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3 0642 00152 7392 ARCHIVES U428 C9 1946c. 3 North Georgia College CYCLOPS 1.31008 C ff i ] ttiucr»tty jSyelctu of iSeorgiii aljloncga, (icorgia OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT April 8, 19h6 To Our High School Friends: Under great difficulty our college Annual, the CYCLOPS, has been regularly published through the entire war period. With our hearty good wishes, we now present to your high school library a copy of the 19ljS-li6 edition. In it, many of you will find familiar faces, and we hope you will otherwise enjoy the volume. Of course you know that the University System Regents have authorized the development of North Georgia into a four-year or degree-granting institution. Here- after your entire college course may be completed at North Georgia and the A. B. or B. S. degree earned. The new col- lege will lose none of the vitality and attractions of the old North Georgia, but on the other hand, it will become one of the strongest senior colleges of the entire State University System. In this larger field we hope to serve the graduates of your high school for many years. Sincerely yours. JCRrO Rogers, ' ' Presidehi North Georc; College iL 1346 W UAM OWENS . Edn a I I I •i.Ji- ' ' -k- ' CYCLOPS 1. 1 oos iRGII Business Manager PROFESSOR ANDREW W. CAIN DEDICATION ANDREW W. CAIN Professor of Social Science This year it has been our aim to dedicate our annual to a person most representative of N.G.C. It is agreed that this person is Professor Andrew Cain — better known to the students as " Fadre " — for it is he who has faithfully served our school for more than 25 years. Professor Cain was born very near Dahlonega and attended grammar and high schools in neighboring towns. He entered N.G.C. at the time it was a four- year college and continued until graduation in 1900. During his school days at N.G.C. he made an excellent record. The first two years he entirely led his class, but after that, much of his time was devoted toward surveying in order that he might aid in paying his own way. He majored in Social Sciences, but was the winner of the Mathematics Medal. His lowest grade, which nearly broke his heart, was a 74 in Latin. After graduation, Mr. Cain went to Texas as a teacher and principal in a high school. There he met the beautiful young lady who was later to become Mrs. Andrew W. Cain. The two decided to turn into adventurers and go to the Philippines as teachers. It was there that he attended one of the vrorld ' s best schools in Manila at night and earned his master ' s degree. Here also, he wrote his first book THE HISTORY OF THE PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT — in order that the people might study such a subject. " Padre " became associated with N.G.C. as a teacher in 1920. In connection with his work here he made a trip to Europe in 1929 and visited the places of greatest historical value. His trip included an enti re summer during which he saw the larger part of twelve major countries. Also important in the life of Professor Cain are the two other books he wrote, METHODS FOR TEACH- ING and HISTORY OF LUMPKIN COUNTY. With all this we often wonder why his title remains Pro- fessor. He attended the University of Texas, Uni- versity of California, University of North Carolina, University of Virginia, and Columbia University in addition to those already mentioned, but he pursued the subjects he desired rather than those required to get the Ph.D. Degree. In token of our appreciation and through our love for him, it is with the greatest of pleasure that we dedicate our 1946 Cyclops to . . . PROFESSOR ANDREW W. CAIN. Professor Cain Delivers Fiery Armistice Address in Chapel FOREWDHD... Probably the best record that a school has of its past year ' s activities and events is its Yearbook. The Yearbook isn ' t a record of scholastic achievement, and it isn ' t supposed to be. But it is a record of student life and student organizations. With- out the Yearbook, perhaps no one could remember, after a few years have passed, all the persons that he or she came in con- tact with here in school. Therefore, the main purpose of the 1946 Cyclops is to try to help us never to forget our acquaintances at N.G.C. Of course, we cannot include everything we remember about the college, but we do hope that we have covered the most important features. wu you Wiii 3ind THE COLLEGE THE FACULTY THE CLASSES CAMPUS BEAUTIES SPONSORS SPORTS THE MILITARY FEATURES THE COLLEGE j- poudlu We J ciil nee INFIRMARY . euei ' ence hu r lumcy BARRACKS triue j of hu VJtoru Arnd ZJ or Una U i ume cJLouai oreuer l Ue it (I5e to hee opSaklna r jeuer Cy. C . ntrocli ucin 9 the FACULTY 13 NORTH GEORGIA ' S PRESIDENT DR. JONATHAN CLARK ROGERS, A.M., Ed.D. 14 ALICE DONOVAN Dean of Women Georgia State College for Women, B.S.H.E. JOHN C. SIRMONS Dean Emory University, Ph.B.; Emory University, A.M.; Graduate Student, Duke University SARA FRANCES ADAMS 3.B.A. University of Georgia ALLA M. BAILEY Mathematics Mississippi College, A.B.; University of Georgia, M.S. JOHN DURHAM ANTHONY . Physics-Biology Transylvania University, B.S.; Emory University, A.M.; Graduate Study, University of Kentucky. JOHN C. BARNES Mathematics North Georgia College, B.S.; Graduate Student, Harvard University. KERMIT R. ARY Diploma of David Lipscomb Harding College. GILBERT BARRE B. S., University of South Carolina; B.S. in C. E., University of South Carolina; M. S., University of South Carolina DESMOND BOOTH B. S., Georgia State College for Men; M.A., Emory University; Graduate Study, Univer- sity of North Carolina. ROBERT H. BELCHER Chemistry-Physical Science Georgia State College for Men, B.S.; University of North Carolina, M.S.; Graduate Study, Uni- versity of North Carolina. BESS BRYAN, R. N. College Nurse. RAY H. BLACK Treasurer-Business Manager FACULTY 16 NELL C. BURTON Physical Education-Biology Cumberland University, B.S. George Peabody College, M.A. ANDREW W. CAIN Social Science North Georgia College, A.B.; University of Philip- pines, A.M.; Graduate Study, University of Geor- gia, University of Texas, University of the Philippines, University of California, University of North Carolina, Columbia University, University of Virginia. GRACE CONNER Graduate, North Georgia College. MATTIE CRAIG Manager of Bookslore CAMILLUS J. DISMUKES French-Spanish Birmingham-Southern College, A.B.; University of North Carolina, A.M. FLANDERS BERT H, FLANDERS English mory University, A.B., A.M.; Duke University, Ph.D. HOWARD H. GILBERT, JR. Accountant HARRY B. FORESTER Biology University of Alabama, M.S.; University of Wis- consin, Ph.D. VERNELLE GILLESPIE Secretary Graduate, North Georgia College. LORIMER B. FREEMAN Geography-Commerce University of Georgia, B.S.C.; University of Geor- gia, M.S.C.; Graduate Study, Northwestern University, Harvard University. F ICULTY 17 HUTCHERSO SUSIE M. HARRIS Librarian A.B., Piedmont College; B.S. in L.S., Peabody College. BELLA LEE McCANN Assistant Librarian Graduate, North Georgia College. PAUL M. HUTCHERSON Major, Infantry, U.S.A. Professor of Military Science and Tactics. O. H. McMAHAN B.S., Oklahoma A. and M.; M.S., Oklahoma A. and M.; M.S., University of Arizona. C. E. LAWRENCE English A.B., Mercer University; M.A., Emory University. FACULTY JEAN MEYER Dietitian .S.H.E., Georgia State College for Women. J. W. PHILLIPS Assistant Bookkeeper ELLA RAY OAKES Assistant Registrar-Secretary Eastern Kentucky State Teachers College, B.S. EWELL G. PIGG Physics Central Missouri Teachers College, B.S.; Peabody College, A.M. NEWTON OAKES Commerce University of Kentucky, B.S., A.M.; Graduate Study, University of Kentucky. G. WYATTE H. POWELL Mathematics-tngineering Emory University, B.S., M.S.; Witten- berg College, M.A., Ed.; Graduate Study, Duke University. VERNELLE RAY Home Economics Alabama College, B.S.H.E.; George Peabody College, A.M. MAHALA ELIZABETH REDD Assistant Dietitian B.S.H.E., University of Georgia. C. A. SHEETS Physical Education University of Iowa, B.S., M.A.P.E. JOHN C. SIMMS Chemistry-Physical Science Millsaps College, B.S.; Vanderbilt Uni- versity, M.S.; Western Reserve Univer- sity, Ph.D. ESTELLA M. SIRMONS English Georgia State College for Men, B.S.; Special Graduate, LaGrange College; Graduate Study, University of Chicago, Emory University. FACULTY F. C. STATON Social Science M.A., University of Georgia. C. E. STEVENSON Education