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R MARA WY , Wm 1' W K 'Y' 4X R 1975 North Garland High Garland, Texas Volume IV The world today is in such a confused state, now more than ever unity between people is so important. People everywhere need to stop and take a long look at themselves and others.-t I Q ., " Q ' ' . The student body of North Garland High School as a whole shows the true meaning of unity. The pride and concern of the students and faculty is evident as one walks through the school. People of all types have joined together here at North Garland to form one unified body. People from surrounding areas no longer think of NG as a fairly new school lacking spirit and tradition. NG has made its mark and the students are working together from day to day at keeping the pride and unity alive within the walls of the school. This book is designed to portray the unity that is present through the efforts of the student body of NGHS and because of their concern and pride they shall live on through the pages of the 1975 Marauder. Activities .... Drganizations Faculty ...... Classes . . . Sports ....... Advertisemen HUBTH GARLAND msn scHuoL Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! Psalm 13311 "He is my friend," I said - "Be patient!" Overhead The skies were drear and dimg And lo! the thought of him Smiled on my heart- and then The sun shone out again! Iames Whitcomb Riley The most I can do for my friend is simply to be his friend. I have no wealth to bestow on him. If he knows that I am happy in loving him, he will want no other reward. Is not friendship divine in this? Henry David Thoreau f "" , f Y f.', ff One cannot be a friend without having one. A. S. Hardy 6 There is no folly equal to that of throwing away friendship in a World where friendship is so rare. E. R. Bulwer-Lytton UI lil' :EP ON TRU M465 'fa 7 .1 - 3' ' 5 1 1 ' ff M 5 my A 1 5,1-fr! ,, ,Wx , Q .l x 1 'f gi: 1 Y ., K M :F i A ' 5,55 1 , A ,.., , f ' , f Q ' Q? 'Ev i - if 'bf " : ' K I .. -Y --r T. - 'cb Y ,Lift W W V.f,, ., k J ,fl ' " 1, - 15-KX R R - XQWSQ,-P. ' ' 'WHL , - w + X , A I A! X ,Q i .NQNNJ 1,1 I- If + - w 2 I L 5 9 .'13',,, We Q VA Q,,.,,,. --. s K W 5' "'f-M, N ' Y,,, 7 My W. N 5 'NNN RN R ' A W . ...K .Q M- v 'WW' I ,.. WGS: WW , Q. xl , y X. . 4,4 . w ,ef ' ' , fl' ae: 1 'JKHWW yn Mfg, Mg, X2 0 A fiiifs 132 W5 Ag ,. ij ug . ,N 5 1 ia' QQSIYQ' ." r C51 5 .LJ ' 1' . -5 117 N " ,. - HQ , -f K in F I 9 W ff Y' , X152 X, "W AM' 5-Qlt' V 39.5 ff Wi H-ug, ' M 'L . Q ,fy f aff ff' M-Mw ! Wf, ' f 'I Q f ' 1 F 1 V , , -M Y. j 4' an , I 1 3, 1 I 693' t A W 1 ' f 31 " 'Z ' ,. 'I M ,2-, 1 X 1 ' 1 3. X ,-f' - N - 1 -rzi L " W W Q- ig ' '-1:7 ' - - - V , ,., M -M -,M Q H y , 1 f2 H lu 7 ' ul - if gf W9 N REM f-"-'W' 'ii-1:2ff,..: X' 'f .,i- . m, - -',' N. N Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you. Henoeforth I call you not servantsg for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends. . . . Ye have not Chosen me, but I have chosen you. St. Iohn 15:13-16 io If I far United We Stand . . . New faces in government, new economic problems, new teachers a new district of competition, the completion of new departmental buildings, new courses, new friends. These are just a few of the many new aspects in our lives that each moment brings. Whether or not the sun shines or the rains fall, we win or we lose, the students of North Garland keep showing the pride and determination for which the school is known for. H An ordinary man with extraordinary qualities. Many people enter into the teaching profession with high hopes but few truly excel to the fullest. Patience and determination are qualities necessary to achieve the ambition one has for his life work. A unique style of teaching is characteristic of a man whose interests revolve around the area of science. He also contributes many long hours in lending a helping hand to groups and organizations at NG. I-Iis work as an outstanding photographer is shown with pride through the color pages of this book. His witty sense of humor along with his interest in people have made him a favorite among the faculty and student body. Because of these and other reasons too numerous to list, we proudly dedicate the 1975 Marauder to Mr. Pete Lohstreter. 1:-5 ACTIVITIES 6 w n I i J!! f -.. Seniors begin the year by ordering their class pictures. Even 3 Maflfselle needs to fake 3 Freshman cheerleaders proudly represent their number one school in the Labor Day parade. I6 break every once in a while. airy lm 4 I Q ww we fi' " xi '53 .s,yg3, "These long lunch lines are just disgusting!" Uniformity is one quality which enables the Mam'se11es to give such top-notch performances Ima, What strange sight were we to see? Tough Raider gridders were revealed, But of the female breed? A l r fl 5' r 6' The floodlights flashed across the field, ggi Q The cheerleaders yelled with all their might Though their femininity was questionable. It seems they forgot to shave that night, Hairy legs are rather objectionable. The "Sam'selles" did their thing, too, Led on by a buxom Captain, And meanwhile the seniors came through With a victory far from lackin'. ig-,I Sam's support is unfailing. Y W! . 'NE .E f X A A , xf , a E lim: gn an--.W-,. M aa Raider Band displays fine showmanship in the Labor Day parade. -so Qhfxxx d,,, 5 s -QI wr a 5 N a I -'- i Q.. "Let's see, to get to the new drama room you water fountain, go to the phone booth , . ." turn left at the candy machine by the IC T4 fr Q v X ,' "' '5fM"' 'Lf' as vixxg ' f' IO Va - I "fe fm GO! v These are the symbols of NG 15:2 Excitement is the face of a Freshman as "I suppose you think seven words a minute is fast." she experiences her first pep rally. w, v 4 -arf' lf, Lf Biff The magic names are uttered, All students strain to see, Guesses are softly muttered, Who will the nominees be? Through the student body they swerve In the midst of the echoing cheers, A unified bundle of nerves, One trembling mass of tears. we F Q is 1 - gh . .www-a There are friends and teachers waiting, With smiles and open arms And the precious memories of the years before Those special moments can he relived From beginning to the end Hey, it's good to be hack home again! Homecommg '74 J""Ulul'li' .WJHHIH MHo----w g w 3 Br. W v y Q ,f-'s 'Q Pig -W D WHL! an w .I U iw an W- fl riff 'A' 55' .,,fl We do not remember days, We remember moments . . Anonymous e K Q M A Jr N N My , , , , no . R lt, ,A , rw ' ' 2 ' er aa' We T N -Q v fn , . x. V I 1 gy. in - , ff W5 x.. we .1.'f,' , .Y , ' 1 W AA, A. L.,-U., , xp- . 5 . 4,,, ,, . 1 eu if M , , A Y ' X. inf -- ,QA a.w,, SHPE? ' I wg V55 ff 3 gil?---i Egg g... S.. PF 'z ill 1 "The seventh week of school and I finally got my locker open." Day is done! A gentle smile The magic moment when a mutt Of course she's smi1inggshe's a Raider fan becomes a Mam'se11e. ESQ" - Raider Band is welcomed by Big Tex! W, K l Wu 2 , . V N 1 I ,f I , .gf , , . .4231 'NPI G' A 1 n 4' ,- . 51 4, ig E 5 n ,E i '. 'xv Y vf ,If 'C 4 tv NN,h ' as 6 'QSY3 9 AX. if? I "M qi- In-7'f.1m it ex QQ VW . :E i V, h ni Lm. V to an ' z'- 'Egg-.2 it ,Xi 1 A-y. ,Y 4 - n 1.4 ,sp Reflections . . . The golden stillness of an autumn day, Vigorous efforts of the boys in the band, Thanks expressed in a sin- cere way, And companionship that goes hand in hand With the continuing strife For the "North Garland" way of life. Freshman teams back the Varsity. Those cheerleader skits get more imaginative each week! 30 , ,.i..m.Qw Energy and enthusiasm - th sity cheerleader. at's a Var iz, W ' 0 ' ' C if L i.erii is fi! Senior boys do their thing at the pep rally. m , 5V i,,1,, 1 'A .' f4f lik' 'WW nv' V 1 The football team exemplifies what Coach Beavers said at our first pep rally, "They are a part of us, and we are a part of them "'STE'H F 6 0 G5 A pep rally is an experience - one that ranges from the familiar cheer of the senior boys to the rev- erence of our Alma Mater, spiced with enthusiastic students, a high performance band, and the appre- ciated efforts of the cheerleaders and drill teams. But, it is the com- bination, the unity of these factors that determines the final, reward- ing product - a North Garland pep rally. Ya W N 33 w e . X ,... K... Q il: u 1 I "' uii"... 2,000 links of senior spirit bound together into one, . . You never know what the fashion world will come up with next! 34 W-Wi - R ,Nw , ,W rw, Iuniors jive on at the pep rally. "Smile! You're on Candid Camera!" ffl ,fig .,,' 4 if ,'f:1 5 I ., ' V Y , -'A' ,517 gggs , "I Wonder what's taking him so long he A A, said he'd be here at 3:30!" A Raiders express their talents in many ways. Freshman football boys bask in the glory of their own pep rally. Here they are - The "pom-pom" boys! 35 North Garland has some new athletes, They make an awesome team, G Cornett, Beavers, and Garcia, They mutilate ice cream. fx Hands tied securely behind their backs, They await anxiously, Then plunge into the frosty mounds, E Faces covered totally. OUR9'M TORYT V , ..i , -ugwf . W,,,, , , ,..,,,.. W, H ii., av whiff' f x,,.' :if 4 2 M ,, 'gh It's a busy life a Raider leads, So much spirit to release! Through serenades by the band, Or spirited Cheers by a Raider fan. All efforts reflect a certain pride A Raider feels deep inside, When he knows the Cause is worthwhile All work is done with a Raider smile! Ig, Decorationscoverthcbandhallbefore X Marching Contest. S59 AW ILHEREwg Publications are band boosters. , M A e , WS' fe 1 "One more word about Watergate, and l'll scream." te f T 1 :- ez 'gMfj'i3f,-:.7??j-g,,'.1f , .. I :?yvr'HL 1' v 1 . ' ff J "- We . my W? Mt' :ff We-l t. an A ' 314 0. Ya , Raider Band performs at UIL Marching Contest. North Garland faculty enjoys watching Freshman football team. fitlttlikt GARLAND HIGH SUHUUL LIBRARY! ,QQH my ., 5 fw , A I if- 54? f 'Z 40 me fs Q , fluff-1 6 X WN W-"4" X 9 t t -X ' O x X- ff , ,X X55 QM , J saws. f ff ff, K V V J J is. God - You are not forgotten, Your gifts are too obvious. Many times we take them for granted or become so involved in our own busy lives we overlook them, but on Thanksgiving, we are made to stop - put all things aside, And realize the gifts you've made dearest to us. We may find it in. . . . . . a silence spent talking with you, . . . the reassuring hand of a loved one, . . .good times and laughs with friends . . .that extra effort found in the hearts of helpful people . . . moments of sharing feelings thoughts, and thanks for each other - and You. OEA installed new members in an expressive Candlelight ceremony on October 24 n ge 'I' THE 3- , - ' fi W ,,.,,..i 'v Wav:-wmv-A 539501 ' , ,W 5 v Practice, Practice, Practice! "Oh my gosh! I think it's stuck!" "Don't you tell me what to do! N' I Hz: 2 if f f gf 4 - if s M gf 2 ya, 6 TW yy f I? Wig """ t t ti l i i n Yr r Q "On the good ship lollipop. . . "You mean we're supposed to bring books to class?" ff!! J 1,557 at 4. M QP 5! Z :f,, ,, A ff -is md' , ar X I ,, 'il - Take my hand, Let me be your friend forever. Let us run through the fields of life - We will wade through the puddles, Only to find a starburst flower waiting on the other side. Come glide down the rainbow with me, Grab a star from heaven to shine a light for you back on earth. We will run Carefree through tall fields of soft hay, Chasing dreams all around - 'Til we can track them down, And then place them in our hands, And dream of tomorrow -forever h You need not say a word to me, I understand you clearly. I have a helping aid, you see, Il's in your physiognomy. Not meaning to sound harsh or Crude, l will explain my thoughts, Your deepest feelings and every mood Upon your face are wrought. The joyous times when words dis appear, And only smiles suffice, Or when you're tired and have reached the end, Look into the face of il friend, And there you are likely to see - The understanding that you need --via ph yeiognomy. You mean I didn't get nominated for Homecoming Queen?" Coach Hacker and Bobby contribute their talent to the FCA. t t ,tnn ,, .,W.....,t ll rf. tt n J, . "We're the Raiders, and couldn't be prouderf' Quiet moments of togetherness! "And when I become Head Coach, I'll A penny for your thoughts As you View our "Sam" and crest, They reflect the inner pride That makes a school the best Care to sail in the "South Pacific?" Come travel with the choir, Or see the wilds of "Oklahoma," They'll fill your each desire. Dance a waltz with "The King and I, Or ride a "Carousel," While listening to our talented choir And the songs they sing so well. E17 W K- g l yn A rmfrsi f"W"' I as-rl DER Pam 5 Q " , ,...w....x The senior Mam'selles do a special performance for the student body at the last pep rally. 2 We M m..-e ' .........,M , 'TwoalllbeefpattiesspeciulsauceletIucecheesrrpicklesonionsonasesameseedbun. . 'fy 1 ...ff Varsity football players make a special pI'l?SClllklllOll tothe Cheerleaders. A senior ring is a senior's pride. "Peek-a-bool!" "I Can't help it, it's stuck to my tongue!" 'Twas the week before Christmas And all through the school, Teachers were trying To maintain their rule. The student body Became an excited mass, As they tried - really tried - To listen in class. But that old Christmas spirit l-lad taken hold, And in a few days longer It was sure to explode. Two weeks of late sleeping And freedom galore, And the faculty was twice As anxious to open those doors. But as we all were leaving that place, "Merry Christmas" smiles shone From every face. N i i f K ,,,,, . ..,, , -A in .1 P .- 2-R 1 1 Q , 4' X . I il-il .' -ntl Y ,.hi 1 'M W W Q f i ff 4f5f XI ' fa -2- ? ?5 mX' X 'Q iw Mid Term f L 2' ,,...f ljgni Z ,lf .- 4--- 4 . ,,,- " P: df- . s...,i-T- Graduation graduation is not just a happening, but also an emotion. It is a time when memories of school days tug at our sleeve and ask, "Rememher?" while dreams of future days grasp our hands and flee anxiously into the future, and we follow. . Q nr-'--' Pucker up, sweetie!!! .ehifi gag E What has Lee gotten himself into Iust look what Mr. Chamberlain keeps locked inside his band hall! NOW?!! MN ,- fx. 1, f 'sy-rx ex M, J K WS ' 4 1 ., FX Hi! My name is Goldilocks and these friends M' ey an ' ' . are my xck d Mlnme "You found WHAT in your soup?? Yes Bill, 59.67 is 60 and that is passing, but. . .??? "No, Cindy, we don't want to play looky-lo0ky." Mr. Chumley acts as the official taster for the Homemaking classes. Students display their dramatic ability. ll ,.., K ,111 ' M Ll American Culture Classes were visited by an authentic American. Hey, wait till I pose pretty!!" Seniors give the Freshmen a lift PI,EASI'I! Cun't you see that we'd like hu zil0iiu?" "You've got to be kidding!" Xu- new ...