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NORTH GEORGIA COLLEGE 3 0642 001 52 71 1 ■ ■.- ' ' J 3 j|- " Stefl»-e- IS» ■?s ?? -|S«ilSS ' ARCHIVES U428 C9 1929c, North Georgia Colleqe CYCLOPS ;i ,v Copyrighted, 1929 O. H. Monroe, Editor W. D. Evans, Business Managet 4 e 1929 Cyc]op5 ENloaCL VSS NcTtti Georgia Agricultural College Ca I FOREWORD If, in the clouded fu- ture, this volume should revive in you a single memory tinged with the sacredness of youth: or in any way preserve and extend the glorious tra- ditions of old Dahlon- ega, then its creation will have been justified. w m i! ' 4 ' ! ADMINISTRATION CLASSES MILITARY ORGANIZATIONS FRATERNITIES ATHLETICS FEATURES NUGGETS « t : To a man strong in con- victions, active in office and just in authority, this, the sixteenth volume of the Cyclops, is dedicated. Cap- tain Willis A. Hedden. sol- dier and gentleman, has been a worthy representative of his government in the zeal- ous and exemplary perform- ance of duty. To him is ac- corded the privilege of ter- minating his stay at this in- stitution w th a com plete as- surancc of having been its benefactor. AD INISTRATION I | €t fIops [■ Board of Trustees FROM THE UNIVERSITY BOARD E. R. Barrett Gainesville, Georgia George E. Maddox Rome, Georgia M. L. McWhorter Athens, Georgia »«Si w »»w ' ' M » w » ' ' M 1 il ' ' A. S. Hardy, Chairman Gainesville, Georgia J. F. Pruitt Dahlonega, Georgia ' . ■ John H. Moore Dahlonega, Georgia Dr. a. S. Caxtrell Dahlonega, Georgia S. C. DuNLAP Gainesville, Georgia M. L. DuGGAN, Stale Superintendent Education Atlanta. Georgia Lee McLaix Jasper, Georgia G. B. Walker Alpharetta, Georgia R. H. Baker, Secretary and Treasurer Dahlonega, Georgia N. L. 1 ankersley, President Alumni Association Ellijay, Georgia t ' tii 1 v7( rrn « i H l«WNf % » « »VN» V M » « » Faculty and Officers Charles M. Snellixg, A.M., Sc.D. Chancellor of the L niversity John W. West, A.M. W. L. Ash, A.B. President Professor of English W. E. Sawyer, A.M. Professor of Education J. C. Barnes, B.S. P. D. Bush, A.M. Professor of Mathematics Professor of English and Psychology Andrew W. Cain. A.M. Registrar ; Professor of Social Sciences Benjamin P. Gaillard. A.M., Ph.D. Bertie M. McGee, A.M. jf Professor of Physics and Geology Professor of Business Science and ■f .Administration ( Capt. W. a. Hedden, Inf. (D.O.L.) , Professor of Military Science and Tactics I Capt. Raymond C. Hamilton, Inf. Sgt. Richard S. McConnell, Inf. t (D.O.L.) (D.E.M.L.) Assistant P. M. S. Is T. Assistant P. M. S. C5f T. Faculty Advisor The Cyclops p. M. Hutcherson, B.S.C. Adjunct in Commerce C. C. Jarrard, A.B. Irene Moore Modern Languages Home Economics E. N. Nicholson, B.S.Agr. Professor of A griculture H. Head, M.D. College Physician W. I. Short, B.S.E.M. F. Angelberg Professor of Mining Engineering Director of the Band Elias B. Vickery, A.m. Professor of Latin and Literature Miles C. Wiley, B.S., A.B. Miss Mattie Cr. ' vig Professor of Chemistry Librarian , , ,j i M ' ii ' winr_ .f " f ' i ' rr i - f- - " i ' ' - • - " f -. w i i» » " ii ' ii %i i»« ( W [ V w wM ' V km «i :■ Paye Twelve ' » ' " » «i ' -!A:, »y ijtf ' " -«Vhi» ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' . ' • ' ■■ V- ' ' ' »M» P» i V V ' M» ' » V ' » ' -- " - ' ' |ypMM V ta« mf it » mij ti i i , t f0 m y. I : ; : Y ' jniijTj i _nvr i r i ' i n i " i ii i f " i ' " i ' r ' iii f ' f ' |- Pafic Thirtrin 1 9 I! 11 „f :- f.-» ;v r)«i ;« 5c ' wA ' %rt ' » ' W » ' . f r % x »AW»V ' : ■: ] Cpclops [ ' » i « i N» i i ' ' M A M ' M»V Ti Cyclops Staff O. H. MoXROE, Ed ' ttor-m-Chlef A. C. LaNKFORD, Assistant Edttor-in-Chief W. D. EvAXS, Business Miinager W. C. Ferguson, Assistant Business Manager J. J. Meeks, Advertising Manager W. D. Patterson, Athletic Editor l. S. Knight, Photograph Editor R. W. Kell, Associate Editor J. S. Tankersley, Associate Business Manager »» gf «yi « i ' i jyM a »1 l « » » 1 IT 2 il «ii i»W ' i i M :■ i Pose Fourteen - CLASSES I H 0i » k0 0t m mtt i i ■: ; i. k ■■ ■: William DeFoor Patterson ' , E.M. n K A Atlanta, Georgia President M (2) ; Football (2, 3, 4) ; Boxing (3, +) ; Corporal Company " A " (2); Sergeant Company " A " (3); First Lieutenant Company " A " (4); Debating Council (2, , 4) ; Inter-Collegiate Debater (2) : Secretary Class (2) (3) ; Secretar ' Student Bodv (3); Vice-President Class (4); Officers ' Club (4): " D " Club (2, 3. 4); Annual Staff (4); Editor Ricochet (3); Glee Club (2); President Mining Club (4). Edna Frances Smith, A.B.Ed. 2 A n Dahlonega, Georgia Corona Hedera (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Secretary- Corona {2) ; Vice-President Corona (3) ; Poet (2) ; Manager Co-Ed Basket-ball (2) ; Financiers ' Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Ricochet Staff (3); Buccaneers (3); Declamation Medal (2); Basket-ball (4); Domestic Science Diploma (3) ; Sponsor " A " Company, Football and Basket-ball (4). Joseph Ralph Hitchcock, E.M. n K A Covington, Georgia M (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Mining Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Football (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Basket-ball (l, 2, 3, 4); Captain Football (4); Captain Basket-ball (4); Corporal Company " A " (2) ; First Sergeant Company " A " (3) ; Captain Company " A " (4) : " D " Club ( I, 2, 3, 4) ; Student Council (2) ; Secretary-Treasurer M (3) ; Winner Tate Pro- ficiency Award (3); President Student Bodv (4): Secretary Social Calendar (4); Officers ' Club (4). ' 0t t t : m w n ii m0 ¥ 0K ' ' 1 H U H M W N MO ! ! Poffe Eighteen I»» » l l » « t -| Cptlopg { w i »M i N iM M O. H. Monroe, A.B. 2 N Cartersville. Georgia M (3, 4) ; Company " B " ( I ) ; Indoor Rifie Team ( i ) ; Junior Class Poet (3) ; Associate Editor Ricochet {3) ; Senior Class Poet (4) ; Editor-in-Chief Cyclops (4). LiLLiAX Fay Ua is, B.S.C. Dahlonega. Georgia Financiers ' Club (2, 3, 4) ; Corona Hedera (i, 2, 3, 4) ; President Corona Hedera (2, 4) ; Vice-President Corona (3). : ■■ ■ ■ : • ; : Arthur Carroll Laxkford, B.S.C. 5 N Pearson, Georgia M (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Financiers ' Club (2, 3, 4) ; Band (2) ; Color Sergeant (3) ; Second Place Competitive Drill (2); Indoor Rifle Team (2); Secretary-Treasurer ' I " M (2) ; Vice-President i I (4) ; President Financiers ' Club (3) ; Secretary-Treas- urer Financiers ' Club (4) ; Tennis Team (2, 3, 4) ; Basket-ball (2, 4) : Tennis Club (4) ; Forensic Council (4) ; Orchestra (4) ; Oflicers ' Club (4) ; Assistant Editor Cyclops (4) ; Captain N. G. A. C. Track Team Camp McClellan, Ala., 1928; Cap- tain and Drum Major Band (4) ; Captain Band and Staff Track Team (3). K w »i i N » iH n Mi »» 00 0 t 4 19 9 ii 0m0 0 0t l l Pnijc Miu ' trvn H » M»»»« % W M r ■■iJ0 V 0 W kf M» iMi I ; Everett Callaway Jordan, B.S.C. Tift on. Georgia Decora Palaestra (1,2, 3, 4) ; Financiers ' Club { I, 2, 3, 4) ; First Place Individual Competitive Drill (i, 2) ; Indoor Rifle Team (2, 3) ; Corporal Company " A " ( i ) ; Color Sergeant {2, 3) ; Battalion Major (4) ; Officers ' Club (4). Wanda Jones, Post Graduate Dahloiiega. Georgia Clyne Edward Woody, B.S.C. Rex Sarah, Georgia Financiers ' Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Rifle Team (i, 2, 3, 4) ; " D " Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Sergeant Company " B " (2) ; Staff Sergeant (3) ; Captain Company " B " (4) ; Presi- dent Financiers ' Club (3, 4) ; Vice-President Financiers ' (2) ; Pan-Hellenic Council (4) ; Secretary-Treasurer Class (4) ; Vice-President OflScers ' Club (4) ; Vice-Presi- dent " D " Club (3) ; Manager Rifle Team (3). t m t» 0 1328 :• ■■ ■■ » K» »»|Hli i » » H» Paije Twentii M M»«W ' % «» IM» % Cpclops [ J » m tti l »» ' i m r i f k ii A i » »i rf »i J ii % «»AM i»V ' ' » m » »«M imO William D. Evans, B.S.C. n K A U (ulley, Gtorir! ! Second Lieutenant Company " B " (4) ; Football (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Basket-ball (3, 4) ; President Senior Class (4) ; Treasurer Junior Class (3) ; Treasurer Financiers ' Club (3) ; Vice-President Financiers ' Club (4) ; " D " Club ( i, 2, 3, 4) ; Officers ' Club (4) ; Treasurer (Officers ' Club (4) ; Business Manajier C ' ' Cl.oi ' S (4). :• ■■■ I LA Stargel, B.S. Dahlrjiiega, Georgia : : Mark E. Thompson ' , B.S. n K A Dahlonega, Georgia President Sub-Freshman Class, ' 24- ' 25 ; Student Council (i); Rifle Team (i, 2, 3, 4) ; $ M (i, 2, 3, 4) ; " D " Club (1,2, 3, 4) ; Secretary and Treasurer Class (i) ; Sergeant Company " B " (i) ; Class President (2) ; Secretary and Treasurer J M (2) ; Manager Rifle Team (2): President Non-Com ' s Club (2); Sergeant Major (2); Drum Major (2) : Staff (2) ; Class President (3) ; Debating Council (3) ; Captain Rifle Team (3); Battalion Supply Sergeant (3); President Officers ' Club (4); Captain Rifle Team (4) ; President I M (4) ; Debating Council (4) ; Lieutenant Colonel, Battalion Commander, (4). - ' bg?»