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ARCHIVES U428 C9 1954c. 1 For Reference NOT TO BE TAKEN FROM THIS ROOM »:-«i«r J •! «s;? ! ' . ' ' ' l f ' f f tm r ■ " " " i " " :%f5iv ' - if ..ff--- ' i IT ■ i MM 7 , 1954 ' ' CYCLOPS .A O 1 m fi E . ; Mrs. J. C. SiRMONS DEDICATION Because of her understanding, patience, and sympathy for all of us, we wish to express our love and appreciation to Mrs. John C. Sirmons. Those who have been privileged to sit in " Ma " Sirmons ' English classes will long remember her unique manner of reading the classics. To one who is very dear to the heart of each cadet and co-ed at North Georgia College, we gratefully dedicate our 1954 Cyclops. The New Men ' s Dormitory The New Men ' s Dormitory has yet to receive its name. It is now under construction and should he completed in the near future. The blue prints call for two wings of the latest modern architecture. Upon its completion, it will be one of the prettiest struc- tures on the campus. The Gym The scene of various athletic and social activities is the college gym. This is an important center of college life, since most social functions are held there — including dances and basketball games. Price Memorial Hall Price Memorial Hall, which stands on the founda- tions of the old Government Mint, is named in honor of the founder of North Georgia College, William C. Price. This historic building contains classrooms, fac- ulty offices, the Bookstore and the ever-popular Can- teen. The Library The College Library, centrally located on the cam- pus, contains 2 5,000 volumes of refined reading ma- terial for the use of the students. It is headed by two capable librarians and several student assistants. The Business Administration Btiilding The B.A. Building daily serves many of the stu- dents at N.G.C. The two-story building, well equipped with office machines and typewriters, has its setting across from the Academic Building. Many students gather here daily to attend the various B.A. classes. Academic Building The Academic Building, stately and tall on the col- lege hill, is a historic building on the campus. Its present duty is to accommodate the administrative offices of the institution as well as classrooms. Dining Hall The favorite meeting .ind eating place of the cam- pus is the college dining hall and auditorium. The cafeteria, which is headed by Miss Louise Todd, dieti- tian, serves delicious meals daily. The auditorium, constituting the second floor of the building, pro- vides a meeting place for movies, chapel, religious services and other entertainments. Letvis Hall Lewis Hall, named in honor of North Georgia Col- lege ' s first president, Mr. David Lewis, and his daugh- ter, Willy, who was incidentally the first female graduate, is the most recent addition to the campus buildings. This beautiful structure is perhaps the most popular building on the campus; for somehow the cadets of North Georgia seem to find their way, rain or shine, to see their " favorite gals " ! Home Economics Building The Home Economics Building, a large two-story buildmg, contains adequate kitchens, laboratories and social rooms. It is equipped throughout with new and modern kitchens and laboratory furniture. Further- more, it serves as an adventure to many " prospective housewives, " who are here to learn the difficult task of being good homcmakers. The Barracks The Bnrr.icks. linving been recently rcniodernized and painted, is one of the oldest dormitories on the cimpus. This large structure is equipped throughout with all modern conveniences and house Able and Dog Company. The Band House The oldest campus dormitory for men is the Band House. This building conveniently faces the front of the campus. We are often serenaded by the talented members of the band when they entertam us by play- ing their instruments from their front porch. The Military Building The Military Building, a gift of the Federal Works Agency, accommodates the Military Department. It not only contains classrooms and an auditorium, but also offices for the military personnel. Sanford Hall Sanford Hall, the abode of " Charlie " Co., is con- veniently situated in the center of the campus. It is a comfortable haven of rest for the weary student at the end of a long and hard day of college activities. Science Building One of the most beautiful buildings on the campus is the Science Hall, a three-story, fireproof, brick and concrete building. The Science Hall accommodates the departments of biology, chemistry and physics. Baylies Hall Barnes Hall, which is named in appreciation of the continuing services of Professor John C. Barnes, is one of the newer and better dormitories on the cam- pus. The three-story residence hall houses the Bat- talion Staff, Baker Company and the Fenster Lounge. ADMH ISTRAtlGN A T FACULTY » t » M f ♦ f • » PRESIDENT MERRITT E. HOAG Administration Com f ' • " " " Ella Ray Oakes Asst. Rcg sfrar Mattie Craig Bookstore 1 r flv ' - ' ,«! i l Louise Todd Die if an Dr. D. C. Sirmons College Physician Sara M. Wright Nurse Secretary J. W. Phillips Bookkeeper Mary Garrett Assistant Dietitian Jack Roberts Canteen Manager Mrs. S. " Lu-Lu " Bryan Assistant in Canteen Mrs. Ola Brown Assistant in Canteen John Durham Anthony Associate Professor of Biology Transylvania University, B.S.; Emory University, A.M.; graduate study. University of Kentucky. W. Desmond Booth Assistant Professor of English Georgia State College for Men, B.S.; Emory Univer- sity, A.M.; graduate study, University of North Carolina, University of Michigan. FAC Marian P. Bouffard Assistant Professor of Education Florida State College for Women, A.B.; George Pea- body College for Teachers, A.M.; graduate study. University of Georgia, Ohio State University. Robert H. Belcher Assciate Professor of Chemistry Georgia State College for Men, B.S.; University of North Carolina, M.S.; graduate study, University of North Carolina. Walter J. Carpenter Assistant Professor of Mathematics Western Carolina College, B.S.; University of North Carolina, A.M. Dorothy Brown Associate Professor of English University of Alabama, A.B., A.M.; University of Colorado,, Ph.D. LTY T. Conn Bryan Professor of Social Science Duke University, A.B.; University of North Caro- lina, A.M.; Duke University, Ph.D. CaMILLUS J. DiSMUKES Professor of Modern Langtiages Birmingham Southern, A.B.; University of North Carolina, A.M.; Laual University, Ph.D. Gabriel H. Engerrand Associate Professor of Modern Languages Texas Technological College, A.B.; State University of Iowa, A.M., Ph.D. »7 g El 1 ' S- -P fw Charles C. Chadbourne, Jr. Associate Professor of English Union College, A.B.; Columbia University, A.M. Syracuse University, Ph.D. Alice Donovan Instructor of Home Economics Georgia State College for Women, H.S.H.E. Harry F. Forester Professor of Biology Piedmont College, B.S.; University of Alabama, M.S. University of Wisconsin, Ph.D. Bessie Lee Freeman Associii c Profcssvr of Home Economics Oklahoma Central State, B.S.; Oklahoma A. M., M.S. Lorimer B. Freeman Associate Professor of Business Achninistration University of Georgia, B.S.C.; M.S.C.; graduate study. Northwestern University, Harvard University, New York University. Susie M. Harris Librarian Piedmont College, A.B.; George Peabody College for Teachers, B.S. in L.S., M.S. in L.S. Orvill R. Hause Assistant Professor of Physical Education University of Alabama, B.S., A.M.; graduate study, University of Alabama, George Peabody College for Teachers. Mary E. Hood Assistant Librarian Piedmont College, A.B.; George Peabody College for Teachers, B.S. in L.S. Newton Oakes Professor of Business Adunnis rafiou University of Kentucky, B.S., A.M.; graduate study, University of Kentucky. Marvin E. Patterson Instructor in Biology North Georgia College, B.S. Ulysses G. Matherly Assistant Professor of Physical Education Wittenberg College, B.S.; University of Florida, M.P.H.; graduate study, Columbia University. James C. Kidd Assistant Professor of History Erskine College, A.B.; University of South Carolina, A.M.; graduate study. University of South Carolina. Stephen M. Huntley Associate Professor of Modern Languages University of South Carolina, A.B., A.M.; University of Toulouse, Ph.D. Tommy F. Sattjlriield Assistant Professor of Business Administration North Georgia College, B.S.; University of Tennessee, A.M. EWELL G. PiGG Associate Professor of Physics Central Missouri Teachers College, B.S.; George Pea- body College for Teachers, A.M.; graduate study, University of Colorado. John T. Simpson, Jr. Associate Professor of English Mississippi State College, B.S.; George Peabody Col- lege for Teachers, A.M.; graduate study, George Pea- body College for Teachers, Columbia University. John C. Simms Professor of Chemistry Millsaps College, B.S.; Vanderbilt University, M.S. Western Reserve University, Ph.D. William P. Roberts Assistant Professor of Social Scioice Emory University, A.B.; University of North Caro- lina, A.M., Ph.D. Roger G. Williams, Jr. Assistant Professor of Physical Education University of North Carolina, A.B., A.M . Janet Wells Assistant Professor of Physical Education Florida State University, B.S.; University of Florida, M.Ed. FAC Lambuth R. Towson Associate Professor of Mathematics Emory University, B.S.; University of Georgia, A.M..; graduate study. University of Chicago, University of North Carolina. Charles M. Yager Associate Professor of Physics University of Maryland, B.S. in M.E.; Duke Uni- versity, M.Ed. Orby Southard Professor of Education Arkansas State Teachers College, B.S.; Universty of Arkansas, M.S.; University of Pittsburgh, Ph.D. C. E. Stevenson Associate Professor of Education and Psyclxilogy Oglethorpe University, A.B.; George Peabody Col- lege for Teachers, A.M.; graduate study. University of Georgia, Duke University. ESTELLA M. SlRMONS Assistant Professor of English LaGrangc College; Emory University; Georgia State College, B.S. in Ed. JLTY Marion C. Wight Associate Professor of Mathematics Mississippi Southern College, B.S.; Vanderbilt Uni- versity, A.M.; graduate study, Louisiana State Uni- versity, Alabama Polytechnic Institute. Will D. Young Associate Professor of Social Science Cumberland University, A.B., A.M.; graduate study. University of Chicago, George Peabody College for Teachers. - IN MEMORIAM - DEAN J. C. SIRMONS READ IN ASSEMBLY OCTOBER 1, 1953 in has passed away at North Georgia College which leaves a lo ly inheritan ely place on our npus. Dean J. C. Sirmons has gone to Christianity is a triumphant thing. Sometimes when the heart is lifted on the wings of song we feel it. Under the spell of a great speech or sermon we feel it again. And the truth sweeps over us in great tides when we look upon a life like that of Cy Sirmons. Christianity IS a triumphant thing! I was on the way to the college when the news came to me of Dean Sirmons ' passing. I am at that stage in my own journey I ' hen I cannot afford to lose friends. Sometimes when we look over our shoulder and see good friends passing away into the shadows beside the road, then we feel a loneliness as we go on under the burden of grief. Someti if you have the sort of faith that made Dean Sirmons ' life shine in the stars, you reali shadows, but have passed from the light — through the night — into the light as God pr girded with this great truth, you lengthen your step, fix your hand a little more firn toward your own bend in the road. passing away es you think life is hard, even evil. Then, ■ that they have not simply dropped into the mised. This assurance strengthens you, and y in the hand of God, and keep working I have seen many alumni : ask, " Do you know Cy Sirmon: have said, " He he ' Iped me with in him a sympathtic friend. nd friends of North Georgia College both here and in other ' How is Dean Sirmons now? " School teachers have remarl smile and a good story when I felt awfully blue. " Rich, parts of the State. Wherever I go, people 5d upon his great sense of humor. Some loor, girl, boy, man, and woman found Cy Sirmons was a man whose halo was unstained and who well found it easy to exchange the royal robes of earthly servant for vhatever spotless garment God provides for those who pass under the shining arch. The world is a better place because J. C. Sir- nons lived on the campus of North Georgia College for a score of years. — By Will D. Young, Dean. ■ ' ' V ' V: V: I »s I 5 " T R__:_ ' f l lit ' 4 ' . I L.J,,U4il,. ' l jJim i.l U ipW ' - ' " ' " ii 5 s i a SB a ■■ I SENIORS Robert Waters President Harold Nichols Vice President Barbara Buice Treasurer Nancy Temple Secretary Charles William Akridge, Jr. Knoxville, Tennessee " Bill " , as he is better known around the campus holds one of the outstanding awards given to freshmen students. In 1951 he W.1S awarded the Freshman Mathematics Award. Being on the Dean ' s List and a member of Honor Company, " Bill " receives his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathe- matics and Physics. James Powell Bannister Gumming, Georgia If you ever need an operation of some sort in the future, just call on James. He should be commended for his studious efforts to obtain his highest goal, that of being a doctor. He receives his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology. James Babb Eastanollee, Georgia The big " Wall Street " man of his class, James majored in Business Administration and was awarded the Wall Street Journal Achievement Award. He was further hon- ored by election to Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Col- leges. He graduated as a Cadet Major. William Jack Atha Chicopee, Georgia all hi. at Jack-the-Ripper, as his Band served on the General ' s for three years. member of the Officers Club, the N.C.O, Club, the Science Club, and the YMCA Jack constantly headed the Dean ' s Lis the end of each quarter. He finished hi career at North Georgia as a platoon leade in Band Company. Jack receives his Bach elor of Science Degree in Biology. JosiAH Blasingame, Jr. Jersey, Georgia After migrating from Monroe, Georgia, " Josie " finally settled down at Jersey. His cool manner of ease and his willingness to help others led him to be one of the most popular students on the campus. While heading the Cadet Corps as Battalion Com- mander, " losie " was also selected to head the YMCA and the Officers Club. A mem- ber of the Sigma Theta as secretary, he was a member of the Glee Club, the Cy- clops Staff, as Military Editor, the N.C.O. Club, the Wesley Foundation, and the Physics Club. An ex-treasurer of the Jun- ior Class, " Josie " performed his duties as Associate Military Editor on the Cadet Bugler. He also copped top honors among the N.CO. ' s by winning the N.C.O. Medal in his Junior year. Among other things he was elected to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities and as a Distin- guished Military Student. He receives his B.S. in Physics and Mathematics. 