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NORTH GEORGIA COLLEG 3 0642 00152 7 mm CYCUnRS :X. ARCHIVES U428 C9 1958c, North Georgia College , CYCLOPS LiiJ « For Reference NOT TO BE TAKEN FROM THIS ROOM 1958 Cyclops North Georgia Collese Dahlonesa, Georgia Editor .... Assistant Editor . Business Manager . . VERDA SMITH CAROLYN MEBANE . . GENE GIBBONS " Every step is an end, and every step is a fresh beginning. " — Goethe We, the students of North Georgia College, are taking " steps " . Everything we do leaves an impres- sion which cannot be er ased. The steps we are taking now are steps which will lead us into the future — a future that will be more successful because we have chosen to prepare for it. Our futures depend on these steps, and we must decide what kind we want to make. The college years are ones of decision, and the choice is ours. What kind of steps shall we take? Let us consider some of the characteristic steps we take each day here at N.G.C. We begin with a hand — the hand of a member of our outstanding faculty who guides our steps. The next steps are very familiar, for they are the ones we take every day moving from class to class. Who can forget the steps which form such wonderful memories of the dances and other events in our social life.- ' Our time spent in enjoying the campus organizations may give us a chance to rest for a while, but not for long. The marching of military steps are unending and make us thrill with pride that we belong to one of the few remaining essentially military colleges. Last, but certainly not least, we take a step into athletic activities with their color and excitment — even if we only stand on the sidelines watching or waiting to get into the game. Yes, our steps are often hurried and often seem in vain — but in years to come each will seem im- portant. Each step brings us a little closer to our goals. Since our steps are so vital to our lives, they form the theme for this 1958 CYCLOPS. REF U 428 .N6 eye 1 ops C9 1958 -r JScf - ■■•■■. f ' ;•» f wm ' mmmmf vm ismstfxmaf Waia-i ' .if if IN MEMORIAM It is with a distinct sense of loss that the death on Easter Sunday of Mr. Roger L. Williams, Jr., Associate Professor of Physical Education and Head of the Department since 1950, is recorded. " Coach Williams, " as he was affectionately known, in both life and death was a positive example to us all. More cannot be said of any man. -nn To a man who has unceasingly worked for North Georgia College, its students and staff; to a man who has brought our school to people throughout the state; to a man who is our friend and counselor — we offer our gratitude. The 1958 Cyclops is dedicated to you, Mr. H. H. Gilbert. The cadets of North Georgia College will never forget their marching steps — the steps of discipline and training. These are the steps which set our school apart from the others in the state and we are proud of them. Let us look now at a typical drill day . . . Chasing that last sp eck of dust which could ruin the inspection . . . Down the steps and onto the drill field — the companies begin to fall in. The time of inspection has come. Will this mean merits or the dreaded demerits. ' Stacking riflles . . Marching is the next order of the day — steps, steps, steps, and more steps! ! Inspection arms in front of the Armory . These happy faces could mean only one thing; drill is over for another day. The beginning of a new year is memorable for many reasons. The Freshmen have a whole new world opening before them, and the Upperclassmen are anxious to see their old friends. One of the first events of the year is the Reception in Lewis Hall, giving the faculty and the students an evening to meet informally. The routine of classes and labs start. It seems that there isn ' t much free When there are a few free minutes, we spend them look- ing at our lovely campus. .u_ Our steps take us through a year filled with fun and excitment. These events are the ones which make campus life what it is. The day began early for a group of Freshman Rats, and ended with punishment for heinous crimes committed. The Dramatics Club took us on a Happy Journey. ft ' ' - ' I Decorating the goal posts . . . Guarding the company Christ- mas tree . . . These pleasant occasions make up for some things which aren ' t quite so pleasant. On February 15, we awoke to see a blanket of snow covering our campus. The rest of the day was spent in en- joying sports that are not often ex- perienced in Georgia — throwing snowballs, in Class A ' s as well as fatigues; building snow men; and sliding down the icy walks. This day won ' t be forgotten for a long time! i , ' X. ' . V X:% The big game — to some it means football, to others, it is volleyball or basketball. For some running around a track or jumping over a crossbar is the sport. At North Georgia College, there is a sport for everyone; everyone has an op- portunity to enjoy his favorite. Parents ' Day is one of the biggest days on the North Georgia calendar. It is the day when every room on the campus is spotless — the day when we eat to- gether under the trees — the day when we see the results of a year of military life — the day when we point with pride and say, " This is North Georgia College. " s s e tii-w :- ,■5.5 - - r. . - m - I AmZliA ,.i .,, ji— Graduation Day is not only the end of the year and of college life for the Seniors; it is also the begin- ning of a new and more wonderful experience. To some, it means military service; to some, it means marriage; to others it means a career. To all, it means a step into the future. Future Second Lieutenants take their oaths during the final parade. The Certificate of Achievement Now they receive the long-awaited gold bars. For some, there are special awards . . . The lovijly front campus forms the scene of the Graduating Ceremony. FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION Editor - Carolyn Mebanc PRESIDENT MERRITT E. HOAG WILL D. YOUNG Dean and Registrar CAPTAIN ORVIL R. HAUSE Commandant of Cadets MISS ALICE DONOVAN Dean of Women 13 BIOLOGY HARRY B. FORESTER— Professor, B.S., Piedmont College; M.S., University of Alabama; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. J. D. ANTHOf Y— Associate Professor, B.S., Transylvania University; M.A., Emory University; Further study. Uni- versity of Kentucky. BEN W. SANDERS— Assistant Professor, B.S., University of Mississippi; M.S., University of Alabama; Further study. University of Alabama. H BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION NEWTON OAKES— Professor, B.S., M.A., University of Kentucky; Further study, University of Kentucky, and Columbia University. JEWELL G. BRYSON— Associate Professor, B.S., East Tenn- essee State College; M.S., University of Tennessee. LORIMER B. VREEMAN-Associale Professor, B.S.C., M.S.C., University of Georgia; Further study. Northwestern University, Harvard University, and New York University. OTIS L. GASTON— Assistant Professor, B.S.C., Georgia In- stitute of Technology; M.B.A., University of Georgia. JASPER I. MALOY— Assistant Professor, B.A., Henderson State Teachers College; M.B.A., University of Georgia; Further study. University of Georgia. CHEMISTRY EDUCATION AND PSYCHOLOGY JOHN C. SIMMS— Professor, B.S., Millsaps College; M.S., Vanderbilt University, Ph.D., Western Reserve University. ROBERT H. BELCHER— Associate Professor, B.S., Georgia State College for Men; M.S., University of North Carolina; Further study. University of North Carolina and University of Wisconsin. ORBY SOVTHARD— Professor, B.S., Arkansas State Teachers College; M.S., University of Arkansas; Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh. MRS. MARIAN P. BOUFFARD— l55« a« Professor, A.B., Florida State College for Women; M. A., George Peabody College for Teachers; Further study. University of Geor- gia and Ohio State University. C. E. STEVENSON— Associate Professor, A.B., Oglethorpe University; M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers; Further study. University of Georgia and Duke University. I ENGLISH AND MODERN LANGUAGES i AM CAMILLUS J. DISMUKES— Professor, A.B., Birmingham Southern College; M.A., University of North Carolina; Ph.D., Laval University. W. DESMOND BOOTH— Assistant Professor, Director of Band and Glee Club, B.S., Georgia State College for Men; M.A., Emory University; Further study. University of North Carolina and University of Michigan. Uni- DOROTHY BRO ( N— Associate Professor, A.B., M.A., versity of Alabama; Ph.D., University of Colorado. G. H. ENGERRAND— Associate Professor, A.B., Texas Tech- nological College; M.A., Ph.D., State University of Iowa. W. H. ESSARY—Assistant Professor, B.S., Memphis State College; M.A., Peabody College; Further study, Emory University. STEPHEN M. HUJ TLEY—Asiociate Professor, A.B., M.A., University of South Carolina; Ph.D., University of Toulouse. JOHN T. SIMPSON, JR.— Assistant Professor, B.S., Mississ- ippi State College; M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers; Further study, George Peabody College for Teachers and Columbia University. HARRY R. SULLIVAN— i5« tf«; Professor, A.B., Louisiana State University; M.A., Stanford University; Further study. University of Mississippi, University of Toronto, and Uni- versity of Georgia. JEAN i ' HlTE— Assistant Professor, A.B., North Georgia College; M.A., Emory University; Further study, George Peabody College for Teachers. MATHEMATICS BESSIE LEE FREEM.AN Ass.ociate Professor, B.S., Okla- homa Central State College; M.S., Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College. ALICE DONOVAN— «j r«c or, B.S.H.E., Georgia State College for Women. MARION C. WICHT— Associate Professor, B.S., Mississippi Southern College; M.A., Vanderbiit University; Ph.D., Alabama Polytechnic Institute. WALTER J. CARPENTER— Assistant Professor, B.S., West- ern Carolina College; M.A., University of North Carolina. . r-V N RICHARD M. NEGLEY— Assistant Professor, B.S., Western Illinois State College, M.S., Florida State U . RALPH SURASKY— Assistant Professor, B.S., M.A., Uni- versity of South Carolina. LAMBUTH R. TOWSON— Associate Professor, B.S., Emory University; M.A., University of Georgia; Further study, University of Chicago and University of North Carolina. PHYSICAL EDUCATION ROGER L. WILLIAMS, JR.