North Forsyth High School - Cynosure Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC)

 - Class of 1966

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North Forsyth High School - Cynosure Yearbook (Winston Salem, NC) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Cover

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r' C Y , 44N??ff4'f 1-1433? g,qfEi,i . fi. t ,U 19 'Nl' I , ,, X xn '. auf, , 4 5 JH fp. -,..-up , pe 4 ' : ' -625' .f W-., ,na gi iii 'kgqgil 32 A i , x 'Irv -' Q ' , V, mv- - ,. y.:'.L.-" . NZ-AR gg.. ,, , b Q :iw yi.: LL,--,N - ,, 1 , M ,, W1..-1 ff 'ia ii? 3, ' Y V A A Y 7 x 'V 7,3 f -,4 . ffl' Q51 1 -N 2-5 ".:r1.L X E ,HY 1- ,A f M, Q 4 fl EA 9 jl r i fa fi' il. 4 we ,-2.4 .ahlwo -Q w 1 -'QM , 1 NORTH FORSYTH SENIOR HIGH CY CSURE Winston-Salem, North Carolina Volume 3 Editor-in-Chief-Corol Mobe Photography-Scott Robertson Delmor Studios - rf, . H 1, mf, mmm 7iZQ5fQiE'f,f fi' W? Iiiilifi? 1' X' A . ,,,.,,f2,,fs1,w?i.,,m,g2,3, :::,f3iw7:3zf gf Ag, ,, -'sflafvgkfbifg ' -W' 'ff?fs,':f1.5?fe7121,3f ' ' '1':2,gf2?232z5z,g?7f3s,L ,f if QV if gf 9. 6 X N ",' 2 ff The student the teacher the athete the club member working studying participating bubbling with life and activity . . . giving once empty halls the breath of life . . . the school . . . a world Within itself .. . pulsating in the student's thoughts the center of his present life it is vital, alive with constant activity . . . days like a kaleidoscope . . . an ever T 3 shifting series of events and busy happenings it is constant turmoil and motion and always ACTION - The Essence of North. ACTICN- the essence FOREWGRD STUDENT LIFE Page 4 2 of North S n I Swv? . A AF , fyywi - ,W A " fu FACULTY ACTIVITIES Page 25 I Page 45 CLASSES Page 125 If ATHLETICS PAGE 93 3 EPILOGUE Page 206 Z wh YJ ' - M 5 V f 'iff M f,, ' v I ,f Y X 5 1 V of belonging . . . Q S Y E is ff Smiles and laughter I C l laboring . . . laughing . . . living . . . The many faces of the students smiling, frowning, laughing, scrutiniz- ing. The actions of the students hurrying to class . . . greeting a passing friend .. . cheering in the blissful mad- ness of a pep rally ...staring placidly out a window at a wispy cloud worrying, thinking, striving . . . such are they the students grasping for knowledge seeking enjoyment and pleasure .. . needing friendship and un- derstanding . . . they face a whole world but, for the present, the long halls and bright classrooms of our school are all they know. The questing for knowledge FACULTY- Sharing ca wealth of r L, lQ,9?J?55 ix. 25' BEM The look of interest .. . Concern .. . encouragement .. . There are times of relaxation .. M v Always willing to help Q.. Knowledge. . . Friendly chatter in spare moments Chatter and laughter from the teachers' lounges morning .. solemn faces intent during a fac ulty meeting then, the teach ers enter the world of the student Periods pass . . . the long day . . there are smiles, words of praise stabs of disappointment dead frogs, greasy machinery, acids slide rules such are the im plements of a teacher's profession . . . and books . . . always the books and records and daily reports. A reward satisfaction at the final bell a feeling of being needed, of accomplishment .. sometimes a pang of futility and exasperation when the students fail to attain all the knowledge a teacher can give but there is always tomorrow. Clubs honoi' the foreign exchznigxe student in an assembly . . . CLUBS- giving of Giving of one's summer hours ., Happily enduring initiations . Q5 one's Talents . . . one's time . . . Meetings aid in organizing and planning Club members eagerly rendering services A club escape from boredom an outlet for self-expression . . . an opportunity to give of one's time . . . one's talents . . . meet- ings . . . projects .. . days of hard work deep feelings of accom- plishment-of service to school and community . . . bulletin boards decorating halls for the Pep Club. Service clubs paint, sweep, help always help. Cheerful voices raised in empty halls as members work together . . . always together . . . good times . . . fun times fellowship. The club member feels himself more than a student he is vital to his school .. . he is a part .. . he has a place he belongs. Folk music comes to North A barbershop quartet entertains The Vee Jays ACTIVITIES produce a spine-tingling rhythm . If M Unceasing activity variety entertain- ment the student's life never grows dull .. . is never lacking in something new . . . dif- ferent . . . to observe . . . to enjoy. A hootenany . . . bustling dances . . . Homecoming festivities. North is almost constantly the scene of night life pancake suppers the Hi-Key Shen- anigans .. . a Twirp Week movie . . . a barber- shop quartet. Students present a musical comedy .. . stage a pageant. Action . . . so much a part of North is carried beyond the established routines of the school day. VG o o 0 7' The Kappa-Tones use true showmanship entertcunment . . . Everybody enjoys the informality of a dance l l W K .S .PEL , ,,,, The Spurrlows exhibit Versatility .. The U. N. C. G. choir presents Christmas music . . . A different style of entertainment The melodious strains of ASSEMBLIES- A lilting voice Crowds move into the gym Sen- iors take the seats of honor an hour of enjoyment for both students and faculty begins. Music to delight the ears the choruses sing the U.N.C.G. choir performs . . . applause rings out as the Spurrlows take a final bow . . . nervous students exhibit their special talents. Rosa- lina Baron is recognized before de- parting the Miss North High contestants are introduced to the eager students clubs hold induc- tions the Valkyries present an hour of laughter song and dance. Music to delight the ears .. assembly devotionals . . . ca welcome chcmge in routine 13 PEP RALLIES- clapping hands . . . The boundless energy of a cheer- leader Wild shouts of joy .. . the beat of a drum .. . smiling faces another pep rally. Clapping hands .. . stomping feet .. . signifying loyalty and devotion to a team signifying the joy of a break in routine . . . signifying the ingrain- ed spirit of every Viking. Cheerleaders plummet after a high jump the band blares a skit laughter rings the boisterous ga- iety dies solemnity descends on the myriad faces .. . lusty voices sing the Alma Mater . . . a noisy exit the gym lies silent. The laughter during a student skit 3 iii .4 A visible symbol of school spirit stomping feet exuberant faces . . . Cheerful voices raised in Song The willingness to participate The beat of a drum 15 3' A high hurdle A steady aim A praiseworthy vault Concern for fellow athletes SPORTS- The Fighting for victory i Ei Q Loyalty to more than school ioy of competition . . . Wild applause a ball soars high shrill whistles resound from the bleachers. Spectators . . . wide-eyed . . . intent . . . now a frown .. . now a pleased srnile. Athletes giving their best . . . feeling the pride of victory . . . the faith of fellow students . . . the loyalty of North. Vik- ings spectators players all possess- ing boundless spirit . . . love of a contest . . . true Sportsmanship- Well-trained bodies arch high Resounding cheers evidencing student support I7 HCMECOMING- ca time of memories Preparation of the court's float LEFT: Contributing many hours of work '3W9f4'is ABOVE: Eager hands assume many tasks .. ra A touch of gay Paris LEFT: A new queen is born BELOW: The radiant faces of the couit , IM i A cold emptx pm time formed .. Pnie iinff time the Eiffel towei Willing handi paint tiim . . . hammei build create. Splmteie and punt covered clothee 'ue foigotten in the buss new the iueh of time. Fixe neixoua gnle arrange han bux dieeies seek escoits find conxei tibles. Then CIGI touch of gax Pain a night of nights. The halftime fee tivities . Xalkxiiee and band the moment long awaited, and fl new queen N crowned the team the congratulationq th e membering facee of alumni The dance dieamx emilee . . . lovely dieeeee happx people foi fi time enioxing, the delighte of Pane "Vive la France then strains of theme music fide GIGI ls gone memo ries linger 'dh l an:,::: 'n.,,,n .nq,,.u n..,,.. lul.,'. :Il0p"u v:.'."" 'c:""" 0s::"" ng "Nl lag::::ll Q.. ll Homecoming Court Starry eyes .. . eager smiles . . . lace tears. Five girls ideal girls . . . charm emanating from their presence . . . black hair . . . blond hair . . . blue eyes . . . green eyes . . . beauty .. . poise .. . radiant person- ality. Each girl endowed with a lum- inous quality .. . a majestic trait . . . each given a moment crystalized like a gem in her memories . . . a per- sonal triumph to cherish .. . a with- ered rose to keep . Z 535555- Miss Judy Lynn Tuttle Homecoming Queen Friendly .. Versatile .. Talented .. Miss Bonnie Moore Miss Susan Ratterree Miss Martha Park Miss Ellen Gowens 131 EjL W 7749 Miss North High Contestants are introduced in assembly The Vee Jays present a floor show 22 Mr. Goodwin emcees the pageant Miss North High is crowned . A new activity is begun, perhaps to be- come a tradition . . . the Key Club spon- sors a Miss North High contest the gym is transformed into a magic World . . . of hearts . . . and roses. Twenty-five queens are introduced twenty-five clubs are represented. A floor show smiling faces . . .resounding applause . . . then tension replaces joyful abandon .. a record throng waits impatiently the spotlight beams on shimmering satin . . . and the first Miss North High ascends her throne. Ellen Gowens Miss North High A parade of shimmering satin and anxious smiles 23 Mike Knight, Victory King Martha Park, Victory Queen The Victory Court leads dance Victory Leaders Victory leaders athletes club leaders editors cheerleaders Valkyries. Special qualities . . . imagination . . . responsibility . . . loyalty Viking spirit all those essential things that contribute to a victorious school a profitable year for all students. Recognition . . . the contest . . . voting. The student body chooses a king and queen the symbols of a year filled with victories. Contestants eagerly await the decision .. FACU LTY Administrative Mr. James Malcolm, Assistant Principal. Mr. Julian Gibson, Principal. The administrative offices are the scene of constant activity . . . if fi and Guidance Staff Mrs. Gertrude Kastner and Mr. Rupert Bowen, Guidance Mrs. Opal Allen and Mrs. Eleanor Burge, Secretaries. Counselors. SW qadiisnunv-vw Smiling faces willing hands the noise and bustle of the offices. Concerned looks the guidance counselors listen intently col- leges . . . problems. The front offices . . . phones ring typewriters click members of the faculty students excuses announce- f"'3"" ments. Mr. Gibson busy in conference Mr. Malcolm . .. discipline . .. the secretaries . .. and always . .. smiling faces. l , Depca rfmenf Mrs. Margaret Blackburn Mrs. Phyllis Carswell Miss Adrianne Cox Literature ' gllanlmar ' ' ' English III English III, IV English II, III book reports . ' .Such are the components of the English class. Four years .. . progression variation . . . from Dickens to 1 Shakespeare short stories to s sonnets. A world of fiction opens ,i'q new characters are met ll new ideas encountered. Journal- iil ism classes . . . the bustle of meet- ' E ing deadlines self-expression through written words . . . print- Mrs. Gerotha Gentry Mr. Robert Goodwin Mrs. Mary Hauser ers' ink, D1'3m3tjCS , , . m3kg-be- English III English III English II lieve people ' . h rnake-believe worlds the sparkle of foot- , lights . . . the smell of grease- R s paint. All lead to the discovery of P Q new talents . . . new interest . . . s ,"" ei Qi .. - new accomplishment. Miss Betty Hobbs Mrs. Ruth McClaren Mrs. Louise Newman Ensliilnlfleslv English H ?.?53i.i5.!.Y. Mr. Tommy Pickel Mrs. Sally Ramsey English II English II, III P sesse is s i I dssss 5 E rssi. 'ii' leri 0 ili'i I r"-' --..- , Mrs. Dorothy Thomas Miss Jessie Threlfall English IV English IV Preparing a lesson .. . Miss Willa Royster English III Public Speaking Mrs. Edna Walls English II Family Living I of English Intently correcting themes Communication between student and teacher E is ,Q 29 Classes arouse interest Through dramatics, students enter make -believe worlds YN w as as - i it a 15 f as X EE ' 7 Mrs. Nancy Corriher Miss .lane Huggins Miss Virginia Langley Mrs. Lazelle Northrop Miss Eloise Teague French French Latin French Spanish Department of Foreign Languages Answering questions ,si The language student assumes a foreign identity French Spanish. The Eiffel Tower bullfights the clash of the Roman Legions flash vividly before the eyes of his imagina- tion. The murmur of foreign voices in conversation the melodious strains of "Au Clair de la Lune" strange noises coming from the language lab. Learning of foods .. . sudying cultures . . .developing a desire to see the world to visit other peoples .. . to speak their native tongues. An amused look . Learn1ng proper 1ntonat1on 1n language lab . Special equipment speeds learning process . . Students make use of teaching aids 2 '54 U 4 1 E 1 Daily lectures bring history to life A teacher spends hours in study Department of Social Current events are discussed Sci ence Mr. Charles Anderson U.S. History World History va: k : Q.. , ,...X if ,,f'f 5' M ..... g I T I ..., K , Eg kg .,.: Miss .Io Ann Easley U.S. History Mr. Ralph Royster U.S. History ,rw Mrs. Dean Clifford U.S. History Contemporary History Mr. Jerry Peoples U.S. History Communism Mrs. Blanche Zimmerman World History Hundreds of facts flash around the stu- dents' heads lengthy lectures scribbled notes T.V. classes. Guest speakers attentive faces ques- tions are hastily fired. Current events . . . the evolution of democracy students look at maps . . . learn to read the stock market sing protest songs gain knowledge of the decayed world called The Past look toward The Future with a firmer step. Worms thistle tubes a lush terrarium science has many forms the biological sciences movies walks on the nature trail an eye peers througfh a microscope lens or carefully scrutinizes the stamen of a lily. The heat of bunsen burners . . . the sizzle of a chemical reaction near ex- plosions and unsucessful experi- ments. Science knowledge gained from facts methods . . . principles. Department IEFT Concentiating in chemistry lab HEI OW Demonstrating Z1 scientific principle .. Contemplating . of Science Studying biology on the nature trail . 