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Dedicated by his son: William T. Patterson I ARCHIVES U428 C9 1928c. 1 North Georgia College CYCLOPS 13 ;. ;o : .J North Georgia Agricultural College Vol. 1928 published y fB% z£ $enior Class ■ 1 -Fi ' - -• ftr pOREWORD n years fo con7e. if you have grown somewhat serious with the cares and responsibilities of life, if the memory of your college days has been dulled by the swift passage of events, and in a moment of ease you should glance through these pages again, and if they should refresh the sainted memories of your college life at N. G. A. C. memories of hours of play. tinged with moments of work, and if you should in spirit, live over again your life here, then our work Will have be K " ■■ ' • -i YiiJ ' -V: . -■ ■•■■ : • ' L ! i- ' The Cyclops Staff I. T. McCURLEY Business Manager J. F. Waters Editor-m-Chief A. L. Peyton Advertising Manager W. J. McKee Assistant Editor-in-Chief W. H. Baker Sport Editor E. H. Hawkins Assistant Business Manager fiyji ASe- av. — %Tj— Page lliijht " A Road to the City of Cold " r rr yfOy rage I !■ i en o o o O c cq v« " dT ' iLI lK TlTVncf .to. f, r . Page Twt Ive c hit tccn The Main Buildinp Pane Fourteen o U fV)Jj$2 : fe v I ' aur Fifteen Old Mill Wheel at Cane Creek Falls £V jCh Page Sixteen O fV 82h ■4kr 3±£ !!z- B Pagt s i i ni: en c CO t. l %2h Puge Eighteen V John W. West. A.M. President Charles M. Snellings, A.M.. Sc.D. Chancellor of the University Elias B. Vickery. A.M. Professor of Latin P. D. Bush, B.S.. A.M. Professor of Education and English J. C. Barnes. B.S. Professor of Mathematics Andrew W. Cain, A.M. Professor of Social Sciences: Reaistrar Miles C. Wiley. B.S., A.B., B.Ph. Professor of Chemistry W. L. Ash Associate Professor of English H. B. Gurley. B.S.C. Professor of Business Science and Administration B. P. Gaii.lard. A.M., Ph.D. Garland Peyton. E.M. Professor of Physics and Geology Professor of Electrical and Mining Engineering P. M. Hutcherson. B.S.C. Associate Professor of Business Science and Administration Miss Irene Moore Miss Bessie Jones. B.S.C. Director Home Economics Department Associate Professor of Business Science W. A. HEDDEN Captain Infantry. D. O. L., Professor of Military Science and Tactics C. C. Jarrard. A.B. Professor of Modern Languages H. Head College Physician R. C. Hamilton Captain Infantry. D. O. L. F. ANGELBURG Director of Band E. N. Nicholson. B.S.Agr. Professor of Agriculture R. S. McCONNELL Assistant to P. M. S. and T. Miss Mattie Craig Librarian f¥fo®2yi Page Twenty • W m» ' ww t ' _ ' - c r _- •• A.- Page Ticenty one Board of Trustees A. S. HARDY. Chairman Gainesville, Georgia Term expires October 1. 1932. R. E. BAKER Dahlonega. Georgia Term expires October 1. 1928. J. M. BROOKSHER Dahlonega. Georgia Term expires October 1, 1928. Dr. A. S. Cantrell Dahlonega, Georgia Term expires October 1, 1930. S. C. DUNLAP Gainesville, Georgia Term expires October 1. 1930. F. E. LAND. State Superintendent Education . . . Atlanta, Georgia LEE McLain Jasper, Georgia Term expires October 1. 1930. G. B. WALKER Alpharetta, Georgia Term expires October 1 . 1932. R. H. BAKER, Secretary and Treasurer .... Dahlonega. Georgia N. L. TANKERSLEY EM jay, Georgia President Alumni Association FROM THE UNIVERSITY BOARD E. R. BARRETT Gainesville. Georgia GEO. E. Maddox Rome. Georgia M. L. McWhorter Athens. Georgia £ 32 ■ jf-n Paye Twenty-two □□□□□□□□assaaEaEaEansasBnnnn E3EaEaE3E3E3E3EaE3E30E3[3E3EaE3EaSE3E]E3E3E3EI][a JAMES FRANK WATERS, B.S.C. Ellijay, Georgia Rex Club. Decora Editor-in-Chief CYCLOPS. ' 27- ' 28; Glee Club. ' 24; President Glee Club. ' 26- ' 27-78; Corporal Company " B, " ' 2 5 - ' 26 : Sergeant Company " B. " ' 26- ' 27; First Lieutenant Company " A. " ' 27- ' 28; Sceretary Financiers Club. ' 26- ' 27: President Financiers Club. ' 27- ' 28: Vice- President Decora. ' 26- ' 27; President Decora. ' 27- ' 28; Secretary Senior Class. ' 2 7- ' 28 : Officers ' Club, ' 27- ' 28; Manager Baseball Team. ' 27- ' 2S: President Pan-Hellenic Council. ' 27- ' 28. " Beware of the man who hath no music in his soul, for sucli a man is dangerous. " Even- time we think of Jim we think of his untiring efforts in making the Glee Club a success. In years to come when we turn through the pages of this annual, we will think of him as a most able Editor-in-Chief. It is a man ' s job and we know it. But. listen, did you ever hear Jim sing? When he starts in to sing, the ladies all sit up and take notice. He has sung his way into the hearts of those who know him. WILMOT EARLE BULLOCK, E.M. Nashville. Georgia Sigma Nu, Decora ' 25- " 26: Second Lieutenant Mining Club. ' 25- ' 26- ' 27- ' 28 : Corporal Company " A. Company " A. " ' 27- ' 28; Officers ' Club. ' 27- ' 28. " Roscoe " has the reputation of being sort of a " Jelly Bean. " Well, all we have to say about that is. " Give us more Jelly Beans. " When he winds up the watch of his wit. it strikes like lightning, changing frowns to smiles and tears to laughter. We wish you a very, very prosperous career. " Zuke. " Paye Twenty-ste ' Cyet s ALEXANDER LAWTON PEYTON. E.M. Mount Airy. Georgia P. K. A. President Sub-Freshman Class. ' 23- ' 24; President E. M. Club. ' 25- ' 26: Secretary Sopho- more Class. ' 26- ' 27: Sergeant Company " B. " ' 26-27: President (Vice) Junior Class. ' 26- ' 27: President E. M. Club. ' 2 7 - ' 28: Manager Football Team. ' 27- ' 28; Captain Company " B. " ' 27- ' 28: Officers ' Club. ' 27- ' 28. " For he ' s a jolly good fellow. " If any man under the sun ever heard anything against " Al " he has something on us. He ' s a regular guy. Al is. and he always has a pleasant smile for all his friends. Besides Al is no slouch as a company commander. When it comes to the ladies — uh! — oh! We are going too far. eh. Al. ' EMERY HARRIS HAWKINS. E.M. Cartersville. Georgia P. K. A. Sergeant Company " A. " ' 25-26 : First Sergeant Company " B. " ' 2 6- ' 2 7 : First Lieutenant Company " B. " ' 27- ' 28: Varsity Football. ' 24- ' 25- ' 26 - ' 27- ' 28 : Captain Football Team. ' 27- ' 28: Manager Baseball Team. ' 26- ' 27; " D " Club. ' 25- ' 26- ' 27 ' 28 : President " D " Club. ' 26- ' 27: Mining Club. ' 26- ' 27- ' 28; Secretary Mining Club. ' 25- ' 26- ' 27; Officers ' Club. ' 27- ' 28. " For thy sake. Tobacco. 