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NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE 3 0642 00152 7830 REF U 428 C9 1938 CYCLOPS o rs FOR REFERENCE Do Not Take From This Room 3 N? t . V .- ' Le CYCLOPS ms bp.Col. U 428 .N6 C9 J 938 North Georgia College, Cyclops IJ078 yatewatd The purpose of this yearbook is to depict a typical year at North Georgia College with all its ramifica- tions. With this in mind we have chosen as a theme, Military. If, when you first turn these pages, you feel that this is a true representation of school life; and, when you scan these pages in later life, you experience a realistic reincarnation of old school days — then we feel that we have accomplished our aims. yp ' L. 7 diiiiie Cj. xccn D E D I C A T O N It may seem strange that this book, whose main aim is to glorify military training, should be dedicated to a woman. The purpose of the military organization is to provide protection for our homes, women, and children. This lady is charged with the re- sponsibility of keeping the student body in good health and happy, by providing a properly balanced diet. It is in recognition of her outstanding success as dietitian of the school for the past eighteen years that we respectfully dedi- cate this, the nineteen thirty-eight issue of the CYCLOPS, to Mrs. Fannie Green. 01 i CONTENTS • !fv " » ' } »• 7l COLLEGE — GlfclofL . Students of Nort j Georgia College: The appearance of a College Annual on a campus expresses to me the idea of Success — of hopes, plans, purposes realized. The spirit is that of buoyancy, confidence, optimism, and quite contrary to the cynical view of a " Lost Generation " with the cry of " why try, there ' s nothing ahead! " After all, American youth is vibrant, strong, courageous, believing in itself and in its future; believing in America and her future. It is really " great " to be an American, while the remainder of the world welters in suspicion and blood; great to live in a country which with only six per cent, of the world ' s population has seventy-one per cent, of the world ' s automobiles, fifty-two per cent, of the telephones, forty- four per cent, of the radios, thirty per cent, of the railroads, and double the life insurance of the rest of the world. But students of North Georgia College, your greatest cause for optimism is that your Land of Opportunity has maintained for you her heritage of freedom, as precious as it is rare. May you become skilled in its rightful use and may it never be a " broken sword " in your hands. — J. C. Rogers, President 19 38— F. ANGELSBURG Director uf the Band J. C. BARNES, B.S. Professor of Mathematic P. D. BUSH, B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Social Science S. L. COKER, A.B., M.A. Coach of Athletics FRANCIS FORBES, B.S., M.S. Director of Physical Education J. D. ANTHONY, B.S., M.A. Professor of Biology W. D. BOOTH, B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of English A. M. CAIN, A.B., M.A. Professor of Social Science C. J. DISMUKES, A.B., M.A. Professor of Modern Languages L. B. FREEMAN, B.S.C., M.S.C. Assista)it Professor of Social Science J. C. GREEN, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of English JL FACULTY Cifclo p. M. HUTCHERSON, B.S.C. Captain Inf. Res., Commandant NINA A. McCONNELL, A.B. Rc iitrar MAJOR JAMES E. MATTHEWS . D. O. L., U. S. A. Professor of Military Science and Tactics J. C. SIMMS, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Physical Science A. D. SNOW, B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Mathematic ANNIS KELLY, A.B., B.S. Dean of Women SERGEANT R. S. McCONNELL Inf. D. E. M. L., U. S. A. Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics EVELYN RAY, B.A., M.A. hiitnictor in Home Economics J. C. SIRMONS, Ph.B., M.A. Dean of Men and Professor of Education JOSEPHINE STROTHER A.B., A.B.L.S. Librarian 7l faculty . Ililituui L Lu an ItLe STUDENTS Joe Moore President of the Student Body SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS John Burden President Charles Aycock Vice-President Harold Coan Secretary Charles Porter Treasurer SOPHOMORES MARY LOU ADAMS Zebiiloii, Georgia Y. W. C. A., 1, 2, President, 2; Women ' s " Rec " Club, 1, 2; Home Economics Club, I, 2. HOMER BANKSTON Roberta, Georgia Sigma Theta, 1, 2; Y. M. C. A., I, 2; " A " Company. JAMES ASH Lakcmont, Georgia Y. M. C. A., 2; Sergeant " B " Company, 2; " D " Club, 1, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2; Basketball, 1, 2; Tennis, 1, 2. JOHN R. BLASINGAME Jersey, Georgia Sigma Theta, 1,2; Sergeants ' Club, 2, Secretary, 2; Sergeant " A " Company, 2. DORIS AULTMAN Tifton, Georgia Y. W. C. A., 1; Women ' s " Rec " Club, 1, 2; Ho nomics Club, 1. EARLENE BRADBERRY Bo will an, Georgia Y. W, C. A., 1, 2; Corona Literary Society, I; Women ' s " Rec " Club, 1, 2; Home Economics Club, 1; Transfei Student from Relnhardt Colleije, I. Mcdonald austin Saiaunah, Georgia Rex, 1, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2; Glee Club, 1, 2; Capta Band, 2; Associate Editor, Caiiet Bugler, 2; Speech Foru 1, 2, Vice-President, 2; Officers ' Club, 2, Secretary, 2; Bu ness and Stage Manager Dramatic Club, 2. WILLIS BRIDGE Talmo, Georgia " D " Club, 1,2; Corporals ' Club, 2; Basketball, 1, 2; Base- ball, 1, 2; Corporal " A " Company, 2; Captain Basketball CHARLES AYCOCK Monroe, Georgia Rex, 1, 2; 2nd Lieutenant " C " Company, 2; Vice-President Sophomore Class, 2; Officers ' Club, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1. RICHARD BRINKMAN Jasper, Georgia Rex Pledge, 1, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2; Glee Club, 1, 2 SOPHOMORES JODY BROWN Hapei ' ille, Georgia Staff Sergeant, Band, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2; Glee Club, 1, 2; " D " Club, I, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2; Sigma Theta Pledge, 1, 2; Tennis, 1, 2, Captain, 2; Assistant Sports Editor, Cadet Bugler; Orchestra, 2; Sports Editor, Cyclops, 2. KENNETH H. BROWN Calhoun, Georf ia Staff Sergeant, Sergeants ' Club, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1; Sigma Theta, 1, 2; Business Manager, Cyclops, 2; Exchange Edi- tor, CiJet Biixler, 2; Speech Forum, I; Glee Club, 1; Presi- dent of Sigma Theta, 2. PAULINE BROWN Homer, Georgia Y. W. C. A., 1, 2: Women ' s " Rcc " Club, 1. KING CHAMLEE Adairsiille, Georgia Sergeant " C " Company; Sergeants ' Club, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2; Basketball, 1. ROBERT M. CHAPIN Jacksuinille, Florida Rex Pledge Club, 1, Vice-President; 2nd Lieutenant Band, 2; Officers ' Club, 2; Y. M. C. A„ 1; Rex, 2; Speech Forum, I, 2; Rifle Team, I, 2. MARGARET CHAPMAN Keinn ' saw, Georgia Y. W. C. A., 1, 2; Corona Literary Society, 1; Wo " Rec " Club, I, 2. MYRTLE BURTON Ljtdville, Georgia Home Economics Club, I; Women ' s " Rec " Club, 1, 2; Y. W. C. A., 1, 2. WILLIAM M. CLARK Atlanta, Georgia Sergeant " C " Company; Sergeants ' Club, 2; Sigma Theta Pledge, 1, 2. ABB CARMICHAEL East Point, Georgia Technical Sergeant, Staff, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2, Chaplain; Sigma