gainesville Jewell Geiger McRae Theresa Green Cumming Betty Harkins Dahlonega Betty Harris Lavonia Lucy Harrison Rome Myrna Hassler Brunswick Barbara Hayes Smyrna Kay Heard Hapeville Diane Heldreth Atlanta Page Hutcherson Macon Helen Jamerson Sylvania Gail Jolly Lavonia Sandra Kalmbach Atlanta Sandra Kerr Gainesville Jerrie Ledbetter Cumming Betty Little Lavonia Rita Long Macon Carolyn Martin Decatur Lynda Martin Atlanta Millie Mathews Gainesville Dannette Maxham . . . Hogansville Mindy Merritt Ft. Benning Janice Miller Lula Mary Jo Miller Thomaston Margurette Norton .... Fairburn Betty Rose Padget Decatur Judy Parker Decatur Kay Pearson Atlanta Kay Phillips Millen 125 Carolyn Pulliam Cumming Lucia Ramey Clayton Bobbi Reynolds Atlanta Judy Roberts Atlanta Patty Rudd Rome Georgia Russell Alpharetta Catherine Samples Atlanta Nancy Smith Gainesville Kathryn Sutherland Macon Martha Tally Macon Beth Tate Chicopee Harriet Varn Macon Linda Voyles Toccoa Marian Weaver Armuchee Patty Whiten Gainesville Sandy Whiten Gainesville Helen Williams Atlanta Linda Williams Atlanta Nora Williams Marietta Brenda York Marietta How ' bout you? 126 Well, what did you get for Christmas? Annette Allyn Atlanta Emily Bagley East Point Sheron Bagley Colbert Marie Bahnsen Cornelia Virginia Barnes Blue Ridge Ann Baskin Decatur Evelyn Berry Dahlonega Sharon Bryant Cartersville Jane Blanchard Waynesboro Carole Brown Gainesville Ouida Brown Hartwell Gail Burgess Alpharetta Ellen Burriss Alpharetta Janice Butterworth Canton Billie Chastain .... Talking Rock Ruth Clay Macon Charlotte Coan Atlanta Sandra Coffee .... Lawrenceville Caroline Collier Monroe Carol Copeland Marietta Vickie Cornelison . . College Park Helen Couch Macon Patricia Davis Cairo Reginia Davis Cornelia Dianne DeLong Gainesville Melinda Dorminy Atlanta Dora Embry Marietta Betty Feld Dahlonega Susan Ferguson Dahlonega Melody Follwell Atlanta Jean Gardner Doraville Beverly George Marietta Brenda Gooch Jefferson Linda Gooch Jefferson Judy Grant East Point 127 Martha Green Albany Barbara Gregory Buford Alice Groover Marietta Anita Hansell Decatur Jane Hardy Decatur Portia Hargrove Eastman Susan Hargrove Atlanta Linda Hawkins Lithonia Gail Heard Gumming Carolyn Hearn Atlanta Susan Hess LaGrange Mary Dan Hitt Toccoa Jackie Hinton Atlanta Mary Ann Hogan Alamo Mary Holland Marietta Pam Holton Warner Robins Linda Hood Sautee Doris Hubbard Maysville Martha Hudgins Marietta De Hunter Marietta Marian Jarrett Clayton Ellen Johnson .... Warner Robins Dianne Jordan Sasser Vickie Jordan Wrightsville Joyce Knowles Fayetteville Judy Leslie Atlanta Susan Lowe Fort Valley Alicia McCallister Toccoa Catherine McDowall . Lawrenceville Lucy Mann Doraville Jo Beth Maret Hartwell Peggy Marshall Marietta Frances Mashburn . . . Blue Ridge Helen Master Covington Jane Mealor Toccoa 128 Vesta Medernach . . College Park Penelope Meeler Atlanta Marviene Miles Cleveland Barbara Miller Lakeland Linda Mullinax LaGrange Rosemary Newman Decatur Betty Nickles LaGrange Linda Outlaw Marietta Alice Parrott Senoia Hilda Payne Buford Sylvia Peck Gainesville Sandra Peyton Decatur Joan Phipps Cornelia Sandra Pryor Atlanta Madge Purcell Cornelia Kathi Race Atlanta Frances Reid Macon Etta Rhodes Smyrna Ann Riley Macon Joan Robinson Gainesville Lyndell Slade College Park Peggy Slieper Atlanta Carole Smith Reidsville Judy Sprague Atlanta Betty Spratlin Lincolnton Rilla Stovall College Park Margaret Swindle Lakeland Elizabeth Symmers Decatur Charlene Turner . . . Dawsonville Pixie Walker Rome Catherine Wilburn Decatur Jorene Webb LaGrange Janet Wilson Hapeville Barbara Kimbrell .... Nacoochee Peggy Wingo Atlanta 129 I Betsy Wright Cleveland Brenda Wright Macon I ' ve only been playing checkers in the " activity " room. Okay, so I ' m losing. I ' ve got my Old Spice to keep me happy. O.K. — what wise guy stole my clothes? I ' d invite you into " my little corner of the world, " but I don ' t know where to put you. 130 think sentimentalism is ridiculous! Well, think what you will, but the situation in the White House seems most grave. They look as if they live in a barn, but Lewis Hall? Which am I thinking of, cheese or sex? If my roommate makes me stand in the corner one more time 131 Our leaders in the future now in ORGANIZATIONS 133 E d i t o r All editors and staff of any yearbook begin their job with the goal in mind that this will be the best of, or one of the best, annuals that have ever come out of the school. We, the editors and staff, realize that much effort, determination, and thought go into reaching this goal. This year we have put all these things into your 1962 Cyclops of the future. We hope that we have given you something that you can enjoy now by looking into and thinking about the future and something that you can enjoy in the future by looking into and thinking about the past. As we worked hard on your annual, doing many things that had to be done in the short six months we had to do it in, we gained insight into your Cyclops theme, " ... the future is not in the hands of Fate, but in ours. " — The Editors John Blanks — Editor CYCLOPS 1962 Dr. Brown Adviser Mr. Gilbert Financial Adviser Business Manager Associate Editor Sectional Editors Lee Bradley- — Manager First row: Kathryn Sutherland, Associate Editor, Hayes, Aiken, Clyburn. Second row — Feuchter, Jarrell, Medernach, Hassler. 134 STAFF SECTIONS CLASSES and FACULTY First row: Parks, Metternach, Butterworth. Second row: Aiken, Cornelison. ORGANIZATIONS First row: Williams, Hassler, Hargrove. Sec- ond row: Hunter, Marshall, Phipps. FEATURES SPORTS First row: Slieper, Jarrell, Aiken, Baskin, Burriss. Second row: Bennett, Bahnsen, Feuchter, Hawkins. MILITARY Left to right: Stuart, Samples, Boyd, Wilburn, Clyburn. 