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Q' ef? f wWM?f fQ, X ,IN , ll Wfzjwojf V' if PJWQW WW qw f Wi6 wwf W W 6 fffww, wmifgo wwQ K 4 QXQJOU I gH.Q,lu qi? gugvilg W WWW I WZML api . I V L ? 2 5 if if 23 Efsji 57 . 5 2 . .fAW Q4f2im'+H-f' :45sO f gf Zihifdfmgfwmwffwmb 5 ffgfkxp Wy 9 Wlfbgfjfiglih' g N W My Jwyffify M wwf ?f'fffiLf'W i W' TQ W'ww l ny WJ gfawwjw bwpwgijiiiy MQW. , Qiffxfdifww 'PU' Www K Wifbfflfw 6 . 4 I , . , r Q M ' I I ff WW ' A000 GVVW vdAff,orf'-7Qf5C7-faefnfd ' ,,,0,afwLow WMU bg hgjjg Qiffww wwfggwg ' Qwqkgoigigw Qin Qfzfjyifiy QGJLJ 35 , v WflwLb3L01wwcfLQ,Q,QD,f112UQf1L2M,MAAl FQ '39 L 1- GLS kvJ'CL-Djlv K up UJOUYIXQQ' AJJTLLQ Cuww ,ffpQ41JQJ5 oww i f' OL ,Lo , c,Jon,.,,Q,6fQ .QBUC C302 Ofrw I QWQJWL 1,059 Jq,0fW'JQAfz:61J.4m,Q,Q9 'W DLG!! W4 Cjmha' jgcummklf-' Maw E f WWWWW S www My MMM , wm, Kiwi? 1 WWW .,--...,1v--. 7 3 nfl tabs! f 3 fz.,i .,.-. '- 5 - -wx? -'-"' bf 7""'G V . .5 ,sig V Ig I - Vv4zV ',' n 'U-40"u'-C3 79444, Q76 Wa? Qur 651131 To Learn I I foo may WSW Ilorth Fulton High School Htlanta, Georgia ,Q ,ia Z-.. 4. f t. V '4"t ff, fs -1 , ' me-W of..,- - .-.M ,nts-W-f .3 K- ,w..l r.: ' W am A fviikfgl 'W ' I y"' ' M H,frQ'.,.,'f'LE'1.,,ylf 'i'i'ii'e,af+1' fi . t. 35, Q K "' ,..,, h -, ff- ,K ' I 0. , A t ' g :"" f. 7 dvr' W My M, A ' ,L 0 as-A ya vw ,ar-V. ." . i ff " . s vw . HERE NORTH FULTON'S s+uden+s pause and enioy the companionship +ha+ is so much a part of the school. On warm days we 'Frequently ga+her beneath the stairs at lunch period to visit and discuss the day's events. Bur Eamuus-Students Gather Un Lawns, Hround Buildings HQ A . FOREWORD The school year 1958-59 has seen many changes brought about in the held of educa- tion. This year marked the beginning of the space age, the race for supremacy not only on the earth but also in the skies. lt also saw the bad effects of racial strife, a great domestic problem in our time. ln this year, as never before, the eye of the public is turned toward the American schools. Education is the fore- most thought in the minds of the citizens. With so much emphasis being put on learn- ing, education becomes the natural theme for our yearbook. fC0ntinuea' on page bl 1 , , 1: ev f , -:ffif'2f 2Qf1Qs-:fa . - , 8, 11 . A up ' A ' -vgw Z 'QS - ' ,gf H , H'-s-.Y ff , - -f ' in ,. W-if 1 ,- sw ...M 4 - - ,Q ' , Q f 3 w ag' ,rv f , 9 is W 5 . ,f A ff Y, X ,V 2 A., 1 V 'ix , V 'Vi Q ' in 'Q may my .Q 1 n 'J 1 'Q A .2931 in K, N 'ff V ' f , , 4, f-,L1.' 7 3,35 l K 'ff K ma gf ,- , , , ' ' " f - .' . W, fp L! Pt: ,N f ' K, Q' . , , , , , qu, M, --. ,, . ,, M an , I 4 R 3' 35' "W ff ' 99: 14 , A ' is if 'gl' rf -f ' 4 f - , --4. , ff' ' 1. .' X 'XA if ' fr Q 1' fell. " fV Y. 5. It V" :iz "5 'VV X'fw"-,L , 1 gg v , , gw . , 4.1 V qi' ' W, Y K , M4 , -V Q: V1.vii,,,4N A ,2 V 4,1 Vai. V , , ,fa VF, V V , - qt . RQ 3, V '51 1 '52 ' fi' 6 Q 41 il, Ni ' If .-. f , f.,,VQ w V 4 . Q, p ' A., if ,.lV, V 2. -"nV,vkQ Pia, . Huh I Y M ,VV ., J, VA-nj VL I ' 1 J . 'vs ' "',.V A .V Lg, ink' , ., 1 if A' .Ph ' A 0 ' 'fn v Ni? P3 'hm' as gh ml Q E Y 33. h- if 6 ,."7Q3'i':t W ' " ,f"',1f', ,?. -1' fi- '2 V ' 'U j 'nit ' .X 'ti 1' " . ' I 7-is -fi: 4 :se " ' y 4' 1 'W' . M I - . ' r 1 , 3 ,. V 4, 7 Hy. 5 "ff 1 ,' - .0 - 'v',-fn ' my lin- wwf' Qnf, M3 '-N. ' ' 4 , , as V - - -,r , . , , A 'ff . v Y 'ig . lf ,NV1 X KIVQA 0834. . .12 . VI: , B . yfgjg' .QV V V. 1 i 13, 5 .YQ -gy , y Af, Agggxffk ff ' . ,- ff'v ik ,aye - . , . V ,f ,W ,,. V, .,. V V J ,V , v - V V .. V. 1 X- 1, .ky Q w , Y 4,1 "4 ' 'VV V 'T' P2 Q, a ' ' , Fam , fr' .5 V ,A Q bw, Q . gf. 4. .. . gi, z ,-V 3 5 ,Q 1 + V Q ,f ' ,Hx 1' , ,-, N '. VV VV 5V V3 V, Avia. .. V V 3 . ,JE gn.: 2- if -fin MV' . "' ,,, 5 kr: 3,1 . "T, A ful' .. j. A K f fig? 1' 5 1' :tid-iv . M,,, N V V , V 4 - , , V ... 1, V. V '11, T, , ,Z , V. ,A MVN , , Jfzaf 5 1 I 1 -an J ' R " W . A a, , . 1. ,y , ,n V , V 5, V V .. 1 1 f '11, . -',, 2 V . 'g ., 3 'P 3' -w , ,-I 'H ff. , ,N " ' - A , N ,, , V -.3215-fw-w' 'Rf 21537 W ,:,,?f' ' an Q ff 2 1 4 1 4. 4 .711 ",,,..' , V vw, !r'i'S-ffl-wr' -5-2 V, ',.i,j2' 34' 'V , W W A- , Qi. .5 V ,V , , V ,. :,. A, , 5, 1 ,Q VA ,A ' Lg' , ,gs , f ' ' ,,',ef fairy ' 'uf' 'at --374 Q ' 9 ,aug?.f' '3-ff ,z 'ans' " ,Q Q ' A 'pf -aww., A . L' .V 'W -,L ' ' , 3 Q f: f ww, za ' Q,,,fg ,V ., . D ff 4 Sl vt - M was K ,Is AH? A VV'VfW"5. VV V112 , d F as V5 , Kg, :VV H, ,- '11 H ' A- Q ,ff ' 1 3521- ws: P, 4' fwfq 1,5-J : - , . ' W, ,jf W ' A Q.. gi! ,aff ,f ' ' 1 ,qQ""5f Q- ,f " - ,. . I 1 .. ' A" ' 'f'-'ig Qgef, fffff ',':f77'i',f,,.5w1", :Q .g"15' "A' 'Swv ,N 'Q , ', ,fy .,, '51 at V" ' To . Nrtgw 'rn'-w, V , . K., 1- V , f ,.. FA V gpg, VA. 'VA rake ,A vy'W Va, .V . 1- ,.-, H47 V -,Mi fx, V, 1 V L,. Y f"' ,,',w,+.1-Mxf,,f,.f'wr-'-,f ff 1, ' 'A , Ng, yt f fi Lg? W LY' IV .. thai, 5,112 4 A N, ' I ' ' 'f ,fl .cb 'I "-Y izb -4- f 'x , V . ' 1 s " 5, , ff na.: ,. -'vw - 'f . A 1 N ' D , ' 4 4 ,, - . , x , X ., ,, ,,p N - ' ,, ms, J - f :Q A , , . ,s,5,,':' ,ff Q., , . , V 1 wt, . ' M , M ... 1'77l"'-if - . 1 Mn af- . K . 4 ,tif V1-1 'jr-'.:,' 5,3 . ' igjv V ,s' !, ' ' , -, mi ' ., ,, , , V A A -yi fu ,5 , Q A . 2- , Q ,Q A 5, Q.. , , ' - - Xfhr ' , .f"'- KL ' Eh Aff" - " u v-QQ ' " TQ M A 4. V . V 5 ,f fismb' 5 1, , V : V i VM 1' ,Af .L uf 5. 4. L A V ,V V V gi . mf VVV Q J ' . - tsl AX, ', ., . ,N I ' 'ff' "Q-fp, .', z 2 z A' f ' 2. tw ,mfff P? , "1 ez- Q 1 1' :Q ,M , oi 'ffwwfh A P A 5 ,f ' .uf fl. 5,9 wcwl - , .-' , ' ' 4 M , -Q . - V fi ' - -. M ' f ls' 5 A.. " , M., , F' 8 K , ' s 981-7' t' E ,gg ,"h,AL 3. M Y 'ir ' 5 A 3 - ,I MF! fQ-it' fy . AZ Musk if , . , ak..-VV V ,Ml 15,1 ,, f Li I WV J-T6 gfgqi, ' I ' J'-"L , ' " V A QS ,,,,.. ' ' ' V' Q 'mfg ' ff ' In Hugh? Qs' " ' ' 'W '4 5 i We 5 f f 'W I g if lb f sfw, W m,,.-.w.:'Q ,,VV'V,V T A ,, -qv wg. 'gk O A M, 4. A' , L?',,u fl ff vw- , X .C , 'V I - W, A rf 'Q 4, W . . W' .vw- "' 'Pi f . A A f Q ,Q ' 1 'Ohh fi na, aV,,3iVzV V , X VAWFM . ". 'dv-M ,, may Af Vp- ".' 1, Wfsq. , , ww ,,,,f,:,w4, -ny, Eilx lx lg? i KX X H BOOKS . . . a hot afternoon . . . 'teacher checking roll . . . students use study hall +o prepare their lessons. 1 l STH GRADE . . . IZH1 grade . . . two extremes beneath 'rhe same roof. OUR SCHOOL . . . a part of our stale and our nalion. Pep Rallies, llur Grounds Hml We at North Fulton realize how fortunate we arf to be a part of a school such as ours, a school in which We are exposed to many fields of education. Compan- ionship, cooperation, respect, sportsmanship, and lead ership are as much a part of the North Fulton curric- ulum as are mathematics, science and the languages It is this concept of North Fulton which We have triec to bring to life in the following pages of our annual fffontinued on page 7, ' i H w 4 .. ' Q STUDY HALL, RECESS, . . . the campus, work, play-fhis is North FuH'on . . . and so is 'teenage love. 1 I M I SCHOOL IS OUT . . . Juniors and Seniors, books under lheir arms, begin +o s+roII ou+ lo lheir cars in the school parking uildings, Study Halls llnd Football Dur pictures, our copy, and our design . . . they tell of North FuIton's part in this time of unrest, and of her asting influence on each student as he travels down :he Hi-Wa3's of life. UI ff , :Q SPIRIT . . . Pep rallies . . . Momenls such as lhese lead our team on 'ro lhe ci+y championship. 7 ll. F.'s llnswer To 1959 CAPTAIN BILL DUKES leads our leam in prayer a'I' 'rhe slart of each 'loolball game. Charles Gendel Presents The David presenls . . . Our Goal-To Learn . . . I Sarah and June presenr . . . Respecl . . . I2 Neal, Judy and Donnie preseni Jackie and Jerry presenr . . . Leadership Judy and Jane presenl' . . . Excellence . J . . . Companionship . . . 26 ...48 North Fulton 1959 Hi-Ways Harrief and Pepper preseni' . . . Service . . . E Sally and Cheney preseni' . . . Frank l Fausfine and Sarah preseni' . . . Salesmanship . . . I76 i Cooperafion l l v , . ls n XA wr- . W4-F-Q ,,,: -J Hi-S., presen+s . . . Discipline Jim and Tom presen+ . . . Sporfsmanship X M .V .4 3 wwimsffaiwy. Q.. 'S N....... ,, , s WITH RESPECT WE TJEDIBATE THE T959 TTI-WAYS During the formative years teenagers turn to their high school teachers for guidance, inspiration, and understanding. It is not in the classroom alone that their influence is felt. A teacher who presents his subject mat- ter forcefully and challengingly and pos- sesses an approachable nature holds the re- spect and friendship of his students. In our senior class sponsor We Hnd these necessary qualities. Perhaps one of the nicest compliments a teacher can receive is that of a returning college student who says something similar to this: f'Your instruction prepared me for college Work. I feel as Well prepared as anyone in my class." Miss Emma Plaster has received this compliment many times. Many students and faculty members are probably not aware of the quiet, devoted Way in which Miss Plaster carries out her assigned duties, and they are probably even less aware of the way in which she looks for things to do that are not required of her. Miss Plaster is one of the most de- voted teachers North Fulton has on its fa- culty. Her car is the hrst to arrive and is often the last to leave. Miss Plaster, with many years of ex- perience behind her, came to North Fulton in 1942 to assume the chairman- ship of the English department. Few people realize that Miss Plaster has taught grammar school, six years of seventh grade at E. P. Howell, or, that she is just as equipped to teach Latin as English, having taught Latin at both Hapeville and Covington high schools, or that she has sponsored both high school newspapers and annuals. ln her thirty years of service to Atlanta chil- dren Miss Plaster has taught every grade level in high school. However, she is not one to let "grass grow under her feet." She has taken many courses since her teaching career started, courses designed to bring to the class- room the very latest in teaching meth- Jds. She continually corresponds with :ollege students who advise her as to what has proved valuable to them in :ollege work. Vliss Plaster might well be called the 'guardian of the senior classfl She has spent countless hours promoting entries :or various essay contests with scholar- ihips as the prizes. The senior cabinet iwes its being to her. Vliss Plaster, you have been a friend ind helper to us both as a class and as ndividuals. You have instilled in us a rue appreciation of the English lan- guage. You have presented to us the 'hallenge that faced Ulysses of old 'Ito trive, to seek, to Hnd, and not to yield." Xnd so, to you, Miss Emma Plaster, we ledicate with sincere respect and affec- ion this l959 edition of the Hi-lVays. With term papers almost due, Miss Plaster gives freely ot her time and knowledge in lending the seniors a helping hand. as Plaster is well known for her knowledge of many sub- Here we see her in one ot her 'Famous "get-ups" clowmng ts, but she also possesses another quality, sportsmanship, with some Senior girls at a pep rally. ch has end d h h ' . 11 eare er to t e Senior class wa 'Darn Faculty The teachers' arrival begins the schoolday. Sign- ing in is a method of "calling the rolll' and must be done by each member of the faculty every morn- ing. From there the classes begin. Typical of these are the examples of class participation through- out this section. A book, a ruler, a pencil-with these tools we learn. But without the proper guid- ance we stand alone. FACULTY-FOUNDATION OF SCHOOL What part do the students play in our school's success as a highly esteemed secondary school? Their contribution to North Fulton is a result of skillful faculty guidance. The faculty and admin- istration are the foundation of the school and our learning. Each member of this unifying body is a teacher, counselor, and friend. FACULTY INSPIRES RESPECT Since a great part of the day is spent at school discussing with and learning from our teachers, We become Well acquainted with their character and personality. Because of this close relationship, our life outside the school is also benefited by their friendship and advice. From them we learn respect as well as academic knowledge. We realize that respect is not a stiff formality or a necessary pre- caution against demerits, but it is an outward, polite devotion given to those whom we respect in our hearts. . Q-4: avi ' ,ffv 1 " -- - fl 'i'fal5L'i?3'? ' V We -- t ffglg , -gsxf' C 2.5325151152 .1 'N' 3255 ' , ,J-fp.- H-.' "rg-.3 ' 7 11 . 5- I f - ' - - f'f nf , , will- . -'A rf" 'Mi .,.... - 'y,,.41:l'- ' . , ' ' T tc...-M -sa ' - may.-Q-J ff- 1 '- WM H -u ' X v A is. Ri,a., N -X , at-f,w.5iik l il,---Q-Q I -H-xx tg x kggigwg-X f' .tigdvffs-, . -fi g: "1 ...g 1, ' - 'wif ff ' - kg' ""'.,, t'.1g . ' 'ky I g - A V N. 'X i, ,, ,tk - ,-. . tn f A' ME, A tk .-w-- q'f. '- ll - V- I ,jsp-4 rj? if if l k'c7i'Q, - uu,,,,,.,,,, , 'A gf- V, wx fl X. - 2 - f rt W ...- .- 4 N " "" --. """A""mr.,,,,, I-1 wr- ' Wu' -5 .I fit tl w Us E, wfvv 9 5 fa, A Egg QQ, MHWMQ , 3 Y'f,.-.M x Ffiy, -f"T...'Z-Ti Y Al X If Q f 69 8,4--" 'hi gg. wpwpw V 'i V Lxgg x A V, ML A: 1 V - Big . 1 K ' i ' '-til? -A X111 . -at i? . .N - ' l . -.,, i t xX'i""-Q.-nf.-aa.,..fa.f-W -s.-...-1.-...M .-.- V 1 , af? tg , ,fl DR. IRA JARRELL Superintendent Atlanta Public Schools vwm l 1' Our principal, Mr. William Bryce, whose home was Florence, South Carolina, received his B.S. from Clemson an his M.A. from the University of Florida. From i940 to l953 he served as coach, counselor, and worlrshop leach: here. ln l953 he became principal of Margaret Mitchell Elementary School, but returned 'lo North Fulton in l9E as our principal. WARREN T. JACKSON Emory Univ. B.A., M.A. Univ. of Chicago Ph.D. District Superintendent lArea 3l MISS ISABEL S. DEW, E-I Agnes Scott B.A. Emory Univ. M.A. Assistant Principal Mathematics Students Eooperate with Faculty Hn All of the students at North Fulton appreciate tl help and guidance given us by the faculty and at ministration. We, as tomorroW's citizens, realize thi through the high standards of education maintain: here, We are forming habits that will benefit us our later careers. MRS. JENNY LEE BROWN Office Secretary x as Q37 MRS. ALICE BROOKS Office Secretary 1 .1- t 14 JOE CHESHIRE Univ. of Georgia B.S., M.N.Ec.I. Counselor Idministratiun 'Vx m 1 'fx RQFV MRS. JANE LEWIS Univ. of Georgia B.A., M.A. Counselor MRS. JANE CHANDLER Ogiefiworpe Univ. Annex Librarian I I QS-L MRS. CHRISTINE BURROUGHS Univ. of Georgia B.S. Univ. of Georgia M.Ed. Peabody College M.A. , --...h, ij I LXLII ""iI.-'Na ,,. I I G. E. RAVEN Cusfodian MRS. LOUTITIA H. HINTON Grady Memorial Nursing ScI1ooI School Nurse 15 22Z3fm ' 'lf Main Librarian MRS. BEATRICE SMITH ' Dieiifian II0l'Ih FUIIUII, Pflllld III Department, Euncentrates Un 'W N95 MISS KATHRYN CONNELL, B-9 MISS DOROTHY EARNEST, A-6 MRS. ALICE GIBSON, A-8 Oglefhorpe Univ. B.A. Univ. of Georgia B.S. Columbia Univ. M.A. Valdosia Sfaie College English English English, Journalism MISS CLARE LEAR, A-5 JIM LOFTON, D-I MRS. LOUISE McGEE, B-I Huni-ingfon College B.A. Auburn B.S. Univ. of Georgia B.A. En Iish, Afhlefics English Engiish g MRS FRANCES O'NEAL, C-9 MISS CLARA LEE MOODIE. E-6 MISS ELIZABETH NORMAN, E-7 u - u Emory Univ. B.A. LaGrange CoIIege B.A. UNV- of Geofgfa B-A- English Univ. of Georgia M.A. Dfamahcsf E"9I'5I' English 2, " ,. Eomnosition Hnd Uooahulary Hs Eolloge Preparation 1' IN EVERY SUBJECT cer+ain students excel These Juniors are members of advanced Eng Iish class sponsored by Ford Foundahon Miss Plasfer helps Kay Pearson wiI'h her composrlion. 3 -QV, L' A as .J MRS. ANN SPIRES. B-3 S+e+son Univ. B.A. English MISS EMMA PLASTER, E-2 Univ. of Georgia B.A., M.A. Chairman of English 17 English Is Communication Learning communicative skills is an integral part of education. From the beginning of our high school career particular stress is laid upon the ability to speak forcibly, Write cor- rectly, and convey clearly our ideas to others. As we develop these skills We unconsciously Widen our perspec- tive and increase our capacity for new ideas. math Languages Hre Practic. -.4 1 MISS ELIZABETH SENTER, E-5 Randolph-Macon B.A. Emory Univ. M.A. Chairman of Mathematics Algebra, Geomefry UU' MISS I.UCII.I..E KNIGHT, C-5 Carson-Newman B.A. Geometry, Basic Math, Aigebra The education we receive at Nor Fulton is strengthened by the f tensive mathematics departme From eighth grade arithmetic trigonometry, We continue to c velop our ability for practical rm soning and understanding of tec nical problems. As each step taken tovvard increasing our know edge, We realize that as Well having learned more about I particular subject, we have sha ened our mental capacities. vs Subjects For Future life The practical application of our knowl- edge of a foreign language increases with the launching of each satellite. Our con- tinually shrinking globe provides oppor- tunities of contact with the customs and cultures of foreign lands. A foundation in Spanish, French or Latin is invaluable for citizenship in our present-day world. "Q-T-.. MISS MARGARET WILLIAMS, B-5 Univ. of Georgia B.A. Latin FRANK B. WALL, E-4 Oglethorpe Univ. B.A. Peabody College M.A. Chairman of Languages Spanish, English MISS SARA M. HARRELL, A-3 Wesleyan College B.A. Columbia Univ. Univ. of Paris M.A. French I 1 ,LU f.."A'i f F iii' A QL :,.L-F It 5 ' . WI" will i-I . 'I ' IL W .I Louis HECKLE, B-4 Presbyterian College B.A. French, Spanish MISS EVELYN MITCHELL, C-7 Tiff College B.A. Univ. of Georgia M.A. Latin, English or i ig ill! LVIXIIIU gn-0 V. .. M N. I. Q. X. ll .. nom V- J , I ,O iUa.a,,a. may ' . ' v ,. , Al A X , I V :Ili 4 N R 4 7 " ,fi ww inn 5 'NW om'6'N ,au - .ga ., . M? 3. .f NA . 'H 1. , j All in 2 we 'Ah T 'nn' M. , ' . f. 4- if SF?-aaa,-.wafff"'l' mnwrfiw Nm -" ' 4 -of 7 NF- W 2'i.:5g-e41q.:a,..1,a STUDENTS LEARN aboui cusfoms as well as language of counlry. Jack Geisel poin+s ou+ +o Miss Williams' fourfh period La+in class 'rhe apparel of a rypical Roman soldier. wiper TU Peabody College B.S. Columbia Univ. M.A. Emory Univ. B. A. I Chairman ot History World History Z f S .3 ,1-,gr 5, .-.Q--W MORELAND SMITH inquires about a question that has been asked in Mrs. Barton's senior social problems class. MISS MYRTLE CALDWELL. A W' Students Inquire Hhnut Uur Country Hnd llur neighbors D-5 ff' o, sw 'HE .. 5 mi, X K I . ,a 1 Y. x- v , One of the more important departments in our school is social studies. These courses involve not only the study of foreign countries through our World history classes, but also extensive explorations into the field of American history. There are many courses in so- cial studies which a student may select from eighth grade citizenship to twelfth grade problems of democracy and social problems. Birmingham Southern B.A. Emory Univ. M.A. History, Citizenship WEYMAN H. TUCKER, E-3 Oglethorpe Univ. B.A. History, Algebra MISS MILDRED MULLINS, D-4 Judson College B.S. Social Problems, History MISS ANN O'OUINN, A-7 Univ. of Georgia B.A. History, Citizenship 20 MRS. DOROTHY BARTON, E-8 CHARLIE C. MAUPIN, A-2 MISS FRANCES WOOTEN D 3 MISS EDNA WADE D2 Univ. of Georgia B.S. Wesleyan College BS Univ ot Georgia BA MA Peabody College M.A. American History Problems of Democracy Citizenship American History liroot Hpplication Ut Business Education Results From High School Study The department from which many students at North Fulton proht after graduation is that of typing, short- hand and general business training. As vvell as im- proving one's coordination, typing has the oppor- tunity for the development of self-discipline. Because the typewriter misspells and tries one's patience, it builds self-control, or weakens it. By going further and taking shorthand, a student is adequately pre- pared for either a secretarial job or for note-taking in college. Another course in the commercial depart- ment is general business. I-low do you Hll outa check, plan a budget? These and many other problems are solved in this strong preparatory course for home or business. MISS NEWBERRYS second period typing class frantically concentrates on improving their knowledge ot typing during the ten minute timed writing This skill will prepare many tor college and competent 'obs ot today SH 'l ya Miss MARGARET ACREE, 0.6 at Univ. ot Georgia B.A. ,K l Commerce College M.S. z A Atlanta Law School L.L.B. Typing, Business Education , i ,A .. i Q, i . f"'Yf'lii - e . S ' fha ,fin V 'iq I t 4 I we N- ,f fy ,f ,ff V, XX . i ,- MRS. ANN CAUBLE, C-2 Syracuse Univ. B.A. Emory Univ. General Science " 'V' rv" 1 MRS. BETTY DOYLE, C-I0 I I-X Tulane Univ. B.A. General Science a"'7if"'ff we 'ar M: x,,lllllN5ll1NBlllXlllMll'XNllll'1NhYl1Nlll,ll1rl l 1 , i B" i 3 'ISM' ,fl DOUG CORRY, D-8 Georgia Teacl1er's College B.S. General, Human Biology Sputnik, Social Unrest-Uur Illttention Is ln these days of inter- national competition, the importance of train- ing young minds for science cannot be un- derestimated. Here is a new, challenging field begging for leaders. SCIENCE PRESENTS CHALLENGE For the inquiring mind the Sci- ence Department is a stimulus. A student may receive an acquain- tance With the factsg a knowledge invaluable, Whether or not he chooses to pursue it. Should he decide to make science his career, he may be sure that his is a Hrm foundation. FRANK STOW performs an experimenr for Mr. Garner's fourrh period class. HARRY C. TAYL R O Georgia Tech B.S. Chairman of Science Chemistry 'Q Vx in 1 rs, tentered Un HII Sciences . - H 'if " n I .M :avg xl MISS EVA HOXSIE, B-6 Univ. of Georgia B.S. Home Economics The homemaking courses here of- fer many advantages to girls in grades eight through twelve. They become acquainted with textiles, fabrics, and designsg good groom- ing and healthful habitsg food- not only cooking but planning a Well balanced, palatable meal. At North Fulton we are building homemakers and career women Who will lead tomorrow's world. xi ii s lu im 11. DYW' n. in i Ni'I"' ""'m ROBERT A. GARNER, C-4 Univ. of Georgia B.S., M.EcI. Emory Univ. L.L.B. Physics FUTURE HOMEMAKERS prepare a meal in Miss Hoxsie's MISS JIM TURNER, B-7 Univ. of Georgia B.S. Columbia Univ. M.A. G.S.C.W. - fi. Home Economrosd NNAJ ,I + f ,,,f It ,Q vi i I ' . J MRS. ANNELLA DUFFES, B-8 Univ. of Georgia B.S. Home Economics U sw f -'sa +,.,,,,,,-an cI a ss . pa-u-an MISS EMILY HARVILLE, A-4 Univ. of Georgia B.A. Furman Univ. M.A. General Biology WILLIAM TAFT SUTTON, C-3 Piedmont CoIIege B.A. General Biology Ennrdination By Training FRANK B. JERNIGAN, D-9 Emory Univ. B.A., M.A. World, American Hisfory Chairman of Afhleiics ll'-'r CALVIN HARTNESS, B-2 Furman Univ. B.A. General Science, Physical Educaiion C. FREDERICK FUSSELL Univ. of Norlh Carolina B.A. Peabody College M.A. Head Baslcefball Coach, Healfh Science, Physical Educaiion '07 MRS. MINNIE HASTY Univ. of Georgia B.S. Physical Educaiioin, Healfh Science 1 Ui ,r 5 Q: I 'if fo, 'men HERE WE SEE in progress a boys' physical educa+ion class supervised by Coach Hari'- ness. George Dounis shoofs for a baslcei. Training Changes M RS. MARTHA LIVINGSTON Univ. of Georgia B.S. Physical Educalion Eulture Is Taught In Elassical Hrts "'mm.,,, We classify physical education, art, music, and driver education as skills. These cour- ROBERT S. LOWRANCE ses were-introduced in order that the stu- Emory Univ. 8.5. Davidson College M.A. dent might partici- Music pate in activities Which would be of MRS. KATHRYN HOPPE, A-9 Univ. ot Georgia B.S. Art T3lBIIlS To Skills CARL M. HULBERT Stetson Univ. M.A. Band Director futurevalue to him. Through these classes we learn not only the importance of using our talents to develop our abilities but also how to Work in fellowship and harmony with our classmates. -"'TF JOSEPH CHESNA Univ. of Georgia B.S. Chairman of Industrial Arts B. CECIL COOK, A-I0 LaGrange College B.A. Industrial Arts J. B. ANGELO CROWE Berry College B.S. Georgia Tech, Emory Univ. Univ. ot Georgia Driver Training, Mechanical Drawing 1 f' 'M A P .Q..f:-'ts T5 l i 'QSQZ' " -rrr Z z is W ., -'2"- A 1 ...