Theta, 1, 2. M. HAROLD COAN East Point, Georgia Sigma Theta, I, 2; Band, Sergeant, 2; Secretary Sophomore Class, 2. IVAN COLLINS Atlanta, Gciii v,iii Captain " C " Company, 2; Sigma Tlicta, 1, 2; Secretary Sigma Theta, 2; Honor List, Freshman Year. A. J. CONNELL, JR. Augusta, Georgia Speech Forum, 2; Sigma Theta, 1, 2; " B " Company. CHARLES CRAWFORD Tallapoosa, Georgia JAMES PORTER DAVIS, JR. Wasbiiigtoii, D. C. Sergeant " A " Company, 2: Speech Forum, 1; Glee Club. I, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2; Rex, 2; CvcLors Staff, 2; CaJet Biiglir Staff, 1. JULIA CORDELL Hart well, Georgia Home Economics Club, 1, 2; Glee Club. 1, 2; Woms " Rec " Club, I, 2; Y. W. C. A., 1, 2, Vice-President, Honor List, Freshman Year. Sergeant JULES VERNE DAVIS Valtlosta, Georgia Company; Y. M. C. A., I, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2; Sigma Theta, 1, 2. FRANCES CORRY Union Point, Georgia Glee Club, 1,2; Home Economics Club, 1, 2; Y. W. C. A., 1; Dramatic Club, I, 2. GEORGE DEKLE Cordele, Georgia Sigma Theta, 1, 2; Sergeant, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2. EUGENE C. COX Montgomery, Alabama Corporal " B " Company, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2; " D " Club, I, 2; Corporals ' Club, 2; Musketry Team, 1; Letter Rifle Team, 1, 2. TED DEWEESE Clc I eland. Ten nessee 1st Sergeant " C " Company, 2; Y. M, C. A., 2; " D " Club, 1, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2; Rex, 1, 2; Basketball, 1, 2; Musketry Team, 1, 2; Boxing Medal, 1; Cross Country Medal, 1. SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES SHERMAN DIXON Clci ' claHci, Georgia Corporal " B " Company; Y. M. C. A., 2; Corporals ' Club, 2. J. G. DURDEN, JR. Monroe, Georgia Captain " B " Company, 2; Officers ' Club, 2; Sigma Tlieta, 1, 2, Vice-President, 2; President Sophomore Class, 2; Honor List, Freshman Year. MARY LEE ELLIOTT Rome, Georgia Home Economics Club, 1, 2; Women ' s " Rec " Club, 1, 2; Glee Club, 1, 2; President Home Ec. Club, 2; Dance Club, 2; Dramatic Club, Secretary, 2: Y. W. C. A., Secretary, 2. CLYDE FLOYD Chipley, Georgia Sergeant " B " Company, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2. SARA RUTH DYER Dahloiiega, Georgia ROBERT EASON Manassas, Georgia Corporal " B " Company, 2; Corporals ' Club, 2; Sigma Th Pledge, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2. WALTER FORBES, JR. Griffin, Georgia Ist Lieutenant " C " Company, 2; Officers ' Club, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1; Rex, 1, 2; Musketry Team, 1. FRED FOSTER Morganton, Georgia " B " Company. J. W. EBERHARDT, JR. Gainesville, Georgia Corporal " A " Company, 2; Corporals ' Club, 2; Y. M. C.A., 1, 2; Rex, 1, 2; Speech Forum, 1, 2; Asst. Business Man- ager, CaJcl Biifiln. 1. THOMAS B. FRANKLIN, JR. Sandersiille, Georgia Corporal " C " Company; Corporals ' Club. 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2. EDNA FULLER Calhoun, Georgia " Rec, " 1, 2; Home Economics Club, 1, 2; Y. W. C. A., 1, 2. WILLIAM R. GROOVER joiicsboro, Georgia Speech Forum, 1, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2; Dramatic Club, 1, 2; Manager Basketball Team, 2; Circulation Manager Cadet Bugler, 2. CARROLL H. GEORGE Viniiigs, Georgia First Lieutenant, Band; Officers ' Club, 2; Glee Club, I, 2; Speech Forum, 1, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2; Rex, 1, 2; Honor List, I. MARY GILBERT Decatur, Georgia Y. ' Vi ' . C. A., 2: Women ' s " Rec " Club, 2; Dance Club, 2; Transfer Student from Georgia State College for Women. MAE FRANCES GOODWIN Winder, Georgia Women ' s " Rec " Club, 1, 2; Y. C ' , C. A., 1, 2. R. GERALD GROGAN Byron, Georgia Sergeant " C " Company. 2; Y. M. C. A., 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2; Speech Forum, 1, 2; Musketry Team, 1, 2. LeROY C. HARRIS Toccoa, Georgia Corporal " C " Company, 2; Corporals ' Club, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2; Sigma Thcta, 1, 2. JOHN W. HASLAM, JR. Cordcle, Georgia Sigma Thcta Pledge, 1, 2; " B " Company. ROBERT PRESTON HATCHER Macon, Georgia Cadet Major, 2; Corporal " B " Company, 1; Officers ' Club, 2; " D " Club, I, 2; Glee Club, 1, 2; Sigma Theta Pledge, I, 2; Baseball Team, 1,2; Best Drilled Cadet, 1. FRANK GARNER, JR. Toccoa, Georgia 1st Sergeant, Band; President Serge 1, 2, Secretary, 2; Rex, I, 2, Tre: 1, 2, President, 2; Speech Forum, mation, 1 Its ' Club; Y. M. C. A., irer, 2; Dramatic Club, 2, Secretary, 2; Decla- SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES ERNEST A. HAYDEN, JR. Augusta, Georgia " A " Company; Sigma Theta, 1, 2. MARY HICKS Lai ' oiiia, Georgia Corona Literary Society, 1; Y. W. C. A., I; Women ' s Rec- reation Association. I. 2; Dance Club, 2; Cyclops Staff, 2. MONROE HEARN East Point, Georgia Corporal, Band; Corporals ' Club, 2, Vice-Preside C. A., 1, 2; Rex Pledge, 1, 2. TOM HICKS Decatur, Georgia Corporal, Band, 2; Corporals ' Club, 2; Glee Club, 1, 2; Rex Pledge, 1, 2; Orchestra, 2; Rifle Team, 1, 2; Treasurer of Corporals ' Club, 2. GEORGE HENDERSON Gills lille, Georgia " C " Company. JAMES H. HODGES Hapei ille, Georgia Sigma Theta, 1, 2; Company " A. " T. J. HENDERSON Calhoun, Georgia Sergeant " B " Company, 2; Sergeants ' Club. MARTHA HOLLAND Hartwell, Georgia Home Economics Club, 1, 2; Women ' s Recreation Associa- tion, 1, 2; Y. W. C. A., I, 2. EDNA HENSON Ellijay, Georgia Corona Literary Society, 1; Women ' s " Rec " Club, 1, Y. W. C. A., I, 2. leroy west holt Savannah, Georgia Staff Sergeant " A " Company, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2; Sigma Theta Pledge, 1, 2. SAM HOPKINS Griffin, Gcoriiia Sergeant, B VIRGINIA KLINE JACKSON Laionia, Georgia ind; Serjeants ' Club, 2; Sigma Theta Pledge, Women ' s Re I, 2; Orchestra, 2. Association, 1, 2; Y. W. C. A., 1. THOMAS J. HURST Waynesboro, Georgia Corporal " C " Company, 2; Corporals ' Club, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2. GEORGE MARVIN JOHNSON, JR. Macon, Georgia First Lieutenant, Personnel Adjutant, Staff, 2; Officers ' Club, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2; Rex Pledge, 1, 2; Speech Forum, 2; Freshman Honor List. JOHN JACKSON IRBY Fort Valley, Georgia First Sergeant " C " Company, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2; Rex Club, 2. LOUISE KILGORE Diihith, Georgia Fiome Economics Club, 1. MARJORIE IRWIN Atlanta, Georgia -, Recreation Association, I, 2; Y. W. C. A., Glee Club, 2; Corona Literary Society, 1. AUGUSTUS JOHNSON Winder, Georgia Corporal " A " Company, 2; Corporals ' Club, 2, President; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2; Rex Pledge, I, 2. JUANITA JACKSON Griffin, Georgia ■ation Association, 1, 2; Y, V. C. A., I, MARGARET KILGORE Duliifh, Georgia Y. W. C. A., 1; Home Economics Club, 1. SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES NETTIE KING Vort Gaines, Georgia Women ' s Recreation Association, 1, 2; " D " Club, 1, 2: Glee Club, 1, 2; Home Economics Club, I, 2; Corona Lit- erary Society, 1; Y. V. C. A., 1, 2. ROBERT EARLE LUCAS, JR. Macon, Georgia Sigma Theta, I, 2; Second Lieutenant " B " Company, 2; Business Manager Cuict Bugler, 2; Boxing Team, 2; " D " Club, 2; Officers ' Club, 2. HOWARD LANGSTON East Point, Georgia Corporal " C " Company, Corporals ' Club, EVELYN LYLE Maysville, Georgia Y. ' W. C. A., 2; Women ' s Recreation Association, 1, SARAH LEARD Canon, Georgia Home Economics Club, 1, 2; Women ' s Recreation Associ: tion, 1; Y. W. C. A., 1, 2; Treasurer Home Economi( Club, 2, Secretary, 2. EVELYN LITTLE Auburn, Georgia Glee Club, 2; Corona Literary Society, 1 ; Y. W. C. A., 2. WILLIAM A. McELHANNON Winder, Georgia Rex Pledge, 2; Sergeant " A " Company, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2; Speech Forum, 1, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2. WILLIAM PATRICK McGUIRE, JR. Decatur, Georgia Sigma Thcta, 1, 2; First Lieutenant " B " Company, Editor of € . .