Oglethorpe University, A.B.; Graduate Study, University of Florida, University of Georgia, Duke University. LAMBUTH R. TOWSON Mathematics-Physics Emory University, B.S.; University of Georgia, A.M.; Graduate Study, Uni- versity of Chicago, University of North Carolina. CHARLES M. YAGER Physics-Engineering University of Maryland, BS in MS, Duke University, M. Ed. G. A. YORK Mathematics Elon College, A.B.; University of North Carolina, M.A. WILLIAM D. YOUNG Social Science Cumberland University, A.B., A.M.; Graduate Study, University of Chicago, Peabody College for Teachers. ye OIL v £ SOPHOMORES 21 SDPHDMDHE CLASS OFFICERS CLAUDE VANN President HAROLD CRAIG Vice-President DAVID TIPPINS Secretary CHARLES CURLEY Treasurer k- V V ( ; o i r - 22 SDFHDMOHES WILEY ANDERSON West Point, Ga. Sergeants ' Club; Sergeant, Company A . MILDRED L. BAILEY Macon, Ga. Cyclops Staff; Cadet Bugler Staff; Mercureans; White Honor Bar. SIMEON BELL Munnerlyn, Ga. Sergeants ' Club; Sergeant, Com- pany B; Y.M.C.A. Council. VIRGINIA BISHOP Watkinsville, Ga. Cyclops Staff; Cadet Bugler Staff; Glee Club; Hippolytan; Science Club. WILLIAM C. HOLDING Flowery Branch, Ga. Sergeants ' Club; Sergeant, Com- pany B; Y.M.C.A. Council; Rex Fraternity; Red Honor Bar. CHRISTINE BOLING Cumming, Ga. Phi Omicron. TED BURGESS Summerville, Ga. Sergeants ' Club; Sergeant, Com- pany B; Rex Fraternity. PATSY CARNEY Tate, Ga. Hippolytan. H D M D H WARREN F. CARTER Bonaire, Ga. Sergeants ' Club; Sergeant, Company A. JOHN MARSHALL CARTER Cordele, Ga. Sergeants ' Club; Sergeant, Company A; Rex Fra- ternity. JOHN D. CLEMENTS Columbus, Ga. Company A. ROBERT W. COLLIER Blakely, Ga. 2nd Lt., Company A; Rex Fraternity; Officers ' Club. HAROLD CRAIG Lawrenceville, Ga. Sergeants ' Club; Sergeant, Company A; Rex Fra- ternity. LEO OWEN CROSS Chicago, 111. Cadet Bugler Staff; 1st Lt., Company A; Pan-Hellenic Council; Sigma Theta Fraternity; Officers ' Club Sec- retary-Treasurer of Sigma Theta. JAMES WALLACE CRUMP .... Tennille, Ga. 2nd Lt., Comoany B; Sigma Theta Fraternity; Officers ' Club. NINA CRUMP Toccoa, Ga. Cyclops Staff; Mercurean; White Honor Bar; Cadet Bugler Staff. 24 CHARLES CURLEY West Point, Ga. Sergeants ' Club; Sergeant, Company A; Rex Fra- ternity; Secretary Treasurer Rex Fraternity. DOUG EDWARDS Gainesville, Ga. 2nd Lt., Company A; Red Honor Bar; Rex Fraternity; Officers ' Club. EVELYNE ELLIS Alpharetta, Ga. Cyclops Staff; Glee Club; Mercurean; Blue Honor Bar. ALICE EVELYN ETHRIDGE James, Ga. Cyclops Staff; Cadet Bugler Staff; Glee Club; Phi Omicron; Physical Ed. Club; Science Club; While Honor Bar; Secretary of Phys. Ed. Club. DORIS ANN FACKLER Atlanta, Ga. Glee Club; Trahlytan; Y.W.C.A. Council; B.S.U. Council. CELESTE FAUST Crawford, Ga. Trahlytan; Red Honor Bar; Captain Trahlytan Team; Recreation Council. KATHLEEN FRAZER Washington, Ga. Cadet Bugler Staff; Home Ec. Club; Hippolytan; President Home Ec. Club. HAROLD L. FOWLER Canton, Ga. Sergeants ' Club; Sergeant, Company B; Sigma Thela Fraternity, Pledge. D H M D H 25 . BARBARA GOEBEL Tallapoosa, Ga. Trahlytan; Red Honor Bar ERNEST GURLEY Dahlonega, Ga. Sergeants ' Club; Sergeant, Company A; Sigma Theta Fraternity. BRANSON GAYLER Lyerly, Ga. Captain, Staff; Officers ' Club. BILLY GIRTMAN Hazlehurst, Ga. Sergeants ' Club; Sergeant, Company A. RAY F. GREESON Chatsworth, Ga. Company B. COMER F. HAMPTON Commerce, Ga. Company A. FRANCES HARBEN Dawsonville, Ga. Phi Omicron Captain; Gold Honor Bar; Recreation Council. FORD HARBEN Dawsonville, Ga. Sergeants ' Club; Sergeant, Company A; Sigma Theta Fraternity. SDPHDMDRES :;ORDON HALL Valdosta, Ga Sergeants ' Club; Sergeant, Company B; Rex Fra ternity. MARY HENDERSON Brooks, Ga. Glee Club; Cadet Bugler Staff; Hippolytan; Dramatic Club; Wesley Foundation. JANE HINTON Tate, Ga. Home Ec. Club; Mercurean. CAROLYN BELL HUFF Buckhead, Ga. Home Ec. Club; Glee Club; Phi Omicron. RALPH IVEY Cordele, Ga. Cadet Bugler Staff; Captain, Staff; White Honor Bar; Y.M.C.A. V-Pres. Prog. Chm; B.S.U. Pres Sigma Theta Chctpl Science Club Prog. Chm.; Y.M.C.A. Council; B.S.U. Council; Science Club; Officers ' Club; Sigma Theta Fra- ternity. JESSE JACKSON Mayfield, Ga. Sergeants ' Club; Sergeant, Company B; Red Honor Bar; Rex Fraternity. H. G. JARRARD Gainesville, Ga. Cadet Bugler Staff; Glee Club; Captain Band; White Honor Bar; Secretary Officers ' Club; Vice-Pres., Rex Fraternity; Pan Hellenic Council. BETTY JONES Tallapoosa, Ga. Cyclops Staff; Mercurean; Science Club. SDPHDMDHES SDPHDMDRES MARIE KENDALL Dahlonega, Ga. GEORGE HAROLD KILPATRiCK Forest Park, Ga. Sergeants ' Club; Sergeant, Cc. A. DORIS JEAN KING Comer, Ga. Cyclops Staff; Cadet Bugler Staff; Glee Club; Trahlytan; Dramatic Club; Wesley Foundation Coun- cil; Blue-White-Blue Honor Bar. MARY EDNA KLING LaFayette, Ga. Glee Club; Phi Omicron; White Honor Bar; Wesley Foundation Council. PHOEBIE LANGFOHD Winder, Ga. Hippolytan. SUZANNE LEAGUE Gainesville, Ga. Trahlytan. ROY EDMOND McCARD Thomaston, Ga. Sergeants ' Club; Glee Club, First Sergeant, Band. JOHN CHARLES MADDOX Madison, Ga. Sergeants ' Club; Sergeant, Com- pany B; Red Honor Bar; Y.M.C.A. Council; Sigma Theta Fraternity. SDPHDMDRES MARY ANNE MARTIN Commerce, Ga. Cadet Bugler Staff; Glee Club; Mercurean; Blue Honor Bar; Pres- ident, Y. W. C. A.; Y. W. C. A. Council. JOY MAYNARD Winder, Ga. Glee Club; Hippolytan; Wesley Foundation Council. | ELMA MATHEWS Winder, Ga. Hippolytan; Red Honor Bar. JAMES DAVIS MATTHEWS Gainesville, Ga. Band; Y.M.C.A. Council. HARRY THOMAS MAY Sandersville, Ga. 2nd Lt., Company B; Rex Fra- ternity; Officers ' Club. BETTY JEAN MERTZ Tennille, Ga. Hippolytans. ELLEN MILLER Atlanta, Ga. Phi Omicron; Blue Honor Bar. MARY ANNE MOORE Gainesville, Ga. Home Ec. Club; Mercurean. H D M D H BILLY NICHOLS Jackson, Miss. Sergeants ' Club; Sergeant, Band. MARY RUTH NIX Cleveland, Ga. Trahlytan; Blue-White-Blue Honor Bar; Recreation CHARLIE PAYNE Sea Island, Ga. Cadet Bugler Staff; Physical Ed Club; 1st Lt. Com- pany B; Treas., Phys. Ed. Club; Secy. Treas. Y.M.C.A.; Business Mgr., Cadet Bugler; 2nd Vice- Pres., Rex Fraternity; Y.M.C.A. Council; Pan-Hellenic Council; Rex Fraternity; Officers ' Club. JOHN BONNELL PEARCE Atlanta, Ga. Sergeants ' Club; Glee Club; Sergeant, Co. B; Y.M.C.A. Council; Rex Fraternity; Red Honor Bar. BILL PRESCOTT Conyers, Ga. Captain, Company B; Red Honor Bar; Sigma Theta Fraternity; President Sigma Theta; Vice-Pres. Pan- Hellenic Council; Treasurer, Officers ' Club. BOB PURCELL Ball Ground, Ga. Sergeants ' Club; Sergeant, Company A, White Honor Bar. MATTIE REAMES Ridgeville, Ga. Glee Club; Phi Omicron; Red Honor Bar. ALICE BELLE REDMOND Decatur, Ga. Home Ec. Club; Mercurean; Dramatic Club; Blue Honor Bar; Pres. Sanford Hall; Y.W.C.A. Council. 30 ANDREW W. REID Athens, Ga. Major, Staff: President, Officers ' Club. BILL ROBISON Monroe, Ga. Company B; Rex Fraternity. KATHRYN SESSOMS .... Avondale Estates, Ga. Cyclops Staff; Cadet Bugler Staff; Trahlytan; White Honor Bar; Secretary Treasurer, Y.W.C.A.; Y.W.C.A. Council; Recreation Council; Science Club. WYNNETTE SMITH Newnan, Ga. Hippolytan; Recreation Council. JOE STEPHENSON Summerville, Ga. Sergeants ' Club; Sergeant, Company B; Rex Fra- ternity. JULIUS A. STILL Gainesville, Ga. Cadet Bugler Staff; Sergeants ' Club; Glee Club; S Sergeant, Band; Red Honor Bar; Y.M.C.A. Council; B.S.U. Council; Rex Fraternity. BILL STOVER Sycamore, Ga. 1st Lt., Band; Blue Honor Bar; Officers ' Club. LENORA TATE Denton, Ga. Cyclops Staff; Cadet Bugler Staff; Glee Clubs; Hippo- lytan; Dramatic Club; Science Club. D H M D H 31 SDPHDMDHES LURENE TATE Gainesville, Ga. Home Ec. Club; Glee Club; Hippolylan; Science Club. JOAN TERRY Gumming, Ga. Home Ec. Club; Glee Club; Hippolylan; Physical Ed. Club. DAVID TIPPINS Claxton, Ga. Sergeant ' s Club; S Sgt., Com- pany B; Blue Honor Bar; Rex Fraternity. JOE THRASHER Winder, Ga. Cyclops Staff; Sergeants ' Club; Sergeant, Company B; Rex Fraternity; Photographer, Cyclops Staff. CLARENCE L. TUCKER Homer, Ga. Sergeants ' Club; Sergeant, Co. B, Officer, Rex Fra- ternity; Officer, Sergeants ' Qub. BILL TOWSON Knucklesville, Ga. Cyclops Staff; Cadet Bugler Staff; Sergeants ' Club; Physical Ed, Club; Sergeant, Company A; Blue-White-Blue Honor Bar; Gle. Club; Rex Fraternity, Pledge. CLAUDE VANN Vidalia, Ga. Sergeants ' Club; S Sgt., Company A; President, Ser geants ' Club; Vice-President, Sigma Theta Fraternity; Pan-Hellenic Council. LUTHER M. VINTON, JR