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NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE 3 0642 00152 7707 OtORGlACOtUeE. OWlONtOk ARCHIVES U428 C9 1961c. 2 North Georgia College CYCLOPS cue North Georgia College Dahlonega, Georgia CDS CONTENTS . on the campus of as seen through the STAFF footsteps... North Georgia College eye of your Cyclops . . . ' %. ' Mr. W. Desmond Booth " Colonel " Booth Dedication We pay tribute to a man who is a friend to all who know him. He is one who loves his students and understands them. Their joys and sorrows, their achievements and ambitions are his main interests. To a timid freshman he is patience; to a searching sopho- more he is linJcnianMncj: to diXi anxlous junior he is Qadancc, and to a hopeful senior he is (Encouragement. Bccausc we recognize him as a man who is devoted to us, the Cyclops staff of 1961 proudly dedicates this yearbook to " Colonel " Desmond Booth ' ' tM . «- But let my due feet never fail To walk tfie studious cloister ' s pale . . . Penseroso, Milton 4 Feet leave footprints . . . With the opportunities offered at N.G.C. the cadets and co-eds find themselves well prepared to step out into the future. May their footsteps, taking them on to great achievements in the various fields of . . . •% . . . science. business, military, H omemaking, and literary arts . . . leave footsteps in these cloistered halls! J " I Hj H R JCS ?j s. ' :: The guiding, directive, encouraging footsteps of the % • FACULTY % •% General MERRITT E. HOAG President Captain ORVIL R. HAUSE Commandant of Cadets WILL D. YOUNG Dean ALICE DONOVAN Dean of Women Fac Robert H. Belcher, M.A. Associate Professor of Chemistry W. Desmond Booth, M.A. Associate Professor of English Marian P. Bouffard, M.A. Assistant Professor of Education Dorothy Brown, Ph.D. Associate Professor of English T. Conn Bryan, Ph.D. Professor of Social Studies Jewell G. Bryson, M.S. Assistant Professor of Business Administration Walter J. Carpenter, M.A. Associate Professor of Mathematics Camillus J. DiSMUKES, Ph.D. Professor of Modern Languages Alice Donovan, B.S.H.E. Instructor of Home Economics Sarah W. Drew, M.S.Ed. Assistant Professor of Social Studies Gabriel H. Engerrand, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Modern Languages ulty William H. Essary, M.A. Assistant Professor of English Harry B. Forester, Ph.D. Professor of Biology Joyce Fowler, M.A. Assistant Professor of Physical Education Bessie Lee Freeman, M.S. Associate Professor of Home Economics LoRiMER B. Freeman, M.S.C. Associate Professor of Business Administration RuFus R. Hackney, Jr., M.A. Assistant Professor of Physical Education Susie M. Harris. M.S. in L.S. Head Librarian Harold W. Harry, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology Mary E. Hood, B.S. in L.S. Assistant Librarian James C. Kidd. M.A. Assistant Professor of Social Studies Guy V. Lail, M.A. Assistant Professor of English Fac Jasper I. Maloy, Jr., M.B.A. Assistant Professor of Business Administration Ulysses G. Matherly, M.P.H. Associate Professor of Physical Education Richard M. Negley, M.S. Assistant Professor of Mathematics Newton Oakes, M.A. Professor of Business Administration Julia Oates, M.A. Assistant to the Librarian James A. Otte, M.S. Assistant Professor of Physical Education EWELL G. PiGG, M.A. Associate Professor of Physics William P. Roberts, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Social Studies Ben W. Sanders, M.S. Assistant Professor of Biology John C. Simms, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry ulty John T. Simpson, Jr., M.A. Assistant Professor of English Frank M. Smith, M.A. Leave of Absence Orby Southard, Ph.D. Professor of Education C. E. Stevenson, M.A. Associate Professor of Psychology Harry R. Sullivan, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of English Lambuth R. Towson, M.A. Associate Professor of Mathematics James B. Trammell, M.A. Assistant Professor of Business Administration Marion C. Wight, Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics Jacque L. Williams, M.S. Assistant Professor of Mathematics Charles M. Yager, M.Ed. Professor of Physics 52feiJ w Audrey Bunkley Secretary to the Comptroller Lucille Chambers Secretary to the Assistant Comptroller Staff EsTELLE David Secretary to the President Howard H. Gilbert, Jr. Comptroller Lucy Harrison Assistant Nurse Arnold Hulsey Accountant, Comptroller ' s Office El 17 Mil IH K.ENYON Secretary, Registrar ' s Office Ella Ray Oakes Assistant Registrar J. W. Phillips Assistant Comptroller Frances Ragan Assistant Dietician Wendell Satterfield Cashier, Comptroller ' s Office Staff Patricia Wagn[:R Secretary to the Dean Emory L. Stephens Bookkeeper Comptroller ' s Office Ah J. G. Woodward, M.D. Medical Officer Hazel B. Tyree Dietitian Sara M. Wright, R.N. Nurse CANTEEN STAFF Left to Right: Lula Dale, Ola Brown, Robert Ragun (Canteen Manager), Harold Rider, and J. B. Jones (Assistant Manager). 25 The elated, culminating, conclusive footsteps of the . . . Seniors Senior Class Officers Vice-President— Rudolph Butler Secretary - Linda Appling Treasurer - Bobby Smith President - Johnny Hoover 28 DUVAL SMITH ADAMS, JR. Fort Lee, Virginia B.S. in Physical Ed. Dean ' s List, Letterman ' s Club, NCO Club, Officers ' Club, Blue Ridge Rifles, Manager Varsity Basketball, Physical Education Club, Color Guard, Intramural Sports. SUSAN IRENE ARCHER Cornelia, Georgia A.B. in English Rec Club, Dean ' s List, BSU, Hippolytons Captain, YWCA, Cyclops Staff, Cadet Bugler Staff. o JOHN RUSSELL ADAMS, III Camilla, Georgia B.S. in Physics Officers " Club, Dean ' s List, Hon- ors List, Phi Alpha Theta, DMS, Physics Club, Outstanding Squad Leader, Co. Band, ' 58- ' 59. ANITA LOUISE ALLEN Buford, Georgia B.S. in Elem. Ed. Student NEA, Phi Alpha Theta, Glee Club, Dramatics Club, YWCA, Mercureans, Dean ' s List, Beauty Court, Wesley Foun- dation, Officers " Club Sweetheart, First Battle Group Sweetheart. JOHN ROSS ARCHER Fitzgerald, Georgia B.S. in Biology YMCA, Sigma Theta, Biology Club, Drill Platoon, Intramural Sports. « ' i:»;=»c=A t:;:sSii=j» i£a .5Cs« ; ' LARRY GENE BANKS Brunswick. Georgia B.S. in Mathematics Officers ' Club, NCO Club, Sig- ma Theta, Scabbard and Blade, Intramural Sports Award, Phys- ics Club, Radio Club. Outstand- ing Band Cadet, ' 58- ' 59. T «t- LINDA GAIL APPLING Atlanta, Georgia B.S. in Elem. Ed. Phi Omicron Captain Co- Captain, Varsity Cheerleader, Beauty Court, 1961 Cyclops Queen, Rec Council, Wesley Foundation. Dramatics Club, Cadet Bugler Staff, YWCA, Student NEA, Dean ' s List, In- tramural Sports Award. GEORGE EMORY BELL Gainesville, Georgia B.S. in Biology JOHN HENRY BELL, III Smyrna, Georgia B.S. in Biology Drill Platoon, Dramatics Club, NCO Club, Officers ' Club, Biol- ogy Club, Chemistry Club. ALICE JANE BENNETT Rome, Georgia B.S. in Elem. Ed. Wesley Foundation, Student NEA, Glee Club, YWCA, Phi Omicrons, Dramatics Club. CHARLES FREDERICK BENSON Gainesville, Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. Officers ' Club, NCO Club, Rex, Business Administration Club, YMCA. HOWARD P. BLOUNT, JR. Brunswick, Georgia B.S. in Physical Ed. Scabbard and Blade, DMS, Dean ' s List, Intramural Sports, YMCA, Rex, President of Soph- omore Class, Physical Educa- tion Club, Outstanding Cadet Co. H, Fort Benning. LOU ELLEN BOLTON Norcross, Georgia B.S. in Home Ec. Glee Club, Rec. Club, Home Economics Club, Cadet Bugler Staff, Wesley Foundation, YWCA. ' CHARLES C. BREITHAUPT Atlanta, Georgia B.S. in Physics Dean ' s List, President of Rex, President of NCO Club, Presi- dent of Officers ' Club, DMS, Scabbard and Blade, Who ' s Who, Senior Superlative, Honors List, Physics Club, Outstanding Junior, Intramural Sports, Superior Cadet Award. JOSEPH GATES BRINSON Millen. Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. NCO Club, Officers ' Club, Busi- ness Administration Club. HAROLD WILLIS BROWN Fitzgerald, Georgia A.B. in History NCO Club, Officers Club, Busi- ness Administration Club. — " " " " ■ 30 y ' K HARRY F. BUNKLEY Brunswick, Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. Dean ' s List, Officers ' Club, NCO Club, Sigma Theta, YMCA, In- tramural Sports, Business Ad- ministration Club, Honors List. HENRY R. BURKHALTER, JR. Lindale, Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. NCO Club, Officers ' Club, Wes- ley Foundation, Business Ad- ministration Club. JOY BUSBY Bainbridge, Georgia B.S. in Secretarial Science Dean ' s List. Women ' s Rifle Team, Business Administration Club, Phi Omicrons, Annual Staflf, Wes- ley Foundation, YWCA. SUE A. BUTTERWORTH Jasper, Georgia B.S. in Home Ec. Phi Omicrons, YWCA, Home Economics Club, Battle Group Sweetheart, Cheerleader, Dean ' s List, Cyclops Staff, Cadet Bugler Staff. PEGGY ANN CAMPBELL Atlanta, Georgia B.S. in Middle Grades Education Student NEA, ' V CA, Phi Omi- crons. CHARLES L. CANTRELL Nelson, Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. Officers ' Club, NCO Club, Rex, DMS, Dean ' s List, Lettermen ' s Club, Business Administration Club, Baseball, Basketball, Best Drilled Squad, Fort Benning. RUDOLPH E. BUTLER, JR. Columbus, Georgia A.B. in History Officers ' Club, NCO Club, YMCA, Dean ' s List, Dramatics Club, Forensic Senate. JAMES ROBERT CARLILE Columbus, Georgia B.S. in Chemistry NCO Club, Officers ' Club, Chem- istry Club, Rifle Team, Letter- men ' s Club, Dean ' s List, Intra- mural Sports, DMS. ' K m.L I JAMES RICHARD CARTER Tallapoosa, Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. Business Administration Club, Lettermen " s Club, Officers ' Club. ALICE MARIE CASH Gainesville, Georgia B.S. in Elem. Ed. YWCA, Student NEA. KENNETH RAY CASON Brunswick, Georgia A.B. in History Business Administration Club, Officers ' Club, NCO Club, Intra- mural Sports. WILLIAM EDWARD COBB Marietta, Georgia B.S. in Physical Ed. Dean ' s List, Sigma Theta, Let- termen ' s Club, Basketball. Physi- cal Education Club, Officers ' Club, Senior Superlative, Base- ball. •» . «k-« CLARENCE E. CONKIN, JR. Atlanta, Georgia A.B. in History Rex, Intramural Sports, Club, Officers Club. NCO CHARLES WAYMON COOK Blairsville. Georgia B.S. in Middle Grades Education Student NEA, BSU, Wesley Foundation. THELMA ANN CHEEK Atlanta, Georgia B.S. in Home Ec. Home Economics Club, Cyclops Class Editor, Dramatics Club, BSU. BSU Council, YWCA, Hip- polytans, Dean ' s List. LUKE LESTER COUCH, JR. Lexington, Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. Sigma Theta, Dean ' s List, NCO Club. Honors List, DMS. Who ' s Who, Officers ' Club, Business Administration Club. 1 - ce 32 f s w fc— P , ' , ; . . NANCI GAIL COWART Atlanta, Georgia A.B. in Foreign Language Secretary, Freshman Class, BSU, BSU Council. Alternate Cheer- leader, Senior Superlative. Cadet Bugler Staff. Dean ' s List. Honors List, Trahlytans, Who ' s Who. BARCLAY EARLE COX Millen, Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. Dean ' s List. Honors List, Busi- ness Administration Club, DMS, Rex, Scabbard and Blade, NCO Club Treasurer, Officers ' Club, Who ' s Who, Outstanding Pla- toon Sergeant Award, ' 59- ' 60. WILLIAM H. DAUGHTREY Augusta, Georgia B.S. in Biology Editor of Cadet Bugler, Who ' s Who, NGC Commander Staff, Dean ' s List. Honors List, Wesley Foundation, YMCA, Dramatics Club, Chemistry Club, Biology Club, Forensic Senate, NCO Club, Officers ' Club, Sigma The- ta. Alpha Psi O.niega. JAMES RONALD DAVIS Augusta, Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. Scabbard and Blade, DMS, Out- standing Cadet, Summer Camp, Dean ' s