4«A Smedley D. Breedlove Dublin, Georgia Smedley somehow acquired the nickname of " Sam " to go along with the rest of his outstanding accomplishments. A man about the campus, Smedley constantly made the Dean ' s List while firing for high honors on the Varsity Rifle Team. A Rex Fraternity man, serving as Secretary and Treasurer, " Sam " also kept the Books for the Future Business Leaders Club. A member of the Cadet Bugler Staff, the Letterman ' s Club, the Officers Club, and N.C.O. Club, and the Honor Platoon, we find that Smedley hardly had time to command Baker Com- pany! What more could a feilow want? Well, after being elected to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, he was selected as a Dis tinguished Military Stu- dent. Smedley receives his B.S. in Business Administration. Douglas Dean Brown Fayetteville, Georgia One of the most friendly students on the campus is Dean Brown — the one and only Dean — King of the steel guitar. Between picking out the " Stee! Guitar Rag " in his room, he was active in the Dramatics Club, the N.CO. Club, and the Of cers Club. Also a Dean ' s List Student, he receives his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics. Edna Virginia Bruce Hemp, Georgia Another prospective school teacher has grown up in our midst! As Treasurer of the Future Teachers Association, Edna also participates in the YWCA and the REC Club. She receives her Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education. : V Charles S. Brice Gainesville, Georgia One of the most likeable boys on the cam- pus is " Charlie " . Anyone who has never had the pleasure of meeting a " true Con- federate " has missed the greatest Southern- er of all. " Charlie " served as Assistant Business Manager of the Cyclops for two years. A Sigma Theta Fraternity man, he also was a member of the YMCA. the Science Club, the Chemistry Club, the N.C.O. Club, and the Officers Club. A Dean ' s List student, he receives his B.S. Degree in Biology. Barbara Buice Decatur, Georgia A name well known around the campus is that of " Bobo " . our beauty. Her amazing zeal and everlasting smile has made a num- ber of not-to-be-forgotten friends for her during her stay at N.G.C. Serving as sec- retary of the Home Economics Club, " Bo- bo " also accepted the responsibility as Treasurer of the Senior Class. An active member of the Rec Club, she devoted her heart to the Tralytan cause. Among other things, Barbara was a member of the Girls ' Rifle Team. YWCA. Glee Club, Cadet Bug- ler, Cyclops, while constantly staying on the Dean ' s List. Also among Who ' s Who at NGC, " Bobo ' was selected as Miss NGC. During her stay at North Georgia she was chosen as the sweetherrt of Able Company. Barbara receives her B.S. Degree in Home Economics. Thelma Vernell Burel Buford, Georgia From the first time that you see her, you know that she is someone worth knowing, and when you get to know her you know that you have been missing something all this time. Thelma has been a member of the YWCA, the REC Club as the Trahly- tan Co-captain, the Bugler Staff, the Cy- clops staff, and the Home Economics Club as Vice President. A Dean ' s List student, Thelma receives her degree in Home Eco- nomics. Robert H. Ci-Ark Griffin, Georgia Robert migrated from Alamo, Georgia to make his home in Griffin. " Tweety " has proved to be a very valuable asset to the college by his many honors and activities. He was listed in Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities and voted Mr. N.G.C. A member of the Battalion Staff as Cadet Major, his performance on the drill field netted him the Best Drilled Sophomore Medal and Platoon Leader of the Honor Platoon. Also as a Distinguished Military Student, " Tweety " held the Soph- omore Honor Bar. He participatetd in such activities as the Rex Fraternity, as the first Vice-President, the Officer ' s Club, the Ca- det Bugler Staff, and the Varsity Rifle Team. He receives his B.S. Degree in His- tory. Ann Findley Cagle Atlanta, Georgia During this year Ann received her " Mrs. " degree. She majored in Elementary Edu- Harold H. Chambless Dawson, Georgia The quiet little man in Band Company has yet to say an unkind word to anyone. His attitude towards his responsibilities and his willingness to cooperate with people has mouded his character into a distinct friend- ship among the people whom he comes into contact with. While at North Georgia, Harold participated in the N.C.O. Club and the YMCA. He receives his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Language. Mazelle Cravens Canton, Georgia Mazelle comes to North Georgia from Ken- tucky. During her stay at N.G.C. she has been an active member of the Glee Club, B.S.U. and Y.W.C.A. She participated in the Rec Club activities as a Mercurean. In the summer Mazelle completes her study toward a Bachelor of Science in Elemen- tary Education. James Newton Crawford Hayesville, North Carolina Jimmy has participated in various organi- zations and clubs while at N.G.C. His smil- ing face can always be seen at the Business Administration Club meetings. As a 2nd Lt., and a member of the Officers Club, he took an active part in the YMCA, and the Forensic Senate. A participant in the various intramural sports, he also entered the Public Speaking Contest in 1953. A member of Honor Company, he receives his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. Thomas C. Davis Covington, Georgia Joseph Ronald Duncan GriflSn, Georgia Ronnie was the man as far as sports were concerned. His efforts on the football field as well as other sports netted him " Most Versatile and Most Athletic " . Also Ronnie was elected to Who ' s Who at N.G.C. and served as 2nd Vice President of the Rex Fraternity. Also a Y.M.C.A. member, he participated in the activities of the Officers Club. Ronnie receives his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. Tom certainly h in that he was on consecutive years, two in Honor Company. Chemistry Club, he leadership as Vice-Pre in his Junior and Sen of the N.C.O. Club a Tom carried out his tenant in Abl an outstanding record he Dean ' s List for three wo of which were spent A member of the soon took over the sident and President or Years. A member -id the Officers Club, duties as 2nd Lieu- He receives his pany. Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry. Charles H. Drexler Tifton, Georgia Undoubtedly everyone knows " Charley " , whose humorous sayings are the delight of the campus. Always with his best foot for- ward, he may be found as Band Company Commander of 1953-1954 files of the Mil- itary Building. An active Vice-President of the Chemistry Club, a member of the YMCA Cabinet, the Dramatic Club, the Bugler Staff, we can hardly see how he has time to be a member of the Officers Club. Listed among the Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, " Charley " also was selected as a Distinguished Military Student. After such a remarkable record, we find that he has made the Dean ' s List every quarter. " Charley " receives his B.S. Degree in Chemistry. Donald Dupree Gainesville, Georgia Donald majored in physics. 2S Marilyn Gay Hannah Buford, Georgia Original, witty, dependable, energetic, ver- satile — these words hardly begin to char- acterize this human Atom Bomb from Bu- ford! A multitude of talents have made her outstanding as soloist for the Glee Club, Captain of the Trahlytan Team of the REC Club for three years, President of the Y.W.C.A. in 19! 3 and cabinet member for two more years. Treasurer and Vice-Presi- dent of the Wesley Foundation, Varsity Cheerleader, Treasurer of the Physical Edu- cation Club, Bugler Staff member, and Cy- clops Staff member. Honors that Gay has received include being elected Most Athletic for 19!2, ' S3, ' S4, and Best Personality for 19S3, ' i4. A Dean ' s List student. Gay has been elected to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. This gal with the bubbling personality receives a B.S. degree in Physical Education. Mervin Craig Hawk Albany, Georgia Originally from Oklahoma City, Oklaho- ma, Craig considered his highest honor as being a member of " C " Company. " Hawk- eye " participated in the N.C.O. Club, the YMCA, the Business Administration Club, Letterman ' s Club, and the Officers Club. Also Mervin was a member of the Varsity Rifle Team for two years. Treasurer of the Sigma Theta Fratrnity, and oustanding in other campus activities. " Hawkeye " re- ceives his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. A Doyle Roy Harper Mineral Bluff, Georgia Night or day, Doyle could be found labor- ing over test tubes in the Science Build- ing. He participated in the Chemistry Club as a member of the American Chemical So- ciety. Also active in the YMCA, the BTU representative to the Baptist Student Union and the N.C.O. Club, Doyle found him- self to be a member of the Officers Club. A constant Dean ' s List and Honor List stu- dent, Doyle receives his Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry. Laymon W. Hattaway, Jr. Clarkston, Georgia " Limousine " , the Texan, was born in Aus- tin, but later moved to Tucker. " Limou- sine " was voted the wittiest twice in his stay at North Georgia College. As manager of Varsity athletics, he also found his name on the roll of the N.C.O. Club, the Sigma Theta Fraternity, the Wesley Foundation, and the Officers Club. Laymon will receive his B.S. Degree in Physical Education. James Homer Hefner Ellijay, Georgia Anyone who has never enjoyed knowing Homer at NGC has missed a real treat. In pursuit of a B.S. Degree in Physical Edu- cation, Homer lives in the gym, assisting instructors in their duties. While at North Georgia, he was active in the Rex Frater- nity, being Sergeant at Arms, the Officer ' s Club, and the N.C.O. Club. J Edgar C. Hickson, Jr. Augusta, Georgia Ed has been one of the few who participate in the intramural program to really excell as an athlete. His constant love for any- thing connected with sports has earned for him an intramural sweater and letter. An active member of the YMCA, the Officers Club, the N.C.O. Club, and the Honor Platoon, Ed has also proved his intelligence by constantly being on the Dean ' s List. He receives his Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics. » l ' ' ;: William B. Hodges Hartwell, Georgia " Bill " has been an inspiration to everyone who comes in contact with him. His smil- ing face and his friendly " hi there " has brought him the friendship of many of the students on the campus. " Bill " , as a su- perlative of 1953, was elected President of the Wesley Foundation. Among his other activities were the Glee Club and the YMCA. " Bill " receives his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. Charles C. Gammon Atlanta, Georgia " Gammie " was a very active person on the campus. Although he spent most of his weekends in Atlanta, he found time to participate in the Chemistry, Science, and N.C.O. Clubs. He was a versatile member of the Band and Orchestra and spent two quarters in the Glee Club. He remained on the Dean ' s List from the fall of 19 W until the winter of 19 54, when, some think, a little red-head caused his mind to