4:- sms if Mr Fred Anderson Mrs Wynona Butner Miss Burtie Carroll Biology Chemistiy Biology Miss Nancy- Ellis Ecology silwsst 55: sr A ,. W: sm ,, 5 ,X 1 KVKY Mrs. Sara Frick Mr. Lowell Keel Mrs. Janice Pitts Mrs. Natalie Rogers Mr. Jimmy Wilhelm Biology Physics Biology Biology Chemistry Family Living Plane Geometry Mrs. Wilma Crowe Mr. A. C. Larrimore Algebra Modern Alegbra Algebra II Mr. Howard Pardue Mr. Robert Sims Marketing Senior Math Geography Proving theorems at the board Mr. Charles McKinney Plane Geometry Miss Eugenia McNew Mr. Colon Nifong Alegbra Algebra l Business Math Mrs. Lucille Speas Modern Algebra Algebra 36 if 1 Mr. Lyell Thomas Plane Geometry The look of concentration on the face of the avid algebra student . . . the maze of loga- rithms powers and roots unknowns a student raises his hand asks a question the instructor explains a formula. Department Diligently seeking a correct answer . new prin- ciples of design Circles parallelograms using new implements in math . . . a slide rule . . . a compass proving theorems at the board al- Learning new math skills . . . geometry . . ways striving for a worthy grade. 2, WX Explanations to the Confused of Mathematics Watching a fellow student demonstrate hi . ,frat - 5 , V Q 13 3 - s Pondering an equation S Skill - Returning math tests f li X . .gf - s eu L. A .X 2 Q all 5 Q Ss X Q We ww, 3 7 LEFT: Typing assignments ABOVE: Business lectures De porfmenf Bookkeeping classes . . . in Mr. Louie Beck Mr. Thomas Berrier Mr. Robert Burris Distributive Typing Commercial Law Education Bookkeeping General Business Typewriters type noisily deft fingers transform the dictation of an instructor into accurate shorthand .. . strains of music accent the rhythm of an active keyboard. Mechanizing . . . retailing . . . law . . . fundamental require- ments for the business student. Distributive Education students operate the book store . . . spend busy afternoons on the job always gaining practical knowledge knowledge to be used in the future . . . in the business world. of Business 1- si f W' 4 X , ft A as S is .. v 9 -1 f , T ,y Q 'X ag Mrs. Myrtle Byrne Bookkeeping Typing 417 Mrs. Martha Hix Typing: Commercial Math Mrs. Daphne Robinson General Business Typimz Timed writings .. it ',s'.' i if A 1 i . . f - 'K 39 J Mrs. Coleen Fu rehes Shorthand Typing Mr. Benjamin Neill Industrial Cooperative Training Mrs. Betty Speas Typing Shorthand if Mr. George Barker Art li assi E 5 , , do X ii Mr. Carlyle Chiddister Music Mrs. Eleanor Hagaman Librarian Miss Mary Maddrey Art r. fr 5 K at 1.. xx 3, .nii x r - 5 ii 2 5 Mrs. Mary Vance Librarian Paint . . . glue . . . sheet music . . . a shiny trumpet. Books are laid aside . . . knowledge is gained through practical application. The gifted student . . . the artist using his hands his Voice his special love foi books. The ait room . . . a maze of pleasant smells . . . colorful creations. The band room -. . . resounding with haimonious melodies . . . the beat of a drum . . . 1-2-3 . . . pause 2-3. The li- brary hushed impressive in its solemnity . . . yet with constant busyness . . . behind the desk . . . in the workroom. :Qt 4. Books waiting Department of Fine Exhibiting special talents 40 Vsgfsnutisiif K 5 9 wif! KW' to be discovered Music as a means of self-expression Arts Teaching hands to be creative Literature opens a new world Patient guidance . . . Mr. Fred Adams Mechanical Drawing Department of Vocational ., 1. a i , f. 1 ' ,R .q i Mr. Charles Jarvis Mrs. Nancy McCollum Mrs. Vera Penner Mr. Charles Selle Agriculture Home Economics Home Economics Shop Horticulture Family Livimz Agriculture Training for future professions . 42 Arts i Ei Developing V "' M i homemaking skills Mrs. Eugenia Woodall Home Economics 13 Perfecting mechanical drawing skills Busy hands . . . skilled hands . . . being trained for a future profession. Constructing tables . . . applying a coat of lacquer working amid the buzz of shop machinery. Agricultural fairs learning about poultry forestry fertilizers. Girls training for homemaking bending diligently over yards of cloth . . . frown- ing at the eye of a needle . . . the thrill of baking a first cake. Mechanical drawing preparing for a future in design or in architecture. Each student uses his creativity increases his potential. 43 Offering constructive criticism 4931" eporimeni of Physical Education Back-stretching exercises agonized expressions on the faces of the weak . . . whistles . . . rows of lockers and baskets .. . dirty gym suits .. . a dis- tinctive smell old tennis shoes all denote the striv- ing for physical excellence . . . striving for the development of strong bodies . . . for a feel- ing of sportsmanship. Classes in the Drive-O-Trainer . . . the first time behind a wheel the watchful eyes of the in- structor students become capable drivers. Maintaining physical fitness .. The thrill of a first drive . Z,-jar K Ks A Mr. Norman Barringer Driver Education Mr. Sam Eddleman Driver Education aj! 25' f Mr. Junior Watson Driver Education 44 Mr. Wilson Alexander Physical Education for ,mf if Miss Theresa Barbee Physical Education Mr. Gray Cartwright Physical Education Mr. Joe Rhyne Physical Education 4' P :.A ' Mrs- Peggy Tucker Physical Education , .9?i im.- M ,E K gl Q' N I A , 5 A .. .xv -H ,f . .v A CTIVITIES S i 5 5 2 5 3 3 l 5 CLUBS- Students find clubs and organizations an en- joyable means of utilizing their talents and free time. Participating in skits to entertain the stu- dent body, serving the school and community through projects, and participating in education- al meetings and discussions are some of the at- tractions of club membership. Valkyries exhibit their showmanship in an assembly program Key Clubber Charles Hauser raises the school flag. Club members entertain at a pep rally. Shelving books is a task undertaken by Library Club members. ,ff ,av-0 SEATED: Ellen Nifong, Nancy Barber, Paula Taylor, Bruce Cooper. STANDING: Milton McNatt. Jack Thornton. Jerome Thomas, Edna Bryan, and Bob Gorlow Those members of the junior class who excell academically are recognized as Junior Marshals. With the title, come the responsibilities of serving at class day and graduation activities. Hal Smith, Lana Jones, and Ricky Helsabeck. , Junior Marshals Senior students maintaining a 3.4 grade average throughout their high school career qualify to wear the golden cord of the Honor Graduate. These students represent our best in academic achievement and are there- fore honored at graduation. Honor SEATED: Janice Foster, and Susan Ratterree. STANDING: Delores Armstrong. Carol Mabe, and Carolyn Moran. Cathy Oscar, Melba Latham, Pat Smith. and Judy Rowley. 48 1' F'WTiJT'U?H Hulk !f L ' at Az SEATED: Carolyn Darnell, Renee Thacker, Pat Collins, Sandra Sapp, Cheryl Moore. Kate Rogers. Frances Shelton. Linda Vestal, Susan Dicus, Carolyn Bobbitt. Graduates-1966 Mike Terry, Grady Stone, Sam VVhiCker, Hassel Helsabeck, Kim Coburn, Phillip Wood. Tommy VVall, Bill Russell, Steve Taylor, VVilda Cheek, Tommy Guthrie. I 49 fsc: The Norloncl Journalism students Worked diligently to pub- lish a weekly rnimeographed edition and a quar- terly printed edition of THE NORLAND. These publications kept students well-informed on cur- re nt happenings at North. NEWS EDITORS: Nancy Rymill and Bonnie Moore. SPORTS EDITORS: Bob Poole and Craig Burcham. REPORTERS: Joan Southern and Cathy Myers. 50 EDITORS: Teresa Adams and Judy E. Tuttle MW-A L ,,,,,,,,, v,..,.L1-lhgzzrmkeff. Y , V Z"""! .J nv, TYPIST: Pat Poole EDITORIALIST: Shelley King CLUB EDITOR: Emily Thomas Bill Hollifield, Bob Poole, and Charles Bombeld, Sports Editors. Milton McNatt and Bob Gorlow, Photographers Susan Ratterree, Club Editor. Pam Henry, Copy Editor. 52 Carol Mabe, Editor-in-Chief. Our adviser is camera-shy. This space was intended for a photograph showing her in some accustomed action - typing, writing, proofing, reading, teaching, laying-out a news page, or any one of a legion of other things. She declined. And that was that. With our adviser there is one thing you learn to be sure of - when she says No, then No it is and that's an end to the matter! 53 The Cynosure Those students who are given the honor of participating in the production of a school yearbook bear a heavy responsibility to their fellow students. Their task is to preserve an entire year in words and pictures. This year was for the staff of THE CYNOSURE a hectic maze of picture taking, typing, and worrying. However, the persistence, determ- ination, and efficiency of Mrs. Newman and Editor Carol Mabe ultimately bore fruit and THE CYNGSURE '66 was achieved. Kay Westmoreland. Class Editor. iwssssxsm Student Council FIRST ROW: B. Poole, G. Stone, Mrs. Hauser, Miss Threlfall, P. Wo N. Barber. SECOND ROW: J. Shook, G. Kiniz, F. Cline, D. Hollar, Owen, J. Casey, D. Spear, P. Eaton, S, McNeill, B. Rogers, F. Stith, Bleckley, J. Summers, C. Darnell, E. Griggs, B. Wriizht, R. Petty, Marshall. THIRD ROW: A. Frick, J. Leinback, L. Covington, Plemmons, S. Parrish. C. Davis, C. Beavers, K. Rogers, J. Pitts, Collins, C. Campbell, L. Mc-Neill, C. Karola, E. Boyer, R. Richardson, Brown, G. Thompson, P. Simmons, B. Gibson, R. Helsabeck, J. Lineha Bob Poole, Vice-President, Nancy Barber, Secretary, Philip Wood, Treasurer. .If L. J. C N. ek. od, C FOURTH ROW: B. Green, P. Smith, L. Batts, A. Wood, S. Booze, J. Byerly, P. Hem'y, P. Flynt, V. Davis, J. Transou, R. Woodall, E. Hutchins, J. Thomas, S. Burzuess, N. Tuttle, B. White, E. Walker, H. Smith, D. Harrold, S. James. FIFTH ROW: M. McNatt, R. Beddingfield, S. Southard, T. Brooks, L. Brooks, S. Wall, J. Selle, J. Booth, H. Fields, D. Griffin, J. Pittman, A. Miller, P. Forkner, K. Coburn, N. Pardue, B. Mills, P. Johnson, S. Combs, M. Williams, J. Wikle, J. Martin. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL . . . FIRST ROW: F. Cline, B. Rogers, R. Woodall, J. Byerly. SECOND ROW: H. Smith, J. Booth. 54 The Student Council, a multifaceted organization, devotes itself primarily to the student. Council mem- bers assist the school by sponsoring the annual Homecoming activities and presenting a morning devotional. A hall monitoring system and Citizen of the Month awards to recognize outstanding stu- dents are other activities undertaken by the organ- ization as it seeks to promote understanding be- tween faculty and students and to create a more efficient school atmosphere. Miss Threlfall, Sponsorg Grady Stone, Presidentg Mrs. Hauser, Sponsor. Students enjoy a pre-school Hootenany sponsored by the Student Council. "V--..,, An efficient hall-monitoring system is a major function of the Student Council. 'QQKXH Executive Council inductions are held before the entire student body. I V, K, f MLK FIRST ROW: B. McLane, M. Page, S. Knight, M. Paschal, B. Blevins R. Potty, A. Owens. SECOND ROW: Mr. Bowen, R. VVoodall, J. Thomas D. Campbell, R. Helsalxeck, B. Burge, P. Kanclzer, H. Smith, B. Gibson Key T fs! 83 ....,. 1.-Y L. Q--V-V A Q Q ai. JU L x - T" dx T T Philip Wood, Secretary, Freddie Cline, Vice-Presidentg Mike Knlght Treasurer. The Kappa-Tones entertain at a Key Club-sponsored show. Key Clubbers entertain the student body at a pep rally. The Key Club undertakes various projects throughout the school year to benefit both school and community and accomplish its goal of service. Heading their docket of activities was Bundle Day, a clothing drive sponsored by Goodwill Industries. To raise funds for school water-coolers, the Key Club presented a musical show featuring the S.P.E.B.'s and Kappa-Tones, barbershop quartets, and co-spon- sored an annual variety show, the Hi-Key Shenani- gans. The major project undertaken by Key Club members was a Miss North High contest in which each club at North selected a girl to represent them. Bonnie Moore, Key Club Sweetheart, was chosen first runner-up by the student body vote. Members enjoy selling concessions at ballgames. Mmfbzfwdmumwaz:QMWWWUymztmWWWLW,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,m,,.,,..,,,,, i.,, , ,,., . ,i,, ,,,,,, . , M, .,,,,,,,,W.W.W.,, ,, tl, . W . f 'yyr rirj r t'i'tiiiii i.,, an M, ,,V,,, Wa. ,,,i W Hassel Helsabeck, Presidentg Mr. Bowen, Sponsor. President Hassel Helsabeck presents a Key Club momento to departing exchange student, Rosalina Baron. LEFT: Ferne Stith. President. ABOVE: Judy L. Tuttle, Vice-Presi- dent, Mrs. Walls, Sponsor. The Anchor Club, a girls' service organization, tries to develop initiative, leadership, fellowship, and citizen- ship. Service to school and community is accomplished through various projects undertaken by the club mem- bers throughout the year. Clothing drives, aid to the Heart Fund Campaign, and the filling of more than a hundred Red Cross Friendship packages were among their projects for 1965-66. Anchor Club Susan Marshall, Secretaryg Melinda Cov- ington, Treasurer. 58 2 Club members sell drinks at a dance sponsored by the Anchor Club. sq.,-, f fi si M if sbes Club members Susie Sfreddo and Martha Petty discuss project plans. A scrapbook of the years' events is presented to Miss Hobbs by Anchor sisters Bonnie Moore and Melessa Williams. FIRST ROW: J. Southern, M. Park, N. Barber, F. Stith, M. Boles, C. ROW: Mrs. Walls, J. Tuttle, M. Petty, S. Sfreddo, G. Adams, S. Marshall IN'Iycrs. J. Bleckley. SEFOND ROW: S. Smith, J. Yeager, W. Spainhour, P. Flynt, J. Byerly, C. Yeager. S, Hemi-ick, P. Livengood, E, Gowens, E. Bryan, M. Covington. THIRD 59 Tim Shouse, President. The Hi-Yls pep rally Skit featured the burial of East. Hi-Y FIRST ROWV: D. VVoavil, J. Downs, J. Shook, M. Speas, S. Hendrix, M. B. Baker, C. Lyons, S. Doss, B. Hayes, A. Ashley, S. Whicker, S. Olson Emlwarcls, VV. Cook. SECOND ROW: C. Heath, R. Mills, J. Wikle, T. FOURTH ROW: B. Lawrence, T. Wall, R. Gizinski, P. Bruwn, G. Stone Shuuse, L. Mankins, B. Smith, D. Bennett. THIRD ROW: T. Armstrong, C. Bumbelml, J. Harmon, J. Booth, S. Carter, Mr. Peoples. 