List, Baseball, NCO Club, Secretary of Sophomore Class, Cadet Bugler Staff, Sigma Theta, Business Administration Club. Lettermen ' s Club, Officers ' Club, YMCA. MYRON DUANE DAVIS Cairo, Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. NCO Club, Officers ' Club, Let- termen ' s Club, Sigma Theta, Business Administration Club. JOHNNY TRICE DEAN Alma, Georgia B.S. in Biology Sigma Theta, Biology Club, YMCA, NCO Club, Officers- Club, Dean ' s List, Chemistry Club. JAMES ANDREW DAVIS Atlanta, Georgia B.S. in Psychology NCO Club. Officers ' Club, Dean ' s List, NGC Commander Staff. n 33 LAWRENCE W. DRINKARD Swainsboro, Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. DMS, NCO Club, Officers ' Club, Scabbard and Blade, Business Administration Club, Who ' s Who, Sigma Theta, Dean ' s List, Honors List, Senior Superlative. I i ' ,:} HUGH GORDON DUNCAN Fairburn, Georgia B.S. in Biology Dean ' s List, NCO Club, Offic ers ' Club. SHIRLEY JEAN FOSTER East Point, Georgia B.S. in Secretarial Science Business Administration Club, Phi Omicrons, Wesley Founda- tion. FARRELL MARIE EARLY Dahlonega, Georgia B.S. in Home Ec. Home Economics Club, YWCA, Dean ' s List, Hippolytans. JULIAN WAYNE EIDSON Cumming, Georgia B.S. in Physics NCO Club, Officers ' Club, Dean ' s List, Physics Club. SANDRA JANE FISHER Rome, Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. YWCA, BSU, State BSU Sec. and Treas., Dean ' s List, Dra- matics Club, Business Adminis- tration Club, Honors List, Who ' s Who, Trahlytans, YWA, Nu Gamma. JUDITH JANE FOWLER East Point, Georgia B.S. in Elem. Ed. Dramatics Club, Student NEA, Alternate Cheerleader, Co-Cap- tain, Varsity Cheerleader, Trahly- tans, Dean ' s List, Senior Super- latives, " B " Co. Sweetheart. PHYLLIS CAROL FULLER Smyrna, Georgia B.S. in Biology Dean ' s List, YWCA, Hippoly- tans, Nu Gamma. ROBERT HARVEY FURCON Elberton, Georgia B.S. in Chemistry Tennis Team, Rifle Team, Glee Club, Chemistry Club, YMCA. « I. ' 34 » ROBERT W. GARTH, JR. Madison, Georgia A.B. in History Dean ' s List, NCO Club, Officers ' Club, Rex, Scabbard and Blade, Who ' s Who. VIRGINIA K. GISSENDANER Albany, Georgia B.S. in Elem. Ed. Student NEA, Dramatics Club, Dean ' s List, Annual Staff, YWCA, Mercureans. JAMES BERRY GORDON Augusta, Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. Forensic Senate, Dean ' s List, Officers ' Club, NCO Club, YMCA, Business Administration Club. SHARLENE GRIFFIN Dahlonega, Georgia A.B. in Foreign Languages YWCA, Cyclops Staff, Wesley Foundation. Cadet Bugler Staff, Rec. Club, Alpha Psi Omega, Dramatics Club, Who ' s Who, Student NEA District Chairman. JAMES DAVID HARDY Albany, Georgia B.S. in Physics Dean ' s List, Honors List, NCO Club, Officers ' Club, Radio Club, Physics Club. DANIEL N. HARPOLD Port Saint Joe, Florida B.S. in Physics Officers ' Club, NCO Club, Physics Club, Outstanding Squad Leader, Intramural Sports, Dean ' s List. r ' ROBERT JEFFREY GRIDER Dalton, Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. NCO Club, Officers ' Club, Sigma Theta, Business Administration Club, Flight Training, Dean ' s List, Honors List, DMS, YMCA. BARBARA JEAN HENSON EUijay, Georgia B.S. in Secretarial Science Business Administration Club, Phi Omicrons, Dean ' s List, Hon- ors List. 35 u WILLIAM T. HOOKS, JR. Swainsboro, Georgia B.S. in Physical Ed. Glee Club, Dramatics Club, YMCA. BSU, Best Drill Pla- toon, ROTC Camp, Intramural Sports, NCO Club, Officers ' Club. JOHNNY CYRUS HOOVER Augusta, Georgia B.S. in Biology Officers ' Club, NCO Club, Rex, Biology Club, YMCA, Scabbard and Blade. CLARENCE HOPKINS Albany, Georgia B.S. in Physical Ed. Scabbard and Blade. Dean ' s List, Intramural Sports, Physical Edu- cation Club, NCO Club. Officers ' Club, Biology Club, DMS, Bri- gade S-4. Outstanding Sopho- more. FREDRICK D. HORNE Tifton, Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. Scabbard and Blade, Officers ' Club, NCO Club, Rex, Business Administration Club. ' WILLIAM A. HULSEY Gainesville, Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. LEONARD E. IRELAND, JR. Tifton, Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. Sigma Theta, Officers ' Club, Dean ' s List, NCO Club, Busi- ness Administration Club, YMCA, Wesley Foundation. PEGGY JOYCE IVEY Chicopee, Georgia B.S. in Home Ec. Vice - President - President Lewis Hall, Miss NGC, Assistant Edi- tor Cyclops, Cadet Bugler Staff, Home Economics Club, BSU, BSU Council, YWCA, Hippoly- tans. Business Administration Club, Dean ' s List, Who ' s Who. MILO PRESTON JOHNSON Augusta, Georgia B.S. in Biology Who ' s Who, Biology Club, Rex, Drill Platoon, NCO Club, Of- ficers ' Club, Scabbard and Blade, YMCA, DMS, Dean ' s List. - - «, " 36 , r i ..f4; w. ALBERT HILL JOLLY, JR. Decatur, Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. Officers ' Club, NCO Club, Busi- ness Administration Club. i . JOHN CHARLES KELLOGG Canton, Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. Officers ' Club, NCO Club, YMCA. Business Administration Club, Rex, Intramural Sports. LAWRENCE R. KENYON Millen, Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. Officers " YMCA, Club. Club, NCO Club, Business Administration JACQUELINE ROSE LEE East Point, Georgia B.S. in Secretarial Science Rec Club, Trahlytans, President and Vice-President Rec. Club Council, Phi Alpha Theta, Glee Club, BSU, BSU Council, Senior Superlative, Dean ' s List, Honors List, Intramural Sports Award, Secretary of Lewis Hall. PEGGY ANN LEE Gainesville, Georgia B.S. in Secretarial Science Business Administration Club, Trahlytans, Glee Club, YWCA. GERALD LORD Lawrenceville, Georgia B.S. in Physical Ed. Drill Platoon Commander, Scab- bard and Blade, Who ' s Who, Rex, DMS, Outstanding Squad Leader, Lettermen ' s Club, Physi- cal Education Club, Intramural Sports, Dean ' s List. GLADYS JANET LAMBERT Atlanta, Georgia B.S. in Middle Grades Education Hippolytans, NEA. " i CA, Student GUY MILLARD LOVELACE Fairburn, Georgia B.S. in Chemistry DMS, Dean ' s List, Chemistry Club, NCO Club, Officers ' Club. MARY JANICE McCLURE Canton, Georgia B.S. in Elem. Ed. Student NEA. Trahlytans. JESSE ROGER McCONNELL Atlanta, Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. Drill Platoon, Officers ' Club, Library Staff, Business Adminis- tration Club. Ai AMON Mccormick, jr. Augusta, Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. Business Administration Club, Officers ' Club, Rex, DMS. ■i JAMES WINFORD MACOLLY Leesburg, Georgia B.S. in Physical Ed. Wesley Foundation, Rex, Dean ' s List. Officers ' Club, NCO Club, Physical Education Club, Letter- men ' s Club, Intramural Sports, Varsity Baseball, Business Ad- ministration Club. n: " JUDITH SUZANNE MARTIN Decatur, Georgia B.S. in Home Ec. Cadet Bugler, Cyclops Staff, Home Economics Club, Sweet- heard of " E " Co., Wesley Foun- dation, Hippolytans, Dean ' s List. OTIS HIRRAM MELTON, JR. Bremen, Georgia B.S. in Physics NCO Club, Officers ' Club, Sigma Theta, DMS, Scabbard and Blade, Physics Club, Dean ' s List, YMCA, BSU, Radio Club, Flight Training, Outstanding Cadet Summer Camp, Intra- mural Sports. HOY RICHARD MILLER Chatsworth, Georgia B.S. in Physics NCO Club, Radio Club, Officers ' Club, Flight Training, YMCA. LOWELL TAYLOR MOONEY Franklin, Georgia B.A. in History Officers ' Club, NCO Club, Dra- matics Club, Sigma Theta, Alpha Psi Omega, Scabbard and Blade, DMS. ' A 38 V ):■ MARY ANN MORGAN Canton, Georgia B.S. in Elem. Ed. Rec Club, Rec Council, Co-Cap- tain Mercureans, Student NEA, Honors List, YWCA, Wesley Foundation, Dean ' s List. JAMES NORMAN Atlanta, Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. Glee Club, NCO Club, Officers ' Club. Business Administration Club. MARY WINIFRED PARRIS Decatur, Georgia B.S. in Elem. Ed. Student NEA, Home Economics Club, Senior Superlative, Hip- polytans, Wesley Foundation, Phi Alpha Theta, Cadet Bugler Staff, YWCA, Sweetheart of " E " Co., ' 60- ' 61, Dean ' s List, Honors List, Annual Staff. ROBERT LEWIS PAYNE Whitestone, Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. NCO Club. Business Adminis- tration Club, Officers ' Club, Let- termen ' s Club, Intramural Sports, Varsity Baseball. 39 LARS GUSTAV PIERSON, JR. Marietta, Georgia A.B. in History Officers ' Club. NCO Club. Best Drilled Platoon Summer Camp, Dean ' s List, Intramural Sports, Physics Club. EMILY AZILEE REED Gainesville, Georgia B.S. in Home Ec. Trahlytans, YWCA. Dramatics Club, Home Economics Club. FRANK ALBERT RIKARD Birmingham, Alabama B.S. in Physics Physics Club. Officers ' Club, NCO Club, Intramural Sports, Sigma Theta, YMCA, Dean ' s List. CECIL ARVIL SALES Dalton, Geor gia B.S. in Physics Rex, Intramural Sports, Dean ' s List, YMCA, Physics Club, NCO Club, Officers ' Club. (iJ ' ' -- V ' ' • EDISON EARL SCHOLES McCaysville, Georgia B.S. in Physics Dean ' s List, Drill Platoon, Scab- bard and Blade, Intramural Sports, Rex. Who ' s Who, Offi- cers ' Club, DMS, NCO Club, Senior Superlative, Association of US Army Medal, Physics Club, Superior Cadet Award. ROBERT W. SHEFFIELD Huntsville, Alabama B.S. in Physical Ed. DMS, Dean ' s List, Lettermen ' s Club, Scabbard and Blade, Of- ficers ' Club, NCO Club, Base- ball, Intramural Sports. SARA ANN SIMS Commerce, Georgia B.S. in Secretarial Science YWCA, Phi Omicrons, Cadet Bugler Staff, Business Adminis- tration Club, Westminster Fel- lowship. JUDITH ANNE SMITH Gainesville, Georgia A.B. in English Glee Club, Dramatics Club, Dean ' s List, Captain Mercureans, Rec Council. HARRY VERNE SMITH Columbus, Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. Rex, Officers ' Club, NCO Club, Business Administration Club, Dean ' s List, Intramural Sports. ROBERT EDWARD SMITH Decatur, Georgia B.S. in Mathematics Lettermen ' s Club, " VMCA, Dean ' s List, Rex, Baseball, NCO Club, Officers ' Club, Senior Superla- tive, Vice-President of Sopho- more Class, Intramural Sports. BRYANT S. SNEED, III Blue Ridge. Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. Business Administration Club, NCO Club, YMCA, Intramural Sports. MARGARET E, SOSEBEE Demorest, Georgia B.S. in Biology Who ' s Who, Dean ' s List, Honors List, Trahlytans, BSU, BSU Council, YWCA, Biology Club. ■ Mff ' ' SULANE STONE Monroe, Georgia B.S. in Elem. Ed. Student NEA, Dean ' s List, YWCA, Wesley Foundation, Phi Omierons. Biology Club, Dra- matics Club. fl 1 : PHILLIP S. SUMPTER Augusta, Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. Dean ' s List, Best Drilled Sopho- more. NCO Club, Officers " Club, Scabbard and Blade. DMS, YMCA, Intramural Sports, Rex, Business Administration Club. DAVID CHAFEE THAYER Columbus, Georgia A.B. in History Sigma Theta, NCO Club, Offi- cers " Club. EUGENIA T. THOMAS East Point, Georgia B.S. in Elem. Ed. Trahlytans, Dramatics Club, YWCA, Intramural Sports Award, Cyclops Staff, Dean " s List, Senior Superlative. ROBERT A. THOMPSON Macon, Georgia A.B. in History Sigma Theta, NCO Club, Of- ficers " Club, Intramural Sports. MARIANNE THORNTON Toccoa, Georgia B.S. in Elem. Ed. Student NEA, Dean ' s List, Hip- polytans. Dramatics Club, YWCA. CORDIA ARSULA THOMAS McCaysville, Georgia B.S. in Secretarial Science Brigade Sweetheart, ' 59- " 60, Co- Captain Trahlytans, Rec Coun- cil, Dramatics Club, Most Out- standing Sophomore, Intramural Sports, Dean " s List, Honors List, Brigade Staff Sweetheart, Busi- ness Administration Club. JACK K. TIPPENS Marietta, Georgia B.S. in Biology Who ' s Who, DMS, Dean ' s List, Varsity Tennis Team, Treasurer of Sophomore Class, YMCA Council, President of Science Club, Chemistry Club, Letter- men ' s Club, NCO Club, Officers ' Club, BSU. m 41 PAUL EDWARD TIPPENS Marietta, Georgia B.S. in Mathematics Varsity Basketball, Varsity Ten- nis Team, Phi Alpha Theta, YMCA. Physics Club, Officers ' Club, NCb Club, Intramural Sports, Lettermen ' s Club. WEYMAN B. TISON, JR. Cordele, Georgia B.S. in Physical Ed. Varsity Tennis, Officers ' Club, Lettermen ' s Club, Physical Edu- cation Club. ROBERT WIGGINS TURNER Atlanta, Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. Vice-President of NCO Club, Rex, Officers ' Club, DMS, Scab- bard and Blade. JAMES DONALD WATSON Columbus, Georgia B.S. in Physics NCO Club, Officers ' Club, Phys- ics Club, Rex, Intramural Sports, Dean ' s List, Scabbard and Blade, Outstanding Squad Leader " E " Co., Outstanding Platoon Sgt. 2nd Battle Group, Best Drill Master Award ROTC Camp. NEAL GRANT WATSON Toccoa, Georgia B.S. in Physics Physics Club, NCO Club, Offi- cers ' Club, Sigma Theta. WILLIAM R. WESTBROOK Tucker, Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. Business Administration Club, NCO Club, Officers ' Club, Out- standing Squad Leader. CHARLES VANHORN Gainesville, Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. NCO Club, Sigma Theta, Busi- ness Administration Club, Intra- mural Sports. JACK COX WHEELER Canton, Georgia A.B. in History Dramatics Club, Sigma Theta, NCO Club, Officers ' Club, Dance Orchestra and Combo, Dean ' s List. wS lfc © s JOSEPH D. WHITEHEAD Atlanta, Georgia B.S. in Business Ad. NCO Club, Officers ' Club, In- tramural Sports, Sigma Theta. Business Administration Club, Scabbard and Blade, DMS, Flight Training. MATTIE SUE WORLEY Cumming, Georgia B.S. in Mathematics Mercureans, Dean ' s List, Honors List, Physics Club. ' sst; JESSIE MAE WILDER Lawrenceville, Georgia B.S. in Physical Ed. Physical Education Club, Rec Club, Trahlytans, YWCA, Wes- ley Foundation, Senior Superla- tive, Intramural Sports Award. WILLIAM MILTON WINN Atlanta, Georgia B.S. in Biology Brigade Commander, Rex, Mr. NGC, Scabbard and Blade, Who ' s Who. YMCA, " Y " Council, In- tramural Sports, Biology Club, Chemistry Club, President Fresh- man Class, Most Outstanding Freshman, Outstanding NCO, Officers ' Club, NCO Club. RAMONA ANN YORK Marietta, Georgia B.S. in Secretarial Science Honors List, Dean ' s List, Glee Club, Business Administration Club, Westminster Fellowship, " A " Company Sweetheart, ' 59- ' 60. SUMMER GRADUATES NOT PICTURED: MARIE S. ADAMS Cleveland, Ga. MARGARET W. BENNETT Gainesville, Ga. BETTY R. JENKINS Young Harris, Ga. ALICE L. LOGAN Ellijay, Ga. VIRGINIA T. LONG Chatsworth, Ga. EDNA P. MURPHY Jasper, Ga. EDITH L. PIERCE Gainesville, Ga. OLA KAY PLOTT Blairsville, Ga. EDITH B. THOMAS Morganton, Ga. DORA MAE WEESE Copperhill, Tenn. GRACE L. WEHUNT Ball Ground, Ga. MARY H. WHITE Blairsville, Ga. Summer Graduates MRS. MARIE A. BUTLER Talking Rock, Georgia SARAH C. GEORGE Savannah, Georgia 43 MR. PAT E. HELTON Blairsville, Georgia ' iTH S. PEE Y letta, Georgia The gracious, dignified footsteps of the . . . r Features Mr. N. G. C. WILLIAM WINN .O 4 » - -W ♦ I Miss N. G. C. PEGGY IVEY f l£ . m ' sa 1 J 1 ,« .i pi -s- ' |. H Frien [ISS JACKI] MR. CI«KIE BREITHAT Most Loyal MISS TERRY THOMAS MR. EDDIE SCHOLES « ' t ,; ,, j .i M Most Athletic MISS JESSIE WILDER MR. EDDIE COBB v: J m V i Hj S ' ' Versatile JKDY FOWL GERALD LO] ■ si 1 Wl tractive Couple iK. iiwrin ' i; - ■ ji = WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Sitting jrom left to right: Milo Johnson, Eutaula Soscbee, Sandra Fisher, Peggy Ivey, Sharlene Griffin, Nanci Cowart, Hurley Daughtrey. Standing left to right: Luke Couch, Eddie Scholes, Jack Tippens, Bobby Garth, Warren Drinkard, Billy Winn, Barclay Cox, Gerald Lord, Charlie Breithaupt. Teachers in American colleges each year select students who have been outstanding in leadership, scholarship, sportsmanship, citizen- ship, and other activities. These honored students are members of " Who ' s Who. " Milo Johnson is Alpha Company Commander. Eufaula Sosebee is Assistant Technician in the infirmary and a Biology major. Sandra Fisher is President of BSU and a B.A. major. Peggy Ivey is President of Lewis Hall, Miss NGC, and Assistant Editor of the Cyclops. Sharlene Griffin is President of the YWCA and a member of Alpha Psi Omega. Nanci Cowart is a Language major and was voted Most Dependable girl in the Senior Class. Hurley Daughtrey is a Captain of the Brigade Staff and a mem- ber of Alpha Psi Omega. Luke Couch is a Captain of the Second Battle Group Staff. Eddie Scholes is Commander of the First Battle Group. Jack Tippens is a First Lt. in " B " Company. Bobby Garth is the Commanding Officer of " B. " Warren Drinkard is " E " Company Commander. Billy Winn, Cadet Colonel, is Brigade Commander. Barclay Cox is a major of the Brigade Staff. Gerald Lord is Executive Officer of the Brigade Staff. Charlie Breithaupt is Commander of the Second Battle Group. 54 Freshmen Juniors LINDA GRANT ROBERT JONES PAT CANNON TARVER AVERETT Outstanding Underclassmen Sophomores MARGARET KENNEDY CECIL CHEWNING -■ ' p ' , i «fc s T Cyclops Queen of 1961 MISS LINDA APPLING ' She walks in beauty . . — Lord Byron m Anita Allen Nancy Jordan A Margie Gunn Gay Rhodes Linda Groover Helen Jamerson Peggy McClure Brigade Sweeth MISS NANCY JORbAN The lovely, delicate, clicking footsteps of . . . ft Lewis Hall Left to right: Pat Cannon, Vice-Pres.; Peggy Ivey, Pres.; Kay Perkins, Sec; La Verne Young, Treas. Lewis Hall Officers Sponsors MR. AND MRS. E. G. IVEY Mary Driver Tallulah Falls JoAnn Freeman Tucker Martha Green Atlanta Margie Gunn College Park Beverly Guthrie Hilda Hammond Lawrenceville Lincolnton RICIA O ' DELL Glenda Selman Joan Sewell Mary K. Sheats Ann Styles Annette Tankersley Chicopee Rockmart Sargent Winder Juno Lincolnton Mary Francis Weeks Joan Wiley Wrens Atlanta LaVerne Young Macon Lewis Hall Snapshots ' Me? Why, I recommend the new, foaming Blooey! " ' fir " Oh! These hour tests Ready for the party. 70 Sandra Blue .... Jackson Gayle Brand . . College Park Gayle Brown . . . Lithonia I Sandra Brown . Flowery Branch Nancy Braselton . . Braselton Doris Carmichael . Doraville 1 Lorraine Carrington . Bowman .y Martha Clyburn . . Atlanta Jean Coleman . . . Roswell Shirley Collins . Thomaston Lucy Andrews . . . Decatur Barbara Aiken . . . Decatur Jackie Bannister . . Cumming Patsy Bartlett . . . Lavonia Helen Bennett . . . Homer Julia Brewer . . Clayton ' Linda Burns . . . Dahlonega ' Sydney Burrell Clarkesville Wanda Butler . . Dahlonega ' Dianna Capps . . . . Atlanta s o p Joyce Estes . . . Gainesville RoxiE Ferguson . Thomaston Mary A. Feuchter . College Park Carol Ford .... Atlanta Betty Fricks . . . Dahlonega ( ' Sue Hooker . . Angelia Huggins I Beverly Ingram . Joan Jamerson . Carrolyn Jarrell o o Jane King . . Penny Lunsford Bonnie McNeal Sue Martin . . Sally Mizell . «= Dalton Smyrna Jackson Sylvania Atlanta Kay Perkins . . . . Canton V Nancy Phillips . . Gumming Ann Ratterree . Hapeville Wyndal Ravan . . Gainesville Hannah Reynolds . Covington .N f Q Kitty Gibbons . . Cedartown I Libby Gilbert . . Dahlonega , Linda Groover . . . Marietta Jan Henderson . . . Atlanta Brenda Hitchcock . . Atlanta Martha Jones . . Clarkesville Claudia Kelley . . Rabun Gap Barbara Kenaston . . Atlanta • Margaret Kennedy . Acworth Linda Kimbrough . . Fairburn Betty Montgomery . Atlanta Dale Moore . . . East Point Linda Morey .... Vidalia Bernice Parks . . Sycamore Gretchen Payne . . Buford „ , vGay Rhodes . . . . Smyrna Patricia Roe . . Marietta , Mary K. Roper . . Gumming Eleanor Shiflet . . . Toccoa Teresa Shipley . Macon Peggi Walker . . . Atlanta Sherry Webb . . . . Atlanta Sandra Wheeler . . . Jasper Sally Williams . . . Atlanta Cecelia Wright . . . Atlanta Faye Wright Jefferson ' Margaret Smith Jane Stephens . Marilyn Stuart . Nancy Thornhill Clarkston . Hapeville . Atlanta East Point Linda Vaughn . Mountain City Marian Britt . . Phyllis Brooks . Barbara A. Brown Sandra A. Brown Sandra N. Brown . . Dacula . Atlanta . . Homer Clarkesville . Monroe H Barbara Chambers . . . Lula Marie Chastain . . Thomaston Mary Chastain . . Gainesville ' Penny Cochran . . Gainesville . Milie Cocraft . Stone Mountain Diana Dyson Washington JiMMiE Ann Evans . Hogansville Jeannine Fisher . . Decatur - Judy Fisher .... Decatur Esther Franklin . Clarkesville June Allen . . . . Homer Nancy Beck . . . . Decatur Elizabeth Black . Smyrna Rosemary Bond . . . Decatur Brenda Bracewell . . Dublin ■XJean Burrell . . Clarkesville Elva Bussey . . . . . Cairo ' Rosemary Cain . . Columbus Susan Cameron . . Gainesville ) Mary E. Cash . Gainesville Jo Carol Crisler . . Albany Susan Cown . . . Logansville Carol Davenport . Blairsville Darleen Davis . . . Atlanta Myra Duvall . . . Blue Ridge l Dale Freeman . . . Sylvania ■-Gail Friddell . . Thomaston g Elaine Garrison . Gainesville - Jewell Geiger . . . McRae - Glenda Gilbert . Lawrenceville Sybil Hames . . . Gainesville Carol Hames . . . Braselton Betty Harkins . . Dahlonega Betty Ann Harris . . Lavonia Marian Hartsfield . Americus Theresa Green Linda Grant . Sara Greene . Diane Gronke Lynne Hall . Cumming . Cornelia . Athens East Point Lakemont Myrna Hassler . Barbara E. Hays . Barbara M. Hayes Sara Hewlett . . Gloria Hulsey . Brunswick . Atlanta . Smyrna . Macon Cleveland Juanita Hunt . , Gainesville Page Hutcheson . . . Macon Judith Ireland . . Tifton Helen Jamerson . . Sylvania Gail Jolly . . . . Lavonia Caroline Kicklighter Richmond Hill Ann Koniqsmark . . Smyrna Linda Kull Macon Joan Landes .... Smyrna Jerie Ledbetter . . Cumming Marisue Jones . . Macon Sylvia Jones . . . . Canton Sandra Kalmbach . . Atlanta Peggy Kay . . . . . Toccoa Sandra Kerr . . . Gainesville Hilda Lewis TWALA LiGON . Betty Little Chloa Long . . . . Buford Warner Robins Lavonia . . . Juno -TliTA Long Macon I Millie Mathews . Gainesville i Dannette Maxham . Logansville ■ MiNDY Merrit . . Fort Benning Janice Miller .... Lula Judith Parker . . . Decatur Suelle Reece .... Ellijay Roberta Reynolds . . Atlanta Judy Roberts .... Atlanta Patty Rudd Rome Georgia Russell . Alpharetta Martha Talley Beth Tate . . Harriet Varn . Linda Voyles . Betty J. Warren . Macon Chicopee . Macon . Toccoa Covington % Genie Lowery . . . Atlanta Leila McBrayer . . Cedartown Peggy McClure . Marietta Jenni McMillan . . Macon Lynda Martin . . Atlanta tS £ MK 1 ' Kay Pearson .... Atlanta ' Katheryn Phillips . . Millen Margaret Price . Warner Robins i Carolyn Pulliam . . Cornelia , Lucia Ramey .... Clayton % Linda Selman Martha Smarr Carol Smith . Donna Stamey Diane Stark . Marian Weaver . . Armuchee Patty Whiten . Gainesville Helen Williams Atlanta Linda Williams . . . Atlanta Nora Williams . . . Marietta Sandra Williams . . Marietta Marietta Lewis Hall Snapshots " We could put this on the Lewis Hall Regulations Test. They ' ll never get it. " ' Roomy, call a freshman down here to scratch my back. " The example set by seniors . ra ' £ mL M ' r il Vw njI " " y . i " ' f i _ vi w2 - V . - iBvi { i H Ikh« i V 1 ■ ..A. % k The precise, measured, resounding footsteps of the % • Military MILITARY DEPARTMENT Lt. Col. Robert P. Hatcher Professor of Military Science Capt. Trepagnier Asst. PMS Capt. Kitchen Asst. PMS. Capt. Hause Commandant of Cadets Sgt. Maj. Lee Instructor SFC. WiLKINS Instructor Sgt. Evans Supply Sgt. Sgt. Hensley Transportation Sgl. Mrs. Gene Sutton Secretary to Commandant Mrs. J. W. Phillips Secretary to PMS Brigade Staff Nancy Jordan Sweetheart Col. Winn Brigade Commander Lt. Col. Lord Brigade Exec. Mrs. F. a. Winn Sponsor Maj. Sumpter S-1 Maj. Blount S-2 