135 1 9 6 2 « Business Manager Mary Ann Feuchter Editor: DIANA CAPPS CADET BUGLER Financial Adviser Mr. Gilbert Adviser Mr. Lail ARTISTS and PHOTOGRAPHERS Left to right — Branch, Pryor, Hunter, Sevier. ALUMNI King, Brand, Samples, Wilburn. 136 n ri 3 J.J ■ ' Seated left to right: Feuchter. Capps, Webb, King, Bartlett. Standing: Clyburn, Heldreth, Hartley, Collins, Williams, Brand, Mills. Seated left to right: Gooch, Collins, Bartlett, Collier, Gooch, Fisher. Stand- ing: Dunagan, Calloway, Palmer, Sapp, Kendal, Parks. EDITOR and EDITORIAL STAFF MEN and WOMEN SPORTS M I L I T A R Y Left to right: Baldwin, Stuart. Left to right: Feuchter, Ledbetter. NEWS FEATURES Seated: Gilbert, Hartley, Pryor. Standing: Knight, Hood. Left to right: Mills, Dunn, Wilson, Rhodes. 137 OFFICERS CLUB ■cn Si, a SWEETHEART— Brenda Norwood OFFICERS Left to right, First row: Averett, Ma- jor Kitchen, Jackson. Second row: Shelfer, DeLay, Farr. Left to right. First Row: Thompson, Sharpe, Boozer. Raines, Williams, Robertson, Perry, Waller, Fry, Abbott, Boterweg. Second row: Phillips, Painter, Royal. Bell, Bowman, Van Horn, Berens, Adams, Shelfer, Jackson. Major Kitchen. Averett, De Lay, Farr, Williams, Robinson, Kilgore, Gaines, Easley, Whitley, Hall, Brown. Third row: Thornton, Biskey, Whelchel, Wren, Segars, Ashcraft, Quigley, Dean, Ingram, Gandy, Veal, Cousins, Richardson, Dill, Tankersley, Stone, Surls, Freeman, Draper, Morgan. t •. t .7 r» NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS k CLUB SWEETHEART: Beth Tate OFFICERS First row: Darsey, Long, Camp. Sec ond row: Collins, Branch. Stewart. ■ m Left to right, first row: Camp, Stewart, Long, Darsey, Collins. Second row: Bradley, Sims, Alverson, Willis, Odom, Elliott, McCranie, Miller Gorday, Can- non, Hembold. Third row: Pickett, Myers, Sawyer, McClure, House, Pettit, Johnston, Quintrell, Guest, Tinley, Buice, Collins, Boyd, Mashburn. ' I f t f B A 9 ft I Left to Right, First Row: Ashcraft, Freeman, Sharpe, Williams, Robinson. Painter, Hall, Bowden, Averett, Abbott, Easley, Stone, Segars, Gandy, Draper, Thompson, Richardson. Second Row: Myers, McClure, Wright, Mashburn, Flowers. Chapman, Fitzpat- rick, Cannon, Branch, Bennett, Sprague, Cunningham, Glover, Allgood, Healy. Third Row: Dean, Barron, Sims, Stewart, Moel- chert. Camp, Pickett, Sawyer, Watson, Miller, McCranie, Alverson, Conaway, Bridges, Peevy, Mink, Sichveland, Howard, Gee, Ellis, Benefield. Fourth Row: Barbree, Brown, Heldreth, Holder. OFFICERS Left to right. First Row: Segars, Mr. Belcher-adviser, Averett. Second Row. McClure, McCranie, Myers, Conaway SIGMA THETA I SWEETHEART: Sherry Webb FRATERNITY 140 ? f t 5w f ft ft I • tf ij • 4 mm ' I £ ft 4 - fPT- ar " " -— !! ■■ ' ' ■ V? " " - : ,? Le f ?o Right, First Row: Surls, Cousins, Dean, Quigley, Whelchel, Jackson, Royal, Farr, Adams, Phillips, Gaines, Brown. Second Row: Melton, Ingram, Shivers, Anderson, Gerard, Thomas, Floyd, York, McEver, Johnston, Taylor, Chamblee, Long. Third Row: King, Quintrell, Howard, Elliott, Johnson, Tinley, Woods, House, Ragsdale, Hubbard, Mitchiner, Cousins, Nelson, Collins, Roper, Barnes, Sutton, Baldwin, Blalock, Darsey, Floyd, Ginn, Felker, Burkett, Ginn, Sewell. OFFICERS Left to Right: Royal. Jackson, Whelchel, Quigley. SWEETHEART: Gayle Brand 1 It. K REX FRATERNITY 141 CLUB GLEE Left to Right, First Row: Hargrove, Austin, Hess, Mullinax, Dunn, Brand, Reynolds, Dyson, Davis, Copeland, Mann, Phillips. Second Row: Davis, Johnson, Durham, Miller, Hortman, Clegg, Morgan, Smith, Ray, Roper, Cannon, Abercrombie, Douglass, Willis, Bell, King, Daniels, Biskey. ASSOCIATION STUDENT EDUCATION NATIONAL Left to Right, First Row: Andrews, Folwell, Freeman, Parks, Dr. Southard-adviser, Dunn, York, Brown, Turner. Second Row: Aikens, Britt, Les- lie, Pryor, Embry, Stewart, King, Roper. Third Row: Gilbert, Duvall, Swindle, Aikens, Austin, Wilson. 142 DRAMATICS CLUB Left to Right, First Row: Dunn, Davis, Durham, Berry, Fergrson, Hansel, Wilburn, Gilbert, Parks, Miles. Second Row: Hunter, Dismukes, Bradley, Freeman, McLendon, Mr. Simpson-adviser, Hartley, Caldwell, Parks, Stewart. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CLUB Sponsor Mrs. F. W. Ashcraft Left to Right, First Row: Dill, Blanks, Vickery, Styles, Adams, Roberts, Samples, Sewell, Norton, Welchel, Ashcraft, Daniel, Jamerson, Voyles, Mizell, Edmonds, Cannon, Adams, Long, Veal. Second Row: Phillips, Wimberly, Perry, Griscom, McCranie, Gandy, Van Horn, Brown, Gaines, Mash- burn, Camp, Fitzpatrick, Thornton, Howard, Chamblee, Stafford, Youngblood, West. Third Row: Jackson, Stone, Copeland, Wren, Segars, Hulme, Ingram, Dean, Robinson, Abbott, Farr, Shivers, Hicks, Johnston, Johnson, Kilgore. Fourth Row: Guest, Sims, Elliot, Lowe, Bowden, Waller, Fry, Gurley, Raines, Richardson, Miller, Boterweg, Goodwin. First Row: Dr. Forester-Adviser, Easley, Farr, Johnson, Collins, Cannon, Gardner, Ledbetter. Second Row: Anderson, Zeigler, Wad- dell Davis Weeks, Bennett, Brown, House. Third Row: McClure, Heard, Hopkins, Douglas. BIOLOGY CLUB CHEMISTRY CLUB ■■■I iii First Row Dr. Simms- Adviser, Hall, Darsey, Cochran, Hassler, Delay, McConnell, Curtis, Segars. Second Row: Burgess, Evans, Duncan, Thomas, Conaway, Barton. — - Ifc t SCIENC J 1! | » 1 " , PHYSICS CLUB First Row: Mr. Pigg-adviser, Williamson, Farr, Robert- son, Dismukes. Second Row: Parks, Biskey, Pigg, Walker. First Row: Mr. Yager-adviser, Mr. Pigg-adviser, Smith, Buice, Williamson -_ . .. Ray, Elliot, Robertson. Second Row: Parks, Hayes, Loehr, YD A | T Dismukes, Knight, Biskey, Spight. ' CLUB P§H iff % W Left to Right: Duvall, Baskin, Butterworth, Slieper, Gardner, Crumley, Couch, Gagliardy, Parker, Has- sler, Purcell, Bahnsen, Phipps, Slade, Davis, Allyn, Wilburn, Long, Hansel, Hogan, Race, Hawkins, ' W Hearn, Burrows, Hubbard, Hooker, Weeks, Davis, Austin, Cornelison, Webb, Carrington, Mann, Montgomery, Davison. Sponsor — Ruth Davison Left to Right: Smith, Samples, Phillips, Turner, Leslie. Webb, Gregory, Pryor, Freeman, Hess, McDowell, Chalpin Outlaw Stewart Langford, Sutherland, Davidson, Feuchter, Young, Wright, Britt, Weaver. Roper. Reid, Holland, ■d ;wi „.