+- , .iixvwi ,. 1 The Car Smash The car smash was sponsored By Latin Club fans, And with the swing ofa hammer, The destruction began. The students' hidden angers were shown With well-aimed hits and shouts, Doors fell loose, the roof fell in, . And the lights fell Com- pletely out. And when the "smash" was finished, And the crowds had slowly diminished, The "structure" that existed at the end of the day, Did in no way resemble it's name . . . Chevrolet! ik Celebrity Ball Invitations There is a mysterious illness that threatens various students of North Garland every Ianuary. It comes in the form of a small, white envelope, usually transmitted by a fellow student. The victim is suddenly seized by such symptoms as a nervous giggle, shaky hands, and a throbbing heart. This rare illness is classified as. . . A CELEBRITY BALL INVITATIGN!!! Celebrity Ball Awards Presentations The1975 Celebrity Ball Began with the Awards Presentations Nervous chatter, shuffling and anxious faces Were evidence of anticipation. The evening proceeded beautifully With triumphant smiles and tears, Words of congratulations And proud parents ecstatic cheers. The waiting and guessing are over, Take off your boutonniere. No more mad rush for the "right dress," girls. At least until next year. 66 A33 uiiwq Q 'C if - ,,. CW lm' I X , , 5 Ag. if gf ,X , , . rm an UG? ' Q 5, ,jg -N ,, , .+A 5 ,3,i?,j 'av kai f J K Cefgbfffweaff si swf .s v PD J i Alt W 1 f fr' S f if-l S ' '. .,-7-'fm A ff xt ' . I A l 1 ... b 5 On the eve of the 18th of Ianuary, A strange transformation took place, Our cafeteria had blossomed red roses and ivy, And butterflies were gliding through space. The multitude hurried to the dance, Excitement on every face, Ties were loosened, shoes deserted, So all could hoogie with grace. .444 IMF! 5 Q' 'ALT '-if Q 91, :L fi '41- Qxgw Sit back, relax, take it easy! Yeah folks, ii's lunch time again!" la flfs .-. Q. ,kt , af 2? 52 'V A .F fi. 4 .r ,M ,, f E fx 4- 4 if -4 ' . asm , , f iff 4 ,BF 54 Mew a 2 ,Nw t 555 'ff pad if A V 3 Q3 I 11 Q I NW' 1 in mx Xa X 49, ' 3 'S X ' 5 48, V v V X k ,,Vk MA' ' I K W , . AQV1 .AVV ' x. 2 W , ' AIL, '1 - X f KM ,. gf' L' ' Q7 'ff ' ' iW2i75?'Qi,:-5 4 ,, ,., V f V as K J -. y . -f i ,, Q. '. M KV4, ,, "Vu l - A5 -,ff k k V V ' ' ' g ' 7 f 7 K :"' - -TH' . fwrfiy VW "1 , A , , I, K , L,.,,. ,..,'- ,hnffif ff "W" V f h-,, , 171 V I, KM V, A -5 1 f' ri ff, ff --', ,::x,fw': I, ,Q 'A , QQ wmv, ,, 4 lg, 41 557 W 4 ,'w' W - '7 'fm H fra? 'SS 'W gr JM f l ' f ,' ' . -f :ii 'f X 4 4 ' 51 . W' gg 1 2 1 , , H y jg Wx, f. 311 ,5 if fi' 2-fi -:fin wamesff' . 4 ' . Q, L . The day tells of whispered thoughts that came in quiet moments when Iwas without you. . . ff.: A A 2 " V f 'i:,- PM " 44? KS , V bx Q xxx- 1 I ef 9 I x QM I QP PL8 .wifi : g x -. -Q Rg?ir'Qf . z a ghz gi ' E Q B Qgrf S . 9? X Ng ..., ,, N,,. ., al' tk 3 P One of North Carland's feature attractions involves "International Week" sponsored by the French Club, Latin Club, German Club, and Spanish Club. Foods and activities corresponding to each native Country were available at the festival. International Week six Vw 'J l 'A xy l jafw is A f WN ff' 6 Aw ,Y - ' lx 4 n i-ff M , A 4 ERNWXTIG WL k -5.313- 5" W 'QW 0 gf , , L ff a . Fi nv - W gl x hh F Q 11:3 Twirp Week is. . . giving the girls a chance to know that special guy, or giving the guys a Chance for an ego trip, Or wearing a hat three feet high With a shorter one on the tip. And last, but not least, a Chance to relive The days of grease and bobby socks, While jitterhugging to your favorite band As they sing for you via the juke box. ll Sem in Q QXQQM7 ,Q BUDDIES!!! Preparation begins for the big game tonight. - uf.: K ..f, "'Jgggg,' ,,,,g.,,,i.,.L..,.-..,,WM '34 bwkl-Wg gr??ww,,,,...,,,,,,, .,,,,,.,. All .pi .... ,W f:gwm.,, bw 1-ug, ii fl NG's future prima ballerina. To eat or not to eat -that is the question. iViI',RUl?KiSililI'l?SiliSi10i'Ji3y,iilXiiiUI with his class. The National Honor Society is exactly what its name implies - an honor, an honor given in exchange for a student's willingness to learn and the "stick-to-it-tiveness" that enahles the student to reach his goals. 'Wi 83 Faculty Vs. Seniors ,Y Q They strolled onto the court like pros Raised an eyebrow, thumbed a nose Surveyed the opposing team with care Each had Confidence without despair. They tried for points throughout the game Seniors and Faculty, with common aim. The "Drill Teams" offered their support As the teams battled across the court! ti A ., t,1z W gy.- l T we . ,, any ea Reflections . . . of days gone by. ' I ta. that that actually Years And soon scdldmg SSO V di Q Z ev, w 3, ,'f,:f. . .r,ryf,J , ,f ff ,A , Eff f .Q . , wk , V' -W.: -3 of. hurry at the HIGH door Whlfl nn my mmd, P my heart. , . .gs .,-,f y b if , V -A ' 33 381 ,,N,,,.., gig W H 'S' -Vw: v . K ...M .pe 'f '- ' 1451 gf. 'AQ' "M fi gs -3 W N 1 '25 S, ,W ag, V V ,,,, -,fr , . P' V -A,, W' 'Q' , A ,L e, 15, ,,,,. :,-my ', . : 555321 gk: SY: wif , 'Y' fffwff ,f f ' 2 S2515 '!lE5:l:?2f5?f '55'9'3f!5i??3f5?,1i1w .,-L,,.M. L L I. w 'Swv-5435. 9? If X" Lisa Marlin was Q5 ? ,gif M-+ gf 2? was will if i wg ga' M'-'T 995990 kd f mmf:-gpqf' , :M MTW? 'WK-.A MNA.: M S'4?l HW W T' S 4 v f A XM- A ' li Q- 137, ,.1,t'f',' , K 1 .. Txiai -xg :rg v E fd 1 ..., wwwgr f'yfmwM. S ' , 1 A 'izlx-img' ' 'I if ,. :f. f:-N ' 1 W l f' N Q 'M 7 - in Y ,A . Q3 S " L g? .l 1 1 ' ' Jet. ' ,K an aikilffff X, : 1 , gi .Eg Lf f 5 rf. ' L. 'Qg,q'gfQ5.. , f. , ,LT :Aff ig L ng? A - 2. Iuli Holforcl Home- Coming ominees l i if r LA -if' -'lf 'l3?g : . l1.1--N.,.,f.,l...iQ ' Eff 1 'X I ff iw 4 ' 3359 ll, r . V V 9 , ' L4 ,N . .,, 5 H.-L ' ' F 4i,aE53 . -, afzff , 1 S, Q J iwwx 1 :Y aa 526232-,532 . x, 'J 'QE ., 54 elf? QM SQ Mig? qw 74 Yin- 5 3, 5 A ip- X Q' it S! X x x 'S f Q M 4'- 'ig QR E is i sw Q- 5 W X .V 4' i . -. w,f'32t,1,? Ww,,w5. 2-x x -Q 1 gp 5 M, ,A f " 7- 1 Q Y ft 5' 'fl F eil v' ig -if Q , X S-+1 'lo K i AVN M 1 ,V 0534 If ,K 1 K 5 z ,KA 33 , . i l 5" i y , g Y, ip .,, - 1, ' "H W. V, Wg' : 3 ,ig .. 5 I 8 'Ye' V 3-4 K ik? 5 XJQZ E , 1. 1 ,p'v,39'4 qx, :Qu Q4 ' ,hx -, , y ,g?."l-.Q 1. .Y Y ' ig .: gg "T rg! :E ' if fl X M 4 l E N I 4 A: 'sown Q l ' f if ve mn' " A W , . ,Q , g i if Y Q f 2, 11 ig 'Qi 75' 5 2.5 , 25 ,g -:Q 1, -, 4 1 ,J ' "fin a l W-f.g. a + v 2. KW ' Mitzi Harper i-I' """i'f'," 7 . . M F !.3.QM,,4 , l. . w " M ' -' r figwgmmimw " F1 fees . A lsff' "ff, V. ' Vit, Q T? r x 4 9 iq? ' f ff? ii' .3 il 1 ai 7: x it "H W -45,3 1 1 A f 'Y 1 J' -5 , .1 M3 is Q L + a- fa., X , I ggi '71, aria- wa V A nv gf N.: A wg A1 I ,l 1 x vi :B M11 W .4 1 fy-f,,. 4.53-gl . I QL e. ' 3' I -l -ala' S X S if L ,ii -'Emu . X YK - lfi aaa Ji ' A M- -i5,'m.a R lg 1 .Nix R xiivffs Y? AH QL V . 'V X lu' ,, 5 it ri-Q qflgqb l 4 N A ' N Wye' vm TA . h K Q9 X 3 -PM A mg,-r , il i 'i i N E gr ' l '1 ' 4 R L ' ww? sw ,Q if fl '--in auf 'A 2 4 IX :sw will ii, Q I, 'A . ,fx 'E x"x ' IVV? t 1 wi. Xi E. 1 ,J .S 45 Tinii Smilh Suwanna Bills Laura Barnett Gina Wiggins Iudy McSwain .. ' 5 ,- .A ,, 4 N 3 4, , - an I , . A , , ,D 1 1 2 - 15 x I , -, N i? tffiiff. 'Yi , r "ig -I f 1 1. 'Q . I kv 1 rf sv '- N . X 5. . u . ' ff .f I l. , w . . f K Semor Sheilh-Hill, Laura Barlfgett, nna .T L' j 553 H 1 , I gh L Q , I Q fp QU. X L A f ,fi + lg ' fig? . :iv..Eil"5' L:wM:,M 2 .AQ 'Q :M Ay wtf ' QSM: K3 m ai is T5 -..-.r , Q , 1 ' 1- ' ,- 9. ,.. m f k ' ff-Q, e :X 371-13,54 , 1 . . X X 3 Fifi W e -5 'Wk ' . KR E15 Sw ks HA W , 3' if g Q k 3, R' z- ff g A 5 mir as ik' T. 4 X if fu , 1 sw 5-ff 1. X mfzf vs.fs!ss:ff ' '53 if 2525 23 wg in Z' f ' W x V F K emi N' K 'R' Lf . Q, 'f ve- 6 D ,D ,N U' ' ' I' , ' ' A . V, . , . 'xi' kiwi fi .va ' s-if Q wi" I ' ,-. ' - ' 5 , V WN? -'gcff 4 34 H W ' V . .4 vw. fx . 'Q ' . . K ' V3 " f , . 4 ' ' ' ' fa- 1 .. 1" 'W " . 15 ,. H ---' .v W 11- X . -X ' mf-9 X' 1" ' 'R m 'Qi f H' we 'r ' , ' i ' . -. 45 . . 'u ' 5, a f -"-xff : 'X A 'B Lf' 7 V' V L 5 ' " A v ' I 1 Q , f 1 ul ' ., sf-.f . 4 I A , iff' '17-'fa 5' , ' i o 3455 ii Lflff as Q i fyifi ' 'N 'M' 5 i-is -nu .1 1. , ..kL . 1--X , - W 1, A if , 'fi A fel z A V. . 4 . s.. 5 as . O 9 O i Most Beautiful and Senior Class Most Handsome Favorites' Laura Barnett and Kim Monioo ludy Mc:Swain and Ronnie Shearer 92 X" Best Raider Most Feminine and Spirit Most Athletic joy King and Slove Flanagan Tl" Q ,,i if , ,No-j-Vflx . R, w Suwzmnu Bills und Bobby Burns ,if 'wvvu A M..4,.,, R 4' i'q""" Q J Y I I iid sfaxf' 'if fn if t ' 1 ' .e ,,.-f 'T , .v 3 .. A' 3' i 'P'-fe 2 I ffj ig" il t fig, ,A f '- y 1 ' f - ,n-I ' ' - IR! ' 1 1, ' ,q 1 Y 1 f f 4, ,- XI " Q ll ,ll king. , X S2 wmfgti- 4.1,-Q 4 H, ,Ax . lgff Q Wx' 1 :QT ij.-Lb ft ' w V if X ,W 9 ' 'S ?Z?lY'q1!t' 2,45 ff, '.5ikgkg1'fg vzffif? 3 ' L. .' . ,- ASME 52 , s...ff t- NR f ' 3 Q ,S .fx 57- . .mn . M A. ..,?. 4 K '75 f , .Tu-2 I 93 Most Talented Kay Hubbard and Ray Knoggs Q, ' f.f?f:f,3S." 1.-Q 5 - if , -:J ja? .gmt 4 W iifkgif '51 . 5 I 4 g 4S3s"'.w.-15 -. -"' ff' :KM 9' 4,,f+'+f.9a.?Q-7, fl 1 y Q, x,,,q,-.- AI, 4, ia m s5F'f" W 5 '- ', H315 7 up uf, , W X3 , 3, figmuz. Y. s -gs, Q' " I. . N: ff , ' ,,-,ist , f A Q 5 L EF ,Q E 5 , ffzffwf - , .,. 5. :r'.f?.9 b 5 ' -f'Q,5.g-.5 E ,X r-' ., S-if! -2 .mi f '- 14. 55 7,1 In , Y -i'Zf12.-'ZF' K . Most Courteous Mitzi Hm'p01'umi Bobby Meals O N . Most Likely to Succeed luli HlllI.lJl'll und Donnie Perry . MA. 46" ' fr 1 . ,L -4 ,c 6, l P L .1 X - fs ' . af, 7 ,W ' r all . Q 'E R , ,K Personality Plus Uinz1VVigg.:insuncl Doug Hnlmlmrml N s 1 v ' . 'z 4 M z. q " If H ,, N-.1 W 1, is , ,Wm ,Jzfi""'A" H 'R Iunior Class Most Beautiful and Favorites Most Handsome Lee Ferrell and Denise Himmelreioh and Kim Cooper Price Clifford 'V 'i . ii F 1 f sf-' 4 if Sophomore Class Favorites Brenda Reed and Larry Miller 5 x Most Beautiful and Most Handsome Lori Cummings and Scott Thompson Foubt. Pete S ' 1 i We , if. f -4 Freshman Class Most Beautiful and Favorites Most Handsome Ianice Williams and Michelle Foust and Pete Roth Rodney Moore -M-...,,, .fiik x miffi' JK gn X FACULTY 'A ? QQ School Board Mr. Eli Douglas, Superintendent lst row: Mrs, Mary Ann MCClenney, Mr. lack Shugart, Dr. Ronnie Rogers. 2nd row: Mr. Doug Butler, Mr. Hill, Dr. Don Freeman. Charles Cooper. Mr. Harris ,nu Administration invaluable service. . .patient understanding of students. . . untiring efforts to guide all students in the right paths. . . willingness at all times to council us. . .outstandingloyalty to North Garland High School. Mr. Gene Hudson, Principal Mr. Pat Chumley, Assistant Principal Mr. Frank Reid, Assistant Principal Alta Altom Math g, ..' JH. H K J Kent Anderson Shop Penny Barnard Business Beverly Boehl Resource Marshall Altorn Math Marjorie Arrington English Harry Beavers Coach fFootba1lj Ax Sarah Bohannan English Deborah Bryant English Don Card Art Sally Carter Fran Caldwell Homemaking ii? Virginia Carley Counselor ,nw '1 My Ienann Caskey Science Nurse W'----v 1000 ..v...,, M- 51005, ,,,2'h4:N11Ti- 'f" iriz-,Q o U '- Emily Cates Neil Chamberlain English Band '11-ff.: Ian Clare Andy Coleman Hom emaking Shop Dave Cook Diane Cooper Band Social Studies M Chuck Cornett Burt Curtis Social Studies. Social Studies, Coach fBaSeball, Coach ITennisj Football! Gary Davenport Carolyn Davis Math, Coach VAC fBaSeba1I, Footballj Lark Donnell Roland Donnell Math Shop Norma Dorsey Gail Duncan Social Studies Math Mary Iune Dyer Clara English Counselor English Bill Epperson Laurie Evans Social Studies, English Coach fBasketball, 4.55 Ioyce Faucett Don Fields Social Studies Social Studies, Coach IBasketball lim Flatt Gail Folstadt Math German v Betty Foster Frances Gannon Ace. Clerk English Ioe Garcia Tena Garcia Spanish, Coach Business, fBasketball, Cheerleaders Io Ann Gipson Lois Grant f Business Pre Lab , fs Florence Gray Sheila Greebon Art English iii S Don Griffin Marsha Grounds Math English W..,,wr' ' Iohn Hacker Sherrill Hendricks Social Studies, Social Studies Coach fFootball, Nancy Holley Sharon Hopkins Math English iff S . Ieannie Hunt Iames Ivy English Physical Edu cation Coach flfootballj Ian Iones Iune Iones D.E. Social Studies Leon Kennedy David Knight Coach fBasketballj Physical Education If Bob Knott Kay Kuner Shop Science Ike LaRue Ioanie Lester Math Physical Education, La Petites I 1 Maureen Linquist Science Linda Massey Gene Mayes English, Corrective Social Studies, Reading Coach IFoothall, Tra ckj 1'-J' Pete Lohstreter Betty Lowrance Science English 6 . fr-3 W AY Peggy McCarty Nancy McGahen Social Studies Teachers Aide M. Alicia McNairy English Skip Mobley Science, Coach IFootba11, Trackj Ianice Montgomery Social Studies Marlene Morris Choir, Music Theory K 6 Linda Merrell French Carrol "Don" Montgomery Physical Education Rose Montoya Spanish L Rose Morriss Homecoming 1.04, I Donald Mugg Romayne Murrill Shop Math Glenna Newkirk Carol Nunez l0l1FH51iSHL Physical Education Yearbook, Newspaper Iudy Owens Barbara Parrott Counselor English Doug Pickle Sheila Platter Shop, Coach fGolfj Homemalcing uf' ,wwf Bob Priscock Ion Reed D.E. Science vw-X Melba Rhudy Iar1etRosamond Teachers Aide Drama, Speech Lu Satoris Kathy Schmidt Secretary English, Mam 'selles u Sally Scott Floyd Self ' l I-Iomemaking V.A,C. 7 www 5. .wi f.,, al' ww awww. if 'wh-www, J. q w ,bv f 1,4 ,K xii H' ww w-N1 -, V ,Q,..f-1, ,. - Hanan. H2-ll-X y Q-bmw-Q tiki ':' 1Lr'5??4-?l'Z1 .K 'f- .Mk Herb Strickland Linda Taylor Science Business, Yearbook Terry Townzen Susan Vaden Social Studies, Math Coach fFootba1lJ Charlene Thompson Secretary Van Venable Counselor TY Bill Verble Physical Education il' ,giffg . is Karen Vickers Laverle Wade Business Teachers Aide A Ruth Wade Health Iune Wells Debbie Wester Pat Wetzel Ruth Youngblood Librarian English Business Math Cafeteria 1st row: Ruth Brooks, Weeda Cartwright, Yvonne McCraw, Gail Levow, Brenda Harris, Gertrude Moore, Peggy Butler, Martha Cor- nelius, Lila Moran, Bertie Smith, Sally Dale, Virginia Lindley, Irma Gohell. 