— Associate Professor, A.B., M.A., University of North Carolina. JOYCE FOWLER— iiw 7« Professor, A.B., M.A., Uni- versity of North Carolina. RUFUS R. HACKNEY, ]R.— Instructor, A.B., M.A., Uni- versity of North Carolina. U. G. MATHERLY— Assistant Professor, B.S., Wittenburg College; M.P.H., University of Florida; Further study, Columbia University. PHYSICS CHARLES M. YAGER— Associate Professor, B.S. in M.E., University of Maryland; M.Ed., Duke University; Further Study, University of Wisconsin. E. G. PIGG — Associate Professor, B.S., Central Missouri Teachers College; M.A., George Peabody College for Teach- ers; Further study. University of Colorado. .-■I ■«rsv ' JT ' T 1 - SOCIAL STUDIES T. CONN BRYAN— Pro fiior, A.B., Duke University; M.A.; University of North Carolina; Ph.D., Duke University. SARAH XmSyN— Assistant Professor, A.B., Tift College; M.S. Ed., Indiana University; Further study, Columbia University. JAMES C. YADT)— Assistant Professor, A.B., Erskine College; M.A., University of North Carolina; Further study, Uni- versity of South Carolina. W. P. ROBERTS — Assistant Professor, A.B., Emory Univer- sity; M.A. ; Ph.D., University of North Carolina. FRANK M. SMITH — Assistant Professor, A.B., University of Georgia; M.A., University of North Carolina; Further study, University of North Carolina and Duke University. Howard H. Gilbert, Jr. Comptroller J. W. Phillips Assistant Comptroller C. E. Stevenson Director of Guidance Mrs. Ella Ray Oakes Assistant Registrar J. G. Woodward Physician Mrs. Sara M. Wright Nurse Dr. Boggus Physician Mrs. Cleta Smith Assistant to Nurse Mrs. Susie M. Harris Librarian Miss Mary E. Hood Assistant Librarian Mrs. Hazel B. Tyree Dietitian Mrs. Robert Ragan Dietitian 17 ■r fki Miss Estelle David Robert Ragan J. J. Harris Secretary to the President Mgr. Student Canteen Assistant Canteen JuANiTA Fields Cashier Annette Johnson Bookkeeper Anne Huff Secretary Betty Jo Brogdon Lucille Chambers Secretary to the Dean Secretary to the Asst, Comptroller William A. Hulsey Accountant T - i J N,. ii 11 Emory L. Stephens Office Assistant CANTEEN STAFF: Mrs. Lula Dale Mrs. Ola Brown Mrs. Ruby Abercrumia CLASSES Editor - Pauline Sigman SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS HAROLD C. VAN METER President CHARLES F. MOORE Vice President GENE GIBBONS Secretary SARA AARON Treasurer SARA LOU AARON Chipcopee, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Physical Education. YWCA, BSU, FT A, Rec Club, Hippoly- tan (Co-Captain, Captain), Glee Club, Cyclops Staff, Dean ' s List, " Most Ath- letic, " Senior Class Treas. DANIEL EDWARD HARDEN Cornelia, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Biology. YMCA, Sci- ence Club (Vice-President), Chemistry Club, Football. THOMAS McCALL ALLEN Leary, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Biology, NCO Club, Scabbard and Blade, Officers ' Club, Drill Platoon, BSU, YMCA, Sigma Theta Fraternity (Vice-Pres.), Sports, Cyclops (Military Editor), Commander (Military Editor), Dean ' s List, DMS, " Most Likely to Succeed, " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. EARNEST RICHARD ARCHER Gainesville, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Business Administra- tion. Officer ' s Club, NCO Club, YMCA, Sigma Theta Fraternity, B.A. Club, Sports, DMS, Dramatics Club, Commander Staff, Dean ' s List, Honors List. MARGIE PINSON BLACK Chicopee, Georgia Degree; B.S. in Education. YWCA, FTA, Dramatics Club, Rec Club, Hip- polytan, B Co. Sweetheart, Nu Gamma Honor Society, Dean ' s List. REGGINIAL RONDAL BARDEN Cleveland, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Biology. NCO Club, Officers ' Club, YMCA, Sigma Theta Fraternity, Chemistry Club, Science Club, Glee Club, DMS, Sports. 21 smmmmmxmimmm ST " Jf- ' ' ' 4 - ' ifrg MAX D. BRADLEY Athens, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Physical Education. Officers ' Club, NCO Club, Scabbard and Blade, Sigma Theta (Pres., Sgt.-at- Arms), Pan Hellenic Council (Treas.), Sports, Dean ' s List. DOROTHY HELEN BUICE Cummings, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Secretarial Science. YWCA, BSU, B.A. Club, Club, Cyclops Staff, Dean ' s List. SADIE MILES BURROW Clarkston, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Secretarial Science. YWCA, Wesley Foundation, Rec Club, Hippolytan, B.A. Club Reporter, Dean ' s List. CHARLOTTE MIZE CARROLL Bowdon, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Secretarial Science. Dean ' s List, Transferred from Mercer University. JAMES W. CHANNELL Yazoo City, Mississippi Degree: A.B. in History. Glee Club, Dramatics Club. BETTY ANNE CAUSEY Social Circle, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Secretarial Science. B.A. Club, Rec Club, Mercureans, Glee Club. 22 ALTON JEROME CHEEK Atlanta, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Business Administra- tion. Officers ' Club, NCO Club, DMS, Drill Platoon, Sigma Theta Fraternity, B.A. Club, Sports, Dramatics Club, Dean ' s List, Honors List. JERE NEIL COCHRAN Stonewall, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Business Administra- tion. Officers ' Club, NCO Club, YMCA, Sigma Theta Fraternity, B.A. Club, Sports, Dance Band (President). ELIZABETH HARPER COOK Atlanta, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Biology - Chemistry. Science Club (Pres.), Chemistry Club (Sec), YWCA, ' Wesley Foundation, Rec Club, Phi Omicron, Glee Club, Debate Team, Dean ' s List. RICHARD DURHAM CORBIN Lawrenceville, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Physical Education. Officers ' Club, NCO Club, BSU, YMCA (Vice-Pres.), Sigma Theta Fraternity, Sports, DMS, Dean ' s List. JON COLEMAN CRAWFORD Albany, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Business Administra- tion. Officers ' Club, DMS, NCO Club, Sports, B.A. Club (President), ' Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. RICHARD J. CORTELLI St. Simons Island, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Physical Education. DMS, Officers ' Club, NCO Club (Sec), ' Varsity Basketball, Scabbard and Blade, ' Varsity Baseball, Letterman ' s Club (Vice-Pres.), Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. CARLTON THEODORE CROWE, JR. Athens, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Business Administra- tion. NCO Club, B. A. Club, Sports. LILLIAN ODETTE CUMMINGS Gainesville, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Secretarial Science. YWCA, B. A. Club, R£c Club, Cyclops (Art Editor), Sweetheart of Co. C. WILEY EUDONAL DOUGLAS Columbus, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Business Administra- tion. Officer ' s Club (Treas.), NCO Club, Scabtard and Blade, YMCA, Rex Fraternity (Treas., Pres.), B. A. Club (Treas.), Pan Hellenic Council, Sports, Deans List, DMS. JANET COBB DUKE Hartwell, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Biology. Rec Club, Hippolytan, Bugler (Editor, Assoc. Edi- tor), Cyclops Staff, Glee Club, Dean ' s List, Science Club. DORIS A. ENGERRAND Dahlonega, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Business Administra- tion. 9IB GLYNN E. EBERHARDT Hinesville, Georgia D.egree: B.S. in Biology. NCO Club (Treasurer), Officers ' Club, Scabbard and Blade, Rex Fraternity, Sports. 24 mmmmmm ' ' ' WILLIAM C. FORD Royston, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Biology. NCO Club, Science Club, Sports, Dean ' s List. WILLIAM ASBURY GEER, JR. Colquitt, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Biology. Rex Fratern- ity, Scabbard and Blade, Science Club, NCO Club, Officers ' Club, Rifle Team (Capt.), Letterman ' s Club. ALMIRA EUGENIA GIBBONS Cedartown, Georgia Degree: A.B. in English. YWCA, Rifle Team (Treas.), Trahlytans (Co- Captain), Rec Club Council, Home Economics Club, Glee Club, Cyclops (Business Manager), Bugler (Business Manager), Commander Staff, " Friend- liest, " Senior Class (Secretary), Dean ' s List. RAYMOND ROGER GILLELAND Dawsonville, Georgia Degree: B.S, in Business Administra- tion. NCO Club, Officers ' Club, B. A. Club, BSU, Sports. TERRY L. GORDY Columbus, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Business Administra- tion. Officers ' Club (Pres.), NCO Club, Scabbard and Blade, YMCA, Rex Fra- ternity, Dance Band, B. A. Club, DMS, Dean ' s List, " Most Versatile, " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities, Outstanding NCO, Outstand- ing Cadet, ROTC Camp. WILLIAM E. GISSENDANER, JR. Albany, Georgia Degree: A.B. in History. NCO Club, Officers ' Club, Rex Fraternity, Sports, DMS, Dean ' s List, Junior Class Presi- dent, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. 25 LULA BELLE GREENWAY Buford, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Education. SARAH LEE GUDGER Chatsworth, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Secretarial Science. Westminster Fellowship (Sec.