«.-„ Left to Right: Aiken, Lowe, B. Miller, Groover, Masten, S. Brown, Norwood, S. Miller. Kennedy. Smith, E. Johnson, Russell, Peck, Tate, Peyton, Rhodes, Green, Ratterree, H. Brown, Wingo, Bry- ant, Hitt, Collis, Blanchard, Dorminy, Andrews, Burgess, Jarrell, S. Johnson. Sponsor — Mrs. Joe John.,on Left to ' Right: Hames, Phillips, Daniel, Gilbert, Fisher. Knoles, Dobbins, Miles, Metternach, Barber, Stewart, Symmers, George, Hinton, Coffee, Riley, Green, DeLong, Padget, Dorough, Dunn, Hargrove, Jolly. Sponsor Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jolly Left to Right, First Row: Nelson. Jarrell, Mr. Matherley-adviser, Montgomery, Hooker. Second Ron-: Royal, Woods, Sharpe, Quigley, Ragsdale, Miller, Anderson, McCrary, Ginn. Left to Right, Seated: Aikens, Hooker, Duvall. Standing: Brown, Weaver, Jolly, Johnson, Montgomery. Sponsor: Mrs. Montgomery. , ? ■v Lv lC REC .COUNCIL i ' C ' W «■ CLUB LETTER ' MEN Left to Right, First Row: Sawyer, Ragsdale, Phillips, Burrell, Norton, Coach Otte-adviser, Smith, Hassler, Ken- nedy, Nelson, Watson. Second Row: Thornton, Morgan, Royal, Brown, Long, Anderson, Segars, Surls, Conaway, Miller, Quigley. Sponsor: Mrs. Lee A. Segars. Left to Right, First Row: Bahnsen, Burns, Chastain, Mills, Carrington, Bannister, Phillips, Gunn, Green, Ratter- ree, Miles, Walker, Baskin. Second Row: Race, Davenport, Beck, Feuchter. Sponsor: Mrs. Coralee Gunn. Y. W. C. A. Y. M. C. A. Left to Right: Brown, Williams, Has- sler, Bennett, Evans, Gilbert. Left to Right: Dr. Forester-adviser, Cannon, Collins, Farr, Conaway. Sponsor Mrs. Young Sponsor Mrs. Brown Sponsor Mrs. Cannon First Row: Bennett, Brown, Williams, Hassler. Second Row: Leslie, Mar- shall, Folwell, Parks, Collier, Wilson. Third Row: Mann. Pryor, Mullinax, Ingram, Hunter, Ratterree, Hubbard, Chastain, Aikens. Fourth Row: Miles, Swindle, Embry, Green, Dobbins, Roberts, Miller. First Row: Farr, Dr. Forester-adviser, Collins. Second Row: Alsabrook, Roper, Sawyer, Conaway, Nelson, Smith. 150 Adviser Dr. Brown NU GAMMA Wilson Bennett Freeman F R s E E N N S A I T c E PHI ALPHA THETA Left to Right: Hubbard, Wells, Brooks, Dr. Roberts, adviser, Roper. Left to Right, Seated: Bennett, Stuart, Burns, Gilbert, Johnson, Selman, Bartlett, Aikens, Capps. Standing: Mr. Kidd, Shelter, Miss Drew, Wilson, Easley, Bowman, Dr. Bryan. o w » mm t BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Le r ?o Right, First Row: Gilbert, Race, Parks, Rev. Mr. John Wortham, Dorough, Brand, Davis. Second Row: Brown, Williams, Dunn, Aikens, Hawkins. Third Row: Cannon, Freeman, White, Delay, Collins, Conaway. WESLEY FOUNDATION Left to Right, First Row: Wilson, Swindell, Phillips, Clyburn, Jolly, Freeman, Borders, Capps, Rev. Mr. Newby, Norton, Mitchell, Biskey, Rat- terree, King, Miles, Collier. Second Row: Duncan, Roper, Howard, Adams, Griscom, Morgan, Baldwin, Breedlove. 1 ri K ft Ji • [ f 1 m ' " sai VI o • I: i WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP Left to Right, First Row: Wilburn, Folwell, Mullinax. Second Row: Hubbard, Bennett, Smith, Green, Little. YOUNG WOMEN ' S ASSOCIATION Left to Right, First Row: Aikens, Mrs. Bryson, Mrs. Wortham, Brown. Second Row: Marshall, Race, Samples, Russell, Holton, Parks. Third Row: Duvall, Britt, Brown, Hawkins. Couch, Davison, Gilbert, Hunter, Williams. SNAPSHOTS Gin? On my flowers?!! Man-she don ' t need no music! Religious Emphasis Week Forceps - Scapel - Peanut butter. They told me this was going to be a pa- jama party. Nitric acid - - glycerol one " twist " formula. 154 " Aunt Martha wants you! " North Georgia beauty contest? Naw - You? " Anatomy of a Murder " Have you heard? Syrup ' s gone up to 40 cents a sop. Reading, writing, and - dolls? But Miss A. D. - 1 wasn ' t the last one in the kitchen! Cheese - anyone? Our athletes of the future now in SPORTS 157 Left to Right, Front Row: Jimmy Ginn. Tommy Jarrard, Jackie Ragsdale. Coach Henry, Burt Miller, Gary Latimer, Johnny Turner. Back Row: Larry Hammack, Clay Harris, Dorsey Morrison, Clint Boyd (mgr. ), James Sharpe (mgr.), Pat Holder, Eugene Moore, Dean Anderson. Not pictured: Walter Ferguson. NGC Basketball Team 1961-1962 Coach William Henry 158 Dean Anderson Jackie Ragsdale Pat Holder Dorsey Morrison Tommy Jarrard Clay Harris wtl 1 -J. _ M HhmY ■ ■ i Sr T-af S- sj H ■■Hi) ' k j f " 32 B m 1 Ju. 1 uW m ay " ir mi 160 First Row: Miller, Feld, Hitt, Kennedy, Phillips, Norton, Hudgins. Second Row: Little, Spratlin, Tate, Burrell, Blanchard, Brown, Burrell, Parker. NGC Cheerleaders 1961-1962 Co-Captains: Nancy Phillips and Margaret Kennedy. First Row: Burt Miller, Jack Tippens, Tommy Clark, Pat Quigly, Weyman Tison. Second Row: Donny Felker, Joe Thornton, Paul Tippens, Dean Anderson, Bill Morgan, Coach Rufus Hackney. North Georgia Varsity Tennis Team 1961 Tison makes the serve. Tippens smashes the return. 162 G Co teto tr%ni V _ 5? Cajdf v JF tsi CaD CcU fg iCiA First Ron.- Davis, Conaway, Nelson, Stone, Royal, Priest, Scruggs. Second Row: Cantrell, Sheffield, Segars, Davis, Watson, Smith, Kirk, Roper. Third Row: Coach Otte, Long, Payne, Ashcraft, Clark, Cobb, Caldwell. NGC Baseball Team Captain Eddie Cobb , Coach James Otte 1961 163 Lamar Cantrell Wayne Sheffield Don Segars Robert Payne Robert Smith Ronnie Davis Jimmy Conaway Dan Davis Tommy Long Randy Nelson Davis slides — safe on first. Willy Caldwell Coach Otte and the " seniors. ' Conaway hits a line drive. mm ggig gf is BBSS SsSS Bs£S BS8S BeSS 1351 " I I I |. 