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i M fJ U428 C9 1953c. 1 1.31012 7 1953 C Y C L fone HU the history of gold fe ff • ' CI ■r ■f --S! X ' • ' ■M .r? " ' ' , NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA Sp.Col. U 428 .N6 C9 1953 North Georgia College, Cyclops IJ ' 0 ' 2 f0 ur ' - vc T - V)V ' V v coV et c. ? " aW )0 ' ce ' .xt A v " ,M ' .A " cVO ,t; C- aiA sc ■vje to« vVveV " nv ' , Sot e.A fe ' ' . e ' ; - atvo e ° Vtve . W ' rt.V oti .- e at -A ■ V tes a a tvv vjifte ' .t V- aVoV A kVkcV - Vi a ' cec i ' ,tW atvo . e%» e- ' ' " !!. " at® ...r vVve sttt ' iet e Xe t ve Yives oi a ' vW ' .A L.- ' - vjOr ... r - -.JT- ..r - .jcr- ■-■ P ' ur iJX ' - ■JT ' qo)V -0 rijj)ftS .ttve ' ito s tcvv vAef ,cet ' eVV ' .SM® ' ,A ' ,V e ' cw M e v s V» .e « M eV ' eTC» . oi - ' ove .evxi tv a ' vet te« c ' ei aU eavvs ' r 0V S ' ' ?f o - ,vxe ° ' ' ' „ sV» ito VO --vV . ' - ft S- M " ' .« t co t ■ ' s Ute V .ot ' a ■betsi b a Co ' m- »« ADMINISTlATItN ii ii»W:iU7 ' ;iJ?.£s3 ' ?i: " . ' J.:.., 13101 vjiflVi THE CHIEF ASSAYER SPEAKS In 1849 our assayer of the past dissuaded reck- less souls from the gold rush by prompting the say- ing, " There ' s gold in them thar hills. " Today other distractions tempt us from the hard digging of col- legiate study. But let us remember the promise, that all the old gold has not yet been taken from the hills, the gold of intrinsic values far superior to the yellow metal sought by the forty-niners. To that individual resisting the call to lesser if more glamorous attractions will come broad learning, profounder intellect, and the stimulus of other cul- tured individuals gathered for the most glorious purpose on earth. DONAVAN, AD Dean of Women YOUNG Dean of Men HAUSE, 0. Commandant AS THEY MIGHT HAVE LOOKED Our beloved Dean Sirmons was the fore- man, and we miners worked all the harder for the sight of his cheery smile and long flowing beard. As they might have looked; back in the days of the good oV gold rush to Dahlon- ega, our Dean of Women would no doubt have worn sassy curls and a " " bunnit, " and charmed every eligible miner in sight. Ma Sirmons of course cooks huge meals .and delivers them to the hungry miners. While they eat, she reads to them from the " Iliad " and the ' ' Odyssey. " GOODMAN, J. P.M.S. T. SIRMONS, E. English asjB-Si-:.. as- " c: HARRIS, SUSIE Librarian SIRMONS, J. C. Dean Emeritus if,,! ' ' . " ' J- Booth. D. W English PiGG, EWELL Physics Huntley. S. M Language Yager, CM Physics Engerran ' d, G Language Chadbourne. C English Freeman. L. B Economics Sanders, Ben Biology AS THEY MIGHT HAVE BEEN The dashing Frenchman, D. Booth, was much sought after by the ladies of the town, and broke many hearts until one day he settled with pretty Betty. Of course it was common knowledge that that " Pigg man " was completely off his rocker. Do you know that in everyday con versation, he slunk around speaking of " short waves " (which any fool knows grow on the ocean), and ' " ham " (which any fool knows grow on a pig) ? The rich family of our town is the Hunt- ley. They don ' t care who knows they ' re rich either. He imports those big black cigars in broad daylight. " Jiu£ rt - ' - i» ToWSON. L. R Malhenuillrs SatterfieU), T. F. . . Biisini ' ss Adm. Wight. M. C Muihcmuiics Freeman, B. L Home Ec. Brown, Dorothy English Oakes, Newton . . . Business Adm. Oakes, E. R Registrar Hood, Mary 4sst. Librarian Roberts, W. P History . • JKr I ' • «««. «. ' ' ik. AS THEY MIGHT HAVE BEEN Our most famous figure was old Harry Forrester, who hohbled through the streets of the town singing the virtues of Dahlon- ega in this order: Beautiful scenery Good fresh air (germ free I Pure water (sanitary tested) Gold (a minor item) plus Mud Rain Mosquitoes We ' re picturing our dapper Dr. Dis- muke as the " gentleman about town. " He flatters the lovely ladies such as beautiful Dorothy Brown, by pretending to take their pictures (although we of the modern age know that no such outlandish thing is possible) Connor, Grace Sec. to Pres. Southard, 0. DisMUKES, C. J Language Forrester. H. B Biology Anthony, J. D Biology SiMMS, P. C Chemistry Carpenter. Jactc . . . Mathematics bouffard, m. . Stevenson, C. E. O ' Keli-ey, R. . Doster, Lucy . . Education-Psy. . Education-Psy. Edu .-Psy. -Guidance . . . Plant Mgr. Dietician m r ■.M l Bryan, T. C History Mull, Betty . . . Sec. to Bus. Ms:r. Belcher, R. H Chemistry Wright. Sara Nurse Craig, Mattie Bookstore Gilbert, H. H Comptroller David, E Sec. to Registrar Phillips, W Business Mgr. Johnston, L. E. . . F iy. Education Williams, R Physical Ed. J- , L Roberts, Jack .... Canteen Mgr. Marchbanks, B. ... Sec. Bus. Of. Sprinkler, L Watchman Perry, D Asst. Dietitian Jones, ' anda . Demonstration Teacher Henderson, P Secretary ACADEMIC BUILDING he academic building standing stately and tall on top of college lill, were it able to speak, could tell a beautiful story of young nen and women of Georgia and neighbo ring states — their prob- lems and troubles of growing up. It has observed the most pain- ful of math examinations through the years, probably one of the greatest stumbling blocks of young minds. It also has seen students in quest of many other fields, from the days when it contained the lepartments of mines until its present-day duties of housing the idministrative offices of the institution. Yes, were it able to talk, ,.vhat a story it could tell. THE BAND HOUSE While looking through the old mine shafts on college hill, we find the most path-beaten way leads to the Band House, home of the N. G. C. band. This building is frequently used to store the picks and shovels used in digging for nuggets by the guard report boys. There are, within its walls many sacred articles, telling the story of men and women growing to man and womanhood, yes, at one time it was even a girls ' dorm, or " female dormitory, " as it was called then. Also in this building is found the office and home of the Com- mandant of " gold diggers. " : tJ i: T T MINES LEWIS HALL The home of the young ladies of North Georgia is a far cry from the dormitories in the old days, with its modern facilities from top to bottom. Lewis Hall is aptly named many things on our campus — from the Palace to the Hotel, and none of the titles completely describe it. However, its official name came from Mr. David Lewis and his daughter, Willie. Mr. Lewis being the first president of North Georgia, and Miss Lewis being the first female graduate. DINING HALL Conveniently located at the center of the campus is the college cafeteria and auditorium. The cafeteria serves the students daily, while the auditorium provides a meeting place for Chapel, assemhlies. and various other activities. The cafeteria is headed by two capable dietitians and student workers. BARNES HALL One of the newer and better dormitories on the campus is Barnes Hall, which houses the Battalion Staff and Company Lounge for the relaxation of miners after a hard day ' s work in the " ' mines. " LIBRARY The scene of the Intellectual Revolution is the college library conveniently located and facing the front of the campus. It contains some 25,000 volumes of rich, refined reading material panned for the use of the students and citizens of Dahlonega. It is staffed by two capable librarians and several student assistants. SANFORD HALL Over from college hill we find Sanford Hall, the abode of the cadets of Company C. It is a comfortable haven of rest for the weary students at the end of a long and hard day of college activities. The cadets may do anything, from, relaxing by watching the latest of all nuggets " TV " to the drastic thing of studying. This is the first time boys have been able to sweep gold dust from under the beds since it is being used for the first time as a boys ' dorm. ' ' W itg g iigSyi k SCIENCE BUILDING The Science Building is one of the latest additions to the ;ampus. It is the headquarters for all who take science jourses and also has adequate ofiices for the various teach- ;rs. It has modern equipment in the fields of Physics and " hemistry. The building is conveniently located and faces he drill field. y . ' ' - -ziZ-- ■ BARRACKS The barracks is one of the oldest dorms on the campus. Companies B and D make their peaceful resting places there. It has recently been remodernized and painted. I iiiii In wm liii HOME ECONOMICS The Home Economics Building is well equipped with mod- ern furnishings throughout to add to the richness of the college. It serves as an adventure to many " prospective housewives, " who seek an enriched life. It has a spacious living room for relaxation and a scientifically planned kitchen to add to its luster. GYMNASIUM Across from the barracks is the college gym, scene of vari- ous athletic and social activities. Although this building is not in the main tunnel, many miners make their daily appearance there during the basketball season. - 1 ' 1 Aunt Sara Just Loves To Hold Our Hands. DEDICATION To our beloved Aunt Sara, we of the 1953 Cyclops dedi- cate this publication. It is but a small token of the gratitude and respect which we bear for you in a special place in our hearts. You have never failed to be interested in each and every ' one of us, and to aid and help us in each and every way that you could. In sickness and in health we have leaned upon you. and turned to you for council. You have helped us. In joy and in sorrow we have turned to you. You have rejoiced or sorrowed with us. You do not simply live with youth; you are youth eternal, and we will never for- get you. For all that you have done for us. we can only say, ■ " Thank vnu iinl Sara. cry nimh. " Aunt Sara sees to it the sick get the best food on the campus. Making a last minute check with Dr. Sirmons DR. SIRMONS - - COLLEi, !:: PH . KT ; f. Vf ' MR. N. G. C. - - LEONARD CHAI IN Leonard, better known lo the cadets and coeds a. " ' Chick, is the Lieutenant Colonel of the battalion at N. G. C. His quiet, efficieni nunner and capacily to handle responsibility make him a bom leader. " Chicks " " ready wit, pleasing per- sonality, and ability lo cope with any situation are sure signs of success, MISS N. G. C. - - CAROLYN CALLAWAY Carolyn ' s personality, poise, and charm make her a f avo- rite M-herever she is. Aside from her devotion to the REC Club, in which she has been captain of the Mercureans for the past three years, she maintains a high scholastic average. Graceful, neat, dependable, enthusiastic — all these describe Carolyn of the winning smile and zestful personality. Most Likely To Succeed MARVIN PATTERSON BETTYE JO SCOTT Ss?5;i-g ' ,r - on v;iR " :«d . -§•;;;.«« Most Versatile GEORGE COLEMAN CAROLYN CALLOWAY -•i ■ ' " ' - A,n favorites at fV (? ' c " ' ' ' ' Most Loyal CLIFF SNYDER JO STEPHENS ifli o„evat on, and ««;f ll i CUR- Best Dancers JOAN LINDSEY JERRY POSEY vVe cet ' Most Athletic FRANK MOSLEY GAY HANNAH Wittiest ALICE HEAD LAYMAN HATTAWAY Cutest Couple GEORGE COLEMAN BARBARA priCK ' iLU, Ar$, Sirui.i.L Our golden su|)erlatives are those jieople who have worked hard, hellered by their efTorts. and spread the word of the wonderful school which is ours. " W e honor th_ m for the first time in this 1953 Cyclo|)s. and recopiiize their worth. ith- out them we would he, and would have been nothing, and our dependence on their efTorts anti achievements is every- thing;. MooUKIlKAn. M TTHKVVS. Sll ' .I.KI JvKHARn. X ' f.N7.I I ! • 1 IKI 1.1,, Lm.I.WI) ' KTin;niM.roN • I Kl ' tlKNS The WHOS HO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVER- SITIES AND COLLEGES is a national honor society for oiitslanding anA representative st udents on American university and college cam|Hises. Each year a secret facult)- committee nominates certa-n such students (or memlier- ship in WHO ' S WHO on the basis of scholarshij). co-operation and leader- ship in academic and extracurricular activities, citizeiishi| and service to the school, and promise of future usefulness to society. These candidates are ap- proved by WHO ' S WHO. and members are officially notified of their mem- bership and honor. BEN DREXLER . . . Honor student Capable . . . Always ready to help. CAROLYN CALLAWAY . round . . . Honor student and enthusiastic. Best all Graceful JOHANN MAN. ING . . . Quiel and well n:annfrfcd . . . S.;iv-;ni;iic mijirt. MARVIN .AM ' Rl:; t W : . r 1 ' i . i ' . ' ' 1 ,1 cross . ' ■ .11,(1 to us m ' " BETTYE JO SCOTT ... A real beauty . . . Capable worker . . . Efficient and friendly. |L« LEONARD CHAFIN ... A leader of men . . . Honor student . . . Quiet and depend- able. MARVIN P TTERSON ... A good friend to all . . . I hows a good bit aliout every subject . . . Effi(;ielil person. LAMAR OXFORD . . . Company Com- mander of " C " ' Company . . . Born leader . . . Swell personality. XILLL M FARGASON . . . F-, 5.Min . . . Company Corrt ) andej Hand . . . Swell guy. MARY COOK . . . Beaniifnl -imI,. o ed bv all . . . Xeata; ■9 " CYCLOPS QUEEN ' e of ihe 1953 Cyclops staff present with justifiable pride, our queen. Miss Betsy Paradise. In all things she is indeed " Paradise. " as her beauty is only slightly more than angelic. Betsy hails from Amity, Georgia, and is a meinlier of the Soijhoniore class. She has brown hair and eyes thai would melt the Price Memorial steeple i! only she turned her full power on them. The members of the Cadet Band know all this to be true, for they her as their qu(;en, long before she wa.s chosen by i!te student body. Betsy is loved and respected l v the entire campus and Ity everybody who has the good fortune to know her. ,.M -■i- iu.„.-;! ' OTx;;« ' .. Tbih rni ' floW r. mSS ROBBIt: lU ».Ki.K ...V irorh r ' roJe S " ' ' ' - ' ' " ' - ' — -■ ■ - - es,. .., ■ ' ■■ - --■•■ ■■■•i:- H :V :;,V: MISS barbara ' ' :buige: ■.■ ' ■■ ' ■ ;,, The little girl -with a big heart, loads of energy, and Clever sense of humor— that ' s our Barbara ' ' Sis.