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NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE 3 0642 00152 7368 w .y:v«. .. :.n. ARCHIVES U428 C9 1945c. 2 North Georgia College CYCLOPS .-.-v f liiii ' ijBiiBit. -• ■■ ■ if --«m •wifv f ■ I0 r fi T me I " ' HIS annual, the Cyclops of 1945, is another milestone in the history of North Georgia College. It is another monument to a great college that has hopes for a future of progress as bright as has been its growth in the jiast. A small group of students, limited funds, and various other handicaps were obstacles in the growth of the col- lege. Since April. 193.3, when North Georgia College was reorgan- ized by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia as a liberal arts junior college, it has made a great name for itself not only in Georgia, but throughout the South. This annual is presented to you, the students, witli the hope that in future years it will re-create for you the incidents and associations which have made this school year a happy one. Yearbook of NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA klcx ' ., ' X §:i- 4 ' -s fe- Lieut. Gen. Courtney H. Hodges Commander of the American First Army in the Euro- pean Theater of War jJeclica£iar2— General Hodges attended North Georgia College in 190.3, at wliich time he received an appointment to and entered the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. He has made a very outstanding record in this war and is looked upon by students of North Georgia as an ideal alumnus who has carried high the standards of North Georgia College. To Lieutenant General Courtney H. Hodges, we proudly dedicate this Cyclops of 1945. Photo by U. S. Army .Signal Corps n rcr( ii c n a-- Owen Meredith Editor c Gould Mosley Business Manager the Sponsor of the 1945 Cyclops Miss Ann McCall. Anderson, S. C. Sponsor After making up this annual, the Cyclops of 1945, we, the editor and staff, have only this to say: We have done our very best to bring to you an annual that will serve in future years to re-create for you the incidents, experiences, and associations that you knew while at North Georgia College. We hope we have fulfilled the expectations of the faculty and the students. ah e o Confen d OUR COLLEGE OUR CLASSES OUR MILITARY OUR CAMPUS REALTIES OUR ORGANIZATIONS OUR CAMPUS LIFE wltmai a-M.iPtLi KilUd in, AoUo4 Adams, Brantley . . . .. p! GSe crash, Sept. 10, 1943 Bass, Paul .... 3 i? Iariannas, Spring of 1944 BoLiNC, WiLLL yf ii;|vi J!rover Germany, Nov. 26, 1944 Bray, Paris di ff ' - ■ Over England. July 8. 1944 Callaway, EK ) ! . On Pelieu Island, Sept. 16, 1944 CoiNNELL, i. jif . . . . On Cruiser " Atlanta " in 1942 Cook. C | p Belgium, Jan. .3, 194.5 CoRNOGjI S Jr In France, Aug . 10, 1944 Crapp;jJ| Killed in action DAVis.vly|(W Porter In France, Aug. 8, 1944 DEWpkls D In plane crash, Dec. 13, 1940 Dix4 : TOiMAN In plane crash. June 13, 1942 DlnsiW arles Pi. . . . In plane crash, Jan. 12. 1943 EDC J Sffi® In plane crash, Feb. 16. 1944 pARR f ffi iON In plane crash, Oct. 12, 1944 FiELra itRLES In plane crash, Dec. 1, 1937 FoR i|rER Nov. 21, 1942 GARRl ;|ckRLES C Over Poland, April, 1944 GARRls -lfjiiTER . . Over .New Guinea. Sept. 10, 1944 Glenn, f fem5| In France, January 3, 1945 GoDFREY.- Sl iBC In Italy, March 1, 1944 Hall, CALi a i .t % In Italv, Aug. 8, 1944 Hames, GE0I? r 5 ' f.:. Killed in action Harris, AlbeSV; S . I ' pv Killed in action Kemper. Hoi ' stoS =% . Belgium. Dec. 21, 1944 Kendall, William P 5 £i fc-«N(S- rv- { illed in action — - mm King, Fred " • % ' ' ' ' y- l " ' ■ ' " ' ' ' ' Lipscomb, Bill fi i vWsh, Aug. 28, 1944 Matthews, Lewis ' Siiis 4l,.fKilled in action McArthur, W. L OveiSS ,(| Oct. 5, 1943 Moore. Joe Fra pl 22. 1945 Nix, Ralph In ItalN k?, 1944 Northcutt, Joe Belgiumlr ' tlj. 1944 Palmer, Olin H Jan mj944 Pendercrass, Nat In plane craslft. ' StetJ.ll944 Perkins. Quenton .... In plane crash, F fii, ,||,944 Quillian, a. R In France,| M i944 Rosser, Clarence C. Jr.. On Palau Island. Se «j| ||944 Sheehan, John C In France. NLV W. g)44 Smith. James H Se||V 944 Smith. Rooks Ma M 43 Smith, W. Swift In plane crash, fe ii l 943 Stallworth, Roscoe ... In plane crashi||l||iK ' ' 1943 Stone, Guy 0., Jr. ... In plane crash, )iti , 1944 Strickland. John In plane ci|i| . il. 1944 SwiNT, Lovic .... In Luxembourg, fea ri l, 1945 Teasley. Isham In ]M $ 15, 1944 Thacker, Dallas Glenn . . . ::0-i y 10- 1943 Tindol, Eugene p ' ' Iav 11. 1944 Wall, Thomas J . Jan. 12. 1945 Whittle, John THQ J • ' MMi ' ' ■i • March 1. 1944 Ou COLLEGE Faced w ' lfh the danger of being drawn info the Euro- pean war then raging, the American government took the first steps towards raising its present huge army with the first draft in September, 1940. This first drafting of manpower was restricted to men twenty- one years of age and over so that it did not affect students then in residence at North Georgia Coltege. Many of the alumni were called into service, however, both OS droftees ond as reserve officers The North Georgia College faculty began to feel immediately the call of the national emergency. Re- serve officers were ca ed up on short notice and others volunteered or were drafted upon completion of the academic year. Tfcil«- f ilf ' -| ' - • t ' " - ' - ' — ' saK " ' - I Learning to fly proved dUficuli and dangerous work. Hard months of study and of training were involved. As training conditions similated war tactics fatal crashes were fnevffabfe. North Geor- gia College students killed in plane crashes, largely during the training period, included: Adams, Brantley — September 10, 7943 DeWees, Ted - December 73, 7940 Dixon, Sherman — June 73, 7942 Dunning, Charles R. — January 72, 7943 Edge, David — February 76, 7944 farrar, Marion — October 72, 7944 fields, Charles — December 1, 7937 Lipscomb, Bill - August 28, 7944 Pendergrass, Nat — September, 7944 Perkins, Quenton — February 27, 7944 Smith, W. Swift - October 4, 7943 Stallworth, Roscoe — February 7, 7943 Stone, Guy — March 7 2, 7944 Striclciand, John - Aprii, 7944 Critically injured in crash at Kitty Hawk, N. C. — Lt. Dorsey Jones. The dorltest days in American history were the ?yVL-?- ■ " «• " ■ ' Harbor when the Japs wrested the Phihppmes from America. General MacArthur swore to return as liberator of the Islands. Finai y there began the long period o " is and-hopping, " tighfing closer and closer back to the fulfillment of General MacArthur ' s promise. Killed in the Vlarionnas — Paul Bass, 7944 Killed in New Guinea — Walter Garrison, Septem- ber 70, 7944 Killed on Pelieu Island - Emerson Callaway, Sep- tember 76, 7944 Killed on Palau Island - Clarence C. Rosser, Sep- tember 15, 7944 Missing in action in the Pacific Area - Ralph Jones. April 29, 7944 Decorated — Henry C. Stalnaker, for meritorious ac- tion over Solomons and Bismarck Archepelogo Decorated - J. O. Collier, Air Medal and Oak Leaf Clusters for meritorious service in Pacific Area, November, 7944 Decorated — William H. Mathis, Air Medal and Dis- tinguished Flying Cross for low level dive- bombing against Japanese on Saipan, Guam, and Jinan, November, 7944 Decorated — Ben Irvin, Distinguished Flying Cross Decorated — O. T. Wilhite, Air Medal Wounded in Philippines - Harold Mole, October, 7944 Wounded in Saipan — Tommy Wooten, September 7944 t.t. k««« The Chinese were the first to feet the force of Japan ' s attack. The Chinese were kept in the war by air supply routes maintained by the United States. American soldiers fought in China to establish bases from which Japan might be bombed. Killed in China — Eugene Tindol, May 11, 1944 Decorated — Isadore Bashinski, for meritorious action over China-Burma area. May, 7944 Decorated — Elgin Rittenberry, meritorious flying over " The Hump " ' 7 FHiiin Jonathan Clark Rogers, A.M., Ed.D. President North Georgia Students: Mid-term reports, that sounds strangely familiar, have just been sent out. This and the additional fact that The Cyclops is now soon to appear remind us that another college year is about to close. This has been a good and happy year, has it not? Glee Club. Orchestra, Y. M. and Y. W. Emphasis Week; yes, military. Phys. Ed. and chapels, too. Who after all would miss any of these! Attendance at your Alma Mater has been gratifying. During the Fall quarter. N. G. C. enrolled 36% of all the civilian students who registered in the six junior colleges of the University System. Our total Fall quarter enrollment, both military and civilian, constituted 25% of the total enroll- ment in all the state ' s eighteen junior colleges, both public and private. Yes. in all these and in many other respects, this has been a good year. But never for a moment can we forget the boys and girls in service ! Those who have given all. those who have been wounded, and those who fight on with determined will in all parts of the world. With them now are our thoughts and our prayers; our prayers that their struggle may soon be crowned with victory and that they may return to home and friends. And. we trust also that for ourselves who remain at home, we may not betrav the cause through our own indifference or sloth. Cordially, J. C. Rogers. President. February 15, 1944. Alice Donovan Dean of W omen Georgia State College for Women, B.S.H.E. John C. Sirmons Dean Emory University, Ph.B. : Emory University, A.M.: Graduate Student Duke University Anthony Bailey Barnes Black Brookshire Burton Cain Chadbourn Craig DiSMUKES England Evans John Durham Anthony . . . Physics-Biology Transylvania University, B.S. ; Emory University, A.M.; Graduate Study, University of Kentucky. Alla M. Bailey Mathematics Mississippi Colles;e. A.B. ; University of Georsiia. M.S. John C. Barnes Mathematics North Georgia College. B.S.; Graduate Student, Harvard University. Robert H. Belcher . Chemistry-Physical Science Georgia State College for Men. B.S.; Universitv of North Carolina. M.S.; Graduate Study, I niversity of North Carolina. Ray H. Black . . Treasurer-Business Manager Carl Brookshire . . Assistant. Business Office Bess Bryan, R.N College Nurse Nelle C. Burton .... Physical Education-Biology George Peabody College, B.S., M.A. Andrew W. Cain Social Science North Georgia College. A.B.; University of the Philippines, A.M.; Graduate Study, University of Georgia, University of Texas, University of the Philippines, University of California, Columbia University, University of North Carolina, I niver- sity of Virginia. Charles C. Chadbourn, Jr English Union University, A.B. ; Columbia University, A.M.; Graduate .Slud . L niversity of North Carolina and Duke University. Mattie Craig Manager of Bookstore Camillus J. DiSMUKES .... French-Spanish Birmingham-Southern College, A.B. ; University of North Carolina, A.M. Kenneth England English South Georgia Teachers College, B.S.; University of Georgia, A.M.; Graduate Studv. Duke University. William C. Evans Social Science University of Arkansas, B.A., M.A. 12 Bert H. Flanders English Emorv Universitv. A.B.. A.M.: Duke Lniversity, Ph.D. H.4RRY B. Forester Biology University of Alabama. M.S.; L ' niveisity of Wis- consin. Ph.D. LORIMER B. Freeman . . Geography-Commerce Lniversitv of Georgia. B.S.C.: Lniversitv of Geor- gia, M.S.C. ; Graduate Studv. Xorthwestern Lniver- sitv. Harvard I niversity. H. H. Gilbert, Jr Accountant Vernell Gillespie Secretary Graduate, l0rth Georgia College. Joseph C. Henning . . . Physical Education State Teachers College. Slippery Rock. Pa.. B.S. Paul M. Hutch erson . Major, Injantry, U. S. A. Professor of Militarv Science and Tactics. Della Lee McCann . . . Assistant Librarian Graduate, North Georgia College. Jane L. McDaniel Librarian Tusculum College. A.B.; University of North Caro- lina, A.B. in LS. Newton Oakes Commerce L ' niversity of Kentucky, B.S., A.M.: Graduate Study, LTniversity of Kentucky. Ella Ray Oakes . . Assistant Registrar-Secretary Eastern Kentucky State Teachers College, B.S. J. W. Phillips .... Assistant Bookkeeper Ewell G. Pigg Physics Central Missouri Teachers College, B.S.; Peabodv College, A.M. Flanders foresteh Freeman Gilbert Gillespie Henmnc hutcherson McDamel Oakes, N. Oakes, E. Phillips Powell Ray Roberts Sheets Sim MS SiRMONS Stevenson TowsoN Weston Yager York Young Miles B. Potter Mathematics State Teachers College, Bloomsburn;. Pa.. B.S.; Pemi State College. W. Holmes Powell . . Mathematics-Engineering Emory University. B.S., M.S.; Wittenberg College, M.A.