wander. Upon graduation Gammie was un- decided about his career, but we are sure that he ' ll make good in whatever he chooses. Joe E. Hope, Jr. Gainesville, Georgia Joe should be recognized for his frantic efforts to produce a " rose bowl " team from Dog Company. As captain and coach, he guided the boys out of the cellar to a most successful year. In between the football season, he occupied his time with the NCO Club, the Rex Fraternity, as Chaplain, and the Business Administration Club. Joe re- ceives his B.S. Degree in Business Admin- istration. Roy Griffeth Holcomb Tate, Georgia While at North Georgia, Roy has co mpiled a list of friendsips as tall as the Science Building. Always friendly to everyone and willing to lend a " helping hand " to any worthy cause, he served his company in Intramural Sports. An active participant of the Business Administration Club, the N.C.O. Club, the YMCA, of the Officers Club, Roy has amazingly wound up on the Dean ' s List. He receives his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. jSX James C. Huff, Jr. Crawford, Georgia Crawford, Georgia certainly did make an outstanding contribution to N.G.C. in the person of James Huff. One of ttie most likable students on the campus, " J. C. " was elected to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities and selected among the Distinguished Military Students. His devotion to his company was certainly ad- mirable. He served as Dog Company Com- mander, a member of the Officers Club, and the Business Administration Club, and the N.CO. Club. A Dean ' s List student. " J. C. " receives his B.S. Degree in Busi- ness Administration. Robert Kempson Clarkesville, Georgia " Bob " could always be found in the Science Building, laboring away night or day on his one and only desire — Chemistry. As a member of the Able Company, Bob also participated in the Chemistry Club, the N.CO. Club. He receives his Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry. Roy M. Jones Atlanta, Georgia " Slats " can always be found behind the steam table in the chow hall greeting the guests as they pass through the chow line. A member of Charlie Company, he re- ceives his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Lexpis Cleon Justus Dahlonega, Georgia This dependable young man is one of the " local boys " who attended N.G.C. Lewis is noted for his ability to " have fun in all kinds of weather " . In his spare time, he was active in the YMCA and the N.CO. Club. As a member of Honor Company, his ability in the drill field was awarded by his position as Master Sergeant. Lewis receives his Bachelor of Arts Degree in English. O Barbara King Decatur, Georgia Ready to get an education, but still to have fun, Barbara came to us from De- catur. Where can we find Barbara? Giv- ing Pink Medicine at the infirmary, sing- ing in the Glee Club, acting as Secretary for the Science Club, attending a Y.W.CA. meeting, or playing with the Phi Omicrons in the REC Club. These are the outside activities that we may find her engrossed in. Her friendly smile will aid her wher- ever she goes. A Dean ' s List student, Bar- bara receives a B.S. Degree in Biology. Olin B. King East Point, Georgia Olin, as a student along the Math-Physics line, spent much of his spare time learning " all the secrets of the trade " . A Distin- guished Military Student, he served on the N.C.O. Club, the Physics Club, the Glee Club, the Radio Club, and in the Officers Club as lit Lieut. A Dean ' s List Student, Olin receives his Bachelor of Science De- gree in Physics and Mathematics. James Langston Chatsworth, Georgia James, a history major, graduated In De- cember and was commissioned 2nd Lt. in the Reserve Corps. Charles R. Langston Franklin County, Georgia Ole " Charle " lived on the motto, " Be kind and everyone will be kind to you " . A fa- miliar face about the campus, Charlie was on the Battalion Staff and a member of the N.C.O. Club, the Business Administra- tion Club, and the Officers Club. He re- ceives his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. Pauline Gurley Langston Dahlonega, Georgia Here ' s a girl that would " bet you fifty million dollars " . Even if Pauline is not a millionaire, yet she is still willing to make that wager on the side. Serving as Co-Cap- tain of the TTahyltans, she was a member of the REC Club, a member of the Girl ' s miliar face about the campus, Charlie was Riffe Team, and also devoted her time as Treasurer of the Future Teachers of Ameri- ca. Also active in the B.S.U. and the YWCA, Pauline was constantly among those listed on the Dean ' s List. She receives her Bachelor of Science Degree in Secondary Education. Edward L. Lewis Decatur, Georgia Ed was Cadet Lt. of Company C. He ma- jored in Business Administration. Roy Lynn Leverett Toccoa, Georgia " I ' d tell you the truth a hundred different ways before I ' d tell you a lie " , is a fa- miliar quotation from " Roy the Barber " . As a handy man with the scissors at the local barber shop, Roy secured the nick- name " Squicky " . A member of the YMCA and the N.C.O. Club, he receives his Bach- elor of Science Degree in Business Admin- istration. Harold Glen Long Dahlonega, Georgia Although born north of the Mason-Dixon line in Akron, Ohio, Harold soon migrated South to the town of Dahlonega in the state of Georgia. From the path he has worn to the Science Building, we quickly gather that his main interest is in the field of science — Biology as a matter of fact. An active member of the Science Club, the Officer ' s Club, Harold was awarded a Good Conduct Ribbon. Aside from being a mem- ber of the Honor Platoon, his name could also be found among those on the Dean ' s List. He receives his B.S. Degree in Biology. Between going to club metings and drill, " Lob " , as he is called by his friends, spent most of his time in the gym meeting the requirements of a P.E. major. " Lob " dis- played his talent on the football field as company coach and a member of the All- Star team. David also was an active mem- ber of the Physical Education Club, the N.C.O. Club, and the Officers Club. He receives his Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education. Gloria Delores Lively Gumming, Georgia Among the many assets which Gloria brought to college with her were her easy- going manner and her pleasing personality. While at N.G.C., she has participated in the YWCA, the REG Club as a Phi Omi- cron, the Cadet Bugler as a staff member, the Future Teachers of America Club, and the Science Club. A Dean ' s List student, Gloria received a B.S. Degree in Biology. Robert B. Longino Atlanta, Georfjia " Lon " is one of the many that hail from Atlanta. His sparkling personality and calm manner has made many friends for him during his stay at N.G.C. " Lon " is known for his outstanding runs on the football field. A real true confederate, Bobby con- siders it an honor being in Charlie Com- pany. In spite of his devoted activities else- where, Lon still found time to belong to the Business Administration Club, the N. C.O. Club as former president. Honor Pla- toon, and Officers Club. As a Captain, Bob- by receives his B.S. Degree in Business Ad- © SL Lester Lee Luttrell Macon, Georgia This man of distinction has had his finger in almost every pie at N.G.C. While in of- fice as President of the B.S.U., Lester was elected the State Treasurer. The N.C.O. Club and the YMCA also trust their money with the ever popular lad from Macon. A Dean ' s List student for four years, he also found time to participate in the Glee Club, the Honor Platoon. Intramural sports, Of- ficer ' s Club, the Cadet Bugler Staff, and the Cyclops Staff. Lester was voted Vice Presi- dent of the Sophomore class, Who ' s Who at N.G.C. as ' Most Intellectual ' and ' Most Likely to Succeed. ' As a cadet Captain on . .ttalion Staff, he :heIor of Science Degree in Biology. Patsy Mealor Commerce, Georgia " Wheel! " Give a great big giggle and we ' re off on our friendship with " Pat " , who ' s the most fun in the world. During her stay at N.G.C, " Pat " has been active in the YWCA as a cabinet member and as President in 1953, the Wesley Foundation as Worship Chairman and then President, the REG Club as a member of the Phi Omicrons, the F.T.A. Club, and in Lewis Hall as the Secretary in 19n. A Dean ' s List student, " Pat " receives an A.B. De- gree in English. Marion C. Mathews Gainesville, Georgia " Say now, that ' s allllll right! " These words characterize our Marion. Talented, depend- able, and ever-active, Marion has served as a soloist for the Glee Club, Treasurer and Cabinet Member of the Y.W.CA., member of the Trahlytan Team in the REG Club, Treasurer of the Wesley Foundation, and member of the Business Administration Club for four years. Marion has been elected the Band Sweetheart for 1954. A Dean ' s List student, she receives a B.A. De- gree in Business Administration. Harold Nichols Carnegie, Georgia Harold was a basketball letter winner and was one of the few students who earned the Conduct Award for the second suc- cessive year. He received honorable men- tion in Mathematics, his major, at com- mencement of 1953 and 1954. He served as Cadet Captain of the Battalion Staff and was among those students elected to Who ' s Who m American Universities and Colleges. William P. McWhirter Royston, Georgia " Ole Mac " , as the boys in Able Company called him, was the pride of the N.CO. Club as a corporal. Representing his native home town of Royston, he chose to follow the " Field of opportunity. " A member of the Business Administration Club, Mac was always ready to come to the aid of his fel- low man. He receives his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. 34 Roger L. Norman Jacksonville, Florida Roger came all the way from Florida to perfect his " archory " , Nicknamed ' Chrome Dome ' by his buddies, he devoted his time to the N.C.O. Club, the YMCA, and the Business Administration Club. Roger re- ceives his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. Frankie Patricia Power Marietta, Georgia Girls, look forward to the day when " Tricia " returns to N.G.C. in her next life, for she ' ll certainly return as Com- mandant of Women, and we will all see some changes made! In Lewis Hall she was President. ' Tricia ' has also served as Sec- retary for the Wesley Foundation in 1953, as a member of the Rifle Team, as Secre- tary of the Future Teachers, as a reporter on the Bugler Staff, and in the RFC Club she was a member of the Trahlytan Team and Treasurer in 19! 3. Elected to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties, our Patricia receives a B.S. Degree in Elementary Education. Betsy Paradise Amity, Georgia Betsy is our brown-eyed beauty from Amity. Her gracious manner and sweet smile will long be remembered on our campus. During her stay at N.G.C. she was Band Sweetheart, Cyclops Queen, Bat- talion Sweetheart, and a beauty queen. Betsy was also a member of the Science Club, Hippolytan Team, and on the " Y " Cabinet. She receives her Bachelor of Sci- ence in Biology. James Robert Pierce Eton, Georgia By far one of the most liked from Able Company with his cool manner and likable personality, " Footsie " has been a tremen- dous inspiration to many while participat- ing in Intramural sports, the N.C.O. Club, and President of the Rex Fraternity. " Foot- sie " receives his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. James E. Skrine Griffin, Georgia From his first day here at North Georgia, James has captured the respect and friend- ship of his fellow students. " Jim " was out- standing among the cadet corps, as he was listed among the distinguished military stu- dents, company commander of " A " Com- pany, and a member of the Officers ' Club. He also found time to fire on the varsity rifle team in between going to Sigma Theta and Business Administration meetings. James also was a member of the N.C.O. Club, receives his B.S. Degree in Business Administration. I n Harold M. Stanton Macon, Georgia " Bill " , is , 1 graduate of Char He Compa ny. served . 