-: 1 V tgfsri , it.:- f' . - ...Qs . E 95? -'tif 1' Q 1- f l ri i 5. R' me x I . i 8 , 5 i tv? 25 'na ' I A - -wi A ' X, .V I A . ig- Q--cfm: W H1102 ilearn Underclassmen All learning cannot come from textbooks. In fact, some of the most important lessons in life are not found in any books. Among these lessons is companionship, an integral part of a North Fulton student's curriculum. COMPANIONSHIP IS PART OF STUDENT LIFE Companionship is simply a sharing in the things another person is doing, this would be hard to avoid at our school. We eat together in the lunchroom, study together in class and in the library, yell together in pep rallies and at the games, have fun together at the dances, and pray together in our morning devotionals. It is im- possible to side step this feeling of companion- ship when you share so much and have so much in common with other people. EACH PERSON IS AN INDIVIDUAL At first glance the following pages may look like a sea of faces. But, on closer inspection, you will find that each picture is separate, and each person is an individual. For, at North Fulton each individual is an important part of the whole. Our section is divided into four classes, each one with its own activities and characteristics. Yet, while there is class rivalry and loyalty, there is also an underlying feeling which is always presentwa deep love and admiration for all our companions and for our school. I af +212 ls P gb et, 451 All ,wiv . , Q69 "itll 'Qi ,L , xr was liwgiwf 1-smasj, 'QA' .- " I X , 1 ' '4 ' ' ' V . 1 :I kj - 411 X f 1 .1 'I 1 5' I" 3 155515 Q ' 2 - ,S gg' ,Eg 9 1 ...- a ' -V ,I I? ' A 'T if I. J- a r '+ Af' 5, ' V . hung V - " ' J 1 ' X 5, ' ,L '1,.:'ifl!'f. 4 1. , A 3 . g 'dk' - sp:-1 z 4 q f Ti JSI 3 fi i V Kfiiafg U . iii" I, '11, -Qijlrkfx i 135 Q ' . 2 i . t ' 'I . . 3-5, lm 'S b A , N I - ,,,,. K Id' :V-wfbmg A .,k..,,.... ,. - Q i V' t H A 1 R, ,A .... .-, - A g-'z ' ..!'a4e' ,a ' . ' . J- i 1. . W.-P7 T' f F J 1 " f-f f' " N ' -ff1ff1+f52f?f'zg..a2ni5'G"' iff' ' Q: 547253 as ' 0 ' AS L, A ' M ' ' :2Z.fs,,-img, ff irfpagg3r'a5,1,f ..w A f1a.ff.,fa: ' "M " 'Cf Officers of +he Subfresh- man Class are from lefl' 'lo righl: Charles Greenfield, presidenlg Angela Mc- Ardle, secrelaryg Roger Shepard, lreasurerg Lynn Robinson, vice-president Suhfreshmen Hrljust To H new Ulay UI Life Hs They Eagerly Begin Row l: Bob Adams, Sieve Adams, Richard Aiken, Dick Akin, Jan Allen, Jean Allen, Sco++ Allen, Doug Anderson. Row 2: Teri Anderson, Julia Arnold, Liz Ash, Marilyn Avra, Connie Bandy, Chris Banks, Connie Barber, Richie Barker. Row 3: Eddie Barksdale, Rich- ard Baron, John Bass, Chuck Bender, Barbara Benner, Corky Bennell, Lawrence Benson, BiFl Benlley. Row 4: Ernie Benlon, Palfy Benzie, Dennis Berry, Don Bilo- deau, Wayman Bishop, Barbara Blihovde, Diane Bolen, Pal Bales. Row 5: Rulhanna Boyd, Peggy Bradford, Paula Brinkley, Diane Brooks, Busler Brown, Judy Brown, Beverly Burch, Dorothy Burner. Row 6: Jack Carnes, Kaihryn Carrulhers, Karen Chrislensen, Mimi Clark, Belly Cloud, Dixie NG, in-We, ,jf 1' ay- L' 1 Coals, Mickey Cogburn, Mar- .1 cia Cole. i gg.: 1 Ricky Harris, Hugh Schu+'I'e, and Reggie Jones enferiain +he s+uden+ bo- dy wi+h a humorous slcif. "C" feam foofball squad adds inferesiing back- ground. K We ,g Ik V 'giving ky, X f . if e Q. ,S ,. ,wr 4? ,fwfr-W' J Q-ey: 1 Mjgf Their Five-Vear Euurse Ht Ilonh Fulton Row I: Deloris Comboia, Dove Connor, Linda Conrad, Cheryl Cowan, Ronnie Crawford, Fran Croom, Eddie Cummings, Suzy Curry. Row 2: Bob Daly John Daven I 'ze . J -- '- porr, Karhy Davis, Sally Davis, ' X 9' we 1 1:1 Susan Davis, Tommy Davis, Thomas Dechman, Roberi de JarneHe. Row 3: Marcel De Loach, Vir- ginia Direnzo, George Dounis, PaHy Downs, Charles Drislxell, Rosemary Drohan, Nan DurreH, Nenneife Dyas. Row 4: Myles Easiwood, Chuck Eaves, Bonnie Ebner, Doroihy Edwards, Judy Edwards, Linda English, Helen Epsrien, Dale Esles. Row 5: Jaclrie Fain, Eddie Fam- brough, Max Ferguson, Tommy Ford, June Friedman, Bill Gardner, Carolyn George, Lewis Gordon. Row 6: Nancy Gordy, Charles Greenfield, Robin Guymon, Phillip Haffen, Gloria Ham- briclr, Judy Hamburger, John Hancock, Billy Hanger. 1 an 4.. 'yr' M, S 'T , 5' A if , in L' ' ,Ah-X -V ex , ic, Eff 19- -Z? Qi? 7 1 Q- -eflji l 1959 Suhireshmen Do more Than Their Share Ui Building as , ' y av. G no V , -1-., L. - +- R W -- is-I "f .Q X ii . -V i i I 5 ,jj an N ff .,.., gr, L A I ' an -ns. 3:-,f 'fl y ' ffl: Q ' "" I ' . 'W' I iz, W' I ' , ' Ani -xr . 'I .ag :eg .af N N- .1 , T . .V Ly? i 5 f ' .. f , mf ff b g iii it S' 'CH W , aj IW E" .,.,, 'Q' an Q va. ...,, C. C vl in at .:,,,. E3 pr' ow-1' .WX K . .. ,V s .. , L., an -sf, x .,,"'.f51 rr,- r , ... es' g . L. "' tr: 9, f is! J, Row I: Sieve Hanges, Kafhy Hardegree, Ricky Harris, Eliza- beih Harrison, Doiiie Hayes, Siephanie Hearshen, Carolyn Hendon, Ronnie Hesier. Row 2: Ronny Hieber, Lynn Highsmiih, Frances Hinion, Lee Hilchcock, Willa Hoeser, Slar- Iing Holcomb, Vance Hoover, Eddie Hopion. Row 3: Loren Horn, Anne Horne, Rebecca Hughes, Billy Hull, Alex Hurder, Bill Huich- inson, Ricky Jarrell, Julian JeH'. Row 4: Davide Johns, Judy Johnson, Ricky Johnson, Doug- las Johnson, Susan Johnsion, Jimmy Jones, Reggie Jones, Gwendolyn Kennedy. Row 5: Jo An-n King, Linda King, Vicki King, Deanne Koc- sis, Judy Kohn, Sandra Lan- ders, Sieve Landis, Pai' Larsen Row 6: Carol Lawhorn, Ken Lawhorn, Buddy Lawler, Mary Anne Leamon, Candy Lee, Davie Lerner, David Lennox Elaine Levine. Row 7: Leda Loshak, Carolyn Lucas, Carol Lyon, Jean Lieb, Judy Lindsay, Angela McArdle, Linda McCord, Susan Mac- Donald. Row 8: Bonnie Mclver, Mike McNieb, Sara McRae, Lolly Magnuson, Janie Malone, Neva Marlin, Lynn Mason, George Meals. Row 9: Ralph Miichell, Ricky MiHelman, Denny Mollenkamp, Missie Monfague, Judy Moody, Larry Moore, Helen Moore- head, Thomas Moran. Row IO: Bonnie Jean Morden, Belly Morgan, Teresa Morgan, Diane Morris, David Morrison, Mark Moulfhrop, George Mur- ray, Roland Neeson. School Spirit By Planning llnrl Presenting Halloween Pep Rally 'E fm ' . ta an 3 'ew 1 rf 'V X N vi :nhl Q . by it Ltr' , rf f by , K, 'A 'Q int.: D i Ghoulish ghos+s arrive bringing much "spiri+" wil'h ihem. The wilch, Ma'H'hew Smi'l'h, and "her" weird-blaclc car, Davie Lemer, scare sludenls info ear-spli++ing yells. -We ex, eq, , x lg! x7',f -1 ,QV rg' 'Q Row I: Cheryl Nelson, Linda Os+rom, Belly Jane Oulz, Shef- field Owen, Warren Owen, Allen Oxford, Charles Parlrer, Wesley Parker. Row 2: Richard Parris, Gail Parnell, John Pershing, Dick Peflys, Sieve Poore, Belly Procior, Paul Purser, Kenny Quinnelly. Row 3: Chris Ranlrine, John Renshaw, Danny Ricllell, Ann Riley, Virginia Roane, Jim Rob- erls. Lynn Robinson, Ellen Rogers. Row 4: Anne Rolader, Henry Rosenbaum, Ronnie Rosenlhal, David Ross, Linda Rubin, Jim- mie Salle, Jefif Sample, Lynne Scarborough, Row 5: Bob Schoenberner, Hugh Schu'He, Linda Schwefel, Sandra Schwefel, Bobby Seclr- inger, Woody Seiberl, Roger Shepard, Harold Sheppard. Row 6: Doug Shields, Bob Shuford, Jane Simmons, Sieve Slciles, Bobby Sluss, Belsy Smalley, Billy Smifh, Carler Smilh. Row 7: Dana Smilh, Francis Smilh, Jaclr Smifh, Laurie Smilh, Liouis Smilh, Maflhew Smilh, Ray Smifh, Susan Snow- den. H'-if Crowning of royalfy highlighfs annual Sub-Freshman-Freshman Dance. Leff +o right Reggie Jones and Carolyn George 'From 'rhe eigh+h grade: Sidney Barnes and Sandy Carler from The ninrh grade. Eighth Graders Panicipate In School-Sponsored Hctivities Row l: Margarel Somerville, Claudia Sommerfield Diane Spencer, Doug S+anfield, Eliza- " g 4 berh Sfanfield, David Sianford, Sallie Slaples. Row 2: George Slelling, Jay Sfephenson, Chuck S+ep'I'er, Connie Slubblefield, Adele Suddafh, Glynn Swindle, BeHy Jean Thompson. Row 3: Terry Thompson, Joe Trammell, Judy Tull, Mike Turner, Craig VarnDamm, Jim- my Vansanl, JeFF Van+osh. Row 4: Mary Vlass, Anne Vorus, Fefe Waddell, Jan Wainwright Vicki Wallace, Jean Wallis, Mary Walfon. Row 5: Bill Washburn, Sue Ann Washingfon, Lyn Webb, Dell Websier, Sandra Wells, John Welk, David Whelchel. Row 6: Jack Wiggins, Charles Willcox, Bill Williams, George Williams, Dorofhy Willis, Diane Wilson, Gennie Windham. Row 7: Jimmie Windham, Pele Wrighi, Tommy Wrighf, Susan Young, Chrisline Zimmerman. No+ Piclured: Bonner Cohen, Wendy Eidson, Richard Har- rison, Joe Keeney, Do-nald More+. Row I: John Aaron, Helen Adams, Kay Adams, Teresa Adams, Paul Alcorn, Lindsey Aldrich, Mary Alfriend. " 1 9 Row 2: Mary Ann Ames, George Ash, Janer Askew, Susan Aichison, Sieve Avery, Dell Avery, Judy Awiry. Row 3: Ben Baker, Joan Baker, Sidney Barnes, Chan Barref, Barbara Beadle, Ca+hy Biere- ley, Jim Binkeri. i Row 4: Dameron Black, Varner Jo Blackshaw, Johnny Blevins, Bruce Blihovde, Joe Boofh, Dale Boyd, John Boye'H. Row 5: Bruce Brannon, Buzz Brazelfon, Danny Broome, Paul- eH'e Brown, Bob Buchanan, Richard Bunzl, Ellen Builer. 4 Row 6: Nancy Cagie, Jan -,7 -Q." , , ,, ' , Campbell, Ben Carmichael, y 5' gb ' U " ' ,,.,, V 1 Palsy Carmichael, Cherrie Car- H :Q-V 5' 'iii' K fer, Sandy Carfer, John Cash. if .f Q K K L ,V I if ii i I Freshmen Get Down To Business Earning Eredits For Graduation Freshmen officers si+ ouf- side new gym. Leff +o righi: Mike Sione, presi- denrg Carhe Cenforbe, ,sg vice - presidenh Ka+hy Reeves, secre+ary: Mike Russ, freasurer. ' Q A H- "YQ M'-s .""Nf"'i-1 Wf"'i'r . i H Take-DTT Un The Opposing Team ls Presented By The 532' 1 , .ow 'Y Row I: Cafhe Cen+orbe, Nancy Charnley, Buz Chase, David Chess, Alberl Church, Ellen Clodfelfer, Karen Close, Tina Collins, Sfaliford Collinsworlh, Tommy Condrey, John Conklin. Row 2: Lynda Converse, Bobby Coolz, Calhy Cooln, John Coursey, Grace Courier, Danny Cox, Carol Cramer, Donna Crawford, Judy Crawford, Sieve Cucich, Mary Slewarl Curry. Row 3: , L A. .clk 34 David Johnson, Bill Moglx, and Charlie . Edwards perform skif K 4 as varsi foolball squad loo s on. Jar' wwf, Lamar Davis, Jeanne Delany, Woody Delong, Diane Dendy, Nancy DeVor Marylynn Dielz, Rosalie Direnzo, Susan Dobbs, Jan Dodson, Gayle Denali son, Teresa Doughlie. Row 4: Kirk Douglas, Gus Dozier, Charlie Drur mond, Roberf Drummond, Lane Duncan, Sharon Dunlrle, Clarissa Durrei Charlie Edwards, Gus Edwards, Carla Eidson, Wayne Elliot 5 - .H ,erevz 1 Row l: Margene Engman, Richard Farber, Dale Ferguson, Donna Fero. Row 2: MarieHa Fish, Marry Fishbourne, Jane Fife, Roy Fleming. Row 3: Jane Fleicher, Virginia Folk, Jeff Fournace, Susan Fowler. Row 4: Carl Frazier, Larry Fulghum, Pam Fulghum, Ray Gable, Freshmen Ht Their Pep Rally 3? Row I: Malcolm Gavan+, Carol Garmon, Margarel Garmon, Cher Garlin. Row 2: Jack Geisel, Linda Gemeiner, Cornelia Gholsfon, Don Glenn. Row 3: Sieve Goodfellow, Frank Goodson, Nancy Good- win, Gayle Goss. Row 4: Richard Gouse, Dick Greenberg, John Greenfield, Bobbi Gregory. iii. 3 Caihe Cenforbe quesrions our "Man on +he Sheer," Tommy Mimms, during a porrrayal of 1'he Sieve Allen Show. "Are You Nervous?" "Nope?!" S Row I: La Rue Griffin, David Griggs, Sco'H Groefzinger, Tom Gunby, Nancy. Gunnis, Linda Gunfer, Sharon Guymon, Red Hamburger, John Hammond, Michael Hancock, Frankie Harringron. Row 2: Pafricia Ann Harris, John Haskin, Ronnie Hausman, Barry Heard, John Hendon, Mary Lynn Herrman, Bill Hill, Ricky Hill, Tom Hobbs, George Hollyfield, R. W. Holfon. Row -39- 3: Marsha Hopkins, Dwighf Hunfer, Nick Hurder, Johnny lsakson, Ginger Jackson, Ted Jackson, Dee Dee Jacobs, Richard JaFFe, Pa+ James, Sranly Jessen, Allan Johnson. Row 4: David Johnson, David Johnson, Mary John- son, WyaH Johnson, Diane Jones, Barbara Kagey, Barbara Kardos, Joel Kaufmann, Milron Kirkland, Jane Krause, Nira Lashley. i i ' ,Q ,We'1.e.ewf1eveew ,Ml-f-f W M1 .,,. , ..,,w1e,:f.1g, ,4,,,e1eYas,,,.:y fer W N Y f 7 - 4 H is .A z em ...vwwmg Our furure varsiry 'Foo+ball squad, composed of fresh- men and sophomores, and headed by capiain Alex Szecsey, worked hard io 'fin- ish 'ihe season wifh a 4-3 won- loss record. af mme'ee"5s'5e2e21sPmw5iifeEfazffef'.1f5i'iL'f'ffii'L.f serw . Freshmen Feel Superior, Ile Longer Being The Veungest Class Row I: Dee Lawson, Barbara Liiile, Pairicia Lillie, Vickie Logan, Dee Dee Losier, Mike Loudermilk, David Love, Neil McClure. Row 2: Corinda McConnel, Jim McCullough, Berry Mc- Donald, Russell McGee, Fran McKay, Rea McKinny, Char- leen McLemore, Bruce Mc- Loughlin. Row 3: Mahlon Marr, Nancy Marshall, Carlos Marii-nez, Susan Mendelolif, Herb Miles, Mimi Milner, Kenny Mikel, Tommy Mimms. Row 4: Bill Mogk, BeHy Moore, JoPage Moore, Pal' Moore, Robin Moore, Linda Morse, Minka Morris, Gayle Moulion. Row 5: Mary Murphy, Eliza- beih Ann Murh, Nick Nichols, Bill Nicholson, Jackie Nichol- son, Jim Paine, Jack Parker, Maxine Parker. Row 6: Richard Pa+rick, Caro- lyn Paiierson, Lyn Pearson, Candy Peliier, Susan Pharr, Bill Pierce, LeRoy Polk, Jimmy Ponds. Row 7: Charles Pope, Jackie Porier, Srephanie Pos+, Larry Presfon, Riia Pucke'H', Pairicia Quillian, Barbara Rachels, Cherie Ramsaur, Row 8: Karhy Reeves, David Renz, Babs Richardson, Peie Rippy, Judy Robbel, Anne Rogers, Srephanie Roursos, Gary Rucker. na A 'F' 'B F 1 -"' 4 a n T: ii w ill' A. , Nu. sg, w M A e Q- 1 if 5 of V ii J Q if in A JAAH -1'::,. 1 K ul : it x as so are r ' .J J ff M .- fe , ref' ,L f f"Nf,"'4 w J. . ,A 4 F Fi: -N M , .. , ix Q W . Q. I' me 3 5, A ,Sl - se -l 'B is.. ,, , 7, 'ive , 61? y 1 jg, wut. .W H , 1, -, Q i ,N i I . ' i lk ' : .... , 3 Y I L7 r D ' ,Je -ef.. s 4 J fr is w Q .L ve- if ri . -es J ...L -as +52 5 s g- g , in Q. Lx ' :am . 8 if: if me 36 W G G W! '1-Q., A We , aa., V. 'I I A I , 1 . , Q gg . Q in L, I 'ez'-5' , mmf e V if ., ? i for dv X if ff? ' 'JC y I VY? iv .EQ f i an , , ' A . . 1- ' 5 ,fr - ' . 3 Sis Row I: Mike Russ, Mike Rus- Susan sell, Don Rufherford, Sal+er, Diane Sawyer, Lyn Selph, Richard Senkbeil, Caro- lyn Shipman. Row 2: Eudora Simmons, Judy Simpson, Myra Skipper, Lloyd Slack, Brenda Slaier, Mary Small, Carolyn Smi+h, Smifh. Chan Row 3: Marie Smifh, Mark Smifh, Phillip Smifh, Georgia Summerville, Sieve Sossaman, Randy So+her, Jackie Saunders, Suzanne Spence. Row 4: David Spifzer, Rufh Spivey, Mary Ellen Spradlin, Barbara Sianfon, Janey Shas- ser, Dick Sfephens, David Sier- ling, Judy Sfernihall. Row 5: Wayne Sfevens, Mary Jane Sfevenson, Mike Sione, Johnny Sfubblefield, Jane Siucky, Jay Sfump, Nancy Siurgeon, Harry Swanson. Row 6: Grover Swilley, Mike Swinford, Brian Tanf, Moniy Terry, Shiela Thiebauf, Jean Thomas, Shirley Thomas, Fred- die Thompson. Row 7: ScoH Thompson, Brock Timmons, Elaine Traer, Kafhryn Turner, Donna Tyler, Margaref Upchurch, Laura Waiis, Ricky Walsh. Row 8: Roger Walfon, Andy Ward, Robin Warwick, Joyce While, Larry While, Sally Wiegner, Jamie Winfree, Roger Winge. Row 9: Lynne Wisdom, Leslie Wolfe, Sieve Wood, Jimmy Woods, Sammy Wyche, Dean- na Young. Nof Pic+ured: Bonnie Barron, Larry Clayfon, Jack Bruce McDonald, Charlene Moore, Francine Rob- Fausf, Johnny Fearon, Jean Gilberf, Mary Hellen. er+s, Sally Frank, Kally Samalianos. Marianne Hulsebos, Pai Lacher, Dennis Loner, 37 i I Proudly represeniing 'rheir class are 'I'he following sophomores, Ief+ fo righrz Nancy Ramage, secrefaryp Bobby Plunk- eH', presidenfg and Ann Gerih, vice- presideni. Noi' Picfured is Bob Hard- casrle, ireasurer. Sophumores Eagerly Hntieipate The nomination Ui members Ut Their , an-.F 'lf 1 , er -:fs , . '72 iqn flu, ,f ' M . ,. ' ' V 2 S , A ma 1 1 ' gf 3 VV at 4' H .: .Fifi 1, ' ' , L ff fn V fr 1 if 'f' s, Veuj V 38 Row I: Julie Andrew, Bill An- drews, Larry Archbold, Thomas Arnold, Janer Baikie, Rusry Barber, Alain Barnes, Brenda Barnes Row 2: Barbara BarreH, Geor- gianna Barron, Arrhur Baxier, Chris Beall, Richard Beard, Bruce BenneH, Malcolm Beni- ley, Sco'H Beresford. Row 3: Sue Berger, Vernon Bowdish, Charles Boyd, Kay Boylen, Nancy Bradford, Nancy Brannen, Roger Bridges, Gayle Brock. Row 4: Marcia Brooks, Barbara Brown, Beverly Brown, Bryan Brown, Jim Brown, Jim Brown, Susan Brown, Mary Louise Browne, Row 5: Kib Browning, John Buchanan, Jack Burch, Mar- gueriie Burson, David Bufler, Marilyn Byrd, Be'Hy Sue Came- ron, Jimmy Carroll. Row 6: Larry Carfer, Kay Churchill, Fay Clark, Gayle Clark, Sreve Clarke, Camille Clemenrs, Dorn Cockrill, Joyce Cole. Row 7: Carey Collinswor+h, Donna Cooper, Dixie Coihran, Frank Coyne, Berry Crawford, Cam Crockeif, Terry Crowder, Dan Cucich. Row I: Ed Cundiff, Sally Daily, David Danfzler, Ellis Davis, Marion Davis, Pai Dawson, Caroline Dees, Carole Dial. Row 2: Dianne Dilbeclr, Jean- eHe Dilbeclr, Barbara Donahue, Helen Drake, Philip Dreger, Jerry Durham, Mike Earing, Jimmy Eidson. Row 3: John English, Ann Essig, Eihel Evans, Ed EvereH, Palsy Eves, Janef Fagen, Karen Farris, Anne Fears. Row 4: Cleve Ferguson, Car- men Fifzgerald, Pa+ Flanagan, Valerie Fleming, Pele Ford, Bob Forsfall, Ronnie Fowler, Bonnie Fox. Row 5: Beih Franz, Susie Free- man, Tom Freeman, Nancy Frye, Mille Fuirelle, Kaihy Gaflin, Lesier Garmon, War- ren Garrison. Row 6: Ann Gerfh, Jimmy Gillespie, Johnny Gillespie, Brenda Gilman, Robyn Good- man, Bebe Greene, Susan Gwinner, Be+sy Hackney. Row 7: Dee Hall, Bob Hamil- ion, Russell Hamilfon, Bob Hardcasfle, Bonnie Harper, Bufch Harringfon, Jane? Har- ris, Jerry Hariwig. Elass For Secretary Hnd Treasurer Uf The Student Body The Five Corns from Cobb Coun+y, lef+ +o righf, David Bu+ler, Bob Pfohl, Bobby Wha- ley, Vernon Bowdish, and Bob Hardcasile, inspire school spirii wi+h +heir hill-billy songs. 42" .. 7, F Q ,,, 4 fa' M K. -lr 17 s fs -rf '. V A f an a , N Ali ,g Q if , IZHIH , I 1 , A il ' M 1 li I M Gi I ,,1 , R sz' . Q 41, 1 M K an ,Q .. ! 'K' It an W' El I ,LJ r lyk I , ,I as f R 5 5 - .,.. ,:- I , X I 3 , 4 , ewan . , A ,L ,, ,xxx ty N xg in V 5 as B-an "' :V Ami f ' 'bv Q! Q", ' 7 ' ' is 2 -Q f .,,. 7 I W K k, Row I: Charles Headriclc, Virginia Heilzman, Nancy Hembree, Peggy Hendrix, Donna Henley, Marcia Hesl:eH, Jeff Highlower, Sandy Hines, Sally Hogsed, Bobbye Hoppe. Row 2: Jeff Hoss, Carol Howard, Selhanne Howard, Bobby Hurl, Mary Irving, Jo Ann Irwin, Susan Jacobsen, Amy James, Arnold Johns, Anne Johnson. Row 3: Lauren Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Dianne Jolly, Elaine Jones, Palsy Jones, Dolly Jordan, Penny Jordan, Caroline Kelly, Barbara Kemph, Par Kennedy. Row 4: Jimmy Kilburn, Jon Kilgore, Tommy Kilparriclc, Cindy Knapp, Jeannine Kruger, Ralph Labrador. Harold Landers, Barbara Lashley, Michelle Lawson, Lynn Levins. Row 5: Bobby Lindholm, Kurl Lindquisr, .qc I .F fi- Q' Befh Lindsay, Ellen Linebaclr, Gary Lulralch, Pa++y Lundin, Allen Mc- Carfy, Roddy McLeod, Marc Mabry, Huber? Marshall. Row 6: Vivian Meacham, Carolyn MerriH, Belle Meyer, Marcia Meyer, Donna Miller, Randy Miller, Beverly Milchell, Bonnie Milchell, Perry Mifchell, Sam Mi+chell. Row 7: Del Mon+ague, Ray Moore, Gloria Moreno, Pai Morris, Donald Murphy, Kafie Myers, Sharon Nelson, Diana Oallrley, Lynne Ogellree, Mariana O'KeIIey. Row 8: Jimmy Oliver, Carole Ollelr, Kim Os+rom, Bobby Osruni, Richard Owens, Dana Palmer, Jane+ Pease, Beclry Pelof, Jim Pepper, Bob Pfohl. Sophnmores Show Uriginality In Presenting Uutstanding Pep 40 l Q iv- . ,. X Q Q., x' is 5, ..,. V gn L. e 7-rr 1. V A ' r , . I ' . f 1 5' fx 1 i f-:- f tfv ai -' . K M.. Q .N ' -iz if Ml 'te' 1 L 3 AL, Rally To Student Body Row I: Janel Pierce, Emily Plasler, Bobby Plunlcelf, Tim Pollard. Row 2: Jud Pos+, Lynn Pralf, Cal Puclrell, Bernie Ragsdale. Row 3: Nancy Ramage, Larry Rapp, Jimmy Raven, John Redwine. Row 4: Jimmy Respess, David Ricke'H', Carol Rinehart Suz- anne Robinson. Row 5: Waller Rodgers, Mic- lcey Rosen, Palsy Rowe, Joh- annes Rozier. Row 6: Bill Russell, Suzanne Sabo, Diclc Salese, Buddy Sam- ples. Row 7: Edward Schrader, Lee Sechler, Jane Shipman, Dennis Simpson. Row 8: Theresa Singley, John- ny Smallwood, Bobby Smifh, John Smi+h. 41 W ...,fKf'v --Hopi., , sf 1 ' " - , ' . "W - ,. ' A A ,i., 4 7 f., f. ' A " rf -, 1 Arriving on his pogo sfick, Bruce lAlfred E.l BenneH' sfarls sophomore pep rally off wilh a bounce. , H Coach "Coun+ry" VanDylce of Decalur is infer- viewed by a repor+er before The big cham- pionship game. "Whl1W.dS56.551v'?""aS2E'5' 'I 1 W,-SL f ef Hui fr?KiEiBL. E 'l A F i F' G 15 f vi 11 1 Row l: Vicki Smiih, Roberi Spahn, Joanne Spear, Tom Squires, Jo Anne Slansell, Jeff Slewarf, Sandra Siickles, Bill Sione. Row 2: John Slull, Deck Slump, Jimmy Sudderih, Alex Szecsey, Charles Tarlelon, Claudia Tay- lor, Sally Teague, Freddie Templeman. Row 3: Carol Thompson, Judy Thompson, Nancy Thompson, Janel Thursfon, Riia Tilly, Don- ny Tomlin, Bill Truby, David Truby. Row 4: Sieve Vail, Ragan Vandegriff, Buich VanDyke, Ed Wallis, Frank Waliher, Jane Warwick, Burch Walers, Paul Wa'l'son. Row 5: Judy Wells, Bobby Whaley, Sherry Williams, Mike Wilson, Sally Wilson, Jim Wim- berly, Gary Wrighl, David Wyly. Row 6: Peggy Young, Cheryl Zuker. W P G It e. .ee 4 in-P' i ,,,.,, Noi piclured: Andy Ander- son, James Birdsong, Ken- neih Brown, Byron Carroll, Lewis Gibson, Bob Harri- son, Ross Palmes, Tina Peavy. Tenth Graders Finally Reach midway mark ln Their High School Eareer Wiih a roar of wheels and a cloud of dusi, daring sophomores head for lhe 'finish line. Juniors Start Big iiear Bu Holding First Elass meeting The capable leaders of ii-ie iunior class are, from lei? io righi, Bonnie PaHen, vice-presidenig Bill Fleicher, freasurerg Bill Bussey, presidenig and Nancy Nelson, secreiary. A "' as me xi r ' -ri 1 r"' ' 'W we-fs v " is. mf' 221 Q Q., 'Qs EW as may ? ee 1, 4 s.. E 4' ra. if 4 4 L ., - vie, V 4' 'KF NJ a , ef 'Yi in ' 'iii' s f Firsi Row: Ben Adair, Charlie Adams, Judie Alcorn, Suzy Alford, Charlie Allen, Carla Archbold, Frank Arnold, Diana Asher, Suzanne Askew. Second Row: Rin Ausiin, Buddy Ballenger, Claudia Barbon, Caihy Barneii, Marshall Barre+'r, Barbara Barron, Bob Biedermann, Bob Biever, Lyn Biever. Third Row: Barbara Bishop, Susan Bivens, Sandy Blair, Milne Blumensaadf, Shawn Boles, Rosemary Bond, Kii+y Booih, Norman Bow- 54, x 3 dish, Bobby Boyd. Fourlh Row: Mark Braswell, Anne Brown, Melanie Brown, Joyce Bulfamonie, Lee Burion, Bill Bussey, Bill Byers, Celia Calloway, Ernie Camp. Fifih Row: Brad Campbell, Billy Carmichael, Ann Carier, John Carier, Johnny Carfer, Laurann Casiellaw, Bill Caven, Alan Chrisiensen, Cookie Church. .V ., ir.. f' W Y fowl' S ,,.:,. , 1,, s c I .Lf ' 1 is E A Jai k-tie ' - 1 . W .M I 7 0. 7621? ww Q -,lf ix. we " V Y f. 9... , 4.