-Treas.), Rec Club, Phi Omicron (Captain), Rec Council (Sports Manager), B. A. Club, YWCA. SANDERS FRANKLIN HALE Social Circle, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Mathematics. NCO Club (Pres.), Officers ' Club, Scabbard and Blade, Physics Club, Sports, Dean ' s List, " Friendliest Boy, " Drill Platoon Leader. WILLIAM DAVID HAMMOND Winder, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Physical Education. NCO Club, Officers ' Club, Scabbard and Blade, Rex Fraternity, Sports, DMS, D.ean ' s List, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Outstanding Company Cadet ROTC Camp. DONALD B. HA ' WKINS Chatworth, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Physical Education. Offcers ' Club, NCO Club, Scabbard and Blade, Sports, Dean ' s List. CHARLES JOSEPH HAMRICK Thomaston, Georgia Degree: B.S in Business Administra- tion, NCO Club, Officers ' Club, BSU. 26 PHILLIP CHARLES HOAG Kalamazoo, Michigan Degree: B.S. in Physics. NCO Club, Officers ' Club, Wesley Foundation, YMCA (Sec), Sigma Theta Fraternity, Physics Club, Comraander (Asst. Edi- tor), Cyclops Staff, Sports, Dean ' s List, DMS. LILA LATRELLE HOOPER Cleveland, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Elementary Education. YWCA, Rec Club (Sports Manager), Trahlytans, FTA (Pres.), Glee Club, Dramatics Club. WILBA NELLE HORTON Augusta, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Education. YWCA, Wesley Foundation (Sec), Rec Club, Hippolytans (Co-Captain), FTA, Dra- matics Club CVice-Pres.), Dean ' s List. JOY PEARL HUDGINS Decatur, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Biology. Club (Pres.), Mercureans (Captain), West- minster Fellowship (Pres.), YWCA (Treas.), Cyclops Staff, Bugler Staff, Dean ' s List, " Most Versatile, " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities. ELEANOR A. JACKSON Ludowici, Georgia D.- gree: B.S. in Elementary Education. BSU, Rec Club, Trahlytans, Dean ' s List, FTA. RUTH HYATT Ellijay, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Secretarial Science. BSU, YMCA, Rec Club, Phi Omicron (Captain, Co-Captain), Rifle Team (Sec), Glee Club, B. A. Club, FTA, Rec Council, Glee Club. 27 MARGARET LOU JAMES Tate, Georgia D.egree: B.S. in Biology. YWCA, Rec Club (Vice-Pres.), Pan Hellenic Coun- cil, Trahlytan, Rifle Team, Science Club (Vice-Pres.), Dean ' s List. WILLIAM P. JOHNSON Dahlonega, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Physics. Physics Club, Dean ' s List. BOBBY NEAL JONES Mathews, Georgia Degrc,?: B.S. in Biology. Rec Club (Vice-Pres.), YWCA, BSU, Pan Hel- lenic Council, Science Club, Mercureans (Captain). VIVIAN HARRISON LAWTON Cummings, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Secretarial Science, B. A. Club, Rec Club, Cyclops (Editorial Staff), Hippolytan, Siler Award, Dean ' s List, Honors List, Nu Gamma Honor Society. SARAH JEANETTE LOVELESS Summerville, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Home Economics. Wes- ley Foundation, B. A. Club, Home Eco- nomics Club (Sec), YWCA, Rec Club, Hippolytans, Dramatics Club (Sec- Treas.), Alpha Psi Omega. MARY JOANN LONG Dahlonega, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Biology. YWCA, BSU (Sec), Science Club, Rec Club, Cheer- leader, Dean ' s List, Phi Omicron. 28 HARLAN F. LUNSFORD, JR. Dawson, Georgia Degree: A.B. in History. NCO Club, Officers ' Club, Wesley Foundation (Pres.), YMCA (Pres.), Gle.e Club, Dramatics Club, Alpha Psi Omega (Vice-Pres.), Forensic Senate (Pres.), Radio Club, Public Speaking Award, " Y " Cup, Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities. WILLARD L. MARTIN Toccoa, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Biology. Rfx Fratern- ity, Sports. BETTY CAROLYN MEBANE Dunwoody, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Biology. Rec Club, Wesley Foundation, Dramatics Club (Reporter), Science Club (Sec), Bugler (Literary Editor), Cyclops (Assistant Editor), Commander (Feature Editor), Alpha Psi Oraega (Pres.). CHARLES R. MILAN Duluth, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Business Administra- tion. B. A. Club, Trac k, NCO Club, Officers ' Club. £ " SSfeii K¥ £« - ' : THOMAS LEE MOORE, III Register, Georgia Degree: B. S. in Business Administra- tion. Sports. CHARLES FREDERICK MOORE Thomaston, Georgia Degree: B.S, in Physics. NCO Club, Officers ' Club, Scabbard and Blade, Drill Platoon, YMCA, Sigma Theta, Physics Club (Sec), Bugler Staff, Dean ' s List, DMS, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, " Most Dependable, " Senior Class Vice- Pres. 29 DOUGLAS C. MORROW Ellaville, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Business Administra- tion. Offc.°rs ' Club, NCO Club, Wesley Foundation (Pres.), YMCA, B. A. Club, Sports, Dramatics Club (Pres,), Alpha Psi Omega, DMS, Dean ' s List, Honors List. BARBARA LITTLEFIELD NADER Dahlonega, Georgia Degree: A.B. in English. FTA, Mer- Lureans, Dean ' s List, A Co. Sweetheart. JAMES T. O ' KELLEY Maysville, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Biology, NCO Club, Officers ' Club, YMCA, BSU, Comman- d,°r Staff, Sigma Theta Fraternity, Sci- ence Club, Chemistry Club, Sports. CLARA MARCILLE PANNELL Toccoa, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Business Administra- tion. Wesley Foundation, YWCA, B. A. Club, Cyclops Staff, Rec Club, Hip- polytans. Dramatics Club (Sec), Honors List, Dean ' s List. THOMAS B. PONDER Canton, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Physics. NCO Club, Officers ' Club, Scabbard and Blade, Drill Platoon, Physics Club (Pres.), Dean ' s List, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. HENRY B. PEASE, JR. Columbus, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Business Administra- tion. 30 JAMES DOYAL REECE Atlanta, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Physical Education. Officers ' Club, NCO Club, Drill Pla- toon, YMCA, Sports. LOLA CAROLINE ROBINSON Winder, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Secnetarial Science. YWCA, D. A. Club (Reporter), Lewis Hall (Sec), Rec Club, Phi Omicron (Co-Captain), Cyclops Staff, Beauty Court, Rifle Team. MARY ELIZABETH RUCKER Lula, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Biology. YWCA (Pres.), BSU, Rec Club (Treas.), Hip- polytans (Co-Captain), Cyclops Staff, " Cyclops Qujsen, " Regimental Sweet- heart. CAROLAN L. SALLEY Augusta, Georgia Degree: A.B. in English. BSU, YWCA, Rec Club, Hippolytans, FTA (Vice- Pres.), Cyclops (Class Editor), Nu Gamma Honor Society, Dean ' s List, Honors List. MARTHA SUE SCOTT Cornelia, Gaorgia Degree: A.B, in English. YWCA, Westminster Fellowship, Rec Club, Dean ' s List. DOROTHY L. SAWYER Kennesaw, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Business Administra- tion, YWCA, Rec Club, Mercureans, B. A. Club, FTA, Cyclops Staff, Lewis Hall (Treas.). HLBERl A. SEABOLT Dahlonega, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Business Administra- tion. NCO Club, Officers ' Club, B. A. Club, Dean ' s List, DMS. " f ' V DONALD EUGENE SHEPHERD Social Circle, Georgia Degr se: B.S. in Physical Education. Officers ' Club, Scabbard and Blade, Sig- ma Theta Fraternity, Letterman ' s Club, Basketball, Dean ' s List. HOLLIS DANIEL SIGMAN Social Circle, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Biology. NCO Club, Officers ' Club, YMCA, Chemistry Club ( Vice-Pres.), Sigma Theta Fraternity, Sports, Dean ' s List, Honors List. PAULINE O ' KELLEY SIGMAN Social Circle, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Secretarial Science. YWCA, B. A. Club, Cyclops (Classes Editor), Rec Club, Phi Omicron, Glee Club, Dean ' s List, Honors List. WILLIAM EARL SMART Columbus, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Business Administra- tion. NCO Club (Vice-Pres.), Officers ' Club, Scabbard and Blade, Rex Fra- ternity (Vice-Pres.). B. A. Club, Sports, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, " Most Loyal, " " Mr. NGC, " Outstanding NCO, DMS, Dean ' s List, Regimental Commander, Outstanding Drill Master ROTC Camp. EDWARD D. SIMMONS Warm Springs, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Business Administra- tion. NCO Club, Officers ' Club, Wes- ley Foundation, YMCA, B. A. Club, Science Club, Sports, Glee Club, Dra- matics Club (Pres., Vice-Pres.), Com- mander (Asst. Editor), Bugler Staff, DMS, Dean ' s List, Drill Platoon, Alpha Psi Omega. 32 m O, NANCY EVA SMITH McRae, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Education. Rec Club, Mercureans, YWCA, FTA, Bugler Staff, Dean ' s List, Commander Staff. VERDA SMITH Itazuke Air Force Base, Japan Degree: B.S. in Biology, Wesley Foun- dation (Vice-Pres.), YWCA (Vice- Pres.), Editor of Cyclops, Dean ' s List, " Most Dependable, " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Hippolytan, Bugler (Literary Editor). BRUCE D. SNYDER Dublin, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Physics. NCO Officers ' Club, YMCA, Sports. Club, PAUL T. STALLINGS Nashville, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Business Administra- tion. Officers ' Club, NCO Club, Scab- bard and Blade, B. A. Club, Sports. CLIFFORD D. STONER Lyerly, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Biology. NCO Club, Officers ' Club, YMCA, Sigma Theta Fraternity, Chjsmistry Club, Commander Staff, Dean ' s List, DMS, Science Club. CAROLE SHEARER STEINMETZ Atlanta, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Home Economics. Wes- ley Foundation, YWCA, Home Eco- nomics Club, Cyclops Staff, Rec Club, Hippolytan, Dean ' s List, Honors List. 33 L. ANN THOMAS Dahlonega, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Biology. YWCA (Pres.), Cabinet Mfmber, BSU (Vice- Pres.), Science Club, Bugler Staff, Dean ' s List. KITTY VAN GEUNS Buenos Aires, Argentina Degree: B.S. in Education. YWCA, Wesley Foundation, FTA (Treas.), Rec Club, Mercureans, Glee Club, Beauty Court. HAROLD C. VAN METER Columbus, Georgia Degree: B. S. in Physical Education. Officers ' Club ( Vice-Pres.), Scabbard and Blade, DMS, Rex Fraternity, Letter- men ' s Club (Pres.), Basketball (Capt.), " Mo5t Athletic, " ' Who ' s Who in Amer- ican Colleges and Universities, Senior Class (Pres.), Dean ' s List. BEVERLY C. VINSON Macon, Georgia Degree; B.S. in Elementary Education. Wesley Foundation, YWCA, Rec Club, Hippolytans, FTA, Dean ' s List, Honors List. HARRY W. WADE Baxley, Georgia Degree: B.S, in Biology. NCO Club, Officers ' Club, YMCA, Sigma Theta Fraternity (Treas.). VIRGINIA LEE WALL Sasser, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Biology. YWCA, BSU, Dean ' s List, Rec Club, Mercureans, Cy- clops (Organizations Editor, Features Editor), Bugler (News Editor), " Miss NGC, " " Most Loyal, " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Lewis Hall (Pres., Vice-Pres), Junior Class (Sec), Sophomore Class (Sec), Regimental Sweetheart. 