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RCHIVES U428 C9 1956c. 2 orth Georgia College YCLOPS — -tnotv M- fc JL » t Ut K9au , cWi o -f . ,964? JiMBBftfi 6881 " • ' ■ ' • " • ■■■ ' ■■ ■■ ' ■ ' V ' , " 1 ■■■ ' . ., ■ ■ ' ■ m W WlpKiif rliJfl H JyjJ.Jtjf fSK v» " ' » ' r ' E »F ' S w ijs Str , ? , ' lwQK HWpScCBKi w Cvw jyp ' - ' K ' vJ ' ' tttU 2 J tf. •• ' ■ ' . ' .::( ' ■ ' - ' • ' v, ' :• ' ; . " .I ;• ' • " SSI ' .; ' ■■ ' ' • KR8! Wlfc . .. ■■ " ;!.; ; ;■■; ' } i, ' :? 1 ' ■ jfleTww ' Pnnh ' ' ■■ ' ■■■ " ■ ' •■ ' ■ 2 i » ' ■■.. ' • ' I ' ' ,■ :■:■ eomia : W oneaa f eomia Kg,, ' raVwE EM now ' ' ' ■ ' • ■■ TaBSSr 1 fm -triM i»- r- - u i til • • " ' » » ■ » ■ i mm, Jke l Uedt J- olnt of the S oum Sp.Col. U 428 .N6 C9 J95o North Georgia College, Cyclops 3547, in Con ten t£ Advertisements . • . 162 Battalion Sweetheart . . 142 Beauties .... . 117 Campus .... . 23 Classes .... . 37 Cyclops Queen . . 118 Dedication . . . . 8-9 Faculty and Administration . . 29 Features 109 Foreword 7 Freshmen 63 Juniors . . . . . 54 Military . . 141 Organizations 71 Picture Story 10 Seniors . . 38 Sophomores 58 Sports . . . 127 Tribute, A . . 6 M tribute to Miss Mattie Craig, who is retiring from the North Georgia College staff after 38 years of service. " Miss Mattie " is the granddaughter of Colonel W. P. Price, who donated the land for North Georgia Agricultural College which became North Georgia College. She was born in Walhalla, South Carolina, and afterwards came to Georgia. She first attended North Georgia College as a special student, doing subfreshman work. She did not graduate from North Georgia, but also attended the University of Cali- fornia and Emory University. In her service here, she has endeared herself to students and faculty alike, work- ing first as librarian and then as manager of the bookstore. As " Miss Mattie " retires, leaving a rec- ord of many years of loyal and devoted service, we, the staff of the 1956 Cyclops, pay tribute to her. iona . . . the arch . . . chow formation . . . the Military Ball . . . parades . . . Parent ' s Day. North Georgia College is en- dowed with traditions that are cherished by each of us — students, faculty — all. who have known its many facets. Traditions make a school. And traditions are often those things which pass unnoted and unrecog- nized. Yer without them, our col- lege would be incomplete. The traditions that are such a valuable part of North Georgia College form the theme of the 1956 Cyclops. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiMiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiuBuiB nnraH affli KHHHWiitMiKn n ] ean s lice LJovtovavt Loyalty is demonstrated in many ways. Loyalty to a school and to individuals requires integrity, sincerity, dependability, and the true acceptance of responsibility. Interest and friendliness mean so much to coeds and cadets — especially when we need advice and encouragement. A sense of humor that relieves tension and lightens trouble helps to maintain a balance between the serious and the light. A person who can mean all this to so many is a person who is a real friend, a wise counselor, and a capable teacher. With sincere appreciation for all that you have done for us — with deep respect for what you represent to us — and with true love and gratitude, the 1956 Cyclops is dedicated to you — our professor, housemother, and Dean of Women, " Miss A. D. " sk m mm 1 ■ : i f0 . J- ictvire S ton Crowding into the Armory after a sudden rain . . . drinking coffee and laughing in the local meeting place . .. scenes like these show what holds North Georgia together — the people, their feelings, their day-to-day lives. On the pages that will follow are pictures with a double mean- ing — pictures that show to us, the students, that North Georgia College is not just a place. It is having fun on a nickel cup of coffee — it is making light of the hardest jobs and toughest problems — it is a special feeling of closeness and loyalty. Other people see the photograph; we see in expressions like these the spirit that gives N. G. C. its meaning. a typical scene, a typical story — hurry up and wait . . . coed interest in company spirit . . . 12 . . . words of encouragement from home . . . words of love from sweet- hearts . . . letters from loved ones . . . and sometimes no letters at all . . . 13 . . . Classes. Sometimes you wonder if your watch has stopped and sometimes you forget to look at it. But you have a goal, if you can only keep it in view. Outside readings, research, and reports — the busy quiet of the library. 14 . . . companionship . . . love . . . and understanding . . . shown in little words and gestures . . . you wait understandingly for him to finish his numerous military tasks . . . and he ' s always your date for the week-end movies — or the Military Ball. and you have learned here, better than most college students, how to be alone in a crowd . . . 15 M . . . drill . . . discipline through precision . . . long hours and hard work with a purpose ... and if you ' re proud of the finished product, you know it ' s because you worked for it. Sports — not just recrea- tion, not just tensions released, but the build- ing and molding of com- pany morale . . . and you can ' t be neutral ■ JHH HBIBHaBI 16 . . . but there is always a game of bridge in the can- teen when you want to spend that floating period to get your mind off books and classes . . . and most of the time there are a couple of cadets playing the piano in the auditorium, or getting together for a spontaneous jam session . . . Recreation can be as serious as studying, sometimes . . . almost everyone takes the game seriously when the score is close . . . whether you ' re in there playing or on the sidelines watching . . . . . . and in a school like North Georgia, whether you can sing in a quartet or type up copy for the newspaper, you can find some way to join in activities. 18 But no matter how much you enjoy your hobbies and out- side activities, you have a job to do, and that means hitting the books, for hours at a time . . . and it means doing the same routine jobs over and over again, but if you didn ' t have something to gripe about, you ' d gripe about that . . . ON . . . you live a crowded, busy life at North Georgia College . . . studying, soldiering, and having fun . . . . . . but as you live this life . . . you see life ' s pattern being set . . . you see coeds emerging from youth . . . . . . cadets becoming men 21 . . . both accepting responsibilities, facing life ' s challenge, and preparing to walk the paths of the uncertain future. ra K HBMB1 Blllll III IIHUHTnii mm mm m ' ■ ' ■ v ' ' ' -- ' " " ' j ■ ' ■■■• ■ ' ' ■.■ ' ' ' fcs HflHRBliliiSl ■MMBfl flfflmBiB I ' ■■( ' -...V , r. " J, , ' i •.. : ■ ' ■ ' • mm $i HP mPJwBSi •Rm]W ■ ACADEMIC BUILDING ' - ' ■■ -•- BARRACKS BARNES HALL GYMNASIUM i ; i! I I l ■ i : ii i ii I I HOME ECONOMICS BUILDING PRESIDENT ' S HOME DINING HALL GAILLARD HALL m Ml :s BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BUILDING LEWIS HALL BAND HOUSE JgSsMm MtKtLii SCIENCE BUILDING Carolyn C. in one of her peaceful momentsl 28 ra lovia acu an mmi5LmuoYi A i { 1 • i i r vn HHam MHn $ PRESIDENT MERRITT E. HOAG 30 DEAN WILL D. YOUNG Dean and Registrar MISS ALICE DONOVAN Dean of Women CAPTAIN ORVILLE R. HAUSE Commandant of Cadets 31 Mr. J. D. Anthony Associate Professor of Biology B.S., Transylvania University; M.A., Emory University; further study, University of Kentucky. Mr. Robert H. Belcher . . . Associate Professor of Chemistry B.S., Georgia State College for Men; M.S., University of North Carolina; further study, University of North Carolina and University of Wisconsin. Mr. W. Desmond Booth . . . Assistant Professor of Languages and Literature and Director of Band and Glee Club B.S., Georgia State College for Men; M.A., Emory University; further study, University of North Carolina and University of Michigan. Mrs. Marian P. Bouffard . . . Assistant Professor of Education A.B., Florida State College for Women; M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers; further study, Univer- sity of Georgia and Ohio State University. Dr. Dorothy Brown Associate Professor of Languages and Literature A.B., M.A., University of Alabama; Ph.D., University of Colorado. Mrs. Ola Brown Canteen Staff Dr. T. Conn Bryan Professor of Social Science A.B., Duke University; M.A., University of North Caro- lina; Ph.D., Duke University. Mr. Erwin Caffey . . Assistant Professor of Business Administration B.B.A., M.B.A., University of Mississippi. Mr. Walter J. Carpenter . . Assistant Professor of Mathematics B.S., Western Carolina College; M.A., University of North Carolina; further study, University of North Carolina. Miss Mattie Craig Bookstore Assistant Miss Estelle David Secretary to the President Dr. Camillus J. Dismukes .... Professor of Modern Languages A.B., Birmingham-Southern College; M.A., University of North Carolina; Ph.D., Laval University. 32 Gabriel H. Engerrand . Associate Professor of Modern Languages A.B., Texas Technological College; M.A., Ph.D., State University of Iowa. Harry B. Forester Professor of Biology B.S., Piedmont College; M.S., University of Alabama; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. He rd H. Gilbert, Jr Comptroller Bessie Lee Freeman . . Associate Professor of Home Economics B.S., Oklahoma Central State College; M.S., Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College. Susie M. Harris .... Head Librarian and Instructor in English A.B., Piedmont College; B.S. in L.S., M.S. in L.S., George Peabody College for Teachers. Mary Hood Assistant Librarian A.B., Piedmont College; B.S. in L.S., M.S. in L.S., George Peabody College for Teachers. Dolores Howe Instructor in Physical Education B.S., Alabama College; M.A., University of Alabama. Anne Huff Secretary A.B., Piedmont College; B.S. in L.S., Georgia Peabody College for Teachers. Stephen M. Huntley . Associate Professor of Modern Languages A. B., M.A., University of South Carolina; Ph.D., Uni- versity of Toulouse. James C. Kidd Assistant Professor of Social Science A.B., Erskine College; M.A., University of South Caro- lina; further study, University of South Carolina. Jasper I. Maloy, Jr. . Assistant Professor of Business Administration B.A., Henderson State Teachers College; M.B.A., University of Georgia; further study, University of Georgia. Ulysses G. Matherly . . Assistant Professor of Physical Education B.S., Wittenberg College; M.P.H., University of Flor- ida; further study, Columbia University. 33 Miss Betty Mull Bookkeeper Charles F. Mulkey Assistant Professor of English A.B., M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers. Mrs. Ella Ray Oakes Assistant Registrar Mr. Newton Oakes .... Professor of Business Administration B.S., M.A., University of Kentucky; further study, University of Kentucky and Ohio State University. W. R. O ' Kelley, Jr Head of Plant Operations Joyce Payne Secretary to the Dean J. W. Phillips Accountant Ewell S. Pigg Associate Professor of Physics B.S., Central Missouri Teachers College; M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers; further study, Univer- sity of Colorado. Robert Ragan Manager, Student Canteen Mattie Rider Canteen Assistant William P. Roberts .... Assistant Professor of Social Science A.B., Emory University; M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina. John C. Simms Professor of Chemistry B.S., Millsaps College; M.S., Vanderbilt University; Ph.D., Western Reserve University. 