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. .lgw .. .,..- . n 1 X r' i W' s 4 z d . 'Q ' u , Q . 5' ix X vb New , . -:.,:j'v. 'NX -QTQT uf - " as X ' 1 " -E. .' J,-sl ' f--i"3'f -fn. ' 5:A ,c 6" ' Vi 1 '1N', V- " F' , 59 . . . -J. A .g ' .4 Q4 ' . fl , 1.4 v 9 a ,uri 1 'F -S sv x ' J , 9. , sa Ai T4 1'4 o.v'5.i' ,' .J ,. W fag. -s . t l , . .. g.JQY f vt.,-. vig. .Q .Q 1:3 Q als... 'a , , -W N A "M " xii -"J: ..' Q ,:l,.,x ,. - M- gp! gl wi 4: I. 'ct W: I .f-Q am- 415-,' .p W f - , lfffk sf? 1 'Y tv' ' V "':w'sf.-" 'ns 1-V J ' '. , I in, .rsi?X.1::'W5v .K A n 1 " 5 r. . jf-.v ,.' - -.M -' , N 1 1:11 ev':-dak-aa " f A , ' V ' ' 'i " 1'1'Y'w VV "w.V 2.3+'2 'a.1 -ffV.tV- . -V .34 stu-. q,,,. b tw.-kt. K- X A G I K, V W . .4 L- ,kggy fu, , . I .4 J A , V v pa . Vf-,V , , 'V' ' ,W , 1 W ghf 'k ., "E, ', . ,V 1 ,, V V V VVf.,,..-.41-V.. V M V.-V,,f,,.W ,L U A, 4 N 5. L'-Qu A if . lx Q g. ,. .SVN G. H, I . A 9' A .... afwrsugbgg, -2 MN Q ,. . 4 .., ln. q X N -Q: aw. K- 1 -Q Y V VL, ' ' . 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I 6' K S 'V ' ' V 'Y V'.gnr7s A-21 .3475 t 'fwy ' '. 5. " ' .".' -MP1 Q A , .. 'V 5 . '- 'Q' - .V , A - QV: .' , .1 2- , . ' 1 ' 'isnq V gr, V . .' ' 3"3"'l'f Y- fi' V -"L T- - ",..-'TF "A s -A " ' " WV- ' iv:-Y, .,V K- N uw. I - . if . .l , M , W U ,. . , f -L1 .I wx :4n,:N, X 'yu H . xt. A :I vw, -3? . L. X. -PJ .X ,if .95 .x 2. it VJSQW s 4 V X . V ff vw' ."'.x:-gg V., 3 WAV ' ' -V H- J"--'R+ 'L' Q. -V V - .' V. . ' - :-' V.'v"'- , f .fm - . -- FV ' . - -f ff- ff -4- 'YH A' .LV Vs-V - Vp- X " - 'A ' ' . .1-I '. gf ,- . I O-EX kg?" 3 3. ,Lx V, IV j A -gf, L,Q,T. .V Vi, v 1 71 . ' , " -vi gf. 1 VV ' -fra -,'., , V x wh- :V . 1' , V. V ' ' . ,g 1 A " 5 ' ' f '-fi: V if 1?'5'7""7"'i,i:.9-- 4 ' "'x.,' -' ax. - 9' J -!.."5'V'-" ' MYR M 'X31. ' 'fiat 'A K M ,ll V V543 ' ' X V' A Egg , , :ggi .0 faq, '-. , K ' - ,f A ,5 Us 'iv :A - .1 , A . . fn!!-In sf WV A ,bl A ,,+.. 4, -egg. 1-Spy 'kg , 'K-5, if 1 'V l 2,2 , 655 ., www: V xy ,px if 3.1.7. 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N, V 1 ' b' lf: hi ' T '3 . J-Wi 5 V, ' J' M - l A ff' M QdVf V ,QV H! K Q. f A " W ':" E: I I ' If " ' - L,..V, A ,KX A -5 ' , .f , ,VVI 1 - .Q N.. figs V , H ,Li ' V 'VV- :ar V--, V' ff L 1 -Aw. VV .',.' kk A ,, -. - 1- 1969 GALLI CO NTY ECHO TO THE STUDENTS OF GALLIA COUNTY Another year has gone by and your journey stretches ahead. When you gaze in retrospect at these years - your first step - you will realize that the years spent in secondary education will have constituted the most im- portant and formative steps in your lives. The knowledge you gain, and the experiences you encounter during your high school years will be invaluable as you prepare for the future and mature in the understanding of the complex world in which you live. - Clarence Thompson County Superintendent Table of Contents Message of County Superintendent, Mr, Clarence Thompson - Table of Contents - - Gallia County Board of Education - - Valedictorians - - Salutatorians - - Hannan Trace High School- - Kyger Creek High School - - Southwestern High School - - Basketball Scoreboard -- Football Scoreboard - - North Gallia High School - - AmwHBemems--- Atnographs- - Page - 1 - - 2 - 3 - 4 - - 5 - - 6-39 40-77 78-113 - 114 - 115 116-151 152-182 183-183 The Gallia Count Board of Education Left to right: Clarence Thompson, County Superintendent, Truman Sheetsg Granville Burnette, Vice Presidentg Henry Skidmore, Presidentg Merrill Bunce: C. A, Evans. COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT Mr. Clarence Thompson E ELEMENTARY SUPERVISOR SECRETARY M1-5, Pauline Rjfe Mrs. Wilma Anderson 3 Valedictorians - 1969 JOHN HUG HES Kyger Creek rip N W I y r' 'X WLS If W Q I I I I 4 ROSEMARY BOST IC Southwestern W .'jnzJq W1.,.. , 1 rwffafr DAVID DANIELS LEAH JO FISHER Harman Trace North Gallia alutatorians - 1969 JUDY BURNETTE HALL Southwestern ' MARY BETH SCHULDT Southwestern eeee 1 r fig? iq . CHUCK BRADBURY IOYCE CHURCH JERRI PAYNE Kyger Creek Hannah Trace North Gallia URGES' 'MQ' ll , Am aw xx. H rm - Tiff ,,.z7 Li ESQ K f il' ull ., s Wi rs. DAVID DA NIELS Valedictorian JOYCE CHURCH Salutatorian LARRY IEFFERS Honorarian lass of 1969 FIRST ROW, left to right: Marilyn Caldwell, Dorothy Wells, Edna Caldwell, Sandra Cox, Rosalea Davis, Sheilla Freeman, Paula Kelley, Donna Cox, Carla Shaffer, Vickie Cremeans. SECOND ROW: Linda Meadows, Sandra Bryan, Everett Montgomery, Vernon Sims, Tom Lewis, Larry Jeffers, Dave Daniels, Carl Randolph, Richard Simms, Allen Bickle, Mike Slone, Joyce Church, Leann Sprouse, THIRD ROW: Jim Chapman, Mike Spangler, Mike Blake, John Clary, Dean Shaffer, Mike Johnson, Fred Queen, Jesse Barry, Danny O'Dell, Darrell Johnson. 8 r I v Harman Trace Faculty MR. EMERSON SHIMP MRS, CONSTANCE MOORE Vocational Guidance Agriculture Health Physical Education MR. HENRY DILLON MISSQPATRICIA EATON Algebra I, Il Typing I, II Geometry Shorthand I General Math Bookkeeping I, II Business Math Office Practice General Business Senior Review Math MR. IERALD PARSONS General Science Biology Physics MR, PAUL DILLON American History World History Business English Civics MRS. RUBY SHOCKLEY Reading Latin I F MRS. CAROLYN COGAR Chorus Band MRS, REVADA DINGESS MR, NOEL HEISTER MRS, RUTH DARLINGTON MRS, MARY HOLDERBY English II, III, IV Drivers Education Vocational Home General Music World History English I, II Economics Music Appreciation Library Health Physical Education SANDRA IRENE COX Newspaper Sta 45 Pep u ff Cl b 4. A LLEN BICKLE FFA 1,25 Basketball 1,25 Class News Reporter 4, 2 4'-45' Hannan Trace Seniors DAVID DANIELS Valedictoriam Class Pres, 1,25 Student Council 1,2, 35 District Scholarship Team 2, 35 Honorable Mention State Scholarship Team 2, 35 Boys State Delegate 35 Buckeye Rural Scholarship Alternate 45 Newspaper Staff 4, M.V.P. Basketball 2,3,4: M.V.P. Co. Tourney 35 Co. All-Tourney Team 3,45 HT Holiday All-Tournament Team 1,45 Best Rebounder 2, 35 Best Defensive Player Basketball 25 Most Improved Player Basket- ball 15 All-SVAC Team 2, 3, 45 Co, Leading Scorer Basketball 3,45 Best Defensive Player Baseball 25 Best Pitcher 3, 45 Leading Hitter 3,45 M,V,P, Baseball 35 Honorable Mention All-State Basketball 45 Best Spanish, World History, English, Phys. Ed.. Geometry. Biology 25 Best Typist, Amer. Hist. , Algebra, English 3. TOM LEWIS FFA 1,25 FFA Reporter 25 Jr,-Sr, Play 3: Football 45 Basketball 1,2 VICKIE CREMEANS Transfer from Gallia Academy 45 Varsity Band 15 All County Band 15 Glee Club 25 Librarian 15 Sec- retary 15 Ensemble 25 Christmas Musical 25 Gallian Staff 35 News- paper Staff 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Fall Festival Queen Candidate 45 FFA Sweetheart Candidate 45 Pep Club 45 Beauty Academy Scholar- ship 4, Au SHARON LEANN SPROUSE Chorus 15 Class News Reporter 1, 25 Class Secretary 35 Beta Club 2, 3, 4: Beta Club Treasurer 45 Student Council 45 Student Council Pres. 45 FFA Sweetheart Candidate 25 Amer- ican Legion Test 2, 35 District Scholarship Team 35 Jr, -Sr, Play Cast 3,45 Shorthand Award 35 Pep Club 3,45 Librarian 35 DAR Test 45 Newspaper Staff Co-editor 45 Year- book Staff 45 Homecoming Queen Candidate 45 Class Treasurer 4. JAMES C. CHAPMAN FFA 1,2, 35 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 45 Most Improved Basket- ball player 3, 4. Harman Trace emors JOYCE CHURCH Salutatorian5 Class Sec'y 1, 25 Class Pres, 3,45 FHA 1,2, 3,45 FHA Pres. 35 FNC 2,3,45 FNC V, Pres, 35 PNC Pres, 45 Beta 1,2,3,45 Beta V. Pres, 35 Beta Pres, 45 Student Coun- cil 3, 45 Student Council Sec'y 35 Student Council V, Pres, 45 FFA Sweetheart 35 Candystriper 3,45 Student Body V. Pres. 45 DAR Test 45 Miss Gallia Co, Contestant 3, 4 4th Runner-up 35 Miss Congeniality 35 News- paper Staff Co-editor 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Cheerleader 25 Jr, -Sr, Play Cast 3, 45 Varsity and Reserve Basketball Scorekeeper 3,45 District Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3,45 Librarian 2, 35 Chorus 1,25 Phys, Ed, Award 25 I Dare You Award 45 Geography Award 35 PAD Award 4, JOHN M. CLARY FFA 15 Basketball Manager 15 Foot- ball 15 Class Play 3, 45 Fall Festival King 4. CARLA JEAN SI-IAFFER Newspaper Staff 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Jr. -Sr, Play Cast 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 4, LARRY IEFFERS Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 45 Football 45 Football - Statistician 25 Class Treasurer 2, 35 Class Secretary 45 Beta Club 45 Student Council 15 District Scholarship Team 35 Student Body President 4g English Award 4, PA ULA KAY KELLEY Transferred from West IrL High Huntington, W. Va. 1: FHA 1,2,3: Fall Festival Queen Candidate 35 Newspaper Staff 45 Pep Club 1,2, 3, 4. Hannan Trace Seniors EVERETT MONTGOMERY ROSA LEA DAVIS Homecoming Queen 45 Homecom- ing Attendant 1,2, 35 Newspaper Staff 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Fall Festival Candidate 15 Student Council 1,25 Vice-Presi- dent 25 News Reporter 45 American Legion Test 1, 25 Jr, -Sr, Play Cast 3, 4. CARL L. RANDOLPH Football 1, 3,4, SVAC 4, Baseball 1,2,3, 4' Basketball 1 2 3 4' Vice-President 4' News Reporter 1, 3 Beta Club 1 2 3, 45 FFA 2, 3, 45 FFA Treasurer 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Student Council 2, 45 Football Captain 45 Gold Rating for FFA Treasurer's Book 45 Parliamentary Procedure Team 45 Math Award 4. i 13 ta ft Hannah Trace eniors DARRELL IOHNSON DONNA I. COX Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 FFA 1, 2. SA NDRA K. BRYAN Newspaper Staff 4, FHA 1,2,3g Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4. i RICHARD MICHAEL SIMMS FFA 1,2, 3,45 FFA Reporter 23 FFA Sentinel 3, 4, FFA State Farmer 4, FFA Parliamentary Procedure Team 3,43 FFA State Soil Judging Contest 2, 3, FFA State Agricultural Mechan- ics Test 4g Vo. Agr, Award 2, 35 Beta Club 1,2, 3, 4, Beta Reporter 1, Beta Treasurer 2, Class Reporter 25 Student Council 4, Pep Club 4g District Scholarship Team 2, 35 Ir, - Sr. Play 3, 45 Basketball 1, Reading Award 3, DeKalb Award 49 Bookkeeping Award 35 I Dare You Award 4: Physics Award 4. FHA 1,2, 3, 4, DECA 45 Pep Club 2, Transferred from Penta Tech, Voc. 4. DEA N SHA FFER Class Vice President lg Student Council lg Jr,-Sr, Play 4, Hannan Trace Seniors MARILYN CALDWELL MIKE SLONE Cheerleader 25 FHA 1,2, 3, 4g News Reporter 3g Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, MICHAEL IOHNSON FFA 1,2, 3g FFA Dairy Judging 2, 35 FFA Basketball 35 FFA Assistant Sentinel 2g Perfect Attendance 3g FFA Sentinel 29 Transfer from Gal lia Academy 4, DOROTHY WELLS Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Baskefbaii 1, 2. A FHA 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 1,2, 3, 4 EDNA CALDWELL Student Counc1l2 Pep Club 1 2 3 4 FHA 1 2 3 4 Newspaper Staff4 American Legion Test 2 Hannan Trace eniors VERNON SIMS JESSE BARRY FFA Chairman 1g Basketball 1. MIKE SPA NGLER Basketball 1, 3, 4g Football 3, 4 DANNY O'DELL Reading Award 4, FFA 3,4, SHELIA JUNE FREEMAN FHA 1, 3, 45 Pep Club 1, 3, 4: News- paper Staff 4, Ir. Sr, Play 4. LINDA QMARTINQ MEADOWS FHA 1,2, 3, 45 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls Basketball Team 1,45 Chorus 1,25 PNC 3, 45 Candystriper 3,45 Newspaper Staff 45 Student Coun- cil 3. 4 V 'IIHHV' CLA SS COLORS HQHHHH Trace eniors MIKE BLA KE Transfer from Huntington High 45 Perfect Attendance 4, GRADUATING CLASS OF 1969 CLASS MOTTO "Today Decides Tomorrow" -nswss-'bs' FRED QUEEN Football 1,2, 3,41 All S.V.A.C. 4 FFA 1,2, 3, 45 FFA Student Advisor 25 FFA Vice President 3,45 Foot- ball Captain 45 Baseball 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Class Vice President 35 Student Council 35 FFA General Livestock Judging Team 2, 35 Class Play 3, 45 Parliamentary Pro- cedure Team 2, 3, 4. CLASS FLOWER Red, Black and White Carnation BACCALAUREATE, Sunday, May 18, 1969 COMMENCEMENT, Friday, May 23, I6 1969 Harman Trace FIRST ROW, left to right: Donna Shafer, Linda Shaw, Anita Sheets Long, 'Debbie Rossiter. Karen Warren, Connie Warren, Marla Wise, Freda Taylor, SECOND ROW: Mrs. Dingess, Carol Shockley, Dorothy Watson, Richard Spangler, Ronnie Waugh, Jim Sisson, Debbie Wells, Debbie Sheets, Brenda Williams. THIRD ROW: John Shaffer, Carl Wolford, Charles Lee Waugh, Steve Sanders, Nick Swain, Ray Slone, Norman Swindler, Charles Howard Waugh. Juniors E FIRST ROW: Joyce Phillips, Linda Dennison, Bonnie Holley, Debbie Harrison, Sandy Queen, Wanda Johnson, Jessie Myers, SECOND ROW: Roger McGuire, Hollis Myers, Stanford Cox, Tommy McGuire, Mike Beaver, Lawson Jenkins, Greg Gooderham, Mr, Dillon, THIRD ROW: Bill Fisher, Kenny Brannen, Jerry Church, Joe Bevan, Lewis Pickett, Rick Evans. I7 Harman Trace J l 1 J J 1 1 5 FIRST ROW, left to right: Brenda Cremeens, Allyson Lewis, Beverly Johnson, Betty Sanders, Christina O'Dell, Sandra Caldwell, Debbie Caldwell, Beverly Beaver. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Darlington, Paul Capper, Wayne Queen, Tom Beaver, Rick Bickle, Steve Daniels, Larry Cremeens, Bruce Maynard, THIRD ROW: Kenny Cummons, Nelson Davis, Paul Elkins. ophomores 2 J s, i FIRST ROW, left to right: Cathy Small, Carolyn Williams, Ruth Saunders, Joanne Sisson, Brenda Waugh, Cathy Slone, Sue Shafer, Carolyn Taylor, SECOND ROW: Mr. Shimp, Beverly Sanders, Paula Stanley, Donald Wray, Jerry Waugh, Ricky Blake, James Shafer, Sue Tredway, Susie Sheets. THIRD ROW: Roger Taylor, David Spangler, John Sanders, Rodney Stapleton. I8 HHHHQH Trace FIRST ROW, left to right: Brenda Halley, Sharon Davis, Gail Belville, Lori D'Ambrosio, Belinda Connoly, Jackie Halley, Peggy Fillinger, SECOND ROW: Mr, Heister, Loretta Johnson, Pam Halley, Dale Cox, Gary Barry, Freddie Cox, Benny Clary, Anna Elkins, Carolyn Hatfield, Kathy Frye. THIRD ROW: Merrill Caldwell, Delbert Cisco, Dane Marshall. Freshmen FIRST ROW, left to right: Mr. Dillon, Beverly Martin, Rosemary Ray, Brenda Sanders, Dorothy Phillips, Marilyn Staple- ton, Debbie Shaffer, SECOND ROW: Dale Sanders, Keith Swain, Tommy Sheets, Bobby McGuire, Jim Swain, Scott Simms, Jim Swindler, THIRD ROW: Harley Wells, Mike Wise, Roger Shaffer, Dale Randolph, Leland Ours, Jim Ross, Robert Pack. I9 JUNIORS Carol Shockley - - - - - Secretary Jim Sisson - - - - President Mike Beaver - - - Vice-President Jessie Myers - - - -Treasurer Class Officers Larry Jeffers - SENIORS Joyce Church - - Leann Sprouse Everett Montgomery - - - - - - -Secretary - - President Treasurer Vice-President FRESHMEN Peggy Fillinger - - - - Vice- Dorothy Phillips - - - - Dale Randolph - - - Leland Ours - - - - - President President Secretary Treasurer Q .Tw- W, Ez g 1 A Cathy Slone - Steve Daniels Sue Shafer - - Cathy Small - - SOPHOMORES - - - -Secretary Vice-President - - President - - -Treasurer 'wsu Pep Club SEATED, FIRST ROW: Carol Shockley, Boni Holley, Karen Warren, Linda Dennison, Brenda Williams, Jessie Myers, Debbie Wells, Sharon Davis, Debbie Harrison, Gail Belville. SECOND ROW: Cathy Small, Wanda Johnson, Debbie Rossiter, Brenda Cremeens, Vickie Cremeans, Joyce Church, Carla Shaffer, Sandra Cox, Dorothy Watson, Rosemary Ray, Shellia Freeman, Rosalea Davis, Brenda Waugh, THIRD ROW: Pam Holley, Loretta Johnson, Carolyn Hatfield, Brenda Sanders, Peggy Fillinger, Lori D'Ambrosio, Dorothy Phillips, Debbie Shaffer, Marla Wise, Kathy Fry, Dorothy Wells, Marilyn Caldwell, Edna Caldwell. FOURTH ROW: Leann Sprouse, Everett Montgomery, Scott Simms, Jim Sisson, Gary Barry, Fred Cox, Richard Simms, Tom Beaver, Fred Queen, Steve Sanders, Linda Meadows, Drivers, Education FIRST ROW: Steve Sanders, Mike Beaver, Bill Fisher, Charles L. Waugh, Gary Barry, Wanda Johnson, Debbie Harrison, Debbie Wells, Carol Shockley, Lewis Pickett, Rick Evans. SECOND ROW: Richard Simms, Lawson Jenkins, Stanford Cox, Mr, Heister, Roger McGuire, Joe Beavan. 2l QW-.. iw! Officers Sue Shafer --------- Secretary Linda Martin - - - - - Treasurer Ioyce Church - - - - President S Carol Shockley ---- Vice-l3resident Future Nurses Club Candystripers Left to right: Dorothy Watson, Bonnie Holley, Linda Meadows, Joyce Church, Carol Shockley. Patient: Everett Montgomery. FIRST ROW, left to right: Bonnie Holley, Dorothy Watson, Joyce Church, Linda Meadows, Carol Shockley, Mrs. Shockley. SECOND ROW: Cathy Slone, Beverly Beaver, Beverly Sanders, Paula Stanley, Brenda Williams, Sue Shafer, Betty Sanders, Brenda Waugh. THIRD ROW: Beverly Johnson, Cathy Small, Brenda Cremeens, Ruth Saunders, Joanne Sisson, Carolyn Williams. 4 . Officers Left to right: Fred Queen, Vice President, Bill Fisher, Student Advisorg Mike Beaver, Secretary, Nor- man Swindler, President, Everett Montgomery, Treasurer: Steve Sanders, Reporter, Richard Simms, Sentinel. SEATED: Rick Evans, Kenny Cummons. FIRST ROW, left to right: Charles H. Waugh, Bill Fisher, Mike Beaver, Fred Queen, Norman Swindler, Everett Montgomery, Steve Sand- ers, Richard Simms, Larry Cremeens, Jerry Waugh. SECOND ROW: Mr. Shimp James Ross, Charles L. Waugh, Kenny Brannen, Scott Simms, Keith Swain, Ray Slone, Lawson Jenkins, Fred Cox, Rick Bickle, Hollis Myers, Robert McGuire, Benny Clary, James Shaffer, Lewis Pickett, Dane Mar- shall, Roger Shaffer, Harley Wells. THIRD ROW: Merrill Caldwell, Mike Wise, Dale Sanders, Leland Ours, Delbert Cisco, Gary Barry, Tom McGuire, Stanford Cox, Dale Cox, Danny O'Dell, Jim Swain, Jim Swincller, Joe Bevan, Robert Pack. F.F.A. PUBLIC SPEAKING CONTESTANTS - FIRST ROW, left to right: Steve Sanders, Bill Fisher, Mike Wise. SECOND ROW: Gary Barry, Freddie Cox, James Ross, I 'i 1 X if 31- ,595 , W ooF'H'9Iv Axmnfhk X IZ "ofa '49 1 l Wcux. 9 JJLJ sei H fwfr M A k I R s 'gm J UF AMERICA gow' 0 :F I XQ 3 K f. To 2 J L1- i EW 2 1 ng, '44, qxqlfv 0 Nfw HC SEATED: Cathy Slone, Historiang Debbie Harrison, News reporter, Carol Shockley, President, Wanda Johnson, County Officer, STANDING: Brenda Waugh, Vice Presidentg Brenda Williams, Songleaderg Debbie Wells, Treasurerg Jessie Myers, Secretary, Beverly Sanders, Parliamentarian, SEATED, FIRST ROW: Charles Stapleton, Rodney Stapleton. SECOND ROW: Debbie Wells, Beverly Sanders, Cathy Slone, Brenda Waugh, Carol Shockley, Debbie Harrison, Jessie Myers, Brenda Williams, Linda Meadows, Sandy Bryan. THIRD ROW: Mrs, Darlington, Wanda Johnson, Marilyn Stapleton, Debbie Shaffer, Sheilla Freeman, Edna Caldwell, Carolyn Taylor, Dorothy Watson, Karen Warren, Linda Dennison, Sandra Caldwell, Brenda Sanders, Connie Warren, Susie Sheets, Marla Wise, Sandy Queen, Debbie Sheets, FOURTH ROW: Donna Shafer, Gail Belville, Beverly Johnson Kathy Fry, Dorothy Phillips, Peggy Fillinger, Sharon Davis, Joyce Church, Allyson Lewis, Susie Tredway, Joyce Phillips, Beaverly Beaver, Marilyn Caldwell, Dorothy Wells, Freda Taylor. 