Maj. Hopkins S-4 Capt. Daughtrey Asst. S-1 Capt. McCormick Asst. S-3 Capt. Macolly Asst. S-4 Sgt. Maj. Surls Sgt. Maj. M Sgt. Terrell Drill Master M Sgt. Quiggley Operations Sgt. M Sgt. Gaines Supply Sgt. StAFF SgT. PlLCHER C er t The Blue Ridge Rifles First squad: Meyers, Ginn, Wells, Norris, Ginn, Flowers, Scruggs, Hudson. Second squad: Johnston, Malcolm, Benefield, Greene, Lynch, Healy, Still. Third squad: Cannon. Mitchner, Elliot, Bunch, Bussey, Bennett, Burden, Gates. Fourth squad: Branch, Douglas, Johnston, Sut- ton, Blanks, Strickland, Bell. Drill Master: Whitney, Guidon Bearer: Alverson. The Blue Ridge Rifles, an elite, precision drilled organiza- tion, was formed for the purpose of demonstrating to the pub- lic the military proficiency of the corps of cadets of North Georgia College. It does just that by performing in many parades and for special visiting dignitaries. The Blue Ridge Rifles took its name from a group of volun- teers from the Dahlonega area which was formed to protect this area during the War Between the States. To qualify for membership one must have the desire to be a member of a precision drilled organization. This desire must be reinforced by the qualities of leadership, exceptional attitude, good per- sonal appearance, and an academic average of " C " or better. First Battle Group Staff Mr. and Mrs. Lt. Col. Scholes Maj. Davis Elva Bussey A. L. SCHOLES Battle Group Comdr. Battle Group Exec. Sweetheart Sponsors Capt. Adams S-1 l Capi. Mouney S-2 Capt. Couch S-3 Capt. Lovelace S-4 Lt. Bunkley Asst. S-3 Sgt. Maj. M Sgt. Avrette M Sgt. Eubanks Sgt. Mayfield Richardson Supply Sgt. Operations Sgt. Clerk Sgt. Major 83 Company Alfa Lt. Butler Company Exec. Capt. Johnson Company Commander M Sgt. Cousins First Sgt. Seniors No Photo Available Brinson, Joseph Millen CoNKLiN, Clarence Atlanta Harpold, Dan Port St. Joe, Fla. Kenyon, Lawrence Millen Thayer, Allen Columbus Thayer, David Columbus Juniors Adams, Joel Buford Bowman, Robert Augusta DeLay, James Atlanta Ingram, Robert Cumming Shelfer, William Atlanta Branch, William Belleville, N. J. Camp, Robert Morrow Cannon, Hoyt Macon Clark, Mike Marietta Clement, Jimmy Mineral Bluff Sophomores i ' - fam,m.y n 1- - lio L_ i f-»- Jk- ' r l CoRLEY, James Atlanta Glen, James Sautee Hardison, Richard Toccoa Helmbold, Richard Atlanta HuGHEY, Harvard Atlanta Johnston, Fredrick Augusta Newborn, Jim East Point Miller, William Decatur Pearce, Charlie Dawson Rountree, Rance Matter Seigler, John Loganville Sewell, Jeff Sandy Springs Sims, Joe Commerce TiNLEY, John Waynesboro Austin, Albert LaGrange Baker, William Atlanta Barden, Stanley Clermont Bell, James Edison Blalock, Harry Waycross Burton, Jodie Marietta Bussey, Walter Thomaston Clark, Charles LaGrange Clark, Thomas Marietta Cousins, Lawrence Greenville Douglas, John Atlanta Elliot, Charles Hampton Ellis, Robert Atlanta Ethington, William Darien Hart, Edward Atlanta Hill, Jimmy Hoschton Hudson, John Decatur Hudson, Peter Augusta Johnston, Jack Meridian Lynch, Larry Zebulon l ' -Vi -- fW- " 7 ' %. " 0 9 Malcom, G. E Decatur MiTCHNER, Marvin Macon Scruggs, Robert College Park Strickland, James Edison Sutton, William Pearson Walter, Robert Demorest West, Edwin Sautee York, William Lincolnton Young, Leroy S Macon " A " Company means different things to different people. To some it ' s the big, bright " A " atop the hill; to others it ' s the dance in the dayroom, or the red jersey on the football field. But to an Alpha Com- pany man, it means a great deal more. The letter " A " usually means " first " both in the alphabet, and here at North Georgia College, the gleaming array of trophies held by Alpha seems to support that fact. " A " Comp any stands for enthusiasm, friends, and happy memories that will always be a part of our lives. Being at North Georgia College is quite an experience; being in " A " Company makes it a happy one. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson Sponsors Nancy Thornhill Sweetheart f Amon McCormack, III " A " Company Mascot Company Bravo Lt. Tippins Company Exec. Capt. Garth Company Commander M Sgt. Phillips First Sgt. Seniors Sophomores Brown, Harold Fitzgerald Duncan, Hugh Fairburn Kellog, Charles Canton Sales, Cecil Dalton Tippins, Paul Marietta Abbott, Reggie Brunswick Ashcraft, Fred Decatur Denny, Woodrow Canton Elrod, William Byronville Kilgore, David Atlanta Morgan, William Rome Sharpe, James Adairsville Tankersley, Mark Adairsville Williams, Michael Atlanta Buice, Benny Grayson Cochran, Larry Thomaston Collins, George Macon Collins, John T Forsyth Darsey, Joel Montrose Sophomores Hj iF tik jltr-! FiTZPATRicK, Henry CovingtOD m 1 —.I A __. M " W — } Fowler, Lee Marietta fc V£l " " • " Hicks, Enoch Lavonia l r— Tt I 1 1 " " W Howard, Ralph Statesboro V M K « C ' , a.K. S ' -4 McKissAC, James Columbus tM fk ' Moelchart, Louis Jackson E ._ _} 4 c; a •. I V 1 Nelson, Randy Reidsville 4 . , Ww. V- _ t Payne, Charles Whitestone I Ll T_ v " ' ft . Pettit, Lamar Canton . " y T W ' " ' ' «0 " ' V ' WS. " Sawyer, James Waycross 0f j fr lk - %is4«5lk Vining, David Decatur l_ .. J ' Waddell, Cecil LaFayette Wright, Steve Ellijay Freshmen Baldwin, Quillian Madison Brown, Joseph Blakely - _ , Burkett, Johnny Macon % - Coleman, Tommy Jasper Dean, Troy Fairmount ,„_, V , . i Dennard, Richard Conyers PP " " Farmer, William Lavonia I I I • Garrette, James Kennesaw ' if ' GiNN, Jerry Sasser Ginn, Jimmy Sasser y Ac . ' Y. Henson, Jon D Atlanta fK SS$% O ' Kelly, Jerry Maysville i I | Kelley, Billy Norcross . • ' -V , Mink, Frank D Decatur Ilk " .%h Morgan, Frank Macon -X jV TL Peevy, Lewis Alpharetta Affj Reed, Cecil Chicopee f J Smallwood, Floyd Gainesville . ' Smith, Edwin L Gainesville ' Cc Stephens, Charles Demorest 4t » fv r « 4tfV Freshmen « - A ' V f r - Still, Franklin B Atlanta Stratigos, Ricky Columbus Turner, Paul Gainesville Van Sant, Thomas Jasper Willis, Richard Columbus To those of us who make up the small integral parts of company Bravo, there is a value to the teamwork and cooperation we know that is beyond explanation in these few words. Bravo is more to us than a body of sixty-three men under one roof. These men only fit together to form a unit which, when we have long for- gotten each others ' names, will live in our memories of N. G. C. So, when the final points are tallied, if we finish in first or seventh place, that little extra something that we feel we have gained by being part of Bravo won ' t let us ever change our minds as to the answer when we hear " What ' s the best com- pany on the campus? " Judy Fowler Sweetheart 1. SB R Company Charlie Lt. N. C. Watson Company Exec. Capt. J. D. Watson Company Commander Seniors Bell, John Smyrna , . . _ f -fKSoM B " ■•t f . Carter, James Tallapoosa P ! - - EiDSON, Julian Gumming . _r V, JC Jolly, Albert M Decatur gt y , ' .r Sk " , iM ' — Pierson, Lars Marietta Juniors H k % Bell, David Chicopee Kw t m tm a n» iK ' Biskey, Dean Dahlonega mL-V • ' V- f ' Boozer, David Flemmington • ' ' IC " V Dean, William R Atlanta ' - ' ' " l B O UIl - " " " m ' x HuLME, James Dewey Rose Perry, George Dublin Van Horn, Charlie Gainesville f ■ W Sophomores ! 1 « JpiWiA Conaway, James Thompson I B f Cook, James Thompson € ' " ilk ••r- ™ t ' Davy, Douglas East Point . ; E , -m. g ' ■ ' Elliot, Dick Decatur V , . B ;_ Dennis, Harold Atlanta Sophomores Farr, Glenn Blakeley Parks, Gordon Dalton Stafford, George Thomasville Styles, Larry Juno Watson, Jan Toccoa Barnes, Charles Tallapoosa Bunch, John • . . . Valdosta Burden, Charles Macon Cates, Robert Macon De Loach, Homer Hinesville Drawdy, Plume Brunswick Fay, David Atlanta Glenn, Carroll Pelham Gray, Eugene Brunswick Hendley, Sam Cordele Hicks, Jerry Lavonia Hill, John Gainesville HoLTON, Henry Ft. Benning HoLTON, Thomas Savannah Howard, James Atlanta Ingram, Charles Gumming Johnson, James Covington Kennerly, R. L Lawrenceville KiMSEY, W. F Clarksville Lewallen, Clarance Baldwin Littleton, F. M Columbus Martin, James Atlanta McCranie, Clyde Ocilla McEver, Jimmie Atlanta Roper, Ronny Gumming Sapp, Raymond Hinesville Schveland, Duane Marietta SwEARiNGEN, George Atlanta Timms, Lyndell Stone Mountain Thomas, Ross Donalsonville Freshmen I N J. y flH k Sewell, David Lavonia . 3 ,e- ' , ' W ,jik I Sevier, Nelson Savannah fP ' - ♦ , V " " . — t , ' , -m. Segars, Billy Commerce . , -N ' - WicHT, Mac Dahlonega " tTK m-- . ' K - Williamson, Jack Statesboro What intangible is it that molds a group of young men with many different backgrounds and ideas, into a closely-knit, well-disciplined Company with that one-for-all and all-for-one attitude? Possibly no one can define this intangible, but everyone who is in contact with Charlie Company will testify that it surely exists. Our trophy case and our consistency of being the Company to excel in everything from ping pong to Honor Company itself is characteristic of the never-ending effort of the men of the " Big Charles " to make their Company the best at N. G. C. On the other hand, Charlie Socials, which are second to none in the minds of all, are indicative of the fun- loving attitude of the men named " Charlie " in their off-duty hours. Down through the years, Able has changed to Alfa and Baker has changed to Bravo, but Charlie is still Charlie. Why not? Anyone knows you can ' t improve on perfection! Linda Grant Sweetheart Mrs. Gerald Watson Sponsor smm »- Company Band Lt. Banks Company Exec. Capt. Horne Company Commander M Sgt. Adams First Sgt. Seniors Juniors If Avi M Sgt. Raines Drum Major BuRKHALTER, Henry Lindale _ _—.„— ,e-si Cason, Kenneth Brunswick Cook, Charles Blairsville M y Davis, James Atlanta jJr r ' ni FuRCRON, Robert Elberton Hooks, Trenton Swainsboro McCoNNELL, Jessie Atlanta Wheeler, Jack Canton Alsabrook, James College Park BoTERWEG, Conrad Perry Brannon, James Austell Foss, Remington Manetta ,a«pf( t ■ )Si Robertson, William ... Covington Juniors Sophomores 1 Waller, Thomas East Point Anderson, David Decatur Black, Joel Inman, S. C. Bradley, Lee Camilla Bridges, Harold Washington Q Ijf. Carpenter, Benny LaFayette Chewning, Cecil Lithonia Diaz, Don Athens Hartley, Selwyn Davisboro i Johnston, John Ashburn jKr - McDonald, Benjamin Lithonia Ray, David Elberton Robinson, Len Thomasville Smith, Paul Atlanta Spight, Thomas Sparta Willis, Mitchel Washington Ziegler, Joe Savannah Harper, Travis Ocilla Freshmen --?2r ©miV Archer, Glynn Sparta Barton, Franklin Brunswick Becco, Lawrence Stuttgart, Gar. Brown, Thomas Smyrna Canady, Edward Brunswick ». o p, o Freshmen , ' ' ' i k- k -r r ' ° " ' ' V« ' r CoNNELL, James Valdosta _ Floyd, Gwynne Dalton . Henderson, Phillip Smyrna . - Hill, Jerald Atlanta K " ' HOLTZCLAW, Terrell Dalton a Kennedy, Robert Griffin LouNSBURY, John Decatur - Mundy, Warren Americus I - Pounds, Richard Atlanta , ,» Prichett, Harold College Park O Robinson, Gary Dalton Simmons, Herbie Decatur t r Smith, James Maitland, Fla. , V " " . ' Terry, R. B Smyrna _ jf . ToNGE, Walter Jefiffferson Tracy, Jon Sylvester VoHS, Gary Ft. Rucker, Ala. Wilson, Bobby Marietta Miss Margie Gunn Sweetheart Mrs. M. F. Horne Sponsor Sfc. D. K. Akin Sfc. James A. Bowden . " Color Guard M Sgt. John Lowe , -d Sfc. John Waddill I -♦■- r 1 Second Battle Group Staff Glenda Sel man Lt. Col. Breithaupt Maj. Melton Mr. and Mrs. Sweetheart Battle Group Battle Group Exec. C. C. Breithaupt Commander Sponsor Capt. Cantrell S-1 Capt. Carlile S-2 Capt. Sheffield S-3 Capt. Grider S-4 Lt. Norman Asst. S-3 Sgt. Maj. M Sgt. Wren M Sgt. Thompson Sgt. Naman Williams Supply Sgt. Operations Sgt. Clerk Sgt. Maj. 101 Company Delta Lt. Ireland Company Exec. Capt. Whitehead Company Commander M Sgt. Jackson First Sgt. Juniors r ».