1 would do anything but die. " Hawk is one man on the N. G. A. campus who is always busy. His record in Athletic world is one in which he should feel proud, both as a manager and as an athlete. We wonder it Hawk ' s chewing tobacco had anything to do with his football playing? It was rumored that he was caught chewing tobacco at drill once upon a time. The old Alma Mater will miss you. Hawk. Page Twenty-seven £ -- r-jqEj f ' T -- IRVIN TIMOTHY McCURLEY, E.M. Hartwell, Georgia P. K. A., Phi Mu First Sergeant Company " B. " ' 2 5 - ' 2 6 ; Student Council. ' 2 5 - ' 26 : Captain Company " A. " ' 26- ' 27; Winner of Competitive Drill, ' 27; President Junior Class. ' 26- ' 27; Vice-President Mining Club. ' 26- ' 27 : Business Manager Ricochet. ' 26- ' 27; Cadet Major. ' 27- ' 28; President Student Body, ' 27- ' 28; Business Manager CYCLOPS. ' 27- ' 28; President Officers ' Club. ' 27- ' 28. " A friend in need is a friend indeed. " " Mac " has probably received more honors than any boy on the campus. And who dare say that he doesn ' t deserve them? He ' s there with the goods, gentlemen. All the Freshmen in school go to Mac with their troubles and lots of the older ones. As Cadet Major — couldn ' t be beat. President Student Body — don ' t say a word. Business Manager CYCLOPS — best in the world — and a hundred other things Mac has done. He is running over with school spirit. RALPH EDWIN DEAN, E.M. Martin, Georgia P. K. A., Decora 27; First Sergeant Company " A, " ' 27- ' 28; Mining Club, Corporal Company " A. " ' 26- ' 27- ' 28. " What this country needs is a good five cent cigar. ' ' 26 Boys! When Mincey lights up that Stogie on Saturday afternoon and strolls down the Avenue — look out — (we ' ll let you in on a little secret. Mincey knows his stuff with the women). Mincey. we don ' t see a thing for you to do but just buy out Mr. Ziegfeld ' s Follies. But sure enough, girls are sweet little things, aren ' t they. Mincey? ac Mg jgS - Page Twenty-eight WILLIAM JOSEPH McKEE, Jr.. E.M. Nelson. Georgia Sigma Nu. Decora President Sophomore Class. " 2 5 - ' 26 : President Decora. ' 25-26: Secretary Decora. ' 24 ' 2i : Vice-President Decora. ' 26- ' 27: Historian E. M. Club. ' 26-27 : Vice-PresidenI I M. Club 2. - ' 28; Vice-President Senior Class. ' 27- ' 28: Secretary Student Body. ' 27 ' 28 1 irsl Sergeant Company " A, " ' 25-26: Second Lieutenant Company " A. " ' 26 ' 27; Captain Company " A ' 27- ' 28; Rifle Team. ' 2 5 - ' 2 6 - ' 2 7- ' 2 8 : Vice-President Officers ' Club, ' 27- ' 28. " Big Bad Bill " is " Sweet William Now! " Yes sir. she got him. gentlemen. One of the girls at G. S. C. W. We heard she made Goo Goo Eyes " at Bill and he was gone right off. It was certainly a lucky dav for her when he fell. He ' s one of the best men that ever set foot on the N. G. A. campus and a loyal son of the old Alma Mater. He is leaving a place that is hard to fill. HAROLD HITT BONNER. B.S. Lincolnton, Georgia Phi Mu Corporal Company " A. " ' 25- ' 26; Rifle Team ' 26 27; Color Sergeant 26 - ' 2 7 : Adju- tant. ' l - ' 28: Forensic Council. ' 27- ' 28: Officers ' Club. ' 27- ' 28. " Corporal " is the military genius of our class — in fact, the Fourth Corps ' Area Inspector said that " Corporal " was the best Adjutant thai he had seen, excepting the Adjutant General at Washington. We believe it. too. Aside from his military achievements he is the possessor of a remarkable disposition and an unexcelled personality. Luck to you, " Corporal. " Page Twenty-nine -££ - WILLIAM HENRY BAKER, E.M. Atlanta. Georgia P. K. A. Mining Club. ' 24- ' 25- ' 26- ' 27- ' 28: Varsity Football. ' 24- ' 25- ' 26- ' 27; Rifle Team. ' 24- ' 25- ' 26- ' 27; First Sergeant Company " A. " ' 26- ' 27; Secretary Junior Class. ' 26- ' 27; " D " Club. ' 26- ' 27- ' 28; Second Lieutenant Company " B, ' ' 27- ' 28 : Alternate Captain Football. ' 27- ' 28; Corporal Company " A. " ' 25- ' 26; Officers ' Club. ' 27- ' 28. Ob! Here be is — a hundred and eighty pounds of him and every ounce as good as gold. Fat lost about ten pounds walking home from Camp Perry where lie made a fine record with the Fourth Corps Area Rifle Team. He ' s sure to succeed for he always gets the work. Some of those naughty college boys moved Fat ' s trunk over tc a certain young lady ' s house but don ' t fool yourself. Fat stayed with his trunk. SHARLEY FAY SHULTZ. A.B. Dahlonega, Georgia Corona Hedera Class Historian. ' 23 ' 24; Dramatic Club, ' 2T ' 24: Declamation Medal. ' 23- ' 24; President Corona Society. ' 24; Vice-President Corona Society, ' 25; Basket-ball Team. ' 2 5 - ' 26- ' 2 7- ' 2 8 : Certificate in Economics (Home). ' 26. Sharlcy is the only girl in the Senior Class and she has always taken an active part in school activities. There is not a more likeable girl on the campus for she has a smile for every one — especially the opposite sex. If you have never beard her play a piano you have missed a real treat. We will always remember you. Sharlcy. Best o ' luck to you! AVC Paye Thirty KS JAMES MONROE ROYAL, Butler. Georgia Decora A.B. Mr. Royal came to us this year as a Senior. No stranger, however. let us say. for who could call one of so friendly mien a stranger. ' We feel that he has been one of our number all the while and we are proud to list him as " One of Us. " He is a scholar and a gentleman in every respect. JOSEPH BEELER MOORE Gainesville. Georgia Sigma A ' u. Decora Sergeant Band. ' 24- ' 25: lieutenant Band. ' 26- ' 27: Captain Band. Club. ' 24- ' 25: Pan-Hellenic Council. ' 26- ' 27- ' 28: Buccaneers. ' 26- ' 27: Ricochet. ' 26- ' 27: President Glee Club. ' 23- ' 24: Co-Director Glee Club. Senior Class. ' 27- ' 28; Officers ' Club. ' 27- ' 28. At any time during J. B. ' s school life here whenever anything has happened along that needed music in it he has always been there with the goods for he is a musician to your heart ' s content. Orchestra. Band. Glee Club and what not. He is the only piano plaver anywhere on record that is the Ring Leader of a " Woman Haters ' Club. " The Senior Class wishes you a very successful career. J. B.. and no doubt you will get it. for a boy that is as clever as you. is bound to win out. ' 27- ' 28: Dramatic Associate Editor ' 26-27; Historian Pat ' c Thirtu-one I ' tit e Thirty-two R. C. Meaders Dahlonega. Georgia Sigma Nu; Phi Mu. B.S. P. C. Cochran Dahlonega. Georgia A.B. E. C. Jordan Tifton. Georgia Financiers Club; Decora. B.S.C. J. R. Hitchcock Covington. Georgia Pi Kappa Alpha: Mining Club: " D " Club. E.M. W. C. Ferguson Cartersville, Georgia Pi Kappa Alpha: Mining Club: " D " Club. E.M. I ' ai e thirty four V . C. E. Woody Sarah. Georgia Rex Club: Financiers Club: •D ' Club B.S.C. F. A. Williamson Jefferson. Georgia Pi Kappa