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i. ' - ' . „- t.. ARCHIVES U428 C9 1936c. 1 North Georgia College CYCLOPS i : " m. ' n ■ . i •- ' :|4 ' ' 1. nK fc fi i ?f -i ov ' ' -= %i„ T .. P l ' - " ,- ' x " r. .-; »-! -:V - ' vBf : r 7 1936 PRESENTED BY THE STUDENT BODY OF THE r ' - - ' " » m . ' Sy c i ' V, ♦ DEDICATED TO PROFESSOR JOHN DURHAM ANTHONY Sound scholar and skillful teacher in his chosen field of science. Many students have profited from contact with his powerful and independent personality, and have caught fronn him glimpses of the satisfaction to be had from the pursuit of learning. He pos- sesses a refreshing open-mindedness towards the changing stand- ards of our modern complex civilization. Professor Anthony is a iberal in the truest and best sense of the term. r E N ' :; f ■ »4irrr i office ' - ' .1 ««»tS ' » Portia a« seorS " ' 3 « - ' ' ' ,ng oi ' suitors 8.114 «» ' " ' £ »«! ' . oH ttay 1, .936 F. ANGELSBERG Director of the Band it ' - J. D. ANTHONy, B.S., M.A. Professor of Biology p. " -ft- NINA AULTMAN Secretary j J. C. BARNES, B.S. Professor of Mathematics W. D. BOOTH, B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of English M. I. BOWMAN, A.B., M.S. ssistant Professor of Science and Mathematics MRS. W. E. BROACH Instructor in Home Economics P. D. BUSH, B.S., A.M. Professor of English -1 ' .iSMk 41 ri CAMILLUS J. DISMUKES, A.B., M.A. Professor of French THOMAS S. LOGAN, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Professor Physical Science and Chemistry CAPT. KIRBV GREEN, Inf. (D.O.L.) Professor of Military Science and Tactics SGT. R. S. McCONNELL Inf. (D.E.M.L.) Assistant Professor Military Science and Tactics JOSEPHINE STROTHER, A.I Librarian LUCy MONDAY Dean of Women J. C. SIMMONS, Ph.B., M.A. Professor of Education " - " Resistrar R. W. STEPHENS, A.B. Coach of Athletics j. Slflt ' sK! .4 LIDDELL BOWERS -- feURCH ed h , lh hW e doll ed no aga ' " Company „,. - , ..wM sort o .. tt at h " TOM NEESE BOGGS DANIELSVILLE, GEORGIA Sigma Theta, I, 2, Vice-President, 2; Secretary and Treasurer Sergeants ' Club, 2, Orchestra, I, 2; Glee Club, I, 2; Quartet, I, 2; Sergeant Band, 2. Behold! A budding soloist and romanticist. Besides having distinguished himself as a popular student " Tommie " has found it possible to shiver in the ■Loncga snows ard bask in the Florida sun (or daugh- ter) at the same time. MELL E. BOOTH ADEL, GEORGIA jma Theta Pledge, I, 2; Officers ' ub, 2; Glee Club, I, 2; Orchestra, I. 2j 2nd Lieutenant Band, 2. ell could never have made the pop- ir hit which he has made on the mpus without his original wit and aracteristic " top hats. " We predict s accomplished musician will go places and get things. JAMES R. BRAY CRAWFORD, GEORGIA Band, I, 2. If hard work ar.d indu:triousness are the gospel of progress then Roy knows the gospel. He ' s one of the quietest— yet best naturcd and cheerful men in school. If " putting out " gets a guy places— he ' s practically there. " Ntr JOE E. BROWN TRION, GEORGIA y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 2; Corporal " A " Company, 2. If you ever sec a quiet reserved dome on the bench in some future courtroom, look twice— it may be Judge Joe E., our quiet philosopher who has dili- gently spent every extra moment in furthering his edu- cation. He is bound for a successful career; Bon chance, Joe E. L »l|ii» ' Oft apta,„. , ' - ' ' ' ce.p,, ' ' ° iJtan( " wome, " pull t ' - ' " i,. W m. % T «R " ' n, 2. ■ ' ' " - ' • ' es.den,; " d yo„. ' " ' to treat w ' " " -e WILLIAM R. BOWERS, JR. TOCCOA, GEORGIA Rex, I, 2, President, 2; . M. C. A., I, 2, President, I; Secretary Freshman Class; Vice-President Sophomore Class; President Sergeants ' Club, 2; Speech Forum, 2; Glee Club, 2; BUGLER Staff, 2; Decora, I; Dramatic Club, I, 2, President, 2; Isl Sergeant Band, 2. The best " all-round " fellow on the campus! Listing his activities seems to be " nuf sed. " CLYDE E. BRYAN TIFTON, GEORGIA Sigma Theta Pledge, I, 2; Company " A " , I, 2. Clyde ' s first quarter here was one of silence, though after getting his vocal box in tunc, his ,...etrating voice wil! never be forgotten on u. H. U. S. The " Deacon " has settled down this year with the hopes of soon " settling down, " and the best we can v for him is success in his future endeavors. , ,vaU, GEORGIA ' , R-,«e t " " ' : • ■ " 0 ' Cub, ■, ' a = " company. - , „,.,„i j Reserved ,o, te-v " ' . " " H •■ ve " He 9° " ;_ ,,„ng " f ' _; , peop G. G. ' ■ •Quiet an ' KRESS BURRELL MARBLE HILL, GEORGIA r, I, 2; y. M. C. A., I; Glee Club, I; Decora, I; BUGLER Staff, I; Company " B, " I, 2. , B. " came to us as an innocent little North Geor- n, from the " marble hills. " College has broadened personality, and his individuality has attracted ny friends. Only a chosen few can master " Little ed Riding Hood " as eloquently as can " K. B. " Th in .« ' " • " ' V in ayms " :--- rane- " -tra: LORENZO " DUCKy • CARLTON UNION POINT, GEORGIA Sigma Theta, I, 2; President Corporals ' Club, 2; Corporal " B " Company 2. " Ducky " in his friendly, dignified man- ner has left an indelibly v»ritten record as a good student, friend and soldier. Napoleon, too, was a little man. BlUy BURT " ex, ,, , , ' ' " ' . GEORG A Sophon o,; cu ' ' - - ; y. ». ' ' " ' ' ' ' . 2. V-;: " - ' ■■ Spee, , ; " -;P ' es,de„t, J Seant ■■, ' ' ' est n- earls of " ' ■■ ' easurer " ramatic One of " " -orum Oecora . a, ' ' " ' matic ' ■■Co.pany.T " ' " - tured GEORGE R. CHAMBERS RANGER, GEORGIA y. M. C. A., I, 2; Corporals ' Club, 2; Corporal " B " Company. George ' s two-year evolution has been an interesting process to watch. From the quiet, timid soul has emerged a well-rounded college career, capable of holding the esteem and respect of all his associates. Best of luck. Chambers! 