24 Beta ' fs J ,.,:A I T l ' f S S ' B ' 'l :m mm N SEATED: Joyce Church, Presidentg Debra Sheets, Vice President, STANDING: Carol Shockley, Secretaryg Jessie Myers, News Reporterg Leann Sprouse, Treasurer. n , L M. SEATED, left to right: Linda Shaw, Betty Sanders, Carol Shockley, Joyce Church, Leann Sprouse, Jessie Myers, Debbie Sheets, STANDING: Cathy Small, Brenda Cremeens, Norman Swindler, Larry Jeffers, Richard Simms, Mike Beaver, Everett Montgomery, Sue Shafer, Debbie Harrison. 25 Newspaper Staff SEATED, left to right: Paula Kelley, Sandra Cox, Leann Sprouse. STANDING: Vickie Cremeans, Sandra Bryan, Linda Meadows, Ldna Caldwell, Dave Daniels, Joyce Church, Carla Sha- fer, Sheilla Freeman, Rosalea Davis, Miss Eaton. Student Council SEATED, left to right: Linda Shaw, Betty Sanders, Joyce Church, Leann Sprouse, Mike Beaver, Jim Sisson, Everett Mont- gomery, STANDING: Dorothy Phillips, Peggy Fillinger, Larry Jeffers, Richard Simms, Steve Daniels, Lewis Pickett, Bruce Maynard, Sue Shafer, Pam Halley, Mr. Dingess, Merrill Caldwell 26 News Reporters SEATED, left to right: Rosalea Davis, Ruth Ann Saunders, Debby Sheets, Gail Belville. STANDING: Scott Simms, Allen Bickle, Wayne Queen. si ,, ,. R x ' 'K Q, s 9 52, S. sf E ,Q Q X S4 mi Yearbook Staff SEATED, left to right: Vickie Cre- means, Carla Shaffer, Rosalea Davis. STANDING: Miss Eaton, Joyce Church. Leann Sprouse. District Scholarship Team SEATED: Sue Shafer, Beverly Johnson, Debbie Harrison, Jessie Myers, Brenda Williams, Chris- tina O'De11, Dorothy Phil- lips, Loretta Johnson. STANDING: Kenny Cummons, Debbie Sheets, Joyce Church, Bruce May- nard, Mike Beaver, Tom Sheets, Mike Wise, Cathy Small, Jim Ross. Librarians SEATED, left to right Allyson Lewis, Joyce ING: Mrs. Dingess, Tredway, Rick Evans, Lori D'Ambrosio. 27 Phillips, Bonnie Holley Freda Taylor. STAND Brenda Cremeens, Susan River Festival Queen Candidate DEBBIE SHEETS O xv! vi Homecoming t i Queen E ROSALEA DAVIS 'wg F.F.A. Sweetheart CAROL SHOC KLEY Fall Festival King and Queen IOHN CLARY and LORETTA JOHNSON l Miss Gallia Co. Candidates JOYCE CHURCH d CAROL SHOCKLEY Homecoming Court Carol Shockley Leann Sprouse Debbie Caldwell Gail Belville Fall Festival Court SEATED: Karen Warren Betty Sanders Vickie Cremeans STANDING: Ronnie Waugh Wayne Queen Harley Wells fs: gnpsuunuun-pg-pp-pq u.. .W F I s -- ,, :fy F.F.A. Sweetheart Court Cathy Slone Vickie Cremeans Pam Holley T C 4 Q' 'CJ 2? i t 3 eeoe W, C K if is Q C. . , is Q" " .L ' :V- a W ' SEATED, left to right: Sheila Freeman, Maw Fry, Leann Sprouse, Becky Maeg Wanda Johnson, Aunt Harry Hornhonker, STAND- ING: Bill Fisher, Pappy Popoffg Lawson Jenkins, Willie, Debbie Sheets, Emmyg Bonnie Holley and Dorothy Watson, Wedding Guests. :Q :sf " , Z 'L - Feudin, Over Yonder MUSICIANS Norman Swindler, Fred Queen, Mike Beaver, Jim Sisson, Kendall Mul- lins, Jim Swindler. SEATED: Sue Shafer, Special Guest. STAND- ING: Joyce Church, Rosie Belleg Richard Simms, Travelin' Preacherg Carol Shockley, Mountain Mag- gieg John Clary, Clemg Norman Swindler, Izzie Fry: Dean Shaffer, Zeke Popoff, 3I FIRST ROW, left to right: Brenda Waugh, Beverly Sanders, SECOND ROW: Kathy Frye, Diana Perkins, Pat Fife, Denise Shockley, Sharon Davis, Julia Hineman, Carol Shockley, THIRD ROW: Roger Taylor, Manager, Steve Sanders, Robert Sanders, Dale Randolph, Lester Cardwell, Ricky Iohnson, Mrs. Cogar. FOURTH ROW: David Hineman, Renee Petrie, Monty Sheets, Diana Unroe, Paula Workman, David Martin, Pam Galliette, Band and Chorus FIRST ROW, left to right: Rick Evans, Dorothy Watson, Allyson Lewis, Freda Taylor, Bonnie Holley, Brenda Waugh, Steve Sanders, SECOND ROW: Johnny Sanders, David Spangler, Sue Shafer, Susan Tredway, Carol Shockley, Cathy Slone, Roger Taylor, Mrs. Cogar. 32 FOOTBALL - FIRST ROW, left to right: Debbie Sheets, Captain, Cathy Slone, Debbie Caldwell. SECOND ROW: Brenda Cremeens, Cathy Srnall, Wanda Johnson, irlsl Basketball Team FIRST ROW, left to right: Beverly Beaver, Allyson Lewis, Linda Meadows, Brenda Cremeens, Beverly Sanders. SECOND ROW: Brenda Waugh, Carol Shockley, Sandy Queen, Joyce Church, Sue Tredway, Marla Wise, Donna Shafer, Mrs, Cogar, Cheerleaders BASKETBALL - SEATED: Cathy Slone. STANDING: Brenda Cremeens, Cathy Small Debbie Sheets. 3 BASKET BA LL CHEERLEADERS TOP LEFT: Debbie Sheets, Captain TOP RIGHT: Cathy Slone CENTER LEFT: Brenda Cremeens CENTER RIGHT: Cathy Small MAIORETTES AND DRUM MAJOR LOWER LEFT: Brenda Waugh LOWER CENTER: Steve Sanders LOWER RIGHT: Beverly Sanders i 1 Varsity TOP ROW, left to right: Jim Sisson, Steve Daniels, Jesse Barry, CENTER: Dave Daniels, Jim Chapman. BOTTOM ROW: Bill Wells, Everett Montgomery, Larry Jeffers. . A fs, K ' Wi' ' V , ,, .aw xg' J 1 ,fr -,E-Qpf .', ky! VARSITY BASKETBALL - SEATED, left to right: Everett Montgomery, Larry Jeffers, Dave Daniels, Jesse Barry, Jim Chapman, STANDING: Coach Dillon, Lewis Pickett, Managerg Norman Swindler, Steve Daniels, Bill Wells, Jim Sisson, Joe Bevan, Roger McGuire, Manager, Basketball RESERVE BASKETBALL - SEATED, left to right: Wayne Queen, Keith Swain, Jim Swindler, Joe Bevan, Robert Pack. STANDING: Larry Cremeens, Tom Beaver, Jerry Waugh, Norman Swindler, Coach Heister. 36 Senior Football Players Tom Lewis Fred Queen Larry Jeffers Everett Montgomery Football FIRST ROW: Wayne Queen, Larry Cremeens, Charles L. Waugh, David Spangler, Donald Wray. SECOND ROW: Jerry Church, Lewis Pickett, Fred Queen, Tom Lewis, Larry Ieffers, Everett Montgomery, Ronnie Waugh THIRD ROW: Mr. Heister, Richard Spangler, Rick Bickle, Hollis Myers, Steve Daniels, Jerry Waugh, Norman Swindler, Mr. P. Dillon. Baseball KNEELING: Bruce May- nard, Kenny Cummons, Fred Queen, Everett Montgomery, Wayne Queen, Jim Chapman. STANDING: Tom Beaver, Nickie Swain, Steve Dan- iels, Dave Daniels, Larry Jeffers, lim Sisson, Manager, David Belville, Manager, 37 JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS FIRST ROW: Paula Workman, Becky Rankin, Diana Perkins. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Hall, Denise Shockley, Beverly Stapleton. qu-,MMM f 1 yy: iv CLERK CUSTODIA NS S EC RETA RY Ann Belville Garrett and Mildred Watson Ila Hineman ...ggi Q-fmqg Washington Trip S e n i 0 I' S nf 2 K E541 455 QE IS wggm T isa: .M Wm www, if LM sgwxf X A Q. My Q Q ww 2 x pw M? K f iswaw a':sEgw:s25 Qi' ,gg iff? ,952 lawn , -,ggi gin 51395 xfsfixl -if sing D-Q, V-.EMM-.,,. W fi-112153--'fgA,fQmQ4xzsgfYga?LRflfwfww-f-w-mu-w'wwf-f,,N ,, A, ., ,, .. .?,.UL,R55k5l5y?eg,3,5Qg3gZ-,g,gg,5N,577g?Qi35,Q1g,gy-5Qg55g3ufg::1:g'ff. LQ Wy: 1,-',,,m,jK' 1?-ffgg4QfYpyffV:1s3sL -1-2521419 ,Si-2!S1iilQQ?f3?3f'1'?'g3'P7f'2K ww Aw QW A .M-M. W , V . , A f Z . 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V -- Awww ' - , A Q,.,mw5,fA ff - fam ,sim-2? f -Z W. 5 2 , -Q SS 'S A K fy , ,. ,, . .. ,M A..., ., ,,w4.,. . ,.,.,. ,.., , ,.,. ..., , , ,L.m... HOWARD I-IARDWAY Industrial Arts CAROL HEIDER English PATSY ING ELS Business Education PI-IYLLIS MA RT IN Seventh Grade ROLLA I. MATHENY Vocal and Instrumental Music MAURICE MAYES French, Social Studies 42 BAXTER B, AKERS Vocational Agriculture LYVONIA C. BUNCE Business Education HOWARD I. DUNCAN Seventh Grade PATSY FIELDS Physical Education AVICE FRECKER Home Econo mics MARY FULTON Librarian Kyger Creek acult HOWARD L. MILLER Coach, Physical Education SARAH MOSHIER Art SA LLY ORE BA UGH Guidance AILE EN RUTZ Science, Mathe matics JOHN SANG Coach, History FAY SAUER Latin, English EUGENE ST EV ENS Eighth Grade FORREST WARD Science MELVILLE WITHERS A ' J Mathematics Always busy, always interested - the faculty of Kyger Creek High School operating smoothly and efficiently - yet they always have time to extend a friendly hand to students and visitors alike. Kyger Creekvs School Board is r si i is ,111 Doris Roush, Clerkg Daniel Swisher, Roy Grose, Gordon Fisher, Presidentg Robert Lucas, Joseph Burger, Esther Gordon, Bookkeeper. Our Administrators at Work, MRS, ROBERTA KAIL, Secretary. Kyger Creek Seniors BRENDA BARKER Commercial PERRY BEEBE College Prep, CONNIE BLA NKENSHIP Commercial C HUCK BRAD BURY College Prep RUTH CASTO Commercial TOM COOPER College Prep. CHARLES CURNUTTE General GARY FISHER College Prep. BRENDA BARKER National Honor Society 4g Keyette Club 2, 3, 43 Newspaper Staff 43 Year- book staff 43 Office Aide 43 Arr Club 4. PERRY BEEBE Football 3,4, Co-capt. 43 Basketball 13 Baseball 2, 3, 43 Track 33 Key Club 2, 3, 4g Student Council 43 French Club 1,2, 33 Varsity Club 3, 43 Senior Class Play 4. CONNIE BLANKENSHIP Chorus 13 GAA 1,23 Art Club 43 Pep Club 3,41 Library Staff 43 Library Club 4, Officer 43 Senior Class Play 43 Speech Class Plays 4. CHUCK BRADBURY Basketball 1,2, 3, 4, All SVAC Second Team 2, All SVAC First Team 3, 4, All County Tournament Team 3, Cap- tain 33 Class Officer -1, 33 Key Club 2, 3, 4, Pres, 43 Latin Club 2, 3,4, Officer 23 National Honor Society 3, 4, Pres. 43 Football 13 District Scholar- ship Team 1, 3,43 Newspaper Staff 3,4 Varsity Club 3, 43 Speech Class Plays 4 Chorus 13 Glee Club 1. RUTH CASTO FHA 1,2,3,43 GAA 1,2, 3, Officer 3, Mixed Chorus 33 Girls' Ensemble 43 Newspaper Staff 43 Art Club 43 Senior Class Play 43 Yearbook Staff 4, TOM COOPER Student Council 13 Key Club 2, 3, 4, Officer 33 Basketball 13 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 33 Varsity Club Member 3, 4. CHARLES CURNUTTE FFA 1, 2, 3,43 Art Club 4. GARY FISHER Transfer from Gallipolis 23 Football 2, 3,4, Honorable Mention 43 Track- 2, 3, 43 Library Staff 2,42 Baseball 2, 3, 43 Varsity Club 3. ROY FRYE FFA 4. Kyger Creek Seniors DANNY BUCKLEY College Prep. KENNY BUCKLEY College Prep. ESTHER CHAPMAN Commercial TERRY COLLISON Commercial JACKIE CURNUTTE Commercial BOB FREEMA N College Prep. DIA NA HENSON Commercial KAREN SHAMBLIN College Prep, DANNY BUCKLEY Band 1, 2, 3,45 Mixed Chorus 1,2, 35 Key Club 2, 3, 45 Library Club 2, 35 Pep Band 2,35 Dance Band 2: French Club 1, 25 Solo Contest 25 Speech Play: 45 Senior Play Cast. KENNY BUCKLEY Football 1,25 Basketball 1,2, 3,45 FFA 2,3, 4, Pres, 3,45 Varsity Club 3,45 Speech Plays 45 Sr. Play, Art Club 4: Chorus 1,25 Glee Club 1,2, ESTHER CHAPMAN FHA 1,2, 3,4, Sec, 2, Photographer 3, 45 State Homemakers Degree 45 Li- brary Staff 3, 45 Library Club 3, 4, Of- ficer 45 Keyettes 3, 4, News Reporter 45 FNC 35 Candystriper 35 Pep Club 45 Newspaper Staff 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Sr. Play Cast. TERRY COLLISON GAA 1,2, Officer 25 Art Club 45 News paper Staff 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Sr. Pl JACKIE CURNUTTE Art Club 2,3,4, Sec. 4, V.-Pres., Treas, 35 Chorus 1,2, 3,45 Women's Ensemble 3,45 State Solo Contest 1,2, 3,45 FHA 1,25 GAA 1,25 French Club 3,4, Pres. 45 Library Staff 45 Library Club 4, Delegate 45 Newspaper Staff 3,45 Dist, Scholarship Team 15 Sr, Play, Speech Play 4. BOB FREEMAN Transfer from Price, Utah.5 Basketball 1,25 Latin Club 1,2, 3, 45 Speech Play: 45 Sr, Play Cast 4. DIANA HENSON GAA 1,2,3,45 Girls' Track 2,35 FHA Newspaper Staff 45 Yearbook staff 4. KAREN SHAMBLIN Gallia County Queen Cand. 3, Runner Up: Band 1,2, 3, 45 Majorette 2, 3, 45 Pep Band lg Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3,45 Women's Ensemble 3, 45 State Solo Contest 1, 2, 3, 45 Homecoming Queen Attendant 3, 45 Pep Club 3, 4, Officer 45 Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Officer 2, 3, 45 GAA 4, Officer 45 Keyette Club 3, 45 Civil Defense Training 35 Speech Plays 45 Sr, Play5 New Year's Queen Candidate 3, 4. Kyger Creek Seniors CAROL SUE DANIELS College Prep. LOUISE FRANKLIN Commercial RONNIE QUILLEN College Prep. JUDY ROACH Commercial BECKY ROTHGEB Commercial JIM SWISH ER General EARL THOMAS College Prep, ELLEN TROUT Commercial CAROL SUE DANIELS Art Club l,2, 3,4, Sec., Pres, 45 GAA 3, 45 Pep Club 3, 45 Girls' Basketball Team 3,45 Girls' Volleyball Team 35 Girls' Soccer 45 Dist, Scholarship Team 1, 35 Class V. Pres. 25 Library Staff 35 Newspaper Staff 15 Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Speech Plays 45 Sr, Playg Miss Spirit Contestant 35 PNC 3, Treas, 35 Candy- striper 3. LOUISE FRANKLIN Band 15 Chorus 15 FHA 1,2,3,4, State Convention 2, State Homemakers Degree 4, Treas. 3, V. Pres. 4, Sub- regional Meeting 4, Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow 4, Girl of the Month 45 Art Club 45 Pep Club 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Newspaper Staff 3, 45 Sr, Play5 Office Aide 4. RONNIE QUILLEN Football 1,3,4, Tri-Capt. 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3,45 Track 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 3, 45 French Club 45 Varsity Club 3, 45 State Solo Contest 3,45 Sr. Play Cast, JUDY ROACH Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4, Treas. 45 FHA 2, 3, 4, Historian 3, State Corl- vention 35 GAA 15 Newspaper Staff 3, 5 45 Yearbook Staff 3, 45 Editor-in-chief5 Sr, Play5 Dist, Scholarship Team 4, Bookkeeping Sth in District. BECKY ROTHGEB FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Recreation Leader 3, 45 GAA 1, 2, 35 FNC 35 Candystriper 35 Pep Club 35 Art Club 45 Newspaper Staff 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Sr, Play. JIM SWISHER Football 1,25 FFA 45 Library Staff 45 Library Club 4. EARL THOMAS Basketball 1, 3, 45 Football 15 Baseball 1,2, 3,45 Varsity Club 3, 45 Latin Club 2, 3,45 Speech Plays 45 Sr, Play5 Class Officer 4. ELLEN TROUT FNC 35 Candystriper 35 Yearbook Staff 45 Newspaper Staff 45 Feature Editor 45 Dist. Scholarship Team 4, Bookkeeping 16th in State, 2nd in District, 4th regardless of classification. 47 Kyger JOA N DA RST Commercial SUE GRIM College Prep. MARSHA RODGERS College Prep, JIM PRICE College Prep. G REG PEC K Agriculture ST EVE SPA ULDING College Prep. JOHN SCOTT General LINDA SISSON Commercial Creek Seniors JOAN DARST FHA 1,2, 3, 4, Songleader 2, 3,-4, State Homemakers Degree 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1,2, 3, 45 Pep Band 1,2, 3,45 Keyette 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 3, 45 FNC 3, 45 Candy- striper 3, 45 Treas, 45 FHA State Conv. 25 Civil Defense Program 35 Women's Ensemble 45 Newspaper Staff 45 Year- book Staff 45 Sr. Play5 French Club 4, Sec. 45 GAA 2, SUE GRIM Class Off. 45 Nat'l Honor Society 45 Dist. Scholarship Team 15 Keyette 3, 4, V,-Pres. 45 GAA 3,45 Chorus 1, 3,45 Women's Ensemble 35 Art Club 1, 3, 45 Latin Club 2,3,45 FNC 3, Pres, 35 Cheer- leader 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 3, 45 Home- coming Queen Cand, 3, 45 Library Club 45 Library Staff 45 Sr, Play Cast5 Candy- striper 35 Cheerleader of the Year 4, MARSHA RODGERS Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3,45 Women's En- semble 1,2, 3,45 Band 1, 2, 35 Pep Club 3,45 GAA 45 FNC 3,4, Off. 35 News- paper Staff 35 Girls Soccer 45 Sr, Play Cast5 Speech Plays 45 Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Homecoming Cand. 35 State Solo Con- test 1,2, 35 Flagball Team 4. JIM PRICE Baseball 2, 3, 45 Speech Plays 45 Sr. Play. GREG PECK Football 1,45 Basketball l,2,35 FFA 1, 2, 3, 45 State Conv. 35 Varsity Club 4. STEVE SPAULDING Football 2, 3, 45 Most Valuable Back 45 All SVAC 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Gil Dodd Track Award 35 Varsity Club 3, 45 French Club 3, 45 Latin Club 35 Stu, Council 25 Class Sec. 35 Speech Plays 4, JOHN SCOTT Football Mgr, 1, 2, 3,45 Basketball Mgr, l,2,3,45 Baseball Mgr. 1,2,3,45 Varsity Club 3, 45 FFA 4, LINDA SISSON Band 1,2,35 Pep Band 2, 35 Chorus 25 FHA 1,2, 3, 4, Parliamentarian 25 V, - Pres. 3, Pres, 45 State Conv. 35 GAA 1, Off,5 Homecoming Queen Cand. 35 Pep Club 3, 45 FNC 35 Candystriper 35 Art Club 45 Newspaper Staff 45 Year- book staff 45 Sr, Play, Kyger Creek Seniors DREMA SUE HENSON College Prep. PATTY RANKIN Commercial TOM REESE College Prep. MARY LOU SAINT College Prep. KATHY SKA GGS Commercial PEGGY SMITH College Prep. BRENDA TRENT College Prep. BARTON STUMP College Prep. DREMA SUE HENSON Varsity Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Keyette Club 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Pres, 45 Pep Club 3,45 Nat'l Honor Society 3,4, Sec'y 45 Chorus 1,2, 3,45 Accompanist 35 Women's Ensemble 3, 45 Accompanist 3, 45 Newspaper Staff 3,45 Library Staff 3, 45 Civil Defense Program 35 Sr, Play5 Speech Plays 45 Concert Band 4. PATTY RANKIN Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 35 Girls' Ensemble 45 Majorette 1,25 Head Majorette 35 Drum Majorette 45 Pep Club 3, 45 FNC 35 Civil Defense Program 35 Newspaper Staff 45 Yearbook 45 Li- brary Staff 35 Candystriper 3. TOM REESE Basketball 1,2, 3,45 All SVAC Second Team 45 Key Club 2, 3,45 Band 1,25 Mixed Chorus 1,25 French Club 1, 2, 3, Pres, 25 Varsity Club 3, 45 Class Off. 35 Art Club 45 Sr, Play, MARY LOU SAINT Band 1,2,3,45 Pep Band 1,2, 35 Chorus 1,2, 35 Women's Ensemble 45 FNC 3,45 Candystriper 3, 45 Library Staff Pres. 45 French Club 3, 45 GAA 1,2, 3,45 Pep Club 35 Speech Plays 45 Sr, Play, KATHY SKAGGS FHA 2, 3, 45 Newspaper Staff 3, 45 Art Club 45 Yearbook Staff 4, Ass't Editor 45 Office Aide 4. PEGGY SMITH Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3,45 Women's En- semble 3, 45 Band 1,2, 3, 45 Pep Band 1, 25 Majorette 2, 35 Latin Club 2, 3,45 Pep Club 3, 45 FNC 3, 4, Pres, 45 Candy- striper 3, 45 Class Pres. 25 Library Staff 25 GAA 15 Sr. Play Cast. BRENDA TRENT Transferred from Ironton 15 Latin Club 1,2, 3,45 Pep Club 3, 45 Newspaper 2, 3 45 Choir 1,2,3, 45 GAA 35 Senior Play. BARTON STUMP Football 1,2, 3,4, All SVAC 45 Track 1,2, 3,45 Gil Dodd Mile 2, 45 District Meet 2, 45 Basketball 15 Baseball 45 Varsity Club 2, 3, 45 French Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Pres. , Speech Class Plays 4. 49 iyger JOHN HUGHES College Prep. RICK MOODY College Prep. BRENDA JANEY Commercial MARY KAIL College Prep. DOTTIE PRIEST Com mercial MAXINE PRUNTY Commercial BETTY ROSS Commercial IIM TYO General Creek Seniors JOHN HUGHES Nat'l Honor Society 2, 4, Vice-Pres. 45 Key Club 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Consul 2, Treas. 45 Varsity Club 3, 4, Treas. 