■ Biixicr, 2; Freshman Honor List; Boxii Team, 2; " D " Club, 2; Officers ' Club, 2. JERRE WILLIAM LOWE Roberta, Georgia Sigma Theta Pledge, 1, Member, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, Corporal " A " Company, Corporals ' Club, 2. EVELYN MANN Daniehiille, Georgia Freshman Honor List; Women ' s " Rec, " I, 2; Y. V. C. A., 1, 2. JACK MAUNEY Cleveland, Georgia Corporal " A " Company, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2; Corporals Club, 2. VIRGINIA DARE MAUNEY Clci ' cland, Georgia Y. W. C. A., 1, 2; Women ' s " Rec " Club, 1, 5. EDGAR J. MAXWELL, JR. Lexington, Georgia Rex Club, I, 2; First Lieutenant " A " Company, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2; Rifle Team, 1, 2; Speech Forum, 2; " D " Club, 1, 2; Member of No. 1 Hearst Trophy Team, 2; Officers ' Club, 2. EUGENE K. MAXWELL Lexington, Georgia Rex Club. 1, 2; First Sergeant " A " Company; Rifle Te 1, 2; Y. M. C. A., 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2. JOHN RICHMOND MEEKS, JR. Cordele, Georgia Sergeant " C " Company, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2; Musketry Team, I; Sergeants ' Club, 2. JAMES B. MERRITT Ringgold, Georgia Rex Pledge, I, 2; Y . M. C. A., 1, 2; Sergeant " C " Com- pany; Sergeants ' Club, 2; Vice-President, 2. WILLIAM R. MITCHUM, JR. Mo)iroe, Georgia Y. M. C. A., 2,; Sergeant " B " Company; Speech Forum, 1, 2; Associate Editor of CaJit Bugler, 2: Sergeants ' Club, JOSEPH ERNEST MOORE, JR. Valdosta, Georgia Rex Club, 1, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1; Captain Staff, 2; Basket- ball, 1; Baseball, 1, 2; Rifle Team, 1, 2; President of Stu- dent Body, 2; Vice-President Freshman Class, I; Glee Club, 1, 2; " D " Club, 1, 2; Officers ' Club, 2; Member of No. 1 Hearst Trophy Team, 2; Highest Individual Score in Hearst Trophy Match, 2. EDWARD ELLIOTT MORAN Augusta, Georgia Rex, I, 2, President, 2; Assistant Editor, Cvcops, i; Editor- in-Chief, Cyclops, 2; Captain, Staff, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2; President, Freshman Class, 1; Officers ' Club, 2, Vice-Presi- dent, 2; Musketry Team, 1; " D " Club, 1, 2; Rifle Team, 1, 2; Captain Rifle Team, 1; Boxing Team, 1, 2; Captain Boxing Team, 1, 2; Speech Forum, 1, 2; Sergcant-at-Arms, 2; Member of No. 1 Hearst Trophy Team, 2. FLOYD MORRIS, JR. Albany, Georgia Y. M. C. A., 2. SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES HAROLD MOTE Acworth, Georgia Corporal Band, 2; Sigma Thtta Plcdsc I, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2; Corporals ' Club, 2. SARA LUCY NORMAN Ti nall, Cn ' or; i:i Y. W. C. A., 2; Vomcns " Rcc " Association, 2; Home Economics Club, 2. PHILIP MURRAY Albany, Gcor ' ia Rex Pledge, 1, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2; Sergeant " C " Company, 2. WILMOT BENJAMIN OUZTS, JR. TcuiiiUc, Georgia Rex, 1, 2; Officers ' Club, 2, President; Captain " A " Co pany, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2; Speecli Forum, 1, 2, Trs HOWARD NEAL Thomson, Georgia Sigma Theta, !, 2; Sergeant Band, 1, 2; Orchestra, 1, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2. WILLIAM B. PANTER Dahloncga, Georgia Baseball, 1, 2; Basketball, 2; Corporal " B " Company, 2; " D " Club, 1, 2; Corporals ' Club, 2. CARL NIX CAeiehvni, Georgia Y. M. C. A., 2; Corporal " A " Company. MARY HELEN PARIS Alpbarcfta, Georgia Y. W. C. A., 1, 2; Honor List, 1; Women ' s " Rec " Club, 1, 2; Home Economics Club, 1, 2. CLYDE NIX Dablonega, Georgia MARTHA LOUISE PARIS Alpharetfa, Georgia Y. W. C. A., 1, 2; Home Economics Club, GARLAND PEYTON, JR. DahloiH ' a, Gciny ' ni TeiAis Team, 1, 2; " D " Club, 1, 2 CHARLES H. PHILLIPS Dahloiicga, Georgia ROBERT B. ROGERS Jeffersoinille, Georgia JAMES H. SANDERS Dahloiiega, Georgia Corporal " B " Company, 2. CHARLES PORTER Toccoa, Georgia Rex Club, 1, 2; First Lieutenant Staff; Y. M. C. A.. 1, 2 President, 2; Officers ' Club, Secretary, 2; Treasurer Sopho more Class, 2; Cyclops Staff, 1; Bugler Staff, 2; Speed Forum. 1. 2. President, 2; Boxing Team, 1; " D " Club, I Honor List, 1; Glee Club, 1, 2. C. O. SHANAHAN Dahloiiega, Georgia Sergeant " B " Company, 2; Honor List. 1; Sergeants ' Club, 2. B. L. RAINEY Biieiia Viiia, Georgia Sigma Tlieta, 1, 2; Glee Club, 1, 2; Sergeant " 1 pany; Sergeants ' Club, 2. TOM SHINGLER Doiiahoin ille, Georgia •D " Club, 1, 2; Tennis Club, 1, 2. DAN REED Gainenille, Georgia Y. M. C. A., 1, 2; Baseball, 1, 2; " D " Club, 1, 2. RILEY F. SHIRLEY Alpbaretta, Georgia Y. M. C. A., I, 2; Corporal " C " Company; Corporals Club, 2. SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES IRBY SKELTON Carnesfille, Georgia Corporal " B " Company, 2; Corporals ' Club, 2. LUCIEN TRIMBLE Moiilfrif, Georgia Rex Club, 1, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2; Speech Forum, 1, 2; LOUISE SMITH Clayton, Georgia Women ' s Recreation Club, 1, 2; Y. W. C. A., 1, 2; " D " Club, 1, 2. PAUL S. WALKER Valdoita, Georgia ROBERT C. STEWART La Fayette, Georgia Rex Pledge, 2; Master Sergeant, Staff, 2; Y. M. C. A., 1, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2, Treasurer, 2; News Editor Cadet Bugler, 2. DONALD WATSON Dallas, Georgia Corporal " B " Company, 2; Corporals ' Club, 2; Speech Forum, 1. RUTH SWINEY Atlanta, Georgia MARY WATT Nelson, Georgia ition Association, 1, 2; Home Club, 1, 2; Y. W. C. A., 1, 2. : Economics Gle e CI ub, 1, 2; Y. W. C. A., 1, 2; Women Association, 1, 2. ' s Recreation NEWTON TRIBBLE BEE WEATHERLY Ciimming, Georgia Mountain City, Georgia Y. M. C. A., 1, 2. Y. W. C. A., 1, 2; Women ' s Recreation Asso ciation, 1, 2. KATHERINE WEATHERLY Mountain City, Georgia Y. W. C. A., 1, 2; Women ' s Recreation Association, 1, 2, Piesident, I, 2. ERNEST B. CONNER, JR. Dablonega, Georgia Speech Forum, 2. MELBA WHITMIRE Dahlunega, Georgia D. T. WILHITE, JR. Jefferson, Georgia Corporal " A " Company, 2; Corporals ' Club, 2; Sigma The Pledge, 2. PAUL J. JONES Atlanta, Georgia Corporal, 2; Sigma Theta Pledge, 1, 2; Corporals ' Club, 2. LOUISE WIMPY Ellijay, Georgia Y. W. C. A., 2; Home Economics Club, 2; Vice-Preside " Rec " Club, 2; Transfer student from G. S. C. W. BILLY SULLIVAN Atlanta, Georgia Sigma Theta, 1, 2; Second Lieutenant, 2; Officers ' Club, 2. WARREN WINDSOR Calhoun, Georgia Corporal " A " Company, 2; Corporals ' Club, 2; Sign T heta, 1, 2. GENEVA WILLIAMS Atlanta, Georgia Y. W. C. A., 1, 2; " Rec " Club, 1, 2; Home Economics Club, 2. SOPHOMORES ■ ' ■ ' ■J£ pyetweeit L-Li. Proiiiily we bail thee, Reverence thy name. Strive for thy glory And for thy fame; Loyal forever, we ' ll be to thee. Forsaking never, N. G. C. JiMMiE Johnston Prcsiifi ' uf Charles Exum Sccrcfary JONATHAN Rogers Vii ' c-Prcs ciciif Riley Kendall Tmisiircr FRESH MAN CLASS OFFICERS FRESHMEN Antoinette Akin Cecil Barber Elmer Blanchard J. D. Booth Lerov Brown Carnesville, Ga. Homerville, Ga. Decatur, Georgia East Point, Ga. Griffin, Ga. Marie Anderson Nora Allison Barker Albert Blanton Jimmie Bowers Morris Brown Ludvillc, Ga. Chattanooga, Tenn. Williamson, Ga. Canon, Ga. DiUard, Ga. Joe M. Athon C. H. Bell Harold A. Boggs RovcE Braselton Annette Burto Shady Dale, Ga. Decatur, Georgia DanielsviUe, Ga. Braselton, Ga. Robinson, Ga. Jack Ball Lamar Blalock Sam Bolin Dan Briscoe Sam Burtz Atlanta, Ga. NichoUs, Georgia Cordele, Ga. Monroe, Ga. Canton, Ga. Amon Cain Janet Cash RESHMEI Curtis Collier s Cecil Corry Ulene Deweese Hampton, Ga. Hoschton, Ga. Jefferson, Ga. Union Point, Ga. Cleveland, Tenn. Robert E. Calloway Howard Cleveland Eva Conner Thomas Dally Buddie Dickson Rayle, Ga. Hartwcll, Ga. Dahlonega, Ga. Social Circle, Ga. Nashville, Ga. Edwin Joseph Cart, Jr. Perry Cocke Frances Conner Mary Daniel Kathleen Dobbs Macon, Ga. Cordele, Ga. Dahlonega, Ga. Jefferson, Ga. Camilla, Ga. SosEBY F. Carter Henry Collar Garland Corley Duke Davis, Jr. Marion Dobbs Homer, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Blythe, Ga. LaGrange, Ga. Camilla, Ga. FRESHMEN Kingman Domingos Harvey Elkins Alvin Folger R chard C. French, Jr. J. O. Garrett Griffin, Ga. Murphy, N. C. Decatur, Ga. Decatur, G.t. Canton, Ga. Taylor Dowdv Charles Exum J. C. Ford, Jr. J. B. Gaddess, Jr Doris Gaskin Dahlonega, Ga. Moultrie, Ga. Avondale Estates, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Bloumstown, Fla. Wlldon DuPrhe Thomas L. Farrar Mary E. Fortnev Burns Garnlr Paul Gleason Griffin, Ga. Avondale Estates, Ga. Blue Ridge, Ga. Lilburn, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Katherini; Earnest RoNALU Fisher Frank Fowler Ruth Garre.n Lillian R. Godb Raniliurst, Ga. Decatur, Ga. East Point, Ga. Morganton, Ga. Clayton, Ga. FRESHMEN ILSON FocH Green John B. Griggs, Jr. Jack Half Pauline Hanev Francis Viola Harris Sene ca, S. C. Atlanta, Ga. Maysville, Ga. Washington, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. T. W. Greene Jack D. Grist Elizabeth Hall Billie Hardiman Leland Harrison Lawrenceville, Ga. Dillard, C.X. Hartwell, Ga. Conycrs, Ga. Cairo, Ga. Ralph Griffeth Jim Guucer Harold S. Hammond B. R. Harris Edns ' ard J. Head Tate, Ga. Ellijay, Ga. Newnan, Ga. Ringgold, Ga. Cleveland, Ga. Julian Griffin Hal Guimares John Hanfy Melvin Harris Blondine Hemphill Valdosta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Canton, Ga. Cuthbert, Ga. Carnesville, Ga. FRESHMEN Robert L. Hicks Avondale Estates, Ga John Hodges Hartwcll, Ga. Eloise Hood Jefferson, Ga. Henry Ivie Cornelia, Ga. Dennie Sue James Eton, Ga. June Jeffers Fort McPherson, Ga W. Guy Johnson Copperhill, Tenn. WooDRow Johnson Center, Ga. JiMMiE Johnston Decatur, Ga. OE Johnston Rome, Ga. Mildred Staklev Jones Royston, Ga. Lewis H. Jordan Griffin, Ga. William H. Keen Dublin, Ga. Frank Keener Decatur, Ga. Riley Kendall Valdosta, Ga. Pierce Kilgo LaGrange, Ga. Mildred Kimsey Robertstown, Ga. Bernice Kinman Calhoun, Ga. Sara Jim Knight Atlanta, Ga. Joe LaBoon Monroe, Ga. Robert M. Lambe Howard M. Land, Jr. RESHME Stuart R. Lord Robert H. Lummus, Jr. J. C. McBride Albany, Ga. Austell, Ga. Jefferson, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Fayetteville, Ga. J. E. McElhannon Kenneth McEntire Harold B. McEver William M. McEver Myra McFarland Jefferson, Ga. CarnesviUe, Ga. Gainesville, Ga. Gainesville, Ga. Alpharetta, Ga. Eugenia McHan Clyde Martin James Mason Ruth May Evelyn Mays Nelson, Ga. Toccoa, Ga. Dublin, Ga. Sandcrsville, Ga. Lawrencevillc, Ga. Charles Meeks Bruce Merritt Cary Mickel, Jr. Roy Miller Emmett Mills BUirsvilIe, Ga. Douglasville, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. East Point, Ga, Albany, Ga. FRESHMEN Cecil S. Mize Clyde N. Mize Herbert Moon Felton H. Moore Vivian Mote AsliUnd, Ga. Ashland, Ga. Amcricus, Ga. Macon, Ga. Acworth, Ga. Helen Mowell Delle Mullen Billy Murphy Arthur Nelson Lee Roy Newell Decatur, Ga. Talladega, Ala. Macon, Ga. East Point, Ga. Albany, Ga. Edward Nichols CoRENE Nix Nellie Nix Vera Nix Robert Norris Demorcst, Ga. Cleveland, Ga. Cleveland, Ga. Cleveland, Ga. Jesup, Ga. JuLr Oakes James Odum George Pafford Bruce Palmi r O. H. Palmer, Jr. Lawrenceville, Ga. Newton, Ga. Homerville, Ga. Dahlonega, Ga. Blythe, Ga. FRESHMEN Lem Parker DouglasviUe, Ga Grethil Pickeri Chatsworth. Gj Jack W. Pilkenton Molcna, Ga. Robert A. Prince Blue Ridge, Ga. Rex Pruitt Atlanta, Ga. Virginia Quintrell Morganton, Ga. J. R. Raines Cordele, Ga. Carl E. Rechsteineb Cleveland, Ohio Frank A. Roberts Decatur, Ga. " VC ' iLLiAM F. Robertson Winder, Ga. Jack ( ' . Rogers Sandersville, Ga. J. C. Rogers, Jr Dalilonega, Ga. Lois Rogers Danielsville, Ga VC ' iNNIFRED ROUSEY Tignall, Ga. Donald Ro« ,1 Nashville, Ga Hal Rumble Sandersville, Ga. Sara Mae Shattuck La Fayette, Ga. Frances Shepherd Good Hope, Ga. Leona Sheppard Sandersville, Ga. FRESHMEN Ollie O. Simpson, Jr. Marif Sirmons Hazel Smith John W. Smith James R. Spivey Norcross, Ga. Nashville, Ga. Greensboro, Ga. Gumming, Ga. Moultrie, Ga. Clark Stalnaker Jack H. Stuart Margaret Sutherland Bernard B. Tanner Erin Dale Taylor Tpccoa, Ga. La Fayette, Ga, Atlanta, Ga. Dublin, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Frances Tugcle J. H. Tutt Abner F. Underwood Jean Upshaw Hamilton Verdery Union Point, Ga. Monticello, Ga. Cleveland, Ga. Social Circle, Ga. Harlem, Ga. Imogene Walker Harris F. Walton Jack W. Wansley Jane Warring Dahlonega, Ga. Cartcrsville, Ga. Carnesville, Ga. Spartanburg, S. C. FRESHMEN Clarence A. Watkins Emory L. Weldon Walter West, Jr. Clyde Wetherington Hardman Whelche Decatur, Ga. Griffin, Ga. Sandersville, Ga. Valdosta, Ga. Covington, Ga. Cary Williams Jim Williamson Charlie Mal Wilson Fred Wimbish Eugene A. Wood Covington, Ga. Monroe, Ga. Covington, Ga. Decitur, Ga. Baxley, Ga. Byron Woods Bernard Berg Eugene Taylor Hapeville, Ga. Macon, Ga. Talmo, Ga. ;. ' . ' JH;pVv KJiimfc s;£d , MORAN Most Military Sophomore ' ' Best All-round Most Executive K v,r»- — 1 MITCHUM Biggest Bolsheviki WHO ' S WHO JOHNSON, G. Most Dignified HATCHER Neatest Cadet EXUM Biggest Goldbrick COLLIER Most Useful Rat OUZTS Most Popular Cadet SNOW HENDERSON and HENSON i Most Popular Faculty Most in Love Member PTi ' ' imfrliffftiiini MILITARY QifcloypA. Ma.Iok Iamis I. Ma D. U. L. P. M. s. s r. Captain P. M. Hutcherson O. R. C. Commaiulant RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS Si. I. Rk iiaiu S. Ml Co D. ]i. M. L. 1938 aki I tL CADET OFFICERS The practical instruction of the unit is almost entirely in the hands of the cadet officers. Only the classroom, or theoretical training, being handled directly by the men sent out by the Army. By seeing that the theory is properly carried out in practice, the cadet officers are directly responsible for the rating the unit receives. BATTALION STAFF Major R. P. Hatcher Coiuiuander Captain Moore S-i Captain Moran S-5 Lieutenant Johnson S-2 Lieutenant Stuart Assistant S-3 Lieutenant Porter S-4 !