«Spg,-J»» iaflktimA»l 0 0» lm0 Page TtceHtu-onc f •: ; V MM P ' MtM ' MMWN ] Cpclopg { n m ¥ 0»t f tk 0 0mt r 0 f t tt% 0 : Jerome Davis Giddens, B.S. 2 N Kirkland, Georgia M (i, 2, 3, 4); Corporal Company " A " (2); Sergeant Company " A " (3); Lieutenant Company " A " (4) ; Forensic Coimcil {3, 4) ; Manager Forensic Council (4) ; Inter-Collegiate Debater (3, 4) ; Secretary-Treasurer $ M (3) ; and President D M (4) ; Officers ' Club (4). Lois Audra Anderson, A.B.Ed. Buckhead, Georgia Corona Hedera (2) : Basket-ball (2, 3, 4) : Most Attractive Co-Ed (2, 3) ; Rico- chet Staff (3) ; Financiers ' Club. WiLBORN Cobb Ferguson, E.IVL n K A Cariersville, Georgia M (3, 4) ; Mining Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; " D " Club (2, 3. 4) ; Fi t Sergeant Com- pany " B " (3) ; First Lieutenant Staff (4) ; Manager Football Team (4) ; Class His- torian (3) ; Officers ' Club (4) ; Rifle Team (2, 3, 4) ; Assistant Business Manager Cyclops (4). K »»»» I Mi »» «l ■ 1929 0 0t f» » 0 Page Ttcentihtwo MWMN MMM » «lAlWNf% i Cp clops ( % %«l »» i iM»W IH » Robert Clavborx Meaders, Jr., B.S. 5 N Dahlouf a. Georgia M (l, 2, 3, 4) : Rifle Team (1,2. 3, 4) ; Secretary M (i, 2) ; " D " Club (2, 3, 4): Corporal Company " B " (3); First Lieutenant Staff (4); Tennis Team (2, 3, 4) ; Manager Tennis Club (4) ; Officers ' Club (4) ; Senior Class Historian. Virgin Queen Dyer, A.B. Dahlonega, Georgia Corona Hedera ( I, 2, 3, 4) ; Highest Proficiency in Sewing ( i ) ; Domestic Science Diploma (2) ; Secretary and Treasurer Corona Hedera (4) ; Basket-ball (4). : ■■ ■ : ■ : ; Morris Spencer Knight, E.M. Social Circle, Georgia Decora Palaestra (l, 2, 3, 4); President Decora (4); Corporal Company " B " (2) ; Sergeant Major Staff (3) ; First Lieutenant and Battalion Adjutant (4) : Offi- cers ' Club (4) ; Mining Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Photograph Editor Cyclops (4). Paoe Tirentiitlircv - 192 9 ' ki Mt M ' MM t % » V i M» » i H M ■ : ' : : : ' MM f P MM Nf P MM f P W ' Vera Catherine West, B.S.C. AVv, Alahaina Vice-President Corona Hedera Literary Society (2); Secretary and Treasurer Corona (i, 3) ; Financiers ' Club (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Home Economics Certificate (3). Price C. Cochrax, A.B. Dahlonega, Georgia Corporal Company " A " (3) ; Staff Sergeant Company " B " (4). Mrs. Guy Waddell, A.B. Education Deerfield. Flnrid i , t i t¥» 0 lt f»0¥ 0 0t l f f t l Page Tivcntii-four ' ■ ib ww ' V M»MN « ' » i Cpclops [ » V M M i»»i iK Pope Barrow, Jr., B.S.C. Norcross, Georgia Football (i, 2, 3, 4) ; " D " Club (2, 3) : Financiers " Club, (i, 2, 3, 4) ; Officers ' Club (4) ; First Lieutenant Special Weapons Platoon (4). Ethel Brannon, A.B. Poivder Springs, Georgia Corona Hedera (2, 3, 4) ; Home Economics. : ' . ■ ■ Guy Waddell, B.S. Agriculture Deerfielil. Florida page Tteenty-ftrc 19 9 f — r - | «- - ' » " ■; in m m m0 0 a0 1 Senior Class History That cynic who defined college-bred as a four-year loaf never attended school at Dahlonega. For loafing, as Cohen would say, " is the very thing we ' se did every- thing else besides. " In each sixteen hours allotted us, and for four years at that, we have crowded twenty hours of activity, Now look at us! But it was worth it. From fuzzy wrap puttees to shining leather; from rusty Springfield to rattling sabre; from brass collar ornaments to silver tabs; from blissful ignorance to a not-so-blissful real- ization of our total insignificance, we ha-ve graduated. To attempt a history of these survivors is an heroic task ; To hazard a prophecy would be sheer speculation. Through four years of varying fortunes, constant change and not infrequent distraction we have fought (pardon the self-felicitation) a good fight. Coming in with a new administration, aiding in the foundation of its policies, and leading a never-constant student body in its activities have been our diversions. And have the best four years of our lives been spent successfully ? We hope so. At any rate they were pleasantly profitable. For, discounting the book lore we may have acquired, much has been gleaned from the laboratory of life during our daily . experiments. If four years of effort have turned but a single page in the book of human ' conduct, they were well worth while. Successful ? Why certainly. When we shall be content to bask in the soft light 1 of memories, in that time of life between tattoo and taps, the keenest delight of all will come from youth, lived again. And so, as outgoing seniors, we find it woefully inadequate to bid the customary J ' farewells. We think we appreciate Dahlonega, and what it has meant and will mean to us, but really we do not. The passing of each year will, in a measure, add to the never ceasing regard certain to be felt. Friendships, as sacred as holy writ, and per- haps associations dearer still, will be our exceeding great reward. Robert C. Meaders, Historian. If e seem to pause upon the verge ot lite, A self-important little group of those Whose infant efforts are about to be Crowned uith man-made laurel. No doubt or fear assails us as ice stand. Unmindful, by a stream of hidden depth; No stones have bruised our feet, no jagged Rocks the tutored hands have gashed. Blithely ice embark on fragile craft, , In search of something by ourselves unknoicn. May God preserve a spark of that Which lights so gloriously our taking-olf. Until its flickering beams shall gtoic I ' pon a broken hulk, returning slow. X id CZ id M ii t t»mi k0 t it i m0 0 0 ' ■ Pagc Tieenti six w h. W L_ J B ' ' . 