60 . sssss s The Hi-Y, one of the three boys service organ- izations at North, has much to offer both mem- bers and the student body. Members give their time to participate in work days, to operate the con- cessions stand at ball- games, and to Work with the Key Club in sponsor- ing the Hi-Key Shenan- igans, a variety show. The clubls money raising pro- jects include the selling of car stickers and school JOl"1I1 BOOUI, Vice-Pl'6Sid6H'C1 BIT. Peoples, S3111 Vvhicker, Secretary: Richard Gil- pennantgl Sponsor. inski, Treasurer. Hi-Y Sweetheart Ellen Gowens is chosen to reign as Miss North High. Hi-Y inductees are presented to the student body. Members of the Hi-Y flock to theconces- sions stand during a ballgame. The Tri-Hi-Y is a girls' Christian service club, sponsored by the Y.M.C.A., for high school jun- iors and seniors Whose purpose is to maintain and extend high standards of Christian character throughout home, school, and community. This year, the Tri-Hi-Y presented the school with an American flag, did a great service by frequently removing shattered glass from the parking lot, and joined the Anchor Club in the "Big Sister" project to assist sophomore girls in getting their feet firmly on the ground and off to a good start at North. Much time was given to the selling of programs at football games and working in the concessions stand during basketball games. Dolores Armstrong, Secretaryg Janice Foster, Treasurer. ., ,.,, Libby McNeill is introduced as the Tri-Hi-Y's entry in i the Miss North High contest. 1 Tri-Hi-Y members chat at a dinner meeting. Tri-H FIRST ROW: J. Hovis, J. Hartman, S. King, M. Chappell, C. Campbell, M. Grogan. SECOND ROW: J, Morgan, S. Cooke, S. Cardwell, J. Foster, L. McNeill, M. Marshall, D. Hollar. THIRD ROW: Mrs. McCollum, R. 63 Laughter greets the antics of Tri-Hi-Y members participat- ng in a skit. i-Y Higgins, T. Adams, J. Tuttle, J. Howard, L. Covington, S. Harris. FOURTH ROW: E. Walker, E. Yai-borough, B. White, K. Leinbach, S. Gibson, S. Burgess, D, Roclgers, D. Armstrong. Mr. Malcolm, Sponsorg Drake Joyce, President. S.S.C. member J. C. Johnson entertains the student body. The Senior Service Club is a boys' service club restricted to juniors and seniors. Under the sponsorship of Mr. Mal- colm, these young men work to beautify the school, there- by promoting pride and school spirit. Club members com- pleted a nature trail for the use of biology students and painted a sign to mark the rear entrance of the school. A long range project of the club is to build a cross-country course for North's fine ath- letes. Tommy Hurlocker, Chaplaing Wayne Davis, Vice-Presidentg Duncan Burt, Treasurerg Mike White, Secretary. Senior Service Club FIRST ROW: D. Joyce, W. Davis, J. Johnson, M, VVhite, R. Cope, P. L. Mitchell, D. Burt, B, Snyder, P. Parrish. FOURTH ROW: J. Hunter, Taylor. SECOND ROW: Mr, Malcolm, R. Bennett, M. Kallam, D. Tuttle, M. Tuttle, T. Hurlocker, R. Beddinfzfield, D. Calcutt, VV. Phelps, J. VVilson, R. Tuttle, M. James, THIRD ROW: B. Cromer, T. Tucker, E. Moore, R, Mason. ,, 4 1. .Q VWML I I4 Ga, Mi, , , ABOVE: A mock homecoming ceremony erupts shouts of laughter from the students at the Burlington pep rally. LEFT: President Drake Joyce and member Richard Mason recap the S.S.C. skit before accepting the Best Pep Rally Skit trophy. 65 FIRST ROW: M. Voss, S. Wall, J. Selle, S. Combs. SECOND ROW: L. Bennett, S. Crews, L. Gentry, P. Oscar, S. Oehman, A. Newton, S. Robertson, P. Conrad. THIRD ROW: S. Froelich, J. Cleckley, L. Batts, L. Wright, P. West, M. Hill, S. Parrish, R. Flippin, B. Simmons. Y-T FIRST ROW: B. Robb, S. King, D. Spear, M. Grogan, S. Rakestraw, J. Clodfelter, G. Sunderlin, B. Wall, L. Williams, Mrs. Corriher. SECOND ROW: J. Smith, B. McBride, S. Bowman, P. Mahe, D. Petree, C. Cardwell, S. Henderson, L. Wallace, D. Smitherman, J. Ziglar, C. Wilson, L. Woodle, D. Vermillion. THIRD ROW: C. Marshall, L. Whitman, L. 6 FOURTH ROW: S. Southarfi, G. Orrell, B. Berry, M. Shinlever, K. McBride, B. Tedder, K. Merritt, M. Little, K. McKnight. FIFTH ROW: P. Thacker, C. Martin, C. Ward, P. Munday, G. Burchette, J. Jones, B. Moore. GDS Grubbs, R. Richardson, M. Varellas, M. McGuinness, A. Ferluson, J. Yeager, P. Henry, J. Hunter, E, Bennett, S, Spainhour, G. Wade. FOURTH ROW: S. Boyd, N. Davey, K. McKinney, V. Gough, N. Nelson, L. Jones, K. Westmoreland, L. Helsabeck, N. Smithdeal, D. Campbell, B. Pugh, M. Rogers, L. Austin, S. Petree. 66 Sponsors: Mrs. Corriher, Mrs. McClaren, Mrs. Hix, Mrs. SEATED: J. Yeager, Jr. Vice-Presidentg C. Cardwell, Jr. President, S. Sessoms, Sr. President: K. Merritt, Soph. President, N. Rymill, Sr. Vice-President. STANDING: N. Nelson, .Ir. Secretary: M. Speas, Sr. Treasurer: K. Westmoreland, Jr, Treasurer: A. Ferguson, ICC Representa- tiveg S. Owen, Assistant Sr. Secretary, J. Hovis, Sr. Secretary. Large membership participation achieves sucess for the Y-Teens in promoting Christian fellowship with better understanding and co-operation among all girls in the school. Members served refreshments at P.T.A. meetings, and sponsored Twirp lVeek to provide funds for a school concessions stand. Blackburn. FIRST ROW: M. Stone, J. Hovis, S. Cooke, M. Mabe, B. Horne, J. Harper, Rymill. S. Owen, L. Cooper, B. Spauzh, N. Riley, S. Carter, M. McKinney. W. New. SECOND ROW: L. Day, E. Bell, K. Rogers, C. Beavers, K. FOURTH ROW: S. Sessoms, P. Smith, E. Thomas, S. Dicus, W. Cheek Surratt, S. Marlin, S. Harmon, M. Gough. THIRD ROW: L. Johnson, N. M. Speas, C. Pike, K. Huste, R. Blakley. , ...ul Library Club With this year's addition of new shelves and new books, Library Club members used special efficiency in per- forming their staff jobs. Devoting an hour or more each day to work in the library enables the members to familiar- ize themselves with library procedure. Special activities of the club included sponsorship of the annual Book Week and a Library Prom. Librarian Mrs. Hagaman works closely with library assistants. S - 5ffS?'i71'E3?1 12' 'it -. 9 V . , . - , :E - S sglii-'ip PPS? ii 'si'S'::fi1if:2'5i 55551 'i :Q 1 .S :- H s F s or r a' X FIRST ROW: Glenda Dalton, Chaplain: Pam Henry, Vice-President: Melba Latham, President. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Hagaman, Sponsor: Betty Robertson, Reporter: Jim Wikle, Treasurer, Chi-Chi Ziglar, Secretary, Mrs. Vance, Sponsor. s Ro Findle S Lon J Hauser B Duval G Dalton FIRST ROW: D. Jone., C. gers, C. y, . g, . ', . , . . SECOND ROW: Mrs. Hagaman, K. Hicks, C, Wilson, P. Bonner, S. Southern, C. Marshall, M. Sapp, V. Leftwich, C. Darnell, THIRD ROW: S. Manning, M, Newsome, N. Pardue, D. Parrish, P, Henry, K. Westmoreland, N. Lane, M. Latham, B. Robertson, C. Ziglar, A. Stafford. FOURTH ROW: D. Mayberry, D. Thigpen, P. Forkner, M. Stewart, M. Tuttle, B. Lawrence, J. Wikle, S. Bolejack, R. Holbrook, G. Aust, Mrs. Vance. 68 FVRST ROW: M. Lee, D. Lynch, J. Hauser, A. Ferguson, H. Harper, M, THIRD ROVV: Miss Maddrey, M. Littel, L, Parks, B. Raker, S. YVenther- Fulton, C. Miller. SECOND ROW: K. Huste, K. Reagan, P. Olmstead, ford, M. Causby, M. Nail, J. Jenkins, C. Bombeld, K. Stewart. L. Wallace, S. Marlin, L. Pascal, S. Harmon, V, Bohland, K. McKnight. President Charles Bombeld concentrates on a woodcut design. Amwmfw.. ,M . My wc. , Wwakmm FIRST ROW: Dawn Lynch, Vice-President: Charles Bombeld. President: Miss Maddrey, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Sanrlra Harmon, Treasurer: Marlene Causby, Scrapbook Chairman 3 Ellen Ebert, Secretary. Art Clubbers are constantly serving the school by giving of their time and talent. Homecoming decorations, props for the dramatics productions, and hall decorations at Christmas are the result of skillful members willing service. A scrapbook containing drawings to illustrate the school year and an original print will be given to the school by the Art Club at the conclusion of the year. Ari Club I ABOVE: Alice Frick, Secretary-Treasurerg Miss Royster, Sponsorg John Herke, President. RIGHT: Members of the National Forensic League, formerly known as the Debate and Discussion Society, must ac- cumulate tvventy-five hours of public speaking to ach- ieve membership in this organization. This year Leaguers have taken part in various debates and speech contests. Both the affirmative and negative teams have received high ratings of achievement. Alice Frick practices to develop debating tech niques. Forensic League FIRST ROW: C. Moran, D. Lynch, L. Cooper, Miss Royster. SECOND ROW: J. Herke, A. Frick, H. Smith, G. Long, K. Coburn. i 7 O Dromclfics The Dramatics Department of North is small number but not in talent! By participating in the Wake Forest Speech Festival and returning with several certificates of merit, their skill as tragedians has been enlarged. They have endeavored to perfect their own techniques by attending theatrical productions in the area. The Dramatics students are also largely respon- sible for the annual school play which is presented in the spring. ...- .as .,.. W Dramatics students Judy Lynn Tuttle and Sid Chadwick interpret a comedy scene. Dramatics students study pro- per techniuues of character make-up. 71 Anne Moorefield portrays a character bent with sorrow. Language C 5535 zo QMS if 1' f . ff assssggsguu ABOVE' French Club Officers: P. Smith, Vice-President: L. Vestal, Secretary: J Coone, Treasurer. Spanish Club Officers: L. Robertson, Secretary: L. Brown, Treasurer: S. Southern, Chaplain. BELOW: Spanish Club: Miss Teague, Sponsor: Linda Kiger, President. Q9pANH Ywi lid .aw- an 5.1 FRENCH CLUB:-FIRST ROW: Miss Huggins, S. Cooke, B. Duval, G, Frick, P, Thompson, B. Anderson, G. Sunderlin, L. Cooper, Mrs. Corriher. SECOND Hollifield, ROW: B. Gorlow, K. Surratt, E. Bryan, A. Morefield, J. Rowley, A. Whicker, Iubs Q49- FRENCH CLUB: Miss Huggins, Sponsor: Sam Whicker, President: Mrs. Corriher, Sponsor. Smith, A. Stafford, L. Vestal. THIRD ROW: J. Coone, B. D. Weavil, B. Johnson, B. McCuiston, L. Austin, M. Smith, S. G. Samuels. 72 FIRST ROW: H. Vestal, D. Jones, B. Nichols, L. Brown, M. Lee. THIRD ROW: D. Mayberry, J. Kimball, J. Montgomery, C. Olsen, L SECOND ROW: Miss Teague, C. Davis, L. Kiger, N. Riley, C. Jones. Robertson. Members of the French and Spanish Clubs go beyond their classroom studies to exchange ideas and to experience a differ- ent level of culture not found in daily life. This year the French Club helped prepare the decora- tions for Homecoming which followed the French theme "Gigi", and sponsored a French Week. Spanish Club members Worked closely with our South American exchange student, Rosalina Baron, to make her visit as enjoyable as possible. Rosalina Baron, Spanish foreign exchange student, partici- pates in language club skit. 73 Brian Johnson, Vlce Presldent Stan Olson Chairman of Program Com mittee, Alice Frick Secretary Generating enthus1asm in the Wide world of pOl1lL1CS, inter national espionage, outer space, famous pe1sonal1t1es, and life in any way shape, oi form 1S the pi 1me objective of the Con tempolaly Problems Club In weekly meetings the members listen to outstandmg speakeis flom citv, communitw, and school Student ODIHIOH polls ale Conducted bv the club mem President, Mrs. Clifford, Sponsoi bers several times during the school year Mrs. Zimmerman, Sponsor, Scott Graham, Contemporary Problems Club FIRST ROW: L. Cooper. A. Frick, C. Moran, J. Rowley, S. Conrad, M. THIRD ROW: C. Hord, M. Jenson, S. Whicker, S. Olson, C. Bombeld, Lee S. Cooke. SECOND ROW: S. Owen, E. Bell, A. Stafford, K. T. Wall, M. Smith, S. Graham, B. Johnson, B. Rake: Sui-ratt K. Coburn W. Cheek D. Lynch, N. Smithdeal, Mrs. Clifford W 5 3 li Q 5 1 2 f 1 Q ill FIRST ROW: S. Wood, K. Marsh, C. Hiatt, D. Griffin, Miss Teague. hour, D. Hutchins, S. Owen, S. Southern. FOURTH ROW N Paidue L SECOND ROW: C. Miller, P. Brannock, P. Bonner, S. Whisenhunt, C. Vestal, B. Grubbs, J. Issaacs, W. Cook, J. Coone D Mayberry P Rogers, C. Findley, J. Boyer, F. Ratledge, N. Speas. THIRD ROW: Hinchei , S. Petree. B. Mankins, M. Haines, E. Thomas, M. Moore, D. Darnell, W. Spain- Youfh For Christ Club QUIZ TEAM . . . FIRST ROW: J. Boyer, S. Southern, P. I-Iincher, C. Marsh. SECOND ROW: W. Cook, J. Coone, S. Wood, S. Owen. OFFICERS . . . RIGI-IT: D. Griffin, Chaplaing S. Wood, President: J. Coone, Secretary: Miss Teague, Sponsorp K. Marsh, 1st Vice-President: V. Leftwich, 2nd Vice-President, C. Hiatt, Treasurer. The Youth for Christ seeks to inspire its members to stronger Christian unity. The purpose of the club is to emphasize to all stu- dents the importance of maintaining Christian principles and fel- lowship in school life. The club sponsors the North High Quiz Team which competes in the Bible Quiz with the various other Youth for Christ Clubs in our system. 75 uve FIRST ROW: B. McBride, A. Cain, L. Miller, D. Sprinkle, G. Lounsbury. SECOND ROW: S. Shoaf, B. Long, M. Mabe. Formed through inter- est in the world of com- merce, the Future Busi- ness Leaders of America seeks to reveal to its members the possibilities of a profession in the business world. Future Business Leaders of America The Science Club, spon- sored by the Science De- partment, meets to in- crease its member's knowl- edge, skill, and apprecia- tion of the fields of sci- ence and engineering. The club sponsors the March Science Fair. Winners in the North Science Fair are eligible to compete for district, state, and na- tional honors. Officers are: Tommy Guthrie, President, Chris Hord, Vice-President, and Brian Johnson, Treasurer. Science Club SEATED: C. Hord, T. Gutherie, S. Weatherford, S. Simmons S. Graham, B. Russell, S. Lowry, Miss Carroll, 76 . STANDING: Miss Ellis, B. Johnson, The Distributive Educ- ation Club operates for the purpose of familiariz- ing its members with pro- cedures and techniques characteristic of the busi- ness world. Members at- tend a district and nation- al meeting each year to discuss problems pertin- ent to all participating or- ganizations. Officers are: Kenneth Burnette, Presi- dent, Mike Stewart, As- sociate President, Brenda Smith, Secretaryg Susan Crutchfield, Treasurer. FIRST ROW: L. West, P. Roy, L. Stanley, D. Johnson, D. Martin, K. Burnett, M. Stewart, S. Crutchfield, B. Smith, R. Watson, P. Blankenship, V. Pittman. SECOND ROW: M. Gill, S. Wall, D. Martin, D. Kiser, S. Hamlin, C. Gilley, K. Rush, J. Crews. I. Ashby, C. Bassetti, L. Utt. THIRD ROW: D. Severt, M. Tuttle, R. Reavis, L. Brewer, C, Calhoun, L, Murphy, T. Canter, D. Gibson, S. Short, B. Griffin, P. Cornatzer, B. Darnell, J. Smith. FOURTH ROW: T. Adams, B. Clemens, J. Burton, J. gang, Fishel, R. Caudle, F. Bryan, R. Sneed, T. Guy, F. Hoyle, J. Boyer, K. Denzarn, S. Fine, r. ec. Distributive Education Clubs of America Vocational Industrial Clubs of America FIRST ROW: D. Whicker. P. Smitherman, W. Vaughn, S. Thomas, D. Brookshire, B. Hutchins. SECOND ROW: B. Bodenhamer, A. White, P. Stewart, M. Anderson, F. McKnight, K. McGee, H. Grubbs, T. Rominger. THIRD ROW: C. Wall, J. Armstrong, D. Phelps, T. Purvis, D. Tritt, J. Price, L. Moser, Mr. Neill. The objectives of the V.I.C.A. are to prepare members for the world of business and for the task of successful citizenship. To highlight the year's achievements, an employ- er-employee banquet was held, and a float was created for the Christmas Parade. The V.I.C.A. also took an active role in the March of Dimes. Officers are: Phil Smitherman, Presidentg Wayne Vau- ghn, Vice-Presidentg Sha- ron Thomas, Secretaryg and Debbie Brookshire, Treasurer. 