3n the Battalion Staff as a 1st 1 Lt., which . mtitled him to the m embei rship of the Ofli icer s Club. While a m. cmbei ■ of the Physics Cl ub he spent many hour. i in the Science Bu ilding in his labs a nd cl asses. A member of ■ the N.C.O. Club. Bill recei ves his B.S. D egree in Physics. Nancy Temple Hartwell, Georgia Nancy has long since been one of the most popular co-eds at N.G.C. Her beauty has lected as Cyclops Queen, Harvest Queen ' s Court, Battalion Staff Sweetheart, and Cy- clops Beauty section. An active member in the Home Economics Club, she was elected to head it as President. Also among her favorite pastimes are the Y.W.C.A., Girls ' Rifle Team. Glee Club, and the REC Club js a Hippolytan. Among her political works we find that Nancy held the office of Sec- retary in her Freshman and Senior years. As much spare time as she could find was devoted to serving as Exchange Editor and on the Art Stiff of the Cadet Bugler. Nan- cy receives her B.S. Degree in Home Eco- nomics. k Gwendolyn Stevenson Dahlonega, Georgia Gwen is a member of the Rec Club and the Physical Education Club. Her name appears on the Dean ' s List, and she re- ceives her Bachelor of Science in Physical Education. Thomas Clyde Stocks Dalton, Georgia One of the greatest conritbutions that Dal- ton has made to N.G.C, Tommy can al- ways be found with a smile on his face and willing to help anyone in trouble. He served as President of the Business Admin- istration Club. Treasurer of the Officer ' s Club, and a member of the Varsity Base- ball Team. Aside from being selected as a distinguished military student, he also par- ticipated in Intramural sports, the Y.M. C.A., and the N.C.O. Club. Tommy served as Battalion Adjutant on the Staff, before receiving his B.S. Degree in Business Ad- ministration. William Albert Threlkeld, Jr. Albany, Georgia Named " Threck " by his buddies in " C " company, we find no other student to compare with his studious efforts to be- come a doctor of medicine. A member of the Science Club, as Vice President, the Chemistry Club, the Letterman ' s Club, and the Physics Club, Threck has really de- voted much of his time to these worthy causes. A constant member of the Dean s List, he receives his B.S- in Chemistry. i k To see her is to know her, and to know her is to feel that you have known her always. " Julie " has participated in the Glee Club, YWCA, the Business Administration Club, the Science Club as Treasurer, and the REC Club as a member of the Phi Omicron Team. Our " Julie " receives a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology. Robert E. Waters Rome, Georgia A standout from Rome is our friend Bob. His ability to " win friends and influence people " has made his stay at North Geor- gia a very commendable one. Bob served as President of the Science Club and as a member of the Officers Club. Also an Hon- ors List student, he was one of the few to be a member of honor company in his freshman and sophomore years. He receives his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology. Eleanor B. Vinton Atlanta, Georgia A real bundle of enery is " Lou " who did about everything a girl could do at North Georgia. A member of the Physical Edu- cation Club, the REC Club as President, the Mercureans, the Riffe Team, the Cy- clops, the Cadet Bugler, and the Tumbling Club, Lou was constantly on the Dean ' s List. Among her other accomplishments, she earned a varsity intramural sweater and letter. Lou receives her B.S. Degree in Physical Education. vi A%-Vt John P. Wallis Elberton, Georgia One of the few citizens of Elberton is our friend John. Certainly his performance on the football field is yet to be remembered in the hearts of the fans who watched the ' 54 season. With just the desire to play the game called football, John receives his Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics and Mathematics. Donald Watson Camilla, Georgia Donald majored in physical education. Ruth Westbrook Danielsville, Georgia Ruth will always be remembered at North Georgia for her sparkling personality and pleasant smile. She was a member of the Home Economics Club where she held the office of Secretary. She also served as Secretary-Treasurer of Westminster Fel- lowship. Ruth irticipated in Re activities as a member of the Phi Or She receives a Bachelor of Science ii Economics. : Club Home Mary M. Honea Tate, Ga. B.S. Home Economic Glee Club 3 yrs. Home Ec 3 yrs., (Treas. •S2- ' S3). YWCA 2 yrs. Rec Club (Phi Omicron). Futu ager Used Book Sweater Intr: dent Junior Cla: 3 yrs. Joe R. Whitaker Gainesville, Georgia " Nub " , as he is called around the cam- pus, has made his abode in the B.A. Build- ing, being a member of the Business Ad- ministration Club. This peppy little lad hails from the fair city of Gainesville. He receives his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. Teachers 2 yrs. Ma [change ' S2- ' 53. Emblem ural Sports. Vice Prc si- Westminster Fellowship Shirley Shirley Whitaker Gainesville, Georgia ajored in Elementary Education. Not Shown: Mrs. Malcom Adams Robert Burford James Henderson HoYT Lock SUMMER GRADUATES Naomi Lance Allen Lloyd Benson Mrs. Lavon Butt Mrs. Mae K. Clements Fred E. Driskell Mrs. Jean Arp Pearl Bruce Lois Cagle Taylor Do dy J. D. Edge SUMMER RADUATES Valmon Henson Mrs. Thelma Palmer Ulysses Sampson Dorothy Walker Allen Watts Dorothy- Ann Jones Dora Ritchie Mrs. Ana Pearl Seabolt Mrs. Marjorie Walker. Mrs. C. T. Wimpey JUNIORS Jimmy Anthony Vice-President Laura Brown Treasurer Evelyn Ash Juanita Bruce Henry L. Bullard Glenn Byess Luther Campbell Algernon Cannon Tommy Bentley Charles Cha6n Douglas Cobb Karen Cobb Mrs. Martha Darracott Diane Dickey Dupree Richard Durham Robert Erwin Martha Pem Fite Jackie Franklin George Grant Gary Hill Louise Horton Patsy Hudgins Betty S. Lowe Gerald Keller James Kinney Elwin Kreilick Billy Martin Gene Moree James Morrison Louise Moorhea Don Painter Robert Parker Jacquelin Parris HiNTON Paul Shirley Pharr George Potter Ralph Price Edwin Prince David Puckett AROLYN PURCELL EsTES RoGERS JeFFIE ROGERS Wm. RoGERS LaRRY ScOGGINS JaMES C. ScOTT NaNCY ScHUMACHER . T ' lJ ' homas Settle Patricia Shore Johnny Sims Hugh Stone Lamar Sutton Wiluam R. Vandeventer Harry Vickers Donaldson W ' l ims Donna Wendorf Franklin Woodall Emma Lou Woody M ik Earl Wright SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS John R. Pearson President John W. Stipe Vice President Joe p. Martin .... Secretary and Treasurer Richard Aaron Donald Adams Roy Adamson Charles Adkins Doris Allen William V. Almand Louie F. Ayers Robert M. Bacon Clarence Bailey James Barber Max Briugman Marion Cleghorn John Clowe Richard Coleman Chester Comer Ted Conrad James Cooper BoYcE Davis RoYCE Davis Sue Deyerle Cleon Dial Donald Dickerson Billy L. Dove Frank Edwards Johnson Elliott Lanelle Edwards Barbara Fischer , Lang L. Forehand li Edward Forreste r II Charles Gardner II Dale Gayler Clyde Gibson Louise Godbee James Green James H. Green Eugene Harbuck Bobby Hardegree Dale- Harridge Margaret Harvill Charles Hensley Charles Hill Haines Hill Peter Hodkinson Ruth Holcombe Harold Holland Shirley Howard George Ingram Jack James Jack Jarrett Charles Johnson Phillip Johnson Carey Joiner T. V. Jones Paul Kellam Joe Knapp Gene Landers David McCracken Jackie McKinley Gerald McLendo Sara Ledford ELrzABETH Logan Peggy Luttrell Joe Martin Paul Martin James Massey Jimmy R. Matthews Howell Mayo Mary Miller Raymond Mock William Moncrieff Joel L. Monk Beverly Moore Wm. F. Moore John P. Moore Wm. G. Moran Sammy K. Mosley Charles Nichols Charles Palmer Clark Randall Shirley Reese Donald Roberts Robert W. Rymer Wm. C. Sanders Duke Short Janet Simpson Frank Sineath Robert E. Smith John Stipe Cynthia Stocks Olin Thomoson George Thurmond Charles Turner Jimmy Walker Kenneth Walker Bobby Wallace Buck Warren Jesse L. Way Barbara Wenzel Bobby Whatley Charles Wofford Patsy C. Woodali William Arata Roy Chambers Floyd E. Hester SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED Alfred C. Bowen George H. Harrison Marion N. Todd Harry H. Young FRESHMEN Robert P. Schlofsser Reuben Black Thomas W. Grimes William H. Bush OFFICERS Robert P. Schloesser President Reuben Black Vice President Thomas W. Grimes Secretary William H. Bush Treasurer Roger Adams Stanton Adams Janet Almand HiNTON Amerson Wm. G. Anderson John Archer James Wade Ash ) . Thomas E. Bannist Lescoe Bourne Wm. R. Barrett Jackie Barron Carol Bell Jack Bell James Bell Lloyd Bell Joyce Bellamy Hugh Bentley Robert Bentley Calvin Bettis Gary Bishop Reuben Black Charles Blalock James Bland Ginger Boat James Bozeman Garry Brannon Joseph Brantley Suzanne Breedlove John Britt Richard Brown David Bruce Shirley Bryan .oAnn Bulgin vIargie Burden Mangy Burks ■hillip Burrell IfiLLiAM Bush Kenneth Butterworth ERRY ByERS lObert Calloway Barren Camp AMES Campbell Iarold Carder arbara Carter Iharles Carter JA Mae Cash Iarie Cavender 3HN A. Chapman OBERT C. Clark ERRY COE LFRED Coleman arolyn Collier Wm. H. Collins Patricia Compton Harold Coody Homer Cook Ralph D. Cordlll Richard Coultlr Phillip Cowan James Cross Thomas Crow John Darnell June Darnell Fred Davis James Davis Louie Davis Oscar Davis George Davison Charles Davidson Patricia Dawson BuFORD Deese Pete Delaro John Dennis Ann Dismukes Louise Dixon Frances Dukes Bess Duncan Lucius Edmondson Eleanor Edwards Edward Ellington James Elliott Charles Etheridge Carnage Fennell Henry Fitch Norwood Flanders ' Henry Foster Juanita Foster Betty Frazilr Carl Free Pope Freeman Veleta Futral Elliot Gardner Farmer Garner BIlly Gatlin Wm. a. Geer Betty Gilmer Carl Glass Nathaniel Goode Betty Gordon Kenneth Gottman Rebecca Granade Jimmy Grant Sylvia Gravely Jere Greer Wallace Greer Jean Griefeth Richard Griffin Thomas Grimes Harry Hall Ralph Hall Lavonia Hamilton Clayton Harpster John Hattrich James Hensley Hewell Herndon I Maria Higcins Beverly Hitchcock Beverly Holland Terry Horton Curtis Hudgins Alva Hume Joseph Hunt M.ARGARET JaRRARD Donald Jarvis Johnny Jay Ronald Johnson it Jerry Joiner Bobby Jones Carl Jones Gloria Jones Robert Jones Tommy Jones John Kastner Sue Keener Margaret Keith Edwin Kelly Margaret Kelly Carol King Peggy King RoMiE Kirkland Gary B. Kuhn Harold Lambert James Land Barbara Landers Evelyn Lanford Frank Lee Kenneth Lee Jo Lenderman Raymond Linuguist Carl Loudermilk Bill Lloyd Parker Lovpry Julian McBride Dean McCall John McCamy HoYT McClure Robert McMurray James McNew Joseph McSwain Hubert McWhirter JOHNNETTE MadDOX David Malcolm Doris Mann Kermett Martin Lenox Martin Martha S. Martin James Mason Ben Mayo Charles Medlock Ben Miller Billy Miller Bobby Miller Robert Mitchell Tommy Mock Olin J. Moore Carder Mullis Ann Mundy John W. Murphy Wayne Murrison Walter Nader Milton Norras Jean Odum Pauline O ' Kelley DoYCE Otting Robert Ottwell Robert Overby Arthur Palmer Stanley Palmer Phillip Parker Dewagin Patrick Cliff Patterson Gretna Peacock Wicker Peede Joyce Phillips Janelle Planzer Eli Plunkett GwEN Powell Sara Preston Franklin Price Henry Pridgen Beth Puckett Jack Quigley Ray H. Rachels Vm. R. Rambo Alyce Reeves Z. Register Peggy Renfroe John L. Roberts HpRBERT RoBERTSO Cynthia Robinson Donald Rutledge Freeman Sanders Connie Sasser Richard P. Scheff Robert Schloesser Carolyn Schrader John Scott Joe Scott Patsy Shattuck Harold Shadron Fred Shirley Tack Shoemake Jackie Singleton Catherine Smart Cherry Kay Smith Ellis Smith Robert V. Smith Bruce Snyder William Steed AcQuiLLA Stipe Cay G. Stokes Richard Stokes Thurman Sturdivant Wm. H. Sudlow Kenneth Swanson Madge Tate Shirley Temple Tommy Terrell George Thompson Ann Tingle Wm. H. Todd j. w. torbush Roger Traylor Peggy Turner Mildred Tyner Davie Vaughan Edgar B. Vinson Julian Wages William Wall Allajj Wansley Leonard Ward Wm. C. Wehunt Robert West Harold Wheeler John T. Whelchel Joe M. Whitley Wm. V. Wigley Ben K. Wilbanks Patricia B. Wilcoxson Richard Wilder James M. Wilder Gerald Williams Jean Williams Wm. M. Williams Jack Wilson Raymond Wilson Morris L. Wood Gene A. Landers Robert H. Moran James F. William w. h. wofford George Youmans FRESHMEN NOT PICTURED Frankie Abercrombie Earl Archbold John Avera Lescoe R. Bourne Frederick Fitts James Garner Betty Jo Harper James Howell William C. Johnson Frankie Lynch William D. Mason Charles Robocker Donald Trammel Eugene G. Vickery William L. Whelchel James T. Wilcox Robert A. Williams SUMMER GRADUATES, 19S3 Allen, Naomi Lance Cleveland, Georgia Allnoch, Dorothy Baxley, Georgia Amersom, Carl Cofield Atlanta, Georgia Anderson, Adelaide Fitts Jasper, Georgia Arp, Jean Davenport Blue Ridge, Georgia Bannister, Edith G " . . Cumming, Georgia Benson, Lloyd C Dalton, Georgia Bridges, Laura McGlU Rome, Georgia Bruce, Edna Virginia Hemp, Georgia Bruce, Pearl Dahlonega, Georgia Butt, LaVon C Blairsville, Georgia Cagle, Lois Bessie Jasper, Georgia Carmichael, Mildred Rockmart, Georgia Chastain, Claude A Epworth, Georgia Clements, Mae Kelly Jesup, Georgia Clyburn, Thomas Benjamin III ... . Blue Ridge, Georgia Collier, Guynelle Toccoa, Georgia Daniel, Mary Hanner Cumming, Georgia Darnell, Emogene Chastain Nelson, Georgia Dowdy, Taylor Dahlonega, Georgia Driskell, Fred E Cumming, Georgia Edge, J. D Dahlonega, Georgia Edmondson, Jessie Cartersville, Georgia England, Ernestine Laverne Blairsville, Georgia Gordon, Elva Elizabeth Dallas, Georgia Harris, Bernita Clayton Cisco, Georgia Henson, Valmon Hasty Ball Ground, Georgia Honea, Mary Marjorie Tate, Georgia Houk, William Herbert Augusta, Georgia Johnson, Mattie Conn Rome, Georgia Jones, Dorothy Anne Alpharetta, Georgia Langford, Larry Keefe Marietta, Georgia Lovelace, Nettie Lee Ball Ground, Georgia McClellan, Edna G Gainesville, Georgia McClure, James A Cartecay, Georgia Padgett, Janelle Ranger, Georgia Palmer, Thelma A Dahlonega, Georgia Peacock, Lois Ruth Trion, Georgia Quarles, Fannie Elizabeth Ball Ground, Georgia Randall, Annie Cummings Aragon, Georgia Ritchie, Dora Blue Ridge, Georgia Samples, Wylene Conner Cumming, Georgia Sampson, Ulysses E Young Harris, Georgia