1 1 Li 1 1 1 ifl I ' Jj T Hj ! Qjunior ' SI f : , » »«MW N» M Mi » M» M i» ■: : William J. Green, E.M. 2 N Clavtoii. Georgia Kathleen ' O ' Kelley, B.S.C. Noi ' cross, Georgia Dennis B. Carroll, A.B. Grayson, Georgia Evabelle Whelchel, B.SC. MiirrayviUc, Georgia I Cptlops { »i wM wii » » » MwwN» »% ' M » » »« Augustus R. Housley, B.S.C. Dahloiiega. Georgia Lamar M. Ellard, B.S.C. REX Cornelia. Georgia Hugh G. Cheek, A.B. Lazi ' rencez ' ille, Georgia J.smes L. Moore, B.S.C. 2 N Dahlonega. Georgia a f mn iH»i % ii— i i i ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ Page Tweniy-cight -wV MN - w AMi i m k V ■■■ ; Thomas H. Ragsdale, B.S.C. n K A Dallas, Georgia Leola CowN, A.B. Loganvillc, Georgia Robertson L. Malone, E.M. 2 N Mansfield, Georgia Edith BowEN, A.B. 2 A n Stockbridgc, Georgia Cpclops [ ti ) » m » i V ' M Mi t m m df John J. Meeks, E.M. Gainesville, Georgia J. Walter TipPENs, A.B. Canton, Georgia Richard W. Kell, E.M. S X Decatur, Georgia Charles P. Maddox, B.S. Hoscliton, Georgia i ■ ■ ■ »iM ■w W QZB «W » i w»i » ' » w Paf e Ttcenty-iiine p » M »V « M » l W » ] Cpclopg I r %«M»MN» MM»«WN» »« ■: ■: ■; ■: :■ George L. Burden, A.B. Daniclsvillc, Georgia RUBYE M. Smith, B.S.C. 2 A n Dahlonega, Georgia Ralph C. Price, B.S.C. GrifHn, Georgia Berta Davis, A.B. Dahlonega, Georgia n , m » 0 » » n t iK mm 1 029 . XDRE V C. HUTCHENS, K.M. Winder, Georgia Paul G. Jones, B.S.C. Ltila Georgia Ernest C. Harrison, B.S. Bethlehem, Georgia Malcolm C. Kennemore, A.B. Cuniming, Georgia 0t 0»0 0 k0 0t it f¥ im Page Thirtii M «W ' ' M »» " " " »» " " ■; ■ : ■ James A. Abercrombie, B.S.C. Dahlonega, Georgia LlLA Luck, Special Red Oak, Georgia Elswick C. Keith, B.S.C. Eton, Georgia Olin C. Dellinger, B.S. Bishop, Georgia I Cptlops [ WM» M » WlAM » i » » M : John W. Haynes, . .B. Ed. Clermont, Georgia F.nw . RD B. Barrett, B.S.C. Danielsiilte, Georgia James S. Tankersley, B.S.C. n K A Ellijay, Georgia JljHN C. Driskell, B.S. Gainesville, Georgia ■■ :• X tl H » n t f f t 0 Ptifje Thirtff-one ifi mt t t m0mt f m ttk0 u t ■ ■ : ■: ' Junior Class History When we matriculated as freshmen in September of 1926, things seemed dark indeed for a season. We were strangers in a strange land. But as time passed, and we gathered about us a circle of friends, a love for N. G. A. C. grew and grew. Our class, by far the largest in college, was soon organized and work began in earnest. Nine months passed quickly and we ceased to be frosh, a polite term for objects of good-natured ridicule. I Three pleasant months brought us back as sophomores, one step nearer our goal ' and filled with renewed determination. A few familiar faces were missing, but there were many new ones to fill the gaps. It was indeed a pleasure to be able to look down ■ I upon the insignificant freshmen and to exhibit casual disdain for such purile beings. ' The Sophomore ' ear passed rather slowly, for it was filled with genuine work. But when at last it was gone, all those hours of toil were forgotten in the joy of a thing , accomplished. ' Another step toward a goal had been taken and we found ourselves upper-classmen, juniors. When we gathered for the third year our number had dwindled from eighty- seven to thirty-four, but zealous initiative was even stronger. Our Junior Year has been a glorious one, and as it fast draws to a close, we may look upon it with a sense of pride. Soon it will have gone, and although we watch its passing with regret, we realize that its disappearance brings us to the last lap. When the present Junior Class has passed forever, except from the minds of its members and contemporaries, may we never forget the bonds of friendship that have been slowly but strongly welded through daily toil. The goal is in sight; one more year and we will have gone out into the world. ] Iany of us will be separated forever, but those pleasant experiences we have enjoyed together will forever link our lives — in memories. J. S. TaNKERSLEY, Historian. ' ■ « 4 MM» WNMMI»N MW ' ' i M ' ' I ' luje Thirty-two omore I J »MN M V |i « M tj f : ) Cpclopg ( " « lAMN p « tAM« MM«4% Sophomore Class Officers Richard S. McConnell Presiilent George T. Crowder J ' in -President Fred B. Wilkixs Secrelitry and Treasunr ROLL AxDERsox, E. L. Land, R. D. Ashe, H. E. Letsox, S. H. Bell, H. W. Logax, C. E. Camp, R. J. Loughridge, Wright Cox, Naxxie M. McCoxxell, R. S. Crowder, G. T. McCurry, S. J. Dyer, Glaxca McGarity, J. W. Edwards, R. L. Owen, R. D. Glasure, a. H. Ponder, H. M. Goble, W. E. Quillian, W. H. Green, W. J. Reed, E. D. Haley, O. K. Richardson, R. K. Hawkins, F. W. Sanders, Irene Haydex, S. p. Shultz, Fannie Lee Head, Helen Siler, W. C. Hodgson, R. D. Smith, H. L. HoLLis, T. W. Smith, Rubye HousLEY, A. R. Taylor, B. R. Jackson, A. L. Taylor, G. H. Jarrard, E. G. Trussell, F. E. Jones, Frances Walker, C. C. Keith, J. G. Walters, R. M. WiLKINS, F. B. ' : :• ■ ■ ' I : I ' nifi- ' I flirt if- fir t V » » M M » ju i M § - f t I n.m-r jTn iafnu j ' i-i i.fUuu j1j- -j f ■■■ ; ■ 1929 ■■ ■■■ Page Thirty-six ■i M i % M» WN % » M«» : ■ ] Cpclops [ i M» V M»» i » ■ ■ t,.r.uxi_ M Ji ji nrrii-i r - ' 13 3 • i if i ui ' it ' ' - ' ' ' ' -- ' Page Thirtu-seven ■: ■ f» i»«i»»» tf p»iii M i» p A» » 1 |i Yi r T rt tt I V » M»M »»i M M m Sophomore C ass History As historian of the Sophomore Class of the North Georgia Agricultural College, it becomes my duty and privilege to extend to you a brief narrative of its activities. It affords extreme pleasure to stop a moment and recall the past of this class. When we emerged from the narrow confines of rathood to the broader and clearer atmosphere of the Sophomore Class, we no longer beheld things through a glass, darkly. And remarkable indeed are the records made in the educational, military, athletic and social life of this group. In military. Manager Camp has " it, " for he is rated the best-drilled cadet on College Hill. McGarity, McCurry and Owen starred on the football team. In basket-ball we have Owen, while Hodgson is coach of the freshman quintet. Helen Head is Captain and forward par excellence of the Co-Eds. We are glad, too, that this class has been able to ccjntribute a manager for each of the major sports. McCurry, Captain of the Company " B " boxing team, is an able pugilist, while " Peanut " Richardson holds the school bantamweight title. We boast of A. L. Jack- .son, who has won distinction, not only on the local cinder path but on those of other colleges in cross-country and distance events. It ma - also be remarked that he has been ery successful in his campus course. In debating, we have discovered embryo Websters and Henrys galore. As our crowning distinction we offer R. S. McConnell, who, beyond a doubt, is the biggest sergeant on the campus. In the face of the interest that has been shown, it is reasonable to conclude that the influence of this group will be an active agent in the promotion of better student activities. We have put on the full chivalric uniform of advancement and now stand " four square to all winds. " Our desire is to reach that which we have not yet attained. The victory is ours, although it will not be won in a day or in a year. We are approaching graduation step by step, day by day. " Hciiven is not reached at a siiigli hound. But ice build the ladder by uhich we rise From the loivly earth to the vaulted skies, And ice mount to the summit, round by round. " Alton H. Gl.ASURE, Historian. 132 3 ■ , ■ ' ' ■■ :■ Paae Thirtvelglit f » w« «M ■IM »M P KMWW l i « » ll% ' V » «MM » ' tAA « P «l wO Freshmcvi Class Officers T. L. Waters President W. J. (1RK J ' ice-President Martha Holt Secretary and Treasurer ROLL achesox, f. w. Ash, H. L. Avery, Ida Ayres, J. S. BoLixG, F. L., Jr. Broo m, L. A. Burden, Florence burnette, j. d. Burton, W. G. Chapman, Fannie Lou Chastain, J. R. Cochran, Cecil Davis, J. E. Derrick, W. S. Dickey, B. M. Freeman, O. G. Freeman, T. AL Futral, J. L. Goss, C. E. Green, T- A. Griffin, T. W. Griffin, R. A. Hames, G. p. Hammond, Walter Harris, C. L. Harrison, E. O. Hawthorne, Frances Helmer, C. p. Holt, ] L rtha Huff, E. T- HUSKIN, B. O. IvEV, E. W. Johnson, J. T. Johnston, E. F. jolley, c. w. KlMZE , I. R. Lankford, H. L Lee, L. S. Leverette, G. O. Maxwell, T. L. Mayes, Cora Mae McDaniel, W. D. McElreath, H. p. McKee, Adelaide McLeroy, ' yndetta Montgomery, G. G. Nelms, G. C. Palmour, W. C. Parks, P. E. Peacock, L. S. Powell, J. C. Prichard, R. L. Sadler, ]. W. Shaw, W. A. Shope, T. B. Short, W. C. Southwell, Ruby Stegall, C. E. Stephens, H. A. Sudderth, J. R. Taylor, Carol Thompson, Harrison TipPENS, Mae Trussell, H. L. Walker, J. " ' . Waters, T. L. Williams, J. B. Wisdom, O. T. Wood, E. O. Wood, W. W. Wright. Newton ' ORK, W. J. i 1 9 : U »»| »» ' W » ' » » ' ' Page Forty-one f : ■: ■ : ■ ■: • » » » » V M «M M»MW j Cpclopg (- ikM»M MIw» »«AM t t : B2b iii N»» »i »» » »» il» »»i a » w ■ ' 1 Zi H » i »» K» % |» i »»i » » i » t Page Forty-two tM ' M S ' OMN W MN i