- W' . I 4- . f .21 ggi' if ,g,,,,'f si xii Y rw 5'- WP' F if Gi un., '5?'f . Gs ie , I 2 .::- Q, 5 1 if 'F if- : fl Row I: Diana Churchill, Gloria Clark, Bobby Clemmer, Row 2: Jimmy Cloifel- fer, Doug Cockrill, Jim- my Collier. Row 3: Slephen Collier, John Commander, Linda Compfon. Row 4: Gary Cooper, Pam Crady, Barbara Crawford. Row 5: Jerry Creager, Belh Curry, Doug Cul'- fer. Row 6: Joan Damon, Janef Davis, Sandy Davis. Row 7: Winnie Davis, Susan DeBra, Tucky De- Lung. Row 8: Pal Dempsey, Susan Dobbs, Mar+I1a Dowis. Row 9: Brenda Duke, Ronnie Edwards, Don Ellison. Row IO: Lee Eu banks, Karen Fagen, Cleve Fara bee. ' Hn ,-s., YT" ps an W. 'ELL 5 Y Q , ,sw-gf at " 5' 1. .- Row I: Sandra Farmer, Beverly Filer, Lynn Fish- burne. Row 2: Grelchen Fla- her'ry, Bill Flelcher, Fred FIe+cher. Row 3: Sue Floge, Alice Ann Flynn, Pai Foley. Row 4: Paula Forlson, Allen Friedman, Jeri Gafes. Row 5: Franklin Gelzer, Domnna Glenn, Alan Goldsmith. Row 6: Larry Gould, Gayle Granf, Judy Greisen. Row 7: Jane'I Griffelh, Jo-Ed Griffifh, Peggy Griggs. Row 8: Sally Groelzing- er, Sheila Hannah, Bob- by Harrison, Row 9: Rick Harwell, Jimmy Haygood, Susan Haynes. Row IO: Celia Hays, Harriei- Hearshen, Dick Hellier. Q. I. , V I K , we 1- -f A-1-v, K," 'T :ll A W me Q , R L it l if 7 r I ' 0' at - 7 75' 'T A-2' x ffl ff, N 3 tr 'QT 5.7 L4 Q, ,A 4.- . 'M rf' l"". X' Q hd f L Firsf Row: Helen Helms, Marfha Herlsgaard, Tommy Hifchcoclr, Mary Hoeser, Sally Hope, Harriei Hough, Raymond Hubbard, Helen Huey, Hooky Huffman. Second Row: BurneH Hull, Roberf Hunf, Pai' Hun+er, Bob Hyers, George Hynds, Linda Ike, Bobby Jackson, Suzy Jacoby, Hufch Johnson. Third Row: Bobby Johnsfon, Harry Jones, Roberf Jones, Sally Jones, Karen Kelser, Mary Lou Kemph, Carol Ann Kennon, Lynda Lawhorn, Tommy Lee. Fourlh Row: Palsy Lieb, Ann Linder, Nancy Eleuenth Graders Haue Respensihilrtu of Plannrng Junior Senmr Dance Large numbers of iunicvrs always aifend affer-'l'he- game-dances held in new gym. l 1 2 2 At pep rally, iunior beauties present David "Pig" with "hoggy" banlt. Junior tear Is Highlighted Bu Presentation Ut Senior Rings lvl' t 'L' . ,. We 2, of Q no - re W A if S' 5, First Row: Jenny Lynn Morse, Dicl: Moss, Nancy Murphy, Leslie Myers, James Mynatt, John Mynatt, Nancy Nelson, Sandra New, Jim North. Second Row: Janie Orr, Arthur Otwell, Tommy Papageorge, Susan Parker, Bornnie Patten, Elaine Patterson, Kay Pearson, Sonny Phelps, Jimmy Phillips. Third Row: Carl Plunlcett, Susan Pollard, Peggy Poole, Mary Louise Potter, Ellen Powell, Martha Powell, Mary Powell, Jeannie Pratt, Edward Preston. Fourth Row: Beverly Radlre, Barbara Rary, Priscilla Ratermann, Jeannie Redgrave, Alec Rhodes, Betsy Ross, Charmaine Salle, Shelly Salter, Eric Scharfi. Fitth Row: Sam Schultz, Jimmy Seaton, Ann Seaver, Carol Seckinger, Dorothy Shermer, Kay Simmons, Beverly Simpson, Stuart Singer, Judy Slriles. Sixth Row: Bill Smith, Carter Smith, Frances Smith, Gayle Smith, Jim Smith, Sharon Smith, Steve Smithfield, Pat Spencer, Pat Spivey. ii el. L. Q ls , 50' 5- as M ,Q 1. A - "swim is io Y Vg ,. .,,, . M G- lf- 'ET' , VN 3 , f 5' ' as -f 4 ff A . M' is ,ww N J M! L Fourlh Row: Eileen Wesl, Kalhy Wesl, Barbara Wesler- field, Barbara Wheeler, Peggy While, Nancy Widener, Waller Wiegner, Claudia Will, Donna Williams. Fillh Row: Kappy Williams, Marcy Williams, Barbara Williamson, Ann Willis, Bob Windham, Emily Winge, Buclry Wood, Kalhryn Woolley, Carole Wrighl. Sixlh Row: Cynlhia Wrighl, Mickey Wrighl, Belle Wynn, Beverly Wynne. Nol piclured: Gary Hooper, Louise McDowell, Ann Milch- ell, Aline Nelson, Jaclcie Pillman, Linda Pulzel, Swayne Shepard, Kirby Smilh, Palsy S+anelle. Underclassmen and Senior club presidenls work logelher in lnler- Club Council lo co-ordinale club aclivilies. G in SE P7 K' 1 Firsl Row: Susan Sleele, Libba Sleinmann, Bill Slephens, Wade Sl. John, Barbara Slone, Don Sloner, Johnny Slrange, Linwood Swain, Randy Tanner. Second Row: Pal Taylor, Marlha Thomas, Rosemary Thomas, Bill Thompson, Charlie Thompson, Holden Thompson, Lynne Thurman, Karen Thurslcn, Janel Tippin. Third Row: Joan Troulman, Marlha Tull, Missy Vorus, Bonnie Waller, Palsy Ward, Phyllis Webb, Mall Welch, Brenda Wells, Sandy Wells. l gnu-was aww' 5 ' fe X z 3 5 1 2 sm ze 'ig 55 il 5 E 2 A,:. Q f b 1 , at X QV ww, 4 vi. Q if Q51 wi. ,, Y 5 NW, , mai is ww, wr . M . "r,. Ywfw 5' xg 1 .. cg ' s I ik 'Z '.fw W ,- ,, Seniors Leadership is that intangible quality that everyone wants but few possess-yet, when you stop to think about it, everyone is a leader in his own way. You do not have to be elected president of a club or captain of a team, everything you do or say in- fluences someone else. As members of the Senior Class of 1959, we realize and accept the responsibilities of leader- ship imposed on us as the graduating class. For this reason we have chosen leadership as the theme for the Senior Section, and have tried to present to you the many ways a senior is a. leader, in his home, his school, and his community. PART OF A TEAM Although we are leaders, we are still teenagersw not exactly alike, yet not too different from all other youths. We are individualists, certainly, but members of a team also. In this section we have attempted to depict the life of a typical senior as he lives from day to day-leading, following and working together with his fellow classmates. Opposite is a senior's room in which we see the components which make up his athletic, social, and academic life. fi l'l' .3fs1l'fi , ,. If l imi .figyif .ity -aaawmga it ,,,,,,.ij,,g, I? Mfg v i i. fdf wannabe me ,552-1,133 . fs i - in A5 iw L iwwmke of .,1 K , , 51, W ,, , 1 1 if QQ i V Qi! ' ., S, s A ties. " ' iff- 1, we 13225. gage" 1 I ' 7, . ,ww M. .Mi ggi, 3" Ai .vagf-':,:!',-eggs: -H' -2U5t5Z?",-- an , I I . ,ggi 1., 1,-',, f -' A " N ,fi ,im A .,w"i3'5sW, f gym, grasses- - ' Y'5:'Z5if'35?i'u: , ' i V 4 sv! v 3 is if I Hi 1 1 lQw.l'W" ' -i avas gg Y, Z yl: ' 3" 'i i .H l , , ,st 4 ,sw 'V V a BETTE ADAMS JULIE ALEXANDER GRIFFIN ALLEN PEGGY ALLEN IIRI V ,J use viswf-1' zjmblufgi I ,QQ 'iv , i E. 5,1 ,s-:Wen ei-A , I THESE OUTSTANDING SENIORS direc+ +I'ie business and ac+ivi+ies of Ihe class by heading 'Ihe Senior Cabinet Leff Io riglni' 'l'I'iey are: Alice HuI'cI1inson, Secrefary Pa+ Kelley, Treasurer: .IuIie Alexander, Vice Presidenfg and Jimmy Valenfine, PreslcIen'I' Senior Ufiicers meet Under Hrehway To Discuss Elass Business ROY AUTRY HARRIET AVARY MARY BACHELOR JIMMY BAGLEY RHETT BAIRD Y 1 4 X , 4 CAROL BAKER JUDY BAKER CAREY BARNES LAMAR BARRETT BRENDA BATES BECKY BEAN PAT BEATTY KAREN BENDER LARRY BENNER Understanding Senior Takes Time Uut Tn Give Directions To 5 i TOM BINFORD BARRY BISHOP DAVID BLIHOVDE WINSTON BLUMBERG JOHN BOMAN WARD BOND MARTHA BORLAND s Q5- JOYCE BRASWELL NEILL BRAZELTQN Pr-rn. BROOKEA MARY BROOKS 52 Darian 'EU Suhfreshman "little Brother" CHENEY BRYAN JUDY BRYAN JERRY MARTIN, shown here wifh George Sfeiling, 'I' pifies 'rhe way seniors help new subfreshmen. Being big broiler or sis'I'er 'ro some incoming eigl1+h grader is a senior proiec+. aiu. BRYCE BEVERLY BURKETT R05 BUTLER SARAH BYERS cookie CANDLER JANE CANNON 53 TOM CARLOCK GLORIA CARNEY PHIL CHRISTIAN I I TOM COGBURN BUDDY COHEN JIMMY COOPER GENE CRAIG JUDY CSIKY ED CULLOM LIBBY DABE LYNN DAVIDSON HAL DAVIS 54 ED DeGROSS DONNA DEMEREE RAY DENNY 5 THE POPULAR senior quinlel, composed of Dave Johnson, Jimmy Valenfine, Bill Plunlcef, Bill Dulces, and Craig Nelson, en+er+ains al' 'Phe Fall Tea. Their selecfions, "Tom Dooley" and "The Three Jolly Coachmen," were hearfily applauded. Seniors Give Tea To Introduce Hnd lUeIoome Ilew members llf Elass BARBARA DIETZ JODY DOBBS ANN DONAHUE JAMES DONALDSON KATHY DOUNIS BILL DUKES DARRELL DYAS JERE EARING JERRY EAVES BILL EDWARDS PAUL EIDSON Eaieteria Provides The Senior lliith Feed Hnd H Break From Daily ,vm RICKY ENGMAN SALLY EVANS COURTNEY FAIN JOHN FALLAW 56 i wicfwf :fi new -1 ' M, A .S- '5' ' ' -"" ' S' 'FM BRENDA FERGUSON ,Y 65 W CAROL FERGUSON GEORGIANA FISH JOHN FITE uutine MARY JANE FLEMING TOM NICKERSON, Tom Carlock, Bill Van Dyke, and friends enioy +heir favori+e period 57 Large East Elf Talented Seniors 3' e e my M 1' V ff ,.,,.,:E3,.,.,,..: Af .-.- 2 M Z , ,, . JACK FOWLER ALLEN FREEMAN 'l Our luero, Pa? "Leander" Kelley calches villainous "Fro+l1ingl1am," Monroe MIRIAM FRYE EDDIE GARLAND molesiing "Puri+y Dean," played by Robbie Logan. She li' if .z : :. ,. - Q lf? ff' X " A , 'A 'WA r 2 gfeffleigffef. A V . S' feed 4 eff' sf' ffwfpfwt we A -3? EVERETT GARMON DON GEE CHARLES GENDEL JOHN 2599. . eif, ' A A li 7 , j, he gi ' ZSQS' y 'eg ' an A 5 I N U ig:i35E:fE::::5: :.::5:,..: 5e,,5:..,E5, 5 i Q V CAROL GOODFELLOW SUSAN GOODLOE ROBERT GOODSON 58 GOLDSMITH Delights Two Hudienees with H working 6irI's Secret "Zaman" and "Jona1'hon Logan," be++er known as Marion Whi+e and Tom Nickerson, en'I'er+ain wifh a iig ai a par+y in "Pure as +l'1e Driven Snow." NANCY GRAY GEORGE GREAVES MIKE GRYDER JUDY HANSON DAVID HOGG CHARLOTTE HOLBROOK CAROLYN HOLLAND 59 by . .gi sfsfzgggri Im ' www Mig: Nmigpfimg QW vm' w ,, ,se .zsQ,,,,c,. f3??,5m?SZg7y' 23, ,ssxgggggij f'5'5v: Y ' ' SW" WR 5 95 xg Q Ea H v - L whrmvwgs sgi 5: I I -3 N35 ' I:"" " ss Q mglffjiss s ,. . FRANK HOLLAND NEAL HOLLINGSWORTH RONALD HOPKINS JULIA HOWELL MR. CHESHIRE and Mrs. Lewis give guiding advice +o Judy Hughes and Tom Pirkle on 'Ihelr college problems and queslions. Graduates Ui '59 Have Hppointments To Discuss Igwiwj .I ,sLl, I BETH HUDSON JUDY HUGHES HARVARD HUGHEY LAURA HUNTER f , . j F ff - ' 1- I 1 L . -1 if .'7lffII'l',4 .I . wiv Uri 1' 1 1 fl , If L lm W I 'IWW A 'Ei 'sg I if I' I W W If Zlfffl ,IM I Z' ref? ' H ALICE HUTCHINSON PAT IRWIN BERNARD JACKWAK BRUCE JACOBS 60 WI-W' E s, ss 'tw 2 A I so ,X ikmf W as f ',,,fsiM,g,x ,wzzgffs swgozwww, :Igi,g.o5U:giw:,1o H ff' 1 J 4,4 Q ww 5 ,Y ,Maw , - E "23f3'fW Riff' A ,Y ' iiggggpi I. .. DONNA JACOBSEN mw isw wifi wsfizks L ' 'ggziiziziifil 1 ' ' ?szzEPWi hi , qgggkziggqmigxssm H ' JE. 0 ,M , In ., .. 325: M 4 gf? . 12333252 f H 'oksggil 5 Q "To wow was mars' 'W w ifisiiyzs f f U Q A 21.41, o -. , .-.-- , I w W sf E Q is vaio -:-:. : gov M -:-':":::-' az .. A,,M, g so iw aww A 1 5 x 3 4 IH I X s 6 f L M Z 0. E so i 4 4 mponant Eollege Plans with School Counselors DONALD JAMES gi img f 5555 fs' A .34 4' 52557 A' A 53. X 2 gf! gifs 1 , N if ' 1 1- 591422, Q, , A -5 ,Q ' fry? fm an y .s V AM E X' A JULIA JOHNSON PAT KELLEY GEORGE KING JACKIE KOHN -i,?','fLIg-Ilgiai . ,wwwwwm 'W - ,. ,ji A 5 ., KAREN KREUTER DIANNE LANGLEY DONNIE LANDER 61 BILL LITTLE nik BILL LITTLE ROBBIE LOGAN DANNY RUBENS quickly made friends and adapfed herself 'I'o +i1e American way of life. Here she is shown accep+ing senior ring from Jimmy Valen+ine. t , ll D'NENA LOWRANCE CATHY LYNCH f X 'ii ee? ,QW GAIL McCLESKEY BOB McDOWELL ,yy . .::. ny, A is i ..,r' Ehilean Exchange Student Receives Q 5 Q 4 we JOE MADDOX OREON MANN ELLEN MANNING JERRY MARTIN MARTHA LOIS MAYS JOHN MEDLIN LINDA MEIER T, , .i I . PEGGY MELCHER DAVID MERONEY RICHARD MEYER KEN MILLER School Ring From Senior President Hs Giii From Graduating Elass Seniors Exhihit School Spirit, winning Pep Rally Eompotition , , , - V, f ,zo gh 5' 1 l,. lio ,,fo , REGINA MILLER ELEANOR MILNER DOUG MITCHELL KEN MITCHELL ROY MITCHELL PHYLLIS MONICA BERRIEN MOORE MARCIA MOORHEAD BERRIEN MOORE, Ray Denny, Doug Moser, and Joe Maddox por+ray cheerleaders of Roaring '20's. I-e 1 flfj I 1 I 5 JULIE MORELAND ALEC MORGAN 64 lllith Uisits From "Past HIumni" f F4 A N 1 BOBBY MORRIS DOUG MOSER SANDRA MOSEY CLAUD MURPHY BILL MYERS BOB NELSON CRAIG NELSON BOB NEWMAN CAVE MAN, Bill Van Dyke, displays a vic+ory +rophy from Hue S+one Age. ADELE NEWTON 65 Senior inspires School Uiith Devotional DONNIE LANDER reads 'Phe Scrip+ure affer Mr. Bryce, 'rhe principal, and Mrs. Brown, Hoe office secre+ary, make morning announcemenrs. 66 ,gm 4 figw. it 41 K 3 DENNIS NORTON ' , H, flinigj, k 4 ., .mo ,lmgogwgi 4 g ' ' fi'fxZf3MP1gJS2o?Www ' A . . V. , f o,,yoq5,,,,,gv.f,,,,gQ ,rr To - me F1 YV . - ' L" :Wg fH.Zi?"'N5Z5?Z:Q52iZ " Hoaifggooflfnei Q I 2 Jof:?fasf,'f5f2io5g J V A -s Wgwirw' Swifgw - 1 1 , r f ' b , . -'-on oagfosssn?-'pace - , g ?g7oi5,:g:5'ivsfg? J f fr 5 Qrwsawfo - -2255" 25555559-32225 , f . ' for? mifoiwf 'L , ' - -' - Q -. ::,:s: Wxifjo i -': :-5-E! Q ----- o - g gi lfrf ., 5 ,gig I ROBERT NORTON ' NANCY ORR SARA OSTROM PATTY PATTILLO NANCY PEDDICORD CONNIE PEEBLES JUDY PELFRY BILL PELOT ANN PENNEY I PATSY PERSHING TOMMY PHILLIPS TOM PIRKLE BILL PLUNKET BILL POOLE 67 DORADA POPE - my a s ci ' Q 1 1 A . ,f .mg The Homecoming Ilueen Hnd Eourt ANN RANDALL DIANNE RAYMO THE CORONATION climaxed fhe hah'-+ime show ai' which fhe girls were infroduced and honored. Back L fo R: Jere BOB READ RONALD REARICK . 'M I 4 'F MARY ANN RENZ JUDY RIDDICK CARL RITTER JOAN ROADCAP 68 E '1 pgppgiq RQBERTS SANDRA ROSBORG DANNY RUBENS BRENDA SAINE Uf 1959 Hdd Royal Htmosphere To ll'Heefe Game CAROL SANDBERG J ,., a A in Q M' ' 5 'ii' A 1: 4' "" :.:?ss1-a.f .- - 51: - 3?i'i2::'215 I:4f1'f'3:'-:5'f Z I ' ' X W if 5, zfwf X iaring, Dianne Langley, Jackie Kohn, Queen Mary Ru'H1 WaH'ers, Julie Moreland, :a+hy Lynch, Harrier Avaryg Front Judy Riddick, June Whiiehead, Sarah Byers. Phcfo by Marc Miller EUGENJA SANDJFER ' 5 9 ' , -. " 4 "'2f'Af'4 W W ". u , ' ,' Vwfif ..1 ye, ,, , hwy . C " -. vifii'-Wim M 9 .1-2-ii -'v- ' 'T , ' :K , WA? 35:13 if rf A ' 2 - " , : 41 f ,f A 1 - --v. , -mm.:-:, V 5 X 3 0. PETE SCHULTZ LINDA SCHUMACHER JEFF SEWELL CAROL SHE'-DON 69 ' A , 455 if A i , , members UI The Senior Cabinet Decorate The new Gym ELAINE SHIFLETT SHELDON SIMMS NANCY SKIPPER RICHARD SMALL r I I SANDRA SMALLWOOD BARBARA SMITH MORELAND SMITH HENRY SOSSAMAN I 2' Q: E. 54 ef I vi LINDA SOUTHERLAND SANDY SPAULDING JACK SPIVEY KURT STEINMANN 70 or "Halloween Hop" D'ORSAY STOVER FRANK STOW T M ,. 0, W,X,,,, , 523223152 1, ,- ,. , 4. www ,f 5 Y Z' fi QNX :Eg1Ef.:.i:,IfZEiII5."i:5"Zi.".v.:If'i'2E.- .- I,' ' 'iv 1 A ,, I 1 TED STUBBLEFIELD W Jih'P5Tf' W V rm fmbg J T , . L gif iii? ,M paw .- Nw Wai fy '?Q',iwJFffi' f ,J miggffaigfigiz. 2- 2, , X 'gp 5,3 fn.:.'4f2:f:ff'- 'W' xr, 'iQ 6 Er , iii ,irq M-Egg?-w'SS ROBERT SUDDATH fr, if NEAL HOLLINGSWORTH and Judy Hughes s+eady 'Phe ladder as Miriam Frye prepares 'For fhe big dance. BOB STURGEON A r W' 5 7 3 i ii - X - ' ii sri 1' -VA,.-- es, 3 Egfr Q i ii f KAY SWANSQN MONROE SWILLEY FRANK TAYLOR 71 CHARLES THOMAS DICK THOMPSON PARKS TILLY A Enthusiasm, Spirit, Ilind Excitement Prevail I 'ii I SPIRIT WAS at i+s height' during our successful football season. Here JACKIE TINSLEY JOHN TRUSLOW DAVID TURNER JIMMY VALENTINE 72 g . ,Y 5 We M. . 'W W BILL VAN DYKE ESTHER VARNER CAROLINE WADE In Senior Section Ht Pep Rally JUDY WAGNER you see a sechon of sensors cheering for fhe +eam if 3? i VV V' V-- eQ,e 'V ' ' A . A 7 MARY RUTH WALTERS CARL WEIBEL 73 RITA WALKER JAKEY WEICH EL CHARLES GENDEL presen+s I959 HI-WAYS +o school leaders, Editor Ui Hnnual Breaks Suspense -Sin 's I 2 I ' -f-..,.. ' I M . - ...:v, T :.. - I S I 4 " S A 1, Y A .,::.. .j ROSEMARY WERTH BOB WEST Tom Carloclc and Robbie Logan, as Miss Moodie, flue facuI+y sponsor, looks on. ELIZABETH WHITE MARIAN WHITE SANDRA WHITE JU NE WHITEHEAD SARA WHITEHURST MARIE WIDEMAN 74 tUith Presentation Ut 1959 Hi-Ulays Ht Final Tea ELINOR WILCOX BUDDY wn.KERsoN BENNY wn.uAMs PAM WH-'-'AMS FAUSTINE WILSON WOODY WOODALL RENEE WILLENBUCHER ROGER WILLIAMS ANN WILLIAMS SALLY WILLIAMS JACK WRIGHT DAVID JOHNSON Sorry, this page is unavailable. Turn to the next one and you'll find more memories Sorry, This page is unavailable Sorry, This page is unavailable Sorry, this page is unavailable. Turn to the next one and you'II find more memories ima ilzarn Superlatiues That which is never crowded is the top-in ac- tivities of school, sports, home life, business, gov- ernment, and religion. The 'lbestll in these areas of life is that Upearl of great pricel' for which the few who attain it give their best. This is the mark of excellence. To be considered excellent is both a merited recognition and a challenge, for no one who has ever experienced true excel- lence is ever satisfied to slip back to the good or the better. For this reason excellence is learned as much as any other quality of character. GEORGE GREAVES ELECTED SUPERLATIVE Although these seniors have been cited for su- periority in one Held, the wide range of their abilities make them the most representative members of our senior class. One who not only earned the right but also was chosen to be among these twenty outstanding students is George Greaves. Because he was selected to move on directly into advanced college work and could not be present, he is not pictured. THE CROWN AND THE SCEPTRE SYMBOLIZE EXCELLENCE The crown and the sceptre symbolize excel- lenceg they call to mind the concept of leader- ship. Also, it is only right that these students should be pictured against lovely surroundings. With this colonial home and sweeping lawn, the essence of the Southern tradition as a theme and a backdrop, we proudly present l959's most rep- resentative seniors. wffiu ,. , Q.. ,gxgp L' 9- . R, SX Hi!!! ff 1" R 7 5 T 4- ' - e T i Q? A T .. 'Q-5.315551 Qi , Y Y-f'-mem '1'f', X .Q 51:9-I-' - MARY RUTH WALTERS JIMMY VALENTINE Bestmnrnund Seniors Ehoose Prominent Fellow Elassmates For Enthusiastic Loyalty Find Service must Popular SARAH BYERS BILL DUKES Iiiust Hthletie WOODY WOODALL Representative Ut The Spirit Ui Iierth Fulton .6 3. X x P aye- Q X L V tu X .4 Q , xt . 1, xw X" " 8 X , A 'I l 1 4 3' t " K I I Q. D4 2 at ,,, dy . li E I vw' V, N- s "'n1 Q3 ' gf Hairy I X35 A-xy X 7 fi w at .f I , ' lr' X I ' , x 0 , . 72.1 KW Q X- f' 'fi-P?iK.. Q f'.,..ff , , 1' " -K fps.. f QQ: f -7 -' 4' - U. - N 'M 1 4 D , x x ,',., "J Q 'X ' 'wi VX awni- J gift? R. ,y f M'l'F4'A 4f4'.-v-N,.',L,f1n A ' , . ,A xx. i Z Y r K f :xy E ' a vt S W. DX 1 ' ,A ' 1- 'A ' i if 'I 3-3-Qi' v X' K 3' u' Af K1 A if W 1 . ' ' qs Nz A iff if I " X ,, f 4 1 ar 'WW if X ., 1, 1 ' ,I Q ,' I ff, , 14 Ur 4-4 xW """"'F" , 'x1 x ?, if QW if yu, wmv. ',f,1,:'mu ff, f' ,- ,, , - ,B Q 'iff .ffgsfvl -. Q-Jim' . 5 , l fy at JM: N 'W Aipjil. f 'Q ' ' 'Ax ,155 1' , .:' n if 1, Q ,, WIP . i ,str vwsxfgg 1 ta. sm mn' if 4, wi , MQFVF ,fi iv' A V . H .ff 'W w a- gxvwvm .ann '42 'xg 'Q " '- M . 4, Y, M 4' w ' Q G, Q M -' Q , . W ' M' 1 A A R 1 , qw 7' X 1 fi 1 4 W'-maxim , L .QAWW Q X " A E 'I .K xx, K mm ,- 'Qs V7 4, X.f4y'Q'4 My ff 3' '. ':L 'W 2 , -. Al" f -1 , ss., My ,H W' 5' 'A-wi ' , 4 ' . 4 , , , j . Q- My K if 15 ,M . '. 1 mfg , 1 iffy, qi -Hx' s. 3 f 4 if A m, , My W Z v wifi . f 9 Ly-g , J' Ka .- I . yi 'Q' .Q f., . ,fu F 1 '4f'f2-WW' W NIM. , , gl ,, W 5 1 ig gp 1 . I 4 xg 5 ,.,. 1' 1 , 'N 1. .1 .4 QQ, ...MM if f ,Y V pig. ,3 L if .G Q ,Q fl j if if N A b M q. M, an , 'Eg A , , avi. , ff- "W if "1 "ff-5? W Lv 'A , vr. M x 5,134 X ! 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X 'M X-4 L , wi Q4 'J ,L 55-Q X, f L s 5: F , k , , X 0, -,fly fha v .V 7. 4 Mike 3 u k.h Q. A K v Kg V rvtg. . A hx Qxwxymg 2 x M x 1 1, A, W' Jgklx , I . . .lt -Av ,I H 6 . vf. X l .A Q 4 f, bfi , A ' ' 'f 2' '.VT 4 K V .K A 1. f ., f x x f , . f uf- '14 ,,-5 , , ' ,Af Qi' fiffff L1,, ,.,ffw ,H , Q I. ,, 7-,qgfzfwxfji-iif gqqqiwwfm wf ':,,.,,A . , gg. f wfyfj' :,,?'?"' 'f -511: ff" my '55, " ' -W-'5"" ' 'f , xiii, g5f?H'M f.'w V f',,ff'7EK' ' 4, - A .5 ' wif ,Q X,-1" FJMQHKF w i 1 "Y A W " N f 1 V A' Y lr Fixx' my 4,-A f ikfggf -f K ,fix ,. ? H ,Q , A A , ,gig rfutf . ' 8 , A Y., i" 4 'mix -v 14 S W X Q ir 5 .15 AT 'N-M Lf, ,W 4' Lf. NWA' J, . f. ff,-ff f,.,W wi, xg: Q r . 50 N.. in ., RQ I I , make The Decisions Hnd Plan The Hetiuities Nia most Talented CAROLINE WADE CRAIG NELSON Sv F .aem fi . T' T? TT T T most Euurtenus MARTHA BORLAND BILL PLUNKET Their Outstanding Hhilitu Hnd Eourteous Hpprnach Z7 Univ? U harm, W 3 wf xx if 1 4 1z.' ,A Qxfgki 4 ' , 'sfxfg manga, .vrM?,5f.5?'1' av-gf? Y ". 54. 3 1 if 9 grew lg, :dk f ,- U +1 -Q1 , av ' M '5- 1 , ,wr fu, W ,K K Afft X af 'ff n 3 z A x fa 'walllfuw www al, fa s kxkfg U , 1 w , K 5 , -kd, 4 ,J 1. Q B 1 7 4'l..1gl'Z':fx.M JP W.: gg Y .1 .E I: . V , V , v at W ivf an 5 ww 2 Q1 ' -. .f A -oV:w Q f ,, , 1 V-, awk Fafn, 36.4 E Armin Q.. y 5 1 ' I ., Kp' XA -- . M. Spb- , 'as uf Q . , ,.."' 1 P 1 1. 'ff I - -7 f ,vm "4 QW :SFT-f fm 4 QA .qi ,, F 'ug uaigfw tis. . J, mv 'W .W M. 4 4' Ai? 1 r 9 " lf' , A , x + 1,1 ,s 54 in h x Vx h. H1 j,'V'mi ,Q 7, is 4 i ,At ' A f 4 gf Hg ' ' W XYAQ aft .J + ,152 will 'sfiqf' 4 . 5 f, ,saw 13 ,, Q.252,,,, 5 , x -0' ,. 1' .K 1, rl, 4, ' 1 . Mg! 'L+' M, Wy" ,I , ,ML F 'Y " , ' 'A 1"w H H V ' U "T, ' 'Z Tk xg, N K ,f Ag-if-W" fi":'5,,, '7'2? W? 5 A wx -fl gs, 2 vx ,Q an .Q W s Q V tx.-31, ,U I 51 . .rg 1. S 3- ,hnuy ,J .H f,L. 4, . 1, ,, , ,. - v N.. u i Um,-L4 5 t X ' ,' ,- Q . A . H 'E' F' 'P " 4 U-ll 'Q' ' M' Q A xx Q' s' ' A ' ' A W:-V8 Q - H2 " ' V, ' . D- . -f af, , I T 1 ' 5 Q! A ab I lhk-:hug E A . ll QQ K, ,Elf 1 N.: hw Q H 5- Axk ,gi .X ,V L4 M'-X JW- . ,. I ,, ,' ' O . ' . 'Q' T I. Q -. V ' , 'fi V" , A '59 P --1 ' . W f 0 jf ' ,vw 'kby - ' - , .?:5Q- 1 A 1 5, Q1 'eggww wt' ch ff ,E .WI I . N . F- Md vs.: - ., .,, ' A 1 Va. f 1:?,.fN.,,'Z, , . A ,4 . '31,-2. , ,..M ,V ,- - H., V ff.-,Q M,-s . x w' 2. , 'IN ' at ,L 'lf , A 'Q ,l 'I wiwq,-QM ,gf j. . K 4 , ' I .- - f 'f"Y'i" , :L ' a " - x -4, 5' 2 -'H ' ff' W "'f'Kx.,f.a we ' 1 diy 'YQ ki' '."' f , nf. ff- - . "w .. my fb-'V " 1 ' "3 , -A it 5 " Q A-2. wh:'t."'Q-'Q-5"'zy f v -dak , 3 ffyk, 1.5 - 1 fu, ,X , 'fy . ' 1 u" XJ' ' ,-b""f lc. ,i ' ' Q, X . V 55, .J -.5 '12 YM,-0 x A . I , Z M .KA K , Q .s r. N Wy- , 1, Lg - As iv :kk ,qxgrsf Q N, , . Q A M ,, A 35:5 'I 19 L Q ' 4 x1.',.', . 6 VV fi-EI ' H 1 R. -sz- Y, Y 3' Q , AL .,w.,. "ia-P 4' fe.. fm m 4 f S .. ,,,. ..., . M4 'WWW-N, , Aff Q , fy . A , if f 4k ..! 27. M" ' A A' Jqif' 5' hi: , mmf, g Q 4: :,jQ:57j9 72 Ki ,xy 'N .- 'H'3f?:" w'h'm'B' .dm M 4 f +mM w...f . . sr K , Y W A - ' it 4 Z A7w'x-Mew? 1 .X , 2 Y Q V my ' M , Q' .Q H gi I' 7 JW V " 5' L L . , ff. ,o M as ,Q F, gf? '4 '1'Q'e,,2bvz, ' ,W , Yaftwff A , .P ' iidh ,iw M Me.3..WS f MQ f ' Z wmamnwM.,..,.,W.,ww,,. .,,HmWmww1mwMvMf' " WWW" KIM 'K , , I f' - "'h ' WW" ' Q N E. Y -am' 'Y f ff If' f"'2aim5M1 Mmfvf' 'W -MA H 'ESG ,,w,.,-N .nmmy-:QM MfE':s:2.'.1z2 5 W H ' rQ,.my,Mgmszvvfwf-w s 42w'?Emp.Ef"""N n .V 1 ---' ..,.,.. f V WJ :V ' fi U af Mm: 6f3'55'55" E 'wfiiiwiimmg . A 'II H 55555525-':.?iE' .W-v:4:::.-: .-.. 5 f mmm, ff NP Ag 'f" MH ,,56QUj,,,fff',Qf'55zvfvgQ , A A 2 m -ii::Lgj5NM-Y ----- 1 ,-' A -1... . Qggwffwf-wwsww "MW" N NMMA ,,,m.,,. f Q is fr 732 23. 155 'fi' 1 '25 E - 3 , M .I x . iv 112 2 mf ,425 J in im? . X, , ,V S 0 2 ix is 2 fs.. 5 , . E w 53 - A .,:: 5 -ff -'swf 91 A 'E x Lv" ff'2'S JIM W-up 9 EQ ..--.... W Wl 1-"gf ,gg X ' M..