Seabolt, Anapearl Walker Dahlonega, Georgia Shipp, Mae Elizabeth Canton, Georgia Shirey, Leona H Altha, Florida Smith, Ruby Annie Woodbury, Georgia Stapler, Iva Azelee Bremen, Georgia Stipe, Clara M Valdosta, Georgia Turner, Carolyn White Ball Ground, Georgia Walker, Dorothy Nelson, Georgia Walker, Marjorie Sadler Dahlonega, Georgia Walton, Eva C Temple, Georgia Watts, Allen H., Jr Guyton, Georgia Whitaker, Shirley Williams Gainesville, Georgia Williams, Versa Davies Clarkston, Georgia Wlmpey, Grapelle Jackson Blairsville, Georgia Wren, Thomas Joseph, Jr Savannah, Georgia Wynens, Alline H Bremen, Georgia ORGIA CO}- J u y y I I I I ' ' |l I " f, - organizations tVnd features William R. Vandeventer Editor John E. Rogers Btishiess Manager CYCLOPS - The Cyclops is the official yearbook of North Georgia College and is published by the students during the latter part of the spring quarter. It is a treasure chest of memories, fun, and work. It attempts to give a complete coverage of the various activities which take place during the year on the N.G.C. campus. Each year sections are devoted to facultv and administration, classes, military, sports, features, and organizations. STAFF Josiah Blasingame George S. Brooks Barbara Lee Buice Thelma V. Burel Nancy Elizabeth Burks Marilyn Gay Hannah Theron H. Hill Harold B. Holland Shirley A. Howard James S. Kinney Jo Carol Lenderman Lester L. Luttrell 56 1954 Mr. H. H. GiLBtRT, Jr Business Adviser Miss Dorothy Brown Editorial Adviser STAFF Howell R. Mayo John P. Moore Beverly Moore N. Louise Moorhead Gene M. Moree Mary Jacquelyn Parris William L. Paris Shirley A. Pharr Sara E. Preston Robert J. Short Nancy A. Temple George E. Thurmond 57 THE CADET BUGLER STAFF Editor-In-Chief Louise Moorhead Associate Editor Doris Allen Associate Military Editors Robert H. Clark, Josiah Blasingame News Editors .... Anne Dismukes, Lamar Sutton Reporters — Smedley Breedlove, Art Palmer, Charles Drex- ler. Gloria Lively, Patricia Power, Acquilla Stipe. Algernon Cannon. Mazelle Cravens. Editorial Assistants . Gwendelyn Powell, Barbara Buice, Donna Wendorf Literary .... Jo Carol Lenderman, Chris Brigham Alumni News . . . Lanelle Edwards, Shirley Howard Betty Lowe, Bob Waters Athletics .... George Thurmond, Ken Butterworth, Ed Forrester, Barbara Landers, Jimmy Anthony Features . Lester Luttrell, Sue Deyerle, Peggy Luttrell. Beverly Hitchcock, Thelma Bure Artists George Brooks, Hugh Stone Business Manager Carey Joiner Business Assistants . . . Jackie Parris Lucy Horton Exchange Editor Nancy Temple Faculty Advisers . Dr. Charles C. Chadbourn, Jr. and Mr. H. H. Gilbert The Cadet Biii Icr, published quarterly at North Georgia, has a fourfold purpose in providing an outlet for student ex- pression, keeping a record, giving prospective students a pre- view of life at N.G.C., and keeping alumni informed on the college ' s activities. The Busier has been enlarged in size this year, and the circulation, more than half of which is off-campus, has also increased. The publication has been highly successful in obtaining new goals because of the interested efforts of an able staff and competent faculty advisers. Lcf to Right: George Brooks, Sue Deyerle, Algernon Cannon, Lester Luttrell. Left to Rigtjt: Kenneth Butterworth, Lancllc Edw.trds. Shirley Howard, George Thurmond, Betty Lowe, id Forrc-.ter. A visf ■ ' ■ «■ A-f, Pint Row: Betty Lowe, Sue Deyerlc, Lanellc Edwards, Donna W ' cndorf, Doris Allen, Gloria Lively, Beverly Hitchcock, Nancy Temple, Mazelle Cravens. . . . Secoinl Ron: Jo Carol Lendcrman, Shirley Howard, Louise Moorhead, Josiah Blasingamc, Lester Luttrell, George Thurmond, Kenneth Butterworth, Ed Forrester, Robert Clark, Lamar Sutton, Smedley Brccdiove, Algernon Cannon, George Brooks. Li- to Rixhl: Beverly Hitchcock, Robert Clark, Jo Carol Lenderman, Josiah Blasingame. Lift to Rfght: Smedley Breedlove, Gloria Lively, Donna Wendorf, Mazelle Cravens, Lamar Sutton. COMMANDER NOT PICTURED: F. G. Davis Publications Aist. W. R. Williams Artiit ti JOMb r cR ROT C Cb uahlonega uerrgrS " ' 3AK£r S ' SHJMc. - Forehand " ' Yhe North Georgia College " Commander " is a mimeographed news- A galaxy of f i " " ' -S ' paper, published weekly by the Military Department. Its purpose is to Ist ' i ' iiOVinij features will paradi provide a news medium for the student body and to make it possible le Hollv Theatre Str. e Friday ° ' - everyone to keep up with campus activities. Among its most popu- ._,_ T- r T..-u „„«„„ i . lar articles are " In This Corner, " which features some interesting and )nej,a ' s Lions Club opens it ,. , -a c -j . r-- j • j -w n ■ . ' - , . , outstandmg person on the campus; As said to Cmdy . and w alkie irietj ' Show to Luiapkm Count; Talkie. " Besides these features there are reviews on military and sports jnces. Tickets for students events, the " Commander " was started by Capt. Murphey, and is pub- l sale for botn evening perfon lished by North Georgia cadets and coeds. K and 9PM - at 500 each. ' Ji af tar- pon show will be put on especially for aiiimer school children. Cherry Kay Smith and her famous Kay- ts will step into " The General ' s " ,oes for the Lions to provide, " show isic " in addition to her specialt mbcrs. " The Generals " are tempora ' y out nf action due to a reor aniz ,on of their group, " The Jubileers " of Company " D " i le " Harmony Boys Trio " of Crmpany ' 11 add their talent to the big affa ich is slated to set new records . tertainment for Dahlrnega. harii n Matthews, popular soloist of f ' is Kail, will return by request to pr; in her iniuiitabi ■ ' •■ ' niLer. The Conner e ' ' ' sville, med for tb be on with , BBB ° ittle ' ■ lOie rdu JAls. tort Able, Charlis lowed - and Dog - ' -ler. Companies fol- In this first Quarter, Kr, dignitary rev- was pleased by the Bat- ■ " - ' LS SY E. S. FORRESTE Asst. Editor iiNAUGSR. A new, simple point selection of Honor been approved by Nortl PMS T Major VJalter K ' the result of a thon by a team composed of A Smith, Captain Glen G C Long, SFC J D B: J H Babb and Cadet C; ler. The main feature oj that it eliminates all factors over whicl have little or no accentuating planning, genuity and industry level. Events which couni and their weights are Parades and Ceremonit P " T Inspection . . ' ress Tests " ■.astic St ■ cienCT titic fent r e y r N E X V here vdll you nt Do k ' Co " A " Co " U " Co " C " Elirribles ? o grct that F ■■ .- t.terfield of Co " D " V iness Adi.dnj J. R. Duncan apartment sports EJitor . Ht-t, your w ve ;or of will be twee instance th iia as scored 1 T. H. Hill d 12, 9, 6, ' , laces. Eacl Mgr Olin J. Moore President FORENSIC SENATE The Forensic Senate offers to a select group of students an opportunity to better acquaint themselves in the art of pubic speech and in the technique of research. Members have chances to participate in actual debates. After competitive training through chapel and inter-collegiate debating, the Sen- ate enters state and national tournaments. Through the years the members of the Council have worked zealously to establish and maintain a proud record. Shirley Pharr Vice President Betty Frazier Clerk of Senate Edwin C. Prince Ser,t;ei„ -,it-Arms Left to Right, seatcl: Ricliard Griffin, Betty Frazier, Shirley Reese, Shirley Pharr, James Henderson. . . . StanJina: James Crawford, Aquila Stipe, Arthur Palmer, Edwin Prince, John Stipe, Olin Moore, Peter Hodkinson III, Mr. Satterfield. r V Run (u-at,J): Barbara Larders. Shirley Reese, Mary Miller, (anet Simpson, Shirley Pharr, Karen Young, Martha Sue Martin Ginger Boat Margaret Jarrard, Ida Mac Cash. . . . S.comi Rmr: Ed Forrester. Robert Schloesser, Lang Forehand, Larry .Scroggins Ralph D Cordell Thir,l Row: Palmer Moore, Ruben Black, L. U. Campbell, Beyerly Moore. Olin Moore, T. O. Sturdivant, Hinton Amerson, Mr. Simpson DRAMATIC CLUB The Dramatic Club has been reorganized this year for the first time since the Spring of 19 50. A glance at the program for the year shows a presentation of five one-act plays, each representing a different type. With the capable direction of Mr. Simpson and the en- thusiasm and interest shown by the students, the club prom- ses to achieve new goals in the field of Dramatics. Janet Simpson. President; Shirley Reese, Secretary; T. O. Sturdivant. Vice-President. Janet Simpson President THE OFFICERS ' CLUB .■ h m Ma J. W. M. TuRNTR Aihisor The Officers ' Club provides an agency, under the supervision of the P. M.S. T. and the Commandant, for gathering and disseminating in- formation pertaining to the cadet corps. This information is used to benefit and Improve the efficiency of the Battahon. The membership of the club consists of the Cadet Officers of the Battalion and any members of the Commandant ' s Staff desiring to join. As part of Its social activities, the Officers ' Club sponsors picnics and dances during the year, and also co- sponsors the annual military ball. C. Lendermam Sponsor Jack Atha Charles Drexler »_ W. R. Vandeventer Ronnie Duncan James Crawford D. J. Logan William Tlirclkcid Homer Hefner Roy Holcomb J. C. Huff Charles Langston Harold Long Robert Loneino Laymen Hattaway Josiah Blasingan Harold Nicliol Joe Hope Tommy Stocks i f - te - ' The N.C.O. Club works to keep a steady, continuous improvement of the battalion of cadets, and to prepare its members to become officers. Membership is compulsory for all N.C.O. ' s on contract, and is open to other cadets rank- ing from corporal to master sergeant. The N.C.O. Club also has a purpose, and it spon- sors various activities for its members and for the student body. © SL - " " ! ]k4 Lester Luttrell Chapliiii! Joe Hope S.? . « Arm NCO CLUB Capt. Murphey Adihcr NOT PICTURED James Henderson Scc-Tmn. N. Ed Lewis PrciiJfut INTER- FRATERNITY COUNCIL The function of the Intci-ffaternity Council is to promote cooperation and harmony between the Rex and Sigma Theta. The Council is composed of three members selected from each of the fraternities. The Council also has a social purpose and strives to see that the fraternities give the student body a well-rounded social life. Bobby HARDrcRi.L Member Robert Clark Mcmhcr f? L . E V James Pierci Prciident REX FRATERNITY Sponsor Capt. Wilhide Advisor - .. Robert Clark 1st Vice PrciiJciit Ronnie Duncan 2nd Vice Vrendent Smedley Breedlove Sec. ' Treasurer The Rex is a traditional organization at North Georgia College and is the oldest fraternity now on the campus. It contributes to the social life at the college by sponsoring several entertainments each quarter, including informal dances, trips to the lakes, and banquets. Its greatest objective is to promote friendship and brotherhood not only among its own members but throughout the student body. James H. Hefner Sergeant-At-Arms Charlie Johnson Jimmy Matthews Jackie McKinley Gene Moree Ruluu 0 c.b David Piunkett Donald Robert Gerald McLendo Clark Randall Frank Sineath m SIGMA THETA FRATERNITY Iamls Babb -; ' PrcuJent til II PlTIKSO Mianu, Florid Sponsor James Skrixe Tn;imrcr Bobby Hardicree Chaplain t The Sigma Thcta FiMternity, founded on the c.impus by two faculty members, is an impoftant factor in the fraternal and social life at N.G.C. It cooperates with the other fraternal and social organizations to have the Pan-Hellenic dance each winter and also sponsors banquets, informal dances, and picnics for its members and the student body. With its present growth and Interest, the Sigma Theta is taking even James Kinney Sergcavt-at-Arms greater steps in realizing its objectives. 