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In Memory of: William D. Patterson Dedicated by his son: William T. Patterson -tl ■ ' ' ■■r ' ' • " i ARCHIVES U428 C9 1927c. 2 North Georgia College CYCLOPS 13S; ;7 ARCHIVES U428 C9 1927c, 2 IV2 7 138274 f p |ForplMor(j In submitting this, the fourteenth vohime of the Cyclops to you, we, its editors, are aware of its imper- fections. Inexperienced as editors, having the full duty of our scholastic and other college activities to fulfill, we have nevertheless brought our best ener- gies to the task of giving y ou this volume, and can truly claim to have done our best. If in the years to come, when your hair is tinted with white, when many of your comrades and friends have gone on the last Jong journey , and when all the world seems gray, you can take this poor little volume of the Cyclops and as you turn its time-worn pages, can recall once more the happy days of your youth, can see the phantom faces of friends of the long ago, can feel the pulse of a new life surge upon you from the past, and can fee! once more thedauntless spirit of old N. G. A. C. rise in your soul, then our labors will not have been in vain. It is with the hope that you will forgive its errors in anticipa- tion of what it may mean to us in the future, that we have given to you this edition of our annual. The Cyclops Stuff W. I). HOLLAND, J. E. STE.MHRIUGE, .J sslst in! ht ifnr-iii-Chic ' f Business ] I(ina, er L. C. ANDERSON, H. P. SELLERS, L. G. KNIGHT, .i ilTcrlisiiii; Maudf cr Kditur-in-Chief Asst. Business J l in i!;er D. T. QLULLIAN, JR., MISS HELEN COHH, S r, Editor .ht Editor Page Eight ®;i)F (ffoiiffif I II (I II.- . ' rill! Bill I dim i; . ■ J.- .i-L ' ■:-:., 4,4 Mill}} B iiUfuu rit:i nil ilu- Ciiiiipiis U orhi ' s l.di ' iil ( Jvcish ' il II tilcr-u ' lncl. . iiii Ihililiuicgii. The Tails Jl ' iiii; ftil ' . Giif Ili lintiy. L L FACULTY Fcuidty ciud Officers iij26-2] Cn. Ri.i:s M. Sxi.i.i.iNc.s. A. M., Sc. U. Cluiiifclhii III the I iiivi ' isity foHN W. Vi;sT, A. M. Prcs ' uhnt AxuRiiw V. C. : , A. M. Ri ' ' istr(tr : I ' rofissor of Sorliil Scifices El, IAS 15. VicKHR ' i, A. M. Proj csior ' if Latin W. L. Ash, A. B. Assoc ' ititt I ' roffssor of Rm lish H. H. GuRi.Kv, H. S. C. Profrssrir of Business Siicrnc mnl .1 ihninistrnlinn J. C. Barnes, B. S. Professor of iMatlie nnties P. U. Bush, B. S., A. M. Professor of Ew Ush anil Ldiuation V. M. HLTCHKRSdX, 15. S. C. Assoeiate Professor of Business Seienee anil .hi ministration Bkn.t. mix p. Gaii.i.ard, A. M., Ph. D. Professor of Physies and Geolot;y .Mii.i;s C. Vn,i!V, B. S. Professor ol (iheaiistry W. A. Hi;di)i;x (jfiptain Infantry, ). O. I... Professor of Military Seienre and Taeties GaRI. XI) I ' l-MOX. E. M. Professor ol l:le. tneid ami Minim ' l:ni;ineerin ' ' H., M. U. Collerre Pliysuidn R. C. Hamhtox Captain Infantry. D. O. L.. Assistant P. M . S. and T. Miss Birth: McGkh, A. B. .Issociiile Professor of Business Seienee Miss Iri:xi. Mixiri; Director ol llonie l:i ononiies De aitnn lit C C. JARR RI), A. H. Professor of Modern Laii ' na ' . es E. N. Nichoi.sox, B. S. Agr. Professor of .t i riciilture Miss Mattie Craic, Librarian F. An ' Gelherg Director of the Band R. J. Ha.mi ' tox .Issistanl to I ' . M. S. anil T. l ' ii.KC ' lu ' Cnti ' ■ ■ m l ii lu.-iityou Board oj Trustees A. S. Hardy, Chairman Gainesville R. E. Bakrr Dahlonefia J. M. Hrookshiri; Dahlonega A. S. Cantrei.l Dahlonega S. C. DuNLAi- Gainesville Fort E. Land, Stati Sup . Education . . . Atlanta Lee IVIcLaix Jasper G. H. Walker Alpbaretta R. H. Baker, Secrc ary an 1 Treasurer . . Dahlonega N. L. Taxkersi.ev, Pns. Jlumni .hsn. . . Ellijav FROM THE UNIVERSITY BOARD E. R. Barrett Gainesville Geo. E. Maddox Rome M. L. McWhorter Athens Pa}ic T-lvcnly-Hvo lassfs HERBERT PAUL SELLERS, H. S. C. E I. I.I J AY, Ga. Rex Club Sergeant Company " H, " ' zy ' lb: Lieutenant Company " A, " ' 26- ' 27 ; Glee Club, ' 24- ' 25; Cheer Leader, ' zj - ' 2S- ' lb- ' Zj: Manager Baseball, ' 25- ' 2b; Member of the " Buc- caneers, " ' 26- ' 27 ; Student Council, " 26- ' 27 ; Officers ' Club, ' 26- " 27 ; " D " Club, ' 25- ' 26- ' 27 ; " Ricochet " Staff, ' 2fa- ' 27 ; President Financier Club, ' zb- ' zy; President Pan- Hellenic Council, ' 26- ' 27 ; President Senior Class; Editor-in-Chief of the C. clops, ' 27. Perhaps the biggest burden of the year has been shouldered by this reliable person- age. Doing justice to the many positions he has filled has been a difficult task, but lie has accomplished it well. His worries as Editor-in-Chief of the Cyc lops have end- ed, and he can proudly review his brilliant success with a touch of regret. As a stu- dent he has done his wcuk well, and as the manager (jf the baseball team he put out schedid a scneaiUe wel rth his efforts. With sad hearts we must bid JOEL E. STEAHiRIDGE, B. S. Ellijav, Ga. Rr.x Cluh. Ph, Mil Id " Ed " farewell. Staff ' Sergeant Company " H, " Sergeant .XLijor, ' 2(1: lieutenant Company " B, " ' 26- ' 27 ; Student Council, ' 2s- ' 20- ' 27 ; Vice-President Officers ' Cluh, ' 20- ' 27 ; Business Manager Cvclops, ' 26- ' 27. As business manager of the C clops he has accomplished what he set out to do — namel -, to give the college a year book of which it should be justh proud throughout the years to come. He has succeeded nobly as a student, and has had time also for the gentle art of " courting. " " Stem ' s " warm friendh ' iiess anil cheerful disposition will leave a difficult place to rill. i ' li ' j Twenty: m " i ' ■ LEEMAX CI. ARK ANDERSON, li. S. C. Wll.l.lA.MSOX, Ga. Sii ' ziti n. I ' lii Mil. " Buccaneers " Treasuicr Plii .Mu Literar Suciet . ' l - ' 2 ; Vice-President I ' lii .Mu, ' 24- ' 25 ; Chanipidn Debater, ' 25; Chairman Student Body, ' 25; Literary Critic Phi Mu, ' 25- ' ib Member Financier Club, ' zb- ' ij: President Forensic Council, ' 26- ' 27 ; " Woman Haters ' Club. " ' 2b- " 27 ; Advertisinsi Manap:er, Cyclops, ' 26- ' 27 ; Charter Member and President ot the " Buccaneers, " ' 2b- ' 27 : Editor-in-Chiet of the " Ricochet, " ' 20- ' 27 ; Officers " Club, ' 26- " 27. Leeman is a consistent and willing worker, and a popidar student both with the faculty and student bod . He has probably done more for the upbuilding of our Alma Mater than any other one student. Leeman is a splendid scholar, an eloquent debater, a good journalist, and a leader in all college activities. Our best wishes go with him for a brilliant and successful career. W. I). HOLLAND. B. S. C. Santa Anna. Texas Sigma . «. Decora Drum ALajor, ' 25- ' 2b; Lieutenant Band, ' 26- ' 27 : Secretary and Treasurer Financier Club, ' 2t)- ' 27: Assistant Editor-in-Chief of the Cyclops, ' 26- ' 27. Coming to us as a Junior, " Texas " quickly became the friend of every student in college. He deserves great credit for his display of courage in c( mpleting his scholas- tic course after two vears with us. Good luck and farewell, " 1 ex. " Pii c Tzct fity-s -{_ OWI 1iS; f MISS BESSIE JONES, B. S. C. Dahlonega, Ga. Corona Financier Chili; Vice-President Corona Literary Society; Member