2: Si LEONARD CLARKE HARTWELL, GEORGIA rgeants ' Club, 2; Staff Sergeant, Regimental Colors w ell this s an accomplished gal-shy " his Fresh- " Clarke " has carried th year, besides establishing hir barber. Though rather quiet man year, he has broken from ranks this year am has fallen hard. Just " Klip " up the good work ol boy, we ' re for yuh! SARA CARLTON HARTWELL, GEORGIA Corona, 2; Piedmont, I. " Speak clearly, if you speak at all; Carve every word before you let it fall. " Although a newcomer this year, Sara has won a place with her quiet man- ner, and sweet ways. With these characteristics she can ' t miss success. ALINE COUCH DOUGHERTy, GEORGIA " Kindness— nobler ever than revenge. " xiom is typical of Alines quiet and rescrv ' S. She has been a good and loyal student. H CLARK DAVIS 5ei9«« In Sal " batUlion- find o " ' «» fo ' ° ' ' pe,sonal.tY, •■ ' ' th of cha GRIFFIN, GEORGIA Sigma Theta, I, 2; Rifle Ttam, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2; Glee Club, 2: Decora, I; Sergeant " A " Company, 2. " Skinny " is one of those versatile cfiaps who seems able to do everything v ell. He has a keen mind, weakness for G. S. C. W. and a swell personality. " C. M. " proved to be a necessity for the successful trips taken by " Booth ' s Song-birds " (as was the case ♦ Brenau). It is such instances as this tha» will cause ut never to forget him. ' E d lurd M " Xou Piedm, " " not do " " ' ■ ' " ' ' " ' rig,,., id love fo, .. ' " ' " y friend. ' ° ' " ' ' " " ' ALICE GRACE DRISKELL GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA " Ho it be, it to ris only noble to be good. " :c is a quiet and friendly girl, unchanging ways and aptness for 3oks makes her a model student. CHARLES WILLIAM FIELDS ROCKY FACE, GEORGIA Rex, I, 2; Rifle Team, I, 2; Officers ' Club, 2; Speech Forum, I; Glee Club, I, 2; Dramatic Club, I, 2; " D " Club, I, 2; Basketball Manager, 2; Baseball Manager, 2; Staff Lieutenant, 2. In " Top " the Class of ' 36 his a great personality. Though his witticism and tall tales have rather quietly subsided since Lady Luck snatched from him the " one and only. " Charley is just marking time ' til he can get through Kelly Field and can march up to the altar and hear her say— " I do! " LOUIS J. FOWLER STONE MOUNTAIN, GEORGIA y. M. C. A., 2; Corporals ' Club, 2; Corporal " B " Company, 2. " Silence is Golden, " and " Brevity is the Soul of Wit, " are two maxims which may well be applied to Louis. His lack of interest in the weaker sex gives him more time for his books which helps explain his high academic rating. BILLY EVANS BARTOW, GEORGIA Sigma Theta, I, 2; Orchestra, I, 2; Bugler, 2; Corporal Band, 2. Despite his quiet and casual manner, Billy could " call " every morning dur- ing the year and have the whole battalion respond " pronto. " His talent and musical ability is an asset and have helped him achieve his likeable qualities. HORACE FUNDERBURK, JR. BAINBRIDGE, GEORGIA y. M. C. A., 2; Musketry Team, I; Sergeants ' Club, 2; Sergeant " B " Company, 2. . In our educated " circles " it is generally conceded that Horace has the " stuff " it takes, and he has won the esteem and respect of even our inimitable " Daddy " Barnes. His superior qualities have made for him many friends who wish him the best nt lurk. h ■ B | inT A BEM GAY MADISON, GEORGIA ■npany " A, " I, 2, HM. e GRACE GAR tJ GAlNE ViaE, " be. " Ccmpan, " A. " I, 2. . , oentleness mv " " ' j is one o ' ° " ' Ben ' s quiet and retiring nature (forgetting that he " ' ■ ' ' „ d.sP« ' ' °: ' " he. to succeed. . ,ire-cracker escapade) has helped Hattie has ' J y e lo° ' him Hv, „p to that old adage, ' ■earning while most loyal s learning; " arid has helped him make some real friends while here. ....c...,,;--o ...o«.,r ' ' ' C° ' ona, ,, J. Joh •onomi( TROy H. GUTHRIE MORGANTON, GEORGIA Rex, 1; Company " A, " I, 2. Bottoms up! " Around and round he goes, where he stops nobody knows. " Troy ' s good natured and carefree man- ner adds to his ability to make and ■ Club ill .j SI w ? keep friends rish hii " Gluck Auf!! A HENRY FAULK HARRISON JEFFERSONVILLE, GEORGIA npany " A " , 2; Middle Georgia College, I. ring at Middle Georgia College, F. JOE HAYNES, JR. CLERMONT, GEORGIA Club, 2; Company " A " , I, 2. ethodK but Joe Harrison cruised into campus has been a pi newly acquired friends wish for h for all the friends regret saying let such descripti as full of fun as Sirmons ing fun anywhere and evei parties, goin ' to Gainesvi his hobby and his ma leu " to this leading funsti WILLIAM ARNOLD HARRIS DUBLIN, GEORGIA Sigma Theta, I, 2; Vice-President Freshman Class; Glee Club, 2; Cheer Leader, 2; Corporal " B " Company, 2. " Bill " has been a loyal son of N. G. C. during his entire sojourn in the mountains. But " Bill " turned profes- sional on us this year and his char- acteristic singing " er somcthin ' " made a certain young lady ' s heart go " yust like that. " His likable ways have made many friends who bid him a fond " adieu. " WILLIAM H. HEB8ARD MADISON, GEORGIA Rex, I; BUGLER Staff, 1; Company " A, " I, 2. Not only did Hebbard deserve to get the title " Most Useful Rat, ' but also one of the most useful Cadets during these last two years. From grading papers to smoking " two-fers " he has ' em all beat. --ii S SP " it JSWIU ' " " im y„9,nia to- all the , Cotoia, students " " " " j o a ROy B. HENDON ACWORTH, GEORGIA CARNESVlLtE, - . 