■ » ' 1 HHJK " " " £il K..-t, - THE BATTALION OFFICERS CENTER DRESS PARADE OUZTS Maxwell Sullivan Cupta.,, tint Lieuteiimt Sec -onil Lieulenant E. K. Maxwell, First Sergeant C om FIRST PLATOON ROSTER Anderson Ford Leonard Bankston Fuller Lindler Bridges Garrett, J. O. Lowe Brown, M. Gaines Nix, R. C. Crawford Green, W. Phillips Dally Griffeth, R. Rumble Davis, P. Hammond Smith, H. Dowdy Harrison West Eberhardt, J. W. Hicks, R. Whitmire, D, Eberhardt, R . C. Holt Williams, G. Farrar Johnson WiMBISH ■PHH m — )f • r-ifji-..» i.. 1 ft A pany A SECOND PLATOON ROSTER Baker, F. Jones, P. Oakes Blasingame, J. KiMSEY Palmer, B. Booth, J. D. Keen Rogers, J. C. Elkins guimares Lord Mason Raines Rowan Hale Mauney Smith, H. W. Harris McElhannon Tompkins Hayden MiZE, C. N. Watkins HOBBS MiZE, C. S. Williams, C. Johnson, G. Moon, H. W. Windsor Johnston, OE Morrison, J. WiLHITE Norris Sffowi Liinlfiiant T. J. Henderson, First Sergeant FIRST PLATOON ROSTER Ash Floyd Peyton Athon Foster PiLKERTON Baker French Roberts Blanton Mashburn Robertson Bowen LUMMIJS Sanders Briscoe McFall Skelton Brooks MiTCHUM Stanley Cart Moore, F. Tribble Conner Murphy TUTT Cox Nichols Walker Davis Parker Wansley Dean Perry Watson Eason Williamson c cm HONOR COMPANY l937- ' 38 pany n. B SECOND PLATOON ROSTER Bell Garner, B. McElhannon Blalock Gleason Meeks, C. Bramblett Green Merritt, B. Braselton Griffin Morrow BURTZ GUDGER Palmer Cocke Haslam P anter Connell Head Prince Davis Hemphill Rainey Dickson, B. Ivie Shanahan, C. Dixon, S. Johnston Shanahan, W. Fisher Kendall Simpson FOLGER Underwood Collins Caplani FORBLS ;n l.untcuiut c om SciOiul Lniilcinuil J. J. Irby, First Sergeant FIRST PLATOON ROSTER Babb, a. Franklin Newell Barber Hurst Odum, J. Ball Haney Reed Cain Henderson Rogers, Jack Cagle Johnson Stalnaker CORRY Land Shingler DOMINGOS LaBoon Verdery Deweese Morris Walton EXUM MiCKEL Murray Wood pany C SECOND PLATOON ROSTER Ash, R. Cleveland Matthews Babb, Q. Collar Meeks, R. Barker Griggs Merritt, y. B. BOLIN Hardeman Mills Brackett Harris Odum Brinkman Henderson Pafford Brown, H. Hodges Shirley Brown, L. Jordan Spivey Cagle Lambe Stuart Callan Langston Taylor Carter Martin Trimble Clark Weldon C,ij t,iiii THE GlORCl. Chapin f rs Lniilciuuit Secutnl Lifiileiniiit Garner, First Set ■gcaiit BAND ROSTER BOGGS Gaddiss Miller Booth Grist Mote Brown, J. Hearn Neal Callaway Hopkins Nelson COAN Hicks Nix Collier Keener Pruitt Davis, D. Lowe Rechsteiner DUPREE McBride Wetherington Dyer McEvER, H. Whelchel, C. Faulkner McEvER, W. Whelchel, H. Fowler Whiteside BAND OFFICERS ' CLUB OFFICERS Cadet Captain Ouzts President Cadet Captain Moran Vice-President Cadet Captain Austin Secretary Cadet Lieutenant Porter Treasurer MEMBERS Major Preston Hatcher Joe Moore Elliott Moran WiLMOT Ouzts Captains John Durden Ivan Collins McDonald Austin Edgar Maxwell Bill McGuire Charles Porter First Lieutenants Second Lieutenants Walter Forbes Carroll George Robert Stuart Bill y Sullivan Earl Lucas Charles Aycock Robert Chapin w •r dBr m. %.. H i m H I Wjr2 . , I I I mi i ' , TlB 3Bi2wBt w!ffWBO Bii3B hJ J nnuul llltlM JLluL ORGANIZATIONS QifcloftA. i MoRAN Brown ' L CYCLOPS STAFF The Cyclops is the annual publication of the students of North Georgia College. Elliott Moran Editor-in-Chief Kenneth Brown Business Manager Clyde Martin Assistant Editor Johnny Rogers Assistant Editor Bob Lambe Assistant Business Manager Mary Hicks Assistant Editor J. W. Eberhardt Assistant Business Manager Porter Davis Snapshot Editor JoDY Brown Sports Editor 193S— 7Le CADET BUGLER The Cadet Bugler is the bi-monthly pubhcation of the students of the school. The editor and business manager are elected by popular vote and are assisted by an appointed staff. The paper has improved steadily from year to year and is at present one of fhe best junior college papers in the state. Bill McGuire . Earl Lucas Bill Mitchum . Robert Lambe Robert Stuart Nora A. Barker EJitor-iii-Chief Business Manager Associate Editor . Sports Editor News Editor Co-ed Editor Kenneth Brown J. W. Eberhardt Fred Wimbish . Charles Porter Bill Grover Bruce Merritt Exchange Editor Assistant Business Manager Advertising Editor Assistant Business Manager Circulation Manager Reporter Joe Johnston Reporter — QifcioypA SPEECH FORUM OFFICERS Porter President McDonald Austin Vice-President Frank Garner . Secretary W ILMOT O UZTS Treasurer Elliott MORAN . Sergeant at-Arms MEMBERS Baker, D. EXUM Kendall Martin Blalock Eberhardt, W. Lambe MiTCHUM Callan Faulkner MiCKEL McElhannon Callaway Garrett Miller Pruitt Conner George MizE, C. N. Pilkenton CONNELL Groover MizE, C. S. Roberts Cart Hearn Merritt, B. Stuart, Bob CORRY Hurst Maxwell, Gene Stuart, Jack Chapin Hardman Maxvcell, E. J. Stalnaker Collier Johnson, G. Murphy Verdery Wood 193S- DRAMATIC CLUB • OFFICERS Frank Garner Presidetif BiLLiE Hardeman Vice-President Mary Lee Elliott Secretary ami Treasurer McDonald Austin Stage Manager MEMBERS Janet Cash Katherine Earnest Bob Lambe Hazel Smith Perry Cocke Reese Eberhardt Myra McFarland Erin Dale Taylor Curtis Collier Bill Groover Charles Meeks Hamilton Verdery Frances Corry Katherine Harris Gary Mickel Mary Watt Porter Davis Viola Harris Lucy Norman Katherine Weatherly Ulene Deweese Nettie King Jack Pilkenton Fred Wimbish Joe LaBoon Rex Pruitt The Dramatic Club, under the direction of Professor Dismukes, was organized in 1934. Since that time it has functioned as an honorary society. The purpose of the club is to give the members the experience of participating in the plays, and to maintain for the college a " drama consciousness. " Gifclo W. D. Booth Director R. S. McCoNNLLL Biiiitifss Mail aver MEN ' S GLEE CLUB W. D. Booth . . R. S. McCoNNELL Director Business Manager J. D. Booth McDonald Austin JoDY Brown Dewitt Baker Carroll George Richard Brinkman MEMBERS First Tenors Joe Moore Second Tenors Porter Davis Roy Miller First Basses Julian Griffin Second Basses Preston Hatcher Thomas Hicks Charles Porter Felton Moore Carl Rechsteiner Leroy Newell Ben Rainey Harris Walton 1938= C. J. DiSMUKES Director WOMEN ' S GLEE CLUB MEMBERS First Sopranos Ulene Deweese Elizabeth Hall Mildred Jones Katherine Earnest Dennie Sue James Evelyn Little Mary Lee Elliott Second Sopranos Hazel Smith Julia Cordell Frances Corry Doris Gaskin Altos Nettie King Marjorie Irwin Vera Nix Margaret Sutherland Sara Jim Knight Mary Watt ' = G4fclo Y. M. C A. Charles Porter Robert Stuart Frank Garner WiLMOT OUZTS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer 193S MEMBERS Athon DUPREE Keener Moran Austin Eason Kendall Morris Aycock Eberhardt, J. W. KiLGO Morrison Babb EXUM KiMSEY Mote Baker, D. Farrar