Girls ' Band: President Financier Club, ' 27. One of our optimists, who could always see the brii;ht side. Though handicapped in many wa s, she has shown a deserving merit b ' completing her college work. Be- ing a member of the Financier Club, we believe some man in the near future will be greatly benefited by her graduation. ED GLANCEV RICE. E. U. D.AHLONEGA, Ga. Diiora Bugler, ' 20- ' 2i ; Band, ' 2i- ' 27; Captain Band, ' 24- ' 25 ; Lieutenant Band, ' 2S- ' 26; Captain Band, ' 2b- ' 27 ; Captain Staff, ' 23- ' 24; Co-winner Tennis Doubles Champion- ship, ' 23- ' 24; Co-winner Tennis Doubles Championship, ' 25- ' 2b; Mining Club, ' 24- ' 25- ' 26- ' 27; Officers ' Club, ' 26- ' 27 ; " D " Club, ' 24- ' 2S- ' 2b- ' 27 ; Baseball, ' 25- ' 26 : Alternate Captain Baseball, ' 2b; Football, ' 2b; Orchestra, ' 2b- ' 27 ; " ' (iman Haters ' Club " ; Student Council, ' 2b- ' 27. " Coot, " as he is known to all his friends, is now nearing the completion of his col- lege career. He is one of the few " natives " who has stuck to his task throughout, un- daunted by outside temptations. A hard fighter on the athletic field, and a prince of a fellow. Pii c Twenty-eight -MISS HELEN CECELIA COBH, A. H. Clayton, Delaware Corona Hedera, " Buccaneers " Historian Junior Class, ' 25- ' 2b; President Corona Hedera Literary Society. ' 25- ' 26; Manager and Captain Hasket-ball Team. ' 25-26 : Literary Critic Corona Hedera Literary Society. ' 26- ' 27 ; Nice-President Senior Class. ' 2b- ' 27 ; Art Editor, Cyclops, ' 26- ' 27; Member " Ricochet " Staff, ' 2fa- ' 27 ; Member " Buccaneers, " ' 26- ' 27. Helen came to us from the University of DeLiware in 1924-25. We are glad in- deed that she cast her lot with this collef e as a member of the Class of ' 27. She has taken a leadin r part in all the or ;anizations and activities of the college. Her unusual amiability has won for her a host of friends, and. if we mistake not. she en- joys the confidence and esteem of every member of the faculty except one — in hich case it seems to be more. SS BL ELLE SMEIH, A. B. Dahloxega, Ga. Corona Hedera, " Buccaneers ' Secretar and Treasurer F " reshman Class, ' 23- ' 24; Dramatic Club. ' 2, - " 24; Declama- tion Medal. " 2 -24: Historian Sophomore Class. ' 24- ' 25 : Poet Junior Class, ' 25- ' 26; Historian Senior Class. ' 2fa- ' 27; Co-Ed Representative Student Council, ' 2b- ' 2j; Secretary and Treasurer " Buccaneers, " ' 26- ' 27 ; " Ricochet " Staff, ' 26- ' 27. Buelle has stood around the top in all her class work, and in that intangible some- thing called " College Spirit, " she has been at the top. In addition to all the above honors, she sponsored " A " Company during her Fresh- man year, and in 1924-25, she was voted the most attractive, and the most talkative Co-Ed. Her bright disposition will carr her far, and she will ever be a joy to those with whom she comes in contact. Page Twenty-nine »T JW.--, - ' " . " :l•t " .- ,;.-. , ?. " v-Vi. J . i«4 .• ' . r r ' -. », ■_! « TLRNKR QUILLIAX, A. B. Brooktox, Ga. Sii;nui Nil. Flit AIii, " Biit ' i ' iiiens " " {) " Club: ' arsit Bas(. ' b:ill, ' 25; Staff Serijeant, ' 2s- ' 2b: N ' in ' -PreM ' ilcin I ' lii Mii, ' 2()- " 27 : Sports Editor, C cl()ps, ' 2()- ' 27 ; Sports Kditor " Ricochet, " ' 2(i- ' 27 ; Pres- icu ' iit " Woman Haters ' Cliih, " ' 20- ' 27 ; " ' cllow [Jo s, " ' 26- ' 27 ; Meniher of the " liiiccaiieers, ' ' 2()- ' 2 7. rurner is our shrinkiivj iolet. He possesses all of those admirable qualities that count so much in makiriLr and keeping friends, and he has quietly won his va into the hearts of his tellow students, atnl the members of the facult as well. .IAAn-:S ERNKST HARRISON, B. S. Ai.M A, Ga. Si ' iini II . I ' lii Mil. " Ihiii inecrs " Math., ' 2 3- ' 24; Correspondiuj Secretary Phi .Mu, ' 24- ' 25: Rifle Team, ' 2 ; Marksmanship Medal, ' 25; Hijihest Averaiie Rifle Team, ' 24- ' 25; Vice-Pres- ident Junior Class, ' 25- ' 2(): Mid-Term Debater, ' 2S- ' 2b; Vice-President Phi Mu, " 25-26; " D " Club, ' 25- " 20, ' 26- ' 27 : President Phi Mu, ■2(i- ' 27 : Member " Buc- caneers, " ' 26- ' 27; " Woman Haters ' Club, " ' 2b- ' 27, One ' s but to take a peep at the record of J. 1 ' .. to appreciate the fact that he is an cnt student. He stands liiL!:h in all subjects, but excels in Math., Marks- nian. ' ' b Debritini:. In fact, he has won so many honors that he has ceased to blush I new one comes his ua . ' ii:c ' hirty mm ' Sl W ' ' i ' . f . ' iet ' wwsf H :.M i DAN H. COOPKK, H. S. HoSCHTOX, G. . Fi Kapt a Alpha. Decora Basket-ball. ' 2},- 2 - ' 2S-2b- 2-] : Captain Basket-ball, ' ib- ' lj: Fcotball. " 24- ' 25- ' 20: Corporal Company " B. " " 2 24: Serjeant Coinpanv " B. " " 25- ' 26: I ieiitenant Com- pany " B, " ' 2t)- ' 27. Cooper ' s indomitable spirit has been the vein through which all fighting blood has flowed in an effort to lead our varsity football and basket-ball teams to victory. He plays hard, but fair, and his battles through life will be of the same quality. A good man to lose from our ranks, and a hard one to replace. ROBKRT WHELCHKL, F. M. Cl.KRMONT. (i. . Delta Si!;ma Alpha, Phi Mu Sergeant Company " A, " ' 2.?- ' 24- ' 2S : First Sergeant Company " A. " ' 25- ' 26; Lieu- tenant Company " A, " " 2fa- " 27 : Pan-Hellenic Council, ' 2b- 2 " ]: Baseball, ' 25- ' 26; President Officers ' Club. ' 2=,- 2b: " D " Club. ' 25- ' 26- ' 27 : Mining Club. ' 24- ' 25- ' 26- ' 27. " Wilkey " is an all-American quarter, playing scrub football! Hut who minds? It is the faithful ones who receive the glory, and his hard knocks as a scrub in foot- ball, and a varsity second sacker in baseball, assure him of unstinted prai- If he has ever been " down and out, " no one knew it but " Vilke . " If the ' side is there, he sees it. if it isn ' t, he makes it. Farewell to our joy-maker! Piigc ' J ' hirty-oiic . !» 1 V ., " i pn I ' ' : : " ? JOHNNIE E. STROUPE, E. M. Aragon, Ga. Pi Kiippf! Alpha, Decora Corporal Conipan ' " B, " ' 2,?- ' 24 : Lieutenant Company " B, " ' l - ' lS ' , Captain Com- pany " B, " ' 25- ' 26; Cadet Major, ' 2b- ' 2j: Baseball, ' 24- ' 25- ' 26- ' 27 ; Football, ' 23- ' 24- ' 25- ' 26; " D " Club; " bellow Dot: Club " ; " Woman Haters ' Club " ; Secretary and Treasurer Senior Class; President Student Body; President Student Council: Offi- cers; Captain Baseball, ' 2O. Carr ' in throughout his career the name of " Goat, " he has butted his way throuL;h all (jpposition, heedless of dantjer and fearless of his opponents. He has won re- markable praise on the athletic field, being captain of both the varsity football and baseball teams in one year. His love for " the fair sex " has caused him not a few heartaches. Secrets do get out, don ' t they, " Goat? " L. G. KNIGHT, B. S. C. Social Circle, Ga. Rex Club, Decora Corporal Company " A, " ' 24; Sergeant Company " A, " ' 25; First Lieutenant Com- pany " B, " ' 26; Commander winning company competitive drill (Co. " B " ), ' 26; Captain Company " B, " ' 2()- ' 27 ; Secretary Decora, ' 25; Vice-President Decora, ' 26; President