North Georgia College - Cyclops Yearbook (Dahlonega, GA)

 - Class of 1939

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fr i: -7 ,J " RCHIVES U428 C9 1939 orth Georgia College YCLOPS l UQU FOR REFERENCE Do Not Take From This Room c V a ' V. " ' - v° ■: ? % ■• ° ■ r = • o ' I in%v IHf M H L uuu IJH uluLUru S! Published by the CADETS and CO-EDS of NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE Sp.Col. U 428 .N6 C9 1939 North Georgia College, Cyclops 1 1080 V ■— I I V ■— ' Fel ow Students: In the past few months it has fallen upon us to provide the students of North Georgia College with a CYCLOPS of which they will be proud and also one that is representative of everyday life on the campus and in the classrooms. Under the strain of our studies and other duties we have hastily compiled these sheets. With our meager information as to the outcome of sports and other activities it has been a difficult task. If we have made some slight mistakes please accept our deepest and most sincere apologies. Some of these scenes will become dim as we grow older; others will remain with us forever. If the scanning of these pages in later life brings back the friendships, joys, heartaches, and disappoint- ments while attending college then we feel we have accomplished what was set before us. FRANK ROBERTS CLYDE MARTIN 1U 1939 CyCL€ PX 9n ApfiAeciaiiOH, 6 » 7 Those of us who intimately knew him re- garded him as a friend and all-round good fellow. Our memories of the two years we spent at North Georgia College would never be complete without some remembrance of him. So to a gentleman, a leader, and above all else, a man in every respect, we dedicate this 1939 issue of the CYCLOPS to PAUL M. HUTCHERSON. £)f North Georgia College Library Dablonega, Ga. % -r » Pn eMdeniX MeiAxiCf e o f ' " " - of Ae pp t9 0 tHt " " hTjgp ' ' •A , i ' ,de " .AiS- -cir , ' ' CV .i0P _ oV ° ito- ® °sss tt i:;- ' itv-v rs c aX ' " T -vif a» " gc a- tV bu de u-ii-i ' .,il ■tcv ,i9 si ..uex .. i. !.; « a .tv %!fc ■£03 r t6 o. -tox-r t. - ; ro» ' ,u©s® •jac X.e " " ' ' ..Si- V " W» " .,. a t: 9o:i -- ic6 - , ol?V o ° ' - : iS o. r:. ' a %z. ° :;e7 - ' ■({ a o , o " e ,T0OX l; _ °;,:ia 3JVU — m. V- V- ■ COLLEGE tf ' MILITARY SPONSORS A ' % ; ORGAN IZATIONS LIFE v ANGELSBURG CALHOUN F. ANGELSBURG Director of the Band J. D. ANTHONY, B.S., M.A. Professor of Biology J. C. BARNES, B.S. Professor of Mathematics SARA BRUCE, B.S. Director of Physical Eiliicatiou P. D. BUSH, B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Social Science A. M. CAIN, A.B., M.A. Professor of Social Science R. D. CALHOUN, B.A., M.A. Professor of Eny lish S. L. COKER, A.B., M.A. Coach of Athletics W. T. COTTINGHAM, B.A., M.A. Professor of Ent lish C. J. DISMUKES, A.B., M.A. Professor of Modern Lant iiai es BARNES COTTINGHAM BRUCE DISMUKES BUSH FLANDERS B. H. FLANDERS, B.A., M.A. Professor of Eni lish L. B. FREEMAN, B.S.C., M.S.C. Assistant Professor of Social Science MRS. FANNIE GREEN Dietitian P. M. HUTCHERSON, B.S.C. Captain Inf. Res., Connnandant ANNIS KELLY, A.B., B.S. Dean of Women H. H. LANCASTER, M.D. College Physician NINA A. McCONNELL, A.B. Registrar SERGEANT R. S. McCONNELL . D. E. M. L., U. S. A. Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics MAJOR JAMES E. MATTHEWS Inf., U. S. A. Professor of Military Science and Tactics BETH NORMAN, B.S.J. Secretary EVELYN RAY, B.A., M.A. Instructor in Home Economics J. C. SIMMS, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Physical Science J. C. SIRMONS, Ph.B., M.A. Dean A. D. SNOW, B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Mathematics JOSEPHINE STROTHER, A.B., A.B.L.S. Librarian CREEN HUTCHERSON KELLY LANCASTER N. A. McCON NELL R. S. McCONNELL MATTHEWS NORMAN RAX SIMMS SIRMONS SNOW STROTHER 7 e LC PX Q y- ' % . f- M , t ( V,- ' r V ' ' V i] 1 ) m fflr ffl - .: :- itrm TD jru m i« •■ ' v bi ' : . - k. r ne c 4-Xn uu ttauan iulAin.a J Jew kavei ituJiin 1 y • a L r , ■ % jLlAJ. J amcyi atmitat f " ?i m m ew aii r atntitat f Mooro, Williamson, Barker, K -en, Kendall SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS FELTON MOORE PnsuLnt of the S iulrnt Body BILL KEEN President JIM WILLIAMSON Vice-President RILEY KENDALL Secretary NORA ALLISON BARKER Treasurer JAMES ALLEN ANDERSON DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA OLIVE ANDERSON DAWSONVILLE, GEORGIA Y. W. C. A. Program Committee; Home F-Conomics Club. NORA ALLISON BARKER CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE Y. W. C. A., 1, 2, President, 2; Home Economics Club, 1, 2; CiiJ, Bu lt ' r Start ' : Treasurer ot Sophomore Class; Honor List, I; " Rec " Club, 1, 2. CLAUD CHARLES BARRETT CLEVELAND, GEORGIA CARL HAMILTON BELL DECATUR, GEORGIA Sigma Theta Pledge, I, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2; " D " Club, 2, Vice- President, 2; Baseball, 2; Basketball, 1, 2; Ca,lct Biinlei Staflf, 2; Y. M. C. A. BERNARD BERG MACON, GEORGIA Sigma Theta Pledge, I, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2; Sergeant " D " Company: Cadet Bugler Staff. ALBERT LEWIS BLANTON WILLIAMSON, GEORGIA Corporal " B " Company; Corporals ' Club, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1. J. D. BOOTH EAST POINT, GEORGIA Sigma Theta, 1. 2, Chaplain, 2; Corporals ' Club, 2; Choral Club; Men ' s Glee Club. JIMMIE ELIZABETH BOWERS CANON, GEORGIA ' Rec " Club, 1, 2; Y. Vi ' . C. A., 1, 2; Home Economics Club, 1, 2. HAYNIE SPENCE BROOKS, JR. GUMMING, GEORGIA Corporals ' Club, 2; " D " Company. HERMAN BROWN CARNESVILLE, GEORGIA Y. M. C. A.; Corporals ' Club; " C " Company. il Lm MORRIS BROWN DILLARD, GEORGIA Rex Club; Sergeants ' Club; " U " Club; Y. M. C. A.; Baseball H € M € C E C i- A I I SAM P. BURTZ CANTON, GEORGIA Sigmj Thctj, 1, 2; Scrgoants ' Club; Scrgi-ant " B " Company. A. K)N (Ll-E) CAIN, JR. IIAMPION, GEORGIA Y. M. C. A. ROBERT EUGENE CALLOWAY RAYLE, GEORGIA Rex Pledge, I, 2; Captain Band, 2; Officers ' Club. 2; Second Vice- President Y. M. C. A.; Vice-President Speech Forum; Little Symphony Orchestra, EDWIN JOSEPH CART, JR. MACON, GEORGIA Sigma Theta, 1, 2; Officers ' Club. 2; Speech Forum, 1; Y. . ' VI. C. A., 1, 2; First Lieutenant " B " Company. S. p. CARTER HOMER, GEORGIA JANET CASH HOSCHTON, GEORGIA Y, W. C. A., 1, 2; " Rec " Club, I, 2; Home Economics Club, 1, 2; Dramatic Club, 1, 2, LUCILE STOWERS CLARK DAWSONVILLE, GEORGIA PERRY COCKE ATLANTA, GEORGIA Sigma Theta Pledge, 1,2; Sergeants ' Club, 2; Sergeant " B " Company, 2; Dramatic Club, 1, 2, President, 2; Honor list; Vi ' ho ' s Who. HENRY N. COLLAR ATLANTA, GEORGIA Rex Pledge; Corporals ' Club. 2. CURTIS HARRIS COLLIER ATHENS, GEORGIA Rex, 1, 2; Band, 1, 2; Y. M. C. A., I, 2; Dramatic Club, 1, 2; Speech Forum, I, 2, Sergeant-at-Arms, 2; Men ' s Glee Club, 2; C Ji i7 Biisl r Staff, 2. EVA CARROLL CONNER DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA Home Economics Club, 1; " Rec " Club. 1; Dance Club, 1; Honor List, I. FRANCES I. CONNER DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA Home Economics Club, 1.2; Honor List; " Rec " Club, 1. CECIL C. CORRY UNION POINT, GEORGIA Rex Pledge, 1, 2; Sergeant " C " Company; Sergeants ' Club, 2, Sergeant- at-Arms, 2; Basketball Team, Manager, 2; " D " Club, 2; Speech Forum, 1, 2; Y. M. C. A., I, 2; Baseball Team, Manager, 1; Cyclops Staff. THOMAS BARRETT DALLY SOCIAL CIRCLE, GEORGIA " D " Club; Corporals ' Club. MARY CLAUDIA DANIELS JEIFERSON, GEORGIA Y. W. C. A., 1, 2; " Rcc " Club, 1, 2; Home Economics Club, 1, 2. WALDENE DAVIS CAMILLA, GEORGIA Y. W. C. A.; Transfer from S. G. C; Dramatic Club; " Rec " Club. WALTER BUDDIE DICKSON NASHVILLE, GEORGIA Sigma Theta, 1, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2; Sergeant " B " Company. NORMA LEE DORSEY CLEVELAND, GEORGIA WELDON ELLIS DuPREE GRIFFIN, GEORGIA JAMES LeGRAND DYAR CARNESVILLE, GEORGIA Officers ' Club, 2; Second Lieutenant Band. KATHRYN EARNEST RAMHURST, GEORGIA Y. V. C. A., 1, 2; Glee Club, 1, 2: Home Economics Club, 1, 2; Dramatic Club, 1,2; " Rcc " Club, 1,2; Choral Club. JOHN ASA FAULKNER, JR. GRIFFIN, GEORGIA Rex, 1, 2; Ciulf Biix! ' ' Staff; Cyclops Staff; Sergeants ' Club; Ser- geant Band; Y. M. C. A.; Men ' s Glee Club; Mixed Chorus; Little Symphony Orchestra; Speech Eoruni, 1. FRANK P. FOWLER EAST POINT, GEORGIA Y. M. C. A., i, 2; B.ind, I; Non-Military, 2. KATHERINE FITE DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA Glee Club; Choral Club. XOlJIiCMCRE C f- A f f Rl( HARD CLARENCE FRENCH DECATUR, GEORGIA Sigma Tlicta, 1, 2; Sergeant-at-Arms, 2; Cailcl Bugler Staff, 2; Y. M. C. A., 2; First Lieutenant Statf, Personnel Adjutant. 2; Oflicers Club, 2; Speech Forum. 2; Musketry Team. 1; Wlu ' s Vi ' ho. 2. LUCIUS WINFIELD FULLER CULLODKN, Gi:ORGIA Rex Pledge, 1, 2; Sergeant " A " Company; Sergeants ' Club. 2; Y. M. C. A., 2; Speech Forum, 2. GEO. H. GAINES ELBERTON, GEORGIA Y. M. C. A.; Corporals ' Club. RUTH GARREN MORGANTON, GEORGIA Y. ■« ' . C. A., I, 2; Home Economics Club. 1, 2; " Rec " Club. I. 2. J. O. GARRETT CANTON, GEORGIA Rex. 1. 2; Business Manager, Caitet Buglfr, 2; Second Lieutenant " A " Company, 2; Speech Forum. I; Officers ' Club, 2; Y, M. C. A., 1. DORIS LUELLEN GASKIN BLOUNTSTOWN, FLORIDA Home Economics Club; Y. W. C. A.; Choral Club; Girls ' Glee Club. PAUL LA X ' RENCE GLEASON DECATUR, GEORGIA Sigma Theta, I, 2; Tennis Team, I, 2; " D " Club, 1, 2; Corporals ' Club, 2. LILLIAN R. GODBY CLAYTON, GEORGIA " Rec " Club, I, 2. T. W. GREEN LAWRENCEVILLE, GEORGIA Rex Club. I. 2; Corporals ' Club, 2. RALPH DEVOE GRIFFETH TATE, GEORGIA Sergeants ' Club, 2; Sergeant " A " Company. JOHN B. GRIGGS ATLANTA, GEORGIA Rex Pledge. 1; Sergeants ' Club, 2; Honor List. 1; Technical Sergeant. 