77 Students interested in agriculture or any of its phases find membership in the F. F. A. an asset in learning and developing a Wide variety of skills. Beautification of our school grounds is the im- mediate service project of the Future Farmers of America. The club mem- bers also participate in many state Wide contests. Officers are: Earl Brant- ley, Presidentg Nolan B o W e n, Vice-Presidentg Stuart Bowen, Secretary, and Woody Merritt, Trea- surer. FIRST ROW: E. Brantley, W. Merritt, S. Bowen, D. Lounsbury, D. Carriker. SECOND ROW: Mr. Ja' ' E. H K. St 't K. S t J. F '. THIRD ROW: L. M' hll S. T l B xvis, anis, ewax , co t, ostei xtc e , utt e, . Bodenhammer, D. Wall, J. Blackburn, S. Southern, H. Petree, J. Shouse, J. Tolley, Mr. Selle. FOURTH ROW: D. Bickley, D. Grubbs, P. Crowe, L. Hicks, J. Long, R. Styers, M. McGill, G. Hendrix, M. Doub, P, Pennington. Future Farmers of America Future Homemclkers of America FIRST ROW: J. Bowers, S. Roush, J. Sechrist, M. Rogers. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Woodall, S. Boles, B. Johnson, S. Dawson, L. Parrish, Mrs. Penner. THIRD ROW: S. Chambers, J. Casey, P. Shore, N. Isenhour, P. Johnson, L. Wallace, D. Baumgardner. FOURTH ROW: G. Aust. C. Wilson, B. Wooten, G. Cleary, K. Schuyler, V. Hester, L. Howell. 78 The aims of the Future Homemakers of America are to Work for a good home and family life, to provide wholesome re- creation, and to promote interest in the ever-ex- panding field of home economics. Annual pro- jects of the club include National F. H. A. Week and the district rally and state convention held in Raleigh. Officers are: Jean Bowers, President, Sarah Roush, Vice-Presi- dentg Jeanette Secrest, Secretary 3 and Martha Rogers, Treasurer. FIRST ROW: L. Vestal, F. Shelton, D. Hooker, J. Hovis, G. Dalton, B. Anderson. SECOND ROW: M. Stone, S. Sapp, H. Vestal, M, Fulton, T. Logan. THIRD ROW: S. Marlin, P. Smith, D. Holcomb, G. Samuels, P. West, F. Walker, K. Huste. The Pro Humanite Or- ganization is a health club designed to promote voca- tions concerned with var- ious phases of health and to foster a greater appre- ciation for these careers. The P. H. O. assumes the maintenance of the First Aid Room and furnishes supplies to maintain it by funds raised at bake and doughnut sales. Officers are: Jean Hovis, Presi- dentg Linda Vestal, Vice- Presidentg Donna Hooker, Secretaryg and Frances Shelton, Treasurer. Pro Humanite Organization Photographic Arts Society The North High Photo- graphic Arts Society seeks to broaden each member's knowledge of, interest in, and appreciation for good photography. The club renders photographic ser- vices to school publica- tions. Officers are: Milton McNatt, Presidentg Bob Brothers, Vice-President, and Bob Gorlow, Secre- tary. FIRST ROW: Mr. Anderson, B. Gorlow, M. McNatt, B. Brothers, H. Birdsong, R. Simmons. SECOND ROW: J. Hall, S. Poindexter, D. Lounsbury, M. Sturms, S. Lowry, J, Scott, M. Hendrix. Pep Milf' We ,L,A , - FIRST ROW: L. Clayton, M. Park, B. Rogers, E. Gowens. SECOND ROW: V. Roy, J. Southern, F. Latham, W. Spainhour, G, Orrell, P. Livengood, H. Boger, P. Simmons, L. Wright, J. Fleming, L. Gentry, S. McNeill. THIRD ROW: D. Gilley, D. Cox, W. Barr, J. Carter, B. Horne, S, Callahan, B, Nichols, J, Morgan, B. Helsabeck, A. Biannucci, C. Davis, K. Saunders, A. Newton, S. Terry, S. Smith. FOURTH ROW: B. Hussey, C. Jones, C. Davis, S. Helsabeck, S. Holt, B, Anderson, S. Fulton, P. Eaton, J. Strupe, S. Cardwell, IS. Wright, S. Rakestraw, D. Mrs. Blackburn, Sponsor, Annette Biannuci, President. L? Club s Caudle, C. Wray, P. West, S. Robertson, S. Landingham. FIFTH ROW. N. Reavis, B. Wooten, C. Wilson, G. Greer, D. Darnell, N. Faircloth, L Miller, Il, Chambers, M. Shinleve1', P. Munday, J. Cleckley, D. Caurlle B. Berry, G. Burchette, W. Spainhour, L. Brown. SIXTH ROW: J, Dow, F, Wilson, G. Samuels, L. Frazier, A. Sprinkle, R. Sheilds F. VValkcr, D. Hooker, P. Norris, J. Johnson, V. Corns, B, Shermer, L Brooks, K. McKinney, N. Davey, J. Isaacs, J. Pittman. ABOVE: J. Pittman, Vice-President, S. Cardwell, Treasurer, N. Brown, Secretary. BELOW: Pep Club members boost spirit with colorful hall decorations. , , my , ...W . North High is well known for its outstanding brand of sportsmanship and school spirit. The Pep Club is one good reason for this distinction. Pep Club members Work hard publicizing games, organizing peppery pep rallies, or making plans for victory celebrations. Projects of the Pep Club include the selection of the Victory Leaders of the Month, who are chosen because of their out- standing school spirit, and sponsorship of a talent assembly. A Victory Dance, which was presided over by a King and Queen chosen from the Victory Leaders, capped the year's activities. Barbara Wright, Card Section Chairman. i C E Benny Norris, Program Chairman. Brenda Helsabeck, Bulletin Board Chairman, Joan Strupe, Skit Chairman. Kittie McKinney and Nancy Davey, Poster Chairmen BOYS' MONOGRAM CLUB Boys' Monogram Club Mike Knight, Presidentp Mr. Alexander, Sponsor Members of the Boys' Monogram Club try to promote excellence in athletic achievement. Club members have worked diligently at raising money for ping-pong tables to be used by the students. From doughnut sales, car washes, and general contribution of funds these boys hope to complete this and other projects for the year. 5334 .12 W If Tim Duff, Vice-Presidentg Keith Sechrist, Secretary- Treasurer. Girls' Athletic Associotion .5 s 3 LEFT: Brenda Trexler, Presidentg Judy Dickerson, Vice-Presidentg Sarah Carson, Secretaryg Becky Berry, Treasurer. ABOVE: Miss Barbee and Mrs. Tucker, Sponsors. The Girls' Athletics Association consolidated with the Girls' Monogram Club to offer to interested girls a means of participation in a wide field of both individual and group sports. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 31, 83 4 Marching Bcmd Craig Snow, DRUM MAJOR MAJORETTES and COLOR GUARD MARCHING BAND 84 Saws wxmswwwsfu A Concert Bond FIRST ROW: L. Grubbs, C. Gordon, S. Nifong, J. Blair. SECOND ROW: S. Petree, V. Corn, B. Hinkle, S. Styers, D. Owens, D, Conrad, T, Weavil R. Fulk, M. Stanley, W. Helsabeck, B. Randleman. THIRD ROW: J. Snyder, T. Yarborough, B. Brothers, T. Weavil, S. Harvey, F. Pelligrini M. Newsome, E. Nifong, C. Davis, D. Jarvis, K. Ogburn, J. Scott, J. L. Wall, B. Green, S. Johnson, E. Powell, M. Hendrix, M. McNatt, L Gray, J. Penn, B. Correll, B. Newsome, G. Calloway, H. Birdsong, R. Armes, C. Snow. FOURTH ROW: S. Poindexter, R. B1'own, P. Speas. The North Forsyth Marching Band is ever-increasing in size and talent. Under the direction of band director, Carlyle Chiddister, and drum major, Craig Snow, band members paced through a variety of colorful half- time shows. Parade performances and a trip to Appalachian State Teachers College to take part in the homecoming festivities highlighted the year's activities. Members of the Color Guard and the Majorettes, Sarah Nifong, Janet Blair, and Shirley Bell, were incorporated with the band in all performances. Mem- bers of the Marching Band also formed a Pep Band to boost school spirit at pep rallies and games. A Concert Band was formed at the con- clusion of football season. The band toured many county junior high schools to present musical programs to prospective high school students. Shelton, S. Miller, P. Hooker, D. Griffin, Mr. Chiddister, Director. Band Director, Mr. Chiddister, conducts the Pep Band at a pep rally performance. 85 Linebach. FIFTH ROW: D. Hutchins, M. Haines, C. Marsh, S. Cox, J. Some band students who possess exceptional talent and interest in mu- sic are selected as mem- bers of the school stage band, the "Starlighters." This band creates a ro- mantic mood at proms and dances through its melodious form of music and the showmanship of its musicians. The stage band is under the direc- tion of Mr. Chiddister. The Marching Vikings present another spectacular halftime show. Saxophone player Bobby Correll performs with the pep band. YNY' in FIRST ROW: C. Marsh, D. Jarvis, M. Newsome, C. Davis, R. Fulk, E. D. Owens, H. Gough, E. Powell. THIRD ROW: L. Leinback, M. Hend- Nifong, M. Stanley, B. Correll. SECOND ROW: M. Haines, S. Styers, dx-ix, C. Snow, M. McNatt. Stage Bond .21 BOYS' CHORUS MIXED CHORUS Chorol Groups The choral groups greatly expanded this year to encompass a larger member- ship. The Boys' Chorus and Girls' Chorus serve to train the student, while the Mixed Chorus is the main performing group. Choral programs this year in- cluded an assembly, performances at various schools, and a spring concert. GIRLS' CHORUS W ....-l.. FIRST ROW: D. Smitherman, S. Booze. D. Willeford, J Pitts, R. Craft, P. Evans, C. Cardwell, C. Beavers, D Saunders, M. Marshall. The Valkyries of 1965-66 have won fame for themselves and their school. Under the skillful leadership of competent sponsors, Mrs. Clifford and Miss Huggins, and band director, Mr. Chiddister, these dancing girls entranced au- diences throughout the city and its environs. Valkyrie members paced skillfully through routines which they named GOLDFINGER, BABY ELEPHANT WALK, and SWEET GEORGIA BROWN amid glaring stadium lights and wild cheers. A special request per- formance for the homecoming festivities at Appalachian State Teacherls College and na- tional recognition in a full color picture article for Friends magazine highlighted the second year of the Valkyries existence. An assembly of talent and a review of the year's perfor- mances concluded the year's activities for the Valkyries. B Robb S Cardwell V Rutledge R Thacker M Przddy T. Johnson, S. Roush, P. Collins L McNeill J Foster P Baugess C Myers M Grogan, D. Eisenhower, P. Clayton B Taylol D Petree C Carter P Gordon Hs l SECOND ROW: J, Tuttle, M, Petty, L. Covington, A. Cates, S. Atkins, Valkyllles use Colorful flags as props durlng a halftlme s. Baker, N. Riley, E. Bell, T. Bar-1-eu. A. Morefield. performance. . - J, Mx ,K . nr.. , . . .4 . .1 .iff S. E wx... . Jff"1.,,J- -' ' Er ' ,, ' 'T , ci yrles I ...fa I . IAQ. 2- ' .vm 1':,.,,,, RIGHT: Valkyries are a major attraction in the city-wide Christmas parade. BELOW: A basketball game performance culminates a successful Valkyrie season. -vw--1-. -in -wssqvlj .40 .ai FIRST ROW: S. Dicus, K. Leinback, D. Rogers, G. Adams, L. Jones, M. Gordon, J. Latham, D. Campbell, A. Stafford, J, Caudle, D. Dalton, M. Brown. Helsabeck. SECOND ROW: D. Chambers, S. Sfreddo, S. Marshall, T. Rose, S. 89 Lineback, S. Henderson, J. Boyer, N. Nelson, C. Pike, L. Sheila Queen, Secretary-Treasurer, Tim Shouse, Reporterg Freddie Woiteneck, President. A student is returned home safely after a day at school. The Bus Driver's Club does not refer to itself as a service club, yet the members probably render, with regularity and efficiency, the most important service at North: getting the stu- dents to and from school on time. The club's goals are the promotion of the safety of the children who ride, the reduction of accidents and improvement of the standards of cleanliness. Bus Drivers' Club FIRST ROW: R, Austin, S. VVood, V. Tuttle, J. Johnson, S. Keiger, C. Kiyzer, T. Anders, T. Shouse, J. Portcrfielri G. Eddins, S. Queen, C. Douh, N. Beeson, D. Griggs, T. Benge, L. Haynes, S. Jones. SECOND ROW: J. White, E. Blackburn, B. Kreeger, D. Cates, D. Grubbs, R. Plemmons, D. Oehman, R. Helsabeck, W. Dodson, T, Riddle, I. Holloway, J. Hines, B. Wood, O. Jones, G. Settle, J. Lineback. THIRD ROW: M. Nail, B. Ingram, J. Walton, R. Mayes, J. Morris, R, Flynt, F. Woiteneck, P. Pennington, L. Vernon, A. Abbot, J. Burbage, J. Whisen- hunt, M. Simmons, W. Hudler, D. Marshall, R. Chisholm, B. Lentz, S. Matlock, C. Styers. FOURTH ROW: B. Banner, P. Crowe, R. Livengood, T. Hardin, T. Bowen, G. Hicks, J. Boyer, B. Lawrence, J. Long, J. Bell, D. Griffin, B, Snyder, R. Horton, J. Booth, G. Smith, D. Culler, B, Nicks, L. Matlock, H. Gough, G. Calloway. Office Workers FIRST ROW: N. Riley, L. Winebarfzer, M. Maines, S. Owens, B, Moore. SECOND ROW: M. Priddy, P. Livengood, J. Hartman, L. Denny, P. Collins, J. Bleckley, M. Mabe, M. McKinney. THIRD ROW: G. Adams, S. Harmon, K. Coburn, Mr, Malcolm, M. Petty, S. Sessoms, S. Atkins. The Cafeteria Staff is responsible for the feed- ing of hundreds of people each day. With patience and skill they prepare a wide variety of meals to thwart the appetites of hordes of famished stu- dents. Ccafelericl Staff Some members of the student body relinquish their study hall each day to work with the guidance department and the secre- tarial staff. Answering calls, making announce- ments, sorting mail, and typing various forms and stencils make the office worker's job a full, but stimulating one. FIRST ROVV: V. Davis, S. Winebarger, P. Ketner, L. Grubbs, M. Hauser, J. Wilkins, S, Lawson, P. Mecum, J, Presswood. SECOND ROW: J. Randleman, B. Rachel. E. Grubbs, V. Walker, B. Muse, C. Killer, A. Heedham. THIRD ROW: C. Melton, O. Evans. 