34 ED R. WAYNE Flowery Branch, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Business Administra- tion. NCO Club, Officers ' Club, Scab- bard and Blade, Rex Fraternity, Sports, B. A. Club, DMS, Deans List. RAMONA WEST Denbigh, Virginia Degree: B.S. in Education. YWCA, Rec Club, Trahlytan, Dean ' s List. MARY INA WILBANKS Winder, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Secretarial Science. YWCA, B. A. Club, Rec Club, Hippoly- tans, FTA. HORACE R. WILSON, JR. St. Simons Island, Georgia Degree: A.B. in History. NCO Club, Officers ' Club, Sports, Glee Club, Dean ' s List. WILLIAM A. WISE Fort Payne, Alabama Degree: A.B. in History. DMS, Scab- bard and Blade, Officers ' Club, NCO Club, Sigma Theta Fraternity. RONALD TERRELL WISE Atlanta, Georgia Degree: B.S. in Biology. Y MCA, BSU, NCO Club, Officers ' Club, Sports, Cy- clops (Sports Editor). 35 SUMMER GRADUATES, 1957 MRS. CORINNE BEAVER Blairsville, Georgia ■I i M MRS. VIRGINIA HAWKINS LaGrange, Georgia f ! MRS. PAULINE MIDDLETON Ramhurst, Georgia t MRS. IRENE D. ROBINSON Young Harris, Georgia i MRS. DOROTHY SAMPSON Young Harris, Georgia EDNA LOUISE SMITH Cartersville, Georgia Jk. MRS. ADDIE M. THOMAS Morganton, Georgia LORENA BELLE WEEKS Ellijay, Georgia Not Pictured: MRS. MARY P. COOK EVA MAE REECE MRS. LETTIE LEE W. GARNER MRS. RUBY ELLA HUNTER MRS. ZONA BELLE WILBANKS 36 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS WALLY ZIPRICK President JAMES ELLIOT Vice President CAROL ANN BARRETT Sec retary JOE MARK CLEMENT Treasurer ,-f J 0 Jere Akin Sam Allison O «5 Lester Allred Ollie Askew William Bacon Robert Bailey Max Baldwin m Patti Baldwin Curtis Barfield Carol Ann Barrett Jane Barrow Willard Beck ir o o Thad Blackstock James Boyd Joe Breedlove Dorman Brogdon Barbara Brown Glenn Carter Bill Chapman Joe Clement Fran Clemmer Allena Cobb i) Larry Coleman Jan Cooley Don Copeland Doris Corbin Fran Cox Jimmy Crandall Frank Davis Floyd Deen Jesse Dumas Jerry Dye V Joan East James Elliott Hugh Farmer Barbra Forrest Claude Fox (-S»fc pr 1 Idr Max Gaylor James Goiding James Greeson Richard Hamil Liz Groover Sam Harben Sandra Harben Janice Hawkins Margaret Herring Henry Hollingsworth O r ' « f James Howell Vk teik ' " H Pk Douglas Ivester Jimmie Jarrett Claude Johnson E. O. Johnson James Johnson Dona Jordan Lynn Lane Annette Leverette James Lowe Charlie McDonald Malcolm McPhaul John Magill Carolyn Matthews Aldine Mays Charles Nicholas Guy Norman Leonard Parks Stonie Patterson John Peterson L Bhk Donna Phillips Chatty Pittman George Rachels Dean Raley Shirley Shockley Ps, ( Laura Sikes Lera Singleton Beverly Smith John Smith Lanelle Smith Walter Sneliing William Stephenson Kenneth Thomas Robert Thomas Howard Tilley 4 James Van Horn Jesse Varnedoe Donald Wildrip Myrna West Donald White NOT PICTURED Hunter Adams John Cavender Jack Dockery Phebe Hawkins Luan Holland William Johnson Barbara Low Jerry Pritchard Betsy Robinson Virginia! Scott Donald Shoemake Jerido Ward Philip Woody Charles Watts William Williams Albert Yeomans Wallace Ziprik SOPHOMORE CLASS ! OFFICERS JIMMY BURTON President JIM RIVERS Vice President GAIL ROGERS Secretary THEO DAVIS Treasurer Carole Acree Beverly Adams George W. Allen Barbara Allison Philip Anderson Shirley M. Avery James E. Baggett Donald G. Bass Margaret Beauchamp Randolph Bibb Glenda F. Blackwell Alonzo O. Bland Myra Boles William L. Bowen Spencer Boyd 42 Michael Brackett Bern ice Brown Douglas J. Brown Joetta Ann Brown Shirley Brown Virginia Bruce Henr ' G. Br ant Barbara June Bunch Harr ' F. Bunkley Ray Burruss Jimmy Burton Virginia Butterworth Ann Calhoun Judy Camp Melvin T. Capps Betty Rose Clark Martha E. Cook Harvey Dean Cowan James P. Daniel Harold W. Darden Theodore H. Davis Joan C. Dorsey Lewis F. Driver Joseph R. Duke Eva Claire Dukes Rebecca A. Dunahoo Linda Duren Ward B. EhiVall Andrew A. Edwards Martha Ellis Sara V. Ethridge Pat Fielding Margarite J. Finch Pat Fincher Joel Fletcher Glenda Floyd Howard Floyd Claire Foster George G. Gamer Billy R. Garrett Betty Garrison Robert H. Garrison John A. Gazaway Lawson A. Geiger James L. Gibson Lanny I. Gober Shirley Goss Joyce Green Douglas L. Grindle Betty Ann Guest Frances Haavie Diane Haley Ranelle Hannah Albert S. Hardy lames H. Harris Ernest Harrison Eugene R. Harrison Ralph Hayes Janis Herring James Higginbotham Judy Hill John C. Hodges Roberta Holbrook Thad Holbrook Robert Holcomb Frederick D. Home Leland H. Horton James R. Howard Phillip L. Howell William J. Hurst Frances Johnston Albert Jolly Sydney Jordan Karen Ann Junghans Tonawanda Kanaday Barbara Ann Knight Bruce S. Lanier Roy D. Loehr Peggie Low Lynnette Loyd Marilyn McBrayer Jane McWilliam Ed Mann George B. Mayo John F. Melcher Tilden Mitchell Deltah Moor Robert L. Morrison James S. Myers A. L. Newton Jimmy Newton Pattie Newton Julian Nichols Anne Nixon Hugh Norman George W. O ' Kelley Barbara Parks Walter C. Parks Jerry D. Pirkle John E. Pirkle Joseph L. Ponder Frank Pool Cecil David Pope Fred R. Pope John A. Potter Margarett Powers Larry Prather Ronnie J. Pressley Alice F irdy Glenda Sue Querry Sally Ann Rachels Sylvia Randall Frank S. Reece Thomas Reins James Rivers Gail Rogers Karen Sanders Betty Ann Shore Edward G. Sills Jack Sims Samuel E. Skelton Lister Skinner Betty Smith David Smith )ohn M. Smith Peggy Smith Robert V. Smith William C. Speer Hannah Stewart Harriet Story Jerald Stover Jeanette Swint Mary Tatum Emily Templeton Allen Roberts Thayer Randy Thompson William Thornton Young Tillman Katherine Tritt Donna S. Turner Jennie Underwood Frances Vaughan Frank D. Vaughn Roger Waldrop Johnny A. West Wanda West June Westmoreland Perry Whatley Howell Winn Hoyt Stanley Wishon Joyce Wood Pat Brooks Marvin L. Chambers Arthur Allen Cheves Walter T. Clarke Joseph A. Davis Robert W. Deariso Robert E. Ellison James David Evans Mrs. Edwina Ford Sarah C. George Nol Pictured: Raymond Donald Gober James Adrian Guest Wyman C. Heeth Fred Hill George H. Hogsed William A. Hulsey William R. Johnson Wayne Jordan Wendell Langford John Morgan McLean Sandra Jean Marr J. L Mason Kenneth Frank Melton Henry B. Parker Carl Newton Richardson Arthur Smith Tommie White William A. White, HI Bruce Robert Williams 46 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS BILLY WINN President MAX WINN Vice President NANCI COW ART Secretary BRENDA SMITH Treasurer Not Pictured; Jerry Adams Glenn Hassett Alice Allen Dale Helms Thomas Arline Charles Henson Harry Artley Edward Hitchcock 1 Henry Blair James Livingston r . Howard Blount James Lovett ■ J Ellen Bolton Arthur Mann wJBJk Jack Brady James Oglesby ■91 David Broadaway Ralph Ross ■PH Henry Brooks James Sellers . w Roy Burkhalter Charles Sewell ' wi-. James Clark Herbert Shepherd fr4 Walter Clarke Charles Shippey ' 4 -,0 W. L. Coleman Roger Smart ' §f£ Judy Cook Harr - Smith Myron Davis Russell Stancil ' % Sarah Edens Eddie Tatum WUm D. W. Edwards Shirley Teems 1 Frank Eubanks David Thayer H John Hardin Charles Waters B William Hardin William Westbrook Garland Hardwick Joe Wilson James A. Abrcrombie Charles L. Acree Duval S. Adams John R. Adams, III Milton G. Adams WiUiam R. Adams Calvin D. Akin David K. Akin Pat Alewine Alice Allen Johnny L. Allison William Claude Allison Linda Gail Appling Susan Archer William M. Armstrong Miriam Ash John Avery Sibyl Baeszler Charles M. Bagwell Larry G. Banks B ' . n f Patricia Bannister Wilson J. Barrs William H. Beck, Jr. John H. Bell, III Alice Bennett Charles F. Benson James Bowden Charles Breithaupt Bobby Brewer William David Bridges Joe C. Brinson Harold W. Brown James N. Brown Michael E. Brown Tom W. Brown Lee Caldwell Pegg A. Campbell Richard O. Campbell Charles L. Cantrell John R. Carlile Ray Carpenter James R. Carter Jerry Carter Nancy Carter Kenneth R. Cason Hki M Donnie T. Caston Charles Chatham Anne Clark Charles E. Claxton Connie Clay Thelma Cheek William E. Cobb William N. Cobb Clarence E. Conkin Martha Connell Juanita Davis William C. Davis Carol Day- Martha L. Dean Johnny T. Deen William T. Denson Juddson A. Dewar Franklin Lee Dixon Robert L. Donaldson Nancy Dougherty Laurence W. Drinkard Jerry W. Driskell Hugh G. Duncan Preston C. Dye Roger A. Dyer Farrell Early John B. Echols, Jr. Jackie Edwards Albert G. Ehlers Julian W. Eidson Charles W. Cook Luke Couch Nanci Cowart Barclay Cox Robert F. Cox E. W. Craft Richard N. Creasman Larry D. Crisler Mark H. Crowder Patricia Dance William H. Daughtrey Charles D. Davidson Daniel J. Davis James A. Davis James R. Davis ! 