N tlOpfif | l « »«Mi » I H WMKMi i MMMri ' ■ Page Forty-three :■ I : tt f- 0 0t ' l f t i a d a kt H i ¥i kf 0 tt ' i 0¥ 0 0t m » IH »t »M »WN « »MN i »«l »lMN f ip A A f «« W C ' Mxw ' V ' I km ' V ' Mmw ' V ' ■ . Freskma i Class History It must be admitted that on September 18, 1928, when our band assembled at N. G. A. C, we were a motley-looking crowd. The onl - common qualities were freshness and extreme verdanc.v. It took us only a few days, however, to redeem an apparent itrnominy by real, honest-to-goodness activity. The sophomores bothered us but little ( ?) due to our superiority of numbers. ' ou could usually find us mixed up in any excitement that was begun — and we initiated quite a bit of it ourselves. For a few weeks our watchword was " Belts and Shoe- shines. " Our favorite pastimes, as taught by upper-classmen, were " Submarine " and " Treeing the Fox. " These trifles, however, were forgotten in the anxiety and worry which resulted from our search for an effective hair tonic, for we, like many other poor sheep, were earl - led up for the shearing. ' After getting into the hum of things the Freshman Class took on a li ely spirit and began to make itself manifest in all leading phases of college life. From the very beginning, our class showed a special aptitude for cutting classes and avoiding O. D. ' s and certain other dignitaries considered so necessary by our peers. In fact the entire faculty looked askance at our capers, awaiting each new move with fearful anxiety. We feel sure from everyday happenings in math, English, history and other subjects that we are blessed with men who will later in life become doctors, lawyers, senators and what-nots — probably the latter — of note. On the athletic field we early gained renown. The Freshman Class furnished splendid material both for the football and basket-ball squads, to say nothing of track, baseball, boxing and other sports. ' We have tried to live up to the standard of good sportsmanship and play the game ' of life fairly, whether on athletic field or in lecture room. If the present group continues as it has begun, there are wonderful possibilities in store for the Class of 1932. Adelaide McKee, Historian. ' :• Page Fortii-fuiir M I LI TAPvY » WN» » « WM » M r» N» » « I Cpclopsi h . i M»»WN V «M»»MN» Cadet Staff n fid Colors Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Mark E. Thompson Cadet Major Everett C. Jordan Cadet First Lieutenant Morris S. Knight Cadet First Lieutenant Robert C. Meaders Cadet First Lieutenant W. Cobb Ferguson Cadet Sergeant I Lajor A. L. Jackson Cadet Private Fred B. Wilkins Cadet Color Sergeant R. J. Camp Cadet Color Sergeant W. E. Loughridge Cadet Private R. L. Edwards ■■■ ■ I ' li i I ' lily-seven 13 2 9 H » 0 0t l t t f 0 t t i ' I r « n « i »o»M ' S ' W»M V» ■; ■ ■: ■ ] Cpclops [ ' t M NI P ' MMMNfV ' MMW i 5 r Personnel OFFICERS AND NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Arthur C. Lankford Captain J. R. Mason First Sergeant Ralph D. Owex Sergeant R. D. Land Corporal E. D. Reed Corporal i i K [ W ii »»» » H i w X " Cm l ■ ' ■ Page Forty-eight « lM»M I« M i» i %»M ■ V ■; ; : ] Cpclops [ ■ Ash, H. L. burtox, w. g. Derrick, W. S. Freemax, T. M. Harris, C. L. Hayden, S. p. Huff, Ernest Band PRIVATES Joi.i.v, C. W. Lee, L. S. Leverette, G. O. Lunsford, C. D. quili.ian, w. h. Short, W. C. Shultz, Carl Stegall, C. E. ■ ■ ;■ Page Forty-nine i n mmft i i} CZ ayjai N V j» »» «i » »N » » w » W »«» M |» W» M f f J ' m t i0) t » M« i m ■: ■: Company ' ' " Personnel OFFICERS AND NOxN-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS CL-iNE E. Woody Captain James L. Moore First Lieutenant William D. Evans Seeuml Lieutenant Lamar M. Ellard First Serf;eant Price C. Cochran Staff Sergeant Paul G. Jones Staff Sergeant Harold L. Smith Sergeant Richard W. Kell Sergeant James W. Aeercrombie .... Corporal Dennis B. Carroll Corporal Hugh G. Cheek Corporal John C. Driskell Corporal Charles P. Maddox Corporal Thomas H. Ragsdale Corporal J. Walter Tippens Corporal James S. Tankersley . Corporal 0 0 » 0 w » % i H H : : Page Fifty M » MM iM tt r ■ ]■ Anderson, E. L. Bell. H. W. boling, f. l. Chastain, J. R. Goss, C. E. Griffin, R. A. GOBLE, W. E. Glasure, a. H. Hodgson, R. D. Mollis, T. V. Hames, G. p. Harrison, E. O. Haley, O. K. Jarrard, E. G. KiMZEV, I. R. Company " B ' ' PRIVATES Lankford, H. M. Logan, C. E. McCurry, S. J. Martin, L. T. Montgomery, G. G. Nelms, G. C. Parks, P. E. Palmour, W. C. Prichard, R. L. Shope, T. B. Taylor, B. R. Taylor, G. H. Thompson, N. C. Trussell, H. L. Trussell, F. E. ■ :■ Wood, E. M. O ' ' ' ' ' I ' nge Fillyone 1929 • M M« % C » »M»M»i » M ' WN» » »«»» ■ ■■■ M » )i «MXW»l »«M M i Company " A ' ' ' ' Persojwel OFFICERS AND NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Joseph R. Hitchcock Captain William D. Patterson First Lieutenant Jerome D. Giddens Second Lieutenant Pope Barrow, Jr Second Lieutenant John W. McGaRITY First Sergeant Elswick C. Keith Staff Sergeant George L. Burden Sergeant Robertson L. Malone Sergeant Edward B. Barrett Corporal OlIN C. DellINGER Corporal William J. Green Corporal Ernest C. Harrison Corporal Augustus R. Housley Corporal Andrew C. Hutch ens Corporal Malcolm C. Kennemore Corporal Ralph C. Price Corporal ■ ■ m t0 tti n 0 1 H a iT tt » WN»NV»»% »i » » »i » t rnflr FiftV-lwo ■■A XW N »«t »M i M M y ' ' F Company ' ' " PRIVATES Ashe, H. E. Broom, L. A. burnette, j. l. Cochran, Cecil Crowder, G. T. Davis, J. E. DicKEV. B. M. Edwards, R. L. Freeman, O. G. Futral, J. L. Green, J. A. Griffin, J. W. Hammond, W. C. h elmer, c. p. huskin, b. o. Johnson, J. T. Johnston, E. L. Keith, J. G. McDaniel, W. D. McElreath, H. p. Richardson, R. K. Shaw, W. D. SiLER, W. C. SUDDERTH, J. R. Stephens, H. A. Waters, T. L. Walters, R. ] L Walker, J. Y. Wood, W. V. Williams, J. B. Wright, G. N. ' 0RK, W. J. I :■ ■, ■ I ' lnjv Fifty thrve - 1 iI2 U » m t p K ' t » » ■ ■■ ; I Cpclopg [ Professors of Military Science and Tactics Willis A. Heuden Captain Injantry, D. U. L. Professor Military Science anil Tactics Raymond C. Hamilton Captain Infantry. D. (). L. Assistant Professor Military Science and Tactics Richard S. McConnell Sergeant Infantry, D. E. M. L. Assistant Professor Military Science and Tactics ■■ 0« l »0 0 k0 0t l mm 0 ¥ 0 t t 0 K X il £« zl » N»NV»» i W «» « » O . ■ Paye Fifty-four ..„_ — sftB — ORGANIZATIONS ■ i. ' i ulw » » » »» M»» W i » « •: ■: ' ] Cpclops { f t l mt 0 t fmt f m 0iy Officers " Club Petitioning Scabbard and Blade LlEUTENAXT IMoRRIS S. KxiGHT LlEUTEXANT RoBERT C. MeaDERS LiEUTEXAXT James L. Moore LlEUTEXAXT W. C. FeRCUSOX Captaix J. R. Hitchcock Major E. C. Jordan Lieutenant Colonel Mark E. Thompson-, President Captaix Clvxe E. Woody, J ice-President Captaix Arthur C. Lankford LlEUTEXANT W. D. PaTTERSON Lieutenant J. D. Giddens Lieutenant W. D. Evans, Secretary and Treasurer ■■■ ' K i i f M i aaK i w W 192 9 Pnfic riftti Kcrrii MXWN V MtH MXMNI N The Milling Club AffiUateil li ' ith Ainericiin hislitulc of i Iining anil Metallurgical Engineers ■■ OFFICERS AViLLiAM D. Patterson ' President Richard W. Kell Vice-President Richard S. McConXELL .... Secretary and Treasurer ROLL Ashe, H. E. Ferguson, W. C. Green, W. J. Harrison, E. O. Hitchcock, J. R. HuTCHENS, A. C. Keith, J. G. Knight, l. S. LOUGHRIDGE, W. E. Malone, R. L. IMcCoNNELL, R. S. Meers, J. J. Parks, P. E. Short, W. C. Shiretzki, R. B. SiLER, W. C. Stegall, C. E. Walters, R. AL HONORARY MEMBERS Professor . W. Short, Director School of Mines Captain W. A. Heduen, P. M. S. c? T. Garland Peyton, Research Engineer, American Copper Company M W »»ii ' W iW »% »i « j 1 aas MI MN MM - ■■ ■■■ ■ i Pnfic Fifty-eight iM»»» N V MN »M« P N » I Cpclops h- t «M % «AA«WN ' %p« ■ :■ ■ ■■■ I ■: ■ ■ Page Fifty-nine 132 9 m ' f » 0 »t 0 l » tf f ■: : ■: : a M«M« P