34 John T. Simpson, Jr Assistant Professor of English B.S., Mississippi State College; M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers; further study, George Peabody College for Teachers and Columbia University. Estella M. Sirmons Assistant Professor of English LaGrange College; Emory University; B.S. in Educa- tion, Georgia State College. Orby Southard Professor of Education B.S., Arkansas State Teachers College; M.S., University of Arkansas; Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh. C. E. Stevenson . Associate Professor of Education and Psychology A.B., Oglethorpe University; M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers; further study, University of Georgia and Duke University. Ann Thompson Canteen Staff Louise Todd Dietitian Lambuth R. Towson .... Associate Professor of Mathematics B.S., Emory University; M.A., University of Georgia; fur- ther study, University of Chicago and University of North Carolina. Marion C. Wicht Associate Professor of Mathematics B.S., Mississippi Southern College; M.A., Vanderbilt University; further study, Louisiana State University and Alabama Polytechnic Institute. Roger L. Williams, Jr. . . Assistant Professor of Physical Education A.B., M.A., University of North Carolina. Dr. J. C. Woodard Physician Sara M. Wright Nurse Charles M. Yager Associate Professor of Physics B.S. in M.E., University of Maryland; M.Ed., Duke Uni- versity; further study, University of Wisconsin. Not Pictured Ralph Campbell Larimer Freeman Ben T. Sanders Frank M. Smith 35 Go Man Go!! 36 ra wmmm. as6e SENIORS BOBBY HARDISREE President GEORGE BROOKS Vice President 1 Y «r t,,. " i . r A. " " " " " -■ ' ' 1 H ROY ADAMSON Secretary CHARLIE JOHNSON Treasurer 38 DONALD S. ADAMS Decatur, Georgia Don, who has served as Charlie Company Commander, is quite a " man about the campus. " Besides finding time to participate in Drill and Blade and being a member of the Honor Platoon. Don was elected to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. " He is a D.M.S. and receives his B.S. Degree in Physical Education. WILLIAM LOUIS ARATA Darien, Connecticut Bill is an able and efficient leader, and has won many friends with his reserved sense of humor. While he has been at NGC he has been a member of the NCO Club, Officer ' s Club, B. A. Club, Bugler staff and has participated in intramural sports. He receives a B.S. Degree in Business Administration. DORIS VELMA ALLEN Jefferson, Georgia Doris is a girl whose warm smile and sweet personality will never be forgotten. Her activities include being Secretary, Third and First Vice- President of B.S.U., Secretary and President of the Y.W.C.A., as well as serving on the Y.W.C.A. Cabinet. She was also in the Glee Club, Secretary of the Rec Club, Assistant Editor of the Cadet Bugler, Secretary of Lewis Hall, and she was con- stantly on the Dean ' s List. Doris receives her B.S. Degree in Psychology. ROY LEWIS ADAMSON Lula, Georgia " Red " is familiar to everyone as a server in the Chow Hall. His unfailing good humor has made him popular with students and faculty alike. He was Secretary of the Senior Class, Secretary of the Y.M.C.A., President of the B.S.U., on the B.S.U. Council, and a member of the Chemistry Club, the Science Club, and the Officers ' Club. He is a pre-med student and will receive his B.S. Degree in Biology. LOUIE FRANK AYERS Carnesville, Georgia Louie was always found in the Science Building, but in between labs, he could be found with the Varsity Rifle Team or with the Drill Platoon. Among his other extra-curricular activities were the NCO Club, Officer ' s Club, Scabbard and Blade, Science Club, the Chemistry Club, and Sigma Theta Fraternity. He receives his B.S. Degree in Biology. 39 CLARENCE ALVIN BAILEY Dublin, Georgia " Beetle " Bailey is well known around the campus for his ready smile and quick wit. Clarence has been in Scabbard and Blade, NCO Club, Officer ' s Club, Varsity Rifle Team, Y.M.C.A., B.A. Club, Lettermen ' s Club, Freshman basketball, Treasurer of the Freshman Cluss, and he has been quite active in intramural sports such as football, volley ball, track, basketball, and Softball. He is a D.M.S. and receives his B.S. Degree in Business Administration. BARNES ALSTON BOYLE Guyton, Georgia B.A., as he is known to us, has participated in the Business Administration Club and the Officer ' s Club. He is always ready with a helping hand or bit of advice, a good asset to one entering the business world. He receives his B.S. Degree in Business Administration. BETTY JOSEPHINE BOYD Bremen, Georgia The Biology Department could never have gotten along without Betty. Her pleasant smile and charm- ing manners have made her friends with everyone. Betty has been active in the Rec Club, Y.W.C.A., as Secretary of the Science Club, and she has been on the Dean ' s List for many quarters. She receives her B.S. Degree in Biology. JAME LAVAL BLAND Sylvania, Georgia James, whose pleasant personality has won him many friends here on the campus, comes to us from Sylvania, Georgia. Besides lending his voice to the Glee Club and remaining on the Dean ' s List, he was active in the " Genera ls, " Scabbard and Blade, NCO Club, Officer ' s Club, Chemistry Club, and Science Club. Yet he still had time to lend a hand in the B.S.U. and the Y.M.C.A. He will receive his B.S. Degree in Biology. BOBBY DEAN BRAY Social Circle, Georgia Bobby is known far and wide over the campus as a fine singer. He has been one of the mainstays of the Glee Club and the Pan-Hellenic Council. He won recognition for his leadership ability in " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties. " He has also been an active member of the Y.M.C.A., Officer ' s Club, Sigma Theta, and Scab- bard and Blade Fraternities, as well as being in the Drill Platoon and President of the Junior Class. Bobby is a D.M.S. and receives his A.B. Degree in History and English. 40 GEORGE SIDNEY BROOKS Summerville, Georgia George has won many friends at N.G.C. with his mischievous smile. He divided his time between History and English courses, and was a Dean ' s List Student. He has been busy here, being Art Editor of the CYCLOPS and of the Cadet Bugler. George has been Vice-President of the Senior Class, Pla- toon Leader of Able Company, and a member of the NCO Club, Officer ' s Club, and Scabbard and Blade. He receives his A.B. Degree in History. ROY GERALD CHAMBERS Cleveland, Georgia Jerry Chambers is always seen hard at work in the biology Lab. He is one of the more quiet boys whose earnest manner has won him many friends here. He has served as Vice-President of the Sci- ence Club, and a member of the Glee Club, P.Y.F., Chemistry Club, and Dramatics Club. Even with all this activity, he still has time to participate in intramural sports and be on the Dean ' s List. He is a pre-med student and receives his B.S. Degree in Biology. BILLY EDWIN CARPENTER Baldwin, Georgia Billy was often found at a piano playing or singing. He seemed to have a natural gift for it, and was active in the Glee Club. Bill is an easy- going guy with an attractive personality. He has been active in the NCO Club, Officer ' s Club, and Business Administration Club. He has been on the Dean ' s List and receives his B.S. Degree in Busi- ness Administration. WAVER JACKSON CHAPMAN Brunswick, Georgia Waver is often seen on the football and Softball fields when intramural sports are played. Besides working hard at sports, he was an active member of the NCO Club. He was also in the Drill Platoon and devotes much of his time to the Y.M.C.A. Waver receives his B.S. Degree in Business Administration. MARY MARIE CAVENDER Murrayville, Georgia Marie will surely be a wonderful teacher, because of her sweet smile and winning ways. She will receive her B.S. Degree in Elementary Education. 41 MARION H. CLEGHORN Gainesville, Georgia One of the nicest fellows on campus, " Cleg " has made many friends with his quiet friendliness. He was an active member of the B.A, Club, the Westminister Fellowship, and the Y.M.C.A. He re- ceives his B.S. Degree in Business Administration. RICHARD DELANO COLEMAN Dunwoody, Georgia Richard is our Battalion Commander. He was elected to " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, " and the students elected him " Mr. N.G.C., " " Most Popular, " and " Most Versatile. " He was a member of Scabbard and Blade, B.A. Club, Y.M.C.A., CYCLOPS Staff, and President of the NCO Club. He was also the Captain of the Baseball team, a member of the All-Star Football team and the Letterman ' s Club. He is a D.M.S. and will receive a B.S. Degree in Business Adminis- tration. JOHN FISHBLATE CLOWE, JR. Columbus, Georgia John is one of our outstanding cadets, always finding time to be friendly, " n ' est-ce pas? " We sincerely believe that the South Georgia sun has not had too hindering an effect on him because he has been active as a member of Scabbard and Blade, Sergeant at Arms of the NCO Club, Public Service Officer of Officer ' s Club, Chaplain of Rex Fraternity, member of the Varsity Rifle Team, a member of the Radio Club, Physics Club, and M.C.A. He was elected to " Who ' s Who in Amer- ican Colleges and Universities. " He is on the Battalion Staff, and he is a D.M.S. He graduates with a B.S. Degree in Physics. JAMES WALLACE COOPER, JR. Rome, Georgia A friendly redhead, James is known for his sense of humor and willingness to help others. He plays an active part in the B.A. Club, NCO Club, Offi- cer ' s Club, and is a member of Scabbard and Blade Fraternity. He receives his B.S. Degree in Business Administration. ALFRED L. COLEMAN Jackson, Georgia Bubber, as he is known to all of us, has been in Rex Fraternity. He will receive his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology in June. 42 JOHN JAMES DENNIS, JR. Gordon, Georgia " Dennis the Menace " has certainly made his stay at N.G.C. pleasant for all because of his delightful sense of humor. He is one of the best-lilted cadets here, and we are sure that his pleasant personality will bring him many achievements in the future. He has been Secretary-Treasurer of Rex Fraternity, and a member of the NCO Club and of the Offi- cer ' s Club, In addition to making the Dean ' s List and being a D.M.S. John receives his B.S. Degree in Business Administration. MARGUERITE DOUGLAS ELLIS Alpharetta, Georgia " Rita, " as she is affectionately known by every- one, has been very active in many clubs besides being a Dean ' s List student. She has participated in the B.S.U., F.T.A. and has been on the CYCLOPS staff. She is an active member of the Rec Club as a Mercurean. She will receive her B.S. Degree in Psychology. ELIZABETH ANNE DISMUKES Dahlonega, Georgia A quick smile, a never tiring energy, and a vivacious personality characterizes our Anne. Anne, an outstanding honor student, is a charter member of Nu Gamma Honor Society. She has worked on the CADET BUGLER both as Editor and Alumni Editor, not to mention being an active member of the Dramatics Club. She won the Seiler Memorial Plaque in 1955 and receives a A.B. Degree in French. DONALD S. DICKERSON Marietta, Georgia Don was always to be found in the gym or on the field playing such intramural sports as football, basketball, softball, and track. He was a member of the NCO Club, Officer ' s Club, Rex Fraternity, Honor Platoon, Scabbard and Blade, and the Cadet Bugler staff. He will receive his B.S. Degree In Physical Education. EDWARD SHELBY FORRESTER, JR. Leesburg, Georgia Eddie, soon to be Dr. Edward Forrester, is a familiar figure in the Biology lab. Besides being on the staff of the three student publications, the CYCLOPS, CADET BUGLER, and the COM- MANDER, he was on the Y.M.C.A. Council and B.S.U. Council. Eddie was also an active member of the Officer ' s Club and Scabbard and Blade. He receives his B.S. Degree in Biology. 