1 North Georgia awaits the action. Ronny Roper Robert Scruggs First Row: Carol Smith, Rilla Stovall, Nancy Smith, Myrna Hassler, Diane Jordan, Evelyn Berry. Second Row: Ann Riley, Rita Long, Linda Williams, Barbara Miller, Martha Green, Dee Hunter, Diane DeLong. NGC Women ' s Rifle Team 1961 1962 Nancy Smith, Myrna Hassler, Linda Williams, Dee Hunter and Carol Smith compose the top five firers. Co-Captains: Smith and Hassler. 166 Intramural Sports . ;... ■ - | 167 Hippolytans Scene from " Little Red Riding Hipps. " Sandra Brown makes the jump while teammate Anne Styles looks on. Mercureans Weaver is up to bat. The " Mercs " give their version of " Auntie Mame. " 168 Trahlytans m l ( - K § ' " :: SH fe ' " ..- ' ■- ; ' B " ■ v. . " •p«jj ' . ' ,: ic ' ■ ' .- ' J ze " Trah " Dues are about to fall as " Pa " (Judy Parker) looks off in despair. Sue Hooker prepares to " slam " the ball. Phi Omicrons ' P.O. " Captain Claudia Kelly is ready for the pitch. P.O. ' s give a rousing rendition of their fight song. , -U»iS « - SI " 4 -! ». . ■»■ » -« (ft »,-Ji ' .% ■z+m ' Ki mWi $ m " «! They didn ' t play football as a team, but their men helped other company teams to victory. Band Company BASKETBALL TEAM Darden, G. W. Edenfield, H. E. Fleeman, T. L. Grider, J. W. Harper, T. H. Harris, J. A. Kemp, J. C. Mongold, G. Raines, J. G. Spight, T. Stone, D. M. Terrell, T. A. Thomas, L. D. Toole, S. M. Weston, H. P. A pre-game warm-up. I UWf fs«Je« ' . First Row: Calloway, Bowden, Grant, Cousins, Ellis, Dunagan, Easley, Stone, Callahan, Watson. Second Row: Palmer, Beazley, York, Hicks, McCrary, Alford, Clark, Woods, Cook, Fitzpatrick. Third Row: Thomas, Beard, Sorrells, Johnson, Sutton, Tinley, Mashburn. Callahan and Woods await " toss of coin " to begin game. ALFA Company Callahan, Thomas, and Sorrells watch the play anxiously. Company A cheer on their team. 171 First Row: Simpson, Shope, Gilleland, Berkemeler, Howard, Robertson, Stratigos, Painter, Faust. Second Row: Harper, Bell, Baldwin, Stephens, Dennard, Ferguson, Byers, Smith, Wren, Piatt. Third Row: Barrett, Gibbs, Little, Jarrard, Anthony, Waller, Miller, Archibald, Peevy, VanSant. Waller takes the " pitch out. " Bravo Company Ferguson and Dennard call the " toss. " Stephens brings down " C " company ball carrier. 172 First Row: Williams, Sewell, Young, Nelson, Ricketson, Farr, Howard, J. C, Howard, D. H., Johnson, Downey, Wessmer. Second Row: Boozer, Bennette. McEver. Alsabrook, Kelley, Veal, Sapp, Pichle, Branch, Swarengen, Helmbold. Third Row: Mirue, Barden, Kendall, Stewart, Odum, Royal, Williams, Roper, McCranie, Fay. " C " Company goes for a touchdown. Charlie Company " Charlie " in a huddle. " C " Company breaks through. 173 e p v r ■£» f f f f SB 0 67 «2 , v 6 . i I ap Fi ' ri Sou 1 : Jiles, Harden, Jernigan, Thomas, Mathews. Turner, Gerard, Quigly. Second Row: Ingram, Rollison, Pickett, Pilcher, Robinson, Mills, Jackson, Thompson, Gattis. Third Row: Roper, Tennyson, Starnes, Imes, Lewis, King, Huey, Clements, Sharpe. Pilcher ready to punt. Delta Company ftr Sharp keeps tabs on game. Delta thwarts Echo run. 174 First Row: Alexander, McCranie, Heldreth, Cunningham, Nesbit, Melton, Collany, Camp. Second Row: Caldwell, Brewer, Fort, Spurlin, Davis, Hammack, House, White. Third Row: Spooner, Boyd, Doss, Allen, Ness, Clark, House, Cousins, Hall. Brewer, House, and Alexander meet with " C " Company. Echo Company Echo takes a time out. Collany readies for tackle. 175 First Row: Fleming, Wilson, Sims, Redwine, Smith, Daniel, Benefield, Alverson, Jones. Second Row: Shelfer, Bell, Priest, Abercrombie, Lord, Avery, Munday, McKinny, Gunnin, Odom. Third Row: Wamble, Walden, Hogan, Ingen, Dye, Cowart, Hall, Dean. Foxtrot kicks off. Foxtrot Company Munday about to make the tackle. Foxtrot receives the kick. 176 y , V t v,8 a f f Fi ' m Row: Ragsdale, Barron, Foster, McGraw, Hayes, Kilgore, Richardson, Brooks. Second Row: Ashcraft, Holmes, Thompson, Hicks, Wilson, Brewer, Segars, Franklin, Whitly, Long. Third Row: Wimberly, Smith, Kirk, Anderson, Taylor, Johnston, Porter, Scott. Golf Company 5 Tmmrsr - J5 - ' t i list : Iiii +- s£ A 3 Golf kicks off. Kirk is ready to go in the game. 177 DIRECTORY OF ADVERTISERS ABERCROMBIE ' S STANDARD SERVICE AVION RESTAURANT AND MOTEL B BANK OF DAHLONEGA BETTER MAID MILK c CAKE BOX BAKERY CARDER ' S BARBER SHOP CHEROKEE MOTEL AND RESTAURANT CHICOPEE MANUFACTURING CO. CHIDNOFF STUDIO CHILD ' S GAS COMPANY CLOVER FARM GROCERY CORCORAN, INC. CRANE ' S CLEANERS D DAHLONEGA NUGGET DAHLONEGA PHARMACY DAHLONEGA SHOE SHOP DAVIS SEWING SHOP DIXIE GRILL DUNAGAN ' S STANDARD SERVICE EDWARD ' S SEWING SHOP ELI WITT CIGAR CANDY CO. FOOTE DAVIES, INC. FRED JONES CHEVROLET FRIERSON-McEVER G GAINESVILLE BRAZIER GAINESVILLE COCA-COLA GAINESVILLE FLORIST GARTRELL ' S 178 GEM JEWELRY GEORGIANNA MOTEL RESTAURANT GOOCH ' S BARBER SHOP H HENRY W. MOORE HARDWARE HOLLY THEATRE HULSEY ' S MEN ' S SHOP I IMPERIAL RESTAURANT JAMES LEES PINE TREE CO. J. C. PENNY COMPANY K KESLER ' S TIRE COMPANY KING ' S GULF SERVICE L LAY ' S POTATO CHIPS LIPSCOMB DRUG COMPANY M MATHER FURNITURE COMPANY MINTZ JEWELERS MIXON MILLING COMPANY N NGC CANTEEN AND BOOKSTORE o ODUM GROCERY PILGRIM-ESTES FURNITURE CO. POORE ' S PURE SERVICE Q QUEEN CITY MOTEL R ROBERT M. MOORE COMPANY RONALD ' S SMITH HOUSE TANKERSLEY ' S GRILL w W. A. WHITMIRE STORE WEST ' S CLEANERS WOODY ' S BARBER SHOP 179 DAHLONEGA PHARMACY " Just As Your Doctor Orders " Phone 864-3422 Dahlonega, Georgia ELI WITT CIGAR CANDY COMPANY Hav-A-Tampa Cigars Schrafft ' s Candies 1655 West Broad Athens, Georgia H. W. Lay and Company, Inc. Ask for LAY ' S POTATO CHIPS Guaranteed Fresh! Chamblee, Georgia Poore ' s PURE SERVICE STATION In the Heart of Dahlonega, Georgia CLOVER