1 v . I, 2; Club, of those „aduat ' on hand to Rifle Tea ramatic Club 2; Se e task .s ong one fello ' Its 900 1 class- ARTHUR ERNST HOLDT CLARKESVILLE, GEORGIA Rex Pledge, 2; CYCLOPS StaH, 2 " D " Club, 2; easketball, I, 2; Baseball, 2; Company " B, " I, 2. Ernst — our handsome Cadet and Co- Ed ' s weakness — has participated in some sparkling games at forward and proved to be one of Coach ' s " main- stays. " Well liked by everyone, Ernst ' s well rounded character proved an asset to the student body and here ' s more power to ' im. rgeant-at-Arms, Sergeants ' Decora, I; First Sergeant " B " Company, 2. His proudest boast is that he comes from God ' s Country. (Only God can find it.) In spite of that short-coming, he is popular with his classmates and has been active in extra curricular affairs. Roy, too is an artist of no mean ability. • • F. ' ' LA ins W e„ ■ " npany, p ' ' ■ Corpora at , I . " ' ' he J " ' ' " s ■ " ' narHj a„j J does ,, , " ' ' d,p(o " larlrs ' John make oma. ( , • " ' be heels ' " ° ' ' ' done 3° ' ound. " " ' 10 C. W. HOLTZCLAW PERRY, GEORGIA Rex, I, 2; Rifle Team, I, 2; Officers ' Club, I, 2: " D " Club, I, 2; Captain " B " Company, 2. A man of many moods and women — and not even he can tell which are major and which are minor. A man who stands alone when necessary, says what he pleases and, if I may add, is a pretty good guy on occasion for sportsmanship. WOODFIN K. HULME DEWYROSE, GEORGIA Y. M. C. A., 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2; Ser- geant " B " Company, 2. ow, sleet, rain nor hail stops this messenger swift completion of his daily appointed real " male-man " in every sense of the word. WILLIAM ANCREW JOHNS TOCCOA, GEORGIA Rex Pledge, I, 2; Officers ' Club, 2; Dramatic Club, Stage Manager, I, 2; Second Lieutenant " A " Com- pany, 2. Fair of hair and complexion, and well built, a man who combines a splendid appearance and likeable personality— these qualities exemplify our inimitable " Louie 11 " — pride of Toccoa. ELINOR JOHNSON JEFFERSON, GEORGIA Y. W. C. A., 2; Glee Club, 2; Dramatic Club, 2; Corona, I, 2; Cheer Leader, I, 2. A glance at " Who ' s Who " proves that Miss N. G. C. truly deserves her title. From heart-breaking to leading cheers, Elinor has brightened many dreary moments, assisted by her ever-winning smile. John A- » at b« ' " 3 . ,ppuus. for »-,s « P ,„ t o conse " ti« K _. ,,j is in " " ' ' I- ' - " ' - LLOYD KARDELL WASHINGTON, D. C. R«, I, 2; Speech Forum, I, 2; Decora, I; Company " B, " I, 2. A man of inconsistencies, a nature ever varied, a personality dual in all its activities and letting routine tasks irk him. These few phrases give us an inkling of his true self. Though we, who know him, recogniie in his virtues a noble spirit and we wish " George Washington " the best o ' luck. " " " " d to be T " " " te " " ' ' ' bWngs fh " " popular r ■ ■ " d the r ' o mind ' .c " " itn you. " O ' ona, last endly RALEIGH G. KNIGHT ADEL, GEORGIA Sigma Theta, 2; Officers ' Club, 2; Glee Club, 2; Orchestra, I, 2; First Lieu- tenant Band, 2. " Midnight ' s " pet diversion is watch- ing out for the welfare of the Fresh- men over at the Band House. Where the interest of the first year men is concerned, there is Knight— always! Although he ruled by Bismarck ' s " blood and iron " policy— he got re- sults and helped keep the " band- wagon rollin ' . " CORA BELLE LANCASTER GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA y. W. C. A., President, 2; Ho Economics Club, Treasurer, 2; G. C. W., I. " Choose your words as you wo your friends- for their ch to the of the best. CAROLYN LANGFORD TIFTON, GEORGIA y. W. C. A., I, 2; Cabinet, 2; Corona Econompcs Club, 2. smile lightens the he. her part to the best i GRACE LANGFORD MARY NELLE LANGFORD MAySVILLE, GEORGIA MAYSVILLE, GEORGIA Glee Club, 2. Glee Club, 2. hard working student and i s always Mary Nelle ' s determination and straight-forward man- jll phases of campus activilic :s. Cap- ner have caused us to recognize her as an asset to able, too, may we add. our campus organizations. - tf A ' 0 GEORG - Glee s 3- ' ;. SPARKS, I „.5kta, I. ' ■- Club, (, - Band, T- theW, . .. cxamP " , and settir . ,, been , Len h» ' .J the ' e P ' and ha » ' ° led Pf ' _„ N. ' " °:. Tea-nestW « ' ) ' ' ' ,ema.Vab e ..,o,V,n9 » ,ut also h " ' ' " " riv " 2 ' -, ' . ?; c. , ' ' ' ° ' ' « ' A N. G musi ' a tal lenk. onW ml! DOROTHY KILPATRICK LUNDY MACON, GEORGIA y. W. C. A., 1; Corona, I, 2. " Dot " is the essence of capability. We can only imagine what delight she gains from such a quiet, whole- some life. KENNETH McCLUNG DECATUR, GEORGIA Rex Pledge, I, 2; Sergeants ' Club; Orchestra, I, 2; Sergeant Band, 2. " Ken " has kept himself pretty busy during his stay here. Various extra activities keep him in tip-top shape. Music is one of his pet diversions and you should hear him bang away at that " ole pianna. " A usWfV ' - . C ' - ORGM JAMES E. McCANTS JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Sigma Thcta, 2; University of Florida, " Ladi( Ma mil " ' ' V McCants has combined the affairs of the pulpit with affairs of the heart— and successfully, too. Though he has been here only one year, he has proven himself to be a true son of N. G. C, and may luck and Godspeed be his! MARY DOROTHY McCURDY COMER, GEORGIA :. A., I, 2, Cabinet, 2; Glee Club, Con I, 2. heerfulness and good-nature have ma ier thing for all about her. With a p ity like that— success is yours, " Dot. ' JESSIE KATE McDONALD DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA Corona, I, 2; Y. W. C. A., I; Assistant Secretary Home Economics Club, 2. Full of pep and life and fun, she is always willing to take her share of life ' s burden and make the best of everything. ,«IPt 4 ' - ' J rn " ' = ' - . ' esteem and - holds the i ii M. M. McKENZIE CORDELE, GEORGIA Sisma Thcla, 1, 2, President, 2; Y. M. C. A., I; Vjce- Ptesident Sergeants ' Club, 2; Decora, I; First Sergeant Company " A, " 2. about " Red ' s " trips to Atlan a and Gainesville and way with the women have loaned a lint to h " " ' " f " ' career while here. Though supposedly a hard-boiled First Sergeant he has proved himself i upon the campus. He has served the the Sigma Theta well this year and we success he deserves. ost popular residency ot rish him the BASCOM MARTIN KINGSTON, GEORGIA Corporal " B " Company, 2. bascom has established for himself the name of being a quiet, inconspic- uous fellow. Though this quietness be- lies his hard work and earnest efforts to further himself educationally and morally as well. Body, J c ' ,.;f ' ' ma; ' " -Pi 8er,„,57 ' --n cV;:„ " : ,!.Sd ' , ' Cap af ° ' 11 ho. " e;; ' d° ' « " " ' 2. " - lef, ,. edit; ; ■ " ' ' we ; boot " mp- " ' A.