-mai" Hthletics To learn good sportsmanship, to get along with others, and to develop strong minds and bodies -these are the purposes of the North Fulton athletic program, and these qualities must be learned. OPPORTUNITY TO COMPETE WITH OTHERS OF SAME ABILITY Good records and high standings are only a small part of the objective of the athletic de- partment. Competition and contact with others who share the same interests and ambitions give the participant a chance to apply the theories and ideas that he has learned in the classroom. The physical education program gives the aver- age student the opportunity to compete with others of the same ability and to learn new skills. The symbol of these skills, as shown in the de- sign below, are as varied as the sports, and both give a clear picture of the many different phases of the athletic program. Sports are a common point around which school spirit can be cen- teredg they unite the student body in a common cause. The picture to the left shows one of the many phases of participation in the NF athletic department. SIGNS OF PROGRESS EVIDENT This learning process continues to grow, ex- pand, and improve. The signs of progress are evident: the city trophy for the best overall record in all sports for the school year 1957- 585 the Milk Bowl trophy in football, advance- ment in new sportsg second in the Metropolitan Wrestling Tournament, baseball and track teams with championship potential. On the following pages is a concise picture of athletics at North Fulton-a picture of activi- ties during a year that we will all cherish and remember-the Senior year of the Class of '59. . ff,,i,?4i ifg -my an ' ,4 K ,f , 7., Y if , .ggwv-3 A sg, ye ,f ' 2 if 'rf fz L' yy fl 51" 7. fum i L '15, V ' 4 cl ,aww ,frm ' f -5 3 i . 7 i' 3 ' wa ' as , " TQ b 4: H am at A, , w':7'V" Q 1 ali- fl , Q' 12:3 y 1 ,, f' , N435 , M ' 4 "7"f-ns i4!'425 J sigw giff w.,,..W..---.......,,,,-., "tg, , '+- .ff S. 1 , ' xii' f mf 'i-Qs? Y-ff 2, - ,vt ff ' if , . f .. 2'-'tritiffiwtfiit' 'Mai -- .,,,w ,N P sis,-,sigh . 1 - zigcw. ., .5 -- - . s " . Kiwi -1 Fl!! ,rap QQ 1" "'Uff'04- , 'fifan -0-SH :WHA f'-'NVQ , W JIM LOFTON-Va,-my Foowall, End CEALVIN HARTNESS-Varsity Football: FRED FU55El-l--C Team Fvollb-Ill: Var- Coachg CTeam Bagkgfballi Va,-Sify Track. Line Coach: B Team Basketball: Varsity Sify Basketball: Cross Coun+ry: B 8: C Baseball. Team Track. FRANK JERNIGAN-Athletic Director: Head Football Coach: Wresflingq Swimming: B Team Baseballg Golf. Eoaches Hnd Plauers Euntrihute A big factor in North Fulton's superior athletic teams is its coaching staff. Under the capable leadership of Athletic Director Frank Jernigan the athletic program is two-fold. In all sports the coaches continuously develop good charac- ter and produce Winning teams. Some of the teams rank with the top in the state, While others do not fare quite so Well. Regardless of their standing, the North Fulton athletes always show the excellent principles of sportsmanship and good conduct which coaches and fans so highly regard. The North Fulton coaching staff is truly the backbone of our athletic success. Y . J ff Q ' Aj MRS. MARTHA LIVINGSTON-Cl1eeb MRS. MILDRED HASTY-Physical Edu- leader, Peppereile, and Bouncing Bulldog cation. Advisor: Physical Education. CHARLES MAUPIN-B Team Fooiballg Girl's Basketballg Tennis. BILL VAN DYKE- Guard: Atlanta Jour- nal and Constitution All-City First Team: Atlanta Journal and Constitution AAA All-State First Team: AP All-State First Team: Trophy tor Best Interior Lineman: Grant-in-Aid to Auburn. To Hthletic Success Every team has its stars. North Ful- ton has been fortunate this year to have had these six boys stand out above the rest by being selected to various all-city and all-state teams. Their outstanding play reflected the spirit and teamwork of the entire squad. Led by Captain Bill Dukes and Co- captain Woody Woodall, the team morale seldom failed to pull the Bulldogs through, even when the going was rough. BILL PLUNKET - Fullbaclr: Atlanta Quarterback Club Scholastic Trophy: Honorable Mention Atlainta Journal 8: Constitution All-City: Honorable Mention Atlanta Journal Xt Constitution All-Star. BILL DUKES-Guard fon Iettl: Captain ot City Championship team and WOODY WOODALL-Quarterback lon rightl: Atlanta Journal 8: Constitution All-City First Team: Atlanta Journal 81 Constitution All-State First Team: AP All-Southern-Honorable Mention: Teen Magazine All-American Team-Honorable Mention: Trophy 'For Most Valuable Player: Grant-in-Aid to Auburn. MATT WELCH - Tackle: Atlanta Journal In Constitution All-City First Team. A , : I K 'omg . ,NL K , 3 . W me is ' C 1 . DAVID HOGG-End: Atlanta Journal 8: Constitution All-City First Team: At- lanta Journal 8: Constitution All-State First Team: Trophy for Most Improved Player: Grant-in-Aid to Auburn. 95 3 I v l958-I959 ATLANTA FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS: Firsl Row, Lefi 'Io Righf: Larry Archbold, Bill PeIo+, Bill Van Dyke, George Hynds, Wade SI. John, Mail' Welch David Hogg. Second Row: Kur+ Sieinmann, Bill Caven, Parks Tilly, Speedy King, Jeff Sewell, Cleve Farabee, Linwood Swain, Jimmy Bagley. Third Row: Rin Ausfin Woody Woodall, Bill Plunkei, David Truby, Tom Binford, Bill Byers, Chip Moore, Jimmy Sudderrh. Fourrh Row: Jim Phillips, Bill Dukes, Jimmy Valeniine, Sonn' Phel s Roberi Jones, Arlhur Moorhead John Commander, Fred Flefcher. Fif+h Row: Craig Nelson, Berrien Moore, Charles Boyd, Joe Maddox, Sandy Blair, Bil P . . Fleicher. Sixfh Row: Managers Burnefr Hull, Jimmy Seaion, Kirk Douglas. north Fulton lllins Eitu Crown Hnd Enjuus Best Season In I ' 1-c,,,+f as .. .V , . .N , ALJ - A' I " "alg- Y, .. A yr--wg 4: 'va 71w,f X, - W "' .sv 1 Q fx, T' Y 4- fk:f.,2p1,,QI'a af 1, , , 1 in ' -M fr, - "1'37r'f' , ", 'M ICN M, , 4-I N " 4 2 ' ."r ' M' 1f""2f i' ,I -Y 7, f lj I-ml .Z-,,:,,b,,,d,,0'1..iuv1s'LA"'w, 'Exe .1 Q M x va 4. .Uv f" 4 L , X ,. My ,, I ,, 4 ,, H' 1 fy: K :M V14 . WJ 1.351 "Q-LM-fii. ,Q + fy ' I w- U, S A if "V , Q. I .. ,A s I , . . . , 9 if r -Us f R M f 'F N FIRST STRING INTERIOR LINEMEN: Lefi fo Righr are Mail Welch, Bill Dukes, Jimmy Valen- fine, Bill Van Dyke, and Kurr S1-einmann. 41 l3R'1i,5IQ, e N" 'J SECOND STRING: Lefi' io righf are Sonny Phelps, Roberl' Jones, David John- son, George Hynds, Jim Phillips, Speedy King, Joe Maddox, Sandy Blair, Wade S+. John, Charles Boyd, and Cam Crockelf. BACKFIELD: Le'f+ io righf are David Truby, Bill Plun- kef, Cam Croclxe'H' and Woody Woodall. ENDS: Lefi 'ro righ+ are David Hogg, Bill Pelo+, and Jimmy Bagley. DEFENSIVE CAPTAIN Jimmy Valentine discusses I'he Bulldogs' plan for slopping a Bass drive while Bill Pelor shows his disgust al' being ejecfed from +he game. SOPHOMORE HB David Truby's break-away ability is shown in a brilliant dash-off tackle for II yards. Young stars like +his insure winning football at NF for seasons 'lo come. 98 Bulldogs Finish I North Fultonls opening season loss to Northside was not indicative of things to come. They bounced back with seven consecutive wins before a Hvictorious' tie with Gra- dy put a slight blemish on their string of victories. In the follow- ' ing two weeks they won the sub- region and city crowns and were on their way to the state champion- ship until a heartbreaking night at Decatur. I NORTHSIDE GAME IS A DISAPPOINTMENT North Fulton was no match for Northside's Matt Howard, who led his teammates to a 19-6 victory on September Sth. During the first half the Bulldog line matched Northside's potent offense, but Howardls TD romps broke North Fultonls back. A victory over Southwest the following week put the Bulldogs on their way to a successful season. On September 27, North Fulton proved themselves to be of championship calib by whipping a tough Sylvan team, 19-12. Stan out efforts by halfback Craig Nelson, halfbar David Truby, and end Bill Pelot highlight: this decisive win. FIVE WEEKS OF VICTORY CARRY NF INTO SEASON'S CLIMAX The now confident Bulldogs started their su region play by rolling over Fulton 39-U and su duing a stubborn crew of Smith High Smitin 27-13. The contest with the Redbirds was hig lighted by an 86 yard punt return by Cra Nelson, who scored twice to increase his positii to second among 3-AAA leaders. The followii week's victory over Smith was one of the mc costly of the season, for it was there that t services of Nelson were lost indefinitely due tc knee injury. Had it not been for North Fultoi Regular Season Plao Ulith 8-1-1 Record, Fourth In State WITH lO:35 left in the fourth quarter, Quarterback Woody Woodall bootlegs around his own right end for Il yards in the Fulton game. ruperior depth, this could have changed the final 'ecord considerably. Quarterback Wloody VVoodall was responsible for tll l4 points in a shutout victory over Roosevelt. jam Crockett and David Hogg were on the receiv- ng end of VVoodall's TD passes, and VVoody con- rerted both extra points. Bill Van Dyke's alert pass nterception late in the second quarter stopped a coring threat and preserved the Bulldog's shutout. ULLDOGS WHALLOP O'KEEFE IN HOMECOMING GAME llhe Bulldogs, after an erratic first half, came SENIOR END DAVID H066 displays the pass-catching ability that made him one ot the most dangerous receivers in the city. This scoring catch was a Icey play in the victory over Smith. back in the final stanza to whallop the lrish, 34-0, and to make this homecoming more than a Uqueen- crowning party." Now rated as one of the top teams in the city, the Red and Black handed a tough Bass High team a muddy l3-0 defeat. A bad punt by Bass gave North Fulton the ball and their first break on the 47 yd. line. The following drive, led by Cam Crockett, and featuring lineman Bill Dukes and Matt VVelch, ended with an 8 yd. scoring pass to Crockett. Woodall converted and later scored the other touch- down. GUARD BILL VAN DYKE ge'l's sei 'lo lower 'rhe boom on Grady's Bobby Dodd, .lr. Van Dylce's alerl play helped fo hold Grady +o one TD. NORTH FULTON AND C-BRADY FIGHT TO 7-7 STALEMATE An 86 yard run by Grady's Alex Povilaties in the second quarter appeared to have been enough to clinch a victory for the Grey Knights, but they did not allow for a courage- ous Bulldog defense. Late in the fourth quarter, North Fulton started a drive that ended short of a first down on the 8. Two plays later, a bad snap from center forced Bobby Dodd to fall on the ball at the l4. Again they tried to kick, but Sonny Phelps stormed in and blocked the boot, giving the Bulldogs possession on the 5 yard line. Fullback Charles Boyd smashed it across, and Woody Woodallls extra point put them in first place in the sub-region. murphu Uictoru Opens Gatewau To Suh-Region Hnd Eitu Ehampionships All of the hard work and well-spent time was riding on one game-ethe Bulldog's last game of the regular season. The winner of the encounter with Nlurphy would meet Brown in the Nlilk Bowl game. The first half was scoreless until, late in the second quarter, the lfagles brought the ball back into Bulldog territory and scored on a fine pass play, giving them a 6-0 lead. The Bulldogs bounced back with a quick score by Charles Boyd and held a one point lead until the upset-minded Eagles scored again late in the fourth quarter. North Ful- ton City Championship hopes were becom- ing dimmer and dimmer as the remaining time dwindled away. With three minutes left Wloodall tossed a ten-yard pass to Hogg in the end zone for a score and the sub- region crown. VVoodall's second extra point clinched the wing his kicking was the dif- ference between a tie and a victory. MANAGER JIMMY SEATON is 'lense in a crucial momenl' as the Bulldogs stop a near scoring 'lhreaf in the Murphy game. FOOTBALL SWEETHEART Robbie Logan receives a bouquel' of roses and a kiss from Caplain Bill Dukes during half lime ceremonies of +l1e Fulton game. 100 CAPTAIN Bill Dukes leads his +eam onro fhe field, prior 'I'o 'the Bulldogs' grea+ comeback in +he Grady game. C-TEAM FOOTBALL-Firsl' Row: Handcock, Rankin, Eaves, JeH, Bass, Brown Jones lCo-Caplainl, SchuHe, Hulchinson. Second Row: Heber, Barker, Green- field lCo-Capiainl, Renshaw, Lennox, Harris, Landis, Daily. Third Row: Adams, Wiggins, Smiih, Dounis, Gordon, Kinny, Shields, Purser, Williams. Fourrh Row: Smi+h, Quinnelly, Fambrough, Turner, Davenport CAM QROCKETQ CROCKETT bursfs +hrough 'l'he O'Keefe line for a gain of 9 yards. , ' Q , "ii 1 ,Q WW? ef: ,V V .,, A, x , 1 fl. L E p.:lW.a.7H-M-M 'lex L . f l , R Q , S my r . -K Q, A . 1 , Kr I' 1 , B-TEAM FOOTBALL-Firsf Row: Lindquisf, Sfubblefield, D. Johnson, Brannon, Bridges, Borman, Seeiay lCapfainl, Fu+relle, Edwards, Miles, Harringion, Van Dyke, Whaley. Second Row: Wimberly, Smifh, Boolh, Blevins, Durham, Driggs, Rufherford, Timmons, Dozier, Highiower, Mogk, Davis, Sferling. Third Row: Sfone, Condrey, McCullough, McGee, EvereH, Murphey, Bufler, Respess, Mc- Clure, Barnes, Greenfield, Goodfellow. Four+l1 Row: Coach Maupin, Bowdish, Fowler, Russ, Nickols, Gavani, Fulghum, Puckeff, Plunke+, Benfley. 101 l . '10, ,M w Hfil is mga, if 5 f is 9 bww' 9' . ,. 4 MMV ,WW4 fm, Q dw S ,. var' E Q 'RWD' H gy' Q A 6'4" 'Ee' ,,:,. SF" 36 1 Vg' ggi an r 3 X if 9 Q 1: if H Jr bc .y .F 1 Q X ag Q x x 2' A- J Sf ', ' , A ar' f N, ' I gf . ff" 'P W x :M wk , . :W 'H 'M""""1"""'2: y , xi A if 4 A 7 '51 F.. .gigui iii 58 5.35 .F ?9P"": K. af 1 I 3-Q4 Eff "' 1 ff bw , z mimi 'f-51 vu W .inf 4 J N05 fafw , 4 R A , l J . E 759 1 0 M A, . ,. " '. ,wr ,A 5' 9 L, W A 5 ? ,JM -J' I 1? f nz 'Y .Z Wye. svn. ff .F- Y. g,,L,:.,f I 1 Wi i l If-fl-f r 1-M 'iw , -v.: ,. xi 9 W f as 1 QQ 2 Q' M ur, K 'a f 2 X 1 if -1' 41 fu? O In 'P yers. I . V65 1 4 ..,:,.. 5 5 f VARSITY BOYS: Back, L +o R: James MynaH, Wade S+. John, Johnny Strange, Bruce Benne++, Frank Loomis, Larry Gould, Hutch Johnson, Ken McCullough, John MynaH', Woody Woodall. Front, L +o R: Tom Carlock, Carl RiH'er. Jisappointing Season molds Ilext Vear's Team Into Basketball Powerhouse North Fulton's Eastern Division basketball title defenders, plagued by bad luck and inconsistency, experienced a disappointing season after their bril- liant Z3-3 record last year. Having 'Jhotl' and Hcoldw nights throughout much of the season, the Bulldogs just could not get rolling and finished the season with an average lZ-ll record. Three-year regular Tommy Carlock teamed up with Junior John Mynatt, to provide one of the best pair of guards in the city. Nlynatt, the best shot on the team, and Carlock, the best ball-handler, fre- quently pulled the team out of tight-spots by their clutch play. Center, Frank Loomis, only a Junior, proved to be the best rebounder on the Bulldog quintet, and his height and ability should make him one of the city's best centers next year. Forward Hutch Johnson, a Junior with tremen- dous potential, could develop into one of North Fulton's greatest players and have a big season in l96O. The other forward was manned by Senior Carl Ritter, Who, as one of the top scorers in the city, did much to contribute to the Bulldog scoring punch with his team play. The Bulldog's record this year was deceiving. Harrassed by many close games and the victim of 5 overtimes, 2 of which were sudden death, they had enough bad breaks for two seasons. Many times they played a fine brand of basketball and with the loss of only two to graduation, should have a good season next year. if 2539 33 wk Q- 25 23? A ,M A I 553 ,F X Q AIEZZZ Q iizg f v KQN- Yum. 3. L A 'F'- Q fm Q B .lag , 5 ' -1--.., A fqgiwi i W, ,gg , CEL LQ gi .2 X, fi WN as ff? if L ' 3 E A -.-' F? if J h C d r Johnn Slrange, Kurt Sieinmann, Jerry TRACK TEAM, Left fo Right: Jimmie Rabenhorsl, Charles Boyd, Ronald Hopkins, Sandy Blair, o n omman e, y Durham, Bernie Jaclrwalt, Mall Welch, Jody Dobbs. Forecast For '59: City Ehampinnship H NORTH FULTON HIGH SCHOOL TRACK RECORD H Event l"artiri,l11n1I Yffm' Time or Distann' ,mug may wcminc, Mmpmy The loss of such stars as Chuck Johnston, Raileniwi-sr, yoimswn 'ma 3129.7 Thom Garden and Greg Murphy from last s 1 T T no' y - - T,f,ZQ,fgf,,nP f,gQQ'fe,, Qlrgyz year s track team will leave a gap in the 1959 liiicus I iii-ifnn '52 Et!! team that will be hard to fill. Two transfers if Y. t 'ss 'ns 1 - - - ,S5hlkfS,,,I, Nfgfin 4, 6,M,,4 Sandy Blair, a hurdler, and Bill Little, a 440 ,Iavclin lsrooiue 148 165' man, should help some, and a vast improve- 880 relay 4, ,:,,34,, ment inqquarter miler jimnyy Valenlsnle shlpuld carryt eteama ongway. immie a en orst in the half mile, Bill Van Dyke in the discus LAST, YEA? Sh CWY f.l'imP'0n yn ,the 330 Yang Y'-LM and Matt Welch in the shot put and javelin g2Q','l?mRa en om' 'C S Cul 0 l e curve al ra Y should be consistant point getters. If several ' UB" teamers progress enough to reach their potential, North Fulton should gain its second City title in a row. SHOT PUTTER Ma'H Welch showed oufsfanding ability as one of The Top men in The Ci+y League T I 110 compe+i+ion in l959. i, L T , .ifeg 'RACK TEAM, Lefl lo Righl: Bill Myers, David HO99. Jimmy Valenline, David Johnson, Cam Croclcell, Jack Burch, Counlry VanDyl:e, John McClellan, Kurl' .indquis+, Bill Lilfle. ' NORTH FULTON HIGH SCHOOL TRACK RECORD l Event Parlicipant Year Time or Dismnre 120 yd. high hurdles Calhoun '54 15.0 440 yd. relay Carden, Johnston, Dobbs, Valentine '58 44.8 l00 yd. clash Echo-ls, Fowles '49-'43 10.0 1 mile run Mann '58 4:44.G 440 yd. dash Renlz '43 51,5 180 yd. low hurles Calhoun 154 20.0 220 yd. dash Johnston '54 22.7 880 yd. run Rahenhorst '58 2:0116 THE KEY FIGURE in fhe Bulldogs' hopes for lhe sl'a+e championship in lrack is lhird year ace, Jimmy Valenline. ,WN 4 -Q BOTTOM, 440 relay learn, Lefl fo Righl: Jody Dobbs, Jimmy l Valenline, Sandy Blair and Charles Boyd. TOP, mile relay feam, Lefl 'ro Right Bill Liffle, John Commander, Johnny Slrange and Jerry Durham. H1 EBM! ?""'1'w NWT if iillfifw .-.........,,.., E . nf in This year the North Fulton baseball team will profit from the mistakes made last year by a squad that was composed mainly of juniors and Sophomores with only one Hrst string Senior. This year the team Will have experience and depth. These factors will definitely make the club a strong contender. JERRY MARTIN, slugging oullielder lor llie Bulldogs, is one ol lhe besl hillers in lhe cily and could make a big difference in lhe linal sland- mg. TWO KEY figures in Norlh Fullon's hopes lor a cily lille are Seniors Craig Nelson and Woody Woodall. Ilonh Fulton hine Fights Ulay Through Tough Eastern Diuision Schedule SECOND BASEMAN Tom Carlock lLl lags runner Davis Truby as he allempls lo sleal second. Sammy Milche has iusl relayed lhe ball lo Carloclt. 112 mens! ff 22" 5 2. 'li was X H' FIRST ROW, Leff io Righfs Rin Ausiin, Craig Nelson, Ray Denny, Tom Carloclr, Hufch Johnson. SECOND ROW: Jim PI'1iIIips, Burneffe Hull, Sam Mifcheil, Jon Kilgore, Doug MifcheII. THIRD ROW: C h H f S h I ' ' ' oac ar ness, onny P e ps, Wade Sf. John, Jerry Marhn, Woody WoodaII, Jimmy Sudderfh, David Truby, Manager Kirk Douglas. ill Diamond Squad Bases Strong Title Hopes Un Depth I-Ind Experience BULLDOG PITCHING STAFF is shown here warming up DOUG MITCHELL, fiery backsfop for I'he Red and before a pracfice session. L. fo R. are Wade S+. John, BIacIc nine, is one of I'he chief reasons for Norih FuI'ron's Hufch Johnson, and Jim Phillips. +i+Ie hopes. 113 ,W JA ,.Jf ' y '1Yq H145 Www swvffa, 4' --de 5 F' if SX' MQ' J' 9, J' ' if"""i7'Su.s.qf' ,' 'W , fie- WRESTLING TEAM: FIRST ROW, Leif lo Right: Gavanl, Gouse, Fournace, Johnson, Binlrerf, Kiipalrick, Mitchell, Farabee, Whaley.. SECOND ROW: Truby CuII , Gai d Po I Bisho PIunIre ' ' om ran , oe, p, I, Harrington, Boyd, Dyas, Philips, Newman, TiIIy, Coach Jernigan. Aushn, McCIeIIan. THIRD ROW: Manager DeJarneHe, Sfoner, Goodfellow, Greenfield, Wimberlyi north Fulton matmen Take Second In Greater Htlanta Teurneu Since its inauguration two years ago, North Ful- 3n's Wrestling program has developed and ex- ianded to assume a well-earned place in the Bull- ogls athletic campaigns. Under the able leadership f Coach Frank Jernigan, the Bulldog grapplers ave placed in the first three in the state for 2 years running, and have risen to the top among the city's wrestling powers. This year, led by captains Bill Plunket and Ed Cullom, the Red and Black mate- men showed no signs of faltering and enjoyed an- other successful season. 5RADY'S John Coonsiey Iisiens as CAPTAIN Ed CuIIom maneuvers NORTH FULTON'S CharIes Boyd and Grady's he referee reprimands him for for a pin in his march wi+h GracIy's Ben Franklin appear io be boxing in +heir mai-ch :sing an iIIegaI hoId in his march Paul Rere. vi+h Darrell Dyas. QB Mn 4 15434 1 'Q?5if 3 n,g 6 5 Wgwgwf, M- as it A gmw -i TENNIS TEAM-Defending city champions, the lNorth Fultonl tennis team has high hopes of repeating. Left to Right, First Row: Coach Charlie C. Maupin, James Mynatt, Roger Williams, John Mynatt, Mark Braswell, Donnie Lander, Second Row: Sandra Mosey, Peggy Henclrrx, Beth Franz, Gayle Grant, George Hynds, Ken McCullough, Bob Hardcastle. Bulldog Tennis Squad Possesses Some Ui Finest Talent ln State Swimmers Place First In Illetrooolitan lltlanta meet SWIMMING TEAM-Lett to Right, Back Row: Helen Helms, Emily SWIMMING TEAM-Left to Right, Baclr Row: Carol Ann Kennon, Plaster, Martha Church. Front Row: Beverly Radlce, Carey Collins- Karen Kaiser, Diana Churchill, Ruthie Spivey. Front Row: Judy worth, Nancy Ramage. Csilry, Kappy Williams, Marcy Williams. 118 is JOHN GREENFIELD and Bernie Ragsdale pose here during a B-Team practice session. l'he lj and C team devel- Jpment programs provide naterial for our future var- ity teams. Track, especial- y, benefits from this plan. Zoach Fussell starts early n the season deciding what :vent is best suited for each roy. By the 10th grade, the ndividual has begun to spe- rialize in one particular event, a necessary require- nent for track. Baseball :layers go through a train- ng period very similar to hat of track - learning vhat position they play nest, before they reach the farsity Team. OHN STUBBLEFIELD and Lee Lechler pracfice 'the s+ar+s 'rhar will elp deliver vicfories during Hue eason. les' YH sw i m ::V 3 :-: H fi ff --:- f.a,f' ,feces 'Wy "W 5'g'L,,gg 1 for :fi ' we 'irfwed eo L FOUR MEMBERS of lrhe Bulldog golf feam wafch rcaplain Berrien Moore line up a friclcy 'Five-fooler during a praclice round al' Norlh FuH'on. From lef+ 'ro righl' are: Moore, Cheney Bryan, Charley Allen, Bill Malone, and Moreland Smi+h. north Fulton Golfers Plan For Improved Season A TENSE momenl' comes in an 8+h grade physical educa- +ion baskefball game. Fulure varsify +eams have 'lheir loe- ginning here. MEMBERS of a nin+h grade physical educafion class go Through exercises jusl before a volleyball game. 120 -e 151113. ' Kiwi ' i Physical Education Program Ht iiorth Fulton Teaches Sportsmanship Strength of the mind and the body are closely related. In order to supplement the aca- demic courses at North Ful- ton, a Well-rounded program of physical education is re- quired of every student before he graduates. The activities in physical education cover near- ly twenty different sports ranging from touch football in the fall to softball in the spring. GIRLS PHYS. ED. at North Fulton is required ot every girl through the eleventh grade. Stress is placed on individuality and interest. GIRLS' SOFTBALL-reading from lett to right, FIRST ROW: Dee Dee Jacobs, Nancy Goodwin, Eudora Simmons, Jo-ed GriFfith, Tina Peavy, Peggy White, Barbara Williamson. SECOND ROW: Sandra Sticlrles, Jan Dodson, Barbara Rachaels, Babs Richardson, Courtney Fein, Nancy Brannen, Dell Avery. THIRD ROW: Vivian Meacham, Becky Bean, Carol Ann Kennon, Sharon Nelson, Kathryn Wooley, Paulette Brown, Patsy Rowe, Marian White, Jo Anne Stansell, Martha Church. Bsi, PHYLLIS MON ICA Caplain BOUNCING BULLDOGS-reading from Iefl 'ro righi: Nancy Noblin, Kim Osfrcm, Jane Ship- I man, Phyllis Webb, Helen Helms, Cookie Candler, Suzanne Aslrew, Kay Swanson, Sandy Spauld- I ing, Phyllis Monica, Mary Lucchese are balancing on fhe ladder lhal has become an imporlanl ' COOKIE CANDLER par? of fheir acl. This fall was 'rhe firsf of many for l'he new Norlh Fullon Bouncing Bulldogs. Co-Capiain Bouncing Bulldogs llisplau limitless llorohatio llhilities lit Performances HERE THE members of +he Bouncing Bulldogs praclice 1-o perfecl' a new rou+ine. During 'rhe pas+ year l-his new organizafion has been ac+ive a+ foolball games and olher school funclions. BONNIE WHITEHEAD Mascol S me M.,sreqmsMe.,M, . """fl" 'M - M e A A YU?" 7'W' f W1Zi'i! 351, , 3, fu. if' li! :vi Qvv as.