FARM GROCERY Groceries Meats and Produce . . Dahlonega, Georgia J. C. PENNY COMPANY " To Save Your Pennies, Go to PENNY ' S On the Square in Gainesville Georgia CRANE CLEANERS for Economy Expert Workmanship Dahlonega, Georgia FRED JONES CHEVROLET A New World of Worth . . . Impala Corvair Bel Air Corvette Dahlonega Biscayne Chevy II Georgia 181 GARTRELL ' S Clothing Gifts Shoes Dahlonega, Georgia ODUM GROCERY Groceries Feeds Meats Dry Goods Vegetables Fruits Frozen Foods Telephone 864-3428 Dahlonega Georgia BANK OF DAHLONEGA " A Bank You Can Bank On " Member F.D.I.C. Courtesy Progress Student Accounts Specialty Dahlonega, Georgia Georgianna Motel and Restaurant with Swimming Pool Private Dining Room We Specialize in Steaks — Chops Full Course Dinners LEnox 4-7361 Gainesville Georgia King ' s Gulf Servic e Station Road Service GAS - OIL - SUPPLIES Phone 864-3831 Dahlonega IMPERIAL RESTAURANT U. S. 23 North Georgia ' s Finest Restaurant LEnox 2-1188 Gainesville, Georgia Kesler ' s Tire Service, Inc. For Quality Retreading Call Hoyt or B. A. Kesler LE 2-2485 FIRESTONE TIRES Atlanta Highway Gainesville, Georgia " Meet you in Gainesville " at the BRAZIER Best Burgers Anywhere Riverside Drive — Atlanta Rd. Gainesville, Georgia THE CAKE BOX BAKERY Everything in Bakery Goods Visit Our Coffee Bar Thompson Bridge Road Gainesville, Georgia THEY WALK WITH A MILITARY STRIDE Genuine CORCORAN PARATROOP BOOTS CORCORAN, INC. Stoughton, Massachusetts PILGRIM-ESTES Furniture Company Complete Home Furnishings Interior Decoration Service Phone LE 4-5388 Gainesville, Georgia Queen City Motel Air Conditioned Electrically Heated Free TV in Each Room Gainesville, US 23 South At City Limits Georgia JAMES LEES SONS, CO. Pine Tree Division Makers of Yarn For " Those Heavenly Carpets by Lees " A Subsidiary of Burlington Industries, Inc. DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA Mintz Jewelers " STORE for BRIDES " CORN and 102 W.Washington FEED INGREDIENTS Gainesville, Georgia MIXON MILLING CO. Manufacturers of Frierson-McEver BEST MAID FEEDS Company Al Bradley, Mgr. MEN ' S WEAR 336-8144 Gainesville, Georgia Camilla Georgia Buyers Sellers of BETTER MAID MILK PRODUCTS, INC. J. W. Berry Dewey Rider Distributors in DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA 185 HULSEY ' S Men ' s Furnishings LE 4-4421 Gainesville, Georgia RONALD ' S Distinctive Women ' s Wear Phone LEnox 3-6126 Gainesville, Georgia Pete Tankersley ' s Restaurant Incorporated 222 South Main Street Gainesville, Georgia Gainesville Florist " Home of Fine Flowers " 111 South Sycamore Street LEnox 4-7397 Gainesville, Georgia CHILD ' S GAS SERVICE PYROFAX Bottled Bulk Gas for Cooking Water Heating Heating Systems Chicken Brooding 208 Bradford Street, N. W. Gainesville, Georgia PAT DUNAGAN ' S STANDARD Service Station Thompson Bridge Road All Service Station Requirements Road Service LE 6-2345 Georgia Gainesville, Gem Jewelry Company NORTH GEORGIA ' S LARGEST JEWELRY STORE Expert Repairing And Engraving For the Largest Selection of Merchandise, Visit Our Store GAINESVILLE On the Square TOCCOA 113 N. Sage St. Compliments of CHICOPEE MANUFACTURING COMPANY Makers of the Famous CHIX GAUZ DIAPERS- CHIX CRIB SHEETS- CHIX PLANT BED COVERS CHICOPEE GEORGIA AVION RESTAURANT MOTEL Off the Square in GAINESVILLE GEORGIA 187 Dahlonega Shoe Shop Expert Shoe Repair with best material HEELS HALFSOLES STITCHING FULL SOLES All Work Fully Guaranteed Best Prices in Town On the Square Dahlonega Henry W. Moore Hardware Company, Inc. On the Square Dahlonega Georgia When in Dahlonega, visit THE SMITH HOUSE " Fine Food and Pleasant Rooms " W. B. FRY, Owner HOLLY THEATRE Why not see a movie with us on a big Screen? 864-3531 Dahlonega Georgia Standard Service Station Kay Abercrombie Atlas Tires, Batteries, and Accessories Dahlonega Georgia LIPSCOMB DRUG CO. Your college drug store for over 30 years! " On the Square " Dahlonega, Georgia THE DIXIE GRILL C. D. MINCY, Manager : ' Dahlonega ' s Largest " 4c Coffee Across From the Campus We cash checks FREE for our NGC Customers DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA The Dahlonega Nugget Robert M. Moore ' s Store " The Gold of the News " Published Fridays Phone P. O. Box " A Complete Line 864-3613 176 of General Merchandise " Friend of all North Mather Furniture Georgia Students Company Dial 864-2231 Dahlonega, Georgia Dahlonega Georgia CHEROKEE MOTEL and RESTAURANT Steaks v§ 0 Chops v TO Regular Dinners $i O Only U. S. Choice Steaks Served Air Conditioned Special Weekly Rates Family Rates For Reservations call 864-3352 FRANK SARAH CHRISTIAN, Mgrs. DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA 190 Enjoy that REFRESHING NEW GOOD LUCK GRADUATING CLASS BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA COLA COMPANY BY The Gainesville Coca-Cola Bottling Company 19] Portraits for the 1962 CYCLOPS were made by CHIDNOFF STUDIO 3204 North Miami Drive MIAMI, FLORIDA West Cleaners Laundry Dahlonega, Georgia Laundry Agent for Ideal Cleaners Laundry 331 Northside Drive LE 4-5171 Gainesville, Georgia W. A. Whitmire Store General Merchandise • Shoes • Dry Goods • Notions 40 Public Square Dahlonega Georgia Better Care for Your Hair Carder ' s BARBER SHOP Dahlonega, Georgia NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE CANlfEN Robert Ragan, Manager and NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE BOOKSTORE J. B. Jones, Manager Books Uniforms School Supplies Sodas Sandwiches Sweets Stationery Personal Needs Sundries Post Office Students are invited to enjoy the Color Television Canteen and Bookstore North Georgia College Dahlonega, Georgia 193 For that look of Distinction WOODY ' S BARBER SHOP " on the Square " Dahlonega, Georgia Edward ' s Sewing Shop In the S.W. Corner of the