-Ed: Graduate Study, Duke University. Vernelle Ray Home Economics Alabama College, B.S.H.E.; George Peabody Col- lege, A.M. W. S. Roberts Physics-Chemistry Harvard University, A.B.; University of Chicago, M.S.; Residence Requirements for Ph.D.. Univer- sity of Chicago. C. A. Sheets Physical Education University of Iowa. B.S., M.A.P.E. John C. . . . Chemistrv-Physical Science Millsaps College, B.S.; Vanderbilt University, M.S.; Western Reserve University, Ph.D. Mrs. J. C. SiRMONs English Georgia State College for Men, B.S.; Special Grad- uate, LaGrange College: Graduate Study, Univer- sity of Chicago, Emory llniversity. C. E. Stevenson Education Oglethorpe University, A.B.; Graduate Study. Uni- versity of Florida, University of Georgia, Duke University. Lambuth R. TowsoN . . . Mathematics-Physics Emory University. B.S.; University of Georgia, A.M.; Graduate Study, University of Chicago, Uni versity of North Carolina. Mrs. Avis C. Weston Dietitian B.S.H.E., University of Georgia. Lanelda Whelchel Secretary Charles M. Yager . . . Physics-Engineering University of Maryland, B.S. in M.E.; Duke Uni- versity, M.Ed. G. A. York Mathematics Elon College, A.B.; University of North Carolina. M.A. William D. Young Social Science Cumberland Universitv. A B., A.M.; Graduate Study, I niversity of Chicago, Peabody College for Teachers. 14 (MJ ed Ifi lctw- t Anderson, T. W. . BoLiNG, Russell . Carroll Troy . Carter, Willlwi F. Harris, James H. . Henderson. Walter Hill. Clifford H Hilton, William Horton, Loyd . Kell, Curtis . McWhorter, Hl Mote, Harold northcutt. j Rogers, Jonat WooTEN. Tom European Area, November, 1944 , Over Germany, August, 1944 France, July, 1944 . France, August, 1944 . . . June 19, 1944 France, September, 1944 Over Greece, September, 1944 France, 1944 Wounded in Action avia, November, 1944 Wounded in Action ii ' H ' tJI )ji ' s. October, 1944 . I- ragKC-i September, 1944 ' Vugust, l p and Jan. 7. 1945 Saii L September, 1944 0444. CLinES Dollar Williams Alexander SiTTON soPHOMORG am OFFICERS Ray Dollar President Charles Williams Vice-President Bill Alexander Secretary Paul Sitton Treasurer T) ECAUSE of the war conditions today. North Georgia College is running " " on a twelve-month schedule in order that more of the students may finish their sophomore year before entering the armed forces. For this reason, there are really three sophomore classes at the college, which means that some students are graduated from North Georgia at the end of each quarter throughout the year. The Sophomore Class as presented here is complete as of the Fall quarter, 1944. The most glamorous action of the war — General Doolittle ' s bombing expedition over Tokyo on April 17, 1942. It is not known that any North Georgia College student participated in this daring raid, but many are known fo be in the area from which the final battle of World War II will be launched. 16 William Harry Alexander . . Comer, Ga. Cadet Bugler 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2; Dramatic Club 2: Sergeant. Company A 2; Sergeants ' Club 2; Sigma Theta 1, 2. Henry Grady Banister Sergeant, Company A; Sigma Theta 1, 2: . M. C. A.; Sergeants " Club 2. Bobbye Anderson Atlanta, Ga. Cadet Bugler 1, 2; Glee Club 2; Recreation Club. Ila. Ga. Charles Alford Barrett . Union City, Ga. Sergeant, Company B; Sergeants ' Club 2. Warren Newton Battle . . . Ellaville, Ga. Sigma Theta 1, 2; 2nd Lieutenant I Staff I 1: Captain I Staff I 2: Pan-Hellenic Council 1, 2: Officers " Club 1. 2; Y. M. C. A. 1. 2. Watts Biggers Atlanta, Ga. ( adet Bugler 1; Band; Rex 1, 2; Dramatic Club 1. 2. Augustus F. Bloodworth . Gainesville, Ga. Band; Science Club 1, 2; Vice-President, Science Club 2; Generals 1, 2; Student Direc- tor, Generals 2; Sergeant, Band 1; 1st Lieu- tenant 2; Cadet Bugler L 2. George A. Brightwell Sigma Theta; 2nd Lieutenant, Company A 2; Glee Club 1; Cyclops Staff 2; Y. M. C. A. 1. 2; Officers " Club 2; Dramatic Club 2. Henry Darwin Bohler . . . Statesboro, Ga. 2nd Lieutenant, Company B 2; Rex 2; Y. M. C. A. 1,2. . Columbus. Ga. Felton a. Brown Milner, Ga. Sergeant, Company A. Martha Sue Blrch Ashburn, Ga. Recreation Club 1, 2; Home Economics Club 2; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2; Secretary, Y. W. C. A. 1,2. Lois Ellen Carnes Gumming, Ga. Glee Club 1; Recreation Club 1, 2; Home Economics Club 1 ; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2. William Larry Chapman . Social Circle. Ga. Sigma Theta 1. 2; Sergeant. Company A 2; Secretary, Sergeants ' Cluis 2; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 2. Lamar Gene Coleman . Company B; Dramatic Club 2; Science Club 2. Richard Charles Cohan . . Hinesville. Ga. Band 1, 2; Rex 1. 2; Glee Club 1, 2. . Garfield, Ga. William Edwin Coleman . . Graymont, Ga. Captain, Band 2; Science Club 1; Generals 1, 2; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2; Officers ' Club 2. Lucy Grace Conner .... Dahlonega, Ga. Sallie Cook Demorest. Ga. Y. W. C. A. 1. 2; Home Economics Club 1; Dramatic Club 1: Parliamentarian, Science Club 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2; Recreation Club 1, 2; Vice-President, Sanford Hall 1. Bob Crane Lawrenceville, Ga. Sigma Theta 1 ; 2nd Lieutenant, Company A 1; Y. M. C. A. 1; Officers ' Club 2. Joan Crowe Clarkston. Ga. Y. W. C. A. 1, 2; Recreation Club 1. 2; Cap- tain, Phi Omicron 1; Science Club 1, 2; Glee Club 1. 2. Austin W. Daniel Menlo, Ga. Guidon Bearer, Company A 2; Rex; Y. M. C. A. Willis Dietz Ringgold. Ga. Sigma Theta: Sergeant. Company A; Y. M. C. A. Harold Eugene Dill .... East Point, Ga. 2nd Lieutenant 1; Captain 2: Major (Staff) 2: Sigma Theta 1. 2; Officers ' Club 1, 2; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 2. Ray W. Dollar Cairo. Ga. Sergeant. Company A; Y. M. C. A. Marilynn Edmonds Smyrna, Ga. Science Club 1, 2; Home Economics Club 1. 2; Y. W. C. A. 1. 2; Recreation Club 1, 2; Captain, Hippolvtan Team 2; Recreation Council 2. Jack Edwards Dawson, Ga. Sergeant. Company B. 2; Dean ' s List 1, 2. Thomas Clyde Elrod .... Gainesville, Ga. Lieutenant Colonel, Battalion Commander; Staff; Y. M. C. A. L 2; Business Manager. Cadet Bugler 1. 2; President. Officers ' Club 2; Sigma Theta Pledge 1 ; Science Club 1 ; Pro- gram Chairman 1: Tennis Team 1. Elizaceth Forester . Y. W. C. A. 1, 2; Home Economics Club 1, 2: Science Club 1, 2; Recreation Club 1, 2. Vivian Ferguson ' Woodland, Ga. Recreation Club 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2. . . Head River, Ga. Elizabeth M. Freeman . . . LaGrange, Ga. Y. W. C. A. 1, 2; Science Club 1; Recreation VAub 1, 2; Captain, Trahlytans 2; Glee Club 1,2. Sam M. Freeman Fairmount, Ga. Sergeant, Company B 2; Science Club 1, 2. Barron Garrard Hartwell, Ga. Sergeant, Company B 2; Sergeant-at-Arms, Rex 2; Science Club 1. 2; Y. M. C. A. Coun- cil 2. Marjorie Cleo Gibbs Ty Ty, Ga. Recreation Club 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. 1. 2; Glee Club 1. George Moody Glover . Cleveland, Ga.. Secretary and Treasurer Sigma Theta Pledge Club 2; Sergeant, Company A 1 ; Y. M. C. A.. 1, 2; President, Sergeants ' Club 2. Nancy Janette Harber . . . Commerce, Ga. Recreation Club 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2; Home Economics Club 1. Frances Harbin Lavonia, Ga.. Glee Club 1, 2; Recreation Club 1, 2; Y. " W.. C. A. 1, 2; Home Economics Club 2. Pearl Harrell Brookfield, Ga. Recreation Club 1. 2; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2. William Harold Hopkins . . Cairo, Ga. Company B; Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Cadet Bugler Staff 2. Lanier A. Hunnicutt Metter, Ga. Sergeant, Company A 2; Sergeants ' Club. Jesse A. Jackson Mayfield, Ga. Sergeant, Company B; Rex; Sergeants ' Club. Hiram Neal Johnson .... Cleveland. Ga. Company A; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2. Eleanor E. Kennincton . . Thomasville, Ga. Dramatic Club 2; Glee Club 1; Home Eco- nomics Club 2; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 2; Rec- reation Club President 1; Captain, Phi Omicron 2; Cyclops Staff 2. William L. Knight, Jr Marietta, Ga. Sigma Theta 1, 2; Captain (Staff) 2; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2; Officers ' Club 2; Pan-Hellenic Council 1, 2. John Cook Lee . . . 1st Sergeant, Company B; Rex First Vice- President; Pan-Hellenic Council; Sergeants ' Club. Elizabeth Leard Hartwell, Ga. Cadet Bugler 2; Dramatic Club 2; Glee Club 1; Home Economics Club 2; Cyclops Staff 1; Y. W. C. A. 2; Recreation Club 2. Marshallville, Ga. M J. Stuart Lyle Elberton, Ga. 2nd Lieutenant, Band 2; Officers ' Club 2; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2. Marian P. McGehee . . . Waverly Hall, Ga. Recreation Club 1, 2; Recreation Club Presi- dent 2; Sports Manager 1 ; Y. W. C. A. L 2; Y. W. C. A. Council; Home Economics Club 1,2. Fred Lee McLanahan . . Elberton, Ga. Sergeant. Company B; Sergeants ' Club 2; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2. -i yg ' Ralph Edward Miller Sasser, Ga. Lieutenant, Company B 2; Sergeant 2; Ser- geants " Club 2; Rex Second Vice-President 2; Officers " Club 2; Y. M. C. A. 1. 2; Pan-Hel- lenic Council 2; Science Club 1, 2. Ethel Mlxtz Rockmart, Ga. Glee Club 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. President 1, 2; Recreation Club Council 1, 2. Mary Anne Moody Cornelia, Ga. Glee Club 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2; Recreation Club 1. 2: Vice-President, Recreation Club 2. Carlton A. Morrison Girard , Ga. Sergeant, Company A 2; Rex Chaplain; Ser- geants ' Club. Roy LeGree Nelson, Jr. . Milledgeville. Ga. Sergeant, Company A. Joel Inman Newman Stilson. Ga. Company B; Rex 2. Clara Jean Niblack .... Jefferson, Ga. Y. W. C. A. 1, 2; Recreation Club 1, 2. Louise Nipper Lenox, Ga. Dramatic Club 1; Home Economics Club 2; Recreation Club 2: Y. W. C. A. 2; Mercurean Co-Captain 1, Captain 2. Lucille Nugent Willacoochee, Ga. Y. W. C. A. 1, 2; Recreation Club 1, 2. Ben Brinson Overstreet . . Graymont, Ga. 1st Sergeant, Band 1 ; Sergeants " Club 1 ; 2nd Lieutenant, Band 2; OBicers ' Club 2; Y. M. C. A. 1.2. Wayne Palmer Dahlonega, Ga. Sergeant, Company B; Sergeants ' Club 2. Guy Kenneth Parketon Mlrlt Sergeant, Company B; Sigma Theta 2; Ser- geants ' Club 1, 2; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2. " Pep " Perry EUaville, Ga. Sergeant, Company A 1, 2; Sergeants ' Club 1, 2; Signia Theta 2; Y. M. C. A. 1. 