- ., " °olr and . ' ° ' en ' ° " " - ; ' obeCe ' - , ' „4Tar " ' -«- " " He ' oca nd i ' Clous ' His 5 " topi wome, TOM MAUNEY CLEVELAND, GEORGIA Company " A, " I, 2. Verbose, man of the world, sinner and revolutionist. He catered to no one and our guess is that he never will- yet those who know him have found him to be the best of company at all times. JOE MAYS LAWRENCEVILLE, GEORGIA y. M. C. A., I, Secretary, 2; Rifle Team, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2; Glee Club, 2; Staff Sergeant, 2. " Monk, " despite his pious ways, is an all-round good chap and a hard worker whose cheerful congeniality is inspiring to friendship. These fine qualities combined with his high aims should carry him far toward his goal. TOY MOON MARIETTA, GEORGIA y. M. C. A., I, Treasurer, 2; Corporals ' Club, 2; Decora, 1; Corporal " B " Company, 2. " Loyalty to my Company " is particularly expressive of Toy. Like an ole hen, he has this year guided the Freshmen on L H. D. S. on the right road. His friendliness shows great possibilities in la ter life. JACK MULLINS DURAND, GEORGIA Sigma Theta, I, 2; Corporal " A " Company, 2. ' Misery " is one of those quiet, modest and un ouls. We ailed fr egret that he midst for so untimely a reason; and we wi the best of luck, and look to see him assun nore of the responsibilities of his chosen field. " M haPPV-9- ' " ' ,„d and aV his cV c«vt WILLIAM F. NORRIS NEWTON, GEORGIA Sigma Theta, I, 2; Y. M. C. A., 2; CYCLOPS Staff, 2- Treasurer Officers ' Club, 2; President Speech Forum, 2- Glee Club, I, 2; BUGLER Staff, 2; First Lieutenant " A " Company, 2. Ah! Ou, heritage from Baker County " " -i " " " ' Bill " possesses those rare and desirable qualitie of dignity, leadership and friendliness which have helped him ' ' make his mark " at N. G. C. " Bill ' is a de- voted member of Sigma Theta; and though rather timid around the girls, he makes up for it in his daily South Georgia correspondence. ■ ' ' ' ' ' i. ;, " i. ' ■ ' O ' ' Cub , , . Cor, - ■ eredT y a of „5 y " . 0;„e„ JESSIE DEANE PALMER MURRAVVILLE, GEORGIA Always quiet and sincere, Dcane has won many friends who wish for her the success which she deserves. JAMES K. PARKER LUMPKIN, GEORGIA Sigma Theta Pledge, I, 2; Y. M. C. A., 2; Corporal Band, 2. What will the poor girls up here next year do without our one and only- James K.? (He wonders, too.) Not only has he been an asset to our fairer sex, but a leader in our church and campus Christian organizations as well. We hope he continues to pur- sue such a successful course. JOHN W. PHILLIPS DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA Company " A, " I, 2. " Wint " is kept pretty busy serving as host to his many friends at his hot-dog emporium on the thresh- old of the campus. As a soldier, " Wint " makes an expert hot-dog dispenser— all in all, a likeable fellow. CHARLES D. PITTS GRIFFIN, GEORGIA Rex Pledge, 2; Corporals ' Club, 2; Cheer Leader, I, 2; Band, I, 2; Corporal Band, 2. Another one of those fortunate individuals who al- ways seems to know where he ' s headed for and how to gel there with the least ado. We would like to bet that when the last trumpet has sounded, " Zasu " will be there just a little ahead of everybody else, and with all the answers ready. ESTELLE PURCELL BALDWIN, GEORGIA y. W. C. A., 2; Chairman Membership Committe Home Economics Club, 2. Though being with us only nine months Estelle ha become a true and loyal daughter of N. G. C. f ' ifc m f " n p ' OPAL WTCHIE 0_ GEORGIA Opal people we good scout and take Sh ' of the " does ,ost one " ■ ' avoTS ate . adm ,able. JACK RUSSELL CLEVELAND, GEORGIA " D " Club, 2; Basketball, I, 2; Base- ball, I, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2; Ser- geant " A " Company, 2. Jack ' s good natured ways and inimi- table smile have made him a friend to everyone. Athletics and A. W. O. L. inspections are his weakness, and he can never be accused of letting his studies interfere with his college education. D. C. SIRMONS DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA Special Student; " D " Club; Dramatic Club. Tibbet in disguise, a real musician and an ac- complished actor. Not only witty in himself, but the cause of wit in other men. We predict great things ' ) ROy ROGERS NEWTON, GEORGIA Sigma Theta, I, 2. Beau Brummel at Brcnau " ai Despite Roy ' s physical dr. in year he has made a narr to popularity and the ori npus. " a hon with (back during for himself, nal " Scamp ' ' °e «USH N ' ' " ' ' e.3e, " " ' ° ' SEO«GM Sfaff, 2- ' ■ ' " • -M. C A ' --■• ' " " ' Pora ..;,.,■ " ' ' ■ER Staff prophesy for his futurt success which he deserves. the campi sp-Vft Da ncer. fell, C5A He O " by ed fo, ' " ' t ' ler „, Pany, j. = " °n the ;,(y. nierifs ' innii S the ' es himse f fitlc " eji B r EDWARD A. SKELTON HARTWELL, GEORGIA Rex, 1, 2; Musketry Team, I; Company " B, " I, 2. Eddie is one of the many fellows who stays up at night to solve problems (not mentioning what kind) and can then get to class the next morning " almost on time. " His numerous trips and affairs with the fairer sex make him a man of experience on the campus. JANE STARR SAPPINGTON McDONOUGH, GEORGIA Glee Club, 2; Dramatic Club, 2; Co- rona, I, 2; BUGLER Staff, I: Cheer- leader, I, 2. Words can ' t describe her. She pos- sesses " wim, wigor and witalily " and is as full of spirit iis the Cadet Ball. Starr is one of those celestial bodies that seems unconquerable— eh, Tom? MARION L. SKELTON HARTWELL, GEORGIA Rex Pledge, I, 2; Company " B, " I, 2. Marion, perhaps because of his disposition, has be- come very well acquainted with Morpheus. His hobbies arc sleeping and eating; and it is our sincere hope that he never finds himself too sleepy to eat, and too hungry to sleep. yjt)t ' ' » ' X 1 i » • ! WILLIAM 5 f» 1 .ebaU, I. 2-, B ' An a»- ' ° " " ' . ' ,1 home oo the „p ja, B d ' an ' O " ' . ■,..