- ' .© ■ A- h " ' Bell, George Gainesville _ _ . Cobb, Eddie Marietta y ,; T|Pl ii| j p Davis, Myron Cairo Deen, Johnny Alma " ' fc Hardy, James D Albany m n I Booker, Hansel Thomaston r " !? m ,• ' Gandy, Jack Albany -;; % Perry, Myles New York, N. Y. •• Wf . Royal, Willlam K Atlanta .n " n MKL I Segars, Donald Conyers Thornton, Joseph Atlanta Veal, Monte Atlanta 102 Alverson, Frank Fort Rucker, Ala. Barron, William Baxley CoPELAND, Gilbert Gainesville Hall, Don Mableton Heard, James Franklin Hubbard, Lewis Moultrie Jones, Gary Atlanta McClure, William Marietta McCramie, Von Slade Willacoochee Meyers, Allen Macon Pyles, Harold Atlanta Freshmen Allgood, Kennith Atlanta Anderson, Dean Marietta Arrant, Gene Columbus Bennett, Robert Meigs Branen, Ervin Decatur Breedlove, James Greensboro Caldwell, Willy Brunswick Chapman, Robert Doerun Crane, Benny Decatur Crissey, Melvin Camilla Fasold, Jess Warrenton Finney, Joe Dublin Flowers, James Dawson Foster, Thomas Columbus Gattis, Allen Marietta Gee, Willie Cairo Gerard, Tracy San Francisco, Calif. Glass, Kenneth Albany Glover, Randal Ellijay Griscom, John Warner Robins p) j« -i!i-. , " . ' x ' M ' f f Hall, Wesley Atlanta fJI 5?k r Harper, Sydney Atlanta ;_ Jackson, Ronald College Park V JiLEs, James Kennesaw « . Johnston, John Macon Jones, Robert Stone Mountain KiRBY, Roger Rossville ' Kirk, Berford Brunswick KiNCH, Kelly LaGrange i«k Martin, George Hinesville Medders, Bobby Brunswick _ __ Richards, Gregory Comer ■ ' Sloan, Larry Atlanta Smith, Jasper Statesboro Aft " ,;V Spotts, John Atlanta Sprague, John Marietta I Tanner, Steve Albany Taylor, Erle Moultrie I Thomas, John Savannah Townsend, William Atlanta ■i ' ' , Wells, Hubert Watkinsville Wimberly, James Rome 63 Ss C 56 ,55 ,S9-S6 67 -44 J When the Command " ' D ' Company fall in " is given every morning at 6:30 A.M., the best men with the highest morale on the North Georgia College campus fall in ranks. These Delta men are most easily recognized by their high esprit de corps, good appearance, and qualities of good leadership. At each function, whether sport or social, in which Delta participates, all who can are there to participate or cheer for their company. Under the able leadership of Cadet Captain Whitehead and Cadet First Lieu- tenant Ireland, Delta is a sure bet for honor company for 1960-61. Angela Huggins Sweetheart Mrs. Whitehead Sponsor Company Echo w t h i Lt. Hoover Company Exec. Capt. Drinkard Company Commander M Sgt. Welchel First Sgt. .- t Sooh pnomores y »♦ Miller, Hoy Chatsworth Smith, Robert Decatur Gordon, James B Augusta ■ ' ' ' , Draper, Shirley Winder f Easley, Conrad Dalton j, Freeman, Thomas Dahlonega - Gurley, Arnold Dahlonega ' ' iVikl Hall, John Lavonia Purcell, Donald Cornelia Robinson, John Winder Stone, Dale Rome VicKERY, Donald Atlanta _ — . Wilsdon, David Decatur Anderson, William Commerce Coffey, David Decatur S Guest, Robert Douglas House, John Winder Jarrard, Lamar Hoschton Sophomores m 4. ' ® K , a • . ' wr --- % Long, Thomas Sardis McDowell, Robert Atlanta Marchesseau, Larry Atlanta Mashburn, Kennon Blue Ridge Miller, Robert Atlanta NoRRis, Ronald Dalton PuLLiAM, Earl Cornelia Sherrer, Willis Rayle Shivers, Rodney Manchester Stewart, Fredrick Winder Stocks, William Dalton WiLHELM, Paul LaFayette Yancy, Jim Tifton Freshmen Alexander, Gordon Augusta Barbree, Larry Enterprise, Ala. Barnes, Tracy Hapeville Barnett, Warren Smyrna Blanks, John Macon Brantley, Sam Atlanta Camp, Lenard Gainesville Coleman, Kelly Clearwater, Fla. Cornelison, Robert Dalton Cunningham, Leigh Hapeville Davis, James Doerun Dill, Ernest East Point DiSMUKES, Robert Dahlonega Duncan, Robert Marietta Fambrough, Robert Atlanta Felker, Donald Dalton Green, Clarence Warner Robins Heldreth, Nicky Columbus Hill, Charlie Macon Hix, Jerry Dalton V lfct ' - Fresh men McDonald, Theodore Dublin •ft _ Mason, Walter Dahlonega Melton, Authur Denison, Texas O ' Kelly, William Augusta a Reeves, Leonard Ft. Monroe, Va. Shiver, David Covington Spooner, Robert Plant City, Fla. Walker, Leslie Eastman Welch, Russel Ft. Valley No words can express the pride, loyalty, and cooperation which have been exemplified by this year ' s Company Echo. Within this unit, there is something that has never before been found in any other com- pany since the beginning of North Georgia College. This is an intense feeling of pride in every heart, from the recruit to the company com- mander. The men of Company Echo realize that they are a very important part of North Georgia College. Full participation in all activities: socials, athletics, military, and scholastic achievement, makes it evident to the eyes of the whole campus that Company Echo is tops. Winifred Parris Sweetheart Mrs. Harold Drinkard Sponsor j__ - ' 4fe —- -jzf: W 1 1 5f Company Foxtrot Lt. Westbrook Company Exec. Capt. Turner Company Commander Seniors 1! §, Juniors Soph pnomores 6 Adams, Duvall Ft. Lee, Va. Benson, Charles Gainesville Payne, Robert L Whitestone Smith, Harry Columbus Sneed, Samuel B Blue Ridge Berrins, Forrest Marietta Fry, Paul Atlanta Hall, William Atlanta Johnson, Jimmy Ellijay LoEHR, William Lavonia McConnell, William Griffin Painter, William Smyrna Rogers, Dan Preston Buford Wilson, Ronald Menio Barrett, Lamar Atlanta Bridger. James M Doraville Capel, Larry Griffin Chamblee, James Gainesville GoLSBY, Dempsey Lincolnton Sophomores Freshmen - .s, aO - ' ■ ,0, Hanson, Lee Riverton, N. J. Jackson, W. T Atlanta Jones, David Brunswick Kesler, John Ernest Jefferson Lawhon, James Atlanta Long, Wendel Ochlochnee Odom, Robert Dublin Ragsdale, Jackie Marietta Tyson, Jerry Valdosta Weaver, Eugene Perry Ash, Joel Hoschton Bell, Arthur B Marietta Banks, William Albany Benefield. Phil LaGrange Brown, Victor A. . . . Heidelburg, Germany Cannon, Ronald B Doerun Cobb, Roger Marietta Denney, Donald Franklin Fisher, Milton McDonough Floyd, Bobby Marietta FoLMAR, James Albany Gedda, George Smyrna GissENDANER, DouGLAS Albany Grogan, Charles Gainesville Hall, Darby Canon Healy, Maurice Ft. Benning Holder, Pat LaGrange Jones, Michael Cannon Kenimer, Larry D Dahlonega Lawrence, Samuel LaFayette Meyers, John Statesboro MoNCRiEF, Joseph Flovilla Morrison, Dorsey Dean Pelham Noles, James R LaFayette NoRRis, David John Marietta No Photo Available fc 7 " € 4 - No Photo Available ■sir Fresh men Priest, Herbert Canton 40% ,5p Satterfield, Joseph Canton Selfridge, Tony McDonough Sevelius, Aurthur E Miami, Fla. iiX Thorton, Marion B Royston Traverse, Gilbert Atlanta m Wall, Terry Hoschton West, Derrell Dahlonega West, James T Dahlonega V- Willis, Harry W Hinesville Wilson, Ed Menlo Linda Groover Sweetheart Among the companies of N.G.C., there exists a high degree of competition. We in Foxtrot are especially aware of competition. The men in this company are proud of their company. To us there is noth- ing better than Company F. — and there isn ' t. As in our daily endeavors we attempt to exhibit all the traits required of the best we hope this spirit instilled in our men continues in their graduate levels, and that they will always remember Foxtrot. Scabbard and Blade Seated, left to right: Winn, Melton, Hopkins, Lord, Whitehead, Kitchens, Sumpter, Sheffield, Davis. Standing, left to right: Watson, Scholes, Home, Turner, Johnson, Blount, Drinkard, Garth, Banks, Cox, Breithaupt, Hoover, Mooney. The Scabbard and Blade is a National Military Honor Society with local chapters called companies in 1 3 1 leading colleges and universities having Reserve Officers Training Programs. Here at North Georgia College we have Company " I " of the 12th Regiment. The Scabbard and Blade is an elite organization composed of selec- ted seniors who excel both in military and academics, and whose desire and purpose is to supplement the training program of the mili- tary department. This is done by helping and working with the under- classmen so that they will be better prepared to meet the requirements of Summer Field Training at Fort Benning each year. Mrs. Whitehead Sponsor «• ' j Daughtrey digs foxhole. Turner gets measured tor his hat. Summer Camp During this past summer, North Georgia College had a constituent of seventy- five cadets who attended the general military science camp at Fort Banning, Ga. The basic purpose of this encampment was practical application of military tactics and field training. Our representatives made an outstanding and enviable record, as has been the case in past years. In the opening camp ceremony and at the final formal review, NGC cadets were in command of the brigade. The final evaluation revealed that three of the eight companies had a cadet from this institution ranked as number one. North Georgia College was the only school to have more than one first place. Some of the areas in which our cadets excelled are as follows: Cadet Leadership (rated by other cadets) : First Place Job Performance: Also First Field Problems Test: Third Total Camp Leadership: Another First The final overall camp grade by institution again found North Georgia College in first place over thirty-seven colleges and universities of the Third Army. The enemy. " • " " PiL Gas warfare. Davis receives award for being first in his company. Blount receives Sports Award. Tippens examines ammunition display. Flight Training Left to right: Ireland, Whitehead, Mehon, Miller, Watson, Sales. This is the third class to be in the R.O.T.C. flight program at North Georgia College. This group of elite Cadets was selected on a basis of flight aptitude and physical fitness. This program consists of thirty-six and one-half hours of flight time and thirty-five hours of ground school. Successful completion of the program results in recommendation for further train- ing as a military pilot by the Federal Aviation Administration and subsequent qualification for further flight training at the Army Aviation center, Fort Rucker, Alabama. Cadets may also earn their Private Pilot ' s license upon the successful completion of this course. All cadets in this program were selected on the basis of flight aptitude tests, U.S. Army Avia- tion Physical Examination, and academic standing. The hours spent in preparation and study as well as actual flying time take a lot out of a cadet, but the final result is well-worth the time and effort. The prestige of those silver wings means a lot! 118 The creative, enthusiastic, industrious footsteps of the . Organizations 1961 Cyclops This edition of the Cyclops has been a great challenge to all those who have had part in its publication. Slowly, step by step, photographs were made, layouts were drawn, copy was typed, deadlines were met, proofs were checked, and finally, the book was delivered. Step by step, our goal was accomplished; our aspi- rations were fulfilled, and our reward was realized. The Cyclops Staff of 1961 hopes that this yearbook will furn- ish you with memories of your walk through college life. It is our earnest desire that this annual present to the Student Body, Faculty, and Staff of North Georgia College a memorable picture of the footsteps in our cloistered halls. — The Editors. Editor: Lee Bradley Business Manager: Joy Estes Assistant Editors: Peggy Ivey and Selwyn Hartley classes, Faculty, And Staff Sections Left to right: Feuchter, Wright, Cheek, and Thomas. V7 C3 Military Section Left to right: Clyburn, Spight, and Coleman. Organizations Section Left to right: Hassler, Kay, Griffin, Carmichael, and Brown. Features Section Left to right: Couch, Reynolds, and Ferguson. Sports Section Left to right: Payne, Jarrell, and Aiken. 