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Text from Pages 1 - 178 of the 1952 volume:

f-VKrC, NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE jj REF U 428 C9 1952 " " - V FOR REFERENCE Do Not Take From This Room -,. 1 -r- . r ,4 2 NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE Dahlonega, Georgia Ljeoraia 6 i l edi [- oint Jii this forty-sixth edition of the CYCLOPS, we have tried to depict for yoii the everyday life and activities of this year at North Georgia College. We want it to be a book for you to enjoy not only now, but also for many years to come; a Ixiok that will bring back many cherished memories as you scan its pages in later life. Sp.Col. U 428 .N6 C9 J 952 North Georgia College, Cyclops 28317 1952 CYCLOPS To Dean John C Sirmons . . . because he is never too busy to talk. n itli us, never impatient at our sliortconiings, always interested, always sympathetic and encouraeing, and because his fine scholarship and hieh ideals are a constant in- spiration to us, we respectfully and affectionately dedicate the 1952 CYCLOPS. ADMINISTRATION A Message from the President Evidence is iiiouiitiiig to support tlie feeling that graduates of your college are enjoying an increasingly high degree of success in their endeavors, in military service, graduate scliools. the professions, and in business and community life. The faculty and administration are proud of the part they have played in contributing toward their and your success. It is our hope that you who are now approaching the completion of your training at North Georgia College will cause the desired objectives to be on a CDustantly higher ])lanp. ?- Miss Grace Conner. Secretary to the President. jilLs her importnnt job with skill and jioise. Miss " A. D. " - guide and Irii-nd la nil! Mr. Will D. Young, an understaiidiiig and (|iialified leader, serves capably as Dean. Miss Alice Donovan uses her position as Dean of Women to inspire and guide the young ladies of N.G.C. Dean Emeritus John C. Sirmons has been serving North Georgia for many years in various capacities. At present he is a professor of Language and Philosophy. Major J. A. Luttrell. the P.M.S.ilT. of N.G.C. is known for his understanding and sincerity. He is devoted to the school and students. Lt. Orvil R. Hause. Commandant of Cadets, is the little man with the big job. His first love is his work, especially in the P.E. Department. Lt. Ilmise pauses in one oj his jew spare moments. The amiable Dean Sir oil ' ' V i). ' ! " ' ' " ;:;! Liiiirii ' - Mr. II iriit ( lear up a difficult probL Mr. Marion C. Wicht. head of tlie Math Department, is an expert in teaching delinquent students the great benefits to be gained from learning Mathematics. Mr. Lambuth R. Tows on keeps upperclassmen busy with College Algebra and Trig. Mr. Evvell Pigg. professor of Physics, is truiv known the World o er. He is an ardent follower of Ham Radio. Mr. John Carpenter patiently and wisely converts the freshman and makes him realize that Math 105 isn ' t so bad after all. Most students find the study of Physics very dynamic under the guidance of Mr. Charles Yager, head of the tiepartment. . popular newcomer to N.G.C. — Mr. Carpenter. lr. Pigg, known ,i-. II IKi.l) .. it,,- hinii h„iI,I. Dr. Forester ' s rasi l:ii(iii ' leil!;e inahes his lectures intereslin Dr. Simms an anal sis. Miss Freeman expotinils her saiind theories of Home Erormmir Mr. Belcher runs an experiment. Tlu- study of Biology becomes thiiaiiiic and inspirational under tlie department head, Dr. Harry B. Forester. Mr. John Durham Anlliotu. professor of Biology for many years, is characterized by his wit and wisdom. Mr. Ben W. Sanders ' Biology classes are a constant delight, although his exams terrorize his students. Dr. John C. Simms. head of the Chemistry Department, makes the study of Chem- istry an exciting adventure. An outstanding home economist. Miss Bessie Lee Freeman heads the Home Eco- nomics Department with efficiency and capability. Mr. Robert Belcher introduces Chemistry to many frightened freshmen. I r. Fred W. Calvert is well qualified for his professorship of Economics through his vast travels. His personal ex]jeriences provide a welcomed lireak from the routine of ordinarv lectures. Mr. Newton Oakes. an expert in the field of Business Administration, heads his department with loyalty and dignity. Dr. T. Conn Bryan, an eminent hislorian. enlightens his classes with his vast knowledge and eftervescent personalit . Mr. Lorimer B. Freeman is an excellent instructor in the Department o{ Business Administration. Mr. Tommv Satterfield has manv assets; he is friendly, enthusiastic, an alwavs willing to lend a hel]iing hand. I . Sutler jiel, I nni .s l : thr hrllerment oi his stuilents. Versatility describes the head of the Department of Modern Lan- guages. Dr. Caniillus J. Disnuikes. Mr. W. Desmond Booth, composer of the school Alma Mater along with being a professor in the English Department, is a man of many talents. Dr. C. C. Chadbourn serves as advisor for the Bugler in afldition to his duties in the English department. Dr. S. M. Huntley, an authority in the fields of Language and History, provides interesting classes through his first-hand knowledge gained through his studies abroad. Mr. W. P. Roberts combines knowledge and personality to make history more interesting. Dr. G. H. Engerrand. a native of Belgium, teaches Spanish and French in a capai)le and friendiv manner. Dr. Dorothy Brown is devoted to student activities. Humanity classes shine with new brilliance from her able instructions. Dr. Huntley and Mr. Roberts discuss history. Dr. Oi.sniukes in his traditional pose. Mrs. J. C. Sirmons ' friendly dis] ositi()ii is an inspiration to all who come in contact with her in the English Department. Mrs. Marian Bouffard never ceases to amaze her students with her keen insight and understanding; of Psvcholoev. Education, and Music. Dr. Orby Southard is an invaluable aid in the teacher-education program and is well-known for his excellent leadership as head of the Department of Education. ■ " Calm, cool and collected " are the words which characterize Miss Mar Hood. Assistant Librarian. Mrs. Susie Harris does her best to provide an atmosphere conducive to studv in the librarv at all times. f m H 1 H 1 h V, 1 1 1 1% d R ' " M C ir V ' 9 f " 3 B sm J l ■ H Mrs. Bouffartl at her iavurile paslime. Miss Hoiiil is aliiu s niiili In ii ' .sist in libniry researrh. ( im genial Ur Southard pJis sluilenl ri ' iorils Efficiency is the In-nurd ai lis. Harris. «► .« ■ i 1 Mr. II illiams ihik h. icieree. hienil. Miss Johnsliin — an energetic worker. Dr. Sirmons makes his morninf; ro .Mr. HnssrII si: IK ' S Un prilrn,,,,, in alhlrti. Mr. Roger Williams, head of Physical Education De]iartiiicnt. has as his goal better and cleaner intramural athletics. Mr. Jack Russell works toward successful intercollegiate activities through his coaching of the varsitv squads. Miss Lillian Jdhnslnii teaches the co-eds the fuiidamciitals id the arious sports. Dr. D. C. Sirmons, the college physician, has proved to be invaluable in his constant and untiring efforts to maintain good health on our campus. Mrs. Sara M. Wright. R.N.. known as " Aunt Sara. " is friendl . cheerful and is always on the joli in the iiifirniary. Aunl Sara " makes irighteneil freshmen mure jrighlened. I ;. (,ilbert is financial adiiiur of ihe C CLOI ' S. Mr. O ' Kelley keeps the college plant in order. Mr. H. H. Gilbert Jr.. Comptroller, holds a ital position in the financial operation of our college. Mr. Robert () " Kelley is constanth on the go seeing to the aHairs of the college plant. The willingness to patienth devote endless hours of time to student problems, and the acceptance of dut with thor- oughness and fairness are the indispensable qualities found in N.G.C. s Director of Guidance. Mr. C. E. Stevenson. Mrs. Ella Rav Oakes adds dignity and grace to her position as Registrar. Mrs. Lucy Doster and Mrs. Estelle Raiford combine their talents to ])rovide tasty and nourishing meals. Mr. Stevenson is never too busy to iliscnss student problems. Mrs. Oalies keejts student records in orde Mrs. Doster and Mrs. Railord plan our last Biisine. ' is in the business of Mr. and Mrs. Phillips. r H K-MII ' Kf 1)1 Mrs. Copeland and Mrs. Burger are ver efficient. Mr. J. W. Phillips is aided in his ini|Jortaiit job as Business Manager by his efficient wife and secretary. Mrs. Catherine Phillips. Mrs. Joe Copeland and Mrs. Mary Sue Burger are efficient secretaries in the Business Office. Miss Mattie Craig, granddaughter of William Price, founder of N.G.C.. has spent her entire life aiding the stu- dents of her A!ma Mater. Miss Estelle David and Miss Louii-e Hitch are secretaries in the Registrar ' s Cffice. ' ■ ' Mrs. Alice Robinson, secretary t o Mr. Gilbert, and Miss Peggy Henderson, secretary to Mr. OKellcv are newcomers to our college Administration Staff. Mr. Jack Roberts is the capable manager of the student canteen. Mr. L. B. Sprinkle makes his nighth rounds over the col- lege campus as nightwatchman. ' No jiicture. 1 iss " Mattie " keeps school spirit at a higli level, lissi ' s Diind and Hitch are aides to registrar. If hat would ne do uilhoiil .lai I.. ' If eather is no barrier to our Mr. Sorinkle ■ ? 1. Science Ha 2. Stewart Library 3. Home Economics Building 4. Business Administration Building 5. Military Building 6. Alumni Hall (Gymnasium) 7. Auditorium and Dining Hall tm p- - I ' KOPOSID MLNS DORMUORY — (-cn rrroo n a }c Cos U ng. con a 7- ' W 68 J i cfcr? room J. o r crcc cc n 9 2 Jpcat on u c on Ac noun- o n J c c approi mo r u o olifc ■ JarncJ a ' ' 1. Barnes Hall 2. Sanford Hall 3. Barracks 4. Band House 5. Lewis Hall 6. Infirmary 7. Proposed Men ' s Dormitory ' - effi,-: CLASSES ,LNS DOHMIIORY c toj 66 70. con a . f ? roomJ. o %r crcc a rat on u c on c moi n- JiMMI SENIOR CLASS James H. Stephens President Charles Bartlett Vice President Robert Duncan Secretary Frank Findley Treasurer Am TT. " ■ ' ,. Mrs. J. H. Stephens Mr. Ben W. Sanders Avondale, Georgia Advisor Sponsor 18 ROYCE CHARLES BARTLETT, " Charlie, " " Fort Valley. Georgia. Bachelor of .Science, Business Administration. Distinguished Military Student, Varsity Basketball Team. Dean " s List. Member Business Administration Club. Offi- cers Club. Letterman ' s Club, CYCLOPS Staff. 2n,l Lt. Co. -D. ' " AKTHLR MARRIOTT BENNETT, JR., " Arturo, " " Conyers, Georgia. Bachelor of Science. Business .Administration. Member Glee Club, Sigma Theta Fraternity, NCO Club, YMCA. BSU, Pan-Hellenic Council. CYCLOPS Staff. Bn. Sgt. Major. WARREN LAMAR BOOZER. Atlanta. Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Business Administration. Dean ' s List. Distin- guished Military Student. Member Officers Club. Future Business Leaders Club. 2nd Lt.. Co. " A. " MAX DURELL BRILEY. Martin. Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Physics and Mathematics. Member Physics Club. Radio Club. NCO Clul). SFC. Co. " C. " " ROBERT STILL BRISENDINE. -Bris. " " Conyers. Georgia. Bachelor of .Science, Phy.sical Education. Member Y AIC.A, Cheerleaders, PE Club, Westminster Fellowship. Glee Club, NCO Club. Cpl.. Co. " A. " " GEORGE WILLIAM BROOKSHIRE, -Bill, " " Madison, Georgia. Bachelor of .Science, Physical Education. Deans List. Member Sigma Theta Fraternity, Cadet Bugler, Dramatics Club, PE Club, NCO Club, Forensic Senate. M Sgt., Co. " A. " ' JERRY LEWIS BURT, •Jago. " " Dahlonega. Georgia. Bach- elor of Science. Business Administration. Dean " s List. Varsity Basketball Team. Member NCO Club. Future Business Leaders Club, Varsity Letterman ' s Club. Sgt.. Co. " B. " ELLA FA YE BYERS. Dahlonega. Georgia. Bachelor of Science. Elementary Education. g . 0m Til JOHN CARTER CANNON, Dahlonega. Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Etlucation. HELEN ELOLSE CAR CHAEL, " Hoagy, " Marietta, Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Biology and Chemistry. Member Rec Club, Cadet Bugler, Dramatics Club, Science Club. CLYDE LAMAR CHAPMAN. ' Ludowici, " Ludowici. Geor- gia. Bachelor of Science. Physical Education. Member Sigma Theta Fraternity, PE Club, Future Teachers Club. Sgt., Color Guard. WILLIAM OSBORNE CHRISTOPHER. " Chris. " " Douglas, Georgia. Bachelor of Science. Physical Education. Honor Platoon. Member PE Club. YMCA, Rex Fraternity, NCO Qub. Sgl.. Co. " " C. " " CAROLYN ELIZABETH CLAY, DeSoto, Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Biology. Whos Who in American Universities and Colleges, Dean ' s List, Miss NGC 1952. Member YWCA, CYCLOPS Staflf, Science Club. BSl. WALTER RAY COOPER, Gainesville, Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Physics. Member Letterman ' s Club. M Sgt., Color Guard. ELDER THOMAS CRAWFORD. " Tommy. " " Blakely, Geor- gia. Bachelor of Science, Business .Administration. Mem- ber Sigma Theta Fraternity, Future Business Leaders Club, NCO Club, Forensic Senate. SFC, StafT. WILLIAM CALVIN CULPEPPER, " Bill, " Toccoa, Georgia. Bachelor of .Science, Physics. Member Physics Club. Cpl., Band. WILLIAM WHEELER DAVIDSON, JR., Lithonia, Georgia. Rachelor of Science, Physical Education. Varsity Baseball Team. Member PE Club. Letterman ' s Club, NCO Club. SFC. Co. " B. " CLIFFORD ARLIE DAVIS, - ' Cliff, " Cairo. Georgia. Bach- elor of Science, Business Administration. Dean ' s List. Distinguished Military Student, Who ' s Who in .American Universities and Colleges. Member Forensic Senate. Fu- ture Business Leaders Club, CYCLOPS Staff. Officers Club. NCO Club. Capt., Co. " C. " GliERRY D. DAVIS, JR., " Rip, " Buford, Georgia. Bach- elor of Science, Physical Education. Dean ' s List. Member Future Teachers Club. NCO Club, Glee Club, YMCA, Rex Fraternity. Sgt., Co. " A. " DOROTHY ALICE DeJARNETTE. -Dot. " Macon, Georgia. Bachelor of Arts. English. Dean ' s List. Member Cadet Bugler. Future Teacbers Club. Dramatics Club, Glee Club. YWCA. MARVIN BLAINE DOSTER. -Squirrel. " Athens. Georgia. Bachelor of Science. Physical Education. Distinguished Military Student, Best Drilled Cadet, 1949. Member Rex Fraternity, PE Club. NCO Club. Officers Club. Cap!.. Staff. ROBERT W. DUNCAN. " Dunk. " Griffin, Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Business Administration. Distinguished Mili- tary Student. Member Pan-Hellenic Council, Rex Fra- ternity, CYCLOPS Staff, Officers Club. Future Business Leaders Club. NCO Club. Capt.. PMS T Staff. RICHARD HOLDEN EAVES, " D.D.. " Elberton, Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Business Administration. Member Sigma Theta Fraternity, NCO Club, Future Business Leaders Club. M Sgt.. Band. HIRAM FRANKLIN FINDLEY. Doraville. Georgia. Bach- elor of Science, Business . ' Vdministration. Dean ' s List. Member CYCLOPS Staff. Future Business Leaders Club, NCO Club. Sgt., Co. " D. " ALLAN T. FOKI), Ty Ty, Georgia. Bachelor of tK. His- tory. Dean ' s List, Distinguished Military Student, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. Meniher YMCA, NCO Club, Officers Club, CYCLOPS Staff. Cadet Bugler Staff. Lt. Col.. Staff. THOMAS O. FOWLER. Woodstock. Ge Science, Physical Education. :ia. Bachelor of lAMES CLEVELAND GRAVITT, " Jimmy, " Acworth, Geor- gia. Bachelor of Science, Physics and Mathematics. Dean ' s List. Member Rifle Team, Physics Club, Radio Club. Capt., Staff. ACK LEWIS GREENE, " Curley, " Ball Ground, Georgia. Bachelor of Science. Chemistry and Physics. Member (Chemistry Club, Science Club, NCO Club, Physics Club, Kifle Team. Gym Team. .Sgt.. .Staff. KALPH JAMES GRIFFIS, Cecil, Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Biology. Dean ' s List, Honor Platoon. Member Science Club, NCO Club, Rifle Team. Chemistry Club, YMCA. Sgt.. Co. " D. " ALBERT EDWARD HALL, Young Harris, Georgia. Bach- elor of Science. Business Administration. HENRY RICHMOND HALL. JR.. -H.R., " Hahira, Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Business Administration. Distin- guished Military Student. Member Glee Club. Varsity Kifle Team. Letterman ' s Club, NCO Club, Officers Club, Wesley Foundation. CYCLOPS Staff, Future Business Leaders Club. 2nd Lt.. Band. RUBY HALL. Young Harris. Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Klementarv Education. HOBBY JACK HARRIS. - ' BJ.. " Tbomaston. Georgia. Bach- elor of Science, Business Administration. Distinguished Military Student. Member NCO Club, Officers Club. Rex Fraternity, Glee Club. Future Business Leaders Club, CYCLOPS Staff. Major. Staff. JOHN T. HATTEN. Dahlonega. Georgia. Bachelor of Sci- ence, Secondary Education. Member Glee ( lub. Future Teachers Club, BSD. MAK,Jt)RIE W. HATTEN. Dahlonega. Georgia. Bachelor of ifjice. Elenientarj Education. Member Future Teach- er, Club. B,Sli. Glee Dab. ROBERT EDWI.N HEWELL. -Bobby. " Elberton. Georgia. Bachelor of f ' cit ' nce. Business Administration. Distin- guished Military Student. D ' an ' s List. Member Sigma Theta Fraternity. Pen-Hiellenic Council. Future Business Leaders Club. NCO Club, Office) Club. 2n,l Lt.. Co. " C.- ATNTTA MODGT.S. Dahlonega. Georgia. Special Student. iroHN WALTEK HODGES, Dahlonega, Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Business Administration. Dean ' s List. Member Future Business Leaders Club. VICTOR HOBBS HUTCHISON, -Vic, " Columbus, Georgia. Bachelor of Science. Biology. Whos Who in American I ' niyersities and Colleges. Distinguished Military Student. Editor 19.S1 CYCLOPS, Dean ' s List. Member Bugler Staff. Science Club, Chemistry Club. Officers Club. Pan-Hellenic Council, Sigma Theta Fraternity, NCO Club. YMCA, CYCLOPS Staff, BSU. Major. Band. HAROLD RICHARD JOHNSON. ' Tripod. " Decatur. Geor- gia. Bachelor of Science. Chemistry. Member Chemistry Club, Physics Club. Officers Club. ' NCO Club. YMCA. Generals. Camera Club. Tennis and Rifle Teams. 1st Ll.. Band. ROBERT F. JONES. " Bud. " Tallapoosa. Georgia. Bachelor of Science. Biology. Member Science Club. NCO Club. Varsity Basketball. SFC. Co. " B. " TUNIS POWELL LANG, JR.. " T.P.. " Sandersville, Georgia. Bachelor of Science. Physics and Mathematics. Dean ' s List, Distinguished Military Student. Who ' s Who in American Lniversities and Colleges. Member Physics Club, Radio Club, Dramatics Club, Wesley Foundation, Sigma Theta Fraternity, NCO Club, Officers Club, Senior Scouts, YMCA, Cadet Bugler Staff. 2nd Lt., Co. " C. " WILLIAM JAMES LIVSEY, " Lipp, " Clarkston. Georgia. Bachelor of .Science. Physical Education. Distinguished Military Student, Dean ' s List, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges. Member Rex Fraternity. PE Club, Science Club. Letterman ' s Club. Officers Club. NCO Club. Capt., Co. " A. " DONALD L. LONG, of Arts. History. Don, " Dablonega, Georgia. Bachelor GRAHAM PHELAN LOWE. JR.. " Buster. " Fort Valley. Georgia. Bachelor of Science. Physical Education. Varsity Basketball Team. Dean ' s List. Member PE Club. Letter- man ' s Club. NCO Club, Rex Fraternity, Pan-Hellenic Council. Sgt.. Band. WARNER DAVID McCLURE. " Mac. " Acworth. Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Biology. Distinguished Military Stu- dent. Dean ' s List. Member Officers Club. NCO Club, .Science Club. Major. .Staff. ALLEN AUSTIN McLEAN, McRae, Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Physical Education. Member NCO Club. PE Club. Sgt., Co. " B. " GEORGE EUGENE MacDONALD. " Mac. " Thomaston. Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Business Administration. Member YMCA, Future Business Leaders Club, NCO Club. CYCLOPS Staff. Sgt., Band. ELDON LEROY MANSFIELD, JR., Albany, Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Physical Education. Distinguished Military Student. Member NCO Club, Officers Club. Varsity Letterman " s Club, Varsity Basketball Team, PE Club. 2nd Lt., Co. " C " JAMES H. MATTHEWS, " Hoss,- Perry, Georgia. Bachelor of Science. Physical Education. SUE JANE MEALOR, Commerce, Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Secretarial Science, Member Rec Club, Future Business Leaders Club, YWCA, Wesley Foundation. WALTER EUGENE MEEK.S. -Bulldog. " Alto, Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Physical Education. Member NCO Club, PE Club, Future Teachers Club, YMCA, CYCLOPS Staff. M, Sat.. Staff. JACK W. MILLER. Plainville. Georgia. Bachelor of Scii Education. JAMES E. MOORE, " Jimmy, " Buena Vista, Georgia. Bach- elor of Science, Physical Education. Member Letterman ' s Club, PE Qub, NCO Club. Bugler Staff, Varsity Basket- ball Team. Sgt., Co. " A. " WILLIAM EARL MUNDY, -Bill, " Cohiuitt. Georgia. Bach- elor of Science, Physical Education, Distinguished Mili- tary Student, Who ' s Who in . merican Universities and Colleges, Honor Platoon. Member Officers Club. NCO Club, Rex Fraternity, PE Clul), Camera Club, Pan- Hellenic Council, Capt.. Co. " B. " WILLIAM HENRY PAQUIN, " Bill, " Augusta, Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Education. Member Officers Club. Bn. Chaplain. ROBERT L. PEACOCK, Ashburn, Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Chemistry. Distinguished Military Student, Dean ' s List. Member Chemistry Club, NCO Club, Officers Club. 2nd Lt., Co. " A. " WILLIAM S. PERRIN, ' -Bill, " Clarkston, Georgia. Bach- elor of Science, Physical Education. Distinguished Mili- tary Student, Honor Platoon. Member Officers Club. NCO Club, PE Club, Science Club, CYCLOPS Staff. Varsity Rifle Team. 2nd Lt., Co. " B. " JERRILYN JOYCE PICKENS, " Pick, " ' Lilburn, Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Secretarial Science. Member Rec Club, Future Business Leaders Club, YWCA, BSU. JAMES HARRY PIERCE, " Jimmy, " Chamblee. Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Business Administration. Member Rex Fraternity, Future Business Leaders Club, Generals, Forensic Senate, NCO Club, YMCA. M Sgt.. Drum Major, Band. WILLIAM TURNER POOR, " Bill, " Woodstock, Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Biology. Honor Platoon. Member Science Club. NCO Club, YMCA. SEC, Co. " B. " CHARLES C. PRITCHETT. " General. " Alto, Ceoritia. Bachelor of Science, Business Administration. Distin- guished Military Student. Member Future Business Lead- ers Club, NCO Club. Officers Club. 2nd Lt.. Co. -A. " CHARLES THOMAS RUARK, " Rookie, " Bostwick, Geor- gia. Bachelor of .Science, Business Administration. Mem- ber Rex Fraternity, NCO Club, Future Business Leaders Club. Sgt., Co. " A. " GILBERT WYLAND PAVLOVSKY, " Paylo, " Norfolk, Vir- ginia. Bachelor of Science. Business Administration. Distinguished Military Student. Band MedaL Member NCO Club, Officers Club, YMCA. Major. Band. PAUL GARLAND SEALS, ' P.C. " Soperton, Georgia. Bachelor of Arts, History. Distinguished Military Student. Dean ' s List. Member Rex Fraternity, Forensic .Senate, NCO Club. Officers Cluli. 2n(l Lt.. Co. " A. " JOH.M HARRIS SHUGART, " Shug, " Calhoun, Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Physical Education. Honor Platoon. .Member Rex Fraternity. Gym Team. NCO Club. PE Club. Sgt.. Co. " A. " DAVID PATRICK SIMS, " Bogie, " Stathem, Georgia. Bach- elor of Science. Physical Education. Member PE Club, NCO Club. Letterman ' s Club. YMCA. Sgt., Co. " C. " PEGGY ANN SMELLEY. " Smeg. " Lula, Georgia. Bachelor of Science. Biology. Member Dramatics Club, Science Club. Y ' WC. ' V, Rec Club. Wesley Foundation. RALPH HEAD SMITH. " Smitty, " Clermont. Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Physical Education. Dean ' s List, Distinguished Military Student. Member Officers Club, NCO Club, Rex Fraternity, PE Club, Future Teachers Club. Capt.. .Staflf. BROADIS . ' •OWELL, Chesterfield. .South Carolina. Bach- elor of Science. Biology and Chemistry. Dean ' s List. Member Forensic Senate, Officers Club, Science Club. Hon. Capt.. Hq. Co. JAMES HARRY STEPHENS, " Jimmy, " Avondale Estates, Georgia. Bachelor of .Arts, English. Dean ' s List, Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges, Winner of Annual Oratory Contest. Forensic Senate Award. Member Rex Fraternity. Forensic Senate, NCO Club, Officers Club. Cap!.. Co. • D. " ERNE.ST PAIL .STRINGER, Dahlonega, Georgia. Bachelor of Arts. History. Member Rex Fraternity. NCO Club. Rifle Team, Baseball Team, CYCLOPS Staflf, Honor Platoon. SFC. Co. " D. " BETTY JEAN STYLES, Juno. Georgia. Bachelor of Arts. History. Dean ' s List. MARVIN L. TAYLOR, Plainville, Georgia. Bachelor of .Science, Education. LUCY ELLEN THOMAS, " Ugly, " Gainesville, Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Home Economics. Member Home Ec. Club, Rec Club, Dramatics Club. Glee Club. Cheer- leaders, Letterman ' s Club. DONALD HOWELL THRELKELD. ■ Albany. Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Physical Education. Deans List, Distinguished Military Student. Honor Platoon. Member PE Club, NCO Club, Officers Club. 1st Lt.. Co. " C. " SALLY ANN THOMPSON. Dawsonville, Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Secretarial Science. HARVEY LEE THURMOND. JR.. Roswell, Georgia, Bach- elor of Science, Physical Education. Distinguished Mili- tary Student. Member Rex Fraternity, Varsity Baseball Team, Letterman ' s Club, Officers Club, PE Club. 2nd Lt., Staff. LOUISE TODD. Winlerville, Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Home Economics. LUTHER TRAVIS. East Point, Georgia. Bachelor of Sci- ence, Chemistry and Biology. Dean ' s List, Distinguished Military Student, Honor Platoon. Member Officers Club, NCO Club, YMCA, Rifle Team, Science Club, Chemistry Club, Glee Club, BSU. 1st Lt., Co. " A. " BARBARA HARRISON TREPAGNIER. Winder, Georgia L ' helor of Science, Home Economics. Dean ' s List. Mem ber Future Teachers Club, Home Ec. Club. JULES CHARLES TREPAGNIER. " Trep. " Winder. Geor- gia. Bachelor of Science, Business Administration. Dis- tinguished Military .Student, Dean ' s List. Member Future Business Leaders Club. NCO Club. Officers Club, Rifle Team. 1st Lt., Co. " D. " RUTH TURNER. Emma. Georgi Elementary Education. GLENN EDWIN WALLS. Baldwin. Georgia. Bachelor of Science. Business Administration. Dean ' s List. Distin- guished Military Student. Honor Platoon. Member Rex Fraternity. Future Business Leaders Club. NCO Club. Officers Club. 1st Lt., Co. JAMES ROBERT WARDEN. ' Bob. " Dahlonega, Georgia. Bachelor of Science. Business Administration. Distin- guished Military Student. Member Officers Club. Future Business Leaders Club. Hon. Capt.. PMS T Staff. MARY EUNICE WHITE. Covington, Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Home Economics. Member Home Ec. Club, Rec Club, YWCA, Wesley Foundation. JAMES M. WHITEHURST, " Jimmy. " Jeffersonville. Geor- helor of Science, Business Administration. Dean ' s List. .Member NCO Club, Future Business Leaders Club. Sgt., Co. " D. " ROYCE COLRTLAND WILLIAMS. Lawrenceville. Geor- gia. Bachelor of Science, Biology. Dean ' s List. Member Science Club. Future Teachers Club, NCO Club, Wesley Foundation. Sgt.. Co. " C. " JOHN KOBKRT WILSON, Doraville, Georgia. I!arh,l ii „f Science. Chemistrv. Dean ' s List. Member YMCA. Chem- istry Cliil). Physics Club. PFC. Co. " C. " JESSE LINDEN YADEN. " Buck. " ' Atlanta. Georgia. Bach- elor of Arts, History. Distinguished Military Student. Member Rex Fraternity. YMCA. Forensic Senate, Officers Club, NCO Club. 2n.l Lt.. Co. -B. " WILLL M JACKSON YAW, " Deac, " Marietta. Georgia. Bachelor of Science. Physical Education. Member Rex Fraternity, NCO Club, PE Club. Sgt., Co. " A. ' DYER D. EDWARDS. Dahlonega. (;eorgia. Bachelor of .Science, Business Administration. WILLIAM OWEN HARRIS. Gainesville. Georgia. Bachelor of Science, Physical Education. BERNARD YATES HOLWELL, Quitman, (leorgia. Bach- elor of Science, Physical Education. WILLIAM B. KEMP, Sylvania, Georgia. Bai helor of Sci- ence, Business Administration. HARRY N. LANE, Atlanta, Georgia. Bachelor of Science. Business Administration. BENJAMIN FRANK PIM. Atlanta. Georgia. Hachelor of Science, Biology. EUGENE D. REX, Toccoa, Georgia. Bachelor of .Science, Education. Chow Hall crew. Favorite pastime. 30 Clifford Auams President ii.iiAM Skukll Vice President Carolyn Callowav Secretary Frank Moslev Treasurer Carolyn 1 Emily Chandlku Millcn. Georgia Sponsor y O O s Juniors Edward L. Abercrombie Atlanta, Georgia LoLAN C. Adams Waynesboro. Georgia Gloria J. Anderson Reiclsville, Georgia Thurman E. Anderson Reiclsville, Georgia Joe C. Aveky Dahlonega, Georgia Roy E. Berrey Atlanta, Georgia Eddie B. Byrd Gainesville, Georgia James D. Boggus Fitzgerald, Georgia James N. Bohannon, Jk. Covington. Georgia Graii, L. Brookshire Stone Mountain, Georgia Imogene E. Brown Dahlonega, Georgia Morris R. Brown Dewey Rose, Georgia Bena S. Burns Atlanta, Georgia William M. Calhoun Arlington, Georgia Carolyn M. Callaway West Palm Beach, Florida Elizabeth J. Callaway Gumming, Georgia Vernon Carder Dahlonega, Georgia Leonard D. Chafin Atlanta. Georgia Melinda W. Chapman Gainesville, Georgia Dallas W. Clark Thomasville, Georgia Joe D. Clements Ray City, Georgia GuYNELL Collier Toccoa, Georgia Marvin M. Culpepper Rome, Georgia Willys E. Davis Demorest, Georgia Donald F. Dean Adel, Georgia Elena C. Delmonte Decatur, Georgia Henry- B. Dkexler Tifton, Georgia Barbara A. Duncan Decatur, Georgia William H. Farcason Atlanta, Georgia Jean R. Fowler Gumming, Georgia ViRGiNL A. Harmon Decatur, Georgia Berry H. Henderson Wrens, Georgia Warren P. Hendrix Lawrenceville. Georgia Charles R. James Dalton, Georgia Norma G. Jarrard Gainesville, Georgia Rita A. Jarrard Cleveland. Georgia Mary B. Jenkins Villa Rica. Georgia Marvin D. Lawrence Dawsonville, Georgia Thomas E. Minix Hapeville, Georgia Frank W. Mosley Jasper, Georgia Juanita 0. Moss Oxford, Georgia Susan A. Nix Cleveland, Georgia James R. Oakes Decatur. Georgia Lamar T. Oxford, Jr. Rutledge, Georgia Jo A. Parris Blue Ridge, Georgia Norma J. Porter Martin. Georgia Virginia C. Printz . tlanta, Georgia Claud J. Raley, Jr. Rome, Georgia 33 Walter G. Riley. Jii. Perry, Georgia David D. Roper Gainesville, Georgia Bettye Jo Scott Macon, Georgia M. Sue Sewell Decatur, Georgia William P. Sewell Sandy Springs, Georgia Mary E. Shearouse Decatur, Georgia Henry G. Shucart Calhoun, Georgia Francis M. Sibley Decatur, Georgia Marion G. Smith Hazlehurst. Georgia Janie R. Stancil Cleveland, Georgia Ernest P. Stringer Dahlonega, Georgia Marjorie S. Walker (Mrs. Dahlonega, Georgia Moses L. Wilson Locust Grove, Georgia Junior Pictures Not Shown Olivia F. Chambers Belllon, Georgia Lloyd B. Chandler Cedartown. Georgia Alfred S. Holbrook, Jr. Sandy Springs, Georgia James A. McClure Cartecay, Georgia Willis C. Parks, Jr. Dalton, Georgia John T. Patterson Lumpkin, Georgia George W. Pope Cedartown, Georgia Devrix S. Roper Gainesville. Georgia napearl W. Seabolt (Mrs.) Dahlonega. Georgia Ruel D. Walker Copperhill, Tennessee Macie L. Wehunt Dahlonega. Georgia James M. Wright Ellijay. Georgia Sophomore Officers Henuv Culberson President Samille Willis Vice President JiMMiE Vandiver Secretary Jo Stephens Treasurer Sammie JiMMIE Mrs. H. F. Culberson Gainesville, Ga. Sponsor v5) Q ' . Q " h. Q %, vT Sophomores iH Charles E. Akridce Rome, Georgia William D. Allen Lithonia, Georgia Patricia J. Allred Tate, Georgia James H. Babb Eastanollee, Georgia Jane S. Bailey Atlanta, Georgia James P. Bannister Cumniing, Georgia Mary Emma Benton Commerce, Georgia JosiAH Blasincame, Jr. Jersey, Georgia Carolyn E. Bowen Cornelia, Georgia Smeoley D. Breedlove Dublin, Georgia Charles S. Brice Gainesville, Georgia Minnie S. Brooks Jefferson, Georgia PucY V. Brooks Canton. Georgia Douglas D. Bkown Fayetteville, Georgia Richard M. Bryant Moultrie, Georgia James D. Byrd Loganville, Georgia Harold H. Chambless Dawson, Georgia George E. Coleman, Jr. Dunwoody, Georgia James F. Collins Gainesville. Georgia Larry E. Cook Griffin. Georgia Henry F. Culberson, Jr. Gainesville. Georgia Jonah B. Davis. Jr. Pelham. Georgia Jeanette deJarnette Decatur, Georgia Carol Dendy Savannah. Georgia George H. Donaldsoiv Sandy Springs. Georgia Clyde M. Dover Ellijay, Georgia Charles H. Drexler Tifton, Georgia Jack B. Edwards Cornelia, Georgia Laura J. Elliott Gainesville, Georgia John W. Falk Gainesville, Georgia Betty R. Fargason Atlanta, Georgia Sylvia J. Field Atlanta, Georgia Ruby A. Frazer Washington, Georgia Mildred H. Garreit Dahlonega, Georgia RuTHiE A, Glover Cleveland. Georgia Charles W. Greek Albany, Georgia James A. Grissett. Jr. Ray City, Georgia Pauline P. Gurlev Dahlonega, Georgia James M. Hall Sylvester, Georgia Marilyn G. Hannah Buford, Georgia Dixie S. Harbin Columbus. Georgia Mervin C. Hawk Albany. Georgia James H. Henson Blue Ridge, Georgia Edgar G. Hickson, Jr. Augusta, Georgia William E. Hodges Hartwell . Georgia Roy G. Holcomb Tate, Georgia Mary M. Honea Tate, Georgia Joe E. Hope, Jr. Gainesville, Georgia 37 Wri,LIAM H. HOUK Brookhaven, Georgia Donna E. Howard Hartwell, Georgia J MES C. HUFF Crawford. Georgia Mahv N. Jackson Braselton. Georgia Harvey L. Jay Fitzgerald, Georgia Eleanor M. Jones Atlanta, Georgia Km M. Jones Atlanta. Georgia Robert B. Kempson Clarkesville, Georgia Fred J, Kitchens, Jr. Covington, Georgia Larry K. Lankford Marietta. Georgia Mary E. Lewis Hartwell. Georgia Gloria D. Lively Gumming. Georgia Harold G. Long Dahlonega, Georgia Johnny M, McGee Tifton. Georgia Johann R. Manning Tennille. Georgia Frances J. Malcom Stone Mountain, Georgia June Martin Griffin, Georgia Marion C. Mathews Gainesville, Georgia Alice Milner Cartersville, Georgia Thomas D. Morel and Chatsworth, Georgia William T. Mullinax Jasper, Georgia Mary J. Mivllins Calhoun. Georgia William R. Neal, Jr. Moultrie, Georgia Charlie A. Newcomer Fitzgerald, Georgia 3S Barney J. Nichols Carnegie, Georgia Carolyn Paradise Amity. Georgia William L. Pass Lawreneeville. Georgia Marviiv E. Patterson Gainesville, Georgia Barbara J. Peters Ringgold, Georgia Warren W. Phillips Ben Hill, Georgia Victor L. Puckett Buford, Georgia Eleanor A. Pubcell Baldwin, Georgia Donald L, Randle Covington, Georgia William D. Ray Bartow, Georgia Myrle a. Reid College Park, Georgia Willie M. Reins, Jr. Gainesville, Georgia Roy a. Roberts Dalton, Georgia Barbara Rollins Hampton, Virginia Bobbie E. Rucker Bellton, Georgia Theo Rumble Warner Robins. Georgia Betty J. Shearouse Decatur, Georgia Dorothy J. Short Rayle, Georgia Paul C. Simms Dahlonega, Georgia Betty A. Smith Clarkesville, Georgia Hilda D. Smith Commerce, Georgia Clifford L. Snyder Marietta, Georgia Patricia A. Stanley Marshallville, Georgia Minnie B. Starcel Dahlonega, Georgia e» " 1? ib Jo M. Stephens Atlanta, Georgia Betty J. Tatum Gainesville, Georgia JiMMIK F. VaNDIVF-R Jefferson. Georgia Ei.EANoii B. Vinton Atlanta, Georgia Lamar V. Waldrip Gainesville, Georgia James W. Waters. Jr. Gainesville. Georgia James A. Watkiims Albany, Georgia William R. Watson, HI Lithonia, Georgia Annie L. Wells Ellijay, Georgia Luther R. Whiteheau Monroe, Georgia William H. Williams Thomasville, Georgia . ' amille Willis Chicopee, Georgia Phillip R. Wise Buena Vista, Georgia William C. Wofforo Gainesville, Georgia Geraldine Wolfe Gumming, Georgia Billy B. Wood Calhoun, Georgia Marianne York Cornelia. Georgia Sophomore Pictures Not Shown Alton L. Amis Dublin, Georgia Edith A. Davis Damascus, Georgia Edward L. Lewis Decatur, Georgia Marguerite Slaton Dawsonville, Ga. Roger E. Ash Dahlonega. Georgia Ernestine L. England Blairsville. Georgia Jon W. McClure . cworth. Georgia Harold M. Stanton Macon. Georgia James C. Barrow East Point. Georgia Anne E. Findley Alpharetta, Georgia Martha B. Morrison Chatsworth, Georgia William A. Threlkeld Albany, Georgia Claude H. Brown Marietta, Georgia Bernard Goss Calhoun. Georgia Harold H. Nichols Carnegie. Georgia John P. Wallis Elberton, Georgia Eugene A. Brown Dahlonega, Georgia Doyle R. Harper Mineral Bluff. Georgia Betty J. Palmer Dahlonega, Georgia Allen H. Watts, Jr. Guyton. Georgia Roberta Butler Dahlonega, Georgia Lewis C. Justus Dahlonega, Georgia James D. Pethel Gainesville, Georgia Joe R. Whitaker Gainesville, Ga. Thomas B. Clyburn Blue Ridge, Georgia Harold V. King Cartersville, Georgia David J. Puckett Tifton, Georgia Shirley A. Whitaker Gainesville, Ga. Charles M. Cooper Gainesville, Georgia James M. Langston Chatsworth, Georgia Hugh A. Sawyer Dublin, Georgia JoHNiW Joe Barbaka kii Freshman Officers JoilNNiK L. Wade President Joseph B. Chapman Vice President Nancy Temple Secretary Tim R. Heath Treasurer FRESHMEN rresnmen ' ,mi f _ lf , f . p_. , ,(f , .difi 1 d Richard E. Aaron Chicopee, Geurdia George H. Baxter Crandall, Georgia RoLAMi 1) Brooks Jr Pend Tr(;rd»s, Gi-uini.i Glenn E. Byess Marble Hill. Georgia WlLLlA Marietl M J. Carrington :a. Georgia Ralph L. Clements Brunswick, Georgia Charles E. Adkins Aut usta, Cror fiu John T. Bentley Atlanta, Georgia Lalra B. Brown Daliloncga, Georgia Donald F. Cain X ' oodstoek, Georgia Charli Rome, ;s W. Casey Georgia Wendell L. Clemen- Ray City. Georgia James F. Alexander Adairsville. Geornia B. GWENELL BLACKSmi. Jasfier. Georgia K Barbara I.. Buice Buford, Georgia James H. Cameron .Augusta. Georgia Charlf Wasliin :s E. Chafin igton. Georgia Bobby L. Cobb Griffin. Georgia Charles W. A mason Valona. Ci-iirfia Robert H. Hostwkk ArlinBtnn. Groreia Robert J. Biiir.E Buforil, Georgia I.uther U. Campbell Eatonton. Georgia Joseph Bruns« B. Chapman ick. Georgia Howard D. Cobb Marietta, Georgia James L. Anthony Dahlonega. Georgia William E. Boiven Athens, Georgia Henry L. Bullari, Camilla, Georgia Algernon B. Cannon TiKimbsboro. Georgia Charle Atlanta ;s L. Chosewood ;. Georgia Frank A. Conner. . Newnan. Georgia ISOBEL G. BALPOtn Decatur, Ceoreiu Paul L. Briiices Brinson, Ceorijia Barbara A. Bubdick Decatur, Georgia Wallace D. Garden Clover. S. C. Bonnie Clarkes J. Chlrch iville. Georgia .Shellie W. Cornelu Ray City. Georgia Homer E. Bartlett Fort Valley. Georuia WlLBllRN F. BrIDWELL Atlanta, Georgia Thelma V. Burel Biiford, Georgia George P. Carr Hinesville. Georgia Robert Griffin. H. Clark Georgia James N. Crawford Hayesville. N. C. " . iii 1 ni jf?! , p. C . .V Tiiojus H. Dii»H»M lAKV I. Gibson SnnriKi. (Je.irsia l)alil...iee-i. Cpon 43 ' :yA n, . U ft.