91 fi:-l 'X -ff --1-- - .. ii N Rm, , H' as i 1 kil ns - yi t if 5 f Alvin Smith Lillian Miller Cusfodicms It is the job of a few diligent Workers to keep North looking spotless after the devastation wrought each day by 1,800 often careless students. With friendly smiles and unceasing efforts, the cus- todians accomplish their tasks With ef- ficiency and skill. Henry Amos and Alfred Sherrill ATHLETICS Coaching Staff Coach Gray Cartwrightg J. V. Football, Varsity Basketball. Coach Howard Pardueg Tennis, Varsity Basketball. Coach Wilson Alexanderg Varsity Football ABOVE: Coach Joe Rhyneg Track and Field. RIGHT: Coach Norman Barringerg Baseball. 94 Learning what to do, how to do it, and when to do it is most important in most fields, especially athletics. The coaches at North are responsible for bringing out skills and characteristics synonymous with quality athletics. Through many hours of patience and skill, the Viking coaching staff molded its raw recruits into smoothly functioning varsity and junior varsity teams. Coach Colon Nifongg Athletic Director, Golf. Coach A. C. Larrimoreg Wrestling. Beginning their third season at North, the Vikings proved them- selves confident and worthy repre- sentatives of North. Captain Mike Knight led the Viking squad with true distinction, always striving to attain excellence in football and sportsmanship. When the Vikings played, they played hard - and never could any individual say that the members of the squad were unworthy representatives of North ' High School. The football field was i not only a place for physical de- velopment, but as the players worked together, each gained standards and ideals that charac- terize the strong. TEAM CAPTAINS: Keith Sechrist, Co-Captain, Mike Knight, Captaing Jerry Messick, Co-Captain. Football-1965 FIRST ROW: H. Fields, T. Duff, R. Rockett, B. Page, L. J. Pittman, J. Booth, J. Wikle, D. Bennett, M. White, W. Thompson, K. Sechrist, M. Knight, J. Messick, B. Persiani, Head, H. Hauser, C. Lyons, J. Speas, A. Southard, B. Hayes, S. Doss, S. Boyles, J. Tolley, D. Grubbs, B. Dickerson, L. S. Tomlinson, M. Brock. THIRD ROW: T. Thacker, K. James, Wright, J. Wilson. SECOND ROW: J. Davis, T. Armstring, G. Moorefield, R. Cope, C. Sharpe, M. Page, R. Gizinski, N' f N523 'L Q 'f-- .1 . :- r v: . Y I "-' " v-Iii 1.. we -' i-" "" 1 1 - , --.. ii- i t .'-. .,,, T if 'Z .r,, , ',l' e ' 'W ri-- f i fl - .4 , ' . .. . . VVAV -,. Q VIVVA '.1-, I if 4 'i Y, ,,.. K .,, m - k ,,,.. V 5 ..,. llli , . f, kr ,. I W i a 'I ,. Q gf? K , M I .. :fa , f. V arrr - R Q ' .Lffag Q S' f 1 l i f' in " Q 3 G 1 S 5 Q .l L 3 B . . '3 U , 6 D 4 5 3 3 1 .V .. .1535 "z1 ms '51 + .,... V ii if if gi iitii idiii ' .': id I l i f1'.,. , ..-,- 'P f Z I ' g'ii' .. iiz xvg A ffi.- . . .,: L, . ,f, 3 ':' i'i f V l,., l . i "t' 5 ... . . . W ,. ,,,,, . .. . , A . , ,, ,,,"1f':4f,i7iw , . ,,,,,,..,., -,,--vvAF:: as "'v ' L ' ,, fv' 5 ....,.,,., :,,.,,. Q Qi. ' 2-h T lrfr rlii . il. '2 ' iiiiii it - .ti... edtt .i'4S4gV3'W'.aZ5ZAVi9--VAWQYFWa'M?ar?A?a?5?Q?e Ag.Q gozogfgofo.-1rfnfQQvf'of'Ai M X if K, A VVLV W Z az .V k,,, 7, V, w ,, I .,v,f,.s?dx 3' 'X 3 9 """9 - V r V i R' W' Z -fi 0 rooewwwwvivvawseww V fre ' 'ioaioviovorovovo' Q"'o"'6'4i'oQ?4"4'o"'6"+"' ooooooooooooooootfv 2?.9.9.9.?44.?4?4t4? 4263482 53266228223 gfofdofdioiofiofoivkiiiili 96 MANAGERS: Bob Poole, Rick Helsabeck, and Paul Kandzer. Season O. Story, L. Hauser, C. Burcham, J. Harmon, J. Downs, D. Campbell, T. Shelton, M. Lawson. W " M V A '11' ".' .,.,. fL-f, f asian, i If ll.. llls ea .,., ,.,,,.. ,., ., ,7.V lm ing? awe. W4 AWVWMNWW lll v Q 5 1 ' ' hw '.,'f', Q2 sw , f.r' I 4 1 We. tw W if 7 5 2 9 W A .sas l273 f 2 fu 1 4 f H W V5QwWEWWMW ... 4,gAQQ ,, Wwwwaw . i . -A .,,' , 7 'Wi Fi , . , ,. ,. g ive A A WIVJHLM, ..,. ..ll ,,,, MWW,QQPQ1wwwWmWW l. ll .l.l IAA . - . .l,.. L A, ., It ,,,. 9234, ,,, 5 A fs- ..,, i .,..,. ,.,,, ..,,...,..,..,,.,,. , .,,. ,.,., ,,.,.....,.. , ,...,.,..,,., ,. ,,.,..,,.. ,..,. M . , ,,,, ,,,.-s t f':' V, s N . 4 WW WWWWWWWWQWWWWWWWW lava:-ng,g,4nE OQQWQWQWQWQWWQQQ WQQQA OQQKQWWWWW aamemiefaeseaaaaaraaaeaa ?WW99QMW Football coaches tensely observe the action from the sidelme North North North North North North North North North North FOOTBALL SCORES .. Parkland .. West Forsyth .. Page .. Reynolds .. East Forsyth .. Lexington .. Burlington .. High Point .. Salisbury .. Grimsley NORTH VS. PARKLAND The Parkland Mustangs ran a single wing formation in the opening game of the season to defeat North, 27-0. NORTH VS. WEST FORSYTH The teams stood each other off in the fourth quarter of a great defensive battle. Mike Knight spearheaded an eight-play drive on which North Went across the goal to victory, 7-6. NORTH VS. PAGE The Vikings scored on an aerial from Mike Knight to Ronnie Rockett in the early minutes of the game, and clinched it with another touchdown in the fourth quarter to win, 14-6. NORTH VS. REYNOLDS Late in the fourth quarter the Vikings rallied to score on a re- covered fumble. Don Grubbs then booted an 18-yard field goal, bringing the score to what it was at the final buzzer, North 10 - Reynolds 0. NORTH VS. EAST FORSYTH Keith Sechrist scored a Viking touchdown on a 64-yard runback from an intercepted Eagle aerial, and Don Grubbs later made good a dramatic 35-yard field goal. However, the Eagles scored two touch- downs in the final four minutes to win, 13-10. NORTH VS. LEXINGTON Tim Duff scored for the Vikings when he recovered a Lexington fumble, but Lexington's powerful offense broke the game open in the second period and defeated North, 32-14. NORTH VS. BURLINGTON Central 4-A Conference Champions, Burlington Williams, defeated the stubborn North squad on three touchdowns. The Bulldogs drove steadily against the Vikings, handing them a defeat for Homecoming. The final score, Burlington-20, North-0. NORTH VS. HIGH POINT The Vikings were unable to warm-up against the Black Bisons' strong passing offense, and were handed a 38-0 defeat. NORTH VS. GRIMSLEY Grimsley ran and passed well against a stubborn Viking defense. North player Mike Lawson highlighted the Viking performance with a dramatic kick-off runback to the Grimsley 41-yard line that re- sulted in a touchdown. The final score, North-20, Grimsley-27. NORTH VS. SALISBURY Mike Knight bombed splint end Ronnie Rockett with consecutive touchdown passes to defeat a sluggish Salisbury 27-7. 98 Players pile up after a touchdown. in V WXWW, V Y YE? A Coach Alexander confers with one of his players. Tense coaches. . . muscular players . . . fleet referees . . . looks of despair . . . and disappoint- N s J fi Q w ment . . . looks of exultation . . . the roar from the stands . . . cheerleaders leaping high . . . crisp fall air carrying the strains of the Alma Mater across the lined field . . . victories . . . and defeats. Such is football . . . an experience to be remembered forever . . . by both partici- pant and spectator. s M X 1... Bobby Lawson, one of the managers, intently watches the game. Opponents reach high to block a North field goal attempt. 99 The North High football team paces through their pre-game warm-up. is Q we if QR ., gl, ,se t Q. LQ, , -f L 5 .f :iss X + A A L :S K SMX' ' its M Ronnie Rockett leaps to intercept a pass. Opposing teams wait expectantly for the ball to be snapped. 3 'J-up 1 4 W'MMg,l1 1' wif!! 1' f 2 NI '. l f 5 I1 - V' ,v V, 11 W G4 :arf I , I, ,,, yf il W, Hen,-, ' " ' ' ,wfwzfw , Q , 4 " ,Q t -N b. s A t l K A 3 .MH W Y A ' Y 'www M f f ,wgigtfffsmf w.v,,fn,,gf-I f ,ww - - 'ii , f,'f 'if f "wwf, 'ki .V 'L' 'H ' ' - 5 I, A , 1 i if -' an . - 'wi M., Steve Tomlinson makes a crushing tackle. , a Kiln? I V' 44, We X 4 'T ,www , Z .,,, I 4 Outstanding end, Steve Doss breaks away for extra yardage. Senior Larry Thompson evades a defensive player. w The referee declares the ball dead. Tension runs high in the final minutes of a game. ,W f fifi' W 4 '5535igw'? M, M 'ff' 2, .t 1 , L, , iffdz- f ' , Zi lsqsff S ' f Qi N pc . A North offensive player prepares to run for a side line. A North player receives congratulations after a Viking victory. 50 R01 IMIABQR 6 A M E Vikings join in the Lord's Prayer H M. before each game. North players team up to bring down A Viking drives in low to tackle An East player ,frets double-teamed as he an opponent. an opponent. tries to run. p 5,1 3 1 s x V 1 K J Q Y f i ft'-X ' 5 Q L. . 2 ' f Q -Q 3 4 S 4 iiwirim . .,.,,,L N r .. . we .g.,.5. f fsssitf FIRST ROW: T. Thompson, S. Knight, K. Kiser, R. Hamby, Crews, D. Weatherford, W. Liner, T. Yarborough. FOURTH M. Crews, B. Young, K. Dillard. SECOND ROW: Mr. Burris, ROW: J. Johnson, C. Priddy, D. Minter, G. Moorefield, F A. Snead, W. Hall, B. MacLane, S. Madison, D. Clark, B. Hanner, G. Newman, K. Creeson. Myers. THIRD ROW: S. Veneble, E. Allen, M. Carter, S. Junior Vorsity Football Coach Cartwright, assisted by Mr. Burris, worked with the Junior Varsity football squad this year. The Baby Vikings had a winning season, finishing with a 5-4 record. Captains were alternated from week to week, according to the individual perfor- mances of the players during practice sessions. The Vikings exhibited excellent sportsmanship and de- veloped individual and team skills. They received experience that will be helpful in making them assets to future Viking teams. The high mark of the J. V. season came when they defeated East, 7-6. J. V. football coach, Gray Cartwright, urges student sup port of the team. - Basketball Coach Gray Cartwright's Vikings entered the Central 4-A Conference for the first time this year. Although the North High cagers were slow in jelling under the pressure of their first few games, they soon learned to work together, picking up speed and talent as the season reached the halfway point. It was then that the Vikings began to demonstrate that aggressive and seasoned play that made North one of the top defensive teams in the conference. Many a rival of the Vikings shattered offensively under the precision defensive patterns that the Vik- ings demonstrated against those rivals. North boasted a good bench throughout the season. Spectators could usually guess three of the starting five before a game, but very few could predict all five starters. Versatility became a characteristic of the Viking squad. Captain Danny Tuttle dribbles the ball down the court FIRST ROW: Coach Pardue, K. Sechrist, B. Smith, J. Thorn- B. Tuttle, T. Darnell, D. Tuttle, M. Purdue, B. Setser, K. ton, R. Jenkins, D. Tuttle, G. Grubbs, B. Persiani, J. Minter, Campbell, D. Marshall, S. Meade, D. Griffin. Coach Cartwright. SECOND ROW: J. Harmon, R. Rockett, 4 The starting players are announced amid Viking cheers. North North North North North North North North North North North North North North North North North North North North BASKETBALL SCORES Central Davidson South Stokes Reynolds Central Davidson South Stokes Reynolds West Forsyth East Forsyth Lexington Smith Burlington High Point Salisbury West Forsyth East Forsyth Lexington Smith Burlington High Point Salisbury Players tensely watch the outcome of the game. ,WNW Cartwright signals a play to his team. ...i-"Ni df,-" Y A North player passes the ball to a teammate. A Senior Danny Marshall .struggles under the backboard for a rebound. Senior Ronnie Rockett shoots over an opponent. A loose ball catches players unaware. Nwhwuuqg if-'f-4 1 X . K Q w Q "Squeaky" Darnell makes an attempt to boost the Viking score. A conscientious Viking breaks away for a fast lay-up. 7 E ! Kent Campbell is undaunted by his opponents' zone press. A vivtory is greeted with many conprratulations. E Ronnie Rockett tries to outiump a Reynolds playel gsm. ,Mx MMF' Teammates show concern over an injured playel An aerial View shows action on the hardwood floor. Ronnie Jenkins drives past Chuck Swannack to score. The teams make a blazing entrance . . . balls transverse the hardwood court . . . the striped shirts of the officials flash by . . . shrill whistles sound . . . There are fouls . . . free throws . . . spectacular long shots . . . the gasps of excited viewers . . . the rapid passing of precious seconds. The sights and sounds of basketball . . . all are im- printed on the minds of the beholders. Teams concentrate on retrieving the ball. Coach Cartwright gives terse instructions to his 5 . players during a break in a rugged game. .M T FIRST ROW J Stit B Young M Miller B Ratterree S Carter, R. Levy, K. Weaver, S. Crews, J. Rockett, H, Morris Knight B Satteifield R Styers T Thompson D Smith Mr. Burris. Junior Varsity Basketball The Junior Varsity Basketball team, under the able instruction of Mr. Burris and Mr. Royster, played well throughout the season. J.V. cagers were aggressive offensively and defensively, playing balanced and precision ball. Gary Moorefield and Sonny Carter were standouts on the Viking Court. Excitement mounts as fans await the fate of the ball. FIRST ROW P Bowden D Jeffreys N Faircloth L Boyles C. Hutchins, B. Berry, E. Livengood, V. Flynt, J. Anderson L Fraviei V Marshall C Burgess J Dickerson Transou J. Ring, F. Gant, S. Flynt. Girls Sports BASKETBALL, Girls' Sports at North changed a bit this year. All activities in which the girls parti- cipated were sponsored by the Girls' Athletic Association. Miss Barbee and Mrs. Tucker led and coached the girls in various sports, including soccer, volleyball, basketball, and softball. The girls at North enjoyed parti- cipating in athletic games and growing in athletic ability, along With other girls from all over the school system. FIRST ROW: S. Marshall, D. Jeffreys, C. Burgess, D. Hutchins, S. Flynt, K. Buchanan, B. Shermer, C. Boyles, F. Schiepers, C. Mathis, G. Petree, J. Roberts, D. Gilley, J. Gant. Dickerson. SECOND ROW: J. Transou, B. Trexler, C. SOFTBALL, VOLLYBALL, SOCCER FIRST ROVV: A. Tuttle, B. Walker, L. Pascal, L. Anderson, Sellers, P. Munday, E. Livengood, V. Marshall, R. McClellan. B. Berry, C. Findley, V. Styers, V. Speranza, W. Hill. THIRD ROW: F. Gant, B. Kiger, J. Ring, B. Moore, M. SECOND ROW: J. Hill, C. Puce, S. Holt, B. Jones, A. Mitchell, L. Frazier, M. Bombed, P. West, T. Johnson. H3 WW W ,ff'f,f,,wf' u ' 7" J. . T ww l . ,N f 4ff'H1,,i , , V. " 7 ,V , w av Kvwy f. , MWW7... ' W fix ! V " L i wr , ,f ra 'J , fum, v ff f f gm f ' ' " .JVM nv f N" ,' ' .Mir "ll ..,lf' f',' ,, ""'5, 'Ma , 'ZW 'l