2. William Noyes Perry Fayetteville, Ga. 1st Lieutenant. Company B; Officers ' Club 2; Rex 1. 2; Dramatic Club 1; Glee Club 2; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2. Margie Phillips Dry Branch, Ga. Home Economics Club President 1,2; Recrea- tion Club 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2. Edward Dean Pittman . . Sandersville, Ga. Sergeant, Company A; Sergeants ' Club 2. Virginia Pledger Cedartown, Ga. Y. W. C. A. Vice-President 1, 2; Home Eco- nomics Club Vice-President 1, 2; Recreation Club 1, 2; Mercurean Co-Captain 2. Helen Joy Potter Dahlonega, Ga. Recreation Club 1, 2. Bryan L. Redd, Jr Cumming, Ga. Company B 1; Science Club 1, 2; President, Science Club 2; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2. W. J. Rountree Summit, Ga. 1st Sergeant, Band; Generals; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2; Sergeants ' Club. Raymond S. Rutherford . . . Austell, Ga. Sergeant, Company A; Sergeants ' Club 2; Sigma Theta. Jerome Schine Albany, Ga. Sergeant, Company A; Sergeants ' Club 1, 2; Y. M.C. A. 1,2. Thaxton Irving Shelley . Pavo, Ga. 1st Lieutenant, Company A 2; Officers ' Club 2; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2; Glee Club 2. E. J. Sims Clarkston, Ga. Y. W. C. A. 1, 2; Recreation Club 1.2; Home Economics Club 1; Glee Club 1. Vivian Singleton Claikesville, Ga. Recreation Club 1. 2; Home Economics Club 1. 2: Y. W. C. A. 1. 2; Science Club 1. 2. Ruth Sisk Toccoa, Ga. Glee Club 1. 2; Recreation Club 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2. Paul Lyon Sitton Conyers, Ga. Sigma Theta; 1st Sergeant, Company A 2; Cadet Bugler 1. 2; Dramatic Club 1. 2; Glee Club 1. 2; Sergeants " Club 2; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2; Pan-Hellenic Council 2. LuRLENE Smelley Cornelia, Ga. Gle? Club 1; Recreation Club 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2. Maxwell J. Sweat Albany, Ga. Captain, (Staff) 2; Officers " Club 2; Sigma Theta. Mary Nell Taylor Toccoa, Ga. Y. W. C. A. 1, 2; Recreation Club 1, 2; Home Economics Club 1, 2. Sidney Thrasher Buford, Ga. Rex; Sergeant, Company B; Sergeants ' Club; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2. Jack D. Turner Company A. Ben Lane L ' pchurch .... East Point. Ga. Captain, Company B; President, Rex; 2nd Lieutenant 2; Sergeants ' Club 1; Officers ' Club 2; Pan-Hellenic Council 2; R ex Softball Team; Company B Softball Team; Basketball Squad. Alma, Ga. Caroline Wall Jeffersonville, Ga. Y. W. C. A. 1, 2; Recreation Club Council 2, Treasurer 2; Home Economics Club 2; Glee Club 1. Minnie Jean Walters Toccoa, Ga. Recreation Club 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. Council 1, 2; Home Economics Club 1; Glee Club L Mildred Watson Macon, Ga. Dramatic Club 2; Glee Club 2; Home Eco- nomics Club 2; Y. W. C. A. 2; Recreation Club 2. Robert C. Watson Graymont, Ga. Sergeant, Band; Y. M. C. A. Anne Royston White . . Danielsville, Ga. Home Economics Club 1, 2; Recreation Club 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. 1. 2; Science Club 1, 2; Cadet Bugler 1. Charles Watt Williams . . . Atlanta, Ga. Captain. Company A; Sigma Theta Treas- urer; Officers ' Club; Glee Club 2; Y. M. C. A. 2; Boxing Champion 12.5-lb. Class. Vann Castleberry Sperry burdette FRHHiiy n u OFFICERS Claude Van. President Larry Castleberry Vice-President John Sperry Secretary James Burdette Treasurer ' TpHE Fresliiiiaii Class, too, has been affected Ijy llie war program. As a result of the twelve-month schedule, new students are entering the college at the beginning of each quarter throughout the year. At present, the Fresh- man Class consists of first quarter freshmen who entered in September of this year, second quarter freshmen who entered in June, and third quarter freshmen who entered in March. The class as presented here is complete as of the Fall quarter, 1944. Hitler fried to knock England out of the war by bombings from the skies. When the power of the Luftwaffe was so broken that it could no longer attack London with planes, the Germans invented the " buzz bomb " as its revenge weapon. The suffering inflicted on the civilian population of Eng- land failed in their objective to break British morale: rather, it intensified the British belief in themselves as " able to take it. " Killed over England — Paris Bray, July 8, 1944 Killed over England — Howard Mil- ler, May, 1944 Adams, A. Adams, W. Anderson, A. Anderson, W. Atkinson AUTRY Aycock Bagwell Bailey Banks Barineau Barnett Barnette Barrett Baxter Bell Blalock Bishop Bolton BoZEMAN Brightwell Allen Willis Adams William Elza Adams Alex S. Anderson, III . Wiley Stinson Anderson . G. M. Atkinson . Zella Jeannette Autry William Cooksey Aycock . Randall Bagwell Mildred Louise Bailey George McLeod Banks . Walter Edward Barineau . Allentown, Ga. . Vidalia, Ga. . Washington, Ga. . West Point. Ga. Broxton, Ga. . Gainesville, Ga. . Columbus, Ga. . Canton, Ga. Macon. Ga. . Lakeland, Ga. , . . McRae, Ga. Marion L. Barnett Cochran, Ga. William Wallace Barnette . . Hampton, Ga. Clarence E. Barrett, Jr. Cleveland, Ga. Alfred Owens Baxter . . Avondale Estates, Ga. Simeon Louis Bell Munnerlyn, Ga. Robert Blalock Tifton, Ga Virginia Bishop Watkinsville, Ga William Royers Bolton . William D. Bozeman Griffin, Ga. Sylvester, Ga. Clyde Nelson Brightwell . . Columbus, Ga. 25 Brim Burroughs Carter, F. Bruner Butler Cash Bryant Cagle Castleberry Brown Bullincton Campbell Carney Christopher Clark, R. Burdette Carr Clark, G. Burgess Carter, J. Clarke Joe Allen Brim Sasser, Ga. Dorothy Bruner . Tallulah Falls, Ga. Raymond Bryant Blakely. Ga. Joe H. Brown. Jr Santlersville. Ga. Joe C. Bullincton McRae, Ga. James Miles Burdette, Jr. . . . Calhoun, Ga. Charles Ted Burgess . . . Summerville. Ga. Klayne Burroughs Moultrie, Ga. William 0. Butler Elberton. Ga. Warren G. Cagle Nelson. Ga. Tom Campbeli Lavonia, Ge Patsy Jean Carney Tate, Ga. Walter Carr Roberta. Ga. John Marshall Carter .... Cordele, Ga. Frederick Warren Carter, Jr. . . Bonaire, Ga. Ann Georcine Cash Hoschton, Ga. James Larry Castleberry . . . Lumpkin, Ga. John Frederic Christopher . . . Griffin, Ga. Roy C. Clark, Jr Calhoun, Ga. George Gordon Clark .... Parrott, Ga. William Augustus Clarke, Jr. . . Atlanta. Ga. 26 Clifton Co a URN Collier. R. Collier, C. Collins Cook COWART Craic Crawford Cross Crump, N. Crump, J CURLEY Damf.l Darsey Deaton Denham Dial Corn Curl Dor MI NY James Robert Clifton Albany, Ga. Boyd Aultman Coburn .... Fitzgerald. Ga. Robert William Collier .... Blakely, Ga. Clifford Warthen Collier, Jr. . Fitzgerald, Ga. Louis Hilton Collins, Jr. . . . Cobbtown, Ga. Herbert S. Cook Elberton, Ga. Geneva Corn Fernim, Va. Charlie W. Cowart Edison, Ga. Alton Harold Craig . . . Lawrenceville, Ga. Thomas Eugene Crawford . . . Albany, Ga. Leo Owen Cross Dallas, Texas Nina Crump Toccoa, Ga James Wallace Crump . Tennille, Ga. Robert Curl Valdosta. Ga John Charles Curley . West Point, Ga. William Brantley Daniel, Jr. . . Millen. Ga. Joseph Donald Darsey Hubert J. Deaton, Jr. James Olin Denham, Jr. Miller Dial William Roy Dorminy . Lakeland. Ga. . Gainesville. Ga. . Sycamore. Ga. Walnut Grove, Ga. . Fitzgerald. Ga. 27 Dowis DURANT Durham DrKKF.NBKKCEU Kbkrharbt Echols Edvvariis Ellis Ethridce Faust Floyd FlyUETTE Forrester Fossett Fowler Fbazer Fuller FUTRELLE Garwood Gayler Gilstrap Louie Dowis Lavonia, Ga. Joe S. Durant Dublin. Ga. Craddock R. Durham .... Woodville, Ga. Joseph Warren Durrenberger . . Valdosta. Ga. Ernest M. Eberhardt .... Hinesville, Ga. Cynthia Echols Atlanta, Ga. Doug Edwards Gainesville. Ga. EvELYNE Ellis Alpharetta, Ga. Alice Evelyn Ethridce .... James, Ga. Celeste Reed Faust .... Crawford, Ga. Johnny Olan Floyd Dublin, Ga. Paul Newman Fiquette, Jr. . . West Point, Ga. Redmond V. Forrester. Jr. . . West Point. Ga. Ranville J. Fossett Baxley, Ga. Harold Lewis Fowler Canton, Ga. Kathleen Frazer Washington, Ga. Rex L. Fuller. Jr Decatur, Ga. Franklin J. Futrelle Guyton, Ga. Harry E. Garwood Cordele, Ga. Branson Gayler Lyerly, Ga. Helen Gilstrap Cummino;. Ga. 28 GOEBEL Gram Griner Grizzle Harben. Ford Harbin Green Gudger Harrell Greene GURLEY Harris Greeson Hall Hart Griffin Grimes Hampton Harben, Fran( Heaton Henderson Barbara Louise Goebel . . . Tallapoosa, Ga. Jack H. Grant Cornelia. Ga. Jesse S. Green Tennille, Ga. William Walter Greene . . . Buena Vista, Ga. Ray Francis Greeson .... Chatsworth, Ga. RoYCE Griffin. Jr Gillsville, Ga. B. Irwin Grimes Gainesville, Ga. John Milward Griner. Jr. . . . Camilla, Ga. Frank J. Grizzle, Jr Buford, Ga. Bill Gi dcer EUijay, Ga. Ernest Boyd Gurley .... Dahlonega, Ga. Gordon Henson Hall .... Valdosta, Ga. Comer F. Hampton Commerce, Ga. Frances Harben Dawsonville, Ga. Ford Harben Dawsonville. Ga. Emma Lee Harbin Lavonia. Ga. Ernest K. Harrell, Jr Camilla, Ga. James Johnson Harris, Jr. . . . Pelham. Ga. William Ambrose Hart .... Newnan. Ga. Edgar Vernon Heaton .... Quitman, Ga. Mary Henderson Brooks. Ga. 29 Hilton HiNSON Hinton Howard Howell. E. Houell, J. Huff Jenkins, B Keith HULME Hurst Hyers IVEY Jarrard Jenkins, S. Jolly Johnson, A. Johnson, B. Johnson, J. Johnson, M. Jones Robert Parker Hilton .... Ellaville, Ga. Jack Wilson Hinson Pelham, Ga. Sarah Jane Hinton Tate. Ga. James Floyd Howard Griffin, Ga. Edgar Boyd Howell. Jr. . . Marshallville, Ga. Joe Parks Howell, Jr. . . . West Point. Ga. Carolyn Bell Huff .... Buckhead. Ga. Henry Paul Hulme Danville, Ga. Byron Harwood Hurst, Jr. . . . Camilla. Ga. Fred Ewell Hyers Baxley, Ga. Edwin Ralph Ivey Cordele, Ga. Henry Grady Jarrard, Jr. . . Gainesville, Ga. Sidney A. Jenkins Sardis. Ga. Billy Jenkins Sylvester. Ga. Joseph S. Jolly. Jr Decatur, Ga. Allyn Cleon Johnson, Jr. . . Dahlonega, Ga. Barbara Jean Johnson . Royston. Ga. James A. Johnson Dublin. Ga. Mildred Geneva Johnson Betty Claine Jones Athens, Ga. Tallapoosa, Ga. W. Lehman Keith Atlanta. Ga. 30 Kellam Kemi ' Kendall KiGHT Kilpatrick King, Doris King. Dorothy King, B. KiRKLAND Kling Lanier Langford, p. F. Langford. P. L. Lee Lewis, J. Lewis, T. Little Lord Maddox Mahan Martin Seth Hamilton Kei.lam .... Dublin, Ga. James Frank Kemp Tifton, Ga. Melva Kendall Dawsonville, Ga. Harold E. Kicht .... Warner Robins. Ga. George Harold Kilpatrick . . Forest Park, Ga. Doris Jean King Comer, Ga. Dorothy Mae King .... Dahlonega, Ga. Bobby " Rupart " King .... Douglas, Ga. Billy Z. Kirkland Douglas, Ga. Mary Edna Kling LaFayette, Ga. William Chandler Lanier .... Macon, Ga. Paul Flynt Langford Griffin, Ga. Pheobie Lourine Langford Richard Carroll Lee . Winder, Ga. Elberton, Ga. John Lewis, Jr Baxley, Ga. Thelma Phyllis Lewis .... Atlanta. Ga. Edgar Neal Little, Jr Homer, Ga. Garnett Felton Lord John Charles Maddox . Commerce, Ga. . Madison. Ga. John L. Mahan, Jr Lakeview, Ga. Mary Anne Martin Commerce, Ga. 31 Mashburn Matthews, E. Matthew?, J. Mavnard May McCahi) Mt: -.