«i J Aib J A - ' ' ' mL fl| ' r7 Bt WA e If " rt ITS afc i iiilfc 1 1 " », r sM g gyi Daliloncga. Geo Albert L. Powe Ridge, Georgia klAS B. SCHOPFER K.Jge. i:e„, :s N. Patter Falls Alice QtiLLr lick. Ceoraia 111 D. Peters nons lulanil, G Jasper. Georgii John E. Rocei Berlin, Cei.rgi: 45 iui ii Alexandria, Luuit Freshman Pictures Not Shown Calvin P. Andrews HoRERT F. Ellington IrM P. kivc. William i;. Mohan. Jr. Dennie p. Schrauer KOBEI KT E. Waters. Carnesville, Georgia Flliiay. Georgia Dahlonega. Georgia Brunswick. Georgia Cornelia, Georgia Romi . Georgia William A. Atha, Jb. Elbert R. Garrett Fred W. LeVan Gene M. Moree James C. Scott Will iam J. Weeks Shannon, Georgia Cdnimerce. Georgia Marietta. Georgia .Albany, G eorgia ThomasviUe, Georgia Blue Ridge. Georgii Charles M. Berch Thomas A. Glover. Jr. William N. Little Roger L, Norman J. G. Seabolt. Jr. Banc ;e L. Wellborn Tifton, Georgia Panama City, Florida Carnesville, Georgia Jacksonville, Florida Dahlone a, Georgia Wash ington. Geor ' ii Robert W. Bowman Janis M. Greene David J. LocAN Robert N. Parker DlBicnon W. Smith Henr Y C. White. . Macon, Georgia Marietta, Georgia Ellijay. Georgia Blue Ridge. Georgia Royston, Georgia Allan ita. Georgia Jarvts J. Burt Robert F, Harrell I.alra N. McClure Pall M. Patterson Lloyd .A, Smith Will iam R. Willia Dahlonega. Georgia Fayetteville, Georgia Dalilonega. Georgia Matawan. New Jersey Lavonia, Georgia Gain. !sville. Geor " ia JlDSON W. Byrd John W. Harvey. Jr. William P. McWhirtkr Hinton G. P ul, Jr. Richard C. Smith I-.IGE NE T. Wright .Atlanta, Georgia Moultrie. Georgia Hoyston. Georgia Commerce, Georgia Glasgow, Kentucky Cuss. ' ta. Georgia James K. Cacle Bobby D. Haynes Ranell H. Matkis Lena G. Powell Jack E. Sorrells Harr Y H. Young Nelson, Georgia Gainesville. Georgia Ralston, Georgia Brunswick, Georgia Cedarlown, Georgia Calhi )iin. Georgia Morris D. Campbell Daniel P. Jenkins John H. Mauldin Edwin L. Prince James L. Sutton Char LES S. Zeigler Fitzgerald. Georgia Columbus, Georgia -Atlanta. Georgia Athens, Georgia Cleveland. Georgia Wayc toss, Georgia Charles R. Cantrell Thomas E, Jenkins Jo B. Meadows Edward C, Reeves Van A. Thurston Dahlonega, Georgia Wrightsville, Georgia Atlanta. Georgia Jakin. Georgia Gainesville, Georgia Walter M. Cox Homer 0. Jones, Jr. Arthur J. Messier James S, Rice Harry B. Vickers. Jr. Gainesville, Georgia Hapeville. Georgia Fall River, Massachusetts i Elberton. Georgia Brunswick, Georgia Donald R. Dl-Pree James W. Kidder Joel L. Monk James G, Robertson Mack C. Wansley, Jr. Gainesville. Georgia . tlanta, Georgia Ty Ty, Georgia Turin. Georgia Carnesville. Georgia MILITARY A? ,y Third Army Depiily (Commanding General. Major General Heiderlinden. roniers uilh the I ' MS T. Major Luttrell. The Colors. B A T T A L I D IV s w E E T H E A H T Miss Bobbie Rucker Bel 1 1 on. Georgia MILITARY I N F A IV T H Y J MKs A. Li tti;i;ll Major. Injanlry PMS r DE AHTMEIVT H Jess L. Goodmw Major, Infarttry Ass I PMS T Henri . McIIabe Captain, Infantry Ass ' t PMS T 49 Orvil R. Hause M ScT. Arthur K. Grikr M Sgt. George C. Long 1st Lt., Inf.-HSAR (Inact.) Commandant of Cadets Infantry Instructor Adjutant General ' s Corps Instructor SFC Joseph E. Davidson Quartermaster Corps Administrative Specialist SFC Robert H. Mease Quartermaster Corps Supply Sergeant ScT. William T. White Adjutant General ' s Corps Administrative Specialist siisS Si MsiW R Lt. Gen. John R. Hodge, C.G. Third .Army, with President lloag at the 1951 graduation parade. 60 51 BATTALIDIV HEADDUARTERS Mrs. Rintie B. Ford Ty Ty, Georgia liattalion Sponsor Mrs. J. V. Hutchison Columbus, Georgia Staff Sjjonsor IJeulenant Colonel Commanding Offirer Victor H. Hutchison Major Kxerutivp Officer Warner D. McClure Major Operations Officer c D L D H Hakvkv L. Thi hmomi 2nd Lieutenant Ass ' t Operations Officer I ii H, Matthi.w Captain Intelligence Officer VliTHUI! [. BenNT.T Master Sergeant Sergeant Major Ralph H. Smith Captain Supply officer Waltkr E. Mkeks Master Sergeant Supply Sergeant William H. Paquin Captain Chaplain Thlirman E. Anderson Sergeant First Class Ass ' t Supply NCO HDIVDRARY OFFICERS ASSIGNED TO THE P. M. S. T. S STAFF 1 MKS R. WAUriEN ;l ayor Robert W. Ditncan Captain James C. Gr vitt Captain Marvin E. Patterson Captain 1st Lt. H. R. iohnsim. Exei utile Offirer: 2rul Lt. II . H Fargawn. Hint Ldr.: Maj. J ' arlvrsky; 2nil Lt. H. R. Hall. I ' liit. Lilr. 1 gr. R. H. Eaies. First Sergeant. GlI.BliKT W. l ' AVI.(l Sk Major IJaiid Comnum.U-r BAND li Itiriiii: .|i. S((i Macon. Georgia Sponsor 2n|) l.T. H. . Mali I ' latoon Leader SFC J. H. Pierce I ' latoon Sergeant Si.T. G. E. M cDoNAi.i) I ' latoon Guide First Squad: Sgt. (;. P. I.owc. Pvts. W. J. Allia. P. I.. I!iias.-s. C. H. h,-sUT. H. A. Hurley. Cpl. I). L. I.onf;. Second Squad: S t. D. D. Eilwards. Pvts. W. C. Ciilpcpiii-r, C. E. McCranie, J. Anthony. Cpl. C. M. Mnrrc. Third Squad: .Sgt. W. K. Watson, i ' vls. W. S. Martin. E. L. Prince. J. C. Srott. I. L. Sprncll. Cpl. W . , I. Kt-ins. 2m) Lt. W. H. Faucason I ' latoon Leader SFC W. H. Williams Platoon Sergeant .S(;t. K. I). I!t I ' latoon Guide Fir. ' it Squiid: . ' gt. D. W. Clark. Pvts. W. K. liowen. R. M. Bryant. C. C. (ianunon. I!. P. Gantly. Cpl. J. Blasingaine. Second Squad: Sgt. F. M. Sibley. Pvts. G. C. Inu-s. C. E. Lanil., W. T. McElrath. J. D. McClain. Ci.l. H. B. Drexler. Third Squad: Sgt. W. R. Neal. H. II. Clianibless. G. B. Sliinaberger. J. 11. Sulherlanil. .1. E. Rogers, Cpl. C. 1.. Snyder. T S.-.fv • " ite William J. Livsky Captain Coniniaiiilin!; Offir.r Miss Bena Burns East Point, Georgia Sponsor COMPANY " 4 " y Mahvin B. Dosti:i{ st Lieulenant Kx.-riili . ' Offic.-r Warkkn L. BooziH 2nd Lieutenant I ' ialoi.ii Ii-ailer UoBEKT L. Peacock ' 2nd Lieutenant Platoon I eailer FIRST PLATDDIV JM4 Pail G. Seals 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader Charles C. Pritchett Master Sergeant First Sergeant 2m) I.t. W. I,. BoozKU I ' Intoon Leader SFC G. W. Brookshire Platoon Sergeant S(.T. P. R. Wise r atnon Cnide First Squad: Sgl. K. H. Clark, Pvls. J. K. Skrine. B. F. Daniel. F. K. Hester, F. 1). Wooilall. Cpl. W. 1.. Pass. Second Squad: l. H. 11. Henderson, Pvts. B. J. Nichols. H. S. Kelly. R. B. Kenipson. B. Goss. Cpl. .1. I). Boggus. Third Squad: Sgt. M. C. Marrett, Pvts. J. C. Avery, W. T. Mullinax. J. G. Jones. T. Stonerypher. Cpl. .1. R. Dun- Fourth Squad: Sgt. G. E. Coleman, Pvts. E. A. Kreilick, R. N. Grogan, J, F. Walsh, Cpl. V. 1.. Puckett. 56 SECDIVD PLATDDIV 2m) Lt. R. L. Pkacock Platoon Leader SFC H. T. JoNKS Platoon Serf;eant S(,T. W. K. Duis Platoon Cniile l- ' Squall: Sgl. C. T. Ruark, Pvts R. K. Waters, A. J. Messier. J. King Sf;l. i.. L. Chapman. Second Squad: .Sgl. H. G. .Shugart, IM-. I.. . Sinilli. R. K. Weaver. P. S. ihiinnuuid. C.]t . (. ' . I.. Dover. Third Squad: Sgt. J. E. Moore. Pvts. T. C. Davis. J. N. Bohannon. J. S. Dar- nell. .1. W. Waters. Cpl. E. G. Hiokson. Fourth Squad: Sgt. F. Mosley. Pvts. J. I. Henderson, W. N. Little, D. R. Dupree, H. C. Richards. Cpl. C. .S. Ziegler. THIRD PLATDDIV 2nd Lt. P. G. Seaij Platoon Leader SFC W. P. Si-:wELL Platoon Sergeant StT. W. J. A« Platoon (iuide First Squall: .Sgt. (;. D. Davis. Pvts. W. W. Bridwell. C. .). Raley, J. E. .Sorrells. D. D. Roper. Cpl. F. J. Kitchens. Second Squad: Sgt. L. E. Cook, Pvts. .1. R. Pierce. F. A. Conner. T. L. Knight. l. D. Caniphell, Cpl. M. L. Wilson. ' Ihird Squad: .Sgt. L. C. Adams. Pvts. W. P. VlcWhirter. D. P. .lenkins. J. Bannister. R. H. Boslwick. B. I. Marlin. Cid. R. .S. Brisendine. Fourth Squad: Sgt. A. S. Holbrook. Pvts. G. p. HilL G. B. White, J. N. Patterson, T. D. Moreland. R. P. Brooks, Cpl D. L. Randle. Mrs. R. E. Mundy Colquitt, Georgia Sponsor COMPANY " B " Commanding Offi FIRST PLATDDIV First Sergeant 2nd I.t. G. E. Walls HIaloon Leader SFC W. W. Davidson Platoon Sergeant ScT. T. Rumble Platoon Guide First Sc uad: Sgt. M. G. .Smith, Pvls. J. C. Harper. C. R. Cantrell. T. A. Glover. J. J. Burt, Cpl. E. B. Bir.l. Second Squad: Sgt. T. E. Minix, Pvts. J. L. Potter, J. W. Falk, J. W. Wade, J. L. Sutton. Cpl. J. B. Edwards. Third Squad: Sgt. R. F. Ellington. Pvts. F. W. Edwards, T. B. Tidwell. L. L. Luttrell. G. L. Kellar, Cpl. J. H. Hefner. Fourth Squad: Sgt. A. A. McLean, Pvts, L, C, Justus, L, O, Webl), C, M. Cooper, G. G. Grant, Cpl, J. F, Collins. 58 SECDIVD PLATDDIV 2nd Lt. W. S. Perrin Platoon Leader SFC W. G. RiLKV Platoon Sergeant ScT. E. T. Wri(;ht Platoon Guide Fir l Squad: Sgt. D. F. Dean. Pvts. C. E. Ailkins. J. D. Skelton. D. P. Schradei. P. F. Martin. Cpl. W. M. Cox. Second Squad: Sgt. P. C. Simms, Pvts. H. G. Paul, T. B. Schopfer, A. B. Can- non. J. M. McGee. B. G. Hughes, Cpl. W. G. Wofford. Third Squ ad: Sgt. H. Ledford, Pvts. B. T. Stowers. C. E. Chafin. .S. V. Craw- ford. Cpl. W. D. Garden. Fourth Squad: Sgt. J. L. Burt. Cpl. J. D. Dunlap. Pvts. D. F. Cain. B. F. Alexander. J. H. Mauldin. Cpl. S. D. Breedlove. THIRD PLATDDIV 2m) Lt. B. F. Pim Platoon Leader SFC W. T. Poor Platoon Sergeant Sgt. J. A. McClure Platoon Guide First Squad: Sgt. J. W. Byrd, Pvts. C. M. Bergh. F. W. LeVan. L. E. Scrog- gins. V. A. Thurston. Cpl. C. L. Chose- Seronil Squad: Sgt. H. C. White. PMs. V. .1. Car.ler. C. W. Akridge. J. D. Pethel. K. II. lathis. Cpl. J. N. Craw- ford. Third Squad: Sat. M. M. Culpepper. Pvts. C. W. Henslev. D. C. Vi ade. L. D. Davis, C. W. Casey. Cpl. J. D. Byrd. Fourth Squad: Sgt. W. D. Allen. Pvts. R. E. Wellhnrn. J. W. Kidder. P. F. Martin. II. .1. I.ons;. Cpl. E. . Brown. 4» - Mrs. W. a. Thkklkki.d Albany, Georgia Sponsor C D M P A IV Y " C " f %- iT Clifford A. Davis Captain Commanding Officer DoNALU H. Threlkeld 1st Lieutenant Executive Officer Robert E. Hewell 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader Leonard U. Chafin 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader FIRST PLATDDJV Tunis P. Lang Eldon L. Mansfield 2nd Lieutenant Master Sergeant Platoon Leader First Sergeant 2ni) Lt. L. Chafin Platoon Leader SFC L. T. Oxford Platoon Sergeant ScT. W. O. Chisistochir Platoon Guide First Squad: Sgl. A. I!e,s -, Pvis Weems. J. T. Kentlev. C. L. Lane Campbell. Cpl. J. Kalili. Second Squad: Sgl. J. McC lure, Pvls. R. Holconib, R. Norman. C. Amason. T. .lones. CpL H. Nichols. Third Squad: Sgt. J. Davis. Pvls. D. Odell, R. Peters, T. Heath, R. L. Lev- errett, Cpl. J. Watkins. Fourth Squad: Sgt. D. P. Sims, Pvts. H. W. Gee, J. K. Cagle, H. Vickers. .L L. Monk, C|d. J. R. Olsen. 