43 EARL DALE GAYLER Lyerly, Georgia Dale is one of our most respected students. He has a friendly word for everyone and has a cheerful smile. He has been company commander of Baker Company, President of the B.A. Club, and a member of the Y.M.C.A., NCO Club, Offi- cer ' s Club, Rex Fraternity and Scabbard and Blade. He was also on the Rifle Team, a member of the Pan-Hellenic Council, and active in intramural sports. He is a D.M.S. and receives his B.S. Degree in Business Administration. JACK K. GRANT Commerce, Georgia Jack is one of the married men on campus. If you need to know how to do a math or physics problem, he ' s the one to see ' . During his years at N.G.C., Jack has been active in Scabbard and Blade, NCO Club, Officer ' s Club, Physics Club, and the Radio Club. He will receive his B.S. Degree in Math and Physics. REBECCA CLYDE GRANADE Conyers, Georgia Vivacious and fun loving, " Becky " has made her years at N.G.C. lively ones. She was a three-year student. While here, Becky has been a member of the Rec Club, CYCLOPS staff and she has served as Secretary and President of the Home Economics Club. She receives her B.S. Degree in Home Eco- nomics. LOUISE GODBEE Eaton+on, Georgia " Godbee " is another girl who has practically " lived " in the Biology lab. Her cheerful personality and big smile have put her on good standing with everyone. She has taken part in the Science Club, the Rec Club as a Mercurean, and the Y.W.C.A. She will receive her B.S. Degree in Biology. JAMES FRANKLIN GREEN Villa Rica, Georgia " Red " is a very friendly guy with a great, big smile. He is a go-getter and is not afraid of work. He is a member of the Science Club, the Chemis- try Club and is constantly on the Dean ' s List. He also has the Blue Honor Bar and receives his B.S. Degree in Biology. 44 JAMES HAROLD GREEN Soperton, Georgia A big grin and a booming voice, characterizing " Silas, " has made him well-known to everyone. Silas was an active member of Rex Fraternity, B.A. Club, NCO Club, Officer ' s Club, Y.M.C.A., Scabbard and Blade, Intramural sports and Honor Company. In spite of these many extra-curricular activities, he has been on the Dean ' s List. He will receive his B.S. Degree in Business Administration. BOBBY LATHANIAL HARDEGREE Social Circle, Georgia Bobby Hardegree has truly been an outstand- ing cadet at N.G.C. To mention a few of his activities, he is a charter member of Scabbard and Blade, President of the Senior Class, President of the Sigma Theta Fraternity, Company Com- mander of E Company and was elected into " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties. " In the past, Bobby was President of the NCO Club, in the Drill Platoon, and actively participating in company football and basketball. After this, it is easy to see why Bobby received his D.M.S. He will graduate with an A.B. Degree in History. EUGENE L HARBUCK Columbus, Georgia A friendly voice, a warm smile, and hearty laugh all add up to one person — Gene Harbuck. Gene is always seen smiling, no matter where he is or what he is doing. He has been in many activities, some of which are Treasurer of the NCO Club, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, Officer ' s Club, Scabbard and Blade, B.S.U. and he has been active in Intramural sports. He receives his A.B. Degree in History. RICHARD ARNOLD GRIFFIN Dahlonega, Georgia Richard Griffin, better known as " Dickie, " has had part in many of the N.G.C. activities. Up to date, Dickie has held membership in the Science Club, the Chemistry Club, the Forensic Senate, the NCO Club, the Officer ' s Club and the Y.M.C.A., in addition to being on the Dean ' s List. He has also been awarded a D.M.S. Dickie will receive his B.S. Degree in Biology this June. THERON HAINES HILL Thomaston, Georgia The quiet, soft-spoken boy from Thomaston, Haines Hill, has let no grass grow under his feet while he has been at N.G.C. Haines has served two years as President of the Y.M.C.A. and re- ceived the 1955 Y.M.C.A. Cup. Haines also has his D.M.S., not to mention being in the B.A. Club, NCO Club, Officer ' s Club, and Scabbard and Blade. These are a few of the reasons why Haines was chosen to be in " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. " Come June, he will receive his B.S. Degree in Business Administration. 45 PETER HODKINSON III Thomasville, Georgia Pete is often seen in the biology lab and laboring on the football field. His activities at N.G.C. have been spread far and wide. He is the Executive Officer of E Company and has been a member of the Forensic Senate, the Officer ' s Club, the NCO Club, the Drill Platoon, the Scabbard and Blade, and was elected to the All-Star Football team for two consecutive years. Needless to say, Pete has a D.M.S. and will receive his B.S. Degree in Biology. PHILLIP EDWARD JOHNSON Bremen, Georgia The old story of small town boy makes good certainly applies in Phillip ' s case. His many activi- ties include Scabbard and Blade, NCO Club, Offi- cer ' s Club, and B.S.U. He was also a member of the Cyclops staff, Y.M.C.A., and participated in many intramural sports. Phillip will receive his B.S. Degree in Business Administration. CHARLES BUFORD JOHNSON, JR. Oglethorpe, Georgia Oglethorpe contributed one of its best citizens when Charlie Johnson came to N.G.C. He has taken part in the activities of the Drill Platoon, Y.M.C.A., NCO Club, Officer ' s Club, Letterman ' s Club, and was Sergeant-at-Arms of Rex Fraternity. He was also Treasurer of the Senior Class and was on the Varsity basketball team. He receives his A.B. Degree in History. HAROLD BRYAN HOLLAND Thomasville, Georgia One of the best-mannered and well-liked cadets ever to be at N.G.C. is Harold. He has partici- pated in the Scabbard and Blade, the Officer ' s Club, the CYCLOPS staff, the B.A. Club, the Y.M.C.A. and has been Treasurer of the Sigma Theta Fraternity. Harold has also been active in intramural sports, and is a D.M.S. He will receive a B.S. Degree in Business Administration. CAREY PRESTON JOINER, JR. Columbus, Georgia Carey is often seen around the campus with great big English books, but he doesn ' t study all the time for he has been in many organizations during his stay at N.G.C. He is active as the Business Manager of the CADET BUGLER, also a member of the Y.M.C.A., the Glee Club, the Drill Platoon, the NCO Club, the Officer ' s Club, the Scabbard and Blade, a cheerleader, and the West- minster Fellowship. This June Carey will receive a B.A. Degree in English. 46 JAMES THOMAS JONES Chatsworth, Georgia " Phydeaux, " as James is known to his many friends, has a big grin and a " Hello! " for everyone. He has been a member of Scabbard and Blade, Officers ' Club, of which he was President, and the B.A. Club. He was also on the Battalion Staff and a member of the NCO Club. He receives his B.S. Degree in Business Administration. JIMMEY RAY MATTHEWS Villa Rica, Georgia A very popular boy on campus this year is Jimmey. While at N.G.C, he has been active in the Rex Fraternity, the NCO Club, and the Offi- cers ' Club. This spring he will receive his B. S. Degree in Physical Education. JOE PATE MARTIN Morgan, Georgia Joe ' s quiet friendliness has won him many friends during his stay at N.G.C. His activities are many and varied in that he has been Secretary-Treasurer of the Sophomore Class, and a member of the B. A. Club, the F.T.A., the NCO Club, the Officer ' s Club, and on the CYCLOPS and COMMANDER staffs. Joe will receive an A.B. Degree in History. JANICE GLENDA MARSHALL Franklin, Georgia Jan came to N.G.C. from West Georgia College at Carrollton and has certainly done well for herself during her time here. She participates in the Rec Club, as Scrap Boole Chairman in the Home Economics Club, Class Editor of the CYCLOPS, and Publicity Chairman of Wesley Foundation. This June Jan will receive a B.S. Degree in Home Economics. HOWELL R. MAYO, JR. Thomasville, Georgia Howell is a Southern gentleman whose ability and efficiency won for him the titles of " Most Likely to Succeed " and " Most Dependable " at N.G.C. He has taken part in the Scabbard and Blade, the NCO Club, B. A. Club and Officers ' Club, of which he is Vice President. Howell is Battalion Executive Officer, Drill Platoon Leader, has been Drum Major of the Band, Treasurer of the Junior Class, a member of the Y.M.C.A. cabi- net, was elected to " Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities, " and has been on the Dean ' s List. Howell was voted " Outstanding NCO " and is a D.M.S. He will graduate with a B.S. Degree in Business Administration. 47 SHIRLEY LEE MINTZ Rockmart, Georgia Shirley transferred from West Georgia College in Carrollton, and we are glad she did, for she has been active in the Glee Club, the Y.M.C.A., F.T.A., the B.S.U., and was on the CYCLOPS staff. Shirley will receive her B.S. Degree in Elementary Edu- cation. CHARLES ROBERT NICHOLS Shellman, Georgia " Nick, " as he is popularly known here at N.G.C., has been a member of the Rex Fraternity, the NCO Club, the Varsity Basketball Team, Intramural football and basketball. Nick graduates with a B.S. Degree in Physical Education. JOHN WILLARD MURPHY Moultrie, Georgia John is known for his cheerful personality and great sense of humor. He has taken part in the Science Club, the Chemistry Club, the Y.M.C.A., the Wesley Foundation, the NCO Club, the Offi- cers ' Club, and the CYCLOPS Staff. He is now a Platoon Leader in the Band. This spring John will graduate with a B.S. Degree in Biology. SAMMY KEITH MOSLEY Summerville, Georgia Amid bridge, " Cherokee, " and movies, " Spider " found time for Intramural basketball, volleyball, and Softball. A quick wit and a good disposition describe him. He has been in the Scabbard and Blade, Sigma Theta Fraternity, Officer ' s Club, NCO Club, and B. A. Club. He will get his B.S. Degree in Business Administration. CHARLES ROBERT PALMER Marietta, Georgia Charles is always seen with a smile on his face and a friendly " Hi! " to his friends. In the past and present he has been in the Drill Platoon, the NCO Club, the Officer ' s Club, and Vice President of the B. A. Club. He is on the Dean ' s List and will receive his B.S. Degree in Business Adminstra- tion. 48 IVAN WALTER PARR III Fort Leavenworth, Kansas Ivan is originally from " up north, " and has made many friends while at N.G.C. He has been a member of the Y.M.C.A., the NCO Club, the Officer ' s Club, the B. A. Club, Freshman and Varsity Basketball teams, and has earned an Intra- mural Sports Award. He is on the Dean ' s List and is to graduate with a B. S. Degree in Business Administration. STEPHEN STARR REDD Atlanta, Georgia Stephen ' s warm personality will be remembered on the N.G.C. campus. He has been a Dean ' s List student, a member of the Science Club, and the Dramatics Club. He receives a B. S. Degree in Biology. ELI BENSON PLUNKETT Conyers, Georgia Eli is a big guy with a big heart to match. He is a very active member of the Cadet Corps, par- ticipating in the Drill Platoon, the NCO Club, the Officer ' s Club, Varsity Baseball, the Letterman ' s Club, the Physical Education Club, Intramural sports, Scabbard and Blade, the Y.M.C.A, and Second Vice President of the Rex Fraternity. He will receive his B.S. Degree in Physical Education. JOHN RUDOLPH PEARSON Thomasville, Georgia " Peaches " Pearson is one of the most popular boys on the campus, besides being one of the most dependable. He was elected to " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities " because of his well-rounded personality. He was active in Sigma Theta as Sergeant-at-Arms, the NCO Club, Officer ' s Club, B. A. Club, and as Executive Officer in Scabbard and Blade. He was also President of the Sophomore Class, a member of the Pan- Hellenic Courtcil, and Band Company Commander. He will receive his B.S. Degree in Business Ad- ministration. DONALD MACK ROBERTS Columbus, Georgia Donald comes from Columbus, and we are glad he did, for he is one of the nicest boys here. " Video, " as most of us know him, has centered his activities around the Rex Fraternity, the NCO Club, the Officer ' s Club, and Scabbard and Blade. This spring he will receive a B.S. Degree in Mathe- matics. 