- ' a ' l MRS. MARY SHEAROUSE COOK Seldojn a girl o sincere, seldom a girl so dependable, seldom a girl so magnetic do v.e find in a girl .so atiractive. MISS BETTYE JO SCOTT Her achievements i prove her efficiency; her friends, her popularity; nd her eiUlehess, her sincerity. MILITAHY BALL The Highlight of the social year at North Georgia College is the Annual Military Ball, sponsored by the Officers Club. It is an eagerly awaite-1 formal attended by the students and many of the alumni. The Ball is held just before graduation, and the feature event of the gala evening is the annual " ring dance " for seniors and their dates only. This dance is characterized by the turning of the class rings, bringing to an end four years of hard work and fun. :i :X. :S % . M ait Mint ■■ ' ■. Pres., M. Patterson; Sec, Sewell, S. ; Treas.. Calloway, C. ; Vice Pres.. Wist. D. Mrs. S. L. Patterson Sponsor SENIORS Edward L, Abercrombie Atlanta, Georgia " Eddie " came to N. G. C. from Atlanta, Georgia, ready and willing for anything, and so far he has many friends who swear that he will do anything. He must be indestructible, for he has played company football for the four years of his stay, as well as being a member of the N. G. C. Club, and the Future Business Leaders ' Club. " Eddie " receives his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Thurman Elgene Anderson Reidsville, Georgia " Gene. " ever ready with a sympathetic ear, a bit of infor- mation, or a lecture on the " advantages " of the United States Army, never seemed to have a worry. " Gene ' s " activi- ties included the Rex Fraternity, the Offiers ' Club, the N. C. O. Club, the Future Business Leaders ' Club, the YMCA, and the Cadet Bugler Staff. A Cadet Captain on the staff, he was a member of the Honor Platoon, and a Distinguished Military Student. A Dean ' s List student, he receives his B. S. degree in Business Administration. Joseph C. Avery Dahlonega, Georgia " Yogi " was born in Gainesville, but soon migrated to Dahlonega to become the origi- nal settler. He ' s been a member of the Physical Education Club, the Rex Frater- nity, the Varsity Basketball Team, and the Manager of the Varsity Baseball Team. A staunch supporter of Company A, he re- rrives his B. S. degree in Physical Educa- tion. James Neil Bohannon, Jr. Covington, Georgia " Bo " hails from Covington, Georgia, which is on the left side of the road as you go south. It is as mad a metropolis as the happy little hamlet in which we received our education, with the exception of four traffic lights. " Bo " transferred to N. G. C. from Rinehart College where he was ac- tive in Varsity athletics. James receives his B. S. degree in History. Edgar Brown Bird Gainesville, Georgia The quiet and friendly personality by which most of us remember " Eddie " was a definite asset to him in his many activi- ties, such as the N. C. 0. Club, the Future Business Leaders ' Club, and in his active participation in the Varsity Letterman ' s Club, and the Varsity Baseball Team. " Eddie " receives a Bachelor of Science degree in Business .Administration. James D. Boggus Fitzgerald, Georgia Few of us will ever forget the portion of the days at N. G. C. that dealt with hear- ing Don Boggus orate both on and off of the stage, particularly with his " Man, you ' re ugly! ! " Don was active in the Chemistry Club as Vice-President, Secre- tary and Treasurer, in the Forensic Senate, the Dramatic Club as President, and the Glee Club as soloist. He was a member of the Honor Platoon, and the stage director for the school. He receives his B. S. degree in Chemistry. Grail L. Brookshire Stone Mountain, Georgia " Jump-boy " Brookshire is one person that you will never catch with his boots dirty. We who have known him have always found him to be level-headed, neat, and always busy. Grail has been an active par- ticipant in the Sigma Theta Fraternity, the Future Business Leaders " Club, the Ser- geants ' Club, the Officers ' Club, the Cy- clops Staff, and the Bugler staff, as editor his senior year. He is a Distinguished Mili- tary and Dean ' s List student. He receives his B. S. degree in Business Administra- tion. Eugene A. Brown Dalilonepa, Georgia This likeable lad with the smile for every- one has helped many of us over the hard spots of the day throughout oiir college life. He ' s one of the " town boys " so many of us didn ' t get the chance to know him as well as we could, but in the Business Administration Club, and as Co-Captain of the X ' arsity Basketball Team, we knew he was one of the best. Here ' s the best of luck to " Brownie, " who receives his B. S. degree in Busi ness Administration. James Donald Byrd Logansville, Georgia A guy who really knows what he wants and goes after it is " Byrd, " as is charac- terized by his, " Only those who work hard will be paid dearly. " He was Secretary of the N. C. O. Club, and a member of the Future Business Leaders ' Club and the YMCA. " Byrd " receives his B. S. degree in Business Administration. Carolyn Callaway West Palm Beach, Florida If there ' s a spot on earth anywhere, where the mountains meet the sea, that ' s where she ' ll live. Carolyn is our " girl-about- campus " in her activities for she is an enthusiastic member of the Cyclops Staff, the Bugler Staff, the Glee Club, the YWCA, the Rifle Team, the Phys. Ed. Ciuh, and the REC Club as Captain of the Mercureans. Her honors include Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties, Secretary of the Junior Class, Treas- urer of the Senior Class, and Miss N. G. C. A Dean ' s List student, she receives her B. S. degree in Physical Education. Morris Russell Brown Elberton, Georgia Early in his college career, " Brownie " won his well-deserved reputation for being the laziest cadet on the campus, even though he participated in nearly all the intramural athletics, such as basketball, Softball, and track. An enthusiastic Physical Education major, " Brownie " was a member of the Physical Education Club, the N. C. 0. Club, the YMCA, the Gymnastics Team (of which he was student coach), as well as being a Dean ' s List student. He receives a B. S. degree in Physical Education. Leonard D. Chafin Atlanta, Georgia Who knows what wonders may be wrought when N. G. C. turns our " Chick " out into the world? How would Colonel Chafin sound, or General Chafin, or President Chafin? He ' s a man of many talents as evidenced by the many clubs and organiza- tions in which he participated while in college, such as the Officers ' Club as President, the Sigma Theta as Vice-Presi- dent, Vice-President of the Future Busi- ness Leaders ' Club, member of the YMCA Cabinet, the Varsity Rifle Team, Inter- fraternity Council, Sergeants ' Club, and the News Editor of the Cadet Bugler. The Battalion Commander, he was listed in " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, " " Who ' s Who at N. G. C. as Mr. N. G. C, " and is a Distinguished Mili- tary Student. A Dean ' s List student, " Chick " receives his B. S. degree in Busi- ness . dministration. Ann Harmon Christopher Syracuse, N. Y. Anybody ever need a fourth for bridpe? Just call for Ann and she ' ll be there with bells on. Of course, she didn ' t spend her entire college days over the bridge table, because she was a member of the REC Club (Hippolytan), the Glee Club, and the Future Teachers of America. Ann re- ceives her B. S. degree in Elementary Education. Thomas B. Clyburn Blue Ridge, Georgia Forced by his great height to peer up over such objects as the chow line and the library tables, " Tommy, the Mighty Midget From Blue Ridge, " was one lad in a mil- lion, as evidenced by the fact that for five quarters he was the only cadet among all the gals in the education classes. Tommy was Honor Platoon material though, as well as a participant in the Future Teach- ers of America and the N. C. 0. Club. Tommy receives his B. S. degree in Edu- cation. DALLAS Wade Clark Thomasville, Georgia " Dai ' s " saying, " H you ' re gonna do sum- pin ' , do it good, " really holds true in the many and varied activities of this lad dur- ing his years on the campus. We find thai he was a member of the Officers ' Club, the N. C. 0. Club, the Corporals ' Club, the Physics Club, the Wesley Foundation, the YMCA, the Camera Club, " The Generals, " the business staff of the Cyclops and the Bugler, Intramural Sports, President and Secretary-Treasurer of the Chemistry Club, and the man responsible for bringing a student chapter of the American Chemical Society to N. G. C. A 1st Lt., " Dal " re- ceives his B. S. degree in Chemistry. Joe Donald Clements Ray City, Georgia Well, if it ain ' t " Jody Sweetheart, " the Ray City Flash. The slowest P. E. major in the business, " Jody " was a member of the Officer ' s Club, the Physical Education Club, the Letterman ' s Club, the N. C. 0. Club, and the Varsity Basketball Team. Never forget all the Botany that you ' ve learned, " Jody, " for it might come in handy someday. He receives a B. S. degree in Physical Education. Guynelle Collier Toccoa, Georgia Here ' s the " modernist " of the senior class. Anything from her wild novels to her out- standing Christmas tree will be long re- membered as the most modernistic items on the campus. Guynelle has been a mem- ber of the REC Club as Mercurean, the Rifle Team and the YWCA. A Dean ' s List student, she receives her Bachelor of Arts degree in French. George Elvin Coleman Dunwoody, Georgia The biggest grin on the campus belongs to " Gorgeous, " who we all know as a swell guy. While at N. G. C. he ' s been a mem- ber of the Officer ' s Club, Future Business Leader ' s Club as Secretary and Treasurer, the Rex Fraternity as Treasurer and the Cyclops Staff. A Varsity Baseball man, " Gorgeous " has been Company Com- mander and Intramui l Football coach of Able Company. He is the holder of the Red and White Honor Bar, is a Distin- guished Military Student, and listed in " Who ' s Who at N. G. C. " A Dean ' s List student, George receives his B. S. degree in Business Administration. Luther H. Cook, Jr. Covington, Georgia " Cookie " was " bawn and raised " in Cov- ington. Georgia, and came to Able Com- pany straight from there. His prowess which he demonstrated in the Business Ad- ministration Club leads us to predict a brilliant future for " Cookie " as a finance officer, no doubt, for the rest of his natural days. " Cookie " receives his B. S. degree in Business Administration. Mary Shearouse Cook Decatur, Georgia This gal ' s as dangerous as the atomic bomb. We dare to make this statement because we have tested the powerful radi- ance of her smile. While at N. G. C, Mar - has participated in the Glee Club, the RFC ' Club, the Home Economics Club as Vice- President and as President, the YWCA as Vice-President, the Wesley Foundation as Vice-President and as President, the Cy- clops Staff as Class Editor, and the Cadet Bugler .Staff as the Feature Editor. She was elected to " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, " Best Person- ality in 1951, a Beauty in 1951, and a Company Sweetheart in 1953. A Dean ' s List student, she receives her B. S. degree in Home Economics. Albert Carlton Colwell, Jh. Blairsville, Georgia " A. C. " is a transfer student from the Uni- versity of Georgia where he participated in a great many activities. Since he has been at N. G. C. he has also participated in many clubs and organizations, such as the Science Club, the YMCA, the Forensic Senate, and the Future Teachers of Amer- ica. His favorite sayings are " Nothing ven- tured, nothing gained, " and " What ' s the fun of living if you have to act and think as other people think you should? " " Dar- ling A. C. " receives his B. S. degree in Psychology. Marvin M. Culpepper Rome, Georgia Here is a man for Uncle Sam to be proud of, for his quiet dignity and friendliness have made all of his classmates proud of him. Marvin is the President Pro-Tem of the Forensic Senate, a member of the Cadet Buglar Staff, the Officer ' s Club, and the Future Business Leader ' s Club. A Dis- tinguished Military Student, and the holder of the Non-commissioned Officer ' s Medal. He receives bis Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. ' ■ " - Denville Thomas Darnell Nelson, Georgia A mad man about Science was Denville, he received a B. S. in Biology before com- ing to N. G. C. His principle reason for coming here was to do advanced work in the field of Biology. During his long hours of work he found time for many things, including the Science Club. Donald Fay Dean Adel, Georgia Fun-loving, dependable, and a leader of men, all describe " Diz " who we all know to be one of the finest guys we ' ll ever meet. Always ready with a grin or a help- ing hand was he, and well remember his enthusiastic participation in the N. C. O. Club, the Officer ' s Club, the YMCA and the Varsity Basketball Team. A Dean ' s List student, a Superlative and 2nd Lt. in Baker Company, " Diz " receives his Bache- lor of Science degree in Physical Educa- tion. Jonah Beale Davis, Jr. Pelham, Georgia " J. B. " is a man of many talents, and a real leader. His favorite saying is " There is power in unity, " and his beloved ' " C " Company has been more unified for having had him as a member. He was President of the Science Club, Treasurer of the YMCA and a member of the Cabinet, member of the N. C. 0. Club, Chemi.stry Club and the Sigma Theta Fraternity. Beale receives his B. S. degree in Biology. Willys Everett Davis Demorest, Georgia With his broad grin and his unerring eye for the maidens on the campus, " Willie " was always sought after for a friend. A Rex Fraternity man, he was known as a mean one on the tennis courts. He was an enthusiastic member of the Officer ' s Club, the Future Business Leader ' s Club, and the YMCA. A Distinguished Military Stu- dent, he receives his B. S. degree in Busi- ness Administration. Elena Del Monte Decatur, Georgia Elena del Carmen Cecelia Del Monte Alvarez Ponce de Leon Alvarez Sanchez Betancour Aguero is our beauty from the land of the pineapples ad hulas, Camaguey, Cuba. While at N. G. C. she participated in the Science Club as Vice-President and Parliamentarian, the REC Club as a Hip- polytan, the Home Economics Club, the YWCA, the Bugler Staff, the Cyclops Staff as the Organization Editor. " Delmo " is a real beauty as evidenced by her election as Harvest Queen, and member of the Beauty Court. A Dean ' s List and Honor Student for four years, she receives a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. : ' :, : ' ;.V ' Xi " .•. ' ■■.■■;: ' . ' _■ j- .T.-«-r .- .