60 SECDIVD PLATDDIV 2m) Lt. T. p. Lang I ' latnon Leader SFC B. HOLWKLL Platoon Sergeant ScT. R. M. Jones Platoon Guide First Squad: Sgt. J. D. Clements, Pvis. E. C. Reeves, D. J. Puckett, H. E. Park, J. S. Rice. Cpl. R. 15. Longino. Second Squad: .Sgt. W. Threlkeld. Pvts. A. L. Amis. D. W. .Smith. D. ,1. Logan. W. E. Hodges. Cpl. H. M. Stan- ton. Third Squad: Sgt. M. D. Briley. Pvts. P. B. Kellam. P. C. Andrews, H. A. Sawyer. W. E. Kelly. Cpl. R. W. Bow- Fourlh Squad: Sgt. C. W. Greer. Pvts. H. E. Bartlett. ,1. T. Patterson, D. R. Harper, W. Maratos. Cpl. M. C. Hawk. THIRD PLATODIV 2m) Lt. R(ji!t;iiT Hkweli, Platoon Leader SFC W. Calhoun Platoon Sergeant ScT. L. Whitehi ad Platoon Guide Pint Squad: Sgt. L. Langford. Pvts. J. A. Grissctt. ,1. Manning. R. Smith. K. F. Harrell. Cpl. E. Lewis. Second Squad: Sgl. M. Brown. Pvts. J. Bray, C. .«. Brice. W. Weeks. .S. Cornelius, Cpl. T. Jenkins. Third Squad: Sgl. J. Hall. Pvts. G. W. Rhodes. W. D. Ray, M. C. Wansley, G. W. Baxter. W. Clements. Cpl. M. Lawrence. Miss Elena Dklmonte Decatur, Georgia Sponsor James H. Stephens Captain Conimandine Officer James R. Oakk; 1st Lieutenant Executive Office (inAiL L. Brookshire 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader RnvcE ( BARTi.h 1 r 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader LES C. Trepai: ikr 2nd Lieutenant Platoon Leader Ernest P. Strivgek Master Sergeant First Sergeant FIRST PLATDDIV 1 1 2m) Lt. G. L. Brouksiuhe Platoon Leader SFC A. H. Watts Platoon Sergeant Sgt. C. H. Brown Platoon Guide Fiist Squad: Syt. J. H. Henson, Pvts. L. P. Waldrip, D. S. Roper, H. M. Stark. C. F. Hamilton, C. J. Hamrick, Sgt. E. L. Abercrombie. Second Squad: Sat. C. James. Pvts. 1. P. Wallis, R. N. Parker. H. W. .Stone. R. W. Price. Cpl. B. D. Haynes. Third Squad: Sgt. J. C. Barrow. Pvts. .1. P. Martin. J. S. Kinnev. H. H. Young. P. M. Patterson. Cpl. R. A. Dempsey. Fourth Squad: Sgt. R. Griffis. Pvts. T. A. Settle. H. D. Cobb, J. B. Chap- man. R. E. Morrison, Cpl. W. R. Wil- liams. SECDIVD PLATDDIV 2nd Lt. R. C. Bartlett Platoon Leader SFC W. C. Parks Platoon Sergeant SgT. J. M. V HITEHI RST Platoon Guide First Squad: Sgt. C. A. Newcomer, Pvts. B. L. Dove. J. H. Jacobs. D. S. Harridge, D. J. McCracken, Cpl. R. Roberts. Second Squad: .Sgl. W. W. Phillips. T. R. Durham. E. R. Garrett. W. G. Ioran. W. H. Nolan, Cpl. H. J. Jav. Third Squad: Sgt. L. A. Hendrix, Pvts. W . S. Martin. D. D. Brown. W. S. Hamby. R. M. Gudger. Cpl. J. Huff. Fourth Squad: Sgt. J. M. Langston. Pvts. R. W. Rymer. J. H. Cameron. ]. D. Paulk. J. M White. Cpl. E. Sumner. THIRD PLATDDIV 2nd Lt. J. Trepagmer Platoon Leader SFC J. M. Wright Platoon Sergeant Sgt. T. B. Clyburn Platoon Guide First Squad: Sgt. H. F. Findley. Pvts. B. L. Cobb. E. G. Wright, R. C. Moore. J. P. Massey, Cpl. A. Powell. Second Squad: .Sgt. W. B. Kemp. Pvts. R. L. Clements, G. L. Smith, G. P. Carr. R. .1. Buice, Cpl. J. E. Hope. Third Squad: Sgt. T. C. Stocks. Pvts G. E. Byess, H. L. Bullard. J. C. Sims R. E. . aron, Cpl. H. F. Culberson. Fourth Squad: Sgt. R. D. Walker. Pvts. J. W. Harvey, J. Hinely, J. Mor- rison. 0. J. Johnson, Cpl. G. J. King. 63 SUMMER CAMP, FT. B E N 1 1 N G , 1951 Business end of a machine gun. Home in the field. 64 Hand grenade range. A truck goes over dry. A tank shows what it has got. SCENES FROM SUMMER EAMP FORT BENNING, GEORGIA Hand grenade demonstration. River crossing. Carbine range. l«,)it. Mlt» ' « ' P» n. »» m ui If, I ■ | fi i ,- 1 I i. H !? li .1 iiij LLuri ' ■Afek ' : -- ' ' ■•«r:p4?S id " i I THE FINE ART DP SDLDIERmG r SPORTS A ' mM k Mr. Williams wonders where they all came from. Davidson goes down. Interception. Philip Wise, Frank Mosley, Charlie Bartlett, Ray Dempsey, Bud Jones, Coach Russell, Harold Nichols, Jerry Burt, Gene Brown, Donald Dean, Phelan Lowe, Leroy Mansfield, Manager Thurmond, Jimmy Moore. Schedule — Here Co-captain Parris Island Marines Georgia Teachers Erskine Appl. State Teachers Berry Piedmont University of Chattanooga Newberry W. Carolina Teachers Oglethorpe University Southern Pharmacy .HOME IsisM-iniifs - Tcirlifi ' s J» .hnr J; ' " ,!St,!Ti-ndin5 Ja " -. 1 1 1| Jsai Jinont Feb I Ciultanoipa Ffb. ■ukrrg FrI V,i(h F. Schedule — There Piedmont W. Carolina Teachers Newberry Erskine Berry Mercer University Maryville Peerlee Woolen Mills University of Chattanooga Georgia Teachers Oglethorpe University Piedmont Southern Pharmacv Top right: Lowe Top left: Dean Bottom: Wise Burt ' s famous side court shot scores " 2 " against Georgia Teachers. Top: Brown Bottom left: MoSLEY Bottom right: Nichols Moore ' s jump accounts for a bucket. •4 9m vnsHl Robert Moore, Jimmy Hinely, Jimmy Anthony, Donald Wccm ' ., Howard Cobb, Bobby Parker, Charlie Cantrell, Frank Edwarils, James Kinney, Jimmy Skrine, Robert Sutton, Gene Bartlett, Lewis Webb, Tom Bentley, Coach Livsey, Manager Woodall, Coach Davidson. c to Here B Canton High Montezuma High B Clayton High n 1 ij: u Cleveland High Dahlonega High Athens High Ellijay High Truett-McConnell Clayton High 70 aM • The big boys of the outfield . . . Coleman, Cooper, Holbrook, Ward. ■■■■i H w le infield flashes . . . Sewell, Clements, Hogarth, Livsey, Harris. 1 «i, h,- ' WINS AND LOSSES Presbyterian College 8 NGC 5 Presbyterian College 3 NGS Georgia Teachers College ... 3 NGC 7 Georgia Teachers College ... 14 NGC 3 Western Carolina Teach. Col. . . 1 NGC 7 Oglethorpe University .... 2 NGC 14 Newberry College 5 NGC 3 Newberry College 9 NGS 4 Newberry College 11 NGS 7 Presbyterian College 6 NGC 4 Howard University 6 NGC 8 Erskine College 5 NGC 7 Georgia Teachers College ... 3 NGC 2 Georgia Teachers College ... 9 NGC 11 Western Carolina Teach. Col. . . 12 NGC 11 East Tenn. State Teachers Col. . 4 NGC 9 Oglethorpe University 2 NGC 15 Piedmont College 2 NGC 15 Mercer University 7 NGC 6 Piedmont College 4 NGC 6 Mercer University 3 NGC East Tenn. State Teach. Col. . . 4 NGC 1 Piedmont College 15 NGC 7 V " ' J y " ' w- ' rV-- . - - Coach Kussell " Win some, lose some, and some will be rained out. " Meeks is stopped by Hope and Williams of " D " Company. Williams got a broken nose by Meeks ' knee, game ending in 0-0 tie. Matthews makes sure he ' s got this one. At the same time Oakes ( " D " Co.) makes sure he ' s got Matthews. Makes gain of 15 yards. PREVIEW OF 1952 Davidson speeds away around end after failing to find a receiver. Blasingame trails in vain, but Davidson is stopped by Pavlovsky. " B " was undefeated and only scored on once, by Band, who scored a safety but lost finally 14-2. Out of " C Company ' s single wing comes Chris- topher. Lowe (16) goes in for the tackle but is taken out of the play by Logan. Their single wing failed to score. Band won 6-0. FOOTBALL HI-LIGHTS ABLE COMPANY Doster, Cook, King, Jenkins, Randle, Wilson, Woodall, Livsey, Welch, Knight, Kelley, Shugart, Duncan, Davis, Coleman, Ziegler, Davis, Boggus, Hickson, Jones, Puckett, Avery. CO-CHAMPIONS WINS AND LOSSES A Co B Co. . A Co 7 C Co. . A Co 31 D Co. . ... ... ... 6 A Co 2T Band ... ' .. A Co 31 D Co Yaw gains against " D. ' Livsey looks for his hole ofj tackle. Logan (22) gets his man with his foot. Single wing against single wing. Livsey Doster 74 CO-CHAMPIONS WINS AND LOSSES B Co A Co B Co 18 C Co B Co. .... . 7 D Co B Co 14 Band 2 B Co. ... " .. 20 C Co BAKER COMPANY Grant, Yaden, White, Davidson, Simms, Rumble, Hefner. Tidwell, Carrington, LeVan, Scoggins, Ellington, Mauldin. Kellar, Wade, Cantrell, Kidder, Falk, Webb, Schrader, Mundy, McLean. LeVan drives against Band. Carrington sets sail, Johnson trails around left end. Rumble and Grant stop Meeks alter little gain. Coach 75 Co-captain j HHCkl ll k. J Co -captain Christopher Christopher Davis Davidson nails Christopher, Schrader (2) comes in and helps on the kill. Davidson ' s hoys p " t ready to worh on the Band. Cook keeps Eaves at arm ' s length. .f f ' Us 21 % % w 10 2S Threlkeld, Hall, Oxford. Holwell, Babb, Logan, Campbell, Monk, Davis, Davis, Vickers, Manning, Lang, Greer, Threlkeld, Olsen, Christopher, Croft, Sawyer, Amis, Weems, Amason, Hewell, Hodges. It ' s all over between " B " and " C. " WINS AND LOSSES C Co A Co 7 C Co B Co 18 C Co 25 D Co C Co Band 6 C Co B Co 20 Coach Brown ■ • MBMIiliiliMlyiiMliii It ' s the kich-off and the offense picks out a man to put on the ground. Brown gets it away. Lt. Hause watches. Jay drives almost into camera while trying to get away from " B " Company tacklers. Oakes trots away from tacklers. WINS AND LOSSES D Co 6 A Co. . . . D Co B Co. . . . D Co C Co. . . . D Co Band . . . D Co A Co. . . . DOG COMPANY 31 7 25 Moore. Abercrombie, Cobb, Brown, Oakes, Gudger, Jay, Langston, Chapman, Martin, Roberts Stark, Durham, Hope, Kinney, Nolan, Brookshire, Barrow, Cameron, Watts. Co-caplain MUNDY Eaves BAND 9 14 7,24 8 29 I IF %o. 18, 2g7ft.A Pope, Harris, Hutchison, Meeks, Imes, Neal, Kargason, Rogers, Bryant, McCranis, Hall, Johnson, Watson, Spruell, Pavlovsky, Matthews, Pierce, MacDonaldi Eaves, Bridges, Blasingame, Sutherland, Bowen. WINS AND LOSSES Band A Co 27 Band 2 B Co 14 Band 6 C Co Band D Co ffiPQMM Lone clears way for Harris. Meeks nailed bv Davidson. Matthews takes pass then meets Al Holbrook. Top, left to right: Wimpy. Stanley. King. Kemp. Massey, Wheeler, Crumbley, Wells, Hannah. . Bottom: Amason. Martin, Brisendine, Stephens, Vickers, Malcom, Thomas (captain). Roommates scrap for ball. Quillian goes up. Mansfield fires from corner as Nichols, Lowe, Moore, wait for the rebound. In practice we see the ball taking form as a slippery object that can ' t be caught. SHOTS AT RANDOM When the Marines hit N.G.C. the boys went into rare form. Just ask Brown. In a practice, Moore slips by Nichols. Burt scores against Newberry. , - IPi ' . 1- from rigAt to left: Breedlove, G. Brookshire, Whitehead, Potter, Houk, Kreilick, Hall, Oakes, Messier, G. Shugart, Johnson, Gammon, J. Shugart, Trepagnier, Kelley, Hawk, Lawrence. way situ l lne a eam6 W. Lee, Latham, Martin, Massey, Woody, Duncan, Balfour, Gurley, Blackstock, Garrett, King, Fite, Warden (Coach), Davis, Oglesby, P. Brooks, Whiting, Miss Johnston (Advisor), Bowen, R. Wells, Burdick, Oumbley, Gravitt (Cx)ach). fy tft 1 •» 4 i BosAeMc ¥ Jrrcner, f- I f V ■ » V Tenn ' s Ci p S i„ Oc4i ' f- FEATURES Il-6d r ancu temple u empi CYCLOPS QUEEN This year ' s CYCLOPS Queen is pretty Nancy Temple. Nancy is certainly a " lucky strike " for the ' 52 CYCLOPS. She is a neat package— 5 feet 3 inches, 110 pounds— with brown curly hair and sparkling green eyes. Our Queen .is a freshman who comes to N.G.C. from Hartwell, Georgia. She is interested in art and music, and plans to major in home economics. We are happy to present Nancy, who reigns Queen of the CYCLOPS for 1952. 87 THE BEAUTY COURT tSd vJobbie r ucke iVIliS catena Jjetmonte hii J amille lA iiu3 tS6 Mnn, S tanlei (iii I ilckle ackion. 