Alpha: Financiers Club. B.S.C. J. D. GlDDENS Kirkland. Georgia Sigma Nu: Phi Mu. B.S. C. L. Dixon Love joy. Georgia Phi Mu. Pre. Med. W. D. Evans Savannah. Georgia Pi Kappa Alpha: Financiers Club: " D " Club. B.S.C. I ' aue Thirty fire Edna Smith Dahlonega, Georgia Corona; Financiers Club. B.S.C. M. L. Griffin Clermont. Georgia Decora; Financiers Club. B.S.C. M. E. Thompson Murrayville, Georgia Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Mu; " D " Club. B.S. M. S. Knight Social Circle, Georgia Decora: Mining Club. E.M. A. C. Lankford Pearson, Georgia Sigma Nu; Phi Mu; Financiers Club. B.S.C. Virgin Dyer Dahlonega, Georgia Corona. A.B. Paye Thirty-sis T. L. Walker Clermont. Georgia Financiers Club: " D " Club. B.S.C. Fay Davis Dahlonega. Georgia Corona. B.S.C. Pope Barrow Norccoss, Georgia " D " Club. B.S.C. Vera West Key. Alabama Corona. B.S.C. G. T. WELDON Griffin. Georgia Sigma Nu; Phi Mu. B.S.C. J. M. Jarrard Brookton. Georgia Decora. A.B. Page Thirty-sevei Zz£ - « £%v- Vera Ash Monroe, Georgia Corona. A.B. H. G. Jarrard Clermont, Georgia Decora. A.B. Diamond Stroupe Aragon. Georgia Financiers Club. B.S.C. O. H. Monroe Cartersville, Georgia Sigma Nu: Phi Mu. A.B. Mrs. Lois D. Dodd Morrow, Georgia A.B. Page Thirty-eight Junior Class Poem It is hard to understand That our race is almost run. When we pause and look behind us At the things we might have done. At the castles we have builded Fallen now into decay . And the scores of rosy dreams That are heaped in disarray. But a thought, somehow pathetic, Steals unbidden in the mind. Of the oft-disguised pleasures That a year will leave behind. One brief season and the span Of closing youth is past. With nothing left but memories That will forever last. Will last until that Great Parade Has moved before the stand. Where the flags of every nation Dip to one Supreme Command. — O. H. Monroe, Class Poet. Page Thirty-nine Junior Class History XF in the dimly clouded future of 1940 or so, some bookish student of the North Georgia Agricultural College should chance to delve into its musty archives of past achievement he might find in a series of faded and tattered volumes the story of our unique class. For in all his perusals of the treasured CYCLOPS, he would probably discover no more verdant group of youths than those who matriculated as Freshmen in the fall of 1925. Truly we were green. Ignorance protruded in all directions. Peddlers of chapel seats, bath room tickets, etc.. did a rushing business and those uniforms! The first few weeks were days of misery, and how they did scratch. Next came the very trying drill period. But knowledge grew with our appetites and we soon learned the meaning of " halt, " " forward, march, " and many other similar commands that strike awe into the hearts of Rookies. Then came Christmas, a welcome break in the life of a Rat. Back again, and another short period of gloom. But these, as all things must, had their end. We were pushed up a year and had served our time as Freshmen. What a proud lot we were the following fall. No more shoes to shine nor any of the other duties that had marked our life as a Rat. A lusty yell rings down Rascal Hall and a Serf hurries to do our bidding. But a change has taken place some where. We are branching in many directions, athletics, debating, and all other activities, number many Sophomores among their ranks. Every man now feels himself a budding military genius and every Co-Ed a movie star. It was a great day when we were able to shout. " I ' m a Corporal now. " The high point of the year came with the Military Ball. After that came more work, more examinations, and we marked this another year. Our third year: an immeasurable dignity settled as a mantle upon our shoulders. The Freshman era was so remotely distant as to be almost forgotten; already we are dreaming of that day when our four year life at Dahlonega will draw to its glorious close. What a thrill of delight was aroused by the adulation of those blissful Freshmen. Now we glory in talking about year before last, an age of unbelievable. Finally comes the hard earned rest, the breathing spell before the final round. In three short months we will have our last strife with " Kid Curriculum " and we are anxiously awaiting the gong. — Cobb Ferguson, Class Historian. % b-£l- -- r - Paije Forty Nfi mp Hamilton, Page Forlu hen Page Forty-three William Curtis Emfinger President Lamar Mitchell Ellard Vice-President WILLIAM JESSE GREEN . . Secretary and Treasurer James Alfred Abercrombie Lois Audrey Anderson Edith Gertrude Bowen George Lumpkin Burden Augustine Statham Callaway Dennis Boyne Carrol Hugh Giles Cheek Darwin Rudolph Cobb William Clinton Cole Floy Leola Cown Berta Lee Davis Olin Charles Dellinger John Cleburne Driskell James Granville Dunagan Lamar Mitchell Ellard William Curtis Emfinger William Jesse Green Ernest Cleaton Harrison William Waller Higgins Andrew Charles Hutchins Charles Jackson Ingram Charles Lafayette Irvin Edward Samuel Jones Paul Griffin Jones John Ralph Jones Eva Belle Elswick Clinton Keith Richard Kell Malcolm Clyde Kennemore Johnnie Kincaid Vernal Ulus Lance Lila Luck Charlie Posey Maddox Guy Fowler Maddox Robertson Lee Malone J. R. Mason John Jacob Meeks James Leon Moore Kathleen Wilson O ' Kelley Ebbie Louise Perry Mary Alice Pinson William Broughton Pirkle Ralph Conwell Price Rufus Pruitt Thomas Herschel Ragsdale Mrs. J. M. Royal Ila Armenia Stargel James Simpson Tankersley Walter Tippens Mrs. Guy Waddell Guy Waddell Whelchel A « - J »PL 3 Page Forty four Sophomore Class History CHOUGH we have not reached the pinnacle whose attainment all seekers for knowledge anticipate with rapt impatience, we pause on our toilsome journey and contemplate the sparse fruition of our limited college experiences. Some tell us that the characteristic brass and conceitedncss within us are buried beyond the reach of mortal eye, but by no means do we flatter ourselves that our Sophomore Class is altogether different, for we too are dreamers. It is our greatest intention to prove our abilities in the future, and make ourselves heroes despite the obstacles that will confront us, and the jests of our upper-classmen. Since entering this institution last fall as timid Freshmen, we have successfully weathered the storm of the upper-classmen and the professors, and realize not too dearly, we hope, that knowledge isn ' t plucked from every hillside, though Shakespeare would make us actors. It is not our desire to attain fame at our so tender age, so we. in bashful reticence, refrain from glorifying on these pages our achievements. but endeavor to attain knowledge that we may next year be learned Juniors. — J. R. MASON. Class Historian. Pane Forty-lire % feJ 3[v -afc ttfl— Payc Fort it six £?