- . V ,, I M N , , ,qw , ' ' ' f . ,, .. q I f , X' W, W ww- " 'Q ye. , ii,,,jN ,.e,j',,'Ilq,E-,,,,w'N, -y gg, -if , 125529, e- I. Kiley K f e T: by 1 , 4. Y i ' 5, fx -Quik FI, 'A ,. -T1 ,, "V" f-sl' ,, ' A-' wife. ,J , y 'wx gf, G, 32" , ,LN Q, r 5- 425 "-'fr' :ffl f Z.. Y-3 -,., , ,,e2,,L5a ,, A H ,A Ax fu, , I ,L in My ff, , 3, . -3'5gr,, u,f3g,i,,ef 2, ii, AVIVB 7 4, Ai . .V - f- , Y ,L e f f I - V" f wi' ' W as-f55'fi .' ' L2 1, v+fa,,',..1QSv.'J'w ,-z3'Iffff:"'iv.u. r' 'ffiii-M5261 ?".2:1l"'iffav'-50ffMw5??5'b-H:aLif3w:ag ,' a we A GROUP fhaf performs during di'Fferen+ evenfs +o provide enferiainmenf is +he Pepperefies under ihe leadership of Mrs. Mariha Livifngsfon. This year some of fheir besf roufines were "Can, Can," "Birth of ihe Blues," and "Boogie in C." They are-reading from Ieff 'Io righf, 'lop row: Karen Thursfon, Ellen Bufler, Jean Gilberl, Nancy Siurgeon, Rosemary Thomas, Joan Damon, Caroline Wade, Marian While, Julia Johnson, Libby Dabe, Sandy Davis, Connie Peebles, Linda Soufherland, Lyn Selph, Dee Dee Losier, Nifa Lashley. Fronf Row: Jean Mackey, Gail Broclr, Penny Jordan, Judy Thompson, Beverly Brown. Jeri Gales, Nancy Logan, Linda Ike, June Whifehead, Libba Sfeinmann, Jane Fife, Dianne Jolly, Adele Newfon, Carole Goodfellow, Belh Curry, Bonnie Waller, Beverly Filer. I I I Pepperettes Hdd Uanetu To MANY PEOPLE have seen +he PeppereH'es in dress uniforms, buf +I1ey are picfured here in fhe gym cloihes fhey wear firsf period every day Io praclice 'for +I1eir performances. Here +hey are lead by +I1eir Iieufenanis. Hthletlc Events JUNE WHITEHEAD Capiain I LINDA IKE Co-Capiain x NORTH FULTON MARJORETTES: Kneeling, Mariorette Captain Gretchen Flaherty. Standing, reading left to right: Maxine Parker, Renee Willenbuclner, Carey Collinswortln, Carla Eiclson, Marcia Brooks. Band, Essential Part ot Every Peo Rally and Football Game, Contributes to School Lite '5aiB'W ' , BAND DIRECTOR Carl Hulbert wields baton in practice session. A very essential part of every pep rally and football game is the band. Without it, school spirit would be far below par. The North Fulton band, under the ex- cellent direction of Mr. Hulbert and the leadership of lylajorette Captain Gretchen Flaherty, made over forty appearances this year. Their activities included perform- ances in ROTC paradesg school concertsg Christmas paradesg the Southeastern Fair Paradeg Old Newboys', Veterans' and St. Pa- trick's Day Paradesg the Mobile Mardi Gras, and the commence- ment concert. THE BAND goes into a Milk Bottl 'formation cluring the halt time cert monies at Grant Field-8th Milk Bov Game. l l t 1 fs . W Vw wg,m,f,g l Y, 'ap Fl L if ffgimu, , "A ffm, 'ff -jf' Q92 31 'ef XX., 349' :fi .V . Ykixfiz' + W3 Rf' ff? fi H 1 '.f Ki 5? ,Ri 3 39" f Y XE H Ma 5. a ' 1 nw' N B ax. 4' MX. K , ' ' 1 ::,f...,1L I u f M X A, ' , - x ,V , V in . 1, fx ,ML - -w -'F- Q ' - H 4 'FW' 'Q A M 'E' 63 sf 9 f Him' .,,,, ,.,. A L- x .4 ' i.fcgnf,i!NJ n'.K?fb.,,! 'IQ gf, Eh Q 4? .- ky iyg- li nfl 5' 13 'S' 55? 5+-2 f-:gf J Q 'af if 55 M ww Q.. 5' f v v ', -A 9 Vi I " sf Q, rv V ' at E ' AQ',? '91 A as F -f , - -X Q K . xr Q fd W 3 Q . l '53-Q 9' , of " -3 -- 9.x -A M N " gr: 'f B ' Jw, lp V :udp 0 Q Q, Q A2511 ,,s1,Y?AX,x K XIV xx A. Mgt fnx..,,,,r "' 1--ur ,nl . . 7 K 4 '1' fix M, A .L,M, - ' .hp .K ,V Q. ,, , 1 ,, ' - . , 'H " ". g 9 :Q Q a s I 5 ff' .L , m'g M to wk- wr . WL Y ,' L fq4,- ,, X, vvtgwy ti 4 5. W W ,gi f,,..-,...,MM , N19 1 X sit' 4 W 1. -Q., 1- 'a.":,-..,-si!" ig ii 1 j li! gh , G-Ks! ,Q Q '01 gi if Q , 1, 'f van!! "'A' - , ,..,A,A an Q. .:.. , ..,,,- -,. V K VIN, . sway Oh iv! bg, I -5 ' 'mg w 1, ,rm txgiail ,xy V 'ln V --1' , if 4 -W wk, '5!'fx,.. ' Q 'V' ,Q warn sh . 'QQKVNQQ '1 Vg., , , awww, K fm Q LM 'Y sb 'Wi-'Q' ,, . 0 0 0 lllililaru The Word Hdiscipline' is derived from a Latin Word that means learning. The dictionary de- Hnes it as Htraining Which corrects, molds, strengthens, or perfectsfl Military discipline, therefore, means that state of order and obedi- ence resulting from training, a learning experi- ence. MILITARY DEPARTMENT STRENGTHENS OBEDIENCE As one matures, he learns to obey his parents and teachers. He begins to develop a respect for the rights of others and the laws of his country. The military department at North Fulton strives to strengthen andyenlarge upon such qual- ities as discipline, respect for authority, and habits of orderliness, qualities Whose inception began at home. HABITS OF CONDUCT UNDERGO CHANGE When a student Hrst becomes a cadet, his former habits of conduct and orderliness may undergo a complete revolution. His shoes must be shined, his brass must be polished, he must Wear a clean, neat uniform, and he must also show proper respect to his superior officers. As the cadet's training continues, these standards be- come an integral part of his character. Thus, the saber, hat, gloves, and the rifle are not only symbols ofthe military department, but they are also representative of the qualities of the cadetls personal life. Pictured at the left is the North Fulton Color Guard which has custody of the American and state flags. These flags are but symbols of the treasured heritage which the North Fulton Battle Group is being trained to protect-sym- bols of the ideals learned by North Fulton Cadets through discipline. - - . 1 ' .- iii X, gs , Q: ' . , ' 'E 'A' L' ix,' -, -4, , 'X 1- 'x , ...R mu Y - 's Wifi ' we 1 ta - H i -figs rg 1 gig, , i - t WM, yi as kv? N f it iq i- ., -f f i x -x wi ,W at. "ff and ' va' R' 4' in 5 , 1. A, , M- ? ,.g at --Q, . We -as-W za -:...fsf -- A N 1 1 2 ' ' - - .. 9 -.--3 iw ,,- ' 6-'Tw-'. A ' :RP :' 1-Hg, I -A -911'-was-.J-A-,L-'51 f' .1 . ' sf - 'ies w '- ,5-5.-45'Ri-.F'- eh? ' f ' Q, m' i as-H -2- ' - 421' - if - eeafatseit -ff-asZ's:z1:ef2tay-t2fe.,:AM-i H "E1Y'wi'i2,t - ,f1S?,' ' ,W ' - .4E!x'fm'ig-Za,C??J'73.f-1:aes.iiii"E'.1f.-32,99 '4 -, ails-'trE'.-sis ze- 1,2 ' ' ' a , 9 --'-wff-::..vf.-2 ' 4 , . gyms- Q-1353 O, iragaifl' . , 'f '73T?2'L+ gs J F " ,' "T"-sa 04 5 - 3' 'F V, 1.4 M ee.,--4 4 f-we2 - -- 4' if igwffftfi- , ima 4 ft .- eww .fgtgma - ef .W - 5. :dew .wi s, , w.g?:Q,.,-,-.Lf -fc-:waf- --:gh: gF15?s wf5-351 -' -, .q?3,a:g, .5511-N -, ' r-.ff-1 ,K-"5 agen:-i-mm 1 I, --. -H in-1-'wa.w f- - - it H yn l' r 19" a " s' f aa 1 - ' I J 1 H? 1 . 'X 'Vg P K 1-546534-E gk-Q21 41 E 3 ri -:ti F' sig MR XF ,413 HQ 'X I ,,,, 5, . X.: f "" e ggi- i' TI "ff .w g-I ,av-W f jg ! 2. in X, m is ll CAPT. RALPH T. DABBS MXSGT. GILMER L. JONES SFC. PAUL J. FISHER The Reserve Oflicers Training program gives the student an elementary training which Will be of beneht to him and of value to the nation if he becomes a member of the Armed Forces. In past years the North Fulton R. O. T. C. has taken only the superior ratings in Federal Inspections, the Georgia Military Statt Superuises Hctiuities Ut District lnspection and city-wide competi-. tions. The superlative guidance of Capt. Dabbs, lVlfSgt. Jones, and Sfc. Fisher and the full cooperation of the staff and cadets are deter- mining factors in the future success of the Battle Group. CADET MAJOR BILL EDWARDS receives a commission trom his mother at the Sabre Day Presentation. I 1 i i l 1. n ip Froni Row: Cade? Col. John Truslow. Second Row, Le'f+ +o Righh Cade? L+. Col. Don Gee, Cadef Maior Lamar Bar- reH, Cadei Major Richard Meyer. Third Row: Cade? Ma- ior Hal Davis, Cade? Maior David Meroney. THE STAFF of +he Nor+h Fulfon BaHle Group s+ands af aH'en'rion on rhe sfeps Battle Group of +he School. Cade? Col. John Truslow Cal'-lei Malo' Don Gee Cader Mai. Lamar BarreH Cadef Mai. Richard Meyer Sponsor: Paffy Paffillo SPOMOV3 Pai5Y EWS Sponsor: Cheryl Zulxer Sponsor: Sarah Byers Cadef Mai. David Meroney Cadef Mai. Bill Edwards Cade? Mai. Hal Davis Sponsor: Nancy Noblin Sponsor: Danny Rubens Sponsor: Jan Dodson 129 H H H Eumpanu Leads The Battle Group In HII Formations Coder 2nd L+. Ken Miichell Sponsor: Harrie? Hough Cade+ ls'r L+. Joe Maddox Sponsor: Celia Calloway Cade+ 2nd L+. Wade Sf. John Sponsor: Sidney Barnes 130 Cade? Capf. Alec Morgan Sponsor: Peggy Rainwa+er CADET Is+ L+. Joe Maddox uses Cader Sfc. Berrien Moore +o +eacl'1 his pla+oon Hue proper way +0 salu+e. i ,,,..-1' EVERY TUESDAY morning +he commissioned officers mee+ in +he armory +o discuss curren+ problems concerning +he BaH'le Group. A NEW TRADITION was begun +his year when +he +irs+ annual Mili+ary Ball was presen+ed by +he Officers' Club on Oc+. 3l, l958, a+ +l'1e Georgia Tech Naval R. O. T. C. Training Cen+er. Presiden+, Officers' Club Cade+ Cap+. Jaclr S+ow Firs+ Row, lef+ +o righ+: Col. John Truslow, L+. Col. Don Gee, Mai. Lamar Barre++, ls+ L+. Joe Maddox, Mai. Hal Davis. Second Row: Cap+. Alec Morgan, 2nd L+. Evere++ Garmon, Cap+. Harry Jones, 2nd L+. Frank Arnold, 2nd L+. Larry Benner, 2nd L+. Bobby Morris. Third Row: 2nd L+. Wade S+. John, Mai. David Meroney, ls+ L+. Jimmy Cooper, Capf. Jaclr S+ow, Mai. Bill Edwards, 2nd L+. Bill Malone. 131 Cadel 2nd L+. Everelf Garman .lm 'W ig i Sponsor: Cindy Knapp Cadet lsr L'l'. Sponsor Jane Cannon Cadel' lst Ll. Frank Arnold Sponsor: Jimmy Cooper Donna Demeree "READY ON the righl' . . . Ready on lhe lef+ . . . Ready on l'he firing line . . . Com- mence firing." WwMmwwvw.wwM.wM....MsMsMms,mm,,. ,M Eadets In "B" Eompanu Practice The Military Department is very pleased tha' this year the Ritle Team won first place in the First Trophy Matches and in the Third Army interscholastic rille matches. RIFLE TEAM-Firsl' Row, readint lefl lo right: 2nd Ll. Bobby Moi ris. Second Row: MfSg+, Robe! Hyers, Sfc. Edward Presfor MfSg'l. Alan Chrislensen, Co John Truslow. Third Row: Pv- Thomas Hobbs, Pvt. Bill Russel Pv+. Bill Wilson, Sic. Glenn Jacl son. Fourth Row: 2nd Ll. Bi Malone, Pvf. Michael Fu+relle, Pv Frank Walther, Pvt. Ronald Fowle or Drill Eumpetitinn 'rom the members of the NCO Ilub will come next'year's of- Cers of the Battle Group. NICO CLUB-Firsl Row, lefl lo righh Sgl.fMai. loberf Jones, Isf Sgt Bill Bussey, lsr Sgf. John NAynaH, Isl Sgf. Ernesl' Camp, Mfsgl. Mail Welch, v1fSg+. James MynaH, M!Sg+. Berrien Moore, v1fSg+. Bobby Clemmer, MfSg'r. Jim Seafon, vI!Sg+. Alan Chrislensen. Second Row: MfSg+. loberi Hyers, Sfc. Arlhur Ofwell, Sfc. Hufch John- on, Sfc. Larry Gould, Sic. Tuclry Delung, MfSgl. David Mauney, Sic. Cleve Farabee, Sic. James lraswell, Sic. Terry Crowder, Sic. Raymond Hub- nard. Third Row: Sic. Edward Preslon, Sgl. James Iollier, S'Fc. Linwood Swain, Sfc. John Commander, lic. Burneif Hull, Sic. Bill Slevens, Sic. Bobby Nindham, Sfc. Marshal BarreH, Sfc, Shawn Boles, ifc. Glenn Jaclrson. Fourfh Row: Sfc. Tracy Mc- Jonald, Sgl. Sfuarl Singer, Sic. Doug Culier, Sg+. ileve Collier, Sgf. John Geiger, Sfc. Bill Byers, vfc. Dan Maclnlyre, Cpl. David Wyly, Sgl. James laven, Sic. George Hynds. Fiffh Row: Sic. Alec lhodes, Sgt Sandy Wells, Cpl. Bill Owens, Cpl. ohn English, Cpl. Donny Tomlin, Cpl. Arnold ohns, Sfc. Roberi' Johnslon, Sfc. John Thompson. Cadel Capt Jack Slow Sponsor: Ann Donahue MXSGT. MATT WELCH sfands Alan Chris+ensen's inspec- 'lion while Charles Boyd cleans his rifle. THE BACKBONE of +he Ba++Ie Group, +he Non Commissioned Officers' Club s+ands a+ aH'en'rion for i+s phorograph. w. DIRECTING TRAFFIC after school in congested areas on the campus is a service proiect ot the Drill Team. MEMBERS of the Drill Team practice after school tour times a week. Drill Team Is Hnother First For Ilmth Fulton This year the Military Department added a new feature, the Drill Team, to its activities. lt is composed of twenty-two members. Each day they raise and lower the colors. At school functions they act as ushers or guides to the parking areas. They have given performances at Sabre Day, the Milk Bowl game, and the Buckhead Christmas parade. Lt. Col. Don Gee Drill Platoon Leader THIS TEAM is tamous tor its rigid crack drill performances. DRILL TEAM-First Row, reading left to right: CfLt. Col. Doh Gee, CfSfc. Terry Crowder, CfPvt. Butch Waters, CfPvt. Jim Brown, CfPvt. Charles Headriclr, CfPvt. Jim Gillespie, CfPvt. Del Montague, Second Row: CfCpl. David Wyly, CfPvt. Larry Rapp, CfPvt. Johannes Rozier, CfPvt. Bobby Smith, CfPvt. John Gil- Iespie. Third Row: CfPvt. Richard Owens, CfStc. Bill Thompsoin, CfPvt. Edward Schrader, CfPvt. Arthur Baxter, CfPvt. Rusty Barber, CfSfc. Raymond Hubbard. 134 Cadet Capt. Harry Jones Sponsor: Lynn Fishburne "E" Eumpanu Eadets Show Pride In Their Unit Cadet 2nd L+. Bill Malone Sponsor: Sandra Miller The First thing 21 cadet learns is to develop a sense of pride for his unit. It is this pride that makes the North Fulton Battle Group superior. Sponsor: Judy Hughes Cadet' 2nd L+. Bobby Morris Cadet 2nd Li. Larry Benner Sponsor: Joan Balmer 135 mu iluarn Hctivities Often new students entering North Fulton won- der at the two activity units required for gradua- tion, Some undoubtedly feel that these require- ments are rather pointless, if not entirely unfair. Why should a student be forced to participate in various activities if he does not desire to do so? This question can best be answered by tell- ing what the many activities around North Ful- ton are designed to do. COOPERATION PART OF LEARNING PROCESS Back in the early part of the twentieth century a famous philosopher was a strong proponent of the theory that schools should teach students not only reading, 'riting, and lrithmetic, but also should prepare the students for later life. De- spite the technological competition of Russia, North Fulton feels that the ability to cooperate with others in useful activity situations is an important factor in the learning process. ACTIVITY SKILLS ONE FACET OF STUDENT LIFE The size of North Fulton gives students a won- derful opportunity to utilize not only their skills in human relations, but also in clerical, com- mercial, artistic, and management fields. Thus, the typewriter, the glue pot, the pen and the ink well become the symbols of this phase of student life. A peep into the classroom where an activity is in progress might prove somewhat startling. It, like the typical photograph to your left, is entirely different from the usual school-room atmosphere. Often it is noisyg adult direction is frequently so subtle as not to be apparent-- yet it can be one of the busiest and most COHSYFUC- tive rooms in the school building! fsw fff' fi t-225 stiff Q-'--, JUF1'-1 -sf , H M QQYZSIA5:-,5 :-ge i .pi rf " 'U--'i-was-My .W-8 .,w.,,g, ti gg' .-Ef 'f5t.. i, J , 1 a'- x' vfmivff E -1-I 3. f, 4131 ,wfhf ff -W -- , .. ., 5.61 V .f""5:"s wir' 'B 51,-1 2 - ,Q'geSil1E53"'5ii z 'i' ir? if 't ' 'Q',n'y ff is M f . A5-. :ay Aageftsisw-2 --fr ty " A- .-,. -vs , . - 1 - E t , li - 'f -553!5:Q' Wi" ' ga' - 393' 'hifi ' .. T,rf'g'3'ii1'53iw2IrWfff5 A f f' 1 r 'fum 'f f' 1 J 5 M mi -- 4 at ax , J wx X -1 A f'g1l5,g'x -2. .r-fi Q' ' a .iwi....- - xv' -c, s - 11-'-Qt. "Ed" t.-f'7T'Cw ' te .A ':' , 63 Tzizfiiiitx 1 . W", I E ' ., . ai - afr ' ---f..v,,ni ' N 'vwffsG1-11-M -+ ' - - - - ' - '- .tz-.gif as R "uf C, V . '1Z.if1- ,..2:Jg:lu ,buh I .,.' .- g l.- s:tfq,E: . iA- i, ,k.,- N . U., " ' V. 5' , J A f" THESE STUDENTS who are members of the Student' Council, represent their homerooms al' the Student' Council meeting 'twice a month Each member whether Sub-Freshman, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior has an equal vote in the decisions of 'the council. By having a representative from each home- room every student indirectly has a voice in school activities. Student Eouncll Hnd Eahmet lmnroue Facultu-Student Relations Bu North Fultonls Student Council is the medium through which the student body expresses itself in school func- tions. The backbone of the Student Council is the twelve upperclassmen who are chosen to run in the Spring elections for their respective parties. The four Winners are the oflicers of the Student Council. These four, along with the losing candidates, make up the Student Cabinet, which is a part of student govern- ment. The numerous duties of the Student Council fn- S S , w ig I Q Q T 1 A -'W ' V S t L A ,, Eg-:. ,'5j seam .9 1 z: A - 1 - V . , ...,, .,,..t: . . ., . , t,: ,.,, , .:Qa5::zW::- xx -s 3 'f -s--- I --,:,:.f5-gs , ,. .4 Nr,-'SM -TOTE, ' I . 2 it D-,'d: t, . ':--- .. - 5, gwizy , Tom Carloclt, President Robbie Logan, Vice-President THE STUDENT body greets the +eam al' Grady l38 STUDENT CABINET SENIORS, tirst row, reading left to right: Tom Carloclr, Robbie Logan. Second Row: Mary Ruth Walters, Jimmy Valentine, Sarah Byers, and Miss Norman, faculty advisor. . l STUDENT CABINET UNDERCLASSMEN, tirst row, reading left to right: Fred Fletcher, Sherry Moore. Second Row: Pam Crady, Wade St. John, Bonnie Patton. Third Row: Hutch Johnson. Bringing Together, Un ii Commun Ground, Pupils Find Teachers could not be carried out by the Student Cabi- net alone, so each underclassmen homeroom elects a Student Council representative and Senior homerooms elect two representatives. By having such a broad membership, the Stu- Fred Fletcher, Treasurer Sherry Moore, Secretary dent Council is able to better coordinate the student body with the faculty. Besides sup- porting all school activities, it also sponsors the faculty tea at Christmas and the Old South Ball. A FEW MEMBERS of the student council meet with their president, Tom Car- lock. -vm., CHAIRMAN Judy Wagner heads Senior Cabinei commiriee in ihe seleciion of s+yle for graduaiion an- nouncemenis. MISS PLASTER, sponsor, converses wifh several members of +he cabinet Senior Eahinet Directs lictiuities Ui Senior Elass E SENIOR CABINET MEMBERS are, Firsi Row, reading lefi' lo righi: Julie Alexander, Jimmy Valenrine, Alice Huichinson, Pai Kelley. Second Row: Eleanor Milner, Marian While, Jaclrie Kohn, Sara Osirom, Danny Rubens. Third Row: Paisy Pershing, Sue Goodlroe, Caroline Wade, Neal Hollingsworih. Four+h Row: Miriam Frye, Linda Meier, Pepper Roberis. Fifih Row: Judy Wagner, Nancy Gray, Bobby Morris, Jody Dobbs. Sixih Row: Bill Poole, Marrha Borland, Jakey Weichel. Sevenih Row: Jimmie Rabenhorsi, Bill Peloi, Bob Newman, Phil Chrisiian, 140 THE NINTH GRADE Y-TEENS, guided by Miss Doroihy Earnesi and led by D Ferguson Pres' K. Reeves, V.-Pres.: M. Hopkins, Sec.: J. Fife, Treas.g L, Mufh, Chaplain, and J. Moore, PTOi.'Cl1fml: is one of three North Fulton groups alifiliared wi+h the Y.W.C.A. l i w S fi 3 f V J. MOORE, D. Ferguson fix scrapbook 'For hospiralized children. Eight Grade, Jr., Sr. As teen-age members of the Y.W.C.A., North Fulton's Y- Teens participated in several X I lines of Y. work. Each club had ,,i,gg""r11'y-A ,,,' j -izt Q ' y many projeetsMEighth-grade Y- N ..,, ,. E-- V- .,,.., ., t gif If ,Fwy ,t.' L - A ffm- POTATO CHIPS almosf sell fhem- selves. EIGHTH-GRADE Y-Teens infrodu L ,Eg H.. .... . 4 8TH GRADERS selecf gifts for needy family. ce Subfreshmen to club acfivifies. Y-TEENS view prospec+ive model. as., in FUTURE SPORTS Hall of Fame planned by Coach Jernigan and members. "TYPICAL" foo+ball dressing room as seen al' pep rally F. S. ll. Hliiliates Ulith ll. Ill. E. H. The big event of the Freshmen-Sophomore Youths' calendar is its formal joining with the Y.M.C.A. This group is also establishing a North Fulton Sports Hall of Fame. ASSEMBLED as one gathering, members of 'lhe 9th and l0lh grade F.S.Y. 'Form an imposing group. READING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Puckett, V.-Pres.: B. Hardcaslle, Treas.: B. VarnDyke, Sgt.-at-Arms, V. Bowdish, Pres. No? Pictured: A. Barnes, Sec.: D. Johnson, Chaplain. l , READING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, Firsf Row: J. Riddiclr. Second Row: R. Denny, T. Phillips, J. Sewell, J. Bagley, D. Moser, R. Baird, E. Garmon. Third Row: D. Dyas, B. Dukes, M. Gryder, J. Goldsmith, C, Nelson, J. Wrighf, A. Moorhead. Fourlh Row: J. Dobbs, B. Li'Hle, D. Johnson, K. Sfeinmann, B. Pelof, S. Simms, T. Pirlrle. Fiilh Row: B Bryce, D. Maclniyre, C. Ri++er, H. Hughey, B. Plunlrel, B. Moore, T. Carloclr. Sixlh Row B. Newman, J. Fife, J. Valenline, J. Mynaff, E. Garland, B. Morris, J. Truslow. Sevenlh Row: J. Sfrange, B. Bussey, W. S+. John, P. Tilly, J. Sealon, B. Myers. Eighth Row: H. Huffman, L. Benner, R. Butler, T. Cogburn, W. Woodall, J. Commander, A. Freeman, Hi-V members Plan Hnnual Illinstrel Sponsored by the YM C A the H1 Y upholds the standards of the Y at North Fulton This club gave the Chrlstmas formal and Old South mmstrel for the school - CLUB chose pe+i+e Judy Riddick swee+hear'l'. J. Phillips, A. Orwell, E. DeGross, Mr. Taylor. B. wafches B. Moore rehears- Hl-Y V. Pres. J. Dobbs, Chaplain E. Garland, Treas. B. Moore, Sec. R. ing -for rninsfrel. Denny. Na+ Piciured: Pres. B. Newman, Sgf.-af-Arms K. Sieinmann. P' J. Kohn, Sec.: J. Whitehead, Pres.: M. Renz, Treas.q P. Pallillo, Chaplain: L. Sleinmann, Sgt.-at-Arms. READING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, Firsl' Row: E. Milner, C. Lynch, S. Oslrom, S. Evans, A. Newton, J. Whifehead, J. Moreland, C. Peebles, R. Miller, B. Bates. Second Row: D. Demeree R. Werth, C. Barnell, S. Hannah, J. Morse, L. Sleinmann, P. Poole, P. Crady, J. Cannon, M Renz, L, Sourherland. Third Row: C. Baker, S. Spaulding, B. Bean, S. Dobbs. J. Damon, H. Helms, B. Filer, A. Willis, M. Hoeser, L. Compton, D. Williams, E. Wilcox. Fourth Row: N. Noblin, P. Williams, P. Allen, N. Brazellon, R. Walker, J. Kohn, J. Macltey, C. Sheldon, P. Pershing, P. Melcher, L. Meier, M. Morehead, P. Monica. lallulah Falls Glues Basketball Dance 1 point of business. Now in its second year as a I service club, Tallulah Falls, l composed of Junior and Sen- ior girls, has done much to benefit North Fulton, as Well as to raise funds for the Tal- lulah Falls School in North Georgia. Their projects in- cluded selling tickets to the movie, LlMatchmaker," with other Tallulah Falls Clubs, giving a dance after a basket- ball game, and co-sponsoring with Rabun Gap the annual Valentine Dance. MlRlAM FRYE, Tallulah Falls Baslce+ball Sweelhearl, receives roses from players Ri+'ler, Loomis and Carloclt. ,ff '.ff ,: A , , , I' 3 1 WF' kv 41 1 NH' V, 1 Www if 2 W H3712 2 Q K W' fs ,5r, Ani I fw- W? FIRST ROW, READING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Moore, H. Hough, F. Wilson, J. Alexander, J. Moreland, N. Hollingsworlh, M. L. Kemph. Second Row: M. Williams, L, Thurman, L. Burlon, D. Slover, S. Floge, K. Williams, R. Walker, S. Parker, L. Ike. J..-"'.?