4r John M. Eisman Larry E. Ellis David C. English David Feldman Julianne Fetner William C Fields Sandra Fisher Thomas C. Flanagan Shirley Foster Judy Fowler Wayne W. Fuller William H. Fuller Richard Fulp Robert Furcron Howard Gaddis Robert W. Garth Robert E. Giles James E. Gilmer Angus M. Gilson Kay Gissendaner Bradford B. Goodenough Marie Goolsby James B. Gordon Earl C. Greene Robert J. Grider Sharlene Griffin Hugh D. Griffis C. H. Grizzle Norman L. GuUey Janis Gunter Kathy Hagert Wayne R. Haisten Marilyn Hall Billy R. Hand James D. Hardy Dan N. Harpold Elizabeth Harris Virginia Harris John Henry Barbara Henson Larry W. Herrington Oscar J. Hickox B. L. Hinson David A. Hinson William B. Hirtle Gene Hodges Terrell A. Hoebeke Anna Holbrook Thomas Holley R. L. HoUoway K, H. Hood Trinton Hooks Clarence E. Hopkins Joseph Huff Walter K. Hughes ♦ ,C r i di Peggy Ivey Toby Ivey Phillip M. Jackson Richard D. James Judy Javorsky Billy E. Johnson George D. Johnson James B. Johnson Joe S. Johnson Milo P. Johnson Ray D. Johnston Jerry D. Jones Philip F. Jones Ouillan C. Jordan Pe ton Keaton Charles John Kellogg Lawrence R. Kenyon Frederick Kienel Bennett Right Henr - C. King, Jr. Nancy King G. W. Knight Jan Lambert Edward E. Lancaster Doyle H. Land Daniel C. Langford William E. Langford William A. Lassiter Gerald T. Lee Jacqueline Lee James P. Lewis Lynn Littlefield Gerald Lord Guy Lonvlace Elizabeth A. Lundin Jesse R. McConnell Amon McCormack, Jr. Ralph McCullough Albert B. McDougald Thomas H. McNeely - S JBS«rsi=5W! Sr William O. Marshall Judy Martin Charles Maxwell Otis H. Melton John Franklin Merritt, Jr. Hoy R. Miller Patricia Miller Robert A. Miller Daniel B. Mills Isaac Mills Wayne T. Mixon Charles G. Mizell Lowell T. Mooney Jan Moore Jesse W. Moore Lars Pierson William R. Pitts W. A. Potter Gary Powell Pat Mims Powell William H. Preston James S. Price William D. Puryear Lawrence F. Quattlebaum Charles Ragsdale Gary W. Raines Jerry Rainwater Michael Terry Rape Dwight Raulerson Jo Ann Ray ■ N Mary Ann Morgan John W. Moss Ethelene MuUinax Rebecca Louise Nash Willis J. Nolen Eleanor Padgett Christina Pahl Peter D. Palmer Winifred Parris John E. Parrish Frances Passmore Robert L. Payne Nancy Pennington George D. Perry Harrj ' V. Persall Fred M. Peteet Nick A. Peterson Charles K. Phillips Jane Phillips Woodrow Pickren Azilee Reed Harold Reed George R. Reeves Sally Reeves Carol Rhodes Cecil L. Rhodes James Carither Rhodes Frank Rikard James R. Rivers Samuel T. Rush Ralph A. Russell Albert Saffold Cecil A. Sales Edison Earl Scholes Elinor Self Margaret Sosebee John E. Statham Ginger Steele Emily Stephens Retta Stevens Robert Wiley Stockton Helen Stone Sulane Stone William E. Stroud Sue Styles Robert Sudlow Sam Gary Summer Phillip Sumpter Freddy Taylor Hudson Templeton ' -00 William Tharpe, III Arsula Thomas Theresa Thomas Tommie Thompson Jack K. Tippens Paul E. Tippens Julian L. Trussell Jackie Tuggle Robert W. Turner Charles I. Van Horn J. D. Whitehead Wade C. Wieters Jessie Wilder Charles Hugh Willcox Jimmy Williams Lenora Wills Jerry Wilson Max Winn William M. Winn Barbara Woody Hal Worley Sue Worley Dollye Wren Richard H. Wright Ramona York What could take the place of our dormitory life? We remember the bull sessions, the study halls, and the time spent in just having a lot of fun. FEATURES Editor - Joyce Green ULmi i 4 S|l8i 58 m and m. UQC. EARL SMART LEE WALL 59 I V lost Versatile JOY HUDGINS TERRY GORDY fiendliedt GENE GIBBONS SANDERS HALE I V lost esLjependable VERDA SMITH CHARLES MOORE 62 I V lost oLouul r LEE WALL EARL SMART 63 Wo,t tUdic SARA AARON HAROLD VAN METER GAIL ROGERS JON CRAWFORD rvlodt oLlKeiu to Succeed 66 NU GAMMA HONOR SOCIETY First Row. Left lo Right: C. A. Salley, W. H. Ellis, Troy Ponder, Joyce Bellany. Second Row: Margie Black, Lil Lindsley, Jo Lenderman, Vivian Lawton. WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES First Row, Left to Right: R. J. Cortelli, H. F. Lunsford, W. E. Gissendaner, V. L. Wall, J. P. Hudgins, V. B. Smith, T. L. Gordy. Second Row: T. B. Ponder, D. E. Shepherd, J. C. Crawford, H. C. Van Meter, W. E. Smart, W. D. Hammond, C. F. Moore, T. M. Allen. T ' ' A CD j " ' ' m r- 5 ' % ip g " 68 Miss Betty Rucker Cyclops Queen v. MISS LINDA APPLING 70 MISS BETTY ROSE CLARK 71 MISS GLENDA FLOYD 72 MISS CAROLINE ROBINSON 73 MISS GAIL ROGERS 74 MISS KITTY VAN GUENS 75 MOST OUTSTANDING JUNIORS Janice Hawkins Joe Breedlove SOPHOMORES Glenda Floyd Jimmy Burton FRESHMEN Jan Moore Billy Winn Max Winn ■ i . ORGANIZATIONS Editor - Lee Wall Verda Smith Editor Carolyn Mebane Assistant Editor Gene Gibbons Business Manager ■ 4 k Dr. Dorothy Brown Adtiier Major, Mrs. C. V. Smith Sponsors CYCLOPS EDITORS Front Row. left to Right: Sigman, Salley, Smith, Green Wall. Second Row: Hoag, Gibbons, Peterson, Mebane, Wise. Mr. H. H. Gilbert Adviser fj ' 78 BUSINESS . . ORGANIZATIONS . . . SPORTS . . . Front Row, Left to Right: Hobeke, Ziprick, Pressley, Anderson. Second Row: Loveless, Jordan, Barrow, EJuke, Phillips, Wills. Third Row: Sewell, Sawyer, Aaron, Haavie, Buice, Lawton, Steinmetz. Not Pictured: Burton Smith. CLASSES . . MILITARY Carolyn Mebane Alumni Editor Janet Duke Editor Diane Haley Business Manager Rebecca Duke Sponsor ' J k Miss Jean White Adviser Mr. H. H. Gilbert, Jr. Adviser CADET BUGLER Front Row, Left to Right: Haley, Smith, Mebane, Duke, Wall, Beauchamp. Second Row: Clark, Purdy, Singleton, Wills, Baeszler, Hudgins, Herring, Ellis. Third Row; Powers, Nixon, Martin, Sewell, Peterson, Hayes, Bryan, Paris, Self, Steele. 81 Mrs. Wallace Ziprik, Sr. Sponsor Capt. D. M. Levitt Adiiser Front Row, Left to Right: Smith, Cox, Mebane. Back Row: Simmons, Phillips, Hobeke, Bacon, Garner, Adams, Ziprik. ,. i I G-2 Editor and Secretary spying on Lewis Hall! Interesting stories are selected from our huge file! COMMANDER STAFF All in a day ' s work— " CENSORED! " Of course it works sometimes. . well, it is temperamental 83 Major R. A. Smith Adt ' iser • ' W ' i » A A k. Vw Tery L. Gordy Harold Van Meter Richard Cortelli President Vice President Secretary m ' ' TTmim , C « " • CT-p. Wiley Douglas Treasurer OFFICERS ' CLUB Thomas Ponder Special Service - " - 1 1 F ir mA Mrs. M. L. Gordy Sponsor Front Row, Left to Right: Hawkins, Ponder, Van Meter, Gordy, Douglas, Cortelli, Smart, Moore. Second Row: Hammond, Shepherd, Stoner, Allen, Archer, Gissendaner, Crawford, Harden. Third Row: Bradley, Hoag, Wade, Stallings, Cheek, Gilleland, Eberhardt, Seabolt, Wayne, Hale. Fourth Row: Lunsford, Morrow. Cochran, O ' Kelley, Sigman, Wise, Channell, Wilson, Milam, Corbin. If J iV C3 .♦X ' i 4; i f J sr - ' -kt- ' i kjr: ik Jerry B. Dye President Mrs. L. P. Dye Sponsor Max Gayler Vice President Joe Breedlove Secretary-Treasurer Major J. O. Morgan Adviser John Magill Chaplain Donald Copeland Sergeant-at-Arms Miss Betty Rose Clark Sweetheart NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS CLUB Front Row, Left to Right: Van Horn, White, Magill, Gayler, Dye, Waldrip, Copeland, McPhauI, Golden, Adams, Howell. Second Row: Bunkley, Bibb, Askew, Johnson, Burton, Stockton, Smith, Pressley, Mayo, Greeson, Deen, Johnson, Baldwin, Coleman, Elliott. Third Row: Higginbotham, Broadaway, Patterson, Macolly, Snelling, Boyd, Reece, Poole, Bacon, Barfield, Nichols, Pope, Caldwell, Dumas, HoUingsworth, Clement, Yeomans. Fourth Row: Lowe, Cheeves, Williams, Waldrop, Akin, Chapman, Hamil, Rivers, Rachels, Mann, Blackstock, Davis, Ziprik, Peterson, Stephenson, Melcher. 85 William David Hammond Captain Major James O. Morgan Adviser Sanders F. Hale 1st Lieutenant Thomas M. Allen 1st Sergeant Harold Van Meter 2nd Lieutenant SCABBARD AND BLADE Front Row, Left to Right: Allen, Hammond, Cortelli, Bradley, Gordy, Hawkins, Douglas, Hale, Stallings. Back Row: Eberhardt, Wise, Ponder, Van Meter, Smart, Wayne, Moore, Shepherd, Carwford. 86 Dickv Corbin Vice President Lynn Loyd Secretary Bill Bowen Treasurer BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Front Row, Left to Right: Lane, Barrow, Burnett, Fisher, Fielding, Loyd, Sanders, Wall, Aaron, Wood, Baldwin, Matdiews, Thomas, Swint. Jones. Second Row: Flannagin, Howard, Bibb, Anderson, Reeves, Dyer, Miller, Hamtick, Crandall, Bowen, Myers, Corbin, Cook. Third Row: Ross, English, Bass, Duncan, Hunsucker, Daughtrey, Safford, Palmer, Speer, Bailey, Capps, Rev. Barry Owens, Mr. Hackney. 87 Deltah Moor Vice President (Program) Beecher Duvall Vice President (Devotional) James Van Horn Treasttrer WESLEY FOUNDATION front Row, Left to Right: Robinson, Allen. Hinson, Stone, Griffin, V. Smith, Rev. W. M. Holt, S. Smith, White, Steinmetz, McBrayer, Jarrett, Moor. Second Row: White, Fulcron, Rev. Frank Hyles, Burkhalter, Giles, Howell, B. Smith, Duvall, Greeson. Third Row: Williams, Poole, Winn, Peterson, J. Davis, Loehr, Hoag, F. Davis. 88 1 Robert Garrison Program Chairman Sylvia Randall Secretary-Treasurer Mr. Ben T. Sanders Advisor Charlie McDonald Reporter WESTMINISTER FELLOWSHIP Front Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Sam Lane, Byrd, Groover, Nash, Hudgins, Gudger. Second Row: Hawkins, Thajer, Russell, Miller, Skinner, Mr. Sam Lane, Lundin. Third Row: McDonald, Moss, Garrison, nooeKe, Banks, Fuller, Whitehead. Miss Jean White Adviser Ann Thomas President jl i Miss Susan Corbin Sponsor Verda Smith Vice President Sylvia Randall Secretary Karen Sanders Treasurer ywcA Rev. Shannon Holloway, guest speaker, looks over plans for Religious Emphasis Week. 90 Mrs. Carlos E. Hamil Sponsor « ' Richard C. Hamil President Dr. Harry B. Forester Adviser Richard D. Corbin Vice President William White Secretary Charlie McDonald Treasurer YMCA " Indian brothers " from one of our interesting Wednes- day night " Y " programs ex- plain their religious customs. 91 Wiley E. Douglas President Mrs. Vassie G. Douglas Sponsor William E. Smart 1st Vice President David Hammond 2nd Vice President Major R. A. Smith Adtiser Claude C. Fox Secretary-Treasurer Denny Ehimas Sergeant-at-Arms Miss Glenda Floyd Sweetheart REX FRATERNITY Front Rou Left to Right: Garrett, Fox, Hammond, Douglas, Smart, Gissendaner, Dumas, Mayo. Second Row: Stover, Winn, Gordy, Van Meter, Wayne, Rachels, Stephenson, Howell, Mann, Gayler, Newton. Third Row: Coleman, Macolly, Huff, Burton, Bibb, Snelling, Adams, Caven ' der, Rape, Mitchell, Fletcher. Fourth Row: Skinner, Thornton, Waldrip, Chapman, Rivers, Hardy, Heeth, Sills, Yeomans, Garner. 