tAlWN M«lMNf f Cpclopfi [ % M M »V i M»M ■ V K l ' tM Ph Mil Literary Society OFFICERS J. D. GiDDENS President A. C. Lankford J ' ke-President W. D. Patterson Secretary and Treasurer R. C. MeadeRS Literary Critic R. S. McCoN ' NELL . . . IJilfnurrjiis Critic • ACHESOX, F. W. ROLL Land, R. U. ' Edwards, R. L. Malone, R. L. ' FUTRAI,, J. L. Monroe, O. H. Ferglsox, W. C. Qlii.lian, W. H. Haydex, S. p. Shiretzki, R. B. Hitchcock, J. R. Richardson, R. K JOHNSOX, J. T. Thomi ' Sox, L E. Kennemore, M. C. Taxkersley, J. S. Keith, J. G. Walters, R. L Kell, R. W. Walker, J. Y. WiLKINS, F. B. K »»l » iM »»|MM« » l »Ni W 1 -i d 9 » Mii » NM» i V » » »N% ' W | ■■ Page Sixty ' mith m ' - »■ ' » ■ ' ■■ » " ' f IT ♦» «» I rt M rr ' •4 " » i»»i " y i iw ■ V i ' •j Cpclops (■ I ; ; ; Paite Sixtii-one 1 9 H » i i«i»»»»i «w » ' iiy» Ai M %iM» »» XM W i p XW r || «» WWN » I M J %M U Cpclops; M« l N ri i i %AA itf« B AAlMMMB iMMW ' p %f : Corona Hedera Literary Society OFFICERS Fay Davis President Edith Bowex Vice-President Vera West Secretary and Treasurer ROLL Ethel Brannon Florence Burdex Leo LA CowN Virgin Dyer Glanca Dyer ALartha Holt Lila Luck 0t ru0»0t 0 0t la l l0 0t » t t ' 1 flaa Adelaide McKee Edna Smith RuBYE Smith Ila Stargel Carol Taylor Mae Tippens Evabelle Whelchel :■ Piige Sixty-two mt ¥ i t »f»t t 0 t W it t 1 f r ¥ i m » tt f nihi i ■ ■■■ ■■ :• ■■■ ■ Page Sixtiithric H t f ft tXH ' f M 1 IT -1 n » r «V i if i w f » « " » iFi « w «»» i 14 r r CpclopS [ : ■ ; ■ ■ : Decora Palaestra Literary Society OFFICERS Morris S. Knight Everett C. Jordax . Alton ' H. Glasure Ash, H. L. Barrett, K. B. Broom, L. A. Burden, G . L. Carroll, D. B. Cheek, H. G. Cochran, P. C. Derrick, W. S. Dellinger, O. C. Driskell, J. C. Evans, W. D. Free lan, T. M. Goble, W. E. Goss, C. E. Harrison, E. C. ROLL President lice-President Secretary and Treasurer Harrison, E. O. Harris, C. L. Jones, P. G. Logan, C. E. LAnD()X, C P. Moore, J. L. Palmour, W. C. Price, R. C. Ponder, H. M. Ragsdale, T. H. Stephens, H. A. Taylor, B. R. TiPPENS, J. V. Trussell, F. E. Trlssell, H. L. Woody, C. E. 0i i0 i » l0 0t f» t 0 »i M 19 5 9 ■1 fc ' xS I ' lit r sixt} -four ntk tt mt m m0 t% t t0 mt r0 : ■ " ] Cpclopg {- ■: ■ :■ ■: i0 n k0 t i 0 l0 t 1 2 $iKf »»i » » ' i i » Page Sixtti-fli-c v» M N «M»rMN» »«M»M ' ■ I « » » NM« M m % T e Financiers ' Club •: •; OFFICERS Clyxe E. Woody President W. D. Evans J ' iee-Presiilent A. C. Lankford Secretary and Treasurer Abercrombie, J. A. Broom, L. A. Crowd ER, G. T. Davis, Fay Davis. J. E. Dickey, B. M. Ellard. L. M. Evans, W. D. Haley, (). K. h elmer, c. p. Holt, Martha housley, a. r. Jordan, E. C. Johnston, E. F. ROLL Keith, E. C. Lankford, H. AL McDaniel, W. D. McElreath, H. p. Moore, J. L. Montgomery, G. G. Nelms, G. C. Ponder, H. L quillian, w. h. Richardson, R. K. Smith, Edna Taylor, B. R. WiLKINS, F. B. Waters, T. L. Wood. W. W. I I I % tm0 D kf i t t 0 k0 0t m k0 Page Sixty-aio) »%MWW " W M i» »i ' ■ . ' ] Cptlops [ » » WMN AMi ■ ■ ■ ■ •i ujiijii_icfMj-ii ' If •-■ — ' 19 2 9 .,» i»» .y i - » rt .» « N»» »«. »t Page Sixtii-neven t p MtiMN P M M I P M Vtt • ■: I ■■■ ■ ■: ] Cpclopg { «« « WN « M«M« » MWM« P M The " D " Cltih OFFICERS W. D. Patterson President W. D. Evans 1 ' ice-President R. S. McCoNNELL Secretary and Treasurer ROLL Barrett, E. B. Carroll, D. B. Cheek, H. G. Crowder, G. T. Driskell, J. C. Evans, W. D. Ferguson, W. C. Hitchcock, J. R. Houslev, a. R. Kennemore, W. C. Maddox, C. p. McConnell, R. S. McGaritv, J. V. Ragsdale, T. H. Tippens, J. W. Woody, C. E. iMi »i % »% H» i X tA ct 0t t »0V » k0 lt l mm n0 0 0t • f i ' (ii i si.vfij-f ' iijJit «»M wM»iM » «M M tt m I Cpclopg { 1 ■: Page Sirtu-nine - :■ ■ ' :■ : :• : f % M»M %«MX M N P ' MWWN» •: r % »«» f W %l lM W X m J i%i ' X ■; ■: Home Economics Department Miss Irene Moore, Director Edith Bowen Ethel Brannon Florence Burden Leola Cown Fay Davis Glanca Dyer Helen Head Frances Jones LiLA Luck Adelaide McKee Fannie Lee Shultz Ila Stargel Carol Taylor Mae Tippens EVABELLE WhELCHEL « W i »« 1923 l 0 0t t t 0 0 ■■ ' ■ :■ Page Seventy n J )i af t 0 t 0mt li m t k0 m t r f ] Cpclopg I i ' .. " S. :■ ■■■ ■■ t i t» 0 H »» »»«Mi »»M» . 1 ijaa ' " ye t irenty-one ■r Cpclopsi [ ■: ■ ■■■ Short ' s Serenaders W. C. Short, Director, Trumpet R. D. L and, Trumpet A. C. Laxkford, Drums S. P. Hayden, Piano W. G. Burton, Sfl ?;o J. J. Meeks, Saxophone H. ] I. Ponder, Saxophone ixX 1929 : : Pa(7e Seventy-tico FRATEKNITIEIS | » ft » »« »MN» )» i »» M N» ] Cpclops [ « » V ' «» tl ' ■ ' ■■ ■■■ ■ The Pan-Hellenic Council Richard S. McCoxxell F ' l Kappa Alpha Herbert M. Poxder S ' S ' iia Nit Clvxe E. Woody Rex • ■; ■: ■ M ! ! ' i d a i » » % M» I ' atie Seventyfive ■■■ : ■: ■: f Sigma Nu tMxWNI ' H t M i Mw M Founded at I ' lrg ' inia MiUtiiry Institute, l86g Colors: Black, U ' hitc und Gold. Flower: IFhile Rose. PuBLlCATlox: llie Delta of Sigma Nu. Kappa Chapter of Sigma Nu Established iSSl FRATRES IN FACULTATE E. B. ' lCKERV, Professor of Latin E. N. Nicholson-, Professor of .Agriculture M. C. Wiley, Professor of Chemistry J. D. GiDDEXS A. C. Laxkford FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Class of ig2g Robert C. Meaders O. H. Moxroe William J. Green Richard W. Kell R. D. Land R. A. Griffin James Green Charles L. Harris Henry M. Lankford Alva H. Vilson Class of 1930 J. R. Mason Class of igji Class of igj2 W. C. Short Pledges R. L. ] Ialone J. L. Moore Herbert M. Ponder L. S. Lee William C. Palmour Charles E. Stegall J. R. Sudderth a fei0 »lfk0 m rv f t i i fH iJ l i |»» »i ■■■ ■■■ ■: Page Seventy-six ' | « M MX» N» » »»» " ) Cpclops [ M»iWi ' ' My iW ' i ■: Pa{ e Seventu-seven iri 1 H y i » w » « » ' : :■ : i »» M »» tarfbWt : : f Cpclopsi I % t WWN MXWV »M ' )i %« P Kappa Alpha Founded at the University of I trginia. iS6S Colors: Gurnet and Old Gold. Flower: Lily of the I ' alley. Publications: Shield and Diamond, Officud: Da ir and Key, Secret. Psi Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha Established IQOO FRATRES IN FACULTATE J. C. Barnes, Professor of Mathematics P. M. Hutch ERSON, Adjunct in Conunerce FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Class of ig2Q William D. Evans W. C. Ferguson J. R. Hitchcock V. D. Patterson Class of 1930 James S. Tankersley T. W. HOLLIS S. H. Letson Olin Haley C. P. Helmer M. E. Thompson G. C. Nelms W. J. York Class of 1 93 1 Class of 1932 F. L. Doling Pledges R. S. McCoNNELI. Fred B. Wilkins G. T. Crowder T. L. Waters R. L. Prichard F. W. Hawkins W. C. Siler T. H. Ragsdale 0t l l» 0 XBZB »0 lt t » fH ■■■■ Pane Screntu-eight «l «M ' V «M«M i tAMW P «« C?cIops h- : ■ Page Sointu-nine ■ ■ ■ ■■■ X ibl £• Xl »«Mi »» » W N Xw» » « ' r : Rex Club Motto: The Wreath is for those uho contend. Colors: Ohl Gold and Black. Flower: Tuberose. OFFICERS C. E. Woody President L. M. Ellard Vice-President J. W. McGarity Secretary H. L. Smith Treasurer fratres in COLLEGIO Class of iQ2g C. E. Woody Class of igjo L. yi. Ellard Class of 1 93 1 R. D. Owen J. W. McGarity A. L. Jackson H. L. Smith R. J. Camp Class of 1932 G. G. Montgomery P. E. Parks Pledges B. O. HusKiN G. O. Leverette B. M. Dickey » » i f i« " » » i«% i » ' i »i% ' M »¥» X - dt }d ■■■ ■ ■ ■■ Pane Eighty %0 » MN » »»MN» »«» M % « V»Mi» « » » » »«M W : ■■■ Page Eighty-one 192 9 l l t H f tt t V l kf C j» » M M»«» »« MW M Mi r l » « ' I MWNf » M«WN P «M« wO {| MA IM CpclopS [ f» WMM»M V iM M —i« nj mIa k: ii Sigma Delta Pi Sorority Established IQ2S Colors: Crims ' jn, Gold and Black. Fl.owER: Japonira. Motto: failhful in Utile faithful in niuih. SOROR IN FACULTATE Bertie M. IcGee SORORES IN COLLEGIO C lass of IQ2Q Edna Smith Edith Bowen Helen- Head Class of igjo Class of 1 93 1 Faxxie Lee Shultz Pledge Adelaide McKee RuBVE Smith Gexevive McKee 192 9 ' W£: AT H LCT I C »M « ' " ' «0 ' »» nt a MwWW i ' MWMW ' ' r yy . G. A. C. Football Squad First Row: Reed, Malone, Evans, Maddox, Patterson, Hitchcock (Captain), McGaritv, McConnell, Barrow, Waters, EUard and Coach Hutson. ■ . 