-I-11 TTA WALKER and Julie Moreland display modeling s il. OFFICERS ARE: Julie Moreland, Pres.: Julie Alexander, Vice- Pres.: Fausline Wilson, Sec.: Neal Hollingsworth, Chaplain. Noi piciuredz Bette Adams, Treas. Delta Girls Peilect modeling Modeling, vocational study, and self-improvement are the purposes for which the Delta Club was formed. junior and senior girls interested in these goals meet semi-monthly to learn under the direc- tion of Mrs. jane Burson, a professional model. Their programs include speeches on fashion, held trips, and 'lHelp," a program on appearance and beauty. SUE FLOGE models one of Ihe mosl' popular s'l'yles af 'lhe "Harvesl- of Fashions," sponsored by Rabun Gap. F. TAYLOR, Pres.' M. A. Renz, Vice-Pres g J Cannon N. Peddicord Secs' D R b n Tr s , .. , , .,.ues, ea.gan Mullins, advisor, direci World Affairs Club. WORLD AFFAIRS CLUB Through speakers, filn and projects the World A fairs Club helps to promc a better understanding people, places, and ever among its members. OUILL AND SCROLL SOCIEI Students doing superi Work in some phase of jou nalism are eligible fr membership in Quill ar Scroll, a literary honor s ciety. OUR EXCHANGE siudenl' Dann Rub ns d i , y e ,rea s WORLD AFFAIRS members view Mrs. Carg's souvenirs of Ame ' Ii' + " rican is ory. Hawaii. advisors. MRS. BERNICE MCCULLAR emphasizes poini' ai Quill and Scroll Induciion. MISS CONNELL ins+ruc+s s+uden+s in Writers' Clinic. r I Mggp f ,z .s1"'-vwssm. -- Uarious Facets Ui Eummunication Studiei QUILL AND SCROLL is Ied by P. Williams, Pres.: C. Ferguson, Vice- Pres.g L. Soulherland, Sec.-Trees.: and K. Connell and A, O'Ouinn, I I 5 I I I I I I is I N I I 1 I ii I I I I I I li I r OFFICERS Varner, Sec.: Riddick, Vice-Pres' Morgan, Pres.: Smifh, DWER of milk carrons helps us celebrale Milk Bowl viclory over Brown -- Chaplaing DeLung, ParI.g and Tay- lor, Treas. plan mee+ing. -M MPM f viii? Wi I -1. ,-', . KLEC MORGAN receives official char+er from fhe preslclenl' of I'he MII-K BOWL foofball game SUCCSSS aided by Wheel Club banner. SPEARHEADING AD campaign for I'he an nual was Wheel CIub's major proiec'I'. FIRST ROW, READING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: E. Varner, F. Taylor, J. Riddick, A. Morgan, T. DeLung, L. Swain. Second Row: J. Moreland, S. Davis J. Kohn, M. While, J. Alexander, N. Hol- Iingswor+h, M. L. Kemph, L. Burion, M. Vorus, L Ike. Third Row: P. Roberfs, R. Edwards, B. Morris D. Cuffer, B. Clemmer, J. McClellan, P. Brooke E. Cullom, J. Rabenhorsi. 3 1 1 READING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Plunlrel, B. VanDylre, T. Carlocl: B. Pelof, C. Nelson, B. Dulxes, J. Truslow, B. Newman, D. Hogg, C. Gendel, J. Mynaft, J. Mynail, W, SI. John, H. Johnson, J. Strange, J. Maddox, M. Welch, J. Valenline, R. Denny, G. Hynds, E. Garland, B. Moore, W. Woodall, T. Pirlcle, J. Mar+in, B. Fletcher, H. Huffman, F. Fletcher, T. Mc- Donald, R. Jones, J, Seaton. Hou Eluh Striuos To Imorouo llur Sohool Serving the community and school is the aim of the Key Club. This national service organization par- ticipated in Atlantzfs Nlusculzir Dystrophy Drive, sponsored our first football dance, cleaned North Fulton's trophies, and continued to work toward an outside snack shelter. B. PLUNKET leads a discussion a+ a Key Club mee'I'ing. ls . W' .T READING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Plunkel, Pres.: W. Woodall, Sec.: B. Moore, Treas.: C. Nelson, Sgl.-af-Arms. Noi pic+ured: T. Carloclr, Vice-Pres., E. Garland, Chaplain. SARAH BYERS, cheerleader, is Key Club Sweelhearl. Wei.. DUKES and ValenI'ine devour sl'acIc of griddle calces al pancake supper. 4-M,-ess- urth Fulton Hctiuities Zi,-3 si:EEilg.Q:.g3f9"' in 1 . . g 1 2 3 M llll A . ONE OF THE younger service clubs a+ Norih Fulfon, Ihe M 51 . .i U V U? 'LI-Q. - - ' - - A ""' Junior Civilan Junior, is fhe underclassman's branch of ihe M H Junior Civiian. Officers include B. Brown, Vice-Pres.: B. FIRST ROW, READING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Flelcher, J. Thomas. R. Moore, J. Harris. Second Row: C, Cramer, E. Evans, S. Fowler, L. Mulh. Third Row' B. Brown, B. Brown, B, S. Cameron, A. Gedh. Fourlh Row: C. Thompsoh, S. Barnes, K. Oslrom, S. Brown. Fif+h Row: N. Ramage, N Frye Sixih Row: R. McLeod, J. Sudderfh, L, Archbold, M. Fulrelle. E' hrh R w: Seven+h.Row: M, Sfone, J. Respess, P. Dreger, D. Johnson. ig o J. Kilgore, S. Miichell, B. BenneH. 159 BenneH', Pres., J. Thomas, Sec., J. Kilgore, Sgr.-al-Arms, M. S'l'one, Trees.: J. Chesna, advisor. l RED AND BLACK pompoms always increase school spiril ai fooiball games. S. Brown, D. Johnson, J. Harris, and L. Muih malce some as a Civiian proieci. This club also filled fruii baslcels for 'ihe Cancer Home. JUBILANT STUDENTS celebraie foofball viciory over Ful- +on ai +his roclc and roll dance given,by J. C. Jr. In Ihis club of underclassmen Ihe members begin early +o serve Norfh Ful+on and iheir communily. M. R. WALTERS, Vice-Pres.: P. Chrisfian, Pres. and Sl'a'l'e Gov., L. S+einmann, Sec., J. Dobbs, Sgl.-al-Arms, A. Hulchinson, Chap- lain, E. Camp, Treas. head Junior Civilan, a maior service club. Sludenls make applicalion for membership and are selecfed by +he club wi+h lhe principal's approval. SPONSORING lhe Milk Bowl pep rally was only one of lhe Junior Civil'an's acfiviries. Olhers in- cluded giving a foofball dance, decora+ing 'l'he goal posfs, and sponsoring a Georgia Teenage Traffic Safely Week. age: f 5 L1 15' 2 B. PATTEN and B. Jacobs inleresl' a housewife in buying several pounds of fruifcake, a por+ion of 'rhe for+y-five hundred pounds lhe club sold lhis year. The profil' alifords funds 'For lhe beH'er- menf of fhe school. 7 G f 'inf' Li-1 158 Eiuitan Groups Lead In Uarious EEA 'ZEIQ Eg A FP ,,,':iZ.3':YE.umg'MAz::P.u. ,N 25525 5 A.1i:lr.,q'WW,V'wHxw laumQT,'f2.1wh-gall mags? K em-W-exrmww'--News w 5,2 5 fi ,,gMa,:Q-msw..,,N1Qwa'?".,,', A Q . 1 fm-f"J..?':wM JW", ...QM 'M fi --M FM... W.-.... g rg N-...........,,,,v3en..,,2 siilllll J if ' s l Q FIRST ROW, READING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Moore, P. Chrisfian, P. Rainwater. H. Avary, Mr. J. Crowe. Second Row: P. Crady, S. Mosey. Third Row: G. Flaherfy, M. R, Walfers, D. Rubens. Fourlh Row: S. Smilh, D. Lowrance, M. Frye, C. Lynch. Fif+h Row: N. Nelson, B. Pa'Hen. Sixfh Row: K. Sleinmann, J. Whilehead, B. Johnsfon. Sevenfh Row: S. Phelps, R. Logan, D. Langley, F, Holland, B. Bussey. Eighfh Row: R. Williams, J. Dobbs, E. Camp. Ninlh Row: B. Malone, J. Bryan, R. Walker, J. Weichel. Tenfh Row: C. Fain, L. Sfeinmann, J. Fowler. Elevenfh Row: G. Granf, A. Hufchinson, P. Pallillo, M, Borland, C. Wade, S. Byers. Twelflh Row: R. Hopkins, B. Byers, B. Jacobs. enior Leaders, Sponsors Hnnual Uglo man Contest 1,53 Wu TEENAGE COMBO, 'lhe Ba-Dops, provides beal' during Ugly DRAPED MEMBERS-Mecllin, Hollingsworlh, and Penney Man Dance. decorafe for Ugly Man Dance. STUDENTS SHOW excifemenf as +hey are lapped for membership in one of Nor+h Ful+on's honor clubs. 157 Beta Eluh, Composed Uf Ilmth Fult The National Beta Club is an honorary organization established to give due rec- ognition to worthy seniors. In order to become a member, a student must have outstanding character, high scholastic achievement, and must participate in school activities. This year new members Were tapped and presented with a Beta Club emblem-a different way of bestow- ing the honor of membership. CHARLES GENDEL SARAH BYERS 'T President Vice-President FIRST ROW, READING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Walker, P. Roberts, C. Gendel, F. Taylor, S. Byers, J. Riddick. Second Row: L. Schumacher, G. King, R. Meyer, F. Holland, N. Hollingsworth. Third Row: J. Kohn, D Lander, R. Williams, R. Sturgeon, G. AIIen, Fourth Row: J. Medlin, P an Pershing, R. Small, E. Sanditer, K. Kreuter. Fifth Row: B. PIunI:et, J. Bryan S. Evans, E. White, E. Wilcox. Sixth Row: C. Bryan, A. Morgan, P. Kelley. . , G, Carney, P. Rainwater. Seventh Row: P. Pattillo, N. Gray, A. Hutchin- im' son, A. Penney, D. Raymo. Eighth Row: E. Varner, C. Wade, M. R. Walters Q3 B. Bates, D'N. Lowrance. Ninth Row: S. Mosey, J. Cannon, B. Hudson 'sff ' ' ' M. A. Renz. Tenth Row: N. Peddicord. R. Logan, C. Fein, H. Avery, P. Melcher. ' ' J ' Ea JUDY RIDDICK FRANK TAYLOR Secretary Treasurer ! F n IN ADDITION to sponsoring Beta Club, RITA WALKER PEPPER ROBERTS Mrs. Chandler aids students as Annex Chaplain Sgt.-at-Arms Librarian. 156 3 ff? Y ,rf 1' V1 A rf' STUDENTS change rooms in order to PAT KELLEY ligh+s Hn visil' ano'rher college representative. The National Honor Society, composed of thirty Seniors, rendered great service to the upperclassmen by sponsoring College Night and Career Day. For the Subfreshman and Freshmen the organization gave a semi-formal dance with the theme of HI-leaven on Earthfl Scholarship, Leadership, Hnd Service PAT KELLEY, President' ALICE HUTCHINSON, Vice-President K r .I i PATTY PATTILLO, Recording Secreiary 1 'cn r A V -' I JACKIE KOHN, Corresponding Secretary i E '-,. 5 ' '.-:-' X X ALEC MORGAN, Treasurer f r,: , if W JANE CANNON, Chaplain wg- is A ' A i Club s onsor Miss Edna Wade P ' 155 l - A L 435 5 .- 3 I I FIRST ROW READING LEFT TO RIGHT' S Evans J Riddick J Hu In L S h h , . . , . . . g es, . c umac er, N. Gray, J. Kohn, M. R. Walfers, R. Loga Second Row: H. Avary, N. Hollingsworlh, P. Paffillo, D'N. Lowrance, C. Wade, E. Varner, D. Raymo, M. L. Mays, C. Fain, M. A. Renz, I Persl-ning, R. Walker, M. Frye. Third Row: S. Mosey, J. Truslow, D. Lander, F. Holland, B. Slurgeon, J. Medlin, T. Carloclx, B. Plunlre+, C Gendel, A, Morgan, P. Kelley, A. Hufclwinson. national Honor Sooietu Recognizes Students DI Outstanding Eharaoter, 2nd SEMESTER OFFICERS: L. Schumacher, Rec. Sec.: M. A. Renz, Chap- MARY ANN RENZ, Palsy Pershing, and Jane Can- laing D. Lander, Pres.: N. Hollingsworih, Vice-Pres., S. Evans, Cor. Sec.: B. non decora-'ve -for 1-he annual Freshmamsub-fresl-,man Morris, Treas. af meeling. Semi-formal. 154 Eluhs It is three o'clock. The dismissal bell has rung. The students pile out into the archway as they leave for home . . . and all these people belong to clubs. Clubs are a vital part of life at North Fulton, and clubs, too, provide a Hlearningn experience. In these organizations students acquire leader- ship, develop cooperation, learn to serve and help the school through projects. A member of a club receives the advantage of group activity, yet still possesses the privilege of individual de- velopment and expression. N. F.'S CLUBS FORMED TO SERVE All North Fultonls clubs have been formed with one idea in mind4service-the performance of Work for the benefit of others. Some clubs, like the National Honor Society and Beta Club, recognize the past accomplishments of outstand- ing studentsg others, such as the Latin and Sci- ence Clubs, strive to increase cultural growth with interesting speakers and trips, still others, as the Wheel and Tallulah Falls Clubs, are strictly service organizations. All serve the stu- dent and school with their varied activities. In addition to helping North Fulton and the in- dividual, these groups also direct their projects toward the community. The Georgia Teenage Traffic Safety Week and the Muscular Dys- trophy Drive were club activities this year. CLUBS NOT ALL WORK ORGANIZATIONS Clubs, nevertheless, are not exclusively work or- ganizations. They afford the member the oppor- tunity of friendly association and fun With his classmates outside the schoolroom. Working and playing together, North Fulton's students learn together skill and qualities they will carry With them long after school days are behind them. In or out of the classroom the learning process at North Fulton never ceases. 1 , is 51? Q, et's'5f-.TMJ-, f yr. :11'ff'f:Q.' t?Q,a5w1?af'f?r , A ,V ., , , sa.t r:f.u,w-, 1 ri it ,fx --fe .ac if ' s:,'nf,t"'1:2-Q ses,--f wisctfisx 2'-. 'ZQ3 .., iv- " we . ' X J ' ,',' 'QQQ if QR tai! -t ,s' -Q' i"-,-"fri f4f"'i V .h w H , 1' "fi Sp i-.. ifiglsggn Zn 2 ,.- J , vW1vwjMmm-i.Mm-W-awwfaainem-.1wamv.1mMfw ri S 'ff E Q 1 W ,-"" , f 'f ' 'siiffj i Qty V ff fi. , fwfr ,,. . X ,fa ..g?5,'i,,,ta,,.vAk H K WNQ31-sm ry!! My I " , - sfxjiivf-'M f , dig g, h .Q-.fQQ,2g .ggwaf siiifffyl J" 4 , .jg K fs ,- "W, - AA-A wi gn 'tliia '54 ,vi TL v , 9 M, ww., 'H ' k 1' -,MA4-WMA-.-f wi 'DI Z 'lb 'xv' -- magv Yds For Second European Tour Under the direction of Mr. Robert Low- rance, the North Fulton Special Choir adds a touch of culture to our school. Their annual concerts are events looked forward to with a great deal of enthusi- asm. In recognition of their excellent performances they have been asked to sing in Europe again. In l956 on their first European tour they covered over three thousand miles and visited eight countries. In the thirty-four days they 151 2 were gone they had an exhausting time sightseeing and singing. It is considered quite an honor to be a member of the group of young singers. In order to be chosen, a solo try-out is necessary. After successfully passing this test, long hours of practice and rehearsal are required to learn new songs and re- view the old ones, as the choir is constant- ly adding to its repertoire. North Fulton is truly proud of its Special Choir. 1 gl' llnrth FuItun's Special Ehoir Bound ' lglg: 150 L. u-sum :gglgfg THE Cl-lOlR'S officers are Bobby Whaley, Alice Hulchin- son, Bill Dulces, Judy Wagner Marina Borland, Nancy Gray and Mr. Lowrance, direcior. EACH HOMEROOM selecis a Scribbler represen- ANNUAL REPRESENTATIVES promofe +he sale of ' h ll Subscri HOUS and S995 1416+ each ads and in coopera'rion wirh The bank fellers, see +ahve w o se s p I I S+'-Ideflf FGCGTVGS MS SCIHTOY1 of +he PGPGY- +ha+ each s+uden+ deposi+s money for an annual. Du Their Part In Schonl's Hctiuities P.T.A. REPRESENTATIVES: The job of +he P.T.A. is +o promo+e be'Her relaiions befween +he paren+s and 'I'he Teachers. Since +he organizarion is so impor+an+ and +he membership so large, each homeroom elec+s a represen+a+ive +o encourage 'rhe homeroom parenfs To join and 1'ake an ac'l'ive part JUNIIOR RED CROSS REPRESENTATIVES: North Fulton has alwa s lalten an a +' rl' ' y c ive pa in charity proiects. The group, which takes charge of collecting food to fill the annual Thanlts giving baskets and 'toys and other small articles for the boxes 'lo send to children in foreign countries, is the Junior Red Cross. Uarious Reoresentatiuies Hnd Sponsors Cooperate To ANNUAL SPONSORS: First Row, left +o right: Nancy Peddicord, Sara Osfrom, Julie Moreland. Second Row: Martha Lois Mays, Gretchen Flaherty, Patty Pai- tillo, Linda Schumacher. Third Row: Gloria Clarlt, Gayle Grant, Eugenia Sandifer, SI-ella Hannah. Without the help of these people Working in different activities, important larger groups, of Which they are a part, could not accomplish their purpose. Junior Red Cross Representatives col- lect money, food, and toys for needy people. The P.T.A. has a representative in each homeroom to en- courage membership. The annual sponsors, annual representatives, and Scrib- bler representatives aid our school publications. 'Ks . MAIN LIBRARY STAFF: First Row reading from left lo right: Courlney Fain, Sandra White, C I Holland. Second Row: Ed Wallace, Bruce Jacobs, Moreland Smith, Bob Slurgeon, Ken aro yn McCullough. Third Row: Kitty Booth, Mary Heller, Charlene McEImore, Peggy Allen, Patsy Hunter Regina Miller, Marie Wideman, Carol Goodfellow. Fourth Row: Mary Brooks, Sara P C I Sandbur WhiteIiurs+, Judy Wagner, Nancy Peddicord, Susan Steele, Dorada ope, aro g, Sandra Rosborg. These are lhe students who run the main library. ihraries Hid Students In Sauings Rnd Studies Roy Flemming assists Tommy Phil lips in checking our a bool: from +he annex library. 1 ifln. 1 MRS. BURROUGHS, our head Ii- brarian, is always willing lo help s+udenl's in every way. NINETEEN PEOPLE, under the di- rec+ion of Mrs. Chandler, run the annex library which is maintained for underclassmen. "V",-I JOHANNES ROZIER, Helen Huey, Carl Weibel, and Ann Willis help wirh Monday morning banking. EVERY HOMEROOM has a feller who keeps 'ihe record of deposiis and wifhdrawals 'For each sfudenl. M BANK DIRECTORS: Firsf Row: Sara Osfrom, Marfha Borland, Sarah Byers, Dianne Langley, Robbie Logan. Second Row: Nancy Nelson, Phyllis Webb, Mary Ru+h Walfers, June While- head, Tom Pirkle. Third Row: Fred FIe+cher, Grefchen Flaherfy, Libba Sieinmann, Bonnie Pai- fen, John Commander. Fourfh Row: Wade Sf, John, Pam Crady, Sherry Moore. The bank direciors no+ only keep fhe bank in order, buf also learn sound business principles, H is also fheir iob fo sell shares of s+ock in 'rhis Junior Achievemenf-sponsored company. Ilecessarv Services Performed Bu Bank Hm BANK WORKERS are +he s+uden'is who work for rhe bank fiffh period delivering checks and keeping in- dividual banking records. One of the chief ways of keeping a stu- dent body interested in school activities and happenings is through the publica- tion of a school newspaper. North Ful- tonls school newspaper and its companion the Confidential do just this by the excel- lent feature articles, coverage of sports events, and editorials printed in each edi- tion. The publishing of our top-rate news- paper is attained through the cooperation of many students, not only those who are responsible for its written contents, but also those who sell and distribute it. lUork Together To Produce Georgia s Leading High School newspaper Judy Alcorn Dana Palmer Buddy Ballenger, Barbara Smith, Tommy Phillips, and Richard Small are +he people who edri +he Confidenhal, a paper +ha+ is published with our school paper rubber The Confidenhal coniains class gossip, amusing sfories, and original cartoons. .?m if Wi 'im' T I CD SCRIBBLER "Geo1'gia'.r Fineft High Scfwol Newxpapn-" North Fulton Hixh School Atlanta, Georgia, hind Cool? Sdtolutlo Piwaiihodctaiiou JOHN MEDLIN ' ' e..,,,k wlggfqu Editor 1 .--... - ll-UHIIRG 'Tiki Business Manager LINDA SOUTHERLAND -. l- 1 PEGGY MELCHER Ass't. Editor ' ' ! All't. Bus. Mgr NANNE mavmo .ll i cuezv :Annes News Editor 5 ,g,,. 5.7. Shbftslditor -,. -- a.-.H-4"':.:f,:ii'J.2t3'e'.1 STAFF: Feature Editor, Donna Demeree: Coniidenlial Editor, Barbara Smith: Picture Editor, Winston Blumbergz Photographers, Winston Blumberg, Bobby Hurt, Bobby Lindholm: cartoonist, Dana Palmer: Reporters, Bob New- man, Elizabeth White, Tommy Phillips. Richard Small. Beverly Burkett, Brenda Bates. Advisor, Miss Kathryne Connell. SCRIBBLER STAFF, from left to right: Barbara Smith, Danny Reubens, Buddy Ballenger, Dianne Raymo, Peggy Melcher, Winston Blumberg, John Medlin, Carey Barnes, Linda Southerland, Carter Smith, Dana Palmer, Miss Connell, and Donna Demeree. Scrihhler Rnd Ennfidential Staffs JOHN MEDLIN, editor ot the Scrabble and Dana Palmer, cartoonist discuss pla tor the next edition ot the paper DEADLINE-the entire staff pitches in to help. 5 ilrfm... M m, V I PJ! tix?-'W www fm Q, r . 'X ,awww 12316 ,, W x E x' "f7b'w'52?' 'fghdid is Hww'if,gn1J 'ff ' WW ""5e ,mmgnh 2 'mf , THE i959 Hl-WAYS STAFF works +o produce +he annual. Piciured from leff fo righf The members are: Fausfine Wilson, Adverfising Mgr.: Judy Hughes, Under- classmen Ediiory Judy Riddiclr, Superlafive Ediforg Bobby Huri, Apprenlice Phofographerg Charles Gendel, Ediforg Barbara Crawford, Head Copyreader: Neal Hollingsworfh, Underclassmen Edi+org Linda Schumacher, Circulafion Mgr. Second Row: Regina Miller, Typisfg Paf Beaffy, Ariisfg Harrie? Avary, Club Edilorg Donnie Lander, Underclassmen Edilorg Jaclcie Kohn, Senior Edi+org Sally Evans, Ac+ivi+y Edi+orp D'Nena Lowrance, Circulafion Sponsor: Jane Cannon, Superlafive Edi+org Gloria Carney, Head Typisit June Whi+ehead, Facul+y Ediforg Befh Hudson, Copyreaderg Sarah B F l ' ' ' ' ' Edi+or. yers, acu fy Edifor, Third Row. Jerry Marhn, Senior .41 GLORIA CARNEY, Barbara Crawford, Regina Miller and Be+h Hudson are +he members of 'rhe sfaff whose dufy H' is +o do all fyping and copy- reading. CHARLES GENDEL, edi+or, and Miss Moodie, facully supervisor, look over picfure schedule for Fiffy-Nine Hi- Ways. nik, Able counselors' assistants facili- 'fare the work of the' Counselors by running errands, delivering mes- sages and helping ro keep the records in +ha'r office. iw! EACH DAY these students give up a fourth period study hall to OFFICE ASSISTANTS. reading fr0n+ +0 work in the cafeteria. Some assist in serving plates while orhers E33iM'i'ElEsk?le'?unsii'-DOLJCS PTl::"'Ff': act as cashiers or supervisors in the snack bar. ,mol pred Fmkherl Ronalcg aHglpki':1s Sandy Wells and Johnny Gillespie. lNFlRMARY ASSISTANTS: Barbara Rachaels, Dixie Cochran, Beverly LUURK UF SEHUUL The school cannot function Without the help of students. The infirmary assistants have raised the spirits of many students suffering from minor distresses. The work involved in North Fulton's oflice could not be handled by the full time staff alone. The ofliee assistants etliciently manage the minor jobs. North Fulton is lucky to have two trained counselors. They are helped by the eounselor's assistants who aid with the voluminous paper work. Wynne, Ann Williams, Barbara Stone, Mary Small, and Ann Mitchell all work one period a day in the infirmary. They help the nurse, Mrs Hin ton, to fake care of the aches and pains of students. i':r P221 fi "Ki ..' r' , as READING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, First Row: J. Krueger, B. Hoppe, P. Flanagan, E. Manning, P. Pattillo, R. Werth. Second Row: S. Davis, P. Hendrix, K. Kaiser, C. Ollelr, B. Meyer, J. Irwin, A. Willis. Third Row: M. Browne, J. Wells, A. James, V. Meacham, D. Hall, A. Essig. Fourth Row: V. Fleming, C. Collingsworth, M. O'Kelley, J. Griffeth, J. Griffith, S. Smith, B. Donahue. Fifth Row: C. Barhon, G. Morris, A. Flynn, J. Tinsley, C. Kelley, L. Myers P. Allen, C. Holland. Sixth Row: A. Carter, S, Nelson, V. Smith, S. Sticlcles. V-Teens Participate In V. lU. E. H. Project Teens helped a needy family at Christmasg Ninth-graders took clothes to Atlanta Girls' Club and favors to Sheltering Arms Chil- drens' Homeg the Senior Club took favors to children at Grady and Georgia Baptist Hospitals, sponsored the UBlaeksmith Bluesf' -and enjoyed a day at Ida Cason's. N x? READING FROM LEFT to right: P. Pat- tillo, Pres.: A. Willis, V.-Pres.: P. Flana- gan, Hist.: P. Hendrix, Treas.g B. Hoppe, Wor. Chrm.q J. Krueger, Sec.: E. Man- ning, Dir, Chrm. J. TINSLEY represents North Fulton at World Fellowship Conference in New York and Washington. 5 Q 1. .ii 5 SENIOR Y-TEEN members enioy publishing North Fulton directory tor the year I959. lfi9 1' 1.3 ' 2 , ' ' , F' A -V ,,.,,,hi ,.,A M, :-Vg-f-,3-,ggfg:gs5:g:,:, ,... : ,:-::'::s.f.. sv1wsWg .,..,. . . .W , T S i ' 2 . .Mx,, .,,, W1 KMV. QQ .,1,W,A ,WW MMMMMWMQLL M , , ffufif Wg: if W ""f'r'v:'T:WfZ,:44f,,N.4,g,. if .L A 4 X M j,5gfL,iZ,,,,1fM' m g,i.1,1:iiil2 , VM vi . ,M ,W V ff: L1 M W -12: 2 ' W ,h,.x,,,.W,..,.,,,.A.,,,M,.,..L,,,M.M,,,.h I at V H M A, Q ,Qi E A 3. Q, is I 2 2 ...J SN In I Hay. If-1-Q-. MW ' . ..., . ww- itw 1 151 ! vi iw' ,",' ' v gm, id E555 fx n Q if MK, , W W Wpmy' 'A U 1- wx A ,N A 4 ap ,' , 5 fx ,Q M--U ,few .,,. i I if f W, .,,. : Q -:,.g-,gg A pf, H Ziff , gun.. 1. use M-F fvr' fn-Q' if M, AQ- nm , ' LB., 4' if if ' 2 .,A,:, i . iii su ' A W if f. :vV- A fjv -M i -My "1 .. 5' - Y 4..1.:., 1V-MW" L NH .M -iiiti g M wk, MW V if X ,K ff fm .1 , ,f ff 1 3 AX wwf-fm 5 5 WZ WH. 'pg Ka T A ,M Q, 22 529 , A N ga 0 41 may X ,hgh 4 its 1 . ,Q 3 Q x me ' '32 Fm Aka . 