LaBoon Murphy Bankston Forbes Lambe Nelson Barker Ford Langston Nix, R. Bell Franklin Lowe Norris Blanton Gaddiss LUMMUS Pilkenton Boggs Garrett McElhannon Pruitt Bolin George McEvER, H. Raines Booth Griffin McEvER, W. Rechsteiner Brinkman Griggs Martin Reed Brown, J. Grist Mashburn Rogers, J. Brown, M. Groover Mauney Shanahan, C. Cain Grogan Maxwell, J. Shirley Calhoun GUDGER Maxwell, K. Smith, J. Carmichael Guimares Meeks, C. Stalnaker Cart Hale Meeks, R. Stuart, J. Chamlee Hardeman Merritt Tanner Cocke Harris Mickel Tompkins Collar Hearn Miller Trimble Collier Henderson, T. Mills Tutt Corley Hicks Mitchum Verdery CORRY Holt MizE, C. N. Wetherington Davis, P. Hurst MiZE, C. S. Weldon Deweese Johnson, A. Moore, F. Whelchel, C. Domingos Johnson, G. Moore, J. Woods Cifclo pA. SERGEANTS ' CLUB OFFICERS Cadet First Sergeant Frank Garner Prtudfiit Cadet Sergeant James Merritt Yicc-Vraidciit Cadet Sergeant John Blasingame Secretary Cadet Sergeant C. O. Shanahan Treasurer Cadet Sergeant Bill McElhannon Sergeaiif-at-Ar»n Cadet Staff Sergeant Abb Carmichael Chaplain Sergeant Richard McConnell Honorary Member 1938= James Ash Sergeant JoDY Brown Seri ra QifcloypA. CORPORALS ' CLUB OFFICERS Cadet Corporal Augustus Johnson Prcsidetif Cadet Corporal Monroe Hearn Vice-President Cadet Corporal Warren Windsor Secretary Cadet Corporal Thomas Hicks Treasurer Cadet Corporal J. W. Eberhakdt Corporal-at-Arms Professor A. D. Snow Faculty Adviser 193S Bankston Bridges Brinkman Cochran Conner Cox Crawford Dixon Eason Franklin Harris Haslam Hurst Jones Langston Lowe Mauney Mote Nix Panter Sanders Shirley Skelton Trimble Walker Watson WiLHITE " QlfcloypA. REX CLUB FoiuulcJ ,it North Georgia College, 1917 93S= OFFICERS Elliott Moran C_ ' ' ' ' " N - PresiJcnf Joe Moore f . . . . . . . Vice-President Charles Porter . I . .1 Secretary Frank Garner .... . a. J . . . . Treasurer C. J. DiSMUKEs . . . -A x • x • Faculty Adviser McDonald Austin Charles Aycock Lamar Blalock Robert Chapin Porter Davis Ted Deweese Stewart Barker Richard Brinkm Carroll Geor Tom Hicks George Johnso Gus Johnson James Merritt Bill McElhannon Cecil Barber Harold Boggs Robert Calloway Henry Collar Curtis Collier Garland Corley Cecil Corry lAROLD hB rfOND Jo? BiLLiE Hardeman Walter Hobbs Guy Johnson Lewis Jordan Frank Keener Joe LaBoon James Mason E. K. Maxwell LYDE Martin Wilmot Ouzts Dan Reed Johnny Rogers LucienJTrimble ller i t Mills cil mize C14DE SfliZE Fel n Moore ROLD McEver William McEver George Pafford Lem Parker Rex Pruitt John Smith Hamilton Verdery Clarence Watkins Harris Walton Lewis Weldon = QifcloypA. 193S— SIGMA THETA FRATERNITY bounded at North Georgia College, 19)4 OFFICERS Kenneth Brown President John Durden Vice-President Ivan Collins J Secretary Earle Lucas .... - A • ■ • ■ . Treasurer James Hodges . . . vZ) jjL ■ ■ Sergeaiit-at-Arins W. D. Booth . . . . . Faculty Adviser Jack Ball VV Richard French " OWARD NeAL John Blasingame ROY HarrisT V - James Odom Abb Carmichael 1 E ST HAYDraT iQtJ Tom Perry Harold Coan Ben Rainey Jack Connell JerI e 7 " " Billy Sullivan Charles Crawford iLt lpS Joe Tutt Jules V. Davis S " ' • ™ v Walter West George Dekle Ut N I Jim Williamson ) Joe Athon 35ik Folger Ed Nichols Homer Banksto n Nv jk LiAN Griffin x " ' Arthur Nelson Sam Burtz y ' n ' iR t- l soN ,,.- , O. H. Palmer Dan Briscoe Q PRE? Si ? x 1 E ' ' ' ' ' " Q J. R. Raines ROYCE Braselton jLUrNHAs s fr " " ' _— - — — Frank Roberts Billy Bell C J lA -tf7n«mnTr- ;;;r]r William Robertson Bernard Berg _ SB I sToTL|f;Y J Vi. W. Smith William Clark v J -:J«4i£T HNlr ll zl -— V_, Leonaro Stanley Edward Cart I ' AUL JONES John Tompkins I. P. Cocke RiLEY Kendall Fred Wimbish Tom Dally W. H. Lowe Tap. Wilhite Buddie Dixon Charles Lindler Cary Williams Weldon Dupree Harold Mote Hardman Whelchel Robert Eason Harry Morrow Warren Windsor Ronald Fisher Charles Meeks Clyde Wetherington QifcloypA. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS Mary Lee Elliott PrcsiJciif Viola Harris Vice-Picsidctit Sarah Leard Secretary Bernice KiNMAN Treasurer MEMBERS JiMMiE Bowers Blondine Hemphill Sara Mae Shattuck Annette Burton Martha Holland Frances Sheppard Janet Cash Dennie Sue James Hazel Smith France s Conner Estelle Jones Margaret Sutherland Mary Daniel Mildred Jones Imogene Walker Katherine Earnest Vivian Mote Charlie Mae Wilson Edna Fuller Sara Lucy Norman Louise Wimpy Elizabeth Hall Lois Rogers Melba Whitmire f93S= Y. W. C. A. OFFICERS Mary Lou Adams Julia Cordell Mary Lee Elliott Secretary MEMBERS Ruth Garren Nettie King Mae Frances Goodwin Mildred Kimsey EiizABETH Hall Viola Harris Pauline Haney Blondine Hemphill Edna Henson Martha Holland Eloise Hood Marjorie Irwin Juanita Jackson Dennie Sue James June Jeffers Mildred Jones Ora Jones Antoinette Akin Marie Anderson Nora Allison Barker JiMMiE Bowers Earlene Bradberry Pauline Brown Annette Burton Myrtle Burton Janet Cash Margaret Chapman Mary Daniel Katherine Earnest Adelaide Fitts Edna Fuller Mary Gilbert Virginia Kinsey Sarah Leard Evelyn Little Evelyn Lyle Myra McFarland Eugenia McHan Doris Maley Evelyn Mann Virginia Mauney Ruth May Evelyn Mays Vivian Mote Helen Mowell . President Vice-PresiJenl ami Treasurer Sara Lucy Norman Virginia Quintrelle Sara Shattuck Leona Shepherd Ruth Swiney Margaret Sutherland Erin Dale Taylor Jean Upshaw Bee Weatherly Katherine Weatherly Charlie Mae Wilson Louise Wimpy Lois Rogers Winifred Rousey Qifclo WlATHERLV WOMEN ' S RECREATION ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Katherine Weatherly President Louise Wimpy Vice-President Mary Lee Elliott Secretary Myra McFarland Treasurer The Women ' s Recreation Association was organized last year for the purpose of making the physical education class a social unit as well as instructive. Since its or- ganization it has sponsored several social events which have added greatly to the life of the school. ATHLETICS = Q4fclo BASKETBALL THE DAILY PRACTICE THE SQUAD 1938= COMMENT With only one veteran and two reserves greeting him on opening day of basketball practice, Coach Coker began working with several recruits, tried many combinations, selected his team, watched it grope around for victories for half the season, then smiled as it began to click, at the same time run- ning a winning streak to seven straight, the climax being a 5 9-31 slaughter of the strong Gordon quintet. In winning 11 out of 1 8 games, the squad totaled 741 points (an average of 41.1 per game) as compared with 649 (average of 36) for their opponents. Gene Taylor, with 165 points, led the Cadets and he was fol- lowed by Captain Bridges, 145; Pafford, 101; Deweese, 96; Ash, 79; and Moore, 57. Entering the State Tourney in Douglas, the Cadets suffered a bit of hard luck in draw- ing Armstrong, eventually the champions, in the second round. CoKtR, Cuach TMG 1938 RESULTS N. G. C. . 26; at Young Harris . . 45 At N. G. C. . 41; Rabun Gap 36 At N. G. C. . 34; Young Harris . . . 48 N. G. C. . 30; at Clemson Frosh . 31 At N. G. C. . 44; Reinhardt Col. . . . 39 At N. G. C. . 38; Southern Union Col. 29 N. G. C. . 49; at West Georgia Col. 38 N. G. C. . 