- ,v .va t..v . t- i: ' ' ?fMM Henry Bennett Drexler Tifton, Georgia Somehow, whenever we think of " Ben, " we think of someone working with radio equipment, possible at a " ham " set. This Tifton, Georgia, lad is an officer in Band Company, member of the Physics Club, the N. C. O. Club, the Officer ' s Club, the N. G. C. Radio Amateur ' s Club, and a Distinguished Military Student. " Ben " is listed in " Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities. " A Dean ' s List stu- dent, he receives his Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and Mathematics. Jack Edwards, Jr. Cornelia, Georgia " Tojo ' s " three main interests — women, food, and the Science Building — dominated his years at our institution. A Rex Frater- nity man, he was a member of the Science Club, the Chemistry Club, the N. C. O. Club and the YMCA. A Dean ' s List stu- dent, " Tojo " receives his Bacelor of Sci- ence degree in Biology and Chemistry. Ernestine L. England Blairsville, Georgia From the first time that you see her, you know that she is someone worth knowing, and when you get to know her you know that you have been missing something all this time. " Teen " has been a member of the Future Teacher ' s Club, the Baptist Student Union as the Paper Editor and the YWCA. She is an N. G. C. Superlative and receives her B. S. degree in Elementary Education. Angus IIdwards " A good guy " is the term best used to describe Angus. He is an outstanding foot- ball player for " A " Company and very well qualified for his B. S. in Physical Education. He is a Navy veteran and mem- ber of the N. C. O. Club, and Physi il Education Club. William H. Fargason Decatur, Georgia An active man on our campus is " Burt, " for we find him in his list of many activi- ties, the Chemistry Club, Science Club, Glee Club, Officer ' s Club, and a cabinet member of the YMCA. He was on the Varsity Basketball Team, the Varsity Ten- nis Team as well as the Captain of the Band. Elected to " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, " he receives his B. S. degree in Biology. Anne Frazer Washington, Georgia " Frazer " came to N. G. C. from Washing- ton, Georgia, and her " I mean really " shows the spirit which we are sure will bring her much success in her life. She has been a member of the Glee Club, the REC Club, and the Business Administration Club. She receives her B. S. degree in Secretarial Science. Jean Rice Fowler Gumming, Georgia The pals will come and go at N. G. C, but gals like " Fowler " will be hard to find. Her bubbling spirit of fun carried us through many a hard moment. She was Secretary of the Physical Education Club, member of the YWCA and a member of the REC Club as a Trahlytan. " Fowler " receives her Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education. . ! ' • ' . ' • James M. Hall Sylvester, Georgia Here ' s a real son of the Old South. Jimmy hails from Sylvester, Georgia, and he ' s really convinced that the South will win next time. We will remember him as being a versatile lad on the dance floor or the drill field, as he was Best Drilled Freshman, and in the Honor Platoon for three years. His other activities included the Glee Club, Sigma Theta Fraternity, and the Sergeant ' s Club. Jimmy receives his B. S. degree in Physical Education. JiMMIE VanDIVER GlOSSON Jefferson, Georgia Lucky is the child who gets " Miz Glos- son " for his teacher, for those of us who know her best, know that our beautiful mannered Jimmie is indeed a ferocious study-hall keeper. Luck also is Joe, for we know he has married one of the best. Jim- mie was active in the Future Teachers of America and the REC Club, and receives her B. S. degree in Elementary Education. Berry H. Henderson Wrens, Georgia Here ' s Berry, the guy that we find is al- ways interested in whatever goes on, and always ready to lend a helping hand. He ' s a Rex Fraternity man, and a member of the Future Business Leader ' s Club, the N. C. 0. Club, the YMCA, and the Officer ' s Club. His ready smile will never be for- gotten by those of us who knew him, and we ' re sure he has an outstanding future in front of him. Berry receives his Bache- lor of Science degree in Business Ad- ministration. i:li« ' ia«a Warren Hendricks Lawrenceville, Georgia This quiet, deep thinker is best known for his willingness to help his fellow students at all times. Warren ' s intellectual ability placed him high on the Dean ' s List con- secutively. A member of the Radio and Physics Club, he received his B. S. degree in Physics. Charles R. James Dalton, Georgia Although born in Ringgold, Charles mi- grated to Dalton, Georgia, and thence to N. G. C. where he has been an active par- ticipant in the Officer ' s Club, the YMCA, the Future Business Leader ' s Club, and the N. C. O. Club. He receives his Bache- lor of Science degree in Business Adminis- tration. Norma Gertrude Jarrard Gainesville, Georgia Norma was well known around the cam- pus because of her " spunk, " personality, and charm. She was a member of the Mer- cureans of the REC Club, the " Y " , and the Cyclops Staff, but her first love was the B. A. Clu b, naturally, because she re- ceived a B. S. in Business Administration. " Gussie " was selected as a senior Superla- tive, and has been a Dean ' s List student for four years. Mary Nichols Jackson Braselton, Georgia " Nickie " is our brown-eyed beauty from Braselton, Georgia, and a gal that we know will go far in the world. While on the campus, " Nickie " has participated in the Future Business Leader ' s Club, the Bugler Staff, the Glee Club and the REC Club as a Mercurean. -She was elected to the beauty court and is a Dean ' s List student. She receives her Bachelor of Science de- gree in Secretarial Science. Mary Burr Jenkins Villa Rica, Georgia To know " Burr " was really a " must " dur- ing the college years. While at N. G. C. she participated in the REC Club as a Hippolytan, the Home Economics Club, the Dramatic Club and the YWCA. " Burr " receives her Bachelor of Arts degree in English. m Ferdinand Vogt Kay Byron, Georgia " Ferd " hails from Byron, Georgia, and he ' s a lad who really has the talent for being impossible to dislike. He has been a valued member of the Science Club and the Chemistry Club, and receives a B. S. degree. After " Ferd " is gone. Apartment No. 5 of the Veteran ' s Apartments will not be the same. James A. McClure Cartecay, Georgia A good soldier is our friend " Mac " Mc- Clure and a fellow about whom we ' ll be able to say, " I knew him when. " " Mac " was active in the N. C. 0. Club as Vice- President, the Sigma Theta Fraternity as Sergeantat-Arms, and the Future Business Leader ' s Club. The first sergeant of Baker Company, " Mac " receives his B. S. degree in Business Administration. Harold V. King Cartersville, Georgia Here we have, my children, one of the most talented men on the campus in the gentle art of " sacking up. " Born in Adairs- ville, Harold migrated later to Cartersville and from there to the N. G. C. campus, where he was a member of the Future Business Leader ' s Club, the YMCA and the Sergeant ' s Club. Harold receives his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Marvin Dale Lawrence Dawsonville, Georgia The United States Army just doesn ' t know how lucky they are to be getting our " Pee- Wee. " During his stay at N. G. C. he has participated in the Business Administra- tion Club, the Officer ' s Club, the N. C. 0. Club, the Bugler Staff, and the Cyclops Staff as Class Editor. He was active as the Secretary of the Rifle Team, and played basketball, Softball, badminton, tennis and volleyball in the Intramural Sports pro- gram. Elected to " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities, " he receives his B. S. degree in Business Administration. Johann Ray Manning Tennille, Georgia If, in after years, you think of the Science Building, you will, of course, think of " Joe " in one of his many labs, because he spent 99 and 44 lOOth per cent of his waking hours there. In addition to all of the time spent in pursuit of his major, " Joe " was active as the President of the YMCA, Vice-President of the Science Club, Treasurer of the Baptist Student Union, Junior Senator and Junior Whip ol the Forensic Senate, member of the Chem- istry Club and the N. C. O. Cilub. He was active in Intramural Sports, and is listed in " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. " A Dean ' s List student, he receives his B. S. degree in Biology. Armaretta Brooke Matthews White, Georgia To see her is to know her, and to know her is to feel that you have known her always. Our Mrs. Matthews has heen a delight to the whole campus, and those of us who have heen lucky to have classes with her, have known a personality to never forget. Mrs. Matthews receives her Bachelor of Science degree in Education. Thomas E. Minix Hapeville, Georgia From his first day here at North Georgia, " Tommy " has taken everything in his stride and has glided through his time here with ease. He has been a member of the Rex Fraternity, the N. C. 0. Club and the Future Business Leader ' s Club. " Tom- my " receives his Bachelor of Science de- gree in Business Administration. Martha B. Morrison Chatsworth, Georgia We only wish that Martha could have been with us sooner in our college years, for count the years wasted that we did not know her. She was born in Ramhurst, Georgia, but is now a resident of Chats- worth. A Dean ' s List student, Martha was Vice President of the Future Teachers of America, and receives her B. S. degree in Elementary Education. Alice Milner Cartersville, Georgia If at any time you happen to be wandering around China and hear, " What you know? " come floating to your ears from any distance, you will be sure to know that your friend of college days, Alice, is somewhere around. She has been a member of the Future Teachers of America, and the REC Club in which she was a Trably- tan. She receives her B. S. degree in Ele- mentary Education. Frank William Mosley Jasper, Georgia If you ' re ever looking for " Country, ' search no farther than the biggest bull ses sion in progress — you ' ll find him informinj the unknowing about the beaunty of th( Jasper women. During his days at N. G. C he was active in the Physical Educatioi Club, the N. C. O. Club, the Letterman ' Club, the Officer ' s Club, and the YMCA He was a niembf. of the Varsity Basket ball Team and the Varsity Baseball Team and Treasurer of the Junior Class. Dean ' s List student, Frank receives hii B. S. degree in Physical Education. JuANITA 0. Moss Oxford, Georgia Amonp the many assets which " Mossy " brought to college with her were her easy- poing manner and the appealing Oxford, Georgia, drawl. While at N. G. C., she participated in the Future Business Lead- er ' s Cluh, the YWCA, and the REC Club as a Phi Omicron. We shall always remem- ber a loyal friend in " Mossy " as she gradu- ates with her B. S. degree in Secretarial Science. Susan Ann Nix Cleveland, Georgia Girls, look forward to the day when " Bitsy " returns to N. G. C. in her next life, for she ' ll certainly return as Com- mandant of Women, and our week will then be arranged into three-fourths week- end, and one-fourth sleeping time. In San- ford Hall she was the President. She was a member of the REC Clul), the Cyclops and Bugler Staffs, and Reporter of the Future Leader ' s Club. We ' ll al- ways remember her, " My stars above, " when informed of her election to " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties, " and her graduating status of Cum Laude. A Dean ' s List student, Ann re- ceives her B. S. degree in Secretarial Science. William T. Mullinax Jasper, Georgia " It ' s the dying truth, I wouldn ' t lie to you at all, " cause I like you. " That is also the truth, for none of us who knew " Mully " could ever say that he disliked anybody. A Rex Fraternity man, he was a member of the Business Administration Club, and re- ceives his B. S. degree in Business Ad- ministration. Jack Nichols Carnegie, Georgia With incurable good humor, " B. J. " sur- vived four years of monastery life with re- markable cheer. His face is a familiar one in the Science Building for his major in Physics kept him there for many long hours. Jack was a member of the Physics Cluh, and receives a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and Math. James R. Oakes Vandalia, Ohio Listen my children, and you shall surely hear of the wonderful doin ' s of Jim " Dog, " the Ohio Pioneer. Capable is the name for this lad, as he piled up records in belong ing to the Rex Fraternity as 2nd Vice President, the Forensic Senate, the N. C. O, Club, the Officer ' s Club as Treasurer, the Cyclops Staff, the Inter-Fraternity Council the YMCA. the Rifle Team, and the Fu ture Business Leader ' s Club. He was also active in Intramural F ' ootball and Track. Jim receives his B. S. degree in Business Administration. Omar Zelotes Kenneth Oliver Macon, Georgia " Oh, if only we could have had Zelotes on the campus for all four years, " we moan as our college days grow to a close. We are glad that he did transfer from the University of North Carolina to become an outstanding participant in the Science Club, the Chemistry Club, the N. C. 0. Club, the Forensic Senate, the Art Staff of the Cyclops, the YMCA Cabinet, and holder of the rank of Sergeant 1st Class. He receives his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. Willis Cooper Parks, Jr. Dalton, Georgia If at any time in future life, yoii happen to run up on a list of millionaire bankers, be sure to look for " Bill ' s " name on that page. As a Business Administration major, we ' re sure that the same qualities which have made him so well liked at N. G. C. will hold him in good stead in later life. " Bill " was a member of the Business Ad- ministration Club, the N. C. O. Club, and the Officer ' s Club, and was a member of the Honor Platoon. He receives his B. S. degree in Business Administration. JoAnn Parris Blue Ridge, Georgia " Jo ' s " bubbling and contagious laugh will long be remembered by her classmates as they remember the spirit of fun in which she entered into every activity and project. " Jo " participated in the Glee Club, YWCA, the Dramatic Club, the Rifle Team, and the Phi Omicron team of the REC Club. A Dean ' s List student, " Jo " receives her B. A. degree in French. Lamar T. Oxford, Jr. Rutledge, Georgia Not to be confused with any other favorite son who hails from Rutledge, Georgia, we must hasten to add that " Ox " is the Man of Distinction. While at N. G. C. we found his name appearing on rosters such as those of the N. C. O. Club, the Officer ' s Club, the YMCA, the Sigma Theta Fra- ternity as President and Treasurer, the Future Business Leader ' s Club as Presi- dent, the Inter-Fraternity Council as Presi- dent and the Honor Platoon. He played Intramural Football for his beloved " C " Company of which he was Company Com- mander, and is listed in " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. " " Ox " holds the Sophomore and Junior Honor Bars, and the Good Conduct Ribbon. A Dean ' s List and Distinguished Military Student, he receives his B. S. degree in Business Administration. William Loyd Pass Lawrenceville, Georgia No one will ever know, for he tells it not, which Br ' er Pass likes the best— basketball or sleeping. A member of the Varsity Bas- ketball Team, he also participated in such varied