Decora, ' 27 ; Assistant Business Manager, Cyclops, ib- ' ij ; Vice-Pres- ident Financier ' s CIuIj, ' 26- ' 27 ; " D " Club, ' 25- ' 2b- ' 27 ; Baseball, ' 2fa- ' 27 ; Officers ' Club, ' 25- ' 2b- ' 27; Manager Football, ' 27. " I ightning, " as he is known to his numerous friends, has taken an important part in college activities since he came to us as a Freshman four long years ago. He has made our school a brilliant athlete. Not in athletics alone, however, does he excel. His supreme ability as a leader won for him the coveted saber in the competitive drill last spring. A friend to those who knew him, and a jolly good fellow to all. P ' =- " I ' ogc 1 hirtytwo Senior Chiss History Our class has at last reached the pinnacle, the poal which marks the realization of hopes entertaineil throutjh lont;, but ielitihttul years. We are now " at the end of the way. " Hut with this endinj;, a new future opens before us — and it is with fear and trembling that we enter upon the jireat journey of Life. The attainment of our goal has required steady and continuous effort since the beginning of our college career. Some feu of our number dropped by the wa side on our upward climb, but those of us who have remaineil faithful know what it means to struggle for years along the hazy paths of Mathematics, Latin, Chemistry, History, and Philosophy. Or perchance to linger for a time in the by-ways of knowledge and pluck a flower now and then from a holiday occasion or steal a halo from the setting sun. Work in plent lias been ours. The Class of ' 27 has sponsored many worthy causes for the upbuilding of our Alma Mater. And we are honored indeed to have among our number leaders in ever) ' sense of the word — leaders in scholarship, in athletics, and in all of the other college activities. In fact there are in our class such a number of important personages that it is well to give a summary of our classmates, the year of their entrance and the accomplish- ment of each. It is just as well that we begin with Johnnie Strnupe and " Coot " Rice, as they are the pioneers of our college. In fact the}- were Freshmen the year the rest of us entered, and we have not as yet been able to find records far enough back to tell how long thev had been Freshmen before we showed our happv faces on the campus of X. G. A. C! But to begin with the year 1923-24. Uan Cooper, J. K. Harrison, Bessie Jones, L. G. Knight, Turner Quillian, Paul Sellers, Buelle Smith, J. E. Stcmbridge and Robert W ' helchel, with scores of other Freshmen (who, we regret to say, did not remain with us through the four years of climbing upward towards our coveted degrees) joined " Coot " and Johnnie in our Freshman year. We were a bunch of fun-loving Freshmen, and united, we withstocxi the attack of the wise Sophomores. Shall we ever forget that year, when the Sophs decreed we should part with our golden and curly locks, the pride of our mothers ' hearts? But we took it good naturedly — (what else could we do?) in the hope of being Sophomores the next year ourselves. This year we showed our abilit as scholars, making excellent marks, and some few of our number competing with the upper classmen for scholastic honors. Freshman year passed with its " horror of the Sophs " and next year we returned, resolved to take our revenge on the " Rats " for our treatment the previous year. Quite a number of familiar faces were absent, but those of us who were destined to see our college course through were back, and this ear, Leeman Anderson, of Bir- n;ingham. Alabama, and Helen Cobb, of Clayton, Delaware, joined our ranks. During this year we were given our opportunity to show what we could do in the field of athletics. We responded nobly, for this year we boosted varsity football, base- Pagc Thirty-three bnll ami basket-ball plaxers. In atUlitiun to tliis wc kept our record as scholars, ami entureil into the hi-hl (it tlebatinir anti dramatics. After a successful Sophomore year we returned in the fall of 1925-26 as Juniors, beginning to realize the seriousness of a collejie career, and the thinsz;s that would be expected of us. It was this ear we haileil " Texas " Holland as one of our number — he came all the way from Texas to join the Class of " 27! Again in our Junior year we were represented in all the activities afforded b X. G. A. C. We boasted champion debaters, captains and lieutenants in the R. ( ). I . C. captains and manat;ers on the basket-ball team , captain and letter men on the base- ball team, and arious other hcnors. And then in 1920-27 we returned as diiinided Seniors — Sf ' ,NI()RS! — the word strikes awe to our hearts yet — at last we were nearing the goal which we had set back in our Freshman year! It was wonderful to know we had reached the coveted position of Seniors — but it was with a bit of an ache in our hearts to ha e to give up several c ' f our classmates who had remained constant with us from our entrance through our Juiu ' or ear. It was this, our last year in the halls of Alma Mater, that we had to give up N. E. Hanna, our Junior Class President. Sharley Fae Shultz, V. K. Read, Jr., Robert Talley, and Ralph Calhoun. Ve regret their leaving us. their presence among our number is greatly missed. This ear, for honors, ue boast of scholars, debaters, arsit - ball players, editor-in- chief of the Cyclops, major, captains and lieutenants in the R. O. T. C. Antl who knows what other himors we will claim as our own before our Senior year comes to a close? We are happ to know that our peri(jd of preparation for life ' s work is completed, et, our io - is tinctured with sadness. It grieves us that we must break up the pleasant associations that have been formed at the N. G. A. C. that we must part with friends who lia e meant so much to us, w ith these who have helped us to form our conceptions of life and to prepare ourselves for the voyage over the Sea of Life. The parting is sad, et we must have understood when we entered college that such an hour must come. What we did not understand was the new world that a college career has opened up to us. We met as strangers; we part as friends or more than friends. Although we must turn our backs upon these scenes of happiness, the thoughts of classmates dear and the memories of Alma Mater " Shall sidace us through stress and storm P ' or ears and years to come. Forget each other, we never shall ; and as the years come and go, we hope to return to the old campus from time to time to lay laurels of victory at the feet of Alma Mater. HuELLE Smith, Class Uistarin :. Page Thirty-four " V. H. Haker . . . Atlanta, Ga. Pi Kappa Alpha; Mining Club; " U " Club; E. .M. H. H. HONNER . Phi Mu: B. S. l incolnton, Ga. V. E. H LI. LOCK . . Nashville, Ga. Mining Club; Decora; E. M. C. ] I. CuLBERTSON, St. Petersburji, Fla. Mining Club; " D " Club; E. M. H. P. Davis . . Danielsvillc, (ja. Decora; Student Council; Alpha Phi Omega. Page Thirty-six R. K. Uh. N . . . Martin. Ga. Pi Kappa Alpha; Mining: Club: Decora: K. M.: Stmlent Cinincil. E. H. Hawkins . Cartersville, Ga. Pi