2nd row: Vtlanda Flustzhe, Ida Fisher. Doloris Parks, Helga Starkweather, Lydia Evans, Sharon Iennings, Mary Anna Todd, Doris Smith. Violet Teal, Nancy Carson, Tina Kuhn, Billy Butler. Ienny Iared, Willy Langley. Maintenance wa-mt-....,. ,.... lst row: Sherry Shirley, Louise Lynch. Bonnie Davis, Rita Lee, Dorthy Horrooks, Evelyn Decker. 2nd row: Hosey V. Murphree. Clyde Vaughan. Bill Horrocks. jf? S CLASSES Q-.QR ---J - 7 XPWQ f 3 ff gl 'Q Jf 4 Q ww 3, ,, sew- l ,fx I ', -. K 4 ' . fig 0 ZA W: X ' 4' 9' I 1' , .5 ar, '4.,i?N?4"x3,ff A f : + .ni , . I4 v wud: .aw r fl Ma, air. . at .. .1 v ,. I " 1 M K' - - "f.?rl" in K -4 . 1 Gary Abernathy Diane Alexander Randy Allen Susan Allen Iaokie Anderson Brenda Andreasen Ricky Andrews Iohn Ansohutz Greg Arnold Mike Arnold Robbie Arnold Mary Arp Debra Avreti Tina Ayers Danny Baker David Baker 125 Cyndi Bane Debbie Banks Iimmie Barnard Laura Barnett Iames Barry Mark Bartlett Walt Bechtol Debbie Beene Terry Belcoe Melinda Bell Donna Bennett Thomas Bennett Wendie Berry Valorie Biel Suwanna Bills Ronda Binion 126 50K Billy Blackwell Rhonda Blair Carol Blake Susan Blaylock Cheryl Bogue Marsha Bojarski Mark Box Cynthia Boyle Tannis Braswell Daniel Brewer Gary Brewer Kim Brewer Larry Brisendine Debra Brixius Shelli Brogden Ken Brooks I27 inning khwqm ' lisisfa i i www Wmvifg Q-4......-5, All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today - Anonymous Stephen Brooks Patrick Brown Lisa Buice Paul Bull Gary Bumpass Susan Burdick Steven Burnett Bobby Burns Brenda Burns Lynn Burns Mark Butler Kenneth Campbell Kim Campbell Lavona Campbell Robyn Campbell Mike Carpenter 130 lean Carter Iimmy Cash Patti Cash lay Caton Buddy Chapman Venita Chavoya Steve Cheatham Mike Christenson Debby Clark Chris Clark Steve Clark Steve Clifford Karon Clore Donna Coker Scott Collier Russ Collins 131 Marianne Commons Steve Connell Calvin Cook Carol Cook Donna Cook Iudy Cook Phyllis Copeland Melinda Cornelius Robert Cousins Robin Covey Terry Cox Mel Cure Randy Darnell Fay Davidson Bill Davis Steven Davis 132 Richard Day Viekey Day Florence DeForge Steven Dempsey Kim Dennis Iohn Denton Oscar Diaz Laura Dittman Iana Doll Diane Dorris Leanne Drum Marsha Duke Tim Duke Diane Dunavin Sherrie Eaves Kathy Ellis 133 I F r X E Know thyself. Socrates , E 'F 'Q Gary Emory Ieff English Kay English Ioel Ermis Margie Espinosa Annette Evans Iulie Evans Ianice Ewing Ioan Fairchild Iohn Findlay Kristine Fintoski Steve Flanagin Cynthia Fogg Roland Foley Don Fong Iarnes Fugett 136 Shelly Fuller David Gailley Teresa Gaines Sonny Gann Barbara Garner Don Garner Harvey Garrett Matt Garrett Mike Gates Cindy Geswender Mark Gibson Wayne Gilleland Randy Ginn Edith Gobell Homer Gonzales Susan Goodlett 137 Gary Goodwin Steve Goranson Cyndi Gordon Ricky Green David Greer Tim Griffin Sophia Groves Gail Grubbs Clayton Halbert Gindi Hall Mark Hall David Hamby Di Hamilton Mac Hamilton Gary Hamm David Hammer 138 L lftii ' i 'Je 'ti' ' W IQ' 'Nur ., 1 ati Wfff If Dennis Hansen Lee Hansen Laura Hanssen Patricia Harding Mary Ellen Hardwick Vicki Harless Mitzi Harper Sandy Harper Scott Harris Debbie Harris Theresa Harris Laurie Harshberger Rusty Haynes Denise Heaton Ricky Hendon Vina Hennessey 139 Mike Herklotz Cynthia Herrmann Vicki Hester Michael Higdon Debbie Hightower Sheila Hill Venita Hill Ieff Hinkle Toni Holden Iuli Holford Iohn Holley Bobby Hollingsworth Raymond Holman Karen Honzell Iodi Horn Steve Hoskins 140 Irene Houston Coy Howard Wesley Howell Doug Hubbard Kay Hubbard Mary Hudson Sondra Hudson Keith Hughey Randy Hunt Raymond Hurley Eleanor Hyatt Mike Hynes Rhonda Ice Kevin Insall Roger Ivins Diana Iemes 141 D For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday - Gibran L.-. ,Sw- 1 Nancy Jones Terry jones Charles Iordan Debbie Iordan Tracey Keefer Mary Kelley Kristin Kennedy Teri Kennedy Debbie Keosoff Tamara Kerss Mark Killgo Ioy King Pam King Bruce Kinney Kevin Kirschner Ann Kitchens 144 Ian Kneggs Ray Kneggs Lisa Knight Rocky Langston Ronnie Lasater Rodney Lemmond Gary Lester Randy Ling Iohn Lingberg Lou Anne Littlejohn Debra Lucas Vicki Lynch Hope McAnu1ty Gerald McClure Debbie McCullough Pam McDonald 145 And knows that yesterday is but t0day's memory and tomorrow is today's dream. - Gibran '90 -i r f f 'W if " yAiyy.ey 'E 'ngltig 51 fine -L5 47 Maureen MCGahen Ioni McGhee Teresa McGowan Kathy McLemore Pat McMinn Steve McPherson Iudy McSwain Phil MeSwain Karen Mainord Brant Malkey Lisa Martin Marci Martin Teri Martin Paula Martsehinsky Millie Mashewske Debi Matthews 148 Bobby Meals Gloria Medina Marianne Medlin Deanna Miller Eddie Miller Vicki Miller Iimmy Mills Derald Millsap Larry Mollard Lee Montgomery Sandra Morgan Kim Morris Cindy Morrow Kathy Mount Cindy Muller Gwen Murray 149 Paula Myers Steve Myers Bobby Nall Dennis Neel Phyllis Neihardt Diane Nelson Darrell New Sherry Nichols Mike Norwood Gerald Oliver Tom Onofrio Billy Onstotl Teresa Orlen Debbie Owen Michael Paris Sharon Parish 150 Phyllis Parkinson Vince Parsons Sandra Partain Mark Parten Bruce Patterson Cheryl Patterson Doug Patterson Chris Paul Karen Peck Missy Peel Ron Pell Rick Peoples Charles Perry Donnie Perry Linda Peterson Debbie Phillips I5I . Y 3 A Sub? The present time has one advantage over every other - It is our own. - Colton f gi, ts " 4 1 Jax ttiq i Q-1, .1-1 -1. Eddie Pierce Iohnny Pippin Debbie Pitts Elaine Pitts Pam Polk Fred Pollard Dale Pound Darla Prather Kenny Price Harold Pruitt Debbie Pullen William Quillin Raymond Ragle Melanie Ragsdale Iody Raine Ianell Ramsey 154 Sandy Ray Tracy Reeves Chris Renden Donald Rhudy Thomas Rice Nita Richardson Richard Richarz Garry Riley Melody Rives Shelley Roach Ianet Robbins Brad Roberts Steve Roberts Vicki Roberts Gary Ross lean Rumskas 155 And let today embrace the past with remembrance and the future with longing. - Gibran ll A W N , ' . mg K QHQQQW if 5 K K Wi iw Al-RIGH Randy Runnels Karen Rushing Brenda Rutledge Vickie Sager Gayle Sanford Tim Sawtelle Cyndy Sohlittler Arnold Sch oner Donald Schrook Debbie Sooggins Paul Scott Brenda Seat Dean Sellars Glenn Sellars' Iay Shaw Billie Shearer 158 Ronnie Shearer Sharon Shelton Cindy Shilling Iohnathan Shirk Richard Shoemaker Sheena Sikes Dennis Skipworth Beth Smith Debra Smith Greg Smith Mark Smith Mitzi Smith Phillip Smith Timothy Smith Tina Smith Cris Smothermon 159 60 The Everyday cares and duties, which men call drudgery, are the weights and counter- poises of the clock of time, giving its pendulum a true vibration, and its hands a regular motiong and when they cease to hang upon the wheels, the pendulum no longer swings, the hands no longer move, and the clock stands still. - Longfellow The man without purpose is like a ship without a rudder - a waif, a nothing, a no man. I-lave a purpose in life, and having it, throw such strength of mind and muscle into your work as God has given you. - Carlyle Ken Southerland Becky Stark David Starkey Lori Starr Ronnie Staten Tammy Stephens Frank Stewart Terri Stewart Kim Still Gwen Stroup Mike Stubbs Brian Sullivan Irl Sunderland Pam Taliaferro Vickie Tatum Chuck Taylor 162 Tim Tcamann Michele Terrell Kelly Thomas Molly Thomas Randy Thomas Paul Thomas Mark Thompson Ellis Tomlinson Rickey Touchstone David Tresp Renee Trimmier Scott Trout Lisa Tunnell Dennis Turner Kent Turner Robert Turner 163 N Donna Underwood Paula Vance Donna Van Zandt Ianioe Vella Cindy Wachsman Cathy Walker l Donald Walker ..,,f.d' Michael Whitaker Angela White Tricia Walker Deborah Ward Terri Wayman Richard Wendel Mike West Walter Wheeler Y .Mi V' -' Mary White Gina Wiggins Dinah Wilbern Sherry Williams Ioe Willis Mike Wilson Monty Winger 4s.un......aa., 166 Kay Wisdom Donna Wiseman -sys Dawn Wiser Nb' if 5 r ll gif, Iames Withrow Sharon Womack Deborah Wood Belinda Worthington S orh C1ass ' 'wt Q... If- -K new z-, '. a 31-fd' ....-1,7 ,. ws f mf 1' ' V' ., v si: N .1 1 - if , V X fw, , . ev-4 ff' . A 4?--3 Grace Abston Debbie Adams Sharon Adamson james Alcorn Bill Andelman David Andelman Ieri Anderson Kenny Anderson David Archbald Karen Arthur Tim Arthur Donnie Ashenfelter Rhonda Babb Ieanna Baker Iohn Bankead Steve Bankead Terry Banks Ionni Barbour Laura Barkman Shelly Barnes Robert Bates Steve Beekmann Mike Best Leslie Bevis Diana Bigelow Donna Black Bulimia Blankenship Rsragon Blanton Franklin Blatt lim Blount Lynn Bordelon Phil Boston Doug Brisendine Andy Brown Phil Buehler Chris Bull 'P' Benki Burchardt Cindy Butler Scott Butler Sally Call Kevin Caney Steve Canovali 169 Mary Carter Chuck Cawthon Marisa Chambers Barbra Christie Sun Yong Chung David Clark janet Clark Ianet Clark Mark Clark Ioel Clement Price Clifford Debbie Clifton Chris Cloud Donnie Cobb Larry Coburn Bill Colburn Cindy Coldwell Dennis Cooper Kim Cooper Cheryl Cornett Chuck Cowan Sherry Cowardin Raymond Cramer Robert Crawford David Creel Craig Cripps Iames Cross Curtis Cunningham Al Dean Debra DeBoer Brenda Dendy Debra Dendy Andy Dewese David Dillion Kerri Dismore Darrell Dison Karen Donnelly Scott Dopson Dinah Duke Theresa Eagle Buddy Eaton Betti Eller 170 Scott Evans Terry Evans lulie Fahneslock Dan Farr Vicki Farris Liz Fauley Iustin Ferguson Lee Ferrell Craig Firestone Angnla Flowers Iulie Forchand Cheryl Foster Greg Foster Dena Frank Kathy Franks Randy Frantz Thad Freeman Lee Frigen Donna Gaddis Susan Gardner Daryl Garrett Luke Garrett Mike Gayle Lisa George Theresa Gibbs David Gibson john Gilbert Tammy Gist Sheila Goff Buzz Gondran Maggie Gonzalez Brenda Graham Nancy Gray David Green Tim Greer Cindy Griffin ferry Griffin Mike Griffing Iohn Grissom Ricky Groover Randy Grubhs Glenda Guenther 171 us- lung Ii va-na. H--mwwwnm, 'WW I ffMwqwm,,,,.W ,f.m,,, W mmww.fW,,,,: , A H f,-W 4 M,.,.,MW4.W.. wwmw-www, A L,,., ..,1,7 , M 11.,1AL1 wswm1m,,MN A Family Portrait "Please mom, buy me a tie tack for my birthday." "Rolling on the River," You found a bug in your what?" "Oh, no, not again "The reaction when you mix sulfuric acid and hydrogen chloride is . Brent Hale Bob Hallmark Linda Hammersmith Kathy Haneline Tammy Harper Lisa Harrison Gina Hempel Linda Henderson Vickie Hendon Kathy Hennig Carolyn Henson Sherri Henson Carl Herrmann Matt Hesley Iimmy Hill Karen Hill Denise Himmelreich Diane Hobbs Ieff Hock Chester Hodges Nancy Hollabaugh Iulie Hoover Brenda Howard Kieth Hubbard Tammy Huddleston Don Hudson Annette Hutsell Pam lacono Renee Inman Debbie Irvine David Iarrett Brian Ienkins Lynn Ienkins Leah Iohnson Debbie Iohnston Doug Iones lack Kalb Elizabeth Keefer Billy Kennelly Ieri Kenton Terry Kilgore Cindy King I74 Tony King Kathy Kirk Donnie Kirkwood Roy Knief Michele LeBeau Kathy Leigh Bryan Leman Rodney Lemmond Pam Lemoine Cyndi Levy Debbie Lincks Karen Little Chip Looney Rene Loveless Nick McCarty Robin McElroy Ricky McFarland Benny Marshall Connie Martin Rose Mastrianni Ioe Mathews Shelly Mathis David Matthews Connie Mauldin Tina Medina Linda Meyers Chris Michaelsen Ann Mitchell Penny Mitchell Io Marie Moore Susan Moore Benny Moreno Eileen Moritz Mike Morrison Barbara Morrow Molly Motley Bill Motteram Leslie Mullens Rhonda Mullens Mary Munoz Pam Murray Beth Muse 175 "Sometimes1ifeis so depressing." "Yes, I'm Donna the new head cheer leader." .JK kk , LVVV ,K AKQJV :jf , e r ,.e, 5 'ev' if . . K '! , 1,k xi , I H X 2 V .V--, Tty wg, .gg R L ' ' . ,,l'- 'R .E W K '- ' ee ' eQAee ,gy + e e - 5 -1' ff? m N "She better not write on my toes!" ""Un., "The Pied Piper hard at work again." "FonZie, you say the sweetest things." rw Smile, it's not that bad. "But I don't want to be a child bride." I77 David Nail Iodie Newby Karren Nichols Flora Noel Susan Norwood Sharon Odum Brad Oliver Beth Onafrio Pam Owen Albert Palazzese David Palmer Iames Parish Cindy Parker Susan Parkinson Debbie Parsons David Pearce Cindy Peel Russell Pemberton Suzy Perry Larry Pickett Ken Pierrehumbert Roger Pinkston Lisa Poetschke Rita Polk Don Pollard Rockney Pollard Patricia Ponder Becky Porier Mark Pratt Donna Price Bonnie Prichard Patryce Probasco Donna Pyles Donny Pyles Leslie Ramsey Robyn Ramsey Charlie Rasor Gary Rauch Sandy Ray Vicki Ray Terry Reynolds David Rhoden 178 ,of P? -4 'X-Q97 'VY Debra Rhudy David Richardson Terri Richardson Kim Roach Terri Roberts Melea Roden Denice Rodgers Debbie Ross Ieri Runnels Lester Ruston Vicki Sallee Terry Samples Kim Saunders Terrianne Saunders Robert Schlein Keith Schlittler Nancy Sooma Diana Shipman Tracy Siebert Kathy Sloane Dana Smith Diane Smith Iammie Smith Iudy Smith Sean Smith Io Lynn Snipes Tracy Spence Beverly Spigener Gay Spillers Elaine Sprecher Brent Stapleton Daryl Stark Ray Stinedurf Tina Stockman Adrienne Stoneman Barry Swisher Sylvia Short Bryce Tawney Donna Tawwater Mark Taylor Sherrie Taylor Nadine Terry 179 f-f-:aw 1 ' "I'm sorry but we are all out of taco sauce," Q'-ZH' ' 'ed' Iuniors are all thumbs! Q ll "This is station CHIP signing off! What an intelligent looking English class. X5 M K ki ryrr 5 wi... ,.,.--""" r I A "Don't bother me, I'm creating a masterpiece." in 1 .E faszg l f' gf .,,- , , af "Three more steps and it's over '. 0 wfiwiii' 21,2 1 t V Y M jeff Thomas Patti Thompson Winona Thompson Carrie Trezise Harrell Tucker Anna Turner David Turner Bruce VanVo1tenburg Robert Vaughan Vic Verble Diane Vigil Marla Waddington Ill I. Debbie Watkins Paul Wegmann Penni Whaley Bob VVhite Debbie White Ieri VVhite Robert Wilkins Linda Williams Terry Willis Kathy Wilson Sherry Wilson Randell Wolfe Kay Wood Kim Wood Kim Woolwine 183 "I'm gonna do it whether she likes it or not." It's the real thing." fl "Well, little brother, maybe someday you'll be a senior." "Ifone ofthese isn't mine, I'll just cry." Kerri was kept hopping at the Powder Puff game. C'mon, let's twist." "Hey Butch, turn around. They're taking our picture for the yearbook." 'UE- ies V if, if 'x 41 aa. .Q- 'tw wmv ...f"'j,f JN., '75 nj' 4" Clare Abernathy Iimmy Abrams Randy Ackerman Donna Adams Chris Adkisson Barbara Alcorn Heather Alderman Dana Allen Elizabeth Allen Ken Allen Bart Ammerman Angela Anderson Diana Anderson Sharon Anderton Donna Arnold Andy Arrington Mike Arthur Shari Arthur Tonya Ashley Ian Austin Dennis Bailey Keith Baker Lori Baker Gloria Ball Gregg Barz Robert Barnett Vanessa Barnett Richard Baskin Cindy Beaird Ionnie Beuhtol Ray Beck Ben Bethel Iames Biggs Burton Black Randy Blair Mike Blake Mike Blaser Rita Bostic Colleen Bowman Sharon Boyle Iames Boyd Ierry Bradley 187 Sharon Bragg Diana Brazil Laura Brugha Kim Brunson Sharon Buehler Scott Bufkin Ricky Buford Allan Bullo Becki Burleson Bill Burns Laurie Burson Linda Butler Iames Caldwell Mark Calhoun Eric Calvert Randy Cambridge Robert Campbell Keith Cantrell Bruce Carlton Steve Carpenter Russell Carraway Ronnie Carson David Cash Penny Cason Van Cates Iohn Chaney Sarah Chanslor Renee Chapa Debbie Chapman Ronnie Chapman Tobie Cheek Terri Chick Luigi Chiechi Layne Churchman Ieff Clark Melinda Cleere Craig Cloud Steven Cmajdalka Bobby Cobb Ricky Cobb Olinda Cole Caron Coleman 188 11 av 49-'P vi! 