1961 Cadet Bugler Mr. Gilbert Financial Adviser Editor: Diana Capps, left. Business Manager: Sharlene Griffin, right. NEWS Left to right: Brown, Lounsbury, Naman, Martin, Archer, Pritchett, Spight, Wilson, Mundy, Tracy, and Hartley. EDITORS Bugler Editors, left to right: Mills, Features; Kelley, Wo- men ' s Sports; Pilcher, Men ' s Sports; Capps, Editor; Davis, Military; Bolton, Circulation; Morgan, Assistant Editor; Hartley, News; Payne, Alumni Assistant; Ivey, Alumni; and Cowart, Literary. Left to right: Clyburn, Kenaston, Ford, Griffin, Ledbetter, Feuchter, Lounsbury, and Mundy. MILITARY Elrod, Davis, and Kenaston OFFICERS: Left to right: Mooney, Johnson, Breithaupt, President; Daughtrey, and Lord. Officers ' Club First row: Davis, Burkhalter, Furcron, McConnell, Banks, Adams, Hardy, Harpold, Lovelace, Watson, Turner, Hopkins, Rainwater. Second row: Sumpter, Lord, Winn, Sheffield, Hoover, Breithaupt, Carlile, Jolly, Johnson, Home, Rikard, Drinkard, and Thayer. Third row: Cantrell, Car- ter, Cobb, Davis, Hooks, Adams, Smith, Conkin, Eidson, Kenyon, Miller, and Brinson. Fourth row: Payne, Bell, Mooney, Davis, Sales, Tippens, Duncan, Tippens, Tyson, Cason, and Deen. Fifth row: Couch, Scholes, Sneed, Westbrook, Grider , Ireland, Benson, Smith, Wheeler, Butler, Kellogg, and Norman. V ' ' Officers, Bottom: Quig- ley, President; Williams and DeLay. Top: Ash- craft, Whelchel, and Jackson. Non-Commissioned Officers ' Club .«. T . t V V . ■ If Jf y ;f A- ' " V ki. First row: Terrell, Royal, Painter, Hall, McConnell, Williams. Ashcraft. Kilgore. Fry, Johnson, Robertson, Perry, Draper, Bell, and Dean. Second row: Segars, Averett, Brown, Surls, Hall, Sharpe, Elrod, Wren, Cousins. Adams, DeLay, Boozer, Morgan, Tankersley, and Candy. Third row: Richardson, Gaines, Farr, Ingram, Berens, Wilson, Robinson, Dill, Raines, Lowe, Adams, Waller, and Jackson. Fourth row: Phillips, Loehr, Abbott, Bowman, Shelfer, Whelchel, Quigley, Biskey, Thornton, Easley, Boterweg, Freeman, and Alsabrook. Angela Huggins Sweetheart Officers, left to right: Phil- lips, Lord, Johnson, Breit- haupt, President; and Hoover. Rex Fraternity First row: Winn, Scholes, Sumpter, Home, Lord, Jackson, Breithaupt, Turner, and Nelson. Second row: Ben- son, Conkin, Smith, Johnson, Watson, Kellogg, Kilgore, Heard, and Darsey. Third row: Farr, Hoover, Smith, Gaines, Pilcher, Johnston, Sewell, QuigJey, Hubbard and House. Fourth row: Payne, Howard, Surls, Brown, Whelchel, Royal, Phillips, Cousins, Chamblee, and Long. Fifth row: Quigley, Dean, Ingram, Tyson, Sales, Ragsdale, Garth, and Shivers. Sandra Wheeler Sweetheart " t ' ' t " " 1 ' % " V « t f:-t-»f-5 y i4a.i.liiiii First row: Grider, Davis, Ireland, Draper, Yancy, Drinkard, Davis, Segars, Ashcraft, Abbott, and Bowden. Second row: Thayer, Averett, Eas- ley. Freeman, Hall, Robinson, Long, Camp, Sherrer, and Barron. Third row: Mooney, Wheeler, Richardson, McClure, Alverson, Berens, Gandy, Stewart, Cobb, and Loehr. Margie Gunn Sweetheart Officers, left to right: Cobb, Drinkard, President; Davis, Mr. Belcher, Adviser; Eas- ley, and Averett. Sigma Theta Fraternity Business Administration Club OFFICERS — Left to right: Fisher, Lee, Cantrell, President; and Mr. Oakes, Adviser. I : Mrs. R. T. Cantrell Sponsor First row: Fisher, Lee, Grider, President Fall Quarter; Mr. Oakes, Cantrell, and Jackson.5eco«rf row: Drinkard, Brannon, Raines, Farr, Fry, Robinson, Wilson, Foster, and Lee. Third row: Howard, Hulme, Smith, Carter, Couch, Stockton, Davis, Sewell, and Gaines. Fourth row: Fitz- patrick, Adams, Akin, Jolly, Jolly, Lowe, Segars, Davis, Brinson, Styles, and Veal. Fifth row: Phillips, Waller, Whelchel, Wren, Johnson, Dill, Kenyon, Kellogg, and McCormack. Sixth row: Denney, Gandy, McConnell, Burkhalter, Martin, Abbott, Purcell, Kilgore, and Collins. Seventh row: Norton, Morey, Jones, Daniel, Shiflet, and Kenaston. 1 bi f 2 ' r -i aki tmm . I Home Economics Club ,f Miss B. L. Freeman Adviser Mrs. J. D. Mills Sponsor First raw: Jordan, Bolton, Davis, Brooks, Cheek, Williams, Freeman, Hiiggins, Cochran, Green, Ingram, Couch, McNeal, Lunsford, Feuchter, Ivey. Second row: Gunn, Darrough, Phillips, Bannister, Ratterree. Third row: Reed, Miller, Hayes, Wright, Beck. Fourth row: Early, Perkins, Carroll, Hammond, Wright. Officers, standing: Brooks, Feuchter, Mills, President. Seated: Hammond and Gunn. Left to right: Worley, Bartlett, Shelfer, Dr. Roberts, Miss Drew, Dr. Bryan, Ad- viser; Adams, Bennett, and Lee. Nu Gamma Dr. Brown Adviser Alpha Psi Omega Top row: Mr. Simpson, Adviser; Mrs. Simpson, and Mr. Gilbert. Bottom row: Mooney, President; Grif- fin, Vice President; and Daughtrey. Phi Alpha Theta Left: Phyllis Fuller. Right: Sandra Fisher. 132 I ' irst row: Cowart, Cjriffin, and Parks. Second row: Thom- as, Martin, Williams, Hewlett, Hayes and Cannon. Third row: Dobbins, Ingram, Padget, Fisher, Rat- terree, Bolton, Lan- des and Ireland. Fourth row: Dean, Gilbert, Freeman, Bennett, Young, Reece, Adams and Hassler. Fifth row: Kay, Fisher, Ivey, Evans and Phillips. OFFICERS Mrs. R. a. Griffin Sponsor, YWCA YWCA Left to right: Young, Stone, Griffin, President; and Cowart. Left to right: Tippens, Deen, Dr. Forester, Daughtrey, President, and Cannon. OFFICERS YMCA Erik Daughtrey Sponsor, YMCA First row: Tippens, Daughtrey, Dr. Forester, Deen, and Cannon. Second row: Collins, Cochran, Welch, and Perry. Biology Club First row: Blue, Brown, Johnson, Easley, House, Norris. Second row: Bennett, McCuUer, Cannon, Hoover, Stephens, Farr. Third row: WiUiams, Davis Dean, Bell Daughtrey, Dr. Forrester, Advisor. Fourth row: Russell, Weeks, Sosebee, Tippens, J., Winn. Chemistry Club First row: Dr. Simms, Adviser; Furcron, Carlile, President; Lovelace, and Mr. Belcher. Second row: Darsey, Conoway, Pritchett, Johnson, Kay, and Hassler. Third row: Deen, Duncan, Bracewell, Harts- field, Hall, and Sharpe. Fourth row: Tippens, Daughtrey, and Hoover. Physics Club First row: Blue, Brown, Johnson, Easley, House, Norris. Second row: Bennett, McCuller, Cannon, Hoover, Stephens, Farr. Third row: Williams, Davis, Dean, Bell, Daughtrey, Dr. Forrester, Adviser. Fourth row: Russell, Weeks, Sosebee, Tippens, J., Winn. ' fl ife First row: Biskey, Hardy, Farr, Mr. Pigg, Adviser. Second row: Robinson, Watson. N. Sales, Eidson, Dismukes, Parks. Radio Club Education Club First row: Fowler, Payne, Thomas. Second row: Sheats, Bennett, Stone, Campbell, Andrews, Appling, Parks. Third row: Gissendaner, Selman, Aikens, Young, Cook, Thornton, King, Harrison. Parris, McClure. Fourth row: Dr. Southard, Adviser; Stuart, Gilbert, Freeman, Jolly, Britt, Tankersley, Bond, Allen, DuVall, Busby, Mrs. Bouffard, Adviser. 1 , 7T Front row: Martin, Voyles, Rudd, Ford, Estes, Durham, King, Henderson, Konigsmark, Mathew, Dunn, Geiger, Davis. Middle row: Bouffard, Southard, Bolton, York, McCuller, Lunsford, Reynolds, Johnson, Braselton, Darrough, Daniels, Biskey, Brand, Lee, P., Bennett, Lee, J., Wil- liams, Dyson, Booth. Back row: Tracy, Hooks, Hill, Morgan, McDonald, Jones, Willis, Bell, Pyles, Austin, Cannon, Douglas, Jackson, DeLay. Glee Club Dramatics Club Front row: Griffin, Ireland, Cown, Gibbons, Garrison, Ramey, Butler, Parks, McCuller, Cheek, and Fisher. Middle row: Robinson, Still, Hughey, Gilbert, Fricks, Smith, Little, Durham, Lee, York, Brown, Hooks, Bradley, and Mr. John Simpson, Adviser. Back row: Branch, Smith, Hill, Daughtrey, Pritchett, Freeman, Dismukes, Hansen, Hartley, Williams, Mooney, and Wheeler. p 1 1 ' : 1 ■ 1 .m 1 • ffl ftesftllifti W: . ' Mmij ' l H 1 - Jt ] ' IPF V n . - ' tj 1 KL ;£ 9. B- ■ -1 U m --B— jfl 1 . ilH B H H Front row: Robinson, McDonald, Barton, Naman, Pritchett, Johnston. Second row: Hartley, Meyers, Kennedy, Smith, Diaz. Third row: Black, Chewning, Floyd. Standing: Wheeler. " The Generals 55 First row: Davis, Lord, Sheffield, Carlile, Tippens, Conoway, Sawyer. Second row: Carter, Brown, Cantrell, Ragsdale, Chewning, Clark, Tippens, Quigley. Third row: Cobb, Adams, Long, Davis, Smith, Hackney. Lettermen ' s Club Physical Education Club First row: Wilder, Lord, Sheffield, Matherly. Second row: Ragsdale, Adams, Hooks, Quig- ley. Third row: Tyson, Cobb, Chewning, Roy- al, Hopkins. Rec Club Council Seated: Kelly, Johnson, Lee, Freeman, Perkins. Standing: Montgomery, Hooker, Gibbons, Smith, Guthrie, Cannon, Jarrell, Archer. Mrs. W. a. Lee Rec Club Sponsor Baptist Student Union First row: Gilbert, Britt, Rudd, Estes, and Fisher, President. Second row: Brown, Payne, Williams, Ivey, and Kay. Third row: Cheek, Lee, and Weaver. Fourth row: Cannon, Cates, Sevier, Malcom, and Bradley. Wesley Foundation First row: Henderson, Rev. Mr. Newby, Averett, President; Na- man, and Cannon. Second row: Baldwin, Wells, Perry, Duncan, Welch, and Cochran. Third row: Freeman, Norton, Ratterree, Martin, Young and Borders. Fourth row: Bennett, Clyburn, King, Burkhalter, Davis, Free- man, McCuller, Bolton, and Gritfin. Left to right: Rev. Mr. Briten- hart. Boozer, President; Ken- nedy, Wright, Dean, Dobbins, and Thayer. ■ « u m BV . m- I ' i " 1 ■ .. f ' Jk. 1 " m m _ A , ' l • — B S K _ . B M p 1 r r kV ■||h| 1 x III B8m Fv J Bl I L 1 iLlfl Westminster Fellowship Left to right: Rev. Mr. Briten- hart. Boozer, President; Ken- nedy, Wright, Dean, Dobbins, and Thayer. Left to right: Davison, Lee, Reed, Parker, Cash, Hall, King, Lee, Hassler, Henderson, Carrington, Bartlett, Col- lins, Roberts, Wilder, Cown, Estes, Ledbetter, McMillan, Durham, Brooks, Ingram, Brown, Bussey, Borders, Long, Kay, Ligon, Martin, Wright, Webb, Bannister, Denman, Hooker, and Montgomery, Captain. Trahlytans Mrs. Montgomery Sponsor Front, left to right: Kull, Britt, Jones, Phillips, Freeman, Weaver, Varn, DuVall, Busby, Carmichael, Harris, Landes, Rudd, Dyson, Parks, Brown, Couch, Guthrie, Cannon, Captain; Hewlett, Hayes, Huggins, Rhodes, Meadows, Vaughn, Payne, Reece, and Adams. Second row: Simms, Williams, Sewell, Brown, Cochran, Hartsfield, Davison, Stuart, Young, Roper, McCuUer, Kelley, Jamerson, Feuch- ter, Clyburn, and Huey. Phi Omicrons • -• ' " ;n ;. Sf f V 4 I S Left to right: Mills, Crisler, Morey, Kenaston, Jordan, Norwood, Roe, Andrews, Hoff, Kerr, Aiken, Russell, Green, Kennedy, Archer, Captain; Evans, Styles, Dean, Brewer, Martia, Stark, Fuller, Reynolds, Gronke, and Jarrell. Second row: Rat- terree, Maxham, Tate, Konigsmark, Martin, Mill- er, Brown, Cocroft. Merritt, Brown, Stephens, Talley, Hutcherson, Bennett, O ' Dell, Kimbrough, Jamerson, Johnson, and Hulsey. Hippolytans Left to right: Smith, Captain; Dobbins, Cameron, Brown, Burrell, Ferguson, Worley, Franklin, Shiflet, Daniell, Brown, Voyles, Wright, Gilbert, Jones, Smarr, Dorough, Braselton, Dunn, Perkins, Pulliam, Geiger, Fisher, Ire- land, McClure, Jones, Smith, Coleman, Allen, Padget, Hames, Jolly, Fisher, Freeman, and Gibbons. Mercureans Mrs. John L. Smith Sponsor The running, active, vivacious footsteps of the Sports % •% — . - ,j. ,. , ,» tjfjti isi utta. fnr tmmm Judy Fowler Co-Captain Judy Parker Varsity Cheerleaders 1960 - 1961 Margie Gunn Co-Captain I JEAN BURRELL LINDA GRANT BETTY LITTLE i « tats t % f« %t j PEGGY McCLURE PEGGI WALKER LINDA VOYLES First Row: Carter, Vining, Miller, Ragsdale, Adams, Clark, Chewning. Second Row: Coach Hackney, Smith, Holder, Scruggs, Johnston, Anderson, Hill, Arrant. Third Row: Diaz, Johnson, Morrison, Caldwell, Ethington, DeLoach, Sutton. Pictured below are the Freshmen who joined the North Georgia team for