„,„ about Ve P ,. as « ' iust as LUMPKIN, GEORGIA Sigma Theta, I, Treasurer, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2; Glee Club, I, 2; Sergeant " B " Company, 2. Slop! Listen! Look!— at this handsome countenance and you ' ll understand why " Bill " has so many friends. He has developed a likeable personality and behind his amorous South Georgia thoughts are the " makings " ' • M. ' ; Cor, " ' " ' ■ ' ' ■■ " as mad ' ° " ° ' ' ' ' " - - ' ' ' " ' " ' ' " ' " ' ' : I " " de,p,,, " ' ■any ,„ y be , 1. ' t ' nally l,,. ' " these jh-rt . ' ne is •worker doesn ba " - " t ha " dish " ant, ,o ••Steve " take it. " I. O. TEASLEY ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA Sigma Theta, I, 2; Corporal " A " C pany, 2. Collegiate to the " Nth " degn " Little Sarge ' s " best friend an fiegd on clothes. His qualities leadership and personality inspire to wish " I. O. " well— " beer " thi mind, old boy. FRANCES TURNER NICHOLSON, GEORGIA y. W. C. A., I, Vice-President, 2; Corona, I, President, 2; Dramatic Club, I, 2; Girls ' Glee Club, 2; Assistant Editor cyCLOPS, 2. Her executive ability and characteristic leadership have caused Frances to be a leader and hold many offices in our campus organizations. It has been swell having Frances as a pal. " « that ' p(u. ' N. G II a;. • C., set, LEWIS ALLEN THOMASON NELSON, GEORGIA Rex, I, 2; Speech Forum, 2; Dramatic Club, I, 2; Editor-in-Chief CADET BUGLER, I, 2; Company " A " , I, 2. Nelson, Georgia, Cherokee Born County, August 3, 1917- JOEL D. TURNER MOULTRIE, GEORGIA Rex Pledge, I, 2; y. M. C. A., 2; CyCLOPS Staff, 2; Sergeants ' Club, 2; Speech Forum, 2; Sergeant " A " Company, 2. His great ambition is to be a doctor, which means some connection with nurses— nuf sed! His records ' show his academic ability, and Joel has been a swell pal to anyone who wanted real friendship. ABEL B. WALTON ELLUAY, GEORGIA Sigma Theta Pledge, I, 2; Glee Club, I, 2; Corporal " A " Company, 2. " Aby " has been the spark plug of L. H. U. S. these last two quarters. Though overlooking his boisterous, cane-raisin ' nature, he ' s got the stickability to win, the brains to make good marks without crackin ' a book and the personality to make friends wherever he goes. le? .p.. cub. ,.t,(,oiV ' ' • sVetba " . , ■i anV d.V,n9U;f „,, P- r,d ° " ' vyans ef I ' " " ' - and « ' ' " (eUa tac .plainer and to etbaU ,ilab LEO D. " BIG " WEEKS LUDVILLE, GEORGIA R«, 1, 2; Rifle Team, 2; Vice-President Corporals; Club 2- " D " Club, I, 2; Baseball, 1; Cheer Leader, 2, Corporal " A " Company, 2. " e eek rilh alert . tea " " ,«hat a mind, " Bis Weeks of all who know talent has brighte lal pleasantness IS won the friendship and respect ,. His or.ginahtv and musical many " Bull Sessions " at N, G. " success to your future. Dr. Weeks. " fa any " . I. 2. ■ " erted " sc ioo » ' « « fe ot. " ' " « ' ' co„.c " „. ' PETE WHITEN MARTIN, GEORGIA " D " Club, 2; Basketball, 2; Corporal " B " Company, 2. " Pete " kept it " hot " for the barracks boys this past winter and has made many friends who wish " the best o ' luck " to a hard worker and goo ' ' fellow. BEULAH WILLIAMS CLAYTON, GEORGIA Piedmont, I. Though Beulah recently came into our midst, she is liked by all. Despite her quiet and unassuming manner, we shall always connect her with Professor Anthony ' s broken heart. ERSKINE WHITMIRE DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA Band, I, 2. Erskine is a local boy who can HENRy G. WILLIAMS WARM SPRINGS, GEORGIA Sigma Thcta, I, 2; V. M. C. A., I; Speech Forum, I, 2; Decora, I; Glee Club, 2; Company " A, " I, 2. A guy who knows his values. A real capitalist yet to be discovered. Perhaps he is attempting to carry out his friend ' s (the President ' s) economy program to the extent of subscribing for the CYCLOPS. Could one wonder that he is called " Ambitious? " N. G. C. to further his " larnin ' " and make his mark In this hectic world. His quiet disposition and friendly manner is an asset— luck to you, ole ROBERT LIPSCOMB WYNN, JR. JONESBORO, GEORGIA Rex, I, 2; Y. M. C. A., I, President, 2; Officers ' Club, 2; Speech Forum, 2; " D " Club, I, 2 Decora, I BUGLER Staff, I, 2; Baseball, I, 2; First Lieutenant Staff, 2. On the day ' Bob " graduates, N. G. C. will lose one of its leading literary lights and campus leaders. The " Pride of Joncsboro " in his quiel, unassuming manner has excelled in military, academic work and extra-curricular activities. May success be yours. Bob! 1 % • -4 M sif K - 1 " » t M-ii ' ui FARRAR FRESHMEN ROBERT ADAIR Dublin, Ga. WM. ANDREWS Thomaston, Ga. E. F. BIRD Mclter, Ga. REGIN ALD BYRD Camak, Ga. J. R. ADAMS Camilla, Ga. E. A. ATKINSON Atlanta, Ga. R. M. BLANTON Valdosta, Ga. A. W. CAGLE Ball Ground, Ga. O. E. ADAMSON Joncsboro, Ga. LILLIAN BANKS Tennille, Ga. J. M. BONNER Rutledge, Ga. JULIA CARROLL Dawsonville, Ga. SAM ALFORD Bostwick, Ga. C. E. BEARD Marble Hill, Ga. W. H. BONNER Lavonia, Ga. JOHN CASH Gainesville, Ga. FRESHMEN S. A. CASTELLAW Locust Grove, Ga. p. J. GATES Buford, Ga. T. W. CHAMBERS Toomsboro, Ga. JULIA COOPER Grayson, Ga. JAMES CORBITT Brunswick, Ga. LOIS CORDELL Hartwell, Ga. A. H. DRANE Union Point, G a. W. T. DUNCAN Dublin, Ga. J. P. DVAR Greensboro, Ga. SARAH DYER Demorest, Ga. EDWARD EARLE Clarkesville, Ga. RUBY EDWARDS Resaca, Ga. THURLOW EVANS Atlanta, Ga. MARION FARRAR Avondale Estates, Ga. BENNEH FLOYD Chipley, Ga. SAM FORRER Griffin, Ga. FRESHMEN