'Qwf A-rv s t A fr ff' so 2'7" A leff Coley Gay Collins Larry Compton Teresa Conrad Donnie Cousins Lee Anne Covert Steve Cowan Denise Cox Cynthia Creel Glen Critz Linda Cross Scott Cross Don Crosson Ioni Crow Ron Crowe Lori Cummings Iill Cunningham Sally Cunningham Karen Cunningtubhy Chris Cure Denny Daffron George Dalton Crickett Darnell Yvonne Darnell Carmella Davis Ioy Davis Robby Davis Sandra Davis Tammy Dawson Sue Day Linda Dean Vicky Dempsey Clifton Dewey Diane Dickinson Russell Dickinson Forrest Dillion Paul Disch Brian Dolly Fred Doty jack Downing lean Downing Kelly Downing 189 me twig. ,. -y "Now you see, Richard, there are birds and there are bees. . "A little bit of this and alittle bit of that "What's the shortest way from Austin to Dallas?" X f-HW iw X We and PRESTO! One apple pie!" "l'm sorry Miss Morris, but I just can't remember how much tax is on a dollar!" pompoms in my face?" I V"U-UIHD I' nHfAo I 51.351 en TA U0 I-1 MQ.: 'hu- Won't they ever quit shaking those "Hey, Brenda! You're on the wrong foot!" Iohn, your eyes are wandering! Sure!y the music isn't that boring! 191 eq.. i Mari Kay Drum Donna Dunlap Iimmy Ebrams Steven Edwards Sandee Eggleston Terry Ellison Kennie Eppers Valerie Erwin Vicki Evans Kim Ewing Rick Fahnestock Leslie Farren Lindel Farris Kim Fauci Sheri Ferris Lisa Firestone Teresa Fisher William Fix Marsha Flood Linda Flowers Darrel Frazier Lisa Frazier Angela Freeman Tim Fuller David Garcia Stanley Gardner Robert Garnett Kaye Garrison Paula Gillis Mark Gipson Donna Glasenapp Frank Goodenough Alice Goodman Iamie Goodwin Anna Gouer Pam Griffin Randy Griffin Sabrina Griffin Iames Gunnels Les Halbert Paul Ham Roger Hamilton 192 Teresa Hancock Ioy Hansen Connie Harding Karen Hardy Ricky Harper Mark Harris Tammy Harris Donald Harrison Iamie Haupt Eric Hautamacki Mike Haynes Ianet Hayes Annette Heathcock Dale Heaton Carol Hendershot Dana Henderson Ierri Henderson Ieff Hendley Becky Hendricks Lisa Herklotz Ramiro Hernandez Suzanne Hester Ieannine Hickman Lorrie Hightower Iill Hinton Todd Hipkins Veronica Hodges Lisa Hollabough Mike Holland Paula Holley Brett Holtry Ken Hooks Melanie Hopper Mike Horn Mike Horstman Art Hubley Gay Huffaker Ellen Hughes Carol Hurt Deborah Hyatt Charles Hyde Ianie Inman l93 Pam Inman Sherry Iackson Iohn Iames Debbie Iarrett Denise Iett Ioe Iohnson Ioyce Iohnson Karen Iohnson Ianice Iones Patricia Iones Karen Ionte Chuck Kalb Steve Kay Diane Kayser Mike Kelley Karen Killgo Amy King Monte King Levetta Kinney Belinda Kirby Kirt Kundert Paula Lakey Wendy Laliberte Cyndi Laramore David Lasater Iulie Lee Kim Lee-Mauk Don Lemon Clay Lightfoot Ray Lincks Hollie Lockhart Diantha Lofton Ioe Lozano Darla Luna Mike Lyons Becky McCord Richard McCroan Artis McCullough Kyle McDaniel Darla McElroy Suzan McElyea Paul McGahen l94 Ricky McGehee Penny McKnight Sandi McLemore Mike McMillen Sandra Mace Iohn Maness Cindy Marcum Karen Marek Dennis Marlar Randy Marlar Diane Marsden Marty Marshall Donnie Martin Laura Martin Lisa Martin Sandra Martin Keith Matney Cathy Matthews Darlene Mattison Kathy May Mike Mayo lack Meager Suzette Menard Ianet Mickus Geralyn Miles Rusty Milhoan Greg Miller Kam Miller Larry Miller Teri Miller William Miller David Mitchell Russ Moneau David Montgomery David Moon Russell Moore Connie Morris Teri Morris Dale Morrison Rose Anne Morrison Gary Mullins Shelly Mulry 195 6 ,eww S' 'AAA-A "' The pep rallies just dori't thrill Garian like they used to. "Brent, will you please stop tickling me?" "Thank goodness it's Friday! Wake up, Sheryl, it's time for lunch! X if Ji N g K' Lf: T x ii? X W x 7 N Q N 'gx,gw5,.w kg. W , in sw an wp- Sophomores try hard, but. . . N. x Carla Murphy Carrin Near Rhonda Neel Sherri Neils Paula Neiswender Eric Nelson Susan Newton Iohn Nimmous Danny Nixon Donna Norman Kelly Oexman Iames Oliver Paul Orr Ieanne Owens lim Owens Ioey Palazzese Lisa Papas Mike Pardue David Parish Christi Parker Kathy Parkinson Donny Parris Debbie Parrish Steve Parsons Lynn Patterson Debbie Paul Teresa Payne Kathy Pelham Shannon Pelky Iudy Pemberton Mike Pickle Mark Pierot Iames Pippin Al Plant Roger Pockrus Cindy Poindexter Debbie Pollard Francine Pope Mike Potts Boyd Powell Lori Powell Diane Prather 198 .JY 'Q a ,A 'U' k... 'av rg, f Peggy Price Terrie Prichard Tim Pringle Cindi Quattlebaum Gary Ramsey Synde Ramsey Allen Ranes Marc. Ratcliff Carla Ray Brenda Reed Deana Reynolds Susan Rhoden Rick Rives Mike Roberts Nancy Robertson Kim Rogers Glen Robinson Kim Robinson Gary Romain Mike Romans Iohn Rommerskirchen Debbie Rosengartner Rusty Rothwell Westel Rowland Brenda Runnels Allison Ruston Tammy Sanders Cheryl Schmidt David Schrock Kenneth Scott Larry Scruggs Carla Sellers Debbie Sewell Kathy Shelton Kevin Shepard Renee Sherman lim Shugart Max Shuppert Elizabeth Simmons Vanessa Sims Teri Slagle Sandy Slover 199 Richard Smiley Cynthia Smith Eva Smith Mike Smith Pam Smith Perry Smith Steve Snelt Ginie Snipes Carrie Snyder Suzann Sorsby Cindy Soto Karen Southerland Steve Sprinkle Donna Stanley Randy Starks Randy Starnes Rita Staten Ben Steele Sharilyn Stephens Laura Stickels Mark Stone Gary Strawn Pete Stringer Mike Strong Debbie Stull Keith Suits Brad Taylor Cylinda Taylor Ianet Taylor Marilyn Taylor Sherilyn Taylor Bart Terell Lori Thiessen Claude Thomas Debra Thomas Ioe Thomas Mike Thomas Nancy Thomas Rita Thomas Cindy Thomason Dalton Thompson Scott Thompson 200 95? 194 .0 iifzr -9 .J Trudy Thompson Robert Tibbits Brad Tillotson Pat Toole Steve Trahan Mike Tresp Gary Trott Terry Trout Margaret Tuley Iudyffurner Kay Turner Matt Turner Karyne Tykodi Renee Underwood Cindy Vaillancourt Iohn Valle Donna VanBuskirk Faylene Vanoil Larry VanZandt Delaine Vick Lisa Vidaurri Richard Vigil Beverly Villareal Freda Wade Cam Wafford Pam Wafford Karen Wakefield Cheryl Walker David Walker Edith Walker Shelly Walters Kyle Walvoord Virginia Watkins Kim Watry Sharon Wattenburge r Norma Watts Cindy Weaver Lisa Weaver Iohn Wewist Sheryl Welch Gene Wells lack Wcndcl 201 Robbie Wheeler Gene Whitaker Thayne Wickam Rusty Wildman Iudy Wilhite Guy Williamson Carol Willis Debbie Wilson Steve Wilson Kenneth Wing Tracy Winstand Robin Wiseman David Womack Dru Wood Garrian Wood Richard Woods Carrie Wright Karan Wright Ricky Wyczuugh Debbie Wylie Larry Wyrick Brenda Yetton Becky Yohe Billy Young rlwiw 1 s, f lg, ff? a 4 , .5?,-:, , 5, qv' ff? .nf A ,. , A . , K E Ik K ia W . . , iw 522' an sk Q35 g if ig ia 5? . I A- rf Sf If ,. K.. 5 '15 -. X M , A - ,',, '1 . ,, ,. N t .,,,h g W, , , - wi . N A 'w V -"h f ' -,iw My-Af' , - ,ui E H' ' e y ' 5 an?" IS' A ask' Hx -if i 4 ff-24 - f fi ., ,I 1., - I, . in 5594 N 3 S U 5 .LAQ 5 'Q QP 3 AF EX Sandra I-Iimmelreich, Secretary: Pete Roth, Presidentg Matt V f 1 Mongggggy, Vice-President: Davidy Flick, Treasurer Knot picturefdj. 1 5 V K . AA,VX QAZ, .X:, K , " ' ,guq". 4 J 'f"?' N517 wr Debbie Able ,Curt Adair Roy Adams Carrie Alexander Iannete Alexander Pam Allen Randy Allen Randy Allen Tammy Anderson Tony Anderson George Asconia Pam Ashenfelter Karen Arceri Christine Archer Pam Archer Cindy Arthur Chris Aulbaugh Darrel Austin Sally Avery Ieff Bailey Rebbeca Baker Linda Baker Laurie Ball Iana Ballard Debra Barfield Becky Barker Kim Barker Eva Barnett Bobby Barringer Cliff Bechtel Bryan Beckner Carla Begley Scott Bell Mark Bevis Marshall Biggs Dean Bihr Cindy Billingsley Lisa Bills Dawn Biscamp Barby Black Kieth Blackwell Dee Ann Blankenship 205 Greg Blaser Angie Blount joe Bojarski Randy Bonney Danny Bordelin Iennifer Born Tammy Borowski lim Boswell Debbie Bowen Gary Brackell Martha Brackett Rogane Brand Marie Brininstool Robin Brisendine Iim Bristle Craig Brooks Dennis Brown Lisa Brown Mike Brown Tammy Bruce April Bullard Belinda Bullock Christi Burger lohn Burleson Beth Burson Alicia Cabrera Allen Caldwell Barry Caldwell james Caldwell Iodie Caldwell Renee Campbell Wendel Capehart Iimmy Carlisle Steve Carter Teresa Carter Debbie Casto Tracie Cauel Mark Cervenka Regina Chambers Barbara Chapman Kevin Chrisiian Sandy Clark 206 l ,J-v 'f Tara Clark Melody Cleere Mary Clifford Gary Coburn Kim Coburn Theresa Coburn Thomas Coleman Cathy Collins Donna Cook Martha Cook Kim Cooper Robby Cooper Sandy Cooper Sabrina Corley Regina Cory Alan Coughran Ronald Covey Troy Crasson Sharon Cromer Bob Cunningham Cathleen Cunningham Linda Cunningham Ricky Daggs Frank Davis Ienia Davis Ronny Dean Lisa DeBoer Stanley DeForge Kent Deloamp Scott Dewese Mark Dickinson Ianet Dill Evan Dittman Darleen Dodd Cheryl Donald Ralph Donnely Lori Doughty Thomas Douglas Vicki Douoff Paula Dowdy Tammy Downey Kris Doyle 207 Scott Doyle Mark Drake Robert Drummond David Duke Billy Durand Lisa Duren Charles Eads Tracie Edison Mark Elliot Rebecca Emory Pamela Endsley Bubba Eppers Sandra Erwin Renee Evans Sharyl Evans Vicki Evans Mark Fails Ieanie Fairchild Sherry Faris Donna Farrow Richard Ferguson Tim Fielding Gene Flaherty David Flick Cary Flower Frank Flowers Kathy Ford Wayne Foreman Mark Forsythe Darryl Foster Michelle Foust David Fraley Arthur Frankline Laura Frantz Micky Gaines Ierry Garcia Scott Garner john Garret Linda Garza Darren Gattenby David Gayler Mark George 208 Egfg 'V' vi' w 4 slizizfe e Rm i Q V, Q- we-Q 3 4 X E X 'Z it v,,,.,Y 119:25 , il, .S i 'im' " E- 'if Q' is- We 'fi , X Q L W N it V s . Q it ' t pl: ': 5.5, ,lax X is 'Q as 'W Q ax ww 5 5 ' 'sf B x A " ,i 6 P - . . xl 1 . L l l rv Lyndon Gibson Shelly Gibson Pat Gilbert Diane Gilliland Ruth Ann Gilliland Alex Gipson Karen Glover Shirley Goff Terry Goode Teresa Goodwin Nellie Gonzalez Iudy Gorden Darrel Gornto Troy Graham Mike Graves Pam Greve Mike Grissom Cindy Groden Teresa Gunnels Dennis Hagin Teresa Hall Kenny Hallmark Cindy Hamilton Rodger Hamilton Tammie Hancock Mark Hanson Lee Ann Hardin Christi Harris Marry Harris Tammy Harris Pat Harrison Marian Harwell Kathy Hausman Gary Haynes Mary Hebert Ty Hedric Renee Hegwood Iohn Hennig Ieff Herring Melissa Hesley Karen Hester Toby Hester 209 Brigette Hewlett Lisa Hickman Cameron Hicks Nora Higgins Dee Ann Hill Sandra Himmelreich Louis Hock Margret Holman Kelly Hooper Kendra Horn Steve Howard Mike Hows Carol Hudson Lynn Hudson Walter Hulsebus joy Humphries Danny Hunt Ronny Hunt Karen Hyde Melissa Hynes Craig lvie Rita Ivins Tammy jarrel Vicki jansen Eddie jacobson Debbie johnson Pam johnston Calvin jones Carrie jones Glenn jones Kevin jones jennifer jones Steve jones Steve jones Robert jordan David joulust Sherry Kastle Kevin Kendrick james Kennedy Karen Kennedy Debra Kennelly Allyson Kemal 210 w,,, fv www' ,gf fr 1-r -4:1 'AW 'J A-dr fwfixe wr Jx 'V Tom Kettle Rebecca King Rick King Melanie Kirchner Carolyn Kirk Kevin Kundert Randy Kurns Benjamin Lamb Sherry Lamb Iay Lambert Doreen Langbartels Brian Larsen Mark Lasson Stephanie La Vallee Dennis Lax Ioy Ledbetter Steve Lester Brian Lewis Phillip Lewis Lynda Ligon David Lincks Kathy Lindly Chris Lindsey Lynda Little Cindy Lopper Pam Loutenhahn Perry Lucas Eddie McAdam Donna McConnell Ierry MCCrory Hugh McCrew Cathy McCroan Iohn McDonald Roger McDonald Nada McClaughlin Mary McGrath Pam Mc:Minn Duane Mclyeak Brenda McPherson Icnnifcr Maciel Stephanie Maestas Rhonda Malone 211 'M "Put your all around!" 'NY .H- left foot in and you shake it "The third floor is right up these stairs third door onthe right." Wx? Q-+:'Qg' -Sf The Freshman Band proudly performs their first halftime show. ...ff "Shewas the one that put the salt in your Coke!" Freshmen always were a bunch of cut ups! y J. Hey, Grace! "Tell me Darlene, do you really want a Winnie-the-Pooh for Christmas?" Vicky Manning Philip Manriquez Brenda Marek Lana Marina Cathy Marsden Mike Marsh Chris Marshall Deborah Marshall Lisa Marshall Bobby Martin David Martin Lynda Martin Tonya Martin Diane Mashewske Lee Masier Wayne Mattingly Gene Maulden Vicki Mauldin Donna Meller Curtis Meloy Terri Merrell Ianet Milbourn Sherri Miller Tim Miller Debbie Mills Lisa Mingle Steve Mohon Matt Montgomery Lynn Moon Karen Moore Lisa Moore Rodney Moore Susan Moore Tammie Moore Marty Morgen Kenneth Moritz Duke Morrison Dwayne Morrison Kelly Morrison David Morton Greg Mosley Eden Moyer 4 - 1 .-A iff A . a f fr" - 5 Q in 5. - it if va 1 'x 51 ,rg-X K i X ',, X SK in fx My 1,23 i Q. '37 .x A 1 v--f l t F Q i Q 4. 'QM 'S -2' .--i xx VH 5 X W is .2 4, Qi 1 : f ., N V' Lrii t t Rf, 'Ri J Fi f i x , ffl f ' 1...: ,'V. G Q A , . I1 it :F fi ,' mf ,,gql!f' Dennis Muller Iulie Murdock Kerry Murcer Gary Myers Mary Myers Vicki Near H. O. Nelson Karen Nelson Bennett Nichols Betty Nitcholas Tonya Nitcholas David Nixon Debra Norman Iulie O'Day Rhonda O'Dell Blake Olson Laurie Onstott Patricia Ooley Iulie Owen Greg Owens Terry Palecki Terri Palmer David Parke Alan Parrish " Ray Parrish Kelly Parten Mark Paschetag Alecia Patterson Renette Patts Nena Pavlik Melissa Payne Renee Payne Donna Peckum Patsy Peterson Craig Pettit Teri Pettit Mike Phillips Keith Pike Brad Pitts Floyd Pollard Vicki Polloff Teresa Porier 215 Eva Porter Boyce Powell Glenda Powell Darrell Price Shelly Prigmore Monica Proch Kathy Proctor Ioni Qualls Iohn Quattlebaum Dee Ann Quillin Mitzi Rackley Mark Raines Robert Rash Allan Rasor Denise Reimer Dale Reynolds Ienny Rhodes Ieff Rich Chip Richard Roger Richardson Robert Ricketts Carol Ridings Giovanne Riffe Paula Rinehart Sharon Risley Valerie Ritchey Cliff Roach Mike Roach Paul Roach Ann Robins Iennifer Romans Pete Roth Keith Routh ReGina Rowland Randall Royal Roger Runnels Frank Sains Iudy Samples Bruce Sanders Sue Scama Peggy Schmitt Kathy Sealey 6 R1 rv -as we-v It Ioe Sebring Eric Seelbach Wayne Self Mike Sellers Shirly Senterfield Carlos Serna Claro Serna Donna Shackelford Kim Shain Teresa Shearer Kurt Shetpard Roxanne Shewmake Sherri Shields Dale Shipman Sandra Shirk Kim Shoemaker Tammy Shuppert Iames Simmons Rachel Simmons Sandy Skinner Chris Smith David Smith Linda Smith Tommy Smith Vicki Smith Carole Smotherman Cindy Spangler Sandra Sparkman Shelley Spence Debbie Spooner Gayle Starkey Vicki Stewart Ronnie Stinederf Kathy Stringer Ierri Strong Mark Stubbs Mike Sunderland Keith Sweat Kim Swinehart Dennis Tatom Barbara Tawwater David Taylor 217 Gail Taylor M'lee Taylor Tammy Taylor Rhonda Teal Ronny Teal Charlie Teamann Iohn Terry Greg Teske Ioni Thiessen Kevin Thomas Colleen Thompson Iacquie Thompson Ieff Thompson David Timbrele Chris Tomlinson Patsy Trott Allan Tucker Rita Tullos Kyle Turner Lucretia Turner Mike Turner Mike Twist Lyn Uchman Ierry Ursery Debbie Vaughn Dana Verble Marion Vescht Waiikina Voyles Cheryl Wagner Billie Walker Eric Walker Tracy Wallace Kreg Walvoord Kathy Warren Tisa Warrington Donnie Watkins C. D. Watson Rhonda Weaver Louis Webb Sherry Webb Richard Wegonann Bill Weldon 218 'Q 'TSP' 11' 4. ri '1f www --wr , ,. 