45 Scholarship Team 1, 2, 45 Speech Plays 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 25 Track 35 Sr, Play5 Physics, 7th in Dist. Scholarship. RICK MOODY Football 1,2,3,4, Co-capt. 45 Basket- ball 1,2,35 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Key Club 2, 3, 4, V. -Pres. 35 French Club 1,25 Band lg Varsity Club 3,4, V. -Pres. 45 Class Pres. 45 Student Council 3. BRENDA IANEY FHA 15 GAA 15 Pep Club 45 Library Staff 45 Library Club 4, Sec, -Treas, 45 Civil Defense Program 35 Newspaper Staff 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Girls' Track 15 Sr, Play Cast. MARY KAIL Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 GAA 1, 3, 45 Keyettes 2, 3, 45 Home- coming Att. 25 Homecoming Queen 45 Nat'l Honor Society 45 Pep Club 3, 45 Student Council 45 Library Staff 2, 45 Newspaper Staff 25 Civil Defense Program 35 Dist, Scholarship Team 15 Sr, Play. DOTTIE PRIEST Keyettes 2, 3,45 Nat'l Honor Society 45 Homecoming Att, , lst Runner-up 35 FHA 2, 3 4, Voting Delegate 3, Treas. 4, Girl of the Month 45 FFA Sweetheart 3, 45 GAA 15 Newspaper Staff 3, 4, Editor-in-chief 45 Yearbook Staff 3, 45 Sr. Play. MAXINE PRUNTY Civil Defense Program 35 FHA 1,25 FNC 3, 45 Candystriper 3, 45 Pep Club 45 Yearbook Staffg Newspaper Staff 45 Sr, Playg GAA 1,2, BETTY ROSS Civil Defense Program 35 FHA 1,2, 35 GAA 1,25 Pep Club 35 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, Capt. 35 Newspaper Staff 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Library Club 3, 4, Sec. -Treas, 35 Library Staff 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 1,2, 35 Office Aide 45 French Club 45 Keyettes 2, 3, 4, IIM TYO Basketball 1,2, 35 Baseball 1,25 Football 15 French Club 1,2,3,45 FFA 3,4, Sec, 45 Varsity Club 45 Art Club 45 Sr, Play. Kyger Creek Class of 969 Dressed in Ice Blue or Navy Commencement Robes are: FRONT ROW, left to right: Mary Saint, Betty Ross, Becky Rothgeb, Connie Blankenship, Esther Chapman. Sue Grim, Marsha Rodgers, Ruth Casto, Linda Sisson, Carol Daniels, Barb Saunders, Peggy Smith. SECOND ROW: Brenda Barker, Joan Darst, Jim Price, Bob Freeman, Tom Cooper, John Hughes, Perry Beebe, Barton Stump, Rick Moody, Steve Spaulding, Gary Fisher, Greg Peck, Dottie Priest, Mary Kail. THIRD ROW: Brenda Trent, Diana Henson, Louise Franklin, Brenda Janey, Maxine Prunty, Ellen Trout, Terry Collison, Judy Roach, Dorothy Hall, Patti Rankin, Drema Henson, Karen Shamblin. FOURTH ROW: Kathy Skaggs, Jim Swisher, Kenny Buckley, John Scott, Tom Reese, Chuck Bradbury, Earl Thomas, Jim Tyo, Charles Curnutte, Ronnie Quillen, Kenny Wheaton, Jackie Curnutte, FIFTH ROW: Danny Buckley, Roy Frye, John Jenkins. DOROTHY HALL Commercial BARBRA SA UNDERS College Prep, JOHN JENKINS Industrial Arts KENNY WHEATON General DOROTHY HALL GAA 1,2,3,4, Off. 3: FNC 35 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, Photographer 35 Pep Club 3, 4: V,-Pres, 3, Pres. 45 Homecoming Queen Cand. 35 Cheerleader 25 Mixed Chorus 35 Women's Ensemble 35 Basket- ball 3,45 Soccer 45 Flagball 45 Volley- ball 35 Stu. Council 35 Candystriper 35 Newspaper Staff 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Miss Spirit Contestant 4. BARBRA SAUNDERS Keyettes 3,4, Sec. 45 Band 1,2,3,4, Stu. Conductor 45 Pep Band 2, 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Women's Ensemble 3, 4 FHA 3,45 FNC 3, 45 Candystriper 3,45 Pep Club 3,45 Library Staff 35 GAA News Reporter 35 Stu, Council 25 Latin Club 2, 3,45 Civil Defense Program 35 Speech Plays 45 Sr. Play, JOHN JENKINS Nat'l Honor Society 45 Art Club 4: Athens Solo Competition 1, 35 Chorus 1, 3,45G1ee Club 1. KENNY WH EATON FFA 4. SI ,Junior Class MRS, HEIDER'S HOME ROOM - FRONT ROW, left to right: Patti Morgan, Barbara Nunn, Trudi Wills, Diane Handley, Kathy Moore, Kathy Shaver, Judy Ramsey, Connie Stidham, Linda Shuler, SECOND ROW: Kathy Moody, Linda Workman, Jean Shaver, Jon Rothgeb, Jim Goody, Dan Polcyn, Lloyd Smith, Jerry Westfall, Sam Hurlow, Penny Shuler, Pam Moore, Mrs. Helder, THIRD ROW: Frank Westfall, Mike Thompson, Walter Love- day, Don Saxon, Clifford Queen, Kenny Thomas, Fred Skaggs, Glenn Young. ABSENT: David Caldwell, Reid Johnson. kv 'S E 555. S f-4f , ffffzj :ai Q5 f f., JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS f , 4 Am , f 17,229 ,. M' C' FIRST ROW: Pam Moore, Secretary, Cirby ly :HHN 'N,g.oiA,,:V,:4f. I ,V Johnson, President, Connie Stidham, Vice- A E kgrjl X34 - . frtft A' President, Penny Shuler, Treasurer, , I Zh .J V f+fieJff.'f:. 1, .X 'ilfw , f 4 " f' ifallsf - filii . 3 ky' I ' 4 MR, MAYES' HOME ROOM - FRONT ROW, left to right: Brenda Caldwell, Joyce Higginbotham, Phyllis Caldwell Nickle Burnett, Chris Hall, Sharon Cooper, Donna Dillard, Billie Jo Clark, Cindy Francis. SECOND ROW: Linda Hall, Teresa Gardner, Gerry Handley, Linda Hoschar, Tom Hysell, Bill Gindlesberger, John Hurlow, Jack Henson Shelly Buck, Cindy Franklin, Kristy Blazer, Mr, Mayes, THIRD ROW: Jim Collison, Gary Casto, Mike Haskins, Walter Bradshaw, Tom Denny, Roger Berkley, Cirby Johnson, Donald Casey, Gary Clarke. ABSENT: Patty Coughenour, ,Junior Class 52 -Y , : -:rLiiwQf11 2 Nifflsiil Kyger Creek Bi, ,, BF , , -: .N , 7,1 - Kyger Creek ophomore Class MRS, FRECKER'S HOME ROOM - FRONT ROW, left to right: Mrs, Frecker, Mary Stump, Teresa Thompson, Karen Jones, Loralee Tucker, Joyce Swisher, Carolyn Hughes, Dreama Rankin, Sandy Ramsey. SECOND ROW: Janette Polcyn, Charlotte Queen, Charles Tabor, Bill Quickel, Elbert Masters, Dennis Van Sickle, Rick Graham Earnie Metzger, Gary Saunders, Carol McDougal, Marilyn Wilkins, Charlotte Nunn. SOPHOMORE CLA SS OFFICERS FIRST ROW: Dreama Rankin, Secretary: Joyce Swish- er, Vice-Presidentg Mary Stump, President, Teresa Thompson, Treasurer , MR, MILLER'S HOME ROOM - FRONT ROW, left to right: Debbie Henson, Emily Grose, Kathy Gindlesberger, Geraldine Conkle, Jane Darst, Julie Eshenaur, Jackie Cornelius, Jackie Bias, Treva Hockman. SECOND ROW: Kathy Darst, Shelia Berkley, Patricia Howard, Jerry Hill, Mike Wickline, Ken Brown, Wade Henson, John Hudson, Vickie Simpson, Cathy Hall, Bonnie Dobbins. THIRD ROW: Richard Butcher, Ira Barcus, Larry Mayse. NOT PICTURED: Jim Ferguson, Ralph Barcus. Sophomore Class 53 Q.L."?i?3Z3La:sr.1e::asiiixii3k6YS!5k225L wx fx1:Miter?QIANLwisswxsrsaiwasa 62KiT2251115'..-:LlQRS516N2--5xiEiiSxw1'wEfQ?vg2Qgf.FBQQSSQQLLQQ Kyger Creek Freshman Class MR, AKER'S HOME ROOM - FRONT ROW, left to right: Susan Scruggs, Pollyanna Thompson, Nancy Needs, Rosalie Reese, Nancy Rodgers, Deborah Peck, Thelma Yost, April Moody, Debby Rife. SECOND ROW: Laverna Cain, Debbie Nibert, Paul Rainey, Richard Rumley, Danny Palmer, Richard Mollohan, Daniel Swisher, Bill Roush, Rick Whobrey, Shari Shaver, Sheila Springer, Mr. Akers, THIRD ROW: Robert Racer, Chester Wigal, Jackie Parsons, Jeff Zerkle, Glenn Smith, George Shamblin, Roy Thompson, Terry Moles, Ronald White, David Rothgeb. ABSENT: Mildred Johnson, Carl Pennington. A ' 13?'3,.if'Q?'2g"'5'f2-' :- 1 'll l .2-le" FRESHMAN CLASS oPF1cERs 45,535 fa My if V C' HAT A 'PAV FIRST ROW: Pam Misner, Treasurer, Kenny Blanken- " 7, fi ,if ship, Presidentg Kay Haskins, Secretary, ABSENT: I , A Mike Beebe, Vice-President. ,,,,,,,,, if a, it V ,,r..,,,,,,,,,, ,,, 5-Y' if 5, . ,. MRS, RUTZ'S HOME ROOM - FRONT ROW, left to right: Faye Amos, Sharon Curnutte, Kay Haskins, Brenda Grim, Pam M-itchell, Emily Massie, Becky Fulton, Pam Misner, Debbie Hood. SECOND ROW: Debbie Davis Phyllis Berkley, Ruth Athey, Mike Beebe, less Louden, Roger Athey, Don Masters, Gary Johnson, Marion Matusewicz, Debbie McDaniel, Shelba Hatfield, Mrs, Rutz, THIRD ROW: Lynn Johnson, Robert Erit, Kenny Blankenship, Steven Kalinowski, John Metzger, Gary Collins, Louie Louden, Mike Conkle, Vernon Lucas. ABSENT: Bill Buck, Albert Loveday, Freshman lass 54 Kyger Creek National Honor Society FRONT ROW, left to right: Judy Roach, John Hughes, Chuck Bradbury, Drema Hen- son. SECOND ROW: Mary Kail, Dottie Priest, John Jenkins, Sue Grim, Brenda Barker, Mrs. Sauer. Other members who were inducted in May were Penny Shuler, Connie Stidham, Kristy Blazer, and Jean Shaver. Keyette Club FIRST ROW, left to right: Barbra Saunders, Drema Henson, Karen Shamblin, Connie Stidham, Penny Shuler, Esther Chapman, Sharon Cooper, Jean Shaver. SECOND ROW: Mary Kail, Pam Moore, Betty Ross, Sue Grim, Kathy Moody, Joan Darst, Chris Hall, Dottie Priest, Kristy Blazer, Mrs, Fulton. THIRD ROW: Nickie Burnett, Brenda Barker. Key Club FRONT ROW, left to right: Perry Beebe, Danny Buckley, Rick Moody, Tom Reese, Chuck Bradbury, Tom Cooper, John Hughes, Tom Hysell. SECOND ROW: Gary Castro, Gary Saunders, Mike Haskins, Clifford Queen, Jon Rothgeb, Dan Polcyn, Kenny Thomas, Jackie Henson, Gary Clarke, Jerry Hill, Walter Loveday, Mr. Withers. f-W' igqlfi iii F? ome of Kyger Creek's Active, Talented Students Newspaper Staff FIRST ROW, left to right: Mrs. Bunce, Advisor, Ruth Casto, Judy Roach, Betty Ross, Dottie Priest, Editor-in-Chief, Esther Chapinan, Brenda Trent, Drema Henson. SECOND ROW: Rosalie Reese, Jean Shaver, Ioan Darst, John Hughes, Chuck Bradbury, Cathy Hall, Emily Grose, Carol Scruggs. THIRD ROW: Louise Franklin, Linda Sisson, Jackie Cornelius, Jackie Curnutte, Terry Collison, Diana Henson, Patty Rankin, Diane Polcyn, FOURTH ROW: Brenda Barker, Kathy Skaggs, Becky Rothgeb, Dorothy Hall, Peggy Smith, Maxine Frunty, Brenda Janey, NOT PICTURED: Ellen Trout, Feature Editor, Greg Peck. Yearbook Staff FIRST ROW, left to right: Sharon Cooper, Ruth Casto, Dottie Priest, Judy Roach, Editor-in-Chief, Kathy Skaggs, Assistant Editor, Esther Chapman, Patty Rankin, Linda Workman. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Bunce, Advisor, Brenda Barker, Brenda Janey, Louise Franklin, Maxine Prunty, Joan Darst, Diana Henson, Betty Ross, Mrs. lngels, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Linda Sisson, Becky Rothgeb, Dorothy Hall, Terry Collison. Library Staff FIRST ROW, left to right: Joyce Swisher, Penny Shuler, Connie Blankenship, Mary Saint, Jackie Curnutte, Esther Chapman, Emily Grose, Drema Rankin. SECOND ROW: Charles Tabor, Bill Quickel, Dennis Van Sickle, Lloyd Smith, Jim Swisher, Gary Fisher, Mrs. Fulton, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Brenda Janey, Betty Ross, Sue Grim, Drema Henson, Mary Kail. FIRST ROW, left to right: Mrs, Frecker, Kathy Skaggs, Treva Hockman, Linda Sisson, Louise Franklin, Dottie Priest, Cindy Franklin, Judy Roach, Debbie Hood. SECOND ROW: Barbra Saunders, Debbie Nibert, Phyllis Berkley, Joan Darst, Linda Hoschar, Gerry Handley, Dianne Handley, Becky Fulton, Sandy Ramsey. THIRD ROW: Ruth Casto, Esther Chapman, Dorothy Hall, Sharon Cooper, Becky Rothgeb, Marilyn Wilkins, Shelia Berkley, Shari Shaver. FFA Parliamentary Team FIRST ROW, left to right: Roger Athey, Danny Palmer, SECOND ROW: Mr, Akers, Greg Peck, Roy Frye, Jess Louden, Jim Tyo, Glenn Young. FIRST ROW, left to right: Lynn Johnson, Roger Athey, Lloyd Smith, Gary Saunders, Cirby Johnson, Glenn Young, Danny Palmer, Mr. Akers. SECOND ROW: Ira Barcus, Vernon Lucas, Mike Thompson, Roger Berk- ley, John Scott, Mike Little, Ken Buckley, Jerry Westfall, Frank Westfall THIRD ROW: Samuel Hurlow, John Hudson, Jim Swisher, Ken Wheaton, John Hurlow, Jim Tyo, Jess Louden, Don Casey. FOURTH ROW: Charles Curnutte, Greg Peck. ABSENT: Ralph Barcus, Gary Fisher, David Cald- well. KGS Future Homemakers of America KGS Future Farmers of America French Club FIRST ROW , left to right: Cindy Frank- lin, Charlotte Queen, Betty Ross, Jackie Curnutte, Rosalie Reese, Pam Mitchell, Drema Henson. SECOND ROW: Glenn Smith, Joan Darst, Mary Saint, George Shamblin, Mike Beebe, Kathy Moody, Jean Shaver, Jeff Zerkle, Mr. Mayes. Student Council FIRST ROW, left to right: Jeanette Smith, Nickie Burnett, Mary Kail, Carolyn Hughes, Suzie Jones. SECOND ROW: Mr. Ward, Vinton Rankin, Jerry Hill, Gary Collins, Nancy Needs, Dwight Shamblin. Latin Club FIRST ROW, left to right: Joyce Swisher, Peggy Smith, Teresa Thompson, Drema Henson, Karen Shamblin, Jon Rothgeb, John Hughes, Emily Grose, Kristy' Blazer, Dreama Rankin. SECOND ROW: Mrs, Sauer, Pollyanna Thompson, Penny Shuler, Jane Darst, Tom Hysell, Earl Thomas, Chuck Bradbury, Daniel Swisher, Bob Freeman, Carol Daniels, Karen Jones, Kathy Gindlesberger. THIRD ROW: Susan Scruggs, Barbra Saunders, Nancy Needs, Debbie McDaniel, Paul Rainey, Jack Henson, Gary Clarke, Gary Casto, Sue Grim, Marsha Rodgers, Brenda Trent. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Hughes Debbie Henson, Mary Stump, Julie Eshenaur, Shelly Buck, Loralee Tucker, Mary Kail, Nickie Burnett. i 5 S ' L ' " 1' Y N r A v -1 ,:' sr.. ., 12: .-a nd-,,.a1s,::.,,- Kyger Creek E Art Club FIRST ROW, left to right: Becky Roth- geb, Connie Blankenship, Bill Gindles- berger, Carol Sue Daniels, Jackie Curnutte, Sue Grim, Ken Buckley. SECOND ROW: Mrs, Moshier, Tom Reese, Dennis Van Sickle, Charles Curnutte, Linda Hoschar, John Jenkins, Jim Tyo, Louise Franklin. THIRD ROW: Richard Butcher, Judy Ramsey, Jackie Cornelius, Linda Sisson, Terry Collison, Gerry Handley, Kathy Skaggs, FOURTH ROW: Kristy Blazer, Brenda Barker. Our Hearts Were Young and Gay KGS Future Nurses FIRST ROW, left to right: Marsha Rodgers, Barb Saunders, Shelly Buck, Billie Jo Clark, Mary Saint, Kathy Shaver. SECOND ROW: Kathy Moody, Jean Shaver, Maxine Prunty, Peggy Smith, Joan Darst, Mrs. Orebaugh. FIRST ROW, left to right: Sue Grim, Karen Shamblin, Drema Henson, Carol Daniels, Jackie Curnutte, Mary Saint, Barb Saunders. SECOND ROW: Mr, Roark, Esther Chapman, Jim Tyo, Earl Thomas, Ken Buckley, John Hughes, Bob Freeman, Jim Price, Peggy Smith, Brenda Jamey, THIRD ROW: Danny Buckley. Senior Class Play I 59 KGS G.A.A. FRONT ROW, left to right: Cathy Hall, Kathy Darst, Charlotte Nunn, Marilyn Wilkins, Shelia Berkley, Brenda Grim, Pam Misner, Laverna Cain. SECOND ROW: Susan Scruggs, Sue Grim, Marsha Rodgers, Jackie Cornelius, Carol Daniels, Marion Matusewicz, Carol McDougal, April Moody, Shelia Springer, Pam Mitchell, Ruth Athey, Patsy Fields. THIRD ROW: Debbie Hood, Debbie Davis, Charlotte Queen, Connie Stidham, Dorothy Hall, Karen Shamblin, Mary Kail, Loralee Tucker. FOURTH ROW: Karen Jones, Becky Rothgeb, Pat Howard, Diane Henson, Phyllis Berkley. 0 Pep Club QK-Q Emily Grose, Mary Stump, Penny Shuler, Joan Darst, Louise Franklin, Cindy Francis, Karen Jones, Sharon Curnutte, Kay Haskin, Marsha Rodgers, Debbie Henson, Jane Darst, Connie Stidham, Kristy Blazer, Jackie Cornelius, Patty Rankin, Carol Daniels, Peggy Smith, Dorothy Hall, Karen Shamblin, Linda Hall, Susan Scruggs. QC-J Drema Henson, Sue Grim, Mary Kail, Kathy Darst, Rosalie Reese, Pam Mitchell, Sharon Cooper, Pam Misner, Chris Hall, Cindy Franklin, Brenda Grim, Linda Sisson, Esther Chapman, Shelly Buck, Billie Jo Clark, Pam Moore, Donna Dillard, Ruth Casto, Brenda Trent, Joyce Swisher, Barb Saunders, Connie Blankenship, Charlotte Queen, Cathy Hall, Nancy Rodgers, Carolyn Hughes. Varsity Club FIRST ROW, left to right: Richard Butcher, Earnie Metzger, John Hudson, Gary Saunders, Wade Henson, Tom Hysell, Steve Spaulding, Tom Reese, SECOND ROW: Rick Moody, John Hughes, Jon Rothgeb, John Scott, Chuck Bradbury, Dan Polcyn, Earl Thomas, Ken Buckley, Ron Quillen, Coach Sang, THIRD ROW: Greg Peck, Jack Henson, Mike Haskins, Perry Beebe, Gary Fisher, Barton Stump, Tom Cooper, Jerry Hill. Kyger Creek District eholarship Team FRONT ROW, left to right: Carolyn Hughes, Judy Roach, Ellen Trout, John Hughes, Chuck Bradbury, Debbie Nibert, Sharon Curnutte, SECOND ROW, left to right: Joyce Swisher, Susan Scruggs, Rosalie Reese, Pollyanna Thompson, Pam Mitchell, Kristy Blazer, Debbie McDaniel, Nancy Needs, Nickie Burnett. 'Z' , K " I, KC 'S HARVEY SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS - Earl Thomas, vice-presidentg Rick Moody, president: Sue Grim, secretary-treasurer. Student Teachers MISS BROWN MR, ROARK bl K.C.'S Band FIRST ROW, left to right: Karen Shamblin, Emily Grose, Dreama Rankin, Patty Rankin, Pollyanna Thompson, Kathy Gindlesberger, Sharon Cooper. SECOND ROW: Joyce Swisher, Penny Shuler, Pam Misner, Brenda Grim, Kay Haskins, Sharon Curnutte, Rosalie Reese, Pam Mitchell, Nancy Needs, Debbie McDaniel, THIRD ROW: Barb Saunders, Linda Hall, Drema Henson, Mary Saint, Teresa Thompson, Dennis Van Sickle, Jane Darst, Ioan Darst, Julie Eshenaur, Susan Scruggs, Mr. Matheny. FOURTH ROW: Kristy Blazer, Cindy Francis, Danny Buckley, Ronnie White, Bill Quickel, George Shamblin, Loralee Tucker, Nickle Burnett. Our Groovy Majorettes Dreama Rankin, Emily Grose, Karen Shamblin, Patty Rankin, Kathy Gindlesberger, Sharon Cooper, Pollyanna Thompson. 62 ,J if E Womenvs Ensemble FIRST ROW, left to right: Pollyanna Thompson, Jackie Curnutte, Peggy Smith, Drema Henson, Karen Shamblin, Marsha Rodgers, Billie Jo Clark, Dreama Rankin, Teresa Thompson, Loralee Tucker. SECOND ROW: Mr, Matheny, Ruth Casto, Jean Shaver, Joan Darst, Penny Shuler, Shelly Buck, Jane Darst, Mary Saint, Julie Eshenaur, Kathy Gindlesberger, Karen Jones, Chris Hall. THIRD ROW: Joyce Swisher, Linda Hall, Janette Polcyn, Brenda Trent, Patti Rankin, Sharon Cooper, Emily Gross, Cindy Francis, Barb Saunders, Nickie Burnett. For the second time in two years the MIXED CHORUS received a "one" rating at the Chorus and Ensemble Contest in Ironton. fi 5 gl at 2 ti ta - ,eyrr E FIRST ROW, left to right: Teresa Thompson, Sue Grim, Chris Hall, Jean Shaver, Drema Henson, Karen Shamblin, Marsha Rodgers, Sharon Cooper, Jackie Curnette, Cindy Francis. SECOND ROW: Tom Quillen. Jimmy Bias, Earnie Metzger, Danny Polcyn, Bill Gindlesburger, Dennis Van Sickle, Ron Quillen, Tom Hysell, Mike Haskins, Bill Quickel, THIRD ROW: Mr, Matheny, Shelly Buck, Penny Shuler, John Jenkins, John Hughes, George Shamblin, Joan Darst, Peggy Smith, Barb Saunders. 63 J 5 52 ,o 2 if 4 K.C.7s Football Team - .V.A.C. Champs FIRST ROW: Johnny Roush, Mike Conkle, Terry Moles, Jack Parsons, Gary Saunders, Gary Collins, Louie Louden, Glenn Smith, Jimmy Bias. SECOND ROW: Steve Spaulding, Dan Polcyn, Torn Hysell, Rick Moody, Ron Quillen, Gary Fisher, Barton Stump, Perry Beebe, Greg Peck, John Hughes, MikeThompson, Jon Rothgeb. THIRD ROW: Mr. Duncan, John Scott, Jack Henson, Mike Haskins, Walter Loveday, Mike Beebe, John Hudson, Wade Henson, Johnny Metzger, Rick Whobrey, Richard Rumley, Coach Sang, Coach Miller. FOURTH ROW: Mike Wickline, Steven Kalinowski, Jess Louden, Ernie Metzger, Gary Johnson, Donald Masters, Bill Roush, Danny Swisher, Kenny Blankenship. Senior Players FIRST ROW: Steve Spaulding, Gary Fisher, Greg Peck, Mike Thompson, SECOND ROW: Rick Moody, Perry Beebe, Ron Quillen, Barton Stump, John Hughes. 64 RESERVE BASKET BA LL T EA M FIRST ROW, left to right: Elbert Masters, Bill Gindlesberger, Dan Polcyn, Wade Henson, Johnny Roush. SECOND ROW: Mr, Sang, Mr. Miller, Jerry Hill, Clif- ford Queen, Earnie Metzger, Tom Denny, John Scott. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Debbie Henson, Carolyn Hughes, Mary Stump, Brenda Grim, Nancy Rodgers, Rosalie Reese. Kyger Creek VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM FIRST ROW, left to right: Ken Buckley, Tom Reese, Chuck Bradbury, Earl Thomas, Steve Spaulding. SECOND ROW: Mr, Miller, Johnny Roush, Gary Saunders, Jon Rothgeb, Kenny Brown, Tom Hysell, Jackie Henson, John Scott, Mr. Sang. FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM FIRST ROW, left to right: Richard Mollohan, Jack Parsons, Glenn Smith, Johnny Metzger, Gary Collins, Bill Roush. SECOND ROW: Mr, Miller, George Shamblin, Don Masters, Roy Thompson, Mike Beebe, Daniel Swisher Mr. Sang, Jeff Zerkle. mu'1-fmzwx-mwr1vfmuvfm wmnw:wfwww: . Kyger Creek GIRLS' TRACK TEAM FIRST ROW, left to right: Connie Stid- ham, Carol Daniels, Dorothy Hall. SECOND ROW: Kathy Darst, Brenda Grim, Jackie Cornelius, Pam Misner, Cathy Hall, Miss Fields. GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM FIRST ROW, left to right: Brenda Grim, Dorothy Hall, Carol Daniels, Mary Kail, Connie Stidham, SECOND ROW: Lora- lee Tucker, Pam Mitchell, Pam Misner, Marion Matusewicz, Cathy Hall, Miss Fields. mu4iu1nuvq:mvruLAmu :wg .munamaxr 1 1M:,am4xmeaumx-mia'-News-mwvmcmxsn BOYS' TRACK TEAM FIRST ROW, left to right: George Shamblin, Jeff Zerkle, Jack Parsons, Kenny Blankenship, Gary Collins. SECOND ROW: Rick Whobrey, Gary Casto, Donald Masters, Gary Johnson, Terry Moles, Danny Swisher, Roy Thomp- son. THIRD ROW: Mr. Miller, Barton Stump, Steve Spaulding, Ronnie Quillen, Ken Brown, Earnie Metzger, Danny Pol- cyn, Jack Henson, Gary Saunders. BASEBALL TEAM FIRST ROW, left to right: Johnny Baird, Vinton Rankin. SECOND ROW: Jon Rothgeb, Steve Spaulding, Rick Moody, Ronnie Quillen, Earl Thomas, Perry Beebe, Johnny Roush. THIRD ROW: Mr. Sang, Kenny Thomas, Mike Beebe, Wade Henson, Tom Hysell, Bill Roush, Johnny Metzger, Chester Wigal, Jack Parsons, Senior Football Players I fblf l X x ,Ir Q J M r N L '33 il 'kk X3 Q SM. .fs 4 R so aw 5 ' 55' l' A Awww' W. K YW , P P ww fvgw'-V-,f?i4'lg"-QW if- ' KH' V15 'Am ,fp if rw '13 aa. ekggl. vgmw ,, ,Y nfxmx, my do rg, Q A J x ' . X ' f age r gg l QQ xx X ,, 'K P 'N fn , N 1 PERRY BEEBE GARY FISHER RICKY MOODY GREG PECK i s E fl Y' '55 r-' ' ' f- M ig W .. RON QUILLEN STEVE SPA ULDING BARTON STUMP Senior Maj orettes l l 1 PATTI RANKIN KAREN SHAMBLIN 67 Senior Basketball Players CHUCK BRADBURY KEN BUCKLEY TOM REESE STEVE SPAULDING EARL THOMAS Senior Cheerleaders SUE GRIM DREMA HENSON MARY KAIL VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Left to right Pam Moore, Sue Grim, Drema Henson, Mary Kail, Connie Stidham Billy Io Clark RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Brenda Grim, Debbie Hen son, Carolyn Hughes. Rosalie Reese, Nancy Rodgers, Mary Stump. Rho, Kyger Creek Homecoming ueen and Court MARY KAIL MARY KAIL, Queen. Sue Grim, Emily Grose, Connie Stidham, Rosalie Reese, Karen Shamblin Attendants. Snowball ueen and Court Judy Bias, Mary Kail, Brenda Grim, Marilyn Wilkins, Queen, Connie Stidharn, Diane Polcyn, Kyger Creek FFA Sweetheart Miss Spirit fm 'wb' J' R492 g"'M A .DOTTIE PRIEST 3 A. as K., .Q gg, r 5 r 'W H . rr 2 W tt , t,. , . x. .. 'S 5 3 5 X1 mi 3 ii 5 xii i Siza Q H ,iq or ag 1 x its it si Avk, we xr. , A gAgz f .. wire- . i SH ELLY BUCK Kyger Creek's graduating class of '69, nine years ago, W' ' Y" N x X gl Mint at e n p 4, t I 'IV'-f' 'C' x x , XSRXXXX W: flWlLWr?,!,?m55, x ' Q f 'jigs Q' ff Mi 'ff' 1 ,UWM X x, -Xena, I g . , mfr!!! i if :fr FX 'sy if i if t ,tttt, t ttt,te A I . vbtk 7 A I e f-1-fag. f,.-,, ,yre 2 'fP'r1 4 -t2t" mg . "'- 1 ' L! ,.,, . . di gg A AYAA 6 ,L JA' V YT. tere ,lt r L f k:,h t 1 , X K ..,t , 'A my M ,t,, FOI the fiTSI time at KCHS. the following Decorating scenes from '69 Jr. -Sr. Prom - Tahitian girls received their State Homemakers Holiday, Degrees: Esther Chapman, Ioan Darst, Louise Franklin. 7l rx ra t. if Q K Man People Make Kyger Creek a Success. i x.Lx 2- A ,,., .- . A ' " A CAFETERIA PERSONNEL - Alice Swisher, Annabelle CUSTODIANS - Ed Spears, Earl Noble, Roy Gardner s' . mon Kc's LUNCH HOUR CAFETERIA LINE - Mrs. Ingels, Nancy Rodgers, Karen Shamblin, Mrs, Swisher, Diana White, Bonnie'Dobbins, Diane Tucker, BUS DRIVERS - Jimmy French, Benny Moeller, Eugene Wyatt, Arthur Johnson, Charles Drummond, Albert French. Kyger Creek at play, A bright sunny day, Kathy and Judy - The Power Behind the Yearbook KYGER CREEK'S MAIORETT ES fSB1'1iO1'S, Page 693 AND VARSITY CHEERLEADERS. 5h31'OU COOPST Kathy Gindlesberger Emily Grose Dreama Rankin Pollyanna Thompson Billie Io Clark Pam Moore Connie Stidham 73 KGS Eighth Grade Has High Hopes. E S MISS FIELDS' HOME ROOM - FIRST ROW, left to right: Hope Amos, Carolyn Conkle, Barbara Donner, Bonna Higgin- botham, Diane Cornelius, Ramona Amos, Paula Franklin, Carol Dobbins, Diane Graham. SECOND ROW: Anita Lane, Pam McCarty, Marshall French, Dwight Shamblin, Elmer Gothard, Greg Howard, Roger Atkins, Allan Wheeler, Jimmy Bias, Brian Tucker, Terry Searls, Becky Stidham, Diane Polcyn, Miss Fields. THIRD ROW: Mike Lucas, Bobby Burchett, David Curnutte, Greg McCarty, Steven Goody, George Curry, James Mollohan, James Nibert, Ronnie Rollins Johnny Roush, Don Price. ABSENT: Jeannie Clay, Linda Johnson. MR. STEVENS' HOME ROOM - FIRST ROW, left to right: Wendell Norris, Johnny Baird, Jack Icard, Robin Sheline, Debbie Jones, Connie Priest, Teresa Pennington, Nina Dillard, Kathy Gardner, Betty Hurlow, Patty Clonch, Brenda Wickline. SECOND ROW: Pam Gerwig, Mike Hughes, Nicky Meaige, Mark Darst, Randy Gardner, Leslie Saxon, Joe Halfhill, David Curfman, James McDougal, Tom Withrow, Orland Cremeans, David Freeman, Donna Casto, Mr. Stevens. THIRD ROW: Vickie Ellis, David Collison, David Stump, Walter Blazer, Vinton Rankin, Kenny Baylor, Jacolyn Burnett. Absent: Gerald Hammon. 74 KGS Seventh Grade Takes Another Step Toward Life. MR. DUNCAN'S HOME ROOM - FIRST ROW, left to right: Pamela Eshenaur, Cathy Casey, Judy Bias, Kandy Gind- lesberger, Suzanne Jones, Sharon Hively, Thelma Jeffers, Diana White, Kathryn Norris, Debbie Sheline, SECOND ROW: Debbie Graham, Linda Alley, Kathy Smith, Robin Donnet, Candy Fisher, Ronald Roush, Tim Reese, John Gordon, Barbara Hughes, Diane Moles, Janet Howard, Diana Tucker, Mr. Duncan. THIRD ROW: Lawrence Tabor, Leonard Mollohan, Dennis Parsons, Billy Saxton, Clibborn Smith, Danny Needs, Donald Spires, Tom Quillen, Randy Clonch, FOURTH ROW: Allen Handley, Randy McDaniel, Keith Sargent, Jeff Polcyn, ABSENT: Delores Johnson. MRS. MARTIN'S HOME ROOM - FIRST ROW, left to right: Mary Ruth Sauer, Shelia Peck, Shirley Kent, Goldie Masters, Patricia French, Jeannie Gindlesberger, Jeanette Smith, Brenda Mayse, Linda Spires, SECOND ROW: Carol Scruggs, Cathy Spaulding, Joy Rife, Betty Coleman, Mark Lawhon, John Rumley, David Clay, Terry Sheets, Debbie Knight, Becky Hockman, Debbie Bradshaw, Cheryl Nunn, Carolyn Nibert, Mrs, Martin. THIRD ROW: Eddie Swisher, Don Blazer, Keith Handley, Dwight Thompson, David Dobbins, Tracy Johnson, Bob Gordon, Bob Mitchell, Jackie Barker. FOURTH ROW: Gary Janey, Dale Mollohan, Clay Hudson, Tom Watts. 75 KOS Junior High Band and Chorus Add Color, Sparkle, and Spirit to Student Life FIRST ROW, left to right: Janet Howard, Bonna Higginbotham, Mary Ruth Sauer, Cathy Casey, Thelma Jeffers, Judy Bias, Pam Eshenaur, Carolyn Nibert, Diana White, Brenda Mayse, Pamela Gerwig, Kathryn Norris, Robin Sheline, Sharon Hively. SECOND ROW: Debbie Jones, Donna Casto, Patty Clonch, Connie Priest, Diane Cornelius, Tom Withrow, Joe Halfhill, Roger Adkins, David Curfman, Betty Hurlow, Brenda Wickline, Diana Graham, Diana Polcyn. THIRD ROW: Lawrence Tabor, Tom Quillen, Jimmy Bias, Greg McCarty, John Roush, Clibborn Smith, Steve Goody, Bob Mitchell, Gene Gothard, Dale Mollohan, Bob Gordon, Mike Lucas. FOURTH ROW: Jackie Burnett, Kandy Gindlesberger, Kathy Smith, Diana Moles, Robin Donner, Patricia French, Jeanette Smith, Suzanna Jones, Jeannie Gindlesberger, Barbara Hughes, Deborah Graham, Diana Tucker, Mr. Matheny. FIFTH ROW: Randy Clonch, Leonard Mollohan, Don Spires, David Nibert, Mark Lawhon, David Curnutte, Dennis Parsons, Tom Watts, Marshall French, FIRST ROW, left to right: Kathy Gardner, Jeanette Smith, Diana White, Janet Howard, Pam Eshenaur, Patricia French, Kathy Smith, Thelma Jeffers, Pam McCarty, Jacolyn Burnett, Linda Spires, SECOND ROW: Donna Casto, Joy'Rife, Don Spires, Mark Darst, Greg McCarty, Dan Needs, Joe Halfhill, Jeannie Gindlesberger, Barbara Hughes, Suzanna Jones, Diana Tucker, Kandy Gindlesberger, Mr, Matheny, THIRD ROW: Mary Ruth Sauer, Judy Bias, Marshall French, Brian Tucker, Keith Sargent, Mark Lawhon, Tracy Johnson, Randy McDaniel, Dwight Thompson, Bob Mitchell, Jackie Barker. FOURTH ROW: John Baird, Dwight Shamblin, Eddie Swisher. 76 KC,s ,Junior High Basketball Teams Have Been Champions for Many Years FIRST ROW, left to right: Dwight Thompson, Gene Gothard, John Baird, Lawrence Tabor, Bobby Burchett, Leonard Mollohan, Eddie Swisher, Marshall French, Bobby Gordon, David Collison. SECOND ROW: Clibborn Smith, Tom Withrow, David Curfman, David Clay, George Curry, Greg Howard, Mark Darst, David Nibert, Greg McCarty, Coach, Mr. Duncan. THIRD ROW: John Gordon, Dennis Parsons, Terry Sheets, Danny Needs, Ronald Roush, Leonard Mollohan, Clay Hudson, Tommy Watts, FOURTH ROW: John Rumley, John Roush, Jimmy Bias, Orland Cremeans, KNEELING: Pam McCarty, Judy Bias, Carol Scruggs, STANDING: Diane Polcyn, Kandy Gindlesberger. ,Junior High Cheerleaders 77 MR. DONALD McKENZIE Local Superintendent The two basic processes of education are knowing and valuing. W - Robert I . Havighurst MRS . VNAOMI BEMA N Clerk of the Board MR, HARLEY SHUPERT JOHN D. LLOYD Principal President Southwestern Local High School The only people ho never fail th h never try. " The Board of Education 'OHN MCNEAL ' EUGENE BAKER PA UL STEWART oscAR CAIN The educated man follows the standards of truth and uses his learning and observa- tion, reason and expression for the purpose of producing something worthwhile in life. Self confidence is a gift which can earn if he has a willingness to work, knowledge and skill. Harley Shupert, Principal 80 The Administration Speaks One important task of a school administrator is tc know people, and especially children and to be able tc establish a trusted friendship with them. He accept his responsibility seriously, realizing that through his direction and efforts the future of our land is being molded and he seeks "for the serenity to accept what cannot be changed, the courage to change what can be changed, and the wisdom to know one from the other." lDr. Niebuhr Donald McKenzie, Local Superintendent l MA RINELL IEFFERS Seventh Grade SOT BAR dl 3989226 and Ma KAREN MARR Scien Vocational Hom 500110111108 6 D Ofgffl' Rupp 0 Qgy Fafjuhy haPPenS 14 is What GoOd IUC ity- Poftlln PreParati0n meets OP whell CLA Y BAKER Guidance and Math 'K BUsfUS5-S ffj' Fdgoatjoo Ce MARY LOU Ross Business Office Education C-3 F10 DIANA ROZZELLE Library and E ROBERT EVA H314 0 Ns Uglish ll STEVE STILES Coach and Driver 'S Ed U FrG17cjiN SYYLFS 120' 5,7 . 811.917 Faculty e Can orld of Ioday no on In the W tion- H .'CoTrlP1eI6 an educa LOIS 82 SHEETS Go Ve,-17177611 I 83011 IIL11-e I and Ellglish LLOYD MYERS Coach and H isrory Lf! DPA vhoggh Grade E12 Student Teachers JOEL DAVIS Government CAROLYN PHILLIPS English VICICIE BURNETT English STAN SOBEL Biology FRANK PRATT BOB MORRIS Government Ir. High HiStOIy MIKE DUNHAM Speech The rung ofthe ladder was never meant to rest upon, but only to hold man's foot long enough to enable him to put the other somewhat higher. - Thomas Huxley 83 CHARLES WILLIAMS Beta Club 3, 4 F.F.A, 1,2, 3,4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1 Manager 4 Class Officer 2, 4 VIVIAN HAN SEN Beta Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Office Assistant 4 Library Assistant 4 Queen Attendant 1,2, 4 F.H.A.1,2,3,4 F.H.A. State Degree .TIM GILBERT Band 1, 2,3 F.F.A.1,2,3,4 Football 1, 3, 4 All S.V.A.C. 4 Basketball 1 Scholarship Team 4 IUDY HALL Beta Club 1,2,3,4 F.H.A. l,2,3,4 Varsity Cheerleader 1, 2, 3 Homecoming Queen 4 Co- Salutatorian Editor of Annual Staff 4 84 Seniors MARY BETH SCHULDT Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Beta Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Office Assistant 4 Queen Attendant 4 Annual Staff 4 Co-Salutatorian KEITH CARTER Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 All-State Honorable Mention 4 All SVAC Team 3,4 Honorable Mention All S.E.O. 4 F. F. A. 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2 ROSAMARY BOSTIC Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Beta Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Valedictorian Annual Staff 4 News Paper Staff 3 Scholarship Team 1, 3 4 DA VID MORGA N F.F.A. 1,2, 3,4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Class Officer 1, 4 Parlia me ntary Procedure Team 4 VICKIE HA NS EN F.H.A.1,2,3,4 Office Assistant 4 Library Assistant 4 Annual Staff 4 F,H,A, Chapter Degree F,H,A. Girl of the Month of January GARY REYNOLDS F.F.A. 1 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l,2,3,4 Class Officer 1 GA BBY BURNS Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Majorette 2, 3, 4 Beta Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Scholarship Team 1, 3, 4 F.H.A.1,2,3,4 DOUG SMITH F.F.A, 1,2,3,4 F,F.A, Parliamentary Procedure Team 4 F.F.A. Soil Judging 4 Football 1,2 Basketball 1 eniors HOWARD Sl-IRIVER F.F.A. l,2, 3,4 Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2 Class Officer 2 Escort 2, 3 REGINA A KERS Chorus 2 Band l,2, 3, 4 HM BELVILLE F,F.A,1,2,3,4 BEC KY NIDA Office Assistant 4 Library Assistant 4 Scholarship Team 3 Annual Staff 4 Chorus 1 IIM WALKER Band 1,2, 3 F.F.A.1,2,3,4 Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2, 3,4 Baseball 2, 3,4 SHIRLEY SHELTON Chorus 3 .TACK WATERS F.F.A. 2,3, 4 Parliamentary Proc ed ure Team 4 Football 1, 4 Basketball 3 Manager 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 RITA MILLER F. H. A. 3,4 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 Office Assistant 4 Library Assistant 4 Class Officer 3, 4 Scholarship Team 3 86 Seniors -N BECKY ST EWART Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Beta Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Office Assistant 4 Girl's Basketball 3 Usher 3 BILL RAMSEY F. F.A. 2, 3 Football 1,2,4 Chorus 1 Band 1 MARIE MERCER Band 1,2,3 Office Assistant 4 F.H.A. 4 Queen Attendant 3 Annual Staff 4 CHARLES TAYLOR F. F. A. 1, 2 Library Assistant 3, 4 Usher 3 Class Officer 2 Scholarship Team 4 Basketball Manager 4 LINDA PRATT Band 1,2 F,H.A.1,2,3,4 Office Assistant 4 Library Assistant 4 Annual Staff 4 Girl of the Month of February QF. H. AJ BILL GREENE F.F.A.1.2,3,4 Football 1, 2, 3 Class Officer 1 CATHY LAMBERT F.H.A.1,2,3,4 Beta Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Newspaper Staff 3 Library Assistant 4 Queen Attendant 2 Scholarship Team 1, CURTIS BAISDEN F.F.A.1,2,3,4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Captain 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Track 2 F. F. A, Parliamentary Team 3,4 Seniors SCOTTY ATHA F.F,A, 1,2,3,4 Football 1,2,4 Basketball 1,2 LYLETTA DEAN Office Assistant 4 Future Nurses 2, 3 Annual Staff 4 TOM BLOOMFIELD Football 1, 2 CAROLYN PAYNE F.H.A.1,2,3,4 Office Assistant 2 Library Assistant 2, 3, 4 Girl's Basketball 2 Annual Staff 3, 4 F,H.A. Girl of the Month of March 4 87 SHARON RUSSELL Prom Queen F, H.A. 1 Girl's Basketball 2 GARY CARTER F. F. A. 1 Football 1 Basketball 3 Baseball 2, 3, 4 CAROLYN BALL Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Office Assistant 4 Library Assistant 4 Annual staff 4 Chorus 1 Betty Crocker Award DON GARBER F.F.A. 1,2, 3 Football 1,2,3 All SVAC Football 3 Track 2, 3 Seniors CHARLES BEMA N Band 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3,4 Class Officer 2 Scholarship Team Newspaper Staff 3, LINDA CONNOLLY Chorus 3 Band 1, 2 Office Assistant 4 Annual Staff 4 ELVIN POTTER F.F.A. 2, 3,4 Football 1 SHERRY COLLEY Chorus 3 Scholarship Team 3, 4 34 "Each departed friend is a magnet that attracts us to the next world. " - Richter In Memory of LORAINE SANDLIN 110 lllllffllfflfffllflllfflffllfflf lllfllf fl!!! ffl! ll lfllffflllllfl llllflffll ff!!! fllflflll Alflvlll! 