activities as the Rex Fraternity, the Physics Club, the Radio Club. Although a member of Company A, he did duty with the Color Guard. He receives his B. S. degree in Physics. John T. Patterson Lumpkin, Georgia John was born in Cuthbert, but moved later to Lumpkin, Georgia, and then to N. G. C. to become another permanent inhabitor of the Science Building. During his stay he has participated in the Chem- istry Club, the Science Club, and the YMCA. John receives his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. Norma Jane Porter Lavonia, Georgia " Wheel! " Give a great big giggle and we ' re off on our friendship with " Port, " who ' s most fun in the world. Even though her spare moments were spent in the Home Economics Building, she still found time to spend in the Glee Club, the REC Club as Captain of the Phi Omicron ' s, the YWCA Cabinet as Treasurer and the Home Ec. Club as Vice-President and President. A Dean ' s List student and a Superlative, Norma receives her Bachelor of Science degree in Home Ki unnniir . If Marvin E. Patterson Gainesville, Georgia " I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to his own opinion. " These words charac- terize the generosity and good spirits of " Doc " Patterson, the President of our Senior Class. He is a Dean ' s List student, also listed in " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. " On the campus he has held the offices of Program Chair- man of the Science Club, Secretary of the Officer ' s Club and Assistant Editor of the Cyclops. " Doc " receives his B. S. degree in Biology. George William Pope Cedartown, Georgia As the only contributit)n made by Rock Run, Alabama, where he was born (he now lives in Cedartown, Georgia), George has made us proud of him in a number of ways, and will continue to do so for a long time, we are sure. He was an active par- ticipant in the Physical Education Club, the YMCA, and the Senior Scouts as Treasurer. George receives his B. S. degree in Physical Education. Claud Justus Raley, Jr. Rome, Georgia Anyone who has never enjoyed knowing " Pete " at N. G. C. has missed a great treat, for the blond lad from Rome, Geor- gia, can be alternately comic and serious in a way that makes him a valued friend. He is a member of the Rex Fraternity and the YMCA. A member of the Honor Plat- toon, " Pete " receives his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Armour Reece Rome, Georgia Armour is really a " Cowboy of the Old West. " Besides being an expert on horse- back he is an all-around-athlete. " C " Com- pany plared second in intramural football thanks to his able coaching and spectacu- lar playing. His other merits are roach and player of " C " " Company ' s Intramural Basketball Team, volleyball, badminton, and table tennis. All these qualifications prove that Armour is very deservant of his B. S. degree in Physical Education. Walter George Riley, Jr. Perry, Georgia And out of such an aristocratic sounding name, how do we get " Bubber " or " Bub " ? Its a long story. Our pal from Perry, Georgia, was really quite a guy, though. While attending N. G. C. he was a mem- lier of the N. C. 0. Club in which he was Sergeant-at-Arms, the Officer ' s Club, the YMCA and the Future Business Leader ' s Club. A Dean ' s List student, he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Willie M. Reins, Jr. Gainesville, Georgia A real Georgia Cracker is our " Bill. " and one whom we ' ll not easily forget. While at N. G. C. he was an active participant in such sports as Softball, Basketball, and Tennis, and a member of the N. C. 0. Club, the Science Club, the YMCA, the Dramatics Club, and the Future Business Leaders. A holder of the Good Conduct Ribbon. Willie was a Cadet Sgt. 1st Class. He Received his B. S. degree in Business Administration. Deverix S. Roper Gainesville, Georgia Deverix had a quiet, friendly personality that was a real asset to campus relation- ships. He could always be counted on to say the right things, and we ' re sure that any boy who is lucky enough to attend one of his Physical Education classes come away a better citizen. Deverix was a mem- ber of the YMCA and Company " D " . " White Boy " receives his Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education. -, • David Donald Roper Gainesville, Georgia Whether his whim of the moment was to have his hair orange, yello v. or white, on or off, we ' re all crazy about " Monster Don " from Gainesville, Georgia. When things would go wrong, and oaths would issue like butterflies from all around, we all knew we could count on " Don " to come through with just the right amount of disgust and his rarefuUy calculated, " Oh, fiddle! ! " While at N. G. C. he was a mem- ber of the YMCA, the N. C. O. Club, and the Future Business Leader ' s Club. Dean ' s List student, " Don " receives his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Bobbie Elaine Ricker Belton, Georgia " Cute as a button " was a saying that was no douln invented just to describe our " Bunny. " although we don ' t quite see how anybody could make a mere button be as cute as this gal. When you hear her drag out her Deep South ■■Gollee, " then you ' ll know what we mean. She ' s Secretary of the Home Economics Club, a member of the REC Club as a Mercurean, a member of the Rifle Team, the YWC.A, the Dramatic Club, and the Cadet Bugler. She ' s a Beauty, Sweetheart of Company " C " , Cy- clops Queen, the Sponsor of the Pan Hel- lenic Council and the Battalion Sweet- heart. " Bunny " receives her B. S. degree in Home Economics. M. Sue Sewell Decatur, Georgia Our " Sue-bo " is one of the most favorite figures on the campus. She has been an active worker in the REC Club, holding the office of President, Treasurer, and Re- porter, as well as Vice President of San- ford Hall, and President of Lewis Hall. She has also held the offices of Secretary of the B. A. Club, Secretary of the Home Ec. Club and Secretary of the Senior Class. Sue ' s many activities include the Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Features section of the Cadet Bugler and the " Organizations " section of the Cyclops. A Dean ' s List stu- dent, she receives her B. S. degree in Sec- retarial Science. Bettye Jo Scott Macon, Georgia " Not only is .she beautiful, she ' s intelligent, too, " gasp the critics who stoutly main- tain that no woman could possibly be both. We fooled ' em though: we ' ve got " Scot- tie!! " During her stay at N. G. C. she has been an active member of the Wesley Foundation as Secretary, Vice-President and President, the Dramatic Club as Sec- retary-Treasurer, the Cadet Bugler as News Editor, the YWCA as Secretary, the REC Club as a Trahlytan, the Glee Club and the Cyclops as Business Manager. " Scottie " is listed in " Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Llniversities, " " Who ' s Who at N. G. C " , as Most Likely to Succeed, is the holder of an Honor Bar for each col- lege year and a Dean ' s List student. A campus beauty, the Sweetheart of Com- pany " B " receives her B. A. degree in French. Robert R. New York, N. Y. " Bob " was born in New York, but when we first knew of him, he was well estab- lished in good ole Vet Apartment No. 17. " Bob " is a responsible person and one that we are proud of having known. He has been a member of the Chemistry Club and the American Chemical Society. He has been on the Dean ' s List for five quar- ters straight, and upon graduation will receive a B. S. degree in Chemistry. WiLLiAiM Pierce Sewell Sandy Springs, Georgia " Rip " was a guy with a finger in every pie. At N. G. C. he was a member of the Block Letter Club, the Officer ' s Club, and the Physical Education Club. " Rip " was Vice-President of the Junior Class. Coach of the Freshman Basketball Team and Co- Captain and Captain of the Varsity Base- ball Team. A Dean ' s List student, he re- ceives a B. S. degree in Physical Educa- tion. ' Tm ■di. - ■Mak»i:i i Barbara Duncan Wethkrincton Decatur, Georgia What would a picture of " Duncan " be? Giving pink medicine? " Firing a rifle? She does these things and many more in her varied activities such as the REC Chib of which she has been the President and the Co-Captain of the Trahlytans. Secre- tary of the Science Club, Secretary of the Westminster Fellowship, holder of two letters and two sweaters for Rifle Team, member of the YWCA and Chemistrj- Club. She holds a sweater, emblem, and star for Intramural Sports and is a Super- lative. A Dean ' s List student, Barbara re- ceives her B. S. degree in Biology. William H. Williams Thomasville, Georgia Nothing can be said that will be quite adequate to describe the personality, the ability of leadership, the friendliness and the many other qualities that make " Bill " the outstanding person that he is. While at N. G. C. he has participated in the N. C. 0. Club as President, the Pan Hellenic Coun- cil, " The Generals " as Student Leader, the Cyclops Staff, the Sigma Theta Fra- ternity as Chaplain, the Science Club, the YMCA as Vice-President, the Varsity Rifle Team and has received the Band Efficiency Medal, and the Good Conduct Ribbon. " Bill " receives his B. S. degree in Biology. Moses L. Wilson Locust Grove, Georgia " Whip " came to N. G. C. from Locust Grove, to participate in the Rex Frater- nity, the N. C. 0. Club, the Physics Club, and the Radio Club. He demonstrated his versatility in being excellent in all Intra- mural Sports which he entered and at the same time a Dean ' s List student. A Master Sgt. in Able Company and a member of the Honor Platoon, " Whip " receives his Bachelor of Science degree in Physics. Luther Randall Whitehead Monroe, Georgia Here ' s a lady-killer dee-luxe, gals, ' cause when he dresses up in those beautiful pinks oh, who can resist him? While at N. G. C. he was a member of the Varsity Rifle Team, the N. C. O. Club, the Officer ' s Club, the Honor Platoon, the Physics Club, and the Radio Club. A 1st Lt. in Company " C " , Randal receives his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Physics. Phillip R. Wise Buena Vista, Georgia What comes out of Buena Vista, Georgia, that ' s any good? We win $64 because we know the answer to that. Who else but Phillip, the dark and dashing hero of the tale! ! We also know that he was a member of the N. C. O. Club, the Officer ' s Club, the Varsity Basketball Team, and the Let- terman ' s Club. Phillip was President of the Rex Fraternity, Vice-President of the Inter-Fraternity Council and Vice-President of the Senior Class. A loyal Able Company man for four years, he receives his Bache- lor of Science degree in Physical Educa- tion. Kw fv F Jf ' f ' " . William Charter Wofford Gainesville, Georgia Dur college Rembrandt is " Burrhead " , and Ithough he majors in Mathematics and hysics, he is best known for his pen and jencil art work. In spite of doing such xcellent work in this field, he has still ound time for Intramural Sports, the V. C. O. Club, the Cyclops Art Staff, and be Sgt. 1st Class in Company " B " . He eceives a Bachelor of Science degree. Thomas Joseph Wren. Jr. Savannah, Georgia The •Bhie Baron " or " Pansy, " as he is known about the campus, is a fellow whom everyone knows. He is a transfer from Georgia Teacher ' s College where he par- ticipated in the Psvrliologv Club and the Veteran ' s Club. While a t N. G. C. he has been a member of the Physical Education Club and the Future Teachers of .America. We know that Thommy is receiving his B. S. degree in Physical Education bv his favorite saying, " Suffering calisthenics. " The poiicv of tlie Senior Class to leave a memorial to the school i. a well foiinded iiisliliilion. This year the Senior Class of 19.5. ' has. with its eyes on the future and roiifidence in those to follow, es- lalilished a Student Loan Fund. The Administration and Cyclo|)s Staff congratulate these Seniors for a practical memorial. SUMMER GRADUATES Abernathy. L. Bailey, M R.S. Elrmm dry Ed. Brown, M _ B.S. Elementary Ed. Calhoun, ' W ' B S. Biolorxy Chandler, L B.S. Elementary Ed. Chastaln, I B.S. Elementary Ed. Childers, a. - B.S. Elementary Ed. Cronic, Mrs . C. C B.S. Elementary Ed. Doss, A B.S. Elementary Ed. Elliott, Mrs. C B.S. Elementary Ed. FOSSETT, R _ B.S. Elementary Ed. HaLOMAN, H _ B.S. Elementary Ed. Mann, Mrs. D. B.S. Elementary Ed. Moore, M B.S. Elementary Ed. Powell, E _ B.S. Elementary Ed. Robinson, C B.S. Elementary Ed. Samples, ' W ' B.S. Elementary Ed. Shore, L B.S. Elementary Ed. Whitfield. G B.S. Elementary Ed. Hannah Blasincame Martin HONEA JUNIOR CLASS Akridce, Charles Atha, J. Babb, J. Bannister, J. P. Blasincame, J. Breedlove, S. Brice, C. Brown, D. Chambless, H. Clark, R. Davis, T. Drexler, C. Douglas, W. Duncan, R. Hannah, G. Hattaway, L Hawk, M. HiCKSON, E. HODCES, W. HOLCOMB, R. Honea, M. Hour, W. Huff, J. Jenkins, E. Kempson, R. P. King, 0. Langston Lewis, E. Long, H. Maratose, W. Martin, J. Mathews, M. Mealof, p. Nichols, H. Skrine, J. Threlkeld, W. Vinton, E. Watts, A. Whitaker, S. Darnell, Mrs. D. ' NOT PICTURED Jones, R. Reins, W. Justus, L. Seiler, R. Langford, L. Stanton, H Phillips, W. Swanson, N PUCKETT, D. Wallis, J. ■: " — ® 1 r M 1 ,. , ny tev- " 3!ij .1 ll jy] 1 Mrs. H. W. LeVan, Sponsor Marietta, Georgia Levan Woody LUTTRELL SOPHOMORES Anthony, J. Balfour, I. Babtlett. E. Baxter, G. Blackstock, G. BOSTWICK, R. Brown, L. Bryant, D. BuicE, B. Bureu T. Casey, C. ClIAFIN, C. Chapman, J. Cobb, B. Crawforo, J. Davis, D. Dickey, D. i; Eiijott, J. Forehand, L. Franklin, J. Gammon, C. GUDCER, R. Heath, T. Henson, J. Hefner, H. Henderson, P. HiCCINS, S. Hill, G. HiNLEY. J. Hope, J. HORTON, L. HuDGINS, p. Johnson, 0. Jones, T. Kelley, B. Kelley, H. King, B. King, J. Knight, T. Lathem, p. Leverette, R. LiNDSEY, J. Lively, G. Longino, R. Luttrell, L. Massey, a. McCranie, C. McElrath, W. moorhead, l. Moree, G. Morrison, R. Morrison, R. E. Paradise, B. Pail, H. Paulk, J. Pierce, J. Potter, G. Powers, P. Head, A. Rice, J. Roane, B. Robertson, J. Rogers. E. Schumacher, N. Scott, C. Settle, T. Sutherland, H. Shore, P. Sims, J. Stocks, T. Stone, H. Sutton, J. Temple, N. Thompson, S. iTlDWELL, T. Tutton, J. Walsh, J. Watson, D. Webb, L. Wells, R. Wheeler, M. Westbrooks, O. Wimpy, R. Woodall, F. Woody, L. NOT PICTURED Palmer, M. Bentley, J. BULLARD, H. Collins, J. DuPree, D. Grant, G. Harper, D. Haynes, B. Grant, J. Jenkins, T. Lamb, C. Lancston, J. LeVan, F. Logan, D. McWhirter, W. Messier, A. Moore, R. Schopfer, T. Brown, E. Vandeventer, W Nolan, W. Vickers, H. Norman, R. Waters, R. Painter, G. Weems. D. Price, R. Williams. W. Peters, R. Wright, E. Lt. WlLHlDE, Spnnsnr Harbuck, Overby, Wenzel, Bailey FRESHMEN Aaron, R. Acker, J. Adams, A. Adamson, R. Adkins, C. Aiken, I. Alexander, J. Alexander, R Allen, D. Alniand, W. Amason, ( " . Arata, W. Bacon, R. Bailey, C. Banke, E. Bannister, T. Barber, J. Barclay, C. Battle, W. Bell, G. Boyd, B. Bray, B. Bray, J. Brooks, F. Brooks, G. Brown, D. Brown. R. Brownlee, J. Bridges. P. Burrell, P. Byess, G. Campbell, P. Cannon, A. Carpenter, B. Chambers, R. Clark, R. Cleghorn, M. Clowe, J. Cobb, H. Coleman, A. Coleman, R. Conrad, T. Copeland, M. Daniel, B. Darnell, J. Davidson, R. Davis, B. Davis, R. Dial, W. Dickerson, D. Dickson, P. Dove, B. Durham, R. Dyerly, S. Edwards, E. Edwards, F. Edwards, L. Ellis, M. Erwin, R. Faught, S. Fischer, B. File, P. Forrester, E. Gardner, C. Garner, J. Gaylor, E. Gibson, C. Gibson, I. Glenn, J. Godbee, L. Green, J. Grondie, A. Gudger, H. Hamby, W. Harbuck, E. Hardepree, B. Harper, C. Harridge, D. Harvill, M. Hayes, M. Hester, F. Hill, C. Hill, H. Hodkinson, P. SSi I. ' pl ' v: ' iiK ' (f ?f| j:£ • i Holcombe, R. Holland, H. Houser, H. Horton, T. Howard, S. Huey, C. Hughes, B. I npram, G. James, J. Johnson, C. Johnson, P. Joiner, C. Jones, G. Knapp, J. Kreilick, E. Landers, G. Ledford, S. Lee, W. Logan, E. Lyle, R. McCracken, D. McKinley, J. McLendon, G. Martin, B. Mason, S. Moncrieff, W. Monk, J. Moore, B. Moore, P. Mull, M. Murphy, W. New, A. Overby, R. Palmer, C. Parr, L Parris, J. Parker, R. Patterson, W. Peacock, M. Pearson, J. Pharr, S. Pinson, C. Plunkett, E. Purviss, J. Ralston, P. Reeves, T. Reins, E. Roberts, D. Robertson, G. Rogers, W. Scroggs, B. Short, R. Sineath, L. Slade, D. IAA±£.