Kappa Alpha: " U " Club; Mininu Club: K. M.: i ' an-Hellenic Council. J. P. M well AM . . Bremen, Ga. Pi Kappa Alpha: Decora: " D " Club: H. S. C. I. T. McCuRi.KV . . Elberton. Cja. Pi Kappa Alpha; Phi Mu; Minin_ ' Club: Student Council: " Buccaneers " ' : E. M.: Officers ' Club; Class President. W. J. McKee . . . Cordclc. (]a. Siizma Xu : " D " Club: Mining Club; Decora; E. M. A. L. Peytox . . -Mt. Ain, Ga. Pi Kappa Alpha; Mining Club; E. M. J. H. Rainwater . . Roswell, Ga. Rex Club: Orchestra: B. S. C. F. J. Sanders . . Alaysville, Ga. Alpha Phi Omeiia: Phi Mu; B. S. C. J. F. Waters .... EUijay, Ga. Rex Ch.b; Decora; B. S. C. W. B. Inmax . . Birmingham, Ala. Pi Kappa Alpha; " D " Club. Page Th irty ■ c igh t Sophomore Class Officers Mark Kdwin Tiiomi ' sox PninUnt Diamond Stroui ' e ' hi-l ' rcsiilcni . D. PattkrSon Secretary and Treasurer Sophomore Qluss TioU Powers Samuki. Acxew Menlo, (jeovLiia Pope Barrow, Jr Norcross, Geortiia Price Carlton Cochran Dahlonega, Georgia EuwARu LnoN CoRURA ' Jacksonville, Florida Fay Lillian Davis Dahlonega, Georjiia Claude Lee Dixon Lovejoy, Georijia Virgin Queen Dyer Dahlonega, Georgia Guy Walton Eberhardt ALiys ille, Georgia William Donon ' An E ' ans Savannah, (leorgia Wii.BiRN Cobb Ferguson .... Carters ille, Georgia Jerome Da ' Is Giddens Kirkland, (leorgia Moody Lamar Griffin Clermont, Georgia Joseph Rali-h Hitchcock .... Alansfield, Georgia Claude William Hughes Oakwood, (jeorgia Shade Pierce Key Durand, Georgia Morris Spencer Knight .... Social Circle, Georgia Arthur Carroll Lankford Pearson, Georgia William KMoR ■ Linder Danville, Georgia Robert Clanborn ; Ieai)ers .... Dahlonega, Georgia Oertei. Hendricks Ionroe .... Cartersville, Georgia Thomas Walton Norrell .... Cumming, Georgia Edna Frances Smith Dahlonega, (ja. Roland Smith Fairfield, Alabama Diamond Stroupe Aragon, Georgia Mark Edwin Thompson .... Murrayville, Georgia Tony LaFayette Walker Clermont, Georgia George Taylor Weldon Griffin, Georgia ■ Vera Catherine West Key, Alabama Frank A. Williamson Jefferson, Georgia Clyne Edward Woody Sarah, Georgia Wiiiiwi 1). Patterson Atlanta. Georgia ' .Ij;, ' tolly OGOO §O0§ J iigc i-ortx-onc " ' r it n ' -aAtw " iMiii i! - ?3 Pdgc forty-two FREMH ' age i ' oityfour @®oc Page lu rlyti-.c Freshman Class Officers Bert Taylor . Ruby Smith Z. T. Walker . I ' rt ' sir tiit I ici ' -I ' ri siih ' nt Sccrctiiry cuid Jrc isurir Freshman Class ' RoII James Abercrombie Jessie Adams Joseph H. Almand Hester Anderson Lois Anderson Joseph E. Bannister Edward B. Barrett William H. Bi.ocxt Edith Bowen Otho W. Brown- Joseph P. Brown George L. Burden (jarnet E. Butt Dennis B. Carroll Sarah Carruth Uarxmn R. Cobb Hugh G. Cheek Floyd L. Christian William C. Cole Thomas F. Cordray Bert A Lee Davis Olin C. Dellenger John C. Driskell James G. Dunagan Lamar AL Ellard William C. Em finger Myrtice Faulkner Albert E. Gordon Alfred John H. Green Wm. Jess Green Albert M. Grimes Earnest C. Harrison Frank Hawkins Johnson H. Head Virginia Henderson- William W. Higgins Gerald T. Hodges Andrew C. Hutchens Charles J. Ingram Clarence L. Irvin Daniel A. Jardine Henry G. Jarrard Juan L Jarrard Edward S. Jones John R. Jones Paul G. Jones Elswick C. Keith Leroy G. Malloch Robertson L. Malone J. R. Mason Ruby Deen Merritt James Leon Moore John J. Meeks Kathleen O ' Kelley Edward Otwell Joseph A. Parham Eddie Louise Perry L- RY Alice Pinson William B. Pirkle Ralph C. Price Thomas H. Ragsdale Walter D. Spearman Ruby Smith Cleo Stargel Ila Stargel Junius V. Talley ] L lcolm C. Kennemore James S. Tankersley Herbert B. Kimzey Johnnie Kincaid James H. Kirby Vernal Lance Elton T. Lifsey Li LA Luck Charlie P. Maddox Guy F. Laddox Herbert A. Taylor Joseph L Terrell Elmer R. Turner Johnnie B. Vaughn Z. T. Walker Charles E. Warren- Charles E. Wheeler, Jr. Eva Belle Whelchel C. White Vella Lae V00DY Page Forty-six Sub Freshmen Snh-Frcshmau Class Officers JoHNXiK Vaughn Preslilctit Ol.IX F. BlRClX I ' lcc ' l ' resident GhoRGE T. Cotton Sccretfirv anil ' J ' nusiinr Siih-Frcshmcin Class F ll I ' 2uGEXE L. AxiJitRsoN h ' l Uavts J ' raxces Joxes James W. Axdersox Fraxcis A1. Dodd Hugh ' M. McAree ] I AMiE Bradford ' era Glaxca D ' er AVeimer C. ()eix F. Hurgix Helen Head Axxie Pearl Valker David F. Castile Augustus R. Housi.ei ' Charlie C. Walker George T. Cotton Ernest G. Jarrard William R. V ' hatley Grali ' i ' C. Wimi ' ia l tiic Forty-eight Page Forty-nine Who ' s Who t,t UXJ . A. C. Most Popular Student SELLERS Best AU-Rouuil Stuihnt THOMPSON Must hiHuentiid Student McCuRLEY Hardest Worker THOMPSON ' Best Football Player HiTCHCOCK Best Jll-Kound Athlete TaYLOR Best MUitary Man WhelCHEL Best Orator Patterson Biggest Bum RiCE Wittiest Man EvANS Most AlL ' kll ' ard Bannister Laziest Man Talley Greenest " Rat " Banxister Most Popular " Rat " Hawkins, F. Biggest Pest Butts Biggest " Woman Hater " Stroupe Biggest " Ladies ' Man " Dean Best Natured MaSON Most Conceited Meaders Most Attractive Co-Ed .... Lois Anderson Most Popular Co-Ed .... Dl MOXD StroupE Rest Co-Ed Mixer Dlamond StROUPE Handsomest Man RoLAND Smith Best Dancer (boy) Taylor Best Dancer (girl) Helen Cobb Biggest Eater ... Key Biggest Grouch RiCE ILip ' iest Man EvANS Freshest Man BuTTS Most Bashfud Man Kenxemore Biggest Liar AIoORE, LeoN Most Popular Occupation . Picking Dai)I) ' s Beans Most Desperate Lover Housley Page Fifty (©rpnijations 138274 The Student Council (OFFICERS J. E. StROLPE President H. P. Sellers f ice-President I. 1 . MtC L ' RLEV Secretary and Treasurer Co-Ld Representative BuELLE Smith Seniors Sophomores H. P. Sellers M. E. Thompson- J. E. Stembridge J. R. Hitchcock E. G. Rice J. E. Harrison ' r- , ■ rreshmen Juniors " • - T vloR I. T. McClrley R. E. Dean- Student Body H. P. Davis J. E. Stroupe Page Fifty-three ' P y Cu I tcrcuy Society OFFICERS I. T. ; 1cL Piisidcut L. C. AxDKRSON ricc-Pitsidcnt F. J. Sanders Secn ary aiul Treasurer .MK.MHKRS L. C. AxuERSox H. McAbee J. E. Baxxistkr H. H. lioxxER I. T. McCuRLEY A. C. Laxkfori) W. C Emeixcer J. H. Moore J. H. IxiRin ' J. ). Giddexs W. I). Pattirsox E. R. Flrnir J. II Harrisox I). T. Ql ' ii.liax M. C. Kexxi-.more W. E. Lixder F. J. Saxders E. C. Orwia.i. T. A. Lifsey J. S. Taxkersi.ey W. H. Pirki.e R. C. Meauers . K. Thomi ' sox C. L. Dixon G. T. Weldon Pnge Filiy-ln ' ij;f l- ' tiyti: " Decora literary Society OFFICERS L. (j. Kxic ' .HT President J. F. Wathrs ri(i ' -l ' i ' isi(le it W. J. McKkk St ' cri ' triry and Trcasuier .IEMBKRS P. S. Agxkw R. E. Dean- L, G. Kxight J. H. Almaxd J. C. Driskhi.i. M. S. Knight E. 1]. HXRRKTT G. W. EHKRHARDT W. J. McKeE J ' . HxRRuw W. D. Evans C. P. ALaddox W. E. ]]i i.i.dCK A. E. Gordon R. I.. AEmoxe G. [,. lU ri)i;n j. R. Hitchcock J. 1 ' . M axgham G. E. HuTTS Cj. W. Hodges R. V. Ragsdale Y. E. CiiRisTiw E. C. Jarrard W. I). Si ' earmax V. C. Coi.E E. S. JOXES W. C. SiLER T. F. CoRDRAV Paul Joxes J. 1 . X ' aighx G. T. CoTTox S. P. Key J. F. Waters H. Davis H, H. Kimzev C. E. Woody I ' iinc l-ittysix ' ii ' t- l-tlty-scz en CoroNu Hedcrci j[j tcrciry Society OFFICKRS