70 Bt V William Alm.ind I ..m - ' - Bobby Bray t V Charles Brice Max Bridgcman Algernon Cannon Mcrvin Hawk p ) ) 1 V Cm Gcoi-K -- Tluirmond T.,ck .I,,n,. Q Jesse Way Franklin W ' oodall BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CLUB Patricia Bevil Sponsor Mr. N. Oakes Adi iser Tommy Stocks President Smedley Breedlove Treasurer Roy Holcomb Parliamentarian Membership in the Business Administration Club is open to business administration majors and secre- tarial science majors of junior or senior status. The principal purposes of the club are to acquaint members with current developments and opportuni- ties for employment in business, and to foster the development of an esprit de corps among students majoring in business administration and secretarial science. Programs consist principally of lectures and forums conducted by representatives of business enterprises and faculty members and student sponsored programs. James Skrine Reporter Joe Whitak Robert Longino ;., to Right (■.cited): Shirley Temple, Frances Dukes. Nell Bland. Lock, Gloria Lively, Nancy Schumacher, Louise Moorheid, Patricia Bruce, Martha Darracott, Donna Wendorf. Fir:,t Roif (stan.iiux) ers. . . . Si-coihl Roil: Mazelle Cravens, Betty Lowe, Ann Cagle, Hoyt Mrs. Bouffard, Evelyn Ash, Roy Lamkin, Edna FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The John C. Sirmons Chapter of Future Te.ichers of Americ.i is open to all students whose chief vocational interest is teaching. It endeavors to aid them in understanding more fully the professonal aspects of teaching and in developing the qualities of leader- ship. Professional and social activities are sponsored to promote growth of individual members. As part of its projects, the Chapter manages the used-book exchange and gives a children ' s Christmas party each year. The members also participate in regional and state- wide activities. Cagle, Mazelle Cra- vens, Pat Power, Roy Lamkin, Hoyt Lock. Betty Lowe, President; Edna Bruce, Donna Wen- dorf, Hoyt Lock, Louise Moorhead. Left to Rixhf: Gloria Lively, Mrs. Bouffard, Edna Bruce, Ann Findley, Mazelle Cra- vens, Pat Power, Roy Lamkin, Hoyt Lock. W 4 P Y M North Georgia College Amateur Radio Club The Radio Communications Club is composed of students who are interested in amateur and experimental radio. The group operates an amateur station under the hcensed call of W4PYM. and each member strives toward procuring his government license. In case of emergency, the North Georgia " hams " would be ready to go into action immediately, doing vital civil defense work in the the communications field. The club has several radio transmitters and receivers, as well as electronics equipment which is used for experimental work. It also maintains " Radar Ridge " where members may communicate with other radio fans. Billy L. Dove W4UAV President Left to Rifif ' f: Bill Rogers, Billy Dove, Earl Wright, Parris, Mr. Pigg, John Clowe, David M Cracken, Edwin Kellev. Bob Waters SCIENCE CLUB Sin i.l. L. to R Jul.a Peter Tutton, Be Hodkinson it The purpose of the Science Club is to promote the interest .ind study of science, and to encourage extra-curricular activities in this field. Its membership is composed of sceince majors and students especially in- terested in pre-professional study. The club presents an interesting variety of programs, and sponsors field trips to places of scientific interest. Roy Adanison, Bill Murphy, Gloria Lively, Patsy Shattreck. Bob Waters, James Bannister, S. Pharr E. Logan, Louise Godbee, Bettyc Bovd, Peggy Turner, Barbara King, Jackie Franklin, Eddie Forrest tsy Paradise, Cytbia Stocks, George Grant, Louie Ayers, Frank Green, George Ingram, Harold Long, III, C. Adkins. S. Reese. . ;r. Bill Thr Tim Heath . . Sfamllug, L to ilkeld, Pat Shore, Alfred Coleman, ■• flrtt f«r REC CLUB COUNCIL Miss Janet Wells, Adiher Laymon Hattaway, Sponsor The Women ' s Recreation Association was founded to provide opportunities for participation in recreational activities and to promote a spirit of good fellowship and clean sportsmanship among the stu- dents. The Club is composed of four teams — Trahlytans, Hippolytans, Mcrcurcans, and Phi Omicrons — which hold tournaments in various sports and sponsor many social activities. The Rec ' s motto is " An activity for every girl — a girl in every activity. " Jeffie Rogers, Vice-President; Jackie Parris, Trcisurcr; Doris Allen, Secretary; Lanelle rdw.irds. Reporter; Nancv Scliumacher, President. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hannah Sponsors Top to bottom: Velcta Futral, CaroKn Schraeder Km Odum, Marion Mathews, Che r Kav Smith, Cindy Robinson, Shirley Temple. Margaret Keith, Nancy Burke, Marsarct Harvell, Gwcn Powell, Marsie Burden, Frances Dukes, Lanelle Edwards, Evelyn Langford, Shirley Reese, Sara Preston, Louise Moorhead, Evelyn Ash, Lou Zimmer, Gay Hannah, Thclma Buret, Jeffie Rogers. Co-Captain TRAHLYTANS Lucy Horcon, J.,ckic Parrls, Nell l!l,,nd, Betty Gordon, Janellc Planzcr, Pegsy Rcnfroe, Carol Bell, Barbara Car- ter, Pauline O ' Kelly, Cathy Smart, Donna Wendoff, Ida Mae Cash, Alyce Reeves, Laura Brown, Carolyn Collier, Barbara Landers, June Darnell, Bess Duncan, Louise Dixon, |uanita Foster. Co-Capt. PHI OMICRONS SHI HI In n ' sflKH XKy P flH fluin 1 77 ' H H Hg IP H r 1 Watch the Birdii Boat ride . . . Someone? HIPPOLYTANS Nancy takci the bottle. Barbara Fischer Ciip aiii Lou Woody Pete Rolsto Co-Captaiii Spoiiwr Ann Tingle, Pat Shore, Joyce Bellemy, Jackie Woodwarti, Millie Tyner, Mary Sue Keener, Connie Sasser, Nancy Schumacher, Barbara Fischer, Lou Woody, Karen Young, Doris Mann, Joyce Phillips, Shirley Bryan, Loanne Bulgin, Bo Holland, Betty Frazier. ,4 m _ - l H ■ I HH aaiaHl IkjiJ, mi,mt» - -«»:js. - t K Ruth Holcombe, Ann Massey. Elizabeth Rogan, Madge Tate. Mary Alice Peacock, Reeky Grenade, Eleanor Edwards, Peg ) !-.■■, Gloria Jones, Bettye Boyd, Janet Almand, Patsy Shattuck, Dons Allen, Beverly Hitchcock, Mary Miller, " Pem En MERCUREANS J AHKi The coeds of N.G.C. first organized in 1943 for the purpose of bringing students and advisors to- gether in closer relationships. They in turn collabo- rate with the advisor for the purpose of setting up standards that every student according to her class and academic rating is given privileges in line with her standing. This organization has resulted in better, happier, and more cooperative living together. Secretary LEWIS Mrs. I. C. Power Sponsor Nancy Schumacher Vice President Lanelle Edwards Treasurer HALL Nancy Temple TuLLMA BUREL Vice-Prcsiilt ' iit ARBARA BUICE Secyetaty Patsy Woodall Treasurer Miss Bessie Lee Freeman AJiher HOME ECONOMICS CLUB This active departmental organization offers its members many golden opportunities to show their skills in home-making through their various activities. Annual events of the Home Ec Club are the waffle supper which is given for new members during the fall of each year, the Christmas party during the winter, and the fashion parade in the spring in which members model the clothes they have made in their sewing classes. Other functions of the club are coffees, teas, and dinners which they give for students and faculty; attendance by several of their members at Career Day which is held every year in Atlanta as a guide to careers in Home Economics; and Open House at which the members exhibit their skills in art and clothing. The biggest fund-raising projects of the Club are the Harvest Festival in the fall and their baby-sitting jobs which they do for members of the faculty. Seated, Left to Right: Nancy Burks, Gretna Peacock, Mrs. Willie Adams, Patsy Woodall, Eleanor Edwards, Jean Griffith, Nancy Temple, Suzanne Breedlove, Becky Granade. . . . Standing, Left to Right: Ruth Westbrook, Connie Sasser, Theima Burel, Patricia Wilcoxon, Miss Freeman, Ruth Holcomb, Evelyn Lanford, Barbara Carter, Barbara Buice, Anne Mundy, Juanita Bruce, Peggy Renfroe, Barbara Fischer, Peggy King, Betty Gordon, Johnnie Maddox. Y. M. C A. CABINET EsTES Rogers Vice President Bobby Bray Cabinet Member Haines Hill Cabinet Member Algernon Can Cabinet Member Gene Harbuck Cabinet Member Edward Forrester Cabinet Member Howell Mayo Cabinet Member Ciiaries Drexler Oi ' tary Dr. H. B. Forester Ahivr Lester Luttrell Treasurer Q YWCA CABINET Beth Puckett Maria Higgins 85 Lanell Edwards Marion Mathews Secretary WESLEY FOUNDATION The Wesley Founda- tion is the Methodist Church ' s program for students at North Geor- gia. Through worship, study, and action it seeks to minister to their total religious life. Bible study, state con- ferences, deputations, choir, recreation, and suppers, in addition to summer service projects, help Wesley Foundation members to know and serve God. Fint Row, Lcjt to Right: Otto Terrell, Josiah Blasingame, Tommy Crow, Estes Rogers, Herbert Robertson, Don Weems, Max Bridgeman, Beverly Moore, Jack James. . . , Second Row. Jean Griffeth, Martha Sue Martin, Beverly Hitchcock, Lanelle Ed- wards, Pat Mealor, Betty Lowe, Anne Dismukes, Gay Hannah, Marion Mathews, Frankie Lynch, Madge Tate, Beth Puckett. Haines Hill Cabinet Memk Gay Hannah Treasurer Anne Dismukes Publicity Josiah Blasingame Publicity George Thurmond Presidejit Louise Moorhead Dr. Huntley WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP George Thurmond President Morris Henderson Secretary Dr. Huntley Adviser Louise Moorhead Vice President Westminster Fellowship strives to teach more clearly the principles and teachings of Christ and to promote Christian fel- lowship among the students. The organization meets every Sunday evening at the Presbyterian Church for a devotional program presented by the pastor or by one of the students. Afterwards the group goes to the home of Dr. Huntley for an informal social. As part of its program for North Georgia students, Westminister Felklowshp also sponsors picnics, banquets, and retreats. Seatcil: Bacon, Barbara Fischer, Bess Dune Odum, Jackie Woodward, Duke Shore. . . 1, Louise Dixon, Patsy Shattuck, Cherry Kav Smith, Jt SfaTidivg: Sue Deyerle, Carl Free, Leonard Ward, Car George Thurmond, Bobby Parker, Jack Atha, Louise Moorhead, Ruth Westbrook. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION v The Baptist Student Union acts as a lini between the Bap- tist activities on the campus at North Georgia and the local church. Through its special programs, deputations, socials, study courses, and active mission work, the organization helps to enrich and broaden the life of the student. These activities aid in furthering the belief that " Christ is the answer. " « » Lpster Luttrell Prcsit cil Left to R .? i ; Evelyn Lanford (Secretary), Weyman Price (Enlistment V. Prcs.). Doyle Harper (BTU Representative), Doris Allen (Devotional V. Pres.), Barbara Wenzel (Pianist), Laura Brown (Social V. Pres.), Ed Forrester (Sunday School Representative), Pete Hodkinson III (Deputa- tion Chairman), Lester Luttrell (President). ' I % G C tJn The Glee Club is a mixed chorus of students who are interested especially in choral music. The group specializes in sacred music but also does secular pro- grams. It makes trips over the state to sing in various churches and in high school assemblies. The Glee Club strives to achieve musically and to strengthen the bond between our college and our state. Dr. DisMUKEs Director Mrs. Bouffard Accompanist Fourth Row, left to right: J. Carey Joiner, Harold Lambert, Bob Villi.inis, Bill Hodges, Charles Blalock, James Bland, Tommy Crow, Carl Jones, Lester Luttrell, Phil Johnson, Gene Harbuck. . . . Thin Row: Frances Dukes, Anne Dismukes, Julia Tutton, Shirley Bryan, Barbara Landers, Marion Mathews, Gay Hannah, Cherry Kay Smith, Beth Puckett, Margaret Harvill, Beverly Hitchcock, Cindy Robinson. . . . Second Row: Mayzell Cravens, Chris Wilcoxson, Nancy Temple, Louise Moorhead, Doris Mann, Karen Young, Doris Allen, Pauline O ' Kelly, Mary Alice Peacock, Margie Burden, Barbara WenzeL . . . Pint Row, seated: Shirley Temple, Sara Pres- ton, Gwen Powell, June Darnell, Suzanne Breedlove, Lou Zimmer, Betty Gilmer and Gloria Jones. Left to Right: Dean Brown, John Arciier, Beverly Moore, Cherry Kay Smith, Duke Short. During the past year the sutdent body has enjoyed frequent per- formances by the D Company Quartet (top), Kay ' s Kaydets (center) and the Carpenter Trio (bottom). Their music has been a welcom part of many college programs. Left to Risht: Billy Carpenter, Max Bridgeman, Bobby Bray. - m Clark Price, Marion Mathews; Sealed: Charles Blalock, James Bland, Milton Morris; Standing: Robert Clark, Tommy Bannister, Gene Moree, Tommy Crow, George Thompson, Earl McSwain, Charles Gammon. • G. C % GENERALS The " Generals " play for various socal functions, including formal dances on the campus, local civic activities, and high school dances. The orchestra gives its members an opportunity to increase their musical ability and offers excellent training to students in- terested in professional orchestral work. % " Is Marion Mathews Charles Gammon Director Mr. Desmond Booth Adihcr 3C 94 IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Seated, Left to Right: Josiah Blaslngame, Marilyn Gay Hannah, Patricia Power, Robert Clark. . . Standing, Left to Right: James H. Babb, Charles H. Drexler, James Huff, William Vandeventer, Smedle Breedlove, Harold Nichols. The Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges is a national honor society for outstanding and representative students on American university and college campuses. These students, chosen for their participation in col- lege activities, their scholastic ability, and their leadership qualities, have been selected to represent N.G.C. in this society. WHO ' S WHO AT iKobert L iam MR. N. G. C. N. G. C dSawani £5iuce MISS N. G. C. lost =J iheiif to J iicceed LESTER LUTTRELL LOU VINTON [ ersatile n ost Uersalile GAY HANNAH RONNIE DUNCAN lo5l - opular LAYMON HATTAWAY BARBARA BUICE L itteit L oupie JAMES SKRINE GWEN POWELL L ucm )pd ueen Betty Shearouse Lowe has in on- ly a few months become one of the most popular, best loved coeds on our campus. As the wife of a graduate of this school, Phelan Lowe, Betty re- turned to college this year while her husband completed a tour of duty in the Far East. With his return this spring, Betty gave up college life and returned home. In an effort to thank her for her smile, assurance and friendship, the student body has overwhelmingly selected her as the 19 54 Cyclops Queen. I ' I a lien temple n Ljretna [■ cacoch A Frances Jjukei •4. V ■ y r 99 ' } - ' ' ' W: ' . m WJ " ' 9 n ■ ' ■wppwM ' " ,5f ■ ' " =JLaii.fa (l- rown - ' A. ' iitA V A JAMES " BABE " KINNEY Co-Captain BOB " CURLY " PARKER Co-Captain R T Kneeling, L to R: Pitt Scheff, Ivan Parr, Bob Parker, Jimmy Anthony, Lamar Sutton. . . . Standing, L to R: Wade Ash, Mgr.; Doug Cobb, Bowen, Goose Camp, CharMe Johnson, James Kinney, Coach Matherly. Y The Varsity, although winning only one game, showed much promise of things to come in the latter part of the season, by staying close in several of the closing games. The Cadets played some of the stronger small col- lege teams in the Southeast, Western Carolina. Er- skine, Georgia Teachers, to name a few to account for their record. However several bright stars shone for the basket- bailers after getting over some of their early season inexperience. Some of these were: Babe Kinney and Bob Parker, Co-captans; Doug Cobb, Goose Camp, a promising f reshman center, and Jimmy " Red " An- thony. Nearly all of this year ' s tea.m returns for the next campaign and much is expected of them in the future. VARSITY BASKETBALL NGC Opponents 57 Georgia Teachers College 78 ( 7 Ersklne 84 5 1 Western Carolina College 92 60 College of Charleston . (,( 45 Erskine 117 48 College of Charleston . 