5 Quai T ff? fr ane- 'Ur A - , L 14 .,.. ,M .L gf 00, 4.- :E QH Penny Wells Mark Werner Billy West Tracy West Tammy While Kelly Wileman Kim Wilhite Robin Wilkinson Brenda Williams David Williams David Williams A' Debbie Williams owns Chet Wilson Lynn Wilson Terry Wilson Matt Wiseman Kathy Wood Karen Wright Melody Wright Robin Wright Susan Wright Dennis Wyatt Melissa Wyley Roxanne Wyatt GRGAN IZATI ON S . n T ' ' AN' f 4 S mphonio Band ....-anim-.wet .,, Flutes Paula Myers LeeAnne Covert limmy Mills Robin Sumners Vicki Hester Donna Stanley Kathy Kirk Cindy Weaver Molly Motley Susanne Hester El' Clarinet Kay Hubbard B" Clarinets Donna VanZandt Billy Bayles Lori Thiessen Seott Evans Max Shuppert Kathy Hennig Virginia Watkins Pam Smith Sharon Womack Phyllis Copeland Elaine Pittes Carmela Davis Bass Clarinets Sharon Parish Annetee Heatheock Toni Holden Angie White Contra-Alto Clarinet Terry Samples Percussion Tim Sawtelle Randy Hunt Bryan Leman Perry Smith Bob Hallmark Russell Carraway Richard Woods Deana Reynolds Tympani Ricky Andrews Cornet-Trumpet Randy Allen Fred Covert Randy Wolfe Sharilyn Stephens Charles jordan Tommy Quillen Deborah Hyatt Kim Watry Forest Dillon French Horns Diane Kayser Cynthia Herrman Cris Michaelson Clare Abernathy Iames Withrow Karan Wright Alto Sax Franklin Blatt Kathy Warren Donnie Cousins Brian Proctor Gary Rauch Tenor Sax Sonny Gann Tim Duke Baritone Sax Lee Frigen Baritone Greg Arnold Chris Smotherman Luke Garret Iohnny Anschutz Bobby Cobb Mark Pratt Oboe Maureen McGahen Bonnie Pritchard Bassoon Robert Turner Steve Marrero Trom lion es Matt Garret Brian Jenkins Mark Killgo Kathy Franks Randy Grubbs David Parish Bass Carl Herrmann Lee Hansen David Dillon X J , - i5 Maureen McCahen U-lead Drum Majorlg Kay Hubbard fDrum Maiorj 3... XM car Khral 'L Mr. Neil Chamberlain Director lst row: Cheryl Schmitt and Susan Rhoden fTwirlersJ. Center: Kathy Kirk fFeature Twirlerj. 5 6 Concert Band Flutes Terri Richardson Melinda Cleere Sheryl Schmitt Clarinet Caril Willis lulie Fahnestock Eleanor Hyatt Sharon Bragg Iohn Maness Teresa Payne Alto Sax Ricky McGehee Eric Calvert Kevin Mclntyre Tenor Sax Gary Trott Baritone Sax Steve Edwards Cornet-Trumpet lack Wendel Kyle Walvoord Iohn Weist timmy Abrams Karen Dalton George Hopkins Baritone David Butler Brian Lewis Bass George Sharp Donny Parris Percussion George Dalton Karen Killgo Susan Rhoden Trombone Iohn Carney Eric Hautamaki Rodney Harvest V' ' , . ,. vw ,. -s f A n -ff- "W in -?::1:'P.-u ' A . -4. V " 1. .,,l 1-- 1 , g ' S A I ,fy-1 iw V 4 , ,, C A Ml.: MY ' I t ' H ., ' V A -' '-4 ,, f " ' 1 . f ,, nyllr ,, ,K 5, ,vm y ,F ggntt I C Q ff Q Q , Hx ..-. ... i 4' ' in . sf, - ..i' , - K Z'- 2 ,,,. K K K 't,, ' "'i i .l at i ' - , '-'7 . 1 at s- fy fe r v . l A S tfee are ui -ra Tin A ' ,. "'i' fr" ' ,, C- -- , , - - SV. , an 'fic' 5' ' if J M wtf' --.f' ,,1f1M" , , -.151 ' L. H "f " f V il - ' f N A , f W -tp. n ' a 1 1 ,jg f , , A g v ' , . Q" ,--- , , f-' ,' 2 .Q Z ' L' W H wk" ..., A .q -' ' rim Stage Band Sax Franklin Blatt Donnie Cousins Sonny Gann Timm Duke Lee Frigen Trumpets Fred Covert Randy Allen Randy Wolfe Sharilyn Stephens Charles Iordan Tommy Quillen Trombones Matt Garrett Brian Ienkins Kathy Franks Mark Killgo Piano Lee Hansen Bass Iames Withrow Guitar Greg Smith Drums Tim Sawtelle Bryan Leman Richy Andrews 'D :fl X. . 7 Freshman Bands Iohn Hennig Ioni Thiessen Gayle Starkey Trombone Chris Aulbaugh Blake Olson Lisa Marshall Brian Larson Baritone Kelly Morrison Basses Rick Ferguson Vincent Iones Percussion Ronny Hunt Mike Twiss Alan Caldwell Tom Douglas Donald Sheppard Director Mr. Dave Cook Flutes Ianette Alexander Tammy Shuppert Christie Burger Ierri Strong Tracie Edison Matt Wiseman lennifer Born Cheryl Donald Sherri Shields Terry Palecki Oboes Darlene Dodd Kathy Proctor Penny Wells Clarinets Ierry McCrory Rhonda Weaver Mark Pasdetag Patsy Trott Kim Binion Sandra Sparkman Iudy Samples Mark Mace David Parker Frank Sains Bass Clarinet Christie Harris David Duke Bassoon Karen Hester Alto Saxophones Cheryl Waggoner Mary McKenna Tenor Saxophone Mike Brown Baritone Saxophones Kevin Christian Comets Keith Routh Stephen Mohon M'Lec Taylor Louis Webb Chris Lindsey Mark Cervenka Mark George Chris Smith Eric Seelbach French Horns Mr. Dave Cook Director 1st row: Laurie Onstott, Kim Shain, Vickie Mauldin, Terri Merrell, Melody Wright, Debbie Bowen. 2nd row: Sherry Faris, Tommy Smith, David Hodo, George Schones, Lee Duran, Sharon Risley. 3rd row: Darren Gattenby, Dale Reynolds, lim Carlisle, Steve Iones, Terry Goode, Walter Steele, Mr. Dave Cook fdirectorj, 4th row: Gary Brackett, Dale Shipman. l . "r'm.l.... ,MN Varsity Cheerleaders 1st row: Gina Wiggins. Suwanna Bills fhead cheerleaderj. 2nd row: Cindy Coldwell, Sheila Hill. 3rd row: Denise Himmelreich Yosemite Sam Uoy Kingl, Kim Cooper. 4th row: Ieanie Young, Iudy McSwain. promote school spirit. . . pep rallies. . .football. . . basketball. . .decorate halls paint signs . . . summer prac- tice. . . . ,S K Mrs. Tena Garcia, Sponsor IV Cheerleaders lst row: Susan Young, Laurie Burson. 2nd row: Dana Allen. 3rd row: Cay Collins, Brenda Reed Chead cheerleadfzry Lori Cummings 2 Freshman Cheerleaders i rrere . - 1st row: Michelle Foust, Sandra Himmelreich fhead cheerleaderj, Ianice Williams. 2nd row: Karen Kennedy, Rogane Brand, Lisa Bills. I Miss Debbie Wester, Sponsor A Cappella Choir 1st row: Donna Dunlap, Karen Peck, Diana Iemes, Lisa Buice, Cay Huffaker, Lynn Wilson, Matt Wiseman, Iames Pippin, Ioni McGhee, Debbie Keosoff, Hope McAnulty, Rhonda Blair fsecretaryl. 2nd row: Sharon Womack, Cindy Gordon, Kathy Ellis, Kim Brewer Ilibrarianl, Gene Whitaker, Iimmy Mills, Don Pollard, Sheila Hill, Rhonda Ice, Debbie Hightower, Molly Thomas. 3rd row: Marlene Morris tdirectorl, Wendy Barry, Iamie Haupt. Cindy Parker. Dee Dee Bigelow flibrarianj, Rodney Lemmond, Kelly Morrison, Leslie Starkes, Karen Killgo, Sharon Parish, Kay Hubbard fhistorianl, Donna Arnold. 4th row: Andy Arrington, Keith Matney, Mark Killgo, Ray Kneggs fvice presidentl, David Parish, Donnie Perry tpresidentl, Lee Hansen. Cary Brewer, Iamie Smith fmanagerl, David Andelman Qmanagerj, Ricky McGahee. Pete Stringer. UIL Contests. . .prograrns. . .Rogers and Hammerstein. . . Spring musical. . . A Girls, Choir 2 1st row: Lisa Moore, Donna VanBuskirk fpresidentj, Iulie Forehand, Donna Stanley, Ieanie Fairchild fvice-presidentj, Tisa Warring- ton. 2nd row: Ieri Kenton, Deborah Mills, Rhonda Weaver, Teresa Harrison, Tammy Bruce fsecretaryj, Giovanna Riffe, Kenni Eppers 3rd row: Iudy Gordon, Marian Harwell, Linda Garza, Melanie Hopper flibrarianl, Donna Gacldis, Darleen Dodd, Cindy Soto. 4th row Marlene Morris fdirectorl, Karen Arceri, Kathy Stringer, Iodie Caldwell, Carol Hendershot, Cindy Quattlebaum, Becky Barker, Den- ise Reimer. Beginnings 1 , if 1 L lst row: Sheila Hill, Kathy Ellis, Cindy Gordon. 2nd row: Dee Dee Bigelow, Rhonda Blair, Kim Brewer, Kay Hubbard. 3rd row: Lee Hansen, Mark Kilgo. On ladder left: Ricky McGehee, Rodney Lemmond, David Parish. On ladder right: David Andelman, Ray Kneggs, Donnie Perry. Center: Marlene Morris Cdirectorj. l M ia ,, VX 2 Clinic Assistants . axis' ,xxx 9 lx fbfw 1st row: Mrs. Caskey fnursej, Geralyn Miles, Teri Martin, Ieanie Fairchild, Pam Endsley, Melissa Hesley. 2nd row: Iudy Samples Tammy Taylor, Carole Smothermon, Kina Voyles, Paula Rinehart. .edt 2 7 I fist-sf A .4152 A-v 4.5. band-aids. . .temperz-iture. . . eye examinations . . .hearing tests. . .medical records. . . Club of Creative Arts 1st row Mitzi Harper Susan Young Penny M Laurie Burson Mr Don Card Isponsorj f' I tl 1' r ar I - I tl lie cKn1ght Wendy Laliberte. 2nd row: Terry Cox, Patti Cash, Carrin Near, Valerie Erwin, field trips. . .bread baskets . . . flowers . . .art exhibits. . . dinner. . . tit i 1 237 Distributive Education Clubs of America i l E 2 lst row: Ian Iones fsponsorj, Flora Noel, Nita Richardson, Debra Smith, Kathy McLemore, Iodie MacKenzie, Pat McMinn, Pam Mur- ray. 2nd row: Renee Inman, Kay Peckumn. Melinda Cornelius, Wesley Howell, Mike Whitaker, Teresa Gains, Debby Clark. 3rd row: Bill Davis, Terry Banks, David Clark, Steven Dempsey, David Creel, David Cailley, james Williams. 4th row: Steve Cheatham, Randy Thomas, Steve Flanagan, Dennis Cooper, Kevin Morris, Roland Foley, Terry Belcoe. contests . . . car wash . . . installation of officers . . . food for the needy. . .party for orphans. . .employers banquet. . . Future Business Leaders of America lst row: Mrs. Barnard Qsponsorj, Gay Huffaker, Miizi Harper fvice presj, Susan Allen, Cynthia Schlittler fpresidentj, Rose Mastri- anni, Sandy Ray, Mrs. Wetzel fsponsorl. 2nd row: Margaret Tuley, Donna Coker, Iulie Hoover, Vanessa Sims, Penni Whaley, Deanna Miller, Allison Ruston. 3rd row: Ierri Henderson, Rhonda Ice, Paula Myers, Billie Shearer, Susan Norwood, Toni Holden, Dawn Pruitt. 4th row: Ioy King Csecretaryj, Molly Motley, Nancy Iones, Kelly Thomas, Mary Ellen Hardwick lreporterj, Tennis Braswell Ctreasurerj. pings. . .conventions. . .key Chains. . . val-o-grams . . . Christmas wrap- AO my Fellowship of 1st row: Margaret Tuley, Cindy King, Lisa Weaver, Terry Plant, Ian Austin, Carrie Snyder, Roseann Morrison, Kelly Wilemon. 2nd row: Sharon Hopkins fsponsorl, Sheila Hill fsecretaryl, Lisa Moore, Carolyn Kirk, Carrie Tresize, Phyllis Parkinson, Cindy Crodon, Rebecca Emory, Cathy Kirk, Dru Wood. 3rd row: Dana Allen, Phyllis Neihardt, Pam Owen, Lisa Hollabaugh, Debbie Wiley, Becky Porier, Ioy King fpresidentj, Maureen McCahen ftreasurerl, Susan Young. 4th row: Lori Burson, Vicki Stewart, Tannis Braswell Cpub- lie relationsj, Becky Barker, Susan Young, Kay Hubbard fmusic coordinationj, Glenda Guenther, Robin Wiseman, Diane Marsden, Cail Crubbs fhistorianj. Carnation sale in spring . . . Study Cod's Word . . . cushions . . . Christ- mas caroling. . Christian Athletes lst row: Coach Hacker too-sponsorj, Mark Stubbs, David Iarrett, Boyce Powell, Larry Wyrick, Rockney Pollard, Mike Stubbs, Larry Miller, Brad Tillotson, Rusty Wildman, Mike Horstman, Russell Moore, Iustin Ferguson, Donny Cobb, Iimmy Cash, Iames Pippin, Calvin Iones, Raymond Hurley. 2nd row: Ramiro Hernandez, lim Owens, Mark Box, David Taylor, Lee Ferrell, David Greer, Kent Turner, Bryce Tawney. Gary Wyrick, Kevin Caney, Dennis Hagin, Iimmy Hill, Pete Roth, Ioe Locano. 3rd row: Van Cates, Donny Pyles, Gene Wells, Mike Paris, Chuck Cawthorn, Bobby Burns, Bobby Nall, Scott Harris, Ronny Shearer, Steve Clifford, Scott Thompson, Kevin Iones, Billy Durano, Mike Holland, Robert Campbell. 4th row: Boyd Powell, Mike Gaines, Richard Richarz, Mel Cure, Doug Hubbard, Russ Pemberton, Donny Ashenfelter, Walt Bechtel, Price Clifford, lim Roth, Bobby Meals, Donny Perry, Duke Morrison, Greg Woodliff, Randy Starkes. cushions . . . Christmas caroling . . .Bible study. . . French Club lst row: Kathy Kirk, Donna Van Buskirk, Tammy Kerss, Linda Meyers, Linda Williams, Beverly Spigner, Lorrie Hightower, Kim Saunders, Veronica Hodges, Kay Wisdom, Denise Himmelreich. 2nd row: Mrs. Merrell fsponsorj, Diane Walker, Dinah Duke freporterj, Beth Onofrio Csecretaryj, Debbie Hightower fvice presidentj, Flo De Forge, Susan Moore, Frank Stewart fpresidentj, Mary Munoz, Levitta Kinney. 3rd row: Carol Willis, Diane Marsden, Melea Roden, Kathy Waggoner, Ieanie Young ftreasurerj, Shelly Barnes, Barbra Christie, Ken Anderson, Cay Collins. 4th row: Craig Firestone, Nancy Hollabaugh, Karen Hill, Dee Dee Bigelow. Buzz Condron, Cindy Parker, Ianice jones, Kim Still, Winona Thompson. QQ EPB v EE mm QB A5 C gtk B,m eil? M French day. . .spirit contest. . Kita .lox Aiiv 4- ---ll-I' VFNH' 4 L ir iq ir gr wr EI ' llilllll P 1 K Z '-W p ii' V' 4 K 4 V 4 4 7 4 if AP-4K gq.'.'.v5.0,o,-hs Q- MS -4 ES 4 bs 3 -., , , ., llI!l!ywllwQ!jl:lQy! .arramkxwwss .semm.tmAas.Q.f.+.'. - L v 'wi g a 21? Q21 L K L 4 TZ YY 73 'T 14? 21- Eng FHA Chapter I . V 1st row: Lisa Martin, Debra Rhudy, Debbie Keosoff ftreasurerj, Diane Prather, Karen Peck frepresentativej. Marci Martin, Raymond Hurley. 2nd row: Hope McAnulty fpresidentj, Lisa Martin frepresentativej, Tammy Stevens fist vice presidentj, Susan Allen, Mary White 13rd vice presidentj. Leanne Drum Csecretaryl, Terri Stewart. 3rd row: Mrs. Fran Caldwell fsponsorj, Melinda Cornelius, Bob- bie Wheeler, Iulie Evans, Vicki Ferris, Ioy Davis, Lisa Weaver, Candy Rhodes. 4th row: Karen Honzell, lonnie Beohtol, Barbara Mor- row, Carol Blake 12nd vice presidentj, Debbie Watkins, Beverly Villareal, Laura Barnett 14th vice presidentj. Chapter II v t v 1st row: Laurie Ball, Debra Barfield, Carrie Alexander, Brigette Hewlett, Peggy Schmitt f2nd vice presidentj, Dee Ann Hill, Cindy Billingsley, Renette Potts fexeoutive couneilj, Lori Brougha, Mrs. Gayle Millican lsponsorl. 2nd row: Ioy Ledbetter, Nora Higgins freporterj, Linda Garza lexecutive councill, Patsy Peterson, Diantha Lofton, Randi Hegwood fpresidentj, Lori Doughty list vice presi- dentj, Karen Nelson fexecutive historianl. 3rd row: Debbie Iarrett, Karen Ionte, Kelly Wildmon fsecretary-troasurerj, Cathy Marsden, Melissa Wildy, Kim Cooper, Ramona Ray, Gail Taylor, B. I. Walker. 24 244 FHA Chapter III is ,lisa T7 IIA!! lst row: Brenda Burns, Mary Munoz, Beverly Spigener fist vice prcsidentj, Becci Burchardt 12nd vice presidentj, Diane Walker Cpresia dentl, Barbra Christie, Mrs. Sally Scott Csponsorj. 