Atlanta, Ga Cadet Bugler Staff; Captain, Staff; Blue ' Bar; Co-editor, Cadet Bugler; President, $ Secretary, Sigma Theta Fraternity; Offi. SDFHOMDHES OVEDA WEHUNT Ball Ground, Ga, Home Ec. Club; Phi Omicron. JANIE WEST Sautee, Ga Glee Club; Phi Omicron. WILLIAM PARKER WESTBROOK, JR Albany, Ga. Captain, Co. A; Pres., Rex Fra- ternity; Vice-Pres., Officer ' s Club; Pres. Pan-Hellenic Council. FLORA NELLE WHITMIRE Gainesville, Ga. Glee Club; Trahlytan; Physical Ed. Club. ZELLA A. WILBANKS Gainesville, Ga. ELSIE WILLIAMS Tallulah Falls, Ga. Home Ec. Club; Captain, Mercu- reans; Dramatic Club. JOYCE EUGENIA WILLIS Chicopee, Ga. Cyclops Staff; Glee Club; Hippolytan; Dramatic Club; Captain, Hippolytan; Recreation Council; Science Club. BILLY BUCK WOODY Suches, Ga. 2nd Lt., Band; Gold Honor Bar; Y.M.C.A. Council; Officers ' Club. SQFHDMDHES ANN WOOLSEY Woolsey, Ga. Cyclops Staff; Cadet Bugler Staff; Glee Club; Trahlytan; Dramatic Club; Gold Honor Bar; Wesley Foundation Council; Recreation Council. DAVID WALTON WYNNE Perry, Ga. Cadet Bugler Staff; Sergeants ' Club; Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Sergeant, Company A; Red Hon- or Bar; Y.M.C.A. Council; B.S.U. Council; Science Club. BEN YARBROUGH Madison, Ga. Sergeants ' Club; Sergeant, Com- pany B; Red Honor Bar. SHIRLEY ZIEGLER Avondale Estates, Ga. Co-editor, Cadet Bugler Staff; Glee Club; Trahlytan; Dramatic Club; Blue-White-Blue Honor Bar; Y.W.C.A. Council; President, Rec- reation Council; Parliamentarian, Science Club. ' T O I O.J mt ecxcW- " (■ r1 . .. 1 34 €, ueina the FRESHMEN OFFICERS VIRGINIA KINGERY President EDMUND BUTLER Vice-President FRESHMAN CLASS ALIGENE ABERCROMBIE Dahlonega, Ga. MARVIN ADAMS Danielsville, Ga. SAM ADAMS Hashville, Ga. BETTYE ANDERSON Chatsworth, Ga. RITA ANDREWS Hapeville, Ga. ROANNE RUBY ARRENDALE Tiger, Ga. GEORGE ARTHUR Chatsworth, Ga. KENNETH L. BAILEY Sardis, Ga. SARA BAKER Rockmart, Ga. ARTHUR H. BARIE Marietta, Ga. MIRIAM BARNETT Commerce. Ga. JOSH BARROW Barwick, Ga. WILLIAM THOMAS BARRON Decatur, Ga. WYNDLE BATES Atlanta, Ga. BOWEN BAXTER Avondale Estates, Ga. CHARLES BECKHAM Molent, Ga. GEORGE BENTLEY Marietta, Ga. JOEL T. BILES Griffin, Ga. RACHEL BEDINGFIELD Tennille, Ga. BARNEY B. BISHOP Fort Valley, Ga. BETTY BLACKWELL Danielsville, Ga. LEWIS DANIEL BLEDSOE Perry, Ga. TED BLIZZARD Mt. Vernon, Ga. ARGIN BOGGUS Fitzgerald, Ga. ABERCROMBIE ADAMS AKINS ANDERSON ANDREWS ARRENDALE ARTHUR BAILEY BAKEH BARIE BARNETT BARROW BARRON BATES BEDINGFIELD BISHOP BLACKWELL BLEDSOE BLIZZARD BOGGUS BOWERS, B. BOWERS, I. BOYD BRANAN BROOKS BROWN, D. BROWN, F. BROWN, J. H. BROWN, J. E. BROWN, P. BRUCE BURCH BURRELL BURT BUSSEY BYRD BUTLER, E. BUTLER, W. BEVERLY BOWERS Canon, Ga. JEAN BOWERS Hapeville, Ga. FRANK BOYD Dahlonega, Ga. ALBERT HUGH BRANAN . . . Gordon, Ga. STAFFORD R, BROOKE .... Dalton, Ga. DOYLE BROWN Bowersville, Ga. FRANCES BROWN Jefferson, Ga. JAMES HERMAN BROWN . . Gainesville, Ga. JOE E. BROWN Hinesville, Ga. PARKER BROWN Conley, Ga. MARY BETH BRUCE Martin, Ga. LONNIE F. BURCH Tennille, Ga. THEDA BURRELL .... Tallulah Falls, Ga. J. M. BURT, JR Dawson, Ga. PRESTON BROOKS BUSSEY . . Auqusia, Ga. DONALD BYRD .... Walnut Grove, Ga. EDMUND R. BUTLER Cordele, Ga. WALTER CLARK BUTLER . . . Macon, Ga. BETTY CALLOWAY . . . Tallulah Falls, Ga. LESLIE CANNADY .... Tallahassee, Fla. RALPH T. CANNON .... Fort Valley, Ga. PERRY CARMICHAEL .... Madison, Ga. ISAAC FELTON CASSEY .... Dalton, Ga. DONALD CHESNUT Macon, Ga. PHIL VESTON CLARK Tote, Ga. ROBERT A. CLAY De Soto, Ga. JIM MIE CLEMENTS Rosv ell, Ga. MARGARET COBB Hartwrell, Ga. REUBEN E. COFER Rayle, Ga. ESTELLE COFFEY . ... Chatsvi orth, Ga. ELOISE COGBURN Jasper, Ga. HARRY COHEN Alma, Ga. JAMES COLEMAN Doerun, Ga. WILEY C. COLLIER .... Fort Valley, Ga. ROBERT C. COLLINS . . . Montezuma, Ga. BEVERLY COLWELL .... Hapeville, Ga. CALLOWAY CANNADY CANNON CARMICHAEL CASSEY CHESNUT CLARK CLAY CLEMENTS COBB COFER COFFEY COGBURN COHEN COLEMAN COLLIER COLLINS COLWELL BILLY COVINGTON DURANT .... Waycross, Ga. ALBERT EAGAN College Park, Ga. ANNE EDGE Calhoun, Ga. BRADLEY D. EDMONDSON Gainesville, Ga. JOSEPH B. EDWARDS Raymond, Ga. JOSEPH N. EDWARDS Madison, Ga. SYBIL ELIZABETH ELDER Jefferson, Ga. BETTY JEAN ELLIS Cordele, Ga. BETH ELROD Commerce, Ga. GENE ETHERIDGE Perry, Ga. JAMES T. ETHERIDGE Amsterdam, Ga. KATHLEEN ROSE EVANS Wadley, Ga. JIMMIE FARMER Athens, Ga. FRANKIE FITTS Marble Hill, Ga. AILENE FOWLER Cartersville, Ga. ROBERT D. FREEMAN Nicholson, Ga. FRESHMEN ELIZABETH COMBS Tunnell Hill, Ga. RUBYE CONNELLY Monticello, Ga. HAROLD B. CONNER Gainesville, Ga. MARY COOPER Gainesville, Ga. DOT CORN Blue Ridge, Ga. JOHN MARTIN COWART Arlington, Ga. KATHERINE COWART Elberton, Ga. LOUISE CRANE Cleveland, Ga. JO DANIELS Danielsville, Ga. CHARLES N. DAVIS Dixie, Ga. HAZEL ANNE DEAN Bowersville, Ga. BILLY F. DISMUKE Albany, Ga. ALFRED GREER DOVER Ellijay, Ga. HILL DOVER Ellijay, Ga. MARY RUTH DRAKE Senoia, Ga. JOHN DUGGAN Macon, Ga. 1 lil BILLY HARGETT Columbus, Ga. RUTH HARKINS Cleveland, Ga. JULIAN HARLEY Sparta, Ga. MERRILL W. HARPER Hartwell, Ga. HARRIET HARGROVE Eaton, Ga. ADAIR HARRIS Decatur, Ga. LYNDON HARRIS Atlanta, Ga. ROY HARRIS Fort Valley, Ga. WILLIAM H. HARRISON Boston, Ga. BARBARA ANN HAVi ES Norcross, Ga. MARTHA L. HAWKINS Canton, Ga. WANDA HAWKINS Ramhurst, Ga. CROFFORD HAYES Calhoun, Ga. lEAN HEALAN Winder, Ga. EARL HEATH Junction City, Ga. SIDNEY HENDRY Hinesville, Ga. LORRAINE FRYE Tallulah Falls, Ga. THURSTON FUTCH Macon, Ga. BUSTER GARRISON Homer, Ga. W. M. GIGNILLIAT Brunswick, Ga. CLARK T. GILBERT Daring, Ga. VICTOR GOEBEL Tallapoosa, Ga. JOHN GOODING West Point, Ga. RAY FRED GORE Austell, Ga. CLAUDIA GREEN Bostwick, Ga. LAMAR GREEN Canton, Ga. JAMES JATHAN GREGORY ChatswortJi, Ga. JACK ROBERT GRIFFETH Tate, Ga. DUDLEY GUNN Millen, Ga. JOHN HINDSMAN HAINES Atlanta, Ga. JIMMY HANCOCK Louisville, Ga. THOMAS JULIAN HARDY Woodbury, Ga. FRESHMEIV LESTER HENLEY DanielsviUe, Ga. CHARLES HERRING Cumraing, Ga. BONSON P. HERRINGTON Sardis, Ga. ROY HICKS Yatesville, Ga. THOMAS W. HICKS Conyers, Ga. NANCY HINSON Folkston, Ga. HENRY HITCH Fitzgerald, Ga. HARRY HODGES Loganville, Ga. ROBERT JAMES HOLDT Demorest, Ga. MARTHA HOOD Lawrenceville, Ga. EUGENE LEWIS HORNE Augusta, Ga. MILDRED HORTON East Point, Ga. EDWARD J. HOWELL Vienna, Ga. JAMES H. HUBBARD Emmerson, Ga. ELIZABETH J. HUNTER Marietta, Ga. ALENE JOHNSON Ellijay, Ga. SARA ELIZABETH JONES Dahlonega, Ga. NISBET S. KENDRICK, JR Waynesboro, Ga. DEFOREST KENEMER Dalton, Ga. BOBBY KENNEDY Cobbtown, Ga. EUGENE M. KING Cartersville, Ga. VIRGINIA KINGERY Gordon, Ga. HERBERT KIZER Jefferson, Ga. ANNE E. KLING Lafayette, Ga. LYNDA LAMBETH Decatur, Ga. AUDREY LANE Alpharetta, Ga. LUCILE LEARD Bowersville, Ga. FRED LEON LEE Villa Rica, Ga. JEAN LEHNHERR Cartersville, Ga. ELAINE LEWIS Atlanta, Ga. JANE LEWIS Atlanta, Ga. LESLIE LEWIS Waynesboro, Ga. BETTY JEAN LIPSCOMB Dahlonega, Ga. CLABIE LLOYD Gainesville, Ga. DORIS LOWRY Lawrenceville, Ga. FHESHMEM GENE J. LOWRY LawrenceviUe, Ga. JIMMY LUKE Ashburn, Ga. HERBERT LEO McCOLLUM Canon, Ga. HENRY B. McCOY Woodbury, Ga. JOHN McDonald Ashbum, Ga. WALTER MATTHEW McDONALD Decatur, Ga. GEORGE B. McKENNEY AusteU, Ga. STEWART McLEOD EUaville, Ga. BEN R. McREE Athens, Ga. CHARLOTTE MABRY Atlanta, Ga. STARR MADDOX Dalton, Ga. JACK MAEGER Dalton, Ga. R. H. MAHAFFEY LawrenceviUe, Ga. CHARLIE CARROLL MARTIN Coolidge, Ga. EDWIN CANNON MARTIN Blakely, Ga. HAROLD MARTIN Gainesville, Ga. THOMAS J. MATHEWS Buena Vista, Ga. HOWELL MAYO WrightsviUe, Ga. CHARLIE JOE MEADOW Cordele, Ga. KENNETH MEDDERS Calhoun, Ga. JO MESCHINE Clarksville, Ga. MICKEY GREEN MIDDLETON Colquitt, Ga. HENRY MILES Dunwoody, Ga. H. J. MILLER Calhoun, Ga. COLLIER MILLS Fort Gaines, Ga. GEORGE E. MILLS Gainesville, Ga. BETTY JANE MITCHELL East Point, Ga. JIMMY MITCHELL Griffin, Ga. CHARLES B. MOODY Calhoun, Ga. SIDNEY MOODY Canton, Ga. GEORGE S. MOORE Calhoun, Ga. JACK MOORE Albany, Ga. JOHNNY MOORE Dahlonega, Ga. WHITEFORD MOORE Ludowici, Ga. WARREN MORAN Augusta, Ga. MURDAUGH MURRELLE NASH NELSON NESBITT, I. NESBITT, W. NEWEOM O ' DILLON OLVEY O ' NEAL OSBORN OWEN OWENS ROBERT H. MORELAND . . . Statesboro, Ga. SARA MOTES Rockmart, Ga. MARGARET MOULTRIE . . Woodbury, Ga. GEORGE K. MOXIEY .... Wadley, Ga. L. LAMAR MURDAUGH .... McRae, Ga. JIMMY MURPHY Morrow, Ga. BILL MURRELLE Hollywood, Fla. OPAL KATE NASH Decatur, Ga. WILLIAM NELSON .... Thomaston, Ga. JIMMIE NESBITT Leary, Ga. WILLIAM F. NESBITT .... Calhoun, Ga. ERIC NEWSOM Reynolds, Ga. MARVIN O ' DILLON Tennille, Ga. SYLVIA OLVEY Blue Ridge, Ga. JO ANN O ' NEAL East Point, Ga. CATHERINE OSBORN .... Ellijay, Ga. DAVID M. OWEN Calhoun, Ga. WILLIAM G. OWENS . . . Dahlonega, Ga. ANNE PALMER Loganville, Ga. CAROLYN PALMER .... Hapeville, Ga. ERNESTINE PALMER .... Dahlonega, Go. JULIA PALMER Atlanta, Ga. NORMA PALMER .... Loganville, Ga. NELL PARIS Rockmart, Ga. HENRY A. PARRISH Wrens, Ga. HARRY PARTRIDGE .... Lincolnton, Ga. ALLIE PERKINS Rockmart, Ga. EARL FRANKLIN PHILLIPS . Hinesville, Ga. GARLAND PINHOLSTER . . . Valdosta, Ga. HAROLD E. PINSON . . . Gainesville, Ga. MILES POPPELL Homerville, Ga. BILLY POWELL Cairo, Ga. HENRY G. POWELL .... Brunswick, Ga. VIRGIL PRICE Vidette, Ga. JOHN C. PROCTOR Brooklet, Ga. DORSEY PURCELL Columbus, Ga. PALMER, A. PALMER, C. PALMER, E. PALMER, I. PALMER, N. PARIS PARRISH PARTRIDGE PERKINS PHILLIPS PINHOLSTER PINSON POPPELL POWELL, B, POWELL, H PRICE PROCTOR PURCELL i ;iMi Ask Kib RAINES RAY REECE REEVES REYNOLDS RICHARDS RICHARDSON, R. RICHARDSON, V . ROBBINS ROGERS, I. ROGERS, O. ROYAL ROWLAND SAFFOLD SATTERFIELD, F. SATTERFIELD, S. SANDERS SELF LULA RAINES Cordele, Ga. HUBERT RAY Tate, Ga. CATHERINE BERRELL REECE . EUijay, Ga. JAMES L. REEVES Chester, Ga. BOBBIE REYNOLDS Atlanta, Ga. LUCILLE RICHARDS . . . Marble Hill, Ga. ROBERT C. RICHARDSON . . Lumpkin, Ga. WILLENE RICHARDSON . . . Hartwell, Ga. BETTY JO ROBBINS .... Atlanta, Ga. JEFF ROGERS Augusta, Ga. OLIVER ROGERS .... Tunnel Hill, Ga. PETE HARRIS ROYAL . . . Statesboro, Ga. JOE ROWLAND Wrightsville, Ga. THOMAS NOEL SAFFOLD . . Madison, Ga. Vi lLLlAM C. SANDERS . . . Cordele, Ga. FRANK SATTERFIELD Perry, Ga. SARA SATTERFIELD .... Dahlonega, Ga. CLARA JO SELF Blairsville, Ga. DAN SHIRLEY Lavonia, Ga. ELSIE SHORT Clarksville, Ga. REX SHUGART Calhoun, Ga. WILLIAM MARVIN SISK . . Lexington, Ga. ALBERT D. SMITH Lindale, Ga. CATHERINE SMITH Toccoa, Ga. CHARLIE CURTIS SMITH . . Fitzgerald, Ga. MARY FRANCES SMITH . . . Hapeville, Ga. WILLIAM SMITH Avondale, Ga. HENRY C. SPARKS .... Washington, Ga. ROBERT L. SPENCER Perry, Ga. WILLIAM DIFFEE STANDARD . Cordele, Ga. JOHN C. STANTON, JR Albany, Ga. JOHN A. STARK .... Lawrenceville, Ga. FRANCES STATON .... Gainesville, Ga. DOROTHY STEPHENS .... Cordele, Ga. ERBY T. STEPHENS, JR. . . Dawsonville, Ga. JEAN STEPHENSON .... Waycross, Ga. SluIITH, C. C. SMITH, M. SlvlITH, W. SPARKS STANTON STARK STATON STEPHENS, D. STEPHENS, E. STEPHENSON, J. CLEALON WASDIN Screvin, Ga. JUNE WATSON Wadley, Ga. LOUISE WESTBROOK Gainesville, Ga. WILL WHATLEY Vidalia, Ga. BETTY ANN WHELCHEL Clermont, Ga. HENRY C. WHELCHEL Cordele, Ga. JEAN WHITE Suches, Ga. WILLIAM WHITTLE Brunswick, Ga. CHARLES H. WILKINSON Claxton, Ga. PAUL WILKINSON Claxton, Ga. ROBERT S. WILLIAMS Winder, Ga. MARIAN WOOD Alpharetta, Ga. BILL WOOLARD Sylvester, Ga. FREDDIE WOOTEN Homerville, Ga. CHARLES Vi RIGHT Summerville, Ga. JEAN ZIEGLER Avondale Estates, Ga. CARTER M. STOUT McRae, Ga. HELEN TATUM ClarksviUe, Ga. PHILIP TEMPLES Blakely, Ga. GERALD DOSS THOMAS ., Cairo, Ga. JAMES THOMPSON Atlanta, Ga. RACHEL THORNTON Elberton, Ga. BERNICE TILLEY White, Ga. EDWIN O ' NEAL TIMMONS .... West Point, Ga. EARL C. TROUP Fitzgerald, Ga. JAMES TRULUCK Vienna, Ga. JAMES C. TYGART Nashville, Ga. HAROLD VERNER Norcross, Ga. OUINCY VICKERS, JR Darien, Ga. HUGH WALKER Fayelteville, Ga. RAY L. WARD Marietta, Ga. TURNER WARMACK Chatsw orth, Ga. FHESHMEIV I l- redentin 9 the A. S. T. R. P JOHN A. ALBERS Day on, Ohio FRED BAKER Boykins, Virginia LESLIE A BARR Muncey, Indiana CHARLES H. BEIGER Logansport, Indiana FLOYD R BENNETT Morganton, N. C. WILLIAM BLOOD East Rochest er, N. Y. ARMY SPECIALIZED TflAINIIVG RESERVE PROGRAM WILLIAM BOLTON, JR. Toronto, Ohic JAMES WILSON BRISTOW Inverness, Ala. RUSSELL CALVIN Phillipsburg, N. J. CONRAD E. CARROLL Mayiield, Ky. ROBERT E. CLARK CanandaiguQ, N. Y. HARRY FRANKLIN CLEGG Bunnell, Fla. SANFORD L. CRAWFORD Toledo, Ohio ROLLIN LEE GULP I Cleveland Heights, Ohio MALCOLM A. DACK Syracuse, N. Y. BERNARD E. DAVIS St. Johnsville, N. Y. THOMAS DeVENNY VANCE DRAV ' DY Freeburn, Ky Jedburg, S. C ARMY SPECIALIZED TRAIIVIIVG RESERVE PROGRAM EUGENE L. DUNN Portsmouth, Ohio. JEROME C. ELLIOH, JR. Atlanta, Go. PAUL ENGLISH Greene, N. Y. Syracuse, N. Y. DONALD B. FAIRCHILD Ashland, Ky. CHARLES RAYMOND FIELD Potlersville, N. J. ARMY SPECIALIZED THAHVING RESERVE PROGRAM WILLIAM A. FOWLER Thomaston, Georgia PHILIP FRANKLIN Washington, D. C. lERRY R. GUINE Moundsville, W. Va. ROBERT LEE GUTGSELL Jasper, Indiana CHARLES P. HAMER RICHARD G. HANNA Chardon, Ohio ALBERT C. HEGYBELI Cleveland, Ohio C. W. HOSKINS Otway, Ohio ARDEN JACKSON Gassaway, W. Va. CALWEY HARLAN JOHNSON Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio JACOB EDWIN JOINER Sparks, Georgia NELSON JONES Gulfport, Mississippi 48 ARMY SPECIALIZED TRAmilVG RESERVE PROGRAM STANLEY KALECH Cleveland, Ohio GEORGE M. KEADLE Williamson, West Va. GEORGE L. KELBERT Bradenton, Fla. MANFRED KRAUSE ROGER W. KIRT Cincinnati, Ohio Toledo, Ohio ROBERT E. LANGSTON Athens, Ohio TOM R. LEIST Dayton, Ohio JOHN THOMAS LENDRUM Norwalk, Ohio LELAND C. LONG Huntington, West Va. JAMES M, MASSEY Florence, Alabama RHEA MAYHUGH Bradenton, Florida JAMES MERCER Tupelo, Miss. 49 CHARLES A. MILLER ELIJAH F. MOORE Macon, Georgia EUGENE M. NEWBERNE Adel, Georgia FREDERICK R. PARKER Stone, Ky. LaFayette, Tenn. HERBERT POWELL Urbana, Ohio ARMY SPECIALIZED TRAIIVIIVG RESERVE PROGRAM MARVIN E. RILEY Richmond Dale, Ohio I. O. ROBERTS, JR. Gastonia, N. C. DAVID RUSSELL Birmingham, Ala. WILBERT W. SEABOCK Hickory, N. C. THEODORE KING SELKIRK Cincinnati, Ohio JOHN W. SHINE New Albany, Indiana JACK O. SHUFORD Atlanta, Georgia SOLOMAN SINGER Miami, Fla. CLYDE T. SIZEMORE Greensboro, N. C. FRANK SMITH SAM SUHRER lAMES C. SULLIVAN Largo, Fla. Hudson, N. C. ARMY SPECIALIZED TflAINmC RESERVE PROGRAM ROBERT TESTERMAN Kimball, West Va. WILLIAM C. THORNE PHILIP E. VALENTIN! Washington, D. C. ]. E. VAN VERTH Huntington, West Va. WAYNE EDWIN WAGGONER Indianapolis, Ind. ROBERT WALTON English, Indiana LOMAN WALLER Wilson, N. C. RICHARD H. WARNER Canton, Ohio HAL WARREN Taylorsville, N. C. ALBERT P. WHITE McComb, Miss. ARMY SPECIALIZED TRAmilVG RESERVE PRDGHAM napihold front tne l f- J. vv. 52 Kyur BEAUTIES and SPONSORS ALICE REDMOND Wus n . C. A M U MISS LYNDA LAMBETH B A U T I MISS SARA MOTES CAMPUS i -4fC -« .- C!-4ii - MISS BETTY JONES BEAUTIES MISS ANNE EDGE A M U I hmn ' ss ' MISS JEAN BOWERS BEAUTIES MISS EDITH OWENS Dahlonega, Georgia Sponsor for William Owens Editor of The Cyclops SPONSORS MRS. HENRY REID Athens, Georgia Sponsor of Officer ' s Club ' iR. KENNETH ENGLAND Wadley, Georgia Sponsor of " The Cadet Bugler " MISS MARGARET THOROUGHMAN Thomasville, Georgia Sponsor for Virgil Price Business Manager of The Cyclops MRS. C. O. VANN Vidalia, Georgia. Sponsor of Sergeant ' s Club MISS MARY ANNE MOORE Gainesville, Georgia Sponsor of the Staff MISS MARY RUTH NIX Cleveland, Georgia Sponsor of " C " Company MISS ALICE REDMOND Decatur, Georgia Sponsor of " B " Company MISS KATHRYN SESSOMS Avondale Estates, Georgia Sponsor of " A " Company SPDIVSDRS MISS JO ANNE KELBERT Brodenton, Florida Sponsor of " D " Company MRS. H. G. lARRARD Gainesville, Georgia Sponsor of Band SPDIVSDRS MRS. ANNIE F. WOOLSEY Woolsey, Georgia Sponsor of Wesley Foundation MRS. W. W. WOODY Suches, Georgia Sponsor of Y.M.C.A. v - MRS. JOSEPH HARDMAN Commerce, Georgia Sponsor of Y.W.C.A. MRS. M. L. IVEY Cordele, Georgia Sponsor of B.S.U. MRS. G. A. ZIEGLER ' ] Avondale Estates, Georgia Sponsor of Rec Club MRS. J. D. EDGE Calhoun, Georgia Sponsor of Physical Education Club MRS. WYATT FRAZER Washington, Georgia Sponsor of Home Economics Club MISS SHIRLEY ZIEGLER Avondale Estates, Georgia Sponsor of Science Club D IV S D H S MISS MAHALA REDD Cumming, Georgia Sponsor of Generak MISS ANNE EDGE Calhoun, Georgia Sponsor of Rex Fraternity SPDIVSDRS MISS MARY ANNE MARTIN Commerce, Georgia Sponsor of Sophomore Class MRS. J. M. BURDETTE Calhoun, Georgia Sponsor of Sigma Theta Fraternity MISS JEAN MEYER Winterville, Georgia Sponsor of Pan-Hellenic Council MRS. E. H. KINGERY Gordon, Georgia Sponsor of Freshman Class . • • euiewin 9 the MILITARY MAJOR PAUL M. HUTCHERSON Professor of Military Science and Tactics CAPTAIN ROY D. HUTSON Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics SERGEANT ARTHUR H. KERN Assistant to Professor of Military Science and Tactics CAPTAIN FRANCIS C. WADE Adjutant SERGEANT WM. SPRAYBERRY Assistant to Professor of Military Science and Tactics OFFICERS DF IIVSTRUCTIDIV i MAJOR REID CAPTAIN VINTON CAPTAIN IVEY THE B ATTALIDIV STAFF CADET LIEUTENANT COLONEL JAMES BURDETTE . . Battalion Commander CADET MAJOR ANDREW REID Executive and S-1 CADET CAPTAIN LUTHER VINTON Adjutant CADET CAPTAIN RALPH IVEY S-2 CADET CAPTAIN LOUIS MORRIS S-3 CADET CAPTAIN BRANSON GAYLER S-4 CAPTAIN GAYLER Mfii.