49 WILLIAM CARLTON SANDERS II Swainsboro, Georgia Bill, when he isn ' t studying, can be found at the Rifle Range. But he has other activities, including the Y.M.C.A., NCO Club, Officer ' s Club, Pub- licity Counselor of B.S.U., Varsity rifle team with an Expert Rifleman ' s Medal, and Letterman ' s Club. He is now a Platoon Leader in the Band and a Dean ' s List student. He receives his A.B. Degree in History. ROBERT JAMES SHORT Decatur, Georgia Everyone knows " Duke " Short ' s big grin and willingness to help. These were some of the reasons why he was elected " Most Friendly " here at N.G.C. He has been President and Secretary of Sigma Theta, Business Manager of the CYCLOPS, Vice President of the Pan-Hellenic Council, and a member of Scabbard and Blade, Drill Platoon, NCO Club, Officer ' s Club, Y.M.C.A., and the B.A. Club. He is also a member of his company rifle team, Westminster Fellowship, and has played Intramural volleyball, track, and Softball. He will receive a B.S. Degree in Business Administration. PATRICIA RUTH SHATTUCK LaFayette, Georgia Patsy is well known to anyone who has ever visited the InFirmary. Taking pills and shots doesn ' t seem so bad when she administers them. Despite working there, she has been very active in clubs such as the Science Club, of which she has been President, Secretary of the Rec Club, President of the Westminster Fellowship, Y.W.C.A., the Varsity rifle team, and Secretary of the State Westminster Fellowship. Notwithstanding these many activities, she has made the Honor List, Dean ' s List, and is a member of Nu Gamma Honor Society. She was elected Miss N.G.C, Most Dependable Coed, Bat- talion Sweetheart, Most Popular Coed, and a mem- ber of the CYCLOPS Beauty Court. She receives a B. S. Degree in Biology. NANCY ELIZABETH SHIPP Dallas, Georgia A transfer student from West Georgia College, Nancy has made a place for herself here. She is a member of the CYCLOPS Staff, Wesley Founda- tion, and is treasurer of the F.T.A. She receives her B.S. Degree in Elementary Education. JANET ANNE SIMPSON Athens, Georgia " Yank " is a transfer student from the University of Georgia, who has a big " Hello! " for everyone and a wonderful sense of humor. She has been President of the Dramatics Club, Vice President of Alpha Psi Omega, and the Westminster Fellowship, Literary Editor and Editor of the CYCLOPS, Man- aging Editor of the COMMANDER, and a member of the Y.W.C.A. Janet has also participated in the Rec Club, winning a letter and sweater as a Trahlytan. She was voted " Most Versatile " by N.G.C. students, and is a Dean ' s List student. She will receive an A.B. Degree in Psychology. 50 LANIS FRANK SINEATH West Palm Beach, Florida From the " Land of Sunshine, " Lanis joined the Corps of Cadets. He has taken part in the Y.M.C.A., NCO Club, the Officer ' s Club, and as President of the Rex Fraternity. Lanis will get a B.S. Degree in Business Administration. GLADYS MARGUERITE SPITLER Mable+on, Georgia Marguerite is a girl who is known for her sweet manner and who is able to take a joke. As a prospective teacher, Marguerite centers her extra- curricular activities around the F.T.A., being a Member and manager of the F.T.A. Used Book Exchange. She will receive her B.S. Degree in Elementary Education. ROBERT EASTWOOD SMITH Blue Ridge, Georgia Bob ' s pleasant smile and dry wit will long be remembered by his fellow students. During his stay at N.G.C., Bob has been active in the Science Club, the NCO Club, the Officer ' s Club, and Intra- mural sports. He receives a B.S. Degree in Biology. IRENE SMITH Dahlonega, Georgia Irene is a quiet, sweet girl who plans to be a teacher. She will receive her B.S. Degree in Ele- mentary Education. JOHN WARREN MOBLEY STIPE, JR. Augusta, Georgia John is quite a whiz in physics and math and is very athletic, too. While he has been at N.G.C., John has gone into many different organizations, some of which are: the Forensic Senate, Scabbard and Blade, the Radio Club, the Physics Club, the NCO Club, and Officer ' s Club. In addition to this he has time for intramural sports and he has stayed on the Dean ' s List. He is a D.M.S., of course, and will graduate with a B.S. Degree in Physics and Mathematics. 51 5471 MADGE TATE Lula, Georgia Madge will be remembered as a poised and charming girl by the many friends she has made at N.G.C. Although she is Secretary of Lewis Hall, she still has had time to be in the Science Club, the Rec Club, Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, and the Wesley Foundation. Madge will receive a B.S. Degree in Biology. ROBERT W. TURNER Dahionega, Georgia Robert, while at North Georgia, majored in Physics. MATTIE H. TURNER Canton, Georgia Mattie will receive her B.S. Degree in Education. GEORGE EDWARD THURMOND Atlanta, Georgia George has been Chaplain and Vice President of the Sigma Theta Fraternity, a member of Scabbard and Blade, the Pan-Hellenic Council, Chaplain of the NCO Club, Treasurer of the Offi- cers ' Club, and a member of the B. A. Club, Y.M.C.A., Drill Platoon, and the CYCLOPS staff. George was elected to " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, " has been President of the Westminster Fellowship, Sports Editor, Business Manager and Editor of the CADET BUGLER, and has been scorelteeper for the Varsity basketball team for three years. He is a D.M.S. and will receive a B.S. Degree in Business Administration. JIMMY FRANKLIN WALKER Conyers, Georgia Jimmy has a big grin and certainly hasn ' t wasted any time while he has been at N.G.C. He has been active in the Rex Fraternity, Captain of the Varsity Rifle Team, Officers ' Club, NCO Club, Scabbard and Blade, Honor Platoon, Freshman Basketball, received an Intramural Award, made the All-Star Football Team, Y.M.C.A., Company Commander of A Company and Treasurer of the B. A. Club. Jimmy is a D.M.S. and will receive a B.S. Degree in Business Administration. " = " " ' 391 V Jjj i 3 ?s 52 WILLIAM KENNETH WALKER Atlanta, Georgia " Willie, " as he is known to his friends, spends a great deal of time in the chemistry lab. He was an active member of the Officer ' s Club and was President of the Chemistry Club. He will receive his B.S. Degree in Chemistry. HARRY HOWARD YOUNG Calhoun, Georgia " Snake " and his broad grin will be missed at N.S.C., but we know his amiable personality will help him find future success. He is an ambitious student, making the Dean ' s List during his stay. He has been an active member in Rex Fraternity, Scabbard and Blade, B. A. Club, and Officer ' s Club. He receives his B.S. Degree in Business Administration. BENARD J. WETHERINGTON Moultrie, Georgia Bernie came back to N.G.C. after the Korean War and has done well. His activities include Editor of the COMMANDER, Scabbard and Blade, Drill Platoon, Officer ' s Club, Y.M.C.A., and the Science Club. He is a Dean ' s List student and receives a B.S. Degree in Biology. 53 JUNIORS TERRY HORTON President RICHARD BROWN Vice President W. L. CAMP Secretary JOHN SCOTT Treasurer 54 Robert Alexander Nona Allen Charles Almand John Avera Barbara Barden Joyce Bellamy Hugh Bentley Reuben Black James Bozeman LeGrande Brannon Suzanne Breedlove Charles But+erworth Robert Calloway Harold Carder Robert Clark Carolyn Collier Patricia Compton Ralph Cordell Richard Coulter James Davis George Davison Donald Dunagan Bess Duncan Juanita Foster William Greer Carl Glass Joanne Green Margaret Hearn Joseph Hunt Miriam James Ronald Johnson Carl Jones Tommy Jones Annette Kelley Loann Kinsey Joseph Knapp Harold Lambert James Land Jo Carol Lenderman Lillas Lindsley Willard Martin Julian McBride Joseph McSwain Julian McWhirter Charles Mullis Walter Nader Jean Odum Burton Patrick Troy Ponder Joseph Puett Beth Puckett Robert Purcell Ray Rachels Freeman Sanders Richard Scheff Robert Schloesser Oscar Scoville Shirley Shaw Ellis Singleton Bruce Snyder Aquila Stipe Clifford Stoner Thurman Sturdivant William Sudlow Ann Tingle Robert Turner Leonard Ward Cleaton Wasdin Richard Wilder William Wigley Jackie Woodward SOPHOMORES WALLY KILPATRICK President HUGH BELCHER Vice President TROY BLEDSOE Treasurer LEE WALL Secretary 58 Sara Aaron Thomas Allen Barbara Anderson John Archer Hughes Ash James Ash Gayle Avera Daniel Barden Regginial Barden Nancy Barnes William Barrett F. L. Bates Lloyd Bell Wiley Black Shirley Boles Tempie Booth Howard Bridges Eddie Buffington George Bugg Dorothy Buice Sadie Burrow Betty Causey Alton Cheek Jere Cochran Robert Cowman Ted Crowe Odette Cummings Patricia Davidson Joann Davis Bardin Dickson Shirley Dodd Wiley Douglas Carolyn Driskell Glynn Eberhardt Elizabeth Estes £?» qj Carnage Fennell William Ford Carl Free Berry Futral Virginia Gaines Raymond Gilleland Terry Gordy Beverly Groover Sarah Gudger Hugh Gurley Marie Harben Vivian Harrison Marianne Hatch Allen Higgenbotham Philip Hoag Leonard Holcombe Latrelle Hooper Nelle Norton Joy Hudgins Sue Hunter Joseph Hutchinson Ruth Hyatt Margaret James Joyce Johnson Samuel Kirbo Edward Kirk Bobby Lee Benny Leviton Susan Lindsley Joann Long Jeanette Loveless Harlan Lunsford William Lupo James Mason William McCoy James MacDonald Carolyn Mebane JhflHI Charles Milam Charles Moore Thomas Moore Douglas Morrow Sue Nuckolls James O ' Kelley Pauline O ' Kelley Barbara Osigian Samuel Owen Jeanette Owens James Page Marcille Pannell Mary Parker Luther Payton A. J. Pinson Margie Pinson Thomas Ponder Betty Price Carolyn Prickett Henry Pridgen Jacqueline Reese James Reeco Sue Reynolds Jack Rhoades Caroline Robinson Hale Sanders Carolan Salley Betty Settle Donald Shepherd James Sibley Hollis Sigman Edward Simmons William Smart Verda Smith Paul Stallings Carole Steinmeti Sheridan Stevenson William Strickland Ann Thomas Margaret Thornton Harold Van Meter Carolyn Vaughan Beverly Vinson Harry Wade H. L Wasden Katherine Waters Ed Wayne Luther Wheelus Ben Wilbanlcs Mary Wilbanks Charles Williams Horace Wilson Ronald Wise Robert Zell N. G. C. Party Ready for inspection! Eternal Study 62 FRESHMEN TOMMY MATTHEWS President WALTER ZIPRICK Vice President KAY REED Secretary DEBBIE TALLEY Treasurer 63 Andy Adams Wade Adams James Adams John Adams Pat Adams Jere Akin Samuel Allison Lester Allred W. S. Allnoch Henry Anderson Margaret Anderson Sue Anderson Ed Archer Darrell Ash Ollie Askew William Bacon William Bagwell Robert Bailey Pattie Baldwin Max Baldwin Carol Barrett Jane Barrow Willard Beck Gail Beddingfield Carolyn Bell Yvonne Bell Darrell Bennett George Bennett Reed Bennett Thaddeus Blackstock Burton Blanton Joe Breedlove Patsy Brice Edna Brock Ray Browder Barbara Brown Robert Bruce William Burnette Ray Burruss Carlton Butler Walta Lou Butler Bobby Cady Sherrod Campbell John Carlton Joseph Carmichael Helen Carr Raymond Carson Louis Carter John Cavender James Channel William Chapman Paul Chastain Coman Cheek Arthur Cheves Pat Christian Joe Clement Fran Clemmer Evelyn Clinton Sue Clyburn Allena Cobb James Cole James Coleman William Cook Jan Cooley Donald Copeland Robert Coram Doris Corbin Elaine Coven Fran Cox Martin Cozart James Crandall Hen ry Crumley Robert Crouch Barbara Cummings Stanley Davenport Beverly Davis John Davis Oraville Day James Dean Robert Deariso Floyd Deen John Dent Charles Dexter Virginia Dover Janet Duke Jesse Dumas Jerry Dye John Eidschun James Elliott Hugh Farmer Leona Kimbrell Gordon Kelley Donna Jordan McDonald Jones Bobby Jones Barbara. Jones Doug Joiner Marlyn Johnson Edward Johnson David Johnson Jimmy Jarrett Mary Jarrard Elinor Jackson Milton Ivie W. H. Hurley James Howell William Hoopaugh Betty Holmes Henry Hollingsworth Luan Holland Margaret Herring Edwin Hensley Wyman Heeth Peggy Head Janice Hawkins Montez Hart Donald Harrison David Harrison Mary Harris Max Hardy Sandra Harben Sam Harben Richard Hamil Kirby Hamil David Haight Charlene Griffith James Greeson