2nd row: Sharon Odum, Barbara Garner, Brenda Andreason, Donna Coker, Ter- rianne Saunders. Chapter IV 1st row: Iill Hinton, Cindy Loper, Denise Iett, Sherry Lamb, Iulie Lee, Ienia Davis, Laurie Williams, Gail McConnell, Kristine Fintoski, Mrs, Sheila Platter Csponsorj. 2nd row: Teresa Conrade, Cylinda Taylor, Martha Bracket, Paula Wright, Giovanna Riffe, Kim Shoe- maker, DeLaine Vick, Tammie Moore, Kathleen Allen White, Brenda Burns. 3rd row: Karen Hester Cparliamentarianj, Laura Martin, Cloria Medina, Allison Ruston, Iulie O'Day, Elizabeth Simmons fsecretaryj, Ianioe Williams, Yvonne Darnell, April Bullard Cvice presidentj, Darla Luna. 4th row: Rhonda Mullins, Mary Harris 15th vice presidentl, Debbie Wylie Cpresidentj, Debbie Pullen, Doreen Langbartels Chistorianl, Diane Brazil, Sharon Risely. Debbie Bowen, Karen Hyde, Tammy Harris, Annette Evans. FHA Chapter V t 1st row: Robin Wilkinson, Sherri Shields, Ioni Theissen ftreasurerl. Mary Hebert f3rd vice presidentj, Debbie Parrish, Regina Cham- bers, Stephanie Maestas fpresidentj, Lynda Martin, Darleen Dodd C2nd vice presidentl, Rachael Simmons tsecretaryj, Peggy Turner, Miss Sandy Shape Csponsorj. 2nd row: Kathy Ford, Kim Coburn, Robin Wright, Kelly Dalten, Karen Wright, Debbie Wright, Theresa Poirer, Regina Rowland, Donna Miller, Glenda Powell. 3rd row: Shirley Senterfit, Linda Dean, Regina Cory, Vicki Evans treporterl, Cindy Hamilton, Sherena Smithhart, Maria Brininstoal, Tonya Martin, Melody Wright. 4th row: Terri Pettit, Barby Black, Kathy War- ren, Mary Myers, Kelly Clifford, Theresa Coburn, Pam Evans, Tannis Braswell fist vice presidentj, Monica Proach, Joni Quails. 3 projects for orphans . . . elderly. . .hospitalized ...FHAweek. .. fs. ,Cl...EL,iv, 245 6 FHA Home Economics Related Occupations 5: -2 lst row: Debi Matthews Creporter-hisiorianj, Sophia Groves fpresidentj, Leslie Mullins, Ianet Clark, Ianice Vella, Mrs. Rose Morriss fsponsorj. 2nd row: Ioan Fairchild, Brenda Rutledge, Debbie McCullough fsecretary-treasurerj, Laureie Harshberger, Taunya Plumlee fvice presidentl, Missy Peel. national FHA week. . . Red Cross projects . . . area and state meetings German Club 2 kj lst row: Suzy Perry, Tracy West, Sylvia Short, Carrie Snyder, Cyndi Herrmann Creporterj, Karen Southerland, Barbara Cook, Irene Houston, Bobby Barringer. 2nd row: Donna Underwood, Marc Ratcliff, Lynn Burns Chistorianj, Peter Martinez, Iohn Gilbert, Steve Brooks, Ken Pierrehumbert, Renate Underwood, Debbie DeBoer. 3rd row: Scott Butler, Charles Perry Cvice presidentj, Mike Romans, Linda Yohe, Bryan Leman, Richard Baskier, Charles Iordan, Ricky Green, Iohn Findley. 4th row: Va1Bie1, Brett Holtey, Iames Barry fpresidentj, Vince Parsons, Ieff Hendley, Thad Freeman, Phil Buehler, Mike West, Terry Belcoe. conventions . German day . Gummi Bears. . 247 48 Future Teachers of America 1st row: Mrs. Parrott lsponsorl, Kathy Kirk, Iulie Fahnestock. Donna Pyles, Beth Onofrio, Ieri Anderson, Iennifer Maciel, Kay Wis- dom, Denise Himmelreich, Marci Martin. 2nd row: Hope McAnulty tvice presidentj, Leanne Drum thistorianl. Beth Muse, Karen Dal- ton, Iody Horn, Donna Underwood, Cyndi Hall. Marsha Bojarski ttreasurerj, Dinah Duke tsecretaryj, Terry Cox. 3rd row: Carmela Davis, Susie Parkinson, Debbie Thompson, Diane Hobbs, Laura Barnett tpresidentj, Pam Lemoine, Tina Smith Cparliamentarianl. Donna Farrow, Kina Voyles. 4th row: Nancy Hollabaugh. Debbie Pullen, Lisa Buice, Lynn Burns, Kim Still, Iamie Haupt. Cindy Cor' don, Karon Hill, Elaine Pitts, Shelly Barnes. conventions . scholarship . . observation day . . bake sales. . . Industrial Arts szsqiffis , 7 r , '1 , .2 if .q - , V i 16 'E - 1 'A ' Y! 1st row: Mr. Donald Mugg fsponsorj, Ken Delcamp. Luigi Chiechi. Kenny Price, lim Cash, Brenda Howard lsweetheartj, Ben Bethel David Schrock. Raymond Hurley, Ricky Buford. 2nd row: Mr. Kent Anderson Csponsorl, Keith Baker, Mike Whitaker, Darrell Dison Ronald Ingram, Mr. Bob Knott Csponsorj. 3rd row: Don Harrison, Keith Hughey, Don Rhudy, Mark Hall, Tom Onofrio, Chuck Caw' thon fsecretary-treasurerl, Mike Herklotz, Eddie Cartwright, Mr. Roland Donnell fsponsorj. 4th row: Mark Taylor, Robert Cousins, Pat Brown, Iackie Anderson, Mike Strong, Scott Harris fsergeant-at-armsj, Cary Brewer. Eddie Pierce, Mark Killgo fpresidentl. Texas Industrial Arts Fair North Texas Industrial Arts Fair victory dance Christmas dance I E ' K, .5 NN me 24 Ke Club KERN 1st row: Raymond Hurley, Mike Hammer, Larry Wyrick, Phil McSwain, Randy Ginn, Rockney Pollard, Mark Box, jeff Eng- lish, Doug Goodman, Gary Goodwin, Mark Clark, Mark Stubbs, Coach Hacker fsponsorl. 2nd row: Iim Owens, Ken Brooks, Larry Miller, jimmy Hill fvice pres.l, Gary Wyrick fvice pres.l, Ralph Donnelly, Iohn McDonald. Robert Campbell, Rick Peoples, Russ Collins, Mike Horstman, Mike Stubbs, David lar- rett. 3rd row: Chuck Cawthorn, Van Cates. Iustin Ferguson, Dennis Hagin, Steve Flanagan, Scott Collier, Kam Miller, Paul McGahan. 4th row: Mike Arnold, Doug Hubbard, Mike Paris, Daryl Frazier, Mark Harris, Walt Bechtol, Donny Ashenfelter, Russ Pemberton, Gary Ross, Iames Berry, Lee Montgomery, Thad Freeman. Halloween candy . . . public service . . . Kiwanis pancake sale. . .needy families. . . Ke ettes 1st row: Brenda Burns freporterj, Tisa Warrington, Debbie Vaughn, Donna Bennett, Karen Peck, Kim Shoemaker, Mitzi Harper, Beth Burson, Geralyn Miles, Lisa Weaver. 2nd row: Susan Allen, Tina Smith Csecretaryj, Laura Barnett Ctreasurerj, Rebecca Baker, Tannis Braswell fpresidentj, Paula Rinehart, Debbie Spooner, Hope McAnulty, Patti Cash, Mrs. Kuner Csponsorj. 3rd row: Ieanie Young fvice presidentl, Shelly Barnes, Ann Robins, Kathy Hausman, Rhonda Weaver, Iulie Owen, Nancy l-lollabaugh, Debbie Pullen. 4th row: Iudy Samples, Vicki Stewart, Kelly Thomas, Nancy Thomas, Iacquie Thompson, Susan Young, Lisa Marshall. promote better understand- ing of school and community . . .responsibility of individ- ual . . . La Petites t s t M 6, 4 Q 2 7910 . il' 9, '2 vafiti 4 Nfxfiti , . 4 gr,-4, ,nn ,gg ,Q 9 3 Q ,ef vt , 2 y 'vb if Y il fl K x ,ity ,5 Q v 1 .t ' 5 ' " l , y, I if , , t r Q S b' : t if la 4 Q , , or " A W E t iq R , Ap y t 1st row: Cindy Soto, Gay Huffaker, Geralyn Miles, Donna Van Buskirk, Shelly Mulry Becky McCord Darlene Mattison Becky Burle son, Candy Beaird, Patricia Iones, Diane Prather, Faylene Vancil, Patti Wishon, Debbie Wilson Sherry Iackson. 2nd row: Teresa Con- rad, Levitta Kinney, Penny McKnight, Valerie Erwin, Rose Ann Morrison, Iulie Lee, Karen Southerland, Yolanda Iolley, Paula Gillis, Norma Watts Wendy Labberte Mari K D K , ' 1, ay rum, aren Marek, Dru Wood, Sandra Mace. 3rd row: Melanie Hopper, Cynthia Smith, Tammy Harris, Kathy Pelham, Cathy Mathews, Diana Anderson, Cindy Vailancourt, Ianie Inman, Carren Near, Lisa Herklotz, Lisa Pappas, Lisa Hollabough, Linda Flowers, Ioyce Iohnson, Amy King 4th row' Shelly Walters Sue Day qU76llE Mena d 'I' ' M'll . . , , . r, erri i er, Ionnie Beehtol, Sandra Davis, Collen Bowman, Becky Yohe, Sharon Anderton, Diane Dickinson, Olinda Cole, Lisa Frazier, Susan Sorsby, Sharon Boyle, Ieanie Owens. perform at all home IV games ffootballl . . . inner tube . . . jazz ...gun . . . pompom . . . Shaft . . . The Sting . . . summer prac- tice. . . Mrs. Ioanie Lester, Sponsor Kathy Wilson CLieutenantJ Debbie Chapman CSophomore Lieutenanij Becci Burchardt fCaptainJ 54 Latin Club P lst row: Leslie Bevis, Pam Murray, Dinah Willbern fconsulj, Renee Inman, Iudy Cook, Karen Dalton, Brant Malkey, Brad.I..intner. 2nd row: Mrs. Cannon Csponsorj, Donna Bennett, Pam Taliaferro faedilel, Tcrrie Pritchard, Ianell Ramse, Debbie Brixius, David Richard- son, Carol Cook fscribej. 3rd row: Kevin Insall, Albert Palazzesr, Eileen Moritz, Dale Pound, Ray Stinedurf, Roger Pinkatom, Doug Brisendine. 4th row: Richard Wendel tconsulj, Chuck Cowan, Iohn Bankhead, Bobby Meals, Iim Roth, Richard Richarz, Kevin Cziney, Gerald McClure ftreasurerj. Roman Christmas . . . Latin day ...carsmash. .. g. MP' Librar Aids 5 E 2 lst row: Diane Dunavan, lena Davis, Sherry Lamb, Steven Mohon, Eleanor Hyatt, Dawn Biscamp, Frank Flowers. 2nd row: Mrs. Peggy Burke fteacher aidel, David Duke, Mark Clark, Norma Watts, Pam Lemoine, Teresa McGowan, Mrs. Iune Wells flihrarianj. Mrs. Gretchen Staas flihrarianj. 3rd row: Mrs. Laverle Wade flibrary elerkl, Sharon Boyle, Wesley Howell, Gerald McClure, Paul Moflahen, Ron Crowe, Darrell New, Mary Hudson, Michele Leheaw, Vickie Dempsey. dim fm? X I . S 3. E 5 A 9 i D' Q H help in research . . . works of fiction . . . study aids . . 1" f ' I f , .2 H 3 X r . y . 5 Mam'selles Tina Smith 13rd lieutenantl, Debbie Keosoff f2nd lieutenantj, Laura Barnett fcaptainl, Debbie Pullen fist lieutenantl, Diane Dorris 14th lieutenantl lst row: Donna Bennett, Hope MeAnulty, Karen Peek, Diane Dorris, Debbie Pullen, Laura Barnett, Debbie Keosoff, Tina Smith. Patti Thompson, leri Anderson, Pam Lemoine. 2nd row: Karen Rushing, Kathy Ellis, Debbie Parsons, Iulie Evans, Dena Frank, Beth Muse, Pam Iacono, Mary White. Patti Cash, Terri Stewert, Rhonda Blair. Brenda Burns, Marci Martin. Belinda Blankenship. 3rd row: Patryee Probasco, Mitzi Harper, Dinah Duke, Ioni McGhee. Mary Ellen Hardwick. Nancy Iones, Shelly Barnes, Linda Henderson, Ieri Runnels, Teresa Eagle, Nancy Hoilabaugh, Barbara Garner, Diane Hobbs, Dee Dee Bigelow, Donna Coker. Beth Onofrio. Mrs. Kathy Schmidt, Sponsor perform at varsity football games . . .basketbal1. . .bake sale. . . mother-daughter tea . . .Mam- 'selle dance. . .banr1ers. . . 7 Marauder I X . ' 4 53 1st row: Wayne Gilliland, Cynthia Herrmann, Dinah Wilburn, Terry Cox, Kim Brewer, Iana Doll, Cindy Butler. 2nd row: Tina Medina, Pam Owens, Elaine Sprecher, Tannis Braswell, David Hammer, Lisa Harrison, Ray Kneggs, Mrs. Linda Taylor fbusiness staff adviserj. 3rd row: Cathy Walker, Molly Motley, Marsha Bojarski, Carol Blake, Cris Smotherman, Gail Grubbs, Lori Thiessen. 4th row: Ms. Glenna Newkirk Cadviserj, Iudy Smith, Vickie Hester, Randy Hunt, Robert Schlein, Sheila Yeager. Celebrity Ball . . . deadlines . . . pictures. . .layouts. . .SMU workshop. . . 58 Mu Alpha Theta ?, his 'Kia' QL U0 Kfjl W3 X 1st row: Keith Schlittler, Karen Hill, David Richardson, David Pearce, Kenneth Pierrehumbert, Rusty Milhoan, Beth Smith. 2nd row: Mrs. Altom fsponsorl, Debbie Brixius fpresidentj, Paul Bull, Iohn Findlay, Greg Arnold, Lee Frigen fvice presidentj, Ieanie Young fsecretaryl. 3rd row: Iames Withrow, Van Cates, Robert Turner, Bill Coburn, Iames Barry, David Montgomery. Conventions. . .films. . .math problems. . . O ational Beta Club 1st row: Denise Himmelreich, Sheila Hill, Suwanna Bills fcorresponding secretaryj Marian Mrs, McCarty Csponsorj. 2nd row: Mike Wilson, Tina Smith, Tannis Braswell, Iuli l-lblford tpresidentl, Wayne Gillaland. Beth Ono- frio, Lisa Martin frecording secretaryj. 3rd row: Ieanie Young, Mark Box, Don Fong, Kay Hubbard, Kristin Kennedy, Lee Frigen, Laura Barnett ftreasurerj, Gina Wiggins. 4th row: Donnie Perry, Bobby Meals, Kent Turner, Richard Richarz fvice presidentl. Dave Greer. ne Medlin, Mitzi Harper, Kim Cooper, class pin sales. . .talent show. . .bulletin board. . . scholarship. . . ational Honor Sooiet KERN rr 1st row: Mrs. Cates fsponsorj, Lisa Martin, Marianne Medlin, Wayne Gillelland. Ioy King Cvice-presidentj, Iuli Holford fpresidentl Suwanna Bills, Patti Cash, Mrs. Cannon fsponsorj. 2nd row: Tannis Braswell. Debbie Brixius. Sharon Womack, Russ Collins Iohn Finley, Donny Perry, Don Fong, Debby Clark fsecrelaryj, Mark Box. 3rd row: Deanna Miller, Ricky Green, David Greer, Iames Bairy Richard Richarz, Diane Dorris, Ricky Andrews, Linda Yohe, Steve Coranson. lst row: Becky Porier, Denise Himmebreich, Lisa Tunnell, Cindy Coldwell, Ieanie Young, Sandy Ray, Leslie Bevis, Molly Motley. 2nd row: Keith Schlittler, Angela Flowers, Karen Hill Kim Cooper. Beth Onofrio, Nancy Hollabaugh, Kathy Waggener, Laura Hansen, Ken Pierrel humbert. 3rd Row: David Pearce, Ron Allen, Charles Rasor, Robert Turner, Susan Coodlett Cynthia Schlittler. pen sale . . . initiation scholarship. . . Office Education Association K 6, 1st row: Mrs. Lois Grant Csponsori, Ianet Kneggs, Cindy Muller, Belinda Blankenship, Lisa George, Betti Eller, Susan Williams, Sherri Henson, Deanna Mackey, Sheena Sikes, Debbie Iohnston, Debra Rudy, Mrs. Mattie Don Shaid tsponsorj. 2nd row: Becky Stark, Tammy Kerss, Io Marie Moore, Cindy Shilling, Iulie Hoover treporterl, Grace Abston, tparliamentarianj, Cindy Schlittler, Iuliana Holford fhistorianj, Cindy Griffin lvice-presj, Shelly Fuller, Monty Winger, Beth Smith. 3rd row: Cindy Wachsman, Debra Iordan fcorresponding secretaryl, Patricia Harding, Laura Dittman, Dawn Wiser, Brenda Andreason, Karen Honzell, Sherry Nichols, Kandi Rhodes, Paula Martschenski, Sherry Williams, Debra Adams trecording secretaryj, Diane Smith. 4th row: Sandy Harper, Barbara Morrow, Donna Tawwater, Kim Monico fpresidentj, Randy Grubbs, Harold Chapman, Mary Hudson, Glenda Guenther. Sandra Mor- gan, Marianne Commons ftreasurerj. Sandra Hudson, Cindy Boyle. Banquets . . . contests . . . initia- tion. . . Office Assistants lst row: Sandy Cooper, Sherry Iackson, Becky Burleson, Sharon Shelton, Tammy Borowski, Mary Kelley, Debbie Wilson, Sandy Erwin. 2nd row: Mary White, Freda Wade, Cylinda Taylor, Iulie Lee, Debbie Vaughan, Loretta Kinney, Karen Peck, Susan Allen. 3rd row: Rita Bostic, Lisa Pappas, Vicki Stewart, Shelly Walters, Cyndi Boyle, Tracy Reeves, Lisa Hollabaugh, Cathleen Cunningham. 4th row: Tammy Downing, Colleen Bowman, Ieri Runnels, Carol Blake, Lorraine Powell, Karen Wright, Karen Honzell. A 9 y 3 . 'i f -2 j Q i A 5 , 1 l5llJlf,.:.,, WWW K , , ,.,,. f . ' ' ,' up ,le-ff 'ii wwf--, f., ,,, .f ,., - " MQ' '- 1 I' t 1st row: Patti Thompson, Hope McAnulty, Donna Bennett, Mitzi Harper, Brenda Burns, Ieri Anderson. 2nd row: Jeri Canton, Diana Cilliland, Iana Doll, Sherri Nichols. Kim Roach, Theresa Porier, Carrie Trezise. 3rd row: Donna Cook, Ianice Williams, Lisa Buice, Cindy Criffin, Sondra Hudson. Iulie Hoover, Rhonda Ice. 4th row: Cail Crubbs, Diane Hobbs. Kim Wood, Debbie Spooner, Mary McKenna, Shelley Barnes. 26 64 Photograph Club P ', ,' A AVVA P ,' ., ,:L-' , .,, I Vrvrkkk, - ,f..,,. , .1 f- Z Lg? aff V' " ' s 5 I i S -1- i ' -x i A 1st row: Tim Brown, Iennifer Born, Patricia Probasco, Mr. Pete Lohstreter Csponsorj. 