(ini) McDonald McKenzie McRae Meaders Meredith Mertz Miller, E. Miller, J. Miller, R. Millican MiNIX Moore, D. Moore, M. MOORHEAD Alva D. Mashburn, Jr. . Adel. Ga. Elma Matthews Winder. Ga. James Davis Matthews Gainesville, Ga. Joy Maynard Winder, Ga. Harry Thomas May Roy Edmond McCard . Sandersville. Ga. . Thomaston, Ga. Edgar McCord Sylvester, Ga. Flora McDonald Cleveland, Ga. William Albert McKenzie . . Thomaston, Ga. Daniel Hermond McRae. Jr. . Mount Vernon, Ga. Martha Sue Meaders .... Atlanta, Ga. Albert Owen Meredith, Jr. . . Hartwell, Ga. Betty Jean Mertz Tennilie. Ga. Ellen Miller Atlanta, Ga. Juanita Miller Calhoun. Ga. Robert Wilham Miller . . . Tallapoosa. Ga. LONNIE Milligan East Point, Ga. Forrest L. Minix Milan, Ga. Davis Moore Decatur, Ga. Mary Ann Moore .... Tallulah Falls, Ga. Robert E. Moorhead .... Buckhead, Ga. 32 MuKlUb MOSLEV, A. MoSLEI. C. _ lu i,ii Nahara Nix NORRIS North Oglesby, F. Oglesby. W. Owen OWENBY Pardue Pearce Pendley Pettit PiTTMAN, Q. PiTTMAN, W. Pool Powell Pratt Louie Angus Morris, Jr Wadley, Ga. AusTus L. MosLEY, Jr Lyons, Ga. GoLLD MosLEY Viflalia, Ga. Frank Harold MoxLE ' i. Jr. . . . Wadley. Ga. James M. Nahara Douglas, Ga. Mary Ruth Nix Cleveland, Ga. Robert A. Norris Washington, Ga. Carolyn North Brunswick, Ga. Frances Oglesby Hartwell, Ga. WiLLARD Wallace Oglesby . . . Elberton, Ga. Roy C. Owen, Jr Cedartown, Ga. Paul Owenby. Jr Hiawassee, Ga. Kathryn Pardue Cleveland. Ga. John Bonnell Pearce . Thomas Glenn Pendley Walter Franklin Pettit . QUENTON L. PiTTMAN William Kenneth Pittman Julian Tillman Pool. Jr. Harry Holmes Powell Harry Thomas Pratt Gainesville, Ga. . Sylvester. Ga. . Ellijay. Ga. . Maysville. Ga. Commerce, Ga. . LaGrange. Ga. . Marietta. Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. 33 Pratt PREbCOTT Price, C. Price, H. Price, M. Puckett Ramey Reames Redmond Renfroe Reid Rhodes Richardson Roan Roberts ROBISON ROWE Rumble Ryle Sanders, A. Sanders, H James Donald Pratt .... Covington, Ga. William O ' Neal Prescott . . . Conyers, Ga. Charles E. Price Canton, Ga. Hunter J. Price, Jr Elberton, Ga. Mary Frances Price .... Tallapoosa, Ga. Henry Douglas Puckett .... Buford. Ga. John Perry Ramey Cornelia, Ga. Mattie Louise Reames . . . Ridgeville, Ga. Alice Belle Redmond .... Decatur, Ga. Dorothy Phyllis Renfroe . . Sandersville, Ga. Andrew West Reid Athens, Ga. Virginia Ruth Rhodes . Tignall, Ga. James Edward Richardson . . . LaGrange, Ga. Alver Raymond Roan. Jr. . . . Fitzgerald, Ga. Paul Roberts Tallapoosa, Ga. Bill Robison Monroe, Ga. Richard E. Rowe Claxton, Ga. Neal Rumble Warner Robins, Ga. Dallas M. Ryle, Jr. . Perry, Ga. Ann Sanders Bowersville, Ga. Harold Ragland Sanders . . . Newnan, Ga. 34 Sartor L -liM- Sheffield Smith. B. Smith. W. Smith. J. Sperrv Stephenson Stewart Shiver Smith, L. Stovall Shuman Smith, E. Stover Smith. G. Spain SWILLEY Smith. I. Specht Tate Dell Eloise Sartor .... Marble Hill. Ga. Kathry Sessoms . . . Avondale Estates, Ga. Frank Sheffield. Jr Bostwick. Ga. Henry Hill Shiver Camilla. Ga. Robert Charles Shuman .... Dublin, Ga. George Clarence Smith. Jr. . Mount Vernon, Ga. Irene Smith Dahlonega, Ga. Betty Smith Toccoa, Ga. Wynnette Smith Newnan, Ga. Jean C. Smith Atlanta, Ga. L. W. Smith. Jr TenniUe, Ga. Edgar Mitchell Smith . Elberton, Ga. Evelyn Spain Gainesville. Ga Herman C. Specht Atlanta. Ga. John Howard Sperry Albany, Ga. Joe Kellett Stephenson . . Sunimerville, Ga. Robert Roy Stewart, Jr. . . . West Point, Ga. Thomas N. Stovall . Danielsville, Ga. William C. Stover Sycamore, Ga. Charles Raymond Swilley Dublin, Ga. Lurene Tate Gainesville, Ga. 35 Tate Terry Thomas Thrasher TiPPINS TOWSON Travvick TUMLIN Turner Tyson Vann Vinton Ward Warren Waters Webb Wehunt West Westbrook Whelchel Whitmire Lenora Tate Hazlehurst, Ga. Luther Mansfield Vinton, Jr. . . Atlanta, Ga. Joan Terry Cummins, Ga. Jack Tyson Ward Albany, Ga. Clark Thomas Douglas, Ga. Harvey Buford Warren, Jr. . . . Midville. Ga. Joe Thomas Thrasher. Jr. Winder, Ga. David Tippins Claxton, Ga. William Towson Americus, Ga. Paul B. Trawick, Jr. . commerce . Ga. Dorothy L. Waters Gainesville. Ga. Edward Allen Webb Edison, Ga. Oveda L. Wehunt Tate, Ga. Albert Clinton Tumlin . . Madison, Ga. Janie E. West Sautee. Ga. Philip Keith Turner Carlton, Ga. William Parker Westbrook, Jr. . . Albany, Ga. Peggy Tyson Savannah, Ga. Jack Griffin Whelchel Hapeville, Ga. Claude Oden Vann Vidalia. Ga. Flora Nelle Whitmire . Gainesville, Ga. 36 Wiley Williams. K. Williams. J. Williams. M. X ' illis Wills Wilson Wilt Wimpy Windham Wollet Wood Woody Woolsey Wynne, L. Wynne, D. Yarbroluh Young Zeicler, S. Zeigler, T. WiLKIE Donald Wiley Sycamore, Ga. William M. Wollet . . Griffin, Ga, Edward Franicli.n Wilkie . Tate, Ga. Charles R. Wood Madison. Ga. Elise Evelyn Williams . . Tallulah Falls, Ga. Billy Buck Woody Suches. Ga. Mary Elizabeth Williams . . Tallapoosa, Ga. James Albert Williams . Joyce Eugenia Willis Winder, Ga. . Chicopee. Ga. James W. Wills Washington, Ga. Ann Woolsey Woolsey, Ga. Lewis Kilpatrick Wynne, Jr. . Sandersville. Ga. David Walton Wynne Perrv, Ga. Jack C. Wilson Fitzgerald, Ga. Ben Collier Yarbrough . Madison, Ga. Daniel Frank Wilt Louisville, Ga. Jo Young Cornelia, Ga. Jack Wimpy Sylvester, Ga. Shirley Zeicler Avondale Estates. Ga. Walter Bryant Windham Tifton, Ga. Thurman D. Zeigler Sardis, Ga. 37 THE iS.T.R.P. ' I ODAY, the Army Specialized Training Reserve Program has become a vital part of North Georgia College. These boys, as well as the other students, feel that this program will benefit greatly all concerned. When these boys reach their eighteenth birthday, they are transferred into either the Army, Advanced A.S.T.P., or Officers Candidate School. They study specialized courses in such subjects as history, mathematics, chemistry, physics, geography, English, and military. Their scholastic rating is high in the nation. Recently their number has increased from about one hundred thirty to about two hundred fifty. They hail from many states including Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, Maine, and many others. Last but not least, they have been, and still are, joining t— together whole-heartedly with the Cadets and Coeds in all the many social activities of the college and have added greatly to the campus spirit. n MEMORIAM LEWIS MORRIS Roanoke, Virginia 38 Joseph J. Brown Miami, Fla. John P. Calhoun Sumter, S. C. Ace Neal Chandler Allen RoBY CoNLEY, Jr Marion, N. C. . Cambridge, Md. Henry Eugene Damon. Jr. . . . Meridian, Miss. Thomas Emmett Dennington . . Marietta, Ga. Byrd Keating Dozier Billy Ethridge Perry, Ga. . Cambridge, Md. Nash Pierce Faulkner . . . Thomaston, Ga. Evans Flemming Thomasville, Ga. William H. Gallup. Jr. . . South Norfolk, Va. EsLEY Eugene Gantt . Fort Mill, S.C. f » ncsr ■J »-- James M. Graham . Birmingham, Ala. George G. Gr. ham, Jr. . . . Washington, D. C. Charles Griner Thomasville, Ga. James Claude Hammon . . . Spring City, Tenn. Thomas Horton Vero Beach. Fla. Robert Travis Hutchison . . . Richmond, Va. John Wesley Jones, Jr. Portland. Fla. Red Lockard Scottsboro, Ala. Baldwin Martin Harold H. Mathews, Jr. . Winston-Salem, N. C. James U. McDonald MocksviUe, N. C. George Medlin, Jr Marshville, N. C. James Yancey Menefee, II ... . Lurav, Va. Frankie Mitchell Waycross, Ga. James Montague Lake City, Fla. Robert Marshall Pitts . . Birmingham. Ala. Spence Raulerson Wavcross. Ga. Sineal Eugene Richbourc, Jr. . LiiKolnton, N. C. Donald L. Savary. Jr. . Inverness. Fla. Stanley Noel Schwartz . . Jacksonville, Fla John W. S. Staley Brunswick, Ga. Thomas G. Tankersley East Point. Ga James Thomas Lake City, Fla. Bill Waldron Charlotte, N. C. Bill Williams Macon, Ga. ' --. ? i S. T. R. p. SIIPSHOTS Top l, ' )t: I tiiink I can. I think 1 can— Well, maybe. The ASTRP boy« climb the wall, a ■■Terrible- obstacle. . . . Top right: U„ that? Why ■Ir ' ' L% ' l} ' " f ' " " • ' ' " - " " " " ' « " ' ' ' ■ anyway!! . . . Center left: Ihe AblKP boys go over the " Inverted V on the obstacle course It ' s lots of fun -if you live through it. . . . Center right: " Let ' s go over yonder and sit down. " " eah, let ' s do. " . . . Bottorti left: The Thinker Mulling over the Binominal Theorem. . . . Bottom right: Traveler ' s Rest. The rail around the moiuiment is a favorite place for the " Sons of Rest " between classes. eco.n4iila t4. . . . Adams, Russell. Jr. . . . Air Medal, Presidential Citation for making best ' " paradrop " in entire European Area during French Invasion. Bashinski, Isadore . . . Distinguished Flying Cross, Mejfi- torious Action over China-Burma Area, May, 1 BoLi G, Russell . . . Air Medal. Several Oak Leaf ters, Meritorious Service over Germany Collier. James 0. . . . Air Medal and Oak Leaf Clij for Meritorious Service in Pacific Area. Nov« 1944 CoRNOG, W. W.. Jr. . . . Order of the British EmpL sented by Gen. Sir Harold Alexander in Cairq te, pre- Egypt, Dingler Dixon, Wilbur Germany ) Harris, John R. . . . (Over Germany I Hayes, John S., Jr. . Hendon. James W. . Hill, Clifford H. . . .Air ' l lat -m AhUVIedal and jQaiiilirEtf t Insfri Stars (In Italy) Leaf Ss tSk lM . 2 Bror . Air Med Air Medal. HoRTON, LoYD . . . Distinguished Flying Clusters v:V Irvin, Ben . . . Silver Star. Distinguisht ' d llym -.- 6 Oak Leaf Clusters. 4 Presidential ' CilaliotJ ; ' if:1 and European Areas I ' :p ' Jones, Fred . . . Cited for Meritoriiius Ai.)k i during submarine attack upon ship Ii-: ' ih;f i :-::y:i Kell, Curtis . . . Air Medal i§:-i S- Luke, William H. . . . Air Medal Jj j f Leaf Clyarer Martin, Homer Allen . . . Air M ' f t- Mathis. William H. . . . Air MdBfft ' iiJv istingui ed Fly- ing Cross for action on Sajlvia}?Fv ' ' Guai]K and Tinan. November, 1944 HsVIcCalla, J. R. . . . Distinguished Flying Cross for Meri- torious Action over France, Oak Leaf Clusters iillS cWnoRTER, Hugh . . . Silver Star, Air Medal TE. Harold . . . Distinguished Flying Cross ' S|5-i ptLLIPS, Ernest C. . . . Bronze Star and Oak Leaf ;HS:5;ijAC lusters ( European Area ) |vS ii iPS, P. K. . . . Air Medal for bombings of 8th Air Pj; | ? rce over Germany $l}0§ es, William M. . . . Croix de Guerre and French v-.v: K-: ' iB ' n in France. Distinguished Service Ribbon in ' " " " ' w ft ' PtTT j a Walieu . . . Di iiiiguibhed Flyin r ss .Pi lii ' Yy Willi M F Di tin gjjjis f p ' Tv ' ing Cross, eritoiiou ( tion om i (■■d iiijn c i ' njgust, 1944 4BER I I I IN .--C Mt d lj i nze Star, Oak Leaf Clustei , l(iii( II II I UijJ over the " hump " be- livf !! ' liin 1 iiul IihIki, A vo i, U- l)isrfiiiiui hed Flying Cross, 6 Oak i vChtHk ' - 1. .WAUtlal ol England VI PS0N7 iL ' ' ' ' " ' Di tingui-hed Flying Cross, Air . . Medal, 1 1 Oak Leaf Clusteis :ii :0 0 KER, Hen™ C. . . . Distinguished Flying Cross, itorious . ' tion over Solomons and Bismarck STura: . vwiHERT . . Air Medal and Oak Leaf Clusters Im 12 )ujropean missions kft in. I ' hi Fd . . Air Medal for bravery and skill %?iitvi- i;iiru)i . November, 1944 WATldT . j.;; VrV; . Ajf Medal for Meritorious Service ovei-G ; ! Wilhite. D. TJ :-. §.;! r l Jedal for 30 missions over Bis- marck ArcliS Oh MILlTilRY -vJ ■•u Captain Roy D. Hutson Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics - 1st Lieut. John A. Nevtn Adjutant Major Paul M. Hutcherson Professor of Military Science and Tactics - ; 1st Lieut. Kenneth P. Taylor Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics Sergeant Arthur H. Kern Assistant to the Professor of Military Science and Tactics OFFICERS 0 IISTRDCTIOI The military organization here at North Georgia College is one of the greatest attractions to the students. Since it is an " essentially military college, " it is known throughout the South to have an ex- cellent organization. Much of the credit for this excellent military training is due Major P. M. Hutcherson and his assistants. Captain R. D. Hutson, First Lieutenant K. P. Taylor, and First Lieutenant J. A. Nevin. Sergeant A. H. Kern has done a good job as Property Custodian in the Armory. The military department maintains a standard of good conduct which inspires students to work hard and which draws them together for their mutual welfare. 