£ Smith, W. Sorrells, J. Sowell, R. Spratlin, M. Stipe, J. Stocks, C. Swaiison, J. Tate, R. Terrell, T. Thurmond, G. Townsend, Mr. Wallace, B. Walker, J. Warren, H. Way, J. Wenzel, B. West, H. Whatley, B. White, J. Whitworth, B. Williams, J. Wise, H. Yoeman, G. NOT PICTURED Aired, E. Ayers, L. Brannen, B. Bridgman, M. Cantrell, C. Chapman, W. Chappell, C. Chosewood, C. Clements, R. Clements, W. Colcord, J. Elliott, G. Harrison, G. Hensley, C. Jarrett, J. Jordon, J. Kendrick, W. Kent, L. King, C. Kinney, J. Lokey, C. Lynch, F. Massey, J. Mathis, W. Matthews, F. Matthews, J. Mock, E. Moore, H. Moran, W. Morrison, J. Mosley, S. Paris, W. Pless, J. Posey, J. Prince, J. Randall, W. Roache, E. Rogers, J. Rymer, R. Sanders, W. Slade, J. Smith, L. Sparks, R. Todd, M. Turner, C. Walker, W. West, L. Wheeler, M. White, W. Williamson, N. WoiTord, W. Dahlonega Mint Plaque THE ROVING CAMERA Price Memorial from Crown Mountain Mrs. Harris Ann r !f:»swi»v-- Mrs. Louse Carder mtmL S 52 »4 - .avot- ' - ' -. ' " •Pj , ?] ' i. •:-.- v n- c »- - i iS k ' SF01TS . -ritat . i ' - V . ■ ■■m i wvim i nsc: • -— -!,;- « 52 53 V A R S I T Y Humi risIsJ Tcacl fskirif Vl.Sta Picdmoi Uni Cha Coach Russell Managers Hattericay and Pass ta ' ' C SEASON Home Away Erskine Georgia Teachers College Berry Erskine Univ. of Ga. Atlanta Div Erskine Newberry Newberry Piedmont Berry Southern College of Pharmacy ' estern Carolina Camp Gordon Piedmont Piedmont Univ. of Ga. Division Erskine Southern College of Pharmacy Western Carolina Univ. of Chattanooga Guard Phillip Wise Guard Fay Dean Forward Frank Mosley Forward Gene Brown WWW ' Hucy ocs high jor a Ixiskrl fires a lone one f " misses the tip A ' VliT ' f ' - Forward Robert Parker Center Claude Huey Guard Robert Alexander COACHES SEAS Joe Clements, Rip Sewell, Frank Mosley I Home Away Montezuma Blairsville Oglethorpe Montezuma Athens Oglethorpe Clayton Clarkesville Blairsville Lumpkin County Clarkesville Clone sacks " 2 " for the " Frosfi ' " Lem " Hattaivay Co-Captain Gerald McLendon " PptV " R ' l? ' ■f. ' -- ' ' ' Glenn, Georpe Robertson, Clarence Bailey, John Clowe, Eugene Harbuck A Company in action at ainst B Top, Left to Right — Angus Edwards. Bill Ropers, Ed Hickson, " Footsie " Pierce, Charles Langston, Jim Bray, Lloyd Smith, John Stipe, Rohert Overby, Tom Davis. Second Row — Manager " Doc " Dar- nell, Alfred Coleman, Jim King, Bobby Whatley, Don Roberts, Richard Coleman, Horace Kelley, Jack Walsh, Robert Bostwick, Bill Moncrieff, Donald DuPree. Bottom Row — Ronnie Duncan, George Coleman. HIGH-LIGHTS Able Company, led by player-coach George Coleman, went through their schedule undefeifed to win the 1952 in- tramural football championship. Last year ' s co-champs had only a 6-6 tie with D Company to spoil their otherwise per- fect re ' ord. In A ' s backfield outstanding performances were turned in by Ronnie Duncan. Jim King, and Charles Langston.- George Coleman. Tom Davis, and Ed Hick- son played well in every game on both offense and defense. Duncan ' s 65 yard touchdown run. in A ' s 47-0 rout of B Comjiany. was the best run of the year. r angstons ability to make consistent short gains and King ' s blocking were shining lights in A Company ' s victorious season. Single FIRST ROUND B- D.15 B- 7 C-13 B- 6 A- 7 (Joach Ckohgi; Hakrison Scene of deject ic Behind Top, Left to Right— J. P. Monre. Dirk r.iv.uit. Jack " Tojo ' " Edwardf, Paul Bridges. Jim Collins, Jamie Crawford, Frank Edwards, Charles Hill. Peter Hodkinson, Tommy Reeves. Bill Arata. Ed Forester. Second Jow— Charlie Johnson. Lewis " Skeet " Wehb, Gene Harbuck, Lester Luttrell, Hinton Paul, 0. Z, " Zelote " Oliver. Ed Byrd, Harry .Sutherland, Grail Brookshire, Phil Johnson, Tom Tidwell, Homer Hefner. On Ground — Georpe Harison. Paul Simms. Fred LeVann. HIGH-LIGHTS From top to bottom, from the co- cliampionship to the cellar, that is the story of B (Inmiiany ' s football season in 1952. In unofiuial pre-season predictions the Baker boys were given a good chance lo repeat their 1951 feat as champs. Coach George Harrison ' s boys were a hot-cold combination. After losing to Dog Compa- ny 15-0 in their season opener, they man- aged to hold A Company ' s powerful team to a 7-6 victory. Then in a complete re- versal they tied Dog 0-0 and lost to Able 47-0 on successive week-ends. A 70-yard touchdown run by Tom Reeves and consistent passing by Eddie Byrd were the shining lights in B Com- pany ' s backfield [lerformance. Paul Siinnis, Homer Hefner, and Lewis Webb were stand-outs in the line. (issing — Droopy Drawers :,i an s iJiu L t u nn ui!r I ' ljli iif u:ii.s! .1 HIGH-LIGHTS A much-improved team in ' 52, C Company, coached by that " old " veteran Armor Reece. managed to win one while losing only two. Two ties with Dog Company, the runners- up in the final standings, prevented C from finishing second. Alton Amis sparked a backfield that had power in mid- field, but often lacked the final surge down close to the goal. Logan and Reece also were valuable as backfield perform- ers. Harry Vickers. Don ' eems, and Joel Monk played well in the line. Gene Moree, linebacker, raced 40 yards with an intercepted pass to provide the margin in C ' s 13-6 victory over B. Co-Captain Buck VCarren Top, Left to Right — Jesse Way, Don Weems, Tim Heath, Bill Patterson, Robert Longino, Jimmy Hall, Alton Amis, Jack James, Beale Davis. Second Row — Charles Gardner, Gene Moree, Leslie Mathis, Edward Aired, Richard Tate, Joel Monk. Jack Glenn. James Prince, James Babb. Bottom Row — Manager Ed Lewis, Buck Warren, Randal! Whitehead, James Garner, Armor Reece, Johann Manning, " Bo " Turner, Harry Vickery, Manager Lamar Oxford. Coach Sparky " Watts lltillard iicr.s oiw away (ifid ' iist liiikti SECOND ROUND D- B- D- 6 C- 6 FIRST ROUND D-15 B- D- 6 A- 6 Co-Captain D- 6 C-12 OGER ' lLLI MS Go-Captain Joe Hope HIGH-LIGHTS Dog Company won one. lost one and tied three to finish third in the standings behind Able and Charlie. After win- ning their initial contest with Ba ' er 15-0. the Dogs were unable to muster enough ofTensive strength to defeat another opponent. In their second game of the season D Company came from behind to tie the A Company champs 6-6. A series of outside circumstances prevented these two powers from meeting a second time in w-hat would probably have settled conclusively which was the better team. Dog was loaded with both hacks and l-nemen. .Among the most worthy were Curstiss Moore. Joe Chapman. Louis Bullard, backs, Lang Forehand. Rinhard Durham. Douglas Cobb. Bob Gudger, and " Sparky " Vt ' atts. linemen. Dog Top, Left to Right—Jerry Posey, Jimmy Matthews. Louie Bullard. Curt Moore. " Red " Robertson. Ralph Clements. ' " Red " White. Sonny Thompson. Bob Gudper. Secuntl Koh— Bobbv Brown. Douc Cobb. H. Houser, Richard Aaron. Richard Durham. James Morrison, Jim " Dofi " Lanjiston, Dick Dickerson. Bottom Row—Manager John Wallace, . llen " Sparky " Watts. Roper Williams. Lorraine Forehand, Ted Conrade, James Abercrombie, Jerry Surgart, Joe Chapman. M N Program TACKLE— FOOTBALL BASKETBALL VOLLEYBALL TABLE TENNIS BADMINTON HORSESHOES SOFT BALL TENNIS ' Rip " Sewell V iihhi.i :K Da IDSON Jack Moran Jlmmy Antho.ny MANAGERS Joe Avery and " Zeke " ' Zeigler THE TEAM We will have to admit, a record of six wins and thirteen losses is not impressive. But, as anyone can tell you, a man or a team cannot be judged entirely by its record. In many re- spects, the 1952 Baseball Team was a successful one. In several games, a single break would have decided the game in our favor. Coach Russell discovered and develope.d some fine talent among our cadets. Most of this talent will return this coming season, some of it has graduated. Spirit and determination were a by-word with our players. They loved the game and played it to the best of their ability. There were fifteen men to earn their letters, of which ten will return for this season. The prosjiects seem favorable, al- though Jerry Burt ' s fine fielding and .323 batting average will be missed tremendously. Gone are Davidsons defensive skill behind the plate and his fearsome clutch hitting. Fowler ' s moundsman ability is lost also. He was the mainstay on the Livsey takes third ' . yi ■ ■S ■ ! f!. ' .- Joe Clements •■ .ir " l,i SK ' i Jkuki 111 li I George Coleman Tom Fowler pitching staff and his .319 batting average was not exactly un- enviable. Gone is the infield prowess of " Lip " Livsey. His speed on the bases was a constant threat to the opposition. An early injury forced Thurmond out of the picture for most of the season, but his ability as a utility fielder and backstop, as well as his power at the plate, will be missed greatly. Fortunately, returning this year are such standouts as Sewejl and Bullard on the mound. Moran on first base, Joe Clements at short. " Beak " Bentley at third, Coleman and Mosley in the outfield. ' " Curt " Moore and Jimmy Anthony as utility infield- ers and outfielders, and Eddie Byrd relieving on the mound and behind the plate, plus pitcher " Doug " Cobb, and utility men Gudger and Wendal Clements. All of these men turned in fine performances last year and are expected to do even better this year. So let us say thanks to this fine team and their efforts. A new season is ahead and a new page to be written, but the team of " 52 " will long be remembered with pride. SEASON N.G.C. 11 Piedmont 7 N.G.C. 9 Howard 10 N.G.C. 4 Western Car. 6 N.G.C. 4 East Tenn. 3 N.G.C. 3 Newberry 7 N.G.C. 3 Piedmont 4 N.G.C. 9 Mercer 8 N.G.C. 3 Western Car. N.G.C. 6 Mercer 7 N.G.C. 5 Erskine 6 N.G.C. 4 Florida Sou. 2 N.G.C. Ga. Teachers 5 N.G.C. 2 Erskine 5 N.G.C. 3 Newberry 1 1 N.G.C. 7 Presbyterian 11 N.G.C. 6 Piedmont N.G.C. 5 Ga. Teachers 13 N.G.C. 5 Ga. Teachers 16 N.G.C. 8 East Tenn. 11 DOLCLAS LOBB Eddie Bvrd " Muff " Potter Jimmy Moore Munin Sjiirs a litllc ton jar Beak " Bentley Frank Mosley Curtis Moore ' ■ i •• Pl A " h ■ gg. gmi kis ifei H ' W L SH B ¥m r i r m W ' •WjIM Bob Gudger Front Row — Hawk, McCranie, Kelley, Lewrence, Breedlove, Phillips. Second Row — Krelick, Whitehead, Potter, Lieu- tenant Smith, Instructor; James, Shupart, Houk. VARSITY ■ ■r Front Row — Latheni, Mas ey. I ' liarr, Woody, Buice, Temple, Power. Second Raw — Duncan, Peacock, Fite, Dickey, Miss Johnston, Instructor; Brownlee, HiRgins, Callaway, Vinton. TEAMS RIFLE G I R L S ' SPORTS ' .k Volleyball Pushball Hockey Sports play a big part in the leisure activities of N.G.C. Co-eds. Tournaments the year ' round jjrovide fun and competition, and there is great diversity in the program. Major sports in the fall are speedball and volleyball — in the winter, basket- ball and pushball — in the spring. Softball, archery, and track and field. Arch ery Ti ' iiiiis In addition to these, at various times of the year, hockey, dancing, tennis, badminton, ping pong, paddle tennis, shuffleboard. and bridge are played. A tumbling team added for good measure rounds out a full program indeed. SPORTS SNAPS -l-f- Many students at N.G.C. find that one of the greatest parts of their college social life is the numerous dances that occur throughout the year. A group of carefree and happy cadets and co-eds, accompanied by the " sweet sound " for a first class dance I orchestra, goes to form the dances at I N.G.C. that should surely be brought to light as a representative part of student life. Different from most of their parents and their grandmother and grandfathers, the N.G.C. students of 1953 possessed a love of the music of such great m asters of swing as Tommy Dorse , Ralph Flanagan and Billy May. This type of music had an effect on them that cannot be described in words. -r rJ ' .im - ' it.i- -.r-ij ' -s - .r ' )t - ' . ; : ■rm: ' ¥ F i P ' N! OMANIZATIOMS THE 1953 Clifford Snyder Editor - t l CYCLOPS STAFF 1953 Editor - Clifford L. Snyder Asst. Editor Marvin E. Patterson Art Staff WiLLARD Murphv, Omar Z. Oliver, Charles Wofford, Jim Oakes Military George E. Coleman, Harold Holland Features Dolores Davis, Louise Mooreheah, JoAnn Lindsey Sports James Kinney, Carolyn Calloway, Paul Simms, James Short Literary Jo Stephens, George Thurmond, Barbara Buice Organizations Sue Sewell, Lester Luttrell, Shirley Howard, Elena DelMonte Senior Class Mary Cook, Beth Whitworth Classes Dick Bryant, Shirley Pharr Special Staff Nancy Temple, Ed Lewis Business Managers Bettye Jo Scott, Bill Williams Staff Billy Paris, Norma Jarrard, Donald Roper, Glenn Smith, Charles Brice Typists „ Gay Hannah, Barbara Wenzell ' Denotes Section Editors Mary Cook. Senior Class: George Thurmond, and Jo Stephens, Literary Staff William Houk, Military; Sue Sewell, and Shirley Howard, Organization Staff. Jim Oares, Shirley Pharr. Marvin Patterson, and ,0. Z. Oliver. An Staff N CYCLOPS STAFF " na, S. ' ger ' fion. sor The Cyclops is the odicial yearbook of North Georgia College and is published by the students during the latter part of spring quarter. It is a treasure chest of memories, fun, and work. It attempts to give a complete coverage of the various activities which take place during the year on the