2nd row: David Hammer, Lynn Patterson Iames Barry, Linda Yohe. Iulie Hoover. I If:-'Sd' f""' prints. . .crop. . IN -4 I deifelop pictures. . . ENIQEE IO74-N "1-? Raider Echo I lst row: Richard Day, Cindy Shilling, Suwanna Bills. Gary Goodwin, Karen Peck, Iuli Holford, Gina Wiggins. 2nd row: Sharon Odum, Lester Ruston, Randy Allen, Doug Patterson. Lynn Burns, Terrianne Saunders, Ms. Glenna Newkirk Cadviserj. 3rd row: Bar- bara Garner, Linda Yohe, Tim Duke, Phil McSwain, Steve Clifford, Richard Shoemaker, Kristin Kennedy. layouts. . .deadlines . . .copy. . .photo- graphs. . .typewriter 26 266 Spanish Club ,Zymf it p f . 5 , .E 0 K-fi' t fi -- - ,QQ , fi ' - 1st row: Patryce Probasco, Sharon Shelton, Debbie Parrish, Cindy King, Nita Richardson, Lisa Tunnel, Gloria Medina, Iody Newby, Sandy Ray. Belinda Blankenship. 2nd row: Terrianne Saunders, Donna Pyles, Marsha Bojarski, Denice Rodgers, Mike Wilson, Iames Pippin, Dena Frank, Chris Bull, Terry Cox, Margaret Espinosa Ccommittee chairmanl. 3rd row: Dawn Pruitt, Cheryl Schmitt, Melanie Hopper fassistant committee chairmanj, Kathy McLemore, Linda Henderson, Brenda Howard fsecretaryj, Laura Dittman Cassistant publicity chairmanb, Ieanne Owens, Donna Black, Lisa Buice, Mrs. Rose Montoya Csponsorj. 4th row: Donna Farrows, Sharon Odum, Donnie Walker fpublicity chairmanj, lack Wendell, Cary Emery, Robert Bates, David Hamby fpresidentj, Cindy Ceswender, Kelly Thomas, Susan Parkinson. bake sales . . . district meetings . . . state convention. . . Spanish day. . . Speech and Drama Club lst row: Frank Goodenough, Cindy Peel, Debbie Smith ttreasurerj, Darleen Dodd, Ieanie Fairchild, Ianet Hayes, Debbie Chapman, Lisa Moore, Kim Brewer fsecretaryj, Cindy Butler tvice presidentl, Liz Fauly, Melissa Hynes. 2nd row: Kay Wisdom tasst. historianj, Sharon Shelton, Ieri Kenton, Dee Ann Blankenship, Tammy Bruce, Melainie Hooper, Christi Parker, Beth Smith, Carla Begley, Debra Norman. Teri Martin, Russell Collins, Mrs. Rosamond fsponsorj. 3rd row: Brenda Runnels, Nada McLaughlin, Vince Finchelli, Ken Pierrehumbert, Ray Kneggs, Melinda Cleere tparliamentarianj, Scott Dewese, Wesley Howell, Albert Palazzese, Louis Manriquez, Debbie Clifton thistorianj, Lynn Burns. 4th row: Kerry Mercer, Eileen Moritz, Lori Starr. Daryl Garrett, Terry Reynolds, Iohn Holly, Ron Pell, Pam King, Kevin Insall, Lynn Patterson. Mike Brown. films. . .awards banquet. . tour theaters . . . tour dram shows. . . 267 Student Council 5 5 3 5 L? lst row: Linda Meyer, Hope McAnulty, Cyndi Herrmann, Brenda Marek, Lisa Martin, Ianei Dill, Susan Young, Beth Onofrio. 2nd row: Lisa Hollabaugh, Shelly Barnes, Debbie Wiley, Ieanie Young, Lisa Harrison, Gina Wiggins, Pam Owens. 3rd row: Susan Sorzby, Eileen Mortiz, Terri Miller, Kristin Kennedy, Debra Irvine, Nancy Hollabaugh, Don Fong. 4th row: Richard Richarz fvice presidentj, Robert Turner, Randy Hunt, Bobby Meals Cpresidentb, Rebecca King. I , 2. Homecoming. . .assemblies . . . Senior-Faculty game . . .concession stand. . . Twirp Week, . . Texas Association of Health Occupation Students lst row: Kristine Fintoski, Vicki I-Iarless, Mary Carter, Renee Trimmier, Sharon Adamson, Susan Burdick, Leah Iohnson, Dee Dee Wood. 2nd row: Mrs. Mary E. Watson tteacher-coordinatorj, Debbie Irvine, David Richardson, Deanna Miller, Michael Carpenter, l 'Y Robbie Arnold, Ioel Clements, Debbie Lincks. bake sales . . . visit homes for elderly . . . conference . . .contests. . . Vocational Industrial Clubs of America 1 I f X 5 W: lst row: Mr. Prisock fsponsorj, Iean Rumskas, Mark Parten, Brian Sullivan, Homer Gonzales, Steven Formosa, Irene Houston. 2nd row: Donald Rhudy, Daniel Collins, Steven McPherson, Gary Sunderland, Danny Baker, lack Brown, Robert Buchanan. fund raising . . . selling . . . can- dle. . .distriot, state, and national speed-skill competition . . . employer-employee banquet. . . i i 70 Y-Teens lst row: Kim Dennis KAAICC chaplainj, Ianet Hayes, Beth Smith, Karen Southerland, Mary Kay Drum ftreasurerj, Sharon Shelton, Nena Pavol. 2nd row: Leanne Drum, Monica Poche, Iuli Holford fpresidentl, Suwanna Bills CAAICC presidentj, Iulie Evans fsecre- taryl, Lisa Martin fhistorianj. 3rd row: Marianne Medlin, Laura Barnett, Tracy Reeves, Gina Wiggins, Rhonda Ice, Ioy King, Carol Hendershot. work with Garland Serv- ice Center . . . work with March of Dimes . . . tutor elementary children. . . nw Q'llwuxSm-MQQQ, r-merged'- 'W' IMD 195 ,ITF Na SPGRTS My-i,,,qQ, ' f if 1 --f-www" In K ,, . Q. fa-if-' IS 4:5 arsit Football M, ag 4. 1st row, left to right: Wayne Gilliand, Frank Stewart, Rockney Pollard, Lee Ferrell, Iohn Bankhead, Phil McSwain. Donny Cobb, Mark Box, Oscar Diaz. 2nd row: Mark Clark ttr.l, Charlie Rasor, Gary Wyrick, Paul Thomas, David Tresp, Calvin Cook, Kevin Caney. Richard Shoemaker, Tim Griffin, Steve Clifford, Mark Gibson, Ken Southerland ttr.J. 3rd row: Chris Bull, Scott Craft, Scott Harris ttr.J, Vick Verbel, Bryce Tawney, Price Clifford, Donny Ashenfelter, Ieff Hendley, Kent Turner, Bobby Meals, Mike Paris, Carrol tDocJ Montgomery, Coach Iohn Hacker. 4th row: Coach Ivy, Coach Ioe Garcia, Donny Pyles, Iustin Ferguson, Terry Iones, lim Roth, Bobby Burns, Mel Cure, Dave Greer, Bobby Nall. Chuck Cawthorn ttr.J, Coach Terry Townzen. Head Coach Harry Beavers not pic- tured. North Garland Bvrkiier North Garland Adamson North Garland Wilmer-Hutchins North Garland North Mesquite North tlarlaind Mesquite North Garland South Garland Open North Gzirlilml Richardson North Kltirliiml Garland North Garlziiid Pearce North Gzirlainil Lake Highlands Football captains for the 1975 Football Season were Bobby Burns, Bobby Meals, Steve Clifford, and Bobby Nall. Bobby Burns was named to first team all district after a fine season for the Raiders. Dave Greer was named to second team all district. 1 ww E "Y ggi -- 1-, - . 5 E Mel Cure and Bobby Nall were named District honorable mention. 27 5 27 6 Mud-soaked Raiders prepare to hold their ground in a goal line stand. The Raiders were prepared for Mesquite in this drive as they stopped them from cross- ing the goal line. EES? North Garland was rudely welcomed into a larger and harder district this year. With a "new" head coach fHarry Bea- versl, and a fairly young ball club, they performed what could not have been expected from them. They gained the respect of all the ball clubs they played, as a fierce hitting, hard playing ball club. They had a season that they could walk away from with their heads held high. North Garland did not have an impressive record, but they played good football all year long. The season opener was against our arch rival, the Berk- ner Rams. The game was filled with errors as the teams com- bined for a total of 12, but the V Hard tackling was a p the night wore on. art of the Raiders' game plan, as the Colonels were to find out as Donny Cobb looks for open running room in a hard fought game against Mesquite. North Garland specialty teams showed good effort all year as they did in covering this punt. Rams were able to capitalize on the Raider mistakes and Walked away with a 21-0 victory. The second game of the sea- son was against the Adamson Leopards. It was a hard fought defensive game with neither team making any sizable mis- takes until the last four seconds of the game. With the Raiders leading 7-6Q the Leopards' quar- terback passed a 26 yard bomb to the five and the receiver waltzed over the end zone stripe untouched, preventing any hopes of a Raider victory. The third game of the season found the Wilmer-Hutchins Eagles on North Gar1and's home turf, and the Eagles seemed' to make themselves quite at home as they out-ran and out-maneuvered the Raid- ers to a 42-2 win. The Raiders never were able to get an offense started and the defense had problems all night. Their only flare turned into a Raider score. After a Raider punt which ended up at the three yard line, Raiders Ieff Hendley South Garland again felt the Raiders, as they were tackled harder and harder. Ferrel shows good form under pressure. 277 78 Bobby Nall walks , if l k'i' ' -',- The one-on-one drill comes in handy. Tough running was a good characteris- tic the Raiders picked up last year and kept this year. K over the goal line as the Raiders try desperately to come from behind. Raiders attempt to block a field-goal. Physical injury is a concern of all athletes. The pass defense was good for N. G. all vear. The front line is a messy place to work. and Terry Iones burst through the line to drop the Wilmer- Hutchins quarterback for a safety. The next game found North Garland going to the North Mesquite-Hamby stadium. The Raiders played excellent ball control the first half allowing North Mesquite only 16 plays, but as the second half opened it was apparent that things had taken a turn. The Stallions mounted 20 points to North Garland's seven to end the A dejected coach Beavers walks the sidelines. South Garland was again crushed by the Raider defense. A final word to settle the nerves before taking the field. Coach Garcia is upset over a bad call The Raider defense stands ready to pounce. game in a 26-7 defeat of the Raiders. The next game found the Raiders again at Hamby Sta- dium. There was one slight dif- ference, however, that differ- ence being the Mesquite Skeet- ers. They promptly handed the Raiders their worst defeat of the year. Although they beat the Raiders 42-0, we do not have anything to be ashamed of as they made it all the way to the state finals. The next game was the start of a new rivalry. After North Garland beat South Garland in the Garland Basketball Tourna- ment last year, SG was out for blood. They were not long in getting it as they beat the Raid- ers 26-7. Although they did beat the Raiders, it was not as easy as the score would indicate. The Raiders had many oppor- tunities to score, but could not capitalize. The next week was open giving the Raiders an extra week of practice. They next met the Richard- son Eagles. The Raiders played a good game, but just could not take advantage of the Eagle mistakes. The result was a 28-15 defeat. The next week, as the Raid- ers took the field, it was obvi- ous there was a change in spirit. The Raiders took the field with confidence and played a great game, but it was the same as before. The breaks of the game went against them. The obvious reason for the change in spirit was the Garland Owls. The Owls were out-played and were lucky to walk away with a 29-15 victory. X 'af Tim Griffin puts a move on a Berkner defender. Z Good blocking is a big factor in a win- Bobby Nall moves to the helm. ning team's game plan. The Raider defense closes in for a kill. It was obvious that the Raid- ers remembered their defeat of the week before as they took the field against I. I. Pierce. Nall was the spark for the offense in this game as he scrambled for two touchdowns. He kept Pierce guessing all night with good faking and excellent pass- ing. The score on this night was a 20-20 tie, which at this point in the season was as good as a win. The last game of the season turned out to be a disaster for the Raiders as they lost to the Lake Highlands Wildcats 42-14. The Raiders were not able to move the ball until late in the fourth period. All through the season there were constant impressive play- ers. Some of these were Bobby Nall, Terry Iones, Lee Ferrell, Kent Turner, Chris Clark, Mel Cure, Bobby Burns, Dave Greer, and Steve Clifford. Iunior Varsit Football lst row: Monte King, Richard Fahnestock, Iames Biggs, Paul Weggman, lim Shugart, Marty Marshall, junior Alcorn, Randy Marlar. 2nd row: Al Plant, Eric I-larkins, Ramond Cramer, Larry Wyrick, Iohn Welle, Ioe Iohnson, Danny Nixon, Ioe Lazano, Mike Horstman, Richard Vigil, Larry Miller. 3rd row: Scott Thompson, David Womack, Ron Crowe, Iack Meager, Ron Carson, Russell Dickinson, Chris Cure, Mike McMillan, Mike Lyons, Robert Campbell, Van Cates, Cmgr.J Calvin Iones. 4th row: Coach Bill Epperson, ttr.J Iim Owens, Gary Strawn, Robert Castro, Robbie Davis, Gene Wells, Brad Tillison, Rodney Harvester, Ricky McFarland, tmgrj Dwayne Roach, Brad Taylor, Iames Pippin, Coach Chuck Cornett. Concerned coaches watch to see if they called the right play. North Garland Berkner North Garland Adamson North Garland Wilmer-Hutchins North Garland North Mesquite North Garland Mesquite North Garland South Garland Open North Garland Richardson North Garland Garland North Garland Pearce North Garland Lake Highlands Freshman Red 1st row: Phillip Manriquez, Gene Moulden, Charles Eads, Craig Brooks, Perry Lucas. 2nd row: Dennis Lay, Keith Sweat, Cary Coburn, Alan Rasor, Duane McPeak, Robert Ricketts, Dennis Hagin. 3rd row: Steve Howard ftr.J. Roger Perez, Greg Woodcliff, Billy Burand, David Ioubert, Mike Rhodes, Kevin Iones, Donnie Watkins fmgrj. 4th row: Mark Dickinson, Kevin Thomas, Mickey Gaines, Pete Roth, Bobby Martin. Rock Keen. Boyce Powell. 5th row: Carrol CDOCJ Montgomery, Coach Don Fields, Coach Cary Davenport. Norlh Gnrlauitl 18 Bramlenliurg 12 Norlh Cairlamri IH O'Bamion 0 North Carlauirl 12 CairliindBl1ir1k 0 Norlh Gairlunrl It Garland Cold 38 NorIhCzlrl1md 29 Cnrluml Black 0 North Czrrlaml G Mvmoriail 26 NorlhGnrla1nd 32 Branrlenlmrg 0 North Klurlnntl 0 Garland Gold 20 N.C. Freshmen put the crunch on Garland Black. A Freshman Black 14. lst row: Gary Hayes, Matt Montgomery, Chet Wilson, Tony Anderson, Wayne Foreman. Billy West, Troy Graham. 2nd row: Greg Owens, Dwayne Morrison, Steve Carter, Ty Hedric, Ken Moritz, David Gayler, Iohn McDonald. 3rd row: Barry Caldwell, Broda McAlister, David Taylor, Rodney Moore, Ioe Bojarski, Iohn Kennedy, Louis l-lock. 4th row: Brian Beckner Ctr.J. Dot: Montgomery, Coach Gene Mayes, Coach Skip Mobley, Donny Boardleon fmgrj North Garland North Garland North Garland North Garland North Garland North Garland North Garland North Garland Garland Black 6 Memorial 26 Brandenburg 6 North Garland Red 12 O'Banion 14 Garland Gold 0 Garland Black 7 Memorial 32 Varsity Basketball 1st row: Scott Butler, Iimmy Hill, Donnie Perry, Doug Hubbard, Robert Wilkins, Donald Shrock, David Turner, Trainer David Shrock. 2nd row: Coach Leon Kennedy, Trainer Ken Southerland, Robert Kennelly, Vince Parsons, Walt Bechtol, David Rhoden, Russ Pimberton, David Taylor, Coach joe Garcia, fDocJ Carroll Montgomery. Raider captains Donnie Perry and Walt Bechtol showed the great NG sportsmanship. f Perry adds two more from the outside. 