92 Max Bradley President Mr. R. H. Belcher Adt ' iser Mack Allen Vice President Jerr ' fhe Secretary Wally Ziprik Sergeant-at-Arms Ernest Archer Reporter Harry Wade Treasurer Mrs. Max Bradley Sponsor SIGMA THETA FRATERNITY Front Row, Left to Right: Ziprik, Archer, O ' Kelley, Allen, Belcher, Bradley, Wade, Dye, Stoner. Second Row: Deen, Golding, Melcher, Bunkley, Reece, Copeland, Driver, Gober, Barden, Bowen, Greeson, Blackstock, McPhaul, Cochran. Third Row: Pittman, Magill, Hoag, Farmer, Cheek, Higginbotham, Patterson, Broadaway, Johnson, Hoilingsworth, Pope, Duvall, Hodges, Hogsed. Fourth Row: Davis, O ' Kelley, Artley, Brackett, Hayes, Waldrop, Hamil, Davis, Crandall, Moore, Pope, Capps, Clark. 93 Wiley Douglas President George Rachels Treasurer Max Bradley Vice President William Smart Member J ,.Vi. hi Jere Cochran Secretary Thomas Allen Member And to the men from Mars who landed just in time for " the big dance " . . . Here ' s to the refreshment committee INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL 94 Joy Hudgins President Fran Clemmer Vice President Carolyn Matthews Secretary Ann Calhoun Treasurer June Westmoreland Reporter Mrs. Page Hudgins Sponsor Miss Joyce Fowler Adtiser REC CLUB COUNCIL Front Row, Left to Right: West, Acree, Clemmer, Hudgins, Singleton, Sikes. Back Row: Hyatt, Baldwin, Jones, Westmoreland, Matthews, Calhoun, Aaron, Gibbons, Horton. ■»- f- t M 7m , _ iJPI .■: lG .,; J » 1 M til % v lid IT i i 95 Miss Alice Donovan Dean of Women OFFICERS LEE WALL President JANE BARROW Vice President CAROLINE ROBINSON Secretary IX)T SAWYER Treasurer Mr. and Mrs. WiUiam Lee Wall Sponsors LEWIS HALL SENIORS 96 FRESHMEN Douglas Morrow President Nelle Horton Vice President Jeanette Loveless Secretary-Treasurer Jimmy Burton Reporter r. Mr. John T. Simpson Adviser Mr. Gilbert Adviser DRAMATICS CLUB front Row, Left to Right; Griffin, S. Stone, Waters, Busby, H. Stone, Smith, Dean, Pannell, Loveless, Fowler, Thomas, Baeszler, Clark. Second Row: Burton, Anderson, Rivera, Simmons, Shannon, Daughtrey, Skinner, Lunsfc.rd, Hickox, Fletcher, Morrow. Third Row: Thomas, Fisher, Littlefield, Appling, Gissendaner, Mebane, Fielding, Bryan, Horton, Goolsby, Lee, Reed, Cheek, Cowart. 98 Mr. John T. Simpson Adviser Mrs. John T. Simpson Sponsor Carolyn Mebane Pal President Vice Lunsfard President ALPHA PSI OMEGA NU PI CAST MEMBERS Mr. H. H. Gilbert, Jr. Advisor Jerry Mebane Mascot Marcille Pannell Douglas Morrow Nelle Horton Dan Simmons Jeanette Loveless Mrs. Marian Bouffard Accompanist Mr. Desmond Booth Director GLEE CLUB First Row, Left to Right.- Causey, Swint, West, East, York, Querry, Newton, Shore, Padgett, Rhodes, Leverette, Javorsky, Clark, Matthews. Second Row; Hooks, Moss, Shannon, Lunsford, Anderson, Quattlebaum, English, Crandall, Rape, Farmer, Skinner. Third Row: Burnett, Van Geuns, Ellis, Baldwin, Haavie, Gibbons, Knight, Randall, Appling, Steele, Fetner, Gunter, Moor, Lee, Lambert, Cook. 100 Dr. W. P. Roberts Adviser Harlan F. Lunsford President FORENSIC SENATE Left to Right: Lunsford, Underwood, Trussel, Hill, Peterson, Dr. Roberts. 101 Jon Crawford President Front Row. Left to Right: Johnson, Breedlove, Howell, Bacon, Ward, Elliott, Patterson, Mayo. Second Row: Butterworth, Alewine, Moore, Sawyer, Pannell, Hunter, Corbin, Rogers, Bunch, Allison, Floyd. Third Row: Hamrick, Bailey, Ziprik, Smart, Chapman, Parks, Simmons, Pressley, West, Wayne. Ed Wayne Vice President BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CLUB Doris Corbin Secretary Front Row, Left to Right: Crawford, Robinson, Cummings, Herring, Crowe, Gordy, Douglas. Second Row: Buice, Burrow, Sigman, Hyatt, Gudger, Causey, Akin, Cheek, Grecson. Third Row: Lawton, Archer, Rachels, Wilbanks, Stallings, Cochran, Morrow, Boyd, Coleman, Gilleland. Fourth Row: Milam, Varnedoe, Seabolt, Wil- liams, Baldwin, Raley, Reece, Mann, Mr. Oakes. Wiley Douglas Treasurer Caroline Robinson Reporter 102 Mr. Newton Oakes Adiiser V w-. ' " fs-, iJ v tV tVr OFFICERS JANICE HAWKINS President ALLENA COBB Vice President JEANETTE LOVELESS Secretary ANNETTE LEVERETTE Treasurer BARBARA BROWN Reporter Miss Bessie Lee Freeman Adviser Mrs. Carroll Hawkins Sponsor HOME ECCONOMICS CLUB Vront Row, Left to Right: Smith, Shore, Phillips, Hawkins, Steinmetz, McBrayer, Story, Ingram. Second Row: Miller, Cobb, Swint, Sikes, Loveless, Leverette, Baeszler, Self. Third Row: Brown, Dukes, Dorsey, Steele, Knight, Carter, Reed, Cox, Parris, Nixon. ' Ji iia. . 103 Dr. J. C. Simms Adviser Dan Sigman Vice President Regginial Barden Secretary CHEMISTRY CLUB Front Roil ' , Left to Right: drlile. Cook. Loehr, Sigman, Wood, Mr. Belcher. Second Row: Bland, Van Horn, R. Barden, D. Barden, Harrison, Parks. Third Row: Fletcher, Burton, Rivers, Askew, Van Horn, Poole, McDonald. 104 Thomas Ponder President Bruce Snyder Vice President Charles Moore Secretary-Treasurer Mr. Yager Adviser Mr. Pigg Adviser PHYSICS CLUB Front Row, Left to Right: Smith, Calhoun, Finch, Groover. Second Row: Capps, Moore, Ponder, Snyder, Hoag. 105 Perry Whatley Coordinator Bill White Field Commander Kenneth Walker Secretary Mr. Pigg Adviser RADIO CLUB Front Row, Left to Right: Whatley, Calhoun, Smith, Holloway. Second Row: Smith, Walker, Carlile, Hardy. Dan Barden Vice President Carolyn Mebane Secretary-Treasurer Charlie McDonald Program Chairman Regginial Barden Parliamentarian Dr. H. B. Forester Adviser Betsy Cook President SCIENCE CLUB Front Row, Left to Right: Garrison, D. Barden, McDonald, Cook. Second Row: R. Barden, Burton, Brown, Rivers, Fletcher. 107 Latrelle Hooper President Jimmie Jarrett Vice President Mrs. Marian Bouffard Adi ' iser Eleanor Jackson Secretary Kitty Van Geuns Treasurer Dr. Orby Southard Adviser STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Front Rou, Left to Right: Aver,; Harris, B. Smith, N. Smith, Vinson, Horton, Thompson. Second Row: Hill, Salley, Bennett, Van Geuns, Hooper, Jarrett, Jackson, Tritt, Jordan. Third Row: V. Smith, Cheek, Camp, Guest, Dr. Southard, Cook, Mrs. Bouffard, Brown, Forrest, Moor, Griffin. 108 fT 1 ' - " Harold Van Meter President 4 Bill Chapman 2nd Vice President LETTERMEN ' S CLUB Richard Cortelli 1st Vice President Coach U. G. Matherly Adviser Front Row, Left to Right: Melton, Cortelli, Chapman, Coach Matherly, Van Meter, Cavender, Shepherd. Second Row: Coleman, Elliott, Geer, Hamil, Akin, Yeomans, Fox. n . . 109 The organizations are very active at North Georgia. Some take trips — for instance, the Chemistry Club went to Copper Hill, Tennessee, and the Rifle Team went to The Citadel for a match. The Radio Club stays here, but takes trips all over the world via the air waves. Lewis Hall gave a dance so others might walk. MILITARY Editor - Phillip Hoas MILITARY DEPARTMENT Maj. Robert A. Smith Infantry Instructor SFC William Barnard Detachment Siergeaat Major Maj. James O. Morgan Artillery PMS T Capt. David M. Levitt Infantry Instructor SFC Richard M. Parker Assistant Instructor Capt. Orvil R. Hause Commandant ' m ' , ' Rh.)URI SFC John L. Coleman Assistant Commandant Sgt. Leonard Evans Armory Sergeant Mrs. J. W. Phillips Secretary to the PMS T Sgt. John W. Huckins Assistant Instructor REGIMENTAL SWEETHART MISS LEE WALL WITH CADET COL. SMART REGIMENTAL STAFF First Row: Smart. Second Row: H. C. Van Meter, R. J. Cortelli, Third Row: D. B. Hawkins, H. B. Pease, T. B. Ponder. Fourth Row: J. J. Breedlove, R. E. Hayes, J. B. Dye. Major Hawkins S-1 Major Pease S-2 Major Ponder S-3 Major Cortelli S-4 Sgt. Hayes Regt. Clerk 114 DRILL PLATOON Isl. Sqd.: R. V. Smith, E. G. Sills, G. D. Johnson, J. B. Gordon, J. R. Davis, C. K. Phillips, D. R. James, J. L. Rivers, E. D. Simmons. Itid. Sqd.: H. T. Winn, P. H. Keaton, P. S. Sumpter, P. C. Dye, J. D. Jones, R. D. Loehr, J. E. Lowe. " ird. Sqd. J. C. Hodges, R. F. Cox, J. B. Wilson, G. R. Hardwick, J. H. Bell, W. H. Hardin. 4th. Sqd.: B. R. Garrett, L. F. Quattlebaum, M. P. Johnson, R. J. McConnell, D. C. English, A. McCormick, M. L. Caldwell. Ann Clark Sweetheart 1st Lt. Simmons Commander Maj. Robert A. Smith Sponsor BAND COMPANY Karen Junghans Sweetheart Capt. Shepherd Company Commander Margaret J ames Sponsor 1st Lt. Wade Company Exec. 1st Sgt. Copeland Ut Sgt. I 1 - u I Not Pictured: SgL White Drum Major First Row.- D. E. Shepherd. Second Row.- H. W. Wade. Third Row: P M. Powell. T. C. White. D. G. Copeland. P. A. Whatley. «. ♦ f f r IP r ' i r ' i ' I ' " V »Ji I- iii 2nd Lt. Co«hrao P f. Leader First Squad: J. R. Golding, W. R. Waldrop, J. R. Adams, L. G. Banks, T. J. Arline, M. G. Adams, W. H. Preston, J. N. Cochran. Second Squad; J. G. Norman, J. T. Carter, D. T. Cason, D. T. Caston, C. D. McDonald. Third Squad: W. T. Hooks, C. R. Chatham, C. E. Claxton, C. W. Cook, R. L. HoUoway. 2nd Lt. Chaonetl Pit. Leader Fhrsl Squad: R. B. Burruss, J. F. Melcher, J. A. Davis, B. B. Good- enough, R. H. Furcron, R. G. Fulp, J. W. Channell. Second Squad: M. W. Brackett, O. J. Hickox, E. P. Hitchock, T, A. Hoebeke, R. H. Tilley. Third Squad: R. T. Bibb, J. R. McConnell, R. C. Maffett, T. B, Mann, A. O. Bland. I L • == ' " 1 -r ' r- St ■- " fef : n ' ' f 2nd Lt. Gilleland Pit. Leader First Squad: W. A. White, F. S. Reece, I. P. Mills, C. K. Phillips, H. V. Persall, R. R. Gilleland. Second Squad: J. R. Howard, H. W. Wadkins, T. N. Thompson, G. R. Reeves, J. H. Akin. Third Squad: J. V. Vamedoe, W. R. Johnson, J. C. Wheeler, K. I. Walker, W. J. Nolen. 117 PARENTS ' DAY PARADE REGIMENTAL STAFF GENERAL POST VISITS THE CAMPUS 118 J Amm . ■•! FIRST BATTALION BATTALION HEADQUARTERS M ' First Row; T. L. Gordy. Second Row: D. W. Hammond, J. C. Crawford, S. F. Hale, H. A. Seabolt. Third Row: J. M. Gaylor, C C. Fox, J. F. Stover. Robin Gail Rogers Sweetheart Lt. Col. Gordy Bn. Commander M Sgt. Gaylor Sgt. Major Mrs. M. L. Gordy Sponsor Capt. Crawford S-1 Capt. Johnson 5-2 Capt. Hale 5-3 119 Capt. Seabolt S-4 Sgt. Fox Clerk Not Pictured: Major Hammond Bn. Exec. A COMPANY June Bunch Sweetheart Capt. Wayne Company Commander Mrs. Paul Wayne Sponsor 1st Lt. Eberhardt Company Exec. 1st Sgt. Coleman 1st. Sgt. w First Rote: E. R. Wayne. Second Row: T. W. HoUey, G. E. Eberhardt, J. L. Coleman, R. B. Smart. 