H C. f'.:. t,,,f f , ' Jack Veit is caught in the action of heaving the shot-put. KNEELING: J. Austin, J. Veit, R. Gizinski, S. Boyles, M Knight, S. Graham, J. Crotts, F. Gordon, W. Dufour, O. Jones P. Wood, T. Thompson, G. Young, D. Minter. STANDING sw' Steve Hendrix lingers in the air as he clears a hurdle. Track Coach Rhyne, R. Guyer, L. Wright, R. Cope, J. Davis, H Hauser, S. Hendrix, N. Saunders, D. Sprinkle, L. Mankins P. Brown, M. Gizinski, L. Poland, D. Swartzel, J. Wikle. Wad A North runner shows excellent form as he clears a hurdle. Watson Dufour displays his skill at the broad North's Track and Field team, under the coaching of former track star, Mr. Rhyne, made constant efforts to improve the level of their own skill. Track, a traditionally rugged and disciplinary sport, was demanding of the mem- bers of the track team this year. Members of the Viking squad made sacrifices, worked hard, and improved their minds and bodies through self-discipline. J. Lingerfelt, S. James, D. Campbell, S. Knight, R. Woodall, T. Tucker, B. Grubbs, T. Weavil, Manager. jump. Orville Jones gzrimaces as he hurls himself over the bar. FRONT: Mr. Larrimore, J. Messick, A. Southard. FIRST M. James, D. Campbell. T. Weavil. THIRD ROW: K. Creeson, ROW: M. Hodges, J. Scott, T. Thacker, C. Priddy, M. Page, B. Dickerson, J. Robbins, R. Styers, W. Head, B. Moorefield, J. Austin, R. Prather, G. Flynn. SECOND ROVV: B. Holli- J. Davis. field, D. Southard, W. Halls, C. Lyons, L. Wright, K. James, Larry Wright, executes a firemanls carry to bring' down Wesley Head. Senior Tommy Guthrie pins his opponent. Q 4 A sit-out is demonstrated by a North wrestler. .essf Wrestling In a Wrestling exhibition, a North wrestler prevents his opponent from getting the advantage. During a year of wrestling at North, parti- cipating Vikings learned that this sport takes a combination of strength and skill unmatched in any other form of athletics. Skills of strength and maneuverability were acquired through long hours of concentration and practice. Coach Larri- more taught his boys to wrestle their hardest . . and taught them Well. I Coach Larrimore explains some holds to captain Tommy Guthrie. Senior wrestlers Alan Southard and Jerry Messick demonstrate a tight "gut hold." FIRST ROW: K. Campbell, D. Marshall, L. Thompson, S. Doss, D. Grubbs, J. Pittman, D. Landingham, D. Bennett. SECOND ROW: L. Hicks, R. Brown, B. Hayes, J. Mon- gomery. J. Hunter. M. Tuttle, T. Tucker, C. Sharpe. THIRD ROW: B. Smith, T. Thacker, A. Hicks, C. Taylor, J, Downs, J. Booth. The Viking nine, coached by Mr. Barringer, competed in 4-A baseball this year, representing North well. The Vikings boasted good hitting and strong fielding. Seniors Don Grubbs and Larry Thompson were North's leading hitters. Also lead- ing the Viking squad were ace pitchers Kent Camp- bell, a right-hander, and southpaw Danny Marshall. The Vikings, finishing their season with a great show of team effort, were backed up by a host of juniczlr players who made up the bulk of the North squa . .. fl Y- . ' A w-ww w '- ,. . - 1.1. ' wer-'ee1w', .- . . ' 'li A JI" W , .fm ' W 'V , ' "" ' Y ' 'J 2. ff, f-: . ', '.:.1,-f V v , ' ,, ,l ,iff-W 'h1wfwa,, -I 'f fiivifizwffr ,. 'A?""'fWI4f.,NE.iH.:"1I af LQ,ffa-wxfiigi'-1:15115-2--'friHH,r1'5f.5I.?!i-Svlikflvf Wig?-fikia 'fY.Li'Z,LSf'315f',, f ,, . "" - A me "-A f.-.,l,,.,. .,.., , 1, -. I .,,-.. ,H . f ' - ,, . .. , . .,.. ,, . , , , . ,, .. , Y T , , , . .. , . fr... , h f ' ' -If ff nn :.m,'f.:: " , .V ,,: I-rfffzrt-2tf71L L Wy.:M'N , , J " 5 "WV ' ,fb ' W9 f W- f gi'jg1e5'fj-' 0 M ff . I., if e,,..w,f . ,, V f . , .,- ,f, ., , . ,f,,.M,,,l .A -Stiff' .f ,. -7 . . . .+V .. .. 'e-' ,. , 1 f ,, 7' , 'f ' . : 'f --.- . ,r i 5' ABOVE: Outfielder John Booth makes a catch. RIGHT: Senior player Steve Doss snaps up a close ,, 'iw .fy ,, qf 'I' I. V55-'f WI' 'l43T, "Qy!'VfEf. f a ff- Y. E' . .'lf'fgQzUYfQ 'A 65,7, ' ll !Zf."'g. g'I'0UI1de1'. H8 A North player loses his head as he makes a catch. A North first baseman stretches toward the oncoming ball. Don Grubbs executes a powerful swing' Johnny Downs prepares to bunt. 9 James Tothill putts in a practice session. ggxlnpionship player Mike Kallum exhibits his winning Mr. Nifong coached the golf team at North this year. Many boys played the rounds at Pinebrook, Went through the process of evaluation, and learned to play with greater care and finesse. Many young enthusiasts participated in the sport for either de- G velopment of individual skill or enjoyment of com- O petition. GOLF TEAM: S. Hauser, P. Taylor, H, Stewart, D. Tuttle, J. Tothill, M. Kallam. 120 Eli l FIRST ROW: B. Cooper, M. Livengood, D. Weavil, L. Sap- Grubbs, J. Mock, F. Weeden, Coach Pardue. pington, B. Ratterree, B. Hollifield. SECOND ROW: G. O Tennis Bill Hollifield executes a powerful swing. Lovick Sappington sets up a serve. 121 Participation in the sport of tennis was widespread this year. T e n n i s enthusiasts strived to improve their game each afternoon under the hot sun. Through the guidance of Coach Pardue, techniques and skills were improved, and this game of court gained in pop- ularity among all Vikings. Weeta Spainhour i Patsy Simmons Joan Southard -1 12 'gixfgi Martha Park, Chief Bonnie Moore, Co-Chief Judy Fleming Varsity Cheerleading Martha Park sings out with spirit. Z. '? The cheerleaders lead a pep rally. Cheerleaders Squad v Ellen Gowens Pat Livengood Long hours of diligent practice produced the outstanding cheerlead- ing squad which urged the Vikings toward victory throughout the 1965- 1966 athletics seasons. With un- diminishing zeal, these nine girls, united by loyalty, school spirit, and devotion, led the student body in cheering the teams at games and pep rallies. ew. is Squad members pose at a football game. sing to the basketball team. 2 An aerial view shows the varsity cheerleaders executing a high jump, or M 123 W xxx! Chief Linda Clayton urges support for the J.V. team. Amidst rousing: cheers, the J.V. team comes on the court. The J.V. squad leaps high with spirit. An outstanding squad of sophomores served as Junior Varsity Cheerleaders this year to urge their fellow classmen to victory. Numerous practice sessions and the willing- ness of each girl to give of her best led to a precision performance at each pep rally and athletic game. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders FIRST ROW: V. Roy, B. Rogers, L. Clayton, S. McNeill. SECOND ROVV: F. Latham, E. Boprer, G. Orrell, L. VVright, L. Gentry. 4 N , P ' i Msgs S S 1,52 Q is ? 5 S swf sal f s nn .....i. K CLASSES i-X xv X X .Un-an . " ws " Senior Class They reach the head of the stairs . . . years of striving and yearning are vivid in memories . . . long hours of study . . . excitement of games . . . parties . . . assemblies . . . meeting people . . . mak- ing friends . . . growing in stature . . . some, in wisdom. Learning responsibility . . . the meaning of life . . . new authority as senior classmen . classrings . . . crimson cap and tassel . . . emblem of both the end . . . and the beginning. EI -C"3y 126 UPPER RIGHT: Hampton Fields, President. UPPER LEFT: Melinda Covington, Secretary. LOWER RIGHT: Billy Page, Treasurer. LOWER LEFT: Hassel Helsabeck. Vice President. Seniors Jerry Lee Aaron Lewis Allen Abbott Verta Mae Ackers Edith Gail Adams Teresa Anne Adams Tommy Eugene Adams Kenner Amos Tobey Lynn Anders lironda Lee Anderson Judith Gail Andrews James VVilliam Armstrong Mary Dolores Armstrong Thomas Wayne Armstrong Elizabeth Ilynn Ashby Sandra Kay Atkins in N... Seniors Chesley Thomas Austin Richard Gray Austin James Lee Ball Ronald Preston Banner Carolyn Lois Bassetti Patricia Rose Bauguess Christine Diane Beavers Nancy Carol Beeson Lawrence Deegan Beital, Jr. Edna Ruth Bell Brenda Kay Belton Bobby Edward Bennett, Jr. Annette Marie Bianucci Shirley Irene Blakeley Steven Richard Blakely 7 Seniors Rita Gaye Blakley Patricia Ann Blankenship Sarah Jane Bleckley Carolyn Marie Bobbitt Sandra Clifton Bodenhamer Valerie Jean Bohland Joseph Wayne Boles Brenda Lee Bolling Charles Carolus Bombeld John Edward Bostic Tony Vernon Bowen Brenda Jean Bowers Joyce Ann Bowers Jerry Wayne Boyer Jettie Frances Boyles 129 ,pf-Q Seniors Stephen Michael Boyles Richard Eugene Branch David Allen Brandon Robert Lee Brannock Virginia Lea Brannock Patricia Susan Branscomb Dewey Earl Brantley Linda Faye Brewer David Franklin Britt Debra Kay Brookshire Robert Orville Brothers Michael Joseph Brown Vernon Lewis Brown Frank Bryan Joseph Byrd Burbage, Jr. Seniors Craig: Emmett Burcham, Jr. Bill Howard Burchette, Jr, Jerrie Sue Burgess Sandra Lee Burgess Duncan Terrell Burt Jimmie Lee Burton Jenny Cook Butner Sandra Jacqueline Butner Jill Rosalie Byerly Stephen Douglas Calcutt Carolyn Ann Calhoun Gregory Wilson Calloway Constance Anne Campbell David Kent Campbell John Curlin Campbell YQ fs C' 131 Seniors Terry Wayne Canter Tony Lee Canter Sara Gray Carson Larry Wayne Carter Steven Ray Carter Susan Anne Carter Robert Wade Caudle Delores Marlene Causby Sidney Leslie Chadwick Wilda Kay Cheek Teddy Lynn Church Emmit Edward Clayton, Jr. Robert Gordon Clemens, Jr. Fredrick Garson Cline Kimberly Ann Coburn Seniors Linda Lou Collins Patricia Ann Collins Janis Carol Cook Fredrick Stephen Cooke Sharon Gaye Cooke Donna Sue Cooley Donna Lynn Cooper Shirley Ann Copple Patricia Ann Cornatzer Vicki Lavonne Corns Kathryn Lloyd Covington Melinda Ann Covington Gary Ray Cox Judith Ann Crews Michael Ray Crews , is JC! QW 133 4 Seniors Joseph Lewis Crotts Susan Elaine Crutchfield Brenda Marie Darnell Shelby Carolyn Darnell Glenda Faye Dalton Barbara Jean Davis Betty Gail Davis John Wayne Davis Terry Nelson Davis William Michael Davis Linda Marie Day Ada LaVerne Denny Kenneth Travis Dezarn Robert Earl Dickerson Susan Elizabeth Dicus Seniors Wayne Leslie Dodson Stephen Ralph Doss Odell Ralph Douns, Jr. Barbara Lucille Duckett Daniel Timothy Duff VVatson Minyard Dufour Beverly Ann Duval George Leonard East Ellen Marie Ebert Terri Black Ellis Randolph Hampton Fields Stephen Bruce Fine Charles Herman Fishel Judy Ann Fleming Marcus Dorian Flynt Seniors Frances Marie Forester Janice Virginia Foster Kathy Louise Freedle Alice Cecilia Frick Larry Thomas Frye Betty Lee Fulk Kathryn Irene Fulk Mary Ruth Fulton Barry Wayne Furches Betty Frances Gant Sandra Kaye Gibson Kenneth Robert Gillespie Chriss Toni Gilley Terry James Gilley Richard Stanley Gizinski Seniors Vicki Sharon Godfrey Wanda Lou Goingfs LaNell Eva Golding Franklin Noble Gordon Henry Merritt Gough Mary Lee Gough Ellen Linda Gowens Betty Delores Grace Richard Scott Graham Larry Dean Gray Donald Earl Griffin Sandra Stanfield Griffin Daniel Craig Groce Donald Carlton Grubbs Tanya Sue Grubbs 495. l37 Seniors Vicki Lynn Grubbs Thomas Carlton Guthrie Thomas Daniel Guy Shirley Vickers Hamlin Carman Wayne Hamm Emmett Edward Hancock Linda Gail Hancock Donna Yvonne Harbin Lynda Kay Hardin Sandra Kay Harmon Joyce Darlene Harper Douglas Gray Harrell Leslie Fletcher Harris Jane Madison Hartman Jane Welfare Hauser Seniors Stephen Wiley Hauser Verdell Irene Hayes Stephen Conrad Haynes Henry Clay Heath, Jr. Brenda Lou Helsabeck Hassel Dan Helsabeck Sarah Janet Hendren John Alexander Herke Susan Alice Hiatt Pamela Yevon Hibbitts Aaron Lee Hicks Glenn Thomas Hicks, Jr Larry Wayne Hicks Recca Sue Higgins Joyce Ann Hill :j,wwwhmw- Seniors Judith Anne Hobson Linda Diane Holland Peggy Diane Hollar William Francis Hollifield, Donna Lou Hooker Linda Jean Hoots Christien Antone Hord Brenda Faye Horne Gloria Jean Hovis Bobby Paul Huffman Thomas Ray Hurlocker Karen Diane Huste Jacqueline Sue Hutchens Ella Carole Hutchins William Verlin Hutchinson J Seniors James Spurgeon Isaacs, Jr. Deborah Lee Isenhour Kenneth Lee James Michael Stephen James Jerry Gray Jenkins Sybil Modene Jester Brian Kent Johnson Diane Elizabeth Johnson Linda Ruth Johnson Robert Glenn Johnson Dalmar Marie Jones Orval Jones Joel Drake Joyce Cynthia Rae Karola 433-P lk,-vc .ss WS, -9 l4l 42 Seniors Steven Bain Keiger Dennis Ray Ketner Linda Lee Kiger Linda Susan Kiger Stephen Garreth Kiger Thomas Wayne Kiger Susan Jane Kimball Jimmy WVayne King Josie Louise King David Eugene Kiser Nancy Diane Kiser Michael Russel Knight Compton Joel Lane Linda Gale Lane Wanda Lee LaPrad Seniors Howard Lester Lawson .lr Pamela Lee Lazenby Teena Diane Lazenby Vicki Gail Leftwich Karen Camiel Leinbach Larry, Gene Lewis Brenda Sue Lineback Cheryl Lynn Lineback Edwin Brooks Linville Joseph Michael Livengood Patricia Ruth Livengood Mitchell Wayne Lloyd Mary Yvonne Long Virginia Theodora Long WWW WW Seniors Steven Wayne Lowry Elizabeth Dawn Lynch Gilda Sue Lynch Carol Kay Mabe Glenda Ann Mabe Mary Ellen Mabe Holland Franklin Mabes, Jr. Dolly Jeanne Mace Sue Ellen Mace Nancy Kay Mahaffey Mitzie Ann Maines Patricia Kaye Malark William Wayne Mankins Sandra Gay Marlin Arvol Clifton Marsh, Jr. 44 Seniors Danny Rishel Marshall Larry Anthony Marshall Mary Susan Marshall Douglas Curwood Martin Janie Diane Martin Richard Earl Martin George Edward McBride Peggy Naomi McBride Robin Lee McClellan Janice Elaine McCoy Maria Dianne McDaniel Karen Frances McGee Timothy Charles McGee Mary Ann McHone Reba Amelia McInnis l4 46 Seniors Mary Ruth McKinney Lona Elizabeth McNeill John Scott Meade John Arlis Meadows Larry Stephen Melaga Kathryn Gail Merritt Peggy Ann Merritt Sandra Lee Merritt Jerry Allen Messick Larry Gene Mickey Carol Ann Miller Nancy Lou Miller Vivian Lyvonne Miller Ronald Clinton Mills Tommy Gene Minter Seniors Page Allen Mitchell Bonnie Eugenia Moore Cheryl Dean Moore Donald Eugene Moore Edward Fulton Moore Mary Lee Moore Carolyn Ennis Moran Janie Elizabeth Morgan Virginia Lee Morgan Joseph Virgil Morris David Kirby Morton Charles Larry Moser Donald Gray Moser Linda Faye Murphy David Sanford Nelson 'C-T7 349-Ny, Www l47 148 Seniors Wanda Gail New Molly Carol Newsome .lerry McKinley Noel Daniel Edward Oehman Patricia Adell Olmstead Cynthia Louise Olsen Robert Stanley Olson, Jr. Edna Cathern Oscar Carol Joyce Owen Selena Gray Owen Jesse Alan Owens Donald William Bryant Page, J Annette Carmichael Pardue Nancy Kay Pardue Martha Lynn Park Seniors Judy Marie Parker Larry Robert Parks Paul Lee Parrish, Jr. Andrea