- T ' mtmt -iiin-i ' as jeSi i, ' - Sergeants: BILLY NICHOLS Privates: BAGWELL, W. BARRON, W. T. BILES, I. COWART, J. ETHERIDGE, J. FUTCH, T. HARRIS, A. LUKE, K. THE BAJVD HENRY GRADY JARRARD Captain WILLIAM STOVER 1st Lieutenant BILLY BUCK WOODY 2nd Lieutenant ROY McCARD 1st Sergeant CADETS: A.S.T.R. Sergeants: ROY OWEN JULIUS STILL JAMES COOKSEY EUGENE NEWBERNE THOMAS SULLIVAN Privates: McDonald, j. proctor, j. albee, j. dunn, e. mayhaugh, r. e. mahaffey, r. h. royal, p. aud, b. ely, g. selkirk, t. matthews, j. sanders, b. bennett, f. house, j. tillman, r. mayo, h. smith, a. clark, n. miller, h. j. sparks, h. moody, s. standard, d. newsom, e. whelchel, h. OWEN, D. ' ■ i - f ■■ ' ±- ' - ' . " 1 K ' J « t « J» . ' -3W Wm , . %- WESTBROOK CROSS EDWARDS COLLIER CURLEY DAVIS " A C D M P A ]V Y WILLIAM WESTBROOK Captain CHARLES CURLEY First Serg eant CHARLES DAVIS Guidon Bearer FIRST PLATOON LEO CROSS Lieutenant CLAUDE VANN Platoon Sergeant MICKEY MIDDLETON Platoon Guide BILLY GIRTMAN, BILL TOWSON Sergeants Privates: ARTHUR, G. COLEMAN, J. EVANS, R. LEWIS, L. REEVES, J. BAILEY, K. CONNER, B. GIGNILLIAT, W. LOWRY, G. ROGERS, J. BAXTER, B. DISMUKE, B. GOEBEL, V. MAEGER, J. SELL, H. BROWN, P. DOVER, H. HERRINGTON, B. McCOLLUM, L. SMITH, B. BUSSEY, P. DUGGAN, J. HODGES, H. MIDDLETON, M. STEVENS, R. BUTLER, E. EAGAN, A. KENNEDY, B. MILLS, C. WOOTEN, F. CLEMENTS, J. EDMONDSON, B. V ' ■ , " •1 i ' . •j SECOND PLATOON DOUG EDWARDS Lieutenant WILEY ANDERSON Platoon Sergeant MILES POPPELL Platoon Guide ERNEST GURLEY, FORD HARBEN, HAROLD KILPATRICK . . . Sergeants Privates: BISHOP, B. GRIFFETH, J. MAYS, D. A. MURELLE, B. STARK, J. BRANNON, E. HARRISON, W. McREE, B. PARTRIDGE, H. TIMMS, H. BROOKSHIRE, B. HERRINGTON, C. McCORKLE, J. PRICE, V. TROUP, E. BYRD, D. HITCH, H. McDONALD, M. SISK, MARVIN VICKERS, Q. CANNADY, L. HOLDT, R. MORELAND, R. H. STANTON, J. WARMACK, T. GILBERT, C. HUBBARD, H. THIRD PLATOON ROBERT COLLIER Lieutenant JOHN CARTER Platoon Sergeant WARREN CARTER Platoon Guide HAROLD CRAIG, WILLIAM OWENS, ROBERT PURCELL, DAVID WYNNE Sergeants Privates: ADAMS, M. CLAY, R. HARLEY, J. MOORE, J. SATTERFIELD, F BARROW, J. COFER, R. HENLEY, L. MOORE, W., JR. SHIRLEY, D. BLEDSOE, L. ETHRIDGE, G. HOWELL, E. J MORAN, W. SPENCER, R. L. BOYD, F. GORE, R. KENDRICK, N. S. MURDAUGH, L. STEVENS, D. T. BURT, J. M. JR. GREGORY, J. KING, E. NESBIT, J. TIMMONS, E. CLARK, P. GUNN, J. D. MEADOW, J. RAY, H. WINN, D. MITCHELL, J. i ' ? [ J j£k ' " " V COMPANY STAFF . jlHBI Hi PRESCOTT PAYNE CRUMP TUCKER " B " C D M P A ]V Y BILL PRESCOTT Captain CLARENCE TUCKER First Sergeant FRED LEE Guidon Bearer MAY LEE " v w I V 1 ■■ ' ■ " y , --.JU ' J : il i FIRST PLATOON CHARLES PAYNE Lieutenant BEN YARBROUGH Platoon Sergeant JESSE JACKSON Platoon Guide TED BURGESS, JOHN HAINES, JOHN MADDOX, JOE STEPHENSON Sergeants Privates: AKINS, S. COLLINS, R. HENDRY, C. McLEOD, L. S. TRULUCK, J. BARRIE, A. EDWARDS, J. B. HERRING, C. MILLS, G. WALKER, H. BECKHAM, C. EDWARDS, J. N. KING, J. MOORE, J. WALLACE, A. BENTLEY, G. GARRISON, B. KIZER, H. NESBIT, W. F. WASDIN, C. BLIZZARD, T. HARPER, M. MARTIN, H. PURCELL, D. WILKINSON, C. BROWN, J. HAYES, R. C. MATHEWS, T. THOMPSON, J. WRIGHT, C. CARMICHAEL, P. HEATH, C. iAI sU. • . ii 3 .»r. ' J. S mmm M ' . . • " » fpl2€. ... If SECOND PLATOON TOM MAY BILLY BOLDING RALPH CANNON HAROLD FOWLER, GORDON HALL .... . . . Lieutenant Platoon Sergeant . Platoon Guide . . . Sergeants BATES, W. BROOKS, S. BROWN, D. BURCH, L. BUTLER, W. C. CANNON, R. COHEN, H. DOVER, G. FARMER, J. FREEMAN, R. GREENE, L. GREESON, R. HARDY, T. HARRIS, L. Privates: HORNE, G. KENEMER, D. LLOYD, C. MADDOX, S. McKENNY, G. MEADOW, C. J. MURPHY, J. O ' DILLON, M. PINHOLSTER, G. PINSON, H. POWELL, B. POWELL, H. G. RICHARDSON, B. ROBINSON, B. ROBINSON, J. ROGERS, O. SAFFOLD, T. SHUGART, R. THOMAS, G. WILLIAMS, B. WOLLARD, B. THIRD PLATOON WALLACE CRUMP Lieutenant DAVID TIPPINS Platoon Sergeant CARTER COLLIER Platoon Guide SIMEON BELL, BONNELL PEARCE, JOE THRASHER Sergeant Privates: BOGGUS, A. DURANT, B. HICKS, T. MOXLEY, P. STOUT, C. BRANNON, H. GOODING, J. MARTIN, C. C. NELSON, W. TEMPLE, P BROWN, H. HANCOCK, J. MARTIN, E. PARRISH, H. VERNER, H. CASEY, F. HARGETT, B. McCOY, G. PHILLIPS, E. WARD, R CHESNUT, D. HARRIS, R. MILES, H. POPE, M. WHITTLE, B. COLLIER, C. HICKS, R. MOODY, C. ROWLAND, J. WILKINSON, P. - M 1 ' • - r COMPANY SlAtt ROBERTS " C " COMPANY J. C. ROBERTS Captain ROBERT UTLEY Athletic Officer CARLTON JESTER First Sergeant FRANK O. PRUITT Guidon Bearer FIRST PLATOON FREDERICK R. PARKER Lieutenant GEORGE KEADLE Platoon Sergeant WILLIAM FOWLER Platoon Guide BLAND BURNS, DONALD JOHNSON, JAMES LELAND Sergeants Privates: BEAR, W. DRAWDY, V. HAMER, C. McCORMICK, W. SCHULZE, R. HUNGER, K. ELLIOTT, J. HAYS, J. ONDISHKO, J. TESTERMAN, R. DACK, M. FEIRRELL, J. JOINER, J. RILEY, M. WALTON, R. DeVENNY, T. GUTGSELL, R. LYON, Z. mm- ' SECOND PLATOON BASIL BURKS Lieutenant WALTER EVERIDGE Platoon Sergeant DONALD WEINER Platoon Guide CHARLES BEIGER, RICHARD BOISTURE, ALAN CRANE .... Sergeants Privates: BOVINO, L. ENGLISH, P. GIBBONS, L. KRAMER, C. OPDYCKE, G. COURTNEY, J. EUSTIS, R. JACKSON, H. MULLINAX, R. SEABOCK, W. DIER, J. FOSTER, D. JACOBS, P. NUSSEAR, J. SULLIVAN, J. JAMES, P. THIRD PLATOON WILLIAM PATRICK Lieutenant AUBREY STURGIS Platoon Sergeant RAYBURN SHETLER Platoon Guide DONALD BURBRINK, GLENN ISON, ROBERT LANGSTON . . . Sergeants Privates: BARR, L. HANNA, R. JOHNSON. K. OTTO, F. THORNE, W. BLOOD, W. HARVARD, R. KALECH, S. POWELL, G. WARREN, H. CLARK, N. HASKINS, F. KORALEWSKI, L. SCHULER, A. WHITE, A. CRAWFORD, S. HILL, R. NANCE, C. COMPANY STAFh KELBERT PIPKIN WALLER MILLER D C D M P A IV Y GEORGE KELBERT Captain CHARLES MILLER Athletic Officer CLYDE SIZEMORE First Sergeant DAVID PRITCHARD Guidon Bearer FIRST PLATOON BILLY PIPKIN Lieutenant ELIJAH F. MOORE, JR Platoon Sergeant PHILIP FRANKLIN Platoon Guide ROBERT GUNNER, ROBERT MOSS, WILLIAM ZELL Sergeants Privates: BOLTON, B. DEYLE, W. FRANKLIN, P. LEIST, T. RUNYON, T. BREZGER, D. EGERTON, J. GERARD, J. LONG, L. SHINE, J. CAPP, L. FIELD, C. JONES, N. MARSHALL, L. STADSKLEY, G. CLEGG, F. FISH, S. JURKO, M. PATTON, R. TOLARO, A. DAVIS, B. FLOYD, A. KRAUSE, M. QUELLER, ]. VAN VERTH, J. ■ ■ 4 mm. f W % ■■ ' 1 UT U-r t . 1 SECOND PLATOON FRANK SMITH Lieutenant OLIVER ESCO Platoon Sergeant JERRY GUINE Platoon Guide CONRAD CARROLL, JACK EMERY, DAVID RUSSELL .... Sergeants Privates: BAKER, F. ELLIS, V. LENDRUM, J. PARKER, F. SHUSTER, R. BOLING, D. HEGYBELL A. LEVIN, H. POTTER, I. SINGER, S. CANNON, G. HERHOLZER, F. McLAUGHLIN, M. SHEIFORD, J. SPIES, D. CHARSANKO, R. KIRK, R. MASSEY, J. SHARCK, R. SZANISZLO, E. COKER, D. KREMCHECK, J. THIRD PLATOON LOMAN WALLER Lieutenant WAYNE WAGGONER Platoon Sergeant JOHN SLOAN Platoon Guide JOHN ALBERS, DONALD FAIRCHILD, SAMUEL SUHRER .... Sergeants Privates: BRISTOW, J. FARNO, G. MERCER, J. SEILER, R. VOGEL, R. CALVIN, R. FERREL, ]. MUDD, R. SCHAMUS, J. VOSS, T. GULP, R. HAUSER, G. PETERS, L. STEARNS, L. WAGNER, F. CUNNINGHAM, J. IZYDOREK, J. SANDERS, H. VALENTINI, P. WARNER, R. ETTEL, C. KAPECKY, R. wiiiiTriiiii millll " ' = " ' " « ' l ' ' u ' ,j ' r, " ' ' " T MILITARY SNAPSHOTS j- reAentin 9 The ORGANIZATIONS THE 194B CYCLOPS The Last Cyclops Staff at N.G.C. as a Junior College STAFF WILLIAM OWENS Editor VIRGIL PRICE Business Manager C. J. DISMUKES Faculty Adviser J. C. BARNES Faculty Adviser EDITORIAL WILLIAM OWENS Editor-in-Chie: ANNE WOOLSEY . Associate Editor, Page Arranger and Typist DORIS KING Copy Editor THEDA BURRELL Assistant Copy Editor KATHRYN SESSOMS Class Editor ANNE EDGE Assistant Class Editor EVELYN ETHRIDGE Assistant Class Editor MILLIE BAILEY Assistant Class Editor BEVERLY BOWERS Feature Editor EVELYN ELLIS Assistant Feature Editor BILL BARRON Military Editor LOUISE CRANE Assistant Military Editor NINA CRUMP Assistant Military Editor STAFF BILL TOWSON Sports Editor ROBERT HOLDT Assistant Sports Editor ELOISE COGBURN Assistant Sports Editor JOE THRASHER Cadet Photographer KENNETH BAILEY Assistant