Vera West Fresiihnt Bessie Jones I ' ici-Prcsuhnt BUELLE Smith Secretary mul ' J ' ri-tisiirrr MKMBERS Edith Bowex Alma McGlire Ci.eo Stargel Helen- Corb Lila Luck Ila Stargel Berta Uavis Helen Head ' era West ' iRr,ix Over Ruby Smith Vxa Belle Whllchel Glaxclx Di er Buelle Smith -Mae Woody Bessie JoxES Edxa Smith Ruby Deex .Merritt Fraxces Joxes Diamoxd Stroupe Kathleex O ' Kelley EoIS AXDERSOX . " .li ' C l-illyci!;lit y ' ii,i. ' t- tifiy-:tiuc The Hiicccinccrs OFFICERS Leeman C. Axdkrson W. D. Patterson . BuEi.i.H Smith President J icc-Presiilcnt Sicntnry and Treasurer MEMBERS Helen Cobb BuELLE Smith 1. r. McCuRLE H. P. Sellers W. D. Patterson W. D. Evans Euna Smith J. H. Moore luRNER QuILLIAN Leeman C. Anderson J. E. Harrison I ' ti c Si.riy The HiicCiDiccrs Arc Here! riicy art " nut actini: tlu- rule of the sevcnteentli ceiitun liuccaneers, ho ve er. in pillasrinsj aiul plunderirvj:. In tact, it is said to be their purpose to build up instead. The orjzaiiization is tlie outi:ro th (jf a " pep " club orizani .ed b those students who realized that the incoming; students should be taught. b precept and example, to praise all things ijood in ccnnection with our college. It is their purpose to foster movements for the uphuildin;: of our colleiic. Durinji the first year of " Buccaneerinji " the " Ricochet " has been brouirht forth. A HKive has been started to chanije the name of our Alma Mater to GEORC ilA STATE COLLEGE, and it is believed that this will be of j;reat benefit in man wa s. Doubtless, this orjianization will take its place aloUL: with the older trroups on the campus, and in the years to come, membersliip in it will be one of the most coveted honors. Home Economics " Departwoit Miss Irhm-; Moori-: Dirtit ' n MEMBERS Ki iTu HowKN- Bessie Joxes Sarah Carruth Lii.a Luck IlX CdOI ' liR Al.M A McCjLIRE Bi£Rta Davis Blhi.lh Smith Fay Davis Edxa Smith ' ir(:ix Dver Rlhi ' Smith MvRTicE Faulkner Diamond Stroupe Vera West I ' o ' c Sixtv-lwo 4 te ' - - - J Page Sixty-three The Fiucincicr Club OFFICERS Bessie Jones Pnsiihni J. . Rainwater la-l ' rci ' uUnt J. F. Waters Secretdry titid J ' rfdsiircr MEMBERS P. S. Agnew C. Ir in F. J. Sanders L. C. Anderson Bessie Jones H. P. Sellers C). V. Brown Sam Jones Edna Smith (). B. IUroin Paul Jones Diamond Strol ' pe F. W. Chrisiian J. R. Jones J. V. Talle ' i ' G. W. Ekerhardt S. p. Key J. F. Waters H. B. GuRLEY L. G. Knight G. T. Weldon G. T. Hodges Bertie ; IcGee Eva Belle Wiiei.chel W. D. Holland J. L. .Moore F. W. Williamson C J. Ingram J. B. Rainwater .Mae Voody C. E. Wool) ■ ' ( ' .:, ' (• Sixly-h ' iif I ' -igc .li.viy- ' i.x ' 77 i " -Z) " Club OFFICERS E. H. Hawkins Prcsidetit H. A. Tavi.or I ' lce-Piesiilciit ]. v.. H XRRISnx Sicrcl iry i iil Treasurer MEMBERS W. H. HxKiR A. R. Housi.EY R. Smitii POI ' K 15 ARROW V. H. Ix.MAX J. E. Strolt ' e I). H. Cn()i ' i;R L. G. Kn ' ight J. V. Tat.icy C. M. Cl i.iu.RTSox ' . J. McKee H. A. ' I.l)R J. C. Driskki.i, L. G. AFai.i.och AF K. ' Fhomi ' sox V. D. EvAxs V. I). Pattersox Z. T. Walker J. E. Harrisox L). T. Quilmax ' F. L. E. H. Hawkixs E. G. Rice R. Wheechei. J. R. Hitchcock H. P. Sei.iers C. E. Woouv i ' a c Sixty six i ' ti r Si.vly xczcii The JhCmiug Club OFFICERS A. L. Peytox Vrciuhnt I. T. ; IcClrlev J ' uc-Picsiiltiit E. H. Hawkins Sccrt ' tmy R. E. Deax Treiisurcr .MEMBERS W. H. Baker E. H. Hawkins L T. : IcClrlev W. E. BuLLtJCK J. R. Hitchcock W. D. Patterson ' C. Sl. Cllbertsox a. C. Hltchixs A. L. Peyton R. E. Dean D. A. Jardine Prof. Peytox W. C. Ferguson ; E S. Knicht E. G. Rice V. J. Green R. L. Ealoxe Robert Whelchei. V. J. McKhk Aii ' i- Sixlv-aalit Ptigc Si.vtyiiinc The Orc iestrii J. H. MooRi;. Jr I ' iiiiKi ManriLier J. l. Rainwater TioiiiIkjiw . Lance Banjo J. ' . Tallf ' , Jr Bdss K. (i. Rice Tiumfnt D. .A. Jardini; Snxophonr G. T. Cotton Stixofi iotic (). L. Blrcin Drii i I ' lific .S -:ciily Sigmci h(){ Fnitcniity (Fcuiidcil at the Virginia Military Institute, Januar i, iSOy) Kappa Chapter (1881) Colors: H ' ltil,. Black nnd Old Gold Fi.owkr: IChif, Rose PRATERS liN URHE W. S. Gau.lard Professor Bovd FRATERS IN FACULTY E. N. Nicholson. I ' lfjjissor of .-I i r ' u iiltm, E. B. ' icki;R ' i, I ' rofrssor of Lat ' ui M. C WlLl ' i , I ' l ' ilt ' ssor of Clu ' itiistry FRATERS L SCHOOL I). T. OUILLLAX j. H. GrEEX J. E. Harrison W. C. Emfixoer W. J. McKee G. T. Weldox A. C. Laxrford L. C. Axdersox L B. Moore W. D. Holland PLEDGES G. E. HuTT J. n. Giudexs O. H. MoxROE R. C. Meaders G. ' F. CoTTox A. E. Gorlcn I). F. Castile R. L. LAL0XE J. W. Anderson J. H. Kirbv C. AL ClLiiERTSOX Puge Sc cnty-lhrcc- Pi K ppci - Iplhi Fnitcniity (Founded at Unixersity of ' ir:jinia, March i, iSCiS) OlI-ICIAI. Orcax: ' J ' hc Shiilil ami D ' kuiiuiiiI Si-X ' RKT Orcax: ' flic l)ii r mid Key Colors: Gmiut uml Old Cold Flowi-r: Lily of the I ' lilliy Psi Chapter ( P ' stablislii ' d at X. (i. A. CoIlf;zc, March 7, njoo) FRAIERS IN FACULTATE J. C BarN ' KS, Professor of M itlnimitics (jARl.AXD PH Tnx, I ' roftssor of Miiiii ; liii ;inciriiii; P. M. HuTCHERSON, Associate Professor of Biisimss Science and .hi niinistration : IEMHFRS A. L. Peyton F. A. W ' ii.i.iamsox V. H. Haki:r J. P. M wcham W. H. InMAX I), n. Cool ' ER F. G. F I.L0CH J. K. Stroui ' e R. Smith F. H. Hawkixs Z. F. Walker R. F. Deax P. S. AcxKW J. R. Hitchcock J. S. Taxkerslev V. C. Ferguson PFFDGFS C. F. Vheeler E. T. LiFSEV (). F. HURGIX O. V. l?RO VX L F. McCurley W. C. Siier F. W. Hawkins M. F. Thomi ' sox I lgc Sc-rciity-l,iiir AfL ' c .SfTf» y-n: %v CJub Motto: The urcdth is lor ihusv uho ronhiul Colors: OhI Guhl mul Bin, k Flower: Tii ti-ose t)FFICERS J. E. Stem BRIDGE Prcsiilcnt H. 1 ' . Sellers f ' icc-PnsiJrnf J. i. Rainwater Sicrcfnry J. F. Waters Treii.uinr MF.MKERS J. E. Stembridge H. p. Sellers J. B. Rainwater J. F. Waters W. C. Cole L. l. Ellard (5. C. WlMIMiY C. E. WOODV ' . Lance H. A. Taylor L. G. Knight ' (li ' t Scvcitty-stx Pasc Svicnty-scven ' Delta Sigma Alpha Fraternity (Local) Mm to: There is iilictiys roo ii at flu- top Colors: Olil Gold iiiil W hilr Fl.owiiR: Canuitioii OFFICERS R. WniiL.cUKi Pn-siilcnl W. D. K ' AXS I " ut-Prfsiilfiil W. D. PATTiiRSOX Sccntiiry diiil J ' n ' tniirt ' r MK.MHKRS R. WnKi.cmn. V. I). KvAxs ' . I). I ' attkrsox V. E. Lixukr j. I,. MooRi; H. D. (jur[,kv W. R. WnATi.HV D. A. [ Ri)i i ' : 1 ' LE1)c;ES AI. I,. (iRIITIX G. W. F.KiiRHARDT Page Sczctily-citilit Q 0@ Pagf Scicnlyiiiiic - Iplhi Phi Omega Fruteniity (Local) Motto: Otraurd and V pivard Colors: l ' urf U and Gold Flower: Pansy OFFICERS Darwin R. Cobb J. J. Meeks . . F. J. Sanders . . I ' rcsidinl 1 ict-l ' iesideiit Secretary and Treasurer D. R. Cobb J. J. Meeks F. J. Sanders [. H. Head MEMBERS W. W. HiGGINS T. Norrell J. M. Terrell G. T. Hodges E. R. Turner H. P. Davis A. C. White PLEDGES D. P. Carroll H. G. Cheek H. L. H LOU NT l ige ' islity l agc Eighty-one ' nc . ' T The T un-HcUoiic Council I ' I Kdf ' f ' il Jlphrl ¥.. H. Hawkins .ll ihn I ' ll! () u ' !