2 1 5 1 I 1 1 1 1 9 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 f 1 1 5 1 1 5 1 5 1 5 1 1 f 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 5 1 ROW 1: Phyllis Jeffers, Ethel Ferguson, Debbie Trowbridge, Kathy Miller, Dawna Walker, Penny McNeal, Kay Farney, Doris Lloyd, Bernice Lloyd. ROW 2: Miss Ruff, sponsor, Mary Williams, Jim Dailey, Paul Ferguson, Woody Ramsey, Ken Miller, Charles Ehrnan, Billy Kiser, Vernon Whitt, Richard Stout, Ernest Cornwell, Linda Rutherford. STANDING: Gary Altizer, Phillip Jeffers. ROW 1: Lena Mae Pope, Lavonna Rose, Carla Wagoner, Becky Frasher, Hazel Massie, Erma Crisp, Redith Boster, Cynthia Miller, Darlene Waters. ROW 2: Mr. Baker, sponsor, Linda Woolum, Jewel Fortner, Chuck Tackett, Joe Waters, Steve Miller, Jerry Johnson, Ken Cornwell, Darrell Haney, Ronnie Hutchins, Connie Davis, Glenda Potter, SITANDING: Jackie Lewis, Russell Bush, Jack Thacker. ROW 1: Jeanetta Lambert, Sheila Colley, Violet Lambert, Sue Greene, Debbie Banks, Sheila Blanton, Janet Beman, Adrah Hutchins, Karen Kiser. ROW 2: Helenlu Stewart, Sandra Dailey, Debbie Fairchild, Pamela Terry, Brenda Johnson, Mary Ramsey, Vanessa Brown, Ruth Stanley, Janet Mercer, Lora Ferguson, Miss Beattie, sponsor, ROW 3: Virginia Reynolds, Jane Ann Fallon, Shirley Osborne, Donna Nance, Juanita Kitchen, Carolyn Massie, Phoebe Byerly, Brenda Hammonds. ROW 1: Johnny Kuhn, Ken Fry, Danny Lawrence, Tim Banks, John Ehman, Gary Bryant, Billy Baker, Mac Potter, Richard Gill, ROW 2: Mrs, Stiles, sponsor, Johnny Ramsey, Roger Pace, Pete Barker, Russell Rose, John McNeal, Larry Dillon, John Prose, Tommy Ramsey. ROW 1: Marlene Ford, Ruthie Richards, Beverly Sword, Sue Ellen Schuldt, Debbie Bryant, Linda Rutt, Barbara Woolum, Carolyn Rose, ROW 2: Nancy Ferguson, Penelope Hampton, Peggy Prose, Gloris Keels, Ella Ram- sey, Cathy Coffee, Margaret Fadeley, Donna Waugh, Mr, Evans, sponsor. ROW 1: Billie Flower, Mark Smith, Steve Jeffers, Ronnie Hutchinson, David Bush, Donnie Lewis, Billie Perry, Fred Cornwell. ROW 2: Lucian Chapman, Eddie Bare, Steve Ehman, Chuck Chambers, Larry Stevens, Don Cox, Jon Johnson, Charles Johnson, Mr. Stiles, sponsor. ROW 3: Gary Johnson, Carl Perry, Charles Dailey, Ronnie Simmons, Bobby Dotson, Chuck Hill, Harley Crouse. Sniui CLASS OFFICERS Dennis Johnson, Reporter, Ruth Marie Wood, Vice-Presidentg Debbie Stout, Sec. -Treasurer: Mike Dillon, President, ROW 1: John Banks, Philip Davis, Calvin Woolum, Gil Trowbridge, J. D. Wagoner, Doug Bryant, Raymond Mor- rison, Terence Fortner, ROW 2: Mr. Barsotti, sponsor, Danny Hubbard, Eddie Fergu- son, Bob Norris, Wendell Wil- liams, Jacob Miller, Donald Keels, Carl Shriver, Mike Dillon, Dale Whitt, Kevin Gill. ROW 3: Ricky Schuldt, Dennis Johnson, Roger Jackson, Kevin Adkins, Alan Rutherford, Melvin Massie, Mike Whit- taker, Doug Rice, Jerry Waters. BASKETBALL TEAM 15 MS ROW 1: Linda Bloomfield, Dianna Terry, Sarah Dillon, Cheryl Fairchild, Patty Dailey, Sandra Smith, Barbara Myers, Diana Greyory. ROW 2: Mrs. Dailey, sponsor, Diania Hutch- inson, Clairce Williams, Betty Simpson, Paula Hale, Ruth Marie Wood, Linda Stanley, Donna Mannon, Debra Stout, Linda Johnson, Linda Reynolds. KNEELING: Janet Sue Stewart, Dianna Hutchin- son, Beth Jeffers, Debra Stout, Kim Pope, Patty Russell. ROW 1: Kevin Gill, J. D, Wagoner, Jerry Waters, Dennis Johnson, Roger Jackson. ROW 2: T, J, Riggs, coach, Wendell Williams, manager, Dale Whitt, Philip Davis, Carl Shriver, Mike Dillon, Gil Trowbridge, Jacob Miller, manager. KNEELING: Janet Sue Stewart, Patty Russell, Diania Hutchison, Beth Jeffers, Debra Stout, Kim Pope. ROW 1: Ricky Blanton, Jimmy Ehman, Abby Ross, David Jenkins, Arthur Keels. ROW 2: Mr. Stiles, coach, Wendell Williams, Larry Frasher, Eugene Blanton, Joey Hopkins, Mike McNeal, Jacob Miller. ROW 1: Carol Banks, Jane Smith, Robin Williams, Julia Morris, Margie Waugh, Vicky Blanton, Lenora John- son, Debbie Baisden. ROW 2: Mrs, Jeffers, sponsor, Kevin Stewart, Tom Brown, Terry Stevens, Glenda Lewis, Rhonda Ellis, Donna Simpson, Charlie Kitchen, Joey Hopkins, Keith Gilbert. ROW 3: Ricky Blanton, David Jenkins, Jimmy Ehman, Abby Ross, Mike Crouse, ROW 1: Juanita Spurlock, Janet Ferrell, Janet Stewart, Patty Russell, Jenny Ehman, Ruth Sloane, Beth Jeffers, Kim Pope. ROW 2: Mrs. Sheets, sponsor, Mike Reynolds, Lonnie Simpson, David Boggs, James Hubbard, Sheila Lucas, Carolyn Baker, Eugene Blanton, John Hale, David Bonice, Diane Miller. ROW 3: Billy Byerly, Roger Johnson, Mike McNeal, Arthur Keels. C LA SS OFFIC ERS J is, ' N. i 5 L. to r.: Larry Frasher, Secretary: Lenora JOUUSOH. Treasurer: Robin Williams, Vice- President: absent, Wendell Johnson, Presi- dent. I Class Ufficers SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS L tor Mary Schuldt Vice President Dave Morgan Reporter Charlie Williams President Rita Miller Treasurer Cathy Lambert Secretary JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS L tor Linda Rutherford Trea surer Jerry Johnson President Darrell Haney, Vice-Presidentg Kay Farney, Secretary, rr, ai fl-ME 11 ' -- it ,--- t ' Ai - .' f- W 1 X Q7 if rr 3 E y y y SOPHOMORE C LA S S OFFICERS L to r Larry Dillon President Mary Ramsey Reporter Sheila Colley Vice President Karen Krser Secretary FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS L, to r.: Ella Ramsey, Secretaryg Cathy Coffee, Treasurerg Ronnie Hutchinson, Presidentg Mark Smith, Vice-Presidentg Steve Ehman, Reporter. 95 Beta Club ROW 1: Violet Lambert, Pamela Terry, Dawna Walker, Mrs. Lloyd, sponsor, Jerry Johnson, Lena Pope, Judy Hall, Penny McNeal, Charlie Williams, Janet Beman, Jeanetta Lambert, Carla Wagoner, Lavonna Rose, ROW 2: Helenlu Stewart, Doriw Lloyd, Redith Boster. ROW 3: Vivian Hansen, Rosamary Bostic, Gabby Burns. ROW 4: Cathy Lambert, Becky Stewart, Mary Schuldt, OFFICERS -r, N fx , E ' B J 2 SENIOR BETAS Xfsff 2 v s' CHARACTER BETA TAPPING ROW 1: Gabby Burns, Charlie Williams, Judy Hall. ROW 2: Vivian Hansen, Cathy Lambert, Mary Beth Schuldt, Rosamary Bostic, Becky Stewart. ROW 1: Cathy Coffee, Hazel Massie, Mary Williams, Sheila Colley, Bobby Dotson, Mark Smith, Fred Cornwell, Mrs, Lloyd, sponsor, "Wh ' - Brenda Johnson, Sandra Dailey, Margaret Fadeley. at you keep IS lost ROW 2: Don Cox, Richard Gill, Eddie Bare, What you give is forever yours, " if Library Club ROW 1: Charlie Taylor, Keith Carter, Carolyn Payne, Doris Lloyd, Dawna Walker. ROW 2: Becky Nida, Cynthia Miller, Marie Mercer, C Judy Hall, Charlie Williams, Cathy Lambert, Violet Lambert, Linda Pratt, Mrs, Rozzelle, sponsor. ABSENT: Vivian and Vickie Hansen. 43 Q9 H9915 73.63155 L x g X !! ,, ,, Future Nurses 3' ! M .xx-"-Sf' SEATED: Cynthia Miller, Cathy Lambert, Doris Lloyd, Mary Williams. STANDING: Mrs. Dailey, sponsor. FFA ROW 1: S. Atha, C. Baisden, R. Hutchins, J. Walker, C. Williams, K. Carter, I. Gil- bert, J. Lewis. ROW 2: T. Ramsey, D. Smith, J. Waters, V. Whitt, B. Kiser, C. Chambers, C. Ehman, J. Ehman, R. Hutchins, I. Dailey, B. Greene, J. Waters, Mr, Evans, sponsor. ROW 3: L. Chapman, W. Ramsey, B. Baker, K. Fry, S. Ehman, R. Rose, P. Barker, G. Bryant, L. Dillon, D. Bush, J. Prose, E. Potter, ROW 4: H, Crouse, I. Ramsey, I. Johnson, R. Simmons, D. Cox, M. Potter, L. Stevens, P. Jeffers, R. Hutchinson, J. McNeal, D. Lewis, I. Thacker. ... ., .V lv, 'Mr n . ' I "Wi ,I-.' ff 4' ' II X 1 X 551-104, 9 y JAMES WALKER tgps xttsbqfbx President XJ IU ,U I 'Q Q v -I 0 , fx nip , Q O 'Ze O E , . 9 7 1 3' kj 'v W. Parliamentary Procedure Team "Minds are like parachutesg they work best when open. " X QUE! V , 'W - . x CATHY LAMBERT Officers F. F. A. Sweetheart FHA Club ROW 1: Kay Farney. Cathy Lambert. Linda Pratt, Dawna Walker, Carolyn Payne, Rita Miller, Judy Hall, Marie Mercer, Gabby Burns. ROW 2: Miss Beattie, Jane Ann Fallon, Ruth Stanley, Sue Greene, Mary Ramsey, Ruthie Richards, Sheila Colley, Violet Lambert, Redith Boster, Cynthia Miller. ROW 3: Phyllis Jeffers, Cathy Coffee, Peggy Prose, Ella Ramsey, Venessa Brown, Janet Mercer, Connie Davis, Jeanetta Lambert, Brenda Hammond. ABSENT: Vivian Hansen and Vickie Hansen. "Never despair. But if you do, work on in despair. " QR. MA K ERS Q A OK' STATE HOMEMAKER DEGREE Q 7 Carolyn Payne, Cathy Lambert, Vivian Hansen, if' 32 F 1 O E S b FHA OFFICERS A ' 03 0 ve 4 0 '90 N EW BOY- SITTING: Dawna Jo Walker, Carolyn Payne, Vivian Hansen, STANDING: Kay Farney, Cathy Lambert, Vickie Hansen, Linda Pratt, Rita Miller, KEITH CARTER, Chapter Farmer for Year JIM WALKER, DeKalb Award Winner Business Office Education ROW 1: Kay Farney, Virginia Reynolds, Becky Frasher, Hazel Massie, Phyllis Jeffers, Debbie Trowbridge, Mary Williams, Lavonna Rose, Carla Wagoner. ROW 2: Mrs. Rose, Sponsor, Becky Stewart, Rosamary Bostic Mary Beth Schuldt, Judy Hall, Ken Cornwell, Steve Miller, Ernie Cornwell, Linda Pratt, Lyletta Dean, Marie Mercer, Rita Miller, Carolyn Ball, Mrs. Lloyd, Sponsor. ROW 3: Becky Nida, Doris Lloyd, Connie Davis, Cynthia Miller, Kathy Miller, Darlene Waters, Linda Rutherford, Linda Connolly, Erma Crisp. 100 Annual taff ROW 1: Rita Miller, Vivian Hansen, Rosamary Bostic, Judy Hall, Mary Beth Schuldt, Linda Connolly. ROW 2 Becky Stewart, Carolyn Ball, Marie Mercer, Vickie Hansen, Mrs. Lloyd, sponsor, Linda Pratt, Lyletta Dean, Carolyn Payne, Becky Nida. "Learn from the mistakes of others - You can't live long enough to make them all yourself. " Intelligencer, Doy lestown, P L. to r.: Mary Beth Schuldt, Business Manager: Rosamary Bostic, Copy Editorg Judy Hall, Editor: Becky Stewart, Adver- tising Manager, Doris Lloyd and Cynthia Miller Our ueens HOMECOMING QUEEN AND ESCORT Charles Beman and Judy Hall 155!Vggg PROM QUEEN AND ESCORT mesmawn-,nvqy Q-,f,e.euc V 1'-N Darrell Haney and Sharon Russell T 4 A 'V if , .. , ,gg will 65? :wh .- lil u 'MW f' Ms., . me - md . if 'gsm ff- QU 1 wi Lenin Q43 .,.. gr-, FESTIVAL QUEEN AND KING Keith Carter and Kim Pope E E . your llfe Swift "May you live all the days of 5 , if gf rig '02 l,k.kV i V Band ROW 1: Gabby Burns, Cathy Coffee, Janet Beman, Janet Mercer, Dawna Walker. ROW 2: Regina Akers Ruth Wood, Paula Hale, Mary Schuldt, Becky Stewart, Rosamary Bostic, Carolyn Ball, Beth Jeffers, Kim Pope. ROW 3: Larry Frasher, Kay Farney, Debbie Trowbridge, Ruth Stanley, Kathy Miller, Cynthia Miller Linda Stanley, Margaret Fadeley, Donna Mannon, Mike McNeal. ROW 4: Dennis Johnson, David Bonrce Johnny Hale, Joey Hopkins, Eddie Ferguson, Eddie Bare, Mike Dillon, Dale Whitt, Kevin Gill. ROW 5 Jane Fallon, Sheila Blanton, Helenlu Stewart, Mary Williams, Redith Boster, Lena Pope, Penny McNeal Mary Ramsey. r xx ff : EQ 'R 71:- J "Music is the harmonious voice of creation: an echo of the invisible world: one note of the divine concord which the entire universe is destined one day to sound. - Mazzini L. to r.: Dawna Walker, Janet Mercer, Janet Beman, Cathy Coffee Gabby Burns. Football ,I -, 951.-riff," .f ,. . 6 M H ff' I 5 1 'G ,, 1' - f'3ff" 11 1 " 'w.-53N 1 ,' . , 1, .3351 afif' ijfr'-cf' ,W , F J "' " TEX-,'. 'L' f "7" .f 3 . as -- , yi- A uma' I 3 , ' 1392, ' . 'M ' ., Vz, .Wgi-'4'mf:'frf',.L'W'f W' I 'K If 1 7' .I ff? gg, v W, p vw 1 , 'm .1 '. -rw p J ,. A ' fr H " cpu. J ! . 3, 1. .M 'Q 6 gg -f I xv 4 J A W I , , ,' mfg, I, aff, .gat . V fy r a Q g' 1 5 I' 4? 'V i I .,..: DAVID MORGAN riff" wp-rzri N- - O af A-535fi1f' I QB.-f'r fx .. -- Y .il If 4,4 ,Q Ag, 1 k y nil Q-Q f M, 'I-:QL +,. 3: .V -- , ' 5 V' 4 A 'V 5k:,y 'AAT 2: if x '7',! gjfif:,.!!m'QI f I ,gtE:,v. - - 1 aa , ' I A, 1 , , -, ,,,. L gn- . 3:41, ' .nap wx, tix., ,,.,,?,?w, , QQ' "'-as:-'fm' W-f ' H I Q . Kuff . "fi Q 33 . Y -v sv' 4 'X My ,S r In af' Ja H' ' Ii .iv Sha, ix! 1 Q ,r .-ai' 1, I pg-'lf' ' 5 'Q WWW' Y I 1' ,: ..,,ME,wJ Q an .:.-- M. his . I L? A ' I A if? T sf, "ffl Q T., ' A, ' J ,5r5,?.,,,,,?- 11: I A 1 if 457 iv' V I . L'-'S " 2 V .. .'?, xy ' Gig S A-ma 1 ' w r ' A f ff 4' fm, 2 1 , S. . M. .fff,,.- .. --,R .jprfiu , ,Riu-'f Ii' -:A54.+""': I gg v va ,ss-., Nw' In +I. ig S.. f s it uh " elf Y in ,X 5 ,Q -f W xg, 1 V 2, R I P 4, ff' n " I - ,WF s F El C I' S CHARLES WILLIAMS I W- Q JACK WATERS WW 'ft SP .2 r'5s'f'-H-1 ' Q11 If .W , , - f-.. , .. ,, 55.32 I I Q I , , .354 If '- I ' A ' " A " " X .- X 'f 'HQ ' 2 4. . I ..,A i" '1':fiki.h V. nf' '-fu A . -, -Qc gi 'f I ' I f,.5q543,.:-a,1"1-,'1J"' I R " 14: fgs,:4g1ai If-FQ ' A :fe ??2!'1'f'3'VQa: J A I 532 A - - '7fS5:43f?'1?T:- I I R L. I . .L f 4 A -Hi"-i"Yrx1f53 is ""V:,. - ,, ,- A 1 EIS? wzwilhir- ' . ZS' rg., , I .wi ,i . Rafal.-, Jffaff V I fi , ,I I if 5 f f GARY REYNOLDS I SCOTTY ATHA A: :iv A I ., fi, "'1Qfrg, 'f 11- 2, 2.,Pi'Fmj55' 12' ."' ' 1' 'Q I 'W' 33- H IW f 5' 5 4, I 1- -, . ,fx A gs, na , I! A 41, 4' v , L ,, , 4 4 Ny M M , f A .. ki' 3 L I 1. Q Q X P I fe. -i .gf ,rf f' , - .Q . v. P22 ,V S 4 . U 9 331 ,.-,L , I .K rf fb V- ,ug -.A V, N I 4,1541 . - 5 I 1, , ,gpp5Qsw,,. mf' ,:,1fga',- . Q., NZ' . -+V v,,,,.,,,H K I IM GILBERT F Qwfm .gf vh'x" .T s I il X 'A :E 'Wm :fr gr. 'f 'Q mf I' 'x QS, .ps 'W 'f QW 'Qs' Lv . ' if -.g?,g?.,,L59 W. - :.5,5m,?S5,w, .wg .1 is. -- fy ,iii-ere-:' 3 2.1" . ,f"x,l3'1' ' ' 12 5: Ig yy, I' 11 in A5 - . y W 2- ' " f : .ii-:ig Z: I 5 9 ig fu 'wg' if 'A .511 Lx: Ln 15. -af Q rg .--"' s sd if mms' 4 2 , 5 '. 0 Q J- F- , I-X - '-1 .. ' X iff .1 V' 1'5?'1'Li - Q. - 1' , gt I- ' ' I fi: ' I ' ,Rx i , :X ,. ox .F 1 A 9 ,, 2 I A 4 BILL RAMSEY mfg r M Ji -' Qrywf ' 'K 'Y R ' -. ffy 4S:'1.w"5g5: K 1 f fckfjgfik f f1"'f"'3TQ41, g a . A ,Q .,:,:.51. ig 3234 21.33 gr., '- f ,M -X ? V. ' Qu f 13' A Ng 31 4 2. r - . .. . , V , LC P I all , YW LQ CURTIS BAISDEN I04 if fi .. ,LW 4, -1 .. 5-fu,-I ,', nf-"1"'T'-15: NL . 95+-V+ 1-'I -TW: .TIM WALKER Football Team , .. iiQaqf?f Fw in ar 3' f Y 1 USE J s 5 if if 7 'N " -s 4 Y , 'gg ,"f-- -Q ,ALF V ,E X Q . X a X 4 1 5 an x 9, 5 s 3 ROW 1: Ronnie Hutchinson, David Bush, Jon Wood, Richard Gill, Larry Dillon, Charles Johnson, Jackie Lewis. ROW 2: Donnie Lewis, Gary Reynolds, Billy Ramsey, Scotty Atha, Charles Williams, Jim Walker, David Morgan, Jack Waters, Jim Gilbert, Eddie Shriver, ROW 3: Mr, Stiles, Russell Bush, Vernon Whitt, Rusty Hutchins, Larry Stevens, Jerry Johnson, Steve Miller, Billy Kiser, Chuck Chambers, Randy Miller, Assistant Coach. ROW 4: John Prose, Ellis Little, Curtis Baisden, Jerry Ferrell, and Ralph Barker. Baseball . I 3 ,ax ir I Y f Y, nr 3-,Q s .. tr, ft '- ROW 1: Joe Waters, Mark Smith, Curtis Baisen, Tommy Ramsey, ROW 2: Mr, Stiles, Coach, Gary Carter, Charles Beman, Gary Reynolds, David Morgan, Jimmy Walker, Fred Cornwell, and Jerry Waters KNEELING: Mr. Myers, coach, Larry Dillon, STANDING: Richard Stout, Darrell Haney, Deith Carter, Rusty Hutchins, Charles Beman, David Morgan, Jim Walker, Iim Dailey, Ioe Waters. Smyth. I Mark Kuhn. GXXX1 hnnv Q maid ' 1 so 'l I, . Hutchins- we sgmoaneg M B., ROQQLC bn Ehffla-9, xp ty Umov, tellers so ,I ' Mun. Lat X1 Phill? 1 . c c - , Row V sow Goa 1 5, ROW 2. 1: ., M A N A G Left to right: Charles Taylor, E Charlie Williams, Jack Waters. R S IO6 KEITH CARTER - Guard A11S.V.A.C. DAVID MORGAN - Forward CHARLES BEMAN - Center JIM WALKER - Forward Varsity Players DARRELL HANEY - Guard RICHARD STOUT - Guard "The real measure of an athlete is not what he can do in comparison to others but against his own best self. " Cheerleaders RESERVE: Ella Ramsey, Cathy Coffee, and Penelope Hampton. Q BASKET BA LU VARSITY: Penny McNeal, Kay Farney, Henenlu Stewart, Rita Miller, Carla Wagon- er, and Lavonna Rose. 1 my 1 QFOOTBALLQ A ?-'nf N . HX, ff,-,,, VH, 'L ,big MQ .Q yy , ..,.,, 7 ,U 14 "" '15 zffififflaf VARSITY: Helenlu Stewart, Carla Wagoner, Rita Miller, Janet Beman, Penny McNeal, and Lavonna Rose, QBASKET BA LLJ I08 Left to right: Carolyn Payne, second place, and Rosamary Bostic, first place on the Daughters of A merican Revolutionary Test. KEITH CART ER Basketball, Honorable Mention- for A11-State CAROLYN BALL A Betty Crocker Award JIMMY WALKER Football, Honorable Mention for All-State "Trif1es make perfection but perfection is no trifle - Michelangelo SOUTHWESTERN HIGH SCHOOL tudent Secretaries CADMUS GRADE SCHOOL "An error gracefully acknowledged is a victory won. " - Caroline L. Gascoigne Il0 3. is . -as - - f Bw-'IL-. 7 if fo SH 2 'Q J " CENTERVILLE GRADE SCHOOL 2g i M as ff 5 be f I f -ff, 1' Y Y .E QM 3 2 4- M5457 K l .apj i 1? if A H 5 ,myff jrwftgf 59 25? 5 w x ., .,,.. i ' 4 'H 2 E 5 .2 'Xi 32 ,fl ,Aff rv X J fi MRS, VERSIL JACKSON 3.l'ld MRS JOAN HOLBROOK MRS GEORGIA MYERS Custodlan mmpwauuw WE Homecoming Court Spring Festival Court BSI-2 Induction Ready to go home Time to eat "The old thoughts never dieg immortal dreams outlive their dreamers and are ours for ayeg no thought once formed and uttered ever can expire. - Mackay The Silent Halls old is valuable, so is every "As every thread of g moment of time. " - J. Mason 1969 allia County Basketball Tournament Played in the HANNAN TRACE HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASIUM K' February 14 and 15, 1969 North Gallia 53 Febfuafy 14 North Gallia 57 7:00 Hannan Trace 48 Ha T 1 L fF b. 14 nnan race 6 osers o e Winners of Feb. 14 February 15 February 15 SOUTHWESTERN 8:15 Kyger Creek 65 7:00 Southwestern 62 February 14 Kygel' Creek 43 8: 15 , ' p i : - . 'fl am ,, L', Southwestern 76 'W A DA ' f i 1:12 ALL s.v.A.C. r -.- , NAME SCHOOL FIRST TEAM ALL TOURNAMENT TEAM Keith- Carter Southwestern NAME SCHOOL Dave Daniels Hannan Trace , , Jim Walker Southwestern Ron Greenlee North Gallia , Keith Carter Southwestern Chuck Bradbury Ray Karr Jim Walker Dennis Eichinger Steve Spaulding Tom Reese John Garnes SECOND TEAM Kyg er Creek Eastern Southwestern Eastern Kyger Creek Kyger Creek North Gallia Ron Greenlee Tom Reese Dave Daniels North Gallia Kyger Creek Hannan Trace eg '41 l' , C lf rf? ' I PLACE Hannah Trace Southwestern North Gallia 'Kyger Creek Hannan Trace Kyger Creek Hannah Trace North Gallia Southwestern Hannan Trace Kyger Creek Southwestern Hannan Trace Hannah Trace Kyger Creek Southwestern Southwestern North Gallia Football Scoreboard GALLIA COUNTY 1968-69 SCORE VS 2 vs O vs 2 vs 26 vs 14 vs 28 vs Basketball coreboard GA LLIA COUNTY 1968-69 43 vs 53 vs 59 vs 62 vs 65 vs 64 vs 59 vs 66 vs 68 vs 71 vs 58 vs 60 vs PLACE Southwestern Kyger Creek Southwestern Ha nnan Trace North Gallia North Gallia Kyger Creek Hannan Trace Kyger Creek Southwestern North Gallia North Gallia Kyger Creek North Gallia Southwestern North Gallia Hannan Trace Kyger Creek SCORE 6 54 8 0 42 6 9a sa '61 '71 '74 '71 71 49 47 '74 55 59 85 67 55 .NORTl:l QAkLLlA HIGHWSCHOCL , 4 I K M.,-1 -X orth Gallia IAMES BURLESON MELVIN CARTER FRANK CREMEANS CARRIE DALE English Special Education Social Studies Vocal Music Physical Education Health RUTH T. GEORGE DONALD HODGE DOTTIE MCMAHON FANNIE METCALF Art Appreciation Mathematics Girls' Physical Gir1S' Physical Remedial Reading Education Education Health GARY MINTON HOWARD NEEKAMP GIHCIHUCC COUUSSIOY Business and Office Education II8 Faculty ARTHUR NIBERT JAMES OILER GOMER PHILLIPS GERALD POPE Social Studies Science American Goyernment Vocational Agriculture Drivers' Education Mechanical Drawing Industrial Arts DOROTHY RALSTON RUDY SHIVELY ROBERT SMITH JANE TROUT Latin English Instrumental Music Reading Home Economics Music Appreciation P it ,ffrrs MARY WALKER FRANCES WETHERHOLT CATHY SMITH Business Education Vocational Home Economics 5011001 Seflfetary II9 DEBORAH BENNETT Pirate Staff 4 FNA 3,4 FBLA 3,4 Girls' Sports 2,3,4 LARRY BOWCOTT Vocal Music 3,4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 4 Track 1 FFA 4 Sectionals 4 DONALD BROWNING Vocal Music 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1 Track 2, 3 Latin 1, 2 I20 3. North alli JILL BORDEN Vocal Music 1,2, 3 Pirate Staff 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Variety 1 FBLA 3,4 Office Ass 't 3 Library Ass't 2,4 BOE 3,4 BRENDA BROWN FNA 2, 3 Candy Striper 2, 3 Library Ass't 3 Sec-Treas 3 IUDY BUSH Vocal Music 3 Senior Class JOHNNY CALLICOAT HIRLEY CANADY ,ocal Music 1,2, 3, 4 and 1, 2 FNA 3 iris' Sports 1,2, 3,4 HA4 HARON COCHRAN atin Club 1, 2 i r 3 DARRELL CANADY KAREN CA STO Vocal Music 1 Pirate staff 4 FNA 3 FNA Treasurer 4 Candy Striper 3, 4 BOE 3, 4 FBLA 3, 4 Teacher's Aide FHA MARY COOK Pirate Staff 4 FNA 3 FNA Sec. 4 Candy Striper FBLA 3,4 Office Ass't 2 Class Pres, 1 Girls' Sports 2 IZI RONNIE EASTON Vocalllvlqusic 1, 2, 3, 4 Band , Pirate Staff 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Variety Show 2 4 FBLA , Beta Club 3,4 Beta Pres. 4 Athens Com 1 2 3,4 Football 2, 31? 4 Basketball 1,2 Baseball 1,2, 3,4 Class Pres, 3,4 Scholarship Team 2 Latin Club 1,2 BOE 3,4 Io FISHER Nat'1 Honor Society Student Council 1,2 Vice-pres. 1 Buckeye Girls' State Homecoming Queen l 3 Scholarship Team 2, 3 FNA 3 FBLA 3 Athens Music Comp 2, 3, 4 Office Ass't 4 Piano Accomp 1, 2, 3. 