1 : : ■: Second Row: Goss, Wright, Helmer, Harrison, Sudderth, McCurry, Burnette, Price, Burton and Housle) ' . Third Row: Meeks, Siler, Huskin, Owen, Johnson, York, Cochran, Maxwell, Hodgson and Manager Ferguson. BZB t »»»A i »l» llM ' » ■ i Hj OM i» KI M i»Vi M M i»V ' I CpcJopS [ tAM y x» M« ■■■ ■ ■ •: J. R. Hitchcock (Captain), Halfback A plunging back and a great leader, Hitchcock was a consistent ground gainer. Joe Hutson, Coach Handicapped by his mid-season start with the team. Coach Hutson deserves a great deal of credit for the work accomplished. R. S. McCoNNELL, Tackle ' Hamp " — a mighty man on offense and a most persistent obstacle to opposing backs. : :• Vaue Eighty-six ■ ? O " CpclopS [■ L. M. Ellard, £n ' Pot " had the speed and sand necessary for a good flankman. : I : : ' I I ■ ■■■ Pope Barrow, Tackle Pope did everything but breathe fire at his opponents. A fine defensive player. Will Evaxs (Alternate Captain), Center An accurate passer from center and a vicious tackier. Bill played a steady game always. Ralph Price, Halfback Although light in weight, Price had sand in his craw. A fast back. Poge Bighty-aeven I m0 t mm fKt ' i x m t MWMN» MwM N M ' » N I Cpclops { » ' iri »i %M MN % » W il p J. W. McGaritv, Fullback A consistent gainer through the line and always alert on the defense. C. P. MaddOX, Guard Posey pla ed a clean, steady game. An ideal linesman. " Pat " Patterson, Guard There ' s life in the old man yet. Pat specialized in breaking through the line to get his man for a less. S. J. McClrrv, End Big and rangy, " Mac " played a splendid game at end. 0Kt ' »¥ |i W »N ' W ' W NW » » 18 2 9 ■ ■■■ ■ ' ■ S t t m gl t tm « »» W fc. A il i A Par e Eighty-eight i -nA » W « »»wv «Mww » I Cpclopfi I W. C. SiLER, End A fast little man with lots of grit. E. D. Reed, Center ■ :■ :■ ■■■ Reed ' s long legs always placed him under the punts on time to stop the luckless back in his tracks. R. D. Owen, Halfback ' Dad, " a fast, light back that shows good promise. ■: R. L. Maloxe, Tackle Handicapped b_v an early injury, " Slats " was unable to display his wares. Kj " " 192 9 kt 0t t tm 0 ' 0t i t 0 0t ) 0 0t Pnge Eiylity nine 6% »«» W» N P N » M i i ll NMWM M } Cpclopg I ■■H M »» K| W » » »« Roy Hodgson, Quarterback A runner, passer and kicker of real merit, Hodgson vas a good field general. C. E. Goss, Tackle A big, powerful linesman who should be valuable on next year ' s team. Jessie York, Quarterback A speed} ' little back who was hard to stop. Blake Huskin, Guard Although a trifle light for his position, Huskin played a good defensive game. 1323 ■■ ' ■ ' f Cpclops [■ Landon Waters, End Fast and a splendid tackier, Waters displayed the old fighting spirit. ■ ■ ■ ■ Cecil Cochran, Guard Cochran was a linesman who always gave everything he had. ■ ; ■ Percy Helmer, Halfback Fast, and a splendid broken field runner. T. L. Maxwell, Guard A willing worker and a fine backer on defense. t i0 v t i0 0t H ¥ 0 Kt 1 U2 9 i N » ti r» «i »»M » f » t »»W L S O WWN» » »H ■: : r Cpclops ' t WW«» «l »«W» » M »M Bashet-Bcill Squad y ig2g Front Row: Hodgson, guard: Lankford, foncarJ; Hitchcock (Captain), guard; Cheek, guard: Chastain, foricard. Back Row: Coach Bush; Leverette, foricard: Tippens, center; Carroll, center, Evans, guard; Williams, jorivard, and Coach Hutson. ■« tf inyy » » f rr ■ ■«— » |»- V " -t i i cz S nt t t ■ : Paye Ninety two M»M»»Vi ««» » i» iM M » H f i t 0 A »t m ti t t i ktiy i V » K| » » H M » Hitchcock Captain " Hitch. " a rearin ' , tearin ' suard with lots of fight. Williams The flashy forward who sinks ' em from all angles and distances. C. RR0LL The shooting mayor. Dah- lonega ' s most consistent scorer and coolest floor general. Cheek " Levi " Cheek, tlie ubiquitous guard. Speedy and full of en- durance, he has basket-ball IT. Leverette This boy is simply poisonous to his opponents. Fast and a good shot. I I ■■■ ■ ■■ : ■. « » »M»» ' W 192 9 Page yinrtii ihrec ' ] Cpclops i i ; : i ■; ! Evans Bill was Coach ' s " handy man around the house. " Cen- ter, forward and guard, he has played them all and played them well. TiPPENS " Husky " is a scrappy center who always gave his best ; a valuable cog in the N. G. A. C. machine. L.VNKFORD A gritty forward with lots of reach. Lank ' s dribbling made him a bard man to check. HODCSOX A steady guard and good de- fensive player. Coach, too, of the Freshman quintet. Chast. in Another versatile man with a great athletic future. Run- ning at guard or forward, Bob has shown the stuff. 0t lf0l kf 0t l» ¥ 0 0 ' » 0 t » k 192 9 i P(i! r Ximtif-four Cyclops [■ A» »v ' »M t ft m 1 j(p ti ( I rt M i ' i ' ' ' v m A Basket-Bali Taken b - and large, the 1928-29 basket-ball season has been replete with success. The Bluejackets, led b - Captain Hitchcock, have more than broken even with their opponents and have endeared themselves to the student body by defeating Piedmont and ' oung Harris, ancient rivals of Dahlonega. So consistently have they worked that it is difficult to pick outstanding figures from the squad. In point of scoring, Villiams and Carroll, elongated forward and equally lengthy center, certainly led. A rigorous schedule, plenty of competition and excellent coaching from skippers Bush and Hutson have all contributed toward making a real outfit of basketeers. ' ] " he Little Cadets, coached by Carroll and led by the versatile Helen Head, numbered among their victims such teams as the University of Chattanooga and Ogle- , thorpe University. For their persistence in the face of obstacles, their loyalty and never-say-die attitude, they are to be commended. For the first time, Dahlonega was represented by a freshman quintet, a group of game little fighters who made berths for themselves on next year ' s varsity by a very excellent brand of basketball. In spite of the splendid showing made by this year ' s teams, the fives of next season should, with incoming material and that from the ' 29 freshmen, make N. G. A. C. ' s Bluejackets even more formidable. .J ii» " ii l » »»f »Wi) ri «» N« ' »»i«iH X " dm, ■■ ■■■ I ' age ' inety-flve H Mli» g M i W » M H r " M i WM |i M : : ■: ■: The Little Cadets First Row: Anderson, gunrd ; O ' Kelley, center; Head (Captain), forivant; Tay- lor, forivarti : Tippens, fonvanl; Whelchel, guard. Second Row: G. Dyer, fomard: Smith, guard; Bowen, guard; Carroll, coach; Holt, guard: MeKee, forivard; V. D er, guard. 0t tm0 0 l0 0t ta0m¥ 0 0 t»0 t 0 t ' i i » X } U, -A t» lMM »% i . Pat e yincltj-six AAM ' «MM I M » «« feVi vW % «; 1 s ki " ' 1 :41,%?