{a 1). R. Cobb Rex H. P. Sti.i.ERS, I ' resiilent Si[;iiiii . J. IJ. MiinRi;, V ice-Piciidi ' nt Dil ii Si ' ; ! ! Jl li i Kol ' .l ' RT WHKLCHKI., Secretary and Treasurer I ' u c Uti ltty ' two HEADQUARTERS FOURTH CORPS AREA OFFICE OF THE CORPS AREA COMMANDER NA-jrd ATLANTA. GEORGIA. November 15, 1926. To The Corps of Cadets, North Georgia Agricultural College, Dahlonega, eorgia. I wish to extend to you a sincere congratulation upon the occasion of the publication of your College Annual for nineteen hundred and twenty-seven. As Commanding General of the Fourth Corps Area, I have watched with interest the successful endeavor of your college to carry out in its Reserve Officers ' Training Corps unit tne principle of American Citizenship expressed in the Constitution and other laws providing for the military defense of the nation — that the privilege of citizenship and the duty to cherish and defend the free institutions of our country go hand in hand. Under the auspices of the War Department — through the mediuTi of the Reserve Officers ' Training Corps — you are privileged to receive training that is intended to better fit you to perform your full duty as citizens. The great motive of this special training is to in- spire the SPIRIT OP SERVICE — applicable alike in civil or military vocations. Yours very sincerely. JOHNSON HAGOOD, Major General U. S. Army. Page Eighty-lvur Professors of -JsCilitiiry Science and Tactics Willis A. Hlouen Captmn Infantry. D. (). L. Professor of Military Science ami Tactics 1 ' . C Hamilton (Jtiplnin Inianlry. D. O. L. Assistant I ' lDlessor of Military Science anil Tactics P.J. Hnmi ' Tox - ■•• l- f- Assistant Professor of Militar ' Science and Tactics Page Eiglity-tiz c ' ' A " Com p any (IFFICHRS AND NONCOMMISSIONED OFFICKRS I. T. McClri.kv CuMiilu II. P. Sellers l- ' irst lAtntcnunt Robert Whelciii:i Sno i I Luutnuint W. J. McKee Firsi Sir ' iiint Scr!;t ' rui s W. H. IfxKER H. F. Davis Coi ponils R. F. Deax R. Smith V. E. Hli.lock Page Biglily-xis Privates J. E. Bannister P. Barrow O. W. Brown C. L. Burden F. L. Christian P. C. Cochran O. C. Dellixger C. L. Dixon W. D. EvAXS J. D. GiDDENS A. E. Gordon W. J. Green E. C. Harrison A. R. HOUSLEY J. R. Hitchcock A. C. HUTCHINS C. L. Ir in .M. C. Kennemore 1 " . A. LiFSEY L. G. Malloch R. L. Malone J. L. Moore T. W. NORRELL E. C. Otwell J. A. Parham W. I). Patterson R. C. Price E. R. Turner H. A. Taylor G. T. Weldon Page Eightysc- en 1 OP» fiW " B " Company OFFICERS AND NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS I.. G. Knight . . Captain J. E. StembRIDGE First L ' leuttnant D. H. Cooper Secnnd Liiuicnanl j I. E. Thompson I ' irst Sfn t-ant Sirm-ants E. H. Hawkins A. L. Peyton J. F. Waters Corp(ji .ls J. P. Mangham F. J. Sanders P. S. Agnew Page Eighty-aght nX - vr.T r «i Privates J. A. Abercromrie P. S. Agnew J. H. Almand E. B. Barrett G. E. Butt D. Carroll H. G. Cheek I). R. Cobb W. C. Cole J. C. Driskell G. W. Eberhardt L. M. Ellaru C. E. Woody V. C. Ferguson j. H. Greek -M. L. Griffin ' F. W. Hawkins J. H. Head G. T. Hodges W. B. Inman P. G. Jones J. R. Jones S. P. Key H. B. Kimzey AI. S. Knight W. E. LiNDER C. P. Maddox R. C. Meaders T. H. Ragsdale W. D. Shearman J. S. Tankersley J. M. Terrell J. B. ' aughn T. L. Walker Z. T. Vai.ker C. E. Wheeler F. A. Williamson Page i., Bai, OFFICKRS AND NON-Cn: IMISSIOXED OFFICERS E. G. Rice Captain AV. D. Holland Secoiu Lieutenant J. B. Moore Second Lientenant J. B. Rainwater Seri eant J. V. Talley Corporal PRIVATES O. L. BuRGiN W. W. HiGGiNS V. Lance J. P. Broun C. E. Hughes A. Lankford v.. L. CoRURAY C. J. Ingram J. R. Mason T. F. CoRDRAY E. S. Jones G. F. Maddox G. T. Cotton D. A. Jaruine J. J. Meeks J. G. DUNAGAN J. H. KiRBY VV. B. PiRKLE W. C. Emfinger E. C. Keith W. R. Whatley A. W. Grimes E. C. Keith Page Ninety atliifiifs Barrow, Pope Guard " Popey, " with his great height and weight, was a " Rctk of Gibraltar " on defense. Cooper, D. H Center The hardest tighter on the line. A man who always gave everything he had for his team and his college. HousLEY, A. R Halfback A speedy, hard-running back who was always hard to stop. Page Ninety-three ■ rtc-sTT ' Jt W r ric? Hawkins, E. H t ' id His great speed in getting dciwn under punts, ainl his splendiil tackling and inter- ference made Hawkins a very valuable man. Driskkm,, J. C Guard Although light for a linesman Driskell made up for this with his fighting abilitj-. Evans, W. D Center This man worked hard and faithfully all season and won his " D. " Page Niyiety-foitr T (T Hitchcock, J. R Fulthack In Hitchcock the Blue Jacket had a drivine. (ijzhtinfr fullback who simply could not be stopped. He coulil always be depended en for substantial gains. Inman. W. B £ " A brilliant defensive pla er. and one who was alwa s in the pla . Also a wizard at receiving passes. : Ialloch, L. G Halfback A real lineplunger, forward passer, and interferer. Also a good defensive man. Page Smciy-hi c f . ■ ' RIaddox, C. P A steady, hard-working; linesmnn wlio always gave his best. Gil my Patterson ' , W. D A dependable linesman with plent ' of grit and determination. Tackle Smith, R Tackle A fine, all-round player, who used his ability to block and tackle to the best ad- vantage. Page Ninety -SIX Stroupe, J. E. {Captain) Ualjhack Although handicapped h injuries most of the season, lu ' s hriliiant pla ing and un- conquerable spirit when he was in the game made him an iileal leader. Taller-, J. V Guard One of the mainstays of the line. A hard fighter on offense and defense. T.-WLOR, H. A llalibaik A fine runner, kicker and passer. In short a real triple threat man and one of the main cogs of the offense. Page Ninety-seven ■ " " S- u Walker, Z. T (Juartcrback He was on the injured list most of the season. However, he certainly proved him- self to be a real field-general, a brilliant runner, and a good drop-kicker. Walker, T. L Halfback " Red " is a hard fighter, and a consistent gainer through the line. And he coidd always be found in the clashes on the offense. WhelcheL, R Qiiartirbaik Lack of weight was all that kept Vhelchel from being a star performer, but with that handicap he won his " D. " Page Ninety-eight Food) ell I Squad " " 26 First Rrj-ci ■■ Mangham. Guard; Walker, T. L., Halfback: F.vans, Center; Burgin, End; Taylor. Quarter: Talle , Guard: Strnupc, Halt: Haker. (niard: Hitcliock, Fullback; Griffin, Half; Cordray, End: Cotton, End. Seconal Roic: Kimse -, Center; Driskell, Guard; Ellard, Half; Barrow, Guard; Holland. Tackle: lielchel. Quarter; Patterson. Tackle; Malloch. Half; Smitb. Tackle. Thirti R ' j-a : Bush. Head Coach ; Maddox. Tackle; Cooper, Center; Norrell. Guard ; Hawkins, End; Rice, End; Housley, Half; Davis, Assistant Coach. Inman, End; Walker, Z. T., Quarter (Not in picture). Page Xincty-nine The 26 Footbcill Team While at first ijlance the record of the N. G. A. C. foothall team of ' 26 may not he called a startling; success, nevertheless to the close followers and supporters of the team it should he highly gratifying. Before passing judgment on the merits of the team one needs to consider several important factors and after these have been given