Zelmer Gooch James Golding James Gayler Jean Frye Claude Fox George Flanders Robert Fishback Louis Ferguson Janice King Mary King James KirkUnd Dolores LaFoy Lynn Lane Mary Langford Bruce Lanier Robert Lecroy Annette Leverette Robert Levison Earl Lindsey Barbara Littlefield Betty Loden Shirley Lott Tom Lott Barbara Love Barbara Low John Lowe James Lowe Royce Lynn Charlie McDonald Sandra Marr Bill McDonald Bonnie McLane Dan McKay John Magill Ed Mann Joe Manous Grady Mason Carolyn Matthews Herman Matthews Warren Maxwell George Mayo Dean Mays Jimmy Merti Louise Mitchell Gerald Miller Sandra Newberry Julian Nichols Mary Nichols Guy Norman James North Gayl O ' Quinn Henry Owens Leonard Parks Julian Parsons Pat Patterson Pat Payne John Peterson Carol Phillips Donna Phillips Ashburn Piland Arthur Pittman Chatty Pittman Jana Poston Gene Powell John Poston Nick Powell Max Pressley Ronnie Pressley Carol Puckett George Rachels Michael Raley J. H. Reddick Charles Rice Robert Richardson Sylvia Roberts Idus Robertson Frank Robertson Bety Robison Joe Rowan Betty Rucker Bunyon Rudd Robert Russell William Sartain Clifford Sanders Dot Sawyer James Scoggins Sue Scott Johnny Seay Tommy Sessions W. G. Sharp Peggy Shiflet Shirley Shockley Donald Shoemake Laura Sikes William Simpson Martha Sloan Guy Smith Charles Smith James Sn-.tih John Smith John Smith Kay Smith Nancy Smith Willa Smith Woodrow Smith Walter Snelling Don Stone Dan Tarte William Tedder Charles Templeton June Thayer Kenneth Thomas Robert Thomas Howard Tilley William Todd Sue Tolbert James Turner James VanHorn Jesse Varnedoe Heeth Varnedoe Earl Yillyard Donald Waldrip Thomas Wallis Donald Warren Virginia Wattenbarger June Wehunt Myrna West June Weston Olean W heeler Alma White Bill White Donald White Lavonia Whitehead Tommy White Polly Whitmire Ronald Wilbanks William Williams Hoyte Wishon Douglas Woody John Worthington William Yeomans Richard Zell SUMMER GRADUATES Neilie L. Anderson Margaret Dobson Geneva R. Arial Maggie Flynn Stella Baxter Betty Forester Willie 0. Baxter Willie Leatherwood Gertrude Moss Martha N. Stephens Bonnie Mullinax Alice Stover Thelma Ravan James Stover Margaret Smith Dolly Taylor NOT PICTURED: SENIORS Hinton Amerson Claude Brown Billy Dove Grace Conner William Ellis SPECIAL STUDENTS Mrs. Suzanne Arata Mrs. Doris Engerrand Mrs. Grace Woody JUNIORS William Cole Richard Coulter Thomas Crow Oscar Davis Norwood Flanders Henry Foster Edwin Hensley Joseph Hunt Robert Mitchell Morrison Moore William Pace Henry Pease pueon Smith SOPHOMORES George Adams Max Bradley James Channell Mrs. Mary L. Conner Richard Corbin Jon Crawford Donald Fisher William Gissendaner William Hammond Kay Holland William Hurley Thomas Jenkins Calloway Grant James McNew Charles Nicholas William Roboclcer Ronald Russell Hubert Seabolt FRESHMEN Curtis Barfield James Boyd Kenneth Brown Sherrod Campbell Betsy Cook Don Clary Fred Craig Novis Davis Max Ferguson Creig Fickling Walter Futch Jerry Gaines Harold Gary Amil Gerlock Robert Goins Theron Golden Joe Griggs Grady Hamrick James Hartis Donald Hawkins Benjamin Hulsey Lee Hurst James Irby Marjorie Bobo Virginia Merrit ■ ■• ' •. ' ••! V f . « • • • t • ' • f » " . Bonnie Sosebee Maggie Worley Henry Johnson William Johnson James Kirkland Charles Lipthratt William McClure Betty McCrary Maynard Mann Joel Mullis Albert Perry Willie Roberts Mrs. Stephen Redd Beverly Smith William Stephenson William Van Landingham Porter Weaver MRS. F. L. SINEATH Sponsor DALE GAYLER Vice President REX FRATERNITY FRANK SINEATH President MAJOR RALPH DAVIS Adviser JOHN DENNIS Secretary and Treasurer CHARLES JOHNSON Sergeant-at-Arms JOHN CLOWE Chaplain RICHARD COLEMAN 2nd Vice President REX FRATERNITY 72 MRS. E. A. SHORT Sponsor SIGMA THETA FRATERNITY ROBERT SHORT President GEORGE THURMOND Vice President JULIAN McWHIRTER Secretary HAROLD HOLLAND Treasurer BOBBY BRAY Chaplain SAM MOSELY Sergeant-at-Arms MR. R. H. BELCHER Adviser SlGMA THETA FRATERNITY 73 ANN DISMUKES PATSY SHATTUCK NU GAMMA Nu Gamma Society is an honorary scholastic society whose membership is composed of students with out- standing academic achievement. The present pic- tured students are charter members of Nu Gamma. DEAN W. D. YOUNG Adviser 74 MAJOR W. H. TURNER Advisor JOHN PEARSON First Lieutenant • SCABBARD and BLADE Scabbard and Blade is an honorary fraternity made up of Cadets chosen for their leadership and dependability, and it preserves the very highest military standards. CHARLES MULLIS First Sergeant n r GEORGE BROOKS Chaplain LOUIE AYERS Second Lieutenant i . . ■ • ' " . t i t s ,.o o r 1 £ ' J C ; 4 tit.!- ■■■ ' " SCABBARD AND BLADE 75 JO LENDERMAN President JUANITA FOSTER Vice President LEE WALL Reporter MADGE TATE Secretary BESS DUNCAN Treasurer LEWIS HALL MISS ALICE DONOVAN Adviser KITTY LENDERMAN Sponsor SENIORS Top Row (left to right): J. Marshall, M. Tate, L. Godbee, D. Allen, M. Spitler. Bottom Row: M. Ellis, B. Granade, B. Boyd, N. Shipp, S. Mintz. fi 7S 1 m Left to right, top row— B. Duncan. A. Kelley. J. Odoum. J. Foster. J. Bellamy. M. Hearn. N. Allen. Front row— . Puck- ett, S. Shaw, A. Tingle. J. Woodward, J. Lenderman, S. Breedlove, C. Collier. Left to right, top row — R. Hyatt. S. Nuckolls, S. Boles, C. Driskell, R. Lindsley, P. O ' Kelley, J. Owens, R. Estes, C. Bell, B. Settle, Susan Lindsley. Center row— B. Groover, B. Vinson, B. Causey, S. Burrow, M. Wilbanks, V. Harrison, D. Buice, S. Hunter. Front row — S. Stevenson, M. Harben, C. Vaughan, S. Roberts, M. Thornton, C. Salley, J. Davis. Left to right, top row — C. Mebane, C. Waters, V. Gaines, S. Dodd, T. Booth, C. Priclcett, M. Pannell, N. Horton, N. Barnes. Center row— B. Price, L Wall, B. Osigian, J. Hudgins, C. Robinson, J. Loveless, P. Davidson, T. Hooper. Front row — S. Steinmeti, M. Pinson, V. Smith, S. Gudger, S. Aaron. FRESHMAN GIRLS C) v?.o € «? ()(■ fe € q ir , ,-, n «, r) GEORGE THURMOND Editor KENNETH BUTTERWORTH Associate Editor ANNE DISMUKES Alumni Editor CAREY JOINER Business Manager C A D E T MRS. C. JOINER Sponsor B U G E R MR. H. H. GILBERT Business Adviser MR. CHARLES MULKEY Adviser The Cadet Bugler Is the magazine pub- lished quarterly by the students of N.G.C. It is made up of articles and creative material written by the students. The Bugler is distributed to students here and to for- mer students all over the world. 78 Front Row (I. to r.): P. Shattuck, J. Len- derman, H. Allen. Back Row: R. Levison, L. Wall, J. Duke, O. Day. Front Row (I. to r.): L Wall, K. Butter- worth, G. Thurmond, C. Joiner, S. Nuck- olls, C. Mebane. Back Row: J. Scott, J. Lenderman, J. Bellamy, N. Allen, H. Lam- bert, T. Moore. gj -v — s 1 |0k 1 . 1 Tj 1 ' » N . H i s H w 1 11 ■ |q 1 Front Row (I. to r.): G. Scoville, S. Nuckolls, A. Dismukes, C. Joiner. Back Row: C. Mebane, W. Beck, F. Robertson. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION GENE HARBUCK President CHEALON WASDIN Vice President WALLY KILPATRICK BAPTIST STUDENT UNION 80 SCIENCE CLUB PATSY SHATTUCK President JERRY CHAMBERS Vice President BETTY BOYD Secretary STEPHEN REDD Program Chairman BOB PURCELL Parliamentarian Left to right: L. Godbee, B. Boyd, J. Green, Dr. Forester, P. Shattuclc. DR. H. B. FORESTER Sponsor THE SCIENCE CLUB The Science Club, under the direction of Dr. Harry Forester, ex- plores all areas of science through field trips, speeches, and demon- strations. It is a very active and informative organization for those interested in the sciences as ca- reers or as hobbies. Seated (left to right): R. Griffin, Dr. Forester, R. Adamson. Standing: S. Dodd, C. Mebane, J. Lenderman, L Ayers. Standing (left to right): T. Allen, B. Hunt, B. Purcell Seated: S. Redd, J. Chambers. 81 H O A N Top row (left to right): G. O ' Quin, J. Woodward, M. West, S. Tolbert. 5th row: B. Brown, M. Panned, V. Smith, L. Sikes. 4th row: B. Vinson, C. Mebane, S. Burrow, B. Rucker. 3rd row: M. Wilbanks, C. Driskell, C. Steinmeti, S. Aaron, C. Prickett, W. Horton, M. James. 2nd row: S. Hunter, V. Harrison, J. Bellamy, B. Barden. 1st row: M. Hearn, J. Cooley, D. Buice, C. Salley. R E C COUNCIL JEAN ODOM President LT. LAMAR SUTTON Sponsor MARGARET JAMES Vice President BESS DUNCAN Reporter VIRGINIA GAINES Secretary SARALEE GUDGER Sports Manager BETTY RUCKER Treasurer THE REC CLUB COUNCIL The Women ' s Recreation Association, better known as the Rec Club, provides a sports program for the coeds at N. G. C. It is composed of four teams — the Hippolytans, Phi Omicrons, Trahlytans, and the Mercureans — which jointly sponsor the athletic program, socials, and further the inter- ests of good sportsmanship. PAT HOWE Adviser Seated (left to right): C. Collier, R. Hyatt, S. L Gudger, B. Duncan, V. Gaines, J. Odom, M. James, B. Rucker, J. Hudgins, P. Davidson, G. Avera. Standing: S. Shaw, S. Aaron, C. Priclcett, D. Howe. H O M O N Top to Bottom, 4th row: B. Settle, L. Lindsley, N. Allen, V. Sains, P. O ' Kelly. 3rd row: S. Anderson, S. Dodd, J. Dover, D. Jordon. 2nd row: P. Shiflett, S. Newberry, S. Butler, C. Collier, S. Gudger. 1st row: M. Herring, R. Hyatt, C. Collier, J. Poston. 84 R A H A N JOHN AVERA Sponsor S. Nuckolls, L. Holland, B. Loden, D. Phillips, J. Simpson, J. Odom, L. Hooper ,M. James. Second Row: M. Johnson, A. Leverette. Third Row: O. Wheeler, S. Lott. Fourth Row: S. Reynolds, M. Jarrett. Fifth Row: P. Davison, G. Avera. f i - • BERNARD WETHERINGTON Editor NOEL PACE Assistant Editor (Not Pictured) PHILIP HOAG Associate Editor N G JOE PUETT Military Editor j. o. scon Sports Editor Top row: N. Allen, M. Hatch, J. Puett, J. Hensley, C. Bell, A. Tingle, S. Reynolds. Bottom row: J. Land, J. McWhirter, B. Wetherington, P. Hoag, J. Scott. CAPT. CHARLES WHITTINSTON Advisor " • ' CAROLYN BELL Co-ed Editor c o M M A N D E R JAMES LAND Associate Editor Standing: P. Hoag, J. Land, N. Pace. Seated: C. Vaughn, C. Bell. THE COMMANDER The COMMANDER is a fairly new school publication, being only three years old. Every week this mimeographed paper is found in the Chow Hall. It is filled with news, features, cartoons, gossip, and columns. " COMMANDER DAY " is a big occasion when everyone gathers to discover the latest. Standing: H. Lambert, C. Stoner, J. Hutchinson, M. Allen, R. Cowman. Seated: N. Smith. C. Griffith, B. Wetherington, C. Phillips, C. Vaughn. THE FORENSIC SENATE JOE PUETT President DR. W. P. ROBERTS Adviser BOB SCHLOESSER Sergeant-at-Arms THE FORENSIC SENATE The members of the Forensic Senate are people who like to argue constructively. They are taught by their adviser, Dr. Bill Roberts, to see both sides of a current problem and to express their views. By debating with teams from other schools, these speakers represent N. S. C. and bring home many honors each year. Standing (left to right): Dr. Roberts, P. Hodlcinson. Seated: B. Schloesser, J. C. McDonald, J. Puett, N. Allen. 88 GLEE CLUB MR. DESMOND BOOTH Director MRS. MARION BOUFFARD Pianist J. Sibley, C. Lambert, P. Carlton, E. Sii Top Row: B. Bray, B. Carpenter, D. McKay, W. McDonald, mons, , , R. Barden. Middle Row: B. Cummings, J. Hawkins, J. King, C. Mathews, P. Baldwin, S. New- berry, B. Holmes, J. Duke, A. Dismukes, H. Lunsford, B. White, B. McCoy. Front Row: B. Causey, B. Puckett, C. Bell, R. Hyatt, B. Groover, S. Minti, Sue Nuckolls, B. Robinson, A. Leverett, M. Johnson, B. Brown, P. Davison, L. Hooper, Mr. Booth, Pianist Marian Bouffard. 