4 Vocal Music 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 2, 3 Pirate Staff 3 Capt. Girls' Basketball Girls' S rts 2, 3, 4 Latin Cfsb 1 Variety Show 1 JOHN F, GARNES Band 1 Basketball 1, 2 Latin Club 2, 3 I22 orth alli. PHYLLIS EDMINSTOIN Vocal Music 1 Variety Show 1 FNA 4 FBLA 3 Beta Club 4 Latin Club 1,2 FHA 4 JOHN E, GARNES Vocal Music 2, 3 Football 2, 3 Basketball 1,2, 3,4 Track 1,2 FFA 4 Ass't Pres., FFA All S. V. A. C . fbasketballj RIC HA RD G EIG ER Football 2, 4 Library Ass 't 1 enior Class OANNE GEISER 'ocal Music 1,2, 3, 4 irate Staff 4 'earbook Staff 4 'arietg Show 1 LA 4 B . Theerleader 2, 3, Captain 4 .thens Music Comp. 1, 2, 3, 4 asketball 1 iffice Ass't 2, 4 'lass Sec. 3 10 E. 3,4 Pirls' S orts 1 ep Cluqv 2, 3 N NONNIE GREENLEE 'ocal Music 1, 2, 3, 4 asketball 1, 2, 3, 4 ,lass Treas. 2 htin Club 2,3 N ILL HALL ocal Music l,2, 3,4 Pad 1, 2, 3, 4 thens Music Comp, 4 aseball 3, 4 Lholarship Team 4 atin Club 1,2 DIANA GILLMAN Vocal Music 1, 3,4 Band 2, 3,4 Yearbook Staff 4 Variety Show 1 FNA 3 FBLA 3 Cheerleader 1 Athens Music Comp, 1, 3, 4 Basketball 3 Class Vice-pres, 4 Majorette 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 1, 2 B, 0. E. 3, 4 JUDY GRIFFITH Vocal Music 1 Pirate Staff 4 Student Council 3, 4 FNA 4 FBLA 4 Cheerleader 1, 2 Athens Music Comp Basketball 4 Track 3 Office Ass't 4 Girls' Sports 1 Homecoming Court 4 Latin Club 2 ALTINA HAWKS Vocal Music 1, 3, 4 Pirate Staff 4 FNA 3, 4, Candy Striper 3 FBLA 3, 4 Athens Music Comp, 1, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 4 Girls' Sports 1, 2, 4 Latin Club 2 l23 CHERYL HILL Vocal Music 1 Band 1 Nat'l Honor Society4 Variety Show 1 FNA 4 FBLA 3 Beta Club 4 Athens Music Compe- tition 1 Office Ass't 4 Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3 Latin Club 1,2 FHA 4 SUZETTE IUSTUS Vocal Music 1,2, 3 Pirate Staff Editor 4 FBLA 4 Girls' Sports 4 FHA 4 BOE 3,4 GLORIA KEMPER Vocal Music 1, 2, 3, 4 Pirate Staff 3 FNA 3,4 Vice Pres. 3 President 4 FBLA 3 Beta Club 3, 4 Cheerleader 1 Athens Music Competition 1, 2, 3, 4 Scholarship Team 3 Buckeye irls' State 3 Latin Club 1, 2 Cand Stri er 3,4 FHA Yi P l24 orth alli CINDERELLA HONAK Vocal Music 1, 2, 3, 4 Variet Show 1 FBLA 5, 4 Beta Club 3, 4 Athens Music Compe- tition 1, 2, 3 FHA 1 FRA NC ES KEMPER Vocal Music 1, 2, 3,4 Band 1,2,4 Variety Show 1 FNA 3,4 FBLA 3,4 Athens Music Comp, 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3 Latin Club 1,2 FHA 4 Gym Leader 3 Pep Band 4 Student Council 1 News Reporter 4 Candy Striper 3, 4 Betty Crocker Award- ROBERT RIC E is Senior Class l ROSEMARY KNIGHT Vocal Music 1,2,3,4 Band 2, 3,4 Band Council 4 Nat'l Honor Society Variety Show 1 Student Council 1 Beta Club 2, 3,4 Athens Music Comp. 1, 3, 4 Library Ass't Pres, 4 Scholarship Team 1 Latin Club 1, 2 Pep Club 3 THERESA LEMLEY ocal Music 1, 2, 3, 4 irate Staff 3, 4 Variety Show 1 Student Council 2 'SNA 3, 4 thens Music Comp. 1, 2, 3, lass Sec. 4 irls' Sports 2 alentine Court 4 hoir Accomp. 2 HA 4 E 3, 4 DANNY LOGUE Vocal Music 1 Football 2, 4 Basketball 1,2 Track 2 Latin Club 1,2 BARBARA LAWHORN BOE 3,4 EMMA LOG AN Vocal Music 1 Band 3 Pirate Staff 4 Yearbook staff 4 FNA 3,4 FBLA Sec-Treas 4 Candy Stripe: 3 Office Ass 't 4 Girls' Sports 1,2, 3,4 PATRICIA MAY S Vocal Music 1 Pirate Staff 3, 4 Yearbook Staff 4 FNA 2, 3, 4 Vice Pres, 4 FBLA 3, 45 Vice Pres. 4 Office Ass't 2, 4 Girls Sports 1, 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 1, 2 FI-IA 4 Candy Striper 2, 3, 4 I25 DANIEL MCCLASKEY CAROLYN MILLER Vocal Music 1 Pirate Staff 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Variety Show 1 FNA 4 FBLA 3,4 Library Ass 't 2 Girls' Sports 3 LONN IE NEAL Vocal Music 1,2, 3,4 Athens Comp. 3 Latin Club 3 FFA 4 Student Council 4 I26 North alha LAWSON MCCOY RONNIE MORRIS Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1 Track 2 DANNY NEWMAN Baseball 1 Transfer from Lcerburg, Florida Senior Class ST EPH EN STOUT Football 4 VIVIAN TAYLOR Pirate Staff 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Nat'l Honor Society 4 Student Council 4 FNA 4 FBLA 3,4 FBLA Pres 4 Beta Club 3, 4 Office Ass't 3, 4 Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3, 4 BOE 3,4 BRENDA WINSTON Pirate Staff 4 FNA 4 FBLA 4 Girls' Sports 2 FHA 4 ST EPH EN ST UMBO Football 1,2 Baseball 1,2, 3,4, FFA 4 JANET TOLER Vocal Music 1,2, 3,4 Pirate Staff 3 Nat'l Honor Society4 Student Council Sec. 2 FNA - Sec-Treas, 3, Chaplain 4 Candy Striper 3, 4 FBLA 3 Beta Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Sec.-Treas. 4 Athens Comp, 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Ass't 4 Sec. -Treas. 4 Class Treas. 3 Girls' Sports 1,2, 3 FHA Pres, 4 Homecoming Court 1, 3, 4 Valentine Court 4 County Fair Court 3 EULA WORKMAN Pirate Staff Ass't Editor 4 Nat'l Honor Society 4 FBLA 3,4 FHA 4 l27 IERRI PAYNE Vocal Music 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Band Council 4 President 4 Pirate Staff 3 National Honor Society 3,4 Sec. -Treas. 4 Variety Show 1 FNA 3 Candy Striper 3 FBLA 3 Beta Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Library Ass't 3 Class Sec. Treas. 1 Vice-pres. 3 Treas. 4 Homecoming Court 4 Valentine Queen 4 Latin Club 1, 2 President 2 Pep Club 3 RONNIE PHILLIPS l28 orth allia Seniors KATHLEEN PAYNE Vocal Music 1, 2, 3, 4 Pirate Staff 3 National Honor Society 4 Variety Show 1 FNA 3 FBLA 3 Beta Club 1,2,3,4 Cheerleader 3,4 Co-captain 4 Athens Music Competition 1,2, 3, 4 Library Ass 't 4 Choir Accompanist4 Latin Club 1, 2 Pep Club 3 fe-4 3 ,f Q asia I 5 W. of BE 5 , Treasurer, Jerri Payne, President, Ronnie Easton: Secretary, Theresa Lemleyg Vice-president, Diana Gillman orth allia Junior 5 r lass 11-A FRONT ROW: Patricia Lanier, Beverly Garrett, Kathy Adkins, Othella Harrison, Connie Kemper, Iulia Hager, Wanda Hill, Brenda Ferrell, Marie Jones. SECOND ROW: Pauline Denney, Patricia Ball, Wilma Donnally, Susan Denney, David Denney, Gary McClaskey, Kim Haney, David Clark, Mike Campbell, Carol Mays, Brenda Hemby, Martha Garnes, THIRD ROW: Ronald Jackson, Alna Hall, Jack Hunt, John Denney, Paul Hayes, Ronnie Lanier, Turley George, Stanley Mayo. Advisor, Mrs, Frances Wetherholt. 11-B FRONT ROW: Linda Workman, Linda Payne, Brenda Winston, Nida Varney, Sheryl Fitch, Karen Roush, Ian Stevens, Veronica Russell, Nina Vance, SECOND ROW: Carmen Pugh, Jackie Vest, Robert Smith, Ronnie Morris, Steve Saunders, Aaron Peck, Charles Peck, Mike Wilfong, Ronnie Toler, Allen Raines, Diana Stanley, Candy Merritt. THIRD ROW: Eddie Sayre, Rob Painter, Carlos Rece, Mike Stout, Lauchey McCoy, Robert Rice, Ronnie Phillips. Advisor, Mr. Arthur Nibert. -'--. CLA SS OFFIC ERS President, Patricia Lanier: Vice-president, Carlos Rece, Treasurer, Julia Hager: Sec- retary, Kathy Adkins l29 Ns:- ortli Gallia ophomore Class CLASS OFFICERS ,-we Secretary, Becky Knight, President, David Browning, Vice-president, Roscoe Brown- ing, 130 10-A FRONT ROW: Joanne Bartley, Mary Carpenter, Melody Griffith, Donna Adkins, Sharon Bales, Elizabeth Donnally, Ida Crossen, Golda Halfhill. SECOND ROW: Diana Card- well, Fred Childers, Allen Dodrill, James Bowen, Charles Denney, Jack Cheatham, Joey Hall, Rocky Hall, Nella Campbell: Mr. James Burleson, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Marvin Bales, Tom Gardner, Sam Copley, Archie Diggs, Lee Gardner, David Browning, Roscoe Browning. 10-B FRONT ROW: Mary Merritt, Joyce Haynes, Mildred Harris, Scarlett Johnson, Patty Hill, Tommie Sue Knight, Trudy Henry, Becky Knight, SECOND ROW: Helen Haynes Mike Marcum, Mike Hill, Jerry Johnson, Willis Johnson, David Justus, David Mullins, Junior Hunt, Ernie Hendren, Jack Holcomb, Mr, James Oiler, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Larry Howell, Hollis Miller, Gary Kisor, Chuck McBride. North alha ophomore Class 10-C FRONT ROW: Jane Snedegar, Glenna Petrie, Sharon Roberts, Debbie VanSick1e, Jeannette Pope, Betty Spencer, Karen Rose, Roxanne Stover. SECOND ROW: Sandy Smith, Terry Stout, Phil Saunders, Derwood Pope, Harold Taylor, Gary Pope, Brad Painter, Roger Pelfrey, Mr. Howard Neekarnp. THIRD ROW: Mike Smith, Chester Ward, Bobby Ratcliff, Chris Polsley, North alha Freshman Class 9-A FRONT ROW: Robin Daft, Cathy Carpenter, Cindy Callicoat, Patty Dobbins, Sharon Dunn, Brenda Bias, Barbara Dunn, Diann Grant, Mary Drummond, SECOND ROW: Alma Bartley, Larry Camden, John Eggleton, Arthur Clark, John Dotson, Dwight Campbell, Kessler Adkins, Dan Browning, Linda Denney, Mr, Rudy Shively, THIRD ROW: Harold Camden, Dan Easton, Harold Collins, Harvey Brown, Dale Grant, Clinton Gillman, James Dotson, I3l orth allia Freshman Class 9-B Brenda Logan, Debbie Lawhorn, Rosemary Logue, Sandra Henry, Darlene Howell, Fredda Painter, Marilyn Phillips, Debbie Kirby, Marilyn Lawhorn, Elizabeth Miner. SECOND CLASS OFFICERS ROW: Loretta McCoy, Keith Hill, Stanley Payne, Cindy V ,r ,,, Q 4 liul Linehan, Ricky McClaskey, Larry Justus, Randy Hawks, Cora i,i tiii R' Peck, Wayne Kemp, Clayton Johnson, Connie Holcomb, Mr. QQ .,,e if C Frank Cremeans, Advisor. THIRD ROW: David Knotts, Blake Northup, Larry Hemby, Eddie Jones, Roy Meade, Lornie Neal, R Billy McCarley, Rick Mullins, Keith l-lartsook. 9-C FRONT ROW: Ruth Plants, Mary Riedel, Sherri Quickle, Becky Wellington, Lois Tipton, Brenda Preston, Pam Wallace, Dianne Swick, SECOND ROW: Darlene Russell, Sherry Wel- lington, Daniel Stinson, Ronnie Sexton, Ted Staton, Pat Stout, Lestel Ward, Jackie Smith, Susie Robinson, Mrs. Dorothy Ralston, Advisor. THIRD ROW: Larry Ward, Willis Taylor. President, Danny Eastong Vice-president Loren Neal, Secretary-treasurer, Fredda Painter. I32 Class l969 V ' r s N43 ?Je"'J', , FRONT ROW: Emma Logan, Jo Fisher, Eula Workman, Cinderella Honaker, Suzette Justus, Mary Cook, Cheryl Hill, Phyllis Edmiston, Judy Bush, Debbie Bennett, Altina Hawks, Judy Griffith. SECOND ROW: Carol Miller, Janet Toler, Gloria Kemper, Frances Kemper, Shirley Canady, Brenda Brown, Rosemary Knight, Kathleen Payne, Joanne Geiser, Vivian Taylor, Patricia Mays, Sharon Cochran, THIRD ROW: Karen Casto, Danny Newman, Stephen Stumbo, Donald Browning, Ronnie Morris, Ronnie Greenlee, Lonnie Neal, Johnny Calicoat, Lawson McCoy, John F, Garnes, Bill Hall, Theresa Lemley, FOURTH ROW: Jill Borden, Daniel Mc- Claskey, Darrell Canady, Ronnie Easton, Larry Bowcott, John E. Garnes, Danny Logue, Ricky Geiger, Stephen Stout, Robert Rice, Ronnie Phillips, Jerri Payne. National Honor Society Honor STUKJGHJS , . ,- .ara ,ff .: ,. .Q J . 5: X Y' r . B B fggz. .. we 5325 1 R"'J'NJ'.fia FRONT ROW: Jo Fisher, Jerri Payne, Kathy Payne, Eula Work- man. SECOND ROW: Janet Toler, Rosemary Knight, Cheryl Hill, Vivian Taylor. - si, J IIV J JIJZJJ 'J rsrl J f Valedictorian, JO FISHERg Salutatorian, JERRI PAYNE Scholarship Team Five North Gallia students won honors in the Final District Scholarship Contest which was held in Athens: Candy Merritt, Bookkeeping, fourth in District, honorable mention in State, eighth in District regardless of classificationg Jackie Vest, Bookkeeping, tenth in districtg Bill Hall, senior social studies, third in District, honorable mention in State, Debbie Lawhorn, English 9, sixteenth in district, Eddie Sayre, American history, third in District, honorable mention in State, The students who took the tests are: FRONT ROW: Diana Stanley, Candy Merritt, Kathy Adkins, Jackie Vest, Jerri Payne, Bill Hall, Debbie Lawhorn, Susan Robinson. SECOND ROW: Mary Merritt, James Dotson, Harold Collins, Freddy Childers, Mike Wilfong, Larry Justus, David Browning, Eddie Sayre, Cathy Carpenter. Honoraries North Gallia is proud of those students who have received special honors and awards - membership in honor groups, election as school representatives and for all other honors which have been re- ceived as a result of perseverance and industry. Beta Club FRONT ROW: Vivian Taylor, Patricia Ball, Kathy Adkins, Ronnie Easton, Janet Toler, Golda Halfhill, Phyllis Edmiston. SECOND ROW: Candy Merritt, Jackie Vest, Eddie Sayre, Nella Campbell, Ronnie Toler, Mike Wilfong, Rosemary Knight, Cinderella Honaker, Mrs. Walker, advisor. THIRD ROW: Gloria Kemper, Donna Adkins, Jerri '34 Payne, Kathy Payne. orth Gallia Royalty S E E HOMECOMING QUEEN AND COURT Jerry Payneg escort, Brad Painter, Queen Becky Knight, escort Turley George: Judy Griffith, escort, Allen Hall. , - ffl ,.. - ,ga f 'H 'T-.4 I K . 375- ,..-cr' "" . .a ,, JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM QUEEN AND PRINCESSES 2 Princess Io Fisher, Queen Janet Toler, Princess Cheryl Hill. F VALENTINE QUEEN AND COURT JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM QUEEN AND COURT l Theresa Lemley, escort Ronnie Toler, Jo Fisher, escort, Ronnie Greenlee, Queen Janet Toler, escort Donald Queen Jerri Payne, escort Brad Painter, Browningg Cheryl Hill, escort Brad Painter. l Janet Toler, Escort Donald Browning. l l35 Athens Music Contestants Student Council FRONT ROW: Judy Grif- fith, Cathy Carpenter, Becky Wellington, Kathy Adkins, Vivian Taylor, Patricia Lanier. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Metcalf, ad- visor, Patty Hill, David Browning, Rob Painter, Ronnie Toler, Brad Painter Debbie Lawhorn. Library Club FRONT ROW: Mrs. Met- calf, Librarian: Joann Bartley, Janet Toler, Rose- mary Knight, Donna Ad- kins, Sheri Quickie, Jill Borden. SECOND ROW: Jerri Payne, Kathy Payne, Becky Knight, Glenna Petrie, Brenda Brown, Carmen Pugh, Marie Jones, Candy Merritt, Alma Bart- ley, 136 ni NORTH GALLIA students participated in the Ohio music Education Contest at Athens, Ohio in March. FRONT ROW: Patty Dobbins, Frances Kemp- er, Gloria Kemper, Cathy Carpenter, Cora Peck, Brenda Logan, Joyce Haynes, Fredda Painter, Lois Tipton. SEC- OND ROW: Debbie Kirby, Mary Riedel, Kathy Payne, Carmen Pugh, Mary Merritt, Rosemary Knight, Joanne Geiser, Janet Toler, Jerri Payne, Jo Fisher, Mrs. Dale, instructor. THIRD ROW: Dan Easton, Rob Painter, Mike Wilfong, Bill Hall, Ronnie Easton. 1 e ge 61+ The students of North Gallia carry out one of the goals of education - that of service, They donate many hours of their own time in serving their school through organizations, as pictured on this page, YEARBOOK STAFF - FRONT ROW: Vivian Taylor, Jan Stevens, Joanne Geiser, Patricia Mays, Emma Logan. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Mary Walker, Jill Borden, Diana Gillman, Carolyn Miller, Ronnie Easton. OFFICE STAFF - FRONT ROW: Beverly Garrett, Jan Stevens, Mrs. Cathy Smith, Joanne Geiser, Judy Griffith, SECOND ROW: Brenda Hemby, Patricia Mays, Shirley Canady, Emma Logan, Vivian Taylor, Jo Fisher, PIRATE STAFF - FRONT ROW: Cinderella Honaker, Vivian Taylor, Jill Borden, Eula Workman, Suzette Justus, Patricia Mays, Judy Griffith, Theresa Lemley. SECOND ROW: Mike Stout, Brenda Winston, Carolyn Miller, Altina Hawks, Emma Logan, Frances Kemper, Debbie Bennett, Joanne Geiser, Ronnie Easton, Mr. Howard Nee- kamp, THIRD ROW: Mary Cook, Karen Casto, Candy Merritt, Marie Jones, Linda Workman. l:1 'l1 I- 1.1 North Gallia Students Prepare for Future THE FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA study the many facets of nursing, A one of many careers open to girls. FRONT ROW: Pat Lanier, Martha Garnes, Patricia Mays, Gloria Kemper, Janet Toler, Karen Casto, Mary Cook, Judy Griffith. SEC- OND ROW: Linda Payne, Vivian Taylor, Diana Cardwell, Glenna Petrie, Carol Mays, Altina Hawks, Emma Logan, Debbie Bennett Jeannette Pope, Tommie Sue Knight, JoAnn Bartley, Brenda Winston, Sponsor Mrs. Frances Wetherholt. THIRD ROW: Melody Griffith, Trudy Henry, Carmen Pugh, Phyllis Edmiston, Beverly Garrett, Carolyn Miller, Frances Kemper, Sheryl Fitch, Debbie VanSickle, Theresa Lemley. CANDY STRIPERS Janet Toler, Gloria Kemper, Frances Kemper, Karen Casto and Patricia Mays give two hours of time weekly to serving patients in the Holzer Hospital. Here they perform many worthwhile services while receiving first-hand training and experience in nursing. GUIDANCE COUNSELOR, Mr. Gary Minton dis- cusses with Jerri Payne her future plans for school. Future Business Leaders of America FRONT ROW: Cinderella Honaker, Suzette Justus Carol Mays Patricia Mays Emma Logan Vivian Taylor Martha Garnes, Jill Borden, Judy Griffith SECOND ROW Ronnie Easton Brenda Winston Carolyn Miller Frances Kemper, Altina Hawks, Debbie Bennett Joanne Geiser Candy Merritt Marie Jones Linda Workman Mike Stout, Mr, Neekamp, advisor. THIRD ROW Eula Workman Mary Cook Karen Casto Theresa Lemley The Shorthand Iclass earned Gregg pins and certificates for passing Complete Theory Tests and 60 and 80 word Gregg Shorthand Tests, Students are, left to right Nina Vance Wilma Donnally Jill Borden Jan Stevens Patricia Ball. Mrs. Walker is the instructor Mr. Neekamp's Business Office Educa- tion class is busy typing business forms. FRONT ROW: Linda Payne. SECOND ROW: Martha Garnes, Karen Roush. THJRD ROW: Carol Mays, Marie Jones, Jackie Vest, STANDING: Candy Merritt Carmen Pugh, Linda Workman, Susan Denney. Future Homemakers of America QXSQQRE The organization of THE FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA learn today so that they may become the Homemakers of tomorrow, The chapter was organized this year by Mrs, Dorothy Ralston. FRONT ROW: Cindy Callicoat, Mary Riedel, Cinderella Honaker, Ruth Plants, Janet Toler, Donna Adkins, Patricia Lanier, Sheryl Staton Fitch, Debbie VanSickle, SECOND ROW: Karen Casto, Brenda Winston, Carmen Pugh, Frances Kemper, Suzette Justus, Shirley Canady, Gloria Kemper, Cora Peck, Debbie Lawhorn, Nida Varney, Marilyn Lawhorn, Theresa Lemley, Mrs. Dorothy Ralston. THIRD ROW: Eula Workman, Patricia Mays, Pam Wallace, Elizabeth Miller, Lois Tipton, Becky Wellington, Patricia Dobbins, Sue Phillips, Debbie Kirby, FOURTH ROW: Brenda Ferrell, Phyllis Edmiston, Beverly Garrett, Connie Kemper, Brenda l-lemby, Karen Roush, Julia l-lager, Wanda Hill. Home Economics I In the freshman class in clothing, the girls learn some of the basic steps of sewing by completing a simple gar- ment. They learn the care x t. and operation of the sewing S machine and some rules of safety, FRONT ROW: Sharon Dunn, Linda Denny, Darlene Russell, Brenda Bias, Loretta McCoy. BACK ROW: Rose Loue, Mrs, Wetherholt, Ruth Plants, Barbara Dunn, Becky Wellington, Nida Varney, Cinda Linehan, Pam Wallace, Brenda Preston, e i tsl ss at I X If s A .L 'f ..,,- V ss orth allia Boys Develop Their Own "Thing.M First year FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA won first place in county and third place in district in the Land and Soil Judging Contest, FRONT ROW: Chester Ward, Stu- dent Advisorg Lonnie Neal, Treasurer, Ron- nie Lanier, Vice-presidentg Steve Saunders, Presidentg Larry Bowcott, Secretaryg Ronnie Phillips, Sentinelg Paul Stinson, Reporter, SECOND ROW: Mr. Pope, advisor, John Denney, Larry Camden, Gary McClaskey, John Garnes, Paul Hayes, Larry Hemby, Terry Stout, THIRD ROW: Turley George, Alna Hall, Keith Hill, Keith Hartsook. The VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE CLASS ll perform a major overhaul on a small gasoline tractor in Farm Shop. Pictured are: Terry Stout, Mr, Pope, Larry Howell, Hollis Miller, Many fine, outstanding, and useful pieces of furniture are produced by the INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLASS. Here the boys are displaying bookcases which they are making. Pictured are: Mr, Gomer Phillips, instructor, Mike Campbell, Lawson McCoy, Ray Gillman, Dave Denney, Carlos Rece. ,,., . wg- -was ,,,. ,,,, rr-eL E .