careful consideration we should be satisfied. To begin with Dahlonega did not ha e a team in 11)25 im ' d the 1924 team onl four letter men returned to school this year. In adilition much of the new material was inexperienced and needed seasoning. On top of this place the fact that some of our most valuable men were injured right at the time when they were most need- ed and it will be seen that the record was very good. Practically all games were against larger and more experienced teams but the score in every game was close, and the play almost even. Our men fought hard and gave their best every minute against odds that would have disheartened many teams. They deserve all credit and honor for showing themselves to be w hat they are — real athletes and true sportsmen. To Coach Hush is tlue much praise. He has worked long and faithful! - and put his whole heart into his task. His every thought and aim has been to build a team of which we may be proud and he has won the friendship and support of his team and the student body. And now that the ' 26 season is history may we all look toward and prepare for next year ' s team. Practically all this season ' s outfit should return and with a gear ' s experience together, the team of ' 27 should be a great one. Let every student, faculty member, and alumnus do everything in his power to make next year the banner vear of Dahlonega football. Page One Hundred U— . U-. Uvv D. 15. C ARRoj I G. F. I.ADDOX . -M. L. Griifin Center Center Gil aril Page One Hundred and One J. R. Hitchcock Guard H. G. Cheek Guard D. H. COOHER Guard { Captain ) I ' ugc One HuiuircJ and Two rA r.T nBc; L. G. Knight T. L. LK£R J. H. Almand Forunrtl Foriiard I ' oru irtl Page One Hundred and Three m J. E. Stroui ' E Manage J. f{. KlRBY Forward P. D. Rush Coach Page Oijc Hundred and Four Basket-hull Squad ' 7 Frunl Rijic Almand, Forward; Jones, Forward; Burjzin, Guard; Hroun, C ' ; iar(l Knijjht, Forward Back Rniv Stroupe, Manager; Cheek, Guard; Hitchcock, Guard; Kirby, Forward Walker, Forward; Cooper, Guard; Griffin, Guard; Maddox, Center; Carroll, Center; Bush, Coach, Page One Hundred and Fife The ig2j Basket-ball Season The year 1927 marked the first season that N. G. A. C. has made a determined effort to put a real basket-ball team into action. Coach Bush, ably assisted by Man- ager Stroupe, secured a fine schedule and things started off with a bang. It was im- possible to begin practice before Christmas but immediately after the holida s real work was begun. Coach Bush molded a fast smooth-working machine out of the material at hand, and their play in all games was marked by spirit and dash. The team was composed almost entirely of new men and although they were some- what unacquainted with each other ' s style of play they made a good showing. The margin in all games lost was very close, some only one and two points. The team seemed to have the ability and willingness to win but for some inexplicable reason never hit their stride. With the experience gained by a year ' s play together the team next year should be good, as it will return practically intact. The Co-eds Team ' 7 The past season also marked the entry of the Co-Eds into intercollegiate basket- ball. Under the able guidance of Coach Davis, the ' made constant impnn ement and steadily fought their way toward the front. They were confronted by great odds at all times but by hard work and a splendid fighting spirit they made themselves recognized as a real basket-ball team. With the experience and confidence gained by a year ' s campaigning they should make things hot for somebody next year. Page One Hundred and Six Co-ed Sy ' 2j Bashet-biill Team Front Roiv Helen Head Foruard Mary Alice Pixsox FomarJ RUBYE DeEN ' MeRRITT Ffjiu-iird Edna Smith (Mtnuii rrJ Fonrurd Back Roiv Lois Anderson Guard Kathleen O ' Kelley Center MyRTICE P ' aulkner (Captain) Guard Eva Belle Whelchel ........ Center Edith Bowen . Guard Page One Hundred and Sez ' en The ig2j Baseball Team At the time the Cyclops j oes to press the prospects for a winning baseball team are e ceptionall ' brii;ht. Answerinji the first call for practice were a goodly number of veterans from last ' ear ' s squail atul also man likels l(i ikin,i: rookies. Practically the entire infield was returned and also some members of the outfield combination. Last year ' s battery department was also well represented. In practice and in the opening games of the season the men have all shown up well and as soon as old " SOL " gets in forni and straightens out the kinks the team should go like a house afire. The men ha c all shown their willingness to work and have shown a spirit of hght and determination that bodes ill for their opponents. The first two games of the season, with " oung Harris College, were eas ' victories for the locals. In winning these games the Hluejackets piled up (j erwhelming scores with apparent ease. A fine schedule has been arranged with several inviting trips to be made. Also several strong teams will be brought to. the home grounds and the local fans will have a chance to view some real ball games. At present the team looks like a winner and uniler the able guidance of Coach Bush the ' 27 baseball season should be one of the highlights of Dahlonega athletic histor ' . Fage One Hundred and tight Basebcill Squads " " 2j Ir ' int Rriic Smith (Jn chrr Cobb StROLPE Shortstop Terrhi.l Whelchel .... Seconil Base ' . Knight OutfitUI Hawkins Pltrher (jiitchcr . Inlicld Maiuiger Buck Roil ' Bush Cixnh Hutch ERSox Pitcher McAbee Catcher Ragsdale Outfield KenNEMORE Pitcher Mai.i.ocii Walker Read . Houslev Rice . . Pitcher . First Pitcher Pitcher Third I ' age One Hundred and Nine Page One Hundred and 1 en Iftmm m ' tiffihiLii n iimttuiliiiiiiitiimimiiiiiiKnrniiiiiiimHmtii Miss Jaxii; AV ' ii. banks Sponsor of ' 26 Vontlxill Tt ir Miss D()R()Tll Si(;m. n " Sponsor of Coinp my " li " ■ ' um it i miiii ir Miss Ni-;i,i. Skimolr Sfifjrisrjr of t ' o iipnii ' " . ' ..iiiqiiyii. liJi v iit L-KT.