105 64 Piedmont 93 49 Erskine 113 42 Mercer )(, ( 7 Oglethorpe .... 68 59 Western Carolina College 103 66 Piedmont 9S 63 Berry College .... 54 Erskine 90 54 Berry College .... 55 67 Oglethorpe 49 59 Georgia Teacher ' s College 78 61 Piedmont 98 . O C (U ( " u u be-- rt rt -a — ii— 1 oQ u 3 a;u ' — « " O c " -4 " O g __ W ' O CO 4J O FRESHMAN The Freshmen squad enjoyed a much more successful season than their big brothers, by racking well over half their games. They ran up a five game win streak at one time, before losing to a tough Truett-McConnell five. Some of the outstanding Frosh who will be looking for varsity berths in the future are Dewayne Patrick, Buck Bourne, James McNew, Billy Moore. " Whip " Wilson. Although having several of the top members of the team dropped early in the season because of grades. Coach Williams always managed to find ample replacements in the last min- ute, to put on a fine show. NGC Opponents 31 Montezuma 43 41 Truitt McConnel 68 44 Athens High . . 42 69 Ellijay . . . 32 56 Blairsville . 52 5S Ellijay .... 45 63 Cleveland . 39 53 Blairsville . 57 62 Truitt McConnel 68 58 Montezuma 55 70 Oglethorpe 31 47 Airline High . 48 43 Clayton 36 73 Clayton 50 70 Cleveland . 3 3 71 Lumpkin County 26 Eli Plunkett— 3b Tommy Stocks — ss Bob Gudger— 2b .,,A Moran — lb Louis Ballard— P. Frank Edwards— P " Every game for 20 years. " Prof. Anthony, Mr. No. 1 Fan SCHEDULE Uoug (. obb— P Richard Coleman — C Western Carolina Teachers ' College, Thurs., April 1, Dahlonega. Mercer University, Thurs., April 8, Macon, Ga. Georgia Teachers ' College, Fri., April 9, Statesboro Georgia Teachers ' College, Sat., April 10, Statesboro Appalachian State Teachers ' College, Wed., April 14, Dahlonega Appalachian State Teachers ' College, Thurs., April 15, Dahlonega Erskine College, Fri., April 16, Due West, S. C. Western Carolina Teachers ' College, Tues., April 20, Cullowhee, N. C. Piedmont College, Fri., April 23, Dahlonega Piedmont College, Mon., April 26, Demorest Berry College, Wed., April 28, Rome Mercer University, Mon., May 3, Dahlonega Oglethorpe University, Fri., May 7, Atlanta Georgia Teachers ' College, Sat., May 8, Dah- lonega Erskine College, Mon., May 10, Dahlonega Erskine College, Tues., May 11, Dahlonega Oglethorpe University, Fri., May 14, Dah- lonega Piedmont College, Mon., May 17, Dahlonega Berry College, Tues., May 18, Dahlonega Piedmont College, Sat., May 22, Demorest " Skect BKon — oh Don Roberts— INF. Coach? Reuben Black, Charles " Nick " Nichols Managers 113 BOYS ' RIFLE TEAM Kneeling, Left to Right: F. G. Davis, Mcrvm Hawk, Smedley Breedlove, Lucius Edmondson, S. E. Free, Jack James. . . . Standing, Left to Right: Sgt. Fanning, Robert Clark, James Skrine, Jimmie Walker, George Potter, Elvin Kreilick, Gerald Keller, Larry Scoggins, Capt. Smith. GIRLS ' RIFLE TEAM Seated, Left to Kif ht: Carolyn Collier, Lou Woody, Patsy Shattuck. . . . Staining: Pern Fite, Peggy Turner, Ida Mae Cash, Barbara Landers. . . . Not ihoun: Barbara Buice, Nancy Temple. THE PROGRAM WINNERS Football Able 53-; Basketball Baker 53- Volleyball Charlie 52- Softball Dog 52-! Track Able 52- Tennis Dog 52- Badminton Able 52-! Ping Pong Dog 52- " Some Sport for Everyone " ABLE " MARAUDERS " CHAMPS- 1953 RONNIE DUNCAN Player, Coach, Captain ci ' uj:. S i NT F 5 Row, L to R: Plunkett, Mgr.; Callaway, Lee. King, Jay, Davis, Green, Kelly, Kirkland, Coleman, Sw.inwn, Roberts. . . . Seconil Ron:, L to R: Wliatley, Pierce, Davis, Almand, Bush, Dickson, Rogers, Arclibold, Parr, Coleman, Hadaway, Coulter. Third Roil ' , L to R: DuPree, Griffin, Moncrief, Smith, Kuhn, Stipe, Bettis, Nador, Darnell, Trainer, Duncan, Coach Seated. SCORES " Big A " continued their supremacy of the gridiron, this making the fifth straight year that they have either won or tied for the Intramural Championship. Paced throughout the year by team Captain Ronnie Duncan, Frank Lee, Jim King and Dick Coulter in their famous single-wing attack, Able threw up a devastating offense that overran all opponents, with the lone exception of Baker Co. in the last game of the season after the championship had been clinched. Ray Hattaway, Richard Coleman, Ed Dickson, Tom Davis, Horace Kelley, Don DuPree and " Foot- sie " Pierce anchored a talent-laden line that was a rock on defense, yet able to open gaping holes in the opposing lines in offensive situations. Reserve strength was one of Abie ' s most potent weapons, without which this success story could never have been writ- ten. Able 25 D 46 C 6 15 B 7 24 D 1 C B 7 BAKER " BAKERS " 2ND. ' 53 HOMER HEFNER Player-Coach-Co-aptain Froi:t Roil. L to R: Ara Johnson, McLendon, Paul, Bourne, Garner, Shirley, i :a, Crawford, Hodkinson. Hefner, Vhcc Webb, Kelly, Grimes, Schloesser, Adkii . Collins, Barrett. Coach Harrison. Wilder, Lambert, Scott, Robocker. . . . Sccoinl Row, L to R: Harbuck, Edwards. . . . Tlji,,l Ron, L to R: Roberts, Collins, B.ikcr Company, after a very poor showing in 19 52, rose to unexpected heights in 195 3 under the expert coaching and field leadership of Homer Hef- ner. The Bakers dropped only one game and tied one to come in second in the standings. " B " took " C " in the first game of the season 6-0 in a hard fought contest, then tied " D " in the game which eventually knocked them out of a tie for the championship. A 15-7 loss to Able wthout the services of star Quar- terback Dewayne Patrick, a 20-0 win over " D " , and a win over " C " brought big " B " to its climatic game with the all-winning Able powerhouse. In a magnifi- cent display of top-notch football, " Baker " finally ekcji out a hard-earned, but well-deserved 7-0 victory in the last minutes of the contest. " B " hopes to take top honors next year with the loss of only a very few of its top-flight players. Drop him, Schloss, here comes Pat • • ■ - " — M Right: End of the line for Patrick W- Baker 6 C 6 D 6 7 A 15 6 C D 7 A ., J,5»« " " Below: Robocker, call in the troops! CHARLIE " CRACKERS " BUCK WARREN -JESSE WAY Coaches ISiSsS mi - » L- .1. ' 10 ' »9 ' iop - ' - ' f IB-, r , rt r-riml Row. L tn R: Puckett, Archer, James, Warren, Way, Lewis. . . . Sccniul Rnu, L tn R: Morce, Heath, Turner, Thrclkcid, Scott, Longino, Johnson. . . . Third Row. L to R: Smith. Herndon, Sturdivant, Edmondson, Williams, Hall. . . . Fourth Rou; L to R: Todd, Mason, Gardner, Vickers. . . . Fifth Row, L to R: Bacon, Chapman, Parker, Prince, Patterson, Brice, Weems, Mock, Parker, Whitley. With the loss of many of the stars of the 1952 powerhouse which placed second in the final stand- ings Charlie Co. carried the field on their capable shoulders this season under the leadership of coaches Buck Warren and Jesse Way while rebuilding the team for next year. " C " dropped its first game to " B " 6-0 although giving a very creditable perform- ance throughout the game, the second was a 45-6 bumping by the mighty Marauders of " A " Co. In the third contest Charlie held " D " to a 6-6 tie with a 30 yard Threlkeld to Weems pass as the scoring factor, " C " then dropped one to " B " and forfeited to " A " with most of the team on the injury list. The last game with " D " appeared to be another tie, but an intercepted pass in the final seconds of the game lost 6-0 for the Cracker. With many returning stars from this season, " C " hopes to again be back in the thick of things next time when the whistle blows for the first round. Charlii B 6 B 6 A 45 A 1 D 6 D 6 Stop " B " DOG " DOGGIES " JOE HOPE Player-Coach-Co Captain wm ROGER WILLIAMS Co-Captain 1® t3 fjO I 4 . ' .21 25 • • •»■ ••?« ' j- -t- sf " " r f " «■ m ' " 1 " . ' ■ ' ' ' " ' ' n " ' ' ' ' " " ' " ' ' ' ' ° ' = ' " ' ' ' C " ' « " - Thomoson, Bullard, Palmer, Smith. Matthews. . . . Seco,„l B,kR„uT ' , T ' ■ " -y- P- " " i- f ' ' . Durham, Quigley. Brantley, Traylor, Conrade, Morr.on, Whitaker, Asst. Coach. . . . Back Row, L to R: Bcntley, Byers, Cobb, Coe, McCamy, Burford, Aaron, Rhymer. Bullard tosses just head of Adkii Dog A 25 6 B 6 6 C 6 A 24 B 20 6 C With many returning lettermen from last year ' s squad and the loss of a few iron men, including coach Sparky Watts, the Doggies started in where they left off last season, but were turned back in the opener 2 5-0 by Able Co. Still no success showed to the charges of Coach Joe Hope as they tied Baker Co. by the score of 6-6 on one weekend and C Co. by the same marks on the following weekend. They again fell to the mighty Marauders of Able Co., then to Baker by a score of 20-0, before snapping out of the streak by nipping Charlie 6-0 in the final con- test of the season. Dog loses much hefty talent this year but expects to be back with a host of stars next year including QB Louis Bullard, an irreplaceable mamstay in the Doggie Lineup. The lines go down. SPORT SNAPS GIRLS ' SPORTS 3 • THE MILITARY DEPARTMENT Major Walter M. Turner, Ini antry Professor of Military Science and Tactics North Georgia College has been called " Georgia ' s West Point. " To- gether with the ROTC program, it enjoys the distinction of being one of the nine senior institutions in America which hold the MC rating " essentially military " , from the De- partment of the Army. North Geor- gia College endeavors to fit each Cadet with the ability to meet any situation calmly, confidently, and effectively whether he become a military or civilian leader. NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE, A MILITARY COLLEGE SINCE 1873 Captain W. H. Murphy, Infantry Instructor 126 Captain W. A. Smith, Infantry Instructor Captain G. C. Wilhide, Infantry Instructor Lt. Orvil R. Hause Commandanf of Cadets M Sgt. C. M. Rowe Administrative Specialist S.F.C. J. D. Bray Assistant Instructor Sgt. S. Randle Armory Sergeant S.F.C. W. T. Fanning Assistant Instructor Mrs. W. Phillips Secretary to the PM.S. T. 127 Sgt. C. E. Bass Assistant Commandant yhe Sattalm u;eetheatt MISS BETSY PARADISE Amity, Georgia 128 The Officers ' Club Formal " Betsy " comes to North Georgia College from Amity, Georgia. Her beauty and personality have warmed the hearts of Cadets and coeds alike for the past three years. During the fall quarter of this year at the Officers ' Club Formal, Betsy was crowned as our Sweetheart. Many years will pass before our campus is blessed with one who possesses the many qualities of our " Betsy. " BATTALION HEADQUARTERS iVIiss Jo Carol Lenderman Helena, Georgia Battalion Sponsor Robert H. Clark Major Buttaliun Executne Offi Miss Nancv Temple Harcwell, Georgia Staf Sponsor M.l|Or Opcratiom Office, JosiAH Blasingame, |r. Lieutenant Colonel ' Commandn, Officer Thomas C. Stocks Captain Ailjiitaiit LT. COL. ]. BLASlXcAML First row: Maj. R. H. Clark, Maj. J. H. Babb, Capt. T. C. Stocks, Capt. S. M. Henderson. . . . Second row: Capt. L. L. Luttrell, 1st Lt. R. B. Longino, 2ncl Lt. L. M. Hattaway, 2nd Lt. E. G. Hickson, 2nd Lt. J. N. Crawford, Sgt. R. L. Adamson. K H. i ' i 1 iwr r . jta k j c Lester L. Luttrell Captain Itilclligciui- Officer James M. Henderson Captain Supply Officer WoRTLEY S. 1:LLI0TT Captain Aisiilanf Operations Offic RoBiHr B. Longing 1st Lieutenant Public Information Officer Sgt. T. H. Hill, Sgt L. T. Sineath, Sgt. S. K. Mosley, Cpl. J. M. Mathev Edgar G. Hickson 2nd Lieutenant Assistant Supply Office Jamls N. CraVi ' IORD 2nd Lieutenant Assisant Intelligence Officer Layman ]h ,i ' i y 2nd Lieutenant Assistant Personnel Officer Roy L, Ai.AMsoN Sergeant Battalion Administratite Specialist 131 THE BAND nd Lt. W. J. Atha, Capt. C. E. Drexlcr, 1st Sgt. J. E. Ro I ■■W -iwBRIlfcSSJfcw.