1 " ' i r ' ' ■ ' 1st Lt. Eberhardi Pit. Leader First Squad: F. Deen, J. H. Cavender, W. J. Barrs, W. M. Armstrong, C. E. Conkin, Jr., R. B. Smart, E. G. Sills, G. E. Eberhardt. Second Squad: R. L. Morrison, C. P. Burrell, J. C. Brinson, J. K. Bunch, R. L. Payne, W. O. Marshal. Third Squad: A. R. Thayer, B. E. Cox, J. W. Eidson, J. R. Carter, G. W. Allen, G. B. Mayo. B ii iVx ' ii i ii I a 2nd Lt. Wise Pit. Leader First Squad: C. W. Johnson, G. R. Hodges, D. L. Raulerson, J. C. Rhodes, E. E. Scholes, J. T. Deen, R. L. Donald- son, R. T. Wise. Second Squad: J. A. Harris, D. A. Feldman, W. A. Sims, J. A. Dewar, L. S. Prather. Third Spiiad: J. M. McLean, W. E. Langford, W. H. Fuller, R. A. Russell, J. E. Pirkle, D. R. White. t ■ • ' ' -..r- jn:- M Sgt. Moore Pit. Leader First Squad: C. W. Barfield, K. F Melton, P. S. Sumpter, P. F. Jones, W B. Hirtle, D. N. Harpold, W. E Stroud, T. L. Moore. Second Squad: R, H. Wright, L. R. Kenyon, Q. C. Jor dan, W. T. Mixon, R. A. Miller, H T. Winn. Third Squad: W. C. Heeth M. P. Johnson, J. B. Wilson, A. Mc C-.rmack, W. A. Lassiter, W. A. Yeo mans. 121 B COMPANY AUena Cobb Sweetheart Capt. Archer Company Commander 1st Lt. Cheek Company Exec. Sally Rachels Sponsor 1st Sgt. Chapman 1st Sgt. Hi I ' -f ■ I ■1 yrxs: First Row.- E. R. Archer. Second Row: A. G. Ehlers, A. J. Cheek, W. S. Chapman, J. D. Smith. 1st Lt. Cheek Pit. Leader First Squad: S. S. Harbin, J. D. Smith, M. D. Singletary, J. R. Brewer, D. B. Mills, W. C. Wieters, G. M. Lovelace, P. L. Howell, A. J. Cheek. Second Squad: M. D. Raley, J. L. Abercrombie, G. D. Perry, J. L. Allison, L. W. Herrington, A. G. Ehlers, M. E. Mann. Third Squad: S. S. Boyd, W. M. Winn, C J. Kellogg, G. Lord, L. Dixon, J. L. Gilson. . 2nd Lt. Snyder Pit. Leader First Squad: J. D. Dumas, J. L. Ponder, J. E. Parrish, R. Campbell, J. Avery, D. Davis, N. Watson, D. L. Grindle, B. D. Snyder. Second Squad: M. T. Clapps, R. W. Garth, W. D. Shannon, H. G. Duncan, A. T. Saffold, W. C. Parks. Third Squad: J. P. Daniel, L. W. Quattlebaum, C. A. Sales, W. A. Potter, K. N. Hood, R. T. Bailey. 2nd Lt. Martin Pit. Leader First Squad: A. M. Mays, J. W. Elliott, M. D. Winn, C M. Bagwell, N. F. Hunsucker, J. E. Gilmer, L. E. Ellis, J. E. Baggett, W. L. Martin. Secotid Squad: F. P. Vaughn, T. P. Tippens, J. K. Tippens, J. H. Sloan, B. V. Smith, J. M. Clement. Third Squad: C. G. Mizell, J. D. HuJme, W. R. Adams, W. S. Smith, F. M. Peteet. 123 CAROL ANN BARRETT Sweetheart CAPT. WISE Company Commander Not Pictured MRS. CARLOS LOWRENCE Sponsor 1st LT. WILSON Company Exec. 1st SGT. WALDRIP IstSgt. r rv ■■ HIBH IJ U ' i !! t First Row; Wise, W. A., Second Row: Jolly, A. H., Wilson, H. R., Waldrip, D. W., Davis, T. H. 1st Lt. Wilson Pit. Leader First Squad: J. R. Boyd, C. R. Pittman R. W. Sheffield. C. R. Ragsdale, W. D Puryear, T. B. Holbrook, H. R. Wil son. Second Squad: J. D. Pirkle, B. E Johnson, J. D. Jones, C. N. Richard son, A. A. Mann, G. H. Powell, J Magill. Third Squad: W. F. Thornton, J. W. Trussell, G. W. Rains, W. H Maples, D. R. Standi, C. West. 2nd Lt. O ' Kelly Pit. Leader First Squad: W. G. Bacon, R. J. Thomas, J. A. Bowden, T. H. McNeely, J. D. Whitehead, W. H. Doughtery, H. D. Cowan, J. T. O ' Kelly. Second Squad: L. A. Geiger, R. W. Turner, W. W. Fuller, A. C Whitehead, A. H. Jolly, D. J. Brown. Third Squad: C. D. Pope, E. O. Keinel, J. E. Stathaai, J. Rivers, S. E. Skelton, J. H. Howell. ™ " i wmm 2nd Lt. Reece Pit. Uader First Squad: L. L. Allred, A. S. Hardy, B. Knight, M. R. Carpenter, J. S. Eisman, P. M. Jackson, P. Keyton, T. W. Reins, J. D. Reece. Second Squad: J. C. Newton, R. D. James, D. R. Johnston, C. N. Hopkins, J. R. Fletcher, J. R. Smith. Third Squad: J. R. Bur- ton, H. A. Simmons, H. W. Brown, H. A. Worley, C. V. Acree, H. Y. Tillman. 125 DRILL PLATOON — PARENTS ' DAY THE COLOR GUARD DMS PARADE 126 SECOND BATTALION BATTALION HEADQUARTERS First Ron: C. F. Moore. Second Roiv: R. R. Harden, P. C. Hoag, W. A. Geer, W. E. Douglas, C. D. Stoner. Third Row: H. W. Adams, C. J. Hamrick, J. L. tiiggenouuiam. Betty Garrison Sweetheart Lt. Col. Moore Bn. Commander Major Barden Bn. Exec. Janet McDaniel Sponsor Capt. Hoag S-1 1st Lt. Greer S-2 Capt. Douglas 5-3 127 Capt. Stoner S-4 Cpl. Higpenbotham Clerk Not Pictured: M Sgt. Adams 5 . Major D COMPANY Patd Baldwin Sweetheart Capt. Allen Company Commander Mrs. W. C. Snelling Sponsor 1st Lt. Morrow Company Exec. 1st Sgt. Snelling Ut Sgt. First Row: T. M. Allen. Second Row: E. R. Harrison, D. C. Morrow, W. C Snelling, R. W. Stockton. ti m0 1st Lt. Morrow Pll. Leader First Squad: W. K. Williams, R. W. Oeariso, E. W. Craft, D. C. Langford, R. W. Stockton, H. W. Darden, D. C. Morrow. Second Squad: T. F. Black- stock, H. P. Blount, W. E. Clarke, C. J. Waters, C. C. Breithaupt, J. W. Huff. Third Squad: F. R. Pope, L. L. Couch, J. B. Rivers, A. M. Gilson, W. B. Busser, W. Ziprik. 2nd Lt. Lunsford Pit. Leader First Squad: O. F. Askew, H. F. Bunk ley, R. J. Grider, J. F. Merritt, C. J Van Horn, F. A. Rikard, A. L. Newton H. F. Lunsford. Second Squad: D. R Broadaway, W. E. Cobb, G. W. Knight n. H. Land, J. H. Wilson, H. J. Gad dis, R. J. Pressley. Not Pictured: 1st Lt. Jones Pll. Leader First Squad: G. W. Rachels, J. E. Crandall, J. E. Cox, C. H. Grizzle, N. A. Peterson, J. S. Price, W. Jordan, C. W. Jones. Second Squad: T. A. Mit- chell, J. D. Hardy, W. D. Bridges, R. N. Creasman, R. H. Garrison, W. H. Hardin, W. E. Stephenson. Third Squad: J. H. Sellers, L. E. Ireland, F. D. Home, J. H. Bell, M. T. Rape, H. J. Floyd. 129 E COMPANY Janet Duke Sweetheart Capt. Bradley Company Commander Mrs. M. D. Bradley Sponsor 1st Lt. Stallings Company Exec. 1st. Sgt. Johnson 1st Sgt. 1 I First Row: M. D. Bradley. Second Row; R. E. Ellison, P. T. Stallings, E. O. Johnson, J. A. Guest. Isc Lt. Stalling! Pll. Leader First Squad: W. R. Beck, J. S. Patter- son, J. E. Livingston, L. W. Drinkard, J. B. Gordon, H. E. Reed, K. B. Thomas. P. T. Stallings. Stconil Squad: G. E. Carter, W. K. Hughes, D. K. Akin, O. H. Melton, J. D. Watson, J. D. Lovett, Third Squad: W. T. Clark, J. A. Guest, H. B. Parker, L. D. Crisler, C. H. Wilcox, W. L. Langford. 2nd Lt. Sigman Pit. Leader First Squad: J. F. Davis, R. W. Hol- comb, P. D. Dye, S. G. Summer, R. H. Miller, M. H. Crowder, H. R. Wash, L. H. Horton, H. D. Signian. Second Squad: G. H. Hogsed, W, R. Pitts, G. D. Johnson, J. W. Moore, J. R. Duke, E. E. Landcaster, W. J. Hurst. Third Sc uad: H. E. Artley, W. H. Beck, J. B. Echols, B. L. Hinson, R. D. Loehr, R. A. Dver, R. C. Hamil. 1 f t • J 1 No Pictured: 1st Lt. Ward Pll. Leader First Squad: J. T. Van Horn, J. D. Sims, J. R. Carlile, W. R. Haisten, R. L. Ivev, J. A. Davis, L. M. Ward. Second Squad: J. W. Macollv, H. D. Griffis, S. D. Sichveland, C. E. Maxwell, A. R. Smith, M. G. McPhauI. Third Squad: E. L. Harrington, T. C. Flangan, R. E. Smith, J. L. Smith, S. T. Rush, H. P. Norman. 131 F COMPANY Emily Stephens Sweetheart Capt. Gissendaner Company Commander Mrs. C T. Crowe Sponsor 1st Lt. Corbin Company Exec. 1st Sgt. Greeson 1st. Sgt. First Row: W. E. Gissendaner. Second Row: H. S. Wishon, R. D. Corbin, J. H. Greeson, W. L. Bowen. 1st Lt. Corbin Pit. Leader First Squad: H. D. Farmer, J. L. Skin- ner, W. L. Coleman, C. L. Rhodes, A. A. Edwards, M. R. Baldwin, R. D. Corbin. Second Squad: L. I. Gober, J. P. Lewis, G. R. Hardwick, R. E. Giles, C. D. Davidson, P. D. Palmer. Third Squad: J. A. Potter, E. C. Greene, J. A. West, B. D. Tharpe, G. D. Bass, J. C. Hodges. 2Dd Lt. Milam Pit. Leader First Squad: J. H. Peterson, A. A Cheves, J. B. Johnson, G. T. Lee, J. S Johnson, M. L. Chambers, W. R. West brook, D. H. Hinson, C. R. Milam Second Squad: G. W. O ' Kelly, J. T. Rainwater, L. K. Settles, H. G. Shep ' herd, J. W. Driskell, J. S. Myers, H, G. Hollingsworth. Third Squad: H W. Blair, L. T. Moonev, J. H. Maddox, W. O. Brown, W. C. Ford, B. R. Wil- liams, W. C. Speer. ' iSC Mibi, ii M Sge. Crowe Pit. Leader First Squad: S. C. Allison, G. G. Gamer, W. N. Cobb, J. V. Williams, D. C. English, J. A. Gazaway, J. C. Nichols, C. T. Crowe. Second Squad: R. F. Pool, M. E. Brown, W. C. Alli- son, L. G. Pierson, C. F. Benson, J. E. Henrj-. Third Squad: L. F. Driver, B. R. Hand, B. S. Sneed, F. G. Gaylor, J. M Smith, A. B. McDougald. 133 X m Z o so H X O n o r r m O 03 z SPORTS Editor - Ronald Wise VARSITY COACH MATHERLY I BASKETBALL BASEBALL NGC OPPONENTS NGC OPPONENTS 73 W. Carolina 76 Union College 9 67 Oglethorpe 62 7 Union College 8 48 W. Carolina 78 4 Erskine 17 56 Berry 49 5 Mercer 9 73 Erskine 89 10 W. Carolina 11 66 Berry 62 8 Valdosta 6 42 Piedmont 75 6 Valdosta 3 61 Piedmont 57 9 Piedmont 5 81 Oglethorpe 72 14 W. Carolina 12 63 Mercer 64 5 Erskine 1 59 W. Carolina 76 5 Berry 10 68 Erskine 85 11 Berry 1 115 Ga. State Col. 70 10 Piedmont 3 83 Piedmont 68 6 Mercer 15 62 Troy State 80 9 Berry 93 Valdosta 63 11 Berry 1 90 Piedmont 86 11 Valdosta 3 68 Ga. State Col. 68 3 Valdosta 1 67 Troy State 97 1 Piedmont 5 108 Mercer 88 17 Piedmont 9 136 |h|l;|3uijSul3V- %S | r-mm First Row, Left to Right; J. Davis, Tippens, Cortelli, Lanier, Shepherd, Van Meter, Edwards, Ragsdale, Eubanks, West. Second Row: Matherly, Casten, Cobb, Holcomb, Akin, Chapman, Kienel, Copeland, Grindle, P. Tippens, Cantrell, Beck. % % First Row, Left to Right: Cortelli, Melton, Edwards, Patrick, Cavender, Coleman, Elliot. Second Row: Baker, Bently, Ward, Holcomb, Darwin, Barnes, Caldwell, Hamil, Anderson, Waldrop, Scott. 