- ,,r. .sag L. r,,e,, skew, . . f- -- .r...r-is Y. , ,.:,.,, ,,...,,,.e-- - f .rrrerr wb 3. Q, -fa ----.....Q,eq v- ...aiu WM: if -as L, .us X , i.,a,..,M, ww... ' if "MT N 'ssieifz-Fifi' The Latin Club FRONT ROW: Sherri Quickle, Mary Merritt, Nella Campbell, Cathy Carpenter, Robbin Daft, Alma Bartley, SECOND ROW: Mrs. Ralston, Advisor, Joann Bartley, Fred Childers, Wayne Kemp, Larry Justice, Roger Pelfrey, Brad Painter, Diann Grant. THIRD ROW: Harold Collins, Jerry Johnson, David Browning, Ted Staton, Danny Easton, Loren Neal, Billy McCarley, Roscoe Browning, The , Stud Hall l42 I A vA" "'v . ' - ,Qi School memories would not be complete without a picture of the study hall. The cafeteria serves as a study hall, but during some periods classrooms and the library are used as places for quietness and study, 4dvIG:"""""y Vocal Music Classes GIRLS GLEE CLUB - FRONT ROW: Debbie Kirby, Sue Phillips, Mary Riedel, Becky Wellington, Lois Tipton, Fredda Painter, Ruth Plants, Patty Dobbins, Diane Cardwell. SECOND ROW: Cinderella Honakar, Karen Roush, Connie Kemper, Cathy Carpenter, Brenda Preston, Cora Peck, Brenda Logan Altina Hawks, Carmen Pugh, Cindy Callicoat, Alma Bartley, Tommy Sue Knight, Roxanne Stover, Mrs, Dale. THIRD ROW: Jo Fisher, Joanne Geiser, Kathy Payne, Jerri Payne, Donna Adkins, Rosemary Knight, Diana Gillman, Jane Ann Snedegar, Joanne Bartley, Mary Merritt, FOURTH ROW: Brenda Bias, Joyce Haynes, Janet Toler, Gloria Kemper, Frances Kemper, Sandra Smith, Elizabeth Miller, Pam Wallace, Sandra Henry, J r BOYS GLEE CLUB - FRONT ROW: Roscoe Browning, Terry Stout, Brad Painter, Bill Hall, Danny Easton, Rob Painter, Mike Wilfong. SECOND ROW: Kathy Payne, Student Accompanistg Freddy Childers, Carlos Rece, John Eggleton, Donald Browning, Lonnie Neal, Mike Stout, Ronnie Easton, Larry Bowcott, Mrs. Dale. THIRD ROW: Ronald Jackson, Bobby Ratliff, Dane Armstrong, Larry Camden, Danny Browning, Loren Neal. iris, Basketball Team FRONT ROW: Martha Garnes, Patricia Mays, Vivian Taylor, Jo Fisher, Trudy Henry, Judy Griffith, Miss Dottie McMahon, Coach, SECOND ROW: Carol Mays, Brenda Logan, Emma Logan, Altina Hawks Debbie Bennett, Cathy Carpenter, Wilma Donnally. THIRD ROW: Darlene Howell, Sandra Henry, Patty Dobbins. Drivers, Education Class li i I lf ,:,:tf'i f .1-+.,,,, , .E . , , , L " . .. . 4 We vwmwm . K M-'31,,irP'?M ' " . , .... y I -- One of the thrills of being a teenager is getting a driver's license. In spite of much good-natured kidding, North Gallia students take their lessons seriously. The students are: Chris Polsley, Othella Harrison, Diann Grant, Robert Ratliff, Lee Gardner in car, Sandi Smith, Roxanne Stover, Ida Crossen, Golda Halfhill, Mr, Nibert, instructor. Standing in back of car, David Justus, Mike Hill, Derwood Pope. Marching Band Adds Color pirit On a crisp autumn evening that promises excitement and enjoy- ment, the majorettes set the pace as they lead the marching band down the football field for the flag ceremony. The majorettes are: Standing is head major- ette, Diana Gillman. The other majorettes, all freshmen, are: Mary Riedel, Fredda Painter, Debbie Kirby, and Marilyn Lawhorn. Majorettes Set Pace. BAND MAJORETTES: Fredda Painter, Marilyn Lawhorn, Diana Gill- man, Mary Riedel, Debbie Kirby. SEC- OND ROW: Trudy Henry, Rita Brown, Cora Peck, Paula Argabright, Debbie Smith, Melody Hash, Marsha McClelland. THIRD ROW: Drum Major Mike Stout, Ann Stevens, Darlene Howell, Sandy Smith, Terry Stout, Monica Mitchell, Jerri Payne, Kathy Payne, Mr, Robert Smith, Instruct- or. FOURTH ROW: Iohnny Payne, Phil Hollanbaugh, Bill Hall, Robbie Phillips, Mike Wolfong, Pat Stout, Bill Phillips. l45 orth allia Football Team 'rf wwhm, .. 'N J.. ,.- W ,""'s-W... FRONT ROW: Stan Payne, Managerg Roger Pelfreyg Harvey Browng Phil Saundersg Loren Nealg Turley George: Ted Statong Dale Grantg Jack Smithg Bobby Ratliffg Harry Swisher, Manager. SECOND ROW: Joey Hall: John Eggletong Kermit Johnsong Rick Geigerg Dan Logueg Robert Croftg Steve Stout: Ron Eastong Roy Meadeg Mr, Shively, Ass't Coach.. THIRD ROW: Mr. Carter, Head Coachg Jack Huntg Brad Painter: Junior Huntg Steve Saundersg Gary Mc- Claskeyg Carlos Receg Dwight Campbellg Terry Stoutg Mike Marcum. FOURTH ROW: Larry Howell: Jack Cheatem Rob Painterg Rockie Hallg Alna Hall. SENIOR PLAYERS Kermit Johnson: Robert Croftg Steve Stoutg DANNY LOGUE Senior Offensive End Dan Logueg Rick Geiger and Ronnie Easton pose with coaches Rudy Shively and Melvin Carter. ' 'L MAJ 16732232 PT, VJ' x,,2f5,., New ,Sl Y .Y ui' North alha Baseball Team O FRONT ROW: Brad Painter, Harvey Brown, Mike Stout, Robert Painter, Teddy Staton. SECOND ROW: Danny Easton, Bill Hall, Roger Pelfrey, John Dotson, John E. Garnes, Bobby Ratliff, Coach Melvin Carter. RONNIE EASTON Senior Fullback Q A Varsity Basketball Team , k I ki V 'I ' .J j A - 2. ,,.. k,L, f -if "' y aa , C 1 S A ..'i l.,.g,fff si x J '. 4: J srl 'L K F, .. -::,'- - 9 -... . . tt, . ,, ,. I li U 4 98 i aaa f bhhh - -on hs M ' . S X x F aaaaa f A J V S 'ZIL G Q ll U A ' l 2 L- G S The reserve team was one of the most spirited and dedicated young teams to appear at North Gallia for some time, FRONT ROW: Jackie Smith, James Dotson, Larry Howell, Teddy Staton, Danny Browning. SECOND ROW: Pat Stout, Robert Ratliff, Roger Pelfrey, David Justus, John Dotson, Hollis Miller, Melvin Carter, Coach. Reserve Basketball Team Coach Shively states that the 1969 varsity team was a pleasure to coach, and to be associated with. FRONT ROW: Steve Saunders, Larry Bow- cott, Mike Stout, Brad Painter, Arthur Clark. SECOND ROW: Dan McClaskey, Mana ger: Ronnie Morris, Dave Clark, Ronnie Greenlee, John Carnes, Robert Smith, Terry Stout, Manager: Rudy Shively, Coach. Cheerleaders -4 The cheerleaders at- tended camp last sum- mer at Buckhannon, West Virginia and re- ceived a ribbon in competition. They led the cheers for both football and bas- ketball games. FRONT ROW: Jeanette Pope, Jan Stevens, Donna Adkins, Kathy Adkins. SECOND ROW: Kathy Payne, Joanne Geiser. Senior portsmen l Y .. J 2 fi .,:sa-arg S2155 A 5: f s ' ' , . ww 5555 L' - - 1 f-f b-1. V A - K"v' N-'fK 'W - 1: i3Q .,z-ft .. I , , - -- K iv 1 W "" , A -- r s ,LL,. 1 ,,,,, -r,..t..,t.u ' -3 gp Q' "' r 1 fl- 7 ' -Y A if M . F if ' ,. -'gh' 'tl -47 Q A - :,fW-WX-QL.- ' new-fx, A Q ' Q. ' Q .j..1.f f -g-1i1Vg-gigfxa...grrsxfgwesgsxk ww-is 5 - .. -xr I f-fwfr-.rfx,'?s1Mlisnswm-lrffr " - if ,... , ' e be . LARRY BOWCOTT QGuardj RONNIE MORRIS fGUafd5 xi S RONNIE GREENLEE AND JOHN GARNES made the honorary team of the Southern Valley Athletic Conference. For their skillful playing during the basketball season, they received trophies. Also pictured is Coach Shively. JOHN GARNES Qliorwardj RONNIE GREENLEE Uzorwardj vwMTHMWfW3XE3Wf?i',fv Xffiif, ' 'W6,ik F'S15G , , -5 Ili V 'ky : S 5 if ..,. og xx ' 3 . . E h L ,vt 1 2 are , o V, a , Qpiyitp 5 MM 5 -fr' N' ilk: North Gallia Girls Enjoy Spring Sports Members of the Girls' Track team are: Melody Griffith, Rose Logue, Jo Fisher, Trudy Henry, STANDING: Dottie McMahon, Coachg Alma Bartley, Io'Bartley, Diann Grant, Cathy Carpenter, Jeannette Pope. Members of the Relay Team were Melody Griffith, Io Fisher, Rose Logue, and Trudy Henry. Under the able coaching of Miss McMahon, this team placed second in the Rotary Relay, and third in the Kyger Creek Meet. Trudy placed second in the 100-yard dash at both the Rotary Meet and at Kyger Creek. Rose placed third in the shot-put, and in the running broad jump at Kyger. Vilamoura.. ...ANY ' Imeniiaa, ,swarm t ,gp i r -size HAPPINESS IS ,,, Being first in lunch line Getting your share of the huge cakes served weekly at N. G. Leisure time at noon Friday afternoon --faculty need it Scoring a winning point Having a poodle for a friend Kidding Frank Playing it "coy. " Bus time! BUS TIME! THE LAMBORN STUDIO i Qial 44 090111 9 ei' 5 'llzzfalferifzg' cgrvice 4.752 Scand ,flzfezzzze gwoif, Qin. COMP LIME NTS OF JAMES MERRY STONE COMPANY Producers of Aggregate Limestone for Roads and Driveways Agricultural Lime Delivered and Spread or Pick-Up at the Plant Phone 245-5316 Located lfZ Mile West of Rodney on Route 35 OHIO VALLEY AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION Crallipolis, Ohio GA LLIPOLIS MOT OR COMPANY TROUT DODGE SALES Chevrolet and Oldsmobile Dodge Dealer SMITH BUICK Buick Dealer If Q , , 2 , g l ig ' ygugigb 4' A BOB REES PQNTLAC, INC. GALLIPOLIS RAMBLER, Pontiac Dealer CHRYSLER, PLYMOUTH, INC. PHALEN-MARTIN Rambler Dealer Ford - Mercury ggnp, '54 RAMBLER 77102143 . K ,...N..,,, ,,. .. In X I Y mi E Telephone 675-4640 Collect Pt. Pleasant, West V1Tg1H1a A , A if Q lf 535' 335: 1: , f:4f :Qf: 4 4 ' V "' 5 912:24 uf f Aw 4 ,J 4 . , em H ' 'Q ,sg ,,, , ' , All f I fl, W . - -W ., H fm. ,ni A .ff 'NSVEF Nw-lfs.,1.y..vf,-ff U m A , 'gf lim wif':-ham' 4 1 'T 1' v- wif'-S "Ti 1: f- rv ,wwf A I W , Q.-Q, -4:fq4w'4'A.5,mM,fQ1-4'V -v f- ' 'J 'sv ' R elol he ?"2'3-ga-.v-w uipavfwmlgd f Y My MW ,M aw? fl H 5':2?5'-ff, sig' R 5 .12 'l'l'f ' V V ' 5 ' H V' 345:32-'Jai if ' 1 F 5 iff li f if of Al,'e Q 4 Q ' ' Kiki? ve I gg Inu , ., - ..,. ..,. K Y I' ,wg vm., tim' 'ws-. W' Nw- "' 4 12- 53 "W , ffl?" 5 .Hg WAQJSSY' 4. Ewa 4 4 I v M 1 , 'K ' 1534 'M 2 'K 'V "I , . SQQQM... M' N :K 54 NH, , ' F L ,j ,W f L, Kidd V NA y:,w4Q 1 549123, m4?x'?Kgwwi3,fgwf Wm af' ! 34 4' :X xv-'1 ,,, ?:sS-gexsgxy-,,:X x Nwfx ' 'fg"""inQ5'l'g1m,,3acrif gm? VRQJ 032 4 -mx -SY W Ca 5 f , Q, 5 S 6 .4 ,L 'I ni in -'K 6 f 4 2 - .R RE Q 'ff ff . 5 Y, Q 1 1 4 :K J .4 L aw W r gin A - 4 H f v 4 ,I f V 1 fu 5 12 yjwaju M- f , 1. : A Rf 1 W 1 r A A M ' MM , , 1 4 Q 'EM X -' F5541 M Qian? ,iF kv ,, R Y A- it Q X x I X f , r , K- fi' ft H . mx ,,, A , , sv, um mf, , M Q J r A if 'V y 2 vw-4 v' .mMu2H.f- 17.--vwviwf-, Q A-41'4 'vez' 'J f- ' Q. J P H4 'F Y - Q ,, V:-zu. K ,Q - , -4- 'Q'-"3 'L-12121 Q7 Q Efesiqzfigkf ' '1' Q? . gg vw z., v H .f.f 6. -. - 'fi' it :mn .J -- '-V.. QLwwf-"'ff,fsfe2'-1 2.5 mi- A W 1 f ' f' W , , . . Jr 1 S.Ig", ie:'5:7453 f vwffms n-,e.'5:?52:'?ii ' W N ' if "ga , ,, um if , 'o ' 'L 'Q , T - 'V 91 ' S 4 -waz, RQ, ' W 2-5, ,we-2f"y'1u- ,gas h 1 A . K 4, , f 1 , 4- 1-. W L. ., ,M . V V5 was My Eng xg I x i Y as QA Rah 1245, , 5' Hex aww' 441.4 L , T Q " X52 ,LS f X gb' 1 f f ' seg so wing'-M' - 6' 'M t ,Ami , R 4 4- of fl , f.-'55 121 ' A , , Y -' W ' R .flil5'1?i?T"5i? i4i'iri , 1 E 5 '- ' .A 51' 557' if f. SS ' ' .':,q'1i " ':"'WYQii?f?57?3"efi7 " V- 5 3. ""f'+ JQQQQL: X f""1f' 'K " 2 IC 'f ' 3: 9: .77 'Y?'W'?7 if?QS'Esrif3'-lsiifilv? 1 f'7fQQ5Tf1 ' F A AL ' X " t V. , 5 , '5' M' 1 , '+,tswf,f Q bs i-.g-1,7 -V ' t N lfiiir I HE 1' F 4 S CN- ' Prfiefr- ' lfmfzznz -f'iM1,q .-. ,. -- , .. -' . - 'fi -1: 6 -li '- na lin: ' .X 'w 1959 ""'f-"gl 1. -' v , 'HP' L' J 'w ,,.,, .V - , " ' : Vi'-jimi-Mr? 'fi "meter !5,1.:'1fe6"VQ rip: ef.. rfb ' 12 156 -if f, P , 1 - ' U' 44, -V2-f 51 4i:.7fT1f'ff1f WA- ww-ff 4 . -,, M 1 . -V -iii mfsPff' :N ' -4- f- - ,, -t .M ' ' - 1 R H ' O O R U G O R R U T E G E S H 5 S Y BOX 294 Phone Gallipolis, Ohio 446-1014 I55 BEN FRANKLIN OF POINT PLEASANT Your Headquarters for the Best in Shoes and Men's Clothing Shoes by: Clothing: Thom McAn Curlee Clothes Florsheim .lantsen Sportswear Red Cross -McGregor Jarman Arrow I-l.I. S. Congratulations and All Best Wishes to the Seniors of 1969! THE PEOPLES BANK OF POINT PLEASANT "We Serve You Without A Service Charge" Phone: 675-l12l Point Pleasant, W. Va. RUTLAND FURNITURE COMPANY Furniture Linoleum Rugs Stoves Radios Washers Refrigerators ARNOLD GRATE, Owner Phone: 742-4211 Rutland, Ohio ca. v. Icoouo QUICKLE mm, Fine cn-:AIN SAW SUPPLY on the 8 1 f . lloffeo 8 KX Q S Wholesale Sales Retail Service Hoffco Chain Saws - Hoffco Brush Saws - Cornet Carts - Yazoo Mowers - Yazoo Carts - Blue Jet Saw Chain - Beaver Saw Chain - Blue Jet Accessories - Penfild Guide Bars - Blue Jet Sprockets - Comet Clutches for All Makes and Models of Chain Saws - Westbend Engines Day 388-8203 Night 388-8201 L'-322, lui il P21 Ei ALLISCN ELECTRIC 8. FURNITURE COMPANY Hotpoint Appliances General Electric TV Sylvania TV 218 Third Avenue Gallipolis, Ohio Phone 446-0987 UQ at mantra Sf., W- f - f ,, ' ' in M I I' L, ' FRENCH CITY LUMBER CO., INC. Minne s ota Paints Pine Street, Crallipolis, Ohio Phone 446-0296 Main Street, Point Pleasant, W. Va. Phone 675-2362 I57 ELBERFELDS IN PoMERoY Nationally Known Brands of Wearing Apparel for Your Family Furniture and Furnishings for Your Home Kroehler - RCA - Whirlpool - Berkline - Youngstown - Bassett Simmons - Lee - Wrangler - Printzess - Rogers - Berkshire - Kayser Airway - Stacey Ames - Vicki Vaughan - Toni Todd - Laura Mae Gay Gibson - Carhartt - Big Yank - Hanes - Toro - Samson Excelsior - Lee's - Bigelow - Cannon - Timex - Westclox - West Bend Sunbeam - General Electric and Many, Many Others v GALLIPOLIS AUTO WRECKING CO. CHARLES E. MARTIN ROY L. DENNEY and WAYNE BAIRD, Owners Parts For All Make of BUILDING CONTRACTOR Used Cars and Trucks Phone: 446-2654 ' ll' Route l Z, S5511 .W Gallipolis, Ohio " ef' BAIRD BROTHERS AUTO WRECKING Guaranteed Used and Rebuilt Parts 'W Route 1 Cheshire, ohio EUSED - 48 5 ulnlylakn Cu QLQJX Phone: 367 7 State Route 7 Cheshire, Ohio 58 Compliments CITY ICE AND FUEL Point Pleasant West Virginia We Invite You to Make "Our Bank - Your Bank" CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK The Friendly Bank MOHR STEVENS FUNERAL HOME, INC. Twenty-four Hour Ambulance Service Air Conditioned and Oxygen Equipped, Qualified and Experienced Personnel, Chapel Air-Conditioned Thoughtful, Dependable Funeral Service TED STEVE1lJNliSri1CntdDrIi5XRRY MOHR Middleport Ohio l3OO Viand Phone Pt. Pleasant 675-4150 W. Va. LANDMARK TIZENS NATIONAL BANK TOWN AND COUNTRY STORE CI SUPER SERTITICIE STATION LET Us HELP f Z 'If "'i C ke- V Phone 992-2181 Q ... . Q .'121"-H "" I X p Pomeroy Ohio Saw adm 7jZa,,eg Compliments or THE FRIENDLY SHOE SHOP Cfallipolis Ohio Point Pleasant West Virginia I59 lg .Vi STEWART HARDWARE zN"" unbeam F A Good Place to Trade TV C, E, Appliances, Williamson Heating and Cooling Water Heaters, Paints, and General Hardware Full Line of Furniture The Store That Saves You Money Best Wishes to Class of 1969. Phone 388-8377 Vinton, Ohio Plan Wisely for the Years Ahe ad. THE VINTON BANKING COMPANY Personal and Mortgage Loan Checking Accounts Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation S Vinton, Ohio Phone 388-8311 Furniture for the Home and Patio. Fine Carpeting and Floor Coverings. 842 Second Avenue, Ga11ipo1is, Ohio Phone 446-1405 WILLIS TIRE COMPANY DAY TON TIRES Retreading ZOO Third Avenue, Ga11ipo1is, Ohio Phone 446-3463 QXKM N4 , J- leo Yllll PORTER TEXACO STATION I I ff TEXACO "Service Fir st. " T exaco Products Road Service Porter, Phone Ohio 388-8646 CUIPLETE VARIETY In Callipolis Make MURPHY'S a Weekly Habit Compliments of STANLEY A. SAUNDERS CARL'S FAMILY SHOE STORE 328 Second Avenue MONUMENTS "Wouldn't You Like to be 352 Third Avenue in Our Shoesfyf Crallipolis Ohio Compliments of NEAL INSURANCE AGENCY ff? H "Your Grange Agents" S vit' Corner Third Avenue and State Street Gallipolis, Ohio Phone 446-1694 sg 'A - L 2455565 Ullll E2dTE.R'f 0 THOMAS CLOTI-IIERS Gallipolis Featuring the Nation's Leading Brands in Men's Wear C omplime nts of FARMER'S HARDWARE AND GIFTS 308-310 Second Ave. Callipolis, Ohio Ib' Phone 446-0746 TILT ULD-HSIIUMD WUDNISS Q?'YN f"f'mJ Corner Znd and Olive Streets Gallipolis, Ohio Phone 446-2682 ,. nf... - Mix' xiii: -1 O 'U "E us -X TWU, Fun n X' ...I --Q1 Carpet its fm ' 3 ,, h ,.-. -,Zn ' O I Second at Grape gZ'EfE'E ,POPE Cfallipolis, ohio ' Phone 446-0332 ARDEN DOBSON Fine Furniture Decorator s J. D. NORTH PRODUCE CO. CENTRAL SUPPLY COMPANY Fa rm Supplie S Feeds, Seeds, Wholesale and Retail Hardware Fertilizers Sherwin-Williams Paints Supplies and Appliances Phone 446-2374 CUSTOM GRINDING AND MIXING 17 Court Street Phone 446-1933 Gallipolis Ohlo J- I gprl lp Mill and Mine Supplies 5- 5 E. ht .1 f . . . Lt, ig M1 es West o Gallipolls, Ohio 7 'MX it P.o. BOX 46 - Rodney, ohio 45614 4. Q M31 ER "lv 'ii Phone: Area Code 614 245-5509 4 l62 v- ' '39 H.W.8.W.P. W - CHERRINGTON ? -1:3 " ,xii ' ' 'fi " .gas if fsa- " " if tg! 1199 4 l N x Q PAUL c. STEWART 'P will 3, ,ll X l soNs 1 1 1 j Livestock Dealers -i X X Phone: 379-2148 or 379-2635 Best Wishes to the Class of 1969 Route ffl Gallipolis Ohio Patriot Ohio COMPLIMENTS or DR. JAMES L. DAILEY Congratulations Seniors of 1969 THE G. 8. J. AUTO PARTS COMPANY Phone 446-2575 126 Second Avenue Gallipolis Ohio Automobile Replacement Parts E. T. WINTERS SOHIO SERVICE Phone 446-1813 Atlas Tires - Batteries - Accessories U.S. Route 35 West Gallipolis Ohio 53 Court Street X 97' KESSEI-'S MARKET Qt: Fresh Fruits and Groceries Gallipolis Ohio J if Phone 446-3868 Gallipolis Route 35 Ohio - A - H ' ,, .uf M ' 41:51 , we D C V' 6 j'f Yf:,.L,.xz5!-'if. M ,. :az ,, n , nge f-flaw 5.-.f,gj5.jgrA3,:h I ,- e'-,.-,i:., , . , N4 Was.. wil,-.wi W Muafgl ' ' I-1 I . v -'5z..,:11.,:'1r' A.:-ik A, L' WM' .'f,."l J.,i,L'P' "gig ,Nuys F", ff'-iv-W :L F may vi- RH- W I f1,..rt,,7,., :L ,.1 ,.M,.,,kh, ., ' .M -f f 4, "' ,. ,,f"r':xm4: ., M' ,V M-fir' qgzpr A 'w ,f , ,,,,.r:":r M" 2Lf,.-.Qf"w1!1..- M.nTa.o.u:'t',wi',Q.J""'-"g.i 'it wwf in 1- 5, 3?-,, ,, n 1 I ,k,,, 4' fx' Jim taxi' wfgwff- ,Q-.:':-M-g:.,kM I E' M I ,Tj sr W1 fx K ,Lrg ,M :M ... .wr X Phone N ' I Q.. 446 -33 32. 5, 2,364 in mg ,,,.,v..,, .J , nv MN . if , l l Iaewfpfg fy , ff,-Qwgfalfwf wifi"-'L' Q Q L, Zg:ffwj1.,.'3 fig 'V 2 411, ai-fg1Q,,jHJ -f"HiLf'fgqw Y-Y iz - ' af -A' . r ,f Q """f1 ijg3-'ojij' 5, ,f Q55'MA"Mf : ' I I ,fguiggt ,cf L 'if 5 ,V .1 , ,, twig. Mmm! r. .QM i s ,,, ,,, ,Ar 4, K , , . 