%-=- ' - » M »»» » " n »M«» % »i » M :■ ■ :■ Boxing Team Reading from left to right: Front Row: Price, lighticiighi ; Goss, tniddle- ueii lit: Shope, liem ' yiveight ; Patterson, itiiddleiveight. :■ ■: :■ ■ ■ ■ Middle Row: Burnette, U ' eltenceight; Davis, lighticeiglit; Cochran, tceltenveight ; Cheek, lightiie ' ight ; Richardson, bantanni ' eight. Upper Row: Ashe, bant amu- eight ; York, feathenveight; McCurry, light-heavy- weight ; Sudderth, middleueight; Kimzey, lightweight. Page yinetii-sceen 192 9 K l»»»» »«AM i » » M » i M»M«» F i| » »r » i W M»WMl l »»w»M» ■: ■: ■ Boxing Boxing, as Cress Country Running, is in it ' s second year as a sport. As a result of the inauguration of the sport, the college was represented by a boxing team at the R. O. T. C. Camp, Camp McClellan, 1928, for the first time. The season opened January 5 with A. H. (Ohio) Wilson, Florida University, a former student of North Georgia, as coach. He put forty enthusiastic entries through a concentrated training program, and then staged an inter-company tournament which was won by Company " A " by a small margin of victories. The inter-company tournament decided the college team which, under the captaincy of Pat Patterson, undertook a hard schedule for a second-year team. The first match presaged the ability of the team. On Feb. 14, the team met the University of Georgia freshmen at Dahlonega in one of the most thrilling matches ever seen by a discriminating boxing enthusiast. The two teams alternately won close, exciting bouts until the score in bouts stood 3 to 3. The seventh bout, heavyweight class, was a gruelling fight which required an extra round for the decision. Shope, N. G. A. C, won it very decisivel ' in the fourth round, and with it won the match for his college. The other matches were held too late in the season to be reported. ■: ■■ ■ j i j ii iii u I ■ D ' u i ' ftm-rr M — f-r-r- X zl :::. J % i i i rtr( » »i t, i» »i y Paye Kinetiz-eight M» ' % »«» » WV » » MXMN»V Twr. ILKK :: C ' " Paoe Sinvty-nitu llLil I Cpclops [ Cross Coiiutry Running Cross-countn,- running was re-established as a college sport last year. The sport, like all others, demands long, hard training and ex- perience. Consequently, last year was only the beginning of the run, and this year, the first mile. Eventually the college should have a strong team. More than two dozen con- tenders were in training for the inter-Com- pany run which was won narrowly by Com- pany " A. " The team, with A. L. Jackson as Captain, had one dual meet, that with the U. of Ga. Athens. The lost by a J,}, the Dahlone ning second, eighth, ninth, places. B Emory U., giving day, team memb pated in the Methodist R University resentatives lent runs, bo eluded amci medal winn crested the ti sixth place, was the onlx get a contes of him. Jac ninth. It is the college will have, next year, a full team of members with the course paces of Jackson and Green. ■ ■■ Jackson Freshmen at meet was to 22 score, ga team win- fourth, and tenth invitation of on Thanks- two of the ers partici- Southern un at Emory The two rep- made excel- th being in- ng the ten ers. Green nish line in Duke Uni . institution tn tant in ahead kson finishetl hoped that (iKth.N LJ. m ■■ ■ : i i i ll WMli A ' [ WmI %Vlw 192 9 0 , ! 0km 0 0t m0» T f ' b O ' A V fiM • sft ' . i T7; ip2p Base pa Team Front Row: Owen, Crowder, Hollis, Smith, Housley (Captain), Edwards and Hiiskin. Middle Row: Hodgson, Johnston, Chastain, Wilh ' ams, Ragsdale and Jones. Back Row: Coach Hutson, Trussell, Cochran, Green, McElreath, Price and Ellard. fc V wiy »» »» »i » M» «ww w » 1 929 w : ' ■ ' ■■ I ' nije One Hundred PEAT U R E.6 enerable Trees and J! lute Cnliimns on the Cniiipus. Miss Wanda Jones Sponsor, Company " B " Miss Edna Smith Sponsor, Company " A Miss Adelaide McK Most Popular Co f ' ' " " Tennis Courts A tnul (i Study in Li!;lit and Shade. M i » i wO |, ' » l i» »J )l % » » rM » i» i u ' » » : Cpclops i «M Mii» |ii WWi ■■ M ' ho ' s Who at Dahlouega William D. Evans William D. Evans V. D. Patterson A. C. Hutch ENS J. W. McGarity and T. L. William D. Evans Capt. C. E. Woody W. D. Patterson . Mark E. Thompson William D. Evans L. A. Broom W. H. QUILLIAN L. A. Broom W. C. SiLER . T. L. Waters Pope Barrow Herbert M. Ponder W. D. Patterson Miss Carol Taylor Miss Adelaide McKee J. R. Mason . . . Miss Lois Anderson Roy Hodgson L. S. Lee Pope Barrow W. C. SiLER . . E. F. Johnston . AL C. Kennemore A. R. HOUSLEY . A. L. Jackson . Mugging and Blackjack W aters Mfjst F ' jpular Student Best JU-Round Student Most Influential Student Hardest If orker Best Football Players Bht All-Round Athlete Best Military Man Best Orator Biggest Bum Wittiest Man Most Au ' kuard Man Laziest Alan Greenest Freshman Biggest Pest Most Popular Freshman Biggest " H ' oman Hater " Biggest " Ladies ' Man " Best atured Man Most Attractive Co-Ed Most Popular Co-Ed Best Dancer (Cadet) Best Dancer (Co-Ed) Biggest Eater Handsomest Alan Biggest Grouch Happiest Man Freshest " Rat " Most Bashful Biggest Liar Most Desperate Lover Most Popular Occupations «i ii iWi»M«M « « i » iii « !l ■ Page One Hundred and Ttcelve a . : ■ Poffe One HunilreO and Thirteen 1 i1 : •■ M ' W« i « Wi V» n » i»» V » X fii ' " N r ; ; M M i MtWi V M M M ] Cptlopg [ 0 t mt r 0i m0ai r m at m ! . ' K- ' w- ij;32rj;gyg5j3jjg»35iSa f lt J »»|H»lMK » » i» W »N fc WW|W«i 1 " ' ■ ' 1 : ■■ i ' «.( e One HumJred and Fourteen ' ' f . " - v:g = f FELICITATIONS AND CONGRATULATIONS TO THE North Georgia Agricultural College LOCATED AT DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA We recognize that you are doing a fine work in a serious way and we congratulate a boy or girl who can enjoy the advantages of student life in the N. G. A. C. This organization greatly desires fewer colleges in Georgia — what we need is better and bigger colleges. Ike Atlanta Chamber of Commerce Philip H. Alston, President Benj. S. Barker, Executive Vice-President iiQp = =c :S): I ' ' f c OiH IIiitHlred atul t eventern ' t(s = - ' " •5 John H. iloore Eobert I. Moore COMPLIMENTS JOHN H. MOORE SON SHOES AND SWEATERS, RAINCOATS, CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS Candy, Smokes and School Supplies DAILY liACCMiE AND EXPRESS SERVICE TO GAINESVILLE PRUITT-BARRET HARDWARE CO. If it is HARDWARE or ATHLETIC GOODS you want, we have it. The only HARDWARE ' -on tlw Square, " find we fry to please you in every purchase. NORTHEAST CORNER OF THE SQFARE Gainksvii,i,e, Georgia «: 29 = PAIILONEGA GUMMING ATLANTA BUS LINE Leave Atlanta, Princeton ' Hotel 7:;i(i A. : r. 3:00 P. M. Leave Dahloxega 7:3(1 A.M. 4:00 P.M. Nice Cars Careful Drivers Fred Jones : : Operator I Paijc One HuiKhftl ami IJii litcrtt PILGRIM-ESTES FURNITURE CO. Kiirppn Livin; E khii Funiiture THE DAHLONEGA NUGGET W. B. TOWNSEND " (liii ' f Cool- and Bottle ]ya.- her " Services $1.50 per Year lliyli Dining Room JOB WOBK A SPECIALTY F 11 mil lire Bed Room Furniture Orth (iphon ic Vicfrolnx WATSON ' S CAFE Stewart- Warner Radios Has Been Jessie French Sons Pianos FEEDING THE BOYS for Gainesville, : : Georgia TWENTY-FIVE YEARS Do You Want COMPLIMENTS Clothes OF— That Fit? BANK OF LUMPKIN SEE MEADERS COUNTY PROGRESSIVE ACCOMMODATING B. A. PARKS SONS Gainesville, Georgia WE SPECIALIZE IN GENTS ' FURNISHINGS " A Safe, Friendly Bank " ir ARE ALWAYS FOR A Price Tells :: Quality Sells GREATER N. G. A. C. j i ' tif c 0«( Huiifhitl and Xinetcen " BiLLIE Bov " (W. J. Green at the tender age of four) COMPLIMENTS OF BANK OF DAHLONEGA SAFE : FRIENDLY : COURTEOUS THE STUDENTS ' BANK U, R. WATERMAN FINE TAILORING Dry Cleaning- Repairing- Pressing Altering Dyeing Hat Specialist for Ladies and Gentlemen Gainesville, :: Georgia COMPLIMENTS OF Consolidated Power Company of Georgia DAHLONEGA, :: GEORGIA I ' il( f t in Iliniilieil null Tircntfl-f.ue =1 ; Palmour Hardware Company Gainesville, Georgia Old Friends of Yours — W]iere your " Dolhirs Do More " A Warm Fireside and a Hearty Welcome Await You V HORATIUS AT THE BRIDGE (As is) Horatius, children, is a bold, bad warrior who is going to keep some people from crossing a bridge. Horatius is coming up to the bridge now. No, he isn ' t running, he ' s too dignified to run. Horatius is on the bridge. He is grasping a big blue pencil firmly in his right hand. In his left is an umbrella. The enemy is approaching. A. I N E S V I NAIS H ENJOY REAL MEALS — at — THE BLUE WHITE CAFE CANDY, SODA AND SUNDRIES John 1?. Jones Proprietor I My ! how fierce they look. They carry folded pieces of paper which they wave frantically at Horatius, uttering strange noises all the while. Is Horatius afraid? No, Horatius is not afraid. He wiggles his big blue pencil fiercely, making marks on the folded papers. The enemy scatters. Horatius has won. Is he happy? Yes, Horatius is very happy, for not a one has passed his examination. ■Ql = I ' mlc One Hiiiiilrril and Tn-intu-tico r Compliments of Tate Hotel " o« THE