Sue Peddycord James William Persiani Gerry Lane Petree Martha Ellen Petty Susan Lorraine Pfaff David Franklin Phelps Wayne Middleton Phelps Michael Ray Phillips Cheryl Diane Pike Vicky Lee Pittman June Marie Pitts Rebecca Sue Plaster 5 5 , ,qv-x .QM M19 Seniors Michael Eugene Plummer John Thomas Poindexter Patricia Elizabeth Poole Sandra Gray Poole John Christopher Porterfield Jo Anne Powers John Dale Price Clyde Michael Priddy Marilyn Jeanette Priddy Thomas Hyden Purvis David Fredrick Raby Barry Lee Raker Susan Lynn Ratterree Katherine Wells Reagan Arthur Geane Richardson Seniors Nancy Ruth Riley Vernie Ray Ring Phyllis Lee Robbins Sharon Lee Roberson Barbara Lynn Roberts Betty Lou Robertson Linda Kay Robertson Zandra Kay Robertson Forest Rondell Rockett Dawn Somers Rodgers Carolyn Lee Rogers Kathryn Grey Rogers Sarah Gale Roush Judith Ann Rowley Patricia Ann Roy into 'RUG' 3 l5l 331' NPYA hiv v4"'x Seniors Margaret Karen Rush William Lee Russell, Jr. Nancy Lee Rymill Florence Gail Samuels Terence Cameron Samuels Larry Junior Sanders Martha Anne Sapp Sandra Kay Sapp Constance Kae Schlotfeldt Dewain Richard Schlotfeldt Wilda Kay Schuyler David Keith Sechrist Iva Jeanette Secrest Marie Ellen Segraves Sherrie Diane Sessoms Seniors Susan Elizabeth Sfreddo Marilyn Pearl Shaffer Don Eugene Shamel Frances Kay Shelton George Thomas Shelton Brenda Kay Shermer James Henry Shook Moldred Louise Shouse Ronald Edward Shouse Timothy Lee Shouse Robert Terry Shutt Michael Lee Simmons Lona Jean Sluder Brenda Kay Smith George Vernon Smith fi X 4 Seniors Judy White Smith Marien Louise Smith Michael Brady Smith Patricia Lee Smith Paul Darryl Smith Sharray Rejina Smith Phillip Larry Smitherman Edwin Craig Snow Alan John Southard Frances Marie Southern Larry Lester Southern William Coel Spainhour Bonnie Lynn Spaugh Johnny Vance Speas Mary Alice Speas Seniors Steve Kenneth Sprinkle Vickie Elaine Stanberry Beverly Jo Stanley Judy Ann Stanley Linda Frances Stanley James Harlon Stewart Kenneth Lee Stewart Patricia Ann Stewart Philip Stephen Stewart Richard Stigall Lucy Ferne Stith Carol Delois Stokes Grady Mitchell Stone Mary Ellen Stone Michael Robert Sturms i"!"'j7 in 155 iff! -JIQNXNK M ff 6 Seniors Luther Samuel Styers, III Ronald Steven Styers Cheryl Kay Surratt Tonia Marian Swink Thorman Douglas Talley Phillip Dean Taylor Steven Howard Taylor Michael Flake Terry Cynthia Renee Thacker Emily Carol Thomas Sharon Lynne Thomas Gaynell Marie Thompson George Larry Thompson Jane Ogburn Thornton William Brame Toburen Seniors Jerry Wayne Tolley Steven Darryl Tomlinson Brenda Sue Trexler Dahl Jerome Tritt I eg! 'E J Bonnie Sue Tuttle Dennis Anderson Tuttle Dexter David Tuttle, Jr. Don Barry Tuttle Gary Miller Tuttle ,re 1"Q9r Judy Elaine Tuttle Judy Lynn Tuttle Marcus Boyles Tuttle Steven Darryl Tuttle Linda Elizabeth Utt Wayne Carroll Vaughn it farm , 1 ig t ll 'WN'-wg QWV' awww Seniors Jack Barger Veit, Jr. Lloyd Elton Vernon Kate Elizabeth Vestal Linda Loretta Vestal Gary Michael Wagnoner Alan Douglas Walker Ellen Kay Walker Larry Ray Wall Sandra Jean Wall Suzanna Wall Thomas Edward Wall Jack Davis Walton, Jr. Gloria Gayle Warren Jimmy Gray Warren Mary Evelyn Warren Seniors Rosemary VVatson Myra Janet YVatts Ronald Michael YVatts Tommy Rex Weavil Linda Carol VVest Lenna Jeannette VVhetstone Samuel Clark Whicker Sylvia Jean VVhisenhunt Allan Calvin White Brenda Gene VVhite James Michael VVhite James Kenneth WVhiteheart Francis Brian Wilkes, Jr. Sharon Dee VVillef0rd LaVon Elizabeth Williams it T"-4' 5 .. Q"x 'SF' X? l59 Seniors Melessa Grey Williams Patricia Ann Williams Juanita Faye Wilson Sandra Margaret Wilson Linda Kaye Winebarger James Lee Winfrey June Ann Winfrey Fredrick William VVoiteneck, Jr Philip Stephen Wood Stephen Wray Wood Ruth Evelyn Yarbrough Christine Yeager Carlotta Lee York Craig Edwin Young Chi-Chi- Lynn Ziglar -.. 9 xx ,T X NB.. K 11-5 Q' X ii s .ig w X .2 it 1 I Q ig!! - i W. a , , Senior Philip Wood strikes a familiar pose. Seniors Pat Livengood, Freddie Cline, and Sidney Chadwick rehearse a dance scene for a dramatics production. my Q 'if 2, 33 Q W - , ' . 'T TL' fx W ' ff, f f ' ' . iw .V 5 ' 4 ? G j f 'Q 4 577 V ' -w. --5 f li.: if la. 'Q E Nl,xk 5 -,Maxi ' Assembly devotions are often presented by seniors Melinda. Covington, Martha Petty, and Lloyd Covington. Drum Major Craig Snow steps high in the Christmas parade. . S 1 .4-""' ,W l6l Junior Closs One year past . . . another ahead . . .- new responsibilities to face . . . and enjoy . . . juniors are promoted to var- sity sports . . . become integral parts of the major service clubs . . . anticipation grows with the passing months . . . May . . . frantic preparation for the Junior- Senior Prom . . . creating the fantasy world of the "Southern Plantation" . . . secretly hoping to wear the crimson regalia of a Junior Marshal . . . dreading the College Boards . . . Graduation . . . the juniors step forward to the coveted position of honor . . . seniors at last. l62 UPPER RIGHT: Ricky Helsabeck, Presi- dent. UPPER LEFT: Bob Gibson, Trea- surer. LOWER RIGHT: Sandra Booze Secretary. LOWER LEFT: Paul Kand zer, Vice President. .QR-if - ,xox Linda Ashley A Si John Austin Lynne Austin Louise Baity 91 'N Gail Aust 7" K - , W 3 Alice Baker c James Ball . Barry Banner 'Q izuz A A Q Nancy Barber A ii I sm X Richard Barner ' ,f.-,-.5 I :X .f M X .-W, , 1, 1 Ann Barnette Terrv Barrett Vicki Barringer John Bell ' iie' 5 R0be1'tBeddiH2ffiQ1f1 Qg.. ,sf Junior Class J 2- Larry Addington Hope Aldridge Larry Alexander Virginia Allgood Ted Anders Dorothy Anderson Michael Anderson Patricia Armstrong Barbara Ashby Allen Ashley .- :s l . 1 kv f Elena Bennett Richard Bennett Robert Billings ' 3 no K Rebecca Bingham if euz, R.. t g. Harold Birdsong A' Benny Bodenhamer Susan Bodenhamer Shirley Boger Smith Bolejack 55 S? E if Mildred Boles yt K . XM Junior Class ete f S X. X sg if, '- 164 Sherry Boles Kathy Bolling John Booth Sandra Booze Danny Bost Pam Bowden Gary Bowen Lynn Bowen Nolan Bowen Shawn Bowman Sharon Boyd Jane Boyer Connie Boyles Peggy Brady Janice Brannock Ronnie Brown Edna Bryan Cathy Buchanan Gary Bruchette Cathy Burgess Judith Burgess Kenneth Burnette Shirley Burrow Bruce Butner William Byrd Alice Cain Shirley Cain Sheila Callahan Deborah Campbell Donald Campbell C X x M xx Junior Class Peggy Brannock Mike Brock Elizabeth Brooks Tommy Browder Danny Brown Jean Brown Kathie Brown Martha Brown Nikkie Brown Phillip Brown ,-5 'Vx A E mi in 3 L X RNS . . if ox X Geroge Campbell Carol Cardwell Sue Cardwell David Carriker Janet Carriker Carol Carter Howard Carter Alice Cates Judy Caudle Donald Cearley -Q., X e .Q . I Q I ., . K in ri - i S 'Q' Junior Class Q.. 5' X if N . if if S r R N N , sei Wk WK l p , ii if fl 166 Danny Cecile Darryl Chamberlain Donna Chambers Mary Chappell Patricia Clayton Rebecca Cleary Thomas Cleary Vicki Cleary Lawrence Cline Janice Clodfelter John Cockerham Phyllis Cockerham Cheryl Collins Joseph Combs Reid Cone xv-ur Nancy Corn Bobby Correll Rita Craft Gregory Creson James Cromer Sue Crotts Irene Culler Scott Cushing Dorene Dalton Augustus Dark Dawnna Darnell Johnny Darnell Thomas Darnell Nancy Davey Carol Davis Junior Class Carol Conner Dianne Conner Carol Conrad Dan Conrad Susan Conrad Brenda Cook Wesley Cook James Coone Bruce Cooper Ronald Cope k r , ?.. l67 XX :X Claudia Davis John Davis Larry Davis Marsha Davis Virginia Davis Judith Dickerson Katherine Disher Marta Dockery Christine Doub Mary Doub .,., , if X .E rx S XX Q sf? . -3, - . is f g " ' A M., N N Q N i X -sl ' P' in my ,NM et AQ it K .1 1 srsii lf. V .,. ' K " i 'i i - M sssi f st ssr- I sr'ei- 1 1 "'s. i X . -,k.. 5,55 1 Q X . K W K5 5,71,,,: :,,. xx X if Junior Class W 'ei.: '3 168 Larry Douglas Johnny Downs Patricia East Gary Eddins Patsy Evans Daniel Fansler Brenda Feathers Ann Ferguson Gary Flynn Penelope Flynt Rex Flynt Susan Flynt Herbert Ford Delores Forrester John Foster . .zii svfs , ,, Q' -,X X r ,: : :. 1 Q Y X a.: . L' . N N 'N-1 Judy Godfrey Shirley Goins Milford Goldsmith Brenda Goodman Lucille Gordon Phyllis Gordon Sandra Gordon Robert Gorlow Vicki Gough James Graves James Gray Edward Gregory Donald Griffin Rebecca Griffin Stanley Griffin E' w X X A X 5 X 'Q' 5 -Q xi. xg! 41' X is Junior Class 'fu'- Sharon Fox Dennis Franklin Patsy Fulp Steve Fulton Charles Gaines Clyde Gentry Robert Gibson Michael Gill Debbie Gillard Michael Gizinski 5 b:b , 'i- x --'- N rx X X if 1 X 169 Dorothy Griggs Elaine Griggs Martha Grogan Douglas Grubbs Gary Grubbs Harold Grubbs Lynn Grubbs Richard Guyer Daryl Haigwood John Haigwood s. if X smsazg-,gain 2 sg? tg: -ffx fli : 4 N, S 2 'xii' 1 snag, M gigs S X Sega 5522, x egg. i i1sfi'.sg-1115 fs. ,. H E: .... ..,. 1 . se, L Q Q N. E 5 L 1 F Junior Closs , ,, r. sk ss X me E .je isbn' as 1 :- 170 it Q e X Q Q ,HX S K 3 in J. K K- 1 Marion Haine Ginny Hall John Hall Charlotte Hamm Tommy Hardin John Harmon Carol Harris Sheila Harris John Harrison Brenda Hauser Charles Hauser Deborah Hauser Hugh Hauser Kay Hauser Levan Hauser Richard Hemmings Linda Hemrick Sharon Hemrick Sandra Henderson Michael Hendrix Stephen Hendrix Pamela Henry Kenneth Hicks Phyllis Hincher John Hine Carol Hobson Michael Hodges Ronnie Holbrook Bonnie Holloway John Holloway ,YN .1--,1 ,,-. A. . eww N-, - WR.-. X V '45 W1-3 oa ,,a ee X f 'S Junior Class -me ii. 1 V Q: hw "N. X1 'y N l7I Y 'H' 'PP 5 S59 s fl 5 Jerry Hawks JoAnn Hawks Robert Hayes Larry Haynes Rebecca Haynes John Hays Bruce Hayworth Wesley Head Eric Helsabeck Lea Helsabeck E up 5 Betty Honeycutt David Hooker Nancy Hooker Paul Hooker Shirley Horn Ronald Horton Jo Howard Floyd Hoyle Harriett Hoyle Jenny Hunter Junior Closs A gs., 1415 1 . 'K x 2 35" lm 172 Joel Hunter Steven Hutcherson Brenda Hutchins Arlinda Ingram Clinton Ingram Skip James Herbert J aro Ronnie Jenkins Mark Jenson Brenda Johnson John Johnson Judy Johnson Linda Johnson Sherry Johnson Terry Johnson X 'ia -Q, X 1 a y M xv ,X 'S ' , , . N315 5533, , ., W ,, NN, Q53 Je ,K Q S Q 45. i, N e Gray Ketner Vicky Ketner Brenda Kiger Clay Kimbrough Shelley King Leonard Kiser Jean Knott William Kreeger Douglas Landingham Sheila Lane Dorothy Lanier Carol LaPrade Edward Lawrence Mike Lawson Ronald Lawson X :S X S r - as ' Q' Q- W X +5 N Qu Junior Class Q in Brenda Jones Lana Jones Richard Jones Stephen Jones Donna Joyce Judy Joyce Speas Joyce Michael Kallam Paul Kandzer Vicki Kates 'Irv Ql- XX Ellen LeVan Linda LeVan Robert Lindsay Janie Lineback Joel Lineback Jerry Lingerfeldt Edward Livengood Ronnie Livengood Carolyn Lloyd Linda Lloyd JUN K il - -Ng, e- .- e ieee,e L -- X, xx Junior Class Bobbie Long Steven Long Suzanne Long' Gloria Lounsbury i'l' Charles Lyons mm WN Kathleen Mabe L Patricia Mabe James MacFarland Lois Mahaffey Michael Mahathy I ,.. r' Larry Mankins Carolyn Moranville Arvil Marion Kathy Marsh Diane Mankins X 174 Ei lil a X is Leroy Matlock Stephen Matlock Donna Mayberry Michael Mayo Russell Mays Bonnie Mc-Bride Rebecca McCuiston Sharon McDaniel Michael McGill Elizabeth McIlwain Mary Mclnnis Sandra Mclnnis Kittie McKinney Florence McKnight Milton MCNatt Junior Class Carolyn Marshall Donald Marshall Mary Marshall Melba Marshall Susan Marshall Catherine Martin Donna Martin Richard Mason Carol Mathis Wayne Mathis . , W S, tx W? als K was is if - 1' - - wgh ' ,R ,N Nu AE has if 175 Edward Meadwell Aubrey Miller Lynn Miller Sonny Miller Billy Minton Larry Mitchell John Mock Jackson Montgomery William Montgomery Phillip Moody Junior Class 'ie a s X ss Qs Q se NN' X l" f S in S S ' 0 ,st X K wr, 5 S is sf J -r-gisf ' ' ' ES -I m., .,,, g R it I76 Gary Moore Linda Moore Beechard Moorefield Anne Morefield John Morris Jean Murray Catherine Myers Diane Mvers Michael Nail Paul Nance Nancy Nelson William Nelson Sue Newsome Robert Nicks Ellen Nifong ,gal Tony Parsons Linda Pascal Brenda Pelkey Paul Pennington Edwin Persiani Deborrah Petree Sarah Petree Reed Petty Jerry Pitman Roger Plemmons Donna Poindexter Larry Poland Robert Poole Russell Prather Barbara Pugh Junior Class Benjamin Norris Ronald Oates Gary O'Neal Larry O'Neal Stephen Owen Michael Page Curtis Palmer Joseph Pardue Glenn Parks Vicky Parks if " 1+ EN X as ig, 9' 3 I77 Grace Purvis Sheila Queen Sandra Rakestraw Martha Randleman Frances Ratledge Ronald Reavis Loretta Recard Sandra Reeves David Rehn Paul Reich U 'c'- f i f: wfwffw 'ff' 'itm yh m f ,I I 3, N ,M ' ' ' lf?5i,I!"?:,43" iff' f "rf 1 :ffm fr' , f view ' Y ,W sh , ww wmfff r f, f f "'w,,,kw 2 X s Junior Class K ws ff' if 3 in M c- K W R ug. F. , sr: .I sg, 5' ' "" ' ' X P Terry Reid A. C. Reynolds Lorita Richardson Thomas Riddle Elizabeth Robb Martha Rogers Tony Rominger Teresa Rose Nancy Russell Vicki Rutledge James Salmons Diane Saunders Nichols Saunders Ruby Scarlett Diane Scheipers f-K. a. Brenda Shore Dennis Shore Susan Short Darrell Shouse James Shouse Sandra Shreve Patsy Simmons Richard Simmons Sue Simmons Ada Smith Brenda Smith Danny Smith Gary Smith Hal Smith Jerry Smith Junior Class xxx xi Linda Scheipers Dane Sebastian Audrey Sellers Glenn Settle Dennis Severt Rosalita Sharp Charles Sharpe Phillip Sheek Janis Shelton Shirley Shoaf NN fx ihi a W - . pr-4 . 151' , .XX mx Jo Ann Smith Michael A. Smith Michael H. Smith William Smith Nancy Smithdeal Donna Smitherman Richard Sneed Lenora Snell Joe Snow Keith Snow it ax Q Y PM. N N ti? J 3 X Y, LQ Q if Q Q X N A352 ff Q X X X 5 W x Q. X S, S. B X X is X Q X 4 ly X X N XXX QQ Sk X X XQSX if x N X R' SWR 5 S325 Si 2 "FEE 'X H- W' : . A W 1 X QNX Q 555422 1255715 Junior Class Xiii it --we A . -. 'H' i 'Z 5 ' A i i I ' , ii. o Vykk K ' , I L.-, 1. X - x s .,.:, Q S x Q vw if 11.-H ii :iff . 'ff .isiiill 180 Robert Snyder Dwight Southard Joan Southern Sharon Southern Nancy Spainhour Susan Spainhour Weeta Spainhour Diana Spear Nancy Speas Ricky Spillman Don Sprinkle David Stanfield Phillip Stanley Stephen Steelman Deborah Stewart Q Y N X Suzanne Styers Vicki Styers Eugenia Sunderlin Michael Swaim Kenneth Swartzel Elsie Tate Barbara Taylor Charlie Taylor Paula Taylor Wayne Temple Anthony Testino Thomas Thacker Martin Tharpe Deborrah Thompso Jerome Thomas D . ,. ., i m it IVR wig ' Junior Class Y ,, ,i.. 2 Q 7 SPY Elaine Stewart Michael Stewart Burdell Still Janet Stoltz Rodney Stomeon Olin Story Carvin Stout Mary Strickland Joan Strupe Linda Styers KWH' -Qu., 181 Jack Thornton Josephine Toliver James Tothill Linda Towe David Transou Jackie Transou Frankie Trivette Marvin Trivette Loyd Tucker Terry Tucker Q N X ggi' X S it ... 