2. JAMES A. GUDGER ELLIJAY, GEORGIA Y. NL C. A. lltlb m. M JACK L. HALE MAYSVILLE, GEORGIA Rex Pledge, 1, 2; " D " Club; Sergeants ' Club, 2, Treasurer, 2; Base- ball; Y. M. C . A., 1; First Sergeant " A " Company. ELIZABETH HALL HARTWELL, GEORGIA Girls ' Glee Club, 1, 2; Y. W. C. A., 1. 2; Home Economics Club, 1,2; " Rcc " Club, 1, 2, Secretary, 2; Choral CKih. HAROLD SMITH HAMMOND NEWNAN, GEORGIA Rex Club. JOHN MEDFORD HANEY CANTON, GEORGIA Rex Pledsc, I, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2; Y. M. C. A. PAULINE HANEY WASHINGTON, GEORGIA Y. W. C. A., 1, 2; Home Economics Club, 2; " Rcc " Club, I, 2; Honor List, 1. BILLY STARR HARDMAN GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA Rex; Treasurer. Speech Forum; Vice-President, Dramatic Club, 1; Y. i I. C. A.; Officers ' Club. 2; First Lieutenant " C " Company; Honor List. B. R. HARRIS RINGGOLD, GEORGIA Boxing Team, 1. FRANCES VIOLA HARRIS ATLANTA, GEORGIA Y. Y C. A., 1, 2, Vice-President, 2; Vice-President Home Econoinics Club, 1, Secretary, 2; Dramatic Club, 1, 2; " Rec " Club, 1, 2; Who ' s Who. ROBERT LELAND HARRISON CAIRO, GEORGIA Sigma Thcta, 1; Y. M. C. A. BLONDINE HEMPHILL CARNESVILLE, GEORGIA Home Economics Club, 1,2; Y. V. C. A., 1, 2; " Rec " Club, 1, 2. ROBERT IRVIN HICKS AVONDALE, GEORGIA Corporal " C " Company, 2; Corporals ' Club. RUTH HONEA CARTERSVILLE, GEORGIA X c H € M C C E C L A X ELOISE WENONAH HOOD JEII ERSON, GEORGIA " Rcc " Club, 1. 2, Vice-President, 2; Y. W. C. A., I, 2; Home Economics Club, 1; ' JC ' ho ' s i ' ho, 2. JULIAN BURRELL HUDGINS FLOVlERY BRANCH, OIORC.IA Y. M. C. A., 1,2; CaJcl B«, iT Staff; Men ' s Glee Club, 2; Sergeints ' Club, 2; Sergeant " D " Company, 2. DENNIE SUE JAMES ETON, GEORGIA Y. W. C. A., 1, 2; Glee Club, 1, 2; Home F.conomics Club, 1, 2; " Rcc " Club, 1; Choral Club. JUNE JEFFERS FORT MCPHERSON, GEORGIA Y. U ' . C. A., 1; " Rcc " Club, I, 2; Honor List. W. GUY JOHNSON COPPERHILL, TENNESSEE Rex, 1,2; Sergeants ' Club, 2; Sergeant " A " Company. JOSEPH E. JOHNSTON ROME, GEORGIA Sigma Tbeti Pledge, i; Sergeant " A " Company, 2; " D " Club, 1, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1; Sergeants ' Club, 2. ESTELLE JONES DAHLONI GA, GEORGIA ORA MELINDA JONES GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA " Rec " Club, I, 2; Home Kconomics Club, 2; Y. W. C. A., I, Honor List. WILLIA.M HARVARD KEEN DUBLIN, GEORGIA Rex, 1, 2; President of Sopliomorc Class, 2; " D " Club, I, 2; Boxing Team, 1. FRANK BUDDY KEENER DECATUR, GEORGIA Ret, 1, 2; President, 2; Editor Cmlcl Bii. lcr; Y. XL C. A., I; Officers ' Club, 2, Secretary and Treasurer, 2; Drum Major, I, 2; Second Lieu- tenant Band, 2; Speech Forum, 1; CYCLors Staff, 2; Who ' s Who. SAMUEL RILEY KENDALL VALDOSTA, GEORGIA Sigma Thcta Pledge, 1,2; Treasurer Freshman Class; Secretary Sopho- more Class; Cheer Leader, I, 2; " D " Club, 1, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1; Speech Forum, 1, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2; First Sergeant " B " Company, PIERCE RIDDLE KI I.GO LAGRANGE, GEORGIA Rex Pledge; Y. M. C. A.; Corporals ' Club. i MLtife MILDRED KIMSEY ROBERTSTOViN, GEORGIA Honor List; " Rcc " Club; Y. W. C. A. JOE LaBOON MONROE, GEORGIA Rex Pledge, 1, 2; Dramatic Club, 1; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2. ROBERT MARION LAMBE FITZGERALD, GEORGIA Sigma Theta, I, 2; Officers ' Club, 2; Dramatic Club, 1, 2, Vice- President, 2; C iJct Bugler Staff, 1, 2; Cyclops Staff, I, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1; Speech Forum, 1, 2; Captain " C " Company, 2; Honor List. MARTHA BETH LAVENDER JEFFERSON, GEORGIA Home Economics Club, 1, 2; " Rec " Club, I, 2; Y. W. C. A., 1, 2; Honor List, 1,2; Dance Club, I, 2. JULIAN BRUCE LEONARD ATTAPULGUS, GEORGIA Sergeants ' Club, 2; Y. M. C. A., I; Speecli Forum, 1. CHARLIE ROBERT LINDLER GRIFFIN, GEORGIA Sigma Tbcta Pledge, 1; Captain " D " Company, 2; Officers ' Club, 2; Honor List, 1. MARGARET LITTLE LAFAYETTE, GEORGIA Y. W. C. A., 2; Home Economics Club. 2; " Rec " Club, 2; Transfer Student from West Georgia College. R. STUART LORD JEFFERSON, GEORGIA Rex Pledge, 1, 2; Sergeant " A " Company; Sergeants ' Club, 2. JAMES C. McBRIDE FAYETTEVILLE, GEORGIA Y, M. C. A.; Secretary, Corporals ' Club, 2; Band, 1, 2. HAROLD B. McEVER GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA Rex, 1; Y. M. C. A., 1; Corporals ' Club, 2; Treasurer, 2. WILLIAM MITCHELL McEVER GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA Y. M. C. A., I, 2; Speech Forum, 2. BERNARD W. McFALL MORGANTON, GEORGIA X€PHC HCC C L A X X CLYDE S. MARTIN TOCCOA, GEORGIA Rex, 1, 2, Secretary, 2; First Sergeant " C " Company, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2, President. 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2. Treasurer, 2; Cvciops Staff, 1, Business Manager, 2; Boxing Team, 1; Winner of Medal, I; Speech Forum, 1, 2; Honor List; " D " Club, 1, 2; VC ' lio ' s i u . AMANDA SUE MASON LAVONIA, GEORGIA Y. W. C. A., 1, 2; Home Kconomics Club. •Rcc " Club, 1, JAMES (iRlM IN MASON l)Um IN, GEORGIA Rex, 1, 2; Y. M. C. . .; Sergeant " A " Company, 2; Sergeants ' Club. 2; Secretary, 2. CHARLES E. MEEKS BLAIRSVILLE, GEORGIA Sigma Theta Pledge, 1. 2; Sergeant " B " Company; Sergeants ' Club, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1; Dramatic Club, 1, 2, Treasurer, 2; Honor List. BRUCE MERRITT DOUGLASVILLE, GEORGIA Officers ' Club, 2; Y. M. C. A.; First Lieutenant " D " Company; Honor List; CaJct Bugler Staff. ROY BUNYAN MILLER EAST POINT, GEORGIA Rex Pledge, 1, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2, President, 2; CmIcI Biinlir Staff, 2; Speech Forum, 1, 2, Secretary, 2; Men ' s Glee Club, 1, 2; Sergeant Band, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2; Little Symphony Orchestra, 2; Mixed Chorus, 1, 2; B. S. U. Council; ' Vi ' ho ' s Miho. EMMETT W. MILLS ALBANY, GEORGIA Rex Pledge. 1, 2; Glee Club; Y. M. C. A., 1; " U " Club; Boxing Team; Honor List; Officers ' Club, 2; Captain Staff, 2; Who ' s Who. CECIL S. MIZE ASHLAND, GEORGIA Rex, 1. 2. Treasurer. 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2, Secretary, 2; Speech Forum, 1, 2, President, 2; Officers ' Club, 2; Captain " A " Company, 2. CLYDE N. MIZE ASHLAND, GEORGIA Rex, 1,2; Officers ' Club, 2; First Lieutenant " A " Company, 2; Y. M. C. A., I, 2. Vice-President, 2; Speech Forum. I. 2. FELTON HATCHER MOORE VALDOSTA, GEORGIA Rex. 1. 2; Cadet Major, 2; Officers ' Club, 2, Vice-President, 2, Presi- dent, I, 2; " D " Club; President Student Body, 2; Men ' s Glee Club, 1, 2; Basketball Team; Caiht Bugler Staff, 2; Who ' s Who. J. B. MORRISON RAMHURST, GEORGIA Y. M. C. A.; Corporals ' Club; Corporal " A " Company. HELEN MOWELL DECATUR, GEORGIA Y. ( ' . C. A., 1, 2; Home Economics Club, I, 2; " Rec " Club, 1, 2. i4i ri(iiJi WILLIAM ARTHUR MURPHY MACON, GEORGIA Sisma Thcta. 1, 2, Secretary, 2; Y. M. C. A., I, 2; Speech Forum, I; Men ' s Giec Club, 2; Officers Ciub. 2; Second Lieutenant " B " Company, 2. ARTHUR LEWIS NELSON EAST POINT, GEORGIA Sigma Tlicta, 1, 2; Corporals ' Club, 2; Vice-President, 2. LEROY NEWELL ALBANY, GEORGIA Rex Pledge; Glee Club, I, 2; Y. M. C. A., I; Sergeants ' Club, Choral Club, EDWARD McINTYRE NICHOLS DEMOREST, GEORGIA Sigma Theta, I, 2, Vice-President and Treasurer, 2; Tennis Team, 1, 2; " D " Club, I, 2; Officers ' Club, 2; First Lieutenant Staff, 2; Cailct Biixin Staff, 2. CORENE NIX CLEVELAND, GEORGIA VERA VIVIAN NIX DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA Glee Club, 1, 2; Choral Club, 2. GEORGE GIBBS PAFFORD HOMERVILLL, GEORGIA Rex Pledge, 1, 2; " D " Club; Sergeants ' Club, 2; liasketbal! Team; ■Who ' s -Who, L 2, OLIN H. PALMER, JR. BLYTHE, GEORGIA Sigma Theta, I, 2; Corporals ' Club; Corporal " B " Company; Y. M. C. A, JACK WILLIAM PILKENTON MOLENA, GEORGIA Y. M. C. A., 1, 2; Speech Forum, I; Dramatic Club, 1, 2; Corporals ' Club, 2. ROBERT ALLISON PRINCE BLUE RIDGE, GEORGIA Sigma Theta; Corporals ' Club; Corporal " D " Company; Y. M. C. A.; Speech Forum. SARA VIRGINIA QUINTRELL MORGANTON, GEORGIA Y. ■«■. C. A., 1, 2; Home Economics Club, 1,2; " Rec " Club, 1. J. R. RAINES CORDELE, GEORGIA Sigma Theta Pledge, 1, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2; Sergeant " A " Company, 2. XCPHCAiCPE C L A X X W ILI 1AM SMITH RAINES CUMMING, GEORGIA Y. M. C. A., 2. CARL LUW ARU RECHSTEINER DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA Rex Pledge, 2; Honor List; Speech Forum, 1; Men ' s Glee Club, 1, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2; Choral Club, Little Symphony Orchestra; Mixed Chorus. 1. 2. DORIS H. ROBBINS PLAINVILLE, GEORGIA Transfer Student from Martha Berry; Y. X ' . C. A. FRANK ANDREWS ROBERTS DECATUR, GEORGIA Sigma Thcta, 1, 2, President, 2; Officers ' Club, 2; Captain " B " Com- pany, 2: Speech Forum, 1,2; Cmlc Bitj ler Staff, 2; Editor-in-Chief of CvcLOPS, 2; Vi ' hos X ' ho. WILLIAM F. ROBERTSON, JR. LYONS, GEORGIA Sigma Theta Pledge, 1, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2; Cyclops Staff, 2; Cdilcl Bugler Staff, 2; Sergeant " B " Company. JACK WYNDAL ROGERS SANDERSVILLE, GEORGIA Y. M. C. A., 1. 2; Officers ' Club, 2; Second Lieutenant " C " Company, 2. JONATHAN CLARK ROGERS DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA Rex, 1, 2, Vice-President, 2; Vice-President Freshman Class, 1; Tennis Team; " D " Club, 1, 2, Secretary and Treasurer, 2; Officers ' Club, 2, President, 2. WINNIFRED ROUSEY TIGNALL, GEORGIA Y. W. C. A., 1, 2; Home Economics Club, 2; " Rcc " Club, 1, 2; Honor List, 1. JAMES D. ROWAN NASHVILLE, GEORGIA Y. M. C. A. SARA MAE SHATTUCK LAFAYETTE, GEORGIA Home Economics Club, 1. 