N.G.C. campus. Each year sections are devoted to faculty and administration, classes, military, sports, fea- tures, and organizations. Jo Anne Lindsey, Louise Moorehead. and Dolores Davis, Feature Staff Bill Williams Bettye Jo Scott Co-Bus. Managers Barbara Wenzel. Donald Roper, Norma Jarrard. and Dallas Clark, Business Staff James Kenney, Paul Simms, Carolyn Callaway, and James Short, Sport Staff THE CADET James Henderson Business Manager Standing — Lanelle Edwards. Jo Stephens, Marvin Patterson. Seated- Bettye Jo Scott. George Thurman, Sue Sewell. Mr. H. H. Gilbert Financial Advisor Dr. C. C. Chadburn Editorial Advisor STAFF Editor-in-Chief Grail Brookshire Associate Editor Jo Stephens Managing Editor Carolyn Callaway News Editors Leonard Chafin, Bettye Jo Scott Reporters George Brooks. Beverly Moore, Paul Simms, George Thurmond, Marvin Culpepper Editorial Assistants Martin Sibley, Clyde Gibson, Marvin Lawrence, Guynell Collier, Gay Hannah, Elena Delmonte Literary Editors Beth Whitworth, Parks Houser, Tom Davis, Charles Gammon Alumni News Lanelle Edwards, Josial Blasincame Athletics Fred Levan, Lou Vinton Features Sue Sewell, Bobbie Rucker, Marvin Patterson, Nickie Jackson Artists - _ Larry Lancford, Nancy Temple, George Brooks Business Manager Morris Henderson Business Assistants Isobel Balfour, Thurmond Anderson, Dallas Clark. Don Boggus Faculty Advisors Dr. C. C Chadbourn, Jr., Mr. H. H. Gilbert % BUGLEU The Cadet Bugler, the college quarterly magazine, serves a fourfold purpose in providing a means of student expres- sion, keeping recent alumni informed of the college ' s activ- ities, keeping students informed on current policies and events of the school, and serving as a medium of informa- tion to other colleges and to high school. Since news does not remain news for any length of time at N.G.C., the magazine has taken the comhined form of a review, literary magazine, and feature magazine. The publi- cation has been highly successful in obtaining its new goals only because of the interest, time, and energy placed in it by an able staff and competent faculty advisors. Mrs. Grail L. Brookshire Stone Mountain, Ga. Sponsor (?aM Sup et The Voice Of North Georgia College M i ' l.V IVumbBr 1 S ' aiSa mm ■-iifc H H S HHHI |ii| H Ji m WW i jP X »- _ B - - Seated — Bobbie Rucker and Isobel Balfour. Standing — Dallas Clark, Pete Hen- derson, Paul Simms, and Grail Brookshire. Grail Brookshire Editor DECEMBER, I9S2 Published Quarterly At Dahlonega, Ceorgia Miss (Ihm.i: ( mnm Advisor The Young Women ' s Christian Association offers to each co-ed an opportunity to develop a fuller and more creative life through a growing knowledge of God. It strives to guide the students along the golden path to Christ through a threefold program of religion, recreation, and education. Y.W C . A . CABINET Gay Hanxah President Mary She arouse Cook Vice-President Bettye Jo SroTT Secretary Beth Whitworth Treasurer Pat Mealor Cabinet Memher Lanelle Edwards Cabinet Member Marion- Mathews Cabinet Member Betsy Paradise Cabinet Member Doris Allen Cabinet Memher WiLMA Lee Cabinet Member The Young Men ' s Christian Association of North Georgia College is a golden factor in the lives of the rndets and co-eds on our campus. It serves the entire student body through informative jjrograms and wholesome recreation. Together with the efforts of the Y. M. C. A., " Religious Emphasis Week " is held each year, during which an out- standing religious speaker is invileri to our campus to lead the program. One of the most important features of the Y. M. C. A. is help they give to needy families in and around Dah- lonega, both at Christmas and throughout the year. 7. M. C . A . CABINET Mrs. F. T. Brock Tennille, Ga. Sponsor JoHANN Manning President Bill Williams Vice-President JOSIAH BlASINGAME Secretary Be ALE Davis Treasurer Lester Luttrell Cabinet Member EsTES Rogers Cabinet Member Glenn Smith Cabinet Member Williams Maratos Cabinet Member Burt Fargason Cabinet Member Leonard ( hakin Cabinet Member c H E M I S L U B Don Boggus, Dr. I. C. Simms. .Id Dalla Clark, President. The Chemistry Club has as its treasure a charter which was granted by the Amer- ican Chemical Society for a Student Af- filiate Chapter. The majority of the Chem- istry Club, which is composed of members majoring or minoring in chemistry, belong to this professional group of future chem- ists. Programs are given at each meeting by students, faculty, or invited guests on the various phases of chemistry and profes- sional fields open to a graduate chemist. The club sponsors, for its members, sev- eral field trips each year to chemical fac- tories, laboratories, and exhibits in this area. Lynch. Kelley, Sieler, Durham, thc i in;:t.Mi. Oliver, Brice, Kay, Threckeld, and Davis. Kempson, Gammon, Harper, Prof. Belcher, Maratose, Faragason, Martin, Manning. Mrs. E. G. Shiver Thomasville, Ga. Sponsor June Martin, Secretary: Beale Davis. President: Joliann Manning, Vice-President; and Marvin Patterson, Parliamentarian. c I E N The Science Club has the golden dis- tinction of being the first clu-b organized on the N. G. C. campus. Its membership is composed of students majoring or mi- noring in biology. pre-|)rofessional stu- dents and other cadets or coeds who are interested in its activities. Programs are given on various phases of wild life and conservation, vocations open to science majors, aspects of health, genetics, and other similar topics of interest. These pro- grams are frequently given by the students themselves, as well as by the faculty and invited guests. Field trips are sponsored by the club to various places of scientific interest throughout the state. Tutton, King, Prof. Anthony, Darnell, Davis, and Horton. c E C u B Wetherington, Atha, Gammon, Prof. Sanders, Brice, Forrester, Kay, Colwell, Maratosp. Shore. Patterson. I, ' w V Ben Drexler, Prof. Pipg, Dale Harridge, Billy Dove, Prof, C. M. Yager, Paul Simms, William Rogers, and Josiah Blasingame. .J W • ,1 Paul Simms President PHYSICS CULB Five years ago the physics majors organized the Physics Club for all students who have elected to major or minor in physics. Its golden purposes are to correlate and develop scientific thought on the part of its members and for the pursuit of individual interests of the club. It also maintains a golden link with the advances in the fields of theoretical and applied physics through lectures, demonstrations, field trips, and various other pro- grams of interest to the members. Prof. Yager Advisor Josiah Blasingame Secretary -Treasurer W4PYM NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE " HAM " fe RADIO The Radio Club is composed of students interested in amateur radio. The club ex- tends help to its members in procuring a golden treasure: their government li- censes. Activities of the club include field trips on which equipment is tested and experiments made, radio construction, group study of the International Morse code and Radio Theory, and lectures on technical subjects by different club mem- bers. The club also maintains " Radar Ridge " where its members may communi- cate with other amateurs or professionals interested in radio. m 3iLL Dove Mr. Pigg W4UAU W4KGD President Advisor Billy Dove, William Rogers, Dale Harridge, Ben Drexler, Prof. Wicht, Prof. Pigg, and Allen Williamson. I ' A ' 1 -f r i If f i Mil li . -mm mOfk f««. .. u,- .■ Leonard Chafin President Mrs. Paul Chafin Atlanta Sponsor James Oakes Treasurer OFFICEHS CLUB Ma J. Goodman Advisor William Houk Vice-President The Officers ' Club consists of the Cadet Officers of the Battahon and any member of the Commandant ' s StafT expressing a desire for membership. The golden purpose of the Officers ' Club is to provide an agency, under the supervision of the P. M. S. T. and the Commandant, for gathering and disseminating information pertaining to the cadet corps. This information is for the benefit and further improvement of the efficiency of the Battalion. On the social side the Officers Club sponsors picnics and at least one formal dance each year and also co-sponsors the annual military bail held during Graduation Week. Marvin Patterson Secretary Eugene Anderson James Babb Grail Brookshire Robert Clark Dallas Clark ' h Joe Clements George Coleman Marvin Culpepper Willis Davis Faye Dean J . H. B. Drexlkr W. H. Fargason Biciuiv Hknokrso.n Charles James Mahmn I, mu:m.i: Frank Lamar Oxford 1 Willis Parks Walter Riley Robert Seii.kk William Sewell Henry Shucart Paul Simms W. M. Threlkeli) Allen Watts Phillip Wise Bill Williams t ' ront Row. Left to Right — Clyburn, Sutherland, Snyiler. Third Row — Davis, Moree, Drexler. Fourth Row — Luttrel McClure, Manning. Sixth Row — Byrd and Williams. Sciijiid Ixiiu — Phillips, Rogers, Sibley. , Gammon, Atha. Fifth Row — Durham, NCO CLUB The N. C. 0. Club has as its golden purpose a steady, continuous improvement of the battalion of cadets through the combined work and efforts of all its members. As part of its activities the N. C. 0. Club sponsors and presents social functions for the enjoyment and benefit of its members and to serve as a golden link between its members and the college. Bill Williams, President; James MoClure, Vice-President; James Byrd, Secretary; and Lester Lut- trell, Treasurer. Ruth Sta.ncil, Sponsor Cleveland, Ga. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Dr. H. B. Forrester Advisor Wesley Phillips President (Not Pictured) Mrs. Wesley Phillips Ben Hill, Ga. Sponsor MOTTO: " CHRIST MUST REIGN " ' THE GOLDEN LINK BETWEEN CHURCH AND COLLEGE " Baptist Student Union serves as a golden link between the Baptist activities on the campus and the local church. Students automatically become members of B. S. U. when they join the local church, Sunday School, or Training Union. B. S. U. strives to enrich and broaden the life of the student by its special programs, deputations, socials, study courses, and active mission work. These activities help in furthering the belief that ' " Christ is the answer. " Lester Luttrell First Vice-President Wilma Lee Second Vice-President Doris Allen Secretary Barbara Wenzei. Pianist Joe Man.mnc Treasurer Beth Whitworth Publicity Chairman Ernestine England Paper Editor Lou Woody .S. 5. Rrprcsrntative Cliff Snyder Di ' iuitdiiiiti I hairman WESTMINISTER FELLOWSHIP The purpose of this organization is to promote Christian Fellowship and to teach more clearly the principles and teachings of Christ. The estmin- ster Fellowship meets every Sunday evening when the college is in session. An interesting short program is pre- sented by the students or pastor, and oftentimes the program is in the form of a group discussion. This is generally followed by an informal social at the home of one of the professors. Through this a golden bond is established be- tween the students and the faculty. Front Row, Left to Right — Jimmy Rice, Jackie Franklin, Sue Deyerle, Bill Roans, Ruth Holcomb, Walrott Amason, Pete Henderson. Second Row — Barbara Fischer, Dianne Dickey, Dolores Davis. Third Row — Ruth Westbrook, Duke Shorter, Louise Moorehead, Isobel Balfour. Fourth Row — Bragg and Dr. Huntley. Jimmy Rice President Tom Tidwell Vice-President R. Westbrooks Secretary-Treasurer Bill Roane Program Chairman r Front Row. Left to Right — Edwards, Porter, Sewe )xford, Martin, Simms, Rucker, Whitehead, Scott, aith, Spratlin. Second Row — Mealor, iinah, Hattaway, Mathews, Schumacher, Davis, iwk,| Way, Lanpford. Third Row — Posey, Paiilk, idges. Prof. Yager, , , Matthews. — , King, , Long, Bowen, Rev. Williams, k, Christopher, Vickers, Barber, Woody. Nanci Schumache WESLEY FOUNDATION The Wesley Foundation is the Methodist College student organization. It endeavors to guide the college student along the golden ])ath to (Christ and help give him si)iritual growth along with the mental growth. The Foundation meets each Sunday morning for Sunday School and each Sunday evening for a recreational and social period fol- lowed by a religious program. Pal Mealor Betty e «Jo ScotI James Babb Secretary Leonard Chafin I ' ice-Prcsident Lamar Oxford Mrs. Lamar Oxford. Sr. Prof. Robert Belcher Mervin Hawk President Sponsor Advisor Treasurer Bill Willl-vms Chaplain Jimmy Anthony Josiah Blasincame Don Boggus Grail Brookshire Martin Sibley Jimmy Skrine SIGMA THETA PLEDGES ' ete Henderson Jimmy Paulk Donald Watson Frankie Woodall The Sigma Theta Fraternity is a golden factor in the fraternal and social life of N. G. C. The chapter was founded on this campus by two faculty members in 1934. The Sigma Theta cooperates with the other fraternal and social organizations on the campus to give the annual Pan-Hellenic danre each winter. Other treasures of entertainment which the fraternity sponsors are informal dances, banquets, and picnics for its members and the student body. With its present growth and interest, the Sigma Theta Fraternity can be expected to take longer steps along the golden path of progress in its future activities. REX FRATERNITY The Rex Fraternity is one of the traditional orfi;aiiizalions of North Georgia College. It was organized in 1917 and is the oldest fraternity now on the campus. The golden objectives of the Rex is to promote friendship and brotherhood among its members and the student body. Each quarter several social events are sponsored by the Rex, including trips to the lakes, informal dances, and banquets. Under the capable leadership of Philip Wise, the Rex Fraternity is striving toward obtaining its golden objectives and strengthening its growth and progre ss in the future. Mrs. p. C. Wise Buena Vista, Ga. Sponsor P. R. Wise President Allen Watts First Vice-President James Oakes Second Vice-President George Coleman Secretary-Treasurer James R. Pierce Sergeant -at- Arms Robert Clark Chaplain Ma J. Goodman Faculty Advisor ' ' « ' " « Lamak Oxkukd President Lucy Horton Shannon, Ga. Sponsor Phillip Wise Vice-President Leonard Chafin Secretary-Treasurer INTEHFEATEHNITY COUNCIL Interfraternity Council is made up of three members from each of the fraterni- ties. It is the function of this council to promote the smooth and close harmony between the Rex and Sigma Theta. The council has as its social side one formal a year which is usually given in the inter quarter. The council is ever striving to see that the fraternities give the study body a well-rounded social life. Jim Oakes Member Bill Williams Member Allen Watts Member REC CLUB COUNCIL June Martin, Captain Lou Woody, Co-Captain HIPPOLYTAN Jo Stephens, Co-Captain Carolyn Callaway. Captain MERCUREAN Patricia Power, Treasurer; Laura Brown. Vice-President: Lou Vinton, President; Nancy