9 Q :N fi x ff? Q. Te fix fx wx, E. MILNER and C. Lynch MEMBERS of G.L.C. help redecorate gym snack bar. cheer cancer patient. North Fulton girls who have earned a school letter comprise the Girls' Letter Club sponsored by Mrs. M. Livingston. By giving an informal dance in the fall, these girls raised money to buy new sweaters for the cheerleaders and to redecorate the New Gym snack bar. Once each month club representatives visit the patients at the Cancer Home, and all are planning for a girl's field day in the spring. etter Girls Sponsor Eumpetitiue Field Dau READING LEFT TO RIGHT, First Row: N. Bradford, B. Brown, D. Churchill, M. R. Walters, J. Whitehead, E. Milner, M. Borland, S. Alford, N. Nelson. Second Row: H. Dralre, B. Bean, M. Frye, S. Mosey, F. Smith, M. Williams, K. Williams, C, Lynch, C. Archbold, B. Brown, B. Ballenger, B. Lindsay, R. Logan. Third Row: P. Crady, C. Goodfellow, M. A. Renz, J. Pratt, S. Floge, K. Woolley, B. Bishop, P. Taylor, C. A. Kennon, S. Spaulding, C. Baker, G. Carney, C. Fain, H. Helms, C. Callaway, C. Collinsworth, J. Harris, B. Patten, P. Melcher, B. Stone, S. Davis. land: Sec. M. Frye. M. R. WALTERS receives sweaters for cheer leaders 'From M. Borland. r . 1 R. McLeod and B. Harper, consulsg N, Frye, Scribag P. Milchell, NEW Selph welcomed ai' Quaeslorg and Miss Margare+ Williams, Sponsor lead proiecfs of aciive inducfioni Lalin Club. amjqm 5 y B. Van Dyke and Latin slaves French Club members correspond with French leenagers in Lyon. Language Rnd Science Latlll lillll FI'BllCll l:lllllS The meetings of the French and Latin Clubs are designed to stimu- late interest in these languages by the presentation of more informal material than is offered in the classroom. Programs include skits and lectures on France and Rome, as Well as on the customs of the people. ACTIVE FRENCH CLUB guided by Mr. Heclrle, Sponsor: M. While, Pres.g increase Slud B. Lindsay, V.-Pres., S. Wilson, Sec., R. Werlh, Trees.: and M. A. Renz, Chaplain, display iravel folders. 172 H. HUEY, P. Webb, J. Orr prepare for induc+ion into French Club, an organizalion which works lo en+s' inleresl in foreign languages. 'till TRPJJF7 N ,r .i"l12l,lI5lQit ACID an ' """ " .---..t,:?.f ., W ,, . Ewa A f LJ E ii' Md PLUNKET and Gendei's proiect " 'firm 'salute 'IMW S I T 1 SCIENCE CLUB observes experiments in lab. Group is led by Sutton wins award for School. sponsor: Truslow, Pres.: M. Smith, V.-Pres.g M. Mays, Sec.: R. Meyer, Treas Emphasized Through Eluhs Science Eluh Hnd F. H. H. Since science plays a vital role in our age, North Fulton's science :lubs were formed. In the Science Club students take held trips and aave speakers who discuss scientif- ic problems. In the Future Home- nakers of America potential house- wives learn the science of home- naking and the important part Nomen play in American life. YOU NG scientists study plans. FUTU RE homemaker recites creed. ii ' Q F.H.A. GIRLS carried out charitable proiects this year. Here several members make dolls for the Cluldren 'n h05Pl+5l5- F.H.A. PICTURED in its living room at a semi-monthly meeting Otficers are G. Fish, Pres.: D. Hall, V.-Pres.: J. Fletcher, Sec Trees.: Mrs. Dutfes, sponsor. DECORATING THE SCHOOL at Christmas and filling the display cases are proiects ot the Art Club, which is headed by S. Salter, Pres.: S. Routsos, Sec.-Treas.g and Mrs. Hoppe, sponsor. we MEMBERS S. Salter and K. Booth drawing posters display talent. 19 'r "M-.QAM 4 TWO ART students make a tile mosaic. The Hrts Hre Featured Ht Herth Fulton THE LATE Christopher Bean is presented by the Dramatic Club. reas. F. Taylor, a P. BROOKE and C. Sheldon rehearse parts for Senior Pres. J. Wagner, V.'Pi-es. J. Whitehead, Sec. R. Walker, T nd M O'N l direct varied activities of Dramatic Club, play, rs. ea 174 all as-.. 3 43 w, iw at M 5 pu P at 3 m if i egg 4 'F , "sis ,mmf 563 -4' S f-ii f I 9 5 +-1 J I' P 4X W f W A 1 ,V 4, gygsm hm. i, A mhz H, 3 65:5 The b Councml, an orga11izzitifoWn of ail. North Fultonwclub presidenis, has fqnctmns.f First, iris an honorag mgzmbefs :md second, it is f0H1'f1swM2fvef4HfQfQf2su1Hffve bf1dy of an in ??1'his group 3PprQ252f4M5j??135W0ffff'f132fQl?5Q9fQ91lM5?3f1!bfS 'iPfilfffcw -wr! Le G 4 wg 13 C6365 ' , if Kingfi , i E 5 Q n L . R 1 G Y ima ilszarn Salesmansh ill Hduertising What is salesmanship but the ability to put across a product to the public? This ability comes from the actual experience of selling. The accompany- ing picture illustrates the sales technique used by some of our more successful saleswomen. By soli- citing advertising for the Hz'-Wayfs all students at North Fulton are given the opportunity to acquire this ability. Students are able to learn salesmanship and business procedure by actually going into their community and selling ads. ADVERTISING ENABLES MORE STUDENTS TO BUY THE HI-WAYS The Hi-Wayis is run on a unique financial basis which enables it to be sold for a price much lower than that of most high school annuals. Since the greater part of the money which pays for our an- nual comes from advertising, more students are able to buy the Hi-llfays at its low price. STAFF THANKS THOSE WHO BOUGHT AND SOLD ADS The Hz'-Wa5's owes its existence to the students who sold the ads and to the community Which graciously bought them. There are not enough words to express the gratitude felt by everyone connected with the Hz'-lVays for the tremendous effort and response which made this l959 edition possible. The following pages represent the work of stu- dents who sold themselves and something they believed in, North Fulton, to community business- men. This advertising section stands as a bridge which young people have crossed to meet adults and the adult World of business. . l . ' S ' ' ' ...- 'F , .Jr r',',i5'Vf 'L ,gl fl?-A W' wt t- fit, ., ' - iii -"'Q 1 X Ml, 4 ' x 'X' ,Il . t X 3 9 Q I V V A 1. i Q af' L . 'P' ite. xx , Vx ' , was - . , llls A ,F- t :3!M rW,,,w-"M, ,vw SHA 'R 1 fi is 1 H' ac' NH- gc -4 . t .- N4 , gifs,-in t ,:,lf"'Wf'm f e ii ' ' A A wi kgs. W 45- ' " sf? awaits! it fwfihw . . ,af ffffgil-an r wa F t, 4, w 1. my 2, 4,5 ,-,ttgivzfw 557- fi 1 H sr: t M fl Q A jjggvf wi wiki Lv .wgifa s gm. fs 'Q"ifM"as2fgzf"' Hb f 1 tux sq, gig, w . H5 f. V f:,:eiaws-"'- - Q X Q ws -.2 , ,,-a,,.5,wm-Q, ,Ia 4, W ,V hymn -ew X -'f H . -xwz'-1-1-Hi5 ',1. -1fr.+2f?Vf:ie1,. .1 . O 1' 3.93, ,. . 5 i",,1f4Zzfa1n-F?5jpSs1,Ef" ' " 1. ,, '- fam! '42, ' e I-2522 t 2,55-'va ' up lt. 4 2 .i -wx 5 4 I 1, ., Y , N , ,K 44:24am 1 gf KTA s ,f 319. 4 76 f ,"' 'WU A i A i X if"'f'i' i ,1 ,J t rf Map, I J ,f 5 ' X 'U xi,,'7A Q' L K, ,yu v .ff 4 , ,Nga 1424 want vt'f , xg gr l Ag,-+4 Kgs. 5, -f f .iff nga 01. W iff , Q as ' ag- as Y s. ,H iivyfngq lyvm Jgafd' . , 1,55 ,f ,ff-3 1 . - WJ.. , !,, , ?,v, , v f ' M ' Allen, Griffin Avary, Harriet Baker, Judy Barnettj Cathy Bates, Brenda Berry, Dennis Bishop, Barbara Brazelton, Neill Brooks, Mary Bryan, Cheney Butler, Ros Candler, Cookie Cannon, Jane Carlock, Tom Carmichael, Billy Carter, Johnny Carter, Sandy Caven, Bill Christensen, Karen Clemmer, Bobby Close, Karen Converse, Lynda Crawford, Barbara Crawford, Judy Cullom, Edward Davis, Winnie Dees, Caroline DeGross, Ed Delung, Tucky Dempsey, Pat Denny, Ray Dietz, Barbara Donaldson, Jimmy Dukes, Bill Durham, Jerry Dyas, Darrell Edwards, Ronnie Evans, Sally Eves, Patsy Fain, Courtney Fain, Jackie Fears, Ann Fish, Georgiana Fite, John Fletcher, Bill Ford, Pete lUe Sold the HIIS Fowler, Jack Freeman, Allen Friedman, June Frye, Miriam Frye, Nancy Gendel, Charles Gerth, Ann Goodloe, Susan Goodwith, Nancy Grant, Gayle Gray, Nancy Hanson, Judy Harrison, Bobby Hogg, David Holbrook, Charlotte Holland, Carolyn Hollingsworth, Neal Hudson, Beth Huey, Helen Huffman, Hooky Hughes, Judy Hunter, Laura Kelley, Pat Kemph, Mary Lou Kennon, Carol Ann King, George King, Vicki Kohn, Jackie Kreuter, Karen Lander, Donnie Landers, Sandra Lawhon, Lynda Little, Bill Lowrance, D'Nena Lucas, Ross Mann, Oreon McDowell, Bob McMurray, Tom Meier, Linda Meroney, David Miller, Regina Milner, Mimi Mitchell, Roy Moret, Susan Morgan, Alec 178 E-7 E-6 A-2 E-7 C-4 E-6 C-9 E-8 B-8 D-8 E-4 E-6 D-5 E-6 E-6 E-Z E-l E-3 D-5 D-S E-Z E-4 E-4 D-9 D-8 E-l A-2 E-5 E-l E-5 A-6 D-8 E-7 E-l A-S E-6 E-8 E-5 E-l E-6 E-3 B-8 E-6 D-S E-8 Morgan, Betty Morse, Jenny Lynn Noblin, Nancy Oliver, Jimmy Orr, Nancy Ostrom, Sara Outz, Betty Peddicord, Nancy Peebles, Connie Penny, Ann Plunkett, Bill Pollard, Susan Rabenhorst, Jimmy Ragsdale, Bernie Rainwater, Peggy Richardson, Babs Riddick, Judy Roadcap, Joan Roberts, Pepper Rubens, Danny Shipman, Carolyn Simmons, Kay Simms, Sheldon Smith, Mathew Steinmann, Kurt Swilley, Monroe Taylor, Frank Taylor, Pat Thomas, Rosemary Trammen, Joe Valentine, Jimmy Walker, Rita Walters, Mary Ruth Wade, Caroline Webb, Phyllis White, Elizabeth White, Marian White, Sandra Whitehead, June VVhitehurst, Sara Wilcox, Elinor Wideman, Marie Wilkerson, Buddy Willenbucher, Renee Willis, Dorothy Wilson, Faustine A D E C E E A E E E E D E C E B-ll E E4 E4 E D D FflCPFf1FUlTiFflKT1F11lTllT1U1UfUCTlFUF11DPUUlT1I11l11UPlT1 SEE US AND SAVE ON o Gifts and Housewares o Luggage and Leather Goods o Photo Supplies and Cameras o jewelry - Diamonds. - Watches TUXEDO MART Buckhead Center 3090 Peachtree Rd. CE. 3-5396 "Knowledge is the pofwer of everyday lifving' EDGE INSURANCE AGENCY 650 Hurt Bldg. JA. 1-1805 All forms of insurance Fain Realty and Insurance Co. 153 Nassau Street, N. W. ATLANTA, GEORGIA Ps. 101 :7 "Selling ana' I marina Greater Atlanta" Day-JA. 5-0694 Night-CE. 3-0887 E. O. Sams Service Station GULF PRODUCTS 855 West Peachtree Street Cars Called for and Delivered E. O. SAMS Phone TRinity 4-9145 R. E. Holcombe Sales Agency 603 Stewart Ave., S. W. HOTSTREAM WATER HEATERS THE PLAY SHOP Dislintifve Toys Roswell at Powers Ferry Briarcliff at LaVista Clairmont at N. Decatur "CHUBBY" DIETZ Sign ffrtist ATLANTA, GEORGIA Compliments Of SCHNEIDER 8a SON JEWELERS 109 Peachtree St., N. E. JA 2-7167 Atlanta 3, Georgia PEST AND TERMITE CONTROL Free Inspectionr TR. 6-8806 Biltmore Exterminators, Inc. 1045 Spring St., N. W. Garden Hills Pharmacy, Inc. PEACHTREE HARDWARE 81 SUPPLY COMPANY 2815 Peachtree Rd., N. E. CEdar 3-1146 Atlanta, Georgia Q 3473 Peachtree Road, N. E. We Appreciate the Opportunity WE DELIVER Call CE 7-4627 to Serfve You Compliments of Compliments of CHARLES GENDEI' L. A. Baird Insurance Agency and SARA WHITKEHURS1 3230 Peachtree Road G' 0' HALLS GULF SERVICE Lindbergh Automatic Laundry Brake Service o Wheels Balanced Tunoup Complete Laundry Service With Finer Finishin CE 3-9272 2520 Piedmont Rd. Atlanta, Ge. Quahty Dyemg Compliments of POWELL CLEANERS LA vls'rA HARDWARE co. 6th St. at Peachtree 2301 Cheshire Bridge Road We Specialize in Hand Cleaning at Ladrvistg ME -8 0 TRIO SHOE SHOP A-Step-A-Head Beacon Launderers 8d Cleaners ALL KINDS OF SHOE REPAIRING PERSGNAL SERVICE Buckhead 3082 R0SWe11R0ad,N-W- Atlanta 5, Ge. 2839 Peachtree Rd. CE 3-1615 CGMPLIMENTS OF M945 MRS. HARRY DELUNG - PIQESIDENI' MRS. EDGAR JOHNSON - VICE PQESIDENT MR. IBA. CQONJE -SECoND VICE PDESIDENT MRS. ROBERT JOHNSTON 'PECORDKNG seem-arf-my M PS. ST EPHEN5 AVAPY - CORRESPGNDI N6 Sscsagmey MPS. LS. WAITS - TREASURER Nm GEDRGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Offers Undergraduate Work in ENGINEERING SCIENCE ARCHITECTURE INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT ROTC: Army, Air Force, Navy Nm 't 1 gif Congratulations .N r as gi n and 'I , if 4 Best Wishes ll ' 'I V to the if' I x V , L Class of 1958 , fsfg.f531 u -H --g 2 T ROY o. McCLAIN +esr+trMas . A rspiljf- .V A -, - - -V ,g-. Pastor iiswi ww, V . g. 2' , R JT' P' '5- -ww a' L'-1 '- L ' . -- " -L ' RD 'F " ' 'E FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH SCHUMAN'S MARKET 2837 Peachtree Rd., N. E. Compliments of CE 3-9695 Fancy Western Meats and Groceries GEQRGU-VS LARGEST AUTOMOBILE DEALER Compliments of "Don't Daily See Nall " - J' L 81 N SUPPLY CO., INC. DUNCAN PEEK INSURANCE AGENCY PEACHTREE AVE. APARTMENTS "The Peek of Service 285 Peachtree Ave. Mortgage Loans 0 Auto Financing Owner: Henry King CE 7-4254 Insurance gomp Amenfd 6017179 617118 lflffd 0 0 WE H0 E GRILL CAPITAL AUTOMOBIL 3094 PEACHTREE RD. C0 . Qin Buckheadj Authorized Agent for Cadillac Phone: CE 3-9103 This chapel is open always for prayer. Day or night you may come. The Peachtree door is never closed. We understand and gladly serve the Christian needs of youth. Peachtree Christian Church Peachtree At Spring DD RORFRTW RTlRNSt Pastor QWQIQAWQZVLCJ 0 F. GRAHAM WILLIAMS CO., INC. Compliments of BOWSTRING CRAFT SHOP CHEROKEE, N. c. CHICKEN HOUSE Good Home Cooking '4Southern Fried Chicken" Country Ham and Hot Biscuits Dining Room and Curb Service Open Z4 hours CHAMBLEE, GA. 5033 Buford Hwy. GI 7 9145 Compliments of Sheldon Simms Co. Inc. 0 REALTORS . LAND DEVELOPERS 3401 Howell Mill Rd., N. W. - CE 7-0351 Dqlon !c0nf"UCfin9 C9 Best Wishes To The Class of 1959 From A FRIEND V 5 VrX,gALL""lN1U 1 , Y 1. , wx-IEE! MAXIM' ' LIKE ' L1 3 ,., ,., Mews, - gg t rff- use-Hes Haw' J N n Loon ou-r. cnmzy E MAN? f2f,Ll , rmifcf-'ms . "' E "'O""" Q I 'rms f'.z,vrsue:Nv'fA" 'Cf . SH 5' 55:1 4 4 , h Q . .: 'V-,. m M ST BE FU MN y 5'Now MAN' '9,'i'Z1.1f ff 9 9 i ' . 3 r I M Q f -, ,,....-2 ---""""' I M C ' 4- .--rl- 1-1. IL-..- X , I, , ff' I 1 fx, 'sr b . , ' , Q , AQ J. -'-if ag 'x, 4 , . ,. I . 1,91 , av .. X, Q.. vp W wg .. -.1 ,,,.,, lg. , ,... ,.: Q. W -fzasv f + L-m?1 V. Ji ' if I 5 s ' I! . R 2 f X J ' 1 W 'lg' , ' L I -1,A : A f fffx Nr? 'K 2 f Q, x Q 4 ' ,. 552:33 I X ' , IA, 4 '::gjf3s91.,: X ,gg-,efgahiff y . 1 .wwf Nf'M'mZ?. my -ffkiifiae Y ,I E S' 'I' I , 1 A Q I-"Ks"-s:.. 4 1- I OUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND T 187 ELEGRAPH COMPAN Read your Bible daily. Pray every day. THE COUNCIL - WE PLAN. A MEE At Sunday School everyone learns the teachings of Christ through the examples set by us. THE PROJECTS - WE SERVE. The Fellowship serves Christ through our three projects-Sunday School for the under- privileged at Uncle Johnny's farm, Pickets Alley on Savannah Street, and Union Mission where elderly men come to meet their Savior. Support the church of your choice. Witness for Christ. The underprivileged are shown true friendship from Fellowship members. TING - WE WORSHIP. Union Mission provides inspiration for all participants. NORTH FULTON STUDENT CHRIST HIGH SCHOOL IAN FELLGWSHIP A MEMORIES OF E-5 As the years go by, the memories of friends we have made in E-5 will not fade. We have shared many experiences together that will not easily be forgotten because this is the year We were Seniors. When we arrived on the first day of school in September '58, we found ourselves near the close of our high school careers, and bestowed with many privileges and responsibilities. Now as we near the end of our time together, we would remember those who have received honor during the year. President of Homeroom: Frank Taylor. Senior Cabinet: Jimmy Rabenhorst, Jackie Kohn, Bob Newman. Student Council: Craig Nelson, Julie Alexander. Vice President of Senior Class: Julie Alexander. Members of Beta Club: Cheney Bryan, Gloria Carney, Sally Evans, Carol Ferguson, Jackie Kohn, Donnie Lander, Sandra Mosey, Patty Pattillo, Judy Riddick, Frank Taylor. President of Honor Society: Donnie Lander. Members of Honor Society: Sally Evans, Jackie Kohn, Donnie Lander, Sandra Mosey, Patty Pattillo, Judy Riddick. Miss Senter--the only one left behind. May 19th is the day we have always looked forward to with great expectation-our grad- uation. We will each walk down the aisle to receive diplomas and walk out to a future of unlimited promise. However, with this list of names, we may better preserve the memories of E-5. Julie Alexander Larry Benner Winston Blumberg Mary Brooks Cheney Bryan Ros Butler Cookie Candler Gloria Carney Paul Eidson Sally Evans Carol Ferguson Robert Goodson David Johnson Jackie Kohn Donnie Lander Tom McMurray Ellen Manning Sandra Mosey Claud Murphy Craig Nelson QRobert Norton-Graduated January, 19595 190 Bob Newman Patty Pattillo Jimmy Rabenhorst Ronald Rearick Judy Riddick Henry Sossaman Linda Southerland Frank Taylor Sandra VVhite Shawna Robison BEI.K-GAI.I.ANT CO. flu Buckhead, 255 East Paces Ferry Road, N. E. ATLANTA, GEORGIA OWEN SERVICE STATION 2264 Cheshire Bridge Rd., N. E. MELROSE 6-1766 MATTHEWS SUPER MARKET 34-55 Peachtree Road, N. E. ATLANTA 5, GA. CE 3-6754 VISIT RUSTY'S DRIVE-IN FOR GOOD FOOD 2225 Peachtree Rd., N. E. ATLANTA, GA. Compliments of E-Z CURB SERVICE STORES ATLANTIC Co. CHEROKEE FEED STORE FEEDSO SEEDS . FERTILIZERS Phone CE 3-6431 231 Buckhead Ave. ATLANTA 5, GA. BUCKHEAD REALTY CO. 252 E. Paces Ferry Rd., N. E. CE 3-2916 ,fI'f56' 1112. f'!Z63,.5,6l'Zl'O7f' CfU55! Our Officers ,Q v 9 Wosf fzlf? Q7 fo .succeed Qlllklf 06171215 af rvork, E+ Our 55255 7'y!01ca'f Banff Day- Eeaaffy mmf We Eceasf- X-J J IQTTHHTEN E ly nTLnnTn Eu cnncmins J PONCE DE LEON PARK 0 LtW 650 PONCE DE LEON AvENuE,N.E. WISH THE SENIOR CLASS THE BEST OF LUCK! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1959 FROM Ruthanna Boyd Beverly Birch Dixie Coats Dove Connor Judy Edwards Ann Horne Rebecca Hughes Candy Lee Susan McDonald Bonnie Mclver Diane Morris Betty Jane Outz jane Simmons Claudia Sommerfield Judy Tull A-5 Virginia Direnzo Robert de -Iarnette Max Ferguson Tommy Ford Alex Hurder Jimmy Jones Ricky Mittelman Warren Owen Wesley Parker Jim Roberts Hugh Schutte Chuck Stepter Mike Turner Greg Van Damm jeff Vantosh Jimmy Windham THE FINER CHARTER BUSES To Serve You SOUTHEASTERN STAGES, INC. 457 PIEDMONT AVE., N. E. ATLANTA, GEORGIA TRINITY 4-2741 J. H. Garvin Auto Service Auto Electrical and General Repairs Front End Alignment - Body and Fender Work Painting - Lubrication - Wrecker Service 3163 Roswell Road, N. W. CE 7-7455 ATLANTA 5, GA. Compliments of MZ 3205 MAPLE DR. Compliments of C. L. EAIN PRODUCE CO. CHARM SHOP BUCKHEAD Agreeable Prices for juniors SL Misses Dress-es - Sportswear BUFORD HIGHWAY GOLF RANGE l985 Cheshire Bridge Road Professional Instruction by Appointment MALER 1680 NORTHSIDE DR. TR 2-9145 EASTERN HERALD PUBLISHING CO. ENGINEERING COMPANY 262 EAST PACES FERRY ROAD lBuCkheadl Consultants and Design Engineers for Complete Line of School Supplies Industry CE 3-5301 90 Fairlie St., N. W Atlanta 3, Georgia Compliments Compliments of of the CLOUDT'S FOOD SHOP Redwood Corset and Lingerie Shop DAN ALLEN COMPANY Radio and TV Sales and Service FOWLER .IEWELERS Diamonds o Watches 0 Silver REPAIRING . . : TV SETS Watch CQ" Jewelry Repairing DANRALLi1id . RADIOS Bldackburn 5,0611 Sandy Springs Shopping Center 6196 We ' Sandy Springs, Georgia sam Fowler BL 5-2480 Compliments of JACK RIDDICK Compliments of Maison Robert Beoufy Solon 3761 Roswell Rd., N. E. CE 3-3896 FULTON SUPPLY COMPANY 342 Nelson Sf., S. W. MU S-3400 ATLANTA, GA. INDUSTRIAL-TEXTILE CONTRACTORS Supplies and Equipment CONTACT LENSES K I L B U R N ' S 467 PEACHTREE, N. E. TR 5-2694 In Buckhead It's . Crys1'aI's Jr. Miss Shop 3184 Peachtree Rd., N. E. CrysfoI's ChiIdren's Shop 3104 Peachtree Rd., N. E. CE 3-6391 HILL BARBER SHOP BRCADVIEW ARCADE 0 Hair Cuts 351.00 We Specialize in Flat Tops 51.50 ROAD SERVICE Phone CE 3-1173 Lon Bridges Tire ond Buttery Co. 3227 Peachtree Road We Don't Want .dll the Business- .lust Yours! Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of BROWN'S PURE OIL SERVICE STATION GARDEN HILLS CE 3-9275 Camp Al4'L8l1t5 of RIDDICK TIRE COMPANY Wm CQMPLIMENTS OF The North Fulton High School Science Club An organization open to all students interested in science. Doc SUTTON . . . Advisor JOHN TRUSLOW . . . . President MORELAND SMITH . . Vice-President MARTHA LOIS MAYS . . . . Treasurer fine fabrics Your Many Sewing Needs UITTS so RIGHT 7 X TO sEW" JN: IN BUCKHEAD CE 3-4061 TOM SMITH MOTORS Compliments of FRANCO'S FINE FOODS OPEN ALL DAY SUNDAYS CE 3-9437 or CE 3-9266 Compliments of BUCKHEAD DRUG COMPANY CE 3-6733 3160 PEACHTREE RD. V SWIFT 81 COMPANY SOUTHEAST FEED DISTRICT Phone TUlip 7-5116 Cumming, Ga. WENDER 81 ROBERTS, INC. "Buckhead's Leading Drug Store" Peachtree Road, Phone CE 3-1122-1123, Buckhead Atlanta, Georgia Compliments of NORTHSIDE 5 AND I0 3467 Peachtree Rd., N. E. ATLANTA 5, GA. FRANKLIN TIRE 81 BATTERY YOUR TEXACO DEALER 3163 Peachtree Road, N. E. CE 3-4181 Atlanta, Ga. CE 3-4181 Road Service, Firestone Tires, Batteries, Aeoessorie Compliments of L. P. Bondurani' 81 Sons HOBART PRODUCTS Compliments of Hardy 81 Bladek Inc 81 A. August Lanna 1351 Northside Dr- Atlanta Industrial Relations Consultants BOBIS ANDERSON'S BARBER SHOP Individuql 3090 Roswell Road Laundry and Dry Cleaning Company 2257 Peachtree Road Phone TR 6-8881 BUCKHEAD Manicuring Tel. CE 7-0711 SEE YOU AT BROADVIEW RECORD CENTER BROADVIEW PLAZA WADE MOTOR CO. AUTHORIZED FORD DEALER 440 Spring St., N. E. JA. 2-6720 9 Q f Q29 M if 15 Q7 2 766 l!k76L9U ' ai S,-L-i'-f--Q--M-N , - W . , ,. 1 45 .xg VWJZU M55 Worm exif" 53122 jfbfzf Bros. 3-3913 CE 3-0413 CE 118 Roswell Road - 35 Years Experience 3 OWENS PLUMBING-HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING CO. ' Work Given Special Attention Repair W. T. CBilll Owens, Owner CE 7-0191 CEdar 3-1161 We Deliver HUNT'S FRESH FOODS Meats, Groceries and Produce Prime Beef C. IRA HUNT 3174 Peachtree Rd. Owner Atlanta S, Ga. 3230 Peachtree Road Atlanta 5, Georgia Phone CE 7-4018 Little Folks Furnitur e 0 Gifts 0 Toys fl 1 "They're TIISY F0 the really t rr'fi " greatest" 9 C TE K 'Record 5 W Hunter lfludlo :jr K ' M ' 'S , . Kgs X -. V 4 5 I 7 1. Q a- ' X I .5 1 T X 7 X .X 2 .H ,I XX ' Y , I x .When H Comes +0 Sier h and High "When it comes to Sterozhofic and High Fidelity records, th I llcs lust can? be F'deI,'Iy players' Ihese. Ol 5. USHIOES' beat Th h Hx ded variefy of They ve b the business since ec or line rnus Al nd know what else was 5 pu F pmlable lo Console d is available ll the can'l' et it for ou 'IDI expensive ellher' Th Y can show Y H, can-+ be' cmenlli g Y ' very quickly why High Fidelity prices 9 varyl" A s s o c I A r F s I 40 Peachtree-Atlanta I I40 Peachtree - Atlanta ll TR 5-Zlf-6 TR 5-0l7l 0 1 " ' ,W . , 3 3 Xb? . -nj, MM, . ' . -iff' ?s -as AR... A K "Q i2c.....aX 1 - Q '-515 I 1 4 . W g-ii 1 1 WHAT! ME IORRYI1 A typical student. in... MISS DEW'S THIRD PERIOD TRIG. CLASS Compliments of Keith 81 Carolyn Converse Distributors of: NUTRILITE QFood Supplernentj MAGI-CARE 124 Hr. Skin Carel EDITH REITHBORG COSMETICS fProduct of Nutrilite Products, Inc., Telephone CE 7-6241 MCDONOUGH CONSTRUCTION COMPANY OF GEORGIA 1958 MONROE DRIVE, N. E. ATLANTA, GEORGIA CONTRACTING AND ENGINEERING Mailing Address: P. O. Box 1738, Atlanta 1, Georgia Telephone TRinity 2-6611 SPECIALIZING IN INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION WILLIAM C. LEA, President 201 TOM MITCHELL BUICK "THE CAR" BUICK '59 JCZQ SAVE AT GAVRON'S DEPARTMENT STORE 3662 Clairmont Road CLOTHING 0 GIFTS o TOYS Compliments of A FRIEND LUCY'S FAMILY SHOE STORE INC. Miss Lucy Nicholls - B,rookhaven Area JARMAN SHOES FOR MEN FOOT FLAIRS 0 QUEEN QUALITY For Women Home of "Little Yankee" Shoes for Children-- Tap 59? Tennis 4067 Peachtree Rd., N. E. CE 7-7820 NEWMAN'S FLOWER CENTER PIEDMONT at LINDBERG Compliments of FOSTER'S STEAK HOUSE 3207 MAPLE DRIVE, N. E. GOOD LUCK, SENIORS! NORTH FULTON BAND Compliments of I'IENRI'S BAKERY Compliments of BILL SEWELL TEXACO SERVICE 4089 Peachtree Rd., N.E. Atlanta 19, Ga. Friendly, Dependable Service Firestone Tires, Batteries 81. Accessories CE 7-6565 CE 7-6535 BUCKHEAD GULF SERVICE 3145 PEACHTREE RD. CE 7-9788 "DEI.'S" HAIRSTYLES 3224 Peachtree Road, N. E. Qover Thompson-Boland-Leej CEdar 7-9533 CRANE CO. HEATING o AIR CONDITIONING Washington St. Viaduct BERRY'S DRIVE-INN GROCERY 1027 W. MARIETTA ST., N. W. JO 5 L C A f 6105: fn- Wlrmf I1 1923 PEACHTREE ROAD, N. W. AT COLLIER ROAD AWNINGS INC. 1035 W. MARIETTA ST., N. W. SY 4-7722 GREEN 84 PRESLEY SERVICE SHELL SL FIRESTONE PRODUCTS Service Is Our Business E. B. Green 3637 Peachtree Road J. c. Presley CE 3-9111 Congratulations From HAZAN'S ON PEACHTREE Tailors o Cleaners o Launderers 1008 Peachtree St., N. E. TR 6-0616 Serving Atlanta Ofver .50 Years GERAI.DINE'S GIFT SHOP I 1038 PEACHTREE ST., N. E. BUCKHEAD BARBER SHOP 253 E. Paces Ferry Rd., N. E. CE 3-9144 Most Beautiful and Modern in Town Quick.and Expert Service at All Times C. A. ADAIR 8: CO. GENERAL CONTRACTORS ATLANTA, GA. JOHN Hooraw For .IARRELL Nawfh Fulton INC. THE BEST LOOK ON EVERY CAMPUS 84 Broad St. JA 1-0924 STE s Hichory H K l 1, A-Awbsvafiwj I, ,. I 4551 .RMWII .R..,s, ml IM L74tl4ml-A 5, gcorjia 1, P CZ' 7-9283 .ru-A A- - Am ra 'wwf-f,.7.