Photographer BILL ROBINSON Assistant Photographer WILLENE RICHARDSON Co-ed Photographer MARY DRAKE Co-ed Photographer JULIA PALMER Art Editor BETTY JONES Assistant Editor BETH ELROD Assistant Page Arranger JOYCE WILLIS Typist LENORA TATE Typist BUSINESS STAFF VIRGIL PRICE Business Manager CHARLIE C. SMITH Assistant to Business Manager VIRGINIA BISHOP . . . SARA BAKER Assistant to Business Manager RACHEL THORNTON . . Assistant to Business Manager Assistant to Business Manager The CADET BUGLER SHIRLEY ZIEGLER Co-Editor LUTHER VINTON Co-Editor CHARLES PAYNE .... Business Manager W. D. BOOTH . . . Faculty Adviser to Editors H. H. GILBERT . . . Faculty Adviser to Business Manager SHIRLEY ZEIGLER Co-Editor LUTHER VINTON Co-Editor MARY ANNE MARTIN Feature Editor CHARLES PAYNE Business Manager JEAN HEALAN Exchange Editor RALPH IVEY Sports Editor LEO CROSS Feature Writer KATHRYN SESSOMS Feature Writer JEAN ZEIGLER Feature Writer ANNE EDGE Feature Writer HENRY HITCH Feature Writer ROBERT HOLDT Feature Writer CHARLIE SMITH Feature Writer EDMUND BUTLER Feature Writer VIRGIL PRICE Feature Writer DORIS KING Reporter ANNE WOOLSEY Reporter MARY HENDERSON Reporter KATHLEEN FRAZER Reporter ALIGENE ABERCROMBIE Reporter NANCY HINSON Reporter DAVID WYNNE Reporter BERNICE CANNON Reporter GINNIE BISHOP Reporter LENORA TATE Reporter MARY EDNA KLING Reporter H. G. JARRARD Reporter JUDY PALMER Reporter BUDDY STANDARD Reporter ADAIR HARRIS Reporter BILL TOWSON Reporter MILDRED BAILEY Typist EVELYN ETHRIDGE Typist JUNE WATSON Typist NINA CRUMP Typist ELSIE SHORT Typist ROANNE ARRENDALE Typist MARTIN KINGERY SESSOM3 DONOVAN OFFICERS MARY ANNE MARTIN President VIRGINIA KINGERY Vice-President KATHRYN SESSOMS Secretary and Treasurer MISS ALICE DONOVAN Faculty Adviser CABINET MEMBERS BETTY CALLOWAY NANCY HINSON CHARLIE C. SMITH ELOISE COGBURN LUCILLE LEARD JEAN ZEIGLER DORIS FACKLER ALICE REDMOND SHIRLEY ZEIGLER Y. W. C. A. , , _ , - — - _ :. WOODY PEARCE PAYNE FORESTER OFFICERS BILLY WOODY President BONNELL PEARCE Vice-President RALPH IVY Program Chairman JULIUS STILL Social Chairman CHARLIE PAYNE Secretary and Treasurer DR. H. B. FORESTER Faculty Adviser CABINET MEMBERS JOEL BILES JOHN HAINES JIM MATTHEWS BILL BOLDING JOHN MADDOX DAVID WYNNE R. H. MAHAFFEY % f J, I V 4 4. ». - ' f mm . i ' Y. M. C. A. v ABERCROMBIE, ALIGENE BARNETT, MIRIAM BISHOP, VIRGINIA BOWERS, BEVERLY BURRELL, THEDA BROViTN, FRANCES CANNON, BERNICE COMBS, ELIZABETH FLANDERS CAMILLUS J. DISMUKES Director of Music W. DESMOND BOOTH Conductor of the Chorus BERT H. FLANDERS Accompanist The GLEE CLUB Sopranos COWART, KATHERINE HENDERSON, MARY MAYNARD, JOY CORN, DOROTHY HORTON, MILDRED REAMES, MATTIE ELLIS EVELYN KING, DORIS SMITH, CHARLIE CURTIS ELROD, BETH KINGERY, VIRGINIA STEVENSON, JEAN EVANS ROSE KLING, MARY EDNA TATE, LENORA FACKLER, DORIS LEWIS, ELAINE TATE, LURENE GREEN, CLAUDIA MARTIN, MARY ANNE TATUM, HELEN Altos Tenors Basses ETHRIDGE, EVELYN BURT, J. M. JARRARD, H. G. HEALAN JEAN EAGf N, ALBERT MAYO, HOWELL LEHNHERR, JEAN HICKS, TOMMY SMITH, BILLY PALMER, CAROLYN McCARD, ROY STILL, JULIUS PALMER, JULIA PEARCE, BONNELL BILES, JOEL RICHARDSON, WILLENE TIMMONS, ED ZEIGLER, JEAN WYNNE, DAVID ZEIGLER, SHIRLEY TERRY, JOAN THORNTON, RACHEL TILLEY, BERNICE WEST, JANIE WHITMIRE, FLORA NELL WILLIS, JOYCE WOOLSEY, ANN IVEY SMITH HINSON BURRELL FACKLER SANDERS STILL STEVENSON WYNNE OFFICERS RALPH IVEY President CHARLIE SMITH Vice-President (Enlistment) NANCY HINSON Vice-President (Social) THEDA BURRELL Vice-President (Devctional) DORIS FACKLER Secretary BILLY SANDERS Treasurer JULIUS STILL Chorister JEAN STEVENSON Pianist DAVID WYNNE Corresponding Secretary BUDDY STANDARD Paper Editor (BSU NEWS) JOEL BILES Publicity Director ELOISE COGBURN Sunday School Representative BETH BRUCE B.T.U. Representative MISS MAHALA REDD Student Secretary DR. H. B. FORESTER Faculty Adviser REVEREND A. C. JOHNSON BAPTIST STUDEIVT UNIDIV THE GE ER ILS Saxophones ROBERT E. CLARK EUGENE NEWBERNE GEORGE ELY Clarinet JAMES COOKSEY Trombones NORMAN CLARK PETE ROYAL Trumpet R. H. MAHAFFEY Piano B. P. BUSSEY Drummer BILLY NICHOLS Vocalist ROSE EVANS Accordion EUGENE DUNN Sponsor MISS MAHALA REDD PAIV-HELLEIVIC CDUIVCIL ANDREW REID President WILLIAM WESTBROOK Vice-President WILLIAM PRESCOTT Treasurer HENRY JARRARD, ]R MAJOR P. M. HUTCHERSON Secretary Faculty Adviser OFFICERS ' CLUB OFFICERS AT OFFICERS CLUB DANCE ROBERT COLLIER LEO O. CROSS WALLACE CRUMP DOUGLAS EDWARDS BRANSON GAYLER RALPH IVEY HARRY THOMAS MAY CHARLES G. PAYNE WILLIAM STOVER LUTHER M. VINTON, JR. BILLY B. WOODY SERGEANTS ' CLUB OFFICERS CLAUDE VANN President HAROLD CRAIG Vice-President JULIUS STILL Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS ANDERSON BELL BOLDING BURGESS CARTER J. CARTER W. CURLEY FOWLER GIRTMAN GURLEY HAINES HARBEN HALL JACKSON KILPATRICK McCARD MADDOX OWENS PEARCE PURCELL STEPHENSON THRASHER TIPPINS TOWSON TUCKER WYNNE YARBROUGH A. X c% ' - - V-if - ;,j TRA.SH OFFICERS BILL PRESCOTT President CLAUDE VANN .... Vice-President LUTHER VINTON .... Secretary LEO CROSS . - Treasurer RALPH IVEY Chaplain J. D. ANTHONY . . . Faculty Adviser JAMES BURDETTE . President Emeritus B. BISHOP W. CRUMP T. MATTHEWS C. BECKHAM E. GURLEY G. MOXLEY A. BOGGUS F. HARBEN W. OWENS S. BROOKE H. HITCH I. ROGERS R. CANNON H. KIZER H. WHELCHEL P. CARMICHAEL F. LEE B. WOOLARD C. COLLIER I. MADDOX F. WOOTEN WESTBROOK JARRARD HUTCHERSON REX FRATERNITY OFFICERS WILLIAM WESTBROOK President H. G. JARRARD Vice-President CHARLES PAYNE Vice-President CHARLES CURLEY Secretary-Treasurer BILLY BOLDING Chaplain CLARENCE TUCKER Sergeant-at-Arms MAJOR HUTCHERSON Faculty Adviser TED BLIZZARD TED BURGESS lOHN CARTER ROBERT COLLIER JOSH BARROW HAROLD CRAIG DOUG EDWARDS BUSTER GARRISON JOHN HAINES GORDON HALL MERRILL HARPER CHARLES HERRING HARRY HODGES JESSIE JACKSON TOM MAY STEWART McLEOD MICKEY MIDDLETON GEORGE MILLS WARREN MORAN BONNELL PEARCE BILL ROBERTSON JOE STEPHENSON JULIUS STILL JOE THRASHER DAVID TIPPINS REX PLEDGES OFFICERS HAROLD CONNER President JOHN STARK Vice-President BOWEN BAXTER Secretary-Treasurer PRESTON BUSSEY lOHN CO WART CHARLES DAVIS BILLY DISMUKE CLABIE LLOYD GENE LOWRY HAROLD MARTIN LEO McCOLLUM BANKS McCOY R. H. MAHAFFEY JACK MOORE BILL MURELLE HAROLD PINSON DAN SHIRLEY BILLY SMITH ED TIMMONS CHARLES WILKINSON CHARLES WRIGHT € f - f tt ANNE WOOLSEY President DORIS KING Secretary-Treasurer REV. FRANK MOORHEAD Adviser WESLEY FDUMDATIDIV MIRIAM BARNETT Pianist MARY EDNA KLING News Editor LESLIE BARR Worship Chairman JOY MAYNARD Community Service Chairman EUGENE NEWBERNE World Friendship Chairman WILLENE RICHARDSON Recreation Chairman BROWN COWART ELLIS ELROD ETHERIDGE GUINE HARGROVE HARPER HENDERSON HICKS HORTON MOXLEY RUSSELL JONES NASH SMITH, F. KLING PALMER SMITH, M. F. LAMBETH RAINES WALLER MOORE REYNOLDS WHELCHEL JOE E. BROWN KATHERINE COWART BETTY JEAN ELLIS BETH ELROD JAMES T. ETHERIDGE JERRY R. GUINE HARRIET HARGROVE MERRILL HARPER MEMBERS MARY HENDERSON THOMAS HICKS MILDRED HORTON SARA ELIZABETH JONES ANNE E. KLING LYNDA LAMBETH ELIJAH F. MOORE GEORGE K MOXLEY OPAL KATE NASH CAROLYN PALMER LULA RAINES BOBBIE REYNOLDS DAVID RUSSELL FRANK SMITH MARY FRANCES SMITH LOMAN WALLER BETTY ANN WHELCHEL KATHLEIlN fhazer President I . MISS RAY Faculty Adviser CHARLIE C. SMITH Vice-President KATHERINE COWART Secretary LUCILE LEARD Treasurer HDME ECDIVDMICS CLUB BETTYE ANDERSON BETTY CALLOWAY ESTELLE COFFEY DOROTHY CORN HAZLE ANNE DEAN ANNE EDGE BARBARA HAWES MEMBERS MARTHA HAWKINS JANE HINTON CAROLYN HUFF LYNDA LAMBETH MARY ANN MOORE MARGARET MOULTRIE OPAL KATE NASH ALICE REDMOND ELSIE SHORT JEAN STEVENSON LURENE TATE HELEN TATUM JOAN TERRY OVEDA WEHUNT ELISE WILLIAMS SHIRLEY ZEIGLER President NANCY HINSON Vice-President Ttie Rec Club is a recreational organization that includes all the Co-eds on the campus. The governing body of the Club is the Council, composed of the officers, team captains, sports managers and faculty adviser. The four teams whose names are Hippolytans, Mercureans, Phi Omicrons and Trahlytans compete for first place in the various intramural sports such as speedball, soflball, basketball, volley ball, hockey, tennis, table tennis and archery. They also sponsor dances, hikes, and other social activities. The Rec Club ' s formal dance given on St. Patrick ' s Day is one of the highlights of their social activities. ANNE WOOLSEY Secretary MARY RUTH NIX Treasurer MISS NELLE C. BURTON Faculty Adviser