Schumacher. Secretary; Betsy Paradise, Reporter. Martha Je n Wheeler. Co-Captain Ruth ' impy. Captain PHI OMICRON The Women ' s Recreation Association of North Georgia, better known as the Rec Clul), was founded in 1936 to provide op- portunities and promote interest and par- ticipation in wholesome recreational activ- ities. It also strenfrthens the polden link of pood fellowship and clean sportsmanship among the students. Every girl is given an opportunity to join one of the four teams of which the Clul) is composed: Trahlytans, Mercureans, Hippolytans, and Phi Omicrons. The club is governed by a council consisting of the five officers plus the captains and cocap- tains of the four teams. Not only does the Rec Club hold tournaments in various sports, but also sponsors social hikes, out- ings. Rat Day, Twirp Week, and informal dances, the most popular of which is the Girl-Break dance held each year at the end of Twirp Week. The Winter Formal is co-sponsored with the Intra-Fraternily Council. Point system for teams and indi- viduals are used, and at the end of the year the team which has accumulated the most points is awarded a cup; the indi- viduals are awarded emblems, sweaters, and stars. The Rec Club endeavors in every way to carry out its golden motto: " An activity for every girl — a girl in every activity. " Miss Lillian Johnston. Idilsor Joe Clements. Sponsor Gay Hannah, Captain Alice Quillian, Co-Captain TRAHLYTAN Richard Eaves Sponsor Shore, Hudgins, Glosson, Paradise, Lynch, Christopher, Whitaker. HIPPOLYTANS Short, Woody, New, Douglas, Martin, Sewell, Findley. June Martin Captain Campbell, Fischer, Schumacher, Aiken, Davis, Deyerle, Jenk Lou Woody Co-Captain The Hippolytans, or Hipps as they are called on the N. G. C. campus, golden aim is to promote good fellowship and clean sportsmanship among I he N. G. C. coeds. Allen. ralla a , Sirnliins. Fite. Lee. Jackson, Dickson, Jo Stephens Co-Captain Portc-r. I attiptn. Howarci. Pharr, Gudger Martha Jean Wheeler Co-Captain The Phi Omicrons, or P.O. ' s strive to give earh one of iheir team members a golden op()ortunily to cul- tivate new friends and a sense of fair play through the team sports and tourna- ments carried on during the year. Lansston, Dickey, Swanson Edwards, Moorhead. Jimmy Brasei.ton Sponsor TRAHLYTANS Masson, Lindsey, Hannah, Stocks, Brownlee, Harvill. Power, Faught. Milner, Mathews, Scott, Cook, Brown. Alice Quillian C.o-C,(iplain Gay Hannah Captain The Tralilylans. or Trahs. offer - team mfinbers a treasure of ariivities in iheir cook-outs, tour- iiii merits, team sport?, anr ' social functions. " mm»mmmmmmmi mf ' r ' - ' w« ona SENIOR GIRLS: 5en(P( — Parris, Vandiver. DelMonte, Cook, Chris- topher, Scott. Standing — Frazer, Milner, Jenkins, Wetherington, Mofs, Porter. Sewe ' l, Collier, Stephens, Callaway, Rucker, Jarrard. SOPHOMORE GIRL. : . hure, Massey, Lathem, Tutton, Woody, Tem- ple, Horton, Wimpy, Moorhead, Balfour, Wheeler, Hudgins, Paradise. Hippins, Blackstock, Schumacher, Wells, Fite. King, Dickey, Davis, Franklin, Westhrook, Buice, Parris, Scrofigs, Lindsey. In 1943 the coeds of N.G.C. first organized for the purpose of bringing students and advisors in closer relationships. They in turn collaborate with the advisor for the pur- pose of setting up stand- ards that every student according to her class and academic rating is given privileges in line with her standing. The gold of their desire has been rea- lized in better, happier, and more cooperative liv- ing together. L E W I S H A L mMi ' % JUNIOR GIRLS: Findley, Burel, Jackson, Short, Vinton, Douglas, Honea, Mealor, Mathews, Quillian. Seated — Martin, Power, Hannah, Elliott. FRESHMAN GIRLS: Top to Bo«om— Edwards, Pharr, W hitworth, Spratlin, Mason, Gudger, Aiken, Godhee. Brown, Brownlee, Harvill Grondie, Dick.son, Allen, Logan, Stocks, Swanson, Edwards, Ledford. Peacock, Mull, Fischer, Boyd, New, Wenzel, Deyerle, Howard, Ellis, Seated — Holcomb, Giidfjer, Temple, Donovan, DelMonte, Porter, Bui(e. Head, Freeman, Wells. ( nok. Standing — Honea, Reins, Campbell, Scroj;f:s. Burel, Westhrook, Kueker. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB This year the co-eds of the N.G-C. Home Economics Club were hostesses to the State Home Economics .■ ssociation Meeting. This year for the first time in the history of N.G.C. the annual .State Home Economics Association meeting was held on our campus. The members of our Home Economics club conducted a tour of the gold mines and sponsored a dance, and banquet as sidelights of the meetings. This active departmental organization ofTers its members many golden opportunities to show their skills in home-making through the ir various activities. Annual events of the Home Ec club are the waffle supjier which is given for the new members during the fall of each year; the Christmas party during the winter; and the Fashion Parade in the spring in which the members model the clothes they have made in their sewing classes. Other functions of the club are coffees; teas; and dinners which they give for the students or faculty: attendance by several of their members at Career Day which is held every year in Atlanta as a guide to careers for Home Economists; and Open House at which the members exhibit their skills in art and clothing. The biggest fund raising projects of the Club are the Harvest Festival held in the fall and their baby-sitting jobs which they do for members of the faculty Norma Pouter President Na.ncy Temple Vice-President mi ill Bobbie Kucker Secretary Mrs T. S. Porter Lavonia. Ga. Sponsor Miss Bessie L. Freeman Advisor (JENEHALS Drums — Bailer: Trumpet — Williams, Bridges : Tromlione — Ackers; Saxophone — Clark, McElath; Bass — Sibley; Pianist — Gammon; Soloist — Nickie Jackson. The gold of " The Generals " is their music. They furnish a treasure of entertainment for various social functions at North Georgia College as well as for dances throughout the state. Its members are selected competitively from the stu- dent body, and Nickie Jackson lends her golden voice to their music for extra enjoyment. It is directed by one of its members. " The Generals " offers excellent training for those interested in profssional orchestra training. Mi ,- Shihley Bell 1 homasville. Ga. Sponsor Dr. Dismukes Director Front Row, Lett to Right — King, Buice, Edwards, Howard, Moorhead, Temple, Allen, Peacock, Whitworth. Second Row — Tiitton, Franklyn, Wheeler. Wimpy, HarviU, Honea, Malhews, .Swancon, Edwards, Spratlin, Dismules, Stephens, Hannah. Thinl Row — Bopgus, Posey, Peters, Joiner, Bray, Carpenter, Rodgers, Fargason, Sihley, Blasingame, Tidwell, Chambers, King. Director — Dismules; Pianist — Bouffard. GLEE CLUB Mrs. Bouffard Pianist The North Georgia Glee Chib offers a treasure chest of entertainment to all. Its menibershi|) is composed of reason- ably adept students who are interested in the great choral works which the (»lee Club undertakes each year. The Glee Club ' s programs, including both secular and sacred music, make a definite contribution to the entertain- ment life on the N.G.C. campus, and its numerous trips over the state serve to strengthen the golden chain between our college and the state. I5 KBAin Buck Sponsor Mr. Newton Oakp:? Advisor Lam r Oxford President FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS The Future Business Leaders ' Club of North Georgia College was organized in the Spring of 1949. It was insti- tuted due to the fact that a need was felt by the Junior and Senior students of Business Administration and Secretarial Science for an official organization which would be in a position to present certain aspects of the business world, which existed outside the classroom. It is the aim of the club to undertake to complete a project related to business which would remain in the Business Administration Department for use by future students and others who might profit by its utility. A banquet is also presented for the benefit of club members. The Future Business Leaders ' Club has grown since its beginning in 1949 with a membership of 25, to its present size of some 50 members. Leonard Chahn Vice-President Sue Sewell Secretary George Coleman Treasurer Wii-Lis Davis Reporter |iT» " " 0 ' ' %, ,.iSSPf Wfc. )4 k The golclpn aims of the John (-. Sirmons Chapter of Future Teachers of America are to enable students at N.G.C. who are interested in becoming teachers to more fully understand the professional aspects of teaching, and to develop those qualities of leadership that will result in active participation in professional organizations after graduation. Efforts are made to develop ethical ideals and to enrich the social life of members; to contribute to the develop- ment of all students; and to foster education at the com- munity, state, national, and international levels. Jean Darnell President FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Seated — Morrison, Honea, Larifiston, Darnell, Power. Standing — Wren, Doublas, Christopher. Mil- ner, Findley, Elliott, England, Mrs. Bouffard, C lyburn. W [i ■ Standing — Stipe, Gammon, Wise, Brooks, Forrester, Oliver, Satterfield. Simms. Seated — Phillips, Hodkinson, Lawrence, Culpepper, Manning, Callaway. FOUENSIC SENATE Marvin Lawrence Carolyn Callaway President Clerk-of-Senate (Junior Whip) f Junior W ' hip) The golden prize of the Council is their record. Through the years its members have worked zealously to establish and maintain the r proud record After a period of competitive training by interco legiate debating competition, the Forensic Council enters state and national tournaments. Last year at the All- Southern Debate Tournament at Agnes Scott and at the West Georgia Debate Tournament at West Georgia the affirmative and negative teams won first place as a school entry by the two teams having the best won-Iost record as a school in the tourney. .jiM Oakes Sergeant-at-Arms (Junior) JoHANN Manning (Junior) Good Entertmnment THE K: ENCHANTED ' ' : STRINGS A delightful group of young ladies with an outstanding program. f V ' -V ONE OF AMERICA ' S FIRST North Georgia College converted its Infantry Branch ROTC program to the Branch General program on September 30, 1952. This conversion represents a major change in policy in view of the fact that the Army ROTC program since its inception in 1916 has presented spe- cialized branch instruction for all ROTC students. Adoption of the Branch Gen- eral Instruction as a general policy rep- resents one of the major steps the Department of the Army has taken recently to revitalize its ROTC ()rogram and increase its efTectiveness as a pri- mary source of Officers for both the Regular Army and Army Reserve. The new ROTC program will enable an individual to be commissioned in any branch of the Army Reserve for which he is qualified. A student will pursue a general Military course of instruction at the Institution and upon graduation and subsequent call to Ac- tive duty as a Reserve Officer will attend the Branch Service School in which commissioned. Jess L. Goodman P.M.S T. Maj. Jess L. Goodman Inf., I .M.S. T. MILITARY DEPT. Lt. G. C. WlLHUih Inf. Capt. W. H. Ml rphy Inf. BRANCH-GENERAL ROTC M Sgt. a. K. Grier Assistant Commandant Instructor Lt. W. a. Smith, Jr., Inf. Instructor, M.S.III Lt. Orville R. Hause Commandant of Cadets Sgt. Charles E. Bass Quartermaster Supply Serf eant S.F.C. W. T. Fanning Assistant Instructor S.F.C. J. E. Davidson Quartermaster Administrative Specialist Mrs. ' . Phillips Secretary to P.M.S. T. M, 5oT. u. C. Long Instructor, M.S.I. Battalion MISS BOBBIE Rl CkER Bellton, Georgia Sweetheart Beauty, personality, and natural charm characterize the excellent choice of llic Cadets for their I3ATTALI0N SWEET- HEART. Miss Bobbie Rucker, better known as ' " Bunny, " reigns for the second consecu- tive year. Miss Shirley Howard Gainesville, Georgia Battalion Sponsor William Houk Major Operations Officer Miss Shirley Pharr Thomaston. Georgia Staff Sponsor BATTALION HEADQUARTERS Leonard D. Chafin Lieutenant Colonel Commanding Officer Maj. W. Houk, ta|)t. J. i;. Oakes. Capt. M. E. Patterson. Capl. T. E. Anderson. Isl Lt. M. D. Lawrence. 1st Sgt. E. L, Abererombie, Lt. Col. L. C. Chafin. James R. Oakes Captain Adjutant Marvin E. Patterson Captain Intelligence Officer Thurman E. Anderson Captain Supply Officer COLOR GUARD Sgt. T. Settle, S.F.C. J. Edwaishs. M Sct. T. Davis, Sgt. W. Patterson Robert E. Seiler Captain Assistant Operations Officer Marvin D. Lawrence 2nd Lieutenant Assistant Supply Officer tuvvAKD L. Aberckombie Master Sergeant Battalion Sergeant Major Mrs. W. H. Fargason Decatur, Georgia Sponsor William H. Fargason Captain Band Commander Miss Betsy Paradise Amity, Georgia Company Sweetheart 1st Lt. W. H. Williams, 2nd Lt. H. B. Drekler, 1st Lt. D. W. Clark, 1st Sgt. J. Blasingame, Capt. ' . E. Davis BAND o 2 a CcjoacL, - 1 o o s in ■ rH COMPANY ?f A 95 Mrs. G. E (Coleman Dunwoody, Georgia Sponsor George E. Coleman Captain Company Commander Miss Bahbara IUice Buford. Georgia Company Sweetheart William P. Sewell 1st Lieutenant Executive Officer Robert H. Clark 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader Frank W. Mosley 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader Phillip R. Wise 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader Thomas E. Minnix 75 Sergeant 1st Lt. W. p. Sewell, 2nd Lt. R. H. Clark. 2nd Lt. F. W. Moslev. 2x[) Lt. P. R. Wise, 1st Sgt. T. E. Minnix, Sot. W. H. Rogers. Capt. G. E. Coleman - 1 -i _ V l 1 Cdt. 1st Lt. R. H. CLARK Platoon Leader M Sgt. E. G. HICKSON Platoon Sergeant S.F.C. E. A. KREILICK Platoon Guide 1st Squad : S.F.C. F. E. Hester, Pvts. J. L. Bray, B. F. Daniels, H. S. Kelley, J. G. Purvis, Sgt. L. H. Cook, Sgt. W. J. Martin. 2nd Squad: S.F.C. J. M. Hen- derson, Pvts. J. F. Walsh, R. S. Kempson, L. F. Ayers, F. E. Rol- ston, R. Davis, B. Davis. 3rd Squad: S.F.C. J. E. Skrine, Pvts. J. F. Walker, W. F. Al- mand, E. B. Plunkett, F. D. Woodall, R. D. Coleman, Sgt. W. T. Mullinax. SECOND PLATOON 2nd Lt. F. W. MOSLEY Platoon Leader M Sgt. W. L. PASS Platoon Sergeant S.F.C. J. R. DUNCAN Platoon Guide 1st Squad : S.F.C. J. C. Avery, Pvts. C. P. Joiner, E. J. Banke, W. J. Kendrick, J. A. Knapp, Sgt. J. N. Bohannon. 2nd Squad: S.F.C. B. J. Nich- ols, Pvts. L. F. Sineath, B. N. Whatley, J. McKinley. J. E. Sor- rells, R. H. Overby, Sgt. D. D. Roper. 3rd Squad: S.F.C. C. J. Raley, Pvts. W. C. Sanders, G. S. Brooks, D. B. Dupree. E. D. Gay- ler, T. L. Knight, Sgt. R. E. Waters. I ' s: ' .. ■ THIRD PLATOON 2nd Lt. P. R. WISE Platoon Leader M Sgt. M. L. WILSON Platoon Sergeant S.F.C. J. P. KING Platoon G uide 1st Squad: S.F.C. J. W. Waters. Pvts. .1. W. Stipe, J. H. Green, D. M. Roberts, R. L. Adamson, J. P. Bannister. 