'Y-'-----.....,,-, Marshall's ball control was a big IV asset this year. Parson's inside shots accounted for many Raider points this year. 7 A determined and fighting North Garland basketball team played their hearts out but were highly outsized by the AAAA teams that they faced this year. Some of the stand-out senior roundballers were Bob Ken- nelly, Walt Bechtol, Vince Par- sons, Donnie Perry and Donald Sohrock. While Kennelly, Perry and Schrock ripped the nets from the outside, Bechtol and Parsons pulled down rebounds right and left. David Turner, Robert Wilkins and Russ Pim- berton were juniors who con- tributed a great deal to the Raiders this year and who will be leaders of the Raider Round- ballers next year. f - 1 f ..,. , .wwmwmww Bechtol makes an easy two. Harris goes up and over an opposing defender. Harris stuns defense as he goes in for a quick two. Coach Leon Kennedy gave as much or more time and work than anyone and he not only brought the best of his team out this year, but he had the fore- sight to give a few juniors the experience they will need to build a good team next year. The Raiders started the sea- son off with a loss but came back and won three of their next four games as they put down Woodrow Wilson, Berk- ner and DeSoto. As the Raiders traveled to tournaments such as the Garland Tournament and the Pepsi and Dr. Pepper Tour- naments, they became more determined and fought harder every game, but the much big- ger teams they faced seemed to almost always scrape by the roundballers by a few baskets. After losing the Dr. Pepper Tournament, the Raiders came out and won two quick games as they beat Thomas Iefferson and the Mesquite Skeeters. With their momentum going, the team met the Garland Owls. They stayed neck and neck with the Owls, but in the fourth Hubbard stares down a defender. I-Iendley outruns the defender me gg- ...... WM ..0.........., Q Practice makes perfect! Turner leaps high over defender for two. Nixon attempts a difficult shot, Garland fans watch in dismay as Turner sinks a bucket. Coach Garcia expresses concern for his team's performance. Raiders are up for another two points Raiders expectantly await a rebound. Teamwork is not unusual to see in a Raider game. After a tie ball, Wilkins gets the best of an opponent. period, Walt Bechtol was ejected along with Garland's Randy Love as tempers flared and the load was too much for Kennelly, Perry and Turner to handle as the Owls came out victors by a close score of 48-44. The Raiders finished the sea- son in much the same way as they won a few more, but drop- ped more also. The two most outstanding games of the year were when the Raiders met the Owls in their last game together and held on in the last minute to win by a small margin of 51-50. The other game was against Richardson Pierce as the Raid- ers' Vince Parsons made a bucket with no time remaining on the clock to win the game 50-49. Coach Kennedy and his team did not have a fantastic season, but they can still be proud. They all gave 10091 and that is all one can ask. Raiders often hit from the top of the key. 1 ui uv E it 5 E fe in IV Basketball lst row: Marty Marshall, Richard McGroan, David Montgomery, Darrell Frasier, Iames Cross, Danny Nixon. 2nd row: Coach Ioe Gar- cia, David Schrock ttrj, Mike Strong, Ieff Hendley, Mark Harris, David Taylor, fDocJ Carroll Montgomery. N.G. Opponent 41 R.L. Turner 42 52 Woodrow Wilson 43 61 Sunset 54 49 Berkner 51 39 DeSoto 34 60 X Wilmer-Hutchins 69 51 X South Garland 50 39 X Richardson 40 40 X Mesquite 55 Bye 44 X Garland 42 40 X Lake Highlands 39 48 X Pearce 39 51 X North Mesquite 62 75 X Wilmer-Hutchins 74 50 X South Garland 49 39 X Richardson 58 41 X Mesquite 63 Bye 46 X Garland 50 52 X Lake Highlands 65 49 X Pearce 50 65 X North Mesquite 50 X Denotes District Games Strong support from players such as Mike Strong will lend support to NG next year. Ieff Hendley lends strong support to the Harris shows good form as he goes for IV efforts. 2. Inside shots helped the Raiders. Freshman Basketball lst row: Buddy Young, Steve Parsons, Broda McAlister, Ioe Mount, Steve Howard. 2nd row: Don Fields fcoachj, Matt Montgomery Brian Becker, Steve Carter, Floyd Pollan, Bill Epperson Ccoachj. .aff it 1' na ir. K -J' r.., , --4?l,...w ,.4. I Swim Team 1st row: Bill Welden, Ellen Hughes, Ieff Bailey. 2nd row: Cindy Hall, Curt Adair, Ray Parrish. Mike Tresp, Mike Herklotz, Greg Teske 3rd row: Mike Christensen, Rick Ragle, Mark Smith, Steve Hoskins, Cathy McCroan, Gina Hemple. Precision diving helped the swim team have a successful season. The girls ofthe NC swim team contrib uted 21 great deal this year. Baseball , .... .,-, A,-,.,---g.g-..gun-, 'ea-sr--ref--f ""'iE' f V' Q px, lst row: Marty Morgan ftrainerj, Brian Lewis, Rusty Wildman, Randy Ginn, Marty Marshall, Rockney Pollard. 2nd row: Iames Pippin ftrainerj, Mac Hamilton, Iay Caton, Scott Thompson, Richard Richarz, Roy Knief, Chuck Cawthorn, Ricky McFarland, Ieff English. 3rd row: Iohn Walker fcoachj, Gary Davenport fcoachj, Price Clifford, Kent Turner, Bobby Nall, Dave Greer, Mark Harris, Lee Mont- gomery, Craig Wright, Chuck Cornett fcoachj. By March 1, the Raider baseball team was looking forward to a very promising season. ln their first scrimmage game, they won by a score of 23-2. They played, and trounced, the Garland Owls in their second scrimmage game. Coach Cornett was pleased with the performance of his team so far. Their success can be contributed to returning lettermen such as Craig Wright, Dave Greer, Randy Guinn, Kent Turner, Roy Knief, lay Caton, Richard Richarz, and others. They also had promising underclassmen who will be coming back to make another great baseball team next year. Good equipment helped the Raiders steadily improve. Knief scores the first point of the sea- son. Randy connects for a solid double. 1 Mac works hard on his pitching. W, . fi , , kkkk t Q- . , -' , -,Q , 9-4, I nxt, x 4 - tk ' 2 mm' . M f v- 1 it " Q- fe ,M -t ,ii - . . . Bull- hge 3 . , W P- f 5 -1 1 if nuff, in , 4 no "3b..,Y+, 'd yi 'A F. 2, I 3b'.t2gf' 'K Wg K 5, ,'. 1, 9 fig ' X f . . . -, N- f gy ' tl, 5?-, " , . V5.5 3, ,L -- -, w 4- if , 2,4 zgmgmnu , 'f gi . H - mf 1 r -' - '- 'QI "A .a -,4 "" 4 V -.yi 3 A 4 ,MM N ' . I 'ab 1 f Q, t ilmy 1. fl 'V 6' Q in i 'N ." -. xl' ' iv Q" g, 'M 7 .i 1 . L. V -, f x :flag 1, Ak' 'L Y ' r' ' Q.: S li' "-. i it-' " Jw I 'tl ld' 3 if ,"'4l'l?HsS'f P , 'v gig ' .-'in , E , Ax . . ,, f - Qi- e ki 14' . Q , f . . B., -x. 1 4 , , . 1 ,i 2 Q 1 . ri, m e Q ' r it A 5 ? ,ff1,,fa,, f ' 1:52, , ' 1' t I-W, K R f? "! p " K " : , ,:':' 55555, ba, ' ' 'K W if , """' 9' " ' 1: ' A ' 7 ' fi 1' Hffm , X - . 'ff M 1 ' ' itzfifi A ff .15 ', ,' " 'lf-tg, ' - " . is-. .-W if ,b Q ,V aft, f ' 2g',",W lg li, ',i?'gQiWugff'73 3' . .af .. figs' , I f, t 4 ' riff Ma i .h Ak -W AA Greer's good hitting contributed to the Raiders. Girls and Bo s Track 1st row: Cindy King, Delaine Bick, Melisa Hynes, Melodie Kirshner. 2nd row: Kelly Hooper, Ioy King, Iudy Turner, Ioy Davis, Carrie Snyder, Diane Gilliland, Cathy Seeley, Shelly Gibson, Carol Nunez fcoachj. 3rd row: Cyndi Groden, Iennifer Romans, Tannis Bras- well, Lisa Weaver, Angela Freeman, Karen Hyde, Debra DeBoer, Ianice Iones. 4th row: Theresa Coburn. Terri Trout, Denise Cox, Vanessa Barnett, Icy Hunter, Robyn Wiseman, Rebecca King, Becky Barker. Diane Marsden, Diane Davidson, Karen Coleman, Wel- den Smith fcoachj. My ,,, ,wa 1st row: Russell Collins, Doug jones, Paul Thomas, Ronnie Shearer, Steve Clifford, Frank Stewart, Mike Horstman, Robert Campbell. 2nd row: Cliff Bechtol, Mark Lawson, David Garrett, Bret Holtree, Greg Woodliff, Pete Roth, Van Cates, lack Meger. 3rd row: Gary Coburn, Iohn Burleson, Danny Nixon, Eric Walker, Mike Strong, George Dalton. Randy Griffon, Iames Gunnels, 4th row: Troy Gra- ham, Billy Durand, Greg Owens, Rodney Moore, Denise Hagin, Iohn McDonald, Floyd Pollan. 5th row: Charlie Razor, Robert Castro, Chris Cure, Wayne Foreman, Kevin Thomas, Rich Fahnstock. 6th row: Vick Verble, Iustin Ferguson, Donnie Ashenfelter, David Falmer, Donny Pyles, Ioe Bojarski, Kelly Exman. 7th row: Iames Ivy tcoachj. Gene Mayes tcoachl, Skip Mobley fcoachj, Iohn Hacker coachl. D1 dw I f' if - i-,ma-g,g:gw-f '-1,5 if K v- N . Precision timing helped speed up Raider relays all year long. 2 e Coach Hacker spent many hours of hard work preparing the track team for the '75 season. With great form, Verble clears another hurdle. Tennis lst row: Rebecca Emory, Kathy Kirk, Debbie Parrish, Carla Beagley. 2nd row: Bert Curtis fcoachl, Mark Calhoun, Mark Stubbs, Rich- ard Day, Donny Martin, Mark Box. 3rd row: Thayne Wickam, Terry Samples, Darrell Starks, Mike Pickle. Pickle smashes a return. Strong serves will help NG this year and next. Aw, come on and hit one to me!" A tricky return and a nice play A nice slam by Onofrio scores a point. O4 Boys and Girls Golf 1st row: Iimmy Boyd, Kyle Turner, Bill Motteram, Scott Garner. 2nd row: Steve Carter, Shawn Smith, Mike West, Allen Parish, Doug Pickle Ccoachj. Rebecca Emory, Kathy Kirk, Doug Pickle fcoechl, Nancy Hollabaugh. A - 2X':f'.: J:"'.,'f"f' - '4 'H Riff ' 'LQWQA 7 1 " V, ' ,few 11 1 ' ' ii i -Q-wi A ' ' ei ' Mjig k. mf ,R f iauwil'--F7' 'MSM ,ft:'F:fff+.r .A ,,, ..,,, t . Everyone makes a mistake sometime. Coach Pickle shows the finer arts of cheating at golf. 4 . Ai A iff x ,I -3211135 I ' filfg Silt '-', , , .0 I ' Q :En-awii - . W i'i"w H - ,,.,,,' . W! ,F if ,V,,. . it I 'img ' , 1+ 5,2211 1- rm 'W .", V ,,,,kf in ,.", , f t, 'rf ' I f ,Q -' 1,1 1, fi , .1 Q K "X 1+-MQW - Turner tees off with great form. Good putting is a necessity in golf. 5 711.. Q I 4 s an .ff-wana ,gi-,,. , wwf 'WT W F A 7 K o game, . 14 W 4 K EESl'AeEsi"iFa.:,".f . ' - s 6 nw 1 .11-ma-, an " 'L .. 1 9 1t'2??l:':L ,, vzfw: ff 4, L fiiwgfm 'X X ' f A chip shot to the green, one of the hardest golf shots. Concentration. . . I 1 . .Q the name of the 305 6 Intramurals 1st row: Scott Harris, Randy Ginn, Mark Box, lay Caton, Gary Wyrick, Mark Smith, Mac Hamilton, Mike Horstman, Scott Collier. 2nd row: David Hamby, Mark Gibson, Pete Roth, Don Fong, Gene Wells, Gary Ross, Randy Ling, David Parrish, Robert Campbell. 3rd row: Lee Montgomery, Calvin Cook, Robert Castro, Mike Holland, Ioe Lazono, Gary Strawn, Iimmy Shugart, Dennis Hudson. 4th row: Rick Rives. Paul Bull, Ray Linck, Steve Cowans, Kent Turner, Dave Greer, Gary Goodwin, Russ Collins, Gary Emory. 5th row: Gerald Oliver, Ricky Peoples, Price Clifford, Ronnie Shearer, Steve Clifford, Randy Allen, Rockney Pollard, Donny Cobb. 6th row: Ioe Matthews, Ron Allen, Roy Knief, Craig Firestone, Lee Farrell, Steve Bankhead. .ll f . F .-'.,s lst row: Cindy Groden, Edith Walker, Dru Wood, Kathy Seeley, Karen Glover, Karen Nelson, Diane Blankenship, Kathey Shelton, Iennifer Maciel, Terry Plant. 2nd row: Melisa Hynes, Melanie Kirshner, Sharon Wattenbarger, Phyllis Parkinson, Maureen McGahen. Molly Thomas, Karen Hyde, Iennifer Romans, Beth Smith, Nada McLaughlin, Theresa Conrad. 3rd row: Vickie Dempsey, Ioyce Iohn- son, Carla Begley, Kelly Hooper, Vicki Stewart, Susan Young, Tracy Eagle, Carmela Davis, Pam Iacona, Karen Donnel, Cindy King. 5 J The team pictured above was the intramurals football championship team in the boys' competition. 1st row: Brad Roberts, Don Fong, Mark Smith. 2nd row: Dog I'oneS, Richard Richarz, Iackie Anderson, Randy Ginn. not pictured: Rick Peoples. The team pictured above won both the football and volleyball championship in girls' competition. lst row: Dru Wood, jennifer Romains, Terry Plant, Kathy Shelton. 2nd row: jennifer Maciel, Sharon Wattenbarger. Phyllis Parkinson, Carmelia Davis, Edith Walker. 7 Gymnastics Mike Wilson represented North Garland in the state gymnastics meet. I-Ie was the state champ in 1973 and 1974 and the AAU National Iunior Olympics champ. Mike competes in six events and was named by the Weekly Gymnast Newsletter as an All-American in five of them, including the All-Around. Mike started gymnastics at the age of 11 and has competed in Colorado, Nebraska, Washington, and Monterrey, Mexico. He hopes to participate in the 1976 Glympics, but a knee injury could force him to wait until the 1980 Olympics. Q Q P J Z5 Q 5 i 3 fs Si 2 4 i Q. O gl . 4. if ,f ,iv ADS f gil' ,, I FRESH SHR BEAVIPAT C It's our tenth anniversary year ..... and a great time for you to begin anew, as a Very Important Person .... A Colonial National Bank depositor. This winning team Wants YOU! A VIEMBEQ BANK OF FIRST SECUPITY NATIONAL COFIPOHATION COLONIAL NATIONAL BANK BUILDING Walnut at homer ' 272 955l Member F Ol C. 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COMPLETE WIRE SERVICE I I ' CC THE THREAD SHEDD G Q I Jr and Jr Pe+i+es QQ across from E, E McDonald'sl .P mg X w5Nxuwnnl l 272-6I55 I Aff D . Ulm I I on ' Q DQ, ..-3657, XX tx Xxx- .fvfd T' I GARLAND OFFICE SUPPLY, INC. 620 W. Garland Ave. P.O. Box 729 Garland, Texas 75040 Phone: 272-6406 Office Equipmen+ Office Machines 321 ei? 40 ' T? A-lg ei! 5U4o1f5QqiZ47JM?gEiM8i ' Q - . si., 'iw Fefe it 0 OWYMW VFQDAZZQSHS W 'XWW , ff 2 My 9?,?0"5gy352 A ' WIQVIQ 6,9535 3:5 QW M-5 g W? H ay. 3 4 6,99 92338 Xbwxofwgf dixifgfkggyw Wk .H AL ,D TEXQS HGGIES MPV fffgbu ggigy. . ii ' Q' ' 5700000 Y n X5 dean enum E ii W CM aff . Q94 'wwf 71704 A and 'QE . 4 -U' 5 5'A - M 3 U T5 ,-'V S 1 xx 1" LXA63 U5 x 6 gg . X' f ' X VY ,,, fl " U ' hw gg ,Ei Vp A zwteiw QQOQ X 4 Q ' ,fa +,V ' 3 cw mf X Sirwet E M x 2532 R ax ' - ya 'E O 3 14 aiu cefe jleeeel ye.. fo ee, frainer garrof Wonfgomery eeeel leze efeff for flee 'enolfeaa le oufg Jpenf faking eeee ef eeee l?eefeJeee. 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Suggestions in the North Garland High School - Marauder Yearbook (Garland, TX) collection:

North Garland High School - Marauder Yearbook (Garland, TX) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


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North Garland High School - Marauder Yearbook (Garland, TX) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


North Garland High School - Marauder Yearbook (Garland, TX) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


North Garland High School - Marauder Yearbook (Garland, TX) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


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