the ■60- " 61 season. First Row: Pat Holder. Jack Johnston, Dean Anderson. Second Row: Johnny Johnson, Bill Ethington, Gene Arrant, Jimmy Hill. Tliird Row: Robert Scruggs, Dorsey Morrison, Willie Caldwell, Buddy DeLoach and Ronald Sutton. Not pictured — Ed White. NGC Basketball Team COACH RUFUS HACKNEY DAVID VINING PAT HOLDER Lettermen Cadets in Action 148 First Row: Joe Thornton, Paul Tippens, Harry Artley, Weyman Tison. Second Row: Pat Quigley, Jack Tippens, Jimmy Sawyer, and Coach Rufus Hackney. Paul Tippens prepares to make the return while brother Jack stands ready for action. The North Georgia Tennis team were the GIAC Champions for 1960. They were undefeated in conference play. Mercer was the only team able to defeat the Cadets, giving th em a total of eleven games won and one lost. All players of the ' 60 team except Artley returned for the ' 6 1 season. For this rea- son we can expect an equally good team for the ' 61 season. Varsity Tennis Team of 1960 Pictured here are Weyman Tison and Pat Quigley, two of North Georgia ' s outstanding tennis players. . MC ik i L u C?. fust Row: Scgars, Avcrett, Nelson. Collins, Conaway, Royal, Davis, Sheffield. Second Row: Lord, MacoUy, MacDonald, Can- trell, McNair, Smith, Long, Mote. Third Row: Coach Otte, Broadaway, Payne, Clark, Ingram, Ashcraft, Smith, Cobb, Watson. Not pictured: Holcombe. COACH JAMES OTTE Baseball CAPTAIN EDDIE COBB Pitcher CAPTAIN RAY BROADAWAY 2nd Base WAYNE SHEFFIELD Pitcher JAN WATSON Pitcher ROBERT INGRAM Pitcher FRED ASHCRAFT Pitcher ROBERT SMITH 1st Base 1959-1960 THOMAS LONG Catcher TARVER AVERETT 1st Base JIMMY CONAWAY 2nd Base ROBERT PAYNE 3rd Base JACK McNAIR Shortstop 1 GEORGE COLLINS Infield RONNIE DAVIS Outfield LAMAR CANTRELL MIKE CLARK Outfield Outfield BILL HOLCOMB Outfield Cobb stops a potential run. BILL ROYAL Outfield Denotes Lettermen RANDY NELSON Outfield ASHTON SMITH Outfield EDDIE MOTE Outfield GERALD LORD Manager First Row: J. M. Spotts, D. C. Davy, L. J. Marchesseau, J. W. Adams, R. W. Ellis, J. R. Carlile. Second Row: Capt. J. C. Trepagnier (Adviser), T. A. Thompson (Manager), W. A. Surls, F. W. Johnson, W. B. Williams, W. L. Brown, V. A. Brown, SFC Wilkms (Adviser). First Row: William Surls, Larry Marchesseau. Second Row: Frederick Johnston, William Brown, Warren Williams. These cadets were the top five firers on this year ' s rifle team. Rifle Team N G C A Cadet fires for a perfect score. 1960-1961 Advantages of staff life. Don ' t forget to write. " Okay, boys, once around again! The infundibulum is a membranous tract located . . . V%v DIRECTORY OF ADVERTISERS ACE MANUFACTURING CO. ARMOUR and COMPANY AVION RESTAURANT B BANK OF DAHLONEGA BENSON ' S BAKERY BETTER MAID MILK BRAZIER BROCK TIRE CO. c CAKE BOX CANTEEN, N. G. C. CARDER ' S BARBER SHOP CHAMBER ' S LUMBER CO. CHEROKEE RESTAURANT CHICOPEE MFG. CO. CLOVER FARM GROCERY CORCORAN, INC. COURTENAY ' S JEWELRY CRANE CLEANERS D DAHLONEGA-ATLANTA COACH LINE DAHLONEGA AUTO PARTS DAHLONEGA HARDWARE and SUPPLY DAHLONEGA NUGGET DAHLONEGA PAINT and BODY SHOP DAIRY QUEEN DAVIS-WASHINGTON CO. DIXICO COMPANY DIXIE GRILL DOSTER CO. DRUID HILLS CLEANERS LAUNDERERS 158 M ELI WITT CIGAR F FLEMING AND HAWKINS FRED JONES CHEVROLET CO. FRIERSON-McEVER CO. 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Choice Steaks Served AIR CONDITIONED SPECIAL WEEKLY RATES FAMILY RATES For Reservations Call Phone No. 864-3352 Frank and Sarah Christian, Mgr. DAHLONEGA GEORGIA lt K ;L KT H i riBg TRY CRANE CLEANER S FOR ECONOMY and EXPERT WORKSMANSHIP Fluff Dry Cleaning DAHLONEGA GEORGIA COURTENAY ' S The Diamond Jeweler 107 E. Washington GAINESVILLE GEORGIA CLOVER FARM GROCERY Groceries . . . Meats . . . and Produce DAHLONEGA GEORGIA Better Care for Your Hair CARDER ' S BARBER SHOP DAHLONEGA GEORGIA CHAMBERS ' LUMBER CO. Building Supplies LEnox 4-3551 1125 S. Main Gainesville, Ga. Books Uniforms School Supplies Sodas Sandwiches Sweets Stationery and Personal Needs SUNDRIES AND POST OFFICE THE CANTEEN Robert Ragan, Manager INVITES THE STUDENTS TO ENJOY THE COLOR TELEVISION NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA 165 THEY WALK WITH A MILITARY STRIDE GENUINE CORCORAN PARATROOP BOOTS CORCORAN, INC STOUGHTON, MASSACHUSETTS THE DIXIE GRILL " THE PLACE TO EAT; THE PLACE TO MEET " C. D. Mincey, Mgr. " DAHLONEGA ' S LARGEST " Across from the campus at DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA THE DAHLONEGA NUGGET " The Gold of the News " Published Fridays Phone 864-3613 P. O. Box 175 BEST WISHES from DAIRY QUEEN of Decatur, Georgia North Decatur Shopping Center DAHLONEGA-ATLANTA COACH LINE, INC. " THE BEST WAY TO LEAVE DAHLONEGA IN COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE " DAHLONEGA GEORGIA DA VIS- WASHINGTON COMPANY Millwork • Lumber • Building Materials 402 S. Maple St. PHONES: 4-5205 4-5206 GAINESVILLE, GA. DAHLONEGA AUTO PARTS A Complete Line of Automotive Parts and SuppUes Phone 864-3666 DAHLONEGA GEORGIA DAHLONEGA HARDWARE SUPPLY COMPANY Quality i Hardware, Building Material, and Farm Supplies DAHLONEGA GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS OF DRTim SAM HIT.T. ' S CLl ANERS AND LAUNDERERS Emory University, Georgia In the Village DIXICO COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS Compliments ' Class of ' 61 ' ELI WITT CIGAR and P. O. Box 11 CANDY COMPANY College Park Georgia HAV A TAMPA CIGARS SCHRAFFT ' S CANDIES FRIERSON-McEVER COMPANY 1655 W. Broad MEN ' S WEAR GAINESVILLE ATHENS GEORGIA GEORGIA GREATEST SHOW ON WORTH SIXTY -ONEderful Chevrolet Corvette Corvair FRED JONES CHEVOLET COMPANY Dial 864-3621 DAHLONEGA GEORGIA GAINSVILLE NATIONAL BANK " The Friendly Bank " GAINESVILLE GEORGIA GEM JEWELRY COMPANY NORTH GEORGIA ' S LARGEST JEV ELER MAKE OUR STORE YOUR GIFT HEADQUARTERS DAHLONEGA GAINESVILLE TOCCOA GUMMING GEORGIA GEORGIANNA MOTEL and RESTAURANT with SWIMMING POOL PRIVATE DINING ROOM We specialize in STEAKS - CHOPS and FULL COURSE DINNERS Dial LE 4-7361 GAINESVILLE GEORGIA NORTHERN FREIGHT LINES, INC General Office GAINESVILLE GEORGIA " Safe, Swift, Service " GAINESVILLE FLORIST " Home of Fine Flowers " 111 South Sycamore Street Phone LEnox 4-7397 GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA H. W. LAY AND COMPANY, INC. Ask for T AV ' «: POTATO l l o CHIPS Guaranteed Fresh! CHAMBLEE GEORGIA IDEAL BUILDING and SUPPLY CO. Contractors . . . Plumbing . . . Electrical Phone 864-3888 Dahlonega, Ga. IMPERLVL RESTAURANT 14 Mile South of Gainesville on U. S. 23 North Georgia ' s Finest Restaurant Call LEnox 2-1188 for PRIVATE PARTIES and BANQUETS J. C. PENNEY COMPANY " TO SAVE YOUR PENNIES, GO TO PENNEY ' S " On the Square in GAINESVILLE GEORGIA Compliments of J. R. DOSTER COMPANY Wholesale Plumbing and Heating Supplies GAINESVILLE GEORGIA BEST WISHES from JAKE S SING SERVICE DAHLONEGA GEORGIA KING ' S GULF SERVICE STATION Road Service GAS OIL SUPPLIES Phone 864-3831 DAHLONEGA GEORGIA JAMES LEES SONS, CO. PINE TREE DIVISION MAKERS OF YARN FOR " Those Heavenly Carpets by LEES " DAHLONEGA GEORGIA LIPSCOMB DRUG CO. YOUR COLLEGE DRUG STORE FOR OVER 30 YEARS " On the Square " DAHLONEGA GEORGIA Compliments of MATHER FURNITURE CO. Dial 864-2231 DAHLONEGA GEORGIA McBURNEY STOKER and EQUIPMENT COMPANY 2110 Peachtree Rd., N.W. ATLANTA GEORGIA GEO. MOORE ICE CREAM COME IN AND HAVE LICK ATLANTA GEORGIA MINTZ JEWELERS " STORE FOR BRIDES " 102 W. Washington GAINESVILLE GEORGIA Compliments of MILLNER ' S GAINESVILLE GEORGIA MONTAG, INC. Buy Montag ' s Paper for the Finest in School Supplies ATLANTA GEORGIA For the Leading Fashions and Nationally Advertised Name Brands in Ladies ' Ready-to-Wear in Dahlonega it ' s PARK ' S CLOTHING SHOP GEORGIA GAS COMPANY Z l j HANDY FLAME SAYS; A ga range co h fess less to buy less to install less to operate 123 N. Green St. GAINESVILLE LE 4-3655 GEORGIA Compliments of PURE SERVICE STATION In Heart of DAHLONEGA GEORGIA PARK ' S LUMBER COMPANY, INC Building Supplies of All Kinds Grove Street Gainesville, Georgia Phone LEnox 4-3121 ROBERT M. MOORE ' S STORE " A Complete Line of General Merchandise " Friend of all North Georgia Students DAHLONEGA GEORGIA ROYAL TYPEWRITERS Electric — Standard — Portable MENDENHALL Office Machine Supply Company GAINESVILLE GEORGIA ROPER ' S INC. Hotpoint Home Appliances Television York Refrigeration Air Conditioning THOMPSON BRIDGE ROAD AT CITY LIMITS Gainesville, Georgia Telephone LE 2-6921 Compliments of SHERWIN-WILLIAMS W. J. Askew GAINESVILLE GEORGIA When in Dahlonega Visit STANDARD SERVICE STATION Kay Abercrombie Atlas Tires, Batteries and Accessories THE SMITH HOUSE DAHLONEGA GEORGIA " Where the rooms are Compliments nice as the meals are good " of SNACK-SHACK DRIVE IN on Atlanta Road W. B. Fry, Owner " Best Snacks Anywhere " GAINESVILLE GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS of the MAKERS of FLIGHT ACE CAPS ACE MANUFACTURING CO, INC SAN ANTONIO TEXAS NO PARTIES? NO SLEEP? POOR FOOD? then go to the AVION RESTAURANT AND MOTEL Off the Square in Gainesville where " Eating is to Parties, as Sleeping is to Fun " GAINESVILLE GEORGIA Compliments of Your ARMOUR COMPANY SALESMAN DAHLONEGA PAINT and BODY SHOP Wrecker Service — Day or Night Painting — Glass Installed — Bodies Rebuilt William King, Owner DAHLONEGA GEORGIA FOR THAT LOOK OF DISTINCTION . . . N. G. C. CADETS PATRONIZE WOODY ' S BARBER SHOP For Thitry-Four Years We Have Been " On the Square " TOBACCOS-NOTIONS F H DRUGS-CANDIES-PAINT FLEMING HAWKINS WHOLESALE COMPANY CORNELIA, GEORGIA Cornelia 214 Gainesville LE 2-2005 175 WmXAKER GARRETT WHOLESALE CANDY — TOBACCO — NOTIONS 328 Oak Street GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA HUBERT VICKERS ' FUNERAL HOME CONGRATULATES GRADUATING SENIORS P.O. Box 605 DAHLONEGA GEORGIA 219 E. Spring St. Phone LE 4-4694 601 E. Broad St. Phone LE 6-1812 JESSIE D. SMITH USED CARS " Used — But Not Abused " GAINESVILLE GEORGIA Enjoy that REFRESHING NEW FEELING! GOOD LUCK TO THE GRADUATING CLASS The Gainesville Coca-Cola Bottling Company COMPLIMENTS of LOUDERMILK STUDIO STRAND THEATRE BUILDING MARIETTA GEORGIA WEST CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY DAHLONEGA GEORGIA Laundry Agent for Ideal Cleaners and Laundry 331 Northside Dr. Phone LEnox 4-5171 GAINESVILLE GEORGIA Dubois chemicals, inc. REPRESENTED BY BEN CAGLE 550 Glenn St., S. W., Atlanta Cleaning compounds for institutional use DISH MACHINE • HAND DISHWASHING • FLOOR TREATMENT PRODUCTS WALL CLEANERS STUDENT INDEX Abbott, R. S 88 Adams, B. R 96 Adams, D. S 29, 110 Adams, J. M 84 Adams, J. R 29, 83 Aiken, B. F 71 Aiken, D. K 100 Alexander, G. L 107 Allen, A. L 29,58 Allen, N. J 74 Allgood, K. H 103 Alsabrook, J. R 96 Alverson, F. L 103 Anderson, D. E 97 Anderson. D. R 103 Anderson, W. S 106 Andrews, D. L 71 Appling, L. G 29, 56 Archer, J. R 29 Archer, S. 1 29 Archer, W. G 97 Arrant, A. E 103 Ash, W. J Ill Ashcraft, F. W 88 Austin, A. W 85 Averett, E. T 55, 83 Baker, W. H 85 Baldwin, A. Q 89 Ball, A. B Ill Banks, L. G 29,96 Banks, W. L Ill Bannister, P. J 71 Barber, Jane 69 Barbree, L. T 107 Barden, S. C 85 Barnes, C. H 93 Barnes, T. A 107 Barnett, W. R 107 Barrett, J. L 110 Barron, W. M 103 Bartlett, P. J 71 Barton, F. E 97 Becco, L. A 97 Beck, Nancy 74 Bell, David A 92 Bell, J. H 30, 92 Bell, J. S 85 Bell, J. H 30,92 Benefield, P. D Ill Bennett, A. J 30. Bennett, H. M 71 Bennett, R. K 103 Benson, C. F 30, 110 Berens, B. F 1 10 Biskey, D. F 92 Black, C. E 74 Black, J. W 97 Blalock, H. H 85 Blanks, J. R 107 Blount, H. P 30,81 Blue, S. G 71 Bolton, L. E 30 Bond, R. 1 74 Booker, H.H 102 Boozer, D. E 92 Borders, L. J 69 Boterweg, C 96 Bowden, J. A 100 Bowman, R. W 84 Bracewell, B. C 74 Bradley, C. Lee 97, 122 Branch, W. A 84 Brand, G. S 71 Branen, E. S 103 Brannon, J. W 96 Brantley, S. J 107 Braselton, N. C 71 Breedlove, J. A 103 Breithaupt, C. C 30, 101 Brewer, J. E 71 Bridges, H. A 97 Bridges, J. M 110 Brinson, J. C 30, 84 Britt, M. J 74 Brooks, M. J 69 Brooks, P. D 74 Brown, B. A 74 Brown, H. W 30, 88 Brown, J. E 89 Brown, M. G 71 Brown, S. A 74 Brown, S. J 71, 123 Brown, S. N 74 Brown, T. W 97 Brown, V. A Ill Brown, W. L 92 Buice, L. B 88 Bunch, John H 93 Bunkley, H. F 31, 83 Burden, C. G 93 Burkett, J. M 89 Burkhalter, H. R 31, 96 Burns, L. J 71 Burrell, G. J 74 Burrell, S. S 71 Burton, J. L 85 Busby, J. B 69 Busby, Joy D .... 