90 ZiLe 1951-52 Harvest Queen Each year the Home Economics Club crowns a queen at its Harvest Festival. The four companies, band, and two fraternities each sponsor a candidate for queer . This year " D " Company ' s candidate again won the title. She is lovely, vivacious Elena Delmonte, whose chatter is brightened with a sparkle of Espanol. Her queen- ly court is made up of Samille Willis, Patricia Allred, Ann Stanley, Bobbie Rucker, and Nickie Jackson. u6caloo6a, Cllaifa md November l5, 195l The WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES is a national honor society for outstanding and representative students on American university and college campuses. Each year a secret faculty committee nominates certain such students for membership in WHO ' S WHO on the basis of scholarship, coop- eration and leadership in academic and extra-curricular activities, citizenship and service to the school, and promise of future society. These candidates are approved by WHO ' S WHO, and members are officially notified of their membership and honor. Each year WHO ' S WHO publishes a book entitled Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges, and included in it is a brief biographical sketch of the student and his college career. In addition WHO ' S WHO conducts a placement service for the convenience of its members when they graduate or in future years. L aro tun L lau Biology major. . . . YWCA Presi- dent. . . . Interested in medical tech- nology. . . . Editor 1952 CYCLOPS. .. • i Uictor J utchL " Vic. " . . . Cadet Major. . . . Chem- istry Club President. . . . Biology enthusiast. . . . College Publications. lA iiuam ff und (not ihownj " Bill. " . . . Captain " B " Company President Rex Fraternity. . . . Major in Physical Education. ' t nn flu Efficient President of " the Bam. " . . . Likes Secretarial Science. . . . CYCLOPS and Bu er Staffs. Junli l- oweti cJ anq " T.P. " . . . Physics fiend. . . . President Wesley Foundation. . . . Plans graduate study at M.I.T. if ford Ja " Cliff. " . . . Captain " C " Company. . . . Forensic Senate. . . . Wild about economics. jamei J lepke " Jimmy. " . . . Captain " D " Company. . . . Master debater. . . . President Senior Class. ord " A T. " . . . Battalion Commander. . . . Mild- mannered History major. . . . CYCLOPS and Bugler Staffs. cJLi luieu " Lip. " . . . Captain " A " Company. . . . Physical Education devotee. . . . Coaches Freshman Basket- ball Team. L arolun L la BIG tUQ-C. BEST PERSONALITY MOST INTELLECTUAL lA itliam oLiv MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Uarolijn Ulaij l ic ,J4u.tckiion MOST ATHLETIC MOST VERSATILE Lja J annan lA Uiiam oLivieu oLum Unomai Vuiliiam, cL ' w6eu ORGANIZATIONS Carolyn Clay Editor THE 1952 I R. Dorothy Brown Mrs. Sara M. Wright Editorial Advisor Dahlonega, Georgia Sponsor STAFF Carolyn Clay Editor Frank Findley Business Manager Victor Hutchison Assistant Editor Clifford Snyder, Dick Bryant, George MacDonald Art Charles Bartlett, Richard Johnson Senior Class Marvin Lawrence, Mary Shearouse Classes Allan Ford. William Houk, Grail Brookshire, Bobby Jack Harris Military Clifford Adams. Virginia Printz Features William Perrin. James Kinney. Walter Meeks, Carolyn Callaway, Linda Chapman Sports June Malcom. Anne Purcell, Mack Calhoun, Johann Manning Organizations Ann Nix Typist Edward Lewis Photographer Charles Brice. Robert Duncan, Bettye Jo Scott, Charles Bartlett Business Staff Bill, Grail, Allan, and B. J. did an admirable job on the military section. Vic and Mary work on layouts. Mac, Cliff S., Cliff A.. Virginia, and Ray spent many long hours here. CYCLOPS Mr. H. H. Gilbert Business Advisor Mrs. D. L. Findley Doraville, Ga. Sponsor Frank Fiivdley Business Manager The CYCLOPS is the official yearbook of North Georgia College and is published by the students during the latter part of spring quarter. Sections of each yearly issue are de- voted to faculty and administration, classes, military, sports, features, and organizations in an attempt to present as com- plete coverage as possible of the various activities which take place on the N.G.C. campus during the year. Bobby, Charlie, and Scottie help keep the finances straight. Mac, Ann, June, Joe, and Anne plan the organizations section. Gene, Linda, Kin. Carolyn, and Bill hard at work on sports. T Gadei Donna, Carolyn, Martin, Gay, Josie, and Nancy plan the next issue. Published Quarterly Mr. H. H. GrLBERT Financial Advisor Dr. C. C. Chadbourn Editorial Advisor T. P., Gene, and Vic check ad sales. The Voice Of North Georgia College Vic Hutchison Business Manager This year The Cadet Bugler has been presented in a new form. The quarterly magazine serves a fourfold purpose in providing a means of student expression, keeping recent alumni informed of the college ' s activities, keeping students informed on current policies and events of the school, and serv- ing as a medium of information to other colleges and to high schools. Since news does not remain news for any length of time at N.G.C., the magazine has taken the com- bined form of a review, literary magazine, and fea- ture magazine. The publication has been highly suc- cessful in obtaining its new goals only because of the interest, time, and energy placed in it by an able staff and competent faculty advisors. Finish that copy! Miss Theresa Dokos Columbus, Georgia Sponsor STAff Aw ' Slanl e Jackson Di A and Donna Howard Rila Jairaid. ana l.ilftary Ed " « " j jiy Shearouse Fealure Editor _ — g„„en ASsistan. Feature Editors - " j .jaH Bla.ingame Gav Hannah Jimmy Stephens NancY Temple Morton Patterson, Nan y Vic Hutchison Lan " Wesley Phi P- ' ' " ' Business A ' ' ' = " " ' Ji,a in Thurman Anderson, Ann and Jean Peters- nr C C. Chadbourn, Jr- -— Mr H. H. Gilbert ■uUy t ' cAZz TTLie ®f fe ' jie. A 2 » Joe Manning. Barbara Duncan, Don Boggus, Dallas Clark, William Maratos, Doyle Harper, Charlie Newcomer, John Wilson. Harry Lane, William Watson, Marvin Patterson, Richard Johnson, Victor Hutchison. CHEMISTRY CLUB This active departmental organization is composed of members majoring or minor- ing in Chemistry. Programs are given at each meeting by students, faculty and invited guests. The club sponsors, for its members, several field trips each year to chemical factories and laboratories in this area. A notable accomplishment this year has been the granting of a charter by the American Chemical Society for a Student Affiliate Chapter. The majority of the Chemistry Club members belong to this professional group of future chemists. Dr. J. C. SiMMs Advisor Victor HurcmsoN President Don Boccus Vice President Dallas Clark Secretary and Treasurer SCIENCE CLUB Dr. Forester Advisor Betty Shearouse President Bena Burns Vice President Barrara Duncan Secretary Victor Hutchison Program Chairman Elena Delmonte Parliamentarian The Science Club was the first club organized on the North Georgia College campus. Its active members consist of the majors and minors in biology and its associate members are either taking biology courses or interested in the club activities. Programs are given on various phases of wildlife and conservation, vocations open to science majors, aspects of health, genetics and other similar topics of interest. The programs are frequently given by the students themselves as well as by outside speakers. Field trips are sponsored by the club to various places of scientific interest in the state. Eleanor Jones, Gloria Lively, Bena Bums, Betty Shearouse, Elena Delmonte, Barbara Duncan, Virginia Printz, June Martin, Beale Davis, Victor Hutchison, Carolyn Clay, Sue Rollins, Joe Manning, Judd Jones, William Maratos, Bud Jones, Royce Williams, Jack Edwards, Marion Smith, William Poor, Marvin Patterson. Richard Johnson, Max Briley, T. P. Lang, Clifford Snyder, Dale Harridge (WN4UFQ), Ewell Pigg, Billy Dove (W4UAU), Ben Drexler (WN4UFE), Paul Simms. r lortk Ljeoraia L olieae J am RADIO AMATEUR CLUB The Radio Club is made up of those students interested in amateur radio. They are either amateurs or working toward their government licenses. Activities of the club include field trips on which equipment is tested and experiments made, radio con- struction, group study of the International Morse Code and Radio Theory, and lec- tures on technical subjects by diflferent club members. William D. Ray (W4UAS) President Ewell Pict. (W4KGD) Advisor James C. Gravitt President PHYSICS CLUB iltirt Mr. Yacer Faculty Advisor T. PowBXL Lang Vice President The Physics Club was organized for the purpose of correlating and developing scientific thought on the part of its members. This is achieved by lectures, demonstrations, and club trips in which all members participate. Richard Johnson, Wesley Phillips, Ben Urexler, Mr. Yager, Max Briley, T. P. Lang, Paul Simms. J C|P Miss Grace Conner Advisor Y W C A Mrs. R. a. Clay DeSoto, Georgia Sponsor The YWCA offers to each coed an opportunity to develop a fuller and more creative life through a growing knowledge of God. Through a threefold program of religion, recreation, and education, the " Y " strives to fill the need of every individual student. Carolyn Clay President Linda Chapman Vice President Bettye Jo Scott Secretary Norma Porter Treasurer YWCA CABINET ■ Betty Farcason Gay Hannah Eleanor Jones WrLMA Lee Frankie Lynch June Malcom Carolyn Pabadise Maky Shearouse Y M C A The Young Men ' s Christian Association of North Georgia College is an organization which serves the entire student body through informative programs and wholesome recreation. The YMCA and YWCA sponsor a " Religious Emphasis Week " each winter quarter. Some outstanding religious speaker is invited to our campus to lead the programs during the week. The YM strives to take an active part in lending a helping hand to needy families in and around Dahlonega, both at Christmas and throughout the year. This year the Y ' s are proud to offer for the use of the student body and faculty a new, modern lounge in the basement of Price Memorial. Mrs. L. C. Adams Waynesboro, Georgia Sponsor Clifford Adams President Mack Calhoun Vice President JoHANN Manning Secretary William WauAMs Treasurer YMCA CABINET ZJ] JOSIAH BlASINCAME p ,. da M Beale Davis Burt Farcason Don Long John Wilson Sopranos: Isobel Balfour, Carolyn Bowen, Barbara Buice, Barbara Burdick, Betty Fargason, Dixie Harbin, Mary Honea, Barbara King, Joan Lindsey, Marion Mathews, Jo Beth Meadows, Louise Moorhead. Jean Mullins. Kav Olsen, Bettye Jo Scott, Laveita Stephens, Julia Tutton, Nancy Temple, Ruth Westbrook, Ann Whiting, Marianne York. . . . Altos: Gay Hannah, Marjorie Hatten, Donna Howard, Nickie Jackson, Norma Porter, Betty Shearouse, Mary Shearouse, Jo Stephens. . . . tenors: Don Boggus, Guerry Davis, John Hatten, Dudley McClain, jimmie D. Paulk, Richard Peters. . . . Basses: Arthur Bennett, Josiah Blasingame, Paul Bridges, Robert Brisendine. Dyer Edwards, Burt Fargason, Ray Gandy, Henry Hall, Wayne Martin, Ray Neal, Warren Phillips, Sonny Powell, Estes Rogers, Martin Sibley, Tom Tidwell, Harry Vickers, Ranee Wellborn. The North Georgia College Glee Club offers to all interested and reasonably adept students the opportunity to express their artistic sentiment in great choral works. Its several annual programs make a definite contribution to the entertainment life of the college, and its numerous trips over the state serve to help acquaint Georgians with our college. flortk Kjeorala Ljolteae GLEE CLUB Dr. Dismukes Director MlO. l!(J[lFFAIiD Pianist 108 GENERALS Miss June Martin Griffin, Georgia Sponsor " The Generals " furnish music for various social functions at North Georgia College, as well as for dances throughout the state. Its members are se- lected competitively from the student body. It is directed by one of its members. " The Generals " offers excellent training for those interested in pro- fessional orchestra careers. Trumpet: Saxophones: James Pierce Richard Johnson William Williams Max Spruel Dallas Clark Trombone: Richard Eaves Piano : William McElreath Charles Gammon Bass Fiddle : Martin Siblev Soloist : NicKFE Jackson Drums: « " I Mrs. Mahian Buuffard Advisor Marjorif. Hatten President ' -»S»i Dot deJarnette Secretary ||g John Cannon Treasurer The chief purposes of the John C. Sirmons Chapter of Future Teachers of America are to enable students at North Georgia College who are interested in becoming teachers to more fully understand the professional aspects of teaching, and to develop those qualities of leadership that will result in active participation in professional organizations after graduation. Efforts are made to develop ethical ideals and to enrich the social life of members; to contribute to the development of all students; and to foster education at the community, state, national, and international levels. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA First row: Dot dejarnette, Eugene Rex, Tommy Clyburn, Lois Wells, Emma Lou Woody. . . . Serond row: Peggy Howard, Janice Callo- way, Alice Milner. Mrs. Jules Trepagnier. Ella Fave Byers, Mary Lewis. . . . Third row: John Cannon, Jack Miller, Jimmie Vandiver, Alice Quillian, Hilda Smith, Mrs. Bouffard. . . . Fourth row: Mrs. Hatten, Guerry Davis, John Hatten, Rita Jarrard, Imogene Brown, Marv Honea, Dr. Southard. Mrs. R. E. Duncan Griffin, Georgia Co-sponsor Mrs. L. D. Hewell Elberton, Georgia Co-sponsor _ S fBr ?y Robert E. Duncan Robert E. Hewell Vice President Arthur Bennett Secretary- Treasurer INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Interfraternity Council is made up of three members from each of the fraternities. It is the function of this council to promote the smooth and close harmony between the Kex and Sigma Theta. The Council has as its social side one formal a year which is usually given in the winter quarter. The Council is ever striving to see that the fraternities give the student body a well-rounded social life. o Victor Hutchison Member G. Phelan Lowe Member William Mundy Member Robert Hewell President SIGMA THETA FRATERNITY Miss Theresa Smith Elberton, Georgia Sponsor As a leading factor in the fraternal and social life of the school, the Sigma Theta Fraternity has reached its present status in sixteen years of prosperous growth. The chapter was founded at North Georgia College in 1934, having been brought here by two faculty members. The Sigma Theta cooperates with the other fraternal and social organiza- tions on the campus to give the annual Interfraternity Council dance each winter. The fraternity sponsors many informal dances, banquets and picnics for its members and the student body. With its present growth and interest the Sigma Theta Fraternity can be expected to show even more progress in its future activities. Francis M. Sibley Chaplain Richard Eaves Sergeant-at-A rms Prof. Robert bEicHKi Faculty Advisor Arthur Bennett Vice President George W. BRooKsmRE Secretary Lamar Oxford 112 JoSIAH BlASINCAME Lamar Chafman Ray Neal « ' :i ik Elton Sumner Mervin Hawk John Olsen Grail Brookshire r Victor Hutchison WiLUAM Ray JaMes Anthony James Kinney Leonard Chapin Theo Rumble James Babb Benny Schopfer William Williams A Tim Heath CeralU White William Mupjdy President REX FRATERNITY Miss Joyce Penland Ellijay, Georgia Sponsor The Rex Fraternity is one of the traditional organizations of North Georgia College. It was organized in 1917 and is the oldest fraternity now on the campus. The main objective of the Rex is to promote friendship and brother- hood among its members and the student body. Each quarter several social events are sponsored by the Rex, including trips to the lakes, informal dances, and banquets. Robert Duncan 1st Vice President Phelan Lowe 2nd Vice President Marvin Doster Secretary and Treasurer Jimmy Stephens Sergean t-at-Arms k 1 Gene Anderson Charles Greer James Oakes Ralph Smith William J. Yaw Joe Avery BoBDY J. Harris Lloyd Pass Paul Stringer Jim Collins Wm. D. Christopher Guerry Davis Berry Henderson Wm. J. Livsey Thomas Minix James Pierce Paul Seals Guerry Shucart Harvey Thurmond Glenn Walls Phillip Wise Willys Davis Wm. Mullinax John Shucart Jesse Yaden I HEDGES 1 % 1 n, Hi i M M Robert Clark Bill Houk Larry Cook Harvey Jay Ronnie Duncan Jack Edwards Gary Hill Joe Hope James Pierce Don Randle Thomas Ruark Lamar Wilson FORENSIC SENATE Clifford Davis Senior Senator Presiden t North Carolina Miss Christine Cassels Atlanta, Georgia Sponsor Last year the Forensic Senate won seventy-five per cent of its intercollegiate debates. Though handicapped by the continued illness of former advisor. Mr. W. E. Clark, the school was represented at the All-Southern Debate Tournament at Agnes Scott and at the West Georgia Debate Tournament at West Georgia. Here the teams won first place as a school entry by the two teams having the best won-lost record as a school in the tourney. The Senate is justly proud of the record it has established through the years, and zealously works to maintain that record. JiMMV Stephens Senior Senator President Pro Tern Kentucky Paul Seals Senior Senator Clerk of the Senate Louisiana Jimmy Pierce Probationary Member Chaplain Florida Clifford Adams Senior Senator Sergeant-at-A rms Georgia Marvin Culpepper Probationary Member Alabama Harvey Jay Probationary Member Alabama Mr. Tommy F. Satterfield Faculty Advisor Carl Croft Probationary Member Mississippi «=»fo dsMk Samille Willis, Captain Mary Lewis, Co-captain Hippolytans Edward Nix Cleveland, Georgia Sponsor Peccy Smelley, Co-captain Carolyn Calloway, Captain Mercureans REC CLUB COUNCIL Lou inton. ' i President: Sue SeweU, President; Virginia Printz, Treasurer; Betty Shearouse, Reporter; June Malcom, Secretary. Jean Peters, Captain Ruth Wimpy. Co-captain Phi Omicrons Miss Lillian Johnston Advisor _.. t H l ki J B " ■ JBK |HL ' ' - mH H Ugt- Ho fca jiu l wJ ' .i SSmi tigolll H T sf wpMwSap " ' J ' ' « The Women ' s Recreation Association of North Georgia College, better known as the Rec Club, was founded in 1937 to provide opportunities and pro- mote interest and participation in wholesome rec- reational activities. Every girl is given an opportunity to join " one of the four teams: Hippolytan, Mercurean, Phi Omicron, and Trahlytan. The club is governed by a council consisting of the five officers plus the cap- tains and co-captains. Not only does the Rec Club hold tournaments each «year in various sports, but also sponsors social hikes and outings and informal dances. The Winter Formal is co-sponsored with the Interfraternity Council. Point systems for teams and individuals are used. At the end of the year the team which has- accumulated the most points is awarded a cup; the individuals are awarded em- blems, sweaters and stars. The Rec Club endeavors in every way to carry out its motto: " An activity for every girl — a girl in every activity. " Gay Hannah, Captain Alice Qltillian, Co-captain Trahlytans . : Samille Willis, Dolores Davis, Nancy Schumacher, Nancy Temple, Patsy Hudgins, Mary Burr Jenkins, Ann Harmon, Marguerite Slaton, Emmalou Woody, Dot Short, Sara Lacey, Betty Ann Smith, Jane Bailey. Donna Howard, Pat Brooks, Mary Lewis, Betty Shearouse, June Martin, Lucy Thomas, Sue Sewell, Lois Wells, Ann Oglesby. Carolyn Paradise, Sylvia Field, Jimmie Vandiver, Jean Church. Bill Sewell Sandy Springs, Georgia Sponsor HIPPOLYTANS 118 MERCUREANS " i CiROLYN Calloway Captain Ronnie Duncan Griffin, Georgia Sponsor Peggy Smelley, Carolyn Calloway, Pat Allred, Kay Olsen, Bobbie Rucker, Linda Chapman, Betty Jo Tatum, Jo Beth Meadows, Guynell Collier, Jo Stephens, Mary Eunice White, Lena Powell, Bena Bums, Nickie Jackson, Virginia Printz, Norma Jarrard, Peggy Howard, Lou Vinton, Dot dejamette, Jeanette dejarnette, Ann Stanley, Pem File. Barbara Norrell, Ann Massey, June Kemp, Wilma Lee, Di)de Harben. w. I V PHI OMICRONS . Ruth Wrinpv Co-captain Jimmy Anthony Dahlonega, Georgia Sponsor Ruth Wimpy. Jean Peters, Jackie Parris, Jo Ann Parris, Patsy Lath em, Jean Elliott, Lucy Horton, Rita Jarrard, Ruth Stancil, Norma Porter, June Malcom, Marianne York, Annette Reid, Gloria Lively, Minnie Sue Brooks, Imogen Brooks, Julia Tutton, Mary Frances Gilbert, Hilda Smith, Laura Brown, Peggy Watson, Mary Emma Benton, Gwenell Blackstock, Martha Jean Wheeler, Barbara King, Ruth West rook, Sue Rollins, Janet Lee, Frances Swafford, Juanita Moss, Betty Fargason, Eleanor Jones, Mary Honea, Ruble Wells, Joyce Pickens. • I f M ' r i v V- ' I Alice Quillian, Barbara Duncan, Ruthie Glover, Joan Lindsey, Louise Moorhead, Anne Purcell, Ann Nix, Jean Fowler, Sue Jane Mealor, Ann Whiting, Isobel Balfour, Jerry Wolfe, Pauline Gurley, Carol Dendy, Gay Hannah, Pat Davis, Gloria Anderson, Peggy Luttrell, Bar- bara Harris, Barbara Burdick, Carolyn Crumbly, Marion Mathews, Thelma Burel, Mildred Garrett, Mary Shearouse, Betty Jo Scott, Ann Frazer, Barbara Buice. Bill Perrin Qarkston, Georgia Sponsor TRAHLYTANS V ' . Wheeler Davidson President PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB Marvin Uoster Vice-President Gay Hannah Treasurer Miss Lillian Johnston Advisor Miss Mary Ann Slappey Blue Ridge, Georgia Sponsor The purpose of the Physical Education Club is to promote interest and provide opportunities for further study in Physical Education. The organization is profes- sional in nature and the programs which are presented by its members are recrea- tional as well as informational. The Club ' s members meet twice monthly and membership is extended to all indi- viduals who are interested in Physical Education. Jean Peters, Jean Church, Martha Jean Wheeler, Rubie Wells, Jo Stephens, Marvin Doster, Jean Fowler, Gay Hannah, Wheeler David- son, Donald Threlkeld, James Matthews, Ralph Smith, Lucy Horton, Carolyn Callaway, Gene Meeks, Lou Vinton, Jerry Wolfe, Bill Perrin. William Livsey, Harold Jones, Allen McLean. ■ J;s i Jimmy Moore, Charle- I!aill tl. I ' .arljara Ilum an. Lucy Thomas, Harold Jones, Jerry Burt, Luther Whitehead, George Donaldson, Ray Cooper, Bill Sewell, Raymond Denipsey, Bill Houk, Harold Nichols, Frank Mosley, William Livsey, Wheeler Davidson, Owen Harris, Leroy Mansfield, Smedley Breedlove, Phelan Lowe, Coach Russell. The Lettermen ' s Club is an organization of those students at North Georgia who have at any time earned an intercollegiate sports letter. Baseball, basketball, tennis, and rifle are considered to be conducted on an intercollegiate basis. Also qualifying as members are those students who have earned a letter in cheerleading, or who have gained sufficient points in intramural sports to have received a letter. It is the purpose of the Club, not only to promote good will and sportsmanship among all, but to provide an official organization and a medium of association for the lettermen of North Georgia College. It is to be considered that each member of the Lettermen ' s Club has at one time put forth extreme personal effort in behalf of the college activity which his or her letter symbol signifies. Vm. J. Livsey President James E. Moore Eldon L. Mansfield Vice-President Treasurer Phelan Lowe Secretary Coach Russell Faculty Advisor LETTERMEN ' S CLUB Mrs. G. H. Beli. Sponsor Major James A. Luttrell Advisor OFFICERS ' CLUB The membership of the OflScers ' Club consists of the Cadet Officers of the Battalion and any member of the Commandant ' s Staff expressing a desire to enter. The purpose of the Officers ' Club is to provide an agency, under the supervision of the P. M. S. T. and the Commandant, " for gathering and disseminating information pertaining to the cadet corps as a whole. For social benefit of the college, the Officers ' Club sponsors at least one formal dance each year and co-sponsors the annual Military Ball held during Graduation Week. Allan T. Ford President Victor H. Hutchison Vice-President James H. Matthews Secretary Bobby J. Harris Treasurer RoYCE C. Bahtlett Warren L. Boozer Grail L. Brookshire Leonard D. Chafin Clifford A. Davis 124 William H. Houk Harold R. Johnson Tunis P. Lang William J. Livsey Warner D. McClure ' Jfe fc f William E. Mundy James R. Oakes William H. Paquin Marvin E. Patterson Gilbert W. Pavlovsky Robert L. Peacock William S. Perrin Paul Seals Ralph H. Smith James H. Stephens Donald H. Threlkeld Harvey L. Thurmond Jules C. Trepacnier Glenn E. Walls NCO CLUB i 09 fj ' Arthur Bennett President Paul Stringer Vice-President Bill Brookshire Hiram Findley Treasurer ■ » ' ' A Major Goodman Advisor Miss Myrtle Bennett Conyers, Ga. Sponsor The primary aim of the N. C. 0. Club is to make a steady, continuous improvement of the battalion of cadets through the work and efTorts of all of the members. As part of the activities the N. C. O. Club sponsors and presents social functions for the enjoyment and benefit of the members and college. 126 - ' -S E ?3 . 1 — . ' .1 -■4r - - • ' 1 1 - ., ■===aa» J 1 1 C ! J - ' -i-3a » rA im ' 1 1 o r " ' ' " T ' - k ■-se ■ ' £ -i)|Mil %. - -W l iw SANFORD HALL .i: Mrs. Nix Cleveland, Ga. Sponsor Sue Vice-President Marv Treasurer Miss A. D. Advisor In 1943 the students of Sanford Hall were organized for the purpose of bringing students and advisor in closer rela- tionships. The officers are elected each spring by popular vote. They in turn collaborate with the advisor for the purpose of setting up standards that every student according to her class and academic rating is given privileges in line with her standing. Their desire is to make for better, happier, and more cooperative living together. i .