DAHLONEGA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE WISHES YOU SUCCESS When Hungry or Thirsty Goto SMITH BROTHERS II Opposite City Hull Gainesville, Georgia CRESCENT ICE CREAM " The Cream Supreme " CRESCENT ICE CREAM COMPANY Gainesville, Georgia riMCE CHARTERS, Proprietor FRIERSON-McEVER CO. Gainesville, Ga. Style Leaders in Clothing, Furnishings and Shoes A Glad Hand Is Always Extended to N. G. A. C. Boys. If You Eat, Drink or Smoke PATROyiZE JOE ' S PLACE .T. 11. Phillips : At Your Service i J ' tn v niti nuitiimi null Tui nii ilirce 9 =|= ?J I From the Society Page of THE DAHLONEGA DAILY DISAPPOINTMENT (Reprinted by Special Permission) One of the most brilliant social functions of the current season was the stag: bridge party given recently by Messrs. B. V. Olnble and I. M. deLerious. The party was held at the Tappa Keg Fraternity House and assembled some twenty of the hosts ' alleged friends. The house was attractively decorated with fnur walls, floor, ceiling, live bridge tables and twenty guests. The color scheme was dark brindlc and was effectively carried out in the salted peanuts. The hosts, noted for their sparkling personalities and ready wit, were their usual charming selves. Mr. Oluble was becomingly costumed in a dark gray coat, vest and trousers of the same material, silk socks and tan, low-cut shoes. He wore a white linen shirt caught at the throat with a tie of pale mauve. A pair of gray gloves and a gray hat com- pleted the ensemble. Mr. deljcrious was fetchingly dressed in coat, vest and trousers of dark blue, black socks and black shoes with laces to match. His shirt was of white broadcloth and the somewhat sombre effect of his costume was offset by a tie of flaming cardinal. Mr. deLerious ' coiffure consisted of a side part with the ears showing and was held in place by a liberal application of bandoline. The two hosts, in addition to their many other attainments, are well- known for their musical and histrionic abilities. Accordingly at the conclusion of play, they were besieged with requests for numbers. After much persuasion they consented to give one selection each. Mr. Oluble jx ' rformed first and thrilled his listeners with a dramatic interpretation of the tragic and ever-popular " Mob Scene, " from " The Queen City. " Mr. deLerious next gave a beautiful and touching rendition of " Lavolier, " from " Woolworth. " Mr. deLerious played his own ac- companiment on a Jew ' s harp and proved to be complete master of this instrument. High score for the evening was made by ' Sir (name with- held by request), 5,234|t, and he was forthwith presentetl with a col- lapsible collar button. Mr. Oluble and ilr. deLerious tied for low score. 6;s. and were presented with each others " compliments. Upon being questioned by ne«-N])ai)er men late today, ]Mr. deLerious refused to divulge any definite information. It is generall.v understood, however, in select social circles, that they will give another party, the date to be announced later. By D. T. QciLLiAX, ' 27 tcepTiE I fi ' je Out U li ' and I ' lrrntii fftiir S Just to remind you that there is none better than DAVIS BREAD DAVIS BAKERY Gainesville, :: Georgia CUM PLl MEMS OF— H. l{. WOODY, Manager WOODY ' S BARBER SHOP WHERE THE N. G. A. C. BOYS MAKE THEIR HOME. HARRY TUCKER Gainesville, Georgia A COMPLETE LINE OF GEXTS ' FURNISHINGS N. G. A. C. BOYS ALWAYS WELCOME. C U M r LI M E X T .S Lipscomb Drug Company A COMPLETE LINK OF Confectioneries, Sodas, Magazines and Sundries ,1 11 »7r(( (( ' Airiiils Ymi Here. CINCIOLO FRUIT COMPANY DANCE to RECORDS — from — VAUGHAN MUSIC COMPANY Gainesville. :: Georgia j. Wholesale Fruits and Produce i uOe Onv II mnin fi iiittl ' I ' ire nt ' - ire KG = I DID YOU EVER HEAR— Col. West say: " Now young gentlemen, that is an elegant gun. " OR W. L. Ash: " I ' m sorry, but your leave cannot be signed. " OR J. C. Barnes: " I Gad you know, Old Man, — . " OR P. D. Bush: ((Before election) " We ' re a little ahead in this class, so we ' ll discuss the campaign. " OR A. W. Cain: " Well, Mr. Thompson, will you carry on with the Z. story? " OR B. P. Gaillard: " Yes, that ' s right. " OR Bertie McGee: " I was disappointed in your grades for this month. ' OR W. A. Hedden: " Perhaps I ' ve told you this before, but — " OR R. C. Hamilton: " I don ' t care about that, what did the book say? " OR R. S. McConnell: " All right, get a move on. " OR P. M. Hutoherson: " Everybody that has studied the lesson hold up his hand. " i!.Qj = .1 Page One Hundred and Tieeiitit-six f - s DID YOU EVER HEAR— Cont ' d OR C. C. Jarrard: " Miss Braiinoii will report voii for violating rule No. 5. " OR Iren Moore: " Shall we, or shall we not. have a banquet? " OR E. N. Nicholson: " This is just for the Ag. class. " OR W. I. Short: " I don " t expect to have much to do with the Co-Eds. " OR F. Anglesburg: " Vot in der — ? Is dot all der sense you got! " OR E. B. Viekery: " Now, if you will look at paragraph — " OR M. C. Wiley: " As a matter of fact, that will take care of itself later on. " OR W. E. Sawyer: " Now you .just haf to get that, see dat? " OR Mattie Craig: " Ssssssshhhhh ! Be quiet! " OR H. Head: " Aw, there ain ' t nothing wrong with your foot. " T ' lige One Iliiinlreil anil Tweniy-scii ii III DAHLOXEGA BOYS Always Find a Heaiiy Welcome at the IMPERIAL PHARMACY " YOrR BEST DRUG STORE " KODAK FINISHING Miiil Orders Proiiipfhi Filled GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA 1 COMPLIMENTS OF— T. J. SMITH Gulf Products DRTXKS : CANDIES : SMOKES Religious Worker: " Mr. EUard, we would like for you to attend the meetings at our church. " Ellard: " Thank you. " R. W. : " What denomination are yon. .Mr. Ellard? " Ellard: " I am Methodist,— ]iardon me, I believe I am Bap- tist. " At Reveille — Griffin, J. W. (to sleepy room- mate) : " Wake np. Old Lady, wake up, two taps and the whistle have blown, wake up. " SMITH HOUSE Mrs. 11. B. Smith, Prop. " A HOME AWAY FROM HOME " QUEEN CITY DRUG CO., Inc. " S " e Aliiays Sell the Best " 600 PHONES 601 10 Sprinij- Street ' Gainesville. Georgia We Specialize on Our Dining Room DAHLOXEGA, GEORGIA , I ' dtfC Oin- lluii ' hvd ami T trcutij-rUjhi M V, " J 1 tim door of iha baH7 r Annual Bui Idcn- POOTf C DAVIf S ATLANTA Jahii Oilier Again ' ' fott E are America ' s largest school annual designers and engravers because we render satisfaction on more than 400 books each year. Intelligent co-operation, highest quality workmanship and on-time deliveries created our reputation for dependability. JAHN OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. " Photographers, Artists and Makers of Fine Printing Plates for Black or Colors. 817 W. Washington Boulevard « Chicago Telephone MONROE 7080 We do not sub-let any art or engraving f COMPLIMENTS NEWMANS ' , INC. OF— ' " The Friendly Vepurtment Store " W. A. HOUSLEY Gainesville, Georgia On the Square YOUNG MEN ' S CLOTHING, FURNISHINGS AND SHOES High Class Shoe Repairin g at Reasonable Prices GEO. W. MOORE FRED M. ABEE SON . . B. Simpson Tailor-Made Suits Higli Grade HIGH GRADE PRESSING AND DRY CLEANING Coal and Wood Near the Campus Phone 525 Gainesville, Ga. ] ' ork Called for and Delivered DR. E. BALLARD CLARK -What We Sav It Is. It Is " 1 Chiropractor W. R. HUGHES Jetveler and Optometrist COLLEGE AND FRATERNITY JEWELRY . Business for YOUR Heallh Expert Watch and Jewelry Repairing Over Piedmont Drug Store A Complete Line of Jewelry Gainesville, Georgia Jackson Bldg., Gainesville, Ga. B. P. GAILLARD, JR. ( ' OMI ' LIMENTS OF— ATTORNEY AT LAW BYRON MITCHELL Gainesville, Georgia Gainesville, Georgia l_ 1 ) iiQp z c s£):i Pa{ c One IIum]rcd and Thirty-one Autographs Piuii f nr fhnu!r " ' f fiinl ' I ' lnrtii tiri ■W.T ■:A P.:.f. -Jt ' .A ' v:- m iWJir.

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