5, WAREHIME CLINIC DR. DONALD R. WAREHIME 530 Second Avenue Gallipolis, Ohio Compliments of Compliments of COMMERCIAL 8. SAVINGS BANK HALLIDAY 8. SHEETS Complete Banking Service Attorneys af Law Loans of All Types Customer Parking - Drive In Windows 19 Locust Street Gallipolis Ohio Gallipolis, Ohio ' '-'i - N f BARR'S SUPER MARKET S wld I" 'X' ,4 4",x "xx ff X1 I, g -,X xf 5' 'aj' Specializing in Good Food Quality Meat Lumber and Builder's Supplies Phone 446-1543 3rd and Vine Phone 446-1276 Vme Street Gauipoiis ohio Gallipolis Ohio I64 Phone 446 -3314 DAVE CHUCK HARRIS COLLIER General Tire s Bolen' s Tractors CHUCK-COLLIER SERVICE STORE, INC. Corner Third and Court GALLIA ROLLER MILLS Eclipse Feed Smith Douglas Fertilizer Field Feed Eshelman Red Rose Feeds 93 Grape Street Gallipolis Ohig I Crallipolis Ghio I WILCOXON BARBER Compliments of SHOP Q l MCKNIGHT - DAVIES HARDWARE A ' L "We Need Your Head l Ken Morgan' Manager in Our Business." I 4 43 court street Callipolis Ohio Court Street Y Gallipolis Ohio Q Ashland THE WISEMAN AGENCY if Real Estate JOHNSON'S ASHLAND OIL l Gallipolis, Ohio I 118 Vine Street Phone: 446-3644 Gallipolis Ohio, I 1 l ToPsY TURVY SUNSET INN " ' I Special B k d D I 4 Foot Long Hot Dogs an S an avlsl K L Gallipolis Ohio U.S. Route 35 I Complim ents of MITCHELIJS QUAKER STATE U. S. 35 West CONLEY Rhone- 245-5401 P . BARBER sHo Rodney Ohio Cfallipolis ohio 2 Congratulations CARTER'S GROCERY tfxjxf xi? '81 to ,ig 54,5 TEXACO SERVICE 14- it rm: f I 2 ' if 0- ES 9-2525 SENIORS ? Cadmus Ohio I65 THE DOWNING-CHILDS SMITH AUTO SALES -' f -I A - it - irrrf-,,"f A-1.19, AGENCY :sl f i t s o I ' Y " E 7 ,W f ir ' X .. ' Q A ,ff V 1 ci , :f f ' X sir, .. YOUR ndzprnlznl ,Z ii ' mi. W Ll!!! 7 1mf..f,IAcsnr 2 SWT- -lnvu vow uni' :A:m'i"a"' g ,".' V " Q" V' ' "Img, Q it I .SS 1- D -STN E 2 SUM!! PEUPUS HAVE A ,ni we ms Over 100 Years of Service 220 North Second Street Middleport, Ohio GLENN SMITH - Owner 992-2342 Kanauga, Ohio 446-2240 lFl1"S GOOD FOOD YOU lVAIl1'-- Q I CROW'S STEAK HOUSE Pomeroy, Ohio SKYLINE LANES "Where Bowling Is Fun" PLEASE VISIT THE CAPTAIN'S LOUNGE AND BANQUET ROOM Reservations Made Gallipolis, Ohio Rt.1 On Upper State Route 7 M. T. EPLING COMPANY Producers and Supplies of Construction Aggregates til x '21 -I :XO QWQP-Qt x ' J xr, 14, s, ,, , ,1 bl' lil. nil gut . 'fY"x, ' X N My fx I 6 X Gallipolis ALLISON ELECTRIC 8 FURNITURE CO. 2 - E 1-r-22:'v2-1"'-'-'-wx-: six':4-1Q2:5"Y5:':':- :4-Q:-2-"W-2 'W-244 vena-1-51372-ideted-2 uuuunwgdg 'ill llllia ii Hotpoint Appliances General Electric TV Fine Furniture ' ' 'P I :MMIII IIWMI ml lm ohio ' Phone 446-0987 218 Third Avenue Gallipolis Ohio 614-446-2742 Cleming A If J Q! U 1 Meier: an famed, no T EXCAVATING AND BUILDING CONTRACTORS 'Z j a L ' -Q Gooo ' SWA. f LUCK ,gh E., Whoever You Are R1 .: Whatever You Do XM- P Compliments of 87 Olive Street Gallipolis DUKE CLEANERS Chi., 45631 AND SHIRT LAUNDERERS Gallipolis, Ohio Phone 446 -490 5 I67 BOB EVANS FARMS C omplinn ents of RIO GRANDE BARBER SHOP Producers V if 'lg of 1 if Rio Grande Ohio T 1, -'fl Real ' Country QR Sausa e Q Compliments of g ,,-' Q ,W RIO GRANDE BEAUTY SALON I Grace Ellyson, Owner gg Rio Grande Ohio Compliments Compliments o DE,NNY'S of 1' FRANK RUFF'S GROCERY Q 1 " Thurman Ohio 4- A 2 U X .ll X gl 55011 Fresh Meats and Groceries Rio Grande Ohio J5 Z. ' j'1,1lf?- il-LV 'Z Q Q, -'-H -iL.'S.. J - 532113421 S ,ev t Ii "eg, nj NKJV LITTLE BEAVER GROCERY General Store Compliments of GALLIPOLIS WALLPAPER AND PAINT COMPANY 92 Olive Street Gallipolis, Ohio Compliments of HlLDA'S HAIRSTYLING SHOP HIGLEY'S BARBER Sl-IOP Upper River Road Denver K. Higley, Prop, Phone: 367-75l4 State Route 7 TWO Barbers ' Qpen 6 Days a Week One Mile North' of Addison, Ohio Hours: 9 A, M, -7 P, M, Phone: 446-0580 Gallipolis, Ohio BAT-IR CLOTHIERS "The Home of Name Brands" Merchandise for Men, Women and Boys RAlNE'S HARDWARE Plumbing and Electrical ' f Q 5 Q "-s QV' Q' at , , Supplies ,Middleport 01110 Phone 388-8540 Vinton, Ohio SPENCER'S MARKET Phone: 992-3549 V Middleport Ohio ,A QE., f ,A 'Mx Q - I ' or O - . 5891 rf o ' -1' wifi, - Compliments IJ" . iff-'-" I ' of Phone: 992-3480 MIDDLEPORT DEPARTMENT STORE Phone: 992-3148 I , Middleport lVl1CICIII.6pO1'I1 Oh1O Complime nts of BURNETTS' ROOFING 8. HEATING COMPANY Route l - Gallipolis, Ohio Compliments of FARMERS' BANK AND SAVINGS COMPANY Pomeroy Ohio I69 INGLES FURNITURE STORE Zenith T . V. and Hotpoint Appliances 106 N. Second Street Middleport, Ohio 992-2635 POMEROY MOTOR COMPANY See All That's New For '69 Pomeroy, Ohio 992-2126 C omplim ent s of RAYMOND BARR AND SONS, INC. General Contractor s Bulaville Road TINY'S FOODLAND ODIS BURRIS ITINYJ, Manager Three Convenient Locations Route 1 GallipO1iS Ohio Kanauga Henderson Middleport Ohio W. Va. Ohio Compliments Of Compliments of XTE ice BLUE FOUNTAIN MOTEL Real Cornfort Phone: 446-0241 State Route 7 Cvallipolis Ohig I I70 WYATT AND I1-ILE f Texaco Products Garage Repair 9' 2-6595 Cheshire, Ohio Compliments of DUTTON DRUG COMPANY Prescription Headquarters 992-3106 Middleport, Ohio LINDA LOU'S BEAUTY SALON SWAIN'S DAIRY BOY COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE Shakes Specializing in Hair Styling IQ39, Tinting - Bleaching - Perrnanents Sandwiches Wigs Sales and p - p Sundaes ' If I Alv' 'fig Crown City, Ohio ,W r 256-6331 Q, crown city, ohio 256-6847 ' "God Bless Gallia County Seniors" Compliments of FRANCIS W. SHANE, M. ED. Compliments of MATTHEW, MARY CHRISTINE and susAN ANN EPLING ' The Bank That Appreciates YOUR Business I Tift DAvls-sHuLER A "One of Ohio's fine Stores" Cxallipolis, Ohio OHIO VALLEY BANK 420 Third Avenue Gallipolis '7' Ample Free Parking Drive-in Windows Bank by Mail 24-Hour Depository Pk lk III I7I C. "MAC" MCGINNESS EOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS 402 Second Avenue Gallipolis, Ohio Telephone: 446-1761 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK 105 Years of Service Auto Branch Open 5-7 Each Friday Evening "Congratulations, Seniors of Gallia County" DR. H. H. KING DENTIST Ohio Valley Bank Bldg. Gallipolis, Ohio Compliments of DR. R. D. THOMAS AND DR. WILLIAM B. THOMAS Congratulations to the Gallia County Phone G1 6-1116 Graduates . Compliments of Congratulations PAUL DAVIES JEWELRY to "Known for Fine Jewelry" 'K the Class of 1969 -- --E"'J3'f ' Q- sf Compliments - Qggxeffviklj 'Qgqf' of lf ft D . R W' Phone: 446-1647 Gallipolis, Ohio DR. G. R. CORNETT, Compliments of Congratulations Seniors of 1969 RAYMON T. ALLISON Phone 446-2773 D,D,S, 320 H2 Second Avenue oaiiipons ohio MULLINEA UX DE CORATING BRYANT'S GROCERY COMPANY Lowe Brothers Paints 21 2 Wallpaper Phone 379- O 258 Third Avenue Route 2 Gallipolis Ohio Patriot Ohio T Compliments of i GALLIPOLIS BUSINESS COLLEGE I Diploma Courses Complim ents of TERRYS GROCERY l Secretarial - Accounting - i Business Adm. Thurman Ohio I 36 Locust Street I T WI-IITE'S STATION ,. K X Congratulations SENIORS 6, OF Thurman Ohio 1959 I L 4646 COLLEGE HILL MOTEL S 3 Air Conditioned Q if Electric Heat 'QI Room TV - Free 1 is Phones in Rooms RALPH R. WAUGI-I Owner " Phone 245-5325 T St. Route 35 l Rio Grande Ohio I POPE'S GROCERY I AND MILL DAVE REES l cadmus Ohio f X SERVICE STATION Q X Sohio Products Compliments of Atlas Tires VILLAGE GROCERY Rio Grande Ohio Rio Grande Ohio Compliments of L8zM'S GENERAL STORE Grande Ohig Compliments of GALLIPOLIS STATE INSTITUTION SOCIAL SERVICE Like People ? See Us About a Career in Social Gallipolis Work Ohio RATLIFF'S JOE'S FOREIGN CAR "' 1 Fleetwing Oil and Gas SERVICE 5 Q General Repairs . Sf-S Phone: 388-8255, Joe Dobbins, Jr., Owner X Vinton E S Owner: JACK RATLIFF Phone: 388-8613 Vinton, Ohio VINTON SERVICE STATION You P9 money e.:n Ahead! Sohio Products 1 X Jim W. Myers, Mgr. R I to Trade at Vinton, Ohio SKIDMORE'S GROCERY Phone, 1704 Eastern Avenue Phone: 446-4836 VINTON OIL SERVICE No. 1 and Z Fuel Oil for Heating Free Delivery Mrs. Charles Wade George, Owner Phone 388-8255 Vinton, Ohio ELLIOTT APPLIANCES Color TV Maytag Washers, ,Kelvinator Appliances Whirlpool Appliance s Pine and Third Streets, Gallipolis Phone: 446-3733 Compliments of OHIO PRODUCE 219 Third Avenue Gallipolis, Ohio Phone: 446-1663 x "WHERE ONLY TI-IE GOOD ENOUGH" L4 CTN X NX BEST Eooo is if X Qt W BOB EVANS STEAK HOUSE AND BOB EVANS DRIVEIN QQ S uw Phone Middleport 992-5141 Ohio If ,"?3xV NX? I ml RAWLINGS-COATS Home for Funerals E. M. Gaskill James Simpson, Director .1 A -4. L-gb : 4 T"'f'? SW liiufnal- .f 1 I -' 1 . f.TI'I'l f 1' Compliments of JOSEPH J. DAVIS, M,D, Middleport Ohio MARTIN'S SERVICE STATION Phone 367-7296 Cheshire Ohio I-IILL'S SOHIO SERVICE AND FOOD MARKET Phone 367-7240 Addison Ohio Complime nts of DAVIS-WARNER INSURANCE SERVICE Phone 992-2966 Pomeroy Ohio Compliments of DR. RAY PICKENS Jones Memorial Clinic 509 South Third Street Middleport Ohio df 1 xv ewel ers 212 East Main Street Compliments of MEICS GENERAL HOSPITAL R. E. Boice, M,D, R. P. Daniels, M,D, R. M. Cluff, M,D, C. J. Mullen, M,D. S, J, Blazewicz, M,D, Pomeroy Ohio Edmund Butrimas, M. D. KARR AND VAN ZANDT COTI1P1ifUGH'iS Of Cadillac - Oldsmobile O. J. MORRISON STORES "You'll Like Our Quality Way of 404 Main St Doing Business" Phone 992-5342 Pt. Pleasant W. Va. Pomeroy Ohio Compliments of WESTERN AUTO DUDLEY'S FLORIST FTD Don and Edna Wilson - l'Flowers for all occasions" Owners Phone 992-5560 Phone 992-5515 Middleport, Ohio Middleport Ohio I75 WA LDO BROWN INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 446 -1960 State Street REYNOLD'S TV SERVICE 'VET' Phone 440-0201 if Ceiiipene, ohio 1 OHIO VALLEY LAUNDRY Phone 446 -1842 LIBBEY HOTEL 444 Second Avenue Phone 446-0414 Stfeet Gallipolis A WATCH 1 BoB'S FAMILY RECREATION QQAWS 1 DERIFIELD CENTER WATCH REPAIR 455 Second Avenue Phone 446-3955 Ceiiipeiie, ohio 'T X A Ceiiipeiie Billiards for the Family gd L ' "We Teach Watches to Tell the Truth" 1 I xi, 0x EMPRESS f 27 ,0 '-'--'- BEAUTY SALO'N WTI " ,H GA LLIPOLIS DE PAR TMENT I tx 1 I 5 A It If 'qfg 1 I L., E' STORE Phone 446-0505 Phone 446-1923 ' 302 Second Gallipolis, 26 State Street Gallipolis 1 Avenue Ohio , E - 3 E AQ- ,E zz-5 1 A V - f ,I'I'I'Ill '-ln .. -1 1 P l1!,' , ARQQQQ, ij , H an E sHoE SERVICE Cf' - A I,,, "If the shoe fits repair it" Phone 446-4172 Cfallipolis Ohio Complete Line of Kodak Equipment and Fine Diamonds TAWNEY'S STUDIO 8: JEWELRY STORE N D. - The Store With More W. LEWIS BROWN, M. D. Third and State Street Phone 446-0164 Crallipolis Ohio ' gc- I 1- U T -v AB Qi QCD Q-I 1 'A "f ffffffsff R G RCC 11' 'Q 9' at 'ec GEORGE'S GROCERY GALLIPOLIS DAILY TRIBUNE QM. "' en, CONGRATULATIONS Phone - "'1' .,,W. . Phone to the Classes Of1969. Store Residence 388-8328 388-8600 E Aullvvv in W Compliments Of Q 6 Q THE GALLIPOLIS T3 55 8- X SHOPPER'S Q3 2 TOBACCO 8. CANDY COMPANY 8- 6,2 MART F Cu ' 845-Third. Avenue 700 Second Avenue Gallipolis Ohio Gallipolis, Phone Phone 445-3441 Obie 448-4175 WPS , mm, COTTRELL s GROCERY HOLLEY'S MARKET lrfglmfx U n Fresh Meats, Fruits, and Fresh Merchandise, Friendly Vegetables In , Se1'ViCe- Vinton, Ohio Phone 388-8353 L WILLIAM H. VINTON RESTAURANT U X PHILLIPS 7m GOOD Fooo 2, 2 PAUL PHILLIPS M ,, Irene Browning T8 H Bidwell, Oh1e, 45614 Manager ,QQ Phone 388-8232 THE LMA ' S 6 , 3158, Cl-" X 1 QT? fx, Ewen S444 ig K . 1 LV. E' Phone 388-8314, Vinton, Ohio SERVICE STATION Sohio Products BLACK'S . , I Bidwell, Ohio 5, RUTH's FLORAL SHOP Across I-Tgcoglgiilf I-Iolzer ir., Gallipolis, Obie K-I-, Phone 446-2184 J7,,7,,,,4y,w.N Compliments' of GALLIPOLIS ELECTRIC SERVICE 57 Pine Street Phone 446 -2 3 62 I77 R. I-I. RAWLINGS SONS CO. Dodge - Rambler - Honda Sales and Service Middleport, Ohio 992-2151 Complim ents of CROW - CROW and PORTER Pomeroy, Ohio BAKER FURNITURE Quality Home Furnishings Middleport, Ohio Compliments of WH1TE's IMPLEMENT COMPANY Ford and David Brown Tractors McCulloch and Stihl Chain Saws New Idea and Wheel-Horse Gallipolis, Ohio 446-0523 Compliments of COTTON EQUIPMENT COMPANY Oliver Farm Equipment New Holland Farm Machinery Q Pioneer Chain Saws Phone 446-1632 Compliments of LEONARD ALLEN GULF SERVICE STATION X G u HE, Upper River Rd. Gallipolis, Ohio Kanauga, Ohm X 446-0068 Compliments of GENE BALL'S RESTAURANT Corner of Sixth and Viand Street Private Parties Point Pleasant, W. Va. 675-3090 Congratulations and Best Wishes POINT OFFICE SUPPLY, INC. Point Pleasant, W. Va. 675-3628 Compliments of DOWNIE -GR oss, INC. TIFFIN .IEWELERS The Menls Shop 41 ' 8 Main Street Home of Arrow Shirts Point Pleasant, W. Va. 675-2980 Pomeroy, Q1-,io Compliments of Compliments Of 112 lf2 E. Main Street Pomeroy, Ohio 992-2556 Pomeroy, Ohio 992-3049 I78 Compliments of FRUTH PHARMACY and CITY PHARMACY "Your Drug Stores" Point Pleasant West Virginia OILER'S SOHIO Sohio Products and Sport Tires Phone: 992 -9921 Middleport Ohio LIEVING PLUMBING AND HEATING "We Service What We Sell. " Phone: 675-2850 2605 Jackson Ave. Point Pleasant West Virginia CHAPMAN - CANADAY SHOES 104 Main Pomeroy, Ohio APPALACI-IIAN TIRE PRODUCTS, INC. "Comp1ete Goodyear Service" 428 Viand Street Phone 675-3930 Point Pleasant, West Virginia Congratulations, Seniors of 1969 DR. CLYDE INGELS Phone: 992-3055 40 North Second Street Middleport Ohio Compliments of FORD SWISHER gr LGHSE 5, REXALL DRUGS TWO RIVER MOTOR 0 fe- We Fill Any'Doctor's Prescription COMPANY Phone: 992-2955 Phone: 675-1490 328 Viand Street Pomeroy Ohio Point Pleasant West Virginia Compliments of DOYLE T. SHULER COMPANY Box 181 Cheshire, Ohio FABRIC SHOP Piecegoods, Singer Sewing Machines Sales and Service 115 West Second Street Pomeroy Ohio Compliments of MULLENS INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Complete Insurance Service Don E. Mullen 113 E. Znd Street Phone 992-3381 Pomeroy, Ohio CUT 'N' CURL BEAUTY SALON Roush Lane Cheshire, Ohio 367-7168 Compliments of THE MARTIN RESTAURANT 101 N. Second Avenue 992-9918 Middleport, Ohio BROWN HARDWARE AND LEATHER SUPPLY Saddles - General Hardware 111 West Second Street Phone: 992-2774 Pomeroy, Ohio GSE Ahead! W RALL'S BEN FRANKLIN V- , ' -if 17 - ,,. 2 Middleport, Ohio 179 Compliments Compliments of E of etpulfoil CLARK'S JEWELRY STORE PURE SERVICE CENTER I 447 Second Avenue "'4,.A,NI,,ff' ' Phone 446-2691 Galllpolls xr 342 second Ave. GallipoliS, Ohw BODIMER'S THE WOMELDORFF 8: THOMAS CO. Wholesale and Retail Hardware and Builders' Supplies Phone 446-0965 GENERAL MERCHANDISE "Quality - Service -- Economy" Gallipglis Ohig Phone 256-6506 Eureka, Ohio LANNA'S SALON OF BEAUTY Complete Beauty Service Creative Styling Permanents, Color Wig Service, Brows, Nails Ciallipolis, ohio Compliments of L, E. SAUNDERS ASHLAND SERVICE STATION Mercerville, Ohio Phone 256-6633 ' 767 Compliments of b . LJ fi FULKS GROCERY hip. Y I Family Owned and 'DQ 1 Operated Crown City, Ohio C omplime nts of BEAVER'S BARBER SHOP 448 Second Avenue Crallipolis, Ohio Compliments of DR. EVAN C. RODERICK Business and Professional Building Callipolis, Ohio DARNBROUGHS' DEPARTMENT STORE- In the Heart of Gallipolis 446-1007 DAN-THOMAS 8a SON 324 Second Avenue Crallipolis, Ohio Across From the Park Shoes for the Entire Family L80 C omplime nts of BANES SERVICE STATION REUTER INSURANCE AGENCY. INC. 107 Sycamore Street Box 666 Pomeroy, Ohio Complim ents of VALLEY LUMBER 8: SUPPLY CO. Middleport Ohio BAILEY'S RESTAURANT Donald and Helen Bailey - VAUGHAN'S ASHLAND STATION Ambers Vaughan, Manager Owners i D Phone: 992-9974 Pomeroy, Ohio Cheshlfe 01110 NELSON DRUG . Compliments Fast Free Delivery f o 208 East Main Phone: 992-2586 Pomeroy, Ohio HERN'S DAIRY BAR NEW YORK CLOTHING HOUSE Kermit Walton - Owner Phone: 992-2049 Pomeroy, Ohio THE SEWING CENTER On the T in Middleport Quality Fabrics at Economy Prices Phone: 992-5320 Middleport, Ohio L 8: Z DRESS SHOP - Wearing Apparel - Ladies' and Children's Phone: 992-2347 Pomeroy, Ohio ZERKLE TRU CKING CO. Z lifgfl' 'L fly'-'QH11-' Irregular Carrier P. U. C.O. 8: I. C. C. 992-3088 or 992-3188 Middleport, Ohio STIFFLER STORES INCORPORATED The Budget Store West Main, Court Street, and Second Street Phone: 992-5377 Pomeroy, Ohio Compliments of MASSEY FERGUSON DEALER Gallipolis Tractor Sales Phone: 446-1044 Gallipolis, Ohio FOREMAN 8: ABBOTT TV Sales and Service - Water Softeners Philco Appliances - Furniture 1 Custom Built Kitchens BUCK AND .IOHNQS BARBER SHOP Jericho Rd. and Jefferson Blvd. Four Barbers - Union Shop Middleport Chic Point Pleasant W. Va. Best Wishes Compliments of WATTS' VARIETY STORE HALL'S DRUG STORE Phone: 446-0062 Route 1, Point Pleasant W- Va- Ganipons, o. '8' DAVE'S BARBER SHOP Open 9 A. M. to 6 P.M. Daily Vinton, Ohio Phone: 388-0384 ICGHEM 709 First Avenue Gallipolis, Ohio Compliments of BEAVER'S BONDED SERVICE STATION 723 Second Avenue Gallipolis, Ohio Ivan Beaver, Manager LIGHTNING ROD MUTUAL INSURANCE SERVICE Since 1906 Phone 388-8355 John L. Stevens, Agent Vinton, Ohio KATE DAUBER'S GROCERY Meats - Drugs - Ice Cream - Compliments of WAUGH-HALLEY -WOOD 1 Candlf D A FUNERAL DIRECTORS Sohio Gas and O11 Gauipolis Ohio Phone Kerr, 446-0129 X ! Ohio EVANS FEED MILL Feed, Seed, Fertilizer Farmers' Supplies Phone 388-8111 Vinton, Ohio BROWN'S GENERAL STORE Complete Line of Groceries Sohio Elgjaoducts Q Q Phone 388 -8470 Eno, Ohio Compliments of DANIEL M. EVANS' INSURANCE Representing CENTRAL SOYA OF MOTORlSTS MUTUAL I INSURANCE 388-8111 Vinton, Ohio Gallipolis Ohio BIDWELL MILLING COMPANY Feeds, Seeds, and Fertilizers fBu1k and Baggedj Custom Grinding, Bulk Delivery 388-8283 Bidwell, Ohio I82 MILLS TRANSFER COMPANY z-- Z ,Y 971 4 uv, 3 K 11 O '-u , 47 Sycamore Street Gallipolis, Phone 446-4242 Ohio Autographs Autographs TAYFRRW 'LU EP!5'J'!'9 .CSMIANY lx"' " ' ' w" 77""WT' ' ' "" ' "Wi "" 7""' I V., g X 7 ..-- 'T fiffw 'L' "" .,,v A..- .- .- ' ,' -' - .P .:- r -0 --, N',,'.4-- .24-f g ..- 'lgfT..' --- '., ,.,'..5l...U Holzor Hospital School of Nursing Gallipolis, Ohio

Suggestions in the North Gallia High School - Echo Yearbook (Vinton, OH) collection:

North Gallia High School - Echo Yearbook (Vinton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


North Gallia High School - Echo Yearbook (Vinton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


North Gallia High School - Echo Yearbook (Vinton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 38

1969, pg 38

North Gallia High School - Echo Yearbook (Vinton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 66

1969, pg 66

North Gallia High School - Echo Yearbook (Vinton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 97

1969, pg 97

North Gallia High School - Echo Yearbook (Vinton, OH) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 13

1969, pg 13

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