2; President, 2; Y. J. ' . C. A.. Secretary, 2; " Rec " Club, I, 2. OLLIE SIMPSON, JR. NORCROSS, GEORGIA Sigma Theta Pledge, 2; Corporals ' Club, 2, President, 2. CLARK STALNAKER TOCCOA, GEORGIA Officers ' Club, 2; Second Lieutenant " D " Company; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2; Speech Forum, 1. M m h- JACK HOWARD STUART LAFAYETTE, GEORGIA Sergeants ' Club, 2; Sergeant " C " Company; Y. M. C. A., 1; Honor List; Speech Forum, 1. MARGARET SUTHERLAND ATLANTA, GEORGIA Y. W. C. A., 1 ; Home Economics Club, 1 ; Glee Club, I ; " Rec " Club, 1, 2. ERIN DALE TAYLOR ATLANTA, GEORGIA Y. W. C. A., 1, 2; " Rec " Club, 1, 2, President, 2; CmIcI Blixler Staff, 2; Cyclops Staff, 2; Dramatic Club, 1, 2, Secretary, 2. EUGENE HARRISON TAYLOR TALMO, GEORGIA Corporals ' Club, 2, Corporal-at-Arms, 2; " D " Club; Basketball, 1, 2. FRANCES TUGGLE UNION POINT, GEORGIA Y. W. C. A., I. 2; " Rec " Club. ABNER F. UNDERWOOD CLEVELAND, GEORGIA IMOGENE CLORA WALKER DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA Home Economics Club, 1, 2; " Rec " Club, 1; Dance Club, 1. HUGH L. WALLACE AMERICUS, GEORGIA Rex, 1, 2; Rifle Team, 1, 2. HARRIS F. WALTON CARTERSVILLE, GEORGIA Rex Pledge. 1, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2, Vice-President, 2; Men ' s Glee Club, 1, 2; Little Symphony Orchestra, 2; Choral Club, 1, 2; First Sergeant Band. CLARENCE AVERY WATKINS DECATUR, GEORGIA Rex Pledge, 1, 2; Corporals ' Club, 2. EMORY LEWIS WELDON GRIFFIN, GEORGIA Rex Pledge, 1, 2; Sergeants ' Club. 2. HARDEMAN OTTO WHELCHEL COVINGTON, GEORGIA Sigma Theta Pledge, 1,2; Corporals ' Club, 2; Y. M. C. A., 2. XCPHC Vi€RE C L A X X RAY S. WHITESIDE DAl.TON, GEORGIA Rix Plaice, I, :; Scr);iMnts ' Club, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2; H.irid. JAMES NUN N ALLY WILLIAMSON MONROi;, GliORGIA Sigma Then, 1. 2; " D " Club, 1, 2; Vice-President Sopliomorc Class; Corporals ' Club, 2; Speech Forum, 1, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1 , 2; Who ' s Who. CHARLIE MAE WILSON COVINGTON, GEORGIA Home Economics Club, I; " Rec " Club, I; Y. W. C. A., 2. JAMES FRED WIMBISH DECATUR, GEORGIA Sigma Thcti, I. 2: Dramatic Club, I, 2, St.i);e ManaRcr, 2; CuJet Bugler Staff, 1, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2; Sergeant " D " Company, 2. MARY KATHLEEN WITHROW ELLIJAY, GEORGIA Home Economics Club, I ; " Rec " Club, I : Traiislcr Student from G. S. C. «■.; Y. W. C. A.; Softball Team. JACK TYUS BALL ATLANTA, GEORGIA Sigma Theta, I, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1. M m Proiii ly uc hail thee. Reference fhy name, Striie for fhy ; l()ry Anil for fhy fame; Loyal foreier, tie ' 1 1 he to tijee. Forsaking never, N. G. C. 1 . " Wimpy. " 2. " Mayor " Keen. 3. What do you say, Charlie? 4. Three points no button. 5. " Oh Mama! " What next? 6. Tough luck boys. 7. " D " Company ' s speed. 8. To hell with Piedmont. 9. Not too much Murphy. 0. Mutt-head Miller. U cycLc px Jl freshmen COLEMAN ZEHEROWER NEWSOM MAHHEWS FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS RAWSON COLEMAN President J. W. ZETTEROW ' ER Vice-PresiJenI BOB NEWSOM . . . Secretary LEWIS MATTHEWS . . ... Treamrer u 1 n H N JOHN VC. AGREE • ■ . Union Point Ga CHARLES F. ADAMS Thomaston Ga ROBERT ADAMS • • ■ Dublin Ga VfOODROW AUKINS • ■ Vienna Ga ATWARD ANDERSON ■ Alpharetta Ga MARY A. ANDERSON . . . Blue Ridge Ga TOM ANDREW ' S . ■ ■ - Thomasville Ga JOE BEAL BARBRE . . Albany Ga ISADORE BASHINSKI . . . . Dublin Ga JOE B. BATCHELOR . • . . Jersey, Ga RACHEL BEATENBAUGH Smyrna Ga SPENCER BEDSOLE . . Atlanta Ga EDMOND BENNETT . ■ Gainesville Ga PATRICK BERNAL . . . College Park, Ga. EDWARD N. BONNER .... Macon, Ga. FLORA BONNER . ■ JOE H. BOYD . . . JAMES E. BOYERS ■ LEGARE BRACEWELL ROBERT BRADLEY . WM. H. BRAMBLETT, JR. PARIS DUANE BRAY . LAWRENCE L. BRAY . LOUISE BRIDGES ■ ■ PERRY L. BRIDGES . • Lavonia, Ga. . Calhoun, Ga. Thomaston, Ga. . Dublin, Ga. Chatsworth, Ga. Chatsworth, Ga. . Canon, Ga. Covington, Ga. Lexington, Ga. . . Blakely, Ga. as ' n : - % fi :« i f fH f iiCi nd iii 7 •■ " . - a r: ii ifiiM 1 r JH H c lAMES EDISON BROGDON . Alipiha.Cja. KONNir. O. BROVCN Uahlonega, Ga IRANK BURT Kcnnwaw, Ga Vt I LTON B. CARSON ... Smyrna, Ga .MARY LUCILE CARTER . . Jeffcrjon, Ga RICHARD H. CARTER GLADYS R. CARTER . VERNON F. CARTER BILL CARTWRIGHT Powder Springs, Gj. Ruck Springs, Ga. Jefferson, Ga Jasper. Ga MARIAN LOUISE CHAMBERS Sautee, Ga. .MARY THELMA CHAMBERS . . Lula, Ga. GENEVA CHEEK Homer, Ga. GEORGE R. COCHRAN . . Covinston, Ga. FRANKLIN COLEMAN . . . Albany, Ga, JAMES O. COLLIER .... Eaconton, Ga. EVELYN COLLINS Macon, Ga. ALDEN J. CONNELL . . . Nashville, Ga. OSCAR COOK Cleveland, Ga. DOROTHY ViILL CORDELL . Hartwcll, Ga. HELEN CORN Dahlonega, Ga. J. CK S. COURSON . . . Clarkesvilie, Ga. REESE CROSS Albany, Ga. SARA .MAE CROSS .... Godfrey, Ga. MARY JO DALLY . . . Social Circle, Ga. VSARREN F. DANIEL . . . Lexington, Ga. k 1 n M N EMOGENE DAVIDSON LYNN A. DAVIS . . . . DOROTHY ELOISE DAVIS JOHN D. DAVIS . . . MARTHA RUTH DEMPSEY ALMA DICKERSON . TED DICKERSON . HOWARD DILL . . EVELYN DOBBS . JAMES A. DOCKERY Dahionei a. Ga. . Sylvester, Ga. Ellijay, Ga. Columbus, Ga. Rotne, Ga. . HartWL ' ll, Ga. Waycross, Ga. McRae, Ga. Covington, Ga. Bruxtnn. Ga. RICHARD COOPER DODSON . Monroe, Ga. ALBERT SYD DOOLEY . . Charlotte, N. C. G. W. DUGGAN .... Sandersvillc, Ga. EUGENE DYAR .... Carnesvllle, Ga. MYRAM EBERHARDT . . Gainesville, Ga. THOMAS R. EDNX ' ARDS RUTH ELLIOTT . . CHARLES A. ELROD . GEORGE R. EUBANKS JACK L. EVANS . . Greensboro, Ga. Rome, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAM PAGAN . . MICHAEL M. FIVEASH JULIAN D. FLEMING . WALLACE FORSYTH . ROBERT C, FOSTER . Cumming, Qi. Lake Park, Ga. Newborn, Ga. Cairo, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. i f Mi iikiil ' idLyi 4 c G. W. FRANKLIN . . . Ruckmirt, Gi MARY FREEMAN I 3viinti Ga SAMUEL FL FREEMAN Hoschton, Ga DOI.PH FULLER .... Calhoun, Ga 1 ARL GARRARD . . . Decatur, Ga rilARI IS C. GAY . . . Garfield, Ga JA.Ml.S S. GILES . . . Atlanta, Ga HUGH GILLHAM . Marietta, Ga ROSALYN GRANT . . . Cornelia, Ga lACK GRAVES .... Clarkesville, Ga (,1 RAI.DYNE GRIFFITH Vi ' jtkinsvillc, Ga lA.Wll III RNICE GRIFFIN Cilcrmoni. Ga jl AN 111 I.IAN GRIGGS . Marietta, Ga EMILY GULLFY . . . Tignall, Ga HAROLD HADDEN . . Griflin, Ga liONNIE JANE HALL . . Hoschton, Ga JACK HALL ■ Gumming, Ga JACK HASKINS HALL . Blue Ridge. Ga I 1 ARI N( 1 1). IIAMBY . Clayton, Ga JAMES FRANKLIN HAMILTON . Curddc, G» HOPE HULL HAMMOND . Grilfin, Ga. K)S11 ' II HARGROVE . . Eatonton, Ga llOMiR Vi HITF HARRIS Bradley, Ga. RKKARU HARRISON Jctferionville, Ga. lAMES D. HAViKINS .Arnotdiville, Ga. u p n M N BEVERLY HAYES . . ■ Wrightsvllle, Ga. GARLAND HAYES .... Hartwell, Ga. JOHN R. HAYES .... Morganton, Ga. jLM J. HEARN LaGrange, Ga. LUTRELLE HEMPHrLL . . . Toccoa, Ga. GARLAND D. HERRING . Alpharena, Ga. ELIZABETH HERNDON . . Bowman, Ga. REBECCA HICKS Decatur, Ga. HUGH HILLIARD .... Royston, Ga. SAM HINSON Albany, Ga. BRADLEY HOGG . . . Hawkinsville Ga W. DIXON HOGG .... Ellaville Ga JOSEPH C. HOLBROOK . ■ . Royston Ga ROBERT R. HOLLINGSWORTH . Sylvania Ga ELMO HOLT Savannah Ga DAVIS HORNIBROOK . Avondale Estates Ga WILLIAM HOSCH .... Decatur Ga RAYMOND G. HUDSON • - Blue Ridge Ga WILLIAM D. HUMPHREY . . Hapevillc, Ga DEWITT CLINTON HUNT . College Park Ga RICHARD HUNT Camak Ga BAYARD M. IRWIN .... Buford Ga WILLIS HUGH IRWIN . ■ Dahlonega Ga DELBERT JOHNSTON . . . Macon Ga JOHN F. JONES .... Chatsworth Ga y , ( ? -S3, i ib k jrJh mkMh 4 c ; iiki A MAX JONIS Cirtcrsvillc, Gi. RALPH JONES Albany, Gi. OilLLIAM K. JORDAN ... Vi ' rcns. Gi. JAMES LEMUEL KEEN ■ Dublin. Ga. NELLE KESLER Talmo, Ga. CLYDE KING Homcr illc, Ga. SARA KING .... Flowery Branch. Ga. SARA ELIZABETH KNOVfLES - Broxton. Ga. ROBERT LATHEM .... Canton. Ga. HENRY G. LAY Calhoun, Ga. OSCAR L. LEATHERS . . . Conlcy, Ga. DOROTHY LEWIS .... Hariwcll. Ga. lAMhS LINDSEY .... Danburg. Ga. ROBERT PAUL LITTLEFIELD . Atlanta. Ga. JAMES LEONARD LONG . . Dublin, Ga. SARA RUTH LONG . . . Eiowah, Tenn. EUGENE LOVE Newnan, Ga. JOHN DAVID LUKE . . . Nashville, Ga. DELLA LEE McCANN . . ■ Ramhurst, Ga. NELLORENE McCALLUM . ■ Broxton, Ga. JAMES R. McCOY . ROBERT McKIBBEN JOHN D. McMANUS , ILLIAM MALONEY FRED MANN . • ' ixxlbury, Ga. Social Circle, Ga. Macon. Ga. Doraville, Ga. Conyers. Ga. u p n H N JACK MANN Senoia, Ga. OSCAR MARSH Macon, Ga JACK MARTIN Decatur, Ga. OTHEL MARTIN Hilton, Ga. JANE MATHIS Ashburn. Ga. LEWIS MATHEWS .... Decatur, Ga. WILLIAM W. MEADORS ■ ■ ■ Albany, Ga. MARION MEEKS NichoUs, Ga. ROBERT MIDDLETON . . Ramhurst, Ga. JOHN FRANK MILLER . . Nashville, Ga. NINA MILLER Cusseta, Ga. ROBERT MIZE Clayton, Ga. WILBURN MOBLEY .... Sylvania, Ga. MARGUERITE MOONE . . Danburg, Ga. MARTHA SUE MOORE . . Athens, Ga. MINNIE LU MOORE . . Dahlunega Ga TINY MOORE . . . Broxton Ga WESLEY C. MURPHY Fayetteville Ga SARA MURRAY . . . Hartwell, Ga DUNCAN NESBITT . . . Cordele Ga GAIL OSTERHAUT . . Sharpsburg, Ga. CLARA OWENS Ty Ty, Ga. ERWIN OWENS Dahlonega, Ga. LEONARD PARKER .... Howard, Ga. WILLIAM PARTRIDGE . . Lincolnton, Ga. 4 C) ' a a e fh rs SILAS 0 ii:N PAYNE ( ARI. WENDELL PEAVY SUZANNE PEREOO ■ . VX II LIAM PI RRY SARA IMMA PI Tl RSON Atlinti. Ga. Unidilli, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Thomaiiton, Ga. New Holland. Ga. RALPH M. PHILLIPS . . . Harltm, Ga. HAROLU PIERCE .... Vi ' arrcnton. Ga. ROBERT I. PITTMAN . . Woodbury, Ga. JOHN HAROLD PLATT . . Gaincsvillt, Ga. CHARLES POPE Dublin, Ga. lOUISE PORTER .... leffcrson. Ga. I . L. PRINCE Morganton, Ga. JAMES E. QUARLES .... Smyrna, Ga. HAL RHODES Suwante, Ga. GEORGE W. RICHARDSON . . Toccoa, Ga. EVELYN RICKETSON ELGIN RITTENBERRY 1. VilNN ROBERTS ■ C.RAUY ROBERTS CLAUDINE ROBINSON P. J. ROGtRS THOMAS J. ROYAL HUBERT SALYER HELEN SANDERS . TRAVIS SANDERS Cornelia, Ga. Macon, Ga. Monroe, Ga. LaFayette, Ga. Jefferson, Ga. Covington, Ga. Cordele, Ga. Casilewood, Va. Carnesvitle, Ga. ' indcr, Ga. u 