For recognizable work accomplished by the teams and their members, special awards are given. A loving cup is awarded the leading team at the end of each year. Indi- vidual members receive points on the basis of the Rec Club point system. Jackets are pre- sented those having 2,000 or more points, large letters for 1,500 and small letters for 850 points. The outstanding award of the year is the loving cup that is awarded the Co-ed who best typifies the athletic spirit of North Georgia College. This year it was awarded the President of the Rec Club, Shirley Zeigier. REC CDUIVCIL CELESTE FAUST FRANCES HARBEN ELISE WILLIAMS JOYCE WILLIS VIRGINIA KINGERY JO MESCHINE KATHRYN SESSOMS WYNNETTE SMITH LUTHER VINTON President vifg;nia kingery Vice-President NANCY HINSON Secretary SHIRLEY ZEIGLER Parliamentarian RALPH IVEY Program Chairman SCIEIVCE CLUB BISHOP BOGGUS BOYD COGBURN VIRGINIA BISHOP ARGIN BOGGUS FRANK BOYD ELOISE COGBURN ;;ONNY COLLINS ANNE EDGE EVELYN ETHERIDGE HARRY HODGES BETTY JONES JEAN LEHNHERR STEVi ART McLEOD ERIC NEWSOM JR. JULIA PALMER WILLENE RICHARDSON KATHRYN SESSOMS LENORA TATE LURENE TATE JOYCE WILLIS DAVID V YNNE JEAN ZEIGLER TATE, LURENE WILLIS WYNNE ZEIGLER, I. COLLINS EDGE ETHERIDGE ETHRIDGE PAYNE SHEETS PHYS. ED. CLUB OFFICERS ANNE EDGE President EVELYN ETHRIDGE Secretary CHARLES PAYNE Treasurer C. A. SHEETS Faculty Adviser NELLE C. BURTON Faculty Adviser ( V MEMBERS LEWIS BLEDSOE KENNETH MEDDERS NORMA PALMER HILL DOVER JO MESCHINE EARL PHILLIPS MARY DRAKE BILL MURRELLE REX SHUGART HARRIET HARGROVE DAVID OWEN JOAN TERRY AUDREY LANE ANNE PALMER BILL TOWSON FRED LEE BILL WOOLARD x uuet I SPORTS PHYSICAL T fl A I IV I IV G CLASSES The Short Cut to the End of the Trail. Perhaps some of you will wonder at the title of this page, since all the pictures are of " mountain climb- ing, " a favorite NGC sport. YEH! It probably is misnamed, but any boy will tell you that " THE HUMP, " as it is affectionately known, is the biggest part of the p. t. program of N.G.C. Everybody Does It, Why Shouldn ' t We, These Poor Boys Reas Waiting for Somebody? The goldbricks found their heaven in running the mountain, there were so many different new methods of cheating the coach. Perhaps some of the biggest goldbrickers were our officers, bless their hearts. Never will we forget the day Willie, Charlie, and Pinky came in about two hours late, or the new freshman running the mtn. for the first time who got lost and did not get back to the college till nine that night. No one can say Coach Ary wasn ' t on the job guid- ing the new boys over the route, or maybe his Hudson couldn ' t take that steep climb. Coach Checks in Those Loyal Students Who Really Ran it. He Thinks. FDDTBALL A T N. G. C. The games played Ihis fall had the following results: ASTR OVER " A " CO. " B " CO. OVER BAND " A " CO. OVER " B " CO. " A " CO. OVER BAND Football was introduced into the sports program of N.G.C. after a long absence. We had all missed the traditional spirit that goes with tackle football, and thought that at long last we were to have something to fill up those bleak Saturday afternoons. But, it seems as if we were misin- formed, for only three games were played this fall. Maybe the students will not be disappointed again next fall. I Outstanding players: Canady — speed demon and ace pc for " A " Co. Lloyd — likewise for " B " Co. Whelchel — Band ' s big hope. fj }M ' v ft % J B » «5e%. - ts t( % BER3RINK CARROLL Carroll Shoots One in Practice Go Dismuke Shooting in Game With Lawson General lACKSON JACOBS KREMCHECK Action in Game With Hiawassee PINHOLSTER SHRACK a =rn , i » W ' i 1 t BASKETBALL Left to right; Dismuke, Carroll, Berbrink, Kremcheck, Pinholster, Edw Craig, Jacobs, Shrack. The team this year had the disadvantage of starting from " scratch, " but soon overcame this handicap by good teamwork. Although there can be no special mention of any one of the players without mentioning the rest, we can say that Jacobs and Carroll were great threats to all opponents. Everyone enjoyed waching our team in action this year. It proved to be capable of providing many an interesting evening. Assets to the team this year were: The fast and accurate passing and shooting of Jacobs and Carroll. The height and size of Dismuke, a valuable player. The surprise of Shrack, who looked very small, but was dynamite. The mighty Pinholster. The steady playing of Krem- check, Berbrink, and Jackson. Craig, an able pinch-hitter. " Bo " Medders, a real scrapper. The able leadership and coach- ing ability of Coach Sheets. Left to right, standing: Coach Shi Seated, middle row: Shrack, Jacks Kilpatrick, Owen, Matthews, Medde Bts, Pinholster, Berbrink, Dismuke, Carroll, Kremcheck, Coach Ary, n, Shugarl, Edwards, Craig, Jacobs; Sealed, front row: Carmichael, s; Holding ball, Lee, manager. 1. The hardest obstacle — Rope climb. 2. Favorite sport — Framing. 3. Johnny Moore breaks a record on the obstacle course, 25 minutes. 4. Mahaffey, eager to run the obstacle course 5. Jarrard and his Pep Band at a Basketball game. 6. Augusta Medical College Game — Carroll rings one. ( o-ed I SPORTS HIPPDLYTAIVS JOYCE WILLIS Captain ABERCROMBIE, ALIGENE BRUCE, BETH CARNEY, PATSY COGBURN, ELOISE COOPER, MARY ELLIS, BETTY FOWLER, AILENE FRAZER, KATHLEEN HAWES, BARBARA HENDERSON, MARY HORTON, MILDRED HUNTER, JO JONES, BETTY LANGFORD, PHOEBIE LEWIS, ELAINE TERRY, JOAN MAYNARD, JOY MATHEWS, ELMA MERTZ, BETTY JEAN OLVEY, SYLVIA PALMER, ERNESTINE RAINES, LULA REYNOLDS, BOBBIE SELF, CLARA JO SHORT, ELSIE SMITH, MARY FRANCES SMITH, WYNETTE STATON, FRANCES STEPHENS, DOROTHY TATE, LENORA TATE, LURENE VIRGINIA BISHOP Co-Captain MEHCUREAIVS ANDERSON, BETTY ARRENDALE, ROANNE BAILEY, MILDRED BAKER. SARA BOWERS, BEVERLY BURRELL, THEDA CALLOWAY, BETTY CANNON, BERNICE COFFEY, ESTELLE CRUMP, NINA EDGE, ANNE ELLIS, EVELYNE FITTS, FRANKIE FRYE, LORRAINE HAWKINS, MARTHA HINSON, NANCY HINTON, JANE JONES, BETTY LAMBETH, LYNDA LEHNHERR, JEAN MARTIN, MARY ANNE MOORE, MARY ANNE MOTES, SARA NASH, OPAL KATE PALMjlR, ANNE PALMER, JULIA PARIS, NELL PERKINS, ALLIE REDMOND, ALICE RICHARDS, LUCILLE SMITH, CHARLIE TATUM, HELEN TILLEY, BERNICE VIRGINIA KINGERY Co-Captain PHI DMICRDNS ANDREWS, RITA BOLING, CHRISTINE BOWERS, JEAN COLWELL, BEVERLY COMBS, ELIZABETH CONNELLY, RUBYE CORN, DOT COWART, KATHERINE CRANE, LOUISE DRAKE, MARY BETTY JANE MITCHELL Co-Captain ETHERIDGE, EVELYN GREEN, CLAUDIA HAWKINS, WANDA JOHNSON, ALENE KLING, ANNE KLING, MARY EDNA LEWIS, JANE MILLER, ELLEN MOULTRIE, MARGARET O ' NEAL, JOAN OSBORN, CATHERINE PALMER, CAROLYN REAMES, MATTIE REECE, CATHERINE RICHARDSON, WILLENE STEPHENSON, JEAN THORNTON, RACHEL WEHUNT, OVEDA WEST, JANIE WESTBROOK, LOUISE WHELCHEL, BETTY ANNE FRANCES HARBEN Captain THAHLYTAIVS BARNETT, MIRIAM ELROD, BETH SESSOMS, KATHRYN BEDINGFIELD, RACHEL EVANS, ROSE SMITH, CATHERINE BLACKWELL, BETTY FACKLER, DORIS WATSON, JUNE BROWN, FRANCES GOEBEL, BARBARA WHITMIRE, FLORA NELL COBB, MARGARET HARGROVE, HARRIET WOOD, MIRIAM DANIELS, JO HARKINS, RUTH WOOLSEY , ANN DEAN, HAZEL ANN HEALAN, JEAN HOOD, MARTHA ZEIGLER, JEAN CELESTE FAUST LANE, AUDREY DORIS KING Captain LEAGUE, SUZANNE LEARD, LUCILLE LIPSCOMB, BETTY JEAN LOWRY, DORIS MABRY, CHARLOTTE MESCHINE, JO NIX, MARY RUTH PALMER, NORMA ROBBINS, BETTY JO SATTERFIELD, SARA Co-Captain GIRLS ' RECREATIDNAL ACTIVITIES N. G. C. Students All Say . " Meet Me At . . . GRIFFIN ' S ' For Sandwiches, Sodas, School SuppHes, Toiletries, Tobaccos, and a Friendly Game of Pool. A Hearty Welcome Awaits You ' WLre tke Beit 3i La i Sot R. A. Griffin, Jr., Proprietor 118 COMPLIMENTS OF THE NDHTH GEORGIA COLLEGE STUDENT EXCMIVGE ' ' The Canteen ' ' An Excellent Staff of Students ' •THE CENTER OF THE CAMPUS " Supplies for Every Need Your Patronage Makes This Convenience Possible JACK ROBERTS, Manager DAHLONEGA GEORGIA i DAHLDNEGA HECHEATIDN CEIVTEH BOB EDWARDS, Proprietor " All Kinds of Sandwiches and Cold Drinl s " The Recreation " Hub " of North Georgia College DAHLONEG A GEORGIA ROBERT u. MOORE Successor to John H. Moore Son Lj e ne ra t I ft ercnanaiie • • • • A Friend of North G jorgia College • • • • Dahlonega Georgia 120 THE HUB Complete Line of Clothing For The Family ENDICOTT JOHNSON SHOES Gainesville, Georgia Compliments of ... . PARKS FEED STORE Gainesville, Georgia Compliments of . . . CASH and CARRY CLEANERS C. H. Davis, Prop. " A Clean Place to Clean Clothes " Just off the College Campus Dahlonega, Georgia w. A. WHITMIRE Quality Merchandise at Popular Prices Dahlonega, Georgia Visit.... SMITH BROTHERS for Sandwiches - — Drinks — Lunches ROOSEVELT SQUARE Gainesville, Georgia SERVING DAHLONEGA Home of Georgia ' s Most Distinctive EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION o o STANDARD TELEPHONE CO. CALENDAR HIGHLIGHTS OoO SEPT. 20—2000 pool halls and honlcy-tonks close, N.G.C. reopens. o o SEPT. 23— Freshmen get measured for rifles. OoO SEPT. 24- -Sidney meets Mousey, Ivlousey meets Sidney, ' nuff said! o o OCT. 1— Sanford Hall redecorated, 20,000 mice seek new homes. o°o OCT. 3 -FINKY calls ANNE, telephone company complains of melted wire. OoO OCT. 5 — Rate sheet comes out. Officers buy larger hats. OoO OCT. 10 — Freshman talent night, Beverly Bowers singsC?) OoO OCT. 19— Prof. England leaves. o o OCT. 20— Free Weekwend— 2000 pool halls and honky tonks reopen. 