89 w y p m THE RADIO CLUB The Radio Communications Club is made up of students inter- ested in experimental and " ham " radio. Under the able direction of Mr. Pigg, it operates under the licensed call letters W4YPM, and serves to further the interest in amateur radio operating. BILLY DOVE President JOHN STIPE JOHN CLOWE J. K. GRANT MR. PIGG Adviser HAROLD LAMBERT KENNETH BUTTERWORTH 90 WESLEY FOUNDATION PAL LUNSFORD President CAROLYN PRICKETT Vice President HAINES HILL Treasurer BETH PUCKETT Secretary WESLEY FOUNDATION 91 PHYSICS CLUB THE PHYSICS CLUB The Physics Club promotes among the students interest in the field of physics. Under the leader- ship of Mr. Yager, it has done a great deal to further this aim and has become one of the most important clubs on the campus. JOHN CLOWE President MR. YAGER Adviser 92 PAT DAVIDSON President THE DRAMATIC CLUB PROF. J. T. SIMPSON Adviiar THE DRAMA TIC CLUB Although the Dramatic Club is composed of a small number of talented people, it is actually an organization which the whole school enjoys. Under Mr. John Simpson ' s leadership, this group presents many unusually good plays yearly. It also deserves much credit for its help given to the District One-Act Play Contest. ED SIMMONS Vice President MARCILLE PANNELL Secretary NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE PLAYERS Row I (left to right): J. Loveless, C. Barrett, J. Barrow, C. Bell, M. Harris, P. Davidson, S. Breedlove, B. Jones, F. Cox, J. Duko, K. Smith, J. Simpson, S. Scott, S. Arata. Row 2: N. Horton, M. Pannell, A. Dismukes, J. Owens, L. Hooper, C. Mebane, B. Barden. Row 3: J. Eidschun, D. Morrow, J. Gerlock, E. Simmons, H. Howell, B. Rudd, W. Sartain, H. Lunsford, S. Allison, J. Lowe. Row 4: R. Black, C. Glass, R. Levison, B. McDonald, H. Amerson, S. Kirbo, D. Barden, J. Chambers, A. Pittman, T. Sturdivant, R. Hamil, L. Parks, M. Mann, H. Matthews, A. Stipe, J. Breedlove, O. Day, R. Schloesser, Mr. J. Simpson. JANET SIMPSON Editor 1 9 5 VERDA SMITH Assistant Editor ROBERT SHORT Business Manager DR. BROWN Adviser MR. GILBERT Adviser 6 CYCLOPS ORGANIZATIONS (left to right): B. Schloesser. S. New- berry, L. Wall, J. C. McDonald, B. Granade, P. Johnson, J. Foster, J. Lenderman. 94 CLASSES (left to right): M. Ellis. N. Shipp. S. Mintz. J. Marshall Editor, S. Anderson, V. Gaines. MILITARY (left to right): R. Coleman. E. Forrester, Editor, H. Hill, H. Lambert. THE CYCLOPS To the students of North Georgia College, the CYCLOPS is not just a book; it is a treasure to be carefully guarded and to be viewed with pride. It forms a picture record of an entire year, full of memories for each student, ies. PHOTOGRAPHY AND EDITORIAL STAFF (left to right): B. White, N. Allen, V. Smith, C. Robinson, J. Bellamy, M. Thornton, J. Simpson. BUSINESS (left to right): G. Thurmond. S. Breedlove, R. Short, Business Manager, L. Parks. UTERARY (left to right): A. Tingle, C. Vaughn, C. Mebane. Editors, J. Avera, G. Avera, B. Barden. 95 CHEMISTRY CLUB THE CHEMISTRY CLUB The Chemistry Ciub, though small, is very important to its members. By working together the members can see how essential chemistry is in the modern world. Speeches and field trips increase the knowledge and enjoyment of those who like to mix things to see what happens. WILLIAM ELLIS Vice President (Not Pictured) WILLIAM WALKER President (Left to right): S. Redd, R. Adamson, L. Lindsley, W. Ellis, J. Van Horn, B. Hunt, J. Chambers. ' 1 " ' " ? " ? ? " ™ n W -S JS . 5 » 1 ' ?• .. • , „ ». B w •. o. C r, « u X, t p. ■ ,„ C. P- N t P.-. s f, Grt t b o. . i! . , I Pa u f r « . st Cf LILLAS LINDSLEY Secretary-Treasurer DR. SIMMS Adviser 96 WESTMINISTER FELLOWSHIP DR. S. HUNTLEY Advisor GEORGE THURMOND President JANET SIMPSON Vice President JOY HUDGINS Proaram Chairman THE WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP is the Presby- terian student organization. Services are held each Sunday evening for worship and the study of church doctrine and history, followed by an old-fashioned Hymn-sing. The fellowship sponsors a Sunday School class and Coffee-and-Donut Hour on Sunday morn- ings, and occasional retreats and socials. VIRGINIA GAINES Program Chairman JOYCE BELLAMY Secretary-Treasurer WESTMINISTER FELLOWSHIP 97 N C O CLUB KENNETH BUTTERWORTH President WARREN CAMP Vice President ROBERT SCHLOESSER Secretary-Treasurer THE N. C. O. CLUB The N. C. O. ' s form the backbone of the Army. This statement is true — especially at N. S. C, where the N. C. O. ' s have a big duty in the organization of the corps. Their club, although it is military in nature, has many social functions for the benefit of its members. CAPT. C. WHITTINGTON Advisor JERRY NADER Serge ant-at-Arms JULIAN McWHIRTER First row (left to right): R. Browder, G. Fennel, B. Wigley, L Martin,,L. Bell, J. Nader, K. Butterworth, J. McDonald, J. Avera, J. McSwain. Second row: L. Ward, J. Scott, D. Patrick, H. Lambert, A. Stipe, R. Brown, J. Bozeman, J. Land, J. Puett, R. Schloesser. Third row: D. Johnson, J. Hensley, R. Singleton, F. Sanders, W. Camp, T. Horton, R. Black, J. McBride, R. Clark, T. Sturdivant. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB MRS. CLYDE GRANADE Sponsor BECKY GRANADE President MISS BESSIE LEE FREEMAN Adviser MARIE HARBEN Secretary Front row (left to right): M. Thornton, S. Boles, B. Granade, M. Harben, S. Breedlove, A. Leverett. Second row: S. New- berry, S. Anderson, V. Gaines, J. Foster, S. Stevenson, J. Marshall, L. Holland. SHIRLEY BOLES Treasurer SUZANNE BREEDLOVE Vice P resident Front row (left to right): M. Pannell, C. Steinmetz, B. Mc- Clane, M. Jarrard, L. Silces, M. West, S. Shaw. Second row: B. Osigian, C. Prickett, P. Shiflett, B. Settle, B. Brown E. Brock. CAROLYN PRICKETT Sponsor HAINES HILL President GENE HARBUCK Vice President YMCA CABINET YMCA The Young Men ' s Christian Association meets with the Y.W.C.A. and together they provide for a fuller guidance in everyday Christian living. DR. H. B. FORRESTER Adviser ROY ADAMSON Secretary EDWARD FORRESTER Treasurer 100 BEVERLY GROOVER President GRACE CONNER Adviser (Not Pictured) YWCA CABINET Y W C A The Young Women ' s Christian Association, along with the Y.M.C.A., is one of the most active groups on the campus. Its many activities include parties, speakers and student programs. JOYCE JOHNSON Vice President BETH PUCKETT Secretary JOY HUDGINS Treasurer 101 Mr. N. OAKES Adviser BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CLUB DALE GAYLER President CHARLES PALMER Vice President CAROLYN COLLIER Secretary JIMMY WALKER Treasurer BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CLUB JOHN DENNIS Reporter OFFICER ' S CLUB TOM JONES President HOWELL MAYO Vice President DALE GAYLER Secretary MAJOR WALTER TURNER Adviser CLAUDE BROWN Treasurer (Not Pictured) CAPTAIN ORVILLE HAUSE Adviser MRS. TOM JONES Sponsor Top Row: H. Viclters, W. Arata, D. Roberts, C. Palmer, L. Ayers, G. Brooks, B. Hardegree, R. Adamson, P. Hodkinson, D. Dickerson, J. Green, H. Mayo, Second Row: G. Harbuck, D. Gayler, C. Brown, J. Dennis, D. Griffin, H. Hill, W. Chapman, R. Smith, E. Plunkett, G. Thur- mond. Third Row: J. Walker, J. Clowe, B. Carpenter, H. Young, F. Sineath, H. Amerson, J. Grant, C. Joiner, B. Bray, C. Bailey. Fourth Row: J. Cooper, T. Jones, J. Stipe. J. Martin, R. Short, B. Wetherington, W. Walker, S. Mosley, C. Johnson, E. Forrester. 103 ALPHA PSI OMEGA ROBERT SCHLOESSER President JANET SIMPSON Vice President a?q ALPHA PSI OMEGA Alpha Psi Omega was established here on the campus only a year ago, and already it is challenging students interested in dramatics. This fraternity is open to all students who meet the qualifications. Under the guidance of Mr. John Simpson, the fraternity sponsors plays, chapel programs, and interest in the field of dramatics. CARL GLASS Secretary Left to right: Mr. Simpson, Black, Glass, Simpson, Schloesser, Sturdivant. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL MISS JO CAROL LENDERMAN Sponsor M MJ» tI H I Vtf I ' m m 1 1 FRANK SINEATH President ROBERT SHORT Vice President DALE GAYLER Secretary-Treasurer JOHN PEARSON Member GEORGE THURMOND Member CARL GLASS Member 105 RICHARD BROWN President ANNETTE KELLEY Vice President ANN TINGLE Secretary NANCY SHIPP DR. ORBY SOUTHARD Adviser MRS. MARION BOUFFORD Adviser FUTURE TEACHERS of AMERICA L. to R.: A. Kelley, J. Adams, R. Brown, N. Allen, C. Salley, A. Tingle, L. Estes, M. Ellis, J. Jarrett, M. Hearn, S hip p, S. Minti M U A N J PAGE HUDGINS Sponsor SHIRLEY SHAW Co-Captain Left to riant- C Vaughn, C. Griffin, J. Weston, S. Scott, B. Holmes, D. Talley, F. Cl « mm f r ; P - Whitlire.N. ' Barne; B 9 Osigian, B. Price, B. Puckett. B. Causey, L. Mitchell, B. McLane, C. Waters, L. Walls, S. Shaw, J. Hudgins. 107 Cheer Up, Rats! Uhm P. O. Coolcout B Company Christmas Carolers Off to Pine Valley! Thank you, Santal 108 Those beauties don ' t look sleepy! h . ea 155 $c. Patsy Shattuclc 110 ..nq.c. .... Richard Coleman ill u oit oLilieiu to Succeed ANN DISMUKES HOWELL MAYO riendiieit BESS DUNCAN DUKE SHORT 112 ■■■■■■■II oil versatile JANET SIMPSON RICHARD COLEMAN ' lost eJjependabie PATSY SHATTUCK HOWELL MAYO 113 oit itkletic GAYL AVERA DE WAYNE PATRICK Cuteit L oupie SARALEE GUDGER CHARLIE ALMAND I ' d j- op it la I oil l opular PATSY SHATTUCK RICHARD COLEMAN WHO ' S WHO In American Colleses and Universities DON ADAMS BOBBY BRAY JOHN CLOWE RICHARD COLEMAN ANNE DISMUKES BOBBY HARDEGREE HAINES HILL JO CAROL LENDERMAN HOWELL MAYO JOHN PEARSON PATSY SHATTUCK GEORGE THURMOND GRACE CONNER iO C N O a SHIRLEY and BILL MARIE and ELI KAY and HAROLD JEANETTE and T. O. NANCY and SPIER 116 MARIANNE and JOHN lovia m eavi r •9 « L uc(op5 bji ueen 118 OSettvi IKiA,cmr i The Cyclops Queen of 1956, elected by popular vote of the student body, is lovely Betty Rucker, 19-year-old sophomore from Belton, Georgia. Betty ' s very natural beauty is heightened by vivid coloring, a shy smile and a modest, charming manner. She has quiet grace and truly rich beauty. Her hobbies are music and collecting toy dogs, and her favorite sport is basketball. She ' s majoring in Biology, in order to be a lab technician, but has had a secret ambition to be a ballet dancer. Betty says she loves red roses and steak, and her favorite song? . . . " Love Makes the World Go Round. " The Cyclops staff and North Georgia College 9 salute the 1956 Campus Queen. 119 to Carol extendi erman Jo is the vivacious junior with the brilliant smile, who wears a dainty 4| 2 shoe and likes to read, swim and dance. Her pet dislike is narrow mindedness, and she likes roses, blue mink and velveteen. I at5u kattuch 7 A dignified, serene beauty is senior Patsy Shattuck. Her hobby is painting, and she likes the color blue, Arpege Perfume, and pink roses. 121 ■ ■fl adae Jate Madge is a sophisticated beauty, whose quiet, reserved manner adds to her charm. She ' s fond of orchids, mink, cake, and Channel No. 5. 122 I Ml MP - " J au r eed Kay is a blue-eyed, blonde freshman who likes camellias, chocolate cake and the color red. Her favorite perfume is Tigress, and she ' s super- stitious about Friday the 1 3th. 123 vSawava L v ummm 9 s Dainty and sweet are the words for Barbara, who likes peach short- cake and water skiing. She is a freshman with a secret ambition to be a housewife, and she doesn ' t like to be told to stop chewing gum. 124 BeiS 2), uncan Bess is a truly beautiful brunette who likes gardenias, football and potatoes. She dislikes snobbishness, likes music and dancing, and is a junior, majoring in Education. 125 Vi V The Bugger Bear Club Red, what did you tell those Rats?? The Merry-go-round goes round and round Eli must a be a P. C. Old soldiers never diell 126 ra w X " A " COMPANY CO-CAPTAINS COULTER, R. V. PLUNKETT, E. COACH McNEW, J. First row (left to right): Coram, Adams, Cavander, Sibley, Ash, McNew, Coleman, Roberts, Coulter, Wilson, Shoemake, Reddick. Second row: Futch, White, Plunkett, Martain, Van Meter, Clary, Walker, Joiner, Brown, Carter, Smart, Sanders. Third row: Douglas, Heeth, Nader, Varnedoe, Flemming, Parr, Wilder, Stipe, Seay. WON 3 LOST I 128 COACH SCOTT, J. O. CAPTAIN PATRICK, D. w B " COMPANY , ■ .. «.,. .; •.