- " fV ;; A. T.V. Christmas Time IVW A.fS i Rocking Chair Blues COED LIFE .1, More T. V. Sometimes we study and go ti ' rl,i HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Mary Shearouse President Mrs. H. S. Sheiarouse Decatur, Qa. Sponsor Miss Bessie L. Freeman Faculty Advisor Laura Jean Elliott, Barbara King, Norma Porter, Barbara Burdick, Bettv Ann Smith, Barbara Trepagnier, Gloria Anderson, Ruthie Glover, Nancy Temple, Mary Eunice White, Betty Jo Tatum, Lucy Horton, Sue Brooks, Ann Oglesby, Linda Chapman, Bobbie Rucker, Olivia Chambers, Miss Freeman, Lucy Thomas, Sue Sevfell, Carolyn Paradise, Jerry Wolfe, Mary Shearouse, Bobbie Scrogga, Carolyn Crumbley, Ruth Westbrook, Mary Honea, Miss Donovan, Louise Todd. I I I 1. irn mii Mrs. R. D. Dyson Sponsor Clifford Davis President Mr. Newton Oakes Advisor Bobby Hewell Vice-President FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS ' CLUB The Future Business Leaders ' Club of North Georgia College was organized in the spring of 1949 to meet a need felt by the Junior and Senior students of Business Administration and Secretarial Science for an oflRcial organization which would be in a position to present certain aspects of the business world which exist outside of the classroom. The club meetings also serve as a gathering for those students who, in the near future, will be associated in the world of business. Programs at these meetings ordinarily include speakers from business firms in Atlanta, Gainesville and other cities throughout North Georgia. It is the aim of the club to undertake to complete a project related to business which would remain in the Business Administration Department for use by future students and others who might profit by its utility. r r- -4 Thurjuan Anderson Arthur Bennett Warren Boozer Grail Brookshire 132 Leonard Chafin GuYNELL Collier Elder Crawford Willys Davis Robert Duncan Frank Findley Berry Henderson John Hodges Charles James Norma Jarrard Marvin Lawrence Sue Jane Mealor f» Juanita Moss Lamar Oxford Joyce Picke James H. Pierce Charles Pritchett Anne Purcell Claud Rally David Rc Charles Ruark Sue Sewell Henry Shucart Ruth Stancil Jules Trepagnier James Warden James Whitehurst 133 ' f ' fl ROHERT BrISENDIKE WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP Jo M. Stephens Secretary- Treasurer Dr. S. M. Huntley Advisor Mrs. F. L. Brisendine Conyers, Ga. Sponsor ' The purpose of this organization is to promote Christian Fellowship and to teach more clearly the principle and teachings of Christ. The Westminster Fellowship meets every Sunday evening when the college is in session. A short but interesting program is presented by the students in the Presbyterian Church. This is generally followed by an informal social at the home of one of the professors. Edith Davis, Jimmy Hinely, Jo Beth Meadows, Ruth Westbrook, Peggy Watson, Thelma Burel, Robert Brisendine, Alice Milner, Tom Glover, Robert Jones, Jo Stephens, Isobel Balfour, Guynell Collier, Mary Honea, Robert Kempson, James Dunlap, Ranee Wellborn, James Robertson, Dr. Huntley. 1 Bettye Jo Scott, Gay Hannah. Sue Jane Mealor, Carolyn Bowen, Mary Shearouse. Peggy Smelley, Sue Sewell, Mary Eunice White, Rev. Wilhams, Mrs. Williams, Martin Sibley, Dallas Clark, Jim Atha, Betsy Paradise, Marguerite Slaton, Powell Lang, Henry Hall, Kay Olsen, Beale Davis, Royce Williams, Edwin Prince, Don Long, Charles Gammon,. Jon McClure, John McClain, Bill Hodges, Paul Kellam, Ray Gandy, Paul Simms, Josiah Blasingame. The Wesley Foundation is the Methodist college student organization. It helps give the college student a spiritual growth along with the mental growth associated with the college. The Foundation meets each Sunday morning for Sunday School and each Sunday evening for a recreation and social period followed by a religious program. T. P. Lanc President Mary Shearouse Vice President Rev. Charles Williams Pastor-Advisor Miss Nancy Williams Dahlonega, Georgia Sponsor |gg| WESLEY FOUNDATION BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Wesley Phillips President Mrs. W. R. Phillips Ben Hill, Georgia Sponsor Baptist Student Union attempts to coordinate the •Baptist activities on the campus and serve as the link between the campus and the local church. Students automatically become members of BSD when they join the local church, Sunday School, or Training Union. BSU sponsors special programs, socials, deputations, study courses, and supports mission work. In this way, BSU strives to enrich the life of the student and further the belief that " Christ is the Answer. " Dr. Forester Faculty Advisor JoHANN Manning 1st Vice President Marjorie Hatten 2nd Vice President Clifford Snyder Guerry Davis 3rd Vice President 4th Vice President Donna Howard Secretary John Hatten Music Director Linda Chapman BTU Representative Mary Lewis 5.S. Representative Ann Whiting Historian 1. Swing your partner. 2. He must be sick. 3. Griff ' s, here we come. 4. Freshman talent. 5. Putting the ' Y ' Room to use. 6. Le nez. 7. What a monster! 8. The Band struts. 9. JFe three. ACKNOWLEDGMENT It takes a year to make a yearbook, and we have spent many long, weary hours working on this one. But every minute of it was fun. We hope you will enjoy looking at it in the years to come as much as we have enjoyed preparing it for you. Our sincere and heartfelt thanks go to all of you who have made any contribution, whether great or small. It is you who have made this edition possible. Shortcomings will be found in the CYCLOPS. They are inevitable in any publishing venture and especial ly when students fashion a book. The fact that the staff is made up of students, learning by solving the many problems involved, makes the book valuable other than as a record of the school year. Meet me at GRIFFIN ' S for Sandiviches - Sodas - School Supplies Toiletries - Tobaccos and A Friendly Game of Pool A Hearty Welcome Awaits You " Where the best is always sold " R. A. Griffin, Jr.. Proprietor DRUGS SODAS SUNDRIES Dahlonega Pharmacy " Just As Your Doctor Ordered " Phone 150 SEALTEST ICE CREAM - YOUR WALGREEN AGENCY ON THE SQUARE DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA. 139 Compliments of the Students FAVORITE HANGOUT THE NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE " THE CANTEEN " An Excellent Staff of Students The Center of The Campus Supplies for Your Every Need Jack Roberts, Manager Dahlonega Georgia " Everything from the ground up " Georgia Building Supply Co. Lumber and Building Materials Manufacturers and Distributors Gainesville, Georgia It Pays to Present a Neat Appearance WOODY ' S BARBER SHOP 14 Century Serving Students Dahlonega, Georgia Compliments of World ' s Largest Pest Control Company In road building or defense workir You can count on big yellow tractors by " Caterpillar. " YANCEY BROS. CO. 1 540 Northside Dr., N. W. • ATLANTA 1781 Fifteenth St. • AUGUSTA Compliments of LAURA ' S BEAUTY SHOP Dahlonega, Georgia Prompt Personal Service Matthews Printing Co. For Quality Printing 118 North Main St. Gainesville, Ga. 141 " Chief Sawnee Brand " SAWNEE PROVISION COMPANY " Packers of Quality Meat Products " Gumming Georgia Compliments of GEM JEWELRY CO. ' Where Satisfaction Costs So Little " INTERNATIONAL SILVER KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS Nationally Advertised Watches Gainesville Toccoa Gumming WHITEHEAD AUTO ELECTRIC SERVICE GOMPLETE AUTO TUNE-UP Distributors Magnetos Carburetors Windshield Wipers 118 Grove Street 712 and 173-W BEST WISHES from CHICOPEE MANUFACTURING CORPORATION OF GEORGIA Chicopee Georgia the Students Prefer — — — — AUNT BETTY ' S BREAD AND CAKES SMALL AND ESTES BAKERY Gainesville Georgia HUBERT VICKERS FUNERAL HOME Morticians— Instant Ambulance Service Phone 54 Dahlonega Georgia Co mpliments of SHARON JEWELRY CO. Watch Repairs Dahlonega Georgia J. C. PENNEY CO. " Where Savings Are Greatest ' GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA 143 When in Dahlonega Visit .... THE SMITH HOUSE " Where the Rooms are as Nice as the Meals are Good " W. B. Fry, Owner OUR 68th YEAR CAMPBELL COAL COMPANY A Complete Line of Coals, Building Materials and Builders Hardware I ATLANTA GEORGIA CAMERAS AND SUPPLIES Kodaks FRYE ' S FOTO SHOP Movie Cameras Enlargers 259 Peachtree St. Darkroom Projectors Atlanta, Georgia Ask for Our Late Catalog Supplies Compliments of WALL JEWELERS Headquarters for the Finest in SILVER - WATCHES - DIAMONDS " Visit Our Gift Shop " Ga nesville Georgia BEST WISHES from LEDFORD ' S PHARMACY " This is Your Store — We Conduct It " Drug and Fountain Service Phone 42 Gainesville Georgia Compliments to NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE Rov P. Otwell Cuniniing, Ga. Ford Motor Company Compliments of THE BOOK SHOP Gainesville Georgia Compliments of Frierson-McEver Co. QUALITY APPAREL FOR MEN Gainesville Georgia FOR THE UNUSUAL IN FLOWERS Gai nesville Florist ■H })ne of Fine ' ' loicers " F owcrs Telegraphed Everywhere 111 S Sycamore St. Phone 214 Gainesville, Ga. Courtesy - Efficiency - Dependable Service The Bank of Dahlonega " A Bank You Can Bank On " MEMBER F.D.I.C. Dahlonega Georgia DAHLONEGA RECREATION CENTER Yow Favarite Place to Eat and Play We are now serving FROSTED MALT Where N. G. C. Students Are Always Welcome Billiards Dahl mega Georgia Bay Way Laundry and Dry Cleaning Superior Laundering Phone 831 Gainesville GEORGIA Complhnents of C. M. HARRISON • Sinclair Products Recapping • GAINESVILLE GEORGIA Mather Gainesville Company Fiirnitiiie — Appliances 219 South Green Street GAINESVILLE, GA. |. E. Strickland — Rrj). This Area KINGAN CO. Atlanta, Georgia PORK AND BEEF PACKERS KING OF FINE FOOD a GA A £Smi£ OA. Phone 602 iijJlfB£ i CO. 1120 South Main Street Building Supplies AUTOMATIC GAS CO. OF GAINESVILLE Cooking - Heating - Water Heating ■ Relrigei ation Comp lete Service with Butane and Propa le 115 North Main Street Phone 1641 and 1928 P. O. Box 485 GAINESVILLE GEORGIA Johnson Furniture Co. Kelvinator Appliances Television — Radios Gainesville, Georgia 302 N. Bradford St. Phone 3184 Compliments of D. L. Findley Dairy Doraville, Ga. CHam. 7-2688 Rich in Vitamins Gathered ripe to capture the full vitamin flavor. If you cannot purchase this in your home own-write us-P.O. Box J. S., Chicago (90) Sexton CanipUinents of PIEDMONT DRUG CO. Excellent Drug Department And Soda Foinitain GAINESVILLE GEORGIA Complimenis McNair Lumber Supply Co. Ma in. (.cdigia Queen City Poultry Feed Co. p. O. Box 63li - 117 Raihoaii Ave. Chicks Feed Poultry Supplies Complixienis of J. D. JEWEL, INC. GAINESVILLE GEORGIA Compliments of PARKS SONS General Mcidiandise Dahlourga C.eorgia Compliments of DAHLONEGA CAFE Good Food - Drinks Dahlonega Georgia Complimenis of MINTZ JEWELERS Gaiucsvillt Jewelers (.aincsvillc Georgia DIXIE HUNT HOTEL Gainesville, Georgia Modem Good Meals Compliments of W. G. 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Pure Pasteurized Dairy Products Gainesville Georgia Compliments of PACOLET MANUFACTURING COMPANY NEW HOLLAND GEORGL GAINESVILLE Photographs for Particular People KERR ATLANTA, GA. 1720 PEACHTREE ROAD, NAV. - ATLANTA, GEORGL - Phone AT. 6953 McBurney Stoker And Equ ipment Compa ny Complete Stokers anc: All Repair Parts HEmlock 6511 2110 Peachtree Road Atlanta Ga. Gainesville Iron Works Established 1889 Gray Iron, Brass, Aluminum Castings Industrial Supplies Phone 261 Gainesville Georgia Id eal Clea ners Laundry Diy Clcaining - Tailo ing - Pressing 331 Northside Dr Gainesville Georgia CottipUnifnls of HULSEY ' S Georgia COME TO SUNDAY SCHOOL ATTEND OUR YOUNG PEOPLES SERVICES Your Churches Are Your Greatest Heritage THE FUTURE RESTS ON YOUTH OF TODAY WHAT YOU ARE TO BE YOU ARE BECOMING The Church Can Help You Be YoiDself Space Contributed by: DAHLONEGA BAPTIST CHURCH - - Rev. A. J. Johnson, Pastor DAHLONEGA METHODIST CHURCH - Rev. Charles Williams. Pastor DAHLONEGA PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH - Rev. Neelv D. McCarter Pastor Compliments of MONROE BRANCH CARWOOD MANUFACTURING COMPANY MONROE GEORGIA George Moore Ice Cream Company, Inc. 54-56 Alabama St., S.W. Atlanta Georgia It Pays to Advertise Lttce tke dawn aj: tke cenmtu, . WE HAVE SPECIALIZED IN THE PRODUCTION OF OUTSTANDING COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOKS FOOTE DAVIES, INC. PHONE WALNUT 4600 POST OFFICE BOX 5109 ATLANTA

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