1 n M N MARY HELEN SCOTT . Toccoa Ga ROBERT L. SCRUGGS . . Atlanta Ga JAMES HARPER SHORT . ■ . Perry Ga FRANK SINGER .... . Lum pkin Ga MARIE SIRMONS . . . . Nashville, Ga THOMAS ROOKS SMITH . Thomasville Ga LEE SORRELLS . . . . Atlanta Ga McLEROY SORRELLS . ■ - Macon Ga CHARLES F. SORROW Jersey Ga ROSCOE STALLWORTH . Macon Ga MILDRED STATON . . Clermont Ga CARLTON STEVENS • ■ Macon Ga ALTON STEWART . . . Blue Ridge Ga KATHERINE STONE . . ■ Atlanta Ga MACK STRICKLAND . . Blakely Ga WALTER STRICKLAND . Glennville Ga JOSEPHINE SUIT . . . Hartwcll Ga I C TANKSLFY . . . . Alto Ga Ga F. W. TATE Broxton SARA FRANCES TAYLOR Dahloncga Ga CORBETT THIGPEN . . • Macon Ga MAX THOMASON . . . Sylvania, Ga GENE THOMASON . . Canton Ga FRANK THOMPSON . . . . McRae Ga MARY JEAN THORNTON Martin, Ga H c 1 ARl NCi; VAUCIIN . . Conycrs. Ga. W II.IJK VAUSF. .... Garfield, Gj. EULA VICKERY ... Ilanwcll. Ga. TY WADE Decatur, Ga. ,IAMi:S H. W ' ALDEN . • . Atlanta, Ga. ( A7I- ' I VfAI KFR Rn 1 1 I n C 3 MORRIS WALLACE . . . Rutledgc, Gi. liAR.M-Y VC ' ARE .... Roberta, Ga. ( IIRISTA UAYNF. . . Flowtr) Branch, Gi. lUILU W ' HI L( HI 1 . . . Rochcllc, Ga. KDWARD HILL ViHIODON . . Atlanta, Ga. HOVCARD ViHITAKLR . . . Flovilla, Ga. CHARLIS C. VCHITLIKLD Cairo, Ga. VERNELLE WHITMIRE . Atlanta, Ga. TOM Vill I Y Covington, Ga. HOB 11 1 I TTS .... V ' idalia, Ga. BIRTHIM ' A ' ll l.IAMS . . Toccoa, Ga, jEANNETTE WILLIAVLS . . Clermont, Ga, 1 RNEST VCqTHOLTER Attapulgus, Ga, PAUL WOODRUEE . Dccaiur, Ga, MARY ELIZABETH Vi ' RIGHT Reeves, Ga, MARY YORK .... Homer, Ga, CHARLES YOUNG • . ■ Gainesville, Ga. NADINE WHITMIRE . ■ • Dahloncga, Ga, 1. Keener and his big black TIE 2. Stool Pigeons. 3. Band House Brigade. 4. How about that Ma|or? 5. Sarge and his pet Co. 6. Smitty. 7. That well-known grade. 8. Looking down. 9. Artillery at N, G. C. 10. Dirty screw head 5 points. HONOR COMPANY RECEIVING THE COLORS | I II f ai j i. Q. e. MAJOR JAMES E. MATTHEWS P. M. S. T. W t ' ' ? ? ?:: K3 ? ' - 5 ' : ?rp ERGEANT RICHARD S. McCONNELL D. E. M. L. The true spirit of American patriotism rests in the high ideals manifested by the Corps of Cadets in the R. O. T. C. unit at North Georgia College. The military organization strives to promote in an organized manner feelings of courtesy, habits of discipline, poise of mind and body, and respect for constituted authority. A thorough system of training is thus prepared by Major James E. Matthews and Sergeant Richard S. McConnell, along with the attributes of the cadet officers and non-commissioned officers. This most efficient staff, and that of the past, has won for North Georgia College the rank of " Excellent, " upholding her undisputed title, " Geor- gia ' s West Point. " CLCPX ' " " " " " n e,. S-4 CHURCH FORMATION J CrCL€PJ 4 f T -1 t : ik WnH H Co nua MIZE Captain FIRST PLATOON ROSTER Adkins, W. Fuller, L. Keen, L. Bray, L. Gaines, G. Keen, W. B. Brogdon, E. K. Gay, C. C. Lay, H. Carson, W. B. Guimares, H. Lord, S. Collier, J. Harrison Owens, E. Daniel, W. Hayes Pope, C. F. Dally, T. Holt, E. Raines, J. R. Deadwyler, C. HOLLINGSWORTH, R. Rhodes, H. DiCKERSON, T. Hinson, S. SWINT, B. Dowdy, T. Johnson, H. Whitaker, H Edwards, T. Johnston, J. WiLLETTS, B. FiVEASH, M. Wimpy, J. ;, ' iiZE First Lieutenant 1L 59 CyCL€PX an A GARRETT Second Lieutenant SECOND PLATOON ROSTER ■ 1 Adams, R. Johnson Short 1 Anderson, A. LiPHAM Smith » " Brown, M. Long, J. Thompson f ». Crumpler, J. Mason Underwood . - J DOCKERY Mitchell Wallace, M. = a Elrod Morrison Wallace, H V Hadden Nesbit Ware, B. J -f Hargro ES, J. Prince, E. L. Watkins 1 A Jfe Harris, B. R. Prater, H. Whitmire 1 l S Hawkins Raines, W. S. Wiley UJI Grifeith, R. Sanders Zetterower HALE First Sergeant f-ik t A_j ' .. C(UHfZ HONOR ROBERTS Captain FIRST PLATOON ROSTER Bf.dsole, S. Hudson, R. Pilkenton, J. Bell, C. Irwin, H. Ragsdale, N. Bennett, E. Johnson, D. Rittenberry, E Blanton, a. Lathem, R. Roberts, W. Bridges, P. Luke, J. Robertson, W. Connell, J. Mashburn, J. Sorrells, L. Fleming, J. McCoy, J. Strickland, M. Fuller, D. Miller, J. Thomason, G. GiLLHAM, H. MizE, R. Walden, J. Gleason, p. Payne, O. Williamson, J. Hamby, C. Partridge, W. Woodruff, P. CART First Lieutenant 1939 CyCL€l3X a4Ui COMPANY MURPHY Second Lieutenant SECOND PLATOON ROSTER r Bishop, S. Garrard, E. Meeks, C. ' ,- J BoNNliR, E. Grein, T. V. Murphy, B. ». ' BOVD, J. Grindi E, L. Palmer, O. H., R. Guuger, J. Peavey, W. _ _j Bramblett, E. Hearn, J. Pierce, H. , . Burtz, S. HORNIBROOK, D. PiTTMAN, B. i k Cain, A. HOSCH, W. Simpson, A. m A fli Dickson, B. Hunt, D. Stewart, A. ILaJM Dfc)OSON, C. Hunt, R. Thigpen, C. ■ n Evans, J. Lever, V. Underwood, A uyH FiNCHER, A. xMcFall, B. Martin, J. Whelchel, B. KENDALL First Sergeant e LAMBE Captain FIRST PLATOON ROSTER Agree DoOLEY Newell Adams Hayes OSTERHOUT Anderson Herring, L. D. Pafeord BOYERS Hogg Perry- Bracewell HULSEY Platt Carter, S. F. Irwin Quarles Carter, R. KiLGO Roberts Cagle Matthews Stuart Clement McEvER, W. Tanksley Cochran Meadows Taylor Collar Mobley Vaughn 04nii HARDMAN First Lieutenant ' CLCPJ- atui e (T ROGERS Second Lieutenant SECOND PLATOON ROSTER MARTIN First Sergeant Barrett, C. Batchelor, J. Bernal, p. Bray, D. Brovcn, H. Burt, F. Call AN, R. Cartw ' right, B. Corry, C. Dill, H. domingoes, k. Forsyth, W. Hammond, H. Hicks, R. Hogg, B. Humphries, W. D. Johnson, M. Jones, M. King, C. McEvER, H. Middleton, H. Murphy, " . Newson, R. Parker, L. Rogers, J. Royal, T. Stevens, C. Thompson, F. Weldon, L. Whiddon, E. Wilson Witholter, D. Young, C. Go4np, LINDLER Captain FIRST PLATOON ROSTER Adams, C. Andrews, T. Barbrf, J. Bone, R. Brogdon, Edison Brown, R. Cross, R. Dalton, D. Davis, J. DUPREE, W. EUBANKS, G. Ferguson, W. Fetner, L. Giles, J. Harrison, L. hudgins, b. Leathers, O. LiNDSEY, J. Mann, F. Marsh, O. McCoNNELL, G. Medlin, F. Phillips, R. Prince, R. A. Pruitt, J. Rowan, D. Singer, F. Strickland, W. Tompkins, J. Waterhouse, S. WlMBISH, F. Whitner, V. MERRITT First Lieutenant U I 1939 CyCL€DX atui 2 tA STALNAKER Second Lieutenant SECOND PLATOON ROSTER m Allen, R. Graves, J. Palmer, B. fc 5 Blrg, B. Hyirs, L. Rogers, P. J. r Brooks, H. Jordan, W. K. Russell, C. Chastine, J. Kemp, J. Salyer, C. Cook, O. Lloyd, W. Smith, f. W. COURSIN, J. McElroy, J. Tate, F. - Crapps, p. McManus, J. D. Thomason, M. f 1 ' . V Day, R. McPhail, D. Wade, L. T. DUGGAN, G. Maloney, W. Whitefield, C k kL Fagan, W. Mann, J. WiLBANKS, J. t m ■ Grant, J. OVERSTREET, L. WOODLII E, C. La BOON First Sergeant 1U CALLONX AY Captain BAND ROSTER H| iiffirf Adams, B. Faulkner, J. Love, E. PJv Adams, C. Foster, B. McBride W Bashinski, I. Freeman, S. Miller, R. - Booth, J. Hall, J. Nelson, A. Bramblett, W. H. Hamilton, J. Rechsteiner, C. Calloway, R. Harris, H. Richardson, G. Carter, R. Hayes, G. Scruggs, R. . Coleman, F. Hilliard, H. SORRELLS, M. Coleman, R. Holbrook, J. Sorrow, Chas. ■ ' 4 ■ A I : Collier, C. Jones, J. Stallworth, R. i i ' K a i Collins, J. Jones, R. Walton, H. Dyer, E. Keener, Buddy Littlefield, p. NX helchel. H. Whiteside, R. " s ■ - ' rJBv Dyer, L. DYAR First Lieutenant s 7l. I vi J J crcLc px Haul KEENER Second Lieutenant bkJi WALTON First Sergeant E. D. waiting on tables. True love. Way up. Give ' em Hell, Sarse. When we were frosh. What do you say, Lambe? Parade. Barracks porch. Padre ' s bull session. Not too much, Dekle. No pants. Over in town. Up at the house. Early to bed. Before dinner. Looking through. V9. onn ooert? t DECATUR, GA. SPONSOR OF THE CYCLOPS i i 7 - : re r9. -vav Vx eener DECATUR, GA. SPONSOR OF THE CADET BUGLER r9. or a har C . oger? DAHLONEGA, GA. SPONSOR OF THE BATTALION STAFF 99 176 i Detn o Derr9 h DECATUR, GA. SPONSOR OF COMPANY ¥■ JEFFERSON, GA, SPONSOR OF COMPANY " D avZev l O d North Georgfia Colleffe I ibra rv 99 oui9e v_ owc 4 WASHINGTON, GA. SPONSOR OF THE BAND 9? oi e ood JEFFERSON, GA. MISS NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE r?. o evc av ATLANTA, GA. SPONSOR OF THE FRESHMAN CLASS J 9? ALPHARETTA, GA. SPONSOR OF THE REX CLUB av and r9. cno 5 DEMOREST, GA. SPONSOR OF THE SIGMA THETA FRATERNITY Xf s ? une FORT McPHERSON, GA. SPONSOR OF THE OFFICERS ' CLUB ■er? ¥ V9. acK ti rtin TOCCOA, GA. SPONSOR OF THE SERGEANTS ' CLUB r9. NORCROSS, GA. SPONSOR OF THE CORPORALS ' CLUB mo9on GAINESVILLE, GA. SPONSOR OF THE DRAMATIC CLUB 1 ?9 o a aw ? ATLANTA, GA. SPONSOR OF THE Y. M. C. A. 1. The bell. 2. Watch out. Bogie. 3. Going some place? 4. Quite a contrast. 5. Floating on air. 6. Annis, Poker-face, and Sara. 7. Padre. 8. Going to see Hutch. 9. On the roost. 10. Swiss Navy in Company " D. " I I. Watermelons at N. G. C. 12. Pool shark. 13. Out at the Falls. 14. Hutch and Jim. 15. " Pappy. " 16. Peaches. 