■ ... ., k -- ,,, • 1 « ' »4,W-..:. ' ■ ■ • .:■:: . ' U.ju... ' First row (left to right): Lambert, Robocker, Dumus, Grant, Cheek, S. Cheek, A. Elliot, Black, Williams. Second row: Harrison, Patrick, Scott, Fielding, Johnson, Adkins, Miller, Harben, Harbuck, Snelling, Sudlow. Third row: Husley, Nichols, Reece, Bennett, Griggs, Mann, Forrester. WON 4 LOST 129 w C " COMPANY CAPTAIN BROWN, C. COACH MATHEWS, J. First row (left to right): Carpeter, McGill, Brown, Butler, Glass, Coleman, Cole, Gissendanner, Corbin, Norman. Second row: Strickland, Capt. Whittington, McKay, Barden, Johnson, Crawford, Lanier, Poston, Bonner, Boieman, Levington, Brannon, Mathews, Browder. Third row: Bradley, Adams, Russell, Kirk, Lee, Wheelus, Jones, Payton, Parsons, Mason, Crowe. S- T WON LOST 4 130 COACH CAPTAIN DICKERSON, C. GREEN. J. " D " COMPANY ' ■.. ., ' . . ' i ' li:«3f First row (left to right): Mosley, Chapman, Bailey, Johnson, Smith, Diclterson, Green, Smith, Lipthratt, Lowe. Second row: Hawkins, Williams, Wishon, Farmer, Bennett, Templeton, Allen, Burnett, Deariso. Third row: Bledsoe, Hammond, Eberhardt, Camp, Horton, Belcher, Adams, Young. WON I LOST 3 i i ■ ii 1 1 1 1 .. I % 131 w E " COMPANY CAPTAINS COACHES FORD VICKERS GAINES DAVIS First row (left to right): Greeson, Hodltinson, B. McDonald, J. Mann, Schloesser, Kirltland, Davis, Galloway. Second row: Davis, Mandous, Robertson, Adams, Eidschun, Bridges, Irby, Smith. Third row: Viclcers, Lindsey, Ford, Gaines, Ivey, Hamil, Lowery. WON 2 LOST 2 i 132 ALLSTARS HODKINSON E Company COULTER A Company PATRICK B Company BUTLER C Company SHOEMAKE A Company SCOTT B Company SMART A Company SNELLING B Company GRANT (Not Pictured) B Company ROBOCKER (Not Pictured) B Company AMERSON (Not Pictured) E Company DICKERSON MATHEWS D Company C C ompany HAWKINS (Not Pictured) D Company PAYTON C Company HULSEY (Not Pictured) B Company ADKINS (Not Pictured) B Company D VARNEDOE A Company WALKER A Company BLEDSOE D Company HAMMOND D Company BAILEY D Company ELLIOT B Company 133 BASKETBALL VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD— Bad Row (L to R.): Coach Matherly; Breedlove, Manager; Lindsey; Akins; Chapman; Hamil, K.; Hamil, R.; Mann; Yeomans; Bennett; Sudlow, Manager;. Thurmond, Scorekeeper; Front Row: Patrick; Parr; Alexander; Scheff; Camp; Johnson; Van Meter; Shepherd; Cortilli. HAMP ALEXANDER WARREN CAMP RICHARD CORTELLI 134 ' Si wy si 1 V ° y ' . B-LU ■ J H k 1 s ■ onfrttu KIRBY HAMIL IVAN PARR CHARLIE JOHNSON Pin SCHEFF DeWAYNE PATRICK HAROLD VAN METER 135 BASEBALL U. G. MATHERLY Head Coach ROBERT GUDGER LOUIE BULLARD DOUG COBB 136 1 % ' n REUBEN BLACK RICHARD COLEMAN KENNETH SWANSON PIH SCHEFF BURT STRANGE SKEET BACON HAROLD LAMBERT DE WAYNE PATRICK ELLIS SINGLETON HAMP ALEXANDER HAROLD VAN METER RICHARD CORTELLI (ft v yjoa 4 CHARLES NICHOLS JIMMEY MATHEWS ELI PLUNKETT VI RIFLE TEAMS Left to right— Lupo, Fox, Sanders; Second row— Major Davis, Kilpatriek, Gayler, Bailey; Third row— McWhirter, Joiner, Walker, Geer. GIRLS Left to right — Robinson, Holland, Collier, Stevenson; Second row— Cooley, Reed, Clemmer, Dodd, Gaines. TRACK 440 Pole Vault Discus Shot Putt Pole Vault CHEER LEADERS DONNA PHILLIPS KAY REED JANICE HAWKINS BARBARA CUMMINSS First row (left to right): Janet Duke, Barbara Jones, Sue Anderson, Sandra Newberry, Gail Bedding- field. Second row: Laura Sites, Barbara Brown, Sue Tolbert, Myrna West. ra wvia mi i I : " " - ' :, ' . " ■ ' ■ - • ' - : - . •■ ■ ■ ' • ' " - " . y tot A l LUi ■ ■ ■ •lith « I f Battalion Sweetheart, 1956 142 Miss Patsy Shattuck, of Lafayette, Georgia, is presented at the 1955 Officer ' s Club Sweetheart Ball as the Battalion Sweetheart. Dancing with Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Coleman after the leadout from the traditional arch of sabers. 143 THE MILITARY DEPARTMENT Being one of the seven " essen- tially military colleges " of senior rank, North Georgia College is " Georgia ' s West Point. " The Col- lege, along with the Department of Army, endeavors to fit each cadet with the ability to become a good miiltary or civilian leader. MAJOR WALTER M. TURNER, Infantry Professor of Military Science and Tactics MAJOR RALPH E. DAVIS, Artillery Instructor 144 CAPTAIN CHARLES W. W.HITTINGTON, Artillery Instructor SFC. W. T. FANNING Administrative Specialist MRS. W. PHILLIPS Secretary to the PMS T r BS SHSTgji M SGT. G. C. LONG Armory Sergeant - 1 " " kimdl- - a£ i r i . 1 SFC. O. STRICKLAND Assistant Instructor SFC. W. F. JACKSON Assistant Instructor 145 SFC. H. G. GALLAWAY Assistant Instructor BATTALION HEADQUARTERS t. I MRS. G. E. COLEMAN Staff Sponsor CADET CAPT. EARL D. GAYLOR Battalion Personnel Officer Adjutant CADET LT. COL. RICHARD D. COLEMAN Battalion Commander CADET CAPT. JOHN F. CLOWE Battalion Training Officer MISS SUE REYNOLDS Staff Sweetheart (Not Pictured) CADET CAPT. CLaUDE H. BROWN Battalion Supply Officer CADET CAPT. BILLY L. DOVE Battalion Intelligence Officer 146 -S-3 t m BAnALION STAFF B. J. WETHERINGTON T. I. E. Officer J. H. McWHIRTER Battalion Sgt.-Major B. A. BOYLES Assistant S-3 J. T. JONES Public Information Officer J.J. DENNIS Public Information Officer H. B. VICKERS Assistant Supply Officer F. B. FITTS Assistant S-3 Drill Sergeant (Not Pictured) C. E. ADKINS Assistant Intelligence Officer (Not Pictured) C. E. WASDIN No Duties L. C. PARKS No Duties 147 C. C. FOX P. I. O. Clerk J. T. OKELLEY Battalion Administration Specialist COMPANY ABLE BARBARA LITTLEFIELD Company Sweetheart JIMMY WALKER Company Commander MRS. E. M. WALKER Company Sponsor ELI PLUNKETT Company Executive ! — POT ■ JS P — . [ GAILLARD HALL Home of Able Company WALTER NADER Company First Sergeant Center: J. F. Walker. Left to right: R. V. Coulter, R. L. Adamson, G. S. Brooks, D. M. Roberts, E. B. Plunkett, H. W. Parr, J. W. Stipe, G. R. Milam, W. E. Nader. 148 FIRST PLATOON: 2nd U. D. M. Roberts, Pit. Ld.; Sfc. R. P. Scheff, Pit. Sgt.; Sgt. J. M. McNew, Pit. Guide. 1st Squad: Cpl. H. L. Ash, D. R. White, G. B. Mayo, Pfc. E. R. Wayne. 2nd Squad: Cpl. R. T. Wise, C. R. Milam, M. C. Cozart, J. C. Dean, Pfc. T. L. Moore. 3rd Squad: Cpl. H. R. Wilson, D. M. Joiner, D. H. Shoemalce, L. L. Carter, Pfc. J. H. Reddick. SECOND PLATOON: 2nd Lt. J. W. Stipe, Pit. Ld.; 2nd Lt. G. S. Brooks, Asst. Pit. Ld.; Sfc. W. A. Geer, Pit. Sgt. (Not Pictured); Sgt. F. H. Sanders, Pit. Guide. 1st Squad: Cpl. R. R. Wilder, H. Varnedoe, W. C. Heath, Pfc. J. G. Seay, Pfc. J. A. Sibley 2nd Squad: Cpl. W. E. Douglas, R. E. Lynn, W. S. Simpson, C. E. Dexter. 3rd Squad: Cpl. W. E. Smart, W. A. Yeomans, W. L. Futch, J. H. Page, Pfc. H. G. Anderson. 5 ; r THIRD PLATOON: 2nd Lt. R. L. Adamson, Pit. Ld.; 2nd Lt. I. W. Parr, Asst. Pit. Ld.; Sfc. R. W. Brown, Pit. Sgt.; Sgt. W. L. Mar- tin, Pit. Guide. 1st Squad: Cpl. W. P. Lupo, F. Deen, J. H. Cavender, J. R. Smith, W. S. Leath. 2nd Squad: Cpl. J. E. Hancock, J. M. Gayler, R. B. Coram, D. F. Warren, R. G. Chambers, Pfc. R. J. Cortelli. 3rd Squad: Cpl. L. A. Bell, J. L. Coleman, C. W. Barfield, A. R. Piland, W. C. Hoopaugh, Pfc. F. L. Bates. 149 COMPANY BAKER MISS PAT COMPTON Company Sweetheart GEORGE THURMOND Company Commander MRS. W. A. THURMOND Company Sponsor EUGENE HARBUCK Company Executive DE WAYNE PATRICK Company First Sergeant BARNES HALL — Home of the Bakers Center: G. E. Thurmond. Left to right: P. C. Hoag, R. A. Griffin, J. W. Cooper, E. S. Forrester, E. L. Harbuclc, W. Arata, C. B. Johnson, B. D. Patrick, W. S. Black. 150 FIRST PLATOON: 2nd Lt. E. L. Forrester, Pit. Ld.; 2nd Lt. W. Arata, Asst. Pit. Ld.; Sfc. J. O. Scott, Pit. Sgt.; Sgt. R. Black, Pit. Guide. 1st Squad: Cpl. S. H. Sudlow, J. B. Rowan, T. R. Bennett, W. H. Van Landtngham, E. R. Archer, Pfc. A. J. Cheek. 2nd Squad: Cpl. B. D. Snyder, J. A. Griggs, J. D. Dumas, M. E. Vann, J. W. Maxwell, Pfc. R. C. Sanders. 3rd Squad: Cpl. J. W. Ash, G. L. Miller, R. W. Goins, W. D. Harri- son, Pfc. W. H. Hurley, Cpl. D. C. Morrow. SECOND PLATOON: 2nd Lt- R. J. Short, Pit. Ld.; 2nd Lt. J. W. Cooper, Asst. Pit. Ld.; Sfc. W. R. Barrett, Pit. Sgt.; Sgt. J. B. Avera, Pit. Guide. 1st Squad: Cpl. D. N. Davis, E. H. Villyard, G. A. Smith, J. J. Lowe, J. N. Clement, Pfc. T. B. Ponder. 2nd Squad: Cpl. H. D. Carder, S. R. Campbell, B. J. Hulsey, J. W. Smith, C. Cheek, Pfc. C. W. Grant. 3rd Squad: Cpl. C. F. Moore, W. D. Harrison, S. S. Harben, E. R. Hensley, P. E. Chastain, Pfc. S. H. Owen. !Ilf f THIRD PLATOON: 2nd Lt. C. B. Johnson, Pit. Ld.; 2nd Lt. R. A. Griffin, Asst. Pit. Ld.; Sfc. H. C. Lambert, Pit. Sgt.; Sgt. R. H. Alexander, Pit. Guide. 1st Squad: Cpl. R. J. Purcell, R. B. Burrus, K. G. Brown, W. C. Snelling, J. W. Elliott, Pfc. J. D. Reece. 2nd Squad: Cpl. C. R. Nichols, W. S. Chapman, J. J. Breedlove, A. G. Perry, Cpl. W. S. Black, J. Carmichael, Pfc. R. W. Cow- man. 3rd Squad: Cpl. C. R. Williams, R. T. Bailey, C. P. Fickling, W. A. Bagwell, R. O. Gooch, Pfc. W. W. Robocker. 151 COMPANY CHARLIE MISS JO CAROL LENDERMAN Company Sweetheart DONALD ADAMS Company Commander MISS MARY PARKER Company Sponsor WILLIAM WALKER Company Executive .:•!. BARRACKS — Home of the Crackers RALPH CORDELL Company First Sergeant Center: D. Adams. Left to right: L. L. Payton, T. H. Hill, B. D. Bray, B. E. Carpenter, W. K. Walker, L. F. Sineath, J. R. Mathews, R. D. Cordell, M. Jones. 152 FIRST PLATOON: 2nd Lt. B. D. Bray. Pit. Ld.; Sfc. J. C. Boieman, Pit. Sgt.i Sgt. G. E. Davison, Pit. Guide. 1st Squad: Cpl. J. F. Mason, W. Zipriclt, D. W. Waldrip, T. M. Lott, C. W. Jones, Pfc. A. L. Coleman. 2nd Squad: Cpl. C. E. Free, L. L. Allred, J. M. Mathews, B. S. Lanier, J. L. Parson, Pfc. W. E. Gissendanner. 3rd Squad: Cpl. C. T. Crow, D. A. Day, J. R. Boyd, J. D. Cole, W. G. Bacon, Pfc. B. E. Leviton. SECOND PLATOON: 2nd Lt. T. H. Hill, Pit. Ld.; 2nd Lt. J. R. Mathews, Asst. Pit. Ld.; Sfc. L. M. Ward, Pit. Sgt.; Sgt. R. B. John- son, Pit. Guide. 1st Squad: Cpl. J. R. Archer, J. D. Poston, D. E. Barden, E. R. Kirk, Pfc. J. C. Crawford. 2nd Squad: Cpl. M. D. Brodey, H. G. Johnson, C. W. Butler, M. H. Pressley, A. A. Cheeves, Pfc. T. Strickland. 3rd Squad: Cpl. B. C. Lee, R. P. Carson, R. J. Pressley, M. D. Raley, Pfc. J. W. Mertz. THIRD PLATOON: 2nd Lt. B. E. Carpenter, Pit. Ld.; 2nd Lt. L. F. Sineath, Asst. Pit. Ld.; Sfc. C. J. Glass, Pit. Sgt.; Sgt. L. G. Bran- non, Pit. Guide. 1st Squad: Cpl. R. D. Corbin, H. R. Cramley, P. L. Stone, R. P. LeCroy, C. R. Pittman, Pfc. L. C. Wheelus. 2nd Squad: Cpl. R. W. Mitchell, L. W. Ferguson, J. M. Scoggins, R. J. Thomas, G. L. Mason, Pfc. A. L. Morton. 3rd Squad: Cpl. T. W. Ponder, W. R. Tedder, J. H. Howell, J. A. McGill, Pfc. J. G. Norman. 153 COMPANY DOG MISS BARBARA OSIGIAN Company Sweetheart JAMES GREEN Company Commander MRS. HAROLD GREEN Company Sponsor ROBERT SMITH Company Executive AQUILA STIPE Company First Sergeant GAILLARD HALL — Home of the Doggies Center: J. H. Green. Left to right: G. E. Eberhardt, C. A. Bailey, D. L. Diclterson, H. H. Young, S. K. Mosley, R. E. Smith, W. Chapman, J. P. Martin, A. E. Stipe, H. L. Belcher. 154 FIRST PLATOON: 2nd Lt. C. A. Bailey, Pit. Ld.; 2nd Lt. J. P. Martin, Asst. Pit. Ld.; Sfc. T. B. Horton, Pit. Sgt.; Sgt. J. B. Hunt, Pit. Guide. 1st Squad: Cpl. W. V. Wigley, G. N. Adams, W. H. Burnett, W. W. Smith, Cpl. T. A. Bledsoe. 2nd Squad: Cpl. C. D. Stoner, F. Askew, ' T. F. Blackstock, B. J. Cady, C. V. Lipthratt, Pfc. J. E. Crandall. 3rd Squad: Cpl. J. R. Hensley, S. M. Davenport, M. R. Baldwin, M. B. Cox, R. G. Zell, Pfc. G. W. Kilpatrick. SECOND PLATOON: 2nd Lt. D. L. Diclcerson, Pit. Ld.; 2nd Lt. W. J. Chapman, Asst. Pit. Ld.; Sfc. W. Camp, Pit. Sgt.; Sgt. Ellis Sin- gleton, Pit. Guide. 1st Squad: Cpl. S. F. Hale, D. B. Hawkins, Pfc. H. G. Hollingsworth, J. M. Dent, Pfc. J. L. Hutchinson. 2nd Squad: Pfc. M. H. Cleghorn, J. B. Dye, J. D. Johnson, H. E. Mathews, Cpl. H. A. Pridgen. 3rd Squad: Spl. H. H. Sigman, H. D. Farmer, N. Powell, G. C. Bugg, J. R. Lowe. THIRD PLATOON: 2nd Lt. H. H. Young, Pit. Ld.; 2nd Lt. S. K. Moseley, Asst. Pit. Ld.; Sfc. C. H. Mullis, Pit. Sgt.; Sgt. T. C. Jones, Pit. Guide. 