44 THE BATTALION STAFF Cadet Lt. Colonel Clyde Elrod . Baitaliun Cominander Cadet Major Harold Dill .... Executive and S-1 Cadet Captain Bill Knight 5-2 Cadet Captain Max Sweat S-3 Cadet Captain Warren Battle 5-4 Cadet Sergeant Hamilton Kellam . . . Assistant S-4 Elrod Dill Knight Sweat Battle Kellam North Georgia College has been classified by the War Department as an " essentially military col- lege. " It is one out of eight in the entire L nited States so designated, and it is the only one in Georgia. Since ' " essentially military col- leges " endeavor to emulate the traditions of West Point, North Georgia is well called " Georgia ' s West Point. " M I am m Mrs. J. H. Prickett Gainesville, Ga. Sponsor 4.5 w ■=r " n A d Williams SiTTON f f I n Shelley ' A Bkichtwell Crane Daniel " A " COMPANY Charles W. Williams Captain Paul L. Sitton Ht Sergeant Thaxton I. Shelley Lieutenant. 1st Platoon George A. Brightweli IJeutenant, 2nd Platoon Bob Crane Lieutenant, Hrd Platoon Austin W. Daniel Guidon Bearer Miss Ruth Sisk Toccoa, Ga. Sponsor .-Vi= ' sr I ii ii M. uii V. 1st PLATOOS Sergeants: Glover, Hunnicutt. Nel- son, Schine. Williams. Privates: Butler, Carr, Cowart. Crawford, Daniel. Fiqu- ette, Fossett, Fuller. Howell. Hyers. Ivey. Jenkins, .Johnson. Keith, Kilpatrick, Lit- tle, Lleras, Mahan, Mat- thews, Moore, Pettit. Pool, Purcell, Reid, Roan, Roberts, Smith. Towson, Webb, West- brook, Wiley. coHpyy 2nd •LATOOJl Sergeants: exander. Banister, own. Chapman, Pitt- man. Privates : alock. Burroughs irler. ' .. Carter, J. b r i s I o p h e r, Clarke, iftrin. Cross, Curley ivis. Denham, Dial urrenberger, Eber- irclt. Gaskins. Gudger. Jrley, Hampton, Har •, Heaten. Kight ;wis. Meredith. Ogles , Pillman. Q.. Fill in. W .. .Sperry. Swil f. Turner, i n t o n Wi Wynne iM -■ ,v . M v tr •Jrd PLATOON Sergeants: Dietz, Dollar. Lanier, Morrison, Perry. Ruth- erford. Privates : Adams, Adams, An- derson. Barineau. Bar- nett. Bollon. Bryant. Buliington. Campbell, Castleberry. Clements. Coburn, Collier, R.. Collier, C. Collins, Craig, Darsey. Edwards, Girtnian. Harben, How- ard, Jenkins. I.angford, Purkett. Richardson, Ryle. .Schuman. Smith, Stewart. Tanksley. Tra- wick. Turner. Vann, Wallett, Zeigler, Upchurch Mil 9 9 Lee B Perry Miller BOHLER May " B ' COMPANY Ben L. Upchurch Captain John C. Lee Jsi Sergeant Wn.LIAM l . Perry Lieutenant. Isl Platoon Ralph E. Miller Lieutenant. 2nd Platoon Henry D. Bohler Lieutenant, 3rd Platoon H. Thomas May Guidon Bearer Miss Jo Young Cornelia, Ga. Sponsor ht PLATOOI Sergeants : Barrett, Burdette, Led better. Parketon. Pres- cotl. Thrasher. Privates : Banks. Bozeman. Brightwell. Brown. Bur- gess. Crump. Dealon. Dowis, Forrester, Grif- fin. Hilton. Hinson. Howell. King. Kirk- land. Lanier. Lord, Marshall. Mixon, More- head. Morris. Mosley, Moxley. Owenby. Pen- ley, Roberts. Roberson. Rowe. Smith. Specht. Fippins, Tumlin. Wil- son, Windham. Wood, Wynne. cfliiPdn fmi i _m • •• • m. K. J!i m ... ' i- ,., Hr ia » i P i=; M i " ii sa .. .■ .••8 M %, t- t " - - 1 ii r t3 • I ' I o iu. . 2n(l PLATOO. Sergeants : Densmore. Durant, Kel- 1am. Jackson. McLana- lian, Palmer. Privates: Atkinson. Bell. Hold- ing, Brim. Clark. Fow- ler. Futrelle, Green, Greeson. Grimes, House. Johnson. Kana- day. Krapkin. Maddox. McKenzie. Miller. Mil- ligan. Minix. Nahara. Powell. Shiver. Steven- son. Tisdale, Thrasher. Wills, Wilkie. Wimpy. :]r(l PHTOOK Sergeants : Edwards, Freeman. Floyd, Garrard. Privates : Barnetl, Barrett, Bax- ter, Cagle, Clark, Cole- man, Cowart, Curl Dorminy, Durham, Gay ler. Grant. Green. Griz zle. Hall. Harrell, Hurst McRae, Pearce. Pratt Price, Rumble. .Shef field, St oval I, Ward Welchel, Yarbrough. ' ■ " ■ J f f flM r COMPOY Bob Lambert Captain James Wood 1st Sergeant Buddy Black Guidon Bearer R. L. Proctor Lieutenant, 1st Platoon M. C. Paget Lieutenant, 2nd Platoon J. E. Sadler Lieutenant, 3rd Platoon The first invasion by American forces— the largest invasion fleet then known to history— landed American and British armies in Africa on November 7, 1943. Thus began the battle for the reconquest of Europe, for Europe ' s back door was now open to attack. The vaunted Afrika Corps of field Marshal Rommel proved conquerable after all, and Germany ' s pres- tige as an unconquerable military power began fo topple. X aj« " ' «•• ' If WJ »« ' ■ i 5 ' •V- u i-: •■ S M i» " ft ht PLATOOJl Sergeants : Brown, Denney, Pitts, Ray, Richardson, Ty- ner. Privates : Aliern. Baker. Cliand ler, Collins, Connelly, Cowan, Daly. Davis Frank, Greeney, Ham bleton. Hirsli, Holtz claw, Lambert. Leon ard. Langosky. Morris Munn. Rabun. Ramson Raulerson. Saunders Sparks, Smith, Thomas, ■if:: itf.. 0 »k ., . C- tfl J •r . ' - PLATOON Sergeants: Bursley, Flenning, Hill. Kersey, Menefee. Wal- lace. Privates: Baines, Bolt, Bowman, Campbell, Conley. Counts, Dozier, Ed- wards, Gantt, Gruble, Hammond. Hilling, Hol- land, House. Hudgins, Hunter, Jones, Ken- nedy, Roberts, Smith, Staley, Thompson, Tait, Thames, Walker, Webb. Wheeler. 3ril PLATOON Sergeants: Coffey, Dassonlas, Edi- sion, Harton, Lightfoot. .MeCuen. Privates : Blanchard, Calhoun, Coley, Cousey, Dudley, Etheridge. Foster, Frantz, Gibson. Gold, Gough, Graham. Helms, Herring, Johnson, Jolly, Kirkpatrick. Mat- hews, Mayberry. Med- lin, Palmer. Perman. Rand el I. Richardson. Sellers. .Sines. Tracey, Withers. 51 Waldron Williams Martin Mn M Calhoun D • ' D " COMPANY W. 0. Williams Captain C. E. Griner 1st Sergeant W. R. Waldron Guidon Bearer R. N. Byrd Lieutenant, 1st Platoon T. B. Martin Lieutenant. 2nd Platoon J. P. Calhoun Lieutenant. 3rd Platoon Miss Piccol, Jackson Sponsor 1st PLilTOO, Sergeants: Groves, Peedin, Poole, Richardson, Taylor, Waldron. Privates: Ally, Bonner, Blud- worth, Davis, Gardner, JiiratI, Landers. Leclia. Lockard, Lindquist, -McCart, McConnell, McDonald. McLendon. Noss. P o 1 y h e ni u s. Smith, S 11 s s ni a n , Thomas, Todd, Walsh, Zollo. coMPin ♦• • • • i :»si,T«i----«; ■ ■ ?7ii !V?i ' 11 ! I- J , .,■ ' - ' ■ -•• ■ 2iid PLATOON Sergeants: Cassady. Franklin, Huitt, Parks, Tankers- ley. Privates : Atlor. Bell. Brood, Call- well, Chapman. Cous- ins, C u r r i e, Craig, Faulkner. Gallup. Green. Graham. Hart, H a t h o r n . Longtin. Lines, Markoff. Mc- Carthy, Montague, Moore, Phillips. Reece. Richbourg. Smith. Tankersley. Tidwell, Vines. hi PL.ITOON Sergeants : Crawford. Rogers. Sav- ary. Whithworth. Privates : Auman, Bryan, Bullock. C a p o u y a , Clayton. Damon, Davis, Elden. Ingle, Jarvis, Knowles, Miller, Register. San ders, Sizemore, .Smith Stewart. Thomas. Wal- den, Williams. Wilson. L., Wilson, R. •r-: . ' - --. • •■.£: • - « « .. %. 9iJ Coleman Bloodworth overstreet ROUNTREE UKD Mrs. W. 0. Coleman Giaymont, Ga. Sponsor W. E. Coleman Captain A. F. Bloodworth J- ' Lieutenani B. B. OVERSTREET 2nd Lieutenant Stuart Lyle 2 i( Lieutenant W. J. RoLiNTREE 1 1 Sergeant Staff Sergeants: H. G. Jaruard McEwen Austus Mosley Robert Watson John Ramey Privates : Aycock, Bagwell, Bank ston. Biggers. Burton. Can tor, Casey. Cobb. Cohan Dennington. (Jamble. Gar wood. Goldman, Hall. Hart Johnson. Jolly, Joyner, Kersey, Kemp, Lee, Leon ard. L u r i a . Mashburn Matthews. McCord. Mitch ell. Nichols. Norris. Owen Pratt. Price. Sanders. San son. Schwartz. Sines, Smyre, Stover, Stuart York, 3ieceaied in SenAMce . . . M irniii ' t-r ' " " ' ' - " - ' I I- ■V ' JA■ V ■ ;■ ' ■ ' ■ ■ ■■ ' ■JiJ:J ' lr J rW■ ' " : : ' : ?J ■ It RUBY SMITH. A. N. C. Died in Army Hospital September 10, 1944 " € Ou UMPllS BElllTIES z avc tde oj. tlie K amvus tv 56 yi ii la Ljoiiiia FIRST PLACE AND MISS N.G. C. tv 57 y VI LAS uyLCCoia lackAon SECOND PLACE 58 -- THIRD PLACE -.. i.; Ml y 1 iis u eti FOURTH PLACE Ul J—eatd 60 MU iUta in Hctio . . . Oun. nuwimni The first conquest of European soil — the liberation of Sicily and the invasion of Southern Italy in the spring, 1943, The slow drive up the Italian peninsula and the near-tragedy of the Anzio beach head proved costly to the Allies, but it re- moved from the war the first of the Axis powers and brought on peace feelers from the Axis satellites, KILLED IN ITALY Hillyer C. Godfrey - March 1, 1944 Calhoun Halt — August 8, 1944 Fred King — September 30, 1944 Isham Teasley — August 15, 1944 Ralph Nix -April 17, 1944 Decorated — William Phillips, Distinguished Service Ribbon Decorated — John HayeSf Two Bronze Stars iu ' 4 5 nnops STAFF " " ' V Bill Alexander Doris King m . . td y BoBBYE Anderson Chandler Lanier V H L . P I H , 1 Larry Castleberry Mary Anne Martin 5 Cliff Collier Ralph Miller » Billy Cook Paul Sitton Nancy Harber Paul Trawick ' ' Mary Henderson Luther Vinton William Hopkins Anne White James Johnson Anne Woolsey Lehman Keith David Wynne HP ' - ' Shirley Ziegler Hk , lliLTUN Graham Elrod Gilbert mi BHLER Robert Hilton Co-Editor George Graham Co-Editor Clyde Elrod Business Manager Miss Jean Smith Sponsor H. H. Gilbert Faculty Adviser K. M. England Faculty Adviser Sitton Alexander Castleberry Leard Vinton Trawick Collier Keith King Cash White Harber Miller Wynne Hopkins Lanier Woolsey Henderson Martin Zeicler Anderson W. E. Coleman President Dr. H. B. Forester Faculty Adviser The first battle of Europe was in the air. Bombing missions ranged far over Axis capitals from their bases in England and in Africa. Killed over Poland — Charles C. Gorreff, April, 1944 Wounded in bombing mission over Yugo-Slavia — Curtis Kell, November, 7944 Decorated — Walter Pittman, Distinguished Flying Cross, over Mediterranean bases and U-Boat pens on French coast. Decorated — J. R. McCalla, meritorious action over France, Spring, 1944 YA CA y YOMG mn tumm mumm 4 The Y. M. C. A. means a great deal to all the cadets here at N. G. C. It not only renders a hetter way of Christian life, but it serves to make the cadets feel at home and enter into the social life of the campus. It is governed by the Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, made up of ten student members and the president. It considers social life one of the greatest factors for a successful college year and under the lead- ership of President William Coleman it has had a very successful year. It sponsors dances, parties, and other social activities throughout each year. Fred Bloodworth Darwin Bohler Larry Chapman Harold Dill Barron Garrard ToMMiE Horton Chandler Lanier Alva Mashburn Owen Meredith Spence Raulerson Bloodworth Bohler Chapman Dill Garrard Horton Lanier Mashburn Meredith Raulerson I 64 - .