-- ' 7,» " r -== fVf, f Mlss ' i ian Fre]; Sp ' jiisor ' ij the Ricochet Miss Lois Andi rmon (r,s■l .htrricth ' e Cn-Eil. (Mho ' s K ho ) i jnn i im iw wwrr- Miss Diamond Stroupe Most P ' jf ular Co-Ed. (Jf ' ho ' s U ' ho) iuiiiii A m l :(s = j5 PILGRIM-ESTES FURNITURE CO. HOME FURNISHERS The home furnishings that ha c the touch ot beauty that make livable homes. The kind of furniture that can be lianded down to future gener- ations. Karpen Living Room Furniture, High-Class Dining Room Furniture, Bed Room Furniture, Whitall Anglo-Persian Rugs Orthophonic Victrolas Stewart -Warner Radios Esty Pianos GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA Dahlonega Fair Store EATS DRINKS CANDY Athletic Equipment Clothing J. W. HAYNIE, Manager Compliments of W. B. TOWNSEND Job Printing DAHLONEGA NUGGET $1.50 Per Annum W. J. and E. C. PALMOUR CO. (iAlXKSVILLK, (;K()R(ilA Headquarters for College Boys A COMPLETE LINE OF Clothing, Hats and Shoes Just Arrived THE VERY LATEST THINGS IN WEARING APPARELS GIVE US A VISIT BEFORE BUYING A Welcome Always Awaits N. G.A. C. C(2pt(= =c iSii I ' aiic Uiic Htoulrcd and 1 wc}itv-tU ' 0 K s - ' = |f :i U. R. WATERMAN Fine Tailoring DRY CLEANING PRESSING DYEING ALTERING REPAIRING (lAINKSVlI.LK, GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS JOHN H. MOORE SON Shoes and Sweaters, Raincoats, Clothing and Furnishings Candy, Smokes and School Supplies Daily Baggage and Express Service to Gainesville .Gpts I ir :» Page Otjc Hundred OJui I tic at yt arc rCSva= =it : DR. H. HEAD COMPLKIK LINE OF Drugs and Confectioneries College Physician School S upp lie s CANDIES DRINKS Compliments Bank of Lumpkin County PROGRESSIVE ACCOMMODATING " A Safe Bank to Bank With " We Are Always For a Greater N. G. A. C. Open Year Round STEAM HEAT 30 Acres Natural Park Best " All Weather " Highway in Georgia Zimmer ' s Mountain Lodge In the " Heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains " BILL ZIMMER BILL ZIMMER. JR. Owner Manager Dahloneiia. Georgia THE HOME OF GOOD EATS 1(Sj - z= =c i2i: (5 Pane One Huntlrcd aiul I ' u-cnly-iuur :g = = 25 COMPLIMENTS OF B. P. GAILLARD. JR. ATTORNEY AT LAW GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA N. G. A. C. CLASS OF 1900 " A Tone All lis Own ' PRINCETON HOTEL GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Styles W. R. HUGHES " What We Say It Is. It Is " Jeweler and Optometrist COLLEGE NOVELTIES Jackson Building Gainesville, Georgia W. S. GAILLARD Attorney at La DAHLOXEGA, GEORGIA N. G. A. C. •■■06 " CAVENDER SISTERS Restaurant DRINKS SMOKES Compliments of T. J. SMITH Gulf Products College Students Always Welcome DRINKS CANDY SMOKES Page One Hundred and TwcnlyUve i f 1 PRUITT BARRETT Farm and Hardware Supplies GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA Compliments of PALMOUR HARDWARE COMPANY GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA F. M. ABEE Gainesville .H agle Tailor-Made Suits GAINESVILLE. GEORGIA HIGH GRADE PRESSING AND High Class DRY CLEANING JOB WORK Near the Campus-Work Called for We Print " THE RICOCHET " and Delivered Dahlonega Fair Store Compliments of J. W. HAYNIE, Proprietor W. A. HOUSLEY Everything The Student Needs On the Square BOYS ALWAYS WELCOME High- Class Shoe Repairing h ■ K Yi Page One Huiulrcci and Tivciity-si.v y.(s J iSr TO RE. I1. D VOL THAT THERE IS SONE BETTER THAN Drug Store- When you need anything that comes from a Dii is Bread D A V IS BAKERY Gaines -ille, Georgia Try The Piedmont First PIEDMONT DRUG COMPANY Gainesville, Georgia Mail Orders Given Prompt Attention We show the NEW things first at " The Little Shop Around the Corner " HARRY TUCKER CO. MEN ' S FURNISHINGS Gainesville, Georgia Dahlonega - Gumming - Atlanta BUS LINE Leave Atlanta. Princeton Hotel 7:30 a.m. 3:00 p.m. Leave Dahlonega 7:30 a. m. 4:00 p. m. Nice Cars Careful Drivers FRED JONES. Operator tcePTF =t ; Page One Hundred and Twenty-seven ' SV3I= =1 " : AQjrtli Qcorgiu Agricultural Qollege Summer School Offers to teachers an opportunity not gi ' en heretofore: Two six-weeks ' terms in which they may work toward degrees. Location ideai— beautitul scenery; historic surroundings; tare the best! Excursion distance to Neel ' s Oap, Woody Gap, Enotah Mountain (highest in State), Tallulah Falls, Amicalola Falls, marble quarries and mills. Climate unsurpassed in the South. H H S For further i}ifor }uitioii ivrite for special btillcthi to: COL. JOHN W. WEST, Dahlonega, Ga. :(Ei Tt :ir«s£); Pogc One IhinJrcJ inul 7 ' u ' i-i; v-c V i; 9 IIII ' : ATLAMA C llA.Mlil.K OF C O.M M I.Kfl-: i a champion ot " education in (Jeorgia. It is our tliought that the State ' s greatest need is not more colleges, hut few- er, and the few should he ot " high class calihre. The North Cieorgia Agricultural College has carried on for manv vears in a magnihcent way, considering its limited financial resources. It s o I and our organization helic cs it ic receive a greater appropriation from our State Legislature. Its location at Dahlonega, Georgia, in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, is ideal and the environment is conducive not only of serious application to study, hut for the hest things in the life of the student. Anticipating great growth for your worthy institution. QQ® Atlanta Chamber of Commerce (;eorgf. w. west President BENJ. S. BARKER Executive Vice Presidoit iS fi ar aj t ' agc One Hundred and Twenty-nine f = i ' i NEXT TO GEORGIA STATE COLLEGE Ben Smith ' s Place is the most important one in Dahlonega for the students. He feeds them, clothes them, and furnishes them drinks, smokes and candy Do You W ant Clothes That Fit? -See MEADERS If you need anything to READ, SMOKE, DRINK or EAT you will find it HERE. or if you buy nothing you are just as welcome — at LIPSCOMB ' S Dahlonega s Druggist Albricrht-Eno-land Co. ' holesale Grocers Atlanta, Ga. (KIIXIXZX) When you want the best — use Point Lace flour We specialize in Quality Canned Goods, Fruit and Produce t:epTi= =e :i JJuu.lir.l ,uij rinrty 1 ' t Dahlonega Boys We Gladly Receive You When You Come to Us Always Find a Hearty With a Welcome at Deposit The And Just as Gladly Recipro- 1 IMPERIAL cate When We Can Do You a Gainesville ' s Leading 1 9 Favor Drug Store You Are Always Welcome to KODAK FINISHING The Bank of Mail Orders Promptly Filled Dahlonega Visit Our New Store. You Will Find the Newest H. T. BURNS Things Always. We Are Always Glad to See the OVER TWELVE YEARS Students. AN EXPERT BARBER Housley Brothers Let Him Keep You in Trim i Complim ents A HEARTY WELCOME of ALWAYS AWAITS YOU At The Lee Rogers, M. D. White Way Cafe Gainesville. Ga. i| Gainesville, Ga. N. G. A. C. Class of ' 14 W. G. HODGSED, Prop. KSp- = r . Page One Hundred and Thirty-one K(S Ji= f = :? CRESCENT ICE CREAM ' The Cream Supreme " CRESCENT ICE CREAM CO. Gainesville, Ga. PRICE CHARTERS, Prop. Compliments of BYRON MITCHELL Gainesville, Ga. Frierson-McEver Co. GAINESVILLE, GA. Style Leaders in Clothing Furnishings and Shoes A Glad Hand Is Always Extended N. G. A. C. Boys I Our best efforts are pledged to the interests of the North Georgia Agricultural College--its faculty-its students--in all of its activities. Elevation 1480 feet; summers cool; winters mild; beau- tiful mountain scenery; splendid hotels; excellent highways; three daily mails; bus lines; telephone service unexcelled; free tourist camp; a good place to spend your vacation. Students--visitors--will find a hearty welcome in this friendly city. Dahlonega Chamber of Commerce .Qp z -.rfsSi: i Page One Unvdrcd and ' ! hirty-two aYrcchanical difficulties haipe been met and uvercome, imbuing our artisans Uith a sound knouiedge of the grounduork of our business—a knouied e uhich leaves their minds and hands unhampered, free to affecl the broader vision conceived by you for your cAnnual. fcoT t oUavi e5 Co. i? g!i ENGRAVING CO. li Artists - ' OFFICE ' STUDIO AND PLANT t a n IphotoEim ' civers 1:4 .:. I BlectJvtyfyers ATLANTA . OEORS I A Page One IJundrcJ aiul Thirly-lltree C ' E5T FINI Page One Hundred and Thirty-four r

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