7 4e Gifclo l The Cyclops is the annual publication of the students of North Georgia College. Frank A. Roberts Editor-in-Chief Clyde Martin Business Maiiaver STAFF Cecil Corry . . Assistant Biiuiiess Miimii cr Johnnie Faulkner . . . Assistant EJitor Robert Foster .... Snapshot Editor Buddy Keener Club Editor Bob Lambe Feature Editor Billy Murphy . . Assistant Biisinew Manager Owen Payne Assistant Editor Bob Pittman Associate Editor Bill Robertson Layout Editor Johnny Rogers Sports Editor Erin Dale Taylor . Assistant Business Manager W. T. CoTTiNGHAM . . . Faculty Adriser 1 - : ifci ' ikit 7Ue 1939 Cy CLCPX The Cadet Bugler is the bi-monthly publication of the students of North Georgia College. The paper is improving steadily from ear to vear and IS at the present one ot the best junior college papers in the state. Buddy Keener Editor J. O. Garrett Business Manager STAFF Nora Barkir Associate Editor Cari, Bell S or s Editor Curtis Collier Rel ( rter Jamie Connell Reporter Syd Dooley Rel orter Johnnie Faulkner . Assistant Business Manager Richard French . . . Circulation Manager Bob Lambe Associate Editor Bruce Merritt .... Associate Editor Roy . lri 1 I k Cluh Editor Felton Moore Sjiorts Editor Arthur Nelson .... I ' eatiire Editor Edward Nichols .... leature Editor Frank Roberts Cluh Editor liii 1 Roui RTSON . . Circulation Manager Frin Dale Taylor .... Society Editor Fri 1) Wimbish .... Exchange Editor Sergeant R. S. McCoNNELL . Faculty Adviser Spjeecli onuifi OFFICERS Cecil Mize Prcsithnt Robert Calloway . . . Vicc-Praiih ' iif Rov Mu-LER Scnr ary BiLLIE HaRDMAN Tlfilslllir Curtis Collier . . . Sci; cant-at-Arnn MEMBERS Joe Batchelor Harold Hadden R. A. Prince Syd Dooley Riley Kendall Frank Roberts Johnnie Faulkner Bob Lam be Clark Stalnaker G. W. Franklin Clyde Martin Corbett Thigpen Richard French Winfield Meadors Bob Willets Lucius Fuller Clyde Mize Charles Young J. O. Garrett Harold Platt o a a, rs n ft ,ei [ ife w - CLC PX The purpose of the Dramatic Club is to give the members the experience of participating in plays and to maintain for the college a " drama consciousness. " This year the club, directed by Professor Dismukes, produced four plays. OFFICERS Perry Cocki PirsiJni Erin Dam Tamok Secir ary Charlis Mii;ks Tn-asiircr Bob Lam hi Vicr-PresiJeiit I KM. WiMBisii Sfai c Mana er Mary Alici Anderson Janet Cash Curtis Collier Emogi m Davidson MEMBERS Waluene Davis Kathryn Earnest BiLLiE Hardman Viola Harris Robert Hoii inosvi oriti Joi. LaBoon WiLBURN MOBLEY Owen Payne Jack Pilkenton fe 9 ,a p n cJtO-41i ZcO-f tO-ifllcA. GluJx ShATTUCK ANDERSON HARRIS WHITMIRE OFFICERS Sara Mae Shattuck VwsidoU Mary Airci: Anderson Vice-Prcsidfiit Viola Harris Secyftary Vernelle Wi in mire Trciiancr MEMBERS Nora Barker Marv Danh l F.LOisr Hood Helen Mowell Flora Bonner Martha Uemi ' sev Dennie Sue James Clara Owens JiMMiE Bowers Kathrvn Earnest Ora Jones Virginia Quintrell Mary Carter Ruth Gakren Nelle Kesler Evelyn Ricketson Janet Cash Uoris Gaskin Sara King Claudine Robinson Thelma Chambers Rosalyn Grant Beth Lavender Winifred Rousey Geneva Cheek Elizabeth Hall Margaret Little Helen Sanders Evelyn Collins Pauline Haney Sara Ruth Long Mildred Staton Frances Connor Blondine Hemphill Othelle Martin Imogene ' alker Sara Mae Cross Lutrelle Hemphill Amanda Mason Janet Williams Charlie Mae Wilson cy CLCPj " ?ec " GLil The " Roc " (lub W.IS ori;.inized in 19 7 for tlic purpose ot iii. kin,i; tlic pliVMCjl educ.ition class a social unit .is well as instructive. During the year the Club has had a n imber of socials for the students. " Coed Week " was established as an annual artair. During the winter quarter, the Club also sponsored " Stunt Nighl. " The " Rec " Club is a growing organization, and it plays an important part in the life at N. G. C. OFFICERS Erin Dale Taylor Vnudcnt Eloise Hood Vicc-PrcsiJciit Elizabeth Hall Treasurer " " eiuL MOORE BELL ROGERS The " D " Club is an honorary organization composed of students who have been awarded the official N. G. C. " D " for proficiency in basketball, baseball, tennis, marks- man ship, boxing, or cheer leading. OFFICERS Felton Moorl PlCSIllcil Carl Bell Vicc-Prcsittciit Jonathan Rogers, Jr Seen fury tiiul Treasurer MEMBERS Edward Bennett Edw ard Nichols Bill Keen Cecil Corry Elgin Rittenberry Emmett Mills Paul Gleason James Williamson George Pafford Joe Johnston Morris Brown Eugene Taylor Clyde Martin Tom Dally Paul Woodruff Jack Hale ; J .| «1-- w a l ik ' 4 iikilk mA n , " -=» « l . ,a» « ,o i g _ t Yk i , J crcLCP -a jk ijfc f -4 ROGERS MOORE KEENER The Orticcrs ' Club of North Georgia College, organized in 1926, is .1 social fraternity composed of Commissioned Cadet Officers who have met the scholastic requirements and have excelled in Military and extra-curricular activities. OFFICERS Jonathan Ro(,i ks, Jk PrcsiJcfi Ii LTON Moore Vicc-PrcsiJciil Frank Kiiner . MEMBERS MAJOR Felton Moore CAPTAINS S( ' ( rc rfiy and Treasurer Robert Calloway Cecil Mize Fmml I 1 Mil I s Charles Lindler Robert Lam be Jonathan Rogers, Jr. FIRST LIEUTENANTS Frank Roberts Edwin Cart Bruce Merritt Billie Hardman Richard French LeGrand Dyar Edward Nichols SECOND LIEUTENANTS Clyde Mize I. O. CiARRI TI 1 RANK KlENER iii[ 1 -1 Murphy Clark Stalnaker |a( K Roclrs c e ea ' GUlL m. A h Alii OFFICERS Cadet First Sergeant Cimji Martin PycuJcnt Cadet First Sergeant Harris Walton Virc-Prcsiilctif Cadet Sergeant James Mason Sfcirfary Cadet First Sergeant Jack Hai i Trcauircv Cadet Sergeant Cecil Corrv Sergeant-at-Arnn , i:ycLCPi- MEMBERS Caki. Bli.l SlTfiflllll Bl-RNARI) IJl Rt; MOK ClIARI FS MlLKS Li ROY Nevxtil INLR 1 ■O r fjJtT ( , iAik i iA i iii -i JLz -V ■Q. Q tb ff D « At iLkz.. iAllI. ii ft T rf srT »J»1 f 1 CZ) OFFICERS Ollie Simpson, Jr Presiiiciit Arthur Nelson Vice-Presidcii J. C. McBride Secretary Harold McEver Treasurer MEMBERS AlBLRT BlANTON GhORGE EuBANkS Pj[ KLl- Kll GI1 R. A. Prince J. D. Booth Michael Fiveash J. D. McManus Lee Sorrells Havnie Brooks George Gaines Oscar Marsh Eugene Taylor Herman Brown Paul Gleason J.B.Morrison Hugh Wallace Henry Collar T.W.Green O. H. Palmer Clarence Watkins Tom Dally Robert Hicks .Jack Pilkenton Hardeman Whelchel Charles Elrod Dewitt Hunt C. F. Pope Paul Woodruff ,r J Lt },J f J ,t , ,J . ' - ' i -frt ' •.- . } ' ,. . . r Mir f r fy C f ' l " LJ A A tx D y O Q . C. J. DISMUKES Director Wo ne Cjlee. QluM. MEMBERS Mary Aiice Anderson Kathryn Earnest Jane Mathis Emogene Davidson Ruth Elliott RosALYN Grant RrnrccA Hicks FIRST SOPRANOS Berthinf Williams Elizabeth Herndon Martha Sue Moore Alma Dickerson SECOND SOPRANOS Doris Gaskin FIRST ALTOS Frances Kilgore SECOND ALTOS Dennie Sue James Minnie I.u Moore Elizabi I h Wright Elizabeth Hall Kaihirini I ' ite Sara Taylor ' lra Nix W. T. COTTINGHAM Director Men Qlee CluL J. B. Barbre J. D. Booth Legare Bracewell W. H. Bramblett Perry Bridges Vernon Carter Franklin Coleman Johnnie Faulkner MEMBERS Allison Fincher Robert Foster Jack Graves Robert Hollingsworth Burrell Hudgins Ralph Jones Oscar Marsh Roy Miller Felton Moore Billy Murphy Leroy Newell Joe Pruitt Carl Rechsteiner Rooks Smith MacLeroy Sorrells Max Thomason Harris Walton 69BBmB9S ¥ B QHH[|H Hb? • C. J. DlSMUKfcS Director ( MEMBERS L FIRST SOPRANOS Mary Alice Anderson Kathryn Earnest Elizabeth Herndon Dfnnie Sue James Jane Mathis SECOND SOPRANOS Martha Sue Moore Emogene Davidson Doris Gaskin ALTOS Elizabeth Hall Ruth Ei.mott Katherini: Fite Vera Nrx TENORS Rebecca Hicks J. D. Booth Emmett Mills BASSES Carl Rechsteiner Robert Foster Jack Graves Harris Walton Leroy Newell ' ' i fi K l • ab ROy MILLER CLYDE MIZE CECIL MIZE CLYDE MARTIN . Af. e. A. OFFICERS Roy Miller Prcs ' niciit Clyde Mize Vicc-PnsiJiu Cecil Mize St ' crc iiry Clyde Martin Trcauircr MEMBERS Tom Andrevss ISADOR BasHINSKI Joe Batchelor Ed Bon MR J. D. Booth Joe Boyd James Bovers W. H. Brambeett UuANE Bray Edison Brocdon J. C. Brocdon Amon Cain- Robert Callovi ay Wilton Carson Curtis Collier Jamie Connell Reese Cross John Davis Howard Dill Syd Doolev Tom Edwards Johnnie Faulkner I ' rank Fovi ler G. ' . Franklin Lucius Fuller George Gaines Jim Gudger Jac K Ham Bii 1 Y Hardman B. R. Harris Leland Harrison Beverly Hayes Carey Hayes J. R. Hayes Hugh Hii.liard Sam Hinson j. c. holbrook William Hosch Dewttt Hunt Henry Lay Paul Littlefield Eugeni Love J. C. McBride William McEver R. C. McGlNTY William Maloney James Mason WiNi II ID Meadors Harris Middleton Roiii Ri Mitchell Wll.BURN MOBLEY J. B. Morrison Arihur Nelson Duncan Nesbitt Gail Osterhout 0 I N Payne Bii I Perry Jack Pilkenton E. L. Prince " . S. Raines Carl Rechsteiner George Richardson Grady Roberts Wynn Roberts Jack Rogers Travis Sanders Robert Scruggs McLeroy Sorrells Charles Sorrow- Alton Stewart Brandon Swint J. C. Tanksley Claude Thompson Frank Thompson Jack Underwood Clarence Vaughn Bob Willets Cluiord Wood Charles Young y. w. e. A. BARKER HARRIS SHATTUCK The Y. W. C. A. was organized at North Georgia College in 193 6, and it has been the leading co-ed organization since its beginning. Its purpose is to promote a wholesome religious atmosphere on the campus. The interest shown in the work of this group of students is evidenced by the number enrolled, the attendance and the participation in the business and social affairs which have occurred during the year. OFFICERS Nora Allison Barker Pvcsidcut Viola Harris ' iic-Vn iilciit Sara Mae Shattuck Sfcrctiiry and T fa iircr Mary Alice Anderson Flora Bonner JiMMiE Bowers Mary Carter Janet Cash Geneva Cheek Evelyn Collins Dorothy Cordell Mary Daniel Waldene Davis Martha Dempsey Alma Dickerson Kathryn Earnest Myram Eberhardt Mary Freeman Ruth Garren Doris Gaskin Jerry Gru fith Elizabeth Hall MEMBERS Pauline Haney Blondine Hemphill Lutrelle Hemphill Elizabeth Herndon Rebecca Hick s Eloise Hood Dennie Sue James Ora Jones Nelle Kesler Mildred Kimsey Sara King Sara Elizabeth Knowles Beth Lavender Dorothy Lewis Margaret Little Sara Ruth Long Othelle Martin Amanda Mason Marian Meeks Helen Mowell Marguerite Moone Clara Owens Suzanne Peredo Virginia Quintrell Evelyn Ricketson Claudine Robinson Winifred Rousey Helen Sanders Mary Helen Scott Katherine Stone Margaret Sutherland Erin Dale Taylor Mary Jean Thornton Frances Tuggle Willie Vause EuLA Vickery Jeanette Williams Charlie Mae Wilson Mary York SAIii ti m fjOB k p, (le x. QUus- Founded .u North Georgi.T College, 1917 OFFICERS Frank Keener Pirsiih-ii Jonathan Rogers, Jr. . Vicc-PirsiJciif Clyde Martin Scrrc ary Cecil Mize Tntisiirrr A. D. Snow luiciilfy Ailihcr Charles Adams Rawson Coleman Curtis Collier Cecil Corry Johnnie Faulkner John W. Acree Robert Adams Joe Barbre ISADOR BaSHINSKI Legarl Bracewell DuANE Bray Morris Brown Frank Burt Robert Calloway Richard Carter Bobby Cochr Henry Coll Jack Courso Warren Dan el AsHBY Davis Ted Dickerso J. A. Docke: Tom EdwarIIs Robert Fost Lucius Fuller " Jack Graves MEMBERS J S). Garrett James L. Keen James Mason Emmett Mills Clyde Mize J. V. Zetterower Paul Littlefield James Long Stuart Lord Fred Mann WiNMELD MeADORS Felton Moore Leroy Newell Bob Newsom Leo iard Parker Hope lY Quarles AR _ ReCHSTEINER GeoHge Richardson Y Roberts . Rogers scoE Stallvcorth Clarence Vaughn iHAiu(is Walton B rRNEY Ware Ewis Weldon Ray Whiteside ( . , :« a f- r:i o a ( a a a a PLEDGES f : , ev a , r. a r) n, a ei p,, a, a r a :i f a a o f . Q ,g .n L .r4 c . c j, o, » .a c i ,0 a ff!i n ci a a. n ,« 9 R, a D a n a. a. tf. : l illJaiAife£;ViA aA: Buj na Ueta cde miti Founded at North Georgia College, 1934 OFFICERS Frank Roberts Ed Nichols Billy Murphy idciit Vice-I ' rcsiilviil and Tirusiircr Secretary MEt Jack Ball J. D. Booth James Boyers Sam Burtz Edwin Cart BuDDu; Dickson Tarj), mF GleasoJ Dewitt Hunt Bob Lambi D. Luke ' ' O. H. Palmer Owen Payne Bill Perry Fri;u Wimbish Jim Williamson Paul Woodrui-e Joe Batchelor | L P K HaL 1 Wesley Murphy Spencer Bedsole Mm J 1 Arthur Nelson Carl Bell Wendell Peavy Bernard Berg . Jl ADLEY fc jr Bob Pittman Pat Bernal ■WRcoN HocJi j y Harold Platt Ed Bonner ' " " » x)bert HoLi te w ' C J. R. Raines Robert Bradley «M t« ORN B« Jli.