Square " 16 years of sewing experience for North Georgia College " All work guaranteed Dahlonega Georgia Gooch ' s Barber Shop " Convenience Plus " North Georgia Sewing Shop MRS. LEE DAVIS All work guaranteed " Both just across from the NGC campus " 194 INE PRINTING SINCE 1887 — That ' s the story of Foote Davies, Inc. Today we have one of the most modern and best equipped plants in the country. And fine Yearbooks have always been an important part of our business. Our craftsmen believe in quality and strive to produce the " best in the Industry. " Our excellent printing doesn ' t just happen — it ' s a combination of production research, craftsmanship, and painstaking supervision. FOOTE DAVIES, INC. 764 MIAMI CIRCLE, N. E. ATLANTA 24, GEORGIA 195 196 Abbott, R. S., Jr 29, 80, 116 Abercrombie, F. J 121 Abercrombie, H. S 92 Abercrombie, M. M 106 Adams, A. A 124 Adams, B. R 29, 70, 79, 116 Adams, J. M 29, 110 Adams, J. W 98 Aiken, B. F 121, 168 Akins, F. J 121 Alexander, G. L., Jr 102 Alford, W. L 80 Allen, P. B 102 Allgood, K. H 98 Allison, W. R 29 Allyn, A. G 127 Almand, W. J 78, 98 Alsabrook, J. R 29, 88 Altman, W. G 98 Alverson, F. L 106 Anderson, D. E 92 Anderson, D. R.. .110, 158, 159, 162 Anderson, J. E 121 Andrews, L. D 121 Anthony, J. R., Jr 84 Archibald, A. M., Jr 84 Armstrong, P. P., Jr 88 Arnold, C. H., Jr 110 Ashcraft, F. W 29, 110, 116, 163, 164 Asher, J. D 80 Ashmore, J. R 92 Austin, E. F 127 Austin, M. P 88 Averett, E. T. . . 30, 52, 79, 114, 116 Avery, M. W 106 Bagley, S 127 Bahnsen, E. M 127 Baird, M. W 102 Baldwin, A. Q., Jr 84 Banks, W. L. Jr 106 Bannister, P. J 121 Barber, J 28, 30 Barbree, L. T 102 Barden, S. C 80 Barnes, C. H 88 Barnes, T. A 102 Barnes, V. L 127 Barnett, W. R 110 Barrett, CD 84 Barrett, T. H., Jr 88 Barron, W. M 110 Bartlett, P. J 28, 30 Barton, F. E., II 92 Basch, I. J., Jr 92 Baskin, A. L 127 Beard, R. A 80 Beazley, B. G 78, 80 Beck, N 124 Bell, D. A 30, 106, 116 Bell, H. J., Jr 84 Bell, J. S 80 Benefield, P. D 78, 106 Bennett, H. M 121 Bennett, M. W 78, 88 Bennett, R. K 110 Berens, B. F 30, 84, 116 Berkemeier, T. F 84 Berry, E. A 60, 127, 166 Biskey, A. M 127 Biskey, D. F 30, 70, 77, 116 Black, C. E 124 Black, J. W 92 Blalock, H. H 80 Blanchard, M. J 72, 127, 161 Bland, W. R 110 Blanks, J. R., Jr 102, 134 Blount, C. B., Ill 102 Bonnemer, S. L 102 Booker, H. H., Jr 31, 110 Boozer, D. E., Jr 31, 53, 70, 88, 116 Borders, L. J 31 Boterweg, C 31, 92, 116 Bowden, J. A 31, 80, 96 Bowman, R. W., Jr 31, 102, 116 Boyd, C. B 102 Bracewell, B. C 124 Bradberry, E. C, Jr 110 Bradley, C. L 92, 134 Bramblett, C. J 124 Branch, J. D., Ill 88 Branch, W. A 73, 84 Brand, G. S 121 Branen, E. S., Jr 110 Brantley, S. J 102 Breedlove, J. A 80 Brewer, G. L 110 Brewer, J. C 102 Bridges, H. A., Jr 92 Britt, M. J 124 Brock, T. C 92 Brooks, M. J 32 Brooks, W. P 110 Brown, B. A 124 Brown, C. A 127 Brown, H. E 32 Brown, O. K 127 Brown, S. J 121 Brown, S. N 72, 124, 161, 168 Brown, V. A 77 Brown, W. L 32, 77, 114, 116 Bryan, J. H 84 Bryant, S. L 127 Bryant, T. M 106 Bryson, W. E 106 Buice, L. B 80 Burden, C. G 88 Burden, S. J 106 Burdette, R. B 78, 88 Burgess, B. G 127 Burgess, C. F 102 Burkett, J. M., Jr 84 Burnette, J. K 78, 84, 106 Burns, L. J 121 Burrell, G. J 124, 161, 169 Burrell, S. S 121, 161 Burriss, M. E 127 Burton, J. L 80 Busby, B. J 32 Bussey, W. O., Jr 80 Butler, D. A 124 Butterworth, J. N 110 Butterworth, J. L 109, 127 Byers, C. A 84 Cain, R 124, 168 Caldwell, M. L 102 Callahan, W. A., Jr 80 Callaway, D. G 92 Callaway, T. M 18, 80 Cameron, S. E 124 Camp, L. R, III 102 Camp, R. H., Jr 98 Campbell, W. B., Jr 84 Canady, E. R 92 Cannon, H. E., Jr 77, 78 Cannon, P. A 32, 50, 51, 70,91, 120 Cantrell, J. C 92 Capps, D. V 121 Carrington, L 121 Cash, M. E 124 Cates, R. M 84 Chamblee, J. R 84 Chapman, R. A 98 Chastain, B. S 127 Chastain, J. M 124 Chastain, M. F 124 Clark, D. J 106 Clark, G. E., Jr 78, 102 Clark, M. L 80, 163, 164 Clark, T. M 80, 162 Clay, C. R 127 Clegg, D. W 110 Clement, J. E 92 Clements, M. T., Jr 98 Cline, J. N 88 Clyburn, M. 1 121 Coan, CD 127 Cobb, R. S 106 Cochran, L. W 110 Cochran, M. P 95, 124 Cocroft, M. J 124 Coffee, S. A 127 Coker, A. G 110 Cole, H. C 110 Cole, W. C 102 Coleman, P. E 84 Collany, W. R 102 Collier, D. C 127 Collins, G. B 84 Collins, J. T 98 Collins, M. E 32 Collis, R. A 124 197 Conaway, J. F 98, 163, 164 Cook, D. W 84 Cook, J. W 80 Copeland, CM 127 Copeland, G. E 106 Cornelison, V 127 Couch, T. H 127 Couch, G. A 121 Cousins, L. F 80 Cousins, R. M 33, 97, 116 Cowart, C. J 106 Cown, S. J 101, 124 Crane, M.J 110 Creel, R. H 110 Crevis, R. T 88 Crisler, J. C 124 Crissey, M. P 110 Culbreth, L. M 88 Cunningham, L. A 102 Curtis, R. 1 110 Daniel, A. E 73, 106 Daniel, B. G 83, 121 Daniel, J. M 110 Darden, G. W 92 Darsey, R. J 79 Davenport, C. E 124 Davidson, J. C 73, 121 Davis, B. W 88 Davis, C. S 102 Davis, D. J. . . . 33, 79, 110, 161, 164 Davis, M. E 124 Davis, P. E 127 Davis, R. K 127 Davis, S. V 33, 169 Davison, M. P 33 Dean, T. A 84 Dean, W. R 33, 106, 116 DeLay, J. L 33, 110, 116 DeLong, N. D 127, 166 Denicke, R. W 84 Denman, C. J 121 Dennard R. M 84 Denney, D. L 106 deTreville, J. R 88 Dill, E. W 34,92, 114, 116 Dismukes, R. K 102 Dobbins, V 34, 120 Dorminy, M. R 127 Dorough, J. A 121 Doss, L. E 102 Douglas, J. E 80 Douglass, R. D 92 Downey, C. W 88 Draper, S. W 34, 97, 114, 116 Drawdy, P. E 88 Durtagan, D. M 80 Duncan, F. C 102 Duncan, R. B 102 Dunn, J. A 121, 168 Durden, J. A 92 Durham, C. L 122 Durrett, W. D 106 Duvall, M. V 122 Dye, L. P 106 Dyson, D. L 124 Easley, C. H 34, 70, 80, 1 16 Edenfield, H. E 92 Edmonds, M. A 124 Edwards, E. 92 Edwards, J. B 102 Elliott, B. J 98 Elliott, C.J 98 Elliott, D. D 73, 102 Ellis, R. W 80 Elrod, W. C 34, 80, 116 Embry, D. N 127 Engen, G. 78, 106 Ensley, R. D 110 Essam, J. R Ill Ethington, W. E 