« i t L The most dramatic day in American history — " D " Day. Every radio in the nation blared as news reports gave the story of the ong-owaifed inva- sion of German-held France. Wounded and decorated on Hugh McWhorter Decorated for action on D. Shannon Day - Lt. Col. Day — Captain James = YWCA Mrs. Lee Roy Mimz Sponsor ) . If . C. A. Ethel Mintz President ' lRGIMA Pledger Vice-President Martha Sue Blrch Secretary-Treasurer Miss Alice Donovan Faculty Adviser CABINET MEMBERS Eleanor Kennington Ruth Sisk Mary Anne Martin Jean Smith Marion McGehee Minnie Jean Walters Sue Meaders Anne White Shirley Ziecler - , Ml.NTZ BURCH Pledger Donovan VOll G WOME ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOdlTIOI " We, the member? of the oung Women ' s Clirislian . ?sociatioii. unite in tlie desire to realize full and creative life. ' We determine to have a part in making this life possible for all people. ' In this task we seek to under land Jesus and to follow Him. ' " 4 fl Kenmngton Martin McGehee -Mkaders Sisk Smith X ' alters White Ziecler 65 DiSMUKES MEMBERS OF THE GLEE CLUBS Virginia Bishop Georcine Cash Sallie Cook Geneva Corn Joan Crowe Nina Crump Evelyn Etheridce Emma Lee Harbin Frances Harbin Doris King Mary Edna Kling Mary Anne Marti Altos Juanita Miller Ruth Sisk Mildred Watson Shirley Ziegler Sopranos Betty Jean Mertz Ethel Mintz Mary Anne Moody Carolyn North Phyllis Renfroe Anne Sanders Kathryn Sessoms Margaret Summers Lenora Tate LuRENE Tate Flora Nelle Whitmire N Joyce Willis First Tenors Roy McCard H. G. Price Thaxton Shelley Joe Stephenson Charles Williams Second Tenors Bill Alexander Richard Cohan Ranville Fossett William Hopkins William Lanier John Lewis Charles Maddox John Pearce John Ramey Paul Sitton David Wynne Basses Gene Crawford Cleon Johnson Joe Jolly Richard Lee Alva Mashburn Bill Perry Harry Pratt Donald Wiley CamILLUS J. DiSMUKES Conductor Bert H. Flanders Accompanist The North Georo:ia College Glee Clubs Present A Sunday Evening Concert of Sacred Music In Lieu of the Twelfth Annual Carol Service November 26, 1944 — 7:30 O ' clock Program O God. Our Help in Ages Pas! Croft God of Our Fathers Warren Dear Land of Home Sibelius Land of Hope and Glory Elgar The Glee Clubs The Blind Ploughman Clarke Alva LASHBURN, Baritone Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Gates — Anthem Booih-Dismukes Ye That Hope in God — Anthem Booth-Dismukes Lead Us. Father — Hymn Dismukes Selections from Cantata, " Unto Us a Son " ... . Booth-Di makes The Glee Clubs One Sweetly Solemn Thought Ambrose Mary Edna Kling, Soprano Goin ' Home (Adapted from " New World " Symphony) ■ . Dvorak Panis . ' Vngelicus (from " Messe Solonnelle " ) Franck Ave Maria Schubert The Glee Clubs An Evening Prayer Gabriel Joe Jolly. Bass The Lord ' s Prayer Malotie The Holy City Idams Hallelujah Chorus ( " " The Messiah " ) Handel (The audience is requested to stand) GLEE ! « m mm m chorus CaMILLUS J. DiSMUKES Conductor Bert H. Fl. nders Accompanist North Georgia College Presents The Army Reservists ' Chorus in Concert Friday Evening, November 10, 1944 7:15 O ' clock Program Winter Song Bullard La Cucaracha Mexican Folk Song The Chortjs Star Dust Carmichael;; Raulersoin, Tenor It ' s Me, Lord Negro Spiritual The Old Ark ' s . - Iovcrin ' Negro Spiritual The Chorus Deep Purple De Rose John Dassoi las. Pianist liebestraum Liszt On the Road to Mandalay Speaks The Chorus Beautiful Dreamer Foster George Graham, Tenor 01 ' Man River ( " Show Boat " ) Kern Stout Hearted Men ( " New Moon ' ' ) Romberg Proudly We Hail Thee Booth The Chorus 1 niB LANDERS MEMBERS OF THE CHORUS First Tenors Second Tenors George Graham Ellis Hall Ray McEwen W. H. Lockard Spence Raulerson Roger Polhemus Bob Richardson S. E. Richbourg S. N. Schwartz Baritones Basses Howard Blanchard Evans Fleming Joe Casey Thomas Horton Lee Cobb John Jones Camillus J. DiSMUKES Conductor Bert H. Flanders Accompanist John Dassoulas Guest Soloist Minnie Jean Walters Accompanist for Mr. Raulerson i ft d The Baffle of France — Germans routed by fheir own factics of mobilized war- fare. Nazi armies rushing back to Ger- many as fast as fhey ran over France in 1939. Thus came the liberation of our crushed ally as once again the " Marseillaise " became the symbol of re- sistance against tyranny. American hopes for the speedy defeat of Germany grew high. KILLED IN FRANCE W, IV. Cornog, August 10, 7944 James Porter Davis, August 8, 1944 A. R. Ouillian, July, 1944 Joe Moore, January 22, 1945 WOUNDED IN FRANCE Troy Carroll, July, 1944 William Carter, August, 1944 Walter A. Henderson, September 1, 1944 William Hilton, 1944 Joe Northcutt, September, 1944 J. C. Rogers, Jr., August, 1944 MISSING IN ACTION Paul Fulton, June, 1944 Coleman Owen Kemp Raulerson Mashburn ROUMREE 7 e GEIERUS Fred Bloodworth Firsi T rum pel Robert Kersey Second Trumpet Ray McEwen Third Trumpet Frank Kemp First Trombone W. E. Burton Second Trombone Allen Cantor First Alto Saxoplione Wadie Roundtree .... Second Tenor Saxophone W. E. Coleman Third Alto Saxophone Ted York Fourth Tenor Saxophone Roy Owen Bass Alva Mashburn Piano John Walsh Drums Spence Raulerson Soloist Fred Bloodworth Director Mrs. Jull- n Bloodworth Gainesville, Ga. Sponsor 68 DRAMITH fLO The Dramatic Club offers opportunity to students who wish practice in performing plays. Plays of the finest quality are given in the college auditorium for the amusement and edification of the stu- dents. Several plays are performed each quarter. In addition to plavs. the Dramatic Club offers numerous and interesting programs of variety. The N. G. C. Dramatic Club has enjoyed great success for many years. ' ' The play ' s the thing. " — Shakespeare. " Come, let us shut up the box and the puppets, for our play is played out. " — Thackeray. MEMBERS Bill Alexander Alfred Baxter Virginia Bishop Watts Bicgers George Bkightwell Walter Carr Georgine Cash Gene Coleman Cliff Collier, Jr. Gene Crawford Cynthia Echols EvELYNE Ellis Harry Garwood Barbara Goebel William Greene Emma Lee Harbin Eddie Heaton Mary Henderson Robert Hilton William Hopkins Sidney Jenkins Mildred Johnson Betty Jones Eleanor Kennington Shirley Doris King Betty Leard Mary Anne Martin Gould Mosley Carolyn North Roy Owen BONNELL PeARCE Mary Frances Price Alice Redmond Phyllis Renfroe Kathryn Sessoms Paul Sitton Zeicler Jean Smith Thomas Stovall Lurene Tate Lenora Tate Paul Trawick Mildred Watson Flora Nell Whitmire Elise Williams Mary Williams Charles Williams Ann Woolsey D.wiD Wynne 69 White Phillips, Mrs. R. F. OFFICERS Margie Phillips President Virginia Pledger Vice-President Anne White Secretary Mary Nelle Taylor Treasurer Miss Vernelle Ray Faculty Adviser Mrs. R. F. Phillips Dry Branch, Ga. Sponsor HOMG no 10 Ml n a IB MEMBERS Dorothy Bruner Marilyn Edmonds Elizabeth Forester Kathleen Frazer Jane Hinton Carolyn Huff Piccola Jackson Eleanor Kennington Betty Leard Mary Ann Moore Phyllis Renfroe Ann Sanders Dell Sartor Vivian Singleton Lurene Tate Peggy Tyson Mildred Watson OvEDA Wehunt Elise Williams 70 " HOME EC " ICTIIITIES America ' s " total war " program produced the greatest navy in history with which to transport men and supp ies to the European and Pacifc war areas and to defeat the Japanese navy. Killed on Cruiser " Atlanta " in 1942 — Seaman Jack Conneff Cited for meritorious action during submarine attack upon ship — Fred Jones Air Marshall Goering promised the German people that not a single shell would fall on German soil. Berlin and other German cities had many sleepless nights in which to recollect this promise as Allied planes dropped their destruc- tive bombs. MISSING IN ACTION OVER GERMANY Cooper Dodson, Spring, 1944 Maurice Wynn, July, 1944 PRISONERS OF WAR Fred Howell Dingier, shot down over Germany September, 1944 Samuel Allen Martin, prisoner of war in Germany after 70 missions DECORATED Wilbur Dixon, Air Medal, 4 Oak Leaf Clusters Loyd Horton, Oak Leaf Clusters John R. Harris, Air Medal and 3 Oak Clusters William E. Purdy, meritorious achievement over Germany Miss Peggy Shaw Clearwater. Fla. Sponsor Elrod Uattlf. Major P. M. HuTCHEKsOiN Faculty Adviser OFFICERS ' CLDB OFFICERS Clyde Elrod President Harold Dill Vice-President Warren Battle Secretary Bill Knight Treasurer ' ■ zt ' • ■ ' ♦-«•• -h-» ■■ %»4». ' ' " r- « m ' m fm . i§ A 7 ? wL , .i: -vue- . ' , A kA«.WA ' - r. 72 " Angels of Mercy ' the Red Cross nurses who devoted fhem- se ves to the restoring of wounded men and were at times under attack themselves in the coura- geous fulfillment of their duties. Ruby Smith, Army Nurse Corps — Died in Army hospital Septem- ber 10. 1944 MEMBERS Bloodworth Crane Perry BOHLER Lyle Shelley Brightwell Martin Sweat Calhoun Miller Upchurch Coleman Overstreet W. Williams C. Williams 73 Glover B. Alexander J. Edwards F. McLanahan J. Ramey CZ; ' S l V, .J: • . B. ' W , Miss Jo Young W i[ i%r I ' SkJ B Cornelia. Ga. Parketon Chapman Lee ■ SERGEHTS ' CLO OFFICERS V G. M. Glover President K. Parketon Vice-President L. Chapman Secretary J- ' EE Treasurer H. Banister C. Barret F. Huown J. Burdette W. Dietz R. Dollar i Durrant ; J.Floyd S. Freeman B.Garrard L. Hunnicutt J.Jackson H. Jarr.aru C Lamer ; C. Morrison A. Mosley R. Nelson W. Palmer D. Pittman P Perry B Prescott W. RouNTREE R. Rutherford J. Schine P. Sitton S. Thrasher R. Watson A. Williams I I fl cx ( c% .tt, r ,Q ' - lT , 174 % ' -Ij " J n A. S. T. R. P. SERGEAHS ' CLUB OFFICERS W. R. Waldron President C. E. Gri-N ' er Vice-President Don Savary Secretary-Treasurer Miss Carolyn Short. Charlotte. N. C Sponsor J. J. Brown H. B. Blrsley A. J. Casey J. C. Cassady T. N. Crawford D. V. Denny J. E. Fleming E. J. Franklin D. V. Groves Jimmy Hill MEMBERS J. E. Hill T. R. HORTON J. D. HUITT R. E. Kersey W. H. LOCKARD C. R. McEwEN J. Menefee J. U. Parker J. H. Peedin R. M. Pitts H. C. Ray R. P. Richardson L. V. Rogers A. R. Smith T. G. Tankersley R. G. Taylor D. L. Thomas S. L. Turner A. B. Wallace C. N. Whitworth J. G. Wood Miss Carolyn Short Charlotte, jN. C. Sponsor 75 McGehee Moody Meaders Wall 4 White MiNTZ Burton Mrs. H. T. McGehee Waveily Hall. Ga. Sponsor GIRLS ' RECIlEATIOf CLUB { OFFICERS Marian McGehke President Ethel Mintz . Mary Ann Moody .... Vice-President Eleanor Kennington Sue Meaders Secretary Mary Louise Nipper Carolyn Wall Treasurer Elizabeth Freeman . Anne White Sports Manager Marilynn Edmonds . Miss Nelle C. Burton . . Faculty Adviser . Sports Manager Phi micron Captain . Mercurean Captain . Trahlvtan Captain Hippolytan Captain The Rec Club is a recreational organization that includes all the Co eds on the campus. The governing body of the club is the council, composed of the officers, team captains, sports managers and faculty adviser. The four teams compete for first place in the various intramural sports such as speedball, volleyball, hockey, basketball, and tennis, and sponsor dances, hikes, and Co-ed Week. Each year the Rec Club sponsors a big formal dance. This year it was on St. Patrick ' s Day. In its program, the Rec Club tries to develop and educate the individual through the medium of recreation and play activities that are wholesome and interesting, so that she will realize her maximum capacities both physical and mental which will enable her to make adjustments for complete, satisfy- ing living now and in the future. For recognizable work accomplished by the teams and their members, special awards are given. A loving cup is given to the leading team at the end of the year. Individual members receive points on the basis of the Rec Club point system. Sweaters are awarded to those who have 2,000 or more points, large letters for 1,500, and small letters for 850 points. The big individual award of the year is the loving cup that is awarded to the Co-ed who best typifies the athletic spirit of North Georgia College. 