-- ' Q Elgin Rittenberry W. H. Bramblett witt Kl4o e i Q Wynn Roberts Perry Bridges ' r . [ Bill Robertson Amon Cain y " 7 SI I DaLBERTJOHNSIMf T V ThOMAsRoYAL Perry Cocke L Ui jqfiHtl J - O. O. Simpson Franklin Coleman f - — Lee Sorrells Howard Dill Robert Lathem McLeroy ' Sorrells Cooper Dodson James McCoy Carlton Stevens Syd Dooley Bob McKibben Alton Stewart Charles Elrod J. D. McManus Mack Strickland George Eubanks William Maloney J. C. Tanksley Jack Evans Oscar Marsh Corbett Thigpen Michael Fiveash Jack Martin Frank Thompson Julian Fleming Lewis Matthews James Walden Wallace Forsyth J. F. Miller Charles Young n ft n (- q a r , O tj.. f P PLEDGES Ip. ,9, cti .C n ,Q . f Q : IP a. : r ei f ' ,9 - ' n e% o 9. ' . O -ft o .r5 a rj a a tifi:ift iW Miki mlti t iM .U »|, ■ «» (!- -n ,D t O Q ft, : ifi C ,Q, t: a f ' g ci pv ' [0. o ,n c f n a f . 1. Remains of Zimmer ' s Mountain Inn. 2. Clean em up, boys. 3. The Courts from above. 7. " Puss. " 4. Go to it, Charlie. 5. Ensign Dickson — S. S. hiortense. 6. Visitors. COFFEE « SANDWICHES SODA FOUNT SMITH ' S VERNON H. SMITH, -Pr-P. DaWonega.Ga. students: .ort shov, in this t i- e this year may I .v,p jreshmen, " " .-th the same yj- Ten ' i =°au ' ' ' ' f reefou ' his year " . t:;?a° toasted san4«o., ' ' ' " .es haopy aays twse «er| ,, al ® ' -n the sweeter D jewelry orv is tnade all the _ q LSGE-SEAL J their mem° iendshiP and love ,,,,ouBhly enjoyed heing we have thoruue. .q s. i " forviard vJithpie Sincerely if u-vT y - Sfieaki Uf. o PidiiAei, This raging blaze roused the battalion at 2 A. M. April 26th. The beautilul Mountain Inn was razed to the ground by this destructive flame. The Dahloncga Fire Department saved eight chimneys, a safe, a well, and the Mountain Inn sign. A most -familiar scene is this one of the interior of " B " Building. Here the student body strug- gles its weary way through classes and get those sometime dreaded mid-term reports. 1 Com pliments i of • f i H L I. Y i T H E A • T R E ! I)AHLONK(;. . GEORGIA 1 1 t 1 W . A . W H I T M I R E Die Home of QUALITY MERCHANDISE AT POPULAR PRICES • A Corn )l etc Line of Dry Goods and Sliiilciil Accessories Professor Asbury D. Snow ponders over a copy of Life. Com pliments ...of ... MORGAN LAUNDRIES GAINESVILLE GEORGIA lion Ue I cukJz 0 2 aldo4ie a i 7 cuiA. you Can, BohJz. On COURTESY SERVICE EFFICIENCY UNIFORM QUALITY Maintained for 115 years in uniforms of quality ' - • Students of NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE who wear uniforms by JACOB REED " S SONS, Philadelphia, are assured of choice materials, skilled tailoring and satisfactory sei " vice that only 115 years of maintaining uniform quality can provide. America ' s Oldest Makers of Fine Uniforms 1424-1426 Chestnut St. PHILADELPHIA, PA. (102) " T? " T? 1=4 tUl FE l)l.. I. NO. 1 JUNE 10, 19J9 CONTENTS THE YEAR ' S EVENTS . . . The CoUe ie i. ' ar 1U5 A Dav at N. C. C 1U« PEOPLE Who ' s Wlu) at N. G. C. SPORTS . . . Ri: IK V OF SPORTS YVAR 109 Basketball Baseball .... Tennis .... Intra-Mural Sports . Sports " De la Fcmme " OTHER DEPARTMENTS Speakint; of I ' ieturcs Picture of the ' ear . 11. 114 lib 117 lib 101 1U7 Picturesque Cane ( " reek Falls, one of the outstanding beauty spots of the land sur- rounding North Geor- t;ia College. This striking view shows the falls at their best, tlooded by the spring torrents which cas eadc over the falls and make a sixty-foot dash into the spray below. Editor: BOB LAMBE Photosrapher: ROBERT FOSTER COMPLIMENTS JOHNNY MOORE SERVICE STATION CITY SHOE SHOP . A. HULSELY Prujjriclur m On the Square DAHLONKGA GEORGI-A CINCIOLO ' S CAFE HEADQUARTERS FUR N. G. C. Regular Meals ' Short Orders Sandwiches and Salads witli complete fountain service Your Palronage Appreciated " CINCIOLO ' S " WHERE FRIENDS MEET MAIN ST. : GAINESVILLE, GA. (103) 1 BAY WAY LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING F i r s t C 1 a s s Work G u a r a n t e e d GAINESVILLE :: GEORGIA ACADEMIES AWARD More orders to Hanover Regulation Military Uniform Shirts than to any other uni- form shirts made in America! Performance Wins! Hanover Uniform Company BALTi: IURK, MARYLAND The N. G. C. Faculty imd Student Body Always Find a Cordial Welcome . . . AT . . . Frierson - McEver Company GAINESVILLE Men ' s Wear-Women ' s Wear-Shoes r — ————— ————— —-— ———— " »»-— ———— t College Students and Graduates will be interested in our school equipment lines " " I 1 Call to set ' lis u ' it ' ii in ATHENS 1 The McGregor Company 1 A THENS GEORGIA —• —4 FOREMOST DAIRIES . . . enjoy . . . FOREMOST ICE CREAM ATLANTA : : GEORGIA t t t « ) t I t ' I ( « t ' i t } » » t ( Compliments . . . of . . . • Buford Wholesale Candy Co. GEORGE WHITE, Manager Compliments . . . of . . . SMITH BROS Gainesville, Georgia Sandwiches ' Cold Plates ' Drinks Invitation to Cadets and Coeds of North Georgia College Extended Curb Service With a Smile J L„ (104) Vol. I, No. I June 10, 1939 W A FAMILIAR SCENE TO THE CADETS AND COEDS IS THIS VIEW OF THE CAMPUS |ieptember IStli In the year 1938 saw the O convergence of a horde of somewhat timid but eager newcomers to our fair campus. The Freshmen had arrived! A fesv days later the campus was swelled to over- flowing by the arrival of the " Sophisticated " Sophomores; wise in the ways of the world and well learned in the customs and tradi- tions of N. G. C, and burning with the ambition to acquaint every Frosh with the two co-cds in the race. When the ballots eminence of their knowledge. The tot l were counted, however, the cadets had tri- number of students hovered around the 5 50 umphed and had elected Rawson Coleman mark; the largest enrollment in the history president. To preside with him were elected of the college. School had started and N. J. W. Zetterower, vice-president; Bob New- G. C. was off to a banner year. som, secretary, and Lewis Matthews, treas- Soon the campus began to hum with the urer. day set aside to pledge the Freshmen drew near. Extremely hot was the social com- petition, with either one or the other " fling- ing " a dance, hike, supper, or shipwreck ball. After the boys had gone their indi- vidual ways and had pledged, the campus began to rumble to the sound of politics. The election of the Freshman class officers was soon due. The two frats nominated their most likely candidates and were some- what surprised to discover that there were battle cries of the two Fraternities as the Soon after the election the first Officers ' Club Dance, one of the highlights of the first quarter, was held. Many other social events were held. Among them was a " jam- up " dance given by the Sergeants ' Club. The fall quarter ended all too soon and the cadets and co-eds joyously took their Christmas holidays and soon returned to " bear down " for the winter term. The social calendar was brim full during those three months with another Officers ' Club " session " and a mid-winter dance given by each of the frats. On January 11, the battalion journeyed to Atlanta to take part in the inaugural day parade. The cadet corps did exceedingly well under the circum- stances of rainy weather and a large crowd. A competitive inspection was held during March and not much later the well-known and much-dreaded finals brought the winter term to an abrupt close. (105) Spring is in the air! The good ole spring quarter is here. The quarter for work with 3 more than generous amount of play. Things got off with a bang when a group of cadet officers went to Atlanta to the Army Day ceremonies. Not long after that came the day that is one of the foremost days in the memories of cadets and co-eds alike. The Memorial Day Parade. The night before the battalion left for the Gate City was hectic. The battalion was blasted out of bed at 2 A. M. to the strident sound of " Fire Call. " The town was a bright red and the cadets quickly dressed and rushed to town. Here they found the once beauti- ful Mountain Inn a writhing mass of flames. Nothing could be done, however, and the building burned to the ground. Without much sleep, if any, the student body " took off " for Atlanta. Every cadet marched down Peachtree with his shoulders back and his head up. The battalion made a remark- ably good showing, one of the best, if not the best, ever made by N. G. C. in Atlanta. Back home again and gloating, for they had something to gloat over, the boys and girls looked forward to the coming array of social activities beginning with the Ser- geants ' Club Dance and Rex Homecoming, and ending in a blaze of