GERALD FRANKUM Gillsville, Ga. A. C. GILLELAND Griffin, Ga. EDWIN GOOLSBy Carnesville, Ga. RAY GRINER Valdosta, Ga. T. H. FRIER Douglas, Ga. KATHERINE GILLIAM Copper Hill, Tenn. JAMES GORNTO Valdosta, Ga. FRED HAMBRIGHT Atlanta, Ga. JOE FUNDERBURK Bainbridge, Ga. THOMAS GLOVER Lumpkin, Ga. L P. GREER Valdosta, Ga. ROBERT HAMBV Clayton, Ga. WM. FUQUA Unadilla, Ga. J. F. GOODE Carnesville, Ga. WM. GREGORY Eton, Ga. G. W. HAMMOND Ncwnan, Ga. FRESHMEN ANITA HAMMOND Madison, Ga. W. H. HENDERSON Calhoun, Ga. CHAR.LE_S HOOD Dacula, Ga. G. T. JARRARD Chauncey, Ga. ELGIN HARDIN Dalton, Ga. CLIFFORD HENSON Ellijay, Ga. G. M. INGRAM Marietta, Ga. JAMES JARREH Toccoa, Ga. KATHERINE HARRIS Lawrenccville, Ga. B. F. HOLCOMB Gainesville, Ga. BEN IRVIN Washington, Ga. U. R. JENKINS Wrightsville, Ga. MAE HEAD Cleveland, Ga. CARL HOLCOMB Fort Valley, Ga. JOE JACKSON Sandersville, Ga. J. S. JONES Demorest, Ga. FRESHMEN BILLY KENDALL Valdosta, Ga. R. L LIPSCOMB Rydal, Ga. J. H. MALONE MansfieFd, Ga. G. M. MAULDIN Rocky Face, Ga. A. L KING Baldwin, Ga. NELSON McGAHEE Dearing, Ga. S. D. MANDEVILLE Tennille, Ga. CHRISTINE MAUNEY Fairmount, Ga. EDNA LANE Dalton, Ga. JAMES McGEE Lawrcnceville, Ga. DAN MARTIN Toccoa, Ga. CLEON MERRITT Cumming, Ga. FRED LEAGUE Gainesville, Ga. W. H. McWHORTER Decatur, Ga. VERNON MARTIN Gainesville, Ga. R. M. MILUCAN Hapeville, Ga. FRESHMEN VIRGINIA MOON Marietta, Ga. H.J.NORRIS Tucker, Ga. EMILy O ' SHIELDS Dahlonega, Ga. NAT PENDERGRASS Griffin, Ga. JAMES MORGAN Dcaring, Ga. BEN NUCKOLLS Gainesville, Ga. D. J. PALMER Cleveland, Ga. W. E. PITTS College Park, Ga. BOND MURRAY Danielsville, Ga. DORIS OGLESBy Hartwell, Ga. ROBERT PARKER Fairburn, Ga. W. M. REED Lexington, Ga. H. D. NORRIS Tucker, Ga. LYNN ORR Forest Park, Ga. GUy REID PARKER Valdosta, Ga. ERSKINE RICE Fort Valley, Ga. FRESHMEN SARAH RIDEN Madison, Ga. STELLA SMITH Dahlonega, Ga. WM. D. STRONG Blakely, Ga. ETHEL THOMSOM Ancram, N. y. C. E. SELPH Valdosta, Ga. LLOYD SPAIN Bethlehem, Ga. A. T. TAYLOR Atlanta, Ga. W. T. TOWNSEND Cartersville, Ga. RICHARD SEXTON Danielsville, Ga. GARNETT SPRATLIN Jefferson, Ga. T. H. TERRELL Lula, Ga. J. L. VEATCH lla, Ga. J. O. SIRMONS Willacoochee, Ga. WM. STANFORD Valdosta, Ga. EVIE THOMAS Martin, Ga. GRANT WATSON Toccoa, Ga. FRESHMEN WADE A. WATSON Americus, Ga. CLYDE WEHUNT Dahlonega, Ga. ROBERT WHITESIDES Cartersville, Ga. MARY LUCy WILKINSON Newnan, Ga. HUGH WILLIAMS Zcbulon, Ga. J. M. WILLIAMS Thomaston, Ga. G. W. WILLIAMS Danielsville, Ga. JEAN WILSON Florence, S. C. JUNE WOODALL Tate, Ga. J. K. WRIGHT Decatur, Ga. R. W. WRIGHT Roswell, Ga. MARGERY WYTHE Atlanta, Ga. G. E. ZIEGLER Thomasville, Ga. . ) - ' ' ' 0 ' 5 o William Forehand Fres ) ma i-u RulK SoLitKer S o p K o mo r e D ALTON , GrA. JerrL UpcKurcfo " Tres Kma nJ AT LAN TA ,GrA. P ctu? ' s on y z s pa( (p w g? " mac ? q - - ' } 3opy}orr?or anc Ar sh? ' }-fa 7 3ec - o 7S pac been co np : -eo - « s . 3 Mo . v .j;V ■ • H--. J?ii ' CAPTAIN KIRBy GREEN, P. M. S. T. Aiftcr capably commanding the North Georgia College R. O. T. C. unit for the past eight years, Captain Green has been posted elsewhere to assume similar army duties. He has been a valuable and wise leader, a strict but fair-minded disciplinarian, and an alto- gether capable officer. He has planted within our minds the true spirit of Americanism and patriotism, and it is due to his unceasing efforts that the R. O. T. C. unit here has maintained its high standards. That he will not be with us next year is our misfortune, but we wish him the best of luck through years to come — A splendid leader in every sense of the word. SERGEANT RICHARD S. McCONNELL |Ass " t. P. M. S. T.) The excellent complement of Captain Green is Sergeant McConnell, the man among men, the boy among boys, North Georgia ' s kingpin. Rather than being of the institution. Sergeant is an institution. His personality is so impressed on everyone with whom he comes in contact that a mere mention of North Georgia College brings a recollection of Sergeant, a recollection some- times of a hard duty fearlessly performed, but more often perhaps of some kindness he has so naturally shown. — f t OFFICER-S Clqb Officers Club CADET SECOND LIEUTENANT W. J. LIDDELL President CADET CAPTAIN J. B. MANLEY Vice-President CADET FIRST LIEUTENANT R. L WYNN Secretary CADET FIRST LIEUTENANT W. F. NORRIS Treasurer MEMBERS CADET CAPTAIN F. M. BOLDING CADET CAPTAIN C. W. HOLTZCLAW CADET SECOND LIEUTENANT M. E. BOOTH CADET SECOND LIEUTENANT W. A. JOHNS CADET FIRST LIEUTENANT G. G. BURCH CADET FIRST LIEUTENANT R. G. KNIGHT CADET SECOND LIEUTENANT W. C. FIELD CADET CAPTAIN L B. LASTINGER COLORS CADET PRIVATE SKELTON CADET COLOR SERGEANT DANCE CADET COLOR SERGEANT CLARK CADET PRIVATE GAY battalion --Staff STAFF PERSONNEL CADET CAPTAIN F. M. BOLDING CADET FIRST LIEUTENANT R. L WYNN CADET SECOND LIEUTENANT W.C. FIELD CADET SERGEANT S. A. DANCE CADET SERGEANT L CLARK CADET SERGEANT J. D. MAVS K» m mew JOHN B. MANLEy, JR. Vlpi l feW Cadet Captain WILLIAM F. NORRIS, JR. Cadet First Lieutenant COMPANY " A " Platoon i ADAIR DAVIS HARDIN NUCKOLLS ANDREWS DRANE JARRARD NORRIS, H, ATKINSON DYAR JARRETT RUSSELL BOATWRIGHT EVANS JONES STRONG BONNER FORRER LEDBETTER WEEKS, D. BROWN GAy MARTIN WEEKS, H. BRYAN GOODRUM MAULDIN WILSON BYRD GORNTO McCANTS WILLIAMS, J. M CORBin GUTHRIE MERRITT WHITESIDES DALTON HAYNES MURPHY HENDERSON m MEREDITH M. McKENZIE Cadet First Sergeant WILLIAM A. JOHNS Cadet Second Lieutenant COMPANy ■ " A " " Platoon 2 ADAMS DUNCAN MAUNEY REED ADAMSON EARLE McGAHEE RUSHIN ALFORD FARRAR MORGAN TEASLEV ASHE HEBBARD MULUNS THOMASON BAKER HANCOCK NORRIS, D. TOWNSEND BIRD HAMBRIGHT ORR TURNER BURT HARRISON PALMER WALTON CASTELLAW HOLCOMB PARKER WEHUNT CATES HOOD PHILLIPS WILLIAMS, H. CHAMBERS MANDEVILLE QUINTRELL ZEIGLER ' l GLENN G. BURCH Cadet First Lieutenant COMPANY " B " Platoon 1 BEALL GREGORY McGEE SIRMONS BLANTON HENDERSON, H. McKEY STANFORD CHAMBERS, G. HOLDT MILLICAN STEVENSON CRAMNER HULME OLIVER WANSLEY FOWLER JENKINS PARKS WATSON, C. FOREHAND KARDELL PITTS, W. WATSON, W FRANKUM LOWRY REPPARD WHITEN FRIER MALONE RICE WILLIAMS, S. GARRISON MARTIN, W. SEXTON WRIGHT, J. GREER i W. JACK LIDDELL Cadet Second Lieutenant ROY B. HENDON Cadet First Sergeant COMPANY " B " Platoon 2 BEARD HAMBY KENDALL PARKER, G. BURRELL HAMMOND KING SKELTON, E. CARLTON HARBIN LANE SKELTON, M FLOYD HENSON LEAGUE SOUTHER FUNDERBURK, J. HOLCOMB, C LIPSCOMB SPAIN GLOVER HOLDEN MACOMSON SPRATLIN GOODE INGRAM MARTIN, B. STREYER GOOLSBY JACKSON McCAY UPCHURCH GRINER JONES, S. MOON WRIGHT, R. jm ' LEN B. LASTINGER Cadet Captain RALEIGH G. KNIGHT Cadet First Lieutenant BAND V BOGGS EVANS, T. MARION STRICKLAND BONNER, W. FUNDERBURK, J. MURRy TAYLOR BRAY GILLELAND PARKER, J. VEATCH CAGLE IRVIN PENDERGRASS WHITMIRE CASH McCLUNG Pins, C. WILLIAMS, W EVANS, W. McWHORTER SELPH Sj aWifes WILLIAM R. BOWERS Cadet First Sergeant MELL E. BOOTH Cadet Second Lieutenant BAND HONOR COMPANY. ■35- " 36 OFFICERS CLUB M A M L E V €df-f-or in Chie-P OSVA LI DD LL Business Manaoer A " -.. F .T U R N e Pv.. , JJss i3ta )h d(j ' or ' u " Ta tu e-p- VW N IM o R ; ' Iho WEARERS OF THE " D " BURCH Rifle Team DANCE Rifle Team FIELDS Rifle Team HOLDT Basketball HOLTZCLAW Rifle Team JARREH Basketball JOHNSON Cheer Leader OLIVER Baseball-Basketball PARKER Baseball RUSSELL Baseball SAPPINGTON Cheer Leader SIRMONS Baseball UPCHURCH Baseball, Basketball WANSLEY Basketball WEEKS Baseball WYNN Baseball OFFICERS W. R. BOWERS President JANE SAPPINGTON Secretary C. J. DISMUKES Director W. A. JOHNS Stage Manager F. M. BOLDING Vice-President W.J. LIDDELL Business Manager MEMBERS BANKS MANLEV BURT RICE FIELD RUSHIN HARRIS SIRMONS, D. HENDON THOMASON JOHNSON TURNER ' ' RICHARD S. McCONNELL Business Manager The Glee CHORUS Club First Tenors Second Tenors Baritones Basses DAVIS, C. M. BURRELL BOGGS BOWERS NORRIS, W. F. FIELDS BOOTH coriBin PENDERGRASS GORNTO EVANS SELPH RICE MAYS KNIGHT SIRMONS, D. WALTON McWHORTER LASTINGER Stage Manager WILLIAMS, H. WILLIAMS, W. McCLUNG JOE MAYS ,.,.-...--■:■ .;- BOWERS Vice-President MAYS Secretary 7-i °OA " ' ' su ver Program DR. ROGERS Faculty Adviser COMMIHEE CHAIRMEN Mission Finance Fellowship Worship Social BROWN ADAMSON BEARD BURCH BURRELL BURT CASTELLAW GATES LIDDELL MEMBERS MANDEVILLE CHAMBERS GILLELAND FARRAR HENDERSON FIELDS HOLDT FORRER HULME FOWLER LIPSCOMB FUNDERBURK MANLEY NORRIS RUSHIN MARTIN ORR PARKER, G. R. PARKER, J. K. THOMASON WEEKS, L D. v.U .C CORA BELLE LANCASTBR Pr e i den-lr CABINET BANKS CARROLL, LANGFOKD.. C. LAVENDER. N S C U R.DV T u ' ! ! g p wtf Jorum RICE Vice-President NORRIS, W. F. President MEMBERS [ Founded by : and for the— ,] {- Students oP ( M-G.C. in arv i i el-ToT ' b to -- J i develop a deeper ' I inter esb iiv ' 1 publie speahinq KAROELL Secretary and Treasurer BOWERS GATES FARRAR GILLELANO KENDALL LIPSCOMB MANDEVILLE MILLICAN NUCKOLLS RUSHIN SELPH THOMASON TURNER WILLIAMS, H. G. WILSON WYNN I OFFICIAL ORGAN ap VOL.2 N0.5 OCT. 8, 19 35 BUGLER STAFF SELE THOMASON . folks i not her --r by IB tele- sosne one or my e Bugler ■ell, I ' ll tell you 1 Vio twitv , I ve ;-; out vonder R Doys been " ret " i " iroyo- o. It By popular vote the following have been selected to edit this year ' s " Bugler, " the official organ of North Georgia College. ALLEN THOMASON Editor-in-Chief WILLIAM F. NORRIS Business Manager 1 8t ACi;.. The Nugget first on» by point nrrRi score V 6 27 I .mr ride took :•-;- ;- them coul 1 NORRIS MANDERVILLE RUSHIN BOWERS President MEMBERS HOLTZCLAW KARDELL REX CLUB Founded at North Georgia College, 1917. MOTTO: The Wreath Is For Those Who Contend. COLORS: Gold and Black. FLOWER: Tuberose. BURCH Vice-President DISMUKES SKELTON, E. THOMASON TURNER WEEKS, D. ANDREWS BONNER, J. M. CATES FARRAR HOLCOMB, B. F. NUCKOLLS RICE PLEDGES SIGMA THETA Founded at North Georgia College, 1934. MOTTO: Semper Summum Bonum. COLORS: Blue and Gold. FLOWER: Orchid. BOOTH, D. MEMBERS t-« « - BEALL STREYER Treasurer CARLTON CHAMBERS DAVJS, C. M. MULLINS NORRIS, W. F. TEASLEy WATSON, W. KELLAR LAVENDER LUNDy McCURDY McDonald OGLESBX.. SAPPINGTON STROTHER Bm lErnnomta CARROLL President (Elub McDonald Secretary H LANCASTER H Treasurer MEMBERS BANKS FITTS HOUSLEy OGLESBY BARRETT GARRETT, F. B. KELLAR O ' SHIELDS CORDELL GARREH, J. KITCHINGS PURCELL CRAVEN GILBERT, B. LANE RIDEN COUCH GILBERT, V. LANGFORD, C. SEABOLT DRISKELL GLASS LAVENDER SMITH DYER HAMMOND MARTIN STANCIL EDWARDS HEAD McCURDY THOMSON ELLER HEMPHILL MOON THOMAS MOnO: ' Hold That Line. COLORS: Black and White. Founded at North Georgia College in- 1935, FLOWER: Cherry Blosson BOGGS Secretary and Treasurer SERGEANT McCONNELL Faculty Adviser HENDON Sergeant-at-Arms RUSSELL STEPHENSON STREVER » " " -% ' ' % yi U . U clte . yi iaAi Bostoft, Georgia SPONSOR, CYCLOPS yi Lu ( Ucft cys tao-vet Boston, Georgia SPONSOR, STUDENT BODY a-%1 «? ,. Tifton, Georgia SPONSOR, OFFICERS CLUB ■ - M yl lu ( iiitat JaL it att Jefferson, Georgia MISS N. G. C. •-- t: ' v -. ' -.SS5 --v. = yicM Jitaftita at aieu Thomasville, Georgia SPONSOR, COMPANY " A " 4 % f %i V,. 1 y y Lu =:: tcltu y atitket Fort Valley, Georgia SPONSOR, COMPANY " B " ■- - fSrfmR! ' " -lie. ¥ 2?f yiu t 7 Nicholson, Georgia SPONSOR, BAND ■ , Ellenwood, Georgia SPONSOR, STAFF , " -Mr,. MauIL ee Toccoa, Georgia SPONSOR, REX CLUB awet .