2nd Squad: S.F.C. J. D. Bog- Kus, Pvts. J. F. Clowe. J. .S. Dar- nell. W. P. McWhirter. A. L. Coleman. Sgt. G. P. Hill. 3rd Squad: S.F.C. A. J. Mes- sier, Pvts. I. W. Parr, III. R. L. Sparks, I, R. H. Bostwick. II, D. W. Slade. Sgt. C. R. Lang- ston. COMPANY " B 99 Miss Mary Eumce W hite Decatur, Georgia Sponsor Grail L. Brookshire Captain Company Commander Miss Betty Jo Scott Macon, Georgia Company Sweetheart Pall C. Simms 1st Lieutenant Executive Officer Donald F. De n 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader Walter G. Riley 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader Berry H . Henderson 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader James A. McClure 1st Sergeant 1st Lt. p. C.. Simms. 2nd Lt. D. F. Dean. 2nd Lt. W. G. Riley. 2nd I.t. B. H. Henderson, 1st Sgt. J. A. McClure, S.F.C. 0. H. Oliver. Capt. G. L. Brookshire FIRST PLATOON 2nd Lt. D. F. DEAN Platoon Leader M Sgt. S. D. BREEDLOVE Platoon Sergeant S.F.C. L L. LUTTRELL Platoon Guide 1st Squad: S.F.C. J. F. Collins, Pvts. R. H. Alexander, W. L. Arata, P. V. Burrell, C. W. Ak- ridge. Sgt. C. R. Cantrell. 2nd Squad: .S.F.C. F. W. Le- Van, Pvts. J. T. Williams, A. B. Cannon, N. F. Brooks, A. A. Adams, Sgt. L. 0. Webb. 3rd Squad: S.F.C. F. W; Ed- wards. Pvts. C. P. Gibson, G. L. nwmans, E. A. Roche, C. W. I asey. SECOND PLATOON 1st Lt. W. G. RILEY Platoon Leader M Sgt. J. H. HEFNER Platoon Sergeant S.F.C. C. E. ADKINS Platoon Guide 1st Squad: S.F.C. C. E. Chafin, Pvts. E. L. Harbuck, E. S. For- rester, P. E. Johnson, G. G. Grant, Sgt. J. F. Alexander. 2nd Squad: S.F.C. J. K. Gram. Pvts. W. L. Paris, P. Hodkinson. Ill, T. H. Hill, J. P. Moore. 3rd Squad: S.F.C. E. B. Bird, C. B. Johnson, W. R. Smith. Sgt. T. B. Schopfer, C. D. Harper. THIRD PLATOON 2nd Lt. B. H. HENDERSON Platoon Leader M Sgt. J. D. Byrd Platoon Sergeant S.F.C. W. C. WOFFORD Platoon Guide 1st Squad: S.F.C. H. G. Paul Pvts. C. G. Pinson, G. A. Mc Lendon, T. F. Reeves. Sgt. H. G Long. 2ml Squad: S.F.C. C. W. Hens ley. Pvts. G. M. Potter. C. F Barclay, J. N. Crawford, W. C, Randall. 3rd Squad: S.F.C. J. L. Sut ton, Pvts. N. A. Williamson, C. H. Hill, Sgt. T. P. Tidwell. COMPANY " C 99 Miss Margaret Harvill Alto, Georgia Sponsor Lamar T. Oxford Captain Company Commander Miss Bunny Rucker Belton, Georgia Company Sweetheart Luther R. VIhitehead 1st Lieutenant Executive Officer James H. Babb 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader Joe D. Clements 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader William A. Threlkeld 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader Jonah B. Davis 1st Sergeant 1st Lt. L. R. Whitehead, 2nd Lt. J. H. Babb, 2nd Lt. J. D. Clements, 2nd Lt. W. A. Threlkeld, 1st Sgt. J. B. Davis, Sot. D. E. Watson, Capt. L. T. Oxford FIRST PLATOON 2nd Lt. J. H. BABB Platoon Leader M Sgt. A. H. REECE Platoon Sergeant S.F.C. M. C. HAWK Platoon Guide 1st Squad: S.F.C. R. B. Longi- no, Pvts. B. D. Bray, £. H. Ai- red, W. K. Walker, W. C. Dial, B. L. Hardegree, Sgt. R. L. Nor- man. 2nd Squad: S.F.C. J. T. Bent- ley, Pvts. G. E. Thurmond, J. E. Barber, M. N. Todd, D. R. Har- per. .Sgt. D. W. Weems. 3rd Squad: S.F.C. W. E. Kel- ley, Pvts. W. H. White, T. R. Heath, J. R. Jordan, J. L. Way, Sgt. T. V. Jones. SECOND PLATOON 1st Lt. J. D. CLEMENTS Platoon Leader M Sgt. H. H. NICHOLS Platoon Sergeant S.F.C. R. M. JONES Platoon Guide 1st Squad: S.F.C. R. G. Hol- comb, Pvts. J. T. Patterson. C. W. Amason, J. B. Glenn, L. K. Langford, Sgt. W. E. Hodges. 2nd Squad: S.F.C. D. J. Puck- ett, Pvts. J. R. James, R. G. Chambers, M. W. Bridgman, J. R. Gamer, Sgt. J. R. Manning. 3rd Squad: S.F.C. D. J. Logan, Pvts. W. H. Wofford, S. K. Mos- ley, W. L. Mathis, J. S. Rice. W. B. Roane, Sgt. R. D. Peters. THIRD PLATOON ■ - _ V ii ' iitiiT 2nd Lt. W. A. THRELKELD Platoon Leader M Sgt. J. M. HALL Platoon Sergeant S.F.C. R. L. LEVERETT Platoon Guide 1st Squad: S.F.C. H. G. Moore. Pvts. G. H. Elliott. R. M. Bacon, R. S. Lyle, R. J. Short, Sgt. H. V. King. 2nd Squad: S.F.C. H. M. .Stan- ton, Pvts. B. H. Moore, T. 0. Terrell, H. B. Vickers, J. W. Jarrett, Sgt. C. S. Brice. 3rd Squad: S.F.C. E. L. Lewis, Pvts. G. K. Jones, W . E. Clem- ents, R. E. Tate, H. M. Warren, J. E. Prince, Sgt. L. U. Camp- bell. COMPANY " D nrt Thelma C. ' atts Guyton, Georgia Sponsor Allen H. ' atts Captain Company Commander Mary Shearouse Cook Decatur, Georgia Company Sweetheart Yi ' iLLis C. Parks 1st Lieutenant Executive Officer Charles R. James 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader Marvin M. Culpepper 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader Henry G. Shucart 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader 1st Lt. C. R. James. 2nd Lt. M. G. Smith, 2ind Lt. M. M. Culpepper, 2nd Lt. H. G. Shugart, 1st Sgt. W. R. Williams, Sgt. H. L. Bullard, Capt. a. H. Watts FIRST PLATOON 2nd Lt. M. G. SMITH Platoon Leader M Sgt. J. M. WRIGHT Platoon Sergeant S.F.C. G. J. KING Platoon Guide 1st Squad: S.F.C. J. E. Hope, Pvts. G. D. Painter, H. D. Cobb, T. S. Conrade. M. B. Boone, F. M. Matthews, Sgt. T. R. Durham. 2nd Squad: S.F.C. .). C. Huff, Pvts. H. P. Houser, III, H. W. Stone. R. S. Buford, W. J. Chap- man, T. B. Horton. 3rd Squad: S.F.C. B. J. Dove, Pvts. J. P. Martin, J. R. Mat- thews, J. J. Posey, P. M. Owens, Sgt. J. S. Kinney. SECOND PLATOON 1st Lt. M. M. CULPEPPER Platoon Leader M Sgt. J. M. LANGSTON Platoon Sergeant S.F.C. W. W. PHILLIPS Platoon Guide 1st Squad: S.F.C. J. D. Paulk Pvts. W. G. Moran, C. R. Pal mer, J. T. Slade. D. L. Dicker son, Sgt. G. E. Byess. 2nd Squad: S.F.C. O. J. John son, Pvts. J. F. Morrison, R. W Rymer, R. L. Clements, G. R Robertson. P. F. Martin, Sgt. W L. Price. 3rd Squad: S.F.C. L. L. Fore hand. Pvts. D. S. Harridge. D J. McCracken, J. F. Green, D S. Roper, Sgt. D. D. Brown. THIRD F ' LATOON masr 2nd Lt. G. H. SHUGART Platoon Leader M Sgt. T. C. STOCKS Platoon Sergeant S.F.C. J. B. CHAPMAN Platoon Guide 1st Squad: S.F.C. J. P. Wallis. Pvts. W. R. Vanderventer, C. A. Bailey, B. L. Brannen. R. E. Aaron, Sgt. J. M. White. 2nd Squad: S.F.C. O. B. King. Pvts. J. R. Colcord. ,1. C. Simms, t. P. Massey. M. H. Cleghorn. 3rd Squad: S.F.C. R. M. Gud- i!PT. Pvts. J. G. Robertson, E. G. Wright, R. D. Erwin. Sgt. R. C. Moore. FROM REVEILLE TIL RETREAT Ever l)(id roll out U ill " Tweely " pass this ' 1 (ike. arms M ' ' 1. IT UgL- a 1 4 L - - lyj -- -■w- mMM - ■ ■ jj ' Ji 1 r Ki m « ' MiKu. ' 1 I Km JHRI iiillEWtWi.Wf.; - ' ■! ■f.-f«a ' iaW Leadership, drill, and exercise Another day is over LET ' S WATCH A PARADE ■ " »!!? ( I ' mini ' iliiK II l ir 1 iiiiil r.i-. SUMMER CAMP-FT. B E N N IN G - 1 9 5 2 JT ' e ate . . . We learned . We played. CAMP SCENES Ft. Benninof, Georgia Hawk choU ' S down Bull session Before infiltration course Who does this look like? Mn:l.,dl •afi.- Sfers day hi Lewis Hall 1 g mm ■■MlUa On the field they go. It is the final parade of the year for the cadets. A tear here and there, a heavy heart among many, and the parade pets under way. The coeds are on the sidelines, and a feminine heart heats just a little liit faster as that certain radet comes for- ward at Officers Center. Yes, it is the close of four years of hard work, the parting of a school with a group of students that loved it so much. Just four short years ago they were a hunch of " raw " kids just out of hich school. Many minds wander back to the final parade some think of their company . . . some dream of days to come, hut most of them shed a tear because of all the friends that they are leaving. _ The martial strains of the band music are heard for the last time. The companies begin to jiass in review . . . llic Wear voice of the company commander shouting " Eyes Right " . . . the flash of a saber in the sunshine ... the last notes of " Our Director " dying away. The vear 19.53 comes to a c the final parade has ended, as we walk through (he gate into the future. Meet me at ... . GRIFFIN ' S for Sandwiches - Sodas - School Supplies Toiletries - Tobaccos and A Friendly Game of Pool A Hearty Welcome Awaits You " Where the best is always sold " R. A. Griffin, Jr., Proprietor Compliments of the Students FAVORITE HANGOUT THE NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE STUDENT EXCHANGE " THE CANTEEN " An Excellent Staff The Center of The Campus Supplies for Your Every Need Jack Roberts, Manager Dahlonega Georgia DRUGS SODAS SUNDRIES DAHLONEGA PHARMACY " Just As Your Doctor Ordered " Phone 150 SEALTEST ICE CREAM — YOUR WALGREEN AGENCY On the Square Dahlonega Georgia ATLANTA MOTOR LINES, INC. Fast, Dependable Motor Freight Service MAKE SAFETY A HABIT 1268 Caroline Street, N. E. ATLANTA. GEORGIA Compliments of HULSEY ' S GEO. P. ESTES CO. " THE READY-TO-WEAR STORE " Since 1888 Phone 316 Gainesville Georgia Gainesville Georgia UNDERWOOD, STANDARD, and PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS FOR SALE OR RENT Cash or Terms GEORGIA OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. Gainesville Georgia 111 North Bradford St. Phone 1196 W. HOYT LEDFORD Jeweler Gainesville Georgia Atlanta GEORGE MOORE ICE CREAM COMPANY, INC. 54-56 Alabama St., S. W. Georgia COURTENAY CO. JEWELERS Diamonds — Watches — China Glassware Gainesville Georgia Compliments of a Friend t4 0teat J am lu Clothing -SUITS THE SOUTH ' ' Tasty Tender Skinless fiifiNKFma Wholesome Country-Style SAWNEE PROVISION CO. Cumming, Ga. J TRY .... CRANE CLEANERS for Economy and Expert Workmanship Dahlonega Georgia «(ISt. : It II TERMINAL SERVICE 11 im W TERMINAL SERVICE STATION INDEPENDENT GASOLINE — YOUR CHOICE OF OILS Phone 9114 24-Hour Service Thomasville Georgia Lipscomb Drug Store Everything a Good Drug Store Carries ' On the Square " Dahlonega Georgia ROBERT M. MOORE DALE ELECTRIC CO. A COMPLETE LINE OF Engineering and Contracting GENERAL MERCHANDISE -k Friend of All North Georgia Students Telephone 2161 Dahlonega Georgia Gainesville Georgia Courtesy - Efficiency - Dependable Service • BEST WISHES The from Bank of Dahlonega CHICOPEE " A Bank You Can Bank On " • MANUFACTURING CORP. MEMBER F.D.I.C. OF GEORGIA Dahlonega Georgia Chicopee Georgia When in Dahlonega . . . Visit THE SMITH HOUSE " Where the Rooms are as Nice as the Meals are Good " W. B. Fry, Owner Compliments AECK ASSOCIATES ARCHITECTS Atlanta Georgia .SU ' Mt » ' . 7 VcOc TftM VcdcUL ( . Equal to the South ' s Best Barbecue Compliments DAVIS-WASHINGTON of COMPANY J. D. JEWELL, INC. Everything for Building Gainesville Phone 196 Georgl Gainesville Georgia Your orders will be filled completely and receive special In road building, attention from or defense work. DIXIE WHOLESALE CO. you can count on big yellow tractors THE WHOLESALE FANCY GROCERS by " Caterpillar " OF ATLANTA -k 980 MARIETTA ST., S. W. YANCEY BROS. CO. Phone ELgin 1002 1540 Northside Dr., N. W. • Atlanta Atlanta Georgia 1781 Fifteenth St. • Augusta «r r . Compliments rftcuHi eMA of _ LUMBER CO. m Towson Insurance Agency Building Supplies Dahlonega Georgia 1 1 1 25 South Main Street Phone 602 Carolina Lumber Supply Co. Lumber, Oak Flooring, and All Builders ' Supplies Aluminum and Galvanized Steel Roofing Hog and Cattle Wire Atlanta Georgia TANKERLEY ' S LUNCH Students Welcome 224 South Main Street Gainesville Georgia MOOSE BARBER SHOP On the Square Dahlonega Georgia Compliments of Citizens Bank Gainesville National First National Bank Gainesville Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Georgia Compliments of ' World ' s Largest Pest Control Company " Call 2032 124 N. Main Street Gainesville, Ga. Jimmie Haynes Motors Chrysler — Plymouth 318 E. Broad Street Gainesville Georgia The Cake Box Bakery Evervlhing in Bakery Goods Visit Our Coffee Bar Gainesville Georgia PAUL TURNER LIFE INSURANCE ESTATE ANALYSIS Gainesville Georgia Expert Tailoring Mrs. H. F. Robinson Over the N. Ga. Shoe Shop Dahlonega Georgia Compliments of C. M. HARRISON Sinclair Products - Recapping GAINESVILLE GEORGIA Compliments of HAWKINS PLUMBING COMPANY 307 Northside Drive Gainesville Phone 2211 Georgia J. H. PHILLIPS GROCERY Dahlonega Georgia CITY ICE COMPANY 401 S. Main Street Gainesville Georgia HARRY F. DOBBS, INC. Food Service Equipment for SCHOOLS— COLLEGES 240 Ivy Street, N. E. Atlanta Georgia BARRON ' S SHOE SHOP Bring Us Your Shoes for Repair Gainesville Georgia Compliments of GEM JEWELRY CO. " Where Satisfaction Costs So Little " INTERNATIONAL SILVER KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS Nationally Advertised Watche s Gainesville Toccoa Gumming RONALD ' S DISTINGTIVE WOMEN ' S WEAR Phone 1570 Gainesville Georgia PETTiBONE BROTHERS MANUFACTURING COMPANY The Best in Army Clothing Cincinnati Ohio FRIERSON-McEVER CO. DUCKETT ' S ARMY STORE, INC. For A 11 Your Exclusive Mens Clothing Military Supplies 90 Alabama Street, S. W. Gainesville Georgia Atlanta Georgia Compliments of ELI WITT CIGAR CANDY COMPANY Smoke Hav-a-Tampa Georgia the Students prefer - - AUNT BETTY ' S BREAD AND CAKES SMALL BAKERY Georgia Compliments of H. R. WOODY ' S Barber Shop Georgia THE UNIFORM EXCHANGE of NORTH fiEORGIA OnUEGE offers you finest quality uniforms at wholesale prices LOCATED IN THE ARMORY NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE ROOK STORE Books, Paper, and Accessories Complete school supplies for the student BEST WISHES from LEDFORD ' S PHARMACY " This Is Your Store — We Conduct It " DRUG AND FOUNTAIN SERVICE Phone 42 Gainesville Georgia ROSE ' S 5 10 WALL JEWELERS, INC. " Gainesville ' s Friendliest " SILVER WATCHES— DIAMONDS Gainesville Commerce Gainesville Georgia Georgia WEST DRY CLEANERS Compliments of QUALITY DRY CLEANING THE BOOK SHOP AND LAUNDRY Professional A Itering Gainesville Georgia Pick-up and Delivery Dahlonega Georgia GALLANT-BELK CO GAINESVILLE ' S LARGEST and BEST DEPARTMENT STORE Gainesville Georgia Gainesville WHITE MUSIC COMPANY RECORDS — SHEET MUSIC Welcome to Students GE AND HOT POINT APPLIANCES Georgia Dahlonega Compliments of HOLLY THEATRE GOOD PICTURES Reasonable Prices N.B.C. Students Always Welcome Georgia FINE PHOTOGRAPHY We take pride in presenting our portraits and photographs in this, the 1953 Cyclops. Specialists in College and School Ph otography LOUDERMILK STUDIO Strand Theatre Building Marietta, Ga. .i ' igfi ??Sfc«r ?:S-.feafex? :: ,.-a52. iii.ce wn a WE HAVE SPECIALIZED IN THE PRODUCTION OF OUTSTANDING COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOKS mm F DO T E D AVI E S, I N G PHONE WALNUT 4600 POST OFFICE BOX 5109 A TLA NT A p.LOi, U 428 .N6 C9 J 953 North Georgia College, Cyclops I3J0I2

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