121 w i Cnarliii Sm tu fripncJliPsh Girl MosI- Pop Li J a r Girl Photographer " 5 1 XT - I r NORMA PALMBR " MILES POPPELL best Dancers " rl ; T 4 l t ki ■ k- .. -S P« - ' „■ l £M RY GRAP VJA RRARD ALICE REPMONJ) Friencllf ' psi Boi - - and Bill PRE5C0TT Cotjple f osh In l.o e {Popular Opmloix) BillTO WSON CuiPjf Girl Qpsl Ali ' Rouncf Boy Bicjcjp i BuliShoai-ei ' Claude VANN Ouhi-andina Sercjean H P l K: X-i ' " ' k ■ ■K ■mi ■ ; ' ■ BCVf-RLY DOWERS BiQQcs-f FJirf n n C IJCL If I { ' n N T O N B ' jqcsl- Man - ai eJ ' SJ-lfRLBY ZEIGLEI Most llhlehir Girl- B cjqo- - Golc hnck. EP t UHGESS ' ' ' . Bi jqe$f {{ oman Uafer Cl US LLOYD Most JII- fJpf C Sou ¥ -BILL PRESCpTT Ouhhndinq Officer Mas ' Popular BoiA BEST WISHES from . . . CHICDPEE MANUFACTURING CDflPDHATIDN C H I C O P E E ♦o GEORGIA PACDLET MANUFACTURING COMPANY Manufacturers of DRILLS, TWILLS. SATEENS and PRINT CLOTHS Number 6 Mill Number 4 Mill Gainesville, Georgia New Holland, Georgia 124 COMPLIMENTS OF " THE DIXIE " GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA Newest Releases Recorils and Albums — Both Popular and Cla ssieal VICTOR — COLUMBIA — DECCA — CAPITOL 1860 Eighty-Six Years Old 1946 THE GAINESVILLE EAGLE " Oldest and Largest Wee ly Neii ' spapcr in Northeast Georgia " Doing All Kinds of Commercial Printing and Doing It Right. Compliments of . . . GAINESVILLE lEWELERS " The Store With the Blue Tile Front " GAINESVILLE, CiEORCJIA COMPLIMENTS OF EDWARDS CAFE GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA " ASK FOR IT— we haven ' t got it we ' ll get it " To All Persons Entered in This Annual We Wish Much Success and Good Luck Compliments Of Dahldnega-Atlanta Bus Line Mrs. Fred Jones, Manager Leaves Dahlonega for Atlanta . Leaves Dahlonega for Gainesville Leaves Atlanta for Dahlonega . Leaves Gainesville for Dahlonega 30 a.m. E.S.T. and 3:00 p.m. 30 a.m. E.S.T. and 1:30 p.m. 00 a.m. E.S.T. and 3:00 p.m. 30 p.m. E.S.T. and 5:00 p.m. DAHLONEGA GEORGIA 126 " UNIFORMS BY REEDS " O O O " o o o For 121 years the statement . . . " Uiiijonns by Rccd " has been a familiar one to buyers of uniforms in every state in the union. JACOB REED ' S SONS is proud of the great list of loyal cus- tomers it has acquired through years of outstanding service and the production of superior uniforms and uniform equipment. We are particularly proud to count North (Jcorgia College as one of our oldest and most loyal customers. Remember, when it comes to uniforms and unitorm equipment . . . " It ' s Right iit Rccd! " o o o " ' - o o o JACOB REED ' S SONS 1424-26 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 127 HENRY W. MOORE Authorized FORD SALES SERVICE DAHLONEGA GEORGIA SMALL-ESTES BAKERY OoO Home of .lUNT BETTY ' S BREAD Gainesville, Georgia BANK OF DAHLONEGA COURTESY . . . SERVICE EFFICIENCY o o • ' A BANK YOU CAN BANK ON " o o Member of F.D.I.C. Dahlonega Georgia CALENDAR HIGHLIGHTS o o OCT. 23 — School reopens — 2000 pool halls and honky tonks close. O O OCT. 24 — Bruno appears at school. OoO OCT. 28 — Bruno disappears. O O OCT. 29 — Hot dogs served in cafeteria. OoO NOV. 1— WHO ' S WHO POLL taken— Leo nearly becomes Miss NGC. NOV. 12— Dean Sirmons cl( America! OcO he discovered NOV. 14 — Picturrrrrrres forrrrr the Cyyyyycloppps v ill aaaaah be taken today! 128 1. PROF. ENGLAND 2. CANE CREEK FALLS 3. SUMMER HIKE 4. TYPICAL CADET 5. BRUNO AGAIN 6 REID AND PRESCOTT 7. CRAP GAME? 8. BEFORE CHURCH FORMATION 9. DISASTROUS FIRE, V OODSHED BURNS. 10. REGULATIONS 11 QUIZ PROGRAM 12 SO LONG, PAL 13 SLEEPING BEAUTY? J. C. PENNEY CO. Incorporated c;aikes ' ille GEORC;iA Coiuf ylimciUi of . . . H U L S E Y ' s " The Ready-tc -Wear Store " Gaines ille Georgia ON THE SQUARE DRINK ROYAL CROWN COLA fm. ' I ) WHY l$IT», THAT yVO AfATrSR WHAT $OFT DRINK OU MAY NOW PWFER...VO0 CANY DRINK 3 PR. PEPPERS A DAV FOR 3 OAYJ AND f lPT ' LIXS DR. PEPPER BEST? hi tk A BITE. I TO EAT 0, x2 m H(x) COMPLIMENTS OF I. D. JEWELL GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA GALLANT -BELK COMPANY " Gainesville ' s Larger and Most Com plete Departnu •nt Store " ONE OF 250 BELK STORES GAINESVILLE G E R G A 130 The GAINESVILLE FLORIST " Home of Fine Flowt " FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION " Ills. Sycamore Street Gainesville - o - Georgia The GEO. P. ESTES COMPANY Gainesville, Georgia Department Store Compininnls 0 FRIERSON-McEVER COMPANY MEN ' S and BOYS WEAR Gainesville Georgia Com plininiti of . . . CITY ICE COMPANY Incorporated " Modern he Rejrigenitiou " Quality Coal Gainesville Georgia Hl-Sr WISHES jiuni . . . PIEDMONT DRUG COMPANY GAINESVILLE GEORGIA CALENDAR HIGHLIGHTS o o NOV. 15 — " Padre " Cain shifts into high gear. Ooo NOV. 20 — Spencer breaks down, changes socks. OoO NOV. 22 — Kiljoy borrows five bucks. o o NOV. 23— The Cook buys a new hat. OoO NOV. 30 — Barron on time to Math Class. OoO DEC. 1 — Dull as heck; same old thing. OoO DEC. 10— DOUBLE FEATURE— HOLLY THEA- TRE — " Out of This World, " starring Eddie Bracken and Diana Lynn, " Amen Corner, " starring Kat and Willie. 131 Coniplimcnls of MILLNER ' S " The Style Center of Cdinesi ' ille " Wearing Apparel and Shoes Ga NEsviLLE Georgia Compliments of GEM JEWELRY CO " jeieelry on Credit at Cash Pr ees " On the Spring Street Side of the Square Georgia CALENDAR HIGHLIGHTS O O JAN. 9— Rain. OoO JAN. 11 — Bridges washed out, truck with load of pills for infirmary runs into river. Dead fish appear on surface. Ooo JAN. 12— Rain! o o JAN. 13— Rain. OoO JAN. 14— Rain. OoO JAN. 15— Rain. OoO JAN. 16 — Sleet, dark clouds, wind, freezing tem- peratures, snow, and RAIN, typical NGC weather. o.o JAN. 17— Ha! Ha! Fooled you. It ' s a beautiful day. OOO JAN. 19— Cyclops goes to press. WHEW! PIGGLY-WIGGLY A Gaines ville Institution J. B. McKlBBON, Oii ' ner Gainesville Georgia Get the leaders at THE LEADER Gainesville Georgia CITY SHOE SHOP W. A. HousLhv, Proprietor On the Square Dahlonega Georgia Gainesville — Mather Company Jewelry— Furniture — Furs P. O. Bo.x 544 107 W. Spring Street Gainesville Georgia 132 Complinu-tits of . . . J , S . S P E ER Dependable Insurance Dahlonega, Georgia Compliments of HIGHTOWER POORE SERVICE STATION Dahlonega, Georgia DAHLONEGA INSURANCE AGENCY General Line of Insurance B. B. FiTE, Manager RUBY McELHANNON SPECIALTY SHOP Gainesville, Georgia Infants ' and Children ' s Wear also " Vanity Fair Underwear and Hose WALL JACKSON Aewelen The Original W. R. Hughes Store Gainesville Georgia 104 North Bradford Street • • • • Fine Watch Repairing Watches Silverware and Rings 133 I ' - ' kotoavaphs BY .. . " .L ._! _i.L s " ::]::d 57 2 Whitehall Stref r, S. W. ATLANTA • • • GEORGIA • COLLEGE ANNUALS A SPECLiLTY Photographs of All • • • Kinds • PORTRAITS WEDDINGS COMMERCIAL Atlanta ' s Leading Family Ph otographers E. L. H awthorne Supervisor 134 LIPSCOMB DRUG COMPANY Phone 42 NnniHilly ' s Ciindici School Suppl ies Pics criptions Dahlonega Georc;ia THE SMITH HOUSE Dahlonlga, G EOKGIA •A G ood Place for Good People " Also and the the Dahlonega guest home of parents oved ones, including the sweethearts of cadets and young ladjies of North Georgia College. C m p I 1 m e n t s c , ... WOOD Y ' S BARBER SHOP o o ON THE SQUARE O O Dahlonega Georgia When in (Jainesville make your headquarters .... MAYFLOWER CAFE Gainesville, Georgia PILGRIM — ESTES FURNITURE COMPANY Complete Line of HOME FURNISHINCJS Gainesville Georgia COMPLIMENTS OF " THE COOK " O O O w o o o (unpaid advertisement) 135 Sp.Col. U 428 .N6 C9 I 94o , North Georgia College, Cyclops 131008 v

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