-,mf-f W..-N ffff'-as 1 A .. pg, fx.. A -MU ... 4.3, DAVIS MANUFACTURING CO. TR 6-5821 Mattresses and Box Springs Upholstering and Carports 1916 Cheshire Bridge Road, N. E. Atlanta, Georgia Compliments Of A FRIEND D. E. PINKARD CLEANERS, LAUNDERERS, WASHETERIA Pressing, Repairing, Dyeing "Where the Charm of Nefwness is Restored" Plant and Oflice CBuckheadj 3112 Peachtree Rd. Phone CE 3-2187 Qqmlv gn:-ina-Q Qhnnnino' Center BL 5-0130 Compliments of TILMON FRANCIS AND SONS HEATING - PLUMBING 3193 Roswell Road, N. E. at Buckhead CEdar 3-5359 Serving the Northside ofver 37 Years COMPLIMENTS OF THE NORTH FULTON HIGH SCHOOL OFFICERS CLUB An Organization Composed of R.O.T.C. Oflicers from the 1st Regiment, North Fulton Battle Group SERGEANT JONES . . . . Advisor JACK STOW . . . . President ALEC MORGAN . . . Vice President RICHARD MEYER . . . . Treasurer LARRY BENNER . . . . Secretary CRAWFORD 84 PORTER ADVERTISING Members of the American Association of Advertising Agencies 101 Marietta St. Bldg. Suite 616 Telephones JAckson 4-4367-8-9 CQJCQD COSZX -1- SINZX COS2Y : COSZY -1- SINZY COS2 2391 Peachtree Rd., N. E. "Beautiful fi'ofwers" for any occaszon In Memoriam of First Period Trigonometry J. 81 J. SHOES 3078 Roswell Rd., N. E. CBuckheadD 117 Clairmont Ave. Decatur, Ga. SUPER MARKETS Stewart-Lakewood Center 2863 Lakewood Ave., S. W. ' 2779 N. Main st. 4 STOYGS East Point Broadview Plaza Shopping Center 2581 Piedmont Rd., N. E. CEdar 7-9170 CEdar 3-2544 PEACHTREE-ROXBORO GULF SERVICE Lubrication - Washing - Polishing - Wheel Balancing Tires - Batteries - Accessories - Road Service Operated by 3639 Peachtree BEN L. SEALS at Roxboro Rd. G. W. BENNETT Atlanta 5, Ga. MARVEL CLEANERS Hand Cleaning and Storage Pick-up and Delivery Service ME. 6-1681 2231 Cheshire Bridge Rd. Compliment: of A FRIEND BEST W ISH ES BUCKHEAD HARDWARE COMPANY 3059 Peachtree Rd., N. E. Atlanta, Ga. JAcK's PHARMACY R E XA L L 2405 Piedmont Rd. CE 7-4646 Nidhols Texaco Service Station 1958 Piedmont Circle, N. E. fPiedmont at Expresswayj ATLANTA, GEORGIA HILL R. HUFFMAN, INC. Manufacturers' Agents, Dealers BUILDING SPECIALTIES Established 1907 696 Antone Street, Northwest ATLANTA 18, GEORGIA QXDCXCD But have you tried Compliment! Of NORMAN'S T0m0'f0w'f CHICAGO SPECIALTY Buclcl-:EAD Fafhfm Today? MFG. C0 BINS 81 EQUIPMENT CO. 1918 Buford Highway, N. E. Atlanta, Georgia Burroughs Interior TR 2-3576 Steel Shelving Gymnasium Lockers PMELODY MANOR Records and Greeting Cards 1959 Howell Mill Rd., N. W. TR 6-3998 SAM'S CLEANERS 2393 Peachtree Road CEdar 3-S212 Compliments of KINNEY'S SHOE STORE BROADVIEW PLAZA TUXEDO PHARMACY RELIABLE DRUGGISTS 3659 Roswell Rd., N. E. CE 3-2112 SUBURBAN LIVING INC. INTERIORS 3201 Maple Drive, N. E. HAMMOND ORGAN STUDIOS of ATLANTA 3051 Peachtree Road, N. E. Sales, Instruction, Service SELF-ADJUSTING PROJECTOR TABLES Manufactured by MILLER MANUFACTURING CO. 3310 Roxboro Rd., N. E. ATLANTA 5, GEORGIA Congratulations to the Senior Class GARDEN HILLS RECORD SHOP 2831 Peachtree Rd., N. E. "Open every night 'till 9 o'clock" CE 3-9107 - CE 7-4352 PEACHTREE CREEK .SHELL SERVICE 2331 Peachtree Road, N. E. HOLIDAY HOUSE INC. 3055 Peachtree Rd., N. E. ATLANTA, GEORGIA . All MF' ,fm A W!! ll I r - 323 ,H m,AX1T X fririf 2 'ef Q! r. ON N . Q ' ,A ' , ,A I sY L'-' ' e u I xxx-gr-YI' f " RLTN ': - O ' f Y T ' '. I'-' r O- O me . -e 4 ' cgi? 'A I l , -ia -.., in I ' Z X j k ff! 41 5.05 2: 21, I Iugyil-If IJI '14 'T O' . Lis-QELNEE Qin Ogg ' fjjxxeef 1 1883553 -57 Bef! Wilbef 'VSQQQ , ' 'XNKXN :we V XX K to XX . - x " THE sEN1oRs from Peachtree Road Presbyterian Church .Bohn .l. Harte Company ENGINEERSKARC 'r-bs POST OFFICE BOX 2192! ATLANTA 1,GEORGlA 209 We Wish you good fortune . . . In the years to come. FULTON COUNTY FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Georgiafv Oldest Federal WHERE THOUSANDS SAVE MILLIONS Buckhead Atlanta East Point Paces Ferry SL Peachtree 11 Edgewood Ave., S. W. 106 Thompson Avenue CE. 7-0346 JA. 4-2686 PO. 7-2618 STATEWIDE MORTGAGE COMPANY VOLUNTEER BUILDING ATLANTA, GEORGIA ir uk ir WM. T. MCCOLLISTER President GREER Z. ROBERTS M. A. CROSBY Vice President-Treasurer Vice President-Secretary 65 ro oo i E" . A X v 'Ta n H cn ll 'll 0 'I '1 '4 vu 9- I f A K-PK J 'T 0 casual 5 comma J Simply Wonderful Sportswear 133 Sycamore St., Decatur Complimentr of CAPITAL CONSTRUCTION CO. FREEZ - ETTE DRIVE - IN RESTAURANT 4362 Roswell Road, N. E. Near Wieuca Road We specialize in 190 Char-burgers and l9c Milk Shakes Dining Room Service Curb Service Take-Out Service "From a Snack to a Meal" Cidar 7-5873 Compliments of Go 0. 3674 Roswell Rd., N. W. Power Mower and Garden Shop SEED - FERTILIZER - and 1867 Piedmont Rd., N. E. ALL GARDEN SUPPLIES TR 2-8714 4047 Peachtree Road CE 7-6992 KODAKS MOVIES 2129 N. Decatur Rd. ME 4-4900 FRYE'S CAMERA STORES 1067 Peachtree Street, N. E. 171 Peachtree St" N' E' TR 4-7620 Phone JA 5-4993 POLAROID FILMS DALE'S CELLAR RESTAURANT 355 Peachtree, N. E. JA 4-7741 QXJQQD Ke my fue t test-drive the newest addition to our family of fine cars . . . SIM JOAVLVL? OZIGHJBP Cpfcwa of 1953 II Selected by Chrysler Corporation after exhaustive tests, this dis- tinctively different import gives up to 40 miles per gallon . . . with front-engine safety, easy parking, four-door convenience! Test- drive it at your Chrysler appointed Simca dealer . . . where you're sure of service, sure of satisfaction! 213 LI-l DEH lllotom North Ave., between the Peachtrees Dodge - Plymouth - Simca Q fy ,L .x .I f ., if UZ' :V , -w J ,N iw ' Z2 k - 31' .. ,, K K Qi Q M .- 4,5 ,V .5322 W ff, if Q 3 913 me 'Uh 'hy-,,5q -Ms- I," CORDIAL GREETINGS from Second Ponce de Leon In - Baptist Church xw' M75 5 .L I 9 y .dx ""'A '-'ff U. lill mkp , 7 Dr. Monroe Swi1ley,Jr. I I o , , M, Pastor 'rn w,,,.,.,a--s-....,..anim- M4-MM, A vw X.. f lun-I-4'4"-"' 2715 Peachtree Road, N. E. THE GRAPHIC ARTS INDUSTRY OFFERS TREMENDOUS OPPORTUNITIES, PARTICULARLY IF YOU USE ORIGINAL HEIDELBERG fully automatic platen and cylinder presses KURT W. STEINMANN, Regional Manager Heidelberg Southern Sales Co. Houston, Texas - - Atlanta, Ga.. 215 CALL Liepmon Contracting Co. For all types of grading and earth moving CE 7-5266 5000 Wieuca Road Compliments of WIEUCA BARBER SHOP 4630 Wieuca Rd. Open until 6:30 P.M. Your business will be appreciated Compliments of C. R. CLARK CLEANERS Compliments of COI.I.EGIA'I'E PRESS, INC. Printers and Publishers 1166 Euclid Ave., N. E. Atlanta, Ga. I Hendley s Drug Store JA I-1924 2280 Cheshire Bridge Road Atlanta 5, Georgia Compliments Of ME 4-5161 A FRIEND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '59 TAPPAN'S RECORD SHOP Sandy Springs Mion Construction Co. Compliments of ROY PRICE GULF SERVICE Broadview Shopping Center 2599 Piedmont Rd., N. E. CE 3-9203 Road Service C l' amp 'mem CLAIRMONT PHARMACY Of 3668 Clairmont Rd., Chamblee A FRIEND Drugs Prescriptions Soda Compliments .................................................. SWOFFORD SHOES Sandy Springs Shopping Center PEACHTREE ROAD PHARMACY 4062 Peachtree Rd., Brookhaven Norfh Fulton Appliance Service . TV-Radio and Small Appliances E - Ce 8 Repairs TV SERVICE CALLS s3.5o C 7 5751 H. A. CDanj Daniel 310 E. Paces Ferry Drive Wm. E. QBillD Russell Atlanta, Georgia BEST WISHES, CLASS OF '59 KISE 8. HOLLINGSWORTH Man ufaeturers' Representatives GARDEN l'lll.lS FOOD STORE 2823 Peachtree Rd. Compliments of F. W. WQOLWORTH AND CO. Compliments HUB FORD SALES SER VICE 370 Peachtree, N. E. ATLANTA JAcks0n 2-9070 Compliments MAXlNE'S INC. 3319 Peachtree Rd., N. E. CE 7-6433 Interiors - Fine Furniture Compliments of MABEL'S BEAUTY SALON 2419 Piedmont Rd., N. E. TR 2-0066 TR 2-2769 R 0 X Y ' S Atlanta? Leading Delicatessen 1011 Peachtree St., N. W. Established since 1921 Jack D. Franco Atlanta, Ga. DEES PHARMACY Compliments Better Prescription Service for the Family of 2791 Piedmont Road Atlanta 5, Ga. Phone CE 7-2919 PACES FERRY TOWER 4 I g Q-XXQQL A Qfwufimg wbmwmwzwwwbbwr- the graduating class Bv?b5v5v5vE5SS55UB55Wvb52ED5EW5D5v51iU5v3Sv5b5vbW E'-:-."' W . 1 Q me :Z my Us W, p xi I if I MbbbbbwbvifmbbwbwvwbbbwbbwWwvibm SIGN O14' GOOD TASTE HE ATLANTA COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY B. Burkett-diamonds are her best friends E. De Gross-the English accent E. Garland-ten o,clock scholar A. Hutchinson-brains, boys, and birthdays J. Johnson-Money girl-on Monday T. Stubblefield-"mystery man" J. Thruman-a sweet, new addition P. Williams-a prize for the Hneatest purse B. Bryce--our own Hshutterbug' R. Autry-E-2's Silas Marner L. Barrett-"little colonel" B. Bean-our first string bean M. Borland-a loyal WSB fan L. Davidson-Michigan import R. Denny-NF's "Mr. Esquire" K. Dounis-a junior at heart! M. Gryder--"pretty boyn C. Holland-another "Dear Abbyi' J. Hughes-Roger's best friend P. Irwin-"magnificent obsessions D. Langley-"hearts and flowers" J. Maddox-Joe, Jr.-What's your gripe? iM. Mayes-more than her share of brains P C C N. B C R. Melcher-Citadel-one int eres t in her life Sandberg-Ufascinatedi' Sheldon-our own Helen Hayes Skipper-going South of the Border? . Van Dyke-"I was a teenage cavemann Wade-E-2,5 future Hprima donna" Williams-Judy's best friend YHWX gift, gl I mmm z nf BHr.'llIZucktr's f homeroom cnngratulatz tht other members uf tht raduating Glass ut' 1959. Mary Bachelor Jim Bagley Joyce Braswell Phil Christian III Donna Demeree james Donaldson Bill Edwards John Goldsmith Carol Goodfellow Frank Holland E-3 Ronald Hopkins Beth Hudson Jerry Martin Regina Miller Ken Mitchell Phyllis Monica Nancy Peddicord jerry Ragsdale Peggy Rainwater Sandra Rosborg 220 Jeff Sewell Sandra Smallwood Sandy Spaulding Kurt Steinmann DlOrsay Stover Richard Thompson Judy Wagner Bob West Marion White Anne Williams A T0 OBILE GLASS COMPA 656 Spring St. ATLANTA, GEORGIA TR 4-5712 Have Your Glass Replaced by AUTO GLASS SPECIALISTS A. W. EVES Manager Helen Adams Mary Anne Ames Grace Courter Donna Crawford Diane Dendy Marylynn Dietz Susan Dobbs Gayle Donaldson Teresa Doughtie Susan Fowler Compliments Of B-7 Cornelia Gholston Anita Goss Stephanie Post Rita Puckett Eudora Simmons Suzanne Spence Ellen Spradlin Mary Jane Stevenson Janey Strasser Sheilia Thiebaut Jean Thomas Robin Warwick Nancy Gunnis Dee Dee Jacobs Mary Johnson Barbara Kagey Patricia Little Corinda McConnell Charleen McLemore Susan Pharr BEST WISHES to the SENIORS from DIXIE INDUSTRIES INC. JERVIS B. WEBB COMPANY OF GEORGIA QEIXCD Peachtree Road Methodist Church DR. FRANK MOORHEAD Pastor ALLAN - GRAYSON REALTY COMPANY 40 S. Pryor st., S. W. Complimentx Of DAVIS BROTHERS RESTAURANTS and CAFETERIAS FA Lloyd Shell Service Center Dependable Brake Service MOTOR TUNE-UP Free Pick-Up and Delivery Compliments 4535 Roswell Rd. Atlanta 5, Ga. CE 3-8628 of Compliments of A FRIEND Deffelback Chemical Co. 4099 Peachtree Rd. CE 7-1514 .l 81 J SHOES NORTHSIDE PHARMACY, INC. "Marvin Roberts - Your Northside Druggistn 3465 Peachtree Rd., N. E. CE 3-4476 Atlanta, Ga. Poll Parrott Shoes for Boys and Girls 3078 Roswell Rd., N. W .... Buckhead CE 3-3764 Compliments Of A FRIEND DIXIE WHOLESALE CO. The Wholesale Fancy Grocers of Atlanta Compliments of Miss Moodie's Sth Period SENIOR NOODNICKS Compliments of AN 8l'l'l GRADE MOTHER FIRESTONE SOUTHERN STORES TIRES - TUBES - AUTO SUPPLIES Compliments 3013 Peachtree Rd., N. E. of fBuckheadj CE 3-4401 A FRIEND WADE'S CELL 1 , vu.:- mm If 5323 '35 a-4-2.1-S ea'5 2? .,,'. Z' Q.: 2 'B if :an .xr 1, y--...M :H W 5, vv-v--v:, ,.1 :g . 5 -2.0 -35 ,nf ,fy '- -S5-1 14' V24-38 A.,:. , f ' 1 ' ff Q , ' f ' M. ,N --:: 1 :: fs- I Av . 4' in H '- . - 'NWS' " , A 55 L3 im V 'lf . nf A I f f Gif ' Alb' .Q-252 -5'-ao frw wqff 9352+621-rfvwzv sf Lwvfse-w 511, 'Zi-XM A0 .nstivaom W-1 sgD?'fg MFI r"' 3 1 an " i 5 1 Mm..-Q-. , ' f' W ,M Y 'VI 17 'Q' QW ZA: f 1- . 1-'I-'I-'I-7 3-as--W 2-as 4.4 AA-A, ns: ' ,Z , 'Y' ik nv' V 1 , ., 11 , U Q M. , N, 1 'V ,pwvlw , M 5, V,--Z, , ,Q J J' we . af'E?"'Q 'W ' :zfk Q A , MM N-.I nag, ' fn. A 1: ew-1 ,zz Y' 23-as-2.3 u'Q-zawzo-2.5 4.2, V 1 .f fo' :ir za-ss-is T.-.5'-1132? 'Hr -gag' SU' 4,' .uv EK , ,, 5 ,gi 4, 3 4 Cgg 'I-M49 2.'21'3'fl '24-4' 225 WARDEN WADE 21,115-ifyzr , H55 BGDSV 3599, ., K . 5 W. W E r. x 2 0 .sb a2's':.-as-'ms-as 7 l3'i5'2.i-fQ'5 s " HW A 5-,5..f2,5L.-.55 25'?-45-'-!3'5 ? f3"35"25 r W- W 3 ae, ZS! 4-02.95,s!zs 37' Ce. 3462.7 BART Our dedlcatlon to thls RSHSTHUOU Of crazy, m1xed up beatniks 141-5 Barton, our teacher, a real 1nsp1rat1on, Has put the class ln nervous frustratlnn Bob McDowell How's the weather up there" Ev rett Gannon T 11, Dark, handsone vlow Dt Scholl Massage your bif toe and live C rl Veibel The moat wildest drummer!" Esther Varner 'Ilan 111fe I drive cars" Carol Baker Baby doll with a bounce Tom Cogburn Our candidate for A A Pat Beatty 'Lives for the week end' Gaxl McC1eskey 'Br1de in August Rosey vlerth "A must in all banks Dorothy Barton 'Tables made cheap Courtney lain "That Gardol am11e' Chrls Cuevas 'Go West, young ma Mary Ruth Walters Our Queenieu B111 Poole The non confoz-mst' ba.:-ey Barnes Bllhards :rgv frame" Alfred E Neuman What Ma Worry Robert Suddath 'Miss Dew" easy Richard Small "L1tt1e Hlchar " Cathy Lynch Red he d Beware Jakey Weichel 'Passed Trxg' Frank f-Iackl btow "Romeo John Truslow 'A Ten Shun Buddy Wilkerson Ba Dop Ed Cullum "King of Hearts" Linda bchumscher "Yeah, man Jayne Mansfield 47 20 40' B 1-nie Jaokwak Crazy Donna Jacobsen 'Mrs Hagpet rah Pass "June bride" Alec Morgan A W O L ' Ozgood Z Beard 'Bsrf Sue Goodloe "Bea.t' Wombat "W" 8 E HQPP HOT BAR-B-Q CHICKENS - RIBS GROCERIES "The Home of Pizza Pie and Halauah" ATLANTA, GEORGIA ME. 6-1633 Pres.-David Johnson John Boyette Bruce Brannon Richard Bunzl Nancy Cagle Stafford Collinsworth Johnny Fearon Mary Lynn Herman Bill Hill R. W. Holton Johnny lsakson B-2 Coach Hartness Sec.-Treas.-Elaine Traer Ted Jackson David Johnson Milton Kirkland Fran McKay Rea McKinney Cheryle Ramseur Pete Rippy Stephanie Routsos Diane Sawyer V. Pres.-N Ri-chard Sinkbeil Myra Skipper Mary Small Chan Smith Phillip Smith Mike Swinford Shirley Thomas Scott Thompson Elaine Traer Leslie Wolf ancy Cagle Clark Laundry-Dry Cleaning Two Complete Plants 1107 Peachtree St., N. E. TRinity 6-7391 3189 Maple Drive, N. E., Buckhead CEdar 3-5311 5 CONVENIENT PICK-UP BRANCHES TO SERVE YoU 896 Peachtree St., N.E.-TR. 5-2876 914 Piedmont Ave., N. E.-fTR. 4-7819 1572 Piedmont Ave., N. E.-TR. 5-1710 1987 Howell Mill Rd., N. W.-TR. 6-1771 Northwood Shopping Center--GL. 7-9037 v 9 good n fresh Gordon's Magic-Pak Potato Chips are crisper, fYeSllf with Magic-Pak plus double cellophone bog. gI'l'Ll9AI'l'L9l'Lf5 0 HITCHCIPCK 81 Lo k'ng to the future with our friends at North Fulton High Sc1ent1f1c-Atlanta, SIMMONS Inc. DRUGGISTS One of Georgia's fastest growing young 3057 Peachtree Rd Atlanta Ga El ctronic manufacturers Phone CE 3 ll3Z Ql'l'Ll96l'l'L8l'Lt5 0 BEALY SMITH AGENCY Su1te 522 Fulton Federal 228 Today, homeowners everywhere ore callin r -flliia Wear I house point" Got ir hero-you'lI su the difference In your homo for years. 0 6 I use Pnlll le l DEALER IMPRINT 1. X IIA W ll 3 1 IT 'T' A R I 4 1515 J 1 Q . I If" lf, 1 4,444 QA I Hg 1 NATIONAL LEAD COMPANY Atlanta Ga. - TR. 6-7361 THE KNIGHTHAWK BRINGS YOU A STARTLING NEW CONCEPT IN EATING PLEASURE - WITH 2 Separate Grills . . 1. For Delightful Kosher Delicaczes 2. For Tasty Short Orders . . . OUR MOTTO UCHIVALROUS SERVICE 24 HOURS A DAY" MEANS- We Never Close! So . . . IF YOU SUDDENLY GET A CRAVING AT 3 A.M., OR ANY TIME DAY OR NIGHT-HURRY DOWN- ERNEST G. BEAUDRY INC. SERVICE DEPARTMENT 150 Carnegie Way, N. W. JA. 3-3424 TRADING MART 360 Williams St., N. W. JA. 2-3296 On the Expressway Authorized FORD DEALER "Atlanta's Oldest Fora' Dealer" 143 Cone St., N.W. Atlanta JA. 3-3424 Ga. Compliments of RICHARD P. FRASER AND ASSOCIATES Representing THE LINCOLN NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 919 W. Peachtree St., N. E. Atlanta 9, Ga. TR. 5-7431 "Its Name Indicates Its Character" THE CATHEDRAL OF ST. PHILIP extends sincere good wishes to the NORTH FULTON GRADUATING CLASS OF 1959 and especially congratulates those of her communicants who are Pat Irwin Jane Cannon Bill Little Tom Cogburn Robert Sturgeon Rhett Baird Members of the Class of 1959 Peggy Melcher Frank Taylor Bob McDowell Iakev Weichel John Truslow Compliments of Brooks Burke Surgical Supply Co. 1135 Spring sr., N. W. ATLANTA, GA. E. N. Q'BEIRNE CQ. Loans and General Insurance Phone BL. S-0476 Aetna Casualty Co. Compliments Of A FRIEND Biuso's Italian Restaurant "The Gem of Italian Food in the South" Open 7 days a week-from ll 230 'til 5 A.M Phone CE. 3-9280 2975 Peachtree Rd., Buckhead Louie Vargas, Prop. Atlanta, Ga. Afoof e 1+ In Q1'Vg:i5E S b 6 Wifi B-10 W if if WW' KZWN 49 , My N MW fi? mdk ,ew W A N mg 5 B-no J 612 ,nj H662-Li C74 PC-'72 1 . "' v , 1 x ,N 0 1' 4.kgx,r:,.mx6 -x x1.y.x .J fc! QW ',' 4 V VJ - fc WM ff .X V, 1 4' x V I J ' T' , r WW.-.',? 6 5 ' A ' 449, fda? Jam? ,, ,,,f'f',' "7 ' A 'df'2456Q2.aLZ4J 6171119 Ame VL i5 O! PIEDMONT COTTON MILLS Q guasnw 'Bao ww I I ' 3 Mes :nov . , e . W1-low E S " ' 'P I C- 8 9 2 ...... .. .... - ,Vi-"f,,,,4,+r'v"" 1 was ' , AR BOSTONIAN SHOES Department , gp- .... .. .U-o a i . 774,-aan-JJMQISQQ yyilt SH I-Y Official? eDii:ffi1ii1fi,,ilmB0yBeasffliuiiuS'upp1ies ff H4521 17.4011 Z5 5047 pnmmusn Rn., N. E. Cgdm- 3-5759 Compliments of OLIVER SERVICE Your Friendly Amoco Dealer Peachtree 85 Piedmont Rd. CE 7-3602 Killingsworth Service Station 2830 Peachtree Road, N. E. Atlanta, Ga. Tel. CE 3-9257 TIP TOP CLEANERS Hand Cleaning Our Specialty 2797 Piedmont Rd., N. E. Pick-Up and Delivery CE 3-0440 Compliments Of 713 W. Peachtree St .... TR 5-4541 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! . . . . . and good wishes for a successful future. Hope some day youlll be the one who decides to use our packaging LABELS - CARTONS - SYSTEMS MILLER 8. MILLER, INC. Stone Mountain, Ga. Congratulations Huff's Furniture Discount House 3178 Peachtree Rd., N. E. Phone: CE 7-3653 Mai W4 65 IMEOGR PHI G o ARCHITECTURAL BUILDING SPECIFICATIONS DUPLICATED o ACCOUNTING SL AUDIT REPORTS OFFSET FROM PAPER MATS o LETTERHEADS 65 ENVELOPES o OFFSET PRINTING o COMPLETE MAILING SERVICE o TRANSLATIONS Pick-up and Delivery Serfvice .IAckson 4-3436 MRS. DAISY PEPPERS H. CAREY BARNES President Secretary-Treas. FULTO LETTER SERVICE, INC. 77 WALTON ST., N. W. QNear Om Post Omcep STREET FLOOR LOCATION 234 Ex A mlm X' . il 1 X 'X H E T 2 l A HABERSHAM METAL PRODUCTS Co ENGINEERED STEEL DOORS AND FRA E 3l66 MAPLE DRIVE, N. E. ATLANTA 5, GEORGIA A Gr 45 eat Name in Clofhing SQ!!,YXQB,L!.4I Suits the Soufh Peachtree Street, N. E. ATLANTA, GA. Congratulations SENIOR CLASS 1959 BR DFORD TIRE COMPA Y 269 Luckie sf., N. W. JA Z-5975 Seiberling Tires C L BRADFORD Mohawk Tires C E WILSON Hawkinson Treads T D FLETCHER 235 When you shop . . . look for Colonial Sfore's CS Rooster . . It's a sure sign of savings. col.oNlAl. STORES JACK D. MEZRAH o Commercial Photography , o Oil Portraits . 0 Restorations 0 Scenics 0 Custom Framing TR 5-9259 SHOES RICARDO'S BEAUTY SALON BRGADVIEW PLAZA 1843 Peachtree Rd., N. E. TR 4-7556 ATLANTA, GA. Ace Wafer Treating Chemicals Industrial Chemicals ATLANTIC CHEMICAL 81 EQUIPMENT CO. 874- ASHBY ST., N. W. ATLANTA 18, GEORGIA AND IN THE MOST DELIGHTFUL WAYS . . . Just a glance at the beautiful formal old world gardens and the spec- tacular architecture and you know right away that your stay at the Atlanta Cabana will be like no other. Come see for yourself, and you will agree there IS no other! 0 Ideal location-In the center of things and yet away from noise. 0 Luxurious accommodations-Foam mattresses . . . 2Vz inch thick carpets . . . full wall mirrors . . . free TV 0 Free steam baths for men 0 Bride and Groom Suite-Perfect honeymoon quarters 0 Leb's Restaurant-Pleases the most discriminating gourmet 0 Lounge-Designed for sheer relaxation FOR RESERVATIONS PHONE TRinity 5-5511 AT Downtown Peachtree at 7th Compliments of e e l L-H5 mon nnounu 1 0" Cl-NEMN7 S. S. KRESGE CO. esfirL'f-f' At the Sign of BROADVIEW PLAZA THE GLOBE 2835 Peachtree Rd. Compliments of Compliments of BUCKHEAD THEATRE Monogram Masters Inc. Suburban Home of All the D0'w"f0'w" Hfff 3230 Roswell Rd., N. W. North Fu1ton's Rendezvous for Motion CE. 7-9978 Picture Entertainment Residential ana' Commercial Real Estate Efhericlge and Vanneman Realtors CE. 7-7527 JA. 3-8211 E. O. SAMS SERVICE STATION GULF Pnonucrs 855 West Peachtree Street Cars Called for d D l d Compliments E. O. SAMS Ph TR y 4 9145 vt A FRIEND FooTE an DAVIES, INC. f lf afmal.,Qfaw,,w7aM.ra70a,7fMm,ema POST OFFICE BOX 13084 -ATLANTA 24, GEORGIA 764 MIAMI CIRCLE, N. E. 0 PHONE CEDAR 7-1611 N WgXwJwlvf6W,l??MfQlw?T5 itWf7j',fofQ,'W5f0-fffof it5j'Wffl5fV2 a if are 1, W The members of the business staff of the Hi-Ways wish to express their appreciation to the advertisers and especially to the Wheel Club and all the other clubs and organizations for their help in making our 1959 annual a success Hnancially. 240 Wwywwiww HWWMWVM' WWW MK JMX ww, Maw X . X ' 3 ' f .1 . , n ' v - ' , . ' . Q DQGLP Scmegi ' I A Gbodq xl.1C1i flN30ULl , 4h+L.rQ eqvis Cf+.NC?VZQ' 5323? M?fMQ QQ? 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Suggestions in the North Fulton High School - HiWays Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) collection:

North Fulton High School - HiWays Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


North Fulton High School - HiWays Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


North Fulton High School - HiWays Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


North Fulton High School - HiWays Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


North Fulton High School - HiWays Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


North Fulton High School - HiWays Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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