£3£ I Pnj7e Forty-eight (p -.r w« JW|K ■ H 1 ■uw Forty-nim shman class officers abe jarrard president fred wilkins vice-president james wray secretary and treasurer anderson, e. 1 anderson, j. w. ash, harold bell, h. w. blake. j. h. brock, b. h. burgin, o. f. burt, r. e. callaway, r. a. camp, r. j. cobb, tyrus cox, nannie crowder, g. t. davis, mabel davis. mark davis, w. a. dyer, glanca edwards, r. I. fry. elizabeth glasure, a. h. goble. w. e. griffin, m, m. haley, o. k. hardy, t. w. hayden, s. p. haynes, j. w. head, helen class roll hollis, t. w. housley, a. r. loward, c. I. lunt. g. s. ngram, t. h. ackson, a. I. arrard. e. g. arrard. g. g. ohnson, carl ohnson, theus jones, frances keith, j. g. kirkland. r. j. land, dudley letson. s. h. logan, c. e. loughridge, w. lowe. f. w. mcabee. h. a. mcconnell. r. s. mccurry, s. j. mcgarity, j. w. mcgee, h. s. mckee, genevieve milton, foster morris, j. t. owen. ralph ponder, h. m. quillian, h. reed, e. 1. richardson. r. roper, e. t. sanders, irene scott, m. t. shiretzki, r. h. shultz, carl shultz, fannie lee siler, w. c. slaton. j. c. smith, h. 1. stargel. maebelle still, florrie summerour, joe taylor, b. r. travis. 1. h. trulock, t. b. trussel, f. e. vaughn, j. b. walker, c. c. waiters, r. m. wilkins, f. b. wray, j. m. wray, j. 1. yancey, g. j. r iDs2y tofe-. Pane Fifty Freshman Class History ' EPTEMBER 13, 1927. was the eventful day of the class of ' 31. When vet miles from the " Gold City. " we saw the spire of the main building of N. G. A. C. towering in the air. There were eighty of us who were entering upon college life for the first time. We were warmly welcomed with a hearty representation and execution of the " Rat Rules. " More rightly " Rat Boards. " Green? Of course we were, and the upper-classmen were quick to take advantage of this and unload many of their jokes on us. We were further humiliated by being made professional bootblacks, janitors, and errand runners. More especially were we used in singing from the " Military Book, " delivering table speeches on ridiculous subjects, making love to mirrors, etc.. for the amuse- ment of the upper-classmen. Such are our remembrances. Freshmen. ' Yes. and glad of it. too. for are we not the most important class in school ' Are we not the structure on which the whole institution rests? We have no past and therefore the office of the Historian is some- what superfluous. The prophecy of the class could be more easily written. but we content ourselves with a modest statement of our present position and attainments. We are fresh and vigorous, versed mainly in a knowl- edge of things never to be learned in school : the freshness of the rose, the down of the peach, and the bloom of the grape are terms appropriately applied to us. " Freshmen " ! The supporting pillars sustaining the other college classes. You should see us at drill. It is rather hard sometimes but Sergeant always smiles and says. " The little dears, they certainly do that beautifully. I do like to teach them. " So we feel fully repaid for our efforts. The Freshmen have a wonderful point of view, and have discovered the open secret, that each member of the faculty has the most important work in college. The English instructors see all truth through a diagram, and look at the universe through a punctuation mark. The Professor of Biology finds all knowledge reflected in the scale of the beetle, and the Professor of Chemistry will analvze life out of a brickbat. The Domestic T£nD«2v; Page Fifty -one 1S8£ 5 Arts Department finds life centered in a buttonhole, and the consummation of existence in a hem. while the Professor of Mathematics divides the line of life into equal parts, and squares existence with a compass, and so on to the end. We have decided not to follow the examples of those whose hearts thrilled suddenly at a glance at the giddy height. No, we have decided to scale the Alps, and explore their lofty crest and fresh or faint, we feel that we must reach the goal. It is not our intention to walk more slowly than those who precede us. Nor is it our intention to go ahead of them: but we do urge them to move faster for we are getting crowded at the base. Some of us are too impatient to wait longer and arc trying to get a foot- hold across the boundary line of the territory of the Sophomores. The class of ' 31 can stand at attention and say, " We did not come to N. G. A. C. to write history, we came here to make it! " — A. H. GLASURE, Class Historian. c ± - f §r- 3 rane Fifty-two ■•c " :,-:- ' •••; ■■ ' ■■ - • •— v-. --t, --. ' -■• :wv-::- ■ - ' .. . ■■•■ J- ' -r •-- ' ' ■ -•« ' •■• ■ ' • i.- ' ; ' ... ' " ' ' ' ' ■•! ' ■ ' ■ •■ , ' . 5 ■-. • - , The Officers ' Club OFFICERS I. T. MCCURLEY President W. J. McKEE Vice-President J. F. WATERS Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS W. H. Baker I. T. McCurley H. H. Bonner W. J. McKee W. E. Bullock J. B. Moore E. H. Hawkins A. L. Peyton J. F. Waters -= = fttjg— Page Fifty-five The Financiers Club OFFICERS J. F. WATERS President C. E. WOODY Vice-President W. D. EVANS Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS B. H. Brcck J. R. Jones W. C. Cole E. C. Jordan G. T. Crowder E. C. Keith J. G. Dunagan Dudley Land R. L. Edwards A. C. Lankford W. D. Evans S. H. Letson M. M. Griffin Ralph Owen O. K. Haley H. M. Ponder S. P. Hayden R. R. Pruitt A. R. Housley J. S. Tankersley G. S. Hunt J. F. Waters C. L. Irvin Eva Belle Whelchel A. L. Jackson F. B. Wilkins Theus Johnson C. E. Woody J. M. Wray £1 l%2 A. Page Fifty-six Page Fifty-)! vi n Corona Hedera Literary Society OFFICERS FAY DAVIS President Edna Smith Vice-President VERA WEST Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS Vera Ash Lila Luck Edith Bowen Genevieve McKee Leola Cown Irene Sanders Nannie Cox Sharley Fay Shultz Fay Davis Fannie Lee Shultz Virgin Dyer Edna Smith Glanca Dyer Ruby Smith Helen Head Ila Stargel Frances Jones Maebelle Stargel Johnnie Kincaid Vera West Eva Belle Whelchel I yjCh Page Fifty-eioht t - .. Poyc FiftV-nine The a D 5 OFFICERS T. H. RAGSDALE President C. E. Woody Vice-President E. H. HAWKINS Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS W. H. Baker M. C. Kennemore D. R. Cobb G. G. Jarrard H. G. Cheek C. P. Maddox W. D. Evans W. J. McKee W. C. Ferguson T. H. Ragsdale E. H. Hawkins M. E. Thompson A. R. Housley T. L. Walker J. R. Hitchcock C. E. Woody ik r g -gfck- 3 I ' wje Sixty Pan Sixty Miss Irene Moore. Instructor Lois Anderson Edith Bowen Nannie Cox Leola Cown Fay Davis Glanca Dyer Elizabeth Frye Helen Head MEMBERS Frances Jones Lila Luck Genevieve McKee Irene Sanders Fannie Lee Shultz Edna Smith Diamond Stroupe Vera West Eva Belle Whelchel £WjC I ' u ' c Sixty-two £V %2 . fcsjfc -. r- Page Hutu three OFFICERS A. L. PEYTON President W. J. McKEE Vice-President W. D. PATTERSON .... Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS H. E. Ash W. H. Baker J. H. Blake W. E. Bullock W. E. Davis R. E. Dean W. C. Ferguson W. J. Green E. H. Hawkins J. R. Hitchcock A. C. Hutchins E. S. Jones J. G. Keith M. S. Knight W. E. LOUGHRIDGE R. L. Malone I. T. McCurley R. S. McCONNELL W. J. McKee J. J. Meeks W. D. Patterson A. L. Peyton M. T. Scott W. C. Siler Joe Summerour T. B. Trulock R. M. Walters J. L. Wray ■ r M t , zi Page Sixty-four jv - f Pai c Sixty-five OFFICERS W. D. Patterson President C. L. DlXON Vice-President W. C. EMFINGER .... Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS H. H. Bonner C. L. Dixon W. C. Emfinger J. D. GlCDENS S. P. Hayden R. J. Kirkland M. C. Kennemore A. C. Lankford J. B. Moore I. T. McCurley O. H. Monroe R. S. McConnell W. D. Patterson W. B. Pirkle J. M. Royal J. S. Tankersley M. E. Thompson G. T. Weldon R. M. Walters r txt%2 .j h j - I ' uf e Sixty-stx 3t « r !► u £V5D22is yvi. ' r 8tety Page Sixty-eight Page Sixty-nine stra OFFICERS J. F. WATERS President J. M. JARRARD Vice-President T. H. RAGSDALE Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS W. E. Bullock A. C. Hutchins Ralph Owen G. L. Burden C. J. Ingram H. M. Ponder R. J. Camp E. S. Jones R. C. Price D. B. Carroll J. M. Jarrard R. R. Pruitt D. R. Cobb H. G. Jarrard T. H. Ragsdale W. C. Cole E. C. Jordan M. T. Scott H. G. Cheek M. S. Knight J. C. Slaton Mark Davis S. H. Letson B. R. Taylor W. A. Davis, Jr. C. E. Logan Walter Tippens R. E. Dean F. W. Lowe L. H. Travis G. G. Jarrard C. P. Maddox F. E. Trussell A. H. Glasure R. L. Malone J. B. Vaughn W. E. Goble H. S. McGee J. F. Waters W. J. Green J. L. Moore C. E. Woody M. L. Griffin J. T. Morris C. J. Yancey £?) %2h ,-gjfe j v S. Page Seventy The Orchestra J. B. MOORE. Jr., Manager Piano Dudley Land Trumpet J. R. Mason Bass J. M. Wray Violin TOM HARDY Saxophone H. M. PONDER Saxophone J. J. MEEKS Saxophone V. Lance Banjo O. F. BURGIN .... Drums Page ' ri nty-one £l )L %2h at N. G. A, C Most Popular Student WATERS Best Ail-Round Student THOMPSON Most Influential Student McCURLEY Hardest Worker HUTCHINS Best Football Player . . . . .... HITCHCOCK Best All-Round Athlete T. L. WALKER Best Military Man ... .... ... McCURLEY Best Orator ... EMFINGER Biggest Bum ... HlGGINS Wittiest Man .... EVANS Most Awkward ... HOWARD TAYLOR (Tied) Laziest Man Pruitt Greenest " Rat " ... TAYLOR Biggest Pest HOWARD Most Popular " Rat " . . Ash Biggest " Woman Hater " B ARROW Biggest Ladies ' Man ... DEAN Best Natured PATTERSON Most Conceited MEADERS Most Attractive Co-Ed Lois ANDERSON Most Popular Co-Ed . MARY ALICE PlNSON Best Dancer (Boy) . . MASON Best Dancer (Girl) ... .... LOIS ANDERSON Biggest Eater .... SUMMEROUR Handsomest Boy J. M. WRAY Biggest Grouch .... .... BARROW Happiest Boy T. L. Walkep Freshest Boy " Rat " KEITH Most Bashful Boy K.ENNEMORE Biggest Liar LEON MOORE Most Desperate Lover JOE WRAY Most Popular Occupation . " MUGGING " — WORKING FOR DADDY (Tied) £¥ $2 : Pafje Seventy-two oigmna rNu (Founded at the Virginia Military Institute, January 1, 1869) KAPPA CHAPTER (1881 ) COLORS: White. Black, unci Old Gold. FLOWER: White Rose. FRATERS IN URBE W. S. Gaillard Professor Boyd FRATERS IN FACULTY E. N. NICHOLSON, Professor of Agriculture E. B. VlCKERY, Professor of Latin M. C. WILEY. Professor of Chemistry MEMBERS J. W. Anderson H. M. Ponder W. C. Emfinger W. J. Green J. D. GlDDENS R. C. Meaders A. C. Lankford G. T, Weldon O. H, Monroe J. B. Moore W. J. McKee W. D. Holland W. E. Bullock PLEDGES B. H. Brock S. P. Hayden R. J. KlRKLAND Dudley Land S. H. Letson H. S. McGee R. L. Malone H. Quillian L. H. Travis T. B. Trulcck R. W. Kell V. U. Lance kO vCI L - S 3±J£l e - l ' a e Seirntu-four 4 to i Page Seventy-five (Founded at University of Virginia, March 1, 1868) OFFICIAL ORGAN: The Shield and Diamond. SECRET ORGAN: The Dagger and Key. COLORS: Garnet and Old Gold. FLOWER: Lily of the Valley. PSI CHAPTER (Established at N. G. A. College. March 7, 1900) FRATERS IN FACULTY J. C. BARNES. Professor of Mathematics GARLAND PEYTON, Professor of Mining Engineering P. M. HUTCHERSON. Associate Professor of Business Science and Administration MEMBERS O. F. Burgin G. T. Crowder T. W. Hollis R. S. McConnell F. B. Wilkins J. S. Tankersley W. H. Baker O. K. Haley J. R. Hitchcock W. C. Ferguson F. A. Williamson W. D. Evans I. T. McCURLEY A. L. Peyton E. H. Hawkins R. E. Dean PLEDGES F. W. Lowe W. C. Siler J. M. Wray M. E. Thompson T. H. Ragsdale W. D. Patterson - f$fr- - Ptu e Svventy-six Page St ' ' h ty-st i ' n Motto : The wreath is for those who contend. Colors: Old Gold and Black. FLOWER: Tuberose. OFFICERS J. F. Waters President L. M. ELLARD Vice-President W. C. COLE Secretary C. E. WOODY Treasurer MEMBERS A. L. Jackson C. L. Irvin G. G. Jarrard L. M. Ellard P. F. Milton C. E. Woody Ralph Owen J. F. Waters W. C. Cole J. W. McGarity H. L. Smith PLEDGES J. T. Morris £¥) Page Seventy -eight ■ ffir- I ' age Screntu-nine Alpha Phi Oniega Fraternity (Local) MOTTO : Onward and Upward. COLORS: Purple and Gold. FLOWER: Pansy. OFFICERS D. R. COBB President J. J. MEEKS Vice-President H. A. McABEE Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS Joe Summerour H. A. McAbee D. R. Cobb E. S. Jones J. J. Meeks T. W. Hardy W. W. Higgins R. B. Shiretzki G. S. Hunt P. G. Jones R. L. Edwards C. L. Dixon PLEDGES R. J. Camp M. M. Griffin J ftifCl ST " -— -St ti jJk J JK Jfc . 3 Page Eighty Pag Eighty otu The Pan-Hellenic Council Alpha Phi Omega D. R. Cobb Sigma Nu J. B. Moore Rex J. F. WATERS. President Pi Kappa Alpha E. H. Hawkins cr S = -= " fttlr 3 Page Eighty-tVjt B £ Raymond Hamilton t- --- ■ ' Pai c Eighty-four Professors of Military Science and Tactics WILLIS A. HEDDEN Captain Infantry. D. O. L. Professor of Military Science and Tactics Raymond C. Hamilton Captain Infantry. D. O. L. Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics R. S. McCONNELL D. E. M. L. Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics £V5ES2s ' - " " ' wte? Po0i Eighty-five y Hi OFFICERS AND NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS W. J. McKEE Captain J. F. WATERS First Lieutenant W. E. BULLOCK Second Lieutenant R. E. DEAN First Sergeant Sergeants W. D. Patterson J. D. Giddens Corporals Pope Barrow P. C. Cochran W. J. Green A. R. Housley G. T. Weldon J. L. Moore W. D. Evans :« - " jffir v - Page Eighty-si ' A " Company FIRST SECTION PRIVATES J. H. Blake G. L. Burden A. S. Callaway T. H. Cobb O. C. Dellinger G. S. Hunt C. L. Irvin E. C. Keith M. C. Kennemore F. W. Lowe H. A. McAbee J. W. McGarrity R. L. Malone M. T. Scott L. H. Travis R. M. Walters J. L. Wray SECOND SECTION PRIVATES H. E. Ash B. H. Brock R. E. Burt G. T. Crowder J. G. DUNAGAN R. L. Edwards E. C. Harrison T. W. HOLLIS A. C. Hutchins G. G. Jarrard T. D. Johnson J. G Keith R. L. KlRKLAND W. E. LOUGHRIDGE R. C. Price R. R. Pruitt W. H. QUILLIAN R. K. Richardson W. C. Siler £ S2ii Page Eiaht! - eetn M " DW OFFICERS AND NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS A. L. Peyton Captain E. H. Hawkins First Lieutenant W. H. BAKER Second Lieutenant W. C. FERGUSON .... First Sergeant C. L. Dixon Sergeants F. A. Williamson M. L. Griffin R. W. Kell T. L. Walker Corporals L. M. Ellard J. R. Jones J. B. Vaughn R. C. Meaders = S £g£S£ ia 6 fe si: Page Eighty-eight " B " Company FIRST SECTION PRIVATES J. A. Abercrombie E. L. Anderson D. B. Carroll W. C. Cole Mark Davis W. A. Davis W. E. Goble E. L. Howard C. P. Johnson J. M. Wray P. G. Jones S. J. McCurry T. H. Ragsdale E. D. Reed J. C. Slaton H. L. Smith B. R. Taylor J. W. Tippens T. B. Trulcck SECOND SECTION PRIVATES J. W. Anderson H. W. Bell R. J. Camp H. G. Cheek D. R. Cobb J. C. Driskell A. H. Glasure O. K. Haley V. D. Holland E. G. Jarrard C. E. Logan C. P. Maddox P. F. Milton J. T. Morris J. S. Tankersley F. E. Trussell F. B. Wilkins G. J. Yancey TlESS Page Eighty-nine afr jlb - " " - ffirr- ■ ■ OFFICERS AND NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS J. B. Moore Captain M. E. THOMPSON First Sergeant C. J. INGRAM Sergeant J. R. MASON Sergeant W. W. HlGGINS . . . Corporal PRIVATES O F. Burgin V. U. Lance W. E. Davis D. R. Land W. C. Emfinger H. S. McGee T. W. Hardy G. F. Maddox S. P. Hayden J. J. Meeks T. H. Ingram W. B. Pirkle A. L. Jackson E. T. Roper J. M. Jarrard R. B. Shiretzki E. S. Jones Carl Shultz J. E. Summerour f £C ae - -= " f$X " - Page Ninety " V TlCS r tfiUll " " ' X. ' S sSW - V HAWKINS. E. H. (Captain). End " Hawk " has proven himself a worthy man by his speed and his ability at tackling and in getting down under punts. He is as fine a player as has ever been seen on the Blue Jacket field. McCONNELL. R. S.. Tackle Owing to his giant strength and weight " Sarg " has made himself a name that will be remembered by all. Also his opponents will remember him by his hard hitting and tackling. BLAKE. J. H.. End His ability at breaking up end runs has made him a terror to all opposing teams. His spirit is " Do or Die. " Paye Kinety-threi WALTERS. R. M., Halfback A good runner and a man who knows how to carry the ball. JARRARD. G. G., Quarterback Gabe was always there with the fighting spirit, and was forever pushing his men on into the battle. GRIFFIN. M. L., Halfback " Calf " is the gentleman who could be counted on for a gain at any time. You could always hear the enemy saying " Don ' t let Calf hit you. " £YS %2h. %-fe-: -■Jft Tf - . Paije Ninety-four EVANS. W. D.. Center " Willyamer " has worked faithfully and hard all the season, giving all that he had each time. He is also a good punter. BARROW. POPE. Tackle " Popey ' s " weight and strength will always make him a valuable man for the place. Pope says " Gripe, and the world will gripe with you. " COLE. W. C. Guard Speaking of hard fighters but " Stout Fella " is one that you often read about but seldom see. Keep going Fatus. Pagi Ninety-jlte ei a " r- BURGIN, O. F., Fullback " Bug, " light for the place, yet what he lacked in weight he more than made up for in the ole fightin ' spirit. HITCHCOCK, J. R.. Fullback Here is the hardest hitting and digging piece of plunder on the team. In " Hitchie " a gain was always in sight for he had the pep and usually took it out in yards. RAGSDALE. T. H.. Halfback " Rags " proved his worth by sh owing them how to carry the oval. He was always there and ready for more. Page " Ninety-six MADDOX. C. P., Guard " Pose " is a steady all-round linesman who used his hands like a driving ram all season. We wonder if he was ever hurt? McGARITY, J. W.. Halfback " Mac " is one of the speediest backfield men on the squad. His speed com- bined with his strength gained many yards. BUSH. P. D.. Coach " Pug " has been with us several years as football, baseball and basket-ball coach. During this time he has won the love and admiration of the entire student body. Much respect is due to him for he has had an up-hill fight for some time to put out some winning teams at N. G. A. C. Our hats are off to him in final tribute for his faithful services rendered to this school. PATTERSON, W. D. (picture not available) . Guard VaDCl Pofje yinety-seien , 1927 Front Roiv: COLE. Guard; BARROW, Tackle; MADDOX. Guard: EVANS. Center; HAWKINS. End: McCONNELL. Tackle: BLAKE. End; BURGIN. Fullback. Second Row: RAGSDALE. Halfback; McGARlTY. Halfback; HITCHCOCK. Full- back; JARRARD. Quarterback: GRIFFIN, Halfback: HOWARD, Halfback; HUNT, Tackle; R.EID, Tackle. Third Row: DAVIS, Tackle; WALTERS. Halfback; SCOTT. End; KlRKLAND. End; SUMMEROUR. Guard; BUSH. Coach: PEYTON, Manager. tr 1 j 2- K±J B . Page Ninety-eight TIPPINS. W. V . Forward " Husk, " due to his height, was a very valuable man to the team. He was always in there fightin ' em and got more than his share of the points. EVANS. V. D.. Center " Willie " is a floor man of note. Whenever a scramble takes place after the ball and the referee is untangling the mass. Bill is seen coming out of the heap with either the ball or a handful of hair. WALKER. T. L. (Captain). Forward Unfortunately " Red " was handicapped by sickness the latter part of the season and did not get to play very much but he has shown enough of his prowess in the past to prove that he can handle a basket-ball. £l 2h Page Ninety-nine HITCHCOCK. J. R. (Alternate Captain), Guard " No-Nox " is a flash at guard, covering all parts of the court at all times and he shoots ' em from all angles. GRIFFIN. M. L.. Guard Bouncer ' s motto is. " Work hard all the time and you are sure to win, ' ' and this