36; at Gordon Mil. Col. 46 N. G. C. . 28; at Middle Georgia C. 48 N. G. C. . 36; at Reinhardt Col. . 42 At N. G. C. . 48; Clemson Frosh . . . 46 N. G. C. . 54; at Rabun Gap . . . 32 At N. G. C. . 56, Southern Business C. 3 3 At N G. C. . 41 Ga. Evening Col. . 31 At N. G. C. . 5 3 West Georgia Col. . 3 N. G. C. . 49 at Ga. Tech Frosh . 18 At N G. C. . 59 Gordon Mil. Co. . . 31 TOURNAMENT (at Douslas) N. G. C. . . . 19; Armstrong Col. . . 26 TOTAL Won, 11; Lost, 7; Percentage, .611 Deweisi;, ForuarJ Pafforu, Cciihr Bridges, G,i,ir,l Alternate Cap JD! Moore. Ghji, Ciptain Taylor, ForuarJ Dally, Ceit er Panter, Gnaril Ash, ForuarJ Hale, Forwant Davis, Guard Bell, ForuarJ Groover, Mauaxei Qifclofui THE DAILY PRACTICE BASEBALL THE SQUAD 193S— COMMENT Approximately fifty boys got the jump on the birds and trees when they officially opened the Spring Quarter by answering Coach Coker ' s first call to baseball practice. The bunch was soon cut down, however, as Coker picked the players according to their ability. Four holdovers from last year. Reed, P a n t e r. Hatcher, and Moore formed the nucleus of the team. At this writing, five op- ponents making up a sixteen- game schedule have been billed, and there is a possi- bility of engaging a few others. New teams added to the schedule of last year in- clude the freshman teams of Clemson and Oglethorpe. 1938 SCHEDULE April 8 and 9 N. G. C. . . at Gordon April 14 and 15 N. G. C. . at West Georgia April 16 N. G. C. at Oglethorpe Frosh April 22 and 23 N. G. C. . at Young Harris April 29 and 3 Gordon . . at N. G. C. t May 5 Oglethorpe . . at N. G. C. IflE May 6 and 7 V Young Harris . at N. G. C. May 11 and 12 West Georgia . at N. G. C. May 13 Clemson Frosh . at N. G. C. May 14 N. G. C. . at Clemson Frosh Smith Blll MOORF- Chastain Earlv Hatcher NSTON, Joe Brown Remd Panter Hale Perry Rumble Johnston, Jim Lucas Walker ' == QifcloypA. BOXING Gaining places in their respective weights through an ehmination series ten boys composed the second N. G. C. boxing team. Elhott Moran, welterweight, was elected captain. Due to a conflict with the State Junior College competition rule, members of the squad were unable to participate in the Golden Gloves tournament in Atlanta, but bouts were scheduled with New Holland Athletic Club, Clemson Freshmen, and Boys High. With this year ' s program completed, it is evident that Coach Coker and Ser- geant McConnell have succeeded in promoting the school boxing to a high scale and all indications promise to retain this next year. THE TEAM Yvont Row: Martin, Moran, Lucas, Smith, McGuire. ck Row: Coach Coker, Mills, Parker, Bolin, Keen, Mickel. f93S= TENNIS TEAM Using the annual spring tennis tournament as a basis, Coach Coker selected five players to compose the tennis team. This group was supported by five other players, who made up the second team. Each of the ten members was given a rank based on his performance and was able to advance his rank by defeating the player just ahead of him. In view of the inadequate number of courts and other handicaps the team was forced to undergo, results against Young Harris, Gordon, West Georgia, and the State Tournament at Carrollton were considered good. THE COURTS ' GifcloftA. WINNING HEARST TROPHY TEAM Under the new coaching of Sergeant Vernie RoUo and with added instruction from Major Matthews and Sergeant McConnell, the N. G. C. rifle team made creditable per- formances in matches against Clemson College, " F " Company of Atlanta National Guard, University of Georgia, as well as a good many postal matches. This year, in- stead of the usual one, two Hearst teams, consisting of five men each, were formed and these teams were supported by capable reserves. The Hearst Trophy team which was made up of Moore, J., Moran, Maxwell, J., Land, and Hobbs won first place in the Fourth Corp Area and Joe Moore with a score of 199 out of a possible score of 200 won first place in the National Individual Match. Vronl Ron-: Moore, Moran, Maxw Sccoiitl Roit ' : Maxwell, K., Briscoe, Hick ,L, J,, Hobbs, Land. Cox, Domingos, Stanley. --f93S= INTRAMURAL ATHLETICS TOUCH FOOTBALL November — With an unusually large number of boys partici- pating. Coach Coker ran off a tournament of platoons and then, to decide the champion, a tournament of companies. This latter tourney was won by Com- pany " B " when Nichols received a pass to defeat the Band by a 6-0 score. BASKETBALL December — As in touch football, a tournament of platoons preceded a company play-off. In the delayed finals, " C " Company was a 27-18 victor over Company " A. " A third meet was held in March for the novice championship, that is, with varsity players not al- lowed to compete. BOXING January — Rapidly becoming a high spot in the school ath- letics, the boxing tournament offered many exciting, as well as humorous, matches. The results of the finals were: Kendall defeated Merritt; Moran de- feated Spivey; Martin defeated Keen; Smith defaulted to Shanahan; and Walker defeated Bolin. " B " Com- pany was declared winner. POOL January — Working on an agreement with Smith ' s place, thirty-two teams consisting of two players each, en- tered the first school pool tournament. After much excitement, Phillips and Tompkins of " A " Company became champions when they defeated Skelton and Cox of " B " Company in straight games. The teams of Mauney-Wilhite and Faulkner-Lowe reached the semi-finals. PING-PONG February- Inaugurating another new tournament, again sixty- four boys entered the ping-pong event. To enter the final round, Dennis Shanahan received a forfeit from Morrow and Connell defeated Mills. Shanahan then turned back Connell in straight games to become winner. OTHER SPORTS The students also enjoyed several other athletic contests which were held after this printing. These included the cross-country run; wrestling; Softball; the completion of the horseshoe tournament, which had been stopped in October; the track meet; and the annual tennis tournament. The winning organ- ization in each of the intramural sports is given 150 athletic points, which act as an aid in determining the honor company. y €) ' = GifcloypA. D CLUB The D Club is an honorary organization composed of stu- dents who have been awarded the officia N. G. C. D for proficiency in basketball. baseball. tennis, marksman- ship, boxin g, or cheer leading. THE " WEARERS OF THE D " Ash Lucas Blll Martin BOLIN Maxwell, Ed. Bridges Maxwell, Geni Briscoe McGuire Brown, J. Mills Brown, L. Moore, Fel Cox MooRi , Joe Dally MORAN Deweese Pafford DOMINGOS I Panter Gleason Parker Groover Perry Hale Peyton Hatcher Reed JOHNSTON Jim Rogers loHNSTON Joe Rumble Keen Shingler Kendall Smith, J. King Smith, L. Land Taylor WiLLIA MSON SPONSORS yyi ' ui Vivian =z a tet Athens, Georgia SPONSOR OF THE CYCLOPS ypl.. A ;. Ac ttcit Valdosta, Georgia SPONSOR OF THE STUDENT BODY Augusta, Georgia SPONSOR OF THE REX CLUB tawn AL. 141 C. g Calhoun, Georgia SPONSOR OF SIGMA THETA FRATERNITY Macon, Georgia SPONSOR OF THE BATTALION yvi ' u y V Lataa ' cei nidli t Atlanta, Georgia SPONSOR OF THE BATTALION STAFF Tennille, Georgia SPONSOR OF COMPANY " A " yi ius Ute ce L llU Monroe, Georgia SPONSOR OF COMPANY yi ll l ltcjutui J—ce yi la mall 1 Atlanta, Georgia SPONSOR OF COMPANY " C " yyiuA .