5 ..i:. , N- Junior Class A X xy. William Tucker Alvin Turner Dennis Turner Marjorie Turpin Amber Tuttle Bruce Tuttle Michael Tuttle Roger Tuttle Virgil Tuttle Mary Varellas Ronnie Venable Debora Vermillion Geneal Wade Barbara Walker Stephen Walker 4 . 'ZQQ -'f: 2 ' h.4h 1 A .... .. Si , 1 -'f.Q ' ' - W is 5 . , ...F . ' Q i Q P D Louise VVeaver Douglas 'Weavil Linda VVebster Delane VVeddle Fredrick Weeden Steve Welhorn Donna VVest Kathy Westmoreland Kay YVestmoreland David Whicker Jimmy Whisenhunt Barbara White Gail White Dianna White Richard Whitfield : S, tt.. W f ,. "' I P: Qui X Twsfi. :Q .egg i ,six , so N 'Q Q ,asf of ,Q A Y N as Nw 'S' .Q a iw was gig K K ?'iE::5! x SN 1 KW X Xxx vi f cc Sw w, Y x M x - i s 5 ,, it W .. X 35 ff' Junior Class 'MN K c Charlie Wall Donald Wall Larry lVall Phyllis VVall Rebecca Wall Linda Wallace Delores VVarren Linda WVarren Joan Watts Sharon VVeatherford 4m ay. fi K K s 'K 5 .iff . -.I . A l W n 692 2- ' .. T., N' s ,,,.:. D H l83 David Whitman Linda Whitman Patsy Whitt James Whitty James Wikle Dianna Wilkins Michael VVilkins Tommy W'ilkins Carolyn Willard Guy Williams X . X Q! . X , t 'QQ 4 X X to S N Junior Class 3 i f - Q25-.A " Fifi z ' Q k K 184 Linda Williams Sandra Williams Christina Wilson Elaine Wilson James Wilson William Wolff Kelly Wood Loraine Woodle Rebecca Wooten Barbara Wright Larry Wright Fred Yarbrough Mike Yarbrough Virginia Yeager Roy Young W: V. A a Cheering North's teams to victory is the job of junior Joan Southern. Bob York Gail Ziglar Janie Ziglar Juniors Cathy Myers and Rita Craft display their talent in a student talent show. l ,mmf -Vlwaas 4 ,051 Junior Key Club members entertain the student body at a pep rally. 185 Sophomore Closs New faces . . . a new environment . . . the days are hard . . . adjustment is difficult . . . the newness fades away and the sophomores take their places . . . important members of the student body . . . exhibiting class spirit . . . and enthusiasm . . . and fresh talents . . . providing new blood that enriches . . . progresses . . . enhances North . . . seek- ing membership . . . clubs . . . athletics . . . seeking to belong . . . and finally . . belonging. 186 UPPER UPPER LOWER LOWER sk K if R s fi, RIGHT: Sonny Carter, President LEFT: Krista Merritt, Secretary RIGHT: Sammy Knight, Treasurer is ' s :si El s T : is ii ' is S WW sn is SQ E LEFT: Bill Blevins, Vice-President. James Absher Elizabeth Adams Ann Adkins Wfilliam Allen Elbert Allen Don Allred Leslie Anderson Michael Anderson VVanda Anderson Richard Armes Bobby Atkins James Atkins Janice Atkins Larry Atkins Jim Atwood John Atwood Stephen Baity Allen Baker Phillip Banks Deborah Barker Gray Barnes Wanda Barr Lynn Batts Darlene Baumgardner Larry Beaman Linda Beamer Shirley Bell Mickey Belton Terry Benge Juanita Benjamin Linda Bennett Robby Bennett Rebecca Berry Crystal Beshears Daniel Bickley Betty Birdsong Sophomore Closs Q 187 Charles Blackburn Cynthia Blackburn Jimmy Blackburn Janet Blair Billy Blakley Steven Blakley Vickie Blakley Linda Blalock Charles Blanc Jerry Bleckley Randall Blevins William Blevins Emily Boger Joyce Boger Madeline Bombeld James Bonham Arnold Booth Dale Booth Joseph Bovender Diane Bowen Rebecca Bowen Stuart Bowen David Bowers Steve Bowles Roger Boyd Kenneth Boyles Sheila Brannock Arthur Branscomb Eugene Brewer Ralph Brewer Deborah Britt Gwendolyn Brock Teresa Brooks Linda Brown Russell Brown Thomas Brown Sophomore Class YP' 188 George Bryan, Jr. Kent Bullard Robert Bullard Donald Burchette Gail Burchette Barrette Burge Miles Burick Dillard Burnette Claudette Butler Faye Butner Kaye Butner Brenda Byrd Gary Byrd Robert Cady Antonia Cain Ann Calder David Call Don Campbell Eve Canter Vicki Carmichael Dennis Carroll Jan Carter Judy Carter Michael Carter Virgil Carter Joan Casey Dwigrht Cates Keith Cates Darla Caudle Michael Causby Charles Cearley Romona Chambers Sharon Chambers Donna Chandler Creed Chapman Shelby Childress Ronald Chisholm Don Clark Linda Clayton Gail Cleary Wayne Cleary Jane Cleckley Ronnie Clemons Darwin Cline Susan Cline Vicky Cole Carol Collins Mack Collins Sandra Combs Ronnie Comer Patsy Conrad Gary Cook Darlene Cox Howard Cox John Cox Mary Ann Cox Stephen Cox Robert Craig Bobbie Creech Mary Creed Keith Creeson Richard Creson Marshall Crews Michael Crews Sandra Crews Stanton Crews Philip Crowe Danny Culler Andrew Cutrell Robert Dancy Cheryl Davis Diane Davis Sophomore Class 190 Sophomore Closs l9l Dianne Davis Joe Davis Mike Davis Sandra Dawson Kenneth Dillard Pamela Disher Roy Dodson Linda Doss Mike Doub Elizabeth Douglas Joyce Dow James Dudley Shirley Duggins Nathan Dull Edward Duncan Marta Duncan Thomas Dunham Robert Dvoracek Mavis Eaton Phyllis Eaton Michael Edwards Ricky Edwards Ronald Edwards Linda Elliott Marvin Elliott Susan Ennis Ronnie Ervin Carolyn Evans Martha Everhart Nargret Faircloth Norma Faircloth Carolyn Findley Helen Fisher Rhonda Flippin Michael Flynt Vicki Flynt Bobby Forester Philip Forkner Sharon Forrest David Foy Elizabeth Frazier Brenda Freeman Sandra Froelieh Steve Frye Randal Fulk Sharon Fulp Bruce Gaede Terry Gardner Lynn Gentry Sybil Georgie Darlene Gilley Ollie Gillispie Michael Golding: Sandra Goodman Cara Gordon Arthur Green Gail Greer Joeleen Gripfgfs Charles Groves Billy Grubbs Sharon Grubbs Steve Grubbs Reginald Hairston Ronald Hall QDJ Ronald G. Hall Walter Hall Pamela Hamby Dale Hamby Judy Hammer Leslie Handy Frank Hanner Mary Harding Sophomore Closs 593 Lonnie Hardy Vickie Harrelson Paulette Harris Ruby Harris Virginia Harris Alice Harrison Dale Harrold Stephen Harvey Beverley Hatcher Linda Hayes Tony Head Bessie Heath Eddie Heath Howard Hedderly Sharon Helsabeck William Helsabeck Ronald Henderson Gregory Hendrix Vickie Hester Crissman Hiatt Alice Hicks Gail Hicks Kathy Hicks Sharon Hicks Vance Hicks Warren Hicks Janet Hill Mary Hill Willie Hill Belinda Hinkle Dianne Holcomb Timothy Holder Wayne Holder Patricia Holleman Sue Holt Paul Holyfield Richard Honeycutt Daniel Hoots Donna Horton Ernest Hothorn Anne Houck Lynn Howell William Hudler Gary Hudson Kenneth Hudson Georges Hughes Janice Hurlocker Brenda Hussey Dan Hutchins Edgar Hutchins Kenneth Hutchins Vickie Hutchins Robert Ingram Sharon Ingram Shirley Ingram Nancy Isenhower John Isley Shirlee Jackson David Jansen David Jarvis Richard Jarvis Parnell Jeffries Dennis Jessup Willie Jester David Johnson Douglas Johnson James Johnson John Johnson Johnnie Johnson Kathleen Johnson Pamela Johnson Patsy Johnson Sophomore Class T94 Phillip Johnson Phyllis Johnson Randy Johnson Ronald Johnson Steven Johnson CLA Steven W. Johnson Bertha Jones Carol Jones Dianne Jones Janice L. Jones Janice P. Jones Randy Jordan Suzanne Karola Wanda Keicher Maxine Kerley John Key Charlie Kiger Judy K1e1' Larry Kiger Shirley Kiger Donna Kimsey Graham King Phyllis King Virginia King Brenda Kiser Keith Kiser Kevin Kiser Philip Kiser Rommie Knight Samuel Knight Glenn Kroker Sheron Landingham Nellie Lane Carl Lanier Faye Latham Margaret Lee Leon Leinbach Frank Lentz James Leonhart Richard Levy Beverly Lindley Edna Lindley Marilyn Lindon Thomas Lineback Sheila Lineback Warren Liner Margaret Littell David Little Elaine Livengood Wayne Loflin Charles Logan Tarnala Logan Adrian Long Bobby Long Deborah Long Dennis Long Grady Long Susan Long Thomas Long William Long David Lounsbury Jan Lyon Richard Lyons David Mabe Donald Mabe Larry Mabe Steve Mabe Victor Mace Stanton Madison Sharon Mahathey Sue Manning Rickey Marion Sophomore Class 196 Sophomore Closs Patsy Marshall Vicki Marshall Cherry Martin Joel Martin Imogene Martin Kenneth Martin Ronald Martin Steven Martin Lynn Mason Steve Maynard Kathy McBride Paula McCanless Edna McCoy Michael McCoy Gary McHone Katherine McKnight Robert McLane Wanda McLeod Sylvia McNeill VVanda Meador Eddie Meadows Ralph Meadows Dorcas Melton Leon Melton Barbara Melvin Bobby Merritt Elwood Merritt Krista Merritt Rogena Merritt Thomas Merritt Timothy Miles Dawn Miller Ginger Miller Jarnes Miller Jerry Miller Mark Miller Merita Miller Michael Miller Steven Miller Betty Mills Darrell Minter Gloria Mitchell Michelle Mitchell Gerald Moblcy Pat Monday Charles Montgomery Michael Montgomery Gil Moore Olivia Moore Rebecca Moore Gary Mooreficld Mark Moorefield Harry Morris Harvie Moser Vicki Moser Bernie Motley Steve Motsinger Charles Myers Robert Myers Sharon Myers Wayne Myers Gerald Newmon Bob Newsome Mike Newsome Anne Newton Rebecca Nichols Sterling Nicholson Sara Nifong Sandra Dianne Shirley Sandra Noah Norwood Norwood Oehman - , . A A xx at QM 2 9' f sv we 1 s Sophomore Closs is . ffl K ' .5 z Q N NS it V t V99 Kerry Ogburn Brenda Olive Gwendolyn Orrell Larry Osborne Patricia Oscar Danny E. Overby Danny M. Overby David Owens Jacki Owens Marsha Owens Charles Pack Albert Palmer Douglas Parks Kay Parks Samuel Parnell Deborah Parrish Linda Parrish Sandra Parrish Michael Paschal Frank Pellegrini Joseph Penn John Peters David Petree Greg Petree Linda Phillips Steve Phillips Judith Pinnix Kathy Plaster Janice Plerninons Sammy Poindexter Glenda Poole Gary Potts Larry Potts Eddie Powell Carolyn Price Dale Prichard Charles Priddy Karen Putnam Susan Rakestraw Barry Randleman Diane Randleman Paul Ratliff William Ratterree Neva Reavis Marty Reeves Cathy Reich Carol Reid Harold Reinmiller Deborah Ring Virginia Ring Michael Robb John Robbins Joan Roberts Josie Roberts Reggie Robertson Sharon Robertson John Rockett Betsy Rogers David Ross Valerie Roy Wanda Rule William Russ Jackie Sapp Lovick Sappington Billy Satterfield Karen Saunders Charles Sawyer Hettie Sawyer James Scott Kenneth Scott Stephen Scott James Sebastian Sophomore Closs i Ss ZOO Paul Sechrist Steven Sechrist JoAnn Selle Scott Sessoms Bobby Setser Kenneth Sheppard Rebecca Shields Margie Shinlever Bonnie Shore Donald Shore Peggy Shore David Shouse Jannifer Shouse Vera Shouse Ronnie Shreve Rebecca Simmons Lee Sloan Joyce Sluder Anthony Smith Charles Smith David A. Smith David R. Smith Matthew Smith Susan Smith Thomas Smith Alan Sneed Meda Snell John Snyder Larry Snyder Suzanne Southard Joan Southern Stan Southern Sandra Spainhour Judy Speas Mark Speas Patricia Speas Roy Speranza Virginia Speranza Anne Sprinkle David Sprinkle Donna Sprinkle Maurice Stanley Ronnie Stanley Debbie Stewart Virgil Stewart Jesse Stitt Kathy Stringer Ricky Styers Steven Styers Judy Summers Lamont Summers Tony Sutphin Sharon Swink Evelyn Sykes Jerry Taylor Beverly Tedder Danny Terry Sue Terry John Thacker Patricia Thacker Dan Thigpen Jerri Thomas Sharon Thompson Tommy Thompson Brenda Tilley Charles Tilley Mike Tilley Ruth Tilley Judy Tolbert Sandy Trell Bonnie Tucker Donna Tuttle Sophomore Closs 202 N ':,r T., ' 4,1282- s sl.-i. ,: :sm art SJR? .- Q, . .-as-kwa? X l ,S Sophomore Closs ,,. Yr 203 Neil Tuttle Sylvia Tuttle Wayne Tuttle Deborah Varner Angela Venable Steve Venable Brenda Vermillion George Vernon Hilda Vestal Mary Voss Vicki Wagoner Frances Walker Brenda Wall Glenda Wall Ray Wall Royce Wall Susan Wall Vicki Wall Catherine Ward Christine Warren Susan Watkins Alfred Watson John Watts Danny Weatherford Keith Weaver Terry Weavil Clifton Webb Sandra Webster David Welch Patricia West Vicki West Larry Westmoreland Jaqueline Whetstone Wilma Whisenhunt Charles White Judy White Julius White Larry White Marilyn White Janet Whitman Danny Whitman Leo Wiles Donald Williams Donnie Williams Gay Williams Kay Williams Ronald Williams Steve Williams Felice Wilson Judy Wilson Steven Wilson Ann Wood Patricia Wood Sophomore Closs Vicky Wood Reginald Woodall Carol Wray Lynn VVright Tommy Yarbrough Thomas Yokley Benjamin Young Driver Education is required for all sophomores. Cathy Gregory Vickie Young Young Younger Gary Moorefield shoots in a Junior Varsity game. Majorette Janet Blair performs in the Christmas parade. E s ZO5 Sophomore Tommy Thompson relaxes at 21 dance Sophomores participate in many sports. ACTICN- captured gif-' limp- Y l gf.,f,wx-4., k Always the frivolous gaiety . . . The endless striving for success . . ' The dreams for the future Forever within These pages The memories of a wonderful year . . , 207 Unending curiosity . . . Days of turmoil and activity end . . . another year passes into the haze called The Past . . . for some there is next year . . . new work . . . new organizations . . . new pastimes . . . for some this is the end of a phase in the metamorphosis of life. The end and the beginning to years of striving . . . searching . . . questing for knowledge . . . end and beginning . . . the world is open to con- quest. There is fear in leaving . . . but anticipation too. North has given of her- self to the student . . . provided a way of life. Within her well-loved walls fu- tures have been formed . . . personalities molded . . . and great men and women prepared for their destiny. Now her halls lie quiet . . . dreaming . . . remem- bering . . . looking to a new school year . . . new students . . . new teachers . . . new activities. ACTION has not ceased . . . it only lies briefly resting. THE EDITOR 5 .Waist 3 1 Wh or 5 ALIVIA IVIATER ,J :W ' tntl if W 2 , ,,S,, www, f , , Q wt Louise W. Newman Newman X Chiddister 1. North star whose flame burns crimson white and blue F 9 2. Stead fast for ----- ev ------ er in the blue domed sky, 3. Hom ---- age we bring O North that we hold dear, 5 ei' J j t 5 1 5 jr! 6 . y O From thy proud por tals light hor-i- zons newg F2 5 E F7 V HF F V Q 9 Shine forth bright star to steer a fair course byg Ar ------ moured in truth fear noth-ing else but fearg ' e ' 3 tj .ti J, 4 A I 6 Shine thy child---ren serve and vig--it keepg , 0 Lay thy beams long on land and shin-ing seag Hold hon---or dear ---- er far th? vic- tor - yg 5 5 j 5 5 J 4-I 6 Kin ----- dle thy torch where hope lies fast a- sleep. F f l O To guide our Vi ------- king ship un---err-ing ------ ly. In un-dimmed splen ---- dor shine e ---- ter-nal ------- ly.

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