he certainly does at all times. He is a valuable player to the team. CARROLL. D. B.. Center " Biggun " has proven his worth as one who knows as well as loves basket- ball. It is very easy for him to get points, for all that he has to do is drop them in the basket. £tfti§2 Page One Hundred CHEEK, H. G.. Guard Here ' s the best little guard on the floor. He has gained a new name " snake, " for he was always popping up where least expected and robbing the opponents of points. WILLIAMSON. F. A., Forward " Adams " is known for his fighting spirit, and his uncanny ability in raising the score. He is the best point-getter seen on this court in a long time. BUSH. P. D.. Coach 1 ' mn Out II mull nl anil One Basket-Ball Squad Sitting: GRIFFIN. Guard; TlPPINS. Forward; EVANS. Center: WALKER. For- ward: Hitchcock, Guard. Kneeling: BELL, Guard; EDWARDS. Forward: WlLKINS. Guard: OWEN. For- ward: HOLLIS. Forward; YANCEY. Guard. Standing: BUSH. Coach: CHEEK. Guard: KlRKLAND. Forward; WILLIAMSON. Forward; McABEE, Guard. £¥ %2h l ' tif r One Hiunlrctl ami Two Co-Eds ' 1928 Basket-Ball Team Dennis B. Carroll. Coach Eva Belle Whelchel Center Kathleen O ' Kelley Center Edith Bowen Guard Maebelle Stargel .... Forward Sharley Fay Shultz . . Guard HELEN Head (Captain) Forward Lois Anderson Guard Elizabeth Fry Guard Frances Jones Forward Fannie Lee Shultz . Forward i Page One 77unrfrerf atirf Thye,- The 1928 Basket-Ball Season BOYS ' This year marks the second one in which N. G. A. C. has put a basket-ball team on the court — one who ' s record that we can be justly proud of. They only lost two games during the entire season and those by a close margin. Practice did not get under way until after Christmas, but then every one got down to business. There was no one who had a place cinched so it was fight all and the best man win out. and this was done for Coach Bush put a team on the floor that certainly knew their business. The team deserves more credit than we can give it, for it has marked an entrance of a new event here and one that will bring honor and fame to the institution, for a winning team always makes a name. Next year ' s team and the ones to come will have to work hard to put a team on the floor that works as smooth as the one did this year. Much credit is due Coach Bush for his patience in working with a practically new team and making it a winning one. There were times when our team showed up as good as any in the State. They showed speed and flash during the entire season. May next year ' s team keep up the record that the team of ' 28 has made. THE 1928 CO-ED TEAM The past season marks one real success in the Co-Ed basket-ball history. Co-Ed basket-ball is a new thing here, but the play shown by the girls looks as if it had been here for several generations. The season was begun by Coach Carroll with practically a green team but as the season progressed so did the team. He did not strive to develop individual stars but it was always his aim to develop team work to its highest form. Long before the season ended this aim was fulfilled. They played the best teams of this section, losing only three games, all of which were by a very close score. During the coming years if the girls show as much of the " never say die " spirit as these girls did during the past year, " Ole Lon " will be well represented on the floor. - " 4fffc— Pant One Hundred ami Four Baseball Squad, 1928 FRONT ROW Jones Outfield Davis Pitcher HotSLEY (Captain) Pitcher WATERS (Manager) .... Outfield Milton Infield MIDDLE ROW Griffin Outfield Crowded Infield Morris Infield COBB Outfield Owen Utility RAGS2ALE . . Outfield BACK ROW MAURER Assistant Coach KENNEMOR2 Pitcher Smith Catcher McGEE Catcher BUSH Coach Jk J , Puye One Hit wired and Fivt Boxing and Wrestling Tearn Left to right: McABEE. middleweight; McGARITY. light heavyweight- BAKER (wrestler) . unlimited class: PATTERSON, welterweight; McCURRY. light heavyweight : YANCEY, welterweight. This team was selected after an inter-company tournament, held on February twenty-fifth. In that tournament. Baker, being unchallenged at home, wrestled Whitey Craig of Emory University. Baker lost a beautiful match. It must be stated, too. that Craig later represented the South in the final Olympic Team try-outs. " Pat " Patterson also having no challenger, boxed Dorminy of the University of Georgia and decisively defeated him. Page One Hundred and Six The 1928 Baseball Season When the CYCLOPS goes to press, the baseball season is just opening. There were only five veterans from last year ' s team out when the first call for practice sounded. The entire infield with the exception of one man is new, but after watching them practice for a while you would never know it, for they work together like an old team. Rain has knocked the team out of several practices and three games but this has not taken any spirit out of them for they are a determined bunch In the first game of the season with Clarksville, Housley pitched a fine game, giving up only one hit. In the Bowdon games, Dahlonega lost the first but came through with a win the second day. The loss the first day was partly due to the long trip in going there that morning. Both games with Young Harris were rained out. Dahlonega next journeyed to Gainesville where Housley pitched another good game, giving up only two hits, winning the game two to one. The next game with Gainesville was also won. If old man " Sol " will just treat them right. Dahlonega will have a team on the field that any school would be proud of. At this time they have won six- games and lost only one. Page One Hundred tn l Sercn jl I m- J , fi 9 Intercompany Track and Field Teams BAND AND STAFF Front row, left to right: Maddox (high jump, high hurdles, javelin, dis- cus, shot): Jackson (440-yard dash, 1-mile run): Bonner (low hurdles); Lankford ( ' _. and 2-mile runs, low hurdles) ; Owen (100-yard dash, high and broad jumps) : Knight (pole vault, low hurdles) ; Thompson (broad jump) ; Jones {Yi and 2-mile runs). COMPANY " B " Middle row, left to right: Glasure (440-yard dash, 1 and 2-mile runs); Yancey (100 and 220-yard dashes, 1-mile run) ; Wray (pole vault) ; Wilkins (pole vault) : Tippens (high jump, discus) ; Baker (shot) ; McCurry (100 and 220-yard dashes); Reed (440-yard dash, 1 and 2-mile runs); Griffin f 1 ?. F and 2-mile r uns) . COMPANY " A " Back row, left to right: Hunt ( ' i and 1-mile runs, low hurdles); Mc- Garity (high jump) : Loughridge ( 100 and 220-yard dashes, pole vault) ; Siler (2-mile run) : Keith (high jump and pole vault) ; Jarrard (high hurdles and discus) ; Pruitt (440-yard dash and 1-mile run). Page Our Hundred and Eight Cvc c c c c c c c c c cxp 6 7 i 7 7 i Mrs. Emerson F. Waters Sponsor of I he ' 28 Cyclops 2 V WW N WVxVV)V)VTO (■ .SJAlV.V.V.V.MMVAt.NCSC 7 7 7 i 7 7 7 h I ' r 7 n Miss Hildegarde Hamm Sponsor of the Bund .JV VA ' AS «i iV)V) ' W |lr, A ,VAlV. iM A(A . rsr 7 i V Miss Anne Peyton Sponsor of Company " B " V V. S S S S S t.VACVA(A(. iAt, (AcM CNt 7 7 7 7 7 i Miss Margaret Hightower Sponsor of Company " A " V)VA S V) rMACVXCvlM vcvc c c c 7 9 •p 7 7 7 ........ -.._ — , Miss Lois Andfrsox Most Attractive Co-Ed. (Who ' s Who) 7 I 7 f ■ V? VlXVXA SVA S S S S T?H niiiniiiiniiiiiiii! " ; : rrr l " . rnnnn «-- ' I 6 I ' 1 mini V " l (C| U , = , Q! WE ARE NOT ONLY BACKING THE North Georgia Agricultural College but each and everyone of our worthy educational institutions. Considering its fine corps of teachers, the course of study offered, including exceptionally fine military training, its ideal healthful location in the heart of the BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINS, we consider any young man or woman quite fortunate in being able to attend and enjoy the privileges of the N. G. A. C. ATLANTA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE BENJ. S. BARKER, MILTON DARGAN, JR., Executive Vice-President President Page One Hundred ami Eighteen f- DAHLONEGA BOYS ALWAYS FIND A HEARTY WELCOME AT THE IMPERIAL Gainesville ' s Leading Drug Store KODAK FINISHING Mail Orders Promptly Filled ¥ Compliments of — W. A. HOUSLEY ON THE SQUARE High Class Shoe Repairing HARRY TUCKER Gainesville, Ga. A COMPLETE LINE OF GENTS ' FURNISHINGS X. (i. A. C. BOYS ALWAYS WELCOME B. P. GAILLARD, JR. ATTORNEY AT LAW Gainesville, Georgia WHITE MUSIC COMPANY Gainesville, Georgia Phonographs Phonograph Records Pianos, Sheet Music .Mail Orders Promptly Filled DR. H. HEAD Complete Line of DRUGS — and — CONFECTIO ERIi:s COLLEGE PHYSICIAN SCHOOL SUPPLIES CANDIES DRINKS d ' - ■ulb Page One Hundred and flint Ss»» DO YOU WANT CLOTHES THAT FIT? -See MEADERS f PILGRIM-ESTES FURNITURE CO. Karpen Living Room Furniture, High Class Dining Room Furniture, Bed Room Furniture, Orthophonic Victrolas STEWART-WARNER RADIOS ESTY PIANOS Gainesville, Georgia PRUITT BARRETT HARDWARE CO. Wholesale and Retail HARDWARE AND ATHLETIC SUPPLIES Gainesville, Georgia Compliments of — T. J. SMITH GULF PRODUCTS Drinks : Candy : Smokes Compliments of- THE RED GROCERY Gainesville, Georgia err ■ nb) Page One Hundred and Twenty f Just To Remind 1 ou That There .s one Hitter Tlnin Davis Bread DAVIS BAKERY CITY CAFE THE COLLEGE BOY ' S FRIEND Gainesville, Georgia THEY ALL EAT HERE. H. E. Watson, Prop. COMPLIMENTS LIPSCOMB DRUG COMPANY A COMPLETE LINE OF Sundries, Confectioneries, Sodas and Magazines A WELCOME AWAITS YOU HER E b •i v One Hundred and Ticenty-thret C|i! V Heed the little thirsts -hig thirsts take care of themselves The little thirst is nature ' s true signal, letting you know that the moisture in your system is about to run low. r Nature reinforces thirst with taste and appetite — calling for Coca- Cola. The Coca-Cola Co., Atlanta, Ga. (million a day IT HAD TO BE GOOD TO GET WHERE IT IS A Hearty Welcome Always Awaits You —AT THE— WHITE WAY CAFE Gainesville, Georgia W. G. Hogsed, Prop. FRIERSON-McEVER CO. Gainesville, Ga. Style Leaders in Clothing Furnishings and Shoes A Glad Hand Is Always Extended to X. G. A. C. Boys. CROWN SERVICE STATION Smith House YOUR PATRONAGE SOLICITED H. B. SMITH, Proprietor o- Pane One Ilitnilrril ami Twenty-four m w m, vv- s • ' sSMlM jK ere (production of your Annual Combines the, inspiration of Ancient irtisans andtheskill oPModern Craftsmen i i FOOTE DAVIES AT L- A N T A DESIGN EHX AirrirTx ENGPAViriLr fACH Df PARTMfNT TOPPED BY A .SPECIALIST Compliments of — CINCIOLO FRUIT CO. WHOLESALE FRUITS AND PRODUCE W. S. GA1LLARD ATTORNEY AT LAW DAHLONEGA, GEORGIA N. G. A. C. ' " 06 " Crescent Ice Cream " THE CREAM SUPREME " frsTXXKZX Crescent Ice Cream Company GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA Price Charters, Prop. COMPLIMENTS JOHN H. MOORE SON SHOES AND SWEATERS, RAINCOATS, CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS CANDY, SMOKES AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES Daily Baggage and Express Service to Gainesville. Page One Hundred «» ' ' Twenty-five -• £ q 5Ss» DAHLONEGA CHEVROLET COMPANY Cars For Rent SERVICE THAT SATISFIES Henry W. Moore, Prop. -, V. R. WATERMAN FINE TAILORING Dry Cleaning Pressing Dyeing Altering Gainesville, Repairing Georgia We Gladly Receive You When You Come To Us With a DEPOSIT And Just As Gladly Reciprocate When We Can Do You a Favor. YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME TO THE BANK OF DAHLONEGA, GA. JL WHEN YOU WANT HARDWARE —GO TO— GOFORTH BROS. Gainesville, Georgia Compliments of - BYRON MITCHELL Gainesville, Georgia Paijt One Hundred " inl Twenty-six ,t ' n ABEE JOHNSON TAILOR-MADE SUITS HIGH GRADE PRESSING AND DRY CLEANING Near the Campus — Work Called for and Delivered THE GAINESVILLE EAGLE Gainesville, :: Georgia Established in I860 Circulation Now Over 2,000 HIGH CLASS JOB WORK WE SOLICIT NEWS AND BUSINESS WE PRINT THE RICOCHET DAHLONEGA CUMMING ATLANTA BUS LINE Leave Atlanta, Princeton Hotel 7:30 A. M. 3:00 P. M. Leave Dahlonega 7:30 A. M. 4:00 P. M. Nice Cars Careful Drivers FRED JONES, Operator. Compliments of — BANK OF LUMPKIN COUNTY PROGRESSIVE ACCOMMODATING " A SAFE FRIENDLY BANK " WE ARE ALWAYS FOR A GREATER N. G. A. C. o-p b ! ' ■! :• One II nntiii n and Ticenty-scvcn a : q 1 COMPLIMENTS OF- H. R. WOODY MANAGER WOODY ' S BARBER SHOP WHERE THE N. G. A. C. BOYS MAKE THEIR HOME Dahlonega Welcomes You - - - Dahlonega Chamber of Commerce i B. A. PARKS SONS Gainesville, Georgia WE SPECIALIZE IN GENTS ' FURNISHINGS Price Tells Quality Sells BLUE WHITE CAFE AND SODA FOUNT Our Motto: " Service " Students Welcome Proprietors Part of the Gang b; Page One Hundred uml Twenty-eight tSTf Autograph Page One 1 undnd and Twenty-nine e to

Suggestions in the North Georgia College - Cyclops Yearbook (Dahlonega, GA) collection:

North Georgia College - Cyclops Yearbook (Dahlonega, GA) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Page 1


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North Georgia College - Cyclops Yearbook (Dahlonega, GA) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


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