76 II I P P L 1 T I n In our school days we always have memories, but some memories stand out more than others. . . . These are usually the memories that we share with our friends. . . . Such are those of the comradeship and good-will that we enjoy as members of the Hippolytan team. . . . Together we work and play; together we win or lose; together we fight hard in tournaments to try to bring our team to the front. . . . Then, the sadness when members of our team graduate and leave us. and excitement when new freshmen are chosen to be Hippolvtans. . . . Always we trv to hold high the standards of sportsmanship and honor. . . . Always we will play fair and square for our team and for our school. Virginia Bishop Dorothy Bruner Patsy Carney Cynthia Echols Vivian Ferguson Kathleen Frazer Emma Lee Harbin Mary Henderson MEMBERS Pheobie Langford Phyllis Lewis Elma Mathews Joy Maynard Martha Sue Meaders Betty Jean Mertz Juanita Miller Emma Jo Sims Wynette Smith Joan Terry Lenora Tate Lurene Tate Minnie Jean Walters Joyce Willis Anne White North Georgia Collage ' s records of its sons and daughters engaged in this grea conf ict ar= regrettably incomplste. Names omitted are without intention. It is hoped that when peace returns to our land a fitting memorial may be erected on our campus and that in it sha ' l be recorded every participation mads by North Georgia Collsgs students. KILLED IN ACTION lArea Unknown) Walter Forbes, November 21, 1942 George P. Homes Albert Harris William P. Kendall Olin H. Palmer, January 12, 1944 Rooks Smith, March 1, 1943 Dallas Glenn Thacker, July 10, 1943 John Thomas Whittle, ff.arch I, 1944 Marilynn Edmonds Captain Fr. nces Harbin Co-Captain 77 Louise Nipper Captain Virginia Pledger Co-Captain Nearly four thousand of Nortli Georgia College ' s sons and daughters are known to be serving in the nation ' s armed services, TABULATION AS OF NOVCMBCR, 1944 Men enlisted in the Army . 7,807 Men enlisted in the Navy 587 Men enlisted in the Marines Men enlisted in the Coast Guard Women enlisted in the Army Nurses ' Corps Women enlisted in the Waves Women enlisted in the W MCR Men serving in the F, B. f. TOTAL Comntissioned Officers in the Army Non-commissioned Officers in the Army 101 38 22 5 4 3 £S62 612 400 7,072 M E R ni R E U S Well do we remember our happy and ever-lasting days as Mercureans. . . . The high ideals we set before us and worked toward. . . . The things that seem to go with a team: hikes, socials, team meetings, tournament games. . . . How all these things, whether we win or lose a game, express our feelings of love for our fellow members, loyalty, and sportsmanship. . . . Our first Rec Club meeting when the plans for the quarter were made and the high spirit of winning and winning the " Mercurean Way, " which is the right way, made its way to the 1-A place in our hearts. . . . Remember, Mercureans, we ' re all out for you, so play the game the " Mercurean Way. " Mildred Bailey- Martha Sue Burch Georgine Cash Nina Crump Evelyn Ellis Jeanette Harber Pearl Harrell Jane Hinton MEMBERS Bobbie Jean Johnson Betty Jones Mary Ann Martin Ethel MiNTZ Mary Ann Moore Carolyn North Margie Phillips Myra Purcell Alice Redmond Jean Smith Evelyn Spain Peggy Tyson Carolyn Wall Elise Williams Jo Young . «: ETS ' ' PHI OIIICROH Well do we remember the good ole " times we Phi Omicrons have had together. . . . Those long Saturday afternoon hikes, then returning that night with blisters on our feet — but how- we loved it. . . . The good times we had practicing speedball before breakfast, even though we couldn ' t see. . . . The day we lost the speedball game to the Trahlytans. . . . How down-hearted we were, but how determined to be good losers as well as good winners. . . . How proud we were when we came in first at the Rec meeting. We have a wonderful team — a team that is bound together by lovalty and comrade- ship. May we always hold high the standards of our team and may the future Phi Omicrons love and support our team as we have done. Christine Bolinc Sally Cook Joan Crowe Evelyn Eth bridge Elizabeth Forrester Helen Gilstrap FR.ANCES Harden Carolyn Huff MEMBERS Marie Kalile Dorothy King Mary Edna Kling Flora McDonald Ellen Miller Mattie Reames Virginla Rhodes Ann Sanders Vivian Singleton Betty Smith Irene Smith Margaret Summ ers Mary IN ell Taylor Ruth Tribble Mildred Watson OvEDA Wehunt Jane West Commissioned Officers in the Navy Non-commissioned Officers in fhe Navy TOTAL Commissioned Officers in fhe Marines Non-commissionecf Officers in fhe Marines TOTAL Commissioned Officers in fhe Coasf Guard GRAND TOTAL 121 65 186 42 IS 57 5 3,830 Eleanor Kennington Captain Ruth Sisk Co-Captain 79 , Elizabeth Freeman Captain Frances Oglesby Co-Caplain TRiHLnOS Well do we remember the first of this vear when there was the rush to get the Rec Club organized into its four teams again. . . . The excitement of meeting the new freshmen and pledging them to our teams. . . . Relating to them the history of old Trahlyta and all the fun we had had. ... Of our hikes to the river in freezing weather or our tournament games when each team was striving to win through clean and honest play. . . . Impressing upon them the importance of team work and good sportsmanship. . . . Looking into the future with the hope of upholding the traditions of Old Trahlyta as we have done in the past. Bobbye Anderson Ellen Carnes Geneva Corn Celeste Faust Margie Gibbs Barbara Goebels PuxoLA Jackson Mildred Johnson MEMBERS Doris King Betty Leard Mary Ann Moody Clara Jean Niblack Mary Ruth Nix Lucile Nugent Kathryn Pardue Mary Frances Price Phyllis Renfroe Dell Sartor Kathryn Sessons Lurlene Smelley Flora Nell Whitmire .Ann Woolsey Shirlie Ziegler IjATTLE Lee IJpCHUilCH Kmcht Miller SiTTON P H ■ II E L L E n C (10 II I (]| L The Pan-Hellenic Council is made up of lines members of each of the local fraterni- tiss. Its function is to promote good will Ijctween the fraternities and to enlist the cooperation of both fraternities in any major undertaking. Once during each quarter the (Jouncil sponsors a dance which is usually the highlight of the quarter. Miss Mildred Watson Sponsor OFFICERS Warren Battle Ben Upchurch . Bill Kmcht MEMBERS John Lee Ralph Miller Paul Sitton 81 Upchurch Morrison Lee Garrard Miller Hutcherson Perry White Miss Anne White Sponsor Major P. M. Hutcherson Faculty Adviser REX FRITERHTI OFFICERS Rudy Upchurch President John Lee First Vice-President Ralph Miller Second Vice-President Bill Perry Secretary-Treasurer C. A. Morrison Chaplain Barron Garrard Sergeant-at-Arms £ ' ' ' !»SW5 ' 5 ' ' f5i ;» F - f ' f - " tlfcffiififlil ..k M h M E. Adams W. Bicgers D. BoHLER B. Bozeman R. Cohan G. Crawford C. CuRLEY A. Daniel P. FlQUETTE H. G. Jarrard J. Howell T. May O. Meredith E. McCoRD A. MOSLEY G. MOSELEY I. Newman D. Ryle R. Stewart S. Thrasher P. Trawick W. Westrrook J. Ward 82 OFFICERS John Sperry President Edgar Howell .... Vice-President Hunter Price . . Secreiarv-Treasurer -:sf • H Sperry HOHELL Price REX PLEDGES The Rex Fraternitv has had a very successful year under the leadership of Ben Lpchurch. Its membership has been increased this year and the members have as always held high the standards of the Rex Fraternity. Among the students of N. G. C. the Rex means good boys, good fellowship, and good times. The members enjov many social activities such as parties, dances, ban- quets, and hikes throughout each quarter. Tile function of the Rex is to increase the brotherhood of the cadets. To the members we can say — a job well done! J. Brim T. Burgess R. Clifton H. Deaton D. Edwards J. Floyd R. Forrester M. Griner B. Grimes J. Jackson B. Jenkins F. Kemp B. Pearce H. Powell T. G. Pendley J. Ramey J. Stephenson J. Wimpy ifl JK o O O A 83 Battle Williams England SlTTON Mrs. Owens SIGMA THETl OFFICERS Warren Battle President William Knight Vice-President Paul Sitton Secretary Charles Williams . . Treasurer Mrs. W. G. Owens Sponsor K. M. England Faculty Adviser ! ;. , f f ' ■ , ' ■■r « . ifcA-afc« i I). Alexander L. Chapman H. Dill J. BURDETTE L. Castleberrv C. Collier C. Clarke 0. Cross R. Curl B. Daniels L. Dowis R. Hilton J. Johnson H. Kellam F. MiiNix L. Morris J. W. Perry B. Prescott R. Rutherford C. Vann L. Smith 84 OFFICERS W. DiETZ President R. Grain E Vice-President G. Glover .... Secretary-Treasurer DiETZ Lli NK Glover SIGIU TIIETi PLEDGES Under the leadership of Warren Battle the Sigma Theta Fraternity has had a suc- cessful and prosperous year. The membership has been as large as it was before the war, and the members have steadfastly upheld the traditionally high standards of the Brotherhood. Sigma Theta is a name respected at N. G. G. for good fellowship, good scholarship, and good fun. Sigma Theta dances are highlights in the social calendar for all students every quarter in the college year. Breakfasts, chapter dances at the Owens House, hikes, banquets, and hayrides are enjoyed each month by the fraternity members. " All the brothers were valiant. " PLEDGES . Adams G. Brichtwell N. Brichtwell W. Bolton B. COBURN B. DORMINY H. Garwood J. Greene R. IVEY A. Mashburn F. MoXLEY J. Richardson R. Roan J. Wilson L. Wynne 85 Elizabeth Freeman Minnie J. Walters WESLEY FOUIDITIOI COUNCIL Marian McGehee President Marshall Pitts Vice-President Vivian Ferguson Secretary Elizabeth Freeman Treasurer On the campus of all state colleges the student vork program sponsored by the Methodist Church is known as the Wesley Foundation. The purpose of the Wesley Foundation is to lead the students in our colleges to become followers of Jesus Christ, and into a more vital personal fellowship with God. We also feel that it is our duty as Christian citizens to help create a new world orde r embodying Christian ideals; to practice racial understanding, fellowship, and cooperation; to develop an attitude of good will: to foster interdenominational and inter-religious understanding and cooperation; to promote an aggressive missionary zeal; and to share mutually our religion and culture with other people, especially with our fellow students. 86 BiPTin STUD En iinoi Frances Oglesby, , President Cleon Johnson JuANiTA Miller Bill Alexander Chandler Lanier Virginia Pledger Georgine Cash Betty Leard Bryan Redd Eugene Gantt George Medlin Carolyn Wall J. C. Hammond Anne White The Baptist Student Union is the connecting link between the campus and the church. By enlisting the students in church activities, as well as carrying the spiritual ideals of the church to the campus, it serves to build Christian charity and train in Christian OCLESBY Alf.xandek Cash Gantt Hammond Johnson Lanier Leard Medlin Miller Pledger Redd Wall White 87 Redd Bloodworth White l)li. H. B. KcJHtMKli Faculty Adviser Mi?s Mahala Redd Gumming, Ga. Sponsor U]IEHE CLUB OFFICERS Bryan Redd. Jr President Fred Bloodworth Vice-President Anne White Secretary-Treasurer The Science Club was organized on the campus during the Fall quarter of 1939, and is one of the few organizations that are purely educational and require no dues. It is of special interest to the pre- professional students, both Co-eds and Cadets, for papers are presented in the fields of Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Botany, Outside speakers are also brought in during the quarter to speak on such subjects as Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry and other related Sciences. Dr. Forester was instrumental in the organization of the club and has acted as faculty adviser since it was founded. • A 1 MEMBERS V, Bishop W. Clarke C, Coleman G. Corn ,1. Crowe C. Echols M. Edmonds .S. Freeman H. Jarrard R. Lee .S. Lyle A. Mashburn P. OWENBV G. Pendlev M. Reames K. .Sessoms . Singleton .1. Smith P. Trawick L. Vinton J. West S, Zeicler 88 P Uio-HeAi. ojj Won. . . . Oun. UMPIIS LIFE WHO ' S WHO IT I. G. C. osV GENE CRAWFORD Most Handsome Cadet tt n n ngm oa " PROF " ENGLAND Most Popular Faculty Member JOHN LFF ' anciing .S,, rgeani ' Sfffo OWEN MEREDITH Most Dignified Boy and Most Polite Boy BETTY LhAhlJ Most Dignified Co-ed RAY DOLLAR Wittiest Boy 1 . Between classes. Bobbye Anderson lias them cornered — all three of them. . . 