glory with the last Officers ' Club Dance, taking the place of the Cadet Ball, ring ceremony and all, and Sigma Theta Homecoming. The baseball team had a fine season, win- ning a large majority of its scheduled games. Intramural sports reached a climax with the annual cross country race. Commencement Week ended by the glory of Graduation finally brought the year to a close. It was a grand year and the stu- dents will never forget it. Of course there were those little incidents of heartache and sorrow but on the whole N. G. C. had com- pleted its most glorious year. MISS N. G. C. ELOISE HOOD IS ELECTED MISS N. G. C. Attractive Co-Ed Sweeps Field Here Of Seven Candidates In the election held for the title of Miss N. G. C, Miss Eloise Hood of Jefferson was the victor. Eloise, who is in her Sopho- more year, was unanimously elected over her six opponents. This election, which is held every year, was of much interest to the student body due to the fact that there were some seven girls entered. Miss Hood is the first Sopho- more in recent years to hold this honored place on the campus. Close behind Miss Hood in the election was Miss Mary Alice Anderson, of Blue Ridge. Other competitors were: Misses Mary Freeman, Suzanne Peredo, Rosalyn Grant, Amanda Mason and Nora Allison Barker. Miss Hood is known over the campus for her wonderful personality, her humor, and her good sportsmanship. She is a member of the Rec Association, the Y. W. C. A., and the Home Ec Club. She is an excellent person for the coveted title of Miss N. G. C, and we congratulate her on the honor. The Miss N. G. C. contest is sponsored each year by the yearbook, the Cyclops. When the contest was first announced some SIGNIFICANCE OF SHOULDER INSIGNIA The shoulder insignia worn by all cadets of this college was drawn by Captain (now Major) Raymond C. Hamilton while he was on duty here as Professor of Military Sci- ence and Tactics, and has been approved by the War Department. The insignia shows a boar ' s head mounted on a shield of yellow. The yellow repre- sents the gold found in the hills around Dahlonega, and the boar ' s head, taken from the shield of General Oglethorpe ( founder of the colony of Georgia), represents hospi- tality. Above the shield and resting on a wreath, which is of blue and white showing the col- lege colors, is the Cherokee Rose, the state flower of Georgia, with crossed muskets, showing the Infantry branch of the North Georgia College R. O. T. C. Encircling these, we find the name of the college and the location, mounted on the yellow (gold) field. PICTURE OF THE YEAR A typical scene to the Freshman cadets is the one to the right, " Sarge " in his class- room. It ' s probably some difficult problem in map-reading that he is explaining. Sarge is an outstanding figure on the campus of N. G. C. He is prominent in social life and military and has his fun with the cadets and co-eds. The Sophomores who are leaving our fair campus will always have fond memories of the happy days spent in class with Sarge. The Frosh classes of ' 3 9 and ' 40 will view him in terror during Freshman Week and then will learn to like him just as every cadet who has ever come here has done. time ago, there seemed to be little interest centered on it, but long before the day of election, enthusiasm mounted, and now we know each student who voted in the elec- tion is interested to know the outcome. (106) A DAY AT N. G. C. WAKE UP AT REVEILLE OUTSIDE THE DINING-HALL ROOM INSPECTION THEN TO CLASS between classes VISIT THE CANTEEN STUDY ON THE BENCH the bell rings and we OFF AGAIN AFTERNOON BRINGS ■ l , - ' % ■ ■ : ■ perhaps V A HIKE i A A GAME OF POOL at 5:00 ■ A FRIENDLY FIGHT RETREAT AT NIGHT maybe A BASKETBALL GAME A DANCE then QUARTERS at 11:00 |b4 h LIGHTS OUT (108) PEOPLE Votes, Then Cameras Put These People in the News Franlt Roberts, Best All-round and Most Executive. He was popular, business-like, and good-natured. Frank deserves the best always. Most Military Soph, was Ftlion Moore. A leader and true military man was he. James Boyers, Most Military Irosh, knew his stulf, " and knew he knew it. " J " - Little Ferdinand Mills (bull-shooter dcluxi.), was elected Biggest Bull Shooter. r X Robert Taylor Cocke, was radical to the nth degree, therefore the title, The Biggest Bolsheviki. " Big-Shot " Rittenberry won in a landslide the title of the Most Con- ceiled. Most Popular Co-Ed, Eloise Hood. She was always flooded with offers for dates. She was popular with the girls too. Most Useful Rat, was ihk Car- son. He should be the wearer of the diamond next year. Not Through Vote, but by popular campus opinion, " Dick " Gleason was named The Most Unconscious. (109) 1 : . ■• ■ I ' I III fimt ' ' - JK. stSt . Known as " Hosey and Hood, " they danced their way to fame. An unforgettable sight was the show that they put on at all the dances. It is no wonder that they were elected Best Dancers. Well-dressed and dignified, a personifica- tion of Richard French, Neatest Cadet and Most Dignified. r r. " ' % % Twice in a row, George Pafford has met all comers and has been victorious as the Best Looking. Myra " Spanky " MacFarland is also one of those repeaters. She won last year and again came through with flying colors to be the Prettiest Co-ed. (llOj 11 m Cadet James Short, lie tried hard but his efforts were in vnin, because he was named the Least Mihtary Frosh. Most Popular Faculty Member, undoubtedly true. This honor belongs to " Ducky " Snow. Popular with Cadets and Co-eds alike, he too, is everybody ' s friend. Most Popular Cadet, was Buddy Keener, who could claim the entire stu- dent bodv for his friend. Clyde Martin walked away with the name of Biggest Goldbrick Clyde wasn ' t lazy, he just stayed tired all of the time. The sickbool was the best way to catch up with his studies. (llli A REVIEW OF THE YEAR OF SPORTS ml m PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT, SO THE TEAM GOES THROUGH ITS ROUTINE The " Cadet Five " seemed to be the class of Junior College basketball teams, and with any kind of luck should have been the tournament winner, but the cards seemed to have been stacked against them. They beat about all of the best teams in the state including Armstrong, last year ' s winner, but seemed unable to turn the trick in the tourna- ment. The cadets had a well-balanced team with plenty of fight and hustle. They asked no odds with any sort of competition and gave few. They fought hard and never quit. They would be a credit to any school for they gave their best. They were a direct cause of the wave of school spirit that was so prevalent on the campus at N. G. C. during the winter quarter. The team was led in scoring by the elongated Gene Taylor, the " Talmo Flash. " Next in line was " Silent Slug " Bennett from Cumming, Georgia. " Handsome " George Pafford, the " HomerviUe Warbler, " was in third place in the scoring parade. Felton Moore, who acted as cap- tain, and Charles Hood, the " Dacula Dynamite, " were about even for the fourth and fifth positions. The second team was composed of Tom Dally, center; Paul Woodruff and James Kemp, forwards; Elgin Ritten- berry and Billy Bell, guards. There were six Sophomore lettermen on this squad, and most of them had to stay on their toes to keep their position. This should make pros- pects look bright for next season. This basketball season was a big success, although our boys aren ' t the champions. Winning isn ' t all that counts — " It matters not whether you won or lost, but how you played the game. " The 19. 9 edition of N. G. C. basket- ball really played the game. (112) COACH SHAULT COKER For three long yedrs Coach Cokcr striven to put North Georgia College " on the map " as far as athletics is concerned. For three years he has rolled tennis courts, made b aseball fields, organized and run off countless intramural tournaments, coached basketball, baseball, tennis, boxing, and every other pos- sible sport. There is no man more worthy of commendation than " Coach. " Most ot the physical effort exerted in having our athletic program has been " put out " by Coach. To show you how busy he is: many is the time that he has had classes to attend and teach, a tennis match with the courts needing reworking, a baseball game with the field in bad shape, and by himself he has lined the courts, worked the baseball field and kept an intramural tourney going. The athletic department is in dire need of tunds and yet Coach has given us a certain measure of success. With more money to work with North Georgia College could easily lead every other school in the state athletically. A student activity fee would practically put the school on top. With more money and a man to handl e it and to work with it such as we have in Coach Cokcr, Dahlonega would very soon " lead the loop. " No matter how tough the sledding Coach has kept right on " plugging " and has practically single- handedly kept the school in the running. Again we say that Coach Coker is worthy of every praise that can be given him and that North Georgia Col- lege is fortunate in having such a man on our faculty. BASKETBALL TEAM PAFFORD RIHENBERRV DALLY TAVLOR HUDSON BELL COACH COKER CORRy WOODRUFF BENNETT MOORE (113) liaAeJ XjuU NGc. mUC . c W. J- rtm- Ni3 C j igjJL .» «. THE TEAM The 1939 " cadet nine " seems to be the class of the northern division in baseball. They ' have won four games and it seems that they should be the winner without very much trouble. The team this year has battled many difficulties in order to round into shape, but by much practice they seem to have attained their goal. This season the practice periods have been lengthened because we now drill at 12 o ' clock instead of at three. This new drill period and no afternoon classes should be a boon to all future N. G. C. teams. Coach Coker gave the team a very good schedule according to the amount of money with which he was forced to work. The material seemed green at first but later showed itself to be a smooth-working machine. Although this team had Its reverses, it always had the desire to win. They hated defeat and tasted its bitter pangs but few times. They were gracious winners and none too gracious losers, although they took their reverses with a grm. ai4) The icini to d.uc belt West Cioorj;i.i 15 to and 13 to in its tirst Conference series, .inJ Iv.u Younj; Harris 1 5 to 4 .iiul 12 to 2 in their second Conference encounter. The Cadets h.ive .ini.issed 5 runs to 16 for their opposition. Games have been arranged with some near-by freshman teams and also some prep school teams. The Cadets will also probably play the South Georgia Junior College winner, either . 