«»» ' ?5i» K . «8fe: C McDonough, Georgia SPONSOR, SIGMA THETA LM Jafte avvLnatan ' ■ JI ' Ml r yyLu itc [f- ov Tacbulon, Georgia SPONSOR, SOPHOMORE CLASS nfl J w ' ■•. -. yl L ' u z i4vd l Ju yL Jonesboro, Georgia SPONSOR, Y. M. C. A. 1 .. ' .:; athletic; 7 AHiS year we have tried, with the wonderful help the entire student body, to place the Athletic Departme in a very definite position in the life of the college. In basketball, which is our major sport at N. G. C, v went to th e semi-finals in the State Junior College tourn ment held at Milledgeville. Immediately after the opening of the Spring Quart( baseball practice began. Approximately fifty candidat reported for the initial practice. After the first week tl team showed definite signs of whipping itself into fii shape and have enjoyed a very successful season. This year tennis has taken a more important place in tl athletic program of the college than heretofore. SingI and doubles tournaments have been held. The tennis coui have steadily become the most popular retreat on the cai pus. The Athletic Department has provided a well-round program of intramural athletics for women students. .t N. G. C. 1 effort to provide for the physical education of all co-eds ic program has been divided into four parts, namely: Gym, jnnis, Softball, and Horseshoes. The girls in each division smpete with one another, and field days for all are held t frequent intervals. For years it has been customary to have a " Military Day " ist preceding commencement. This year an " Athletic ay " was observed and on that day keen competition was ffered in the various track and field events for both cadets nd co-eds, including tennis matches, softball games, and lany other athletic recreations. Possibly the year hasn ' t brought forth as many victories I the various sports as could be hoped for, but nevertheless le true N. G. C. spirit has been self-evident at all times. It is the belief of the Athletic Department that this year as shown a marked improvement in the general athletic rogram of the college, and it is sincerely hoped that those rho have participated in any form of athletics this year lay in years to come derive a real benefit from their ex- eriences here. I BASKET MARTIN Center N. G. C. N. G. C. N. G. C. N. G. C. N. G. C. N. G. C. N. G. C. N. G. C N. G. C. SCHEDULE 36— Clarkesville Athletic Club 32 — Hiawassee College 28 — Hiawassee College 36— Monroe A. M. 16 — Monroe A. M. . 32— Piedmont College 61— Cleveland Athletic Club 32 — Piedmont College . . 35 — Brewton-Parker Institute WANSLEY, Captain Guard BALL UPCHURCH Forward N. G. C 39— Young Harris College N. G. C 36— West Georgia College . N. G. C 43— Clarkesville Athletic Club N. G. C 25 — Hiawassee College . . N. G. C 35 — Hiawassee College . . N. G. C 62— West Georgia College . THE. TOURNAMENT N. G. C 38 — Bowdon College . . . N. G. C 22 — Abraham-Baldwin College N. G. C 29 — Brevrton-Parker Institute . 4 WVNN Pitcher -- J 4 .3 DRANE First Base STEPHENSON Captain Outfield J . HENSON Second Base BASE SCHEDULE Piedmont April 17 Gordon April 22 Gordon April 23 West Georsia April 24 West Georsia April 25 Younq Harris April 28 y : OLIVER Third Base yH X V - f i ' ■ - OFF ' •»B V STRONG Pitcher . ALFORD Pitcher sr MURPHY Manager fa - ' ' . ' gg ' -. .. 1 LANE Shortstop •©- West Georsia May 1 West Georsia May 2 young Harris May 5 Piedmont May 9 Gordon May 16 Gordon May 17 HENDON Assistant Manager SNAP r Ken -Wit I (; .,;i» «S!...« M X. j| ' atH ii-i ? ' r - K • " -xl ' h» I K sttor5 A ' ' • .it t r |ar h 1 B« - , h-i ' M 1. Idii m ■T P 1 ' i JOE PHILLIPS FANCY and STAPLE GROCERIES CANDIES Dahlonega FRUITS Georgia Compliments of ZIMMER ' S MOUNTAIN LODGE Dahlonega Georgia Si 1 . " " 1- V- u Compliments of LIPSCOMB DRUG CO. PHONE 42 In Dahlonega Georgia CITY SHOE SHOP W. A. HOUSLEY, Proprietor " ON THE SQUARE " In Dahlonega Georgia ICE CREAM MEALS CANDY COLLEGE INN HOYT McCLURE, Proprietor " Where Friends Meet " for y POOL y FRUIT CIGARETTES DRINKS 4 ' ' tJiiV ' »(V ' - 1 m i ' l :— _3 |fi TIRES ACCESSORIES TUBES PALMER -GURLEY ACETYLENE WELDING BODY REPAIRS AUTOUOriVE AND WRECKER SERVICE Dahlonega ' Georgia JOHN H. MOORE SON Dry Goods Fancy and Staple Groceries MEAT MARKET SHOE DEPT. GENERAL MERCHANDISE it« I w T ' l:: ER ' S :.SS ' = .Ik- f We Serve WOOD ' S C[ CREIIM Soda Fount . =35 Candies ' . s ' [ [ s J!| Films Sold and Developed [ WOODY ' S BARBER SHOP West End Pressing Club HAROLD WEST, Proprietor SHAVES TRIMS TONICS HAIR CUTS MASSAGES ' We Clean Everything But Your Rifle and Your Sins " " Best in the County " Dahlonega -f Georgia LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING PRESSING °| Phone 25 1 Dahlonega Georgia 8l D n ocrzDo = o ' ( — »0 ' o ' oc::z o S Dahlonega - A tlanta BUS LIME A.M. P.M. Leave Dahlonega . . 8:00 4:00 Arrive Atlanta . . . 10:00 6:00 The BANK DAHLONEGA " A Bank You Can Bank On " Leave Atlanta . . . 8:00 3:00 Arrive Dahlonega . .12 Noon 7:00 Courtesy ' ■ Service ' Efficiency : oc o :=:7 oc::iDociz: oczzDoc A r ?inSP ' " imwi lii GOOD LUCK TO YOU ... Compliments of HENRY W. MOORE Dahlonega ' Georgia fl Compliments of JOHNNIE MOORE ' S SERVICE STATION CARS FOR HIRE Dahlonega Georgia SOOA OA R Wl-fH ' S VERf OH H. hAHH. P ' °P- dahu Ol tGA. GA. stuP ' - W„ Y » ' " ' " So Ions ' " " ' ' pleasant de oie Coo " " be cons-ie«d p vie o«s So . ■„ cteatn. out „,,ds ° ' ° ' . V0U- - - r ' ' " " !y ' ' oj - i5 ' - ' : ;: .f: ?v ' ' ' ' •v - ' A v € 5 ATLANTA z l tUttiH f THERE ARE MANY REASONS WHY SUCCESSFUL ANNUALS REQUIRE THE SERVICES OF EXPERIENCED AND EXPERT CRAFTSMEN FOOTE DAVIES CO. mMsm ATLANTA GEORGIA HAVE THESE SERVICES inti tlte $Hi}it necenatu cctKyottenti or alt tea I lu fine hook iHcludiiia A SPECIAL ANNUAL SALES AND SERVICE ORGANIZATION CREATIVE DESIGNERS AND LAYOUT ARTISTS • ABUNDANT EQUIPMENT . . . MODERN AND COMPLETE . PRICES REPRE- SENTING MAXIMUM IN VALUE II I If .- ' • ' ' a. ' ' I «0 ' ., - : ' ' 7 , 1- ' ' V ■ w 5k J •A » ■ ■ . T :H( ,;«. ■ . r ' ;= -iT. Si ' T?r v I 1 i- •■•- Ci - ■■ t.l ' - - ' ;j ? .i»j • ' i rrsitt ' , ■■:iiii

Suggestions in the North Georgia College - Cyclops Yearbook (Dahlonega, GA) collection:

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