137 « | r i Hli vi — i: ' ■ - ' ' 9tHKtUKHKSKKi0 t Ml % jlil f A 1 1 ' -4 -5=;=-. - % § g MBM ■ VAN METER CAVENDER CORTELLI BARNES MELTON COLEMAN ELLIOT WARD CALDWELL 138 CORTELLI GRINDLE VAN METER CHAPMAN SHEPHERD w •■ i 1 p •1 - •jPSS y ' 4 » ? " S r " ? r r - ' ' % " w . 139 First Row, Left to Right: D. Phillips, G. Floyd, E. Self, A. Cobb. Second Row: V. Butterworth, D. Wren, B. Knight, J. Hawkins. JANICE HAWKINS Captain 140 RIFLE First Row, Left to Right: ]. Dewar, T. Hoebeke, R. Furcron, J. Carlisle, E. Skelton, J. Clement, J. Harris, Capt. Levitt. Kneeling: SFC Parker, Fields, Evans, C. Fox, Abercrombie, J. Breedlove. TEAMS I First Row, Left to Right: J. Cooley, P. Low, C. Robinson, F. Clemmer. Second Row: A. Calhoun, E. Templeton, L. Burnett, J. Barrow, R. Hyatt. 141 INTRAMURALS mZ tmmimt MR. HACKNEY Men ' s Director MISS FOWLER Women ' s Director ATHLETIC OFFICERS VAN METER Regimental Staff CRAWFORD 1st Bn. Staff ' »♦ DOUGLAS 2nd Bn. Staff WISE A Company vv.a CHEEK OKELLEY CORBIN COCHRAN B Company C Company F Company Not Pictured: Band Company CAPTAIN ' S REC CLUBS C. W. JONES D. SIMMONS LAURA SIKES Hippolytans RUTH HYATT Phi Omicrons BOBBY NEAL JONES Mercureaas PATTY BALDWIN Trahlytans COMPANY A First Row, Left to Right: Lassiter, Coleman, Harris, Sills, Cavender, Thayer, Ward. Second Row: Fuller, Dewar, Smart, Russell, Melton, Marshall, Simms, Hodges, Eberhardt, McLean. Third Row: Pease, Conkin, Mixon, Rhodes, Butler, Allen, Heeth, Yeomans, Payne, Carter, Wayne. ■■ JS il SBSfcJW 143 COMPANY B . m First Row, Left to Right: Potter, Lord, Bagget, Martin, Bagwell, Mann, Van Meter, Chapman, Daniels, Cheek. Second Row: Reeves, Hood, Garth, Dumas, Mizell, Gilman, Watson, Shannon, Kellogg, Winn, Elliot. Third Row: Mays, Fields, Archer, Dixon, Harrington, Parrish, Gibson, Sloan, Allison. " v ' w s 144 COMPANY C L- 1 p» » ;f :J4-|K i-fc .- J AMuJ F rj Ro« ' , i-f to Right: Raines, Gar ' , Reece, Hammond, Johnston, Evans, Bowder, Whitehead. Second Row: Worley, Thornton, Pirkle, Hardy, Burton, Acree, Magill, Pope, Ragsdale, Wilson, Sherffield, Eismon. Third Row: Lanier, Trussel, Statham, Powell, Pickren, Brown, Kienel, Turner, Hopkins, Brown, Crawford. IS iiiT If «ii | H .i III! III H ' k 145 COMPANY D First Row, Left to Right: Garrett, Pope, Bunkley, Ivey, Breithaupt, Srtelling, Blount, Williams, Couch. Second Row: Deariso, Jordan, Broadaway, Waters, Home, Caldwell, Busser, Rivers, Grizzel, Crandall, Craft, Rape. Third Row: Hawkins, Darden, Newton, Price, Higginbothain, Knight, Merritt, Gaddis, Garrison. 146 COMPANY E First Row, Left to Right: McCoIley, Loehr, Gulley, Clark, Cantrell, Harrison, Smith. Second Row: Lovett, Watson, Hinson, Van Horn, Bradley, Norman, Hogsed, Sims, McPhaul. Third Row: Melton, Artle , Hamil, Carter, Livingston, Patterson, Carlile, Sumner, Hayes, Holcomb. " vr ' Vm%j ■,M m :..2.-!«3rfK ' . - jt S I - . -, : 147 COMPANY F First Row, Left to Right; Corbin, Edwards, Wishon, Johnson, Driver, Bibb, Crowe. Second Row: Skinner, Davidson, Taylor, Madox, Hand, Hinson, Giles, Gissendaner, Pierson. Third Row: Garner, Douglas, Ford, Nichols, Rhodes, Gazaway, Shepherd, Johnson, Rainwater, Poule, Benson. 4i 148 HIPPOLYTANS MISS HORTON Co-Captain MR. CHAPMAN Sponsor First Rou , Left to Right: Archer, Sikes, Aaron, Stone, Ivey, Brown, Parks. Second Row; Sewell, Carter, Cheek, Pannell, Ellis, Early, Ash, East, Steinmetz, Smith. 149 MERCUREANS MISS AGREE Co-Captain JACK and ARTHUR JONES Sponsors First Row, Left to Right: Cook, Fincher, Powers, Moore, Acree, Connell, Allen, Scott, Hudgins, York, Padgett, Newton. Second Row: Brown, Underwood, Worley, Baeszler, Lundin, Goss, Smith, Harris, Steele, Self, Wren, Fetner, Nash, Jones, Moor. Third Row: Stephens, Foster, Dean, Corbin, Robinson, Gissendaner, Boles, Daughtery, Parris, Bryan, Green, Sawyer. f T : : 150 PHI OMICRONS MISS SINGLETON Co-Captain MRS. HYATT Sponsor C 00 First Row. Left to Right: Day, Butterworth, Tritt, Gudger, Stevens, Hall, Stone, Griffin, Bennett. Second Row; Littlefield, Busby, Campbell. Goolsby, Herring, Dance, Gunter, Groover, Matthews, Davis, Foster. Third Row: Wills, Hunter, Appling, Robinson, Edwards, Sims, Byrd, Clay, Cook, Hyatt. 151 TRAHLYTANS MISS WEST Co-Captain MR. CRANDALL Sponsor First Row, Left lo Right: Fowler, West, Miller, Cooley, Holland, Leverette, Sosebce, Shore, Smith, Reed, Cowart, Wilder. Second Row: Phillips, Gibbons, Hooper, Thomas, Lee, Knight, Avery, Harris, Woody, Smith. Third Row: Bolton, Barrow, Jarrett, Fisher, Calhoun, Baldwin, West, Sanders, Garrison. 152 We wish to thank Mr. R. F. White of Vir- ginia School Photographers and Dr. C. F. Dismukes for the excellent photography in this annual. ADVERTISEMENTS Editor - Gene Gibbons BAILEY ' S ELECTRIC HOVER Producers — Vantress-Nichols-Cross BROODER Mfg. by Dahlonega Feed Poultry L. H. Bailey Sons Phone 120 P. 0. Box L p. 0. Box 106 845-55 W. Broad Dahlonega, Georgia LI 3-5281 Athens, Georgia Compliments of LIPSCOMB DRUG CO. 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WHITMIRE Phone 150 GENERAL MERCHANDISE SEALTEST ICE CREAM Your Walgreen Agency " On the Square " " On the Square " Dahlonega, Georgia Dahlonega, Georgia WEST CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY Dahlonega, Georgia Laundry agent for IDEAL CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY 33 1 Northside Drive Phone LE. 4-5171 Gainesville, Georgia When in Dahlonega visit THE SMITH HOUSE ' Where the rooms are as nice as the meals are good " W. B. FRY, Owner 157 Compliments of PACOLET MANUFACTURING COMPANY Gainesville, Georgia New Holland, Georgia 158 GAINESVILLE PURE MILK COMPANY Pure Pasteurized Dairy Products Gainesville Georgia Phones : LEnox 4-5258 and 4-3306 THE WESLEY FOUNDATION of DAHLONEGA METHODIST CHURCH THE BAPTIST STUDENT UNION of DAHLONEGA BAPTIST CHURCH Inspiration - Christian Fellowship - Devotions - Recreation FOR ALL STUDENTS OF N. G. C. 159 Yarn Made By PINE TREE COMPANY Dahlonega Georgia HUBERT VICKERS FUNERAL HOME Morticians 24-Hour Ambulance Service Phone 54 Dahlonega, Georgia J. W. BAYLY SON, INC. Established 1865 Manufacturers of Fine Military Headwear for MILITARY SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES 1001-03 Filbert Street Philadelphia, Pa. 160 DAVIS-WASHINGTON COMPANY " Everything for Building " Millwork • Lumber • Building Materials 402 S. Maple Street Gainesville, Georgia Phones: 4-5205 . . . 4-5206 COURTESY PROGRESS BANK OF DAHLONEGA " A Bank You Can Bank On " Member F. D. I. C. DAHLONEGA GEORGIA DUNLAP AND COMPANY INSURANCE Candler Building Atlanta 3, Georgia GAINESVILLE FLORIST " Home of Fine Flowers " 111 South Sycamore Street GAINESVILLE GEORGIA Phone LE 4-7397 F 1 m Compliments of ROBERTS BOOK AND GIFT SHOP GAINESVILLE GEORGIA 1 P 2 T it s Potato Chips Fritos Cornetts A " and Go-B-Tweens THE CAKE BOX BAKERY EVERYTHING IN BAKERY GOODS Visit Our Coffee Bar GAINESVILLE GEORGIA LARY CHEVROLET COMPANY 313 South Sycamore Street GAINESVILLE GEORGIA Telephone LE 4-3601 SWEET, SMOOTH AND SASSY! 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Atlanta 10, Georgia PERRY PACKING COMPANY Georgia Office Equipment Co. Baldwin Georgia Gainesville Georgia George A. Hormel and Company FRIERSON-McEVER COMPANY 252 Peters Street, S. W. Men ' s Wear Atlanta 3, Georgia Gainesville Georgia 170 LwkA THE DUTCH MILL " Equal to the South ' s Best Barbecue " DULUTH GEORGIA FRED JONES CHEVROLET COMPANY BODY BY FISHER In the low priced field, Chevrolet alone offers you the famous Body by Fisher — a symbol of engineering superiority. America ' s first choice for over 21 years Sales — Service DAHLONEGA GEORGIA CHEROKEE MOTEL AND RESTAURANT 15 Modern Units with Baths Regular Dinners with Complete Short Orders Home-made Pies DAHLONEGA GEORGIA 171 " GORDON ' S MAGIC-PAK POTATO CHIPS ARE BETTER BECAUSE THEY ARE FRESHER. " GORDON FOODS ATLANTA, GEORGIA GEM JEWELRY COMPANY North Georgia ' s Largest Jeweler Make our Stores your Gift Headquarters Dahlonega Toccoa Gainesville Cumming Georgia Peinney ' s ' Where Savings Are Greater " Gainesville Georgia Connpliments of ROPERS, INCORPORATED Thompson Bridge Rd. Gainesville, Ga. DAHLONEG A 5 10 STORE DAHLONEGA GEORGIA A Personal Invi+a+ion to all Who Read This to Visit Our New Modern Store PATRONIZE THE ADVERTISERS The Business Staff 1958 CYCLOPS 172 THERE WILL ALWAYS BE SOMEONE TAKING YOUR MEASURE Some measures are taken with a tape, but the more important measures of life are taken by the people who size us up, whether it be a sweetheart, a classmate, a son, a daughter, or a prospective employer. There is always some keen eye, whether we know it or not, scrutinizing the dimensions not only of our physiques but also of our minds, abilities and characters. Your training at North Georgia College has been designed to improve the dimensions of both your mind and character so that when you graduate it can be said that here stands a Cadet fore-square to the world, ready and eager to shoulder the responsibilities which his particular talents and abilities qualify him to assume. We measure Cadets for uniforms. Our customers measure us in their ap- praisal of our ability to execute a uniform contract satisfactorily. It will be a never- ending effort on our part to keep our measurements good in the eyes of North Georgia College. We salute the Graduating Class and wish you all Godspeed in your chosen field of endeavor. IRVING L. WILSON CO. No. 1 Highland Ave. Bala-Cynwyd, Pa. 173 w-xmuesz;:- Since the Dawn of the Century WE HAVE SPECIALIZED IN THE PRODUCTION OF OUTSTANDING COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOKS . „t?iiiiiufiO(f j nmii i; FOOTE DAVIES, INC. 1090 CAPITOL AVENUE, S. E. . • PHONE JACKSON 2-4600 ATLANTA p. O. BOX 5109 bp.Col. U 428 North Georgia Cyclops .N6 C9 1958 College, 39 773

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