80 Evans, C. A 92 Evans, H. F 92 Evans, J. A 122 Evans, M. J 106 Farr, H. G 88 Farr, J 28, 34, 88, 116 Fasold, J. B 98 Fay, D. D 88 Felker, D. M 103, 162 Ferguson, J. F 80 Ferguson, R. H 35 Ferguson, S. J 127 Ferguson, W. N 84 Feuchter, M. A 120, 122 Fisher, E. M 106 Fisher, J. L 124 Fisher, J. C 87, 124 Fitzpatrick, H. H 81 Fleeman, T. L 93 Fleming, L. J 106 Flowers, J. P 98 Floyd, B. L 106 Floyd, G. D 93 Floyd, W 103 Folwell, M. A 127 Forrester, A. B 81 Fort, R. B 103 Foster, T. E Ill Fox, S. R 98 Franklin, J. R Ill Freeman, D 124 Freeman, T. L 35, 70, 98, 116 Fricks, B. J 122 Friddell, M. G 124 Frost, C. S 87 Fry, J. C 35, 124 Fry, P. H 81, 116 Gabelmann, R. A 93 Gaines, G. T 35, 77, 1 14, 116 Gandy, J. R 35, 103, 116 Gardner, J. R 127 Garrard, J. M 84 Garrett, J. L 84 Garrison, F. E 125 Gattis, A. C 98 Gee, W. D 98 Geiger, J. M 125 George, B 127 Gerard, P. T 98 Gibbs, G. A 84 Gilbert, G. S 122 Gilbert, H. E 35 Gilleland, L. C 85 Ginn, J. P 85, 158 Glen, J. H 107 Glenny, H. L 81 Glover, J. W 98 Gooch, B. L 127 Gooch, L. L 127 Goodwin, W. D 88 Grace, K. D 88 Graf, G 93 Grant, C 81 Grant, J. E 127 Green, E. T 125 Green, J. M 85 Green, M. E 36, 128 Green, M. J 161 Greene, J. E 98 Gregory, B. J 128 Grider, J. W 93 Grimes, J. E 81 Griscom, J. H 98 Grist, J. M 107 Griswold, J 36 Gronke, D. F 125 Groover, A. R 128 Groover, L. L 64, 122 Guest, R. K 88 Gunn, M. L 36, 65 Gunnin, J. E 107 Gurley, A. E 36, 85 Guthrie, B. S 36 Hall, D. G 107 Hall, J. M 36, 116 Hall, W. A 37, 106, 114, 116 Hames, S. A 122 Hammond, H. K 37, 57 Hammack, L. C 103 Hansell, A. H 128 Hansen, H. 103 Harden, J. K 98 Harden, J. W 97 Hardy, J. U. . 128 Hardy, W. H 81 Hargrove, R. P 128 Hargrove, S. F 128 Harkins, B. A 125 Harper, S. W 98 Harper, T. H 93 Haper, W. T 85 198 Harrell, I. B 98 Harris, B. A 125 Harris, E. C 107, 158, 159 Harris, J. A 93 Harrison, D. F 37 Harrison, L. E 125 Harrison, R. C 88 Hartley, S. T 93 Harvill, D. 89 Hassler, M. S 125, 166 Hawkins, I. L 128 Hayes, B. M 125 Hayes, J. E Ill Healy, M. W 78, 107 Heard, J. D 99 Heard, S. G 128 Heard, K. D 125 Hearn, C. L 128 Heath, F. G 99 Heath, G. E 103 Heldreth, N. E 103 Helmbold, R. F 89 Henderson, P. W 93 Hess, S. M 128 Hicks, E. J 99 Hicks, J. S 81 Hicks, W. E Ill Hill, J. D 93 Hill, J. W 89 Hinton, J. G 128 Hitt, M. D 128, 161 Hogan, M. A 128 Hogan, W. V 107 Holder, P. H 107, 159 Holland, M. A 128 Hollis, J. P 107 Holmes, J. A Ill Holt, D. C 93 Holt, R. J 93 Holton, P. M 128 Holton, T. L 89 Hood, B. W 93 Hodd, L. 1 128 Hooker, L. S 122, 169 Hortman, L. C 81 House, J. L 103 House, J. C 97 Howard, D. H 89 Howard, J. C 72, 73, 79 Howard, R. E 84 Hubbard, D. A 128 Hubbard, L.J Ill Hudgins, M. L 128, 161 Huey, H. G 72, 99 Huggins, K. A 66, 122 Hughie, B. G 81 Hulme, J. D 37, 107 Hunter, M. D 128, 166 Hutcherson, M. P 125 Imes, J. D 99 Ingram, B. R 122 Ingram, CD 37, 85 Ingram, R. D 99, 116 Ireland, J. L 122 Jackson, J. A 129 Jackson, R. C 37, 70, 97, 1 14 Jackson, W. T 107 Jamerson, H 67, 125 Jarrard, L. J Ill Jarrard, R. T 85, 159 Jarrell, C. P 122 Jarrett, M. V 128 Jaynes, M. K Ill Jeffcoat, R. B 78, 81 Jernigan, R. F 99 Jiles, J. H 99 Johnson, J. B 38, 79, 1 16 Johnson, J. M 81 Johnson, S. A 38, 55 Johnson, Z. E 128 Johnston, F. W 73, 77 Johnston, J. C Ill Jolly, A. H 38 Jolly, B. G 125, 168 Jolly, J. W 89 Jones, G. C 93 Jones, M. R 107 Jones, O. P 107 Jones, R. C 89 Jones, S. B Ill Jordan, M. D 128, 166 Jordan, V. C 128 Kalmbach, S. L 125 Kellogg, L. P 85, 116 Kelly, C. A 122, 169 Kemp, J. C 93 Kendall, J. T 85 Kendall, R. P 89 Kenimer, L. D 107 Kennedy, M. E 113, 122, 161 Kerr, J. H 103 Kerr, S. K 125 Kicklighter, R. C Ill Kilgore, D. M 38, 77, 114, 116 Kimbrell, B. J 129 Kinnard, L. B 89 King, A. J 38 King W. H 99 Kirk, B.J Ill, 163 Knight, N. L 93 Knowles, J 128 Kontos, G. D 73, 81 Landes, D. R 103 Lane, R. E Ill Latimer, P. G 103 Law, W. S 99 Lawhon, J. L 107 Lawson, G. D 99 Ledbetter, J. D 125 Leslie, J. C 128 Lewis, H. D 122 Lewis, R. W 99 Lindsay, W. N 81 Little, E. S 125, 161 Little, L. L 85 Loehr, W. A 38, 89, 116 Long, R. S 125, 161 LongT. R 72, 110, 163, 165 Long, W. L 77 Lord, W. N 107 Lounsbury, J. M 93 Lowe, J. E 39, 107, 116 Lowe, S. A 128 Luckey, T. S 89 McCallister, A 128 McClure, W. H 98 McConnell, W. E 39, 103, 116 McCranie, C. C 89 McCranie, V. S 103 McDowall, CD 128 McEver, J. G 89 McGraw, W. G Ill McGregor, G. L 89 Mclntire, R. K 103 McKenney, R. T 78, 107 McLemore, M. T Ill McLendon, R. L 93 McLeod, O. B 89 McQuair, J. C 89 Maloney, F. M 107 Mann, E. L 128 Maret, J. B 128 Marshall, P. A 128 Martin, C.H 125 Martin, G. T 99 Martin, L. L 125 Martin, W. G 99, 103 Mashburn, F. N 128 Mashburn, K. L 81 Mason, W. D 103 Master, H. L 128 Mathews, M 68, 125, 168 Mathews, W. S 99 Maxham, D. A 125 Mays, T. A 107 Mealor, M. J 128 Medernach, E. V 129 Meeler, P. A 129 Melton, A. R 103 Merritt, M. M 125 Miles, M. A 129 Miles, R. D 99 Miles, R. E 107 Miller, B. A 129, 166 Miller, B. J 122, 161 Miller, B. R 103, 159, 162 Miller, F. L 85 Miller, J. M 125 Miller, L. R 103 Miller, M. J 125 Miller, W. G 85 199 Mills, D. B 39, 99 Mills, M. S 39, 54, 70 Mink, F. D 85 Minor, J. G 89 Minson, M. T 99 Mitchiner, M. E 78, 81 Mizell, S. A 122 Mobley, W. F 85 Moelchert, L. W 107 Moncrief, J. M 107 Mongold, G 93 Montgomery, M. E 122, 169 Moon, L. F 103 Moore, J. E 99 Moore, W. D 93 Morgan, F. B 85, 162 Morgan, W. R 8 Morgan, W. W„ Jr. . . 