-- First Platoon 2nd It. W. J. Atha Platoon Leader M Sgt. G. M. MoREE Platoon Sergeant S.F.C. C. C. Gammon Platoon Guide First Squad: G. Ingram, J. McSwain, T. Crow, G. Thompson, T. Sturdivant, P. Johnson. . . . Second Squad: J. Pearson, J. Whelchel, J. Scott, W. Mason. . . . Third Squad: H. Holland, P. Par- ker, J. Bland, M. Norras, W. Sanders. M Sgt. J. E. Rogers Pla oon Leader M Sgt. E. L. Prince Platoon Sergeant SFC J. L. Anthony Platoon Guide First Squad: H. Goody, J. Scott, C. Fennel, J. Britt, N. Flanders, B. Miller. . . . Sec- ond Squad: H. Mayo, S. Adams, C. Blalock, R. Clark, A. Palmer. . . . Third Squad: T. Bannister, J. McBridc, F. Price, L. Davis, D. Wray, J. Kn ipp. Second Platoon iWL. " ' ' ' -««!K iu % U A " W Mrs. J. R. Duncan GriflGn, Georgia Company Sponsor COMPANY " A James E. Skrine Captain Company CouimiinJcr Miss GwEN Powell Griffin, Georgia Company Sweetheart Joseph R. Duncan 1st Lieutenant Executive Officer James R. Pierce 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader Thomas C. Davl 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader Robert E. Water 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader Elvin a. Kreilick Master Sergeant 1st Sergeant Capt. J. E. Skrine, Ist Lt. J. R. Duncan, Sgt. V. H. Rogers, 2nd Lt. J. R. Pierce 2nd Lt. R. E Waters, 1st Sgt K. A. Kreilick. 2nd Lt. T. C. Da First Platoon 2nd Lt. J. A. Pierce Platoon Leader M Sgt. H. S. Kelly Platoon Sergeant SFC J. F. Clowe Platoon Guide ht Squad: B. Whatley, R. Smith, C. Bettis, W. Bush, R. Brown, J. Hatlrich, R. Coulter, W. Moncrieff. 2iid Squad: R. Kempson, H. Fos- ter, W. Nader, K. Swanson, G. Khun, B. Freemon, R. Griffin, E. Plunkett. }rd Squad: F. Woodail, F. Barnes, H. Bcntlcy, J. Davis, J. X ' alker, H. Kelly. Second Platoon 2nd Lt. T. C. Davis Platoon Leader M Sgt. B. J. Martin Platoon Sergeant Sgt. E. D. Gavler Platoon Guide hi Squad: R. Coleman, C. Joiner, E. Archbold, J. McNew, R. Kirk- bnd, D. Roberts, L. Sineath. 2nd Squad: J. McKinley, B. Jones, L. Bell, G. Brooks, H. Hall, H. Overby. ird Squad: D. Duprce, P. Scheff, J. Jay, E. McCall, VC. Whelchcl, W. McWhirter, B. Martin. Third Platoon 2nd Lt. R. E. Waters Platoon Leader M Sgt. J. P. King Platoon Sergeant Sgt. J. S. Darnell ht Squad: J. Green, B. Wilbanks, A. Stipe, B. Cowan, R. Wilson, C. Davidson. 2nd Squad: L. Ayers, W. Martin, J. Shoemake, R. Wilder, P. Cole- man, J. Stipe. 3rd Squad: 1. Parr, O. Moore, F. Sanders, W. Williams, W. Almand, J. King. % i 1 1 ' •1 M ° ' If % » «• f- COMPANY " B " Mrs. J. H. Hefner Dahlonega, Georgia Company Sponsor Smedley D. Breedlove Captain Company Commander iMiss Betty Frazier Albany, Georgia Company Swcvlheart James H. Hefner 1st Lieutenant Exectithe Officer ik Roy G. Holcomb 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader Charles R. Langston 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader - M Harold G. Long 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader James L. Sutton Master Sergeant Ut Sergeant Captain S. D. Breedlove, 1st Lt. H. H. Hefner, Sf;t. C. P. Gibson, 2nd Lt. R. G. Holcomb, 2nd Lt. C. C. Langston, 2nd Lt. H. G. Long, 1st Sgt. J. L. Sutton. First Platoon 2nd Lt. R. G. Holcomb Platoon Li-aJcr M Sgt. J. F. Collins Platoon Sergeant Sgt. W. L. Arata Platoon Glihle Isf Squall: H. P.iul, R. Otwcll. C. Nichel, W. Barrett, J. Scott, P. Burell, J. Moore. 2n,l Squall: F. Edwards, J. Ash, F. Shirley, G. Williams, D. Tram- mell, N. Brooks, J. Collins. }rJ Squad: A. Cannon, E. Kelly, F. Davis, B. Snyder, J. Barron, B. Patrick, G. Hill. Second Platoon .;nd Lt. C. A. Langston Platoon Leader M Sgt. L. Justus Platoon Sergeant SFC L. O. Webb Platoon Guide is Squad: G. Grant, R. Black, B. Collins. F. Garner, J. Wilder, J. Avera, C. Pinson. 2nd Squad: G. Kelley, L. Bourne, C. Lambert, F. Peede, P. Hodkin- son, T. Hill. }rd Squad: C. Chafin, E.- Forres- ter, E. Ellington, C Loudermilk, C. Akridge, C. Johnson, L. Justus. Third Platoon 2nd Lt. H. G. Long Platoon Leader M Sgt. C. E. AuKiNs Platoon Sergeant SFC E. L. Harbuck Platoon Guide l t Squad: C. Choosewood, V Sudlou, C. Medlock, T. Grime Campbell, W. Anderson, A. Mc Murry, W. Randall. 2nd Squad: G. Potter, H. Fitcli C. Butterworth, M. Wood, H. Car der, B. Wheeler, W. Paris. C. Adk hj Squad: L. Scoggins, C. Ro bocker, B. Miller, ' . Miller, W Murrison, O. Uavis, H. Cook, G McLcndon. 137 COMPANY " C " Miss Emma Lou Woody Columbia, South Carolina Company Sponsor Harold H. Nichols Captain Company Commander Miss Shirley Temple Hartwell, Georgia Company Siirctheart David J. Logan 1st Lieutenant Excciithc Officer ' iLLIAM A. ThRELKELD 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader Roger L. Norman 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader Mervin C. Hawk 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader John T. Bentley Master Sergeant lit Serjeant Capt. H. Nichols, 1st Lt. D. J. Logan, Sgt. R. S. Short, 2nd Lt. M. C. Hawk, 2nd Lt. R. L. Norman, 2nd Lt. W. A. Threlkeld, 1st Sgt. J. T. Bentley. 138 Pirst Platoon 2nd Lt. W. A. THRELkCLD Platoon Leader SFC D. A. Harper Platoon Sergeant Cpl. A. C. Bowes Platoon Giiiile Ut Squad: P. Kellam, A, Wans- ley, R. Adams, T. Mock, T. Heath, R. Jones. 2iHt Squad: G. Thurmond, ,|. Mc- ■Whirter, C Wchunt, V. Todd, M. Todd. i d Squad: B. Bray, L. Brannon, H. Amerson, J. Chapman, M. Bridgcman. Second Platoon 2nd Lt. R. L. Norman Platoon Leader M Sgt. D. E. Watson Platoon Sergeant SrC R. L. Leveri TT Platoon Guide 1st Squad: P. X ' eems, J. Whitley, J. Mason, C. Stokes, B. Deese, S. Mosley, J. James. 2nd Squad: L. Campbell, T. Herndon, D. Malcom, J. Wilcox, R. Chambers, J. Bentley. 3rd Squad: J. Way, C. Glass, L. Ward, H. Robertson, W. Moore, C. Turner, D. Watson. Third Platoon 2nd Lt. M. C Platoon Leader M Sgt. E. L. Lewis Platoon Sergeant SFC J. L. Monk Platoon Guide 1st Squad: R. Bacon, R. Hall, C. Jones, J. P. Bell. J. T. Bell, J. B..r- 2nd Squad: B. Hardegree, P. Low- ry, J. Barber, C. Free, N. Goodc, T. Terrell, E. Lewis. rd Squad: H. Vickers, L. Fd- mnnson, N. Steed, J. Howell, J. Wilson, R. Mitchell, W. Walker. COMPANY " D " Mr s. J. C. Huff Cra R ' ford, Georgia Coi ip ii:y Sponsor James C. Huff Captain Company Commander Miss Shirley Howard Gainesville, Georgia Company Sweetheart Douglas D. Brown 1st Lieutenant Executive Officer Charles S. Brice 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader George D. Painter 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader William R. Vandeventer 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader L. Lang Forehand Master Sergeant lit Sergeant Capt. J. C. Huff, 1st Lt. D. P. Brown, Sgt. R, E. Aaron, 2nd Lt. C. S. Brice, 2nd Lt. G. D. Paints 2nd Lt. W. R. Vandeventer, 1st Lt. L. L. Forehand, M Sgt. J. E. Hope. First Platoon 2nd Lt. C. S. Brice PUfooti LcaJcr M Sgt. B. L. Dove Platoon Leader SFC H. W. Stone Pla uon Gilnle Ul Siiiuuh H. Cobb, W. Cam C. Harpster, G. Mulli , D. Ru ledge, D. Otting, J. Whitaker, B Carpenter. 2,ul Sc,iuiJ: R. Bruford, J. M tin, R. Johnson, C. Traylor, | Mathews, j. Byers, E. Wright. Jr. ScjiuiJ: J. Wallis, T. Jones, J, Bozeman, R. Bentley, J. Hensley, D, Bruce, G. Byess, B. Dove. usfe j lldali Second Platoon 2nd Lt. G. D. Painter Platoon Leader M Sgt. W. R. Williams Platoon Sergeant SFC R. S. Parker Platooi: Guide hi Sq,iad: T. Settle, R. Rachels, J. Smgleton, J. Brantley, M. Land, J. Joiner, V. Moran. 2iid SqnaJ: R. Price, H. Pridgcn, K. Coe, H. Shadron, R. Stokes, C. Palmer, R. Rymer, P. Martin. ird Squad: D. McCrackin, T. Horton, S. Palmer, J. Quigley, J. Greer, P. Harridge, W. VC ' illiams. Third Platoon 2nd Lt. W. A. Vandevlnter Plaluon Leader M Sgt. T. R. Durham Platoon Ser eaiit SFC H. L. Dullard Platoon Guide ht Squad: J. Kinney, H. Young, W. Wigley, C. Etheridge, J. Hunt, J. Morrison. 2nd Squad: J. Masscy, J. Dennis, D. Vaughan, E. Mock, M. Cley- horn, J. Green, C. Bailey. ird Squad: R. Gudger, W. Ram- bo, R. Smith, R. Ervi-in, J. Mc- Camy, J. Sims, T. Durham. THE BATTALION DRILLS No graduate of North Georgia College will ever forget drill. There were hot days and there were cold days but drill never ceased. A symbol of th fe — ' m ' v !!» SHHil ' ' iiiiiiiiiiiiiirt ' i r ' " " H ' i ' . gg«gg H: The Honor Platoon gets in shape The Officers Club Formal A " new one " learns The Adjutant posts as tlic parade begins FOR SERVICE CITIZEN ' S BANK GAINESVILLE NATIONAL FIRST NATIONAL BANK Member Gainesville Georgia CAMERAS AND SUPPLIES FRYE ' S FOTO SHOP Kodaks - Enlargers - Projectors Movie Cameras - Darkroom Supplies 259 Peachtree St. Atlanta, Georgia Ask for Our Late Catalog BODY BY FISHER In the low-priced field, Chevrolet alone offers you the famous Rody by Fisher — a symbol of engi- neering superiority! BUY — CHEVROLET America ' s first choice for over 21 years FRED JONES CHEVROLET CO. Sales - Service DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA our Order Can be FILLED COMPLETELY by the DIXIE WHOLESALE COMPANY THE WHOLESALE GROCERS OF ATLANTA ELgin 1002 980 Marietta St., N. W. Atlanta Georgia MEET ME AT Griffin for SANDWICHES • SODAS • SCHOOL SUPPLIES TOILETRIES - TOBACCO and A FRIENDLY GAME OF POOL " Where the best is always sold " R. A. Griffin, Jr., Proprietor Dahlonega Georgia Compliments of J. D. Jewell, Inc. Gainesville Georgia GALLANT -BELK CO. Gainesville ' s Largest and Best Department Store Gainesville Georgia Compliments of PIEDMONT DRUG CO. Gainesville Georgia AUTOMATIC GAS CO. Your Military Headquarters GRADUATING STUDENTS Our Specialty • TUXEDO RENTALS • Top Quality Clothes - Unbeatable Prices Complete Line of Haberdashery UNIFORMS INC. 610 West Peachtree ATwood 1132 ATO ANTA, GEORGIA ATwood 1132 L omplitnenid ID PETTIBONE BROTHERS MFG. CO. CiNciNATTi Ohio Coriiplif ieiits of A FRIEND MINTZ JEWELERS Gainesville Jewelers Gainesville Georgia If You Can ' t Stop Don ' t Start WELCH ' S BRAKE SERVICE AIR VACUUM HYDRAULIC ALFRED WELCH 2113 Comer Ave. Tel. 3-6018 COLUMBUS, GA. LIPSCOMB DRUG CO. Everythinf a Good Drug Store Carries " On the Square " Dahloneca Georgia TRY CRANE CLEANERS for EXPERT WORKMANSHIP QUICK SERVICE ECONOMY Dahlonega Georgia Visit HENRY W. MOORE for FORD SALES AND SERVICE and YOUR HARDWARE NEEDS Dahlonega Georgia Compliments of TOWSON INSURANCE AGENCY Dahlonega Georgia DAHLONEGA RESTAURANT " Your favorite Place to Eat ' WHERE N.G.C. STUDENTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME Dahlonega Georgia THE STUDENTS PREFER , AUNT BETTY ' S BREAD AND CAKES SM ALL BAKERY Gainesville Georgia When In Dahlonega THE SMITH HOUSE ' IVhere the Rooms are nice as the Meals are good " W. B. Fry, Owner Dahlonega Georgia L omp (imen ti CORCORAN, INC. FRIER McEVER CO. Exclusive Men ' s Clothing Gainesville Georgia Stoughton Massachusetts Ideal Cleaner and Laundry Dry Cleaning — Altering Hat Blocking — Pressing Expert Craftsmen Gainesville, Georgia 331 Northside Dr. Ph. LE. 4-5171 QUALITY SHOE REPAIRING at Reasonable Prices Barron ' s Shoe Shop Gainesville Georgia J. H. Phillips Grocery Dahlonega Georgia Red Dot Grocery Phone 3 Fresh Meats and Feffetables Dahlonega Georgia OFFICE MACHINE CO. Distributor for ROYAL TYPEWRITERS Gainesville Georgia GEM JEWELRY CO. " Where Satisfaction Costs so Little " INTERNATIONAL SILVER KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS Dahlonega Gainesville Gumming ToccoA Geo. p. Estes Co. Since IS Gainesville Georgia Gainesville Pure Milk Co. Pure Pasteurized Dairy Products Gainesville Georgia Cotiiplunents of Pacolet Manufacturing Co. New Holland, Georgia Duckett ' s Army Store, Inc. For All Your MILITARY SUPPLIES 90 Alabama St., S. W. Ph AL. 0846 Atlanta Georgia J. C. PENNEY CO. " WHERE SAVINGS ARE GREATEST " Gainesville Georgia WHITAKER AND GARRETT Wholesale Distributors Gainesville Georgia Wanf More Roads ? " CATERPILLAR " DIESEL TRACTORS-MOTOR GRADERS EARTHMOVING MACHINERY FROM YANCEY BROS. CO. ATLANTA - AUGUSTA WILL HELP BUILD THEMI DRIVe SAfeiY ALWAYS Compliments of THE BOOK SHOP Gainesville Georgia Frigidaire Ranj es and Home Refrigeration PILGRIM -ESTES FURNITURE CO. INCORPORATED COMPLETE HOME FURNISHERS Gainesville, Georgia Radio and Television SLACK AUTO PARTS CO. 404 South Main Street Telephone LE. 2-6231 Gainesville Georgia WESTERN AUTO STORE Home Owned and Operated by Earl V. Brinson Wizard • Western Flyer Cairo Georgia W. HOYT LEDFORD Jeweler 11 1 N. Bradford St. Phone LE. 2-2932 Gainesville Georgia Compliments of Ronald O. Roberts Postmaster Berlin, Georgia NORTH GEORGIA SHOE SHOP WORK GUARANTEED W. R. Davis, On ' ner Dahlonega Georgia WHATLEY ' S PHARMACY Prescriptions Phone 600 Gainesville Georgia DUNLAP CO. WHEELER HOTEL Students Welcome DINING ROOMS Catering to Private Parties Gainesville Georgia YOUR MILITARY HEADQUARTERS UNIFORMS, INC. 610 W. Peachtree St., N. W. ATwood 1132 ATLANTA, GEORGIA GRADUATING ROTC STUDENTS OUR SPECIALTY NO MONEY DOWN SIX MONTHS TO PAY K ompiiments of PETTIBONE BROTHERS MFG. CO. CiNciNATTi Ohio Fine yearbooks, produced by the skilled hands of dedicated craftsmen, are a continuing tradition with Foote : Davies. Since 1887, the name, Foote R: Davies, has symbolized the hallmark of quality in printing. We hope you will enjoy, for many years to come, this permanent record of your school days. Award- Winning Annuals For Over Half a Century FOOTE DAVIES,! N c . BOOK MANUFACTURING LITHOGRAPHY 1090 Capitol Avenue, S. E., Atlanta, Ga. • WAInut 4600 Sp.Col. U 428 .N6 C9 1954 North Georgia College, Cyclops JJ224

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