=UJatatkM := ud Savannah, Georsia SPONSOR OF THE BAND v Monroe, Georgia SPONSOR OF THE SOPHOMORE CLASS ' ' r " t i mm - ' f : m k- m 1 ' « Ml. yKntL Muu Decatur, Georgia SPONSOR OF THE FRESHMAN CLASS M... 141 p. J4.Q,u.e, S. Decatur, Georsia SPONSOR OF THE CADET BUGLER Jl iUA yvlatQard l l aike ' c T Johnston, South Carolina SPONSOR OF THE OFFICERS ' CLUE " . ylit . iZ. = . Cjaxnet Toccoa, Georgia SPONSOR OF THE SERGEANTS ' CLUB yi i ' uA yl Liticn r-raL 1 CA Decatur, Georgia SPONSOR OF THE CORPORALS ' CLUB Mu. llLe 2) eweeu Cleveland, Tennessee SPONSOR OF THE DRAMATIC CLU[ yi iu J—iicii (L UTubetk Uattct Toccoa, Georgia SPONSOR OF THE Y. M. C. A. J4-U. Ai .a AUu.Lni Alpharetta, Georgia MISS NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE The staff of the I 938 CYCLOPS takes this opportunity to request that, in scanning our Snapshot Section, you note the business houses which have made our book possible. Please patronize them. x) Friendly Business • As the years roll by and you look back on these days in coliese as the " happiest days " of your life, days when the warmest friendships were made, when you laughed and loved, and lived, free from care and worry, when the weather didn ' t bother you and the stock market couldn ' t faze you, think back upon these gay hours spent in Smith ' s. It was here friends met and dis- cussed campus matters, it was here you in- variably tookyour date and discussed things other than politics as you paused to refresh yourself with a dish of Southern Dairies Ice Cream, a cup of coffee and a toasted sandwich, etc., or whiled away an hour at billiards. • Yes, happy days those were — and their memory is made all the sweeter by those eternal tokens of friendship and love — COLLEGE-SEAL jewelry and stationery. • We have thoroughly enjoyed being host to the Corps of Cadets and the Co-eds. To the graduating class, we offer our con- gratulations; to the first year students we say that we will look forward with pleasure to seeing you again next year VERNON H. SMITH " WHERE COLLEGE STUDENTS MEET " DAHLONEGA :: GEORGIA SMITH — DEKLE — CHUCK — FRED ° WEST END PRESSING CLUB We prepare the Corps of Cadets for inspection by quickly, safely, and effi- ciently cleaning their uniforms. Modern Equipment CONVENIENTLY LOCATED S. H. WEST, Proprietor C oc HOMER WESTMORELAND ' S WE SERVE WOOD ' S ICE CREAM SODA FOUNT CANDIES FILMS SOLD AND DEVELOPED The Bank of Dahlonega " A BANK you CAN BANK ON " QcMAie df. :: Sen jLice. :: Zj yloie x f i 5 • I wish to express my sratitude to the students for their patron- S U a3e this year. n n • I ann lookins forward to next year when I may asain greet the U n Corps of Cadets with friendliness and good-feeling. o 8 I ! B. B. HOUSLEY | 5 SCHOOL SUPPLIES g COLD DRINKS SANDWICHES BILLIARDS i 5 AUTOMOBILES FOR RENT n ,oc Compliments of a Friend WOODY ' S BARBER SHOP The College Shop on the Square First Class Work at Reasonable Prices DAHLONEGA GEORGIA BEAUTY PARLOR O Od .=J Complimcifs of . . . Q SUPERIOR QUALITY M i 1 JOE PHILLIPS SPORTING GOODS | n Fancy mid Staple Groceries I • PALMOUR HARDWARE J n Candies :: Fruits i • n 3 n DAHLONEGA :: :: GEORGIA Q GAINESVILLE :: GEORGIA I CITY SHOE SHOP | HENRY F. DOBBS 5 W. A. HOUSLEV, I ' rot nrn. | HOTEL SUPPLIES i n 8 . n • 8 n n n 285 Peachtree Street Q n DAHLONEGA :: :: GEORGIA [) | ATLANTA :: GEORGIA n o o o o oj QENERAL MERCHANDISE A Friend of North Georgia College for Years DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA JOHN H. MOORE ROBERT M. MOORE (Jo oc r Best Wishes from EXCELSIOR LAUNDRY " Footprints in the Sand of Time " As you live your lives and track up the sand of time we sincerely hope that one of those footprints shall be the memory of the happy hours spent at — ATLANTA GEORGIA THE COLLEGE INN Q 8 [J " Delirious food with Southern Hospitality " ° 8 ' ° n DAHLONEGA :: :: GEORGIA ! 8 Daniel Construction Company General Contractors for BOYS ' DORMITORY DAHLONEGA :: GEORGIA ANDERSON. S. C. BIRMINGHAM, ALA. °S) CINCIOLO ' S CAFE Headquarters for N. G. C. • Regular Meals - Short Orders - Sandwiches and Salads WITH COMPI.ETi; FOUNTAIN SERVICE ) (iitr I ' ti rr nii!;e .1 fiprt ' ci iteil " CINCIOLO ' S " WHERE FRIENDS MEET y Cuiiipliiiiciits of . . . H. A. TERRELL SON WHOLESALE GROCER =c o. r The N. G. C. Faculty and student body always find a cordial welcome af FRIERSON-McEVER COMPANY GAINESVILLE Men ' s Wear - Women ' s Wear - Shoes FLOWERS for EVERY OCCASION THE GAINESVILLE FLORIST " Home of fine floii ' ers " 122 North Green Street Phone 214 GAINESVILLE GEORGIA n GAINESVILLE GEORGIA THE PHOTOGRAPHS USED IN THE 1938 CYCLOPS iL ' ere made by STANLEY STUDIOS TUCKER ADAMS " Store for Men " Dixie Hunt Bldg. GAINESVILLE :: GEORGIA n ° 931 2 Whitehall Street n ATLANTA :: GEORGIA 5 GEORGE W. MOORE SON 5 SMITH BROTHERS I y High Grade Coal and Wood U ' The Homelike Place " (J 8 ° n ° PLATE LUNCHES - SODA - CANDY R 30 Railroad Street Phone 525 Q Orders as you like them M y GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA S GAINESVILLE :: GEORGIA ° 8 8 UNIFORM QUALITY Maintained for 114 Years in Uniforms of Quality Students of North Georgia College who wear uniforms by JACOB REED ' S SONS, Philadelphia, are assured of choice materials, skilled tailoring, and satisfactory service that only I 14 years of maintaining uniform quality can provide. JACOB REED ' S SONS America ' s Oldest Makers of Fine Uniforms 1424-1426 CHESTNUT ST. PHILADELPHIA, PA. (ioc f COMPLIMENTS CARTER GROCERY CO. Wholesale Grocer PAINT ROOFING GAINESVILLE GEORGIA r=°° " =° T - a s -H COMPLIMENTS OF SMALL AND ESTES BAKERY BAKERS OF AUNT BETTY ' S BREAD =°S) Everything for Schools and Personal Gifts THE McGregor company ATHENS, GA. °s) C cc 30C5 LIPSCOMBE DRUG CO. 2 Phone 42 I Nunnally ' s Candies fl School Supplies () Prescriptions DAHLONEGA GEORGIA THANKS A MILLION! America ' s finest military uniforms salute North Georgia College, in appreciation of YOUR apprecia- tion of quality! HANOVER UNIFORM CO. BALTIMORE. MD. A Division of HANOVER SHIRT COMPANY, Inc. Makers of HANOVER REGULATION MILITARY UNIFORMS Shirts, Slacks, Breeches, Blouses. Caps, Belts and Ties (i=oc r 0: 0 iS 4- HENRY W. MOORE DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA n tinlLnc (I 1 THERE ARE MANY REASONS WHY SUCCESSFUL ANNUALS REQUIRE THE SERVICES OF EXPERIENCED AND EXPERT CRAFTSMEN FOOTE DAVIES GO. HAVE THESE SERVICES . . . unl t II c in c .t c c c .1 i at 11 c o in p c it c n t a c ■ ii 1 1 i e a I Lif fine h o k ki i it c L u A i ii } A SPECIAL ANNUAL SALES AND SERVICE ORGANIZATION CREATIVE DESIGNERS AND LAYOUT ARTISTS • ABUNDANT EQUIPMENT . . . MODERN AND COMPLETE . PRICES REPRE- SENTING MAXIMUM IN VALUE fipy ' l ' y li flyi y ' P y ? " " ' ) i» ' ««»- K • ' ' ' " r ' — n i Km t Sp.Col. U 428 .N6 C9 1938 ' North Georgia College, Cyclops I 1073

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