39, 71, 77, 116 Morrison, D. D 107, 159 Morrison, J. T 78, 1 1 1 Mullinax, L. A 129 Mundy, A. J., Jr 107 Mundy, W. C 93 Munson, S. A 107 Murchison, A. J., Jr 89 Murphy, T. L 85 Myers, A. J 103 Nelson, J. R 89, 161, 165 Ness, M. R 103 Newman, C. R 81 Newman, R 129 Newson, B. L 61, 73, 127, 161 Nickles, B. C 73, 129 Nisbet, G, Jr 103 Norton, B. M 125 Norton, K. F 39, 161 Norwood, B. J., II 40 O ' Dell, P. A 40 Odom, G. L 89 Odom, R. N 103 Odom, T. J 107 Ogle, W. M 85 O ' Kelley, J. F 85 Outlaw, L. G 129 Padget, B. R 125 Painter, W. E 40, 85, 116 Palmer, D. M 78, 81 Palmour, E 78, 103 Parker, J. A 73, 125, 161, 169 Parks, B. L 122 Parks, G. L 85 Parrish, L. G 103 Parrott, A. L 129 Patterson, R. J Ill Payne, E. A 40 Payne, G 40 Payne, H. B 129 Peacock, C. W 78, 99 Peck, S. L 129 Pearson, K. J 125 Peeples, T. J 89 Peevy, L. J 85 Perry, G. D 47, 103 Perry, M. A 40, 89, 116 Pettit, R. L 106 Peyton, S 129 Phail, C. F., Jr 78, 103 Phillips, K. H 125 Phillips, N. C 123, 161, 168 Phillips, R. K 41, 50, 51, 71,77, 116 Phipps, J. G 129 Pickett, J. L 99 Pickle, J. F 89 Pilcher, R. D 99 Pinson, T. L Ill Pitts, W. F 78, 103 Piatt, F. C 85 Poarch, J. H 99 Porter, J. C Ill Pounds, R. H 93 Powell, R. L 81 Priest, H. M 107, 163 Prince, J. R 99 Prince, W. S 85 Pryor, S. A 72, 129 Puckett, H. D 81 Pulliam, C. S 126, 168 Purcell, M. R 129 Pyron, P. D 85 Quigley, R. P 41, 71, 98 116, 162 Quintrell, W. N 103 Race, T. K 129 Ragsdale, J. D Ill, 159 Raines, J. G 41, 92, 114, 116 Ramey, L. A 126 Rapp, L. H 107 Ratterree, A. F 123 Ray, D. V 78, 85 Redmond, M. V 89 Redwine, L. C 107 Reece, S. M 123 Reid, F. E 129 Reynolds, H. C 41 Reynolds, H. T 93 Rey nolds, J. L 89 Reynolds, R.L 126, 168 Rhodes, E. W 129 Rhodes, M. G 41, 58, 59, 69 Richardson, T. C 41, 71, 110, 114, 116 Ricketson, B. L 89 Riley, A. M 129, 166 Riley, W. S 93 Ritchey, M. D 89 Roberts, J. L 126 Roberston, W. 1 42, 85, 116 Robinson, J. L 129 Robinson, J. R 28, 42, 98, 116 Rogers, C. W Ill Rollison, R. G 99 Roper, J. A 89 Roper, M. K 123 Roper, R. W., Jr 99 Roper, R. P 73, 89, 163 Rosser, J. E 81 Royal, W. K 42, 55, 79, 116, 163, 164 Rudd, P. J 126 Russell, G N 126 Russell, W. A 89 St. Clair, CD 81 Samples, C. E 126 Sanders, H. C Ill Sapp, J. A 81 Sapp, R. H 81, 89 Sawyer, J. R 89 Schneider, J. M 107 Scott, H. H Ill Scruggs, R. L., Jr 81, 163, 165 Seabolt, J. J 107 Segars, B. I Ill Segars, D. F 42, 77, 96, 114, 161, 164 Self, D. L Ill Selfridge, T. E Ill Sellers, J. H 42, 85, 116 Selman, G A 42 Sevelius, A. E Ill Sevier, N. A 81 Sewell, D. J 90 Sewell, J. K 43, 71 Sharpe, J. A., Jr 43, 99 Sharpe, W. B 78, 81 Sheats, M. K 43 Shelfer, W. S., Jr 43,71, 106, 114, 116 Shepard, J. L 90 Shifflett, C. S 90 Shipp, W. 1 103 Shirley, T. W 90 Shivers, R. B 85 Shope, J. T 85 Sichveland, D. P 90 Simmons, C. R 90 Sims, J. L 108 Simpson, F. G 85 Simpson, S. J 93 Sisk, T. V 90 Skelton, R. B 104 Slade, L. L 129 Slieper, M. E 129 Smallwood, F. E 85 Smith, C. G 129, 166 Smith, C. K., Jr Ill Smith, E. R 78, 108 Smith, E. J., Ill 78, 104 Smith, G S 85 Smith, G. R 99 200 Smith, H. R 81 Smith, J. E., Jr 99 Smith, M. P 123 Smith, N. C 126, 166 Smith, R. D 90 Smith, R. E 78, 111 Sorrells, J. E., Jr 81 Spiceland, J. L 108 Spight, T., Jr 93 Spires, W. A 104 Spooner, R. E 104 Spotts, J. M 99 Sprague, J. C Ill Spratlin, B. P 129, 161 Spurlin, D. R 104 Stafford, G. W., Ill 43, 111 Starnes, W. F 99 Stephens, B. J 123 Stewart, F. L 88 Stewart, R. M 104 Stone, D. M., Jr 43, 56, 93, 116, 163, 164 Story, P. G 81 Stovall, R. A 129, 166 Stowers, H. E 93 Stratigos, R. J 86 Strickland, CD 81 Strickland, J. R 81 Stuart, M. D 72, 105, 123, 169 Styles, A. L 44, 52 Styles, L. A 44, 82, 116 Surls, W. J 44, 54, 79, 114, 116 Sutherland, K. J 126, 134, 169 Sutton, W. R 82 Swann, R. W 112 Swearingen, G. R., Ill 90 Swindle, M. A 129 Symmers, E. M 129 Talley, M. V 73, 126 Tankersley, A. 1 44, 53 Tankersley, M. A 44, 104, 116 Tarver, W. S 93 Tate, F. E 126, 161 Taylor, E. A., Jr 112 Taylor, F. W 99 Tester, L. V 93 Tennyson, W. G 99 Terrell, T. A., Ill . . 44, 79, 1 14, 116 Terry, D. E 104 Terry, R. B 93 Thomas, J. L 100 Thomas, J. M 94 Thomas, L. D 94 Thomas, R. H 90 Thomas, W. H 100 Thompson, F. B., Ill 112 Thompson, R. A 45, 57, 97 Thornton, J. A., Jr 45, 97, 116, 162 Thornton, M. B . 108 Tinley, J. L., Jr 80 Toole, S. M 94 Townsend, W. J 100 Truesdel, L. D., Jr 82 Tumlin, P. A 123 Turner, D. H., Jr 100 Turner, J. C 129 Turner, J. G 82 Turner, L. B 112 Van Horn, C. 1 77, 116 Van Horn, W. F., Jr 44, 90 Van Pelt, R. L 94 Varn, H. L 126 Veal, F. W., Jr 108 Veal, M. R 40, 88, 116 Vickery, D. B 55, 86, 96 Voyles, L. A 126 Waddell, C. C 90 Waddell, O. C 100 Waddill, J. M., Jr 79 Walden, J. A 108 Walker, P. G 129 Wall, J. R 108 Waller, P. W., Jr 86 Waller, T. S 45, 94, 116 Watson, J. F 82, 163 Walthour, W. L 78, 112 Wamble, J. B 108 Ward, H. A., Jr 100 Wayne, A. A 90 Weaver, E. E 90 Weaver, M. K 79, 126 Webb, D. G 86 Webb, H. J 129 Webb, S. R 123 Weeks, M. F 46 Welch, G. W 108 Wells, H. M 78, 102 Wessner, K. T 90 Wessner, W. E 104 West, S. D 90 Westbrook, C. P 94 Westmoreland, L. M 100 Weston, H. P 94 Whelchel, C. H. . . 46, 102, 114, 116 Whidby, J. F 104 White, L. E 104 Whiten, J. F 100 Whiten, P. A 126 Whiten, S. J 126 Whitley, G .W 46, 97, 114, 116 Whittle, W. A 94 Wicht, M. C 90 Wiggins, CD 94 Wilborn, E. A 123 Wilburn, C. E 129 Williams, A. B 78, 90 Williams, H. R 77, 126 Williams, L 126, 166 Williams, M. J 46, 112 Williams, N. W 104 Williams, N. A 126 Williams, R. D., II 90 Williams, W. B 46, 71, 97, 114 Williamson, J. B 112 Willingham, L. H 90 Willis, J. G 78, 100 Willis, M. H 92 Wilson, B. D 94 Wilson, J. E 129 Wilson, R. C 100 Wilson, R. D 46, 79, 116 Wilson, W. E., Jr 112 Wilson, S. W 108 Wimberly, J. R 112 Wingo, P. J 129 Woodard, J. D 78, 100 Woods, T. V 82 Worley, W. C 108 Worsham, B. R 104 Wray, C. G 108 Wren, R. C 47, 84, 116 Wright, B. S 130 Wright, G. W 90 Wright, M. E 130 Wright, S. T 108 York, B. J 126 York, E. L 112 York, W. J 82 Young, L. R 47, 56, 71 Young, L. A 90 Youngblood, J. E 112 Zeigler, J. A 94 201 Sp.Col. U 428 North Georgia Cyclops ,N6 C9 1902 College, 50J4o t i i • m 4. x - 1 II— ' 1 P £? • _.. ■ » jita ■ EwSvci ' aM ■ - o " QtO G C0 . M O S. k,i ga

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