3 1 Bussey, E. E 74 Bussey, W. 85 Butler, R. E 31, 84 Butler, W. S 71 Butterworth, S. A 31 Cain, R 74 Caldwell, R. W 103 Cameron, S. E 74 Camp, L. N 107 Camp, R. H 84 Campbell, P. A 31 Canady, E. R 97 Cannon, H. E 85 Cannon, P. A 55, 69 Cantrell, C. L 31, 101 Capel, L. H 110 Capps, D. V 31, 124 Carlile, J. R 31, 101 Carpenter, B. W 97 Carmichael, D. J 71 Carrington, L 71 Carroll, M. J 69 Carter, J. R 32, 92 Casey, E. P 69 Cash, A . M 32 Cash, M. E 74 Cason, K. R 32, 96 Gates, R. M 93 Chambers, B. J 74 Chamblee, J. R 110 Chapman, R. A 103 Chastain, J. M 74 Chastain, M. F 74 Cheek, T. A 32, 123 Chewning, C. N 55, 97 Clark, C, B 85 Clark, M. L 84 Clark. T. M 85 Clement, J. E 84 Clyburn, M. 1 71 Cobb, R. S Ill Cobb, W. E 32, 102 Cochran, L. W 88 Cochran, M. P 74 Cocroft, M. J 74 Coffey, D. C 106 Coleman, G. J 71 Coleman, K. R 107 Coleman, T. J 89 Collins, G. B 88 Collins, J. T 88 Collins, M. E 69 Collins, S. A 71 Compton, J. C 85 Conaway, J. F 92 Conkin, C. E 32, 83 Connell, J. E 98 Cook, C. W 32, 96 Cook, J. W 92 Corley, J. D 85 Cornelison, R. E 107 Couch, G. A 71 Couch, L. L 32, 83 Cousins, L. F 85 Cousins, R. M 84 Cowart, N. G 33,48 Cown, S. J 74 Cox, B. E 33,81 Crane, B. R 103 Crisler, J. C 74 Crissey, M. P 103 Cunningham, L. A 107 Dale, H. E 92 Daniel, B. R 71 Darrough, E. R 71 Darsey. R. J 88 Daughtrey, W. H 33,81 Davenport, C. E 74 Davidson, J. C 71 Davis, J. A 33,96 Davis, J. B 107 Davis, J. R 33, 83 Davis, Julia D 74 Davis, M. D 33, 102 Davis, S. V 69 Davis, W. Nell 71 Davison, M. P 69 Davy, D. C 92 Dean, T. A 89 Dean, V. A 69 Dean, W. R 92 Deen, J. T 33, 102 DeLay, J. L 84 DeLoach, H. M 93 Denman, C. J 71 Denney, D. L Ill Denney, W. W 88 Dennis, H. R 92 Diaz, D. G. . 97 Dill, E. W. . . " 107 Dismukes, R. K 107 Dobbins, V 69 Dobbs, A. J 71 Darough, J. A 71 Douglas, J. E 85 Draper, S. W 106 Drawdy, P. E 93 Drinkard, L. W 33, 106 Driver, M. D 69 Duncan, H. G 34, 88 Duncan, R. B 107 Dunn, J. A 71 Durham, C. L 71 Duvall, M. V 74 Dyson, D. L 74 Early, F. M 34 Easley, C. H 106 Eidson, J. W 34, 92 Elliott, G. J 103 Elliott, D. D 92 Ellis, R. W 85 Elrod, W. C 88 Estes, Joy 71, 122 Ethington, W. E 85 Eubanks, F. N 34, 83 Evans, J. A 74 Fambrough. R. C 107 Farmer, W. T 89 Farr, H. G 93 Farr, Jake 110 Fasold, J. B 103 Fay, D. D 93 Felker, D. M 107 Ferguson, R. H 71 Feuchter, M. A 71 Finney, D. J 103 Fisher, E. M Ill Fisher, J. L 74 Fisher, Judy C 74 Fisher, S. J 34, 132 Fitzpatrick, H. H 89 Flowers, J. P 103 Floyd, B. L Ill Floyd, G. D 98 Folmer, J. B 11 1 Ford, CM 71 Foster, S. J 34 Foster, T. E 103 Fowler, J.J 34, 52 Fowler, V. L 89 Franklin, E. L 74 Freeman, Dale 74 Freeman, J.N 69 Freeman, T. L 106 Fricks, B. J 71 Friddell, M. G 74 Fry, P. H 110 Fuller, P. C 34, 132 Furcron, R. H 34, 96 Gaines, G. T 81 Gandy, J. R 102 Garrett, J. L 89 Garrison, F. E 74 Garth, R. W 35,88 Gattis, A. C 103 Gedda, George H Ill Gee, W. D 103 Geiger, J. M 74 Gerard, P. T 103 Gibbons, C. B 72 Gilbert, G. S 74 Gilbert, H. E 72 Gilmer, J. E 119 Ginn, J. P 89 Ginn, J. W 89 Gissendaner, D. M Ill Gissendaner, V. K 35 Glass, K. M 103 Glen, J. H 85 Glenn, C. S 93 Glover, R. C 103 Goolsby, I. D 110 Gordon, J. B 35, 106 Grant, L. L 75 Gray, E. L 93 Green, C. S 107 Green, E. T 75 Green, M. E 69 Greene, S. R 75 Grider, R. J 35, 101 Grier, S. L 93 Griffin, S 35, 132 Griscom, J. H 103 Grogan, C. L Ill Gronke, D. F 75 Groover, L. L 62, 72 Guest, R. K 106 Gunn, M. L 60, 69 Gurley, A. E 106 Guthrie, B. S 69 Hall, B. L 75 Hall, D. G Ill Hall, H. D 103 Hall, J. M 106 Hall, J. W 104 Hall, W. A 110 Hames, S. A 75 Hammond, H. K 69 Hansen, D. L Ill Hardison, R. M 85 Hardy, J. D 35, 102 Harkins, B. A 75 Harper, S. W 104 Harper, T. H 97 Harpold, D. N 35, 84 Harris, B. A 75 Harrison, D. F 69 Harrison, L. E 24 Hart, E. W 85 Hartley, S. T 97 Hartsfield, M. E 75 Hassler, M. S 75 Hayes, B.M 75 Hays, B. E 75 Healy, M. W Ill Heard, J. D 103 Heldreth, N. E 107 Helmbold, R. F 85 Henderson, J. E 72 Henderson, P. W 98 Hendley, S. R 93 Henson, B.J 35 Henson, J. D 89 Hewlett, S. G 75 Hicks, E.J 89 Hicks, J. S 93 Hill, CM 107 Hill, J. D 98 Hill, J. W 93 Hitchcock, B.J 72 Hix, J. C 107 Hoff. A. E 69 Holder, P. H Ill Holton, H. S 93 Holton, T. L 93 Holtzclaw, T. R 98 Hooker. L. S 72 Hooks, W. T 36.96 Hoover. J. C 36, 106 Hopkins, C. E 36, 81 Home, F. D 36,96 House, J. C 106 Howard, J. C 93 Howard, R. E 89 Hubbard. L. J 103 Hudson, J. M 85 Hudson. P. F 85 Huggins, K. A 72 Hughey, H. P 85 Hulme, J. D 92 Hulsey, G. A 75 Hulsey, W. A 24,36 Hunt, J. M 75 Hutcherson. M. P 75 Ingram. CD 93 Ingram, B. R 72 Ingram. R. D 84 Ireland, J. L 75 Ireland, L. E 36, 102 Ivey, P. J 36,47 Jackson, R. C 102 Jackson. R.L 104 Jackson, W. T 1 1 1 Jamerson, H 63, 75 Jamerson, J 72 Jarrard, L. J 106 Jarrell, C. P 72 Jiles. J. H 104 Johnson. J. M 93 Johnson, J. B 110 Johnson. M. P 36. 84 Johnson, S. A 69 Johnston, F. W 85 Johnston, J. B 85 Johnston, J. C 104 Johnston, J. H 97 Jolly, A. H 37 Jolly, B. G 75 Jones, A. C 103 Jones, D. C Ill Jones, M 75 Jones, M. A 72 Jones, M. R Ill Jones, R. E 55, 104 Jones, S. L 75 Jordan, N. B 59,69 Kalmback, S. L 75 Kay, P 75 Kelley, B. H 89 Kellog, C. J 36,88 Kenaston, B. L 72 Kelley, C. A 72 Kennedy, R. R 98 Kennedy, M. E 55,72 Kennerly, R. L 93 Kenyon, L. R 37, 84 Kerr. S. K 75 Kesler. J. E Ill Kicklighter, C 75 Kilgore, D. M 88 Kimbrough, L. R 72 Kimsey, W. F 93 King, A. J 72 Kirby, R. H 104 Kirk, B.J 104 Koniqsmark, D. A 75 KuU, L. M 75 Lambert, G.J 37 Landes, J. C 75 Lawhorn, J. L Ill Lawrence. S. F Ill Ledbetter. J. D 75 Lee. J. R 37.49 Lee, P. A 37 Lewallen, C. B 93 Lewis. H. D 75 Ligon. T. R 75 Linch, K. R 104 Little. B. S 75 Littleton, F. M 93 Loehr, W. A 110 Long, C. B 75 Long, R. S 75 Long, T. R 107 Long, W. L Ill Lord, G 37,81 Lounsbury, J. M 98 Lovelace, G. M 37, 83 Lowe, J. E 100 Lowery, M. E 76 Lunsford, P 72 Lynch, R. L 85 McBrayer, L. M 76 McClure, M. J 38,76 McClure, P. A 64, 76 McClure, W. H 103 McConnell, J. R 38.96 McConnell, W. E 110 McCormack, A 38, 81 McCranie. C. C 93 McCranie, V. S 103 McDonald, B. H 97 McDonald, T 108 McDowell, R. F 107 McEver, J. G 103 McKissac, J. V 89 McMillan, V. C 76 McNeal. B. J 72 Macolly, J. W 38, 81 Malcom. G. E 86 Marchesseau, L. J 107 Martin, C.S 72 Martin, G. T 104 Martin, J. A 93 Martin, J. S 38 Martin, L. L 76 Mashburn, K. L 107 Mason, W. D 108 Mathews, M 76 Mayfield, C. B 83 Maxham, D. A 76 Medders, R. L 104 Melton. A. R 108 Melton, O. H 36, 101 Merritt, M. M 76 Meyers, J. C Ill Miller, B. R 107 Miller, H. R 38, 106 Miller, J. M 76 Miller, W. G 85 Mills. D.B 112 Mills, M. S 69 Mink, F. D 89 Mitchiner, M. E 86 Mizell, S. A 72 Moelchert, L. W 89 Moncrief, J. M Ill Montgomery, M. E 72 Mooney, L. T 38 Moore, D. A 72 Morey, L. L 72 Morgan, F. B 89 Morgan, M. A 39 Morgan, W. W 88 Morrison, D. D Ill Mundy, W. C 98 Myers, A. J 103 Naman, C. H 101 Nelson, J. R 89 Newborn, J. L 85 Noles, J. R Ill Norman, J. H 39, 101 Norris, D. J Ill Norris, R. C 107 Norton, K. F 69 O ' Dell, P. A 69 Odom, R. N Ill O ' Kelley, W. R 108 O ' Kelley, J. F 89 Padget. B. R 76 Painter, W. E 110 Parker, J. A 76 Parks, B. L 72 Parks, G. L 93 Parris, M. W 39, 53 Payne, C. A 89 Payne, G 72 Payne, R. L 39, 110 Pearce, C. A 85 Pearson, K. J 76 Peevy, L. J 89 Perkins, K. E 72 Pettit, R. L 89 Perry, M. A 102 Perry, G. D 92 Phillips, K. H 76 Phillips, N. C 72 Phillips. R. K 88 Pierson, L. G 39, 92 Pilcher, R. D 81 Pounds, R. H 98 Price, M. A 76 Priest, H. M 112 Pritchett, H. C 98 Pulliam, C. S 76 Pulliam, E. N 107 Purcell, D. R 106 Pyles, H. T 103 Quigley, R. P 81 Ragsdale, J. D Ill Raines, J. G 96 Ramey, L. A 76 Ratterree, A. F 72 Ravan, W. B 119 Ray, D. E 97 Reece, S. M 76 Reed, C. C 89 Reed, E. A 39 Reeves, L. S 108 Reynolds, H. C 72 Reynolds, R. L 76 Rhodes, M. G 61, 72 Richards, G. B 104 Richardson, T. C 83 Rikard, F. A 39, 101 Roberts, J. L 76 Robertson, W. 1 96 Robinson, G. J 98 Robinson, G. L 97 Robinson, J. R 106 Roe, P. A 72 Rogers, D. P 110 Roper, M. K 72 Roper, R. P 93 Rountree, R. H 85 Royal, W. K 102 Rudd, P. J 76 Russell, G. N 76 Sales, C. A 39,88 Sapp, R. H 93 Satterfield, J. M 112 Sawyer, J. R 89 Scholes, E. E 40,83 Scruggs, R. L 86 Segars, B. 1 94 Segars, D. F 104 Seigler, J. L 85 Selfridge, T. E 112 Sellers, J. H 119 Selman, G. A 69 Selman. L. L 76 Sevelius, A. E 112 Sevier, N. A 94 Sewell, D. J 94 Sewell, H. J 85 Sewell, J. K 69 Sharpe, J. A 88 Sheats, M. K 69 Sheffield, R. W 84 Shelfer, W. S 84 Sherrer, C. W 107 Shiflet, E. E 72 Shipley, E. T 72 Shiver, F. D 108 Shiver, R. B 107 Sichveland, D. P 93 Simmons, H. L 98 Sims, J. L 85 Sims, S. A 4C Sloan, J. L 104 Smallwood, F. E 89 Smarr, M. E 76 Smith, E. L 89 Smith, H. V 40, 110 Smith, J. C 98 Smith. J. E 104 Smith, J. A 40 Smith, M. P 73 Smith, N. C 76 Smith, P. R 96 Smith, R. E 40, 106 Sneed, B. S 40, 110 Sosebee, M. E 40 Spight, T 97 Spooner, R. E 108 Spotts, J. M 104 Sprague, J. C 104 Stafford, G. W 93 Stamey, D. M 76 Stark, D.E 76 Stephens, B. J 73 Stephens, C. E 89 Stewart, F. L 107 Still, F. B 90 Stocks, W. L 107 Stone, D. M 108 Stone, Sulane 41 Stratigos, R. J 90 Strickland, J. R 86 Stuart, M.D 7 3 Styles, A. L 69 Styles, L. A 93 Sumpter, P. S 41,81 Surls, W. J 81 Sutton. W. R 86 Swearingen, G. R 93 Talley, M. V 76 Tankersley, A. 1 69 Tankersley, M. A 88 Tanner, S. H 104 Tate, F. E 76 Taylor, E. A 104 Terrell, T. A 81 Terry, R. B 98 Thayer, D. C 41, 84 Thomas, C. A 41 Thomas, E. T 41,50 Thomas, J. L 104 Thomas, R. H 93 Thompson, R. A 41, 101 ThornhiU, N. A 73 Thornton, J. A 102 Thornton, M 41 Thornton, M. B 102 Timms, Lyndell C 93 Tinsley, J. L 85 rippens. Jack K 41, 88 Tippens, Paul E 42, 88 Tison, W. B 42, 83 Tonge, W. H 98 Townsend, W. J 104 Tracy, J. L 98 Traverse, G. R 112 Turner, P. L 90 Turner, R.W 42, 110 Tyson, W. G Ill Van Horn, C.I 42,92 VanSant, T. J 90 Yarn, H. L 76 Vaughn, L. F 73 Veal, M. R 102 Vickery, D. B 106 Vining, D. G 89 Vohs, G. R 98 Voyles, L. A 76 Waddell, C. C 89 Waddill, J. M 100 Walker, L. J 108 Walker, P. J 73 Wall, J. R 112 Waller, T. S 97 Walter, R. P 86 Watson, J. D 42,92 Watson, J. F 93 Watson, N.C 42,92 Weaver, E. E 1 1 1 Weaver, M. K 76 Webb, S. R 73 Weeks, M. F 70 Welch, R. C 108 Wells, H. M 104 West, E. L 86 West, J. T 110 West, S. D 110 Westbrook, W. R 42, 110 Wheeler, J. C 42,96 Wheeler, S.L 73 Welchel, C. H 106 Whitehead, J. D 43, 102 Whiten, P. A 76 Whiten, S. J 76 Wicht, M. C 94 Wilder, J. M 43,51 Wiley, J. C 70 Wilhelm, J. P 107 Wilhams, H. R 76 Williams, Linda 76 Williams, M. J 88 Williams, N. A 76 Williams, S. M 73 Williams, S. J 76 Williams, W. B 101 Williamson, J. B 94 Willis, H.W 112 Willis, M. H 97 Willis, R. S 90 Wilsdon, David H 106 Wilson, B. D 98 Wilson, R. D 110 Wilson, W. E 110 Wimberly, J. R 104 Winn, W. M 43, 81 Worley, M. S 43 Wren, R. C 101 Wright, F. E 73 Wright, F. C 73 Wright, S. T 89 Yancey, J. L 107 York, B. J 76 York, R. A 43 York, W. J 86 Young, L.R 70 Young, L. S 86 Zeigler, J. A 97

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