1st Squad: Cpl. J. A. Land, G. Rachels, C. O. Templeton, H. S. Wishon, Pfc. D. E. Shepherd. 2nd Squad: Cpl. R. H. Rachels, R. W. Deariso, J. R. Smith, J. R. Turner, R. A. Zell, Pfc. T. M.Allen. 3rd Squad: Cpl. J. R. Green, W. K. Williams, A. J. Pinson, W. E. Stephenson, W. D. Hammond. 155 COMPANY EASY 8K WBSBgBaB PAT PATTERSON Company Sweetheart B. L HARDEGREE Company Commander MISS ANN SIGMAN Company Sponsor HINTON AMERSON Executive Officer (Not Pictured) ■ JOE PUETT First Sergeant SANFORD HALL — HOME OF EASY COMPANY L. to R.: B. L. Rudd, P. Hodinson, III, L. F. Ayers, C. R. Palmer, H. Amerson, J. K. Grant, C. P. Joiner, J. F. Puett, D. W. Fisher 156 FIRST PLATOON: 2nd Lt. L. F. Ayers, Pit. Ld.; Sfc. C. K. Butter- worth, Pit. Sgt.; Sgt. J. K. Davis, Pit. Guide. 1st Squad: Cpl. W. R. McCoy, M. W. Ivie, A. L. Pittman, S. L. Hamrick, R. H. Woody, Pfc. S. H. Kirbo. 2nd Squad: Pfc. J. C. McDonald, J. R. Eidschun, I. E. Kirkland, J. C. Irby, M. L. Mann, Cpl. B. K. Wil- banlcs. 3rd Squad: Cpl. G. L. Kellett, E. O. Johnson, C. D. Rice, J. D. Manous, Pfc. H. D. Seabolt. SECOND PLATOON: 2nd Lt. P. Hodkinson III, Pit. Ld. ; 2nd Lt. J. K. Grant, Asst. Pit. Ld.; Sfc. P. R. Lowry, Pit. Sgt.; Sgt. R. J. Calla- way, Pit. Guide. 1st Squad: Cpl. J. L. Gaines, R. W. Richards, J. T. Van Horn, T. E. Wallis, K. D. Hamil, I. R. Rober- son. 2nd Squad: Cpl. W. C. Ford, J. H. Adams, K. B. Thomas, E. G. Lindsey, R. C. Hamil. 3rd Squad: Cpl. W. B. Boland, Z. R. Gooch, J. D. Ash, J. F. Davis, A. M. Mays. THIRD PLATOON: 2nd Lt. C. R. Palmer, Pit. Ld.; 2nd Lt. C. P. Joiner, Asst. Pit. Ld.; Sfc. . R. Schloesser, Pit. Sgt.; Sgt. H. B. Bentley, Pit. Guide. 1st Squad: Cpl. L. B. Holcomb, F. M. Robertson, R. L. Levison, D. M. Bennett, S. C. Allison. 2nd Squad: Cpl. P. T. Stallings, J. C. Nichols, W. M. McDonald, R. R. Wilbanks, J. H. Greeson. 3rd Squad: Cpl. E. D. Simmons, C. H. Smith, J. P. Carlton, J. A. North, Pfc. H. C. Bridges. 157 COMPANY BAND KAY ASHCRAFT HOLLAND Company Sweetheart JOHN PEARSON Company Commander MRS. F. R. PEARSON Company Band Sponsor (Not Pictured) HAROLD HOLLAND Company Executive GATES SCOVILLE Company First Sergeant BAND HOUSE - . hfcfc 3. t Center: J. P. Pearson. L. to R.: J. D. McBride, H. C. Van Meter, P. Johnson, J. W. Murphy, H. B. Holland, J. L. Bland, W. C. Sanders, G. O. Scoville, J. Rhoades 158 hi una FIRST PLATOON: 2nd Lt. W. C. Sanders, Pit. Ld.; 2nd Lt. P. E. Johnson, Asst. Pit. Ld.; Stc. J. E. McSwain, Pit. Sgt.; Sgt. T. O. Sturdivant, Pit. Guide. 1st Squad: Cpl. C. L. Fennell, M. T. Hardie, J. H. Akin, H. L. Wasdin, B. W. Dixon, A. P. Higginbotham, Pfc. J. E. Cochran. 2nd Squad: Cpl. R. R. Barden, H. F. Lunsford, W. A. White, C. B. McDonald, R. R. Gilleland, W. A. Allnoch, Pfc. H. W. Wade. 3rd Squad: Cpl. R. C. Clark, B. A. Blanton, T. C. White, R. M. Russell, J. A. Knapp. SECOND PLATOON: 2nd Lt. J. W. Murphy, Pit. Ld.; 2nd Lt. J. L Bland, Asst. Pit. Ld.; Sfe. N. S. Flanders, Pit. Sgt.; Sgt. W. N. Pace, Pit. Guide. 1st Squad: Cpl. H. B. Gurley, J. R. Bruce, W. L. Sharp, W. A. Roberts, R. L Russell. 2nd Squad: Cpl. T. L. Gordy, J. V. Varnedoe, J. W. Channell, J. R. Golden, R. M. Tilley, Pfc. F. E. Powell. 3rd Squad: Pfc. G. W. Sessions, L. A. Davis, D. H. Haight, D. G. Copeland, W. T. Todd. 159 DRILL PLATOON WALTER TURNER, Major, Infantry Military Adviser MISS MADGE TATE Platoon Sponsor CDT. MAJOR HOWELL R. MAYO Platoon Leader NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE DRILL PLATOON SUMMER CAMP IT HAS BEEN FUN ! BEING YOUR ' 56 PHOTOGRAPHER KERR STUDIO 235 E. Ponce de Leon Ave. DECATUR, GEORGIA Studio : CRescent 8817 Home : E Vergreen 2251 NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE BOOK STORE Everything you need in the way of School Supplies, Pennants, Decals, Stickers, Lab Aprons, College Pets, Miniature Sabers, Book Covers, and College Stationery will be found in your College Book Store. 162 Compliments of J. D. JEWELL, INC. GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA Baby Chicks — Feed — Poultry — Frozen Chickens Frozen Chicken Pies — Frozen Fruit Pies " For Real Fine Eating, Buy Jesse Jewel ' s " UNIFORMS, INC. Special Price for Graduating Army R.O.T.C. Students NO MONEY DOWN — 6 MONTH TO PAY We Guarantee THE FINEST QUALITY AT PRICES THAT CAN ' T BE BEAT We Maintain Our Own Alteration Department All Merchandise Purchased From Us Will Be Altered Free of Charge 608 W. Peachtree Atlanta, Georgia Phone EL. 3677-8 163 QUEEN CITY POULTRY FEED CO. Phone LEnox 4-3525 P. O. Box 646 117 Railroad Ave. GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA " Thompson White Rocks and Vantress Cross " Chicks — Poultry — Feeds — Supplies GALLANT -BELK CO. GAINESVILLE ' S LARGEST AND MOST COMPLETE DEPARTMENT STORE Gainesville Georgia Gainesville Pure Milk Co. Pure Pasteurized Dairy Products GAINESVILLE. GEORGIA Phone: LEnox 4-5258 and 4-3306 HULSEY ' S MEN ' S FURNISHINGS Gainesville Georgia Telephone LEnox 4-4421 PETE TANKERSLEY ' S SPORTING GOODS TOYS and TIRES 222 S. Main St. Gainesville. Ga. GAINESVILLE FLORIST " Home of Fine Flowers " 1 1 1 South Sycamore Street Gainesville Georgia Phone LE. 4-7397 164 Martin Furniture Company " Your Home Is Our Business " 121 N. Bradford Street GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA Ideal Cleaners Laundry 3 3 1 Northside Drive Phone LE. 4-5 1 7 1 Gainesville, Georgia C. M. HARRISON Suppliers of SINCLAIR PRODUCTS Gainesville Georgia H. D. QUINN FLORIST LE. 4-7315 522 East Avenue Gainesville Compliments of C. V. NALLEY, INC. Gainesville Georgia The DUTCH MILL Equal to the South ' s best barbecue i i i DULUTH, GEORGIA 165 THE NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE STUDENT EXCHANGE " THE CANTEEN " AN EXCELLENT STAFF THE CENTER OF THE CAMPUS SUPPLIES FOR YOUR EVERY NEED Robert Ragan, Manager DAHLONEGA GEORGIA 166 BODY BY FISHER In the low priced field, Chevrolet alone offers you the famous Body by Fisher — a symbol of engineering superiority. BUY — CHEVROLET America ' s first choice for over 21 years FRED JONES CHEVROLET COMPANY Sales — Service DAHLONEGA GEORGIA B. W. HARRISON LUMBER CO. Rough and Dressed Lumber — Building Materials Phone Cumming 6673 CUMMING GEORGIA Compliments of General Gas Corporation Gainesville, Georgia XL SUPER MARKET Try Us First — We Have It Located on the square for your convenience Phone 77-J Dahlonega Georgia FRIERSON-McEVER CO. MEN ' S WEAR Gainesville MINTZ JEWELERS " On the Squa re " Gainesville Georgia Georgia 167 " On the Square ' DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA i 1 i Other Stores Gainesville - Toccoa - Cumming Compliments of THE DIXIE GRILL " Where the students meet " SANDWICHES — SODAS SCHOOL SUPPLIES i 1 1 DAHLONEGA GEORGIA WHEN IN DAHLONEGA VISIT THE SMITH HOUSE " Where the rooms are as nice as the meals are good " W. B. FRY, Owner ROBERT M. MOORE ' S STORE " A complete line of general merchandise " Friend of All North Georgia Students DAHLONEGA GEORGIA 168 COMPLIMENTS OF THE ROYAL THEATRE ' Movies are the Smart People ' s Choice of Entertainment " GAINESVILLE GEORGIA Matthews Printing Co. Creators and Producers of Quality Letterpress and Litho Printing 1 1 9 N. Main St. Phone LE. 2-248 1 GAINESVILLE GEORGIA Compliments of WOODY ' S BARBER SHOP " On the Square " DAHLONEGA GEORGIA 169 WHITAKER and GARRETT Serving N. G. C. GAINESVILLE GEORGIA Courtesy - Efficiency - Dependable Service The Bank of Dahlonega " A bank you can bank on " Member F.D.I.C. Dahlonega Georgia r ompliments of TOWSON Insurance Agency W. E. TOWSON PAUL STRINGER DAHLONEGA GEORGIA 170 COMPLIMENTS OF CHEROKEE MOTEL and RESTAURANT DAHLONEGA ' S NEWEST AND FINEST 171 For the Best in HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES See Your Nearest FRIGIDAIRE DEALER Refrigerators, Ranges, Washers, Dryers, Water Heaters, Food Freezers, Dish- washers, Food Waste Disposers, Room Air Conditioners, Dehumidifiers. TOM SLATE Athletic Equipment Company 592 Peachtree, N. E. ATLANTA, GA. Rawling ' s, Spalding, Hatcher ' s Jackets Pennsylvania, Voit, Crane Sweaters YOUR DELICIOUS POTATO TREAT GORDON ' S RIPLETS KEPT COOKER FRESH BY " MAGIC PAK " COMPLIMENTS OF George Moore Ice Cream Co. 50-56 Alabama St., S. W. ATLANTA GEORGIA Compliments of A FRIEND 172 McBURNEY Stoker and Equipment Company 2100 Peachtree Road, N. W. ATLANTA GEORGIA BAY WAY LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING SUPERIOR LAUNDERING Phone LE. 4-7442 GAINESVILLE GEORGIA Telephone 26-R-2 W. A. WHITMIRE GENERAL MERCHANDISE ' On the Square " DAHLONEGA GEORGIA Compliments of Orkin Exterminating Co., Inc. World ' s Largest Pest Control Co. LE. 4-9964 124 N. Main Street GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA 173 " Eat With Us — Take Some Home " PARKS ' BAR-B-Q Ruby and Ed Atlanta Highway Gainesville Georgia Compliments of North Georgia Shoe Shop Dahlonega Georgia Compliments of HERNY MOORE Hardware and Ford Sales and Service Dahlonega Georgia DAVIS -WASHINGTON COMPANY EVERYTHING FOR THE BUILDER Phone 4-5205 Gainesville Georgia MATTHEWS MUSIC SHOP RECORDS — PHONOGRAPHS GAINESVILLE GEORGIA J. D. MATTHEWS SPORTING GOODS PAINTS - FISHING TACKLE - HARDWARE GAINESVILLE GEORGIA Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of PERRY PACKING CO. Baldwin Georgia Compliments of Roberts Book and Gift Shop Gainesville Georgia 174 Producers - Vantress - Nicholas - Cross Dahlonega Feed Poultry Phone 120 P. O. Box L DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS OF THE Pine Tree Company DAHLONEGA GEORGIA Johns Manville Approved Roofer BAILEYS Est. 1935 ROOFING -:- SHEET METAL P. O. Box 106 845 W. Broad LE. 3-5281 ATHENS, GEORGIA Lipscomb Drug Co. YOUR COLLEGE DRUG STORE FOR OVER 30 YEARS " On the Square " DAHLONEGA GEORGIA 175 HUBERT VICKERS FUNERAL HOME Morticians 24-Hour Ambulance Service Phone 54 Dahlonega Georgia CRESCENT ICE CREAM CO. Gainesville Georgia RED DOT Compliments of SUPER MARKET GEORGIA OFFICE AND Delivery Phone 3 DAHLONEGA, GA. EQUIPMENT CO. Sales and Rentals LE. 2-6044 GAINESVILLE, GA. DUCKETT ' S DAIRY QUEEN ARMY STORE, INC. of 90 Alabama St., S. W. Gainesville, Georgia Atlanta 3, Georgia Nationally Known Phone AL. 0846 Locally Owned THE CAKE BOX BAKERY Everything in Bakery Goods Visit Our Coffee Bar Gainesville, Georgia JIMMIE REEVES FURNITURE CO. Gainesville, Georgia CHAMBERS LUMBER CO. Building Supplies LEnox 4-3551 1 125 South Main Street Gainesville, Ga. GEO. P. ESTES CO. " Gainesville ' s Leading Department Store " Since 1888 Gainesville, Georgia 176 THE UNIFORM EXCHANGE of North Georgia College offers you the finest quality uniforms at wholesale prices Located in the Business Administration Building Stokley ' s " Honor Brand " Frosted Foods Telephone PLaza 5-45 1 1 Capital Fish Company Wholesale Seafood and Frozen Food Distributors 777 W. Whitehall Street, S. W. Capital Brand (New Jersey) Oysters " Famous for their Flavor " ATLANTA, GEORGIA Drugs -:- Sodas -:- Sundries Dahlonega Pharmacy Just as Your Doctor Ordered Phone 150 SEALTEST ICE CREAM Your Walgreen Agency ' On the Square Dahlonega Georgia 177 Compliments of PACOLET MANUFACTURING CO. Gainesville, Ga. New Holland, Ga. Try CRANE CLEANERS for Economy and Expert Workmanship Fluff Dry Cleaning DAHLONEGA GEORGIA 178 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND ENJOY THE BEST IN MOVIE ENTERTAINMENT AT THE HOLLY THEATER With Cinemascope on the New Wide Screen DAHLONEGA GEORGIA The The Wesley Baptist Foundation Student Union of of DAHLONEGA METHODIST DAHLONEGA BAPTIST CHURCH CHURCH Inspiration -:- Christian Fellowship -:- Devotions -:- Recreation FOR ALL COLLEGE STUDENTS 179 ince awvi o WE HAVE SPECIALIZED IN THE PRODUCTION OF OUTSTANDING COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOKS ' FOOTEgDAVIESkc FOOTE DAVIES, INC PHONE WALNUT 4600 POST OFFICE BOX 5109 ATLANTA Sp.Col. U 428 .N6C9 1956 North Georgia College, Cyclops 3547J

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