2. Clyde, Harold and Willis. Harold won the toss and pot the apple. . . . }. Pan-Hellenic Council With sponsor jnd chaperene. . . . 4. Df, Simms at the daily grind. . . . i. " A Company at a " hut " in chapel formation. Look at those number twelves! ! . . . 6. Bob and " Tip " as happy as larks. ' Tip " must have said " yes. " ... 7. The discussion is weighty. Darwin Bohler is stumped. . 8. The end of something — Ralph Sanson, we think. . . 9. Yvonne Thompson, a clerk at Smith ' s, is very popular with all the students. . . . 10. " Tubby ' " Ward himself— .ill of him. . . . 11. Inside view of the Library. J. Cynthia Echnls — by spLi,!.!! rLLqut t mI iht photog- rapher, ... 2. Chapcroncs at the Pan-Hellenic Dance wilh VCarren and Ethel. ... 3. Well! Well! Well. Gene Crawford. Ted Burgess rnd Jerry Schinc are three of a kind — and what a kind! . . . 4. Deid-Eyc Rudy draws a bead. Captain L ' pchurch taking aim. . . . t. Thaxion Shelley and his team of Blockbusters. . . . d. Cliff Collier in the uniform for study at . G, C. . . . 7. The sinners going lo their reward. The dailv Guard Report. . . . 8. A typical pose of Major Hulchcrson. , . . 9. Lieutenant Taylor is a camera cyefull in hi bathing trunks at Lake Trahlyta. . . . I ' ), Darwin fiohlcr and his physique. He takes It with him. ... II. I red McL.imh ' -n getting some ' A the Staff of Life in the Dining Hall. ... 12. The colore oats in review at the Honors Day Parade. . . , 13. Ella and her " child " — Sugerfooi. Miss Bryan " Right Hand. " I . Piccol.! Jack ' .on and Roy Nelson seem lo have re ache J jn agreement. ... 2, Who wouldn ' t love you? Martha Sue, Anne and Margie. ... 3. Sophomore ' s Rail — it ' s anybody ' s rail now. ... 4. Two hardworking cadets. Well, some of the time, anyway. But very little of it. . . . S . Colonel Price is neglected now. Freshmen cannot be requested to keep him shiny. . , . 6. Ready! Aim! Fire! Max Sweat takes aim as Lt. Taylor looks on. . . . 7. Jo Young without K. P. She does seem a little pensive without him, . . . 8. Major Dill is the O. D. today. . . . 9. Ei and Gene. They .lin ' t mad. . . . 10. Cynthia Echols strolls down to chapel. Note " roll-your-own " to right. " Fag " shortage, ya ' know. . . , 11. We don ' t know him. Do you? We she " do envy him though. . . , 1 2. Robert Crane has " Tip " Oglesby. Bill Alexander seems happy with a Teddy Bear. Robert seems happier. 94 I. Miss Bryan, the guardian o£ ihe Infirmary. ... 2 The Band falls in for chapel. ... 3. Ralph Miller and his infectious smile. ... 4, " Officers Center " at of th parades. . . . 5. " B " Company at Chapel rormation. Your dog, K. P.? . . . 6. The Band passes in leview at one of the parades. ... 7. " Let ' s go to the canteen. " " Oh, no. Let ' s go see if our grades are posted. " ... 8. Ray Do!lar behind the eight ball. He is frequently in that spot. It makes him mad enough to spit!! ... 9. Alexander Stephens Anderson, III, Esquire. . . , 10. Tippins and Baxter lead the " Chapel Parade. " . . . 11. The Rex Fraternity eats a picnic lunch after a hayride to Lake Trahlyta. Billy Bozeman takes it easy. ... 12. Austin Daniel at Lake Trahlyta. 95 1 Old Glorv tl,« ma,e t,c,lly over the Library. . . 2. Col egc H,ll between A aod B btnld.ngs during the change of class ,. Rj- ' ph and Margie and Ralph ' s sm.le are in the foreground . . . 3. The hmor c steeple of • ' A " Bu.ldmg as seen from B Bu.ldmg. . . . 4 Robert VPatson The dazed look ,s from Chemistry Class, no doubt. . . . The column, of B Building at twilight. . 6 Robert C " - 0« alplckln ' daisies for the Dramatic Club ' s play. ' He Ain t D° " = R ' ?. ' " » Nell " 7. Pull to the stern!! Lt. Taylor proves he s no Land- ubber " ' at Trahlyta. ... 8. What annual would be complete without a picture of one of the swellest guys on the campus-Jack Roberts Manager o the Student Exchange? . . . 9. Stuart Lyie and Austus Mo ' ky have done a swell ,ob of taking the snapshots for the » " " ' ' = ,; ■ ■ ' " -.O " " Meredith and Gould Moslcy found out that work was needed in getting an annual published. ... 11. Roan takes things easy in his— Oh, well . . . 96 Bil.SKnBUL MUD c A. Sheets Clodjch J. C. Henning . Assistant Coach Barrett, C. Gamble, T. Perry. W. BOHLER, D. Glover, G. Pratt, H. Burgess, T. Griner, M. Prescott, B. Clark, G. Heaton, E. Shelley, T. Clements, J. Jackson, J. Stephenson, J. Crawford, G. Lleras, M. TiSDALE, C. Crump, W. Mahan, J. TUMLIN, C. Dowis, L. McCoRD, E. Miller, R. Wood, C. 97 Friendly Business . . . AS THE YEARS roll by and you look back on these days in college as the " happ iest days " of your life, days when the warmest friendships were made, when you laughed and loved, and lived, free from care and worry, when the weather didn ' t bother you and the stock market couldn ' t faze you, think back upon these gay hours spent in SMITH ' S. It was here friends met and discussed campus matters, it was here you invariably took your date and discussed things other than politics, as you paused to re- fresh yourself with a dish of Southern Dairies Ice Cream, a cup of coffee and a toasted sandwich, etc., or whiled away an hour at billiards. Yes, happy days those were — and their memory is made all the sweeter by those eternal tokens of friendship and love — COLLEGESEAL jewelry and stationery. We have thoroughly enjoyed being host to the Corps of Cadets, Co-Eds and Reservists. To the graduating class, we offer our congratulations; to the first-year students we say that we will look forward with pleasure to seeing you again next year. " Where College Students Meet " DAHLONEGA • GEORGIA 98 COMPLIMENTS OF THE lORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE STUDENT EXCHANGE " THE CANTEEN ' An Excellent Staff of Students " THE CENTER OF THE CAMPUS " Supplies for Every Need Your Patronase Makes This Convenience Possible Jack Roberts, Manager DAHLONEGA • GEORGIA 99 PILGRIM-ESTES FURNITURE COMPANY Complete Line of HOME FURNISHINGS GAINESVILLE GEORGIA LIPSCOMB DRUG COMPANY Phone 42 Nunnally ' s Candies School Supplies Prescriptions DAHLONEGA GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS OF McLELLAN ' S 5c-$1.00 STORES GAINESVILLE GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS OF DAHLONEGA TELEPHONE COMPANY R. C. Meaders DAHLONEGA GEORGIA JOHI H. MOORE SOI GENERAL MERCHANDISE A Friend of North Geor3ia College Dahlonega Georgia JOHN H. MOORE ROBERT M. MOORE 100 COURTESY • SERVICE EFFICIENCY THE BANK OF DAHLONEGA ' A Bank You Can Bank On " MEMBER OF F. D. I. C. DAHLONEGA GEORGIA P 1 G G L Y - W 1 G G L Y A Gaiiiesv llle Institution • J. B. McKibbon, Owner GAINESVILLE GEORGIA W. A. WHITMIRE QUALITY MERCHANDISE ...AT... POPULAR PRICES DAHLONEGA GEORGIA SMALL-ESTES BAKERY Home of AUNT BETTY ' S BREAD GAINESVILLE GEORGIA BEST WISHES from . . . PIEDMONT DRUG COMPANY • GAINESVILLE GEORGIA Compliments of PARKS FEED STORE Gainesville Georgia 101 To All Persons Entered in This Annual May We Wish Much Success and Good Luck COMPLIMENTS OF Dahlonesa-Atlanta Bus Lines FRED JONES, MANAGER Leaves Dahlonega for Atlanta — 8:20 a. m. E. W. T. and 4 p. m. Leaves Dahlonega for Gainesville — 10:30 a. m. and 2 p. m. Leaves Atlanta for Dahlonega — 9 a. m. and 4 p. m. Leaves Gainesville for Dahlonega — 4:30 p. m. and 6 p. m. DAHLONEGA • GEORGIA 102 H O L L Y T H E A T R E V( t are proud to serve the students of North Georgia • College " THE HOME OF BETTER PICTURES DAHLONEGA GEORGIA THE GAINESVILLE FLORIST " Home of Fine Floivers " " FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION " 1 1 1 S. Sycamore Street GAINESVILLE GEORGIA UmmU RECREATIOI CEITER BOB EDWARDS, Proprietor " All Kinds of Sandwiches and Cold Drinks " The recreation " bub " of North Georgia College DAHLONEGA • GEORGIA 103 COMPLIMENTS OF JOHNNY MOORE SERVrCE STATION • DAHLONEGA GEORGIA RHODES-WOOD FURNITURE COMPANY Everything for the Home " T m- price ice advertise is the price you pay " GAINESVILLE GEORGIA COMPLIMENT?. OF HENRY w. • MOORE A U T O SUPPLIES • DAHLONEGA GEORGIA VISIT.. SMITH BROTHERS . for . . . Sandwiches : Drinks : Lunches ROOSEVELT SQUARE GAINESVILLE GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS OF FRIERSON - McEVER CO. MEN ' S and BOYS ' WEAR GAINESVILLE GEORGIA For That Look of Distinction Have Your Hair Cut at . . . W O O D Y ' S BARBER SHOP • ON THE SQUARE DAHLONEGA GEORGIA 104 YOUR PATRONAGE WILL BE APPRECIATED . . . SMITH HOUSE H. B. Smith, Prop. DAHLONEGA GEORGIA MAYFLOWER CAFE A FRIEND OF N. G. C. Cadets and Co-Eds GAINESVILLE GEORGIA CITY SHOE SHOP V. A. Housley, Proprietor • ON THE SQUARE DAHLONEGA GEORGIA Ahh!!! he made it. Gould Mosley, who always comes in just under the wire. ( ' e call him " Speedy. " TIIOMPSO, -l{OLl D-LEe r : SHOES fOW I of distinction lidy|PU3 The must heantiful shoe stme in America. ite l- ' ;iMiniis for ( ' Xf ' Uisi ' e brand slmes for men. women and cliildren. The growing army of fiieiids tlirouj;liout the South has proved oiir k yjjI jLi nTic|iies!ioned value of line njerehandi e and Hpiii ii 9 ' . 1 fiieiidly service. 201 PEACHTREE STREET, N. E. We have fitted shoes honestly in Atlanta for more than 33 years. 105 SUCCESSFUL ANNUALS Require tlie services of exjierienced and expert craftsmen, trained in every detail of the processes of creatini5 p ' ' " ' " i " S layout and d«»sign -typesetting -printing lithographing and hinding . . . Through- out half a century this company has pioneered in the production of the highest type of printing . . . Our services inchide a special college annual sales and service organization... Ahundant equipment-modern and complete... Prices representing maximum in value FOOTE 8, DAVIES PRINTING ' LITHOGRAPHING • ENGRAVING ATLANTA .EDGMENT We would like to take time here to exp esi appreciation to all members of the faculty and to everyone who had a part in the work of this an- fnual. Especially do we want to thank Mr. Dis- mukes, Mr. Barnes, Major Hutcherson, and " Prof. " England for their tireless efforts. With- out them the annual would never have been pos- sible. If OWENMEREDIT and - " " ' " D MOSLEY AND SO WE CLOSE THE PAGES OF ANOTHER YEAR AT NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE . . . Proudly we hail thee, Reverence thy name. Strivig for thy glory And for thy fame. Loyal forever Well be to thee. Forsaking never N. G. C ! « A. ' v.. ,«sfe foi T x- iSS., i« S ' %ii - j -v i. ■ ' :i ' i k K i ;0 iM i ' t Y ' i -■ ■■ ' -■ ' • ' f■■i■ Hi ;.4U ' ■ ■ ' " ; v ' i ' -■. ' -i -I. ' v-iii ■ •; ' ■ ■4,. -; niv ;-:«v i HH: ' if:- -M- ' i-T -5: U f ' f-i ' « -? ' lv i-i--44K ] ' ' i ' : HiH ■i--i. ' i ■■i ■ ' ■ ' i- K ■s ; .r. 4 ' -J « |.; «.- :;4-.;« ' ■i:- ,-.f i-i f i r;.-: -i ' ' i. ' jt- ' -.i-. ' 4 ' ' -t ' -i., ' ! • ' .- 4 ' ,■ ' ■ .:.■(•: ■s-:- ' S? ' -i ; „■«; i- ' i ' . 4v-lli; ' r:-i ' ' -?4i 1-

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