1. G. C. or S. G. C, for the State Junior College crown. The team roster is as follows: Pitchers — Brogdon, Raines, Bray, Hayes, Cook and Chas- tain. Catchers — VCoodliff and Leathers. Infielders — ' Reed, ' Smith, Wade, Scruggs, ' Brown, ' Bell, and Parker. Outfielders — ' Halt, Bishop, Uavis, and Bramblett. Letter men. SCHEDULE April 14, 15 West Georgia — there April 21, 22 Young Harris — here April 24 Piedmont — here April 28, 29 West Georgia — here May 2 Piedmont — there .May 5, 6 Young Harris — there TOP ROW: Bell, Parker, Wade, Scruggs. SECOND ROW: Raines, Bramblett, Wal- lace, Woodruff. THIRD ROW: Hayes, Brown, Hale, Smith. FOURTH ROW: Bishop, Reed, Brogdon. Flf TH ROW: Cook, Leathers. (115) e4 H4A. Without a shadow of doubt the ' 39 issue of cadets in this field is the best in the history of the school. The team boasts the record of not having lost a junior college team match in the last two years. " Dick " Gleason and Johnny Rogers, 1 and 2 respectively, have neither one lost a match to any junior college opponent during the playing sea- son. This is an enviable record and it applies not only to singles but to doubles as well. These two boys have played No. 1 doubles for two years and have come out on top. Dick and Johnny are very ably supported by Peyton, Nichols, Rit- tenberry. Keener, Quarles, McCoy, and Faulkner. As we go to press the team has played seven matches. One of these was lost to Georgia Tech Frosh, a team not in the |unior college competition. The team has lost only three matches of individuals, winning three of the matches 7-0. The team has not lost a regular scheduled match this year. It seems to be a simple matter of just play- ing in the tournament for the cadets to walk off with the State Championship. The team has been severely handi- capped in its practice and in matches held here, due to the fact that our courts are so limited. Next year it is the hope of the students to have at least six new courts. In spite of the poor condition of the courts the team is most excellent. No junior college in the state can even hope to give the Dahlonega boys any stiff competition. The team is worthy of much praise and you can be sure that by the time this is published the team will be the State Junior College Champs. All of the boys on the team are clean young athletes and are deserving of every honor they receive. Coach Coker is to be con- gratulated on the fine condition of our two poor courts, even though his hands were often very full. SCHEDULE April 11 April 14 April 20 April 21 April 27 April 2 8 Emory Junior- West Georgia- Tech Frosh— Young Harris- Gordon— South Georgia- April 29 . . . . A. B. C.- May 4 . . . . Riverside- May 5 . . . Young Harris- May 6 . . . Georgia Frosh— May 12, 1. Junior College Tournament- May 16 . . Riverside- May 19 . . . Georgia Frosh- -there -there -there —here -there -there -there —here -there -there —here -there —here GLEASON ROGERS NICHOLS RITTENBERRy QUARLES FAULKNER (116) 94 i UUft44 uU SpjO lti SOFTBALL BLlimii tlic iiListcrtuI pitching of Stanley " Snick " Bishop Compjiiy " B " walked away with softball honor ' ). It was a fast tournament with plenty of hot competition but the " B " Company boys had what it took. TOUCH FOOTBALL With good passers and receivers, a good line, and a " never say die " spirit the boys from " B " Company were victorious in touch football. They marched through the opposition without losing a single game and came out on top. FALL TENNIS Led by the superior stroking of Johnny Rogers, the " A " Company lads won the fall tennis tourney. Johnny defeated " Dick " Gleason in the finals in five long, hard sets. It was almost a clean sweep for Company " A. " FRESHMAN BOXING After four long slug-fested weeks the freshman boxing tournament came to a close. Company " C " amassed the largest amount of points but " B " Company could tie them through the winning of a single bout that has not been fought. Each of the two companies won three of the weights. BASKETBALL After a long fight with the tall " D " Company team the " A " Company boys came through to cop the basketball crown. The tournament was filled with thrill after thrill as several very close games were played. A long shot from center court that swished the cords just as the final whistle blew put the championship on ice. POOL Vi ' ith many a cry of " Stick " and the crack of balls the pool tournament ended with Messrs. Giles and Hudgins on top of the heap representing " D " Company. The tourney was held at Smith ' s with an entry list of about one hundred and seventy-five. SPRING TENNIS Gleason managed to turn the tables in the spring tennis tourney as he won in the finals from Johnny Rogers in three sets. " B " Company was victorious, sparked by " Unconscious " and helped by Peyton, McCoy, etc. -. (117) jbe la j 4n m ' ARCHERY SOFTBALL ■ thletic activities for the co-eds reached a new high during the year. Archery, Softball, tennis, basketball, hikes and folk dancing filled the recreational program to be topped by a period of military training for the girls. Several of the cadet officers instructed the co-eds in the basic principles of military and an all-girls competitive drill was held. Miss Bruce is to be congratulated on the well-rounded program she mapped out and executed in girls ' sports. TENNIS BASKETBALL (118) »• f FLOWERS f FOR i: FRY OCCASION THE GAINESVILLE FLORIST " H(ime of Fine Flowers " 1 c oniitliini ' iUs ..of .. . . i JOE PHILIPS • I FWCY and STAPI.F (;rocfrifs I CANDIES FRIITS I i) iii.() Kf;A :: (;k(JK(. lA .....4 122 North Green Street PHONE 214 GAINESVILLE GEORGIA t.....™™.............— . ™— .— — „— —-—4 1 Compliments 1 ...of ... 1 SMALL ESTES BAKERY t 1 • 1 ... Bakers of . . . ! AUNT BETTY ' S BRE.41) [ GAINESVILLE :: GEORGIA [ oAn Jf. Moa Si £an GENERAL MERCHANDISE A Friend of North Georgia College for Years DAHLONEGA GEORGIA JOHN H. MOORE ROBERT M. MOORE I 11!)| Dahlonega Bowling- Alley Deluxe Regulation Alleys and Equipment STUDENTS ALWAYS WELCOME ELMER HAYNIE, Operator —————— ' COMPLIMENTS 1 OF A FRIEND i, 1 ! COMPLIMENTS . . . OF . . . NORTHEAST GEORGIA CIGAR CANDY CO. ATHENS GEORGIA 1 I r—— — — — — — — — 1 Superior Quality . Sporting Goods • ! j PALMOUR HARDWARE J 1 GAINESVILLE t 1 • : : GEORGIA ;S HENRY W. MOORE DAHLONEGA GEORGIA 120 1 1 • I wish to express my urntitiulc t " the stiulents I 1 tiir tlicir p. itronace this ear. j • 1 MID looking forward to next ear when 1 j 1 may n ain rcet the Corps ot Cadets whU j 1 triendhness anil dood-teclinii. 1 B . B . H O U S LEY j [ • 1 1 School Supplies I 1 • Cold Drink 1 5 ! 1 • Sandwiches j j • Billiard s ! 1 AUTOMOBILES FOR RENT 1 r The photo3raphs used in THE 1939 CYCLOPS were ma de by Bia4iie4f, Studied 93).. ' n|•n:HALL Stkket Atlanta Gb)K(;ia «. 4 BEST WISHES TO GRADUATING CLASS OF 19 3 9 • —.—._„ „.._ .«..„.._• .«. ......... ... . — .. — .-» The ANNUAL is a rcat iinciifioti; If brill y,s the SCHOOL lots of fa inc. The PRINTERS ct all the money. And the STAFF gets all the blame. (121) SUCCESSFUL ANNUALS IU ' i|iiire the services of experieiuefl iiiul expert crciftsinen, tr.iinetl in every detiiil (if the pnuesses of creatiiii ' picinnin l i, (iiit cind ilesi fii • typesettiii !-priiitiii litliii rn|iliiii i and iiinding . . . Thron li- out luilt ' ii century tills ciinipiiny lias pinneered in tlie prodnctinn (if tlie iiifjliest type (if printini .. . Our services include a special c(ille;se aiiiiiial sales and service or anizatiiin ... Aliundant eqnipment-nindern and complete... I ' rices representin; niavininm in valne FflOTE c - DAVIES CnMIVANY PIUNTINU»LITH()i;iUI ' HI (i«EN(iKAVIN(i ATLANTA WOODY ' S BARBER SHOP The college shop on the square FIRST CLASS WORK AT REASONABLE PRICES DAHLONEGA GEORGIA BEAUTY PARLOR Lipscombe Drug Company Phone 42 Nunnally ' s Candies School Supplies Prescriptions DAHLONEGA : : GEORGIA Compliments Carter Grocery Company JVholesale Grocer PAINT : ROOFING GAINESVILLE GEORGIA DAHLONEGA - ATLANTA BUS, INC. Leaves for ATLANTA at 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Leaves ATLANTA at 8 A. M., 12:30 P. M„ 3 P. M. Leaves for GAINESVILLE at 2 P. M. Leaves GAINESVILLE at 3:15 P. M. I i i " ' " Footprints in the Sands of Time ' As you live your lives and traclt up the sand of time we sincerely hope that one of those foot- prints shall be the memory of the happy hours spent at . . . The College Inn " Delicious food with Southern Hospitality " Bob Edwards, Prop. Dahlonega, Georgia West End Pressing Club We prepare the Corps of Cadets for in- spection by quickly, safely and efficiently cleaning their uniforms. Modern Equipment Conveniently Located S. H. WEST, Proprietor t...,......,.........— . — ..■ ».—»—■ — .- (124) I io.Col. U 428 .xorth Georgia jyclops .NO C9 1939 College, 1 lOdO ' :

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